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298 Buck Road East 

P.O. Box 3630 

Wilmington, DE 19807-0630 




Due Date 

Linda Gross 
Reference Librarian 

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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



punr.i.snER. year. 

FranciH Wliito ITHf) 

Jolin MacphorHon 17X5 

Olemorit Biddlo 1791 

James Hai-die 1 79.'> 

" 1794 

Edmund Ilogan 1795 

Thomas Stevens 1790 

Edmund IToj^an 179G 

Cornelius W. Stafford, 1797 

James Robinson 1802 

• ■1807 

Census . 

punr,i.siiER. y 

John Adorns Paxton.. 

B. &T. Kite 

James Robinson 

Edward Davis 

John A<Iems Paxton.. 

Edward Whiteley. 
McCarty & Davis. 

Robert Desilver , 

Thomas Wilson . 
Roljert Desilver. 

A. McElroy. 






A. McElroy 1842 




. " 1840 








1854 ; 







S. E. Cohen 

A. McElroy 1861 




ket street? PMladelpMa, 



Are prepared to fill orders for PASSENGER CARS, of finest finish and with all the latest improve- 
ments, both for Steam and Horse Railroads. 

TION CARS, of superior patterns and workmanship. 


Filbert Street Wharf, Philadelpliia, 
MURPHY & ALLISON, Proprietors, 



And supplj' the Trade with FITTINGS, YALA'ES. etc., of all kinds and best finish. 


4^ \ 

u. s. ^-^se^^ 

Office, No. 523 New Market Street. 

Factory at North Second anc^ Cumberland Sts. 


Northwest Corner of Sixth and Master Sts., 

Orders to address of Office, will have prompt attention for all articles in the 
above branches. 


No. 113 GRAVIER STREET, opposite St. Charles Hotel. New Orleans. 

DANIEL FITLER, Agent at Mobile. Ala. 

" Galveston. 

" Indianola. 

'' Lavacca. 

" Houston. 

" San Antonio. 




Accumulated Capital over $5,000,000. 

JAMES C100I>WII¥, fi»«cwl«lcjaK (i. R. IMIKI.P.S, Secretary. 

Office in Philadelpliia, 404 Walnut Street. 

Amount received for Premiums, during the year 18f)l, . . $8^1, 034 88 
Amount received for Interest from its investments, during 

the year 1860, 286,465 


Total receipts during the year, . . . ^1,117,500 28 
Total amount of Losses during the year, (89 lives, 95 

Policies,) ^. ....... . 254,440 00 

Amount of Dividends paid to Policy-holders during the year, 201,836 00 
Total amount of Dividends paid to Policy-holders to date, 1,959,070 00 
Total amount of Losses paid to date, 2,753,901 77 

THIS COMPANY, organized in 184R, on a system entirely Mxtunl, furnishes Insurance in all 
the various forms, and to meet all the various contingencies for which Life Insurance is desired, at 
the actual r.nsf to the policy holder. There is no Stock or Guaraiiii/ Fund to absorb the profits, but 
all the s\irplus is annually allocated to the policy holders, in proportion to the amount of the pre- 
mium they pay, and may bo appropriated to the payment of reneioal premiums, after the first four 

•Some of the Important Reasons why this Company should he Preferred. 

It offers almndant SECURITY, in a large accumulated Fund, derived from Premiums, amount- 
ing to Five ilfillioiis of Dollars. 

Its ECONOMY in the management of business permits large dividends to policy-holders, which 
have avera>ged 60 per cent, per annum. 

Its DIVIDENDS are ANNUAL, and are paid, during the life of the assured, in cash to thpse 
who pay their premiums in cash, or applied in canceling tke notes of those who pay their premiums 
partly by note. Over $200,000 have been thus refunded to policy holders during the past year. | 

It is prompt in PAYMENT OP LOSSES. • 

It ACCOMMODATES the insured in the settlement of their premiums on Life policies, by ; 
receiving a note for one-half, when the premium amounts to $50 or more,— thus furnishing insurance 
for double the amount, for nearly the same cash payments, as is required in an "ALL CASH 

Much has been recently written and extensively circulated, by a prominent Life Insurance Com- 
pany, condemning the credit or half-note system, as practiced by this and some other prosperous 
Companies. The illustrations accompanying those attacks explanatory of the system, exhibit either 
an inexcusable ignorance" of the plan, or a wanton effort to mislead and prejudice those who seek 
insurance upon the most equitable and economical plan. The explanations thus published to illus- 
trate the half-note system, do not. it is believed, apply to awy Company in the country, certainly not 
in the least degree to the CONNECTICUT MUTUAL, in which there cannot be an accumulation 
of premium notes Joeyond four half premiums; as the dividends apply to cancel those notes after 
the first /one payments. Pai-ties are not, however, required to give a premium note to this Com- 
pany; but, if preferred, may pay all cash, in which case, their, dividends are applied to a reduction 
of the premium. 

The Directors have ordered tho dividend of 1859 to be paid during the current year, as the 
renewals become due and arc paid — by reduction of the premium of those who have paid all cash, 
or canceling the notes of those who have given notes for one-half. 

Applications for Insurance received, and Pamphlets, and every information in regard to the 
business, furnished on application, by mail or otherwise, to 


404 Walnut Street, Pbiladelpliia. 




Subscribed Capital, ....... $10,000,000 

Paid-up Capital and Assets, . . . . 4,257,420 

Held in Now York, ....... 543,302 

The correctness of the above statement is certified to by the United States Consul in 
Liverpool, and a Notary PiiMic in the city oC New York. 

The increase of the "ROYAL" Fire Premiums is more than double that of any 
other Company, nnd more than 30 per cent, of the entire increase of all the London 
offices combined. The Auditor General's report shows that the premiums of the " ROYAL" 
in this city are 40 per cent, of all the premiums received by the Foreign offices in Philadel- 




No 226 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Fire Office, First Floor. 


IVo. 22G Walnut Street, Second Floor. 

Independent of the above sums, the " ROYAL" Life and Endowment Fund amounts to 
S 1,0 2 0,0 0. 

This Fund is, in proportion to the risks it represents, as large as the funds of the best mutual 
and other life insurance establishments, yet the Company offers as additional security to life 
insurers its entire capital and assets. 

THE ROYAL LIFE OFFICE insures on the lowest terms compatible with absolute 
security. Its jiremiums are not higher than those of mutual and other companies. 

THE ROYAL LIFE exposes the insured to none of the dangers inherent in the mutual 

The premium paid is not an expenditure, but an investment. • 

The Dividends of the " ROYAL," hitherto amounting to 2 per cent, per annum on the 
sam insured, are the highest ever continuously paid by any reliable mutual company, while 
the advantages offered by the " ROYAL" are tantamount to non-forfeiture of life policies. 

Policies can be surrendered to the Company at their equitable value, or new policies 
granted in lieu thereof, without further payment of premiums. 

Further information may be had by personal application, or by letters, directed to the 

Life Department of the Royal Insurance Company, 

No. 226 Walnut Street, Puiladelphia. 



MARCH 27, 


SCfe iirustct^ of M (Jilt gl.sfjoriatioit of fhila 

Insure from LOSS BY FIRE in the City of Philadelphia only, 

MERCHANDISE of every description, BUILDINGS, and 


GEORGE W. TRYON, President. 





■WILLIAM T. BUTLER, Secretary. 

:fii^e ii^sTJi^.A.isrcE. 




No. 138 North Sixth St., below Race, 




The Company guarantee to adjust all losses promptly, and thereby hope to merit the patronage 
of the public. 















H. B. <&. C. W. BENNERS, 

MAN rFACTrii Kits OF 


Wine, Porter, Mineral Water, Pickle, and Preserve 

S O 7 T X^ E m» 


No. 27 South Front Street, Philadelphia. 



I ]sr S T E U M E isr T s . 

Engineers, Surveyors, ami Draughtsmen Mipfilicil with every article in their line. Schools, 
Colleges, and Fnmilies furnished with All? ri^Ml'.-^. KLECTKICAL, GALVANIC, and MAti- 
GLASSES, and TELESCOPES in every variety, and sold by 


!I24 ClIi:.STNUT +^TU]:KT. rillf.ADELPniA. 



Broad Street, above Noble, 








C3- O Xi X> .A. la" X> a? I KT IF'OXXjS, 





And all other articles used by the Profession. 

C3.A.i?.A.XjOGrXj:Esm sEsnjri" our .a.aE»aE»ijic^a.'rioi«'. 




J. D. WHITE, M.D., D.D.S., A.M.; J. H. McQUILLEN, D.D.S.; 

Price, $2.50 a year, in adTance. Single Copies, 5E5 cents. 

528 Arch Street, Philadelphia. 658 Broadway, New York. 

16 Tremont Row, Boston. 102 Randolph Street, Chicago. 

Jnsiir;incc (l^ompani) of the ^t;ite of llrniifjijlrania. 

Kertli ilitr of 'Walnut Kirrcl, l>ri\v4-ru Dock aud Third Str«cta, 


I ■ » • » 


Of HI I id Company^ Ftbruary 1, X^'iS'l^ puhlished in confonnitt/ xcith thr jirnvisiaiis 
of the Act of Assrnihh/ of April b, 1842." 


Catli market valite. 
AU of wlileb HIM Urst Mortgages apoD property lu this City $111,600 00 

Par value. 

$.S0.(XOClty of rittuburgh. (5 per cent 71 21, .SCO 00 

$\.\7.wrHj orPhiladelplilR, 6 " !>l 14,:«2 fO 

♦ l.^.ttOO IVuDHjrUauia Hallroaa Company, percent 1(>0 l.'i.OOO 00 

tl.'i.OdO llHrrisbiirif. I'.irtsinmiih, Mt. Joy and LiiDcaKier KHilruHd, 6 per ceat '.M! 14,4(iO 0*> 

ill.coo I'liiUdelpliia, WilinliigtoD and Buliiniore Kuilruad Cumiany, 6 percent 1*0 1O..'j60 00 

$10.41;t 13 City of PlilladelpliU, .'» i>«r ceut S3 8.042 70 

$6000 City of I'hiladelpliii, G percent, (uol lax.ible) 97 6,820 00 

$.V)00 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company, per cent 70 3,.')< CO 

♦ 10,000 Lflbigh Coal and Navigation Company, 6 percent ( Mortgage) 102 10,200 0§ 

$300»Scha»lklll Navigation Company, 6 per cent, of 1SS2 67>f i.,025 00 

$11,000 United States Treasury Notes, 7 3-10 percent. (Coupon) 100 11.000 00 


$18,000 180 shares of Northern Bank of Kentucky 80 14,400 00 

$10,000 2t.X) " Lehigh Coal and Navigation !<2 10,400 00 

$8,000 loO " f«crip of Lehigh Coal aud Navigation Cora any 36 fi,760 00 

$4,000 40 " Franltlin Fire Insurance Company 2..0 10,000 00 

♦ a,.500 110 " Beaver Meadow Kailroad and Coal Company CO 0, BOO 00 

$ 5,0<"0 ItH) " Philadelphia, Germantown. and Norristown Kailroad Company 4.5 4,/K)0 00 

$ 7,.'K>0 1.X) " Monnt Carbon Kailroad Company 3^ 5,2i0 00 

$4,0»0 40 " Union Bank of Tonnosifee 2;> 1.000 00 

$ 1,.'>00 l.'J " I'ennHylvaula Fire In.snrance Company 20) 3,000 00 

$ 3,3/>0 67 " Cleveland aud Mahoning Railroad Company 2.5 1,67.5 00 

$2,000 40 " Philadelphia and Lauca>ler Turnpike Koad Company 2.5 1,000 00 

$ 2.50 o " Su.squelianna and York " " " 2.5 12.5 00 

$ 250 10 " Easion and Wilkebbarre " " " 10 100 00 


Notes Receivable and Bills of Exchange 7.5.673 47 

Policien, the Premiums of which remain unsettled, and good debts due in account .S7,622 60 

Cash in Bank, and on hand 33,15.5 28 

Scrip of sundry Mntual Iniiurance Companies, $372.60 at 20 74 50 

Dollars 4.3.S.5 16 13 
« ♦ • > > • 

iPTCom^oDEtjA-Ticia iir 1794. 

CAPITA.!., S300,000. 












A J>si>4 






QL ^E313 

^ I 

I II II I l l i l I II il ll i l l ill l ] 





I— I 





^ < 


















J. W. & J. F. STARK, 


Office in Philadelphia, 125 South Third Street, 


WROUSHT mon rosf frj^mes, 


RETORTS, and all CASTINGS required for setting them in the latest and 
most improved modes. 

the Retorts from pressure. 

PURIFIERS, varying from 2,000 to 1,500,000 cubic feet daily purifying 






From 1] to 48 inches diameter, for Water or Gas. 



t-i. a 
i i' 

a* - 

N*. 1260 

Np. 1100 



No. 2301 


The Decimal System of Numbering Houses. 

One Hundred Numbers are set npart for each square, and the initial' 
or storting-points are at the Delaware River and Market Street. 

Persons can, by merely looking at the numbers on the Houses, 
know how many squares they are from the Delaware or Market Street. 

By-Streets are numbered aa though they extended- to the Delaware^ 

or Market Street. 

Numbers properly arranged, suggest distances to the mind; but 
improperly placed, they lead to confusion. 




















^ No. 500 

No. 400 

No. 300 

No. 200 

No. 100 

No. 2 


SIxtb Street. 






Del. Av. 


No. 501 
















No. 401 

No. 301 

No. 201 


No. 101 • 

No. 1 




For the Cure of Oonsumption, Coughs & Colds. 

The great virtue of this medicine is, that it 
ripens the matter and throws it out of the system, 
purifies the blood, and thus effects a cure. 


For the Cure of Liver Complaint, &c. 

These Pills are alterative, and produce a 
health}' action of the Liver, without the least 
danger, as they are free from Calomel, and yet 
more elhcaeious in restoring a healthy action of 
the liiver. 


For the Cure of Dyspepsia, Lidigestion, 4;o. 
The Tonic produces a healthy action of the 
Stomach, creating an appetite, forming chyle, and 
curing the most obstinate cases of Indigestion. 

These remedies are a certain cure for Con- 
sumption, as the PULMONIC SYRUP ripens 
the matter and purifies the blood. The MAN- 
DRAKE PILLS act upon the Liver, create a 
healthy bile, and remove aU disease of the Liver, 
often a cause of Consumption. The SEA-WEED 
TONIC gives tone and strength to the Stomach, 
makes a good digestion, and enables the organs 
to form good blood, and thus creates a healthy 
circulation of healthy blood. The combined 
action of these Medicines, as thus explaine'd, 
wiU cure every case of Consumption, if taken 
in time, and the use of the Medicines perse- 
vered in. 

Dr. Schenck's Principal Office is at No. 39 
NORTH SIXTH STREET, where he can be 
found every Saturday to prescribe his reme- 
dies, to give advice, <and examine lungs with 
his Respirometor, if required. 


$1 per Bottle, or $5 per half dozen. 


$1 per Bottle, or $5 per half dozen. 


25 Cents per Box. 






Stotnts-Sirflj ^bition. 


See Changes and Removals, etc., page xxxiii. 

E. C. & J. B I D D L E & CO. 

A. Mcelroy & co. 


18 63. 

Tbe City Directobt fob the Paesemt 
Ykar. — Owing to tbo unfavorable condition of the 
weather, the work of canvassing for the 13*52 di- 
rectory has not jet been commenced. Mr. McElroy 
expects to begin operations on Monday next, if not 
sooner. One of the greatest difficulties experienced 
by canvassers is the reticence of •• domestics. ' 
Some of these flatly refuse to give the needed in- 
formation until the wliole system of directory-pub- 
lishing, with its attendant benefits, is sot forth to 
their satisfaction ; others, fancying the canvasser a 
tax-collector in disguise, purposely give incorrect 
information, for the sake of a lau"h iu Uieir sleuvos 
at having so shrewdly outwitted Tiim : with others 
the answer is, "call again,' or •' leave your name 
and residence, and Mr. So-and-so will call when he 
is in the neighborhnod.' Thirty-three per cent, of 
the old-maid housekeepers '• want to see that man 
particlar, nnc^want toknow whether he doesn't live 
at the other end of the town, and couldn't leave a 
small bundle at Miss Shim phorn's select academy,"' 
or at some other equally unapproachable place. 

Of course, a precludes all chance of get- 
ting any information from thui habitant. Some- 
times tbe canvasser will not be listened to at all. 
because, after a strnrgor had called at the house 
last week, a silk umbrella was missing. In fact, a 
hundred ridiculous pretexts for evading his proper 
and necessary questions are trumped up by silly 
housekeepers, who would feel called upon to dis- 
play indignation if their intelligence were called iu 
question. Therefore, the work of canvassing is on© 
of unending vexation, and requires a set of men 
with lainb-like dispositions. 

After the canvassing is complete, the assorting of 
the material is proceeded with ; next in order comes 
the compilation of statistics, municipal schedules, 
etc., and, finally, the writing of a preface. The 
work is then placed in the hands of the printer, 
and the sheets are ready for the binder in about 
twenty days thereafter. 

Since the year lS;i7, when his first directory was 
issued, Wr. McElroy has mostly monopolized this 
branch of business. All who have attempted to 
compete with him have failed, either from inex- 
perience or other cause. His first work contained 
0I.6OO names— something of a difference from 1861, 
with its imposing array of one hundred and sixty- 
five thousand, or about u largo as the army of the 
Potomac 1 

Previous to Mr. McElroy's connection wilh the 
business, numerous persons had at various times en- 
deavored to make it one of profit. The first of 
them was Franeis White, who ai)peared upon the 
scene in J 785. He w«s followed by John MacPher- 
son, who was succeeded in 1791 by Clement/ 
Biddle, in lt<02 by James llobinson, and in 1S2P/ 
by Robert Dcsilvcr. l\ 

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1868, 

By a. Mcelroy, 

In the Clerk's OflBce of the District Court of the United States, in and for th© Eastern District 

of Pennsylvania. 

The twenty-sixth annual issue of McElroy's Phila- 
delphia Dijccto ij, just iaaued, contains nearly eleven 
thoueand more names than the Directory of 18C2, 
The present woik contains about 1U,000 names the 
collection and publication of which have entailed 
an amount of labor inconceivable to those not con- 
versant with the business. The collection of the 
naniee alone occupies from thirty to forty men during 
the entiie months of October and November. The 
niasB of names thus collected, amounting to nearly 
300,000, must then be comi)iled and collated, and the 
duplicates destroyed. This is rendered necessary by 
the fact that, in a very few c.ises, can a person's 
residence be discovered at his place of business, and, 
^^Vf i'£T«a, it 1b a rare thing indeed that one 
member of a firm can inform a collector whoi-e 
his partners reside. Kinally, when the work Is com- 
pleted, it calls forth more K'nrnbling and discontent 
than any other kind of publiuation. As an example. 
BIr. Smith tells the collector who calls on him, thit 
he docs not wish his residence put down ; Mr. .fones 
asks to be i>ut down only as a gentleman, and Mr. 
Urown refuses to give his name entirely, stating 
that he thinks " dirc'ctories are only good tor thieves 
ar.d detectivfs." When the book comes out, Mr. 
t-mith says he won't have the book, because his re- 
sidence is not put down ; Jones savs that he is no 
gentleman, (in which perha|>s he tells the truth,) but 
is only a bia kemith. Finallj', Brown's friends, not 
beirg able to tlnd him in the book, charge him with 
being a skulker, and he in turn pitches into Mr. McKl- 
roy. The hardest part of the labor connected with 
theimblication, however, is the reading of thejjroofs. 
Proof-reading is at all times a tedious business, 
but to go over a hundred thous.-ind names, aud 
afterwards remain uncertain whether fifty thousand 
of them are correctly epellc-d, is indeed discouraging. 
As usual, the Smiths i)revail in this year's issue, 
b«ing 1367 in number — of these only 155 are .Tohns, 
so that a letter directed sim)>ly to .Tohn Smith, 
Philxdelphia, has an extremely largechanceof reach- 
ing the proper John. The aristocratic branch of this 
family, the Smyths, are only 19 in number, and the 
extra aristocratic family of Smythe is represented 
by only one scion. There is an evident desire on 

the part of the great Smith family to cover the ob- 
scurity of the name by attaching to it that" of some 
gieat personage, witness the number of Washing- 
ton, Julius t'a-sar, and Byron Smiths, not to 
sj;eak of the famous autlior of Gil Bias. 

Per contra, there are only two names in the di- 
rectory commencing with an X, though so many 
l)creons sign it inttead of their names. There are 
600 Browns, 480 Joneses, and ins Greens living 
amongst us, and it may be a satisfaction to our 
Democratic friends to know that the Whites out- 
number the Blacks by ISt. This article may be con- 
cluded by stating that very many persons agree to 
subecribe for tlie directory, and after their names are 
inserted in large cfti)i1alB refuse to take the work on 
some frivolous pretext. In no single year, since 
1638, have the subscriptions to the book been suffi- 
cient to cover the expense of its publication. 

McElrot's Directory for the city of 

Philadelphia has lately been published, for tbe year 
1802. It is edited with the uhuuI completeness, and 
tbe usual variutv of iuforraation in its ralscelUny at 
tbe end. Tbe appearance of the book is rtther 
smiiller than that of lai-t year, owing probably to 
the omission of ninny names of peraous in the army. 
Of the Smith family tlior«- are 12.5it, of the " Maf.s " 
of various descriptions, tas^l; IJrown, 5f)0; .Jones, 
47C; Jobi'son aud Johnston combined, biS; White, 
278; youny,'J'.H; Lewis, 'S-W; Green, 190, 

TnK Pmi-ADET.riTTA Directory for 1 803. 

—McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory for I3C3 
will be forthcoming about the middle of next month. 
Th^ canvassing is now completed, it having been ao- 
complishodin thirty days, a very short time for bo 
extensive a labor. The increase of population, 
though it may not materially affect the size of the 
volume, is yet quite suflicicnt to be noticeable. Pe- 
culiar care has been observed in the preparation of 
this edition, and every one appreciates the almost 
inciilculable value of a reliable directory. 


Owing to the unsettled state of the country, and consequent disturbed condition 
of almost every department of business, more than the usual difficulties have attended 
the publication of the City Directory for 1863. The compiler, however, is happy to 
say, that by unusual labor and perseverance, these difficulties and the numerous dis- 
couragements encountered have been surmounted, and the twenty-sixth edition is.sued 
at about the usual time of publication. 

The number of pages of the alphabetical enumeration of the names has been in- 
creased nearly one hundred, making an addition of over 10,500 names. The Busi- 
ness and Miscellaneous Departments have also received proper attention. 

The very limited encouragement extended, both in subscriptions and advertise- 
ments, together with the extremely high price of printing paper, afford but little 
hope of adequate return for the heavy expenses incurred and amount of labor ex- 
pended on the present edition. 

The usual means have been employed for the collection of names, and with the 
usual hindrances to the obtaining of correct information ; and it is a matter of per- 
fect surprise to the compiler to meet from year to year with almost entire indifference 
on the part of housekeepers and others to giving correct information. Indeed, al- 
though a request was made in the public papers this year, that names should be 
written on slips or cards for the canvasser, yet, strange as it may appear, not a single 
response was received. 

The paper on which the edition for 1863 is printed cost twenty-one cents per 
pound, and is of a quality far inferior to that ordinarily used, although the best that 
could be obtained at any price, within the reach of the publisher. 

Every effort has been put forth to make the present edition as reliable as possible ; 
and if, in the honest endeavors of the compiler, he has succeeded in making a near 
approximation to that end, his aim will have been attained and the interests of his 
subscribers subserved. 

A. Mcelroy. 

Januaby, 1863. 



Jo«hun Pporinp, 142} S 4th 
Arlliur M. lUirton, 221 S 6th 
llu},'h W. TeiuT, i;! S 3(1 
Samuel L. TMvlor. 12.! W:iluut. 
E. Shippen, S E (ith A Walnut 

Arthur M. Burton, 221 8 ."ith 
Samuel L. Tavlor, J2:{ Walnut 
Hugh W. Tcner, l.f S M 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 142} S 4th 
Arthur M. Burton. 221 S 6th 
Samuel L. Tavlor, 12.T Walnut 
Hugh W. Tencr, 13 8 ;id 
Theodore D. Rand, .'^2 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 142} S 4th 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S .0th 
Edward Shippen. S E 6th & Walnnt 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 142} S 4th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 

Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Joshua Spering, 142} S 4th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S .3d 

Joshua Spering, 142} S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S .3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Hugh W Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 

Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Joshua Spering, 142j S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore 1>. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 6th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Jo.<hua Spering, 142 J S 4th 
Edward Shi|)pt.n, S E 0th A Walnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5lh 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 142} S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Samuel L. Tavlor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S £ 6th A Walnut 

Samuel L. Taylor, 42;i Walnut 
Joshua SiK-rinfr, 142} S 4th 
John P. MontKomery, 204 S 5th 
Edwuril Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton. 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142; S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d. 
Arthur M, Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 


Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 6th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 432 W.ilnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 42.'! Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
John Clayton, 717 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 
John P. Montgomery, 204 S 5th 


Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 6th 
Samuel L. Tavlor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Joshua Sj)ering, 1425 S 4th 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Charles Sergeant, 'l.'!2 Walnut 
Joshua iSpering, J42A S 4th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 K .'id 
Edward Rhippen, S K 6th <fc Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 42.3 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S ."ith 

Joshua Sparing, 142^ R 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tenor, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 R .'ith 
Edward Shippen, S E Oth A Walnut 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 142-^ S 4th 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

B. W. Bcesley, 920 Arch 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
John L. Shoemaker, 325 N 6th 


Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th and Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Hugh W. Toner, 13 H 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S .0th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Arthur M. Burton, 221 S .Olh 
JoHhua Spfiring, I42J S 4th 
llugli W. Toner, 13 H 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E (il.h A. Walnut 
Samuel L. Ta.ylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore I>. Rand, 32 S 3d 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S .3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 

Joshua Spering, 142J S 4th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S B 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4tb. 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 
William V. Archer, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

William V. Archer, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
William V. Atcher, 37 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 

Arthur M. Burton, 221 S 5th 
Joshua Spering, 142 J S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener. 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Note. — Pages 1 to 24, before Citv Directory; Pages 25 to 40 after 
Miscellaneous Matter. 


Adams Express Co., front cover 

JEtna Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., 

front cover 

American Fire Insurance Co., 28 

American Life Insurance and Trust Co., . 34 

Belfield H. & Co., brass founders 8 

Bement A Dougherty, machinists' tools, . . 17 
Benkert Leonard, boots &, shoes, .... 8 
Benners H. B. <t G. W., glass manufs., . . 8 

Bolton Jos. R., Phila. car works 14 

Brown Frederick, essence of ginger, ... 38 

Burkhardt Q. J. & Co., vats 17 

Childs George W., publisher, . . gold back 
Commonwealth Insurance Co., State of Pa., 35 
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., . 5 

Crittenden's Commercial College, . . gold back 

Enterprise Insurance Co 39 

Fame Insurance Co 12 

Farrel, Herring & Co., fire proof safes, 

back cover 

Fire Association 7 

Franklin Fire Insurance Co. 27 

Girard Fire <fe Marine Insurance Co., ... 31 

Harnden Express Co., front cover 

Horstmann, Bros & Co., military and Ma- 
sonic goods 19 

Horstmann W. H. & Sons, trimmings, . . 19 
Howard A Co. s Express, .... front cover 

Howard George C, machinist, 30 

Insurance Co. of North America, .... 11 
Insurance Co. of the State of Penna., . 10 

Jayne Dr. D. & Son, medicines, .... 25 
McAllister & Brother, opticians, .... 30 
McCullough & Co., galvanized works, 

in Business Directory, 871 

Manufacturers' Insurance Co., 31 

Mason James S. & Co., blacking, .... 21 


Mathieu Einil, cider and vinegar, .... 12 
Mechanics' Fire Insurance Co., .... 7 

Merrick A Son, iron founders 33 

Mej'er Conrad, pianofortes 38 

Morris, Tasker & Co., iron tubes <t founders, 20 
Morris, Wheeler <t Co., iron merchants, . . 30 

Mur])hy <fe Allison, cars, tubes, <tc 3 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 39 

Neafie & Levy, steam A fire engines <t iron 

founders, 24 

Needles Joseph A., wire works 24 

North Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 

in Business Directory, 872 

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. 37 

Pennsylvania Co. for Ins. on Lives, Ac, . . 32 
Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company, . . 22 
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Co., . . 36 

Quarre v., lampshades, 17 

Queen James W. A Co., opticians, .... 8 

Reliance Insurance Company, 29 

Riley John M., tax stamps, . . back cover 

Rowland W. A Co., saw.s, Ac 38 

Royal Insurance Company, 6 

Sabine A Duy, insurance agents 13 

Schenck Dr., pulmonic syrup and pills, 

back of Diagram. 
Sellers William A Co., machinists' tools, . . 15 
Shoemaker Robert A Co., druggists, ... 21 
Simons Henry, wagons, Ac., .'.... 4 

Sparks Thomas, shot and lead 18 

Starr J. W. A J. F., Camden iron works, . 16 

Stuart A Peterson, iron founders 23 

Trenton Iron Company 26 

Wanamaker A Brown, ...... front cover 

White Samuel S., dental depot, back cover A 9 
Wickersham, Com. of Deeds, . . back cover 
Withers A Peterson, back cover 



Asylums, 929 

Banks, 930 

Bank Clearing House 932 

Bank Rules, 930 

Bible Societies, . . . , 924 

Canal Companies, 942 

Cemeteries 945 

Churches, . 920 

Coal Companies, 942 

Coal Improvement Companies 942 

Coal and Iron Companies, 942 

Coal, Navigation and Railroad Companies, 941 

Colleges and Theological Seminaries, . . 918 

Corporation of the City, 907 

Board of Health 909 

Building Inspectors 910 

Controller's Department, 908 

Controllers of Public Schools, ... 908 

Department of City Property, . . . 908 

Department of Highways, .... 908 

Department of Markets, 908 

Department of Police, 907 

Department of Taxes 908 

Directors of Girard College, .... 909 

Fire Department, 910 

Girard Estate 908 

Guardians of the Poor, 909 

Inspectors of County Prison, . . . 909 

Inspectors of Eastern Penitentiary, . 910 

Law Department, 908 

Mayor 907 

Officers and Members of Common Coun- 
cil, 907 

Officers and Members of Select Council, 907 

Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, . . 910 

Port Wardens, 910 

Survey Department, • 908 

Treasury Department, 908 

Water Department, 908 

County Officers, 910 

City Commissioners 910 

Clerk of Orphans Court, 910 

Clerk of Quarter Sessions, .... 911 

Coroner, 911 

District Attorney, 910 

Prothonotory of Common Pleas, . . 910 

Prothonotary of District Court, . . . 910 

Prothonotary of Supreme Court, . . 911 

Recorder of Deeds, 910 

Register of Wills, 910 

Sheriff, 910 

Superintendents of Squares and Halls, 911 

Courts, 912 

Custom House, 913 

Education Societies, 925 

Elections by Councils, when held, . . . 911 

Exchanges and Business Associations, . . 938 

Expresses, 938 


Fare of Hackney Coaches, 912 

Ferries 939 

Foreign Consuls, 914 

Hebrew Societies, 026 

High School, 919 

Hospitals and Dispensaries, 927 

Homes for the Indigent, 929 

Insurance Companies 933 

Fire, 933 

Fire and Life 937 

Fire and Marine, 936 

Life 937 

Marine 936 

Iron Companies 941 

Libraries, 916 

Literary, Scientific and Art Associations, . 914 

American Literary Union, .... 914 

Artists' Fund Society, 914 

Catholic Philopatrian Literary Insti- 
tute, 914 

Franklin Institute, 914 

Historical Society of Pennsylvania, . 915 
Numismatic Society of Philadelphia, . 915 
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, . 916 
Pennsylvania Institute for the En- 
couragement of Amateurs, Ac, . . 915 
Pennsylvania Literary Union, . . . 915 
People's Literary Institute, .... 915 

Philadelphia Lyceum, 915 

Philadelphia School of Design for Wo- 
men, 916 

Roxborough Lyceum, 915 

The Academy of Natural Sciences, . . 915 

The American Philosophical Society, . 915 

The Kensington Institute, .... 915 

The Mechanics' Institute of Southwark, 915 

The Moyamensing Literary Institute, . 915 

The Philadelphia City Institute, . . 915 

The Spring Garden Institute, ... 915 

The Wagner Free Institute of Science, 915 

The West Philadelphia Institute, . . 915 

The Young Man's Institute, .... 916 

Lying-in Charities,- 928 

Market Companies 946 

Medical Colleges and Societies, .... 916 

Mining Companies 941 

Miscellaneous Associations, 926 

Albion Society, 926 

American Protestant HaU and Library 

Association, 926 

American Vegetarian Society, . . • 926 
Association of Friends for the Relief of 

Suffering Poor, &c., 926 

Episcopal Rooms, 926 

Female Anti-Slavery Society, . . . 926 
Female Association of Philadelphia for 

the Relief of Sick. &c., 926 

French Benevolent Society, 926 




Fuel Siivings Society, 926 

German Society 926 

Hibernian Sooiety, 926 

Ladies' Aid Society of Philadelphia, . 926 

Lutheran Pastors' Fund 926 

Mercantile Beneficial Association, . . 920 

Merchants' Fund 927 

Pennsylvania Association for the Pro- 
tection of Game 927 

Peansylvnnia Anti-Slavery Society, 927 

Pennsylvania Colonization Society, 927 

Pennsylvn-n»a Hcirticultural Society, 927 
Pennsylvania Sofiety for Promoting the 

Abolition of Slavery, Ac 927 

Pennsylvania State Temperance Society, 927 
Philadel]>liia Association for Relief of 

Disabled Firemen 927 

Philadelphia Baptist Institute and 

Reading Room 927 

Philadelphia Sabbath School Associa- 
tion 927 

Pliiladelphia Society for Alleviating the 

Miseries of Public Prisons. . . . 927 
Philadelphia Society for PAmoting Ag- 
riculture 927 

St. Andrew's Society 927 

Scots' ThL-stle Society 927 

Society of the Sons of St. George, . . 927 
State Society of the Cincinnati of Penn- 
sylvania 927 

Swiss Benevolent Society 927 

The Brotherhood of the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church, 927 


The Grandom Institution 927 

I The Society for Instruction and Sup- 
port of First Day Schools 927 

i Union Benevolent Association, . . 927 
! United American Mechanics' Uall As- 
sociation, 927 

I "Welsh Society 927 

' "Wright's Beneficial Institute, 927 

Young Men's Christian Association, 927 

' Missionary Societies 925 

Nowspa))ers and Periodicals 940 

I Packets — Sailing and Steam 9;!9 

I Passenger Railways 'J3S 

Pennsylvania Legislature — a List of Menv- 

! bers of, 948 

' Post OflRce 914 

' Public Buildings and Places, 945 

! Public Halls and Places of Amusement, . 946 

Public School Houses 945 

; Railroads 94;{ 

Saving Fund Societies 932 

Societies for the Relief and Employment of 

the Poor 928 

; Soup Houses, 929 

Steamboats 939 

Tux Rates 911 

Telegraph Companies 944 

Tract and Publication Societies 926 

Turnpike Companies, ....'.... 944 
United States Congress — a List of Members 

of, 947 

Water Rates, 911 


Aarons NaUianioI, salostnan, 308Q-aHkill 
Abbott William, 1162 N .'M, h T$uck,s co 
Abel Prank, brassfouiider, 931 N Market 
Abel John, cliairtnaker, 934 N Front 
AbolJohn U., brakostnan, 153 Poplar 
Abel Samuol, lirii-sufoiinder, 931 Now Market 
Abel W. II., hn.frgagoinaster, 153 l'oi)lar 
Abel William W., baggagemaster, 153 Poplar 
Abell John, 933 N 5th 
Abell Joseph, conductor, 933 N 5th 
Able Siman, 917 N 5th 

Abondroth William, glassmakcr, 1087 Lawrence 
Abert Christian, grocer, 148 Laurel 
Abrams Moses, peddler, r 1034 St John 
Adams, Atkinson & Co. (Edwr/.rd A. Adams. 

Henry P. Atkinson l^ James M. Wkill.y), dry 

goods, 33 N 3d 
Adams George S., meat packing est. 158 Laurel, 

h91fl N 7th 
Adams John, shoemaker, 208 George 
Adams John D , turner. Orchard ab George 
ADAMS & KEEN (Willimn W. Adams^ Ken- 

iiard Keen), morocco manufs. 934 St John 
Adams Thomas P., chandelier maker. Orchard ab 

Adler Harry, clerk, 913 New Market 
Adler Jacob, clerk, 912 New Market 
Adler John, morocco finisher. 913 New Market 
Advena Wilhelm, machinist, 1008 Randolph 
Agustine Peter, bricklayer, 980 Randolph 
Aldrich & Yerkes (Isaiah Aldrich &f Jones Yer- 

kes) , fruits, 3 S Front 
Alcock & Bro. {Ahram (J- William Alcock), sign 

& fancy painters, 146 Laurel 
ALLEN GEORGE, prof. Univ. Pa., h 215 S 17th 
Allen George W., shoemaker, 931 N 2d 
Allen James, eating saloon, 1058 N 2d 
Allgaier J. D., confectioner, 984 N 2d 
Altemus James H., dealer, 932 Rachel 
Altemus Thomas, merchant, 420 Market, h 39th 

& Locust 
Althouse Enos, hatter, 951 Leithgow 
AMERELLI VE DE, professor of languages, 241 

5 6th 


6 Walnut 

Amos Sarah, gentlewoman, 237 George 
Anderson Robert, toys, 209 Poplar 
Anderson Robert H., miller, 939 New Market 
Andres Abraham, tanner, 314 Beaver 
ANDREKOVICZ & DUNK, extract of indigo, 

304 Race 
Anschutz Edward, gunsmith, 926 Charlotte 
Anstice William, dealer, 904 N 5th 
Antwistle John, cotton spinner, r 1018 Leithgow 
Armhold Henry, tailor, 923 Charlotte 
Armstrong Thomas, clerk, 1020 Randolph 
Arthur John, coal dealer, 6 Ellen 
Ascough George, blacksmith, 124 Laurel 
Ascough John, blacksmith, Front & Laurel, h 1637 

Ash Joseph, conductor, 1111 Charlotte 
Ashenbrand Abraham, tobacconist, 952 St John 
Ashmead Theodore, house furnishing, 910 Mar- 
Astie Sarah, gentlewoman, r 913 St John 
Atkinson Ann, gentlewoman, 1062 Lawrence 

Atkinson ThomaH, laborer, 1002 Lawrence 
Amlibort Frederick, watchmaker, 4 17 Poplar 
Auerhaminor Henry, turner, r 910 N 3d 
Aii.Htiti George, Hhoemaker, 1032 Lawrence 
Axt Frederick, M.D., 1 1 28 N 3d 

Habb Christopher, plasterer, 1027 N 4th 

IJaches John, grocer, 961 Lawrence 

15achmann J. Wm., barber, 906 N 4th 

Bacon Denny, gasfitter, 1023 Lawrence 

Bacon Francis, clerk, 903 N 6th 

liailey Daniel, brickmnkor, 953 Lawrence 

Baker Benjamin, instrumentmaker, 504 Wager 

Baker Francis, tailor, 917 St John 

Baker George, wigmaker, 909 Chewtnut 

Baker James, cordwainer, r 1025 Lawrence 

Baker Philip, butcher, 977 N 6th 

Baker S. J., bookkeeper, 922 New Market 

Baker William C, druggist, 800 Arch, h 614 

Baldwin Ilenry, Jr., attorney-at-law, 249 N 18th 
Baltzer Lewis, corkcutter, 952 N 3d 
Bambrey William G., woodturner, 1002 Randolph 
Banes Benjamin C, carpenter, 1010 Leithgow 
Banes Charles, salesman, 421 George 
Banes J. M., druggist, N E 2d & Poplar, h 1107 

BANES THOMAS, spring manuf. 946 New Mar- 
ket, h 948 New Market 
Barger John, hotel, 333 Poplar 
Barndolar Daniel B., cooper, 1138 N 3d 
Barker Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 971 Randolph 
Barker Joshua, salesman 119 Chestnut, h 1103 

Barker Robert, blacksmith, 328 Culvert 
Barnes George, painter, 921 Lawrence 
Barnes Jacob, tailor, 966 Randolph 
Barnes James, gunsmith, 314 Girard aT 
Barrett F. B., stamping, 964 N 2d 
Barron Archibald, hotel, 11 Ellen 
Barsentee Anna, eating saloon, 224 W Girard ar 
Easier William, baker, 4 Cozzens pi 
Bass Isaac, police, 1605 Deal 
Bateman Joel, sea captain, 1006 N 5th 
Bates Anna, milliner, 961 N 2d 
Bates George, cordwainer, 1022 Lawrence 
Bates George L., dealer, 911 Charlotte 
Bates John, gentleman, 961 N 2d 
Batts Lavinia, boarding house, 117 Poplar 
Bauer Adam, laborer, 1052 Lawrence 
Bauer John, lampmaker, 1033 N 3d 
Bauer Lewis, currier, Morencia pi 
Balihoefer Louis, cork manuf. 324 Branch 
Baum Aaron, cordwainer, 1108 St John 
BAUMANN MATTHIAS, hotel, 1148 N 3d 
Baumgarner Valentine, shoemaker, 1112 Gallo- 
Bausch Charles, lager beer, 1013 N 3d 
Baxter James C, carpenter, 6 Cozzens pi 
Baxter Thomas, merchant, 511 Poplar 
Bazley J. E. &. Co. (J. Edicard Bazley ^ VTm. 

Tomlinson), 122 S Del av 
Beal William, showcasemaker, 115 Laurel 
Beard Margaret, gentlewoman, 953 Lawrence 
Bechler Louis, painter, 996 Randolph 
Bechtle A., shoemaker, 224 George 
Beck Max, peddler, 337 Poplar 
Becker Charles, cabinetmaker. Galloway ah 



Beckhardt A. Simon, gentUMiinn, 955 Randolph 

lieckiuuu Ciitlmrino, 1110 G:illuway 

Beckiunn Thomas J., grocor, 1102 N 3d 

Bedford Henjainin, painter, l>72 N 5th 

BEESLEY T. E.. M.D., .{2 N lllh 

Beety P. B., laborer, 24(5 Cliester 

Beggs John, baggagemastor Tonna R R, bda U S 

Behe Peter. locksmith. 1105 N :id 
Behiu William, hotel, 831 Market 
Uehr Jo?e|ih, furrier, 52'.' Poiilar 
Beidiiiger Charles, .•ihoemaker, 1009 Charlotte 
Beitler Jacob, weaver, Edina pi 
Belcher Charles, ."IS S 19th 
Bell John T., gentleman, 1115 Oirard 
Bender Edward, re^'taurant, .'{12 (Oirard av 
Bender Sophia, genllewouian, 927 Charlotte 
Beuf Casper, segarniaker, 92.'1 Lawrence 
Benkert fleorge Felix, prof, music, 150 N 11th 
Bennor Ellas, framomakor, 4;t,'> (leorge 
Bonner .laoob. currier, 91).'! Leithgow 
Benty Henry, candymaker, lO.'iS N 2d 
Berger (Jeorge. baker, 1027 N 2d 
Bergman Charles, bookkeeper, 509 Poplar 
Berkner Daniel, tailor, Backo"s et 
Berkley Valentine, carpenter, College av 
Bernhardt John, barber, 925 N Ith 
Bernhardt Joseph, locksmith, 1017 Leithgow 
Bornheiiner Louis, dealer, 914 Charlotte 
Berry \V. D., tobacconist, 9|.{ Chestnut 
Besinger Eugene, stoves, 1107 N .Jd 
Betz Jacob, cooper, 914 Randolph 
Beuerle Christian, 1111 N ;id 
Bickel Jacob, laborer, 909 St John 
BICKLEY HExNRY, ice, 1622 Market, h 1722 

Biddle John AV., papercarrier, 1016 Leithgow 
Biggard James, laborer, 226 George 
Biggard John, laborer, r 1005 N 2d 
Biggs William II., cooper, 1068 Gtn av 
Bilharz A., soap .t candle manuf. 1134 A 1136 St 

John, h 21)4 Poplar 
Bilhartz Francis, gunsmith, 906 Leithgow 
Binder D.miel, carpenter, 94;{ Randolph 
Binder George P., carpenter & builder, 1023 

Binder M. A., Mrs., temple of fashion, 1023 

Bintzall Eliza, boardinghouse, 211 N 10th 
Birch George R., bookkeeper 1022 Market, h 762 

Birnbaum Edwin, carpetcleaner, r 101 7 Lawrence 
Bishop ^Monroe, trunkinaker, 930 St John 
Bisphara George T., from 1503 Spruce to 1411 

Black Edward R., engineer Penna R R, bds TI S 

Blagrave Richard, cordwainer. Chant n 10th 
Blake William R., bartender, 1 Stokes ct 
Blefgen Alouis, carriages, 918 St John 
Bletterman Michael, tailor, 947 St John 
Bletterman .Michael H., salesman, 947 St John 
Blum John F., grocer, 1017 N 4th 
Blumenstock George, wheelwright, 4th A Brown, 

h 1013 Leithgow 
Boate Catharine, r 952 Lawrence 
Boehringer William, chairmaker, 1120 N 3d 
Boghien J., painter, 530 W Girard av 
Bohn Frederick, skindresser, r 903 Rachel 
Bolt Frederick, shoemaker, 923 St John 
Bong Frederick, tailor, 915 Lawrence 
Bonine C. G., wallpapers, 1054 N 2d 
Bonn Joseph, tailor. 958 Lawrence 
Bonsai J., chairmaker. r 977 Lawrence 
Bonaall Hannah, gentlewoman, 1126 Girard 

Boon .Tames, gentleman, bds U S Hotel 
Booth George-, tinsmith, 1015 Now Market 
Booth J. C, chemist, Chant bel 10th, h 1823 

Booth Sarah A., gentlewoman, 155 Laurel 
Borell Valentine, laborer, 1052 Lawrence 
Born John H., tobacconist, 981 X 2d 
Bornniann William, butcher, 977 N 6th 
Borst George, gardener, .'119 Poplar 
Bossert Henry, looking glass manuf. 1026 N 3d 
Boston Michael, morocco dresser, Galloway bel 

Bott Thomas B., agent, 525 Poplar 
Bowden Benjamin F , grainer, 1132 N 4th 
Bowo Rossie, harnes.-iuiaker, 1022 >f 2d 
Bo.xberger John, lani|imaker. 241 Poplar 
Boyce Mary, gentlewoman, 916 Charlotte 
Boyd -Mexander, shipping merchant, 12 N Del av, 

li 407 Wood 
BOYD A EVANS {James B''. Buyd ifSamiul R. 

Ju'.iiis), bill brokers, 31 S 3d 
Boyor Ann, Mrs., 923 N 6th 
Buyer \\'illiam E., shoemaker, 1145 Galloway 
Bovie Johi>, printer, S E cor 2d A Brown, h 1038 

N 3d 
Boyle Kate, gentlewoman, 1028 Lawrence 
Bradlield Thomas, . -123 Walnut 
Brail John, tailor, (lalloway ab George 
Brano Richard, segarmaker, 329 Culvert 
Branson Orlando, merchant, 'A'.ifi llth 
Brant Charles, bricklayer. 'j:il N 2d 
Brasington John, brassfounder, 1016 Randolph 
Braudigham John, stationer, 26 Ellen 
Braum Philip, piano manuf. SW llth A Market, 

h 809 Wood 
Brelsford Thomas, harnessmaker, 149 Laurel 
Bremer Joseph A., tobacconist, 3d n Wood, h 928 

N 5th 
Brendower Nicholas, moroccodresser. 1019 St 

Brewer Justus, cabinetmaker, 9i;i Charlotte 
Bridge James M., liquors, 1114 Germantown av 
Brins Augustus, restaurant, 528 W Girard av 
Brisben Hugh B., druggist, 900 N 3d 
Brittain .Jose[)hG., clerk, 944 Randolph 
Brittain William, frameinaker, 944 Randolph 
Brittain William S., clerk, 944 Randolph 
Britton Aram, bartender, 915 N 2d 
Britz Jacob, laborer, 934 Leithgow 
Brockerman Benjamin, iron dealer, 1020 Gtn av, 

h Ilaydock ab Front 
Brockerman A Son {Benjamin if William F. 

BiocLcrmati), iron dealers, 1020 Gtn av 
Brockerman William F., iron dealer, 1020 Gtn 

av, h Dauphin n Frankford av 
BRODIIEAD A BROTHER, boots A shoes, 211 

N 3d 
Brooke .lames K., salesman, 917 N 6th 
Brooks Edmund, machinist. 213 George 
Brooks A Rosenheim ( Win. Biooks if David Ro- 

soihfim), imprs. silks A millinery, 431 Market 
Brooks William, millwright, Orchard ab George 
Brooks William C, plumber, 1104 N 3d 
Broom Herman, drover, 965 St John 
Brown Anthony, hatter. 982 N 2d 
Brown Caroline, hotel, 145 Poplar 
Brown Jacob, pnperhanger, 911 N 5th 
Bniwn J. T., hardware, 934 N 2d 
Brown Louis, 918 Lawrence 
Brown Paul, coach painter, 1631 Deal 
Brown William Y., shoemaker, 10."15 Leithgow 
Bruner Anna L . gentlewoman, 929 New Market 
Bruner Charles E., produce, 929 New Market 
Brunon Felix, M.D., 910 Randolph 
Bruner William, gentleman, 943 N 4th 



Brunor William 11., elork, 020 Now Miiikot 

Biiohiinan K., dyer, I IS Laur(!l 

JUicic Jdhn B., biiickMtnith, !)()() L<)it,lifi;ow 

Buck Lewis, morocco liniHlior, r 'Jl'l N 'Ul 

Buck William II., clork, 1102 (iirard, h 1100 

Biu^kiiiun Cornoliua, painter, J 160 N ith 
BUDD J. FLPrriJIIKIi, U. S. aH.HoHsor :ul District, 

924 N .'!<], h AraiiiinRo & Tronton av 
Biiehlcr (JliriHtiati. bootfitter, II 10 N -llh 
Buohlor, Howard <fe Co. (JVIarti.n liiichlcr, lliilit. 
If. Jloi'Uird, Gpofi^c iioii.liiif^lU (^ (JIkiiIcs F. 
Sarsst'.roll), hardware, 441 Market 
BuRliwauU Johatiiia, Ub N 4Lh 
BUMM k BllAUMM, piano inKnufrn. S W I Uh & 

Bunn Albert, wpinnor, 1005 Lawrence 
Bunn Edward V., tin A sheetiron worker, N E 

0th <fc Poplar, h 1010 N 7th 
Bunn George B., carver, 9.')0 N .Sd 
Bunte Charles, confectioner, 44.3 Poplar 
Burgauer Benjamin, clerk, 96.3 Randolph 
Burgmann F. W., grocer, 907 St John 
Burgner John, piano maker, 947 N 3d 
Burk Eli, bricklayer, 918 N .6th 
Burk John, tailor, 920 Lcithgow 
Burk Simon, varnisher, Wingohocking pi 
Burkart Martin, lager beer, 908 Market 
Burke John F., gents' furnishing goods, 900 

Burkenstock Nathan, salesman, 975 N 5th 
Burns Ann, r 948 N Front 
Burns C. Carroll, collector, 411 Chestnut, h 1210 

BURNS C. M., bookseller, 911 Chestnut, h Har- 
vey, Germantown 
Burnson Samuel, laborer, 1028 Lawrence 
Burr Richard, M D., 1759 Frankford av 
Burrows Israel N., accountant, .37 S 11th 
Burrows James B., tailor, .37 S 11th 
Burrows William, tailor, 37 S Uth 
Bush Robert S., trunk manuf. 1024 Market, h 

1539 N 11th 
Bushnell D., photographer, N W 9th &, Chestnut 
BUTCHER JOHN, provision dealer & com. mer. 

1008 k 1010 Gtn av, h 236 N 10th 
Butterworth Henry W., tinsmith, 29 & 31 Hay- 
dock, h 909 Charlotte 
Butterworth Willoughby, carpenter, 411 Poplar 

CADBURY & RHOADS {Richard Cadbury, Geo. 
Rkoads t*)- Howard D. Thomas), com. mers. 
117 &, 119 Chestnut 

Cadwalader Thomas, gentleman, 1131 Chestnut 

Callahan John C, hotel 2 S 9th, h N E 9th & 

Cameron Thomas, tailor, 316 Culvert 

Camp Lyman, baker, 12 S 10th 

Campbell Thomas, hatter, 978 N 2d 

Cannan Margaret, widow Peter, 1514 Montgom- 
ery av 

Cannon William A., stoves, 937 N 2d, h 317 S 2d 

Canipe Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 7 Saunders ct 

Carlan John, baker, r 929 New Market 

Carlin Ann, 946 Leithgow 

C.irlin Louisa, 980 Lawrence 

Carncross <fc Dixey's Opera House, 27 S 11th 

Cams Mary, 5th u George 

Carpenter Elizabeth, 1140 N 4th 

Carpenter William L., surgical instrument maker. 
1030 Leithgow 

Carr Edward W., editor, 910 N 4th 

Carruthers Elizabeth, Mrs., 909 N 6th 

Carstairs Charles S. & James, Jr. (Charles S. }f 
James, Jr.), importers, 206 cfc 208 S Front 

Carter Thoma.- E., coal oil ft lump.", 10.30 N 2<1 
Cartwriiflit Matthew, tiriplato worker, 948 N .Oth 
(;arv<^r Frederick, carpunter. 929 N •3d 
Caney Jiiines, gentleman, 1121 Chentnut 
Ca«(^y Mary, bfiardinghoime, 1121 ClieMtnut 
Cacsel ./(•.««!% laborer, 9.37 Ijawrorjce Williiim, [ilumhor, 8 H lOlti, h 016 H 0th 
CATTKLL SAMUEL W., manuf. woollen A cot- 
ton gooils, Leithgow <t Canal, onico 20H H 5th, 
h Ilavcrford rd n Haddington 
(Jauffiiian Jacob & Son (Jacob If Emil), li'|uorH, 

1 I I N 3d 
Ciiywood John C, «ailmaker", 10 Ellen 
Cliiimherlain Siiraiicl, shijijoiner, 1010 Leithgow 
Chambers George W., varietioH, 919 N 2d, h lOOT 

Chambers .Tames, tanner, 7 Cozzens pi 
Chiimbers John,, 1014 Lawrence 
Chambers John, Rev., 1138Girard 
Chiincollor Wharton, gentleman, 11)5 Chctnut 
Chancellor William, gentlemnn, 11 15 Chestnut 
Chapman Alfred, gentleman. 320 Culvert 
Chapman Richard, stationer, 935 N 2d 
Clie.stnut James, manuf. 1613 Deal 
Christy James T., lumber, 22 Ellen 
Christy William, umbrella mnkor, 1131 N 3d 
Clark J. S., stoves, boaters & ranges, 1008 Mar- 
ket, h 1128 Callowhill 
Clark Isaac, driver, 983 Randolph 
Clauson Walter, paperstainer, 125 Poplar 
Claxton J. WilJium, Rev., 926 N 6th 
Clay George, drayman, 929 N 6th 
Clay George F., drayman, 929 N 6th 
Clay Jacob, drayman, 976 Lawrence 
Clayton John M., grocer, 991 N 2d 
Clemmons John R., photographe ■, 128 Laurel 
Clinton M. Ackerman, salesman 32 S Front, h 

522 N 2d, Camden, N J " 
Closius Joseph, lager beer, 1008 N 4th 
Clump Andrew, morocco dres.ser, 330 Culvert " 
Cody John, hotel, 1016 Gtn av 
Coffee E. Z., morocco manuf. 1143 N 4th, h 1141 

Cohen & Friedman (Marciis Cohen d^ Nathan 
Friedman), spices, German fruits, Ac, 911 N 3d 
Cohen Leon, glazier, 956 St John 
Cohen Marcus, spices, 911 N 3d 
COLBERT C. STROUD, attorney-at law, 411 

Cole Christian J., shoemaker, 4 Spooner's av 
Coleman George W., musician, 306 Beaver 
Coleman Matilda, gentlewoman, lOOS X 6th 
Colgan Patrick, laborer, r 950 N Front 
Colman Elizabeth, gentlewoman, r 916 X 3d 
Comfort Cyrus C, Jr., paperh'r, 927 Randolph 
Compton Benjamin, machinist, 5th n George 
Compton Richard, storekeeper, 947 X 5th 
Congar Samuel, lithographer, 931 Xew Market 
Congar William, shoemaker, 931 Xew Market 
Conklin Thomas, brush manuf. 151 Laurel 
Conrad Martin, grocer, 979 Lawrence 
Conway Charles W., bookbinder, 1046 Lawrence 
Conway James, blacksmith, 1046 Lawrence 
Cook Charles, porter, 1013 Xew Market 
Cook Emma, confectionery, 2 S 8th, h 6 Filbert 

Cook Joseph H., grocer, N W Laurel & Gtn av, 

h 111 Laurel 
Cooper E. (c), driver, Bonner pi 
Cooper Julia, 910 Leithgow 
Cope Cornelius, furniture, 1023 X 2d 
Cornell Theophilus. grocer. 530 X 2d 
Cossart David, moulder, 938 Rachel 
Cossart George, trunk maker, 938 Rachel 
Cossart John, cordwainer, 933 Rachel 



Cossart John, Jr., trunk maker, 93S Rachel 

Cossarl Jo.^eph. moulder, 93S R:ichel 

Cossart Willinm 1*., clork, 'J38 Rachel 

Conrad John, jiupcr carrier, 915 N .'id 

Cox John, yiroduce, 1022 Germantowii av, h 1021 

New Market 
Cox K. C , milliner, 9f)5 N 2d 
CrttfT? Willinm, claim a-^t., >SO.S N .Id, h 941 N 3d 
Crai': Joseph, printer, \-Wf Budd 
Cniwrord David, plumher, 978 Randolph 
Crawford Johif J., olerk, 97S Hiiiidolph 
Crawford Joseph R., merchant, 13 Kllen 
Crawford Rebecca, gentlewoman, '.>78 Randolph 
Cregamiro John, shoemaker, 117 Poplar 
Cress William II., com. merchant, 964 Randolph 
Creswell David S., bookkeeper, 1008 Gtn av, h 

212 N '.ith 
Cretsch Jo.-eph, baker, 1143 Gtn av 
Crockett Joseph, gentleman, 951 New Market 
Cromwell Eunice, trimmings, 957 N 2d 
Crouse Samuel, grocer, 13t') Laurel 
Crowell Peter, gentleman, r 1015 Lawrence 
Crowell Thomas, moulder, r 1015 Lawrence 
Culin Charles C, clerk, 1125 Gtn av 
Cullen .Michael, blacksmith, 11.'13 St John 
Culp Charles, machinist, 1020 Leithgow 
Cummings W.. 941 Charlotte 
Cushmore Christian, lab. 1544 Montgomery av 
Cusick Michael, beamer, 940 Canal 

Darby Edward, laborer, Devitt's av 
Dash William, tailor, 962 St John 
Dauner Jacob, tailor, 1025 Lawrence 
Davis Ann (c), 928 Leithgow 
D.ivis C. prop. U. S. Hotel, S E llth & Market 
Davis Isaiah, clerk 975 N 2d, h I. 'WO N 10th 
Davis, Kempton A Co. (Thus. W. Davis. Win. 
B. Krniploii }f Dnviil Thompsoii) , dry goods, 
217 Market & 206 Church al 
Davis Lloyd J., painter, 318 George 
Davis Samuel U., lumber, 317 George, h 919 N 

Davison John M., hatter, 1066 Gtn av 
Dayton Mary B., 249 N 18th 
Dearaer Sarah, teacher, 1017 Lawrence 
De Ancieli & Carre {G. De A>i<reli if L J. Carre), 

tin A sheet iron workers. 1002 Market 
gooils commission merchants, 32 S Front A 33 
DeCoursey S. G., com. mer. 32 S Front, h 328 S 

Deddrick Charles, turner, 1014 Leithgow 
Deemer John, morocco manuf. 149 Margaretta & 

154 William, h 131 Callowhill 
Deemer Eilwnrd S., morocco manuf. 149 Marga- 

ralta & 154 William, h 131 Callowhill 
Deihm August, gentleman. 111 Poplar 
Deitz L. Albert, pattern maker, 946 Lawrence 
Deitz Peter, comb maker, 946 Lawrence 
Dekalb Daniel, carpenter, 1015 Lawrence 
Delavau William, cordwainer, Dewitt's av 
Delsell Charles, waterman, 1120 Galloway 
Delsell John, tobacconist, 1120 Galloway 
Demmel Peter, tailor, 1114 Galloway 
Derr Michael, sawyer, 1643 Deal 
Dick Nicholas, tailor, 964 Leithgow 
Dickson John, dentist, 930 N Front 
Diehl Henry, tavern, 977 Lawrence 
Diehl Michael, tanner, 964 St John 
Diemer Jacob, gardener, 1630 Deal 
Dillon Arthur, blacksmith, 918 Randolph 
Disston Henry, saw manuf. 914 N Front 
Disston Samuel, machinist. 122 Lau;-el 
Dithmar Frederick, gentleman, 949 N 3d 

Dithmar Frederick, Jr., brewer, 938 N 3d, b 945 

N 3d 
Dithmar k Smith (Frederick Dithmar if Charles 

M. Smith), brewers, 938 N 3d 
Doak Jamos, manuf. 1629 Deal 
l)oll Fred., buckskin glove manuf. 1036 St Joha 
Donahue John S., china ware, 939 N 2d 
Donohugh William J., collector, 126 Laurel 
Dougherty Abel H., captain. 924 Raniiolph 
Dougherty Philip, laborer. 20.31 William 
Dulles Joseph 11., Jr., r 107 Walnut 

EDMANDS JOHN, librarian Mercantile Library, 

125 S 5th, h 1111.1 Spruce 
Edwards Francis .V Pro. (Fiaticis if Amos), ship 

chandlers, 4.') William 
Elmes Howard S., clerk Manufs. A Mechanics' 

Bank, 3d A Vine, h 24 S 17th 
Elliott John, clerk, 1428 S 3d 
Ellis Wm. A Co., wholesale druggists, 724 Market 
Emorv Theodore 1)., removed to 209 S 4th 
Engelhoffer C, 343 N 3d 
Evans Charles T., 141 N 20th 
Etting A Brother (Br.Hjamin if J. Max Etting), 

iron A steel, 144 N Del av A 137 N Water 

Fassitt A Co. (Alfred Fasxit), 600 Market, h 804 

Filler, Weaver A Co. {Edwin H. Filler, MirJiael 

Wearer if Conrad F. Clothier) , rope manufs. 

A ship chandlers, 23 N Water A 22 N Del av 
Fox William B., clerk 32 S Front, h 2030 Sausom 
Franck L. George, prof. eng. 222 N 13th 

Gallagher A Lynch (Thomas Gallagher if John 

II. Li/tirli). drv goods, 435 Market 
Galhraith R., painter, 340 S 19th 
GARDETTE E. B., M.D., dentist, 910 Walnut 
Gibbs J. D. A Bro. (J. D. if C. Edgar), Hour A 

grain, 49 N Water 

Harkins Thomas E., reporter Philada. Inquirer, 

140.S Gtn av 
Harpel Philip R., gentleman, 1321 Mt Vernon 

JONES ELIZA P. S., gentlewoman, 625 Walnut 
Jones A Tranhauser (Sigismuiid Jones if Solo- 
mon TranluiHser), millinery goods, 221 N 2d 

Keating William, M.D., S E 10th A Walnut 
Kennedy Alfred L., M.D., 33 S 16th 

Minis 'William, carpets, 1134 Market, h Mont- 
gomery CO 
Mitchell James T., attorney-at-law, 131 S 5th 

Nickerson, Harris A Moseley (Nelson J. Nicker- 
son, Madison R.Harrison if Wesley U. Moseley) , 
boots A shoes, 51 N 3d 

O'REILLY JOHN, grocer, S W 4th A Spruce 

Parrish George D. A Co. (George D. if James C. 
Parrish), importers, 312 Chestnut 

Peiper A Markley (Michael G. Peiper if Henry 
H. Markley), boots A shoes, 31 N 3d 

Smith W. D. A Co. ( Wm. D. if Robert F. Smith), 
brewers, 5th A Minor 

Stern, Jones A Co., 218 N 3d 

Taber A Harbert, millinery goods, removed to 
401 Market 

AValz Joseph, grocer, S E 13th A Buttonwood 

Whitall Willinm, from 47th A Pine to I U9 Filbert 

Wilson A Bradbury (Stewart Wilson if S. Brad- 
bury), Bank A Chestnut, 2d story 


Streets, Lanes, Alk^/js, Courts, Avoiiues, and Roads, 


A street, W fr 22(1 bot Mftator <t Jeflbrson 

Abbot's ot. N fr .')22 Fit,/,waLor 

Abel pi. N fr 102.') Lemon 

Aberdeen st. (Asliland) S fr 227 Union to Spruce 

Abigail st. W fr Ailriii.n n OUs, Ken 

Abraham ct. (K) K fr Rt John ab Beaver 

Abroy st. W fr 1320 Ri(lp;o av to Poinberton st 

Academy st. W fr 118 N 10th to 117 N 11th 

Accomac pi. (Union ct.) S fr 311 Wildey 

Acorn al. fr 810 Locust to Spruce 

Adair av. (Adams av) fr 453 N 13th 

Adams av. see Adair av 

Adam st. N fr Harvey G T av, Gtn 

Adams st. see Aurora 

Adams st. see Alexander 

Adams st. see Bodine 

Adams st. E & W fr Fkd av bel Aramingo 

Addison st. W fr 418 S 17th to 19th 

Adelphi st. fr 5th to 6th bet Walnut and Prune 

Adrian st. (Amber) N fr Thompson 

Agnes St. S fr 1002 Christian 

Alban st. fr Norman to Clare al 

Albert's av. S fr 1222 Palmer 

Albert st. fr 12th to 13th ab Washington av 

Alberger's ct. S fr 724 AVillow 

Alban st. N fr 2123 Cherry 

Albion st. (Aspen) N fr Lombard W of 21st 

Alder st. N fr 1009 Poplar 

Alexander st. (Adams) S fr 014 Fitzwater 

Alford St. (Allen's al.) fr 417 S fith 

Algier pi. (Allen's ct.) fr 417 S 6th bel Pine 

Alleghany av. W fr Del av ab Clearfield 

Allen st. B fr Logan N Lancaster av 

Allen's al. see Alford 

Allen's ct. N fr Minster ab 6th 

Allen's ct. see Algier pi 

Allen's ct. see Allison's pi 

Allen's ct. see Alsop pi 

Allen St. W fr N Front ab Race 

Alien St. from 1027 Fkd av to Palmer 

Allen's ct. S fr 720 Shippen 

Allen's la. W fr G T av, Mt Airy 

Alliso's ct. N fr 1003 Sansom 

Allison pi. (Allen's ct.) fr 116 N Front 

Almendo st. N of Cumberland E of Belgrade 

Almira pi. W fr 720 N Front 

Almond st. fr Del to 715 S 2d 

Almont pi. (Simmon's ct.) E fr 1529 Cadwalader 

Alroy St. W fr 1320 Ridge av 

Alsop pi. (Allen's ct.) S fr Spruce ab 2d 

Alston st. (Mary st.) fr Montgomery av to F av 

Alton ct. S fr Richard ab Lombard 

Amanda pi. N fr Pearl ab 23d 

Amanda pi. (Smith's ct.) W fr St David n Schnyl- 
kiil river 

Amber st. N fr Norris ab Frankford av 

Ambler's ct. N fr 1311 Carroll 

Amboy st. (Robinson) S fr Oxford bel Broad 

American st. (Washington) N fr Master to Mont- 
gomery av ab 2d 

American pi. E fr 246 N 4th 

Amity st. N fr 1425 Stiles 

Amos pi. fr Randolph ab JcfTor.son, Ken 

Anandale's av. (!Hh st. av.) E fr 725 iS' 'Jlh 

Anard's ct. fr 326 Dugan 

Andover pi. (Smith'.n ct.) S fr Melloy ab 15lh 

Andrew, see Wallace 

Andressst. (Orange) fr 1219 Mt Vernon to 1218 

Anita St. W fr 1162 S 10th 
Ann St. W fr 262 S 17th 
Ann st. see Rodman 
Ann st. see Wilton 
Ann's pi. E fr 1219 Wheat 
Ann st. (Richmond la) W fr Del ab William to 

Fkd av, R 
Annapolis st. (Vernon) S fr 136 South to 121 

Anthony st. S fr 711 Dickerson 
Anthracite st. W fr Salmon to Gunner'."? Run 
Antoinette st. (Wyoming) S fr Ilaverford rd to 

Apple st. S fr Penn ab Cresson, Myk 
Apple st. S fr Lancaster av, Hestonville 
Appletree al. fr 1 IS N 4th to 116 N 5th 
Arabella st. S fr Washington av to Federal bel 5th 
Aramingo st. E fr Frankford av S of Cumberland. 

Arch av. E fr 489 Dillwyn ab Noble 
Arch ct. see Armand pi 
Arch St. fr Del to Sch N of Market 
Archbold pi. (Ringgold pi.) S fr 1310 Race 
Arizona st. (Venango st.) W fr S 12th bel Locu«t 
Armand pi. (Arch ct.) W fr 712 Marshall 
Armat st. E fr G T av ab Mill, Gtn 
Armstrong's ct. fr 1242 Catharine to Christian 
Armstrong's ct. N fr 413 Prune 
Armstrong's ct. N fr McCrea ab Copper pi 
Arrison's ct. W fr 114 S 15th 
Arsenal st. fr Gray's Ferry rd to Federal al 
Artisan st. (Price st.) S fr Ball bel Richmond 

Ash al. see Barker 

Ash st. S fr 832 Thompson to Richmond 

Ashburton st. W fr 23d to William bel Pine 

Ashbury st. (Black Horse al.) S fr 5 IS South 

Ashhurst st. (Riddle's al.) fr 238 Market to El- 
bow la 

Ashland st. N fr 1019 Wharton 

Ashland st. see Aberdeen 

Ashmead st. S fr Clinton, Gtn 

Ashton pi. E of 23d ab Race 

Ashton St. N fr Wharton bet 10th and 11th 

Aspen st. W fr 35th ab Sycamore 

Aspen St. see Albion 

Aspen pi. E fr 415 Albion 

Aspen st. N fr 2123 Cherry to Vine 

Aspen st. N fr 2119 Spruce 

Astor pi. W fr 802 N Front 

Asylum st. from 318 S Broad W to S 15th 

Atherton st. fr 529 Carpenter to Marriott 

Atkinson et. see Atlee pi 

Atkinson ct. see Atwood pi 

Atkinson's ct. N fr 529 Lombard 

Atlee pi. (Atkinson ct.) W fr Sutherland 


Atmore st. (Miller st.) W from 814 N 19lh to 813 ' 
N Broiiil ; 111. (Atkinson ct.) from 1018 Hninilton ! 
Auburn st. W from 1018 S 8lh to HUT S lOlb | 
Aiulubitn pi. (Shoemaker's ct ) W IV 14 N Front ' 
Augusta |>1. (IJrooks st.) \V from 20r> N Front 
Aurora .n. (Adam.'i) from 3:^4 S 12th to S 13th 
Aurora st. (Shields' al.) from 244 S 9lh to Rasp- , 

borry nl 
Austin i-l. E from 831 St John 
Au.-^tin .<t. S from 1012 Foderul to Moj'u'g prison 
Autumn st. W from 41st 
AviMiuo C, r of 323 Now Market 
Avon pi. (Taylor's ct.) E from 437 N 13th 
Awuril's et. W from 328 l)u;;an 
Ayes St. N from Giranl College and W from 22d 
Azaliii St. (Millers al.) E from 233 N 15th 

Bache st. N from 1415 Race 

Bacho's ct. see Biicu.s pi 

Bacus pi. (Baches ct.) E from 708 Marshall 

Bacon St. see Hamilton 

Baden st. (Britlon's al.) S from Bedford to 741 

Bailey's ct. N from 119 John 
Bailey's ct. W of Maseher ab Girard av 
Baird s uv. N from 1323 Brown 
Baker st. from 725 S 7th to 719 S 8th 
Bnker st. N fr Gay to Centre ab Cresson, Myk 
Baker st. see Bangor 
Baker's al. see Balch 
Baker's ct. see Baldwin pi 
Baker's ct. see Barlow pi 
Baker's ct. see Barnes" pi 
Baker's ct. see Benedict pi 
Baker's ct. see Bertrand pi 
Baker's ct. see Burbank pi 
Baker's ct. N from 923 Palmer ab Bench, Kon 
Baker's ct. E from 941 Alder ab Poplar 
Balch St. (Baker's al.) from 203 New to Vine 
Baldwin pi. (Baker's ct.) E from York av ab 

Tammany to 527 China 
Ball al. see Barr 
Ball al. see Barrow 
Ball's ct. see Bartell pi 
Ball St. from Richmond to Delaware, Ken 
Ballenger av. from 1110 Race to Mark's la 
Balsam" pi. (Kelley's ct.) E of 747 S 5th 
Balston pi. (Brown's ct.) from 722 Lombard to 

Ball's ct. "W from 968 N Front 
Baltic pi. (Carpenter's al.) N from 225 Catharine 
Baltimore av. W fr 39lh, 1st st. bel Pine 
Baltou pi. (Kelley's ct.) N from 253 Concord 
Banana st. (Park st.) E from 1213 N 15th 
Bangor st. (Bnker st.) E from 15th bel Shippen 
Bank St. from 230 Market to 227 Chestnut 
Bank st. see Barnwell 
Bank St. see Brabant 

Banker's row, S fr Warren bet N 39th and 40th 
Baiikson st. from 1307 Wnllace to 1307 Melon 
Barbary pi. (Williams' ct.) E fr Vaughn be! 
Barber's row, N from 1109 Melon 
Barclay st. W from 320 S fith to S 8th 
Barclay st. AV from f>74 N Broad bel Coates 
Barclay's nl. see Bartrnm 
Baring st. W from Sclil ab Powelton nv 
Barker's ct. S from Crease ab Richmond, Ken 
Barker st. (Ash al from 22d) from 16th W bet 

Market and Chestnut 
Barley st. from 408 S 10th to Quince 
B.irley ct. see Ba-^com pi 

Barlow St. (Baker's et.) S from 514 Wharton 
Barlow pi. (Baker's ct.) N from 733 Baker 

TLe Popular Clothing 

Barnard's et. W fr 776 S 2d 

Barnard st. from S 8th n Ellsworth 

Barnes' pi. (Baker's ct.) E from 1123 Charlotte 

Barnet st. W from 1118 S 8lh 

Barney av. (Brazior av.) N from 2222 Shamokin 

Barnburst ]il. W from 1801 Francis 

Barnwell st. (IJaiik) from Pine to South ESchriv 

Barr st. (Ball al) W from 9(i8 N Front 

Barron st. S from 222 Gaskill to 229 South 

Barrow st. (Ball al) S lr312 South to 31 1 Shippen 

Barrv uv. W from 1.'120 (5 T av 

Barrv's ct. W from 1318 G T nv 

Bartell pi. (Hall's ct.) from 908 N Front 

Bartholomews ct. W from 914 S 5th 

Barton st. N from 1023 Wnllnce 

Barlram st. (Barelav's al.) W from 318 S fitb 

Bascora ]>\. (Harley ot.) X from 1031 Barley 

Bastian iil.. (Baxter's et.) S from 428 German 

Bath St. N from William, bel Melvale 

Bauersach's ct. r 13.'{0 N Front 

Ba.xter's ct. see Bnstinn pi 

liny St. W from 30s S fith to S 7th 

Bay Tree j)l. (Willow et.) S from 624 Pine 

Bayard St. from 1332 S 7th to 8th 

I'aynon pi. (Brown's ct). from 9C0 Marshall 

Beach av. E from S 24th n Locust 

Beach st. (Washington St.) N fr Willow be! Front 

Bench st. (or Twenty-fourth) Sch fr Permanent 

Bridge to Sbijipen 
Benlc pi. (Brook's ct.) from 1729 Pt Jo.=eph's av 
Bean pi. (Brown's ct.) N from Race ab 2d 
Beard's ct. from 153C. N 5th bel Oxford 
Beaumont pi. (Beck's ct.) N fr<mi 107 Pegg 
Beaver st. from N 2d to 945 N 4th 
Beaver ct. see Bissell pi 
Beck st. see Bulletin 
Beck's ct. see Beaumont pi 
Bock's ct. see Belfast pi 
Beck's ct. see Devon pi 
Beck pi. from 838 S Front to Sutherland, bot 

Christian nnd Queen 
Beck pi. E from 9r)l N 2d 
Beckel av. (Linden av.) W from 532 Linden 
Beckers pi. r 318 St John 
Becket st. W from 634 N Ifith 
Becket's ct. W from 932 S Front 
Beckett St. W fr Hamilton terrace bel Pine 
Beckley's ct. S from l.'il4 South 
Beekman's ct. E from 719 St John 
Beckwith st. (Temple) N from 1126 Cnthnrine 
Bedell pi. (Benner's et.) N from 339 Cherry 
Bedford st. W from 015 S 5th to 013 S 8th 
Bedford st. sec Wildey 

Buviloe pi. (Brown's ct.) N from 1318 Carlton 
Beebe's ct. E from Wheat bel Wharton 
Beekman pi. (Brnzier's ct.) N from 421 Green 
Beeler's ct. E of 835 Cbnrlotte ab Brown 
Beldin's row, S from 1310 Race 
Belfast pi. (Beck's ct.) N from 45 Beck 
Belgrade pi. (Kensington av.) N from 1119 Co- 
lumbia av 
Belgrade st. (West) E from 1024 Fkd av to Otis 

ab Thompson 
Belinda pi. (Smith's ct.) N from 735 Bedford 
Bella ir st. from Cotton to Grajie ab Pearl, Myk 
Bellevue st. from opp 1740 Francis 
Beilona pi. (Kcllv'.s ct.) N fr Washington E of 3d 
Bell St. N fr Market ab 40tli 
Bell's (William) ct. W from Bingham's ct 
Bell's ct. S from 1114 Ohio bel 12th 
Belmont av. N from Blockley Plank rd 
Belrose ct. 1242 Catharine 

Belrose st. (Sansom's al.) fr 234 Willow to Noble 
Bender's ct see Block pi 
Benedict pi. (Baker's ct.) N fr 1015 Hamilton 

House of Philadelphia. 


Bonezet st. W fr N 10th lo 12(1) al) Market 
Beno/.et st. (Prospect Ht. or Lcipor ct.) E fr 41 N 

BenCcr'H ct. r 1000 St Jolin 
Bonner's ct. koo Bedell pi 
Bennett st. (MorriH Ht.) W fr 112 8 7U] to 111 

S 8 th 
Bennetl'.s ct. N from Cherry ah .'id 
Bonneville pi. ('riiinporance pi) W from 72'1 Linle 

to 727 Ilui^sell 
Ben.ion pi. (Kelley's ct.) N f r (Jonniin, ^V fr ."id 
Bentley'Hct. E fr BG.O N Hh 
Benton st. S fr 1,')12 Market 
Benton st. see (!honango 
Benton st. see Cowper 
Benton st. see Otsego pi 
Benton's av. see Lincoln av 
Benton's lii. see Navy 
Berby pi. S fr 908 Locust to Aurora 
Berk's ct. see Blake pi 
Berk's st. (Chathtun) W from Front to Seh river 

ab Montfjomery. 
Berlin st. (Charles) S fr 415 South to 409 Monroe 
Berry pi. (Butler's ct.) S from Locust W of '.ILli 
Bertrand pi. (Baker's ct.) W fr 1240 Cudwalader 
Berwick pi. (Baker's ct.) E fr 725 New Marltet 
Beulah st. from Tasker to Morris bet 7tli & 8th 
Beverly pi. (Shippen pi.) N fr 8.31 Shippen 
Bevin's pi. N fr 221 Washington av 
Bavin st. S W fr Reading av. Belgrade 
Bickam's ct. W fr Front bel South 
Bickley'sal. B fr 17 S 16th 
Biddle St. E fr 627 N 25th 
Biddle's al. see Ashhurst 
Bilyeu St. N from 729 Oxford 
Bilen st. see Cohocksink 
Binder's ct, S fr 922 Poplar 
Bingham's ct. S fr .317 Spruce 
Birch pi. (Perry ct.) W fr 116 N 8th 
Birch st. N W fr Salmon bel Ann to Edgemout 
Birch St. fr 1512 Fitzwater 
Bird's al. S fr 134 Catharine 
Bird's av. W fr Raspberry ab Spruce 
Bird's av. see Bliss 

Bishop st. fr head of Beach to Richmond 
Bissell pi. (Beaver ct.) N fr 413 Cherry 
Bivan's ct. N fr 223 Washington av 
Black Horse al. W fr 24 S Front to 25 S 2d 
Black Horse al. see Ashbury 
Blackstone st. (Morris) S fr 1414 Pine (see We- 

Bladen's ct. N from 117 Elfreth al 
Bladen's ct. see Bonham pi 
Blair st. S fr Trenton R R ab Fkd av 
Blake pi. (Berks ct.) r 877 Lawrence 
Blake's ct. from 822 South 
Blanche st. (Ptose) N fr Mt Vernon to Hare 
Bledisloe pi. W of 636 Marshall 
Blight st. from Budd to 1341 Lombard n Broad 
Blighton St. W fr Broad ab Locust 
Blinn's ct. W fr 824 N 4th 

Bliss st. (Bird's av.) W fr Raspberry ab Spruce 
Block pi. (Bender's ct ) W fr 621 Richmond 
Blodgett St. N fr Centre W of 37th to W^irren 
Blue Bell pi. (White's ct.) E fr 1023 N 4th 
Blunstou's av. fr 19th ab Chestnut 
Bodine st. (Adams) N fr 245 Jefferson to Mont- 
gomery bel Cadwalader 
Bohemia pi. (Harmony ct.) E fr 765 S 4th 
Bolivar st. (Pfeiffer's ct.) W fr N 2d ab Vine to 

New Market 
Bolivia pi. (Gray's ct.) E fr 253 N lltb 
Bolton st. W fr Ridge av. & N of Jefferson 
Bond St. fr 300 S 8th to 301 S 11th 
Bond's ct. see Bonner pi 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall) 

]}onliiiiri pi. (Uladcrj'H ct.) fr Spruce bel Mattif- 
Bonner pi. (Bond's ct.) N from 121 Laurel 
Borden ht. (Jobnson'H la.) W fr Moyauieniiing ov 

S of Willi rton 
jtoslersi,. (lioyd's al.) fr 20y N llth 
KoiidiiKit or 3'Jth (William) N & S fr "Market 
l!(/ui boil |il. (Wood ct.) E fr Swan.ifou N of Wa«h- 

in;^lon av 
Boiivi.'r's al. N fr 119 Walnut 
I'.oweu pi. (Boyle's ct.) W fr 17th bel CliriMtian 
Bo wen's ct. E fr 1329 Hope 
Bower pi. (Brjwman ct.) fr 818 Rachel 
Bower st. E i'r Trenton av bel Norrin 
Bower's pi. E fr I'erkiommi bel 17tli 
Bowery pi. W fr 408 Canton 
Bowery st. fr Graver'.s la to C Hill 
Bo.wman st. n railroad depot, Gtn 
Bowman's ct. set! Bower pi 
Bi).\wood pi. (Smith's ct.) fr N 8th ab R.aoo 
Boyce St. S fr 520 South 
Boyd's al. see Bosler 
Boyd's av. N fr 1019 Morgan to Vine 
Boyd's ct. N fr 10 Chant 
Boyer pi. (Boyer's ot.) E f r 7 S 10th 
Boyd's ct. sec Boyer pi 
Boyd's ct. see Brace pi 
Boyle's ct. see Bowen pi 
Boyle's ct. see Bramble pi 
Boyle's ct. N fr 625 Filbert ab Gth 
Brabant st. (B.ith st.) N from William, R 
Brace pi. (Boyd's ct.) fr South to Bedford 
Braceland ct. W fr 916 S Front 
Braddock st. N fr Huntingdon to Lehigh below 

Emerald, R 
Bradford's al. N fr 725 St Mary 
Bradford al. see Cullen 

Bradford st. (Pratt st.) S from Spruce ab 16th 
Bragg pi. (Kelly's ct.) N fr Kelly st. E of Juni- 
Bramble pi. (Boyle's ct.) E fr 747 Passyunk ar 
Branch al. see Brigg 
Branch st. fr 224 N 3d to 217 N 4th 
Branchtown Pike, continuation of Mill st. E Gtn 
Brandywine st. (Centre) W fr 528 N 13th 
Branner's al. S fr 506 Vine 
Braiser st. W fr 714 Lloyd 
Brazier's av. see Barney av 
Brazier's ct. see Beckman pi 
Bread st. N fr 227 Arch to 226 Race 
Breese st. (Shields' al.) from Prosperous al to 

Quince st 
Breman pi. (Dickinson's ct.) r Cadwalader aboTe 

Brewery pi. W^ fr 722 Copper pi 
Briar pi. (Burd's ct.) S fr 1006 Locust 
Bride pi. (Burr's pi.) N fr 1212 Hamilton 
Bridge st. W fr Wire Bridge 
Bridge st. W from Del River, Bdg 
Bridgewater st. S fr Washington ab Bridge 
Brigg St. (Branch al.) E fr 231 Madison, fr Elbow 

to Graff 
Brighton st. W fr 220 S Broad to 15th 
Brilling's ct. N fr 207 Union 
Bringhurst st. E fr Gtn av ab Jefferson, Gtn 
Brinkley pi. (Bryan ct.) S fr 616 Cherry 
Brinton al. see Portland 
Brinton st. fr 710 S 12th to 713 S 13th 
Brinton st. fr 434 Master 
Bristol av. E fr 1031 N Front 
Bristol pi. (Buchanan pi) E fr 615 Guilford 
Bristow pi. (Browne's ct.) E fr 621 New Market 
Britton's al. see Baden 

Broad st. N .fc S of Market, and W of Juniper 
Brodie pi. (White's ct.) E fr 951 St John 
Brogan st. (Burd's al.) W fr 246 Raspberry 
Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 


Brolnskey's ct. W fr Juniper nb Locust 
Brolaskio pi. (Browns ct.) W from-«o« N 23(1 
Bron>?ly pi. (Wlipeler's ct.) N fr Cl'.'i Coinuierce 
Brook s ct. N iVoin Beill'ord bet ICth iinJ I7th 
Bruok's ct. SCO Augusta pi 
Brook's Ct. see BcnIe pi 

Brook St. N from 231 Buttonwnod to 2;!2 Coato.s 
Brown .st. N L and t«pring Garden, W fr High 

Bridge N of Coiitos 
Brown st. N fr 1314 Cherry 
Brown ."t. N from 1235 Montgouu-ry av 
Brown .«t. see Edgemont 
Brown .«!. see Miirston 
Brown !--t. sec Mover 
Brown ct. see Bnynon pi 
Brown's ct. sec Bri.-tow j)l 
Jlrown's ct. sec Bal.^lon pi 
Brown's ct. see IJcnn pi 
Brown's ct. see Bcdlow pi 
Brown's ct. see Brolu^kic pi 
Brown's ct. S fr 722 South 
Brown's ct. N fr -123 Monroe 
Brown's ct. fr T.'!;') St. Mary st to Bradford's al 
Brown's ct. N fr 1^13 Helniuth 
Brown's ct. fr Perkionicn n Francis 
Bruce st. from 18th to I'Jth, lud Shippen 
Brunswick pi. (Davis ct.) N fr Stanley \Y of 3d 
Brush's row, N fr Ilnrrison n Philip 
Brussels ct. N fr 1535 Parrish 
Brus.^el's pi. (Davis ct.) (see Dure) W fr .'j20 N 5th 
Brusfnr's al. fr Bench to Kiehmond ab Shacka- 

Bryan's ct. see Brinkley pi 
Buchanan jil. see Bristol pi 

Buchanan pi. E fr 311 Comptroller st S of Spruce 
Buchanan pi. E fr 23d bel Spring Garden 
Buck road, S E from United States Arsenal and 

Grav's Ferry rd 
Bucke'vc av. (Smith's pi.) W fr 938 N fith 
Buckingham pi. (Poplar pi.) S fr 23fi Poplar 
Buckius St. W fr Fkd av n Point rd 
Buckley st. W f r 312 S 5th 
Buckne'll st. S fr Brown n 24th 
Bucks ct. W fr 318 S llth 
Buck's ct. N fr 831 Catharine 
Budd St. S fr Market to Oak bet Till and Rose 
Budd St. W from 30(1 S 12th to Broad 
Budd St. see French 
Budden'sal. fr 108 N 12th to Juniper 
Budden's ct. N fr Buddeu's al 
Buehla st. S fr Tasker ab S 7th 
Buisfsct. S fr 121 (■) Fitzwater 
Bulletin st. (Beck) W fr 814 Swanson to 814 S 

Bummerscheim ct. W fr N 8th ab Columbia av 
Buting av. r 1313 Cherry 

Bnnyan pi. (Lancaster ct.) E fr 1305 Lancaster 
Burbank pi. (Baker's ct.) E fr 521 Vincent 
Burchellsct, E fr 8:^5 S 3d 
Bard's al. see Brogan 
Burd's ct. see Brier pi 
Burd ."t. S fr 132 Catharine to Queen 
Burk St. W fr lltth n Montgomery 
Burgundy pi. (North ct.) W fr 230 N 8th 
BurL'oss pi. (Burr'n ct.) AV fr Columbia av bet 

Thompson and Prince 
Burgoyne pi. (Butler's pi.) S from 1008 Sansom 
Burlington pi. (Coomb's ct.) N fr 325 German 
Burnett st. S from Christian to Carpenter, W of 

Gray's Ferry rd 
Burns st. fr Parrish to Brown E of 15th 
Burns st. see Fawn 
Burr's av. N fr 1419 Wood 
Burr's ct. see Bridge pi 

I Burrow's ct. S fr 718 Mintzer 

I Burton St. W fr 512 S 15th to 18th 

' Burwick pi. fr 723 New Market 

Butcher st. W of Hose bet Market and Pratt 

Butler ct. S fr 1008 San.'iom 

Butler St. N fr 1 1 1 Washington av 

Butler av. E fr .'129 .S Juniper 

Butler's ct. see Berry pi 

Butler's pi. SCO Burgoyne pi 

Button St. (Butlonwood al.) W fr N 1.3lh nb Mkt 

Buttonwood al. sei- Button 

Buttonwood St. (Fuirviow from Broad) W fr 51S 
N 2d 

Butz's row, E fr 491 Rt John 

Butz av. N fr 209 Noble 

Byard st. W fr 1334 S 7th 

Byron pi. (Monroe pi.) E fr 1339 Gin av 

Cabot St. W fr 1242 N 15lh to 1231 N 19fh 
Cadbury av. (Cadwnlador av.) N fr 1323 Jefferson 
Cadmus pi. (Campbell's ct.) \\ fr 19th n Carpen- 
Cndwalador av. see Cadbury av 
Cadwalader st. bet 2d ami Gtn av N fr Girard ar 
Cndwalncler ct. S fr 1414 Fitzwater 
Cudwell St. W fr912N 13th 
Cnhawba pi. (Dnrraeh's ct.) S fr 418 S 12th 
Cahill pi. (Carpenter's ct.) W fr 464 N 5th 
Cake pi. N fr 417 Carpenter 
Caledonia nv. N fr Filbert nb 10th 
Ciilbraith's ct. E fr New Market n Noble 
Caldwell St. E fr Sch Beach bet 'Walnut & Locust 
California pi. N fr 1311 Hodman 
Callowhill St. fr the Delaware to Schuylkill N of 

Calvert pi. (Carroll ct.) S fr 1716 Vesoy bet 17th 

and ISth 
Cnlvert st. (Peach st.) N & S fr Mctcalf st ab 5lh 
Calvin pi. (Trinity pi.) E fr 809 N 7th 
Caniac st. W fr N 2d bet O.xford and Columbia 
Cambria st. W & E fr Fkd av N of Somerset 
Cambridge st. W fr 922 N I'.Hh 
Cameron st. W fr op]) 1720 Francis 
Cameron pi. (Carroll's ct.) W fr 1420 N 4th 
Camilla st. E fr 12th bel Carpenter 
Camj) pi. (Carson's ct.) fr 402 Brown 
Campbell's ct. S fr fterman ab 2d 
Campbell's ct. .«ee Cadmus pi 
Campbell's ct. see Catlin pi 
Campbell st. S fr 775 S 6th 
Canal st. see Hnrbor 

Canal st. N W from Coatcs n Schuylkill river 
Canal st. W fr Moyaniensing nv to 5th 
Canby st. (Centre) fr S 12th to S 13th bet Lyn- 

dall al and Locust 
Candia pi (Carlisle ct.) S fr 516 Coates 
Candy row, E fr 24th or Beach bel Chestnut 
Canning st. (Centre al.) W fr 206 S llth 
Cannon \>\. (Charles pi.) Willow ab Canton 
Canterbury pi. (Myer's pi.) S fr 23 Mulberry al 
Cantman pi. (Chester ct.) from 678 N llth 
Canton st. (Charles) from 903 Callowhill to But- 
Cantwell pi. (Cauffmnn's ct.) S fr Cherry ab 3d 
Cnntwell'sct. W fr 1028 S 2d 
Capewcll St. W fr Belgrade ab Otis 
Caj.ital .«t. N fr Contes to Corinthian av nb 
Carl)erry's ct. S fr 416 Catharine 
Carbon ct. N fr 527 Marriott 
Carbon st. N fr 1013 Shippen to 1016 South 
Carbon st. see Welch 
Carbon pi. see Cliff pi 
Carli-^l* ct. see Candia pi 
Carlif^le st. N fr Brown bet Brcjad and 15th 
Carlton st. W fr 32.S N 1 1th to 24th 

Burr's ct. see Burgess pi. 

Strangers and Oitizena are recommended to purchase their 


Oarrrum pi. (Oliiinjli :il.} Iroiii 722 Arch to 72.'} 

Ciiriioy av. (Church n.v.) 1'] (V Jiiiiiiior ii.h liOouHt 
Carol iViii, pi. iS IV 10 Ki Barley 
Carolina Ht. N IV ■12!) Wharton 
Carpontor nt. W f'r (i 'V av, (illn 
Carpenter Hi. (John fr Front to Moyanion.-fin;; av.) 

W I'r D.'iO S Front to Kcliuylkill 
Carpenter Ht. see jMyno 
Carpenter'n al. neo IJaltic [)l 
Carpenter's ct. see Coke; j)! 
Carpenter's et, see Conpiioss pi 
Carpenter's ct. W fr (J T iiv, «tn 
Carpenter's ct. S f'r .'i2(l (Jhestnut 
Carpenter's ])\. woo Cahill [)l 
Car])enter's st. R fr 12M Jt'it/.vvator 
Carr's ct. S IV H.'iO Ciiiharino 
Carroll st. see Ilwath 
Carroll av. sco Osage av 
Carroll ct. see Cameron pi 
(!«.rroll pi. N fr Front ab Adrian 
Carron's ct. S fr Brown ab N 4th 
Carsell av. (Church av.) E fr Broad bel Brown 
Carson's ct. see Caniji pi 
Carswoll pi. (Clare ct.) fr Charles to AVashington 

av ab (ith 
Carter's st. fr 116 S 2d to 121 S .3d 
Carter st. see Florence 
Carter's al. see Rock 
Carter's al. E fr l.'ith n AVood 
Carter's al. E fr 208 Richmond ab Shackamaxon 
Carthago pi. (King ct.) bel Wildoy near Shacka- 
Carthage pi. (Morgan's ct.) E fr Chathiim 
Carty ay. (Church !iv.) N fr 1929 Lombtird 
Canith pi. (Clark's ct.) N fr 411 Borden 
Carver st. W fr 522 S 15th to 525 S 18th 
Carver, see Geneva 
Caseltino av. (Clark's av.) fr Wood to Reeves, 

ab 20th 
Cash St. E fr 15th to AVethevill bel Pine 
Casper av. (Wistar's av.) S fr Jones bet I7th & 

Cassst. AVfr 1234 N 12ih 
Cassidy's ct. N fr 927 Marriott 
Cassion pi. (Clay ct.) N fr Columbia av bel 

Castle st. see Sergeant 
Castle ct. S fr 1036 Sergeant 
Castner av. (Clay av.) N fr Orchard ab Culvert 
Cat.iwba pi. (Steel's ct.) N fr German 
Catfish al. S fr 118 Green 
.Catharine st. AV fr Delaware to Gray's Ferry rd, 

S of Fitzwater 
Cathcart ct. N fr 1131 Lombard 
Catlin pi. (Cauipbell's ct.) S fr German ab 2d 
Cattell av. (Clinton av.) N fr Pearl bel 20th 
Cauffmivi's ct. see Cauty.ell pi 
Cedar st. N fr Norris, E of Luzerne jjl 
Cedar bill, bet Cedar & Peun ab Apple, Myk 
Cedar st. E fr Main ab Toll Gate, Myk 
Cedar st. N fr Ann ab Belgrade , 

Central pi. AA^ fr 256 N 5th 
Central Buildings, S fr 218 AA'^alnut 
Centre al. fr S 11th bel AValnut 
Centre .al. see Canning- 
Centre St. E fr G T av to C. H. Railroad, Gtn 
Centre st. fr N 37th bet Jlarket it Powelton av 
Centre st. E fr Main ab Green la & Church, Myk 
Centre st. see Brandywiue 
Centre st. see Canby 
Centre st. see Kno.K 
Centre st. see Spartan 
Centre st. see Zanoni 
Ceruse st. fr Stone to Lombard bet 16th ct Ifith 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Chadwick pi. (Oobh'n ct.) AV fr Hr,H N 4th 
ChambcrH av. H fr 2022 Callowhill 
Cliainpion pi. (Cox ct.) K i'r JJunton ab Ott«r 
Chaiiiplain av. (KcyHcr'H av.) W hido but Vino A 

Chanci! jil. (fJoatoH' Ht.) E fr New Market ab \'im; 
(Jhancollor st. fr 16th to 18tli bel Walnut 
(Jhancory lano, K fr 126 Arch to Cooinbcn al 
Cliandbir'n ct. N i'r Palinnr ab Kicliinond, K 
Chant Ht. (Col lego av.) E fr 23 H 1 0th 
Chapman nt. (Collinn' al.) fr 781 S Front t* 

Clark'H ct. N fr 1221 Cathnrino 
Charles pi. E fr 427 Rugan 
Charles st. K fr 610 Washington av 
Charle.H pi. sec Cutnion pi 
Charles st. S fr 40H Soul.b to Monroe 
Charles st. fee Berlin 
Charles st. see Canton 
Charles st. see Clairboruc 
Charles st. see Shirley 
Charles st. seo Tudor 
Charlotte, soo Zcnobia 
Charlotte st. N fr 317 Brown to Masfer 
Charter st. (Clymer) E fr Adrian to Trenton av- 
al) Dauphin 
Chartner st. E fr 24th bel Callowbill 
Chase pi. (Collins' ct.) S fr 2302 Linn ab Callow- 
Chatham st. E (fe AA'^ of Richmond la bel Cedar 
Chatham st. N fr 519 Buttonwood to 508 Green 
Chatham st. sec Berks 
Chatham st. see Exeter 
Chatham st. see Linville 
Check's ct. S fr 25 Reed to Mifflin 
Chelton av. E & \V fr G T av ab Laurel, Gtn 
Chenango st. (Benton) AA'^ fr 11 10 Sites to Sophia 
Cherry st. fr 130 N 3d to Schuylkill N of Arch 
Cherry st. see Montgomery av 
Chester ct. see Cantman pi 
Chester ct. AV fr 11th bel Coates 
Chester st. N fr 817 Race to 820 A'ine 
Chestnut av. E of Castle ct 
Chestnut St. N fr Centre & High, Myk 
Chestnut st. AV fr 100 S Del av to Schuylkill, bet 

Market & AA''alnut, thence AA'est 
Chestnut St. E fr G T av thence AVest, Gtn 
Chestnut av. S fr Chestnut ab Rose, AV P 
Chew E fr AVashington av to Gorgas, Gtn 
China row, AA' fr 4th ab Master, K 
China st. AV fr 1002 S Front 
China st. (Little Crown) N fr 415 Buttonwood 
Chippewa st. S fr 2624 Lombard to South 
Chippewa st. (King st.) fr 4] 2 AVetherill S of Pine 
Cholladey's ct. S fr 1124 Sheaff's al 
Christian st. fr Delaware to Irish Track lane, bet 

Catharine & AA'ashingtou av 
Christian's ct. see Cohen pi 
Christy pi. (Craig's ct.) E fr 952 St John 
Chur pi. (Cooper's ct.) N fr Shippen bel 9th 
Church al. see Carm:in pi 
Church al. from 20 N 2d to 15 N 3d 
Church av. see Carney av 
Church av. see Carsell av 
Church av. see Cartv av 
Church av. X fr 192"^tt Lombard to AA'atts 
Church pi. S from 1122 Lombard 
Church St. X fr Catharine to Rose bel Broad 
Church St. AV fr Park to Till bet Locust i Spruce 
Church St. ab Centre cfc Chestnut. Myk 
Church St. E f r G T av to Chew, Gtn 
Church st. see Irving 
Church St. see Otsego 
Church St. see Shamokin 
Citron st. W fr 652 X 11th to 659 X 13th 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 


City Line, Bristol township N E 

Claffin's ct. N fr 1319 Carroll 

Claghorn pi (Cooper's ot.) fr Front ab Poplar 

Cla Tst. E Ir 1041 S 6th 

Clairburnc st. (Chiirles) S fr Ball to Plum 

Clare al. 5ce Cowley 

Clare st. S fr 526 Carpenter 

Clare's ct. ."eo Carswell jil 

Clariiu Ht. E fr Lopiin lie! llnverford 

Clarion st. S fr Fe-leral bi-t l.'Jth 

Claris.«ii pi. (Siniili's pi.) fr 54'2 Liiulen bol Qreen 

Clark j>l. W from 1024 S 'M to lO.'tl S 4th 

Clark, Fee King.'tton 

Clark'!" av. se> Ca.<eltine av 

Cl:iik'.s ft. .«ec Carulh pi 

Clark's ct. K I'r I'nion North of Oirnrd av 

Clnrkson pi. (Wiiverly i>l.) W fr Noble near 4th 

Clawges' ct. N fr 514 Jlulborry nl 

Clan-.-'on st. (Cox's al.) South near I2lh 

Clay St. W fr r.nS N 11th 

Clay St. see Kent 

Clay av. see C;istner av 

Clay ct. see Ca.ssion pi 

Clayton .«t.E fr 717 N 23d 

Clavton St. N fr Cherry to Rjice W or2i1th 

Clel.rfioM St. W fr Defbel Allrglinny av. 11 

Clem.itis av. (Sprag^'s av.) S fr 114 Christian 

Clement st. S fr Carpenter ab It>th to Wash'tn av 

Clementine pi. (."Smith's ct.) W fr .'J42 Linden 

Cleinmon's al. N fr 1115 Mark's lane 

Cliff pi. (Carbon pi.) S fr 14 14 Kaio 

Clifl'ord av. (Moore's av.) \V fi- Front ab Coates 

Clifford's al. W fr 2S Del av to Front 

Clifton St. (Pearl st.) S fr Clearfield, 19th Ward 

Clifton St. N fr lO.l.T .<!hippfn 

Clinton av. N fr 102:! Pearl bel 20th 

Clinton ct. E fr 457 Franklin ab Noble 

Clinton St. N fr Fisher to nrin;;hurst, Gtn 

Clinton St. W fr 9th to 11th bel Spruce 

Clinton St. see Darien 

Clinton St. see Mascher 

Clover St. f r 2fl S 12th to S 1.3th bel Market 

Clyde 1)1. (Cre.«son's ct.) N fr 504 Cherry 

Clyde St. (Re.x's ct.) W fr Boaver ab Green 

Clymer st. E A W fr 752 S 0th 

Clynier st. see Charter 

Clymer st. see Manor 

Clymer st. see Montrose 

Coates sL fr D.'laware to Schuylkill N of Green 

Coates al. see Craven 

Coates ct. see Chance pi 

Cobb St. fr 418 Catharine to Queen 

Cobb's ct. see Chadwiek pi 

Cobley's ct. S fr 414 Catharine 

Coburn st. N from 215 S to 210 G.iskill 

Cohen pi. (Christian's ct ) W fr 812 S Front 

Cohocksink st. (Bilyeu, Robinson, .Merchant, Ro- 
bertson) N fr 727 Parrish to Columbia av 

Coke pi. (Carpenter's ct.) N fr 417 Cariienter 

Colche=ter pi. (Rentschler's pi.) E fr Charlotte 
ab Brown 

Colebrook pi. (Scott's ct.'^ "W fr 770 S Front 

Collard's al. fr Bench to Allen N .t S, E K 

College av. fr Coates to front of Qirard College 

College ay. see Chant 

College pi. (Chant st.) S fr College av E fr 10th 

College at. fr S Front to 2d ab Moore 

Collins' al. see Chapman 

Collins' ct. see Chase pi 

Columbia ct. N fr Landreth bel 1.3lh 

Columbia av. (Hanover fr Di:imond to Frankford j 
av.) W fr Delaware river bet Oxford &, Mont- 
gomery av 

Columbia row, N fr 24th ab Morris, F M 

Coomb's ct. see Burlington pi I 

Best Place in the City to buy 

Coniley st. fr 25fi N 13th to N Juni|>er 
Commerce st. (St James fr Gth to 7th) W fr 4th 

ab Market 
Commerce st. N fr Huntingdon along Canal, R 
Comptroller st. N fr 217 Union to Spruce 
Conrad's ct. N fr Id 1 7 Becket 
Concord pi. N fr 223 Concord 
Concord St. fr 780 S 2d to 785 S 3d 
Concordia av. N fr 22'.> Concord 
Conestoga pi. W fr 2d bel Master 
Congress St. E fr 73'.l S 2d to 740 S Front 
Conlin's ct. N fr 1325 Carroll st ab l.'lth 
Conrow ct. r 105 Chenango 
Conway pi. E fr New .NLirkct ab Vine 
Coombe's al. fr 44 N Front to 51 N 2d 
Cooper St. W fr 20ih S of Walnut 
Coojier's ct. sec Chuil jil 
Cooper's ct. see Claghorn pi 
Copo St. E fr Oxford bol Alleghany av 
Cope St. (Wi-sl) S fr Snnsom to Locust W of 23d 
Cope's al. fr l.;t'. S Del av to 135 S Water 
Coijpor pi. (Shippon la.) S fr I32ii South 
Coral St. fr R R R East of firoad 
Cordova pi. (Taylor's et.) E fr Barron ab South 
Corinthian av N A S fr Girard College to Coates 
Corn St. fr Marion to Ucccl bc-l Moyamensing av 
<!)orndafrer's ct. Christian bel 3d 
Cornelius' ct. E fr Richmond n Bishop, K 
Corwin pi. (Kayser's ct.) W fr 310 Now Market 
Cottage st. fr S Fnmt bel Morris 
Cottage St. W I'r Main, C Hill 
Cottage row, W fr Penn, Gtn 
Cottingham pi. N fr 507 Federal 
Cotton St. E fr Main bet Micb.mie .t Grape, Myk 
Court al. S f r 8 Brown to 722 Bench 
Courtland pi. W fr 30i; Now .Market n Vine 
Cove pi. (Steel's ct.) N fr 007 St Mary 
Cowley St. (Clare al.) Wfr25l',N 13th to N Juniper 
Cowper st. (Benton) fr Hight's ct. to Linden 
Cowperthwait pi. E fr 321 New Market 
Cowslip St. (Say's al.) W fr 15th to l(3thN of Race 
Coxe's al. see Ctawson 
Coxo's ct. see Champion pi 
Cox's ct. N fr nil Ohio 
Cox's ct. E fr 220 Acorn al 
Cox's ct. E fr 15th N ilth 
Cox's St. fr 324 S 17th to ISth bel Spruce 
Cozzen's av. (Townsend's av.) fr 934 New Market 
Crabb st. S fr Gaskill to Sbippen ab 4th 
Craig's av. N fr 1225 Shaekamaxon 
Craig's ct. N fr CilO Franklin ab Cth 
Craig's ct. see Christy ]il 
Craig's pi. E fr Rasjiberry bel Walnut 
Cranberry st. S fr Lancaster av. W P 
Crammond st. Lancaster av. to Darby rd, W P 
Crane st. E fr Till n Lancaster av, W P 
Crane's ct. S fr Mead bel 2d 
Cranmer pi. (Porter's ct.) W fr 050 N 3d» 
Cranson's ct. S fr Marriott bel S 9th 
Craven st. (Coates al.) fr 210 N Front to 217 N 2d 
Crawford's ct. W fr 5(14 N Front ab Noble 
Crease st. VCrown) W fr 1002 Richmond to Fkd av 
Cregar pi. (Marion ct.) W fr 13th bel Catharine 
Crcsson al. sec Cresson 
Cresson's ct. see Clj-de pi 
Cresson st. or near R road, Myk 
Cresson st (Cresson al.) W fr"l4f) N 5th to N 7th 
Creisheim rd. fr Carpenter to Wissahickonav, Gtn 
Crestaker cl. S fr German bel 5th 
Cre.«swell pi. r nil Church 
Crockett's ct. fr 2(5 S 5th 

Crocus p!. (Smith's ct.) E fr St John n Gtn av 
Crookeil Billet, opens at 21 S Water 
Crooked pi. (Wall.? Elbow) fr Everett pi. to 427 

New .Market 

good and cheap Clothing at 


Cross st. (King Ht.) K fr J'aHHyiiiik av liol Diclcor- 

CroHR III. fV St, Miiiy hn\ Hih to Bradford al, and 

fr Butrtoiiwood n York iiv to (Ireen 
Crown pi. N fr .'il2 N Front 
Crown St. N fr 421 llace to York av <fe Willow 
Crown st. seo Crease 

Cuba St. (Scott's 11,1.) S fr Morris bol -Ith 
Cubn ]>1. S IV 110 I'opliiT 
Ciilbortaon's ct. fr l(i()(> Coates to Bockot 
Cullen St. (Bradford al.) W I'r h\(l S 7th to S 8th 
Culp av. (Cyi)r(!SH av.) S fr Otiylor E 20th 
Culvert St. S W fr lOlO N ;!d lo Mi ,fe Poplar 
Cumberland st. fr Ariniit lo Mill, (!ln 
Cumberland st. AV fr Dl'I ab Y(jrk, K 
Cunningham's av. S f r 1 1 12 Federal 
Curran pi. (Kessler's ct.) E fr 023 N 4th 
Currant al. fr 1020 Walnut to Spruce 
Curry's ct. fr 1 107 Shippcn 
Curtis ct. S fr Savery ub Franklin, K 
Cuscaden ct. S fr 420 (Jerinnn 
Cuthbert st. W fr 44 N llth to Schuylkill 
Cuyler st. (Cvpress) W f r N 10th ab Callowhill 
Cypre,-s st. W fr .314 S 3d to 317 S 4th 
Cypress, see Cuyler 
Cypress av. see Culp av 

Dahlia av. (South av.) .alonf^ Sch riv ab Catharine 

Dahl's St. N fr Olive bel Brond 

Daily pi. (Dickson's ct.) W fr Front bel Reed 

Daisy av. (South av.) W fr .532 S 18th 

Dale pi. (D.rvis pi.) N fr C.een bel 12th 

Dallas St. (Davidson's ct.) fr S 13th to S Juniper 
bel Chestnut 

Dallas al. fr S 13th to S Juniper bel Market 

Dallett's ct. W fr 42.5 Ru^an ab Callowhill 

Dallett's ct. W fr 1320 Silver 

Dallon pi. (Dickson's ct.) E fr 907 N Broad 

Damson pi. S fr Pearl ab 13th 

Dana st. (Duke) fr 518 N Front to N 2d 

Daniel pi. fr 1339 Earl 

Danforth pi. (Dickson's ct.) E f r G T av ab 4th 

Daniel pi. (Webster's pi.) bet Thompson and 

Dannaker's av. E fr 221 N 3d 

Danver pi. (Donnelly's pi.) N of 145 New 

Darby road (see Woodland) S W fr Market ab 

Darcy st. (Prosperous al.) W fr Spafford bel 

Dare's pi. W fr 620 N 5th 

Darien st. (Clinton) N fr 803 Brown to Mont- 

Darling pi. (Dillwyn pi.) S fr 324 Willow 

Darrach's ct. see Cahawba pi 

Darragh's ct. E fr 233 Lybrand 

Dart pi. (Davis ct.) fr Hamilton bel 12th 

Dauphin st W fr Belgrade ab Otis, R 

Davenport st. (Dean's al.) fr 244 S 8th to Dupon- 

Davidson pi. (Warner's et.) E fr 934 Marshall 

Davies pi. see Dale pi 

Davies st. W fr 1212 N 13th 

Davis' or D.vvidson's al. see Dallas 

Davis' ct. see Brunswick pi 

Davis' ct. see Brussels pi 

D.ivis' ct. see Dart pi 

Davis' ct. see Whitebread pi 

Davis Landing, E fr 757 Swanson 

Davis's av. E^fr N 8th bel Race 

Davis's ct. S fr 1532 Lombard 

Davis's ct. S fr 004 Coates 

Dawson pi. (Dean's ct.) S fr 1302 Pearl 

Day St. (Dean) N fr 221 Wildey to 1140 Girardav 

Dayton st. (Derringer's et.) W fr 6th bel Coates 

"Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Doacon'H st. N fr 1 1 1 1 Oirard av to 1)16 Stil<;« • 
Doiigen pi (Dorringer'H ct.) fr 61'J Tamarind ub 

Deal av. S fr 10.50 Deal 

Deal St. E fr 17.07 Fninkford uv bel Munlf^'mmry 
Doan's ct. see DawHon pi 
D.iiin St. fr Spruce to Perry H fr 1214 Walnut t« 

Doiui, so(! Day 
Di;iiti'.s al. see Davenport 
Dean's av. W fr I2.'i0 CreuKe nb Oinird uv 
I)i!ciitur st. S fr 010 Market to Jaync 
Decatur sec Diayton 
Diiilaker's ct. N fr Otter ab Dunton 
Diihaven's ct. N fr Flose ab Sctioid, K 
Deimling'H pi. (Drinker's ct.) S fr 230 Union 
Di) Kalb's ct. W fr 900 Walnut 
Didanoy pi. W fr 32.3 S 18th bet Spruce & Pine 
Debmy pi. (Duffy's ct.) E fr 743 S 7th 
Delaware av. (Penn 10th Ward) N .t S fr Market 

on Delaware river 
Delta 1)1. (Dickerson ct.) N fr Olive bel Broad 
Demar pi. (Duncan's ct.) S fr Shippen ab 2d 
Deinpst(!r's ]il. S fr 1508 Barclay bel Coatea 
Denmark st. fr Front to 2d bel Ta.fker 
Denmark pi. (Hazel sf. J fr 866 N llth to 857 N 12th 
Danmark pi. see Harmer 
Denny's ct. N fr Marriott fib 4th 
De|)ot St. E & W fr 520 N 9t,h be! Green 
Derringer's a v. E fr 1543 X Front 
Derringer's ct. see Dayton pi 
Derringer's ct. see Dengan pi 
Derringer's ct. E fr Tamarind ab Green 
Desilver's ct. S fr 428 Walnut 
Desoto st. (Joseph's al.) Monterey to Struthers 

W of 12th 
Duel av. S of Deal st. E of Frankford av 
Devon's av. S fr 1838 Naudain 
Devines ct. N fr 1215 McDuflie st 
Devon pi. (Beck's ct ) N fr Coates ab 3d 
Dewees's ct. W fr 755 S 6th 
Dewitt's av. W fr 1138 St John 
Diamond st. (Coral fr Front and Lebanon f r G T 

av.) fr Front to Schnvlkill river 
Diamond st. N fr 1229 Fitzwater 
Diamond, see Drury 
Diana st. continuation Trotter's al 
Dickerson st. W fr 1446 S 2d 
Dickerson ct. see Delta pi 
Dickinson ct. see Bremen pi 
Dickinson st. W fr Gaul N of Cumberland 
Dickson's al. W fr 7th bet Shippen &, Fitzwater 
Dickson's et. see Daily pi 
Dickson's ct. see Djlton pi 
Dickson's ct. see Danforth pi 
Diligent av. S fr 916 Buttonwood to Hamilton 
Dillwyn st. N fr 313 Vine to Green 
Dillwyn pi. see DuHng pi 
Dilks ct. S fr 904 Wood 
Diugler's ct. r 116 "\^an Horn 
Discount pi. (Morris st.) fr 32 N 6th 
District pi. E fr 313 X 10th 
Divan pi. X fr Coates ab Front 
Division st fr 412 X llth to N 12tli 
Division st. E fr Main, Myk 
Division, see Dubree 
Dixey's ct. 1632 Lombard 
Doali St. S of 1622 Shippen 
Dock St. fr 248 Delaware av to 129 S 3d 
Dodge pi. X fr Metealf ab 2d 
Doll ct. W fr St John ab Beaver 
Doll's av. W fr 1030 St John 
Doman's pi. X fr 233 Christian 
Donaldson's st. fr Gray's Ferry rd to Federal bet 

Arsenal and Back rd 
Corner Sistti and Market Streets, 


Ponnepan'g ct. 715 St John 

Donnelly ct. N fr 829 Marriott 

Donnelly st. N fr 833 Mnrriutt 

Donnelly s et X fr ISIT South 

Donnelly'-s ct. W fr S2fi Rachel 

Donnelly's i^l. see Diinvor pi 

Dorrance .«t. S fr I'lirpeuler bet 18th .t 19th 

Dorrs et. N fr Hmnilton bcl llth 

Dorsey .«t. W fr 41'J S l,Uh to S Juniper 

Dougherty av. (Dniijjlnss av.) N fr IICJT Pine 

Dougherty's ct. fr Bedfonl n S 8th 

Dougla.'S.i av. .see I)ougherty nv 

Douglas.* II V. S fr 1".';'.0 Hn-wn 

Dove pi. (Ku-.<ell".s ct.) W fr 1013 S 2d 

Dover ct. S fr 914 IV.plnr 

Dove's ct. W of Slit) Dunne ab Brown 

Downing st. (Peter.-i iil.) N fr 2000 Callowhill 

Doyle's ct. E fr (■<0;> S .id 

Drayson pi. N fr ll.f" I'ine 

Drayton st. (Deentiir) r 1232 llye to Corn 

Dreer St. W fr Adrian bel Diuiphin 

Drinker's iil. fr 1 !0 N Front to 1-15 N 2d 

Drinkers ct. see Doiniling pi 

Drums av. S fr 80S Buttonwood 

Drury st. (Diamond) fr 102 S 13th to 101 S Juni 
per I 

Dryden pi. S fr 228 Thonip.-=on 

Duiino St. N fr I22;J Brown to 1222 Pnrri.«h ! 

Duberry ct. E of ;>19 Brook nb Buttouwood ! 

Dubois Block, 19th ab Coates i 

Dubreo st. (Davison) N fr 1821 Wylie st. F Ville 

Duck al. S E fr Mattis ab Spruce 

Dudlcv pi. (Prospect pi.) S fr 512 Christian 

Duffie's ct. E fr 72.'. Uubbell 

Duffy's ct. see Delany pi 

Dugiins ct. S f r 330 '.Master, K 

Dugan St. S fr 1508 Spruce to 1511 Pine 

Duke, sec Dann 

Duke, see Thompson 

Duncan's ct. see Demar pi 

Dungan's av. fr 1070 G T av to 2d ab Otter 

Dunlap St. S fr 2212 Chestnut 

Dunleith's pi. (Smith's ct.) W fr N Front ab Arch 

Dunn's ct. E fr 759 S fith 

Dunsdale pi. S fr 2048 Lombard 

Dunton st. (Mullen's ct.) fr 19 Otter to Girard aT 

Duponceau st. fr 818 Walnut to 821 Spruce 

Durham \>]. (Meyers ct.) N fr 527 Race 

Duross ct. W fr 784 S Oth 
'Durosspl. Efr8r,l N 13th 

Durr's ct. W fr Orchard nb Culvert 

Dutton St. N fr 35 Reed 

Dutton's ct. S fr Washington av bet fith &, 7th 
vDyott's ct. E fr Franklin ab Vienna, K 

Badline st. (39tb) N to Haverford W of the Schuyl- 
kill. W P 

Eagen pi. (Ellis ct.) N fr 1005 Hamilton 

Eagle av. fr 1230 N Front to Hope ab Franklin 

Eagle ct. see Eakin pi 

Eagle pi. sec Eaton pi 

Eagle St. N fr Leopard to Fkd av ab Rachel 

Eagle St. W fr Lexington, W P 

Eakin pi. (Engle ct.) fr Ilaliburton pi. across 
Currant nl 

Earl st. fr Thompson to West bet Columbia av 
and Palmer, E K 

Earl st. bet Pcnn av &, Coales <t 24th <fe 25th 

Earl's ct. see Edgar pi 

Earp St. fr 1332 S Sth to 1323 S 9th 

Earp St. W fr 518 N 19th bet Fairview & Spring 

East ct. E fr Griscom ab Pine 

Bast ct. S fr 1410 Spring Garden 

Eastwick av. (Elizabeth av.) S fr If.OO Ogden 

Bay your Clothing 

Eaton pi. (Eagle pi.) 28 Otter n Fkd av 
Eden pi. (Warner's et.) fr 228 Catharine 
Edgur ]>\. (Earl's ct.) S fr Pino ab '.'th 
Edgeiiiont St. (Browu st.) N fr llunner's run ab 

Edina pi. (Warner's ct.) W fr 1034 N 4th 
Edisto St. (Jones' al.) W fr fi04 Vincent al 
Edmond St. (Elbow al.) S fr 0th bcl Lombard 
Edward Ft. fr 1115 N 2.1 to Sehocd 
Edwiii St. fr Geary to Ridge uv bet Vineyard and 

Eighteenth st. N .1 S of Market W of 17th 
Eighth St. N A S fr Market W of 7th 
Eison's av. (Harrison av.) W fr 1442 N 4th 
Elba ]il. (Evans" et.) E fr 907 Ontario ab Poplar 
Elba pi. (Stiles' ct.) E fr 905 Beach bel Laurel 
Elbow al. see Edmond 
Elbow la. W fr Bank to 31 S .3d 
Elder st. S fr lO.'U Morgan to 1035 Sergeant 
Eldridgo pi. E fr 1817 N Citli ab Montgomery 
Eldcidge row. fr G T av ii N 5lh 
Eleventh st. N A S fr Market W of 10th 
Elfreth's al. fr 126 N Front t<. 131 N 2d 
Elgin j.l. (Ward's retreat) S fr Heath bel I3th 
Eliza av. (School av.) W fr 812 N 12th 
Elijta St. S fr812 Shippen 
Elizabeth av. see Ea.<t\viek nv 
Elizabeth's ct. see lliinniehvright pi 
Elizabeth pi. S fr IIoj e bcl Jefferson 
Elizabeth st. fr Church or Pine to Sellers, Fkd 
Elk St. begins at Otter ab Front, K 
Elkhart st. (Linden) E fr Melvale ah Neff 
Ella St. (Price st.) W fr Fkd av bel York 
Ellen St. W fr 940 N Front 
Ellen, see Ericsson 
Ellen's pi. see Eva pi 
Ellett's av. N fr 535 Race 
Elliott's ct. S fr 732 Lombard 
Elliott's pi. see Emanuel pi 
Ellis' ct. N fr 1003 Sansom 
Ellis ct. see Eagen pi 
EIHs ct. fr Hamilton bcl Ridge av 
Ellis et. S fr Nectarine ab 9tli 
Ellis St. N E fr Mechanic, .Mvk 
Ellis St. N fr 909 Mt Vernon to 910 Wallace 
Ellsin pi. (Vine ct.) N fr Vine bel 12th 
Ellsworth St. (Washington pi.) W fr 1130 S Sth 
Elm St. S fr 432 Girard av ab Columbia av, K 
Elm St. W fr 4th N of Haverford 
Elm, see Endlino 
Elm, see Ford 
Elm, see Fremont 
Elmes' et. see Ennis pi 
Elmslie's al. W fr 2d bcl Dock to Levant 
Eltonhead's ct. S fr 2120 Wood 
Elvira pi. (Smith's ct.) E fr Copper nl 
Elwood pi. (Washington pi.) S fr 14re Filbert ab 

Elwyn St. (Webb's al.) N fr 925 Cherry to 924 

Ely nv. S fr 41fi Carpenter 
Ely's av. W fr814 N 12lh 
Ely St. (Poplar al.) N fr Locust bel llth 
Emanuel pi. (Elliott's pi.) N fr 331 Monroe 
Ember's av. N fr 1309 Heath 
Embress ct. E fr 383 St John, C 
Emden st. (Yeager ct.) N fr Shippen bel 7th 
Eraeline st. S fr Somerset ab Trenton R R rd 
Emeline st. W fr f.l4 S 8th 
Emerald st. N fr Front W Fkd av, K 
Emerald, see Erety 
Emery's ct. see Evelnnd pi 
Emery's ct. E fr St John ab Beaver. 
Einlen st W fr Trenton R R S of Bodine, R 
Emlen's al. see English 

at the great 


Emlon'H ct. seo Evorol-t ))1 

Emma Ht. iS fr Abigiiil ."ib Trenton Tl Jl r<] 

Emmotst. (VVcmIcj) IV |;!I2 S .'id 

Emory Hi. W fr JUolirnonil iilj Ciimlxuliui'l, 11 

Emslio'H al. W fr 224 S 2<1 

Enou st. (Kouthwark av.) VV fr 1221 S 7Ui 

Engineer's row, N I'r Lcdiigh av in Haliiion, M 

Enf^io Ht. E of (Jl.ii av, Oln 

Enf^Iinli kI. (I'JiiiIcii'h ii-l.) S fr Clovor iii t,o .MIT 

EnniH pi. (EIiiioh <d.) N fr 2;;00 Viiu^ ii S.'li 
EnoH Ht. fr Ji'raloy al. to JUcliinoml 1st N fr 

Fkd av 
Enquirer st. N fr II 10 Brown 
Enterprise Ht. E fr 1 b 1 1) S 6tlj 
Eppriglit'H ct. bet Front A Lancaster bel Reed 
Ep.sey st. fr 1323 Fit/.water to Catharine 
Erb St. W fr H 8th ab Heed 
Erdman Ht. N fr Perkionien ab 17th 
Erdman's ct. W of 830 N 15lh bel Parrish 
Erety st. (Emerabl) fr lOlh to 17th bel Chancollor 
Erie st. S fr 1010 Sliippen to Christian 
Ernst St. (Hinnmer's ct.) W fr 1162 S 9th 
Ericsson st. (Ellen) W fr'.lth bel Christian 
Ervin's ct. VV fr 23u n Penna av 
Eshor's av. N from I2(I'J Coates 
Eshner pi. (Stiltz's ct.) E fr 1007 Charlotie 
Espy st. (Evans st.) Pitzwater to Catharine bel 

Essex st. fr 810 Catharine to 811 Christian 
Eutaw St. N fr 719 Cherry to 710 Race 
Eva pi. (Ellen's pi.) E fr"751 S Front 
Evans av. fr Summer to Vine bet 22d & 23d 
Evans st. S fr Vine bel (ith 
Evans st. S fr 228 Washington av bel 3d 
Evans, see Espy 
Evans ct. see Elba pi 
Evans ct. see Everall pi 
Evans pi. see Ewakl pi 
Evelina st. E fr 246 S 3d to Levant 
Everall pi. (Evans st.) E fr 6th n Vine 
Everett st. E fr 911 S 13th to S 12th 
Everett st. (Emlen's ct.) fr 103 Willow to Noble 
Evcland pi. (Emery's ct.) E fr St John ab Beaver 
Ewald pi. (Evan's pi.) fr 1811 Naudain 
Swing's pi. fr Guilford st bet Shippen and Plum 
Exchange av. opp 144 S 3d to Dock 
E.xchange st. S fr 232 Chestnut to Dock 
Exeter st. (Chatham) W fr 16th to 117 S 18th 
Eyre's ct. W fr Beach ab Warren, K 
Ezra pi. (Quigg's ct.) N fr 303 Catharine 

F St. fr 22d to 23d bet Locust & Spruce 
Faas' pi. (Faries ct.) N fr 1036 Morgan 
Fable av. (Fayette av.) fr Julianna ab Vine 
Factory st. E fr Sch. wharf, bet Spruce & Kent 
Fadden st. (Federal al.) fr Frankford av to Ar- 
Fagen av. (Filbert av.) S fr 801 Filbert 
Fail pi. (Fisher's ct.) W fr 806 Rachel 
Fairhank pi. (Fisher's ct.) fr Levant ab Spruce 
Fairchild's pi. (Fisher's ct.) fr 1120 Palmer 
Fairfax pi. (Reid's ct.) E fr 905 S 5th 
Fairfield st. (Wyoming st ) W fr 22d to 23d N of 

Fairlamb pi. (Fisher's ct.) from Torr's st. bet 9th 

and Ridge av 
Fairmau pi. (Flower ct.) fr 917 Torr's st 
Fairmount av. E fr 409 N 24th 
Fnirview, see Buttonwood 
Fall's pi. N fr 639 Race 
Fallon St. (Flower st.) from 818 Fitzwater to 823 

Fame ct. N fr 13 Laurel 
Fareira's ct. N fr 1029 Barley 

Oai Hall, Soctheast Corner Sistli and 

Fariog ct. W fr 226 N Front 

FarieH ct. hoc PnaH pi 

Faritior ct. hoo Filbort 

Fainer'H pi. (Fowler ct.) \V fr Phili[) ab Oxford 

Farr Ht. fr Mulberry al. to .020 Vino 

Farrell [il. (Fox'h ct.) K fr 1316 Liiwronco 

l''iir.M()n )>l. (Friilcy'H ct.) bet Hhiickarnaxon and 
Frankford av K Bench 

I''Miilkner st. (FLNhcr Ht.) X fr 307 Carpenter 

FauHt pi. (Frankford j/l.) W from 1070 Frank- 
ford av 

Fawn av. r of 1024 Fawn ft 

Fawn ft. (Burns Bt.) N fr Columbia aT hot )2lb 
and 13th 

Fawn St. N fr 613 Maurice 

Fayette st. fr 925 Filbert N to Arch 

Fayette av. see Fable .'iv 

I'^ciiron av. (Fulton av.J 8 from IHIO Naudiiin 

Federal st. fr S Front to iSchuylkill bet Wawhing- 
ton av and Wharton 

Federal al. see Fadden 

Frinour's pi. H W fr 736 Swanson 

Felton St. N fr 129 Mead 

Fenimore st. E fr N 17th ab Coates 

Fenner pi. (Fromberger's ct.) W fr 34 N 2d 

Fenton p). (Fromberger's ct.) W fr Wylie 

Ferguson's ct. S fr 1334 South 

Fernon st. (Fisher) W fr 8th b .-I T:|.-ker 

Fesh St. N of Cumberland W fr F rd 

Fetter la. E fr 133 N 3d to Bread 

Field's pi. W fr Francis bel Ridge av 

Fife's pi. N fr 1425 Shippen 

Fifteenth st. N & S of Market, W of Broad 

Fifth St. N and S fr Market, AV of 4th 

Fifth St. N and S fr Bridge, W P 

Filbert av. S fr 804 Filbert 

Filbert st. (Farmer 0th to 7th and Zane 7lh to 
Sth) from 36th N 6th to Schuylkill river 

Filbert av. see Fagan av 

Filmore av. W fr 126 N 15th 

Filmore st N fr 1733 Pine to Cox 

Filson .St. (Willing st.) N fr Arch W of 22d 

Finche's ct. W fr St John's bel Beaver, K 

Finley's ct. E fr 1027 N 4th 

Finnegan's ct. N fr 717 Baker 

Finney's ct. N fr 631 Lombard 

First St. E Carroll ab Cumberland, K 

Fishbourne pi. (Washington pi.) S fr 634 Wash 
ington av 

Fisher av. N fr Market to Haverford rd, W P 

Fisher st. I\ E fr Gtn av to Old York rd, bel Maihl 

Fisher st N fr Cumberland ab Richmond, R 

Fisher's ct. N fr Carpenter ab 3d 

Fisher's ct. X fr 1311 Atmore n Broad 

Fisher, see Fernon 

Fisher, see Foster 

Fisher's, see Faulkner 

Fisher's ct. see Fail pi 

Fisher's ct. see Fairbank pi 

Fisher's ct. see Fairchild pi 

Fisher's ct. see Fairlamb pi 

Fi.sher's pi. W fr 1326 Gtn av 

Fitch St. (Fulton st.) S fr 2208 Race bel 22d 

Filler st. X fr Monttromery W fr 2d, K 

Fitzgibbon's pi. W of Xew Market bel Callowhill 

Fitzwaler st. W fr Passyunk rd. bel Shippen, to 
Gray's Ferry rd 

Flanagan's ct. W fr Beach ab Columbia av, K 

Flani<ran's el. S of Pearl ab 13th 

Flat Rock av. X fr Co. Bridge W Canal, Myk 

Fleece ct. W fr Garden bel Callowhill 

Fleming's St. E fr 7 X 21st 

Flickwir's pi. X fr 227 German 

Fling's pi. W from 1250 Hope to Howard bel 

Market Streets, 'Waiiamaker & Brown. 



Flood pi. (Frn.«er'.s ct.) W fr 912 S 6th 

Florence st. S tV IT.fJ CoHtes al> 17Hi 

Florence j^t. iC.irter st.) N fr 1020 Carpenter 

Floriilii .'t. fr 1110 Shippen to 1121 Ciitliurino 

Floriihi St. S fr Liinca.'iter av bet 46 & 46lh, W P. 

Flower, see Frtllon 

Flower's ct. see rnirdny pi 

Flower".* ct. .see Fairin:in )>1 

Flower St. W fr 720 New .Mnrkot 

Floyd pi. (Frnser's ct.) E fr Cnrpontcr ul) -Uh 

Fowler St. fr Olive n N" I Till 

Forbes ct. S fr 1730 Filbert 

Ford St. (E!ui) fr I'.MS I'ine to Lomhnrd 

Forder nv (Mechanic iiv.) N fr I2I5 Silver 

Fordliiuu"s ct. W fr B.-ncli iib Wurren, K 

Foriest pi. (Farley |l.) K fr (J2I Guilford 

Forrest pi. E f r I2.1i S 4th 

Forrest j>l. see Farley pi 

Fortieth st. (Till) N ".t S fr Market W .'{Oth St (Lopan) N .1 S fr Market W 40th 

Foster row, r of Sorrel n Mi-lvale 

Foster St. (Fisher) S fr 'M)~ Catharine to Queen 

FothcrKill st. fr OIH I'ine S to 021 Lombard 

Fourth St. N A- S fr Market W of ;{d 

Fourth St. N A S fr W P 

Fowler St. E of 17th ub Conies 

Fowler ct. see Farner pi 

Fox St. W fr Gaul ab Serrill, R 

Fox's ct. S fr 1224 Fit /water 

Foxsct. N fr 1221 South 

Fox's ct. see Farrcll i)l 

Fox's ct. fr Willow n Marshall 

Frnley'.s al. fr Allen to Richmond, N A S, E K 

Fraley's ct. see Fnrson jil 

Franiiiton pi. (Moore's ct.) N fr 1003 Nectarine 

Francis pi. N fr 843 Marriott 

Francis .st. fr 12th to 13th bel Washinplon av 

Francis st fr Ridge av to Shirley bet Coates and 

■Wilton or Wylie 
Francis ct. see Wilder 

Franconia pi. (Franklin pi.) E fr 715 N 9th 
Fraukford av. see Kensinj^ton av 
Frankford pi. see F.iust pi 
Fraiikfoid av. N W fr Laurel 
Franklin Square, fr Race to Vine, Cth to Franklin 
Franklin st. N fr Race to Oxford, bet 7th and 8th 
Franklin st. W f r G T av to Township line, Gin 
Franklin st. W. fr S 23d bel Spruce and Pine 
Franklin si. (N L) f r N 3d lo N 4th n Gtn av 
Franklin, see Tasker 
Franklin av. see Girard av 
, Franklin pi. see Franconia pi 
Franklin pi. see Hudson 
Frank's ct. E fr 405 Franklin 
Fra/.er's ct. see Flood pi 
Frazer's ct. see Floyd pi 

Frazier's av N of Callowhill bet 23d and 25th 
Freed's av. fr 720 Ruce to 721) Cherry 
Freeman's ct. W fr 210 Quince 
Freeman's ct. W fr 7th bel Coates 
Freeston's pi. E fr 1007 Moyamensin;j av 
Fremont st. (Elm) W fr Salmon bel William, R 
French st. (Bndd) S fr ILiverford to Bridge 
Freyta;;'.s al. N fr 513 Shippcn 
Friedlander st. S fr 2014 Race 
Friendship ct. E fr 027 St John 
Fries ct. W fr 10 N llth 
Frog row, E f r N 2il bel Norris 
Fromberger'g ct. W fr 30 St John 
Frombcrger's ct. see Fenncr jil 
Frombcrger's ct. see Fenfon pi 
Fromer'.s ct S fr 940 Rodman 
Front St. N and S fr Market W of Water 
Fulton's ct. W fr Hewson ab Belgrade, K 
Fulton St. W fr 746 S 12th to 753 S 13lh 

The Fopnlar ClotMng 

Fulton st. N W fr Gunner's Run to Somerset 

Fulton, see Fitch 

Fulton's av. see Fearon av 

Furlong's ot. N fr 707 Cherry 

Furness st. (Watson's al ) fr Branch to New ab 3d 

G St. W fr S 22d to S 23d bel Locust 

G ibel's ct. S fr Brown bel 2d 

Gabell's ct. see Gadsbv pi 

tJadsby pi. (Gnbell's ct.) S fr 1714 Lombard 

Gaft'Mey'.s ct. S fr 032 Fit/.water 

Gaines' ct. E fr New Market n Green 

Gaines' pi. (tialbraiih'.s ct.) r 239 (jucou 

Gairside's ct. S fr Ilaydock bel Front 

Galbraith's ct. (Gaines pi.) N from Queen n 4lh 

Galbraith's ct. see (iaine.s' pi 

Gale's ct. E fr 765 Passyunk av 

Gale's ct. N fr 3.'! I Catharine 

Galena pi. S fr 410 Gaskill 

(.iallau'h'-r ]>1 (Garrett's ct.) N fr St Joseph's av 
ab "l7th 

Gallatin pi. (Stiles ct.) S fr 112 China 

Galloway st. (Winter st.) N fr 307 George ab 3d 

Qampher's av. N fr 505 CMtharine 

Garber pi. (Gilbert's el ) E fr 407 New Market 

Garden st. I'roni 825 'Vine to Buttonwood 

Garden st. W fr 32d ab Bridge. W P 

Garden, see Rockland 

Gardwood jil. (Grapo ct.) from Jayne ab 8th 

Gardy pi. (Goldsmith's ct.) E fr Rachel bet Pop- 
lar and Brown 

Garland pi. (Goldsmith's ct.) E fr 926 Rachel 

Garretson's ct. E fr 837 S .3d 

Garretson's row, E fr 835 S 3d 

Garrett's ct. see Gnllngher pi 

Garrett's ct. N fr 931 Sargeant 

Gairigan's ct. r B irnwell n South 

Garrigues' ct. N fr Race bel Olh 

Garrison ct. E fr Andress bel Wallace 

Garside st. (Graff al.) N fr 200 Race 

Garton pi. (Graham's ct.) N fr Bedford ab I3lh 

Garvin pi. r 230 Catharine 

Garwood jd. from 801 Jayne 

Gascon av. (Gilbert's av.) fr340 New Market 

Gaskill St. fr 518 S 2d to 617 S 6th 

Gaskill pi. see Galvin pi 

Gatchall's p!. S fr 1212 Heath 

Qatzmer st. (Gray's al.) W fr 118 S Front to 123 
S 2d 

Gaul St. N fr Montgomery av E of Cedar, R 

Garvin pi. ((Traham's ct.) S fr 234 Catharine 

Gray St. fr Charlotte N W of Franklin 

Gray's ct. E fr 1023 Charlotte 

Gray's ct. see Gwinn pi 

Gray's pi. E fr 1227 Charlotte 

Geary St. (Giape .al.) fr 1723 Wylie to Ginnodo 

Gebhard ct. S fr Carlton oet lOth and 17th 

G.bhard st. fr 1551 Cherry to 

Gegan St. N fr Norris E of 5lh 

Geisler st. (Gobi) W fr S.ilmon bel Clearfield, R 

Geiss st. (Grey) fr Duuphiu to York E of Frank- 
ford av 

Geneva st. (Carver) E fr 319 S 5th 

Genoese pi. (Mullin's ct.) S fr 320 Master 

George st. E fr Hamilton, W P 

George st. W' fr 1040 N 2d to N 5th 

George, see Ginnodo 

George, see Guilford 

George, see Sansom 

George al. see Galleo 

George's al. fr New ab 2d 

Gerker av. W fr 1330 Lawrence 

Qerker st. (Gulielma st.) E from Columbia av ab 

German st. fr 758 S 2d to 735 Passyunk av 

Hoase of Philadelphia. 



Germantown av. (Oormantown rd.) N W Ir Uio 

interHccLion of Front. A Ijiinrol 
Geriimn(,()wn rd. hko Gcriniinliiwri iiv 
Oerrill st. E iiiul W fr IJrdiiii ali (Jiiniliorliincl 
Gelz's pi. N from 121!) I'opliir 
Gibbon's st. (Gra.y'H iil.) K fr 2.''):{ N I lib 
Gidoon'H ot. N fr HOD Wood id) Ktb 
Gilford pi. (Grcoii Mill |,l.) N fr 10.11 Ofrdvn 
Qihon pi. (Groeii Hill i)I.) W of CiirJiHlc n Oi- 

riird av 
(JilborL M.. K fr 7l.'i N lOlb t,o 710 Kt-n.slcr 
Qilb()rl.'.s av. hoc (!jih(!oiii av 
Gilborl/'s ct. Hoe (Jnrlxir pi 
Gilbort'H cf. N fr <)'2\ Rodman 
(Jlilboii hI. (Union hL) from Mooro Lo Oraminoiid, 

AV riiila 
Giir.i av. S fr 1210 I'oplar ab I2tb 
Gill's ct. r 1312 N Front 
Gill's pi. (Green's ct.) H fr 722 Bliippen 
Gilles al. fr 509 Soutb to .510 Lombard 
Gillespie's ct. fr ]MC) South 

Gillin^'bnm st. (Green st.) W fr 1214 Cadwalader 
Gihnore pi. (Green ,<it.) AV fr !»2fl St John 
Gilniore's ct. fr 1114 Bedford 
Ginnodo st. (George st.) S fr 1820 Ridge av to 20th 

and Parrish 
Gilpin pi. (Green's ct.) W fr 842 Lawrence 
Gilpin St. E fr S 17th bel Market 
Girard st. from 11th to 12th, bet Marltet and 

Girard av. (Franklin ar frfith) Wfrom Delaware 

bet Poplar and Thompson 
Given's pi. (Greble's ct.) fr 219 Christian 
Given's ct. N fr 2020 Filbert 
Gladinp; pi. (Grier's ct.) W fr 704 N 13th 
Glading's ct. W fr 824 St John 
Glancy pi. (Grier's ct.) N fr 1009 Noble 
Glasgow pi. (Grim's ct.) S fr 202 Poplar 
Glasraire pi. (Grira's ct.) r of 873 Orchard 
Glass ct. S fr 1420 Shippen 
Glazier pi. (Grim's ct.) E fr 919 N 3d 
Glastor pi. W fr 1070 Frankford av 
Glenat's ct. N fr 33 Poplar 
Glendale st. (Lswis al.) fr Small st to Plum 
Glenville pi. W fr 828 N 1.5th 
Glenwood st. fr l?>o Pegg ab New Market 
Gloucester st. N fr Master ab 4th, K 
Gloustcr pi. W fr 1074 Frankford rd 
Godey st. (Grubb st.) S fr 024 Catharine 
Godfrey av. (Harrison av.) N fr 409 Jefferson 
Godwin St. (AVatkin's al.) AV fr Bread to 3d ab 

Arch -v 

Gold St. AV fr 138 S 2d to Dock 
Gold St. N of Penna av ab 24th 
Gold, see Giesler 
Goldbeck's av. E fr 1131 N 2d 
Goldsmith's ct. AV fr 518 New Market 
Goldsmith's ct. see Gardy pi 
Goldsmitii's ct. see Garland pi 
Golser's ct. E fr Front bel Thompson 
Gonsha st. (Jones' al.) N fr Lisbon al 
Good St. AV fr Gtu av, Gtn 
Goodbread pi. S fr 1000 Vernon ab 10th 
Goodman's ct. AA'' fr Beach bel Bishop, K 
Goodwaterst. (Park) fr AV AVashington so. to 221 

S 8 th 
Goodwill ct. S from Kace bel Juniper to 1343 

Goodwill ct. see Goodwood pi 
Goodwin st. N fr EUwood hi, Rising Sun 
Goodwin's al. E fr 9 S 9th 
Goodwin's ct. E fr 339 New Market 
Goodwin pi. AV fr 1464 Beach 
Goodwood pi. (Goodwill ct.) N fr Callowhill, AV 

of 20 th ; 

Wanamakcr & Brown, Oak Hall, 

(iordoti r'l. S fr lfi31 Naiiflfiin 

(Jordon ."t. VV fr U-lpriid.! H of D.iniihin R 

Gordon'H ct. K fr lOKi Rodnrtn 

dorga.s ot. S i'r .'ilO .'-ilii|ii/i-ii 

Gorgas wt. J'i from Gtn uv, divid<;H Gtn find Mt 

(Jorrel'H ct. AV fr 910 H .5tJi 

Goshen av. (Schuylkill av.) AV fr .",00 K llth 

Gosh ct. fr IH Kimdino 

Oossamer av. (Grior'H av.) N fr 100.5 Noble to 

Gothic ,st, (NorriH al.) W fr 1 21 H Front to 129 
S 2d 

Goujon'H pi. fr 911 Minfli;,ll 

Gov'ett's ct. N fr 921 Rodman 

(}owan's lane, E fr Gin iiv. Mt Airy 

Grace st. fr N UJIb to 17th, bet Arch and Ch'jrry 

Graff al. .^ee Gnrsido 

Graff St. fr 254 N llth to 12lh 

Grafton pi. (Philip's cl ) B fr 809 Fallon to Ca- 
tharine ab Hth 

Grafton's ct. E fr 829 S 5th 

Graham's ct. see Garlon ]>] 

Grahanj's ct. see Garwin pi 

Graig's av. N fr Shackama.\on bet Girard av and 
Frankford av 

Grammet pi. (AVilson's ct.) N fr 829 Carpenter 

Grampian pi. (Grny's ct.) E fr 703 N 13th 

(Jranite, see Ginyson 

Granite st. AV f r S Front bel AValnut to Dock 

Granville st. AV fr 310 S 21st to S 22d 

Grape st. N E f r Main, bet Cotton and Levering, 

Grape st. N of Eadlino AV fr 33d, AV P 

Grape, see Jayne 

Grape al. see Geary 

Grape ct. see Garwood pi 

Gravel's ct. S f r 1304 Olive 

Graver's la. E fr Gtn av. Chestnut Hill 

Gray st. N fr 115 Poplar ab Front 

Gr.ay, see Geiss 

Graydon st. (Moore's al.) fr Cowslip ab 16th n 

Gray's Ferry rd. fr South n 22d S AV to Schuyl- 
kill at Gray'.s Ferry Bridge 

Gray's al. see Gatzmer 

Gray's al. see Gibbons 

Gray's ct. see Bolivia pi 

Gray's ct. see Grampian pi 

Gray's la. S fr Haverford rd to Darby rd, AV P 

Gray's st. N f r 116 Pop'ar to 127 New Market 

Grayson st. (Granite) AV fr N 17th ab Coates 

Grear's av. N fr 1005 Noble 

Greave's ct. E fr 1311 Cadwalader 

Grebel's ct. S fr Brown bel 4;h 

Grebel'sct. N fr 219 Christian 

Greble's ct. see Given pi 

Green st. fr Main to Paul, bel Church, Fkd 

Green, see Gillinp;ham 

Green, see Griscom 

Green, see Kansas 

Green Hill pi. see Gifford pi 

Green Hill pi. see Gihon pi 

Green Hill st. N fr Seybert to Master bet 16th 
and 17th 

Green's ct. see Gill pi 

Green's ct. see Gillmore pi 

Green's ct. see Gilpin's pi ^ 

Green's la, E fr York pike 

Green la. F fr Main to Ridge av ab Chestnut, 

Green st. N fr Manheim to AVashington, G.n 

Green st. fr 600 N Del av to Schuy'll S of Coates 

Greenock pi. (Stewait's et.) N fr 1117 Mark's la 

Green's ct. AV fr 920 St John 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 



Greenville pi. (Stewart's ot.) W fr 224 Vaughan 

Greenville at. W fr Point houiiu rd 

Greeuway uv. S fr Cluistinn ii Swiin.'on 

Greeiuvicli st. W tVDoluwaro liel Dickorson to 5th 

Greenwoud pi. N fr i>09 Noble 

Greenwood pi. (Wa«liin};ton it.) W fr 810 Beach 

Greer .<t. runs W fr Adrian n Otis, 11 

Greer's av. sue (Jossanu-r uv 

Gricr's et. see iJladin;; pi 

Grier"s ct. see Glancy pi 

Griffith's ct. N fr St Mnrv 

Griui's av. ■«' from ',>12 N .^d 

Griin's ct. K tV liiK'> Lawrence 

Grim's ct. E fr lUl'.l N .'id 

Grini'sct. AV fr HU St John 

Griin's ct. see Glasgow yil 

Griiu's ct. see Glassmire pi 

Grim's cl. see Giiizicr's pi 

Grindstone al. N fr Market W of 2d to Church al 

Grinnell pi. (Harper's ct.) S of Shippen W of 

Griscom st. (Green) fr 4K) Spruce to 417 Pine 
Griswold's al. N fr .MS Fit/water 
Grover st. S fr Queen to 107 Christian 
Grubb, see (jodej' 

Grubb st. fr S Juniper to Sycamore S of Locust 
Grum's ct. S fr 17ol Filbert 
Guilford St. (George) fr S.-uth bet 2d and 3d 
Gulieluia st. W fr Broad to 15th bel South 
Gulielua, see Gerker 
Guy's block, E fr S 22d bel Spruce 
Guy's ct. opp 1 Gillcs al 
Guy's ct. S fr 21.'34 ."Spruce 
Gw'inn pi. (Gay's ct.) E fr 1023 Charlotte 
Gwinn st. E fr Main bet Levering and Division, 

Gwinn st. S fr 2114 Spruce 

Haas ct. see Haddock pi 

Hacker pi. (Hamilton's ct.) W fr 940 S 4th 

Hackett's ct. S fr 4:;S Monroe 

Hackley st. (Wager st.) E f r G T av ab 5th 

Haddon's pi. (Hallowell's ct.) S fr 704 Poplar ab 

Haddock pi. (Hang ct.) E fr 705 N 3d 

Hagedorn pi. (HalloweU's ct.) N fr 405 Lynd 

Haggard st. E fr Frankford av to Canal bel Hun- 

Hagner st. (Hamilton st.) fr 1137 South to Rod- 

Hahn ct. N fr 1915 Cuthbert 

Haig's ct. E fr 961 N 2d, K 

Haines, see Cresson 

Haines st. W fr 144 N 6th 

Haines st. E of G T av ab Centre, Gtn 

Haines ct. S fr 1020 Lemon st bel lllh' 

Haines pi. N fr 1339 Kates 

Hainsst. W fr 946 N 12th 

Hale St. N fr Columl)ia bet 3d and 4th 

Hale's ct. N fr 931 Federal 

Haliburton pi. W of Eiikins pi ab Spruce 

Hall St. E and W fr 931 S 1 0th 

Halleck pi. (Taylor's ct.) W fr 306 Charlotte ab 

Hallowell St. W fr 1016 S 6th to 1017 S 7th 

Hallowell's ct. see Haddon pi 

Hallowell's st. see Hagedorn pi 

Hamburg pi. (Hank's ct.) from 807 Rachel 

Hamells ct. S fr 1708 Lombard 

Hamilton pi. N fr Callowhill ab 25th 

Hamilton st. '\V fr Schuylkill bel Bridge, "SV P 

Hamilton st. fr Green la to Centre ab Baker, Myk 

Hamilton st. (Bacim E fr Broad bel Buttonwood, 
Pleasant fr Canton to 13th) W fr 442 Canton to 
Schuylkill river ab Callowhill 

Hamilton, see Hagnor 

Hamilton, see Handy 

llninilton, see Havana pi 

Hamilton's ct. see Hacker pi 

Hamilton's et. see Harding pi 

Hamilton'.s pi. sue Ilarbeson pi 

Hamilton Terrace, S fr Baltimore turnpike ab 
Till, W P 

Hamlet pi. (Hulseman's pi.) '\V fr 1216 Front 

Hamlin st. (Stewart's al.) N fr Cherry to Race 
ab 8th 

llammitt'.x av. N fr Crea,«e ab Queen, K 

llMmi.t..n St. (Sterling al.) S fr Sbiiipen W of 16th 

lliimpton St. \V fr 420 S 20th to 21st 

llainjtead pi. (Stewart pi.) N fr Ogden ab 9th 

llamstead pi. (Hancock's ct.) N fr Lemon bet 10th 
and nth 

Ilanee pi. (Harmony ct.) W from Cadwalader ab 

Hancock st. N fr Girard av bet 2d and Front 

Hancock st. fr Mill to Haines, Gtn 

Hancock ct. see llamstead pi 

Hand St. (Harrison) \V fr 4 12 S 20th.lo 21st 

Handy St. (41st) (Hamilton st.) S Ir Olu-.vtnut ab 

Hank's ct. see Hamburg pi 

Hanly's ct. E fr 605 Wall ab Pas.syiink uv 

Hanover st. W of 22d 

Hanover, see Columbia av 

Hansen's ct. N fr 1003 Barley 

Ilarberger's pi. S fr Jones W of 17lh 

Harbeson pi. (Hamilton 1)1.) N fr Callowhill ab 13th 

Harbor st. (Canal) W fr 1022 Frankford av 

Harden's ci. S f r Pearl ab 15th 

Har.ling j.l. (Hamilton's ct.) S fr 320 German 

Hare st. (Pratt st.) W fr 22d ab Coales 

ILirker j.l. (Harper's ct.) fr Barkfcr bel 19th 

llarkiiison pi. (Howard's pi.) N fr Baker bet 7th 
and 8ih 

Harley's ct. S fr 2007 Jones 

Hurmer, fr 806 N 11 th to 857 N 12th 

Harmer's av. E fr 22d bel Sansoui 

Harmony ct. W fr 404 S 6th 

Harmony ct. see Bohemia pi 

Harmony ct. see Hance pi 

Harmony ct. see Herm pi 

Harmony ct. or Cjike ct. see Packer pi 

Harmony pi. see Hill's pi 

Harmony pi. fr 14 t S 3d to 143 S 4th 

Harmony st. W fr 770 S 4th 

Harmony st. S fr 1527 Fitzwater 

Hannstead st. W fr 526 S 19th ab South to S 22d 

Harper's ct. W fr 508 S 18th 

Harper's ct. S fr 2(106 Lombard 

Harper's ct. see Grinnell pi 

Harper's ct. see Harker pi 

Harper's pi. see Hirst pi 

Harper's pi. fr 623 Guilford 

Harriet st. S fr Ros.'i ab Richmond, K 

Harriett pi. S fr 2002 Wood 

Harrigue's ct. W fr Uachcl ab Brown 

Harris ct. W fr 10 Lelitia 

Harrison av. N fr Jefferson ab 4th 

Harrison st. bet tiay and Oak, Myk 

Harrison st. W fr Frankford av to G T av 

Harrison, see Hand 

Harrison, see Illinois 

Harrison av. see Eisen av 

Harrison av. see Godfrey av 

Harrison av. see Hassingcr av 

Harrison av. see Holt av 

Harrison ct. see Rockbill pi 
: Harrison pi. see llobensack pi 
I Harrison pi. see Holland pi 
j Harrison's ct. N fr 1017 Pleasant, Gtn 

Strangers and Citizens are recommended to purchase their 



Hart 1ft. 8 fr Nicolown la hot Fnirikr(;iil ftinl (ii- 

rard av * 

Ilarlloy'8 ct. R (V I3;i8 (Jhorry 
llftrtinari'H ct. W fr (Iray'H Kerry r'l hd Soulii 
Hurt's In,. W fr FM aval)'in;,' li, Ji 
Ilartvvoll av. W Ir G T av, OlioHtnut Hill 
lliirvoy fit. W fr T av, <<tn 
Harvey's ct. E fr 1021 St John 
Harvey's ct. W fr 2lKt bol I'ino 
Hii.skiri pi. from 220 Fciloral to Marion bol Moya- 

niciising av 
JIa.'isara'H ct. N fr Giithbort best lOtb aixl 20th 
Hassingorav. (Harri.son av.) W fr 1 18 N Juniper 
Hnttoii pi. (Raspberry Ja.) NfrHKi Cherry to HIO 

Havanna pi. (Hamilton ct.) r Wirt ab Sp Garden 
Haven's av. N fr 2213 Summer 
Haverford st. W fr Bi-idgc to Ins. Ho,'~])itnl, W P 
Havihind pi. (Lawrence ct.) W fr 248 N 8th 
Havre pi. (Howard pi.) S fr Maurice bet S 8th 

and !)th 
Hawthorn av. N fr Barker ab 17th 
Haydock st. E fr 1017 G T av to Laurel 
Hay St. bet 1326 S and 7th bel Wharton 
Hay's ct. N fr 321 N 2d ab Wood 
Hay's ct. bet Vine and Callowhill r 325 St John 
Hay's ct. see Haywood pi 
Hay's ct. see Hoover pi 
Hay's ct. see Hull pi 

Hayward pi. (AVilliam's ct.) N fr 919 Hamilton 
Haywood pi. (ILiy's ct.) S fr 914 Hamilton 
Hazel st. W fr Front bel Greenwich 
Hazel, see Denmark pi 
Hazel ct. N fr Nectarine ab 10th 
Hazzard st. W fr Carroll to Front ab Sergeant 
Hazzard's ct. N fr 1917 Cuthbert 
Headman's pi. S fr Shoemaker bel 8th 
Heath st. (Carroll) W f r 932 N 12th 
Heatonst. N from 919 to 914 Parrish 
Heberton pi. (Henry's ct.) W f r G T av ab 3d 
Heberton ct. S fr 1618 Lombard 
Hebrew pi. (Heritage pi.) E fr 217 N 3d 
Heck pi. (Hight's ct.) 961 N 2d 
Heckman pi. (Hight's ct.) fr 816 Willow 
Heckroth pi. (Hill's ct.) W fr 608 Weaver 
Hedge's pi. (Hinckle's ct.) S fr 924 Hamilton 
Heft pi. (Hinkel's ct.) fr Race ab 3d 
Heib pi. (Hughes ct.) fr Carpenter ab 6th 
Heilig pi. (Hogg's ct.) fr 515 Carpenter 
Heins st. W fr 338 S 12th to 13th 
Heisler's pi. (Holloway pi.) W fr N Front n Laurel 
Heiss pi. W fr 423 Moyer 
Heiss st. W fr Brown ab Columbia av 
Helena av. (Young's av.) N fr 221 Christian 
Helmuth st. W fr 412 S 16th to 415 S 17th 
Hellerman pi. (Hood's ct.) E fr Garden ab Wood 
Hemlock pi. bet 15th and Broad and South and 

Hemphill st. (Wilson ct.) N fr 829 Carpenter 
Hemple's ct. fr Hamilton ab 10th 
Hender.son's ct. fr 1041 South to 1032 Rodman 
Henk's ct. W fr 822 Rachel bel Poplar 
Henlj-^ ct. N fr 731 Carpenter 
Henlopen st. fr 924 Malone to 931 Wallace 
Henrietta av. (Scott's ct.) N fr Market ab 10th 
Henrietta st. W fr 21st n Master 
Henry st. N f r 1111 Lombard 
Henry's ct. see Heberton pi 
Hepburn pi. (Horstman's ct.) W fr 746 Passy- 

unk av 
Hepburn st. S fr 1618 Shippen to Fitzwater 
Hepburn pi. (Horstman's ct.) S fr 320 German 
Herald pi. (Lagrange ct.) W fr 201 Ledger pi 
Herb st. W fr S 8th bel Wharton 
Herb st. W fr 19th to 20th bel Sp Garden 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Herbert pi. (Phinsant ct.) N fr 1221 .Silver 

Herbert's ct. H fr 618 Kouth 

Jlordiiiun ct. W fr I5(h bel PurriHh 

llerdirmn nt. K fr I'erkioTnori hot 17th and Brown 

Ifonnan's cl. fr 31 H GrlHcom bet Hpruee and Pine 

Herman st. K Ir (i T av to .Mxrlon, Gin 

Jlcrmitago st. E i'r Cresson nb bewccM' Bridgfj. 

Hermitage st. fr 307 Green to 310 Coates 

Hi;iinitiigi! pi. Hi-i; Hebrew pi 

Hero pi. (Ilowiird jil.) N fr 423 Carpenter 

Heron \>]. (Harmony cl.) fr Slii|>i)en to Hrnall ab 

Her.schell av (Nichol's av.) N fr Hand 

Tleston st. E from LnnciiHter av and Belmont 

Hewitt pi. (Howard pi.) W fr 333 Quince S of 
Sjiruco > 

Howson st. AV fr Salmon along R R R 

Howston st. W fr 01 7 'J'hompson 

Howston st. E fr Giriird nv to Richmond bel Oti.'J 

llewston's ct. ]'] fr Dn]>on(;';aii nb Loeu."t 

Heyer pi. (Howanl's ct.) W i'r Levant bel Pear 

Heyman pi. (Howard's ct.) N fr Hamilton bel 

Hibberd st. N fr 1125 Girard av 

Ilickcy St. (Howard st.) S fr 1522 Market 

Hickory ct. S fr fl04 Willow 

Hickory ct. N fr Willow ab 8th 

Hide's ct. N fr 825 Filbert 

Hiel pi. N fr Carpenter AV of 6th 

Higgins ct. N fr 139 Carpenter 

Higgins pi. N and S fr 118 Carpenter 

Higgins pi. S f r 212 Carpenter 

High St. E f r G T av to Chestnut Hill railroad 
ab Ilervey, Gtn 

Higham's ct. AV fr Cadwalader, between Thomp- 
son & Master 

Higland pi. (Hunter ct.) N fr 1023 Hunter 

High's ct. see Heck pi 

Hight's av. N fr 2509 Callowhill 

Hight's ct. see Heckman pi 

Hight's ct. Nfr 1119 Hamilton 

Hight's ct. N fr 923 Hamilton 

Hiland pi. (Keyser's ct.) AV fr Cadwalader bel 

Hildeburn pi. (Hudson's la.) AA' fr Passj'unk ar 
n Christian 

Hill St. E fr 15th bel Fitzwater 

Hillerman pi. E from 317 Garden 

Hilles' pi. (Harmony pi.) E fr Beach bel Thomp- 

Hillard's ct. fr Ogden n 9th 

Hill's ct. S fr 1824 Xaudain 

Hill's ct. see Heckroth pi 

Hillsdale st. (Sterling's al.) N fr 309 Cherry to 
320 Race 

Himmelwright pi. (Elizabeth's ct.) AV fr 90S S 6th 

Hinckle's ct. see Hedge's pi 

Hines' ct. fr 222 Christian 

Hines' ct. AV fr 1328 Cadwalader 

Hinkle's ct. see. Heft pi 

Hinkle's ct. S fr 924 Hamilton 

Hippie la. E fr Co. Bridge (Myk) to R av, Ros 

Hirst pi. (Harper's pi.) E fr 623 Guilford 

Hobensack pi. (Harrison pi.) N fr 145 Coates 

Hock pi. (Howard pi.) S fr 1400 Brown 

Hoffman's al. S f r 504 Race 

Hoffman's ct. E fr 211 N 2d 

Hogg's ct. see Heilia; pi 

Holland pi. (Harrison's pi.) N fr 1023 Parrish 

Holland pi. (Washington ct.) N fr 5th to Orchard 
ab Brown 

Holloway pi. see Heisler pi 

HollowaV's ct. S fr 706 Poplar 

Holly st" S of Fitzwater ab 15th 

Corner Siith and Market Streets. 



