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^^^c^^--K r^^^ 





r^ r ^ 

V ^ ' iS^ 


McEL.t JY 

Pliiladelphia City Dire 






.,.,. ihtrtidft Edition. 






fecial ^^"^em^ 

^^^eoi,- ^' y^^'^ 1867, by A. McELROY & CO., in the Clerk's 

^U of -es m and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. 




186 7. 



r 11 E F A C E. 

The thirtieth issue of "The Philadelphia City Directory," compiled and published 
by the subscriber, is presented to the public, as will be seen, greatly enlarged and 
improved. The difl&culties of obtaining information, owing to the fears prevailing 
in many parts of the city since the commencement of the war in 1861 having disap- 
peared, no obstructions were met on that account, and consequently the nuniLcr-of 
names has been very much increased. The number of pages in the edition for 
1867, including the Business Directory and miscellaneous matter, is 1168, an excess 
of 224 pages over that of 1866, and 192 pages more than in the Directory proper, 
making nearly 25,000 names more than in the previous issue. 

The extent of territory to be explored in a city like this (12 miles by 24 miles), 
so as to reach every part of it, and every adult person and family, and the separati'^i^L^ 
of names to be inserted, from a,???.assj 5vritten.oo slips ^apiquqling-ijilOtiSi/jbir top ^H 
haps 250,000 to 300,000^' so;a^{jt{>;?ivpid .iiipKCa6es^-*fr!p5cates 'and* quadrupli-i 
catcs, involves an amount of labor known only to the compiler. Claiming, therefore, 
indulg^hce for the thirtieth yearj.tliQ .qd^J^ilcr <tf.'-- Tlio^PlwRipe^pli^ia City Directory" 
submits the present volume, imp'rbted arid ' great'ly enlarged, to his friends and to 
the public. 

Mr. Franklin Hall, my only advertising agent, suggested and has arranged the 
advertising department on an improved plan, making two departments, to v?it : 
^^McElroy^s Insurance Register,'^ in which are placed Insurance advertisements, and 
'■'■ McElroy^ s Commercial Register," in which are placed the adverti^enlents of 
others who have been pleased to patronize the work. This arrangement has been , 
already appreciated, judging by the increased number of valuable advertisements 
inserted in the present edition, and to which is directed the special attention of 
all persons interested. 

A Mcelroy. 



Enterprise Ins. Co., 2 

Allen William W., 3 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co., . . 4&5 

New England Mutual Life Ins. Co 6 

Berkshire Life Ins. Co., ....... 7 

North American Life Ins. Co., 8 

Samuel S. White, 9 

Charter Oak Life Ins. Co., 10 

New York Accidental Ins. Co., .... 11 

Girard Fire Ins. Co 12 

Globe Mutual Lite Ins. Co 13 

Pennsylvania Co. for Insurance of Lives, . 14 

New York Life Ins. Co., 15 

Lancaster Thomas L. , 16 

Sabine, Duy & Hollinshead, 16 

Boswell & Co., 17 

Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania, 18 

Pennsylvania Fire Ins. Co., 19 

William Arrott, 20 

Union Mutual Ins. Co., 20 

Mordecai D. Evans 21 

Mutual Fire Ins. Co., 21 

Delaware Mutual Safety Ins. Co., .... 22 

American Fire Ins. Co., 23 

Fire Association of Philadelphia, . . . . 24 


United Firemen's Ins. Co., 24 

United States Life Ins. Co., 25 

R. 0. Lowry, 25 

Manhattan Life Ins. Co., 26 

Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co., .... 27 

Girard Life Ins., Annuity & Trust Co., . . 28 

The Provident Life and Trust Co., ... 28 

North American Transit Ins. Co., . ... 29 

Paul's Ins. Agency, ........ 29 

Royal Ins. Co., 30 

Anthracite Ins. Co. 31 

Liverpool and London and Globe Fire and 

Life Ins. Co 31 

Reliance Ins. Co., 32 

Franklin Fire Ins. Co., 33 

Fame Ins. Co., .34 

The Mechanics' Ins. Co., 35 

Sherrerd's Ins. Rooms, 36 

Insurance Co. of North America, .... 37 

Union Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Maine, . . 38 

Security Life Ins. and Annuity Co., ... 39 

Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co., 40 

John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co., ... 41 

Hartford Live Stock Ins. Co., 43 

Marvin & Co.'s New Patent Safe, 44 



Adams Express Co. front cover 

American Life Insurance Co.. . . gold back 

Brtird William M. & Co 38 

Baltimore Steamboat Co., 39 

Barnett G. <t H. 11 & Darby, 24 

Beckhaus <t Allgaier 4 

Belfield H. & Co 13 

Bement A Dougherty 13 

Boner W. H. & Co., 44 

Bridesburg Manufacturing Co 9 & 10 

Brown Frederick, ginger, 48 

Browning & Bros., 28 

Burkhardt & Co., vats, &c., 7 

Butterwnrth W. H., 8 

Butchers' Melting Association, .... 26 

Caldwell C. P., whips, canes, 25 

Camden Rolling Mills Co., 19 

Carnell F. L. & Co., 23 

Carpenter G. W., Ilenszey & Co., .... 26 

Capewell J. B 30 

Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Co., ... 38 

Clyde William P. & Co., 38 

Cold Spring Ice & Coal Co front cover 

Crittenden S. H. & Co., Commercial College, 

gold back 

Dennison <fe Co. , gold back <t 34 

Dorman & Co., 43 

Dowling & Wistar 26 

Einwechter & Capehart 44 

Elliptic Lock-stitch Sewing Machine, back cover 

Empire Sewing Machine 43 

Farrel, Herring & Co., iron safes, . back cover 
Fidelity Insurance Sc Safety Deposit Co., 

front cover 
Florence Sewing Machines, 630 Chestnut, . 43 

Gillinder & Bennett, ■ . . 31 

Gould J. E., Steck"s pianos, . . front cover 

Graham J. C 40 

Harjier Henry, 32 & 44 

Hensell H. W. 41 

Hoopes & Townsend, bolts, nuts 13 

Howard George C, machinist, . . . gold back 

James William L., 39 

Kessler H. G. & Co., 5 

Kneass & Co., front cover 

Ladomus Lewis, 32 

Landell James W. & Co. , 14 

Leibrandt & McDowell 21 


Lewis J. T. & Brothers, white lead, ... 27 

Marshall, Phillips & Co., 21 

Martin Landenberger, 29 

Marvin & Co., New Patent Safes, back cover & 44 

Mason J. 8. & Co., blacking, 25 

Mathieu Emil & Son 31 

McClenachan Mrs., Dr., 32 

McCuUough Iron Co., . In Business Directory 

McElroy A., 46 

Mead John 0. & Sons, 1 

Merrick & Sons, iron shipbuilders, ... 18 

Miller James, 33 

Mintzer William G., 33 

Morris Paschal L 26 

Morris, Tasker & Co., machinery, .... 12 

Morris, Wheeler & Co., iron, 16 

Needles J. A., sieves & wire, ..... 24 

North Pennsylvania Railroad Co., ... 37 

Palmer B. Frank, 32 

Patten W. Henry, upholstery, . (B. D.) inset 

Pennsylvania Central Railroad Co., ... 35 

Philadelphia Steel AVork.s, 11 

Potts William F., 17 

Queen James W. & Co., 44 

Reading Railroad Co., 36 

Roberts John, 49 

Rowland William & Co., shovels, <tc., . . 11 
Scott J. W. & Co., gents' furnishing, front cover 

Shannon J. B . ^ . 26 

Sherman & Co., ' . 21 

Shoemaker Robert & Co., druggists, ... 27 

Simons Henry, wagons, carts, 2 

Sparks Thomas, shot, lead 6 

Starr J. W. & J. F., iron pipes, &c., ... 15 

Struthers & Son, 26 

Stuart & Peterson, hollowwave, .... 20 

Thompson Alexander M., 29 

United States College, 44 

Wanamaker & Brown, clothing, . . back cover 

Wheeler & Wilson, sewing machines, . . 42 
AVhite S. S., dental depot, . . . back cover 

Whitman Stephen F 45 

Williams Charles, 22 

Wilson, Childs & Co., 3 

Wilson William & Son, 32 

AVinch Cory don, 11 

Winchester & Co., gents' furnishing, front cover 

Woodward's Flour Mill, 47 

Yates, Schofield & Co., 49 



Asylums, 1155 

Banks, 1155 

Bible Societies, 1149 

Churches 1144 

Civil and Criminal Court? 1136 

Colleges and Theological Seminaries, . . 1142 

Corporation of the City of Philadelphia, . 1 130 

Custom House, 1137 

Department of the East, 1154 

Educational Societies 1149 

Exchange and Business Associations, . . 1164 

Express Companies, 1164 

Ferries, 1164 

Hebrew Societies, 1150 

High Schools, 1144 

Hospitals, 1152 

Homes for the Indigent 1154 

Insurance Companies (Fire, Life, &c.), . 1157 

Libraries, 1139 


Literary, &e., Associations, 1137 

Medical Colleges, 1140 

Missionary Societies, 1150 

Miscellaneous Associations, 1151 

Military Associations, 1142 

Packets Sailing and Steam, . . . 1164 & 65 

Post Office ■ 1137 

Savings Funds, 1157 

Societies for the Belief. &c., 1154 

Soldiers & Orphans Home (U. S.), ■ • • 1142 

Soup Houses, 1154 

State Government, 1166 

Steamboats, 1164 

Tract Publication Societies, 1151 

United States' Courts, .• 1136 

United States' Government, 1165 

United States' Mint 1137 

United States' Sub-Treasury, .... 1137 


E. Shippen, S E 6th & Waliriit 
TVilliam V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand. 17 S 3d 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Warner Jackson, 504 Walnut 
Charles II. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey. 32 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 


Francis Register, 140 S 6th 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 AValnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 

Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Warner Jackson, 504 Walnut 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Charles H. T. Collis, 522 AValnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Henry Phillips, Jr., 524 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 AValnut 
Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand. 17 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & AValnut 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d , 

Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
Samuel L. Taylor. 423 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Thomas Hockley, 605 Walnut 


Samuel B. Huey. 32 S 3d 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 


Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
WiUiam V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 4^3 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 



Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S Sd 
Henry Phillips, Jr., 524 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 42.3 Walnut 
Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Ed-svard Shippen, S E 6th & WaJnut 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Charles Sercreant, 123 S 5th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 AValnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Theodore D. Band, 17 S 3d 
John Clayton, 717 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Warner Jackson, 504 Walnut 


Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
James Starr, 623 Walnut 
Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 AYalnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Charles Sergeant, 123 S 6th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Thomas Hockley, 605 Walnut 

Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
William Y. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Charles H. T. ColUs, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, oOlAValnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A; Walnut 


William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
William T. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Norris S. Henrv, 217 S 3d 
Samuel B. HueV, 32 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
John L. Shoemaker, 325 N 6th 


William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 

Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 

Norris S. Henry, 217 S 3d 

Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 

Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Warner Jackson, 504 Walnut 
Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huev, 32 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 



Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
Arthur M. Burton, 604 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener. 13 S 3a 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 


William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Arthur M. Barton, 504 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Charles H. T. Collis. 622 AValnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 604 Walnut 
Charles Sergeant, 123 S 5th 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th &, Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 


Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 0th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 


Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Charles H. T. Collis, 622 Walnut 
Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 604 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 


Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 604 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 


Charles H. T. Collis, 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Norris S. Henry, 217 S 3d 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 604 Walnut 


Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Charles H. T. Collis. 522 Walnut 
Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 604 Walnut 
Charles Sergeant, 6th & Library 
William V. Arch.r, 429 Chestnut 
Kinley J. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 17 S 3d 


Alexander R. Cutler, 623 Walnut 

A. Atwood Grace, 212 S 5th & 118 S 6th 

Samuel B. Huey, 32 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 

William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 504 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Arthur M. Burton, 604 Walnut 
William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 

William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 

William V. Archer, 429 Chestnut 


SAMUEL C. PERKINS, 627 Walnut 
CHARLES H. T. COLLIS, 522 Walnut 
ARTHUR M. BURTON, 504 Walnut 


Abbott Francis R., 1426 Arch 

Albright William E., merchant, 333 Market and 
27 N 4th, h 1607 Wallace 

ALLEN PRANK 0., insurance agent, 419 Wal- 
nut, h 539 N 22d 

Allen George N., 23 S 4th, h 2021 Walnut 

Allen & Jewett (Isaac Allen l^ James B. Jeivett) 
brokers, 105 Chestnut 

Anders J. H., attorney-at-law, 51 N 6th 

Applegate James, sec'y and treas'r, 228 Walnut 
h 731 N 16th 

Baily Joshua L., mer., Ill Chestnut, h Logan 
n Main, Gtn 

Balderston &, Albertson, builders, 1103 Wood &, 
120 N 13th 

Ballou M., Rev., 843 N Broad 

Bartholomew 0. A., Rev., 1109 Girard 

BEAN GEORGE R. R., leather dealer, 525 Com- 
merce, h 44th & Elm 

BEATTY & SON, edge tool makers, 501 Com- 

BECK CHARLES, glazed paper, 123 S 3d, h 272 

N 4th 
Berrell Jeremiah, clerk, F. & M. Bank, h 929 

Mt Vernon 
Blakeslee W. M., 33 N 17th 
Bliss Theo. k Co., publishers, 44 N 5th 
Blood Benjamin F., attorney-at-law, 140 S 6th 
h 1807 Mervine ' 

Bourns Francis J., M.D., 330 Walnut 
Boyd David, Jr., 144 S 4th 
Braman A. G. , 516 Commerce, h 805 N Broad 
Braman G. G., boots & shoes, 516 Commerce h 

805 N Broad 
Branson David, coal, 507 S Broad, h 416 Weth- 

Branson Ellis, coal, 402 Prune 
Breuker George W., lithographer, 7th & Chest- 
nut, h 423 Magnolia 
Breuker & Kessler {George W. Breuker <^ Harry 
■y^-^A^.S^^''''''''^ lithographers, 7th &, Chestnut 
BROMLEY JOHN & SON, manuf, 125 E York 
Brown T. Stewart, trunks, &c. , S E 4th & Chestnut 
Buist David, seeds, 1625 Market, h 45 S 17th 
Buist Alexander P., carpenter, 45 S 17th 
Burgin John H., mer., 133 Arch, h 1323 N 8th 
Butcher's Cast Steel Works, 14 N 5th 
Buzby A. G. & Co., manufacturers, 115 Arch 
Byerly Alfred, mer, 333 Market, h 1324 Arch 
Carlile W. K., 1616 Francis 
CARSON & SMITH, grocers, S W 4th & Catharine 
Castle Simon, wool, r 51 & 53 N 3d 
Chaundet Theodore, perfumer, 424 S 10th h 704 

Doak ' 

Clififord David A., police, 1010 Buttonwood 
Comly Joshua, gentleman, Main & Cottage C H 
Conrow Thornton, 419 N 3d, h 1912 Spg Garden 
l^oolidge Edwin, insurance agent, 401 Walnut h 

462 Marshall 

CORBIN F. & E. A., insurance agents, 420 Wal- 
Cornelius Charles E., 40 S 19th 
Courtney Samuel P., manufacturer, 1552 Beach, 

h 1329 N 8th 
Craft Edward L., clerk, 1405 Hanover 
Cutler George, shoe manuf., 156 N 8th 
Curran J. C. & Co., com mer, 146 N Delaware av 
Davison George, gardener, 1912 South 
De Lavalle Don Jose Antonio, Spanish Consul 

140 S Front, h 1633 Spruce 
Deringer Calhoun M., assessor, 716 Chestnut, h 

1530 Spruce 
Derrickson John W., broker, 27 S 3d 
Derrickson Henry, Jr., 1530 Spruce 
Derrickson Theophilus T., 2003 Green 
Dixon J. G., conveyancer, 402 Prune 
Dorland William, M.D., 619 S 9th 
D'Orsey Ely, coal, 312 Walnut, h 1423 N 5th 
Dotter M. E., coal, 1418 N 8th, h 1609 Seybert 
Drayton W. Heywood, att'y-at-law, 704 Walnut 
DURR JOHN M., restaurant, 1211 Chestnut <fc 

16th & Ridge av, h 1307 Walnut 
ELLIOT & DUNN, bankers, 430 Walnut 

ETTING & BROTHER, iron mers., 137 N Water 
Fairbanks W. P., insurance agent, 809 Chestnut 

bds 2116 Master 
FAIRTHORNE & RAND, law & collecting 17 

S 3d ^' 

Fell Penrose, 347 S 18th 
Fendt Rudolph, furrier, 618 S 15th 
Fisher B. Franklin, attorney, 123 S 5th, h 450 

N 6th 
Foss G. W., editor, 402 Prune 
Freedley Edwin T., publisher, 144 S 6th 
Freeman Henry G., merchant, 251 Chestnut, h 

656 N nth 
Gendell David S., 113 S 6th 
Gillespie Thomas, refiner, h 1734 Green 
Godfrey Benjamin G., 1528 Arch 
Gregg Frank, clerk, 1712 Wallace 
Green & Carlile, 217 Church 
GREER & McCRBIGHT {Wm. Greer, John Mc- 
Creight &f Robert Greer, Jr.), cotton manufs.. 
1920 Pine 
Greer Robert, Jr., 1920 Pine, h 2033 Walnut 
GREENBANK THOMAS, attorney, 520 Walnut, 

h 1232 N 5th 
Green Francis, merchant, 29 S 19th 
Griffiths William, gentleman, 428 N 18th 
Hartley Joseph D., 809 Locust 
Hawley A. & Co. {A. Hawley, Theo. Chaundet if 

Charles Figgott), perfumers, 424 S 10th 
HENRY, 'Sl&Il^^ k CO. {William Henry, L. C. 
Fisher &f F. G. Graff), Girard Spice Mills, 9th 
& Girard av 
Hieskell H. A., Mrs., 1222 Arch 


Hilt David B., accountant, 1013 Chestnut, h 17th 
A Tioga 

Hoffman Samuel "W., 424 "Walnut 

Hutter Edward. Rev., 307 New 

lander A. J., Jr., 1302 Chestnut 

Inskeep Joseph M., hatter, 153 N 16th 

James John R., 225 S Broad 

Jones Joel, Mrs., 1314 Arch 

Keck James, oysterman, 707 N 4th 

Keim Henrv, attorney-at-law, 112 S 4th 

LEVICK RICHARD, 708 Chestnut, h Summit, 

Lewis H. M., com hardware. 411 Commerce 

LINVILLE J. HAYES, architect & civil engi- 
neer, 424 Walnut, h 2023 Walnut 

Lips Charles C, brokerage, 17 Bank 

LOGAN J. DICKINSON, gentleman, German- 
town av & Logan's Run, address P. 0. Rising 

Lounsberry Edward, Rev., 1224 Chestnut 

Lowry Edward S., coal. Pine st Wharf, h 408 S 

Malcom W. J., sec'y & treas"r P. & S S. S. Co., 
314 S Del av, h IS W Penn sq 

Manufacturers' Insurance Co., 431 Walnut 

McAllister Wardal G., attorney, 138 S 6th 

McMeney M., real estate agent, 243 S 5th 

McKennan James W., commission merchant, 142 
N Broad, h 723 N 10th 

Moffitt Edwin M., salesman, 712 Sansom, h 1014 


Neel J. Edw., 1538 Wallace 

Neeson Michael, wool, Maylandville, Darby rd 

OCEAN OIL CO., 144 S 4th 

Patton I. Price, 146 S 4th, h 818 N 5th 

Perot Charles P., flour, 1218 Market, h 1512 Vine 

Perot James P., merchant, 127 & 129 N Broad, 

h 721 Pine 
Perot Sansom, merchant, 127 & 129 N Broad, h 

3813 Bridge 
Peterson George, salesman, 712 Sansom, h 1250 

N 11th 
Pomerene Henrv, music, 731 N 16th 
Ralston L. W., "metal broker, 133 Walnut 
Remak Gustavus, 120 S 0th 

Rogers H. C, salesman, 712 Sansom, h 231 N 10th 
Rogers Michael, furnishing goods, 534 S 4th 
Salter J. E., attorney-at-law, 130 S 6th, h 415 

Saurman Yerkes, collector, 827 Spring Garden 
Scott Samuel G., merchant, 333 Market, h 2033 

SENDERLING C. H. & CO., druggists. N W 

Marshall & Master 
Senseman Abraham H., printer, 718 N 15th 
Senseman Albert H., printer, 718 N 15th 
Senseman Edward D., printer, 718 N 15th 
Senseman Francis C, printer, 718 N loth 
Siddall J. II. & Son, conveyancers, 209 S 5th 
Stevens William B., Rev., Bishop of Penna., 913 

Thompson J. C, 2232 Coates 
THOMPSON J. C, coal, 314^ Walnut, h Allen 

Grove, Fkd 
Tobias J. 0., attorney-at-law, 13 S 6th, h 526 S 

Walker Frederick A., coal, 223 Dock 
Whartneby John W., 421 Commerce, h Gtn 
Wilson Jacob, paper mer, 6 S 7th, h Beverly, N J 

NEW Pin MS. 

Adams, Atkinson & Co. {Edward A. Adams, 
Henry P. Atkinson., James M. Whitby &/■ Jas. 
F. Fahnestock) , drygoods, 33 N 3d 

Adamson & Fetter {Joseph Adamson (J- William 
L. Fetter), hosiery, &c., 30 N 4th 

Addicks J. Edward, flour, 1230 Market 

Aldrich & Terkes (Isaiah Aldrich, Jones Yerhes 
4- William H. Cary), pickles & preserves, 18 
& 20 Letitia , 

Alexander, Bush & C.o. {H. C. Alexander, A. E. 
Bush &c T. B. Suplee), wholesale hosiery & 
gloves, 314 Market 

drews, W. H. Harrison <^ John McConn), 
grates, furnaces & ranges, N E Juniper & 

Atwood, Brady &, Co. {Thomas F. Brady 4- Wm. 
C. Atwood), wholesale carpets, 619 Chestnut 

Amy & Roney {Charles W. Amy cV Samnel C. 
Roney), manufs hoots & shoes, 304 & 306 Race 

Bellerjeau &, Gable {John Bellerjeau &f Daniel 
L. Gable:), lamps, &c., 261 N 3d 

Sf James Bretherick) , felted goodg, r 18 S 3d, 
factory Bristol, Pa 

Black Robert & Son {Robert 6f David J".), N E 
18th & Chestnut 

Boyd, Fougeray & Co. {James M. Boyd, Arthur 
Fougeray (^ William C. Fease), tobacco, 61 

Bremer Lewis & Sons {George W., Theodore \ 
Joseph A. Bremer 8f Lewis B. Henson), to- 
bacco, 322 N 3d 

Brooke & Pilliner {Hiram Brooke if George E. 
Pilli?ier), com. drygoods, 123 Chestnut 

Brown & Price {George H. Brovjn 4- Joseph M. 
P. Price), oil cloths. &o., .34 N 4th 

Bunting Brothers {Jabez ^ Josiah), drygoods, 
428 Market 

Cooper & Graff {Charles H. Graff Ssf William H. 
Tevis), ex. brokers, 11 Merchants' Exchange 

Craige, Rogers & Trimble {Charles Craige, Row- 
land C. Rogers & Richardson Trimble), dry- 
goods, 216 Market 

DAVIS JAMES H., lumber dealer (removed 
from 231 N Broad to 314 & 316 N Broad), S W 
Broad & Wood, h 1622 Vine 

DickermanL. & Go.{Le7nvelDicls:erman, Sam'l^ 
ThomMS Tolman), manufs boots & shoes, 32 S 

Dittrich C. C. & Co. (C. C. Dittrich &f John 
Frass), merchant tailors, 9th bel Chestnut 

Dornan & Brother {Johyi ^ Robt. Dornan, Jr.), 
manufs carpets, Howard & Oxford 

Dorpbley & Avery {R. W. Dorphley if Geo. W. 
Avery), bankers & brokers, 142 S 3d 

BOWLING & WISTAR {Benjamin Dowliiig (^ 
Thomas Wistar) , dealers in colors, 1138 Market 

Dupuy & Hubbard {Charles M. Duptiy if Geo. 
K. Hubbard — Benj. P. Hu7it, special), whole- 
sale grocers, 130 N 3d 

Dyer & Biddle {John W. Dyer if Henry C. Bid- 
die:), cloths, 52 S 2d 

Eckstein, Nagle <fe Co. {Edtviii E. Eckstein, John 
S. Nagle if Henry D. Moore), wholesale sta- 
tioners, 630 Arch 

Elkins & Suddards {George W. Elkms if Geo. 
C. Suddards), hops, grain, &o., 44 N Del av 

Ellis & Harrop {Charles J. Ellis if J. Thomas 
Harrop) , drygoods, 225 Market 

Ellis J. M. & Sons {James M., Joseph D. if J. 
Pemberton Ellis), brokers, 325 Walnut 

Ellis R. & Co. {Rudolph Ellis if Geo. C. Potts), 
stock & commission, 305 Walnut 

Emsley & Triechel {Edivard T. Shato, special, 
if John Emsley if Charles Triechel, general), 
woollen manufs, 1432 Beach 

Evans George 0. {George O. Evans, general, if 
Joseph W. Bates if Sidney J. Solms, special), 
com drygoods, 229 & 231 Church 

Fleming & Merriman {Robert E. Fleming if 
Joseph, grocers & com merchants, 
135 Market 

Fling, Kennedy & Co. {Henry P. Fling, Frank 
W. Kennedy if John R. Vowell), drygoods, 408 

Friedberger, Strouse & Bowles {Henry Fried- 
berger, H. L. Strouse if Charles M. Bowles), 
millinery goods, 113 & 115 N 8th 

Gans, Leibman & Co. {Joseph G. Berg, Meyer 
Goldsmith, Leon Gans if Leon Leibman) ,Gloth- 
ing, 334 Market 

Gans, Wilgus & Co. {Solomon Gans, Sr., Meyer 
Gans, Wesley Wilgus if Aaron Gafis), cloth- 
ing, 22 N 3d 

Geyer John H., commission merchant, 37 & 39 S 
Water & 38 S Del av 

Glover & Mactier, coal dealers, 325 Walnut 

Gilbert & Reifsnyder {Henry S. Gilbert if Israel 
Reifsnyder), drygoods, 31 S 4th 

Goddard H. B. & Co. {H. B. if P. F. Goddard), 
stock brokers, 305 AValnut 

Graff & Jarden {George J. Graff if Albert B. 
Jarden), wholesale grocers, 617 Market 

GRAY & FOBES {William H. Gray if George 
S. Fobes), manuf gas fixtures, 627 Arch 

Greene & Carlile (Joseph D. Greene if David 
Carlile), 217 Church 

Hahn, Fernald & Wetherhold (Wm. B. Hahn, 
Nathaniel M. Fernald if William Wether- 
hold, general, Joseph Nicholson, special), 
shirts, bosoms, &c., 105 N 3d 

Hamilton, C. T. Evans if M. L. De Coursey), 
drygoods commission, 305 Chestnut 

Hammitt & Neill (B. Hammitt if James Neill), 
coal, 217 Walnut 

Hemphill & Chandler ( W. K. Hemphill if Wm. 
S. Chandler), wholesale tobacco, 222 Market 

Heyl John B. & Co. {John B. Heyl if George P. 
Longhead, general, Wharton E. Harris, spe- 
cial), commission & shipping, 244 N Del av 



Howett & Conner, drygoods, 253 Market 
Hunter D. A. & Bro. {D. A. 6r H. C. Hunter), 

straw & millinery, 434 Market 
Kennedy & Co. (John M. Kennedy), hardware, 

305 Arch 
Kerr James K. & Bro. {James K. If HeJiry C), 

china, &c., 529 Chestnut 
Kershow & Hunt {Edward P. Kershoiv if An- 

gustns Hunt), ice dealers, 120 N Broad 
Kirk S. L., Son & Co. (S. L. if Charles H. Kirk 

if Theodore K. Batt), wholesale grocery, 262 

Kirkpatrick H. & Co. ( William H. Kirhpatriclc, 

Everett Webster if John Kirkpatrick) , liquors, 

228 & 230 S Front 
Knowles Levi k Co. {Levi if Wm. B. Knoioles 

&, Charles P. Perot), flour mers, 1218 Market 
Lanning & Roberts {James Lannitig if Algernon 

S. Roberts), white goods, 209 Market 
Lea Joseph & Co. {Joseph Lea, James Mc Carter, 

John M. Fraley, Joseph T. Lea if Edward 

Bacon Smith), drygoods com, 128 Chestnut 
Leonard, Baker & Co. {Samicel Leonard, Alfred 

G. Baker, Edw. F. Houghton if Jam,es B. 

Leo7iard), com & importers, 210 Chestnut 
Lippincott & Johnson {Joshua W. Lippincott if 

Ellwood Johnson, Samuel Parry, special), 

men's & boys' wear, S W 2d & Market 
Marker John D. & Sons {John D., Albert W. if 

Augustus W.), paper &rags, 5th & Commerce 
Markley & ShafiFner {Thaddeus W. Markley if 

John Shaffner, Jr., general, Johii Shajfner if 

Charles Ziegler, silent), hosiery, 36 N 4th 
Marple M. M. & Co. (ilf. ilf. (^ Henry L. Mar pie), 

notions, 53 N 3d 
Mellor k Rittenhouse {Alfred Mellor if Henry N. 

Kittenhoiise), mahuf chemists, 816 Filbert 
Merino Augustus {A. Merino, general, S. J. 

Solms, special), com <fc shipping, 140 S Front 
Metz Brothers {J. if B. Metz), cloaks, &c., 531 

Meyer & Dickinson {Charles H. Meyer if Joseph 

R. Dickinson, general, Lucas Thompson, spe- 
cial) importers, 619 Chestnut 
Mitchell & AVare, 16 N 5th 

Moorehead James R. k Co. {James R. Moore- 
head if Clement B. Finley), general commis- 
sion merchants, 125 N Broad 
Morgan Charles E. & Co. {Charles E. Morgan if 

Albert Parvin), wholesale drygoods, 519 Market 
Moyer k Lessig {M. Moyer if A. Lessig), cover- 
lets, 6th ab Berks 
Mcllvaiu Hugh & Son {Hugh if J. Gibson), 

lumber merchants, 34th k Market 
McMuIlin J. & W. {John if William), grocers, 

1600 Pine 
Naulty James & Sons {James T., John F. if 

Thomas B.), leather dealers, 432 N 3d 
Nusbaum, Bro. & Co., 666 E Norris 
Perot James P. k Bro. {James P. if Sansom), 

com. mers., 127 k 129 N Broad 
Posey k Gorton {Jonathan Posey if Henry C. 

Gorton), drygoods, 218 Church 
Prevost k Herring {Charles M. Prevost if Charles 

P. Herring), insurance agents, 223 Dock 
Quintard, Ward k Co. {E. A. Quintard, H. D. 

Ward if W. W. Skiddy), coal, 220 Walnut 

Raleigh M. & Co. {M. Raleigh if Z. Laebenthal), 
com merchants, 9 Bank & 12 Strawberry 

Scott John C. k Sons {John C, William. B. if 
John C. Scott), coal dealers, 226 Walnut 

Scott J. W. & Co. {JamesW. Scott, A. B Ma- 
garical, Wm,. A. Jam,es if J. Frederick Scott) 
gents' furnishing goods, 814 Chestnut 

Scull & Newbold {Gideon Scull i- Amos T. New- 
bold), insurance agents, 430 Walnut 

Seltzer k Miller {Franklin P. Seltzer if Corne- 
lius J. Miller), liquors, 410 N 3d 

Sherrerd M^ D. & Co. ( William £>. if James H. 
Sherrerd if He?i?y S. Murphrey), insurance 
agents, 222 Walnut 

SHRYOCH k MENDENHALL, attorneys-at- 
law, 524 Walnut 

Skelley J. P. k Co., book publishers, 21 S 7th, 2d 

Smith George W. & Co. {George W. Smith, 
Archibald CunninghaTn if Clermont Smith) , 
auctioneers, 227 South 

Snodgrass W. T. & Co. {William T, James H. 
if \^f alter C. Snodgrass if Thomas R. Mur- 
ray), cloths, &c., 34 S 2d 

Stone John W. & Co. {John W. Stone), commis- 
sion and shipping, 12 S Del av 

Stotesbury k Ashmead {Charles C. Stotesbury, 
William E. Ashmead if William A. Taylor), 
mer bro, 119 S Front 

Stout, Atkinson k Co. {J. W. Stout, Francis T. 
Atkinson, John P. Trimble, George W. Mor- 
gan if F. Van Fleet), drygoods, 441 & 443 

Strauss B. & Co., dress trimmings, from 401 to 
237 Market 

Tack, Brother & Co. {A. H. if T. E. Tack), 
commission merchants, 127 Walnut 

Tatum John k Co., com merchants, from 223 to 
118 Chestnut 

Thornton Conrow k Co. {Thornton Conrow, Wm.. 
R. Keiff if D. Conrow Lippincott), wholesale 

Vance, Landis k Co. {James M. Va71.ce, Henry D. 
Landis if William C. Peters), hardware, 211 

Watson George W. & Co. {H. Wright if George 
H. Gardner), carriage builders, 823 & 825 N 

Williams Charles B. &Co. {Charles B. if Francis 
Williajns, John C. Berry if Albert J. Yerkes), 
drygoods, 247 Market 

Wilson k Wyckoff (.Tacob Wilson if J. L. Wyck- 
off) , paper merchants, 6 S 7th 

Wrigley B. & Co. {James G.Dixon if E. Wrigley), 
conveys, 402 Prune 

Young, Edward & Co. {Edward Young if E. T. 
Freedley), publishers, 144 S 6th 

Young J. S., Altemus & Co. {James S. You7ig, 
Franklin L. Altemus if John S. Glisson, 
Samuel T., special), drygoods, 420 

Schofield, W. How gate if H. P. Mitchell), 
manufs woollen machinery, 3019 Chestnut, 
office, 29 N Front 

LIST or 

Streets, Laaes, Alleys, Courts, Avenues, and Roads, 


A street, "W fr 22d bet Master & JefFerson 

Abbott's ct, N from 522 Fitzwater 

Abel pi. N fr 1025 Lemon 

Aberdeen st. (Ashland) S fr 227 Union to Spruce 

Abigail St. W fr Adrian n Otis, Ken 

Abraham ct. (K) E from St John above Beaver 

Academy st. W fr 118 N 10th to 117 N 11th 

Accomac pi. (Union et.) S fr 311 AVildey 

Acorn al. from 816 Locust to Spruce 

Adair av. (Adams av.) fr 453 N 13th 

Adam st. N fr Harvey, Gin av, Gtn 

Adams av. see Adair av 

Adams st. see Heins 

Adams St. see Alexander 

Adams st. see Bodine 

Adams St. E & W f r Frankford av. bel Aramingo 

Addison st. W from 4J8 S 17th to S 19th 

Adelphi st. fr 5th to 6th bet Walnut & Prune 

Adrian st. (Amber) N E fr Norris 

Afel pi. N fr 1021 Lemon 

Afton St. W fr 1150 S 16th 

Agnes St. S from 1002 Christian 

Airy st. fr Thompson above Huntingdon 

Alban st. fr. Norman to Clare al 

Aiban st. N fr 2123 Cherrv 

Albert's av. S fr 1222 Palmer 

Alberts st. W fr 12th to 13th ab 'V^aehington av 

Aiberger's ct. S fr 724 'Willow 

Albion St. (Aspen) X fr Lombard 'V7 of 21st 

Alder st. N fr 1009 Poplar 

Alexander st. (Adams) S fr 614 Fitzwater 

Alford St. (Allen's al.) fr 417 S 6th 

Algier pi. (Allen's ct.) fr 417 S 6th bel Pine 

Alleghany av. AV fr Del av ab Clearfield 

Allen's al. see Alford 

Allen's ct. N fr Minster ab 6th 

Allen's ct. N fr 927 Rodman 

Allen's ct. see Algier pi 

Allen's ct. see Allison's pi 

Allen's et. see Alsop pi 

Allen's ct. S from 720 Shippen 

Allen's la. "W fr Gtn av. Mt Airy 

Allen St. E fr Logan n Lancaster ay 

Allen st. Frankford 

Allen St. W fr N Front ab Race 

Allen St. fr 1027 Fkd av to Palmer 

Alise's ct. N fr 1003 Sansom 

Allison's pi. (Allen's ct.) fr 116 N Front 

Almendo st. IN of Cumberland E of Belgrade 

Almira pi. Vf fr 720 N Front 

Almond st. fr Del to 715 S 2d 

Almond st. fr Huntingdon ab Thompson to Lehigh 

Almont pi. (Simmon's ct.) E fr 1529 Cadwalader 

Alroy St. Vf fr 1320 Pvidge av 

Alsop pi. (Allen's ct.) S fr Spruce ab 2d 

Alston St. (Mary st.) fr Montgomery av to F av 

Alter St. "W fr 1110 S 20th 

Alton ct. S fr Richard bel 17th 
Altona St. bet 16th <fc 1 7th & 'Wharton 
Amanda pi. N fr Pearl ab 23d 

Amanda pi. (Smith ct.) W fr St David n Schuyl- 
kill river 

Amber st. N fr Norri? ab Frankford av 

Ambler's ct. N fr 1311 Carroll 

Amboy st. (Robinson) S fr Oxford bel Broad 

American st. (Washington) N fr Master to Mont- 
gomery av ab 2d 

American pi. E fr 245 N 4th 

Amity st. X fr 1425 Stiles 

Amos pi. fr Randolph ab JefFerson, Ken 

Anandale's av. (9th st av.) E fr 725 N 9th 

Anard's ct. from 326 Dugan 

Andover pi. (Smith's ct.) S fr Melloy ab 15th 

Andrew, see Wallace 

Andress st. (Oraqge) fr 1219 Mt "Vernon to 1218 

Anita St. "W f r 1162 S 10th 

Ann St. W fr 262 S 17th 

Ann St. see Rodman 

Ann St. see Wilton 

Ann's pi. E fr 1219 Wheat 

Ann St. (Richmond la.) W fr Del ab William to 
Frankford av, R 

Annan av. E fr 16th ab Arch 

Annapolis st. C^'ernon) S fr 136 South to 121 

Anthony st. S fr 711 Dickerson 

Anthracite st. W fr Salmon to Gunner's run 

Antoinette st. (Wyoming) S fr Haverford rd to 

Anvon pi. W f r 433 N 13th 

A P pi. W fr Wheat bel Wharton 

Apple St. S fr Penn ab Cresson, Myk 

Apple St. S fr Lancaster av, Hestonville 

Apple st. N fr 424 Norris 

Appletree al. fr 118 N 4th to 116 N 5th 

Arabella st. S fr Washington av to Federal ab 5th 

Aramingo St. EfrFkd av S of Cumberland, Rich'd 

Arch av. E fr 489 Dillwyn ab Noble 

Arch ct. see Armand pi 

Arch St. fr Del to Sch N of Market 

Archbold pi. (Ringgold pi.) S fr 1310 Race 

Arizona st. (Yenango st.) W f r S 12th bel Locust 

Armand pi. (Arch ct.) W fr 712 Marshall 

Armat st. E fr 4829 Germantown av 

Armstrong's ct. fr 1242 Catharine to Christian 

Armstrong's ct. N fr 413 Prune 

Armstrong ct. N fr McCrea ab Copper pi 

Arrison's ct W fr 114 S 15th 

Arsenal st. fr Gray's Ferry rd to Federal al 

Artisan st. (Price st.) S fr Ball bel Richmond 

Ash al. see Barker 

Ash st. Bridesburgh 

Ash St. fr 832 Thompson to Richmond 


P u^ 

o W 












S O 












W J/J 




p • 



h- '• 






o o 



Bread st. N fr 227 Arch to 226 Race 

B.eese st. (Shield's al.) from Prosperous al. to 

Quince st 
Breman pi. (Dickinson's ct.) r Cadwalader above 

Brewery pi. W fr 722 Cupper pi 
Brewer's hv. N of Poplar ah Taney 
Briar pi. (Bard's ct.) .'^outh fr 10(l6 Locust 
Bride p!. (Burr'.'! i-l ) N f. 1212 Uainiltou 
Bridge st. W from Wi,e Biidge 
Bridge st. W fr Delsiware river, Bride.'^burg 
B.idgewater ft. S fr Wn.<hington ab Bridge 
B.-igsr St. (Branch al.) E fr 231 Madison, fr Elbow 

to GrafiF 
Brighton st. W from 220 S Broad to S 15th 
Brilling's ct. N fr 207 Union 
Bringhurst st. E fr Germantown av ab Jefferson, 

Brinkley pi. (Bryan ct.) S fr G16 Cherry 
B.inton al. see Portland 
Brinton st. fr 710 S 12th to 713 S 13th 
Brinton st. from 434 Master 
Bristol av. E fr 1031 N Front 
Bristol pi. (Buchanan pi.) E fr 615 Guilford 
Bristow pi. (Brown's ct.) E fr 621 New Market 
Britton's al. see Baden 

Broad St. N A S of Market and W of Juniper 
Brodie pi. (White's ct.) E from 951 St John 
Brogan st. (Burd's al.) W fr 246 Raspberry 
Brnlaskey's ct. W from Juniper ab Locust 
Brolaski'pl. (Brown's ct.) W'fr 406 N 23d 
Bromlev pi. (Wheeler's ct.) N fr 623 Commerce 
Brook's" ct. N fr Bedford bet 16th and 17th 
Brook's ct. see Augusta pi 
Brook's ct. see Beale 11I 

Brook St. N .'rom 231 Buttonwood to 232 Coates 
Brown st. N L and Spring Garden, ^Y fr High 

Bridge N of Coates 
Brown st. N fr 1314 Cherry 
Brown St. N fr 1235 Montgomery ay 

Brown st. fee Elgemont 

Brown st. see Mir.-ton 

Brown st. Frankford 

B own St. see Mover 

Brown ct. see B lynon pi 

Brown's ct. N fr 1315 Curlton 

E.owu's ct. see Bristow pi 

Brown's ct. see B.ilston pi 

Brown's ct. see Bean pi 

Brown's ct. see Bedlow pi 

Brown's ct. see B-olaskie place 

Brown's ct. S fr 722 Lombard 

Brown's ct. N fr 423 Monroe 

Brown's ct. fr 735 St Mary to Bradford's al 

Brown's ct. N fr 1613 Helmuth 

Brown's ct. from 804 Perkiomen 

Bruce st. fr 18th to 19th bel Shippen 

B.unswick pi. (Davis ct.) N fr Stanley W of 3d 

Brush's row, N fr Hvrrison n Philip 

Brussels ct. N fr 1535 Parrish 

Brussels pi. (Davis ct.) (see Dare) 'W fr 520 N 5th 

Brustar's al. fr Beach to Richmond ab Shacka- 

Bryan's ct. see Brinkley pi 

Buchanan pi. see Bii.<tol pi 

Buchanan pi. E fr 31 1 Comptroller S of Spruce 

Buchanan pi. E fr 23d bel Spring Garden 

Buck Road. S E from United States Arsenal and 
Gray's Ferrv Road 

Buckeye av. (Smith's pl.)W fr 938 N. 6th 

Buckingham pi. (Poplar pi.) S fr 236 Poplar 

Buckius st. W fr Frankford av. n Richmond 

Buckley st. W fr :<V2 S 5th 

Bucknell st. S f r Brown n 24th 

Buck's ct. W fr 318 S 11th 

Buck's ct. N fr 831 Catharine 

Budd St. S fr Market to Oak bet Till and Rose 

Budd St. W fr 306 S 12th to Broad 

Budd st. see French 

Budden's al. fr 108 N 12th to N Juniper 

Budden's ct. N from Budden's al 

Buehla st. S fr Tasker ab S 7th 

Buist's ct. S from 1216 Fitzwater 

Bulletin st. (Beck) W fr 814 Swanson to 813 S 

Bumraerscheim ct. W fr N 8th ab Columbia av. 
Bunting av. r 1313 Cherry 
Bunyan pi. (Lancaster ct.) E fr 1305 Lancaster 
Burbank pi. (Bakers ct.) E fr 521 Vincent 
Burchellsct. E fr 835 S 3d 
Burd's al. see Brogan 
Burd's ct. see Briar pi 
Bard st. S fr 132 Catharine to Queen 
Burk St. W fr 19th n Montgomery 
Burgundy pi. (North ct.) W fr 330 N 8th 

Burgess "pi. (Burr's ct.) W fr Columbia av bet 
Thompson and Prince 

Burgoyne pi. (Butler's pi.) S fr 1008 Sansom 

Burlington pi. (Coombs ct.) N fr 325 German 

Burnett st. S from Christian to Carpenter W of 
Gray's Ferry rd 

Burns st. N fr 1409 Brown to Parrish 

Burns st. see Fawn 

Burr's av. N fr 1419 Wood 

Burr's ct. see Bridge pi 

Burr's ct. see pi 

Burrow's ct. S fr 718 Mintzer 

Burton St. W fr 612 S 15th to S 18th 

Burwick pi. fr 723 New Market 

Batcher st. W of bet Market and Pratt 

Butler ct. S fr 1008 Sansom 

Butler St. N fr 111 Washington av 

Butler av. E fr 329 S Juniper 

Butler's ct. see Berry pi 

B (tier's pi. see Burgoyne pi 

Buttonwood St. (Fairview from Broad) W fr 518 
N 2d 

Butz's row, E fr 491 St John 

Butz av. N fr 209 Noble 

Byron pi. (Monroe pi.) E f r 1339 Gtn av 

Cabot St. W fr 1242 N 15th to 1231 N 19th 
C.ibot St. N E f r Anthracite to Lehigh av 
Cabin st. bet 19th and 20th N fr Willow 
Cadbury av. (Cadwalader av.) N fr 1323 Jefferson 
Cadmus pi. (Campbell's ct.) W fr 19lh n Carpen- 
Cadwalader av. see Cadbnry av 
Cadwalader st. bet 2d and Gtn av N fr Girard av 
Cadwalader ct. S fr 1414 Fitzwater 
Cadwell st. W fr 916 N 13th 
C.ihawba pi. (Darrach's ct.) S fr 418 S 12th 
CahiU pi. Carpenter's ct. W fr 464 N 5th 
Cake pi. N. fr 417 Carpenter 
Caledonia av. N fr Filbert ab 10th 
Calbraith's ct. E fr New Market n Noble 
Caldwell St. E fr Sch Beach bet Walnut 4 Locust 
California pi. N f r 1311 Rodman 
Callowhill St. fr the Delaware to Schuylkill N of 

Calvert pi. (Carroll ct.) S fr 1716 Vesey bet 17th 

and 18th 
Calvert st. (Peach st.) N A S f r Metcalf st ab 5th 
Calvin pi. (Trinity pi.) E fr 809 N 7th 
Caraac st. N fr 1207 Master 
Cambria st. W and E fr Fkd av N of Somerset 
Cambridge St. W fr 922 N 1 9th 
Cameron st. W fr opp 1720 Francis 
Cameron pi. (Carroll's ct.) W fr 1420 N 4th 
Camilla st. W fr 1012 S 11th 


Camp pi. (Carson's ct.) fr 402 Brown 

Campbell's ct. S from German ab 2i 

Campbell's ct. see Cadmus pi 

Campbell's ct. see Catliu pi 

Campbell's st. S fr 777 S 6th 

Canal st. see Harbor 

Canal st. N W fr Coates n Scbuylkill river 

Canal st. N W from 430 Thompson to 1209 Law- 

Canal st. W fr Moyamensing av to 5th 

Canby st. (Centre) fr S 12th to S 13th bet Lyn- 
dall al and Locust 

Candia pi. (Carlisle ct.) S fr 516 Coates 

Candy row, E fr 24th or Beach bel Chestnut 

Canning st. (Centre al.) AV fr 206 S 11th 

Cannon pi. (Charles pi.) 'Willow ab Canton 

Canterbury pi. see Cromley pi 

Caotman pi. (Chester ct.) fr 678 N 11th 

Canton st. (Charles) fr 903 Callowhill to Button- 

Cantwell pi, ( Cauffman's ct.) S fr Cherry ab 3d 

Cantwell's ct. W fr 1028 S 2d 

Capewell st. W fr Belgrade ab Otis 

Capital st. N fr Coates to Corinthian av ab 21st 

Carberry ct. S fr 416 Catharine 

Carbon ct. N fr 527 Marriott 

Carbon st. N fr 1013 Shippen to 1016 South 

Carbon st. see Welch 

Carbon pi see Cliff pi 

Carlisle ct. see Candia pi 

Carlisle st. N fr 1401 Brown 

Carlton st. W fr 328 N 11th to N 24th 

Carman pi. (Church al.) from 722 Arch to 723 

Carney av. (Church av.) E fr 225 Juniper 

Carolina pi. S fr 1016 Barley 

Caroline st. N. fr 429 AVharton 

Carpenter st. W f. Gtn av, Gtn 

Carpenter st. f John fr Front to Moyamensing av.) 
W fr 936 S Front to Schuylkill 

Carpenter st. see Jayne 

Carpenter's al. see Baltic pi 

Carpenter's ct. see Coke pi 

Carpenter's ct. see Congress pi 

Carpenter's ct. W fr Gtn av, Gtn 

Carpenter's ct. S fr 320 Chestnut 

Carpenter's pi. see Cahill pi 

Carpenter st. S fr 1214 Fitzwater 

Carr's ct. S fr 830 Catharine 

Carroll st. see Heath 

Carroll av. see Osage av 

Carroll et. see Cameron pi 

Carroll pi. N fr Front ab Adrian 

Carsell av. (Church av.) E fr Broad bel Brown 

Carson's et. S fr Brown ab N 4th 

Carson's ct. see Camp pi 

Carswell pi. (Clare ct.) fr 1111 Charles 

Carter's st. fr 116 S 2d to 121 S 3d 

Carter st. see Florence 

Carter's al. see Rock 

Carter's al. E fr 13th n Wood 

Carter's al. E fr 208 Richmond ab Shaekamaxon 

Carthage pi. (King et.) bel Wildey near Shaeka- 

Carthage pi. (Morgan's et.) E from Chatham 

Carty av. (Church av.) N fr 1929 Lombard 

Caruth pi. (Clark's ct) N fr 411 Borden 

Carver st. W fr 522 S 15th to 525 S 18th 

Carver, see Geneva 

Casseltine av. (Clark's av.) from Wood to Reeves 
ab 20th 

Cash St. E fr 15th to Wetherill bel Pine 

Casper av. (Wistar's av.) S from Jones bet 17th 
and 18th 

Cass st W fr 1234 N 12th 

Cassidy's ct. N fr 927 Marriott 

Cnssion pi. (Clay ct.) N fr Columbia av below 

Castle st. see Sergeant 
Castle ct. S fr 1036 Sergeant 
Castner av. (Clay av.) N fr Orchard ab Calvert 
Catawba pi. (Steel's ct.) N fr German 
Catfish al. S fr 118 Green 
Catharine st. W fr Delaware to Gray's Ferry rd 