Holly St. N fr Lancaster pike E fr River, W P 

llolmiin St. (Pftrker's st.) N tr Otis to Cumber- 
luml bel Fkil av 

IloUnts bI. E fr 311 N 2d to New Market 

Holt uv. (Uiirrisun av.) fr C20 Now Market 

Homo i>l. S fi- 2JS Goriuun 

Home i>l. E fr Dillwyn bel Buttonwood 

Hood's ot. N fr Carlton ab ICth 

Hood's ct. see Hellermun jd 

Hoover pi. (Hay's ct.) E fr 3d ab Coates 

Hoover's ct. \V fr Mo^•amen^ing av n Washing- 
ton av 

Hoover's ct. E fr 800 N Jth 

Hope St. N Jt S fr US Girard av 

Hopkins ct. N E fr Sophia bet Otter and Rose 

Hopkinson pi. (Washington pi.) W fr 12i N Ju- 

Hoppel's ct. W fr Brooks bet Coates and I'rown 

Horn's ct. r 913 St John 

Horn's el. E of 825 Cliiirlotle 

Horner av. (Kelloy's av.) E fr 237 N 13th 

Horst ct. W fr Cadwalader ab Columbia 

Horstin's pi. E fr St John 

Hor^ilmann St. S fr -1 HI Borden 

Horstmann's ct. see llipburn ]>1 

Hortsinan's row, E fr 777 S .'Id 

Hoskin pi. (llughos ct.) fr 1024 Moyamensing av 

Housekeeper's ct. W fr Beach ab Warren 

Houston St. W fr 717 Thonijison 

Housten row, E fr N Glh nb Montgomery 

Howard av. N of School E of Lawrence 

Howard st. X fr G T av Nicctown 

Howard st. bet Coates and Bi'own ab 23d 

Howard pi. W fr 132S Passyunk av 

Howard St. N and S fr 130 Girard av 

Howard, see Uickey 

Howard pi. see Havre pi 

Howard pi. see Hero pi 

Howard pi. .see Hewitt pi 

Howard pi. see Hock pi 

Howard's ct. see Heyman pi 

Howard's ct. see Heyer pi 

Howard's ct. see Huey pi 

Howard's pi. see llarkinson pi 

Howell St. fr 320 S 19ih to 20th 

Howell's ct. see Hvdra pi 

Hubert pi. E fr 875 N 5th 

Hubbells st. S fr 810 Fitzwater to 810 Catharine 

Huckel's ct. r 121 South 

Hudson st (Franklin place and Hudson alley) 
S fr 310 Market to Harmony pi 

Hudson al. see Hudson 

Hudson's la. see Hildeburn 

Huey pi. (Howard's ct.) S fr 734 Race 

Hughes' ct. see Heib pi 

Hughes' ct. see Hoskin pi 

Hull pi. (Hays ct.) W fr 970 N Del av 

Hull st. N W fr Trenton av ab Ann 

Hulsenian's ct. S fr Fitzwater bel 13th 

Hulseman's pi. W fr 1210 >f Front 

Hulsenian's pi. see Hamlet pi 

Humes av. (Sutherland av.) S fr South ft. along 
Schuylkill river 

Hummell's row, St John bel G T av 

Hnmmell's row, N 10th bel Buttonwood 

Hummell's ct. E fr 943 N 3d 

Humphrey's ct. N fr 1505 Filbert ab 15th 

Hunter St. E fr 17 N lllh, bet .Market A Filbert 
Hunter st. fr Broad to Fairmounl, bet Morris <t 

St Andrew 
Hunter's ct. N fr 1519 Vine 
JIunter's ct. see Highland pi 
Hunter's row, W fr 300 S 11th 
Huntingdon st. W fr Richmond st. ab Cumber- 
land, R 

Hurbert pi. (York pi.) E fr 5th bel Poplar 

Huron St. N fr Scioto W fr Lancaster av 

Huron av. (Smiths av.) W Ir 1408 Pbilip 

Hurst St. fr 619 Lombard to South 

Hutchinson st. N fr 921 Poplar 

Hutchinson ct. .see Hyatt pi 

Hutton st. N of Hiver E fr Lanca-slor jiiko 

Hyatt's pi. (Hutchinson ct.) W frFkdav bel Otter 

Hyde's ct. N fr 825 Filbert 

Hydra pi (Howell's ct.) N fr 407 Noble (Harrison st.) S fr Locust E of ISIh 
Increase ct. fr Sansom to Juvcnol st. W of S 10th 
Ingersoll's uv. (Jackson's av.) fr Front to Fkd 

av bel Master 
Ingle St. E from Haines, Gtn 
Inglis St. (Taylor's uv.) W fr 112 S Front to 115 

S 2d 
Innesst. W fr 112 Allen 
Inquirer St. (Jackson st.) fr 1119 Brown to 1112 

Iowa av. (School av.) S fr 208 Union 
Iranistan pi. (Moore's ct.) N fr German ab 4th 
Ireland st. N fr Columbia av ah Belgrade 
Ireland's c(. E fr 722 Brook st 
Irish Tract la. S fr South ab Broad to Buck la 
Iron pi. (Jackson ct.) S fr 88 Laurel n N Front 
Irp St. frSth to 9th bet Wharton and Reed 
Irvine st. fr 525 N 13lh to Ridgo av. ub Spring 

Irving st. (Church) W fr Darby rd below Locust, 

W P 
Isaac's ct. S. fr 91G Vine 
Isabella st. W fr Emeline bel Somerset 
Isabella st. W fr Charles ab Federal 
Isard St. (Jackson st.) fr Marriott to Carpenter 

W of 3d 
Isemingcr st. (Jackson st.) S fr 1222 Budd 
Ivory pi. (Jackson ct.) N fr Baker 
Ivy st, W fr 518 S lOih to 508 S 11th 

Jackson st. E fr Main bel Green la, Myk 

Jackson st. N fr Wiv-^hington ab Cressou, Myk 

Jackson st. fr 1013 Maurice 

Jackson, see Imjuirer 

Jackson, see Ireland 

Jackson, see Isard 

Jackson, sue Iseminger 

Jackson, see Kerr 

Jackson av. see lugersoll av 

Jackson ct. see Iron pi 

Jackson ct. see Ivory pi 

Jackson ct. see Java pi 

Jackson's ct. see Jersey pi 

Jackson pi. see Janitor pi 

Jacob pi. E of 8(51 Randolph ab Parrish 

Jacoby st. S IV 1218 Monterey 

Jacoby av. S fr Oxford bel 2(1 

James, see Jamison 

James, see Noble 

James, see Ristine 

James' ct. see Jolly pi 

James' ct. see Junior pi 

James' ct. see Nichol pi 

James' ct. W fr 1108 N Front 

Jamison st. (James St.) W fr 1210 S 7th below 

Jamison's ct. N fr 2309 Hamilton 
Jane st. E fr Psyk av bel Catharine to 805 S Cth 
Janes pi. see Jeffrey pi 

Janitor pi. (Jackson pi.) N fr Jackson st bel 5th 
Janney's ct. fr Marshall bel Coates, Spg Garden 
Jarrey st. S fr Alleghany av bel Trenton R R 
Jarvi.s st. W fr Delaware bel Keed 
Jasjior St. N fr Front W of Emerald, K 

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Java pi. (JackHon'H ct.) S fr DH Vino 

Jay St. fr 80,3 Wiilhioo to H08 CoateB 

Jayno Kt. (Oarpontor fV OMi, Lodpri, fr 7th, Ornpo 

fr 8tli) W (V 28 and ;iO S 0th to 10 S Dth 
Jeft'i'i'.ion B((. fr S .'Id to H '1th and IV WaHliington 

av to Federal 
JolTurHon Bt. fr W side of Broad ah Walnut to 

133 S 15th 
JefforHoii .st. W fr Cresson ah Armitaf^o, M.vIc 
Joftbrson st. W IV Fkd rd hot O.vforfl ;ind MiiHtor 
Jofl'orson »t. IVoiu T av to F of <« '1' rd, (J to 
Jefferson, see Ln tinier pi 
Jefferson av. see Moyaniensing av 
Jeffor.son pi. see Jo.^.sup pi 
Jeffrey pi. (Jaine.s' pi) W fr 1 I 10 N Front 
Jenkin pi. (.lohii ct) K fr 2'-', N 2d ah Market 
Jenning.s" row, N fr .'iO.'i Cnlhiuino 
Jennings' ct. S fr 120 Marion 
Jenny st. fr Ann hel Trenton n,v 
Jersey pi. (Jackson's ct) F fr Philip to Colum- 
bia av 
Jerusalem pi. (Smith's ct.) S fr Pearl ah 12th 
Jessamine st. F fr LOth bel Christian 
Jessop st. fr 1112 Fit'/.wator to Catliarine 
Jessup pi. (Jefferson pi.) W fr •,)'18 N Front 
Jester's ct. E of St. John ah Noble 
John, see Carpenter 
John ct. see Jenkin pi 
John's ct. S fr 10 Willow 
John's pi. E fr 1217 Wheat 
John's st. N fr Spring Garden ab 25th 
John st. bet Church and Oxford, Fkd 
John's ct. see Jordan pi 
Johnson st. E and W fr G T av to Tulpehocken, 

Johnson st. W fr S 20th to S 21st n Chestnut 
Johnson's ct. see Joy pi 
Johnson's ct. see Juan pi 
Johnson's ct. see Judah pi 
Johnson's ct. see Judd pi 
Johnson's la. see Borden 
Joint al. E fr 15(h ab Chestnut 
Jolly pi. (James ct.) N fr Bedford AV of 12th 
Jones' al. W fr 18 N Front to 17 N 2d 
Jones' al. see Edisto 
Jones' al. see Gousha 
Jones' al. see Julia 
Jones' ct. W fr 408 N 24th 
Jones' ct. W fr 12 N 9th 
Jones' ct. see Judge pi 
Jones' ct. see Julius pi 
Jones' la. S W fr Point House rd 
Jones' St. W fr 15th to 21st, bet Market & Filbert 
Jordan's pi (John's ct.) E fr Hamilton to Cal- 

lowhill ab 24th 
Joseph st. Fitzwater to Catharine ab 11th 
Joseph's al. see Desoto 
Josephine st. N fr Church n Tackawanna 
Joses ct. S fr Federal bet 2d and 3d 
Joy's pi. (Johnson's ct.) E fr Parker's al 
•Joyce St. N fr 421 Moore 
Juan's pi. (Johnson's ct.) E fr 13th ab South 
Judah's pi. (Johnson's ct.) W fr N Delaware av 

n Laurel 
Judd's pi. (Johnson's ct.) E fr 749 Psvk av 
Judge pi. (Jones' ct.) W fr Front bel Master 
Judson st. S fr Brown ab 2od 

Julia St. (Jones' al.) S fr 154 Brown to 153 Coates : 
Julianna st. N fr 519 "Vine i 

Julius pi. (Jones' ct.) E fr 1005 S 2d 
Juninta st. fr. 423 Reed to Borden I 

Junior pi. (James ct.) W frl234 N Front to Hope ' 
Juniper al. see Medical i 

Juniper la. see Juvenal | 

Juniper st. N and S fr Market, W of 13th I 

Wauamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, 

Juvenal Ht. (Juniper la.) 1028 SanHoiu to lO.'il 

Will II at 
JiiHtice ct. r 5M N 2d 

Kane'H ct. iV fr 92!) Rodman 

Karie'H et. N fr Darey nt iih KpanTord 

Kiimo'm pi. N fr l.'Jl Ciirpcntf^r 

IvansiiH Ht. (Qrcon «t.; W fr lUifv. h<;t Ml 'V'<!rnon 

H,nd Hare 
Kariii;y'« ct. W fr Nixon 
Kiil<:.H St. W fr 810 S l.'Uh 
Kiiiiffman ct. r 211 N 2d 
Kauffman st. (Turner nt.) E fr 811 K Ith 
Kaysur av. W fr 310 New Market 
Kny.Ker'H av. see Cliaiiijilaiii av 
Kiiyser's ct. see Corwin pi 
Kean's ct. E fr New Mnikft iih Vine 
Keating pi. (Miller'H ct.) W fr N 2d ab Noble 
Kchlo .«t. W fr 400 S 8th to 409 S 9tli 
Keefe st. AV fr II2t S Front hoi iMarion 
Keeler's la. AV fr OL'-ego hoi Canal 
Keeley st. ab Baker, fr Cireen la. to Centre Myk 
Kecnan's ct. E fr O T av bel Joffonon, K 
Keen's av. fr Bedford to .Siiackania.Non 
Keichline pi. N fr Ji:!3 Olive bol 12lh 
Kidley St. W fr S ]3lh hel Juniper 
KoUey'sct. N f r 1019 HaiuiKon 
Kelley's av. see Horner's av 
Kelley's ct. see Benson pi 
Kelley's ct. see Bragg pi 
Kelly's ct. see B.ilona pi 
Kelly's ct. see Balsom pi 
Kelly's ct. see Balston pi 
Kelly's pi. E fr 38 S 10th 
Kelton St. (King st.) from Race to Cherry "W of 

Kemble st. (Mfflin st.) AV fr 400 S 12th 
Kempton st. (Miller's alley), E fr 253 S 6th 
Kennebec ct. Naudain st. ab 20th 
Kendall st. (Morris st.) fr Frankford av ab Alston 
Kenilworth pi. E fr 1023 S 5th 
Kennedy st. E fr Emerald bel AVestmoreland 
Kennedy's ct. AV fr 928 N Front 
Kenney's pi. S fr 236 Monroe 
Kensington av. (Frankford av.) X fr Thompson 

bel Girard av 
Kensington ct. see Belgrade pi 
Kensington st. fr 13th to Juniper bel AValnut 
Kent St. (Clay) fr Pine st. n Sch river 
Kenwood pi. (Steinmetzct.) fr Hamilton abX 10th ■ 
Kenworthy's ct. N fr 727 Cherry 
Kenyon st. (Pembertons al.) S fr 240 A'ine to 

235 New 
Kenton pi. (Peraberton ct.) fr Lodge ab 2d 
Keptner st. N of Brown bet Otis and Ash 
Kerou pi. (Miller's ct.) r St John ab Callowhill 
Kern's ct. r Poplar bel Marshall 
Kerr st. N fr 221S Lombard to 2219 Pine 
Kerr St. (Jackson st.) fr 8(57 N 5th to 878 Lawrence 
Kershan av. S fr Lancaster av. Hestonville 
Kershow st. Race to Cherry bet Broad and 15th 
Kessler's pi. N fr 343 Coates 
Kessler st. N fr 905 Coates 
Kessler's ct. see Curran pi 
Keturah pi. (Taylor's pi.) E fr 1015 St John 
Kej-ser'sct. see Hilland pi 
Keyser's ct. AV fr 918 X tith 
Keyser st. N fr 1009 Columbia av 
Keyser's st. AV fr Lawrence bel Master 
Kilpatrick's ct. X fr609 Lombard 
Kirkpatrick's ct. E fr 719 S Gth 
King's ct. X fr 1531 Kates 
Kingston pi. (Clark) AV fr 202 S 12th 
Kiii£r?lev pi- (Millers ct.) r of Kempton E fr233 

S 6th" 
Corner Sisth and Market StreetSt 



Kirkhaiu pi. (Miller's ct.) S fr 720 Race 
Kiesler st. X fr .Morris bel Otn nv 
Kibbin \>\. (Millers el.) N fr 145 Grocn 
KiMaro j.!. (Kulston ct.) N fr 2221 lliimilton 
Kiehl St. (Uaudolph »t.) E fr Wntorloo iib Clear- 

King St fr9th to Gtn av ab Franklin 
King, see Chippewa 
King, see Cross 
King, see Kelton 
King ct. see 
Kiniey'sct. S fr 1C24 honibanl 
Kinsley pi. bel AValinit bet 6tli A fith 
Kirby "pi- (Millers ct.) K fr 1 1 7 (iiir-lon 
Kiveiy pi. (Miller's ct.) K fr N Ith nb Hranch 
Kleflcnborg pi. N fr h;$5 Clierry 
Kline ct. see Lock pi 
Klines ct. W fr 920 N .'id 

Kline's row, E fr l.'!07 Lawrfnce nb Thompson 
Kncas st. E fr l.Mli to Wetherill bol Pino 
Knenss" ct. S fr Sansoni bet 10th & 11th 
Kniijkerbocker. pi. S fr 1-152 Cherry 
Knight's ct. S fr S.iO Cherry 
Knight's ct. S fr 912 Cherry 
Knowlcs av. .'S of Niimlain bol Hench, Seh 
Kno.\ .<t. (Centre) N IV Hrown al> 9th 
Korndnffcr's ct. N fr Marriott ub Jloyauiensing av 
Kremkauss ct. K fr i;U19 N 5th 
Kre.^slcr st. S fr Diamond bel Gtn nv 
Kriders nl. W fr 7.'!S Swnnson to 78;i S Front 
Krider ct. see Lacon pi 
Krider's ct. fr 72.i Bedford 
Kiigler's ct. opens at Race ab 2d 
Kunckle's ct. fr ?>W Green 
Kurtz ct. W fr Beach st ab Green 
Kurtz St. N fr 115 Poplar to (Jirard av 

Lackawanna st. (Clinton) Girard av to Master, 
see Ma.scher 

Lacon pi. (Krider's ct.) N fr Krider's al. S of Al- 
mond it Mead 

Lafayette st. W fr 1150 S 9th ab Federal 

Lafaj'ette ct. see Lansing pi 

Lafayette pi. see Lockland pi 

Laffertys ct. S fr 524 Christian 

Lagrange st. W fr 50 N 2d to N 3d 

Lagrange ct. see Herald pi 

Lagrange pi. see Ledger pi 

La llarpe pi. (Steinmetz's ct.) N fr 406 Rugan to 

Lake st. E A W f r 15th ab Girard av 

Lambert st. fr 224 X i:Uh to N Juniper 

Lanark pi. (Lowry's st.) W fr 940 Beach 

Lancaster av. (Turnjiike) N W fr Market, W P 

Lancaster st. fr Market to Oak, W P 

Lancaster st. S fr 112 Marion ab Front 

Lancaster, see Norris 

Lancaster ct. see Bunyan pi 

Lancer's ct. W fr 1.320 Passynnk av 

Landall ct. W fr Fraloy's ct. to Queen 

Landing st. N from Railroad to Turner's la, Mor- 
ris City 

Landing st. N W fr Coates to Lemon Hill 

Landreth st. (Margaretta .st.) W fr 140 N 12th 
to N 13th 

Landis st. (Marshall ct.) W fr 208 S 4th to 5th 

Lane's ct. S fr 1 3 IS Lombard 

Langdon pi. (Margaretta pi.) N from Manilla bel 

Langdon pi. (Parke's pi.) W fr 130S Corn 

Lansing pi. (Lafayette ct.) N fr 417 South 

Lara jil. (Pritchett ct.) E from Dnponceau below 

Larch st. N fr 1007 Wallace to 1008 Melon 

Larch, see Melvalo 

I Larch, see Suffolk 

j Lardner st. (Westmoreland st.) Broad to 15th ab 

' Spiuee 

' Lnrkin st. (Little Water) S from Lombard to 11 

South st 
Liitchc's nv. W friuu Wood, bet Gay and Lo»er- 

ing, Myk 
Lathbury's ct. S fr Bedford bet 5lh and Oth 
Latimer pl. (Jefferson st.) W fr 17th to Illinois 
Latimer st. W fr 254 S 15th to 17th 
Latimer ct. N fr 22.'! (icruinn 
Latimer st. fr 1122 Ash to 1127 Otis 
Lntour'8 ct. S fr 818 Willow 
Laudamer.'N fr 1127 Otis st., Kensington 
Laurel st. (Maiden E fr Front) fr Dclawavo to 

937 N 2d 
Liuirel, see Levant 
Laurel.*, see Tivoli pl 

Liiurel pl. E fr Germniitown nv ab Armut 
Lavinin st. S fr (inskill bel .'id 
Lnwers ct. S fr 21S Christian 
Lawrence, see Silver 
Lawrence ct. see Haviland pl 
Lawrence ct. see .^ummerville pl 
Lnwrence ct. see TihU-n jil 
Liiwrence pl. see Tccuiiiseh )il 
Lawrence st. (Apple) N from 419 Brown to Co- 
lumbia av 
Law.-on st. bet Sansom <fe Walnut running fr 12th 
Law.son St. (Little Willow) S from 1124 Wood 

bel 12th 
Laydon's ct. N fr Spruce ab 21st 
Lnpman pl. (Loilge jil.) N fr Jiiyne nb 7th 
Lnylon pl. (Robinson st.) W fr N Delaware av n 

Leadbeater'a a v. fr Lybrand to Juniper nb R«ce 
Lebanon st. fr 916 Fit/.watcr to 921 Christian 
Lcljnnon, sec Diamond 
Lebanon row, Shippen fr 10th to 11th 
Ledger pl. (Lagrange pl.) W fr 34 N 2d 
Leeds pl. S fr 1222 Olive 
Lee's ]>1. S fr 1000 Bedford 
Lee's St. W. fr 28 S 18th 
Lee's ct. see Silmn pl 
Lee's ct. see Selvisn pl 
Leed's av. S of Vine bet Broad A 15th 
Lehigh av. W fr Delaware S of Somerset, R 
Lehman st. W of Plank rd nli Green, (!tn 
Leibert st. bet Robin.=on and Mechanic ab Cres- 

son, Myk 
Leib pl. (McGinnet's ct.) E fr Annapolis bel 2d 
Leightnn pl. (.Mc(Jinley st.) W fr Swanson below 

Washin;i;ton av 
Leinau pl. (McMullin's ct.) fr Harriet bol Ross 
Leiper pl. S fr 514 Marriott 
Leiper st. E fr 19 S 13lh 
Leiper al. see Sonora 
Leiper ct. see Scipio pl 
Leipers row, W fr 1330 N 2d ab Thomp.son 
Leiscnring st. W fr 17lh to Grayson 
Leithgow st. (Mechanic) N from 417 Poplar to 

Lemon ct. 1312 Frankfonl av 
Lemon, see Mackinaw 
Lemon St. W fr 026 N 10th 
Lemon, see Memi)his 
Lemon, see Vasey 
Lemon pl. .see Snbula pl 
Lemon's ct. see Luzerne pl 

Lenox pl. (Steinmetz's ct.) E fr N 4th ab 'Vin* 
Lentz St. AV fr 1 Ith bet Federal and Wharton 
Leon at. S fr 1034 Washington av 
Leonsrd st. W fr i;il2 S Sih bel Wharton 
Lcojiord .«t. fr 17 Ri<'liraonil 
Lerig'g ol. iS f r 1210 Shippen 

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Loaher wt. N f'r Orthodox n Paul 
Lessiner nt. N of (Jirard av fr AhIi to Norris 
LoUtia 8t. ,S fr J 10 Markol, to ll.'i (JlK.Hlnut, 
Letitiact. fr 2.'i(] to ,Sch. Jioauli (jot ClicHtnut A 

Letterly st. fi- Adrian bot Hodino it Cumberland 
Levan pi. (Lodj,'e ot.) W fr 912 ,S llIJi 
Levant ,st. (Laurol Ht.) N fr 22r) Spnic.o 
Levoring'H H. fr (Jrccri la. a)) JJakor, Myk 
Levering .st. K fr Main ab (J rape, Myk 
Lovering .st. (Mochanic nt.) N fr 2;;i!> Linn Ht 
Levoy'.s ct. fr Trout bel Uh 
Lovina .st. (,Sriiitli';i al.) K fr f)2.'> S ;3d 
Lovi.s .St. R fr 220 Mooro 
Lowollen'a av. W fr 'JIS JUmch 
Lcwi.s St. S fr Market, W P 
Lewi.s, see Moravian 
Lewis, .see Mountain 
Lovvi.s, see Nowkirk 
Lovvi.s, see Pennington 
Lewi.s, .see Warnook 
Lowi.s' al. .see Glondale 
Lewis' pi. see Palmetto pi 
Lewis' ct. see Pilgrim pi 
Lewis' ct. see Poraeroy pi 
Lex St. W fr 15tli bel Poplar 

Lexington st. S fr Lancaster av to Haverford, 

Loyden's ct. E fr 213 N 10th 

Leyden ct. see Opelika pi 

Liberty al. see Ocean 

Liberty cav. see Upshur av 

Liberty av. see Vermont pi 

Liberty ct. see Urbanna pi 

Liberty ct. E fr 246 N 10th 

Library st. fr 120 S 4th to 125 S 5th 

Lida St. N fr 505 Powell to Buckley 

Lily al. see Vincent 

Lily Ann st. fr Shippen to 1023 Chri.stian 

Lima pi. (Steel's ct.) N fr 643 South 

Lincoln av. (Benton's av.) fr 724 Fallon 

Linden pi. E of Main, Gtn 

Linden st. N from 921 Spring Garden to 914 

Linden st. E fr Lancaster av, W P 

Linden st. W fr Gtn av bel Mill, Gtn 

Linden pi. S from 1806 Bedford 

Linden, see Elkhart 

Linden, see Melloy 

Linden, see Richmond 

Linden av. see Beckel av 

Linden ct. see Rupert pi 

Linden pi. see Winder pi 

Linden pi. see AVinooska pi 

Linden pi. see AVirt pi 

Lindsay av. see Prairie av 

Lindsay's av. S fr 1118 South 

Lindgey st. S fr 1608 Shippen 

Linn st. fr 418 N 22d to 24th 

Linton St. AV fr S 20th ab Sansom 

Lniville st. (Chatham) fr Penna. av N to Spring 
Garden st i- s, 

Linwood pi. (Logan pi.) r 8 N 9th 

Lisbon St. (St Mary's al.) E fr 519 S 6th 

Lisle St. fr 811 Fitzwater to Shippen 

Lister pi. S fr 334 Shippen 

Litchfield pi. (A^ernon pi.) S from Annapolis ab 

Litford pi. (Mechanic ct.) S fr 66 Laurel 
Little Ann st. N fr 2431 Biddle 
Little Ann pi. S fr 1338 Carpenter 
Little Belt pi. (Swede's ot.) E fr S 2d bel Chris- 
Little Brown, AV fr Norris ab Girard av 
Little Christian, fr 10th to 11th bel Christian 

Oak Hall, Southeast CoiEer Sixth and 

Little Chestnut 8t. AV of Murray ab Sp Garden 
l/iltlo Crown, see Chinii 
liittic Dock, Hco MiiltiH 
Little (lable, ceo May pi 
liiltio German, Hwe Merrit 
Iiitllo (ireen, hoc Merino 
Little Lnne, N fr l.'i;!5 Catharine 
Litib, IJoyd St. N fr Mil Shippen 
Litlle Milling, N fr Arch AV 22d 
liittle Oiik, H(ii) M<-(i;alf 
liittle I'erry, see Manakin 
LiUlfjPine, Hce Minster 
Little Pine, fr Lane av. to AVarron, AV P 
fiitllo ]'o))liir, see Mettler 
liittbj Poplar, see Moyeley 
Jiitlle Kunimer Ht. AV fr 22d bel Vine 
Lilllc AVasiiington, see Maurice 
Little AVasiiington, see Morrow 
Little AVashington, see Moss 
Little AVater, see Larkin 
Little AVayne st. S E fr Lehman, Gtn 
Little Willow, see Lnwson 
Littleboy's ct. S fr Arch n 2d 
Livingston st. N fr Maple to Alleghany av. R 
Lloyd ,st. S fr Shippen ab Broad 
Lock St. bel Main l)et Cedar ,t Penn, Myk 
Lock pi. (Kline ct.) S fr312 Christian 
Lockland pi. (Lafayette pi.) N fr 1307 Coates 
Locke pi. E fr Leopard ab Otter 
Lockridge's ct. fr 107 Benton ab School 
Lock pi. (Kline's ct.) fr Christian ab 2d 
Locust St. from 6th & AVashington sq. to Schuyl- 
kill river 
Lodge, see Jayne 
Lodge ct. see Levan pi 
Lodge pi see Layman pi 
Lodge St. W fr 132 S 2d to Exchange pi 
Logan St. N fr Market ab 40th, AV P 
Logan sq. fr 18th to 20th, Race to Vine 
Logan pi. r 8 N 9th 
Logan ct. N fr Fitler ab Montgomery 
Logan St. N fr 735 Green to Coates 
Logan, see 41st 
Logan, see Lorian 
Logan pi. see Linwood pi 
Logan pi. see Louden pi 
Logan's ct. see Luther 
Lombard ct. see Tenor pi 

Lombard st. fr Delaware to Schuvlkill bel Pine ' 
Lombard row, S fr 710 Lombard 
Long la. S fr South n 16th 
Long's ct. AV fr 762 S 3d 

Longfellow pi. (AVashg'n pi.) fr Shippen ab 12th 
Longstrelh ct. AV fr 4 Levant ab Spruce 
Loomispl. :N^fr 2207 Shamokin 
Loomis pi. (Russell's ct.) N 22d and Callowhill 
Lorain pi. (Scott's pi.) E from Jf 4th bel George 
Lorian st. (Logan st.) N fr Button wood bel Sth 
Loud pi. (Moore's ct.) AV fr Inquirer st. bet 11th 

& 12th 
Louden pi. (Logan pi.) 19th bt Vine & CallowhiU 
Louisa av. see Lyman av 
Louisa av. ^^ fr 107 Union n Front 
Louisa ct. N fr 19 Washington av 
Louty pi. S of Christian bet 5th & 6th 
Lovel.ace st. (Pasehall st.) W from Lancaster av, 

Lover's ct. W fr 2d4)el Master 
Lower pi. (South row) W fr 19th ab Hamilton 
Lowndeu pi. (Walker's ct.) E fr X 2d ab Vine 
Lowry's ct. see Lanark pi 
Lowry's ct. W fr Ridge av bel CallowhUl 
Loxley's ct. S fr US Spruce 
Loxley's ct. see Markley pi 
Loyd St. S fr Bedford to Fitzwater ab Broad 
Market Streets, "Wanamaker & Bro-sva, 



Lucas pi. (Wiilker"s ct.) rear UOS G T av 
Ludlow St. E I'r Bridgewiiter S of Market, W P 
Luther St. (Logan's ct.) E fr >St John ab Beaver 
Luttou's sq. N fr George bel 3d 
Lu^oriic pi. (Lemon's ct.) rear 1312 Frankford or 

ab Tlmuip.'ion 
Ly brand .st. N fr 1335 Race 
Lvbraiil ct. see Mattson pi 
Lydia av. see Mer.>:hon nv 
Lydiii .>^t. fr Sites to Sophia 

Lyiuan ar. (Louisa av.) N fr Moravian E of ISth 
Lynch row, S fr Jones to Market ab 20th 
Lvnch's ct., r 75S S 3d 

Lyndall ol. E from 12th to S 13lh bel Walnut 
Lvndall ct. see Milburn pi 
Lvnd St. (Pajichalls al.) W fr 022 N 4th to 611 

'X 5th- 
Lynn pi. W fr 821 St John 
Lytle's ct. E fr 2d bel Mead 

McAfee's ct. S fr South ab 5th 
McAllister's al. W fr 152 N 8th 
McAllister's ct. Frankford av n Richmond 
McAlpino si. from Locust to Walnut bel Park or 

■list, W P 
McAlravy st. E of S 12th bel Milton 
MoAnally's ct. N fr Cari>enter bel 8th 
McAteo's pi. see Marsden pi 
McAvoy ct. E fr 817 Charlotte 
McBrid'e's ct. S fr 1II2 Ohio 
McCallister st. W fr 16th ab Girard av 
McQann's ct. fr 425 Christian 
McCann's pi. N fr 427 Marriott 
McCartney's ct. S fr 840 Christian 
McCaw's ct. E fr 779 S 3d 
McClaskey's ct. W fr 512 S 6th 
McClean ct. N fr 1109 Shippen 
McCleary's ct. S fr Lombard n 16th 
McCloud's ct. opens at 154 Race 
McClung's row, W fr Orange ab Mt Vernon 
McClure's ct. S fr 1512 Pearl 
McCormicks av. bet Race & Cherry & 22d & 23d 
McCoster's ct. bet 17th and 18th ab Pine 
McCoy's ct. W fr 920 S Cth 
McCoy's ct. see Merida pi 
McCrea ct. W fr 762 Cooper pi to Espy 
McCristlc's al. W fr G T av ab Thompson 
McDevitt's ct. W 330 St John bel Callowhill 
McDonald pi. (Wagner's ct.) W fr 230 N 15th 
McDuffie St. (see Xaudain) W fr 518 S 18th to 

McFadden's ct. E fr 882 Orchard bel Jackson 
McFarland's ct N fr Moravian ab IGth 
McFadden's pi. S fr 1514 Lombard 
McFadden's ct. N fr 1010 Bedford 
Mcfiaw's row, r 775 S 3d 
McGinley's ct. N fr Marriott ab 6th 
SIcGinley ct. see Leighton pi 
McQillis ct. N fr 531 Marriott 
McGinnet's ct. see Leib pi 
McGivett's et. fr 330 St John 
McGonegal's row, N fr Hamilton E of Nixon 
McGrath st. (School st.) E fr 859 Lawrence 
Mcllwain st. (Marshall st.) W fr 1226 S 3d to S 

Mclntire's ot. fr 427 Christian 
McKenn'a ct. S fr 00s Locust 
McKee's av. N fr 631 St Mar.# 
McKee's ot. W fr 15.02 Cadwalader 
McKeown's ct. W of 1532 Cadwalader 
McKnight'sct. N fr 1811 South 
McLaughlin's av. S fr 2210 Summer 
McLaughlin's ct. S fr Marriott ab 4th 
McLean st. N fr Otter bel Front 
McMackin's ct. W fr 338 Dugan ab Pine 

The Popular Clothing 

I MoMame's st. E of G T av bel 5tli 

Mi'.Maneman's ct. W fr Juniper ab Locust 
! Mc.Manus st. (Monroe st.) E fr G T av bel 6th 
. McMincman's ct. S fr430 German 
i .Mc.Mullen's ct. S fr 2048 Lombard 
McMullin's ct. see Leinau pi 
McMuUin's ct. fr Walnut bet 4th A 5th 
McNelly St. fr Biddle to Spring Garden bel 23d 
McNicklo pi. S fr808 Carpenter 
MclMiorson'sct. N fr 2223 Hamilton 
McWilliam's av. N fr 105 Tliompson 
McWilliamson's ct. W fr Swanson bel Washing- 
ton av 
Mackey st. fr 2d to Corn bet Reed & Wharton 
Mackinaw st. fr 230 N 8th to 233 Chester 
Maddo.v pi. (Thompson's ct.) E fr 723 S 4th 
Macleod pi. fr 428 Race 
Madison st. fr 1117 Race to 1120 Vino 
Madison, see Millman 
Madison, see Mulford 
Madison av. see Moland av 
Madison ct. see Morton pi 
Madison pi. see Naylor 
Madison's ct. N fr St. Mary bel 7lh 
Magazine la. E A \\ fr Ro]ie Ferry rd 
Magnet st. S fr Green la ab Wood, Myk 
Magnolia st. S fr 514 Noble 
Mahoney's ct. S fr Barker bel 7th 
Jluiden, see Laurel 
Maiden la. see Newport 
Maiden la. W fr Lancaster av. Hestonville 
Maihl St. E f r G T av ab Wistar, Gtn 
Main St. S E to N W along the canal, Myk 
Maison pi. (Jlonroe ct.) S fr Silver bel Juniper 
Malcolm pi. (Marshall ct.) W f r G T av ab 5th 
Malonej' st. S fr 404 Market 
Maloney st. E fr 237 S 21st 
Malseys ct. W fr 738 S 4th 
Malt al. fr Nicholson's ct. to 200 Race 
Mnnngai's ct. E fr 1823 S lOth 
^lunnkin st. (Little Perry) fr Norris to Diamond 

n 5th 
Mangrove pi. (William ct.) S fr 640 South 
Manheim al. W fr G T av bel Jeflerson 
Manderson st. fr 1010 Beach to Frankford av 
Manhattan pi (Quigg's row) N fr 1019 Hamilton 
Manhcini, W fr G T av ab Rittenhouse 
Manilla st. (Margaret st.) W fr 916 S 9th to 921 

S loth 
Mann's ct. S fr Uamilton ab 9tb 
Manning st. (Mary st.) W fr 22d to Schuylkill 

river bel Walnut 
Mansion st. S fr Market ab Slst, W P 
Mansfield pi. ^Weaver's ct.) fr 608 N Front 
Manor pi. S fr 320 Poplar 

Manor st. fr Montgomery bet 4th and Cadwala- 
Manley st. (Melon) N fr Ridge av to Girard av 
Manship st. S fr Norris bet Hancock & Maschor 
Manship st. (Mercer) S fr 1118 Locust 
Mansion al. (Mary's al.) fr Gillis al to 519 8 

Monsuro pi. (Melon pi.) fr 904 Melon 
j\Iautua St. N fr 4flth n Lancaster av, W P 
Maple St. fr 200 N 8th to 211 N 9th 
Maple, see NefF 
Marble, see Markhara 
Marble ct. see Neville pi 
Marble pi. see Tajifian yd 
Marble st. fr 14 S lOth to S 11th 
Marble ct. S fr Marble ab lOth 
Marcoe st. E fr Lancaster av ab 33d, W P 
Marengo jil. (St. James' ct.) fr Noble ab Can- 
Margaret, see Manilla 

Hooae of Philadelphia. 



Margaretta, see Landroth 

Margarotta, hoo Hartain 

MargaroUa pi. see ]iiii]f!;il')n ])l. 

Margaretta .st. fr IIH N Front to 415 N 2cl 

Margaretta s(. N (r d.';.'! Wliii.rtoii 

Margaretta st. N nii'l S IV Miirkot ab Sith, W P 

Maria st. fr 714 N 4th to 715 N 6th 

Mariner st. E fr IJroad to KIM S 13th 

Marion .st. W fr 1112 S Front 

Marion Ht. S of lliltc^nhoiiNc \V of (Ircnn, (Hn 

Marion, "eo Struthi'.r 

Marion ct. Keo Crogiir pi 

Marion pi. S fr 510 Christian 

MaTinion pi. (Young's jil.) fr 226 Christian 

Mnrkliani pt. (Marbl.; st.) W fr 724 N 17th to 

Mark's la. fr 142 N 11th to 141 N 12th 

Marker st. fr ](>.')2 S 2il to Moya av bel Greenwich 

Market ol. F fr ICth ab Callowhill 

Market st. (Washington W of Pt bridge) fr Dela- 
ware river hot Chestnut & Arch to iSchuylkill 
river, and thence West 

Market sq. N and S (Jtn av fr Mill, Gtn 

Marklo pi. (Mary's ct.) W fr 904 S Front to S 2d 

Marklcy pi. (Lo.xjey's ct.) N fr 321 Arch 

Markoo st. N fr Haverford W fr Oneida 

Marlborough st, fr Delaware to Frankford av, K 

Marley"s ct. r 1830 Ann 

Marmora st. (Thomas al.) W fr 710 Beach 

Marriott's la. W fr 923 S 2d to 9th 

Marriott st. fr Moyamensing av to 923 S 5th 

Marsden pi. (McAlees pi.) W fr 1530 Cadwalader 

Marseilles pi. E fr 523 N 15th 

Marshall's ct. E fr Campbell 

Marshall st. N fr Oil) Vine 

Mar.shall, .«ee Mcllwain 

Marshall ct. see Landis 

Marshall ct. see Malcolm pi 

Marston st. (Brown st.) Budden to Shellbark al. 
ab S 13th 

Martha st. N fr Huntingdon to Lehigh av, K 

Martha's ct. E side St John bet Beaver & Pop- 
lar, K 

Martindale pi. (West ct.) S fr 1423 Spring Garden 

Martin's ct. S fr 204 Carpenter 

Martin's al. fr 224 S Del av to 223 S Water 

Martin's pi. N fr 2123 Vine 

Martin's ct. E fr 955 St John 

Martin pi. (Merchant ct.) fr Dillwyn ab Vine 

Martin st. N fr Haines ab Hnrtcock, Gtn 

Mary st. W fr 962 S Front to S 2d 

Mary st. S fr 1316 Jefferson bel Broad 

Mary ct. E fr 1219 S 7th 

Mary st. E and W fr Logan ab Market, AY P 

Mary, see Alston 

Mary, see Planning 

Mary, see 38th 

Marji-'s al. see Manson 

Mary's ct. see Markle pi 

Mary's ct. see Mure's pi 

Mascher st. (Clinton) N fr 141 Girard av bet 
Howard & Hancock 

Master st. W fr Fkd av to Ridge av n Thompson 
and to 24th 

Masson ct. S fr 116 Christian 

Matamoras pi. E fr 1113 St John 

Mattis St. (Little Dock) S fr 128 Spruce to 2d X 
of Pine 

Mattson pi. (Lybrand ct.) E fr Crease to Wildey 

Matzinger's ct. E of Landreth hoi 13th 

Maurice st. (Little Washington) W fr Passyunk 
av bel 8th 

Maxon pi (Meredith al.) intersects Poplar ab 3d 

Maxwell's ct. N fr 1215 Bedford 

Maxwell's ct. S fr 232 Christian 

May pi. (Little Gable) f? fr 172S Lombard 
Miiyland st. fr 527 K(ic<! to Mulberry al 
Maynard pi. (Keliuf pi.) fr It<dief be! 2d 
Mead Ht. fr 754 Swanxon to 75.0 K 2d 
Mechanic Ht. E fr Main bet Cotton & RobiniioB, 

Meehanic'H Ht. S fr 506 Carpenter 
Mechanic Ht. bet HaineH A High, Gtn 
Mechanic, hcc Leithgow 
Mechanic, sec Levering 
Mechanic, see iScholl 
Mechanic av. see Forder av 
Mechanic ct.' soo Litford pi 
Mecland pi. N fr 435 Monroe 
Medical st. (Juniper al.) W fr 136 K lOth 
Medina st. (Stjite) W fr 1312 S 7th 
Meeting House la. fr LancaHtcr av to West Chec- 

ter rd. HeHtonvillc 
Meutler St. (Little Perry) W fr Gtn av bet 5th k 

Megargee ct. W fr Cadwalader ab JefTerBon 
Megarry st. (Morri.'i st.) E fr Columbia av ab 

Megonagal ct. N of Atmore ab 13th 
Melcher pi. (Meredith ct.) N fr 5th ab Button- 
Melina pi. N fr 415 Gaskill 

Mciloy St. (Linden st.) W fr28S 15th to 35 S 17th 
Mellvillo pi. fr Spruce bel Mattis 
Melon st fr 048 N 9th to 1379 Ridge av 
Melon, see Manley 
Melon pi. see Man.sure pi. 
Melrose pi. N fr 1427 Lombard to King 
Melvale st. (Larch st.) N fr Sophia bel Richmond 
Memphis st. (Lemon st.) N fr Norris <t E of Tulip 
Mendon pi. (Wagner's ct) W fr 404 X 5th 
Meninges ct. W fr Passyunk av bet Wharton and 

Menn's ct. fr 912 Hamilton ab Canton to Noble 
Mercer si. S fr Xorris bel N 2d, Ken 
Mercer, see Manship 
Merchant, see Cohocksink 
Merchant ct. see Marter pi 
Merchant st. W fr 14 S 4th to 9 S 5th 
Mercury st. (Monroe st.) W fr Montgomery av 

bel Thompson 
Meredith, see Michigan 
Meredith, see Xaudain 
Meredith al. see Maxon 
Meredith ct. see Melcher pi 
Meredith st. W fr 23d ab Coates to 24th 
Merida pi. (McCoy's al.) E fr 763 S Front 
Merino st. (Little'Green) fr 2d to Gtn av E A W 
Mermaid la. E fr Gtn av, Chestnut Hill 
Merrick st. (Oak) X fr Market to Filbert & S fr 

Market to S Pcnn sq 
Merritt st. (Little German) W fr Swanson to S 

Front bel South 
Mershon a v. (Lydia av.) S fr Vienna ab Girard av 
Mervernej- st. X fr Latimer bet 12th & 13th 
Mervine, see ilineral 
Mervine ct. fr 1605 Moravian 
Mervine pi. W fr Mervine st. ab Master 
Mervine st. X fr 1225 Thompson 
Metcalf St. (Little Oak) W fr 12 Feet AUey b«l 

Metamora pi. (Moyamensing ct ) S fr Shippen bel 

9 th 
Meetler pi. (Little Poplar) W fr Gtn av ab 5th 
Mexford st. W fr Beach st. ab William to X Front 
Michigan St. (Meredith st.) bet 25th i Carbon, 

Michland pi. X fr 435 Monroe 
Middle al. fr 332 S 6th to S 7th bel Spruce 
Middle al. see Xewbold 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 



Midille ot. see Niblo pi 

Mi<l<lleton's ct. W fr JSO Dillwyn 

MifHin, see Keiiilile 

MilHiu St. W fr Del bel Cnnal 

Miffliu St. E fr K av ftb Queon. Myk 

Mitllin St. cuntinuutiun of Leithguw 

Miflltii's ct. seo Nisbvt pi 

ililliurn \<\. (Lviulall ct.) E fr lOtU bel Pine 

Miles St. (Miles 111.) W fr "JOO S 10th 

Miles' ill. see Miles 

Miles' row, n Rose & Bomlinot, AV P 

Miles' st. fr Rose to LyJiu, N School, K 

Milles ot. N fr HiU) Bench ill. Poplar • 

Mill St. E f r G T av to Township line, Gtn bel 

Mill creek, N A S fr Ilaverfortl, W P 
ilill St. E fr Frimkford n Taoony 
Slillar's nl. see Ki'inpton 
Jlillar's ct. seo Kc.iting pi 
Millar's ct. see Keron pi 
Millar's ct. see Kibben pi 
Millar's ct. seo Kinsley pi 
Miiliir's ct. .•;ee Kibleyiij 
Miller St. S frS.'td Washington av 
Miller St. E fr Wistar, Gtn 
Miller St. W fr G T av, .'^It Airy 
Miller's ct. bet Belgrade .t (>aul ab Vienna 
Miller St. S fr Warren n Lancaster av, W P 
Miller St. W fr 912 S 11th 
Miller, see Atuiore 
Miller's al. see Azalia 
Miller's ct. see Kirkham pi 
Millicent av. (West av.) E fr .329 New Market 
Milligan st. S fr KJIO Lombard 
Mills' ct. fr 840 Charlotte ab Brown 
Mihnan st. (Madison) fr 934 Moyamensing av to 

Milton St. (Moyamensing al.) W fr 924 S 10th to 

909 S 12th 
Mineral st. (Mervine st.) E fr 13th to Ridge av 
Mineral pi. E fr 113 N Broad ab Arch 
Mineral pi. E fr 112 Bread 
Minerva st. (Wistar) E fr 527 Franklin 
Minor st. fr 22 S ;')th to 15 S 6th 
Minor, see Tuney 
Minster St. (Little Pine) Sfr412 S 6th to S 8th 

bel Pine 
Mint ct. W fr Hatton pi bet Cherry & Race 
Mint St. "W fr Juniper S side Penn sq to 15th 
Mintzer st. fr 318 Brown to 319 Coates 
Minlzer ct. see Seaton pi 
Moffit, see Stanton pi 
Moland av. (Madison av) E fr 429 N 1 3th 
Monmouth st. W fr Salmon ab William, R 
Monmouth ct. see Tower pi 
Monroe st. W fr 17th bel Christian 
Monroe st. AV fr 7.'32 S 2d to 705 S 6th 
Monroe, .=ee iVIcManus 
Monroe, see Mercury 
Udonroe ct. gee Maison pi 
Monroe pi. see Byron pi 
Montcalm (Morris) S fr Fitzwater ab 9th 
Monterey st. (Montgomery) M' fr 238 N 12th to 

N 13th 
Montgomery pi. S side of Poplar W of 15th 
Montgomery av. (Cherry fr G T av to Richmond) 

N W fr 601 Richmond 
Montgomery, see Leisenring 
Montgomery, see Rochford 
Montgomery, W fr 17th to Schuylkill river 
Montrose st. (Clymer) N fr Montgomery st bel 

Montrose st. fr 17th to 18th bel Christian 
Monument rd, E fr Lancaster av, H Ville 
Moore's ct. W end Townsend's av 

Strangers and Citizens are 

Moore's et. 'W fr 701 N Front 
Mooro St. E A W bel Federal 
Moore St. K fr Cliureh bel Greenwich 
Moore St. W fr 746 S Juniper 
Moore St. \ & S Market ab 3nd, W P 
Moore st. S of Morris A W fr Moyamensing ay 
Moore St. W fr A<lrian bet Otis & l)nuphiu 
Moore st. E fr Fn.nt bel Hazel 
Moore's av. see Clifl'ord av 
Moore's al. see Graydon 
Moore's ct. see Frampton pi 
Moore's ct. see Iranistan pi 
Motire's ct. see Louil pi 
Moore's ct. see Stanbui-y pi 
Moore's ct. see Trent pi 
Moore's ct. fr 1209 Bedford 

Moore's ct. W fr Copper pi bet Fitzwater & Catha- 
Morgan st. (North st fr 10th to llth) "WT fr 240 N 

9th to 239 N nth 
Morgan ct. see Monekton pi 
Morgan's ct. see Carthage jil 
Morgan's ct. see Pharo i)l 
Morgan's ct. see Tottenham pi 
Monekton pi. (Morgan st.) N fr 1125 Vine 
Montcalm St. (Morris st.) S fr 90H Fitzwater to 

906 Christian 
Morencie pi. (Morris ct.) fr Lawrence to Loith- 

gow bel George 
Morris st. W fr 2d bel Denmark 
Morris st. S of Greenwich fr Delaware river to 4th 
Morality pi. (Union pi.) S "W fr Lombard to 

Moravian st. (Lewis, Jefferson av.) W fr Broad 

ab Walnut to IKth & fr 19th West 
Moro St. (Wagner's al.) fr 1517 Fitzwater 
Morris st. W fr 4tli bel Tasker 
Morris City, N W of (iirard College 
Morris ct. W fr 30 Letitia st 
Morris ct. AV fr 30 N 6th 
Morris, see Bennet 
Jlorris, see Blaok.-tone 
Morris, see Kemlnll 
Morris, see Megary 
Morris, see Jlontcalm 
Morris, see Spring Garden 
Morris al. see Orion 
Morris ct. see Discount pi 
Morris ct. see Morencie pi 
Morrow st. (Little AVashington) fr S Front to S 

2d bel Federal 
Morse's ct. N fr Nectarine ab 10th 
Morton av. (Queen's av.) fr 305 Queen 
Morton pi. (Madison et.) N fr St Mary bel 6th 
Morton st. S of AVashington E of G T av, Gtn 
Mosely st. (Little Poplar) AV fr 13th bel Carpenter 
Mossqjl. fr Prune ab 5th 
Moss st. (Little AA''ashington) fr Charles bel 

Washington av to 8th 
Mo.os Rose pi. (Simpson's st.) N fr 243 (jueen 
Mottst.(Po7(larst.)fr 13th to Broad S ot Carpenter 
Moulder pi. E fr 527 Vincent 
Mount Airy la. fr G T av, Mount Airy 
[ Mount Vernon st. (A\'"i-'>i'ngton) W fr ''1'^ N 9th 
I Mountain st. (Lewis) A\' fr 8th ab Tasker 
■ Mouslcy's pi. E fr 1549 C T av 
I Moyamensing av. (Jefferson av.) S AV fr S 2d A 

Moyamensing al. see Milton 
I Moyiimen.'-ing ct. see Metainora pi 
I Moyamensing al. bet 9th & 10th bel Christian 
Moycr st. (Brown) E of Columbia av bel Thomp- 
Jloyer's al. fr Main to Cresson, bet Gay Sc, Gray, 

I iiyk 

recommended to pnichase their 



Mud al. Wfr 1320 S 7t,h 

Mud Ht. (V 83;i Shiplicn io 8.".:) HouUi 

Mulberry al. W fV %Vl N r>t,li \m 2:U> N 0th 

Mulberry hL E t'r Main bul, (Ircjen In A Oiik 

MuIo'h ct. see Poru ]i\ 

MuUbrd st. (M«,diHon hL.) \V IV AnhUm n Sidiuyl 

Mullon St. N f'r SomerHot iib RicliiDdnd, II 
Mullon s ct. N from 51.') Ciirpotitor 
Miilii'.irs ot. soe DuiisiliiUi |il 
Mullin'H c-fc. suo (lonocso jil 
Mulviuioy St. N fr .lollorsdu bft l2Ui <fc l.'ith 
Mulholliind ot. from Barley bel I Itli 
Mniin'H ct. R fr -120 Moore 
MurouM ]il. (Miiry'a ot.) N fr T.'il Cherry 
MurKilroy-do pi. W Ir I."-)!!! bol Walruit 
Muriihy ct. S from .022 licdford 
Murray st. bet Spruce & A 20th &, 2].st 
Murriiy, see O.iprey 
Murray, see Wotlierill 
Murriiy, see Wilcox 
Murray's ct. S fr 040 Shippon 
Murray's ct. W of Murray st n 24tU 
Murray's ct. S fr 1124 Shoafa al 
Murray's ct. S fr 122 Spruce 
Murra,y's st. W fr 700 S Front 
Murray's ct. see Winchester pi 
Mustin's ct. E from 21 o Ellen 
Myers' av. W fr 254 S 0th 
Myers' ct. E fr 241 N 15th 
Myers' ct. see Durham pi 
Myers' pi. see Canterbury pi 
Myers' pi. S fr Mulberry al bol 6th 
Myrtle st. N fr Oak, B fr Lane av to Market.W P 
Myrtle st. fr 846 N 11 th to 839 Ontario 

Nac;le st. N fr Stiles bet llth & 12th 

Naglee's ct. E fr 827 St. John 

Nagle's ct. see Pequinot al 

Nahant pi. (St. John's pi.) E fr 723 St John 

Nail St. W fr 926 S Front 

Narcissus pi. (South ct.) r 320 N 8th 

Nassau st. (Richard) W fr 144 N 0th 

Nathan st. N fr South, W of 25th 

Native st. W fr 934 S 5th 

Naudain st. (McDuffie, "William, and Meredith st.) 

^Y fr 18th bel Lombard 
Navy st. (Benton's la.) E fr S Front ab Reed 
Nayior st. (Madison pi.) E fr llth bel Federal 
Neal st. N fr 717 Buttonwood to 738 Coates 
Nectarine st. fr 608 N 8th to llth ab Buttonwood 
Neff st. (Maple st.) W fr Delaware above Ann, R 
Nellies ct. W 22d ab Race 
Nelson's al. E fr 413 St John 
Nelson's al. N of Shippen, E fr 15th 
Nelson's ct. E fr Lloyd n Shippen 
Nentzel's ct. E fr 1009 Charlotte 
Nescopeck pi. (Robert's ct.) N fr 1117 Mark's la 
Neville pi. (Blarhle ct.) S fr 520 Vine 
Nevin pi. (Yeager's ct.) N fr 130 7 Carlton 
New St. fr 242 N Front to 237 N 4th 
Newbold st. (Middle al.) N fr 1923 Callowhill 
Newkirk st. (Lewis st.) N fr Cumberland to Canal 
New Market pi. E fr 815 New JIarket 
New Jlarket st. fr 119 Vine to Gtn av 
New Third, see N 3d 

Newport pi. (Reindeer pi.) S fr Marriott bel Broad ! 
Newport st. (Maiden la.) S B fr Gray's Ferry [ 
Newton st. S fr 402 Carpenter to 411 AVashing- 

ton av 
New AVilliam's ct. N fr 919 Hamilton 
Niblow pi. (Middle ct.) S fr 1324 Sp Gr>rden 
Nieetown la. fr 2d st. to Ridire av fr Fkd av 
Nicholas ct. AV fr St John n Franklin 
Nichols' av. see Hersehell av 

Clotliing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

NioholH ct. R fr «I8 Carprinter 

NicholK Ht. K fr Cidiunbia av W fr 2l»(t 

Nicholson Ht. fr 021 Cherry to 021 Uiic! 

Nickel pi. (JiimriH' ct.) H fr 77',) H Front 

NirKitcenth st. N A S fr Market W of I8tl) 

Niiieveli ])l. (Vnir.M pi.) S i'r fiiMiiiiiri aV> 4th 

Ninth Ht. N * S fr Markr't, AV of 8tb 

Ninth 8t av. hud Anandrib; av 

NiHbet pi. (MiflllnH cl.) AV fr Front bel Bo«th 

Noble Ht. (JiiincH fr 128 .V 9th) AV fr Delaware to 
N Broad ab IJultoriwood 

Nolen's ct. N fr I42.'j I' 

Nonnntor'n ct. K fr 1002 Arch 

Norfolk Ht. (Union al.) AV fr 842 Swanflon to 847 
S Front 

Norfolk Ml. S fr 1412 Spruce to AHylum Ht 

Norman al. fr N l.'ith to Juniper iib Kaeo 

Norris' al. see Gothic 

Norri.s' ct. Hee Conway ])1 

Norris' ct. see Roderick pi 

Norris pi. E fr 3.'!5 New .AInrket 

Norris row, E fr Cadwalader bet ThornpHon and 

Norris st. (Lancaster fr Broad) N W. & AV fr Dela- 
ware to Sch rivor ab Berks 

North, see Morf^an 

North ct. see Bur):;undy pi 

North ct. see Kenilworfh pi 

North Bast av. see Bristol av 

North st. fr Penn to Island rd. Paschalvillo 

North St. AV fr Broad to !9th ab 'Coates 

North St. fr 34 N 5th to 39 N 0th 

Northamjiton ct. AV fr 420 Dillwyn 

North College av. AV fr Ridge av to 25th 

North-East av. N fr 1247 Marlboro' to Saverj-, K 

Nugent's ct. S of 710 Shijipen 

Nuskey al. AV fr 200 S 10th 

Oak St. AV fr Baker, bet Grav k Mulberry, Mvk 

Oak St. AV fr Sch bel Market' AV P 

Oak, see Ludlow 

Oak, see Merrick 

Oak, see Sussex 

Oak, see Unadilla 

Oakford pi. (Smith's ct.) S fr Gaskill bel 3d 

Ocean st. (Liberty al.) fr 113 Dana to 112 Green 

O'Connell's ct. Nfr 931 Maurice 

Odd Fellow's av. N fr 303 Brown 

Odel, E fr New Market ab Brown 

Ogden St. fr 860 N 9th to 851 Ontario 

Ogden St. AV fr 852 Carlisle to Ridge av 

Osden ct. see SaflBn pi 

O'Harra's ct. AV fr 710 S 7th 

Ohio pi. (AVistar's ct.) S fr 1520 .Tone? .=t 

Ohio St. fr Quince to S 12th bet Pine & Lombard 

01dham"s ct. E fr 817 Sf John 

Olive ct. S fr 1312 Olive 

Olive St. AV fr 710 N 10th to 18th 

Olive, see PemViroke 

Olive, see South Penn sq 

Olive St. AV fr 910 S 10th to Milton 

Oliver's pi. see Tisdall pi 

Olivia pi. (Smith's ct.) AV fr 1524 Cadwal.i.ior 

Oliver's pi. S fr 236 Christian 

Olivet's pi. S fr 1726 Lombard 

Onas St. (York st.) E fr 715 New Market to 712 

N Front 
O'Neal St. S fr 148 Girard av 
O'Neil's ct. S fr 1642'Lorabard 
Oneida pi. E fr 805 New Market 
Oneida st. N fr Haverford. A\'' fr Orleans. AV P 
Ontario st. N fr 1335 Parrish 
Opelike pi. (Leydeu ct ) X fr 2125 Spruce 
Orange st. fr S 7th to S Sth bet Locust ..t Spruce 
Orange st. (K) fr the end of Palmer to Fkd ar 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 



Orange st. fr West to Jaokson nb Columbia av, K 

Orange, see Andress 

Orange, see Rodney I 

Orange, see Thurlow j 

Orc'hnrii, see Orkney 

Orchard st. W fr ;>th X fr George 

Orclinrd st. S fr Kerr bel 5th 

Orchard st. N fr 433 George bel 5th 

Oregon st. W fr Lexington, W P 

Orion (Morris nl.) W fr ■< Front bel Market 

Orion (Say's et.) Vi' (t 'M N M 

Orkney ft'. (Orchard) N fr Norris K of 5th 

Orleans st. W fr Fkd av ub Rending av, R 

Orleans st. W fr Huverford, W P 

Orleans, see Stoi-kton 

Orr St. N fr Contes W of ISih 

Orrs ct. N fr l.'iS'J Rodman 

Orum st. (Norris al.) W fr S Front bel Market to 
S 2d 

O.-^age av. (Carroll av.) S fr 120S II.>!ith 

0.«beck ])1. (Rail Road ct.) W fr J^y l.el Coatcs 

Osborn's ct. W fr Duponcciiu st bel Walnut 

Osborne st. W fr Osprey bel Brandy wine 

Oscetda St. W fr Herman, (Un 

Osier av. (Penn av.) N fr 511 Noble 

Osprev st. (Murray st.) fr Sp Garden to Zunoni 

Otego jil. (Benton ct.) P fr 124 Prime 

Otis st. (Wood, K) W fr Richmond n Gunner's 
run to Fkd av 

Otsego pi. fr Qmnvillo to Walter or 2l8t 

Otsego Ft. (Church) S fr 2() Christian to Washing- 
ton av & fr Navy Yard to S Canal 

Ottawa pi. (Pearson's ct.) N fr Wildey to 

Otter St. W fr lO'.Kt Fkd av 

Owen St. fr 2;'(1 to 24th bet Sp Garden it Biddle 

Owen St. W fr 1412 S 5th 

Owen, see Rodman 

Owen's pi. ."^ fr Brown ab Palmer, K 

Oxford St. W fr Fkd av ab Thompson 

Packer pi. (Harmony or Cake ct.) N fr Craven ab 
N Front 

Pagoda St. N fr Ponna av to Earl, Fairmount 

Palethorp st. (Perry) N fr 175 Qirard av to blas- 
ter E of 2d 

Paley pi. (Van Burcn st.) N fr 102.''. Parrish 

Palisade pi. (Quigg's ct.) N fr 205 Quarry 

Palm St. S fr 9(i8 Parrish to 915 Gilbert 

Palm, see Toronto 

Palmas ct. W fr 3.30 S 4th 

Palmer st. fr Del to Fkd av bet Columbia av and 
Jliintgomerv av 

Palmetto pi. (Lewis ct.) N fr St Mary ab 6th 

Palmetto St. (Rittenhouse) W fr 246 N 15lh to 

Palo Alto St. S fr 2026 Pine 

Panama av. (Parker) E fr 20th bel Locust 

Paper nl. fr N 13th to Broad bet Filbert & Arch 

Par!idi=o St. fr 415 Market to 406 Commerce 

Parhiiin st. fr 774 Swnnson to 775 S Front 

Park St. N A S fr M,-. k t ab 36th, W P 

Park pi. E fr 20th or Locust 

Park, see Bnn.nnn 

Park, see (ioodwnter 

Park av. see Panama av 

Pnrkc's pi. see Langdon pi 

Parker, see Holniun 

Parker st. S fr 516 Carpenter 

Parkfr's row, W <t S of the Mutual Burying 

Parrish st. W fr P44 N 5:h 

Parry ct. N fr 1331 Miller st, Gtn 

Parten st. N fr /\pple S fr Lane av, Heslonville 

Paachal st. W fr lOlh bel Carp.fnler to 1007 S Ilth 

Paschal, see Lovelace 

Paschal »l. see Lynd 

Passmore's pi. E fr 1137 Charlotte ab George 

Passyunk rd. S W fr S 5th A South 

Path St. fr 1511 Race lo Pear ab IJlh 

Patterson's ct. N fr ISOll Naudain 

Patton ct. S fr 712 St .Mary 

Palton's al. S fr 1640 Lombard 

Patton's ct. S fr 16.:0 Lombard 

Paul St. fr 102S S 6th to 1027 S 7th 

Paulding pi. (York pi.) E fr 875 N 5tU 

Paulin's ct. r 061 N Front 

Paulson St. W fr 2d bol the Canal 

Paxton W fr Lancaster av n Hcstonvillo 

Paxton St. (Watson st) fr 5th to Arabella bol 

Washington av 
Paynter's ct. N fr 431 Gorman 
Peach St. N fr 135 Green to 148 Coates bel 2d 
Poach st. S fr Lancaster av, llestonvillu 
Peach, see Calvert 
Peak's ct. N fr 239,Quecn 
Pear St. W fr Path bet 13th and 16th 
Pear st. W fr Dock to 213 S 3d 
Pear si. W fr Peach W fr Lane av, Hestonville 
Pear st. W fr 31 1 N 10th N of Vine to 24th 
Pearl st. ab Pleasant N fr Mechanic to Grape, 

Pearl al. fr Prosperous al to Quince bol Locust 
Pearl st. fr Coates n Fairmount to Gtn av 
Pearl, see Clifton 
Pearson's ct. see Ottawa pi 
Pearson st. E fr N 7th S of Commerce 
Pecan pi (Walnut pi.) S fr Walnut ab 3d 
Pcdee pi. S fr 146 Race 
Peden's av. S fr 1834 Naudain 
Peel st. (Rose al.) fr Van Horn to Lydia bot 

Stiles and Scpviva 
Pegg al fr Willow st bet New Market 4 2d 
Pegg St. fr 446 N Front to N 2d 
Peis ct. see Surrey pi 
Peller's ct. N fr Callowhill ab 20th 
Pemberton, fr 18th to Gray's Ferry rd bet Fitz- 

water and Shi])pcn 
Pemberton's st. N fr 1329 Mt Vernon 
Pemberton ct. see Kenton pi 
Pemberton's al. see Kenyon 
Pembroke pi. (Randoli>h's ct.) W fr 212 N 2d 
Pembroke st. (Olive st.) S fr Noble ab 5th 
Pendennis pi. (Renchler pi.) N fr857 Charlotte 
Pennell's ct. Rose ab G T av, K 
Penn stj. N & S fr Market and W fr Juniper to 

S 15th 
Penn st. fr 4 Pine S to Almond 
Penn st. E fr Main ab Lock, Myk 
Penn st. S fr Darby rd, Pasclialville 
Penn st. E f r G T av to township line 
Penn, see Del av 
Penn, see Potts 
Penn, see Strickland 
Penn av. see Osier av 
Penn av. see Treaty av 
Penn's al. S fr 230 Callowhill bel 3d 
Pennington st. (Lewis st) S fr 228 Marriott to 

Pennock's row, bet Lawrence and 4th and bet 

Thompson and Giranl av 
Pennsylvania av. S fr5l6 Vine 
Pennsylvania av. W fr Biond ab Callowhill 
Penrose Ferry rd. S W fr Passyunk rd n Broad 
Pensive pi. (Union ct.) fr 1000 Wood 
Pepper st. fr (;;edar to Martha S of Lehigh av, R 
Pepperton's al. fr Vine to Wood 'bel 3d 
Peiiuinot pi. (Nagle's ct) E fr 827 St John 
Percv I'l. (Rtid's ct.) N fr 425 German 
Percy .-t. (Tyler st.) N f r 1 1 Poplar 

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Porkenpine'H ct. B. fr 721 New MaikoL 

Perkiomon st. (Powoll Ht.) W fr FruriciH U> I'.lt.h 

Perot Ht. (,Stii,l,() Kt,.) IV 7th to 8tli bol \VliM,rtoii 

Perry at. N I'r l.'iO!) lUco to I.'il4 Vino 

Perry Ht. N I'r (liriuwl av E of 2(1, W K 

Perry Ht. N fr .len'orHon bel 2(1, K 

Perry, .sou Doaii 

Perry, see Palotliorp 

Perry ct. .seo Biroh pi 

Perry ct. mn) 'I'lilly |il 

Portii at. (R((l)iiiS()H) N I'r 'riioiiijiMdii ti, (.'(jjuniliifi 
av bol Htli 

Perth St. N fr 727 Pnrrinh to 728 Popliir 

Peru jjl. (Mills' ct.) N fr 000 IJoiich ub {'op'"'' 

Petor'H 111. sou Dowiiitif; 

Peters' ct. N fr Calbnvliill bet 20th A 2lflt 

Petora' al. fr 818 Charlotte to 817 N 'Ith 

Peters Ht. fr 12th to l.'ith bel "Washington av 

Pfeiffer's ct. E fr N 2d to G T av 

Pharo pi. (Mor;>;an'.s ot.) fr 0th & WaHhington sq 

Philii) .St. N fr 213 Master n 2d 

Philip'.s pi. .see St Omar pi 

Phillipn' ot. seo Grafton pi 

Phoenix pi. .see Thompson 

Physick's la. N E fr Gtn av ab "Walnut la 

Pickering pi. (Web.ster's ct.) W fr 71(5 Passyunk av 

Pierce ct. see Sa.xton pi 

Pierce st. E fr 1727 S 0th 

Pierson's ct. bet Crown and Marlborough in Bod- 

Pilgrim pi. (Lewis ct.) N fr Callowhill bel 8th 

Pike St. fr 1237 Cherry to Margaret bel 13th 

Pine St. fr Del to Schuylkill bet Spruce & Lom- 

Pine, see Trout 

Pine Tree st. (Willow al.) N fr "Willow ab 2d 

Pink St. fr 339 Master to Jefferson N & S ab Gtn 

Piper's ct. E fr 617 St John 

Pitt St. fr Cohocksink creek to Gtn av bet N 2d & 
N 3d 

Placid pi. (Summers' ct.) "W fr 842 S 2d 

Plain st. fr 28 Lancaster to "Wheat bel Reed 

Piatt St. "W fr 36th or William ab Lane pike 

Pleasant st. fr Mechanic to Cotton, Myk 

Pleasant retreat (Prosser), W fr 638 N 7th 

Pleasant st. E fr Gtn av, Gtn 

Pleasant row, N fr 2007 Spruce 

Pleasant, see Hamilton 

Pleasant av. see RatclifFe av 

Pleasant ct. see Herbert pi 

Pleasant retreat, see Prosser retreat 

Pleffenberg pi. N fr 835 Cherry 

Pleiffer's al. see Bolivar 

Pleis ct. W fr Garden bel Callowhill 

Plies ct. see Silvia pi 

Plover St. W fr 1126 S 7th to 8th bel Washing- 
ton av 

Plum al. W fr Rose al ab Locust 

Plum st. fr Richmond to Delaware, bel Norris 

Plume pi. (White"s ct.) E & W fr Caroline pi 

Plumstead pi. (Young's ct.) r 20tb bel Sansom 

Plymouth st. W fr 8 19th to 20th bel AValnut 

Plynliramon ct. W fr 224 N Front 

Point Pleasant ct. W fr 978 N Del av 

Point rd. E fr Frankford av n Frankford 

Polard St. fr 1018 Gtn av 

Pollock's ct. S fr 1616 Lombard 

Poplar St. W fr Del to 24th ab Brown 

Popl'ar St. bet Green la & Mulberrv ab Baker, 

Poplar, see Mott 

Poplar al. see Ely 

Poplar ct. see Stratford pi 

Poplar pi. see Buckingham pi 

"Wanamaker & Biowe's, Oak Hall, 

Pomroy pi. (LowIh' ct.) 8 fr Monro's ab 2'1 

l'orc(!lain, bet 20th .t 21^1 <t KaiiHorn A Wulnut 

J'orcujiino ct. K fr 721 New .Murkct 

l'o^tagr^ pi. (Sturrift la.) ,N' K fr Oirftrd Colloge 

l'()rt(!r'H ct. K fr 329 Kt John 

I'orter'K ct. H(;e Cranrn'ir pi 

Portland Ht. (lirinlon al.) fr 10'.) N 1 1th to Ri<lg«s 

PotoHi retreat (K[)ring Gur(len retreat), N from 
1113 Sjiring Garden 

I'ottor'H ct. H fr Lomlmrd W of l.'tth, Hume an 
Luno'H ct 

PottH Ht. (Penn Ht.) E fr N Broad to 73.'> N 1 2th 
bel CoatoH 

Potfs ct. W fr O'lO N 7tb 

Powell, HOC I'lirkioinen 

PowoH'Hct. W fr Wh.^fit bel Whiirton 

Poulson Ht. (Summer Ht.) W fr 2d bel Canal 

Powell st. W fr 320 S &th to S 0th 

Powclton nv. W fr riv Sebl ab Race, W P 

Prairie av. (Lin'I.sny av.) S fr 1122 South 

Pratt Ht. W fr Boudinot, AV P 

Pratt, see Bradford 

Pratt, see IL'ue 

Press st. N of Girard av bet l.'ilh & Carli.''Ie 

Pre.scott pi. (Smith set.) N fr 1221 Hamilton 

Preston st. N i'r Lane pike bel River, W P 

Preston, see Steiner 

Prosperous al. S fr Locust ab 11th 

Price st. E fr Gtn av ab Laurel, Gtn 

Price, see Artisan 

Price, see Ella 

Price's ct. see Warebam pi 

Price's ct. S fr 1120 Rodman 

Priscilla pi. (Scotfs ct.) N fr 419 South 

Prime st. fr Del to Moyamensing av bet Washing- 
ton av & Federal 

Prince st. N E f r the end of Girard av, E K 

Princeton pi. N fr 1215 Irwin 

Pritohet st. AV fr 13th bet Frederick & Ellsworth 

Pritchett ot. see Lara pi 

Prommer's ct. S fr 940 Bonsall 

Prospect st. fr 925 Thompson to Jefferson 

Prospect st. bet Summer & High, Rox 

Prospect, see Beneset 

Prospect al. see Rementa pi 

Prospect pi. see Dudley pi 

Prosperous al. see Darcy 

Prosser retreat (Pleasant retreat) W fr 638 N 7th 

Providence ct. N fr 927 Sergeant 

Prune st. fr 252 S 4th AV to S 6th 

Pryor's et. fr 263 S 10th to Raspberry al 

Pump al. AY fr Spafford bel Shippen 

Putnam's st. fr Fron* to 2d bet Oxford & Mont- 

Quarry ct. N of 2513 Callowhill 
Quarry st. AY fr 146 N 2d to 145 N 3d 
Queen av. S fr 336 Queen 
Queen's ct fr r 933 Federal 
Queen's ct. W fr 844 Lawrence 
Queen st. bet Catharine & Christian W fr the Del- 
aware to 6th 
Queen st. W fr Gtn av bel Linden, Gtn 
Queen, see Richmond 
Queen's av. see Morton av 
Quigg's ct. see Ezra pi 
Quigg's ct. see Palisade pi 
Quigg's row, see Manhattan pi 
Quigg's et. N fr 7 A'ine 
Quigg's ct. W fr Beach n Xorris 
Quince st. S fr 1112 AYalnut to 1119 Lombard 

Race St. W fr Del to Sehuyl X of Arch 
Rachel st. X fr 149 Brown to Laurel 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 



Railford's row, fr 13th 4 Shijipen to Fit«water i 

Rafferty ct. N fr Cnrpeuler but 8th A, l»th ' 

Railroad st. S fr Dnuphin W of Pkd av | 

Ruilrond ct. see Osbec pi i 

Rainbow st. W fr lilair bel Otis 

Rnl.^ton <t. bet llainiltuii X Toiina av k 22d 

RalKton's st. W fr 413 .S 13th to Juniper bol Pino : 

Ram's ot. W fr Lncknwnnuu ab Master 

Randall's ct. W fr Duponeeuu ab Locust I 

Rand.>li)h av. S fr 730 Race j 

Rjindoljih St. N fr 613 Rrown j 

Randolph .-l. N W fr Trenton av ab Clearfield 

Ralston's ct. see Kildare pi 

Randolph, see Kiehl 

Randolph's ct. .•■■ee Pembroke pi 

Ran.som pi. (Smith's et.) K fr 259 N 6th 

Ranstead pi. W fr 32 S -Ith 

Ra^ipberry st. S fr 1120 Walnut to Spruce 

Rn.^pberry la. see Hatton pi 

Ratoliffe av. (Pleasant av.) N fr 725 Lombard 

Rawle St. E fr S27 N 5th to Lawrence 

Rav's av. W fr 18 Marston 

Reading R. R. & av. W fr Del. R 

Read's av. W fr 714 Fallon 

Rcakirt's ct. S fr George ab 2d 

Reany's ct. E fr Filler ab 2d, K 

Rachel's row, r4fll Dillwyn 

Reckless St. fr 955 S Front to Otsego 

Reckless ar. W fr 912 Ot.«ego 

Reckless ct. see Sheldon pi 

Redwood St. W fr 1212 S SdtoCth below Federal 

Reed av. see Ridley nv 

Reed st. W fr Delaware river bol Wharton 

Reed's ct. S fr 124 Spruce 

Reed's ct. see Melville \t\ 

Reeve's ct. W fr Palm bel Parrish 

Reeves' row, S fr Catharine along Schuylkill 

Reeves St. E fr 303 N 21st 

Refuge pi. fr Lawrence ab Thompson 

Register pi. (Reid's ct.) N fr 1221 Catharine 

Reice st. fr Dauphin bet N 5th ct N (ith 

Reid's av. W fr 712 Fallon bet 8th & Oth 

Reid's ct. see Fairfax 

Reid's ct. see Percy pi 

Reid's ct. see Register pi 

Reiff's av. E fr 1122 N Front 

Reindeer pi. see Newport pi 

Relief al. see Stapletnn 

Relief pi. S fr 114 Relief st 

Relief St. fr 510 S Front to 511 S 2d 

Relief pi. see Mnynard pi 

Rementer al. (Prospect al.) E fr 41 X 10th 

Renchler pi. see Pendennis pi 

Rentshler's pi. see Colchester pi 

Rentshler st. S fr 1118 Coates to 1119 Melon 

Rex's ct. W fr Marshall bel Poplar 

Rex's ct. see Clyde 

Rhoads st. fr 4()r. N 18th to 19th 

Rice St. N fr 1105 Shippen 

Richard st. W fr S 16th ab Lombard to 421 S 17th 

Richard, see Nassau 

Richardson's ct. N from 431 Race 

Ritchie St. N fr 133<) Catharine 

Richland pi. (Smith's ct.) N fr Allison pi ab Arch, 
r N Front 

Richmond st. (Linden & Queen), B & N E f r 1041 
N Front 

Richmond la. see Ann 

Rickard's ct. fr George ab 2d 

Ridgway's row, Callowhill ab William 

Ridge av. N W f r o Vine & X 9th 

Ridgway's ot. N fr Torr ab 9th 

Ridley av. (Keed av.) N fr Vienna ab Belgrade 

Rigler'fi ct. fr Fkd av bel Girard av 

Rihl St. S fr 1539 Palmer bel Fkd av. R 

Rihl's ct. see Ri]iton pi 

Rihl'8 ct. see Stratton pi 

Riley's ot. S fr 3(il> Emmet 

Rinder pi. S fr Marriotl'.s la bel Pa.«.«yunk 

Ringgold St. N fr Pratt to Brown n 24th 

Ringgold St. fr l(iti7 S .sth to lUdt". S 7th 

Ringgold pi. N fr Watt bel Pine 

Ringgold St. S fr Brown W of William 

Ringgold pi. see Arehbold pi 

Ringgold j.l. W fr 420 S 19th 

Ringgold, see Whitney 

Uio Grande ]A. V. fr ^1. av ab Washington av 

Kiplev pi. (Smith's ct.) W fr 20 S 

Hiplon j.l. (Rihls ct.) W fr 942 N 3d 

Ristine st. (James si.) fr Maple to 810 Mackinaw 

Ritner, see Latimer ^ 

Ritmeyer's ct. E fr 229 S 2d 

Rittenhouse sq. W fr I8lh ab Spruce 

Rittenhouso st. W fr G T av ab Centre township 

Rittenhouse st. fr 258 S 17th to 20th 
Rittenhouse, see Palmetto 

River st. W fr river Schuylkill to Lano. av. W P 
Roach's ct. S fr Savory ab Wildey 
Roberts ct. N fr Jlead ab Front 
Roberts' ct. see Felton 
Roberts' ct. see N«;sco]icc pi 
Robertson, see Cohocksink 
Robertson ct. S fr 81.'i Callowhill 
Robertson st. N fr Jefferson ab 13th 
Robeson st. E fr Main bet Mechanic and Penn, 

Robeson's ct. W fr 974 N Del av 
Robin av. (Russell av.) E f r Russell bel Shippen 
Robinson's al. S fr 102(1 Lombard 
Robinson's ct. fr 5th bel Poplar to Parrish bet 7th 

and 8th 
Robinson, see Amboy 
Robinson, see Cohocksink 
Robinson, see Perth 
Riibinson ct. see Crampton pi 
Robinson's ct. see Layton j)! 
Robinson's ct. see Sidmouth pi 
Roehford st. (Montgomery st.) W fr 19th to 20th 

bel IJuttonwood 
Rock St. (Carter's al.) E fr N 13th n Wood 
Rockdale pi. (Smith's ct.) N fr 029 Lombard 

Rockhill 1)1. (Harrison ct.) E fr 1071 G T av 

Rockland st. (Garden) W fr 35th, bet llaverford 

and Bridge 
Roderick pi. (Norris ct.) N fr Carpenter n 4th 

Rodger's ct. r 12 Emien's ct 

Rodger's ct. S fr Steward bel Christian 

Rodman st. (Bonsall, Washington, Ann, Owen,) 
AV fr 516 S 9th to 517 S Broad 

Rodney st. W fr 18th bel Pine 

Roger's ct. N fr Marriott bel Sth 

Roger's ct. N fr 211 Pegg 

Rollins' row, Brinton ni E fr 13th 

Ronaldson st. fr 932 South to 925 Shippen 

Honey's ct. W fr St John n C creek 

Honey's ct. W fr 950 St John 

Rope Ferry rd. fr Girard school h to Schuylkill 

Rosberry st. N fr llaverford W of 3d, W P 

Rose, see Blanche 

Rose, see Vanhorn 

Rose al. N fr 1009 Locust 

Ro.«e St. (Vanhorn) N E fr G T av bet Otter & 2d 

Rose St. W fr 710 S 13th 

Rose St. S fr Market ab 40th 

Rose ct. fr N 2d n Market, W P 

Rose al. see Peel 

Ross av. W fr 23d ab South 

Ross ct. see Dodge pi 

Ross ct. .=ee Swartz pi 

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Eoss ct. S. from Concord ab 2(1 

KoHH hL from Kidimond to Wildoy K <t W, E K 

llowland'H ct. S fr 721 Filb„rl, 

Roxbury pi. S fr SLiinlc-y lo Oonniin iil) 'id 

Koxhury ot. S fr O.'SH iSliip|i(iii 

Ruii-n Ht. fr Main Ui I'aiil, ],<■] Oliiircli, Fkd 

Kuhican'R pi. N fr !)27 Nol.hi 

Ruby pi. (RuIo'h cl.) K fr 71.3 S Mi 

Rudolph's av. 8 fr 7;^0 Race 

RuKan si. fr 917 Callowliill t,o Noblo 

Rule Ht. W fr Lancasior to Wheat 

Rule's ct. see Knby pi 

Rupert pi. (Linden ct.) W fr r,]8 N :id 

Russell's av. r l.')4 I I'arrifili 

Russell St. fr 8.'?2 Sliippcn t:0 S27 Fit/water 

Russell av. see Roliin iiv 

Russell ct. see Dove pi 

Russell's ot. see Looinis pi 

Russell's pi. S fr l.WS Lombard 

Rutledfje pi. (Union ])\.) N IV Union ab Front 

Rutter's ct. N fr 20,5 Federal, bet 2d <fe Moya av 

Ryan's ot. S fr 422 (Hirisl^ian 

Ryan'."? pi. S fr 41(') Christian 

Rye St. fr 211 Marion to Reed ab 2d 

Rye, See Timothy 

Ryle St. N fr Columbia av to Palmer, K 

Sabine pi. (Warner's ct.) S fr Stanley to German 
Sabula pi. (Lemon pi.) N fr 809 Mackinaw 
Sacramento av. (Shackamaxon av.) fr 222 Wildey 

ab Shackamaxon 
Saffin pi. (Ogden ct.) S fr 860 Ogden 
Sager pi. N fr 1911 Cuthbert 
Salem al. W fr 12th ab Lombard 
Salmon st. N fr Gunner's run ab Richmond 
Salvia pi. (Temperance ct.) fr 925 Rodman 
Salway st. S fr Crabb to Passyunk av 
Samper pi. (South ct.) E fr 1025 S 5th 
Sander's ct. E fr 1031 8t John 
Sander's ct. E fr 1027 St John 
Sanderson ct. E fr Elizabeth bel Parrish 
Sansom st. (George fr 9th to Schuylkill river) W 

fr 120 S 6th to Schuylkill river 
Sansom's al. see Belrose 

Sarah st. fr Queen, K, n Frankford av to Wildey 
Saranak st. W fr Rye to Moyamensing av 
Sargeant pi. W fr Frankford av ab Cumberland 
Sartain st. (Margaretta st.) N fr 1132 Poplar to 

Girard av 
Sassafras al. fr Race ab 6th st to Mulberry al 
Savannah ct. fr Beach bet Warren and Vienna 
Savery st. (LTnion ct.) fr 319 Wildey to Fkd av 
Sawyer's ct. E fr 839 Green ab Pine 
Say's al. fr Cherry to Walnut W of 13th 
Say's al. see Cowslip 
Say's ct. see Orion 
Saybolt's ct. N fr 221 Noble 
Saxon pi. (Pierce ct.) E f r S 4th ab German 
Scattergood ct. see Muskingum pi 
Schaffer st. fr Centre to Haines E G T av, Gtn 
Scheaflf's st. W fr 12th bet Market and Arch 
Sohell St. (Mechanic) S fr 830 Vine to Maple 
Scheme (Vine al.) fr N 13th to Broad ab Vine 
Schively's al. fr N 5th to N 0th ab Race 
Schlessinger's ct. E fr N 3d bet Poplar & Beaver 
Schofield St. S fr 2006 Lombard 
School st. E fr 859 Lawrence 
School St. W fr G T av bel Mill, Gtn 
School, see McGrath 
School, see Sites 
School av. see Eliza ay 
School av. see lona av 
Schooliiouse al. E fr 418 N 23d 
Schoolhouse av. bet Chestnut and Walnut 
Schrader's ct. W fr 1028 Lawrence 

Schrycr's ct. S Tr Willow ab 8th 

Schuylkill av. hms Gonhen av 

Schuylkill rd. N fr Pcrrrmncnt bridge, W P 

Sciota pi. (Vine al.) fr N 1 0th ab Vine 

Soiota ft. N fr Ea^l" W fr Lime, av W I' 

Scipio pi. (L.;i|,.;r ct.) (^<->: IJenezct) E fr43 N I Ith 

Scott St. W fr 90H N I'.Hh 

Scott'H al. Mco Cuba pi 

Rcott'H al. Hco Ilonriotta av 

Scott's r;t. see Colcbrook pi 

Scott's ct. see i'ri."cilln, pi 

Scott's pi. see Loriaii jil 

Scranton [)1. (Warrcn'H ct.) N fr fil3 Filbert 

Sears st. fr 1312 S to 7th bel Wharton 

Seaton pi. (Mint/.er ct.) E from 427 S 2d 

Second st. N and S fr M;irki.-t W of Front 

Sedgewickst. (Swan."onct. now Sw.inwick i frB06 
Sansom to OlS Walnut 

Seiser's ct. see Pedee pi 

Seller's ct. N fr Ciirltrm ab 13tli 

Sclfridge st. N fr 171 I Fitzwater 

Sclfridge ct. N fr 1233 Shippen 

Selvisa pi. (Lee's ct.) W fr St John ab Coates 

Reiser's ct. r 1 Bread 

Senate st. fr 722 S Front to 725 S 2d 

Seneca ct. W fr 454 Bclro.'-e n Noble 

Seneca st. S fr Lancaster av, W P 

Senncff St. W fr 23d to Beach bel Chestnut 

SennefTav. W fr 640 Andress 

Senniff's ct. N fr Sansom nh 23d 

Sepvivn st. N of Vienna, E of Frankford av 

Sergeant st. (Castle Iflth to 11th) fr 218 N 8th to 
217 N 11th 

Sergeant, see Serrill 

Serrill st. (Sergeant) W fr Frankford av ab Cum- 

Seubert's ct. E fr 1649 G T av ab Oxford 

Seventeenth st. N and S fr Market W fr 16th 

Seventh st. N and S fr Market W of 6th 

Sevilla pi. (Young's pi.) N fr 235 Queen 

Seybert st. E and W fr 16th ab Thompson 

Seybold's ct. fr Noble ab 3d 

Seymour st. W fr Plank rd bel Manheim 

Shackamaxon st. fr the Delaware to Frankford 
av bet Sar.ah and Crease 

Shackamaxon av. see Sacramento av 

Shaefer's ct. see Tyrone pi 

Shafer's av. see'Shelburne av 

Shafer's ct. see Sharon's pi 

Shafer's ct. see Shaw pi 

Shaker's ct. see Springfield pi 

Shamokin st. (Church) fr 22d to 23d ab Callowhill 

Shane's ct. N fr Catharine ab 12th 

Sharkey's al. fr 1208 Bedford 

Sharon pi. (Shafer's ct.) E fr 321 Garden 

Sharp's av. S fr Canby bel 13th 

Shiirpless st. same as Church av, E fr Juniper ab 

Sharpless ct. see Woodville pi 

Sharpnack st. E fr Germantown av to Chew, Gtn 

Sharswood st. W fr R av bel Jeflferson 

Shaw pi. fr Ridge av ab 13th 

Sheaffs .al. W fr 222 N 11th to N 12th 

Shekinah av. fr Kerr N of Culvert 

Shelburne a v. (Shafer's av.) fr 420 Cherry 

Shelbv pi. W fr Broad ab Coates 

Sheldon pi. W fr 936 S Front 

Shellbark st. (Walnut al.) fr N 13th to 143 N 

Shephard al. fr 717 Arch to 720 Race 

Sherborne's ct. S fr Poplar bel 6th 

Sharker's al. S fr 534 Shippen 

Sherry's ct. E fr 1413 Germantown av 

Shield st. fr Front to 2d. bet Almond & Catharine 

Shield's al. see Aurora 

Oak Hali, Southeast Comer Sixth and Market Streets, 'Wanamaker & Brown. 



Shield's nl. see Breeze 

Shield's ct. S fr Ueliif nl hot Front ± 2d 

Shield's ct. N fr 12;i.1 Ciithariue 

Shikor's nv. hot Miilvanev A Fawn bel Colum. av 

ShiiiKlo row, W fr 13U» N 2a 

Ship|H'n ct. soo Treiuout pi 

Shi|<|<on lu. soo Cnjipor pi 

Shippc'ii pi. see Beverly pi 

Ship|>on St. fr 700 S Delaware av to Schuylkill S 

of South 
Shirker's al. S fr Bedford to Shippen bet 5lh & 0th 
Shirley st. (Charles) fr 181 1 Coates to Wylio 
Shivelv's nv. E fr SUi Duuno 
Shock"st. (Taylor si.) fr 202fi Filbert 
Shoeinnkcr ct. W fr 705 Brook 
Shoeiuiiker's ct. .«co .\u(lulioii pi 
Shoemaker's ct. soo Shelby \i\ 
Shoeiunkor's st. E fr !;'» S'Siii to Layman pi 
Shoemaker's la. E fr Germautowu av to township 

Short's ct. E fr200 N 12th 
Shotwell pi. r 1225 Lawrence 
Shur's lane, W fr Toll Gale, Main, Myk, to R av 
Sidraouth pi. (Uobinson'.- cl.) N fr 1820 Sjiruce 
Sidmoulh .«t. (Wistar) S fr 71(1 Wnshiii;,'t<m av 
Sidncv la. N fr 825 Federal W of rn.'^.'yunk rd 
Sibert st S fr Wharton bol IDth and 1 llh 
Silnia pi. iLee'sct.) fr lUir. Hnuiilton 
Silver St. (Lawrence st.) W fr 22 N 12th & fr 15th 

to 24th 
Silver's ct. S fr 423 "Walnut 
Silvia pi. (Pleis ct.) S fr 318 Poplar 
Simes st. fr 21st to 24th (or Beach) S of Market 
Simes' ct. N fr 6.37 Lombard 
Simmon's ct. see Almont pi 
Simmon's ct. see Victoria pi 
Simpson's ct. see Moss Rose pi 
Simpson's ct. r 118 Catharine 
Singler's row, W fr 1310 N 2d ab Columbia av 
Sites St. (School st.) fr lliO Girard av to Otter 
Sixteenth st. N & S fr Market W of loth 
Sixth St. N & S fr Market W of 5th 
Sixth St. N A S of Bridge W fr 5th, W P 
Sixth St. av. W fr 1332 Randolph 
Skerrctt's ct. S fr Aurora al ab 9th 
Skill's pi. S 840 S 3d 
Sloan St. fr Lane, pike to Market, W P 
Slunib la. fr 1430 Columbia av 
Small St. W fr S 5ih bel South 
Smaltz av. N fr 1531 Cabot 
Smalt/, ct. N fr 1523 Cabot 
Smaltz pi. N fr 1525 Cabot 
Smethurst pi. (Watt's ct.) E fr 531 N 24th 
Smith's al. see Lavinia 
Smith's av. see Buckeye av 
Smith's av. see Huron av 
Smith's av. N fr 1339 Olive 
Smith's ct. see Amanda pi 
Smith's ct. see Andover pi 
Smith's ct. see Belinda pi 
Smith's ct. see Boxwood pi 
Smith's pi. see Clarissa pi 
Smith's ct. see Clementine pi 
Smith's ct. see Crocus pi 
Smith's ct see iJunleith pi 
Smith's ct. see Elvira pi 
Smith's ct. see Jerusalem pi 
Smith's ct. see Oakford pi 
Smith's ct. see Olivia pi 
Smith's ct. see Prescott pi 
Smith's ct. see Ransom pi 
Smith's ct. see Refuge pi 
Smiths ct. see Repley pi 
Smith's ct. see Richland pi 

Smith's ct. see Ripley pi 

Smith's ct. see Rockdale pi 

Smith's ct. see Utica pi 

Smith's ct. S fr 516 JNIarriott 

Smith's ct. E fr St John n Globe Mill 

Smith's ct. N fr ('.30 Lombard 

Smith's ct. S fr 1122 Lombard 

Smith's ct. W from I'hilip ab Oxford 

Smith's ct. S fr 1210 Rose 

Snider's ct. E fr 1300 Ryo bol Wharton 

Snyder's al. W fr Richmond to Fisher, R 

Snyder's ct. S fr Tcarl ab 1 2111 

Snyder's pi. E fr 2.;d ;ib Uuce 

Sober's al. N fr 415 Walnut 

Solladay ct. N fr Ann bel Melvale 

Somer's" ct. W fr hio S 2d ab Christian 

Somerset st. W fr Hicliiiiond ab R R Road 

Somerset si. N fr llavcrford. W P 

Sonimers' st. E k W Lane jiike ab Morrison, W P 

Sonora st. (Lci|)er al) N fr 1009 Morgan 

Sophia St. (William st.) S fr 134 E.hvard 

Sorrel st. W fr IJiink to Molvnlo st. R 

Souder st. (Wjiyiie) E fr 407 S lUth 

South av. see Dahlia av 

South av. see Daisey av 

South ct. see Narcissus pi 

South ct. see Sampler pi 

South College av. W fr Ridge av to 24th 

South Penn Sijuare (Olive) W fr Juniper to 15th 

South row, see Lower pi 

South st. fr Penn to L-^land road, P V 

South St. S of Lombard fr Delaware to Schuylkill 

Southampton ct. E fr Levant bel Pear 

Southworth, see Enue 

Sower's ct. 5th ab Master 

Spafford st. fr Bedford to 619 Fitzwator 

Sparton st,. (Centre) from 38th st. to Park, W P 

Spear st. W fr 4th ab Moore 

Spence's ct. S fr 2052 Lombard 

Spencer pi. (Wistiir's ct.) S fr 231 Lybrand 

Speilburger's ct. W fr 1531 Hancock bel Oxford 

Spink's (Jas.) row, Oxford ab 5th 

Spink's row, bet 1 0th ct 11th n Federal 

Spooner's av. W fr 1114 St John 

Spooner's ct. E fr 20 Barron 

Spragg's av. see Clematis av 

Spring al. W f r G T av, Gtn 

Spring St. fr Church to Wall bel Unity, Fkd 

Spring St. W fr U'.th bet Race A Vine 

Spring st. N E I'r Somerset ab Thompson 

Spring Garden st. (Morris fr Broad) fr 518 N 6th 

to Fairmount bet Buttoiiwood & Green 
Spring Garden Retreat, sec Potosi Retreat 
Springctt St. from 20th to 2Ist sts bel Coates 
Springfield pi. (Shafer's ct.) E fr N 4th bel Cul- 
Springmill ct. E fr 415 N 24th ab Linn 
Spruce St. fr Delaware to Schuylkill bet Walnut 

& Pine 
Square st. fr 1311 Rye to Corn bet Wyoming and 

St. Andrew's st. from 22d to Broad bet Hunter & 

St. Anthony st. n Nixon 
St. David St. S fr Vine ab 23d 
St. David av. W fr St David's st ab 23d 
St. George's al. fr 203 New to 208 Vine 
St. James, see Commerce 
St. James ct. see Marengo pi 
St. John's pi. see Nulinnl jil 
St. John .St. 215 Vine to G T av 
St. John's ct. E fr 723 St John bel Brown 
St. Joseph's av. fr 38 S 17th to 37 S 18th 
St. Marv St. fr 522 S Cth W to 517 S 18th 
St. Mary's al. op 20 (Jilies' al ab South 
St. Marv's al. see Lisbon 

The Popular Clothing House of Philadelphia 



St. Omar pi. (IMiilip'H pi.) IV I7.'!K 

St. Panrs av. K tV 771 K 7t,li 

St. Stophen'H pi. S fr 921) Mn,rkct 

StackhouHo ot. W iV 22'! N Front 

Stain por Ht. IV /| IK S 2(1 to S ;!.l 

Stanbury pi. (MoIii-o'h ct.) W from Woavor 

Stanley wt. from 7;i'l S .'id to 7:! I S 'llli 

Stanton pi. (Mollit ct.) W i'r 2<1 ali O-vford 

Stajjloton Ht. (Heliofal.) S I'r (Jarler Ht to ])ock 

Starr al. S IV .02 1 ItiKU! to .02!) Chorry 

State Ht. W fr 2('>() N I.Otii to lOth ab Race 

State Ht. to (h'C'on 10 fr Till 

State, see Medina 

State, see I'orot 

Steadman »t. (AVarron pt.) fr Dean to Quince 

Steam Mill al. K IV 117 St John ab Willow 

Stearly's ct. W fr 020 llcrniita;;o 

Steck'.s ot. from 910 Now Market to Kachul ab 

Steel'H et. S fr 410 Rliippen 
Stool's ct. .SCO Catawba pi 
Steel's ct. Hoo Cove pi 
Steel's ct. see Lima 

Steiuiecht ct. S fr O.xford bel Cadwalader 
Steiraan's ct. E fr 1419 Randolph 
Steiner (Preston) N from 911 1 Wallace 
Steininet?; ct. see Kenwood [tl 
Steinmetz ct. see La Harpo pi 
Steinmetz ct. see Lcno.x pi 
Steinmetz pi. S fr Market bet 34th and SOth 
Sterling, see Ilampdon 
Sterling al. see llillsdalo 

Sterling st. S IV Shippen to Fitzwater bel lOtli 
Stevenson's ct. E fr 5th bet Christian & Marriott's 

Steward st. S fr Fitzwater to Christian ab 9th 
Steward's ct. fr Gaskill ab 4th 
Steward's ct. S fr 610 South 
Stev?ard's ct. fr 144 Shippen 
Steward's ct. IST fr 1437 Shippen 
Steward's al. see Hiimlin 
Steward's ct. see Galena pi 
Steward's ct. see Greenock pi 
Stewart's ct. see Greenville pi 
Steward pi. see Hamstead pi 
Stiles ct. see Elba pi 
Stiles ct. see Gallatin pi 
Stiles St. W from 1232 N lltli bet Giravd av and 

Stiltz's ct. see Esliner pi 
Stocker st. S fr Carpenter ab 18th 
Stockton st. (Orleans) S from Kemble to 1233 

Stokes ct. S fr 422 Paschal al 
Stokes ct. E fr 24,0 Chester 
Stone St. Wfr 410 S 15th to 415 S Ifith 
Story St. N of Haverford st W fr 33d 
Stoy's ct. fr 1100 Beach to Richmond N & S ab 

Strafford pi. fr Rose alley to Miles' alley, 200 S 

10 th 
Stransford pi. N fr 225 Christian 
Stratton pi. (Rihl's ct.) N fr Poplar bel 2d 
Strou's ct. 0th bel Catharine 
Strahan's ct. W fr Flower 
Stranahan's ct. S fr 734 Shippen 
Stratford pi (Poplar ct.) fr Rose al to Miles st 
Stratton's ct. E from 1315 Hancock 
Strauss ct. W fr 802 S fith 
Strawberry st. fr 214 Market to 213 Chestnut 
Streper's ct. E fr 1003 Charlotte n Beaver 
Strickland st. (Penn st.) E &■ W fr Lancaster av 
Struthers st. (Marion) W fr 258 N 12th to 13th 
Stump la. see Portage pi 

Suffolk St. (Larch) W fr 1028 S 8th to 1031 S 9th 
Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hallj 

Sullivan Ht. K fr WaKhinglon, Gtn 

Siuiimor Ht. Ridgi! av hi;l High, Rox 

Snrnniiir Ht. W fr JOlii K of Vino 

Snmtner, hoc Autumn 

Summer, hoo Ernnt 

Summer, HCfi I'oulnon 

SummorH ct. mxs Placid pi 

Summcrfield pi. N from 329 Or<:cn 

Summurville p\. (Ijawronco ct.) Wfr I'crjii above 

Summit st. E from Gtn av, Ch':Hlnut Hill 
Summit, see Sutton 
Sun ct. S fr Ogden ub 9tli 
Surrey pi. (PU-ah' ct.)E from 1009 St John 
Susanna st. E fr Richmond st ab York 
Su.s(iuehunnii iiv. W fr 2d bi;t Diiimrmd A Dauy>liin 
Su.sse.x Ht. (Oak) S fr Grail to Sheaff'H al b'.-l J2th 
Sutton Ht. (Summit ct.) W fr 1432 .0th ab MuBter 
Sutton's ct. W fr Bench bel Palmer 
Sutherland st. N fr 125 Chri.slinn to Queen 
Sutherland av. see Hnrne's av 
Swain'H ct. N fr 235 Christian 
Swanson st. S fr 14 South to the Navy Yard 
Swanson ct. W fr Swan.'-on bet Queen it ChriHtian 
Swanwick st. S fr COO Sansom to 013 Walnut 
Swanwick, see Sedgewick 

Swarlhmore pi. I<] fr 231 N 2d bet Race and Vine 
Swartz pi. (Rose ct.) S fr Concord ab 2d 
Swedes' ct. see Little Belt pi 
Sweenej''s ct. N fr 519 Shippen 
Swyane st. W fr I5tli ab Coates 
Sycamore st. S fr 1334 Walnut to 1329 Spruce 
Sycamore, see Transcript 
Sylvester st. W fr 1020 S 5th bel Tasker 
Sylvia pi. r 318 Poplar 

Tamarind st. N fr 115 Green to 108 Coate.s 

T.i'mmany ct. S fr 410 Button wood 

Tanis ct. E fr Water & N fr South, Schuylkill 

Taney st. (Minor .^t.) N fr Coates n Fairmount 

Tangier pi. (Washington ct.) N fr 643 Lombard 

Tanner st. N fr 415 Wharton to Mcllwain 

Tappan pi. (Marble pi.) N fr 709 Green 

Tariff pi. W fr 10th bel Noble 

Tasker st. (Franklin st.) W fr Moyainensing av 

bel Greenwich 
Taylor st. N fr Coates bet Hare & Brown 
Taylor st. E fr Frankford av ab Y'ork 
Taylor, see Shock 
Taylor's av. see Inglis 
Taylor's ct. see Avon pi 
Taylor's ct. see Cordova pi 
Taylor's ct. see Halleck pi 
Taylor's ct. E fr Y.nugbn ab Locust 
Taylor's ct. S fr 2210 Xaudain 
Taylor's ct. E & W fr 712 S 3d 
Taylor's pi. see Keturah pi 
Taylor's st. fr 1514S 8th to Passyunkavbel Dick- 

Teas' ct. S fr Olive ab 13th 
Tecuraseh pi. (Lawrence pi.) X fr Julianna 
Temperance st. fr Cherry to Race bet 15th & 16th 
Temperance ct. see Salvia pi 
Temperance pi. see Benneville pi 
Temple, see Beckwith 
Temple st. E fr 1017 S 12th 
Temple st. fr 12th to 13th ab Washinsrton av 
Ten feet al. N fr 633 Middle al to 626~^ Barclay 
Tenor pi. (Lombard ct.) W fr 410 S 4th 
Tenth st. N <t S from Market W of 9th 
Test's av. E from Dunton below Girard av 
Thiele's et. S from 252 Poplar 
Third St. N & S fr Market W of 2d 
Tliird St. X A S of Bridge 
Thirteenth st. X .t S fr M;;rket W of 12th 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 



Thirtieth st. N A S from Market 
Thirty-first st. N A S fr Miirket. W P 
Thirty-setouJ st. N & S fr Market, W V 
Thirtv-thirJ st. N fr Darby rd tu<l nv 
Thirty-fourth st. X A S fr Miirkot, W P 
Thirtv-fifth st. N fr M.irk.-t (\V P) to (Jirard nv 
Thirtv-.-^Lxth st. X A S fr Market. W V 
Thirty-siventh st. X A ."5 fr Market. W P 
Thirty-eighth .ft. (.Mary si.) X A S fr Market 
Thirty-nintli st. X A S IV M:irki-t to Lanca.ster av 
Thomas' av. W fr Xew Market ab Poplar 
Thomn.*' 111. see Marmora 
Thomas' ct S fr KUi'. Hamilton 
Thomas st. S fr Green to Taeony, Fk.l 
Thompson's ct. see MiuMox ]>l 

Trott«r fit. N fr Norris bel Front 
Trotter's al. fr 34 S 2(1 W to Strawberry 
Trout St. (Pine al.) W fr Harrow to lUfS 4th 
Trii.\ton St. S fr 1201 Aurora to liuihl bet Sjiruce 

A Pine A Denn A 12th 
Trvon st. W fr 21st bet Lombard A South to 

Tucker St. E fr Mem]ihis, S of Lehigh av 
Tu<lor St. (Charles st.) S fr 722 Dickerson 
Tudor's et. N fr Marriott ab 7th 
Tulip St. N fr Palmer E fr Sepviva 
Tully jil. (Perry ei.) X fr South n 13th 
Tul|.ehoeken st. W fr (J T av, Gtn 
Turner st. E fr KIl S 4th 
Turner st. see Kauffman 

Thompson st. (Ph(eni.\ fr T av to Frnnkford ' Turner's ct. see Viniii;i jd 

Duko fr Frankford av to Norris) W fr 
Delaware nb tiiranl av 

Thompson's av. fr G;iy to Oak, Myk 

Thompson's jil. S fr 28 Raeo 

Thorns ct. N fr 1111 Melon 

Thorn's ct. see Vienna 

Thome's ct. see Wade pi 

Thorns al. E fr Rose al ab Locust A ab KUh 

Thorp's la. N f r G T av. C Hill 

Thurlow St. (Orange) W fr 11th to 13th bel Ca- 

Thuron st. X fr Diamond E of G T nv 

Tidmarsh, see Cnri>enter 

Tilden pi. (Lawrence ct.) W fr 542 Chatham 

Til-hman st. Venango st.) W fr Till bel Pratt, 
W P 

Till (or 4ntb) St. X A S fr Market. W P 

Tiller's ct. E fr Vnughan bet Walnut A Locust 

Tilton St. N from Cumberland nb Salmon, R 

Timber lane, fr Fkd av ab Shuckama.Yon to Tur- 
ner's la 

Times ct. X fr 925 Rodman 

Times pi. E fr Chatham bel Green 

Timmin's ct. E fr 8th bel Christian 

Timothy st. (Rye st.) S fr Gruff into Madison 

Tin al. S of Walnut E of Broad 

Tioga St. bet Venango A Ontario W fr Ilii-hmond 
to 22d, Kenderton 

Turner's ct. S fr 72('i Lombard 
Turner's la. S W fr Kidtie av ab Girnrd College 
Twa<ldcirsct. fr Barker bel liUh 
Twelfth St. X A S fr Market W of 11th 
Twelve Feet al. S fr 508 Shippon 
Twentieth st. N A S IV Market W of 19th 
Twenty-first st. X A S IV Market W of 20fh 
Twenty-.second st. N A .S fr Market W of 21i.t 
Twenty-third st. N A S fr Market W of 22d 
Twenty.fourth st. X A S fr Mai ket W of 23d 
Twenty-fifth st. X fr f'allowhill to Coates W of 

24th, S fr Locust to South 
Twenty-si.xth st. X fr I'oates W of 25th 
Twenty-seventh st. X IV Cr.ates W of 26th 
Tyler St. N fr 911 Thompson 
Tyler st. W fr Faulkner, to 4th bol Carpenter 
Tyler, see Percy 
Tyrone pi. (Shnefer's ct.) S fr Rawlo E of liaw- 

Tyson st. N fr 6th E of G T av 

Uffenheiiner's nv. N fr 239 Poplar 
Ulrich row, W fr 2d ab Thompson 
Ulrick's al. N fr 433 Contes to 4 14 Maria 
rnnililla st. S fr Crabb to Passyunk av 
Union, sea Gilboa 
I'nion, see Savery 
Union al. see Xorfolk 

Tisdnle pi. (Oliver pi.) fr Christian to Marriott Union ct. see Accoraac pi 

bel 3d 

Tivoli pi. (Laurel ct.) r of Levant nb Spruce 

Tood St. X fr O.xford ah Fkd av 

Toland st. bet Race A Cheny A 19th and 20th 

Tomlin's ct. E fr Rachel n Laurel 

Ton al. fr 12(1 S Del av to 119 Water 

Toronto st. (Warren st.) W fr 33d X of Market 

Toronto st. (Palm st.) E IV Melvale nb Ann 

Torphin st. S fr Tio;:a E of Richmond, R 

Torr's ct. N fr 9(17 Torr 

Torr St. fr 336 X 9th W to Ridge av S of Callow- 

Tottenham jil. (.Morgan's ct.) S fr Carpenter ab 

Tower pi. (Monmouth ct.) S fr 108 Jones' al 

Tower st. W fr lift X 21st 

Tower st. N fr Cedar ab Apple, Myk 

Tower's ct. see Conesloga pi 

Townsend st. E of Sepviva to Cedar 

Townsend's av. see Co/.zen's av 

Tran.=cript st. (Sycamore st.) W fr Eadline, W P 

Traf|uair's ct. E fr 19 X KUh 

Treaty av. (Pennn av.) X fr 922 X 7th 

Treffs ct. E fr 1.349 Hancock bel Master 

Treller's st. W fr Front ab .Morris 

Tremont pi. (Shippen ct.) S fr Ifcarl nb 12th 

Trent pi. (Moore's ct.) W fr 620 Weaver 

Trenton av. X from Harrison ab Fkd nv, K A R 

Trinity pi. S fr 222 Catharine 

Trinity pi. see Calvin pi 

Union ct. see Pensive pi 

Union pi. see Moralitj' pi 

Union pi. see Rutledge pi 

Union pi. see Wadsworth ]il 

Union St. W fr 326 S Front to 329 S 4th 

Union St. fr S P R R, W fr 36th, W P 

Union st. S fr 846 S Front to 901 S 6th 

Unity ct. S fr 16 Minlzer st 

Upshur av. (Liberty av.) E fr 325 Xew Market 

Urbanna pi. (Liberty ct.) W fr 10 X 9th 

Utica pi. (Smiths ct.) W from 414 FotherK'ill 

Vnil's ct. fr Pearl n 23d 
Vnil's pi. see Nineveh 
Valles pi. S fr 225 German 
Valley ct. E fr 105 Eutaw 
Van Rlunk's ct. N fr Marriott ab 5th 
Van Baren ct. W fr 1532 Cadwalader 
Van Buren pi. see Paley pi 
Vandevcer st. (AVats(m"al.) S fr 928 Locust 
Vnnhorn st. W fr 24lh bel Pennsylvania R R 
Vanhorn st. (Rose st.) fr (} T av to 1071 Stiles 
Vasey st. (Lemon st.) W fr 334 S 17th 
Vnu^'hnn st. from 1512 Walnut to 1519 Locust 
I Venango st. W fr Delaware X of Tioga 
I Venango st. fr G T av to Broad, Rising Sun 
I Venango st. S E f r Adrian, Richmond 
A'enango, see Ari/.ona 
Venango, see Tilghinan pi 
Vermont pi. (Liberty av.) W fr 964 N 7th 

Strangere and Citizens are recommended to purchase their 



V.)ni<)ii Kt. I'rW.n N lOlh to 821 N Hth 

Vornoii, HBO A II nil pill in 

Vernon pi. hco Lil,(^liliolil jil 

Vorroo Ht. I'r I'^ninUlord av to Otis 

Vickcr'a ct. N IV Mnikcr ab 17th 

Vienna fit fr IlicilimonJ to Frankford av bet 

Montgoinoiy av A Otis 
Vienna pi. (Thorn'M (;t.) W fr !)tli Ixil Coiitoa 
Vincent 8t. (Lilly nl.) N fr 12(17 liul tonwr,.,.! 
Vine Ht. fr tlio Dulnwuru to Scliuylkill, but Ilace 

and Callowliill 
Vine al. hoo Scjiota pi 
Vino ct. SCO Klwin ))1 
Vino',s ct. N fr 1118 Vino 
Vineyard ,st. W I'r 1720 Kidgo ar to N 19th 
Vininj; pi. (Turner'.s ct.) N fr 2.37 Ciiiharino 
Virginia .st. W fr 22d to 24th ah Coatcs 
Vista st. S fr Locu.'it al) Rittonhouse iS(|uarc 
Voiluni st. fr Steadman to Venango W of 12th 

Wabash pi. (Wallnco ct.) W fr 10 N Front 

Wade pi. W fr N <lth near (leorge 

Wadsworth pi. (Union pi.) S fr 724 Filbert 

Wager st. W fr '.)'.)4 N 6th 

Wager, see Ilackley 

Wager, see Winslow 

Wagner's al. see More 

Wagner's al. N fr Cherry to Race bel 8th 

Wagner's av. W fr 232 N 15th 

Wagner's ct. see McDonald pi 

Wagner's ct. see Mendon pi 

Wagner's ct. W fr (VIO N 7th 

AVakefield, fr Bringhurst to Logan, Gtn 

AValker st. W fr 1218 N 15th 

Walker st. E fr 1420 S 5th 

Walker's ct. r G02 Willow 

Walker's ct. see Lownden pi 

AValker's ct. see Lucas pi 

Wall st. fr Passyunk rd to 7th, opp Queen 

Wall St. fr Church to Unity, Fkd 

Wallace st. (Andrew fr 20th) W fr 627 N 7th to 
Schuvlkill river 

Wallace ct. E fr 10 N Front 

Wallace ct. see Wabash pi 

Wallace ct. see Wilmington pi 

Wallace ct. see Winchester pi 

Wallgrove st. S fr Tacony n Trenton R R 

Walls' Elbow, see Crooked pi 

Wain st. N E f r Church n Tackawanna to Oxford 

Walnut la. W fr Gtn av ab High, Gtn 

Walnut St. Wfr Delaware to Schuylkill bet Chest- 
nut & Spruce 

Walnut al. see Shellbark 

Walnut pi. see Pecan pi 

Walnut pi. S fr 324 Walnut 

AValter St. Wfr 1218 N 15th 

Walter st. fr 326 S 21st to S 22d bel Pine 

Walter st. fr 1428 S 4th to 14.33 S 5th 

Walter's ct. 608 N Front ab Noble 

Walton ct. E fr 529 Chatham, S G 

Walton St. W fr 4th to 1433 S 5th bel Reed 

Walton ct. S fr 406 Lynd 

Wamley pi. (Wesley's ct.) N 2d ab Montgomery 

AVard st. S fr Carpenter n ISth 

Warder's pi. see AVellington pi 

Warder st. N fr Montgomery av to Vienna W of 

Ward's ct. r 23 Parham 

Ward's retreat, see Elgin pi 

Wareham pi. (Price's ct.) S fr 304 Lombard 

Warminster pi. (Weaver's ct.) E fr 1541 Gtn av 
to Cadwalader 

Warner's ct. fr Shippen ab 3d 

Warner's ct. fr Catharine ab 3d 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Warner'H ot. N fr 72!) Cnrponti.-r 

Wiirncr'H ct. fee Davidson pi 

AVarnor'H ct. Kee Kdcli pi 

Warner'H ct. fi-.v I'Mina pi 

Wnrnor'H ct. see Koxbiiry pi 

Warner's ct. Hee Siibine ]>\ 

Wiirner'H ct. ncb Sump pi 

Wiirnock k\. (Lrwin ct.) N fr 1017 Pojilur 

Warren ni, W fr Aloort- ab Mnrket 

Warren ft. fr Beach to llichinond bet Columbia 
av. &, Ijiwhop 

Warren, Hee Stoadnian 

Warren, Hee Toronto 

Warren'H ct. see Scninton pi 

Warren's pi. S fr .'lOfi Lombard 

Wnrthman'.M ct. E fr Tulip bel Dauphin 

Warthmaii's st. W fr 1062 Lawrence 

Washington, Hee American 

AVusliington, fee Beach 

WiL-^hington, .see Ell.sworth 

Wn.ihington, see McLean 

Washington, .hoo Market 

AV^'i-hington, see Mount Vernon 

Washington, see Rodman 

Washington, see Washington av 

Washington av. E A W fr Gtn av. Gtn 

Washington av. (W^•lshington & Prime) fr Dela- 
ware to Schuylkill river, S of Carpenter 

Washington ct. bet Filbert & Jones ab 20th 

Washington ct. see Greenwood pi 

Washington ct. see Holland pi 

Washington ct. see Tangier pi 

Washington la. Bristol pike to Roxborough, Gtn 

Washington pi. see Ellwood pi 

Washington pi. see Fishbourn pi 

Washington pi. see Hopkinson pi 

Washington pi. see Longfellow pi 

AVashington rd. see AVatcrford rd 

AVa.'hington row, see AA''ingohocking pi 

AA'^ashington sq. fr 6th to 7th & fr Walnut to Locust 

AA'ashington st. N E fr Dewees Bridge, Mvk 

AA^ater st. fr Market N to AVillow ct S to Pine, E 
of Front 

AA'"ater, see Chippewa 

AA'aterford rd. bet Green <t Hickory 

AA^aterloo st. N fr 137 JeflFerson to Oxford 

AVatkins st. fr 4th to 6th bel Morris 

AVatkins' al. see Godwin 

AA'^atson, see Paxton 

AVatson's al. see Furness 

AA''atson's al. see A''andereer 

AA^atson St. AV fr 1114 S 5th bel Washington av 

AVatt St. E fr 415 S 20th bel Pine 

Watfs ct. see Smethurst 

A7averly st. W fr 419 S 17th to 411 S 19th 

AYaverlv pi. see Clarkson pi 

AVay av. E fr 20th bel Locust 

AVayne st. S of Lehigh av. E of Plank rd, Gtn 

AVayne st. N fr Mount Vernon to Wallace ab 9th 

AA^ayne, see Souder 

AVeaver's ct. see Lamsen pi 

AVeaver's ct. see ^Mansfield pi 

Weaver's ct. see Warminster 

Weaver's ct. see Westmore pi 

Weaver's ct. fr South ab 4th to 5th 

Weaver's ct. E fr Gtn av. bel Oxford 

A\^eaver's ct. fr N 2d ab Willow 

AA'eaver's row, E from Gtn av. to Cadwalader ab 

Weaver st. N fr 519 Green to 510 Coates 

AA'ebb's al. see Elwyn 

AYebb's al. see Wexford 

AVebb's ct. X fr 405 Cherry 

AA'ebb st. S fr 1626 Fitzwater 

AA'ebster pi. see Daniel pi 

Comer Sixth and Market Streets. 



Webster's ct. see Pickering pi 

Webster's ct. sec Woiulerly pi 

Weccaeiie av. see Greenwny nv 

Wecoacoe nv. see Woodworth nv 

Wecciiioo .^t. N fr .102 Queen to Catharine 

Weeks' ct. N Ir Uachel ab P.>i)liir 

Weisel's st. S fr Alleglinuy nv bel Trenton R K 

Wellein's row, E fr 1211 Unmloljih 

Welling St. from .^rch to Cherry ab 22tl 

Wellington pi. (Warbor's pi.) N fr Dana ab Front 

Wellington pi. E fr C.dnr bel Wcstmorelnd 

Wells' row, S f r 8 E Sth and Green 

Welsh St. (Carbon), S f r S W of 25th 

Wendley's ct. E fr 1010 N Ith 

Wornley's ct. rear 5*J5 N 3d 

Wert, see Wilmer 

Weslej', see Emmet 

Wesley's ct. see Wamly pi 

Wesley st. W fr i;;i2 S 3d bel Wharton 

West ct W. fr 712 Cope st n 19th 

West ct. E fr ;!2y New Market 

AVest St. N fr Coatcs bet 19th and 20th 

West St. N fr Fkd av to Westmoreland, K & R 

West, see Belgrade 

West, see Cope 

West av. see Millicent av 

West ct. see Martindnle pi 

Westmoreland, see Lardncr 

West Delancy pi. W fr 20th bel Ppruce 

West Washington, W fr G T av. Gtn 

West Shippun pi. X fr S:iO Shippen 

Western av. fr 2:!i 15th to Path 

Westford av. S fr SOS Noble 

Westmore pi. fr 515 N 2d 

Westminster pi. W fr Otsego bel Christian 

Westminster av. S fr Lancaster pike, W P 

Westmoreland st. W fr Delaware ab Alleghany av 

Wetherill st. (Murray) (Morris) (see Black.stone) 

S fr 1414 Pine to Lombard ab Broad 
Weyand's pi. E fr Elk bel Otter 
Wharton st. fr the Delaware to Passyunk av bel 

Wheat St. N fr 1323 Frankford av ab Thompson 
Wheat St. S fr 120 Marion, bet S 2d & Front 
Wheelock's pi. S fr 132S Coates to 1331 Potts 
Wheeler st. E fr Charlotte bet Brown & Parrish 

Wheeler's ct. see Bromley pi 

Whetstone ct. S fr fith & Christian 

Whillden's ct. E fr 1311 Rye opp Square 

Whimple pi. r 1026 Swanson 

Whilecar's row, W fr 256 S 5th 

White's ct. N fr 705 Minster 

White's ct. E fr 917 N 19th 

Whitebread pi. (Davis ct. or Whitebread ct.) S 
fr 122 Christian 

Whitebread's ct. see Whitebread pi 

Whitehead's ct. W fr 730 S 4th 

White's ct. see Blue Bell pi 

White's retreat, E fr 1025 N 4th 

White's St. S fr Shippen & near Broad 

White's ct. S fr Bedford bet Copper la & Broad 

White's ct. see Brodie pi 

White's ct. see Plume pi 

Whiteman's ct. E fr 1247 N Front bel Thompson 

AThiteman's ct. see Cottingham pi 

White Horse al. Cherry to Shellbark, bet 1.3th & 
N Juniper 

White's ct. S fr 1322 Rose 

Whitehall st. fr 506 N 12th to Broad 

Whitlock pi. R fr Vine W of Broad 

Whitney st. (Ringgold st.) E fr 1710 Psyk av 

Whyte'8 pi. S from 1234 South 

Widdow's pi. W fr 926 S Front 

Wilbank's ct. r 3 Boyer pi 

Wilcox St. E fr 543 N 22d 

Best Pb.ce in the City to buy 

Wilcox St. (Murray) W fr 328 S 19th to 25th 

Wilder St. (Francis ct.) W fr 1426 S Sth to S 6th 

Wildey St. (Bedford) fr 1059 Frankford av to 
1059 Columbia av 

Wile's row, N fr 1319 Wallace 

Wiley's ct. S fr I.':i2 Miller, S G 

Wiley's ct. W fr 210 N 11th 

Wiley's ct. see AVomrath \A 

William, see Boudinot, or 39th 

William, see McDiifhe 

William, see Sophia 

AVilliam st. W fr Del ab Railroad, R 

William st. E f r S 2Ist bel Locust 

Williams' ct. fr Hamilton bel Canton & N 10th 

Williams' ct. N fr Montgomery ab Richmond, K 

Williams' ct. fr Callowhill ab 9tli 

AVilliams' ct. N fr Cherry ab 9th 

Williams' ct. S fr 528 Shippen 

WilUams" ct. N fr 233 South ab 2d 

AVilliams' ct. see Barbary pi 

Williams' ct. see Hay ward jil 

Williams' ct. see Mangrove 

Williams' ct. see Winner pi 

Williams' ct. see Winijiy jil 

Williamson pi. see Witlierspoon pi 

Williamson st. E fr Moyamen.-ing av bel Morris 

Williamson's ct. see Wimple pi 

Williamson's ct. see AVinthroj) al 

Williamson's ct. S fr 230 Catharine 

Williamson's ct S fr 1504 South 

Williamson's ct. E fr 977 Lawrence 

Willing's al. fr 232 S 3d to 227 S 4th 

AVilling's, see Filson 

Willow al. see Pino Tree 

AVillow ct. see Bay Tree pi 

Willow ct. fr Vine W of 16th 

Willow St. or 25th, fr Locust to South bet river 
Schuylkill and Beach or 24th 

AVillow'st. fr the Delaware W to 9th N of Cal- 

Willow st. bet Arch and Cherry, Soh 

Wilmer's al. fr 358 Dillwyn 

Wilmer pi. (Wirt) E fr 333 N 2d 

Wilmington pi. r of Wilton F V 

Wimple pi. (Williamson's ct.) W fr Swanson bel 

Wilson St. fr 949 S Front E to Swanson 

Wilson St. S fr York AV of Gunner's run 

Wilson, see nomphill 

AVilson's ct. see Grammont pi 

AVilson's ct see AVier [il 

AVilson's ct. see AVindhnm pi 

AVilson's ct. S fr Buttonwood ab 6th 

AVilson's ct. r 3 Poplar 

AVilson's ct. E fr 729 S 6th 

\Vilton st. see AVylie 

AVilt's ct. S fr Brown n 10th 

Winche.-ter pi. (Murray's ct.) AV fr 924 S Front 

Winchester ct. N fr 1807 Bedford 

AAMngobocking pi. ('n row)A\' fr 960 Lawrence 

AVinfield pi. E fr 115 N 8th 

AVinner pi. (AVilliams' ct.) N fr South ab 3d 

AVinooska pi. (Louden pi.) fr 18th on Bedford 

AVinslow St. (AVager st.) AV fr 208 N 12th to 206 
N 13th 

AA'inter, see Galloway 

Winter st. AV fr 240 N 16th 

AViuter st. AV fr 20th bet Race and Vine 

AVinter's ct. S fr 1234 Monterey 

AVinthroppl.(AVilliamson'sct.)AV fr 18th ab South 

AVirt pi. (Linden pi.) AV fr 538 Linden 

AVirth's ct. E of 825 N 5tli ub Brown 

AVinder \,\. (Linden pi.) S fr AV of 18th 

Wissahickon la. E fr Ridge av to P H la, Gtn 

Wistarst. AV from 534 N lOlh to 12th 

good and cheap Clothing at 

LIST ov K'riiKiriB, K'r<;. 


Wistar st. B f r G T av to York av, Qtn 

WiBtar, see Minorvji. 

WiKtur, HOC iSidtnouth 

Wistar't) av. hoo Cn,H]Kir av 

WiHtar'H cit. HOO Dryduii pi 

Wistar's ot. hoc Oliio pi 

AVi.iUir's cfc. H(!o !->pon(U)r ])1 

WiHter pi. I'l- (')()() N Kltli to CM N 101,1, 

WitliorHpnoM pi. (WillianiHoii pi.) N IV Si 09 Cherry 

Witmor'B al. .'i.^H Dillwyii 

Witto Hi. S fr Allo^;han"y av hol 'I'roriton K R 

Woolpor'n ct. K IV 2.'i(l bol llaco 

Wogliti'H al. fr A/.alia nt to Vino bot \f>th A, JJroad 

Wolf'Hot. N fr !().'■) Lombard 

Wolf ct. S fr .".i'l {iurniMn 

Wolf's ct. E of Jlopo ab Sidiool 

Wornrath pi. (Wiloy'n ct.) N fr 2.'i.'i Monroe 

Wood's ct. W fr Orooiihill u Scybort 

Wonderly pi. (Webster's ct.) N fr I-ll) Otter 

Wood Ht. W fr Gtn av ab Sharpnack, Gtn 

Wood, soe Otin 

Wood ct. SCO I'onrbnn pi 

Wood's ct. E fr Garden bel Callowliill 

Wood St. fr 312 N 2d st W to the Schuylkill, bot 

Vine ifc Callowliill 
Wood at. N fr Levoring, Myk 
AVoodland st. S fr 012 Federal 
Woodbine st. S fr Federal ab 6th 
Woodworth av. (Weccacoe av.) S fr 12 Christian 
Woodville pi. (Sharpless pi.) N fr St Joseph's av 

bel 18th 
AVorkman's ct. W of Front ab Mead 
Worrell Ht. N W fr Tacony n Fkd to 15 Fkd 
Worth st. N fr Church n Trenton R R to Orthodox 
A¥orth's St. bet 1626 S 4th <fc 5th ab Tasker 
Worth's ct. E fr 727 Mintzer 
AVroken st. W fr Cedar ab Huntingdon 
AVright St. W fr .33d N of Market 
Wright st. AV fr Ridge av n Jefferson & Sharsvrood 
Wright St. AV fr 21st bel Jefferson 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, 

Wyatt Ht. W fr Ttli ab Pcleral 
VVyloHt. {AiinorAVilton)W fr If'.IH Ridj,'c av to I9lh 
VVyiiko(i|) Ht. (VVyomin;^ ."t.) \V fr 13th to H Juni- 
per ab Spruce 
Wyoiniij;<, W i'r 1222 S 2d to Corn 
Wyoming;, hco Anloinotto 
AVyoniing, yi:<) i''nirfi'-ld 
Wyoming, nee Wynkoo]) 

Wyoming kI. S fr l.'iOl ,'^liipf)(:n to l.'iO!) Fitzwater 
Wyoming Ht. N fr llnverlord uli •IDth 

Yard'H ct. N fr Carlton ab 13th 

YragcrH ct. see Emden 

Ycager's ct. see Kevin ]i\ 

Yliost st. fr .000 Catharine to Queen 

YhoHt jd. r 027 Carpenter 

York, see Evelina 

A'ork, Hoo Onas 

York jil. foe ircrbort jil 

Y'ork pi. SCO I'liulding jil 

York av. fr N -Ith .t Vin(j to (iln nv 

York rd. N E of Gtn av n Iti.-ing Sun 

York St. AV fr Del bel Cumberland 

Young's al. W fr 41.'! New Market 

A'oung's ct. S fr 228 Christian 

Young's ct. N fr 427 Carpenter st 

Y'^oung's av. see Helena av 

Young's ct. see Plumstead pi. 

Young's pi. gee Marmion pi 

Y''oung' .see Seville pi 

Young's al. S fr 152 Pegg st bel 2d 

Young's ct. N fr 233 Shippen 

Zachariah ct. N fr 121 Walnut 
Zane, see Filbert 

Zanoni st. (Centre) W fr 24th bel Penn'a ay 
Zeigler's ct. r Melvale bel Maple 
Zenobia st. (Charlotte) AV fr 6 11th bel Spruce 
j Zephyr av. AV fr 752 S Sth 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 

Mcelroy & co., 



EaSTGn^VII^TGS, &c., 


37 South Sixth Street, 


Northeast corner Tenth & Chestnut Sts., 

And invite the attention of their friends and the public to their choice and well- 
selected assortment of 

Standard and Miscellaneous English Literature, 

Which is being constantly increased by new arrivals from abroad. 

They will also keep on hand all the leading publications of American publishers; 
and will endeavor to maintain their reputation for the high character of their stock 
which they have heretofore possessed. 


Orders are received in about six weeks after their reception. Their connections 
abroad give them unusual facilities for the execution of orders for scarce Books, 
Engravings, &c. 


A large assortment constantly on hand; and all new Engravings of real merit 

received as soon as issued. 

Buy your Clothing at the great 



Al) above ; acct accountant ; al alloy ; atty at law attorney at law ; av avenue ; bel below ; bet 
between; Bilg Bridcsburg ; B T Bristol Township; Bin Bustleton ; b h boardinjr house ; C IWI 
Chestnut Hill ; c corner ; ct court; EEast; Fkd Frankfonl ; Fkl Frfinklin; Gin Gerrnantown ; d 
T av Oorraantown avenue ; gent, gentleman; gentw. gentlewoman ; H Ville He.»tonville ; h house; 
Ilbg Ilolmesburg ; Ken Kenderton ; I lane ; lab laborer ; M Ville Maylandville ; Myk Mannyunk; 
Mt A Mount Airy; tnanuf. manufacturer and manufactory; raer. merchant; nir. maker; N Penn 
North Penn ; n near ; N North ; Penyk Pennypack ; R Ridge ; Rd Richmond ; Sinfid .^'tuithfield ; S 
South ; Sch Schuylkill ; *E Trenton ; W West ; whf wharf or wharves. 


Aal Moses, agt. 405 N 7th, h 914 N 7th 
Aaron Philip, lager beer, 700 N ."id 
Aaron Samuel, laborer, 27 N Ellsworth 
Aarons Aaron, tailor, 614 N 2d 
Aarons Benjamin, salesman, 614 N 2d 
Aarons Noah, dealer, .308 Gaskill 
Aaronson Caleb, conductor, 314 N lOtli 
Aaronson Charles B., carpenter, 1.327 Button- 
wood, h Kith and Wallace 
Aaronson George P., millwright, 457 Allen 
Aaronson Henry, gent. 314 N 19th 
Aaronson Joseph, sup't St R R Co. 314 N 19th 
Aayres Edmund D., engineer, 419 Allen 
Ale Joseph, shoemaker, 3 Brinkley pi 
Abbett E., millinery, 26 N 5th 
Abbett Edwin, student, 26 N 5th 
Abbett Sallie, school, 537 Linden 
Abbett Theodore, carpenter, 927 Hutchinson 
R. ^ Ckarles O. Abbey), gold foil manufactur- 
ers, 228 & 230 Pear 
Abbey Charles, gold foil manuf. 230 Pear, h 321 

Abbey Charles 0., gold foil manuf. 230 Pear, h 

117 S 16th 
Abbey Joseph N., 2046 Mt Vernon 
Abbey William M., mer. 30 N Del av, h 321 

Vine . 
Abbey William R., gold foil manuf. 230 Pear, h 

522 S 10th 
Abbott Samuel, gent. 219 S 17th 
ABBOTT ct CO., scale manuf. 9th n Coates, h 

1223 N 7th 
ABBOTT C. H. & GEO., wholesale hardware, IS 

N4th, h 910 Clinton 
ABBOTT & NOBLE {James G. Abbott l^- Charles 

jVob/e), Liberty Stove Works, 410 Brown 
Abbott Abraham" I., grocer, 843 S 2d 
Abbott Charles, clerk, 1733 Coates 
Abbott Charles, mer. IS N 4th, h 910 Clinton 
Abbott Charles R., sec 6th &, 6th Pass R R, h 
1733 Coates 


Abbott Edward, merchant, h 137 N 11th 

Abbott E. W., tobacconist, 1039 Crease 

Abbott Francis, clerk, Spruce ab 39th 

Abbott Francis R., mer. 527 Market, h 1426 Arch 

Abbott George, varnisher, 4 Balfh 

Abbott George M., clerk, 219 S 17th 

Abbott James, merchant, 1426 Arch 

Abbott James G., Liberty Stove Works, 410 

Brown, h 806 N 7th 
Abbott John, gent. 1421 Vine 
Abbott John, manuf. Paul bel Church, Fkd 
Abbott .John E., painter, N E Race & Broad, h 

1218 Coates 
Abbott Joseph, hatter, 507 Watkin? 
Abbott J. H., brewer, 136 N 2d, h 137 N 11th 
Abbott Michael, laborer, 1727 Jones 
Abbott Montelius, atty-at-law, 211 S 6th, h 1426 

Abbott William H., atty, 20 N 7th. h 1421 Vine 
Abbott R., gent, 1926 Chestnut 
Abbott Samuel, laborer, r 116 Christian 
Abbott Samuel, scale manuf. N W 9th & Melon, 

h 1223 N 7th 
Abbott Stephen S., salesman, 621 S 2d 
Abbott Thomas, dealer, 1351 Warnock 
Abbott T., viee-pi-es. Trenton Iron Co, 2051 

Walnut, h Trenton, N J 
Abbott William, laborer, 615 Annapolis 
Abbott William, papermaker. Levering, Mvk 
Abbott William L.. sent. 1616 Arch 
Abbott Wilson, brewer, 136 N 2d, h 446 N 5th 
AHbott W. S., mer. 241 Chestnut, h 2305 Green 
Abdell William, engineer. S Reckless 
Abe Henry, harnessmaker, 801 N 4th 
Abekersh Henry, segarmaker. 1316 Ogden 
Abel Charles, chairmaker, 944 Kurtz 
Abel Charles, fisherman. 464 Allen 
Abel Charles, sign painter, 40 N 5th, h 532 New- 
Abel Charles R., tin p w. 820 N 4th 
Abel Charles S., tin p w. 820 N 4tli 
Abel Christian, baker, 1002 Coates 

Oak Hall, Soutlieast Corner Sixth and Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown. 





Abel Pftvid M., shoerar. 604 Ilimiiii-lwright pi 

Alifl Edwin, shoeeuttor, 819 Noi-larino 

Ahi-1 (Jeorge, conlwniner, 1221 Siivory 

Ali.l Ot'i.rge, bliuiliuiiker, i:i20 E:irl 

Al>i-I Henrv, laborer, lf>23 Miilvaiu-y 

Al.i'l Ileniv, porter, 106 Rfliof 

Al.c-1 Ju-ol'. C. gont, 121.') N llth 

Abtl J. .Ill), Imrtemler, lll.t Purrish 

Alu-I J.ihn, fi.^heriniui, 400 Allen 

Abi'l Jobn, letter carrier, 912 Warnock 

Al> D., liloiuaker, 1334 Ridge av, h 32a A 

Abel 11., iinshmnker. .S20 \ 4th 
Abel .loscph, butcher, Bodine n O.xford 
Alul .M. C, .«alesinan, 229 Market, h 121.'> N llth 
Abel IVter, ]>rinter, ITiTJ X 7th 
Abel Peter, !ii»ooinaker, Memphis n Norris 
Abel Peter, shoemaker, i;i2t) Eirl 
Abel Peter E., bookseller, 306 Chestnut, h 1612 

N 7tt, 
Abel Peter n.. tin p w. R20 N 4th 
Abel Hubert K.. watch case inr. OfiS Aider 
Al>el Samuel H., wharf builder, 1019 
Abel Samuel S., peddler, r 909 X Mth 
Abel l^arnh M., gentlewoman, .■!20 Franklin 
Abel William, stove moulder, l.T2() Earl 
Abeles B., millinery goods, b-l S 2d 
AlK-!es Seligman, dry goods, 117 X 2d 
Aboil Arunah S., publisher, S W Chestnut & 3d, 

h Baltimore 
Abell A. B., coach painter, 208 S llth 
AbL-ll .Tnines AV., artist, i;!0 Richmond 
Abcll W. B., druggist, .'JIS X Front 
Abels Andrew, currier, 852 Randolph 
Abt-ndroth Daniel, cabinetmaker, 5."! I Brook 
Abendroth William, tailor, 1419 Vienna 
Ahercroiubie James, beamer, 17;i.') Carver 
Aberdeen Stephen, tailor, 208 Wharton 
Aberly Frederica, gentw 870 Charlotte 
Abernethy John, laborer, 411 N Kith 
Abernethj' Robert, gentleman, 441 Dauphin 
Aberson Isaac, store, 206 Ristine 
Abott Isaiah, bricklayer, 1008 Newton 
Abett William, laborer, 1908 South , 

Abinger Israel, tailor, 722 New Market 
Able George M., butcher, 1225 Wallace 
Able John J., watchman, 1225 Wallace 
Able Mark, tavernkeeper, S W 5th and Master 
Ablie John, clerk, 1305 Mt Vernon 
Abnett John W., bricklayer, 836 Swanson 
Ahnett Joseph C, bricklayer. 649J N 15th 
Aborn E. S. Dr., r 624 Lombard 
Abom Joseph K., upholsterer, S E 7th A Arch, 

h 1 Barlow 
Abotty Christopher, druggist, 814 S 8th 
Abraham Edward, tailor, 1221 Columbia av 
Abraham Haines, merchant, 1120 Callowhill 
Abriiliain IsaaC; drover, 1723 Francis 
Abraham Jacob K., clothing; 344 South 
Abraham Mary, gentlewoman, 1337 S 8th 
Abrahams Abraham, lab. Emerald n Dauphin 
Abrahams .Joseph, constable, G T nv ab Berks 
Abrahart .John, rngmnn, N Oth ab Meetler 
Abram William, butcher, G T av n Rising Sun 
Abram Michael, furniture car, 1734 Carver 
Abrains Abraham Jr., brickmr. Emerald n Dau- 
Abrams George, brickmr., Bodine n Ox or ' 
Abraras Henry, clerk, 257 N 2d 
Abrams I.-^aae" butcher, 1507 N 12th 
Abram? Joseph, lawyer, 507 Race 
Abrams William, pumpmr. Cherry ab Meadow 
Abruins William B., butcher, 846 Charlotto 
Acad''my Sisters Notre Dame, N E Juniper A 

Accoo Annie, gentlewoman, 219 Vandoveer 
Aeeooe Williaui (e) lab. 7 .Miidisoii ct 
Accor Samuel, grocery, Sharswoud A X 2Ist 
Aelionbach George Wm., cordwainer. 130 Otter 
Aclieson .t Bilnor (Anion l>. Aelirsoii if Af>i<ilfim 

liitiKi), I'orward'g A coin, ujers. 1015 Market 
Aeheson .\mi>n D., tnrwarding A com. mcr. 1015 

Market, h 4 S 3. id 
Acheson James, gent. X E 20th A Brandywino 
Acheson John, weaver, X Front bel Berks 
.■\chey Jesse, liiiuber dealer, Main ab Sharpiiack, 

Gtn, h Sharpnack, (itn 
A'.'hiardi Signor, inusiuiau, 526 Powell 
Aciiianli Victor, fruiterer, r 1121 Carpenter 
Achutr Howard, huckster, r 1321 Hope 
Achuff Jesse C, shoe manuf., 232 Arch, h 

Haines n Main, Gin 
Achnff .Martha, tailore-^s, 1237 Potts 
Aehuff William, butcher, r 1321 Hope 
Acker Emma, 422 Carpenter 
Acker George, barber, 026 Master 
Acker Henry, bakery, KHO Girard av 
Acker Jacob L., blaekMuilh, 1638 S 6th 
Acker James D.. salesman, 335 N 3d, h 339 X .3d 
Ackerman Clinton M., salesman, 237 Chestnut, 

h 522 X 2d, Camden 
Ackerman Ri)bert, laborer, 509 Federal 
Ackland Thomas, seaman, 27 Beck 
Ackley John, laborer, J 226 Beach 
Acklcy John N., dealer, 2123 Sharswood 
Ackley .J. T., coal oil manuf. 2139 Sunimsr 
Acklt^*' Xorinan, grocer, 88 Laurel 
Ackley R-becca, gentlewoman, 1304 Winslow 
Ackley Sarah, Mill n R R Gtn 
Ackley William, driver, S Court al 
Ackley William II., hatter, 802 N 2d 
Ackroyd Jeremiah, dyer. 2113 Harnistead 
AcofT William, driver, Gtn av Rising Sun 
Acorn Charles, laborer, 37 Otter < 
Acton W. R., tailor, 1009 Olive 
Adair Catharine, gentlewoman, 1908 Penna av 
Adair Henderson, butcher, 1 tjuarry ct 
Adair .James, carman, 1017 Noble 
Adair John G., printer, 1154 Jefferson 
Adair Matilda, tailoress, 1311 Myrtle 
Ad.'iir Robert Rev., Sec. Home Miss. Soc, ^'■'•'^^ 

Clicstnut, h Norristown 
Adair Samuel, porter, 726 Hubbell 
Adair William, bootmaker, 214 N 10th 
Adair William J., carpenter, Haverford n 34th 
Adair William S., teller Bank of Commerce, li 

212 X 17th 
Adam .John, tailor, Cuba nb Moore 
Adam William G., boilermaker, Seybert bel 16th 
Adams A Parker (Grorpce R. Adrms ff Jolm 

Pinkir, Jr.), ladies shoes, 809 Spring Gardtn 
Adams, gentlewoman, 1640 Lombard 
Adams Ale.xandcr, brushmaker, 85H N llth 
Adams Alexander, carman, h 1312 Shellbark 
Adams Alexander, merchant, 31 N 2d, h ilI9 N 

Adams Alexander II., com. mer. Ill Arch, h 2017 

Adams Allen B., barber, 024 Barclay 
Adams Anthony, upholsterer, 49 N 20th 
Adaius A. Lemuel, stationer, 142 N 3d, h 8th ab 

Adams A., gentleman, 22 N 15th 
Adams A \V., salesman, 433 Market, h 607 N 

Adams Boyd, police, 8 Steele's ct 
Ailams Bushrod W., stock broker, 323 Walnut, h 

1I2H Spruce 
Adams Charles, agent, 736 Arch, h 1642 Green 
Adams Charles, carpenter, 2055 Evergreen 

The Pepnlar Clothing House of Philadelphia. 



Adams Charlos, lamp black manuf. 1620 Girard uv 
Adams Cliariof, slioetniikor, 10(17 S I'edford 
AdiiiiiH (JliailoH, Htcol ftncjltor, 2 McDonald jil 
Adams ChiirlcH T., firoduuo, '127 York av 
Adams Cliai-lcH II , liookkecper, U. li., Ii 721) Oiofii 
Adams DjiiiicI, liricklaycif, 4.'i N IJrrmil 
Adams David, lalxu'er, 10 Hiiar cl. 
Adams David, |)r<jvisioii dealer, '.MO N 7lh 
Adams Kdward, moreliiint, 221 N 201 li 
Adams Kdward, ship carpotilur, Otscjj^o A I'rimo 
Adiims Edwai'd C, mucliiiiist, lO.'J llcliuf 
Adams !']li, agoiit, .'f2'l York iiv 
Adams l<;ii/.!i,boUi, washiii^c, 21'J Cnrniiil iil 
Adams ]<]. ]<;. R.;v., If;."2 Ml, Vuriion 
ADAMS KXIMUCSS (.'()., .•!20 Chestnut 
Adams Frederick M.. alty-aL-law, 128 S Sixth, 

h 001 I'iiie 
A<liims F. W., leather dealer, 701 N I.'Jth 
Adams F. W. E., clerk, f')45 N 7th 
Adams (Jeorge, iirovision duiiler, 910 N 7th 
Adams Oeorgo, laborer, Maiden, Myk 
Adiims Ge(ir;j;o R., Indies shoes, SO!) Spring 

Garden, h 81 I Spring Garden 
ADAMS II. J. & CO. (Iloirard J. Adams (ij- 

AlJ'n;<t, Ruberts), gen. com. mer. Ill Arch 
Adams Menry, slioemaker, r 025 E Thomp.son 
Adams Henry, weaver, Miller bel Wister, Gtn 
Adams Howard, sprinj; grinder, Adams n Penn 
Adams Howard J., Ill Arch, h 2018 Ml Vernon 
Adams Jacob, butcher, 10,32 Morgan 
Adams Jacob, laborer, 3 Wheat 
Adams Jacob, moulder, 818 N 1.5th 
Adams Jiimes, bricklnyer, 10;n Vernon 
Adams Jame,s, carpetweaver, 1009 Stocker 
Adams James L., eigarmnker, 2121 JefiFerson 
Adams Jumes, clerk, 1124 Francis 
Adams James, driver, 1304 Palethorp 
Adams James, laborer, 1214 Carlisle 
Adams James, springmaker, Elizabeth & Unity 
Adams James, stonemason, 329 S 13th 
Adams James C , iron, 1034 Washington av, h 

615 S 11th 
Adams John, 403 Watkin 
Adams John, carpenter, 1212 S Front 
Adams John, coal mer. Main opp Penn, Myk 
Adams John, gentleman, 1630 Chancellor 
Adiiras John, laborer, 242 Oxford 
Adams John, machinist, r 1935 Roehford 
Adams John, mariner, 504 Penn 
Adams John, nurse, Antoinette ab Powelton av 
Adams John, shoemaker, York n Memphis 
Adams John C, cigarmaker, 501 N 18th 
Adams John G., acct. 337 Market, h 1325 

Adams John Q., atfy-at-law, 123 S 5th, h 1520 

Adams John Q., clerk, h 673 N 12th 
Adams John W. boatman, 328 Emmet 
Adams John W. (c), waiter, 1641 Helmuth 
Adams John W., boots, 726 South 
Adams John S., police, 415 Redwood 
Adams Jonas, seaman, Melvale n William 
Adams Joseph, coaldealer, 919 N Front 
Adams Joseph, fisherma'n, 1233 Ash 
Adams Joseph, ship carpenter, Otsego & Prime 
Adams Joseph, grocer. Washington, Myk 
Adams Joseph, laborer, 10 Briar ct 
Adams Joseph, trunkmaker, 1204 Wood 
Adams J. Quincy, atfy-at-law, 340 S 15th 
Adams Lewis P., ca«emaker. 1226 Potts 
Adams Mary, widow, r 220 Monroe 
Adams Mary (c), servant, 1721 Pearl 
Adams Mary (c), washwoman, 1620 Helmuth 
Adams Mary A. (c), provisions, 533 Lombard 
Adams Mary E., r 1212 Vienna 

Wanamaker & BrowB, Oak Hall 

AdainB Mary B., Kontlowotnan, 1004 MiteH 
AdaniK M., (diildieii'H nirn'g ({oodM, l.'JOft Cliextnul 
Adiims M Ji., dry good.^ T.'.i) Arch, h |(;»2 Green 
Adiiiii.'^ i'aul li., l.inHiniLh, lOI.'iH 7th 
Adiims Ri!ul)'!ti C, mech'l detitiHt, IG.'!8 Amboy 
AdiitiH Richard, clerk, KuriMington bunk, li 098 

Adnms Robert, '.'.T.) Walnut, h S E Witlnut A I2lh 
Adiims RoI)«.t(, bruHhmaker, HUH N I Ith 
Adams lUdtcrl, gentleman, ll.'iO Wajiiul 
Adams Robert, IkjIcI, Fr.inkford A Adumy, Fkd 
AdiiniH Robc^rt, mariner, 38 Keck 
Ad.'ims Robert, weaver, 1.025 Philip 
Adams Robert, jr., coal mer. Willow nt. Wharf, 

h 919 N Fioiit 
Adam.M Rob<M't H., mer. tailor, >S E 7th A Market, 

h hX'. N nth 
Adams R., 7.'!9 ,S Juniper 
ADAMS SAMLEL. 1337 Bpruce 
Adams Samuel M., clerk, 2118 Green 
Adams Samuel, dry good.s, C2I Girard av 
Adams Samuel, trunkmaker, 1301 Catharine 
Adam.s Stephen, bookkeeper, 1217 Everett 
Adams Stephen L., book binder, 1300 Melon 
Aiiams Thomas, carter, 2239 Wood 
Adams Thomaij, framework knitter. Tulip ab 

Montgomery av 
Adams Thomas, grocer, N W 7tli & Poplar 
Adams Thomas, ladies shoes. 439 Richmond 
Adams Thomas, machinist. Grape, ilyk 
Adams Thomas, salesman, 249 N 2d, h 133 Racp 
Ad.ims Thomas F., manuf. 138 S Del av, h 1520 

Girard av 
Adams Thomas H., saddlers' tools, 707 Byard 
Adams Thomas J., druggist, 1539 Lombard . 
Adams Thomas M., engineer, 46 N 7th, h 113 T'T 

Adams Thomas R., clerk, 131 Race 
Adams T,, machinist, 710 N llth 
Adams Wesley^ seaman, Bath n Ann 
Adams William, blacksmith, 1321 Locust 
Adams William, carpet weaver, 825 Shippen 
Adams William, coachmaker, 22 N 15th 
Adams William, collector. Oak, Myk 
Adams William, conductor, 1204 Wood 
Adams William, dealer, 242 Stamper's al 
Adams William, engineer, Cumberland n T»en- 

ton av 
Adams William, gunmaker. Fkdav n Cumberland 
Adams William, moulder, 102 Areh 
Adams William, spinner, John, Myk 
Adams William, stonedealer. Levering, Myk 
Adams William B., cooper. 921 Torr 
Adams William C. atfy at law, 114 S 6th 
Adams William K., paperhanger, 1226 Potts 
Adams AVilliam W., moroc. manufac'r, 837 N Sth 
Adams William R., shoemaker, 2131 Henrietta 
Adams W. H., Secy Masonic Hall, h 1626 Vine 
Adamson Ellen, tailoress, 4th ab Berks 
Adamson George, manufacturer, X 6th n Camac, 

h 1618 N 2d 
Adamson Hessel, carpenter. 239 Catharine 
Adamson .James, gent. 2012 Cambridge 
Adamson James, milk, York ab 2d 
Adiimson James E., moulder, 2012 Cambridge 
Adamson John, plumber, 1351 Shippen 
Adamson John H., bricklayer, 859 X 9th 
Adamson Joseph, mer. 36 X 4th. h 1124 Vine 
Adamson Thomas, laborer, 1351 Shippen 
Adamson Thomas, mer. 3d n Arch, h 1228 Case 
Addicks J. Edward, clerk, 1218 Market, h tSO 

Addis A. A., photographer, 733 Wallace 
Addis John C, conductor. 1704 X 6th 
Addis Joseph, coachmaker, 913 Hutchinson 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Addis Michnol, porter, 12 AMijon'si pi 
Adilison Williaai. wiik'liinsikor, S02 Wnod 
Ad.lloton Riibcrt, painter, 1130 ("linrtes 
AdfUierger Lawrence, bnker, 3ilt Oxford 
Adonaner Adnm, slioemiiker, r f>H> N 7th 
Adty Williiini, silk.-ikeinor, 110 Oxford 
Adtield Hohert, .spinner, Auilior n Cumberland 
Adger Robert (c), dealer. S21 South 
Adger Robert M. (c) furniture, .s2J South 
Adkin.-i John (o) barber, 729 Lonibard 
Adkiii;; Randall, bonier, Wayne, (itn 
Adkins Robert, jilastcrer, I'.i.iO Pine 
Adkins Samuel, weaver, Wayne, Gtn 
Adkins Wilson (i) laborer, •l'27 (ia.skill 
Adlard .I.iuies, tailor, 811 N Hth 
Adier A Metz (.S. A/l/er ^ B. Mtiz), clonk man. 

413 Arch 
Adler Abraham, millinery, 341 N 2d, h 2133 

IJ reen 
Adler C. F., moroecodreiwer, l.'il Margnretta, 

h Oxford rd, 23d Ward 
Adler Georj^e W., morocco manufnc. 131 Mnrgn- 

rettii. h Oxford rd, 2:!d Ward 
Adler (t. S., morocco nianufac. l."l ^largnretln, 

h Oxford rd, 23,1 Ward 
Adler Isaac, clothing, .')12 Shipjien 
Adler S., cloak munufac. 41.'! Arch, h 8.^3 N .'ith 
Admiston Robert, laborer, MOrt (lulielnia 
Adolph A- Keen (A/rn// W. Ailolph if E/i Keen), 

hats and cap.s. 02 N 2d 
Adolph Alfred W., hatter, 62 N 2d, h 900 

Adolph Andrew, r 935 Marshall 
.Adolph Andrew, cutter, 857 Charlotte 
A-Hph George, hatter, 62 N 2d. h 900 Franklin 
Adoljih Henry, furniture, 36 N 2d, h Franklin 

ah Poplar 
Adol].h John, tailor, r 730 Julia 
Adolphus J.imes, grocer, 1222 S 7th 
Adolphus James M.. locksmith, 28 S 10th 
Adrian & Sharp {William Ailrian (J- Jusejfli E. 

S/trirp). wood engravers, 142 S 3d 
Adrian William, wood engraver, 142 S 3d, h 

12th ab Federal 
Adrien Charles, engraver, 1173 S 12th 
Adshead John, dealer, 1408 S 8th 
Adshead Mary, gentlewoman, Thomas bet Ta- 

cony & Green, Fkd 
Advena A Brother (WilUam if Paul Atlceim), 

iron bedstead.?, 148 N 6th 
Advena Paul, iron bedsteads, 148 N 6th 
Advena William, iron bedsteads, 148 N 6th, h 

1008 Randolph 
Aecert Adam, gent. 921 Marlborough 
Aecher Constantine, watch c. m'. 800 N 4th 
Aecher Theodore, beer house, 866 N 4th 
Aererback Barlow, mer. 103 S Water, h 473 

N 0th 
Aertsen James M., bill broker, 212 Walnut, h 

Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Aertsen John P., Sec. .t Trea. H. <t B. T. R. R. 

Co., 2;".S S 3d, h Price n Hancock, Gtn 
Aertsen Robert B., As.s't Treas. Phoeni.T Iron Co., 

410 Walnut, h W Walnut la, Gtn 

, tavern, 1335 S 10th 
M., tavern, N W Lancaster av 

Afflick H. M., 
AlUiek John 

A 40th 

AOliik Morris K., builder, ."ilS Franklin 
Alterbath George, wheelwright. Coral n Freth 
A-ard William Y., mer., 325 N 4th, h 230 N 7th 
A^en John, hotel, N W 10th k Locust 
Agen J(din, lal)orer, 1 Drinker's al 
Agen John, laborer, 1322 Shippon 
Agen Miiry, wiilow, 2121 Tryon 
A'.'en Patrick, laborer, S I'oiut Pleasant cl 
Agen Patrick, laborer, 410 Monroe 
Agen Thoma.o. laborer, Rittenhouse, (5tn 
Atreu Thomas, puddler, S E Beach A Lsiurel 
Age.< Nancy (c), 020 ,*< RonaMson 
Aggins Joseph, cutter, 029 Federal 
Agilton Albert, real estate agent, 515 llichmond 
.'Vgin G. B., confectioner, 3 Pleasant Retreat 
Agin Henry, bookkeeper, 719 Wallace 
Agin Isaac, currier, 719 Wallace 
Agin James, clerk, 719 Wallace 
Agin Kecnan, laborer. 8 Foster Row 
Agio Edmund, cabinetmaker, r 817 Charlotte 
Agnew James, laborer, 2201 Summer 
Agnes James, blacksmith, Otis n Frankford av 
Agnew A {William Ag^ucv i\- Beverley 

ICiii^lifli), cloaks and mantillas, 839 Chestnut 
I A 25 S 9th 
Agnew Anges, machinist, .Sellers n Leipcr, Fkd 
Agnew David, carpenter, 1131 Ellsworth 
Agnew Dennis, laborer, 1512 America 
.Agnew D., weaver. Hazard n Emerald 
Agnew D. II., M.D., 10 N 1 1th 
Agnew Elizabeth, gentlew. 20 N 17th 
Agnew Henry, grocer, 2004 C.-illowhill 
Agnew Isabella, Walnut bel 40th 
Agnew James, laborer, 1018 Milton 
Agnew James, machinist, 918 Morgan 
Agnew Jane, 1037 S 4th 
Agnew John, boilennnker, r 1004 S 7th 
At;new John, cooper, 514 N 24th 
Agnew John, drayman, r 1354 Hancock 
-Agnew John, engineer, 194 5 Harm?ted 
Agnew John, fire-engine builder, 918 .Morgan 
Agnew John A., weighmnstcr, 919 Cro.^.o 
Agnew Louisa, periodicals, 3508 Market 
Agnew Michael, tavern, S W Hancock & Master 
Agnew Samuel, N W 11th A Filbert 
Agnew Thomas, liquors, 1032 Locust 
Agnew William, cloaks. 839 Chestnut, hin2Pine 
Agnew William, watchcase maker, 1037 S 4th 
Ahart Peter, tailor, 1018 Ma.ster 
Aheiirn Thomas, mason, 8 Central pi 
Ahem Eugene, clerk, 809 S 10th 
Ahcrn Jaroes, stevedore, 812 Depot 
Aliein John, clerk, 8 Filbert av 
Ahern .John, conductor, 1011 Stocker 
Ahern John, shoemaker, 3 Cnskadino's ct 
Ahcrn Patrick, laborer, Somerset n Amber 
Ahern Thomas, S W AVarnock A Oxford 
Aher James, provisions, 931 Parrish 
-Ahlbreght Conrad, restaurant, 00 Cumberland 
Ahllworth William, potter, r 1510 Barclay 
Alin Isaiah, groceries, 3128 Market, h 31st A 


Affer Theodore, photographer, 1549 N llth 

Afferback Ilenrj-, carpet weaver, Front ab Dia- ' Ahn J. AVisner, confectioner, 1330 Ridge av 

mond ' Ahn Leandcr, tinsmith, Adams ii Carroll 

AflBebach Charles, police, 1221 Howard Ahvciid Theodore, musician, 1120Cuthbert 

Afilebach George, laborer, Carroll n Sergeant .Aliuren John, painter, 204 Stamper's al 

Afflebach Sarah, wid. Henry, Memphis ab Norris . Aiclier Jacob, lager beer, 506 Vine 
Afflerbach H., weaver, Front ab Diamond 
Afflerbach Jesse, gent. 352 N 2d 
AJBerbach Joseph, butcher, 1228 Palmer 
Afllerbach AV., gun and pistol mi.nuf. 1141 N 2d 
Alllick Benjamin K., clerk, 513 Franklin 

Aickin Thomas, glasspainter, 1523 Carlton 
I Aidey William, .'talesman, 119 Oxford 
I Ai^'in Patrick, laborer, Sorrel n Bath 

Aiken (ieorge, painter, h 513 S 2d 

Aiken James, Jenny n Ann 

Strangers and Citizens are leoommended to purchase their 




Aiken Joseph, priaon-keepor, i) 1 Wharton 

Aikon LoiiiKii, (^enllow. 1142 ChiirlwH 

Aiken Humuol, blackHrnith, '.i'Mi'i Markel,, li alj 

40 th 
AiUiii 'I'hoiniis, Hhooiniikor, .02.0 S 2lHt 
Aikon Williiun, liihoror, J'.) 18 BiiMonwood 
Aikon.s .Jdlm,, I^Oi.O i'di'doliiin 
Aikin, rnilkwoniMii, .OO.O H 17tli 
Aikon .riiiiii, (liivdi-, 'l.'SI N l.'ith 
Aik(Mi itoixMt, |iiiliiu'Mi;in, 1021) Loinbiird 
AikiiiH .Jiiiiii-.M, cjiliiiiol iimkor, .'J.'iO S .'5(1 
Ailciiian ./(iiiii, hilt lilock niiiiiuCiict'r, 141 JJouk, 

li Ciini(h^n 
Ailcs Josupli, Hhooniakfr, 21) Swiiiiwick 
Ailes Joseph H., nhoe (lutter, 17 Ciiiii-lo.s pi 
Ailcs Wiilinin, I'oroinan, 21.'ii) ShiiiHwood 
Ailiey Siilnoy, stonecutter, (li'een 1 
Aiinimn George, haker, 210 (Jhiistian 
Aiiueii Eilwin, dealer, r .■>2.'! Gieon 
Aims 1). P., grocer, N E Girard av Si Pahnor 
Aims Froderick, Walnut & 8th, h 1029 l>arrish 
Ainsaln Cliristian, confdcr. 870 Charlotte 
Ainscow Richard, brusiimr. 4.'U E Thompson 
Ainsley John, carpenter. 814 Depot 
Ainsworth John, sjjinner, Paul & Tacony, Ekd 
Ainsworth John II., road mr. 1450 Cohnnbia av 
Ainsworlli Jos., fiieman, 417 Borden 
Ainsworth Wm. II., umb mr. Church n Fkd av 
Aird Andrew, tus.sel manuf. 1159 Sophia 
Aird .lames, wenver, 1159 Sophia 
Airey Dennis, laborer, 027 Filbert 
Airey Henry, blacksmith, r 907 Darien 
Airey John, soapmanufr. 100, &, h 104 Callowhill 
Aitcheson Robert, inspector, York n Amber 
Alter Peter, carpenter, r 159 Flower 
Aitken Catharine, gentlew. 28 O'Neill 
Aitken Chas. C, clerk, h 12 Girard av 
Aitken D.miel, brass finisher, l.SOO S 7th 
Aitken Edward R.. clerk, h 1214 N 8th 
Aitken Henry L., M. D., 1602 N 12th 
Aitken Joseph, gravel roofing, 1121 N Front 
Aitlten J. Nevin, clerk, 1002 N 12th 
Aitken P. Charles, clerk, 12 Girard av 
Aitken Richard, laborer. Charter n Trenton av 
Aitken Robert, clerk, 1121 N Front 
Aitken Wni B., pattern maker, N W Dock & 2d, 

h 20.')6 Brandywine 
Akens Joseph F., dealer, 904 S 12th 
Akens Robert, coach mr. 243 Perry 
Aker Henry, boot mr. 941 Auburn 
Akermiin Francis, shoemr. N W 12th & Heath 
Akers Jos , china store, S23 Market, h 911 Filbert 
Akers Robert, painter, 1711 Francis 
Akers Thos., gent. 911 Filbert 
Akers W. & J. ( William (^- Juseph.) , china ware, 

823 Market 
Akers Win., mer. 823 Market, h 1022 N 15th 
Akin Joseph, bricklayer, 1234 Peters 
Akin Siuuuel, laborer, 1229 Crease 
Akins Charles S., carpenter, 722 Morris 
Akins David, salesman, 710 S 4th 
Akins Francis, laborer, 307 Bo:den 
Akins James, cabinet mr. 60S S 5th 
Akins Julius, clerk, 1011 Osden 
Akins Wm.. shoe mr. r 1019 Hunter 
Ala^ir John, coachman, 1045 Fkd av 
Alaiue M., teacher music, 1318 Chestnut 
Albaeh Charles, huckster, 1241 Hope 
Albach Hiirman, peddler, 103 Wilmer 
Alberger Edward, bookbr. 310 Eaimet 
Albers Peter, varnisher, 173 S 4Lh 
Alberson Isborn, biscuit br. 1245 Palethorp 
Albert Charles, tobacco and segars, 536 Master 
Albert E. Arnold, 015 N Sth 
Albert James H., carpr. Leithgow ab Diamond 

Clotliing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Albert John, laborer, 1.'{2J JIorHtmanri 

Albert .Tolin, violin miuiiif. fil2 Callowhill 

All)i;rt John, Hhoe rar. i 140 Leon 

Albert .lohn, negar tnr. 5.'50 Mai-ter 

Alberl. .loHitpli, box mr. 530 Miinter 

Albert, l/Ullic;r H., Ituv., Oorniuntown av, (iUi 

Albert Michael, Htono (luttor, ].'!2.'J N 5th 

AlbertHon it BroM. (Josfpli., Jumna, .liiroli and 

I.1IUIC A/l/i'.i 1.1011), boat buildcru, 1215 Beach 
.Albertson Ainy, gentlew. Gifrinanlown av, Gin 
Albertson C. S., collector, 1211 K 5th 
Alberlson David F., police, 2212 Clayton 
Albertson (Jeorge, gardener, II2.'J I'iere.; 
Albertson Henry, Hiile.^inan, I!) H 2d, h Main, Gin 
Alberlson \lii\iry A., liijuors, 532 S .3d 
Albertson Hiram, siiipcaipr. 40.'J Allen 
Albertson Isaac, boat br. 1215 Beach, ii 1104 

Columbia !iv 
Albi'rtson Jacob, boat br. 1215 Beach, h 1148 

Alberlson .Tarae.s, amb gall. 158 Richmond 
Albertson James, boat br. 1215 Beach, h 1108 

Albertson Joseph, boat br. 1215 Beach, h 237 

Alberiison J., boot & shoemr. 250 Richmond 
Albertson Mark R., condr. 41st ab Market 
Albertson Mary K., gentlew. 316 
Albertson Peter, ladies shoemr. 1022 Vienna 
Albertson Richard, laborer, 1022 Shuck.imaxon 
Albertson Samuel, carpr. 913 Ontario 
Albertson Samuel M., builder, 924 N 8ih 
Alberlson Sarah M., gentlew. 1215 Bcacli 
Albertson Thomas S., boot rar. 1010 .'^ .^th 
Albertson Wm., blacksmith, 429 Redwood 
Albertson Wm., surveyor, 1427 X 12th 
Albertson AVm. R., elk. 11 Bank, h 425 Lombard 
Albertson W. M., baker, 220 Richmond 
Alberty George F., dentist, 1009 Clare 
Albinson Prudence, varieties, Trn av n Rdg av 
Albrecht George, carpets, 321 Callowhill 
Albrecht Herman, machinist, 1617 N 2d, h 1433 

N 5 th 
Albrecht J. N., lumber, 821 McGrath 
Albrecht John, shoemr. 15 N lOlh 
Albrecht William, bookkpr. 339 Mcllwain 
ii.lbrecht Wm., cabinet mr. 444 Canton 
Albright Albert, butcher, 440 Canton 
Albright Anna, layer out of the dead, 445 Garden 
Albright Chas., piano mr. 768 S Sth 
Albright David, butcher, Amber n Ann 
Albright Elizabeth, millinery, 864 N 10th 
Albright George, car br. 34th bel Market 
Albright Gottleib, cigar mr. 176 American 
AUbricht Henry, musician, 2035 Summer 
Albright Henry, segars, 919 Vine 
Albright Jacob, clerk, Walnut lane, Gtu 
Albright Jacob, collector, S E Dock &. Walnut, 

h 445 G.irden 
Albright Jacob, grocer, Gtn av opp Depot 
Albright Jacob, oyste.' dealer, r 1525 C;ibot 
Albright Jacob, plasterer, r 317 German 
Albright James, watchm. U S N Yard, 735 S 4th 
Albriijht John, shoemr. 15 X 10th 
Albright John W., tailor, 915 Chestnut, h 404 S 

Albright L., segar mr. 821 Fitzwatar 
Albright Maximilian, cabinet maker, 1539 Cad- 
bury av 
Albright Philip, exp carrier, 306 Race, h Rcad- 

iuE:. Pa 
ALBRIGHT RICHARD, hotel, 32i X 3J A 319^- 

Aibrii;ht Sarah, senilew. 1152 D.ina 
Albright Theo., elk. U S Arsnl., h 2134 Christian 
Corner Sixth and Market Streets, 




Alhripht Thomns F., jeweller, 618 Market, h C-14 

N l.itli 
Allirijrht Willimn. jiolisher. 844 Suffolk 
All>rij.'ht \Villi:im, wsitermiin, SVll Reach 
All>rij;lit Will. 1)., raer. I>44 N \M\\ 
Albiifrlil Win .1., Imrber, ft .Mnllis 
Al»>ri>;hl W. E.. saKsm. 17 N 3.1, li 11)07 Wnllnce 
Albro John, niaehiiiist, llolnwiii n Ymk 
Albiirger & Sfratton {Ahrfim Alhiirqer, Charles 

Strnttoii), painters; rj4fl N 2(1 
Albiirjrer A Wn.i.l (Cli. rlrf M. Albiiiser, J.nnes 

P. U'ooif), plumb \ ^rasfittiis, 717 Sp- iMn 
Alburjrer Abr:ihiiiii M.. hulehor. 4(15 Fianklin 
Alburper Abrnin, painter, 1247 N 2d 
Albur.i;er Ahratn P., <lrugs, S E 2d A ThomTjSon 
An>ur>,'er Charles M., jilumber, 717 Spring Gdn, 

ii '.'22 Spiiiiir tJanloii 
Alburjjer Cliri.'itian, buteher, Lauca.-^tcr turnpike 

N Ilnverford rd 
Alburger George, butcher, A ab N 22il 
Alburi^er Jacob, whcelwri<;ht, 1J<2.'> N 2d 
Albur-er Jacob T. A Co. (J. T. A/burger, Chnf. 