S of Fitzwater 
Cathcart ct. N fr 1131 Lombard 
Catlin pi. (^Ciimpbell's ct.) S fr German ab 2d 
Cattell av. (Clinton av.) N fr Pearl bel 20th 
Cauffman's ct. see Cnntwell pi. 
Caven st. N fr Callowhill W of 19th 
Cedar st. N fr Norris E of Luzerne pi 
Cedar av, N fr 823 South 

Cedar hill, bet and Penn ab Apple, Myk 
Cedar st E from Main ab Toll Gate, Myk 
Cedar st. E from Ann ab Belgrade 
Celeste st. W fr 1814 S 2d 
Central pi. W fr 25fi N 5th 
Central Buildings, S fr 218 Walnut 
Centre al. see Canning 
Centre st. E fr 5001 0-ermantown av 
Centre st. fr N 37th bet Market and Powelton av 
Centre st. E fr Main ab Green la & Church, Myk 
Centre st. see Brandywine 
Centre st see Ciinby 
Centre st. see Knox 
Centre st. see Spartan 
Centre st. see Zanoni 

Ceruse st. fr Sione to Lombard bet 15tli and 16th 
Chadwick pi (Cobb's ct.) W fr 858 N 4th 
Chalkley Hall la N E f r Aramingo 
Chambers av. S fr 2022 Ciillowbill 
Champion pi. (Cox et.) E from Dunton ab Otter 
Champlasn av. {Keyser's av.) W side bet Vine & 

Chance pi. (Coates st.) E fr New Market ab Vine 
Chancellor st. fr. Ifith to 17th bel Walnut 
Chancery la. S fr 126 Arch to Coorabes al 
Chandler's ct. N fr Palmer ab Richmond, K 
Chant St. (College av.) E fr 23 S 10th 
Chapman st. (Collin's al.) fr 781 S Front 
Clark's ct. N fr 1221 Catharine 
Charles pi. E fr 427 Rugan 
Charles pi. W fr 413 Canton 
Charles st. S fr 610 Washington av 
Charles st. S fr 408 South to Moaroe 
Charles st. see Berlin 
Charles gt. see Canton 
Charles st. see Clairborne 
Charles st. see i^hirley 
Charles st. see Tudor 
Charlotte, see Zenobia 
Charlotte st. N fr 3l7 Brown to Master 
Charter st (Clymer) E fr 2109 Amber 
Chartner st. E from 24th bel CMllowhMl 
Chase pi. (Collin's ct.) S fr 2302 Linn 
Chatham st. E and W of Richmond la bel Cedar 
Chatham st. N fr 519 Buttonwood to 508 Green 
Chatham st. see Berks 
Chatham st see Exeter 
Chatham st. see Linville 
Check's ct. S from 25 Reed to Mifflin 
CheltoE av. E and W fr 4900 Germantown ar 
Chenango st. (Benton) W f r 1110 Sites to Sophia 
Cherry st. fr 1 30 N 3d to Schuylkill N of Arch 
Cherry st. see Montgomery av 
Chester et. see Cantman pi 
Chester et. W fr 1 Ith bel Coates 
Chester st. N fr 817 Race to 820 Vine 
Chestnut av. E fr Ca«tle et 
Chestnut st. N from Centre & High, Myk 

I— '• 


I— ' 



' M 










Chestnut st W fr 100 S Del et to Schuylkill, bet 
Market and Walnut, thence West 

Chestnut st. E fr Gtn av, thence West, Gtn 

Chestnut av. S fr Chestnut ab Rose, W P 

Chew St. E fr Washington av ab Qorgas, Otn 

China row, W fr 4th ah Master, K 

China st. W fr 1002 S Front 

China St., (Little Crown) N fr 415 Battonwoed 

Chippewa st., S fr 2fi24 Lombard 

Chippewa st. see Kneass 

Cholladey's ct. S fr 1124 Sheaff"? al 

Christian st. fr Delaware to Schuylkill,, bet Cath- 
arine and Washington av 

Christian ct. see Cohen pi 

Christy pi. (Craig's ct > E fr 952 St John 

Chur pi. (Cooper's ct.) N fr Sbippen bel 9th 

Church al. see Carman pi 

Church av. see Carney av 

Church av. see Carsell av 

Church av. see Carty &y 

Church av. N fr 1929 Lombard to Watts 

Church pi. S fr 1122 Lombard 

Church St. fr 18 N Front to 15 X 3d 

Church St. N fr Catharine to Rose bel Broad 

Church St. W fr Park to Till bet Locust & Spruce 

Church St. ab Centre & Chestnut, Myk 

Church St. E fr 4779 Gtn av 

Church St. W fr 1246 Taney 

Church St. see Irving 

Church St. Bridesburg 

Church St. see Otsego 

Church St. see Shamokin 

Citron st. W fr 652 N llih to 659 N 13th 

City Line, Bristol township, N E 

ClafiBn's ct. N fr 1319 Carroll 

Claghorn pi. (Cooper's ct.) fr Front ab Poplar 

Clair St. E fr 1041 S 6th 

Clairborne st. (Charles) S fr Ball to Plum 

Clare al. see Cowley 

Glare st. S fr 526 Carpenter 

Clare's ct. see Carswell pi 

Clarim st. E fr L»gan bel Haverford 

ClarioQ st. S fr Federal bel 13th 

Clari.»sa pi. (Smith's pi.) fr 542 Linden b«l Green 

Clark av. S fr 418 Buttnnwood 

Clark St. W fr 1024 S 3d to 1031 S 4th 

Clark, see Kingston 

Clark's av. see Gaseltine pi 

Clai k's av. S fr 416 Buttonweod 

Clark's et. see Caputh pi 

Clark's et. E fr Union N of Girard av 

ClarksoB pi. (Waverly pi.) W fr Noble n 4th 

Clawges' ct. N fr 514 Mulberry al 

Clawson st. (Cox's al.) South n 12th 

Clay St. W fr 608 N 11th 

Clay St. see Kent 

Clay av. see Gastner 

Clay ct. see Cassion pi 

Clayton st. E fr 717 N 23d 

Clavton St. N fr Cherry to Race 'W of 2fltb 

Clearfield st. W fr Del bel Alleghany av, & 

Clematis av. (Spragg's av.) S fr 114 Christian 

Clement st. S fr 1631 Carpenter 

Clementine pi. (Smith's et.) W fr 542 Lindea 

Clemmon's al. N fr 1115 Mark''s la 

Cliff pi. (Carbon pi.) S fr 1414 Race 

Clifford av. (Moore's nv.) W fr Front ab Coatea 

Clifford's al. W fr 28 Del av to Front 

Clifton St. (Pearl st.) S fr Clearfield, I9th Ward 

Clinton St. X fr 1033 Shippen 

Clinton av. N fr 1923 Pearl bel 20th 

Clinton ct. E fr 457 Franklin 

Clinton st. X fr Fisher to Bringhurst, Gtn 

Clinton st W fr 9th to 11th bel Spruce 

Clinton st see Darien 

I Clinton st. see Mascher 
I Clover St. fr 20 S 12 to S 13th bel Market 
I Clyde pi. (Cresson's ct ) N fr 504 Cherry 
I Clyde St. (Rex's ct.) W fr Beaver ab Green 
i Clymer st. E <t W fr 752 S 6th 

Clymer st. see Charter 

Clymer st. see Manor 

Clymer st. see Montrose 

Coates St. fr Del to Schuylkill N of Green 

Coates al. see Craven 

Coates ct. see Chance pi 

Cobb St. fr 418 Catharine to Queen 

Cobb's et. see Chadwick pi 

Cobley's ct. S fr 414 Catharine 

Coburn st. fr 210 Gaskill 

Coffin's ct. E fr 209 X 2d 

Cohen pi. (Christian's ct.) W fr 812 S Front 

Cohocksink st. (Bilyeu, Rubinsnn, Merchant, Ro- 
bertson) X fr 727 Parrish to Colnmliia av 

Coke pi. (Carpenter's ct.) X fr 417 Carpenter 

Colchester pi. (Rentschler's pi.) E f r Charlotte ab 

Colebrook pi. (Scott's ct ) W fr 772 S Front 

Collard's al. fr Beach to Allen X <t S, E 

College av. fr Coates to Girard College 

College av. see Chant 

College pi. (Chant st.) S fr College av E fr 10th 

College St. fr S Front to 2d ab Moore 

Collins' al. see Chapman 

Collins' ct. see Chase pi 

Collins St. X f r E Cumberland to Lehigh av 

Columbia ct. X fr Lan<lreth bel 13ih 

Columbia av. (Hanover fr Di;imond to Frankford 
av.) W fr Del river bet Oxford & Montg'y av 

Columbia row, X fr 24th ab Morris, F M 

Comber's ct. S fr Linton st 

Coombs ct. see Burlington pi 

Commerce st. (St James fr 6th to 7th) W fr 24 N 
4th to 7th 

Commerce st. X fr Huntingdon along Canal 

Comptroller st. X fr 217 Union to Spruce 

Conrad's ct. X fr 1617 Becket 

Concord pi. X fr 223 Concord 

Concord st. W fr 780 S 2d to 785 S 3d 

Concordia av. X fr 229 Concord 

Conestoga pi. W fr 2d bel Master 

Congress st. E fr 739 S 2d to 740 S Front 

Conlin's ct. N fr 1325 Carroll ab 13th 

Conrow ct. r 105 Chenango 

Consha st. N fr 621 Lisbon 

Conway pi. E fr Xew Market ab Vine 

Coombes al. fr 44 X Front to 51 X 2d 

Cooper St. W fr 20th S of Walnut 

Cooper's ct. see Churl pi 

Cooper's ct. see Claghorn pi 

Cope st. E fr Oxford bel Alleghany av 

Cope St. (West) S fr San-^om to Locust W of 23d 

Cope's al. fr 136 S Del av to 135 S Water 

Copper pi. (Shippen la.) S fr 1326 South 

Coral St. fr Front to Frankford av 

Cordova pi. (Taylor's ct.) E fr 507 Barron 

Corinthian av. S fr Girard College to Coates 

Corn St. fr 228 Marion to Reed 

Corndaffer's ct. Christian bel 3d 

Cornelius ct. E fr Richmond n Bishop, K 

Corwin pi. (Kayser's et.) E fr 623 X 4th 

Cottage St. fr 1710 S Front 

Cottage st W fr Main. C Hill 

Cottage row, W fr Penn, Gtn 

Cottingham pi. X fr 507 Federal 

Cotton St. E fr Main bet Mechanic <t Grape, Myk 

Coulter St. W fr 4736 Gm av 

Court al. S f r 8 Brown to 722 Beach 

Courtland pi. W fr 306 Xew Market n 'V'ine 

Cove pi. (Steels ct.) N fr 607 Mary 


Cowley St. (Clare al.) W fr 256 N 13th to N Ju- 
Cowper st. (Benton) fr Hight's ct to Linden 
Cowperthwait pi. E fr 321 New Market 
Cowslip St. (Say's al.) W fr 16th to 16th N of Race 
Coxe's St. fr 324 S 17th to 18th bel Spruce 
Coxe's al. see Clawson 
Coxe's ct. see Champion pi 
Cox's ct. N fr nil Ohio 
Cox's ct. E fr 220 Acorn al 
Cox's ct. E fr 15th N 9th 

Cozzens' av. (Townsend's av.) fr 934 New Market 
Crabb st. S fr Gaskill to Shippen ab 4th 
Craig's av N fr 1225 Shackamaxon 
Craig's ct. N fr 619 Filbert ab 6th 
Craig's ct. see Christy 
Craig's pi. E fr Raspberry bel Walnut 
Cranberry st. S fr Lancaster av, W P 
Crammond st. Lancaster av to Darby rd, W P 
Crane st. E fr Till n Lancaster av, W P 
Crane's ct. S fr Mead bel 2d 
Crammer pi. (Porter's ct.) W fr 950 N 3d 
Cranson's ct. S fr Marriott be! S 9th 
Craven st. (Coates' al.) fr 216 N Front 
Crawford's ct. W fr 506 N Front ab Noble 
Crease st. (Crown) W fr 1002 Richmond to Fkd av 
Cregar pi. (Marion ct.) W fr 13th bel Catharine 
Cresson al. see Cresson 
Cresson st. or near RR, Myk 
Cresson st. (Cresson al.) W fr 146 N 5th to Nichol- 
Cresson's ct. see Clyde pi 

Creisheim rd. fr Carpenter to Wissahickon av,Gtn 
Crestaker ct. S fr German bel 5th 
Creswell pi. r 1111 Church 
Crew st. E fr Washington av ab 20th 
Crockett's ct. fr 26 S 5th 

Crocus pi. (Smith's ct.) E fr St John n Gtn av 
Cromley pi. (Canterbury pi.) S fr 23 Mulberry al 
Cromer's ct. r 728 Mintzer 
Crooked Billet, opens at 21 S Water 
Crooked pi. (Wall's elbow) fr 427 New Market 
Cross st. (King's st.) E fr Passyunk av bel Dick- 

Cross al. fr 723 St Mary & fr Buttonwood n York 

av to Green 
Crother"s ct. E fr 607 S Juniper 
Crown jd. N fr 312 N Front 
Crown St. N fr 421 Race to York av & Willow 
Crown st. see Crease 

Cuba St. (Scott's al.) S fr Morris bel 4th 
Cuba pi. S fr 116 Poplar 
Culbertson's ct. fr 1606 Coates to Becket 
Cullen St. (Bradford al.) W fr 510 S 7th to S 8th 
Culp av. (Cypress av.) S fr Cuyler E 20th 
Culvert St. .S W fr 1016 N 3d to 5th & Poplar 
Cumberland st. fr Armat to Mill, Gtn 
Cumberland st. W fr Del ab York, R 
Cunningham's av. S fr 1112 Federal 
Curran pi. S fr 332 Coates 
Curran pi. (Kessler's ct.) E fr 623 N 4th 
Currant al. fr 1020 Walnut to Spruce 
Curry's ct. fr 1107 Shippen 
Curtis ct. S fr Savery ab Franklin, K 
Cuscaden ct. S fr 426 German 
Cuthbert St. W fr 44 N 11th to Schuylkill 
Cuyler st. (Cypress) W fr 411 N 19th 
Cypress .st. W fr 314 S 3d to 317 S 4th 
Cypress, see Cuyler 
Cypress av. see Culp av 

Dahlia av. (South av.) along Sch riv ab Catha- 
Dahl's St. N fr Olive bel Broad 
Daily pi. (Dickson's ct.) W fr Front bel Reed 

Daisy av. (South av.) W fr 532 S 18th 

Dale pi. (Davis pi.) N f r Green bel 12th 

Dallas st. (Davidsons' ct.) fr & 13th to S Juniper 

bel Chestnut 
Dallas ct. fr S 13th to S Juniper bel Market 
Dallett's ct. W fr 425 Rugan ab Callowhill 
Dallett's ct. W fr 1320 Silver 
Dalton pi. (Dickson's ct.) E fr 907 N Broad 
Damson pi. S fr Pearl ab 13th 
Dana st. (Duke) fr 620 N Front to N 2d 
Daniel pi. fr 1339 Earl 

Danforth pi. (Dickson ct.) E fr Gtn av ab 4th 
Daniel pi. (Webster's pi.) bet Thompson and 

Dannaker's av. E fr 221 N 3d 
Danver pi. (Donnelly's pi.) N fr 145 New 
Darby road (see Wooland) S W fr Market ab 32d 
Darcy st. (Prosperous al.) W fr Spafford bel Ship- 
Dare's pi. W fr 620 N 5th 

Darien st. (Clinton) N fr 803 Brown to Mont- 
Darling pi. (Dillwyn pi ) S f r 324 Willow 
Darrach's ct. see Cahawba pi 
Darragh's ct. E fr 233 Lybrand 
Dart pi. (Davis ct.) fr Hamilton bel 12th 
Dauphin st. W fr Belgrade ab Otis, R 
Davenport st. (Dean's al.) fr 244 S 8lh to Dupon- 

Davidson pi. (Warner's ct.) E fr 934 Marshall 
Davies pi. see Dale pi 
Davis' St. W fr 1212 N 13 th 
Davis' St. fr 2322 Vine 
Davis' or Davidson's al. see D.'illas 
Davis' av. E f r N 8th bel Race 
Davis' ct. see Brunswick pi 
Davis' ct. see Brussel's pi 
Davis' ct. see Dart pi 
Davis' ct. see Whitebread pi 
Davis' ct. S fr 1532 Lombard 
Davis' ct. S fr 604 Coates 
Davis' Landing, E fr 757 Swanson 
Davis' pi. N fr 1235 Shippen 
Dawson pi. (Dean's ct.) S fr 1302 Pearl 
Day St. (Dean) N fr 221 Wildey to 1 140 Girnrd av 
Dayton st. (Derringer's ct. ) W fr 6th bel Coates 
Deacon st. N fr 1111 Giiard av to 1116 Siiles 
Deagen pi. (Derringer's ct.) fr 619 Tamarind ab 

Deal av. S fr 1648 Deal 
Deal st. E fr 1755 Frankford av 
Dean, see Day 
Dean's al. see Davenport 
Dean's av. W fr 1236 Crease ab Girard av 
Dean's ct. see Dawson pi 
Dean st. fr Spruce to Perry S fr 1214 Walnut to 

Decatur st. S fr 616 Market to Jayne 
Decatur, see Drayton 
Dedaker's ct. N fr Otter ab Dunton 
Dehaven's ct. N fr Rose ab School, K 
Deimling's pi. (Drinker's ct.) S fr 236 Union 
De Kalb's ct. W fr 963 Warnock 
De Lancey pi. W fr 323 S 18th bet Spruce & Pine 
Delany pi. (Duffy's ct.) E fr 743 S 7th 
Delaware av. (Penn 16th Ward) N & S f r Market 

on Delaware river 
Delta pi. (Dickerson ct.) N fr Olive bel Broad 
Demar pi. (Duncan's ct.) S fr 108 Shippen 
Dempster's pi. S f r 1508 Barclay bel Coates 
Denmark st. fr 1627 Front to 2d 
Denmark pi. (Hazel st.) fr 866 N 11th to 857 N 

Denmark pi. see Harmer 
Denny's ct. N fr Marriott ab 4th 






^ z, 













CQ g 











Depot 8t. E A W f r 626 N 9th bel Green 

Derringer's av. E fr 1543 N Front 

Derringer's ct. see Dayton pi 

Derringer's ct. see Dengan pi 

Derringer's ct. E fr Tamarind ab Green 

Desilver's ct. S fr 428 Walnut 

Desoto St. (Joseph's al.) Monterey to Struthers 
AV of 12th 

Deshong st. from 25th to 26th bel Federal 

Duel av. S of Deal E of Frankford av 

Devon's av. S fr 18.S8 Naudain 

Devine's ct. N fr 1215 McDuffie st 

Devon pi. (Beck's ct.) N fr Coatea ab 3d 

Dewees ct. W fr 755 S 6th 

Devitt's av. W fr 1138 St John 

Diamond al. W fr 606 S Delaware av 

Diamond st. (Cora) fr Front and Lebanon fr Gtn 
av.) fr Front to Schuvlkill river 

Diamond st. N fr 1229 Fitz water 

Diamond, see Drury 

Dickerson st. W fr Delaware river bel Reed 

Dickerson ct. see Delta pi 

Dickinson ct. see Bremen pi 

Dickinson st. W fr Gaul N of Cumberland 

Dickson's al. AV fr 7th bet Shippea & Fitzwater 

Dickson's ct. see Daily pi 

Dickson's ct. see Dalton pi 

Dickson's ct. see Danforth pi 

Dickson pi. r 907 N Broad 

Dillard pi. fr 1009 S Otsego 

Diligent av. S fr 916 Buttonwood to Hamilton 

Dillwyn st. N fr 313 Vine to Green 

Dillwyn pi. see Darling pi 

Dilks ct. S fr 904 AVood 

Dingee's ct. E fr C.inal to Germantown av 

Dingler's ct. r 116 A''anhorn 

Discount pi. (Morris st.) fr 32 N 6th 

District pi. E fr 313 N 10th 

Divan pi. N fr Coates ab Front 

Division st. N fr Richmond to Salmon bel Clear- 

Division st. fr 412 N 11th to N 12th 

Division st. E fr Main, Myk 

Division, see Dubree 

Dixey's ct. 1632 Lombard 

Doak St. S of 1622 Sbippen 

Dock St. fr 248 Delaware av to 129 S 3d 

Dodge pi. N fr Metcalf ah 2d 

Doll ct. AV fr St John ab Beaver 

Doll's av. AV fr 1036 St John 

Doman's pi. N fr 233 Christian 

Donaldson's st. fr Gray's Ferry rd to Federal bet 
Arsenal and Buck rd 

Donnegan's ct. 715 St John 

Donnelly ct. N fr 829 Marriott 

Donnelly st. N fr 833 Marriott 

Donnelly's ct. N fr 1817 South 

Donnelly's ct. AV fr 826 Rachel 

Donnelly's pi. see Danver pi 

Dorrance st. S fr Car] enter bet 18th & 19th 

Dorr's ct. N fr Hamilton bel 11th 

Dorsey st. AV fr 412 S 13lh to S Juniper 

Dotts St. S fr Hubbs 

Dougherty av. see Drayson pi 

Dougherty's ct. fr Bedford n S 8th 

Douglass av. see Drayson pi • 

Douglass nv. S fr 1230 Brown 

Dove pi. (Russell's ct.) AV fr 1012 S 2d 

Dover ct S fr 914 Poplar 

Dove's ct. AV of 800 Duane ab Brown 

Downing st. (Peter's al.) N fr 2000 Callowhill 

Doyle's ct. E fr 605 S 3d 

Drayson pi. N fr 1137 Pine 

Drayton st. (Decatur) r 1232 Rye to Corn 

Dreer st. AV fr Amber bel Front 

Drinker's al. fr 140 N Front to 145 N 2d 

Drinker's ct. see Deimling pi 

Drum's av. S fr 808 Buttonwood 

Drury St. (Diamond) frl02S 13th to 101 S Juniper 

Dryden pi. S fr 228 Thompson 

Duane st. N fr 1223 Brown to 1222 Parrish 

Duberry ct. E of 519 Brooks ab Buttonwood 

Dubois Block. 19th ab Coate.« 

Dubree st. (Davison) N fr 1821 AVylie st. F A''ille 

Duck st. fr Tioga 

Duck al. S E f r Mattis ab Spruce 

Dudley pi. (Prospect pi ) S fr 512 Christian 

Duffle's ct. E fr 723 Hubbell 

Duffy's ct. see Delany pi 

Dugan's ct. S fr 330 Master, K 

Dugan St. S fr 1508 Spruce to 1511 Pine 

Duke, see Dana 

Duke, see Thompson 

Duncan's ct. see Demnr pi 

Dungan's av. fr 1070 Gtn av to 2d ab Otter 

Dunlap .St. fr 2212 Chestnut 

Dunleith's pi. (Smith's ct.) AV fr 116 N Front 

Dunn's ct. E fr 759 S 6th 

Dun,«dale pi. S fr 2048 Lombard 

Dunton st. (Mullens ct .) fr 19 Otter to Girard aT 

Duponceau st. fr 818 Walnut to 821 Spruce 

Durham pi. (Mever's ct.) N fr 537 Race 

Duross ct. AV fr 784 S 6th 

Duross pi. E fr 861 N 13th 

Durr's ct. AV fr Orchard ab CulveM. 

Dufchong St. S fr Ellsworth W fr 27th 

Dutton St. N fr 3.i Reed 

Dutton's ct. S fr Washingson av bet 6th & 7th 

Dyott's ct. E fr Franklin ab Vienna, K 

Eadline st. (39th) N to Haverford AV of the 

Schuylkill, AV P 
Eagen pi. (Ellis ct.) N fr 1005 Hamilton 
Eagle av. fr 1230 N Front to Hope ab Franklin 
Eagle ct. see Eakin pi 
Eagle pi. see Eaton pi 

Eagle St. N fr Leopard to Fkd av ab Rachel 
Eagle St. AV fr Lexington, AV P 
Eakin pi. (Eagle ct ) fr Haliburton pi across Cur- 
rant al 
Earl St. fr Thompson to West bet Columbia av & 

Palmer, E K 
Earl St. bet Penn av & Coates and 24th & 25th 
Earl's ct. see Edgar pi 
Earp St. fr 1332 S 8th to 1323 S 9th 
Earp St. VV fr 518 N 19th bet Fairview & Spring 

East ct. N fr 1535 Parrish 
East ct. E fr Gri.^eom ab Pine 
East ct. S fr 1416 Spring Garden 
East St. N fr Mechanic, Myk 
Easlwick av. (Elizabeth av.) S fr 1600 Ogden 
Eaton pi, (Eagle pi.) 28 Otter n Frankford av 
Eden pi. (Warner's ct.) fr 228 Catharine 
Edgar pi, (Earl's ct.) S fr Pine ab 9th 
Edgeraont st. (Brown st.) N fr Gunner's run ab 

Edina pi. (Warner's ct.) W fr 10.34 N 4th 
Edisto st, (Jones al,) AV fr 604 A'incent nl 
Edmond st. (Elbow al.) S fr 6th bel Lombard 
Edward st. fr 1 115 N 2d to School 
Edwin St. fr 1720 Ridge av 
Egleson st. AV fr 2530 Gray's Ferry rd 
Eighteenth st. N & S f r Market W of 17th 
Eighth St. N <t S from Market AV of 7th 
Eisen's av. (Harrison's av.) AV fr 1442 X 4th 
Elba pi. (Evans ct.) E fr 907 Ontario ab Poplar 
Elba pi. (Sti'e's ct ) E f r 965 Beach bel Laurel 
Elbow pi. see Edmond 
Elbow la. AV fr Bank to 31 S 3d 


Elder st. S fr 1034 Morgan to 1035 Sergeant 

Eldridge pi. E fr 1817 N 6th ab Montgomery 

Eldridge row, fr Germ<antown av n N 5th 

Eleventh st. N & S fr Market W of 10th 

Elfreth's st fr 126 N Front to 131 N 2d 

Elgin pi. (Ward's retreat) S fr Heath bel 13th 

Eliza av, (School av.) W fr 812 N 12th 

Eliza St. S fr 812 Shippen 

Eliza St. W fr 1324 N 16th 

Elizabeth av. see Eastwick av 

Elizabeth ct. .=ee Himmelwright pi 

Elizabeth pi. S fr Hope bel Jefferson 

Elizabeth st. from Church or Pine to Sellers, Fkd 

Elk St. begins at Otter ab Front, K 

Elkhart st (Linden) E fr Melvale ab NefF 

Ella St. (Price st.) W fr Fkd av bel York 

Ellen St. W fr 940 N Front 

Ellen, see Ericsson 

Ellen pi. E fr 749 S Front 

Ellen's pi. see Eva pi 

Ellett's av. N fr 535 Race 

Elliott's ct. S fr 732 Lombard 

Elliot's pi. see Emanuel pi 

Ellis ct. N fr 1003 Sansom 

Ellis ct. fr Hamilton bel Ridge av 

Ellis ct. see Eagen pi 

Ellis ct. S fr Nectarine ab 9th 

Ellis St. N E f r Mechanic, Myk 

Ellis St. N fr 909 Mt Vernon to 910 "Wallace 

Ellsin pi. (Vine ct.) N fr Vine bel 12th 

Ellsworth St. (Washington pi.) AV fr 1130 S 8th 

Elm St. S fr 432 Girard av ab Columbia av, K 

Elm St. W fr 4th N of Haverford 

Elm, see Eadline 

Elm, see Ford 

Elm, see Fremont 

Eimes' ct. see Ennis pi 

Elmslie's al. W fr 2d bel Dock to Levant 

Eltonhead's ct. S fr 2120 Wood 

Elvira pi. (Smith's ct.) E fr Copper pi 

Ellwood lane E fr 3121 Gtn av 

Elwood pi. (Washington pi.) S fr 1418 Filbert ab 

Elwyn St. (Webb's al.) N fr 925 Cherry to 924 

Ely av. S fr 416 Carpenter 
Ely's av. W fr SUN 12th 
Ely St. (Poplar al.) N fr Locust bel 1 Ith 
Emanuel pl. (Elliott's pi.) N fr 331 Monroe 
Ember's av. N fr 1309 Heath 
Embress ct. E fr .383 St John, C 
Emden st. (Yeager ct.) N fr Shippen bel 7th 
Emeline st. S fr Somerset ab Trenton RR 
Emeline st. W fr 614 S 8th 
Emerald st. N fr Front W Fkd av, K 
Emerald, sefj^rety 
Emery's ct. see Eveland pl 
Emery's et. E fr St John ab Beaver 
Emlem st, W fr Trenton RR S of Bodine, R 
Emlem's al. see English 
Emlen's ct. see Everett pl 
Emma st. S fr Abigail ah Trenton RR 
Emmet st. (Wesley) fr 1312 S 3d 
Emory st. W fr Richmond ab Cumberland, R 
Em.slie al. W fr 224 S 2d 
Eneu St. (Southwark av.) W fr 1224 S 7th 
Engineer's row, N fr Lehigh av in Salmon, R 
Eagle St. E of Gtn av, Gtn 
English St. (Emlen's al.) S fr English st to 507 

English row r Cresson, Myk 
Ennis pl. (Elmes ct.) Nfr 2309 Vine n Sch 
Enos St. fr Fraley al. to Richmond 1st N fr Fkd 

Enquirer st. N fr 1119 Brown 

Enterprise st. W fr 3d to 6th bel Dickerson 

Eppright's ct. bet Front & Lancaster bel Reed 

Epsey st. fr 1323 Fitzwater to Catharine 

Erb St. W f r S 8th ab Reed 

Erdman st. N fr Perkiomen ab 17th 

Erdman's ct. W of 830 N 15th bel Parrish 

Erety St. (Emerald) fr 16th to 17th bel Chancellor 

Erie st. S fr 1010 Shippen to Christian 

Erie av. W fr 3645 N Broad 

Ernst St. (Summer's ct.) W fr 1152 S 9th 

Ericsson st (Ellen) W fr 9th bel Christian 

Ervin's ct. W fr 23d n Penna av 

Eshir's av. N fr 1209 Coates 

Eshner pl (Stiltz's ct.) E fr 1007 Charlotte 

Espy st. (Evans st.) Fitzwater to Catharine bel 

Essex st. fr 810 Catharine to 811 Christian 
Eutaw St. N fr 719 Cherry to 710 Race 
Eva pl. (Ellen's pl.) E fr 751 S Front 
Evangelist st. W fr 7th bel Fitzwater 
Evans av fr Summer to Vine bet 22d & 23d 
Evans st. S fr 228 Washington av bel 3d 
Evans, see Espy 
Evans ct. see Elba pl 
Evans ct. see Everall pl 
Evans pl. see Ewald pl 
Evelina st. E fr 245 S 3d to Levant 
Everall pl (Evans st.) E fr 6 n Vine 
Everett st. E fr 911 S 13th to S 12th 
Everett st. (Emlen's ct.) fr 103 Willow to Noble 
Evergreen st. W fr 740 S 20th 
Eveland pl. (Emery's ct.) E fr St John ab Beaver 
Ewald pl. (Evans pl.) fr 1811 Naudain st 
Ewing's pl. fr Guilford st. bet Shippen & Monroe 
Exchange av. opp 144 S 3d to Dock 
Exchange st. S fr 232 Chestnut to Dock 
Exeter st. (Chatham) W fr 16th to 117 S 18th 
Eyre's et. W fr Beach ab Warren, K 
Ezra pl. (Quigg's ct.) N fr 303 Catharine 

F St. fr 22d to 23d bet Locust & Spruce 
Faas' pl. (Fories et.) N fr 1035 Morgan 
Fable av. (Fayette av.) fr Julianna ab Vine 
Fackler st. fr 720 Belgrade 
Factory st. E fr Sch wharf bet Spruce & Kent 
Fadden st. (Federal al.) fr Frankford av to Ar- 
Fagan av. (Filbert av.) S fr 801 Filbert 
Fiigan's ct. S fr 744 Lombard 
Fail pl. (Fisher's ct.) W fr 806 Rachel 
Fairbank pl. (Fi.=ber's ct.) fr Levant ab Spruce 
Fairchild's pl. (Fisher's ct ) fr 1120 Palmer 
Fairfax pl. (Reid's ct.) E fr 905 S 5th 
Fairfield st. (Wyoming st.) W fr 22d to 23d N of 

Fairlamb pl. (Fisher's ct.) fr Torr st. bet 9th & 

Ridge av 
Fairman pl. (Flower ct ) fr 917 Torr st 
Fairmount av. E fr 409 N 24th 
Fairview, see Buttonwood 
Fall's pl. N fr 539 Race 
Fallon St. (Flower st.) fr 818 Fitzwater 
Fame ct. N fr 13 Laurel 
Fareira's ct. N fr 1029 Barley 
Fareni st. Frankford 
Faries et. W fr 226 N Front 
Faries ct. see Faas' pl 
Farmer st. see Filbert 

Earner's pl. (Fowler ct.) W fr Philip ab Oxford 
Farr st. fr Mulberry al. to 520 Vine 
Farrell pl. (Fox's ct.) E fr 1316 Lawrence 
Farson pl. (Fraley's ct.) bet Shackamaxon & Fkd 

av, E Beach 
Faulkner st. (Fisher st.) N fr 307 Carpenter 
Faust pl. (Frankford pl.) W fr 1070 Frankford av 








9. ^ 
































Fawn av. r of 1624 Fnwn pt 

Fawn St. (Burn's st.) N fr Columbia av. bet 12tb 
& 1 3th 

F:twn St. N fr 613 Maurice 

Fayette st. fr 925 Filbert N to Arch 

Fayette av. see Fable av 

Fenron av. (Fulton av.) S fr 18lfi Naud.nin 

Federal st. fr S Front to Schuylkill bet Washing- 
ton av it Wharton 

Federal al. see Fadden 

Feinour's pi. S W fr 73fi Swanson 

Felton St. N fr 129 Mead 

Fenimore st. E f r N 17th nb Contes 

Fenton pi. (Fromberger's et.) W fr Wylie 

Ferris ct. W fr 228 N Front 

Fergu-^on's ct. S fr 1334 South 

Fernon st. (Fi.«her) W fr 8th bel Tasker 

Fesh St. N of Cumberland W fr Frankford av 

Fetter la. E fr 133 N 3.1 to Bread 

Field's pi. W fr Francis bel Ridge av 

Fife's pi. N fr 1425 Shippen 

Fifteenth st. N & S fr Market, W of Broad 

Fifth St. N A S fr Market. W of 4th 

Fifth St. N A S fr BridRe, W P 

Filbert av. S fr 804 Filbert 

Filbert st. (Farmer fith to 7ih & Zane 7th to 8th) 
fr 3fi N 6th to Sch river 

Filbert av. see Fagan nv 

Filmore av W f r 126 N 15th 

Fi'more st. N fr 1733 Pine to Coxa 

Filison St. (AVillin? st ) N fr Arch W of 22d 

Finche's ct. W fr St John bel Beaver, K 

Finley ct. E fr 1027 N 4lh 

Finnegan's ct. N fr 717 Biker 

Finney's ct. N fr 631 Lombard 

Firth St. W fr 2313 Amber 

Firth's pi. N fr 917 Hamilton 

Fishbourne pi. (Washington pi.) S fr 634 Wash- 
ington av 

Fisher av. N fr Market to Haverford rd, W P 

Fisher st. N E f r Gtn av to Old York rd. bel Maihl 

Fisher st N fr Cuniberl.ind ab Kichmond, R 

Fisher St. W fr 1610 S 6th 

Fisher's la. E fr Gtn Cemetery on Gtn av 

Fisher's ct. N fr Carpenter ab 3d 

Fisher's ct. N fr 1311 Atmore n Broad 

Fisher, see Fernon 

Fisher, see Foster 

Fisher's, see Faulkner 

Fisher's ct. see Fail pi 

Fishers ct. see F.iirbank pi 

Fisher's et. see Fairchild pi 

Fisher's ct. see Fairlamb pi 

Fisher's pi. W fr 1326 Gtn av 

Fitch St. (Fulton st.) S fr 2208 Race bel 22d 

Fitler St. N fr Montgomery. W fr 2.1, K 

Fitzgibbon's pi. W fr New Market bel Callowhill 

Fitzwater st. W fr Passyunk av bel Shippen to 
Gray's Ferry rd 

Flanagan's ct. W fr Beach ab Columbia av, K 

Flanicran'sct. S of Pearl ab 13th 

Flatrock av. N fr Columbia b'idge, W Canal, Myk 

Fleece ct. W fr Garden bel Callowhill 

Fleming st. E fr 7 N 21st 

Flickwir's pi N fr 227 Ge-man 

Fling's pi. W fr 1250 Hope to Howard bel 

Flood pi. (Frazer's ct.) W fr 912 S 6th 

Florence st. S fr 1732 Coates ab i7ih 

Florence st. (Carter st.) N fr 1029 Carpenter 

Florida st. fr 1116 Shippen to 1121 Catharine 

Florida st. S fr Lancaster av bet 45th i 46th, W P 

Flower, see Fallon 

Flower's ct. see Fairday pi 

Flower's ct. see Fairman pi 

Flower St. W fr 720 New Market 

Floyd pi. (Frazer's ct ) E fr Carpenter ab 4th 

Fowler St. fr Olive n N 17th 

Foi beset. S fr 1730 Filbert 

Ford St. (Elm) fr 1918 Pine to Lombard 

Forder av. (Mechanic av.) N fr 1215 Silver 

Fordham's ct. W fr Beach ab Warren, K 

Forrest pi. (Farley pi.) E fr 621 Guilford 

Forrest pi E fr 123^ S 4lh 

Forrest pi. see Farley pi 

Fortieth st. (Till) NA S fr Market, W of 39th 

Forty-first st. (Lo^jan) N A S f r Market, W of 40th 

Foster row, r of Sorrel n Melvale 

Foster St. (Fisher) S fr 307 Catharine to Queen 

Fothergill st. fr 918 Pine S to 921 L.)mbard 

Fourth St. N A S fr Market W of Third 

Fourth St. N A S fr Bridge, W P 

Foulkrod st Frankf.)rd 

Fowler st. E of 17th ab Coates 

Fowler ct. see Earner's pi 

Fo.x St. W fr Gaul ab Serrill, R 

Fox's ct. S fr 1224 Fitzwater 

Fox's ct. N fr 1221 South 

Fox's ct. see Farrell pi 

Fox's ct. fr Willow n Marshall 

Fraley's al. fr Allen to Richmond N A S, E K 

Fraley's et. see Farson pi 

Frampton pi. (Moore's ct.) N fr 1003 Nectarine 

Francis pi. N fr 843 Marriott 

Francis st. fr 12th to 13th bel Washington av 

Francis st. fr Ridge av to Shirley bet Coatea & 

Wilton or Wylie 
Francis ct. see Wilder 

Franconia pi. (Franklin pi.) E fr 715 N 9th 
Frankford av. see Kensington av 
Franklin st. Frankford 
Franklin pi. see Faust pi 
Frankford av. N W f r Laurel 
Frankford st (continuation of Frankford road) fr 

Bridge. Fkd 
Franklin square, fr Race to Vine 6th to Franklin 
Franklin st. N fr Rice to Oxford bet 7ih A 8th 
Franklin st. W fr 5424 Gtn av, Gtn 
Franklin st. fr N 3rd to N 4th n Gtn av, N L 
Franklin, see Tasker 
Franklin av. see Girard av 
Franklin pi. see Franconia pi 
Franklin pi. see Hudson 
Frank's ct. E fr 465 Franklin 
Frazer's ct. see Flood pi 
Frazer's ct. see Floyd pi 

Frazer's av. N of Callowhill bet 23d A 25th 
Freed's av. fr 726 Race to 729 Cherry 
Freeman's ct.W fr 210 Quince 
Freeman's ct. W fr 7th bel Coates 
Freeston's pi. E fr 1007 Moyamensirag av 
Fremont st. (Elm) W fr Salmon bel William, R 
French st. (Budd) S fr Haverford to Bridge 
Freytag's al. N. fr 513 Shippen 
Friedlander st. S fr 2014 Race 
friendship ct. E fr 627 St John 
Fries et. W fr 16 N llth 
Krog row, E fr N 2d bel Norris 
Fromberger's et. W fr 30 St John 
Fromberger's ct. see Fenton pi 
Fromer's ct. S fr 940 Rodman 
Front St. N A S f r Market W of Water 
Fulton's ct. W of Hewston ab Belgrade, K 
Fulton St. W fr 746 S 12tb to 753 S 13th 
Fulton St. N W fr Gunner's run to Somerset 
Fulton, see Fitch 
Fulton's av. see Fearon av 
Furlong's ct. N fr 707 Cherry 
Furness st. (Watson's al.) fr Branch to New ab 




G St. W fr S 22d to S 23d bel Locust 

Gabel's ct. S fr Brown bel 2d 

Gabers ct. see Gadsby pi 

Gabsby pl.(Gabeirs ct.) S fr 1714 Lombard 

Gaffney's ct. S fr 632 Fitzwater 

Gaines' ct. E fr Xew Market n Green 

Gaines' pi. (Galbraith's ct.) r 239 Queen 

Gairside's ct. S fr Haydock bel Front 

Galbraith's ct. (Gaines' pi.) N fr Qaeen n 4tli 

Galbraith's ct. see Gaines' pi 

Gale's ct. E fr 7.55 Passyunk av 

Gale's ct. N fr 331 Catharine 

Galena pi. S fr 416 Gaskill 

Gallagher pi. (Garrett's ct.) X fr St Joseph's ay 
ab 17th 

Gallatin pi. (Stiles ct.) S fr 112 China 

Galloway st. (Winter st.) N fr 307 George ab 3d 

Gampher's av. N fr 505 Catharine 

Garber pi. (Gilbert's ct ) E fr 467 New Market 

Garden st. fr 825 Vine to Battonwood 

Garden st. W fr 32d ab Bridge, Vf P 

Garden, see Rockland 

Gardy pi. (Goldsmith ct.) E fr Rachel bet Poplar 
& Brown 

Garland pi. (Goldsmith's ct.) E fr 925 Rachel 

Garretson's et. E fr 837 S 3d 

Garrett's ct. see Gallagher pi 

Garrett's ct. N fr 931 Sergeant 

Garrigan's ct. r Barnwell n South 

Garrigues' ct. X fr Race ab 9th 

Garrison ct. E fr Andress bel Wallace 

Gnrside st. (Graff al) N fr 209 Race 

Garton pi. (Graham's ct.) N fr Bedford ab 13th 

Garvin pi. r 236 Catharine 

Garwood pi. fr 801 Jayne 

Gascon av. (Gilbert's av.) fr 340 New Market 

Gaskill St. from 518 S 2d to 517 S 5th 

Gaskill pi, see Garvin pi 

Gatchell's pi. S fr 1212 Heath 

Gatzmer st. (Gray's al.) W fr 118 S Front to 123 
S 2d 

Gaul st. N fr Montgomery av E of Cedar R 

Gay's et fr 1234 N 3d 

Garvin pi. (Graham's ct.) S fr 2-34 Catharine 

Gray st. fr Charlotte N W of Franklin 

Gray's ct. E fr 1023 Charlotte 

Gray's ct. see Gwinn pi 

Gray's pi. E fr 1227 Charlotte 

Geary st. (Grape al.) fr 1723 Wylie to Ginnodo 

Gebhart ct. S fr Carleton bet Ifith & 17th 

Gebhard st. fr 1551 Cherry to Race 

Gegan st. N fr Norris E of 5th 

Geisler st. (Gold) W fr Salmon bel Clearfield, R 

Geiss St. (Grey) fr Dauphin to York E of Frank- 
ford av. 

Geneva st. (Carver) E fr 319 S 5th 

Genoese pi. (Mullin's ct.) S fr .326 Master 

George st. E fr Hamilton, W P 

George st. W fr 1046 N 2d to N 5th 

George, see Ginnodo 

George, see Guilford 

George, see Sansom 

George al. see Galleo 

George's al. see Balch st 

Gerker av. W fr 1336 Lawrence 

Gerker st. fr 1341 Hanover 

Gerker st. (Gulielma st.) E from Columbia av ab 

German st. fr 758 S 2d to 735 Passyunk ar 
Germantown av. (Germantown rd.) N W fr the 
intersection of Front & Laurel 

Germantown rd. see Germantown av. 
Gerrill st. E and W fr Broad ab Cumberland 
Getz's pi. N fr 1219 Roplar 
Gideon's ct, N fr 809 Wood ab 8th 

GifFord pi. (Green Hill pi.) N fr 1631 Ogden 

Gihon pi. (Green Hill pi.) W of Carlisle n Gi- 
rard av 

Gilbert- st. E fr 713 N 10th to 710 Kessler 
[ Gilbert's av. see Gascon av 
I Gilbert's ct. see Garber pi 
I Gilbert's ct. N fr 921 Rodman 
I Gilboast. (Union st.) from Moore to Crammond, 

I Gill's av. S fr 1210 Poplar ab 12th 
! Gill's ct. r 1312 N Front 
i Gill's pi. (Green's ct ) S fr 722 Shippen 
' Gilles al. fr 509 South to 510 Lombard 

Gillespie's ct. fr 1346 South 

Gillingham st. (Green st.) "W fr 1214 Cadwalader 

Gillingham st Frankford 

Gilmore pi. (Green st.) W fr 926 St John 

Gilmore's ct. fr 1114 Bedford 

Ginnodo st. (George st.) S fr 1S20 Eidge av to 
20th and Parrish 

Gilpin pi. (Green's et.) W fr 842 Lawrence 

Gilpin St. E f r S 17th bel Market 

Girard st. from 11th to 12th, bet Market and 

Girard av. (Franklin av. fr 6th) W fr Delaware 
bet Poplar and Thompson 

Given's pi. (Greble's ct.) fr 219 Christian 

Given's ct. N fr 2020 Filbert 

Glading pi. (Grier's ct.) W fr 704 N 13th 

Glading's ct. W fr 824 St John 

Glancy pi. (Grier's ct.) X fr 1009 Noble 

Glascow pi. (Grim's ct.) S fr 202 Poplar 

Glasmire pi. (Grim's ct.) r of 873 Orchard 

Glass ct. S fr 1420 Shippen 

Glaster pi. W fr 1070 Frankford av 

Glazier pi. (Grim's ct.) E fr 919 N 3d 

Glenat's ct. N fr 33 Poplar 

Glendale st. (Lewis al.) fr Small to Plum 

Glenville pi. W fr 828 N 15th 

Glenwood st. fr 133 Pegg ab New Market 

Gloucester st. N fr Master ab 4th, K 

Glouster pi. W fr 1074 Frankford av 

Godey st. (Grubb st.) S fr 624 Catharine 

Godfrey av. (Harrison av.) N fr 409 Jefferson 

Godfrey's st. W fr 147 Lehman 

Godwin st. (Watkin's al.) "W fr Bread to Bd ab 

Gold St. 'W from 138 S 2d to Dock 

Gold St. N of Penna av ab 24th 

Gold, see Giesler 

Goldbeek's av. E fr 1131 N 2d 

Goldsmith's ct. W fr 518 New Market 

Goldsmith's ct. see (itardy pi. 

Goldsmith's ct. see Garland pi 

Golser's ct. E fr Front bel Thompson 

Gonsha st. (Jones' al.) N fr Lisbon al 

Good St. W fr Gtn av, Gtn 

Goodbread pi. S f r ]006 Yernon ab 10th 

Goodman's et. W fr Beach bel Bishop, K 

Goodwater st. (Park) fr W Washington sq to 221 

Goodwill ct. S from Race bel Juniper to 1343 

Goodwill ct. see Goodwood pi 
' Goodwin st. N fr Ellwood la. Rising Sun 

Goodwin's al. E f r 9 S 9th 

Goodwin's ct. E fr 339 New Market 
i Goodwin pi. W fr 1454 Beach 
! Goodwood pi. (Goodwill ct.) N fr Callowhill W of 
j 20th 

i Gordon pi. S fr 1831 Naudain 
' Gordon st. W fr Belgrade S of Dauphin, E 
• Gordon's et. S fr 10f6 Rodman 
i Gorgas ct. S fr 316 Shippen 


o ?0 








" O 


P • 


I— '• 














Gorp;ns at. E from Gtn av, divides Gtn and Mt 

GorrePs ct. W fr 910 S 5th 

Goshen iiv. (Sohuylkill av.) W fr 309 S 11th 

Goss et. fr 18 Emeline 

Gossamer av. (Grier's av.) N fr 1005 Noble 

Gothic St. (Norris al.) W from 124 S Front to 129 

Goujon'.-! pi. fr 911 Marshall 

Gov'ett's ct. N fr 921 Rodmiin 

Gowiin's 1)1. E fr Gtn av. Mt Airy 

Grace st. fr N Kith to 17th bet Arch and Cherry 

Graff al. see G.irside 

Graff St. fr 254 N 11th to 12th 

Gnifton pi (Philip's ct.) E from 809 Fallon to 
Catlinrine ah 8th 

Graftonsct. E fr 829 S 5th 

Griihaiii's ct. see G:irton pi 

Graham's ct. see Garvvin pi 

Graifr's nv. N fr Shackamaxon bet Girard av and 
Frankford av 

Grarnmet pi. (Wilson's ct.) N fr 829 Carpenter 

Gramiiian pi. ((Cray's ct.) E fr 703 N 13th 

Grarite, see Grayson 

Granite st. W fr'S Front bel Walnut to Dock 

Granville st. AV fr 316 S 21st to 22d 

Grape st N E f r Main, hel Guv, Mvk 

Grape st. N of Ealdine W fr 33d, W P 

Grape, see Jayne 

Grape al. see fleary 

Grape ct. see Garwood pi 

Gravel's ct P fr 1304 Olive 

Graver's la. E fr Gin av, Chestnut Hill 

Gray st. N fr 115 Poplar ab Front 

Gray, see Geiss 

G:ay<lon st (Moore's al.) fr Cowslip ab 16th n 

Gray's Ferry rd, fr South n 22d S W to Schuyl- 
kill at Gray's Ferry Bridge 

Gray's al. see G.atzraer 

Gray's al see (Jilihons 

Gray's ct. see Bolivia pi 

Gray's ct. see G ampian pi 

GraV's la. S fr Ilaverford rd to Darbv rd, W P 

Gray st. N f r 1 1 5 Pop'ar to 127 New Market 

Grayson st. (Granite) W fr N Nth ab Coates 

Grenr's av. N fr 1005 Noble 

Greave's ct. E fr 1311 Cadwallader 

GreheTs ct. S fr Brown bel 4th 

Grebel's ct. N fr 219 Christian 

Grebel's ct. see Given pi 

Green st. from Main to Paul, bel Church, Fkd 

Geen, see Gillingham 

Green, see Gri.'-cnm 

Green, see Kansas 

Green Hill j>l. see Gifford pi 

Green Hi 1 pi. see Gihon pi. 

Green IIill st. N fr Seybert to 1616 Master 

Geeen'sct. see Gill pi 

Green's ct. see Gillmore pi 

Green's ct. ppe Gilpen's fl 

Green's ct. W fr 92fi St John 

Green's 1.1. E frYork pike 

Green la. Roxboro 

Green la. E fr Main ab Chestnut, Myk 

Green la. E fr 3167 Gerraantown av 

Green st. N fr Manbeim to Wasliinpton, Gtn 

Green st. fr 600 N. Del. av to Pohuy'll S of Coates 

Greenfvck pi. (Stewart's ct.) N fr 11 17 Mark's la 

Greenville pi. (Stewart's ct.) W fr 224 Vaughan 

GeenviMest W. fr Point house rd 

Greenway av. S fr Christian n Swanson 

Greenwich st. W fr Delaware bel Dickerson to 5th 

Greenwdld's pi, N fr 515 Fitzwater 

Greenwood pi. N fr 509 Noble 

Greenwood pi. (Washington ct.) W fr 810 Beach 

Greer st. W fr Adrian n Otis, R 

Greer's av. see Gossamer av 

Greer's ct. see Glading pi 

Grier's ct. see (Jlancv pi 

Griffith's ct. N fr St Miry 

(Jriffith's St. S fr 808 E Thompson 

Grim's av. W fr 912 N 3d 

Griin's ct. E fr 1015 Lawrence 

(trim's ct. E fr 909 N 3d 

Grim's ct. W. fr 914 St John 

Grim's ct. see Glascow pi 

Grim's ct. see Glassmire pi 

Grim's ct. see (Jlazier's pi 

Grindstone al. N fr Market W of 2d to Church al 

Grinnell pi (Harper's ct.) S of Shippen W of 

Griscom st. (Green st ) fr 416 Spruce to 417 Pine 
Griswold's al. N fr 515 Fitzwater 
Grove st. E fr 1810 Perkiomen 
Grover st. S fr Queen to 107 Christian 
Grubb, see Godey 

Grubb St. fr S Juniper to Sycamore S of Locust 
Grum'sct. S fr 1731 Filbert 
Guilford St. (George) fr S bet 2d and 3d 
Gulielma st. W fr Broad to 15th bel South 
Gulielma, see Gerker 
Guy's block, E fr 22d bel Spruce - 
Guy's ct. opp 1 Gilles al 
Guy's ct. S fr 2134 Spruce 
Gw'inn pi. (Gray's ct.) E fr 1023 Charlotte 
Gwinn st. E fr Main bet Levering and Division, 

Gwinn st. S fr 2114 Spruce 

Haas ct. see Haddock pi. 

Haas pi. E fr 707 N 2d 

Hacker pi. (Hamilton's ct.) W fr940 S 4th 

Hackett's ct S fr 438 Monroe 

Haokley St. (Wager st.) E frGtn av ab 5th 

Haddoiis' pi. (Hallowell'sct.) S fr 704 Poplar 

Haddock jil. (Haas ct.) E fr 705 N 3d 

Hagedorn pi. (Hdloweirs ct.) N fr 405 Lynd 

Haggard st. E fr Frankford av to Canal bel Hun- 

Hagner st. (Hamilton st.) fr 1137 South 

Hahn ct. N fr 1915 Cuthbert 

Haig'sct. E fr 961 N 2d, K 

Haines, see Cresson 

Haines st. W f r 144 N 6th 

Haines st. E fr5031 Germantown av, Gtn 

Haines ct. S fr 1026 Lemon st bel lllh 

Haines pi. N fr 1339 Kates 

Hainsst. Wfr 946 N 12th 

Hale St. N fr Columbia, bet 3d and 4th 

Hale's et. N fr 931 Federal 

Haliburton pi. W of Eakins pi ab Spruce 

Ha!l St. W fr 1029 S 9th 

Halleck pi. (Taylor's ct.) W fr 306 Charlotte ab 

Hallnwell st. W fr 1016 S 6th to 1017 S 7th 

Hallowell's ct. see Haddon pi 

Hallowell st. see Hagedorn pi 

Hamburg pi. (Hank's ct) fr 807 Rachel 

Hamell's ct. S fr 1708 Lombard 

Hamilton pi N fr Cnllowbill ab 25th 

Hamilton st. W fr Schuylkill bel Bridge, W P 

Hamilton st. fr Green la to Centre ab Baker, Myk 

Hamilton st. (Bacon E f r Broad bel Buttonwood, 
Pleasant fr Canton to 13th) W fr442 Canton to 
Schuylkill river ab Callowhill 

Hamilton, see Hagner 

Hamilton, see Handy 

Hamilton, see Havana pi. 

Hamilton's ct. see Hacker pi 



Hamilton's ct. see Harding pi 
Hamiltjn's pi. see Harbeson pi 
HarLiltin Terrace, S fr Baltimore turnpike ab 

Till, W P 
Humlet pi. (Hulseman's pi.) W fr 1216 N Front 
Hammiti's av. X fr Crease ab Queen, K 
Hampton st. (Sterling al.) Sfr Sbif.pen W of 16th 
Hampton st. ^V fr 420 S 20th to 21st 
Hamstead pi. (Stewart pi.) N fr Ogden ab 9th 
Hamstead pi. (Hancock's ct.) Is fr Lemon bet 

10th and llth 
Hance pi. (Harmony ct.) 'W fr Cadwallader ab 

Hancock st. X fr Girard av bet 2d and Front 
Hancock st. fr 101 Haines, Gtn 
Hancock st. see Hamstead pi 
Hand st. (Harrison) W fr 412 S 20th to 21st 
Handy st. (41st) (Hamilton st ) S fr Chestnut ab 

Hank's ct. see Hamburg pi 
Hanly"s ct. E. fr 605 Wall ab Passyunk av 
Hanover st. W of 22d 
Hanover, see Columbia av 
Hanset W fr 1818 Manor 
Hansen's ct. X f r 1003 Barley 
Harberger's pi. S fr Jones W of 17th 
Harbeson pi. (Hamilton pi.) Is fr Callowhill ab 

Harbor st. (Canal) W fr 1022 Frankford av 
Harden's ct. S fr Pearl ab 15th 
Harding pi. (Hamilton's ct.) S fr 320 German 
Hare st. (Pratt st.) AV fr 22d ab Coates 
Harker pi. (Harper's ct.) from B.irker bel 19th 
Harkinson pi. (Howard's pi.) N fr Baker bet 7th 

and 8th 
Harley's ct. S fr 2007 Jones 
Harmer, from 866 N llth to 857 N 12th 
Harmer's av. S fr Sansum E of 22d 
Harmony ct. W fr 404 S 6th 
Harmony ct. see Bohemia pi 
Harmony ct. see Hance pi 
Harmony ct. see Herm pi 
Harmony ct. see Packer pi 
Harmony pi. see Hill's pi 
Harmony pi. fr 144 S 3d to 143 S 4th 
Harmony st. W fr 770 S 4th 
Harmony st S fr 1527 Fitzwater 
Harmstead st. W fr 526 S 19th ab South to S 22d 
Harper's ct. 'W fr 508 S 18th 
Harper's ct S fr 2006 Lombard 
Harper' ct. see Grinnell pi 
Harper's ct Harker pi 
Harper's pi. see Hirst pi 
Harper's pi. fr 623 Guilford 
Harriet st. Sfr Ross ab Richmond, K 
Harriett pi. s fr 2002 Wood 
Harrigue's ct. AV fr Rachel ab Brown 
Harris ct. AV fr 10 Letitia 
Harrison av. N fr Jeffeson ab 4th 
Harrison st. bet Gay aud Oak, Myk 
Harrison st. AV fr Frankford av to Gtn av 
Harrison, see Hand 
Harrison, see Illinois 
Harrison av. see Eisen av 
Harrison av. see Godfrey av 
Harrison av. see Hassinger av 
Harrison av. see Holt av 
Harrison ct. see Rockhill pi I 

Harrison pi. see Hobensack pi 
Harrison pi. see Holland pi 

Harrison's ct. N fr 1017 Pleasant, Gtn ! 

Hart la. S fr Nicetown la. bet Frankford and Gi- ; 

rard av 
Hartley's ct. S fr 13.38 Cherry j 

Hartman's ct. AV fr Gray' Ferry rd bel South I 

I Hart's la. W fr Frankford av ab Reading RR 
Hirtwell av. AV fr Gtn av, Chestnut Hill 

I Harvey st. W fr 5044 Gerraantown av, Gtn 

, Harvey's pi. E fr 1021 St John 

; Harvey's ct. W f r 21st bel Pine 

\ Ha.-kin pi. fr 220 Federal to Marion bel Moya- 
mensing av 
Has.^ara's ct. N fr Cuthbert bet 19th and 20th 
Hassinger av. (Harrison av.) W fr 118 N Juniper 
Button pi. (Raspberry la.) N fr 813 Cherry to 

i 840 Race 
Havana pi. (Hamilton ct.) r Wirt ab Sp Garden 

, Haven's av. N fr 2213 Summer 

} Haverford st. W fr Bridge to Ins. Hospital, W P 

I Haviland pi. (Lawrence ct.) AV fr 248 N 8th 

; Havre pi. (Howard pi.) S fr Maurice bet S 8th 

; and 9th 
Hawthorn av. N fr Barker ab 17th 

i Haydoek st. E fr 1017 Germantown av to Laurel 

! Hay St. bet 1326 S fith and 7tb bel AVharton 

' Hay's ct. N fr 321 X 2J ab AVood 
H.iy'sct. bet Vine and Callowhill r .325 St Juhn 
Hay's ct. see Haywood pi 
Hay's ct. see Hoover pi 
Hay's ct. see Hull pi 
Hayward pi. (AVilliam's ct, X' fr 919 Hamilton 

; Haywood pi. (Ilav's ct.) S fr 914 Hamilton 

i Hazel st AV fr 1726 S Front 

I Hazel, see Denmark pi 

I Hazel ct. X tr Xectarine ab 10th 

j Hazzard st. AV fr C irro'l to Front ab Sergeant 

\ Hazzard ct. X fr 1917 Cuthbert 

; Headman's pi. S fr Shoemaker bel 8th 

'■ Heath St. (Carroll) AV fr 932 X 12th 

, Heaton st X fr9i9 Brown to 914 Parish 

! Heberton pi (Henry's ct.) AV fr Gtn av ab 3d 

I Heberton ct. S fr 1618 Lombard 
Hebrew pi. (Heritage pi.) E fr 217 X 3d 
Heck pi, (Right's ct) 961 X 2d 
Heckman pi. (Ilight's ct.) fr 815 AVillow 
Heakroth pi. (Hill's ct.) W fr 60S Weaver 
Hedge's pi. (Hincklesct.) s fr 924 Hamilton 
Hedge st, Fkd 

Heft pi. (Hinkle's ct.) fr Race ab 3d 
Heib pi. (Hughes ct.) fr Carpenter ab 6th 
Heilig pi. (Hogs's ct.) fr 515 Carpenter 
Hein St. AV fr .3.38 3 12th to 13th 
Heir St. Sfr 520 AVildey 

Heisler'spl. (H'llloway pi.) AV frX Front n Laurel 
Heiss pi. AA' fr 423 Moyer 
Heiss St. AV fr Brown ab Columbia av 
Helena av. (Young's av.) X' fr 221 Christian 
flelmuth St. AV fr 412 S Ifith to 416 S 17th 
Hellerman pi. (Hood's ct.) E fr Garden ab Wood 
Hemlock pi. bet 15th and Broad and South and 

Hemphill st. (Wilson's ct.) X fr 829 Carpenter 
Hemple's ct. fr Hamilton ab 10th 
Henderson's ct. fr 1041 South to 1032 Rodman 
Henk's et. W fr 822 Rachel bel Poplar 
Henly ct. X fr 731 Carpenter 
Henlopen st. fr 924 Melon to 931 Wallace 
Henrietta av (Scott's ct.) S fr Hauter ab 10th 
Henrietta st. AA'' fr 21st n Master 

Henry st. X f r 1111 Lombard 
Henry's ct. see Heberton pi 

Hepburn pi. (Horstmann's ct.) W fr 746 Passy- 
unk av 

Hepburn st. S fr 1618 Shippen to Fitzwater 

Hepburn pi. (Horstman's ct.) S fr 320 German 

Herald pi. (Lusrange ct.) W fr 201 Ledger pi 

Herb st. AV fr S 8th bel AVharton 

Herb St. AV fr 19th to 20th bel Sp Garden 

Herbert pi. (Pleasant ct.) X fr 1221 Silver 

Herbert's ct. S fr 618 South 




g en 

p a 

O (» 











o o 
o ^ 

s <^ 







Herdman ct. W fr 15th bel Parrish 

llerdinan St. E fr Perkioinen bet 17th and Brown 

Herman's ct. fr 318 Gri?eotn 

Herman st. E fr6109 Germantown av, Qtn 

Hermitage st. E fr Cresson ab Dewee's Bridge, 

Hermitage st. fr 307 Green to 310 Coates 
Hermitage pi. see Hebrew pi 
Hermitt's lane S fr Ridge av n RR, Wissahickon 
Hero pi. (Howard pi.) N fr 423 Carpenter 
Heron pi. (Harmony ct.) fr Shippen to Small ab 

Her.'^chell av. (NicboPs av.) N fr Hand 
Heston st. E fr Lancaster av and Belmont 
Hewitt pi. (Howard pi.) W fr 333 Quince S of 

Hewfon st. W from Salmon along R RR 
Hewstfin st. W fr 715 Thompson 
Hewston st. E fr Girard av to Richmond bel Otis 
Hewston's ct. E fr Duponceau ab Locust 
Heyer pi. (Howard's ct.) W fr Levant bel Pear 
Hevman pi. (Howard's ct.) N fr Hamilton below 

Hibberd st. N fr 1125 Girard av 
Hickev st. (Howard .«t.) S fr 1522 Market 
Hickory ct. S fr 604 Willow 
Hickory ct. N fr Willow ab 8th 
Hide's ct. N fr 825 Filbert 
Hiel pi. N fr Carpenter W of 6th 
Higgins ct. N fr 139 Carpenter 
Higgins pi. N and S fr 118 Carpenter 
Higgins pi. S fr 212 Carpenter 
Hi^'h St. Efr5059 Germantown av, Gtn 
Hi^'ham ct. W fr Cadwalader, bet Thompson and 

Highland pi. (Hunter ct.) N fr 1023 Hunter 
High's et. see Heck pi 
Hi)iht's av. N fr 2509 Callowhill 
Hight's ct see Heckman pi 
Higbt's ct. N fr 1119 Hamilton 
Hight's ct. N fr 923 Hamilton 
Hiland pi. (Keyser's ct.) W fr Cadwalader below 

Hildeburn pi. (Hudson's la.) W fr Passyunk av 

n Christian 
Hill St. E fr 15th bel Fitzwater 
Hillerman pi. E fr 317 Garden 
Hilles' pi. (Harmony pi.) E fr 1204 Beach 
Hillard's et. fr Ogden n 9th 
Hill's ct S fr 1824 Naudain 
Hill's ct. see Heckroth pi 
Hillsdale st. (Sterling's al.) N fr 309 Cherry to 

320 Race 

Himmelwright pi. (Elizabeth's ct.) W fr 908 S 

Hinckle'.s ct. see Hedge's pi 
Hines' ct. fr 222 Christian 
Hines' ct. W fr 1328 Cadwalader 
Hinkle's ct. see Heft pi 
Hinkle's ct. S fr 924 Hamilton 
Hippie la. E fr Co. Bridge (Myk) to R av, Box 
Hirst pi. (Harper's pi.) E fr 623 Guilford 
Hobensack pi. (Harrison pi.) N fr 145 Coates 
Hock pi. (Howard pi.) S fr 1400 Brown 
Hoffman's al. S fr 504 Race 
Hoffman's ct. E fr 211 N 2d 
Hogg's ct. see Heilig pi 

Holland pi. (Harrison's pi.) N fr 1023 Parrish 
Holland pi. (Washington ct.) N fr 5th to Orchard 
ab Brown 

HoUoway pi. see Heisler pi 

Holloway's ct. S fr 706 Poplar 

Hully St. S of Fitzwater ab 15th 

Holly St. N fr Lancaster pike E fr River, W P 

Holman st. (Parker's st.) N fr Otis to Cumber- 
land bel Fkd av 

Holmes al. E fr 311 N 2d to New Market 

Holt av. (Harrison av.) fr 620 New Market 

Home pi. S fr 228 German 

Home pi. E fr Dillwyn bel Buttonwood 

Hood's ct. N fr Carlton ab 16th 

Hood's ct. see Hellerman pi 

Hoover pi. (Hay's ct.) E fr .3d ab Coates 

Hoover's ct. W fr Moya av n Washington av 

Hoover's ct. E fr 860 N 4th 

Hope St. N and S fr 118 Girard av 

Ho]jkins ct. N E fr Sophia bet Otter and Rose 

Hopkinson pi. (Washington pi.) W fr 124 N Ju- 

Hoppel's ct. W fr Brooks bet Coates aed Brown 

Horn's ct. r 913 St John 

Horn's ct. E fr 825 Charlotte 

Horner av. (Kelley's av.) E fr 247 N 13th 

Horst ct. W fr Cadwalader ab Columbia 

Horstin's pi. E fr St John 

Horstmann st. S fr 416 Borden 

Horstmann's ct. see Hefburn pi 

Horstmann's row, E fr 777 S 3d 

Hoskin pi. (Hughes ct.) S fr 220 Federal 

Huubens pi. E frll45 N 3d 

Housekeeper's ct. W fr Beach ab Warren 

Houston St. W fr 717 Thoiup.=on 

Housten row, E f r N 6th ab Montgomery 

Howard av. S f r r 866 N 4ih 

Howard st. N fr Germantown av, Nicetown 

Howard st. bet Coates and Brown ab 23d 

Howard pi. W fr 1328 Passyunk av 

Howard st. N and S fr 130 Girard av 

Howard, see Hickey 

Howard pi. see Havre pi 

Howard pi. see Hero pi 

Howard pi. see Hewitt pi 

Howard pi. see Hock pi 

Howard's pi. see Harkinson pi 

Howard's ct. sea Heytnan pi 

Howard's ct. see Heyer pi 

Howard's ct. see Huey pi 

Howell St. fr 320 S 19th to 20th 

Howell's ct. see Hydra pi 

Hubert pi. E fr 875 N 6th 

Hubbell St. S fr 810 Fitzwater to 810 Catharine 

Hubbs St. 16th to 17lh n Thompson 

Huckel'sct. r 121 South 

Hudson St. (Franklin place and Hudson alley) S 
fr 316 Market to Harmony pi 

Hudson al. see Hudson 

Hudson's In. see Hildeburn 

Huey pi. (Howard's ct.) S fr 734 Race 

Hughes' ct. see Reib pi 

Hughes' ct. see Hoskin pi 

Hull pi. (Hay's ct.) W fr 970 N Del av 

Hull St. N W fr Trenton av ab Ann 

Hulseman ct. S fr Fitzwater bel 13th 

Hulseman's pi. W fr 1216 N Front 

Hulseman's pi. see Hamlet pi 

Humes av. (Southarland av.) S fr South st along 
Schuylkill river 

Hummell's row, St John bel Germantown av 

Hummell's row, N Iflth bel Buttonwood 

Hummell's ct. E fr 943 N 3d 

Humphrey's ct. N fr 1505 Filbert ab 15th 

Hunter st. E fr 17 N 11th bet Market and Filbert 

Hunter st. fr Broad to Fairmount bet Morris and 
St Andrew 

Hunter's ct. N fr 1519 'Vine 

Hunter's ct see Highland pi 

Hunter's row, W fr 300 S 11th 

Huntingdon st. W fr Richmond st. ab Cumber- 



Hurbert pi. (York pi.) E fr 5th bel Poplar 

Huron st. N fr Scioto \V fr Lancaster nv 

Huron av. (Smith's av.) W fr 1408 Philip 

Huron pi. r 1408 Philip 

Hurst St. S fr 518 Lombard 

Hutchinson st. N fr 921 Poplar 

Huchinson et. see Hyatt pi 

Hutton St. N of River E fr Lancaster pike 

Hyatt's pi. (Hutchinson ct.) W fr Fkd av bel Otter 

Hyde's ct. N fr 825 Filbert 

Hydra pi. (Howell's ct.) N fr 407 Noble 

Illinois st. (Harrison st ) S fr Locnst E of 18th 

Industry ct. N fr Commerce bel 8th 

IngersolTs av. (Jackson's av.) fr Front to Fkd av 

bel Master 
Ingle St. E fr Haines, Gtn 
Inglis St. (Taylor's av.) W fr 112 S Front to 115 

S 2d 
Innesst. W fr 112 Allen 
Inquirer st. (Jackson st.) fr 1119 Brown to 1112 

Iowa av. (School av.) S fr 208 Union 
Iranistan pi. (Moore's ct.) N fr Giruian ab 4th 
Ireland st. N fr Columbia av ab Belgrade 
Ireland's ct. E fr 722 Brooks st 
Irish Tract la. S fr South ab Broad to Buck la 
Iron pi (Jackson ct.) S f r 88 Laurel n N Front 
Irp St. fr 8th to 9th bet 'Wharton and Reed 
Irvine st. fr 525 N 13th to Ridge av ab Spring 

Irving st (Church) "W fr Darby rd bel Locust 
Irwin st. Ktith to Ridge av ab Spring Garden 
I-abella st. "W fr Emeline bel Somerset 
Isabella st. "W fr Charles ab Federal 
Isard St. (Jackson st.) fr Marriott to Carpenter 'W 

of 3d 
Iseminger st. (Jackson st.) S fr 1222 Budd 
Ivory pi. (Jackson ct.) N from Baker 
Ivy St. \Y fr 518 S 10th to 608 S 11th 

Jackson st. E fr Main bel Green la, Myk 
Jackson st. N fr 'Washington ab Cresson, Myk 
Jackson st. N fr Memphis S fr Lehigh av 
Jackson st. S fr AVashington av bel 11th 
Jackson st. fr 1013 Maurice 
Jackson, see Inquirer 
Jackson, see Ireland 
Jackson, see Isard 
Jackson, see Iseminger 
Jackson, see Kerr 
Jackson av. see Ingersoll av 
Jackson ct. see Iron pi 
Jackson ct. see Ivory pi 
Jackson ct. see Java pi 
Jackson's ct. see Jersey pi 
Jackson pi. see Janitor pi 
Jacob pi. E of 861 Randolph ab Parrish 
Jacoby st. S fr 1218 Monterey 
Jacoby av. S fr Oxford bel 2d 
James, see Jamison 
James, see Noble 
James, see Ristine 
James' ct. see Jolly pi 
James' ct. see Junior pi 
James' ct. see Nichol pi 
James' ct. 'W fr 1108 N Front 
James st. N & S fr Bridge, Whitehall 
James st. E fr Ridge av n Falls 
Jamison st. (James st.) W fr 1210 S 7th bel Fed- 
Jamison's ct. N fr 2309 Hamilton 
Jane st. E fr Passyunk av bel Catharine 
Jane's pi. see Jeffrey pi 
Janitor pi. (Jackson pi.) N fr Jackson st. bel 5th 

Janney's ct. fr Mnrshall bel Coates, Spg Garden 

Jarry st. S fr Alleghany av bel Trenton RR 

Jarvis st. AV fr Delaware bel Reed 

Jisper St. N fr Front W of Emerald, K 

Java pi. (Jackson's ct.) S fr 914 Vine 

Jay St. fr 8(15 Wallace to 808 Coates 

Jayne st. (Carpenter fr fith. Lodge fr 7th. Grape 
I fr 8th) AV fr 28 & 30 S fith to 19 S 9th ' 
- Jefferson sq. fr S 3d to S 4th and fr AA'ashington 
I av to Federal 

Jefferson st. fr AV side of Broad ab AValnut to 133 
I S 15th 

! Jeffer.s^on st. AV fr C:-esson ab Armitage, Myk 
I Jefferson st. AV fr Fkd av bet Oxford and Master 
I Jefferson st. fr4559 Germantown av, Gtn 

Jefferson, see Litimer pi 
I Jefferson a v. see Moyameosing av 
j Jefferson pi. see Jessup pi 

Jeffrey pi. (James pi.) AV fr 1110 N Front 
j Jenkin's pi. (John's ct.) E fr 23 N 2d ab Market 
! Jennings row. N fr 305 Catharine 

Jennings ct. S f r 120 .Alarion 
• Jenny st. fr Ann bel Trenton av 
i Jersey pi. (Jackson ct.) E fr Philip to Colum- 
I bia av 

I Jerusalem pi. (Smith's ct.) S fr Pearl ab 12th 
\ Jessamine st. E fr 917 S 15th 
! Jessop St. from 1112 Fitzwater to Catharine 
i Jessup pi. (Jefferson pi.) AV fr 984 N Front 

Jester's ct. E of St John ab Noble 
I Jew St. fr Shoemaker's la, Gtn 

John, see Carpenter 

John's ct. see Jenkins pi 

John's et. S fr 10 AVillow 

John's pi. E fr 1217 AVheat 

John's St. N fr Spring Garden ab 25th 

John st. bet Church & Oxford, Fkd 

John's et. see Jordan pi 

Johnson st. E A. W fr 5257 Germantown av, Gtn 

Johnson st. AV fr S 20th to S 21st n Chestnut 

Johnson's ct. see Joy pi 

Johnson's ct. see Juan pi 

Johnson's ct. see Judah pi 

Johnson's ct. see Judd pi 

Johnson's la. see Borden 

Joint al. E fr 15th ab Chestnut 

Jolly pi. (James ct.) N fr Bedford AV of 12th 

Jones' al. see Church 

Jones' al. see Edisto 

Jones' al. see Gonsha 

Jones' al. see Julia 

Jones' ct. AV fr 408 N 24th 

Jones' ct. AV fr 12 N 9th 

Jones' ct. see Judge pi 

Jones' ct. see Julius pi 

Jones' la. S AV from Point House rd 

Jones' St. AV fr 15th to 21st bet Market & Filbert 

Jordan av. N fr 307 Noble 

Jordon's pi. (John's ct.) E fr Hamilton to Cal- 
lowhill ab 24th 

Joseph St. Fitzwater to Catharine ab llth 

Joseph's al. see Desoto 

Josephine st. N fr Church n Tackawanna 

Joses ct. S fr Federal bet 2d & 3d 

Joy's pi (Johnson's ct.) E fr Parker's al 

Joyce St. N fr 421 Moore 

Juan's pi. (Johnson's ct.) E fr 527 S 13th 

Judah 's pi. (Johnson's ct.) AV fr N Delaware av 
n Laurel 

Judd's pi. (Johnson's et.) E fr 749 Passyunk av 

Judge pi. (Jones ct.) AV fr Front bel Master 

Judson St. S fr 2314 Brown • 

Julia St. (Jones' al.) S fr 153 Coates 

Julianna st. N f r 5.9 A^ine 

Julius pi. (Jones' ct.) E fr 1005 S 2d 






pi Ps 









^ o 

^ 00 





Jnniata st. fr 423 Reed to Borden 

Junior pi. (James ct.) W fr 1234 N Front to Hope 

Juniper al. see Medical 

Juniper la. see Juveniil 

Juniper st. N A S f r Market W of 13th 

Juvenal st. (Juniper la.) 1028 Sansom to 1031 

Justice ct. E fr 493 St John 
Justice ct. r 514 N 2d 

Kane's ct. N fr 929 Rodman 

Kane's ct. X fr Darcy ab SpaflFord 

Kane's pi. N fr 131 Carpenter 

Kan.oas st. (Green st.) W fr Rose bet Mt "Vernon 

<k Hare 
Karnev's ct. W fr Nixon 
Kates St. W fr 810 S 13th 
Kauffman ct. r 211 N 2d 
Kauffman st. (Turner st.) E fr 811 S 4th 
Kayser av. W fr 310 New Market 
Kayser's av. see Champlain av 
K.iyser's ct. see Corwin pi 
Kean's ct. E fr New Market ab Vine 
Keating pi. (Miller's ol.) W fr 2d ab Noble 
Keble st. W fr 400 S 8th to 409 S 9th 
Keefe st. W fr 1 124 S Front bel Marion 
Keeler's la. W fr Otsego bel Canal 
Keeley's st. ab Baker fr Green la. to Centre, Myk 
Keenan's ct. E fr Germantown av bel JefiFereon, K 
Keen's av. fr Bedford to Shackamaxon 
Keichline pi. N fr 1133 Olive bel I2th 
Kelly St. W fr S 13th bel Juniper 
Kelley's ct. N fr 1619 Hamilton 
Kelley's av. see Horner's av 
Kelley's ct. see Benson pi 
Kelley's ct. see Bragg pi 

Kelly's ct. see Bellona pi .^ 

Kelly's ct. see Balsam pi 
Kelly's ct. see Balston pi 
Kelly's pi. E fr 38 S 10th 

Kelton St. (Kingst.) fr Race to Cherrv'W of Broad 
Kemble st. (Mifflin st.) W fr 400 S i2th 
Kempton st. (Miller's al.) E fr 253 S 6th 
Kennebec ct. Naudain ab 20th 
Kendall st. (Morris st.) fr Frankford av ab Alston 
Kenilworth pi. E fr 1023 S 5th 
Kennedy st. E fr Emerald bel Westmoreland 
Kennedy's ct. W fr 928 N Front 
Kenney's pi. S fr 236 Monroe 
Kensington av. (Frankford av.) N fr Thompson 

bel Girard av 
Kensington ct. see Belgrade pi 
Kensington st. see Kingston pi 
Kent St. (Clay st.) fr Pine n .Schuylkill river 
Kenwood pi. (Stein metz et.)fr Hamilton abN 10th 
Kenworthy's ct. N fr 727 Cherry 
Kenyon st. (Pemberton's al.) S fr 240 "Vine to 235 

Kenton pi. (Pemherton ct.) fr Lodge ab 2d 
Keptner st. N of Brown bet Onas & Ash 
Keron pi. (Miller's ct.) r St John ab Callowhill 
Kern's ct. r Poplar bel Marshall 
Kerr st. N fr 2218 Lombard to 2219 Pine 
Kerr st. (Jackson st.) fr 867 N 5th 
Kershaw av. S fr Lancaster av. Hestonville 
Kershow st. Race to Cherry bet Broad & 15th 
Kessler's pi. N fr 343 Coates 
Kessler st N fr 905 Coates 
Kessler's ct. see Curran pi 
Keturah pi. (Taylor's pi.) E fr 1015 St John 
Kevser's ct. see Hiland pi 
Key.^ers ct. W fr 981 N 6th 
Keyser st. N fr 1009 Columbia av 
Keyser's st. W fr Lawrence bel Master 
Kibbin pi. (Miller's ct.) N fr 145 Green 

Kiehl St. (Randolph st.) E fr Waterloo ab Clear, 

Kressler st. N fr Norris bel Germantown aT 

Kildare pi. (Ralston ct.) N fr 2221 Hamilton 

Kilpatrick's ct. N fr 609 Lombard 

King, see Kneass 

King, see Cross 

King, see Kelton 

King ct. see Carthage pi 

King St. fr 9th to Germantown av ab Franklin 

Kings ct. N frl53l Kates 

Kinley's ct. S fr 1624 Lombard 

Kingsley's pi. (Millers ct.) r of Kerapton E fr 
26;i S 6th 

Kinslev pi. bel Walnut bet 5th and 6th 

Kingston pi. (Clark) W fr 202 S 13th 

Kirby pi. (Miller's ct.) E fr 417 Garden 

Kirkbride, Bridesburg 

Kirkham pi. (Miller's ct.) S fr 720 Race 

Kirkpatrick's ct. E fr 7J9 S 6th 

Kivelv pi. (Miller's ct.) E f r N 4th ab Branch 
j Kleffenberg pi. N fr 835 Cherry 
; Kline ct. see Lock pi 
I Kline's ct. W fr 920 N 3d 
. Kline's row, E fr 1307 Lawrence ab Thompson 

Kne-as st. E fr 15th to Wetherill bel Pine 
I Kneass' ct. S fr Sansom bet Kith and 11th 
, Knickerbocker pi. S fr 1452 Cherry 
I Knight's ct. S fr 830 Cherry 
I Knight's ct. S fr 912 Cherry 
I Knowles av. S of Naudain bel Beach, Sch 

Knox St. (Centre) N fr Brown ab 9th 

KorndafiFer's ct. N fr Marriott ab Moyamensing av 

Kremkaus's ct. E fr 1309 N 5th 

Kressler st. S fr Diamond bel Germantown av 

Krider's al. W fr 738 Swanson to 737 S Front 

Krider ct. see Lacon pi 

Krider's ct. fr 723 Bedford 

Kromer's ct. r 728 Mintzer 

Kugler's ct. opens at Race ab 2d 

Kunckle's ct. fr 309 Green 

Kurtz ct. W fr Beach st. ab Green 

Kurtz St. N fr 1115 Poplar to Girard av 

Laboratory row, E fr Ridge av n Falls 
Lackawanna st. (Clinton) Girard av to Master, 

see Mascher 
Lacon pi. (Krider's ct.) N fr Krider's al bet Al- 
mond & Mead 
Lafayette st. W fr 1156 S 9th ab Federal 
Lafayette ct. see Lansing pi 
Lafayette pi. see Lyckland pi 
Lafferty's ct. S fr 524 Christian 
Lagrange st. W fr 50 N 2d to N 3d 
Lagrange ct. see Herald pi 
Lagrange pi. see Ledger pi 
La Harpe pi. (Steinmetz'sct.) N fr 406 Rngan to 

Lake st. E & W f r 15th ab Girard av 
Lambert st. fr 224 N 13lh to N Juniper 
Lanark pi. (Lowry's st.) W fr 940 Beach 
Lancaster av. (Turnpike) N W f r Market, W P 
Lancaster st. from Market to Oak. W P 
Lancaster st. S f r 112 Marion ab Front 
Lancaster, see Norris 
Lancaster ct. see Bunyan pi 
Lancer's ct. W fr 1320 Passyunk av 
Landall ct. W fr Fraley's ct to Queen 
Landing st. N fr Railroad to Turner's la, Morris 

Landing st. N W f r Coates to Lemon Hill 
Landreth st. (Margaretta st.) W fr 146 N 12th to 

N 13th 
Landis st. (Marshall ct.) W fr 268 S 4th to 5th 
! Lane's ct. S fr 1318 Lombard 



Langdon pi. (Margaretta pi.) N fr Manilla bel 

Langdon pi. (Parke's pi.) W fr 1.308 Corn 
Lansing pi. (Lafayette ct.) N fr 417 South 
Lara pi. (Prichett ct.) E fr Duponceau b Walnut 
Larch st. N fr 1007 Wallace to 1008 Melon 
Larch, see Melvale 
Larch, see Suffolk 
Lardner st. (Westmoreland st.) Broad to 15th ab 

L.arkin st. (Little Water) S fr Lombard to 11 

South st 
Latche's av. W fr Wood, bet Gay & Levering, Myk 
Lathbury's ct. S fr Bedford bet 5th & 6th 
Latimer pi. (Jefferson st.) W fr I7th to Illinois 
Latimer st. W fr 254 S 16th to 17th 
Latimer ct. N fr 223 (jrerman 
Latimer st. fr 1122 Ash to 1127 Otis 
Latour's ct. S fr 818 Willow 
Laudamer st. N fr 1127 Otis, Kensington 
Laurel st. (Maiden E fr Front) fr Delaware to 

937 N 2d 
Laurel, see Levant 
Laurel, see Tivoli pi 
Laurel st. E fr 4831 Germantown ar 
Lavinia st. S fr Gaskill bel 3d 
Lawers ct. S fr 218 Christian 
Lawrence, see Silver 
Lawrence ct. see Haviland pi 
Lawrence ct. see Summerville pi 
Lawrence ct. see Tildon pi 
Lawrence pi. see Tecumseh pi 
Lawrence st. (Apple) N fr 419 Brown to Colum- 
bia av 
Lawson st. bet Sansom & Walnut fr 12th 
Lawsonst. (Little Willow) S fr 1124 Wood bell2th 
Laydon's ct. N fr Spruce ab 21st 
Layman pi. (Lodge pi.) N fr Jayne ab 7th 
Layton pi. (Robinson st.) W fr N Del av n Laurel 
Leadbeater's av. fr Lybrand to Juniper ab Race 
Lebanon st. fr 916 Pitzwater to 921 Christian 
Lebanon, see Diamond 
Lebanon row, Shippen fr 10th to 11th 
Ledger pi. (Legrange pi.) W fr 34 N 2d 
Leeds pi. S fr 1222 Olive 
Lee's pi. S fr 1006 Bedford 
Lee's St. W fr 28 S 18th 
Lee's ct. see Selma pi 
Lee's ct. see Selvisa pi 
Lead's av. S of Vine bet Broad & 15th 
Lehigh av. W fr Delaware S of Somerset, R 
Lehman st. W of Plank rd ab Green, Gtn 
Liberty st. bet Robinson and Mechanic ab Cres- 

son, Myk 
Leib pi. (McGinnet's ct.) E fr Annapolis bel 3d 
Leibert st. S fr Mechanic n Robinson, Myk 
Leighton pi. ^McGinley st.) W fr Swanson bel 

Washington av 
Leinau pi. (McMullin's ct.) fr Harriet bel Ross 
Leiper al. S fr 514 Marriott 
Leiper al. see Sonora 
Leiper st. E fr 19 S 13th 
Leiper st. Frankford 
Leiper ct. see Seipio pi 
Leiper's row, W Ir 1336 N 2d ab Thompson 
Leisenring st. W fr 17th to Grayson 
Leithgow st. (Mechanic) N from 417 Poplar to 

Lemon ct. 1312 Prankford av 
Lemon, see Mackinaw 
Lemon st. W fr 626 N 10th 
Lemon, see Memphis 
Lemon, see Vasey 
Lemon pi. see Sabula pi 
Lemon's ct. see Luzerne pi 

Lenox pi. (Steinmetz's ct.) E f r N 4th ab Vine 

Lentz St. W fr 11th bet Federal and AVharton 

Leon st. S fr 1034 Washington av 

Leonard st. W fr 1312 S 8th bel Wharton 

Leopard st. fr 17 Richmond 

Lerig's ct. S fr 1210 Shippen 

Lesher's st. N fr Orthodox n Paul 

Lessiner st. N of Girard av from Asb to Norris 

Letitia st. S fr 116 Market to 113 Chestnut 

Letitia ct. fr 23d to Sch. Beach bet Chestnut and 

Letterly st. fr Adrian bet Bodine & Cumberland 
Levan pi. (Lodge ct.) W fr 912 S 9th 
Levant st. (Laurel st.) N fr 225 Spruce 
Levering st. fr Green la ab Baker, Myk 
Levering st. E fr Main ab Grape, Myk 
Levering st. (Mechanic st.) N fr 2319 Linn 
Levey's ct. fr Trout bel 4th 
Levina st. (Smith's al.) E fr 525 S 3d 
Levis St. S fr 220 Moore 
Lewellen's av. W fr 918 Beach 
Lewis st. fr Market, W P 
Lewis st. N E fr Gunners' Run to Venango 
Lewis, see Moravian 
Lewis, see Mountain 
Lewis, see Newkirk 
Lewis, see Pennington 
Lewis, see Warnock 
Lewis' al. see Glendale 
Lewis' pi. see Palmetto pi 
Lewis' ct. see Pilgrim pi 
Lewis' ct. see Pomeroy pi 
Lex St. W fr 846 N 16th 

Lexington st. S fr Lancaster av to Haverford, W P 
Leyden's ct. E fr 213 N 10th 
Leyden's ct. see Opelike pi 
Liberty al. see Ocean 
Liberty av, see Upshur av 
Liberty av. see Vermont pi 
Liberty ct. see Urbanna pi 
Liberty ct. E fr 246 N 10th 
Liberty st. fr 120 S 4th to 125 S 5th 
Lily al. see Vincent 

Lily Ann st fr Shippen to 1023 Christian 
Lima pi. (Steele's ct.) N fr 643 South 
Lincoln st. N ab Montgomery av bel 9th 
Lincoln av. (Benton's av.) fr 724 Fallon 
Linden st. W fr 4700 Gtn av, Gtn 
Linden st. N fr 921 Spring Garden to 914 Green 
Linden st. E fr Lancaster av, W P 
Linden st. W fr Gtn av bel Mill, Gtn 
Linden pi. S fr 1806 Bedford 
Linden, see Elkhart 
Linden, see Melloy 
Linden, see Richmond 
Linden av. see Eeckel av 
Linden ct. see Rupert pi 
Linden pi. see Winder pi 
Linden pi. see Winooska pi 
Linden pi. see Wirt pi 
Lindsay av. see Prairie av 
Lindsay's av. S fr 1118 South 
Lindsey st. S fr 1608 Shippen 
Lind St. fr 418 N 22d to 24th 
Lingo st. S fr Carpenter E of 18th 
Linton st. W fr 110 S 20ih ab Sansom 
Linville st. (Chatham) fr Penna av. N to Spring 

Garden st 
Linwood pi. (Logan pi.) r 8 N 9th 
Lisbon st. (St Mary's al.) E fr 519 S 6th 
Lisle st. fr 811 Fitzwater to Shippen 
Lister pi. S fr 334 Shippen 
Litchfield pi. (Vernon pi.) S f r 124 Shippen 
Litford pi. (Mechanic ct.) S fr 66 Laurel 
Little Ann st. N fr 2431 Biddle 




I— • 








CD ^ 









• r-l 




















Little Ann pi. S fr 1338 Carpenter 

Little Belt pi. (Swede's ct.) E fr 2d bel Christian 

Little Bi'own, W fr Norris ab Girard av 

Little Christian, fr 10th to 11th bel Christian 

Little Chestnut st. W of Murray, ab Spg Garden 

Little Crown, see China 

Little Dock, see Mattis 

Little Gable, see May pi 

Little German, see Merrit 

Little Green, see Merino 

Little Lane, N fr 1335 Catharine 

Little Lloyd st. N fr 1411 Shippen 

Little Milling, N fr Arch W 22d 

Little Oak, see Metcalf 

Little Perry, see Manakin 

Little Pine, see Minster 

Little Pine, fr Lane, av to Warren, W P 

Little Poplar, see Meetler 

Little Poplar, see Moseley 

Little Summer st. W fr 2'2d bel Vine 

Little Washington, see Maurice 

Little Washington, see Morrow 

Little Washington, see Moss 

Little Water, see Larkin 

Little AVayne st. S E f r Lehman, Gtn 

Little Willow, see Lawson 

Littleboy's et. S fr Arch n 2d 

Livingston st. N fr Maple to Alleghany av, R 

Lloyd St. N fr 414 Serrill 

Lloyd St. fr Shippen ab Broad 

Lock st bel Main bet Cedar & Penn, Mj'k 

Locke pi. (Kline ct.) S fr 312 Christian 

Locke pi. E fr Leopard ab Otter 

Lockland pi. (Lafayette pi.) N fr 1307 Coates 

Lockridge's ct. fr 107 Benton ab School 

Lock pi. (Kline's ct.) fr Christian ab 2d 

Locust St. fr 6th & Washington sq to Schuylkill 

Lodge, see Jayne 
Lodge ct. see Levan pi 
Lodge pi see Layman pi ^ 

Lodge St. W fr 132 S 2d to Exchange pi 
Logan St. N fr Market ab 40th, W P 
Logan sq. fr 18th to 20th, Race to Vine 
Logan ct. N fr Fitler ab Montgomery 
Logan St. N fr 735 Green to Coates 
Logan, see 41st 
Logan, see Lorain 
Logan pi. see Linwood pi 
Logan pi. see Loudon pi 
Logan's ct. see Luther 
Loid St. E fr Bedford to Fitzwater, ab Broad 
Lombard et. see Tenor pi 

Lombard st. fr Delaware to Schuylkill bel Pine 
Lombard row, S fr 710 Lombard 
Long la. S fr South, n 16th 
Long's ct. W fr 762 S 3d 

Longfellow pi. (Wash'g pi.) fr Shippen ab 12th 
Longstreth ct. W fr 4 Levant ab Spruce 
Loomis pi. N fr 2207 Shamokin 
Loomis pi. (Russell's ct.) N 22d & Callowhill 
Lorain pi. (Scott's pi.) r 1027 N 4th 
Lorain st. (Logan st.) N fr Buttonwood bel 8th 
Loud pi. (Moore's ct.) AV fr Inquirer st ab 11th 
Louden pi. (Logan pi.) 19th bet Vine & Callowhill 
Louisa av. see Lyman av / 

Louisa av. N fr 107 Union n Front 
Louisa et. N fr 19 Washington av 
Louty pi. S of Christian bet 5th & 6th 
Lovelace st. (Paschall st.) W fr Lancaster av, 

Lover's ct. W fr 2d bel Master 
Lower pi. (South row) W fr 19th ab Hamilton 
Lownden pi (Walker's ct.) E fr N 2d ab Vine 
Lowry's ct, see Lanark pi 

Lowry's ct. W fr Ridge av bel Callowhill 

Lowry"s pi. S fr 526 Christian 

Loxley's ct. N fr 321 Arch 

Loxley's ct. see Murklej- pi 

Loyal st. E fr York n Gunner's run 

Loyd st. S fr Bedford to Fitzwater ab Broad 

Lucan st. W fr 23d bel Shippen 

Lucas pi. (Walker's ct ) r 1108 Gtn av 

Ludlow St. E fr Bridgewater S of Market, 24th 

Lusher st. Frankford 

Luther st. (Logan's ct.) E fr St John ab Beaver 
Lutton's sq. N fr George bel 3d 
Luzerne pi. (Lemon's ct.) r 1312 Frankford av ab 

Lybrand st. N fr 1335 Race 
Lybrant ct. see Mattson pi 
Lyceum st. E fr Ridge av ab Broad, Rox 
Lydia av. see Mershon av 
Lydia st. fr Sites to Sophia 

Lyman av. (Louisa av.) N fr Moravian E of 18th 
Lynch row, S fr Jones to Market ab 20th 
Lynch's et. r 758 S 3d 
Lyndall al. E fr 12tb to S 13th bel AValnut 
Lyndall ct. see Milburn pi 
Lynd St. (Paschall's al.) AV fr 622 N 4th to 611 

N 5 th 
Lynn pi. W fr 821 St John 
Lytle's ct. E fr 2d bel Mead 

McAfee's ct. S f r S ab 5th 
McAllister's al. AV fr 152 N 8th 
McAllister's ct. Frankford av n Richmond 
McAlpin st. fr Locust to AValnut bel Park or 41st, 

McAIravy St. E of S 12th bel Milton 
McAnall's pi. r 2125 Spruce 
Mc Anally 's ct. N fr Carpenter bel 8th 
McAtee's pi. see Marsden pi 
McAvoy ct. E fr 817 Charlotte 
McBride's ct. S fr 1112 Ohio 
McCallister st. W fr 15th ab Girard av 
MeCann's ct. fr 425 Christian 
McCann's ct. N fr 731 St Mary 
MeCann's pi. N fr 427 Marriott 
McCartney's ct. S fr 840 Christian 
McCaw's ct. E fr 779 S 3d 
McCluskey's ct. AV fr 512 S 6th 
McClellan st. W fr 1818 S Front 
McClean ct. N fr 1109 Shippen 
McClean st. N fr Otter bel Front 
McCleary's ct. S fr Lombard n 16th 
McClung's row, AV fr Orange ab Mt Vernon 
McClure's ct. S fr. 1512 Pearl 
McCormiek's av. bet Race and Cherry & 22d & 23d 
McCoster's ct. bet 17th & 18th ab Pine 
McCoy's et. W fr 920 S 6th 
McCoy's ct. see Merida pi 
McCrea ct. AV fr 762 Cooper pi to Espy 
McCristle's al. W fr Gtn av ab Thomp.^on 
McCurdv St. W fr 26th bel AVashington av 
McDevitt's ct. W fr 330 St John bel Callowhill 
McDonald pi. (Wagner's et.) AV fr 230 N 15th 
McDuffie St. (see Naudain) W fr 518 S 18th to 

McFadden's ct. E fr 882 Orchard bel Jackson 
McFadden's pi. S fr 1514 Lombard 
McFadden's ct. N fr 1010 Bedford 
McFarland's ct. N fr Moravian ab 16th 
McGaw's row, r 775 S 3d 
McGees' av. N fr 633 St Mary 
McGinley's ct. N fr Marriott above 5th 
McQinley's ct. see Leighton pi 
McGilHs ct. N fr 531 Marriott 
McGinnet's ct. see Leib pi 



McGivett-s ct. fr 330 St Jolin 
McGonegars row, N fr Hamilton E of Xixon 
McGrath st. (School St.) X fr 411 Brown 
Mcllwain st. (Marshall st.) W fr 1226 S 3d 
Mclntire's ct. fr 427 Christian 
McKean's ct. S fr 608 Locust 
McKee's av. X fr 631 St Mary 
McKee's av. S fr 1318 Lombard 
MeEee's ct. "W fr 1552 Cadwalader 
McKnighfs ct. N fr 1811 South 
McLaughlin's av. S fr 2216 Summer 
McLaushlin"s ct. S fr Marriott ab 4th 
McMakin's ct. W fr 33S Dugan ab Pine 
McMame st. E of Germantown av bel 5th 
McManeman's ct. "W fr Juniper ab Locust 
McManus st. (Monroe st.) E fr Gtn av bel 6th 
McMineman"s ct. S fr 430 German 
McMullan's ct. S fr 2048 Lombard 
McMullin's ct. see Leinau pi 
McMullin's ct. fr Walnut bet 4th & 5th 
McXellv St. fr Biddle to Sp Garden bel 23d 
McXickle pi. S fr 808 Carpenter 
McPherson's et. X fr 2223 Hamilton 
MeKees av. W fr West ab Coates 
McWilliam's av. X fr ]65 Thompson 
Mc Williamson's ct. W fr Swanson bel Washing- 
ton av 
Maekey st fr 2d to Corn bet Keed and Wharton 
Mackinaw st. fr 230 X 8th to 233 Chester 
Maddox pi. (Thompson's ct.) E fr 723 S 4th 
Macleod pi. fr 428 Race 
Madison st. fr 1117 Eace to 1120 Yine 
Madison, see Millman 
Madison, see Mulford 
Madison av. see Moland av 
Madison ct. see Morton pi 
Madison pi. see Xaylor 
Madison's et. X fr St Mary bel 7th 
Magazine la. E & W f r Rope Ferry rd 
Magnet st. S fr Gjeen la ab Wood, Myk 
Magnolia st. S fr'ol4 Xoble 
Mahoney's ct. S fr Barker bel 7th 
Maiden, see Laurel 
Maiden la. see Xewport 
Maiden la. W fr Lancaster av, HestonviUe 
Maiden st. W fr Wood, Manyunk 
Main st. S E to X W along the canal, Myk 
Main or Frankford, continuation Frankford av 
Maison pi. (Monroe ct.) S fr Silver bel Juniper 
Malcolm pi. (Marshall ct.) W fr Gtn av ab 5th 
Maloney st. E fr 237 S 21st 
Malsey's ct. W fr 738 S 4th 
Malt al. fr Xicholson's ct to 206 Eace 
Managal's ct. E fr 1823 S 10th 
Manakin st. (Little Perry) fr Xorris to Diamond 

n 5th 
Mangrove pi. (William's et.) S fr 640 South 
Manheim al. W fr Gtn av bel Jefferson 
Manderson st. fr 1016 Beach to Frankford av 
Manhattan pi. (Quigg"s row) X fr 1019 Hamilton 
Manheim st. W fr 4552 Germantown av 
Manilla st. (Margaret st.) W fr 916 S 9th 
Mann's et. S fr Hamilton ab 9th 
Menning st. (Mary st.) W fr 22d to Schuylkill 

river bel Walnut 
Mansgrove pi. (Weaver's et.) fr 508 X Front 
Mansfield pi. (Weaver's et.) fr 508 X Front 
Mansion st. S fr Market ab 31st, W P 
Manor pi. S fr 320 Poplar 

Manor st. fr Montgomery bet 4th & Cadwalader 
Manor st. fr Montgomery ab 4th 
Manley st. (Melon) X fr Eidge av to Girard av 
Manship st. S fr Xorris bet Hancock & Mascher 
Manship st. (Mercer) S fr 1118 Locust 
Mansion al. (Mary's al.) fr Gillis al to 519 S 6th 

Mansure pi. (Melon pi.) fr 904 Melon 

Mantua st. X fr 40th n Lancaster av, W P 

Mapletree al. E fr 518 St. John 

Maple St. fr 206 X 8th to 211 X 9th 

Maple, see Xeff 

Marble, see Markham 

Marble ct. see Xeville pi 

Marble pi. see Tappan pi 

Marble st. fr 14 S 10th to S 11th 

Marble ct. S fr Marble ab 10th 

Mareoe st. E fr Lancaster av ab 33d, W P 

Marengo pi. (St James' ct.) fr Xoble ab Canton 

Margaret, see Manilla 

Margaretta, see Landreth 

Margaretta, see Sartain 

Margaretta pi. see Langdon pi 

Margaretta pi. r 117 Margaretta 

Margaretta st. fr 418 X Front to 415 X 2d 

Margaretta st. X fr 633 Wharton 

Margaretta st. X .fc S f r Market ab 35th, W P 

Maria st. fr 714 X 4th to 715 X 5th 

Mariner st. E fr Broad to 1014 S 13th 

Marion st. W fr 1112 S Front 

Marion st. S of Rittenhouse W of Green, Gtn 

Marion, see Struthers 

Marion ct. see Cregar pi 

Marion pi. S fr 516 Christian 

Marmion pi. (Young's pi.) fr 226 Christian 

Markham st. (Marble st.) W fr 724 X 17th 

Mark's la. fr 142 X 11th to 141 X 12th 

Marker st. fr 1632 S 2d to Moya av bel Greenwich 

Market al. E fr 16th ab Callowhill 

Market st. (Washington W of Pt bridge) fr Dela- 
ware river bet Chestnut & Arch to Schuylkill 
river, thence west 

Market sq. X and S Germantown av fr Mill, Gtn 

Markle pi. (Mary's ct.) E fr 517 S 2d 

Markley pi. (Loxley's ct.) S fr 118 Spruce 

Markoe st. X fr Haverford W fr Oneida 

Marlborough st. fr Delaware to Frankford av, K 

Marley's et. r 1830 Ann 

Marmora's st. (Thomas' al.) W fr 710 Beach 

Marriott's la. W fr 923 S 2d to 9th 

Marsden pi. (McAlee's pi.) W f r 1530 Cadwalader 

Marseilles pi. E fr 523 X 15th 

Marshall's ct. E fr Campbell 

Marshall st. X fr 619 Yine 

Marshall st. W of 6th & X of Dauphin 

Marshall, see Mcllwain 

Marshall ct. see Landis 

Marshall ct. see Malcolm pi 

Marston st. (Brown st.) Cherry to Shellbark al 
ab S 13th 

Martha st. X fr Huntingdon to Lehigh av, Ken 

Martha's ct. E side St John bet Beaver & Pop- 
lar, Ken 

Martindale pi. (Westct.) S fr 1423 Spring Garden 

Martin's ct. S fr 204 Carpenter 

Martin's al. fr 224 S Delaware av to 223 S Water 

Martin's pi. X fr 2123 Yine 

Martin's ct. E fr 955 St John 

Martin pi. (Merchant ct.) fr Dillwyn ab Yine 

Martin st. X fr Haines ab Hancock. Gtn 

Mary st. W fr 962 S Front to S 2d ' 

Mary st. S fr 1316 Jefferson bel Broad 

Marv St. E fr 1219 S 7th 

Mary St. E & W fr Logan ab Market, W P 

Mary, see Alston 

Mary, see Manning 

Mary, see 38th 

Mary's al. see Manson 

Mary's ct. see Markle pi 

Mary's ct. see Mure's pi 

Mascher * st. (Clinton) X fr 141 Girard av bet 
Howard & Hancock 





i— < 













I— • 









*-* 2? 