Knrc/it, IK. A. Dnrfii ), provi.^ions, 414 k 41li 

S Front 
Albuifjer Jacob T., prov dr. 414 .=: Front, h 1.'.07 

Albuigcr James D., tobacconist, 84 Laurel 
Albiuger John, tail, trimminp,'!, 70.') Callowhill 
Alburger John G., gent. 715 Callowhill 
Alburger John P.. painter, 1223 N 2d 
Alburger Philip, butcher, 4 40 Franklin 
Alburger Philip, lab. 812 AVashingtoii av 
Albuigtr Wm.. kiiap.-^aok uir 121ti Hancock 
Alburger Wui. C, plumber, 10(18 Mt Vernon 
Alburger William U., trunk manul". 118 S 7th, b 

121t) Hancock 
Alburger William M., gent. 1008 Mt Vernon 
AlburiUH Mary, 12 Ellet's av 
Albu.<! John, boot & ?hoe, 109 N 4th, h Camden 
Albutt Albert, dealer, 231 Plum 
Alcorn Andrew, flour, 1729 Market, h 24 N 18th 
Alcorn Albert, machinist, Fkd av n Dauphin 
Alcorn George, clerk, 2(51 Aspen 
Ale.rn George, last maker, 113 Callowhill, h 109 

Alcorn George J., tobacconist. 230 Queen 
Alcorn James, clerk, 1008 Chestnut, h 825 S 13th 
Alcorn James, laborer, 1170 S 10th 
Alcorn Jnmes, measurer, h 2114 Summer 
Alcorn James, porter, 825 S 13th 
Alcorn Mary, gentw. 1704 Ann 
Alcorn Samuel, baker, 1709 Lombard 
Alcorn William, lab. 2d bel Norris 
Aleoiti William, sua]) maker, r 459 Franklin 
Aldav E.lwin, salesman, 729 S 9ih 
Aldi.y J. n., Rev., 252 N 13th 
Aldeii Brothers (Jusrpli P. if Clitnlrs E. Aldcii), 

machinists, 2218 A 2220 Race 
Allen Charles E., machinist, 2220 Race, h Hamil- 
ton lib 18th 
Alden Josej)h, help.T. Maylandville 
Alden Joseph, michinist, 2220 Race, h 1512 

Alden M., machinist, 2135 Summer 
Alder (ieorge, gent. 7th bel Diamond 
Aldi-i- George H., varni-her, 7th bel Diamond 
Aide m;in Joel, r 114 Elfreihs al 
Aldred William, engineer, 1 Kayser's nv 
Aldrich F ancis, brickmaker, I5ii7 N 12th G. W. nu-r. 3 S Front, h 1742 Green 
Ald.iidi Ilenrv, policenMn, 1613 -Mulvaney 
ALDllH'H j". A SON (Ifunh if G. W. Alilrirh), 

p.ii luce com mer. 3 S Front 
Aldrich Ltaiah, mer. 3 S Front, h 1742 Green 
Aldrich Lucy M., teacher, h 510 S lOih 

Aldrich .S.. dry goods commission, -^ Strawberry, 
; h 232 S 4th 

I Aldridge Eliza, boarding house, 115 S 10th 
I Aldridge George E., blacksmith. 1425 Stiles 
I Aldridge Silas, clerk, 234 S 4th 
' Alilridgc Thomas, weaver, Osceola, (>tn 
I Ablrith C. gentlewoman, 709 S lOth 

Aldworth Ji>lin, carpenter, 10 Augil.otn pi 
j Aldworth Joseph T., porter, 17 Watt 
Aledo Marcus F., music teacher, 300 Bradford 
Alexander Andrew, machinist, 1529 Cowslip 
Ale.Minder Amlrew, stonecutter, 1309 Cadwell 
' Alexander .Andrew, supervisor, 1115 Punish 

Alexander A. T., ladies' cloaks, 211 S 8th, h 16 
I N 9th 

' Alexander B. W., cabinet maker, 138 N 2d, 
• h 1149 Sites 

j Alexander Catharine, tailoress, 1128 Wood 
I Alexander Charles, printer, 1122 Wistar 
t Alexander Charles, tailor, 2510 Pine 
I Alexander Ch.Trles W.. reporter, 1042 S 4th 
[ Alexander C. IL, cloaks, 230 N 8lh, h 234 N 8lh 

Alexander D., 1214 Fulton 
! Alexander Eliz. (e), washwoman. 1737 Addison 
! Alexander Ernest, clothing. 135 N 2d 
Alexander George, grocer, N E 3d and Coates 
.\iexander George, jeweller, 937 Cherry 
Alexander George, porter, 54 N 3d 
Alexander (Teorge W., blacksmith, 1911 Pearl 
Alexander Henry, lapidarv, 2I2J Gold, h 1211 

N nth 

Alexander Henry, sparmnker, 1114 Fkd av 
Alexander Henry C, clerk, 524 N 21st. 
Alexander Hibbaril, agent, 39th ab Market 
Alexander Hugh, conibmaker, 1128 Ma.lborough 
Alexander L«aac J., book keeper, 142 N Del av, 

h 1 28 Raee 
Alexaniler Israel D., blacksmith, 1015 Ridgo av, 

h on Noble 
Alexan er James, carter, Hancock rb Jefferson 
Alexander James, constable, 135 Craven 
Alexaniler Jame«. driver, Girard av <t 27th 
Alexander James, driver, r 2210 Brown 
.Mexander .Tnmes, engineer, 1013 Giraid av 
Alexander James, manufacturer, 1512 Filbert 
Alexander James, weaver, llOfi Anita 
Alexander James B., carpenter, Wright, above 

N 21st 
.Alexander John, Federal n 27th 
Alexander J'.hn, bookkeeper, 722 Wood 
Alexander .John, boot A shoe inaniif. 1219 Locust 
Alexander John, carpenter, 12;!9 Catharine 
Alexander John, cooper, I 103 S 3d 
.Alexander John, driver, r 120 Marion 
Alexande*- John, |)aeker, 1334 Brnndywine 
ALEXANDER JOHN, stationer A i.rintcr, 52 S 

4ih, h 32d al) Biiring 
Alexander John W., painter, 1008 Otsego 
.Alexjinder Jose])h, Inb. |(i73 S Front 
.Alexander Joseph, machinist, 1720 S 5th 
Alexaniler Joseph, priper cirrier. 123 Carpenter 
Alexander Joseph, printer, 762 S 4th 
Alexander Julia, drygoods. 1126 Girard av 
Alexander Lewis, salesman, 330 Dugan 
Alexander M'irian, music teacher, 1122 Wistar 
Alexander M., cloak store, 112 N 8lh, h 937 

Alexander Marj', gentlewoman, 1332 Green 
Alexander Ma -y (c), washer, 5 Hoi-ter's block 
Alexander Mary A., gentlew. Wood ab 23d 
Alexander Martin, conveyancer, 243 S 3d 
Alexander Maurice D., cferk, 523 N 21st 
Alexander Patrick, laborer. 1109 Mcllravy 
Alexander Rachel, 24 Wilson 
Alexander Robert, marble mason, 1918 Sanxom 

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Alfsxftnder Robert, Htonecutter, 615 S 10th 
Alexnndor RofxM't, Htotjcciitter, 108 Qucon 
Alexaiidor R. J., 228 Monroe 
Aioxandor Sainiiol, niouldor, 708 K 'i'lioiiipKori 
Aloxiindor iSnniuol D., hruHliirmkiii-, 807 Sloward 
Alexander Siirali, doaks, l.'M N 8lli 
AlexaJidoi' SiriKJti, (dotliiii;!;, O;!!) South 
Alexander Susan, gcntw. 10 I I'l-arl 
Alexander 'I'lioniaw, clerk, 2220 P 
Alexander Tlioinas, Hlii|) earjicnlrr. 121 CliriMtitin 
Alexander 'I'liotnaH, tavern, I8.'!.'i liciiiili:i ril 
AlexarUder TlioiUMS R., niiinuf'iiclin-ei', 1^)0 N ritli 
Aionxandor Willia-ni, horor, 1008 OIm'k,, 
Alexander WiUiaui, olork, 1317 S 8Ui 
Alexan<ler William, coinbniakor, I12.'i Day 
Alexander VVilliani, ;:ont. 928 Lombard 
Alexiinder Willinin, M.l) , .'!10 S 4lh 
Alexander William, saddler, IV.V.i N 2:!d 
Alexander Williiini 15., ajjent, 4fi'.) N rUh 
Alexander Wm. John, shoemaker, 133 S 1 7th 
Alexiuider W. A., contoelionor, 724 Arch 
AllVJohn, (ireniiin, .'!10 Lombjird 
AlCord .1 nines, N W 23d & Lombard 
Alfred Jamea, block and immp nmker, 229 Catha- 
Alfter Joseph, cabinet maker, 027 Willow 
Algie Daniel, block cutter, 1022 Wood 
Algie William, maobinist, 430 N 19th 
Algeo William W., sheet iron, 4 Church av 
Alius Frauz, gunmaker, 1 IG r4irard av 
Alker Henry, barber. Main, Chestnut Hill 
Alkins George, ace, 105 N Water & 106 N Del 

av, h Wistar st, Gtn 
All Morris, 914 N 7th 
Allabaok John, carpenter, 2 Ashton pi 
AUaholts', Christian, bricklayer, 1538 Bodine 
Allan John, plasterer, 24th ab Spruce 
Allar William, tailor, 846 Orchard 
AUbaugli Elizabeth, 1606 Marshall 
AUbright Ad., saddler, Orkney ab Diamond 
Allbright Charles, machinist, 123 Dana 
AUbright Jacob, policeman, 129 D.ina 
Allbright Thomas, iron worker, r 1005 S 7th 
Allbutt S.. hotel, 28 Strawberry 
Allcott Joseph, weaver, Lehman, Gtn 
ALLDERDICE JAMES, agent, 314 South Del 

av, h 302 S 10th 
Alklerdiue, W. H., mer. 119 N 18th 
Alldread William, butcher, 834 West 
Alldrieh W. T., attorney, 16 N 7th 
Allebach, M. B.. jeweller, 126 N 2d 
Alleghany R. R. >fe Coal Co., r 123^ S 4th 
AUeiv John, wharf builder, 1006 Sarah 
Alien &Co. {Wi7lia»i Allen ^-Johii. Rockafeller), 

trimmings and notions, 806 N 2d 
ALLEN .t NEEDLES (Josiah J. Allni l^- Wil- 
liam N. Nea/lles), oils, & ngts for Kingsford's 
starch, 42 S Del av and 41 S Water 
Allen & Sims (William R. Allen ^. Cliffo d S. 

Sims), conveyancers, S. E. 4th a.nd Walnut 
Allen &Wy and '{Ediracd Allen ^- Jacob Wyand), 

painters. 116 N 6th 
ALLEN, GILLINGHAM & CO. {Ellvood Allen, 
Frank C. Gilli ngham and Franklin Knight) 
lumber mers. Richmond ab Gunner's Run 
Allen, LatTerty A Co. [Daniel Allen, Micltcel 
i^- Hagh. Lafferty), dye factory, Fkd av ab 
Alleghany av 
Allen, ''Gale & Newell {John H. Allen, G. I. 
Gale tV F. Newel), broom raanufs. 18 N 10th 
Allen Albert, machinist, 1653 Vienna 
Allen Albert, painter, 4 Northampton ct 
Allen Alfred H., conveyancer, 436 Walnut, h 800 

Allen Alice A., gentlew. Sellers n Paul, Fkd 

Wanamaker & BrowE's, Oak Hall 

Allen Androwfi, bricklayer, Ilavorford n 4lHt 
Allen Ann W.. r 1 008 .«an»(oin 
Allen Ann ().. drcHHniiiker. 236 Madiiion 
Allen Anna, whop, .'>t.O Lombard 
Allen Anna, viirielioK, 787 iSwiiuHon 
Allen Bfirl holomcw, Hhipcarpenler, 8| CouIrh 
Allen liiiijiMnin, bra-r'niiiijldei-, r 1029 Noctarlne 
Allen l!.:ii'j!iiiiin, briekynrd, r,2:> S lOtli 
Allen BiMijaniin, luanuf. hosiery, AMillcr bel Win- 
ter, (itn 
Allen lienjjiniin F., Henman, 3.59 OtiH 
Allen IJeulali, gentli'Wonnin, I8.'!0 CoateH 
Alli'ii Caroline, gentlewoman, 1702 CheHlniil 
Allen Catlnirine, gentlewoman, 1630 Wiillaee 
Allen (^liarleH, roller, 28 InniH 
Allen (Jharlen, .shoemaker, 663 Hteiner 
Allen CbarleH B., rivet innnuf, Penna av n 22d, h 

531 N 22d 
Allen CbiirUs J., 304 Arch, h 528 Pine 
Allen Clayton, real estate agent, 308 N J8th 
Allen CliiTord P., sashmaker, 457 N 2d 
Allen D;iniel, dyer, Fkd av & Gunner's run, h 

Fkd av n Somerset 
Allen Diivid, black.sra. Orchard ab Tacony, Fkd 
Allen David, painter. Walnut bel 36lh 
Allen David, weaver. Rainbow n Blair 
Allen David L., carpenter, J2I0 Lemon 
Allen Eilmund, bookkeeper, 603 Chestnut, h 2006 

Allen Edmund, tailor, 2006 San.som 
Allen Edward, carpenter, 949 N llth 
Allen Edward, cordwainer, 523 Barron 
Allen Edward, painter, 116 N 6th, h 1213 X 13th 
Allen Edward, weaver. Rainbow n Trenton av 
Allen, Eilw;ird H., undertaker, Sellers bet Main 

& Paul, Fkd 
Allen Edwin T., clerk, Brabant &, Sorrel 
Allen Eliza, gentlewoman, 2 De Soto pi 
Allen Eliza, gentlewoman, Dunton bel fjirard av 
Allen Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 327 Franklin 
Allen Elliott, laborer, r 1024 Lombard 
Allen EUwood, lumber mer., Piichmond ab Gun- 
ner's run, h Richmond ab Ann 
Allen E. R., dressmaker, 1 Caroline 
Allen Francis, china, 607 S 8th 
Allen Francis, hotel, 32 South 
Allen Francis L., waiter, 219 Currant al 
AUfen Fr.anklin, bricklayer, 1232 Christian 
Allen F.-ederick. salesman, 603 S 9th 
Allen F. Miss, boarding, 247 Chester 
Allen George, blacksmith, 1318 N 5th 
Allen George, bookbinder, 1135 Palmer 
Allen George, blacksmith, 1107 Elm 
Allen George, bricklayer, 1314 Columbia av 
Allen George, cabinetmaker, 1209 Chestnut, h 

1125 Oxford 
Allen George, clerk, Front c York 
Allen George, furniture, 812 South, h 915 South 
Allen George, laborer, Dauphin n F.-ont 
Allen George, lamp mauuf. Penn n Unity, Fkd 
Allen George, millinerv goods, 930 Chestnut, h 

1 1 24 Arch ' 
ALLEN GEORGE. Prof, languages, 215 S 15th 
Allen George N., china, 23 S 4lh, h lOS N 20th 
Allen George 0., shoemaker, 3 Hock pi 
Allen George W., bookkeeper, 239 & 241 N 3d, h 

862 N 6th 
Allen George W., ehairmaker, 1117 Charles 
Allen George W., hardware, 113 Market, h oU 

S 15th 
Allen George W., iron mer. 124 2f 6th, h 821 

N 7th 
Allen George W., packer, 1507 Barton 
Allen G. MQton, cashier Custom House, h 632 
N llth 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Allen Hnnnah, 211 S 8th 

Allen Ileiirv, s|iiirn>i»ker, 1 Austin pi 

AlU'ii Honrv, wagoniuaster, Oilhoilox n Iledge, 

Allen Henry C, clork. 125 South 
Allen Henrv C, gunsmith, 1-1 IS Thompson 
Allen Henry T., salcsmau, 233 Market, h 213 

Allen Howanl, .'^nlosmau, SOS N ISth 
Allen 11. 11., proiluce, 1435 Market, h Cumbor- 

Inn.l W of Fk.l av " 
Allen H. H., s-egarji, 615 Logan 
Alien H. J., clork, :!5 X 17th, h lOl Pcnn 
Allon Isaac, grocer, 506 Market, h 3t)th n Baring 
Allen I.sahella, r 704 Riohmiaul 
Allen James, carter, 70S S 15th 
Allen James, confcctionerv, I'lO." S 9th 
Allen Jame.'!. ilyer, Paul hVl (.'huic'i, Fkd 
Allen Jame.s gent. Chestnut hel 40th 
Allon Janie.«, attorney-at-law, 1501) N Front 
Allen J;inios, niuchinJ!:!, r 15.'i5 Parri.-h 
Allen James, seaman, 25 Norfolk 
Allen James, unibrellamaker, GCI5 i^teiner 
Allen James, waiter, 240 Vanileveer 
Allen James, weaver, 1332 Howard 
Allen James, weaver, Leibert, Gtn 
Allen James (o), porter, 232 Quince 
Allen James A., stencilcutter, 40 S 3(1, h 405 Car- 
Allen James C, cabinetmaker 

913 N 7th 
Allen James H., engraver, lOlG Nectarine 
Allen James J., capt. 1327 Brown 
Allen James M., carpenter, 4 Harper's pi 
Allen James M., confectioner, 707 Spruce 
ALLEN JAMES T., dec. plasterer, 25 N 17th, h 

40th ab "Walnut 
Allen Job, confect. 4 Loxley'.s pi 
Allen John, r S4C Christian 
Allen John, Bringhurst n R R, Gtn 
Allen John, carter, 863 Lawrence 
Allen John, clerk, 1509 N Front 
Allen John, clerk, 837 Race 
Allen John, gasfitter, r 838 Christian 
Allen John, gentleman, 522 AValnut 
Allen John, laborer, 2216 Manuiug 
Allen John, manuf. Miller ab Wistor. Gtn 
Allen John, mer. 10 N Del av, h 479 Franklin 
Allen John, Rev., 1441 N llth 
Allen John, segarmaker, 1402 Jlarlborough 
Allen John A., ladies shoemaker, 1012 Parker 
ALLEN JOHN B. A., whale & lard oils, 13 S 

Front, h 1909 Chestnut 
Allen John C, biscuit baker, 321 N Front, h 335 

S 5th 
Allen John C, blacksmith, Tack.awanna n Ox- 
ford, Fkd 
Allon John C, dentist, 315 Spruce 
Allen John H., broom manuf. 18 N 10th, N York 
Allen John H., grocer, Brabant & Sorrel 
Allen John H., woodenware, 4 Chestnut, h Sum- 
mit, N J 
Allen John H. <fe Co. {John II. Allen, George F. 
Gill,- iV /•'. .Xi in//), woodenw. 4 4 6 Chestnut 
Allen John M.. painter, Walnut hel 36th 
Allen John Q. (c), ."choolteacher, 726 Russell 
Allen John W., carpenter. Market & 43d 
Allen Jo.?eph, bricklayer, 629 Carpenter 
Allen Joseph, cabinetmaker, 1209 Chestnut, h 

1114 Green 
Allen .To.-eph, clerk, 512 Richmond 
Allen Joseph, dyer, Amber n Ann 
Allen Joseph, laborer, 1032 Otis 
Allen Joseph, manuf. 1509 N Front 
Allen Joseph, weaver, Rainbow n Trenton av 

Allen Joseph E., shipjoinor, 413 Redwood 
Allen Joseph W. (c), barber, 726 RussoU 
Allen Joshua, seaman, 359 Otis 
ALLEN JOSHUA G., M.D., 1329 Pine 
Allen Julius ]{., 452 N 8th 
Allen J. B., hoops^kirt manuf. 227 Qirard av 
Allen J. C, music engraver, 722 Chestnut 
Allen J. G., M.D., 1329 Pino 
Allen J. J., mer. 42 S Pel av. h 1320 Sp Garden 
Allen J. M., merchant, 1909 Chestnut 
Allen Lewis, brakesman, Fkd av n Reading av 
Allen Lewis M., liquors, 214 S Front, h 460 Mar- 
Allen Lewis P., butcher. Sellers n Paul, Fkd 
Allen Martha, r 428 Moyer 
Allen Mary, artist, 1318 Chestnut 
Allen Mary, shop, 623 Shippen 
Allen Mary, varieties, 724 S .'id 
.\IIen Miildleton, Jr., carspring manuf. 945 Ridge 

av, h 645 N Pith 
Allen Michael, hotel, 213 S 2d 
Allen Michael, laborer, N William 
Allen Moses (c), laborer, r 1719 Pearl 
Allen M. E., milliner, 529 South 
Allen Rachel W., teacher, 1534 Vino 
Allen Robert, distiller, 720 S 3d, h 716 S 3d 
Allen Robert, hairdresser, Sloan ab Filbert 
Allen Robert (c), furniture, 812 South, h 915 

; South 

1209 Chestnut, h Allen Robert A George, furniture, 812 South 

Allen Robert B., manuf. chemist, 18 N Front, h 

35 N 17th 
Allen Robert L., real estate agent, 332 Walnut, h 

632 Spruce 
Allen Ruth, gentlewoman, 324 N 12th 
Allen R. A., gentlewoman, 802 N lOlh 
Allen Samuel, bookbinder, 1315 Chestnut 
Allen Samuel, engineer. 231 E Thompson 
Allen Samuel, segaiinaker, Dnnton bel Qirard av 
Allen Samuel, teacher, 521 Pine 
Allen Samuel, treasurer of the 4lh & 8th at Phila 

Pass Railway Co, h 810 N 7th 
Allen Samuel (c), 1218 Hancock 
Allen Samuel (c), porter, 1 Clay 
Allen Samuel D., police, 924 N"llth 
ALLEN SAMl'EL T., plain & dec. plasterer & 

measurer, 25 N 17th, h 40th ab Walnut 
Allen Sarah, gentlewoman, 2 Mayland 
Allen Simon, salesman, 204 Federal 
Allen Sjiencer, milkman, 262 S 2d 
Allen Sijuire I., gravel roofer, S E 9th <t (Jirard 

av, h 1617 N nth 
Allen Susan, gentlewoman, Sevbert n 15th 
Allen S. I. .t Co. (S</!nn- L A//,„ ^ Jo/:n R. 

Briici), gravel roofers, S E 9tli k Gimrd av 
Allen Theodore, Franklin bel Oxford 
Allen Theodore, clerk. 1143 S llth 
Allen Thomas, gent. 810 N 7th 
Allen Thomas, shoemaker, 131 Queen 
Allen Thomas, weaver, 701 Doak 
Allen Thos. G. Rev., 926 Lombard 
Allen Thomas IL, gent 426 Pine 
Allen Thomas K., laborer, 7 Gampher's av 
Allen William, cabinetmaker, 1209 Chestnut, h 

636 N llth 
Allen William, carpenter, 946 S 5th 
Allen William, carter, Allen la, Gtn 
Allen William, clerk, 627 Pine 
Allen William, clerk, 810 N 7th 
Allen AVilliam, eating saloon, 17 S 3d, h 105 New 
Allen William, engineer, 602 Paul 
Allen William, gent. D:iuphin n Tulip 
Allen William, lab. r 829 Carpenter 
Allen William, lab. 1328 Kates 
Allen William, lab. 1312 S 13th 

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Allen Williii II), nidcliiniHl-, CiOl (Jirniwl ii.v 

Allen Williiiiri, iMiuiur. ho.sii.-iy, Miller liol WiH- 

t:ir, (J In 
Allen Williiiin, plasLoror, .02.'! liiurori 
Alloii Williiini, s.'iiliiiiikcr, 'lO.'J (Jar|jiMiti;r 
Ailon VViiliiiin, .somniin, \'2i7 ilowiinl 
Allen Williiun, htoncoiiMor, S K .'i.SHi ,t Centre 
Alien William, teas, 701 K .Otli, h 711 S .'Jd 
Allen William, Iriiu-niinKH, 81)0 N 2(J 
Allen Williajji, weaver, I.027 N 2(1 
Allen \Villiani, we«,vcr, O-xIbnl n liopo 
Allen Willinin (c), barber, 81.'') MdiilcMlin 
Allen William, Jr., cabinotnnikcr, 12(1!) Clicstnut, 

h (i;;c. N I I til 
Allen William B., clerk, Brabant .t Sorrel, h 

Melvnlo ti Ann 
Allini Williain (-"., gent. 2211 Biandywinc 
Allen William (i., mer. .'{.O N I7tli 
Allen William 11., nier. ll.'} A 1 1.0 Market, h 1010 

Allen William R., eonveynncer, 8.',!5 Arch 
Allen William S., sa.sli & door munuf. 1434 N 

Glh, h N.'iU Mar.sball 
Allen William W., clerk, 322 Chestnut, h 2104 

Allen Willi.'im W., .Jr. (o), barber, 720 Russell 
ALLEN W. II. & G. W., hardware and cutlery, 

113 (fc 11.5 Market 
ALLEN W. A J. & BRO. {William, Joseph 

and Jdincs C. Allen), cabinet warehouse, 1209 

Che.'itnut & N E 12th & Hamiltiju 
Allenback Frederick, boots, 541 N 8th, h 1203 

AUeson Anno M., CIS Sansom 
Allgaior John, carriage builder, 1045 Fkd av 
Allgela. Charles, watchmaker, 478 N 3d 
Allheiser Henry, shoemaker, 1242 Cadwalader 
AUheiser Mary Ann, gentlewoman, 1242 Cad- 
Alliboue S. Austin, 914 Arch 
Allif Thomas, shoemaker, r 1005 Hamilton 
Allingham John, clerk, Trenton av n Otis 
Allingbam Rachel, seamstress, 931 Darien 
Allinson George, Rev., 18.'13 Pine 
AUinson J. W., gent. N W 4th & Branch 
Allison Andrew, wines, 212 S Front, h N W 5th 

& Bulkley 
Allison A. II., clerk, 24 S ISth 
Allison Charles, conveyancer, Queen, Gtn 
Allison Charles W., paper maker. Darby rd bel 

Allison D.ivid A., clerk, 12 State-house row, h 

722 N 19th 
Allison Elizabeth, trimmings, 2046 "Winter 
Allison Ephraim E., baker, 1225 Vine 
Allison Francis, packer, 1033 Clement 
Allison James, carpenter, 1344 Rodman 
Allison James, clothing, 800 t 802 Market, h 

1609 Green 
Allison James, painter, r 1222 Carlisle 
Allison James, tailor, cor 8th & Market, h 1609 

Allison James (c), lab. 9 Rose al 
Allison James J., 1347 N 11th 
Allison John, 1415 N 7th 
Allison John, conductor, 41st bel B -idge 
Allison John, power loom. Grape, Jlyk 
Allison John, stonecutter, 1109 Charles 
Allison Joseph, artist. Darby rd bel 42d 
Allison Joseph, Judge Common Pleas and Quar- ! 

ter Sessions, Walnut ab 42d 
Allison Joseph, machinist, 1903 Callowhill I 

Allison Morris H., Darby rd bel 42d ! 

Allison Robert, lab. 932 Carpenter i 

Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and 

Allison Sarah (c), waHherwoman, l.'MO Peiirl 
AHiPon 'I'aylor, yiapcr maker, Darby rd bel '12<1 
Allinon 'J'iiomuH, tailor, 1000 I'inc, h W.','l liimi- 

AllJKon AViiltcr, builder, 2'1 S IHIIi 
AlliHoii Williain, inspector, 141'j N "lli 
Allifon Willimn, v/<:iiv(;r. Centre, Myk 
AIMhoii William, niniiuf. CheHlnul, Myk 
Alli.'-on Williiim, Jr., carpenter, Ccntrf;. Myk 
Alli.soii William C, car builder, 1908 Market, b 

1813 Filbert 
AlliKon W. R., clerk, 24 S IHth 
AlliHson k Whilti (Javitx Alliaaoii if Thomui S. 

While), liiiuorH, 312 S 5lh 
AllL^.^on James, liquorH, 312 S 5lli, h 13)4 Ilod- 

nmn . 
Allkiro Jprcmiiih, eating hou.^e, 2 Arch 
Allinan k Wengcr (Tkoinas Allmnii., Jr , If l^lam 

Weii^cr), corn, iners. 207 N Broad 
ALLMAN <t ZEIINDER (Thoman Allman (V G. 

F. Zrhndri), flour, S E Vine A-llh 
Allman D.uid, dry good.s, 907 S 2d, h N W Wal- 
nut A 8th 
Allman Edward, hatter, 534 N 12th 
Allman Joseph, hatter, 1520 Stiles 
Allman Thoma.s flour, S E Vine A 4th, h 248 N 

Allman Henry, bootfitter, 149Master 
Allmendinger A Bro., drygood.x, S E 2d & Coates 
Allniendinger C, dry goods, 024 N 2d 
Allmond Mukes (c), carpenter, San.som ab 3')th 
Allmotid Thomas (c), undertaker, 1027 llodnian 
Alloway Richard, lab. 122 Prime 
Alloway Samuel, car driver, Sejiviva ab No/ris 
Alloway Samuel, shoemaker, 9 Dutton 
Alloway 'William, car driver, Sepviva ab Norris 
Alloway W. II., car driver, Sep\ivei ab Norris 
Allride James, weaver, G T av, Gtn 
Allride Joseph, weaver, G T av. Gtn 
AUsborough Oliver, driver, Ilaveriord A Budd 
Allshare Catharine, 621 Richmond 
Allspach John, carter, 1337 Howard 
Allspach Michael, clerk, 487 Dillwyn 
Allspach Peter, baker, X 2d ab Norris 
Allsop John, farmer, Cresheim rd, Gtn 
AUsteadt G., tobacconist, 903 Ridge av 
Allyn J. W., bookkeeper, 505 Market, h 318 37th 
Alman Thomas (c), carpenter, 1020 Ivy 
Almeda Robert, confec. 10 S Sth, h 1144 Federal 
Aimendinger John, shoemaker, 345 Julianna 
Almendinger William, gent. 807 Green 
Almeyer George, drayman, Norris bel Tulip 
Alu'.oud JIavy Ann, teacher, Haverfurd A 35th 
Almond William, gent. Havert'ord A 35th 
Almond William H., stonecutter, Lancaster av A 

Almons W^illiam, cattle weigher, drove yard, 37th 

ab Elm, Mantua 
AloU Charles, watchman, 344 Crown 
Alorg Louis, optician, 1127 Leon 
Alp David, cordw. 1306 Hope 
Alpert Conrad, shoemaker, Front ab York 
Atquin Alexander, weaver, 12 Levering, Myk 
Alrich George, convej"aucer, 1S12 Fiankl'ord av 
Alrieh John C, machinist. 515 Girard av 
Alrich Samuel L., boilermaker, 1346 H3Wson 
Alrieh Susan, 519 Girard av 
Alrieh William, cabinetmaker, N W Hamilton A 

Alrich William, machinist, 1408 Beach 
Alsehbach Jacob, laborer, r 1127 Vine 
Alsop Charles, hairdres.ser, 101 S Sth, h 14 

Alsop Edward B., druggist, 537 Arch, h 553 N 

Market StreetiS) Wanamaker & Browa. 



A. MO 

AIsop Jane, weaver, r 40-t N 23d 

Alsoj) Uobert, att'y at law, 407 Walnut, h 653 N 

Alsop Tlioiiias. wiitchman, r20'.> Riuhnan 
Alsop Thoiniis. Jr., enr Guiltier, 1209 Ko'linnn 
Alsop Williain F., car builder, IC'iS LoiiiIkiiiI 
AUviuiis .1 Hro., proiliice coHi mcrs. 17-12 Market 
Altemus & Co. (.S. T. \ H. Altrmus), book 

biii(lin>:, N W Itnce A"4th 
ALTKMl'S k COZENS (Grorse H'. Ahrmns If 

\\'i//i.uin D. -V. Cozens), A\y goods coin. 241 

Alteuius Alfred 0., bookbinder, 737 Oxford 
Alteinus Atipustus K., cooper. 821 N Hlh 
Alteiini!i Diivid. carver, '.•2'J Brown 
Alteiuii.s K. J , «uer. Maiket nb .^ih 
Alteinii.> Frank L., clerk Tost Office, h 39th A 

Alt.uiu> F 5., com. mer. 1718 Market, h 124 N 

Altenius George W., mer. 241 Chestnut, h 1310 

Altenuis H., bookbii.der, N \V Race k 4lh, h 1420 

Altenius .Iiiines, constable, 142 Otter 
Alteunis Jasper II., policeman. Orthodox k 

Lcslier. Fk.l 
Alteinus Joseph B., mer. 220 Chestnut, h 950 

Aliemus Ma y, 079 Marshall 
Alteuius Nicholas, bJHcksiuitli. S Innis 
Altemus P. F., bookbinder, N W Race A 4th 
Aliemus 8. T., gentleman, N E .'iOth k Locust 
Altemus Thomas, merchant, 39ih k Locust 
Altemus Win., letter CMrrier, Sellers ali L iper. Fd 
Alteni-der T., drawing instruments, 40i) Library 
Alter G-'orge, tavern, 8(i8 S Bth 
Alter Jacob, baker, 2224 Market 
Alter J..c..b, gentleman. 824 N fith 
Alicr Jh -..1. P.. genllemim 8.'?4 N Glh 
ALTLR JOHN, hotel, 423 S .^)th 
Alier R. lleber, clerk. 713 Markot, h 1012 Locust 
A"er S'dornon, liijuors, 713 Market, h 1612 

ALTER WILLIAM \\\, coal vard, 935 N 9th, 

oflieo 5 IS N O.h, h 1320 Franklin 
Altevogi Heiman, bartender. 119 Gothic 
Al!ev.»gi M.irv. hotel, 119 (loihic 
Althaus IIiMiry, clerk. 1 1 18 Frankford av, b 906 

Althiius .lacob. shoemaker, 458 Belgrade 
Althuus John, shoemaker, 1300 Montgomery 
Althorti Jimes. carter, 2004 Winter 
Alihrop Thomas, salesman. 439 Market, h 709 

Alton J inies. shoem.iker. 742 N 24th 
Alton John, weaver, Ashme:id bel Wakefield, Gtn 
Alt.irp Thos., druggisi, 709 Florida 
Alvor.l C. C. carpenter, 619 Commerce, h 1233 

AUord Jiimos B , sec Girard F. k M. Ins Co. 415 

Witlout, h 21118 Mt Vernon 
Alward H. M., ladies shoemaker, 255 N 9th 
Alwine Cliailes. carter. 7th ab Berks 
Al/io W II.. .iigincer. H38 Marshall 
Alzier Adolph (c), barber, 117 N 2d, h 1712 Ad- 
Am tn A Bo. {Wi/Hnm. (J- J'iroh Anuin), sash 

manufiiclurers. Filbert .t 3Sth 
Aiiian J.'iiob, sa.'h A blind maker, Filbert A 38th 

h N E IJridge A 36tb Jiicob, teacher. Passyunk av A Diekerson 
Ain.'in Wi.linm, sash factory, h 30th k Hamilton 
Amber Divid, carpenter, 1045-N 8fh 
Amber John, caipenter, 1045 N 8th 

The Popular CJlothing 

Amber Samuel, tailor, 1645 N Rth 

Amberg Francis, shoeiniiker, Cresson, Myk 

Ainberg llon.y Win., ])ianos, 617 Spriu-e 

Ainberger Enoch, egnjiacker, r 920 N Olh 

Amber-' David, driver. 1828 Girard av 

Ambers Jidin Miilviiiiey av 

Ambers John, laborer, (lerninntown av. Gtn 

Ambers John, spinner, II;irtn-ell la. Chestnut Hill 

Ambers J., 1310 

Ambers Margniet, 1310 

Ambers Williiim, watcbiiian, 1828 Girard av 

Ambler CliMrles, clerk, 731 Filzwater 

Ambler C, milk dealer, 826 N I2tli 

Ambler David, milk, '.'21 Warnnck 

Ambler II. P., photographer, 200,S Vine 

Ambler John, inilkinan, li .Montgoineiy n N 20th 

Ambler John, Jr., tinsmith, 71 1 Spring Garden, 

h 03.-! Franklin 
Ambler, J. W.. clerk, 217 Mi.rket. h 1201 Davis 
Ambler Robert, milkmaii, r 14 18 Perth 
Ambler Septimus, milk deiilcr, 1221 Parrish 
.Ambler Win., cabinetin iker, 1438 N lltli 
Aiiibron Alain, cooper, 33.') Crown 
.Ambro.Ke I-'jiiie (c). r 035 Loiiibiird 
Ambrose J-icob, painter, 203 N .lunipor 
.Ainbro'O J(din, laborer, 7 Packer ]il 
A:nbro.-e John, painter, 2 Newbold 
Ambrose Tiiomiis, shoemiiker, Washington, Myk 
Ambrose Thoiniis, ])iiinter 1933 Hamilton 
Ambrose Charles, baker, 1040 Pine 
Ambrose John, carter. 5th ab Diamond 
Amburger William, clothier, 114 N 5th 
Anient Biillliaser, tavern, S W 5th A (^ueen 
Amer Edwanl C, morocco, 438 X .3d, h Boston 
Ainer John, shoemaker. I0(l7 Taylor 
Amer Small, gentlewoman, 1044 N 11th 
Amer Thomas, silver smith. 929 S 11th 
Amer William, morocco, 438 N 3d. h 800 Brown 
Amer William A. .morocco, 438 N 3d. h 800 Broad 
Amer Wm. A Co. (WilUnn if Willi. nn A. If 
Eiltriiiil C. At>i<r }f Jii nifs D ll'ow/), morocco 
manufacturers. 4.' 8 N 3d 
.A.mericin Baptist Publication Society, 530 Arch 


Ann^rican I on A-'soeiation, 205] Walnut 

CO., S E 4th A Wiilmit 

Americin Philosophical Society. 104 S 5th 

Chest nut 
Ames Fitz, morocco d/esser, 963 N 10th 
Ames Julia M., widow, 344 Catharine 
Ames Robert, ficntleman, 963 N lOlh 
Ames William (e), steward. 013 Barclay 

' Aui'-y Sniiiuel. bnotfitter, 820 Darien 

i Amey Samuel, shoemaker, 72 York 
Amies A., pape:m:iker. Mulberry. Myk 

j Amies I.^rael. bookbinder. 1(118 Ellsworth 

I Amies Alfred, artist. 1(129 Parrish 

\ Ainler George, provisions, 1324 Apjile 
Aralong Henry, shoemaker, 500 Metciilf 
Amraerling Jacob, bakery, 812 Callowbill 
Aiiimon ('. II., tavern, 1533 South 
Ammon Chii-iian. baker, 1011 Bench 
Atnon John, jiolice, 7 C;irinaii pi 

I Ainory Charles Jr., merchant. 205 Church al 
Amory Charles, Jr. A Co. (Clmrlrs Anionj Jr., 

I .S. y^; /-/•;//'/;/ 7iA/i{v',Jj-.), commission merchants, 

I yarn Ac, 205 Church al 

House of Philadelphia. 




Amos CharlcHF., stoves, 201 N 2d, h 321 Buttonw 
AnioH l<)li'/,ab<)l-l), dry good.s, l.'ill.O l'()|iln,i- 
Amos l'ili/.aln!lli, l.iiilorcHH, r 1112(1 Swiiiison 
AmoH (Jiiorf;'!), coi'ilwiiitidi', I MO I)ny 
AinoH Jaoot), ciii'])i!nler, 217 Now 
Amos Jiioob, Jr., ciii|iontor, 217 N^vt 
AiiioH .John, HiuliMiiUor, S VV Otii <fc KiHiinr 
Aoios Mary, (i B. own 

AuioH MiM'y, j!;(!ni,lu\voinan, r lOli'J (ili;i-iniinl.own av 
Amos Nallian, s(;a,veni;er, Lmllow nh 41st 
Amos I'lulip B., shoomaUer, Ludlow ah 41st 
Amos Si(!, lioilor raiikijr, 120.') Ridf^e av 
Amos Uriali T,, (uuiieiilei-, 1208 Wa-rnock, li 1212 

Ampsten (Joorgo, dyer, 208 Dauphin 
Amshoiin L., bruwor, Ash, Bi'idosbm-i^ 
Ainrod Ralph, blMoksiiiitli, l4:!!) Savory 
Amrod Tliooiiis, weaver, 1420 Fi'ankford av 
ATuys'laloid Mininj;,' Co. of Micliifriin, 4.5 S .Sd 
Analliao Myer. mo ohiint, I 17 N .'id, h 52! Yorkav 
Anars Sophia, capmaker, r 1019 Hunter 
Anok John iM., vinegar raanut'acturer, 87.3 N 5lh 
Anokor Adi>lph, liquor merchant, LOO N Front, h 

1827 Wallace 
AnckiT Mitchell, liquor merchant, LOO N Front, h 

1827 Wallace 
Ancony Louis, clothing, 7.37 South 
Anders James, 130.0 Fitz water 
Anders John, shoemaker, 10.')7 Locust 
Anderson & Alexander {Rohcit T. Anderson 4" 
Israel 1). Ale.c.i iidci), co.ichbuilders, 1015 Ridge 
Anderson it Danlap (John A. Anderson S^- Iliigk 

DiuUiip). grocers, I'.lih & Lom'oard 
Anderson & Thomas, {William F. Anderson cV 

Cuckcroft Thomas), grocers, 102 Market 
Anderson Adam, fisherman, 1017 Palmer 
Anderson Alexander, cigarmaker, 420 S 10th 
Anderson Alexander, newsdealer, 237 Dock, h 

604 S 3d 
Anderson Alexander, mavblepolisher, 1717 Carlton 
Anderson Alexander, weaver, 1338 Howard 
Anderson Alexander, wheelwright, 2046 Evergreen 
Anderson AltVcd L E., clerk, 110 Chestnut, h 

807 N 13th 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, 37th ab Elm 
Anderson Andrew, mariner, 809 S Front 
Anderson Andrew, waterman, r 828 Swanson 
Anderson Andrew, t:ivern, N W 2d & Norris 
Andeison Andrew J., carpenter, 37th ab Elm 
Anderson Ann M., gentlewoman, 1321 Melon 
Anderson Annie E., gentlewoman, C06 Moss 
Anderson A., (c) cook, 256 Quince 
Ande'son Benjamin P., lab. B.»ulah bel Tasker 
Anderson Carharine, gentlewoman, 1405 Hope 
Anderson Charles, saloon, 208 Callowbill, h 220 

Anderson Charles A., blacksmith. Market ab 31st 

h Lancaster bel Market 
Anderson Ciinton, inspector. Ridge av. Rox 
Anderson Divid, plasti'rer, 1501 Parrish 
Anderson Divid P., carpenter, 1530 Stiles 
Anderson D. F., salesman, 606 Market 
Anderson E Iward, laborer, 1319 iVIott 
Anderson E Iward R., conductor, 771 N" 24th 
Anderson Elijiih (c), hairdresser. 420 S 12ih 
Anderson Eliza, gentlewoman, 1336 Mascher 
Anderson E.izabeth, confectioner, 1203 Pine 
Anderson E;i/.abeth, geutlewnman, 320 Crown 
Anderson Emery, waiter, 232 Prosper's al 
Anderson Enraa (e), washerwoman, 1205 Ksmble 
Anderson E:nma (e), washerwoman, 733 St Mary 
Anderson Evan, shoemaker, 322 S 4th 
Anderson E., grocer, 212 S 9th 
Anderson George W., watchmkr, 1227 Girard av 
IV ;w.iJi.iker lit Brown's, Oak Hall, 

AnderBon Ifdnnnh, widow, 2 Barlow 

Anderson Helen (c), 519 Hurst 
And'irsoi) lienry, carriage builder, 712 Wood 
Anderson Homy, laborer, (Vjlurnbia av n 2d 
Anderson Henry, tavern. N W Daiifdiin A.(/iirroll 
Amlerson Henry F., srtli/srnan, 1121 Liiori 
Andeison J.nneH, oartnan, r 1.310 Knee 
Ander.-on J.imos, carter, 1.312 Hope 
Anderson Jamjs, olerk, 1310 B Htli 
Anderson James, deale', G24 Cherry 
Atiderson Jiiuies, drajronn, (i Bxrlan pi 
Anderson Jmies, gas ruanuf. |0(I8 I'oplar 
Anderson J;inies, inspector, Bl.'iir n Oiin 
Anderson James, laborer, 1418 FrankCord av 
Anderson James, M.D., N W 1 Ith & Thompson 
Anderson James, jtorter, 510 Catharine 
Anderson Jnmes, porter, 1307 Rose 
Anderson James, stonecutter, 1108 Butlonwood 
Anderson James, we..vcr, ,'\nn n Emerald 
Anderson James weaver, 247 Jeff'erson 
Anderson James, weaver, 515 N 25th 
Anderson .Tames, salesman, 1430 N 15th 
Anderson J.-unes (c), wiriier, 5 Plume pi 
Anderson Jnmes B., ]iroduce dealer, 225 South 
Anderson James IL, laborer, Ella n Amber 
Anderson James L., jeweller, 1117 Marlborough 
Anderson J:imes L., goldbeater, 1511 Walter 
Anderson Jesse, mou!<ler, 142 Collage 
Andei-son John, blacksmith, r 1017 Palmer 
Anderson John, chandler, Leithpow ab Diamond 
Anderson John, cooper, 1823 X Front 
Anderson John, drayman, 29 N 22d 
Anderson John, laborer, M;rrk-t ab 30th 
Anderson John, machinist, 10 Barney av 
Arrderson John, nurse, Ludlow n 30th 
Anderson .John, sea-captain, 108 South 
Anderson John, weaver, 2011 Carlton 
Anderson John, weaver, Cresson, Myk 
Anderson John, weaver, 1322 Frankford av 
Anderson John (c), 730 Lombard 
Anderson John A., grocer, 1846 Lombard, h 1906 

Anderson John C, bricklayer, r 1541 Parrish 
Anderson John E., merchant, 724 S Broad, h 925 

Anderson John E., spinner. 1357 N 2d 
Anderson John L., dry goods, 308 X 2d 
Ander-son John Q., millwright, 1511 Walter 
Anderson John T., carpenter, 1511 Walter 
Anderson Joseph, engineer, 1355 N 2d 
Anderson Joseph, laborer, 7 Irvin'set 
Anderson Joseph, silversmith, 1222 Girard av 
Anderson Joseph (c). musician, 744 Lombard 
Anderson Julius (c), stevedore, 328 Dagan 
Anderson J. H., boots and shoes, 153 X 2d 
Anderson J N., patent agent, 2107 Brandywine 
Anderson Levi, lumberman. 1104 Wood 
Anderson Lewis, wharf builder, 1524 Otis 
Anderson L , comb minuf. 1349 Marlborough 
Andei-son Margaret, 1305 Wood 
Anderson Margaret, seamstress, 340 Clark 
Anderson Mai-garet, seamstress, Paletborp bel 

Ande.son Margaret, gentw. 158 Master 
Andei-son Margaret J., 326 Belgrade 
Anderson Martha, 303 Dove pi 
Anderson Maiv, 1231 Fulton 
Anderson Mary, Philip ab Dmphin 
Anderson Mai-y, gentw. lOOS Himilton 
Anderson Mary, washerwoman, 1324 Rr.lston 
Anderson Nathan (e), laborer, Whitehall ab 13th 
Anderson Xicholas, laborer. 1514 American 
Anderson O'.iver, gent. 125 Wharton 
Anderson Oliver, painter, 530 X lOfh 
Anderson Patrick, laborer, 10 Mavnard pi 
Corner Sixtu i.-ii iiicriiet iiireetSi 




Anderson Peter, umbrellas, 604 Locust 
Andcrsion Kelieocn, 902 S Front 
Anderson Kebecca, genlw., CuubL'rlan'l ab Til- 
Anderb'on Robert, 1429 Hope 
Ander.son Robert, blinduiiikcr, 1730 N Otb 
Anderson Robert, ciirpentor, 2U-t2 Ciillowhill 
Anderson Robert, cuacbiuulvcr, I'll N Broad 
Anderson Uubert, drix^r, Culuinliia av n 2d 
Andersuii Robert, laborer, 2114 Lombard 
Anderson Robert, laborer. Wood ab 23d 
Anderson Robert, merchant, '.•2;'> Callowhill 
Anderson Robert, shoemaker, 1 100 ShaeUaniuxoij 
Anderson Robert, varieties, 2032 Callowhill 
Anderson Robert, warjier, 144 Oxford 
Anderson Robert V., uhiua store, ISO'J South 
Anderson Robert II., shoemaker, 3328 Market 
Anderson Robert R., earpeuter, 1611 Walter 
Anderson Robert T., eoachbuilder, 1016 Ridge 

nv, h 031 Btittonwood 
Anderson Siiuuiel, peddler, 921 South 
Anderson Samuel, shcp, 929 South 
Anderson Samuel (e), driver, Hancock n Put- 
Anderson Samuel JI., merchant, 425 JIarket, h 

403 S 8lh 
Anderson Sophia (c), cook, I SOS Addison 
Anderson Stewart, laborer, 1251 Palethorp 
Anderson Tamar, washing, 1104 Wood 
Anderson Theodore, carbuilder, 807 N 13th 
Anderson Theodore W., waterman, 1210 Beach 
Anderson Theopliilus T., Avatermau, r 1309 Rye 
Anderson Thomas, 1307 Rodman 
Anderson Thomas, car driver. Bell ab Market 
Anderson Thomas, collector, 225 N 1 0th 
Anderson Thomas, laborer, York u Bank 
Anderson Thomas, shoemaker, r 729 Si John 
Anderson Thomas, shoemaker, 1217 South 
Anderson Tlionuis F., miller, (504 Catharine 
Anderson Wesley C. (c), barl)er, G."9 Middle al 
Anderson William, coal, 8-14 Washiugion av, h 

340 Monroe 
Anderson William, comb mauuf. 1347 Marl- 
Anderson William, drayman, 13 S 20th 
Anderson William, laborer, 524 S ISih 
Anderson William, laborer, 40 Moore 
Anderson William, liijuors, 18 S Front, h 510 

Anderson William, salesman, 327 JIarket, h 1349 

Anderson William, sexton, 1315 Rodman 
Anderson William, tavern, 1529 South 
Anderson Williani. weaver, Blair n Oiis 
Anderson William, weaver, 1424 Columbia nv 
Anderson William, weaver, Fraukl'ord av ab Gi- 

Anderson William, weaver, r 131 Jefferson 
Audeison William B., blind & shade mauuf. 1114 

N 2.1 inn Gtn av 
Andersen William B., gentleman, 028 Spruce 
Anderson William F., grocer, 102 Market, h 929 

Anderson William F., plumber, 1709 Wood 
Anderson William T., flour, <tc. S W lltb & 

Anderson William T., scgar maker, 229 Federal 
Anderson W. H , hotel, N E D.iuphin <fc Coral 
Anderton Ann, gentlewoman, 121 S lOtb 
Andlauer Jacob, lager beer, 1315 South 
Andcr Andrew, cbairniaker, 12.'>5 Parrish 
Andrude Joseph, gent. 121 Walnut, li 517S|)ruce 
Andre G. A Co. {Gustuv Andre if G. E. tSaui- 

viauii), music, 1104 Chestnut 
Andre Gustav, music, 1104 Chestnut k Durell, dry goods, S W 2d & Coates 

Andreass George, bricklayer, 119 Green 
Andress k Brother (Isuac if Somiiel Andress), 

dry goods, 57 N 8th 
Andress Casper, moulder, 1325 Potts 
Andress Charles, dealer, 035 Paul 
Andress I'unrad 15., bricklayer, l.'!8 Noble 
Andre.«s Frederick, grocer, 735 N »th 
Andress Frederick, Sr., locksmith, 735 N 9th George, boots k shoes, 7.;i N 2d 
Andress Isaac F., mer. 57 N 8th, h 710 N 8th 
Andress Jacob, blacksmith, 1 Smith's ct 
Andress John, shoemaker, 731 N 2d 
Andress Michael, bricklayer, 130 Noble 
Andress Michael 1!., liricklayer 128 Noble 
Andress Michael M., bricklayer, 130 Noble 
Andress Monore, stone mason, 1342 Perth 
Andress R. P., paper hanger' 1232 Otis 
Andress .Samuel C, merchant, 57 N 8th, h 809 

Andress William, composition roofing, 628 N 5th, 

h 430 N Ith 
Andress William, deputy shorilT, 4 State House 

Row, h 4.)0 N 4th 
.Andrew Charles, carpenter, 908 Ogden 
Andrew Kiiiily, gentlewoman, 8.'12 Wharton 
Andrew John, tinsmith, r 713 N 3d 
Andrew Peter, bootcriniper, r 823 Charlotte 
Andrew Peter, stone cutter, Cth st av 
Andrew Samuel, barkeeper. 2-11) New 
Andrew William, liquors, 043 N Gih, h Rodman 

ab 12th 
ANDREWS & DIXON {James Au.lrews if 

Tliumos S. Dixun), grates, furnaces k ranges, 

1324 Chestnut 
Andrews k McLaughlin {William Aiidinvs if 

George McLaitghllii) , liquors. 043 N 0th 
Andrews it Morris {llont/ W. Aiidreirs if Wade 

II. Morris), merchandise brokers, 125 S Front 
Andrews k Thorne {Smniiel Aiidrews if Frank- 
lin M. Tliorni), growers, 8 Market 
ANDREWS & WILSON {ILnnj Andrews if 

Ji.iaes Wilson), founders, 11 10 Beach 
Andrews. Wilkins k Co. {Josiuk li, Andrews, 

AM U. Wiliins, Edward J. Allrmiis, and 

Williinn N. Smith), <\ty goods, 503 Market 
Andrews Alexander, driver, 1740 Wood 
Andrews A. J., com. mer. Market ab Slst, h 

Baring ab 35th 
Andrews B.'iijamin, railroad snp't, 1450 N 11th 
Andrews B. C., cutter, 832 Wharton 
Andrews B. II., mer., 631 Maikei, h 117 N 10th 
Andrews Catharine, 2 Iliggiiis ci 
Andrews Daniel, liolel, 620 Sv.anson 
Andrews D;ivid Wm., miichi.iist, 1935 Wilcox 
Andrews Dennis, drayman. 832 Washington av 
Andrews Edward, bookkeeper, 1150 N llth 
Andrews Emma, seamstress, 410 Quince 
Andrews Ilainillon, ship carpenter, 4 Ililles pi 
Andrews Henry, brass founder, 1116 Beach, h 

11 OS Elm 
Andrews Ileury W., mdse broker, h 1631 Spruce 
Andrews Jacob, shipbuilder, r 1338 Savery 
Andrews James, furnaces, kc-, 1324 Chestnut, h 

622 S lOlh 
Andrews Jesse S., bartender, 20 Wilson 
Andrews John, 1131 Oxford 
Andrews John, furniture dealer, 1310 N 3d 
Andrews John, grocer, 2028 Pine 
Andrews John, machinist, 418 N 20th 
Andrews John, mineral water, 1713 Cherry, h 

1711 Cherry 
Andrews John, porter, h 1131 Oxford 
Andrews Jidin, provisions, 2021 Vine 
Andrews John, shoemaker, 170 Richmond 

Strangers and Citizens are recommended to parcliase their 




Andi'ewH John, shooinakor, 2() Wilson 
Andrews John, wafcommn, 701) T)ickorf<on 
Aiidi'owH Josoph, j)iii(iU;r, 8IH ThoinpHon 
AnilrowM Jo.shiia, hhidkHiiiiUi, Mill I'littonwooil 
AmlrovvH Josoph I!., };imiII(!Iiiiui, 01,'! I'inn 
AnilrcwH .1., nxpiosH, IJriilf^'o n lUoliinonil, JM;^ 
AridrowH .1. H., tailor, 1218 SiuiMom 
Andi'owH LoliUa, tailoresH, 1812 Naudaiii 
Andrew Micha^oj, hiljornr, 80.3 N Mh 
Andrown Mary, .'iO-l N !)tli 
Andrews i'ot.or, Ml.oneciiltnr, r 8.'j.'{ N .'id 
Andrews Richard, hotid, II I I iMoyMinonsing av 
Anilrows Rolxirt, biaoksniitii, 1002 (Jarlton 
AndrowH RoljGit;, bottler, 1227 Roilina,n 
Andrews Robert, drayman, 1('i28 N 1 1th 
Andrews Roliei't, ninchinist, 1908 I'uttonwood 
Anilrews Robert P., uinbrellamr. 2t0 (Jorinan 
Andrews Samuel, grocer, 8 Market, h dth ab 

Market, Camdon 
Andrews Sarah, seamstress, 422 N 20th 
Andrews Sarah C, milliner, 221 Lombard 
Andrews Sophia, washer, 1908 Buttonwood 
Anilrews Susan, tailoress, r 51(1 Dillwyn 
Andrews Thomas C, printer. Broad, Roxboro 
Anilrews William, bottler, 1227 Rodman 
An<lrews AViHi'im, laborer, 2223 Hamilton 
Andrews William, laborer, Paul bel Sellers, Fkd 
Andrews William A., trunks, 612 Chestnut, h 4.5.'] 

N 8th 
Andrews William K., salesman, 51.3 Market, h 

];!2 N 10th 
Andrews William S., architect. 320 Franklin 
Andreykovioz Jules, chemist, 108 Arch, h 857 N 

Andros Charles, baker, 1646 N 3d 
Andy John, shoemaker, 1339 S 2d 
Ange George, laborer, J 222 Hope 
Angele L., prof, of languages, 209 S 4th 
Angell George E., moulder, 10 Steinmetz pi 
Anger John, tailor, 883 Orchard 
Angee N., weaver. Front ab Diamond 
Angerer Ernest, bootmaker, 227 Lodge 
Angermaun Henry, machinist, N E Buttonwood 

& 1 3th 
Angeroth Charles, lager beer, 421 St John's 
Angeroth Charles, Jr., confectioner, 1609 South 
ANGIER, nil GEL & CO. (Wm. R. Angler, 

Arh/ph Hiigel if John Potter), maltsters, 425 

Angier AVilliam R.. maltster, 425 Chestnut, h 

2031 Walnut 
Angle John, porter, 110 Jones al 
Anglim John, porter, 4 Clawges ct 
Angnej' John, drayman, 522 E Thompson 
Angnej' John R., conductor, 2109 Jefferson 
Angney J. R., druggist, N E 8th & Spruce 
Anholt Joseph, hatter, 1234 Plamilton 
Anker Jacob, clerk, 1540 N 13th 
Anketel Eilward, mason, 717 Jamison 
Ankins John W., laborer, r 435 Carpenter 
Ankins Martha, tailoress, r 1227 Vine 
Annable A. jM., ladies' school, 1350 Pine 
Annndown William B., clerk, 652 N 10th 
Anne Frederick, police, 760 S 6th 
Annear John, blacking & ink manuf. 128 N 

Front, h Gormantown 
Annely John, bookbinder, 325 Mcllwain 
Anneljf Rebecca, trimmings, 748 S 5th 
Annely William, jeweller, 310 Carpenter 
Annen Joseph, moulder, 1528 Wood 
Annet B. F., varnisher, r 1219 Ogden 
Anning John B., painter, 1517 Federal 
Ansfield James, laborer. Sergeant n Carroll 
Anshutz John P., mer.. 504 Market, h 416 N 5th 
Ansley David L., carpenter, Sloan ab Filbert 

Clothing; at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Ansley John, pIiiMtorcr, 411 Junipor 

An-ipach (JhiirlcH K,, dork, 41 K -llh, h 1527 Arch 

AiiHpach (ieorgo, lannor. r 1.3.39 Hijwhou 

Aii^pach JiimcH, clerk, 858 ,V Uroud 

Anypnch John, coiil, 858 N I5r<iitd 

Anspach John, .Jr., rnor., 8 W 1.3th ft Arch 

Ansfiach Williatn, dry goodK, IJJI Arch, b .OS? N 

Anstico CharloH J., mer. tailor, 1.3.3 N 6th, li 

1614 fioatcH 
Anstis Roh'M-t, hlnckHmith, 2.307 Vine 
Anstraumer Ernest, weaver, 1615 G T av 
Aiistris Willf, carpel weaver, 1 Hatter's ct 
Antel Gottleib, carringemaker, 730 N .3d 
Antolo A. J., mer. 37 S Water, h M05 Walnut 
A titers .Joseph, broominaker, 2 Cowpt-rthwait 
Anthle Adam, tavern, 430 Watkins / 

Anthony AnnaR., nurse, 1390 Ridge av 
Anthony Charles, painter, 420 S 1 0th 
Anthony Charlci T., plasterer, S W S fith 4 

Anthony Francis, brickmaker, 2316 Nandnin 
Anthony .Joseph, carpenter, 1039 Sarah 
Anthony Joseph, blindmaker, 735 S 3d 
Anthony Samuel, shocMuaker, 36 Laurel 
Anthony Simon, 728 Brook 
Anthony William (c), clothing, S 2d bel Arcb, h 

1817 Addison 
Antill .Joseph, manuf. Wakefield ab Jefferson, 

Anton Gustavus, machinist, 526 N 3d 
Anton Joseph, cabinetmaker, 439 Redwood 
Anton J., tavern, 28 N 15th 
Antress John, gasfitting, 823 Vine 
Antrim Anna, tailoress, 1232 Coates 
Antrim Charles, blacksmith, 939 Auburn 
Antrim Hannah, gentlewoman, 2 Gloucester pi 
Antrim Hannah, teacher, Lancaster av & 35th 
Antrim John, builder, 1112 Thurlow 
Antrim R, B., turner, 1204 Noble, h 1317 Coates 
Antrim Sarah B., gentlewoman, 1015 Cherry 
Antrim Thomas M., student, 1112 Thurlow' 
Antrim William H. H., gentleman, 1232 Coates 
Antrobuss William, weaver, 1107 Sites 
Antwalder Jacob, segarmaker, 533 Vincent 
Apel John, hairdresser, 417 Callowhill 
Apel John, polisher, 1 Knight's ct 
Apeldorn it Neurath (Chorles Apcldor7i \ John 

M. Neurath), mer. tailors, 73S Race 
Apeldorn Charles, mer. tailor, 738 Race, h 327 

Aper Charles R., Imker, 643 Sylvester 
Apkey Henry, ropemaker, 541 Marriott 
Apkei- Henry, tin plate worker, 1203 S 8th 
Apley John, mason, 920 N 19th 
Aplgate Daniel, bricklayer, 806 Wood 
App Mary, boarding house, 248 E Girard av 
App Samuel, jeweller, 807 Callowhill 
Appal Hcinrich, blacksm. 760 S 3d. h 766 S 3d 
Appel Henrietta, ladies' hair dressing, 1007 

Spring Garden 
Appel Isaac, head dresses, 124 S 11th 
Appker Sarah, washerwoman, Hughes ct 
Apple Caspar, tailor, r 402 Lynd 
Apple Charles, paperhanger, 1012 Ellsworth 
Apple Eliza, gentlewoman, 610 N 3d 
Apple Ephraim, salesman, 1613 Cadwalader 
Apple George F., painter. S54 N 13th 
Apple George M. D.. grocer, 610 N 3d 
Apple Henry, blacksmith. 192S Howell 
Apple Henry, foreman. 1011 Ellsworth 
Apple Henrv, oak cooper, 205 S Water, h 433 

Apple Jacob, coppersmith. 813 Inquirer 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Apple Jncob, uoulder, 610 N 3il 

Apple Jucol) C, briijs finisher, 1803 Khonds 

Apple Jiiiues 11., elork, tUO N M 

Apple John, boukhimlcr, 1 jl N Olh 

Ap)>h- J<'hn, sfgiu lurtker, Si'il Lawrence 

Apple Juliii-x, hiirtendor, 421 Li>nibiird 

Apple J. B., cooper, h 302 Shippon 

Apple M.. washer, r S20 Willow 

Apple Philip M., hiUleV. 81.'! ln«|iiiror 

Api>le ."^iiniiiel. uiorchant, IJl New Market 

Apple Theodore M., eoopor, 121 S Water & 104 

Giitimer, h Reed n 4th 
Apple William, eonslable. 610 N 3d 
Apple Willinui. vielualler, r 1219 0gden 
Applel.y r.noeh, ship earptr, N Wl)tse;;o.t Prime 
Applegale Charles, tailor, 811;; Urehard 
Applignte Diivid, miller, N W Prime .t Otsego 
Applegnto David, watelunan, S Front bel Morris 
Applegate David C, cake baker, 122(1 Pine 
Applegale James, laborer. 1121 Mojamoiisingav 
Applegate John, .M. D., i:i02 S 7th' 
Applogate John, ship carpenter, IToU S 6th 
Applegnte John !•"., tailor, P>'-i~ Uedwood 
Ap]ilej;ate Joseph, niilKr, l.')0'.i Barclay 
Applegato Joscjih C, ico, l.')(HI Barclay 
Api.legate J., M. D., IISU Pine 
Apjilegato J. T., confectioner, l.'iOT Buttonwood 
Applegate Robert, bricklayer, 122i) Brandy wine 
Applegate Robert, laborer, 124 Hazel 
Applesetter John J., laborer, 17 Pearl 
Appleton Daniel, shoemaker, 3 Timothy 
Appleton Mrs. E., 1709 Arch 
Appleton George W., bookkeeper. Corn Ex Bank, 

h 204 S 10th 
Appleton Henry, coach painter, 3 Carroll nv 
Appleton James, Treasnror B T Imp it S A Coal 
hi 7;;3 Arch 

ARCUICR A REEVES (JJ. F, Arr/ur if F. B. 

Jiirrrf), wholesale grocers, 45 N Wjiler i 46 
N D>'lawaro av 
Archer Alu4, oar driver, r llOS N Front 
Archer B, F., merchant, 45 N Water &46N Dela- 
ware av, h 227 Coopur, Camden 
Archer Charles L., brushmaker, 312 Marriott 
Archer Charles S., clerk, 202 Market, h 1321 

Archer C. H., boarding, 731 Sansoui 
Archer Daniel, hats & caps, 043 Ridge av 
Archer Isaac, blacksmith, h Rockland n 38th 
Archer Isaac, drayman, 1041 Surah 
Archer James, driver, 4 Ciirran pi 
Archer .lob, wh.irl' buihler, I2IM Palmer 
Archer John, hoot litter. 111;; Market 
Archer John, clerk, '.KU Percy 
Archer John, watchman, 1502 Palethorp 
Archer Joseph, clerk, 201)2 ."^ausom 
Archer Joseph, spinner, S 20lli ah Lombard 
Archer Pierce, atly at law, 213 .S, h 932 Poplar 
Archer Thomas (c) , carter, Irving ab .'17111 
Archer Thomas ¥., engineer, 031) Lombard 
Archer William, dyer, Leipor ab Sellers, Fkd 
Archer William, laborer, r Fitler ab 2d 
Archer William V., alfy at law, S E 3d AChest- 

nnt, h 731 S 9th 
Archibald John, silvorplator, 612 E Thompson 
Archinger Sophia, gentlewoman, 017 Tamarind 
Architectural Iron Works, Lehman bel Walnut 
Archy Arthur, laborer, 9 Danuakcr's av 
Ard Ellen B.. gentlewoman, 10 10 Arch 
Ardis Albert A., bricklayer, 1034 S 0th 
Ardis Amanda, gentlewoman, 1725 Christian 
Ardis W. S., grocer, 2152 Sharswood 
Ardley Alexander, 320 Walnut, h 912 Pine 
Aregood George, brickmaker, 1911 Cbristiau 

Co., 228 Walnut 
Appleton Jos. B., coachmr, 40 Frankford av, Fkd | Arensfeld Henry, gentleman, 1011 Race 
Appleton Oliver, dye works, 1318 Marlborough j Anet John, turner. 100 N 2d 
Appleton Samuel, dyer, 1530 N 2d j Arey Henry W., aM'y at law, 257 S 9th 

Appleton Samuel, bookkeeper Corn Ex Bank, h , Argan Richard, laborer, 2013 Jones 

721 Shirley 1 Argue David, plasterer, 1231 Poplar 

Appleton Samuel E., Rev., 1709 Arch 
Appleton S., carpenter, 1118 Fit/.water 
Apprentices' Library, 5th <t .\rch 
Apt Lewis U., coppersmith, 814 Coates 
Arand Augustus, druggist, N W 8th <t Poplar 
Aratt Mary, teacher, 1014 Filbert 
Arbelo Josej)h J., clerk, J3 Almond 
Arbuckle &, Rieketts (Dmiiil Aibiirl:le),n\an ^<. 

Arbuckle A. J., clerk, 1025 Shackamason 

Argue Frederick, 1231 Poplar 
Argue Jane, matron, 910 Sansom 
Arick Alliert, cigar maker, 1319 Cadwalader 
Arick John, musician, 1319 Cadwalader 
Arker Thomas, carpenter, 1014 Shippcn 
Arland John, packer, r 2.'i2 Race 
Arlinger Bernard, pediUer, 5 Kayser's av 
ArmaiidDayid G., butcher, N 19th n Montg'y 
Arraund Matthias, butcher, N lOtli n Montg y 
Armatt John, laborer, Bockius, Gin 

Arbuckle Archibald, morocco dresser, 104 Green > Armbrast Christian, bricklayer. 1757 N 3d 

Arbuckle Daniel, manufacturer, Myk 
Arbuckle Henry, weaver, 1225 Shackamaxon 
Arbuckle ll.nry J., printer, 104 Green 
Arbuckle Samuel, 919 Warnock 
Arbuckle Samuel, manuf. Washington, Myk 
Arbuckle Thomas, coppersmith, 1707 Lombard 
Arch Street k Fairmount Passenger Railway De- 
pot, Callowhill ab 25th n Wire Bridge 

Armbruist George, boatman, 127 Callowhill 
Armbruster Amelia, 1520 Wallace 
Armliruster George B., collector, 916 N lUh 
Armbruster Jacob, laborer, 1314 Corn 
Armbruster Jacob H., importer hardware, 308 N 

3d, h 312 N llth 
Armbruster John G., notions, 300 N 3<l, h 1545 

N 12th 

Archarabault A. L., engine builder, S E 15th & ' Arrabru.ster Peter, notioni", 300 N ."id, h 312 N llth 

Hamilton, h Germantown av, Gtn 

Archnmbault Ln Fayette, dry goods, 817 Market, 
h 1324 Jefferson 

ARCHAMBAULT N. B., portable steam hoist- 
ing engines, 6 E 15th <fc Hamilton, h 1318 
Brandy wine 

Archambault V. E., dry goods fc carpets, NE llth 
k Market, h 1316 Spring Garden 

Archdeacon Andrew, painter, 906 Christian 

Archdeacon Dennis, painter, 9()4 Christian 

Armbruster Peter ABro. (Peh r if Juhti G. Arm- 

hrnsler), notions, 300 N 3d 
Arment Oliver P., carpenter, 2121 Locust 
Armington Sarah, gentlewoman, 828 N 12th 
Armitngc George W., boatman. Baker, Myk 
Armitage John, painter, 1920 Filbert 
Arniitage Robert B., wntchniun, r423 Garden 
Armitage S. B., carpenter, 512 Wharton 
Arniitnge Thos., medical galvaniz'g, 1439 Cherry 
Armold Charle."?, blacksmith, 328 N 8th 
Armond Charles, turner, 1553 N llth 

Archdeacon D. S., coach painter, 042 Carpenter 
Archdeacon Thomas, coachmaker, 1312 Lombard ' Armand D., 1728 Cox 
Archenlack John B., coachmaker, 3 Atlee pi Armor Thomas, carpenter, ISIO Addison 

Best Place in the City to buy good and cheap Clothing at 




Armour John, driver, 15.10 Burton 
Ariiii (id J iinii.M, liliK^kMiiiilli, l'2'l!) Hope 
Arnistroiif; & SoU'iirlcii ('/'. iS'. Arnisi roiii^, J. A. 
tii'lfarlcii), piij)or)iii.j; niimiir. 210 N .'id 

Armnlrong , cotiduclor, 170 Hichinond 

ArmMlronR , g(!nll()Worn(i,n, MOH Sii.vory 

AriiiHti'on^i; Alirnliiiin, oalt (!()oi)i:r, 127 7'Mwiird 
Arinnl.roii;^ Al(^\illl(l^!r, iniiHon, 122.') Oiilh.'ii'ino 
Arm.slioiig Aiidnnv, niei'. .Ol S Front, li MOO J'ine 
Armstrong Andrew, sfoiimnn, 27 Norfolk 
Armstrong Ann, gontluwomiin, 1218 I'eiirl 
Armstrong A. & R. {Andrew ^- RoIkt/. Arvi- 

stroiiff), tohiieoo com. mors. .Ol S Front, 
Armstrong Borniird, lal)orer. Cumborl'd n Amber 
Armstrong Bridget, gentlewomim, 1014Mervino 
Armsliong Bridget, soanistross, I fill Morvino 
Armstrong B., conductor, Pishoriib (lumherland 
Armstrong Chiirles, Idiwdis'tli, I'liiiipliol Diiiinond 
Armstrong C. E., carriiigo trimmings, '■]» N 2d, 

h 022 N 0th 
Armstrong Daniel, brakesman, A?> N Broad 
Armstrong David, plasterer, 1827 Lombard 
Armstrong David, stone mason, 1027 Fitzwator 
Armstrong Edward, liquor dealer, N E Front 

Armstrong Edward, Sec. N P R R Co., 407 Wal- 
nut, h Church la, Gtn 
Armstrong Edward, shoemaker, 1001 Cross 
Armstrong Eli/.a, gentlew'n, Lettorly n Amber 
Armstrong Eliza (c), washer, 1127 Pearl 
Armstrong Elizabeth, gentleAvoman, 1129 S 12th 
Armstrong Ellen, gentlewoman, 1521 N Front 
Armstrong Fr.ancis, csirter, lOS.") Moravian 
Armstrong F., dj'er, 728 Espey 
Armstrong P. W., shoemaker. Main, Myk 
Armstrong George, accountant, 1235 Tanner 
Armstrong George, butcher, 427 Garden 
Armstrong George, junk, 1315 New Bedford 
Armstrong George, tanner, Montgomery bel 2d 
Armstrong George, upholsterer, 123 S 2d 
Armstrong George H., att'yat law, 605 Walnut, 

h 1415 Lombard 
Armstrong Harriet (c), 704 Lebanon 
Armstrong Hugh, dyer, 1518 N 2d 
Armstrong H. G., stationer, 304 N 3d, h 520 

Armstrong Jackson, laborer, 1134Frankfor v 
Armstrong James, bricklayer, 1217 Catharine 
Armstrong James, cabinetmaker, 410 Harmony 
Armstrong James, coremaker, 322 E Thompson 
Armstrong James, councilman, 1217 Catharine 
Armstrong James, engineer, 35 N 21st 
Armstrong James, laborer, 1529 Philip 
Armstrong James, machinist, 2029 Reeves 
Armstrong James, salesman, 16 Herdman's ct ; 
Armstrong James, trimmings, 1210 Gtn av ! 

Armstrong James A., M.D., 1210 Gtn av 
Armstrong John, jjlasterer. 621 S 18th j 

Armstrong John, laborer, Fisher ah Huntingdon I 
Armstrong John, laborer. 34th bel Elm, JIantua I 
Armstrong John, shoemaker, 322 E Thompson | 
Armstrong John, tailor, 1716 Latimer | 

Armstrong John, woollen manuf. Duv's la station ' 
Gtn " ; 

Armstrong Joseph, machinest, 1920 Cnllowhill I 
Armstrong Joseph T., shipc.arpeuter, 122 Car- 
penter i 
Armstrong Joshua, harnessmaker, 721 Plover i 
Armstrong J. A., druggist, N W 4th &, Thomp- ' 
son I 
Armstrong Lewis C, tailor, 204 S 9th, h 229 

S Front * 

Armstrong Luke, clerk, Salmon ab Lehigh ay | 
Armstrong Margaret, 700 St?ward 
jt-irustrong Martha, gentlewoman, 1120 Evans 

Wanamaker & Brown; Oak Hall, 

Armstrong Marlhn, f^entlowoman, r .0.37 N 2.0th 
Armstrong Miiry, genllcwoinnri, 'M\'.'> liuitoriwoo'l 
Armstrong Mary Atm, varicticH, 470 Ruwle 
Armstrong Patrick, ciirdriver, Kuirnon u.\> Cum- 

Armstrong P., gentloman, 707 Florida 
Armstrong F>. M., bootH, Hhocs, Ac, 008 S 1 1th 
Armstrong Rob<!rt, blacksmith, WA N l.'!th 
Armstrong Robert, brickliiyfjr, 1404 Christian 
Armstrong Roltert, carter, r 158 Mast'^r 
Armstrong Robert, Ofirter, r 218 Ciirpenter 
Armstrong Robert, bricklayer, 1237 Ohri'tian 
Armstrong Robert, merchant, 51 S Front, h 1400 

Armstrong Robert, laborer, r 623 S 15th 
Armstrong Itobert, stonemason, 1322 Catharine 
Armstifing Robert, tobacco com. mer. 51 S Front, 

h 1400 Pine 
Armstrong Roltert, woodturner, 716 N 9th ■ 
Armstrong .Samuel, machiniBt, Aramingo n Tren- 
ton av 
Armstrong Samuel S., inspector, 511 N Front 
Armstrong Sartih, gentlewoman, Marshall n Gtn 

Armstrong Sarah fc), 704 Lebanon 
Armstrong S., shoes, 615 N 21 
Armstrong Theodore, painter, 128 Dana 
Armstrong Thomas, 116 Richmond 
Armstrong Thomas, baker, r 1007 Fkd av 
Armstrong Thomas, engineer, 1518 N 2d 
Armstrong Thomas, laborer, 2223 F 
Armstrong Thomas, painter, Adams ab Sellers, 

Armstrong Thomas, shoemaker, 730 Wyoming 
Armstrong Thomas, stationer, 240 N 3d, h 1407 

N 7th 
Armstrong Thomas P., drayman, 1518 N 2d 
Armstrong Thomas G., dental depot, 520 Arch. 

h Wistar ab Miller, Gtn 
Armstrong Thomas H., gentleman, 917 Mt Ver- 
Armstrong Thomas M., dental depot, 520 Arch, 

h 1021 Randolph 
Armstrong T. S., paperbag maker, 240 N 3d, h 

1407 X 7th 
Armstrong William, cabinetmaker, 1331 Christian 
Armstrong William, carpenter, Church la, Gtn 
Armstrong William, carpenter, r 1209 Xew Bed- 
Armstrong William, dyer, 1324 Catharine 
Armstronc William, laborer, 7 White 
eclectic druggist, drug store 722 Market, h 240 
N 9th 
Armstrong William, stonemason. 805 S 13th 
Armstrong William, tailor, 511 N Front 
Armstrong William !M.. broker, Madison House, 

37 k- .39 N 2d 
Armstrong William S., laborer, 936 S 5th 
Armstrong W. G., engraver, 517 Prune 
Army ct Navy Gazette (William R. Dyer & Co.), 

31 U Walnut 
Arnaiz Casper A., salesman, 630 Belgrade 
Anedt George, cedar cooper, 967 Beach 
Arneiz Victor W.. oak cooper, 1359 Hewson 
Arner John, moulder, 807 S 19th 
Ames Susan, gentlewoman, 1741 Webster 
Arnest Benjamin, laborer, 520 Pierce 
Arnest James D., merchant, 417 Market, h St 

Louis Hotel 
Arney Elizabeth (e), 612 Ronaldson 
Arnold Charles, grocer, N W Broad & Barclay 
ArnoW Henry, upholsterer, 903 N Broad 
Arnich Sebastian, laborer, Braddoek n R K 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Arnold Aaron W.. 25 N 4th, h 440 N 5th 
Arnold Au!:ustu!>, luilliner, 412 P«>i)lnr 
Arnold A. E.. notions, 4S N Slh. h 015 N Sth 
Arnold Onroiine, milliner, 212 Art'li 
Arnold Cliarlos, bootniiikor, IS12 N 2d 
Arnold Crawford, clerk, 710 Chestuiit, h 1211 

Arnold Kdwiird. blacksmith, l.'lOfi Kntoa 
Arnold Edwin W., merchant. li'S.l Market, h UO 

N 5th 
Arnold Emnnuel, liquors, 150 N Front, h 51(i 

Arnold Ernest, cigars, 1333 Gtn av 
Arnold E. A Co. (/i. \ U. K. AruoltlifA. Anr- 

Aron.ion R., clothier, 241 N 2d 

Arn<t Jacob, bultonmakcr, 14 Mureu.o pi 

ARNY A SLATE (Ch.nirs IK. Ann,, John J. 

Slate), hoots A shoes, 240 N M 
Arnv Charles W., merchant, 240 N 3d. h 524 N 

Arrants Geo. M., sailmnker, 25 Richmond 
Arrnnl." Richard 15., seaman, 25 Richmond 
Arrants Wm., soauian, 25 Riohuiond 
Arrcll ^■oo^^'e J., dork, |.!(>2 I'oj.lar 
Arrinmn Robert, smith. Wa.vno av, Gtn 
Arris Charles, lampuinkcr, 250 Chester 
Arrison k Wngner (JJniri/ 1). Arrisoii if Ilfnry 

A. ^Vtl!:}l4l■), proeers, Riilpe av A 13th 

/■/•";) iinjiortersot' wines ami li(y»ors. 150N Front Arrison Edward, carpenter, 708 Brown 

Arnold Frederick, shoemaker, r 1127 Aider 

Arnold F., baker, 1314 Parrish 

Arnold (leorge, Lopan bel Main, (Un 

Arnold H.Miry, 1310 Heath 

Arn<dd lleiii y, machinist, 1507 Pearl 

Arnolil Henry, shoemaker, 228 Race 

Arnold Hezekiah W., merchant, 333 ilarket A 

440 N 5ib. h 27 X 4th 
Arnuld Jacob, bakery, 41G X Front 
Armild Jiinu's, bottler, 700 Passyunk av 
Arnold James, Ijiborer, 2055 South 
Arnoltl John, laborer, Fkd av n R R road 
ArnoM John, shoemaker, 2059 Lombard 
Arnold Jolin 15., ladies shoemaker, 1030 Frk av 
Arnol.l John 15., tailor, 722 Mo-^^s 
Arnold John C, shoemaker, Main op Manhcim, 

Arnold John H., bookbinder, 1233 Naglo 
Arnold Jo.-eph, bootfitter, 1233 Poplar 
Arnold J. Michael, student, 829 Arch, h Falls of 

Arnold J. H., .«hoemaker, 620 St John 
Arnold Lewis, mason, 1430 Col av 
Arnold L., trader, 404 Kerr 
Arnolil Margaret, milliner, 700 Passyunk av 
ArnoM Margaret, baker, 213 Federal 
Arnold Mayor, 440 N 5th 

W. Arnolil, EriinsI Nusbaiim, Jacob Nin>- 
iinsTT. IL zfLiali if Edifiii W. Ariwlil) whole- 
sale clothiers, 333 Markt?t A 27 N 4th " 
Arnold ^lichael, laborer, Leiper ab Church, Fkd 
Arnold X., clerk, 464 Kerr 

Arnold N. R., jeweller, 38 S 3d, h 2204 Mt Ver- 
Arnold Peter, cooper, Poplar ab 2fith 
Arnold Philip, laborer, 12.'jO Alder 
Arnold Samuel, bootmaker, 230 Perry 
Arnold Samuel F.. baker, 1020 Jefferson 
Arnold Simon, gentleman, 015 N Sth 
Arnolil Simon W., merchant, 333 Market A 27 

N 4th, h 440 N 5th 
Arnold U. K., liquors, 150 N Front, h 516 Cha- 
ArnoM Willard A., furnaces, 1010 Chestnut, h 

813 Lombard 
ArnoM William, shoemaker, 1127 Pine 
Arnold William J., bookbinder, 735 West 
ARNOLD A WILSON {W. A. Arnold if J. W. 
Wilfon), hot air furnaces, mantels, Ac, 1010 
Amor Frederick, grocer, Oxford A Cadbury av 
Arnot John, stonecutter. 254 Perry 

Arrison Henry D., grocer. Ridge av A 13th, h 

068 N 13th 
Arrison James M., merchant, 1008 Chestnut, h 

lal'.l Pojilar 
ARRI.^ON .inllX C., gentlemans furnishing 

goods, 1 N 0th, h 1515 Poplar 
Arrison John p., nussionary, 42 N 5th, h 1437 

N 7th 
Arrison Mary, candy, 1319 S Sth 
Arrison Matthew w'., bricklayer, 859 N 16th 
Arrison Rosetta, teacher, 204 Perry 
Arris in Samuel, carilor, Haverford n 47th 
Arrison William, baker. Commerce ab Cumber- 
Arrott .Julia G.. gentlewoman. 1607 Poplar 
Arrott William, civil engineer, 1007 Poplar 
.Msijuith .Samuel, weaver, Creshcim la, Gin 
Art Jacob C., shipjoiner. 30 Catharine 
ARTHUR A BROTHER {Rohni Arthur), coal 

dealers, 271 S Broad, h 1922 Lombard 

Arthur , huckster, 759 S 7th 

Arthur Abraham Y., conductor, 2113 Jefferson 

Arthur Andrew, liquors, 806 N 19th 

Arthur Charles, pai)ermaker, Washington, Myk 

Arthur Enoch, farmer, Harrison n Main, Fkd 

Arthur George, carpenter, 233 N Juniper 

Arthur Isabella, seamstress, 2029 Lombard 

Arthur James, carter, 12th A Cherry 

Arthur John, coal yard. 959 N Front, h Ellen 

Arthur John, founder, AVillow ab Meadow, Fkd 

Arthur John, laborer, 2017 Webster 

Arthur John, weaver, Amber n York 

Arthur Joshua, gent. Harrison n Main, Fkd 

Arthur Michael, coachman, 1818 Pearl 

Arthur Robert, sash A door maker, 039 N Broad, 

h 709 N 17th 
Arthur R. ^I., grocer, S E 5th A Shippen 
Arthur Samuel, clerk. 114 S 3d, h 2023 Vine 
Arthur T. S., publisher, 323 Walnut, h 1609 Mt 

Arthur T. S. A Co. (T. S. Arthur), publishers, 

32:; Walnut 
Arthur William, clocks, Ac, 1415 Shippen 
Arthur W. M., clerk P. R. R. Co., 1302 Market 
Arthur's Homo Magazine (T. iS. Arthur if Co.), 

323 Walnut 
Arthurs James, shoemaker, 811 Catharine 
Arthurs Josejih. driver, 2 Gravel's ct 
Arthurs Mary, boarding house. 117 Lombard 
Articker Wm., cordwainer, 1353 Atmoro 
Artis William, captain, 1014 Newton 
Artley Henry, weaver, 2327 Vine 
Artol John, boilermaker, 1125 Sites 
Artol Margaret, gentlewoman, 1125 Sites 

Arold John, tailor, 805 Poplar 

Aronheimer A Lewald (L. Aronheimer if Philip ' Artole Martin, shoemaker, Fisher bel Emory 

Lew'iLI), fancy goods, 129 N 3d ' Artrop Thomas, gentlertjan, 1009 Clement 

Aronheimer Aaron, gentleman, 709 Girard av Artr.t Charles G.. scgars. 215 S 4th 

Aronheimer Lewis, dry goods, 129 N 3d, h 321 

Aronson Robert, grocer, 237 N 21st 

ARUNDEL GEORGE W., attorney-at-law, 28 S 

4th. h 857 N Broad 
Arundel T. McLean, att'y-at-law, 28 S 4th, h Gtn 

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Arundel Robort J., iiU,'y-ii,l-iiuv, 28 S 'lUi, li 857 

N Uroiiil 
Arundol ]U»l)<;rt T. T., ii,ll,'y-ia-lii,w, 28 S 4th, h 

8r)7 N liroad 
Arviii 'I'lioriiiiH, oartor, Kinoriilil iib Ouinborland 
Arv.t William, tinner, \h'Z.) VVarrmck 
Asay Annie, ladies' sLoe.s, 8 li 10th & I'arriHh, h 

802 (h-een 
Aflay A. Merritt, dentist, 1005 Race 
Asay A. M. <fc J. L. (A. Mv.rriU Asir.y if J. Lam- 
burl, Asiiy), doiitiflH, 1005 Race 
Asay Jiicol), coiker, Ooibeuic's ct 
Asay Jacob S., engineer,, r 120 8 Del av 
Asay Jolin, shooniuker, 802 Greon 
Asay .1. Lambert, dentist, 1005 Race 
Asay J. li.. dentist, 1018 Vino 
AsaV William JJ., dentist, ;J28 N 11th 
Asay W. XL, salesman, 421 Market, h S E 5th & 

Asbey Warah (o), huckster, 020 S (Uh 
Asbury Gnor^e, machinist, 183 1 Rhoads 
AS15URY SAMUEL ct 00., imp. earthenware, 

111 Widniit 
Asch Aaron M., furrier, 302 Arch 
Asch Isaac M., furrier, 213 & 427 Arch 
Asch Joseph M., gent. 417 Spruce 
Asch Mannes M., furrier, 221 Arch 
Aschenbach F., drugs, S W 4th & Callowhill, h 

471 N 7th 
Ascliendorf Fred., clerk, 419 Brown 
Ascherl'old Theodore, prof, of music, 905 N 10th 
Ascough Elizabeth, gentw. 1015 G T av 
Ascougli George, wiroworker, 1015 G T av 
Ascough John, blacksmilii, 975 N Front, h 1637 

Ascough John, shoe cutter, 7 Richmond 
Ascough Thomas, machinist, 1015 G T av 
Ascough William, machinist, 1015 G T av 
Ash Anna, 813 Wood 
Ash Charles, victualler, 1337 N 8th 
Ash Curtis (c), waiter, 1013 Lombard 
Ash Edwin, stair rod maker, 519 Fitzwater 
Ash Francis, liquor, 247 N 10th 
Ash George W., carpenter, 937 Melon 
Ash George W., gold beater, Haverford & Wyo- 
Ash George W., att'y-at-law, 1719 Pine 
Ash Henry J., carpenter, 12 Amity 
Ash II. St. Clair, M.D., 1108 Vine 
Ash James, hotel, 514 Callowhill 
Ash John M., clerk, 213 S 17th 
Ash Joshua, dry goods, 110 S loth 
Ash Joshua P., auctioneer, 429 Market, h 110 

S I3i,h 
Ash Joshua AV., M.D.. 1721 Vine 
Ash J. Dorsey, clerk, 217 N 13th 
Ash iMaria L., gentw. 1009 Coates 
Ash Mary, 623 S Front 
Ash Morgan, gent. 217 X 13th 
Ash Morgan, Jr., com. mer. 300 N Del av, li 217 

N 13th 
Ash Peter, laborer, Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Ash Phineas, grocer, 2114 Winter 
Ash Samuel, laborer, 519 Fitzwater 
Ash Sarah (c), undertaker, 420 S 7th 
Ash Sebastian, watchman, 2d bel Dauphin 
Ash Thomas H., shoemaker. 2d bel Dauphin 
Ash Thomas Reeves, accountant, 16 S 3d, h 1723 

ASH WILLIAM, hotel and livery stables, 905 

Ash William, salesman. 131 Brown 
Ash William R., dep. leather iusp. 131 Brown 
Ash W. Henry, clerk, 217 X 20th 
Ashbacher Charles, books, 491 N 3d 

Oak Hall, Southeast Comer Sixth and 

Ashberry Anna, gentw. 725 K 9th 
A«liliridge George, laborer, 203<i Pcnrl 
A;-hbridg() Joi4e[>h L., s|)iiin<!r, 642 Kilio 
Ashbridgc, Thoma'/in, gentw. 823 Arch 
A.^lilM-idgi! Williiiin, gent. 82.'', Arch 
A-libroiik JiiiiieM, grocer, S E 2d <t Queen 
yVslibrook John K., Halcxrauu, 223 Mark',-l, h 316 

A^hbrook Jo-i^cph, clerk, S E 2d <t Qunfto 
Asliliniok Joseph, sailmakcr, 215 Clirisiijiti 
A. librook Thomns, houHe carpenter, I00(i H 2d 
A-librook 'J'homaH, tuilor, 1615 Jlidj;e av 
A -iibrook TboniaH J., agent, 1615 Ridge av 
Asliburner Adiim, mer. 1245 Bultonwood 
Ashburner Algernon J']., oil mer. 16 S Del av, h 

114 N lOlh 
Ashburner Augustus, clerk, N W Baring & 32d 
Asbl)Mrner John, bookkeeper, 10 S Del av, h 

ILimilton ah 33d 
Ashburner Julia, gentlewoman, Ludlow ab 40th 
Ashby it Rocap (FniiiLlin Ankhy i( Adam Jio- 

nip), hats <fc furs, 408 Maiket 
A.^hby Charles, bookkeeper, 991 Marshall 
Ashby Franklin, hats, 408 Market, h 991 Mar- 

Ashcraft H. L., milliner, 23 S 2d, h 120 Allen 
Asheraft H. M., shoes, S E 2d & Pine, h 120 Al- 
Ashcraft Louisa, boarding house, 201 Vine 
Ashcraft John, gent. 120 Almond 
Ashcraft Samuel, salesman, 120 Almond 
Ashcroft Amanda, tailoress, 966 S Front 
A.-hcroft John, machinist, 108 Federal 
Ashcroft Josiah, laborer, 108 Federal 
Ashenbach Conrad, lampmaker, 850 Charlotte 
Ashenbaug George, chemist, 1030 Master 
Ashenfelder Josiah, ear manuf. 1806 G T av, h 

1252 Cadwalader 
Asher Abram, clerk, 529 S 3d 
Asher Jeremiah Rev. (c), 1013 Rodman 
Asher Michael, dyer, 020 South 
Asheren Daniel, umbrella maker, 926 South ' 
Ashford Adolphus, glovemaker, 1330 Hutchinson 
Ashford Henry, moulder, 1517 Pearl 
Ashford John R., glover, 607 Callowhill 
Ashford Stephen, laborer, 618 Wood 
Ashford W. H.. mer. 139 Market, h 143 X 8th 
Ashhurst Henry, gent.. 1708 AV^alnut 
Ashhurst John, mer. 16 S 3d, h 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst John, Jr., M.D., 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis, mer. ]6 S 3d, h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst L. R., mer. 16 S 3d, h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard Jr., att'y-at-law, 502 Walnut, 

h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard L., att-y-at-law, 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst Richard, mer. 16 S 3d, h 723 Arch 
ASHHURST R. & SOXS, mers. 16 S 3d 
Ashhurst Samuel, M.D., 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst William H.. banker, 170S SValnut 
Ashiev Henrv, imp. cfc com. mer 23 Bank, h 332 

S 15th 
Ashley Thomas, laborer, r 104 Federal 
Ashley Thomas, rigger, 211 Prime 
Ashman Charles X., segarmaker, 1108 Citron 
Ashman Howard, paper hangings, 1141 Poplar 
Ashman Peter, ice dealer. Bridge n 33d 
Ashman Peter, Jr., driver Hestonville R. R., 

Garden <.t 32d 
Ashman Sarah, gentw. Palethorp bel Diamond 
Ashman Stephen, blacksmith, 721 X 23d 
Ashman William, tailor, 702 X 3d 
Ashman William H., shoe dealer. 162 X 8th 
Ashman William T., clerk, 702 X 3d 
Ashman W. M., atty-at-law, 404= Prune, h 1321 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown. 




Ashmead , 247 N 6th 

Asl.iuon.l Alfred B.. clerk. .18th nb Filbert 
A^luucHd Albert L., pent. G T av, Otn 
Aslimeail Albert S., Lieut. S \V ; Si Hamilton 
Ashineiid Clinrle.*. gent, (i T av, IJtn 
A.«hniead DiifGeld, clerk, Mt'26 Uirnrd ftv 
Ai'lmieiul Kliza, gentw. 1125 Citron 
.\sliintii.l F. L.. -JlOd Wttllaoe 
A.<ll.ME.\P GEOKQE. druggist, 603 Market, b 

Main, litn 
A.<n.ME.\l) GEO. L.. atfy-at-lnw. 33.*? Walnut 
A.<H.ME.\l) HENRY H., printer. 1525 Girard av 
.V.'ihiui-ad Horace, driifrgist, 17IS Catharine 
Aslinicad Isaac, jirinter, 1102 & 1101 Sunsoin, h 

1526 Girard av 
A.«hniend Mrs. John, gentlewoman, 120 S 18th 
Ashnieail John E., merchant, 120 S ISth 
Aslunead Eliza, boarding, S.'!5 Cherry 
Ashnu-ad Theodore, merchant, 016 I'each 
Asliniead Thomas E., mercbant, 126 Chestnut, b 

1>S2'.> Fine 
Ashiiiead Thomaif P., merchant, 1829 Pine 
A.<hiii.Md William, M.D.. (J T av, (Jtn 
Ashmen Anthony A., butciior, 917 Jlorris 
Ashmen James, machinist, 742 S 6th 
Ashmen James J., stair rod maker, 9U) Morris 
Ashinore Abram V., carver, 122S Heath 
A.'hnjore James, marble cutter, l.'iUi Callowhill 
Ashinore John J., carpenter, 415 St John, b 807 

N 15th 
Ashmore Jlordecai, carpenter, 1229 Nagle , 
Ashtenfelter .\ndrew J., printer, 521 Coates 
Ashton Aim, groceries, 852 Swanson 
Ashton A. H., M.D., 737 S 9tb 
Ashton Caroline T., trimmings, 7 10 J N 2d, b 204 

Ashton Catharine (c), 710 Lebanon 
Ashton Charles, hatter, 815 S 5th 
Afhion Charlotte Mrs., trimmings, G T av 
Ashion Deborah, gentlewoman, 1105 Citron 
Ashton D. R., ladies' seminary, 929 Arch 
Ashton Frank, salesman, 815 S 5th 
ASlITiDN GEORGE IL, druggist, 832 Market, h 

y32 Pine 
Ashton George S., drug and spice dealer, 1933 

Girard av 
Ashton Hiram, cooper, 119 Prime 
Ashton Isaac M., deputy sheriff, h 1130 Vine 
Ashton James, mariner, r 229 Queen 
Ashton James W., '.129 Arch 
Ashion Joseph, gentleman, 1081 Beach 
Ashton Joseph, waterman, Beach n Morris 
Ashton J. Hubley, att"y-at-law, 128 S Gtb, b 928 

Ashton Mary, gentlewoman, 815 S 5th 
Ashton Samuel, chairmaker, 51.'! St John 
Ashton Samuel, cooper, r 529 N 2d 
Ashton Samuel, machinist, 622 Thompson 
Ashton Samuel, printer, 2.'5H N 21st 
A.shton Samuel K., M.D., S;i4 Pine 
Ashton S., publisher National Merchant, 126 S 

2d, h .'!26 Marshall 
Ashton Thomas, 1540 Franklin 
Ashton Thomas, clerk, Mt Vernon Hotel 
Ashton Thomas, currier, 5 Lee's pi 
Ashion Thomas, dyer, Seller.s bel Leiper, Fkd 
Ashton Thomas C, machinist. G T av nb Berks 
Ashton Thomas J., alt y-at-law, 221 S 5th 
Ashton AVilliam, denier, 7 Osberk pi 
A.'-lnvoith A. M., clerk, 8.';5 N 13th j 

Ashworth Edward, overseer. Ridge av, RoT 
A-hworth James, clerk. Sellers ah Unity, Fkd ' 
Ashworth John, munuf. 45 <!t 47 S Front, h Dela- 
ware Co j 

The Popular Clothing 

Ashworth Thomas, weaver, 818 Capital 
Ashworth William, grocer, S E Sellers A Frank- 
lord, Fkd 
AsUam Charles, children's coaches, 150 Dock, h 

1421 Wood 
Askam James, children's coaches, 150 Dock, b 

330 Lombard 
Askam A- Son {C/mrtes tV Jitmes Afkaiii), chil- 

dren'.s coaches, 150 Dock 
Asken John, Indies' shoes, 202 N Sth, h S09 Race 
Askin J. Henry, real estate broker k collector, 

112 S 4th, h Baring ab 35th 
Askins 1*. J. II., captain, 20" Carpenter 
Askins William, mariner, 207 Carpenter 
Aspden Thomas, machinist. Market ab 46th 
Aspden Thomas, mechanic, Mill n Main, Fkd 
Asjien Thomas, engineer, r 1523 Cabot 
Aspinwall Shepherd, weaver, (ilh ab Montgomery 
Assmnn Caspar, baker, 706 Cari)enter 
Asson William T., merchant. N W 9th <t Spruce 
Aston John, boots k .shoes, 204 N Hth, h 809 Race 
Aston Samuel, machinist, 500 Pa.xton 
Asworth Henry, blacksmith. Penna av n 24th 
Atack D.micl, weaver, Front bol Berks 
Atack Sylvester, machinist, Trenton av n Adams 
Atchason John, laborer, 1540 Thompson 
Atchison Jane, children's clothing, 759 S 2d, h 

Montgomery av 
Atchison Joseph, foreman, 217 Belgrade 
Atchison Matilda, gentlewoman, r 1425 Philip 
Athan S., blacksmith, 203 S 12th 
Atherholt Jacob, brickmaker, 2041 South 
Atherley James, dealer, 1205 Ellsworth 
Athcrlev John, com. merchant, 62 N Water, h 

1130 Wallace 
Atherton Nathan, watchmaker, 337 S 12th 
Atkin H., salesman, 8S7 Marshall 
Atkin William, shoemaker, 887 Marshall 
Atkins A. B., clergyman, Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Atkins George, milkman, Lancaster nv k 38th 
Atkins Hercules, salesman, 508 N 2d, b 887 Mar- 
Atkins W., gentleman, 1029 Shippen 
Atkinson Allen, carter, 2155 Riclge av 
Atkinson Amos W,, police, 1933 Brown 
Atkinson Arabella, gentlewoman, 401 Christian 
ATKINSON ANN, auction trimmings ■& machine 

bru.'^h manuf. 143 N 2d 
Atkinson Anna Maria, fancy soap, 418 Race 
Atkinson .-Vsher, shoemaker. Good Will ct 
Atkinson Barclay G., tailor, 222 Chestnut, b 1013 

Atkinson Benjamin, carp. Sergeant n Carroll 
Atkinson Benj.-imin W., produce dealer, 1217 N 

2d, h Burlington 
Atkinson Charles, conductor, 709 Snnsom 
Atkinson Charles B., dealer, Riilge nv, Rox 
Atkinson Dilaney P., dealer, 2;i9 Queen 
Atkinson Edwin F., dealer, 324 Marriott 
Atkinson Emma R., artist, 215 Spruce 
Atkinson E., 123 S 7th 
Atkinson Francis T., dry goods, 523 Market, b 

548 N nth 
Atkinson George, shirt manuf. 222 N 10th 
Atkinson Henrj', engineer. 4 Adrian 
Atkinson H., gei.t's furnishing goods, 146 & 148 

S 3d, h 138 N 10th 
Atkinson Isaac L., M.D., 1217 Girard av 
Atkinson Isaac S., Sr., 215 Spruce 
Atkinson Isaac S. Jr., atfy-at-law, 508 Walnut, 

h 215 Spruce 
Atkinson James, carter, 1200 Heins 
Atkinson Junies, conductor, Sansom nb 37th 
Atkinson James W., bricklayer, 833 S 2d 

House of Philadelphia. 




Atkinson John, carpenti^r, I 127 ()'/^<\i;n I 

Atkinson John, coopor, 403 (Jlicrry 

Atkinson John, Hour & food, 1011 Miisl.jr, li I4')0 

Atkinson .John, j^rocer, 2001 Miirknt 
Atkinson John, sto(ic(Mittor, 2212 Ciiliowliill 
Atkinson Jolin C, f)iiokliiyor, H.'i.'i S 2(1 
Atkinson Josejili, f^rocer, 222 Market, h 1010 

Atkinson Joseph Ti., bricklayer, 8.'i.'! fi 2il 
Atkinson L. Jr., hrioklayor, B.'i.'i S 2(1 
Atkinson Joseph N., tailor, 222 Chestnut, h JOl.'J 

Atkinson J. B., manuf shirts, 401 Sc 403 Applo- 

tree al, h iOth ab 8erp;eant 
Atkinson J. B., salesman, 405 N 2(1, h T.)Q liin(>, 

Atkinson L., manuf. shirts, 401 A 40.'! Applo- 

treo al 
Atkinson L. &Co. (L. ^- J. B. Alki.mon), manuf. 

shirts, 401 & 403 Appletreo al 
Atkinson .Samuel, salesman, 1217 Palmer 
Atkinson Samuel, slioernnkor, 3 Ciiroline 
Atkinson Samuel, M.D., 1 137 N 2d 
Atkinson Taylor B., grocery, 33,00 Market 
Atkinson Theodore, dealer, 2212 Brandywine 
Atkinson Thomas, boxm;iker, 2 Traquair ct 
Atkinson Thomas, oarringes, C24 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, shoemaker, 1107 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, wool sorter, 1800 N Front 
Atkinson T. II., dealer, 833 N 5th 
Atkinson William, bricklayer, 630 St Mary 
Atkinson William, carter, 1427 Carlton 
Atkinson William, dyer, 1809 N Front 
Atkinson William, machinist, 2122 Callowhill 
Atkinson William B., fireman, 3 Evans row 
Atkinson William B., M.D., 215 Spruce 
Atkinson William P., bookkeeper, 031 N 12th 
Atkinson William S., dealer, 324 Marriott 
Atlantic k Ohio Telegraph Co., r 123} S 4tli 
Atlee B. A., clerk, 27 N 6th, h 1604 Vine 
Atlee George B., merchant, Cheltou ar, Gtn 
Atlee Walter F., M.D., 210 S 13th 
Atlee W.asbington L., Jr., student, 1408 Arch 
Atley Hiram, soapmaker, 1215 Anita 
Atley Elizabeth, tailoress, 907 Hutchinson 
Atmore Cornelia, trimmings, 1223 N 19th 
Atmore F. B., grocer, N W 10th & Buttonwood, 

h 1031 Buttonwood 
Atmore Isaac, carpenter, r2219 Linn 
Atmore John G., carpenter, 1424 Thompson 
Atmore Mary, gentlewoman, 1917 Ann 
Atmore R., grocer, N W 10th ct Buttonwood, h 

602 N 10th 
ATMORE R. & T., grocers & mincemeat manu- 
facturers, N W lOth & Buttonwood 
Atmore William D., clerk. Pear <fc Paxton 
Atton John J., cutter, 732 Fallon 
Attmore Charles C, carder, Herman, Gtn 
Attmore John, wool-carder, Herman, Gtn 
Attmore Marshall, gent. 843 N Broad 
Attmore William, carpenter, 2120 Tower 
Atton Alexander, shoemaker, 2211 Linn 
Atwater John M., mer. 8 S AVater, h Ashland 

Atwater Joseph, weaver, Godfrey, Gtn 
Atwell ct Hellings (Andreic Atwcll &^- Henry Hel- 
ling^), hotel, 140 S 3d 
Atwell Andrew, hotel, 140 S 3d, h Yost n Green 
Atwell George W.. blacksmith, 2216 Callowhill 
Atwell John, baker, 2211 Callowhill 
Atwell Leonard (c), waiter, 204 Prosperous al 
Atwood, Ralston ct Co. (IF. C. Atvood }^- J. C. 
Ra/stoii), carpets and oil cloths. 509 Market 

!■; ,t CO. {.Tij/in M. Aiu'oo/l, 
, John, Hjmrkawk) , dry j{oo(Jii, 

42 N. 2'1, 

ATWoDi), wiir 

John I'. YVhUi: 
,009 Mll,rk(^t 
Atwood Anthony Rev., 224 N ."ith 
Atwood A. N., mattrcHH tniinufa';. 

h 625 Spruce 
Atwood l)ani<d, laborer. 1823 Konth 
Atwood <>(!orgo, [lorlruit piiintur, 1337 Poplar 
Atwood ff. O., upholstery, 224 Dock 
Atwood .lesso, firjrtrnit pninler, 1337 Popliir 
Atwood John If., mer. 5 Walnut, 2;!9 S 13th 
Atwood .lohn M., dry goods, 50'J Market, h 1927 

Atwood .Joseph, shoemaker, hOd Carpenter 
Atwood William N., undertaker, IHt X Hth 
Atwood, W. C, mer., 509 Market, h 239 S 13th 
Aub Jacob, 978 N 7th 
Aube II., framemaker, 10 Decatur, h Whurton 

ab 6th 
Aubin Philip J., wool com. mer. 210 S Front, 

h 1914 Vine 
Auble H.. leather, 428 St John, h 989 Marshall 
Auble Julia R., gentw. 923 Melon 
Auchinlcck Joseph, saddler, 815 Burd 
Auckley Thomas W., clothing, 525 Market, h 

305 N 10th 
Aucott Samuel, nurse, Haines n Hancock, Gtn 
Audenried Anna C, 512 N 7th 
Audenried Jane M., gentw., 611 N 11th 
Audenried J. F., coal mer. 420 N Del av, h 518 

N 4th 
Audenried Lewis, coal shipper, 205 Walnut, h 

512 N 7th 
AUDENRIED, LEWIS & CO. {Lewis if William 
G. Audenried, George H. Potts, John lioin- 
mel, Jr., ^ Addison, Child), coal miners and 
shippers, 205 Walnut, and pier 11 Port Rich- 
Audenried William G., coal shipper, 205 Walnut, 

h 1515 Green 
Auer Gustavus. segars, 1329 Poplar 
Auer John, liciuors, N 5th & Germantown av 
Auerbach B., fruits, etc., 516 N 2d, h 473 N 6th 
Auerbach Imanuel, fruits, <tc., 516 N 2d, h 708 

Auerbach Samuel, import, segars. 3 N AVater, 

h 526 Dillwyn 
Auerbach Samuel, mer. 103 S Water, 

N 0th 
Auerbach Seligman, mer. 103 S Water, 

N 6 th 
Auerbach Simon, mer. 3 X Water, h 526 Dillwyn 
Auerbach S. <t Co. (St/miiel ^ Seligniaii Auer- 
bach), fruits, 103 S Water 
Auerbach S. & Co. (B. S. (J- I. Auerbach). 

fruits, etc., 516 N 2d 
Auerbacher Lewis, saddler, 1006 Marshall 
Autfort Fannie, trimmings, 1108 Otis 
Auffort Frederick, fisherman, 1113Hewston 
Auflfort Frederick, shoemaker, 1114 Otis 
Aufort Jacob, fisherman. 1113 Hewston 
Auge Clinton, atfy at law, 429 Walnut, h 17.30 

Auge S. T.. mer. 229 Market, h 1730 Pine 
AL^GE S. T. & CO. (.S. T. Auge if 

Broomall), dry goods, 229 Market 
Augh Michael, shoemaker, Monmouth n 
Aughiltree James W.. clerk. 307 S 3d 
Augusta John, hairdresser, 829 Market 
Augusta James G., cook, 1108 Sansom 
Augusta Sarah, cook, 1107 Sansom 
Augustine John (e), porter, 4 Plume pi 
Augustine Lewis, tinsmith, 220S Market 
Augustine William J,, bookkeeper, 1723 Chrie- 


E. M. 

Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, Comer Sixth and Maiket Streets. 




Auksberjrer I^nao, peddler. 527 Race 

Aula An.lrcw, i;;42 Ntw IkMltord 

AuM l)ivii|, briokiniiker, 71S S Hroad 

Aulil J Ill-oil, woiiver, l.'SJl Gi-rmiiiituwa nv 

AiiM Jiiim, (iriver, 12U8 KoUuinn 

Aulil .Miiry, tuiloress. r .^0S X Sth 

Aiile.s Lir.n, jjeulw. -VM) Cmilou 

Aulii-k .litines, ie:>t:itii'ant, :!IU C'bc.«tiiut 

Aiill Aided, hotel. KKs N (Uh 

Aiill James A., iner. 9 S Front, h 323 S ."ith 

Aiill James A. <k Co. (Jtnnrs A. Anil If John 

.\[flL<oj>), wholesale tea dealer.*. 1* S Front 
Aiill Williiitn, inarlilo mason, 2022 Catharine 
Atiman Rieliard, clothing. 4.')1 N 2d 
Anmcnt Honrv, carpenter, 1327 Mervine 
Auniont A H^iujrhey (Jitnirs P. E. Anmont if 

Willi, un J/. ILinglifi/), wholesale grocers, l-l 

S Front 
Atimonl James P. E., wholesale grocer, 14 S 

Front, h IS07 Arch 
Aiiner A. \\.. jmnter. 110 N 10th. h IGO N 10th 
Auner Clinrle.-i II., clerk, 2-17 Madison 
Aiinor G. A., carpenter. 20 Decatur, h S E 11th 

.t Kaco 
Aiinir J. G., stationer. 1.^8 N lOth, h IfiO N 10th 
Aimer IV'ter, machinist, 1.")1S Thompson 
Aun.n- Theodore, hosiery, 9 N isth, h 2021 ilount 

Aiirand Duniol. tailor. 2122 Naudnin 
Aurocker Joseph, eating saloon, 17 N lOth, h 13 

N 13th 
Aurocker Thomas H., locksmith, 13 N 13th 
Aushock Mary, prentw., 5 Hewitt pi 
Ausljuin Mary, trimmings. 247 S 20th 
Austead Alhert, stocknir. 1213 Savory 
Auslie Margaret. }rentw. 917 N lalh 
Au-^tin &, Obdyke (WilUnm Ansliii- 4- William 

Ulidy!.!-). metallic roofers, 1705 Chestnut 
Austin <fc Buzhy (George Anstin if William 

Ji/iz/ii/), jirodnce mers. Vine 
Austin AUraham, machinist. 129 Chenango 
Austin Adl'ord, gentw., 1928 Chestnut 
Austin Ann. seamstress, 1002 Rodman 
Austin Ann E., confectioner, loKl llidge av 
Austin A. !^., trimmings. 9iiS Race 
Austin Charles, laborer, 1107 Ofjden 
Austin Charles S., clerk, 132 Onas 
Austin Charles S., waterman, 222 Catharine 
Austin David, loom tender, 132 Vaiihorn and 

1132 .^ojihiii 
Austin Edward, turner, 1107 Ogden 
Austin Edward, photographer, 1705 Chestnut, 

h 1703 Beckett 
Austin Edward B., clerk, 1125 Day 
Austin Eliza (c), washw. 210 Currant al 
Austin Elizabeth, confectioner, 2333 Coutes 
Austin Ezra, tinsmith. 1215 Heath 
Austin E., tinware, 1301 Poplar 
Austin Franklin, 1703 Beckett 
Austin George, packer. Federal n 26th 
Austin George, plumber, 13.S7 Howard 
Au.slin (Jeorge, produce, <> Vine, h 1115 Dny 
Austin Gi'oige, weaver, Haines n Hancock, Gtn 
Austin Hester Ann, nurse, 1132 S 7th 
Austin John, tavern. 1342 Passyunk av 
Austin .1., brass cock manuf. 1225 N Front 
AUSTIN J. B., Prest Southwark Bank, h 1328 

Austin Lewis S., .shoemaker, Kressler ab Norris 
Austin Mary. 1104 Callowhill 
Austin Mary Jane, gentw 54H New Market 
Austin Rebecca, 438 Magnolia 
Austin Suintiel. laborer, 1514 Cabot 
AUSTIN SAMUEL H., attorney at law, 129 
S 7th, h 204 W Washington sq 

Austin Soth. hotel, 15 W (Jirnrd av 
Austin S., brass cock manuf. 122,> N Front 
Austin Thomas, machinist, Hiiverfonl n 47lh 
Austin William, grocer, SIS Fit/.wator 
Austin William, tinsmith and roofer, 1705 Chest- 
nut, h 1702 Coates 
Austin William J , ornamental plB.stering. 431 

N 1 1th. h 1121 Hamilton 
Austin William K.. cariieiiter, 90H Race 
Austin Willis R.. gept. 129 S 7lh 
Auston Samuel, brass manuf. 608 E Thompson 
yVutenrieth Charles, architect. 82."1 N 15th 
Autenrieth Charles, architect, 410 Walnut, h 413 

Auter J. M. (c), hairdresser, 63 S .3d, h 1107 

Autz .lohn, weaver, 130 Bodine 
Auvache E.. dyer. 135 Catharine 
Auvache T. E.'. dyer, 9 Litl'ord pi 
Averdick llarman, shoemaker, (iU S fith 
Aveiill Elisha, gent.. 1220 Market 
Averv Enoch, fishing tackle, 12(5 S 2d, h 1050 

Avery F. P.., 2113 Sj)ring 
Avery George W., clerk, 114 S 3d. h 700 Wallace 
Avery Henry, dentist, 223 N lOlh 
Avery Isaac, gent. 1731 Arch 
Avery James, moulder, 1717 Olive 
Avery William, machinist, Carroll n Huntingdon 
Avise M., walchiuaker, 14S N 2d 
Awning William, coachman, 4 Sycamore 
A.\e Charles, bookkeeper, r 2 Sabula pi Conrad W., carpenter, 1.30 Bread 
A.\e Conrad W., shoemr. 140 N 2d. h 136 Biead 
Axe John IL, combmr. Fkd .-iv bel Green, Fkd Sarah, Mill bel Main, Gtn 
A.\e William, salesman, ()35 Federal 
A.\e William H.. ])olicemnn, 144H Hutchinson 
AXK WILLIAM W. & CO. {William W. Arc 

if John. Sh/illi-ioss), book & job printers, 90 

Frankford av, Fkd 
Axe Winnard, shoemr., Franklin ab Unity, Fkd 
A.xeford William, laborer. Lehman, <Jtn 
A.xford & Son (E. J. if Jofrph), tailors, 535 

Axley John, carpenter. 111 Wharton 
A.xon Samuel, loom boss, lllO Thurlow 
A.xt Auguste, collector. 411 N 5th 
Axt Henry, grocer, 1040 N Front 
Axwortlij' Tlios. S., stone carver, Ludlow bel 37th 
Ayars William, weaver, Dickson ab Sepviva 
Ayer John, shoemaker. 1303 Catharine 
Avers Alice W., dressmaker, 517 Parrish 
Ayers George W., iiapermr. Hermitage, Myk 
Ayers Hiram, bookkeeper, (JOS N Kth 
Ayers Jonathan B., gentleman, Norris ab 5th 
Ayers John, stocking weaver, 1111 Charles 
Avers Jo.shua B., ,«alesin. 13!) N 3d, h 5.39 N 2d 
AYEHS SAMUEL W., tobacconist, 123 S 3d, h 

521 S 8th 
Ayers Sarah A., millinerv, 539 N 2d 
Ayers S. W , bonkkr. loil Walnut, h 521 S 8th 
Ayers Thomas, I lei mi! age, Myk 
Ayers Williiiin, fish dealer, 10.S5 Vine 
Ayers William, tailor, 3 Fawn 
Aykroyd Charles. J. rovisions, 1212 Brown 
Aykroyd William, carriage painter, 1212 Brown 
Ayie Robert, engineer, Church, bel Josephine, 

AY!{i;S .fc LIPPINCOTT (William Ayres if 

Kzi'i Lippi naitl), s:,ddlery hardware, harness 

mountiiig <k coach trimmings, N W 3d & Arch 
Avies D. H.. laborer, 27 EINworth 
AYltKS GEORGE R., merchant, 220 

N Delaware av, h 1918 Mt Vernon 

Strangers and Citizens are recommended to parchaso their 




Ay res John S., horHcsliour A liliickHiiiilh, Afiirket 

bel ;!tHh 
Ayres Jonathan, salosintp, '^^^7 N (illi 
Ayres Miiry C. (c), tailorcHH, ti'M Ijoinljurd 
Ayros Riclianl, I'urniKliinK, 2.0 N 7lli 
Ayros, Simon W., fi'Il S Htli 
AyroH Uriah, iiianiif. (/ciinr, Mylc 
Ayros Willia,!!), iiiirdw. ."iii U Arcli, h 827 Vino 
Ayros Willinni, incr. 108 N ]M jiv, li lO'.itJYino 
Ayros William, HJioonialtor, 8.'i6 H 2d 

Baader Honry, bakor, 3350 Mnvket 

Babb Jolin IT., sliofmalcer, 2 Clawpcs ct 

Babb pMuiuoI, boolliltor, 25 Mayliuid 

Btibb Tlionia.s, booKittor, ] 1 Mayland 

BabbeU; Oliii.rliis (J., \vholesalo grocer, 7& 9 Arch, 

h N E Oth (fc Tliomii.son 
Babbitt Cliarle.s, Ciir])enter, 613 Waahinj2;ton av 
Biilibitt AVilliam W., sentbiman, 240 Madison 
Babcoe.k Eliza, fcontlewoman, 825 Marshall 
Babcock James J., bookkeeper, 239 & 241 N 3d, 

h 1028 Olive 
Babcock J. K., shoecutter, 1028 Olive 
Babcock P. J., mcr. 1012 Water, h 1028 Olive 
Babcock Samuel F., att'y at law, 135 S 5tb, h 

Babcock William A., printer, 1246 Mervine 
Babe George, engineer, 1042 Stocker 
Babe John, segars, 35 S 6th, h 220 N 8th 
Biiibe Owen, laborer, 1438 Hope 
Babe AYilliara, undertiiker, 706 S 10th 
Babington John, brushmaker, 3.'38 Christian 
Babington John, tavern, S W 5th & Queen 
Babler Celia, varieties, 731 Cherry 
Babnen Joseph, carpenter, 204 Williamson 
Bach John, barber, 431 Franklin 
Bach John, laborer, York n Tulip 
Bach Tobias, cordwainer, 1329 Germantown av 
Bach William, tavern, 203 Quarry 
Bacbart Michael, carpenter, 530 Watkins 
Bache Capt. Francis M., 1413 Locust 
Baehe Frankiin, M.D., 1322 Spruce 
Bache F. Markoe, att'y at law, 224. S 4th 
Bache Hartman (c) , 1413 Locust 
Bache Samuel, grinder & polisher, 235 Race, h 

223 New 
Bacher John D., machinist, 1750 N 3d 
Bacher William, butcher, 1522 Mascher 
Bachler Charles, stonecutter, 1527 Wood 
Bachman Adolphus J., druggist, 1353 N Front 
Bachman Feist, teacher, 612 Parrish 
Bachman Frederick, tinsmith, 833 St John 
Bachman Gabriel, M.D., S E 9th &, South 
Bachman Henry, artist, 2d & Susquehanna av 
Bachman Jacob, musician, 825 Charlotte 
Bachman Samuel, tailor, 977 Marshall 
Bachman William, carpenter, 820 St John 
BACHMANN A., prof, of music, 624 N 4th 
Bachmaun Henry, carver, 615 E Thompson 
Baehmann Jacob, huckster, Montgomery av n 

Germantown av 
Baehmann John, confectionery, 727 Sp Garden 
Baehmann John, laborer, 615 E Thompson 
Bachmeyer Lewis, harnessmaker, 1848 Ridge av 
Bochnig John, cabinetmaker, 8 Herdman'sct 
Backman Wilson S., seaman, 1209 Hamilton 
.Backmeister Charles, clerk, 445 Dauphin 
Backon William, ship carpenter, 448 N Front 
Backum William H., weaver, H:incoek bel York 
Backus Frederick R., treas. Lehiirh Crane Iron 

Co., 350 N Del av, h G T av n Walnut la, Gtn 

Backus Wellington, gentn' fiimiiihing, 41 8 8th 
Iiii(!Ofi Alextmiler, slock broker, 316 Wiilinit, b 

I'onn II Chew, (Un 
Marion Allnn, paper boxoM, 112 Bpruce, h 314 

liacon Anicliii {(:), wnwherwoinnn, Iftir* Wood 
iJacoii liiMiJamin 11., furniKhing undurtfiker, 245 

Bacon OlmrlcH W., treas. Rch, Nav Co., 417 VfM- 

nut, I) 1006 Mt. Vernon 
Hacoii (.'liarloH W., Jr., flour, 315 N Front, li 72.3 

Biicon Edward, merchant, 20 S 2d & 311 Market, 

h 500 N 7th 
Ibicon Eno.s H., b')»t builder, 114 China 
lj;icon K., geiitl''Woinan. 228 Allen 
BACON FRANKLIN, wholesale tea«, 13 S Front, 

h Walnut ab .'jyth 
Bacon F. S., mor. 136 Chestnut, h 1108 Spruce, 
Biicon George, fireman, 125 Lombard 
Biicon George W., clerk, 117 Chestnut, h 144 N 

1 2th 
Bacon Hannah, gentlewoman, Chestnut ab 37tli 
Bacon Isaac, seaman, 234 Vandeveer 
Bacon .lames H., barkeeper, h 120 R Del av 
Bacon Jjimes W., M.D., 222 .S 9lh 
Bacon John, clerk, 1000 Mt Vernon 
Bacon .John, gentleman, 1231 N 3d 
Bacon .Joseph, gentleman, S23 Marfball 
Biicon Joseph, weaver, Ashmead bel Wakefield, 

Bacon Joseph M., bricklayer, 1022 Otis 
Bacon Joseph R., agent, 723 Parrish 
Bacon Josiah, dry goods, 407 Marshall 
Bacon J. W., com. mer. 408 S Del av, h S E 2d 

& Pine 
Bacon Margaret E., gentlewoman, 823 Marshall 
Bacon Mary, gentlewoman, 500 N 7th 
Bacon Mary, washer, 1645 Lomb.ird 
Bacon Mary A., gentlewoman, 923 Green 
Bacon Richard, carpenter, 1114 Marlborough 
Bacon Richard W., salesman. 309 Market, h428 

N 5th ' . 

Bacon Samuel, gentleman, 605 N 11th 
Bacon Sarah, 121 N 16th 

Bacon Sylvester, marble mason. 307 Bradford 
Bacon Thomas, gentleman, 500 N 7th 
Bacon Thomas IL, shoemaker, 1169 Passyuuk av 
Bacon Thomas S., 622 Noble 
Bacon William, baker, 611 Cherry 
Bacon William, carpenter, 24 Norfolk 
Bacon W. H., hats &■ caps, 25 N 4th. h 711 Green 
Bacon W. S., machinist, 2130 Winter 
Bade Christian, tailor, 424 Morris 
Bader B., tailor, 453 N 3d, h 530 N 3d 
Bader Conrad, shoemaker, r 810 Race 
Bader George, cigarmaker, 119 South 
Bader Jacob, shoemaker, 1121 !Melon 
Bader John, cabinetmaker, 1314 Fkd av 
Bader Joseph, furniture, Fkd av <fc Jefiersoa 
Bader Joseph, stoves, 1409 Fkd av 
Badger Benjamin, cooper, r 120 ^Marion 
Badger Benjamin, trimmings, 742 Shirley 
Badger Christian, lager beer, 1701 G T av 
Badger, C. E., teacher, 1715 Pine 
Badijer D. D., Pres. Architectural Iron ATorks. 

Lehman bel W.alnut. W P, h N Y 
Badi^er Edward D., moulder. 1210 N 19th 
Badcer E. R., atfy-at-law, 21S Walnut, h 1206 

S 10th 
Badger Josiah, shoemaker, Orthodox n Hedsre. 

Badger Samuel, gentleman, 1013 Sprnce 
Badger William," atty-at-law, 228 Pear, h 1408 


Clothiug at Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Badlun Joseph, gentleman, 225 Pino i 

Biiilole Joseph, wcnver, lyetterlv n Arabcr 
Jiiiri/r'r, Chintes Drluiii/ iy Wtllutm Adam- 
son), inniiiifs. of glue, Ac, 14 ,S 4lh A 07 Beuk- | 
man st N Y I 

BaeiKr C. B., glue, 14 S 4th, bda Montgomery 

Bueder John B., bla^'ksmith, r 1349 Vine 
B«<->di"r Lfwis, tiiisuiilh, tll'O lltTiiiitage 
Baocr Charles F., .stiiesinaii, ;'i.'jn I'nwcll 
Bnchio Conrad, t-arpiiUiT, IH'J I'orth 
Biiehtel Abraham, frainouiaker, UJ.'12 Amboy 
Baeir Christian, hostler, ll.'SSiiuth 
Baen Joseph II., cigars, l.'J40 I'assviink av 
Baer Charles F., clerk, 2U4 S ."id, li I'owoU 
Bner John, superintendent, 172'.! N 0th 
Baer .M., upholsterer, 210 Ureen 
Bjter .Sebastian, salesman, ;'il N ;id, h Latrobe, Pn 
Baest A'aientine, machinist, il.'JI Ontario 
Bugens Frederick, carpenter, 128 Bodino 
Bagget Kdwnrd, heli)er, 22.'> RichuKind 
Baggs Jiijin I)., carpenter, .■i2:t Washington av 
Baggs Cajitain N., 231 N lOlh 
Baggs Henry, tcntuiaker, Braddockn Huntingdon 
Bxggj John, blacksmith, >>' Front ab Vine, h 130 I 
tireen I 

Baggs Joseph, laborer, 101 S Juni)ier i 

Baggs Theodore G., clerk, 3t)0 Walnut, h 1539 

Spring Garden 
Bnsriot Julius, bootmaker, 149 S 4th 
Bagie Mary, gentlewoman, 1337 Mary 
Bagley Henry, tailor, SIO Fallon 
Bagley Thomas, laborer, 8 Leeds av 
Bagman Joseph, shoemaker, r 749 Passyunk av 
Bagot Elizabeth, widow, 413 Albion 
Bagot John, glassblower. 413 Albion 
Bagot William, glassblower, 415 Albion 
B;igwell (ieorge (c), barber, h Irving ab 37th 
B:ilil John, shoemaker, 323 S 0th 
Bnhrnh Nathan, cutter, 128 New 
Bahser Adani, hotel, 712 Passyunk av 
Baier Barniuiril, butcher, 119 South 
Baile P., 1228 Fulton 
Baile William, bricklayer, 1000 Aspen 
Balles Anne, tailoress, Holland's pi 
BAILEY & CO. (K W. ,V J. T. Biiley, J. Roh- 
bins, J. Gdlliigker, A. L. Ra yinond, J. R. 
/j.7(/i' /;!,'■), jewellers, 819 Chestnut 
Bailey Andrew, salesman, 1708 Filbert 
Bailey Aiine (c). washing, 215 l)oan 
Bailey Archibald, weaver, Adrian ab Thompson 
Bailey A. N., gentleman. 221 Jacoby 
Bailey Charles, dealer, 018 Sears 
Bailey Christian, laborer, 810 St John 
Bailey D.ivid, bookfolder, 1331 Howard 
Bailey Edward E., brickmaker. Bridge n 39th 
Bailev Eli Westcott, jeweller, 819 Chestnut, h 

1320 Chestnut 
Bailey Elizabeth, dealer, 1342 S 5th 
Bailey Ellwood, watchman, 430 S 2d 
Bailey Emma, gentlewoman, 13 Wood 
Bailey E. Mrs., hoop skirt maker, 812 Vine 
Bailey E. H.. custom-house broker, 402 Library, 

h 2314 Green 
Bailey E. N., dentist, 228 N 12th 
Bailey Frank, gardener, 1405 Fitzwater 
Bailey Francis, lastmaker, 318 Comptroller 
Bailey George, blacksmith, l.'!35 Wheat 
Bailey George, helper, 1351 Howard 
Bailey George, moulder, 1331 Howard 
Bailey Henry, jiaperhanger, 215 Wa.^hington av 
Bailey Hezekiali, restaurant, I Strawberry 
Bailey Hugh, cordwainer, r 1430 Hope 
Bailey Jacob, iron moulder, 1541 Kace 

Best Place in the City to buy 

Bailey Jane, oandy shop, 312 Belgrade 

Bailey Jane, gentiew. Elizabeth n I'nity, Fkd 

Baili-y Jcilin, butcher, 1507 Seybcrt 

Bailey, clerk, 424 S 2d 

Bailey John, furniture, 738 South 

Bailey John, packer, 1337 Mervine 

Bailey J(din, shoemaker, 13,';3 Wheat 

Bailey .Iiihn, shoemaker, 925 Hall 

Bailey John, weaver, r 1240 South 

Bailey John, wheelwright, 321 Borden 

Bailey John (e), waiter, 1814 Addison 

Bailey John F., tobacconist, 3 Walter's ct 

Bailey Joliu T., bagging, 113 N Front, h 732 

Bailey John T., clerk, 19 S 2d. h 410 N 5th 
Bailev John TACo. {Janus Vn sen den), bagging, 

ll.'i'N Front 
Bailey Jonathan, carpenter, 940 N lOlh 
Bailey Ji>seph, laborer, 1520 Cuthbert 
Bailey Joseph, stonemason, 1230 Maschcr 
Bailey Joseph, superintendent, 830 Wharton 
Bailey Joseph T., jeweller, 819 Chestnut, h 1937 

Bailey J. C, leather finding, 1238 N 2d 
Bailey Leonard ¥., shoemaker, 1008 Butlonwood 
Bailey Lewis T., conductor, Uaverford u 41st 
Bailey Lewis L., clerk, 410 N 5th 
Bailey Lloytl, carpenter, Lancaster pike ab 

Bailey Lydia A., gentlewoman, 20 N 5lh 
Bailey Marwood, merchant, 121 Pine 
Bailey iSlary (c), 518 Marriott 
Bailey Mary S., 2017 Arch 
Bailey Nathan, conveyancer, 424 Walnut, h 2314 

Bailey Peter (c), shoemaker, 1617 Helmuth 
Bailey Robert, bookkeeper, 812 Vine 
Bailey Robert, farmer, Queen, Gin 
Bailey Robert, waterman, 1103 Pa,ssyunk av 
Bailey Samuel, conveyancer, 144 S 4th, h 1429 

N 12th 
Bailey .Samuel H., salesman, 712 Chestnut, h 945 

BAILEY SAMUEL B. (Samiirl B. ,V Melbounif. 

BdiUy), lumber mers. Catharine st wharf, h 

231 Pino 
Bailey Samuel B., merchant, 231 Pine 
Bailey Sarah I)., nurse, 1020 >\"ood 
Bailey S. A., paper patterns, 137 N Sth 
Bailey Thomas, shoemaker, 314 Emmet 
Bailey Thomas, shoemaker, Dickson ab Sepviva 
Bailev Thomas A., auctioneer, 1023 Market, h 

527* South 
Bailey T. C , aify-at-law, 118 S 6th 
Bailey William, coachmaker, Irving bol 38th 
Bailey William, conveyancer, 725 Erie 
Bailey William, cordwainer, r 1305 Hope 
Bailey William, hosier, G T av, Gtn 
Bailey William, dry goods, 327 S 5th 
Bailey William S., conveyancer, 424 Walnut, h 

B.-iiley Wilson, bootmaker, 1730 Webster 
Baillf Humphrey, boatman, A)i])le, Myk 
Bailie A. D., druggist. Bridge n Richmond, 

Baillie William R., shoemaker, 902 S 4th 
Bails Joseph P., blacksmith, 2131 Fairfield 
Baily Catherine, gentlewoman, 1108 Sp Garden 
Baily Edward, constable, 803 N 13th 
Baily Eliza, gentlewoman, 20 Beck 
Baily Isaac, stoves, 712 South 
Baily Joel J., merchant, 219 Market, h 1820 Arch 
BAI'LY JOEL J. k CO. (.fud J. Bnly, Ihnry ./. 

Davis if Elton B. Gijfoid), imp. of hosiery, 

gloves, <tc., 219 Market & 208 Church al 

good and cheap Clothing at 




Baily Petor (c), hndtmaker, 1110 Stodinan 
Udily SuHiui 1'., tiiiiuniiigs, 7;!7 Sprin); (iiinlon 
IJiiily 'riuiiiiftH W., v/ii,tclio.s A jowulry, .O'l 1 N 7lli 
]5ii,il'y William, cloliiin;;, f>l2 South 
Uairi Honi'y, ulerk, ;i I f) Miu-kot, h 120 S 1 Uli 
Bain Jiiirios, (l<)))ut,y Hliorifl', 4 State llouao row, 

h ()7'1 N I2tli 
Bain Jaiiios, goritlcman, 120 S 11th 
Bain Jiiirios, Jr., ^;uMlloninn, li 07'1 N 12th 
BainJolin W., niiipiior, ii Kichinoiid hul l/ohigh av 
Bairihri(lf,^o llolx^rl, liihoror, Voric iih K\ni:\u\d 
Btiinbriilf;!! llohcrt, tailor, U BIuiIhIoo ]>\ 
Bainliridf^e Theodore W., salesman, ;{1.'{ S 2d, h 

275 S 5th 
Bains Jaiues, huckster, 8th <fe Gtn av 
Bains Andrew K., trunkmaker, 7;i5 Cherry, h 

70(5 Marshall 
Bains Edw., merch., 40 So 42 N 3d, h 508 Wood 
Bains Fillman, grocer, N E i;!th and Poplar 
Bains (iloorge 15., trunks, 723 Cherry & 302 Mar- 
ket, h H2'1 Franklin 
Bains Henry B., oierk, 1104 Ilarmor 
Bair Andrew, undertaker, 1808 Hamilton 
Ba-ird & Cunningham {D/niiel Baird hf John 

Cii)tniii^ha?n), soap & candles, 218 South 
Baird Alexandc>r, 047 N 7th 
Baird Andrew, laborer, 1517 Jones 
Baird Alex., printer, 007 Sansom, h 647 N 7th 
Baird Daniel, 711 Florida 
Baird David, blacksmith, 1434 Fitzwater 
Baird David, tavern, 1179 S 11th 
Baird D., chandler, 711 Florida 
Baird Elizabeth, washerwoman, 1836 Addison 
Baird E. W., atty-at-law, 47 S 3d, h 232 S 4th 
Baird li'rank, clerk, 412 Market, h 3 Race 
Baird F. R., merchant, 333 S 6th, bds 20 S 6th 
B.'iird Henry C, publisher, 406 Walnut, h 1340 

Baird Isaac S., machinist, 810 Capitol 
Baird James, china, &c., 1320 South 
Baird James, grocer, N E 12th and Shippen 
Baird James, hotel, S W 2d and German 
Baird James, packer, h Lindsay 
Baird James, shoemaker, 1220 Columbia av 
Baird John, butcher, Hestoaville 
Baird John, constable, 1308 Stiles 
Baird John, gent. 1062 N Front 
Baird John, glassmaker, Philip n Columbia av 
Baird John, marble works. Ridge av below 

Green & 1221 Sp Garden, h 1302 Sp Garden 
Baird John, laborer, Edgemont ab Emory 
Baird John W., night inspector, 767 S lOth 
Baird Matthew, locomotives, 500 N Broad, h 633 

N 10th 
Baird Martha, widow, 1931 Naudain 
Baird Mary, gentlewoman, 426 N 19tli 
Baird Patrick, laborer, New Bedford bel Suther- 
land av 
Baird Robert, 730 Espey 
Baird Robert, shoemaker, 1946 Lombard 
BAIRD & RUSSELL (E. W. Bai.d cV John 

Russell), law and collection office, 47 S 3d 
Baird Samuel A., compositor, 749 Florida 
Baird Thomas, carpenter, Philip n Oxford 
Baird Thomas, grocer, Cumberland u Amber 
Baird Thomas R., 332 N 10th 
Baird William, 332 N 10th 
Baird William, fireman, 2203 Vine 
Baird Wm., manuf. Frankford ab Worrell, Fkd 
Baird Wm. J., salesman, 47 A 49 N 2d, h 130 N 

Baird Wm. M., 132 S Delaware av, h 333 Pine 
BAIRD WILLIAxM M. ..t CO. {Agents P. S. P. 

Co.), 132 S Delaware av 
Baird W., manufacturer, 633 N 10th 

Wanamaker &, Brown, Oak Hall, 

Bai.slcy AmoH, wharf builder. I3.",0 Vienna 

Bai.Hlcy David, laborer, 428 Rfidwood 

Tiaisley William, wharf builder, 1026 Crewe 

Baity JaiiicH, 1334 lio^o 

I5aitz<d George, iiririter, 020 Federal 

I5aizb:y John, Mhipsmith, N W Hwan«on and 

Shippen, h 137 Mead 
I'akeman W. Pi,., captain, 880 MarHhall 
]5akeoven (Jcorge, fmliennan, I025 0li-f 
liakeoven John, fr^henuan, 717 itiehni'ind 
I'akeoven John, (i.-herrnnn, 927 Vii-nria 
I'.ikeoven John, Jr., fi-herman, 927 Vienna 
Biikcoven William, fisherman, 921 Vienna 
Bakeoven Peter, fisherman, 717 Riehmond 
Biik.;r A Co. {John W. 6r Anna B./bir), coal, ft 

Spruce, Sch 
BAKER & F0L80M, com. mers. 138 N WharvcH 
Baker & llaffu, {Isafc If Williaia P. 

IL'ffn), flour & grain, S Water 
Baker k Hopkins {Lafayeilc B'ike.r if J'lmes 

Hopkins), commission merchant.?, 220 IJroad 
BAKER. WESCOTT k 00. {James Buker <V 

William P. Wescott), bankers, 17 S 3d 
Baker Abraham, gentleman, 710 Arch 
Baker Adolph, hotel, 017 S 3d 
Baker Alfred G., merchant, 210 Chestnut, h 

Spruce ab 18th 
Baker Ambrose, chairmaker, 6 American pi 
Baker Amelia A., dressmaker, 1 Gold.^^mith's ct 
Baker Andrew, ship carpenter, 511 E Girard av 
Baker Andrew J., broker, 518 S 10th 
Baker Anna, coal, ft Spruce, Sch, h 2012 Locust 
Baker Anna, tailoress, 2 Rule's pi 
Baker Anne, gentlewoman. 532 JLarshall 
Baker Augustus, butcher, 2149 Sharswood 
Baker A. C. H , tobacconist, 1321 Race 
Baker Barton F , tailor. Richmond n William 
Baker Benjamin, rigger, 36 Almond 
Baker Benjamin, surgical instrument case maker, 

3621 Lancaster av 
Baker Benjamin F., printer, r 403 Cherry 
Baker Catharine, gentlewoman, 1600 Arch 
Baker Chalkley, 722 Byard 

Baker Charles, bookkeeper, 812 Spring Garden 
Baker Charles, scntleman, 1233 Arch 
Baker Charles, machinist, S E 6th & Callowhill 
Baker Charles, morocco dresser. 917 N Front 
B.iker Charles, salesman, 710 Market 
Baker Charles, sailor, 615 N Front 
Baker Charles, segarmaker. r 942 N 6tli 
Baker Charles, Sr., 1024 Arch 
Baker Charles C, paper stainer, r 110 Vanhorn 
Baker Charles H., 12.-i S 4th, h 1034 Arch 
Baker Chas. M., painter, 132 N 4th, h 806 X 6th 
Baker Charles S., grocer, 134 Onas 
Baker Charles T., waterman, 4 Shields ct 
Baker Christian, bootmaker, Reese ab Dauphin 
Baker Christian, upholsterer. 321 Harmony 
Baker Christian C, gas fixtures, 821 Cherry, h 

1019 Arch 
Baker Christiana, gentlewoman, 375 Hope 
Baker Christopher, laborer, r 824 Rachel 
Baker Clement W., brushmaker, 246 E Girard av 
Baker Conrad, smith, 489 Richmond 
Baker Cornelius, clerk, 1425 Marshall 
Baker C, fisherman, 90S Vienna 
Baker C. M., painter, 806 N 6th 
Baker C. S., M.D.. 623 Master 
Baker Daniel, 109 Coates 
Baker Daniel, currier, 1300 Poplar 
Baker Daniel, machinist, 1233 Wood 
Baker Daniel J., gasfltter, 246 E Girard av 
Baker Daniel M., air furnaces, Broad n Walnut, 

h 246 E Girard av 
Baker David B.. bookbinder, 722 Byard 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Baker Edmund "W., grocer, 715 New Market 

Baker E'lward J., uioteriiinker, A Marseilles pi 

B:tkcr E'lwin, nailer, 2.'i;!5 Jeflersnn 

linker Elizabeth, ^ontlowoman, 7<i!^ Arch 

Baker Klizalieth, geiillewuiiian, l.'>2 tireen 

Baker KliBab-ili, gtiitlew. ,SU AVa.>liin<rlon av 

Baker Elizabeth, seamstress, V>'2',i Heath 

Baker Klitiibctli K., teaelier, 340 Juliaiina 

Baker Kllis. 122-_' lieath 

Baker Etuma, 12;]2 Clover 

Baker E., toys, N E 12th A Spruce 

Baker Fanny, gentlewoman. 2."M Poplar 

Baker Ferdinand C, ne>vs|>Mper stand, 131 Onas 

Baker Francis, police, l.;;;',i i'liliner 

Baker Fr«r.ier 1)., sea captain, Bath n Ann 

Baker Frederick, car|)enter, 913 Callowhill 

Baker Frederick, shoemaker, 113:> Federal 

Baker F., late r l.'i2»"i (Jerinantown av 

Baker (Jeorge, yun-^niith. Tulip n Dauphin 

Baker George, rags, Orkney ab Diamond 

Baker George, shoenntker, 1104 Pierce 

Baker George, slioemaker, 113,^ Federal 

Baker (Jeorge, tailor, Ki.'lS Cndwalailer 

Baker George A., collector, 1522 Lmnhnrd 

Baker George C, fisherman, 70« Ilicliiiiond 

Baker George V., tailor, 861 N 16th 

Baker Ge<ir;,'e W., Ixiatmnn. Salmon n William 

Baker (ieorge W., inoroeco dresser. 131 Ouas 

Baker Henry, hlackMuith, 1137 Palmer 

Baker Henry, bookkeeper, 1829 North 

Baker llenry, cabinetmaker, 727 St John 

Baker Henry, hariiessuiaker, 929 Market 

B.Tker llenry, laborer, 1218 Vienna 

Baker llenry, ostler, 4 Ewing"s ct 

Baker Henry, saddler, 929 iMnrket 

Baker Henry, shoemaker, 2 Home pi 

Baker Hozekinh, engineer, Belgrade n Somerset 

Baker Horace D., .«ea captain, 2 Hammitt's av 

Baker Isaac, bootfitter, r S3J N 4th 

Baker Isaac, commission merchant, G S Water, h 

1021 Wi.slar 
Baker I*aac C, manufacturer, S W Qermantown 

av it Columbia av, h Arch n 1 1th 
Baker I-^aac F., gas fi.vtures, 710 Chestnut & 821 

Cherry, h 1019 Arch 
Baker J. Newton, editor, 148 S 4th 
Baker Jacob, agriculturist, l.')43 X 1.3th 
Baker Jacob, carman, 1435 Savery 
Baker Jacob, furniture car, Nuudain bet 24th & 

Baker Jacob, gardener, 1129 Pierce 
Baker Jacob, tobacconist, 231 N 2d, h 1238 Pule- 

Baker .Facob, tailor, 911 Catharine 
Baker James, 730 Espey 

Baker James, banker, 17 S 3d, h Green la, Rox 
Baker James, stonecutter, 233 Raspberry 
Baker James, soldier, 1017 Beach 
B.iker James B., carpenter, Budden's ct 
Baker Jesse, paper box maker, 21 Bank, h 409 

Steven.", Camden 
Baker John, 935 Ontario 
Baker John, 42 N llth 
Baker John, coal dealer, 2012 Locust 
Baker John, blockeutter, 824 Leonard 
Baker John, gardener, Passyunk av ab 12th 
Baker John, oyster dealer. Aspen ab 35th, Man- 
Baker John, porter, 1235 Ash 
Baker John, ship carpenter, 745 Medina 
Baker John, ship carpenter, 538 Washington av 
Baker John, ship chaniller, 321 Vine 
Baker John, tobacconist, 543 E Girard av 
Baker John, waterman, 608 Carpenter 
Baker John A., clerk, 134 Onas 

Baker John C, drnggJst, 164 N 3d. h 112 N18th 
Baker John C. A Co. {Jo/nt C. Jlilrr tV Cliarlos 

W. i\o/eii), wholesale dru^'gists, 164 N 3d 
Baker J(din F., clerk, I")I8 N 12th 
Baker J<din J., shiji car|«?nter. 431 Wildey 
Baker John L., chair maker, 1722 N 12th 
Baker John U., 126 S 4th, h 42 N lltli 
Baker Jidui S., paper hanger, N E Brown & 7tb, 

h (i2;i lirown 
Baker John W., coal, foot Spruce, Schk'l, h 

2012 Locust 
Baker Joseph, 11 Court nl 
B.iker Joseph, baker, 1022 Claro 
r.aker Joseph, brass fonii.ler, 828 N .5th 
Baker Joseph, bridle bit maker, Ludlow n 36th 
Haker Joseph, carpenter. 131 Onas 
Bilker Joseph, coach trimmer, 425 Prune, h 1700 

B;iker .Foscph, drnytnan, Norris ab Memphis 
Baker Joseph, hatter, 1('>40 Cadwalndor 
Baker Josei)h, sea captain, llichniond n William 
Baker Joseph, Jr., driver. I.'tl Onas 
Baker Joseph, Jr., sea captain, Richmond n Wil- 
Baker Jo.seph F., grocer, 138 N Del av, h 870 

Baker Joseph W., dealer in metals, 821 N 2d, h 

828 N 5th 
Baker J. & W. {J„ro/i if William Bute,), tobao- 

conists, 231 N 2d 
Baker J. C, drugs, N W 7th & Catharine 
Baker .1. G., druggist. N E Front & Brown 
Baker I. .1., painter, r 113;; Olive 
Baker J. P., morocco manuf. 151 Margnrctta 
Baker Lafayette, com. mer. 220 N Broad, h 1609 

Baker Lewis, actor, 1609 Pine 
Baker Louisa, seamstress, 5 Goldsmith's ct 
B.iker Lucy, gentlewonnm, 518 Cresson 
Baker Maria, gentlewoman, 93.3 Morgan 
Baker Martha, gentlewoman, 526 Cresson 
Baker Mary, 829 Cntliaiine 
Baker Jlary, 340 Jiilianna 
Baker Mary, gentlewoman, 630 Hermitage 
Baker Mary A., gentlewoman, 218 N Juniper 
Baker Mary A., seamstress, 882 N 8th 
Baker Mary Ann, gentlewoman, 1215 Button- 
Baker Mary C, 134 Onas 
Baker Michael, laborer. Brandy wine n 15th 
Baker Michael, mahogany dealer, 866 N 7th 
Baker Michael, ro])emaker, 1241 Crease 
Baker Michael V.. attornoy-at-law, .3 Willing'sal 
Baker M. A., millinerv, 1346 Chestnut 
Baker M. A., 467 Allen 
B;iker Oscar, clerk, 9 Schoolhouse av 
Baker Paul M., painter, 1.334 Pnlethorp 
Baker Peter, driver, 1522 Lombard 
Bilker Pliili]i, baker, 705 New Market* 
Baker Philip, laborer, 812 Palm 
Baker Philip, warper. Jackson. Myk 
Baker Robert B., merchant, 322 Chestnut, h 2035 

Baker Robert C, gas fixtures, 710 Chestnut & 

821 Cherry, h 1019 Areh 
Baker Ruth'll., ^rentlewonian, 655 N 12th 
Bilker R M., missionary, 2029 Winter 
Baker R. S., painting, 2111 i^uinmer 
Baker Samuel, baker, 714 B:iker 
Baker Samuel, clerk, 655 N 12th 
Baker Samuel, gardener, 1120 Pierce 
Baker .Samuel, carpenter, 1214 S Front 
Baker Samuel, parchment maker, 1241 Crease 
Baker Samuel, spinner, llestonville 
Bilker Samuel, waterman, 502 Richmond 

Bny your Clothing at the great 




Baker Samuel (c), pliintoicr, r l.'JI.'i Now Bed- 
Bakur Siimncl J., bookkeoper, I!) N P'rorit, h 

1216 Buttonwood 
Bakoi' iSanih, gonlli;vv()m!i,n, 'iH'.i N 'llli 
Bakur Halfttliiol, I.eJiclior, liOH Cariiciilor 
Baker fcitopheii G., bookkeeper, 10 N -id, h 20 S 

Baker Susan, gentlewoman, 10 Short ct 
Baker SylvcHlor J., accountant, lO;! N Olh, h 922 

New Miiirket 
Baker S. A., toaehor, 1425 Miirsbiill 
Baker ThomiiH, laborer, IFoHter row 
Baker Thomas, carpet inanuf. 1228 Lnopind 
Baker Theodore A., carpenter, 7 ilobensaek pi 
Baker I'liomas C, bookljinder, 722 I5.yard 
Baker T. W., merchant, i;i7 N ;!<l, li 227 N 20th 
Baker Valentine, clothing, 12 Walnut, h 212 

Baker Valentino, fisherman, 925 Palmer 
Baker William, 212 Poulson 
Baker AVilliam, cabinetmaker, 1025 Newton 
Baker William, cabinetmaker, 927 Sergeant 
Baker William, dealer, Vi'.il Hutchinson 
Baker William, driver, Braddock n R R rd 
Baker AVilliam, tobacconist, 231 N 2d, h 1234 

Pale thorp 
Baker William, painter, Mascher ab Huntingdon 
Baker William, puinter, 809 Rachel 
Baker William, pilot, 1214 S Front 
Baker Williani, shoemaker, 721 New Market 
Baker William, shoemaker, 107 Race 
Baker William, Jr., musician, 721 New Market 
Baker William A., waterman, 131 Onas 
Baker William C, gas fixtures, 710 Chestnut & 

821 Cherry, h 1019 Arch 
Baker AVilliam D., attorney-at-law, 108 S 3d, h 

Walnut ab 42d 
Baker AVilliam D., ship carpenter, 1124 Otis 
Baker AA'^illiam E. S., treasurer Bloomsburg Iron 

Co. ct secretary Duncannon Iron Co., h Logan 

bel Main, Gtn 
Baker William G. & Son ( William G. i\ Wil- 

Ham 11. Baker), manufs. of wadding, 19 N 

Baker AVilliam H., druggist, 238 N 8th 
Baker AVilliam H., seaman. 740 S 3d 
Baker AVilliam R., manuf.l9 N Front, h 542 N 

Baker AVilliam S., conveyancer, 147 S 4th, h 662 

N 13th 
Bakes Elizabeth, 614 Noble 
Bakes AVilliam C, clerk, 014 Noble 
Balasouin Louis, hotel, 1310 Callowhill 
Balbirnie Charles, dyer, 1107 South 
Bald Christian, tailor, Dauphin 2 doors ab Frank- 
ford av 
Bald John D., engraver, 133 S 16th 
Bald AVilliam R., grocer, N W 2d & Poplar, h 

914 N 6th 
Balderman Ludwig, shoemaker, 852 Orchard 
Balderson & Albertson [Mark Balilerson (J- 

Samne.l Alhcrtso)/), carpenters, 1103 AA''ood 
BALDERSTON ISAIAH, paper hanger, 902 

Spring Garden, h 2108 Summer 
Balderston John E., salesman, 902 Spring Gar- 
den, h 1204 A^ine 
Balderston JIarcellus, clerk, 1726 Green 
Balderston Mark, carpenter, 320 N 0th 
Balderston Samuel F., paper hanger, 902 Spring 

Garden, h 1726 Green 
Baldinger Jacob, tailor, 312 Lombard 
Balding James R., jeweller, 819 Chestnut, h 120 

S 19th 
Baldis Michael, laborer, 1400 Franklin 

Oak Hall) Southeast Corner Sixth and 

Baldt ChriHtian, butdior, ftfil Kichmond 
Baldt Frederick, moulder, MorriH bel Thompson 
lialdt Frederick, whipinakcr, 403 E Oirard iiv 
J5aidt Gef)rg<! II., foreman, III.'! J'aliiicr 
Biildt .lolin S., ciirp<!nt<!r, 'I'owny'Mid ii Cedar 
I'lildt Williiim, carpenter, 111.''. Palmer 
Baldwin Adam, miint <fc Hpiinnaker, ll2.'i V'iimna 
Baldwin Alfred, K''''*"", 722 N lOth 
Baldwin A. AV., fiuid, 905 CoateH 
IJiildwii] Charle.M, cordwainer, 190.') Chrilian 
lialdwin C. J., clerk i'owt Oflicc, 2015 Winter 
IJ.ildwin Elizabeth, Main bel Walnut la, Gin 
Baldwin EnoK, carriage trimmer, 1710 Coiiteit 
lialdwin Hanniih M., gentlewoman, 145 N 10th 
Baldwin Joseph, painter, 725 
Baldwin J. P., merchant, 109 8 4th 
Baldwin Levi, blacksmith, 1243 Poplar 
Baldwin Matthew AV., locomotive builder, 500 N 

Broiid, h 1031 Spruce 
BALDAVIN M. AV. A CO. (Matthew W. Bnld- 

iriii, l)f Mfiiiheiv Baird), locomotive builders, 

500 N Broad 
Baldwin Norman, Rev., 1005 S 5th 
Baldwin Peter AV. (c), 513 S 10th 
Baldwin Philip, .shoemaker, 3326 Market 
Baldwin Sarah, gentlewoman. Kill A'pcn 
Baldwin Sarah, gentlewoman, 1721 AA'alnut 
BALDAVIN STEPHEN & CO. {Stepkca Bald- 

vin ^y John H. Irwin), com. mers. S AV 

Front ct AValnut 
Baldwin Thomas H., professor, 150 N 12th 
Baldwin AVilliam, corder, 1905 Chri.stian 
Baldwin AVilliam, manufr. Paul ab Unity, Fkd 
Baldwin AVilliam IL, painter, 326 Wildey 
Baldwin AVilmer H., salesman, 2015 AVinter 
Baldwin AA'infield, fireman, 1609 Aften 
Baldz David, bootmaker, 1359 New Bedford 
Bale Jane A., gentlewoman, Seybert ab loth 
Bale Martin, saddler, 8 Shoemaker 
Bale Martin AA'^., harnessmr. Seybert ab 15th 
Balentine Samuel, weaver, Charter n Amber 
Baler S., 8 Linden pi 
Bales John E., carstarter, 2042 Carlton 
BalliflTer Frazer, carpenter, Green la, Myk 
Balinger John W., carpenter, Pike 
Ball Alexander, bootfitter, 718 Lebanon 
Ball Ambrose, salesman, 36 N 2d, h Jasper n 

Ball Anna, gentlewoman, 12 Knight's ct 
Ball A. AVorthington, coal, 205^ Walnut, h 217 

S Broad 
Ball Charles, paymaster, 317 N 13th 
Ball Charles, shoemaker, 861 N 4th 
Ball David, builder, 1016 Ellsworth 
Ball Dietrich, sugar refiner, 6 Ewing'sct 
Ball Edward, machinist, 2019 AVinter 
Ball Eliza, 703 Oxford 
Ball Frank, liquors, 319 S Front 
Ball George, clerk. 514 Noble 
Ball George AV., gentleman, 1816 Chestnut 
Ball George AV. J., conveyancer, 520 Walnut 
Ball Henrv. 542 N 10th 
Ball HenrV, Jr., clerk. 880 Marshall 
Ball Horace, clerk, 208 S Del av. h 206 Pine 
Ball Isabella, trimmings, 819 Spring Garden 
Ball Israel T., carpenter, r 210 Carpenter 
Ball Izra, jeweller, 208 Federal 
Ball Izra R., shoestore. 308 Federal 
Ball Jacob, shoemaker, 619 JetTerson 
Ball James, moulder, 2015 Reeves 
Ball John, bootfitter, r 640 Shippen 
Ball John, carpenter. 1248 Warnock 
Ball John, carpenter, 812 Filbert 
Ball John, gentleman, 8 Fawn 
Ball John M., painter. 221 Coates 

Market Streets, Wananiaker & Brown. 




BallJohn R., honsecarpenter, 328 MoTlwain 
Ball John R. J., blacksmith. 1211 Oxiord 
Bull John Y.. c!iri>entor, tMlt Wall 
BALL Joseph, conveyancer, 51 X tUh, b Frank- 
Ball Joseph S., painter, 735 S Cth 
Ball Joseph W., bookkeeper, 609 Chestnut, h 

2000 I'ine 
Ball Leonard, stocking weaver. Centre n Han- 
cook, Gtn 
B-ill Mahlon, shoe maniif. 1504 Poplar 
Ball lu-l.ooca H., Rentlew. 141 Frankford, Fkd 
Ball Kiohar.l. laborer, 1220 Federal 
Ball Richard M., clerk, 8 Neville pi 
Ball Kobert. teapacker, X E Carlton and Xewbold 
Ball Samuel H., teamster, ll.'fO Jefferson 
Ball Samuel P., jmlice. 215 X l.'.th 
B;ill Stephen. shipcar])enter. 4 Piper"."? ct 
Ball Wallace M., clothier, 70.{ O.\ford 
Ball William, glass, 205 Quarry, h 1329 Marl- 
Ball William, watches A jewelry, 12 S 2d, h 

12:i7 S tith 
Ballad Hannah (c), washerwoman, 415 S 7th 
Ballam Martin, carter, Salmon ab Cumberland 
Ballance William, laborer, r 412 Rugan 
Ballanger Lydia, ■rentlewoman, ]-'i4IJ Race 
Bullantinc James, fireman, 1007 Ward 
Bailantine W. S., gardener, 754 S 13th 
Ballard Caroline, Price n Main, Qtn 
Ballard Harriett (c), 229 Pro.'^per.s al 
Ballard Henry (c), waiter, 211 Quince 
Ballard J. M., U S X, 1344 S 4th 
Balia.'i Joseph F., machinist, 1514 Ogden 
Ballat Hannah (c), 511 S 7th 
Ballenberg J., trimmings, 719 N 2d 
Bnllenberg Julius, trimmings, 115 N 8th, h 518 

Ballenger George, plasterer, 017 Washington av 
Ballenger Jacob, blacksmith, 1309 Cowley 
Ballenger J., plasterer, 1312 S 5th 
Ballenger Mark, laborer, 739 Medina 
BALLENGER RICHARD H., broker. 144 S 4th 
Ballenger Sarah, gentlewoman. 133.'{ Race 
Ballenger Thomas, carpenter, 1111 Mark's la 
Ballenger Thomas, gentleman, 704 Washington av 
Ballenger William, plasterer, 1009 S 3d 
Ballentine FiancisG., bricklayer, Oxford & Jose- 
phine, Fkd 
Ballentine John, cordwainer, 1349 Kates 
Ballentine Robert, waiter, 728 S]>ruco 
Balleron Francis, machinist, 309 N 15th 
Ballesta Semesio, clerk, 136 S Cth 
Ballier John, watchman, IIGO Passyunk av 
Balliet Nicholas, coal mer. 1340 Callowhill, h 

1110 Wallace 
Balliet &. Kcdilenkamp (iY. Bnlliet i^ N. Kohlen- 

kamp), coal dealers, 1340 Callowhill 
Ballinger Edwin, bookbinder, Beul.ih bel Tasker 
Ballinger Jacob H.. machinist, 512 X 11th 
Ballinger Richard H., clerk. ].')I7 Warnoek 
Ballinger Thomas, skindresser, 807 N 7th 
Ballinger T. E., salesman. 18 N 3d, h 126 Elm 
Ballinger William H., painter, 1521 Warnoek 
Ballis George, 1033 Crease 
Ballistry William, laborer, Robeson, Myk 
Ballistrj- Francis, machinist, Robeson, Myk 
Bailor Philip F., cabinetmaker, r 1023 Lemon 
Balls Peter, grocer, 491 York av 
Balls William H., rigger, 222 Federal 
Bally Michael, .shoemaker, 24 Parham 
Bait Matthew, boots, 208 N 8th 
Bait William, bricklayer, Otis n Sepviva 
Baltz A Bro. (J. lializ if Peter Baltz), brewers, 
602 N 3d, h 31st A Thompson | 

The Popnlar Clothing 

BaltB A Stilts (Frrtifrirk Baltz if John Stiltz), 

imps, of wine, 105 Walnut A 457 X 3d 
Baltz. Caroline, gentlewoman. 402 Coatos 
Bait/. Caroline, gentlewoman, 1435 Ilaucock 
Baltz Charles, barber, til 9 X 3d 
Baltz C, butcher, 710 Belgrade 
Baltz Frederick, imp. 105 Walnut, h 457 N 3d 
Baltz George, glassldower. I. '134 Vienna 
Baltz Henry, butcher, 1007 Mifllin 
Baltz Henrv W., carpenter A builder, N W Haver- 
ford A 38th 
Baltz Jacob, brewer, 502 N 3d, h 31st A Thomp- 
Baltz Jacob, laborer, 1754 N 12th 
Baltz Peter, brewer, 31st A Thomitson, h 502 N 3d 
Baltz Sophia, dre.ssmaker, 14.'f5 Hancock 
Baltz Christian, tasselmaker, 928 Warnoek 
Bnm Mary, seamstress, N E Lombard A 10th 
Bamber Alfred, broker, 1014 S 0th 
Bamberger Brothers (Moses if Henry Biiviber- 

frer), hosiery A trimmings, 105 N 8th 
Bamberger Henrv, hosiery A trimmings, 105 N 

8th, h 115 X 8th 
Bamberger Jacob S., liquor mer. 806 Noble 
Bamberger John, tailor, 533 Vincent 
Bamberger L., mer. 3 N Water, h 457 N 6th 
Bamberger L. A Co. (L. Bumhernrrr {f Simon 

Aitcrbdch), segar manufs. 3 N Water 
Bamberger Moses, hosiery A trimmings, 105 N 

8th, h Baltimore 
Baminger Wm. K., clerk, 230 Walnut, h 1214 Vine 
Bainberv Wm., shoemr. Orchard n Church, Fkd 
BamberV W. J., turner, 223 Crown, h 1002 

Bambo David, carpenter, Winchester pi 
Bamford Joseph, weaver, 1341 Mascher 
Bamner Charles, hotel, 539 E Girard av 
Banpton J. W., accountant, 208 S Del av, h 514 

Baucher Wm., flour mer. 1327 Brown 
Banagan Michael, tailor, Pike 
Banaker Charles, Ledger carrier, 1005 Parrish 
Banantvne Robert, tailor, 523 S Juniper 
B.arnaril C. Richard, 848 N 5th 
Banbanger L., mer. 3 N Water, h 475 N 6th 
Banbuskert Thomas, currier, (105 Noble 
Banckor Charles N., Pres. Franklin Fire Ins. Co. 

h 437 Chestnut 
Bancker George F., shoemaker, 431 Mcllwain 
Bancker John H., segarmr. 2 Greenville pi 
Bancker William, gentleman, 318 Wood 
Bancroft A Brown {John Bancroft if Abralutm 

Brown), coal, 413 N 8th 
Bancroft Addison, agent, 630 Chestnut, h 229 

Main, Fkd 
Bancroft A. F., clerk, 229 Main, Fkd 
Bancroft Daniel, clerk, 759 Erie 
Bancroft Daniel, sea captain, 14 N Delaware av, 

h 759 Erie 
Bancroft E. K., blacksmith, 20 Decatur, h Cam- 
Bancroft George II., signpainter, 2 S 12th, h 2119 

BANCROFT U. H. A CO., booksellers, Chicago, 

New York 
Bancroft John, blacksmith, 309 Queen 
Bancroft John, ooal merchant. 111 Walnut, h 316 

St John 
Bancroft John A., publisher, 25 N 4th, h 1723 

Bancroft John S., machinist, 1723 Vine 
Bancroft Joseph W., coal shipper. 111 Walnut, h 

Bancroft J. R., notions, 330 Market, h Wissa- 

House of Philadelphia. 




BANCROFT LEWIS & (JO. (John, Jo.wph ,S'. 
Lewis if Joseph W. lianrrij/'l) , coiil rriinerH 
and Hhippers, 111 Walnut & pier 9 Port RicL- 
Bancroft Mary, children'n olotliinf;, !■'' S \->i'h 
Bancroft Mary, gciitvv. I72.'i Vino 
Bancroft Miller, tailor, 1& S I.Oth 
Bancroft M. <fe K. (Margaret &f Esther Banrrop), 

boHicry, H N Hili 
Bnncrofl, Napoleon, Hoiip manufacturer, 22.'i and 

225 Wood, li I.VIONOth 
Bancrolt SMiimrl, halter, r 223 Chrintian 
BantMofI, Williain, steel manufacturer, 151.'i Ila- 

miUoii, li (iOCi Vino 
Band Ilonry (c). Cove pi 
Banil John, rng dealer, 1332 Fkd av 
Bandbridgo Robert, laborer, York n Emerald 
Bandols Arthur II., mouldings, 400 N 3d, h 527 

Bandy Archibald, marble polisher, 303 S 22d 
Bane Bernard, conductor, 2222 Hare 
Bane Charles, carpenter, 70(5 Belgrade 
Bane Henry, jeweller, 033 Cross 
Bane John, jeweller, 605 llallowell 
Baner John, furniture, 818, <fc h 819 Vine 
Baner Catharine, 1232 Nagle 
Baner George W., bookkeeper, 24 Bank, h 1232 

Baner Or. W., baker, 1634 Thompson 
Baner Mark, news agent, Main.opp Rittenhouse, 

Baner Paniuel, confectionery, 929 N 13th 
Baner AVilliaiii K,, salesman, 27 N 6th, h 875 N 8th 
BANES & WILEN (Thomas Banes (^ George S. 
Wileii), bonedust manufacturers, Margaret st. 
wharf, 23d ward 
Banes liiram, clerk, 4 Market 
Banes John J., salesman, 813 N 2d 
Banes Samuel M., milk dealer, 957 Kurtz 
Banes Thomas, fertilizer manuf. 220 Frankford 

av, Fkd 
Banes William A., carter, 1726 N 2d 
Banetieh Frank, miller, 1214 Hamilton 
Banfield James, spice manufacturer, 1231 Olive 
Banford Samuel, machinist, 726 Doak 
Bangel Helene, gentw. Haywood pi 
Banger Samuel, machinist, York n Amber 
Banger Sarah, wid Timothy, 259 Madison 
Banger Timothy M., receiver, N 6th bel Gtn av 
Bango James, machinist, 1217 Palmer 
Bangor William W., bookkeeper, 1803 North 
Bangs k Maxwell ( William P. Bangs ^ E. Max- 
well), dry goods commission, 123 Chestnut 
Bangs James, carpenter, 1534 Ogden 
Bangs John W., tailor, 1223 Carlton 
Bangs William P., mer. 123 Chestnut, h 1323 

Girard av 
Banholzer Paul, bookkeeper, 261 S 2d, h 537 

Banister George, trimmer, Memphis n Otis 
Banilz Frank, clerk, 1000 Spring Garden 
Bank August, machinist. 148 Vine 
Bank Charles (e), porter, 237 Currant al 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 209 Chestnut 
BANKOF GERMANTOWN, Main bel Penn, Gtn 

side of Vine bel 3d, 227 Vine 
Bankeman F., Dauphin bel Emerald 
Banker A. B., tailor, 938 S 11th 
Banker J., drummer, 230 Dean 
Bankert George F., butcher, Warren ab 39th 
Bankert Jacob, laborer, r 618 Washington av 
Bankhead Robert, weaver. Front ab Dauphin 

Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Bankliiiid TlioiiiaH, weaver, 116 Otter 

lianU.H Alexainlur (<:) , lOU Rodmuri 

I'arjkM Afidrcw, rigger, 101) Seriulo 

BarikH (jharles K., dork, 412 Commerce, h 123 

N 7th 
Banks ChurlcH M,, machiniHt, 2028 Wood 
Banks David, cuHtomhou.KC, LOO Raco 
Banks E<lward, roMtaiirant, 941 Ituco 
Banks George W., HalcHinan, H22CheHtnut, h 134 

N 12th 
Banks Henry, cabinet maker, York &-Hepviva 
Biinks H. 0. D., drugs, S W 4th & Callowhill, h 

25th ward 
Banks James 0. H., engraver, 712 ChcBtnut, h 

S W 1 0th * Wood 
Banks J. Marion, gunmaker, 1262 Mervine 
Banks Mary, gcntw. 123 N 7th 
Banks Mary, shop, 156 N 23d 
Banks Moses (e), laborer, 5 McKee's av 
Banks 0. D. & Co. (II. O. D. Banks, F. AscJien- 

bach (V A. W. Miller), drugs, S W 4th & Cal- 
Banks Patrick, stone cutter, York n Salmon 
Banks Robert M., clerk, 482 Dillwyn 
Banks Thomas (c), tobacconist, 1128 Rodman 
Banks William, jjlasterer, 1323 Rodman 
Bankson Lloyd, gent. 1621 N 12lh 
Bannan John J., carpenter, 1832 Addison 
Bannan Mary, 33d & Elm, Mantua 
Bannan Patrick, fruit dealer, 315 Noble 
Bannen John, carpenter, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen Joseph, brushmaker, 2340 Columbia av 
Bannen Paul, carpenter, 2340 Columbia av 
Bannen William R., carpenter, 942 Warnock 
Banner Dennis, laborer, Hewson n Salmon 
Bannister David, engineer, 109 Carpenter 
Bannister Joseph, gent. Gay, M)'k 
Bannister Joseph, stonecutter, 1321 Ogden 
Bannister Joshua, foreman, 707 E Thompson 
Bannon Edward, boiler maker, 808 Cross 
Bannon James, sailor, 1 Atlee pi 
Bannon James, sailmaker, 7 Butz row 
Bannon John, laborer, 1924 Earp 
Bannon Matilda, trimmings and milliner. Main 

bel Centre, Gtn, h School ab Main, Gtn 
Bannon Rudolph, farmer, Cresheim rd, Gtn 
Bannon Simon N., carpenter, 2319 Naudain 
Bantle Robert, hammer man, 17 Tyson 
Banton Elizabeth (c), 428 Gaskill 
Bany John, barber, 212 South 
Banz Francis F., carpet rag sewer, Fulton n 

Trenton av 
Banzhof Adolph, brewer, 727 St John 
Bapp Conrad, ostler, 1309 Mott 
Barand William, laborer, 47th k Darby rd 
Baratt A., dressmaker, 116 S 15th 
Baraux C. T., salesman, 34 N 6th 
BarauxN. T., tobacconist, 34 N 6th 
Barbe F., segars, 620 Chestnut, h 135 N Sth 
Barbe Margaret A., trimmings, 135 N Sth 
Barbelin Felix J., Rev., St. Joseph College, 317 

Willing's al 
BARBER ABRAHAM, spectacle manuf. 110 S 

Barber Allen, shoemaker, 1640 Ridge av 
Barber Anna, N E 13th k Filbert 
Barber A. A., clerk, S E Chestnut k 2d, h 654 N 

10 th 
BARBER BURTIS, painter and glazier, 640 N 

18th, h 1605 Wallace 
Barber Currv, weaver, r 1224 Crease 
Barber Edward, painter, 930 N 10th 
Barber Frederick, water pipes. Sth be! Norris 
Barber George, bricklayer. N W 36th and Story, 

Gornei Sixth and Market Stieets. 