O o 










I— I 


Master st. W fr Franliford av to Ridge av n 
Thompson and to 24th 

Masson ct. S fr 116 Christian 

Matamoras pi E fr 1113 St John 

Mattis St. (Little Dock) S fr 128 Spruce to 2d 
N of Pine 

Mattson pi. (Lyhrand ct.) E fr 1035 Crease 

Matzinger's ct. E of Landreth bel !3th 

Maurice st. (Little Washington) W fr Passyunk 
av bel Sth 

Maxon pi. (Meredith al.) intersects Poplar ab 3d 

Maxwells ct. N fr 1215 Bedford 

Maxweir.« ct. S fr 232 Christian 

May pi. (Little Gable) S fr 1728 Lombard 

Mayland st. fr 527 Race to Mulberry al 

Maynard pi. (Relief pi.) fr Relief bel 2d 

Mead st. fr 754 Swauson to 755 S 2d 

Meadow st. Frankford 

Mechanic st. E fr Main bet Cotton <fc Robinson, 

Mechanic st. S fr 506 Carpenter 

Mechanic st. E & W fr 5043 Morton 

Mechanic, see Leithgow 

Mechanic, see Levering 

Alechanic, see Schell 

Mechanic av. see Forder av 

Mechanic ct. see Litford pi 

Meckland pi. N fr 435 Monroe 

Medical st. (Juniper al.) W fr 136 S 10th 

Medina st. (State) AA' fr 1312 S 7th 

Meeting House la. fr Lancaster av to West Ches- 
ter rd, Hestonville 

Meetler st. (Little Perry) W fr Gtn av bet Sth & 6th 

Megargee ct. W fr Cadwalader ab Jefferson 

Megarry st. (Morris st.) E fr Columbia av ab 

Megonagal ct. N of Atmore ab 13th 

Mehle st. E fr4481 Germantown av 

Melcher pi. (Meredith ct.) N fr Sth ab Button- 

Melina pi. N fr 415 Gaskill 

Melloy St. (Linden St.) W fr 28 S 15th to 35 S 17th 

Melville pi. fr 122 Spruce 

Melon St. fr 648 N 9th to 1379 Ridge av 

Melon, see Manley 

Melon pi. see Mansure pi 

Melrose pi. N fr 1427 Lombard to Kneass 

Melvale st. (Larch st.) N fr Sophia bel Richmond 

Memphis st. (Lemon st.) N fr Norris <i E of Tulip 

Mendon pi. (Wagner's ct.) W fr 464 N Sth 

Meninges ct. W fr Passyunk av bet Wharton & 

Menn's ct. fr 912 Hamilton ab Canton to Noble 

Mercer ct. S fr Norris bel N 2d, Ken 

Mercer, see Manship 

Merchant, see Cohocksink 

Merchant ct. see Marter pi 

Merchant st. W fr 14 S 4th to 9 S Sth 

Mercury st. (Monroe st) W fr Montgomery av. 
bel Thompson 

Meredith, see Michigan 

Meredith, see Naudain 

Meredith al. see Maxon 

Meredith ct. see Melcher pi 

Meredith st. W from 23d ab Coates to 24th 

Merida pi. (McCoy's al.) E fr 763 S Front 

Merino st. (Little Green) fr 2d to Gtn av, E & W 

Mermaid la. E fr Germantown av, Chestnut Hill 

Merrick st. (Oak) N fr Market to Filbert, and S 
fr Market to S Penn sq 

Merrit st. (Little German) W fr Swanson to S 
Front bel South 

Mershon av. (Lydia av.) S fr Vienna ab Girard av 

Merverney st. N fr Latimer bet 12th and 13th 

Mervine, see Mineral 

Mervine ct. fr 1605 Moravian 

Mervine pi. W fr Mervine st. ab Master 

Mervine st. N fr 122S Thompson 

Metcalf St. (Little Oak) W fr Twelvefoot al bel 

Metaraora pi. (Moyamensing ct.) S fr Shippen 

bel 9th 
Metaraora pi. rear 1111 St John 
Meetler st. (Little Poplar) W fr Gtn av ab Sth 
Mexford st. W fr Beach ab William to N Front 

chigan st (Meredith st.) bet 25 & Welch, Sch 

chland pi. N fr 4.'15 Monroe 

ddle al. fr 332 S 6th to S 7th bel Spruce 

ddle al. see Newbold 

ddle ct. see Niblo pi 

ddleton's ct. W from 420 Dillwyn 

ddleton ct. E fr Howard av 

fflin. see Kemble 

fflin st. AV fr Delaware bel Canal 

fflin St. E fr Ridge av ab Queen, Manayunk 

fflin st. continuation of Leithgow 

fflin's ct. see Nisbett pi 

Ihurn pi. (Lyndall ct.) E fr 10th bel Pine 

les St. (Miles al.) AA'' from 20 S 10th 

les' al. see Miles 

les' row, n Rose and Bnudinot, West Philada 

les' St. fr Ro.=e to Lydia. N School, K 

les ct. N fr 960 Beach ab Poplar 

II st E fr 4781 Geimintown av 

11 creek, N and S fr Haverford, West Philada 

II St. E fr Frankford n Tacony 

liar's al. see Kempton 

liar's ct. see Renting pi 

liar's et. see Keron pi 

liar's ct. see Kirby pi 

liar's ct. see Kinsley pi 

liar's ct. see Kively pi 

Her St. S fr 830 AVashington av 

Her st. E from AVistar, Germantown 

Her St. W fr 5670 Germantown av 

Iler's ct AV fr 418 Garden 

Iler's ct. bet Belgrade and Gaul ab A^'ienna 

Her st. S fr Warren n Lancaster av, AV Philada 

Her St. AV fr 912 S 11th 

Her, see Atmore 

Iler's al. see Azalia 

Iler's ct. see Kirkham pi 

llicent av. (AVest av ) E fr 329 New Market 

Iligan St. S fr 1610 Lombard 

H's ct. from 840 Charlotte ab Brown 

Iraan st. (Madison) fr 934 Moyamensing av 

Hon St. (Moyamensing al.) Wfr 924 S 10th 

neral st (Mervine st) E fr 13th to Ridge av 

neral pi. E fr 113 N Broad ab Arch 

neral pi. E fr 112 Bread 

nerva st. (Wistar) E from 527 Franklin 

nor St. from 22 S 5th to 15 S 6th 

nor, see Tanev 

nster st. (Little Pine) S fr 412 S 6th to S Sth 

bel Pine 
Mint ct. W fr Hatton pi. bet Cherry and Race 
Mint St. W fr .Juniper S side Penn sq to loth 
Mintzer st. fr 318 Brown to 319 Coates 
Mintzerct. see Seaton pi 
Mitchell St. E fr Broad to Shur's la. Box 
Mocking Bird ct. E of Griscom st 
Moffit, see Stanton pi 

Moland av. (Madison av.) E fr 429 N 1.3th 
Monmouth st. W fr Salmon ab WiUiam, R 
Monmouth ct. see Tower pi 
Monroe st. W fr 17th bel Christian 
Monroe st. W fr 732 S 2d to 705 S 5th 
Monroe, see McManus 
Monroe, see Mercury 
Monroe ct. see Maison pi 



Monroe pi. see Byron pi 

Montcalm (Morris) S fr Fitzwater ab 9th 

Monterey st. (Montgomery) W fr 238 N 12th to 

N 13th 
Montgomery pi. S side of Poplar W of 15th 
Montgomery av. S of Montgomery st. or av bet 

Cadwalader st. and Germantown av 
Montgomery av. (Cherry fr Germantown av to 

Richmond) N W fr601 Richmond 
Montgomery, see Leisenring 
Montgomery, see Rochford 
Montgomery, AV fr 17th to Schuylkill river 
Montrose st. (Clymer) N fr Montgomery st bel 

Germantown av 
Montrose st. W 9!2 S 16th 
Monument rd. E fr Lancaster av, Hestonville 
Moore's ct. W end Townsend's av 
Moore's ct. W fr 704 N Front 
Moore st. E and W bel Federal 
Moore st. E fr Church bel Greenwich 
Moore st. W fr 746 S Juniper 
Moore st. N and S Market ab 43d, AYest Philada 
Moore St. S of Morris & W fr Moyamensing av 
Moore st. W of Adrian bet Otis and Dauphin 
Moore st. E fr Front bel Hazel 
Moore's av. see Clifford av 
Moore's al. see Gradon 
Moore's ct. see Frampton pi 
Moore's ct. see Iranistan pi 
Moore's ct. see Loud pi 
Moore's ct. see Stanbury pi 
Moore's ct. see Trent pi 
Moore's ct. fr 1209 Bedford 
Moore's ct. W fr Copper pi bet Fitzwater and 

Morgan st. (North st fr 10th to 11th) W fr 240 N 

9th to 239 N nth 
Morgan ct. see Monckton pi 
Morgan's ct. see Carthage pi 
Morgan's ct. see Pharo pi 
Morgan's ct. see Tottenham pi 
Monckton pi. (Morgan st.) N from 1125 Vine 
Montcnlm st. (Morris st.) S fr 908 Fitzwater to 

906 Christian 
Morencie pi. (Morris ct.) fr Lawrence to Leith- 

gow bel George 
Morris st. W fr 2d bel Denmark 
Morris st. S of Greenwich fr Delaware river to 4th 
Morality pi. (Union pi.) S W fr Lombard to Ash- 
Moravian st. (Lewis, Jefferson av.) W fr Broad 

ab Walnut to 18th, and from 19th west 
Moro St. (Wagner's al.) fr 1517 Fitzwater 
Morencia pi. rear 976 Leithgow 
Morris st. W fr 4th bel Tasker 
Morris City, N W of Girard College 
Morris ct. 'W fr 30 Letitia st 
Morris ct. W fr 30 N 6th 
Morris, see Bennet 
Morris, see Blackstone 
Morris, see Kendall 
Morris, see Megary 
Morris, see Montcalm 
Morris, see Spring Garden 
Morris al. see Orion 
Morris ct. see Discount pi 
Morris, ct. see Morencie pi 
Morris St. (Little Washington) fr S Front to S 

2d bel Federal 
Morse's ct. N fr Nectarine ab Tenth 
Morton av. (Queen's av.) fr 305 Queen 
Morton pi. (Madison ct.) N fr St Mary bel 6th 
Morton st. S of Washington E of Gtn av, Gtn 
Mosely st. (Little Poplar) W fr 13th bel Carpenter 
Moss pi. fr Prune ab 5th 

Moss St. (Little Washington) E from 1149 S 7th 

Moss Rose pi. (Simpson's st.) N from 243 Queen 

Mott St. (Poplar st.) fr 1006 S 13th 

Moulder pi. E fr 527 Vincent 

Mount Pleasant st. Germnntown 

Mount Pleasant st. E fr 6635 Germa.ntown av 

Mount Pleasant st. AV fr Taney ab Girard av 

Mount Airy la. fr Germnntown av. Mount Airy 

Mount Vernon st. (Wjishington) W fr 614 N 9th 

Mountain st. (Lewis) AV fr 8th ab Tasker 

Mousley's pi. E fr 1549 Oermantown av 

Moyamensing av. (Jefferson av.) S W fr S 2d and 

Moyamensing av. see Milton 

Moyamensing ct. see Metamora place 

Moyamensing al. bet 9th and 10th bel Christian 

Moyer st. (Brown) E of Colum'a av bel Thompson 

Moyer's al. fr Main to Cresson, bet Gay & Gray, 

Mud al.'W fr 1320 S 7th 

Mud St. fr 833 Shippen to 835 South 

Mulberry al. AV from 230 X 5th to 235 N 6th 

Mulberry st. E fr Main bet Green la and Oak 

Mule's ct. see Peru pi 

Mulford St. {Madison st.) AV fr Ashton n Schuyl- 
kill river 

Mulhenny st, Frankford 

Mullen St. N fr Somerset ab Richmond, E 

Mullen's ct. N fiom 515 Carpenter 

Mullin's ct see Dunsdale pi 

MuHin st. see Genoese pi 

Mulvaneyav. rear 1623 Camac 

Mulvaney st N fr Jefferson bet 12th & 13th 

Mulholland ct. fr Bavley bel 11th 

Munn's ct. S fr 426 Moore 

Mureus pi. {Mary's ct.) N from 731 Cherry 

Murgitioyde pi. W fr 220 S 15th 

Murphy ct. S fr 522 Bedford 

Murray st. bet Spruce and Locust and 20th &21st 

Murray see Osprey 

Murray, see AA'elherill 

Murray, see AVilcox 

Murray's ct. S fr 640 Shippen 

Murray's et. AV of Murray st n 24th 

Murray's ct. S fr 1124 Sheaf's al 

Murray's ct. S fr 122 Spruce 

Murray st. AV fr 766 S Front 
'Murray's ct. see AVincbester pi 

Mustiii's ct. E fr 213 Ellen 

Mutter St. N fr York bel 2d to Cumberland bel 2d 

Myers' av. W from 264 S 6th 

Myers' ct. E fr 241 N 15th 

Myers' «t. see Durham pi 

Myers' pi. see Cromley pi 

Myrtle st. N fr Oak, E fr Lane av to Market, W P 

Myrtle st. fr 846 N lllh to 839 N 13th 

Nsgle 6t. N fr Stiles bet 11th and 12th 

Naglee's et. E fr 827 St John 

Nagie's ct. see Pequinot al 

Nahant pi. (St John's pi.) E fr 723 St John 

Nail St. W fr 926 S Front 

Narcissus pi. (South ct ) rear 326 N 8th 

Nassau st. (Richard) W of 144 N «th 

Nathan st. N fr South, \V fr 25th 

Native st. W of 934 S 5th 

Naudain st. (.MeDuflSe, AVillinm, & Meredith st.) 
W fr ISth bel Lombard 

Navy St. (Benton's la.) E f r S Front ab Reed 

Naylor st. (Madison pi.) E fr 11th below Federal 

Neal St. N fr 717 Buttonwood to 738 Coates 

Nectarine st. from 508 N 8th to 11th ab Button- 

Neff St. (Maple st.) W fr Delaware ab Ann, R 

Nellies ct. W fr 22d ab Race 



































































Nelson's al. E from 413 St John 
Nelson's fil. N of Shippen, E fr 15th 
Nelson's ct. E from Lloyd near Shippen 
Nentzel's ct. E from 1009 Charlotte 
Nescopeck pi. (Robert's ct.) N fr 1117 Mark's la 
Neville pi. (Marble ct.) S fr 520 Yine 
Nevin pi. (Yea^er's ct.) N fr 1307 Carlton 
New St. fr 242 N Front to 237 N 4th 
Newbold st. (Middle al.) N fr 1923 Callowhill 
Newkirk st. (Lewis st.) N fr Cumberland to Canal 
New Market pi. E fr 815 New Market 
New Market st. fr 119 Vine to Gtn av. 
New 3d, see N 3d 

Newport pi. (Reindeer pi.) S fr Marriott bel Broad 
Newport st. (Maiden la.) S E fr Grays Ferrj' 
Newton St. S fr 402 Carpenter to 411 Washing- 
ton av 
New AVilliam's ct. N fr 919 Hamilton 
Niblo pi. (Middle ct.) S fr 1324 Sp Garden 
Nicetown la. fr 4000 Gtn av 
Nicholas ct. W fr St John n Franklin 
Nichols' av. see Herschell av 
Nichols ct. S fr 818 Carpenter 
Nichols' St. S fr Columbia av. AV fr 21st 
Nicholson st. fr 621 Cherry to 624 Race 
Nickel pi. (James' ct.) E "fr 779 S Front 
Nineteenth st. N & S f r Market AV of 18th 
Nineveh pi. (Avail's pi.) S fr 422 German 
Ninth St. N & S fr Market, AV of 8th 
Ninth St. av. see Anandale pi 
Nisbet pi. (Mifflin's ct.)AV fr Front bel South 
Noble St. (James fr 428 N 9th) AV fr Delaware to 

N Broad ab Buttonwood 
Nolen's ct. N fr 1423 Parrish 
Nonnater's ct. S fr 1002 Arch 
Norfolk St. (Union al.) AV fr 842 Swanson to 847 

S Front 
Norfolk st. S fr 1412 Spruce to Asylum st 
Norman al. fr N 13th to Juniper ab Race 
Norris' al. see Gothic 
Norris ct. see Conway pi 
Norris' ct. see Roderick pi 
Norris pi. E fr 335 New Market 
Norris row, E fr Cadwalader bet Thompson & 

Norris St. (Lancaster fr Broad) N "W & AV fr Dela- 
ware to Seh river ab Berks 
North, =ee Morgan 
North ct. see Burgundy pi 
North ct. see Kenilworth pi 
North east av. see Bristol av 
N E av. E fr 1247 Marlborough 
North st fr Penn to Island rd, Paschalville 
North St. AV fr Broad to 19th bel Coates 
North St. fr 34 N 5th to 39 N 6th 
Northampton ct. AV fr 426 Dillwyn 
North College av. AV fr Ridge av to 25th 
Northeast av. N fr 1247 Marlboro' to Savory, K 
Nugent's ct. S of 716 Shippen" 
Nuskey al. AV fr 200 S 10th 

Oak St. AV fr Baker, bet Gray & Mulberry, Myk 

Oak St. AV fr Sch bel Market, AV P 

Oak, see Ludlow 

Oak, see Merrick 

Oak, see Sussex 

Oak, see Unadilla 

Oakford pi. (Smith's ct.) S fr Gaskill bel 3d 

Ocean st. (Liberty al.) fr 113 Dana to 112 Green 

O'Connell's ct. N fr 931 Maurice 

Odd Fellow's av. N fr 303 Brown 

Odel St. E fr New Market ab Brown 

Ogden St. fr 860 N 9th to 851 Ontario 

Ogden St. AV fr 852 Carlisle to Ridge av 

Ogden ct. see Saffin pi 

O'llarra's ct. AV fr 710 S 7th 

Ohio pi. (AVistar's ct.) Sfr 1520 Jones st 

Ohio st. fr Quince to S 12th bet Pine & Lombard 

Oldham's ct. E fr 817 St John 

Olive ct. S fr 1312 Olive 

Olive St. AV fr 710 N 10th to 18th 

Olive, see Pembroke 

Olive, see South Penn sq 

Olive St. AV fr 916 S 10th to Milton 

Oliver's pi. see Tisdall pi 

Olivia pi. (Smith's ct.) AV fr 1524 Cadwalader 

Oliver's pi. S fr 236 Christian 

Olivet's pi. S fr 1726 Lombard 

Onas St. (York st.) E fr 715 New Market to 712 

N Front 
O'Neal St. S fr 148 Girard av 
0' Neil's ct. S fr 1642 Lombard 
Oneida pi. E f r r 805 New Market 
Oneida st. N fr Haverford AV fr Orleans, AV P 
Ontario st. N fr 1335 Parrish 
Opelike pi. (Leyden ct.) N fr 2125 Spruce 
Orange st. fr S'7th to S 8th bet Locust & Spruce 
Orange st. (K) fr the end of Palmer to Fkd av 
Orange st. fr AVest to Jackson ab Columb'a av, K 
Orange, see Andress 
Orange, see Rodney 
Orange, see Thurlow 
Orchard, see Orkney 
Orchard st. Frankford 
Orchard st. N fr 433 George bel 5th 
Orchard st. S fr 460 Kerr 
Oregon st. AV fr Lexington, AA'^ P 
Orion (Morris al.) AV fr S Front bel Market 
Orion (Say's ct.) AV fr 36 N 3d 
Orkney st. (Orchard) N fr Norris E of 5th 
Orleans st. '\V fr Fkd av ab Reading av, R 
Orleans st. AV fr Haverford, AA'' P 
Orleans, see Stockton 
Orr St. N fr Coates AV of 18th 
Orr's ct. N fr 1339 Rodman 
Orthodox st. Frankford 
Orum St. (Norris al.) AV fr S Front bel Market to 

S 2d 
Osage av. (Carroll av.) S fr 1208 Heath 
Osbeck pi. (Railroad ct.) AV fr Jay bel Coates 
Osborn's ct. AV fr Duponceau bel AA'alnut 
Osborne st. AV fr Osprey bel Brandywine 
Osceola st. AV fr Herman, Gtn 
Osier av. (Penn av.) N fr 511 Noble 
Osprey st. (Murray St.) fr Spring Garden to Za- 

noni n 24th 
Otsego pi. (Benton ct.) S fr 124 Prime 
Otis St. (AVood, K) W fr Richmond n Gunner's 

Run to Fkd av 
Otsego ct. N fr 125 "Federal 
Otsego pi. fr Granville to AValter, AV of 21st 
Otsego St. (Church) S fr 26 Christian to AVashing- 

ton av & fr Navy Yard to S Canal 
Ottowa pi. (Pearson's ct.) N fr AVildey to Crease 
Otter St. AV fr 1090 Fkd av 
Owen St. fr 23d to 24th bet Sp Garden & Biddle 
Owen St. AV fr 1412 S 5th 
Owen, see Rodman 
Owen's pi. S fr Brown ab Palmer, K 
Oxford St. AA'' fr Fkd av ab Thompson 

Packer pi. (Harmony or Cake ct.) Nfr 127 Craveii 
Pagoda St. N fr Penna av to Earl, Fairmount 
Palethorp st. (Perry) N fr 191 Dauphin 
Paley pi. (A'an Buren st.) N fr 1023 Parrish 
Pali.sade pi. (Quigg's ct.) N fr 205 Quarry 
Palm St. S from 908 Parrish to 915 Gilbert 
Palm, see Toronto 
Palmas ct. AV fr 330 S 4th 



Palmer st. fr Del to Fkd av bet Columbia av & 
Montgomery av 

Palmetto pi. (Lewis ct.) N fr St Mary ab 6tb 

Palmetto st. (Rittenhouse) W fr 246 N 15th to 

Palo Alto St. S fr 2026 Pine 

Panama av. (Parker) E fr 20tli bel Locust 

Paper al. fr N 13th to Broad bet Filbert & Arch 

Paradise st. fr 415 Market to 406 Commerce 

Parham st. fr 774 Swanson to 775 S Front 

Park St. N & S fr Market ab 36th 

Park St. W fr 1206 S 27th 

Park St. fr 1822 Fitzwater 

Park pi. E fr 20th on Locust 

Park, see Banana 

Park, see Goodwater 

Park av. see Panama av 

Parke's pi. see Langdon pi 

Parker, see Holman 

Parker st. S fr 516 Carpenter 

Parker's row, "W <& S of the Mutual Burying 

Parrish st. W fr 844 N 5th 

Parry ct. N fr 1.331 Miller, Gtn 

Parton st. N fr Apple S fr Lane av, H Ville 

Paschal st. ^Y fr 10th bel Carpenter to 1007 S 11th 

Paschal, see Lovelace 

Paschal al. see Lynd 

Passmore's pi. E fr 1137 Charlotte ab George 

Passyunk av. S W fr 5th & South 

Path St. fr 1511 Race to Pear ab 15th 

Patterson's ct. N fr 1809 Naudain 

Patton ct. S fr 712 St Mary 

Patton's al. S fr 1640 Lombard 

Patton's ct. S fr 1630 Lombard 

Paul st fr 1028 S 6th to 1027 S 7th 

Paul St. Frankford 

Paulding pi. (York pi.) E fr 875 N 5th 

Paulin's ct. r 964 N Front 

Paulson st W fr 2d bel the Canal 

Paxton, W fr Lancaster av n Hestonville 

Paxton St. (Watson st.) fr W 1114 S 5th 

Paynter's ct. N fr 431 German 

Peach St. N fr 135 Green to 148 Coates bel 2d 

Peach St. S fr Lancaster av, Hestonville 

Peach, see Calvert 

Peak's ct. N fr 239 Queen 

Pear st. W fr Path bet 13th & 16th 

Pear st. W fr Dock to 213 S 3d 

Pear st. W fr Peach W fr Lane av, H Ville 

Pearl st. W fr 311 N 10th N of Vine to 24th 

Pearl st. ab Pleasant N fr Mechanic to Grape 

Pearl al. fr Prosperous al to Quince bel Locust 

Pearl st. fr Coates n Fairmount 

Pearl, see Clifton 

Pearson's ct. see Ottawa pi 

Pearson st. E f r N 7th S of Commerce 

Pecan pi. (Walnut pi,) S fr Walnut ab 3d 

Pedee pi. S fr 146 Race 

Peden's av. S fr 1834 Naudain 

Peel st.';(Rose al.) fr Vanhorn to Lydia bet Stiles 
& Sepviva 

Pegg al. fr Willow st bet New Market & 2d 

Pegg St. fr 446 X Front to N 2d 

Pels ct. see Surrey pi 

Poller's ct. N fr Callowhill ab 20th 

Pemberton, fr 18th to Gray's Ferry rd bet Fitz- 
water and Shippen 

Pemberton's st. N fr 1329 Mt Vernon 

Pemberton ct. see Kenton pi 

Pemberton's al. see Kenyon 

Pembroke pi. (Randolph's ct.) W fr 212 N 2d 

Pembroke st. (Olive st.) S fr Noble ab 5th 

Pendennis pi. (Renchler pi.) N fr 857 Charlotte 

Penaell's ct. Rose ab Gtn av, K 

Penn al. W fr 336 St John 

Penn sq. N & S fr Market & W f r Juniper to S 

Penn st. fr 4 Pine S to Almond 
Penn st. E fr Main ab Lock, Myk 
Penn st. S fr Darby rd, Paschalville 
Penn st. E fr 4678 Gtn av 
Penn st. Frankford 
Penn, see Delaware av 
Penn, see Potts 
Penn, see Strickland 
Penn av. see Osier av 
Penn av, see Treaty av 
Penn's al. S fr 230 Callowhill bel 3d 
Pennington st. (Lewis st.) S fr 228 Marriott to 

Pennock"s row, bet Lawrence & 4th & bet Thomp- 
son & Girard av 
Pennsylvania av. S fr 616 Vine 
Pennsylvania av. W fr Broad ab Callowhill 
Pennsylvania av. W fr 926 N 7th 
Penrose Ferry rd. S W fr Passyunk av n Broad 
Pensive pi. (Union ct.) fr 1000 Wood 
Pepper st. fr Cedar to Martha, S of Lehigh av, R 
Pepperton's al. from Vine to Wood bel 3d 
Pequinot pi. (Nagle's ct.) E fr 827 St John 
Percy pi. (Reid's et.) N fr 425 German 
Percy st. (Tyler st.) N fr 911 Poplar 
Perkenpine's ct. E fr 721 New Market 
Perkiomen st. (Powell st.) W fr Francis to 19th 
Perot St. (State st.) fr 7th to Sth bel Wharton 
Perry st. N fr 1309 Race to 1314 Vine 
Perry st. N fr Girard av E of 2d, W K 
Perry st. N fr Jefferson bel 2d, K 
Perry, see Dean 
Perry, see Palethorp 
Perry ct. see Birch pi 
Perry ct. see Tully pi 
Perth st. (Robinson) N fr Thompson to Columbia 

av bel Sth 
Perth St. N fr 727 Parrish to 728 Poplar 
Peru pi. (Mill's ct.) N fr 900 Beach ab Poplar 
Peter's al. see Downing 
Peter's al. N fr Callowhill bet 20th & 21st 
Peter's al. fr 818 Charlotte to 817 N 4th 
Peter's st. fr 12th to 13th bel Washington av 
Pfeiffer's ct. E fr N 2d to Germantown av 
Pharo pi. (Morgan's ct.) fr 6th & Washinton sq 
Philip St. N fr 213 Master n 2d 
Philijj's j>l. see St Omar pi 
Phillip's et. see Grafton pi 
Phcenix pi. see Thompson 
Physic's la. N E fr Gtn av ab Walnut la 
Pickering pi. (Webster's ct.) W from 716 Passy- 
unk av 
Pierce ct. see Saxton pi 
Pierce st. E fr 1727 S 6th 

Pierson's et. bet Crown & Marlborough in Bedford 
Pilgrim pi. (Lewis ct.) X fr Callowhill bel Sth 
Pike St. fr 1237 Cherry to Margaret bel 13th 
Pine st. fr Delaware to Schuylkill bet Spruce & 

Pine, see Trout 

Pine Tree st. (Willow al.) N fr Willow ab 2d 
Pink St. fr 339 Master to Jefferson N & S ab Ger- 
mantown av 
Piper's ct. E from 617 St John 
Pitt st. fr Cohoeksink creek to Germantown av 

bet N 2d & N 3d 
Placid pi. (Summers' ct.) W fr 842 S 2d 
Plain St. 28 Lancaster to Wheat bel Reed 
Piatt st. W fr 36th to William ab Lancaster pike 
Pleasant st. fr Mechanic to Cotton, Myk 
Pleasant retreat, (Prosser) Wfr 638 N 7th 




o ^ 



t-i O 













Pleasant st. E fr 5587 Gerraantown av, Gtn 

Pleasant row, N fr 2007 Spruce 

Pleasant, see Hamilton 

Pleasant av. see Ratcliffe av 

Pleasant ct. see Herbert pi 

Pleasant retreat, see Prosser retreat 

Pleffenberg pi. N fr 835 Cherry 

Pleiffer's al. see Bolivar 

Pleis ct. W fr Garden bel Callowhill 

Plies ct. see Silvia pi 

Plover St. W fr 1126 S 7th to 8th bel Washing- 
ton av 

Plum al. W fr Rose al ab Locust 

Plum st. fr Richmond to Delaware, bel Norris 

Plume pi. (White's ct.) E & W fr Caroline pi 

Plumstead pi. (Young's ct.) fr r 20th bel Sansom 

Plymouth st. W fr S HHh to 20th bel Walnut 

Plynlimmon pi. W fr 224 N Front 

Point Pleasant ct. W fr 978 N Del av 

Point rd. E fr Frankford av n Frankford 

Polard st. fr 1018 Germantown av 

Pollock's ct. S fr 11516 Lombard 

Poplar st. W fr Delaware to 24th ab Brown 

Pojilar st. bet Green la & Mulberry ab Baker, 

Poplar, see Mott 

Poplar al. see Ely 

Poplar ct. see Stratford pi 

Poplar ct. S fr Miles 

Poplar pi. see Buckingham pi 

Pomroy pi. (Lewis' ct.) S fr Monroe ah 2d 

Porcelain, bet 20th & 21st & Sansom & Walnut 

Porcupine ct. E fr 721 New Market 

Portage pi. (Stump la.) N E fr Girard College 

Porter's ct. E fr 329 St John 

Porter's ct. see Cranmer pi 

Portland st. (Brinton al.) fr 409 N 11th to Ridge 

Potosi retreat (Spring Garden retreat), N f r 1213 
Spring Garden 

Potter's ct. S fr Lombard W of 13th, same as 
Lane's ct 

Potts' St. (Penn st.) E f r N Broad to 681 N 12th 
bel Coates 

Pott's ct. W fr 640 N 7th 

Powell, see Perkiomen 

Powell's ct. W fr Wheat bel Wharton 

Poulson st. (Summer st.) W fr 2d bel Canal 

Powell St. W fr 326 S 6th to S 6th 

Powelton av. W fr riv Schuyl ab Race, W P 

Prairie av. (Lindsay av.) S fr 1122 South 

Pratt St. W fr Boudinot, W P 

Pratt, see Bradford 

Pratt, see Hare 

Press St. N of Girard av bet 15th & Carlisle 

Prescott pi. (Smith's ct.) N fr 1221 Hamilton 

Preston st. N fr Lane pike bel River, W P 

Preston, see Steiner 

Prosperous al. S fr Locust ab 11th 

Price St. E from Germantown av ab Laurel, Gtn 

Price, see Artisan 

Price, see Ella 

Price St. Frankford 

Price's ct. S fr 304 Lombard 

Price's ct. see Warehara pi 

Price's ct. S fr 1126 Rodman 

Priscilla pi. (Scott's ct.) N fr 419 South 

Prime st. fr Del to Moyamensing av bet Wash- 
ington av & Federal 

Primrose al. fr Alleghany av to George 

Prince st. N B fr the end of Girard av, E K 

Princeton pi. N fr 1215 Irwin 

Pritchett st. W fr 13th bel Ellsworth 

Pritchett ct. see Lara pi 

Prommer's ct. see Fromer's ct 

Prospect st. fr 925 Thompson to Jefferson 
Prospect St. bet Summer & High, Rox 
Prospect, see Benezet 
Prospect al. see Rementer al 
Prospect pi. see Dudley pi 
Prosperous al. see Darcy 

Prosser retreat, (Pleasant retreat) W fr 6.38 N 7th 
Providence ct. N fr 927 Sergeant 
Prune st. fr 252 S 4th W to S 6th 
Pry or' s ct. fr 263 S 10th to Raspberry al 
Pump al. W fr Spafford bel Shippen 
Putnam st. fr Front to 2d bet Oxford & Mont- 

Quarry ct. N of 2513 Callowhill 

Quarry st. AV fr 146 N 2d to 146 N 3d 

Queen av. S fr 336 Queen 

Queen's ct. fr r 933 Federal 

Queen's ct. W fr 844 Lawrence 

Queen st. bet Catharine & Christian W fr the 

Delaware to 6th 
Queen st. E fr Ridge av ab RR Bridge Falls 
Queen st. AV fr 4658 Germantown av 
Queen, see Richmond 
Queen's av. see Morton av 
Quigg's ct. see Ezra pi 
Quigg's ct. see Palisade pi 
Quigg's row, see Manhattan pi 
Quigg's ct. N f r 7 Vine 
Quigg s ct. AV fr Beach n Norris 
Quince st. S fr 1112 Walnut to 1119 Lombard 

Race St. AV fr Del to Schuyl N of Arch 

Rachel's row, E fr 493 Diliw3'n 

Rachel st. N fr 149 Brown to Laurel 

Radford's row, fr 13th & Shippen to Fitzwater 

Radnor st. Ridge av n 23d 

Rafferty ct. N fr Carpenter bet 8th & 9th 

Railroad st. S fr Dauphin W of Frankford av 

Railroad ct. see Osbec pi 

Rainbow st. AV fr Blair bel Otis 

Ralston st. bet Hamilton & Penn;> av & 22d 

Ralston's St. AV fr 413 S 13lh to Juniper bel Pine 

Ralston's ct see Kildare pi 

Ram's ct. AV fr Lackawanna ab Master 

Randall's ct. AV from Duponceau ab Locust 

Randolph av S fr 730 Race 

Randolph st. N from 513 Brown 

Randolph st. N AV fr Trenton av ab Clearfield 

Randolph, see Kiel 

Randolph's ct. see Pembroke pi 

Ransom pi. (Smith's ct.) E fr 259 N 5th 

Ranstead pi. AV fr 32 S 4th 

Raspberry st. S fr 920 AValnut to Spruce 

Raspberry la. see Hatton pi 

Ratclifie av. (Pleasant av.) N fr 725 Lombard 

Rawle St. E fr 827 N 6th to Lawrence 

Ray's av. AV fr 18 Marston 

Reading R R & av AV fr Del river 

Read's av. AV fr 714 Fallon 

Reakiit's ct. S fr George ab 2d 

Reaney's ct. E fr Fitler ab 2d, K 

Reckless st. fr 955 S Front to Otsego 

Reckless av AV fr 912 Otsego 

Reckless ct. see Sheldon pi 

Redwood st. AV fr 1212 S 3d to 6th bel Federal 

Reese st. N fr 517 Dauphin 

Reed av. see Ridley av 

Reed st. AV fr Del river bel AVharton 

Reed's ct. see Melville pi 

Reeve's ct. AV fr Palm bel Parrish 

Reeves' row, S fr Catharine along Schuylkill 

Reeves st. E fr 303 N 21st 

Refuge pi. fr Lawrence ab Thompson 

Register pi. (Reid's ct.) N fr 1221 Catharine 



Reice st. fr Dauphin bet 5th & 6th 

Reid's av. W fr 712 Fallon bet Sth & 9th 

Eeid's ct. see Fairfax 

Reid's ct. see Percy pi 

Reid's ct. see Register pi 

ReifiTs av E fr 1 122 N Front 

Reindeer pi. s^e Newport pi 

Relief al. see Stnpleton 

Relief pi. S fr 114 Relief st 

Relief St. fr 510 S Front to 511 S 2d 

Relief pi. see Maynard pi 

Rementer al. (Prospect al.) E fr 41 N 10th 

Renchler pi. see Pendennis pi 

Reno St. Wfr 810 N 16th 

Rentshler's pi. see Colchester pi 

Rentshler st. S fr 1118 Coates to 1119 Melon 

Rex av. S W fr Main, C H 

Rex's ct. W fr Marshall bel Poplar 

Rex's ct. see Clyde 

Rhoades st. fr 406 N 18th to 19th 

Rice St. N fr 1105 Shippen 

Richard st. W fr S 16th ab Lombard to 421 S 17th 

Richard, see Nassau 

Richardson's ct. N fr 4.31 Race 

Richie st. N fr 1336 Catharine 

Richland pi. (Smith's ct.) N fr Allison pi ab Arch 

r N Front 
Richmond st. (Linden & Queen) E & N fr 1041 N 

Richmond la. see Ann 
Rickard's ct. fr George ab 2d 
Ridge ar. N W f r c Vine & 9th 
Ridgway's row, Callowhill ab "William 
Ridgway's ct. N fr Torr ab 9th 
Ridley av. (Reed av.) N fr 1419 Vienna 
Rigler's ct. fr Frankford av bel Girard av 
Rihl's St. S fr 1539 Palmer bel Frankford av, R 
Rihl's ct. see Ripton pi 
Rihl's ct. see Stratton pi 
Riley's ct. S fr 306 Emmet 
Riley st. W fr Ridge av bel Green la 
Rinder pi. S fr Marriott's la bel Passyunk av 
Ringgold St. N fr Pratt to Brown n 24th 
Ringgold St. fr 1007 S Sth to 1006 S 7th 
Ringgold pi. N fr Watt bel Pine 
Ringgold St. S fr Brown W of William 
Ringgold pi. see Archbold pi 
Ringgold pi. W fr 420 S 19th 
Ringgold, see Whitney 

Rio Grande pi. E fr Moya av ab Washington av 
Ripley pi. (Smith's ct.) W fr 20 S 16th 
Ripton pi. (Rihl's ct.) W fr 942 N 3d 
Rising Sun la. W fr 3246 Germantown av 
Ristine st. (James st.) fr Maple to 810 Mackinaw 
Ritner, see Latimer 
Ritmeyer's ct. E fr 229 S 2d 
Rittenhouse sq. W fr 18th ab Spruce 
Rittenhouse st. W fr Germantown av ab Centre 

township line 
Rittenhouse st. fr 258 S 17th to 20th 
Rittenhouse. see Palmetto 
Ritter St. N E fr 910 Norris 
River st. W fr river Schuyl to Lane av, W P 
Roach's ct. S fr Savery ab Wildey 
Rober's ct. N fr Mead ab Front 
Robert's ct. see Felton 
Robert's ct. see Nescopeck pi 
Robertson, see Cohocksink 
Robertson ct. S fr 813 Callowhill 
Robertson st. N fr Jefferson ab 13th 
Robeson st. E fr Main bet Mechanic and Penn, 

Robeson's ct. W fr 974 N Del av 
Robin av. (Russell av.) E fr Russell bel Shippen 
Robinson's al. S fr 1620 Lombard 

Robinson's ct. fr 5th bel Poplar to Parrish fr 7th 

Robinson, see Amboy 
Robinson, see Cohocksink 
Robinson, see Perth 
Robinson ct. see Crampton pi 
Robinson's ct. see Layton pi 
Robinson's ct. see Sidmouth pi 
Rochford st. (Montgomery st.) W fr 19th to 20th 

bel Buttonwood 
Rock St. (Carter's al.) E f r N 13th n Wood 
Rockdale pi. (Smith's ct.) N fr 629 Lombard 
Rockhill pi (Harrison ct ) E fr 1071 Gtn av 
Rockland st. (Garden) W fr 35th bet Haverford 

& Bridge 
Roderick pi. (Norris ct.) N fr Carpenter n 4th 
Rodger's ct. r 12 Emlen's ct 
Rodger's ct. S fr Steward bel Christian 
Rodman st (Bonsall, Washington, Ann, Owen) 

W fr 516 S 9th to 517 S Broad 
Rodney st. W fr 18th bel Pine 
Roger's ct. N fr Marriott bel 5th 
Roger's ct. N fr 211 Pegg 
Rollins' row, Brinton st E fr 13th 
Ronaldson st fr 932 South to 925 Shippen 
Roney's ct. W fr St John n Cohocksink creek 
Roney's ct. W fr 956 St John 
Rope Ferry rd. fr Girard School h to Schuylkill 
Rosberrj' st. N fr Haverford, W P 
Rose, see Blanche 
Rose, see Vanhorn 
Rose al. N fr 1009 Locust 

Rose St. (Vanhorn) N E fr Gtn av bet Otter & 2d 
Rose St. W fr 710 S 13th 
Rose St. S fr Market ab 40th 
Rose ct. from N 2d n Market 
Rose al. see Peel 
Ross av. W fr 23d ab South 
Ross ct. see Dodge pi 
Ross ct. see Swartz pi 
Ross ct. S fr Concord ab 2d 
Ross St. fr Richmond to Wildey E & W, E K 
Rowland's ct. S fr 724 Filbert 
Roxbury pi. S fr Stanley to German ab 3d 
Roxbury ct. S fr 638 Shippen 
Ruan St. fr Main to Paul, bel Church, Fkd 
Rubican's pi. N fr 927 Noble 
Ruby pi. (Rule's ct.) E fr 743 S 5th 
Rudolph's av. S fr 730 Race 
Rugan St. fr 917 Callowhill to Noble 
Rule st. W fr Lancaster to Wheat 
Rule's ct. see Ruby pi 
Rule's pi. E fr 741 S 5th 
Rundy st. E fr 16th be! Spruce 
Rupert pi (Linden ct.) W fr 518 N 3d 
Rush st E fr Fkd av, bel William 
Russell's {IV. r 1541 Parrish 
Russell St. fr 832 Shippen to 827 Fitzwater 
Russell av. see Robin av 
Russell ct. see Dove pi 
Russell's ct. see Loomis pi 
Russell's pi. S fr 1528 Lombard 
Rutledge pi. (Union pi.) N fr Union ab Front 
Rutter's ct. N fr 205 Federal, bet 2d & Moya av 
Ryan's ct. S fr 422 Christian 
Ryan's pi. S fr 416 Christian 
Rye st. fr 211 Marion to Reed ab 2d 
Rye, see Timothy 
Ryle St. N fr Columbia av to Palmer, K 

Sabine pi (Warner's ct.) S fr Stanley to German 
Sabula pi. (Lemon pi.) N fr 809 Mackinaw 
Sacramento av. (Shackamaxon av.) fr 222 Wildey 
Saffin pi. (Ogden ct.) S fr 904 Ogden 
Sager pi. N fr 1911 Cuthbert 



I— '• 







Salem al. W fr 12th ab Lombard 
Salmon st. N fr Gunner's Run ab Richmond 
Salvia pi. (Temperance et.) fr 925 Rodman 
Salway st. S fr Crabb to Passyunk av 
Sampar pi (South et.) E fr 1025 S 5th 
Sanders ct. E fr 1031 St John 
Sanderson ct. E fr Elizabeth bel Parrish 
Sansom st. (George fr 9th to Schuylkill river) W 

fr 120 S 6th to Schuylkill river 
Sansom s al. see Belrose 

Sarah st. fr Queen, K, n Frankford av to Wildey 
Saranak st. AV fr Rye to Moyamensing av 
Sargent pi. AV fr Frankford av ab Cumberland 
Sartain st. (Margaretta st.) N fr 1132 Poplar to 

Girard av 
Sassafras al. see Mulberrv al 

Sauer's ct. E fr 1413 Miffliu bet Master and Jef- 
Savannah ct. fr Beach bet AVarren & Vienna 
Savery st. (Union ct.) fr 319 AA'ildey to Fkd av 
Sawyer's ct. E fr 839 Green ab Pine 
Say's al. fr Cherry to AValnut AV of 13th 
Say's al. see Cowslip 
Say's ct. see Orion 
Saybolt's ct. N fr 221 Noble 
Saxon pi. (Pierce ct.) E fr S 4th ab German 
Seattergood ct. see Muskingum pi 
Schaflfer st. fr Centre to Haines. E Gtn av, Gtn 
Scheaff's st. AV fr 12th bet Market & Arch 
Schell St. (Mechanic) S fr 830 Vine to Maple 
Scheme (A''ine al.) fr N 13th to Broad ab A'ine 
Schlessinger's ct. E f r N 3d bet Poplar & Beaver 
Schofield's ct. S fr 200G Lombard 
School St. E fr 859 Lawrence 
School St. AV fr 4800 Gtn av bel Mill, Gtn 
Schoolhouse av. S fr Chestnut n 35th 
School St. S fr Church, Bdg 
School, see McGrath 
School, see Sites 
School av. see Eliza av 
School av. see lona av 
Schoolhouse al. E fr 418 N 23d 
Schoolhouse av. bet Chestnut & AValnut 
Schrader's ct. AV fr 1028 Lawrence 
Schryer's ct. S fr AVillow ab 8th 
Schuylkill av. see Goshen av 
Schuylkill rd. X fr Permanent Bridge, AV P 
Sciota pi. (\''ine al.) fr N 10th ab AMne 
Sciota St. N fr Eagle AV fr Lane, av, AV P 
Scipio pi. (Leiper ct.) (see Benezet) E fr 43 N 11th 
Scott St. AV fr 908 N 19th 
Scott's al. see Cuba pi 
Scott's al. see Henrietta av 
Scott's ct. see Colebrook pi 
Scott's ct. see Priscilla pi 
Scott's pi. see Lorian pi 

Scranton pi. (AVarren's ct.) N fr 613 Filbert 
Sear's st. fr 1312 S 6th to 7th bel AVharton 
Se-iton pi. (Mintz«r ct.) E fr 427 S 2d 
Second st. N & S fr Market W of Front 
Sedgwick st. (Swanson ct. now Swanwick) fr 606 

Sansom to 613 AValnut 
Seiser's ct. see Pedee pi 
Seller's ct. N fr Carlton ab 13th 
Sellers st. Frankford 
Selfridge st. N fr 1711 Fitzwater 
Seifridge ct. N fr 1233 Shippen 
Selvisa pi. (Lee's ct.) AA'' fr St John ab Coates 
Seiser's ct. r 111 Bread 
Senate st. from 722 S Front to 727 S 2d 
Seneca ct AV fr 454 Belrose n Noble 
Seneca st. S fr Lancaster av, AV P 
SennefiF st. AV fr 23d to Beach bel Chestnut 
SennefiFav. AV fr 640 Andress 
Senniff's ct. N fr Sansom ab 23d 

Sepviva st. N of Vienna, E of Frankford av 
Sergeant st. (Castle 10th to 11th) fr 218 N 9th to 

217 N 11th 
Sergeant, see Serrill 

Serrill st. (Sergeant) AV fr Fkd av ab Cumberland 
Seubert's ct. E fr 1649 Gtn av ab Oxford 
Seventeenth st. N & S fr market AV of 16th 
Seventh st. N & S fr Market AV of 6th 
Seville pi. (Young's pi.) N fr 235 Queen 
Seybert st. E & AV f r 16th ab Thompson 
Seybold's ct. fr Noble ab 3d 
•Seymour st. AV fr Plank rd be! Manheim 
Shackamaxon st. fr the Delaware to Frankford av 

bet Sarah & Crease 
Shackamaxon av. see Sacramento av 
Shaefer's ct. see Tyrone pi 
Shafer's av. see Shelburne av 
Shafer's ct. see Sharon's pi 
Shaffer st. N fr 304 Centre, Gtn 
Shafer's ct. see Shaw pi 
Shaker's ct. see Springfield pi 
Shaker's al. bet 12th & 13th Shippen & Bedford 
Shamokin st. (Church) fr 22d to 23d ab Callowhill 
Shane's ct. N fr Catharine ab 12th 
Sharkey's al. fr 1208 Bedford 
Sharon pi. (Shafer's ct.) E fr 321 Garden 
Sharp's av. S fr Canby bel 13th 
Sharpless st. (Church av.) E fr Juniper ab Locust 
Sharpless ct. see AVoodville pi 
Sharpnack st. E fr 5401 Germantown av 
Sharswood st. AV fr Ridge av bel Jefferson 
Shaw pi. fr Ridge av ab 13th 
Sheaff's al. AV fr 222 N 11th to N 12th 
Shekinah av. fr Kerr N of Culvert 
Shelburne av. (Shafer's av.) fr 420 Cherry 
Shelby pi. AV fr Broad ab Coates 
Sheldon pi. AV fr 936 S Front 
Shellbark st. (AA''alnut al.) fr N 13th to 143 N 


Sherborne's ct. S fr Poplar bel 6th 

Shern's ct. AV fr 1330 N 2d 

Sherker's al. S fr 534 Shippen 

Sherry's ct. E fr 1413 Germantown av 

Shield St. fr Front to 2d, bet Almond & Catharine 

Shield's al. see Aurora 

Shield's al. see Breese 

Shield's ct. S fr Relief al bet Front & 2d 

Shield's ct. N fr 1233 Catharine 

Shiker's av. bet Mulvaney & Fawn bel Colum. av 

Shingle row, AV fr 1310 N 2d 

Shippen ct. see Tramont pi 

Shippen la. see Copper pi 

Shippen pi. see Beverly pi 

Shippen st. fr 700 S Delaware av to Schuylkill S 

of South 
Shirker's al. S fr Bedford to Shippen bet 5lh & 6th 
Shirley st. (Charles) fr 1811 Coates to AVylie 
Shively's av. E fr 819 Duane 
Shock St. (Taylor si.) fr 2026 Filbert 
Shoemaker ct. AV fr 705 Brooks 
Shoemaker's ct. see Audubon pi 
Shoemaker's ct. see Shelby pi 
Shoemaker's st. E fr 15 S 8th to Layman pi 
Shoemaker's la. E fr 4678 Germantown av 
Short's ct. E fr 209 N 12th 
Shot well pi. r 1225 Lawrence 
Shur's la. AV fr Toll Gate, Main, Myk, to R av 
Sidmouth pi. (Robinson's ct.) N fr 1829 Spruce 
Sidmouth st. (AVistar) S fr 710 AVnshiugton av 
Sidney la. N fr 825 Federal AV of Pas.=yunk av 
Sibert st. S fr AA'harton bet 10th & 11th 
Siegel St. AV fr 1826 S Front bel McClellan 
Silbert st. S fr 1028 AVharton 
Silma pi. (Lee's ct.) fr 1916 Hamilton 



Silver st. (Lawrence st.) W fr 22 N 12th & fr ISth 

to 24tli 
Silver's ct. S fr 428 Walnut 
Silvia pi. (Pleis ct.) S fr 318 Poplar 
Simes st. fr 21st to 24tli (or Beach) S of Market 
Simes' ct. N fr 637 Lombard 
Simmon's ct. see Almont pi 
Simmon's ct. see Victoria pi 
Simpson's ct. see Moss Rose pi 
Simpson's ct. r. 118 Catharine 
Singler's row, W. fr 1310 N 2d ab Columbia av 
Sites St. (School st.) fr 160 Girard to Otter 
Sixteenth st. N and S fr Market W of 15th 
Sixth st, N and S fr Market TV of 5th 
Sixth St. N and S of Bridge W fr 5th, "W P 
Sixth St. av. W fr 1332 Randolph 
Skerrett's ct. S fr 908 Aurora 
Skill's pi. S fr 840 S 3d 
Sloan st. fr Lancaster pike to Market, W P 
Slossman st. fr 929 N 3d 
Slumb la. fr 1430 Columbia av 
Small St. W fr S 5th bel South 
Smaltz av. N fr 1531 Cabot 
Smethurst pi. (Watt's ct) E from 531 N 24th 
Smith's al. see Lavinia 
Smith's av. see Buckeye av 
Smith's av. see Huron av 
Smith's av. N fr 1339 Olive 
Smith's ct. see Amanda pi 
Smith's ct. see Andover pi 
Smith's ct. see Belinda pi 
Smith's pi. see Clarissa pi 
Smith's ct. see Clementine pi 
Smith's ct. see Crocus pi 
Smith's ct. see Crocus pi 
Smith's ct. see Dunleith pi 
Smith's ct. see Elvira pi 
Smith's ct. see Jerusalem pi 
Smith's ct. see Oakford pi. 
Smith's ct. see Olivia pi 
Smith's ct. see Prescott pi 
Smith's ct. see Sanson pi 
Smith's ct. see Refuge pi 
Smith's ct. see Richland pi 
Smith's ct. see Ripley pi 
Smith's ct. see Rockdale pi 
Smith's ct. see Utiea pi 
Smith's ct. S fr 516 Marriott 
Smith's ct. E fr St John n Globe Mill 
Smith's ct. jST fr 639 Lombard 
Smith's ct. S fr 1122 Lombard 
Smith's ct. W fr Philip ab Oxford 
Smith's ct. S fr 1210 Rose 
Snider's ct. E fr 1309 Rye bel Wharton 
Snyder's al. W fr Richmond to Fisher, R 
Snyder's ct. S fr Pearl ab 12th 
Snyder's pi. E fr 23d ab Race 
Sober's al. N fr 415 Walnut 
Solladay ct. N from Ann bel Melvale 
Somers ct. W fr 840 S 2d ab Christian 
Somerset ct. W fr Richmond ab R R Road 
Somerset st. N fr Haverford, W P 
Sommer's pi. f r 5 S 37th 

Sommer's st. E & W Lane pike ab Morrison, W P 
Sonora st. (Leiner al.) iST fr 1009 Morgan 
Sophia St. (William st.) S fr 134 Edward 
Sorrel st. W fr Bank to Melvale st, R 
Souder st. (Wayne) E fr 407 S 10th 
South av. see Dahlia av 
South av. see Daisy av 
South ct. see Narcissus pi 
South ct. see Sampler pi 
South College av. W fr Ridge av to 24th 
South Penn Square (Olive) W fr Juniper to 15th 
South Row, see Lower pi. 

South st. S of Lombard fr Delaware to Schuylkill 

Southampton ct. E fr Levant bel Pear 

Southworth, see Eneu 

Sower's ct. 5th ab Master 

Sowers ct. ab 1419 Mifflin 

Spafford st. fr Bedford to 619 Fitzwater 

Sparton st. (Centre) fr 38th to Park, W P 

Spear st. W fr 4th ab Moore 

Spence's ct. S fr 2052 Lombard 

Spencer pi. (Wistar's ct.) S fr 231 Lybrand 

Speilburger's ct. W fr 1531 Uancock bel Oxford 

Spink's (James) row, Oxford ab 5th 

Spink's row, bet 10th and 11th n Federal 

Spooner's av. W fr 1114 St John 

Spooner's ct. E fr 20 Barron 

Spragg's av. see Clematis av 

Spring al. W fr Germantown av, Gtn 

Spring St. fr Church to Wall bel Unity, Fkd 

Spring st. W fr 16th bet Race & Vine 

Spring St. N E from Somerset ab Thompson 

Spring st. N fr Magnet bel Green la, Myk 

Spring Garden st. (Morris fr Broad) fr 518 jST 6th 

to Fairmount bet Buttonwood and Green 
Spring Garden Retreat, see Potosi Retreat 
Springett st. fr 20th to 21st bel Coates 
Springfield pi. (Shafer's ct.) E fr X 4th bel Culvert 
Springmill ct. E fr 415 N 24th ab Linn 
Spruce st. fr Delaware to Schuylkill bet Walnut 

and Pine 
Square st. fr 1311 Pi,ye to Corn bet Wyoming & 

St. Andrew's st. fr 22d to Broad bet Hunter & 

St. Anthony st. n Nixon 
St. David st. S fr Vine ab 23d 
St. David av. W fr St David st ab 23d 
St. George's al. see Balch st 
St. James, see Commerce 
St. James's ct. see Marengo pi 
St. John's pi. see Nahant pi 
St. John's st. fr 215 Vine to Gtn av 
St. John's ct. E. fr 723 St John bel Brown 

St. Joseph's av. fr 38 S 17th to 37 S 18th 

St. Mary's st. fr 522 S 6th W to 517 S 18th 

St. Mary's al. op 29 Gilles al ab South 

St. Mary's al. see Lisbon 

St. Omar pi. (Philip's pi.) fr 1738 Lombard 

St. Paul's av. E fr 771 S 7th 

St. Stephen's pi. S fr 920 Market 

Stackhouse ct. see Plynlimmon pi. 

Stamper st. fr 418 S 2d to S 3d 

Stanbury pi. (Mohre's ct.) W fr Weaver 

Stanley st. fr 734 S 3d to 731 S 4th 

Stanton pi. (Moffit ct.) W fr 2d ab Oxford 

Stapleton st. (Relief al.) S fr Carter st to Dock 

Starr al S fr 524 Race to 529 Cherry 

State St. W from 260 N loth to 16th ab Race 

State St. to Green E fr Till 

State, see Medina 

State, see Perot 

Steadman st. (Warren st.) from Dean to Quince 

Steam Mill al. E fr 447 St John ab Willow 

Stearly's ct. W fr 620 Hermitage 

Steck's ct. fr 916 New Market to Rachel ab Poplar 

Steel's ct. Sfr410 Shipj^en 

Steel's ct. see Catawba pi 

Steel's ct. see Cove pi 

Steel's ct. see Lima pi 

Steimecht ct. S fr Oxford bel Cadwalader 

Steiman's ct. E fr 1419 Randolph 

Steiner (Preston) N fr 931 AVallace 

Steinmetz ct. see Kenwood pi 

Steinmetz ct. see La Harpe pi 

Steinmetz ct. see Lenox pi 

Steinmetz pi. S fr Market bet 34th and 35th 






o <j 










• r-H 

















sterling, see Il.impden 

Sterling al. see Hillsdale 

Sterling st. S fr Sliippen to Fitzwater bel Ifith 

Stevenson's et. E fr 5th bet Christinn & Marriott 

Steward st. S fr Fitzwater to Christian ab 9th 

Ste^rard's ct. S fr G16 South 

Steward's ct. fr 144 Shippen 

Steward's ct. N fr 1437 Shippen 

Steward's al. see Ilatton pi 

Steward's ct. see Gnlena pi 

Steward's ct. see Greenock pi 

Steward pi. see Ilamstead pi 

Stewart's ct. see Greenville pi 

Stiles ct. see Elba pi 

Stiles ct see Gallatin pi. 

Stiles St. AY f r 1232 N 11th bet Girard av and 

Stiltz's et. see Eshner pi 
Stocker St. S fr Carpenter ab 18th 
Stockton St. (Orleans) S fr Kemble to 1233 

Stokes ct. S fr 422 Pascal al 
Stokes ct. E fr 245 Chester 
Stone St. W fr 410 S loth to 415 S 16th 
Story St. N of Haverford st Vf fr 33d 
Stoy's ct. fr 1106 Beach to Richmond N & S ab 

Strangford pi N fr 225 Christian 
Stratton pi. (Rihl's ct.) N fr Poplar bel 2d 
Strou's ct 5th ah Catharine 
Strahan's ct. W fr Flower 
Stranahan's ct. S fr 734 Shippen 
Stratford pi. (Poplar ct.) fr Rose al to Miles st 
Stratton's ct. E fr 1315 Hancock 
Strauss ct. W fr 802 S 6th 
Strawberry st fr 214 M.arket to 213 Chestnut 
Streper's ct. E fr 1003 Charlotte n Beaver 
Strickland st. (Penn st.) E & W fr Lancaster av 
Struthers st (Marion) W fr 258 N 12th to 13th 
Stump la. see Portage pi 

Suffolk St. (Larch) W fr 1028 S 8th to 1031 S 9th 
Sullivan st. E fr Washington, Gtn 
Summer st. Ridge av bel High, Rox 
Summer st. W fr 16th S of Vine 
Summer, see Autumn 
Summer, see Ernst 
Summer, see Poulson 
Summers ct. see Placid pi 
Sunnnerfield pi. N fr 329 Geeen 

Suinmerville pi. (Laurence ct.) AV from Penn ab 

Summit st. E fr Germantown av, Chestnut Hill 

Summit, see Sutton 

Sun ct. S fr Ogden ab 9th 

Surrey pi. (Pleis^ ct.) E fr 1009 St John 

Susiuina St. E fr Richmond st ab York 

Susquehanna av. W fr 2d bet Diamond &, Daupbin 

Sussex St. (Onk) S fr Graff to Sbenff's al. bel 12th 

Sutton St. (Summit ct.) W fr 1432 N 5th 

Sutton ct r 602 S 6th 

Sutton's ct. W fr Beach bel Palmer 

Sutherland st. N f r 125 Christian to Queen 

Sutherland av. see Hume's av 

Swain's ct. N fr 23.0 Christian 

Swain st. W fr 15th ab Coates 

Swanson st. S fr 14 South to the Navy Yard 

Swanson ct. AV fr Swanson bet Queen & Christian 

Swanwick st. S fr 606 Sansom to 613 Walnut 

Swanwick, see Sedgwick 

Swarthmore pi. E fr 23] N 2d bet Race & 'Vine 

Swartz pi. (Rose et.) N fr 233 Catharine 

Swedes' ct. see Little Belt pi 

Sweeney's ct. N fr 519 Shippen 

Sycamore st. S fr 1334 Walnut to 1329 Spruce 

Sycamore, see Transcript 

Sylvester St. W fr 1626 S 5th bel Tasker 
Sylvester av. near 4Sth, AV P 
Sylvia pi. r 318 Poplar 

Tacony st, Frankford 

Tan lane, Frankford 

Tanama av. r 241 S 20th 

Tamarind st. fr 115 Green to 108 Coates 

Tagert st. N E f r 924 E Norris 

Tammany ct. S fr 416 Buttonwood 

Tanis ct. E fr Water & N fr South, Schuylkill 

Taney st. (Minor st.) N fr Coates n Fairmount 
Tangier pi. (AA'ashington ct.) N fr 643 Lombard 

Tanner st. N fr 415 Wharton to Mcllwain 
Tappan pi. (Marble pi.) N fr 709 Green 

Tariff pi AV fr 10th bel Noble 

Tasker st. (Franklin st.) AV fr Moyamensing av 
bel Greenwich 

Tatlow St. E fr 425 N 19th & AV fr 426 N 18th 
bet Pennsylvania av & Hamilton 

Taylor st N fr Coates bet Hare & Brown 

Taylor st E fr Frankford av ab York 

Taylor, see Shock 

Taylor av. see Inglis 

Taylor's ct. see Avon pi 

Taylor's ct. see Cordova pi 

Taylor's ct. see Halleck pi 

Taylor's et. E fr A'aughan ab Locust 

Taylor's ct. S fr 2210 Xaudain 

Taylor's ct. E&AV fr 712 S 3d . 

Taylor's pi. see Keturah pi 

Taylor st. fr 1514 S 8th to Passyunk av bel 

Taylor av. fr 2436 Brown 

Teas' ct. S fr Olive ab 13th 

Tecumseh pi (Lawrence pi.) N fr Julianna 

Temperance st. fr Cherry to Race bet 15th &, 16th 

Temperance ct. see Salvia pi 

Temperance pi. see Bennevillepl 

Temple, see Bethwick 

Temple St. AV fr 1017 S 12th 

Temple st fr 12th to 13th ab Washington av 

Ten feet al. N fr 633 Middle al to 626 Barclay 

Tenor pi. (Lombard ct.) AV fr 416 S 4th 

Tenth st. N & S of Market W of 9th 

Test's av. E fr Dunton bel Girard av 

Thiele'sct. S f r 252 Poplar 

Third St. N & S of Market W of 2d 

Third St. N & S of Bridge 

Thirteenth st. N & S of Market AV of 12tli 

Thirtieth st. N <fe S f r Market 

Thirty-first st. N & S fr Market, AV P 

Thirty-second st. N & S fr M;irket, AV P 

Thirty-third st. N fr Darby rd to Girard av 

Thirty-fourth st. N <t S f r Market, AV P 

Thirty-fifth st. N fr Market (AV P) to Girard av 

Thirty-sixth st. N & S from M.irket. AV P 

Thirty-seventh st. N & S f r Market, AV P 

Thirty-eighth st. (Mary st) N & S fr Market 

Thirty-ninth st N A S fr Market to Lancaster av 

Thomas av. AV fr New Market ab Poplar 

Thomas' al. see Marmora 

Thomas' ct. S fr 1016 Hamilton 

Thomas st S fr Green to Tacony, Fkd 

Thompson's ct. see Maddox pi 

Thompson st. (Phoenix fr tJtn av to Frankford 
av Duke fr Frankford av to Norris) AV fr Dela- 
ware ab Girard av 

Thompson's av. fr Gay to Oak, Myk 

Thompson's pi. S f r 28 Race 

Thorn's ct. N fr 1111 Melon 

Thorn's ct. see A'^ienna 

Thome's ct. see AVade pi 

Thorn's al. E fr Rose al ab Locust & ab Tenth 

Thorp's la. N fr Germantown av, C Hill 



Thurlow St. (Orange) "W fr lltli to 13th bel Cath- 
Thuron st. N fr Diamond E of Germanto-wn av 
Tidmarsh, see Carpenter 
Tiernan st. N fr 140.3 Reed 
Tilden pi. (Lawrence ct.) W fr 542 Chatham 
Tilshman st. (Venango st.) W fr Till bel Pratt, 

W P 
Till (or 40th) st. N & S f r Market, W P 
Tiller's ct. B fr Vaughan bet Walnut & Locust 
Tiltonst. N fr Cumberland ab Salmon 
Timber la. fr Frankford av ab Shackamaxon to 

Turner's la. 
Times ct. N fr 925 Rodman 
Times pi. E fr Chatham bel Green 
Timmin'sct E fr 8th bel Christian 
Timothy st. (Rye st.) S fr Graff into Madison 
Tin al. S of Walnut E of Broad 
Tioga st. bet Venango & Ontario AV fr Richmond 

to 22d, Kenderton 
Tisdale pi. (Oliver pi.) fr Christian to Marriott 

bel 3d 
Tivoli pi. (Laurel ct.) r of Levant ab Spruce 
Tood St. N fr Oxford ab Frankford av 
Toland st. bet Race &, Cherry E of 20th 
Tomlin's ct. E fr Rachel n Laurel 
Ton al. fr 130 S Delaware av to 119 Water 
Toronto st. (Warren st.) W fr 33d N of Market 
Toronto st. (Palm st.) E fr Melvale ab Ann 
Torphin st. S fr Tioga E of Richmond, R 
Torr's ct. N fr 907 Torr 

Torr St. fr 336 N 9th W to Ridge av S of Callow- 
Tottenham pi. (Morgan's ct.) S fr Carpenter ab 

Tower pi. (Monmouth ct.) S fr 108 Jones al 
Tower st. W fr 20th to 22d ab Arch 
Tower st. N fr Cedar ab Apple, Myk 
Tower's ct. see Conestoga pi 
Townsend st. E of Sepiva to Cedar 
Townsend's av. see Cozzen's av 
Transcript st. (Sycamore st.) W fr Eadline, W P 
Traquair's ct. E fr 16 N 10th 
Treaty av. (Penna. av) N fr 922 N 7th 
Treft's ct. E fr 1349 Ha,ncock bel Master 
Treller's st. W fr Front ab Morris 
Tremont pi. (Shippen ct.) S fr Pearl ab 12th 
Trent pi. (Moore's ct.) W fr 620 Weaver 
Trenton av. N fr Harrison ab Fkd av, K & R 
Trinity pi S fr 222 Catharine 
Trinity pi. see Calvin pi 
Trotter st. N fr Norris bel Front 
Trotter's al. fr 34 S 2d W to Strawberry 
Trout St. (Pine al.) W fr Barrow to 611 S 4th 
Truxton st. S fr 1204 Aurora to Budd bet Spruce 

& Pine & Dean &, 12th 
Tryon st. AV fr 21st bet Lombard & South to 22d 
Tucker st. E fr Memphis, S of Lehigh av 
Tudor St. (Charles st.) S fr 722 Dickerson st 
Tudor' s ct. N fr Marriott ab 7th 
Tulip st N fr Palmer E fr Sepiva 
Tully pi. (Perry ct ) N fr South n 13th 
Tulpehocken st. W fr 5150 Germantown av, Gtn 
Turner st. see Kauffman 
Turner's ct. see Viningpl 
Turner's ct. S fr 726 Lombard 
Turner's la. S W f r Ridge av ab Girard College 
Twaddell'set. N fr Barker bel 19th 
Twelfth St. N & S fr Market, AV of 11th 
Twelve feet al. S fr 508 Shippen 
Twentieth st. N & S fr Market, W of 19th 
Twenty-first St. N & S f r Market W of 20th 
Twenty-second st. N & S fr Market W of 21st 
Twenty-third st. N & S fr Market W of 22d 
Twenty-fourth st. N & S fr Market W of 23d 

Twentv-fifth st. N fr Callowhill to Coates W of 
24th, S fr Locust to South 

Twenty-sixth st. N fr Coates AV of 25th 

Twenty-seventh st. N fr Coates AV of 26th 

Tyler st. N fr 911 Thompson 

Tyler st. W fr Faulkner to 4th bel Carpenter 

Tyler, see Percy 

Tyrone pi. (Shaefer's ct.) S fr Rawle E of Law- 

Tyson st. N fr 6th E of Germantown av 

Uffenheimer's av. N fr 229 Poplar 

Uber St. N fr 1923 Columbia av 

Ulrich row, AV fr 2d ab Thompson 

Ulrick's al. N fr 433 Coates to 444 Maria 

Unadilla st. S fr Crabb to Passyunk av 

Union, see Gilboa 

Union, see Savery 

Union al. see Norfolk 

Union ct. see Accomac pi 

Union ct. see Pensive pi 

Union pi. see Morality pi 

Union pi. see Rutledge pi 

Union pi. see AVadsworth pi 

Union st. AV fr 326 S Front to 329 S 4th 

Union St. fr S P RR AV fr 36th, AV P 

Unity ct. S fr 16 Mintzer st 

Unity st. Frankford 

Upshur av. (Liberty av.) E fr 322 New Market 

Urbanna pi. (Liberty ct.) W fr 10 N 9th 

Utica pi. (Smith's ct.) AV fr 414 Fothergill 

Vail's ct. fr Pearl n 22d 
Vail's pi. see Nineveh pi 
A^aleria, W fr 816 N 16th 
Valles pi. S fr 225 German 
Valley ct. E fr 105 Eutaw 
A^an Blunk's ct. N fr Marriott ab 5th 
Van Buren ct. AV fr 1532 Cadwalader 
A"au Buren pi. see Paley pi 
Vandeveer st. (AVatson's al.) S fr 928 Locust 
Vanhorn st. W fr 24th bel Pennsylvania RR 
Vanhorn st. (Rose st.) fr Gtn av^to 1071 Stiles 
A^asey st. (Lemon st.) AV fr 334 S 17th 
A''aughan st. fr 1512 AValnut to 1519 Locust 
A''enango st. W fr Delaware N of Tioga 
A''enango st. fr Gtn av to Broad, Rising Sun 
A'enango st S E from Adrian, Richmond 
A^^enango, see Arizona 
Venango, see Tilghmai^pl 
Vermont pi. (Liberty av.) W fr 964 N 7th 
Vernon st. fr 820 N 10th to 821 N 11th 
A''ernon, see Annapolis 
Vernon pi. see Lichfield pi 
Verree st. fr Frankford av to Otis 
Vicker's ct. N fr Barker ab 17th 
Vienna st. fr Richmond to Frankford av bet Mont- 
gomery av & Otis 
Vienna pi. (Thorn's ct.) W fr 9th bel Coates 
Vincent st. S fr 206 Green 
Vincent st. (Lily al.) N fr 1207 Buttonwood 
Vine st. frthe Delaware to Schuylkill bet Race & 

Vine al. see Sciota pi 
A''ine ct. see Elsin pi 
Vine's ct. N fr 1118 Vine 
A^neyard st. AV fr 1720 Ridge av to N 19th 
Vining pi. (Turner's ct.) N fr 237 Catharine 
Virginia st. W fr 22d to 24th ab Coates 
Vista st. S fr Locust ab Rittenhouse sq 
Voght al. S f r A''ine ab Broad 
Vollum st. fr Steadman to Venango W of 12th 

Wabash pi. (Wallace ct.) W fr 10 N Front 
Wade pi. AV fr N 4lh n George 










p t^ 
























TVadsworth pi. {Union pi.) S fr 724 Filbert 

"Wager st. W fr 994 N 5th 

Wager, see Hackley 

Wager, see Winslow 

Wagner's al. ?ee !Moro pi 

Wagner's av. W fr 2:!2 N 15th 

Wagner's ct. see McDonald pi 

Wagner's ct. see Mendon pi 

Wagner's ct. W fr 640 N 7th 

Wakefield, fr Bringhurst to Logan, Gtn 

Walker av. S fr 1201 Pearl 

Walker St. W fr 1218 N 15th 

Walker St. E fr 1426 S 6th 

Walker's ct. r 602 Willow 

AValker's ct. see Lownden pi 

Walker's ct. see Lucas pi 

Wall St. fr 808 Passyunk av 

Wall St. fr Church to Unity, Fkd 

Wallace st. (Andrew fr 20th) W fr 621 N 7th to 
Schuylkill river 

Wallace ct. E fr 10 N Front 

Wallace ct. see Wabash pi 

Wallace ct, see Wilmington pi 

Wallace ct. see Manchester pi 

Walgrove st. S fr Tacony n Trenton RR 

Wall's elbow, see Crooked pi 

Wain St. N E fr Church n Tackawanna, Fkd 

Walnut la. W fr 508.'5 Germantown av, Gtn 

Walnut St. W fr Delaware to Schuylkill bet 
Chestnut and Spruce 

Walnut al. see Shellbark 

Walnut pi. see Pecan pi 

Walnut pi. R fr 324 Walnut 

Walter St. AV fr 1218 N 15th 

Walter st. fr .S2fi S 21st to S 22d bel Pine 

Walter st. fr 1428 S 4th to 14.3.3 S 5th 

Walter's ct. 508 N Front ab Noble 

Walton ct. E fr 529 Chatham, S G 

Walton St. W fr 4th to 14.33 S 5th bel Reed 

Walton ct. S fr 406 Lynd 

Walmly pi. (We.sley's ct.) N 2d ab Montg'y av 

Ward St. S fr Carpenter n 18th 

Warder st. N fr 11 Montgomery av 

Warder's pi. see Wellington pi 

AVard's ct. r 23 Parham 

Ward's retreat, see Elgin pi 

Warehara pi. (Price's ct.) S fr 304 Lombard 

AVarminster pi. (AVeaver's ct. ) E fr 1541 German- 
town av to Cadwalader 

AVarner's ct. fr Shippen ab 3d 

Warner' ct. fr Catharine ab .3d 

AA''arner's ct. N fr 729 Carpenter 

Warner's ct. see Davidson pi 

AVarner's ct. see Eden pi 

AA'arner's ct. see Edina pi 

Warner's ct. see Roxbury pi 

Warner's ct. see Sabine pi 

Warner's ct. see Samp pi 

Warnoek st. (Lewis st.) N fr 1017 Poplar 

AVarren st. W fr Moore ab Market 

AA'arren st. fr Beach to Richmond bet Columbia 
- av and Bishop 

Warren, see Steadman 

Warren, see Toronto 

Warren's ct. see Scranton pi 

AA^arren's pi. S fr 306 Lombard 

Warthman's ct E fr Tulip bel Dauphin 

Warthman's st. AV fr 1062 Lawrence 

Washington, see American 

Washington, see Bench 

Washington, see Ellsworth 

Washington, see McLean 

Washington, see Market 

Washington, see Mt A'ernon 

Washington, see Rodman 

Washington, see Washington av 

AVashington av. E & AV f r 5201 Gtn av, Gtn 

AVashington av. (AVashington and Prime) fr Dela- 
ware to Schuylkill river, S of Carpenter 

AVashington av. AV fr Frankford av to Emerald 

AVashington ct. bet Filbert & Jones, ab 20th 

AVashington ct. see Greenwood pi 

Washington ct. see Holland pi 

AVashington ct. see Tangier pi 

AVashington la. Bri.?tol pike to Roxborough, Gtn 

AVashington pi. see Ellwood pi 

Washington pi. see Fishbourne pi 

AVashington pi. see Hopkinson pi 

AVashington pi. see Longfellow pi 

AA'^ashington rd. see AVaterford rd 

AVashington row, see AVingohocking pi 

AVashington sq. fr 6th to 7th and fr Walnut to 

AVashington st. N E f r Dewees Bridge, Myk 

AVater st. fr Market N to AVillow and S to Pine, 
E of Front 

AVater, see Chippewa 

AVaterford rd bet Green and Hickory 

AVaterloo st. N fr 137 Jefferson to Oxford 

AA''atkins al. see Godwin 

AVatkins st. fr 4th to 6th bel Morris 

AVatson, see Paxton 

AVatson's al. see Furness 

AVatson's al. see Vandeveer 

Watson St. W fr 1114 S 5th bel Washington av 

AVatt St. E fr 415 S 20th bel Pine 

AA'^att's ct. see Smethurst 

AVaverly st. W fr 419 S 17th to 411 S 19th 

Waverly pi. see Clarkson pi 

AVayne st. S of Lehigh av E of plank rd, Gtn 

AVayne st. N fr Mt A''ernon to AVallace ab 9th 

AA''ayne, see Souder 

AVeaver's ct. see Lamson pi 

Weaver's ct. see Mansfield .pi 

Weaver's ct. see Warminster 

AA^'eaver's ct. see AVestmore pi 

AVeaver's ct. E fr Germantown av bel Oxford 

Weaver's ct. fr N 2d ab Willow 

AVeaver's row,E fr Gtn av to Cadwalader ab Camac 

Weaver st. N fr 519 Greet to 510 Coates 

Webb's al. see Elw3'n 

AV ebb's al. see Wexford 

AVebb's ct. N fr 405 Cherry 

AVebb St. S fr 1626 Fitzwater 

AA''ebster pi. see Daniel pi 

Webster St. AV fr 812 S 19th 

AVebster's ct. see Pickering pi 

AVebster's ct. see AA''onderly pi 

AVeccacoe av. see Greenway av 

Weccacoe av. see AVoodworth av 

AVeccocoe st. N fr 402 Queen to Catharine 

AA'^eek's ct. N fr Rachel ab Poplar 

AVeisel's st. S fr Alleghany bel Trenton RR 

AVellein's row, E fr 1211 Randolph 

AA'^ellington pi. (AVarber's pi.) N fr Dana ab Front 

AVellington pi. E fr Cedar bel AVest morel and 

AVelsh St. (Carbon) S fr Spruce AV of 25th 

Wendeley's ct. E fr 1019 N 4th 

Wernley's ct. r 595 N 3d 

AVert, see Wilmer 

AVesley, see Emmett 

AVesley st. W fr 1312 S 3d bel Wharton 

AA^esley's ct. see AValmley pi 

AVest ct. AV fr 712 Cope n 19th 

AVest ct. E fr 329 New Market 

West St. N fr Coates bet 19th and 20th 

AVest St. N fr Fkd av to Westmoreland, K & R 

AVest, see Belgrade 

AVest, see Cope 

West av. see Millicent av 



West et. see Martindale pi 

Westmoreland, see Lardner 

West De Laneey pi. W fr 20th bel Spruce 

West Washington, W fr Germantown av, Gtn 

West Shippen pi. N fr S.30 Shippen 

Western av. fr 234 N 1.5th to Path 

Westford av. S fr 808 Noble 

Westmore pi. fr 515 N 2d 

Westminster pi. W fr Otesego bel Christian 

Westminster av. S fr Lancaster pike, W P 

Westmoreland st. W fr Delaware ab Alleghany av 

Wetherill st. (Murray) (Morris) (see Blackstone) 
S fr 1414 Pine to Lombard 

Weyand's pi. E fr Elk bel Otter 

Wharton st. fr Front to Passvunk av bel Federal 

Wheat st, N fr 1323 Frankford av ab Thompson 

Wheat Sheaff Lane, N W fr Richmond st. to Tren- 
ton ER 

Wheat St. S fr 120 Marion, bet S 2d and Front 

Wheelock's pi. S fr 1328 Coates to 1331 Potts 

Wheeler st. E fr Charlotte bet Brown & Parrish 

Wheeler's ct. see Bromley pi 

Whetstone ct. S fr 6th and Christian 

Whilden's et. E fr 1311 Rye opp Square 

Whimple pi. r 1026 Swanson 

Whitebread pi. (Davis' ct. or Whitebread ct.) S 
fr 122 Christian 

Whitebread ct. see Whitebread pi 

Whitecar's row, W fr 256 S 5th 

Whitehall st. fr 506 X 12th to Broad 

Whitehead's ct. W fr 736 S 4th 

White Horse al. Cherry to Shellbark bet 13th & 
N Juniper 

Whiteman's ct. E fr 1247 N Front bel Thompson 

Whiteman's ct. see Cottingham pi 

White's ct. ]Sr fr 705 Minster 

White's ct. E fr 917 N 19th 

White's ct. see Blue Bell pi 

White's ct. S fr 1326 Bedford 

White's ct. see Brodie pi 

White's ct. see Plume pi 

White's ct. S fr 1322 Rose 

White's retreat, E fr 1025 X 4th 

White St. W fr 707 South 

White's St. S fr Shippefi n Broad 

Whitloek pi. S fr Vine W of Broad 

Whitney st. W fr 1010 Passvunk av 

Whitney st. (Ringgold st.) E fr 1710 Passyunk av 

Whvte's pi. S fr 1234 South 

Widdow's pi. W fr 926 S Front 

Wiltbank's ct. r 3 Bover pi 

Wilcox St. E fr 543 X 22d 

Wilcox St. (Murray) W fr 328 S 19th to S 25th 

Wilder st. (Francis ct.) W ft 1426 S 5th to 6th 

Wildey st. (Bedford) fr 1059 Frankford av to 
1059 Columbia av 

Wiley's et. N fr 1319 Wallace 

Wiley's ct. S fr 1312 Miller, S Gr 

Wiley's ct. W fr 210 N 11th 

Wiley's ct. see Womrath pi 

William, see Boudinot, or 39th 

William, see McDuflBe 

William, see Sophia 

William st. W fr Delaware ab Railroad 

William St. E fr S 21?t bel Locust 

Williams' et. fr Hamilton bel Canton & X 10th 

Williams' ct. X fr Montgomery ab Richmond 

Williams' ct. fr Callowhill ab "9th 

Williams' et. X fr Cherry ab 9th 

Williams' ct. S fr 528 Shippen 

Williams' et. X fr 233 South ab 2d 

Williams' ct. see Barbary pi 

Williams' ct. see Hayward pi 

Williams' ct. see Mangrove 

Williams' ct. see Winner pi 

Williams' ct. see Winfield pi 

Williamson pi. see Witherspoon pi 

Williamson st. E fr Moyamensing av bel Morris 

Williamson's ct. see Wimple pi 

Williamson's ct. see Winthrop al 

Williamson's ct. S fr 230 Catharine 

Williamson's ct. S fr 1504 South 

Williamson's ct. E fr 977 Lawrence 

Willing's al. fr 232 S 2d to 227 S 4th 

Willing st. see Filson 

Willow al. see Pine Tree 

Willow ct. see Bay Tree pi 

Willow ct. fr Vine W of 16th 

Willow St. or 25th, fr Locust to South bet river 
Schuylkill & Beach or 24th 

Willow st. fr the Delaware W to 9th X of Callow- 

Willow st. bet Arch and Cherry, Sch 

Wilmer pi. (West) E fr 333 X 2d 

Wilmer's al. fr 358 Dillwyn 

Wilmington pi. r of Wilton, F V 

Wilson St. fr 949 S Front E to Swanson 

Wilson St. S fr York W of Gunner's Run 

Wilson, see Hemphill 

Wilson's ct. see Grammont pi 

Wilson's ct. see Windham pi 

Wilson's ct. S from Buttonwood ab 6th 

Wilson's ct. r 3 Poplar 

Wilson's ct. E fr 729 S 6th 

Wilson st. see AVylie 

Wilt's ct. S fr Brown n 10th 

Wimple pi. (Williamson's ct.) W fr Swanson bel 

Winchester pi, (Murrav's ct.) W fr 924 S Front 

Winchester ct. X fr 1807 Bedford 

Winder pi. (Linden pi.) S fr ab 18th 

Wingohocking pi. (Washington row) W fr 960 

Winfield pi. E fr 115 X 8th 

Winner pi. (William's ct.) X fr 2.33 South 

Winooski pi. rLouden pi.) fr 18th on Bedford 

Winslow St. (Wager st.) W fr 207 X 12th to 206 
X 13th 

Winter, see Gallowav 

Winter st. W fr 240 X 16th 

Winter st. W fr 20th bet Race and "Vine 

Winter's ct. S fr fr 12.34 Monterey 

Winthrop pi. (Williamson's ct.) W fr 18th above 

Wirt pi. (Linden pi ) W from 538 Linden 

Wirth's ct. E of 825 X 5th ab Brown 

Wishart's ct. W of 704 Beach 

Wissahickon la. E of Ridge av to P H la. Gtn 

Wistar st. W from 534 X 10th to X 12th ' 

Wistar st. E fr 4531 Germantown av, Gtn 

Wistar, see Minerva 

Wistar, see Sidmouth 

Wistar' s av. see Casper av 

Wistar's ct. see Dryden pi 

Wistar's et. see Ohio pi 

Wistar's ct. see Spencer pi 

Wister pi. fr 600 X 10th to 614 X 10th 

Witherspoon pi. (Williamson pi.) X fr 909 Cherry 

Witmer's al. -358 Dillwyn 

Witte St. S fr Allegheny av. bel Trenton R R 

Woelper's et. E fr 23d bel Race 

Woght's al. fr Azalia st. to Vine bet 15th & Broad 

Wolf et. S fr 314 German 

Wolf's ct. X fr 105 Lombard 

Wolf's ct. E of Hope ab School 

Womrath pi. (Wiley's ct.) X fr 235 Monroe 

Wood's ct. W fr Greenhill n Seybert 

Wonderly pi. (Webster's ct.) X fr 149 Otter 

Wood st. W fr Germantown av ab Sharpnack, Gtn 

Wood ct. E fr Greenhill ab Master 






O ^ 

B O 





p • 









^^ y 







Wood St. N fr Levering, Manayunk 

Wood, see Otis 

AVood ct. see Bourbon pi 

AVood's ct. E fr Garden hel Callowhill 

Wood St. fr 312 N 2d st W to the Schuylkill, bet 
Vine and Callowhill 

Woodland .st. S fr 012 Federal 

Woodbine st. S fr 612 Federal 

Woodworth av. (Weccucoe av ) S fr 12 Christian 

Woodville pi. (Sharpless pi.) N fr St Joseph's av 
bel 18th 

Workman's ct. W of Front ab Mead 

Worrell st N W fr Tacony n Fkd to 15 Fkd 

Worth St. N fr Church n Trenton R R to Orthodox 

Worth St. bet 1526 S 4th and 5th ab Tasker 

Worth's ct. E fr 727 Mintzer 

Wreken st. W fr Cedar ab Huntingdon 

Wright St. AV fr 3.3d N of Market 

Wright St. AV fr Ridge av n Jefferson and Shars- 

Wright St. W fr 21st st bel Jefferson 

Wyatt St. AV fr 7th ab Federal 

Wylie St. (Ann or AVilson) W fr 1618 Ridge av to 

Wynkoop st. (AVyoruing st.) AV fr 13th to S Juni- 
per ab Spruce 

Wyoming, W fr 1222 S 2d to Corn 
Wyoming, see Antoinette 
AVyoming see Fairfield 
Wyoming, see AVynkoop 

AVyoming st. S fr 1504 Shippen to 1509 Fitzwater 
AVyoming st. N fr Haverford ab 40th 

Tard's^t. N fr Carlton ab 13th 

Yeager's ct. see Emden 

Yeager's ct. see Nevin pi 

Yhost st. fr 506 Catharine to Queen 

Yhost pi. r 627 Carpenter 

York, see Evelina 

York, see Onas 

York pi. see Herbert pi 

Yorli pi. see Paulding pi 

York av. f r N 4th & Vine to Germantown av 

York av. N E f r Germantown av n Rising Sun 

York St. AV fr Delaware bel Cumberland 

Young's al. W fr 443 N Market 

Young's ct S fr 228 Christian 

Young's ct. N fr 427 Carpenter 

Young's av. see Helena av 

Young's ct. see Plumsted pi 

Young's pi. see Marmion pi 

Young's pi. see Seville pi 

Young's al. S fr 152 Pegg st bel 2d 

Young's ct. N fr 233 Shippen 

Zachariah ct. N fr 121 AValnut 

Zane, see Filbert 

Zanoni st. (Centre) AV from 24th bel Penn'a av 

Zeigler's ct. r Melvale bel Maple 

Zenobia st (Charlotte) AV fr 204 S 11th 

Zephyr av. W from 752 S 8th 


Philadelpliia City Directory. 



Ab, above ; acct, accountant ; al, alley ; att"y, attorney-at-law ; av, avenue ; bel, belo-^ ; bet, 
between ; Bdg, Bridesburg ; B T, Bristol Township ; Bin, Bustleton ; C Hill, Chestnut Hill ; c, 
corner; ct, court; Del av, Delaware avenue; E, East; Fkd, Erankford ; Fkl, Franklin; Gtn, 
Germantown : G T av, Germantown avenue ; gent, gentleman ; gentw, gentlewoman ; H Ville, 
Hestonville ; h, house; Hbg, Holmesburg ; Ken, Kenderton ; la, lane; lab, laborer; M Ville, 
Maylandville ; Myk, Manayunk; Mt A, Mount Airy; manuf, manufacturer or manufactory: mer, 
merchant ; mr, maker ; N Penn, ITorth Penn ; n, near ; N, North ; Penyk, Pennypack ; R, Ridge ; 
Rd, Richmond; Smfld, Smithfield ; S, South; Sch, Schuylkill; T, Trenton; W, West; whf, wharf 
or wharves. 