Barber George, constable 12th ward, 723 N 4th 
Biirber Ilciirv, bricklnyer, Story ab .ICth. Mantua 
Biirber l(:iibilln, wi<l. Iti3^ Culliaiinc 

Bnnk'ls Frederick, ship ri;rKor, 107 lla/el 
Bardon Cnthniino, 14l)(i WHriiook 
Bnnieiis John, bakor, UitienliMiisi-, Gtn 

Barber Jauiu:>, bricklayer, X W .3t>lh A Story, ! Burdens Jubii, buker, Arniat n U 11. iJm 

Barber James, clocks, S G Chestnut i. 2d, h C61 

N lOth 
Barber James, tipstavc, 9^2 Lombard 
Barber James S., cler^i, Utb aiul Columbia uv, h 

C54 N 10th 
Barber Jane. wid. 7 Spencer ct' 
Barber Jo.ioph, enibosi*or, 22.'n Virginia 
Barber Joseiih groocr, \'-W> Pe-rp 
Barber J. A. L., ckrk. lo;il Vino 
Barber Marv, wid. 2010 Pine 
Barbi-r I'riscilla G., genlw. 032 N llth 
Barber Robert V., agent, 1341 Marlborough 
B:>rber'Saniue! C, bricklayer, SC'i) N Ifith 
Barber Tluimatt AI., salesman, 711 N 23d 
Barber AVillinni, shoo store, 217 Thouijison 
BAUIJEII WILLIAM, spectacle manufac. 110 S 

Sth, h '.V2'.i Ml Vernon 
Barbier F. \Y.. tailor, 708 N 10th 
Barbier (rcorge, jilasterer, 979 N 7th 
Barbier Maria, gentw. 708 N lOlh 
Barbier P. M., jdasterer, 70S N 10th 
Barbier S. P., painter, 708 N 10th 
Barbour John, b!ack.>^mith, 9(17 N Front 
Barbour Siophen M., salesman, 922 Callowhill 
Barbzetfc .Sophia, gentw. 234 Washington av 
Barcklay Michael, l)0otmaker, r 239 Queen 
Barcklaj' Alexander, stove mounter, Olh bel 

Bnrckley Blanche, washing, 1 Barbary pi 
Burckley Robert, finisher, Marshall bel York 
Barclay & Co., publishers, 50 & 58 N (ith 
Barclay «t Morris (John Jiarclny ^- Hubert Mor- 
ris), wines and liquors, 339 Walnut 
Barclay Ann E. (c), seamstress, 705 Minster 
Barclay A. Charles, mer. 134 N Delaware av & 

127 N Water, h 1135 Arch 
■Barclay Clement B.. gent. 1S34 Delancey pi 
Barclay Coal Co., N W 4th Jc Wnlnut 
Barclay E. E.. publi.sher, 109 N 5lh 
Barclay Francis, driver, 249 N lOlh 
Barclay George, paver, 249 N IGth 
Barclay George, 8addler„249 X lOth 
Barclay James G., coal dealer, 13.'i(l !^ lOth 
Barclay .John, mer. 339 Walnut, h Baltimore 
Barclay John A., gent. IIO.S 18th 
Barclay John K., clerk, 1131 Mt Vernon 
Barclay John K., oil mer. 127 N Water, h 1135 

Aroh ^ 

Barclay Joseph 0., captain, 529 Queen 
Burclaj- Margaret, genlw. 301 Callowhill 
Barclay Mary, gentw. 313 Dean 
Barclay Rachel, gentw. 2000 Brandywine 
Barclay Robert, shoemaker, r 513 Richmond 
Barclay Williiim K., gent. 1135 Arch 
BARCROFT & CO. {i<tanj B. Barcroft, Wethc- 
rill hre ^ Mutt hew P. Mc Eire it), dry goods, 
405 k 407 Market 
Bareroft .Stacy B., mer. 405 k 407 Market, h 1803 

Barcu.s John, laborer, 2038 Carlton 
Barcus John W., machinist, 2040 Carlton 
Barcus Stephen, carpenter, 730 .Shirley 
Bard Allen, carpenter, 1RI6 N 13th 
Bard E. M., gent. 1520 .State 
Bard Ludwig, carpet weaver, Philip ab Colum- 
bia av 
Baril S.irah, dres.amaker, 800 Buttonwood 
Barde Francis, jilasterer, Bodine n O.xtbrd 
Bardeer Jackson, plasterer, 950 Warnock 
Bardell John, segar maker, 405 Landi."! 

BARDENWKRPERO., ins. agunt, 424 Walnut, 

h 030 N .sih 
B>irdle Philip, driver, Dauphin n Carroll 
B.irdol Geoige, baker, 907 Ontario 
llardon Jnhn, machinist, r 220 Monroe 
Biid-'lev Flunk, painter, tiermaniown nv. Gin 
IIARD.'^LKY JAMES, hotel. 311 Cherry 
liarilsley John, picture fiam>^' manut'. 210 Arch 
Bardsley John, stoves, 21 III Lonibar<l 
Hardsley Robert, tinsmith, 2204 Hamilton 
Bare a". S., bookkeeper, 513 Market, h 1023 

Bare Elias, hotel, 1025 Market 
Uarers Andrew, confectionery, 810 Callowhill 
Barfu'ld Nichidas, shoemaker, 1214 Hope 
ISarford Joseph, moulder. 1 250 Nagle 
Barford .^amuel, 709 Byard 
Barford Thomas, moulder, r 915 Ogdon 
Barford Wilson M., painter, 1121 lliirnicr 
Barford W.. utoulder. l>auphin bel Cediir 
Bargaine Thomas, ladies shoestore, lOUO Poplar 
Barge Andrew, ragman, 2037 N 5th 
Barge George, carpenter, 31st ab Baring 
IJarger Andrew J., painter, 910 Buttonwood 
Barger lienry, weigher. Washington av ab 2Gth 
liarger John, laborer, 824 N 4th 
Barger Joseph. 929 N 7th 
Barger Lewis F., clerk, 1209 S 5th 
Barger Thomas T., atfy at law, 242 S 5th, h 

1209 S 5th ' 
BARGER WILLIAM, painter and glazier, 1103 

Race, h 1(114 Morgan 
Barger William, jeweller, 317 Emmet 
Rarger AVilliam S.. jeweller, 034 Tasker 
B:irgh William, paper dealer, 30 8 (ith, h Media 
Bargraan Henry, weaver, 1114 Howard 
Barhnhart John, clerk, 1227 Daiien 
Baringer Aaron, salesman, 818 .St John 
Baringer C. L., fishdealer, 13 Del av fish market 
Baringer Frances, gentw. 1235 Ellsworth 
BARKER BROTHERS k CO., bankers, 28 S 3d 
Barker Abraham, banker, 28 .S 3d, h 1118 Spruce 
Barker Ann, gentw. 1330 Hancock 
Barker Charles, granite yard, b 2044 Johnson 
Barker Charles C, plumber, I B.irkcr's ct 
Barker Charles N., saddler, 914 N llth 
Barker C. H., gent. 1025 Shnekaniaxon 
Barker George R., teacher. Price & Evans, Gtn 
Barker George T., 1111 Arch 
Barker .James, 91ti Marshall 
Barker Je.sse, M.D., 231 X llth 
Barker John, Sacramento av below Wildey 
Barker John, blacksmith, 1241 N Front 
Barker .Tohn, cordwainer, 730 Shippen 
Biirker John, milkman, 1424 Perth 
Barker John, stationery, 557 N 0th 
Barker Joseph, machinist, 1528 Wood 
Barker Joshua, salesman. 119 Chestnut 
Barker Josejih, tailor, 729 Federal 
Barker M. M., 403 Richmond 
Barker Peter, saddler, 914 N llth 
Barker Peter, shoemaker, 430 Mcllwain 
Barker Peter, shoemaker, 935 S 9th 
Barker Richard, butcher, 633 Catharine 
Barker Samuel, carter, 1437 Cadwalader 
P.arker Sarah, 528 Watkins 
Barker Thomas, farmer, 311 Borden 
Barker Thomas, printer, 633 Pino 
Barker William, brickmakcr, Washington ar 

n ISth 
Barker William, sbipearpenter, 1120 Moya ar 

Strangers and Citizens are recommended to purchase their 




]?ii,rkor Williiiin, lavorri, S W Trrnilun nv A lOllii. 
13ail<or VVillliirii i'., clerk, t'.> S '2.1, h '.)\-\ N 1 1 Lli 
Barkis Hl-oplifin, Jr., pilot, 2(112 i'ltiirl 
Barkl.'iy Jdlin A., bricklayor, 2117 ML Vornon 
Barkliiy John K., clerk, I'. K. K. Co., V.Wl 

Barkloy Edward, painter, 800 Mnplo 
Barl lloliecca, gentw. 020 (Jatlinrine 
Barloy I.saac, .sliijicarponter, .'Ji.'i Ricliinond 
Barley John, .shipbuilder, .'Jl.'! lUeliinond 
Barley iloliert L., watolitnaker, \ C uhvell 
Barlow OharloH E., shipjoiner, I.'jOCi Jlewson 
Barlow I'ldward, banktiote pi'iiitor, 720 S '1th 
Barlow Ilonry N.,, lO.'il N l.'ith 
BaMow Jamo.M, laborer, N E Sellers k Leiper 
Barlow John, weaver, Bodine n Columbia av 
Barlow 'riioniiis, hotel, 2.'!.') Tiiomp.'^on 
Barlow 'J'honia.s A., builder, i;!;i2 S .Otli 
Barlow William M. bookkeeper, S E .'id and 

Chestnut, h 215 Friends av, Camden 
Barmen Thomn,'), laborer, Dauphin n Amber 
Barmi.'fter Frederick, woollen manui'. 1010 Poplar 
Barnaby "William, wire covorer, 120.'! Noble, h 

i:iO I Market 
Barnard & Jones {Hohc.rt W. Barnard ^ W. H. 

Jours), printers, 510 Minor 
Barnard George W., tinman. 215 N Juniper 
Barnard James, tailor, .'VI 7 lliohmond 
Barnard John, bookkeeper, 222 Main, Fkd 
Barnard John, undertaker, 404 S .5th 
Barnard Joseph C, printer, 30fi Christian 
Barnard R. C, lumber mer., 848 N 5th 
B.Trnard Robert W., printer, 510 Minor, h 227 

Barnard Thomas, gasfitter, 404 S 5th 
Barnard William, clerk, 222 Main, Fkd 
Barnard William, upholsterer, 417 Lombard 
Barnard William C, printer, 30(1 .Christian 
Barnard William C, Jr., 306 Chrit^tian 
Barnard W. B., clerk, Salmon abL'jhigli av 
Barndollar William S., compositor, 90S Coates 
Barndt Henry, gent. 615 Girard av 
Barndt Levi, blacksmith, 2134 Thouron 
Barndt Michael, hajdealer, 1212 N Gth, h 1405 

N 4th 
Barned Absnlom, clerk. Prune, h 1920Mt Vernon 
Barnes & Brooks {Alfred H. Binns & Letais 
Brooks), flour and feedstore, 77 and 79 Laurel 
Barnes Abuer, cordw. 1227 Niggle 
Barnes Albert. Rev., 255 S 8th, & Walnut ab 42d 
Barnes Alfred D., grocer,*N W S 10th and Tasker 
Barnes Alfred 11., flour and feed store, 77 and 79 

Laurel, h 83 Laurel 
Barnes Alonzo M., M.D., Gtn av, Rising Sun 
Barnes Ann, 708 Noble 
Barnes A. C, bootfitter, 1033 Mechanic 
Barnes Charles, founder, 1204 S Front 
Barnes Charles, sailmaker, r N Gth ab Mont- 
gomery av 
Barnes Charles, stocking weaver-, Haines n Mor- 
ton, Gtn 
Barnes Charles T., printer, 869 N 5th 
Barnes C. H., machinist, 1623 Eretj"- 
Barnes Daniel, cooper, 105 Keefe 
Barnes Daniel, shoemaker, 155 Coates 
Barnes David, painter, Otis n Amber 
Barnes George, hardware, 1120 .S 2d 
Barnes George, overseer, Orr n Francis 
Barnes George, printer, 241 Union 
Barnes George, weaver, Memphis ab Otis 
Barnes George H., corsetmaker. Beulah above 

Barnes George H. 

neutal Hotel 
Barnes George W. 

llarjioH Ilarvcy, Bailor, 2 Bank 

liai'ne.H Henry (c), portor, 71<i KchhIcf' 

I5arneH Henry M., clerk, 10.') H (lli, h 805 ParrlHh 

iJarne.s Jacob, butolior, •'JOO Ktumet 

Barne.H Jacob, bricklayer, O.'JI IJuttonwood 

BarncM Jain'!M, clerk, '•2!) Market 

IJarncH Jatnew Cii'pt., 200 Carjientor 

Barnes Jarue.M, ^unninith, lO.O Chenango 

Barnes Jatne.s, |)lutnbcr, '.)26 H 2d 

Barnes James, wntchcase maker, 4 Ell«ts av 

Barnes James, Jr., Malesniun, 223 i>Iurk<!t, h 

Farmor.s' Inn 
Barnes James N., atl'y at law, 121 H 7th, h N E 

8th and Orange 
IJarnes Jane, widow, 708 Guilford 
Barne.i John, cardriver, 2020 Jones 
Barnes John, laborer, 144 Cottage 
Barnes John, .''i)inner. Wood, Myk 
Barnes J<din A., bookkeeper, 012 NoVWe 
Barnes John W., shipcarpenter. 71'.) Federal 
Barnes Josejjh, car|)enter, 708 Guilford 
Barne.? Joseph, carpenter, 2J04 Locu.-'t 
Barnes Joseph, seaman, 002 Catharine 
Barnes Jo.seph, shipcarpentcr, ]2 Parliam 
Barne.s Joseph, sparmaker, 1319 Juniata 
Barnes Joseph S., boatbuilder, 51 Prime 
Barnes Joseph T., tavern, Frankford av n Wood 
Barnes J. Harbeson, auctioneer, 141 S 4th, h 427 

Barnes Linford L., clerk, 1009 Tasker 
Barnes, Margaret, gentw. Mar.ston n Cherry 
Barnes Maria (c), 416 Gaskill 
Barne.'^ JMary, gentw. 7 Hatter's ct 
Barnes JIarv Aiin, trimmings, 802 South 
BARNES OLIVER W., civil engineer, 4 Penna 
R R building, S W 3d and AVilling's a!, h 1608 
Barnes Paul H., bookkeeper, 118 Chestnut, h 

612 S Front 
Barnes Robert, laborer, 27 Reed 
BARNES R. L., map publisher, 27 S 6th, h 1008 

Barnes Samuel, mason, Washington, Gtn 
Barnes Sanford L., blacksmith, Otis n Amber 
Barnes Sarah, manuf. Bringhnrst, n R R, Gtn 
Barnes Spencer, driver, Rio Grande pi 
Barnes Thomas, laborer, 1309 Wheat 
Barnes Thomas, oil, 239 Pine 
Barnes Thomas, shoemalier, 323 Emmet 
Barnes Thomas T., grocer, N Front ab Mont- 
gomery av 
Barnes Thornton, mer. 115 Arch, h 1909 Vine 
Barnes William, comb manuf. 869 N 5th 
Barnes William, grinder, 1520 Otis 
Barnes William, mason, Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Barnes William, paper box, 63 X 8ch, h 841 Au- 
Barnes William C, clerk, 766 S 9th 
Barnes William H., bookseller, 37 N 3d, h Mer- 
chants" Hotel 
Barnes William H. P., paper banger, 828 South 
Barnes William W., agent, 766 S 9th 
Barnes Willis, merchant, 160S Locust 
Barnet E., paper hanger, 313 Emmet 
Barnet Matthew, sailor, Bath n Sorrel 
Barnet Robert, laborer, Rainbow n Trenton av 
Barnet William, clerk, 1313 N 5th 
Barnet William, morocco dresser, r 1336 Howard 
Barnett Ann, tavern. Rainbow u Trenton av 
Barnett Anna, restaurant. 309 N Broad 
Barnett Daniel P., currier. 2236 CallowhUI 
Barnett David, driver, 3913 Haverford 
Baraett David, laborer, 1323 Mariner 

shoes, 503 Market, h Couti- 

Barnett George, filecutter. 1439 Franklin 
merchant, 1220 S 2d ■ Barnett James, porter. Banana r 1214 Carlisle 

Clothing at Oak Hall. Southeast Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Bnrnett Joseph, dry good*, 1130 Pine ' 

Barnett Joseph, ship carpenter, 441 Allen 
Bnrnetl Lewis, shoemaker, 4i8 N Sth 
Barnett Mar;;., gentlewoman, 1505 Hope 
Barnett William, clerk, 07 A 69 Laurel, h 1313 

N 5th 
Barnett Rebecca, gontlewopnnn. 2 Hartley pi 
Barnett Thomns, painter, 4 Id S Front 
Barnett Thomas, starch nianuf. S W 9th and 

Roed, h S E 1 0th A' Reed 
Barnett Thomas A Son {Thovias if William 

BariifU). starch maniifrs. .^ W 9th .t Roed 
Barnett Thomns R., toolmaker, 1T.''.5 N' 4th 
Barnett William, carpenter, Watkins bel Pas- 

syiiiik av 
Barnett William, saw maker, 1127 Pay 
Barnett William, starch manuf. S W lOth and 

Reed, h I.Uf. S 1 0th 
Barnewall Robert A., reporter, 1148 Leon 
Barney B. (J., com. mer. 41 N 17th 
Barney David, machinist, 2021 ,'^ummer 
Barney Francis, clerk, 7t)5 S 2d 
Barney James, laborer, r r> Cnndin pi 
Barney Obed, lib. Southwark Library, 705 S 2d 
Barney Thomns. couchmnn, 20.S S .luiiiper 
Barnfield James, plasterer, 1200 Deacon 
Barnfield William, plasterer, 1200 Deacon 
Bnrnholdt Fred., brickmaker. 735 Bynrd 
Bnrnholdt (5eor>;e, drover. IH'.O Thompson 
Barnholdt Geori^e, victualler, 2101 Henrietta 
Barnholt Charles, brickmaker, 8.''.5 Dickerson 
Barnholt Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 813 St John 
Barnholt Henry, clerk, 313 tjueen 
Barnholt John, victualler, 1016 Parrish 
Barnholt Philip, gent. 1010 Parrish 
Barnholt William, butcher, 1020 Hamilton 
Barnholt Wm., rivet maker, r 1110 Olive 
Bnrnliolt Wiu.. Jr., machinist, 1020 Hamilton 
Barnhulser John, carp., Otis n Amber 
Barnhurst Joseph, tinsmith, 1732 Francis 
Barnhurst Joseph, umbrella stretcher manuf. 

House of Refuge, h N E 20ih k .Montgomery 
Barnhurst Priscilla, gentlewoman, 1740 Frnnci.s 
Barnhurst Thomas, machinist, h Montgomery n 

Barnie Theodore, cabinet maker, 1164 Psyk av 
Barnitt Mary, tailoress, 142 Carpenter 
Barnitt Pearce, pnper hanger 142 Carpenter 
Barns Andrew, wines <fe liquors, 1100 N 2d 
Barns Ann, gentlewoman, 720 Buttonwood 
Barns Carter Robert, printer, Wood, Myk 
Barns Charles, carpenter, 805 Kno.x 
Barns Henry, bookbinder, 1S20 Rhoads 
Barns Jacob, carpenter, 1345 Brown 
Barns James, confectioner, 732 Medina 
Barns John, brass moulder, 1820 Rhoads 
Barns John M., druggist, 1107 llrown 
Barns Joseph, confectionery, 1234 Poplar 
Barns Joseph, plasterer, 830 Kno.\ 
Barns Samuel, hatter, 1820 Rhouds 
Barns Thomas L., victualler, 1304 Atmore 
Barns William, printer, r 1215 Hope 
Barns William, Rev., 412 S Juniper 
Barns William W., printer. 310 Marriott 
Barn.-hofT Henry, cordw. 2 SafBn"s pi 
Bnrnt Middleton L., merchant, 712 Parrish 
Barnwell Ann, 820 Wood 
Barnwell James O., teacher, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell Mary Ann, millinery, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell Richard, shoemaker, 102 Brown 
Barnwell Robert, bonnet bleacher, 13 N 10th 
Barout J. F., printer, 34 N 0th 
Bnroul W. 11., printer, 34 N 0th 
Barr Alexander, plasterer, r 2017 Reeves 
Barr Alexander, stone nia-on, l.'!24 New Bcdfonl 

Barr Andrew, stone mason, Robeson, Myk 

Barr Andrew J., ship carp., 1217 Shnekama.xon 

Barr H. J., frame maker, 1110 Poplar 

Barr Cornelius N., hotel, Pa.'isyunk av bel Reed 

Harr Daniel, tavern, N E Swansnn A Catharine 

Barr Daniel J.,-lii|Uors, 525 Race 

Barr Edmund, painter, 015 Federal 

Burr Elizabeth, dealer, 4 Roilgers' court 

Barr Feli.x, salesman, 28 N 3(1, h Revere House 

Barr George, beanier, 2132 Thouron 

Harrtieo. W., laborer, 15 Wheat 

Harr Hugh, driver, 725 Lebanon 

Barr Hugh, hotel, 101 Wharton 

Barr Hugh, Jr.. barkeeper, 101 Wharton 

liarr Isaac, warper, r 500 .^^ 20th 

Barr .Jacob, police, 121 7 Sliaekamaxon 

Barr J.imes, booKs k stationery. 1105 Market 

Barr James, family laundry, S E Prune & 6th 

Barr James, fireman, 100 South 

Barr James, gentleman, 123S Cass 

Barr James, laborer, Main n .'^liur'sla, Myk 

Barr James, milk mer. 0r,2 Andrcss 

Barr Jumes J., hotel, lOH S 0th 

Barr Jeremiah, shoemaker, 728 Brook 

Barr John, bricklayer. 1114 Milton 

Barr .John, buttonmakcr, l'.'2H Spring 

Barr John, conveyancer, 20 10 Pine 

Barr John, finisher, r 1502 Race 

Barr John, gont. Sliarpnack. (Un 

Barr .I(din, hats k ca]>s, 1040 FrankforJ av 

Barr John, mason. Chestnut, Mvk 

Barr John D., clerk, h 1010 ChJrry 

Barr Joseph, conductor, 1217 Sbackamaxon 

Barr J. D., 64 A- 50 N 3d, h 1010 Cherry 

Barr Maria, confectionery, ^lain n Penn, Myk 

Barr Marv Ann, oflice cleaner, 222 Acorn al 

Barr Michael, hotel, 141 N 3d 

Barr Michael A., clerk, 141 X 3d 

Barr Nathaniel, measurer. 1029 Stocker 

Barr Patrick, laborer, Bockius, Qtn 

Barr Peter, plasterer, 031 Federal 

Barr Philii), laborer, Svcamore n 7th 

Barr Rachel, 218 Mari'ott 

Barr Robert, clerk, 902 Buttonwood 

Barr Robert, gentleman. l.'!2I Pine 

Barr Robt. J., hotel, 202 N Water k 203 N Front 

Barr Robert M., carpenter, 1723 Moravian 

Barr Rosanna, gentw. Trenton av n Reading 

Barr Samuel, carpenter, Laurel, Gtn 

Barr Sarah, seamsiress. 2120 Christian 

Barr Terry, boatman, 4'enn. Myk 

Barr Thomas, laborer, 1351 Hope 

Barr Thomas, tobacco, 1704 Market 

Barr Thomas T., salesman, 130 N 3d, h 827 

Barr William, 1115 Ridge av 
Barr William, bricklayer, 027 Brook 
Barr William, clerk, 101 Wharton 
Barr William, conductor, Fkil av n York 
Barr William, drayman, 721 S 17th 
Barr William, driver, 725 Lebanon 
Barr William, laborer, r 427 Monroe 
Burr William., 002 .S 15th 
Barr William, laborer, 019 .Sears 
Barr William, laborer, 1928 Spring 
Barr William, restaurant, 1223 Green, h 1115 

Ridge av 
Barr William, Jr., button maker, 1928 Spring 
Barr William H., clerk, 1004 Chestnut, h 1405 

Barr Wm. J., bookkeeper, 407 Library, h 1006 

Barr William J., conductor, 1136 S Front 
Barras Alfred M.. tavern, N W 10th k Noble 
Barras Joseph, gilder, 770 Thompson 

Best Place in the City to buy good and cheap Clothing at 




Barras J. !?., lO-'ifi Mt V.;rnon 
BarriiHH Will in in, dydr, I'lliznhotli ri Unity, l''l<il 
Biirralt, Kllon L., gentlowonian, Hi 14 (jrooii 
Barratt .laineH k Son {.fames, Jr.), com. mor., 

402 iS Dolawiire av 
Barratt JninoH, Jr., eoni mor. 4 02 S Delaware av, 
\ h i:iO'l J'iiio 
Barratt, Samuel II., barber, 1.07 N 9lh 
Barrell John, moulder, l.'i.'iH Kiirl 
Barren Hiram, slioomaker, O.'JIl lOllis 
Barren, Michael, carpenter, O.'Kl lOllis 
BARUKTT, NKI'IIHWS & CO. (Nalkan Bar- 
rett, Nalhan M., .Toxcpk 11. cV I'^ilirin B. Ileal, 
4- Mrnkiim C. WuntI), fancy dyeing. 47 N 8th 
Barrett Andrew (c) , lumber yard, lO.'!.'! Lombard 
Barrett Benjamin, cleric, 2210 Clayton 
Barrett (Miarles 1!., printer, 1704 Wallace 
Barrett Charles B., Jr., printer, 1704 Wallace 
Barrett I)., laborer, 029 Charles 
Barrett Kdwa.rd, laborer, .'',20 N 17th 
Barrett E<hv. 1)., elk. 100 Chc.'ilnut, h 118 Brown 
Barrett Frederick, carpr. Xh'.W Mervine 
Barrett Helen, tailores.s, r f>\% Marriott 
Barrett II. C, sailor, 612 Marshall 
Barrett Ja.s., cus officer, 1204 Ilutchinson 
Barrett Jas., laborer, ;!18 N 17th 
Brrrett Jas., laborer, 710 Cullen 
Barrett Jas. J., carpr. 2 Bowery pi 
Barrett Jas. R., carpr. 1210 Myrtle 
Barrett Jas. W., paperhr. 12.33 Mascher 
Barrett John, laborer, G Monmouth ct 
Barrett John, painter, r 500 St John 
Barrett John S., glassblower, 1412 Otis 
Barrett Joseph, gardener. Mill bel Main Gtn 
Barrett Joseph, sea captain, S2S E Thompson 
Barrett Margaret, trimgs. Richmond n William 
Barrett Margaret, washer, Ludlow bel 4Ist 
Barrett Mary, gentlcw. 2109 Mt Vernon 
Barrett Michael, laborer, 1624 S 7th 
Barrett Moses, gent. 727 N 2.3d 
Barrett Nathan, hotel, 472 N 2d 
Barrett Patrick, driver, Higgins ct 
Barrett Tatrick, lab. 351 S Front 
Barrett Patrick, lab. Salmon n Hewson 
Barrett Richard, lab. 2 Crooked pi 
Barrett Robert, shoe manuf. N W 15th & Cherry, 

hiss 15th 
Barrett Simmons H., bookbinder. Market n 6th, h 

1704 Wallace 
Barrett L. D., captain, 304 Gaskill 
Barrett T. II., gymnasium, 012 Jlarshall 
Barrett Thos., gymnasium, 806 Marliet 
Barrett William, salesm. Ludlow bel 37th 
Barrett William, shoemr. r 143 N 2d 
Barrett William P., printer, 118 Brown 
Barrigan Robert, lab. r 1620 Carlton 
Barringer Jacob L., feed & guano, Oxford ct Mar- 
shall, h 2020 N 5th 
Barriugton Andrew J., bookseller, 640 Tasker 
Barrington Charles, clerk P R R 154 N 20th 
Barrington Charles C, clerk, 915 S 13th 
Barrington Edward, printer, 915 S 13th 
Barrington Francis, prof of music, 154- N 20th 
Barrington John, blacksmith, 931 Christian 
Barrington John E., shoemr. 1306 Vine 
Barrington Samuel, bookkr. 235 Market, h 117 

N 11th 
Barrington Susan L., gentlew. 1012 Race 
Barrington William, carpr. 1240 Brown 
Barrington William, clerk, 1302 Market 
Barris John, huckster, 2332 Vine 
BARRITT cfc CO. {\Vm. A. Barriti), auc & com 

mers. 230 Market 
Barritt Mary E., gentlew. 2025 Winter 
Barritt Wm' A., auer. 230 Market, h 714 N 19th 

Barrock Bernard, peddler, 417 Brown 
Barrod Wm., bartender, 101 I Cadwulader 
Biirron A., tavern under 2d ct Market, li 1413 

Columbia av 
Barron Edward, coal dealer, 929 Uieliinond, h 

Salmon bel Ann 
Barron Edward, liiliorer, Salmon n Ann 
Barron Oeorge, gent. .OSO N Olh 
Barron Henry, huekfler, r 2.37 Coalen 
Barron Jacob, wheel wrifjht, 8 MarHcillcH pi 
Barron James, contr. 1942 Fkd av 
Barron John, blackHmith, 7l''i Beach 
Barron Jrdin, shoemr. 1045 Ilelmtilh 
Barron John P., ho.niery. 131 S 8th, h 327 S J3th 
Barron Peter, shoemr. Wayne, Gtn 
Barrows Lucius, teacher, 1932 Lombard 
Barry A Tailor {.loli.n J)e Ihirry and ICdwnrd F. 

Taylor), millinery goods, il'i N 4lh 
Barry Albert, plasterer, 1242 Hope 
Barry Bainbridge, gun stock manuf. 1021 k 1023 

Barry Catharine, 8 Sliields ct 
J'.arry David, lab. 1730 Carlton 
Barry David, lab. 216 Plain 
Barry David II., cedar cr. 1101 Sites ab Otter 
Barry E., gun stock manuf. 1023 Melon 
Barry Edmund, lab. 1422 Prospect 
Barry Francis, jeweller, 712 Wood 
Barry Fred., cari)r. 1327 Juniata 
Barry Garret, lab. 8 Bell's ct 
Barry Hannah, gentlew. 702 Penn 
Barry Hannah, gentlew. 1220 Lyndall 
Barry James, carpr. 230 Dean 
Barry .James, lab. 1730 Carlton 
Barry James, porter, 139 Crown 
Barrj- James, weaver, York n Yulip 
Barrv James 11., jewlr. 622 Market, h 506 Lorian 
Barry John, 530 S llth 
Barry John, clerk, 1641 N 8th 
Barry John, clerk, 318 York av 
Barry John, fancy chair mr. 617 Guilford 
Barry John, sale.-m. 429 Market 
Barry John, trimmings, 1225 Poplar 
Barry John, -weaver, Philip n O.xford 
Barry John De, millinery goods, 116 X 4th, h 

1225 Poplar 
Barry John K., brush mr. 1406 Marlborough 
Barry John L., gun stock mr. 1025 Melon 
Barry John Q., last mr. 108 Vanhorn 
Barry Joseph, condr. 1441 Warnock 
Barry Joseph B., conveyr. 430 AValnut, h Gtn 
Barry Mary, r 429 Carpenter 
Barry Michael, contr. 1221 N 17th 
Barry Patrick, clerk, 312 Chestnut, h 1641 X Sth 
Barrv Philip, contr. 315 S 6th 
Barry Philip, lab. 1307 Carlton 
Barry Richard, lab. 123 Federal 
Barry Samuel, lab. r 406 X 24th 
"Barrv Thomas, gilder, 342 Borden 
Barry Thomas, gun stock manuf. 1023 Melon 
Barry Thomas, salesm. 825 Fitzwater 
Barry Timothy E., tobacconist. 132 Race 
Barry Walter, liquors, 1455 N 10th 
Barry Wm., blacksmith, 2 Murray ct 
Barrv Wm., gilder. 906 Manilla 
Barrv Wm., lab. 322 Borden 
Barry Wm., lab. 330 N 16th 
Barry Wm.. plasterer. X 2d bel Berks 
Bartholde Frank, 115 Queen 
Barryman Samuel H., shipwright, 1310 Palmer 
Bars Casmer, lab. Harrison's al Myk 
Bars Peter, weaver. Baker, Myk 
Barsby Ellen. 242 German 
Barseii Frederick, basket mr. 110 Girard av 
Barston Wm., gent. 127 X llth 

■Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, Corner Sixth and Slarket Streets. 




Bnrstnw J. M., dentist. 127 N llth 
Bart Christisn H., barber. 804 Pa.xsyk av 
Bart .)"ha, liat block mr. lO.'i.") Vernon 
BAKIALOTT A BLYNN {Gro. ll,rt„lott and 

J/. B'l/nii), hats mid caps, 43rt Market 
Bartalott Geo., hnts and cajw, 43('> .Market, h 711 

X sth 
Bart.-I n. H., onjrineer, 724 S 10th 
Bartrl Frederick, carter, 420 Moyer 
Barte! Win., carter, 42il Moyt-r 
Bartels Henry O., .'loves, 4!".'> N 4lh 
Bartels Wni.! student, 7(5;! .^ 'Jth 
Bartenbaek John, baUer, 1700 Kidge nv 
Barth (tdltlieb, ni ichinist, 220:! Virjjinia 
Barth (i. F., piiiisiuilh, r SI4 Lawrence 
Bartli Jolin, founder, I.'M (lirard av 
Barth .John, shoe inr. 22'.> I'nion 
Barth John, stove mr. 410 Coates 
Barth Jolin D., renovater, 14.'<7 Ri<lge nv 
Barth John J., la^jer beer, (ill CaHowhill 
Barth Wui., carv". ■il-'' Coluniliia av 
Barthe Edward I)., printer, 010 S Front 
Barthobimew Aiijustine, 11!) X I.')th 
Bartholomew A. i'., clerk. 11<J N l.')th 
Bartholomew ('has., '.>!!• Torr 
Bartholomew Chas., butcher, S W Rge k Grd av 
Bartholomew Chas., paper iir. manuf. 70j S 12th 
Bartholomew E.lward, clerk, HO X 15th 
Bartholomew Fred., plastr. .S W Uidjje & (^rd av 
Barthobnuew Geo. W , detective police, S W oth 

ami Chestnut, h LSI I Jefferson 
Bartholomew Isaac, ]iotato dealer, 727 Guilford 
BAUTHOLOMEW JACOB, real estate agent. 908 

S Ith 
Bartholomew John, 010 S 4th 
Biirtholomew John J., salesman, 4S N 3d, h 910 

S 4th 
Bartholomew Joseph, tavern, R W R?e k Grd av 
Bartholomew Margaret, hucks. r 021 Callowiiill 
Bartholomew Peter K., pla.str. S W llge k G.-d av 
Bartholomew Robert, fur. cars, 1211 Marshall 
Bartholninew Valen'ine, bookbr. 1122 Jefferson 
Bartholomew Win., lamps, 324 Xoble 
Bartine D. W., Rev., D.D., 681 N llth 
Bartle Andrew, assorter of wool, 1318 Warnock 
Bartle Edwin II., oak cooper, 1314 Coates 
Bartle Frank, barber, 856 S Front 
Bartle (reorge V.. printer, 451 X iSlh 
Birtle George W., bricklayer, Sth ab Diamond 
Bartle Henry, shoem iker, A ab N 22d 
Bartle Irvin, painter, 502 .S 
Bartle Jacob, laborer, Cumberland n Emerald 
Bartle Jacob, oak cooper, 1314 Coates 
Bartle .Jesse, oak cooper, 1310 Coates 
Bartle John Q., sparmaker, 1018 Crease 
Bartle .Toseph D., coppersmith, 1255 Mervine 
Bartle Levi, oak cooper, 1314 Coates 
Bartle William T., spar and mast maker, 1032 

Columbia av 
Bartleson B., trimmings, 1217 S Sth 
Bartleson John, boardinghonse, 116 Lombard 
Bartleson Lewis, c3r)>enter, 1035 Hamilton 
Bartler Fcli.\, laborer, 302 X 10th 
Bartlett A Reynolds (Job Burllclt iV -^fw T^cy- 

iiohls) heaters and ranges, N W I3th A Filbert 
Bartlett Elizabeth, r 1028 Ro.'^s 
Bartlett Enos, baskets, 200 Vine, h 1336 N 7th 
Bartlett E. M., clerk Qirard Bank, h 239 Wash- 
ington av 
Bartlctf Geo., car driver, 340 Crown 
Bartlett llenrv, clerk, 429 S 4th 
Bartlett Henry W.. laborer, 301 N 20th 
Bartl.-tt H. A., manuf. shoe blacking, 109 N 

Front, h .Mantua 
Bartlett U. M., clerk P. R. R. Co., 1302 Market 

I Bartlett H. M., clerk, 339 Washington av 

I Bartlett James, farmer, 429 S 4th 

i Bartlett Job, heaters and ranges, N W 13th A 

Filbert, h 115 Callowhill 
Hartlett Joseph, sea captain, h 10 Courtland pi 
Bartlett Thomas. Main bel Pleasant. Gtn 
Hartlett Thomas, j.laslerer, 420 .'^ 4th 
Hartlett Wharioii. clerk, 420 S 4lh 
Hartlett Wharton, laborer, 301 X 20th 
Bartlett William F., shoes, 5277 S 2d 
Hartlett William G., oyster dealer, h 308 N 

Bartley Henry, grocer, 845 S Front 
Bartley .lames, plasterer. Zephyr av, r 752 S 8th 
Bartle}' John, pawnbroker, (i45 ."^oulh 
Bariley Joshua, maidiinist, 2020 Poplar 
Hartley Margaret, gentlew. 1 Chamljers nv 
Bartley Margaret, seamstress, 2334 Meredith 
Hartley Margaret, china, 200 Green 
Bartley Wm. M., brickmaker. Ilestonville 
Barlling Henry, scroll sawyer. 211 Gaskill 
Hartman Eliza, gentw. 1220 H.incock 
Bartnian William, blaeksmilli, h 50!l Pl John 
Barto Charles G., optician, Orr ab Francis 
Hartol Jacob, laborer, Cuinliorland ab Emerald 
Bartolet Charles, carman, Hewson ab Tulip 
Barton Albert G. W., currier, K34 X Hroad 
Barton Allied, cutter, 101',) Walnut 
Harton Amanda, tailoress, York n S.almon 
Barton Heiijamin C, dealer, 804 (Jreen 
Barton Benjamin H., farmer, I23K .«! 10th 
Harton Charles. car]ienfer, 1705 Burton 
Harton Charles, clerk, 532 X 4th 
Barton Charles Hill, comedian, 725 Snnsom 
Barton David L., farmer, 123H S 10th 
Barton Frank, gent. 1326 Cht-stnut 
Harton Geo. C, clerk, 248 Pouth 
Harton Hester, widow, '.\'M ^ 15th 
i5arton Isaac, merchant, 35 ,'>! 2d 
Barton Isaac, grocer, 105 k 167 N 2d, h 613 

BARTOX ISAAC k CO. (Isaac Barton, Red- 

iniin Cooper, Clt'irhs Zi. Arms/roi/s^ (J- John N. 

Wilki lis), shoemakers' goods, 35 ,S 2d 
BARTOX ISAAC k SON (Isaac B-'frto>i i^ Jacob 

R. Barton), wholesale grocers, 165 k 167 N 2d 
Barton Jacob R.. wholesale grocer, 165 k 107 N 

2d, h Ci:', Vine 
Barton .Tames, clerk, 1126 Charles 
Barton James B., hotel, N E Walnut k Sth, h 

Oth ab Walnut 
Barton James M., merchant, 247 N 3d, h 1917 

Barton John, cabinetmaker, 419 Lombard 
Harton John, chemist, 2013 N Sth 
Harton John, hatter, 422 S Sth 
Barton John, Jr., hatter, 422 S Sth 
Bnrtr)n John V., grocer, 118 Race, h 613 Vine 
Barton Joseph, hatter, 248 South 
Barton Jo.<eph, hatter, 422 S 5th 
Barton Joseph, high constable, S W Sth A Chest- 

nut, h J^outh n 3d 
Barton .loseph, wireworker, 345 X Sth 
Harton J. Rhea, M.D., 1326 Chestnut . 
Barton J. Rathfon, wholesale grocer, S E 2d A 

Race, h 612 Vine 
Harton J. M.. grocer, 3d A Xew, h 1917 Green 
Barton Margaret, dressmaker, 1511 Burton 
Barton Mary, gentlew. 609 Patharine 
Harton .Mary, widow, 540 Shippen 
Barton Robert, laborer, 1 Pagoda 
Barton Samuel, grocer, S E 3d A New, h S32 

X 4th 
BARTOX SAMUEL A CO. (Snmiid if James 

AI. Barton), wholesale grocers, 247 N 3d 

Buy your Clothing at the great 




Barton Sarah Ann, gentw. 205) Frank ford av, Fk<l 

Biirlon R. I)., cl.irk, .0:12 N 4(11 

IJiirliiii 'riidimiM, liiiltor, (iO!) (Jiitliariiio 

Burton Willinrii, k''"'"!-, N K I2lli A Miirkol, li 

;j|{) N mil 
Barton WilliMiii II., I)oolil((!(;por, 247 N .'id, h !:>P.2 

. N 'I th 
Barlriini <t IJiuton (.loli.ii J. Bartrrmi (^ James 

Ji. Union), hot,'!, ^f K H\\ & Walnut 
Barli'am (icorKo, tailor, .OH Powoll 
Bartrain (},!ori!;o 11., n.ttoriioy-n.t-javv, '),'J7 N 'Ith 
Bnrhviiii .liiiuc.s, liolrl, li II J S (illi 
Bartniiii .John .J., hole! N K Walnut <t .''.th, h 

2210 Locii.'^t 
Bartrain John W., hot.-l .01 h & Walnut, li 22U 
BarUiini Lowi,'', vvlieolwrif;;ht, Serj^oant bel J''rank- 

I'ord ii.v, h Vox hi^l Ji'ninkl'ord av 
Bartrani Rdjccua K.,Kentvv. 248 N 12th 
Bartnun Thomas, M.D., 2'I8 N 12th 
Bartriim Thoina.s S. , druggist, N W 2d & Race, h 

2.00 N I 2th 
Barbro Doininick, innkeeper, 800 Chri.stian 
Barlzi'U M., trinitninga, Cresson, Myk 
Baruichiis Chri.stiuu, matchstickiuiiker, 422 Mor- 

Barwi'll Wiilinni, segarniaker, 850 Darien 
Bnrwick Olniries K., milk dealer, r 131.3 Ogden 
Barwig .Jacob, higer Inn-r, TiiO 8 8d 
Barwis Henry, dyer, Chuich n Main, Fkd 
Barwis John, tailor. Ciuirch n Miiin, Fl<d 
Barwi.'* iSmiuiioI, tailor, Chuich n Main, Fkd 
Basby Emanuel, grocer, 14.'5.0 Vienn.i 
Baschy Morris, tiiiuuiing.s, 630 South 
Bascom A. (-), upholsterer, 7.'}.3 S 11th 
Bascoui Henry B., tailor, 1.37 S 7th 
B;iscoui Henry L., actor, 1012 N 7th 
Baseoui Juhn B. (o), hairdresser, N W 4th & 

Walnul, h S lllh n Filzwater 
Bascoui W. (c), upholsterer, 1346 Lombard 
Bascom W J., (c). furniture, 735 S 11th 
Basell S.unuol, wharfbuilder, 1080 N Delaware <av 
Basl'ord John, weaver, Morton & Mechanic, Gtn 
Bash Michael, furs, 241 S 2d 
Bash M. D., ouirier, Belgrade n Dauphin 
Basin Hai-ry, printer, 241 Chester 
Basketer John, laborer, 1305 Rodman 
Basketer Mary, 130,0 Rodman 
Baslar Ujorge, tavern, 1080 Frankford av 
Basler J;icob, findings, 1502 Ridge av 
Basler John, baker, 1321 Ridge av 
Bass Ann, tailoiess, 2 English 
Bass Chetley \V. (c), barber, 306 S 12th 
Bass Henry, letter carrier, 1033 S 7th 
Bass S:iinuel, barber, 829 N 11th 
Basset t Chnrles, gent. 1509 N 11th 
Bassett A. J., dental surgeon, 245 S 9th 
Bassett J:im:'s, watchmnn. 1039 Ward 
Bassett Diuiel, wheelwright, r 131 Otter 
Bassett Jtioob (c), porter, 1105 Pearl 
Bassett Jiimes, seaman, Aspen ab 35th, Mantua 
Basseit Jnseph, wheelwright, r 2033 H.ind 
Btvssott Josi;ih, clerk, 313 N (Uh 
Bassett Susan M., boardinghouse, 313 N 6tli 
Bassick James, Wood, Myk 
Bassitt Isaac, carpenter, 621 "Washington av 
Bassler Frederick, taverr, 332 Brown 
Basso Joseph, gent. 512 S Front 
Basson Ann, widow, 528 Fitzwater 
Basson Charles, mer. 119 S 19th 
Bast John A., grocer. S E 18th & Mt Yernon 
Bast JVIarcus, grocer, S E ISth & Mt Vernon 
Bastert Greorge, musician, 1231 ^Monterey 
Bastert William, hairdresser, 1534 Ridge av 
Bastian Cathaiine, widow, 1336 Passyuuk av 

Oak Hall, Soutlieast Corner Sixth and 

]5aKtiiiii (;iuirlc« 1*., IiidioH Mhoorauker, h '{7th n 

I5.i,'<ti)iM Edwin, cooper, K22 Lnonnrd 
BiiMliiui (l';orgo, gentleiniin, 'M\ H 7th 
I5ii.-liiin Iliiber, nririy, .'iOI S 7tli 
]5islian JiinieK A., litliogrnpher. lOI.'J Wliarton 
I'liHtinn .John, dealer, ll'l.'i .S !Mh 
li/iHliiiri John A., jnii<-liini.-l, I3(l.'i S Hlh 
BASTIAN JOII.N, railroad broker, 407 Walnut, 

ii S K 7lh it S|)ruce 
Biistiiin Jr)sopli, laborer, 122.5 8 2<1 
I'isliiin WaHliinglon. jeweller, .'01 K 7<h 
I'li.'-l ib!'- Djniel, ntonomii.<on, I'riwellon avoh 40th 
Biistible .John, stoiieiniiHon, Poweltoii av bcl 4li<t 
Bastin Andrew, 124 Morri.s 
Bastian Elizabeth S., gentw. 1313 lirown 
liM,-/ .J.ieob, slioemiiker, r 801 Charlotte 
]}:isz!(!r (loltleib, brewer, 4.'! I Moyer 
15.ill)er.''bary Win., condr., llewHon n Thompflon 

Bal^li , r 1115 Race 

Bal(diellor Win. W., mu.sician, Perkiomen above 

Butclielor Edward, 8ale.sinnn, 337 N 3d 
Halchelor John R., segar.", 1304 Girard av 
B.'itclielor M;iry, 81 Beach 
Biitehelor Will'iam, tobacconist, 337 N .3d 
Bitidielor William Jr., salesman, 337 X 3d 
Batenian Eaim:i, millinery. 214 S Olli 
B;item;in Francis E., salesman, 609 Market, h 

705 Pojilar 
BatemMU George, aegarmaker, 1027 Parrish 
BiiteHinn Henry S., grocer, 31 A'mond 
Bateniiin James, woolinerchant, 122 S Front, h 

Hamilton above 35th 
Bateman John, carter, 1027 Parrish 
Biteman Joseph, weaver. Miller bel Wister, Gtn 
Batemtin Samuel J., bookkeeper, 31 S Front, h 

243 S 6th 
Bateman Walter M., carpenter. Unity bel Paul, 

Bateman Wm. 0., attorney at law, 243 S 6th, h 

1824 Frankford .<iv 
BATES & COATES (Jospp/i Wm. Bites if A?t- 

drcii- Con teg), importers spool cotton, <tc., 209 

Church al 
Bales Aiiron, power loom boss, Letterlyn Carroll 
Bates Allen, blacksmith. 662 L.irch 
Bates Austin (e), driver, 727 Cullen 
Bates Bartine D., morocco dresser, 615 Brown 
Bates BenJMmin, clerk, N W 4th k G.'een 
Bates Chnrles. car driver. 20M Xaudain 
Bates Chas., laborer, Huntinedim ab Thompson 
B;ites Charles, tailor, 1119 Myrtle 
Bates Chas. E., tobacconist. X W 4th <t Green 
Bates Charles P., butcher, C'inton bel Xorris 
Bates Conrad, t.ailor, 310 St John 
Bates C. S., blacking manuf. 105 Vanhorn 
Bates Divid, broker, 18 S 3d. h 732 Coate3 
Bates E'lis, w.iterman. 1735 Wood 
Bates Frederick, 718 S 8th 
Bates Frederick, gentleman, 115 Edward 
Bates George, candy manuf. 1248 Columbia av 
Bates George, paper boxes, X E 2d & Union 
Bates George, tailor, 835 X 8th 
Bates George W., 1032 Lawrence 
Bates 'i. AV., confectioner. 421 Wildey 
Bates John, bartender. 916 Xoble 
Bates John H., student, 1635 X 13th 
Bates John W., clerk in the Mint. 1119 Citron 
Bates Joseph, conductor. 1234 Christian 
Bates Jos. C, com. mer. 353 X 3d. h 1709 Locnst 
Bates Jos. W.. imp. spool cotton, <fcc., 209 Church 

al, h 1814 Chestnut 
Bates Louis H., machinist, 805 Spring Garden 
Bates Lucy, boardinghouse. 121T Rodman 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown, 




Bates Lydia, Rentw. 9t)8 N Delnware ar 

Biite< .M:iriiiuik L., ilressinr. Sfl.i Sjiriiip Garden 

Biitis Mary, k<?i>'1i""'- N ^^' -til' -^ tiroen 

Biiti-." Poter, boutmukor, Paul »b Tnoony, Fkd 

Bates Kieliard, patterninukor, 9i>8N Doluware «v 

Bntc>- Uiohard, vnriotie;", 146 South 

Bates UuliiTt, elocutionist, 718 S Sth 

Bau-.>< Sauuiol, conductor. i;>2i'> Mott 

Bates Sauiuel F., cwpentur, 1723 South 

Bate.- Sarah, 1140 N 8th 

Bate* Sarah L., gents furnishing, 1723 South 

Bates Stockton, clerk, 27 S .'td, h 732 Coates 

Bales Theodore, car builder, 2-'il8 Calluwhill 

Bate." Thiituas, poli-sher, 737 Byard 

Bates Thomas II., shoemaker, 2o5 S 15th 

Bates T. L., dry goods A groceries. Main <t 

Flourliiwn pike. Chestnut Ilill 
Bates Walter, carpi-ntei-. 1(134 iHive 
Bates Williaui, bookbinder, N \V 4th it Green 
Bales William, carpenter, 131(1 S 13th 
Bates William, conlwainer, 1331 llewson 
Bates William, gent. Unity A lle(l;:e. Fkd 
Bates William, .scalemaker, 1418 Mcrvine 
Bales Wm. 1).. combmaker, (118 E Thompson 
Bates Wni. W., printer, 801 Market, h 1 103 Olive 
Batesell William, shoemaker. 2134 Aroh 
Bateson .lames, boots, &<:., 7.52 Pa.«syunk av 
Bateson Jidin, carjienter. 769 S Itith 
Bath Philip, secondhand furniture, 932 Hamilton 
Bathman II., photographs, S W Sus(|uehannai!k 2d 
Balhnian F.. bootmaker, 1329 N .Mh 
Baton Augustus J., collector, 820 S 9th 
Baton E.lgar F., engraver, 722 Chestnut, h 322 

Ball Catharine, gentlewoman, 24 O'Neill 
Bait David, teamster, 411 N Kith 
Batt .)ohn P., grocer, 2l>2 N 4th, h 1123 Sites 
Butt Richard, blacksmith, 1.332 Hancock 
Batt William H.. teacher, 2034 Catharine 
Bait W., bricklayer, Sepviva n Otis 
Batters John (c)," laborer, r 712 St Mary 
Baiters Sophia, gentlewoman, 2018 Vino 
Batters William N., clerk, 1107 S 2d 
Battersbe Benj., painter, Foulkrod & Main, Fkd 
Batlersby Henry, stonecutter, 908 N l".»th 
Battersby Mary, seamstress, 2227 Clayton 
Battes Jacob H., eoachraaker, 307 Redwood 
Batles Nicholas, laborer, Otsego n Morris 
Battles George, printer, 413 Redwood 
Battin John, sculptor, 719 S 9th 
B.ittin Saral , salesman, .348 N 2d, h 848 Marshall 
Balling Jujtathan, papermr. Wissahickon, Gtn 
Batton George, driver, 1747 Webster 
Batts John, carpenter, 2101 Carlton 
Baits Samuel, cordwainer, Amber n York 
Batlurs Richard M., deputy clerk, 3 State House 

Row. h 248 N 20th 
Bally Joshua, manufacturer. Gay, Manayunk 
Batz Charles, shoemaker, r 405 Lynd 
Bat/ Ernest, tailor, 1008 Germautown av 
Batz Louis, lab. Cadwalader bel .Montgomery 
Batz Mary, gentlewoman. 1522 W'illow 
Balzen Jacob, grocer, 433 McHwain 
Balzig John, anlii|uarian, 851 N 4th 
Balzell Frederick, shoemaker, 1347 Heweon 
Batzle John, tailor, 92(i Marshall 
Balzold Christian, machinist, 412 Moore 
Baugh Thoma.s, 1021 Poplar 
Baucher John, lager beer, 455 St John 
Bauciiman, John, tailor, 1332 Percy 
Baude Stephen R., shipsmith, 122 Cottage 
Bauder Jacob F , provisions, 779 S Front 
Bnidish Frederick, laborer, 1218 N Cth 
Bmer Andrew, laborer, Mascher ab Somerset 
Bauer Benjamin, baker, 1210 Poplar 

The Popular Clothing 

Bauer Frederick, hotel keei>er. 356 N 2d 
Bauer Frederick, shoo findings, 509 Ciillowhill 
Bauer Frederick, shoemaker. 411 N lOtli 
Bauer George, lager beer saloon, 810 St John 
Bauer George M., baker, 511 Callowhill 
Bauer Gottlieb Fried., grocer, 510 N Front 
Bauer .lacob, cordwainer, 1201 Hancock 
Bauer Jacob, butcher. 740 N 21th 
Bauer .Jacob, hostler. Brown ab Judson 
Bauer J<din, cabinelnniker, 324 Willow 
Bauer .Jidui, driver, OOH Poplar 
Bauer John, grocer, 819 Vino 
Bauer Jtdin A., furn. 255 S 2d, h 212 Lombard 
Bauer Martin, hostler. 2511 Pennsylvania av 
Bauer Samuel, machinist, r I(il5 Milllin 
Bauer William, undertaker. 420 N 4lh 
Bauers Charles, butcher, 1().30 N 3il 
Bauersachs John, cedarwaro <t toys, 817 Spring 

Bauersachs John N., toys & fancy goods, 730 

Baugh <fe Sons {JaJin P., JCt/i'-i/i J'., ^ Dntiirl 

llniirli). manuf. of superphos|ihato of lime, 20 

S Delaware av A .S Front A Dickerson 
Baugh Clinton B., 415 S Broad 
B.iugh Daniel, manuf. 20 S Del av, h 708 S 9th 
Baugh David R., 515 Franklin 
Baugh Edwin P., manuf., 20 S Del av, h 417 S 

Baugh Franklin, attorney at law, 605 Sansom, h 

1027 Wallace 
Baugh llarman, turner, 125 Elfrelhs al, h 127 

Elfreth's alley 
Baugh Henry, plasterer, 911 Wood 
Baugh Jacob, trimmings, 143 Elfreth's al 
Baugh James, clerk, 1129 Carpenter 
]?;iugti .James C, hotel, Lancaster av A 35th 
Baugh John P., manuf. 20 S Del av, h Downing- 

lown. Pa. 
Baugh Louis D., merchant, 129 S 2d. h Conti- 
nental hotel 
Baugh Samuel, mer. 129 S 2d, h 1504 Chestnut 
Baugh Samuel, plasterer, 911 Wood 
Baugh Steidien, blacksmith, 505 German 
Baugh ^Villiani, policeman, r 110 Elfreth's al 
Baughan Henry B., clerk, 857 N 9th 
Baughan R. II., bookkeeper, 10 S Del av, h 30B 

Baughan William, hatter, 857 N 9th 
Baugher Elias D., grocer, N E Fkd av A Norris 
Baugher J. W., salesman, 18 N 3d 
Baul John E., hotel, 235 S 12th 
Baul William M., carpenter, 1230 Lyndall 
BauM .John, butcher, Moore bel 7th 
BAU.M, OGLE A CO. (Jolui E. Binm, 11. S. 

Gross, JI. A'. Ji. Oi-/« ()1- .L'lnrs 6". A7rX), coal 

minors and shippers, 218 Walnut 
Baum Gabriel, wines A liquors, 116 N 3d, h 429 

N 8lh 
Bauin Hiram, merchant. 1522 Callowhill 
Baum John E., coal, 218 Walnut, h 721 Brown 
Baum J. M., photographer, 108 A 110 N 10th, h 

019 Wood 
Baum Willi.ara, calico printer, 1707 Wood 
Baum William, hotel, 410 S Delaware av 
Baum William, shoemaker, 5th ab Diamond 
B.'iumaH Fretlerick, co])persmith, 810 Nectarine 
Bauinann Adam, baker, S W Marlborough A 

Baumann ,'\dani. locksmith, 1200 Locust 
Baumnnn Frederick, tailor, 920 Morgan 
B'lumann .John A., musician, 325 Coates 
Bautiiann J. II., baker, 2211 Lombard 
B:iuuiester (ioorge, tinsmith, 1704 S 4th 
Baumgard John E., tobacconist, lii44 Palmer 

Hoase of Fhiladelp'aiai 




Baumgartel John, stocking rnaniiC. 1250 Cod- 

BauinKarton llonry, flyor, Miiin ii (Jnipo, Myk 
BiiiirriKartner Frederick, Hiilorni, York <fc Fkd av 
.l{iuirnf!;artner Jiicob, Hhoemaker, 'l.'i'.) CoaI.eH 
Hiuiiiiffiirtner John, barber, 'IfX) Iliohiiiotid 
Biiinnf^iirlriier Josojili, liarbcr, '2^>\\ Ciillowhill 
l!aniii;;;iirUicr Joseph, lo(!kHiiiiUi, M25 Coates 
Baiiiiiiii Jiioob, bnkor, iMyk 
Biiur Frederick, bruHJi rniinuf. 841 N 3d 
Baiir Joiin, ooopor, 707 (JrlKWold's al 
J{)iur J. 1'., piiiiilcr, 'l.'i!) IJiowii 
BnuM t!hri.Mto|ihcr, r -LOO New Market 
BaiiH (Jeorgo, higcr hoer, 2iM S .Olh 
]}aus .loiin, oarpcnler, 21 17 Ridge av 
Biiuseh Michnel, bootiniikor, 38 Cntharine 
]{ii,iisnwein ISernard, cutler, H.'il St John 
BMiish Charles, tiiverii, 1(122 Poplar 
Baiistead John, geiitleman, 1115 I'arrish 
Bavands John, laborer, lOHt Anita 
Bavard Williiim, tailor, I ();i2 Parrish 
Baveridgo Janios, 1 2-'!.'i Brinton 
Biivis lOdwin, printer, (ith )iel Morris 
Bavis iSniith. shoemnker, 1)21 Passyunk av 
Bavington Catharine, grocery. Sellers n Franklin, 

Bavington John, brandy color manuf. 739 Green 
Bavingfon Jonalhnn, cordwainer, l.SlSllewson 
Bavington Theodore, stonemason. Sellers n Frank- 
lin, Fkd 
Bawl Charles, waterman, Grirard av ab Norris 
Bawley Richard, knitter, Philip n Oxford 
Bawn Mary, widow, 409 Wharton 
Baxendine George, laborer, Adams ab Sellers, Fkd 
Baxter Caleb, salesman, 40 S Front, h Markoe 

Baxter Charles, waterman, 408 Shippen 
Baxter D. C, engraver, N E 6th & Chestnut, h 

4f)4 N 8th 
Baxter Edgar H., upholsterer. Main be! Mill, Gtn 
Baxter Edward C, I'urniture, 810 South 
Baxter Francis T., telegrapher, 3d & Chestnut, h 

Ilaverford & 38th 
Baxter Harrv F., student, 228 Pine 
Baxter Isaac B., Jr., hardware, 522 S 2d. h 228 

Baxter John, grocer, 901 S 2d, h 937 S 3d 
Baxter John, laborer, 1114 Ohio 
Baxter John (c). carpenter, 1157 S 11th 
Baxter Maria (c), gentlewoman, 1207 Federal 
Baxter S.inuiel, carpenter. York n Carroll 
Baxter Samuel, laborer, Edgemont bel Emory 
Baxter Sarah. Front & Pegg 
Baxter Thomas, carpenter, N W Ilaverford & 38tli 
Baxter Thomas, moulder, 508 Pierce 
Baxter Thomas, police, 1714 Barker 
Baxter Thomas H., case maker, 23 N 6th 
Baxter Timothy, foundry, Beach n Norris 
Baxter William, fancy painter, 213 Marriott 
Baxter William (e), lab'r. Anthony bel Diekerson 
Baxter William, mer. 125 Market, h 3d & Peun, 

Baxter Q., cooper, 840 S Front 
Bay Richard D., lumber, 1227 Chestnut 
Bayard Caroline, ladies" seminary, 1528 Chestnut 
Bayard Charles, carpenter, 919 S 6th i 

Bayard Charles P., saddler, 720 S 5th j 

Bayard C. P., stock A note broker, 209 Chestnut, 

h Main, Gtn i 

Bayard George, house^arpenter. 923 S 6th 
Bayard George, gentleman, 919 S 6th 
Bayard James, att'yat law, 631 Walnut | 

Bayard Richard, gentleman. 1026 Walnut 
Bayard Samuel J.. Sec of C & A R RCo., 208 S ! 

Del av, h Woodbury j 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, 

Bayor Charles, cnrpentor, l.Tl? Morvino 

Bayer Michael, Hhoemakcr, 1001 Mechanic 

Bayer V^alentino, gentleman, 4 11 'rii<iiiij„ion 

BayerHdorfer iHaac, gentleman, 109 N 2d 

BiiyerHrlorfcr M. M., inillinery goodn, lOi* N 2d 

liaycH Sarah. HoarnstreHH, 756 WuhI 

Bayhaaottlifb, Haddlcr, 616 Cherry 

Bayle Frank, clerk, I39A J4I S ith, h 907 .S l.'Jth 

Bnyle Siimuel, [lacker, 905 K l.''t,h 

Bayies Charles, coachmiiker, 727 Oxford 

BayleH Charles W., mechanic, 727 Oxford 

Bnylos JiimeH, bookbinder. 508 N 7th 

B.'iylet George, chemist, 858 Mciirath 

Bayley John, laborer, r 127 Otter 

Bayley John W., slairbuilder, 908 Melon 

Bailey William R., music teacher, 150 Dana 

Bayley Charles T., r 921 l-tarien 

Baylie Robert, bricklayer, Maidialtan pi 

Baylisa John, gentleman, 760 S 10th 

Biivliss Maria, cook, Maylandville 

BAVLISS & DARBY {Jos. B,n/lisx 6r Edu-ard 

Diirlnj), Penn'a Wire Works, 226 Arch 
Bayliss Josei)h, wireworker, 226 Arch, h 1329 

Bayli.s.s William, tailor, 1201 Sansoni 
Baylitts Benjamin, cooper, 1014 S 7th 
Baymore .Joseph, sparmnker, 35 Almond 
Baymore Robert, mastmaker, 57 William 
Baymore Samuel, police, 122 Mead 
Baymount Mary N., gentlewoman, 1607 Wood 
Baymount William, laborer, 1607 Wood 
Bayne George, hospj st'rd, S W Chestnut <t 36th 
Bayne .James, bookbinder, S S 7th. h 525 Reed 
Bayne .James H., casemaker, 613 Paul 
B.'iyne James II., clerk, 325 Reed 
Bayne John, chief clerk, 6 State House row, h 325 

Bayne Joseph, rulemaker, 2030 Pine 
Bayne Joseph W., gasfitter, 2030 Pine 
B.ayne Richards., mer. 220 Queen, h 300 Carpenter 
Bayne Robert, cabinetmaker, 22 South 
BaVne S.amuel, bookbinder. 1009 S 7th 
Baynon D. W.. clerk, 523 >" 19th 
Baynon N. E., currier, 324 Marshnll 
Bayard AVilliam. millwright, r 1112 Day 
BAZIN XAYIER, perfumer, 917 Cherry, h 1031 

Bazley J. Edward, mer. 116 S Del av, h 2029 Pine 
BAZLEY J. E. & CO. {J. Edward Bazley 4- 
Willimn Tomlhisoii), shipping k, com mers. 

116 S Delaware av 
Beach C. Nichols, coal mer. 328 Walnut, h 1526 

Beach Ebenezer, 323 Shippen 
Beach Frank, blacksmith. 924 Hamilton 
Beach Henry H., M.D.. 1627 Fiibert 
Beach Martin M., M.D., 41st bel Bridge 
Beach Thomas, engineer. 124 Mead 
Beach V\'illiam, carpenter, 1644 Becket 
Beach William, currycombs. 1203Xob!e. h Swain 
Beachell John H., broker, 49 S 3d. h 317 Vine 
Beaohman Richard, laborer. 1904 Otsego 
Beachman 3Iary. gentlewoman. Olivia pi 
Beaclitold Peter, grocer, 132 Almond 
Beacon Maria, vestmaker, r 1325 Brown 
Beacter Christian, tavern. 135 Coates 
Beader James, mariner. 104 Federal 
Beadle Hugh. 152 N 11th 
Beadling Capt. Andrew, IS Christian 
Beasle Henrv, hamesmaker. Maznolia A Willow, 

h 410 X 5th " ■ 

Beagle Thomas, blacksmith. 512 Xoble 
Beal Elizabeth, tailoress. Holland's pi 
Beal Samuel, metalworker. Xorris bel Apple 
Beal William, car driver P S R, 3339 Market 

Comer Siith and Market Streets. 




BenI Williiini, manuf. Fhowoases, 153 N 4th, b 115 

Beal W. R., clerk P R R. h 113 N Broad 
Beale Alice, dre^^^iuukor, 417 S ISth 
Bcnle Cnrulino, triiHiiiings, 15U5 Vine 
Beale Clinrles E. , milkinan, IU8.'t (Sei iiinntown nv 
B'/ale C'l'lin M., letter onrricr. '.i'.i2 Mollwiiin 
Beale C. it 11. {Corolint iV ILiiiiuili lieiilr), 

triiiunin!;.«, 1605 \"ine 
Beale Kiliuuii.l.M.D., 22S S 21st 
Beale tieorjje T., milkman, 722 Shirley 
Benle Ilunnnli, triniiiiin);s, l.'iii;'> Viuo 
Beale J.. M.I)., ISd;-. Kelancev ).l 
Beale Matihia.x L.. clerk. 3;i2"MeIl\vain 
Beale Stephen T., M.D., tlenli.«t. 1 1 l.t Che.«tnut 
Bealo William A., mer tailor, 114 Sansoni, h 1605 

Beale William A., pnlesman, 3.'12 Mellwain 
Benle W. Ramsay, cleik I' R R Co. i:t(l2 Market 
Beale.f .lames, baker, 224 W Thiim|i.son 
Beall T. L., Hour, .{27 S Front, h 417 S Hd 
Beals Leonard S., die sinker, 132 S 3d, h Mar- 

Beam Alcihiades C, vnhintpcr. Centre nh .'!7th 
Beam Charles, produce ilealcr. 113.') Day 
Bean Gi'orpe W., mouMer, 1 125 Fkd nv 
Beam l-aac R.,, 2043 Cbe.stnut 
Beam.Iaeoh, tailor, 625 S 5th 
Beam J:!eol> H., hardware mer., 317 Crown 
Beam .Jacob S., painter, 537 Spruce 
Beam .I.' B., bricklayer, Evans row, Cen- 
tre all 37th ' » 
Beam John, driver. 426 Appletree nl 
Beam .I..hii, lailies' shoes, 850 N 10th 
Beam .JmIui, messenjier, 1114 (Inshen av 
Beam William, carpenter, Ely av 
Beaman E. A., Rev., teacher, 1300 Sp Garden 
Beamer .Amlrew, driver, 1814 Girard av 
Beamer D.ivid C, printer, 93<.t S (ith 
Beamer G.'orpe II., carriage builder, 914 Cherry, 

h lll.s Elwyn 
Beamer Hannah, Elm bel 30th, Mantua 
Bennu-r Samuel 11., hotel, 1202 Francis 
Beamer William, butcher, 1718 S 4th 
Beamish Charles, salesm., 73ti N 2d, h 914 N 6th 
Beamish IL-ster, pentlewoman, 1023 Vienna 
Beamish .lane, scamstrcs.*, '.)12 Passyunk av 
Beamish .John, conductor, 1030 l^tocker 
Beamish Richard, plumber, 014 N Cth 
BEAN k CO (//. C. lifui iV William II. Latt- 

hiirh), caliinetware, 421 N 15lh 
Bean Abraham, weaver. Baker, Myk 
Bean .\ltVeil T., carpenter, IIO Federal 
Bean D.iniel. w.-itchman. Goodbread pi 
Bean Kuos, ven. blind maker, 14'J N Gth 
Bean F. A>bury, M D., 01 Coates 
Bean (leorjre R. R., bookbinders' materials, 528 

Cominerce, h 2141 Summer 
Bean II. C, cubinetware, 421 N 15tb. h 7th ab 

Bean James, cooper. 710 Brook 
Bean .Jidin, blacksmith, 1527 Philip 
Bean J.. 715 S Juniper 
Bean Maria, pcntlewonian, Mansfield ]d 
Bean ,'^arnh, gentlewoman, 274 ])iiu)ihin 
Beaiiard Ciiristinc, gentw. Chestnut A 40th 
Beaner Henry, cutler, r 850 Charlotte 
Beans Enoch, architect, N 15th n Willow, h 1233 

N 7th 
Bean.** George H., snddler, 824 Buttonwood 
Beans (Jeorge S. , bookk'r, 617 Chestnut, h Stiles 
Beans Jackson, blacksmith, l)aupliin ab Tulip 
Beans Jacob Z., Bank of Penn Township, h I(i39 

N I3ih 
Bean^j Srah, gentlewoman, 2114 Mt Vernon 

Beans Sponoer, conductor, 1232 Stiles 

Beans Su.sannah, S24 Buttonwood 

Beans Thomas, carter, 403 N Front 

Uonns William, police, Amber n Duuphin 

Hear Abraham, boots, 730 ."^outh 

Bear I)., tobacconist, 1503 Market 

Bear Edward T , carpenter, 1017 N 12th 

Bear Henry, cjirpenler, 1017 N 12th 

Beareh Geiu'ge, laborer, 510 S 22d 

Rearil George, gas meter m:inut'. I lOS Anita 

Hoard James, printer, 131 N'anhorn 

Beard .lames K.. paper stand, 1001 Richard 

Beard John, clerk, 533 Pine 

Benrd Jidni, laborer, 26th bel Brown 

Heard .lohn M. (e). tailor, 710 S Lisle 

Heard J. II., druggist. 5 Castle 

Heard Mary, gentlewoman, 810 Charlotte 

Bearil .*sainiiel, club house, .322 .^ .luiiiper 

Heard Tlionias, carpenter. 134('> New Bedford 

H'ard Thoma.'*, driver, 1141 S 4th 

Beard William, butcher, 840 Charlotte 

B.-ardsley William, fancy weaver. Miller bel 

Wister", Gin 
Beardswortli Robert, tavern, 10.'!5 N 2d 
Bearwood Augustus, clolhing, 328 South 
Bearwood Elias, clolhing. 32H South 
Beash Andrew, butcher, Warren bel Bridge 
Beash Gi'orge, police. 1324 N 10th 
Benstall Francis, stonemason, Orlhodo.x n Hedge, 

Beastall Mary, gentw. Worrell ah Tacony, Fkd 
Beastall William, carpenter. Orthodox <t Hodge, 

Beasten John (c), waiter, 215 Acorn nl 
Beat Miitin, hoopinakiM-, 718 New Market 
BEATES A MILLER (///;//// liuitrs .y W. J. 

Mi'llir), druggists, 224 N ;id 
Beates Henry, (Iriiggist. 224 N 3d, h 217 Jacoby 
Boath .s^usan E., gentw. .')15 E (Jirard av 
Beatley Robert, laborer. Ludlow ab 42d 
Beaton Mary C, millinery, 201 .>> lOih 
Benton Willinm F., gunsmith, 842 N 15th 
Beattio H. P., machinist, 730 Chestnut, h 1708 

Beattie Robert II., salesm., 25 S Water, h 823 S 3d 
Bealtie Susan A., trimmings, 1905 Pine 
Beattis Willinm, coachtriinuier, 936 S 6th 
Beatty A., dressmaker. 1709 Sansom 
Heatty E. 11., coaclim.iker, 1709 Sansom 
Beatty George II.. insp. Christian <t (iray's F. Rd 
Beatty Henry, cabinelm;iker, 852 N lllh 
Beatty Hugh, weaver, 1208 Albert 
Beatty Hugh, sizer, 2317 Hamilton 
Beatty James, carpenter, 539 N 22d 
Beatiy James, painter, 1120 Day 
Beatty Jiimes, printer, 113 Elt'reth's al 
Beatty George, laborer, 1007 Moravian av 
Bjatly James, flour, 607 Frankford av 
Beatty James, manufacturer, 1420 N 2d 
Beatty Jane, boanling house, 1003 Beach 
Beatty Jnhn, driver. .'■30 West 
Realty John, grocer. Christian A Gray's Ferry rd 
Heatty .John, printer, 113 Elfreth's al 
Beatty J.ilin, shoemaker, 2013 South 
Beatty John C, mer. 501 ("oinmerce, h Media 
I Heatty Jo>eph, weaver, Ella n Amber 
Realty M:irlha, gentlewoman, 1435 Hope 
Beatty ^loore, dry goorls. 1531 South 
Heatty Mordecai M., iron manuf. 1051 N Front 
Beatty Robert, beamer, 1 W.'i Savery 
Realty Robert, genlleiuan, 1330 Lombard 
Heatty Robert, weaver, 1519 Frankford av 
Beatty Robert H , clerk, S E Chestnut <fc 6th, 

h 52i» Dickerson 
Beatty Robe:t W., clerk, 741 S 16th 

Strangers and Citizens are recommended to pnrchaso their 




Beatty Rntnuel, p;entloman, 91M Ro<liiiiiri 
Beiitty SarniKil, InhoriM', ITil'l Ciirvrir 
Beiitty Siiriinol, in'iiinrii(',l,iii-iu\ 21'.'! I HvorKreon 
Beii.Uiy Siimuol, vvjilcliiiuiii, ll.'l IOIIVi-IIi'.m iil 
Beii.tty Surah, Kontl(!woinan, LOT Otlc.r 
Beatty S., carter, 2i):'A Fillx^i'l, 
Beatify Tlionins, coal, N \V Otis ,fe Scpviva 
BoiUiy 'riioiriMH, wiiitor, l.'i lidyd'H iiv 
Bcalty Williiiin, boaliriiiii, Sliiir'M la. Myk 
Bt-atty William, clerk, .•{;!5 New Market 
]?eatty William, inaniifacl iiror, 1128 N 2(1 
Beatty Williiiiii IT., inac.Iiiiii.'^t, Id!) Allen 
Bentt'y Williain S., liliniliiiiiker, (I I ;i It.idinan 
Beatty VVilliiiiii F., inor, .')lll (Jdnnnei'ce, h Media. 
.Beatty William P., mer. .001 Commerce, h Media 
Beatty .fe Son (Jo/ut. C. Bimlty, John A. Cal.d- 

iccll cV Wilt, p. Jicntli/). liardw. .OO I C(jmmercc 
Bciity .Inme.^ F., clerk, 'i;i02 M:iiket 
Boa,ty Josciih F., clerk, 1729 N Franci." 
Boaud Martin, Indies' .shoe .store, VMb N lOth 
Bonunian Joseph, turner, r 22(1 N 2d, h 121 Baco 
Beauinotit Alloi, picker, r Ila.verforJ n '17th 
Beaumont (ieorj^e, cnrder, Ilayilock 
Beaumont (leorge II., M.D., 812 Arch 
Boauni<mi John, cloth finisher, 62.'i N Iflth 
Beaumont J. W., clerk, 312 Aberdeen 
Beaumont Whitney, bookkeeper. 130 Walnut, h 

314 S 12th 
Beaumont W. S., machinist, 1228 Columbia av 
Beaver Adam, box maker, 014 Little Brown 
Beaver Eliza (t., boarding house, 1209 Filbert 
Beaver Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 123 William 
Beaver Margaret, 1223 JMontgoraery av 
Beaver Meadow R. R. & Coal Co., 322 Walnut 
Beaver Siyiiuel, butcher, Fkd av n D.iuphin 
Beaver Thomas, 407 Library, h Danville 
Beavers Charles, tailor, N E 9th & Tasker 
Beavy G., barber, 023 S Juniper 
BobeeEleazer, shirtcutter,Cnmberlandn Sepviva 
Becher Joseph, saddler, 2117 G T av 
Becher L., 1334 Rose 
Bechorer Conrad, lii|Uors. 431 Callowhill 
Bechler Charles, bakery, 1120 Locust 
Bechler Frederick, lager beer, 017 N 3d 
Bechler Valentine, tailor, 1521 N 11th 
Bechlert George, laborer, r 1311 Ogden 
Beehman George F., tassels, 400 N 3d, li 819 

Becht Florial, laborer, 103 Green 
Becht Florentine, tailor, 103 Green 
Becht G;ibriel, gentleman, Oak, Myk 
Becht, Peter, hatter, 230 W Thompson 
Becht Philip, tailor, 5 Austin pi 
Bechtel k Berger (Prter B,clitr/ l^- Wm. Berger), 

marble workers. Main ab Herman, Gtn 
BECHTEL & ENO {George H. Bechtel ^- George 

A. Enu), manufacturers of gold and silver. 

635 Arch 
Bechtel & Myers {M. H. Bechtel i^- Jonas Myers) , 

firebrick manufacturers, 1334 Callowhill 
Bechtel Abra., real estate, 308 Walnut, h 1139 

Bechtel Benjamin, dealer, 1312 S 3d 
Bechtel Catharine H., 347 N 9th 
Bechtel David, artist, 1037 Cadbury av 
Bechtel David S., carpenter, 1227 N Ifith 
Bechtel Elizabeth, dressmaker, 1132 Ogden 
Bechtel Elizabeth, gentlew. 2120 Brandywine 
Bechtel Geo. II., manuf. gold & silver, 535 Arch, 

h 110 N 7th 
Bechtel Henry, salesman, 1263 Mervine 
Bechtel Jacob, farmer, Creisheim la, Gtn 
Bechtel Jacob B., tailor, 1023 Coates 
Bechtel James, fork manuf. Paul n txreen, Fkd 
Bechtel John, machinist, 1002 Carlton 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

P,.<'lit<l .lol.n, unichirian, 805 Dimnc 

Meehtel .loliii II , l.iiriendcr 8t Charles Ifotel, h 

5tli k Sii!^i(iii'hMnna av 
Heehtel John A., deiilcr in hid<!«, .'{10 N 'Ai\ 
Beehlcl Ijoonard, carp'intftr, 3.'{20 Market 
Bechtel Jycvy, hiirnoi-'.-inaker, 44'i Caiilon 
Heeiili;! Martin II., firebrick niuriuf IJroud <tCoI- 

lowhill. h I;M0 Parri.-h 
Beeliti-I I'i'li-r, marbleworkor. Main ab I/crmrin, 

<»(n, h Merman, Gtn 
Bechtel, William, m:ichini"t, Oil S 3d 
Bcrhlell William, woodturner. 32d n Ch<;«tnut 
l!:!elileM A., li'al (Mlalc broker, II.'!9 CoateH 
IJcchtor John, turner, 850 Randol|)h 
Bechter Su.nan, 1311 llcuth 
Bechtle C. G* baker, 314 Dean 
Beehtold CMtliiirine, lager beer, 7th ab G T ar 
l'.rchtold Gottlieb, gent. 1208 Wallace 
Beehtold William, baker, 80.", (iirard av 
Beck k Burns (Levi Beck ^ IVia. Hanis), tobac- 
conists, 828 Market 
Beck k Doebley (R. IT. Beck !^ F. Doehk,/), reed 

& he.ldlc makers, Ross k Wibley 
Beck k Son {ti/imuel ^- Jn.i. Bee/.), nndertakerfl, 

Centre n Hancock, Gtn 
Beck Adam, paperstainer, 137 Allen 
Bock Allen, laborer, 1 Litford pi 
Beck Andreas, laborer, 2 Durham pi 
Beck Andrew, carpetweaver, 1523 Pearl 
Beck Antram C, musician, 923 8 11th 
B.^ck Arhard, cabinetmaker, 1410 N 10th 
Beck Bernard, bootfitter, 1008 Ridge av 
Beck Caspar, cabinetmaker, 1305 S 8th 
Back Charles, painter. Oil X 5th 
Beck Charles, professor music, 32 N 15th 
Beck Charles, tinner, 517 Brook 
Beck Charles A., 969 Marshall 
Beck Christian, laborer, Kayser's av 
Beck Christian, gent. 822 Charlotte 
Beck Christopher, glassblower, 74 York 
Beck Daniel, saddler, 713 Sp Garden 
Beck Daniel, tavern, 1009 Girard av 
Beck D. H., printer, 331 Chestnut 
Beck Eliza Ann, shop, 510 Marriott 
Beck Elizabeth, varieties, American bel Norris 
Beck Ernest, lailor, 503 Jane 
Beck Fidele, tailor, r 410 Poplar 
Beck Francis, teacher, 1300 Parrish 
Beck Frederick, driver, S Crown pi 
Beck Frederick, tailor, 320 Branch 
Beck Frederick A., driver, 1113 Buttonv^ood 
Beck George, machinist, 907 Ogden 
Beck George, tobacconist, 1831 Poplar 
Beck George, sailor, Cuba ab Moore 
Beck George, smith, 822 Charlotte 
Beck George, tavern, G T av, Rising Sun 
Beck G., shoemaker, 803 Callowhill 
Beck Harry, cooper, 920 Brown 
Beck Henry, dealer. 935 Melon 
Beck Henry, tinsmith. 923 S 11th 
Beck H. F.. grain k feed, 101 Pegg, h 520 N 3d 
Beck Isaac, carpenter, 705 Catharine 
Beck Isaac, engineer, 1346 Brown 
Beck Jacob, baker. 1178 American 
Beck Jacob, laborer. 329 Clark 
Beck Jacob, salesman, 828 Market 
Beck Jacob, surg. inst. maker, r 513 Cresson 
Beck Jacob, woodturner, lOOS S 5tb 
Beck Jacob H., prof, of music, 923 S llth 
Beck Jacob P.. stationery. 216 Callowhill 
Beck James, undertaker. Centre n H.incock, Gtn 
Beck James M., carpenter, r 1527 Cabot 
Beck James M., music teacher, 740 Florida 
Beck James N.. prof, of music. 3700 Baring 
Beck James S.. painter. 1007 Fkd ay 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Beck John, onrpenter, Ilerman, Gtn 

Beok John, oarin-nter. V19 Ojtdcn 

Beok Jtihn, cari>cnter, SS.'? Huii<lol|jh 

Bock John, carter, 705 Cikthuritie 

Beck John, en^inoer, 2215 Coatea 

Beck John, iic.l.ller. 1208 N 2a 

Beck John, tiiilor, 1752 N dlh 

Beck Jolin O., jeweller, 7;tS S Front 

Beck John P , tiiilor. 1017 Hiimilton 

Bock Joseph, booUnuker, 1152 S 10th 

Beck J. William, iniisioinn. Il.'i Congress 

Beck J., junk, York iil> Coral 

Beck J., printer, 510 Cresson 

Beok Lcwi.4, butcher, 1010 Uuttonwood 

Bock Lewis, cedarcouper, 42S Cnllowhill, h 17-10 

N U 
Beck Levi, merchant, 82S Alarket 
Beck Louis, cutler, 47S N .'>il 
Bei'k Louis, cooper, 17-10 N .'id 
Beck Louis II., engineer, 9.'?1 Sergeant 
Beck L. D., baker, 148 Richmond 
Beck »Mar;jaret, gentlewoman, 2207 Virginia 
Beijk Maria, gentlewoman, 510 Si John 
Beck Martin, blacksmith, 82.< Charlotte 
Beck Martin, bootcrimper, 814 N 4th 
Beck i^Iichael, laborer, Franklin bel Dauphin 
Beck Jliss, teacher. Front A Beck 
Beck Moses, butcher, r Vl'J llumilton 
Beck M. 8., 012 S 11th 

Beck Nicholas, laborer, Columbia av W of 5th 
Beck Peter, butcher, 017 Xoblo 
Beck Peter, cabinetmaker, 1240 Vine 
Beck Philip, cutlery, l.'i2 Market, h Xicetown 
Beck Peter, upholsterer, \'.i\l Cherry 
Beck Peter A., butcher. 917 Noble 
Beck Peter 11., upholsterer, 141 8 8th 
Beck Richd IL, reed & heddle manuf. 414 Rich- 
Beck Robert, machinist. 7.S2 Orange 
Beck Rosanna, gentlewoman, 1735 N 3d 
Beck 8ainufl, .salesman, l.'J Bank 
Beck Sam'l, undertaker. Centre n Hancock, Gtn 
Beck Samuel II., printer, 51'J St John 
Beck Sarah, drygood*-, 800 N 2d 
Beck Sarah, gentlewoman, IIK! Charles 
Beck Susan, gentlewoman, 84;^ 8 Front 
Beck S., music teacher, lOlti Shippen 
Beck Theodore, shoemaker, 1227 Ridge nv 
Beck, Theodore R., carpenter, SIM Giranl av 
Beck Thomas, baker, Richmond n William 
Beck Thos. A., clerk, MA X Front, h l(i]2 Green 
Beck Thos. B., grain. 34.'{ N Front, h 1G12 Green 
Beck Walter, laborer, 2;il Quarry 
Beck William, carpenter, I'MHi Parrish 
Beck William, carter, 705 Catharine 
Beck William, dyer <fc scourer, 228 Poplar 
Beck William, toolsharpener, 2104 Summer 
Beck William, Jr., carter, 705 Catharine 
Beckam William, carpenter, 610 Carpenter 
Beckar Virginia, tailoress, 427 Watkins 
Beckel J. C, prof, of music, Mill ab Cumb'd, Gtn 
Beckenbock Robert, shoemaker, 001 St John 
Becker August, tailor, 710 (Jherry 
Becker Augustus, shoemaker, 2d bel Diamond 
Becker Bernard, clothes renovator, .'508 N 8th 
Becker ("harles, varnisher, 12.'i;i Iloward 
Becker Christian, confectionery, oOti Green 
Becker Frederick, tailor, 12.'{5 Mervine 
Becker Henry, manuf. 425 Moyer 
Becker Henry E., lager beer, 533 Chestnut, b 512 

Becker Isaac, salesman, 16 N 3d, h ."'SS Green 
Becker Jacob, bootmaker, 836 N lOth 
Becker Jacob, harnessmaker, 1528 Willow 
Becker Jacob, engineer. Story ab .'iOtli, Mantua 

Becker John, alderman, Q T av A 9th 
Becker John, bootmaker, 742 Passyunk av 
Becker John, carpenter, (lault n Adams 
Becker J. II., mer. tailor, Oth & Cliestnut, h Con- 
tinental Hotel 
Becker Laybo, tailor, 329 N 9(h 
Becker Martin, lager beer, G T av bol Diamond 
Becker Moses, gentleman, .■(,"{5 Green 
Becker Philip, machinist, 7 Manhattan pi 
Becker Philip, saddle »t harnessmaker, 314 N 3d 
Becker William, laborer, 927 Liifayette 
Becker William P., harnessmaker, ItiO Flower 
Becket Fr.'inklin, dealer. OO.'i Annapolis 
Becket John, carter. Northeast av 
Becket Peter, bo.\maker, 1326 Ot.sego 
Becket T., teacher piano, 770 Florida 
Beckett Benjamin, produce dealer, 301 N Water, 

h 515 Federal, Camden 
Beckett Henry, gentleman, 122 S 7th 
Beckett John, carter, 1217 .Marlborough 
Beckett Samuel, hotel, 610 Anna)iolis 
BECKETT T. J., supt. Musical Fund Hall, 810 

Beckett William, tailor, 1041 N Del av 
Beckhart E. 8., hat dealer, 1236 N 2d 
Beckhart Jacob, i)uddler, r 968 N Del av 
Beckhart Joseidi, segarmaker, 1236 N 2d 
Beckhaus Joseph, carriage builder, 1135 Shacka- 

BECKHAUS &, ALLGAIER {.Tosej,/i li,r/./„ni.t, 

Jolin Allrraifv), carriage builders, 1204 Fkd av 
Beckler Ignalz, brewer, 16114 N llth 
Beckter Jacob, tavern, 1600 N llth 
Beckley Annie, Elm bel 36th, Mantua 
Beckley Charles, morocco dres.«er, r 935 Marshall 
Beckley Jacob F., dry goods store, 1920 Collowhill 
Beckley Nicholas, tailor, 422 Harmony 
Beckley William, clerk, 1920 Callowhill 
Beckinaii Frederick, machinist, 83.3 Charlotte 
Beckman Freilerick, manuf. 819 Ranihdph 
Beckman Francis, weaver, 1510 C:iilwalader 
Beckman James, bootmaker, 435 Dauphin 
Beckman John, shoemaker, 127 Calluwliill 
Beckman John, shoemaker, 404 Dillwyn 
Beckman J. & Son (./. i^ //. Beckman), grocers, 

313 Cherry 
Beckman Philip, butcher, 1544 Franklin 
Beckman Philip, laborer, 4lh bel Norris 
Beckman William, iilanemaker, N 2d ab Norris 
Beckmire Peter, laborer, 13.30 Wheat 
Beckmirb William, laborer, 1330 Wheat 
B.ckworth William, whf builder, 1032 N Del av 
Becraft Alexander, carpenter, 1239 N 12th 
Beddow Benjamin, huckster, (J T av k 9th 
Bedenk Adam, bakery, 910 Filbert 
Bederson John, shoemaker, 519 Parrish 
Bedford Alexander (c), bootmr. 930 Catharine 
Bedford B. W., painter, 001 Coates 
Bedford Elizabeth, gentw. 2303 Callowhill 
Bedford Isaac T., bricklaver, 321 Noble 
BEDFORD W. G., real estate agent, 1913 Cal- 
Bedichimer Henry, trader, 872 Randolph 
Bedlock & Paschall (Edivind Bidlonfc if Rubrrt 

S. P/isr/itt//), conveyancers, 715 Walnut 
Beillock Bennett, pajicr hanger, 303 S llth 
Bedlock Etlwnrd, conveyancer, 715 Walnut, h E 

Tulpehockerj, (itn 
Bedlock H.. gentw. 1633 Race 
Bcdner Elizabeth, boarding house, Sepviva ab 

Bodvey J.icob, lab. Commerce ab Cumberland 
Bee William A., watchcase maker, 315 Mcllwain 
Beebe Ann, gentw. 518 N llth 
Beebe Benjamin, manuf. 107 N 6th 

Best Place in the City to buy good and cheap Clothing at 




Beobo John W., jirodMci) iloiildi-, MO.'i Morvine 

Beebo ShwuhH, riiiiriniir, ',',27 Wliiiitun 

Beebe 'I'Ikhiiiim 15., Htonccuttor, S),'i I Siirtjiin 

Beeby lU(^liar(l, pliisteror, I'onna. ii.v n 2;')t,li 

Beech l']li/,ii,lj(illi, .seairistrens, McIhviiiri'H row 

Beech Mary, diuicing, I.''»()2 J'ojjlar 

Beochatii M., dealer in metals, J48 N Water, h 

117 l<;ii'rcUrn al 
Beechani William, 1:18 Klfroth's al 
Beechor A. I*., jdiotographic raaterialn, 109 S 4th, 

h 'M'.i Redwood 
Beecher U. II., clerk, ];il2 Brown 
Beecher Jacob F., dry goods, 4 7 N :{d, h 15:}9 N 

J 2th 
Beecher Samuel, machinist, Juditon nb Hare 
Beecher S. P., salesman, 42() Market, h 1240 

Beecher T. II., clerk, 1.312 Brown 
Beecher William, gate keeper, Wi.ssahickon, Gtn 
Beechoy 0. B., gent. 544 Belgrade 
Beecroft George, blacksmith, 1100 Pearl 
Beeh John, tavern, 809 N 4th 
Beeher Stephen, laborer, 923 S ."Jth 
Beehl William, bookbinder, 920 Darien 
Beehlor Christian, liquors, 1604 N 10th 
Beehler John, grocer, S W Crown & Wood, h 412 

Beehrold D., tailor, 2204 Market 
Beek Albert G., real estate agent, 655 N 13th 
Beek Catharine, r 719 St John 
Beek George, turner in brass, 2 Wirt pi 
Beek Isaac P., carpenter, 1520 Mervine 
Beek John Henry, butcher, 449 Canton 
Beek Louis, currier, 120 Brown 
Beek Nicholas, 1435 Alder 
Beeker Joseph, dealer, 1761 N 4th 
Beeker AVilliam. 1620 N 11th 
Beekley N. S., accountant, 43 N Water, h 3939 

Beeks Mary, gentw. Providence ct 
Beeler A. L., engraver, 18 N 11th 
Beeler "Charles H., designer & engraver, Hamil- 
ton ab 31st 
Beeler Evan, gasfitter, 1032 S 6th 
Beeler Frederick, 7 Vermont pi 
Beeler Jacob, shoemaker, 1124 Fkd av 
Beels Joseph, Story ab 37th, Mantua 
Beem Clinton S., clerk, 913 Filbert 
Beenken Daniel, mer. 704 Callowhill 
Beenken John, gent. 533 Franklin 
Beenken John, Jr., gent. 704 Callowhill 
Beer A. J., confectionery, 804 South 
Beer Martin, upholsterer, 609 Girard. av 
Beer Rosey, 705 Shippen 

Beerhaker Charles, boilermaker, Wilson n York 
Beerhalter Moritz, teacher, 336 Buttonwood. 
Beers Andrew, tinsmith, 911 Ontario 
Beers David, painter, 334 Brown 
Beers John, painter, 821 Parrish 
Beers John D., insp. of lumber, 1332 Ellsworth 
Beers William, painter, 1635 Moravian 
Beesley B. W., convey. 920 Arch, h 32 N 11th 
Beesley Edward, carter, 919 Marshall 
Beesley James, shoemaker, 14 N 12th 
Beesley Theophilus, M.D., 32 N 11th 
Beeson Emily, 721 Byard 
Beeson Hannah, widow, 721 Byard 
Beet Adam, cabinetmaker, 1509 N 12th 
Beesh David, painter, 241 Chester 
Beetley George, laborer, 1003 Newton 
Beeton John, confeetionery, 259 S 10th 
Beez John, baker, 1131 N 2d 
Begaley John, laborer, 1843 Ginnodo 
Beggs & Son [Jo/ii/ ^\- William F. P. Beggs), 

wheelwrin-hts, 338 N Front 

BoggH John, wheelwright, 338 N Front 

Beggs William V. P., wheelwright, .3.'5« A. .".40 N 

Fnmt, h 1 126 Chriclian 
Beglcy Dennis, carter, 408 H 2.'5(1 
Bogley I'.ridget, gentw. 7 A/.iilia 
Begley JameH, grocer, 1 164 H I 1th 
liogley Joseph S., painter, 155 Wilmcr 
Begley Patrick, butcher, 222 N l;'>lh 
Begley Samuel, groeijr, 1300 S l.'tth 
Begley 'i'lifimas S., m>-r. 242 Ciithiirinc 
Begley William, butcher, 818 Fernon 
Begley William, li(|uors, 821 CliriMtian 
Begley AVilliurn. tailor, 5 Bunting av 
Beha Henry, grocer, S W Thompson <t Cad- 

Bebnl Samuel, shoe findings, 152 Brown 
Behati Thomas, seaman, ]I9 Federal 
Boherer Andrew, carter, 149 Master 
Beherer John, tailor, 1511 Howard 
BehlorJohn, porter, 127]iace 
Behm <fe Craig ( WMiam if James Craig), 

hotel, 831 Market 
Behm Samuel, salesman, 37 N .3fl 
Behmke John, laborer, 1675 S Front 
liehrens S., embroideries, 144 Race 
Behring Casper H., gent. 1548 Amhoy 
Behring George H., blacksmith, Wright bel N 22d 
Behringer John G , weaver, r 915 Hamilton 
Behrings John, cooper, r 1316 Corn 
Behrkircher Christian, cabinetmaker, N E 3d A 

BEIDELMAN DANIEL, wholesale grocer, 703 

Market, h 1015 Green 
Beidelman Franklin, tailor, 246 Richmond 
Beidelman Henry, chairmaker, 851 N 4th 
Beidelman John W., clerk. 1015 Green 
Beideman Caroline, huckster, 511 Richmond 
Beideman Margaret, gentw 209 Vine 
Beideman Richard, ship carpenter, 126 Allen 
Beideman Samuel, carpenter, 1520 Otis 
Beideman Wra. R.. glassblower, 529 Girard av 
Beidemann Catharine, wid George M., 206 Allen 
Beidleman Charles J., paper hanger, 516 N 10th 
Beidler & Beck (Joseph Bp idler ^ Henry F. 

Beck), grain & feed, 101 Pegg 
Beidler James, grocer, G T av ab Berks 
Beidler Joseph, grain & feed, 101 Pegg, h G T av 

& Dauphin 
Beierlein Henry, lampmaker, 405 Garden 
Beigert Frederick, harnessmaker, 604 N 3d 
Berghauser Jacob, mer. 230 Church al, h 452 

N 7th 
Beighert Fred.,, saddle & harness maker, 603 N 3d 
Beigley John, butcher, 2037 Winter 
Bell Charles, cabinetmaker, 1231 Potts 
Beiler Gustave, baker, 1545 Ridge av 
Beiler John, tailor, 412 Crown 
Beiler Michael, carpenter, r 1423 Parrii=h 
Beiley Edward S., bookbinder, 1429 N I2th 
Bein Augustus, framemaker. 1205 S 5th 
Beine Charles, contractor, 631 Master 
Beine William J., liquors, 1401 N 7th 
Beier John, basketraaker, r 1123 N 2d 
Beier Louis, hostler, 2509 Penna ar 
Beirn M. F., hotel, 100 S Sth. h 903 Lombard 
Beirshing George, baker, 3 IS Aberdeen 
Beisel F V., "bookkeeper, 441 Market, h 923 

Beisel George, wheelwright. 1430 Prospect 
Beisel James, salesman, 223 N Juniper 
Beisel Wilhelmina. tailoress, Hackley bel 5th 
Beishlag George, butcher. Woodland bel Walnut 
Beisblag Johni butcher, 1601 Parrish 
Beishlag Thomas, butcher. 85 Western Market, 

h Miller bel Bridge 
^¥anamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, Cornei Sixtli and Market Streets. 




Bei!«er Lewi«t, bnker 8.'t5 S Front 

Beiseiwanj^er Jacob, butaber, Liinoa-sUT av aud 

Lo);nii, Mantua 
Beis»\vaii;;cr Jolin C, Incer beer, 1140 Cunt«s 
Beitel A Sli.mlz {J. JI. liilrl if II. 11. S/t,iiits), 

ijiij;iiio lunier.t, 21Ci Wiiliiut 
Beitel lii!o.-ge W.. sijin p:iiiiler, '.•()'.» ilulcbinson 
Beitvl IJ. J., ciiko b:ikcr, l.>2 N Mh 
Bcitol J.iuu's L , iikinilris.-or, iUtll Hutchinson 
Bfitol John, furniluro, .{412 Market 
Beitel J II., engine turner, 2Iii Walnut, b l.'>2 

N Si I. 
r.eitevuiMn Oeurgo, pjjg packer, l.")! Contes 
Heiller Alirahiun. peiU. IftO'J Filbert 
Beitlor Augustus. >hoen»iiker, r 4it(i Ciinton 

; Bell David II., cnbinetninker, lO.'iO Barker 
Bell K.lwara. conleclioner. SMKi N IKlb 
Bell Klijah. wheel wri;;lit. |:;2 1» >i'k. h I I:') Almond 
Bell KliMtheth, gentw. ( hureli bet Orchard, Kkd 

, Bell Kllen, gentw. 2(1 n Oxford 

i Bell Kranci.s, coUeolor, 1KI)3 d. h 1740 

I Addison 

i Boll lieorgo W., bricklayer. 2213 Rid<re av 
Bell (leorge W., sawniaker, Budine n t'olunibinav 

\ Hell Harriett, 1240 N 12lh 
r.ell Ileiirietia (e), washw., .'!2 Mavlnncl 

, Bill Henry, clerk, :i.'7 Arch, h 11 J Almond 

i Bell Henry, drayman, I Athlon pi 

j Bell Henry, painter, l.ii:) N Front 

I Bell Isaac, carpanter, Iil02 Naurhiin 
Bell Isaiah, driver, I. 'fjs Carpenter 

Beitlcr l»aniel B., hotel, ICil!' Market 

BEITLKU DAVID, alderman, 42 S 7tb, h 1508 I Bell James, blnek.-mith, 217 N Kith 

Filliert I Bell Jane (c). cook, 7 Leytlen ct 

Beitler Joseph, coal mer. 240 N Broad, h 2023 | Bell Jnmes, distiller, r 4|.i Cherry 

Beillenmiller Charles, Inger beer, 12 S 15tk 
lleitterl.ich Ferd., cahinetmaker, IVM S 6th 
Hoittus .Martin, cordwainer, 842 N I'.iih 
B'ker .\dam. cordwainer, 1221 N 2d 
Bekly John, cooper, 1518 Mascher 
Belair Lewis I)., gent. 3;{2 Coate.'s 
Belcher Eli/jibeth, gentw. 1205 Green 
Belcher Emma C, '.'21 ,*^hippeii 
B-lcher Frederick, clerk. ;tt4 Tasker 
Belcher Martha J., gentw. Fawn n Columbia av 
B-'Icher Tiiomas II., clerk, 1205 (Jrcen 
Bjid.-n Frederick M., broom maker, 18 N 10th, 

h '.»2H Market 
Beldent Joseph J., mer. 1837 Spruce 
BAe Catharine, 5 Forrest pi 
Belerj.iu John, gun.smith. 1335 Howard 
Belfield 11 Miry, brass founder. Broad ab Noble, 

, h 1S(I7 Wallace 
BELFIELD H. & CO. (Henry ^ T. Broom Bel- 

fiilil), brass founders. Broad ab Noble 
Belfield John, 21 N Juniper 
Belfield T. Broom, bras.s founder, Broad ab 

Noble, h 1807 Wallace 
BelCord George, coal, l-Ui Walnut, h Mauch Ch'k 

Belford Henry, weaver, r 1440 Hope 

Belger Frederick, engineer, Dauphin n Cedar 

Belgord Jane, washw. I.S2] llhoads 

Belknap A. M.. salesman, I'liinn Hotel 

Belknap Stephen, jeweller, OlOCoates, h913Melon 

Belknaj. U., teacher, 913 Melon 

Belknap Willis II., clerk, 246 Market, h Union 

Bell Aaron (c), -whitewnsher, 1530 Carlton 

Bell .Vbraham, sexton, Hth A Beckel av 

Bell Adam, carpenter, 021) Tasker 

Bi'U Ado'.ph, carver, Curalierland n Amber 

Bell Ale.xander (c), 1622 Mervine 

Bell Aie-xander, book bindery, 232 Arch, h 12.36 

Bell Alexander, carpenter, 1716 Montrose 

Bell Alexander, laborer, 2028 Coates 

Bell Alexander (i-), porter, 1622 Mervine 

Bell Ale.xand.-rW., milkman, 161 N 9th 

Bell Andrew J., segars. 508 Poplar 

Bell Ann, gentw. i'>32 Fisher 

Bell Ann (c), 633 8t Mary 

BtU A., coach painter, 2017 Oirard av 

Bell A., pawnbroker, .'-^ W Hih .t Fil/.water 

B.dl Benjamin (c), waiter, 416 Welherill 

Bell Charles A., clerk, rJ3s Lombard 

Bell Charle.M W., clerk, 727 Chestnut, h 333 

Bell Ciiarlotte (c). washw., 1310 Pearl 

Bell Daniel, agent, 604 Cresson 

Bell David, printer, 632 Fisher 

Bay your Clothing at the great 

Bell James, dry goods, 2000 Callowhill 

Bell James, farmer. (Ireenhniise la, n 6 8th 

Bell James, gent. 1345 N Frimt 

B'dl James, janitor, r .'i.'JO t^ueen 

B'll James, laborer, 1230 N Front 

Bell James, machinist. 2t>2 tiir.inl nv 

Bell James, restaurant, 39th k Market, h 40th 
ab Market 

Bell James E., teller, 306 Walnut, h 2009 Vine 

Bell James H., 1022 Walnut 

Hell Jane, 1323 Uoso 

Hell John, cabinetmaker, 726 New Market 

Bell John, coachpainter. 1234 Girard av 

Hell John, collector, 1135 Lombard 

B.-ll John. gent. 604 S 2.1 

Bell John, laborer, r Filler ab N 2d 

Hell John, lal).>rer, 1014 Montgomery av 
Hell J.)lin, M D., 727 .Spruce 

Bell John, sawmaker, C.)luinbi.'» nv n American 

Hell .John, tailor, Enierald k Cumberland 

Bell John (c), laborer, 1313 Pearl 
Bell .Tohn (c), waiter, 3 Liberty ct 

Bell John A., Adams' E.xpress Co. 320 Chestnut, 

h N W .•'.7th A i^ansoni 
Boll P., stock broker, 314i Walnut, h 1720 

Bell J. Lowrie, clerk, 4 is S Hroad 
Bell J. (.)gden, bricklayer, lO.iO Ellsworth 
Bell Joseph, printer, 1011 Montgomery av 
Bell J. Leonard, clerk, N W 37ih k isansom 
Bell L. II., flour mer. 325 South 
Hell Margaret, groceries, 1113 N 2d 
Bell Margaret, gentw. 1515 Federal 
Hell .Mary, gentw. .'Wlh bel Market 
Bell ,Mary Ann, gentw. 1505 Paleihorp 
Hell Mary Ann (o), gentw. l.ilH Hancock 
Hell Matthew, engineer, Marston n .Shellbark 
Hell Piitrick, laborer. Burr's av 
Bell Petei-, maker, 2 t'owperthwnit pi 
Hell Robert, bricklayer. Charter n Trenton av 
Hell Robert B., cabinetmaker, 1351 Coates 
Bell R..bert, grocer, 1113 N 2d 
Boll Robert, .salesman, 110.. Wistar 
Boll Robert, tavern, 112h Passyunk av 
Bell Robert, weaver, Otis n Hlair 
Bell Robert J., bookkeeper, 422 Library, h 952 

N 6th 
Bell Samuel, bricklayer, 1038 Lombard 
Bell Samuel, clerk, RiUenhouse. Gin 
Hell Samuel, flour. 53s X 2.1, h 1334 N 6th 
Bell Samuel, gent. 4 IS S Broad 
Bell S.imuel, M.D., 936 Sjiring Garden 
Bell Samuel, printer. 16(i9 Winter 
Bell .Samuel, Jr., gent. 26s S lOlh 
Bell Samuel T. C, bedding, 329 Callowhill, h 




IJcll Siiriili, K<'iitw. ICI.O MiOliii 

]Ml Siu-ii,li, }^;|■l)(•,(!l•i(^M, 10(12 Miu-kiit 

Biill S. W., (;2;i N I Hill 

Ui',11 'riioiiiiiM, ciirficiili^r, 11)12 Ii'iinlmril 

Biill Tlioiuiin, 111 tul, 201) H Water 

BELIi THOMAS, Hlock broker, :'>'■'>!> Wiilnul. h 

AViilniit III) ;il)lli 
Boll 'I'lioriins, oHller, r f).'!2 Wajnc 
Boll 'I'hoina.s, provisioiiH, VViisliiiiKl"" Market, 

h 702 S 'lUi 
Bell ThomiiH, Hi^a oaiil.ain, l.'ill S Clli 
Bell Thomiis (c), wailc^r, MV.) lidinliMid 
Bell 'riioiiuiH 15., carpi'iiter, Wiwtar ali Miller, Gtn 
Bell 'J'hoiiia.s F., aiiclioiicer, I'M .fe 111 S '1th, h 

908 Arch 
Bell Wiiller B., mcr. 207 N Wnlcr, li ]();;i Arch 
Bell WiiltiT VV., printer, 710 Federal 
Boll William, oar|.onter, Ifj I.'! (Jii<ll)ury av 
Bnll Williiiiii, ciirponter, 11) M Lmnbard 
Bell, WilliaTii, ciirvor, 2d n Oxlord 
Bell William, lishonnan, I0J4 Montgomery av 
Bell Willinm, hotel, 920 Mnrkot 
Bell William, laborer. Emerald & Cumberland 
Boll Willinm, liiborer, 1019 llichard 
Boll \Villiam, laborer, 700 Taylor 
Bell William, photoRrapher, li:)7 S 9th 
Bell William, p;ipermaker, Washington, Myk 
Boll William, stationery, Main, Myk, h Roxboro' 
Bell Williiim, tavern, 1003 Lombard 
Boll William A , clerk, 418 S Broad 
Bell William II., carpenter, Martin, Box 
Boll William II., police, r 219 Christian 
Bell William J., 1H09 Lombard 
Bell William J., waiter, 229 Lybrand 
Bell William M., trunks, 755 S od 
Bell William P., bricklayer, 2213 Ridge av 
Boll William W., bricklayer, 2313 Ridge av 
Boll William W., printer, H2i Citron 
BELLAK JAMES, pianos & melodeons, 279 S 6tb 
Bellanzee Benjamin, bricklayer, 414 Green 
Bellanzee Isaac, bricklayer, 414 Green 
Bellas Henry, stairbuilder, 507 Powell 
Bellas iMary, 160 N 15th 
Bellas Thomas, gentleman, 1805 Arch 
Ballergeau John, clerk, 711 Buttonwood 
Bellerjau Louis, brushmaker, 1306 N 2d 
Bellerjeau Jacob, brush manufacturer 1305 N 2d 
Bellerjeau Susan, trimmings, 942 Beach 
Bellew John, laborer, S 25th ab Lombard 
Belling Andrew, eombmaker, 4 Hoiss pi 
Belling Godfrey N., plasterer, 1444 Hutchinson 
Bellin^ham J.ihn G., machinist, 522 N 19th 
BellLs J. H., Toland n 20th 
Bellman jMary, confectionery, COS S 3d 
Bellmix Joseph, lampmaker, 1 Ottaway pi 
Bellows A. J., salesman, 621 Coates 
Bellows H. M., M. D., 722 N 8th 
Bellows James, laborer, 2519Naudain 
Bellows, John S., clerk. 413 Commerce, h 722 N j 

BELLOWS MARTIN, boot <t shoe manufacturer, ' 
413 Commerce, h 722 N 8th | 

Bellows Wni. H., book keeper, 413 Commerce, h 

722 N 8th 
Bellows W. K., printer, 418 N 4th, h 621 Coates ' 
Bellsfoot John, shoemaker, 1202 Lyudall al 1 

Bellson Ilenrj-, framemaker. Tulip ab Montg. av 
Bellson Richard, superintendent, 1309 Ogden ] 
Bellwarr F., trimmings, 2128 Market j 

Belrose Francis H., 148 N 20th i 

Belrose John, papermaker, 1023 S 10th | 

Belrose Sarah A., 148 N 20th I 

Belrose William, 148 N 20th j 

Belshaw James, laborer, 1929 Christian ' 

Belshaw John, carpenter, 2020 Xaudain j 

Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and 

IStdHinger JoHepli, falemn. iV.'i N 3d, h 819 l'oj;l»r 
BeL-'liiiw Richard, warpor, 1909 CJhriHiiaii 
BolHtorlin;^ Henry, onk cooper, 87 Contfx 
irdHlerling John F , at (, 492 X .''<1 
I'elHlorline W. F, conrliict. Siiltrion iib L'jhi^h av 
Bolt (irafton, Kontleman, 30) H 7lli 
IJolt SolotMori (v), waiter 236 tioiii<;« 
Bultger IjouIh, clerk. 1220 Warriock 
IJolt/, John, sliooiiiaker, AilatiiM hel HellcrH, k<l 
lioltz I'., furrier, 23H i5rowri 
V, A/r.r Meriry, jtotler, I2.'!9 Columbia nv 
lieltzig F'ordinand, tailor, 464 York av 
Melville ThonuiH J., builder, 650 N ITlh 
Bolz Albert, HalooM, 246 N 3d 
B>:lz Lootiard. tailor, H67 Charlotte 
I'.elzer Adam, Rlassblower, 1410 Marlboronj^h 
BBMENT <fc UOIIGIIEIITY (Wilunn li. Be- 
uiKiii }f .Ttimcs Doii^hcrliy), Induntrittl Work», 
2029 Gallowhill 
Bemont William B., Industrial Works, 2029 Cal- ' 

lowhill, h 2029 Spring (Jorden 
Benade W. II., Rev., 119 Friedlnnder 
Rcnard Anthony, piano keyf, 406 X 7th 
Benard IvliiMind. box maker. Bread, h 608 N 11th 
Bcnari S., trimmings, 002 Poplar 
Bench Sar.-ih E., tailoref.s, Fkd av <t Somerset 
Boneker C'lmrad E., shoemaker. 940 S Front 
Benckert E., dressmaker, 131 Almond 
Benckert James N., policeman, 020 FL-her 
B.3nda Christiana G., goffering. 223 Race 
I'endel Israel, bricklaj-er, 1210 Warnock 
Bendell J., rag carpets, 30) S 22rl 
Bender Achsah, seamstres.s, 1224 Myrtle 
Bender Albert, tailor, 441 Canton 
Bender Andrew M., cabinetmaker, r 130 Mead 
Bender August, stonecutter, ) 734 Coates 
Bender Charles W., hotel. Dock & Exchange pi, 

h 901 Filbert 
Bender Conrad, tailor, 417 Julianna 
Bender Edward, 1235 N 2d 
Bender Edwin, lumber, N E 8th k Girard av, h 

903 Franklin 
Bender Elizabeth C, dre.=s pnt'erns, 160 N 9th 
Bender Prederica, gentlewoman, 1734 Coates 
Bender Godfried W., conductor, 1505 Mervine 
Bender George W.. cabinet maker, 236 Christian 
Bender George, harness maker, r 1007 Hope 
Bender George, sugar refiner, 221 Noble 
Bender Henry, carpenter, Braddock ab Hunting- 
Bender Jacob, blacksmith, Pearl bel 24th 
Bender Jacob, cordwainer, 1319 Apple 
Bender Jacob, tailor, 64 Laurel 
Bender James W., conductor. 3909 Haverford 
Bender John, flour, 1663 Germantown av 
Bender John, gentleman, 1218 Germantown av 
Bender John, ship builder, 219 Allen 
Bender John, shoemaker. 124 Poplar 
]?ender John L., tobacconist, Girard av A Dunton 
Bender Joseph, driver, 7 Ellet's av 
Bender Joseph, grocer, 842 N 12th 
Bender Leonard, peddler, 526 Cherry 
Bender 3.1atilda, 2119 Arch 
Bender Peter, laborer, liO Cumberland 
Bender Randolph E.. plumber, r 604 Poplar 
Bender Robert P., coal merchant, h 652 N 12th 
Bender Robert P.. coal dealer, 1346 Callowhill, 

h S W 12th ifc Shippen 
Bender Samuel, waterman, r 612 S Front 
Bender. William H.. M. P., 2d n Oxford 
Bender W. F.. druggist, 1122 Brown 
Bendernagle Catharine. 1024 S 4th 
Bendiek John, shoemaker. 1218 Potts 
Bendins Arthur T., furniture. 932 Ridge av, h 

929 Race 
Market StreetSi Wanamaker & Bro'sm. 




Benedict Christopher, biirber, 702 Belgrade 
Benedict Jiiiue». clerk. 1019 Market, h 503 Wood 

Beneke (.'hiirle.« H., b'ookkeefK>r, 9 Bnnk, h Koxh 
BeiU'iman M. F., printor, S W Tth A Cherrv, h 

2021 Winter 
Benerman Spencer N., compositor, 420 Applo- 

tiee al 
Benesolo Charles, dentist, lllOUidjje nv 
Beneitet John S., genileniiin, 1»>;;(> Clierry 
Benfer Juseph F., piiinter, 1612 Ciibot 
Bent'or Husiinnii, genilewumiin, r 12.'i.'! Howard 
Benpird Wiiliuni, cariR-iiter, l.'>12 Prospect 
Benjjer Freiloriek. haker, ir);!2 Master 
Bc'fiRcr Martin, laborer, r l.'ilT Atinore 
Benliart Anthony, driver, r Sj;! N .'td 
Benhart Francis, tailor, 2-Ul Sprnee 
Beniiin;: .Tacoli, locksmith, IlM'.l N Front 
Benion John, laborer. 2 Panama av 
Benjamin David,, 749 ,S .Mb 
Benjamin Jacob, bruslunakor, 7(10 S Front 
Benjamin Ralph, tavern. ;)17 S ."id 
Benjamin Samuel, peddler, 44t'i St John 
Benjamin \\illiani, carjienter, Waterloo n Clear- 
Benjamin William, coal, 004 Race, h S.39 N 11th 
Benkert Casper, boot maker, 48 S 4th, h 219 N 

Benkert C & Son {Wm. Betdert), shoes, 48 S 

4th, h 219 N 0th 
Benkert David, car repairer, 3009 Lancaster av 
Benkert John, bootcriniper, 320 St John 
Benki'it .Tolin, j)olice, 020 Sears 
BENKKKT L., boots & shoes, 710 Chestnut 
Benkert Philip C, accountant, 1)10 Coatea 
Ben ley John, phiinber. 1538 State 
Benii (loorge. r 1442 South 
Bennar Henry, shoemaker, 815 Willow 
Benneker George, laborer, 2208 Hninilton 
Benner&Bro. (Cluirtes jS. Bm/iicr {^ Jului II. 

N. Ti. iinrr), grocers, ."^4(10 Market 
Benner Abraham P.. bricklayer, 1228 Potts 
Benner Abraliam, carpent. Franklin bel Dauphin 
Benner Albert G., machinist, 309 N 15th 
Benner Andrew, coachman, 222 S lath 
Benner A. Penrose, clerk, 1235 Ldcust 
Benner HenjaTiiin, cooper, 924 S 5th 
Benner Charles, gentleman, 3400 Market 
Benner Charles, teamster, 8 Tiller's ct 
Benner Charles S., grocer, 3400 Market 
Beifner Edward, clerk, 1235 Locust 
Benner Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 841 S ."id 
Benner E/.ekiel, mason, Judson ab Hare 
Benjamin E. I)., cordwainer, 831 Knox 
Benner Francis, gluemaker, st nv 
Benner (Jeorge, teamster, Ludlow n 31st 
Benner H-nry, shoemaker, Wayne, Gtn 
Benner H.. trimmings, 732 Master 
Benner Henry D.. phy.sician, 841 S 3d 
Benner Laaac. confectioner, 1700 N Cth 
Benner .lacob. cabinet manufacturer, 1 16 Edward, 

h 1100 Sites 
Benner James, tanner, 0th st nv 
Benner James C, shoemaker, 1100 Crease 
Benner John, driver, 2032 Harmstead 
Benner Jidin, driver, 1 107 Jefferson 
Benner John, gentleman, 1235 Locust 
Benner John F., clerk, 1235 Locust 
Benner John H. N., grocer. 3400 Market 
Benner Jesse, hotel, Slain A Washington av, Gtn 
Benner Oliver, conductor. 2013 Wood 
Benner Oiiver. blacksmith, Gtn av & Marshall, 

h 7lh bel Dauphin 
Benner Maria, seamlress, 820 Steward 

The Popular Clothing 

! Benner Mary, gentlewoman, 105 Lombard 
Benner .Mary, gentlewoman S|0 Steward 
Benner .Matthias, inacliini'it, X'l'Mt Locust 
Benner Peter, driver, 1107 .lefforson 
Benner Robert J., blacksmith, 309 N 15th 
Benner Samuel, hotel, 1007 S Broad 
Benner Sarah Iv. dry goods, 924 S 5th 
Benner Thomas, hostler, ({ T nv ab 0th • 
Benner Thomas M., printer, 523 Marriott 
Bonner Tiller S., machinist, 1235 Locust 
Benner William, brickmaker, 817 8 10th 
Benners A Co , fruits, IIS S Del av 
Benners Catharine, confectionery, 1611 Race 
Benners Charles, clerk, 25,3 Pine 
Benners George W., glass manuf. 27 S Front, h 

1010 N 5th 
Benners Gustnvus, gent. 721 N 10th 
Benners G. H., baker. 441 Thomjison- 
Benners Henry B., glass manuf. 27 S Front, h 

1710 Race 
Benners Henry B., salesman, 238 Chestnut, h 

728 Green 
BENNERS H. B. A G. W. (Hniry B. if Georgt 

\V. Bciuurs), Dyottville Gl.;ss Works, 27 S 

Benners Isaac B., wholesale fruits, 118 S Del av, 

h 123 N 20th 
Benners .Jacob, machinist, 404 Blight 
Benners James, gent. 836 N Broad 
Benners Joseph, M.D., 513 N 0th 
Benners J. B , mor. 1 18 S Del av, h 123 N 20th 
I Benners J. D.. mer. 720 N 7th 
Benners William, blacksmith, 032 N 20th 
BEXNKRS WILLIAM J., com. mer. 210J Wal- 
nut, h 824 N 11th 
Bennet Edward, gent. Tulpehockcn, Gtn 
Bennet Emerson, author, 919 Washington av 
Bennet Grace, 12 Wilson 
Bennet Henry, seaman, 12 Wilson 
Bennet John, cordwainer, 704 Master 
Bennet Joseph, pearl cutter, 1533 Warnock 
Bennet Joseph S., sal(;sman, 009 Market, h 706 

Bennet Matthew, lab. 1241 Cnllowhill 
Bennet Stephen D., printer, 230 Marriott 
Bennet Thomas, iron puddler, 5 Deshong 
Bennet Wm., phf)tograplier. 1905 Brown 
Bennet Wm., shoemaker, 1533 Warnock 
Bennet Wm., grocer. 1330 Pearl 
BENNETT A CO. {Josi-p/i M. Bemirtt, Charles 

W. Roherls, Wm. M. Ru/iC'ts, and Joseph S. 

Piiri.i), clothiers and importers, 518 Market & 

511 Minor 
BENNETT, RUCH A CO. {H. K. Bennett, Jos. 

N. Hitch, cV Charles II. Sieger), manuf. of 

shirts, 217 Church al 
Bennett Able, fisherman, 539 Richmond 
Bennett Albert B., salesman, 51 N 3d, h 705 

Bennett Alfred, .salesman, 705 Chestnut 
Bennett Ann (c), washerwoman, r 430 Beach 
Bennett A. G , car|)enter, 2313 Ashburton 
Bennett A. M., fancy bazaar. 20 N 8th 
Bennett Catharine, 317 Richmond 
Bennett Charles, gla.^s, 78 York 
Bennett Charles, manuf. 512 Monroe 
Bennett Charles V., clerk. 1259 Nagle 
Bennett C. P. II., salesman, 333 Market, h Mkt 

n wire bridge 
Bennett Daviil, brickmr. Cumberland ab Hope 
Bennett David, fisherman, 1110 Vienna 
Bennett David S., tavern, 840 S 2d 
Bennett Edward, lab. r 1521 Bodine 
Bennett Edward A., mer. 11 N 4th, h 640 N 11th 
Bennett Emily, gentw. 318 S 11th 

House of Philadelphia. 




Bennett Ephraim, })iiT(,oniliir, '117 8 2il 

Bennett (jiliarn, boxiiiaker, Ainerieati Ijol JL>ia- 

Bennett Oeorge, grocer, N E ThornpHon ft, Palmer 
Bennett (leorge, polietnnan, .'Jli) N 'Z\i\\ 
Bennett George, Hhoeniakor, (Jalxit ]m\ 1 9th 
Bennett (loorgo, Koanian, WaHliingUm cX 
Bennett (Icorge L., mIkhmiu-. N (llli ah Mecller 
Bennett (Jeorge W., fui-niLuro earn, 1021 Marl- 
Bennett Henry, shirlr manuf. 7'17 S '1th 
Bennett Hiram, hiilii's' nhooH, 404 Stoc'kl'iti 
Bennett H. K., shiit nianiif. 217 Chureh al, li 7'ir, 

S 4th 
Bennett Isaac, bookkeeper, 3 An^h, li Aich St. 

Bennett Jacob, brickmr. 1551 Montgonn^y av 
Bennett Jacob, lisliornian, (118 RiehmoiHl 
Bennett Jacob, jeweller, 712 Chentnut, h 1504 

Bennett Jacob G., provisions, 206 Ilichmond 
Bennett James, blacksmith, 2039 Wood 
Bennett James, bootmaker, r 15215 Cabot 
Bennett Jeremiah, captain, 346 Christian 
Bennett John, blacksmith, 323 N 24th, h 321 N 

Bennett John, bdg house keeper, 705 Chestnut 
Bennett John, shoemaker, 718 Shirley 
Bennett John R., salesman, 249 Market, h 303 N 

Bennett John R., salesman, 1025 Mount Vernon 
Bennett J. F., mer. 529 Commerce, h 5.'i3 Arch 
Bennett Joseph, blacksmith, Carlton bel 24th 
Bennett Joseph, blacksmith, 251 Thomjison 
Bennett Joseph, grocer, S E Marlborough and 

Bennett Jose])h M., clothier, 518 Market 
Bennett Joseph M., driver, 1021 Marlborough 
Bennett Joseph S., druggist, 705 Chestnut 
Bennett Lewis K., blacksmith, 710 Holly 
Bennett Margaret S., gentw. 1105 Moyamensing 

Bennett Marj', gentw. 2d ab Susquehanna av 
Bennett Mary M., gentw. 813 Columbia av 
Bennett Martha (c), seamstress, 405 S 7th 
Bennett Michael, carpenter, 207 Jefferson 
Bennett Michael, fisherman, r 1034 Vienna 
Bennett Michael, grocer, 224 N Front 
Bennett Mrs., gentw. 3 Headman pi 
Bennett Nancy, gentw. Carlton bel 24th 
Bennett Nathaniel 0., watchmaker and jeweller, 

504 Race 
Bennett N. M., bookkeeper, 209 Church al, h 318 

S 15th 
Bennett Rachel, dry goods and trimmings, 164 

Girard av 
Bennett Robert H., jeweller. 1113 Market, h 1127 

Bennett Samuel, gunhelper, Carlton bel 24th 
Bennett Samuel, wheelwright, 1239 Ash 
Bennett Sivmuel A., engineer, 37th ab Story 
Bennett Simon, flour Afeed, 1012 Fkd av 
Bennett Sterry, watchmaker, 193() Lombard 
Bennett Thomas, carp, r 1520 Bodine 
Bennett Thomas, engineer, 1919 Naudain 
Bennett Thomas, salesman, 14 S 2d. h 759 S 13th 
Bennett Thomas R., clerk, Girard av n Leopard 
Bennett Thomas R., weaver, Wavne, Gtn 
Bennett T. P. M., bookkeeper," 121 Market, h 

705 Chestnut 
Bennett Wni., clerk, 1230 Davis 
Bennett Wm., eleik, 317 Richmond 
Bennett Wm., flour manuf. 174(i Fkd av 
Bennett Wm., ladies" shoemr. 1026 Vine ' 

Bennett Wm., painter, 424 Richmond \ 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, 

l!.niM-tt Will., i.rinfcr, 918 N 8th 
i!i;iini;M, VVni. .J., printer, !MH N Slh 
i{<iniiel,t Win. P., carp. )0I Girard av 
I'cnnetl Wrn. V., miller, Girard nv A Leopnrd 
I'ennelt W. II., HJiip [iiiiiiler, l^eluwitre av ab 

Bennetts Jamen, tavern. 1.'! Callowliill 
\',':n}\(:y George, maehinifl, I 15.'! PiiH-yiink av 
Hi'nnis ClarisHa H., dry goods and trirnmirig.y, .'5710 

15i;iinis Henry, Halonman, 5')3 f,orain 
liuiinison Joseph, paperHlainer, 1909 ChrlHtinn 
J5i!nnitt Mary M., gentlewoman, 1023 iShocka- 

liens Joseph, weaver, Clinton bel Norrio 
Hensel Jacob, jiottery. 111 Hiiitel 
linnsen .Iiiije (e), 51.'! S 7th 

Ri'tisenhefTer .lohn, plasterer, Emerald n Hazard 
RKNSON ALEX. & CO. (Alr.x. ^ (iustavun S., stoiik brokers, fi A 8 8 3d 
Benson Alexander, broker, 6 & 8 S 3d. h 1526 

Benson Alexander, Jr., banker, 15 S 3d, h 1526 

Benson Ardale, gent. 1515 Spruce 
Benson Augustus, broker, 1515 Spruce 
Benson Charles M., dentist, Main ub Sharpnack, 

Benson Edwin N., clerk, 6 & 8 S 3d, h 1526 

Benson Elmer, waiter, 240 Vandeveer 
Benson George, lab. Cumberland n Richmond 
Benson George E., banker, 6 <fc 8 S 3d, b 1515 

Benson Gustavus A., wholesale grocer, 512 Mkt, 

h Price bel Hancock, Gtn 
Benson Gustavus S., broker, 6 & 8 S 3d, b 1515 

Benson G. T. (c), barber, 1019 Jefferson 
Benson Hebron S., Ashland House, Arch ab 7th 
Benson Horace J., restaurant, Main & Price, 

Gtn, h Haines n Hancock, Gtn 
Benson John, blacksmith, 1526 Wood 
Benson John, carp. 910 Pennington 
Benson John, lab. 2 Daisy av 
Benson John, lab. 407 N"l6th 
Benson Richard W., clerk, S E Chestnut & 3d, 

h 504 Marshall 
Benson R. B., bookkeeper, 12 N 4th, h 251 N 

1 3th » 

Benson Samuel (c) , engineer. 1620 Mervine 
Benson Sarah, widow, 125 Queen 
Benson Stuart, stonecutter, N W Ridge av A Ed- 
win, h 2 Edwin 
Benson William, gas works, h 2047 Hampton 
Bensonhead John, plasterer, Emerald n Sergeant 
Bensinger John, baker, r 1311 Atmore 
Bensted Francis T., shirtcutter. 117 Race 
BensteJ Mercy D., gentw. 117 Race 
Benswanger S., mer. 830 Marshall 
Bent George E., auditor P. W. & B. R. R., 

Broad i Washington av, h Chester 
Bentel Wm., machinist, r SIS N 4th 
Benthall Elizabeth, gentw. 1107 Callowhill 
Bentler John, tailor, Trenton av n Adams 
Bentley Anna C, gentw. 254 N 3d 
Bentley James, weaver. Haverford n 36th 
Bentley John, agent. 1315 Wnllace 
Bentley Jolui, dyer. 1130 N Front 
Bentley John, machinist, 1232 Cadwalader 
Bentley John, weaver, Gtn av. Gtn 
Bentlev Moses, printer. 2.^4 X 3d 
Bentley William, segar maker. 1313 N 10th 
Bentley William, steam dye works, 1130 N Front 
Benton & Brother, gold pens. 409 Chestnat 

GoTuer Sixth ajid Market Stieete. 




Benton Alfred, lumber dealer, 1211 S Front 

B'liloti Cliarles. oleiK. 1211 S Fiont 

B.Mitoi) .1uine!>. liulohor, '2'i'M I'oiites 

Bi-nton Jiiines, t:iveni, .*^ W Frout A rulnain 

Benton John, pilot, {'.i'29 Harl 

Bi-ntiin ."^tejihen, iillornej-at-hiw, i'.Ml Wiilmit. h 

Bi'iiton Z. H., pent. 1522 Pine 
Bent 7. A Co. (J'irul) K. if Henri/ 11. H'-n'z'i. wiii.-s 

A li.|Ui>rs, 411 N :!<l 
Beniz Christian, bnk>>r, 323 Brown 
Uont/ lli-nrv K., wines A liquurs, -111 N .'id, h 

3i:. N 1 0th 
Bi-nt7. .liicob, c:irtor, r 1132 Fninkforil nv 
Bont/. .hioob, piano iniikor, r 418 S 12th 
Bentr .Tacob K., wines & liquors, 411 N 3d, h 

(if.O X r.'tli 
Bent/, .lolin, drnyniiin, Fkil nv n Reading av 
Bent7. .Iiilin. machinist, 122)) Palmer 
Bi-ntz John L., grocer. 8('»4 N 4lh 
6ent7. Valentine, laper beer, 425 Lombard 
Benwire lieorge, ship cnrjientor, 1423 Vienna 
Benvnrd E. C, jeweller, 712 Chestnut, h 1042 S 

5 th 
Benyard Joseph, machinist, 1231 S 4th 
Bed/. Ciiarles, niacbini.-it, 444 E Thompson 
Benz Frederick, tailor, 231) (i.iskill 
Ben/ PoIlt, tloiir & feed, 1353 Earl 
Ben/.i'U Gi-orpe. artist, 1512 Chestnut 
Benzinger George, harness maker, Clvmer n Camp- 
Ben/.on Sojjhia, seamstress, 308 German 
Beohrinf;er A., baker, 520 Poplar 
BepjMH Cliri.-;tian, stone mason, Tackawanna n 

(l.xlord. Fkd 
Beraii Emanuel, shoemaker. 809 Poplar 
Berberifh, Adam, shoemaker, 039 Jefferson 
Bercher John, hatter, 1220 Gtn av 
B.?iiis A., teacher ofniu.Mc, 252 N 20th 
BEREX.'J BERNARD, M.D., 909 Arch 
Berens Frederick, chemist, 5th n Arch, h 822 

Berens Jtdin, shoemaker, 29 Ctmbes al 
Bererline Adolph, cabinet maker, 923 Offden 
Berosford Charles W., attorney-at-Iaw, 221 S 5th 
Berestord Richard, printer, 1253 S 13th 
Bereslord Robert II., gent. 252 S Uth 
Berg Ilanna C, dr.'ssniaker, 3 Wintield pi 
Berg Henry, 941 Dari.n 
Berg Henry, cutler, 158 Coates 
Berg .lohn, bootmaker, 251 Queen 
Berg Leon, clothing, 707 Pine 
Berg Wjiller, driver, 810 Nectarine 
Berg Wilhelmine, bootmaker, 151 8 4th 
Bergamen II. A., lager beer. 420 Coates 
Beriran Henry, dealer, 410 Shippen 
Bergan Martin, carpenter. Hazard n Emerald 
Ber{r<loll A IVotta {Louis lirrgdall dj- Cluirles 

Vf'ttti:), brewers, 508 Vine 
Bergdoll Louis, brewer, 508 Vine, h S E 29th A 

Berge John, carpenter, 1218 N fith 
Berge .John, cordwainer, 1221 N 2d 
Bergi-n William, labon-r, 23t ,'^pruce 
Beru'cn«on John, liibor.-r. r 909 N 13th 
BERCER A Bl'TZ (ir/ ///,/;« Ihr^er ^ Adam 

Biiiz), brooms, wooden ware, phosphates, 

bones, hay and straw, 131 A 133 N. Water 
Berber A Scranton (Alficl Berger if Frederick 

Srnni/oii), cloths, 50 .S 2d 
Berger .\dam, driver. Green la. Gtn 
Berger Adam, shinirle shaver, Lehman, Gtn 
Berirer Alfred, cloths, 50 S 2d, h (Jermantown av 

A Otter I 

Strangers and Citizens are re< 

Rergor .Alfred, mason, Washington, Gin 

B'Tgor Anna A , gentlewoman, r 5.!2 Vincent 

B -iger I'aroline, ginlb', l.'tlO Howard 

Berger Carroll, furrier, 249 Arch 

Berger Charles F., designer, 1018 Wood 

B'-rger Charles N., cooper, Creshoim rd, Gtn 

B.-rger Christian, 823 N 8th 

Berger Christian, dyer, 1754 N fith 

Perger Christian, lags, 1232 Warnook 

Berger Frant/. tailor, 852 iMcGralh 

Herjier Frederick, spiuce beer. Otter A Gin av 

Rerger George, carpenter, Randolph n Waterloo 

Rerger George, cooper, Leiiinan. Gin 

Ri'iger Geor;;e B., cooper. Crc^heim rd, (Hn 

Berger (4., !<argeunt bel Emerald 

Berger Henry, car))enter, 1515 Montgomery ar 

Jierger Jacob, clerk. SI2 N lltli 

Berger .lacob, dyer, Amber n Norris 

Berjier James S., salesman, 307 Market, h 823 

N 8th 
Berger John, laborer, 413 N 5th 
Rerger John, tailor. 122 Coates 
B-rger Jonathan, clerk, 812 N lllh 
Berger Lewis C, carpenter, 2151 Sharswood 
Berger Lewis C Jr., carpenter, 2151 ."^harswood 
Rerger Philip, house carpenter. 839 ."^ .'id 
Berger William, laborer, 1929 llarmstead 
Rerg'-i- AVilliam, marble worker. Main al) Herman, 

h Gi.od. Gin 
BerLrer William, merchant, 131 A 133 N Water, h 

Manh im, (itn 
Berghnuser Jacob, importer, 230 Church al, h 

452 N 7th 
Berghauser Mary E., gentlewoman, 33d & Hamil- 
Berghauser William, clerk, 1116 Crease 
Cergheiser Frederick, blacksmith, 1216 Button- 
Bergin Daniel, tavern, N W 13th A Christian 
Reigin Dennis, laborer, 8 Ashton ]i\ 
Bergin Joseph M., salesman, 527 Market, h 409 

N 2d, C:imden 
Bergin Martin, carpenter. Hazard ah Coral 
Bergin Patrick, laborer, 1909 Brown 
Bergin William, drayman. 220 N 22d 
Bergman Andrew, sugar refiner, S77 Lawrence 
Bergman Bernard, weaver, Daujihin n Carroll 
Bergin:in Charles C, accountant, 232 Quarry, h 

509 Poplar 
Bergman George, hostler, r 1533 N Front 
Bergman Henry A., lager beer saloon, 306 New 
Bergman Michael, tailor, 717 (xaul 
Rergman Thomas, gilder, 120 Coates 
Rergman William, iiainter, 7 Ilerdman's ct 
Bergman William M., grocer, 843 N 13th 
Rergman W., grocer, N E 13th A Myrtle 
Bergmeyer Sebastian, tailor, Cumberland ab 

BERtJNER GUSTAVr.^, brewer, 2.39 Dock and 

Thompsfin n 32il, h 2310 Green 
Bergner Theodore, draughtsinan, 505 N 21st 
Rergner William, beer saloon, 823 Walnut 
Berirrine Catharine, 8 Drinker's al 
Beriraan Robert, dealer, r 210 Christian 
Bering Thomas G., wood carver, N W 10th A 

Ridge av 
Beringer Aaron D., salesman, 221 Market, h 818 

St John 
Beringer Charles, denier. 2020 N 5th 
Berintrer Jacob, feed. Oxford A Marshall, h 2020 

N 51 h 
Beringer Jacob, tailor. 308 N 8th 
Bi-rkenstok Godfrey, cordwainer, 1342 Hancock 
Rerkenstock John S., hotel, 001 Girard av 
Berkenslock X., salesman, 257 N od, h 975 N 5th 
lommunded to purchase their 




Berkenat-ook Reuben, Iioslltir, \:\'M N 7ili 
Berker QntUiob, grocer, N W Scrfi;iiil, ,t (Jiirroll 
BorkhoiHcr Williiim, jiiiintcr, liniliniit ji Aiiu, li 

Melviilo n Ann 
Berkliiinor JosHf, niiiHoii, 1702 liiown 
Borkliiiiior William, vvliorlvvrijriil, 4'.>7 Diiupliin 
Berks Jolin, mooei-, 2(1 * Wiliiiiin, h .000 N Uh 
Borks John W., r '.)0!) D.irion 
Berks Williiun T., Rrouur, 42S N 2.1, ii T.OO N 'Uii 
Boriinf;;er C, niiikiiian, IS.'JO lliiru'ook 
Bennnnn Augustus, clerk, 80;j Miukol, li 808 

Bermas Jaoob, cii[) nianuf. 7(l7 I'urrisli, h I ■'!.'! N 

Bermas M., cap inanuf. 802 Miirsliall 
Bornadou &, Hrollior (Cr. W. Ihniadoii iV /■'. /'. 

li.n-ii.f(i/<)i(), shipping ,t com. nicia. 60-I S Del nv 
Bornailou F. F., shipping & com. raei'. .001 S Del 

av, h 121 S 20th 
Bernadou U. W., shipping &, com. mer. 504 S 

Ddl av, h 409 S 8th 
Bernadou Henrietta,, gentw. 7.'{2 Pino 
Bernard 15., brass moulder, r 42.'! (Iiirden 
Borniird Edward, shipjoiner, r 122.0 Marlborough 
Bernard Hannah, 002 Swanson 
Bernard Henry, engraver, 310 Aberdeen 
Bernard Mary Ann, geniw. Main op Penn, Myk 
Bernard Sarah, gentw. 202.0 Summer 
Bernard S. B.. dyer, 432 Grornmn 
Berner Oscar, teacher, 2,02 S 10th 
Bernett EiizMibeth, gentw. 7 Placid pi 
BERNllARB JOSEPH, bell and brass founder, 

120 N tJlh, h 16G N llth 
Bernhardt John A., hair dresser, 825 Chestnut, 

h 925 N 4th 
Bernhart Frederick, shoemaker, 826 Lawrence 
Bernheim Lewis N., plasterer, 1208 Carlisle 
BERNHEIM MORRIS, millinery goods, whole- 
sale A retail, 726 Chestnut, h 518 S 4th 
Bernheim Simon, merchant, .3.'i5 Dillwyn 
Bernheimer Joseph, druggist, S E 9th & South 
Bernheiiner Levi, rag dealer, 929 N Front 
Bernheimer Morris, 508 S 4th 
Berniaud Louis, gent. 757 S 9th 
Berninger John, laborer, r 720 Belcjrade 
Berr.i.n Terence, tobacconist, 729 Bench 
Berrell George R., auctioneer, 808 Market, h 630 

N llth 
Berrell G. R. & S. {George. R. ^. Samuel Ber- 
rell), auctioneers, 808 Market 
Berrell Jeremiah, clerk, 919 Gieen 
Berrell Samuel, auctioneer, 808 Market, h 40th 

ab JIarket 
Berrey John, liquors, 1320 Gtn av 
Berrey Richard, oak cooper, N E Sbippen k 

Berridge Leeds K., Rev., chaplain U. S. A. 31st 

ab Biring 
Berrin Francis, laborer, Fisher ab Huntingdon 
Berringer Christopher, broommaker, 232 N Front 
Berringer John, tailor, 607 Wall 
Berringer Levi, de.aler, 1214 S 2d 
Berringer Rt?ub-^n, clerk, 407 Thom]ison 
Berroth Louis, segarstore, 821 N lOth 
Berry Ann Maria (c), 521 Hurst 
Berry Bc'ujamin, blacksmith, Tasker ,ab S 7th 
Berry B-?njamin L., merchant, 50 S 2d, h 310 &, 

312 Catlmrine 
Berry Chalkiey, hotel keeper, N AY Chestnut 

& 21st 
Berry Charles, gentleman, 26 Queen 
Berry Charles, leather, 215 Lombard, h 407 

Berry Christian, tailor, 16 Branner's al 
Berry Dennis, butcher, 1304 Prichet 

Berry D., inachiniHt, Br/iddork ab nuiitin;.'<Jon 

Herry Edwai'd, laborer, 1.0 10 Bodiriu 

lierry JOIizii, ^'onllc-woiniiti, 1008 N JIth 

Berry Kli/,ab'-lii, HIOH N llth 

lieriy I'lli/.iibetli, gcnlluwornari, 1214 Wiilbice 

lierry Harris G., ilry gooiln, S W 'Itli A I'ojdar 

Berry Henry, weaver, Main, ,Mt Airy 

lierry ii. (c), r 6 10 Lombard 

Berry Jatnes, bookldn.bsr, 1029 N 8th 

15i;rry James, drovor, li 4lHt <t iiuring 

lierry Jmiuos, hotel, 509 ,N Front 

]5erry James, laborer, r 1707 Carlton 

Berry James, porter, Spilborger't* ct 

Berry James, porter, h Hancock A Oxford 

Berry J.imos, mer. tailor, 1019 Walnut, li 1242 

Girard a v 
Berry James (c) , porter, 710 Minster 
Berry James W., nianuf. of jewelry, 022 Market, 

h 500 Lorain 
Berry John, (carpenter, 4 Hickey 
Berry John, driver, 7 Cope 
Berry .John, hatter, r 8lli Coutes 
]]erry John, iceman. Walnut W 23d 
Berry .Tohn, weaver, East, Myk 
Berry John C, clerk, 417 Market, h Ilaverford 

bet 371 h & 38th 
Berry John C, laborer, 230 S Juniper 
Berry Joseph, auelioneer, 1025 Locust 
Berry Louis, hatter. 410 N lOih 
Berry Lyman, machinist, Cabot bel 10th 
Berry Mary, seamstress, llowar'l n Oxford 
Berry Mary A., gentlewoman, 201 Christian 
Berry Patrick, bookkeeper, 1041 N Sth 
Berry John, plasterer, r 143.3 Cadwalader 
Berry Richard, clothing, h S W Ludlow and 41st 
B^'rry Robert, salesman, 2115 Summer 
Berry Samuel, carter, 1310 N Front 
Berry S.imuel, hatter, 336 Christian 
Berry Samuel, laborer, Dickinson's pi 
Barry Susan, widow, 1642 Pine 
Berry Thomas, laborer, Church n Adams, Fkd 
Berry Thomas, shoemaker, 1311 S 8th 
Berry Willi;im, carter, 1310 N Front 
Berry William, gardener, Ann n Trenton av 
Berry William, glassblower, 535 Mercury 
Berrj' William, laborer, 7 Snyder's av 
Berry William, weaver, 1531 Philip 
Berry William H., merchant, 627 Market, h 487 

N 4th 
Berrvhill John H.. pres. A & telegraph CO, r 

123} S 4th, h Harrisburg 
Bervyman John, ship carpenter, 1335 S 2d 
Bersch Francis, carpenter, 1020 Cross 
Berseh William, salesman. 1607 Ogden 
Bersch W. C, grocer, 1332 S 7th 
Bershig Matthias, carpenter, Dauphin n Carroll 
Berstler G. A., papermaker, Darby rd bel 42d 
Berstler G. A. Jr., photosrrapher, Darby rd 

bel 42d 
Berswinger J. G., weaver, r 1319 Palethorp 
Bert Charles S., printer, 328 New 
Bertolet A. B., axles. 330 Noble, h 915 Green 
Bertolet Ezra, merchant, 440 B,own 
Bertolet Mayburv. 710 Morris 
Bertram Louis, tavern. 318 Brown 
Bertram William, machinist, 217 N 16th 
Bertson Jacob, butcher, Moore n Emerald 
Berwind John, guitarmaker, 1504 Sansom 
Beseher Julius, tailor, 715 Federal 
Beshker AVilliam, pianoraaker, 1722 Stiles 
Besly Jacob, patternmaker, 1114 Ogden 
Besley Samuel, saddler. 1114 Ogden 
Bjss JIary, gentlewoman. 225 Vaughn 
B 'ss Thomas George, segarm.sker. 539 Pierce 
Bessam Louis, farmer, Main. Chestnut Hill 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Bes.4an Ueorpre, poslnioj^ter, Main ab Cottage, 

Chestnut Hill 
Befk-inii .Iiioob, cnbinetinnker, Atuerican n Oxford 
Be«SHn Li'wi-. I'ariiior, G T nv, (itn 
Besijian SinHuel, laborer, Q T nv, (Jtn 
Bes5clievere Ann M., grocery, Salmon ab IIiiu- 

Be.«.'<elit>voiiie John, jeweller, 714 Washington av 
Besselievcre William C. engraver, li;i3 S 7th 
Be.«ser Edward, cabinetmaker, 130 N 17th, h 1717 

Besxer Mertz E., pattern maker, 1717 Pearl 
Bessinger Gi-orge, tailor, 71'.' Miiil/.cr 
Bessinger John, coffee roaster, r ;!20 New Market, 

h loOy Frankfonl av 
Bessmer John, barber, 827 N 11th 
Be.'ifom lUohard V., shoemaker, N E 8th A Pns- 

syiink nv 
BESSON A SOX (Cliarirs A. lirssou), mourning 

goods, '.'18 Chestnut 
Be$.<on CharleH A., merchant, 018 Chestnut, b 

Hit s I'.tth 
Besson Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 228 S 8th 
Bessonet John, coal, h -111 I'ino 
Bes.«onet William II.. perioilical.f. 211 S 4th 
Bc^.-Jonett Jnlin, merchant, 411 Pine 
Bes.-ionett William, ici- denier, 1130 Sheafs al 
Be.^t Adam, tavern, 10 Letitia 
Best Henry, laborer, r 1 1'-Vi Melon 
Be.«t llinim A., tnilor, L'0:i Elder 
Be.«t Louis P.. coachtrimraer, lii2;? Parker 
Best Susan, seamstress, X W 22d k Hiiro 
Best ."Samuel H., laborer, 22lt> Sliamokin 
Best Charles, painter, S Eatton pi, r 810 Race 
Bestian Anthony, paper stainer. 417 Catharine 
Beswiek Mary Ann, hotel, 2 IS N 4th 
Beswick Samuel, grocer. Main, Myk 
Beswiek Tlmraas, laborer, Haverford n 47th 
Beswick William, machinist, 12.'J2 Cadwalader 
Betancourt Jane, gentlewoman, Church n Paul, 

Betell Joshua M., druggist, N E Frankford av 

<fc Otis 
Beterbaek John, tnilor, 1001 Hope 
Bethdiild Christian, cooper. Fitch 
Bethel William, cooper, 1205 S Front 
Bethell, George II., architect, h2(i Walnut 
Bethell, William R., conveyancer, 432 Walnut, h 

911 Franklin 
Bethesda Home, Main, Chestnut Hill 
Beton David, patternmaker, 2200 Shamokin 
Betron Robert, engineer, 1C09 Sansom 
Betson Oscar F., shoemaker. 1410 Bangor 
Betson R. W., shoemaker, 422 Federal 
Betferton William, sexton, Baltimore pike ab 

39 th 
Betticher. Coon k Co. (J. C. Betticher, M. Coon 

}f li. Cimjh), produce com. mers. 29 S AVater 
Betticher J., merchant. 29 S Water, h 2010 Vine 
Bettinger W. J., watchmaker, S E 3d & Chestnut, 

h 037 Fisher 
Bettinger John, brickmaker, 1353 Atmore 
Bettle William, 26 S 3d, h 420 N 0th 
Betton Henry, laborer, 1537 Tudor 
Betton T. M., M.D., nsst surg U S H, Gtn 
Belts <t Haynes (i^tiniiirt Bftis }f lleury II. 

ILnpies), dry goods jobbers, 31 Bank 
Bet t." David F., 1103 S 11th 
Belts James Mrs., inventor of surgical appliances, 

1039 Walnut 
Betts John B., carpenter. 15(IS Cuthbcrt 
Betts John, carpenter, 1511 Filbert 
Betts Joseph G., sashmakcr, 1018 Christian 
Bettj( Philip, laborer, 3d n Oxfonl 
Betts Richard K., carpenter, 1511 Filbert 

Best Place in the City to buy 

Betts Samuel, merchant, 31 Bank, h S W 4th A 

BetUs William, denier, r 861 N 13lh 
Hetz Andrew, shoemaker, S40 N 3il 
I!ot/. Christian, tailor, r 022 New Market 
Betz George, tavern, 64.S N '.'th 
Bet/. Godfrey, morocco, r 1314 i'alethorp 
Hell James, machinist, 1325 Potts 
Uet7. .lames E., moulder, 1.°I25 Potts 
Hetz F., baker, 420 Wharlon 
Bet/. Jcdin, driver, 31,S Willow 
Bel/. Peter, baker, 2d ab Cuniberlnnd 
Helz Uinehart, raaehinisl, 13(17 .Myrtle 
Bet/. Thomas, blaeksinith, Tulip n Norris 
Helzer J., butcher, Moore n tloral 
Betzler George, blacksmith, 1237 Montgomery nv 
liet/old Chrislophe F., cabinetmaker, 4 17 Juli- 

Bet /old J. E., grocer, 800 N 7th 
Beuhler Peter, spice, 247 N HUh 
Belli Charles, instrument maker, r 331 (}reen 
Betiler Martin, hardware, 517 Hrown 
Beuman Joseph, carver, 121 Race 
Bevan David, painter. Broad &. Sansom, h 1015 

S 3d 
Bevan Deborah, gentlewoman, 1235 Struthers 
Bevan Edward W., miller, 823 Duane 
Bevan Ueorge. grocer broker, 1219 Green 
Bevan George, shoemaker, Washington, Gtn 
Bevan James, grocer. Market k 43d 
Bevan Jesse, carpenter, Leiper bel Sellers, Fkd 
Bevan John, painter, 205 Shijipen 
Bevan Joseph H., miller, h 1224 Citron 
Bevan Matthew, salesman, 205 ."^hippen 
Bevan .'^amuel (c), stove range maiiuf. 010 J' 12th 
IJevan Thomas, s(iindlemaker, Haverford n 47th 
Hevan William, carp., Storj' ab 33d, Mantuaville 
Bevan Willi.'im W., trunk mnnuf. 13JI8 Girurd 

av, h 1224 Citron 
Bevans John S., ice dealer, 1230 ,S Front 
Bevans iSamuel, machinist. Story ab 33d, Man- 
Beverlin Sheridan, hair dresser, 140 Almond 
Bevens Albert S., clerk, 19 S 3d 
Bevens A. F., gentleman, 515 Green 
Bevens William, gentleman, 820 Franklin 
Bcvin Edward, machinist, 4110 Market 
IJevin Thomas (c), lab. 1117 S Bedford 
Bevington George, cabinetmaker, 1212 Warnock 
Bevins Josiah, fancy goods, Memphis ab Otia 
IJew Richard, rag dealer, East, Myk 
Bewley Ann, confectioner, Haverford n 35th 
Bewley Isaac, grocer, 410 N 11th 
Bewley James L., mer. 320 S Del av, h Ashland 

BEWLEY JAMES L. & CO. (Jolm L. Ecdner), 

jirod. com. mers. 326 S Del av 
Bewley Jesse, watchman, 920 Catharine 
Bewley John, ice driver, 2020 Winter 
Bewley Peter, machinist. 802 Darien 
Bewley Silas, horse dealer, Market ab 38th, h 

Wm" Pcnn Hotel 
Bewley .John R., mnson, Cresheim la, Gtn 
Bey Charles, butcher, 255 N 15tb 
Bey Mary, gentlewoman, 255 N 15th 
Beyard John, llutiiig k clear stari-liing, r 14 .*S9th 
Beyer Charles, bootmaker, 324 Dranch 
Bever Charles, shoemaker, 1502 Perth 
Beyer Henrj- C, clerk. 527 N 22d 
Beyler Herrry, painter, 944 Percy 
Beymer H. B.. snltsmnn. bds Union Hotel 
Beysher S., wheelwright, 352 N 2d 
Bez John K.. teacher of music, 229 N 5th 
B izner .\ndrew, butc her, Hope bel Huntingdon 
Bhilcy Theodore, hairdresser, h 1308 CallowhiU 

good and cheap Clothing at 




Bhren John, Hhoernii-ker, 2 MiironH pi 
Biars Frodorick, inilkinim, 1204 Diirien 
BibbiriH Isiuic (o), r 701 Kt. Miiry 
Bibby JiiirieH, wciivor, 4l.'i N 2.'J(1 
Bibliy ']'b(iiiTiiH, WDM.vor, '.i22t Sbiiiiiolcin 
Bihi/;li;i,iiH M. A. I;., gonUv. K51 N 7lJi 
BibigliiuiH Siuruiol II., hiii-ilvviint, 2lfi N .'id, b '1'I.S 

N 'Itb 
BibifrliauH W. fl., dork, H.'')! N 7Ui 
Bibi;^liou,s John T., Hliij) c;iir|)oiiU!i-, 7 Konkles.s 
Bible AsHociiiiion nC li'ricnd.s (Joiin Ricliard.son, 

aKoiil), I IG N 4th 
BIBLK SOCIETY, 7th & Walnut 
Biohollo Mii.tthow, woiiver, 2l.'i K'riionipson 
Bichlor ('hrisliaii, biiker, JliiveiCord n .'J.Otii 
Biokii.r J''., HUfj;ar n^linor, l.'i;j9 (Jharlotto 
Bickol A., oruluhrnakor, 240 Arch 
Bickel David, shoemaker, !.').'!() Mervine 
Biekel Frederick, cabinetniiiker, l.'iH lOarl 
Bick(d Henry M., Rev., Re.v av, Cho.stnut Hill 
Bickel .lohii'F., gent. 849 N Broad 
Bickel John N., nier. 841) N Broad 
Bickell James, gent. 81.5 Lawrence 
Bicker Ca.spar, tailor, fi2G Arch, h 1225 N 6th 
Bicker Jacobina, candie,<!, 0;;7 Mar.ihall 
Biokerton Ann, gentw. IKi Jaeoby 
Bickerton Benjamin, agent, (530 Catharine 
Bickorton Charles, wheelwright, 12C) Almond 
Bi'ckerton C. J., gasfitter, ].'341 Race 
Bickerton Mary, widow, .'307 N 6th 
Bickerton Sarah, confectionery, 1,541 Race 
Bickerton Thomas, gentleman, 106 Almond 
Bickerton Thomas, Jr., upholsterer, 106 Almond 
Bickerton Thomas B., carpenter, 636 Catharine 
Bickhnm George, conductor, 1209 Deacon 
Bickhuin Lydia, gentlewoman, 4.34 Catharine 
Bicking & Giiilbert (CA«s. if. Bickhig, Nicho- 
las Gni/hert), printers, 602 Arch 
Bicking Charles R., printer, 602 Arch, h 447 N 

Bicking Valentine, cutter, 1326 Juniata 
Bickings William, papermaker, Wissahickon, Gtn 
Bickings William M., police, Main, C Hill 
Bickles Thomas, weaver, Abigail n Amber 
Bickley David, sawsmith, 1204 N 2d 
Bickley Elizabeth, dry goods, 1202 N 2d 
Bickley Henry, ice, 1622 Market, h 1013 Olive 
Bickley John S., sand wharf, Walnut 
Bicknell Charles P., gentleman, 1500 Chestnut 
Bicknell Rufus, M.D., Market W of 3Sth 
Biddle Ab^xnnder, stock broker, 326 Walnut 
Biddle Alexander (c), waiter, Barley bel 10th 
Biddle Anna E., gentlewoman, 1403" Walnut 
Biddle Cadwalader, atty at law, 420 Walnut, h 

1326 Spruce 
Biddle Chapman, atty at law, 131 S 5th, h 1831 

Biddle Charles C, laborer, 1625 Mulvaney 
Biddle Charles J., atty at law, 713 S.ansom 
Biddle Clement, atty at law, 714 Walnut 
Biddle Clemant C. Mrs., gentw. 312 S 12th 
Biddle Clement M., mer. 131 Market, h 208 N 

Biddle Craig, atty at law, 713 Sansom 
Biddle Edward, 238 S 8th 
Biddle Edward C, pres. Westmoreland Coal Co., 

230 S 3d, and publisher, 508 Minor, h 1344 

BIDDLE E. C. cfe J. {Edward C. i\- John), pub- 

lisliers, 503 Minor 
Biddle Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 1500 Locust 
Biddle Elizabeth, gentlewomnn, 118 S 21st 
BIDDLE GEORGE W., attv at law, 204 S 5th, 

h 1226 Spruce ' j 

Biddle George W., painter, 820 X 2d ' 

"Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

lijildl'- llmry 1)., bookkeeper, 508 Minor Jinny .]. Mrn., 1024 Walnut 

Biddle JaineH, porter, .'il7 Gri)<f;oin ct 

IJiddle JiiirieH H., jirec. Kliurnok. Viil. A Pottdville 

R. R. (%)., .'joy Walnut, li 1714 LociiHt 
Biddle John, preH. Lofimt M'>unl:iin Coal A Iron 

(!o., 2.'!0 S ;id, publiHher, 508 Minor, h 1344 

llidrib- JoliT] M., mer. N E Front A Cheotnut, h 

.'idO N Front / 

Biddle John W., painter, 5 ClnriH<in pi 
HidiUe John W., wilverware rnanuf. 8th A Jayno, 

3<1 Htory, h 519 Noblo 
Biddlo Jonatlijin K., stove foundry, 8 W Girard 

av <fe MarHlinll, h 10 18 Miir.«hall 
niddb; J. I!., M.D., 1117 Spruce 
Biddle Mark.'^ J., gen. freightagt. C. AA. R. R., 

h Penn bel Majn, Gtn 
Biddle Miirthu, gentlewoman, 135 Federal 
Biddle Mary, gentlewoman, 1252 Ridge av 
Biddle Mcig.s, gentleinnn, 710 Walnut 
Biddle M., gentlewoman, 748 Florida 
BidilleOvven, clerk, 1235 Pine 
Biddle Robert, mer. 131 Market, h 1604 Arch 
BIDDLE R. & W. 0. <t CO. (Rohrrt, Ww. C. <V 

Clement M. Bidd/t, Homer C. Lrins ^ Wm. 

M. GrI scorn), hardware, 131 Market A 120 

Jones al 
Biddle Samuel, clerk, 15 S 17th, Franklin Ina. 

h Church la, Gtn 
Biddle Sarah, gentlewoman, 124 N 13th 
Biddle Thomas (c), waiter, 712 Minster 
BIDDLE THOMAS A., stock broker, 326 Wal- 
nut, h 1720 Spruce 
BIDDLE THOMAS C. A CO. {Thomas A. if 

Alexander Biddle), stock and exchange bro- 
kers, 326 Walnut 
Biddle William, sec. M. H. A S. H. R. R. Co. 15 

S 17th, h Church la, Gtn 
Biddle William C, mer. 131 Market, h 1604 Arch 
Biddle William W., salesman, 200 xMarket, h 39 

N 10th 
Bider Henry, cordw. Norris n Trenton av 
Bidesman Mary, Avidow, 757 S 5th 
Bidford Vincent L., 707 Sansom 
Bidler Jo.'^eph, feed, G T av bel Dauphin 
Bidler Samuel, grocer, S E G T av A Dauphin 
Bidwell Sarah, clothing, 340 South 
Bieber John C, carpenter, 1842 Sepviva 
Biederwolf Francis, shoemaker, 4 Fetter la 
Bieg Jacob, tailor. 914 Cherry 
Biegem mn William, pianomaker, 203 Xew 
Buehler John, confectioner, 1015 Hamilton 
Buhner Eliza, gentlew. r 2513 Quarry ct 
Bien Robert, blacksmith, 5 Craig"s av 
Bier Chri.*tian, barber shop, 444 N Front 
Bier Jacob, barber, 148 Pegg 
Bierbaeh Francis, mer. 8 Strawberry, h 1503 N 

Biermaas William, baker, 1216 N 12th 
Bierman Charles, mer. tailor, 507 X 9th 
Bierman F., tailoress. Commerce ab Cumberland 
Bierman John, laborer. 1608 Apple 
Bierman Thomas, barber, Richmond n William 
Biernbnum M., gentleman. 871 N 6th 
Biers Edwin R., bookkeeper. 1115 Leon 
Biers Hugh, grocer, X E Carpenter A 5th 
Bierschenk Conrad, lager beer, X W Shippen k 

Bierwerth Antoinette, 732 X 4th 
Biesenbaeh Rudolph, car"ge trim, r 1137 Danton 
Reiser Henry, coal oil. 1215 Waruock 
Bigalow Sarah, boarding house. 821 CallowhiU 
Bigalow Stephen C. carpenter, 1312 Coates 
Bigalow Thomas L.. carpenter, 1310 Coates 
Corner Sixth and Market Sueets. 