Aaron David, clothing, 986 JT 7th 

Aaron Sam., lab, 2506 Gray's Ferry rd 

Aarons Aaron, clothier, 614 N 2d 

Aarons Benj., clothing, 563 N 2d, h 614 N 2d 

Aarons Marcus, salesman, 614 N 2d 

Aarons Nath., varieties, 425 S 9th 

Aarons Xathaniel, clothing, 316 Gaskill 

Aarons Solomon. salesman,l]26 Market, h 425 S 2d 

AaroDson Charles B., carpenter, 1327 Buttonwood 

h 625 N 16th 
Aaronson Frederick G., apoth'y, 2000 Ekd av 
Aaronson George P., millwright, 457 Allen 
Aaronson Joseph, dealer, 314 N 19th 
Aaronson Robert, salesman, 237 N 21st 
Abbadie Victor, druggist, r 828 S 8th 
Abbett Edwin L., att'y, 51 N 6th, h 1337 Marshall 
Abbett E. M., bonnet presser, 261 N 5th, h 1337 

Abbett Sarah M., milliner, 261 N 5th h 1337 

Abbey Charles, gold & tin foil, 228 & 230 Pear, h 

321 Spruce 
Abbey Charles 0., gold&'tin foil, 228 & 230 Pear, 

h 117 S 16th 
ABBEY CHARLES & SONS {Charles Abbey, 

William R. Abbey S^ Clmrles O. Abbey), den 

tists" gold & tin foil, 228 & 230 Pear 
Abbey George P., 321 Spruce 
Abbey J. X., R. R. agent, 619 Walnut 
Abbey William M., tobacco mer, 31 N Water, h 

830 N 6th 
Abbey William R., gold & tin foil, 228 & 230 

Pear, h 522 S 10th 
Abbot Charles F., real estate, 112 S 4th, h Falls 

Abbot George M., asst. librarian, Philadelphia 

Library, 2210 Pine 
Abbot Samuel, gent, 2210 Pine 

Abbott , 1205 Race 

Abbott Abdon, waterman, 219 Bridge, Bdg 
Abbott Catharine, 217 Gaskill 
Abbott Charles, bricklayer, 1 Maynard pi 
Abbott Charles, old iron, 910 Clinton 
Abbott Charles, gent, Scott la n N R R Falls 
Abbott Charles H., gent, 18 N 4th, h 509 N 6th 

ABBOTT CHARLES R., insurance agent, 411 

Chestnut, h 803 N 17th 
ABBOTT & CO. {J. Henry Abbott), brewers, 136 

N 2d, h New York 
Abbott & Co. (Samuel A. Abbott), scale manuf, N 

W 9th & Melon, h 34th & Baring 
Abbott C. H., mer, 509 N 6th, h 18 N 4th 
Abbott Edwin W., trunkmaker, 1039 Crease 
Abbott F., clerk, 17th bel Tioga 
Abbott Henry J., druggist, 446 N 5th 
Abbott Harrie S., clerk, 1844 Thompson 
Abbott Isaiah, bricklayer, 1008 Newton 
Abbott James, gent, 1426 Arch 
Abbott James C, clerk, 410 Brown, h 1008 N 6th 
Abbott James G., stove manuf, 410 Brown, h 

1008 N 6th 
Abbott John, Broad & Race, h;i421 Vine 
Abbott John, agent, 128 S 2d, h 536 Diamond 
Abbott John, U. S. N., 723 Sansom 
Abbott J. E., painter, N E Broad & Race, h 1218 

Abbott Laura, seamstsess, 720 Federal 
Abbott Michael, lab, 1737 Jones 
Abbott Michael, lab, r 914 Poplar 
Abbott Montelius, boot &, shoe manuf, 408 Com- 
merce, h 1426 Arch 
ABBOTT & NOBLE [James G. Abbott if Charles 

Noble), stove & hollo wware manufs, 410 Brown 
Abbott Robert, gent, 1926 Chestnut 
Abbott Samuel, roofer, 1010 Shackamaxon 
Abbott Stephen F., clerk, 621 S 2d 
Abbott S. B., s carpenter, 644 Wharton 
Abbott Thomas, huckster, 1706 Alder 
Abbott William, carter, 1620 Salmon 
Abbott Wm., hardware, 162 N 3d, h 838 Marshall 
Abbott William, carpenter, 1109 Brown 
Abbott William, driver, 615 Annapolis 
Abbott William H., 1205 Race 
ABBOTT WILLIAM H., att'y, 20 N 7th, h 1421 

Abbott Wilson, brewer, 136 N 2d, h 446 N 5th 
Abdill Elizabeth, 1027 Clare 
Abdill William, engineer, 7 Reckless 
Abearla G., grocer, 748 Morris 
Abeale John, sugar maker, 1448 Marshall 





o < 











o o 

^ o 







A'Becket Jivmes, grainer, 1025 Market 

A'Becket Thomas A., pianist, 1025 Market 

Abel Charles, cabinetmaker, 944 Kurtz 

Abel Charles, painter, 40 N 5th, h 632 New Market 

Abel Charles, lab, 2338 Marshall 

Abel Charles R., lab. 1134 Hewston 

Abel Charles R., tinman, 820 N 4th 

Abel Charles S., tinman, 820 N 4th 

Abel David M., shoemaker, r 910 S 6th 

Abel Edward, roller, r 1129 Savery 

Abel Edward M., butcher, 1305 Heath 

Abel Edwin, shoemaker, 819 Nectarine 

Abel Elizabeth, 1910 Memphis 

Abel Eliza G., 711 Wood 

Abel Frank, brass turner, 931 New Market 

Abel Frederick, carpenter, 402 Poplar 

Abel Frederick, policeman, 1511 Ogden 

Abel George, laborer, 4360 Main 

Abel George, shoemaker, r 1129 Savery 

Abel George W., blindmaker, 1326 Earl 

Abel Harriet, huckster, 136 Market 

Abel Jacob, com. merchant, 530 Powell 

Abel John, chairmaker, 1024 Shackamaxon 

Abel John, clerk, 912 Warnock 

Abel John, saloon, 49 S 3d, h 1113 Parrish 

Abel John D., machinist, 21 S 32d 

Abel John H., carpenter, 820 N 4th 

Abel Peter, cap cutter, 1326 Earl 

Abel Peter, clerk, 1612 N 7th 

ABEL PETER E., bookseller, 306 Chestnut, h 

1612 N 7th 
Abel Peter H., tinman, 820 N 4th 
Abel Robert, watchman, 968 Alder 
Abel Robert K., butcher, 956 Alder 
Abel Samuel, brass turner, 931 New'Market 
Abel Samuel S., peddler, r 909 N 13th 
Abel SarAh J., 320 Franklin 
Abel Sophia, 411 Worth 
Abel Susan, 947 N 5th 
Abel William, coachmaker, 612 Spafford 
Abel William, laborer, r 1129 Savery 
Abel William, machinist, 2102 Henrietta 
Abel William, moulder, 1425 Savery 
Abel W. W., baggage master, 153 Poplar 
Abele Christian, baker, 1302 Callowhill 
Abeles Seligman, millinery, 221 N 2d, 
Abeles B. A., drygoods, 325 N 2d 
Abeles S., millinery goods 221 N 2d & 115 N 9th 
Abeles S. & Co. {>S. Ahfles (^ A. Myers), millinery 

goods, 221 N 2d A 115 N 9th 
Abell Amanda, drygoods, 977 Frankford av 
Abell Amicey B., coach painter, 1829 N 12th 
Abell Araicey B., Jr., dentist, 1829 N 12th 
Abell Joseph, conductor, 870 N 5th 
Abell Morris H., bookkeeper, 1829 N 12th 
Abell Warner B., druggist, 518 N Front 
Abels John, car driver, 3523 Green 
Abels John, laborer, 1218 Wheat 
Abeley John, tailor, 920 Morgan 
Abenker Israel, tailor, r 910 N 11th 
Abernethy Henry, clerk, 441 Dauphin 
Abernethy John, 411 N 15th 
Abernethy Robert, gent, 441 Dauphin 
Abernethy Robert, weaver, 1311 Marlborough 
Abendroth A., barber, 1048 Frankford av 
Abendrotb Christian, tailor, r 1048 Frankford av 
Abendroth William, glassblower, 1037 Lawrence 
Abentrauth Daniel, cabinetmaker, 1417 Vienna 
Abentrauth William, tailor, 1419 Vienna 
Able George, butcher, 1225 Wallace 
Able Henry, laborer, 2205 Nassau 
Able John, 1113 Parrish 
Able John, baggage master, 153 Poplar 
Able John, fisherman, 1039 E Montgomery av 
Able John, watchman, 1225 Wallace 

Able William, baggage master, 153 Poplar 
Able William R., clerk, 1225 Wallace 
Abliston Henry J., stationer, 1431 Frankford av 
Abon Joseph, upholsterer, 1301 Barlow 
Aborn Samuel H., shoes, 16 N 4th, h 639 Paul 
Abott Abden, bridge tender. Water, Whitehall 

Abraham , bookkeeper, 440 N 4th 

Abraham Charles, blacksmith, 1108 Rodman 
Abraham Edward, tailor, 1221 Columbia av 
Abraham Hannah, 1337 S 8th 
Abraham Isaac, gentleman, 1725 Hamilton 
Abraham Jacob, hostler, Allen n Frankford av 
Abraham Joseph, butcher, 1559 Germantown av, 

h 1606 Bodine 
Abraham Mary S., 1337 S 8th 
Abraham Michael, carpenter, r 952 St John 
Abraham Moses, clothing, 1338 Sbippen 
Abrahams George, brickmaker, 1634 Bodine 
Abrahams Joseph, brickmaker, 1935 Gtn av 
Abrahams Joseph, clerk, bds 120 Arch 
Abrahams Lewis, cabinetmaker, 750 S 4th 
Abrahams Robert, cigarmaker, 225 Concord 
Abrahams J. W., hotel, 1246 N 10th 
Abrum Joseph, brickmaker, 2410 Frankford av 
Abram Mary A., 4627 Frankford av 
Abrams Isaac, butcher, 1730 Stiles 
Abrams Joseph, att"y-at-law, 507 Race 
Abrams J K., clothing, 344 South 
Abrams Michael, driver, 2016 Fitzwater 
Abrams Moses, peddler, r 1034 St John 
Abrams Samuel, laborer, 4814 Cherry, Fkd 
Abrams William, butcher, 3129 Germantown av 
Abrams William, pumpmaker, 103 Meadow 
Abrams William B., butcher, 846 Charlotte 
Academy of Fine Arts, Chestnut ab lOlh 
Academy of Music, S W Broad &, Locust 
Academy of Natural Sciences, N W Broad and 

Academy of Prot Epis Chnrch, 1314 Locust 
Academy of the Sisters of Notre Dame, 1321 Fil- 
Aceret Jacob, gardener, b h Red Lion, 472 N 2d 
Achen Samuel, laborer, r 1340 Savery 
Achenbach George W., bookkeeper, 1241 How- 
ard, h 131 Canal 
Aehens George, card manuf., 321 Thompson 
AchenschoUer Charles, laborer, 1706 Wylie 
Acheson Armon. D., com. merchant, 1015 Market, 

h 2009 Vine 
Acheson James, gentleman, 527 N 20th 
Acheson John, weaver, 1810 N Front 
Achey Jesse W., plasterer, 23 Sharpnack 
Achilles Louis, tailor, 1448 Marshall 
Achuff James, turner, 1130 Potts 
AchuflF Joseph, prisonkeeper, 916 Wharton 
AchufiF J. C., shoe manufacturer, 232 Arch, h 66 

Haines, Gtn 
AchufiF Louis, mason, 30 Mill 
Achuff Rebecca, r 912 Cherry 
Achuff William, car driver, 2006 Belgrade 
Ackley Thomas W., gentleman. 306 N 10th 
Acker Barbara, bakery, 1010 Girard av 
Acker Jacob L., blacksmith, 1638 S 6th 
ACKER JOHN, flour & hay, 1714 & 1716 Ridge 

av, h Chester co 
Acker Michael, mason, Main ab Hartwell av, 

Chestnut Hill 
Ackerman C. M., cloths, Ac, 216 Church, h 

Camden, N J 
Ackerman Henry, carpenter, 930 Hamilton 
Ackerman Jacob, tailor, 1209 Randolph 
Ackerman James, laborer, 1 S 21st 
Ackerman Robert, piano maker, 717 Federal 
Ackermann David, baker, 1103 South 
Ackermann George, tailor, 337 N 9th 




Ackermann Gottlieb, baker, 28 Strawberry 
AekermaDn Louis, hotel, 105 Vine 
AckermaBn William, cabinetmaker, 2040 N 6th 
Ackerson Devinus, painter, 1327 Soutli 
Ack«rs William, merchant, 1608 N loth 
Ackerson Mary, r 721 ^ew Market 
Ackert May A'nn, 212 Poplar 
Ackley Caroline B., 1011 Brown 
Ackley Charles, ehairmaker. 469 N 5th 
ACKLEY &, CO. {Jo/ui T. Acl-hy he John K. 
Trwa), manufs. of paraffine oil &, axle grease, 
206 Dock k Christian st wharf, Schuyl 
Ackley John T., oil k axle grease, 206 Dock, h 

2183 Summer 
Ackley Lyman, gentleman, 1011 Brown 
Ackley Myers F., machinist. 120.3 S 13th 
Ackley Richard T., clerk, 130 Walnut, h Camden 
Acklev Samuel, machinist, 3710 Sansom 
Ackley Sarah, 82 Mill 

Ackley Shreve, bro., 39 S 3d, h 504 Penn, Camden 
Ackley William, stationery, 1210 N 3d 
Ackley William H., hats k caps, 802 N 2d 
Ackley Benjamin, shoemaker, Delaware n Home 

av, Holmesburg 
Ackmer George, tailor, 416 Canton 
Ackon William, laborer, 7 Madison ct 
Acoby Job, porter, 919 Aurora 
Acot Joseph, laborer, 149 Lehman 
Acton Eily, 2109 Vine 
Acton F. M., clerk, 302 Spruce 
Acton James B., tavern, 521 S 19th 
Acton John J., cutter, 13u8 S 10th 
Acton J. T., dentist 212 S 13th 
Acton Samuel, china ware, 410 X 23d 
Acuff William, miller, 3553 Gtn av 
Adair Aiex:inder, wheelwright, 1613 A 1615 N 

Front, h Deal bel Fkd av 
Adair Andrew, waterman, 527 N 34th 
Adair Edward P., silver plated ware, 1334 Chest- 
nut, h 1737 Filbert 
Adair Henry, bartender. 513 Wilder 
Adair James, carter, 1217 Carlton 
Adair John, waterman, r 218 Christian 
Adair John G., assessor, 1812 Girard av, h 12th 

& Master 
Adair Robert Rev.,asst. sec. Cora. Home Missions, 

1334 Chestnut, h 1737 Filbert 
Adair Samuel, porter, 726 Hubbell 
Adair William, boot k shoe maker, 1241 Coates 
Adair William S., paying-teller Bank of Com- 
merce, h 212 X 17th 
Adaire Alexandria, carpenter, 1331 Savery 
Adam John C-, tobacconist, 1714 Uber 
Adam Mary, 602 Marriott 
Adam Timothy, 710 N 11th 
Adams Charles, carpenter, 1828 Fitzwater, h2055 

Adams Adam, laborer, 1234 Lawrence 
Adams Alexander, 858 N 11th 
Adams Alexander, flour dealer, 1312 Shellbark 
Adams Alexandria H., weigher, 24 S Water, h 

943 Franklin 
Adams Allan, barber, 268 5 5th, h 539 Lombard 
Adams Amelia, 1124 Carpenter 
Adams Amos, boot finisher, r Peel n Lydia 
Adams Andrew, wooden ware, 249 Market, h 1518 

Mount Vernon 
Adams Andrew W., merchant, 120 Market, h 1518 

Mount Vernon 
Adams Anthony, cabinetmaker, 1729 Carver 
Adams, Henry P. Atkinson (^ James M. 
Whitby), drygoods, 33 N 3d 
Adams Boyd, varnisher, 1118 S 5th 
Adams Bushrod, broker, 1203 Spruce 

Adams Charles, gentleman, 211 N 15th 
Adams Charles, laborer, 2043 Apple 
Adams Charles, laborer, 4841 Washington 
Adams Charles, Irish linens, Ac, 215 Church, h 

2035 Green 
Adams Charles, dyer, 25 South 
Adams Charles, paperhanger, 427 York av 
Adams Charles S., salesman, 326 Dean 
Adams Charles T., manuf. chemist, 140 S Del. av, 

h 1520 Girard av 
Adams Charles U., pearl worker, 1726 Uber 
Adams C. Mrs., 326 Dean 

: Adams C A. Mrs., 1810 Master 
Adams Daniel, stereotyper, 121 S 3d, h 647 Syl- 

' Adams David, furniture, 859 N 10th 
Adams El enezer, dealer, 332 N 31st 
Adams Edward, conductor, 1736 Callowhill 

; Adams Edward, weaver, bds 6th k Girard av 

1 Adams Edward A., merchant, 33 N 3d 
Adams Edwin W., linens, 215 Church, h 2035 

Adams Enelles, missionary, 322 S Juniper 


320 Chestnut & S E 11th & Market 
Adams Frances, 200 S iOth 
Adams Francis W., merchant, 704 N loth 
Adams Frank, com. mer., 129 S Water, bds La 

Pierre House 
Adams Frank W., hotel, S W Lehigh av & Sal- 
Adams Frank W., manuf , 1414 Franklin 
Adams Frederick, clerk. 1502 Wood 
Adams Frederick G., 403 Chestnut, h 216 N 10th 
ADAMS FREDERICK M., register of wills, 6 

State House row, h 156 N 20th 
Adams George, stevedore, 816 Emeline 
Adams George, trucker, 1212 Hutchison 
Adams George, laborer, 106 Green la 
Adams George, weaver, 141 Mechanic, Gtn 
Adams George R. , ladies' shoes, 809 Spring Gar- 
den, h 924 Melon 
Adams Geo. S., broom manuf, 156 & 158 Laurel 
Adams Hamilton, clerk, 1312 Shellbark 
Adams Harriet, seamstress. 1728 Lombard 
Adams Henry, 224 Diamond 
Adams Henry, manuf., Adams ab Sellers, h 4445 

Frankford av 
Adams Henry, moulder, 1635 Pearl 
Adams Henry, shoemaker, 1020 Parrish 
Adams Henry, weaver, 154 Bringhurst 
Adams Hester, grocer. 4662 Washington 
Adams & Hinchmin {William H. Adams. Jacob 
Hinckmaii), produce, 82 <fe 84 S Del av Market 
Adams Howard, grinder, IS Church 
Adams Isabella, 324 Monroe 
Adams Jacob, moulder, 1231 Heath 
Adams Jacob, butcher, 1825 Stiles 
Adams Jacob W., wharf builder, 1209 Cumberland 
Adams James, drygoods, 1347 South 
Adams James, engineer, 110 Unity 
Adams James, laborer, 234 S Juniper 
Adams James, laborer, 1640 Burtoa 
Adams J-imes, laborer, 512 S 17th 
Adams James, laborer, r 423 Carpenter 
Adams James, salesman, 1009 Stocker 
Adams James, waterman, 613 Swanson 
Adams James, weaver. 2305 Biddle 
Adams James, shoemaker, 807 Mackinaw 
Adams James C, iron roofer, 1034 Washington 

av, h 615 S 11th 
Adams James C, prest. A. G. M. Co., 274 S 3d 
Adams James L., eigarmaker, 1031 Ross 
Adams James W., hotel, 826 Market 





- M 










3 b£i 

^ o 



I— I c3 


P O 



(-! c3 

^ o 
I— I 




Adams & Jelletts (Mrs. M. Adams ^ S. Jelletts), 

furnishing establishment, 1306 Chestnut 
Adams Jeremiah, sea captain, 118 Ellen 
Adams John, 1630 Chancellor 
Adams John, blacksmith, r 1630 Lombard 
Adams John, bookbinder, 950 S 4th 
Adams John, coal mer. Ridge av n Shur's la 
Adams John, cordwainer, 208 George 
Adams John, dealer, 1630 Chancellor 
Adams John, laborer, r 1339 Kates 
Adams John, laborer, 516 Lisbon 
Adams John, laborer, 403 Watkins 
Adams John, laborer, 4204 Ludiow 
Adams John, laborer, 247 Currant al 
Adams John, laborer. Coral n Somerset 
Adams John, laborer, 236 Monroe 
Adams John, laborer, r 1814 Pemberton 
Adams John, shoemaker, 566 Aramingo 
Adams John, steward Deaf & Dumb Inst., Broad 

k Pine 
Adams John, tailor, 1724 Cuba 
Adams John, tobacconist, 502 S Penn 
Adams John, waiter, r 1020 Rodman 
Adams John, waiter, r 210 Duponceau 
Adams John, weaver, 242 Oxford 
Adams John, wood & coal, Shur"s la & Cresson, 

Adams John E , brass turner. Orchard ab George 
Adams John F., plasterer, 261 Budd 
Adams John G., mer., 337 Market, h 861 N 11th 
Adams John L., moulder, 843 Geary 
Adams John Q., att'y-at-law, 29 S 6th, h 340 S 15th 
Adams John Q., cabinetmaker, 1007 Bedford 
Adams John Q., clerk, 1126 Citron 
Adams John S. gasfitter, 415 Redwood 
Adams John W., seaman, 314 Emmet 
Adams John W., shoes, 726 South 
Adams Joseph, driver, 4841 Washington 
Adams Joseph, fisherman, 1032 Otis 
Adams Joseph, merchant, 1124 Vine 
Adams Joseph, machinist, 4662 Washington 
Adams Joseph, spoke turner, 1204 Haines 
Adama Joseph, wall coloring, 236 Briar pi 
Adams Joseph E., driver, 4053 Mary 
Adams Joseph R., hosiery, 31 N 2d, b 944 N Front 
Adams Joshua T., bricklayer, 113 Freelander 
ADAMS J. HOWE, linen goods, 215 Church, h 

2035 Green 
ADAMS k KEEN [Wm. W.'Ailams if Kennard 

Keen), morocco manufs., 934 St John 
Adams <t King {T. M. Adams i^ Seth L. King), 

foundry facings, 22 S Del av 
Adams L. H., merchant, 626 Chestnut 
Adams Margaret, 329 S 13th 
Adams Mary, 108 Levering 
Adams Mary, grocery, 533 Lombard 
Adams Mary Ann, 236 Brier pi 
Adams iLiry A., spooler, 1710 Lombard 
Adams Mary Jane, 240 Currant al 
Adams Mrs., furnishing goods, 1306 Chestnut 
Adams Nathans, shipwright, 1354 Otis 
Adams Nicholas, laborer, 8 Sowers ct 
Adams N., watchman, bds 6 Girard av 
Adams Paul H., tinsmith, 1013 S 7th 
Adams & Parker {George R. Adams (J- Joh7i 

Parker, Jr.), ladies' shoes, 809 Spring Garden 
Adams Raskin, rags, 604 S Del av 
Adams Reuben, seaman, r 944 Otsego 
Adams Robert, gentleman, 1130 Walnut 
Adams Robert, Jr., coal, 1147 Beach, h 919 N 

Adams Robert, gentleman, 1626 Green 
Adams Robert, laborer, 1603 Afton 
Adams Robert, laborer, 1429 Shippen 
Adams Robert, roofer, 2319 Reese 

Adams Rosanna, r 15 Prime 

Adams Samuel, grocer, 1856 N Front 

Adams Samuel, trimmings, 619 Girard av 

Adams Samuel, tavern, 821 Columbia av 

Adams Samuel D., bookkeeper, 3 Dock, h 2115 

Adams Sarah, 1525 Philip 
Adams Sarah A., 156 N 20th 
Adams Stephen L., conductor, 1804 Master 
Adams S. W., waiter, 1641 Helmuth 
Adams Theodore, contractor, 833 N Broad 
Adams Theodore, gentleman, 1226 Warnock 
Adams Thomas, engineer, 50 Foulkrod 
Adams Thomas, laborer, 2239 Wood 
Adams Thomas, laborer, 21 Shock 
Adams Thomas, merchant, 1520 Girard av 
Adams Thomas, shoemaker, 439 Richmond 
Adams Thomas, stools, kc, 707 Bayard 
Adams Thomas, trunk maker, 1826 Montrose 
Adams Thomas F., manuf chemist, 140 S Dela- 
ware av, h 1520 Girard av 
Adams Thos. J., japan maker, 17th & Cambridge 
Adams Thomas M., grocer, 701 k 900 Poplar 
Adams Thomas P., burnisher. Orchard n George 
Adams T. M., foundry facings, 22 S Del av, h 

1130 Callowhill 
Adams William, blacksmith. 1321 Locust 
Adams William, boiler maker, 1526 Seybert 
Adams William, dealer, 124 Gay 
Adams William, dining saloon, 418 Library, h 

Adams William, drygoods mer., 1402 Walnut 
Adams William, engineer, 561 Cumberland, h 559 

Lehigh av 
Adams William, foreman, 105 Green 
Adams William, grocer, 710 & 712 S 20th 
Adams William, laborer, 604 Swanson 
Adams William, plate printer, 807 S 10th 
Adams William, salesman, 1204 Wood 
Adams William, saloon, 213 Lombard 
Adams William, silversmith, 224 Diamond 
Adams William, trimmer, 1520 N W North 
Adams William, weaver, 825 Shippen 
Adams William B., cooper, 922 Callowhill 
Adams William C, att'y-at-law, 528 Walnut, h 

622 N 18th 
Adams William H., coppersmith, 502 N 19th 
Adams William H., produce, 82 k 84 Del av 

market, h 61 N 2d Camden, N J 
Adams William H. H., 1130 Walnut 
Adams William R., clerk, 212 Jacoby 
Adams William W., mor. manuf., 934 St John, h 

817 N 8th 
Adams Zephaniah, gentleman, 1607 N 11th 
Adamson Charles W., machinist, 2014 Cambridge 
Adamson Edward, laborer, 2014 Cambridge 
Adamson Frank, painter, 2215 F 
Adamson Geo. sandpaper manuf., 1633 Franklin 
Adamson Hessel, carpenter. 239 Catharine 
Adamson James, painter, 2215 F 
Adamson James, weaver, 2014 Cambridge 
Adamson James, Jr., machiuist, 2014 Cambridge 
Adamson John, engraver, 702 Chestnut 
Adamson John, plumber, 1235 Shippen 
Adamson John H., bricklayer, 859 N 9th 
Adamson Mary A., 859 N 9th 
Adamson S. E., engraver, S W 7th k Chestnut 
Adamson Thomas, agent, 1228 Cass 
Adamson Thomas, weaver, 1235 Shippen 
Adamson William, glue manuf., N 5th ab Colum- 
bia av, h Gtn 
Adamson AVm., hair mattress maker, 4421 Gtn av 
Adamson William, manuf, 730 Market, h Gtn 
Adamson William, moulder, 2014 Cambridge 
Adar Matilda, 1311 Myrtle 




Addieks John E., 1102 Girard 

Addicks J. Edward, flour, 1218 Market, li 150 N 

Addis Charles, St., brickmaker, 1209 S 13th 
Addis Charles, cabinetmaker, Bartlett ab Mont- 
Addis Isaac, confectioner, 1113 Leon 
Addis Michael, laborer, 6 Allison pi 
Addis Samuel, teacher, 608 S Washington sq 
Addis Thomas, B. M., flour &, feed, 2053 N 2d 
Addis William S., carpenter, 906 X 19th 
Addison Walter L., music teacher, 723 Lebanon 
Addison William, je-weller, 802 Wood 
Ade Emil, map colorer, 23 S 3d, h 917 Wood 
Ade E. & Co., map coloring, 23 S 3d 
Ade Godfried, tailor, 308 Beaver 
Ade Gottlieb, carpenter, 310 Beaver 
Ade Gottlieb, shoemaker, 713 X Sth 
Adelberger Lawrence, baker, 305 Oxford 
Adeller James, carriage maker, 753 S Front 
Adey William J., clerk, 2113 New oth 
Adger Robert, furniture. 823 South 
Adger Robert M., furniture, 823 South 
Adler Abraham, merchant, 341 N 2d.h 2133 Green 
Adier George W., morocco, 131 Margaretta, h 

Oxford, r Frankford 
Adler H., merchant, 14 Bank, h 925 Franklin 
Adler Henry C, clerk, 913 New Market 
Adler Isaac, clothing, 536 South 
Adler Jacob, dollmaker, 1217 Girard ar 
Adler John, M.D., 1028 Arch 
Adler John B., morocco finisher, 913 New Market 
Adler Samuel, merchant, 507 Market 
Adleton Thomas, painter, 1027 Parker 
Adlington Thomas, clerk, 408 Library 
Adolph Alfred W., hatter, 62 N 2d,h 906 Franklin 
Adolph Anthony, shoemaker, 1218 Melon 
Adolph Henry, furniture, 36 N 2d, h 1735 Wylie 
Adolph John, tailor, 503 N Sth, h 1317 Davis 
Adolph John A.,attorney-at-law,247 S 6th,h 2025 

Adolph & Keen {Alfred W. Adolph if Eli Keen), 

hatters, 62 N 2d 
Adolph Madam, 416 N 11th 
Adolphus Henry, 1534 Lawrence 
Adolphus James, locksmith, 1222 S 7th 
Adorf William, mould manuf, 1631 Barker, h 

Broad near Columbia av 
Adrian William, engraver, 602 Arch,h 1173 S 12th 
Adriatic Fire Insurance Co. of New York, 408 

Aertsen James M., bill broker, S E Dock & Wal- 
nut, h Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Aertsen J. P., sect & treas H & B T Mt RR C 

Co., 258 S 3d, h Price, Gtn 
Aertsen R. B., sect & treas Phoenix Iron Com- 
pany, 410 Walnut, h Hancock near Shoemaker 
la, Gtn 
^TNA LIFE INSURANCE CO., 400 Chestnut 
^tna Mining Co., 324 Walnut 
Aetter Martin, brewer, 17 Bristow pi 
Afielback Henry, confectioner, 604 E Girard av 
Afflerbach Charles, police, 1221 Howard 
Afilerback Frederick, weaver, 1210 Mascher 
AflSerback George, wheelwright, 2318 Coral 
Afflerbach William, gunmaker, 1136 N 2d 
Afflerbach William H., gunmaker, 1136 N 2d 
Affliek Benjamin K , clerk, 515 Franklin 
Afflick Morris E., slate merchant, 515 Franklin 
Africa J. Simpson, 341 Walnut,h 2101 Delancy pi 
Agan John, gent, 305 N 15th 
Agan John, laborer, 740 Passyunk av 
Agard Anthony, blacksmith, r 1645 Gtn av 
Agard WiUiam Y., coal, 328 Walnut, h 1429 N 

Agastorff Mary Ann, 1101 Canal 

Agdall Robert, machinist, 1243 Fisher 

Agdall Robert, Jr., machinist, 1243 Fisher 

Agen Catharine, 139 S 24th 

Agen John, boatman, 139 S 24th 

Agen William, boatman, 139 S 24th 

Ager Mary, 931 Parrish 

Ager Matthew, 1762 N 3d 

Ager William, moulder, 1128 Savery 

Agin Isaac, currier, 719 Wallace 

Agin James, salesman, 425 Market, h 719 Wallace 

Agin John, laborer, 122 Coombes al 

Agin John, laborer, 1 Drinker's al 

Agnew Angus, manufr, 4725 Paul, h Oxford & 
Hedge, Frankford 

Agnew & Co. {James B. Agnevj 4" Beverly 
English), ladies^ cloaks, 839 Chestnut 

Agnew Daniel, salesman, 1420 Gulielma 

Agnew David, furniture, 921 Federal, h 1114 S 

Agnew David, weaver, 315 Hazard 

A^new Dennis, 1512 American 

Agnew D. H., M.D., 16 N 11th 

Agnew Edward, pedlar, r 840 Christian 

Agnew Elizabeth, 20 N 17th 

Agnew Eliza J., 1112 Pine 

Agnew Edward, shoemaker, 6 Twelve-foot al 

Agnew George, stonecutter, 1037 S 4th 

Agnew George W., 1133 S 11th 

Agnew Henry, printer, 1034 Leithgow 

Agnew Isabella, 3927 Walnut 

Agnew Isabella, seamstress, 35th & Chestnut 

Agnew James, laborer, 1521 N 4th 

Agnew James, laborer, 1018 Milton 

Agnew James B., cloaks, 839 Chestnut, h 1112 

Agnew John, clerk, 1008 Lingo 

Agnew John, currier 514 N 24th 

Agnew John, engineer, 1711 Burton 

Agnew John, gent, 918 Morgan 

Agnew John D., laborer, 3923 Germantown av 

Agnew Johnson, brick maker, 2307 Reese 

Agnew Joseph, tanner, 9 Gaffney's av 

Agnew Louis, laborer, 2302 Naudain 

Agnew Maggie, 2206 Hamilton 

Agnew Marianna, 4639 Paul, F 

Agnew T., tavern, 715 Cherry 

Agnew William, watchcase maker, 1037 S 4th 

Agnews David, chairmaker, 921 Federal 

Ague Anthony, laborer, 4514 Leiper 

Agustus Jeremiah, porter, 313 Bohemia, 

Agustus Lagomarsino, maccaroni, 804 Christian 

Agustus Samuel, porter, 219 Manship 

Ahearn George, dealer, 1106 Brown 

Ahearn Patrick, laborer, 503 Somerset 

Ahearn Patrick, moulder, bds Richmond n Som- 

Ahern Daniel, boilermaker, Goodwin pi 

Ahern Daniel, umbrellas, 926 South 

Ahern Dennis, police, 827 Suffolk 

Ahern Edward bookbinding, 809 S 10th 

Ahern Eugene, book gilder, 809 S 10th 

Ahern James, stevedore, 812 Depot 

Ahern John, clerk, 9 Filbert av 

Ahern John, police, 1602 Alton 

Ahern Morris, laborer, 1039 Fremont 

Ahern Patrick, gentleman, 412 N Front 

Ahert Adam, carpenter, 1321 Prospect 

Ahert Peter, clothing, 912 Master 

Ahlbrecht Conrad, lager beer 1023 Cumberland 

Abies William, barber, 420 N 10th 

Ahn Edwin, brakesman, 3334 Story 

Ahn George, driver, 4212 Edline 

Ahn Isaiah, expressman, 3615 Ludlow 

Ahn J. Wisner, confectionery, 1342 Ridge av 











o ^ 










•I— I 





O o 










Ahn Leander, tinsmith, 402 Adams 
Ahn Samuel, expressman, 3615 Ludlow 
Ahn Sarah, 2119 Wallace 
Ahn Wilmer G., flagman, 3329 Elm 
Ahrn Aaron, laborer, 624 Guilford 
AICHER JACOB, lager beer saloon, 506 Vine 
Aicher Robert, watchcase maker, 416 Belgrade 
Aicher Situon, watchmaker, 112C N 2d 
Aichholtz Christian, lager beer, 240 Columbia av 
Aichholtz & Reinfried (C. Aichholtz if L. Rein- 
fried), lager beer, 240 Columbia av 
Aichholtz Joseph, cooper, 853 Lawrence 
Aickin Thomas, painter. 832 Carlisle 
Aiken Charles C, banker, 684 N 12th 
Aiken James, tin maker, 1707 Sooth 
Aiken John, 1326 Whitehall 
Aiken William D., real estate agent, 17th &, 

Green, h 203C Brandywine 
Aikens Francis, laborer, 308 Emmet 
Aikens James, laborer, 30th bel Market 
Aikin Samuel, clerk, 1308 Catharine 
Aikin W. L., carpenter, 1326 Ralston, h r 415 S 

Aikins James, Jr., carpenter, 508 S 5th 
Aikins James, cabinetmaker, 508 S 5th 
Aikins Jane, milk, 505 S 17th 
Aikman John, hat blocks, 141 Dock, h Camden 
Aikman J H., clerk, 121 S 3d, h Camden 
Ailes Joseph H., boot cutter, 1722 Markham 
Ailes William, cutter, 2219 Cherry 
Ainman Andrew R. , livery stable, 4774 German- 
town av 
Aims William D. P., straw goods, 144 Mar- 

garetta, h 602 Belgrade 
Ainley Sidney, mason, 156 Greene la 
Ainscow Richard, brushmaker, 434 Thompson 
Ainsworth John, spinner, 4030 Paul 
Ainsworth John H., agent, 1450 Hanover 
Ainsworth Wm. II., umbrella maker, 10 Church 
Aird Andrew, weaver, 1159 Sophia 
Aird James, weaver, 1159 Sophia 
Airey Henry, blacksmith, r 907 Darien 
Airey John A Son, manufacturers, 106 Callowhill 
Airhart Theodore, brass moulder, 4 Sutton 
Aitcheson Robert, tax collector, 520 York 
Aitken Annie S. B., 1029 Shippen 
Aitken Charles R., machinist, 1313 Parrish 
Aitken Daniel B., merchant tailor, 516 Arch, h 

413 Marshall 
Aitken Edward R., clerk, 1214 N 8th 
Aitken T. Wallace, salesman, 4 Commerce, h 

1515 Spring Garden 
Aitken Henry, M.D., 1515 Spring Garden 
Aitken John N., clerk, 1515 Spring Garden 
Aitken Joseph, gravel roofer, 627 N 3d, h 7th 

bel Master 
Aitken Robert, bookkeeper, 1431 N 7th 
Aitken William B., real estate, 123 S 4th, h 2036 

Aitken William H., morocco, r 1237 Hope 
Aitkins Julius, clerk, 1314 Melon 
Ake John, laborer, r 1007 Moyamensing av 
Aked Anna E., 941 Auburn 
Aked Robert H., fireman, 941 Auburn 
Akein Samuel, police, 1229 Crease 
Aken Samuel, grocer, 2238 Coates 
Akens Catharine, 821 Emeline 
Akers Joseph, crockery, 823 Market, h 911 Filbert 
Akers Thomas, gent, 911 Filbert 
Akers William, china & glassware, 823 Market, 

h 1608 N 15th 
AKERS W. k J. (WilUnin. $^ Joseph Akers), 

china, glass & queensware, 823 Market 
Akin David, carpet weaver, 1433 Hanover 
Akin Joseph T., bricklayer, 1234 Peters 

Akin Sarah, 16 Wheat 

Akin Thomas, laborer, r 1516 Salmon 

Akins Elizabeth, r 525 S 13th 

Akins John, machinist, 1112 Ogden 

Akins John W., bookkeeper, 616 Catharine 

Akins Joseph F., provision dealer, 1304 Race 

Akroyd William, weaver, 51 Good 

Alaine Mile. E., teacher of French, 124 S 11th 

Albeeks Charles, provisions, 37 N 10th 

Albedyll Charles, steam scourer, 510 Race 

Albedyll & Marx {Cliarles Albedyll 6, G. W. 

M(irr), steam scourers, 510 Race 
Alberger Edward, bookbinder, 316 Emmet 
Albers Peter, varnisher, 830 Cross 
Alberson John, seaman, 35 Prime 
Albert Augustus, cigarmaker, r 1003 Hope 
Albert Charles, laborer, 213 Reed 
Albert Ferdinand, r 1003 Hope 
Albert Firestine, barber, 207 Noble 
Albert John, machinist, 2029 N 6th 
Albert John, violins, 930 Ridge ay 
Albert John, watchman, 1331 Horstmann 
Albert Joseph A., boxmaker, 408 George, h 1605 

Albert Luther, Rev.. 4660 Germantown av 
Albert N. Mrs., r 1003 Hope 
Albert Sigismund, shoemaker, 1140 Leon 
Alberti George, collector, 1009 Clare 
Alberts Matthew, manufacturer, 706 Brown 

Albertson , 33 N 12th 

Albertson Andrew, painter, 1010 S 8th 
Albertson Benjamin, drygoods, 714 Arch 
Albertson & Brothers (Joseph, James if Jacob), 

boat builders, 1146 Beach 
Albertson Chalkley, inspector Germantown water- 
works, h 17 Washington av 
Albertson Charles, drygoods, 517 N 2d, h Gtn 
Albertson Charles, conveyancer, 247 Market, h 

132 Queen, Gtn 
Albertson Charles S., real estate agent, 1715 N 

Albertson David, police, 2212 Clayton 
Albertson Enoch, shoemaker, Webster n S 20th 
Albertson Henry, drygoods, 247 Market, h 132 

Queen, Gtn 
Albertson Hiram, ship carpenter, 463 Allen 
Albertson Isaac, blacksmith, 313 Garden 
Albertson Isaac, boat builder, 1034 Hanover 
Albertson Isburn, cracker baker, 852 Darien 
Albertson Jacob, boat builder, 1146 Beach, h 

1114 Beach 
Albertson James, carpenter, 1740 (Jroves 
Albertson James, boat builder, 1146 Beach, h 

1108 Marlborough 
Albertson Joseph, boat builder, 1146 Beach, h 

237 Allen 
Albertson Louis, broker, 1208 S 3d 
Albertson Margaret, 220 Richmond 
Albertson Mark R, , Adams' express, 17 N 41st 
Albertson Peter, ladies' shoemaker, 250 Rich- 
Albertson Richard, carter, 1022 Moyer 
Albertson Samuel M., carpenter, 1103 Wood, h 

924 N 8th 
Albertson Thomas, cutler, 1010 S 8th 
Albertson William, plasterer, 136 State 
Albertson William, surveyor, 1200 Girard av, 

h 1429 N 12th 
Albertus Richard, saddler, 617 Cherry 
Albetters Adam, laborer, 1125 Hancock 
Albrecht C, pianos, 46 N 3d 
Albrecht George, weaver, 321 Callowhill 
Albrecht Gottlieb, baker, 1755 Germantown av 
Albrecht John, shoes, 15 N 10th 
Albrecht John N., lumber, 1506 Perth 




Albrecht Otto, draughtsman, 939 N 6th 
Albrecht Peter, laborer, 1506 Perth 
Albrecht, Riekes & Schmidt (C. Albrecht, F. 
Riekes (^ R. T. Sckmidt), piano manufac- 
turers, 46 N 3d 
Albright Adam, collar maker, 2105 Thouron, h 

2108 Orkney 
Albright Anna, 423 Garden 
Albright Augustus, merchant, 1433 N 5th 
Albright Christopher, saloon, Lancaster av ab 

Albright C. J., salesman, 322 N 15th 
Albright Daniel, clerk, 1008 S 11th 
Albright David M., victualler, 1221 Crease 
Albright Elizabeth, milliner, 864 N 10th 
Albright Francis, clerk, 2611 Washington av 
Albright Frederick, dealer, 107 Kershaw 
Albright George, carpenter, 3503 Green 
Albright George, wagoner, r 720 N Front 
Albright Hannah A., layer out of the dead, 1735 

Albright Henry, cigars, 937 Ridge av 
Albright Henry, musician, 1415 Brown 
Albright Herman, merchant, 1433 N 5th 
Albright Herman, tailor, r 923 St John 
Albright & Huttenbrauck {John W. Albright if 
Richard W. Huttenbrauck), mer. tailors, 915 
Albright Jabob, carman, 2231 Callowhill 
Albright Jacob, clerk, Walnut lane ab German- 
town av 
Albright Jacob, plasterer, r 317 German 
Albright John G., tavern, 1715 Market 
Albright James, watchman, 735 S 4th 
Albright John G., cabinetmaker, 2254 Palethorp 
Albright John W., mer. tailor, 915 Chestnut, h 

404 S Broad 
Albright Joseph S., brickmaker, 232 Beaver 
Albright Maximilian, cabinetmaker, 1539 Cad- 
bury av 
Albright Peter, provisions, 1312 S 8th 
Albright Samuel, butcher, 2038 N 2d 
Albright Thomas F., watchmaker, 644 N 13th 
Albright William, hairdresser, 5 Mattis 
Albright William, polisher, r 317 German 
Albright William D., gentleman, 644 N 13th 
Albright William E., merchant, 47 N 3d, h 1607 

Albright William J., barber, 5 Mattis 
Alburger Abraham, butcher, 705 Callowhill 
Alburger Abraham, M.D , 1111 Shackamaxon 
Alburger Abram, painter, 1247 N 2d 
Alburger Adam, butcher, 1810 S 2d 
Alburger & Carpenter {John Alburger if Harry 
L. Carpenter), tailors' trimmings, 433 Market 
Alburger Charles M., gasfitter, 516 Marshall 
Alburger Christopher, butcher, 1646 S 2d 
Alburger Hannah, washer, 812 AVashington av 
Alburger Isaac, salesman, 1247 N 2d 
Alburger Jacob T., 416 S Front, h 1307 S 6th 
Alburger Jacob T., Jr., provisions, 416 S Front 

h 1307 S 6th 
ALBURGER JACOB T. & CO. {Jacob T. Al- 
burger, Charles Kneclit ^ Wm. A. Durfer), 
provision mers., 416 S Front 
Alburger James D., trunkmaker, 84 Laurel 
Alburger John, meat packer, 229 Market, h 1307 

S 6th 
Alburger John, merchant, 433 Market, h 860 

Alburger John, painter, 812 Gaul 
Alburger John, painter, 1247 N 2d 
Alburger John G., gentleman 405 Franklin 
Alburger Mary K. Mrs., 104 Ellen 
Alburger Philip H., butcher, 449 Franklin 

Alburger William, painter, 1247 N 2d 
Alburger William C., plumber, 440 Marshall, h 

1008 Mt. Vernon 
Alburger William H., butcher, 405 Franklin 
Alburger William H., driver, 2008 Bedford 
Alburger William M., gent., 1008 Mt Vernon 
ALBURGER & WOOD (Charles M. Alburger 4- 

Jas. P. Wood), plumbers, gas and steam fitters, 

717 Spring Garden 
Alcock Abraham, painter, 128 Arch, h 677 N 

Alcock & Bro. {Wm. Alcock &(■ Abraham, Alcock), 

painters, 146 Laurel and 128 Arch 
Alcock William, painter, 128 Arch, h 146 Laurel 
Alcon Thomas, butcher, Lancaster ab 43d 
Alcorn Andrew, flour store, N E I8th & Market, 

h 24 N 18th 
Alcorn George, gasfitter, 825 S 13th 
Alcorn George, U S Mint, 261 Aspen 
Alcorn George W., lastmaker, 109 Callowhill 
Alcorn James, clerk, 2110 Summer 
Alcorn James, clerk, 1008 Chestnut, h 825 S 13th 
Alcorn James, coal, 2050 Market, h 2110 Summer 
Alcorn James, teamster, 735 Jamison 
Alcorn Samuel, baker, 1709 Lombard 
Alcorn Samuel, carter, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn Thomas, Jr., butcher, Florida & Seneca 
Alcorn William, butcher, 4084 Story 
Alcorn William, furniture, 1 Clinton ct 
Alcorn William W., bookkeeper, 1709 Lombard 
Alcough Louis, bricklayer, r 1019 N 4th 
Aid Anna, 620 Green 

Aldach Frederick M. J., bookbinder, 905 N 10th 
Alden Charles, machinist 1935 Hamilton 
Alden Charles H., M.D., USA, 1914 Pine 
Alden & Co. {J. P. Alden if S. M. Alden), fan 

blowers, 2218 Race 
Alden Joseph P., fan blower, 2218 Race, h 1933 

Alden S. M., fan blower, 2218 Race, h 402 N 

Alder William, cooper, 1536 Germantown av 
Alderson Wm. C, seeds, 1113 Market, h 33 N 12th 
Aldey Edward, gentleman, 717 S 9th 
Aiding Joseph, butcher, 4818 Washington 
Aldington George, mer. tailor, 1720 Rittenhouse 
Aldman Philip, bakery, 714 Belgrade 
Aldred George H., upholsterer, 1404 Salmon 
Aldred William, butcher, 734 West 
Aldrich Cynthia, gentlewoman, 709 S 10th 
Aldrich E. S. Miss, teacher, 709 S 10th 
Aldrich Isaiah, pickles, 18 Letitia, h 1906 Green 
Aldrich Munson A., weaver, 413 Albion, h r 2121 

Aldrich William T., attorney-at-law, 16 N 7th 
Aldrich, Yerkes & Cary {Isaiah Aldrich, Jones 

Yerkes &f Wm. H. Cary), pickles & preserves, 

18, 20 & 22 Letitia 
Aldridge Francis, brickmaker, 1649 Mervine 
Aldridge George, blacksmith, 1425 Stiles 
Aldridge Henry, policeman, 1513 Camac 
Aldridge Henry, policeman, 1930 Cambridge 
Aldridge Susan, 519 Girard av 
Aldridge Isaiah, fruit canner, Letitia ab Chest- 
nut, h 1906 Green 
Aldridge William S., machinist, 1408 Beach 
Aledo Marcus F., prof, of music, 306 Bradford 
Alexander Aaron, clothier, 107 New 
Alexander Abel, gentleman, 1042 Lawrence 
Alexander Abram, gentleman, 630 South 
Alexander Albert, cloakmaker, 721 N 7th 
Alexander Alexander, dealer, 822 Shippen 
Alexander Andrew, machinist, 1 Graden 
Alexander Andrew, stonecutter, 11th & Parrish, 

h 1115 Parrish 












































'-' ss 









Alexander Andrew J., stonecutter, 1115 Parrish 

Alexander Benjamin, com. mer., 1149 Hancock 
Alexander Charles, gentleman, 1122 Wistar 
Alexander Charles, sailmaker, bds 135 Craven 
Alexander Charles H., cloaks, 14 S 8th 
Alexander Charles W., publisher, 447 Canton 
Alexander C, sergeant, 129 Jarvis 
Alexander C. B., printer, 1317 S 8th 
Alexander Christian H., salesman, 707 Callowhill 
Alexander David, tavern, 1308 Fitzwater, h 1216 

Alexander Elizabeth, 1017 Federal 
Alexander Elizabeth, 1317 S 8th 
Alexander Elizabeth, 241 Dean 
Alexander Emeline M., trimmings, 1204 Wallace 
Alexander Francis, painter, 1338 Columbia av 
Alexander George, blacksmith, 1911 Pearl 
Alexander George, grocer, 3d & Coates 
Alexander George, hotel, 1402 S 3d 
Alexander George, jeweller, 937 Cherry 
Alexander George, salesman, 2 Fitch 
Alexander Henry, 2 Henderson's ct 
Alexander Henrv C, salesman, 314 Market, h 

Haddonfield, N J 
Alexander Henry C, photograph albums, 10 S 

8th, h 138 N 8th 
Alexander Herbert, express, 22 N 39th 
Alexander Ilettie, teacher, 1332 Green 
Alexander Hugh, policeman, 1123 Marlborough 
Alexander Hugh, policeman, 1635 Cadbury av 
Alexander H., baggage express, 5 N 18th, h 22 

N 39th 
Alexander Isaac J., bookkeeper, 140 N Del av, h 

321 Buttonwood 
Alexander James, car driver, 729 St John 
Alexander James, carpenter, 128 Greenwich 
Alexander James, engineer, 1418 Hutchinson 
Alexander James, hatter, 21 Rising Sun la 
Alexander James, manufacturer, 35 N 17th 
Alexander James B., manuf., N W 21st & Ells- 
worth, h Redwood bel 5th 
Alexander James C, waterman, 1229 Ball 
Alexander Jastrow, manuf., 338 New Market 
Alexander John, baker, 1334 Brandywine 
Alexander John, butcher, 240 Reed 
Alexander John, clerk. Front n Laurel 
Alexander John, dravman, r 2015 Tulip 
ALEXANDER JOHN, president, office 148 S 

4th, h 1935 Arch 
Alexander John, gentleman, 937 Cherry 
Alexander John, painter, 1008 Otsego 
Alexander John, shoemaker, 1217 Locust 
ALEXANDER JOHN, stationer and printer, 134 

S 4th, h Silverton av bet 48th & 49th, W P 
Alexander John, laborer, 2721 Federal 
Alexander John, shoemaker, r 1726 Lombard 
Alexander John I., driver, 1511 Bedford 
Alexander John S., sec'y, 148 S 4th, h 1935 

Alexander Joseph, gent, 505 Bedford 
Alexander Joseph, laborer, 1729 S Front 
Alexander Joseph, paperhanger, 1017 Federal 
Alexander Joseph F. L., paper carrier, 130 Car- 
Alexander Joseph R., machinist, 1630 S 5th 
Alexander J. H., printer, 1441 S 3d 
Alexander Kate, 640 Tasker 
Alexander Lewis, liquors, 336 Dugan 
Alexander Martin W., conveyancer, 1328 N 23d 
Alexander Mary, 667 Bankson 
Alexander Mary, 1332 Green 
Alexander Mary, 531 Lombard 
Alexander M., cloaks and mantillas, 112 N 8th 

Alexander, M. W., conveyancer, 422 Walnut, h 

1323 N 23d 
Alexander Rachel, seamstress, 24 Wilson 
Alexander Richard J., artist, 228 Monroe 
Alexander Robert, engineer, 1212 Hamilton 
Alexander Robert, manuf., N W 2lst and Ells- 
worth, h 615 S 16th 
Alexander Robert, polisher, 121 McClellon 
Alexander Robert, stonecutter, 2012 Fitzwater 
Alexander Robert, manufacturer, 615 S 16th 
Alexander R. Cutler, att'y-at-law, 623 Walnut 
Alexander Samuel, bookkeeper, 1808 S 4th 
Alexander Samuel, moulder, 70S E Thompson 
Alexander Samuel D., brushmaker, 807 Stewart 
Alexander Samuel L., furnishing, 1206 S 2d 
Alexander Sarah, 707 Callowhill 
Alexander Simon, clothier, 630 South 
Alexander S., cloaks and mantillas, 138 N 8th 
Alexander Theodore, fire brick, S E Reed & Ot- 
sego, h 237 Greenwich 
Alexander Thomas, clerk, 2220 F 
Alexander Thomas D., carpenter, 214 Moore 
Alexander Thomas, porter, r 329 St John 
Alexander Thomas, tavern, 1735 Lombard 
Alexander Thomas, weaver, 2025 Hancock 
Alexander T. R., insurance agent, 400 Chestnut, 

h 1500 N 7th 
Alexander William, bookkeeper, 134 S 4th, h N 

W 39th & Garden 
Alexander William, combmaker, 1123 Day 
Alexander William, gentleman, 1813 Mt Vernon 
Alexander William, glassblower, 1017 Federal 
Alexander William, quarterman, 1313 Corn 
Alexander William B., merchant, 707 Callowhill 
Alexander William J., carpenter, 8 Brown's ct 
Alexander William J., shoemaker, Greenville pi 
Alexander William P., 1115 Parrish 
Aley Mary Ann, laundress, 719 St Mary 
Alfaunce Jacob, cigarmaker, 2 Baynon pi 
Alford Benjamin M., cabinet ware, 911 S 3d 
Alford William, dealer, 1303 Green 
Alfred Addison, carpenter, 758 N 24th 
Alfred Charles, laborer, 1313 Brandywine 
Alfred James, gentleman, 1941 South 
Alfter Joseph, cabinetmaker, 909 N 3d 
Algeo John, cooper, 7 Benton 
Algeo William, tinsmith, 4 Church av 
Algie William, signalizer, 1438Marshall 
Algie William, machinist, 430 N 19th 
Algier Christian, tailor, 3128 Market 
Alheunershotz Augustus, att'y-at-law, 910 Hutch- 
Algier John, brakesman, 3611 Aspen 
Alick Andrew, tailor, 2210 Coral 
Alick Frederick, sugar refiner, N W Charlotte & 