Bigard Uobert, driver, 717 Fitiwater 
Bigelow A. II., law m. A n. office, 11 J S 7lh 
Bigolt'W AI|iboU8. iiiivnl api-nl, HO'J .Sunsum 
Bigel Anilii'W. liiLxirer, 1MI5 South 
Bigf; Jo.-eph, Ucv., I{.id>;e av, llo.x 
Big^nril ,Smi>uel. sliuiMiiaker, r 1527 Cnliot 
Bigger J Hiueii, I'res. of Prutestiiiit Kx, 201 Now 
Bigfjer James, wheelwright, S E A Wood, U 

2517 lluuiilton 
Biggen lioiijainin. carpenter, 1312 Filbert 
Biggerstall" Jnbn, tin, .i.lO S 5d 
Bigger.stafT Siiuiiel, weaver, Hancock A Oxford 
DiL';:<T-tatr Williiiin, biiiiuer, r i:i;t'.» Masi-her 
Bigger.-itafl' William. Jr., laborer, r i;i;Ul Miif^cher 
Biggartl John, gentleman, 912 Warnock 
Bigg.-s James, clerk, 'J<>7 Warnock 
Biggs J. W., vetorinnry surgeon, 92'.> JInrket 
Bigliam .lames, leam-^ter, ITlh ab Callnwhill 
Biglei- Frederick, baker. If.,!;? Lombard 
Bigley Charles, shoemaker, lll.'iti Biiltonwood 
Bigley Francis, bookkeeper, 225 S itth 
Biglev .James, milkman, .'iO.S JefTerson 
Bigley, moulder, l-lOll N luth 
Bigley Michael, drayman. 52'.l N IVoiit 
Bigley Patrick, milkman, 141 Bodino 
Bigley Teresu M , tailoress, 8 Norris |)| 
Biglow Charles G.. bootmaker, '2',H N Juniper 
Bi^Miell John F.. I.o.ikbin.ler, 1.!I2 I'arrish 
Bignell John F., Jr., bookbinder, l.!12 Parrish 
Bignell Uu.-ling, bookbinder, I^Oll Parrish 
Bigiiull Thomas, hatter, 1211 Poplar 
Bigner Edward, tailor, 021 Jeflrer.--on 
Bigonet Jacob, cooper, llidge av, Uox 
Bigot .\lphonse, artist, 847 N Broad 
Bihl Peter, provisions, IS."*!) Germantown av 
Bilboroiigh Thomas, lime dealer, 24lh & Wood, h 

21 IS B:aiidywine 
Bilbow Matthew, laborer, Ann n Melvale 
Bildon Barney. Imstler, 2220 .Summer 
Bilenstein S. G., gentlewoman, f> S 12th 
Biles Charles 11., clerk Western Bank. I.33f. S 16th 
Biles Jeremiah, laborer, 109 Marion 
Biles Joseph, carpenter. 22.') S l.")th 
Biles Joseph F , carjienter, <) PlaelTenberg pi 
Biles Joseph T., carpenter, .336 S IGth 
Biles L. L., clerk. 718 Chestnut 
Bilgen Aaron P., builder, 1.3.32 Franklin 
Bilger Charles, shoemaker, Apple ab Norris 
Bilger Clemens, cooper, 149 Bodine 
Bilger Francis, shoenmker, Apple ab Norris 
Bilger G 'ovge, bookbinder, 1.332 Franklin 
Bilger (teorge, gentleman, 8Ci2 N 5th 
Bilger Isaac, feed, 317 N Front, 442 N 4th 
Bilger Mahlon N., bookkeeper. 121 Noblo 
Bilger !^aniuel, driver, Orkney bel Sus(|uehanna av 
Bilger Willianj A., livery stable, 301 New Market, 

A Iced, 317 N Front, h 442 N 4th 
Bilhartx Charles, telegraph operator, 10.31 Otis 
Bilh.irz Adolph, soap A candle nianuf. 204 Poplar 
Bdhurz Francis, bnicher, N E Dauphin & Apple 
Billara Joseph, hotil, 645 N 10th 
Billam Joshu.a. silversmith, ()45 N 10th 
Bills .Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 121 Marion 
Bill.s John, needle maker, Carroll n York 
Bille John, tavern, 510 N 9th 
Billerback Joseph, locksmith, 908 Ridge av 
Billin William G., mer. 606 Chestnut, h Walnut 

bel 40th 
B lliiiu'bam Elizabeth, caps, 1803 Lombard 
BILLIN(;.^. UOOP A CO. {Jmnes M. liillinirs, 

.S. 11". Hoop iV //. li. Kibhe), com. mers. 24 A 

21". Bank 
Billings Ann Eliza, tailoress, 1503 Parrish 
Billings Asa, upholsterer, 114 Elwyn 
Billings Caleb, dry goods, 2227 Coates 

Billings James M., mer. 24 A 2r. l!ank, h 1411 

Billings J. L., bricklayer, 114 Elwyn 
Billings .'iylvesler, hat'ter, 36 S itli", h 715 N 20th 
Killings ."^arah Ann, ladies slices, 226 Poplar 
Billings Tluimas, printer, 105 S Juniper 
Billings Thomas S., |>riuter, r 329 Arch 
Billingslelt Thomas, brass turner, 1423 Button- 
Billington James H., manuf. findings, 45 A 47 8 

Front, h I9ili A Thompson 
Billington John, weaver, 715 Webb 
Billington Thomas, hotel, 210 N Water 
liillmann Jacob, eordwainor. Amber n York 
Billmoyer D.ivid, baker, Penna nv A Coates 
Billmeyer George, farmer. Main A Upsill, Gin 
liillmeyer Samuel T., agent, 2 Willing's al, h Her- 
man, (itn 
Pillmeyer William M., printer. 11.38 Sites 
Billmore Eliza (c), cook, 15 Bohemia pi 
Bills Franeis, dairyman, 1333 S 8th 
Bilsborough Jabez. laborer, Paul n Green, Fkd 
Bilsland .lohn, laborer, 2134 Naudain 
Bilz Henry, laborer, 2.32 IJrown 
Bimmer Gottlieb, shoemaker, 819 St John 
Biinpker Charles, weaver, Harrison's al, Myk 
Hinder Charles, carpenter, 506 N 8tli 
Binder Christo[dier, carpenter, 1786 Alarshall 
Binder Elizabeth, 923 N 7th 
Binder F. W., hotel, 45 N 6th 
Binder George, manure wharf, 624 Coates 
Binder George A., lumber mer. h 928 Marshall 
Binder Jacob, lumber mer. 8 E 6th A Oxford, h 

922 Marshall 
Binder John, hosiery maker, 1235 N Front 
Binder John, lager beer, 1214 S 5th 
Binder Moyer, furrier, 431 N 3d st 
Hinder Peter, cond'r, lliehmond bel Reading av 
Binder Philip, butcher, 324 A'ine 
Binder William W., carp'tr A builder, 1443 N 8th 
Bindfcliettler Jidin. goldsmith. 263 Levant 
BINES A SIIEAFF (.S/w/'^Z M. Blu,s If John 

F. Slmaff), coal dealers. Arch st wlif. Sell 
Bines Samuel M., coal dealer, Arch st wlif. Sch, 

h Fishers la, N P R R 
Bing J;imes, car builder, 1529 Ogden 
Bing Philip, tailor. 1319 Palethorp 
Bin;/h:ini Franeis D., carpenter U S Navy Yard, 

h Ludlow n ZM\ 
Bingham F. M., lumber merchant, 12 N 17th 
BiiiL'ham .James, jeweller, 3I(') Wood 
Bingham JaiiVBS, Jeweller, 40 S 3d, h W P 
Bingham John, carpenter, 1208 Thompson 
Binirhani John, weaver, Ella n Amber 
BINGHAM JOHN, Supt Adams Express Co.. 320 

Chestnut, h 36 N llth 
Bingham John C. sadir, 1433 Market, h 36N llth 
Bingham Josei>li, cariienter, 2004 Pearl 
Bini^ham Margaret, seamstress, 240 N 15th 
Hinghatn Hichaid, grocer, 928 Fiizwater 
Binv'ham Richard W., gardener, Main op Queen, 

Bingham Samuel, assessor, 215 W Girard av 
Bingham Samuel, carpenter, Darby rd bel May- 

landville bridge 
Hinghain Samuel, laborer. Front ab Jefferson 
Bingham William, turner, Walnut n 5th, h 1520 

S sih 
Bingley (teorge, weaver, Miller bel Wister, Gtn 
Bingley Jo.seph. engraver, 403 Landis 
Hinhei'mer Gottlieb, tailor, 205 New 
Binker Eninia, gentlewoman, 480 Richmond 
Binker .lohn, laborer, Dubree ab Wylie 
Binker William, engineer, 124.'! Palmer 
Hiiik.r William, founder, 480 Richmond 

Bqj your Clothing at the great 




Binkerl- John, lagor beer, Frankford ab Odd Fol- 

loWM 1 1 11,1 1 

Binkorl. Matthew, seRftr maker, IFuglioM ot 
I3inkin|,!;l.oii John, trirnmiriffH Htoro, 125.'! N IO:h 
Binloy Frodoiiok, Hhiji joIi)(!r, III I I'alnior 
Binloy John, ciM'))oritor, '1.0.'! Allon 
Biiildy Williiiini, cai'|)i)nt(;r, 112.') iSoi)liia 
Biiinoy (Jliarlolte, gcntlowornnn, I.S.'l.O (Jhewtnut 
Biniu'y lloi'aoo, comisollor, 24.') 8 <1tli, h 24 I S 4th 
lilNNijY IIOKAOK, Jr., att'y-at-law, 227 S 6th 
Hiniioy .roliii, typo founder, I02H Chrintian 
Binns (Jliarles 11., clerk, 1108 Mt Vornoii 
Binns Edward II., .salusman, 517 Market, h 1104 

Binn.s II. M., weaver, York A Qohfi 
Binna Mo.sos, collector, 1103 Market, h 1108 Mt 

Binns William, painter, Jackson, Myk 
Biiiswii.n^^or iHidore, dry goods, 320 Market, h 

4;}r) Franklin 
Binz John, grocer, S W York & Qei^a 
Bioron John, mor. 207 Chestnut, h 2'J2 S 3d 
Birnm John, laborer, i;i."58 Shippen 
Birely Jacob, shipbuilder, Columbia av & Beach, 

h 428 Richmond 
Birch Abraham, grocer. Main bel Armat, Gtn 
Birch David, M.D., 252 E Girard av 
Birch David, Jr., clerk, 252 E Girard av 
Bii'ch Edwin K , auctioneer, 914 Chestnut, h 1816 

Birch Elizabeth, candy store, 336 Master 
Birch Esther (o), widow, 1410 Gulielma 
Birch Frederick II., brewer, 016 N 3d 
Birch George, gentleman, 762 Erie 
Birch George, soap manuf. 1212 Shackamaxon 
Birch George, weaver, Gordon bel Cedar 
Birch Harry, soap manuf. 1212 Shackamaxon 
Birch Isaac D., clerk, 207 Church al, h 1707 Wylie 
Birch John, clerk, 1707 Wylie 
Birch John, gentleman, 11 Taney 
Birch John, he.ater, 2 Deshong 
BIRCH JOSEPH, apothecary, S E 21st & Vine 
Birch Joseph, student, 252 E Girard av 
Birch Michael, soap, 1209 Frankford av 
Birch Samuel, gunsmith. Amber n Otis 
Birch Thomas, auctioneer, 914 Chestnut, h 1717 

Birch Thomas, shoemaker. Walnut n 24th 
Birch Thomas &, Son {Edu-in K. Birch), auction- 
eers, 914 Chestnut 
Birch T. J., druggist, 11 Taney 
Birchall Elias, hosiery manufacturer, Armat n 

R. R., h Price n Hancock, Gtn 
Birchall Elizabeth, milliner, Main & Church la, 

Birchall Joseph, conductor, Church ab Paul, Fkd 
Birchall William, iron worker, 1733 Olive 
Birchall William, weaver, Brandywine n 24th 
Bircher Rieh;ird, shoe store, 2221 Coates 
Birchfield Charles, caj- builder, 3325 Market 
Birekhead P. E., Treas. Phila. F. & L. Ins. Co., 

h 1524 Chestnut 
Bird & Dilks {Jo/, Bird cV TT"/;i. DMs), umbrel- 
las, 1734 M.irket 
Bird Bernard, bartender, 6 S 6th 
BIRD CHRISTIAN, billiards, 609 Chestnut & 

100 S 12th, h 423 York av 
Bird Charles, horse dealer, 444 N 9th 
Bird Charles, plasterer, 859 N 5th 
Bird Charles, moroccodi-esser, 233 Coates 
Bird David, moroceodresser, 233 Coates 
Bird Edmund M., police, S W 5th & Chestnut, h 

1206 S 5th 
Bird George W., cutter, 1631 Carpenter 
Bird Henry, libr.ariau, 904 Clinton 

Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and 

Bird Henry R., oarpontor, m24 Cntnbridge 
Bird I:-iaiiib, carpenter, 1024 Cmnbridge 

llird .IiiiiicH, tlivornkecjii-r, .S (JIh 

Bird JjiineH M., teacher, 320 K Kith 

liiril JanicH H., clerk, .'i20 K Kith 

Bird Job, fancy goodH, ]7.'J4 Market, h 2114 

Bird .lolin, bricklayer, 4 Newitt pi 
Bird J(din, Hhoeinakcr, ClarlHHap) 
Bird John, nhoemakor, 606 I'oweil 
Bird John {<:), hiickntor, 1016 Barley 
Bird .folin H,, clerk, 435 Catharine 
BIRD J. F., M.D., N E 11th and Green 
Bird Mary, dressmaker, '•) RalKtoii 
Bird Matthias, dealer, 808 Callowhill 
Bird Rebecca, gentlewoman, Kt.'iO Vine 
Bird Thomas, dry goods, 210 Poplar 
Bird AValter, filer, 251 Perry 
Bird William Henry, conveyancer, 34 S 3d, h 

1 526 Sansom 
Birdenstock Fr.ank, hostler, 885 Randolph 
Birdsall Hannah, M. D., 240 N 0th 
Birdsiill Mnlone. carpenter, Tulip n Townsend 
Birdslcy James W., Gcrmantown av, Gtn 
Birdswcdl Samuel, engineer, 306 Redwood 
Birgfeld Adolphe, piano manuf. 239 S 7th, h 254 

S 12th 
Birkeuhauer Charles, barber, 631 N 3d 
Birkenhauer George, barber, 436 N 9th 
Birkenhauer Philip, barber, 1136 Coates 
Birkenhauer William, barber, 436 N 8th 
Birkett Sarah, gentlewoman, 903 N 21st 
Birkey C. A., trimming.^, 211 S 6th 
Birkey Jolin, surgeon dentist, 245 S 6th 
Birkey John Q.. surgeon dentist, 245 S 6th 
Birkey William J., dentist, 242 S 8th 
Birkinbine Augustus (c), 606 Market 
Birkinbine Henry P. M., engineer, 2221 Green 
Birkinbine John, 2221 Green 
Birkle Adrien, 148 Margaretta 
Birkmyre James, grocer, 514 S 15th 
Birks John, white goods, laces, &c., 207 Market 
Birman William, segarmaker, 618 N 3d 
Birmingham & Bros. (Charles B. if P. W. Bir- 

oningh.nm), 467 k, 469 N 3d 
Birmingham Catharine, dry goods, 1663 Ridge av 
Birmingham Charles B., grocer, 467 & 469 N 3d, 

h 926 N 7th 
Birmingham Decatur M., artist, 911 Poplar 
Birmingham .James, daguerreotype case mantif. 

Refuge, h 1603 Ridge av 
Birmingham John, laborer, Leithgowab Diamond 
Birmingham P. W., grocer, 467 & 469 N 3d, h 

711 Poplar 
Birmingham Savillion, bookbinder, 711 Poplar 
Birmingham Thomas, laborer. 14 Osasre av 
Birnbaum Charles, baker, 1024 & 1026 Pine 
Birnbaum Charles H., baker, 1024 & 1026 Pine 
Birnbaum George, machinist, 1411 X 8th 
Birnbaum Louisa, 3 Moland av 
Biruey Charles, carpenter, 109 Otter 
Birney David, laborer, Emorv ab Richmond 
BirneyD. B., General, h 1920 Race 
Biruey Francis, M. D., 907 Christian 
Biruey William, carpenter, 618 Brown, h S W 

8th"& Spring Garden 
Birnie Elizabeth, 1 Gideon pi 
Birt Edward, morocco finisher, 500 N 2d 
Bisbing George, oak cooper. 336 St John 
Bisbing Henry, plasterer, Haines u Main. Gtn 
Bisbing Jacob H., carpenter. Apple bel Diamond 
Bisbing Jacob S., moulder, Marshall n Gtn av 
Bisbing John, cooper, 5 Mendon pi 
Bisbiug John, plate printer, 754 N 22d 
Bisbing John M., carpenter, Irving ab 40tlt 

Market Streets,' Wanamaker & Brovn. 





Bisbing Snmuol, laborer, 479 York nv 

Bisbinj; Siepbon, shoes, 1029 Market, h 1636 

Bisco Allen (c), laborer, ct r 1206 Wood 
Biscomb John, tailor, l.'ilT MitUiu 
BisiTce Jaiuus, weaver, (itu 
Bish Joint, woiiver, Ilarri.son's al, Myk 
Bish John A., Uarrison's al, Alyk 
BisbofT Cbiirles, barber, 32S Girard av 
Bisbo]), Simons A Co. (.SV/'/irc// 6". Bishop {f 
Hrtiry Simons), skipping & commission mer- 
obnnls, 105 Arch 
Bishop Amos, carpenter, Carpenter, Qtn 
BISHOP BAKZILLA, hotel & restaurant, 301 N 

Front, h ;!(UI N Water 
Bishop Charles, batter, '.122 Parrish 
Bishop Charles, machinist, 2d h r 454 Belrose 
Bishop Charles C, bookkeeper, 431 Magnolia 
Bishop C. J., drug-rist, IS II Poplar 
Bisliop David, bootmaker, r 1618 Lombard 
Bishop Elixabeth, 918 Arch 
Bishop Ulizabeth, gentlewoman, r 834 N 2d 
Bishop Ephraim, ship chaildler, 18 S Delaware 

av, h ."56 N Front 
Bishop Francis, carter, Fernon bel S 9th 
Bishop Francis, moulder, Fraokford av ab Cum- 
Bishop Isaac, farmer, Sbarpnack, Gin 
Bishop Isaac, photographer, N W 10th <t Girard 

av, h 1227 N 10th 
Bishop James W., bricklayer, 116 Prime 
Bishop Jane, trimmings, 2307 Callowhill 
Bishop Jane C, hotel, 208 Carter 
Bishop John, bricklayer, 1310 Jefferson av 
Bishop John, bootmaker, r 736 Moss 
Bishop John, farmer, Gorgas, Gtn 
Bishop John, sexton, Morton n Centre, Gtn 
Bishop John R., tailor, 114 S 4th, h 821 Frank- 
Bishop J., mathematical insts. 207 Pear 
Bishop Louisa F., boardinghouse, 415 Spruce 
Bisliop Maurice, bakery, 150 Margaretta 
Bishop Philip S., carpenter, Ludlow bel 37th 
Bishop Rachel, oyster dealer, 824 Rachel 
Bishop Robert, machinist. Stiles & Edward, h 

1213 Howard 
Bishop Robert D., bartender, 1230 Cadwalader 
Bishop Stratton, waterman, 11 Court al 
Bishop Stilwell S., commission merchant, 105 

Arch, h 1737 Wallace 
Bishop Theodore, ship carpenter, 26 Laurel 
Bishop Thomas, teacher of music, 1632 Filbert 
Bishop U. C, furniture, 1637 Market, h 22 S 

Bishop William, captain, 116 Prime 
Bishop William, harnessmaker, Carpenter, Gtn 
Bishop Wm., shoemaker, Centre n Hancock, Gtn 
Bispham Benjamin II., trunkmr. 127 Richmond 
Bisjiham Daniel, tailor, 127 Richmond 
Bispham Daniel F., trunkmaker, r 127 Richmond 
Bispham Ellis, mer. 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 

Bispham Samuel A., merohant, 629 Market, h 

413 Marshall 
Hispham William M., clerk, 1605 Filbert 
Bispham William D., att'y at law, 30 N 7th 
Bisport Jacob, laborer, 1633 (lermantown av 
Bisport Jacob, segarmaker, Oxford n GormaD- 

town av , 

Biss Thomas, weaver, Bringhurst n R R, Gtn 
Bissell Frederick M., bookkeeper, 129 Market, h 

406 S Broad 
Bissell Israel M., gent. 406 S Broad 
Bisser Bonner, shoemaker, 1306 Dorsey 
Disset Narcisse, art. (lower maker, 1134 Rodman 
Bissett John, seaman, 207 I'riiuo 
Bissex George E., shoeeutter, 2101 Vine 
Bissex George Henry, gent., 2101 Vine 
Bissex Henry T., boots and shoes, 3602 Market 
Bissex James R., shoes, 2101 Vine 
Bissret John, clerk, Morris bel 6th 
Bissenger Bastion, jeweller, 1151 Passyunk av 
Bissinger E., weaver, 1303 N 5th 
Bi.xsett John, mariner, 1322 Corn 
Bissler Ferdinand, shoemaker, 6 Brinkley pi 
Bisson Mary. 968 Hutchinson 
Bissout H. F., shoemaker, 2217 Ridge av 
I Bisum Morris, machinist, 1232 Beach 
I Biswingcr Erbart, manuf. York n Amber 
; Bitler Joseph, moulder, 204 S Juniper 
j Bitner & Eyre (Joseph L. liiturr i( Istinc P. 
I Eijre), notions and fancy goods, 17 N 3d 
Bitner Abraham, com. mer. 1015 Market, h 

Warren ab 34th 
Bitner Benjamin F., clerk, 32 S 34th 
Bitner Charles, 327 N 9th 

Bitner Joseph L. mer. 17 N 3d. h 1235 Marshnll 
Bitner Philip, tailor, 12.34 Warnock 
Bittencourt Alfert, restaurant, 1121 Shippeo 
Bitting Catharine, .S30 Burns 
Bitting Jacob, conductor, 810 Wallace 
Bitting Jonathan, turner, JIascherab Huntington 
Bitting Jordan, Jr., bricklayer, 800 N 11th 
Bitting Jordan D., conveyancer, 860 N 11th 
Bitting Lewis, 620 Marke't, h 623 N 10th 
Bitting Lewis C, surgical instrument maker, 860 

N 11th 
Bitting Thomas R. gent. 320 N 3d, h Montgo- 
mery hotel 
Bitting ^Villiam, dispatcher cars, 808 Wallace 
Bitting William, tailor, 1215 Myrtle 
Bitting William H., liquors, 620 Market, h 623 

N lOth 
Bittings Samuel, artist, 3 TwaddelF." ct 
Bittirs Lorenzo C cordwainer, 484 N 4th 
Bittirs N. W., artist, 484 N 4th 
Bittle William, clerk, 39 N 10th 
Bittle William H., boilermaker, 401 E Girard av 
Bittorf Elizabeth, gentw. 511 Oxford 
Bitz John, winehouse, 227 Race 
Bivan Benjamin F., lab. State bel Powelton av 
Bivan Charles M., packer, 1^27 Melon 
Bivan Henry, painter, 925 Moyaniensing av 

BISPHAM GEORGE T., attorney at law, 423 | Bivan Mary, boardinghouse, 1027 Melon 

Walnut, h 1503 Spruce 
Bispham Henry C, artist, 1208 Chestnut, h 1605 

Bispham Jas. L., druggist, 710 S 2d, h 411 S 8th 
Bispham John S., mer. 629 Market, h 263 N 0th 
Bispham Joseph, gentleman, 1503 Spruce 
Bispham Joseph B., 423 Walnut, h 1503 Spruce 
Bispham Mary C, bdg housekeeper, 253 S 9th 
Bispham M. C, gentw. 1605 Filbert 
l!i-I.liam Samuel, mer., 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
BISPHAM SAMUEL <fc SONS (Suviuel, Samuel 

A. if John S. Bispham), wholesale grocers and 

com. mers., 629 Market and 620 Commerce 

I Bivines Charles, moulder, 018 S Front 
Bivins Daniel, laborer, 1 Ohio pi 
Bivins Henry, laliorer, 300 Truston 
Bivins J. M., merchant, 005 Market 
Bivins Robert, seaman, 347 Christian 
Bivins Patrick, coachman, 1417 Filbert 
Bixenstein J. F., baker, 700 Coates 
Bize Eugene, salesman, 222 N 8th 
Bize Eugene, Mrs., millinery. 222 N 8th 
Bizel James, weaver, 420 Rihl 
Blaa S., grocer, 233 N LOth 

BLABON GEORGE W. k CO., oilcloths and win- 
dowshade manufs. 124 N 3d 

Buy your Clothing at the great 




Blabon Ooorge W., oiloloth anrl windowshade 

manuC, 124 N .'M, h -irH N Ht,h 
BIftcliru't/, John, bnlclnT, IfjIH MnHoIior 
Blade Aluxaniler, concliinan, r III N Jiifiipof 
Black Aloxander, laborer, l.'W2 N P'rorit 
BIm<:I< Amelia, droHfinakor, 211 iS 'Jlli 
Black Andrew, 208 Dean 
BIa,(!k Annio S., clo.'i.lcinakcr, 2111 S lOUi 
Black Aichihald, waU;riiian, l.'i.'i OnTi)entor 
Black AugusUiH, driver, I'ldpcmonl ab Jiltnory 
Black Cliai'les, weaver, Ui-'ili N 2cl », 
Black Charles M., stationery. 111 N "tb, h l();!5 

Black Cluirlotto, stationery, IfiO^ Prankford, Fkd 
Black Crock Jinprovoment Co., ;il li Walnut 
Black Cyrus (c), porter, i\'2i) St Mary 
Black Daniel, laborer, Ann n Trenton av 
Black Da^niol, painter, 7(12 S (ith 
Black Bbenenor (c), agent, 012 Barclay ■ 
Black Edgar, milk, 1425 Parrish 
Black Edmund, clerk, 215 Chestnut, h 1035 Cal- 
Black Edward T., bricklayer, 640 N 13th 
Black Elizabeth, embroidery, 234 N 13th 
Black Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 234 N 13th 
Black Emanuel, porter, 922 Nectarine 
Black Francis, carpenter, Orr ab Francis 
Black Francis, shoemaker, 1()2'J Lombard 
Black Francis A., painter, 307 Lombard 
Black F. R., painter, 702 S 0th 
Black Ueorge, plasterer, 301 Otis 
Black George, varnisher, 458 Canton 
Black George, watchman, 322 N 23d 
Black George D., clerk, 310 N 8th 
Black Henry, wiretemperer, 032 Montgomery av 
Black Henry, laborer, r 1323 Paletliorp 
Black II. W., plasterer, 301 Otis 
Blaciv Hugli S., bookkeeper, 1119 Division 
Black Isaac, marble polisher, 208 Dean 
Black Jackson, laborer, 1420 Philip 
Black Jackson, painter, 1012 S 7th 
Black James, coachman (c), 229 Currant al 
Black James, drygoods, 240 S 10th 
Black James, grocer, 1501 Market, h 1819 Filbert 
Black James, laborer, 1032 Richard 
Black James, painter, 2122 Summer 
Black James, photographer, 533 Washington av 
Black James, trimmer, 922 Race 
Black James R., temperer of wire, 022 Montgo- 
mery av 
Black James T., grocer, N W Broad and Chestnut, 

h 114 S loth 
Black Jenks, blacksmith. Diamond ab 5th 
Black John, blacksmith, 12 Fetter lane, h 448 

N 7th 
Black John, boilermaker, r 3 Barlow pi 
Blaciv John, briokmaker, Ann n Trenton av 
Black John, carter, York n Bank 
Black John, clerk, 522 Walnnt 
Black John, gentleman, 113 Vine 
Black John, grocer, 1020 Fitzwater 
Black John, laborer, Salmon opposite Emorv 
Black John A., supt., 821 Chestnut, h 2218 Lo- 
Black John S., merchant, 422 Market, h 1512 

Black Joseph, clerk, Salmon opposite Emory 
Black Joseph, engineer. Artisan n Ball 
Black Joseph, laborer, 251 Jefferson 
Black Josiah, spinner, r 1330 N 2d 
Black J. n., merchant, 1130 Market, h, 113 N. 

Black Markley, conductor, Richmond bel Read- 
ing av 
Black Mary, r 1417 Hewson 

Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and 

Bluok Mary, grntluwuiniin, .'iOl OIIh 

BliLck Miiry A. (<■-), wa.uliihff, 1225 Peurl 

Black Mdlthcw, painter, 702 K (Uh 

Black Mathow, cliocmiikcr, IH3I CliriHtian 

IJliick MiittliiaK {(;), cartor, 'lOlli it Irving; 

Blar;k Maurice, atl'y ut law, 211 S 3d, h 1315 

Bbiek M., tobacconiHt, 024 Arch 
Black J'airick, laborer, Huntingdon ab Tlioinj;- 

Black I'en-y C, caleHinan, 1231 K 3d 
Black P. R., agent, dth and Chestnut, h 9J3 Co- 
rinthian av 
Black Richard, laborer. Queen, Gtn 
Blacik Robert, blaok.imith, Walnut ab SOlh 
Black Robert, coppersmith, 458 Canton 
Black Robert, gentleman, 911) Auburn 
BLACK ROBERT, grocer, CheHtnul and J8th, L 

S W 17th ifc Market 
Black Robert, laborer, 1706 Gray.son 
Black Robert, laborer, 2122 Summer 
Black Robert, painter, 2107 Iliirmatead 
Black Robert, shipcarpenter, 300 Tyler 
Black Robert, shoes, Ac, 1129 Shippen 
Black Robert, telegraph operator, 1137 S 11th 
Black Robert, Jr., blacksmith. Walnut ab 36th 
Black Robert T., merchant, 422 Market, h 1718 

Black Rudolph J., bookkeeper, 212 Chestnut, h 

640 N 13th 
Black R., 721 Moro 
Black R. G., carpenter, 244 N 22d 
Black Samuel, 403 Richmond 
Black Samuel, com. mer. ImhofF.'^ droveyard, 

Haverford wire bridge, h 11th and Market 
Black Samuel, laborer, r 2125 Spruce 
Black Samuel W., real estate agent, 640 N 13th 
Black Sarah, gentlewoman. Tulip n Dauphin 
Black Sarah, gentlewoman, 2239 Wood 
Black Susan, gentlewoman, 1818 Wylie 
Black S., 1234 Shippen 
Black Theodore, laborer, 218 Poulson 
Black Thomas (c), 1043 Lombard 
Black Thompson, grocer. N AV Broad and Chest- 
nut, h 114 S 15th 
BLACK THOMPSON & SON {J,n?tes T. Black), 

grocers, N W Broad and Chestnut 
Black William, grocer, 509 N ISth 
Black William, laborer, 1920 Earp 
Black William, moulder, Walnut ab 36th 
Black William, stonecutter, 1512 Shippen 
Black William, weaver, 1429 Hope 
I Black William, weaver, Dreer n Amber 
I Black William C, gentleman, 268 S 3d 

Black William R., carpenter. 116 Federal 
i Black William S., printer, 1027 Buttonwood 

Black W. D., blacksmith. 1246 S 6th 
i Black W. D.. Jr., drygoods, 1246 S 6th 

Black W. M., conductor, Salmon bel Reading ax 
; Blaekaway Harry, carter, Tulip n Dauphin 
j Blackburn Alexander W., fire marshal, S W 5th 
and Chestnut, h 725 S 16th 
Blackburn Daniel M., telegraph operator, 727 
' Morris 

j Blackburn F., machinist. 6 Snyder's av 
' Blackburn George, drayman. 1732 Stiles 
[ Blackburn George, weaver. Front ab Montg'y ar 
j Blackburn Jas., lab. Church bel Orchard, Fkd 
1 Blackburn Jeremiah, shoes. 615 South 
\ Blackburn John, att"v-at-law <fc conveyancer. 420 
j Library, h 346 S 16th 
1 Blackburn Joseph, shop, 729 Passyunk av 
j Blackburn Martha, gentlewoman, 706 Spafford 

Blackburn Oliver, laborer. 7 Myers' ct 
' Blackburn Stewart, driver, 12 Myers' et 

Market Streets, 'Wananiaker & Brown, 




Blackburn Thoiua«, variety, 2112 Callowhill I 

Blaekbiirno 1' ram-is, Soc. Philn. F. A L. Ins. Co., 1 

-»;i;! (.'bfsnut. h Mirrick A S Ponn tiq j 

Blnokbiirui", f-arali S., pontlewnnuin, 15 S 13lh 
Bliiokburno ThomB,«, lawyer, 4.T1 fhristiim j 

BluikiT Patriok, carixjuter P. II. for Insane, 

Market ab 4;til 
Blai'kl'ortl (ioor>;i>, bricklayer, 123{> Pine 
Blaokrord Gior^'e, tailor, 1109 Ogden 
Blnoktord Jiilin, express, Cth ab Chestnut, h Ha- 

vertnrd ab Wyoming 
Dlat-khur.-t Henry, wo.iver, r 151 Master 
Blackninn ISiMniiiKloii G., hotel, Brabant n Ann 
Bliickuian \\m. T., gent. Kiohmond n William 
Bliiokmooro t'has., jiaperslniner, IT-'^tS Moravian 
Blaekinore Francis, locksmith A bellhanger, 3209 

Blaok.-ton E. (c), 7.38 Lombard 
Black.'ton John (c), lOlrt Rodman 
Blaeksion Peter (c), waterman, 3 Pri.«cilla pi 
Blacksion W., gla.s^blower, Dauphin bel Cedar 
Blaektirn Patrick, coachman, 1701 Latimer 
Blackwell O. W. J.-, hairdr. Lniic av, Ilcstonv 
Blackwoll Thoraa.s, silversmith, ()31 Hay 
Blackwell Edward, captain, 624 N 26th 
Blackwood Thomas P., carpenter, 221 Perry* 
Blackwood William, painter, Ely av 
Blackwood William Rev., 125 S ISth 
Blackwood William D., M.D., I2S S ISth 
Blackwood W. 11., carpenter, 1327 S lOth 
Blackwood Wm. T., paperhanger, 415 Canton 
Bla<le .James, shoemaker, 1128 Savery 
Bladen George W., oilcloth, 3d bel Cherry, h 451 

N Sth 
Bladen Wash. L., Health Office, h 217 S 9th 
Blaes Anthony, ragdealer, 302 N 23d 
Blaes Henry, currier, 610 N 4lh 
Blaese Adam, lagerbecr, S W 5th iSs Master 
Blaese John, currier, 703 Coates 
Blaese John, wheelwright, S W 5th & Master 
Blaese Mary, trimmings, 703 Coates 
Blness Conrad, tavern, N E 4th &, Coates 
Blacss George, hotel, 1122 Beach 
BLAE.^.S PHILIP, brewer, 612 St John, & retail 

N W .«t John & Green 
Blacstock Samuel, carpenter, 1618 Aspen 
Blagher John, laborer, Philip n Columbia av 
Blaich George E., papercarrier, 1235 N Front 
Blain James, 1206 Brinton 
Blair Ale.\ander, laborer, Linn n 24th 
Blair Andrew, druggist, S W Sth & Walnut, h 

Powclton A 35th 
Blair Amlrew, laborer, 1419 Howard 
Blair Andrew, packer, 2d n Oxford 
Bliiir Alvin F., com. mer. 30 N Water, h 1541 

Blair Anne, trimmings, 412 S 13th 
Blair David, U. S. Mint, h 1541 Vine 
Blaii- ll'.nry, moroccodresser, 612 Tamarind 
BLAIR HENRY C, druggist. S W Sth A Wal- 
nut, h Powelton & 35th 
Blair Henry C. Jr., student, h Powelton A 35th 
Blair James, stairbuilder, 21st A Chestnut, h 621 

N 16th 
Blair James W., machinist, 1214 N 13th 
Blair Jane, gentlewoman, 1308 N 3d 
Blair John, agent, 1236 Buttonwood 
Blair John, grocer, S E Haverford A 37th 
Blair John, laborer, 2015 South 
Blair John, weaver, 1229 Crease 
Blair Lewellyn, plumber, 412 N 7th 
Blair Margaret, gentlewom.m, 166 Dana 
Blair Margaret, 1130 Rodman 
Blair M. A., trimmings. 604 ."^p Garden 
Blair Robert, laborer, Parker 

Best Place in the City to buy 

Blair Robert, laborer, 1436 N 2d 

Blair Samuel, foreman P. R. R. h 2017 Summer 

BL.\IR SAMUEL R., plumber, 8 N 7th, h 1004 

Blair Thomas, hotel keeper, 1716 Market 
Blair Thomas, machinist, 1605 Pearl 
Blair Thomas, plasterer, 1350 Cadwalador 
Blair William, soldier, Ludlow n 36th 
Blair William, weaver, Creishoini rd, Gtn 
Blair William E., grocer, 122 S 17th 
Blair W, C, com. mer. 30 N Water, h 1541 Vino 
ISlais EdwArd, gentleman, 851 N Broad 
Blake A Co., com. mers. 1816 Market 
Blake Amos R. Jr., gentleman, 301 Queen 
Blake Austin, bleacher A presser, 815 Sp Garden 
Blake Charles A., machinist, 949 N Front 
Blake Charles A., surg inst. manuf. 727 Morris 
Blake Duncan W., student, 301 Queen 
Blake Elizabeth (c), gentlewoman. 2124 Wood 
Blake Eli/.abeth (c), washing, 20 Eaken pi 
Blake F. R., M.D., H2 Richmond 
Blake George E., music dealer, 25 S Sth 
Blake George West, bookkeeper, 36 N 4th, h 141 

N 13lh 
Blake H. G., trimmings, 406 S 6th 
Blake John, Cam. A Am. R. R 2020 Pino 
Blake John, porter, 308 Cypress 
Blake John, porter, 3 Ellett's av 
Blake John (c), coachman, 612 Bay 
Blake John C, milkman, 2136 Apple 
Blake Martin, typefounder, Sidmouth bel Wash- 
ington av 
Blake Mary, milliner, 715 Coates 
Blake Peter, tobacconist, Wissahickon av, Chest- 
nut Hill 
Blake Samuel, segarmaker, Allen la, Gtn 
Blake Samuel, driver, r 1324 Mott 
Blako Samuel (c), waiter, 1 Plume pi 
Blake Sophia, millinery, 815 Sp Garden 
Blake S. Parkman, Jr., merchant, 205 Church al, 

h I42'.t Walnut 
Blake Teresa E., shop, 756 Swanson 
Blake Thomas, brickmaker, 1303 Montgomery av 
Blake Thomas D.. student, 301 Queen 
Blake Thomas F., druggist, N W (iucen A 3d 
Blake T. West, Sec. Fire Depart. 7 Goldsmith's 

Hall, 420 Library, h 141 N 1.3th 
Blake AVilliam, porter, 7 Coombes' al 
Blakeley Ellen, gentlewoman, 1529 Hancock 
Bl.'ikely Charles, shoemaker. Sorrel n Bath 
Blakely Thomas, stonecutter, 1816 Girard av 
Blakely William, carpet weaver, 1731 Buttonwood 
Blakely William, gentleman, r 1522 Philip 
Blakomore Henry, japanner, 1205 Melon 
lilakemore .Tames W., plumber, 1206 Melon 
BlaUeuiore Thomas F., merchant, 307 Market, h 

466 N 7th 
Blackency John, shoemaker, 1334 Shippcn 
Blaker E", iilumbcr, 1529 Cabot 
Blaker Henry, turner. Sellers bel Leiper, Fkd 
Blaker William, express, 191 Frankford, Fkd 
Blakey Thomas, carpenter, 877 N 9th 
Blakifiton George, com. mer. 22 S Water, h 4 2d 

A Pine 
Blakiston George R., broom corn A com. mer. 22 

S Water, h 41st A Pine 
Blaki.ston llarriett, gentlew. Woodland bel Mkt 
Blakiston Henry R., U. S. N. 2309 Green 
Blakiston John, clerk, 318 Walnut, h W P 
Blaki.ston John R., coal .shipper, 318 Walnut, h 

W P 
Blakiston Presley, publisher, 25 S 6th, h llbg 
Blaki.ston William L., coachmaker, 1541 Ridge 

av, h Sth A Sp Garden Julius, clothing, Richmond n William 

good and cheap Clothing at 




Blanch Arthur, laborer, Holland's pi 
RliMioli Lcjiii.s, rcporlof. 102.'! CoiitoH 
BLANCIIARJ) A LIOA {IVm. A. Bl.ancIiMrd &f 

Uc/iri/ 0. Leu), IjDokHullcr.s A iiub. lOr) S 4th 
Blanchard lloiiry, publinhor, liJll Wiiliiiit 
Bliinoliard Ileiiiy W.,, 2212 Ciillowliiil 
Bliuicliiird II. li'., iipliol. N E l.'ith & CliuHtmtt 
Bliinchanl Miii-y, ^^oiiMinvdiiiaii, 2S S IHMi 
Blancli!u<l Will. A , publisher, lO.'i S ll.h, Ii l.'iri 

Blanchard Williams J., Soc. Famo In.s. Co. 400 

Cliostnul, h lOli.'l Vine 
Blanche JiunoH, inaKon, 9.38 Aider 
Blanche Joiin, lirakcHnian, Chreishcim av 
Blaiichdeld, Thomas, watchman, 190.'3 Richmond 
BliMicjour Francis L., prof, of music, Main bol 

Mil'l, <3tn 
Blanckonsee Isaac, gentleman, 1233 Davis 
Blanckensee Solomon, 123.3 Davis 
Blancy Iliinnah, gentlow. 3 Main n CeJaT. Myk 
Blancy Richard, corkcutter, 1 English 
Bland (ieorge, bookkeeper, Green ab Wood, Myk 
Bland J. 11. B., cutter, 13-I- Market, h 033 Fisher 
Bland William, moulder, 1904; Wood 
Blander Joseph, wine house, 228 N 4th 
Blandy Graham, broker, 46 S 3d, h 320 Rpruce 
Blaney Dennis, papermaker. Cotton, Myk 
Blaney Mary Ann. gentlew. 1248 Cadwalader 
Blaney W. 11., hotel, 210 & 212 Gold, h 629 Reed 
Blanford William, police, 1031 Ann 
Blank Lewis, ice cream, N E Chestnut & 10th 
Blank William, carpenter, 2130 Cherry 
Blankbois Wm., hotel, N W South & Penn 
Bhuikliouse Matthias, rag dealer, 1114 Hewston 
Blanklcy George, moulder, 659 Bankson 
Blanklej'^ George, tin plate worker, 1221 Peters 
Blankley Joseph, harness maker, 1248 South 
Blankman Andrew J., boatman, 254 Chester 
BlankiiKi.n Jane, gentlewoman, 811 S 10th 
Blasco Isidore, cutter, 512 S 5th 
Blase Henry, shoemaker, 910 Brown 
Blase Louis, shoemaker, 1134 Sites 
Blase William F., bootmaker, 200 Green 
BLASIUS BROS. [WU.Uam^- Charles Blasijis), 

piano warerooms, 1006 Chestnut 
Blasius Charles, merchant, 608 N 11th 
Blasius William, piano fortes, 1006 Chestnut 
Blatlner Eugene, pair.ter, 1017 Parrish 
Blatt Charles, butcher, 617 Frailtford av 
Blatter Henry, instrument maker, Dauphin n 

Trenton av 
Blatter Jacob, instrument maker, 811 Mackinaw 
Blattner Ann Maria, gentlewoman, 925 Coates 
Blattner A. W., morocco dresser, 927 Coates 
Bl;!U Isaac, drj' goods, 243 South 
Blau G. A., carpetweaver, 408 Kerr 
Blau John, foreman, 467 Kerr 
Blau Samuel, drv goods, 545 N 2d 
Bhiuvelt Charles'F., artist, 1804 Coates 
Blayer Richard, laborer, 936 Ellsworth 
Blaylock James, joiner, 1172 S 10th 
Blaylock John, hairdresser, 910 S 5th 
Blaylock Lewis, hatter, 52 N Sth, h Union Hotel 
Blayney Mary, gentlewoman, 1043 Buttonwood 
Blayney Will'is U., barkeeper, 029 Reed 
Blea Henry, carpenter, 945 Kurtz 
Blea Hugh, laborer, 5 Delaney pi 
Bleasse Jacob, gentleman, 837 N 3d 
Blecker Henry, cooper, 303 N 13th 
Blecker Peter, cooper, 448 St John 
Blee Bernard, tavern, 1649 Lombard 
Blee Bridget, 1002 Filbert 
Blee Charles, laborer, 2405 Pine 
Blee Francis J., brickmaker, r 1809 Naudaiu 
Blee George, watchman, 6 Sidmouth pi 

Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Bleo Hugh, Hhoeraakcr, 3016 Market 

Bluiclier JoHhuii, clork, 432 CJanton 

IMeight John D., attorncy-nt-law, 23 \ 7th 

|{l(;il Ciilliarino, gontw. I'hilli) be! Diamond 

IMoistcr I., soap boiler, 734 Beach 

Blelock Jamcfi, jjrinter, 307 C(irpont<.r 

IJIelock AVilllain C, printer, 30."; Car|)<!nl<T 

Blench M., tiiveiti, 1324 Oxford 

Blend Conrad, huckster, 2d ah I^.iuphin 

Blenkerhorn Augu.-^t, JOIO Mervino 

Blcnkinrop Peter Rev., St Joseph'H Churcli, 317 

Blouit Mary A., gentlewom.'in, 2214 F 
Blenkf^ey Jacob, trimmings, Richmond ab Cum- 
Blenner John, cabinetmaker, 1304 Ogden 
Blent Martin, fireproof snfe maker. 921 Alder 
I'losner M., prof, of niu.'^io, 1100 Walnut 
Blessing Albert, tnilor, 121 Callowhill 
Blessing (Jeorge, millwright. 940 N 12th 
Blessing Matthias, bottler, 1020 N 11th 
Blest Thomas T., grocer, 1221 N 19th 
Blettermiin Isaac, chairmaker, 116 Brown 
Blew John, laborer, 1820 Jones 
Blew Rebecca, widow, 14.37 Savery 
Bley John, druggist, ,S W Fled <t York 
Blevler Henry, clerk, Dauphin n Cedar 
Bleyler John M., tavern, 800 N 0th 
Bleyler Lewis, wheelwright, Carroll n Adam.s 
Bleyler Thom;is, gentleman, 310 Monroe 
Blight Adam H., currier, 159 Wilraer 
Blight Atherton, attorney-at-law, 520 Walnut 
Blight Frederick, boxmaker, 103 Wilmer 
Blight James, 1824 Delaneey pi 
Bliffht Jacob S , cooper, 159 Wilmer 
Blight James H., gentleman, 210 Walnut, h 1S24 

Delaneey pi 
Blight Joseph W., brushmaker, 159 Wilmer 
Blight J. A., cardriver, r Fkd av ab Huntingdon 
Blight Robert, coachmaker. Ridge av, Rox 
Blight William S., sec. & treas. Girard College P 

R R, 1330 Spruce 
BLIND ASYLUxM, 20th & Race 
Blink John, baker, 740 Passyunk av 
Blinkhoru John, painter, 7 Paschal 
Blinkinhun Augustus, bookkeeper, 1610 Me:vine 
Blinn Jacob, shoemaker, Dauphin & Sepviva 
Blinn Jacob, shoe inanuf. 930 Warnock 
Blinn Michael, merchant. Ridge av, Rox 
Blinn William, segarmaker, 936 Warnock 
Bliss George, laborer, Lehman, Gtn 
Bliss Georse H., tobacconist, 346 N 3d 
BLISS THEODORE & CO., publishers and book- 
sellers, 113 X 3d 
Bliss Theodore, bookseller, 113 X 3d, h 1737 

Bliss William, shipping merchant, 128 JValnut, h 

1528 Walnut 
Blissinger Ludwig, tobacco. N Front bel Berks 
Blittersdorf Adolph, foreman, 1329 Mascher 
Blittersdorf Augustus, turner, 727 Jlintzer 
Blittersdorf C. U., shoemaker's tools, 147 X 4th 
Blitz Signer, 1831 Wallace 
Blitz Solomon L., cutter. 244 Queen 
Blizzard Nathaniel, rigger, 1320 Hewson 
Blizzerd Joseph A., shoemaker, 1113 Anita 
Block Anthony, 902 Callowhill 
Block Charles, foreman. Christian W of Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Block Meyer, butcher, 306 New Market 
Block Samuel, jeweller, 314 Union 
Block William K., salesman, 632 Montgomery ay 
Blockson Woodland, boatman. 1204 S Front 
Blodgett Lorin, editor, sec. Board of Trade. 624 

S Sth 
Comer Sixth and Market Streets. 




Bloecker Chrigtian, cabinetmaker, Aniericnn n 

Columbiu av 
Bloni iM. J., M.D., 407 S 3a 
BloiiuMulohl Abrnlittui, peddler, 151 Poplar 
Blomer Frederick, sugurbniler, l.'?29 Juniata 
Bl..iiu-r George D.. clork. 806 S 4th 
Blomer Lawrence, laborer. Philip n Oxford 
Blood Amarylli.s, N E Jofror.<on nv A Williamson 
Blood Deacon, Uidie.x." shoemaker, ;> Banker's row 
Blood llojieu, broker, 907 Tasker 
Blood Laura S., N W Jefferson av A Williamson 
Blood William. N W Jefferson uv A Williamson 
Bloodgood F. C, grocer, 2 Walnut, h 202 S Dul 

Bloodgood J. B., hotel, 202 A 201 S Del av 
Bloodgood W. B., grocer, 10 Walnut, h 102S Pino 
Bloom Christopher, tavern. S W 8th A Cherry 
Bloom Dallas, conductor. 3i;i N 22d 
Bloom E. B., inventor, 2042 Palethorp 
Bloom II.. M.D., 224 S Uth 
Bloom Joseph, dealer. Townsend n Cedar 
Bloom ."^amuel. clothier, l."!S Vino 
Bloomer Augustus, druggist. S W 2d A Wharton 
Bloomer Bernard, DU S lOth 
Bloomer Daviil, bricklayer, 2 Gale's ct 
Bloomer iJeorge L., grocer, 1731 S 5th 
Bloomer Henry, laborer, 1405 N 10th 
Bloomer James. 2709 Federal 
Bloomer James, horse dealer, 20.31 Pearl 
Bloomer James, laborer, 914 S 10th 
Bloomer James N., clerk, 20.'il Pearl 
Bloomer John, laborer, r Filler ab 2d 
Bloomer M. J., variety, (i2."> .^outh 
Bloomer William, horse dealer. 2018 C.irlton 
Bloomer William, shoemaker. Wood, Myk 
Bloomfield Joseph, blacksmith, 12th ab Poplar 
Bloomingdale A Rhine, wholesale clothiers, 332 

Bloomingdale Charles, clothing, 332 Market, h 
9:52 Franklin 

Bloston , collector, 208 Crown 

Blotz Martin, boots A shoes. 126 Richmond 
Bloninkle Carston, bo.\maker, 441 Belrose, h 518 

Bloxora John, waterman. 951 S Front 
Bloxom Woodman, boatman, 109 Carpenter 
Bloxsom Robert, waterman, 771 S Front 
Bloxsoui Woodman, Jr., waterman, 45 Prime 
Bloz John, baker, 1104 Marlborough 
Blue John, borer, 1530 Palmer 
Blue Patrick, weaver, 1027 Milton 
Bluett Samuel, shoemaker, 1217 Market 
Bluett Thomas, showcard writer. 5 S 6th 
Blum, llau A Co. {Sm/iitif Blum, Henry if Jo- 
seph Rail), clothing, 63 N 3d 
Blum Andrew, tailor, 228 N Juniper 
Blum Francis, grocer, S W 2d A Dauphin 
Blum Gecfrge, shoemaker, 3 Falls pi 
Blum .lohn, tailor, 905 Warnock 
Blum Peter, drugs A paints, N W 10th A Mar- 
ket, h 470 N 8th 
Blum Samuel, clothing, 63 X 3d, h 138 Vine 
Blume Ileniy, shoemaker. Little Belt pi 
Blume John, cabinetmaker, 4 Herdman's pi 
Blumenthal D., clothing, 554 N 2d 
'Blumcnthal Lazarus, boots A shoes, 711 A 713 N 

Blumenthal M., clothing. 548 Green 
Blumenthal Samuel, clothing, 314 N 2d 
Blumer Edward, 1824 South 
Bl'imer Frederick, locksmith, 1710 Mervine 
Blumcr Lawrence, 724 S Lebanon 
Bhinihard Frederick, carpenter, 409 York av 
Blumhardt Jacob, tin store, N W .Ann A Trent av 
Blumm John, tavern, 1256 N Front 

The Popular Clothing 

Blurancr Charles E., tobacco mer. 2d bel Callow- 
hill, h 304 N Front 
Blumnor Henry C, machinist, 256 N 5th, h 856 

N 61 h 
Blumner Henry C. Jr., receiving teller Bank of 

Peuu Township, 1715 Mt Vernon 
Blumner John C, collector, 14 S Del av, h Pres- 
ton A Myrtle 
Blumner William T., machinist, 856 N 6th 
Blumsburg Charles, sea captain, Melvale n Ann 
Blundeu James N., lieut. 4lh P. R. n Haverlord 

A 47th 
Blunden Jonathan (c), waiter, r 1029 Barley 
Blunden Wm. F., supdt woollen mill, Haverford 

A 47th 
Blushkey Francis, cooper, 911 Market 
Bluxome Joseph, gentleman. 704 N 19th 
BIy llenrv, gentleman, 415 N 3d 
Blye George W., dry goods, 434 N 2d 
Blye Geo. W. A Bro. (Geo. W. }f Jos. N. BIyc), 

dry goods. 434 N 2d 
Blye John it., drv goods, 9th A Arch, h 1330 Arch 
Blye Joseph N., dry goods, 434 N 2d 
Blye William, tavern, 402 Penn 
Blyley Virginia, gentlewoman, 2219 N 7th 
Blynn M., mer. 4."!t> Maket, h Roxborough 
Blyson William, weaver, 1914 Pemberton 
Biyth James, gentleman, 2135 Wallace 
BIythe James, carter, 2419 Biddle 
Blythe John, clergyman, Linden, Gtn 
BIythe Mary A,, boardinghouse, 1344 Chestnut 
Boag John, stonecutter, 1818 Barker 
Boak Charles, weaver, Ella n Emerald 
Boak James, weaver, York n Amber 
Boales Jumes, tailor, 1627 South 
Board of Brokers, 20 Merchants' Exchange 
BOARD OF TRADE, rooms 505 Chestnut 
Boardman Charles II., M.D., 1311 Spruce 
Boardman Christn, hostler, Fkd av n Reading av 
Boardman Francis F., M. D., 6 Chancery la 
Boardman Frederick, baker, 1724 S 4th 
Boardman Henry A., Rev. D. D., 1311 Spruce 
Boardman Henry A., student, l.'Jll Spruce 
Boar<lman II. S., britanniuware mauuf. 243 Arch, 

h 310 Cherry 
Bo:u'dman John, machinist, S E Dauphin A 

Boardman John, weaver, Sergeant n Carroll 
Boardman Joh^ L., bookkeeper, 40 S Front, h 

1311 Spruce 
Boardman Robert, cabinetrar. 1411 Buttonwood 
Boardman Robert, weaver, 209 E Thomjison 
Boardman Thos.. rnanuf. Ilaydoek, h 41 Laurel 
Boardman William, clothfinishcr, 41 Laurel 
Boardman Wm., fireman, Josephine ab Church, 

Boas Jacob, painter. Front ab Harrison 
Boas Joseph, cabinetmaker, r 331 Green 
Boas J. S., clerk, S E Frankford A York 
Boat Wm., siiringmr. Sellers n Franklin, Fkd 
Boate Wm. Jr., coachmaker, 1103 Parrish 
Bobb George, brickmakor, N E Lombard A 12th 
Bobb Henry, 518 S 12th 
Bobb Henry B., hotel N E Lombard A 12th, h 

518 S 12th 
Bobb John (e), laborer, 710 Lebanon 
Bobb Peter, gentleman, 1308 Spruce 
Bobb Peter, Jr., police, 419 (Quince 
Bobbins D. C, 15(i3 N 12th 
Bobenrieth Jos., bookkeeper, 1404 S Penn sq 
IJoch Anthony. wi;;raaker, 106 N 5th 
Boch Maximilian, tailor, Franklin bel Dauphin 
Bock Franklin, wheelwright. Kill Mifflin 
Bock Henry, ladies' shoemaker, 22 Farson pi 
Bock John, tailor, 436 Harmonj 

House of Philadelphia. 




I3ock Jon!i,lli(iri, ;;ent.lorniin, HOH N .Olh 

Bock iSatniiol, inoroccodrcHHor, 2(1 <% Willow, h 

162.'J Wall MOO 
Bockel Wiliiiiin, Id-hhh Hpinnor, |.'!.'!!l liriiiid ywino 
Bockonciiinp Oiiiis.. Ixioidfr. '/'.',(l nh l/oinlmiil 
Booker liOiiiH, lilit,oli(U-, (Jiirriborianil ii McinjiliiM 
BockiviH Bros. {Olirisliijihcr cV ■J"riil> II. 5f Imii'ik 

Boclciiis), saddlorH, l.'!8 Miiikot 
Bookius k Bros. (Clirl-sloplirr if Juroh liocl.hrs), 

sadtllo A hiii-noH.iniakcrM, 7.'i2 Markot 
Bockiii.s k ]5ro. (Clm.i. Ii. (^- Sinnl. 11. JSur/.ius), 

china, f^ltiSH k ((luuMiNVvaro, 07 N 2d 
BOCKIUS k MKBllITT (Charks G. Jiorldus Sf 
Edwin. A. Merritl), wholesale notions k trim- 
mings, 7 N .'id 
Bock ins k I'oiiil (I'lilmniid Jiockius (^- Wm T. 

Fond), .Maildlo k harnesHinakers, Gtn av 
Bookius Aaron, cooper, Washington av E of 

U. S. Arsenal 
Bookius A. R., mer. tailor, Main k Jefferson, Gtn 
Bookius Catharine, gentw. Gerinantown av, Gtn 
Bookius Charles, carpenter, 790 S Front 
Bookius Chas. G., mer. 7 N 3d, h !)50 N 7th 
Bookius Chas. R., mer. 67 N 2d, h Main, Gtn 
Bookius Christiana, Germantown av, Gtn 
Bockius Christopher, saddler, 138 Market, h 

Chestnut ab !)th 
Bookius Christopher, harnessmaker, 723 Market, 

h 919 Chestnut 
Bockius C, morocco, St John k Willow, h 610 

Bockius Edward, saddler, Germantown av 
Bockius Eliza, gentlewoman, 704 Franklin 
Bockius F. W., grocer. Main ab Wister, Gtn 
Bockius George, chaser, 703 S 9th 
Bockius Geo., morocco, 141 Willow, h 608 N 6th 
Bockius George, gent. Germantown av, Gtn 
Bockius Geo. R., mer. Germantown av, Gtn 
Bockius Geo. W., brush manuf. 316 N 2d, h 1219 

N 7th 
Bockius Hannah, gentlew. Germantown av, Gtn 
Bockius Henry, carpenter, 1916 Howell 
Bockius H. J., carpenter, 703 S 9th 
Bockius H. J. Jr., carpenter, 703 S 9th 
Bockius Irvin, packer. Washington av E of G T R 
Bockius Jacob M., Bringhurst bel Main 
Bockius Jacob U., saddler, 138 Market, h Green, 

Bockius Jesse, gentleman, Germantown av, Gtn 
Bockius John, carpenter, 21 S 20th 
Bockius John, carpenter, 709 S 9th 
Bockius Cavilla, gentw. Germantown av, Gtn 
Bockius Saml. N., livery stable, Gtn av op depot 
Bockius Samuel R., mer. 67 N 2d, h Mill, Gtn 
Bockius Wm., painter, 703 S 9th 
Bockius Wm., policeman, 633 Paul 
Bockman Christian, grocer, 516 Poplar 
Bockman Wm., morocco, 1417 Germantown av 
Bod Robert J. (c), 246 Currant al 
Bodamer Philip, shoemaker, 1422 Brown 
Bodder James R., shoemaker, 616 Tamarind 
Boddy Francis, moroccodresser, 1735 Wood 
Boddy Sarah, gentw. 1 Short ct 
Bode Christian, grocer, 442 St John 
Bode Ferdinand, grocer, 811 S 6th 
Bode Henry, tiivern, 1139 Girard av 
Bode William, shoemaker, 1002 Newton 
Boden John, laborer, 1915 Market 
Boden James, weaver, Carroll bel Dauphin 
Boden James jNI., grocer, 500 Richmond 
Badenbender Chn., carpet weaver, 2160 Thouron 
Bodenhofer AVm. painter, 110 Onas 
Bodenhoffer Jos., varnish boiler, 721 N 3d 
Bodenstine Andrew F., carpetweaver, 1007 Hope 
Bodenstiuo Lewis, confectioner, 611 Girard av 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, 

Bodgor Benjnmin, wnj^onrnaKtor, 2.'il N llth 

liodin Williiiin C, 1736 Mt Vernon 

liodinc BroH. {.IoIul /''., ^V^n,. Jl. ff .1 . A. li'i- 

dinc), glaHH mimufK. 201 Miirk<;l 
Bodiiio Budd S., clerk, ]4 S -Ith, h J 131 Marlbo- 
Bodiiio Edward L., attorney at law, 813 Arch, h 

1736 Mt Vernon 
Bodino Kli/.a, gentlewoman, B14 Tamurind 
liodiiio FranoiH C, 904 Callowbill 
Bodinr; FriinoiH L., ghiB.s manuf. 106 Chcidnut 
liodino .fnne Ann, millinery, 904 Callowliill 
Bodiiie J(»hn, dry goodc, 207 N 13th 
Bodino John, packer Arnenal, h 701 N J2th 
Bodino John F., dry good«, 241 Market, h 207 

\ 13 th 
Bridine John M., inspector Custom Ilonse, h 206 

Bodine J., gentleman, 1736 Mt Vernon 
Bodine J. E., M.D.. 1232 Germantown nv 
Bodino J. N., bookkeeper, 106 Chestnut, h Wal- 
nut la, Gtn 
Bodine Samuel T., N W 4th & Walnut, h Wal- 
nut la, Gtn 
Bodkin James, carter, Antoinette ab Powelton 
Bodkins Jas., confectioner, N W Moore k Coral 
Bodkins Wm., baker, S W Moore k Carroll 
Boehm A. W., mer. 62 N Front, h 1702 Pine 
Boehm Henry, shoemaker, 5 Ewing's ct 
Boehm Henry, tobacconist, 1424 Thompson 
Boehm John, turner, Bncknal ab Hare 
Boehm Philip Y., letter currier. Irving ab 40th 
Boehn William, tobacconist, 718 Poplar 
Boehme C, blacksmith, Diivis ab Race 
Boehmer Henry, mer. 42 Bank, h 802 Noble 
Boehmer Isabella, boardinghouse, 1020 S 4lh 
Boehmer John, clerk, 1020 S 4th 
Boehler Adrian, printer, 118 Otter 
Boehret John, weaver. Levering 
Boekenkamp Chas. H., sugar refiner, 1941 Filbert 
Boell Wm., lithograph. 311 Walnut, h 1722 N 9th 
Boelter Ferdinand, machinist, 6 Wheelock'a pi 
Boen Louis, laborer, 1133 Sites 
BOENNING CASPAR, hotel, 14 Decatur 
Boens Hugh, laborer, Higgins' ct 
BOERICKE F. E., homoeopathic druggist <fc 

bookseller, 635 Arch 
Boering Charles, laborer, 1742 If 9th 
Boers Lena, shop, 311 Shippen 
Boerum Simeon, wood engraver, 309 Washington 
Boettger Carl F., musician, 225 N Juniper 
Bogan Daniel, dealer, 1028 Lemon 
Began Mary, tailoress, 2030 Hampton 
Bogan Walter, shoemaker, 2023 Girard av 
Bogan AValton, driver, 738 Plover 
Bogardis James, moulder, 409 N 16th 
Bogardis Livingston, moulder, 409 X 16th 
Bogart Christian, victualler. 1208 Parrish 
Bogart Sarah, dressmaker, 927 Ogden 
Bogeart Wm. M., puddler, 1237 Montgomery ar 
Boger Godfrey, ropemaker, 1746 X 12th 
Boger Simon, shopkeeper, 337 Julianna 
Bogert James, patternmaker, Beach n Morris 
Bogia Ann, gentw. 425 N 10th 
Bogia Francis, salesman, 506 Market, h 427 

N 10th 
Bogia Matthew, clerk. 425 N 10th 
BOGGS k KIRK {Wmicim L. Bo^gs and Wil- 

liam T. Kirl-), wholesale grocers. 109 Arch 
Boggs Charles, bookkeeper," 529 Market, h St 

Lawrence Hotel 
Boggs, Charles, carpenter, 124 Beck pi 
Boggs David W., segars, S W Sth 4 South 
Boggs George, chairmaker. 1034 Palmer 
Boggs George P.. furn. 18 N 2d, h 411 Richmond 
Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Boggs 11. S., oU-rk, 1101 S Penn, h SO-t X Front 

Boggs James, Jr., chiiinnnkor, 411 Richinund 

Boggs Johtinim, ri21 S Broad 

6og<;.<i Juhn, (IrnyuKin, KiU7 Shippcu 

Buggs John, maiuil". 1526 N 2d 

B..j:-s J., i;ijl Rose 

Boggs i^liiry J,, dry good.s, 1626 N 2d 

Boggs SiuiiUfl, triniiuing.s, llOS Friiiikford av 

Boggs Suniuol, wheelwright, lOlU N Front 

Bog;;:; Siiriih (c), gontw. 206 Denn 

Boggs .'^arah, milliner, Main l>el Price, Gtn 

Boggs Thoipas, mor. 1M7 l)olaucoy pi 

Boggs William, saddlor, 13 j I Uoso 

Boggs William L., chairmnkur, lO.'M Pnlmor 

Boggs William L., grocer, 101) Arch, h 1303 N 

Boghien Juhn, painter, Duuphin & Emerald 
Bogle John J., conductor, 1606 N 10th 
Boglo ll:ilph. laborer, 1706 Burton 
Bohem Anthony, clerk, 2222 Manning 
Bobem Daniel, dealer, 1739 Webster 
Bohein ^Villianl, laborer, 1739 Webster 
Bohl Francis, tailor, 1303 (Un av 
Bohlen Catharine, 2 Ileyer pi 
Bohlen Columbus, stonemason, 152G Carver 
Bohlen David, shoomakor, 212.S Market 
BOHLEN KENRY & CO. (IJen,!/ JJo/den 6c 

George K. Ziegler), importers, 221 and 223 

S 4th 
Bohlen Henry, imp. 221 S 4th, h 1317 Walnut 
Bohlen James, laliorer, Thompson bel Lehigh av 
BOULER DANIEL, manuf. of essence of coffee, 

spices, <te. 127 N 3d, h 927 Wallace 
Bohler Daniel, spices, essence coffee, N W 9th A 

Wallace, h 926 Wallace 
Bohler Frederick, laborer, 667 Steiner 
Bohler William W., tobacco, 273 S 5th 
Bohmenbarger Frederick, morocco shaver. Hale 
Bohmor Henrv, mer. 42 Bank, h S02 Noble 
Bohn C, tailor, 1212 S 5th 
Bohn John, harnessmaker, r of 1130 Coates 
Bohn Philip, tailor. 1208 S 6th 
Bohnard Frederick, baker, 615 N Front 
Bohne Hunry, laborer, 2144 Apple 
Bohneulierger (iottlieb, .shoemaker, 918 N 9th 
Bohner John, cagemaker, N<irris ab Belgrade 
Bohrer Frederick, police, 1408 Ridge av 
Bohrer Frederick, shoemaker, Horst'a ct 
Bohrer Henrietta, gentw. 340 Crown 
Bohrer Jacob, printer, 310 Crown 
Bohriuger John G., barber, 1536 Fkd av 
Bohrer Joseph, blinds, 140S Ridge av 
Boil Michael, carter, 6 O.-age av 
Boileau A. D., publisher, 108 S 3d, h 903 

Boileau James 6., conductor, 738 Master 
Boileau Burroughs P., blacksmith, 7 Alroy 
Boileau John, blacksmith, 937 Warnock 
Boileau John W., clerk, 1416 Marshall 
Boileau Patrick, weaver, 1011 Carpenter 
Boileau William II., re.staurant, N W 7th & 

Chestnut, h 1546 Mervine 
Boone Francis, butcher, S W Front k Queen 
Boines John, carpenter, 1636 Mervine 
Bois David (c), carter, 907 Torr 
Boisbraum Charles, victualler, Wayne, Qtn 
Boisbrun James, shoemaker, r Main bel Price, 

Boisbrun Stephen, provisions, r Main bel Price, 

Boisnot J. M., M.D., 1308 N fith 
Boizarrl Jacob, jeweller, 106 Union 
Bok Elizabeth. 306 Dove pi 
Bok Frederick, tailor, 243 Ga.^kill 
Bok George, shoemaker, 4.14 .'^t John's 

Boke William, plnsterer, 1242 Hope 

Bokor A Bros. (William C, liihitiril D., if Jo- 

Sfpli Jiuirr), boots and shoes, 412 Market 
Boker Charles, M.D., 1622 Chestnut 
Boker Chariest?., M.D., 1720 Walnut 
Boker Christian, piauonntker, 1321 Kales 
Boker Edwd. D.,mer. 432 Market, h 1411 Locust 
Boker George H., gent. 1720 Walnut 
Boker Joseph, mer. 432 ^larkot, h 1526 Arch 
Boker Mary Ann, music teacher, 809 S 3d 
Boker Thomas, stonemason, 502 Larkin 
Boker William H., tobacconist, 327 S 5th 
Bokert Martin, butcher, 4.31 Moore 
Bokle Richard, shoemaker, 131 Hermitage ct 
Boland !>., hame manuf. 406 Noble, h 925 Mount 

Boland Jeremiah, laborer, 6 Chambers av 
Boland John, liquors, 332 S 0th 
Boland John J., undertaker, 1502 Vine 
Bolander Frederick, shoemaker, r 1425 Parrish 
Bolden Spencer (e), waiter, 16l() Sansom 
BOLDIN & PEXRO.SE {Gvorgc Bnhlin, Nor- 

vootl Penrose, George Allcitis), tobacco com- 
mission mers. 105 N Water <t 106 N Del av 
Boldin George, tobacco com. mor. 106 N Water 

it 106 N Del av, h 1317 Arch 
Holding Joseph, fish stand, 3 llobensack pi 
Boldridge Richard M., conductor, 628 N 12th 
Bole James, grocer, 22.'! E (iirard av 
Bole John, carter, 1329 Howard 
Bole John, laborer, 521 Carjicnter 
Bole Thonms, weaver, Dauphin n Carroll 
Bolen John, laborer. Tulip n York 
Bolen John, carpenter, 23 Eaken pi 
Bolen Richard, porter, 233 Quince 
Bolen James, weaver, 1025 Milton 
Boles John, grocer, Salmon bel Huntingdon 
Boles Richard M., lithographer, 1323 South 
Boles William, salesman, 1323 South 
Bolestridge Edwin, hosiery, 1.348 Hancock 
Boley A'JoIph, painter, 330 Coates 
Boley Frederick, coojier, 1617 N 8th 
Bolger Joseph P., tavern, 6 S 4th 
Bolger William, restaurant, 264 Chester 
Bolhen John, atl'y at law, 1510 Walnut 
Bolin Daniel, marble poli.'-her, 2007 Callowhill 
Bolinder Jacob, rag mer. 102 Coates 
Boll Henry, gilt frames, S E Prune <t 6th, h 538 

Bolle George H., carpet weaver, 813 Callowhill 
Bollen Richard, driver, 1036 S 9th 
BoUenbock George, driver. 4 Secbnld's ct 
Boiler Anna J., wid. 1412 Spruce 
Boiler Catharine, gentw. 1117 Wallace 
Boiler F., turner, 5 Candia pi 
Boiler Henrj', cabinetmaker, 244 Spruce 
Bollorhey H. C, tobacconist, S W Charlotte & 

Bolles Annie W., millinery, 242 S 2d 
Bolles C. II., electrical M.D., 1220 Walnut 
Bolles Mary W., 242 S 2d 
Boiling Robert, M.D., Main, Chestnut Hill 
Bollinger Zacliariah, laborer, 1920 Parrish 
Bolster John, spinner, Columbia av n (ith 
Bolster Richard H., com. agent, 100 Chestnut, 

h 350 S ]5th 
Bolster Thomas, conductor, 1609 Franklin 
Bolster Thomas H., conductor, 1609 Franklin 
Bolt John, carpenter and builder, 312 Cherry 
Bolt M. H. L., salesman, 152 & 154 N 4th, h 325 

St John 
Bolter David, laborer, Cre.«heim rd, Qtn 
Bolter Henry, laborer, Cresheim rd, Gtn 
Bolton k Hunt (Willirnii P. Bollon if Edvmrd 

Hunt), sash and moulding mill, 724 Girard av 

Strangers and Citizens are leconunended to poichase theii 




Bolton Chii.rles, Kont. Unity n Orcliiii-d, Fkd 
Bolton (JIH'lon, HiiloHnian, 2.'i8 ChcHtniit, li 20N 

Mt Vernon 
Bolton Eli/iibotli, Union lloti-l, Mniii <fc Ilobc- 

Hon, Myk 
Boll.cHi lionry C, Halemniui, 1021) Mt Vi.rnon 
Bolton .John, 1>SI4 Spruco 
Bolton John, [mmpinakor, i) WoHtorn av 
Bolton Joseph l\, druggist, N E Miiin A Haines, 

BOLTON JOSMPIf R., car nmnufactuier, N W 

21,st & iriiniilton, h 1(')2« Mt Vornon 
Bolton lloboit, machinist, Orciiaivl ah Tacony, 

Bolton Saniuoi, frrocer, 13.S Frnnki'ord, Fkd 
Bolton Samuel, lumber mor. Poplar st wharf, 

h 101(1 N (ith 
Bolton William P., sash mill, 72'1- Girard av, h 

921 N 7th 
Boly Pliiiii), laborer, 400 Poplar 
Boman Henry, tailor, 71.'! S 8th 
Boraborger A., salesman, 824 Cliestnut 
Bomberger John II. A., Rev. D.D., 723 AVood 
Bomcassel Martin, tobiicconist, 8 Placid pi 
Bomeislor Bros. (E. L. t\ T. J3o?neis/.e,r), watcher 

and jewelry, 23 N 4th 
Bomeisler C. M., salesman, 23 N 4th, h Conti- 
nental Hotel 
Bomeisler E. L., jeweller, 23 N 4th, h 418 N 5th 
Bomeisler Siegfreid, 333 N 10th 
Bomeisler T., jeweller, 23 N 4th, h Ashland 

Bomer Martin, bakery, 250 S 22d 
Bomgarden Benjamin, carpenter, 407 Watkin 
Bomgardner J. G., dry goods, 501 Market, h 

Ashland House 
Bomraersheiii John, carpenter, 1734 N 8th 
Bomstead Charles, laborer, 1912 Callowhill 
Bonbright George, salesman, 441 Market, h 1317 

Girard av 
Bonbright James, mer. 435 Market, h 1111 Mt 

BOND, BROTHER & CO. {L. Montgomery 
Bond, Ilcurtj C. Bond, (Jj- John M. Biddle), 
wholesale tea dealers, N E Front k Chestnut 
Bond Alexander, tailor, 1108 S 11th 
Bond Amos, manuf. 1252 N 11th 
Bond A., shoe manuf. 1027 Coates 
Bond B. F., 1021 Ogdeu 
Bond Calvin H., salesman, r 928 Nectarine 
Bond Casper D., police, 1859 Sepviva 
Bond Charles (c), porter, 1128 Lombard 
Bond Elizabeth B., teacher. 1252 N Uth 
Bond George, sailmaker, 233 Wood 
Bond Geo. M., bookkeeper, 40 & 42 N 3d, h 1503 

N ]3th 
Bond Henry, letter carrier, 910 Nectarine 
Bond Henry C, merchant, NE Front & Chestnut, 

h American Hotel 
Bond James R., machinist, Apple ab Diamond 
Bond John, bookkr. 212 S Front, h 329 S loth 
Bond John, laborer, 1209 AVoodbiue 
Bond John, provision dealer, N W 4th it Queen 
Bond Joseph, blacksmith, Sloan ab Powelton 
Bond Joseph, clerk, 1338 Brown 
Bond Josejih, glass blower, 1312 Otis 
Bond Joshua A., blacksmith, 1310 Potts 
Bond Josiah, provision store, 622 N 12th 
Bond Lafayette, carpenter, 310 Union 
Bond L. Montgomery, merchant, N E Front & 

Chestnut, h 2023 Walnut 
Bond Matilda (e), washwoman, 1028 Barley 
Bond Noah (o) , carpenter, 422 Gaskill 
Bond Richard, lager beer, 1221 S Sth 
Bond Robert, gent. Paul ab Taconv, Fkd 

Bond iSaniucI, mHoc dealer, l.'Mfi Kidgo av, h 124(1 

Girard av 
TJoud Samuel B., bookkeeper, 408 N 4th 
J}ond ThoH., d(5(iior in hornoH, I3.'<(S Hope 
iJond 'I'ho'., Jr., horne denier, 114.'} N 2d 
Tinnd Tliom:iH K., coach trimmer, l.'5.'}8 Brown 
Bond Win., 1419 New Bedford 
Bond VVm., <lrayman, 1227 J'aHxyunk av 
Bond Win., painter, 408 Canton 
Bond Win. J., engineer, 15.'i(< Ciibot . 
IJondy (iaiirici, clothing, I.Vl (iiraid iiv 
Hone Edward, machinist, 1241 N 10th 
Bono James, dyer, Wood, Myk 
Bono Sarah, 3() N 12th 
Honor Dnniei, laborer, 2133 Nandain 
l{oni;r Henry, laborer, r I07H Fraiiklord av 
Honor James, laborer, William ab Salmon 
Boner John, gas works, 2010 Pine 
Boner Michael, laborer, 9 Cowjiesrlhwaite pi 
i5oner Win., blacksmiih, 1212 P;ilmer 
Boner W. H., elk. 722 Chestnut, h 1105 Callow'll 
Bones David, lock tender. Union C;inal, Fairmt 
Bones Davis S., lock tender, Puirmount locks 
Bones George, blacksmith, 2119 Naudain 
Bones James, plasterer, Fairniount locks 
Bones Wm. D., wheelwright, 2 Evans' row 
Bonevitz Theodore, cabinetmr. 1745 N 3d 
Honewitz 11. P., musician, 802 Charlotte 
Bonir John, tobacco, 2122^ Market 
Bonfield Baker, mason, 740 N 22d 
Bonfield George R., artist, 3d ab Spruce, h 1320 

Mt Vernon 
Bonfield Theo., acct. 231 Market, h 1320 Mt Vn 
Bonfield W. V. DeV., artist, 430 Walnut 
Bonge T., shoemaker, 25th bel Spruce 
Bonham Frank, clerk, 101 Vine 
Bonham Harriet, shop, 410 S 6th 
Bonham Jonathan K., farmer, 101 Vine 
Bonham Joseph A., attorney at law, 101 Vine 
Bonhert Adam, baker, 803 "N 4th 
Bonhomme Silian, Rev., 1717 Addison 
Bouig George, clerk, 855 N 9th 
Bonig Jacob, jeweller, 855 N 9th 
Bonin Latitia, trimmings. Main, Myk 
Boning George, salesman, 10 N 5th, h 855 N 9th 
Boning Wm., jeweller, 235 N 5th 
Bonman Adeliue, seamstress, 232 German 
Bonn Geo. W., gasfitter, Lesher, Fkd 
Bonn Henry, coppersmith, 1022 S 6th 
Bonn Philip, segar maker, 1712 Burton 
Bonnaffon A. L., impr of dry goods, 34 S 2d <t 21 

Strawberry, h oflth <fc Walnut 
Bonnatfon E., gentlewoman, 203 S 9th 
Bonnaffon S., imp. com. drvgoods, 100 Chestnut, 

bds Continental House, 205 S 9th 
Bonnar Hugh, laborer, Ann n Melvale 
Bonnell Chas. R., Rev.. 725 Wood 
Bounell Geo. B.. com. mer. 1232 Market, h 725 

Bonueman Wm., toy store, Sth ab Race, h 1818 

Bonner Andrew J., tinsm. Palethorp bel Dauphin 
Bonner Catharine, gentlewoman, 310 N 15th 
Bonner Dennis, grocer, Salmon & William 
Bonner Dennis. Jr., grocer, Salmon & V»'illiam 
Bonner Frances, gentlewoman, 1309 Kates 
Bonner Isaac, stoves, A'C, 602 S Broad 
Bonner Jacob, bedstead manuf. 116 Edward, h 

1160 Sites 
Bonner James, charcoal refiner, r 2010 Market 
Bonner James, laborer, 917 N 19th 
Bonner James, weaver, Palethorp i D.iuphin 
Bonner John, laborer, Salmon ab Cumberland 
Bonner John, quarryman. 542 N 24th 
Bonuer John, wharf builder, 1940 HoweU 

Clotliing at Oak Hall, Southeast Comer Sixth and Market Streets, 




Bonner Mutthcw, gardener, Pleasant, Otn 
Bonner Patrick, carter, 1VI42 Howell 
Bonner Piilrick, Invern, S W Race & Water 
BoiiiuT Riiliert, laborer, GOG Ilallowoll 
Bonner Tlicmlore. oar|H'Utor, l(i2S Oxlonl 
Bonner Williaui, laborer, Wanily I'l 
Bonner William, shoemaker. ab Parrish 
Bonner William II., clerk, 1105 Callowhill 
Bonnov John, .■'tove moulder, 120 Cotlafro 
Bonnev Jo.xeph T., Milesmun, 609 Chestnut, h 

152 N 11th 
Bonnev M. L., female .seminary, ^Glf) Chestnut 
Boniiini; Williani. jeweller, Hudson, h 22.') N 5th 
BON.^ALL A BUo. {St^r/hicr Bonsall, Ell wood 

Buiisiill), coiivej'ancers, IIG N 9th 
BonsnII Albert G., engineer, 1225 Monterey 
Boui^all Amos M.. brakesman. 3307 Market 
Bonsiill Charles T., attorney at law, 116 N 9th, h 

237 N IGih 
Bonsall Kdmond C, jeweller, 818 P 5th 
Bon.sall Edward II., gentleman, 1019 Cherry 

Boone £arah L., 331 N 11th 

Boone Thomas, dealer, 900 S 3d 

Boono Wm.. siilesman, 501 Market 

Booraeni Henry, clerk, 200 S Front, h 1 123 Vine 

Boorback Frederick, baker, 5th bel Norris 

Boos Frederick, shoemaker, 125 N Front 

Boose Charles, gunsmith, 1735 N 3d 

Booso Mr., laborer, G20 S Front 

Booskirk Thomnf-, jeweller, 1 l)e Soto pi 

Boot Samuel, weaver, Wnyne av Qln 

Boot Samuel F., slioemiiker, Wayne av Gin 

BOOTH .1 KKNNKDV (liohrrt Boot/, ^ iMirhacl 

Kenmdi/), tallow A hides, 33 A 35 Hiiydock 
Booth A -Slills (.lolni Biuith if Ii,h,;,,il Mills), 

tool manulacturers, 835 Ellsworth 
Booth Abigail, gentlewoman, 3011 Brown 
Booth .•\l])lieus D., engineer. 111 Christian 
Booth Benjamin, saddler, 1108 IStittonwood 
Booth Charles, salesman, 5 A 7 N 4lh, h 953 N 

Booth Edmund, machinist, 1217 Wallace 

Bonsall Ellwood, conveyancer, IIG N 9th, h 237 Booth Edwin, segarmaker, 120 Marion 

N liith BOOTH EDWIN, chief clerk Post Offico, h 603 

Bonsall (ieorge, hosiery, 1530 N 2d N 1 1th 

Bonsall Cieorge, seaman, -17 Beck I Booth Emanuol, paper carrier, Lancaster av n 

lionsall James, weaver, Ilaincs n Hancock, Qtn I 35th 

Bonsall Jeremiah, jiresident Exchange Insurance I Booth Ephraim, flour, S E Thompson A Warnock, 
Co., 218 Walnut, h Haddington h 1 131 N C'tli 

Bonsall John, bookbinder, 1503 Carlton BOOTH A GARRETT, analytical and consulting 

Bonsall John, brakesman, 3307 Market chemists, 10 Chant 

Bonsall Jonathan, clerk, Penna av ab 15th, h i Booth George, tin, hardware A toys, 128 A 130 

Blockley A Vine 
Bonsall J. S., segars, 1347 Passyunk av 
Bonsall Morris, track layer, 11 Osage av 
Bonsall Robert, brick maker, 1040 Ward 
Bonsall Sterling, convey 116 N 9th, h 23i 
Bonsall Thomas, gentleman, 237 N IGth 
Bonsall Wm.. 941 N 12th 
Bonsall Wm., calico pr. Mill A Orchard, Fkd 

N 2d, h 1015 New Market 
I Booth Ilonry, milkman, 521 S 20th 
I Booth Hugh, gent. 1044 N Front 
' Booth Isaac, collector, 1205 Poplar 
N 16th Booth Isaac, oak cooper, 410 Christian 
I Booth James, clerk, 603 N 11th 
Booth James R., utt'y at law, 221 S 5th, h 1303 

BonsorWm., nianuf. Ashmead bel Wakefield, Gtn \ Booth John, carpenter, 1148 S 9th 

Bont E. D., conductor, Salmon ub Lehigh av 
Bonton Charles, gentleman, 514 Sjirucc 
Bonton Hannah, gentlewoman, 517 Spruce 
Boocks Benjamin F., blaeksm. Che.«tnut bel 34th 
Booey Catharine, gentlewoman, 1315 Locust 
Book George H., upholsterer, 262 Chester 
Book John, hostler. Coral n Reading av 
Book John F., cleik, llOS Parrish 
Book Joseph, salesman, 1108 Parrish 
Bookbinder Manuel, clothing, 626 South 
Booker Amy. ^ho|^, 246 Raspberry 
Booker S:iinuel, laborer, 246 Raspberry 
Bofiklianier C. C., carpenter, Apple ab Diamond 
BOOK HAMMER A BlIDD {A. 11. Bool.luiminur, 

I Booth John, dry goods, 1303 Market 

I Booth John, grocery, 1534 Wood 
Booth John, tool manufacturer, 835 Ellsworth, 

j h 748 S 9th 
Booth Joseph, manufacturer, 2106 Cuthbert 
Booth Richard, dentist, .'iOO Brown 
Booth Robert, tallow A hides, 33 A 35 Haydock, 

h 1044 N Front 
Booth Thomas, butcher, 1011 Mechanic 
Booth William, machinist, lOlR Morgan 
Booth William J., morocco dresser, Aramingo n 

Trenton av 
Booth Wm. S., carpenter, 1011 Mechanic 
Boothly William, mariner, 837 Grover 

Josrph Bit(U), lish and provisions, wholesale, ■ Boothright Ann, gentlewoman, 865 N 4th 

204 N Delaware av 
Bookhammer A. H , 204 N Del av, h 1436 N 7th 
Books (Jeo. L.. blacksmith. 920 Pojilar 
Books Martin, cabinet maker, 36 S 34th 
Boom Francis, U. S. N., 1306 N 11th 

Boothrovd Charles, cotton, 237 N Front, h Falls 

Boothroyd Chas. A Co. (Chnrles Bootliroyd if 

J. Contcs), cotton A cotton waste, 237 N Front 
Boothger G., professor of music, 547 N 10th 

Boon George, wheelwright, 3028 Market, h Lud- I Boottger Julius, confectioner, 547 N 10th 

low ab 31st 
Boon Geo. W^, blacksmith, Lancaster av n 36th 
Boon Horace (c), watchman Amer. S S. U., 

1122 Chestnut 
Boon John, farmer, 1527 State 
Boon R.ichel, gentlewoman, 1719 Olive 
Boon Samuel, machinist, 1925 Ann 
Boon Stephen, laborer. Buck rd A 9th 
Boon William, weaver. Front ab Dauphin 
Boon William, moulder, 264 Perry 
Boone Francis C, dealer, 117 Beck pi 
Boone Lydia Ann, 4 Berwick pi 
Boone Robert, boots A shoes, 533 S 2d, h 618 


Boox Joseph, baker, S W York A Cedar 

Booz Eiimunil G., importer of wines, 120 Walnut, 

h 1310 Brown 
Booz Gottlieb, morocco dresser, r 814 Rachel 
Booz Henry, ship carpenter, 602 Weaver 
Booz Isaac, blacksmith, Dauphin bel Tulip 
Booz John, shipjoiner, Navy Yard, h Market 

ab 34th 
Booz Thoma,') H., carpenter, 734 Shirley 
Booz Valentine, 521 S 3d 
Booze Alice, gentlewoman, 909 Poplar 
Booze Margaret, huckster, 710 (iuilford 
Bopp Henry, varnisher, 127 Green 
Bora William, jeweller, 616 Annapolis 

Best Place in the City to buy good and cheap Clothing at 




Boraef Henry, Ijutchcr, 017 N l-'Uh 
Boraef Henry, victiialler, >S K Rth & MuHter 
Boraef L. Shu.sler, huU^tior, 021 N l.'3th 
BORAEF VALENTINE, hotel keeper, S E Olh 

& MiiHtor 
Borhct Williinn, cooper, Apple ah Diiiniond 
Borbiilgo Cliarlcs, hiittor, .'JO.O G/iHkill 
Borbi(]f;e JatnoM, carijenter, .'50.'J Gaskill 
Borcbi E., coal abippor, .'{27 Walnut, h W Logan 

Borderieux Adolpli, 801 lliohtnond 
Bordon & Wuiki.'r {Tliomas D. Uonlc.ii. ^ Gro. A. 

Walker), iron I'ounders, II!) Craven 
Borden E. P., attorney, 'M2 S .Olh 
Borden ilonry H. T., moulder, 202."} Marlborough 
Borden, 4 Noniiator's ct 
Bordon John, hoater.s and ranges, S E 19th & 

North, h 1828 Coates 
Borden John, wholesale boots & shoes, 222 Mar- 
ket, h 162 Marshall 
Borden John A., gent. 102G Pine 
Borden .loseph, candy store, 9.'J3 
Borden Richard R., 1023 Marlborough 
Borden Theodore, clerk, 320 Chestnut, h 1020 

Borden Thomas D., moulder, 1023 Marlborough 
Borden Wm., clerk, 320 Chestnut, h 1026 Pine 
Bordley George (c), coachman, 1.308 Burton 
Bordley Stephen (c), carter, 716 Wharton 
Borel A. F. H., waiter, r 321 Franklin 
Borell Lucinda (c), 1313 Shippen 
Borgard Sarah, 928 Darien 
Borgenski A. A., flowers, 21 N 9th 
Borquin Charles, printer, 804 AVeecacoe 
Borger Joseph, lager beer, 410 S 2d 
Borger IMr., seaman, r 237 Shippen 
Borger William, gentleman, 606 N 8th 
Borhek Charles G., professor of music, 413 S 

Borhek Edward, optician, 402 Chestnut, h 2047 

Borhek John, optician, 402 Chestnut, h 2047 

BORIE & MACKIE {Edward Boric tV Alexawler 
Mrickie), umb. & parasol sticks, Tackawanna 
n Oxford, Fkd 
Borie A. E., importer, 153 Dock, h 1025 Spruce 
Borie Charles, jeweller, 1506 N 8th 
Borie Charles L., bill broker, 3 Merchants' Ex- 
change, h 1008 Spruce 
BORIE C. & H. {Charles L. (^ Henry P. Borie), 

bill brokers, 3 Merchants' Exchange 
Borie Edw., umb. sticks, Oxford bet Tackawanna 

& Mulberry, Fkd 
Borie Francis J., blacksmith, 512 Catharine 
Borie Geo. F., clerk, S W Chestnut & 3d, h Paul 

ab Orthodox 
Borie Henry P., bill broker, 3 Merchants' Ex- 
change, h 265 S 4th 
Borie Henry S., boarding house, 1129 Race 
Borie Jos., turner, Oxford bel Tackawanna, Fkd 
Borie J. J., geut. Chew, Germantown 
Borkart Isaac W., conveyancer, 430 Appletree al 
Borker Henry, gentleman, S W 8th k Thompson 
Borland Catharine, gentlewoman, 2 Goldsmith ct 
Borland David, shoemaker, 2140 Spruce 
Borland William., bootmaker, 1830 Market 
Borlow Joseph F., plasterer, 1114 Passyunk av 
Borm Charles, tailor, 115 Exchange pi" 
Borm Louis, tailor, 115 Exchange pi 
Bornian August, cabinetmaker, 1115 Anita 
Bormau Edward, machinist, 523 Cherry 
Borman John, saddler, 1239 Alder 
Borman Harry, butcher, 1127 Elm 
Born August, brewer, 341 it 343 N 3d 

Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Born ChriBtian, cordwaincr, 1020 Cudwnloder 
Born Henry, eordwainor, 1029 Cadwuliidor 
I'orn Henry, glahHbiower, OtJH ri Hepviva 
Born Henry, -weaver. Amber n Ella 
Born John, cordwiiinor, Arnber n York 
Born .lolin, weaver, OtJH n Scpviva 
Horn Louix, Hhoeniaker, 10 liidley av 
Born William, wheelwright, OHh n .Scpviva 
Borne John, laborer, ForroHt pi., r 021 Guil- 
Borueman F., toy.s, 200 N 8th, h 1518 Coato« 
I'orneinan William, bootfitter, 170 American 
Bornman Andrew, m'lohiniHt, 002 Thompson 
Bornman Harry, butelicr, 1232 Hancock 
Bornman Lewi.", victualler, 132.'! N 4th 
Borre Lewis, laborer, I'earl n 23d 
Borrcl Henry, captain, 1235 Warnock 
Borrowcs George, .shoemaker, 1923 Callowhill 
Borrowes William, .shoemaker, 1923 Callowhill 
Boons John, baker, '110 N 10th 
J'ortchevick John A., machinist, 3 Millicent av 
Borton Emeline, trimming.s, 52 N lOih 
Borzel (ieorge, shoemaker, 1720 Germantown av 
Borzell William F., tailor, Gtn av ab Meetler 
Bosch Adam, grocer, 240 Oxford 
Bo.sch John, baker, 440 St John 
Bosch Joseph, gardener, Germantown av db 

Lehigh av 
Bosdevex F., lady, 1115 Fitzwater 
Bose Ferdinand, tinsmith, 1312 Vine 
Bosor Samuel, dealer, 320 Borden 
Bosh Joseph, shoera:iker, 24 Edwin 
Boshart George, bookseller, 2 Carman pi 
Bo-i^hart George, aniflcal limbmaker, 1232 Mer- 

Boshart John, cedar cooper, 1200 Carlton 
Bosher George, gaiter fitter, 126 S 8th, h 1218 

Passyunk av 
Boshort John, carpenter, 1744 X 12th 
Boslar John, brakesman, Lancaster av 
Boslar John, Jr., butcher, 6 Market, h 158 

Bosler A. Robinson, librarian Y. M. C. A., 1069 

Chestnut, h 1214 Filbert 
Bosler Charles, butcher, Y^ork n Amber 
Bosler Ernst, tailor, 241 Richmond 
Bosler Francis, eatinghouse, 349 N 4th 
Bosler John, brickmaker, 1214 Filbert 
Bosler John, Jr., butcher, 6 Market, h 158 Green 
Bosler William, tailor. 154 American 
Bosler Wm. A., leather currier, 1214 Filbert 
Boss k Peters, {James Boss if R. S. Peters), 

watchcasemakers, 31 S 5th 
Boss George, brewer, 2212 Summer 
Boss Heinrich, machinist, 220 Buttonwood 
Boss Heinrich, segars, 220 St John 
Boss James, watchcasemaker, 31 S 5th, h 1718 

X 22d 
Boss Joseph A., shoemaker, 1313 Wallace 
Boss Max, laborer, 104 American 
Boss William, painter, 1 Evans" row 
Bossard Conrad, carpenter, 1132 Otis 
Bossard George, caulker, 603 Richmond 
Bosse Charles, toys, 925 Spring Garden 
Bossert Andrew J., clerk, 1230 Whitehall 
Bossert Charles, salesman, lOOS Ogden 
Bossert Charles, spice miller, 601 Girard av 
Bossert E., cabinetmaker, 814 Darien 
Bossert George, lager beer, 629 Girard av 
Bossert Jacob, clerk, 629 Girard av 
Bossert James, clerk, 709 Wallace 
Bossert J. T., conductor. 709 Wallace 
Bossert Sarah, gentlewoman, 709 Wallace 
Bost August, laborer. 331 Green 
Bcster William, (e), laborer, 236 Brier pi 

Comer Sixth and Market StreetSi 




Boston George, (c), flremnn, 636 Filbert 
Boston llonry, r 1251 Paletliorp 
Bustun John, carter, r 1L*51 Piilothorp 
Boston Jiilin. Jr., carter, r 12.'il Piilelhorp 
Boston Thomns, Serpennt bel Euienild 
Boston Tlionins, eiibinetronker, r LuiUow bol 37th 
Boston Samuel, eiirter, r 12.'>l Pnli-iliorp 
Boston 8. (c), whitewashi-r, HO (iaskill 
Boston William, huukstfr, 12.V.) Vienna 
Bostiek Charles, laborer, 1212 Warnock 
BOSWELL A WILSON (J,,//i/s J. Bosvell if 

John Wilson Jr.), insurance agents, S '\V4th & 

Bosttell Andrew J., nlderman, 1219 Vine 
Buswell James J., insurance ngent, 400 Chestnut, 

h Loeust nb .i'.lth 
Boswell John D., gent. Locust nb .'19th 
Boswell Jo.<;i')ih II., clerk City comptroller's Office, 

h i;52i .^lelon 
Bo.-well L. M., teacher, ().1ft Pine 
Bo-swell Richanl, 2129 Mt Vernon 
Boswell .*^aniucl, tailor, 157 W Giraril nv 
Bos\7ell William, weaver, 200(1 Nauil.nin 
Boswell William 11., printer, ;t.'59 Wharton 
Bosworth David C, dry goods, 818 Chestnut, h 

If. 12 Pine 
Botcler Joseph C. grocer, 401 Spruce 
Bothmann Louis, surg. inst maker, 27 Penna av 
Botbwell Alexander, blaeksniith, Springctt n 21st 
Bothwell James, weaver, 20.'J5 Lombard 
Bothwell Geo., brickmaker, 2037 Hampton 
Bothwell John, laborer, l.'ill N Front 
Bothwiek Robert, upholsterer, 140 S 11th 
Bothwick William, MO .S 11th 
Botlett James 1)., mariner, 125 Shippen 
Botsford Ann, :37th bel Walnut 
Botslord Timothy, bricklayer, 1009 S 2d 
Bott Edward, weaver, Uockiu.<, Gtn 
Botthof t'onstantine, hairdresser, C41 Arch, h 814 

Botthol" Joseph, cabinetmaker, 1032 Girard av 
Botthot' Julia, 1032 Girard av 
Botthoff Conrad, barber, 508 N 8th 
Botthoff Frank, barber, 508 N 8th 
Bottles JiL-Jeph, printer, .'!22 Federal 
Botto Andrew, dealer, 1327 Cherry 
Botto Augustus, clerk, 329 N 21st 
Bottom Lawrence, moulder, 1907 Callowhill 
Bottomlcy & Hines (Rehercn Boitomlcy if John 

Hiws), gas meter manufs. 39th ab Filbert 
Bottoraley James, produce dealer, Adams n 

Trenton av 
Bottomley Rebecca, State ab Filbert 
Botton Elizabeth, seamstress, 216 Concord 
Bottorff George, scroll turner, 204 Allen 
Boucher James, tailor, 5 Atwood pi 
Boucher Benjamin, wheelwright, 680 N 12th 
Boucher Ch.irlcs, baker, 412 Lynd 
Boucher Elizabeth S., tailoress, 3 Ralston 
Boucher Ellen C, tailoress, 4 Ralstrm 
Boucher Nathaniel, boot <t shoemaker, 42 Frank- 
ford av. Fkd 
Bouden John, segar store, 1327 N 10th 
Boudron .\le.\an<ler, artist, N W Diamond k 5th 
Bou<lwin George, taxidermist, 218 Race 
Bou<lwin John, segars, 222 S Delaware av, h 314 

Boudwin Michael, tobacconist, 218 Race 
Boudwin Peter, segnrrcaker, 317 Emmet 
Boudwin Peter, tobacco stripper, 218 Race 
Boughter Charles, banker, 810 S 9th 
Boughter Charles E., clerk, 810 8 9th 
Boughter Mary, seamstress, 542 New Market 
Bought on Anna, 326 Noble 
Boulais Joseph, cook,' 9 Pennsylvania av 

Buy your Clothing at the great 

Boulden Jesse, liquors, 117 Market, h 1905 Mt 

Boulden Mary, tailoress, 1213 Kcmble 
Bouler, James M., oak cooper, 62t> Annapolis 
Bool William S., printer, 809 Callowhill 
Boulter Silvina B.. teacher, 716 Green 
Boulton Edward, \m\\. wines and brandies, 130 

Walnut, h 182(1 Wallace 
Boult<m Levi, grocer, 1242 S 4th 
Boulton Sarah, dry goods, 171 W Girard nv 
Boulton NVilliam Q., shipjiing nior. 128 Walnut, 

h 1821 S]iruee 
Boulu .\cielaide, gentlewoman, 417 Garden 
Boumon (ieorge, Story nb 37th, Mantua 
Bounds .Tames, carpenter, Main, Chestnut Hill 
Boureau lli-nry, oil merchant, 1 12.3 N 12lh 
Boureau it Co. (Hrnnj lioureau), coal oil works, 

333 Arch 
Bourgeois S., milliner, 425 N 10th, h 2133 Wal- 
Bourguignon P. F., confec. N W 22d k Wood 
Bourk John, shoemaker, 1629 S 9th 
BOl'RKE A. M., intelligence office, 302 Union 
Bourko Michael, laborer, 1924 Earp 
Bourke Nanej', r 418 Cherry 
Bourke T., paper hangings, N E 4th k Market, h 

241 Madison 
Bourne Ezra, express, 1609 Ridge av 
Bourne F. B., bookkeeper, N W 12th & Noble, 

h 1.3,32 Columbia av 
Bourne .lames, hatter, 40 N 6th 
Bourne Jane P., gentlewoman, 1221 N 15th 
Bourn Samuel, grocer, 2024 Carlton 
Bournonvillc Anthony, M. D. 221 N 4th 
Bournonville Augustus C, M. D., 516 N 6lh 
Bourns John, F., M. I)., 1.104 Spring Garden 
Bour(|uard A., lager beer, 205 R 2d 
Bourciuard Joseph, baker, 138 Race 
Bourquin E. W^, gentlewoman, 240 S llfh 
Bonrquin Frederick, cabinetmnker, 1033 Button- 
Bour(|uin Theodore F., clerk, 1033 Buttonwood 
Bourous E. J., Asst Supt C & A R R Co. 206 

S Del av, h Gtn 
Bourrellon Vincent, tobacconist, Gtn av ab Mont- 
gomery av 
Bouse Charles, laborer, 1227 Brinton 
Bousb Charles, weaver. Baker, Myk 
Boush Charles, Jr., weaver, B.'iker Myk 
Bouslead .Tames, gentleman, 2210 Rrandvwine 
Boustead William, currier, 321 Willow," h 1020 

Bouteher Thomas, shoemaker, 23 Innis 
Boutelje Leonard, clothier, 539 Shippen 
Boutelje Simon, clothier, 641 Shippen 
Bovaird Mntthew, bartender, 118 Master 
Bovaird AVilliam, tavern, 2.')01 Penna av 
Bovard George, manufacturer, 1103 Hope 
IJovard Robert, weaver, r 1234 Leopard 
liovet Ami, engraver, 838 Cross 
Bouvier David, Initcher, 425 Moore 
Bouvier .Tohn, butcher, 427 Moore 
Bonvier J. V., 1240 N Broad 
Bouvier Michael, gentleman, 141 S 2d, h 1240 N 

Bowan John, heater, 1046 Beach 
Bowdan William, mariner, 7 Christian 
Bowden James, tobacconist, 812 S 12th 
Bowden Thomas, heater, Shackamaxon 
Bowe .Tohn, laborer, 123 Chenango 
BOWEN k CO. (Lnrivlfi Boi'-rn S^Johu Cassin), 

lithographers, S W 11th .t Chestnut 
BO WEN .t FOX (Ezni Bou-cn ^ George S. Fox), 

stock brokers, 13 Merchants' Exchange 
Bowen Albert P., dealer, 816 Weccncoe 




Bowon Bryan, drnyiiuui, .'ill I'l jmcli 
Bowon CharltJH (J., MinlorLiikdr, •','Zti (JhriHlian 
Bowcn Dalplionft, gontlowoiniui, H)2r< .Spriioo 
Boweri Daniel M., uonvoyiuiucv, 005 iSanfiom, 1) 

71(1 N 15th 
Bowen David II., boot A Hliooniakor, 212 Kicli- 

Bowon David 11., undertaker, 815 S 2d 
Bowen Eliza, hotel, 5.'i(i lioiich 
Bowon Eli/;a.botli, iSus<iiiolniiina av hoi 5tli 
Bowon Ellen, gontlowonnm, 1010 Olive 
Bowon EnoH, spnrinaker, IM2 Cronso 
Bowon E/,nii, .stock broker, 13 Morchnnta' Ex- 
change, h I9.'i2 Race 
Bowen E., milliner, N E 5th & South 
Bowen E. II., cannon primers, r 220 N 2d, h 

1923 Race 
BoAvon George E., Penna volunteer, 4221 Ludlow 
Bowon Isaac II., sea captain, Richmond n Ann 
Bowen James, laborer, r 5IG Marriott 
Bowon John, cabinetmaker, r 414 Catharine 
Bowen John, clerk, S W 11th & Washington, h 

514 Catharine 
Bowen John, moulder, Susquehanna av hel 5th 
Bowen Joseph E., tailor, 2018 Sansom 
Bowen Joseph L., .sawgrinder, 706 Poplar 
Bowen Lavinia, print colorist, 1.020 Cherry 
Bowen Louisa., gentlewoman, 4221 Ludlow 
Bowen Maria, gentlewoman, 1010 Melon 
Bowen Mo,ses, laborer, r 510 Marriott 
Bowen Nicholas (c), waiter, 515 S 10th 
Bowen C, seacaptain, 230 Allen 
Bowen Philip, lumber, S W 11th & Washington 

av, h 514 Catharine 
Bowen Samuel T., shipcarpenler, 834 Leonard 
Bowen Sariih, tailoress, 31 Prime 
Bowcn Smith, bookkeeper, 226 N 5th 
Bowen Virginia, teacher, 9 3d Section, h 815 S 2d 
Bowon William, newsdealer, N E Dock & 3d, h 

816 Weccacoe 
Bowen William, printer, 906 Melon 
Bowen William, seacaptain, Richmond n Ann 
Bowen William, shipcarpenter, 729 E Thompson 
Bowen William H., com. mer. 1443 N 11th 
Bowcn William M., druggist, N E Brown & New 

Bower Albert C, Fkd av n Huntingdon 
Bower Anna R., gentlewoman, 1703 Olive 
Bower August, shoemaker, 852 Charlotte 
Bower Barbara, tailoress, 1 Niblo pi 
Bower Charles, silkweaver, 6 Mureus pi 
Bower Charles P., gentleman, 1705 Francis 
Bower Christian, butcher, 519 Richmond 
Bower David F., photographist, 317, & h 263 N 2d 
Bower Eliza, 1030 Beach I 

Bower Ferdinand, laborer, Adams u Thompson 
Bower Fraug, clerk, 772 N 24th j 

Bower Frank, tailor, 868 Marshall i 

Bower Frederick, silverplater, 531 Powell. | 

Bower Frederick, sugar refiner, r 839 St John | 
Bower Frederick, tavern, 902 Callowhill 
Bower George, hostler, 2324 Meredith 
Bower George C, druggist, N E Vine & 6th, h 531 { 

Vine I 

Bower George C, Jr., correspondent, 531 Vine 
Bower Henry, 1904 Pine 
Bower Henry, dyer, 9 Packer pi 
Bower H. A", druggist, 601 N 6th 
Bower Jacob F., shoemaker, 14 Bristow pi 
Bower James E., salesman, 2012 Brandywine 
Bower John, provisions, 772 N 24th ■ 

BOWER JOHN, professor of music, 624 N 11th ' 
Bower John D., baker, 1726 Olive 
Bower John S., clerk, 531 Vine 
Bower Joseph, bricklayer, 1030 Beach i 

Oak Hall, Sontliesst Comer Sistli and 

Bowor Jof'e()h, tailor, Ambor n Dauphin 
Bower JoHopli, tailor, 219 iShi|)pen 
I'owor Leonard, Honp .t candles, 1321 N 4th 
Bower LewiH, bai'br-r, Fkd av n Huntingdon 
Bowor LowIh, machini.''t, Glucj^ow pi 
Bower Marion, widow, 2.''0I Afthburlon 
Bower M., watchman, 1231 Vienna 
J'.ower Peter, dealer, 1741 N 4th 
Bower Peter, tailor, 122!) N .'!d 
Bower Philip, .KhocMiiaker, 1214 llidge nv 
Bowor Robert, conductor, 1764 Frunkford av 
Bowor Robert S.. drnggint. Gin av &, 3d 
Bovver Rudolph, ivorytnrner, 519 Richmond 
Bowor R. F., conductor, iSaluion ab Lehigh av 
Bower Samuel, dranglilsman, 530 E Thompson 
Bower S. D. S., .shipwright, 530 E Thomp.son 
Bower Theodore, tailor, r 418 Moyer 
Bower AVilliara, earriageinakcr, 1329 N 17th 
Bowers Abraham, police, 6 Mayland 
Bower.** Allen, engineer. Grape bel 34th, Mantua 
Bowers Augustus, cooper, 914 Ogden 
Bowers Augustus, hostler, 2010 Cambridge 
Bower.s Bernard, shoemaker, 2043 N 5th 
Bowers Caroline, bakery, 519 S 20lh 
Bowers Charles, butcher, 808 N Front 
Bowers Christian, baker, 1281 N 13th 
Bowers Daniel W., bricklayer, 1239 Darien 
Bowers D. F., daguerreotypes, 20 N 2d 
Bowers D. AV., segars, 2306 Market 
Bowers Edward, machinist, 622 Cherry 
Bowers Frederick, barber, 1370 Ridge av 
Bowers Frederick, butcher, Emerald n York 
Bowers Frederick, expre.«sman, 1912 Wilcox 
Bowers Frederick, machinist, r 2044 Pearl 
Bowers F., 1234 Brinton 
Bowers George, baker, 938 Moyamensing av 
Bowers George, woolsorter, N E 34th & Grape 
Bowers George, U S navy yard, S 16th n Car- 
Bowers George P., blacksmith, 2139 Lombard 
Bowers G. Vining, actor, 707 Florida 
Bowers Harriet, gentw. 815 Tasker 
Bowers Henry, 212 Lombard 
Bowers Henry, watchman. 830 Palm 
Bowers H., glassblower, Salmon ab Emory 
Bowers Jacob E., att'y at law, 250 N 5th, h 924 

Bowers Jas., varnisher, Jefferson ab Oxford, Fkd 
Bowers John, butcher, 212 N 2d 
Bowers John, cabinetmaker, 155 S 2d, h 212 

Bowers John, carpenter, 1240 N 12th 
Bowers -John, drayman. Diamond bel 5th 
Bowers John, laborer, 1637 Cadwalader 
Bowers John, lampmaker, 1508 Cherry 
Bowers John, machinist, 124 Richmond 
B(>wers John, saddler, 1209 Warnock 
Bowers John, spinner. Baker, Myk 
Bowers John C. (e), clothier, 115 S 2d, h 838 

Lombard ' 

Bowers Joshua, carman, 1205 Otis 
Bowers Mary, gentw. 1230 ^Market 
Bowers Peter. 559 York av 
Bowers Peter, laborer, Federal bel 24th 
Bowers Richard, cordwainer, 1 Gillingham 
Bowers Robert, lab. Sacramento av ab Shacka- 

Bowers Samuel, clothes renovator. 50 N 11th. h 

1104 Callowhill 
Bowers Samuel, distiller. Elm ab 33d, Mantua 
Bowers Samuel, tailor, 1104 Callowhill 
Bowers Solomon, gas works. 21?t bel Pine 
Bowers Thomas, saddler. 913 Master 
Bowers Thomas J. (c), clothier, 115 S 2d, h 917 


Market Streets, Wanamaker & Browiii 




Bowers Valentine, currier, 630 Brooke 
Bowers William, 2135 Sharswood 
Bowers "Win., cotton poods mnniir. 92-4 Franklin 
Bowor? Willinui, liostler, 2010 Cambridge 
liiiwirs 'Willinm, wood turner, Tnokinvnnna ab 

Churoli, Fkd 
Bowers Willinm II., clerk, 1239 Darion 
Bowers William II., miiohinist, 1227 Wood 
Bowes Kdward, nniliiinker. I Ashtou pi 
Bowes .lane. Price n Hiiiicock 
Bowes Miirtin, luboior, ".'■'! 1 Hutchinson 
Bowes Martin, printer, 2015 Kvorgreen 
Bowes Patrick, laborer, r 120 Queen 
Bowdle Tristram, i.ublic ncot. 1213 Race 
Bowie John H.. clerk, S12 S 3d 
Bowker A tiroeiiwdoil, machine maker.s, 842 N 3d 
Bowker James, gasfitter & plumber. Main, Myk 
Bowker John, variety. Main it Levcrinfr, Myk 
Bowker]ih, engraver, Tnckawanna bel Ox- 
ford, Fkd 
Bowker W. II., .segars, 266 S 5th, h 327 S 5th 
Biiwlby Edward, gent. Osceola, Gtn 
Bowlbv Samuel L., stock broker, 230 Walnut, h 

405 S 3d 
Bowlby Thomas B., conveyancer, 33d ab Baring 
Bowles Benjamin, driver, 112 Mary 
Bowles Charles, stonecutter, r 2119 Vino 
Bowles Charles M., salesman, 431 Market, h 964 

Bowles George W., coachsraitb, 1307 Prospect 
Bowles James, carter, 2128 Lombard 
Bowles James, laborer, 2115 Tryon 
Bowles James, stonecutter, 2119 Winter 
Bowles James R., carjienter, 1427 American 
Bowles Jane, wid. John L.. 1405 Columbia av 
Bowles John, stonecutter, 2119 Winter 
Bowles Michael, bosom manuf. 528 N 22d 
Bowles William, coffee roaster, 220 N 2d, h 1325 

Bowls Mary, trimmings, 520 S 2d 
Bowman i Cherry {David BowniaJi {^ Robert 

Cherry), boots & shoes. Main bel Armut, Gtn 
Bowman Abraham, cakes, 1232 Kemble 
Bowman Amelia, knitting, 107 S 11th 
Bowman Catharine, Main ab Chelton av 
Bowman Catharine, gentw. 1235 Olive 
Bowman Charles, butcher. 609 Poplar 
Bowman Charles, shoemaker, 128 Coates 
Bowman Charles, teacher, 321 Catharine 
Bowman Charles S., hatter, 819 N 2d 
Bowman Christiana, gent, r 887 Orchard 
Bowman Christopher, machinist, 1407 Brown 
Bowman David, boots <t shoes, Main bel Armat, 

Gtn, h Queen Ic Green, Gtn 
Bowman Dominick, printer, 817 St John 
Bowman Eliza J., bdg house, 131 Arch 
Bowman Elizabeth (c), washwoman, 5 Metcalf 
Bowman Franklin, moulder. 2043 N 2d 
Bowman George, cordwainer, 417 South 
Bowman Gottlieb, tailor, 1307 Charlotte 
Bowman George W., gent. 1315 Coates 
Bowman Jacob, M.D., York n Amber 
Bowman James, 513 Pierce 
Bowman James K., grocer, 552 N 17th 
Bowman Job K., locksmith, 934 Race 
Bowman John, bakery, Lancaster av A John 
BOWMAN JOHN, hatter, 819 N 2d 
Bowman John, machinist, 1352 Columbia av^ 
Bowman Jonas, liquors, 340 N 3d 
Bowman Joseph, shoes, 1241 Po[)lar 
Bowman J. S., foreman, 408 Commerce, h 513 

Bowman Lydia Ann, wid. 1318 S 13th 

Bowman Maria, gentw. r 804 N Front 
Bowman Moses, gent. 335 N 5tb 

Strangers aud Citizens are recommended to purchase their 

Bowman Philip, laborer, 212 S Juniper 
Bowman Robert M., jiainter, Haines bil Main, Gtn 
Bowman Sally, boarding house, 20 N 7th 
Bowman .^amuel, jiriiiter, 134 Beck pi 
Bowman Thomas, broker, 2.'>1 S I2lh 
Bowman Thomas, gont. 152 Po]«lar 
Bowman Thomas K., shoecutter, 2109 Oxford 
Bowman William, carpenter, 346 N 3d 
Bowman Williain, g.Mit. 1016 Otsego 
Bowman William, harness m;inuf 1100 Steadman 
Bowman William II., gont. 1420 Mervino 
Bowman William K., provisions, N W Shirley <b 

Bowniaster John, blacksmith, 406 Morris 
Bown Benjamin, clerk, 857 Federal 
Bown Benjamin S., grocer, N E 9th it Federal 
Bown Samuel A. C, jiainter, 1020 Nectarine 
Bownass Esther, millinery, 2122 Arch 
]}owno Wm. A., tavern, S W Qirard A Ridge avs 
Bowner James, seam:iii, r 117 Shippen 
Bows Jacob, gent. 708 Ulrich 
Bowser David B. (c), painter, 481 N 4th 
Bowser James (c), porter, 1013 Lombard 
Bowyer John, trucker, 163 Girard av 
Boya Rachel, grocer, N W 5th k Pierce 
Boya Robert, butcher, N W 5th it Pierce 
Boyce Andrew, liquors. S E Mervine <t Master 
Boyce Ann, gentw. 209 Prime 
Boyce Daniel, laborer, 1715 S 5th 
Boyce Dennis, moulder, 407 N ICth 
Boyce Francis, laborer. 2049 Lombard 
Boyce Henry, laborer, 2210 Summer 
Boyce John, coppersmith, 2228 Summer 
Boyce John, laborer, Salmon n William 
Boyce John, laborer, 1715 S 5th 
Boyce John, oysters, 119 Lombard 
Boyce John, sailmaker, r 531 Marriott 
Boyce Mary, millinerj', 938 Race 
Boyce Patrick, gent. 1730 Lombard 
Boj'ce Samuel, gent. 1552 N ]3tli 
BOYD ct HOUGH (William S. Boyd if John L. 

Hough), wholesale grocers, 17 S Water 
Boyd ifc Stroud (Thomas A. Boyd if Morris R. 

Slroiul), chinaware, 32 N 4th 
Boyd Adam, carpenter, 310 Union 
Boyd Alexander, plasterer, 757 Park 
Bood Alexander, shipping mer. 407 Wood 
Boyd Amelia S., upholsterer, 15 N 13th 
Boyd Andrew, blacksmith, S E Taylor & Pas- 

syunk av, h Cross n I'assyunk av 
Boyd Andrew, collector, 1011 Federal 
Boyd Andrew, laborer, Cumberland ab Mill, Qtn 
Boyd Andrew, liquors, 2511 Hamilton 
Boyd Ann, gentw. 1502 N Front 
Bo}-d Archibald, confectioner, 1404 Shippen 
Boyd Archey, paver, 1937 Cuthbert 
Boyd Augustus, banker, 1728 Green 
Boyd Catharine, 1305 Heath 
Boyd Charles S., .salesman, 17 S Water, h 919 

Boyd Cornelius, agent, 1143 Pas.syunk av 
Boyd Daniel, laborer, 2 Sycamore 
Boyd Daniel, painter, 1230 Rodman 
Boyd David, gentleman, 1735 Hamilton 
Boyd David, mer. 40 S 4th, li 1735 Hamilton 
Boyd Edmund, carpenter, 520 Master 
Boyd Eliza, trimmings, 331 Green 
Boyd Emily H., teacher pub. sch. h 40th ab 

Boyd George, trimmings, 1337 N 11th 
Boyd George, whitewasher, 209 Acorn al 
Boyd George, wholesale grocer, 1200 Market, 

h 225 N 13th 
BOYD GEORGE J., banker, 18 S 3d, h 1104 





Boyd Oeorgo W., rmicliiriiHl., I.'il!) Hrandywine 

Boyd IIiirrisDii, iidi-dwiiiricr, lindino ri Oxford 

Boyd lloloii, Hdliool, li l.'ll!) Hiiiiidywino 

Boyd Iluni-y M., coiitructor, 1217 'MiirHliuIl 

Boyd ll'if^h, ])lii,at,orur, lOKl (Jiirvor 

Boyd HiikIi, tailor, 1(12!) Koiiili 

Boyd lliifrfi, tuili.r, lOlO Kkd iiv 

Boyd Ilugli, wilt litniMi, 11)00 lliiifjjf^olil |)l 

Boyd Jjiiiii'M, 1)1)1, Usmilli, 1000 Stoclcor 

Boyd JiutioH, cloik, JH S jytU 

Boyd James, clork, 1644 Race 

Boyd Jniiios, dyer, 1521 Filzwuter 

Boyd Jiiino.s, .sftlosrniin, ]2.'I.'J Marsluiil 

Boyd JiiiuoH, woavor, Oti.s ii Aiiihor 

Boyd Jainoft, weaver, Gor/ras, Gin 

Boyd Jainos D., clerk, Federal ii 2Gth 

Boyd Janio.s L., printer, 1220 Cass 

Boyd James M., tobacconist, N E Front & Arch, 

h 1309 S 4lli 
Boyd James W., notebroker, 27 S 3d, li S W 38th 

<fc Spruce 
Boyd Jane, gentlewoman. Cotton, Myk 
Boyd Jane, tiiilortss, 1507 Burton 
Boyd John, Maiden, Myk 
Boyd John, balier, Ciairborne be! Norris 
Boyd John, clerk, 1512 N Front 
Boyd John, driver, 724 Federal 
Boyd John, gardener, 1G18 Carver 
Boyd John, gentleman, r 1238 Leopard 
Boyd John laborer, 1801 Jones 
Boyd John laborer, S E Ludlow & 42d 
Boyd John, laborer, Richmond n York 
Boyd John, laborer, 2016 South . 
Boyd John, salesman, 144 N 3d, bds 328 Branch 
Boyd John, tavern, 922 N 19th 
Boyd John, tailor, 220 N Water 
Boyd John E., broker, 40 S 3d, h 215 N 20th 
Boyd John E. & Son (Jo/ut E. cV Jokii W. 

Boyd), bankers, 40 S 3d 
Boyd John J., stonecutter, lfi24 N 7th 
Boyd John L., stonecutter, 1227 Brown 
Boyd John S.. tobacconist, 136 S 10th 
Boyd John W., banker, 40 S 3d, h 3716 Baring 
Boyd John W., painter, 1238 Nagle 
Boyd J., wines & liquors, S E 18th & South 
Boyd Margaret, 708 Steward 
Boyd Margaret, gentlewoman, 1205 De icon 
Boyd Mary, gentlewoman, 427 Queen 
Boyd Mary L. (c) , seamstress, 1825 Addison 
Boyd N. B., att'y-at-law, 251 S 9th 
Boyd Patrick, cardriver, 1143 Fkd av 
Boyd Peter, engineer, Sycamore n 34th 
Boyd P. W., furniture car, 1146 Fkd av 
Boyd Richard, dealer, 709 jN" 23d 
Boyd Robert, com. mer. 104 S Water, h 2132 

Boyd Robert, hostler, Carroll n York 
Boyd Robert, laborer, Woelpper's ct 
Boyd Robert, moulder, 9 Nineveh pi 
Boyd Robert, painter, 36th & Sycamore, Mantua 
Boyd Robert, seaman, 824 Shippen 
Boyd R., gentlewoman, S14 Fitzwater 
Boyd Samuel, boatman, 422 N 22d 
Boyd Samuel, conductor, 1936 Cuthbert 
BOYD SAiMUEL, grocer, 1544 Race 
Boyd Samuel, laborer, 1 Ashton pi 
Boyd Samuel W.. bricklayer, 1020 Crease 
Boyd Thomas, laborer, 1116 Sophia 
Boyd Thomas, shoemaker, 616 S 19th 
Boyd Thomas A , mer. 32 N 4t.h, h 1210 Sprin 

Boyd William, biscuit baker, 226 N Front 
Boyd AVillinm, bricklayer, Sepviva ab Xorris 
Boyd William, carpenter, 7 Faries ct 
Boyd William, clerk, 512 Wharton ! 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Boyd Willi/irn, oordwaincr, r 1328 Howard 

Boyd Williiui), grocer, IH42 Market 

15oyd Williiun, grocer, 301 S 7Lli 

lioyd Williiun, ninchiiiiHl, 1612 N Fri.nt 

Boyd \Villiitin, painter, l21!)(JaKH 

Boyd Williiitii, jiainter, 1230 Jlodiuiin 

Boyd Williiini, siile.xman, 212 Federal 

Hoyd William, spinner, IJelair, Myk 

lioyd William, weaver, 6tli be! NorrJH 

Boyd William, weaver, 617 N 23d 

Boyd William (c), whitewashcr, 1336 Pearl 

Boyd William II., captain U K A, 1320 N I3th 

Boyd Williiijn S., carpenter, 6th ab Dauphin 

Boyd William S., wholesale grocer, J7 H Water, 

h 334 Spruce 
Boyd William S., Jr., briokkeepcr, 17S Water, h 

7.30 Spruce 
Boyd William Stokes, 2039 Walnut 
BOYER & BARCLAY ( Willi,, m II. B„yer, Joint 
K. Barclay), manufs. linseed oil, 127 <fc 129 
N Water & 134 & ]3G N Del av 
Boyer A Moffly (Porci.vnl K. Boyer h( John W. 

MoJJly), cloths <fc cassimeres, 236 Market 
Boyer Abram L., teacher, 1529 Parrish 
Boyer A. M., shipwright, 943 Otsego 
Boyer Charles, turner, Penn & O.xford av, F.d 
Boyer Charles, watchman, 118 Wharton 
Boyer Charles A., music teacher, 204 Woo I 
Boyer Daniel, shoemaker, 1210 S Front 
1 Boyer Daniel L., music teacher, 217 N Juniper 
Boyer David, tinsmith, 3720 Market 
Boyer D. P., M.D., 926 N 0th 
Boj'er Edmund N., clerk, 1618 N 7th 
Boyer Edward R., bookbinder, 208 Wood 
Boyer Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 1010 S Front 
Boyer Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 631 N 12th 
Boyer Ephraim, drayman, Gtn av ab 6th 
Boyer F. J., exchange office, 57 S 4th, h Del co 
Boyer George (c), barber, 626 Barclay 
Boyer George C, bookkeeper, Fillmore av 
Boyer George W., mer. 138 S Del av, h 232 S 4th 
Boyer Gottlieb, shoemaker, 2 Vermont pi 
Boyer Henry, laborer, 1512 S 7th 
Boyer Henrv K., agricul. implements, 6th k, 

Gtn av, h 1425 N 7th 
Boyer Hester, gentw. r 1212 Callowhill 
Boyer Hiram, bricklayer, 1017 Girard av 
Boyer Isabella, gentw. 107 Green 
Boyer Jacob, carpenter, 1427 Savery 
Boyer James, gentleman, 206 Wood 
Boj'er Jesse, switchtender P. R. R., h Ludlow bel 

Boyer John, carpenter, 1205 Oxford 
Boyer John, carpenter, 206 Wood 
Boyer John, gentleman, 613 X 22d 
Boyer John, watchman. 1622 Thompson 
Boyer John K., conductor, 1618 X 7th 
Boyer Nathan, cabinetmaker, 130 Prime 
Boyer Percival K., merchant, 235 Market, h 44i> 

Bover Samuel H., turner, Tackawanna av ab 

Church, Fkd 
Boyer Samuel P., cooper, 203 Williamson 
I Boyer Sarah, 213 Acorn al 
I Boyer Sarah L., teacher, 203 Williamson 
I Boyer Stephen, laborer, 539 Marriott 
i Boyer Stephen S., compositor, 1238 N 15th 
Boyer Thomas, carpenter, 1333 Christian 
Boyer Thomas, laborer, 2 Dover's court 
' Boyer Thomas T., cordwainer, 943 Otsego 
'. Boyer William, collector, 1618 N 7th 
Boyer William, gent. 16 IS N 7th 
Boyer William, gent. 1425 N 7th 
\ Boyer William, periodicals, 1427 Savery 
' Boyer William, plasterer, 7 Barney av 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Boyer Willinm, watchmaker, 2332 Wallace 
Boyer Williuia A., stevedore, h'.iV Marriott 
Boyer Willium II., oil iner. 131 N Del nv and 

I'll N Water, h Conlincntnl hotel 
Boyer William L., agr. impleiuents, Clh and 

Germiintown av, h l?i35 N Sih 
Boyer Williuiu L. & Bro. (Henri/ K. lioijfr), agr. 

ini)>leiiuMits, N (Uh & Goriuiintown av 
Boyer Wm. W., conductor, Uil.SN 7th 
Boyos Jame.<, farmer, Centre n Hancock, Otn 
Boyl John, ooacliman. 1722 Latimer 
Boyl John, mer. 'J N Front, h Calharino & Erie 
Boyl KoI.ert. ho.-^tler. r 1(29 Ojideii . 
Boylan Michael, laborer, 6Ja N 25th 
Boylan .\iihola<, dealer, r 509 Catharine 
Boylan Patrick, machinist, r 231 N 22d 
Boylan Thomas, weaver, Philip n Oxford 
Borland Joseph, laborer, r 2210 Savery 
Boyland J., jjrocer, N W Girard av A Hancock 
Borland Richard, shoemaker, 2017 Hand 
Boyle A McManus (John Boyle }f T. McManiis), 

wine Jt litiuors, 9 N Front 
Boyle Andrew, driver, 912 Washington av 
Boyle Andrew, laborer, 1G14 ^lervine 
Boyle Alexander, laborer, 1322 Wheat 
Boyle Alexander, laborer, 717 iloss 
Boyle Alexander, segar maker, 330 N 16th 
Boyle Alexander, tailor, 1322 Wheat 
Boyle Alexander, tailor. 717 Moss 
Boylo Bernard, laborer. 1013 Milton 
Boyle Catharine, 719 Moore 
Boyle Catharine, caps, 4 Walnut pi 
Boyle Catharine, dressmaker, (i28 Paul 
Boyle Catharine, tavern, 723 St Mary 
Boylo Charles, hotel, 38 Richmond 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 1054 Beach 
Boyle Charlc-s, laborer, 727 Dickerson 
Boyle Charles, laborer. East, Manayunk 
Bovle Cornelius, Poulsou ab 2d 

Boylo John, laborer, Newkirk bel Lehigh av 

Boyle John, laborer, 25 Reod 

Boyle John, laborer, 2058 .Sansom 

IJoyle John, laborer, Wissahiokon, Gtn 

Boylo John, laborer, Sloan bel Baring 

Boyle John, laborer, 2038 Sansom 

Bo'vlo John, li.iuors. 825 S 9th 

Bovle John, printer, S E 2d A Brown, h 1038 

N 3d 
Boyle John, warper, 1520 Palelhorp 
Boyle John, manufaeturer, 2lBt k Naudain, h 

llaverford township 
Boyle John C, coaehmaker, Fernon bel 1 0th 
Boyle John C, confectioner, 2040 Callowhill 
Boyle Margaret, 710 S Fallon 
Boyle Margaret, Sansom bel 36th 
l!oyle Margaret, 1221 S 7th 
Boyle Martin, soajiA candles, 360 Dillwyn 
Bovle Marv, candv, 707 S Hth 
Boyle Mary, grocer, 1209 S Hth 
Boyle Mary, gentw. Cresson, Myk 
Boyle ^larj', boarding house, 73(> Sansom 
Boyle Michael A., carpenter, 1018 S Sth 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 3 Darling pi 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 2034 Murray 
Boyle Jlicliacl, laborer, 19 Reed 
Boylo Michael A , carpenter, 1010 S 8th 
Boyle Nathaniel, laborer, Lombard ab 25tb 
Boyle Ncal, laborer, r 1023 New Bedford 
Boyle Neal, laborer, r 2127 Spruce 
Boyle Patrick, carter, Edgeinont bel Reading av 
Boylo Patrick, coal, OS Richmond 
Boyle Patrick, gent. 515 South 
Boyle Philip, grocer, 36 N 22d 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 2059 Lombard 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 1704 Lombard 
Boylo Patrick, laborer, 711 Steward 
Boyle Robert, compositor, 110 S 2d 
Boyle Robert, dealer, 26 Benton 

Boyle Cornelius, shoemaker. S E Seybert & 16th Boyle Robert, laborer, 5 BurlMgton pi 
Boyle Daniel, tavern keeper, Frankford av n . Boyle Robert, laborer, East, Myk 

Reading av 
Boyle Edward, blacksmith, 1519 American 
Boylo Edward, dealer, 1341 Rye 
Boyle Edward, waterman, r 1311 Rye 
Boyle Edward, sailmaker, 516 Wildey 
Boyle Eli, dyer, 516 Wildey 
Boyle Eliza, gentw. 535 Queen 
Boyle Elizabeth, Dauphin ab Coral 
Boyer F. A., conductor, 2005 Girard av 
Boyle George W., police, 106 JeO'erson 
Boyle Henry, laborer, 303 JeflFerson 
Boyle Henry, 1914 Jonea 
Boyle Hugh, blacksmith, r 1535 American 
Boyle Hugh, galvanizer, 1208 Everett 
Boyle Hugh, laborer, 2015 Murray 
Boyle Hugh, laborer, Susanna n Edgemont 
Boyle Hugh H., plasterer, 2009 Lombard 
Boylo James, driver, 812 Marriott 
Boyle James, express wagon, 303 Market, h St 

John ab Brown 
Boyle James, laborer, 2045 Hand 
Boyle .Tames, laborer, r 336 Master 
Boyle James, laborer, Salmon bel Huntingdon 
Boyle James, laborer. Sui)lee"s ct 
Boyle James, laborer, 804 Sutherland av 
Boyle James, laborer, r 1319 Wallace 
Boyle James, liquors, N W Front & Race, h 1023 

Boyle James, mat maker, 1125 Pearl 
Boyle John, boatman. Cresson, Myk 
Boyle John, boot (kshoe maker, 3518 Market 
Boyle John, hostler, 2 Cantman pi 
Boyle John, laborer, r 1119 Hope 
Boyle John, laborer, 1912 Naudain 

Boyle Robert, laborer, 715 S 17th 
I Boyle Robert, stonecutter, r 1720 Wood 
1 Boyle Sarah, seamstress, 2054 Hamjiton 
I Boyle Thomas, boarding h, S W Lombard & Penn ' 
Boyle Thomas, gunsmith, 128 Coatcs 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, r 3 Chancery la 
Boyle Thomas, liquors, 238 Spruce 
Boyle J., liquor store, 322 N 20th 
Boyle Vernet, laborer, Suplees ct 
Boyle Wellington, bookkeeper, 724 Market, h 270 

Boyle William, cedar cooper, 2112 Cuthbert 
Boyle William, coachman, 5 Loxley's pi 
Boyle William, cooper, 915 Market 
Boyle William, driver, 2058 Hampton 
Boyle William, gardener, 1400 Bangor 
Boyle William A, letter carrier, 2112 Cuthbert 
Boyles George M.. blacksmith, American bel 

Boyles James, bookbinder, 007 Sansom, h 508 

N 7th 
Bovlcs James J., 28 S 3d, h 508 N 7th 
Boyleson William, 1929 Wilcox 
Boys Mary, gentw. Cotton, Myk 
Boys William, gent. 143 Green 
Boyser Samuel, dealer. Square 
Boyson John, laborer, 16(18 Helmuth 
Bozarlh David, charcoal dealer, 3 Oneida pi 
Bozart Hiram, refrigerators, 1253 Nagle 
Bozorth William V., ladies shoemaker, 1018 Beach 
Brabender Jacob, sailor, 1225 Carlton 
Brace Elizabeth (c), S Bedford bel 11th 
Brace Thomas, tinsmith, N 2d bel Diamond 
Braeeland Bridget M., upholstering, 118 S 13th 

The Popular Clothing House of Philadelphia. 




Bracolfinfl Charlon, laborer, .'iO N 22'1 
Brncolarid 'riionifiH, hotol, R W I I Mi k LooiiHt 
Briw^eliuid Thioinas A., priritoi-, 'MVi CyjiroHH 
]JriM.'()lor CornoliuH, boatman, Oroharrt n Taoony, 

Braoelin Alice, wanhor, 8 Konworlhy'n ct. 
Bra,oelin Piilrick, laborer, 1 I'lmkisr ])l 
Bnidiiliii Unil.y, f^onl.Jowornan, MU N 2.0111 
BriKtli VtiU'v, {•.aliinot.iiiakcr, MO Hrojul 
Brachyt CliarlcH, ciitUir, 002 (Jallowliill 
Brachot LgwIh, teaohcr of muHJc, 002 Callowhill 
Braclivogol Oscar,, 427 Callowbiil, h 

407 N 51,11 
Brack II., cloarstarcher, 102.0 Walnut 
Brack Thoitias,, .'i02 S Front 
Brackan Samuel, laborer, Uichmond & Cumber- 
Brackbanlj Eli/abolh, tailoross, Jud.ifon bel Brown 
Brarkciii Mli/.iiljclh, 413 Rugan 
Bnickcn James, liiborcr, 022 New Market 
Bracken John, .secondhand .shop, 1.'!0 Hhippen 
Bracken Michael, milkman, 022 New Market 
Bracken Patrick, tailor, 53.'J Pine 
Brackenridge William, .SOt v'-!hi]ipcn 
Brackin Henry, moulder, 1 J 11 Buttonwood 
Brackin Owen, painter, 713 S llubhell 
Brackley John, shoemaker, 814 Montcalm 
Brackley John, .shoemaker, 917 Suffolk 
Brackney Charles, painter, 1317 Jefferson av 
Braekney Francis, bricklayer, 3 ct 
Brackney Joseph, confectioner, 32.0 N 1.0th 
Brackney Theodore, bricklayer, 4 East ct 
Brada. Abraham, painter, 33 N 21st 
Bradagan John B., Coral ab Huntingdon 
Bradberry James, dyer, Adams & Church, Fkd 
Bradbury Henry, salesman, 1340 College av 
Bradbury Michael, livery stable, G T av ab Berks 
Bradbury Robert, carver, Gtn av ab Berks 
Brailbury Robert, cotton dealer, 2107 Spring 
Bradbury Samuel, com. drj' goods, 210 Chestnut, 

h 1422 Marshall 
Bradbury Stephen, haircurler, 1727 N 4th 
Bradliury William, laborer, r 1132 Fra-nkford av 
Braddeck Daniel, wheelwright, 130 Dana 
Braddock Ira, salesman, 31 Otter 
Braddock John L., builder, N W Fkd av & York 
Braddock Joseph, draughtsman, 540 N 13th. 
Braddock L., painter, 1634 Vine 
Braddock Reuben, carpenter, Ella n Trenton av 
Braddock William B., bricklayer, r 1922 East 
Braden John, carpenter, 1522 Shippen 
Braden Mary, gentlewoman, 323 N 21st 
Bradeu AVilliam, cupola tender, 325 N 21st 
Braden William, laborer, 1106 Mellravy 
Braden William J., moulder, 323 N 21st 
Brader Joseph, hotel, N E Front & Shippen 
Brades Arthur, com. mer. 1119 Callowhill 
Bradfield Alfred, locksmith, Perkiomen ab Vine- 
Bradfield A. C, gentleman, 802 Arch 
Bradfield Charles, milkman, 1322 N Front 
Bradfield George, wheelmaker. Ridge av, Ros 
Bradfield James, saddler, 201 Vine 
Bradfield James F.. machinist, 802 Arch 
Bradfield John B., bellhanger, 1441 Callowhill 
Bradfield J. H., clerk, 222 W Logan sq 
Bradfield M., furnishing goods, 802 Arch 
Bradfield Oliver, plasterer, 1227 Poplar 
Bradfield Thomas, atty-at-law & conveyancer, 

325 N 6th 
Bradford Cornelius J., merchant, 417 Market, h 

1117 Mt Vernon 
Bradford George W.. machinist, 1219 Columbia av 
Bradford Jackson, tailor, 1107 Mellravy 
Bradford Johu, moulder, S W Memphis & Gordon 

Bradford Joseph, 1026 EllKworth 
linidford Joseph B., cl.irk, PKKCo, ]r)02 Market 
Bradford Lydia, gcnilNiworiiati, 1020 Vernon 
Bradforrl Martha, teMcli-rr, h 1117 Ml. Vornon 
Brailford Mary E., gentlewoman, I2'l Poplar 
Bradford Parker H., Hcaman, 827 Kwaricon 
Bradford Itobert, (,'enfleman, 1107 Mollrttvy 
Bradford H.ohert,, laborer, r 903 8 l.'Uh 
BIIADKORD SAMtiKL, trenH. P & K R K Co., 

227 S llh, h 1028 Walnut 
I'.radford Stephen, cooper, .'{ Tildon pi 
Bradl'iird Vinnont B., iitty-at law A prcH. I' <k T 

R R Co, 224 S Del av. h Chelton av, T 
liradford William, 319 S 15th 
Bradforfl Willinin, weaver, 8 Barney av 
]3raflin Oliver, cari)enter, J707 Chestnut, h 253 

N 10th 
Bradley AConley (John. BiadleT/ ^ John Con ley), 

wlieelwright.s, 1111 Shippen 
Bradley Albert, comedian. 730 Green 
Bradley Andrew, blacksmith, 822 Auburn 
Bradley Andrew, laborer, 204 Manship 
Bradley Ann, candies, 814 Loeu.'-t 
J'radbiy Ann, gentlewoman, 837 Lawrence 
Bradley Ann, varieties, 318 Poplar 
Bradley Bernard, gentleman, 2521 Callowhill 
Bradley Bernard, laborer, Lehman, Gtn 
Bradley Bernard, quarryman, Rittenhouse 
Bradley Bridget, tobacconist, N W 24th k Lom- 
Bradley Charles, bootcutter, 539 Mcllwain 
Bradley Charles, carpenter, 474 Richmond 
Bradley Charles, clerk, 248 Market, h 1714 

Bradley Charles (c), laborer, 1705 Addison 
Bradley Christopher, laborer, Waterloo ab Jef- 
Bradley D.aniel, laborer, 712 S 7th 
Bi'adley Daniel, porter, 1018 Sergeant 
Bradley Daniel, tailor, 1018 Sergeant 
Bradley Dominick, hotel, 524 S Del av 
Bradley Edmund, spinner, Tackawanna, Fkd 
Bradley Edward, paver, 140 N 11th 
Bradley Elizabeth, r 1212 Callowhill 
Bradley Elizabeth, housecleaner, 2038 Hand 
Bradley Frank, laborer, r 1124 Vienna 
Bradley Francis, carpenter, S 16th n Carpenter 
Bradlejf Frances, seamstress, 1312 Dorsey 
Bradley Francis, tailor, 1727 N 2d 
Bradley Henrietta D., washerwoman, 831 Darien 
Bradley Henry, 1117 Christian 
Bradley Hiram, clerk. 507 Chestnut, h W P 
Bradley Hugh, grocery, 242 S 22d 
Bradley James, >17 S'l3th 

Bradley Jajnes, boatman, William ab Edcemont 
Bradley James, hotel, 217 N 2d 
Bradlej- James, laborer. Anthracite ab Thompson 
Bradley James, laborer, 4 Baxter's av 
Bradley James, laborer, 1020 Milton 
Bradley James, laborer, 1809 Pemberton 
Bradley James, laborer, 1141 S 10th 
Bradlev James, oysters, &c. N W American k 

Berks, h 13 Philip 
Bradley James, produce. 1927 Brown 
Bradley James, rollermaker, 2218 Market 
Bradley John, 1331 Catharine 
Bradley John, bartender, 925 S Sth 
Bradley John, blacksmith, Philip bel Xorris 
Bradley John, carder, Tackawanna n Church, Fkd 
Bradley John, caulker, r 1212 S Front 
Bradley John J., caulker, r 1212 S Front 
Bradlev John, srroeer. 1312 S 7th 
Bradley John| hotel, 239 S Front A" 230 Water 
Bradley John, laborer, 1934 Buttonwood 
Bradley John, laborer, 1331 Catharine 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Bradley Johu, luborer, 113 Chen;inj;o 

Bradley John, laborer, Miiiii A J«ilin-on, Gin 

Bruilli-y John, laborer, 742 S l.'lth 

Bnidloy John, li(|Uor:ii, 522 Christian 

Bnuiiey John, plnslorer, f>2S S loth 

BrjKllfV John, nurso, lt>12 Simsoni 

Bra.liey John, tailor, 12IU Markit 

Brailley John, tailor, 818 Marriott 

Bradley John, wheelwright, II II Lombard, h 7C3 

S l.ith 
Bradley John (c), porter, r 1003 Barley 
Bradley John II., cntter, 309 Chri.^tian 
Bradley John II., Rent. 1323 Ml Vernon 
Bradley John J., seaman, 1102 Moyamen.>iinK av 
Bradley Jo.-eidi, !:ale.-im. 221 Markt't, h 122 Arch 
Bradley Joseph, .spinner, Tackawanna u Church, 

Frankl'ord , 

Bradley Joshua, machinist, 1323 Mt Vernon 
Bradley J. 0., shoes, S N 6th. h 1239 S 5th 
Bradley J. W., publisher, 00 N Jth, h Qtn 
Bradley Lawrence, laborer, 2 Beirs ct 
Bradley Margaret, candy. 728 S 7th 
Bradley Martha, gentw. Tackawanna n Church, 

Bradley Martha, washerw. 2 Kirkpatrick's ct 
Bradley Matthew, jiorter, 8 Abbott's ct 
Bradley Mary. 747 S 3d 
Bradley Mary A., spectacles, 600 S 3d 
Bradley Michael, carter, 113 Chenango 
Bradley Michael, driver. 1 Molnnd ay 
Br.idley Michael, lab. Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Bradley Michael, tailor, 721 Baker 
Brailley Patrick, 702 Moro 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, 1129 Chri.otian 
Bradley Patrick, wa};oner. 1722 Montrose 
Bradley Peter, hackman, lo'.t N Kith 
Bradley Peter, lab. Archbold pi n Kace 
Bradley Peter, moulder, 717 S 8th 
Bradley Philip, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley Robert, lab. Pai^chall it Lancaster ay 
Bradley Samuel, carpenter, 715 S 17th 
Bradley Sherman, baker, 1944 Lombard 
Bradley Thomas, carter, Norris bel Thompson 
Bradley Thomas, hatter, 837 Lawrence 
Bradley Thomas, lab. Lancaster ay n 37th 
Bradley Thomas, ]>rovisions, 900 S 3d, h Marriott 
BRADLEY THOMAS F., grocer, 500 Spruce 
Bradley William, baker, 304 Master 
Bradley William, beamer. Pearl, Mj'k 
Bradley William, bookkeeper, E Walnut la, Gtn 
Bradley Willram, gasfitter, 1509 Cabot 
Bradley William, hatter, 1214 Shippen 
Bradley William C, tel. oper. 1323 Mt Vernon 
Bradley William, .-hoemakcr, 1138 S 9th 
Bradley William, waiter, 244 Raspberry 
Bradner James, clerk, 206 S Del ay, h Tacony 
Bradney Luke, brass founder, 905 Nassau, h 150 

N 9th 
Bradshaw Charles, machinist, Howard ab York 
Bradshaw Francis, pilot, 741 S 5th 
Brad.-haw Harriet, dry goods, 741 S 5th 
Bradshaw James, laborer, 1147 S 9th 
Brad.ihaw James T., iron, 149 Richmond 
• Brailshaw John, bookkeeper, 43 S Front, h 522 

Brailshaw John, policeman, 1030 Marlborough 
Bradshaw John, sawmaker, r 1132 Frankford av 
Bradshaw Joseph II., caulker. 2 Ottawa pi 
Bradshaw J. T., salesman, 022 Chestnut, h 1705 

Bradshaw Margaret (c), 12 Gilles al 
Bra<lshaw Sarah, gontw. 1227 Cadwalader 
Bradshaw William, 1030 Marlborough 
Bradstreet Henry, com. agency, 4th A Chestnut, 
h New Y'ork 

Bradstreet J. il., commercial agency, 4th it 

Chestnut, h New York 
BRADSTREET J. M. A SON (J. M. iV Ho^ri, 

lirdilMitct), commercial agency, S W 4th & 

Chestnut. Ro..m No. 4 
Bradway Tlmmas. salesman, 1121 Charles 
Bradway Jidm, tinman, 417 S 2d 
Brady A Short {Jas. Jhtuii/ if C/ias. S/iort), 

li.inors, 1016 South 
Brady .\nn J., tailorc.«s. McManemy's ct 
Brady Anna Iv, grocer, 1011 Ridge av 
Brady Barney, bartender, Caffrey'.s av 
Brady Bernard, currier, r415 Noble 
Brady Heriiard, liijuor mer. 524 Race 
Brady Rernaril. moulder, 2331 Penna av 
Brady IJridget, gentlew<mjan. 1916 Wood 
Brady B.. clerk, 704 S Florida 
Brady B A Co. (Iknuird Brudy If Patrick Levy), 

liquor store, 524 Race 
Bra<ly Casfiar, shoemaker, 148 Coates 
Brady Catliarine. IT, Inuis 
Brady Catharine, lll.'l Pierce 
Brady Catharine, gentlewoman, 1627 Car])entor 
Bra<ly Catharine, gentlewoman. 747 S 15th 
Brady Charles, laborer, 3 White's ct 
Brady Charles P., clerk, S E 5th &, Monroe 
Brady Daniel, livery stable, 72 N 2d 
Brady Dennis, ship carpenter, 041 Hay 
Brady Dipmer, laborer, 1052 N Front 
Brady D. P., mes. (lirard Bank, h Florida 
BRADY EDWARD, attorney at law, 135 S 5th, 

h 100 8 41st 
Brady Edward, carpenter, 1027 Carpenter 
Brady Edward, cordwainer, 504 S 12lh 
Brady Edward, laborer, 1244 Catharine 
Brady Ellen, gentlewoman, Apple ab Morris 
Brady Ellen, grocei-y, 71(i Shippen 
Brady Ellen, yarielies, Salmon <t Reading av 
Brady E. F., merchant. 1429 Marshall 
Brady Francis, foreman, 1437 G T av 
Brady Francis, laborer, Belgrade n Somerset 
Braily Francis, watchman, 172 Master 
Brady Frank, drayman, 920 Ellsworth 
Brady Frederick, wheelwright, 1216 Whitehall 
Brady George, carter, 1551 N 11th 
Brady Hugh, grocer, 1042 Pine 
Brady Hugh, laborer. South op 24th 
Brady James, 774 S 4th 
Brady James, barkeeper, 413,S 11th 
Brady James, blacksmith, 1117 Carpenter 
Brady James, brass finisher, 1217 S (Jth 
Brady James, chandler, 1129 Carpenter 
Bradj' James, china, 515 N 2d 
Brady James, engraver, 933 Ellsworth 
Brady James, fireman, Somerset n Almond 
Brady James, gardener, .Sloan ab Filbert 
Brady James, hotel, S E Sutherland av A South 
Brady James, laborer, 6 N 22d 
Brady James, laborer, Sansom bel 36th 
Brady James, laborer, 1028 Sansom 
Brady James, laborer, 1420 Shippen 
Brady James, laborer, 907 S 10th 
Brady James, liijuors, 1016 South 
Brady James, organ builder, 1226 Monterey 
Brady James, tailor, 400 S 0th 
Brady James, weaver, Fitlerab N 2d 
Brady James A., printer, 4 Nicholson 
Brady John, boatman, Edgemont bel Reading av 
Brady John, clerk, Lewellen's av 
Bra<ly John, confectioner, 1125 Hope 
Brady John, gentleman, 930 Spruce 
Braily John, hardware, 1739 Frankford av 
Brady John, hotel, S E/Sutherland av A South 
Braily John, laborer, 344 German 
Brady John, lii|Uors, 336 N 4th 

Btiangers and Oitizens are lecommeuded to purchase theii 




Brady Jo?in, printer, 412 GorinJin 

Bnidy Johti, spinner, KiO.'i N 'I Mi 

Brii,(]y Joliti U., cultur, I I H l^iiy 

Briuly John II., clerk, 2^) S 22d 

Biiiily .('ihn J., li(|U()rH, 2.'!.'! N llth 

BiMily .folin K., carpciilcr, I LO lOlwyn 

Briuly .loHoph, ijriver, ll'ilO Biiiton 

Brady Lavvronco, tailor, !I27 S litli 

Brady MiiigarHt, j^cnllcwonian, CroHHon, Myk 

Brady Mary, Koritliiwoman, ITjI.'! I'hiliji 

Brady Mattlu^w, n|)iniior. Fitlor ab N 2d 

Brady MattliHW C, innp(^otor, I.OO W 'I'lioiupson 

Brady MatHiow J., Hnnli & blind manuf. JOI (t l(>.S 

Allon, h I i;!7 Simckatniixon 
Brady Mirliaol, farrier, i)()9 H 10th 
Bra.dy Mic.lniol, IbriMiian, 222 Calharino 
Brady Miidiiiol, shoisniakcr, 7-1 T'assyiink av 
Brndy Micliiiol, waterman, f)'M H •'>(! 
Brady Owen, laborer, Olive ah 10th 
Bra,dy Patrick, commission mer. 219 Chestnut, h 

Brady Patrick, firem. Edpemont bel Reading av 
Braily Patrick, laborer, 1120 Carpenter 
Brady Patrick, lab. Darby rd bel M'ville bridge 
Brady Patrick, laborer, Hewson n Almond 
Brady Patrick, liiborer, Lcwellen's av 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 2;'. 17 Owens 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 911 S 9th 
Brady Patrick, Jr., laborer, Lewellen's av 
Brady Patrick, porter, 2 McAfee's ct 
Brady Patrick, weaver, r 140.5 N 2d 
Brady Peter, carter, 623 Fitzwater 
Bradj' Peter, laborer, 10 Gatchel'.s pi 
Brady Peter laborer, 1014 Mervine 
Brady Philip, shoemaker, 10 Main n Cedar, Myk 
Brady Philip, stevedore, 6 Southampton ct 
Brady Philip, stonemason, Ludlow n 30th 
Brady P., merchant, 200 N Del av 
Brady P., laborer, Fisher ab Emory 
Bradj' P. & Co. {'Pal rid: Brady), dry goods 

commission mers. 219 Chestnut 
Brady P. C, clerk, 711 Market, h 344 German 
Brady Richard, laborer, 913 Suffolk 
Brady Robert, laborer, 1907 Christian 
Brady Samuel, porter, 1932 Pemberton 
Brady Samuel, weaver, 1815 Fitzwater 
Brady Terence, laborer. Darby rd bel 42d 
Brady Terence, laborer, 7 Huey pi 
Brady Thomas, carpenter, 1620 Cadwalader 
Brady Thomas, conductor, Edgemont bel Read- 
ing av 
Brady Thomas, harness maker, Thouron ab Dia- 
Brady Thomas, liquors, 1 300 S 7th 
Brady Thomas, laborer. Fawn n Montgomery av 
Bradv Thomas, laborer. South opp 24th 
Brady Thomas F., mer. 307 Market, h 1813 Mt 

Brady Wallace, cook, 727 Shippen 
Brady William, carter, Lewellen's av 
Brady William, coachman, 403 Landis 
Bradjf William, laborer, 4 Dickinson's pi 
Brady William F., chief clerk Water Depart- 
ment, ct mer. 112 Bread h 1338 S 7th 
Braeinwarth M., wheelwright, 1354 Vienna 
Bragdon Thomas, laborer, 2030 S.ansom 
Brager Willinm, laborer, 515 O.xford 
Brahni Joseph, glassblower. Naudain n 24th 
Br&hauJohn, nailmaker, Huntingdon ab Thomp- 
Braid William, manuf carpets, 423 E Girard av 
Braig Jacob, machinist, 1039 Ridge av 
Brainer Catharine, shop, 1525 Hancock 
Brainerd Thomas, Rev. D.D , 034 Pine 
Brainerd Thomas C, surgeon U. S. A., 634 Pine 

Clothing at Oak flail, Southeast 

Bninigiin Dani<d, bookhindor, 110 CHr)»ciiter 
BriiiHt(;d ChriHtoph(;r, jeweller, 812 Nohio 
Braitliwaigt Karuh, (^rricijry, 1 101 J-'iilincr 
Braizard Lewin, cordwuint-r, 7.'il .Spring Garden 
Uriiker Jonopli, painter, J/ydia n KiUjH 
Binker JoHliiia If., carrier, 220.'i OoateH 
Braker .JoMcpli II., carpenter, 914 N 20th 
Hriillcy Willinm, grocer, 915 Kilbert 
l{riiii):ill J.'iincH, carpenter, 921 N IHili 
lir/iiiiian lii.njiiniin K., tobocconiht, 2012 Kidge 

M,v, h 2014 Ridge av 
nniinblo Chiirle.4 W., painter, Ludlow bel 37th 
liriimble James, U. S. Hotel, Main, Myk 
Briiinhle William, cooper, Woodlnnd (ib LocUHt 
I'.riimi.'ll Benjamin, waterman, 521 Richmond 
Briiniell Gi:orgo W., engineer, r 525 Richmond 
Bramell John, fisherman, 1012 Montgomery av 
Br.'imell Joseph, fisherman, 509 Richmond 
Bramcll Sarali, 525 Richmond 
Bni.mell William, ship carpenter, r 52.0 Richmond 
Brampton & Peberdy {Isaac Brampton if liohert 

Pfhcrdij), manufacturers hosiery, S W Fkd av 

& Montgomery av 
Brampton Isaac, dry goods, S W Fkd & Montgo- 
mery avs 
Bramwell Samuel, manufacturer hosiery, A=h- 

mead bel Wakefield, Gtn 
Branagan Patrick, laborer, 111 Chenango 
Bran.agan John, grocer, 707 S 13th 
Branan George G., straw goods, 509 Commerce. 

h 805 N Broad 
Branan Michael, boiler maker, r 496 Richmond 
Brananson G., dry goods, 301 Market, h 33 S llth 
Branch Joseph, liquor agent, Emeline n Memphis 
Branch John, rag dealer, Fulton n Trenton av 
Branch Peter (c), 1127 Rodman 
Brand Albert C, toys, 8th n Market, h Whitehall 
Brand Charles, 021 S 12th 
Brand Charles, tinsmith, 1156 S llth 
Brand F., shoemaker, 235 Spruce 
Brand George, printer, 621 S 12th 
Brand Gustis, machinist, 621 S 12th 
Brand John, baker, 1320 Poplar 
Brandan Henry, cutter, 133 Onas 
Brandeker Otto, segar manufacturer, 140 Green 
Branden Adelia, 140 Noble 
Branden William, porter, 1516 Carver 
Brandis Adolph, cabinetmaker, 143 Craven 
Brand! George, saloon, 105 Vine 
Brandle Joseph, baker, 453 Frankliif 
Brandon James, carpenter, 302 Buttonwood 
Brandon Thomas, foundryman, 1616 Barker 
Brandon William. 1330 Rose 
Brandstredst Dorothea, hotel, r 1026 Sansom 
Brandstetter Hedwig, 123 Callowhill 
Braudstetter Jacob, packer. 2208 Brandywine 
Brandstetter John G., segars, 569 Frankford av. 

h 575 Frankford av 
Brandt Augustus, cabinetmaker, 965 Marshall 
Brandt Jacob, restaurant, 528 S 3d 
Brandt John, cork cutter, r 624 Brook 
Brandt John, druggist, 529 St John 
Brandt John, laborer, 2 Saffin"s pi 
Brandt John H., soldier. 1330 EUsworth 
Brandt J., pawnbroker, 1024 South 
Brandt Rudolph, upholsterer, r 824 Rachel 
Brandt Thomas, bricklayer, 8 X 20th 
Brandt William, baker, 607 S 7th 
Branegan Lawrence, laborer, 1008 Jefferson 
Branen Charles, carter. 825 Ellsworth 
Brangan Thomas, shoemaker. 1146 S 12th 
Branigan Edward, coachman, 1214 Canby 
Branigan John, laborer. Almond ab Cumberland 
Branin Isaac P., victualler. 137 Frankford, Fkd. 

h 135 Fkd 

Corner Si^th and Market Streets 




Branin Miohiiel, shoemaker, ]416 Marlborough 
Branin Palriok, laborer. "JIS Athorton 
Brankiii l-Mn-nnl, weaver, 1510 Boilino 
Brankin .lolm II., milkman, 167 Jeflerson 
Briiiiiiiiii Charloji, blacksmith, 4 Fiiirmount av 
Biaitiiiin !>iiS!in, ilealer, 5;>5 N "J-llh 
Brannan Miehael, machinist, 2;!24 Spring (Jartlon 
Brannan Miehael, shoemaker, 2.'13.'t Penu av 
Brannan Nicholas, ropemaker, Randolph n Tren- 
ton av 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, 763 S 6th 
Brannan Thomas, tinsmith, Sepviva bel Otis 
Brannon Jauies, laborer. Market n 31st N side 
Brannen Luke, laborer, ;!(>ih bel Ilaverford 
P>rannen Patri<'k, ooaehman, 115 Eutnw 
Brannen Robert, en;;ineer, Cherry bel Foulkrod 
Brannen Sarah, sewer, 3 Fayette 
Brannen William, coaehraan, Lancaster av <fc36th 
Brannen William, laborer, r 317 Garden 
Brannen William, marble, 14K1 Brown 
Branniiron .lane, ;^ciUw. 1302 Palothorp 
Branrii;;^!) ■John, seaman, Bcrtland jil 
Brannigen Patrii-k, laborer, Bertland pi 
Branni^cn Thoma.s, weaver, Bertland pi 
Brannan Nathaniel, Rent. Unity n Paul, Fkd 
Brannon Ambrose, trader, 304 Comptroller 
Brannon A., carpenter, 1328 Brown 
Brannon Francis, laborer, r914 S 5th 
Brannon Jano, gentw. 732 Evangelist 
Brannon John, driver, Hill 
Brannon John W , caulker, 1009 Beach 
Brannon I'atrick, blacksmith, l.!21 Mott 
Brannon Patrick, laborer, 2219 Filbert 
Brannon Patrick, laborer, 1200 Temple 
Brannon P., hotel, llOOShipiien 
Brannon Richard, laborer, Filbert W 22d 
Brannon Thomas, laborer, 1001 Christian 
Brannon Thomas, laborer, 1 Dickson's al 
Branon B.'irger, segar maker, r 1325 Brown 
Branon James, laborer, 1225 Peters 
Bran-by William F., cooper, lOlh & Market, h 

39th & Ludlow 
Bran.'on Ann, gentw. Fawn n Columbia av 
BRAN,<ON ELLIS, coal dealer, 121 S 4th & 1419 

Callowhill, h 622 N 16th 
Branson E. R., conductor, 227 Marriott 
Branson George, painter, 929 Hutchinson 
Branson George, ship carpenter, r 917 Palmer 
Branson Henry, oysters, 916 Percy 
Branson He^-y, weaver, Wayne, Gtn 
Branson Isaac, ship fastener, 210 Christian 
Branson John, tavern, 913 Poplar 
Branson John W., bootmaker, 626 Lombard 
Branson Peter, brassfounder, 1009 Portland 
Branson Sarah, 519 Everett pi 
Branson S. A., gent's furnishing, 140 S 8th, h807 

Branson Thomas, coal dealer, 507 S Broad, h 247 

S 15th 
Branson Thomas, hosiery.N E American & Oxford, 

h 15.30 N2d 
Branson William W., fancy painter, 942 S 5th 
BRANT A TOWNSEND (John F. Brant Sr Sa- 

miirl A. Towusenii), hotel, 421 S 5th 
Brant Augustus, cabinet manuf. 978 Marshall, h 

965 Marshall 
Brant Christian, confectioner, 232 South 
Brant Christopher, shoemr. r 748 Passyunk av 
Brant John, bricklayer, 623 N 4th 
Brant John, confec. 614 N Front 
Brant John, teamster, 2223 N 7lh 
Brant John F., hotel, 421 S 5th 
Brant Joseph, paper carrier, 1407 Perth 
Brant Josiah, painter, 219 Arch, h 1436 N 7th 
Brant Mary, gentw. 5 Amity 

I Brant Nathan, clerk, 274 N 4th, h 400 Vino 
Brant Theodore, grainor, 158 Flower 

j Brnntenstcin George, shoemr. 921 .-Mder 

I Braselman J., fancy dyeing, 969 Fkd av 
Brash Mary, confec. Levering, .Mvk 

I Brasier Aniable I., gent. Miuketab 40th 

! Brasier Elizabeth, gontw. Market ab 40th 

I Braslon Charles, 007 S 12th 
Brass Jacob, lab. 18 Ball 

I Brass George, machinist, 16 Ball 

I Brass John, moulder, 16 Hsill 

I Brass Thonms, machinist, 16 Ball 
Brateman George, painter, 43.3 Christian 
Bratigum Jcdin. baker, 712 Brook 

I Bratt Matthew, shoemr. 1306 Ridge av 
Bratton Isaac G., carpenter, Willow bel Olh, h 

653 Bankson 
Bratton Rachel, tailoress, 767 S 4th 
Bratton .*^arah. gentw. 1708 Ann 
Bratton Wm. H., warjier, r 1838 Sepviva 
Branch Charles, bakor, N E .'■)tli .t Queen 
Brauer Clascina, gentw. 329 Wood 
Braun Fr., currier, 537 N 3d 
Braun Matthias, machinist, 1039 Nectarine 
Briuithiam Henry A., grain measurer, 26 & 27 N 

Del av, h 320 New Market 
Brautigan A. M.. gentw. 505 Noble 
BRAUTIGAM JOHN H., stationer, 150 N 2d, h 

26 Ellen 
Brautigam Margaret C, bdg house, 412 N 7th 
Brawlay Margaret, gentw. r 134 Uana 
Bray Charles, liijuors, 1254 Columbia av 
Bray Edward M., gent. 1404 Parrish 
Bray Elizabeth, 2134 Chestnut 
Bray Henry K., bricklayer, 329 German 
Bray James, gent. 207 Richmond 
Brny Martin, weaver, 2113 Callowhill • 
Brav Marj', eating saloon, 209 Girnrd av 
Bray Samuel, clerk, S E Chestnut .t 6th, h 306 

Bray William K., gent. 1707 Summer 
Brayan David, musician. 707 Sansom 
Brayman B. H., chair manuf. 57 N Front, h 23 

Brayman H. A., Mrs., milliner, .223 South 
Braynard Caroline, gentw. 723 S 9th 
Braynard John D., botanic druggist, 206 Dock, h 

723 S 9th 
Bra/.al Alphonse, watchcasemr. 117 Catharine 
Brazal .Joseiih, goldmelter, 117 Catharine 
BRAZER CHRISTOPHER, alderman, .')10 Race 
Brazer John, salesman, 409 Market, h 419 Dick- 
Brazer Wm. P., artist, 510 Race 
Brazier (jeorge sailmaker, 1311 Marlborough 
Brazier G. W., minter, 512 Redwood 
Brazier John, 1222 N 2d 
Brazier Joseph H. salesman, 822 Chestnut 
Breach William, basketmaker, Washington av ab 

24 th 
Bread Jacob, shoemaker, Bowman's ct 
Breager Rudolph, weaver, 133 Pcgg 
Brearley Abraham, cloth fuller, Powderniill la, 

Brearley James, sawmaker, 936 Kurtz 
Brearley James, student-at-law, 426 Library, h 

936 Kurtz 
Brearly Preston, clerk, 118 Marion 
Breast Albert, shoemr. Baker bel S 7th 
Breban James R., 324 S 17th 
Breban John J., interest tables, 427 Walnut, h 

328 S 17th 
Brechemin Charles, tobacconist, 154 S 3d, h S 2d 

n Christian 
Brechemin Louis, jeweller, 224 S 2d 

Best Place in the City to buy good and cheap Clothing at 




Brechcmin Lcwin, Jr., Iiooldcrcpfsr, Ml K 2(1, h 

101.'! 8ei-go!int; 
Brccht Adiim, eiii'p. Hodino ii O.vl'ord 
Brocht GoUJiol), woiivm-, Cl•(^nll()im av, (lin 
Brecht Fernando, rniwdiini.Mt, 91(1 N lUtli 
Brocht Frederick, hotel,, Kox 
Brecht J(din J., liih. Oiilc, Myk 
Brocht Wrn., niusiciim, 180 Bodino 
Brochter Philip, shoi'-inr. r 72'! N lid 
Breckenridpo John, Hhipciirp. !^'!0 S 4th 
Breckonridgo ■Willimii, hookhiiidor, 1147 Passy- 

iink av 
BrockcnridKo William, carp. 20tii n Filbert, h 

Ludlow 1) .'iOth 
Brecknor Goorgo, tailor, Dauphin c Reeso 
Brodemoyor Ilonry, tobacconi.Ht, 1100 N Front 
BrediiiK •TiinioH, foundryninn, Ri;dwood 
Brood Kphriiiiu (o), porlor, 1512 Carver 
Erord IMicliMol, ^crocor, Kllsworth 
Brood S. ct jVI. {S/n////^- Mary Bread), dry goods, 

Breed "Win. P.. Rev., 258 S IOth 
Breed Win. M., M.D., 1132 Vine 
Breem Leopold, tailor, 40G Morris 
Breen Ann, wine & liquor, 241 S 10th 
Breen Arthur, hostler, 2 Walker's ct 
Breen (loorf^e, painter, 322 Coates 
Breen John W., blacksmith, 1306 S 6th 
Breen Maria, dressmaker, 1813 Rhoads 
Breen Thomas, tailor, 124 Elwyn 
Breen Wm., liquors, 1022 Master 
Breen Wm. A., dentist, 1837 Callovvhill 
Breffitt G-eorge, manager, Wakefield ab Jefferson 
Bregands Francis J., shipcarpenter, 4 Atlee pi 
Breght F., segarboxmr. 406 Vine, h Rox 
Breham Joseph, driver, 5th cor Hackley 
Breheneg John, clerk, 1609 Market 
Brehm Francis L., brewer, 321 Coates 
Breidagara John B., foreman, Carroll n Hunt- 
Breideubach Conrad, bootmr. 1102 Ridge av 
Breidenbach Isaac, clothing, 816 N Front 
Breidenhart John C, -wine mer. 123 Walnut, h 

1905 Chestnut 
Breiner Leonard, carp. 1533 Thompson 
Breintnall Elizabeth P., gentw. 623 N 12th 
Breisch Fred., shoemr. 416 Vine, h 418 Vine 
Breisli George, plasterer, 666 Andress 
Breish Jackson, bartender, 1207 Shackamaxon 
Breish Joseph, butcher, 6th bel York 
Breish Mary, seamstress, 666 Andress 
Breitenbach S. C, M.D., Green la, Ros 
Breiter Lydia, 310 N 9th 
Breithwait Frederick, carp. 419 Marriott 
Breitmer Fred., bookbinder, 621 N 3d 
Breitling George, weaver, 2030 N 5th 
Breitner Martin, bootmaker, 4 Trotter's al, h Le- 

titia n Market 
Brell Nicholas, lab. 1040 N Front 
Brelsford George A., shoemr. 721 New Market 
Brelsford Jonathan, bookkeeper, N E 4th & Reed 
Brelsford Mary, gentw. 625 Parrish 
Bremer Charles, fresco painter, 1236 Heath 
Bremer Henry, oysterman, 105 Mead 
Bremer Lewis & Sons {Leicis, George W., &(■ 

Theodore Bremer), tobacco & segars, 322 N 3d 
Bremme Joseph, tailor, 641 Sears 
Bremmer John, painter, 820 Knox 
Bremser Philip, hostler, Manor bel Berks 
Brenan Patrick, shop, 220 Concord 
Brenchley Thomas J., distiller. Ridge av, Rox 
Breud Harman, druggist, 425 Green 
Brendenstein Robert, bartender, 1312 Race 

rendle Michael, lab. 2735 Coates 
Breudley George, cordw. Abigail n Amber 
B Waaiamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

I'r'rndlinger Hannah, bdg ho«»c, 619 S 5th 

Bri^no.r Henry, baker, 1123 Otin 

BrnrilioHz Frederick, carpenter, Chclton av n 

Iliiii'i'jck, din 
IJronliolty, Lewi.if 1'., Main op Coulter, Otn 
Brenholtz Mary G., milliner, Main op Coulter, Gtn 
Brenizer William, coal incr, 210^ Walnut, h 1224 

Broun I'Vedcrick, carpenter, Ann n Emerald 
lironnan Ann, gentlewoman, 907 CMllowhill 
Brennan FranciH J,, tailor, 307 (Jatliarine 
Brcnniin George, gentleman, 260 K IOth 
Brennan Hugh, laborer, 2413 Hare 
Brennan JamoM, laborer, 2 Wellington pi 
Brennan John, jeweller, I.'! H 8th 
Brennan John laborer, 2326 Meredith 
Brennan L., shoemaker, 907 Callowhill 
Brennan Martin, jewelry, 246 S 2d 
Brennan Mary, washer, 231 N Front 
Brennan Michael, laborer, Hewson n Salmon 
Brennan Peter N., com. produce, S W Water k 

Arch, h 1428 S 4th 
Brennan Thomas, liquors, 1539 Callowhill 
Brennan Sarah, gentlewoman, 1522 Willow 
Brennen Catharine, 927 Passyunk av 
Brennen Edward, laborer, Budd bel Market 
Brennen Mary, gentlewoman, 179 ]\Iaster 
Brennen Timothy, sailor, 2 Harris' ct 
Brenner Catharine, lager beer saloon, 707 N13th 
Brenner Christian, tailor, 1220 Hope 
Brenner Francis, laborer. Hale N of Columbiaav 
Brenner John, hollowware turner, rl222 Olive 
Brenner John, weaver, Dauphin n Trenton av 
Brenner John, weaver, 607 Mover 
Brenner John G., iner. 23, 25 & 27 N 5th, h Har- 
rison, Fkd 
Brenner S. W., baker, 1601 Frankford av 
Brenners George L., hardware, Harrison & Mul- 
berry, Fkd 
Brenning James, moulder, Cherrv bel Foulkrod. 

Brenniser John B., bookkeeper, 20 N 3d, h Na- Hotel 
Brennon Patrick, laborer, 10 Thorn's ct 
Brentley David B., coppersmith, 3d bel Vine, h 

718 Buttonwood 
Brenzel Frederick, lager, 518 Shippen 
Brestweisser Peter, segar maker, 132 Vine 
Breslan Patrick, tavern, N E Lombard & 6th 
Breslin John, liquor, 352 N 2d 
Bressels Lewis, salesman, 244 Catharine 
Bressillon John, sugar refiner, 7 Pennsylvania av 
Bretschneider August, gilt frame maker, 431 Vine 
Brestler Jonah, papermaker, 1915 Filbert 
Bretsnider August, confectioner, 241 Race 
Brett Charles, hotel, 126 South 
Brett David, moroccodresser.Penn n Unity, Fkd 
Brett Emmett. machinist, Penn n Unity. Fkd 
Brett Thomas, machinist, Penn n Unity. Fkd 
Brett Timothv. moroccodr. Penn u Unity, Fkd 
Brett W. Harry, 822 Chestnut, h 622 Washing- 
ton square 
Bretter John, gentleman. 1723 Coates 
Bretton Ezra E.. publisher, S 10th ab Tasker 
Bretz Jacob, 321 N 11th 
Bretz, Maria, gentlewoman, 1007 Race 
Bretz Philip, segars, 848 Lawrence 
Brewer Anthony, engraver, 424 N 9th 
Breuil James F. accountant. 272 S 4th 
Breunig Francis, hotel, 338 N 6th 
Breuuiuger G., boot crimper, 1234 Hancock 
Breunink John, brewery, 617 S 3d 
Brevoort Charles, surveyor. 140 Walnut, h Cdn 
Brew James, saddler. 1014 Vine 
Brew Jeremiah J., tavern. 1143 S 9th 
Comer Sixth and Market Streets, 




Brew John. ssuUller, ll»02 Parrish 
Brewiinl IK'iiry, stookingiunker, '2d n Oxfonl 
Brewiml Kichiird, weaver, Ib'M Bodiiie 
BrowiT Auii, hcrbnlist, 2 Walnut j>l 
Brewer Chiirles!, ice dealer, 121 Urtiwn 
Brewer Chnrlei!, inAcIiiiiist, York n Bank 
Brewer Charle.-- B., cordwniner, Ludlow n 3tUh 
Brewer I'Mniiliid, eidleetor, \'.U> W Tlii>iu)>.4on 
Brewer lioorge, laborer, r N Ciih ab Montg'y av 
Brewer Henry, tailor, -Ith ab l>iiujiond 
Brewer Isaac L., bootmaker, 12.!t Pott.s 
Brewer John, hotel, 121a Marlborough 
Brewer Robert, Turuiture, Olh ab Race, h 1309 

Brewer Sninuel, painter, 11} R 3d, h 310 Cherry 
Brewer Thonias A., watchmaker, .'>la Callowhill 
Brewer William, .xhip carpenter, 1322 llorstmann 
Brewery William, beanier, John, Myk 
Brewin (Joorge, weaver, Chelton av n Hancock, Gtn 
Brew.«ter A. J., ladies' shoes, 130 Christian 
BHEW.-^TKR B. II., atfy-at-law, 700 Walnut 
BHi:W.>^Ti:U F. CARROLL, atfy-at-law, 118 S 

lith, h Mnnhcim, Gtn 
Brcw.oter George, laborer, MuUan n Somerset 
Brewiiter George (c), steward, 1023 Barley 
Brewster James, saddler, r 204 Allen 
Brewster James, varnishmnker. 2109 Jefferson 
Brewster Job, shoemaker, 130 Christian 
Brewster J. S., atfy-at-law, 209 S 5th, h 632 

Brewster Samuel, tailor, 1023 Wood 
Brewster William, driver, S E 13th A New Bedfd 
Browton Ann, widow Capt. Wm. B., N E Bridge 

A- 32d 
Brewton William, carpenter, 1017 Clement 
Breyer Frederick, brass moulder, 812 Cross 
Breyer Frederick, segarraaker, 152 Coates 
Breyer Louis, shoemaker, 1307 Cherry 
Breyer L. F., tobacconist, 152 Coates 
Brian Charles H., gent's furnishing goods, 10 S 

4th. h lOlOOgden 
Brice Ephraim, trimmings, 719 S 5th 
Briee James E., grocer, S W Carpenter & Clement 
Brice John, tailor, 1322 S 13th 
Brice Nicholas, stock broker, 305 Walnut, h 1102 

Brice Philip H., sf k broker, 305 Walnut, h 1102 

Brice P. H. & Co. \Philip H.ifNicliolas Brice), 

stock brokers, 305 Walnut 
Brice Sophia II., gentlewoman, 1102 Pine 
Brice Thomas K.jSegarmaker, 711 Doak 
Brice William, mer. 15 S Water, h 312 Stevens, 

BRICE WILLIAM* CO. (Wiltinni Brice, A71- 

drcir M/'i^erif William J. Hmina), produce <!; 

provision com. mer,«. 15 S Water 
Briceland Daniel, shoemaker, 810 Maple 
Brick Daniel, bootfitter, 019 Auburn 
Bri-k Edmund, atf y-iit-law, S E 4th A Walnut, 

h 326 Market, Camden 
Brick F.. .-bofuuiker, I34(') Rose 
Brick John, junk. I2iS Shippen 
Brick Samuel R., gas engineer, 1911 Arch 
Brick W. W., leather de.aler, 705 Wallace 
Brickley James, hil)orer. 1713 Carlton 
Brickley Michael, laborer, 318 N 17th 
Briekman Charles, painter, 1204 Stiles 
Biickman Jacob, grainer, 1202 Stiles 
Brickmann Henry, confectioner, 766 S 2d 
Bride Nicholas, laborer, 127 Green 
Bride Robert, clerk, 1233 N 2d 
Bridenberg Mary, gentw. 232 W Thompson 
Brideport Hugh, gentleman, 1719 Arph 
Bridge David, clerk, 2203 Lombard 

Bridge James C, gentleman, 1302 Vine 

liiidge RobiM't (c), waiter, 723 Montcalm 

Uridgeniau Patrick, tinsmith, r 807 Falbm 

Biidgos Fidelia, artist, 72ti ."^ansom 

Bridges Robert, M.D., 119 S 20th 

Itridgel William, barkeeper, 340 S 12th 

Rriecheller John, dealer, 319 Ciimpbell 

Briediiig Charles, stovesniith. 831 Wood 

Briegel Nidioliis, baker, 37 N2l8t 

Uriel John, 11.'! 1 Germantown av 

Brien Daniel, tavern, Hancock A Centre, Gtn 

Brien Margaret, widow, ,'< 24th bel Pino 

Brien M., laborer, 210 N I5th 

Brien Thomas, laborer, 1.329 Alder 

Hrienan Jidin, liiborer, Ludlow ab 41st 

Brier Peter, moroccodresser, 889 Orchard 

Rricr Sarah,' b. h. 02 1 Locust 

Brierley Bros, {Bi/ro/i, Jo/i/i \ Jorl Brierley), 

yarn inanufrs. Bowman A (J R R, Gm 
Brierley Byron, nianuf. Bowman A G R R, Gtn, 

h Chelton av, Gtn 
Hrierley Juhii, manuf. Bowman A Q II R, Gtn, h 

Chelton av, Gtn 
Brierley Joel, manuf. Bowman A G R R, Gtn, h 

Chelton av, (itn 
Brierly Mattliew, spinner, Columbia av n 2d 
Briers Joseph, 621 Wharton 
Brierton John, carter, oth ab Columbia av 
Briesh Wm., grocer. N E 5th A Norris 
Briest Louisa II., shop, 320 Marriott 
Briggs Amos, laborer, Boekius, Gtn 
BRKJGS AMOS, atfy at law, 123 S 5th, h 604 

N 13th 
Briggs Andrew, wheelwright, 623 N Oth 
Briggs Anna R., gentlewoman, 888 Marshall 
Briggs Chas. D., dentist, 18 S 20lh 
Briggs Chas. N., fruits, S E Walnut A Oth, h 240 

S 9th 
Briggs David, weaver, Chelton av, Gtn 
Briggs Geo. W., clerk, S E Chestnut A Oth, h 113 

Briggs Isaac, reporter, William A Melvale 
Briggs Jeremiah, laborer, Boekius, Gtn 
Briggs John. cu]iper A bleeder, 53 N 7tb 
Briggs John, Jr., ticket agent, 53 N 7th 
Briggs Joseph, nianuf. Jefferson ab O.\ford, Fkd 
Briggs Joseph, watchman, 1144 S 9th 
Briggs Moses, painter, 314 S 4th 
Briggs Patrick, laborer, Boekius, Gtn 
Briggs Robert, painter, 1148 S 10th 
Briggs Russell M., moulder, 1431 Callowhill 
Briggs Samuel, carpenter, r 220 Fccleral 
Briggs Stevens A., machinist, 140 South 
Briggs Thomas, coachmaker, 805 N 19th 
Briggs Tyson, agent, 1026 Ash 
Briggs Wm., luiinter, 009 Wiishington av 
Brigham E. A., broker, 325 Walnut, h 624 Wood 
Bright Esther M., wid. Thomas, 6 llei.«s pi 
Bright Jiimes D., carpenter, r 1113 Carpenter 
Bright John, blacksmith, 883 Perth 
: Bright John R., hatter. 1239 N lOth 
! Bright Jonathan, engineer, 27 I'arham 
I Bright Louis G.. mer. 330 N 3d, h 829 N 7th 
I Bright Michael, gent. 829 N 7th 
' Bright .Samuel H., carpenter, Judson bel Brown 
Bright r. Pittman, bookkeeper, 40 S Front, h 

120.J Market 
Bright Wm. (c), musicinn, 220 Wyoming 
Bright W. S. A L. G. (IF. S. i^ L. G. Bright), 

imp. li((uors, corks, Ac, 330 N 3d 
Bright Wm. S.. mer. 330 N 3d, h 829 N 7th 
BRIGHTLY FREDERICK C, atfy at law, 420 

Library, h Harvey, Gtn 
Brikner Frederick, saddler, r 1230 Darien 
Briler Wm., carpenter, N Front bel Berks 

Buy yotir Clothing at the great 




Brill C, lirii^kproHHor, 2218 Siiiiiinor 

Brill <Jc,orf,'(), ciirliiiiliicr, 21:^1 Olicrry 

Brill ll(!nr_y, oiiliiiioliiimlior, l.'i'lO H 7lh 

Brill Ifunry, ,shooniiilc(ir, 22IH Siiiiitiior 

Brill Joiiii, liriokMtmnpcr, 2218 Suiiiiiior 

BrilJ John, iiioiiMcr, 1121 DiviMioii 

Brill Joiin II., (M)rihviiiiicr, 1147 SiUj.s 

Brill Nicliohi-H, gnxuir, 7.0H S Front 

Brill Nicliolns, laborer, 2218 iSuinmer 

Brill Win. ]<!., inu.sioiiin, 1 147 Sites 

I'riin MiM-y, widow, Niiudiiin hot 2'lth .fe 2.';th 

Briinlioit Isn.iu',, iinudiiniHt, 8.'i(i ,S 2(1 

Brinck P. (!., iron com. mor. 217 Walnut, h 621 

Cooper, Oiinulon 
Brinok P. C. k Co., iron com. mor. 217 Walnut 
Brincklo Grordon J., att'y at law, 117 S 7lh, h 

1131 iSpriKu) 
Brincklo S. C, M.D., li:?T Spruce 
Brinckloe AVni., printer, 503 Pierce 
Brinekloo W. (I. P., publisher, 23 N 6th 
Brindio J. A. Rev., Gay, Myk 
Brindle John P., collector, 335 Oti.s 
Brindow Uoorge, currier, 5 Seebold's ct 
Brine James, black.smith, 720 Orr 
Brine Patrick, driver, 433 Magnolia 
Brines Robert, weaver, 412 N 24th George Rev., 743 S 'Jth 
Bringhurst Isaiah, harness, Main n Grape, Myk 
Bringhurst Jesse, artificial limbs, 409 S 7th 
Bringhurst John, druggist, 1704 Chestnut 
Bringhurst John II. . saw & steel works, 1515 

American, h Upper Dublin, Montgomery Co 
BRINGHURST JOHN II. & CO. {Juo. H. Biing- 

Mirst, Thos. Brtiighursl), sav? & steel works, 

1515 American 
Bringhurst Joseph, police, 239 Monroe 
Bringhurst J. K., printer. 632 Franklin 
Bringhurst Robert M., undertalser, 38 N 11th, h 

1113 Wistar 
BRINGHURST ROBERT R., undertaker, 38 

N nth 

Bringhurst Thomas, saw & steel works. Revere 

House, 3d ab Race 
Bringhurst Wm. W., undertaker, 38 N 11th 
Brink John, laborer, 1002 Parrish 
Brink Martin, cabinetware, 621 S 5th 
Brinkley Ezekiel (c), brickmaker, 1242 Warnock 
Brinkman Chas., chairs, 209 Pear, h 242 S 2d 
Brinkman Henry, stonemason, 12 Upshur av 
Brinkman Wm., segarmaker, Otis n Amber 

establishment, 1823 Wallace 
Brinkworth Geo., bricklayer, Braddock n R R R 
Brinley E. L., auct. 429 Market, h 1815 Pine 
Briun Mary, 719 N 17th 
Brinn Philip, miller, 1718 Wood 
Brinner John, laborer, 1348 N 10th 
Brinsh Wm., ragdealer, Fulton n Trenton av 
Brinsholtz Jacob, soldier, 1324 Otsego 
Brinton C. J., leather & shoe findings, 1020 Fkd 

av, h 1029 Wood 
Brinton Joseph C, att'y at law, 809 Arch 
Brinton J. L., gent. 727 N 16th 
Brinton R. B., gent. 730 Pine 
Brinton Wm. R., moulder, 802 N 13th 
Brinton W. J., liquors, 311 S Front, h 706 Sansom 
Brinyer Jacob, glassblower, 76 York 
Briutzinghoffer Chas.. brushmanuf. 935 Market, 

h 922 Wallace 
Briutzinghoffer G., musician, 1037 Vernon 
Brisbane Jane, gentlewoman, 1003 Green 
Brisbeu Horace E., coal, N E 9th <t Girard av, h 

901 N 6th 
Brisbin W. J. W., grocer, N E 16th ct Tine 
Briscey Mary Z., gentlewoman, 614 Spruce 

Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and 

BriHooo A. H., dwntiKt, 1033 Wiilniit 

I'riHCOc Jdinc.H H., diinljiMt, 920 Walnut 

BriMooe Wm., jiijiitiincr, 1123 WJHtar 

Brisgcn JiiliiiH, gent. 513 N (itii 

BriHon Hugh, KliocmaUcr, KWO HnnHOm 

Brinon John, hiboror, 1608 SiinKoin 

Brison Ni.-al, laborer, 423 Wutkiii 

BriH.^'on G. M.. 823 Filb(;rt 

BriHtcr E/.ekicl I)., carpenter, 2112 Cherry 

Bri.stle Jacob, lagerbeor, 210 Brown 

Bristly Matthew, eabinctmr. 710 Ft John 

Bristow Henry, weaver. Miller h<:\ Wi.-'tur. (Hn 

Bristow James, weavcT, Miller bel WiHtiir, Gin 

Bristow Samuel. liquorH, 617 H 12th 

Brit Morri.f, driver, 10th n Columbia av 

Britt J'ldmund, carter, 909 Wurri;ji 

liritt Michael, carter, Salmon ab Emory 

Britt Patrick, carter, 1338 Beach 

Britt Thomas, laborer, 1423 Alder 

Brittain Daniel, agent R. R. R. wharf 18, h 865 

N 5th 
Brittan Catharine, 926 Nectarine 
Brittanham James, gasmaker, 634 N 16th 
Brittin Abraham, .shijyoiner, 10 Litford pi 
Brittin Daniel, shipping agent, 865 N 5th 
Brittin Jacob, tobacconist, 1025 ShackamaxoD 
Brittin William, shoemaker, r 157 Otter 
Brittner Daniel, musician, 427 Coates 
Brittner Peter, musician, 431 Coates 
Britton Abram, blindmaker, 322 Federal 
Britton Addison, machinist, 1551 Callowhill 
Britton Andrew L., salesman, 939 Hutchinson 
Britton A.. Venetian blinds, 44 N 2d, 322 Federal 
Britton Charles, printer, 902 Cherry 
Britton Charles R., milkman, Gtn av & Rising 

Britton Conrad, shoemaker, Gtn av, Gtn 
Britton Conrad, Jr., shoemaker, Gtn av, Gtn 
Britton Edmund, shoemaker, 1640 Ridge av 
Britton Eliza, 427 Mcllwain 

Britton George, shoemaker, Gtn av & Rising Sun 
Britton Henry, clothing, 608 South 
Britton John, mer. 1423 Spruce 
Britton Joseph, laborer, Gtn av, Gtn 
Britton Joseph, waterman, 810 S Front 
Britton Joseph A., stonecutter, 1220 S 5th 
Britton J. Blodget, atfy at law, 407 Walnut, h 

1118 Chestnut 
Britton Manning F., police, 3 Grub 
Britton Reuben, policeman, 412 N 9th 
Britton Robert, baker, 1822 Jones 
Britton Samuel, engineer, 1009 Ross 
Britton Samuel, tailor, 1220 S 5th 
Britton Samuel L., clothing, 322.1 S 2d 
Britton William, baker, 729 S 16th 
Britton William, carpenter. 1118 Fkd av 
Britton William, harnessmaker, 426 Maria 
Britton AVilliam E., edge gilder, r 1309 Gtn av 
Britton William H., furs, 1204 Ridge av & 904 

Spring Garden, h 1237 Spring Garden 
Britton ^Y. S., salesman, 504 Commerce, h 946 

Britts John, clerk, 917 Moyamensing av 
Broad Jane, dressmaker, 1518 Cherry 
Broadbach Michael, dealer, 1212 Hope 
BROADBEXT & CO. (S. Broadbent, F. A. We7i- 
deroth, ^- W. C. Taylor), photographers. 912 
ct 914 Chestnut 
Broadbent Albert, machinist, Thomas bel Green, 

Broadbent C. W., hoop-skirt manuf. 23 N 4th, 

h 327 Gaskill 
Broadbent Daniel, patterns, 1318 Fkd av 
Broadbent John, machinist, Thomas bel Green, 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown. 




BroiiJbent John, wool spinner. Market A 4t)lh 
Broiullji-nt Joseph, liquor, 1240 X «th 
Broiuil.iiit Joseph, ilcrk, l'2'2(> Walliico 
Br>'ii>il>iiit Mary, peiitw. TO'J Kvauj;elist 
Broadlifiit Samuel, ]ihuto!;rapher, 'J 12 Chestnut, 

h 11 J N 12th 
Broadbent Samuel W., Kalesuian, 1*14 Chestnut, 

h 115 N 12lh 
Broailbent Westby, wool spinner, ilarket it 40th 
Broailbeiit Williain A., hotel, 2l;5 Lodge 
Broader Jacob, tailor, 1741 N 3d 
Broailcrs John, stonecutter, 20 Id Pino 
Broadlield Jidin. moulder, 1020 Becket 
Broadfu'M William, moulder. Commerce ab Cum- 
Broadhead Edpir, lieut. 219 N l.")lh 
Broadhead Jatues, clerk, 2131 Sharswood 
Broadhurst John, weaver, r 1520 N 2d 
Broadhurst Thomas, color mixer, Sellers n Frank- 
lin, l-'kd 
Broadnix Charles, bricklayer, 1551 Cadbury av 
Broadt Henry, currier, 832 St John 
Broad Top Improvement Co., 22S Walnut 
Broad To)) Semi-Anthracite Coal Co., 228 \Valnut 
Broadwater Daniel, li.-:herman, 1014 Utis 
Broadwater Joshua, fisherman, 1123 llewston 
Broadwater Robert, dealer, '.142 S Front 
Broadway Elijah, bricklayer, 1130 Uirard av 
Broadwcil Charles 1'., teacher, 021 S 10th 
Brob.Miii William, accountant, 30'J Market, h 618 

Brobst Clement, beamer, Thompson's nl, Myk 
Brobi-t Elizabeth, gentw., Fkd av bel Lehigh av 
Bioli-l Stephen, machinist, 1112 Camilla 
Brobston Joseph, notary public, 405 Library, h 

71 1 Sansom 
Broen Sarah, boarding house, 323 Pine 
Brock Alexander B., carpenter, 619 Wall 
Brock Charles Henry, student at law, 2025 Wal- 
Brock Charles N., sugar refinery, St John n 

Callowhill, h 2025 Wallace 
Brock Edward, gent. 2009 Green 
BROCK JOHN, gent. 258 S 3d, h Old York av 

& N Penna R R 
Brock John P., att'y at law, 258 S 3d 
Brock Jonathan, gent. 113 Walnut, h 2009 Green 
Brock R. S., Secy Broad iAIountain R. R. Co., 

258 S 3d, h Old'York av & N Penna K R 
Brock Samuel Z., flour, 1126 Market, h 515 Dill- 

BROCK THOMAS F., plumbing, 222 N 4th, h 

2125 Mount Vernon 
Brock William, sea captain, 532 S 5th 
Brockbank John, wall papers. Main, Myk 
Broekelhurst Levi, machinist, 104 Uaydock 
Brockelhursl Robert, soap and candle maker, 

104 Haydock 
Blocker Nicludas, shoemaker, r 402 Lynd 
Brockerman Benjamin, iron mer. Gtn av, h 110 

Brockerman Charles, laborer. Pearl & Lydia 
Brockerman John H., express driver, 1928 Pine 
Brockerman W., iron, Dauphin n Fkd av 
Brockey Philip, glazier, Norris n Sepviva 
Brockboffll., bootmaker, 937 S 2d 
Brockin Richard E., car builder, 34lh bel Elm 
Brockington John, .«caman, 021 Penn 
Brockway Samuel W., knapsack maker, Norris 

n Sepviva 
Brod Conrad, tobacconist, 331 Arch, h 342 

Brodbeek B. Frederick, locksmith, 1302 Cal- 
Erode Walter, police officer, 1313 N 10th 

The Popular Clothing 

Broder Jacob, barber, 2040 Gtn av 
Broderiek Patrick, laborer, r 909 N 13th 
Brodericlv John, carter, 1912 Cambridge 
Broderiek John, laborer, r 1022 Carlton 
Broderiek John, tailor, 2112 Market 
Broderiek William, shoemaker, 828 Burns 
Brode.-iser Lombart, hatter, 1141 Fkd av 
Brodhead Sl Rro. (D. D. }f A. C. lirodlimd), 

boots and shoes, 211 N 3d 
Brodhead Daniel 1>., boots and shoes, 211 N 3d. 

h 1237 Marshall 
Brodhead John, Prest Camden k ATlantic R R 

Co. 424 Walnut, h 1S30 Delaneey pi 
Brodhead Lewis, (.11 mer. 10 Mt Virunn Hotel 
Brodie Andrew, eurbsetter, 1017 Franklin 
Brodie Jameii, gaslitter, 1017 Franklin 
Broilie James T., metallic roofer, 39 N 7th, h 

850 N Hth 
Bro.lie Robert C, druggist, S W 20lh k Callowhill 
Brodie William, surveyor, 1017 Franklin 
Brodland Cornelius, laborer, 1100 Miller 
Brodley D. W., dealer in cattle, 1025 Market 
Brodni.x Peter, conductor, Unity bel Leiper, Fkd 
Brodowski John, gent. 253 S 15th 
B rodway Isaac, stationery, 1018 N 6th 
Broes Peter, druggist, 16ii0 Sansom 
Brofl'ey Andrew, dyer. Amber below Lehigh av 
Brofheld David, moulder, 1210 Silver 
BroiTv Kate, dressmaker. Fkd av n Huntingdon 
Brogan Charles,' porter, 1010 Hauiiltou 
Brogan James, liquor, 38 Shippen 
Brogan James, printer. 409 Garden 
Brogan Patrick, leather, <fec., 754 Passyunk av 
Brogan Sarah P., tailoress, 5 Bohemia ))l 
Brogen John, salesman. Walnut bel 37th 
Brogin John, laborer, r 922 Poplar 
Brogon James P., tavern, 408 S Del av, h 38 

Brognard II. A., merchant, 240 Chestnut, h 44th 

it Spruce 
Brognard L. N., merchant, 246 Chestnut, h 44th 

k Spruce 
Brognard M. B., merchant, 103 Jones al, h 45th 

<t Spruce 
Brognard Sarah, 45th n Spruce 
Brognard Saroh B., gentlewoman, 45th k Siiruce 
Brokate Henry W., camphino manuf. Rockland 

n 38th 
Brokensha D., merchant, 232 S Del av, h 144 

Girard av 
Brolaskey William J., collector, 1319 N 22d 
Brolasky Jefferson II., gent. 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky Joseph Parker, M.D., 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky Simon, gent. 1414 Walnut 
Bromell James P., merchant, 20 S 0th 
Bromell Joseph, laborer. S 5th n Mitllin 
Bromiley Robert, grocery, S W Unity k Leiper, 

Bromily William, blacksmith, S W Leiper k 

Unity, Fkd 
Bromley G. D., carpets, York bel Front, h 252 

Bronilfv James, carpet manuf. York bel Front, h 

041 Franklin 
Bromley John, carpet manuf. York bel Front, h 

York ab Amber 
Bromley John, clerk. Mulberry, Myk 
BROMLEY JOHN, dry goods, Mulberry k Baker, 

Bromley John H., carpets, York bel Front, h 

York bel Coral 
BROMLEY JOHN & SONS (John, James if 

Thomas Bromley), carpet manufs. York bel 

Bromley Rebecca, gentw. Elizabeth n Unity, Fkd 

House of Philadelphia. 




Bromloy TlioiniiH, oiu-pcfc iniuiiil'. York l)ol Front, 

h 25() DiMiiiliin 
Bromloy 'I'lioiiiiiH, dry ffoixlH, Miiiti n (JoUon, Myk 
Broiil)rif^;li( Ooorge, morchant, Market n 5th, h 

I .') 1 7 ( J i rard av 
Broiig ]i]llii., p;oiitlovvoiriii,r), S W Coatos & 3d 
BroiiKon Goorgo, hosiery ruanuf. llaineH n Bchaf- 

fer, Gtii 
Bronson Edwin .J., luiilJcr, ll.'iiniiH n SidiMiTur, 

Bronson Jainos, weaver, Wiiyno av, Oin 
BronHon John, fisliing taoklo innker, ID'.) South 
Bronson T. A., clerk, ;il7 N 2l)th 
Bronson AVilliain II., sliip (:ii,r|)t>ntor, 1028 J{,osh 
Bronson W. W. Jlev., 217 N 2()th 
Bronstrot Frederick, smith, '100 Lynd 
Bronstrop P., press maker, 403 Oreen 
Brook Ilunry, oordw. IJauphin n Amber 
Brook ir., incrcliant, Union hotel 
Brook John, IHI2 I'oplar 
Brook John, 4f)(\ Now Market 
Brook Mary Jane, tniloress, r 024 Marshall 
Brook Fvmih, r 024 Marshall 
Brook William P., machinist, Norris n Amber 
Brookbnnk Thomas, dealer, 835 Carpenter 
Brooko & Fuller {II. Brooke tV A. II. Fnllnr), 

fancy R'oods &, notions, 29 N 3d 
BROOKE & PUGII {Nathan Brooke cV Edn-ard 

II. Piig-k), forwarding mers. 1731 Market 
Brooke, Tyson & Rehn (S. II. Brooke, Charles 

M. Tyson. &(■ WiUiam. L. Rehfi), 619 Walnut 
Brooke Alexander, millwright, 5 N 19th 
Brooke Bowyer, inspector, 1836 Brandywine 
Brooke Charles W., attorney-at-law, T32 S 6th 
Brooke Dennis, laborer, Edgeniont bel Reading av 
Brooke E. T., gentlewoman, 1718 Pine 
Brooke George P., 1507 Swain 
Brooke George W., bricklayer, 1329 Vine 
Brooke H., merchant, 29 N 3d, h Union hotel 
Brooke Jacob P., jeweller, 1836 Brandywine 
Brooke James, 330 S 17th 
Brooke James B., agent, 1507 Swain 
Brooke Jonathan, boots & shoes, 45 Frankford, 

Brooke Joseph, merchant, 30 N Del av, h 1228 

Brooke J. B., commercial agent, S W 4th &, 

Chestnut, h 1507 Swain 
Brooke J. C, commercial agent, S W 4th & 

Chestnut, h 1812 Poplar 
Brooke J. J., gentlew. 1533 Locust 
Brooke J. K., salesman, 602 Poplar, h 917 N 6th 
Brooke M. B., hardware, 602 Poplar, h 917 N 6th 
Brooke Nathan, merchant, 1731 Market, h 527 

N 19th 
Brooke Samuel, flagsman, 24 N 19th 
Brooke S. H., merchant, 619 Walnut, h 1214 

Brooker B. C. Col., 738 S 8th 
Brooker John, shoemaker, Haines n Hancock, 

Brooker Joseph, cooper, Haines n Hancock, Gtn 
Brookes Isaac W., conductor, 1235 Nagle 
Brookes William {o), barber, 1622 Mervine 
Brooklieia Joseph, M.D., S E Filbert & Juniper 
Brooklyn Sarah, r 1105 Shippen 
Brookman Henry, cooper, 8 Placid pi 
Brookmvre Anna E., gentlew. Hestonville 
BROOKS BRO. & CO. {Jeremiah M., Josiah D. 

if William. Brooks), dry goods com. 122 & 124 

Brooks Adeline, trimmings, 838 N 10th 
Brooks Alonzo, Wissahickon av, Chestnut Hill 
Brooks Anu, Morton u Centre, Gtn 
Brooks Charles, clerk, 1242 Christian 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, 

BrookH Chfirb.H W., pliirnbor, 501 N I'itli 
BrookH David, Ijrickirink'jr, 193'.* Nnw f'ledfor'l 
]>rooks David, Hupuriiilcridtint, 40 iN 19tli 
BrookH David G,, brickiriakcr, l'J39 New Bed- 
Brooks Kbenozcr, tailor, Bowinun, Otn 
Brooks Edward, cloth finisher, Winter aV.» Wnke- 

lidd, (;tn 
Brooks Edward, captain, 30(1 Whnrlon 
Brooks Edwin W., HuleHMian, 110 Ogden 
Brooks Elias K., gont. 1323 X 22d 
Brooks Eli/aboth, teacher, I2IS Walnut 
Brooks Elizabeth, tailorcss, 321 Lombard 
Ijrooks George, police, Allen lu, Gtn 
Jirooks George L., bliiok.tmith, J 373 Ridge av, h 

Poplar ah 9th 
Brooks George W., agent, 1510 Stiles 
Brooks George W., shipcarpenter, 20 Parhnm 
Brooks JIannis, weaver, Bringhurst bel Wake- 
field, Gtn 
Brooks Henry, grocer, 024 N Slh 
BROOKS llEXRY, grocer, S ^V A Spruce 
Brooks Henry C, gent. 1323 N 22d 
Brooks J., mariner, 1939 New Bedford 
Brooks James, Broad, Rox 
Brooks James, engineer, 2047 Cuthbert 
Brooks James, wheelwright, 1212 Ridge av, h 

1215 Spring Garden 
Brooks James (c), waiter, 208 Quince 
Brooks Jeremiah M., merchant, 122 Chestnut, h 

Brooks Jethro B., boxmaker, AVoodland bel 

Brooks John, bookbinder, 948 N 10th ' 
Brooks John, cooper A gauger, 471 N 4th 
Brooks John, gent. Queen, Gtn 
Brooks John, segar store, 1319 N 11th 
Brooks John, shoemaker, Cresheim rd, Gtn 
Brooks John, waterman, 955 S Front 
Brooks John (c), waiter, 1017 Rodman 
Brooks John H., clerk, 428 Shippeu 
Brooks John H., mariner, 1939 New Bedford 
Brooks John S., grocer, Gtn av bel Meetler, h 

Gtn av ab Norris 
Brooks John S. & Co. {John S. Brools Sf Wil- 
liam Selser), grocers, Gtn av bel Meetler 
Brooks Joseph, indigo blue manuf. 1220 N Front 
Brooks Josiah, dealer, Ridge av, Ros 
Brooks Josiah D., merchant, 122 Chestnut, h 804 

N 7th 
Brooks Julianna, boardinghouse. Main, Mt Airy 
Brooks C. J., shipjoiner, 422 E Thompson 
Brooks Kate, seamstress, 1540 Amboy 
Brooks Lambert B., manuf. 813 Lawrence 
Drooks Luke, hats & caps, Main bel Price, Gtn 
Brooks Margaret, gentlew. 1107 Federal 
Brooks Maria, gentlewoman, 1326 Vine 
Brooks Mary, gentlewoman, 1326 Walnut 
Brooks JIatthew, cap manuf. 33 N 3d, h Price n 

Hancock, Gtn 
Brooks Matthew, stonemason, 835 Market 
Brooks Robert, engineer. 551 N 25th 
Brooks R. W., hat & cap manuf. 230 Poplar 
Brooks Samuel, clerk. 119 Mary 
Brooks Samuel, merchant, 3 Vine, h S3S N 10th 
Brooks Samuel B., paying teller North Am Bk, 

h 20 N 10th 
Brooks Samuel C, rag dealer, 1149 N Front 
Brooks Sarah. 1212 Haines 
Brooks Sheppard, clerk, 136 Carpenter 
Brooks Silas S., M.D., 1320 Vine 
Brooks Thomas, Wister bel Wakefield. Gtn 
Brooks Thomas, carpenter, 125 Green 
Brooks Thomas, cutter. 14 Ashland 
Brooks Thomas, machinist. Sellers ab Unity, Fkd 
Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Brooks Tho!!. E., grocor, "00 S oil, h 302 Shippon 
Brouky Thomas J., clerk, 830 S otli 
Bro-.ks Williiun. olockiiiaker, 130:. S 3.1 
Brooks Williiiiu. cooper, lOO;! AiiUTiean 
Broi-ks Williuiu, luerehaut, 431 Market, b Bridge 

Brough John, laborer, Thompfon bol Rending av 
Broujih Michiiel, blntksmilh, IIL'4 Kim 
Broii«rh Samuel, blacksmith. 1024 .< 3d 
Brou^'h .^amiiel, Jr., moulder, 1024 S 3d 
Broii};hm:iii (ieor;;e, laborer, S,')4 .'> Front 
, Brought John, peddler, N E Daujihin A Tulip 

Brooks William, meroluint, 122 Chestnut, b 1426 Brou^'hton Carlos, moulder, Sepviva bel Daui.liin 

Broiigliloii J. II.. cotton broker, 36 S Front, h 

Preston A Myrtle, W V 
Broughton L. i)., astrologer, 353 N lOlh 
Brouley James, conchman, Builder's ct 
Brouuewell W., s|iice, 322 Branch 
Brounlev John, boat builder, lliggins ct 
Broils Ciiarles, ear]>enter, Orlhodo.x ab Main, Fkd 
Brous Lewis, carpenter, 117 Fninkford, Fkd 
Brous .Seth, carter, Leiper »t Pine, Fkd 
Brous Wesley F., grocer, 117 Frankford, Fkd 
Brous William A., cordwainer, l.'>24 N 2d 
Brow August, shoemaker, 1114 Wood 
Brow George, ragjiicker, Fulton n Trenton nv 
Brower A. J., bookkeeper, 20 S 0th 
Brower Cornelius P., shoemaker, 19 Fayette 
Brower Frank, artist, 1012 Lombard 
Brower Franklin, engineer, 43 X Broad 
Brower John, clerk, 43 N Broad 
Brower Jo.seph, stationer A. sogars, 1003 i*! 5th 
lirower Josephine, confectionery, 133 Uiclunond 
Brower Peter B., cordwiiiner, ('barter n Amber 
Brower Samuel, cooper. Front nb Willow, h N Y 
Brower William, tobacconist, 817 8 Broad 
Browley George, laborer, Belgrade n William 
Browlev Thomas, laborer, llewson n Salmon 
BROWN BROTHERS & CO., bankers, 211 

Brown & Belesques, clothes renovators, 34 S 7th 
Brown & Co. (Julni ^- Jos. J. Brown), govern- 
ment contractors, 228 DooAi 
Brown .t Ewald (Luiiis Brown if Charles J. 

En-alil), grocers, 30] N 3d 
BROWN, HILL A CO. (Washington Brown, 

Marshall Hill if Barton Green), wool & yarn 

com. 40 N Front 
BROWN & JAMES (T. Horace Brown i,- B. 

Lloi/d Jamrx), flour & grain, 241 N Water & 

24f) N Del av 
BROWN & WOELPPER {Benjamin II. Brown 

if Gi'oige lVoe/j)jicr), lumber merchants, N E 

Richmond A Ash 
Brown Abraham, coal, 413 N 8th, h 441 Magnolia 
Brown Abrali.'im, plumber A gnsfitter, N W 8th 

it Buttonwood, h l.')3I .^p Garden 
Brown Abraham, tailor, 700 Market, h 1717 

Brown Adolph, turner, 1616 G T av 
Brown Alexander, carter, S 23(1 nb Lombard 
Brown Alexander, gentleman, 1S2!I Walnut 
Brown Alexander, soap & candle manuf. 1216 

Mnscher, h fith & Girnrd av 
Brown Alexander U., ])roof render, 8 Silver 
Brown Alfred, Inborer, 1734 Montrose 
Brown Andrew, laborer, 4 10 German 
Brown Andrew, laborer, (>07 Vincent 
Brown Andrew, vnrnisher, r 702 P 3d 
Brown Ann, gentlewoman, 710 .'^hirley 
Brown Ann, tailorcis, 423 Monroe 
Brown Ann (c), washing, 12 Castle ct 
Brown Ann (c), wa.'-herwoman, 1349 Pearl 
Brown Anna, tailoress, 172() Wood 
Brown Anthony, laborer, .'!S Moore 
Brown Anthony, U S N yard, 424 Shippen 
Brown Anthony Z., gunsmith, 213 .TelTcrson 
Brown Archibaltl, provi.«ions, 19 .S 18th 
Brown Asbury (c), hod carrier, Plume pi 
Brown Austin, floor oil cloth, 1C4 N 3d, h 2124 


N l.".th 

Brooks William, stonecutter, 412 N 22d 
Brooks William, saiimnker, Sacramento av bel 

Brooks SVillinm, weaver, llaverford n 36th 
Brooks William II., awning maker, 1315 Prospect 
Brooks Wm. Howard, bookkeei)er, 33 N 3d, h 

2104 Vine 
Brooks William H., clerk, 302 Shippen 
Brooks William H., cooper, 1003 American 
Brooks W., carpenter, Dauphin n Sepviva 
Brooks W. II., cap manuf. 39 N 3d, h 2100 Mt 

Broom Ann, gentlewoman, 1807 Wallace 
Broom Asa C, bricklayer, 139 Prime 
Broom Carl, shoemaker, r 8U9 Lawrence 
Broout Christian, sugarrefmer, r Mb X 4th 
Broom George L., sugarrefiuer, 113 Bread, h 549 

York av 
Broom Isaac, sculptor, 108 S 8th 
Broom Jacob, att'y-at-law, 1707 Spruce / 

Broom John, sailor, 623 S Front 
Broom John L., foreman, 102S Shackamaxon 
Broom Thomas, ship carpenter, 129 Prime 
Broom Thomas, Jr., wireworker, 129 Prime 
Broomal ct Co. (Willidm II. Bruomal), Monte- 
zuma, b 30th A Hamilton 
Broomall E. M., mer. 229 Market, h Chester, Pa 
Broomall Joseph E., papermaker, Darby rd bel42d 
Broomall Lewis R., chief coiner U S Mint, 110 

S 19th 
Broome Caroline, gold embroiderer. Canal bel 5th 
Broome Charles, dealer, 811 Yhost 
Broonul William II., hotel, 30th & Hamilton 
BROOMELL i KENNEDY (./. P. Broomell ir 
R. F. Kriinaly), fish &, provisions, 35 N Water 
Broomell Joseph, provisions, 253 N 13th 
Broomell J. P., mer. 35 N Water, h Com'l hotel 
Broomell Peter, bookbinder, 1024 Newton 
Broomell William, coal, 7 Short ct 
Broomhall Uriah, Star hotel. Woodland Jfc Balti- 
more pike 
Broomsgrove James, steel pen manuf. 403 Arch, 

h 2d bel Cooper, Camden 
Brooinwell William, gentleman, 168 N 5th 
Brophey Jidin, r 702 Car])enter 
Brophey John, laborer, 258 S 20th 
Brophey Patrick, bookbinder 
Brophy Andrew, engineer, Fkd av n Huntingdon 
Brophy John, laborer. Unity n Penn, Fkd 
Brophy John, laborer, 1106 Carpenter 
Brophy Mary Ann, seamstress, 2014 Pine 
Brojihy Samuel, driver. Queen, Gtn 
Brophy Thomas, watchman. Hazard n Emerald 
Brops Michael, musician, 1232 Callowhill 
Brosbeck James A., tailor, 312 Mcllwain 
Brosius Joseph P., salesman, 131 Market, h 401 

Bross Edmund R., shoemaker, 1314 Green 
Bross Edmund R., Jr.. gnsfitter, 1314 Green 
Bro.«s John S., clerk, 807 Cherry 
Brosy Gottlieb, blacksmith, 1327 Howard 
Brot Conrad, tobacconist, 331 Arch, h 342Dillwyn 
Brotberhead William, bookseller, 218 S 8th 
Brothers Albert, butcher, 1013 Noble 
Brothers William, carj.enter, 2210 Hamilton 
Broucher AVilliam, carpenter, 861 N 9th 

Brough Edward, blacksmith, 1024 S 3d 

Strangers and Citizens are recommended to pniohase their 




BROWN A., ioo, UIOI Kiioo, h 2r>\ N Kith 
Brown A. H., lalxircr, (Jiiiiilnjiliuid liol Alrnoii'l 
Brown Bin'zilii.i H., f^nuuiry, 11(1 Sonl-li 
Brown lioniijidi JVI., (Hotliinfr nimclninl., I20i! (Jiil- 

Brown l{(mjiunin, conl.raclor, I02(i Wood 
Bi'own Boiijiiinin F., I'Kinor (nor. O.'il) J''<!iloriil 
Brown ]!onjiiniin Jl., Ininlior murchanl-, N E 

Kiclimoinl ifc yV.sli, h DM Franklin 
Brown Bernaid, livory Hlable, 1714 Cox. li 221 

Brown B. M., 1240 Market, h 1202 Callowliill 
Brown (Jnrolino, whitewaslior, 7 Leydon cL 
Brown (Ja.tliarino, .'iOIi llichinond 
Brown (JaLharine (c), r 2;i Gii.tzmer 
Brown (JiiUiarino, boardingh, '111) Ma,rll)orouf;h 
Brown Ca,tharine, gentlowoinaii, 4 ]j»rrbor'.s ot 
Brown Catharine, gontlowoniiin, r 80.3 Jayne 
Brown Ciitharino, gentlewoman, 320 Federal 
Brown Cliarle.s (c), 7).') iSt Mary 
Brown Chiirlos, agent, 228 S Broad 
Brown (Jharles, carpenter, 331 Ga.skill 
Brown Charles, carpenter, 7 Hartley pi 
Brown Charles, clerk N. R. R. Levering, Myk 
Brown Charles, cotton carder, 2040 Ilarmstead 
Brown Charles, gasfitter, 2317 Callowhill 
Brown Charles, gentleman, 231.0 Meredith 
Brown Charles, laborer, 063 S Front 
Brown Charles, laborer, 413 Moyer 
Brown Charles, laborer, 21 Reed 
Brown Charles (c), laborer, 1515 S 7th 
Brown Charles, laborer, 1714 Wood 
Brown Charles, mariner, Celeste 
Brown Charles, merchant, 736 S 9th 
Brown Charles Rev., Sec. Phila Education Soc. 

1334 Chestnut, h Spruce ab 40th 
Brown Charles, railroad agent, Gay, Myk 
Brown Charles, salesman, 229 N 3d, h 805 Mar- 
ket, Camden 
Brown Charles, salesman, 1618 Shippen 
Brown Charles, stonecutter, 1509 Ogden 
Brown Charles, seaman, 792 S 6th 
Brown Charles, seaman, Celeste n 7th 
Brown Charles, shoemaker, 1030 Dorrance 
Brown Charles, silk weaver, 1406 Howard 
Brown Charles, tailor, Norris bel Hancock 
Brown Charles, upholsterer, 2 Grnbb 
Brown Charles A., bookseller, 67 S 4th, h 312 

Brown Charles A., teacher of music, 1234 Cal- 
Brown Charles J., tavern, 755 S 5th 
Brown Charles N., tailor, 940 Poplar 
Brown Charles P., variety store, 9 Market, h 

1216 N 8th 
Brown Charles S., attorney at law, 113 S 5th, h 

1340 Savery 
Brown Christian, grocer, 539 N 16th 
Brown Conrad, grocer, 311 N 18th 
Brown Conrad, grocer, 1118 Frankford av 
Brown C, corset manufacturer. 329 Arch 
Brown C, dressmaker, 106 S 13th 
Browu C. P., fancy goods, 9 Market, h 1216 N 

Brown C. R., bookkeeper, 818 & 820 Chestnut, h 

S E 16th & Sansom 
Brown Daniel, ear driver, 1735 Addison 
Brown Daniel, chair ornamenter, 829 Swanson 
Brown Daniel, laborer, 936 Ernst 
Brown Daniel H., segarmaker, 1421 Stiles 
Brown David, M.D., Front n Norris 
Brown David, laborer, 70S S 13th 
Brown David, laborer, Creisheim la, Gtn 
Brown David (e), runner, 327 S 7th 
Browu David, shoerar. Haverford ct Lancaster avs 
Clotliiiig at Oak Hall, Southeast 

T'rown David, tailor, 25 Hiekiiy 
t'rown l)avid, wiiit'.T, 92.'i Hhijiperi 
Urown l)a,vid, Khor;iri»k(!r, 711 S 13th 
lirown David )''., dealor, r5l.'! iJillwyn 
liiown David II., gonl,li;miin, I7|('i W/ilnut 
IJrown David I'aul, attornoy-at-liiw, .017 I'runf;, 

h 1J13 Girard 
JirHwn David 8., merchant, 44 B Front, h 1716 

BROWN DAVID 8. & CO. (David 8. linmn, J. 

.JohiiMit, Ihiiuni if (iMnrv A. Hki/I), oomrnlKxion 

drygood.M, 44 A 46 .S Front k II Lctitiii. 
Brown I)avi<l Wolfe, phonographor, 332 Walnut, 

h 527 N 2d 
BROWN DAVID BOYER, attorney-at-law, 113 

S 5th, h 835 Arch 
Brown I). II. (c), cook, 5 McKcnn'H ct 
Brown D. If., dry good.s, 1453 Columbia av 
Brown D. P., Jr., attorney-at-law, 129 8 5tb, h 

2307 Lombard 
Brown Ebonezer, 611 Green 
Brown Edward, car driver, 1120 JefTerflon 
Brown Edward, engineer, 311 Walnut, b N E 

38th & Chestnut 
Brown Edward, snuff Tnill, Ludlow ab 4l8t 
Brown Edward, bricklayer, 2241 Sharswood 
Brown Effie S., gentlewoman, 646 Marshall 
Brown Egbert, furniture, 853 N 3d 
Brown Eliza, gentlewoman, 2034 Coates 
Brown Elisha B. (c), 207 Acorn al 
Brown Elizabeth, 1428 N 0th 
Brown Elizabeth, boardinghouse, 318 York av 
Brown Elizabeth, dealer, 955 Sartain 
Brown Elizabeth, dressmaker, 455 N 5th 
Brown Elizabeth, seamstress, 7 Shields ct 
Brown Elizabeth (c), washing, 6 Bedloe pi 
Brown Elizabeth T., Young Ladies' Academy, 

1003 Spring Garden 
Brown Ellen, 16 Gatchel's \A 
Brown Ellen, 631 Washington 
Brown Ellwood, .ship carpenter, 530 Monroe 
Brown Elmira (c), dressmaker, 327 Dugan 
Brown Emanuel D., conductor, 413 S 18th 
Brown Emily, teacher, h Washington av ab 

Frankford av 
Brown Emma, gentlewoman, 1317 Christian 
Brown Emma, gentlewoman, 326 S Juniper 
Brown Evan, dealer, 34 Queen 
Brown E. J., carpenter, 1008 Clare 
Browu E. W., clothing, 722 Chestnut, h 807 But- 

Brown Feymour (c), barber, 611 Ronaldson 
Brown Fletcher, car inspector, Cumberland n 

Trenton av 
Brown Francis, ice dealer, 235 Gaskill 
Brown Frederick, blacksmith, 922 Percy 
BROWN FREDERICK, chemist A drug'gist, >^E 

Chestnut & 5th, h 1018 Spruce 
Brown Fred., customh. officer. 1826 Thompson 
Brown Frederick, machinist, 822 Thompson 
Brown Frederick, Jr., druggist, 1826 Thompson 
Brown Frederick, Jr., merchant, lOlS Spruce 
Brown George, 729 Moro 
Brown George, card manufacturer, 410 Marshall, 

h 245 N 5th 
Brown George, cliairmaker. 1216 Lancaster 
Brown George, hatter. 117 Race 
Brown George (c), laborer, 234 Dean 
Brown George (e). laborer. 1504 S 7th 
Browu George, leather, 1372 Ridge av 
Brown George, paperhanger. 146 Bread 
Brown George (c), porter, lllS Rodman 
Brown George, plumber, 126 S 20th 
Brown George, printer. 530 North 
Brown George, seaman. 19 Reckless 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Brown George, shiitsiuith, 1014 S 4th 
Brown George, tailor, TO.'i Federal 
Brown Goorge, weaver. Filler ab N 2d 
Bruwn lioorge A., moulder, 5 Mi-ndun pi 
Brown George B., clerk, 1420 X l.ilh 
Brown George C, tailor, Liehort, Mvk 
Brown George F., luerchant, Sl-1>ooI. Gtn 
Brown George 6., gardener, Jl.'i Uelgrado 
Brown George II., powerluoni bo.-s. Guy, Myk 
Brown Georgo U., com. mer. 4I.'{ Arch, h 409 

S 18th 
Brown George J., millinery, 791 S 2d 
Brown George T., segar dealer, N W 4th & Wnl- 

nnt, h School la, Gtn * 
Brown George W., grocer, S E Looast A 9tli, h 

820 Locust 
Brown Iteorge W., segars, 524 Poplar 
Brown Qowen E., plumber, 40.') Chri.«tiun 
Brown tiiistavus A., black-mitli, 822 Thom]ison 
Brown G. .S., patent glassware, 412 Race, bds 

Mount Vornon hotel 
Brown Ilaniit (c), cook. 1104 Ohio 
Brown Harriett, grocery, 420 S 7th 
Brown Henry, brewer, 1222 0gden 
Brown Henry, butcher <t grocer, Grape & Cres- 

.«on, Myk 
Brown Henry, cnbinetmnker, 1248 South 
Brown Hi-nry, cooper. .■i4 I Julinnna 
Brown Henry, dealer, 022 Wa.«hington av 
Brown Ik-nrv, dealer, r 'J2'.l Ugden 
Brown Henry, driver, N W 22.1 & A 
Brown Henry, hairdresser, 119 S llth 
Brown Henry, laborer, 1918 Buttonwood 
Brown Henry, mnnuf. Pear it Dock, h 108 Pine 
Brown Henry, patternmaker, 215 N 2d, h 12.37 

S 0th 
Brown Henry, tailor, 823 Randolph 
Brown Henry, tavern, 40 Washington av 
Brown Henry C, 809 S 3d 
Brown Henry C, cardriver, 5 Kauder's row 
Brown Henry H., refrigerators, 220 Dock, h 108 

Brown Henry IT., .stove store, 3702 Market 
Brown Henry R. (c), porter, S Bedford bel llth 
Brown Henry iS., .scfrar manuf. '.WS Brown 
Brown Henry W., colonel, N W 22d &A 
Briiwn Henry W., baker, 1820 Thompson 
Brown Hetty (c), waitress, 807 Montcalm 
Brown Hugh, blacksmith, 020 Sears 
Brown Hugh, bricklaj-er, 727 S Juniper 
Brown Hii;rh, printer, 144 S 0th 
Brown Hugh, painter, 216 Dock 
Brown H. G., printer, 3d <t Chestnut, h 1724 

Brown Isaac, huckster. 433 Borden 
Brown I.'^aiic, huckster, r 1229 Crease 
Brown Isaiah (e), expressman, Minster n 7th 
Brown Jacob, baker, 1022 Lombard 
Brown Jacob, butcher, Montgomery av E of 5th 
Brown Jacob, cabinetmaker, 4 Nescopec pi 
Brown Jacob, cooper, r 842 Lawrence 
Brown Jacob, coremaker, 2125 Cherry 
Brown Jacob, cutler, 520 Shippen 
Brown Jacob, dealer, 609 S 2d 
Brown Jacob, gentleman, 329 Reed 
Brown Jacob, gentleman, 1340 Savery 
Brown Jacob, laborer, 2140 Apple 
Brown Jacob S., clerk, 1237 Marlborough 
Brown James, 1003 .Shippen 
Brown James, 945 S Front 
Brown James (c), 4 Priscilla pi 
Brown James, agent, 903 Tasker 
Brown James, broommaker. Market ab 42d 
Brown James, butcher, 0th ab Dauphin 
Brown James, butcher. Broad ab FalKs rd 

Best Place in the City to bay 

Brown James, carter, Howard bel Montgomery av 

Brown James, clerk, 1121 S 3d 

Brown James (c), coachman, Bedloe pi 

Brown James, dentist, 020 N 0th 

Brown James, kindling wood. Northeast av 

Brown Janies, laborer, r3l William 

Brown James, laborer, r 2210 Linn 

Brown James, laborer, 1824 Filbert 

Brown Jami's, laborer, 1510 N Front 

Brown James, laborer, so\aliwest of 24lh 

Brown Jami's, mason, 005 Frankford av 

Brown James, merchant, 240 Chestnut, h Clay- 

niont, Delaware 
Brown James, porter, S Bedford bol llth 
Brown James (e), porter, 11 Stafford pi 
Itrown James, salesman, 317 Wharton 
Brown James (<•), tavern, 509 .S 7lli 
Brown .lames (c), tavern, 000 Lombard 
Brown .lames, tobacconist, 330 Federal 
Brown James (c), waiter. Oil Barclay 
Brown Jiimes, weaver, 1420 Ogden 
Brown James, weaver, 1334 New Bedford 
Brown James, weaver. Miller, Gtn 
Brown James, weaver, llainbow n Trenton av 
Brown James, wheelwright, 1030 Moyamensing 

av, h 1321 S 5th 
Brown James D., flower manuf. 527 N 2d 
BROWN JAMES E., trunk manuf. 708 Chestnut, 

h 123 N 9th 
Brown James I., soapmaker, 1321 S 6th 
Brown James H., student, 324 S 3d 
Brown James L., truckman, 1012 Cross 
Brown James M., grocer, 30 S Water, h 633 Vine 
Brown James R,, tailor, 1010 Federal 
Brown James T., contractor, 1837 Poplar 
Brown James W.. 100.'! Sliippcn 
Brown Jane, Letterly n Carroll 
Brown Jane (c), 1814 Addison 
Brown Jeffrey (c), coachman, 1807 Addison 
Brown Jeremiah (c), Avhitcwasher, 1839 Addison 
IJrown Jesse, police, 222 O.xl'ord 
Brown John, Green la, Mvk 
Brown John, blacksmith,"2102 Ca!lo\Vhill 
Brown John (c), brickmaker, 018 S 12(li 
Brown John, boardinghousf , 710 ,S Front 
Brown John, carpenter. 1232 N 15th 
Brown John, chemist, 1024 Ward 
Brown John, clerk, 544 N 12th 
Brown John (c), coachman, 233 Prosperous al 
Brown John, coach painter, 821 Columbia av 
Brown John, contractor, 228 Dock, h W P 
Brown John, drayman, Hancock ab Norris 
Brown John, driver. Young's ct 
Brown John, driver, 1909 Spring Garden 
Brown John, gasfitter, 1108 Wood 
Brown John, grocer, Fitzwater A 16th 
Brown John, janitor, 228 Vandoveer 
Brown John, laborer, 200 Albert 
Brown John, laborer, 11 Deimling pi 
Brown John, laborer, 2012 Naudain 
Brown John, laborer, Mciiifihis ab Huntingdon 
Brown John, laborer. Centre, Myk 
Brown John, lif|Hor, 2053 Locust 
Brown John, nmchinist, 512 N llth 
Brown John, M.D., S E 19th & Coates 
Brown .John, manuf. 2321 Hamilton 
Brown John, porter, 1025 Hunter 
Brown John, porter, 3 Junior pi 
Brown John, rags, 307 Cypress, h 610 S 4lh 
Brown John, restaurant, 325 Arch 
Brown John, salesman, 17 Bank, h 630 N 6th 
Brown John, shawl finisher, 513 N 25th 
Brown John (c), shoemaker, 1105 Pearl 
Brown John, silversmith, 8 Potosi retreat 
Brown John, stablekeei)er, 214 Queen 
good and cheap Clothing at 




Brown John, atiident, 1419 Spruco 

I'rown John, tii.vern, 1 1 15 FillnM-t 

lirown Jo]in (n) , vviiilor, Ki;^.') JIfilrniiUi 

Brown .fohn, wiiterrniin, 4 MiiimI 

BrowTi John, whcM'hvii^ht, ii.'M 1 (Jallowhill 

Brown John A., luiildor, 1210 Mari-hiill 

Brown Jolm A., j^onf. ll.'iO Choslnut, 

Brown John A., l>ros. A. S. K. (J., 1122 Chent- 

nut,, h ,S 10 l2Ui k (JliosUiut, 
Brown John B., ]ihol()^rii,i)hi(! ooloror, 1520 11000 
Brown John C, l)oii,r(linff, ISiith ft Sorrel 
Brown John C, liihoror, (ioiiry iih I'ojilar 
Brown Jolm 0., uiiholsleror, 228 Van.leveor 
l')rovvn Jiihn I).. iiliiuil)cr, 2.'i.'i Shijjpon 
Brown John I)., prinl-r, .'i.'M Onskill 
Brown Jolin K., ^ent,. 182!) Walnut 
Brown John F., bootin;ikor, 2'M S 12fch 
Brown Jolin H. (o), ))arbev, 4 I'lupie pi 
Brown Jolm 11., painter, Market ab 34th, h Fil- 
bert iib :Mth 
Brown John, Jr., carijonter, (Ireon bi Myk 
Brown John L., bootmaker, 717 Sliippen 
Brown John M., engraver, 420 S Kith 
Brown J. Nowton, atty-at-law, 2 Mer Lib Build- 
ing, h Oil N 7th 
Brown John Newton, Rev., 23 N Gth, h Ashmead 

bel Wakefield, Gtn 
Brown John Q., machinist, 2039 Callowhill, h 

2000 Br.indywino 
Brown John R., grocer, 1143 S 8th 
Brown John T., janitor, 303 Brown 
Brown John W.,' 090 Marshall 
Brown John W., coach maker, 4106 Market 
Brown John W., detective police, S W 5th & 

Chestnut, h Myk 
Brown Jolin W., pattern maker, 808 N 15th 
Brown Joseph, svgent, 819 S 5th 
Brown Joseph, carpenter, 1209 Palethorp 
Brown Joseph, clerk, h 1531 Spring Garden 
Brown Joseph, driver, 214 Queen 
Brown Joseph (c), huckster, 214 Manship 
Brown Joseph, laborer, Thouron ab Diamond 
Brown Joseph, merchant, 15 N 2d, h 824 Spring 

Brown Joseph, painter, r 1534 State 
Brown Joseph, shipcarpenter, 211 E Thompson 
Brown Joseph, shoemaker, School, Gtn 
Brown Joseph, waterman, 841 S Front 
Brown Joseph E., gent. 433 Arch 
Brown Joseph E., 930 S 2d 
Brown Joseph F., Sec. 4th & 8th st P. R. Co., 

2007 Girardav 
Brown Jos. H., tailors' trimmings, 010 Chestnut 
Brown Joseph J., bookbinder, 042 Catharine 
Brown Joseph J., contractor, 228 Dock, h S E 

7th & Catharine 
Brown Joseph S., dry goods, 15 N 2d, h 824 

Spring Garden 
Brown Joseph W., ship carpenter, 15 Ashland 
Brown Josephine (e), dressmaker, 4 Twelve ft al 
Brown Joshua (e), shop S 2d c Walnut, h 711 

Brown Josiah, conductor, 753 Park 
Brown Josiah H., marker U. S. arsenal, 2118 

Brown Julianna (c), cook, 913 Lombard 
Brown Juliet W., nurse, 1229 Hibberd 
Brown J. A., boiler maker, 477 Richmond 
Brown J. Douglass, elerk, 12 S 20th 
Brown J. F., 1345 Arch 
Brown J. Henry, artist, 207 S loth 
Brown J. H., mer. 1822 Rittenhouse 
Brown J. Johnson, mer. 44 S Front, h 1716 

Brown J. G. L., printer, 111 S 4th, h 683 N 11th 
Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Brown J. L., M.D., 222 N l.'Uh 

lirown J. M., produce coin. mer. 3<5S Water, h 

0;i3 Vine 
Brown J. Tabclo, mer. 222 8 2(1, h V.'Ah Arch 
Brown J, W., clerk, 1531 Spring Oiirdcn 
Brown J. W., conductor, Church hel Orchard, 

Brown J. W., police, 410 Coiitt-H 
Brown Kale, ciiiidioH, 101 S Front 
Brown Lawrence, liatter, 149 N 3d, h .030 North 
Brown Loioare (e), china ware, 907 Kouth 
Brown Lowi.H, currier, Oil N 3d 
Brown Lewin T., gi;nt. 520 Mnrxhall 
Brown Lc;wiH, clerk, 107 N 5th 
IJrown Tioui.", groc(!r, 878 N 0th 
Brown Loui.x, mer. 301 N 3d, h H78 N Olh 
Brown liUcian, card manuf. 410 MiirHhall, h 412 

N th 
Brown Lucy (c), wa-fhing, Bedloepl 
Brown L. (c), «hoemaker, 627 South 
Brown Margaret, 023 S Broad 
Brown Margaret, 440 Magnolia 
Brown Margaret, 1234 Shipjicn 
Brown Margaret, 1010 Marshall 
Brown Margaret, livery stable, 221 Vaughn 
Brown Mnrgaret, .seamstre.-is, 2 Burlington pi 
Brown Margaret, .shop, 511 Buckley 
Brown Margaret, trimmings, 402 N 23d 
Brown Maria, boarding house, 201 S 10th 
Brown Martha, gentw. 2044 Pearl 
Brown Martin, hotel, 1542 Race 
Blown Mary, dressmaker, 9 Kenworthy's ct 
Brown Mary, gentw. 914 Morgan 
Brown Mary, gentw. 221 N 11th 
Brown Mary, milliner}', 527 N 2d 
Brown Mary, trimmings, 842 N 5th 
Brown Mary T., grocery, N E Marshall & Par- 

Brown Matilda (c), 1010 Miles 
Brown Matthew, watchman, 222 Catharine 
Brown Michael, blacksmith, 243 & 245 S 12th. h 

1136 Pearl 
Brown Michael, 2402 Pine 
Brown Michael, clerk, 1428 N 6th 
Brown Michael, curbsetter, 731 Carpenter 
Brown Michael, hotel, 500 Larkin 
Brown Michael, laborer, Ludlow n 36th 
Brown Michael, laborer, 1748 N 11th 
Brown Michael, laborer, Cresson, Myk 
Brown Michael, machinist, 752 S 5th 
Brown Morgan, bedding, 25 N 2d 
Brown Morris (c), shoemaker, 913 South 
Brown Morris E., cooper, 1725 Francis 
Brown Moses J., mer. Ill Chestnut, h School 

!o, Gtn 
Brown M. G., eye water, 410 Arch 
Brown Xathan, tailor, 33 N 15th 
Brown Nathaniel H., mer. 118 Chestnut, h 913 

Brown Xeal, driver, Hacker pi 
Brown Xeal, laborer, 904 Atherton 
Brown Neil, labtrer, 2008 Lombard 
Brown Neill, laborer, 737 S 7th 
Brown Nicholas, coachman, 1107 Cherry 
Brown Patrick, hostler, 858 Charlotte 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 1205 Albert 
Brown Patrick, laborer. 2315 Meredith 
Brown Patrick, porter, 1 Cromly pi 
Brown Paul, hatter, 437 Wharton 
Brown Peter, brush manuf. 734 Coates 
Brown Peter, moulder, 503 Richmond 
Brown Peter A., manuf. 413 N 13th, h 1113 

Brown Peter J., stonecutter, Fowler 
Brown Philip, 235 S 6th 
Comer Sixth and Market Streets. 




Brown I'liilip, ]iiani9t, 2 Gideon 

Brown Pliilip, weaver, ISi'J Dutton 

Brown 1'. A., Mrs.. 1113 W.iluut 

Brown P. P., M.D., 014 8 \M\\ 

Brown g. C, collector. 120S !^ 10th 

Brown Hiichel, notions, Ol-l Cuntes 

Brown Hicbarit, TIT S Diamond 

Brown Kicliard, biirber, 2220 Callowhill 

Brown Hioliard. collector, 4.'Ji Wharton 

Brown Richard, fancy hosiery, 20H Vine 

Brown Richard, hattor, S42 Aulmrn 

Brown Richard, stilesinan, 1002 Vino 

Brown Richard, tavern, '.'28 Locust 

Brown Riclinril il., ship carpenter, 1114 Elm 

Brown Robert, blockinaker, 1021) Otsepo 

Brown Robert, carpt-nter, 2.')2S Meredith 

Brown Robert, cnrjiei^ter, 101(1 Helmuth 

Brown Robert, cordwainer, 12.'{0 Leopard 

Brown Robert, cutter, 1111 Federal 

Brown Robert, driiynian, 20.S3 Jones 

Brown Robert, gentleman, 008 S 10th 

Brown Robert, gentleniiiu, 1022 Buttonwood 

Brown Robert, laborer, 120o Savery 

Brown Robert, weaver, 1231 New Bedford 

Brown Robert, pnckinp boxes, 310 Bradford 

Brown Robert Eden, uttorney at law, 617 Prune, 

h 1113 Uirard 
Brown R.. milliner, 1007 South 
Brown R. F., winea and liquorsi, 255 N 3d, h 

Merchants" Hotel 
Brown Samuel, boiler maker, Uoward n Oxford 
Brown Samuel,, r 1521 Jones 
Brown ."^aniuel, engineer, 1310 Parrish 
Brown Samuel, gentleman, 1117 Callowhill 
Brown Samuel (c), hay presser, 1322 llancock 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 1515 Burton 
Brown Samuel, locksmith, 600 Powell 
Brown Samuel, M.D., 047 N 10th 
Brown Samuel, merchant, 32 S Water, h 1024 

Brown Samuel, painter, 528 Jane 
Brown Samuel, police, 1913 Filbert 
Brown Samuel, salesman, 420 Market, h 15 N 2d 
Brown Samuel (c) .shoemaker, 933 Shippen 
Brown Samuel, telegrapher, 313 Aberdeen 
Brown Samuel (c) waiter, 230 Quince 
Brown Samuel B., counter, 1426 N 15th 
Brown Samuel B., shocmr. S W Market <t Budd 
Brown Samuel P., M.D., 033 N 11th 
Brown Sarah, 2059 South 
Brown Sarah, gentlewoman, 830 N 5th 
Brown Sarah, gentlewoman, Main, Myk 
Brown Sarah, gentlew. Penn bel Sellers, Fkd 
Brown Surah, grocery, 1435 Spring Garden • 
Brown Sarah A., gentlewoman, 1631 Race 
Brown l^idney A., nurse, 1020 Buttonwood 
Brown Susan, 1010 Federal 
Brown Susan IL, gentlewoman, 1312 Juniata 
Brown S., laborer, 737 S Juniper 
Brown S. Morgan, bedding, 25 N 2d 
Brown S. W., apothecary. Main & Cotton, Myk 
Brown Thoma.s, 1125 Elm > 

Brown Thomas, bookkeeper, N W Market & 39th 
Brown Thomas, boots & shoes, 602 S 2d 
Brown Thomas, boots & shoes, 109 W Qirard av 
Brown Thomas, carter, 4 Steam Mill al 
Brown Thomas, carter, 4th ab Berks 
Brown Thomas, chairmaker, 920 S 4th 
Brown Tho.s., clerk Corn Ex. Bank, h 710 Shirley 
Brown Thomas, coppersmith. 511 Cresson 
Brown Thos., cutter, 1100 Chestnut, h 825 S 10th 
Brown Thomas, dealer, 1321 Shippen 
Brown Thomas, dealer, r 42S Monroe 
Brown Thomas, dentist, 204 Coates 
Brown Thomas, dry goods, 1242 Frankford av 

Bny your Clothing at the great 

Brown Thomas, gunmaker, 235 Christian 

Brown Thomas, laborer, Apple ab Norris 

Brown Thomas, laborer, 5 Taniniiiny pi 

Brown Thomas, moulder, 15iil tUis 

Brown Thomas, police, 1930 ,Sausom 

Brown Thomas, plumber and gas fixtures, 900 

Walnut, h 1823 Spruce 
Brown Thos., shoes. 109 Girard av, h 901 N 7th 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 113 Keefe 
Brown Thonjas, tobacconist, 1021 Lombard 
Brown Thomas, weaver, 1230 Leopard 
Brown Thomas C, bootlitter, r 529 Chatham 
Brown Thomas F., shoemaker, 247 iSchell 
Brown Thomas G. & John L., merchants, 1034 

Market, h 37 N I Ith 
Brown Thomas 11., shipjoiner, 1324 Ilew.son 
Brown Thomas II., stair rod maker, r 910 S 5th 
Brown Thomas, Sr., grocery, 1219 l>i)ruce 
Brown Thomas J., conductor, Salmon bel Read- 
ing av 
Brown Thomas, Jr., clerk, 1219 Spruce 
Brown Thomas N., shij) carpenter, 1324 Ilewson 
Brown Thomas R., bookkeeper, 1230 N 8th 
Brown Thomas S., bookkeeper, 2109 Brandy wine 
Brown Thornton, merchant, 125 S 2d, h Main, 

Chestnut Hill 
Brown T.. 313 Catharine 
Brown T. Horace, commission merchant, 241 N 

Water and 240 X Delaware av 
Brown T. Stewart, clerk, 708 Chestnut, h 123 

N 9th 
Brown T. W. & M. (T. Wisfar iV Moses Broion), 

dry goods commis. Ill Chestnut <t 43 Letitia 
Brown T. AVistar, mer.lll Chestnut, h 514 Arch 
Brown Walter, painter, 1237 Cass 
Brown Washington, merchant, 40 N Front, h 

1009 Arch 
Brown Willard S., mcr. 222 S 2d, h 1345 Arch 
Brown Wm. & Co. (Win. Brown, C. P. Jjtcds, 

J. jM. Ilartlcij, ami A. Browti), clothiers, 700 

Brown William, box maker, 538 Redwood 
Brown William, brushraaker, 2205 Shamokin 
Brown William, 710 Diamond 
Brown AVilliam. asst. engineer, Ludlow n 42d 
Brown William, attorney at law, 1907 Pine 
Brown William, blacksmith, 7 Edwin 
Brown AVilliam, brass rule cutter, 1237 S 0th 
Brown AVilliam, carter, 811 Ellsworth 
Brown AVilliam, r 1018 Moyamensing av 
Brown AA'illiam, carman, 2012 Filbert 
Brown AVilliam, clothing, 7th &, Market, h 1717 

Brown AVilliam, driver, 1762 N 11th 
Brown AVilliam, engineer, Carroll n Fkd av 
Brown AVilliam, Hour, &c., 1337 Fitzwater 
Brown William, foreman, r 3223 Hamilton 
Brown AVilliam, foreman, 2115 Henrietta 
Brown AAMlliam. grocer. 000 S 10th 
Brown AA'illiani, hats and caps, 307 New* 
Brown AVilliam, laborer, 2032 Murray 
Brown AVilliam, machinist, 2202 Callowhill 
Brown AVilliam, mariner, 132 Beck pi 
Brown AVilliam, M.D., 1103 Arch 
Brown AVilliam. merchant, 10.'!5 Locust 
Brown AVilliam, moulder, Wooilland ab 3r)th 
Brown AVilliam, porter, r 1442 South 
Brown AVilliam, restaurant, 1022 Carpenter 
Brown AVilliam, salesman, h 1219 Spruce 
Brown AVilliam, shoemaker, 1112 Elm 
Brown AVilliam, shoemaker, 12.32 Rodman 
Brown AVilliam, ship carpenter. 911 Columbia av 
Brown AVilliam, stonecutter, 1443 S 8th 
Brown AVm., tailor, 800 Market, h 1717 Wallace 
Brown AA'illiam, undertaker, 614 S 3d 




Brown Williiun, upholsterer, .TO H lOth 
Brown VVilliiun, U. K. A., 8.'{2 iSprnco 
Brown VVilliiun (c), wiiitor, 1 7 I rt Addison 
Brown Williiiiii, weaver, HM 'I'lioinfiHon 
Brown Williiun, weaver, 11)1.7 SouLli 
Bi'own Williiini A., builder, .'!.'!() ]<'<!dera^ 
Brown Williiun A., shoe inaniif. '.''M'l Federal 
Brown AVilliani B., bookkeiipcir, 820 (JlioHtniit, h 

18(15 NorUi 
Brown William (!.,, Oil N KiMi 
Brown William C, Hiiilor, 1020 liiilLonwood 
Browne Williiiin Courtney, com. moi'. I.'12H Vino 
Brown William II., draftMnian, 081 N i.'ith 
Brown Williinn II., salesMian, 118 (Jliestniit, h 

Chestnut Hill 
Brown William 11., seaman, 8.'50 Swanson 
Brown Wm. II. II., salesman, 28 N 3d, h 1219 

Brown Williain II., Jr., clerk, ]2.'3 R 2d 
Brown AVilliam J., 930 R 2d 
Brown Wiliia-m, Jr., wholefale groeer, 707 Mar- 
ket, h 00 (i S 10th 
Brown AVilliam P., bricklayer, Antoinette ab 

Brown William S., confectioner, 1728 Market 
Brown William W., gentleman, 312 Marshall 
Brown W., stocking weaver, Fkd av n Cambria 
Brown W. F., police, 3 RiOhurdson's ct 
BROWN W. S. {Office Slate Bank at Camden), 

h B,idgway House 
Brown Sv. S., watchmaker &, jeweller, 257 S 15th 
Brown Zebedee, stevedore, 1111 Ohio 
Brownbaek Lewis, grocer, Lancaster av n 40th 
Browne Eldridgo K., bookkeeper, 22 S Del av, h 

Jacoby ab Cherry 
Browne Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 1237 N 19th 
Browne N. B., attorney at law, 113 S 5th, h 4Gth 

and Darby rd 
Browne Hannah, gentlewoman, 508 Marshall 
Browne Horace G., attorney at law, 410 Walnut, 

h Norwood av, Chestnut Hill 
Browne John C, gentleman, 907 Clinton 
Browne Rebecca N., gentlewoman, 410 S Broad 
Browne William, shoemaker, 3 Markham 
Browne W. Courtney, com. mer. 225 & 227 N 

Broad, h 1328 Vine 
Brownel George, coppersmith, 311 N 22d 
Browncll Edmund, currier. Woodland ab Locust 
Brownell Elijah F., timekeeper, 2325 Coates 
Browncll Oliver, Garden, Bridesburg 
Browney D., laborer, 1334 Rose 
Browngart Herman, clerk, 150 N Fifth 
Browniiolt Jos., boots & shoes, Main & Mill, Gtn 
Brownholts Charles J., shoes, 528 S 2d 
Browning & Bros. {Geiige, Maurice, Charles if 

Edicard Browni/ig) , dyestuflfs & chemicals, 30 

N Front 
Browning Bernard, machinist, 1413 Gtn av 
Browning Chnrles, dyestuffs ct chemicals, 30 N 

Front, h N E 13th and Spring Garden 
Browning Edward, dyestulFs & chemicals, 30 N 

Front, h 211 S Broad 
Browning Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 1415 Gtn av 
Browning Genge, dyestuflfs it chemicals, 30 N 

Front, h S W 5th and Market, Camden 
Browning John, carder, 2220 Linn 
Browning John, conductor, Amber n Norris 
Browning Maurice, dyestuffs & chemicals, 30 N 

Front, h Market bel 5th, Camden 
Browning S. A., tobacconist, 1007 Locust 
Browning William, brickmaker, 1415 Gtn av 
Browning William H., laborer, 24th & Naudain 
Brownwooil John, machinist, r 717 St John 
Brub;iker Chrit^tian, combmaker, 1034 New 3d 
Brubaker John, machinist, 2240 Callowhill 

Oak Eall, Southeast Corner Sixth and 

lirnbiikor JonaH, KoNlier, IleHtonville 
Unice (Jiirolino, Lo'ini't ab .'iOth 
Bruce Celia (e), 009 H Itoiiuldcon 
Bruce David, pliotof;r(i|)hor, 804 N 13th 
Bruce George J., carpenter, 1238 H Front 
Bruce John, porter, 319 ChcHlnwt, li 1/2 K 2d 
Bruce John R., gravel roofer, H E 9th A Girard 

a.v, h 1019 N nth 
I'ruco Jo,siiili, laborer, 1347 Rye 
liruoo Kiinbal F., tailor, 1102 Wi-'tar 
ISruce Lewin, engineer I'eniui. R. R. 3019 Lan- 
caster av 
Bruce Luke, %vniter, 009 Barclay court 
linico Mii,ttli(!W, tanner, 107 Chenango ' 
l!ruc(; M. W., carpenter, 403 B'irden 
Bruce M. W., carpenter, 406 Wharton 
Bruce Robert, engineer, 702 Wood 
I'ruco Sli'phcn, Boldier, 229 Plain 
Bruce SusMii, 32 S 12th 
Bruce William, baker, 127 Wharton 
Bruce William, gent, 704 S 12th 
Bruch J. Paul, sliirt manuf. 19 Bank 
Brucker Jacob, painter, Dauphin n Emerald 
Bruckner John, tailor, 925 South 
Brucker William, shoemaker, 1040 N 11th 
Bruder Alfred, clerk, 42 N 0th 
BRUDER GEORGE, boot store, 42 N Gth 
Brueck John, tavern, 311 Monroe 
Bruen Edward, Rev., 1531 Chestnut 

Bruerton U. S. A.. 1810 Spruce 

Bruff Eliza, 131 Callowhill 

Bruff John M., tailor, r 1020 Portland 

Brugger John, laborer, 824 Auburn 

Bruise, Mary, gentlewoman, 1112 Callowhill 

Brulte Pierre, printer, 724 Guilford 

Brumaker Andrew, tavern, 1540 Callowhill 

Brumaker Margaret, 1314 Heath 

Brumer John, cooper, 403 Maria 

Rrumley R. W. C, laborer, 104 Almond 

Brummell William, conductor, 2005 Girard av 

Brumil Albert, agent, 022 N 7th 

Brummitt W H., photographer, 1338 Chestnut 

Brundage Susan, tobacconist, 103 Christian 

Brunell Mary, trimmings, 1344 Columbia av 

Brunell Octav, burnisher, 2230 Brandywine 

Bruner Adam, tailor, 424 Morris 

Bruner Albert, cabinetmaker, 634 N 5th 

Bruneg Daniel A., bookbinder, 005 Xoble 

Bruner David, syrups & spices, 223 N 3d, h 425 

N 3d 
Bruner Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 702 Poplar 
Bruner George W., phonogr.aphic reporter, 503 

Bruner Henry, shoes, 503 Spruce 
Bruner Henry B., hotel, Gtn av opp Depot 
Bruner H Nagle, manuf. cotton goods, S W 23d 

and Hamilton, h Bridge ab 35th 
Bruner Jacob, milk dealer, Nassau ab 22d 
Bruner James P., m:inuf. cotton goods, S W 

Hamilton and 23d, h Bridge n 35th 
Bruner John A., salesman, 921 N Del av, b 819 

New Market 
Bruner Justus, brass finisher, 1S04 Friincls 
Bruner Philip, shoemaker, 128 Brown 
Brunet John, M.D., 40S Lombard 
Bruneuger Gottlieb, shoemaker, 174 American 
Brunk G,, weaver, 1327 Frankford av 
Bruuk Michael, r.ags, r 432 Belgrade 
Brunker Robert, coachman, 27 Gossamer av 
Brunner, Abraham, gent. 1016 Ogden 
Brunner Barzilla R., engineer, 930 N ISth 
Brunner David, 223 N 3d, h 425 N 3d 
Brunner Edward, dyer, 014 Master 
Brunner Isaac, druggist. 1020 Clement 
Brunner John F., carpenter, S3S N 12th 

Market Streets, Wamunaker & Brown. 




Brunnor John H., ."nlesmnn, 1020 Cloment 
BruniKT K., nurse, 1617 N 8th 
Bruiiner John M., piitterninaker, 1S2C Olivo 
BniiuuT Knte. senuistrosis, 1 K<U Ogdeu 
BruiiiuT Thomas, boots, 20S N Sth 
Briinuet Chnrles, shoemaker, 1125 Howard 
Brunon Folis, M.D., 401 York iiv, h 1)10 Ran- 
Bruiiow Frederick W., grocer, 310 New Market 
Bruns Francis F., grocer, N W Front A- Hmwn, 

h 1110 Cotttcs 
Bruns Frederick, tailor. ^39 N Ith 
Bruns Jolin, gaslitter, N W Brown and Front 
Brunson Ann, ll.'tl Coluiuhia av 
Brunson William, niurinor, r 120 Marion 
Brunswick U., watchmaker A jeweller, 005 N 2d 
Brunt Kinily A., teacher, lOS S lOth 
Brunt Isal.Jlla, widow, 408 S 10th 
Brunt .l.din, laborer, Sl.J .S 13th 
Brunt Lewis, carpenter, American n Oxford 
Brunton Lydia, candies, 910 N 11th 
Bruon A., clothing, .•)23 South 
Brurein Charles, tailor. N E Vine & Crown 
Brush Felix, shoemaker. 819 Parrish 
Brush Joseph, clerk, '.'.'ij Si>ring Garden 
Brush John J. D., machinist, 402 Allen 
Braishman Charles, tobacconist, .'id ab Walnut, h 

93:> i> 2d 
Bruss Jacob, laborer, G T nv, Gtn 
Brassier ^laria Anna, gentw. 818 South 
Brufstar Ann, gentw. 931 Spring G.'irden 
Brusstar George 11.. confectionery, 1101 Girard 

av, h 931 Spring Garden 
Brust Julius, baker, 1401 Columbia av 
Brustle Andrew, vinegar maker, N E 3d <fc Noble 
Bruth Mary, gentw. 704 S 12th 
Brutan Charles, clerk, 1133 Division 
Bruton John T., clerk, 310 Walnut, h Wissa- 

hickon av, Gtn 
Bruton Miles, cooper, 1307 S 9th 
Brutsche Jceph, water color manuf. 2,50 S 10th 
Bryan Alexander (c), seaman, 1418 Gulielma 
Bryan Ann, seamstress, 929 Torr 
Bryan A. L. (c), hairdresser, 305 llarmony, h 

730 llubbell 
Bryan Catharine, 823 Catharine 
Bryan Charles, sea captain, 312 Crown 
Bryan Edward, letter carrier, 1209 Poplar 
Bryan Elizabeth, 823 Catharine 
Brvan Francis J., luachiuist, Freeston pi 
Bryan Henry, 207 N 9th 
Bryan II. De Lancey, att'y-at-law, 522 Walnut, h 

1124 Green 
Bryan Isaiah, hotel, 408 Library 
Bryan Jacob, com. mer. 1131 Callowhill 
Bryan Jacob, grocer. 418 Lynd 
Bryan James, ivory turner, 925 Lafayette 
Bryan James L., salesman, 610 Chestnut, h 231 

N 9th 
Bryan James S., sale.sra. 222 Market, h 918 S 3d 
Bryan .lames, seaman, 823 Catharine 
Bryan James W., jewelry, 970 N 7th 
Bryan Jesse, machinist, Dauphin bel Fkd av 
Bryan John, 823 Catharine 
Bryan .John, 418 Lynd 
Bryan John, bartender, 2038 Winter 
Bryan John, ivory turner, 92.5 Lafayette 
Bryan John, milkman, N 0th ab Meetler 
Brvan John U., moulder, OOS Lafayette 
Bryan John J., r 222 N 1 Ith 
Bryan Joseph, laborer, Bockius, Gtn 
Brvan .Joseph, Jr., loborer, Bockius, Gtn 
Bryan Joseph R., M.D., 1124 Green 
Bryan Josiah, com. mer. 250 N Broad, h 1131 


The Popular Clothing 

BRYAN J. A CO. (J. Jhi/fiji, Bavitl She/mire), 

com. niers. 250 A 252 N Broad 
Bryan J. Harvey, att'y-at-law, 6th A Walnut, h 

047 N 12th 
Bryan M:ihlon, bookkoei^r, 207 N 9th 
Bryan Margaret, hotel, 241 S Woter 
Bryan Michael, 1816 Barker 
Bryan Michael, laborer, 1324 Percy 
Bryan Malilon. salesman, 635 Market, h 933 

Bryan (>. Leonard, laborer, r 922 Poplar 
Bryan Richard, laborer, 1827 South 
Bryan Samuel, tailor, 319 Catharine 
Bryan Samuel, victualler, Tacony A Worrell, Fkd 
Bryan Samuel, Jr., blacksmith, Taoony A Wor- 
rell, Fkd 
Bryan Samuel M., salesman, 407 S 2d, h 319 

Bryan Sarah, dressmaker, 104 S 18th 
Bryan Thomas, milkman, 147 N 13th 
Bryan Thomas, shoemaker, 925 Lafayette 
Bryan T. M., mer. 4.! I Market, h 220 Madison 
Bryan William, blacksmith, .3 Branncr's al 
Bryan William, draymarr, 721 Selfridgo 
Bryan William, notions, 1131 Callowhill 
Bryans W. S., hosiery A gloves, 107 A 109 N 9th, 

h 1 131 Callowhill ., 
H. D, St I lit toil, N. Fntlciir/,; ^ L. Fair- 
btiiils), National Commercial College, S E 
Chestnut A 7th 
Bryant Charles, sea captain, 1001 S 3d 
Bryant Charles A., clerk, r 1423 Parrish 
Bryant II. B., Commercial College, S E 7lh A 

Bryant Isaac C, real estate agent, 310 N 12th 
Bryant James, seaman, Amber n Clearfield 
Bryant John G., general agent C. A A. R. R. Co., 

424 Walnut, h 354 X Front 
Bryant J. L , M.D., 45 N 17th 
Bryant William II.. cabinetmr., 1108 Go.shen av 
Bryant William, carpet weaver, 420 S 4th 
Bryant William, carpet weaver, 1536 Callowhill 
Brydon John, carpenter, 1458 Cherry 
Bryson Alexander C, printer, 2 N 6th, h Haver- 
ford ab 33d 
Bryson Annie, milliner, 30 S IGth 
Bryson Emma, dressmaker, 1536 Callowhill 
Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 6 Tiller's ct 
Bryson James, carpenter, Rubicam pi 
Bryson James, foreman, 718 Lindsey 
Bryson James II., printer A publisher, 2 N 0th, h 

122 N 17th 
Bryson John, butcher, 1715 Montrose 
Bryson J., hostler, Henrietta av A Hunter 
Bryson J. B., printer, 1006 Cloment 
Bryson Michael, laborer, 1010 Milton 
Bryson Thomas, shoemaker, 3 Lima pi 
Bryson "AVilliam, coachman, 16.32 Ilclmuth 
Bryson AVilliani, shoemaker, 720 Jamison 
Brzeski Anthony, dyer. Centre n Main, Gtn 
Bub William, baker, 14 N 19th 
Bubach B.. tailor, 704 Spring Garden 
Bubeck William, shoemaker, 1014 Hope 
Buck Henry, butcher, Fkd av n Railroad av 
Bucannan Willi:im, carpenter, 434 German 
Bucannan William, weaver, 1303 N 4th 
Buchanan Abraham, salesman, 006 Market 
Buchanan Alexander, carpenter, Wakefield bel 

Wistar, Gtn 
Buchanan Annie P., music teacher, 1618 Poplar 
Buchanan A. C, drugs, 508 Market 
Buchanan David, nurse U. S. A. hospital. Bridge 

n 3'Jth 
Buchanan David C, laborer, 1624 Lombard 

House of Philadelphia. 




Buohimim Edward, blcoder, 7'M R 51,11 
BiicliiiJiiMi I'Jilwii.rd, liiboror, (122 (Jji-rpdiitor 
Buoliiiiiiiii ii'i'iiiicin, i^rocfif, S )<1 Ji^di^i-Hon & Cad- 

Buchanii.n Georgo, fil.'! K .Jiitii|iiM- 
Buolmtiati (5ooi'^(:, )ml,(di(!r, .'! h'looil )il 
BiKjhiuiiMi (!i'()i'ij;(!, liii,lt,i'r, Aiiicridiui (fe Oxford 
Buchanan (U-.ov^i-, porter, .'il.') Miiikul., Ii Ame- 
rican nh Oxford 
Buchanan Goorgo, soxton, Ifj.'lH Cliorry 
BiKilianiin ITeliron, npliolHlorcr, l.'i 12 Onrpontor 
Bnchannn Isiiii-i^, liriclnnakor, I7.')2 Addison 
Buchanan .fanioM, iilt,'y-at-la\v, l.'SS S Slh 
Buchanan JiunoH, hrickinakor, I8.'i2 Lombard 
Buchanan .lamos, hi'ickmakcr, 203 Dean 
Buclianan J.nncs, dyoi', 1328 Ilodinii.n 
BiU'liiinan .lanirs, ImIi. I'Idgeniont ab Cumberland 
Bucha,n:in James, lnl)oror, 13.'{4 Crease 
Buchanan Jainesi, laborer, l.'iO'l Kates 
Buchanan James, laborer, l'!fl2 Market 
Buchanan .Tii.nios, measurer, 1125 S 7th 
Buchiinan .lames, policeman, Ali|)lo, Myk 
Buchanan Jarmes, weaver, 3.'il Belgrade 
Buchanan James J., grocer, Ilaverfbrd n 35th 
Buchanan Jas. R., grain measurer, 154 N Del av 
Buchanan John, shoemr. TiU-on ab Cumberland 
Buchanan John, shoemaker, 1(520 Lombard 
Buchanan John, M.D., 1809 Callowhill 
Buchanan John, wheelwright, 327 N 18th 
Buchanan John A., dyer, Wistar ab Wakefield 
Buchanan Margery, tailoress, 731 Helmuth 
Buchanan Mary C, wid. B., 236 Catharine 
Buchanan Philip (c), glassworks, 621 Lombard 
Buchanan P., slioemaker, 1001 Dorrance 
Buchanan Rebecca, 19^2 Cuthbert 
BUCHANAN RICHARI), grocer, 314 S 2d 
Buchanan Robert, 605 S Juniper 
Buchanan Robert, laborer, 1036 Milton 
Buchanan Robert, machinist, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan Robert, tailor, 256 S 18th 
Buchanan Robert, waiter, 4 Rementer al 
Buchanan Robert, waterman, 4 Cohen pi 
Buchanan Robert G., com. mer. 6 Decatur, h 710 

S 16th 
Buchanan Samuel, laborer, r Tilton ab Emory 
Buchanan Sarah P., teacher, 1618 Poplar 
Buchanan Stephen, drayman, 502 Brook 
Buchanan Thomas, laborer, 1618 Latimer 
Buchanan Thomas, lime dealer, 24th & Wood, h 

NE 18th & Carver 
Buchanan Thomas A., clerk, 1901 Callowhill 
Buchanan Walter, laborer, 1919 South 
Buchanan William, dyer, 722 Loyd 
Buchanan William, gentleman, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan William, Laborer, Salmon ab Cumberl'd 
Buchanan William, laborer, 2029 Evergreen 
Buchanan William, weaver, York n Tulip 
Buchanan William, weaver, Frankford av n Norris 
Buchanan William H., hotel, 1219 Market 
Buchanan William R., cl-erk, 622 Carpenter 
Buchanan George A., blacksmith, 2d ab Dauphin 
Buchanan James, weaver, 2305 Meredith 
Buchanan Mary, gentlewoman, 676 Larch 
Buchannan Sophia, widow, 2212 Naudaiu 
Bucheuhorst Henry, baker, Main ab Tollgate, 

Chestnut Hill 
Bucher Isaac, notions, 46 N 4th. h 460 N 7th 
Bucher Daniel, distiller, 203 Lybrand 
Buehert Jacob, tinsmith, Germant'n av. Ris'gSun 
Buchert Jeremiah Y., bootmaker, 2143 N 6th 
Buchey Joseph J., clerk Custom House, h Cher- 
ry u 20th 
Buchinz Charles, grocer, N W 13th & Brown 
Bucbler Christian" tavern, 1604 N 10th 
Buchmanu G., bootmaker, 455 Franklin 

Buchinillor Frederick, boor, fill N .3d 
Biiclincr George, rniisifMiiri, 4 Ijockliind pi 
IJuchner .J. C, inuKiciiiri, 4 Locklund pi 
Buck Adiun, wiitolirnim, r 50(5 Ht John 
Buck Alonzo, laborer, 2 TeMtV av 
Buck Ii. H.,Hali-Hinii.n, K'M Chenlnut, h HON lOth 
liiick I!. M., wigmaker, 330 Ciillowhill 
liiiek (JharlcH, shocMniikcr, 015 Ktewart 
Buck Charles (c;, (lortor, 131.3 Pearl 
Buck (Jhfiiincey, 1211 Market 
Buck (/hristinn, mii,tchHtickTnr. Cuba ab Mooro 
Buck Daniel, furniture, 337 ,\' 2d 
Buck Daniel, lumber, 918 Ilutchinuon 
Buck Daniel IL, conveyancer, J2II Market 
Buck Dorcas, widow George, 1240 Otis 
Buck lOli/.a, gcntlewomim, 254^ N Juniper 
I5uck Francis N., I'res. Fame Ins. Co., 400 Cheat- 
nut, h Chestnut Hill 
Buck Frederick, engineer, 1422 N Front 
Buck Fi-ederick, musician, 704 N 3d 
Buck Frederick P., jiatternmr, 1014 Marlborough 
Buck F. J., M.D., 320 S Illh 
Buck (ileorge, brewer, 522 N Front 
Buck George, confectioner, 1325 N 2d 
Buck George T., clerk, 635 Washington av 
Buck Harriett, seamstress, 13 Knight's ct 
Buck Harlwell T., clerk, 1211 Market 
Buck Hugh, gentleman, 526 Shippen 
Buck Isa.ic, baker, Gilford pi 
Buck Jacob, stoves & tinware, 1328 Germantown 

av, h 1439 N 5th 
Buck .Tames, hotel, S W Vine & Crown 
Buck .James, lumber mer. 721 Oxford 
Buck James, mer. 5th n Oxford, h 721 Oxford 
Buck Jerome A., morocco manuf. 153 <fc 155 Wil- 
low, h 1623 Wall.ace 
Buck John, baker, 1640 Pine 
Buck John, driver, Carroll n Frankford av 
Buck .John, laborer, Otsego, bel Moore 
Buck .John R., trucker, Buck rd n S 9th 
Buck John V., japanned ware, 1211 Market 
Buck Joseph, book agent, 134 Carpenter 
Buck .Joseph F., conductor, 44 N 9th 
Buck Leonard, boardinghouse. 401 N Front 
Buck Lott, clothing, 2d & Union, h 321 Wharton 
Buck Margaret, gentlewoman, 5 Green 
Buck Mary A., gentlewoman, Gordon bel Cedar 
Buck Misses, Young Ladies" Sem'ry, 1417 Spruce 
Buck Mountain Coal Co.. 320 Walnut 
Buck Nicholas, biscuitbaker. 733 Passyunk av 
Buck Philip, painter, 635 Washington av 
Buck Robert G., hatter, 821 S 5th 
Buck Rosswell, clerk, 28 S 3d, h 254 N Juniper 
Buck Samuel F.. painter, 3 Ellet'sav 
Buck Sarah, boardinghouse, 20 X 12th 
Buck Sarah A., tailoress, 624 Belgrade 
Buck Theodore, shoemaker, 607 Peach 
Buck Thomas, medicine, 1336 Hope 
Buck Walter, tinsmith, 1337 N 8th 
Buck William, butcher, Philip n Columbia av 
Buck William, laborer, r 1341 Potts 
Buck William, laborer, 1231 Palethorp 
Buck William, trucker. Buck rd & 9th 
Buck William A., clerk, 211 Chestnut, h 254 N 

Buck William B., dry goods, 519 Market, h 1531 

Buck William H., teamster, 35th bel Lancaster av 
Buck W. J., gasfixtures, 821 Cherrv, h 146 N 10th 
Buck William P., clerk, 425 X 3d" 
Buckby George, weaver, Jliller ab Logan, Gtn 
Buckby James, bricklayer, 1245 Alder 
Buckby John, carpenter. 1829 Vineyard 
Bucker Charles Frederick, suirarrefi. 462 St John 

Buckheister Henry, laborer, Penn n Unity, Fkd 
Wajiamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Buckin};haiu G. A., tiusmith, 202 Elder 
Bui-kinghiim Isuao, uer. tnilur, G N ilth, h 112 

Buckingham James, ciirpeuter, 1011 Hunter, h 

1010 Wooil 
BtiL-kiiighaiii Thomas L., ilciitist, 21:! N ilth 
Buckingham William, touih uuiuUler, l248Naglc 
Buckin^liHUi William II., urliticial teeth, 114 N 

9th, h r-'4s NaRle 
Buckis Juhn M., gentleman, 317 N 18th 
Buckis Lewi:; F., i^egars & coufeutiouery, Market 

nb ;>'Jlh 
Buckiu:< John, laborer, 1108 Camilla 
Buckius J. L., ilry goods & trimmings, 162 

Frankford, Fkd 
Buckiu.x Thomas, butcher. Cherry bel Foulkrod 
BUCKL1:Y a SUMIOKS (Jo/i>i iiiirklty iV II- s. 

Sumi )-.■•). sail dealers, 40 N Delaware av 
Buckley Arnold, hatter, 538 Liuden 
Buckley A.. 12;{0 Fulton 
Buckley Charles A., ice mor. 2507 Hamilton 
Buckley CIcmout A., gentleman, l.'fO.j .Spruce 
Buckley Conrad, coojier, M3'.l Kaufl'uian 
Buckley Dennis, laborer, r 4 Chancery la 
Buckley Edward, cutter, loth ab Coales 
Buckley Eilwnrd, machinist, Olis n Amber 
BUCKLEY EltWAUD !?., rolling mill, Grays 

Ferry, office 230 Walnut, h :>(IS S 10th 
Buckley Edmoud D., clerk, 2.101 Callowhill 
Buckley Edwin, coach trimmer, 337 Otis 
Buckley Eli Philip, stationery i& fancy store, Mar- 
ket & 39th 
Buckley Francis, engineer, r 12 Jefferson 
Bnckley Frederick, tailor, r 1409 Perth 
Buckley George, machinist, Memphis n Gordon 
Buckley Hannah, gentlewoman, 1236 Catharine 
Buckley Henry, spinner, Norris ab Howard 
Buckley James, dealer, 337 Olis 
Buckley James, engineer navy. Oak &, Union, 

Buckley James, hatter, 93 Frankford, Fkd 
Buckley Jomes, police, 930 S 12th 
Buckley James, spinner. Miller bel Wister, Gtn 
Buckley Joel, weaver, Steam Jlill al 
Buckley John, laborer, 919 Federal 
Buckley John, laborer, 2 Crooked pi 
Buckley John, li{|Uor store, Somerset & Belgrade 
Buckley John. mer. 40 N Delav, h 7th bel Mont- 
Buckley John, salt dealer, N 7th n Montgom av 
Buckley John, spinner. Centre, Myk 
Buckley John, stationer, 1715 South 
Buckley Joseph, gentleman, 2311 Callowhill 
Buckley Mary E., gentlewoman, 343 N Gth 
Buckley Michael, laborer, 2202 Clayton 
Buckley Nathaniel P., supt. 1005 N 12th 
Buckley Otterbine, 1005 N ]2th 
Buckley Patrick, laborer. Cedar ab Huntingdon 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, Somerset & Almond 
Buckley Philip, gimjjspinner, 845 N 3d 
Buckley Reuben, turner, 508 N 21st 
Buckley Robert, hotel, 500 Race 
Buckley Sarah, variety, Lancaster av n 40th 
Buckley Thonms, carpenter, 701 S 17th 
Bucklej- Thomas, spinner, Xorris ab Howard 
Buckley Thomas, tinman, r 928 S 5th 
Buckley Timothy, hostler, 925 Cherry 
Buckley Titus, shoemaker, 930 S 12th 
Buckley Traverse, laborer, Adams n Fkd av, Fkd 
Buckley William, carman, 24 Swanwick 
Buckley William, bookbinder, r 928 S 5th 
Buckley William, clerk. 1734 N 9th 
Buckley William, hatter, 538 Linden 
Buckley W'illiam, laborer. Sorrel n Bath 

Buckley William, plumber, 1707 S 5th 
liuekley William, woolsorter, 1734 N 9th 
Buckley Wm. Henry, forger, Thomas ab Tacony 

Buckman Edward, painter, 847 N 9th 
r.uekman E. D., M.D. 1030S|.ring Garden 
Buckman tJirard. booksel. 23 N Otii, h 1422 N 15th 
Buckman James, druggist, S E Ntli X Green 
liuckman Morris, coal mer. 1422 N 15th 
Buckman Rebecca T., young ladies' seminary, 

1030 .Sjtring liarden 
Buckman William, salesman, 847 N 9th 
Buckman Wm. M., grocer, N W Walnut & 37tb 
Bucknell Wash., Hour. 154 Brown, h 731 N 7th 
Buckncll Wm., mor. 424i Walnut, h 1031 Walnut 
Ruckner .Jacob, carpetweaver, 922 Coates 
BuckiuT Jiisepli, missionary, 1447 N 8tli 
BUCKNOR M( CAMMON &C0. {A. J. Bneknor, 

D. C. MrViimmoii, T. W". Wood truid if A. 

J. Jiuck'uor, Jr.), tobacco com. mers. 37 N 

Water A .18 N Del av 
Bucknor A. J., mer. 38 N Del av, h 280 S 3d 
Bucknor A. J. Jr., mer. 38 N Del av. h 280 S 3d 
Buckwaltcr Charles, attorney at law, 204 S 5th, 

h 034 N 7th 
Buckwaltcr David, gentleman, 034 N 7th 
Buckwalter Isaac W., machinist, 5;!('> N 13th 
Buckwaltcr R. L., mer. 507 Minor, h 422 N 4th 
Backwater Bernard, gentleman, I 122 Poplar 
IJuckwater Hiram, tinsmith, Fillmore av 
Buckwell Edward G., physician, 1129 Ellsworth 
Buckwell Mark. tel. operator, 1129 Ellsworth 
Budd &. Comly (lleiinj Biidd if ISelk J. Coinly), 

flour & grain factors, 236 N Water & 238 N 

Del av « 

Budd Ann, groceries, 39 Queen 
Budd Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 1253 Mascher 
Budd George, foreman, 1239 Montgomery av 
Budd Henry, flour & com. mer., jjres. N. L. Gas 

Co., 235 N AVater & 238 N Del av, h 503 N 7th 
Budd Henry, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Budd II. & S. {Hf.iiry if Samuel Budd), lock- 
smiths <fc bellhangers, 33 Strawberry 
Budd Isaac, bricklayer, N E Pino & 21st 
Budd Isaac D., gentleman, 203 N 9th 
Budd John, porter, 11 Faries' ct 
Budd John, U. S. asst. assessor. 1253 Mascher 
Budd Joseph, com. mer. 204 N Del av, h Wayne 

it Manhcim, Gtn 
Budd J. B., mer. 1317 Spruce 
Budd J. Fletcher, U. S. assessor, Aramingo n 

Trenton av 
Budd J. H., M.D., 1317 Spruce 
Budd Mary, milliner, 1 1 S 2d 
Budd M., bricklayer, 1717 Pine 
Budd Samuel, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Budd Sarah, gentlewoman, 1531 Green 
Budd Susan, washing,. 1523 Jones 
Budd Thomas A., attorney & counsellor at law, 

212 W W.ishington sq 
Budd Thomas A., Jr., attorney at law, 212 W 

W'asliington sq 
Budd T. M., clerk, 1317 Spruce 
Budd Walter J., attorney at law, 114 S 0th, h 

1234 N 10th 
Buder John, gentleman, 808 Orchard 
Buddy Isaiah, carpenter, 1937 Brown 
Buddy Jacob K , clerk, Reading R. R. office, h 

1029 Buttonwood 
Buddy John, baker, 124 S 16th 
Buddy Lewis, fancy cakes, 1409 Chestnut 
Buddy Lewis, Jr., bookkeeper, 22 A 24 N 4th, 

h 824 N 8th 

Buckley William, laborer, 1014 Jefferson 

Btiangers and Citizens are recommended to purchase their 




Buddy MiirRiirot, f;ontl(;womfiri, f)'18 MarHhall 
BudlDiig Wiiliain il., M.D. I.OC, N Mh 
BiuIh Mary Kli/.abctli, }j;oiiUiiw. ('rcHHon, Myk 
Biichl FraiiciH, sliociniikoi-, r K.Vl N '!d 
lUJKflLER & JI()Wy\KI) {Mr/.i-ulu [iuckkr if Eo- 

hai-L II. Iluwurd), imp. hardwaro & outlery, 44 I 

Buolilcr Anna, gentlowornan, 1207 llaco 
Biiohlor CliarlcK, laboi'cr, Gaul n Adams 
Buohlor Kdward ![., clerk, 1412 Walnut 
Buehler ()oorf;o M.,, \'M) Vagg 
Buehler Joroniiali, larinoi', CreiHheini id, Gtn 
Buehlei- Martin, mor. 141 Markofc, h 517 Brown 
Biiohlor William, cuUcr, :M(i N 3d 
Buel Ann, gentlowonian. 1427 Wood 
Buol Ttonry, coo]ior, 1010 Burt fin 
Buol Josppli J. C, K-^sfitter, 1427 Wood 
Buorkloy Betcr, drayman, 509 St John 
Biiflin;;ton Eliza, Whitehall bol Broad 
Bullin^^ton Jonathan, plasterer. Baker, Myk 
Buflinp,-ton Joseph, orpan builder, V,i\ S 11th 
Builinoton L. W., M.D., 2023 Arch 
Bufliii-'ton Rachel, 131 R 11th 
Budington Thomas, painter, 131 S 11th 
BulRngton Trany, boardinghouse, 21 N 11th 
Bugbee George, fish dealer, 220 Jacoby 
Buggy Joseph P., manuf. 2038 Locust 
Bugh James, salesman, OOf'i Market 
Bugher Gabriel, laborer, r 700 N Front 
Bugles Jas. P., boot treer, Lancaster bel Market 
Buhelz Charles, paper boxmaker, 448 St John 
Buhl Christian, grocer, lllG Stiles 
Buhl Daniel, cordwainer, Randolph n Trenton av 
Buhl Max, cabinetmaker, 127 Callowhill 
Biihler Jacob, barber, 1 1 24 South 
Buiger Frederick, ujjholsterer, 458 St John 
Buist James, builder, 1517 Lombard 
Buist John, builder. Broad ab Reed 
BUIST ROBERT & SON {Robert &,■ Robert Buist, 

Jr.), nurserymen & seedsmen, 922 & 924 Market 
Buist Robert, Sen., seedsman, 922 Market, h 

Buist Robert, Jr., nurseryman, 922 Market, h 6 

Woodland Terrace 
Building Inspector's office, 11 State House row 
Bulah J. B. (c), waiter, 1113 Locust 
Bulah William, coachman, 528 Noble 
Bald Henry, shoemaker, 912 Morgan 
Buldiu James (c), 622 St Mary 
Baleaugh J. G. Rev. (c), .603 Minster 
Bulflnch Thomas, baker, 1115 Steadman 
Bulfinch William, grocery, 223 Manship 
Bulger Edward, finisher, r 620 Hermitage 
Bulger Joseph, laborer, r 1027 Moj^amensing av 
Bulger Lewis, shoemaker, r 620 Hermitage 
Bulger Margaret, nurse, 1320 Myrtle 
Bulger Michael, wheelwright, 418 Harmony 
Bulken Peter, paper carrier, 630 Hallowell 
Bulkley E., shipper, R. R. R. wharf No. 3, h 

Richmond bel Lehigh av 
Bulkley James Henry, detective police, S W 5th 

& Cliestnut, h 1204 Race 
Bulkley James H., Jr., clerk, 1204 Race 
Bulkley Mary Ann, shop, 330 Griscom 
BULKLEY M. S., agent P. & R. R. R. bet whf 

6 & 7, h Richmond bel Lehigh av i 

Bulkley R.. turner, 21st bel Market I 

Bulkley William A., druggist, 1204 Race j 

Bulkley W. 0., shipper, R. R. R. T,-harvesNos. 4, j 

5 & 6, h Shackamaxon bel Richmond 

Bull, White & Courad {Abigail C. Bull, Sarah i 
White cV Elizabeth H. Conrad), confectionery 

6 cake bakers, 3952 Market 

Bull Cj-rus J., com. iron, 115 Walnut, h 2123 

ClcthiEg at Oak Hall, Soutlieast 

V,\\\\ Eborn, hdker, 40 Beck 

Bull L(iwiH G., clerk, I4.",l Vino 

Hull Bicliard, gontloinan, Arri'.Tican Hotel 

Bull Zoigcl, dealer, 1009 S Front 

Hull TliorniiH, watormaii, lOH Kliippen 

Hull William 0., cooper, 46 Beck 

Bull William II., apothecary, 1429 Market 

Bull Williiim M,, attorney at law, 020 BunKOiii, h 

1425 Filbert 
Bull William M., clerk, U.'il Vine 
Bullard Edwin C, 1314 Arch 
Bulleii Frances E., gentlewoman, ll.'i2S 0th 
Buller Charles, shoemaker, r 1018 Buttonwood 
BuUer Joseph, shoes, N E 9tb k Wood 
Bullet .Toliti, laborer, Luillow ab 41sl 

Cluuuhvrsif Co.), ri2 S 3<1 
Bulley John, painter, Gilford pi 
Bullfinch Robert, baker, 1704Va.scy 
Bullinger John V., china packer, 1 122 Crease 

.V F. Finrihornc), law & collection off. 32 S 3d 
Bullitt John C, atty at law, 32 S 3d, h 1119 

Bullitt William, laborer, 1106 Mcllravy 

tV Br.njanin Bwllock), wool dealers & manufs. 

16 S Front 
BULLOCK & CRENSHAW {Charles Bullock If 

Edmund A. Crenshaiv), wholesale druggist 

k chemists, 103 & 105 N Sixth 
Bullock, Smith k Co., roofing cement. Master A 

N 23d 
Bullock A. S.. roofing cement manaf. Master n 

23d, h 909 Warnock 
Bullock Benjamin, mer. 16 S Front, h 1726 

Bullock B., gentw. 220 W Logan sq 
Bullock B., packer, 1318 Myrtle 
Bullock Charles, wholesale druggist, 103 & 105 

N 6th, h 1017 Clinton - 
Bullock Charles K., atty at law, 623 Walnut 
Bullock David, clerk, h 2230 Brandywine 
Bullock David B., bookkeeper, 2230 Brandywine 
Bullock George, mer. 16 S Front, h 1722 Arch 
Bullock G. A., roofing cement manuf. Master n 

23d, h 863 N 7th 
BuHock James M., wool mer. 16 S Front, h 220 

W Logan sq 
BuUock^John. 863 N 7th 
Bullock Joseph, M.D., 265 S 9th 
Bullock J. W., wool dealer, 16 S Front, h 1731 

Bullock J., M.D., provisions, 1002 S 17th 
Bullock Susanna, gentlewoman, 2014 Locust 
Bullock Thomas R., blacksmith, 1124 Hewston 
Bulman William, weaver, r 131 Richmond 
Bulmer Adam, boatiuan, Spruce n 24th' 
Bulmer Henry, soldier, Manning n S 24th 
Bulmer Richard, soldier, Manning n S 24th 
Bulson Gilbert, mer. 232 S Del av, h Camden 
Bulson G. k Co. {G. Bulson i^ D. Brokeiwha), 

com. mers. 232 S Del av . ^ 

Bultman George, shoemaker, 1125 Division 
Bultz Jacob, doctor of felons, 692 Rentshler 
Bumbach Charles, cordwainer, 1316 Myrtle 
Bumbaugh Anthony, painter, 215 Green 
Bumbaugh Charles, painter. 20 Ashland 
Bumbaugh Frederick, weaver. Front n Emerald 
Bumbaugh William, painter, Dauphin n Amber 
Bumgaken Peter, tailor, SS3 Orchard 

Bumgardner , painter, 5 Tesfs av 

Buragardner Henry, shoemaker, 402 Lynd 
Bumgardner Martin, shoemr. r 620 Hermitage 
Bumgardner Philip, brickmr. Woodland bel 37th 
Corner Sixth aad Market Streets. 




Bumganlner Richard, briokmnker MoAlpin ab 

Biimjiiirtiier George. j>ninter, .'i2" Otis 
BuinliulT Au;;nstus, tiiilor, 1219 Oi;<ien 
Buiiiiu it Bro. (SiiiiiKrl II. wV ILiiry Biivtrn), 

(♦rain .t IVeJ ilenlers, N E Rncu A, Water 
Buiuiu Cntharino, gcutlcwuninn, r Slid N 3(1 
Buiiiin Eihvaril, ship oiir|>. r 721 Now Market 
Btiiiuu (Jcorge, huckster, 1120 Savory 
Biiuiiu Hannah, goutlcwuiunn, 1111 ^larlborough 
Bunuu llenrv, grain mor. N E Race A Water, h 

ini4 Beach 
Bumin Jacob, fisherman, 10.^9 Montgoinorj' av 
Bunun Jacob, mnbrellanuikcr, ■12.') E Thoiuiison 
Buniu) John. \Ylii|iuiaker. 1224 Palmer 
Buiniu Jolin M., silver plater, 1122 Marlliorounh 
Bumni John S.. silver plater, 1122 .Miirlburough 
Buinni Maria, huckster, 1120 Savery 
Buinm Mary, gentlewoman, 1010 Montgomery av 
Biimin Peter G., gunsmith, 1122 Marlborough 
Butinn Rebecca, dressmaking, HI N 8th 
Bunim llichnnl, caulker. -118 E Thompsson 
Bunun ."^.-inuiel 11., grain nier. N E Race & Water, 

b 2ir. Allen 
Bunun William, importer, Race st whf, h 1442 

Columbia av 
Bummer A., clothing, 26 N 3d, h 646 N 8th 
Bumonl Joseph, japanner. Green la, Rox 
Bunah Bernard. lithographer, IKll S 12th 
Bunco A' Jones (Cluirlcs Bunce i\- Tkoiints Jones), 

grocers, 2345 Coates 
Bunce Charles, grocer, 2345 Coates 
Bunch William, painter. Pear n Sycamore, M'tua 
Bundny William A. (c), bootmaker, 1031 South 
Bundick Elizabeth (c), ilealer, 1 Ilorter's bl 
Bundick William (c), porter, Gulielma 
Bundick Z.. waterman, 49 Beck 
Bundy Thomas R. (c), steward, 814 South 
Bunizer Jacob, blacksmith, 1421 Mervine 
Bunker Charles, laborer, 341 Coates 
Bunker Charles, saloon, 39 William 
Bunker, llenry, carpenter, 527 Mclhvain 
Bunn Daniel S., carpenter, llOfi Parrish 
Bunn Edward, shoemaker, 1232 New Bedford 
Bunn Edward, tinsmith, 1(110 N 7th 
Bunn Edward V., tin A sheet iron w. 1610 N 7th 
Bunn George, morocco, 834 Charlotte 
Bunn (teorgo B., carver, N E Front & Race 
Bunn H. F.. mer. 223 N 20lh 
BUNN JOHN H., druggist, 2119 Ridge av 
Bunn Sarah, 1130 Division 
Bunn S. M., gcntlemiin, 223 N 20th 
Bunn William II., M.D., 1923 Callowhill 
Bunnell D. S., lumber inspector, 1419 N 7th 
Bunner Andrew J., wheelwright, Wister ab 

Wakefield, Gtn 
Bunner John, carpet weaver, Wister ab Wake- 
field, Gtn 
Bunt Elizabeth, seamstress, 726 Passyunk av 
Bunto Theodore, teacher of music, 420 S 16th 
Bunting & Bros. {IVm. J., James ff Samuel), 

plumbers A gas fitter.-), S W 16th A South 
Bunting A Jones (J. T. Bttiiliug if Samuel A. 

Joiifs), manufs. oils, 98 S Del av & 7th A 

Bunting A Middleton (Chas. W. Bunting- \ 

Barns L. Midillclon), hardware, 817 N 2d 
Bunting A Turner (Jaroh S. Bunting if Andrew 

Tamer), cloths. S AV Chestnut A 2d 
Bunting Ann, gentlewoman, 4 Derringer's ct 
Bunting B., liquors, 135] South 
Bunting Charles, gentleman. 815 Race 
Bunting Charlotte, trimmings, 1120 Pine 
Bunting Charles W., hardware, 817 N 2d, h 605 ' 

N 8th ' 

Best Place in the Oity to buy 

Bunting Daniel, clerk, 113 New 
Bunting Daniel, police. 2;!2 Perry 
Bunting Elizabeth, gentw. 1009 ti T av 
Bunting (Jeorge, morocco dresser, 1009 Q T av 
Bunting Henrietta, gcntlewouian, 1417 Locust 
Bunting Jacob S., mer. S W Chestnut A 2d, h 

530 N 19th 
Bunting Jacob T., oil manuf. 625 Christian, h 

239 Pino 
Bunting James, plumber, S W 16th A South 
Bunting James M., engineer, P. W. A B. R. R. 

b- 10.33 Carpenter 
Bunting John, stamp cutter, 1801 N Front 
Bl'NTING JOHN R., grocer, 2.'i3 Pine 
Bunting Joseph, auctioneer, 1401 Filbert 
Bunting Joseph S., auctioneer, 232 A 234 Market 

h 1401 Filbert 
Bunting J. T., manuf. 28 S Del av, h 239 Pine 
Bunting Joshua, mer. 1417 Locust 
Bunting Josiah, farmer, 16 Woodland Terrace 
Bunting Michael, tobacconist, 244 N 2d 
Bunting Philip S.,genl. N W Walnut A 38th 
Bunting Richard, moulder, 140 Otter 
Bunting Samuel, auctioneer, 232 A 234 Market, 

h 1401 Filbert 
Bunting Samuel, plumber A gasfitter, S W 10th 

A South 
Bunting Samuel C, gent. N W Walnut A 38th 
Bunting Samuel C, Jr., mer. 13 N Cth. h N W 

Walnut A 38th 
Bunting Samuel S., druggist, 941 Spruce 
Bunting Sarah, gentlewoman, Frankford av 
Bunting Theodore, music, 302 S 13th 
]5unting Thomas C, M.D., 1417 Locust 
Bunting Thomas II., agent, 820 S 12th 
Bunting William, candy store, 1623 South 
Bunting. William C, driver, 511 Lorain 
Bunting Williiim H., coal mer. 2011 Cnllowhill 
Bunting William J., plumber. S W 16th A South 
Bunton James, weaver, 1314 Palcthorp 
Bunton John, weaver, 1333 Hope 
Buob Charles, butcher, 2422 Brown 
Burbage James L., drygoods, 723 S 2d 
Burbridge Charles, shoemaker, 6 Oaffney's ct 
Burch Eliza, housekeeper, 910 Filbert 
Burch E. J., 445 N 3d 
Burch Ilenrj', 230 William.ton 
Burch John T.. N W 5th A Christian 
Burch Joseph George, millinery, 438 A 440 N 2d 
Burch Thomas, gentleman, 421 S 15th 
Burchard Charles M.. U S N, 749 Erie 
Burchard F., machinist, 749 Erie 
Bureher John, blacksmith, 1 Fame ct 
Burchell Richard, gunsmith, 1239 N 11th 
Burckhardt Alfred, druggist, r 450 New Market 
Burd Orphan Asylum, 910 Sansom 
Burd Patrick, driver, r of 424 Christian 
Burd Samuel, carpenter, Sharswood ab 22d 
BURDEN ANDREW M., M.D., druggist, N E 

Slh A Federal 
Burden Clarence, att'y at law, 115 S 7th, h 1705 

Burden Jesse R., M.D., h Arch n 31th 
Burden Michael, glassblower, 72 York 
Burden Peter (c), porter, 1030 Barley 
Burgess Henry, shoeculter, 810 Green 
Burdett Benjamin, manuf. 1154 Frankford av 
Burdett Francis, carpenter, 514 S 20th 
Burdett S. D., M.D., 1004 Green 
Burdgo John A., sea captain, Sorrel n Bath 
Burdick Samuel W., sailmaker United States 

Navj- Yard, 211 Catharine 
Burdict Salmon P., Story bel 34th, Mantua 
Burdon James, hotel. 36 S Del av 
Bunlsall Jehu, provisions, 247 A 249 S 9th 

good and cheap Clothing at 




BurdsiiH Wolls, olork, 2l.'i Market, h .'MO Gorrimn 
Biii'dwot Miohiiol, llov., HI I Siuisorn 
Buroys John, drivor, 1 01) Ciu|j( ritor 
Burgauor Ij., horidotH, Ml N 2(1 
Burgo William, woavoi', i;>.'!0 JIopo 
Burgen Daniel, .shiK'iniikci-, HOO I'^allon 
Burgonhoiser David, |](MldliT, 110 I'lipliir 
Burgon CliarleH II., niorclmnt,, Iliuvcy, <<ln 
Burger Frederick, laborer, VVilliatn n Ticiiton av 
Burger Frederick, private, Fiiilon n Trenton av 
Burger Oeorgo II., Jr., M.I)., Oiiolton av, Otn 
Burger G. A., cati maimr. l.'i.O N .'id, li I2:!7 N r,tli 
Burger G. A. A Co. [(1 . A. Burffiir If Rohcrl To- 

lii./i), cap rnanufs. I.'i.'i N .'id 
Diirgor Michael, hlaok.Minith, Ilorst's ct 
Burger Bonjiiinin, .siioomaker, 7.'!0 Fallon 
Burgert Franci.s, tavern, 1(112 Gerinantown av 
Burges William, watermnn, 10.0 RolieC 
BURGESS & GODDARD (J. K. W. Kniirht, 
aL^enl for) manul'. agents and importers of china 
and earthenware, 421 Commerce 
Burgess Josei)h, |)olice, 108 S .Sth 
Burgess Samuel, foreman, 1014 Palmer 
Burgess William, bootmaker, G41 Arch 
Burgess William S., bookkeeper, S W dth <fcRace, 

h ()4J Arch 
Burghart Catharine, gentw., 12G5 Mu.scher 
Burgholz II., umbrellas, 272 N 4th, h 241 Race 
Burgin Ann, gentw. 218 Shippen 
Burgin & Sons [Grurgc H., George H., Jr., 
Charles F., Jukii. II. cV WiJ/ia?n M. Burgin), 
raanuf's. glassware k, chemicals, 1.33 Arch 
Burgin Caroline, school, 10.'>7 Walnut 
Burgin Charles F., mer. 1.33 Arch, h Harvej', 

Burgin George H., M.D., & mer. 133 Arch, h 331 

S 5th 
Burgin George H., Jr., M.D. & mer. 133 Arch, h 

Chelton av, Germantown 
Burgin James, cooper, 1429 Parrish 
Burgin John, glass warehouse, 133 Arch, h 1322 

N Sth 
Burgin John H., M.D. & mer. 133 Arch, h Sth 

ab Thompson 
Burgin John H., spice, 404 Whitaker's row 
Burgin William M., mer. chemicals, 133 Arch, h 

331 S 5th 
Burgison Israel, gentleman, 6 Dubree 
Bargthal Pauline, hotel, 500 Race 
Burhard W., segarmaker, 620 St John 
Burk Adam H., sugarboiler, 430 Federal 
Burk Andrew, laborer, Edgmont bel Reading av 
Burk Anna, capmaker, 12 Upshur av 
Burk Arthur, morocco dresser, 3 Steammill al 
Burk Bridget, Main n Cedar, Myk 
Burk Charles, laborer, 2018 Locust 
Burk Charles, shoemaker, 307 Christian 
Burk Chauncey E., clerk, 1005 Wood 
Burk Christopher, switcher, 1013 Dorrance 
Burk David, shoemnker, 936 Marshall 
Burk Dominick, eordwaiuer, 17 Bryden pi 
Burk Edmund, machinist, 804 N 13th 
Burk Edmund P., machinist, Judson bel Brown 
Burk Edward, waterman, 1224 Warnoek 
Burk Francis, Cheswell ab Fitzwater 
Burk George W., coachmaker. School, Gtn 
Burk Henrietta, segars, 341 N 5th 
Burk Henry, laborer. Wood's ct, r 1626 Master 
Burk Henry, plumber, 113 Senate 
Burk H. M., tailoress, 204 Elder 
Burk Isaac, stationer, 343 Coates 
Burk James, bookbinder, 2 Adrian 
Burk James, carder, Washington. Myk 
Burk James, clerk, 342 N 5th ' 

Burk James, drygoods, 30 S 4th, h 1701 Green 

Waaamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Burk JiiincH, gentleman, 1506 Poplar 

I>inl< .JiuneH, laborer, II 1 7 'I'liompKon 

JJiirk JinncH, laborer. Walnut nb 2''(1 

Burk Jaine.M, HabiHiniiri, .')7tli ab Story, Mantua 

Burk JaiiicH, Hhoemakor, r 12 Clytrifir 

Burk JaincH, Jr., puporhunging, 028 CheHtnut, h 

Burk James A., merchant, .'50 S Front, h 1701 

Burk Jeremiah, laborer, 1701 Carlton 
Biirk Jerry, driver, 020 ClirJMtian 
iiiii'k .loHso Y., Ktudent, .'!43 Coates 
Burk John, carpenter, 3 Gillirighum 
Burk John, laborer, I Central pi 
Uurk John, laborer, 60!) Vincton 
Burk .John, laborer, N E Dorrance & Wiishin;5ton 
Burk John, laborer, 1030 Ward 
Burk John, laljoror, Conimerce ab Cumberland 
Burk John, laborer, Market bel 42d 
Burk John, .saw .sharpener, II GafTney'sct 
Burk John, shoemaker. Tilton bel Emory 
Burk John, tailor, 407 (Jaskill 
Burk John, tailor, 1118 Mcllravy 
Burk John F., grocer, 233 Chester 
Burk Joseph M., clerk, 2012 Callowhill 
Burk Lawrence, currier, 807 Christian 
Burk Luc-^s, clerk, 1327 S 4th 
Burk Margaret, seamstress, 6 Gatchel's pi 
Burk Martin, shop, 10 Gatzmer 
Burk Martin, waterman, r 610 Beach 
Burk Mary, seamstress, 1213 Hope 
Burk Michael, cardriver, llewson n Salmon 
Burk Michael, carpenter, 1037 Jefferson 
Burk Michael, laborer, r 420 N Sth 
Burk Michael, laborer, r 2433 Biddle 
Burk Michael, laborer. Sorrel n Melvale 
Burk Michael, tavern, 915 Ma.'ter 
Burk Michael, teadealer, 2 Adrian 
Burk Miles, 804 S Front 
Burk Moses, laborer, 714 Lindsey 
Burk Patrick, laborer, 716 West 
Burk Patrick, laborer, 1224 Shippen 
Burk Patrick, laborer, 24 Coombes' al 
Burk Patrick, liquors, 731 Callowhill 
Burk Patrick, porter, r 9 St Paul's av 
Burk Patrick, porter, 14? Gaffney's ct 
Burk Patrick, type caster, 764 S 6th 
Burk Peter, dealer, 120 Noble 
Burk Richard, laborer, Almond be! Reading av 
Burk Richard, laborer, Hewson n Salmon 
Burk Robert, laborer, r 1242 Catharine 
Burk Sarah, Creswell ab Fitzwater 
Burk Thomas, driver, 1207 Albert 
Burk Thomas, grocer, S E 2d ifc Girard av 
Burk Thomas, laborer, 825 Suffolk 
Burk Thomas, tavern, 2031 Market 
Burk Thomas S. (c), waiter, 1718 Addison 
Burk T. W., shoemaker, 303 S 3d 
Burk Walter, undertaker, 926 Christian 
Burk William, coach trimmer, 2005 Girard av 
Burk William, laborer, 42d ab Chestnut 
Burk William, photographist, 2043 Vine 
Burk William, shoemaker, 912 Stewart 
Burk William A., bookkeeper, 9 X 6th, h 1005 

Burk William E., produce com. dealer, 812 Mar- 
ket, h 1704 Vine 
Burkard John, laborer, Carroll n Sergeant 
Burkart Charles, swordmaker, 235 Stiles 
Burkart Charles, varieties. Front bel Race, h 

1328 X 11th 
Burkart Henry S., turner, 1235 Stiles 
Burkart I. W",, conveyancer, 206 S 4th, h 430 

Appletree al 
Burkart John B., tailor, 1376 Ridge ay 
Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Burkiirt V., Jr., conveyancer, 429 Arch | BurkliMrt Williain J., iron nu-r. 08 & GO N Front, 

ISurknrt Willium, denier, SOU S , h SK! Race 

Biirkart Anthony, laborer, 1229 P Front ' Biirkhcad Josoiih, coaoliman, 920 Rodman 

Burke Charles, dealer, 700 S Del av, h 18 Catha- Berkley Christoi.her, baker, ."Ol Wharton 

Burke Charles, junk, 18 Catharine 
Bnrko Eilward, upholsterer, 1508 Snnsom 
Burke l'Mw«rd P., wntehman, 20i:5 Vine 
Burke Edward D., Jr., gas works, 2109 Vine 
Burke Francis, baker, 1018 S 9th 
Burke James IX, machinist, 1418 Brown 
Burke Joseph. dnig},'ist, 500, & h ,>0t) .'^ Front 
Burke Joseph, shipjoiner, Sl.'i Earp 
Burke Jose|)h, upholsterer, 1508 San.som 
Burke Martin, shop, 10;!0 .^ Oth 
Burke Matthew, laborer, 2i:{0 Pine 
Burke Matthew, shoemaker, 1220 S llh 
Burke Michael, laborer, 8;i.'i Mountain 
Buike M. R., bookkeeper, 12;! Chestnut 
Burke Patrick, coal dealer, 237 Williamson 
Burke Patrick, gardener, 1710 Jones 
Burke Patrick, waiter, :53.'i Bright 
Burke Paul, watchman, 2d bel Dauphin 
Burke Raymond. 740 Fedtffal 
Burke .'^amucl, 1114 ."^ansom 
Burke Thomas, tinsmith, 74.") Passyunk av 
Burke Thomas, wall paper manut". 241 Madison 
Burke William, carpenter, 5 Gillingham 
Burke 'William C. trimmings, 1124 Pine 
Burke William C. watchman, 170() Riltenhouse 
Burke William M., printer, l.').'M Mervine 
Burkort Eliza, gentlewoman, i;)30 N llth 
Burkert John, butcher, 1339 Hancock 
Burkert John, laborer. Coral n Firth 
Burkert Samuel, printer, 1322 Warnock 
Burkert William, salesman, 305 N 3d, h 413 N 3d 
Burkett John, hatter, 014 N 4th 
Burkett Parah. wid Joseph, 15 Coombes al 
Burkett Thomas, bricklayer, 1315 S 3d 
Burkett William, tobacconist, 1222 S Front 
Burkfelt .John, butcher, S E Otis & Memphis 
Burkhammer JI., tobacconist, r 512 Dillwyn 
Bnrkhard Adam, coach painter, 1008 Franklin 
Burkhardt Adam, painter, lOOS Franklin 
Burkhardt Annie, dressmaker, 1008 Franklin 
Burkhardt Christopher, tavern, 1045 G T av 
Burkhardt Francis, laborer, 425 Lombard 
Burkhardt George J., vats, Buttonwood bel 

Broad, h 1340 Green 
Burkhardt George J. & Co. {Grors^c J. Biirk- 
lutrdt, John M. Smith, uud William Biiri- 
hnrili), vats, Buttonwood bel Broad 
Burkhardt John, fish dealer, 131 Vanhorn 
Burkhardt .Josc])h. watchcasemaker, 608 Locust 
Burkhardt Julius, hotel N E Penna av <4; Coates 
Burkhardt Lewis, provisions, 482 N 4th 
Burkhardt Sarah, boarding house, 704 Washing- 

tiiu sq 
Burkhardt William 11., Buttonwood bel Broad, h 

735 Parrish 
Burkhr.rt Adam M., turner, 805 N 8th 
Burkhart Charles R., grocer, 813 Race 
Burkhart Edwin W., turner, 805 N 8th 
BarWinrt Lsaac, captain, N E Main it Walnut 1, 

Burkhart Jacob, boot.s, 208 N 8th 
Burkhart John C, clerk, 58 & 60 N Front, h 813 

Burkhart Joseph R., bookbinder, 805 N 8th 
Burkhart Peter, gentleman. 813 Race 
Burkhart Philip, black-'mith, 5 Vermont pi 
Burkhart Robert, carpenter, James' al ab 2d, h 

323 Buttonwood 
Burkhart Theodore, gentleman, 2129 Brandy- 

Mt Vernon 
Buy your Clothing at the great 

Berkley George, butcher, 14.31 Marlborough 
Burkley George, coaehbody maker, 3 Diligent av 
Burklev Gottlieb, coaclnnakor, 402 Maria 
IJurklum Philip, clothier, 1108 South 
Buikman Anilionv. cabinetmaker, 612 N 4th 
Bl'RNllAM CIl.'VRLE.';, druggists' tinware, 117 

k 119 S 10th, h 152 N llth 
Burnhart Cornelius, farmer, 307 N 5th 
Burnheafer Elizabeth, Pleasant, Gtn 
Buridieater J(din, Pleasant, Gtn 
Burnheater William, shoemaker. Pleasant, Gtn 
Burleigh Ilcury, hacklemaker, 521 N 25lh 
Burlcy Maria (c). doctress, 816 S 9th 
Burling B. S. & Co., com. mcrs. 129 N Front 
Burling B. S., com. merchant, 129 N Front 
Burling William, jiolice, Washington av n 18th 
Burlingame Charles, foreman, 10 Eilwin 
Burlingamo George, laborer, 2407 Callowhill 
Burlingame Robert, laborer, 1110 Camilla 
Burlock Samuel D. , bookbinder, 1102 Sansom, h 

1911 Coates 
Burnmn Benjamin, dyer, O.xford n Hope 
Burmnnn Nicholas, butcher, 1306 Cadwalader 
Burmcster Adolph, cooper, 1.34 S Front, h 1022 

N 2d 
Burmester Charles, artificial flowers, 429 York av 
Burmcster Frederick, flowermaker, 1339 Wood 
Burn Byard, 1107 San.-om 
Burn B., salesman, 245 Market, h310 S 2d 
Burn H. C, tailor, 1914 Plymouth 
Burn James, liquors, 833 .Si.ippen 
Burn Mary, gentlewoman, 1721 Carlton 
Burn SLitilda (c), dressmaker, 1309 Lomliard 
Burnbum John, laborer, 1432 South 
Burne Charles, 1220 Fulton 
Burne Patrick, shoemaker, 704 Plover 
Burncll T. II., bookkeeper, N W Walnut it 2d, h 

2115 Delancey 
Burnes Barney, laborer, 1154 S 13th 
Burnes Elizabeth, nurse, 1117Citron 
Burness Frederick A., clerk, ]^IilI bel Main, Gtn 
Burness James, Price n Hancock, Gtn 
Burnet Annie, school, Main ab Washington av, h 

640 N 1 2th 
Burnet Joseph, carpenter, Thouron ab Diamond 
Burnet William, gentleman, 040 X 12lh 
Burnet William, weaver, 11 Jefferson 
Burnett, Sc.\ton i Swcaringen, office, 300 Chest- 
Burnett Ann, gentlewoman, 1520 Wood 
Burnett Charles H., student. 40th & Chestnut 
Burnett E(lm.T.,clerk,l 7 N 4th. h Chestnut n40th 
Burnett Eli S., fancy dry goods, 17 N 4th, h 

Chestnut n 40th 
Burnett .John, painter. 441 Belgrade 
Burnett John P., produce dealer, 314 N Water, 

h Marllon. N J 
Burnett John P. <t Son (John P. (J- Snimiel T. 

Burncll). produce dealers, 314 N Water 
Burnett Riley, shoemaker, N E Norris <t Bowdoin 
Burnett Samuel T., produce dealer, 314 N Water, 

h .Marlton. N J 
Burnett William W., M.D., 1943 Vine 
Burneson S:imuel W., engineer, 3 Clyde pi 
Burneson Thomas, produce com. mer. 18 S AVa- 

ter, h ."ith ab Race 
Barney Patrick, laborer, 1405 Vine 
Burnham Ariel, sailmnker, 3 Dock, h 479 Dillwyn 
Burnham Austin, machinist, 2011 Wood 
Burnham Enoch C, agent, 721 Chestnut, h 2224 




Burnham Goorge, bookkeeper, Broad & Hamil- 
ton, h 2219 Ureon 
Burnhiuri John U., sboetnaker, 220.'' Nfindnin Williiiin, .shoemaker, li'lonrldwii rd k 

Summif, ii.v, (' llill 
Burni.son TIkhiiii.s, prodiico, 18 S;r, )i 207 

N 5th 
Burns (fc {Rohcrl W. ^Jolui.A. liirnia), la- 
dies' hIioch, 2IG N Hth 
Burns &, Va.iilioi-n, conl'cctionerH, l.'i.'i K l.'jth 
Burna Andiow, Ixiilormiiker, 1 122 Elm 
Burns Andrew, Jr., bliick.smith, 1122 lOIm 
Burn.s Ann, 128 Elfroth's al 
BurnH Ann 0., trimininpiH, 112 N 7th 
Burns Anthony, .sawinaker, Sinn;uhir row 
Burn,s Archibald, lii borer, lO'Ki Lonibnrd 
Burns A., gentleman, N W Walnut k lUith 
Burns Barney, Sfith n Aspen, Mantua 
Burns Benjamin, confectioner, V.Vi S 15th 
Burns B., seamstress, r 288 Chester 
Burns Charles, Deputy Sheriff, 1210 Stiles 
Burns Charles, driver, Mayland 
Burns Charles, laborer, Derr, Gtn 
Burns Charles, paperstainer, 1001 S 11th 
Burns Charles, stonemason, 420 N 20th 
Burns Charles, tavern, S E 5th & Spruce, h 426 

S 5th 
Burns Charles A., tavern, 440 Spruce 
Burns Charles C, Blind Asylum, 20th & Race, h 

31st ab Baring 
Burns Charles H., engraver, 621 N 4th 
Burns Charles K., watohoasemr. 2.S7 S 3d 
Burns Charles M., gent. Harvey, Gtn 
Burns Charles M., Jr., architect, Harvey, Gtn 
Burns Christopher, carp. Warren n 38th 
Burns Cornelius, carter, Earle 
Burns Daniel, lab. 407 N 16th 
Burns Dennis, coremaker, 514 N 19th x 
Burns Dennis, lab. Huntingdon ab Thompson 
BURNS EDMOND J., druggist. 115,i Frankford, 

Burn,s Edward, grocer, S W 19th & Vine 
Burns Edward, lab. 1320 Percy 
Burns Edward, lab. 1320 N 4th 
Burns Edward, lab. 1614 Wood 
Burns Elizfibeth, r 416 Carpenter 
Burns Emma, gentw. 417 Vine 
Burns Elizabeth, laundress, r 1313 Rodman 
Burns Farmer, 402 N Front 
Burns Felix, driver, 734 Jamison 
Burns Felix, lab. Hancock & Thompson 
Burns Felix, Jr., lab. Hancock & Thompson 
Burns Frank, lab. 1022 Parrish 
Burns George, cl'k, 818 Chestnut, h 1747 Francis 
Burns George, machinist. Mill, Fkd 
Burns George W., tailor, 1404 S 7th 
Burns Henry, blacksmith. Mill, Fkd 
Burns Hugh, lab. 415 Noble 
Burns H. D., grocer, Fkd av k Allen 
Burns James, barber, 217 Madison 
Burns James, bartender, 1840 Lombard 
Burns James, blacksmith, Otis n Trenton av 
Burns James, brushmaker, 1324 Warnock . 
BURNS JAMES, druggist, 11 5^ Fkd, Fkd 
Burns James, fireproo^mr. 836 Christian 
Burns James, foreman, 1403 Hope 
Burns James, lab. r Thompson bel Lehigh av 
Burns James, mariner, 926 Otsego 
Burns James, salesman, 4 N 19th 
Burns James, seaman, 2111 Naudain 
Burns James, shoemr. 119 Coates 
Burns James, shoemr. 941 Suffolk 
Burns James, shop, 1010 Lombard 
Burns James, tailor, 1181 S loth 
Burns James H., skindresser, 1122 Elm 

Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixtla and 

BnrnH JeHHo B., Khipjoinor, 1400 8 7th 

BurnH John, 621 Hhippon 

I'lirMH John, oordwiiimsr. 612 Fitzwdtor 

I'lirns John, dealer, 906 Atherton 

Burns John, dry goodn, 247 K llth 

liuroH John, hotel, 31 N 9th 

BurnH John, grocer, 6th & Market, h 1234 Hprinj» 

Burn.M John, lab. r 1031 Carpenter 
Tiurns John, lab. r 1621 Hamilton 
I'urriH .fohn, liil». 21 15 I'irje 
Burns Jolirj, liih. r 706 N Ji'ront 
Burns John, lab. 9 Itenii-nter al 
Burns John, rnachiniHl, Mill, Fkd 
Burns John, porter, Adrian ab TllomJ)•^on 
Burns John, rag dejiler, Sloan ab I'owelton 
Burns John, salesman, n')36 Gertniintown av 
Burns John, stonecutter, ILincock k ThompHon 
Burns John, shoemaker, Fernon bel S 9th 
Burns John, shoemaker, 706 Mo.^.h 
Burns John, shoe manufacturer, 203 Ristinc, h 

216 N Sth 
Burns John, vest manuf. 247 S llth 
Burns John, weaver, 2050 Lombard 
Burns John, wenver, 1104 Milton 
]}urns John, weaver, Penna av n 2'lth 
Burns John A., shoemaker, 415 De.'in 
Burns Joseph, shoemaker, r 710 S 7th 
Burns J. Mason, clerk United States Arsenal 
Burns Lawlor, vpeaver, 324 Emmet 
Burns Leah, widow Joseph, 1648 Deal 
Burns Margaret, r 725 Beach 
Burns Margaret, gentw. 1137 Ogden 
Burn.= Margaret, gentw. Mill, Fkd 
Burns Martin, blacksmith, 3 Faa.'; pi 
Burns Mary, seamstress, 2 Ezra pi 
Burns Mary, gentw. Beach n Norris 
Burns Mary (c), washerwoman, 726 Minster 
Burns Matthew, driver, 1537 Warnock 
Burns Michael, broommaker, 824 Marriott 
Burns Michales, gent. Cadwalader & Jefferson 
Burns Michael, lab. Ill Onas 
Burns Michael, lab. 1814 Shippen 
Burns Michael, tailor, 8 Pike 
Burns Morgan, gent. 2050 Lombard 
Burns Patrick, 1327 Wheat 

Burns Patrick, brickmr. S W Sergeant & Amber 
Burns Patrick, lab. 1924 Cuyler 
Burns Patrick, lab. 415 N 24th 
Burns Patrick, lab. 1229 Thurlow 
Burns Patrick, tavern. South n 23d 
Burns Peter, blacksmith, N E 20th & Spring 

Burns Peter, boatman, 2521 Naudain 
Burns Peter, bricklayer, 2050 Hamilton 
Burns Peter, grocer, 22 Mayland 
Burns Peter, tavern, r 416 Carpenter 
Burn? Reading, wheelwright. 1304 Atmore 
Burns Rebecca, centw. 225 S llth 
Burns Robert, M.D., 87 Frankford, Fkd 
Burns Robert, shoe manufacturer. 203 Ristine, 

h 216 N 8th 
Burns Robert, Jr., salesman, 219 Market, h 87 

Frankford, Fkd 
Burns Samuel, brickmaker, 1114 Pierce 
Burns Samuel A., moulder, 651 Bankson 
Burns Sarah, seamstress, 328 Garden 
Burns Sarah, trimmings. 744 Passyunk av 
Burns Sarah, washer. Lancaster av <S 33d 
Burns Stephen, harnessmaker, Diamond bel 5th 
Burns Steven M., crockery, 324 <fc 326 South 
Burns Thomas, agent, 515 Minor, h Camden 
Burns Thomas, boarding house. 407 N 16th 
Burns Thomas, drayman, 832 Cross 
Burns Thomas, lab. Centre n Hancock, Gtn 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown. 




Burns Thomas, lab. Church bol Tiickii>vnima, Fkd 

Burns ThoiuMS, lub. 2124 Culhbort 

Burns Thomas, lab. r 2321 liuiuiltuD 

Burns Thoiua.s, lub. <t Shrack 

Burns Tluiiuii^, lab. Wi.isahiokon, Gtn 

Burns Thomas, mauhiuist, 1056 Koaoh 

Burns Thonuw, porU-r, 64 N 2il, h 2 JiMikinss pi 

Burns William, oiml luer. Washington av ah 12th, 

h 744 I'as.^ij-unk av 
Burns Williiim, procer, "10 Lloyd 
Burns William, lab, 000 Athort'on 
Burns William, merchant, S28 Market, h 1404 

Burns William, tnilor, 1400 S 7th 
Burns William, waterman, .s:{8 Grover 
Burns W. A., ilruRKist, S E Market A lOth 
Burnsido James, lilucksmilh, 766 N 24th 
Buriisiiie Jane, 1>S14 South 
Burnsi'le Joseph, lub. r Filler ab N 2il 
Burnside William, porter, 704 S i;Jth 
Burnwood .-Vnn, gentw. r lOl'J Penrl 
Burnwood Frederick, coachpainter, 1220 Wood 
Burpee David, M.D., 320 S I6th 
Burr P. J., pent. 811 Race 
Burr P. J., Jr., tailor, 3.i S Sth, h 811 Race 
Burr Catharine, gentw. 237 Thompson 
Burr David T., mer. 200 Market, h Locust* 5Ctb 
Burr David, carp. Queen, Gin 
Burr D. R., builder, ICIS Vine 
Burr Elizabeth (c), embroidery, 1309 Lombard 
Burr Hudson S., M.D., 1310 Walnut 
Burr John, 237 Thompson 
Burr John, blacksmith, 9 Saxon 
Burr John J., mer. G14 Market, h 303 N 10th 
Burr John P. (c), barber, 1309 Lombard 
Burr Joseph, bookseller, 1140 S Gth 
Burr Joseph, sewing machines, 2d ab Susque- 
hanna av 
Burr Joseph S., painter, Warren bel 37th 
Burr J. Emory (c), hairdresser, 909 Lombard 
Burr J. E., ta'ilor, t)76 N 10th 
Burr Lorenzo, clerk. 617 Spruce 
Burr M. L., ;,'entleman, 758 S 10th 
Burr M. L., plumber. 717 S 11th 
Burr Nicholas, gentleman, 114 Vino 
Burr Postrema, gentlewoman, 1207 Race 
Burr Rebecca, gentlewoman, 1004 Coates 
Burr Thoma.-i, carpenter, r 320 Brown 
Burr Thomas E., cutter, 714 Market 
Burr Thomas S., clerk, 240 Market, h 1022 Wood 
Burr William, printer, 1140 S fith 
Burr William H., boilermaker, Swanson, h 731 

N 10th 
Burr William R., bookkeeper N L Bank, h 1022 

Burr W. II., builder, 1616 Vine 
Burrell George T. (c), waiter, 1309 Lombard 
'Burrichlcr C, hardware, 827 South 
Burridfre William, farmer, r 143 N 2d 
Burris Benjamin, shingleshaver, 1200 Deacon 
Burris Catharine, 145 N 2oih 
Bnrris George, plasterer. State bel PoweUon 
Burris Stephen, blacksmith. Ridge av, Rox 
Burrough Adelphi, gentw. 1267 N 11th 
Burrough Stephen, stovefinisher, 951 N Front 
Burroughs Andrew (c), teacher. 12;!C Warnock 
Burroughs Benjamin, shoemaker, r 123 Vanhorn 
Burroughs Edward B., carpenter, 1334 Coates 
Burroughs George, moulder. 11 Augusta pi 
Burroughs II. N., Pres. Kittaning Coal Co., r 

123: S 4th, h 726 Spruce 
Burroughs John, laborer, 1130 Evans 
Burroughs Jtdin, mer. Chelton av, Gtn 
Burrow Sarah, dressmaker, 958 Alder 
Burrowes Churles, mate, 501 Catharine 

The Popular Clothing 

Burrows Catharine A., artist, S W lOlh A, Aroh 

Burrows Charle.s C, 48 N 11th 

Burrows Daniel, Capt. 122 l>ana 

Burrows Daniel, conductor, 249 N 9th 

Burrows E. J., sup. C. A A. R. R., 200 S Del av, 

h Price n Hancock, Gtn 
Burrows Je.sse, cari>enter, 907 N 10th 
Burrows Joseph, gentleman, 2220 Locust 
Burrows Mary, gentlewoman. 1321 Wood 
Burrows ."Stephen, laborer, Paul ii Meadow, Fkd 
Burrows Samuel, gentlouian, 1520 Wood 
Burrows Samuel, huckster, 039 .Sylvester 
Burrows Sarah L.. 122 Dana 
Burrows Thomas, 4 GatcheTs pi 
Burrows Thoma.'« 11., carpenter, PiLschall 
Burrows William A., ))rinter, 1 Filbert av 
Burrows William II., 37 S 11th 
Burs Ann, gentlewoman, r I42h Fkd av 
Burschna Henry, shoemaker, 11 Prime 
Bursner Edward, oakebaker, OKI llallowell 
Burson Catharine, gentw. N 0th bel Gtn av 
Burson E. C, salesman, 435 Market, h States 

Burson Jane, gentlewoman, 917 Nectarine 
Burson Thomas (c), laborer, 1510 S 7th 
Burt Alice, gentlewoman, 1529 Walnut 
Burt Charles, shoemaker, 1714 N 11th 
Burt Eli II., turner, Huntingdon n Carroll 
BURT E. Jh., grocer, 139 S 10th 
Burt E. R., trimmings, 308 S 2d 
Burt Frederick, surveyor, N W Huntingdon A 

Burt James, eciuestrian, 730 S 6th 
Burt John, carpenter, 1237 Lombard 
Burt Jo.-eph, machinist, 009 Sylvester 
Burt L., teacher, 1020 Summer 
Burt Mary Jane, boots it shoes, 449 Richmond 
Burt Michael, shoemaker, 1110 Anita 
Burt M. C, gentleman, 929 Market 
Burt Nathaniel, 1203 Walnut 
Burt Thomas W., painter, 2 Accomac pi 
Burthel Charles, clerk, 048 Marshall 
Burtis Edward, bricklayer, 258 N 15th 
Burtis J. J., gentlewoman, S W 39th & Wolnut 
Burtis Mary, 1129 Filbert 
Burton Abbey, nurse, 1821 Rhoads 
Burton Adin F., shipcarpenter, 1119 Day 
BURTON AMOS, atty & conveyancer, 139 S 7th, 

h 1220 N 13th 
BURTON ARTHUR M., counsellor at law & 

commiss. of deeds for all the Slates, 221 S 5th, 

h 336 N 12th 
BURTON A B.. bridge builder, 333 Walnut, h 

630 N 13th 
Burton Benjamin C, shipwright, 920 Beach 
Burton Cyrus G. (c), coachman, Sansom ab 38th 
Burton David, druggist, 242 Raspberry 
Burton Edgar, dealer, r 307 Noble 
Burton Edward, agent, 246 Spruce 
Burton Edward, paperhanger, 809 Race 
Burton Edward, gentleman, 1418 Walnut 
Burton Eliza, gentlewoman. 141 N 0th 
Burton Elizo (c), washerwoman, r 1020 Master 
Burton Eliza A., trimmings, 660 N 17th 
Burton Francis, carpenter, 438 Belgrade 
Burton Frank. U. S. A., 414 German 
Burton George, cutter, 223 S 9th 
Burton George (c), waiter, 14 Brier pi 
Burton Henry (c), laborer, 240 Quince 
Burton Henry, telegraph oi)erator, Martin, Rox 
Burton II. A., wall pajiers, 115 N 4th 
Burton James, tinsmith, 438 Belgrade 
Burton James (c), porter, r 1001 Barley 
Burton John, gentleman, 1418 Walnut 
Burton John, gentleman, 513 Wharton 
HooBe of Philadelphia. 




Burton Jolin, goldboiifcor, Sloan iii;l I'ovvi'IIdii 

Burton .John, M.D., MH N I ll.h 

JiiirtoM .liiliii (c;), portou', 2.'i2 ('iimuit, ii.l 

Burton .lolin, [irinUir, .''i.'>2 Stii,iil(^y 

Burton Jolm A., iitl/y-iil-lii vv, 5o'l Wiilniil,, li ;!2I 

Burton JoHoiili, ciu'iiiMitci', r Ijinllinv ltd l^i] 
Burton JoHot)h W., wliiinniikcr, I I 10 Miulhoro' 
Burton J. K., HiiloHiniui, S W 4tli & Arch, li 920 

Burton Miijor (o), jiuiitor, 50!) Lonihiird 
Burton Martin Vnn Huron, bookkoo|iur, 4 I I Oor- 

Barton Mary, washerwoman, 222!) (Jallowliill 
Burton Miilllda, 4.'iH BuIkhuIo 
Burton Matilda (c), wii.niiei'woiniin, 72.0 Ijoiuliurd 
Burton Moriali, iilUli bol Klin, Mnntua 
Burton M. V. B., clerk, 244 Market, h 411 Ger- 

Burton Peter, cabinotiuaker, 224 Stamper's al 
Burton Robert, nier. 112 8 Del av, h 1418 Walnut 
Burton R, J., tin <fc shcetirpn, 2]K5 Fkd av 
Burton Sarah C, dry goodH, 505 Vino 
Burton Theodore, laborer, Ludlow bol 42d 
Burton Thomas, moulder. Diamond al) Leithgow 
Burton T. C. (o), shoemaker, 417 S 11th 
Burton, William 8. (c), waiter, 1408 (julielma 
Burton W. R., medicines, 560 N 17tli 
Burwell George, stonecutter, 2213 P 
Burwell Thomas, stonecutter, 221.3 F 
Burwell Wm., silverplater, 23(5 Arcli, h Perkio- 

men n 19th & Poplar 
]5ury Martin, provisions, 503 S 6th, h 646 Lom- 
Burzner Nicholas, coal dealer, 1021 Palmer 
Busby A., salesman, 130 N 3d 
Busby Abraham, boatman. Green la, Rox 
Busby Abraham, 1316 Austin 
Busby B., store, 620 Logan 
Busby Harman, 30 N 12th 
Busby John, machinist, r 1226 Mascher 
Busby AVilliam, carpenter. 924 S 11th 
Busby William^ Jr., butcher, 924 S 11th 
Busoh Andrew, shoemaker, 515 Callowhill 
Buseh August, mer. 8 Strawberry, h 1503 N 11th 
Busch A., M.D., 407 S 3d 

BUSCH A. & CO. (A/tgust Busch 6r Francis 
Bierbacli) , staple & fancy dry goods, .8 Straw- 
Busch Charles, watchmaker, 735 N 3d 
Buseh Elizabeth, 609 Callowhill 
Busch Elizabeth, 412 Crown 
Busch F., pa.perstaiuer, 712 S 13th 
Busch George, clerk, 848 Parien 
Busch H. E., att'y at law, 218 S 4th, h 2007 Pine 
Busch John F., bookbinder, N E 6th <fc Minor, h 

1007 Wistar 
Busch Miers, gentleman, 907 Piue 
Busehuer Charles L., bookkeeper, 439 N 4th 
Busemann Raymond, dyer, 706 S 4th 
Busemeier George, hotel, 224 South 
Buser Jacob, machinist, 302 Callowhill 
BUSH & KURTZ (F. C. Bush tV W. W. Kurtz), 

jobbing dry goods, 137 N 3d 
Bush Bernard, wheelwright, 1539 Warnock 
Bush Charles R., 223 Washington av 
Bush Clayton (c), 706 St Mary 
Bush Edward, printer. 521 Wood 
Bush Elizabeth (e), 718 Cullen 
Bush E., millinery, 540 N 2d 
Bush Francis, brewer, 610 Jefferson 
Bush George, 729 Medina 
Bush George, horsedealer, 961 N 11th 
Bush George (c), waiter, 212 Elder 
Bush Geo. W., demijohn coverer, 1341 Vienna 

Waaiamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, 

liiiFh Ifi-nry, att'y lit law, 2007 I'ino 

liiiHb Hiram E,, conductor, 820 N 12th 

i!(iHl] .JiKob, buri.iHher, K',.'!!) X HI h 

iiiiyh John, conductor, Ccdiir at) Woo'l 

I!ii.mIi John drivi^r, Ann n Ernemld 

V,w\i John, hotel, Main, Chcytnut Kill 

DuhIi John, laborer, 500 IIurHt 

]',nA\ John (c). laborer, 1213 Pear! 

15uHh .Jo.veph, toyw, 231 N 2il Ticwis T., .Klioecutlcr, 1241 Vino 

liusli Miiry, Main, ChcHtiiut Hill 

Hush Robert, triinknifikor, 1539 N Ilth 

liiish Siunuel IL,, 408 N 3d, li 303 

liufili Sariih, vc.stmakcr, 113 C.'ilharino 
Bush S. II. & Co. [Hnmiifd II. if Jamei E. 

Traxler), tobacconiHtH, 408 N 3d 
Bush V. C, dry goods, 137 N 3d, h 1937 Vine 
Bush AVm. II., hotel, 4 13 N 3d 
Bushcll Hannah E.. widow, 1908 Ringgold pi 
Bu.sher Jacob, .shoemaker. 871 N 5th 
Bu.shnell Andrew M., hotel, 1800 Broad 
Bushnell Edward W., hotel, 1800 Broad 
Bu.shnell E. AV. A Son (Eduvird IV. if Andrew 

M. Bn-shnrll), hotel, 1800 Broad 
Bushong Henry, mnnuC. fluid, Diinville, HI 
Bushong Philip, fluid, 215 N Broad, h 1023 Race 
BUSHONG P. & SONS {FkUip, Jacob if Henry 

Bushong), alcohol & fluid manufs. 215 & 217 N 

Bushton Peter, moulder, 512 Pierce 
Businger Isaac, broker, 30 S 3d, h S W Hamilton 

k 30th 
Busman A. H., gent. 1336 Parrish 
Buss Oliver, clerk, 1367 Frankford av 
Busse Carl, paper carrier, 1 IMayland 
Busse Edward, shoemaker, 4 Brinkley pi 
Busser George, clerk, 331 N 2d, h 702 Coates 
Busser Jacob, feather renovator, 043 Marshall 
Busseir Jane, gentlewoman, 725 S 2d 
Bussier Daniel P., merchant, 1630 Arch 
Bussier Jos. B., wholesale fruits, 108 & 110 S 

Del av, h Price n Evans, Gtn 
Bussier Jos. B. & Co. {Joseph B. Bussic'- if John 

Seitz), importers fruits, 108 & 110 S Del av 
Bussier Wm., driver, Clymer ab Alexander 
Bussing Francis, laborer, r Manor bel Berks 
Bussinger Isaac M., banker, 30 S 3d, h S E 36th 

& Hamilton 
Bussinger Jacob, blacksmith, 1713 Olive 
Bussinger Martin, fringemr. Kressler bel Diamond 
Bussier F. A., clerk, 425 N 3d 
Bussom Thos. W., moulder, 1033 Stocker 
Bustard Adam, grocery, 315 N 21st 
Buster Jacob, baker, 837 N 4th 
Buster John, laborer, 2329 Penn av 
Bustill Charles (c), ear driver, 807 Locust 
Bustill Chas. H. (c), plasterer, 908 Buttonwood " 
Bustill David & Sou (David if James Bustill), 

plasterers. 418 Callowhill 
Bustill Jas., plasterer, 418 Callowhill, h 829 N 

Bustill J. M., plasterer, 829 N 11th 
Busy JIargaret (e), 7 Lisbon 

BUTCHER & CO. (D. Frank if Amos W. But- 
cher), bankers, 52 S 3d 
Butcher Amos W., banker, 52 S 3d, h 39th &, Race 
Butcher Ann, tailoress, Mill bel Main. Gtn 
Butcher Ann M., gentlewoman, 1337 Vine 
Butcher Benj. F., salesman, 1331 Pine 
Butcher Casper, clerk, 1804 Wood 
Butcher D. Frank, broker, 52 S 3d. h 35th k Race 
Butcher Henry, furniture. X E Sth <fc Shippen 
Butcher Jacob, blacksmith, School. Gtn 
Butcher Jacob, engineer, 3617 Lancaster av 

Corner Sixti and Market Stieeu., 




Butisohor Jacob, shooianker, 7 Broirn 
Butcher Jn*. W., clerk, 535 Lornin 
Itutoher Juhu, driver, Ann n Emerald 
Buk-Lor J«din, (irovision dealer, lOOS T av 
ButeluT Jtdin K., coach trimmer, Bringhur^t bel 

Main. (Jtn 
Butcher Montrovnl, l;iboror, 7.15 N 2»th 
Butcher Philip, ."hoemaker, 1722 N 3d 
Butcher Thaddeus, surjj. inst. maker, 71S S 4th 
Butcher Thomas T.,-gent. 3r)th A Kace 
Butcher T. B., Troa.s. .<:uv. Fund .So. of Gtn, h 

Main & Laurel, (itn 
Butcher Samuel. Iiiliorer, 13-12 Atmore 
Butcher .'^auiuel. .>;hi>emnker, 1127 Pas.-iyunk av 
Butcher .Samuel, tollgate. Main, (?hestn'ut Hill 
Butcher Wa.shinKtoii, produce com. mer. MO & 

MS X Frent. h lit) N 17th 
Butcher Williiim. frrocer, 424 .« 2d 
Butcher William, roofer, 1S(14 Wood 
Butcher William A., l.'.ll Bultonwood 
Butcher Wm. 1'., clerk, llriiif,'l>'irst ltd Main, Gtn 
Butch.i- W. A .S.. cutlorv. 27 X ^th 

PI! I LA. (]Vi//i>m Kirrhlinr, Prcs., John F. 

Grois, Tifi's.), Penna av n lOth 
Butland Marv A., huckster, 748 Catharino 
Butland S. B., .-awmaker, 732 S Front 
Butlor A Carpenter [Jo/iu M. Ihiilrr tf Jos. R. 

Citrpriifrr) , ensiravers, 242 Chestnut 
Butler A: Ellis (W,„. Bntirr if Richard Ellis), 

whiskey in.-ipector.-i, 234 X Del av 
BUTLEU A Mccarty (Fraidlln Butler if E,l- 

irtird MrC'irly), manufac. A imp. of jewellery 

A .silverware, 131 N" 2d 
Butler, Alihy, ve.«tmaker, 1123 Hnrmer 
Butler Allen, barkeeper, Q T av, (Un 
Butler Andrew A., dry goods com. 240 Chestnut, 

h 132(1 Arch 
Butler Ann, 1232 Fitzwater 
Butler Benjamin, (teaman, 15 Beck 
Butler Caroline (c), rag .softer, 1220 Kemble 
Butler Charles, coaelipainter, 37th bel Walnut 
Butler Ciiarlc*. porter, 1119 Melon 
Butler Charles, police, 1204 Carlton 
Butler Cliarlc: L., millwr. Cameron ab Francis 
Butler D.ivid, ,«hoemaker, 2300 Coates 
Butler Edward, ho>;tler, Edgemont n Somerset 
Butler E.lward, shoemaker, 817 Noble 
Butler Edward, shoemaker, 1331 .S 2d 
Butlor Edward P., coal, 237 Market, h 2045 Green 
Butler Edward .S., merchant, 308 .S lO'th 
Butler Eliza, tailores.", 535 Mcllwain 
BUTLER E. n. A CO. (E. H. Butler), publish- 
ers A book-ellers, 137 S 4th 
Butler E. II , publisher, 137 S 4th, h Main, Gtn 
Butler France), gentlewoman, 502 North 
Butler Franklin, jewelry, 131 N 2d, h 416 N 6tb 
Butler George S., telegraph operator, 1126 Pas- 

syunk av 
Butler Henry, shipbuilder. 537 Richmond 
Butler Henry L., printer, .S E Market A 2d, h 

718 Washington av 
Butler Henry W.. jeweller, 1024 X 15th 
Butler Isaiah, clerk, 9th bel Morris 
Butler, Isaiah H., clerk. 1126 Pas,-;yunk av 
Butler Jeremiah, comm. merchant, 1631 Vino 
Butler James, 607 St Mary 
Butler James, laborer, 3 Ashton pi 
Butler James (c), porter, 3 McFadden'sct 
Butler Jiimes 6., Rev., Chestnut nb 40th 
Butler James P., .silverware, 202 X 3Dth 
Butler Jane, Main, Chcffnut Hill 
Butler J.ired, huckster, Warren bel Bridge 
Butler John, dry goods, Main, Mvk 
Butler John, merchant, 1612 A 1614 Walnut 

Strangera and Cithens are 

Butlor John A., driver, 208 Prime 

Butler John G., U S mint, 502 X 5th 

Butler John M., engraver, 242 Chestnut, h 730 

S 10th 
Butler John M., tobacconist. 1506 N 11th 
Butler Joseph, police, 1116 Carlton 
Butler Joseph, laborer. Main A Mermaid la. 