Alice Margaretta Mrs., 2204 Clayton 
Alis John, driver, 1503 Perth 
AlkerH., gentleman, Main & Graver's la, C Hill 
Alkin George, laborer, 2225 Filbert 
Alkin James, carpenter. 1335 Shippen 
Alkins Edward, morocco finisher, 1439 Camac 
Alkins George, bookkeeper, 1439 Camac 
All Morris, agent, 914 N 7th 
All Philip, soap boiler, 914 N 7th 
Allaire Charles B., 800 Arch, bds 200 Franklin 
Allan George, grocery, 834 Shippen 
Allard James, engineer, 1130 Carpenter 
Allaway Richard, shoemaker, 122 Prime 
Allberger Jacob, wheelwright, 1758 Warnock 
Allborn Philip, shoemaker, 633 Poplar 
Allbright Charles, boilermaker, 2012 Memphis 
Allbright Charles, policeman, 123 Dana 
Allbright Frank, shoemaker, 1314 Ralston 
Allbright Henry, laborer, 414 Somerset 





Allbright Jacob, policeman, 121 Dana 
AUbright P. {Allbright' s Express), 306 Race, h 

Allbright Sarah, 152 Dana 
Allbright William, boatman, 3 Green 
Allbright William, bootfitter, 1344 Prospect 
Allburger George 0., clerk, 405 Franklin 
Allburger Thomas E., grocer, 632 Montgomery 
Allburger William H., trunks, 1216 Hancock 
Alleorn James, machinist, 1807 N 7th 
Allcorn James, moulder, 2218 Tamaqua 
Alleutt Howard, carpenter, 1718 Afton 
Allderdice James, broker, 302 S 10th 
ALLEBACH M. B., watchmaker & jeweller, 126 

N 2d 
Alleback John, carpenter, 1117 Jefferson 
Alleghany & Pittsburgh Oil Co., 148 S 4th 
Alleghany River Coal Oil Co., 135 S 5th 
Allegood Henry, moulder, 617 Barrow 
Allegretti F. J., confectionery, 1324 Walnut 
AUely John, wharf builder, 952 Marlborough 
Alleman B. S., grocer, 600 Lombard 
ALLEMAN JACOB, hotel, 312 & 314 Race 

Allen , gent, 165 Levering 

Allen , machinist, 2527 Frankford av 

Allen Mrs., 716 S 3d 

Allen Albert, salesman, 1012 Parker 

Allen Alfred, 1724 Spruce 

Allen Alfred, engineer, 1114 Shaekamaxon 

Allen Alice A., 16 E Sellers 

Allen Alonzo, machinist, 940 N 4th 

Allen Andrew M., bricklayer, 4064 Haverford 

Allen A. Mrs., 703 Wood 

Allen A. D., 709 Chestnut 

Allen A. 0., dressmaker, 236 Madison 

Allen Benjamin, brickmaker, 1326 S Broad 

Allen Bernard, laborer, 2002 Bedford 

Allen Benjamin, manufacturer, 4548 Miller, h 

120 Wister, Gtn 
Allen Benjamin F., clerk, 1005 Coates 
ALLEN & BROTHER {George N. 4- Theodore 

M. Allen), china, glass, &e., 23 & 25 S 4th 
Allen & Bro. {Robert ^ George Allen), furniture, 

812 South 
Allen Catharine, gentlewoman, 1244 Otis 
Allen Charles, driver, 2064 Philip 
Allen Charles, manufacturer, 531 N 22d 
Allen Charles, rigger, 106 Mary 
Allen Charles, sailmaker, 418 Monroe 
Allen Charles, shoemaker, 663 Steiner 
Allen Charles, sparmaker, 36 Innes 
Allen Charles B., rivet works, 531 N 22d 
Allen Charles C, M.D., 225 Jacoby 
Allen Charles G., shoes, 149 N 4th 
Allen Charles M., clerk, 523 Market, h 810 N 7th 
Allen Charles T., baker, 723 Federal 
Allen Charles W., shoe manufacturer, 36 S 5th, h 

617 Wood 
Allen Christopher, printer, 1168 S 13th 
Allen Clayton, real estate, 427 Walnut, h 308 N 

Allen Clifford P., sash maker, 1438 N 6th, h 1731 

Allen Cloudsberry, laborer, r 1224 Fitzwater 
ALLEN & CO. {John Alle7i Sr Lewis Snell) , real 

estate agents. 823 Race 
Allen & Co. {William S. S^ Clifford P. Alle?i), 

sashmakers, 1438 N 6th 
Allen Daniel, dye works, 2644 Frankford av 
Allen David, blacksmith, 4208 Orchard 
Allen David, laborer, bds 120 Gothic 
Allen David, laborer, 3 Derringer av 
Allen David L., carpenter, 1719 Cambridge 
Allen David, bookkeeper, 3410 Haverford 
Allen David, laborer, 319 Allen 

Allen Edmund, bookkeeper, 603 Chestnut, h 2006 

Allen Edward, carpenter, 949 N 11th 
Allen Edward, Mrs., 1702 Chestnut 
Allen Edward, painter, 1213 N 13th 
Allen Edward, saloon, 1303 Pine 
Allen Edward, shoemaker, 503 Barron 
Allen Edwin, painter, 116 N 6th, h 1213 N 13th 
Allen Eliza, Mrs., r 708 Beach 
Allen Elizabeth, 620 E Dauphin 
Allen Elizabeth, 327 Franklin 
Allen Elizabeth, 7 Leyden's ct 
Allen Elizabeth, 1012 Parker 
Allen Elizabeth, cook, 412 Gaskill 
Allen Ellen C, 192 Bringhurst 
Allen EUwood, lumber, 30th bel Market, h 622 

Allen Ellwood, Jr., clerk, 30th bel Market, h 622 

Allen B. H., undertaker, 10 E Sellers 
Allen Francis H., moulder, 723 Federal 
Allen Frank 0., ins. agent, 112 S 4th, h 539 N 22d 
Allen Franklin, bricklayer, 1234 Christian 
Allen Frederick, bootfitter, 302 Cypress 
Allen F., Mrs., 247 Chester 
Allen George, bookbinder, 8 Otter 
Allen George, cabinetmaker, 538 N 13th 
Allen George, chairmaker, 1117 Charles 
Allen George, clerk, 40 S 4th, h 415 Cambria 
Allen George, clerk, 930 Chestnut, h 1124 Arch 
Allen George, furniture, ^12 South, h 1349 South 
Allen George, lampmaker, 2225 Rednor 
Allen George, millinery goods, 930 Chestnut, h 

1124 Arch 
ALLEN GEORGE, professor U. Pa., 215 S 17th 
Allen George, shoemaker, 415 Cambria 
Allen George D., painter, 723 Federal 
Allen George E., carpenter, 412 Federal 
Allen George N., queensware, 23 & 25 S 4th, h. 

108 N 20th 
Allen George 0., shoes, N E 12th & Pine 
Allen George P., student, 1909 Chestnut 
Allen George W., blacksmith, r 1372 Beach 
Allen George W., cordwainer, 317 Beaver 
Allen George W., engineer, 16 E Sellers 
Allen George W., hardware, 113 Market, h 314 S 

Allen George W., machinist, 4945 Franklin 
Allen Geo. W., ranges, 124 N 6th, h 1815 Wallace 
Allen, Gillingham & Co. {Elwood Allen, Frank 

Gillingham &f FranJdin Knight), lumber 

merchants, Richmond & York 
Allen G. W., merchant, 113 Market, h 314 S 15th 
Allen Harrison, M.D., school of anatomy, r Chant, 

h 24 N 10th 
Allen Heman, prof, music, 215 S 17th 
Allen Henry, carpenter, r 920 Ogden 
Allen Henry, ship builder, r 831 St John 
Allen Henry C, blacksmith, 4541 Worth, Fkd 
Allen Henry G., clerk, 117 Market, h 915 N Front 
Allen Henry H., cigarmaker, 1512 Thompson 
Allen Henry H,, grocer 723 Jefferson _ 

Allen Henry J., clerk, 327 S 5th 
Allen Henry R., 35 Orthodox 
Allen Henry S., seaman, 1217 Howard 
AllenHenryT.,salesm.,117Market,h915N Front 
Allen Howard, clerk, 308 N 18th 
Allen H. H., grocer, S W Front & Vine, h 723 

Allen H. N. P., dressmaking, 728 Chestnut 
Allen Isaac W., broker, 105 Chestnut 
Allen Jacob, brass finisher, 840 N 16th 
Allen James, 707 Spruce 
Allen James, alderman, 3934 Chestnut 
Allen James, blacksmith, 1451 N 4th 

o Id 


o m 


CD « 



^ o 


p . 











Qj O 






Allen James, cabinetmaker, 12th and Hamilton, 

h Filbert bel 13th 
Allen James, coachmaker, 1528 N 2d 
Allen James, confectioner, 408 S 10th 
Allen James, laborer, 4316 Paul 
Allen James, oysters, 80 Laurel, h610 New Mar- 
Allen James, porter, 232 Quince 
Allen James, tailor, 525 S Front 
Allen James, roofer, 708 S 15th 
Allen James, umbrella maker, 663 Steiner 
Allen James A., stencil plate cutter, 41 S 3d 
Allen James B., accountant, 14 S Del av, h 48th 

and Darby rd 
Allen James B., bonnet wire maker, 235 E Girard 

Allen James C, cabinet maker, 1209 Chestnut, 

h 924 Filbert 
Allen James J., police, 129 Chenango 
Allen James M., carpenter, 4 Harper's pi 
Allen James P., bookbinder, r 934 S 6th 
Allen Janes, 1005 Coates 
Allen Job, hotel, 1013 N 4th 
Allen John, carpenter, 10 Fetter la, h 460 N 8th 
Allen John, clothier, 1104 Market, h 1107 Market 
Allen John, commission merchant, 10 N Del av, 

h 530 Dickerson 
Allen John, driver, 2216 Manning 
Allen John, keg maker, 10 Fetter la, h N 8th ab 

Allen John, laborer, 2214 Cuthbert 
Allen John, laborer, r 734 Bedford 
Allen John, laborer, 1523 Fitzwater 
Allen John, provision dealer, 530 Dickerson 
Allen John, real estate, 823 Rnce, h 1239 N 11th 
Allen John, salesman, 701 Doak 
Allen John, tobacconist, 1016 Frankford av 
Allen John, woollen manufacturer. 4548 Miller 
Allen John B. A., coal oil, 138 Walnut, h 1909 

Allen John C, 262 Franklin 

Allen John C, clerk, 631 Chestnut, h 4045 Ludlow 
Allen JohnC, druggist, 7th & South, h225 Jacoby 
Allen John C, gentleman, 335 S 5th 
Allen John C, Jr., clerk, 335 S 5th 
Allen John C, salesman, 192 Bringhurst 
Allen John H., ship chandler, 1010 N 6th 
Allen John P., foreman, 913 Lawrence 
Allen John Q., teacher, 1224 Canby 
Allen Joseph, bricklayer, 1232 Christian 
Allen Joseph, cabinet maker, 1209 Chestnut, h 

1114 Green 
Allen Joseph, merchant. 452 Marshall 
Allen Joseph, sawyer, Franklin n Foulkrod 
Allen Joseph, waiter, 1737 S 12th 
Allen Joseph, wheelwright, bds 512 S Front 
Allen Joseph, manufacturer, 1509 N Front 
Allen Joseph, carter, 1408 Pink 
Allen Joseph E., carpenter, 713 Lebanon 
Allen Joseph H., engineer, 723 Federal 
Allen Joseph L., ship joiner, 723 Federal 
Allen Joseph S., deputy sheriff, 512 Richmond 
Allen Joshua, chairmaker, r 938 S 4th 
Allen Joshua, sea captain, 616 Olis 
Allen Joshua G., M.D., 1237 Spruce 
Allen Josiah J., merchant, 42 S Delaware av, h 

1320 Spring Garden 
Allen J. B., agent, 112 S 4th, h 225 Jacoby 
Allen J. <t B. [John &c Be?/jami7i), hosiery manu- 
facturers. 4548 Miller, Gtn 
Allen J. B.' & Co. (J. B. Allen, R. M. Hazlett, 

^ William R. Allison) , agents Phoenix Life 

Insurance Co., 112 S 4th 
Allen J. B. A., Jr., merchant, 318 Market, h 1700 


ALLEN J. B. A. & SON (J. B. A. Allen &f R- 

W. P. Allen), commission oil merchants, 138 

Allen James C, cabinet maker, 1209 Chestnat, 

h 924 Filbert 
Allen J. I., laborer, 512 Wharton 
Allen Julius B., insurance, 225 Jacoby 
Allen Lambert, carpenter, 1351 Ilewson 
Allen Levan, laborer, 48th <t Lancaster 
Allen Lewi.", clerk, 245 N 9th 
Allen Lewis P., butcher, 4545 Frankford av, h 16 

E Sellers 
Allen Louis, carpenter, 1314 Ilewson 
Allen Louis M., liquors, 214 S Front, h 452 Mar- 
Allen Martha E., tailoress, 1433 Fawn 
Allen Mary, 526 Pine 
Allen Mary, spinner, r 1433 Hope 
Allen Mary, 240 Brogan 
Allen Mary A., 1126 Jackson 
Allen Moses, laborer, 1719 Pearl 
Allen Myron W., carriage manufacturer, 825 N 

13th. h821 Geary 
ALLEN & NEEDLES (Josiah J. Allen If Wm.N. 

Needles), oils and commission merchants, 42 S 

Del av & 41 S Water 
Allen Philip A., salesman, 324 Market, h 949 N 

Allen Ralph P., coal oil, 138 Walnut, h 1909 

Allen & Reeves (Wm Allen <^ F. P. Reeves), 

coal, 1326 N 9th 
Allen Reuben, blacksmith, 4 Hammitt's av 
Allen Richard C, medical student, 16 E Sellers 
Allen Richard J., coal oil, 472 N 3d, h 614 Wood 
Allen Robert, bookkeeper, 2026 Brandywine 
Allen Robert, furniture, 812 & h 915 South 
Allen Robert, galvanizing iron works, 23d ab Race, 

h 2622 Frankford av 
Allen Robert, hairdresser, 25 Sloan 
Allen Robert, weaver, 1430 N 5th 
Allen Robert B., chemist, Kensington av ab Har- 

rowgate la, h 2026 Brandywine 
Allen Robert L., accountant, Howard Express, 

628 Chestnut, h 1018 Pine 
Allen Rosanna, cigarmaker, 1328 Catharine 
Allen Rose S., 707 Spruce 

Allen R. W. P., commission merchant, 138 Wal- 
nut, h 1909 Chestnut 
Allen R. S., Mrs., b h, 150 N 7th 
Allen Samuel, bookbinder, 265 S 8th 
Allen Samuel, broker, 136 S 3d, h 802 N 6th 
Allen Samuel, clerk, 1727 Alder 
Allen Samuel, laborer, 1313 Pearl 
Allen Samuel, teacher, 524 Pine 
Allen Samuel, weaver, 2335 Coral 
Allen Samuel, Jr., sect'y, 204 S 4th, h 450 N 5th 
Allen Samuel H., machinist, r 428 Moyer 
Allen Sarah T., 1621 Chestnut 
Allen Square I., gravel roofer, 9th & Girard av, 

h 1204 Girard av 
Allen Susan, 2315 Wright 
Allen Sweden, lumberman, 706 New Market 
Allen Theodore M., merchant, 23 & 25 S 4th 
Allen Thomas, salesman, 701 Doak 
Allen Thomas, gentleman, 810 N 7th 
Allen Thomas, carpenter, 2226 Summer 
ALLEN THOMAS, United States Assessor, N W 

3d & Callowhill 
Allen Thomas, Jr., clerk, 810 N 7th 
Allen Thomas, tailor, 545 Lombard 
Allen Thomas, M.D., 3934 Chestnut 
Allen Thomas, Jr., merchant, 701 Doak 
Allen Thomas G., Rev., 926 Lombard 
Allen T. H., gentleman, 426 Pino 




Allen T. James, measurer, 25 N 17th 

Allen Washington M., painter, 1213 N 13th 

Allen William, barber, 815 Montcalm 

Allen William, bartender, 1146 S lOth 

Allen William, carpenter, 506 Hagner 

Allen William, express, 915 N Front 

Allen AVilliam, gentleman, 150 Wister 

Allen William, carpenter, 424 Federal 

Allen William, laborer, r 1214 Thurlow 

Allen William, merchant, 1413 N 11th 

Allen William, coal, 1326 N 9th, h 810 N 7th 

Allen William, skirt manufacturer, 806 N 2d 

Allen William, stonecutter, 41 N 38th 

Allen William, waiter, 622 Ronaldson 

Allen William, dining saloon, 15 & 17 S 3d, h 105 

Allen William, mer., 306 Market, h 701 Doak 
Allen William, cooper, 816 Mackinaw 
Allen William, plasterer, 2 Cordova pi 
Allen William, cabinetmaker, 12th & Hamilton, 

h 1114 Green 
Allen William, eating saloon, 105 New 
Allen William, laborer, 1227 Shippen 
Allen William, sailmaker, 405 Carpenter 
Allen William, watchman, 109 Oxford 
Allen William B., ensjineer, 236 Saranak 
Allen William B., gunsmith, 1514 Wood 
Allen William C, salesman, 1806 N 12th 
Allen William D., salesman, 12 Decatur, h 327 S 

Allen William E.. druggist, 524 Pine 
Allen William E., hotel, 1126 Girard av 
Allen W. G.. mer., 227 N Broad, h 327 S 5th 
Allen W. G. & Co. ( fF. G. Allen), commission 

merchants, 227 N Broad 
Allen William H., merchant, 113 Market, h 1010 

Allen William H., paperhanger 424 Federal 
Allen William M., druggist, 1830 Coates 
Allen William P., express, 915 N Front 
Allen William R., conveyancer, 334 Walnut, h 

Mount Holly, N J 
Allen William S., oysters, 404 Market 
Allen William S., sash maker, 1438 N 6th, h 1439 

ALLEN WILLIAM W., insurance agent, 409 

Walnut, h 609 N 17th 
ALLEN WILLIAM W. & CO. (William W. 

Allen ^ Joseph Tillinghast) , insurance agents, 

409 Walnut 
Allen & Wyand {Edwin Allen if Jacob Wyand), 

painters, 116 N 6th 
Allen W. H., mer., 113 Market, h 1010 Cherry 
ALLEN W. H. & G W., hardware & cutlery, 

113 & 115 Market 
ALLEN W. & J. & BRO. ( Wm. , Joseph 6r James) , 

cabinet manuf., 1209 Chestnut, factory, 12th 

&. Hamilton 
ALLEN & ZELLEY (Square I. Allen ^ Saml. 

S. Zelley), gravel roofers, S E 9th &, Girard av 
Allenbach Frederick, shoemaker, 921 Poplar 
Allender John, Markoe House, 919 Chestnut 
Aliens George, cigarmaker, 1122 E Norris 
Allensworth William, moulder, 7 Amity 
Allentown Rolling Mill Co., 105 Walnut 
Allenworth William, laborer, 145 MiiHin, Myk 
Aliens Mary, gentlewoman, 223 Levering 
Allerton Robert, painter, 776 S 5th 
Allexander John, diamond setter, 323 German 
Allexander William, clerk, 3911 Garden 
Allgaier John, carriage builder, 1204 Frankford 

av, hll35 Shackamaxon 
Allgaier J. D., confections, 986 N 2d 
Allgeier Charles, watchmaker, 478 N 3d 

Allheiser John W., butcher, 1252 Cadwalader 
Allheiser Mary Ann, 1252 Cadwalader 
Allibone Austin, gentleman, 1816 Spruce 
Allibone George W., mason, 38 Wilson 
Allibone James, mason, 11 Wilson 
Allibone Mary, 717 Spruce 
AUifen Margaret, 2040 Philip 
Alligood Alexander, waiter, 6 Buck's ct 
Allingham Rachel, tailoress, 931 Darien 
Allingham Redmund, laborer, 529 Chippewa 
Allis Alfred D., moulder, 410 Cumberland 
ALLISON ANDREW, wines and liquors, 212 S 

Front, h 510 Spruce 
Allison A. H., carpenter, 24 S 18th 
Allison Catharine, washer, 719 Jamison 
Allison David, search clerk, 718 N 19th 
Allison Frank, packer, 1033 Clement 
Allison George, engineer, 2258 Palethorp 
Allison Jas., clothier, 802 Market, h 1609 Green 
Allison James, liquors, 312 S 5th 
Allison James J ., deputy sheriff, 4 State House 

row, h 1334 N 11th 
Allison John, gentleman, 138 Grape, Myk 
Allison John, stonecutter, 1109 Charles 
Allison John M., Walnut ab 42d 
Allison John P., wheelwright, 10th & Ellsworth 
Allison Joseph, loom boss, 152 Grape, Myk 
Allison Joseph, prest Judge Court Common Pleas, 

Walnut ab 42d 
Allison J. Wesley, coal, 23d & Filbert, h 19th & 

Allison Rebecca, dressmaker, 618 Sansom 
Allison Thomas, laborer, 1609 Thomnson 
Allison Thomas, tailor, 1000 Pine, h 1432 Lom- 
Allison Thomas J., salesman, 1432 Lombard 
Allison Walter, carpenter, 21st ab Chestnut, h 24 

S 18th 
Allison William, gentleman, 133 Church, Myk 
AllisoQ William, gentleman. Ridge av n Green la 
Allison William A., student, 443 N 7th 
Allison William C, car builder, 23d & Filbert, h 

1843 Filbert 
Allison William R., agent, 112 S 4th, h 22 

N 19th 
AUister James, collector, 1127 Lombard 
Allkire Andrew, waiter, 119 Elfreth 
Allkire J., eating saloon, 2 Arch 
Allman Daniel, drygoods, 8th & Spring Garden, 

h 710 Franklin 
Allman David, drygoods, 210 Church, h 710 

Allman Edward, hat finisher, 115 Gebhard 
Allman Henry, watchman, 5 Dundale pi 
Allman John, waiter, r 1122 Lombard 
Allman Joseph, hatter, 1520 Stiles 
Allman Lehman, merchant, 1019 Mt Vernon 
Allman Thomas, commission merchant, 207 & 209 

N Broad, h 248 N 11th 
Allman Thomas, Jr., flour, 4th & Vine, h 448 N 

Allman & Zehnder [Thomas Allman, Jr., ^ 

George F. Zehnder), flour, S E 4th &, Vine 
Allmendinger Charles, drygoods, 624 N 2d 
Allmendinger Charles, Jr., broker, 50 S 3d, h 624 

N 2d 
Allmendinger William, drygoods, 637 & h 624 

N 2d 
Allmendinger William, gentleman, 807 Green 
Allmire Marx, shoemaker, 308 Coates 
Allmond Charles, carpenter, 1020 Ivy 
ALLMOND CHARLES M., manager of Washing- 
ton House, 709 Chestnut 
Allmond Frank, undertaker, 1020 Ivy 
Allmond Howard P., waiter, 3632 Sansom 




»— '^ 

O <3 



















S '^ 








Allmond Mukes, carpenter, 3632 Sansom 

Allmond Thomas, carpenter, 1020 Ivy 

Allmond Thomas W., undertaker, 1027 Rodman 

Allmuth Aloisellmuth, music teacher, 707 Florida 

Allmeyer Samuel, gent, 434 Garden 

Alloway Israel, 34 Deal, Fkd 

Alloway Samuel, shoemaker, 1111 Dunton 

Alloway Wra., furniture car, 606 Norris 

Alloways Charles W., painter, 1036 Brown 

Allsbach Peter, baker, 2015 N 2d 

Allshum Edward, spinner, 2131 Harmstead 

Allshouse Lemuel, bookkeeper, 826 Market 

Allsip Catharine, 1209 Rodman 

Allsip Margaret, laundress, Foys ct 

Allsop George, varieties, 2526 Pine 

AIlsop Thomas, car builder, 1733 Grove 

Allspach Michael J., druggist, 487 Dillwyn 

Allstaedt John G., cigars, 903 Ridge av 

Allston Frederick, rigger, r 1237 Hanover 

Allufskey Michael, lab, r 531 St John 

Allwell John, engineer, 2420 Memphis 

Allyn Isaac W., broker, 105 Chestnut.h 318 N 37th 

Allyn & Jewett {Isaac W. Allyn ^- J. B. Jewctt), 

merchandise brokers, 105 Chestnut 
Almand Peter, lab, 62d & Kershan 
Almarus John, baker, 2006 N Front 
Almeda Anthony, lab, 211 N Front 
Almeida Robert, dealer, 1141 Federal 
Aimer Andrew J., carpenter, r 1214 Shippen 
Aimer John, lab, r 502 Brooks 
Almon Wm., engineer, 3612 Elm 
Almond Wm. II., stone cutter, 3328 Lancaster av 
Alonzo Potter, machinist, 4177 Thomas 
Aloysius Mary Sister, 1056 Lawrence 
Alpen William, lab, r 2208 Naudain 
Alpert Conrad, shoemaker, 2428 N Front 
Alrich Eliza L., 1122 Vine 
ALRICH GEORGE, conveyancer, 1812 Fkd av 
Alrich Hamilton, architect, 819 Arch 
Alrich John, machinist, 515 Girard av 
Alrich Peter N., blacksmith, 3613 Aspen 
Alrich Wm., tavern, 515 McIUwain 
Alrick Hannah, 1346 Hewson 
Alricks H. Jr., architect, 152 S 4th, h 819 Arch 
Alschbach Jacob, grocer, 312 N 12th 
Alsop Edward B., real estate, 407 Walnut, h 18th 

&, Pine 
Alsop George M., bookkeeper, 1112 Beach 
Alsop Robert, att'y, 407 Walnut, h 18th & Pine 
Alsop William, cigars, 1638 Lombard 
Alston Wm. J., preacher, 532 Powell 
Altdorfer Christian, butcher, 1709 Howard 
Altemus Augustus E., cooper, 821 N 9th 
Altemus & Co. [Sam^iel T. 4" Henry Altemus), 

album manufs, 4th & Race 
Altemus Edward J., mer. 120 S 40th 
Altemus Franklin L., 420 Market, h 39th and 

Altemus F. S., gent, 1512 Chestnut 
Altemus George W., gent, 1324 N 15th 
Altemus Henry, album maker, 4th & Race, h 

1316 Jefferson 
Altemus James, constable, 142 Otter 
Altemus James L., watchman, 1139 Gtn av 
Altemus Joshua, policeman, 29 Orthodox, Fkd 
Altemus Jos. B., drygoods mer., 220 Chestnut, h 

Wister opp Chew, Gtn 
Altemus Margaret, Orchard ab Culvert 
Altemus Samuel T., bookbinder, 4th & Race, h 

979 Marshall 
Altemus Samuel T., phot, albums, 4th & Race, h 

3809 Locust 
Altemus Thomas, drygoods, 420 Market, h 3809 

Altemus William, letter carrier, 123 Sellers 

Altemus Wm. W., builder, 117 Van Horn 
Alteneder Theodore, math inst maker, 406 Li- 
Alter Jacob, baker, 2224 Market 
Alter Jacob, Jr., 834 N 6th 
Alter John, tavern, 423 k 425 S 5th 
Alter Richard H., white lead, 309 Walnut, h 4213 

Alter Samuel, white lead manuf, 309 Walnut, h 

4213 South 
ALTER AVILLIAM W., coal, 957 N 9th & 600 

Spring Garden, h 1322 Franklin 
Alterraatt Wm., stocking weaver, r 1608 Philip 
Altermatt Joseph, weaver, 1217 Ogden 
Altevoght Hermann F., tavern, 119 Gothic 
Althouse Christian, shoemaker, 115 Edward 
Althouse Enos, lab, 951 Leithgow 
Althouse Florentina Mrs., 458 Belgrade 
Althouse k Focht (Isaac A. Althouse &(■ Jacob 

Focht), miners & shippers, 2165 Walnut 
Althouse Henry, conductor, 906 Brown 
Althouse Isaac A., coal, 216^ Walnut, h Girard 

Althouse John, carter, 1306 Montgomery av 
Althrop Thomas, paints, 247 S 4th 
Altimus David J., engraver, 929 Brown 
Altin Daniel, shoemaker, 2211 Linn 
Altmaier Geo., drayman, 710 E Norris 
Altmeier John, carpenter, 1542 N 5th 
Altmeyer Peter, clerk, 1522 Wood 
Alton Henry, shoemaker, Menamin's ct. 
Alton Jacob, lab, 1907 Barker 
Alton John, weaver, 157 Ashmead 
Alton Richard, cords k tassels, 327 Chestnut, h 

Camden, N J 
Alvord C. C, carpenter, 619 Commerce, h 1233 

Alvord C. H., bookkeeper, 1233 Buttonwood 
Alvord James B., Sec Girard F & M Ins Co, N E 

cor 7th & Chestnut, h Holmesburg 
Alwine John, brickmaker, 2617 Ellsworth 
Alwine Samuel, lab, 2842 Howard 
Alward Henry M., baker, 1333 N 11th 
Alworth John, shoemaker, 4 Moland av 
Alwright Wm., shoemaker, 1003 Naylor 
Alzier Adolf, barber, 1712 Addison 
Aman k Bro. {Jacob ^ William Aman), sash 

mills, 3741 Green 
Aman Jacob, manuf, 3741 Green, h 30th k Bridge 
Aman Samuel H., carpenter, 326 N 20th 
Aman Wm., manuf, 3741 Green, h 3511 Ham- 
Amber Gold Mining Company, 274 S 3d 
Amber Samuel, tailor, 1645 N 8th 
Amberg Frederick, salesman, 222 Union 
Amberg Francis, shoemaker, 4352 Crcsson, Myk 
Amberg Henry W., piano manuf, 222 Union 
Amblems Joseph, burnisher, 617 Guilford 
Ambler Allen, spinner, 4835 Washington 
Ambler David, milk dealer, 924 Warnoek 
Ambler Horace, publisher, 2061 Brandywine 
Ambler John, mer, 926 Sartain 
Ambler John, stoves. Spring Garden, h 1 326 N 6th 
Ambler Joseph, spinner, r 2122 Geiss 
Ambler Joseph W., bookkeeper, 217 Market, h 

888 Marshall 
Ambler Robert, milk dealer, 616 Poplar 
Ambler Septimus, 1221 Parrish 
Ambler Wm. H., cabinetmaker, 1438 N 11th 
Amblers John, housefurnishing goods, 711 Spring 

Garden, h 1326 N 6th 
Ambold George, lab, 646 N 9th 
Ambres David, driver, 1828 Girard av 
Ambres George, hostler, ]828 Girard av 
Ambres William, hostler, 1828 Girard av 




Ambrom Ernest, tinsmith, 9 Hay ward pi 

Ambrong Adam, cooper, 335 Crown 

Ambrose Isaac, laborer, r 636 Lombard 

Ambrosi Jacob H., dyer, 116 N I3th 

Ambrosi Thomas, painter &, grainer, 1533 N 13th 

Ambrose Keating, salesman, 920 Chestnut 

Ambrose Mary, 4851 Washington 

Ambrosi Mary, confectioner, 1533 N 13th 

Ambrosia Theophilus J., baker, 1415 Camae 

Ambruster Jacob, waterman, r 1310 Corn 

Ambs John, carts, 2135 N 5th 

Ambs Joseph, driver, 2006 N 5th 

Ambuhl Lucius, petroleum, 123 &, h 1027 Walnut 

Amburger Enos, packer, r 920 N 6th 

Ame Christopher, cooper, r 3853 Germantown av 

Ameis Benjamin, stamper, 615 Washington av 

Amer Anthony, stone cutter, r 1215 N 5th 

Amer Edward C, morocco manufacturer, E3d & 

Willow, h 966 N 6th 
Amer John, cordwainer, 1007 Taylor 
Amer Joseph, weaver, 1227 Christian 
Amer Joseph, brick maker, 1227 Christian 
Amer Joseph L., bookkeeper, 214 N Eront, h 

523 Vine 
Amer Sarah, 1644 N 11th 
Amer William, morocco manufacturer, 3d & 

Willow, h 800 N Broad 
Amer & Co. [WiUiam, E. C. &^ W. A. Amer), 

morocco manufacturers, 3d &, Willow 
Amer W. A., morocco manufacturer, 3d & Wil- 
low, h 800 N Broad 
American Academy of Music, Broad & Locust 
PANY, 147 S 4th 

S. E. cor. 3d & Walnut 
CIETY, 530 Arch 


American Home Labor League, 114 S 3d 
AMERICAN HOTEL, 517 Chestnut 
American Iron and Steel Association, 522 Walnut 
American Kaolin Company, 233 S 3d 

S. E. cor. Walnut & 4th [see adv). 

COMPANY, 431 Walnut 
American Mutual Insurance Co., 228 Walnut 
Amer. Pharmacutical Association, 1607 Ridge av 
American Patent Agency, 1312 Chestnut 
American Protestant Hall, 1415 Locust 
American Publishing Company, 413 Chestnut 

431 Walnut 

American Telegraph OflSce, 502 Washington av 
American Telegraph Office, 4931 Germantown av 
Amerman Caroline, 3601 Germantown av 
Ames William, clerk, 1142 Leon 
Ames William Stewart, 613 Barclay 
Amateur Theatre, 34 & 36 S 17th 
Amey George W., machinist. 111 N Broad 
Amey John, Sr., furniture, 3932 Gtn av 
Amey Samuel, bootfitter, 820 Darien 
Amey William, dealer, 2603 Germantown av 
Amey Samuel, shoemaker, 2028 Memphis 
Amick Henry, shoemaker, 167 Gillingham, Fkd 
Amien Edward, butcher, bds 472 N 2d 

Amies Israel, stamper, 25 & 27 Minor, h 1018 

Amies Thomas K, rag dealer, 1844 S 12th 
Amies William T., clerk, 617 Sansom, h 1142 

Amonn C, baker, 1011 Beach 
Amonn Jacob, baker, 1720 Fawn 
Amonn John, police, r 7 Carman 
Amonn John, baker, 216 Christian 
Amory Charles, Jr., commission merchant, 205 

AMORY CHARLES, Jr., &C0. {Clmrles Amory, 

Jr. (^ )S. Parhman Blake, Jr.), commission 

merchants, 205 Church 
Amos Charles H., painter, 1516 Howard 
Amos Charles T., stoves, 261 N 2d, h 404 Green 
Amos David, seaman, 2 Wimple pi 
Amos Elizabeth, 2 Wimple pi 
Amos Elizabeth, provisions, 1016 Marshall 
Amos Frederick, butcher, 1626 N 6th 
Amos George, shoe manufacturer, 40 S 4th, h 

1140 Day 
Amos George, real estate agent, 1102gGirard av 
Amos Henry, seaman, 2 Wimple pi 
Amos Jacob, carpenter, 217 New 
Amos Jacob, carpenter, 126 Craven 
Amos John, dealer, 1325 S 10th 
Amos John, sailmaker, 1612 S 6th 
Amos Lewis, driver, 212 Acorn al 
Amos Nathan, Jr., scavenger, 4121 Ludlow 
Amos Nathan, Sen., scavenger, 4121 Ludlow 
Amos Orick, barber, r 817 Emeline 
Amos Philip B., shoemaker, 4109 Ludlow 
Amos Steward, boiler maker, 1033 Thompson 
Amos Uriah F., carpenter, 1233 Olive, h 1123 

Girard av 
Amos William, driver, 2200 Tamaqua 
Amygdaloid Mining Company, 324 Walnut 
Anable A. Miss, young ladies' school, 1350 Pine 
Anathan M., tobacco merchant, 117 N 3d, h 521 

York av 
Ancker Adolph, liquors, 150_N Front, h 1320 S 

Ancker Edward, clerk, 327 Market, h 1320"S 

Ancona Abraham, gent, 611 South 
And Christopher, laborer, S. E. 6th & Sus- 
quehanna av 
Andecot Francis, waiter, 5 Patterson 
Ander Francis J., turner, 1127 Stiles 
Anderbrook William, confectioner, 1315 South 
Anderhub J., 6 Freeds av 

Anderhub Marion, pocketbook maker, 5 Freeds av 
Anders Augustus, tavern, 310 Coates 
Anders John A., drayman, 514 Parrish 
Anderson Alford, clerk, 1226 Coates 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, 611 N 37th 
ANDERSON ABRAHAM, refrigerators, &o., 136 

Dock, h 212 Market, Camden, N J 
Anderson Adelaide, tavern, 208 Race 
Anderson Albert, mason, McKean's ct 
Anderson Alexandria, periodicals, 604 S 3d 
Anderson Andrew, seaman, 21 Mead 
Anderson Andrew N., hotel, 202 Norris 
Anderson Anthony L., gent, 446 Green la 
Anderson Ann, trimmings, 1412 N 6th 
Anderson Archibald, laborer, 23 White 
Anderson A. C , tailoress, 606 Moss 
Anderson Benjamin, weaver, bds 4447 Penn 
Anderson Charles, butcher, 222 Reed 
Anderson Charles, blacksmith, Market, N 33d, h 

3246 Lancaster 
Anderson Charles, hod carrier, 834 Emeline 
Anderson Charles, hatter, 531 Carpenter 
Anderson Charles, provisions, 226 Reed 



- M 











3 bt 
to r1 





I— I CO 







Anderson Charles, seaman, 1235 Fultou 
Anderson Christian, carter, 137 Carpenter 
Anderson Clinton, clerk, 420 Greene la, Rox 
Anderson David P., carpenter, 622 St. Johns 
Anderson David, briekmaker, r 1346 Shippen 
Anderson David, plasterer, 1208 Cass 
Anderson David P., carpenter, 1530 Stiles 
Anderson & Dunlap (Joktt A. Anderson (^ Hugh 

Ditnlap), grocers, 19th & Lombard 
Anderson Edward, tailor, 1170 S 10th 
Anderson Edward, weaver, 1028 Stocker 
Anderson Edward H., collector, 1108 Leopard 
Anderson Edward R. , carpenter, 771 N 24th 
Anderson Elisha, barber, 1016 Ivy 
Anderson Elizabeth, laundress, 6 McGees av 
Anderson Ellen 2619 McCurdy 
Anderson Emeline J., trirauiings, 1321 Fkd av 
Anderson E. Mrs , Broad & Spruce 
Anderson E. Miss, confectioner, 1203 Pine 
Anderson Frank, hod carrier, 343 Monroe 
Anderson Frank, laborer, Mahony's ct 
Anderson George, tailor, 1214 Clarion 
Anderson George, weaver, 1048 Dorrance 
Anderson George K., 1612 Green 
Anderson George P., plasterer, 1204 Haines 
Anderson George W., plumber, 1229 Girard av 
Anderson Henry, 202 Columbia av 
Anderson Henry, engineer, 331 Dugan 
Anderson Henry, grocer, 338 Dauphin 
Anderson Harry, laborer, r 521 Redwood 
Anderson Henry, laborer, 606 Bay 
Anderson Henry, waiter, 1123 Shippen 
Anderson Henry, truck dealer, 507 S 15th 
Anderson Henry T., salesman, 1121 Leon 
Anderson Hugh, weaver, r 1119 Shippen 
Anderson Isaac, laborer, 131 Levering 
Anderson Isaac, spinner, 2619 McCurdy 
Anderson Isabella, 3 Plj'niimmon pi 
Anderson Jacob, plasterer, 1543 Montgomery av 
Anderson James, com mer., 220 Chestnut, h 1430 

Anderson James, cooper, 1766 Howard 
Anderson James, gentleman, 1430 N 15th 
Anderson James, gentleman, 28 Uickey 
Anderson James, goldsmith, 1214 S 7th 
Anderson James, laborer, 1708 Webster 
Anderson James, laborer, 872 N 10th 
Anderson James, laborer. Front ab Jefferson 
Anderson James, mason, 503 N 13th 
Anderson James, M.D., 309 N 12th 
Anderson James, porter, r 725 Baker 
Anderson James, stonecutter, 2032 Bedford 
Anderson James, laborer, 1512 Bedford 
Anderson James B., produce, 225 South 
Anderson James B., carpenter, 808 Perkiomen 
Anderson James L., printer, 814 S 9th 
Anderson James L., goldbeater, 1511 Walter 
Anderson Jane, gentlewoman, 1511 Walter 
Anderson Jane, varieties, 929 South 
Anderson John, carpenter, 3638 W.arren 
Anderson John, carter, r 1036 Huntingdon 
Anderson John, carting, 1814 Filbert 
Anderson John, chandler, 2123 Leithgow 
Anderson John, foreman, 2049 Carlton 
Anderson John, laborer, 1136 Beach 
Anderson John, laborer, 23 White 
Anderson John, laborer, 5 Simes 
Anderson John, laborer, r 1236 Fitzwater 
Anderson John, laborer, 730 Lombard 
Anderson John, seaman, 108 South 
Anderson John, spinner, 1953 Mascher 
Anderson John, gentleman 110 Tulpehocken 
Anderson John, Jr., seaman. 108 South 
Anderson John, tailor, 247 Jarvis 
Anderson John, varnisher, 1309 South 

Anderson John, warper, 4137 Main 

Anderson John A., grocer, 19th & Lombard, h 

2018 Fitzwater 
Anderson John L., drygoods, 308 N 2d 
Anderson John P., carpenter, 1511 Walter 
Anderson John P , confectioner, 1611 Wallace 
Anderson John R., cutter, 237 Jarvis 
Anderson John W., driver, 21 S I8th 
Anderson Jonathan, laborer, 171 Cotton 
Anderson Joseph, blacksmith, 328 Dickerson 
Anderson Joseph, engineer, 329 N 15th 
Anderson Joseph, hairdresser, 1309 Brandywine 
Anderson Joseph, laborer, r 735 St Mary 
Anderson Joseph, silversmith, 1315 N 22d 
Anderson Joseph A., laborer, 1420 N 10th 
Anderson Joseph B. musician, 744 Lombard 
Anderson Joseph B., Jr., musician, 744 Lombard 
Anderson Joseph R. B., engineer. 1412 N 5th 
Anderson J. N., agent, 315 Crown 
Anderson Lafayette, comb mr, 1349 Marlborough 
Anderson Levi, blind maker, 1111 Germantown av 
Anderson Levi, foreman, 1104 Wood 
Anderson Lewis, laborer, 1636 American 
Anderson Lewis, wharf builder, 511 Girard av 
Anderson Louisa, laundress, 1020 Rodman 
Anderson Margaret, 159 Master 
Anderson Margaret, 340 Clark 
Anderson Margaret, r Sycamore 
Anderson Margaret, 332 Sergeant 
Anderson Margaret, 1305 Wood 
Anderson Margaret J., tailoress, 326 Belgrade 
Anderson Mary, tailoress, 1229 Ogden 
Anderson Mary, 1936 Howell 
Anderson Maryi hotel, 208 Callowhill 
Anderson Matthew, carpenter, 1231 Rodman 
Anderson Moses, finisher, 4505 Mulberry, Fkd 
Anderson M., salesman, 623 Market 
Anderson M. L., tailoring, 118 S 7th, h 806 

Anderson Nathan, porter, 1310 Whitehall 
Anderson Nicholas, laborer. 1514 American 
Anderson Patrick, laborer, 516 Larkin 
Anderson Peter, engineer, 604 S Washington sq 
Anderson Richard, clerk, 929 South 
Anderson Robert, blind maker, 1730 N 9th 
Anderson Robert, carpenter, 1137 S 7th 
Anderson Robert, carpenter, 404 N 22d 
Anderson Robert, laborer, 2302 Wood 
Anderson Robert, laborer, 1724 Burton 
Anderson Robert, manuf. , 122 Market, h Consho- 

Anderson Robert, merchant, 911 N Broad 
Anderson Robert, salesman, 319 Spruce 
Anderson Robert, shoemaker, 1100 Shackamaxon 
Anderson Robert, warper, 144 O.vford 
Anderson Robert F., trimmings, 903 J South 
Anderson Robert R., carpenter, 15 Alroy 
Anderson Robert T., coach mr, 931 Buttonwood 
Anderson Samuel, carpet weaver, 1729 Moravian 
Anderson Samuel, drygoods, 403 S 8th 
Anderson Samuel, perfumery, 1642 Ellsworth 
Anderson Samuel, Jr., salesman, 1321 Rodman 
Anderson Samuel, varnisher, S W Front <fc Pine 
Anderson S. D., editor, 430 Chestnut, bds 40 N 

Anderson S. M., mer., 415 Market, h 403 S 8th 
Anderson Theodore, waterman, r 1125 Elm 
Anderson Thomas, blacksmith, 5 Cliff pi 
Anderson Thomas, car-driver, Seneca & Florida 
Anderson Thomas, confectioner, 1625 Charlotte 
Anderson Thomas, hoop-skirt manuf., 1620 Pine 
Anderson Thomas, peddler, 1146 S 10th 
Anderson Thomas, real estate agent, 225 N 10th 
Anderson Thomas, tailor, 1527 Fitzwater 
Anderson Thomas, tavern, 1217 South 




Anderson Thomas W., carpenter, 1213 Rodman 
Anderson T. A., agent express, 121 S 10th 
Anderson T. D., waterman, 1331 Wheat 
Anderson William, bootmaker. 2138 Naudain 
Anderson William, comb mr, 1347 Marlborough 
Anderson William, coal yard, 844 Washington av, 

h 340 Monroe 
Anderson William, clerk, 1048 Dorrance 
Anderson William, grocer, 108 South 
Anderson William, moulder, 2314 N Commerce 
Anderson William, seaman, 2546 Coral 
Anderson William, cigars, 229 Federal 
Anderson William, shoemaker, 409 Gaskill 
Anderson William, periodicals, 604 S 3d 
Anderson William, weaver, 4 Gordon pi 
Anderson William, weaver. 330 Belgrade 
Anderson William, sexton, 1708 Catharine 
Anderson William, asst. assessor, 3650 Market, h 

Anderson William, laborer, 637 St Mary 
Anderson Wm., liqs, 226 S Front, h 1602 N 15th 
Anderson William, salesman, 3 & 5 Granite, h 

1229 Parrish 
Anderson William, weaver, 1320 Bedford 
Anderson William, blacksmith, 834 Carpenter 
Anderson William, salesman, 1229 Parrish 
Anderson William, spinner, 4165 Apple, Myk 
Anderson William B., blindmaker, 1114 N 2d & 

1111 Germantown av 
Anderson Wm. F., grocer, 1D2 Market, h 749 Erie 
Anderson William H., carpenter, 1231 Charlotte 
Anderson William R., gasfitter, 328 Diekerson 
Anderson William S,, carpenter, 1231 Charlotte 
Anderson William S., clerk, Lapierre House 
Anderson Zaehariah, laborer, 128 Lombard 
Andor Andrew, chairmaker, 1 235 Parrish 
Andor Philip, clerk, 1235 Parrish 
Andrade Charles, machinist, 1308 Horstman 
ANDRADE JOSEPH, gentleman, 121 Walnut, h 

517 Spruce 
ANDRE G. & CO. (George E. Saiirmami, Fiwi- 

ris A. North ^ Louis Oliver), music dealers, 

1104 Chestnut 
Andree Diederich, cabinetmaker, 5 Neseopeekpl 
Andreas Charles, turner, 1635 N 3d 
AXDREAS, HARTEL & CO., manufs. madder, 

&c., 201 Church 
Andress Carl, tailor, 314 Beaver 
Andress Clarinda. 809 Buttonwood 
Andress C. B., Prest. U. F. Ins. Co., 122 N 6th, h 

128. Noble 
Andress Edward, plumber, 1536 N 5th 
Andress Florinda, trimmings, 57 N 8th 
Andress George, boots & shoes, 731 N 2d 
Andress Jacob, broom maker, 1535 Brinton 
Andress James G , hosiery, 57 X 8th 
Andress John, shoemaker, 1117 Hancock 
Andress John, shoemaker, 731 X 2d 
Andress Mary, dressmaker, 1433 Lawrence 
Andress Michael, laborer, 803 N 4th 
Andress Michael M., bricklayer, 130 Noble 
Andress Michael B., builder, 128 Noble 
Andress Richard P., paperhancrer, 528 Richmond 
Andress Thomas, clerk, 430 N'4th 
Andress &, Thomas [George Andress ^ E. H. 