Chestnut Hill 
Butler Joseph L., clerk, 445 N 3d 
ButUr Joshua M., Mill bel Main, Gtn 
Butler J., storage A commission depot, S W 

Broad A Wood 
Butler J. H., Jr., aj»i<istant bookkeeper, i;!7 .S 4th, 

h 522 Walnut 
Butler Letitia, cook, I,udlow bel 41st 
Butler Lucy, gentlewipman, Rockland ab .S5th 
Butler A Lewis, medical A surgical reporters, 7th 

A .Sansom 
Butler Margaret, 770 R 8th 
Butler Margaret, eatinghouse, 118 N Water 
Butler Margaret, gentlewoman, 2029 Muncy 
Butler Margaret, tavern, 2130 Market 
Butler Maria (e), laundress, 1718 Sansom 
Butlor Martha, 135 Mary 
Butler Mary, gentlewoman, 11 Short ct 
Butler Matilda, gentlewoman, 1205 Lemon 
Butler Michael, laborer. Almond bel Reading av 
Butler Neill, confectioner, 135 Prime 
Butler Nelson, carpenter, 1410 ,'^outh 
Butler Nicholas, laborer. Chestnut bel 36th 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 1 Dawson pi 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 5 Piper's ct 
Butler Patrick, saddler, 1239 N Front 
Butler Peter, 2004 Hampton 
Butler Pierc?, gentleman, 2029 Walnut 
Butler Richard, plumber, 305 Christian 
Butler Robert, dealer, r 914 S Front 
Butler Robert, moulder, r 1214 Pearl 
Butler Samuel, Brin;rhurst bel Wakefield, Gtn 
Butler Samuel, blacksmith, 42d A Chestnut 
Butler Samuel, driver. 1221 S 2d 
Butler Samuel (c), porter, 226 Currant al 
Butler .Samuel, tailor, 109 Kcrshow 
Butler Samuel G., painter, 240 S 9th 
Butler Samuel M., salesman, 428 Market, h 235 

N 12th 
Butler Samuel W.. physician, Insane Department 

Blockley Almshouse, h Spruce ab 37th 
Butler .'^arah, gentlewoman, 1 Hucy pi 
Butler Seth H., merchant, 1916 Lombard 
Butler Susanna. n\irse. 232 German 
Butler S. W., M. D., editor, 115 S 7th 
Butler S. W., M. D. A Lewis R. J., M. D., edi- 
tors Medical Weekly Journal, 115 S 7th 
Butler Theodore H., salesman, 137 South, h 104 

N 20th 
Butler Thomas, provision store, 1227 Wallace 
BUTLER THOMAS, tinplato worker, 9 S 7th 
Butler Thomas S., jiaintor. 406 Quince 
Butler Walter, weaver, Ashmcad bel Wakefield, 

Butler William, agent. 1235 Melon 
Butler William, liquor, 421 Callowhill, h 3d A 

Butler William, paver, 208 Prime 
Butler William, whiskey inspector, 234 N Del av, 

h Lewistown, Pa 
Butlor William (c), waiter, 1613 Moravian 
Butler William B., tavern, S W Moyamensing av 

A Washington av 
Butlor William H , alderman, 322 N 6th 
Butler William H., Jr., 322 N 6th 
Butlor Wm. P., coachmr. Kressler bel Diamond 
Butler William T., Sec. Fire Association, 34 N 

5th, h 823 Franklin 

recommended to purchase their 




Butscher Peter, shoemaker, '.'M l'ij)iliu- 
Butt, John, driver, 824 Ghnrlolto 
Butt John, tuiTior, K|>ilborK<'i''H cl 
Butter (Moment, iiiorcliiint, Fi'oiit, li 1)27 ,"-!|jruc(i 
Bwttorfiold Fred., mDrehiuit, I I!) (Jhe.Mtniit , li N Y 
Buttorfiohl Fred. A (Jo. ( /''w/. Bi/Urr/irM cV />:'/- 
mau A. Ji.iroliiis) , irniiorti^rH Briti.sli dry goodH, 
119 (Jhestnut 
Butterfiold Jcsso S., ;;uiiHiiiilli, 1524 Fkd av 
Buttorfield Jo.snph, ;j;iiiiHiiiitli, 1(115 Fl(d iiv 
Butterlield .JoMi^ph li., gunmnith, I52H Kkd av 
Butterfiold .Siiriili S., f^ontlowomim, 1522 Fkd av 
ButterH Thomas, slioomakor, 1112 Anita 
Buttorswiiy Itooco, tanner, MoCormiek'a av n 2.3d 
Buttorworlli I'Miiiiiiiil, liijuor.'^, N Front I)c] Berks 
Buttorworlli IvIiiiMnil, twister, I5('> Ainorioiin 
BUTTFHWOltTIl li. W., tinplato works, 2n&31 

Ilaydook, h i)0!) Ciinrlotto 
Buttorworth Jame.s, eordwainer, Carroll n Ser- 
Butterworth James, spinner. Wood, Myk 
Buttorworth James, tinsmith, 29 & .31 Ilaydock, 

h 97'! Beach 
Buttorworth John, woolsorter, 1105 Hope 
Butterworth Thomas, machini,';t, Filbert ab 41st 
Butterworth Thomas, saw jjolisher, 1210 N Front 
Buttorworth William, spinner, Letterly n Amber 
Buttessiva Martha, gentlewoman, fi07 Ciith.nrine 
Button Conyers, manufacturer. Main & E Wal- 
nut la, Gtn 
Button John, woollen manufacturer. Main &■ Wal- 
nut la, Gtn 
Button John & Sons {John, Joseph (J- Conyers 
Button), fancy hosiery, Main & E Walnut la, 
Button Joseph, manufacturer, Main & E Walnut 

la, h E Walnut la, Gtn 
Button Joshua, weaver. High n. Morton, Gtn 
Button S. D., architect, 24 Merchants' Exchange, 

h ;!30 Mickle, Camden 
Buttonklepper John, cabinetmaker, 225 Queen 
BUTTS C. A., hosiery, 27 N 8th, h 233 N 20th 
Butz Adam, merchant, 131 N Water, h 675 N 11th 
Butz Alfred L., cork manufacturer, 829 N 3d, h 

818 N 5th 
Butz George, gentleman, 818 N 5th 
Butz Mary Ann, upholsteress, 521 Spruce 
Butz Matthins, lampmaker, 423 Oxford 
Butz Peter, trader, 328 S 4th 
Butz William, confectioner, 920 Suffolk 
Butzer Charles, laborer, 120 N Front 
Buyerly John C. clerk, 1503 Seybert 
Buz Adam, tailor, 22 Mulberry al 
Buzarth William, police. 420 JButtonwood 
Buzby&Go. [Grorge L. ^-JohnL. Biizlii/), com- 

mission merchants, 933 Market 
Buzby A. G., 223 Chestnut, h 1818 Green 
Buzby Edmund H., gentleman, 931 Market, h 24 

Buzby George, carpenter, Sellers n Leiper, Fkd 
Buzby George, produce, 6 Vine, h 1115 Day 
Buzby George L. , mer. 933 Market, h 24 Merrick 
Buzby Hannah, 718 Noble 

Buzby Hezekiah, carpenter, Gerraantown av, Gtn 
Buzby Iliram. machinist, r 838 Christian 
Buzby Jacob, laborer, Orchard ab Tacony, Fkd 
Buzby Jacob, Jr., lab. Orchard ab Tacony, Fkd 
Buzby John L.. merchant, 1342 Chestnut' 
Buzby Mordecai, merchant, 119 Chestnut, h 634 

N 12th 
Buzby Sarah G., Bringhurst bel Main, Gtn 
Buzby confectioner, lfi24 Ridge av 
Buzby William, laborer. Orchard ab Taconv. Fkd 
Buzby William M., salesman, 212 Chestnut, h 
12th n Wallace 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Soutlieast 

Buzby William N., HuIcHmun, H W 4lli <t Arch, 

h 1818 Green 
Buzz Nicholii.K, i-lioemaker, Lehiiwin, Gtn 
I'.iizziird William, fhoetniikiir, (Joiilro n Main, Gtn 
Buzzard William, weaver, Wayne av, Gtn 
By John II., dry goodn, l.'!.'!0 Arch 
liyaird Williimi (a), wutcrinaii, (> Bone n\ 
Byiin Francis M. (c), carter, 1200 New Bedford 
Byati Kosanna C. (c), dreK."rriiiker, J20!) New 

T'.yas I'eler. df:!iler, 143 Bodinc 
Bye Charles, vicluuUer, 1320 I'nrri-h 
Bye Samuel K., carpenter, 181 1 Arch, h 2029 

Byon Joseph, shoemaker, 920 Fit/.water 
Byer George, hostler, 2429 Biddle 
Byer George, laborer, 1715 S 4th 
Byer John IJ., moroeco-caso mak., r 239 Lybrand 
Byer William, engraver, 1831 CoatcH 
Byer William, stonemason, 530 Lorain 
Byeren John, woolsorter, r Warren ab 31th 
Byerley .Jacob, shipbuilder, 428 Richmond 
Byerley Theodore, shipbuilder, 42(J Richmond 
Byerley William, hotel, 731 S 4th 
Byerly Adam, dealer, 779 S fith 
Byerly Alfred, s.nlesman, 47 N 3d 
Byerly Francis, cooper, 1012 Fkd av 
Byerly George, upholsterer, 407 Garden 
Byerly Henry, manuf. 91] Lafayette 
Byerly James D., salesman, 217 Chestnut, h 

Byerly John, delivery P R R Co. 1302 Market 
Byerly J., 1324 Arch 

Byerly Rebecca, bonrding house, 812 Arch 
Byers Alexander, blacksmith, 730 Montcalm 
Bvers Annie (c), 20 Gilles al 
Byers E., 1331 Filzwater 
Byers Hanse M. H., gent. 831 Swanson 
Byers Louisa, gent. 1630 S 6th 
Byington William C, M.D., 1014 Spring Garden 
Byll .John, se.Tman, 8 Marion pi 
Byllesby Langdon, gent. 1332 Parrish 
Byng Julia S., Bedford bel 11th 
Byram Jnmes Emory, clerk. Sellers n Leiper, Fkd 
Byram Joseph, architect, Sellers n Leiper. Fkd 
Byram J. H., engraver on wood, 333 Chestnut, 

h Nioetowu 
Byram Ralph, grocer. Sellers n Leiper, Fkd 
Byrau Ann, wid. 1822 Delancey pi 
Bvrne & Brothers (Jb/t7t ifPatricI:), bootmakers, 

"613 Walnut 
Byrne Ann, tailoress, 5 Harding's pi 
Byrne Bridget, r 420 Cherry 
Byrne Edward, porter, 410 N Front 
Byrne James, laborer, 705 Fallon 
Bvrne James H., liquors, 422 Callowhill, h 5th ab 

Byrne John, bootmaker. 613 Walnut, h 706 Moss 
Byrne John, janitor, 407 Walnut, h 1 Arm- 
strong ct 
Byrne John, laborer, Tilton ab Cumberland 
Byrne Mary, 124 Almond 
Byrne Michael, carter, 1410 S 8th 
Byrne Michael, porter. 7 Mendon pi 
Byrne Michael, tanner, 326 Noble 
Byrne Michael, Jr., clerk, 7 ilendon pi 
Byrne M. A., dressmaker. 30 N loth 
Byrne Patrick, tavern, 406 S Del a v. h 810 Essex 
Byrne Patrick, bootmaker, 613 Walnut, h 714 

Byrne Peter, bookbinder, r 420 Cherry 
Byrne Peter, porter, 6 Thorns ct 
Byrne Thomas, bartender, 611 Guilford 
Byrne Thomas, porter, 1632 Mulvaney 
Byrne William J., eordwainer, 7 Mendon pi 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Byrnes A RuiKliman (J. F. Byrnes i( William j Cadwiihulcr Ooorpo, PresJ Mutual A#siir Co, 526 

H. Riitliliiwnt), ntt'ys at law, 424 Library j Walnut, h l>25 Chestnut 
Byrnes Ann, gi-ntw. 1105 S tUh CikIwhIiuKt Isaac, jrent. 193,T Mt Vernon 

Byrnes Jacob F., ntfy at law. 424 Library A 10 ' Ca.hviila.K-r John, V S District Ju.ljje, 252 S 4th 

Granite, h Coiumercial Hotel 
Byrnes James!, coachman, HI4 Market 
Byrnes James, laborer, rtreenhill below Master 
Byrnes James, tailor, lOOll .>< Sth 
Byrnes John II., machinist, r lil20 Scybert 
Byrnes Peter, brickmi\ker, Greenhill bcl Master 
Byrnes Terence, laborer, Greenhill bel Master 
Byrnes T., watchman, 0;t7 N "th 
Byrnes William, jiorter, 4 Falls jil 
Byrnes P.ilriok, blaeksniilh. 225 Concord 
Byrnes William, furiiilure, .■'>020 Market 
Byrom John, printer, 43 Main, Fkd 
Byron James, driver, 42(5 Christian 
Byron James, grocer. Baker it tircen la, Myk 
Bywater Maurice, bookbinder, S W 7th k Cherry, 

h 525 Pino 
Bywater William, silversmith, 1223 Myrtle 

Cabada E. F., com. mer. 204 S Front, h Cuba 
Cabale Louis, hairdresser, 13 S 0th 
Caballa Loui.-ia, pentw. 213 N 20th 
Cabbos Conrud, shoemaker, 1740 N 3d 
Cabbos George, shoemaker, 1740 N 3d 
Cabeen A Co. (R. Ji. Cnliicii ff A. A. K'/iiisrma- 
elirr), com. mers. 200 N Water A 208 N Del nv 
Cabeen Robert B., iron mer. 209 N Water A 208 

N Pel ftv, h Main ab Penn, Gtn 
Cabello Louisa, gentw. 1830 Brandywine 
Cabencr John, Mechanic, Myk 
CABOT A ETTIXG, iron, 105 Walnut, b 1100 

CABOT A PEMBERTOX (John F. Cabot if Clif- 
J'oril Pemberton), brokers in drugs, dyes, che- 
micals, Calcutta goods, and general merchan- 
dise, 135 S Front 
Cabot Charles, mer. 105 Walnut, h 1106 Spruce 
Cabot John F., mer. 135 S Front, Vice-Consul 
for Oriental Republic, Uruguay, h 1102 Spruce 
Cabot Joseph, Prest Allento\¥n Iron Co, 105 

Walnut, h llOil Spruce 
Cackrenn Catharine, gentw. 1514 Wood 
Cadbury Joel, Sr., .gent. Harvey, Gtn 
Cadbury Joel, Jr.. steel-pen manuf. 403 Arch, h 

Green A Harvey, Gtn 
Cadbury John W., irajiorting druggist, 48 N 7th, 

h Green A Harvey, Gtn 
Cadbury J. W., clerk, Harvey, Gtn 
Cadbury Richard, mer. 117 Chestnut, h Chelton 

Cade Aaron F., tavern. Beach A Brown 
Cade Anna, boarding house, 414 N 6th 
Cade H. M.. dry goods, 418 N 2d 
Cade Jolin W.. waterman, 1306 Marlborough 
Cade S. W., bookkeeper, 14 N Del av, h 536 

Cade AVilliam R., shoemaker, 1231 Potts 
Cadmus Frederick, mer. 422 Appletree al 
Cadmus Frederick, shoestore, 736 Market, h 422 

Apjiletree al 
Cadmus James, boots and shoes, Hestonville 
Cadmus Jeremiah, shoestore, 736 Market, h 918 

CADMUS J. A F. (Jerfminh if Frederick Cad- 
mus), shoestore, 736 Market 
Cadmus M. C, shoes, S W Market A 3d, h 1205 

Cadwalader Charles, gashmaker, Allen la, Gtn 
Cadwalader Cyrus, Treas Franklin Saving Fund, 
136 S 4th, h 1328 Jefferson 

Cadwalader Richard .\., clerk. Lehman, titn 

Cadwalader S. B., feed, 1417 CalloHliill, h Darby 

Cadwalader William, gent. 125 N ISth 

Cady C. E., surgeon, 1206 Gtn av 

Cady Sarah, dealer, CDS Hallowell 

Caemerer William, china painter, 1115 Hope 

Caffee Ward J., clerk, 444 Franklin 

Cafferty John, dyer. Tan la bel Church, Fkd 

Cafferty Patrick, blacksmith. Front ab Dauphin 

Caffert'v Vanroom II., luicklaver, 228 Christian 

Caffer John, di.-iilUr, 2:>" N Front, h W P 

Caflitg Peter, stonecutter, 2318 Naudain 

Caffrey Charles, shoemaker, 1343 Corn 

CafTrey Isaac, letter carrier, 918 Sergeant 

Caffrey Joseph, printer. 210 ."^tamjier's al 

Caffrey Thomas, shoemaker, 309 Borden 

Caffry George W., jiaintor, 43 N Broad 

Cagle John, stonemason, r 17 Qaffney's av 

Cahan Michael, bricklayer, 1717 Carlton 

Cahill, Bri.lget, r 131 IJread 

Cahill Catharine, gentlew. Edgemont n Somerset 

Cahill Charles, printer, <i35 Carpenter 

{'aliill Daniel, clerk, 816 Cross 

Cahill Daniel, shoemaker, 1539 Moravian 

Cahill Daniel, laborer, 19 N Juniper 

Cahill Edward, 2 St John's pi 

Cahill Eliza J., grocer, 2228 Summer 

Cahill Garrett, tanner, 127 Filson 

Cahill John H., sheetiron worker, r 308 New 

Cahill John S., painter, 403 N 19th 
Cahill Matthew, laborer, 2134 Cuthbert 
Cahill Martin, tavern, 138 Bread 
Cahill Marv, gentlew. 1128 Coates 
Cahill Michael, laborer, 156 Willow 
Cahill Michael, coachmaker, 305 N 12th 
Cahill M., slater, 817 N 11th, h 851 N I Ith 
Cahill N., gentlew. Church n Penn, Fkd 
Cahill Patrick, 205 Vine 
Cahill Patrick, porter, 816 Tasker 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, Cedar nb Huntingdon 
Cahill Thomas, cordwaincr, 1513 South 
Cahill Thoma.s, laborer. Cedar ab Huntingdon 
CAHILL THO.MAS E., coal A ice. 325 Walnut & 
Pine St. whf. Sch., ice depot, 25th A Lombard, 
h 2l.i2 Lombard 
Cahill William, undertaker, 266 S 20lh 
Cahin Hugh, laborer, 209 E Thompson 
Cahn A Haas (Abm. Calm if S. L. Haas), 

clothiers, 526 Market 
Cahn Abm., clothier, 526 Market, b 236 Vine 
Cahn Samuel, druggi.'-t, S E 9th A South 
Cahn Myers, carter, 413 N 15th 
Cahoon James W., wheelwright, 1100 Arch 
Caial Susan, gentlew. 1020 Mt. Vernon 
Cailhopper Charles, carpenter, 1208 Ogden 
CAIN. HACKER A COOK {Tliomus Ciiu, Mor- 
ris ILicLrr if Jesse M. Cook), coal shippers, 
214 Walnut 
Cain Charles, laborer, Edgemont n Somerset 
Cain Cornelius, laborer, 414 S Charles 
Cain Eliza, gentlew. 230 Jefferson 
Cain George P., shoecutter, 1208 Hope 
Cain Hugh, li(|Uor, 78 Richmond 
Cain James, laborer, 1207 Hojie 
Cain James, servant, S E Ludlow A 42d 
Cain John, carman, 1322 Shellbark 
Cain John W., wholesale tobacconist. 111 Mar- 
ket, h 105 N 5th, Camden 
Cain Lawrence, porter, 1305 Shellbark 
Cain Michael, laborer, 237 N Juniper 

Best Place in the City to bay good and cheao Clothing at 




Cain Michael, coachiniin, I')20 Cliiincollor 

Cain N. J., ])rintor, lilB Cliirk 

Cain I'atriek, la))()rer, \f)'\7 Wurunck 

Cain Patrick, iniiitjlccuttur, 1715 Mervine 

Cain I'etor, pilot, r \f> M(!ii(l 

Cain Bainuel, printer, r I'i;i2 N 2(1 

Cain Tiioinas, chc^iniHt, I2.'i'l StnitlierH 

Cain ThouuiH, lalxiror, l.'JO'l N Front 

Cain Thoina.M, laborer, 248 N lOtli 

Cain Thomaa, coal Hhipper, 214 Walnut, h 507 

C oaten 
Cain William, cordwainer, 111 South 
Cain AVilliain II., engineer, 'J.'iO Melon 
Cain Willinni II., sepiarmaker, r 122.'i Howard 
Caincr Ann, Ui) N lOth 
Caines William II., carpenter, 624 Carpenter 
Caine.s Henry, shoemaker, 5 Beck's ct 
Cairns Alexander, cordwainer, S W Emerald & 

Cairns Archibald, liquor.s, N W American & 

Columbia av 
Cairns James, moulder, Ifill Seybert 
Cairns John, gent. 1205 Wood 
Cairns John A., government work, 1205 Wood 
Cairns Joseph, drayman, 2004 Sansora 
Cairns William, hats & caps, lf)20 Market 
Cairns W. G., emigrant's office, 119 N Front 
Caisey J., wines & liquors, 737 S 13th 
CAJETAN MARIANI REV., Marriott n 8th 
Cake, Boulden & Co (J. F. Cake, J. Boitlden (V 

T. Neicliric), imp. wines & liquors, 118 Market 
Cake Charles II., paperhanger, 705 Ulrick 
Cake Elizabeth R., gentlew. 546 Chatham 
Cake J. F., merchant, 118 Market, h 1828 Mt 

Cahihan Barney, cardriver, 821 Enquirer 
Calahan David, liquors, 1717 Market, h 12 S 19th 
Calahan Dennis, weaver, 132 Bodine 
Calnhun Edward, weaver, r Fitler ab 2d 
Calahan Edward, carpenter, 2041 Wood 
Cahihan J. T., foundryman, 420 Thompson 
Calahan Patrick, laborer. 123 Jones al 
Calahan Richard, gasfitter, 1916 Wood 
Calalian Timothy, farmer, 1318 Carlton 
Calahan William, gunmaker, 2209 Wood 
Calan Bernard, laborer, 721 Wyoming 
Calanau George, police, 1320 Ellsworth 
Calander George, sugar refiner, 1 Tiblin pi 
Caldcleugh Robert, gent. 302 Walnut, h 14=20 

Caldcleugh Robert, M.D., 1430 Chestnut 
Caldcleugh William G., attorney, 1430 Chestnut 
Calder William A., wheelwright. 120 Poplar 
Caldwell Alexander, grocer, 725 Baker 
Caldwell Alfred H., clerk, 122 Walnut, h 522 

Caldwell Andrew, clerk, 329 S Juniper 
Caldwell Andrew, plumber, 1344 Ridge av, h 

Mary ab Jefferson 
Caldwell Andrew, porter, 1527 Summer 
Caldwell A., 1339 Rose 
Caldwell A., Jr.. driver, 725 Baker 
Caldwell A. A., engraver, 701 S 2d 
CALDWELL A. D., real estate agent, 424 Wal- 
nut, h 770 N 24th 
Caldwell Benjamin, dyer, 1023 Ward 
Caldwell Charles H., salesman, 24 N Front, h 902 

Caldwell Charles P., whip & cane manuf. 5 & 7 N 

4th, h 34th & Haverford, Mantua 
Caldwell C. W., hatter. Beach n Norris 
Caldwell C. W., real estate agent, 346 S 4th 
Caldwell David, provisions, 2'003 Market 
Caldwell David, grocer, S E 12th & Coates 
Caldwell David W., agent, AValnut ab Woodland 
Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Caldwell Elizabeth, 13:i0 Rodman 
Cnhhvoll E., millinery, 824 Arch 
Caldwell I'>ugene, trunktiiiik<:r, 701 K 2d 
Caidw'ell E. E., boilermaker, 1228 Marlborough 
Caldwell FranciB M., drygoode, 51 N 8th, h 1628 

Caldwell JameH, agent, 1223 Jefferoon av 
Caldwell James, Hhoemaker, 22d bet Lombard A 

Ciildwell Jameff, laborer, 138 Cottage 
Caldwell James, laborer, Cumberland n Kicbmond 
Caldwell James, packer, 243 Gaskill 
Caldwell James, cutter,' 517 N 15th 
Caldwell James, salesman, 1020 Olive 
Caldwell James Albert, salesman, 822 Cheatnut, 

h Manheiin, Gtn • 

Caldwell James, 23 S Ifith 
Caldwell James, clerk, 3:!2 X 23d 
Caldwell James E., jewellery, 822 Chestnut, h 

Green k Manheini, Gtn 
Caldwell John, porter, 836 Federal 
Caldwell John, hotel, 701 S 2d 
Caldwell John, paper, r 1008 Sansom 
Caldwell John, carver, 160 Dock, h 14 S 17th 
Caldwell John, currier, 129 Shippen 
Caldwell John, merchant, 13 Bank, h S W Spruce 

& 39th 
Caldwell John, porter, 826 Federal 
Caldwell John A., merchant, 501 Commerce, h 

Caldwell John C, salesman, 846 N Broad 
Caldwell John D., carpenter, Wakefield ab Jef- 
ferson, Gtn 
Caldwell John J., printer, 1206 Rodman 
Caldwell Jonathan, agent, 1119 Moyamen.^ing av 
Caldwell Joseph W., bookkeeper, 22 S 16th 
Caldwell Joseph, dyer, lOlOStocker 
Caldwell Joseph, painter, 1458 Columbia av 
Caldwell J. E. & Co. {James E. Caldwell, JLdnAn 

Langton- (^ Richard A. Leujis), jewellers, 822 

Caldwell J. M., drug commission merchant, 107 

Walnut, h 23 S 16th 
Caldwell Ninian H., engineer, 846 N Broad 
Caldwell Mary, gentlewoman, 817 Federal 
Caldwell Marj-, trimmings, 206 Allen 
Caldwell Robert, coachman, 2013 South 
Caldwell Robert S., dry goods, 510 Wood 
Caldwell R., provisions", 2003 Market 
Caldv.ell Samuel, clerk, 732 Morris 
Caldwell Seth, Jr., coal, 112 Walnut, h 2139 

Caldwell Stephen A., merchant, 18 S Front, h 

1112 Girard 
Caldwell J. W., Jr., druggist, 854 N 10th 
Caldwell Thomas, gentleman, 1518 Locust 
Caldwell Thomas, clerk, 846 X Broad 
Caldwell William, driver, 1633 Catharine 
Caldwell William, drayman, Pagod.a 
Caldwell William, trunkmaker, 108 Shippen 
CaldweU W. G., dry goods, 29 N 8th, h 258 N 

Caldwell William Henry, bootfitter, 310 Clark 
Caldwell W. W., gentleman, 1016 Clinton 
Caleb K., gentleman, 736 S 10th 
Calely James X., wholesale clock store, 112 X 

3d, h Carlisle above Thompson 
Calely James X. & Co., clocks, 112 X 3d 
Caleway Dennis (c), 5 Cove's pi 
Calflesh William, Levering, 3Iyk 
Calhoun Alexander, carpenter, 1S15 Lombard 
Calhoun Alexander, porter, 410 Canton 
Calhoun Andrew, laborer, 2107 South 
Calhoun Daniel, silverplater, 715 Chestnut, bds 

Alleghany House 
Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Cnlhoiin, David, carver, 1500 Federal 
Calhoun Ezra, U. S. Mint, 80S Erie 
Calhoun ttL«orf;e, 610 Lloyd, r 1411 Shippen 
Calhuun li. W., salesman, r 604 Coates 
Calhoun lluiuphrey, clerk, 1127 S 12th 
Calhoun Janes, loborer, liilO Burton 
Calhuun Jauu's, porter, 719 Linilsay 
Calhoun Jaihes, porter, 2 ^tendon pi 
Calhuun James, 1000 Naudain 
Calhuun Jeremiah, laborer, 170S Carlton 
Calhoun John, laborer, 1204 Olive 
Calhoun John, cortler, I Mendon pi 
Calhoun John, laborer, ."il,') Iscmin^er 
Calhoun Josejih, shoemaker, lOIH Ellsworth 
Calhoun Martlia, wiilow, 1014 Wilcox 
Calhoun Moses, weaver, Ella n Amber 
Calhoun Samuel, .-•■hoeuiaker, COO Girard av 
Calhoun .Sanuiel. 1204 Olive 
Calhoun Samuel, china store, 518 S 19th 
Calhoun Samuel, boxmaker, 5 llucy pi 
Calhoun .^amuel A., shoemaker, rOlO Girard av 
Calhoun William, >;entleinan, 1329 Spruce 
Calhoun William, dealer, 224 Federal 
Calhoun William, feed store, 2121 Lombard 
Calhoun William J., machinist, 12.'iO Coates 
Calkin Eleanor, gentlew. William n Melvalo 
Call Charles, laborer, Somerset n Thompson 
Call James, bookbinder, 0:51 Cross 
Coll Dennis, laborer, N E Front it Moore 
Call Dennis, seaman, Salmon bel Uuntingdou 
Call Hiram H., roller, 1010 Beach 
Call L;iwrcnco. halter, 116 Dana 
Call William, shoemaker, 2038 Murray 
Callaghan A Brother (George Jr. if Robert Cal- 

liighaii), cotton & woollen goods manufacturers, 

48 S Front 
Callaghan Anderson, painter, 1223 South 
Callaghan Andrew, carpet weaver, 1223 South 
Callaghan Ann, 1019 Newton 
Callaghan Elizabeth, Hughes ct 
Callaghan George, bartender, 1223 South 
Calla;;han George, Jr., manufacturer, 48 S Front, 

h Rockdale, Delaware county 

Callahan John, weaver, 1435 Philip 
Callahan John, contractor, 2224 Hamilton 
Callahan John, shoemaker, 511 S lOth 
Callahan John, waiter, 4 Harbert pi 
Callahan John, laborer, 1231 Thurlow 
CallMhan John, )iiason, S2I lni|uirer 
Callahan John, weaver, 1431 I'hilip 
CALLAHAN JOHN W., saddler, 703 S 2d 
Callahan Julianua, groceries, 70(i Jamison 
Callahan Martin, tavern. 415 S 3d 
Callahan Michael, liquors, 002 N lOth 
Callahan Michael, signal man, Cedar n Ann 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 1027 Ann 
Callahan I'atri'-k, laborer, 1515 Jonen 
Callahan Richard, moulder, 22H Williamson 
Callahan Richard, clerk, 1146 Sites 
Callahan Robert, stoves, 024 6 2d A 725 Possyunk 

av, h 5(17 Fitzwater 
Callahan Thomas F., pilot, 734 Swanson 
Callahan Timothy, grocer, 2000 Coates 
Callahan William, captain, 540 Chatham 
Callahan William, junk, ISIO South 
Callahan William, hat merchant, 109 S 3d, h 313 

S 5th 
Callahan William, porter, 614 Market, h 2328 

Callahan William, tailor, 112 N 15th 
Callahan William, laborer, 021 Middle al 
Callahan William, broker, 313 S 5th 
Callahan William, foreman, 100 Thompson 
Callahan William, laborer, 6 Margaretta pi 
Callaman Robert, tailor. 123 Gerker 
Callan A Sherin, ice dealers, Broad k Catharine 
Callan James, ice merchant, Broad & Catharine, 

h 2011 Sansom 
Callan John, huckster, 2320 Pine 
Callan John, carman, 818 S 1 2th 
Callan Mary, washer, 309 Monroe 
Callan Thomas, engineer, 237 Queen 
Callan William, gent. 802 S 10th 
Callan William F., carpenter, 802 S 10th 
Callanan George D., detective police, S W 5th & 

Chestnut, h 1320 Ellsworth 

Callaghan Hugh, shoemr. 1015 Moyamensing av Callanan James, tavern, 454 N 10th, h 24 Gossa- 

Callaghan James, weaver, Abigail n Amber 
Callaghan James, pajiermaker, 1223 South 
Callaghan John, carpet weaver, 1223 South 
Callaghan Lewis, 1922 Ringgold pi 
Callaghan Michael, laborer, 2225 Hamilton 
Callaghan Patrick, laborer, 521 Penn 
Callaghan Robert, manufacturer, 48 S Front, b 

Callaghan Rose, millinery. 218 S 11th 
Callaghan Timothy, 524 S Gth 
Collaghun William, porter, 2328 Biddle 
Callahahn James, shoemaker, 738 Moss 
Callahan Catharine, 224 tjuarry 
Callahan Christopher, lab. Almond n William 
Callahan Daniel, carpenter, 2 Rodgers ct 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, 5 Courtlandpl 
Callohan David, liquors, 16 S 19th 
Callahan Eilward, distiller, 1214 S Front 
Callahan Ellen, washerwoman, S 24th bel Pine 
Callahan Francis, laborer, 1563 Ridge av 
Callahan H. A P. (Hugh if Peter), grocers, S E 

Broad k Poplar 
Callahan Lsaac (c), steward, 716 Minster 
Callahan James, gunsmith, r 1239 Cadwalader 
Callahan James, laborer, 4 Brown's ct 
Callahan James, foreman, Ralston n 23d 
Callahan James, weaver, 109 W Thompson 
Callahan James, gentleman, 1320 Cherry 
Callahan John, tavern, 9th A- Filbert 
Callahan John, laborer, 417 N Front 
Callahan John, carpenter, 1644 Sansom 

I mer av 

■ Callender James T., hotel keeper, 1334 N 4th 

Callaway (icorge, philos. inst. maker, S W 2d A 
, Dauphin 

Callbreath James F., shoes, 520 N 10th 
' Callen John B., packing box maker, 1656 Sansom 

Callender Eleanor, gentw. 643 N l.'Uh 

CALLK.NDEU T. R., newspajiers A]>atent medi- 
I cines, N W Walnut A 3d, h Broad n Oxford 
i Callet Eugene, pocketbook maker, 1939 Dean 

Calligan John, hotel, 222 S Front 
I Calligan Patrick, shoemaker, 25th ab Pine 

Callihan John, laborer, 223 AVood 
I Callihan Edward, tavern, 1014 S Front 
' Callingham James, salesman, 739 S 4th 
; Callis E. fancy goods, 230 S 10th 
j Callison James, laborer, r 220 Federal 
I Callison Joseph, sec Union Mutual Ins Co, 609 
: S 9th 

Callaway James, moulder, 1314 Vine 

Callum Daniel, laborer, 2331 Coates 

Calm Reinhold, perfumery, 411 Cherry, h 109 

Caiman Bernhard, copal varnishes, 150 N 4th, h 

Caiman J., drayman, 211 N 22d 

Calver E. B., millinery, 61 ! N 2d 

Calver George, printer, 1115 S 3d 
' Calver Thomas, clerk, 1700 Mt Vernon 

Calver William, bonnet manuf. 61 N 2d 

Calverley Geo. H., tinsmith, 1029 Spring Garden 

Boy your Olothing at the great 




Calverloy II., britannia woikor, 309 Race, h 

1340 (J()ii,(,()H 
CALVKRIjKY JOHN, munuf. britannia ware, 

305 Itooo, h 1307 N Broad 
Calveiiey L. II., briLannia vvaio, .'!().') Ilaco, li I.'i07 

N Broad 
Calvorloy Tlioinas, oxprcHS, 1237 N 2d 
Calvorluy Willia'rn, linHinilli, 1020 Spring Oardon 
Calverloy William, briLiinnia, riiariut'. I I 1 .0 CreaHO 
Calvorly Jos(i|)ii, iiiachinift, Moyor n,l) NorriH 
Calvcrly Rohurl, liiboror, N K I7tli k Christian 
CalvorL Alice, wliop, ll.'il Ooliiniliia av 
Calvert, Charles W. F., wliitu goods, 313 Mark it, 

h 1823 Coatos 
Calvert Edward II., ico dealer, 2,'51 N Juniper 
Calvert Oraliiuii, attorney at law, 620 Walnut, h 

310 ISodwood 
Calvert Joseph, clerk, 515 S Juniper 
Calvert Jo.voph A., bookkeeper, ;!I0 Redwood 
Calvert J., gentw. 133 N 1 Ith 
Calvert Mr.s., 1118 Chestnut 
Calvert Richard T., restaurant, 200 N 9th 
Calvert William H., hatter. 1225 Citron 
Calvin Eliza, M.D., 820 Race 
Calvin John, laborer, 331 N 21st 
Calvin John, laborer, 1111 Sites 
Calvin U., nier. 725 Sansom 
Calvin William, laborer, Fitlcr n 2d 
Camac James, blacksmith, r 1134 
Camac Joseph, .'••alesman, York n Amber 
Camac Samuel, bridge tender, Park n 28th 
Camac William, M. D., 1305 Locust 
Cambell James, blacksmith, 108 Jefferson 
Cambell John, mauuf. 1512 Bodine 
Cambell Patrick, laborer, 211 Prosperous al 
Cambell Peter S., tavern, 1601 Ridge av 
Cambell Walter, gas office, 2042 Coates 
Cambhpll John, laborer, Sorrel n Bath 
Camble Robert, laborer, 1330 N Front 
Camble William, engraver, 910 N 20th 
Camblos C, banker, 38 S 3d, h OIney 
CAMBLOS C. &C0. [Charles Camblos &^ C. A. 

Waiiivright), bankers, 38 S 3d 
Camblos Henry, 2107 Arch 
Camblos L. E., merchandise broker, 113 Walnut, 

h 1909 Green 
CAMBRIA IRON CO., 400 Chestnut 
Cambridge Samuel, saddler, 445 Franklin 

424 Walnut 
Camel Andrew, engineer, 1416 Philip 
Camel Edward, laborer, American <t Oxford 
Camel James, brickmaker. 1535 American 
Camel James, laborer, Oxford k, Philip 
Camel Margaret, gentw. 1416 Philip 
Camel Mary, gentw. 1350 Cadwalader 
Camel Neil, laborer, American bel Oxford 
Camel Peter, roofer, 143 Vanhorn 
Camel Peter, conductor, 240 Jefferson 
Camel AVilliam, laborer, r 1410 Howard 
Camel William, laborer, 1333 Howard 
Camer Peter, dealer, 813 S 18th 
Cameron Alexander, painter, 1809 Naudain 
Cameron Andrew, painter, 3i!3 Emmet 
Cameron Andrew, boatman, 204 Wyoming 
Cameron Angus, law bookseller, 19 S 6th, h 2127 

Cameron Ann, candy. Rainbow n Trenton av 
Cameron Ann, gentw. 235 Lybraud 
Cameron Ann, gentw. 410 N 15th 
Cameron Archibald, shoes, r 2 Lawson 
Cameron Caroline, gentw. 2042 Wood 
Cameron D. W., accountant, 2127 Jefferson 
Cameron Eli, salesman, 231 & 233 N 12th 
Cameron Elijah, gent. 1802 Delancey pi 

Oak Eall, Soutteast Corner Sixth and 

Cameron Elizabeth, boardinf? honce, T3R S 6th. 

Cameron Eli/abeth, tiittiniingc, 123 N 7th 
Cameron Ilonora, nho|), 32-1 'J'ruxlon 
(Jaineron JanioH, boibu' niakor, 803 Weccacoo 
Cameron Janies, policeman, 123fJ Vino 
(Jiiin(!ron Jjuuch, uiuchini."t, r 1310 VViilla'-w 
Cameron John, laborer, 1103 Oti.; 
Cameron John, teamster, I Bnill pi 
Cameron John, blacksniith. Wood ab 23d 
Cameron John, weaver, r 1222 CrciMc 
Cameron Mary A., gentw. 1425 Wood 
Cameron Prisciiia, geiitw. lOII Bcckct 
Ciimeron Robert, gent. 1622 Latimer 
Cameron ThomiiH, porter, J'hilip n Oxford 
Cameron Williiini, segar maker, 2 Liiw.fon 
Cameron William, stumping, 228 N 8th, h 508 8 

Cameron William, shipsmith, 803 Weccacoe 
Cameron Willifirn, llO.'i Otis 
Cameron William II., conveyancer, 1538 Cherry 
Camm George, coal oil agent, .''7 S 3d, h 1525 

Spring Giirden 
Camm Susan Ann, 1206 Arch 
Gammer Max, beer, N W Charlotte & Brown 
Cammel Joseph II., tinsmith, 908 Nassau, h 144 

N 0th 
Cammerer Robert, architect, 148 S 4th, h 432 N 3d 
Camp Benjamin II., watchman, 1109 S 2d 
Camp Calvin, provisions, N E 13th ife Filbert 
Camp Charles, cabinetmaker, 1818 N Front 
Camp Edward, waterman, 712 N Front 
Camp Enoch, sea captain. 2 Manderson 
Camp E. P., drugs, 432 N 8th 
Camp John Henry, lithographer, 7th & Cherry, 

h 140 Noble 
Camp James W. (c), barber, S E Front <k Al- 
mond, h 24 Washington av 
Camp John P., ship carpenter, r 1020 Swanson 
Camp J. H., lithographer, 130 X 7th, h 149 Noble 
Camp Selina, widow, 109 Queen 
Camp AVilliam, dyer, 6 Hatter's ct 
Camp William E., baker, 1130 Callowhill 
CAMPBELL & BRO. [WilUum W. If George 

W. CampheU), com. merchants, 151 S Front 
Campbell k Pharo {Alexander li. Campbell ^ 
Allen li. Fluiro), lumber mers. N W Broad & 
Spring Gai-den 
Campbell Adam, hotel, S W Palethorp & Thompson 
Campbell Albert, carpenter, 206 Fkd av 
Campbell Alexander, driver, 756 Taylor 
Campbell Alexander, shoemaker, 842 Leonard 
Campbell Alexander, packer, 1739 South 
Campbell Alexander, stone mason, 1319 Shippen 
Campbell Alexander, lumber mer. 1712 Green 
Campbell Alexander, car driver, Path 
Campbell Alexander, gent. County linerd. Chest- 
nut Hill 
Campbell Alexander, Sr., gent. Maiden, Myk 
Campbell Alexander H.. lumber mer. N W Broad 

& Spring Garden, h 1712 Green 
Campbell Amanda, stationery, SOS Vine 
Campbell Andrew, stonecutter, 1812 Addison 
Campbell Andrew, carter, Sloan ab Powelton 
Campbell Ann, gentw. 319 N 23d 
Campbell Ann, tailoress, r 428 Christian 
Camijbell Ann, gentw. 733 S 4th 
Campbell Ann L., boardiusj house, 241 N 6th 
Campbell Anthony, hotel, 1327 G T ar 
Campbell Anthony,, 233 Callowhill 
Campbell Anthony, tavern, 446 N Front 
Campbell Archibald, plr.sterer. 1931 Cherry 
Campbell Archibald, brickmaker, 269 S 20th 
Campbell Arthur, carter, 1517 Carlton 
Campbell A., manuf. 125 Chestnut, h Chestnut 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown. 




Coiiipbell A., 1218 Brinton 
Cnmi.bil! A., 1.153 Rose 
Cftiiipl-ill A. It,, milliner. 255 X 12th 
Caiai.l..ll A. 11., l.liuksmith, U\7 P.vrrish 
CA.MI'DKLL A. A CO. (A. ,V John Campbell if 
Williiim Suiitfrsei), niniuilV. cutton A woollen 
goods, 125 Chestnut, Mill. Mvk 
Campbell niirncj', laborer, 2105 Uitldlo 
Ciiiii|>liell Bernard, laborer, 19.".t> ."^ansom 
Cainplii'll Bridget, gentw. 1107 Anita 
Campbell Bridget. WcKenwn's ct 
Campbell Catharine, 1512 Jones 
Camjibell Catharine, tailoresj", 1928 Cuthbcrt 
Campbell Charles, mer. 108 Market, h 412 Ste- 
vens, Camden 
Campbell Charles, porter, l.l.^S Alder 
Campbell Charles, llev., 50 N l.tth 
Campbell Charles, earpenter. 515 Spruce 
Campbell Charles, i:! N 11th . 
Compbell Charles, earman. 2.'!15 Ashburton 
Campbell Charles B., iron mer. 119 Walnut, h 

312 S nth 
Campbell Charles B. &, Co., iron niers. 119 Walnut 
Campbell Charles F., surgeon U. S. A., Hamil- 
ton ab :!.!d 
Campbell Cornelius, draj'mnn, 709 Wyatt 
Campbell C. Cuyler, salesman, 21.'!7 Arch 
Campbell C W., ."ioapA candle mnnuf. 1106 South 
Campbell Daniel, laborer, 1()0-1 Carlton 
Cami.bell Daniel, porter, 822 Chestnut 
Campbell Daniel, stone cutter, r 721 New|Market 
Campbell Daniel, laborer, r 1441 Philip 
Campbell Duvid, gardener, 711 S 17th 
C.nmi.bell David, carpenter. 40fi N 19th 
Campbell Dennis, 310 Bradford 
Ciimpbcll D., laborer, 8 Gravel's ct 
Campbell D., 717 S 8th 
Campbell Edward, laborer, 1143 S ICth. 
Cami)betl Edward, gaiter fitter, 722 Willow 
Camiibell Eilward P., tvpe founder. 523 China 
CAMPBELL EDWARD S., att'y-at-law, 529 

Campbell Eliza, 1G12 Grace 
Campbell Elizabeth, dressmaker, 2112 Sansom 
Campbell Elizabeth, 1506 N 6th 
Campbell Ellen, gentw. Amber n Ann 
Campbell E., grocer, N E Huntingdon k Salmon 
Campbell E., wine it liquor store, 10(i2 N Front 
Cam]ibell Fannj', washwoman, 1612 Ilelniuth 
Campbell Francis, clerk. Grape n 34th, Mantua 
Campbell Francis, carter, 2318 Pine 
Campbell Francis, notary public, 142J S 4th, bds 

Merchants' Hotel 
Campbell Francis, laborer, r 2010 Market 
Campbell Francis, gent. 1918 Plymouth 
Campbell F. J. (c), barber, 610 S 11th 
Campbell Gabriel, provisions, 822 Federal 
Campbell Gabriel, grocer, 1146 S 8th 
Campbell George, dining saloon, 321 Chestnut, h 

527 S Juniper 
Campbell George, 1316 Rose 
Campbell George, laborer, 914 Vienna 
Campbell George, contractor, 1812 Addison 
Campbell George, laborer, r 13.'i Carpenter 
Campbell George W., com. mer. 151 S Front, h 

241 N 6th 
Campbell George W., machinist, 541 N 25th 
Campbell Ilance. carter, 1308 N Front 
Camj)bell Henry, machinist, 1323 Parrish 
Campbell Henry, ice dealer, 20 S 10th 
Campbell Henry, boatman, Mulberry, Myk 
Campbell Henry, carman, 2210 Xaudain 
Campbell Hiram, bartender, 80 S 12th 
Cami)bell James, tavern. Hope A Master 
Campbell James, stone cutter, 201S Filbert 

The Popular ClotWng 

Campbell James, plasterer, 1911 Cuthbert 
Campbell James, paper folder, 203 Path 
Campbell James, City Controller, 759 .'^ 9th 
Campbell .lames, laborer, 1425 ."^hippen 
Campbell James, coaehman, r IIH Ohio 
Camjibell .lames, clerk, r 846 Randolph 
Campbell James, laborer, 1012 Milton 
Campbell James, carjientor, 308 Tru.xton 
Campbell James, grocer, 1100 Market, h 253 N 

Campbell James, rigger, 1025 Moyamensing av 
Cam)ibell James, bricklayer, 1441 Philip 
Campbell James, dry gonds, 1333 N lOih 
Campbell James, ati y-at-law, 215 S 0th 
Cam]ibell Janjes, drayman, 722 Birch 
Cam|)l)ell James, oop|iorsmith, 1604 Carlton 
Campbell Janjes, eluthing, 407 S 2d 
Campbell James, clerk, 1215 Green 
Campbell Janu-s, carter, Shi]i)>on st wharf 
Campbell James, carter, 538 N 24th 
Camjibell James, apothecary, 749 S 15th 
Campbell .Tames, 715 Esjiey 

Cam). bell James, butcher, S W Unity A Orchard 
Caujpbell .lames, gentleman, 227 N 9lh 
Campbell .James, goldbeater, 6 .Sa.xon pi 
Ciimpbell .Tames, laborer, r 1531 Carlton 
Campbell James, laborer, 1145 Jackson 
Campbell James, laborer, 515 S 15th 
Cani|ibell James, laborer, 1341 Rose 
Cam|ibell James, laborer, 1154 .S 1.3th 
Camjibell James, laborer, 1151 S 10th 
Camjibell .Tames, laborer. Amber n Otis 
Campbell James, livery stable, 79 Fkd av, Fkd 
Camjibell James, packer, 832 Market, h 749 S 

15 th 
Camjibell .Tames, weaver, 5 Derringer's ct 
Campbell .Tames (c), 1016 Fitzwater 
Camjibell James A., measurer, 734 S 8th 
Camjibell James D., hatter, 843 Daricn 
Cnmj)bell James H., wine A liquors, N E 3d A 

Camjibell James R., mer. 727 Chestnut, h 1308 


hrl/, Binjamin /'. Knriicl-, Alr.V4indcr Rickey, 

if William L. DungUioti), dry goods, 727 

Camj)bell James W., grocer, S W 2d A Walnut, 

h 3200 Arch 
Campbell Jane, 533 Carpenter 
Campbell Jane, gentw. 1512 Bodine 
Campbell Jeremiah 0., mer. 108 Market, h 404 

Stevens, Camden 
Campbell .Toanna, widow, 401 S 17th 
Camjibell John, bookseller, 419 Chestnut, h 1741 

Camjibell John, bottler, 6 Heyer pi 
Campbell John, bootfitter, 935 Hall 
Campbell John, bricklayer, 1707 Chestnut, h2013 

Camjibell John, brickmaker, 7th bel Diamond 
Camjibell John, builder, 2013 Winter 
Campbell John, carjienter, 9.''5 Suffolk 
Camjibell John, carjienter, 1327 South 
Campbell John, coachman, 24 Hickey 
Campbell John, coal, 2006 Market 
Camjibell John, dyer, Thompson's al, Myk 
Campbell .Tohn, grocer, 1436 Barclay 
Camjibell John, janitor, l.'ilH South 
Cnmjjbell John, laborer, Ijancaster avbel Market 
Camjibell John, laborer, Oxford n 2d 
Campbell John, laborer, 2107 Winter 
Campbell John, laborer, Christian st wharf, Sch 
Camjibell John, laborer, r 1630 Lombard 
Campbell John, machinist, 1108 Anita 

House of Philadelphia. 




Ciimpboll Jdhn, ran.nuf. li Fnirviow 
Ciiinphiill John, iniinuf. Main, Myk, li Myk 
Carniifxill J.iliri, mcrcluinl,, l(i;;i In 2(1 
Cam|ih()ll .Idlin, niHicliimt,, IlcHlorivilhi 
Oanifilicll Jiiliii, slioiiiiiakcr, 1 Vinki;r"H ct 
Caiiiiil)«ll JdliM, NlM.cmakcr, l.'MIS) Wheat 
Ciiiiii)l)(^ll .lolin, uliociiiakor, 20'ir) iSoiith 
(JaIl)[>l((^ll .li)lin, ,sli(i|), '.W Almond 
CanijilK'H John, tiiistnilh, '2(121 Kn-injiton 
Can)|ihrll John, wimivoi', Fiaiikl'ord av ii Danjihin 
Caniiilidll John 1)., drivcir, \ N HLh 
CAMI'HMM, JOHN If., aUorney-at-law, 310 

N OUi 
Cainiiholl JoliM )l., k.M'per, 1151 S 1 Ith 
OamI•h<^ll John I'., (Mimluctor, V-VVl Crease 
Camiiliidl John h., ooni. iner. 104 N Delaware av 

k H):i N Water 
Campion, Jolui \V., photographer, 1811 Filljert 
CamplK!ll Jnii.iljian, t!;<!iiLleman, 930 Poiilar 
Caniplndi Jdseph, Park n 28th 
Cainphcll Joseph, printer, 108 Market, h 1324 

Campbiill tfoKoph, laborer, 1313 Kates 
Canipbidl Joseph, laborer, 11)20 Burton 
Campbell Joseph, machinist, 62 Frankford, Fkd 
Camphell Jos^b, merchant, 108 JVIarket, h 1324 

Campbell Joseph Miller, 13th & Hamilton, h 1231 

Button wood 
Campbell Joseph (o), waiter, 202 Acorn al 
Campbell Joseph A., seaman, 1181 S llth 
Campbell Joseph II., grocer, Grermautown av, 

Rising Sun 
Campbell Joseph 8., baker, 1211 Ogden 
Campbell J. Alexander, upholsterer, 412 Stockton 
Campbell, J. 0. & Brothers (Jeremiah O., Jr^sep//, 

^ Cluirlt's C((mphM), foreign and domestic 

fruits, 108 Murket 
Campbell J. R., 1308 Filbert 
Campbell Louis, laborer, Ella n Emerald 
Campbell Louisa, r 1230 Mascher 
Campbell L., Ella ab Coral 
Campbell Mnrgaret, tailoress, 622 Paul 
Campbell Margaret,' gentlewoman, 1702 Wood 
Campbell Margaret, dry goods, 1741 Lombard 
Campbell Margaretta, shop, 1042 S 4th 
Campbell Mark, laborer, 1234 Ellsworth 
Campbell Martin, watchman, 7 Loomis pi 
Campbell Mary, tniloress, John n Spring Garden 
Campbell Mary, gentlewoman, 238 Crown 
Campbell Mary, ladies shoes, 223 S llth 
Campbell Mary, 428 Pine 
Campbell Mary, t-iilo'ess, 1125 Charles 
Campbell Maiv, 332 Bradford 
Campbell Mary, gentlewoman, 1441 N Front 
Campbell Matthew, laborer. Federal W of 27th 
Campbell Matthew, gardener, 749 N 24th 
Campbell Alatthew, gentleman, 309 N 6th 
Campbell Michael, tailor, 1107 Anita 
Campbell Michael, shoemaker, 7 Lincoln pi 
Campbell Jliehael, piinter, (Joodbread pi 
Campbell Michael, laborer, Muller w of Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Campbell M. G., mate, Clermont ab Washington 

Campbell Neil, inspector. 1118 S 12th 
Campbell Neil, tailor, 1120 S 12th 
Campbell Neil F., attorney-at^law, 1118 S 12th 
Campbell Olive, gentlewoman, 537 N llth 
Campbell Olive, grocer, 616 S Juniper 
Campbell Owen, laborer, r 1339 Palethorp 
Campbell Palmer, miller, 821 West 
Campbell Patrick, gentleman, 733 S 4th 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 1011 Ward 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, r 1316 Carpenter 

Waaamaker & Browa, Oak Hall, 

Campbell Patrir;k, laborer, 805 Kutherliind 
(;aMi[)b<'.ll I'litrick, laborer, Winnabickon, Gtn 
Ciitiiphell I'jitrick, labor<;r. I.';52 Ciidwiil.ider 
(Jainpbiill Patrick, Hlioemaker, HIO Stoward 
Canipliell I'iitrick, weaver, r 1315 Gtn iiv 
Oainphell Piitriek, weaver, lOttH iJorriineo 
Campbell Patiick II., boilerniaker, 1914 Butlon- 

('iinipbell Peter, dyi^r, American nCoIuinbiaav 
CiiMipbell P.-ter, giocer, 1127 Milton 
Campbell Peler, laborer, 1120 Hope 
CMiiipbell B., laborer, Aiithrjieile bel Thomp.^on 
Campbell I'eter. laborer, 2328 Merrfdilh 
Cii.mpliell Peter, laborer. Mil Pljili|) 
Campbell P. boot and shoe iniiuuf. 1005 LocuBt 
Cam). bell Quintin, 240 H 8th 
Campl)ell Ric^iard, tnilor, 1035 South 
Ciimpbell IJoberl,, dyer, 1800 Naiiduin 
C inipbell Robert Jl., merehant, 921 Clinton 
Ciimpbell Ros.'inna, gentlewoman, 410 Redwood 
Campbell R. J., clerk, 1102 Chestnut 
Campbell Samuel, druggist. 1509 Vine 
Campbell Samuel, laborer, 1326 Mariner 
Campbell Samuel, carpenter, 1612 Helmuth 
Campbell Samuel S , salesman, 151 S Front, h 

New Market ii Brown 
Campbell Sangford P., bookkeeper, 516 Market, 

h 215 Jacoby 
Campbell Sarah, candystore, 1236 Filbert 
Campbell Sarah, searastres.a, 130 Holmes al 
Campbell Sarah, 1940 South 
Campbell Simpson, porter, 1943 South 
CAMPBELL ST. (iEO. T., attorney-at-law, 210 

S 4th, h Chestnut Hill 
Campbell Susanna, dressmaker, 1021 Market 
Campbell Thomas, carpenter, 743 S 15th 
Campliell Thomas, conductor, Ilaverford n 4l8t 
Campbell Thomas, grocer, N E 22d & Summer, h 

22d bel Summer 
Campbell Thomas, hotel, N W 2d & Thompson 
Campbell laborer, 1934 Cuthbert 
Campbell Thomas, stonemason, r Columbia av 

ab 2d 
Campbell Thomas P., miller, 13th & Willow, h 

612 N 16th , 
Campbell Townsend, brushmaker, Wildey bel 

Campbell Tristram, gentleman, 145 Brown 
Campbell William, 50 N 13th 
Campbell William, blacksmith, 344 N 4th, h 410 

Campbell William, carpenter, 1914 Cuthbert 
Campbell William, carpenter, 820 N 19th 
Campbell William, chairs, 1705 Coates 
Campbell William, cooper, 45 Norfolk 
Campbell ^Villiam, driver, S Hickory 
Campbell William, gentleman, 240 S Sth 
Campbell William, grocer, 644 Pine 
Campbell William, hotelkeeper, 1100 South ' 
Campbell William, laborer, 2325 Owens 
Campbell William, laborer, 1831 Naudain 
Campbell William, laborer, 344 S Front 
Campbell William, laborer, 2220 Shamokin 
Campbell William, liverystables. 2102 Sansom 
Campbell William, manuf. Magnet, Myk 
Campbell William, machinist. Dauphin n Gaul 
Campbell William, patternmaker. State ab Pow- 

elton av 
Campbell William, sailor, 1336 Savery 
Campbell William, salesman. 417 S 2d 
Campbell William, watchman, Mascher ab Soni' 

Campbell William H.. engineer. 515 N 15th 
Campbell William H., clerk, 642 N Sth 
Campbell William H,shoe.<, 335 S 2d, h 2d Jb Pine 
Corner Sixth and Market StreetSi 




Cninplull Willinni C, A S .< l'. 1122 Chestnut, h | Cnnnoll S. \V., importer, 325 Chestnut, li Torro?- 

XVi Uradlora j .liilo 

Cuini'bt'll William P., jilumher, 17211 Loinhnrd I Cjinneii Nnil, conductor, .<5ompr«et n Spring 
Cumpliell Williiun P., clocks, 1124 Chestnut, h ' t'linnct Willitiin. stonj-cultrr. .".oih ul> Bridge 

2.'U M:idison I Cimninu George W., 202S Winter 

C:inipli-'ll William S., tavern, N E Ttli A Federal i Canning John, tftvern, S W Cadwnlnder A Thomp- 
CAMl'lJKLL WILLlAiM S., .St Lawrenee hotel, ] son 

IDIS Chestnut Cannin;; Letitia. drewmnkin?, 211 S lltli 

Campbell William W., com. mer. IM S Front, h • Canning Matlliins. stonecutter, 712 Mn-iter 

4t>l Franklin ' Canning Sarah, dressmiiking, 211 .^^ lllh 

Campbell William Y., leulher preservative, 215 S ' Canning William S., printer. 210 S TJili 

Front, h 73» S sth 
Can>pernell Ira, ventilator maker. 2S N Kith 
Camperson Joseph, police, 17."I7 Ilurton 
Cumpiou John W., olerk, r.'.tf. Whitehall 
Campion Joseph H., furniture, 2t5I 8 2d, h 236 

Campion Thomas, S E I'.tth A Coates 
Camral Augustus, gilder, 21;) Crown 
Canan John, laborer, l.'t2.S l^ntiiarine 
Cnnan William, laborer, l.'M2 Kates 
Cnnapha Mary, boarding house, '.112 Cherry 
Canary Andrew, tailor, 1112 Hamilton 
Cunavan John, plasterer, 2052 Hand 
Cnnavan J., Uirard av ab Norris 
Canbloss Charles, broker, h 1909 (ircen 
CAN BY A BRO. (Georfft iV Jo/iii), plumbers <k 

ga.-litters, .'121 Areii 
Cnnby Ann C, 115 N 7th 
Canbv lieorge, plumber <t gasfitter, .'521 Arch, h 

Wa"lnut bcl .'iSth 
Canbv John, plumber, 321 Arch, h Baring ab 

35th, W P 
Canbv Joseph, engineer in Mint, h 831 Arch 
Canbv Joseph, clerk in Mint, h 831 Arch 
Canl.y. Neville & Hughes {Smiiiie/ T. Cmihy, 
Grur^r Nrrillc i\- Tliomns 11 1( suites), notions <t 
fancy goods, 314 Market 
Canbv Samuel, baker, S.".I Arch 
Canby S. T., merchant. .".U Market, h 629 Vine 
Canby William J., clerk Custom House, h 1 14 N 

Candclet Allen, accountant, Jlempiiis n Norris 
Ganders William, millwright, 1213 Parrish 
Candidus William, jiianomMker,, 1. '!."..'! Mary 
Candle Phili]>, laborer, r 1512 Pearl 
Candlet John L., clerk, 1531 Hancock 
Candy James B., dentist. 1245 N lllh 
Candy Thomas, machinist, 313 Allen 
Cone Catharine, gentlewoman, 1223 Ellsworth 
Cane Mark, seaman. 3 Edward's ct 
Cane Samuel, seaman, Ann n Bath 
Caner William J., blacking A ink, 138 k 140 N 

Front, h 547 N 0th 
Canficld Francis, grocer, 722 Sbippen 
Canfield James, brickmaker. 2121 Pine 
Canfielil John, carpenter, r 102.S Christian 
Canfielil John, inn keejier, 930 Christian 
Canfield Kichard, br^'kniaker, 8 Cope 
Canfield Theodore, halter. 438 Canton 
Canier Mrs., widow, 2131 llamstead 
Carrig.-in John, dealer, 428 S 2d 
Cani.- Edward, tailor, r 85i'> N 4th 
Cann C, carriage maker, 1020 Olive 
Cann Ferdinand, furnace buibler, .'f20 Borden 
Cann Henry, jjolice. 2219 Clayton 
Cann John, segar store, Daiipliiii n Sepviva 
Cann Alary A., gentlewoman. 2.'id bel Locust 
Cann Simon, coach trimmer, 1020 Olive 
Canna Thomas, carpenter, 9:yi S9th 
Cannada Margaret, groceries, 1347 Srinlh 

Cannon Brothers (John H. iV Rirh,i,d B. Can- 
non), package drugs, .'Jl S Front 
Cannon Cecilia, tailore.«s, 438 Harmony 
Cannon Charles, printer, 752 S 13th 
Cannon (Jeorge W. (c), barber, 1100 Stiles, h 

Buckley n 5th 
Cannon Ilenry, laborer, Anthony bel Dickerson 
Cannon H., 1212 Fitzwnter 

Cannon James, stove A tin smith, 034 Callowhill 
Cannon James, grocer, 1228 Davis 
Cannon James, laborer, 39 N 21st 
Cannon James, salesman, 610 Chestnut, h 924 

Cannon James, laborer, 752 S 13th 
Cannon .lohn, laborer, 7 N 2d f 

Cannon John, laborer, 211^ Tower 
Cannon John, plasterer, 1(>39 Lombard 
Cannon John, house painter, 207 Allen 
Cannon .Tolin, clerk, 341 Walnut, h 1907 .Tones 
Cannon .Tidin, stonecutter, 2o2ii I'lvergrcen 
Cannon John H., merchant, 31 S Front, h 247 

Cannon J., wheelwright, R E Bridge A Water, 

Cannon Alary, groceries, 748 Passynnkav 
Cannon Mary, gentlewoman, Graff 
Cannon Mary, gentleweman, 717 Moss 
Cannon Minus, shoemaker, Manning n S 24th 
Cannon Patrick, shop, 242 Currant al 
Cannon Patrick, driver, 408 S 23d 
Cannon Patrick, provisions, 52."> .'' 7lh 
Cannon Philip, M.I)., 1329 S 10th 
Cannon Richanl, waterman, Tilton ab Cumber- 
Cannon Richard B., merchant. 31 S Front, h 247 

Cannon Roderick, porter, Brabant A Sorrel, h 

Bath it Ann 
Cannon llosetta L., gentlewoman, 247 Pine 
Cannon Sarah, widow, 712 Hclniuth 
Cannon Thomas, laborer, 2045 Jimes 
Cannon Thomas, lieutenant, 328 Borden 
Cannon Thomas B., stationer, 247 Pine 
Cannon William, shoemaker, 020 Filbert 
Cannon William (c), seaman, 708 Minster 
Cannon William A., stoves, 317 S 2d 
Cannon William H., salesman, 36 N 4lb, h 36 N 

Canon .Tames, tinsmith, h 3 Banker's row 
Canon John, clerk. 1027 Hunter 
Canon William W., t..bacconist, 1411 A 1113 Vine 
Cansanetta N., dealer, r 5 Dickson's al 
Cnntcn Patrick, shoemaker, 816 Marriott 
Canter Jacob II., fancy goo.Is, 4 S 8th, h 15th & 

Cantlcy Alexander, laborer, 1309 Lancaster 
Cantlin John, painter A glazier, 416 Christian 
Cantling Mary, seamstress, 3ti4 Monroe 
Canton Margaret (c), gentlewoman, 534 Vincent 
Canton Kichard, (123 Guilford 
Canton Tea Company, .'ih'? N 2d 

Cannainan John, shoemaker. 220 Wharton 

Cannan Mary, washerwoman, Mullan n i^omerset ' Canton William, tailor. 303 Gaskill 
Cannavan Mary J., gentlewoman, 239 Jefferson ' Cantor Isaac, blacksmith, 729 West 
Cannavin Jo.seph, tailor, 910 Lafayette ' Canlrell Edwanl J., dealer, 823 Ta.'iker 

Strangers and Citizens are recommended to purchase their 




Cimtrell Ooorge W., dealer, 82.'{ Taskor 
Cantroll Jolin A., drugs, S W (larpontcr k 2d 
Ciitil.roll I'li.lrrick, liihoror, U{)U (!iiiliii,riMii 
CaiiU-oll VVilliiiin A,, M. I),, (','12 Ciilliiij-iiHi 
CANTWI'II.L k \iV.¥VVM (Jmacs li. Cml n'r.ll i( 

John C K('lfi'.r), imp. k wliolnwalo donlcrH in 

wirioH <fc liqitorH, S K Gtn av Sc, Maslar, <fc 250 N 

CaiiUvoli lOihvard, lithograjiher, A- Edon pi 
CanUvoll Jarnos, disUllor, 200 N Front, ii W P 
Canlvvoll Jiiinc!s, carponlor, SoinevHet n Amber 
Cantwoli Jam(!s H., li((uor.s, 4ist ah lliitlon, W P 
CaiilAviiil .Mi(!lia(!l, fcrooi^r, 210 Tlnion 
Ciiiilwrll Nic.liolas, piiHtor, 228 (iiKHMi 
Cii-nlwoll I'n-trlck, iaboror, Somerset n Am1)cr 
Caiiiy Diiiinis, weaver, r lOS Mastor 
Canty FUt'n, gentlewoman, r i;)8 Master 
Canty .lanics, slii)) carjjontor, r l.W Ma-nter 
Canty .Ti-rcMiiinli, weaver, r I/iH Mastor 
Canty J('ieiiiiaii, weaver, l-'l Byron pi 
Canty John, weaver, r 158 Master 
Canty Micliiiel, weaver, r 15;)7 Philip 
Canty l''i dlerick, cii-rtor, .'58 Lcojiard 
Ciipohart (!hnrlcs, briekliiyor, r 709 St John 
Ca.peharl DiiiiicI, police, 1215 Otis 
Capehart Hannah, gentlewoman, r 1415 Hewgon 
Capehart Henry, brickmaker, 324 S 19th 
Capehart Henry, eordwainer, Norris n Graul 
(';i|ieh!irt John, watchman, S E iMeni|)hi.s, Grordon 
Capehart >V(ilter, monlder, Norris n Gaul 
Capehart William, bricklaver, 1237 Otis 
CAPEN JOHN L., phrenologist and bookseller, 

9'22 Chestnut, h 2003 Popl.'ir 
Capic .Idseph, waterman, 740 Swanson 
C'apie iMnria, tailoress, 21 Mead 
Capp John C, stock and note broker, 23 S 3d, h 

250 N 12th 
CAPP JOHNC. &SON(Jo//.» C. i,-JohnS. Capp), 

stock !ind note brokers, 23 S 3d 
Capp John S., stock and note broker, 23 S 3d, 

h 1020 Poplar 
Capp 8arauel M., salesman, 435 Market, h 2122 

15 rand V wine 
C:ipp Wi'lliam M., clerk, 250 N 12th 
Cappell Samuel, eordwainer, 1211 Cass 
Capper & Phelan {A. H. Capper, Geo. D. F/te/.ajt), 

laces and embroideries, 5 Bank 
Capper A. II., merchant, 5 Bank, h 1238 N Front 
Capper John, cabinet maker, 1344 Hope 
Capper John, gentleman, 1334 Hope 
Capper Thomas, cloth finisher, 1334 Hope 
Capper William, bookkeeper, 16 S Front, h 46 

N 3d 
Cappos Peter, gasfitter, 166 Bodine 
Cnppnck George, clerk, 728 Buttonwood 
Caproa John B., attorney at law, 204 S 5th, h 

Woodland bel Market 
Caragan Richard, driver, r 861 N 4tli 
Caraher James, carter, 725 Eneu 
Carather Henry, butcher, Meetler bel 7tli 
Carberry Alice, 1119 Walnut 
Carberry Ann, gentlewoman, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry Ann,' gentlewoman, Fitler ab 2d 
Cirberry James, laborer, Carroll n Frankford av 
Carberry John, umbrella frame maker, 1331 Earl 
Carberry Rosanna, 634 St jMary 
Carberry William, liquors, S E 24th & Sp Garden 
Carbin Augustus, carpenter, 339 German 
Carbon Timothy, laborer, 1655 S Front 
Carbrey John, liquors, 536 N Front 
Carbry David, blacksmith, 226 N 2d 
Carceil Ada, trimmings, 788 S Front 
Cardell Edw., earpent'er, 2310 Pine 
Cnrden Richard, weaver, 2045 Hampton 
Cardeti Richard A., Rev., 1S36 AVallace 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Cn,rden Thomns, hotel, 021 S .'Jd 

(/'ardeii ^V'illiitt^, 260 Lijvuiil, 

Cardet, B., dentist, 910 Walnut 

Cardifl' John, porter, 'I'liliii nb Mont(fotn<;ry iir 

Carde/.a JoMeph, tieket agent, 1721 Grc;i;ri 

Cardwoll George, dealer, lOIS l-'iirker 

Cardvvoll George C., broker, llcrrnnn. Gtri 

CardwrdI John, j/aintor, 719 S Ilth 

Cardwell Mary, gentlewoman, i.'JIO Wood 

Cardwell It. T., denti.'^l, 529 I'ine 

Cardwell Thomas C, coininiHHJon merelifint, 1)0 

Chestnut, h 715 Sansom 
Cardwell William, f)luinber, 831 Ellsworth 
Cardwell Williiiiii, paintiT, 719 S lllli 
Carily Jain''.<!, boiler rniker, 1541 Tudor 
Caro Charles, gentleman, 1629 Erely 
Care William, currier, 1340 Jirandywine 
Caree Edw., insjiector, Washington av ab 25th 
Careless George, plater, Amber n Otis 
Carels J. JI., clerk, 1312 Ji.'own 
Caress Isabella, pattern maker, 1215 N 3d 
Caress William, builder, 1215 N 3d 
Carey Amos, carpenter, Geripantown av, 11 Sun 
Carey Andrew W., clerk, 432 N 19th 
Carey Anna E. (c), school teacher, 3 al 
Carey Bernard, laborer, 3 Colebrook pi 
Carey Edward, carpenter, Bucknal ab Hare 
Carey Edward, laborer, Allen it Budd, W P 
Carey Francis, clerk, 341 Washington av 
Carey Francis, morocco finisher, 84 7 St John 
Carey George, chairraaker, 847 St John 
Carey H. C, gentleman, 1102 Walnut 
Carey, morocco dresser, r 305 Brown 
Carey James, laborer, 117 Pegg 
Carey James, laborer, 255 N 2d 
Carey James, grocery, N W 24th A Spruce 
Carey James B., plasterer, 1711 AVebster 
Carey John, coachman, 707 Ilelmuth 
Carey John, carpenter, Paul n Green, Fkd 
Carej' John, driver, 8 A=hton pi 
Carey John, carpenter, 2004 Carlton 
Carey John, tailor, Columbia av n American 
Carey John, laborer, r 126 Keef'e 
Carej' John, shoemaker, 1232 Peters 
Carey Martin, shoemaker, 24th ab Spruce 
Carey Mary, gentlewoman, 2 Howard 
Carey Morris, captain, N W 24th & Spruce 
Carey Peter, laborer, r 404 New Market 
Carey Robert, sutler U. S. A., 1039 Stocker 
Carey R. Davis, bookseller, 218 Jl.arket 
Carey Stephen H., engineer, 310 N Sth 
Carey Thomas, engineer, 746 S Front 
Carey Thomas, laborer, Somerset n Belgrade 
Carey William, shop, 758 S 8th 
Carey William, engineer, William ab Edgemont 
Carey William, cutter, 1232 Peters 
Carfold John, tailor, r 616 Peach 
Carfrey Edwin, eordwainer, Dauphin n Carroll 
Carfrey Elijah B., brickmaker, Carroll n Dauphin 
Carfrey William R., shoemr. Carroll ab Dauphin 
Carhart Samuel, shoemaker, 108 Almond 
Carie J. P., U. S. A., 1712 Barker 
Cark Thomas, plasterer, 1605 Marshall 
Carl Christopher, wood, 808 Burns 
Carl Esther, gentlewoman, Germantown av,, Gtn • 
Carl Jacob, watchman, 25 Pennsylvania av 
Carl Matthew, laborer. Almond bel Reading av 
Carl Peter, carpenter, Bockius, Gtn 
Carlau William, machinist, 2058 Lombard 
Carland Ann, r 1015 Moyamensing av 
Garland James, iron moulder, 5 Chambers av 
Garland John, N E 17th i Carpenter 
Carland Michael, laborer, 1923 Ann 
Carle John H,, boots and shoes, 1210 N 10th 
Carle Michael, 1114 Lentz 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Carle Williiiiu. rags. 209 Comptroller 

Carliin Lewis, cnrter. r IHO'.I Nuhlo 

Curies Kiiiiiiik C, butel. I'll? Green 

Carle." Friiii^, printer, 22.'> Brown 

Cnrlo.f iJeorpc, tavern kee^R'r, 4'2'2 Kupin 

Carle-< llenrv, tailor, r tUti T.-uunrinil 

Curies AVilliiira. re.itiiurunt, l^".'4 Addison 

Cnrleton Ann, irontlewouuin, .'•■-'I Spruce 

Citrleton llenrv, jjentleuian, 1 -'<•.'{ Spruce 

Cnrleton L., fancy K'""''. !'•' ^' •'^''' 

Cnrleton Samuel, liuililer, I Hi N »<lh 

Cnrleton Tliomns II., cnr|)entor. IHIH Cherry 

Cnrley Frnncisi. black.xinith, 2IL''-' Culhbert 

Carley Jnuie.«, laborer. -IL'-'i N IStli 

Cariile Amos, .stone dealer, I'lji* N iL'lh 

Carlile Helena, gentlewoman, 7ll2 N I'Jth 

Cnrlile .Inmes, nniHon, 1642 Cnllowliill 

Cirlile John, bootmnker. 1542 Ciillowhill 

Carlilo J. A., bookkeeper, 44 S Front, h 659 N 

Cnrlile Robert, .-itonemn.son, IS.'Jti lUioads 
Carlile Thomns J.. 702 N llMh 
Cnrlin Harney, plumber, t'>2.''> Fitzwatcr 
Curlin Cnthnrine. I Herbert pi 
Carlin Chnrle.s H.. police, I0(l2 Anita 
Carliii K hvnrd, laborer, 1915 Biitlonwood 
Cnrlin Kdward l!.. detective police, S W ath and 

Chestnut, h 24(1 S 1 1th 
Cnrlin Kliznbeth. widow, r lfil8 Lombard 
Carlin Franci.«, shoemaker, 609 Wii.shington av 
Carlin Frank, blacksmith, r 921 Palmer 
Cnrlin (ieorge. hostler, 8 Western av 
Carlin Henry, dealer, 52S N 24th 
Cnrlin Jame.s, laborer, Allen al> lUnM 
Carlin John, moroccoshaver, l.'i;ill Howard 
Carlin John, farmer, 2023 Reeves 
Carlin John, .■>21 Marriott 
Carlin John, bartender, 'Mi N 15th 
Carlin John, snlesmnn, 1220 Market 
Carlin John, laborer, r 15th n Spring Garden 
Carlin Jnhn, wheelwright, llaverford n 30th, h 

24th bel lii.ldle 
Carlin Martha, widow, 1645 Lombard 
Curlin M.Tiy. milliner, 1316 Kate.s 
Carlin .Michael, hotel, S E Front and Vine 
Cnrlin Michael, tavern, 1847 Callowhill 
Carlin M., lacework, 246 S llth 
Cnrlin Patrick, halter, 620 Fitzwater 
Carlin Patrick, laborer, 525 Marriott 
Carlin Patrick, .shoemaker, 523 N 25th 
Carlin Pliilip, mason. 1214 Temple 
Carlin Philip, llour, 224 S Del av, h 503 S Broad 
Carlin ."^arah, washing, 13 Uoyd's nv 
Carlin Thonia.", eii^'incer, 7 McDonald av 
Carlin 'I'homa.s, laborer, 2107 Cuthbert 
Carlin William, drayman, 530 N 24th 
Carlin William, tip,stnve, 826 Ellsworth 
Carlin William F., salesman, 224 S Del av, h 503 

S Broad I 

Carlin Win. I., sec. & treas. Delaware Market, 

Dock St wharf, h S W and 34lh 1 

Carlind lluirh. porter, 726 Biker } 

Carlind William, .shoemaker, Clearfield n Amber i 
Carlin^ton Thoma.s. gentleman, Oak. Myk i 

Carlisle Elizabeth S., gontw. 2210 Shamokin I 

Carlisle Francis, watchman, 1527 Burton ' 

Carlisle Henry, comb manuf. 41 N 8th i 

Carlisle Henry, marble paper, Wheeler's ct j 

Carlisle Wm., Jr.. accountant. 5311 N 22d I 

Carll M. F., dentist, 1220 Filbert 
Carloii Anthony, moulder. 514 Buckley 
Carlon Charles, tailor, 514 Bui;kliy | 

CurloD Daniel J., lithographer, 903 Tasker | 

Carlow Francis, tavern, 21 N 12th ! 

Carlluu David, planemaker, 528 China 

Best Place in the City to huj 

Carlton Mary, gentw. I40,S Warnock 

Carlton t^., hotel, 265 S Broad 

Carly Eli/iabeih, 641 Paul 

Carlyle Susan, clothing, 536 ■'loulh 

Curiuack Isaac (c), whitewashor, 614 Bay 

Carmick Susan, widow, 435 Lombard 

CARMAN & SCHERR (S.inine/ ^^ Cirmnn ouil 

Lnris A. Sr/i,-rr), importers of wntehmakent' 

tools iV materials, 41 S 2d 
Ciirmnn Charles, mason, 5th nb Dauphin 
Cnnnnn I'hnrles C, 1546 N 12th 
Cnriniin Chas. V., shoemaker. Front ab Berks 
Cnrinan Elon, bricklayer, A nb N 22d 
Carman Elon, bricklayer, 2105 (3.xford 
Cnrman (icorge W., captnin, 315 Buttonwood 
Carman Jnmes, mason, 779 N 24lh 
Cnnnnn James II., tenmster, 513 Wnshingtou av 
Carman J. C. conductor, 1212 N 19th 
Carman Moses, shop. 214 Currant al 
Carman Nathan, millwright, lt)7 Federal 
Carman Samuel S., dealer in watchmakers' tools, 

Ac, 41 S 2d, h 1419 Barclay 
Carman Stephen, locksmith, 1419 Barclay 
Carman Wilson P., harnessmaker, 1232 S 4lh 
Carmaiiy Alfred, laborer, 1241 S Front 
CARMAN Y C. gents" furnishing goods, 800 

Chestnut, h 1035 Coutes 
Cniniuny .Fncob, laborer, 1241 S Front 
Cnrmany Robert, clerk P. U.. 131 Arch 
Curmnny S., gents' furnishing, 8U0 Sansum, h 

1035 Coatcs 
Carmany William, l.'Jl Arch 
Carmiehael James, plasterer, 1626 Shipfien 
CARMU'HAEL JAMES, manuf. patent oil cloth, 

132 N 3d, h Franklinville, Penn 
Carmiehael Wm., gents' furnishing goods, 63 N 

2d, h 1535 N 12lh 
Carmick Lewis, com. druggist, 147 S Front, h 

Chestnut & 38lh 
Carmine Samuel J., shoemaker, 2d ab York 
Cnrmody Edward, laborer, 10 Dircy 
Carinody .Michael, co.alhenver, 3 Ezrn pi 
Carmant William, hostler, 7 Lance pi 
Carnahan Jane, .'59 N llth 
Carnahan John, mer. tailor, 1100 Chestnut, h 

113." Wi-tar 
Carnahan Joseph, collector, 1347 Melon 
Camay Rachel, gentlewoman, 2101 Mt Vernon 
Carncross J. C, contractor, 234 Chester 
Carncross John S , vocalist, 1119 Wistar 
Carnell Alfred (c), provisions, 18th bel Market, 

h 1708 Addison 
Carnell Charles, machinist, 186G Gtn av, h 1907 

N 7th 
Carnell John, machinist, 1907 N 7th 
Carnell Lafayette, tobacconist, 2125 Gtn av 
Carnes ('. Wesley, briekmakcr 720 S 16th 
Carnes Joseph, agent, 612 Catharine 
Carnes S;irah, gentlewoman. 612 Catharine 
Carney Bernard, porter, 128 S Front, h 1216 

Carney Bernard L., hatter, 627 S 6th 
Carney Catharine, washerwoman Salmon n 

Carney Catharine, gentw. 809 Christian 
Carney Caiharine. variety, 705 S 8th 
Carney Edward, carpenter, 1028 S 8th 
Carney Edward, blacksmith, 3026 Market 
Cnrney Eli/.n (e), senmsliess, 736 Washington av 
Carney Francis, laborer, Salmon & Monmouth 
Carney Hugh, jiolice, 37th ab Spruce 
Carney Hugh, laborer, 812 Tasker 
Carney Hugh, laborer, 933 Lafuyette 
Carney James, laborer, 724 .s^teward 
Carney James, bricklayer, 909 Lafayette 
good and c^eap Clothing at 




Carney Jiimos, wiitermdn, r '120 8 Front 
Ciirney Jiirne.=, watchnmn, .'i'2l Urinlford 
Carney Jii.inos, onk cooper, (lliO Urook 
Ciirney Jiiincs, driver, I02H ,S Htli 
Cii,rnoy .John, pnvor, .OOH Sliip|ieii 
Cii.rncy .John, li(|norH, Siilhiu-liMnl iiv 
Carne3' .JoIhi, stoveH, Cil.') I'aMsyunk av 
Carney .John, cook, 854 SwnnHon 
Ciirney .John, lahoror, 822 Fallon 
Ciirney .Jolin, wateirnari, H.'j'l Swan^on 
(I.'irney, hi.liorer, 1021 I'ariish 
Carney Mary, widow, Mi 10 llolinnth 
Carney Owen, laborer, .Slith liel M.irkot 
Carney Owen, whrjemaker, Now Bodford n l.'ith 
Carney I'lilriek, dealer, 1028 S 8l,h 
(Jarriey l*Mtri(d{, lahorcT, SI 2 Tiiskiir 
Carney Ilichard, <;liisslilower, '.) Factory 
Carney Hosetta, jronUv. Ji'iiwn n Columbia av 
('arney Thomas, blacksmith, l^l-'i Pearl 
Carney 'I'lioinaa, laborer, Sonierset n JJelpjrado 
Carney Thonias F., eiirponter, 812 Tasker 
Carney William, saihnaker, 1132 N lOth 
Carney William ((0, barber, 909 Pnssyunk av 
Carney William 11., butcher, 970 Percy 
Cams Charles W., police, 1910 Ringgold pi 
Cams Henry, waterman, 31 Poplar 
Cams Gilbert, police, 2138 Naudain 
Cams William, weaver, 3d bel Dauphin 
Carolan Christopher, weigher, 1041 Stocker 
Carolus Christian, bootmaker, 510 S 3d 
Carpar Hugh, shoemaker, 543 Lombard 

Carpenter , grocer. Levering, Myk 

Carpenter &, Baizley (Cluiiies A. Cfirpeuter (^ 

JoIdi Bd.zhi/), N W Shippen & Penn 
Carpenter Aaron E., millinery flovfers & ribbons, 

54 N 8th, h 218 Ja«oby 
Carpenter Albina, confectionery, 915 Vine 
Carpenter Byron, gentleman, Belair, Myk 
Carpenter Caleb, hat presser, 925 Washington av 
Carpenter Caleb (e), porter, 332 Dugan 
Carpenter Charles, bookkeeper, 8ti3 N 9th 
Carpenter Charles A., ship smith, Shippen & 

Penn, h 35 Shippen 
Carpenter Charles M., telegraph, 710 Noble 
Carpenter Charles R., morocco, 800 N 15th 
Carpenter Charles S., ice, 413 Franklin, h Bor- 

Carpenter Charles S. (c), 2 S Clifton 
Carpenter Charles S. & Co. {Ckarles S. Carj)^-)!.- 

ter, Julia Gleiidcuiiiiig if Joseph M. Triivian, 

Jr.), ice, 413 Franklin 
Carpenter Conrad, butcher, 1908 Cambridge 
Carpenter David C. huckster, 846 Randolph 
Carpenter D. L., dancing academy, 625 Arch, h 

Carpenter Edward G., clerk, 1218 Everett 
Carpenter Edmund, druggist, 1710 Green 
Carpenter Eliza, gentlewoman, 1109 Vine 
Carpenter Elmira, gentlewoman, 1307 Spruce 
CARPENTER E., conveyancer, 242 S 3d 
Carpenter E. B., drug. 737 M.arket, h 1710 Green 
Carpenter Francis, mer. tailor, 825 Chestnut, h 

311 S .3d 
Carpenter George, messenger, 2119 Sharswood 
Carpenter George W., carpenter, 226 Chester 
Carpenter George W., manuf. webs, tapes, <fec., 

201 Church al, h 4th A Cooper, Camden 
Carpenter G. W., Jr., clerk, 303 Branch, h Cdn 
Carpenter George W., Jr., mer. 737 Market, h j 

Carpenter George W. Henszey & Co. (Geo. W. 

Carpenter, Win. C. Hniszey ^- George W. \ 

Carpenter, Jr.) wholesale druggists, 737 Market ! 
Carpenter Ilarry B., mer. 40 S Del av, h 515 i 

"Wood i 

Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Carpenter Henry L., 242 K .'id 
Carpenter Henry M.. Khoemaker, 767 K Front 
CaTperiter H. C, ciiloxinan, 106 N 1)p.\ av 
C(irf)eiiU;r .lanie^, giniH, 2''> Oxford 
Car])ontor .TamoH 15., tailor, 127 Beck pi 
Carpenter .Jatnen H., livery, 27 N I6t,h 
Carpenter .Tune, genUcwomin, r 1711 I'earl 
Carpenter .John C,, bookbinder, 9117 Reed 
Cn-rpenlor .Tolin 1),, clerk, .326 I)enn 
Carpenter. John K., riilemaker, 862 N 4th 
Carpenter .John 7"., telegraph, 710 .N'oble 
Carpenter .Jo.ueph, carfienter, Wayne. Otn 
Carpenter .Joseph C, gentleman, )2I6 Bverett 
Carpenter .Joshua,, gentleman. .306 .Juniper 
Carpenter .J. Edwarfl, 242 8 .3d 
Carpenter Margaret, washerwoman, Free.ston pi 
Carpenter Mary A., gentlewoman. 1009 Vernon 
Carpenter Mary, gentlewoman. 41.3 I3iittonwuod 
C.irpenter Miles M., gent. Mt Vernon Hotel 
Carpenter M. H., Iiat.s & caps, 467 N 2d 
Carpenter .Joseph K., engraver, 242 Che!<tnut, h 

1824 Pine 
Carpenter Samuel, agent, 7 Penna. R. R. building 
Carpenter Samuel, collector, 515 Wood 
Carpenter Samuel, agent, 127 Beck |H 
Carjjenter Samuel, bookkeeper, 1028 Brown 
Carpenter Samuel H., bank note eng., .3d & Wal- 
nut, h 1717 
Carpenter Sarah, trimmings, 1511 Ridge av 
Carpenter Sarah (c), 511 Hurst 
Carpenter Simon, mouMer, 1037 Naylor 
Carpenter Thomas C, clerk, 8.38 N .Sth 
Carpenter W^illiam, driver, 1827 Ginnodo 
Carpenter William, laborer, 716 West 
Carpenter William, telegrapher, S W Chestnut & 

5th, h 977 Randolph 
Carpenter WMlliam, car driver, 130 Almond 
Carpenter William, 809 S 3d 
Carpenter W^illiam, mer. tailor, 825 Che.stnut, h 

1623 Arch 
Carpenter William, ice mer. York av &, Willow, 

h 413 Button wood 
Carpenter AV. (c), laborer, 412 Tenor pi 
Carpenter William C, stock broker, 42 S 3d, h 

260 S 15th 
Carpenter W'illiam H., tel. operator, 956 Kurtz 
Carpenter AV. T., salesman, 1206 Silver 
Carpenter AV. C, salesman, 126 Market, h 504 

CARPENTER AV. & F. {WUIiam ,V Francis 

Carpeiitrr), mer. tailors, 825 Chestnut 
Carr Andrew, machinist, N 6th ab Montgomery 

Carr Calvin C, brickmaker, 1050 Dorrance 
Carr Caroline, t.iiloress, 1711 Sansom 
Carr Charles, bedding, 250 South 
Carr Charles, sawyer, 1022 Crease 
Carr Charles, laborer, Allen la. Gtu 
Carr Charles, weaver, G T av bel Diamond 
Carr Charles, driver, 504 S 21st 
Carr Charles, Jr., salesman, 25it South 
Carr Charles AV., salesman, 30 7 Arch, h 1256 

Carr David, Laborer, 337 Bradford 
Carr Daniel, grocer, 726 S 7th 
Carr Daniel, laborer, ilonmouth n Salmon 
Carr Edward, gunsmith, 250 South 
Carr Edward, plumber, 2125 Locust 
Carr Edwin, jeweller, 1226 Marlborough 
Carr Emanuel, theatrical, 913 Passyunk aT 
Carr E.. 1302 Rodman 
Carr E. W.. 108 S 3d. h 912 X 4th 
Carr Francis, cooper, 502 S 21st 
Carr Frederick, mariner, 1311 Rodman 
Carr Goorge, tailor, Frankford av ab Dauphin 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Cnrr Ueorjjo, weaver, Allen hi, Citn ' Cnrr Snniuel, Rent. 122(> Marlbi)rouj;h 

Cnrr Geiir-^o W., uinbrvllii frames, N ^V 12th A ' Tarr ."^nimu-l iM., plasterer, 2 Walter's ot 

Noble, 1) 1" av bel Sharpuaek | C'arr Sarah, shopkeeper, II lit Fraiikford uv 

Carr (ienffre W. (e). waiter, l;'ili' li\irton | Carr Stephen, tavern, S12 S i;Uh 

CAIUI GKORtJK W. i CO {O'eon,'f IT. C/rrl Carr S. M., U. S. Inspeetor, KtllO ORden 

\ Simiir/ Wiiri itis^lo/i), steel I'rame, whulo- i Carr .^^ M., Jr., niiuihier, l.'tOO Opileu 

bone A rattan uianuf. N W 12th <t Nublo 

Carr Henry, briekiuaker, r 512 S lUih 

Carr Henry, brickmaker. 111.;'.' Dorrunce 

Carr lleury, haekUri\er, -llHi Cherry 

Carr Henry U., butcher, ll.'i."l Columbia av 

Carr Hiram, biicklayer, lieruiantown av 

Carr Isaae, hibi'ier, tilO S ISlh 

Carr .Taeob, inaehinist, Salniun ab Lehigh av 

Carr Jaeob E., plumber, IKU Sharkaniaxon 

Carr .lames, barkeeper, S W KUh &, Sausom 

Carr James, lalxirer, 820 Taskcr 

Carr James, 727 Moro 

Cnrr James, enirineer, 55 Prime 

Carr James, laborer, Dunton bel (iiranl av 

Carr James, (laperhanger, Cresheim av (itn 

Carr James B., insiiranee agent, l.MO Franklin 

Ciirr James M., fjlasseutter, JO-14 Beach 

Carr Jane, 2;t;{ German 

Carr John, hotel, i;5it South 

Carr John, salesman, 25(1 South 

Carr John, drayman, 102.') Federal 

Carr John, ropemaker, Manor bel Berks 

Carr John, draymiin, '.t2li Ellsworth 

Carr John, weaver, Penna av n 24th 

Carr .lolin, currier, 125 Vanhorn 

Carr John, victualler. \'.U'.'> Hancock 

Cair John, salt dealer, 12(>;{ Carlton 

Carr John, weaver, r 12;j4 Leopard 

Carr John, plasshlower, 'Wildey bel Ash 

Carr John, bookbinder, 502 S 21st 

Carr John P.. bookkeeper, ?,'M N 10th 

Carr John H., clerk, 424 Pine 

Carr Joseph, tavern, 508 S 7th 

Carr Joseph, cooper, Bringhnrst bel Wakefield, 

Carr Josc|>li, plumber, 458 N 5th 
Carr Jcseph, Sr. , manuf. Cresheim av, Gtn 
Carr Joseph, Jr., manuf. Cresheim av, Gtn 
Carr J., 014 S ISth 

Carr Littleton (c), mess. R. R. 1201 Salem al 
Carr L., laborer, 010 S 18th 
Carr Marsraret. washerwoman, r 418 Cherry 
Carr Mar;.Mret, 500 N 2d 
Carr Matthew, laborer, lO.'iS Ann 
Carr Mat'iiew. -jardener, Rex av. Chestnut Hill 
Carr Mich;iel, weaver, 1327 Cadwalader 
Carr Michael, bartender, 1327 Cadwalader 
Carr Michael, hotel, 725 Spafford 
Cnrr Miles, laborer, Birch n Salmon 
Cnrf Miles, porter, 2.3 N 5th 
Carr M., 718 S 13th 
Carr Mrs. Maria, 230 Lombard 
Carr Overton, captain, 1000 Pine 
Carr Patrick, .Iriver, 1310 .Mott 
Carr Patrick, labr)rei-, 1002 S Sth 
Carr Patrick, moulder, HI 3 S 1 Ith 
Carr Patrick, tanner, 125 Vanhorn 
Carr Patrick, Jr., tanner, 125 Vanhorn 
C.irr Piti-r, blacksmith, 502 S 21st 
Carr Rebecca F.. teacher, 2.315 .SanTOm 
Carr Richard. litho;;rapher. 015 Hay 
Carr Robert, laborer, 1925 South 
Carr Robert, laborer, 1713 Carver 
Carr Robert, laborer, r 908 N Dd av 
Carr Robert, jiortor P. U. for Insane, 49th ab 

Carr Robert B., shoemaker, 1119 Frankford av 
Carr Rnsnnna, gentlewoman, 13 .Short ct 
Carr Samuel, cordw. 13U8 Atmore 

Carr Thomas, carpenter, 1810 N Front 

Carr Thomas, laborer, r Salmon nb Cumberland 

Carr Thomas, boatman, S 25lh 

Carr Thomas, laborer, 10 S 19th 

Cnrr Thomas, engineer, 525 Barron 

Carr Thomas, grocer, 1941 Wilco.v 

Carr Thomas, weaver, (torgas, Gtn 

Carr Thomas, shoemaker. Levering, Myk 

Carr Thomas, gbissblower, 1441 Howard 

Carr Thomas, laborer, Centre A Scliafl'er, Gtn 

Carr William, driver, Haverford A 41st 

Carr William, boot <fc shoemaker, Lancaster av 

n 39 th 
Carr William, laborer, Adrian ab Thompson 
Carr William, fnrniture cars, 251 N 15lh 
Carr William, laborer, Cresheim rd, Gtn 
Carr William, cooper, Bringhursl bel Wakefield, 

Carr William E., carpenter, Germanlown av, Gtn 
Carr William U., insurance agent, 424 Pine 
Carr W. K.. oysters, 517 Lombard 
Carraher James, trader, 304 Comptroller 
Carrall Wni. R., salesman, 30 N 3d, h K N 8th 
Carre L. J., tin.-niilh, 2054 Winter 
Carrell .Vntlionv, jiacker, 209 Dean 
Carrell Ivlwanl, hotel, 110 Market 
Carrell James, cariienter, 304 Dove pi 
Carrell Mrs. A Son (Kntli JJ- Edward Carrell), 

hotel, no Market 
Carrell Owen. ))uddler, 970 N Del av 
Carrell Rulli, hotel, 110 Market 
Carrick A Bourgeois (K. Ciirrirk if S. Bourgeois) , 
millinery, 425 N 10th 
i Carrick David, baker, 1905 Market, h 1937 Cal- 
Carrick James, packer, 1617 Richard 
Carrick James, moulder, 1823 Rhoads 
Carrick John, drayman. 2133 Wallace 
Carrick K., milliner, 425 N 10th, h 225 N 10th 
Carrick Robert, laborer, 1025 Dorrance 
Carrick Robert, baker. 2133 Wallace 
Carrick Thos., baker, 1905 Market, h 112 N 2l9t 
Carrick Thoma.s A Co. (Thonius if David), bis- 
cuit bakery, 1905 Market 
Carrick AVilliain, baker, 1710 Ransom 
Carrig John, laborer, 1722N.3d 
Carrigan Alexander, laborer, l"25Mervine 
Carrigan Andrew, laborer, 8 Ballenger cl, rlll2 

Carrigan Barney, gent. 1218 Locust 
Ciirrigan Chas. W., gent. Frankfd av n Hart's la 
Ca'rrigan Edward, conductor, 1210 Francis 
Carrigan Edward, clerk 1118 Francis 
Carrigan Elizabeth, 710 IMoro 
Carrigan Emeline, gentlewoman, 419 N 18th 
Carrigan Francis, tavern, 518 S 18th 
Carrigan Henry, driver, 1332 Hancock 
Carrigan Hugh, carter, 528 Cressou 
Carrigan H., 1232 Fit/.water 
Carrigan J:ic(dj, gent. 1041 Cadbury av 
Carrigan James, conductor, 551 Osprey 
Carrigan John, porter. 1 S Front, h 16 Dunna- 

ker's av 
Carrigan Margaret, gentlew. Tulip ab Montgo- 
mery av 
Carrigan Patrick, cab driver, 718 Jamison 
Carrigan Patrick, weaver, r 1434 Cadwalader 
Carrigan Peter, laborer, 700 S ISth 
Carrigan Peter, tinsmith, 740 S 5th 

Bay your Olothing at the great 




Ciirrigan Rnsan, hotel, I'VM Girard av 

Carrigiin Thotna.s, inoiildor, I HOG lUioadH 

Carrington (J. F., 910 Spring (i'.wdun 

Cai-rilt, John E., clcik, 104,') K Uh 

Carrley, Goorgo W., tobacooiiifit, 1227 S 2(1 

Can'oiin Nicholas, I'agH, 71'J- Shi))|)(:n 

Carroll A McCa.nn {Joli.ii. A. Canoii \ ■lolni. A. 

Mf.Cuuii), pliitnboi-H, 15 N Oth 
Carroll Alcixiuiih^-, Jaboror, l.'J2() Cnrpontcr 
Carroll Amcliii. (o), HoanistrnHK, 410 S 7Ui 
Carroll Andrew, engineer, rjli I'ieroo 
Carroll A. D., iner. 38 N 4t,li, h American hotel 
Carroll IJerniird, lahoror, 1110 Sidney 
Carroll BiMiicl, laborer, .Oft.'! Osproy 
Carroll Edward, Htoveraaker; Front n Norris 
Carroll Kdw., stair carpenter, 914 Ridge av 
Carroll Ellen, widow, 7 Steel's ct 
Carroll Eranois, carriage di-iver, 1 Bunting av 
Carroll Frederick, laborer, 7 Point Pleasant ct 
Carroll J<'iancis, li.«h dealer, .'51'.) .Tefl'erson 
Carroll Henry C, briekmaker. Monument R it 

Marion Plank rd, h Lancaster av n Hamilton 
Carroll Hugh, laborer, 1023 S 8th 
Carroll Hugh, laborer, Moore & Otsego 
Carroll James, carter, 304 Iserainger 
Carroll James, marble mason, 1153 S 12th 
Carroll Jnmes, shoemaker, Mullan n Somerset 
Carroll James, laborer, 1638 Cabot 
Carroll James, milkman, 735 Medina 
Carroll J.imes, grocer, 1025 Morgan 
Carroll James, drayman, 810 S 8th 
Carroll James, sailuiaker, 1117 Palmer 
Carroll J.imes, saddler, 814 Lombard 
Carroll James, cutter, G05 Wnll 
Carroll James (e), ))orter, Alt'ord n Gth 
Cai-roll J.-i.mes A., plumbei-, 9th ab Market, h 

32d & Filbert 
Ciirroll John, laborer, 42d hel Market 
Carroll John, mason. Main, Mt Airy 
Carroll John, runner, 2 Beck 
Carroll John, porter, r 420 Cherry 
Carroll John, laborer, 1353 Hancock 
Carroll John, laborer, Huntingdon ab Gunner's 

Carroll John, laborer, 840 Leonard 
Carroll John, 541 Pierce 
Carroll John, laborer, 4 Olivet pi 
Carroll John, gent, r 524 Christian 
Carroll John, blacksmith, 1824 Ridge av 
Carroll Johu A., plumber, 15 N 9th, h 30 N 2d 
Carroll John C, engraver, 33G Stanley 
Carroll John C, coal dealer, Hestonville 
Carroll Joseph C, rags, h 3 Avenue ct 
Carroll Lawrence, laborer, Tiltonab Emory 
Carroll Lawrence, boatman, 2415 Pine 
Carroll Lizzie, teacher, Front n Diamond 
Carroll Mary, tailoress, 1 Concord pi 
Carroll Matthew, laborer, 1447 S 8th 
Carroll Maurice, shoemaker, 116 Jones al 
Carroll xMichael, polisher, 914 S 11th 
Carroll Michael, laborer, 811 Morris 
Carroll Michael, dealer, 1 Native 
Carroll Morris, shoemaker, 2 Chancery la 
Carroll Nicholas, machinist, 613 Hallowell 
Carroll Nicholas, blacksmith, Nicholas bel 22d 
Carroll Patrick, carpenter, 1909 Carlton 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, r 1339 Palethorp 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 1218 Clarion 
Carroll Patrick, porter, 712 Jamison 
Carroll Patrick, clerk, 464 Richmond 
Carroll Patrick, bricklayer, 520 Cresson 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 109 Onas 
Carroll Patrick E., clerk 142 S 8th, h 613 Hal- 

Carroll Patrick H., gent. Front n Norris 

Oak Hali, Southeast Corner Sixti and 

Carroll Peter, inanuf. 1508 Palfjthorp 

Ciirroll P<!ter, blackHmitli, 2102 Pine 

(,'arroll Richard, shoemiiker, 524 Chri«tian 

Carroll Richard, varnifher, 18 Mead 

C;irroll Samuel, jminter, .'J3H S 13th 

Cfirioll Samuel, ))airitor, 938 Lombard 

Carroll Susan R., 8 N 8th 

Ciirroll ThomaH, 1121 SheiifH al 

Carroll 'riiomii.M, laborer, 137 Elfrelh'K ftl 

(Jiirroll Thomas, tiiilor, Ciithbcrt ab N Juniper 

(,':irroll Thomas, laborer, MaKter n 22d 

(Jarroll 'J'iinothy, watchman, IJ28 0gden 

CajToll William, laborer, 3d bel Dauptiln 

(Jarroll Williana, tavern, N E Spring Garden <k 

Carroll AVilliam, laborer, 703 8 17th 
(Carroll William (c), oyslerman, 7)1 Russell 
Carroll William Jl., jiainter, 1206 Coates 
Carrolos Elizabeth, cupping and leeching, 801 

Carron Hugh, tailor, 40] N 11th 
CAPJIOW, TIIIBAULT & CO. (Jolui Carroio, 
l^'ranri.f Tkihanlt. (Ij- ' J. Crfjllu;r$), 
manuls. of jewelry, 308 Chestnut 
Carrow Diana A., dressmaker, IGll Thompson 
Carrow G. D., Rev., 123G S 4th 
Carrow John, Jr., gentleman, 1809 Vine 
Carrow John, manuf. 308 Chestnut, h 1809 Vine 
Carrow William, gentleman, 1809 Vine 
Carry Isaac, carpenter, r 305 Brown 
Carryl E. W., silverplated ware, 715 Chestnut, h 

1216 Chestnut 
CARRYL E. W. & CO. (E. W. Carryl if Wm. 
E. Ncwkall), house furnishing goods and silver- 
plated ware, 715 Chestnut 
Carryl Henry, clerk, r 926 Nectarine 
Carryl Wm. H., curtains, 719 Chestnut, h 711 

Carskadden John M.. clerk, 2202 Mt Vernon 
Carsley Joseph, blacksmith, 1307 Cowley 
Carson & Tucker (Henry Cuisoii (^ Thomas 
Tucker), cotton brokers, N W Front & Chest- 
Carson Alexander, carpenter, Carroll bel Dau- 
Carson Alexander, waiter, 1132 Christian 
Carson Alexander, machinist, Carroll n Dauphin 
Cai'son Alfred, trunkmaker, 8.S2 Auburn 
Carson Charles, bricklayer, 1322 Wood 
Carson Charles, gardener, 730 Sterling 
Carson Cyrus, plumber, 1333 N 11th 
Carson, Dr., 1120 Spruce 

Carson (xeorge C, mer. 108 S Front, h Torresdale 
Carson Henry, cotton broker, N W Front &, 

Chestnut, h 222 S 8th 
Carson H. L., mer. 102 Chestnut, h Gtn 4 
CARSON H. L. & SON (H. L. i^ Joseph Carson, 

Jr.), drygoods com. 102 Chestnut 
Carson L=abella, janitor, 1723 Markham 
Carson .James, cabinetmaker. 2 Boyd's av 
Carson James, liquor store, 304 N 23d 
Carson James, waterman, 317 S Front 
Carson Jane, washerwoman, r 412 Rugan 
Carson Jane, boarding house, 809 Race 
Carson John, policeman, 12 Barney av 
Carson John, huckster. 1517 Philip 
Carson John, laborer, 2109 Winter 
Carson John, carpenter. 817 Columbia av 
Carson John, weaver, 1011 Crease 
Carson Joseph, clerk, 1530 Shippen 
Carson Joseph, ropemaker, 1504 State 
Carson Joseph. Jr.. mer. 102 C'ue^tnut. h Gtn 
CARSON J. HAYS, conveyancer, 251 N 9th, h 

2040 Vine 
Carson J. M., clerk, 1530 Shippen 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown. 




Carson J. W., mer. 617 Market, b St Lawrence 

Carson J. W. A Co. (J. W. C<irso», W. C. /»- 

puit iV J.imes O. CaiMou), wholesale grocers, 

617 Mnrket 
Carson Louisa, 3 Filbert nv 
Cnr.i'in Murgarot. i;il4 Loinhnrtl 
Carson Mnry, Kentlowoumn. Sjl' MeGrnth 
Carson .Miiry A., gentlcwotn:in, 2'2'M Sliarswood 
Carson Mnry A., pentlewnman, 9'17 Spruce 
Carson Miitthew, cnrponter. 2'.W7 Biildlo 
Carson >ficlmcl, watchman, "l!'.l Moss 
Carson Michael H., clerk. 251 N 9lh, b C06 N 

Carson Rnohel, pentlewoninn, .'JOI S 12th 
Carson Robert, bricklayer. Centre ab .'{"th 
Carson Robert, nianuf. 1410 N Front 
Car^.-n Robert, varnisher. .t.t.T Walnut, h 1344 

Cars..,, Robert, f. & H S M. h OOf. N 13th 
Carson Robert T.. Rev., 3Slh ab Filbert 
Carson ."^muuel, wateriuan, 3t)9 Stnnley 
Carson Thoma-', oil mer. 2<1 n Arch. hV.20 X 19th 
Carson Thomas, cotton nianuf. Front ah Dauiihin 
Carson Thonins B., real e.^tate broker, 261 N i'th, 

h f.Oli N 1 3th 
Carson Thomas S., painter. 1009 Fkd av 
Carson T. V., agent, 2;'.l X 9th, h COO X 13th 
Carson Willi.'im. car|ientcr. 2IIM1 Winter 
Carson William, restaurant, S E 2d ifc South, h 

22S Cntharine 
Carson William, mineral water, 222 Monroe 
Car.<son William, packer, 329 Market, h 712 S 

Carson William, machinist, Carroll n Dauphin 
CARSTAIRS CHARLES S., com. mer. 12G Wal- 
Carstair? James Jr., imp. 206 S Front, h 723 Pine 
Carstairs James, grocer, 522 S Del av, h 906 

Carter William, boat builder. 1130 Charles 
Carter Abraham, carpenter, 229 N Front, h De- 

lanco, X J 
Carter Albert, porter, 121S Temple 
Carter Andrew, porter, l.'ilH Mott 
Carter Anna, Main bel Mill, Gtn 
Carter Benjamin F.. stonecutter, 1609 Fitzwater 
Carter Captain R. W., 510 S 4th 
Carter Catharine, tailoress, 14 (JafTney's ct 
Carter Charles, wheelwright. 1017 Ogden 
Carter Charles, M.l) , 10;i2 Walnut 
Carter C. J. H., Rev., 1121 Spring Garden 
Carter David, watchman. Haverlord n 35th 
Carter 1>. B., gentlewoman, 233 S 13th 
Carter I». H. (c), laborer, 215 Currant al 
Carter Edward bricklaver, 1023 Ogden 
Carter Edward L., M.D., 900 Pine 
Carter Elizabeth P., aeamstres-s, 1011 ,S Front 
Carter Emily, gentlewoman, 3 Curran pi 
Carter Frederick, 1708 Race 
Carter F. W., provision dealer, 28 N Del av, h 

510 S 4th 
Carter Garret, boots & shoes. Church n Penn, 

Carter George, stonemason, Warren bel 40th 
Carter Henry, laborer, Ludlow bel 41st 
Carter Humphrey (c), waiter. 1032 X 1 1th 
Carter Ifiiac (c), flrivcr, Hanco-k n Putnam 
Carter .Jacob G., cooper, H21 N 9th 
Carter James, engineer. Tucker ab Memphis 
Carter James, shoemaker, Leiper ab Unitv, Fkd 
Carter James B.. mer. 529 Market, h 2017 Arch 
Carter James T., 1708 Race 
Carter John, clerk, 2042 Wood 
Carter John, tentmaker, 9 Louisa av 

The Popular Clothing 

Carter John, chemist, 329 S I2'h 
Carter John laborer, Gray's Ferry rd i Car- 
Carter John, weaver, O-xlord n llupe 
Carter John (c), eardriver, lOOy Barley 
Carter John D., 1 70S Race 
Carter John E., eh.-iuist, 1313 Pino 
Carter John G., cooper, .^21 N 9th 
Carter Joseph, laborer. Federal n 28lh 
Carter Joseph, laborer, II Brown's ct 
Carter Joseph, frameknitter, r 29 Ottor 
Carter J. («., cooper, 519 Commerce, h 724 N 9lh 
Carter J. G., Jr.. 519 Commereo, h 724 N 9th 
Carter J. S., M.D.. 2005 .\ 5th 
Carter Lavinia, gentlewoman, 413, S 7th 
Carter Michael, engineer, 10 Laurel 
Carter Moses, laborer, Paul n Ruan, Fkd 
Carter M.. •-'39 X 9tli 
Carter Paul Beck. att'y-at-Iaw, 411 Vine 
Carter Restore, la.stuiaker, 112 Bread, h Q^h ab 

Carter Richard, seaman, 21 Norfolk 
Carter Riclianl, carpenter. Spring ab Church, Fkd 
Carter Robert, engineer. 71 William 
Carter Robert T.. alderman, 217 IJiieen 
Carter Rodman, com. mer. .'!S S Water, h Bridefi- 

Carter Samuel, bricklayer. ,'> Curran pi 
Carter Thomas, shipcarpentcr, 9'_'.3 S 3d 
Carter Thomas, caulker, H Laurel 
Carter Tboma.s E., ornamental painter, 1212 

N 3d 
Carter Thomas S., jeweller, 309 Clark 
Carter William. Iiricklayer. r X'M Kno.x 
Carter William Loverin'g, M.D.. 1900 Mt Vernon 
Carter William, patternmaker, 8 Laurel 
Carter AVilliam. coal mer. h 2307 Green 
Carter William, plumber, r 2007 Callowhill 
Carter William T., broker, 3I3J Walnut, h9I6 

Carter William T., coal, 103 Walnut, h 2307 

Carter W. J., apothecary, 1600 Chestnut 
Carter William M., mer. 1309 l»ine 
Carter W. A., salesman, 453 Canton 
Carter Joseph W., uphol.<=terer, 921 S 9th 
Carteret William M., variety, 9.'!5 South 
Cartey Xicliolns J., carpenter, 1.S22 Thompson 
Carthrin William, baggage agent, 1719 Christian 
Cartlitch John G., restaurant, 249 X 4th 
Cartledge Joseph, stonecutter, 945 Federal 
Cartledge William, weaver, 1847 X 0th 
Cartnell Wilson, currier, 419 Dillwyn, h 436 N 

CARTXELL &. GO JEN {Wihon CartJiell dj- 

Jo//?i Gujrii), curriers, 419 Dillwyn 
Cartney Catharine, candy, 719 Baker 
Cartney John, laborer, 110 Kelton 
Cartney Patrick, laborer. Sergeant n Carroll 
Cartney Samuel, weaver, Allen la, Gtn 
Cartnew Francis, carver, r 419 Appletree al 
Cartwright Eliza, dealer, 502 Shippen 
Carl Wright Francis, 1415 X 8th 
Cartwright George, teamster, 1520 Willow 
Cartwright Henry, gas meter manuf. 1504 Fil- 
bert, h 2107 Green 
Cartwright John, blacksmith, r 233 Christian 
Cartwright Rich'il. fanner. Islington la n Falls rd 
Carly And., coal, 23d .t Penna av, h 2110 Coates 
Carty A ml re w, rags, 774 iS 0th 
Carty Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 529 N 24th 
Carty Harriet L., 120 Catharine 
Carty J. F.. silverplater, I0,'{5 Morgan 
Carty X. W., engineer, X E Engleson <t Burnett 
Carty Patrick, weaver, Bertland pi 
House of Philadelphia. 




Carty R. F., Khooiniikcr, 220 Clii^Htor 

Cfirty iS. M., grocer, I0;!5 Moif^im 

Ciirty S. M., Jr., (().'!.') Mr.rKiui 

Carty TliotriiiM, laboror, 'lOT N lOMi 

Carutlifirn JohdjiIi, ciirporitor, I'lant, Alyk 

CarufcherH Mal.lhow, briiHHinouldor, IK;i2 lllioaiJH 

CarutherH Sarnuel, janitor, K;iA, Myk 

Carvary Mary, vviilow, 2.'j.'j Coiioord 

Carvor A Idxiiiidir 15., conv<!yaiic(?r, S W Olh <fe 

Killiert, li l.')22 Arch 
CARVKR A. 15. .fe CO. {Alexander B., Samuel, 
Jiiriili ^- W. li. Carver), conveyancers, 8 W Oth 
A Filh(u-t 
Cn.rv'or Mli, gonllcinan, 1012 Cherry 
Carvor Ilaniiah, gentlewoman, I.OIKI (yiillowhill 
Carver I.«aac, turner, 137 Dock, h 3(12 Dickernon 
Carver Jiicob, ivory turner, 12.'i2 A.ih 
Carver Jaooh, currier, I2'i,^ I/ancasler 
Carver .Jiuioh, conveyancer, S W 9th & Filbert, 

h 1027 Locu.^t 
Carvor John, boxmakor, Dott bel Ilubbell 
Carvor John, carriagenir. M()untain bel S 10th 
Carver Jo.sepli, (lour inspector, 417 N 7th 
Carver J. 11., ciirpontor, LOJil Summer 
Carver Peter F., laborer, 1211 S 2(1 
Carver Samuel, boots, Fkd av n York 
Carver Samuel, laborer, 229 Plain 
Carver Snmuel, att'y at law, S W 9th & Filbert, 

h 1522 Arch 
Carver Wm. B., conveyancer, S W 9th & Filbert, 

h 1508 Arch 
Carver Williiun B., printer, 813 N 13th 
Carver Wm. H., clerk, 417 Chestnut, h 417 N 9th 
Carver William Y., bookkr. 325 Walnut, h 1531 

Carver Wilson J., commis.sioner, 111 Race 
Carvil Patrick, laborer, 407 N 16th 
Carvill William, grocer, 1329 N 2d 
Cariom Charles, liquors, 512 S 16th 
Cary Chas., bookkr. 725 Chestnut, h 1708 Green 
Cary Gertrude J., seminary, 1617 Walnut 
Cary Isaac (c) , barber, 756 S 8th 
Cary John, weaver, 1533 Philip 
Cary William, weaver, 1535 Philip 
Caryell Emanuel, cooper, 714 Wyatt 
Caryl Alexander, moulder, 1708 Webster 
Casady John, baker, 1231 N 15th 
Casani John, ornamenter, 1325 Cherry 
Casanovas & Co. (James Casanovas &f Mattheiv 

Salvater), segar manufs. 333 Walnut 
Casanovas James, segar manuf. 333 Walnut, h 

330 Walnut 
Cascaden James, bags & bagging, 113 N Front, h 

913 Federal 
Case Ambrose, laborer, 728 N 23d 
Case John, tailor, Masoher & Cambria 
Case John, machinist, 2126 Wallace 
Case John, Jr., machinist, 2126 Wallace 
Case William, machinist, 2126 Wallace 
Caselbery Samuel 8., clerk, 153 Laurel 
Casely A. N., carpenter, 939 S 3d 
Casely Alexander, gentleman, 939 S 3d 
Casemend Robert, watchmaker, r 820 Willow 
Casey k Guy ant (Jas. Casey i^- David Guy ant), 

glasseutters, 207 Quarry 
Casey Andrew, laborer, r 417 Carpenter 
Casey Alfred C, salesman, 818 & 820 Chestnut, h 

1121 Chestnut 
Casey Alice, gentlewoman, r 1529 Cadwalader 
Casey Ann Jane, 1620 Becket 
Casey Catharine, variety store, 1105 Sp Garden 
Casey Daniel, grocer, 1000 S 8th 
Casey Dennis, tailor, r 1325 Rose 
Casey Edward F., printer, 13 Letitia 
Casey Ellen, S W Pine & Front 

Casey Fraricin, weaver, r 1529 Oadwaliider 

CaH(!y FninciM JI., tj. K. A. 765 I-'ai'Hyiink av 

(JiiHD i''re(ierick, hatter, 1719 A'l'lJHon 

CiiHcy Hannah, IligginH' ct 

(/iiHcy Henry M., eiirpeiitcr, 1706 Contei) 

Cii.sey .InmiiH, laborer, H)2') Miilvaney 

(JaHcy JiimoH, boatman. Main, Myk 

OiiHey Jainc», laborer, RobcHon. JVlyk 

CjiHcy Jaine.^, hatter, r .'!I7 G,ir'l<;n 

(Jasoy JaincH, glnHscutler, 207 Quarry, h Vienna 

bel (Jirard av 
Ca.Hoy James, painter. Baker bel 7th 
Casey Jame.s, tailor, 231 (Jcrman 
(Jasey Jiirnci, laborer, 2 Stuart's ct 
Cii.sey .III men, ho.''tler, 3 Laura pi 
Casey .TiitncH D., glas.seutter, 1037 Vienna 
Casey .(ame.H D., Jr., .shificarpenter, lii;;7 Vienna 
CiiK(!y Jatne.s M., brickliiyer, r 317 Garden 
(Jdscy John, grocer, 258 N 12th 
C.'isey J. J., cutter U. S. Ar.^enal, 705 Vam'k av 
C;isey J., liquors, 013 S 0th 
Casey Mary, huckster, 209 Stamper's al 
Casey Mary, grocery, 525 Cresson 
C;isey Miiry, gentlewoman, 4 Short ct 
Casey Mary, gentlewoman, .317 Jefferson 
Casey Matthias, shoemaker, 857 Mctirath 
Casey Mich.ael, shop, 1609 Mervine 
Casey Michael, carpenter, 21 17 Wallace 
Ca.sey Michael, lal)orer, 91S Manilla 
Casey Michael, laborer, 921 Hall 
Ca.sey Michael, laborer, r 2129 Spruce 
Casey Michael, grocer, 1009 Mervine 
C.Tsey & Beebe, ladies' seminary, 1703 Walnut 
Casey M. A., hotel, 711 N Broad 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 908 Alder 
Casey Patrick, laborer, r 1631 Wood 
Casey Peter, bartender, 120 Eli'reth's al 
Casey Peter, laborer, 1239 Cadwalader 
Casey Richard, gardener, Jliller, Gtn 
Casey Sarah, seamstre.?s, AVall n 7th 
Casey Thomas, cordwainer, r 929 Ogden 
Casey Thomas, hostler, Henrietta & Hunter 
Casey Thomas, laborer, 939 Auburn 
Casey William, stamper, 2021 William 
CASH A. D., conveyancer, 150 S 4th, h 257 S 

Cash Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 1833 Wylie 
Cash Geo. S., coll. 43 N Water, h 35th & Race 
Cash Godfrey, printer, 622 Brook 
Cash Jacob, machinist, r 436 Poplar 
Cash John, shoemaker, 1423 N 10th 
Cash Michael, brickmaker, Philip ab Dauphin 
Cash M. R., gentlewoman, 235 S 13th 
Cashman Margaret, 728 Espey 
Casion Martin, porter, 10 Boyd's av 
Caskaden Thomas, laborer, 24th k Virginia 
Casker Alexander (c), seaman, 700 Montcalm 
Caskey Alfred, shoemr. Leiper bel Sellers, Fkd 
Caskey B. R., steelmaker, 1200 X 2d 
Caskey James, carpenter, 1721 Buttonwood 
Caskey John, grocer. 426 N 23d 
Caskey John, moulder, Carroll n Sergeant 
Caskey Robert, moulder. Carroll n Sergeant 
Caskey Mrs., widow, Orchard bel Church, Fkd 
Caskie Joseph, gent. 202 S 11th 
C.askle Elizabeth R., 933 Darien 
Casky Elizabeth, grocery, 855 X 15th' 
Caslin Daniel, barroom, 103 Merchant 
Caslin Lewis, laborer, 1102 X Front 
Casner Jacob, carpenter, 149 W Thompson 
CASOX WILLIAM R.. agts, imps, A tra De- 
spatch Co, X Del av k Vine 
Casper Charles, brewer, 1645 X 12th 
Casper Joseph, Davis Hotel. 2 S Del av 
Cass Isadore, clothing, 70S S 6th 

Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Coss Hubert, laborer, Pa.<chall 
Cn.««ailu,v Juhii, foumlryuiiin, 1319 Silver 
Cas.'iuihiy Liiwreuci-, laborer, 104'J IJeach 
Cii.->iiil!iv 'I'lioinius, (.'onl luer. 1210 ."^ lilth 
Cu.-.<iul.iy W. U., clerk, 2^*1 & South, b 1101 

Cu.>i,<«Jy Andrew, wearer, Otn av, Gtn 
Ciissiitlv Ufriiiird, coiuluctor, lOO.'l S Broiid 
Cii.'isii'ly Hfrminl, hilmn'r, .'> Point I'lfusanl ct 
Cma-'ihIv t'hurlc.M, pninter, Unity bel Miiin, Fkd 
Cufsady C D., bakery, 122;! Market 
Ca^:<Hdy David, 8bueiuakor, Orthodox n lledge, 

Cassady Kdward, grooery, 61t> S 0th 
Cassady Kdward, curtor, 1113 Carjiontor 
Ca#sady Francis, laborer, Soniorset n Salmon 
Cas-sady Henry, butcher, Cuba ab Moore 
Ca.-i.->ady lleniy, shoemaker. Church u Paul, Fkd 
Cn,<.-a<ly 11 , collector, 1014 Pine 
Cas-sady .lames, caijienter, Palethorp bel York 
Cassady James, lead works, tilO Swanson 
Cussady Jume-i, cupola tender, r 2007 Cullowbill 
Ca«,«adv .Tames W., grocery, COO S 2d 
Cassady Mary, N 24th 
Cassady Michael, laborer, 20;?0 Hampton 
Cnssady Patrick, tailor, 1211 Peters 
Cassady Patrick, ])orter, :iI4 Cypress 
Cassady Peter, ])lasteier, 118 Marion 
Cassadv Philip C, laborer, ."1 Uovle ct 
Cassady P. II., baker, 20 X 'Jtli.h 172!) Wallace 
Cas.sady P. II. & Co. (Parkhill Cassudy if Frank 

Mills), bakers, 20 N 9th 
Ca.ssady Thomas, 711 S Bedford 
Ca.ssady Willinin, laborer, r 404 X Front 
Cassan Anna \V. Mrs., teacher, Main bel Mill, 

Casseday Bernard, laborer, r 111.'5 Carpenter 
Casseday Catharine, milliner, 221 Lombard 
Casseday Charles, restaurant, 1402 Ellsworth 
Casseday .Tames, restaurant, 700 S 15th 
Cas,«edy Henry, boatman. Almond ab Cumberland 
Cassedy B., locksmith, 72:5 S 7th 
Cassel Abraham M., builder, 0th bel York 
Cussel Leon, tailor, b'l'i Wood 
Cassel Frederick, shoemaker, 150 Vine 
CASSEL15ERRY J. D., hotel and stables, 1038 

& 104tl Coates 
CASi^ELUEURY J. R., dry goods, 45 N 8th, 

h Broad k Passyunk av 
Casselman Jacob, shoemaker, 225 Chester 
Cassels John, laborer, Coral u Ferth 
Casserley John, shipcarpenter, 80o S 8th 
Cassett A. T., P R 11 Co. 30th & Market, h 1318 

Ca,«sey Alfrerl (c), 506 S Juniper 
Cassiday Arthur, iron worker. 935 Hall 
Cassiday Catharine, gentw. 814 Weccacoe 
Cossiduy Hugh, com. mer. 140 Walnut, h 223 

Cassiday John, porter, 30 S Front, h Catharine 

nb 8th 
Ca-'siday Joseph, printer, 1413 Bangor 
Cassiday Michael, laborer, 1237 S 7th 
Ca.'-siday Patrick, ]irison keeper, 10 IS Federal 
Caj-siduy Samuel, cutler, 409 Mcllwain 
Cassiday Thomas B., mastmaker, 24 Beck 
Cassiday William, plumber, 8 S 10th, h filfi S 6th 
Cassidy <% Ball (Willimn W. Cussitli/if William 

Bull), watches and jewelry, 12 .S 2d 
Ca.v.sidy Alexander, coal dealer, Lancaster ab 

Cassidy Andrew, weover, Crcsheim av, Qtn 
Cassidy Arthur, sheetiron worker, r Main bel 

Price, (jtn 
Cassidy Bernard, mariner, 107 Wharton 

Strangers and Citizens are 

Cassidy Charles, Ellsworth W of Broad \ 

Ciwssidy Charles, laborer, ll.'iO N 2il 

Ca.-sidy Daniel, tobacconist, 730 Pa.ssyunk av 

Cassidy Davis, 512 S 9th 

Cassidy Edward, shoemaker, 1033 Clare" 

Cii«sidy Kdward, laborer. 30 Christian 

Cassidy Ellen,, Campbell n Fit/.water 

Cassidy Felix, carter, 1544 Cadwalader 

Cassidy Francis, weaver, 1424 X 2d 

Cassidy Francis, carpenter, 514 Lombard 

Ca.ssi.l'y Henry S., cutler. IIOS Wood 

Ca.ssidy Hugh, mer. 223 Carpenter 

Cassiily James, laborer, 110 Cottage 

Cassiily .lames, weaver, Warminster i)l 

Cassidy James, butcher, Reeil ab 8th 

Ctu^sidy James, tavern, 543 N 15lh 

Cassidy John, carpenter, 910 Carpenter 

Cassidy John, porter, 805 Carpenter 

Cassidy Joseph A., 512 S 9th 

Cassidy Lawrence, machinist, 14 Levering 

CAS.-^IDY LEWIS C, ally at law, 213 S 6th 

Cassidy Margaret, r 221 E Girard av 

Cassidy Michael, blacksmith, 810 Auburn 

Cassidy Michael, tailor, 910 Ciirpeiiter 

Cassidy Michael, carpenter, 2125 Ml Vernon 

Cassidy l)wen, peddler, 913 Bultonwuod 

Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 1824 Penna uv 

Ca.ssidy Patrick, dealer, 1432 Philip 

Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 1015 Milton 

Cassidy Patrick, driver, .38 N 21st 

Cassidy Peter B., tobacconist, 4 S 12th, h 1026 

Cassidy Robert, car driver, 420 N 23d 
Cassidy Rodger, waterman, 2 Fairfax pi 
Cassidy Ruth, 512 S 9th 
Cassidy Sarah, 1008 S 3d 

Cassidy William, grocer, N W Corpenter & 6th 
Cassidy William, litjuor store. 320 X 15th 
Cassidy William W., watches A jewelry, 12 S 2d 
CASSiX ISA.VC S., 'chief engineer water depart- 
ment, S W Chestnut k 5lh, h 1435 Ontario 
Ca^sin John, lithographer, S W 11th k Chestnut, 

b 430 Spruce 
Cassner Eli, carpenter, 946 Kurtz 
Cassner Thomas, locksmith. Main ab Wister, Gtn 
Casson Andrew, carpet weaver, N £ Howard k 

Columbia av 
Castillon Edmund, mer. 108 Walnut 
Castle Jo.seiih, Rlv., Green la, Myk 
Castle David, shoemaker, 9 EUioti's )d 
Castle John U., Rev., Walnut ab 30th 
Castles Joseph, gent. 1159 S 12th . 

Castle Peter, carijenter, 1731 X 3d 
Castle Robert, ra;;s, 4 40 X 11th 
Castle William, printer, 1526 Vine 
Castle William H., bookkeeper, 38 N 4th, h Green 

la, Myk 
Castle William T., painter, 1920 Naudain 
Castleberry Benjamin W., clerk, Hamilton ab 33d 
Casllebury Jacob, laborer, 1120 Jelfcrson 
Castledine Richard, watchman, 700 S Front 
Castner, Slickney k Wellington (."s". Castner, C. 

P. i<lick>icy, if J. C W'ellitiglun), coaX deal's, 

133 Walnut 
Castner John, cashier, 339 B 5th • 

Castner Samuel, clerk, 319 S 3d 
Castner Samuel, grocer, 07 S Del av, h 319 S 3d 
Castner Saml.. coal dealer, 13.'! Walnut, h at X Y 
Casto Abram E., shoemaker. Main op Queen, Gtn 
Castor Edwin S., shoemaker, S W Church k 

Paul, Fkd 
Castor George, deoler, 1718 N I2th 
Castor George B., clerk, 554 N 2d 
Castor John, <lealer, 1718 X 12th 
Castor John, carpenter, Adam n Main, Fkd 

recommended to purchase tiieii 




Cftstor Poter, blaokHitiiUi, 187 VrtmM'wd, Fled 
CaKl.or Pehor, bliiokHrnith, 222 Fiiitild'oril, h \H'.) 

Friinkl'onl, Fkcl 
CtlHUw 'riKiMiiiM, cojirli liiiililnr, ^2(1 l.i'iJiiikroril, h 

2)0 Fnuiklord, Fkd 
Caswoil John, soiitiiim, 70(1 Mohh 
Casy Mnigiu'dt, millinor, 71!) South 
CiiHy ThoiniiH, (!(m]1(W, Id iSiiiold.M ut, 
CiiLnii.'icli AdiMii, ciu-poiiUii-, 1521 Khi|iii(:ii 
Cataniuili Aroliihiild, (^nrpriilor, \'MU Lonilianl 
Catorii Diivid 15., iiolido, Market & r,7Ui, h Lud- 
low Ik'I ;i(ith 

Catei-Moii Joim, polioiwnan, WaHhinijtoii av n IHth 

Cater«on Mary A., 727 Sansoiu 

Caterson WiliiiMii M., looking f:;la.s.s <t picture 

franien, I'lO N ()tli, h 212 N lOth 
Cathany Cntiin-rino, .sowing, r 5 Dicikson's al 
Cathoart Alexander, .shoemaker, 2214 Manning 
Cathcart Anrnibolla,, ]04y South 
Oatlicart James, grocer, 2142 Spruce 
Cathcart John, plasterer, 42.0 Thompson 
Cathcart Josejih (o), janitor, 210 Quince 
Cathcart Thomas, carpenter, 5 AVilling's al, h 

\\n Lombard 
Cathcart Wil Hum, oiik cooper, 123 Mary 
Cathcart William, llev., 812 N Front 
Cathers James M., gentleman, llichmond n Ann 
CATIIERWOOD &'C0. {Samiid B. cV John 11. 

Coll/enrooil), wholesale tea dealers, 25 S Front 
CATHBRWOOD H. k H. W. {Hugh (V H. WU- 

so». Ciilherivood) , dealers in fine whiskeys, 114 

S Front 

J. Catherwou/l ^ David S. Wiiieb>e?i>inr) deal- 
ers in fine old whiskeys, &c., 110 & 112 N 2d 
Catherwood Andrew J., mer. 110 & 112 N 2d, h 

Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Catherwood Hugh, mer. 114 S Front, h 1409 

Catherwood II. Wilson, merchant, 114 S Front, h 

Catherwood John, weaver, 1729 N 2d 
Catherwood John H., mer. 25 S Front, h 1409 

Catherwood Samuel B., mer. 25 S Front, h 1409 

Catholic Herald & Visitor, 327 Walnut 
Cathr.all Anna M., widow, 121 N 9th 
Cathrall Charles E., bookkeeper, 121 N 9th 
Cathrall Chas. J., agent, 206 Gold, h 2044 Locust 
Cathrall Edward, paperhangings, 910 N 10th 
Cathrall Edward, paperhanger, 1111 Thompson 
Cathrall George, paperhanger, 1111 Thompson 
Cathrall George, tobacconist, 531 S 2d 
Cathrall H., hoopskt manuf. 821 Spring Garden 
Cathrann George, tobacconist, 2d & South, h 983 

Cathrell Charles, clerk, 2044 Locust 
Cathrin Willi.Tm, sailor, 315 Dove pi 
Catlin Amanda, dressmaker, 1709 Wylie 
Catmull Leonard W., tailor, 2110 Cherry 
Caton Edward, morocco fin. 131(5 Marlborough 
Gaton John, laborer, 10 Factory 
Caton John, oak cooper, 2 Fume ct 
Caton Margaret, gentlewoman, 1247 Wood 
Caton Jlrs.. 320 S 15th 

Caton William, segarmaker, 1316 Marlborough 
Cattell Andrew C, mer. 32 N 3d, h 248 S 3d 

G. Cnf/c/l ^- Eli jail G. C-'/^/d//) . produce com. 

mers, 26 N Del av & 27 N Water 
CATTELL A. G., Pres. Corn Ex Bk, N E Chest- 
nut &. 2d, &, mer. 26 N Del av 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Cattell Elijah <;., mer. 27 \ Water, h lliiddoiifi'd 

Cattell .laiiiof', moulder, 621) I'uul 

Catthell James, hatter, 107Jac()by 

CattH Mieliacl J(., ('iijiiiieer, l.0.'{2 Wallace 

CattH William, <derk I' R R Co., i;i02 Market 

Cduben JoHcpli, cordwainer, r 1240 Cudwiilader 

CAIJFFMAN &CJIEW (7'. I'. Caajfrnuu if Jo- 

scpli. (Jlieut, Jr.), china, gluHH A qucuriHWure, 

21 N 4th 
(Jan 11 man (JharlcH, blackHmith, 845 Ht John 
(Jaiill'man (Jraige, rnuidiinint. Amber n Ann 
Caull'ninn J<]mil, brandiew & wines, 111 N -id, b 508 

CiiulJ'man Jncob, im]i. of brandie.H & wiiie.H, lllN 

3d, h 508 Franklin 
CaulTinan Mary, Clearfield n Amber 
CauH'm.'in M., gentleman, 023 N Olh 
Caufi'man Petisr, laborer, 8 Mechanic, Myk 
(Jaufi'ma-n T. F., mer. 21N4lh, h Roxborough 
Caufi'man Henry, fireman, 415 Lynd 
Caufi'man Henry, slioermiker, r 010 Tamarind 
Canghnn P., gentleman, 531 Pine 
Cauho John, cook, Price n Mnin, Gtn 
Caulfield James, barkeeper, 528 X 23d 
Caulfield Thomas, laborer, 1614 Carlton 
Can II Frederick, combmaker, 1035 Moravian 
Caullett Victor, 731 (jruilford 
Caursault Eraos, r 124 (Christian 
Cau.sby John, weaver, Philip n Oxford 
Cause Willi;im, baker, 91)9 Pennington 
Causey John, tailor, 915 Thompson 
Causland William, gentleman, 1306 Spruce 
Cayailhes Fjanei.s, liatter, r 617 Shippen 
Cavanagh D., Washingtcm Hotel, Main, Myk 
Cavanagh George, printer, 842 Marriott 
Cavanagh John, laborer, 1431 Warnoek 
Cavanagh John, liquors, S E llth & Oxford 
Cavanagh John A., salesman, N W 2d <t Market, 

h 909 Vine 
Cavanagh Mary, 225 Gaskill 
Cavanagh Michael, laborer. Main, Chesnut Hill 
Cavanagh Michael, carter, 1407 Warnoek 
Cavanagh Michael, painter, 2602 Lombard 
CAVANAGH P., restaurant, 214 S 3d, h 214 S 3d 
Cavanagh Robert, driver, 428 Marriott 
Cavanan William, laborer, r 1407 Germant'n av 
Cavanaugh Catharine, shop, S 25th ab Lombard 
Cavanaugh James, carpenter, 1210 Alder 
Cavanaugh John, packer, 22 & 24 N 4th, h 126 

Cavanaugh John, tailor, 6 Traquair ct 
Cavanaugh John, laborer, 944 Alder 
Cavanaugh Joseph, porter, 615 Chestnut, h 909 

Cavanaugh Matthew, bricklayer, 1348 Percy 
Cavanaugh Michael, laborer, 134S Percy 
Cavanaugh Michael, rag gatherer, r 70S S 7th 
Cavanaugh Peter, porter, 431 Market, h 512 

Cavanaugh Peter, tailor, 13 Osage av 
Cavanaugh William, laborer, 947 Aldter 
Cavaneugh Hugh, grocer, 134 X llth 
Cavanoh William, watchman, 219 Federal 
Cave Francis, machinist, 1212 Whitehall 
Cave John J., miller, 1506Ogden 
Cave Joseph W., ven. blind mr. r 116E1freth'sal 
Cave Joshua H., painter, 1216 Ridge av 
Cave Sarah, gentlewoman, 2026 Carlton 
Cave Sarah H , 1517 Walnut 
Cave V. H., salesman. Union Hotel 
Caven James, carpenter, 1930 Hamilton 
Caven John, driver, Pennsvlvania av n 25th 
I CAVEX JOSEPH L.. atfy-at-law Aconvey'r, 158 
I N 9th, h 1932 Hamilton 
; Cavenaugh Edward, wheelwright, 1710 Wood 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Cnvonnuch Isnne, Mechniiic, Myk 
Ciiveniiiijjh Jiiiues, nccountnnt, ti." j Citthiirine 
Cavenniifjli J.'imes. liiburer. Pepper lib Trenton nv 
t"aveii!iiic;h Jereiiiiiih, weaver, Antoinette nb 

P<iwclti>n iiv 
Caveiinu'.'h .lobn, shoemiiker, 1708 Wood 
C.tvenau'rh Joseph, laborer, Amcriciin fi Oxford 
Ciivcniiuiih M. J., clerk, r \'l'2i Miischer 
CiivenaiiLrh Owen, liqrs N \V Wiiiimek it Master 
Caveniiiij;h Palrick._ grocer, Ltincaster av n .'ITth 
Cavmder Curtis H., steward's clerk, Blockley 

Ciiveriiler .Fohn II., conveyancer, (>07 N 5th 
Caveniier .lolin I,., shoennki-r. lOilii Bench 
Cavemlor TlKun.-is ."^,, convevnnrer, IH)7 N 5th 
Cnvener Mirhael, laborer. (Jei luimlown av, Otn 
Caveiiy Jnm-'s, laborer, 74.'> S 7lli 
Ciivernw William, plasterer, \:VM\ N 10th 
Cave* Thomaa, police, Philip n O.xford 
Cavott Anna Maria, 2 Sclioollioiisc av 
Cavin Ann .1., seainstres.-:, 7 (^biirch av 
Cavin Matthew, (ilasterer, 515 Huckley 
Cavistoii Richard, conductor. Sorrel n Bath 
Caviu .I.'iines, laborer, 7;i2 S 7th ! 

Cavner Ofor^e. printer, S28 S Hth j 

Cavrow (leorjrc, brn,«.« caster, I.'I4(1 Warnock j 

Cavrow .Foseph, brass caster, 1. 'Mil Warnock i 

Caw I'alrick, laborer, II Oatchel's )il 
Cawbriil^re William, cordwainer, 1108 Myrtle 
Cawinan Alexander, laborer, 1004 S Front 
Cay Richard E., merchant, yiCi .Swanson 
Caylo Charles, painter &, varnishcr, St John ab 

Callowhill, h 507 Noble 
Cazier R'uben, painter, 451 Canton 
Ceary Michael, shop, 510 .«; 10th 
Cecil William, carpenter, l2;iL' Haines 
Ceha John, sii£;ar refiner, 8('>8 Randolph 
Celenslaper Adam cabinetmaker, 1.'{I5 Alder 
Celerier Michael, carpenter, 2158 Huron 
Celeskcy .Joseph, carver, 1222 Austin 
Celier William, musician, 20.'! Chester 
Cella John, peildler, 800 Christian 
Celley James, engineer. 1407 X 10th 
Cephas Levin (c), carter, (504 iMiddle al 
Cepp-r Abram II., dealer, 12.i8 N Front 
Certier Gcorfre, beer, 2.'55 Union 
Cescedcn James, baj; manufacturer, 91>3 Federal 
Cever Francis, ladies' shoes, 762 Passyunk av 
Ceven Robert, gent. Iil24 Branilywine 
Chabot Vital, machinist, 2.'i05 Wallace 
Chace .John W.. stonecutter, I.'i2S Girard av 
Chadderton Thomas, sawgrinder, 2 Mattson pi 
Ch.adester William W., waterman, Penn, Myk 
Chadwick Elizabeth, gentw. 9 Short ct 
Chadwick E. Murr.-iy, mer. tailor, 721 Florida 
Chailwiek James, bookkeeper, 2d ah Diainund 
Chadwick James R., tin & stove store, 71 Frank- 
ford. Fl-d 
Chadwick Martha, hardware, N E 9th & Ellsworth 
Chadwick I'ctcr B., confectionery, I.3;i7 Locust 
Chadwick 'Wiliiain, machinist, r 44>^ Tiioiiiiison 
Chaff.e Jas.. drygoods, 52.'i Market, h 1707 Wallace 
Chaffee William, drygoods, 523 Market, h 1707 

Chaflin William L., Rev., 1418 N 15th 
Chain Isaac (c). barbershop. 18 N llth 
Chain. Strawn.t Bosler (ll.Chil „ , J. II Sirnvn 

iV //• Boiler), flour mers. S W Market <t 20th 
Chain William (c). barber, 1404 Callowhill, h 8.33 

l>ai ien 
Chalfant Robert, salesman, 509 Market, h 1.331 

Chalfant Robert. Jr., clerk, 1331 Franklin 
CIIALLEN JA.MES k POX (Jn„,tf ChalUn (^ 

Howard Cludten), booksellers, 1308 Chestnut 

Best Place in the City to buy 

Challen Howard, publisher .t bookseller, 1308 

Challen James, bookseller, 1308 Chestnut 
Chalmers Ann, dry goods. 919 N 13th 
Chalvant llibbert, brakesman, Frankford av n 

Reailing av 
Chamberlain .Abner M., gent. 1925 Cherry 
Chamberlain Benjamin, oak cooper, 310 Wood 
Chamberlain B. E., gent. 107 S llth 
Chamberlain Charles A., machinist, N 7th n Fil- 
bert, h 8,-.l N 10th 
Chamberlain C. J., M.D., f>22 S llth 
Chntuberlain Clarkson, machinist, 401 N 9th 
Chainlierlain (Jeorge, clerk, I(i:.'N Beach 
Chamberlain llonilio F., agent, 1223 Parrish 
Chamberlain Isaac, oysterman, 253 ("oiuMird 
Chamberlain .lames R., packer. 2314 Ashbiirlon 
Chainberluin Jane, seamstress, Ludlow n 38th 
Chamberlain John J., trailer, Poulson ab 2d 
Chamberlain L., sec. .t treas. Beaver Meadow R. 

R. .t Coal Co.. 322 Walnut, h Camden 
Chamberlain Lloyil, paiierstainer, 31(i Wood 
Chauiberlnin S.. M.l)., N W 2d A Spruce 
Cliamlierhiin S. K., carjienter, .'sellers n Leiper 
Chamberlain Thomas, boltmr. 1720 C.illowhill 
Chamberlain Thomas ().. clerk. 1201 Race 
Chamberlain T., millwright, 1.349 Mervine 
Chamberlain William, clerk, 310 Wood 
Chamberlain William, car]>enter, 1228 Darien 
Chaniherlain M'illiam, car]). Sellers ab Leiper 
Chamberlain AVilliam .T., carp. Sellers ah Leiper 
Chamberlin (J.'orge, cordwainer, 125."! Alder 
Chamberline Elizabeth, gentw. 851 N lOlh 
Chambers A Bro. (Juliii S. Clmmhirs (Jj- James 

Clt'iiiihrrt). fruit dealers. 9 N Water 
Chambers, Bro. Sc Co. (E'lirhi iV Ci/rus Cham- 

hrrs), general machinists, S W 7th A Cherry 
CHAMBERS A CATTELL (./. //. Cluimhtrs, 

Aiiilrrw C. Ctittrll, (Jj- A. liceder Cliantliers), 

leather dealers, 32 X 3d 
Chambers Ale.xamler H., trimmings, 46 S 2d 
Chambers Andrew, porter. New Bedford bel Ifith 
Chambers Andrew R., gent. 32 N .3d, h 1523 

Chambers Ann. tailoress, 7.37 Medina 
Chambers Ann E., varieties, 622 S lith 
Chambers Asa W., pilot, S E Oth A Morris 
Chambers A. Reeder, mer. 32 N 3d, h 502 Spruce 
Chambers C, machinist, 7th A Cherry, h 020 N 

Chambers D. W., mer. 411 Market, h American 

Chambers David, waterman, 52 Norfolk 
Chambers Edwin, machinist, S W 7th A Cherry, 

h 225 Jacobv 
Chambers Elizabeth (c), 709 Cnllen 
Chambers Ezra, gas depart. York n Cedar 
Chambers Franklin, paperhr. 1302 Ilor.-tmann 
Chambers George, laborer, 1333 Shippi-n 
Chambers George E., clerk Health Oflice, h 718 

Chambers George S., 1932 Callowhill 
Chambers George W., tinsmith, 2d ab Poplar, h 

1007 Nectarine 
Chambers George W., lampmaker, 445 Magnolia 
Chambers George W., drusgist, 1022 Newton 
Chambers G. W., M.D., 704 S 4th 
Chambers Hannah, gentw. 413 S 10th 
Chambers Henrietta, washerw. 203 Manship 
(Jhambers Isabella, tailoress, 1030 Richard 
Chambers Jacob, bricklayer, 725 Byurd 
Chambers .Jacob, tinsm. Edgemont n Clearfield 
Chambers James, embroideries, 810 Arch, h 234 N 

Chambers .Tames, stonecutter, 1308 Kates 
good and cheap Clothing at 




Cluiinb(M-H Jninos, pluinbor, 120!) lUdgo av, li 718 

CliMiiilKirH JamoH, editor Kveiiiiig IJiillol in, li 201.0 

ChiurilierH Jiuiicn, blacktitnith, I92'l IJnltotivvooil 
ChiiiiiliorH JiurioH, lab. IIowiiiil ab (Jdliiinbia av 
CliiMiiborH JaiiKi.s, drygood.^, 2.')'1 N I Mb 
ClimiiboiM JaniGH, mur. 9 N Walor, b N W lOlb 

(t Scrgi'iiiit 
CliiuiibiirH .laine,^, biborur, 20].'} Sonlli 
Chniiiber.M James C, .•^tudont-iil-biw, r.).';2 Callow- 

Cbimibers .Jium-H C, 210 S 4tb, b I'.);i2 (Jallowbill 
Chiiriilji'i-s .I11111U.S II., plumber, 1200 Ridge av, h 

Chiinibm.s JiiiiicH S., Navy Agent, 112 H .'!d, h 

201.'') Gieoii 
CIhiiiiIk-is .liilm, driver, Howard ab Columbia av 
CbaiiibiMH .loliii, gout. 510 S lltli 
(ihimibiTs .loliri, gout. Il);i2 Callowliill 
Cbniiibeis Jcdiu, gent. Sergeant ab Trenton av 
ChMinbcrs Jolin II., merchant, 32 N .'Jd, h 1818 

Chambers John M , carpenter, IfiU N 12th 
Chambers John S., mer. 9 N Water, h 428 N 3d, 

Chambers John S., Front ab Berks 
Chambers Joseph, M.D., 320 Monroe 
CInimbers Joseph, cloth finisher, l-'UT Earl 
Cha tubers Joseph, police, 16 Queen 
Chanibei's Joseph, limeburner, 32d bel Market 
Chitnil)ers Joseph C, harnessmaker, 11G7 Passy- 

unk av 
Chamliers Kate, fi04 Christian 
Chambers Liz/.ie, gentw. 3 Stokes ct 
Chambers Lucy, gentw. 321 Dean 
Chambers Montgomery, M.D., .002 Spruce 
Chambers Perry (c), porter, 202 Brier ct 
Chambers Peter, conl'ectioner, 8lil Darien 
Chambers Richard, vinegar, 455 N 12th, h S W 

13th & Bown 
Chambers Robert, stonecutter. 729 S Ifith 
Chambers Robert, laborer, Carroll n Moore 
Chnmbers Robert, Coral n Moore 
Chambers Robert (0), woodsawyer, 1022 Barley 
Chambers S., vestmaker, r 706 N 10th 
Chambers Samuel, clerk, 511 Lorain 
Chambers Solomon, moroccodresser, r 404 Maria 
Chambers Thomas, weaver, r 1331 Earl 
Chambers William, sawyer, 729 S 10th 
Chambers William, waterman, 27 Christian 
Chambers William, dealer, 1514 Filbert 
Chambers William, weaver, Howard ab Colum- 
bia av 
Chambers William, Jr., fishdealer, 1514 Filbert 
Chambers William, laborer, 1713 Burton 
Chambers William, grocer, Sepviva ab Cumber- 
Chambers AVilliam B., grocer, 433 Pine 
Chambers William C, printer, 1209 S 7th 
Chambers Willinm C, musician, r 1 Birch pi 
Chambers William J., umb. manuf. 1932 Callow- 
Chamecin Ulysses, drugbroker, 204 S Front, h 

1S02 Wallace 
Champion C. C, clothing, 1605 Chestnut, h 1616 

Mt Vernon 
Champion Jacob (c), huckster, 1 Gill pi 
Champion John B., importer, IS S 6th, h 1104 

Champion John R., manuf. AV Walnut la, Gtn 
Champion Joseph C, bookkeeper, 1616 Mt Ver- 
Champion Theodore, waterman, 12 Court al 
Champion William, carpenter, 1240 Peters 

Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Cbatnpromy J. B. & Co., iiiunufH. ladieM drcBii 

ti iiiitiiingH, 17 H 3il 
(/'liii,iii|)i-oiiiy J. ]'., miiriiir. 17 H 3d, b .003 Pin« 
Cliiiiii|ilin Williain, (;(«)|)i:r. 701') H 17lh 
(;han Sophiii, clolbi^H, HIO (jbarlolto 
Chunco Benjamin, clerk, 43.0 (ireeii 
Chance John, «eaman, .34 Norfolk 
Chance John K.,, 1228 Vienna 
Clijinco John 'I'., boatman, 2315 Aj<bbiirton 
Chance .John J., wal-ertnan, 18 C/ilbarinc 
Chance J. C, drygoodt*, 1518 Market, h 1025 Fil- 
Chance Robert, spiccH, 275 S 5th, h 1028 .S Olh 
Chance Rufus, cutler, 101 Wharton 
Cliance 'I'liomas (Japt., 945 S Front 
Chance 'J'bomas, Keeler's la n Front 
Chance William J., blucksmilb, 1030 Sbacko- 

Chance Williiirn, hardware, 1349 N Front 
Chancellor Catharine, trimmings, 915 Ri<lgc ur 
Chancellor Ivlward, painler, 915 Ridge uv 
Chancellor Frank, ho.semaker, 2140 Shari-wood 
Chancellor Henry, gentleman. School, Gin 
Chancellor Josephine, boarding b, 1033 
Chancellor Samuel, painter, 915 Ridge av 
Chancellor William, clerk School, Gen 
Chandlee G., carpenter, 1520 Race 
Chandlee M. R., teacher, 1520 Race 
ChamUer Clark, clerk, 1218 Everett 
Chandler D. Webster, merchant, 221 Market, h 

1006 Cherry 
Chandler E., moulder, Baach n Norri.« 
Chandler James, carpenter. Airy ab Thompson 
CHANDLER JAMES B., printer & binder, 306 

Chestnut, h 1314 Arch 
Chandler James P., printer, 822 Rachel 
Chandler John, clerk, 257 N 16th 
Chandler John, grocer, 123 Market, h 130 N 20th 
Chandler John, moulder, 1114 Frandford uv 
Chandler Joseph R., gent., 155 N lUth 
Chandler J. W.. salesman, 36 N 3d, h 257 N 16th 
Chandler Mary, gentw. 320 Wood 
Chandler Samuel Walter, rags, 514 N Front, h 

201 N 2d 
Chandler Susan, gentw. 822 Rachel 
Chandler Theodore, grocer, 417 S 6th 
Chandler Ward, rag mer. 201 Vine 
Chandler William H., laborer, r 833 Dnrien 
Chandler Williiim Penn, gent. 1702 Arch 
Chandler W. IL, clerk, 327 Walnut, h 155 N 10th 
Chandler AV. T., gent. 734 Evangelist 
Chanuell Isaac, turner, r 1425 Parrish 
Channey Thomas, laborer, S E Front & Moore 
Channiel Julius, cook, 1 Ellet's av 
Chauuing JMary, seamstress, 912 S Front 
Channon Alphonso, painter, Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Channon John C, clerk Bank of Gtn., h Main ab 

Herman, Gtn 
Chantry AA'ashington, tailor, 635 Spruce 
Chantwaser John, boots & shoes, 1139 N Front 
Chanudet Theodore. laborer, 125 Elwyn 
Chaplain John F., Rev., 209 N Sth 
Chaplain AV. J., gent., X E Johnson & Morton, 

Chapline M. C, importer of liquors. 216 S Front 
Chapman <fc Co. {Henry Chapnian), tea, 105 Arch 
Chapman Charles, r 415 Lynd 
Chapman Charles, clerk, 422 S Front 
Chapman Daniel J., coffeeroaster, 458 Dillwvn, h 

1248 N loth 
Chapman Edmund A., coppersmith, Abigail n 

Chapman Edward, gunbarrel turner, Bringhurst 

bel AVakefield. Gtn 
Chapman Edwd. H., plumb. & gasfitter, 440 N 9th 
Comer Sixth and Market Streets. 




Chapinnn E. H. A Brother (Edirnnl II. iV Josrph ' Ohnries Frnnces, teacher, 315 Union 

C. Ch.ipmoit), pUiiubors A jmsfiUfrc. 440 N t'th t'liiiriiig eU-orge H., inusiciiin, 1202 Everett 
Cha]>niun Knos, gtMil. 224 N 13th Charles Ciitharine, ;;en(len-<>mnn, 10 Jetterson 

Chaiuiiim (ioorge J., iniu-hinisl. Bench k Marl- Charles C, carpenter, Md N ;!d 

horoush, h .'il'J llichiuimd Charles (leorjre, trader, Wilson n York 

CHAPMAN (5. J. ft J. L., machine jhop, Beach ' Charles John, carpenter, Apple n Oxford 

A Marlborough ' Charles llohert, carter, r Kdgemunt ah Emory 

Chapman Henry, eoffeoroBsler, r 220 N 2d, h Gtn Charles ."^nrah M., trimminRS, KiOO N Hth 
Chapntan Henry, teas, lO.S Arch, h E Walnnt la, Charles Williiim. hiirlcndcr, Ol.i N .'.th 

litn Charleston Charles, huckster, 1342 Fkd av 

Chn)>m:«n Henry R.. clerk, N W 10|h .t Filbert, | Charleton William, banknote presser, 311 Wil- 

h 3;id .V Haverforil | line's al 

Cha]>m:in Henry 1'.. bnnkriinner, 3;id A Haverford Cliarlie Jo'-ciih, nmlespinner, 1808 Lombard 
Chapman .lames, carpenter, h 3'.lth ab Market I Charlton Ann, jjentlcw. 104 N 23d 
Chapman .lames, Rasliltor, II Clark's pi Charlton liiiijamin, I ."^Icels ct 

Cnapman John, clerk. 18 Ashlan<l Charlton Charles P., 102« Vine 

Chiipnian Jidin, grocery, 032 ,*^hippen I Charlton Fnclcrick. carver, 121H Austin 

Chajunan Jonathan, clerk, 240 Market, h 14211 Charlton (leorge \V., 102H Vine 


Chapman Jonathan, engineer, 617 N 10th 
Cliapmnn Jonathan, gent. 1420 Walnut 
Chapman Joseph, loom boss, 1303 Mariner 
Chapman Joseph, painter, 630 N 10th, h 5.3C N 

1 0th 
Chapman Joseph, weaver, 1026 Clement 
^Chapman Joseph C, plumber and gasfitter, 440 

N lUh 
Chapman .loseph L., machinist. Beach <t Marlbo- 

ronjrh, h '-'A') Richmond 
Chapman L. L., corsetmaker, 217 Walnut, h 6th 

k Lawrence, Camden 
Chapman Mary L., gent's, furnishing, 712 Vine 
Chapman Hachel, gentw. 62.') Brooke 
Chapman Rebecca B., gentw. 1200 Chestnut 
Chapman Richard H., salesman, 207 Chestnut h 

41.') Franklin 
Chapman Samuel, cordwniner, 1234 N 2d 
Cha)>mnn Samuel, engineer, 1226 Beach 
Chapman Samuel, M.D , 748 Coates 
Chapman S.Tmuel B., bookkeeper. 604 Thompson 
Chapman Sarah, boarding house. 24'.l S lOlh 
Chapman Theodore, builder, 440 N 0th 
Chapman Thomas, car])enter, 1727 Sansom 
Chapman T. 15., machinist, 310 Richmond 
Chapman T. E., stationery, 6 S 5th, hll23 Wal- 
Chapman M'illiam, bricklayer, 455 N 8th 
Chapman William, Jr., bricklayer, 455 N 8th 
Chajimiin William O., clerk, 1441 Shipjien 
Chapman William H., foreman, Wakefield bel 

Chai)man William R., bricklayer, 1319 Mariner 
Chapman William R., coal mer. 911 N 9lh, h 1119 

Chapman W. L., clerk. 157 N 2d, h 705 AVood 
Chapouty P., acenuntant, 120 S 5th, h 1335 Vine 
Chappattc Joseph, watcbcase maker, 1310 S 7th 
Cha]ipel George, shoemaker. Lehman, Gtn 
Chap|)el Henry, needlenir. Germantown av, Gtn 
Chappell James II., fashion reporter, 122 Ex- 
change pi, h Caniden 
Chapjiell Thomas, restaurant, 6th it Girard av, h 

1340 Prospect 
Chappell Thomas G., broom manuf. r 1714 k 1716 

N 2d, h 1H.')5 Frankford av 
Chapron John B., nttorney-at-law, 204 S 5th, h 

Darby rd bel JIarket 
Charbonnier Josephine, bonrdinghouse, 605 Sears 
Charbonnier Memys, tobacconist, 718 Vine, h318 

N 1 3th 
Chard George H., carpenter, Ann n Bath 
Charil William, collector, Bath n Sorrel 
Chnrdon R., clerk, 34 S Del av, h 727 Snn.iom 
Chardon Samuel R., accountant, 208 S Del av, h 
705 Florida 

Charlton Isaac, laborer, .\<liinis k Sellers, Fkd 
Charlton John, boollilter, 1135 Sites 
Charlton John, machinist, 2305 Callowhill 
CHARLTON JOHN P., stationer's warehou.-e, 32 

S 4tli, h r,(i:> Wood 
Charlton Joseph, sawyer, r 1325 Earl 
Charlt(m Mary Ann, gentlew. 785 S 3d 
Charlton M. F., trimmings, l02SVine 
Charlton Robert, hatter, 1006 Sergeant 
Charlton William, laborer, r 1729 Pearl 
Charman Joseph, shoemaker, 3."3 Lonibard 
Charnmn Mary A., trimmings, 617 i** 2d 
Charman Caleb, laslmaker, 325 Gaskill 
Charnley E. J., clerk, 1126 O.vford 
Charnock Thomas (c), undertaker, 427 S 6th, h 

625 Barclay 
Charter Hannah, gentlew. 707 Buttonwood 
Chase Alexander (o), whitewasher, 244 Dupon- 

Chase Benjamin, boxmaker, 528 N 22d 
Chase Benjamin W., merchant, 100 Chestnut, h 

1118 (iirard 
Chase B. W. k Son (Benjamin W. iV Chart fsrC. 

C/iasi), com. dry goods, 100 Chestnut 
Chase Charles C, merchant, 100 Chestnut, h 1705 

Mt Vernon 
Chase Edwin T., attorneyat-law, 6th n Walnut, 

h Arinat n Willow av 
Chase Eli/.a (c), washing, 2 Rose al 
Chiu«o Ezra, tailor, 1227 Myrtle 
Chase Ezra II., painter, 1207 Pnrrish 
Chase Frederick, 1610 Wallace 
Chase Gasney (c), barber, 801 S 10th 
Chase G. H., coachmaker, Kesslcr & Gilbert, h 

1207 Parrish 
Chase Isaac (c), driver, 1112 Rodman 
Chase John, shoemaker. State ab Filbert 
Chase John G., gentleman, 2146 Mt Vernon 
Chase John W., stonecutter, IS 1 5 Wylie 
Chase Joseph, sailmaker, O.'i] .S 2d 
Chase Lucefta (c). 1037 Barley 
Chase Mary, gentlew. 1002 Plymouth 
Chase Moses .M., boot A shoe upper manuf. 33 S 

3d, h 010 Franklin 
Chase Phili[. B., 1610 Wallace 
Chase Pliny E., ironfounder. 2d k Mifflin 
Chase Pliny E., professor, 003 Clinton 
Chase Patrick, coachman, School, Gtn 
Chase P. Frank., 1610 Wallace 
Chase Robert Farnura, Rev., 136 Congress 
Chnse Robert, shoemaker, 37th bel Story, Mantua 
Cha.xe Robert, whitewasher, Ac. Ludlow ab 41st 
Chase Stephen G., shoecutter, 3Kth ab Filbert 
Chase Susan, gentlew. 1010 Mt Vernon 
Chase T. (}., M.D., 2228 Green AVilliam E., clerk. 528 N 22d 
Chastean Louis M., reporter, 743 S 3d 

Buy yoTir Olothing at the great 




Chasworth William, tailor, 712 S Ifnlilicll 
Chatburn Jlonry, woiivor. Main ah Ijo^an, Gin 
CliaHtciicy Jano, jj^auilcw. 'ITi S l7Ui 
CliatorH Mary, l)tir\>y rd licl Mayliiinlvilio liri<l;i;o 
Cha(, JiunoH, lahdrisr, (hiH'ii, Ol.n 
Chatham .(osoph, carpontcr, I M-l S 5th 
Chfithain J(ino]ili. grooor, H21 LoctiHt 
Ohatman Kli/alKith, <M>r, MnrHlmll 
Chattorloii Henry, firc^tnati, 2I.'!0 'Vawcr 
Chatlon Itubooda, drcHmnakor, 2()'1() (!iirlton 
Chattin A. ¥., hrioklayer, M.'iO N Kith 
Chattin Kilward 11., Hliijijoinor, r 1108 Vienna 
Chauncoy CliMilus, IJ. S. A. Ifil.'l Walnut 
Chaunccy Elihn, pont. Ilil.'S Wjihint 
Chauncoy Nathaniel, gontJoinaii, l^i;! AValnut 
Chauncey llouriotta, geritw. 152(1 Walnut 
Chaundy 'riioman, doalor, Ri)ring fJiirdon n Broad 
Chavo Henry, sega.rniake.r, H22 N .'id 
Chavonoe Henry, nuUI;er, ;)2() Aberdeen 
Chawnor John, nianul". Bowman, Gtn 
Choatlo llielmrd, plasterer, 2008 Cambridge 
Choavons Wiiiiain E., block & pump maker, 626 

Montn;omery av 
Cheesemnn Andrew, M.D., 1838 Green 
Cheeseman, Catharine, gentlew. 257 S 21st 
Cheeseman Edward, tobacconist, 797 S 2d 
Cheeseman George, gentleman, 257 S 21st 
(ilieeseman Henry, combmaker, Church n Paul, 

Cheeseman John, dealer, 808 Burd 
Cheeseman Blartha A., gentlew. 629 Coates 
Cheeseman William E., printer, 1121 S 7lh 
Cheetham & Allen {Jnmcs Chneiham ^ William 

Allen), eating saloon, 15 & 17 S 3d 
Cheetham <fe Howard (William H. Cheetham. (^ 

Robert Tlo/mnl), printers" cards, 517 Minor 
Cheetham James, eating saloon, 17 S 3d, h 7 

Ledger pi 
Cheetham William H., cards, 517 Minor, h 120 

N 6th 
Chevers Charles, bnishmaker, 418 Carpenter 
Chevers George, cabinetmaker, 418 Carpenter 
Cheffins John L., painter, 614 Fisher 
Cheiter George, tailor, 1412 Franklin 
Cheiter George M., tailor, 1412 Franklin 
Cheney Luther L., superintendent, 712 S 17th 
Cheranico Antony, organgrinder, 800 Christian 
Cherry David, flour merchant, 116 Master 
Cherry Ellen, provisions, 1215 S Ulh 
Cherry James, watchmaker & jeweller, 108 Gi- 

rard av 
Cherry James, waterman, 956 Marlborough 
Cherry John, ladies' shoemaker, 740 Jamison 
Cherry Moses, painter, 1119 Mcllravy 
Cherry Robert, boots & shoes. Main bei Armat, Gtn 
Cherry Samuel, watchmaker & jeweller, 108 Gi- 

rard av 
Chesebrough Alexander F., merchant, 10 N Del 

av, h 1510 Chestnut 
Chesebrough A. F. & Co., provision dealers, 10 

N Del av 
Chesebrough C , gentleman, Armat n Main, Gtn 
Chesebrough Edward C, merchant, 14 S Water, 

h 2007 Wallace 
Chesebrough & Pearson (Edward C. Chesebrough 

4" Isaac C. Pearson), fish & provisions, 14 S 

Chesapeake k Delaware Canal Co., 417 AValnut 
Chesley Hannah B., gentlew. 634 Race 
Chesnut A' Kohlhas (Jolui M. Chesnnt &^- Peter 

Kohl/Ms), cloths & cass. N E 2d & Market 
Chesnut John, shoemaker, 728 Lindsay 
Chesnut John A,, machinist, 1922 Brandywine 
Chesnut John M., merchant, N E 2d & Market 

h 206 N 13th 

Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and 

Chesnut John R., bricklayer, ILOO Leon 
CheKuut John H., bl/ick.-mitli, 1522 CiillilK;rt 
(/licfrint Xiif.hiitiiid, lirickniiikifr, 221.') Woo'l 
(JJK-.Hnut ilob.^rt, |]<i(,.:l, K W l.'JHi A l''.:d<-riil 
CliiHuiit iSiiinucI, brickmukcr, I'.Ml Now Birdfor*! 
Chewnut William, grocor, 4 Market, h 1814 Wal- 

CheHnul, William, hiickHter. 1814 Wnlbif.: 
Cbr.Mniit Williiiin, laborr.r, I'li.-fbiill l,.-i I'.jir 
ChcHnut Wiiliiim, porter, 721 
Chester Albert, carpenter, N'orrin bcl TliompHcn 
Clie.ster CharlcH, ropemakor, Almond bcl Rend- 
ing n,v 
ChoHlcr Edward, brickmaker, K 17th ab Carpenter 
Chester Ekriora <>., gentlew. Huntingdon n Car- 
Chester E., Huntingdon nb Coral 
Chester, John, bri'-kmaker, 1917 New R.fdford 
Chester John, ropcni.'iker, Halnion bel L'-bigh -iv 
Chester John K., sliipchundler, 242 N Del av, h 

113 Vine 
Chester J. L., gentleman, 768 Florida 
Chester Lewis, .salesman, 242 N Del av, h ll.j 

Chester Wiiliara, Huntington ab Coral 
Chcsterman John, shoecutler, 7Ili Washington av 
Chcstorman John, Jr., lastmaker, 710 Washing- 
ton av 
Chesterman Wa.shington, foreman, 728 S Front 
Chestnut Caroline (c), seamstress, 403 S 12th 
Chestnut John S., livery, 1517 Filbert 
Chestnut Samuel, weaver, r 1438 N Front 
Cheston John P., stairbuilder, 1329 Olive 
Cheston William E., teacher, Sellers ab Leiper 
Chetburn Frederick W., barkeeper, Gin av 
Chethnm John H., carpenter, 1250 N 11th 
Cheuvenet Louisa, 945 iS 6th 
Chew & Beckett (Horvey S. Chev (^ Sam/ul 

BrckeJ.t), Farmers' hotel, 610 Annapolis 
Chew Charles W., jeweller, 926 S 4th 
Chew Catharine, washing & ironing, 259 Rasp- 
Chew Elijah, dealer, 417 S 2d 
Chew Harvey S., hotel, 610 Annapolis 
Chew Henry B., altorne3--at-law, 204 S 4th, h 

Chew James, chairmaker, 926 S 4th 
Chew Jeifrv, clerk, 624 Catharine 
Chew Job, "dealer, 417 S 2d 

Chew John (e), hairdresser, 37 S 6th, h 749 S 9th 
Chew John P., provisions, 502 Diilwyn 
Chew John P., provision dealer. Callowhill ab 

Broad, h 527 Race 
Chew Joseph, Jr., merchant. 21 X 4th. h S21 N 

Chew Joseph D., shoemaker, 409 German 
Chew Margaret, 244 Christian 
Chew Phcebe, washerwoman, 2 Calvin pi 
Chew Samuel, atfy-at-law. 204 S 4th, h Johnson 

&, Main. Gtn 
Chew Aunie S. P., gentlewoman, Johnson i 

Main. Gtn 
Chew Totten, carter, 122 Morris 
Chew Wesley W., clerk, 541 Wharton- 
Chew William, farmer, r 620 Washington av 
Chew William, segarmaker. 1012 Crease 
Cheyney Charles H., real estate agent. 60S Arch 
Chevnev Waldron J., iron manuf. 411 Walnut, h 

Del Co 
Chiekney George, driver. Emerald n .Sergeant 
Chidister David, shoemaker, 716 E Th'^mpson 
Chidister James, waterman, Penn, 3[yk 
j Chiem Valentine, boxmaker, 7 Millicent av 
Chiffins John L , painter, Freeston pi 
Child Addison, coal ship! 205 Walnut, h Boston 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown, 




Chil.l Henry, watches 4jowelry,824 N 2a, h 827 

St John ' 
C11I1,I» IIKNUY T.. M.D . 034 Race 
Chilli Jiiiiio.'-, oiirjioiitiT, Ludlow lib 39th 
Child John, suwyor, Wiirreu iib 34th 
Child J. G. Minni. alty-at-liiw, 285 S 4th, h 40 

Child II. S., lampblack, 628 Coiumerce, h 46 AI- 

Child Samuel T., watches A jewelry, 824 N 2d, h 

827 .-^t John 
Child S. A T. {Samiir/ T. if Tliomai T. Child), 

watrlios A jewelry. S24 N 2d 
Chilli 'riii>niii.'< T., wntehe." A jowelrv. 824 N 2d 
Children s llospitiil. 40S A 4 10 Bli^'ht 
Childs Abriihani, nia.-«>n, Saiisuiu lud 3Sth 
Child.i lieiijamin S., carpenter, 6 Dunsdule i)| 
Child.-i Charles N., wagonmr. 494 St John, h 1701 

Childs C. t!., pros. New Creek Co. 311 Walnut, h 

Prospect av. C Mill 
Childs l^dniund, |)ainler, 1344 Poplar 
ChiUN (teor;;e, sa.«hniaker, 1207 Marshall 
Childs (ri-orpe K., i;i iilli-nian. .■•12 .'^juiU'e 
GUILDS GIXHUJK W., bookseller &, publisher, 

(52S \ t)30 Chestnut Isaac R., bookkeeper, 28 S Front, h 1307 

Childs James, driver, 1912 Parrish 
Childs James, pentleman, 7tl9 N 8th 
Childs J.d.n, artist, 7aC. S 4th 
Childs John, wagonmaker, 494 St John, h 709 N 

Childs John A., Rev., 708 Walnut, h Gtn 
Chillis Jonathan, carpenter. 872 N 5th 
Childs Joshua, hotel, .'.01 N 20th 
Childs L., clothes renovater, 114 N 10th, h 145 

N 9th 
Childs Stephen D., tailor, 806 Swanson 
Childs William J., fuller, Lancaster av ab Pas- 

Chillman Edward, photographer, 1514 Amboy 
Chillinan Jame.s, bor.kbinder, 1714 N I2th 
Chipman C. W., M.D.. ;!2() N 7th 
Chipman Isaac, puinpiniiker, 23 Main. Fkd 
Chijiinan John, pumpin.iker, Paul ab I'nity, Fkd 
Chipman Nelson, merchant, 10 S Front, h 224 

Chi|>man A White {Nelson Chipnumif WilUavi 

AI. W/iitr), wondenware, 10 S Front 
Chippy James, laborer, .Sergeant n Carroll 
Chippy Samuel, dealer. Sergeant n Carroll 
Chii|Uoine Servelle, ])ilut, 33ti Clark 
Chiquoine Victor P., pilot, 331) Clark 
Chisholm L. West, boots & shoes, 110 S 2d, h 20 

N 7th 
Chisom George, brickmaker, 2021 Ilarmstead 
Chism George, brickmoulder, 1721 Carver 
Chism George, chain beamer, 971 N 7th 
Chi.-m Isaac, dry goods, 8th & Spring Garden, h 

639 N hth 
Chi.«m Janus, black-nulh, 1722 Carver 
Chism John, watchman, 1420 Shippen 
Chisman William, saddler, 1314 Poplar 
Chittick tiiven. porter, lilt .S Juniper 
Chittick John W.. bricklayer, 1920 Naudain 
Chittick Mary, gentlewoman. 1731 Addison 
Chittick Robert, laborer, 616 ,S Juniper 
Chittick William, clerk, 1334 Marshall 
Choate James, laborer. Maylnndville 
Choate John, smldler, 1307 Marlborough 
Choate Kul'us, moulder. ^16 Plain 
Choate Thomas J., printer, 1235 S 5th 
Chopert Francis, chair factory, 228 S 5th 
Cholerton Edward, confect. Main ab Penn, Gtn 

The Poptilar Clothing 

Chormann E. Q., U. S. A.. 41 N 6lh 

Chouy Margaret, grocery, 140 Coates 

Choynshi A., shoemaker, 60S N Front 

Chrisholtz Michael, gardener, G T av, titn 

Chrislett George, 446 N 3d 

Chri.sman Jacob, wagonmaker, Waterloo ab Uun- 

Christ Andrew, bartender, Fkd av opp Colum- 
bia av 
Christ Christopher, butcher. Centre ab 37th 
Christ G. W., bartender Arch St House 
Christ John, victualler, 18 W Phila Market, h 

3".lth ab Market 
Christ Lewis, tailor, 346 N 3d 
Christ Martin, butcher. Centre ab 37th 
Christen Jacob, butcher, York n Tulip 
CHUI.><T1AN SAMIEL J. .t CO. (6'. J. ir F. W. 

Cliri.siiiiii), conimis. merchants, 148 N Dela- 
ware av 
Christian Frederick W., com. mor. 148 N Del av. 

h 935 S 3d 
Christian (t. II., merchant, 248 Chestnut, h 12 

Woodland Terrace 
Christian James, captain, 707 S Front 
Christian James A., clerk, 015 Chestnut, h 129 

Christian John, chairmaker, 120 Catharine 
Christian Ji>se)>h M., machinist, Fkd av n Otis 
Christian L. H., Kev., 630 N 6th 
Christian Samuel J., com. mer. k consul for Peru, 

148 N Del av, h St Lawrence Hotel 
Christian Samuel K., stoves, 234 N 8th 
CHRISTIAN A WHITE (G. 11. Vhrislian if 

JkHiiii While), commi.ssion merchants, 248 

Christian William, shoemaker, Timmin's av 
Christiani A Co. (iS. Cliristiani), perfumers, 38 

S 4th, h 1302 N 7th 
Christiani R. S., perfumer, 38 S 4th 
Christiansen Peter (c), tailor, 508 S 15th 
Christie James, draughtsman, 1217 Palmer 
Christie John, milkman, 7;!6 Wyoming 
Christie John M., tailor, 27th bel Ellsworth 
Christie William, bricklayer, r 265 Perry 
Christie William, ironworker, 2138 Tryun 
Christine Charles, carpenter, Paschull ab Cres- 

son av 
Christine Frederick F., teacher public school, 

Graver's nl, C Hill 
Christine Samuel, M.D., Sellers n Main, Fkd 
Christine .'^amuel S. K., clerk, Frankford 
Christie Patrick, milk dealer, 1300 G T av 
Cliristman Auios, carpenter, 1106 Parrish 
Christman Charles, baker, 220 N 4th 
Chnstmann Edward, importer of toilet cases, 702 

Christman Elizabeth, matron, 33S Griscom 
Christman Henry, blacksmith. Amber n Ann 
Christman Henry, gentleman, 1228 N 7th 
Christman Jerry, restaurant, 1131 Filbert 
Christumn Joseph C. D., mer. 509 Commerce, h 

1523 Arch 
Christman Julianna, gentlewoman, 817 Franklin 
Chrstman ."^aniuel, restaurant, 1131 Filbert 
Christman William, blacksmith, .S llayward pi 
Christman William, clerk, 201 Nidile 
Christman William, gentleman, 912 Race 
Christman W., ice dealer, 1131 Filbert 
Christopher Ann, tailoress, 80H Carlisle 
Christopher Elizabeth (c), 502 Hurst 
Christopher George H., packer, 150 N 5th 
Christopher Jesse L., accountant, 1019 Wharton 
Christy Alexander, wood engraver, 1631 Ilel- 

Christy David, shoemaker, 1561 New Bedford 

House of Fhiladelphiar 




Christy Henry, 1231 I'oplur 

(3hriHty Lsaiic, Sprin;;i;U. n '-'l.-t 

Olirist'y JainoH, forcmnn, 'lOtli nb Market 

(ilirisly JiitnoH M., HiiloHiriiiii, 22(i Market, h 1131 

N .'i'll 
Cln-iMty Jll^l(^'^ J., ii,<;(;onnt,iiiit, l)olii,war(! uv k 

CoaU'H, h 22 Kll«;ii 
Christy Jdhii, clerk, 2!) N 7th 
Cliristy John, ooii.slnhh), '.);U) Alder 
Clirist'y .lohii, lalxiifr, :VM Uni'lforil 
Christy John, taih)r, I2.'!l dilharine 
Christy Miny, dciilcr, IKJO AhU;r 
ChriHty M(d'li(!rson, much. Pan! nb Greon, Fkd 
Christy I'clnr. laiirjr, .'i Raiulall's ct 
Christy Uoh«rt, clerk, 2I.S Marriott 
Christy Sariili, li iininin^^s, HUO N Jth 
Christy ,'<iiriih (e,), wjisliurwoinan, r 2.'i Gatzracr 
Chrisly 'rhoiniis, seaman, r i;i22 I'alethorp 
CIIRISTY VVJIjM AM M., stntioner.fc blank book 

inannrnetnrer, 127 S .'id, h Spruco n 4()th 
Chritey John, tailor, 12.'J1 Catharine 
ChrystiU John J., varnisher, 1249 Marlborough 
Chrystid Miehaol, laborer, 1724 Chatham 
Chryslie Andrew, engineer, 808 Capitol 
Chrystie TiioinMS, moulder, Ki^iO Riilgo iiv 
Chrysty lliiinion, bookkeeper, I'erkiomen bel lOth 
Chubb, Samuel, real estate agent, 400 Chestnut, 

h ir)2:5 S 6lh 
Chudleigh. H., confectionery, 713 S 11th 
Chudley Richard, tailor, 152G N 11th 
Chur John Jiicob, gentleman, 925 Sergeant 
Chur John, tanner, 471 N ftth 
Church Charlotte,, 1907Brandywine 
Chundi Fiiincis, Rev., 1^24 Lombard 
Church John, gentleman, o.'JO ,S 15th 
Church Jo^eph, laborer, 1732 Callowhill 
Church William, 1324 Lombard 
Church William, clerk, 1(107 Franklin 
Church William A., clerk, 1007 Franklin 
Churchhill Jnhn, ladies' shoes, 832 Walnut 
Churchill Lewis, machinist, 875 Darien 

Cladin JI, I!., bookkeeper, 239 Market, h 1420 

CliAKLIX 0. S., wholcHub; bootH A Hho5», 239 

M»rk<-.(, h 1420 Poplar 
Clngors Cliarles, niHk, Hope ah iJiiiinond 
Cliigg ]5i:njairiin, engineer, 1029 N J'Vont 
ClaggNiithan,, iimehine blaekHmilh, 1029 ,V Front 
Claghorii C. E., British dry goodo, 120 CheiitDut, 

h 1033 Contfis 
Claghorn Kngene, merchant, 1033 Coatcg 
Cliighorn Henry T., clerk, 1031 CoatcH 
Cliighorn Jiinies L., merchant, 1504 Arch 
(JIaghorn John W., gentleman, 1009 Arch 
Cliighorn John W., Jr., 1009 Arch 
Clnghorn J. Raymond, bookkeeper, 323 Market, 

h 150 1 Arch 
Cl.ighorn ^V^illi;lm C. public accountant, 108 8 

4th, h 1031 Coates 
Claiborne G. G., clerk P. P.. R. Co , 1302 Market 
Claiborne R. R k Co., agents. 454 N 3d 
C'laig Fra.nk, clerk, 920 Catharine 
Clair George, .seaman, 1310 Howard 
Clair Henry M., tailor, 503 N 8th, h 538 Lorain 
Clair James, hiborer, r 510 N Front \ 
Clair Snmuel, fireman, Lehigh av ab Memphis 
Clair William, bru.shmaker, Gtn av ab Daujihin 
Clamar George H., silversmith, 905 Nectarine 
Clamjiitt Clara, gentlewoman, 1125 S 3d 
Clampett John, carpenter, 36 Washington av 
Clampett Jose])h, shoemaker, Sorrell n Bath 
Clampl'er H.irriet, gentlewoman, 417 Bultonwood 
Clancey John, dealer, 3 Harding's pi 
Clancy John, cattle dealer, 330 Monroe 
Clancy Edward, drayman, r 243 Queen 
Clancy James, millwright, 1931 Rochford 
Clancy John, clerk, 1727 Mervine 
Clancy John, laborer, 5 Almira pi 
Clancy Michael, laborer, 16 St David's av 
Clancj' PeLer. lithograph printer, 106 Green 
Clandenin John, clerk, 2009 Evergreen 
Clanford William, peddler, N W Dauphin <t Apple 

Churchill Lewis, Jr., pearl worker, 875 Darien ] Claphamsou Samuel, baker, r 1529 Cabot 

Churchman Anna, teacher, 908 Franklin | Clapier James E., tobacconist, 1426 N 6th 

Churchman Anna B., gentlew. 1824 Mt. Vernon | Clapier Marj', gentlewoman, 502 S Front 

Churchman A. L., bookkeeper, 15th & Hamilton, 

h 254 S llitb 
Churchmnn C. W., com. merchant, 32 S Front, 

h Chew, Gtn 
Churchman Hannah, Main ab Penn, Gtn 
Churchmnn Robert, gentleman. 254 S 16th 
Churchm.'in Sarah, jentleworaan, 790 S Front 
Churchvill Louis, liquor dealer, 22d bel Race 
Chute Francis B., chairm.iker, 1705 Ridge av 
Ciegenfuss Isane, grocer, 24th & Hare 
Cigler Jacob, tailor, r 819 St John 
CiUs George, tobacconist, 728 N 2d 
Cills George, Jr , tobacconist, S E 2d & Prime 
Cills William, tobacconist, 728 N 2d 
Cilz Jacob, upholsterer, 304 N 7th 
Cimcotti Henry F., clerk. 219 New 
Cincenbeger Jacob, shoemaker, 1205 Pearl 
Cingeman Fraugott, tailor, 506 Willow 
Cinnamon John, cardmaker, 517 S Juniper 
Cipline Charles, laborer, l921 Pearl 
Cipton William, gentleman. 754 Florida 
Citerici Thomas, ta'vern, Cresson & Grape, Myk 
City Commissioners" Office, 11 State House row 
City Controller OtRce, Girard Bank 
City Treasurer Office, Girard Bank 
Civil John, drnynian, 1 Ashland 
Clabbv William, shoemaker, 87 William 
Clad Charles F., tailor, 1131 Ogden 
Clad v., tinware, 705 S 11th 
Claft'y Bridget, widow, 2055 Lombard 
Claffy Karan. plumber, 2055 Lombard 

Clapp Frederick, brassmoulder, 1308 Myrtle 

Clapp George lampmaker, 1008 Parrish 

Clapp Lsaae, engineer, Orthodox n Hedge, Fkd 

Clapp John, gentleman, 1008 Parrish 

Chipp Lewis, lampmaker, 1008 Parrish 

Cinpp Nathan T., gentleman, 1024 Walnut 

Clapp S. P., bricklayer, 130 Richmond 

Clapper John, engineer, 2132AVood 

Clare Amuel, seaman, 313 Union 

Clare Bartholomew, printer, N E Cherry &, 9th 

Clare Charles, dealer, 610 Washington av 

Clare Jacob, shoemaker, r 858 N 4th 

Clare J.imes. distiller, 819 Locust 

Clare John, dealer, 344 Christian 

Clare Henry, wheelwright, School, Gtn 

Clare Peter, sailor, 1003 Mechanic 

Clare Thomas, shoemaker, 216 X Sth 

Clare Uriah, dyer, Pear, Hestonville 

Clare, William, dealer, 1102 Charles 

Clare William C, brassfounder, 413 Noble 

Clarenbach Charles, cutler, 634 Arch A 235 Race, 

h 447 Coates 
Clarenbach ct Herder {CJi.Tr/e.t C/aroihrrcfi if Leo- 
pold Hrn/cr), shears & scissors, 634 Arch 
Clarey Thomas, carpenter. Col avn American 
Clarey Thomas, shoemaker. 1333 Cherry 
Clarey William, porter, 913 Hamilton 
Claridge W. R., M.D., N W Richmond i Palmer 
Clark Adam, carpenter, r 1502 N Front 
Clark Albert W., clerk. 230 Dock, h 236 S Sth 
Clark Alexander, sas fixtures manuf. 223 N 12tli 

Waiiamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, Ccriier Sixth and Market Streets. 




Clark AlexAnder, moulder, Mt Pl«nsnnt n 27tL 

Clark AU'xaiiilor, toaiustor. ISlKi Jones 

Clark Alexamler, wciiver, r 12-4 Crease 

Clark Alice, saleswoiunn, 310 N 2(1 

Clark Aiiianchi P.. ffcntw. IIOU Citron 

Clark AiUi-lia, ^enlw. 407 S 6th 

Clark Ainlri'w, cordwniiier, l4;i'J Goruiantowu nv 

Clark Andrew, salusiuan, 430 Luniliurd 

Clark Andrew, weaver. Emerald ii CuiuborlaDd 

Clark Ann, gentw. J7II1 (irayson 

Clark Ann, tailoros^, r 1 1 IJ >i'ini-y 

Clark Anna M., pentw. It"i47 Aspen 

Clark A. M., stone eutter, r l.^.i Master 

Clark lJ:irl>ara, gentw. Ann n Meivalo 

Clark Benjamin, slmeuiaker, I UHI Anita 

Clai-k Hri.l-.r. ^'ent. l.i.'IS N 4tli 

Clark Caldwell, iron worker, 919 S l.'Uh 

Clark Caroline, 4 Harvey pi 

Clark Catharine, tailores.-', 10 Campbell 

Clark Catharine, wnsihinj;, r 720 Shinpen 

CLAHK A CADMIS (.]/. i'. CV,/,/ ^V M. C. Cad^ 

mii.i), boot? and shoes, S W Market .t .'{d 
Clark Charles, coal mcr. Master & American av, 

h i;i.{5 N 4lh 
Clark Cbftiies, dealer. Orthodox n Leiper, Fkd 
Clark Charles, sule.-^nian, Oxford n Front 
Clark Charles, tailor, 12S Queen 
CLAltlC CHARLES E., upholsterer, 15 N 11th 
Clark Charles E., captain, I McClunK's ct 
Clark Charles E., teller, Commercial IJunk, h 1625 

Clnrk Charles J., shoemaker, 41S Redwood 
CLAUK CHARLES W., window shades, Tcnetian 
blinds, and Rilt cornices, l.W S 2d, h 332 Reed 
Clark Christianna, pentw. 1500 Carlton 
Clark Christopher, hatter, 62S Barron 
Clark Clarence, laborer. 2324 Pine 
Clark Clarence H., banker, 35 S 3d, h 4 2d & Lo- 
Clark Clement, tailor, GIG Catharine 
Clark Daniel, laborer, Cooper 
Clark David G. (c), porter, 12 Rose al 
Clark I). D., surgeon U. S. A., 319 Walnut 
Clark D. W., jewelry, 002 Chestnut, h 1111 Pop- 
Clark Edward, broker. School, Gtn 
Clark Edward, pent. 1338 N 4th 
Clark Edward, machinist, 1520 Summer 
Clark Edward L., mer. 142 N Delaware av, h 1219 

Clnrk Edwin, printer, 239 S Gth 
Clark Edward, photographer, 2023 Cherry 
Clark Edward Moore, druggist, Orthodox n Lei- 
per. Fkd 
Clark Eli/.a, milliner. 754 S 2d 
Clark Eliza, ovstern. 3 Burlington pi 
Clark Elizabeth, 1551 X llth 
Clark Elizabeth, gentw. 047 Bankson 
Clark Elizabeth, milliner. Main op Manhcim, Gtn 
Clark Elizabeth, tailore.«s, 733 Moss 
Clark Elizabeth (c), leaihcr, 410 Tenor pi 
Clark Elizabeth C, hosiery and trimmings, 424 

E Oirard av 
Clnrk Ellen, gentw. 504 X 10th 
CLAKIv ELLIS, general agent N P R R, Front 

fc Willow, h !2r. X 13th 
Clark Ephraira, Jr., mer. 141 S Front, h 247 S 

Clark Ewing, laborer, 8 Derringer's ct 
Clnrk Edward W., banker, 35 S 3d, h School- 
house la, Gtn 
Clark E. B., grocer, Harvey, Gtn 
CLARK E. W. ACQ. (lidward W. if Clarnice 
11. Ct"k if Frederick S. KirnJiull), bankers 
and brokers, 35 S 3d 

Strangers and Oituens are 

Clark Francis, carpenter, Grisw(dd"s al ab Fit* 

water, h r 222 Monroe 
Clark Francis, laborer, 1200 Hope 
Clark Francis, moulder, 805 Charlotto 
Clark Franeis, weaver. Rainbow n Blair 
Clark Franois P., carpenter, r 222 Monroe 
Clark F. J., gent SOd .Marshall 
Clark Frank, gent. 1509 Spruce 
Clark Franklin, gasinaker, 2405 Callowhill 
Clark tteorge, blacksmith, 1118 WIstar 
Clark George, butcher, N £ Christian & Grays 

Ferry rd 
Clark George, hatter, 929 Reed 
Clark (Jeorge. laborer, 710 S Ifilh 
('lark George 1>., gentleman, Aiigii-ta pi 
Clark (ieorge W., carver, 4ll,S Ri-.Ihoo.I 
Clark (Jeorge W., gardener, 73."! Moss 
Clark George W., painter, 320 Julianna 
Clark George W., jioliee, 2011 Evergreen 
Clark Giileon, tavern, IS2.'! Ridge av 
Clark (!. G., painter, 0.35 Logan 
Clark Harrison G.. high constable, S W 5th .t 

Chestnut, h 520 Carpenter 
Clark Ileber R., architect, 520 Walnut, h 247 S 

Clark Henrietta, widow, Ashburton W of 24th 
Clark Henry, bricklayer, 1521' Ainboy 
Clark Ilenr^', carter, Contes n 25th 
Clark Henry, engineer. 770 X 24th 
Clark Henry (c), waiter, 227 Quince 
Clark Henry C, Secretary U. S. Mint, h 1020 

Clark Henry D., printer, 2 Queen's nv, r 330 Queen 
Clark Henry H., moul.ler. .Mt Plensnnl n X 20th 
Clark Henry II., upholsterer, 1208 Woodbine 
Clnrk Hinckley, gent. 1509 Spruce 
Cliirk Hiram, waterman, 15 Prime 
Clark IIu<;h, machinist, 414 Master 
Clark Hugh A., prof, of music. 527 N 7lh 
Clark Isaac, machinist, 1104 Stiles 
Clark I. W., salesman, 37 k 39 N 2.1 
Clark Jacob, bookkeeper, 318 Walnut, h Hrrman. 

Clark Jacob, clerk, 878 Randolph 
Clark Jacob H., artist, 2023 Cherry 
Clark Jacob X., painter, Story ab 37th 
Clark Jacob W., plumber, 927 Parrish 
Clark James, 1533 (ireen 
Clark James, butcher, 914 Lafayette 
Clark .James, cordwainer. 135.'! At more 
Clark James, foundry, 1210 Hamilton 
Clark James, grocer, S E 5th A Prune 
Clark James, laborer, Hewson n Belgrade 
Clark James, laborer, 1 19 Onns 
Clark James, laborer. 12.32 Carlton 
Clark .Tames, machinist, 1355 Columbia av 
Clark James, mer. 332 Market, h 12^! Vine 
Clark James, uioubler, 1214 S lOlh 
Clark James, skin dre.«ser, 13.38 N 4th 
Clark James, tailor, 828 Leonard 
Clark .lames Eilward. printer. 938 Warnock 
Clark James J., telegraph instruments, 18" S 3d 
(lark James F., clerk, 1337 N 8th 
Clark Jane, tailoress, 12 (taffney's ct 
Clark .Jcannette. seamstress, 8 Loomis pi 
Clark Jidin blacksmith, 14.'!4 Ohrisliun 
j Clark Jidin, carter, 2523 Pine 
Clark John, driver, 1023 S Hth 
I Clark John, hotel, X AV 2d k Green 
I Clark John, laborer, Baker, Myk 
; Clark John, laborer, 5 Cliff )>l 
Clark John, laborer, 8 Rementer al 
Clark John, laborer, 1003 Clare 
Clark Jolin, machinist, 504 N 10th 
Clark John, machinist, 540 Washington av 

recommended to purchase their 




Clark John, rnonlilor, A Ncwliold 

Cliirk John, iiii'Mlor, 1117 Miiiilj^oiiH^ry iiv 

Cliirk .Toliii, Hliooiiiiikdr, K!I2 Mmi-|1)Oi'oukIi 

OliirU .fdliii, HtoniM;!! 1,1.1! r, OIK S .liiiiipi^r 

Cliirk Jdliii, wcnvor, 7 Dorrin^iTV cl. 

Cliirk John A., Hhooiiiiiker, r lOCi ViMiliorn 

Clark John A., bookkoisiii-r H W Htli A CheHt- 

nnl, h S W 4l,li <t MiiHter 
CLA UK .lOIIN A., iitlornoyatlaw, 'I2H WiiJniit, 

h 2'A2i) (Jroon 
Cliirk John C, Hfcationer, 2;in Dock, h 2.'!() H 8th 
Cliirk John C, printer, Dock &, Walnut, h 2'M'> 

S Slh 
CLA IMC J()[IN 0. A SON {J. Jlos.i Clark), law 

KtiitioiuMH, 2.'i() Dock 
Clark John F., Rilddr, 1122 Ogden 
Clark John (}., clerk, KilO N .'Id 
Clark John II., oiirponler. 1 7o.S Carlton 
Clark John It., printer, 2.'i() Dock, h ■! Id S 0th 
Clark John K., .Mtovc incr. 1120 Callowhill 
Clark John S., ship carpenter, l.'i24 llartman 
Clark John W., bookbinder, r 821 Chestnut, h 

221 I Green 
Chirk John Y., M.D., 1828 Pine 
Clark Jonathan, segannaker, 248 Catharine 
Clark Jo.seph, laborer, Almond ab Cumberland 
Clark Joseph, laborer, lO-J.'J Ward 
Clark Jo.'^eph, weaver, fl Levering 
Clark Jo.seph, liiborer, Federal n 20th 
Clark Joseph, laborer, 11.5 Federal 
Clark Joseph, baker, 1113 Citron 
Clark Joseph, engineer, 8 Annandale av 
Clark Joseph, tailor, Bringhurst bel Wakefield, 

Clark Joseph, gentleman, 704.N 12th 
Clark Joseph T., hotel, S E Front & Berks 
Clark Joseph W., confectioner, 1129 Otis 
Clark Josiah, blacksmith, 1520 Summer 
Clark Julia, gentlewoman, r 1003 Sansom 
Clark Juliti, gentlewoman, 859 Dariea 
Clark J., agent, 602 S 9th 
Clark J., M.D., 032 N 0th 
Clark Lewis, driver, 1130 Wister 
Clark Lewis M., saddler, 1203 Brown 
Clark Maria (c), tailoress, 827 Darien 
Clark Masklin, merchant, 21 Front bel Market, 

h 420 S 3d 
Clark Martha S., gentlewoman, 1016 Sp Garden 
Clark Mary, gentlewoman, 2320 Vine 
Clark Mary, "huckster, Mt Pleasant n 27th 
Clark Mary, 1434 Christian 
Clark Mary, gentlewoman, 120R Hope 
Clark Mary, gentlewoman, .545 Christian 
Clark Mary Ann, gentlewoman, 409 S Front 
Clark Mary A., washerwoman, r 624 Andreas 
Clark Mary J., 9 Linden pi 
Clark Mary M., gentw. Unity & Hedge, Fkd 
Clarlc Meek, 704 'N 12th 
Clark M. D., 731 Sansom 
Clark M. F., shoes, 3d &, Market, h 423 Arch 
Clark M. Q., boarding house, 1530 Spruce 
Clark Michael, bricklayer, 1116 S 5th 
Clark Michael, laborer" 711 Plover 
Clark Michael, marble mason, 1721 A^asey 
Clark Michael, laborer, 1316 Shellbark 
Clark Michael, tailor, 1407 Howard 
Clark Michael F., shoes & boots, S W 3d & Mar- 
ket, h 423 Aveh 
Clark Newell, machinist, 504 N 10th 
Clark Owen, hotel, Baker bel S 7th 
Clark Owen, potter, 1512 Pearl 
Clark Patrick, tailor, 1639 N 12th 
Clark Patrick, woollen dyer, S W 4th & Master 
Clark Patrick, laborer, Memphis ab Cumberland 
Clark Patrick, liquors, 654 Shippeu 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Cliirk I'litrick, hostler, Rtiiiirt'M ct 

(/liirk I'atrick, laborer, 1221 Cnthiirino 

Clark I'litrick, laborer, 241 N l.^lli 

Clark I'elc.g, g.'tith^inan, 800 N lOlh 

(JIark I'oter, cordwainer, l2IODiiri(:n 

Clark I'oter, porter, .'{ Packer pi 

(Jliirk Philip, laborer, 1334 lliiiiRock 

Cliirk Philip, halter, 10 iJilk^ ct 

Clark J'hiliji, [lOltcr, 1.012 I'carl 

Clark I'ri.Mcillii, wunherwofn(in, 1802 Seybert 

(Jliirk P., marble poliHher, I22J Catharine 

("lark Ilebccca, genllewoTniin, 2 Chiimber:^ ar 

(!liirk Rciilifii W., carpenter, 758 N 2'1 

(Jliirk It'-ynion, butcher, 534 WittkinH 

(JIark Kichard, contractor, 2233 Ciillowhill 

CInrk Richard, map publisher, 312 Federsil 

Clark Richard, fireman, Union n Oak 

Clark Ricliard H., Hhingle nhaver, 905 Faulkner 

(Mark Richard S., clerk, 248 Market, h 533 S 5th, 

Clark Robert, engineer, r 2210 Lynn 
Clark Robert, gentleman, 244 N I Ith 
(JIark Robert, gi}ntleman, 623 S 15th 
Clark Robert, bnker, r 1828 N Front 
Clark Robert, Jr., lumber yard, 324 Chri.stion &, 

9th & Wharton, h 782 S 2d 
Clark Robert & Son (Robert If Charles Clark), 

stoves, 763 S Front 
Clark Robert A., clerk, 1218 Everett 
Clark Robert G., clerk, R E 12th & Wallace 
Clark Sarah B., gentlewoman, 1337 Melon 
Clark Sarah C, gentlewoman. 1509 Spruce 
Clark Samuel, gentleman, 1 Fairmount av 
Clark Samuel, s[iinner. Main op Manheim, Gtn 
Clark Samuel, shoemaker, 711 Lloyd 
Clark Samuel, manuf. 1320 Mariner 
Clark Samuel B., shoe manuf. 602 Parrish 
Clark Sherman, brass founder. Broad ab Hamil- 
ton, h 602 N 10th 
Clark Smith W. , grocer, 866 N llth 
Clark Stephen, chairmaker, 206 Wyoming 
Clark Susanna, boarding house, 530 N 10th 
Clark & Swan {11. R. Parmenter, agent). 410 

Clark Theresa, boarding house. 247 S 4th 
Clark Thomas, dry goods, 1117 Passyunk av 
Clark Thomas, dyer. Centre. JNIanayunk 
Clark Thomas, painter. 828 Leonard 
Clark Thomas, trunks, 410 Wharton 
£lark Thomas, weaver, 2309 Hamilton 
Clark Thomas, turner, 8 Derringer's ct 
Clark Thomas, carpenter, 938 Warnock 
Clark Thomas, laborer, 235 S 21st 
Clark Thomas, coal dealer, 516 S 6th 
Clark Thomas, moulder, 1108 Harmer 
Clark Thomas, watchmaker, 126 X 13th 
Clark Thomas, pattern maker, 122 China 
Clark Thomas, machinist, 1349 Columbia av 
Clark Thomas, handle maker, Hewson ab Tulip 
Clark T., provisions, 61 Frankford av, Fkd 
Clark Thomas C. photographer, 804 Buttonwotd 
Clark Thomas L., U. S. Mint. 3634 Market 
Clark Thomas M., 1320 Jeflferson 
Clark Thomas M., gentleman, 620 N 10th 
Clark Thomas M., coal dealer, 2127 Vine 
Clark Thom;is S., coal mer., first wbf bel Vine, 

Schuylkill r 
Clark Thomas W., silver plater, 254 N lOth 
Clark Thomas W., watchmaker, 416 Market, h 

126 N 13th 
Clark Z. Ross, stationer. 230 Dock, h 410 S 9th 
Clark Walter, lathemaker, 1422 X 6th 
Clark Walter C. lathe manuf. 1310 G T av 
Clark Wilfred, carpenter. 1502 X Front 
Clark William. 1224 Austin 

Coraer Sixth and Market Streets. 




Clark WilliHin. laborer, 1740 N lltU 

Clark Willijiiii. laborer, r S.TJ Wist 

Chirk Williaiii, uiilkuian, lal.'i N Frunt 

Cliirk William, weaver. 7 Dorrinijer".'' cl 

Clark Williaiu, coal, S W SlU i Wa.-hiiu'i<>n iiv, 

h lC2ti S 
Clark William, laborer, lOOtt Claro 
Clark William, prinUir, .'127 Marsthall 
Clark William, .-awiiiaker, l'<iS Cbe.«ter 
Clark William, paiiitcr, S2(l Maukiiiaw 
Clark William, tel'. iniitrumenUn, 41U Prune 
Clark William, provi!*ion.i, 2.M S JtU 
Clark William, gentleman, t>02 .'< iUb 
Clark William, trunk makor, Wil.Uy bel Vienna 
Clark William, clotbier, 11311 N htli" 
Clark William, janitor, MliS Perth 
Clark William. inucbiniM, .VU N lUth 
Clark William, waterman, Tll2 Heacb 
Claik William !{., segur!', S W 7th. V Ma.ster 
Clark William 15., tailor, SMt Grover 
Clark William K., mariner, U46 Otsego 
Clark William H., "gentleman, 1 Mi-Clung's ct 
Clark William II., dentist, 21'J Spruce 
Clark William 11. II., pattern mr. '.I4;'> Olsego 
Clark William M., wuud engraver, oU4 Chestnut, 

h />:!0 N mth 
Clark William P., boots A shoes, 1626 Maj-ket 
Clark William P., chairmaker, 111)4 Day 
Clark William S., shoemr. Ilaverford ub Budd 
Clark William T., captain. 120 Deck pi 
Clark W. 11., Carpenter, 1344 Brown 
Clark W. M , carpenter, r 844 L iwrence 
Clark W. W.,, ;;8th bel Che-stnut 
Clarke Antlrew, furnishing, .'5.'!() S lith 
Clarke A., broker, 21)8 Gold, h Davis" Hotel 
Clarke lianiey, coachman, 4 Shock 
Clarke Catharine, teacher, 1443 N 4th 
Clarke Charle.s, coal dealer, 215 Master, li 1335 

N 4tl. 
Clarke Charles, shoefindings, 1175 S Uth 
Clarkf Charles, laborer, 1521 Fitzwaler 
Clarke Daniel, printer, 308 N 12th 
Clarke D. C. A., salesman, 29 N 3d, h National 

Clarke Edwin, wardmaster, 1022 Beach 

Clarke Thomas, driver; r 330 N 8th 
CLAllki: WILLIAM, groc.r. N W 12th A Race 
Clarki- William, trimmin^.s, 308 N 12th 
Clark.- William W., .ihoemaker, Filbirt ab 42d 
Clarki- Wilson, laborer, 1502 N Front 
• 'larkson Francis, tailor, 112S) Millou 
(.'larkson lioorge, broker, 31 li Walnut, h 724 
I Clark.son John, card printer, 1032 S 5th 
Clarkson John, se.xton, 1217 Clover 
Clarkson John W., coal mer. oor Broad A, South, 

h 1004 Filbert 
Clarks..ii .Michael, clerk. 811 N lOth 
Clark-. in llol.erl, coal mer. 1004 Filbert 
CLAKKSON UOBHllT, 114 S 3d, h 1404 Spruce 
Clarkson Samuel, clerk N. L. Bank 227 Vine, h 

811 N lOih 
Clary Catharine, shop, 022 Charles 
Clary Lawrence, laborer, Pennsylvania av n 25th 
Clary llichard, laborer, I Prescott pi 
CLASE it EVANS (l^iirmir/ Clafc if Thomas C. 

J£raiis), saihuaker.s, Brabaul n Ann Samuel, sailmaker. Brabant n Ann, h Rich- 
mond n Ann 
Clash Garretson, gentleman, 730 Ilelmuth 
Class Jacob, basket maker, 1738 N '.'>d 
Class James, copperplate jtrinter, 804 Wharton 
Class Josi-ph. ]iriuter, 5 Winslow 
Class William, jjriiiter, 217 Arch 
Clatcben Charles, tobacconist, 312 Cypress 
Claus Charles, trimmings store. 520 Race 
Claus Henry, boatbuilder, r Race it Vine depot 
Clausen Christoi)her, bookbinder, 150 Race 
Clausen Daniel C, saddler, 7lh bi-1 Diamond 
Clausen Edward G., sa<ldler, 7th bel Diamond 
Clausen John Nelson, inoroccodr. 12 Mansfield pi 
Clausen Jolin G , saddler, 7lb bel Diamond 
Clausen Joseph R., bookkeeper, 208 Market, h 

322 S 2d 
Clausen Walter, tavern, 420 N Del nv 
Clausen William, gentleman, 325 Gaskiil 
Clausen W., bartender, N W Richmond <t Le- 
high !iV 
Claussen C. J., pocketbooks, 1219 Ridge av 
Claveaux Francis, machinist, 109 S 2d, h 


Clarke Edward, artist, 1014 S 12th 
Clarke Edward S., mer. 130 S Front, h 712 Spruce j Clawges John, agent, 814 Market 
Clarke Ellen, 42 N 9th 1 Clawges John R., baker, 1210 S 2d 

Clarke E. B., grocer, JIain bel Price, Gtn, h j Clawges Joseph, police, r 493 Dillwyn 

Harvey n Green, Gin J Clawges Joseph, bricklayer, 1214 Ilibberd 

Clarke E. Cavileer, clerk, 1210 Monterey 1 Clawges Joseph, brushmaker, 2030 N 5th 

Clarke G.-orge E., iron railmaker, (> Banker's row Claws Jolin, express dri\er, r 25 Otter 

Clark.- Georjre G., engineer, 218 Union 
CLARKE HENRY STEELE, Rev., 121 N 11th 
Clarke James, dyer, 252 O.xford 
Clarki! James, engineer, llolman n York 
Clarki- James G., gent. 008 Arch, h 010 Arch 
Clarke J:imes T., musician, 321 Cherry 
Clarke John, showman, 531 Powell . 

Clarke John E., attorney at law, 2320 Green 
Clarke John V. C, clerk, 29 .S Water, h 2016 

Clark." Joseph, blacksmith, 1312Shippen 
Clarke Joseph, moulder, 1502 N Front 
Clarke Jrigeph, silkspinner, Market ab 40th 
Clarke J. C, Dr. (c), 524 Buckley 
Clarke J. S., comedian. 1025 Callowhill 
Clarke J. W., umbrellas, 1512 Market 
Clarke .Margaret, gentlewoman, 'Ms Dean 
Clarke Mary M., gentlewoin.-in. 1210 Monterey 
Clarke Rebecca, gentlewoman, 13;;9 Potts 
Clarke Samuel, car drivi-r, 2313 Callowhill 
Clarke Samson E.. tentmaker, 9 Loiii.xa av 
Clarke Susan, gentlewoman, 3 Sutler's av 
Clarke S. W., gentlewoman, 2000 Brandywine 

Clawson Henry B., goldbeater, 1807 Francis 
Clawson Martin, gentleman, 1110 Beach 
Clawson Robert, weaver, r Filler ab N 2d 
Clawson Robert N., restaurant, 219 N 4th, h 523 
I Cla.xton Edmund, publi.sher A bookseller, 22& 24 

N 4lh. h 1709 Summer 
I Cla.xton John, laborer, 724 West 
; Cla.xton J. S., clerk, 000 Chestnut 
j Clay Alexander, carjienter, r 1118 Parrish 
I Clay Benjamin F., Adams express, b 1343 Melon 
I Clay Clias., siockingwraver, Wister bel Main, Gtn 
Clay Gt'orge, dyer, Front ab Berks 
Clay George, locksmith, 1241 Mt Vernon, h 703 

N 15th 
Clay Henry, laborer, 872 Orchard 
Clay Henry, watchman, r 872 Orchard 
Clay llenrv, weaver, Rillenhouse, Gtn 
Clav llenrv C, lumber mer. 1113 Beach, h 1306 

N 01 h 
Clay II. (}., attorney at law, 271 S 5th, h Frank- 
ford A Girard avs 
Clay Henry T., lumber, 1129 Beach, h 1306 N Cth 

Best Flace in the City to buy good and cheap Clothing at 




(liny JameH, weavor, Godf'roy, Gtn 
('Any Jiirnes (o), wnif.or, 202 S 2()fch 
(Jliiy .TimicH, kindliiif^wood co. 1028 South, hl03S 

Cliiy JaiiicH ]{,., l(iri(]liii<!:\V()-i(l, lO.'JH irdiniith 
Clay Jdliii, lnilcliiT, l.'idH Corn 
Clay Jos. A., aU-'y iit Inw. 271 S Uh, h .'ii:! S 
(!liiyj. ('., llov., i)l(') Swnnsoii 
Clay Richard V)., saloHinan, S 10 (Jlif.stniit, A 

Watdi', h !IIO SwaiiKon 
Cliiydon Williniii, iiiiiirr ifc shipper, 110 Walnut, 
pinr IS I'orl l{i(diriioiid, h Swatara, Scdiuy'll co 
Claypool Alirani (J., (^•l|.tain, HIT) S 4th 
(/liiyjioolc! Ahriiliiiiii 11., shoe maiiuf. 710 Chest- 
nut, li I.'^iOS Pojijar 
Cliiypoolo lOinnin. N., dr(;,ssmaker, 921 S I6th 
Ci.'iypoolc Mary, l)0!irdinghous(!, r II 12 Day 
Cliiypole M. A , tea('i)(M-, I.'J.'IO Columbia av 
Cliiylon Alfred D., barkeeper, 220 N 2d 
Clayton IJarns, jeweller, 510 Cliathain 
Clayton Benjamin F., despatcher, Sepviva bel 

Clayt^n C, boots & shoes, S B 17th & Market 
CInyton <fc Co. (C. P. Clai/toii), galvanizing 

works. 202 N 2;id 
Clayton C. P , galvanizing, 202 N 23d, h 2 Sny- 
der's av 
Clayton David, plasterer, 420 Queen 
Clayton George W., 138 N 0th 
Clayton H. M., printer, 826 N 13th 
Clayton Jacob E., vinegar manuf. 1017 Melon 
Clayton James, engineer, 1 1 Quarry ct 
Clayton Jiiraes H., 138 N Otli 
Clayton John, engineer. rN E Pegg & New Market 
Clayton John, sinkermaker, Haines n SchafFer 
Clayton John, attorney at law, 717 Walnut 
Clayton John H., manuf. gents' linen, 027 S 13th 
Clayton J. A. B., bootmaker, 138 N Oth 
Clayton Mnggie, gentlewoman, 701 Wood 
Clayton Margaret, dry goods, 303 S 13th 
Clayton M. A., gentlewoman, 252 S 11th 
Clayton Powell F., manuf. boots & shoes, 155 N 

3d, h 1028 Mount Vernon 
Clayton Rachel S., gentlewoman, 606 N ISth 
Clayton Samuel, stevedore, 420 Queen 
Clayton Sarah A., 623 S Broad 
Clayton Stephen (c), stevedore, 1722 Addison 
Clayton Thomas J., atty-at-law, 241 S 5th 
Clayton Thomas S., sale.sman, 155 N 3d, h 1644 

Clayton William, coal miner & shipper, R R R 

wharf 18th, h Swatara, Pa 
CInyton William, carpenter, Walnut ab Wood- 
land, W P 
Clayton William, shoemaker, 1333 S 2d 
Chivton William D., shirts, 1817 Lombard 
CInyton William D,, carrier, 9 Hiekey 
Clayton Wm. J., driver, 1226 N 19th 
Clayton Mary, gentw. 437 Christian 
Cleland Ann C, gentw. 2130 Greeu 
Cleary Daniel, tavern, 516 S 7th ' 
Cleary John, tavern, 519 S 6th 
Cleary John, tin plate worker, 1005 Newton 
Cleary Martin, lime dealer, 944 N 9th, h Ontario '< 
ab Mastei" • 1 

Cleary Patrick, weaver, 1317 Mariner 
Cleary Rieh'd, porter, 35 N 2d, h 1221 Hamilton 
Cleary Roger, grocer, 520 S 6th i 

Cleary Thomas, car driver, 414 Allen | 

Cleary Thomas, watchman, 1922 Earp j 

Cleary Wm., snlosnian, 45 N 2d, h 913 Hamilton 
Cleaveland Jane, gentw. Sepviva bel Dauphin 
Cleaveland Ralph," machinist, 305 N 15th I 

Cleavenger W. S., clerk P. R. R. Co. 1302 

Wanamaker & Brown's, Oat Hall, 

CleavorA. J'., police, 1337 CrenHe 

Cleaver D. C, pajicrhanger, 54.0 N Hlh, h 2310 

• Wallace 

Cleaver KliaH, boarding; houf^o, 413 N Olh 

Cleaver John, trnrler, 1703 Wylie 

Cleaver Riclmrd W., conCeotioner, I H 1 5 Coiite<t 

Cleaver Smtiucl, fiaintcr, Geiinantowri iiv, Otn 

CIcchlcir Cliris., tailor, H50 Lawrence 

Cleckner John, laborer, 222 VVilliamdfin 

Cleo I'enjiiinin, wholoHale ho.niery, Ac, 40 Dank 

h 1237'N I2lh 
CIceland JamcH, Inborer, 1733 Biittonwood 
Cleeman Clara, gentw. 110!) (iirard 
Cleeman Frederick V., 1109 (jirard 
Clecton Esther Ann, tinr.'>e, 938 N 0th 
Cleeton George, carpet manuf. 1308 Vine 
Clegg David, jiorter, 3312 Market 
Clegg Edward, merchant tailor, 204 S 9th, h 942 

S 8th 
Clegg F. B., clerk, 148 S 4th, h 920 Catharine 
Clegg George, clerk, Adams n Fkd av 
Clegg Henry, tailor, 717 Passyunk av 
Clegg Isaac, spinner, 202 O.xford 
Clegg Isaac, manuf. 1416 Columbia av 
Clegg John, lampinaker, 104 Brown 
Clegg Mark, boarding house, 54 N 7th 
Clegg Samuel, spinner, 262 Oxford 
Clegg Thomas, painter, 41 S 16th, h 3320 Market 
Clegg Timothy, presser, Pearl. Myk 
Clein Jacob, grocer, 200 N 9th 
Cleland David, coachman, 2 Shock 
(Jlell.and Robert, carpet weaver, 1223 Lombard 
Clemans Alexander, drayman, 1523 N 2d 
Clemant Richard R., artificiahs manuf. 109 S 1.3th 
Clemath Edgar H., bookbinder, 833 Earp 
Clemen Francis, librarian. 318 f? 11th 
Clemens Francis, mechanic, Columbia av n 2d 
Clemens .James, carman, .Jersey pi 
Clemens George, nurse, Dauphin n Carroll 
Clemens William, grocery. Tacony & Paill, Fkd 
Clemer Edwin P., boilermaker, 801 Charlotte 
Clement A. W., Bethesda Home, Wi.-sahickon av, 

Chestnut Hill 
Clement Isaac H., shoemaker, 736 Guilford 
Clement James, clerk. 220 Marriot 
Clement .John, brushmaker, Norris ab 5th 
Clement John D., bookkeeper, N W 4th k Arch, 

h 438 Garden 
Clement Joseph C, mer. 1011 Callowhill 
Clement Rachel, seamstress, 1308 D'irsev 
Clement Samuel, tobacconist, 408 S 20th 
Clement Samuel L., conveyancer, 226 S 3d, h 

2122 Mount Vernon 
Clement Sarah, gentw. 1606 Walnut 
Clement S. E., salesman, 220 Marriot 
Clement William, clerk R. R. R., h 2122 Mount 

Clement William H., gent. 1606 Walnut 
Clement Walter H., restaurant, S E Broad and 

Spring Garden 
Clements Alex"r, carpenter, Norris ab American 
Clements Edward, carpenter. 1631 Mulvaney 
Clements James, porter, 847 X 16th 
Clements Joanna, wid Joseph, 169 Allen 
Clements John, drayman, 2105 Wood 
Clements Joseph, teamster, 2445 Callowhill 
Clements Philip, lumber counter, 628 Christian 
Clements Reuben, provisions. 1908 Plymouth 
Clements Sarah, trimmings, 847 N Ifith 
Clements Thomas, sexton, Korris ab American 
Clements Wm. K., carpenter, r 1321 Hewson 
Clements Wm. S.. sent, r 1321 Hewson 
Clements Wm. W.-Vinter, 1044 S 5th 
Clemerson Joseph, painter, 520 Dillwyn 
Clemins Geo., shoemaker. Dauphin bel Emerald 

Coiner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Cleiuin Conrnd, diiver. 1243 AMt-r 

Cleniming.-i Jo^^eph, gent. 005 S '2d 

Cleiumiiigs Mary. lL'27 New Bedfurd • 

Cleiniiungi< Kiichel, 606 S 2d 

CIcimiuMis Kilwin. jiriiiter, 727 lA>lianon 

Cleinineii$ Friiiik. Itiiggngemu.itfr. 172.'> Fkd nv 

Cleinuieii8 llitiiniih, OcriiiuDtown iiv, Ui»iiig Sun 

Clcmniens Miirgiirel J., IHSS 12ll» 

Cleuiiueud Thmiuj*. di.ximtelier, (i T nv, Hiding 

Cli'iuinen'' Lewi.-", iiale<>iuan, 1220 M;irki't 
Clenuucnt.'i John, weiiver, .'US I.«ouunger 
Cleii Petor, briokiniiker, ".• Cnulon 
Clency Williiiiu, lnvcrn, 207 Stimiper's ill 
Clondnniel John, grocer, 400 S iJol nv, h l.'t.S 

Clfndaniel Willinni, M.D., IXi Pine 
CIcndcnin John, watchman, 170ii Wood 
Clenileiiin Thonia.-J J., I'urrier, 110 Biiltonwood 
Clendoning .Fanif.f, harnes.'.-niMkcr, lOlO Stnckor 
Clenilening Ja!Uo.<, .^addifr, 12 S Kith, h Sloi'ker 
Clendoning John, luanuf. 102 Frankfonl, Kkd 
Clendonon Jo.xhua, in.''i)'r of ou-xtom.-i, 318 N 7th 
Cleney Jame.«, shoemaker, S;i8 Marriott 
Gierke CharUv E., uphoL^tering, 15 N 11th 
CliMinont William, ga.-i n.\tiire.<, 22 IJranner's al 
Clernohiin William, painter, lii.'iO Fil/.water 
Clerlchen Jacob, toliaecoiiist, 312 Cypress 
Clery E., gent. 711 Florida 
Clery Patrick, laborer, 10 MeCorraick's ar 
Clery P.itrick, weaver, l.il4 Mott 
Cles.-s Henry, lager, 16;!5 Ridge nv 
Cleveland Eliza, tuilores.s, 17;{8 Franci.s 
Cleveland E. II., Mrs., Woman's Hospital, 22d & 

N College av 
Cleveland Giles B., Woman's Hospital, 22d & 

N College av 
Cleveland Samuel M., student. 307 S 3d 
Cleveland Solomon, gent. 101 S 11th 
Cleveland Treadwell, student, .■;07 S 3d 
Clevenger Riehard, tarmer, Wood, Myk 
Clew J., laborer, 1533 Cowslip 
Clew William, wireworker, 150 X 2d 
Clewell Maria P., gentw. Jil4 S 12lh 
Clewell Sidney A., agent, N Del av ab Vine, h 

no Vine 
Clewell William H., machinist, 1320 Green 
Cleworth George, agent, 302 I'liion 
Clifden Wallace, ganger, 1124 O.xford 
Clifl" .James, liquors, 317 S Front 
Clifl' Jesse <>., dealer, 1027 Cadbury av 
Cliff Jonas, silk spinner, 40H S 24th 
Cliff J. D., 108 S tith 
Cliffert Henry, photographer, 742 S 8th 
Clifford Cithariiio, Huntingdon ab Howard . 
Clifford K Iward. Mulberry, Myk 
Clifford James, coachman, 111 S Juniper 
Clifford James, laborer, 1515 Tudor 
Clifford John, laborer, 015 Guilford 
Clilford Michael, laborer, 5 Singular row 
Cliffonl Michael H., Iiarnessmaker, 037 Paul 
Clifford Patrick, driver, 1020 Carpenter 
Clifl'ord Patrick, driver, 1(34 Manilla 
Clifford Peter, laborer, 4 Junior pi 
Clifford Sarah, 'J20 S 0th 

Clifford Thomas, dry goods, Frankford avnYork 
Ciiii Edward, millwright, 400 N 12th 
Clifl Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 1335 Earl 
riif:, gentlewoman, 343 N 12th 
Clift George, coiichtrlmmer. lOo.s Brown 
Clift John, salesman, 1220 Shi|)pcn 
Clift Joshua S.. trimmings, 1301 Pine 
Clift Martha, m'.lliner, 525 South 
Cliff Mary, tailoress, 210 Williamson 
Clift Nathaniel, clerk, 2204 Brandywine 

Clifton Elizabeth, Rio Grande pi 
Clifton Ellwood. ganger. 1105 Poplar 
Clifton Ewin P., ladies' shoemaker, r 1 1 10 Frank- 
ford nv 
Clifton F. F., clerk, 222 Jacoby 
Clifton James, clerk, 1 Piper's ct 
Clifton .lohn, cutter, 201 Union 
Clifton John (c), seaman, 4 Smith's ct 
Clifton Matthias, Jr., )mperhanger, 1245 S 3d 
("lifton Mallhins, gentleman, 1011 S ."d 
Clifton Richard, blacksmith, i:t42 Hewson 
( lilton Robert B. (c), tailor, Bohemia pi 
Clifton Robert D., clothing, 834 Market, h G25 
I Chatham 
Clifton, baker. 021 Catharine 
Cligget Itobert, laborer, .^(eammill al 
I Cliggell Hannah, District pi 
I Cliggett John, foreman, William <t Thompson 
I Climan .James, drayman, 7 Asliton pi 
Clime Hannah, 1 Leinau ]il 
Climo Hiram, mason, 20 Edwin 
Clime John, coachmakcr, 1404 Ogden 
I Climenson B., surgeon dentist. Green la, Myk 
I Climer Charles, blacksmith, 1014 Anita 
I Climer George, tailor, 5 Goodbread pi 
Clinbach William, pianomaker, 1351 Christian 
Cline Adam, moublcr, 15;'.4 State 
I Cline Adam, driver, 1125 Moyaniensing av 
j Cline Ambrose S., painter, 419 Stockton 
' Cline & Mills (Philip Clitie if Joseph Mills), sil- 
verjilaters, 401 N 51 h 
Cline Benjamin, laborer, 1910 Ann 
Cline ('harles, silvcrplater, 1132 Sites 
Cline David A. (c), whitewasher, 027 Andress 
CLINE EDWARD, boys' clothing emporium, 836 

N 2d 
Cline George, carpenter, 1305 Brandywine 
Cline Isaac, grinder, 1203 Noble, h 12031lidgeav 
Cline John L., tailor, 059 N Broad 
Cline J. F., toys, 2104 Callowhill 
Cline M. A., painter, 209 S 12th, h 249 Dean 
Cline Philip, gentleman, 1074 N Delaware av 
Cline Philip, silverplater, 401 N 5lh, h 411 N 3d, 

Cline Philip I., clerk, Budd bel Haverford 
Cline Richard S., upholsterer, 405 Franklin 
Cline Samuel, U. S. Arsenal, 2019 Hand 
Cline Solomon, clothing, 040 South 
Cline William. ma.son, Franklin bel Dauphin 
Cline M'illiam T., mail agent, Hamilton ab 31st 
Cling Francis, locksmith & bellhanger, 522 Cal- 
ClinghanC. M., M.D.. 30 N 19th 
dinger Charles, stair builder, 927 N 11th 
Clinicer .lolin, tailor, r 1512 Cadwalader 
dinger John J., plate j)rinter, i;!49 N 1 1th 
dinger Robert 11., stair builder, 1345 Brandy- 
dinger William, stair builder, 921 Ontario 
Clinker Ijcwis, tailor, r 801 Mctjrath 
Clinton Catharine, gentlewoman, 20;!2 Coates 
Clinton Dewitt, machinist, l;!43 Mervine 
Clinton Edward, l>rush maiiuf. 908 Chestnut 
Clinton Francis, machiiiist, 1740 Olive 
Clinton Francis, car)icntcr. 717 Christian 
Clinton Henry C, |iaperhangcr, 1141 S 7th 
Clinton .lames, rille maker. Fawn n Columbia av 
Clinton James, plasterer, 5 Tiller ct 
Clinton John, brakesman Penna. R. R. Co., 1302 

Clinton John, conductor, 1531 Wood 
Clinton Margaret, gentlewoman, 45 Otter 
Clinton Robert H., combmaker. 1820 (linnodo 
Clinton Thomas W., bricklr. 1102 Frankford av 
Clinton William, clerk, 1141 S 7th 

Buy yoor Clothing at the great 




Clipliarn Willinm, toiler, S'M N idli 

Clippert .John, lal)oror; r H.'iO Kt John 

Cli|i ChiirloH, br(swory, I7.'i2 MiM-vino 

Clonk CharlcH, engineer, l(il)7 Wiiilor 

Cloak Daniel, enf^inoor, 1007 VVintdr 

Cloak Eheno/,er, wattihnian, lOI.'i Newton 

Cloak (Joorf!;e, hrieklayor, 222 N 22d 

Cloak Morri.M, waleniuiti, 7.'')'.( S .'Jil 

Cloii,k Williiiin, ciui.T, I0;i2 i'arkiT 

Clonk William, inoiilihir, Tiiliiii] Diiiipliin 

Clonk William, Jr., carter, I0;!2 I'aikcr 

Cloaks Ooorgo W., wiremaker, 1117 An hum 

Clol)os JiiHtus, cnhincitmnker, Sth aJi JclTer.Mon 

Cloeker (>., inaehinist, Cnmherhmd ah Tilton 

Clock Henry, veterinary .Murgeon, liO!) Crown 

Clock John," .^hoomalcer, i:J()8 S .'id 

Clonegn.r John, printer, 1022 K 12th 

Clopp (Inorgo, .Mogn-rmaker, 822 N .'hi 

(Mojip .)ohn, .sogarmaker, JJ.Oth bel Lancaster av 

Clopp Sarah, gentw. 822 N lid 

Clopp William A,, carpenter, 1211 Potts 

CloK Jacob, driver. Front a,b Diamond 

Close Charles S., surveyor, •VM Keed Edward, dentist, 1.'308 Hope 

Close Elizabeth, 410 Coates 

Close Jlcttie, ladies' nurse, 1318 Brown 

Close Jaines, tailor, 5 Peden's av 

Clo,so John, watchman, 2018 Coates 

Close Lewis, slioemaker, 2d bel Dauphin 

Close Lewis T., moroecodresser, 1308 Hope 

Close Thomas, salesman, loO Mead 

Close Thomas J., carpenter, 1111 Brown 

Closous Joseph, lager bier, 1008 Cuthbert 

Closkey John, Coral n Moore 

Closon Isaiah, chairmalier, 1314 Crease 

Closs John, weighmaster, 22d bel Lombard 

Closson Alexander N., cabinetmaker, 12 Mcll- 

wain's row 
Clopsin Joseph R., bookkeeper, 322 S 2d 
Closson James H., coachmaker, 2105 Sharswood 
Closson ,J. L.. wheelwright, 2134 Sharswood 
CLOTHIER & PEDRICK, JoA« W. Clothier ^ 

WilliaiH Pal rick), stationery, &c., 72 N 4th 
Clothier Andrew J., sliip joiner, 1623 Vienna 
Clothier Ann, provision dealer, 1038 Marlborough 
Clothier Caleb, clerk, 408 Chestnut, h 226 N 12th 
Clothier Charles, newspaper carrier, 10 Charles 

pi. Willow ab 0th 
Clothier Charles, chaplain, 506 Redwood 
Clothier Conrad F., merchant, 22 N Delaware av, 

h 810 N7th 
Clothier George, painter, Dreer n Amber 
Clothier George, sparmaker, 2 Barker's ct 
Clothier Henry, 324 Wildey 
Clothier Isnac'n., mer. 62 S 2d, h 226 N 12th 
Clothier Jacob, cooper, 1116 Columbia av 
Clotliier John W., stationery, 72 N 4th, h Gray's 

la n West Chester rd 
Clothier Samuel, bricklayer, Tulip n Dauphin 
Clothier William, brickmr. Germantown av. Ri- 
sing Sun 
Clothier William, siDarmaker, Sacramento av bel 

Clotworthy Hugh, bricklyr. Woodland ab Locust 
Cloud Caroline, tailoress, 13^rovidence ct 
Cloud David, morocco dresser, 1224 Darien 
Cloud Francis, coppersmith, 109 Callowhill 
Clouden Jacob, drayman, 1333 Savery 
Cloud James W., ship carpenter, ]'.134" Callowhill 
Cloud Jesse, druggist, N W 3d & Green 
Cloud John M., blacksmith, 1426 Thompson 
Clouds. L,, furnishing, 345 South 
Cloud W., shoemaker, 442 Poplar 
Clouden Francis, moulder, N 6th bel Dauphin 
Clouder John, 1748 N 9th 

Oak Hall, Southeast Comer Sixth and 

Clouds Francis, whip ciirponter, i I2.'( Marlborough 
Clouds John, umbrella inakcr, 1120 Savory 
Clouds John, iildiuuian, ) 12.0 M.irlborougli 
CloiidH Martin, cabiri'-tinakijr, 2IH K I lib 
Clough Elizabeth, gentlew. licipur ab Unity, Fkd 
dough Jo-'cph, dyer, 2-117 liiddle 
Clough William H., grocer, (ji;rmant'n av, Gtn 
(Jlouglie-ty Tliomas, Htevcdore, IH I'urhatn 
Clouse .John, c.'irpr-.nter, 711 Wallaces 
(JlouHcr Aaron, ]>roduce dealer, 422 X 2d 
Clouser Abram, produce dealer, 422 N 2d, h 949 

Clouder <fe Bro. {Levi if Ermuiuel Clouser), coun- 
try jiroduce, 415 N 2d 
Clou.^er k Son (Ahrnni }f Aaron Clouser), pro- 
duce dealers, 422 N 2d 
Clouser Casper, brickmaker, 319 Emmet 
Clouser Charles, bricklayer, 1 107 Race 
Clouser Emanuel, dealer, 415 .\ 2(1, h Coopersville 
Clouser George W., bricklayer, 1107 Race 
Clouser Levi, dealer, 4 15 N 2d, h 030 Marshall 
Clouser Stephen, jdasteror, 318 Redwood 
Clouser Xavier, tailor, 817 Charlotte 
Clousing Elizabeth, gentw. r 1 127 Vine 
Clouston Ellen, tailoress, 12 Mureus pi 
Clover A. E. B., carpenter, 1318 Juniata 
Clover Manning R., carpenter. Oil Fisher 
Clover Thomas, tailor, 3 American pi 
Clowell Mary A., tailoress, 937 Kurtz 
Glower John (c), chairraaker, 415 S 13th 
Clowes A. AV., raiichinist, 8 W'heat 
Clowney Evan, laborer, 1303 Mott 
Clowney Henry, laborer, 1303 Mott 
Clowney John, founder. Geiss n York 
Clowney John, machinist, 1217 Market 
Clowney Michael, carpenter, 1161 S 12th 
CLOWNEY SAMUEL, coal dealer, 741 S Broad, 

h 808 Wharton 
Clubbe Jonathan, grocer, 1323 Frankford av 
Cluff Robert, segarmaker. Main n Shur's la, Myk 
Clugston William, porter, 18 Parham 
Cluiey Andrew P., coal & wood, 909 S 5th, h 939 

S 5 th 
Cluiey Andrew S , collector, 939 S Sth 
Cluiey & Ferine {Andrew P. Cluiey if diaries 

Periiip), wood & coal, 909 S Sth 
Cluiey Henriett.a, 939 S 5th 
Cluiey Samuel B., silverplater, 727 Brard 
Cluiey W'illiam. tinsmith, 253 >' 10th " 
Clunet Augustus D., mer. 13 S Water, h 1629 

Clune Bartholemew, dry goods, 803 S 2d 
Cluuey Chaides. laborer, 100 Richmond 
Cluney Ellen, Jefferson bel Wakefield, Gtn 
Clunn David, 1108 Savery 
Clunn David S., clerk, 1222 Savery 
Clunn Frank.salesman.Ol 7 Chest nut, h Arch ab 23d 
Clunn Jacob S., caulker, 1112 Savery 
Clunn AVilliam S., blacksmith, 1112 Savery 
Clunnine John, laborer, Ludlow n 35th 
Clusej' Peter, carpenter, 713 N 17th 
Clyde Edward, conductor, Haverford <t 41st 
Clyde James, laborer, r 1533 Carlton 
Clyde Margaret, trimmings, 637 X 17th 
Clyde Robert, laborer, 4 Crooked pi 
Clvde Terence, weaver, Moore n Carroll 
Clvde Thomas, liquors. N E 2d A- Oxford 
Clyde Thomas, Sup. Phila A X T Ex S Boat Co. 

14 S Delaware av, h Clavmont. Del 
Clyde William J,, moulder, 1332 Oxford 
CLYDE WILLIAM P,, agent Phila k X T Ex 

S Boat Co. 14 S Del av, h Claymont, Del 
Clyff Sarah, milliner, 40S ^lonroe 
Clymer David M., tailor, 317 Catharine 
Clymer George, moulder, 1111 Pearl 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Brown. 




Clyiuor Jftoob S., grooer. Bringhursl bel Miiin.Gtn 
ClymtT Juhn. hojol. 410 N 3il 
ClyiiuT Ji-bn W., in:iobinist, 13»9 Mulon 
CMytutT Liiviuia, millinory, 907 Popbir 
Clyiuer Levi, labortT, '>th ab Diiiininxl 
ClyiiuT Morf'lilb, blHcksinitli, l.'»2S Morvinc 
ClyiuiT Koliert, cnrpt'nter, .'IIO S .liiiiipor 
ClyiiuT Uobort, printer, 7jj >! 4tli 
Clyuii-r R. , geullvwomiin. (502 Mursliall 
ClyiiU'r 8:1111X101, oarpontor, ltl2'.i Vienna 
C'lyiner Sarab, genUcvTuiuun, 101.') Wallace 
ClvmiT Williiiin <!.. |>iipiTl):iii!ror, H'JO Taskor 
COAU JOSEl'U K., Ml), (111 S Sth 
Coa<l Patrick, j.rofessor, 401 .'J 5lb 
Coaily Michael, tirenian, '.'2S Poplar 
Coal Jacob, conlwainor, n<i||an<r^ pi 
CoaIcA>a, laborer, I-'ii Allcu 
Coalinyor Ilonry, laborer, 1 Lansing pi 
CoaliuNcr Martin, varnisher, 1 Lansing pi 
CoaneVharles P., iner. .JH N 2.1, h 2.J7 S <Uh 
Coane IMwin II., clerk. 210] Wnlnnt. b 2.!7 S Gtb 
Coane Robert C, nier. .18 N 2«l, b 2.i7 S Otb 
Coare Tbonuw, restaurant, 522 N 2il, b 019 Peach 
Coar Th..uiii.«, wbccUvri^bt. 2108 Apple 
Coates Hcnjarain, flroman, 212.'5 Montro:Je 
Coates Itenjauiin, wool luer. 127 Market, h 814 

Coates- B. II., M.D., N AV Spruce & 7th 
Coates Ciileb, gentleman. 2028 Hranilywine 
Coates Cliarles. burnisher, 800 Darien 
Coatesi Elmer R., att'y-at-law, 2028 Brandywine 
Coates Kinina. scgnrs, 919 Poplar 
Coates George Morrison, iner. 127 Market, h 129 

N 20tb 
Coates George M., gent. 814 Arch 
Conti-f Henry T., 129 N 20th 
Coates J:icob B., gentleman. 841 N .ith 
Coates James S., tanner, 94.J N Front, h 927 N 

Coates John, laborer, 616 New Market 
Coates John, jeweller, 941 Otsego 
Coates John, tinsmith, 92.'! Suffolk 
Coates W.. Ijihoror. .'! 17th nl) Carpenter 
Coates J., cotton, 2.!7 N Front, h Myk 
Coates Louis M., att'y-at-law, 70.") Sansom 
Coates Matthias, itrin'ter. 247 N 2d 
COATE.< N. C, lainji, cutlery & variety store, 132 

N 2(1 
Coates .^eneca E., carpenter, 1120 Ogden 
Coates Siilney, 1116 Arch 
Coates WalteV, 949 Ol.sego 
Coates William, hosiery. 950 N 2d 
Coates W. C, gent. 1017 Race , 

Coats Abraham, tanner, 943 N Front, h 927 N 

Coats Collin, stonecutter, 2112 Wallace 
Coats Joseph, waste dealer, 1723 8 5th 
Coats Levi P., dry goods k trimgs. Fkd nv, Fkd 
Coat* Samuel, b.iker, 1414 S 7th 
Coats Thomas, gent. 1219 Wood 
Cobaugh Jacob, conductor. Amber n Norris 
Cobb Anirela, gentw. 1216 N 13th 
Cobb Bniley. accountant, 129 N I6th 
Cobb Charles, jeweller, 4 Friendship ct 
Cobb Jr., bleeder. 1129 Vine 
Cobb George, carpenter, 859 Randolph 
Cobb (ieorge, carpenter, 856 N 5th 
Cobb George, Jr., engraver, 856 \ 5th 
Cobb Henry C, iron moulder. ItJlO Wood 
Cobb James, bricklayer, 141 Carpenter 
Cobb John R.. boxmaker, 804 Brown 
COBB JOSEPH P., flour & feed, 1714 A 1716 N 

2d. h 1533 Palmer 
Colih Thomas J., carpenter, 1133 Sheafs al 
Cobb William, carpenter, 715 Oxford 

The Popular Clothing 

Cobb William, carjienter. 850 N 5lh 
Cobb William, clerk, 8..4 R.-indolph 
Colibin William, conch tiiminer, 732 Medina 
Cobbin Richard, prof, of music. 712 ByarU 
Cobdcn Frederick, artist, 10 Pa.-chall 
! Cobler Samuel, police. Carroll n Adams 
Coluiurn .Aaron. 1311 Poplar 
Cuburn .Agnes, 210.3 Mt Vornon 
Coliurn George G., clerk, Reed 
Coburn John B., gent. 7.t;i Pino 
C.burii Richard R , clerk. 231 Reed 
Coburn Robert, gent. 733 Pine 
Coeh Otto, tailor, 727 Julia 
Cochran Alexander, carman, 608 Fi»<her 
Cochran Andrew, laborer, r 933 Federal 
Cochran Andrew, real estate broker, 605 Walnut, 

h 131 N 7th 
Cochran .Andrew, slon<-cutter, 2024 Sansom 
CtlCHRAN A Rrs.<EI,L (J. Il.nvni r,.r/,ran \ 

W. S., com. niers. 22 N Front 
Cochran A. G., li<|uors, 746 S 6th 
Cochran Beulah, 1030 S 5th 
Cochran Catharine, widow, 6 Gadsby pi 
Cochran I>anicl J., dry good.-- iner. .'19th ab Market 
Cochran Elizabeth, genlw. .329 S Juniper 
Cochran Elizabeth, gcntw. 42 8 17th 
Cochran (Jeorge, ea))tain, 119 Almond 
Cochran Henry, clerk, 807 \'ine 
Cochran Henry S., clerk in the Mint, 915 N 15th 
Cochran II. C, clerk, 303 W.ilnut, h 807 Vine 
Cochran Isaac, dealer, 761 S Front 
Cochran James, driver, 3d ab Sus(|uehanna av 
Cochran James, drayman, 47 & 49 N 2d 
Cochran Jame,-, distiller, 138 S Front, h 37 Ca- 
Cochran Jefferson, dj'cr, C Gadsby^pl 
Cochran .lohn, carpet weaver, 2034 Coates 
Cochran John, law stu<lent, 213 S 6lh 
Cochran John, agent wholesale notions, 12 N 4th, 

h 14.;;i Vine 
Cochran John, liquors, 217 Union 
Cochran J(din, waterman, 771 S Front 
(^ichran.J. Harvey, mer. 22 X Front, h 1729 Vine 
Cochran Louis, hotel, 602 Lnml.ard, h 619 S 9th 
Cochran Margaret, washing. I.'i5:; Wood 
Cochran Mary, dry goods, 906 S Oth 
Cochran Michael, lab. Thomp.son bol Reading av 
Cochran Robert, weaver, 1533 Philip 
Cochran Stephen A., clerk. Market ab Slst, h 915 

N 15th 
Cochran Thomas, Percy ab Poplar 
Cochran Thomas, dry goods, 106 Richmond 
COCHRAN THOMAS, atfy-at-law, 619 Noble, h 

443 X 7th 
Cochran Thomas A., saddler, 1129 Melon 
Cochran Timothy, painter, 1027 Melon 
Cochran Travis, wine mer. 1820 Spruce 
Cochran William, shoemaker, 1943 South 
Cochran William, wines, 324 Walnut, h 1908 

Rittenhouse sq 
Cochr.'in William, laborer, 812 Enquirer 
Co.hran William G., wines, 324 Walnut, h 1817 

COCHHAX WILLIAM G. & CO. (Williom. G., 

Willidiii, i- Ti)^s Cochran), wine mers. 324 

Cochran William J., pianos, 830 Walnut, h 1341 

Cochran John, hatter, 1104 Miller 
Cochran Robert P., druggist, 1614 N 2d 
Cochran Samuel, machinist. 36th k Sansom 
; Cochlev Daniel, laborer, 108 Jones al 
\ Cick Charles C, telegraijher, 1234 Whitehall 
I Cuckerill Thomas, tobacconist, 143 S Front, h 
I 1214 Moyamensing av 

House of Philadelphia. 




Cockor John, conductor, Penn n Unity, Fkd 
Cockley II., wheel wrij;lit, r S.'M Christian 
(JockH John S., iniisiciiin, TjIO N I Ith 
(;o(lilin;^U)n llorn-y, woiivor, I(i2'l Morvino 
Codilirifrlon VVilliiitn, linsniitli, l(»24 Mcrvine 
CODK, llOI'I'KIt, k (!(). {T. I'. Coilc, WUlu/m 

Iloiijicy, liohni ll.(ri<ilz,!s;ll(')iry Carlwrif^ld) , 

giiH niotisrs, I5I)'I liMlhcrt 
Codo Mrs , OKi AimiiiioliH 

Codwtill l']|)hniini, wtovo litter, 211 Wiiliinnson 
Cody Cliiirlt!H JI,, rniiciiinist, r O.'i.') iVIiu-.sliiill 
Cody l);iiiicl, carpcntor, H.'iiJ N LOtii 
Cody Jiuui'.s, constable, 1 0.'if) Nowton 
('i)dy John, stone niiison, Cassidy n Ridf!;e av 
Cody John n., stonecutter, 910 Nectarine 
Co<ly Mirhiiol, tailor, 1,008 Jones 
Cody Thnniiis, lii.borer, l.'iOl N HU,h 
Cody William, mason, 2;iO.'J Wallace 
Coe'Edvvd. U., 128 k I.'iO Chestnut, h 238 N 12th 
Coo J. 10., advertising agent, 441 Chestnut, h 

N E Spruce & 18th 
Coe Margaret, shoehinder, 429 Mcllwain 
Coo Richurd, sec. Exchange Ins. Co., 218 Walnut, 

h 2:!8 N 12th 
Coe Michael, peddler, 614 N Front 
Coer John, shoemaker, 14i;i N lOth 
Coft" Catharine, shopkeeper, 97.'i Beach 
Coir Robbin ,S. (c). Bedford bel 11th 
Coir Theodore, mor. ITN 201 h, h 2127 Tower 
Cofl'ay John, poulterer, r 81(j Cherry 
Coffay Richard, hostler, Banana n Cnrlisle 
Coffee Daniel, daguerrotypist, 1907 Callowhill 
Coffee Davis, marble mason, 1907 Cailnwhill 
Coffee Henry, salesman, Newkirk bel Lehigh av 
Coffee John, laborer, 019 Swanson: 
Coffee Mary, widow, 2124 Fairfield 
Coffee Patrick, laborer. Chestnut ab 34th. 
Coffee Patrick, shoemaker, 1819 Market 
Coffee Sylvester, clerk, G-reen, Gtu 
Coffee Thomas, laborer, Edgemont bel Lehigh av 
Coffee William, teacher, Poulkrod k Cherry. Fkd 
Coffee William, eaptaiu, 317 Borden 
Coffee William, laborer, 226 N Front 
Coffee William F., printer, 1605 Ogden 
Coffey George A., att"y-a.t-law, 128 S 6th, li 1125 

Coffey John, junk store, 1026 Fkd av 
Coffey Morris, carpenter, r 112 William 
Coffey Morris, laborer, Fremont ab Thompson 
Coffin Alfred, siirn pninter, 4 Benton 
Coffin Arthur (t., president N. A. Ins. Co., 230 

Walnut, h 1015 Clinton 
Coffin John D., plumber, 248 South 
Coffin Lemuel, mer. 220 Chestnut, h 1516 Locust 
Coffin Mary W., gentw. 428 Queen 
Coffin William, tavern, S W Christian k 5th 
Coffin William, shoemaker, 821 N 4tli 
Coffin William, gent. 1431 Chestnut 
Coffmau Charles, butcher, 968 N 5th 
Coffman Henry, seaman, 613 S Front 
Coffman Joseph, painter, 611 N 5th 
Coffman William, plasterer, 1205 Jefferson 
Coffman William, silversmith, 404 Buttonwood 
Cogan Edward, coin A book dealer, 48 jSf 10th 
Cogan Owen, stoves, 744 Shippen 
Coggins David, gent. 1316 Warnoek 
Coggins John C, carpenter, Haywood pi 
Coggins Sarah (e), laundress, 2t) Mayland 
Cogill k AVilt {Thos. G. Cogni^-AlplwusWilt), 

sash factory, 425 N Front" 
Cogill Thomas G., saw mill, 425 N Front, h 961 

Cogley Lewis N,, mer, 45 N 3d, bds Revere House 
Cognet Lewis, weaver, Salmon n Clearfield 
Cogshall Freeborn, machinist, 1529 Callowhill 

Waaamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, 

Cogswell William II., clerk, 1214 Mt Vernon 

Cohen Albert, dealer, 850 N llth 

(/olien Ann, gentw. 326 K 15th 

Cohen Augustus, clerk, 306 N 9th 

(Johen Barnet, undertaker, 502 H 5th 

(/'ohen Bernard, embroidery, 12 N Hlh 

Cohen Eli/ubetli MIhs, clothing, 505 N 2d 

(/'ohen 10. L., driifcgist, 424 CoateH 

(Joheii Henry, wlndesiilo Hlationer, 507 ChcHtnat, 

h 1K2H Rittenliou.>(e H(( 
Cohen Isaac, shirt manufactory, 831 S 2d 
Cohen Isaac, huts, 030 Houth 
(lohrjn .Jacob, clothing stori;, 136 iSf.uth 
Cnheii Jiinics, gentleman, 261 X 15th 
Cohen .John, laborer, 7 (iatzmor 
Cohen Joseph, 164 N 2d 
Cohi5n Josejih J., gentleman, 4 Chri.stian 
Cohen Joseph, laborer, 1715 Burton 
Cohen Julius, agent, 412 Butt'-nwood 
Cohen J. Solis, M.D., 723 JJrown 
Cohen J., cap inanuf. 5 N 3d, h .'.I S 2d 
Cohen Leon, bookkeeper, 72;i Brown 
('ohen Lewis H., sniesman, 50.'! N 2d 
Cohen M. D., furrier, 249 Arch, h 723 Brown 
Cohen Robert, sewing machine inanuf. 610 Girord 

av, h 1224 Warnoek 
Cohen Siimuel A., jeweller, r 829 Carpenter • 
COHEN S. E., "The Dial," 21 k 25 S 3d, h 

209 N 20th 
Cohen S. M., druggist. 424 Coates _ 

Cohen Theodore, painter, 211 S 13th 
Cohen Timothy, laborer, 1706 Carlton 
Cohen Zacharia.s, 545 N 2d 
Cohill Ann, 933 Pas.«yunk av 
Cohill Charles, photographer, S E 5th & Chest- 
nut, h 918 Coates 
Cohill Frank, artist, 918 Coates 
Cohill Richard, trimmings, 710 Wharton 
Cohnan Patrick, weaver, 208 Jefferson 
Coile Edward, clerk, 826 S 2d 
Coile Mary, gentlewoman, r 1229 Vine 
Coin John, laborer, r 4f)4 New Market 
Coin John S.. morocco finisher, r 404 New 

Coin Wm,, shoemaker, Trenton av n Reading av 
Coit Edward, 417 Wetherill 
Coke Nicholas, cabinetmaker, 1111 Jefferson 
Coke John, machinist, 168 Vine 
Cockley Cornelius, laborer, 1434 N 2d 
Cockley John, hatter, r 1434 N 2d 
Cockley Michael, hatter, 1434 N 2d 
Coklin William, dyer, 1443 Philip 
Colahan John B., attorney-at-law, 142 S 8th, h 

Spruce k 40th 
Colahan Patrick, porter, 38 N 2d, h S E 3d & 

Stam]ier's al 
Colbauek Michael, tailor, 242 Coates 
Colben George, tailor, 1623 Cadwalader 
Colber Lewis, math. inst. maker, 1012 Navlor • 
Colbert William, printer and envelope manof. 

123} S 4th 
Colbert William, weaver, Blair n Otis 
Colbertson Joseph, stairbuilder. 1433 N 1 2th 

Colborn , printer, 24 N 4th 

Colborn H. A., leather dealer, 213 WUlow, h 457 

N Sth 
Colbridge Anna, Centre n Hancock, Gtn 
COLBURN ARTHUR, Washington spice mills, 

103 ct 105 Bread, h Camden 
Colburn Henry A., leather, 213 'Willow, h 457 

N Sth 
Colburn Joseph, glasscutter, Wilson n Tork 
Colburu L. R., produce dealer, 1934 Market, h 

524 S 22d 
Colcord J, P., gentleman, 219 Catharine 

Coraer Sixth and Market Streets, 




Cold Priseilln (o), 1033 South 
CoMcii lloiiry S.. hatter, 52 N 2d. h Fitlor nh 2d 
Golden Jiiuio.o, carpontor, r Filler nb N 2d 
CoUlen John J., salesman, 52 N 2d, h 2d A 

Coldeii Williiun, laborer. Filler ah N 2d 
Colder Hiraiu (c), lirivcr, av n Hancock, 

Coldcrhoad Isabella, oarpet4«, 171-t St. Joseph's av 
Cold water Frederick, blaok^niith, Apple bol 

Colo Alfreil, shoeninkor, 484 Richmond 
Cole Amelia (o), Fervaiit, 5 Levdcn ct 
Colo Hflla (e), droiis maker, 1022 Unrloy 
Cole Benjamin W., dyer, 2220 Brandywine 
Ctde Betsey, washer, 2.'!.'i (currant al 
Cole B. W"., clerk, 47 N Sth, h 2220 Brandywine 
Cole Catharine, Ilorstmaiin's et 
Cole D.ivid, morocco, Apple ab Diamond 
Cole Ivlwarcl 1'., clerk, BichniDnd bel Heading av 
Cole Kii/.abcth, provisions. Ii.'i4 N liUh 
Cole Frederick W.. bookbinder, 444 .Mapnolia 
Cole Frederick W., wheelwright, I2.'H) Ash 
Cole Franz, 5 Kessler's j>l 
Cole George, tailor, Otis n Amber 
Cole llonry, victualler, Ilavert'ord n 41st 
Cole- James, coal yard, 11134 Ueimiith 
Cole James, laborer, 1832 llhoads 
Cole Jonathan (c), restaurant, 329 S 7th 
Cole, 2 Concord 
Cole Jciiin. baker, D-iujihin bel Cedar 
Cole John, laborer, 1027 Mechanic 
Cole John C, machinist, 017 Master 
Cole J., tinsmith, 18 S 15th 
Cole Joscjih II. (c), r.estaurant, 717 Lombard, h 

1011 Lombard 
Cole J. J. .t Co. (J. J. Cole), 229 N Front, h 

Cole Lewis, fireman, 1030 Clermont 
Cole Mary, gentlewoman. 234 N 20th 
Cole iMary. seamstress, r I.'IOO Jeflerson av 
Cole Patrick, hostler, fi Azalia 
Cole Randall, driver, 1432 Barclay 
Cole Rebecca, washer, (ireenliill 
Cole Rebecca (c), wid. 1022 B irley 
Cole Riibinet, morocco, .'jth ab Diamond 
Cole Samuel B., laborer, 13;j0 Passyunk av 
Cole Susan ^c), 009 Ronnldson 
Cole Theodore M., drayman, S W Memphis & 

Colebaugh James, mason. Orthodox n Hedge, Fkd 
Colehouse Peter, dry goods, 630 N 4th 
Colehower George W., wagoner, Wm. Penn hotel, 

h Ludlow ab 3Gth 
Colehower Isaac R., grocery and provisions, 309 

Colehower S. II., coachman, Ann n Trenton av 
Colelly Ivlward L., laceweaver, r 8l2Coates 
Oolelly Edward, L. Jr., patternmaker, 812 Coates 
Coleman Albert B., wheelwright, 248 E Girardav 
Coleman it Nullet (Philip E. Colrmtni if Jacob 

A'lillii). conveyancers, N E 3d it Buttonwood 
Coleman Anthony W., conductor, 340 Diamond 
Coleman Daniel, carpenter. State ab Powelton av 
Coleman Ebenezor, merchant, Arch W of 20th, h 

104 19th ab Anh 
Coleman Edward Mrs., gentlewoman, Summit av, 

Che.xtnut Hill 
Coleman Elijah, 1318 Jefferson 
Coleman E., agent Adams Express Co., 320 

Chestnut, h 2104 Mt Vernon 
Coleman E. J., gent. 1611 .'spruce 
Coleman E. tt P. (Elienezer if Philemon), bolt 

manufs. Arch W of 20th 
Coleman Francis, laborer, 3 Ohio pi 

Strangers and Citizens are 

Coleman George, clerk, 1205 Hibberd 

Coleman (~feorge, 1329 N 7lh 

Coleman Gottlieb, laborer, Dauphin ab Franklin 

Coleman Harriet, geiitw. 259 ■< 4th 

Coleman Henry II., mariner, IIS Mary 

Coleman Henry T., atty at law, 134 S (>lh 

Coleman Isabel, gentw. (>(HI .Marshall 

Coleman Jacob, ilry goods. 70;t N 2d 

Coleman Jacob II., clerk, 149 Coates 

Coleman James, puddler, 970 N Del ay 

Coleman James, poliee. 1119 Anita 

Coleman Jjinies, pointer, 1430 Warnoek 

Coleman John, carpenter, 3 Dunsdale pi 

Coleman John, lalxirer, 017 S Front 

Coleman John, shoemaker, IGO N 13th, h Castle 

n nth 
Coleman John F., watch cases, Waterloo ab 

Coleman John M.. clerk, 1008 N Sth 
Colenmn Jose]>h, 1204 Girard av 
Coleman Joseph 11 , miller, 15 Frankford, Fkd 
Coleman J. T., marble mason, Washington av n 

8th, h 80C Fitzwater 
Colenmn Luke (c), stevedore, 504 Oakford pi 
Coleman Margaret, gentlewoman, 022 Mont- 
gomery av 
Coloman Martha A., boarding house, 135 N 9th 
Coleman Matthew, laborer, 3 Olive pi 
Coleman Michael, laborer, 419 N Front 
Coleman Moses, clothing, S E Dock A 2d, h 310 

Coleman Patrick, porter, 829 Christian 
Coleman Nathan, bricklayer, Perkioinen abWylie 
Coleman N.. gentlewoman, 952 Shackama.xon 
Coloman I'liilemon, manufacturer. Arch W of 

20th, h 121 N 18th 
Coleman Philip, carpenter, 149 Coates 
Coleman Philip E., conveyancer, N E 3d A 

Buttonwood, h 941 N 12th 
Coleman Robert M., gent. 950 .Shacknmaxon 
Coleman Samuel, carter, Perkionien ab Wylie 
Coleman Samuel, bricklayer, 149 Coates 
Coleman Samuel L., hairdresser, N E 7th A 

Coleman Sarah A., trimmings, 109 S Juniper 
Coleman Susan (e), 719 Russell 
Coleman Sylvester, waiter, 223 Currant al 
Coloman Thomas, jiicture frames, 1440 N 2d 
Coleman Thomas, fireman, 2 Mcllwain's row 
Coleman Thomas, paver, 2032 Wrxxl 
Coleman Thomas, laborer, 517 Everett pi 
Coleman T. M., editor, ofiice S W 3d & Chestnut, 

h 1030 Brown 
Coleman William, laborer, Hancock n Centre, Gtn 
Coleman William, weaver. Hazard n Emerald 
Coleman Wm. Henry, gentleman, 962 Shack- 

Coleman William H., flour A feed. Orthodox n 

Hedge, Fkd 
Coleman William II., 1014 Shippen 
Colon James, rool'cr, 1232 Crease 
Colenberg Francis, shoemaker, r 715 N 13th 
Coler Philip, shoemaker, Otis n Sepviva 
Coles Edward, gentleman, 1303 Spruce 
Coles Edward, Jr., attorney-at-law, 432 Walnut, 

h 130.i Spruce 
Coles George, cabinetmaker, Sloan bel Powelton 
Coles W. H., imp. fancy goods, h 1623 Green 
Colesberry Alexander P., clerk Bk N A, h 2033 

Colesberry H. W., packer, 2028 Locust 
Colesberry I-aac G., merchant, 2029 Locust 
Colesberry John, boot raanuf. 150 N 3d, h 717 

Colesberry Samuel C, U S R, 945 S 2d 
recommended to ptucbase their 




Colestock Ephraim M., salcHninn, Olf) Chestnut, 

h Arch n,b 3d 
Coley Poter, gas meter factory, I 17(1 S 1 1th 
Colfor Jii.mes, bookkeoi)er, 1 I'l 8 J''roiit, h 517 

WM.sliinfrton av 
Colfor Matlhow, clerk, 652 N 2(1 
Colfield John, l)ootinalccr, 800 ChriHtian 
Colflesh Charles, giirilenor, Wjilniit bel 'lOth 
CoKlosh John, constable. Hi 10 Fawn 
Colfonl Joseph B., salesman, 822 Chestnut, h 02.'i 

Colgiin Anilrow, tailor, 8H) Suffolk 
Colgnii JJcrnard, gentleman, 1814 Wood 
Colgiin IJarclay, laborer, 2027 South 
Colgan Chiirles, driver, VVoelppcr's ct 
Colga.!) (Joovge, clerk, '107 N Oth 
Colgan Henry, Isihorer, I'asch.nll, ilcstonville 
Colgan Hugh, tavern, li)47 South 
Colgan Jiiiues, dry goods, 1()2() N 2d 
Colg.'in Michnel, laborer, 11)32 Wood 
Colgan Peter, Coral n Sergeant 
Colgan Robert, carpenter, 407 N 0th 
Colgji.n Robert. lir|uors, 23d bel Locust 
Colgan Robert, shoemaker, 133() Kates 
Colgnn Thomas P., books, 245 South 
Colgan T. J., t«!acher, 40!) S 5th 
Colgate .lolin (c), laborer, 707 Cullen 
Colgon John, mason, Penn n Unity, Fkd 
Colhouer & McDonald {Zackariali. Colhoiier i^- 

Jiiiiirs McDoiin/d), coopers, 22 Strawberry 
Colhouer Znchariah, cooper, 22 Strawberry, h 9th 

k Cooper, Camden 
Colhoul John S., carpenter, 1343 Christian 
COLIIOUN <& COWTON {Samuel Colkonn (^ 

Ailhiir Co/rlo/i) , com. mers. 141 & 143 N Broad 
Colhoun David, laborer. Oak & Union, Mantua 
Colhoun Eliza, gentlewoman, 1906 Chestnut 
Colhoun E. R., Capt U S N, 180S Coates 
Colhoun Humphrey, bookkeeper, 822 Chestnut, h 

1127 S 12th 
Colhoun Samuel, com. mer. 141 & 143 N Broad, 

h nOfi Pine 
Colier Philip, shoe manuf. Sepyiva n Otis 
Coliug Samuel (c), carter, 9 Plume pi 
Coling Stoekland, whitewasher, 809 S Emeline 
Colkel Coffin, h 1336 Sp Garden 
Colket Patrick, laborer, Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Coll James, fireman, Hewson n Salmon 
Coll James, laborer, 118 Hazel 
Coll John laborer, 2019 Murray 
Coll John, shoemaker, r 857 Charlotte 
Coll Patrick, laborer. 118 Hazel 
Coll William, hotel, N AY Jefferson & 6th 
Colladay Charles, gentleman, N W Chestnut & 

36th ■ 
Colladay Charles, teacher, Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Colladay Charles W., clerk, 201 Lybrand 
Colladay Charles W., salesman, 62 N 4th, h 1335 

COLLADAY C. D., real estate broker, 434 

Walnut, h 1331 Girard av 
Colladay Frank S., dry goods, 818 & 820 

Chestnut, h 1805 Mt Vernon 
COLLADAY GEORGE W., manuf. cotton goods, 

213 Church al, h 2022 Vine 
Colladay Rachel, gentlewoman, Ludlow bel 36th 
Colladay S. R., manuf. buttons, 209 Church al, h 

117 N 17th 
Colladay T. S., 1423 Barclay 
Colladay William, carpenter, 201 Lybrand 
Colladay William S., grainer, 1143 Harmer 
Colladav William Y., merchant, 245 Market, h 

626 N 11th 
Collar Andrew, ship carpenter, 603 Richmond 
Collar Andrew J., fisherman, 1115 Vienna 

Clothing at Oak Hall, Southeast 

Collar Ann, 601 Richmond 

Colliir (i.-orgo, Hhipwright, 1120 Elm 

Collar Henry, ship carpcntor, 7 JIouMckecper'n ct 

Collar .Jacob, wharf buiblcr, 2203 Virginia 

Collar Jiicob, fisherman, I 1 I.'! Day 

(yoUiir Martin, ship carjicntcr, 001 Richmond 

(Jollar Michael, fisliernian, 1101 Monl.goniery av 

Collar Michael, wharf buil'ler, 003 Richmond 

Collar William, ship carpenter, 1013 Mont- 

gomi;ry av 
(Jollard Jonathnn, millinery, 325 X 2d 
(Join, Ch:irles J., agent, 853 N 10th 
Colic Lewis, machinist, 1.'!08 Ridge av 

NAVIGATIO.V CO., Fairmount locks 
Collegiate <fe Commercial Academy, 335 N 10th 
(Poller James, laborer, r 1 108 Ohio 
Colier Jo.-eph, shoemiiker, 710 Plover 
Colters J., 750 S Juniper 
Collet Michael W., U S A, Chelton av, Gtn 
Colletl Christina, gentlewoman, 1231 Howard 
Collett Christopher, tavern, S E Oth & WaHh- 

ington av 
Collett George ship carpenter, Danton A Test's av 
COLLIER DANIEL L., att'v-at-law, 1625 Arch 
Collier F. J., Rev., 1025 Arch 
Collier George B., adamantine candle works, 105 

Arch & 23d & Hamilton, h 1625 Arch 
Collier Robert, shoemaker, 937 Otsego 
Collier Samuel, mer. 339 Market, h 203 N 6th 

Colligan , conductor, 2132 Winter 

Colligan John, painter, 1234 Christian 
Colligan Michael, brickmaker, r 1131 Milton 
Colligan Patrick, shoemaker, Filler bel Berks 
Collihan Franklin, plasterer, Selfridge ct 
Collinback John, baker, 1519 Wood 
Ceilings J. S., carriages, 1231 Chestnut, h Camden 
Collings Jacob S. & Sons {Jacob H.. Thomas tj- 

Joscpk Collings), car'ge manufs. 1231 Chestnut 
Collings Jos., carriages, 1231 Chestnut, h Camden 
Collings Joseph, engineer, 222 Gaskill 
Collings T., carriages. 1231 Chestnut.- h Camden 
Collingwood Jos. M., Treas. Bonded Warehouse, 

423 S Front, h 1510 Mt Vernon 
Collins k Autenreith {Edirard E. Co/lhis If 

Charles At(fe)irelth), architects, 410 Walnut 
Collins Ann B., gentlewoman, 1G29 Race 
Collins Alexander, silk weaver, 1510 Philip 
Collins Alfred M., merchant, 1900 Plymouth 
Collins Andrew, laborer, Supplee's ct 
Collins Andrew, laborer, 2048 Murray 
Collins Ann, M.D. (c). 1314 Alder 
Collins Anna, gentlewoman, 1233 Cass 
Collins Annie, gentlewoman, 700 Franklin 
Collins Ansel, merchant, 106 Contes 
Collins Asa, laborer, 1124 Evans 
Collins A.C., commission merchant, 148 X Del av 
COLLINS A. M., paper & card warehouse, 506 

Minor, h 1900 Plymouth 
Collins Bartholomew, bootmaker, 1 Herald pi 
Collins Bartholomew, weaver, Marsdeu pi 
Collins Bartley, superintendent. Manor bel Berks 
Collins Benjamin T., shoemaker, 3311 Market 
Collins Bridget, washer, 4 Saxon pi 
Collins Caleb, shoefinisher, Apple ab Norris 
Collins Catharine. Timrains" av 
Collins Charles, cordwaiuer. 217 Gaskill 
Collins Charles, Rev., 616 N 8th 
Collins Charles, flour inspector, 1327 Rye 
Collins Charles, laborer, Philip bel Norris 
Collins Charles, weaver, Bringhurst bel Wake- 
field, Gtn 
Collins Charles B., bricklayer, 920 Warnock 
Collins Charles P.. liquor merchant. New Market 

ifc Brown, h Locust bel 40th 

Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




CuHin<> C W..cap mauuraclurer, 125 X 127 N 3d, 

h 764 S Uh 
COLLINS A CRISPIN' (J. Cu/hug, Jr. Jr H- J^ 

Cr§sfiiii), Weighers, 4*i .S Wuter 
t'ullin.-i I>.'i\i(l. piMitlfiuan, Aiiu'riciin bel Diamond 
Ciillin.-i Dennis, clerk, a.'Ul Burrun 
Culllns Dennis, dealer, IJ.'tO IVnrI 
Cullins Denniii. collector, 703 Christinn 
Collins Kdwiird (c), hiirlier, Cr.ll ,<ieiner 
Collins K.lward E , ur.liil.-.t, lli» Walnut, h Rox 
Collins K IwM if., painter \ gla/.ier, IW Lebanon 
Collins Ivlward T.. niaslmaker, N 13th 
Collins Kli. blacksmith, .■!27 Belgriido 
Collins Elins, seg;armaker, 112S Day 
Collins Elisabeth. 1300 Filbert 
Collins Elizabeth, tailore.-s, 1 7 lit Moravian 
Collins I'.llwood. roofer, r tWh ab Montjfomery av 
Collins A Fitzpntrick (Gro. D. Cullins i,- Martin 

Fi/zjMit/irH), hats Si bonnets, 523 Commerce 
Collins Freileriek, brewer, N W lOtb & Filbert, 

h I'.M" .^pruoe 
COLLINS tJEORGE C, att'y at law, 1-U> S 6th 
Collins Geo. I)., mer. 523 Commerce, h 513 Vine 
Collins (Jeorge F. B., atty at law, 140 S 6th 
Collins Honry, clerk, 1900 Plymouth 
Collins lluirli. nu's.^enger, r 7.'iO Carpenter 
Collins Hugh, roller, 135 Otter 
Collins Isaac, gentleman, 32 Merrick 
Collins I., Jr., weigher, 48 8 Water, h 1431 

Collins .Tames, coachman, 18 Bowery pi 
Collins James, laborer, ISlo Carpenter 
Collins James, tailor, 4 Castle 
Collins James, laborer, 809 Auburn 
Collins Jumes, laborer, 1420 Perth 
Collins James, puddler, Judd pi 
Collins James, carter, r 1123 Hope 
Collins James, laborei', 1145 S 16th 
Collins James, laborer, 706 S 18th 
Collins James, driver, 2532 Pine 
Collins James A., boatbnilder, 220 Allen 
Collins Jas-. C, junk, 328 N Water, bds St Louis 

Collins James H., shoemaker, 1122 Evans 
Collins Jesse, driver, American bel Diamond 
Collins Jesse C, conductor, Wright bel 22d 
Collins Job, cutler, 1113 Thompson 
Collins John, wheelwright, 127 Chenango 
Collins John, gentleman, 674 N 13th 
Collins Joljn, boot it shoemaker, 3311 Market 
Collins John, laborer, 912 A\iburn 
Collins John, coachman, Gihon pi 
Collins John, laborer, 1712 Callowhill 
Collins John, machinist, 1929 Buttonwood 
Collins .lohn, carpenter. Pleasant, Gtn 
Collins John, nioroccodresser, 1408 N 7th 
Collins John, driver, 1216 Heath 
Collins John, shoemaker, r 234 X 22d 
Collins .lohn, engineer, Maylandville 
Collins John, coal dealer, 115 N Broad, h 1313 

iMt Vernon 
Collins John, machinist, 1341 Wood 
Collins John, barkeeper, 916 ,S 11th 
Collins John, bookbinder, 403 S 13th 
Collins John, druggist. 412 N 11th 
Collins John D., clerk, 240 4 242 N Front, bds 

Markoe House 
Collins John D., ovsterraan, 1016 S 3d 
Collins John H.. liiinors, 900 N lOlh 
COLLINS JOHN M., atty at law, 201 S 6tb, h 

1110 Ml Vernon 
Collins .John B., carpenter, 1510 .State 
Collins John W., clerk. 913 N 10th 
Collins Joseph, laborer, 972 N Del av 
Collins Joseph, gentleman, 1236 Sp Garden 

Collins Joseph A., laborer, 1127 Anita 
Collins Jos. H., mer., 1221 N 8th, h 727 Brown 
Collins .loseph H., coal merchant, 336 N 10th 
Collins Levin, clerk. 1232 Austin 
Collins Lewis, blacksmith, r 4 Caldwell 
Collins A McLcesler {i><iiii'l Ctillim iV AUx-titider 
Mrl^rsirr), type founders, 705 Jayne 









ns Margaret, dealer. 1245 Naglo 
ns Margaret, 730 Russell 
ns Margaret, washerw. Jasper n Cunib'd 
ns Marfrarcl, varieties, 472 Hiclniiond 
ns Mary, widow Robert, 1429 Vienna 
ns Martin, shoemaker, 15 (Jaft'ney av 
ns Matthew, laborer, 1620 J^eybert 
ns Matilda, trimmings, 1303 N 7th 
ns Maurice, upliolslerinp, 24S S lllh 
ns Mary, gentlewoman, 708 Wyatt 
ns iMiehael, weaver, 112 Bodine 
ns Michael, laborer, I90H Karp 
ns Michael, waterman, 829 Sansom 
ns M., conductor, 1239 Olive 
ns Ncill, cordwainer, 735 Plover 
ns Pa.«smore. gunmaker, 1907 Callowhill 
ns Patrick, <lealer, r 1605 Mervine 
ns Patrick, dry goods, 460 N 2d 
ns Patrick, laborer, Fisher i*l) En\ory 
ns Patrick, laborer, Haines" ct n Mervine 
ns Patrick, laborer, 709 Doak 
ns Patrick, laborer, 1530 Pearl 
ns Patrick, laborer, 2 lleralil pi 
ns Patrick, laborer. 1311 Mott 
ns Penrose, conveyancer, Locust bel 40th 
ns Peter, gentleman, Carroll n Hazard 
ns Peter, tinsmith, r 423 Monroe 
ns Philip, laborer. State bel Powelton av 
ns Philip, moulder, 1908 Earj) 
ns P. It., printer, 1901 tjreen 
ns k Robb (Jusrph H. Collins iV Joints M. 
liohh), lumber merchants, 1221 N 8th 
Collins Robert W., messenger, 215 W^ashington nv 
Collins, Rock.ifellow k Co., Brown k New Market 
Collins Samuel, drayman, 1 Calvert pi 
Collins Samuel, gardener, Judgon bel Brown 
Collins Samuel, laborer, Paul bel Sellers, Fkd 
Collins Samuel B. (c), waiter, 1013 Barley 
Collins Samuel C, type founder, 705 Jayne, h 

N W 19th k tireen 
Collins S. 11., coal yard, 955 N Front, h .336 N lOlh 
Collins Sarah, gentlewoman, SOI Charlotte 
Collins Stewart, laborer, 1151 S 16th 
Collins Theodore, shoe cutter, 314 Marriott 
Collins Thomas, laborer, 1717 Christian 
Collins Thomas, laborer. 4 Gallagher's ct 
Collins Thomas, 1931 Mt Vernon 
Collins Thomas, mason, Penn, Myk 
Collins Thomas, N E 17th k Shippen 
Collins Thomas, dry goods, 17 S 4th, h 460 N 2d 
Collins Thomas, halter, 2205 Lima 
Collins Thomas, slater. 10.S4 Fclcral 
Collins Timothy, carpenter, 1011 Tasker 
Collins Timothy, laborer. 1712 Callowhill 
Collins Timothy, jiainter, r 1242 Catharine 
Collins T. K., printer, Jayne n 7th, h 1901 Green 
Collins William, secretary, 730 Arch 
Collins William, segars, 402 N 6lh, h 801 Char- 
Collins William, com. mer. 240 <t 242 N Front, h 

1335 Spring Garden 
Collins William, coal dealer, 972 N Del av 
Collins William, cordwainer, r 1206 N Front 
Collins William, sliipjoiner, 215 \Vashington av 
Collins William laborer. Airy ab Thompson 
Collins William, farmer, Germantown av ab 10th 
Collins William, cutter, 1209 Hope 
Collins William, machinist, 2206 Linn 

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CollitiH Willidin, brakesrniin, liiullow ii ■'I'lth 

Collin.s Williiiin ]5,, clerk, .02;i S I'Jlh 

CiiiliiiH Wdodi-do, shoo <!uUi!r, .'i22 Miirrioll 

CiilliriH W., •! JviiiilHn pi 

Collirisf^rovo ()l<;oi-)^o, HlioomiikLT, l'.)(l VVoixl 

Collison Hilwiiiil, bookkeeper, N K AVnlimt A, .''d, 

h (iO!) S DUi 
Collison Joseph, Hccretiiry Union MuUiiil Jnsu- 

riineo Co., N K Wnlnnt' & ;iil, li Oil'.) S i)t,h 
Collison Wm , ]iluinbijr, Main & Contrc, Utn, h 

Bowman, Gtn 
(!ollis Win., ((unrlermaHter U. S. A. IIIKJ Stooker 
(Jollock Jairi.iS, driver. il.'iO Oisc;;,, 
(.'olloin /Mhrii,, (Iriiiii milker, il.'id KnrI//, 
Collom Kliiis ])., l.ook.soller, 2.'! N IKIi 
Oollom Woo. J., ohairmaker, 42.'j E Thompson 
(loUom (Joorge S., clerk, 807 N 2(1, h 801 Darien 
(]ollom Jesse, carpenter, LOOT (lirard av 
Ciillom John, iiorter, 201 (Jiiinc.c 
t'olloni Jonallian L., police, \.>n2 Parrish 
Collom Jiulah, pas in.spoctor, 801 Darien 
Collom Mary, gentlewoman, 11 17 Hope 
Collom Samuel H., bricklayer, Jefferson & Clin- 
ton, (<ln 
Collum Elias, books, 933 N Broad 
Colluras Jonathan S., tailor, 920 N 2nth 
Colly Daniel, shoemaker, 1430 South 
Collycr Frederick, bootmaker, 801 N 10th 
Collyer Robert, bootmaker, 801 N 10th 
Collyer William, tobacconist, 24 S 0th 
Colsher Diivid, laborer, 1929 Race 
Colsher Edward W., blacksmith. 1534 Stiles 
Colsher Peter, blacksmith, 1724 Grayson 
Colsher Wm., wheelwright, C25 & 627 N Broad, 

h 828 N 10th 
Colsher Wm. S., morocco finisher, 712 N 2d 
Colston Sylvester, wheelwright. Main bel Haines, 

Coltenbocker Ellen, r 1107 Race 
Colter J. H.. carpenter, 1113 Olive 
Colter Wm. M., confectionery, 135 S 8th, h 1232 

COLTON SIxMON & SON {Simon. Sr S. II. Col- 

toii), grocers, Broad A Walnut 
Colton Alfred J., planemaker, 407 Callowhill, h 

528 Crown 
Colton Charles, artist, 245 N 5th 
Colton Charles, laborer, 2110 Carlton 
Colton C. R., bookkeeper, 1034 Latimer 
Colton David, planemaker, 528 Crown 
Colton F. B., contractor, 214 S Del av, h 2102 W 

Delancy pi 
Colton Jiimcs, coffee roaster, 409 Christian 
Colton James, cooper, 714 N Front 
Colton John, hardware, 247 S 2d, h Chestnut & 

Colton Simon, grocery. Broad &, Wnlnut, h 6 S 

Colton Sabin W., mer. 1839 Filbert 
Colton S. H., grocery, Broad k Walnut, h 6 S 

Colton Thomas, engineer, Philip n Oxford 
Colupp Joseph, laborer, 1232 Ellsworth 
Colville Arthur, machinist, 2320 Hamilton 
Colville David, bricklayer, 2338 Spring Garden 
Colville Henry, oil cloth manuf. 2320 Hamilton 
Colville Margaret, seamstress, 2319 Biddle 
Colville Mary, seamstress, 2317 Biddle 
Colville Wm.. carpenter, 2230 Callowhill 
Colvin William, shop, 327 N 13th 
Colwell Charles, laborer, 1121 Evans 
Cohvell Eliza, gentw. 1316 Catharine 
Colwell Elizabeth, tavern, 1139 S Sth 
Colwell John, paperstainer, 1110 Lentz 
Colwell Martha, tailoress, 1328 Passyunk av 

Wanamaker & Brown's, Oak Hall, 

Colwfll .Stephen, 207 N Water A 200 N Dd av, 

I. 10,! I Arch 
(Jolw.ll S., Jr., 2039 Cbc'-tniit 
Cohvell Tiiii./thy, 94 1 .N' lOth 
Colwell Williiiin, 1220 IJrinton 
Colwell W. W., mer. V,:, K 19ih 
Colyer Samuel, clerk, 333 Mi.rkel, h 203 N 0th 
Col'/,e (lustavuH, tailor, lOIH (/'arllon 
Comiifoid Michael, gent. 2.0I N lllli 
Comber <fe Cf)., granite yard, N V, <-'lie»'lnrit A 22d 
Comber John, Htonecutter, 2009 Porcelain 
Comber John, Jr., stonecutter, 2014 HariHom 
Comber Margarfit, gentw. I.'JI4 Carpenter 
Comber Micliiiel, Hloneciitlcr, 2023 I'lireelain 
Comber Patrick, .slonoculter, 2010 Sanxom 
Compton Samuel C, printer, 203 K .'(d 
Comber Theodore, paperhanger, 1033 Beach 
Comber 'I'liom^is, sheetiron worker, 805 S 5th 
C0MI5S GILI5HRT. Institute for Young Ladies, 

008 .ton Marshall 
Combs John F., leather dealer, 1130 Market, h 

Market bel 40th 
Combs Jo,seph, blacksmith, 1006 N 4tb, h 534 

Combs Mary, boarding house, 1103 Chestnut 
Combs Matthew, druggist, N \V Master & Mar- 
Combs R. L., music teacher, 531 Chatham 
Combs Willett, mer. 1933 Market, h II N 2d 
Combs William, hardware, 032 N 7th 
COMEGYS B. B , cashier Philad Bank, h 40th 

& Spruce 
Comegys Samuel, coll. AVister ab W;ikefie]d, Gtn 
Comerford John, hotel, 2225 Hamilton 
Comey Jeremiah, laborer, 1710 Carlton 
Comfort Aaron, gent. 220 X 10th 
Comfort Cyrus C, carpenter, 927 Randolph 
Comfort Edward, farmer. Linden, (itn 
Comfort Ezra, dry goods, JInin bel Centre, Gtn 
Comfort John, moulder. Oak, Mvk 
Comfort Samuel, gent. 1224 N 8th 
Comfort Thomas, mason. Oak, Myk 
Comfort William, car driver, Newkirk bel Le- 
high av 
Comly Allen, gent. 1228 Spring Garden 
Comly Charles, printer, 1007 Clement 
Comly Edward, coachman. 625 Franklin 
Comly Etham, gent. 221 N 17th 
Comly Franklin A., Presfc N P R R Co. 407 Wal- 
Comly Harry R., clerk, 400 Chestnut, h N W 

Paul & Green, Fkd 
Comly H., mer. 221 N 17th 
Comly Isaiah, laborer, 2612 Evergreen 
Comly James M., clerk. Paul <fc Green, Fkd 
Comly John, drayman, r 766 S 5th 
Comly Joseph H., alderman. 208 Frankford, Fkd 
Comlv Joseph H.. Jr., carpenter. 208 Frankford, 

Comly Joshua, superintendent Water Works, h 

Ma'in, Chestnut Hill 
Comly M., trimmings, 937 Race 
Comly Robert, mer." 136 S Front, h 941 N 4th 
Comlv Seth J., flour and srrain factor, 235 ^ 

Wn'ter A- 238 X Del av, h 1125 Arch 
Comly William F., auctioneer, 136 S Front, h 

Bristol Pike above Frankford 

314 Chestnut 
COMMERCIAL HOTEL, 20 S6th, M. B. Shantz, 


(Ti'i i/shir iV Lriseiirhiff). 222 Gold 

IS Philadelphia Exchange, 3d k Walnut 
Comer Sixth and Market Streets. 




Comiucs^ikll William, hotel, 31 Frankford, Fkd 
Coiuiuin^-^ Jiiiues, sliooiniiker, l.'i'.i N '2d 
Couuiiiiij^s Jiiine.", ripinner, Leveriujr, Myk 
Coiimioii Maiv. Rriu-erv. S;i2 Ciillowliill 
CuuiiuoiiWfiilili lusuraiici* Cu., IU3 Clu'stiiul 
Coiiiuott Bi-njainin, corUwainer, 1110 Kkil av 
Coiniiiott liunjuniin B., truukiuakur, r 1140 

Fkd av 
Cotupton nenjainin, .laborer, 28 Farson pi 
Coiuiiti.n C. U., M.I)., .'M'2 N 20ili 
Coiuplon William I)., machine.-', 704 lielfrradp 
Com^iofk Andrew, \l.l»., oloeiitionist, 508 Arch 
Cona);liaii Kdw., lalmrer, liUKi Di>rrani'o 
Cunalian I'atrii-k, lalmn'r, 2 Munmuuth ct 
Conaliin .lames, lioliinaker, 2121 Towor 
Conard Alden B., conductor, 2003 N 5th 
Conard C. pent. l.'>20 Brown 
Conard Calvin C, luniber nu-r. 824 X 7th 
Conard Cliarle;!, Rent. .'^21 Marshall 
Conard l>avid, blacksmith, 2513 Hamilton 
Conard John, cardriver, 4(>5 N 4th 
Conard Lewis K.. machinist, 1242 N 15th 
Conard I'aiil, en{!;incer, 2210 Brown 
Conard Sainnel, dry goods, S E '.'th & Market, 

h 2:. 7 N 0th 
Conard William, S21 Marshall 
Conarroe Ann !•]., teacher, 054 N 7th 
CONAKHdl-: GEOlUiE W., artist, 15.39 Chestnut 
Conarroe Georjre M., att'y and counsellor, 131 S 

5th, h 1530 Chestnut 

Conelev Georpc, tailor, 318 Willow 

Conell Henry R., 121 S 13th 

I'onell Samuel, driver, r ti4t> N 7th 

Ctnifiar Charles 1!., leather insp. 827 New Market 

Conj^ar .folin Younp, liiho^rmpher, 827 New Mkt 

Con;;den Mnry, 017 Jeflerson 

Conjjden William, (jhissblower, 017 Jefferson 

Congdon James C. gent. 212<"i Mount \'ernon 

Conger William, laborer. Malcohn pi 

Conhan John, laborer, Mt Pleasant n 20th 

Conheimer S. W.. )>eddler. (il8 Tamarind 

Conkey J. C , tailor. 814 Market 

Conkle Frances A., gentw. 500 Buttonwood 

Conkle Henry, manni'. of cotton cord, ."- W .'Id <t 

Market, h 50t; Buttonwood 
Conkle Wm. H., attorney-at-law, C2.'> Walnut, h 

500 Buttonwood 
Conkle William H., editor Philadelpliin Tribune, 

200 Brown 
Conklin tiarrison. engineer, 004 St John 
Conklin Henrv. shipearp. Clearfield n Thompson 
Conklin Israel', '.1 10 N 12lli 
Conklin .fames, letterfolder, 000 Ontario 
Cimklln Jjimes, soaimiaker, 004 St John 
Conklin Joseph, soap manuf. 320 Vine, h 604 St 

Conklin Joseph, engineer, 004 St John 
Conklin Jo.sejih, engineer, 1228 .Savery 
Conkling Miiria E., trimmings, 1727 Lombard 
Conkling Wm., convoyancer, 110 N 9th, h 1727 


Conarroe John L., salesman, 30 N Front, h 954 Conlan John, grocer. S W 11th & Girard av 

N 7th 

Conarroe Mary R., teacher, 954 N 7th 
Conarroe Richard R., bookkeeper,' 30 N Front, 

h 054 N 7th 
Conarroe Thomas, clerk, 30 N Front, h 954 N 7th 
Conaly Patrick, laborer, Pliilij) bel Diamond 
Conaway Bridget, gentw. 12 Pearl 
Conaway George S., shoemaker, 921 Mountain 
Conaway George W., shipcnrp. r 803 Jayne 
Conaway James, clerk, 124;i N 2d 
Conaway John F., clerk, 1243 N 2d 
Conaway Josei)h, laborer, 307 S Front 
Conaway .Joseph F., dry goods, 1243 N 2d 
Conaway ."^arauel, cutter, 1243 N 2d 
Conaway William, sawmaker, 220 N Juniper 
Conboy Maria, confectioner, G T av, Rising Sun 
Concannon George, supt. Washington Square, h 

409 Landis 
Condell Charles, engineer, HIS West 
Condie D. F., :M.D., 237 Catharine 
Condlin John, laborer, Paul ab Tacony, Fkd 
Condon Ann, washerwoman, r 912 Cherry 
Condon David, blacksmith, 525 Wood 
Condon Elizabeth, gentw. 1217 Carlton 
Condon Patrick, porter, r 912 Cherry 
Condon Thomas, cooper, 11 Dannaker's av 
Condon Thomas, laborer, r 1119 Hamilton 
Condon William, blacksmith, 414 Cherry, h 525 


Condon William, grocer, 1223 Marlborough 

Gondray H. E., druggist. S W 17th & Locust 

Condroy James, machinist, 751 S 7th 

Condy Elizabeth, produce, 1354 Cadwalader 

Condy James, salesman, 1055 Beach 

Condy John, tailor, 2231 Clayton 

Condy John S., gent. 1354 Cadwalader 

Condy Kichard, cordwainer, r 1.349 (Jadwalader 

Condj' Thomas, laborer, 1354 Cadwalader 

Condy Thomas, hotel, N W Germantown av <t 

(lirartl av 
Condy William, paper carrier, 250 N 15th 

Cone , shoemaker, 027 Shippen 

Cone F., slipjiermaker, 735 Baker 

Conlan John, porter, 223 Market, h 147 N Front 

Conlen John, grocer, 1()43 Stiles 

Conlen John, laborer, 1031 Clement 

Conlen Matthew, shoemaker, 932 Pas.syunk av 

Conlen Michael, laborer, 1003 Carpenter 

Conley Bernard, weaver, 143 Vanhorn 

Conley Edward, galvanizer, 1239 .S 13th 

Conley James, carpenter. 950 S Front 

Conley John, laborer, r 833 N 3d 

Conley John, blacktmith, 1111 Shippen, h 1325 

Conley John, laborer, 827 Shippen 
Conley Margaret, shop, 737 Shippen 
Conley Mary, gentlewoman, 1341 Pearl 
Conley Mary, dealer, 443 N l.'JtIi 
Conley Michael, laborer, 400 Richmond 
Conley Patrick, laborer, r 243 t^ueen 
Conley Robert. 95il S Front 
Conley Robert, bricklayer, 24th n South 
Conley Timothy, shoj), 023 S 4th 
Conley Timothy, fishmonger, 1107 Hope 
Conley William, laborer, 911 S 12th 
Conley William, laborer, 1128 S 12th 
Conley AVilliani, driver, 1315 iMott 
Conley William, machinist, 1904 Cuyler 
Conley William, gla.«scutter, 92fi Auburn 
Conley William, laborer, 905 Suflolk 
Coulin Catharine, gentlewoman, I Alexander 
Conlin Edwin, rooier, r 1521 Bodine 
Conlin Jane, gentlewoman, r 159 Jefferson 
Conlin James, tavern, .S E Front & Jefferson 
Conlin Margaret, widow, 1 Cope 
Conlin .Michael, laborer, 1003 Carpenter 
Conlin Patrick, laborer, Moore bel Front 
Conlin Patrick, laborer, 1924 Cuyler 
Conlin Patrick, driver, r 1.325 Heath 
Conlin Peter, hatter, 028 S 5th 
Conlin William, hotel. 012 S 7th 
Conlon iVIichael, lii|Uors. Beach & Warren 
Conlon Nicholas, puildler, 1004 N Del av 
Conlon Patrick, shoemaker, Hewson n Thompson 
Conlon Philip, laborer, 2308 Meredith 
Conly Francis, shipcarpenter, 1103 Charles 

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Conly Franci.s A., Jr., paperliiirif^cM-, I 10.'! C'l)nrli;s 

Oorily ThotniiH, oaTponter, 'l.'!2 (JaHkill 

Conn And I'd w, liono faoloiy, Ann n Codar 

Conn Andrew, niilldrian, Ann n (!ediir 

Conn Ellon, ;^()nU(!Wornan, I 22'.) (Jiinliy 

Conn .Jiiines, iron doalur, 1202 (iltn ii,v 

Conn James, liiborer, Jonny n Ann 

Conn Jainns, rolling; mill, Ann n Cellar 

Conn Josoiili K., dcal.M-, IMI (Itri a,v 

Conn Jloliort, miicliinist, 1221 Warnocic 

Conn Sanuiol, iron dealer, 1202 Gtn av 

Conn Sarah, gonllewotnan, 1 Ml (Un av 

Conn 'riKiniiiH, driver, Oti.'f n Tulij) 

Conn William, trailer, r22'.l Hancock 

Conn William, carrier, 421 N 2d, h 'ISO J)iilwyn 

Conn William, niilkmiin, Norris n 1'ulip 

Conniily Jlicliard, skirt weaver, Front ab New, h 

!)A 1 Chatham 
Connarty 'I'eronce, laborer, 1533 Tudor 
Connniii;-li William, boilermaker, 1418 Coate-s 

CO., Wadlei-!,h A Tilden, an;ents, 404 Walnut 
Connelhiin Patrick, grocer, 901 S ll'.th 
Connoll Alexander, carter, IGl.'i Wood 
Connell Charles, printer, 121.') Davis 
Connell C, blacksmith, 1706 Jones 
Connoll Daniel 0., bootmaker, 121 S 8th, h 745 

S nth 
Connell D. S., U S N, 23 Mead 
Connell Eliza, washing, 38 Catharine 
Connell Eugene, laborer, Green, Gtn 
Connell Henry, grocery. Market bel 40tli 
Connell Hugh, foreman, 838 Carlisle 
Connell James, soap & tallow chandler, 417 Wood 
Connell John, engraver, Dauphin n Cedar 
Connell John A., laborer, 123 Jones al 
Connell John D., printer, 1127 Division 
Connell John H., gentleman, 523 N 4th 
Connell John S., bartender, 417 Monroe 
Connell John T., machinist, 2 Short ct 
Connell Martha Mrs., 317 Richmond 
Connell Nicholas, weaver, Jefferson, Myk 
Connell Patrick, laborer, 6 Bristol pi 
Connell Thomas, laborer, r 540 Fawn 
Connell Thomas H., clerk, 623 N 4th 
Connell William B., agent, 523 N 4th 
Connellj' Ann, widow, 1800 Shippen 
Connelly Bridget, gentlewoman, 130 Bodine 
Connelly Charles C, restaurant, 2112 Fairfield 
Connelly Daniel, warper, 217 Thompson 
Connelly Dennis, coal carrier, 5 Sellers 
Connelly Edward, trader, 2044 Sansom 
Connelly Ellen, tailoress, 527 Osprey 
Connelly Francis, shoemaker, r 855 Randolph 
Connelly Harry, merchant, 2037 Walnut 
Connelly Jacob, combmaker, 1015 Hope 
Connelly James, driver, r 915 Noble 
Connelly J.-unes, police, 706 Holly 
Connelly James, shoemaker, 855 Randolph 
Connelly James, waterman, 4 Chapman 
Connelly John, blacksmith. Race bel 22d 
Connelly John, boatman, 122 Richmond 
Connelly John, pianomaker, 515 N 13th 
Connelly John, roofer, 1547 Cadwalader 
Connelly John G., restaurant, 527 Chestnut 
Connelly Lawrence D., auctioneer, 1521 Brown 
Connelly Jlargaret, huckster, r 330 St John 
Connelly Michael, laborer, r 762 S 3d 
Connelly Owen, shoemaker, r 1520 Pearl 
Connelly Patrick, blaclvsmith, 529 N 15th 
Connelly Patrick, clerk, 1015 Ellsworth 
Connelly Patrick, machinist, 1622 Carlton 
Connelly Patrick, warper, 217 W Thompson 
Connelly Richard, boatman, 2518 Xaudain 
Connelly William, glassblower, 624 E Thompson 

Oak Hall, Southeast Corner Sixth and 

Connelly William, printer, SI."* N Ijith 
(Jotinelly W. II., Hhocniiikcr. r 855 Randolph 
Connelly John, laborer, litOfi Wood 
CoMiH-r Abxaiirlor, weaver, 1225 I'alelborp 
Conner Arjtliony, grocer, 1015 S I'ront 
Connor Barney, cooper, 1 1 Providence ct - 
Conner Clayton, walclirnun, 244 Dauphin 
Conner Daniel, boatman, Woodland ab 'M'lih 
Conner iJaniel, driver, 'i'ulpeliocken, (iln 
Conner I)iiriicl, shoemaker, H2!j Auburn 
Conner Edward, .itonecutter, Green, Gtn 
Conner E. W., printer, 239 N 4th, h 1031 Mt 

Conner Frank, carriage trimmer, 112.3 Marl- 
Conner F. H., iner. 209 Walnut, h 35lh A Bridge 
Conner George, laborer, 913 Hull 
Conner Gilbert, dealer, S;)5 Christian 
Connor Henry, driver, 1100 Market, h 25.3 N 1 1th 
Conner Hugh, driver, 330 N 10th 
Conner James, clerk, 601 Washington av 
Conner James, tavern, 810 S lUli 
Conner James A., painter, 1137 Harnier 
Conner James G., liatter, 83!) S 3d 
Conner Job, tailor, 1132 Division 
Conner John, dealer in meats, 1 123 Marlborough 
Conner John, laborer, Edgemont bel Lehigh av 
Conner John, laborer, 454 Belrose 
Conner John, l.iborer, 1318 N 10th 
Conner John, laborer, Edgemont ab Emory 
Conner John, peddler. Towers, Myk 
Conner John, wejiver, 1527 N 2d 
Conner John S., druggist, 2239 Coates 
Conner Joseph, laborer, William ab Salmon 
Conner Matthew, harnessmaker, 8 Factory 
Conner Matthew, liiborer, 1758 N 11th 
Conner Michael, oilcloth printer, 1701 Carlton 
.Conner Michael, tailor, 210 Chester 
Conner Michael, ward master. Woodland ab 36th 
Conner Patrick, clothing, 710 Shippen ., 

Conner Peter, chemist, Paul bel Church, Fkd 
Conner Terence, laborer, Lehman, Gtn 
Conner Thomas, carpenter, 110 Jacoby 
Conner Thomas, gunsmith, 128 Green 
Conner Thomas, laborer, 1679 S Front 
Conner Timothy, weaver, 1309 Mariner 
Conner T., carter, St Paul's av 
Conner AVilliam, waterman, 820 S Front 
Conner William S., salesman, 2SN 3d, h Camden 
Conners Ann, 506 Hurst 
Connery Thomas, laborer, Moore bel Otsego 
Connley Patrick, grocer, 1015 Ellsworth 
Connley Paul, laborer, 1243 Catharine 
Connley Terence, carpenter, 1213 Thurlow 
Connley Thomas, inspector, 1115 Federal 
Connolley James, driver, 423 Marriott 
Connoll}' Bridget, widow, r 766 S 3d 
Connolly Charles, tavern, 2738 Coates 
Connolly Daniel, shoemaker, 780 S 6th 
Connolly Henry, laborer, 11 Nineveh pi 
Connolly John, laborer. 311 Dugan 
Connolly John J., blacksmith, 1814 Penna av 
Connolly Joseph, blacksmith, 2 East ct 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 1703 Vasey 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, Philip bel Norris 
Connolly Peter, laborer, 303 Catharine 
Connolly Philip, brass turner, 1244 Callowhill 
Connolly Richard B.. manuf. 248 N Front, h 541 

Connolly Thomas F., morocco finisher, 10 Cow- 

perthwaite pi 
Connolly AVilliam, peddler, r 624 Lombard 
Connolly cfc AVeaver (Ric/uird B. CoiawUy if 
Henri/ ]\I. IVmver), manufs. of covered steel 
springs, 248 N Front 

Market Streets, Wanamaker & Biown. 




Connor Born»r<l, i>l!isterer, 2l8t ab Pnrrish 
Connor llrvnn, liihtiror, 20.'{2 Coates 
Connor I'lmrles, cWrk, 'il'i Pine 
Connor Charles, laborer, 7 Irvin's ot 
Connor l)aniel, laborer, 407 I'enn 
Connor Dennis, laborer, 1982 Biittonwnod 
Connor Kdward, gentleman, .■{2.'t Spruee 
^Connor Eihnund, waterman, 127 Senate 
Connor Franeis, waterman, III Sliijipen 
Connor (Jcorjre, liojel, .TJOI Lombard 
Connor Georjte. ^'lli|l earpenter, •■>21 S Front 
Connor Geor;;e P., pilot, 740 S Front 
Connor Ilnniilton, shoes, 20 IS Hand 
Connor Hamilton, dry ;;iiods, 1;')40 Callowhill 
Conn<ir Harriett, 927 Pnssyunk av 
Connor llujrh, driver, Apple, Mvk 
Connor James, weaver, Commerce nb Cumber- 
Connor Jnmcs, laborer, S 2r>th ab Lombard 
Connor James, .«hoemaker, 11 Qadshy pi 
Connor James, stoneeulter. Ijehman. (itn 
Connor James, weaver. Philip n Columbia av 
Connor Jane, faetory, 202H Hampton 
Connor Johanna, pentlewonian, r Jayne ab 8th 
Ci>nnor Jidin, I7.'(t) South 
Connor Jolin. drayman, r ISO." Jones 
Connor John, drayman, 144.'! N 10th 
Connor John, driver, ^t\'^ Guill'ord 
Connor Jfdin, entrineer,' 2;i.'!7 Callowhill 
Connor John, laborer, r 77.') S ;td 
Connor John, Philip n t'lxford 
Coi.nor John, laborer, 2420 Pine 
Connor J<dn). laborer, 1()02 Bockett 
Connor Jo.seph, bricklayer, 210 Vaughn 
Connor Joseph, sailor, 100 South 
Connor J., stonemason, ISOO New Bedford 
Connor JIargaret, gentlewoman. Cotton, Myk 
Connor Margaret, tavern, 70() Lombard 
Connor Jlary, trimn)ing.<:, ()0S S 4th 
Connor Mary, gcntw. Main n Penil, Myk 
Connor Mary A Susan, triiiimings. (iOS S 4th 
Connor -Michael, engineer, 20 Innis 
Connor Michael, laborer, 81(5 Palm 
Connor Michael, picture frame maker, 1031 Cal- 
Connor Miles, drayman, 3 Balston pi 
Connor Neil, laborer, 2013 Murray 
Connor Patrick, dyer, Carroll n Huntingdon 
Connor Patrick, gentleman, 711 Erie 
Connor Patrick, laborer, 2 Barbara pi 
Connor Patrick, laborer, 017 Hall 
Connor Patrick, soap manuf. r 141 D.Tna 
Connor Philip, gentleman, 1911 Walnut 
Connor Robert, bookbinder, Bodine n Columbia 
Connor Robert, shoemaker. JS43 Lombard 
Connor Susan, shop, 3 Mattis 
Connor Susan, trimmings, 008 S 4th 
Connor Terence, shoemr. Richmond n William 
Connor Thomas, laborer, l.ilO Jones 
Connor Thomas, waiter, I) Drayson pi 
Connor Thomas, weaver, 32H Belgrade 
Connor William, carjienler, r 5 Carman pi 
Connor William M., carver, r 253 Concord 
Connor William M., confectionery, 1230 Fitz- 

Connor John, laborer, 523 Cherry 
Connors Maurice, laborer, 127 Craven 
Connaty Matthew, grocer, OOH Catharine 
Connovan John, carter, 4 Hi N 12th 
Connover James L., r 105 Breail 
Connover T. A., comino.lore, 332 S 13th 
Connoway Charles, coal, 1911 Culhbert 
Conohan Edward, laborer, 1203 Albert 
Conolly Jame.s, tailor, 219 Milman 
Conolly James, weaver, 1325 Mariner 

Conovan William, laborer, 1202 Albert 
CUNOVKR A. M., boots A .shoes, .-.24 Market, h 

1714 Areh 
Coiu'ver Charles D., carpenter, 1019 Ridge av 
Couover C. II.. accountant, 208 S Delaware av, h 

Bloodgood's Hotel 
Conover David F., bookkeeper Madison House, 

37 A 39 N 2d 
Conover (Jeorgo. painter, 1306 Columbia av 
Conover George W., ship ciirpenter, 342 Christian 
Conover A Jones (Wm. JI. (.'ninivri- if llmntnl 

.S. Juiir.i), grocers, S W Thompson A Marshall 
Conover J. B., gentleman. 1714 Areh 
Conover Michael, scgarmaker, Dudley pi 
Conover M. F., furniture, 142 N 9th 
Conover 0. H. P., mer. 408 Commerce, h 110 S 

Conover William, con<luctor, 1230 Marshall 
Conover William, cooper, Dudley pi 
Conover William, tailor, 811 N '5th 
Conover William. Jr., waterman, Dudley pi 
(.'onover William II., grocer, S W Thompson A 

Marshall, h 1230 Mar>hall 
Conover W. P., mer. 524 Market, h 1001 Green 
Conover W. P., Jr., accountant, 524 Market, h 

1714 Anil 
Conoway Simeon, laborer, Moore A Otsego 
Con(|uest (leorge, sailor, 842 S Front 
Conrad Abraham, mason, r 307 Noble 
Conrad Ajax, collector, 1020 Coates 
Conrad Anthony, coroner, 740 Sansom, h 1132 

Conrad Augustus, si)inner. Diamond ab Philip 
Conrad Charles, mer. 200 (^'hestnut, h 2308 Green 
Conrad Daniel, laborer, H20 Fernon 
Conrad Elizabeth, washerwoman, li Leeds av 
Conrad Ernest, lampm;iker, 250 (Jcrman 
Conrad E., gentleman, 727 Parrish 
Conrad Frank, tilemaker, 1825 Lee 
Conrad F. A., carpenter, 424 Cherry 
Conrad George, huckster, r 1007 Hope 
Conrad George, painter, 920 .S lllh 
Conrad George, tavern, 518 N 3d 
Conrad A Heaton (J H. CourmlifS. M. Ileaton), 

coal miners A shijipers, 210; Walnut 
Conrad Henrietta, gentlewoman, 1244 Howard 
Conrad Henry, 1017 Chestnut 
Conrad Harry, stock A note broker, 335 Walnut 
Conrad Hugh, weaver, 1240 Palelhorp 
Conrad Isaac H., .M D., 215 Vine 
Conrad Jacob, lieut. Stoinmetz pi 
Conrad James, conductor, 1328 Oxford 
Conrad James M.. mer. 023 Market, h N Jersey 
Conrad John, apothecary Penna Hospital 
Conrad John, blacksmith, r 450 New Market 
Conrad John, boot cutler, 539 (iueen 
Conrad John, shoemaker, 902 Warnock 
Conrad John, tinsmith, 1825 Lee 
Conrad John E., butcher, 1303 Olive 
Conrad John II., lime mer. 1802 Coates 
Conrad bootmaker, IIS S 4th 
Conrad I., wheelwright, 1223 Olive 
Conrad J. Hicks, coal, 210i Walnut, h 020 N 

Conrad Julius W., silverchaser, 211 Noble 
Conrad Lewis, coal mer. S W 9th A Master, h 

815 Columbia av 
Conrad Osborn, conveyancer, 252 N 5th 
Conrad Peter, blacksmith, Cedar n Dauphin 
Conrad Peter, boots A shoes, 107 S 8th 
Conrad Peter, gentleman. 1022 Green 
Conrad Peter, shoemaker, 1825 Lee 
Conrad Robert, plumber, 1825 Lee 
Conrad Samuel, cooper, 1047 Aspen 
Conrad Sarah, gentlewoman, 1128 Pearl 

The Popular Clothing House of Philadelphia! 




Conriul R., dry gorxlH, 101 Market, h UIKJ Greon Conway CliiirlcH, coalfluiilor, .'iM X liroml, h 1704- 
Connird ifc Serrill (C/ui.rl(i.i Cniudil, ^ Siir- KliiriTicui 

" - ■"■> --J b ' .~...w„, , ...v,.. 

Connird (fc Serrill (Ckii.rliis Coii.nid t\- llcii.ry iSei 

■rill), iioiiiiiiisMidn morn. %)\\ (JIk^kUiiiI, 
Connul 'riioiviiiH, Hlioi;iiiii.l((ir, 1)11 l)ii,ri(in 
(Joiiriid 'riiiiiiiiis K., Ri!V., 10 I 7 ClioHl-iiut 

Conrad A WiiH-oii {.lamies M. Ciiii.rad if Coates Conwiiy JtaMiol, driver, Wayiio, (il.n 

Wtdl.iiii), wholoHiiJo liardwnro, ('i2.'J Markel, Conway Dunnit--, tdator, 12.'{H N I2lli 

Conrad Williiiiii If,, Capt., iiifrlit inHpector, \i)'A\ Conway lOduiond 0., niariniir, •'•t\ Kanf'mnn 

Vornon Conway I'VaiiciH, coaohinan, 1 1 I'.l Slinaf ' al 

nnnrii.l W ii uli i » irl •..inlrai. 19.11 TVT.w.l,. r'flVlUAV WltWt'tU t li . < 

Conrail Wa.sliint^ton, packer, 1211 Naglo 
Conrado ])a,vid, real oi<l,ato agent, 325 S 7th 
Conrado Williiiin I)., bricklayer, 1015 Shacka- 

Conradt Charles, ma.niil'. ,silv()rwar(i, .'!2.'j Walnut, 

h 211 Nol)lo 
Conrey John, butoiior, 1 i;!2 Brown 
Conrow Ann, gonthiwoina.n, r 2005 Wood 
Conrow diaries, jiolioe, 7()7 >S Front 
Conrow (liMirgo, stonecutter, 20(15 Wood 
Conrow .l;inuvs, tavern, 710 Biiiich 
Conrow Joseph 15., lunihio- nier. I7tii & Spring 

Garden, h 1612 Mt Vornon 
Conrow 'I'liornton. groceries, 4li) & 421 N ?)d, h 

854 N (ith 
Conroy Frank, tinsmith, i;i38 N 10th 
Conroy James, shoemaker, 019 Ellsworth 
Conroy James, la.borer, Richmond n William 
Conroy James, conductor, Belgrade n Somerset 
Conroy Jerry, goldsmith, 814 Steward 
Conroy John, laborer, 211 Union 
Conroy John, produce, 1244 Savery 
Conroy Lawrence, laborer, 3 Callowhill 
Conroy Ma,i'tin, slatepicker. Spring n William 
Conroy i\Iich;iol, lalioi'or, Salmon n Somerset 
Conroy Pa-trick, genllcuian. 211(5 Sansom 
Conroy Patrick, coachmaker, Leiper bel Sellers, 

Conroy Thomas P., tobacconist, Gtn av, Gtn 
Consandine Patrick, livery, 119 Union 
Consandinc Sylvester, livery, 119 Union, h 223 

Consentine Benjamin, Latch's av, Myk 
Considine Biidget, gentlew. 3 Danver pi 
CONSIDINE DEiSTNIS, hotel, S W 5th & Lom- 
Considine Matthew, laborer, r 725 Beach 
Considine Michael, clerk, 3 Danver pi 
Constable Thomas B., huolcster, 330 Monroe 
Constable Thomas B.. shoemaker, 219 AVyoming 
Constable William, gardener, 937 Hutchinson 
Constitutional Union (The), Thomas B. Florence 

k Co., 130 S 3d 
Consul T. r,, laborer, B iker bel 7th 
CONTINENTAL HOTEL (J. E. Stevens &■ Co.), 

S E 9th & Chestnu-t 
Convell John, li.iuors, 424 Master 
Converse Henry A., attorney-at-law, 32 S 3d 
Couvery Alexander, coal, N E Broad & Cherrv, 

h 110 N 15th 
Convery Patrick, laborer, 625 Filbert 
Convery Patrick, provisions, 1021 Barley 
Convery Patrick, tavern keeper, 623 Cherry 
Convery Peter, morocco, 1436 American 
Convery Thomas, coal merchant. Broad & Cherry 

h 1229 Cherr^y •^' 

Convery Thomis, morocco, 1436 American 
Convery James, plumber, 922 Auburn 
Convill James, laborer, 1412 Cadwalader 
Conville Bilward, dyer, 10 Byron pi 
Conway Alexander H., shovelmaker, 729 Oxford 
Conway Bernard, grocer, 635 Shippen 
Conway ° '^ ""' - . _ 

«■'?//), notions & trimmings, 833 N 2d 
Conway Catharine, 2212 Hare 


Conway (MiarlcH, drivcsr, 1028 Sergeimt 
Coriwiiy (Jharle", laborer, 'I'rcnloti av ii Olio 
Conway Charliis, HlorokiMjper, 507 CrcHMon 

CONWAV FllANCIS, soap .t candle rnaiiuf. 114 

<fc 118 Jleliot, h 21!) Lombard 
Conway F/mriy, toucher, S ]'] 1 0th & LocuHt 
Conway Hnmilton. worker in iron, 729 Oxlbrd 
(Jotiway II. A., millinery, 312 S 2d 
Conway Jame.M, tin.Hinith. 3 Gii.lYiic-y'n ct 
Conway JaineH. liquorH, 1325 C.ilbiirino 
Conway Jaino.H, Hhocmaker, 836 Marriott 
Conway James, blacksmith, 1612 liiiiton 
Conway James, scgarmaker, (KKi Middle al 
Conway James, restaurant, 5 & 7 Vine, h 16 N 

Conway James, bartender, 2 •Southampton cfc 
Conway James, driver, 1012 Parriah 
Conway James, tailor, 330 X 8th 
Conway J.ames, saddler, 511 Piune 
Conway James, harness maker, 806 8 9th 
Conway James, liquors, &c., 1325 Catharine 
Conway Jane, 518 Powell 
Conway John, brickmaker, 1033 Ward 
Conway John, confectioner, 1609 Mifflin 
Conway John, candy shop, Gray'.s Ferry rd 
Conway John, laborer, (ill Cherry 
Conway John, laborer, Chestnut Hill Depot 
Conway John, laborer, 1102 Pierce 
Conway John, laborer, 2337 Callr)whill 
Conway John, liquors, N W Mister .fe 10th 
Conway John, sailmaker, 1503 Tudor 
Conway John, sailor, 128 Wh.'irton 
Conway John, shoemaker, 10 Farson pi 
Conway John, shoemaker, 836 Marriott 
Conway John H., sailmaker, 206 WMiarton 
Conway John, tailor, 812 Marriott 
Conway Joseph, drygoods, 521 Coates 
Conway J. F., clerk, 8 Clymer 
Conway Margaret, candies', 340 New Market 
Conway Margaret, gentlew. Crawford pi 
Conway Mary, dressmaker, 46 N 11th 
Conway Mary Ann, nurse, 1233 Heath 
Conway Michael, driver. 1011 Portland 
Conway Michael, hostler, 1646 B-^ckett 
Conway Michael, tavern, 1707 Ridse av 
Conway M., confectionery. 1606 South 
Conway Patrick, baker, 2402 Hamilton 
Conway Patrick, blacksmith. Lehman, Gin 
Conway Patrick, blacksmith, 230 S Juniper 
Conway Patrick, harncssmaker. 2113 Gtn ar 
Conway Patrick, laborer, Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Conway Patrick, grocer, S E Wood & Carroll 
Conway Patrick, laborer. Lehman. Gtn 
Conway Peter, paver, 6 Bowery pi 
Conway Peter, quarryman. Mechanic. Myk 
Conway Peter, tailor" r 1233 Shippen 
Conway Philip, dry goods, 19 N 11th 
Conway Philip, laborer, 2d ab York 
Conway P., liquor store, 20 X Uth 
Conway P., hotel. 6 N Front 
Conway S. C, milliner. 639 S 5th. h S Clvmer 
Conway Theophilus, grocer, 1019 Girard av 
Conway Thomas, bookseller, N W llth & Mar- 
ket, h 225 S 9th 
Conway Thomas, laborer, 917 Ellsworth 
Conway Thomas. M.D., 854 X 7th 

noH:ms ^ItZ^U^^ t^^Z ^^ ^°«- "^^^^^TH ^^I^^^; ^^f-^« --'^^ 311 

& 313 Comptroller, h 316 S 2d 
Conway William, laborer, Philip bel Xorris 
Wanamaker & Brown, Oak Hall, Corner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Conwar Wiu.. livery stable, 511 Prune, U512 Prune 

Cdiuvays Williiiin 11., r l.'i{;'> Soutli 

Couwdll lioriiurtl, pluslerer. Aniprioiin u Oxford 

Conwell John 1)., pent. IKU Ihirinor 

Conwell Williiiiu, ^hooinnker, r :i\',i (riinlen 

Cuiiynrd John, broker, •'•I I .Miir:*liiill 

I'onyanl John, Jr.. i>44 Mar!<hnll 

Conyartl Jojeiih, navy, 114-4 Marshall 

Conyers John B., car|K'nler, 1667 Montj»oinory bv 

Cook John, hotel, 1020 S 12th 

Cook John, {trocer, N W Front it Jeflerson 

Cook John, liiiuor.", 112t) S 12th 

Cook John, |i!i|>vrl)anger, 6(12 Kichniond 

Cuuk John, hitnlwiirv luanuT. Arutut, h Bring- 

burst Ik-I Main, Utn 
Cook John, carter, 15;t3 Montgomery av 
Cook John, clerk. Oil .MitlilK- ul 
Cook Joiin. Jr., clerk, UK'S Cherry 

Conyer.< Mary A.. Qamly utoro, William n Melvalo Cook John, Hoap ami candle mauuf. Iil2.i Market, 

Conyer.x Walter, druiri;ist, Lancaster av u ol'ilh 
Coocker John, ."hiii carpenter, 1021 ilontj 

mery av 
Cooey William, tavern, 7 Bri.^tow pi 
Coogan William, shoemaker, 82" l-'itzwater 
Coofjan William, coachman, 1200 Canby 
Cook A.lelia, Umi N Till 

Cook A'lolph, brewer, N W Girard av <k 27th 
Cook Alexander, laborer, 42.1 N lllh 

h lOOH Cherry 
Cook John B., uom. lumber mer. 8 W Broad &. 

Cook John B., tobacconist, Qtn nv ab N filh 
Cook John F., painter, 24lh ab Walnut 
Cook John G.. carpet weaver, 401 Chri!<ti;in 
Cook John G , laborer, 1317 N 4th 
Cook John II., receiving teller Kensington Bnk, 

h II 20 Shackama.xon 

Cook Allied, confectioner, 2 S 8ih, h 3 Filbert av Cook John J., grocer, 2002 Lombard, h 2010 

Cook .\nn, willow, 310 I.-ieminger 

Cook A., cap maker, 702 S 0th 

Cook Charle.-!, chemii^t, 717 Webb 

Cook Charles, clerk, 309 A 311 N .3d, h 1008 New 

Cook Charles, tinsmith, 725 O.xford 
Cook Charles, weaver, 1177 S 12ili 
Cook Charles H., raouhler, 1333 .Savery 
Cook I'harles J., tinsmith, 725 O.xford 
Cook Charles W., carpenter, M Uiclimond 
Cook Christian, butcher, 1310 Columbia av 
Cook Christian, shoemaker, 23.j Brown 
Cook C. Carroll, carpenter, 1918 Pemberton 
Cook David, .shoemnker. 1409 Knee 
Cook I"dw.. packer. Christian ab Gray's Ferry av 
Cook E<hvin F., clerk, 1008 Cherry 
Cook Kthvin K., grocer, 1501 Ridge av 
Cook Eliza, gentw. 10 (Jossamer av 
Cook Emily, confectioner, 6 Filbert av 
Cook E. R. it iSon {Eliza R. if Jokn J. Cook), 

grocers, 2002 Lombard 
Cook Ferdinanda. gentw. 72S Webb 
Cook Francis, cordwainer, 1511 Howard 
Cook Frederick, butcher, 1018 Thompson 
Cook Fritz, sugar refiner, 854 Lawrence 
Cook (icorge, brushmaker, Ludlow bel 4Ist 
Cook George, wheelwright. 1323 N 10th 
Cook George C, surgical inst. maker, 1317 N 4th 
Cook George W., clerk, 1008 Cherry 
Cook Geo. W.. bookseller. 37 N .id, h 47.S N 4th 
Cook G. B., trimming.", S N 11th, h 1505 Race 
Cook Henry, engineer, 128 Bread 
Cook Henry, goldbeater, 1231 S 7th 
Cook Henry, shoemaker, 929 S 11th 
Cook Henry, stovemaker, 5 St John's pi 
Cook Henry A., tailor, 839 Race 
Cook Henry F., conductor, 4225 Ludlow 
Cook Herman, grocer, 1333 S 7th 
Cook Howard, clerk, 1409 N 7th 
Cook Hugh, barkeeper, 1120 .'^ 12th 
Cook Jackson (c), waiter, 018 Middle al 
Cook Jacob, tobacconist, 038 Tasker 
Cook James, carter, 1207 Kemblo 
Cook James, clerk, 511 N 4th 
Cook James, cooper, 4 Queen nv, r 330 Queen 
Cook J.imes, plasterer, 907 Suffolk 

Cook Joseph, com. mer. 036 Race 
Cook Joseph, huckster, r 029 Fitzwntcr 
Cook Jose])h. carter, 1708 Coates 
Cook Joseph R., 1120 Shackamaxon 
Cook J. 11., salesman, I'nion Hold 
Cook J., grocer, Richnumd ab Church, Bridesb'g 
Cook J. J., produce, 4S N 0th 
Cook J. M., coal mer. 214 Walnut, h 808 N 8th 
Cook Justus, manuf. 414 Jloyer 
Cook Kenan, varnisher, 928 Catharine 
Cook Louis, tailor, 1333 N 2d 
Cook Lewis, tobacconist, Gtn nv nb .lih 
Cook Margaret, gentlewoman, 1009 Randolph 
Cook Mary A., gentw. 1224 Wood 
Cook Mary, gentw. 1233 S 7th 
Cook Matthew, machinist, Davis bcl Vine 
Cook Matthew, shoemaker, 75S S 5th 
Cook Michael, grocer, 24th k Walnut 
Cook Michael, shoemaker, 324 (iermnn 
Cook Moses, combniaker, 1000 Charlolto 
Cook Philip, bl.icksmith, 528 W Girard av 
Cook Pierce, sailor, 851 .'^ Front 
Cook Rol>ert, clerk, 115 Walnut, h 35th n Baring 
Cook Robert, laborer, 1520 State 
Cook Robert, mer. 1S24 Arch 
Cook R., gentw. 1018 Fit/.water 
Cook Samuel, cordwainer, Sjiillterger's ct 
COOK SAMUEL C. auctioneer A com. mer. 124 

5 Front, h Riverton, N J 

Cook Sarah E., trimmings and variety, S E 19th 

6 Coates 

Cook Simon, machinist, 1230 Alder 
Cook Simon, varictj-, 509 S 2d 
Cook Susan, gentw. 808 S 5lh 
Cook Thomas, salesman, 525 Powell 
Cook Thomas, watchman, Armat bel Main, Gtn 
Cook Thomas R., carver, 019 Poplar 
Cook William, bandbox mnnuf. 921 Market 
Cook W^illiam, bootfitter, 28 Pnrlinm 
Cook William, carpenter, Hull ab 2iitb 
Cook William, carpenter, l.'!20 Franklin 
Cook William, carpenter. 210 New- 
Cook William, bricklayer, 724 Wharton 
Cook William, grocer,*\ E Jefterson & lllh 
Cook William, engineer, 2 .Marlcys ct 

Cook James U., salesman, 413 Market, h Union Cook WilliaTn. nianuf. Armat bel Main, Gtn 

Hotel I Cook William, roofer, r 1524 Bodine 

Cook James T., provisions, N E Chestnut &, 15th j Cook William, tailor, |0(i4 Parker 
Cook Jasper C, druggist, 757 N 24th ; Cook William, stonecutter, 423 N 11th 

Cook Je.sse M., coal shipper, 214 Walnut, h 808 Cook William (c), brickmnker, 1232 Pearl 

N 8th Cook William Henry, g(ddbeater, 1231 S 7th 

Cook Joel, gent. 1505 Race ] Cook William H , chandler, 1919 Brown 

Cook John, laborer, Salmon n Monmouth i Cook Wm. K., carpenter. New, h 111 I Sp Garden 

Cook John, tinsmith, 1005 Wood ; Cook Ztiili., weaver, Crcisbeim rd, Gtn 

Strangers and Oitizens are recommended to ptirchase their 




Cooke Ashor C, bricklayer, ].'i2 N !)th 

Cooko B. J., clookH, I'l!) N ;}(1, h H27 EllHWorth 

Cooko Charlow, Rev., 2008 HiiiiHoin 

Cooko Ooorgo, (lnif;i^iMl,, N W l.'itli k Miirkr^t, 

Cooki. (looi'Ki! A., uli'rk, I I'l S ;!.i, hih N \V Htli 

it iS|iriir,() 
Oooko (J(U)rp;u W., l)ri(rklayor, i;i2 N !H,li 

<!(K)k(^ UlUlimll, HOIMnHlrCHM, lill Kw\\riT'HvX 

Cooki) ll(!iiiy, miM^liiniMt, J{owiir<l iil) Hare 
Oooko II.. II., siiloHiii. (-,22 (Jlio.Mlniit, h I'll)!) N 7t,h 
Oooko Jiiiiic.M, ,so;iiiiiiii.U(^r, 2:{7 N l.'iUi 
Oooko JiiiiH.'s, iniuiuriiohiicr, 21 I I'moo, h S E l.'JUi 

A Mont.orey 
COOKIC JAY, banker, 114 S U, \\ York av .sta- 
tion, N !• lUl 
000 Ivl'] JA\' .fc 00. (J>^7/ C««fo (V i-F. G. 7k?w«Y;- 

//.r,v/^/), biuikcrs, Il'l S ;kl 
Oooko John C, tailor, 91. 'i Oatharine 
Oooke Jo.sopli II., clerk, 7.'J2 Chestnut 
Cooke .t 0;;ilon (.Ins. Coohe cV WMuun Ogden,) 

iiiaiiiil'ii(Uiirorn, 2 I 1 Ilace 
Oooko iSamiiol. tiinchinist, 1112 Citron 
Oooko Thomas J., salo.sman, ()22 Ohe.stnut, h .521 

Cooko T. J., oonimis.sioa merchant, 103 N Water 

k 104 N Uol av 
Cooke T. J., i', 1221 Monterey 
OOOKE T. J. & CO. (T. J. Cooke. ^ C.'Hager), 

commis.'iion merchants & dealers in phosphates, 

lO:; N Wa,ter & 104 N Del av 
Oooko William, bartender. Broad & Sp Garden, 

h 1 Alroy 
Oooke William, grocer, 811 Fitzwater 
Oooko Z. C, clerk 130 N 3d, h 1409 N 7th 
Cookegy Andrew, blacksmith, 537 North 
Cookegy George, tavern, 537 North 
Cookegy William, farmer. 537 North 
Cooker Eliza S., Front bel Moore , 

Cooker John, caulker, Plum bel Richmond 
Cookley Patrick, shoemaker, 934 N f)th 
Cookley Timothy, shoemaker, 934 N 0th 
Cookman Charles, commission merchant. Broad 

ab Filbert, h 1613 Arch 
Cookman George, Sec. Corn Exch. Ass. 138 S 2d, 

grain, &c.. Broad n Filbert, h 1613 Arch 
Cookman George &. Co. (George Coohnan (^ Jokii, 

M. Limlsiiy), com. mevs. Broad ab Filbert 
Cookman William W., produce merchant, 1918 

Market, h 408 N 7th 
Cookson Charles, chandler, 925 Noble 
Cookson John, blacksmith, Marlcet n 42d 
Cookson Joshua, wool sorter, Haverford & 41st 
Cool Henry, pocketbook manuf. 1832 Thompson 
Cool Patrick, laborer, 1010 Palmer 
Cooley Alfred, fancy goods, Memphis ab Otis 
Cooley Augustus, policeman, 145 N Juniper 
COOLEY A. B. & CO. (A. B. Cooley If F. B. 

Coltov), contractors, 214 S Del av 
Cooley A. B., contractor, 214 S Del av, h 1602 

Cooley Henry C, bookkeeper, 128 Union 
Cooloy Horace H., expressman, 109 Gebhard 
Cooley John, laborer, Ella u Amber 
Cooley Joseph, butcher, 837 Dickerson 
Cooley Thomas, express driver, 449 Belrose 
Cooley Thomas, weaver, Ritteuhouse, Gtn 
Coolev Thomas, weaver, Godfrey, Gtn 
Cooley William S., Prof., 13S S'llth 
Coolidge Edwin, gentleman, 462 Marshall 
Coolidge Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 528 N 12th 
Coomb Benjamin, engineer, 215 Allen 
Coombe Henry M., 8 Wilson 
Coombe P., Rev., 133 Congress 
Coombe Thomas R., druggist. 3924 Market 
Coombs Benjamin, agent, 629 Washington av 

Clotliing at Oak Hallj Soutlaeast 

CooinltH I']lizii.l)<;th, gentlctvoriian, r 124 Priiiio 
Ooouibf) Niithan, rcHtaiir/mt, 432 N 2<1 
Coon Chrintophcr, lurnkoy, AdiiinH n Fk<l av, Fkd 
Coon Ivlward, cxprcH.Hiiiiin, I'liiil b<j| (}r';iMi, I'k'l 
Coon Eiiliriiiiii, c')iriini.'(Hion incrcliarit, 120 N 5lh 
(JooM E., iiiMrcluint, 29 H \Viit(;r, li 220 N .Oth 
Coon (Jeorgo, biitclicr, 1053 N Front 
(/'ooii Ja<rob, inilbjr, Paul bel Ohurcli, Fkd 
Oood John, shoeiiiiikcr, 112 Clirintian 
Coon Lewis, inilbjr, 2 Rir;htnond 
Coon M., merchant, 29 S Water, h N Y 
Coon Wa.'-ihington, dyer, I'liiil bel Green, Fk'l 
Coon William, moulder, 5 Mervine pi 
Coon Wm., tniicliine jjrinter, Paul n Church, J'kd 
Coonan I'm trick, In borer, St;iti; bel l'ow<;lton av 
Ooon(;y Alice, gciithiw. II(irri.''on n Main, Fk'l 
Cooney Jiridgot, widow, 21.'i0 Naiidiiin 
(Jooney Christopher, laborer, r 929 S I Ith 
Cooney Eilward, laborer, 10 Providence ct 
Cooney James, coachsmith, 310 N 20th 
Cooney James, laborer, 1017 Thompson 
Cooney John, stonema.son, 42d al) Chestnut 
Cooney J., broker, S W 10th A South 
Cooney Michael, laborer, 1314 Otsego 
Cooney Patrick, laborer, 1 Plynlinimon pi 
Cooney Patrick, carter, 2123 Cuthbert 
Cooney Peter, porter 28 N 3d, h 922 S Sth 
Cooney Stephen, carter, 1328 Dutton 
Cooney Thomas, laborer, 1617 Thompson 
Cooney Thomas, car driver, r 2210 Naudain 
Coonley J. Frank, photographer, 920 Chestnut, 

bds Ashland House 
Coons David, children's furnishing, 814 Vine 
Coons Samuel, car driver, Ludlow n 36th 
Coop James, manufacturer, N W Carroll & Adams, 

h Adams n Carroll 
Cooper Abigail, gentlewoman, 1707 Walnut 
Cooper Ada F., 1613 Franklin 
Cooper Alexander, milkman, r 1316 Corn 
Cooper Alfred, goldbeater, 809 Leonard 
Cooper Alfred, waiter. 209 Vandeveer 
Cooper Alfred H., bookkeeper, 221 N 6th 
Cooper Alvin M., shoemaker, 712 Wharton 
Cooper Anne M., gentlewoman, 122 N 12th 
Cooper Asahel W., salesman, 25 N 7th 
Cooper A. H., 20 Craven 
Cooper Benjamin, gentleman, 217 S Broad 
Cooper Benjamin C, housecarpenter, 2042 Coates 
Cooper Caroline, gentlewoman, 686 N 13th 
Cooper Charles, bricklayer, 1712 Burton 
Cooper Charles, cabinetmaker, 1216 Buttonwood 
Cooper Charles, grocer, 128 Richmond 
Cooper Charles D., Rev., 614 Race 
Cooper Charles H., machinist, 1519 Melloy 
Cooper & Conard (Isaac Cooper i^ Savi' I Coiiard), 

dry goods, 838 Market 
Cooper Cornelia, gentlewoman, 1732 N 9th 
Cooper 0. H. B., gentlewoman, 1429 Girard ar 
Cooper Daniel, sashes, 7 Hock pi 
Cooper Daniel, tailor, 832 Carlisle 
COOPER DAYID, shipping k eommi.-?ion mer- 
chant. 18 N Del av, h Woodbury. X J 
Cooper Edmund, cabinetmr. N E Oxford A 21st 
Cooper Edw., bricklayer, 2108 Christian 
Cooper Edward P., iiier. 625 Arch, h 132 N 10th 
Cooper Elizabeth, 710 N 3d 
Cooper Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 2024 Winter 
Cooper Erasmus W., painter. 104 Prime 
Cooper Ezekiel C. boat builder. 1744 N 9th 
Cooper E. A., jeweller. 928 N 2d 
Cooper E. E., clerk, 48 N 6th 
Cooper E. S., gentleman. 406 S Front 
Cooper Francis, clerk, 1329 Mt Vernon 
I Cooper Francis, insurance. 333 Pine 
I Cooper Francis, mail agent, 2108 Christian 

Oorner Sixth and Market Streets. 




Couper Friiiicis. snufT luaniif. 670 N 11th, and ; 
presitK-nl Meeh. Im. Co.. ISS N Gtli. h 3:i3 Pine : 
Coo|>or Frsmois L., U. S. Niivy, 6Ht\ N lolh 
Coo]>iT (tfofKe, cooper, 'Xil S Front | 

Cmi'Ikt (Jeorjre, j^ent. 'J24 N 2d 
(' M.|,i-r (ioor^rc, riij; jjii'kor. ■-'.'til nh Rnco | 

C Mivor til or-ro E., siirjreon U. S. A. 007 Frunklin | 
OooiHjir Georj^o H. (c), stewiinl, L'l'.i Prosperous 
Coojwr tJeorge W., porter, 834 N 10th 
CtiopiT Henry, 5 ilobin 
l.\io|ior Hi-nry, fiirnuT, N E Oxford >t 21st 
Cooper Henry (e), ciibinetmiiker, .'M.'! S 12th 
Cooper Henry I., cooper, 711 Hnl'bell 
Cooper Horace, dry goods', 52.'t ."» 2d 
Cooper Hirain If., pravel roolin:,', 22S Walnut A 

42 Uichmoud, ii SIO New Markol 
Cooper I~ane, nier. S.'W Market, li 257 N 'Jth 
Cooper Jaeol) L., cnninoer, Adaui!< n Fkd av 
Cooper .lauie.s, driver, 2IK!ti Harmtilead 
Cooper James, driver, Haeker )>i 
Cooper Jiuues, enj;ineer, 1941 C'allowhill 
Cooper James, liairc-iothmr. Adrian ab Thompson 
Cooper J.'imcs, laborer. Mill, Fkd 
Cooper .laiue.s, laborer. Mill, Fkd 
Coo|K'r James, machinist, Paul n Sellers, Fkd 
Cooper James, j)ainter. HMS Wiieo.v 
Cooper James, spinner, 201.') Lnciisl 
Cooper .Tanies, Kev., N K 40th A Locust 
Cooper James U., upholsterer, 1202 Thurlow 
Ci'Ojier James B., salesm. 317 Market, h 474 N 8th 
Cooper James D., coachsmith, Wylie cor Per- 

Cooper James L., clerk, 1139 G T av 
Cooper James M., carpenter, 1117 Carpenter, h 

820 S 9th 
Cooper Jiimes R., cooper, 135 S Water, h Sum- 
mer Hill, Pa 
Cooper John, clerk. 449 N 2d 
Cooper Jidin, drover, 1212 Callowliill 
Cooper .lohn, cabinetmaker, 851 S Front 
Cooper Jiilin, Coral n Ferlh 
Cooper J(din, tavern, 2il ct Huntingdon 
Cooper .lohn, confectionery, 709 ,S 11th 
Cooper John, packer, 1414 Hope 
Cooper John, laborer, 1011 Mervine 
Cooper John, grocer, 95 Frankford, Fkd 
Cooper John, dry goods, 709 !^ llth 
Cooper .John B., waterman, 1.'! Placid pi 
Cooper Jidin E., Jr., glassblower, 1250 Vienna 
Cooper .John E., carpenter, 1250 Vienna 
Cooper John H., engineer, 1834 Brandywine 
Cooper John J., .shoemaker, 1341 S lUth 
Cooper John T., hostler, 1347 (.'orn 
Cooper Joseph, clerk, 117 N I9ih 
Cooper Joseph, saddler, 2501 Hamilton 
Cooper Jo-eph, Rev., 1340 Mar^^hall 
Cooper Josi-ph B., watchmaker, 538 Spruce 
Cooper Joseph P., dry goods. 1901 Market 
Cooper Joshua C, M.B., 139 Arch 
Cooper J., gentw. 737 S 10th 
Coojier J., tailor, Holland's jd 
Conp.'r J. \V., tobacconist. 349 S 13th 
Cooper Liwienee, shoemaker. SIS IJuttonwood 
Cooper L';wis, quilt manuf. N W 12lh A. Market, 

h 25 N 7th 
Cooper Lewis, stock broker, 11 Merchants' Ex- 
change, h 1711 Locust 
Cooper Louisa, gentw. 1.';(I5 Parrish 
Cooper Margaret, gentw. 51.'i Fit/.water 
Cooper Margaret, sewinjr, 20 Craven 
Cooper Margaret A., milliner, 711 South 
Coo])er .Mary, gentw. 502 Wharton 
Cooper .Mary J.'ine, dressmaker, 917 >South 
Cooper Milton, hats & bonnet.s, 51 N 3d, h 837 N 

Cooper , elothier, 537 Shippen 

Cooper M.. M.l)., 1000 Shippen 

COtU'ER, PAKHAM A- WORK (Mi/ton Cooper. 

Will. M. Piirliom if Hubert li. Work), huts & 

caps. 5 1 N 3d 
Cooper Phelie, gentw. Paul n Green, Fkd 
Cooper Peter, machinist, 732 Federal