Tkomas), shoe trimmings, 338 N.3d 
Andress William, deputy sheriff, 4 State House 

row, h 430 N 4th 
Andress William H., bookbinder, 953 Marshall 
Andreth Joseph, 2118 Edward 
Andrew Charles, chairmaker, 1128 N 4th 
Andrew George, tailor, r 1144 Canal 
Andrew John, laborer, 1235 Shippen 
Andrews Alexander J., com mer, 2106 Market, 

h Baring & 35th 

Andrews Andrews, dealer, r 727 Carpenter 
Andrews Benjnmin, agent, 1503 Franklin 
Andrews Benjamin, gentleman, 329 S 18th 
Andrews Benjamin, grocer. 117 N 10th 
Andrews B. C.. cutter, 427 S 2d, h 207 Marriott 
Andrews B. W., grocer, 123 Market, h 110 N 

Andrews Casper, moulder, 1329 Potts 
Andrews Charles, carpenter, 713 N 3d 
Andrews Charles, huckster, r 710 Jamison 
Andrews David, laborer, 613 S ISth 
Anerews David, waiter, 201 JIanship 
Andrews Edward, artist, 1040 Clement 
Andrews Eliza, 1907 Wilcox 
Andrews Ellen, cook, r812Emeline 
Andrews Hamilton, carpenter, 1146 Charles 
Andrews Harriet, miller, 251 N 13th 
ANDREWS, HARRISON & CO. (Jas. Anrlreu-s, 
W. H. Harrison ^ John 3IcCon7i), house- 
warming by steam, hot water and hot air, low- 
down parlor urates, furnaces, ranges. &c., N 
E Market & Juniper 
Andrews Henry, brass moulder, 1108 Elm 
Andrews H. C, actor, 1107 Race 
Andrews James, gentleman, 622 S 16th 
Andrews James, lowdown grates, &c., N E Market 

& Juniper 
Andrews James, waterman, 1 Feinour pi 
Andrews James C, steamfitter, 1040 Stocker 
Andrews Jesse, cooper, 2 Wilson 
Andrews John, bottler, 1713 Cherry 
Andrews John, Bridesburg Express, 9 S 3d 
Andrews John, butcher, 2021 Vine 
Andrews John, driver, r 812 Emeliue 
Andrews John, gentleman, 1010 Spruce 
Andrews John, grocer, 2028 Pine 
Andrews John, shoemaker, 1032 Locust 
Andrews Joseph, gentleman, 913 Pine 
Andrews Joseph W.. painter, 818 Thompson 
Andrews Joshua, blacksmith, 1911 Buttonwood 
Andrews J. R., merchant, St Lawrence Hotel, 

1018 Chestnut 
Andrews Margaret, r 1123 Thurlow 
Andrews Martha, r 727 Carpenter 
Andrews Martha, r 920 S 6th 
Andrews JIary, seamstress, 906 Souder 
Andrews Mary, 931 Shippen 
Andrews Monroe, bricklayer, 1342 Perth 
Andrews Richard, tavern, 1111 Moyamensing av 
Andrews Robert, drayman, 1628 N 11th 
Andrews Robert, gentleman, 1211 Potts 
Andrews Robert, machinist, 1908 Buttonwood 
Andrews Sarah, 422 N 20th 
Andrews Skilliam, deputy sheriff, 430 N 4th 
Andrews Sophia, 1205 Locust 
Andrews Thomas, bottler, 1227 Rodman 
Andrews Thomas, produce, r 118 Carpenter 
Andrews Thomas, bottler, 10 Mead 
Andrews Thomas C, printer, 475 Broad, Rox 
Andrews Thomas H., M.D., 329 S 18th 
Andrews T. Cecil, photographer, 23 N 8th, h 

Lyceum av. Rox 
Andrews Vanderline, shoemaker, 428 Shippen 
Andrews Wilkins, 503 Market 
Andrews William, butcher, 1720 S 7th 
Anspach William, gentleman. 535 N 6th 
Andrews William, laborer, bds 3464 Ludlow 
Andrews William, stonecutter, 2036 Jones 
ANDREWS W. A., trunks, 612 Chestnut, h 846 

Andrews W. S., archt, 209 S 6th, h 320 Franklin 
Andreykovicz & Dunk (J. Anrlrpylcovicz ^ C. S. 

Dunl), manufs dyestuffs, 156 N 3d 
Andreykovicz Julius, dyestuffs, 156 N 3d, h 1532 



I— • 

















I— IW 








Andriane Jlary, 1317 Coates 
Andriane Richard B., tavern, 1317 Coates 
Andrie Peter A., bootcrimper, r 823 Charlotte 
And? Jacob, hostler, 2430 Hare 
Aner Charles, machinist, 1507 Carlton 
Ang George, laborer, 1222 Hope 
Ang Gilbert, bootfitting, 1222 Hope 
Angel Valentine, carpenter, 912 Percy 
Angell William G., salesman, 1819 iMervine 
Anger W. R., merchant, 228 S Broad 
Angercrout Conrad, stonecutter, 2517 South 
Angeroth Charles, upholsterer, 1829 South 
Angers Adolph, cabinetmaker, 1842 N 9th 
ANGIER & CO. {IV. R. Angler. Adolph Hugel 

cV John Potter), malsters, 343 N 3d & Hutch- 
inson k Thompson 
Angier W. R., malster, 343 N 3d, h 2031 Walnut 
Angney J. R., apothecary, N E 5th & Spruce 
Angney John R., conductor, 1406 Salmon 
Angrouse Anna, 304 N 9th 
Ank William, butcher, 1332 Parrish 
Anker John B., blacksmith, 2931 Amber 
Anketell Mary, variety, 717 Jamison 
Ankins Martha, 255 N 12th 
Anadown William B., clerk. 652 X 10th 
Annany James, printer, rllll Lombard 
Annear John, blacking, 128 X Front, h Nicetown 
Annely Rebecca, trimmings, 746 S 5th 
Annely William F., silversmith, 926 S 3d 
Annely John, bookbinder, 736 South, h 748 S 5th 
Anschutz Edward, gunsmith, 210 & h 210 S 3d 
Anshutz John P., mer, 504 Market, h 416 N 5th 
Ansel Ruth, dressmaker, 566 Fulton 
Anselm Charles, barber, Ridge av it Green 
Ansley David, carpenter, 25 Sloan 
Anspach & Brother {Charles. E if James), coal, 

4th & Walnut 
Anspach Charles E., coal mer, X E Walnut L 

4th, h 1712 Race 
Anspach James, coal. 4th & Walnut, 1 1220 Arch 
Anspach John, 4th & Walnut, h 1220 Arch 
ANSPACH k STANTON {WilUutn Anspach 6r 

M. Half Stanton), 226 Walnut 
Anspach William, gent., 226 Walnut, h 537 N 6th 
Anson Matthew, driver, 1141 Dunton 
Anstice A. H., Mrs., 716 Wood 
Antelo A. J., merchant, 37 & 39 S Water, h 1405 

Anstice Edmund, plumber <fe gasfitter, 904 N 5th 
Anstice William, varieties, 904 N 5th 
Anstis Robert, engineer, 2307 Vine 
Anthony George, news dealer, N E 3d & Race, h 

New JIarket n Dana 
Anthony Jacob W., carpenter, 1019 Ross 
Anthony James, hosier, 184 Haines 
Anthony John, carpenter, 1539 Summer 
Anthony Joseph, blind manuf, 735 S 3d 
Anthony Joseph, carpenter, 1039 Sarah 
Anthony J. H.. gentleman, 620 N 12th 
Anthony Joseph W., machinist, 1632 S 6th 
Anthony Richard, porter, 512 Buckley 
Anthony Robert, paper carrier, 233 Union 
Anthony R., china, 439 Poplar 
Anthony Samuel, watchman, 954 Beach 
Anthony Simon, shoemaker. 728 Brook 
Anthony William, clerk, S E 11th i Market 
Anthony Wm., clothing, 44 N 2d, h 1817 Addison 

see adv. 
Anthur Robert M., 5th & Shippen 
Antill Joseph, woolen manuf, 4617 Clinton, Gtn 
Anton Remraerts, lager beer. 907 Poplar 
Antoine Jacob, tinsmith, 325 Callowliill 
Antonio Joseph, cabinetmaker, 403 Library, h 

439 Redwood 

Antons John, tavern, 1231 k 1233 Callowhill 
Antony Anfarsworth, fruit, 213 German 
Antrim Charles, horseshoer, 1120 Mark's la, h 

939 Auburn 
Antrim & English (Charles Antrim ^- Atidretv H. 

English), horseshoers, 1120 Mark's la 
Antrim Sarah B., gentlewoman, 1015 Cherry 
Antrim T., salesman, 608 Chestnut, h Camden 
Antrobus William, weaver, 1102 Hope 
Antweiler Jacob, tobacconist, 1925 Gtn ay 
Antweiler 'Joseph, artist, 1244 Darien 
Antweiler Lene, dressmaker. 1244 Darien 
Apel Charles, salesman, 526 Wilder 
Apel Henry, laborer, 3 Relief 
Apel John, hairdresser, 417 Callowhill 
Apel AVilliam, driver, 5 Relief 
Apeldorn Charles, tailor, 738 Race 
Apeldorn George, barber, 1452 Marshall 
Apeldorn John, moulder, 530 E Dauphin 
Apker Henry, ropes, 541 Marriott 
Apker Henry, tinworker, 1293 S Sth 
App Mary, 248 E Girard av 
App William, blacksmith, 1138 Hewston 
App Samuel, watchmaker, 450 Canton 
Appalhouse Michael, huckster, 812 York 
Appel Charles G., cigars, Clement k Wash av 
Appel Hannah, hairdresser, 1007 Sp Garden 
Appel John, piano polisher, 1 Knight's ct 
Appel John, sawmill, r 2107 Leithgow 
Appel Madam, ladies' hairdresser, 124 S llth, h 

724 N 7th 
Appel Simon, clothier, 123 N 3d, b 718 N 7th 
Ayjpelgate D. C. , confectioner, 1220 Pine 
Appelgate Joseph C, foreman, 1500 Barclay 
Appelheiser John, boarding, 127 Dock 
Apple Abraham S., blacksmith, 2025 N 5th 
Apple Charles N.. paperhanger, 2220 Shippen 
APPLE BERNARD J.. U. S. inspector k ganger, 

215 S Front, h 518 Washington av 
Apple Christopher, shoemaker. 1709 N 3d 
Apple Eliza, tobacconist, 608 N 3d 
Apple Ellen, Gilpin pi 
Apple E. Y., flour dealer, 1536 <t 1538 American, 

h 232 Oxford 
Apple George, tanner. Gray ab Poplar 
Apple George, M D., 608 N 3d 
Apple George F., painter, 1230 Brown 
Apple Hannah, 774 Thompson 
Apple Henry, cooper, 121 S Water, h 430 Marshall 
Apple Henry, cooper, 1111 Federal 
Apple Henry, cutter, 2027 Catharine 
Apple Isaac, hairdresser, 724 N 7th 
Apple Jacob, coppersmith, 813 Enquirer 
Apple Jacob, surveyor, 1803 Rhoads 
Apple Jacob A., stove moulder, 608 N 3d 
Apple James B., clerk, 608 N 3d 
Apple John, soap manuf, New Market & Laurel 
Apple John, tavern, 6th k Coates 
Apple J. B., ganger, 1343 S 7th 
Apple Mary E.. 1230 Brown 
Apple Philip M., potter, 813 Enquirer 
Apple Rebecca, 1533 Summer 
Ap)ile Theodore M., cooper, 102 & 104 Gatzmer, 

h 334 Reed 
Apple William S., chairraaker, 608 N 3d 
Appleby Harry, machinist, 1121 Division 
A]ipleby John, weaver, 1638 Hewson 
Appledorn John, stove moulder, 530 Dauphin 
Applegate Daniel T., bricklayer, 1117 South 
Applegate David, boarding house. 419 N 20th 
Applegate David, laborer, 1708 S Front 
Applegate James, laborer, 1023 S 2d 
Applegate Job, miller, 1117 Division 
Applegate John, carpenter, 1739 S 5th 
Applegate John F., hotel, 736 S 2d 




Applegate John F., tailor, 337 Redwood 
Applegate John W., herb doctor, 1302 S 7th 
Applegate J. R., photogr., 508 Arch, h 124 N 4th 
Applegate Robert, laborer, 124 Hazel 
Applegate Robert, bricklayer, 1329 Brandywine 
Applegate William, baker, 1117 Division 
Applegate William, dealer, 909 Faulkner 
Applegate William, oysterman, 1337 .? Front 
Appleton Daniel, eordwainer, 3 Timothy 
Appleton Daniel R., plumber, 3 Timothy 
Appleton George W., paying teller, h Haddon- 

field, X J 
Appleton Henry, coach painter, 915 N ISth, h 3 

Carroll's av 
Appleton Joseph D., bookbinder, 3 Timothy 
Appleton Oliver, dyer, cor Armat & Hancock 
Appleton Samuel, bookkeeper, 4020 Ludlow 
Appleton Samuel, carpenter, 1118 Fitzwater 
Appleton Samuel, hosiery manuf, 173 Oxford 
Appleton Samuel E., Rev., 1804 De Lancey pi 
Appleton & Shaffer {Renry Appleton if William 

II. Slioffer), coach painters, 915 N ISth 
Appleton Thomas, cooper, 106 Denmark 
Appleton W. Or., clerk, 1118 Fitzwater 
Apt Lewis H., coppersmith, r 816 Coates 
Arata Jacob, eating stand, 30 S 5th, h 817 FaUon 
Arblo Joseph, clerk, 33 Almond 
Arbuckle Mrs., 333 New Market 
Arbuckle k Everman (S. J. Arbucl-le if J. JEver- 

TTwn), flour, 4463 Main 
Arbuckle Henry, weaver, 1225 Shackamaxon 
Arbuckle Henry J., printer, 105 Brown 
Arbuckle S. J., flour, 4463 Main,;h 4649 Wash- 
ington, Myk 
Arbuckle Thomas, coppersmith, 1707 Lombard 
Arbuckle William, riveter, 1212 Palmer 
Arbuckle William J., printer, 1 California pi 
Arburton James, laborer, 2011 South 
Archambault Aschlieu R,, mechanic. Beach & 

Vienna, h 1726 Green "*•*'' 

ARCHAMBAULT A. L., steam engine builder, 

Beach & Vienna, h 1726 Green 
Archambault Joseph, U. S. A., 604 N 21st 
Archambault Joseph, drygoods. 624 N 21st 
Archambault Lafayette, drygoods, 817 Market, h 

2110 Mount Vernon 
Archambault Napoleon B., steam engine builder, 

419 Wildey 
Archambault Theodore, hose, bds 1615 Market 
Archambault V. E., drygoods, cor 11th & Market 

h 1316 Spring Garden 
Archdeacon Dennis, painter, 1621 Beulah 
Archdeacon Harriet M., dressmaker, 642 Carpen- 
Archdeacon Mary, 642 Carpenter 
Archdecon Thomas, coachmaker, 1 Horner av 
Archer Aaron F., barber, 630 S 5th 
Archer Abel, carman, r 1108 N Front 
Archer Abraham, tailor, 724 Swanson 
Archer A W., druggist, 713 Sansom 
Archer Charles L., brushmaker, 312 Marriott 
Archer C. H. Mrs., 713 Sansom 
Archer Daniel, hatter, 941 Ridge av, h 10th & 

Archer D. & Co. {B. Archer if A. Middleton), 

hatters, 941 Ridge av 
Archer Isaac, driver, 1041 Sarah 
Archer Isaac, Jr., laborer, 1041 Sarah 
Archer .James, driver, Cantman's pi 
Archer Job, boatbuilder, 1128 Hewston 
Archer John, tailor, 934 Percy 
Archer John, teamster, 1804 Mulberry, Fkd 
Archer Joseph, carpenter, 11.15 Riigf^ av 
Archer Joseph, porter, r 1132 LJdtba-d 
Archer Julian, gentleman, 1507 Spring Gardeu 

Archer J. B., salesman, 35 N Water, h. 2d £ 

Market, Camden 
Archer Margaret, washer, 626 Charles 
Archer Pierce, attorney-at-law, 213 S 6th, h 1504 

Archer Robert, carpet weaver. 209 Richmond 
Archer Theodore, watchcase mkr, 331 S 6th 
Archer Thomas, laborer. Chestnut bel 35th 
Archer Thomas F., engineer, 930 Lombard 
Archer William, carpenter, 1251 Warnock, h 1504 

Archer William, dyer, 4611 Leiper 
Archer William V., att'y-at-law, 1334 Pine 
Archibald William, clerk, 708 Webb 
Archibald James, printer, 1394 Ridge av 
Archibald Sandilands, carriage mkr, 120 Bridge 
Archibald William J., laborer, 811 S 20th 
Archibold George, silverplater, 1423 Hewson 
Arehibold John, silverplater, 1423 Hewson 
Archut Carl, eordwainer, 3 Filbert av 
Archy Arran, barber, r 734 Shippen 
Arder Frederick, baker, 1154 Passyunk av 
Ardeway William, painter, 1002 S 11th 
Ardis Albert A., bricklayer, 1034 S 6th 
Ardis Elizabeth A., teacher, 221 Carpent«r 
Ardis William S., grocer, 2131 Henrietta 
Ardis Wright, carpenter, 1241 Rye 
Ardley Ale.xander. 320 Walnut, h«12 Pine 
Aregood George W., brickmkr, 1800 Carpenter 
Arens Henry, photographer, 731 N 3d 
Arey Elisha C, com. mer, 32 N Delaware av, h 

323 N Front 
Arey Henry W., sect'y Girard College, 257 S 9th 
Arey John, paperhanger, 236 N 9th, h 1006 Wood 
Arfoot John, laborer, 3900 Frankford av 
Argoe David H., painter, 630 Hallowell 
Argue David, plasterer, 1231 Poplar 
Argue George W., engineer. 2412 Coral 
Argue J^ellie, mill maid, 7 Cadwell 
Arid Iffndelin, upholsterer, 746 Coates 
Arguelles Everista, machinist, 1242 S 4th 
Arkless William, accountant, 439 Chestnut 
Arland John, news agent, r 232 Race 
Arliger Joseph, carpenter, 1031 N .jd 
Armand David, butcher, 19th ab Montgomery 
Armant F., baker, 1225 Pine 
Armar John, agent, 1910 Parrish 
Armbrust Bernard, tavern, 937 South 
Armbrust Charles, baker, 1007 S 11th 
Armbrust .Jacob, laborer, 1244 N 4th 
Armbrust Rudolph, baker, 1640 Pine 
Armbruster Charles, saloon, 1248 N 10th 
Armbruster George, laborer, 509 Everett pi 
Armbruster George B., collector, 915 N 11th 
Armbruster Jacob, merchant, 234 N 9th 
Armbruster Jacob H., cutlery, 411 Commerce 
Armbruster John, notions, 306 N 3d, h 1545 N 

Armbruster John G., notions, 306 N 3d, h 1545 

N 12th 
Armbruster Peter, notions, 306 N 3d, h 312 N 

Armbruster Peter k Bro. {Peter hf John G-.), ro- 

tions, 306 N 3d 
Armburster Barilet, laborer, 2637 Federal 
Arment Franklin B., varnisher, r 1118 Parrish 
Arment Henry, carpenter, 3734 Green 
Arment William, painter, 1217 Melon 
Arment William H., polisher, 1217 Melon 
Armhold Henry, tailor, 923 Charlotte 
Armhold Joseph, butcher, 228 Poplar 
Armhold William, Rev., 921 Charlotte 
Arrpitage Charles, painter, 431 Lombard 
Artaitage C-eorge, laborer., *401 c^aker, Myk 
'i^riiiita^e John P., laTiotfer, ■■4t)7C Washington 










O M 


















en <^ 












Armitage J., painter, 21 S 21st, h 1920 Filbert 
Armitage Margaret A , 224 Jefferson 
Armitage Robert, watchman, 6 Miller's ct 
Armitage Sheubert B., carpenter, 947 Otsego 
Armitage Thomas, superintendent, 4164 Main 
ARMITAGE THOMAS, Electropathic Institute, 

133 N 15th 
Armitage AVilliam, cloth finisher, 1317 Earl 
Armling Andrew, storekeeper, 34 Almond 
Armour John, driver, 1530 Burton 
Armour Thomas, carpenter, 703 Selfridge 
Armsburg Victor, teacher, 2027 Summer 
Armstead A., moulder, 1606 Afton 
Armstead John, accountant, 1629 Poplar 
Armstead John, saloon, 718 Lisle 
Armstead William, tobacco, 1 Moore ct 
Armstead William H., engraver, 1344 Coates 
Armster George E., waiter, 1214 Locust 
Armstrong Abraham, cooper, 1332 N 10th 
Armstrong Alexander, builder, 1225 Catharine 
Armstrong Alexander, captain, 108 Keefe 
Armstrong Andrew,, tobacco mer., 51 S Front, h 

1404 Pine 
Armstrong Andrew, rigger, 1331 Dutton 
Armstrong Andrew J., spar maker, 1331 Dutton 
Armstrong Ann, 1218 Earl 

Armstrong Ann Jane, drygoods, 1829 Lombard 
Armstrong A. & R> {Andrew cV Robert Arm- 
strong), tobacco com. mers., 51 S Front 
Armstrong Bernard, telegrapher, 1220 Fisher 
Armstrong Charles, blacksmith, 2030 Philip 
Armstrong Charles E., shoe findings, 35 S 2d, h 

622 N 6th 
Armstrong Charles J., boiler maker, 721 Plover 
Armstrong Christopher, plasterer, 1615 Fitzwater 
Armstrong David, bricklayer, 2044 N 7th 
Armstrong David, plasterer, 1609 Shippen 
Armstrong Edward, cordwainer, 1003 Cross 
Armstrong Edward, liquors, 1146 South . 
Armstrong Edward, attorney-at-law and See'y N 

P RR, 407 Walnut, h Church la, Gtn 
Armstrong Edward S., clerk, 150 S 4th, h 620 

Armstrong Eliza, 1127 Pearl 
Armstrong Eliza, 424 Letterly 
Armstrong Elizabeth, 1316 Fisher 
Armstrong Ellen, 1521 N Front 
Armstrong Ernest, gentleman, 422 N 4th 
Armstrong E. S., manuf., 304 N 3d, h 331 N 5th 
Armstrong Francis, carter, 1935 Moravian 
Armstrong Francis, 610 St Mary 
Armstrong Francis, laborer, 1212 Carlton 
Armstrong Francis C, bricklayer, 424 Letterly 
Armstrong Francis W., shoemaker, 4303 Main 
Armstrong Frank, laborer, 728 Espy 
Armstrong George, 1306 Olive 
Armstrong George, 1509 Fitzwator 
Armstrong George, dealer, 1315 Bedford 
Armstrong George, seaman, 515 S 7th 
Armstrong George, tanner, r 1715 N 2d 
Armstrong George F. stationer, 1014 S 11th 
Armstrong George, clerk, 124 Marion 
Armstrong Guy, clerk, 1020 Morgan 
Armstrong Guy, salesman, 1020 Morgan 
Armstrong Harry, painter, 2206 Montrose 
Armstrong Henry, laborer, 921 Noble 
Armstrong Hugh, dyer, 1518 N 2d 
Armstrong H. G., manuf., 304 N 3d, h Trenton 
Armstrong Jacob, coach blacksmith, 2247 N 5th 
Armstrong Jackson, feed, 1134 Frankford av 
Armstrong James, cabinetmaker, 409 Catharine 
Armstrong James, carman, r 856 Orchard 
Armstrong James, builder, 1217 Catharine 
Armstrong, Jamesj dy,«y, 16i5 La.yrenote; ,. , ' V 
ArmstroijjJ .f'fttoeSi.dyeK, gOw iLeithgow 

Armstrong James, drygoods, 1210 Gtn av 
Armstrong James, laborer, 1507 Anthony 
Armstrong James, laborer, 2011 Carlton 
Armstrong James, wagoner, r 720 N Front 
Armstrong James, weaver, 1529 Philip 
Armstrong James, Jr., woollen manuf., Wistar n 

Gtn RR, Gtn 
Armstrong James F.. carpenter, 51st & Paschall 
Armstrong James F., gilder, 1232 Ogden 
Armstrong John, engineer, 1120 Sheafi'al 
Armstrong John, gentleman, 422 n 4th 
Armstrong John, laborer, 502 Sylvester 
Armstrong John, laborer, 232 N 15th 
Armstrong John, laborer, 609 N 34th 
Armstrong John, machinist, 3443 Ludlow 
Armstrong John, shoemaker, bds 310 Cherry 
Armstrong John A., weaver, 2335 Coral 
Armstrong John G., plasterer, 621 S 18th 
Armstrong Joseph, machinist, 1724 Olive 
Armstrong Joseph, laborer, 726 Lindsay 
Armstrong Joseph J., variety, 413 S 6th 
Armstrong Joseph T., ship carpenter, 794 S Front 
Armstrong Joshua, harness maker, 721 Plover 
Armstrong J., tailor, 23 N 13th 
Armstrong J. M., printer, 1311 S 10th 
Armstrong Luke, clerk, 1431 Salmon 
Armstrong Lydia, shoebinder, 527 S Front 
Armstrong Margaret, tailoress, 2031 Cuthbert 
Armstrong Mary, 1924 Pemberton 
Armstrong Mary, 2048 Bedford 
Armstrong Patrick, boots k shoes, 608 S 11th 
Armstrong Peter, porter, 608 Lombard 
Armstrong Philip P., printer, 751 Florida 
Armstrong P. E., waste paper dealer, 19 S 3d, h 

1014 S nth 
Armstrong Richard, confectionery, 2006 Fkd av 
Armstrong Robert, blacksmith, 834 N 13th 
Armstrong Robert, bricklayer, 1416 Christian 
Armstrong Robert, builder, 1322 Catharine 
Armstrong Robert, confectioner, 422 S 20th 
Armstrong Robert, drayman, r 159 Master 
Armstrong Robert, laborer, 1711 S 6th 
Armstrong Robert, mechanic, 1216 Myrtle 
Armstrong Robert, tobacco mer., 51 S Front, h 

1404 Pine 
Armstrong R. L., prest. Repub. Ins. Co., 150 S 

4th, h 520 Dickerson 
Armstrong R. T., clerk, 900 Chestnut, h 1322 

Armstrong Samuel, machinist, 540 Aramingo 
Armstrong Sarah, seamstress, 704 Lebanon. 
Armstrong Sarah, 1020 Morgan 
Armstrong Sarah B., 807 Parrish 
Armstrong <fc Sons {H. G., T. S. If E. S.), paper, 

304 N 3d 
Armstrong S. S., leather inspector, 922 N 4th 
Armstrong Theodore, painter, 128 Dana 
Armstrong Thomas, baker, 1410 Cadwalader 
Armstrong Thomas, blacksmith, 1521 N Front 
Armstrong Thomas, brickmaker, 2223 F 
Armstrong Thomas, drayman, 1 Fitch 
Armstrong Thomas, Jr., drayman, 1518 N 2d 
Armstrong Thomas, drayman, 1730 Montrose 
Armstrong Thomas, engineer, 1518 N 2d 
Armstrong Thomas, shoemaker, 730 Wyoming 
Armstrong Thomas S., carpenter, 2020 N 7th 
Armstrong T. G., dental depot, 520 Arch, h Duy 

lane, Gtn 
Armstrong T. S., manuf.. 304 N 3d, h 2020 N 7th 
Armstrong Washington F., 520 Dickerson 

Cooper, Charles E. Armstrong i^ John N. 

Wilkins), shoemakers' goods, 35 S 2d 
.Arniotrong Wjllifi^n, oierk, 239 Dock 
Armatffopg WtIUa,ln^, eab't maker, 1331 Christian 




Armstrong William, M.D., 240 N 9th 
Armstrong William, clerk, 1322 Catharine 
Armstrong William, deskmaker, 336 Harmony pi, 

h 1331 Christian 
Armstrong William, driver, 426 Caven 
Armstrong William, dyer, 1324 Catharine 
Armstrong William, oflScer, 936 S 5th 
Armstrong William, gentleman, 922 N 4th 
Armstrong William, laborer, 1612 Wood 
Armstrong AVilliam, laborer, 127 S 24th 
Armstrong William, mason, 805 S 13th 
Armstrong William, 7 White 
Armstrong William, stone mason, 1829 Lombard 
Armstrong William A., com. mer., 223 S 9th 
Armstrong William B., stationer, 1041 S 11th 
Armstrong W. G., 204 S 5th 

Armstrong William H., shade painter, 1118 Watkin 
Armstrong William H., clerk, 124 Marion 
Armstrong William L., machinist, 409 Enterprise 
Armstrong Wilson, carpenter, 1431 Fitzwater 
Armroe Ann, 1425 Frankford av 
Arming John, police, 1517 Federal 
Arner Mrs., boarding house, 807 S 19th 
Arnest James, drygoods, 247 Market, h 2039 Mt 

Arnest James D., merchant, 247 Market, h 2039 

Mt Vernon 
Arnett Mrs., r 405 Christian 
Arnett James, saddler, 9 Craig's av 
Arnett James W., clerk, 1610 Summer 
Arney Elizabeth, 612 Ronaldson 
Arnhold Frederick, grocer, 2109 Ridge av 
Arniz Casper, salesman, 630 Belgrade 
Arnold Adolph, tailor, 4 Brinckle pi 
ARNOLD ALBERT E., fancy goods, laces, em- 
broidery, 46 N 8th, h 1233 Franklin 
Arnold A., mer. tailor, 134 N 5th, h Cherry ab 

Arnold Benjamin, brakesman, 2456 Coral 
Arnold Benjamin, clerk, 1330 Lombard 
Arnold Benjamin, plasterer, r 1614 Lombard 
Arnold Bernhard, merchant, 408 Market, h Mer- 
chants' hotel 
Arnold Catharine, washing, 3130 Ludlow 
Arnold Charles, bootmaker, 2715 Federal 
Arnold Charles F., clerk, 1010 Chestnut, h 813 

Arnold Charles, grocer, 678 N Broad 
Arnold Crawford, merchant, 1301 Locust 
Arnald Edward, blacksmith, 812 & h 810 Brown 
Arnold Edwin, clothier, 230 N 2d, boards 1239 N 

Arnold Blihu, carpenter, 1532 Summer 
Arnold Emanuel, gentleman, 1858 Mervine 
Arnold Frederick, baker, 2121 Chestnut 
Arnold Frederick, varnisher, 1239 Mechanic 
Arnold George, confectioner, 410 New Market 
Arnold George, liquors, 805 Poplar 
ARNOLD GEORGE E., manager clearing house, 

429 Chestnut, h 5262 Germantown av 
Arnold Haize W., merchant, 542 N 4th 
Arnold Henry, hotel, 405 N 3d 
Arnold Henry, shoemaker, 944 Kurtz 
Arnold Henry W., clerk, 1010 Chestnut, h 2106 

Arnold Horatio, marble table maker, 735 West 
Arnold Isaac, 323 New 
Arnold Isabella, 233 S 3d 
Arnold Jacob, moulder, 2096 Cambridge 
Arnold Jacob, butcher, 1224 Taney 
Arnold James, 1601 Carpenter 
Arnold James, shopkeeper, 627 Bedford 
Arnold James, bookbinder, 152 S 3d, h 1436 Ship- 
Arnold John, blacksmith, 1242 Leithgow 

Arnold John, butcher, Taney ab Poplar 
Arnold John, dryer, 169 Levering 
Arnold John, bookbinder, 1233 Nagle 
Arnold John, shirt manuf., 808 Poplar 
Arnold John, shoemaker, 2059 Lombard 
Arnold John, umbrella maker, 1030 Frankford av 
Arnold John C, shoemaker, 4545 Germantown av 
Arnold John F., shoemaker, 1220 N 19th 
Arnold Joseph, cigarmaker, 145 Dana 
Arnold Leander B., shoemaker, 1417 Buttonwood 
Arnold Leopold, peddler, 870 Lawrence 
Arnold Lewis A., cap manuf., 1621 Brown 
Arnold & Louchheim {Samuel Arnold 4- Henry 

J. Louchheim), clothing, 113 N 3d 
Arnold Louis, shoemaker, Poplar &, Charlotte 
Arnold Magdalena, 722 Moss 
Arnold Margaret, 307 S 6th 
Arnold Marx, soldier, 456 Kerr 
Arnold Michael, attorney-at-law, 1808 Master 
Arnold Michael, gentleman, 3328 Ridge av 
Arnold Michael, laborer, 24 Farina 
Arnold Myer, gentleman, 440 N 5th 
Arnold M., Jr., attorney at law, 508 Walnut, h 

1808 Master 
Arnold Nichols R., jeweller, 38 S 3d, h 2204 Mt 

Arnold Peter, barber, 986 Beach 
Arnold Philip, driver, 1239 Alder 
Arnold Philip, grinder, 2456 Coral 
Arnold & Reistle {A. Arnold ^ Ernest Reistle), 

mer. tailors, 134 N 5th 
Arnold Samuel, boot maker, 236 Perry 
Arnold Samuel, cigars, 262 N 13th 
Arnold Samuel, clothier, 113 N 3d, h 470 N 4th 
Arnold Samuel, gentleman, 615 N 8th 
Arnold Samuel, gentleman, 513 Noble 
Arnold Samuel F., baker, 623 N 7th 
Arnold Samuel H., lager beer saloon, 1329 Frank- 
ford av 
Arnig Sebastian, brakesman, 340 E Huntingdon 
Arnold Simon, merchant, 440 N 5th 
Arnold Sophia, 1239 N 6th 
Arnold Uriah K., gentleman, 1858 Mervine 
Arnold Victor, showcards, 400 Chestnut, h 722 

Arnold William, butcher, 28th bel Girard av 
Arnold William, mould maker, 1729 Marshall 
Arnold William, paper ruler, 419 Dickerson 
Arnold William, shoemaker, 1436 Shippen 
Arnold William G., bookbinder 735 West 
ARNOLD W. A., furnaces, ranges, grates, and 

slate mantels, 1010 Chestnut, h 813 Lombard 
Arnot William, show cards^ 1127 Carpenter 
Arnott James, laborer, 2055 South 
Arnsfelt Elizabeth, 1011 Race 
Arnsfelt Henry, 1011 Race 
Arnut John, marble, 261 N 15th 
ARNY & SLATE (Charles W. Amy &f John J. 

Slate), boots & shoes, wholesale, 337 Market 
Arny Charles W., merchant, 337 Market, h 2030 

Mt Vernon 
Arold George, liquors, 401 Coates, h 805 Poplar 
Aron Philip, hotel, 709 N 3d 
Aronheimer Aaron, gentleman, 709 Girard av 
Aronheimer Louis, varieties, 222 N 4th 
Arrants Richard B., shipping master, office, ft 

Shackamaxon, h 29 Richmond 
Arrison Alexander, carpenter, 33 Orthodox 
Arrison Ashton, machinist, 707 Richmond 
Arrison Charles, hotel, Holmesburg 
Arrison Ellen, 1437 N 7th 
Arrison H. B.. produce commission merchant, 10 

N Water, hl437 N 7th 
Arrison Henry D., grocer, Ridge av & 13th, h 

666 N 13th 

CD ^ 




S o 



CD " 

TO 2 
•-' en 














03 ;o 






Arrison Jane, 345 Bridge, White Hall 
Arrison Jas. M., merchant, 1008 Chestnut, h Qtn 
Arrison John, printer, 1009 Cross 
Arrison John A., shoemaker, 1602 S Front 
ARRISON JOHN C, gents' furnishing goods, 1 

&3 N 6th, h 1515 Poplar 
Arrison John H., laborer, 345 Bridge, White 

Arrison Joseph, clerk, 1437 N 7th 
Arrison Matthew, merchant, 1519 Poplar 
Arrison Matthew W., bricklayer, 859 N 16th 
Arrison Ruth, cigars, 707 Richmond 
Arrison William, cordwainer, 958 Leithgow 
Arrison William, weaver, 2342 Howard 
Arroll James, shoemaker, 2311 Sansom 
Arrott Mary, teacher, 1607 Poplar 
ARROTT WILLIAM, insurance agent, N E 5th 

& Walnut, h Roxborough 
Arrott William, engineer, 1607 Poplar 
Art Mary, 214 Carpenter 
Artelt Theodore, confectioner, 1313 Fkd av 

Arthur , clerk, 114 S 3d, h 1828 Master 

Arthur Andrew, liquors, 1500 Ridge a,v, h 2007 

Arthur <fc Bro. {Rnbt. Arthur), coal, 271 S Broad 
Arthur Charles, paper maker, 46f)8 Jackson 
Arthur & Co. {Robert M. Aithur (^ Samuel L. 

Markrcard), grocers, 1206 Austin 
Arthur Abraham, conductor, 1819 N 6th 
Arthur Enoch, M.D., 44 Harrison, Frankford 
Arthur George, carpenter, 706 Hubbell 
Arthur Henry A., merchant, 713 West 
Arthur Isabella, 2010 Pemberton 
Arthur James, restaurant, 12th & Cherry 
Artbur James A., photographer, 23 N 8th, h 1615 

Mt Vernon 
Arthur John, carpenter. 5478 Gtn av 
Arthur John, hatter, 257 N 2d 
Arthur John, laborer, r 2013 Jones 
Arthur John, salesman, 108 Brown 
Arthur John, weaver, 2126 Amber 
Arthur John W., Rev., 1815 Mervine 
Arthur Julia, 1506 Parish 

Arthur Robt., coal, 271 S Broad, h 1922 Lombard 
Arthur Robert, carpet weaver, 1432 N Front 
Arthur Robert, sawmill, Wallace bel Broad, h 

907 N 17th 
Arthur Robert M., grocer, 627 S 5th 
Arthur Timothy, clerk, 1613 Mt Vernon 
Arthur T. S., publisher, 323 Walnut, h 1609 Mt 

Arthur T. S. & Co. (T. S. Arthur), publishers, 

323 Walnut 
Arthur William, gentleman, 1613 Mt Vernon 
Arthur William, blacksmith, 1415 Shippen 
Arthur William, furniture, 1418 South 
Arthur Jas. C, shipping merchant, 127 N Front, 

h 608 N Front 
Artis Robert, waterman, 868 Charlotte 
Artis William, captain, 1016 Newton 
Artist's Fund Society, 1334 Chesnut 
H. DiJl/risrer (V E. R. Artman) , wood & willow 
ware, 226 N 3d 
Artman E. K., merchant, 226 N 3d, bds 227 N 3d 
Artman M., merchant, 226 N 3d, h 429 N 4th 
Artman Jabez W., tinsmith, 1648 Sansom 
Artman Mahlon, merchant, h 429 N 4th 
Artson Richard, laborer, 1611 Hancock 
Artz Charles G. , tobacconist, 215 S 4th 
Artzt Theodore, confectionery, 324 Girard av 
Arundel George W., attorney-at-law, 28 S 4th, h 

857 N Broad 
Arundel John M., attorney-at-law, 28 S 4th, h 
Queen, Germantown 

Arundel Robert J., attorney-at-law, 28 S 4th, h 

857 N Broad 
Arundel Robert J., Jr., attorney-at-law, 28 S 4th, 

h 857 N Broad 
Arzt John W., turner, 1717 Mervine 
Asay A. A C. J., shoes, 823 N 10th 
Asay A. Merritt, M.D., dentist, 1005 Race 
Asay A. Merritt, Jr., dentist, 1005 Race 
Asay Benjamin, fireman, 6 Goldbeck's av, r 112 

N 2d 
Asay Eleanor, drygoods, 883 N 5th 
Asay John, gentleman, 823 N 10th 
Asay John S., drygoods, 855 N 9th 
Asay J. C, salesman, 307 Market 
Asay J. Lambert, M.D., 1005 Race 
Asay Mary, nurse, 6 Goldbeck's av, r 1129 N 2d 
Asay William B., dentist, 328 N 11th 
Asay William H., salesman, 203 Church, h S E 

5th & Poplar 
Asbury Arma, gentlewoman, 725 S 9th 
Asbury George P., machinist, 1831 Rhoads 
Asbury Henry, machinist, 402 Library, h 33d & 

Asbury Henry & Co. (Henry Ashiiry, John G. 

Baker), machinists, 402 Library 
ASBURY & YOUNG (John Asbury (V Thomas 
Yonug), importers <fe commission merchants, 
410 Commerce 
Asbury John, commission mer, 410 Commerce 
Asch Aaron M., furrier, 302 Arch 
Asch Augustus, upholsterer, r 1506 N 5th 
Asch Isaac M., fur dealer, 427 Arch 
Asch M. M., furs, 221 Arch 
Ascheobach Frederick, druggist, S W 4th & Cal- 

lowhill, h 627 Coates 
Aschenbach & Hahn (John Aschenbach i^ Justus 

Hahn), tailors, 351 N 2d 
Aschenbach Hendrick, druggist, 407 York av, h 

627 Coates 
ASCHENBACH & MILLER (F. Aschenbach S^ 
A. W.MiUcr), druggists, S W 4th & Callowhill 
Aschenbrand Abraham, tobacconist, 952 St John 
Ascough George, weaver, 1015 Gtn av 
Ascough John, horseshoer, 975 N Front, h Otis 

bel Sepviva 
Ascough John, saw grinder, 1015 Gtn av 
Ascough John, shoecutter, 17 Richmond 
Ascough William, machinist, 1015 Gtn av 
Asgow George, blacksmith, r 616 Tamarind 
Ash Caroline, Holmesburg 
Ash Charles, furrier, 417 Spruce 
Ash Charles, victualler, 431 Hackley 
Ash C, Mrs., 1322 Pearl 
Ash Earl S , conductor, 1518 Lucan 
Ash Francis, agent, 541 Osprey 
Ash George, bookkeeper, 1228 S 3d 
Ash George, carpenter, 937 Melon 
Ash George W., att'y-at-lay, 1719 Pine 
Ash George W , gold beater, 4074 Story 
Ash Henry A., carpenter, 1907 Brown 
Ash H. St. Clair, M.D., 1112 Vine 
Ash James, hotel. 514 Callowhill 
Ash John, 213 S 17th 

Ash John Z., carman, 1219 E Montgomery av 
Ash Jonathan, printer, 2350 Palethorpe 
Ash Joseph, supervisor, 1111 Charlotte 
Ash Joshua P., auctioneer, 615 Chestnut, h 110 

S 13th 
Ash J. Dorsey, clerk. 1911 Lombard 
Ash J. Harry, clerk, 617 Chestnut, h 217 N 13th 
Ash Margaret G., 1928 Brandywine 
Ash Maria, 1009 Coates 
Ash Morgan, broker, 217 N 13th 
Ash Morgan, Jr., bookkeeper, 217 N 13th 
Ash Myer, furrier, 417 Spruce 




Ash Norman, policeman, 1217 N 12th 

Ash Phineas, grocer, 1422 Spring Garden 

Ash Sebastian, confectioner, 2251 N 2d 

Ash Simon, clothing, 603 Shippen 

Ash Thomas H., turner, 2036 Hancock 

Ash J. Keeves, gentleman, 2023 Walnut 

ASH WILLIAM, hotel and livery stables, 905 & 

907 Coates 
Ash William H., clerk, 727 Sprnce 
Ash William R., policeman, 131 Brown 
Ashboch William B., gentleman, 1128 Gtn av 
Ashbridge George, laborer, 2036 Reeves 
Ashbridge George W., bricklayer, 2036 Reeves 
Ashbridge Thomas L., aactioneer, 505 Market, h 

1620 N 12th 
Ashbridge Thomazin, Mrs., 823 Arch 
ASHBRIDGE T. L. & CO. {T. L. Ashbridge), 

auctioneers & commission mers., 505 Market 
Ashbrook Joseph, general agent, 111 S 4th, h 827 

Ashbrook Thomas, carp., 1011 Moyamensing av 
Ashbrook Thomas C, tailor, 1615 Ridge av 
Ashbrook Thomas J., agent, 1615 Ridge av 
Ashburn Augustus T., clerk, 3201 Behring 
Ashburn M., furnishing goods, 128 S 11th 
Ashburner A. E. Mrs., 3818 Spruce 
Ashburner John, bookkeper, 16 S Wharves, h 

3724 Walnut 
Ashbruner Thomas, merchant, 1245 Buttonwood 
Ashburner T. A., salesman, 229 & 231 Chestnut, h 

32d, W Phila 
Ashby Charles H., clerk, 810 N 16th 
Ashby Lyman, carpenter, 417 Diamond 
Ashburn James, jeweller, 313 S 5th 
Ashby Franklin, hats and caps, 606 Girard av, h 

991 Marshall 

Ashby , provisions, 1236 Coates 

Ashcraft Hannah L., milliner, 23 S 2d 
Ashcraft John, gentleman, 120 Almond 
Aschraft Louisa, boarding, 201 Vine 
Ashcraft C. D., captain, 1428 S 3d 
Ashcroft John, fisherman, 1315 Corn 
Ashcroft John, laborer, 117 Federal 
Ashcroft Josiah, watchman, 117 Federal 
Ashcroft Miranda, tailoress, 966 S Front 
Ashenback George, chemist, 1030 Master 
Ashenback Conrad, brass finisher, 467 York av 
Ashenfelder Adam, barber. 715 St John 
Ashenfelder Charles, morocco, r 1015 St John 
Ashenfelder Josiah, carmaker, 1631 Amboy 
Ashenfelter Louis, carpenter, 1438 Fawn 
Asher Abigail Mrs., 1013 Rodman 
Asher Abram, paperhanger, 620 South 
Asher Abraham, varieties, 529 S 3d 
Asher Henry, clerk, 214 Dock, h 620 South 
Asher John W., tailor, 1228 Davis 
Asher Michael, clothier, 620 South 
Asher Thomas, gentleman, 1013 Rodman 
Asherholt Isaac, brickmr,Tackawana ab Orthodox 
Ashford Adolphus, carter, 921 Thompson 
Ashford Henry, moulder, 2216 Hare 
Ashford John R., gloves, 607 Callowhill 
Ashford R Mrs., ladies' shoes, 143 N 8th 
Ashford Stephen, brass moulder, 1743 N 10th 
Ashhurst Frank, M.D., 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Henry, stock broker, 16 S 3d, h 1708 

Ashhurst John, mer., 16 S 3d, h 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst John, Jr., M.D., 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis R., broker, 16 S 3d, h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard, broker, 16 S 3d, h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard L., att'y-at-law, 225 S 6th, h 

1830 Spruce 

John 4" William, H.), merchants, 16 S 3d 

Ashhurst Samuel, M.D., 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst William H., broker, 16 S 3d, h 1708 

Ashland Ann, 211 Prime 
Ashlin Martin, clerk, 427 Walnut, h 10th bel 

Ashman Charles, cigarmaker, r 638 Andress 
Ashman Edwin, clerk, 671 N 13th 
Ashman Frederick, hostler, 718 Master 
Ashman Henry, cabinetmaker, 1229 Hamilton 
Ashman Howard N., paperhanger, 1141 Poplar 
Ashman James J., janitor, 919 Morris 
Ashman Sarah, 226 Diamond 
Ashman Thomas, Rev., 1237 Spruce 
Ashman William, tailor, 614 N 3d, h 671 N 13th 
Ashman William N., att'y-at-law, 1037 Chestnut, 

h 1237 Spruce 
Ashman William T., bookkeeper, N E 3d & Arch, 

h 671 N 1.3th 
Ashmead Albert, gentleman, 4770 Gtn av 
ASHMEAD ALBERT S., real estate agent, 721 

Market, h 69th & Lancaster av 
Ashmead Alfred B., bookkeeper, 25 N 38th 
Ashmead Algernon, lumber mer., 4850 Gtn av 
Ashmead Bartram, merchant, 300 Market, h 423' 

Ashmead Charles, gentleman, 4792 Gtn av 
Ashmead Clara, 4651 Germantown av 
Ashmead Duffield, publisher, 724 Chestnut, h 

1424 N Broad 
ASHMEAD & EVANS, (Duffield Ashmead 5^ Wil- 
liam B. Evans,) publishers, 724 Chestnut 
Ashmead Edwin, clerk, 1126 Citron 
Ashmead Edwin L., boarding, 20 N 7th 
Ashmead Franklin, clerk, 1606 Wallace 
Ashmead F. L., bookkeeper, 811 Chestnut, h 1606 

Ashmead George, druggist, 603 Market, h 4792 

Germantown av 
Ashmead George L., att'y-at-law, 333 Walnut, h 

2204 Pine 
Ashmead Henry, dealer, 2404 Willow 
ASHMEAD HENRY B., printer, 1104 Sansom, 

h 1525 Girard av 
Ashmead Isaac, printer, 1104 Sansom, h S E Gi- 
rard av & 16th 
Ashmead Isaac, Jr., printer, 1104 Sansom, h SE 

Girard av & 16th 
Ashmead John E., mer., 216 Chestnut, h 120 S 

Ashmead John M., 432 Chestnut, h 423 Pine 
Ashmead Lewis, 1803 Pine 
Ashmead L. P., merchant, 120 S 18th 
ASHMEAD ISAAC & SON (Isaac &f Isaac Ash- 
mead, Jr.), printers 1102 & 1104 Sansom 
Ashmead Stephen, blacksmith, 721 N 23d 
Ashmead Theodore, clerk, 616 Peach 
Ashmead Thomas E., importer, 126 Chestnut, h 

1803 Pine 
Ashmead William, M.D., 4788 Germantown av 
Ashmel James, machinist, 742 S 6th 
Ashmore Abraham V., carver, 330 Mcllwain 
Ashmore James, marble cutter, 1035 Buttonwood 
Ashmore John, carpenter, 807 N 16th 
Ashmore Thomas, stone cutter, 1034 Nectarine, h 

1036 Buttonwood 
Ashmore William H., mineral water, 3737 Ludlow 
Ashton Adolphus H., M.D., 737 S 9th 
Ashton Alfred R., professor of music, 737 S 9th 
Ashton Ann, 1232 Hancock 

Ashton Charlotte, trimmings, 5035 Germant'n av 
Ashton Daniel R., merchant, 1202 Mt Vernon 
Ashton Elizabeth W., 1127 Harmer 
Ashton Emma, 326 S Juniper 




I — 'Q 


CD .-,. 













S ^ 

Oi o 





Ashton E. D., coal merchant, 715 N 19th 

Ashton Ely H., surveyor, 950 N 12th 

Ashton Evan D., 316 N Broad, h 1731 Wallace 

Ashton Frank, clerk, 1933 Girard av 

Ashton George, druggist, 1933 Girard av 

ASHTON GEORGE H., wholesale druggist, 832 

Market, h 1702 Summer 
Ashton Harry T., clerk, 1933 Girard av 
Ashton Hiram, cooper, 119 Prime 
Ashton Isaac M., deputy sheriff, 4 State House 

row, h 1130 Vine 
Ashton James W., student, 1202 Mt Vernon 
Ashton John, 131 Sellers 
Ashton John, moulder, 727 Eneu 
Ashton Joseph, agent, 1081 Beach 
Ashton Mary, milliner, 506 Paxton 
Ashton Nathan, barber, r 727 Carpenter 
Ashton Samuel, bookbinder, 424 Monroe 
Ashton Samuel, editor, 326 Marshall 
Ashton Samuel, laborer, bds, 9J6 N Front 
Ashton Samuel, moulder, 3 Goldsmith ct 
Ashton Samuel, printer, 114 S 23d 
Ashton Samuel F., gentleman, 1528 Chestnut 
Ashton Sarah, bakery, 977 N 2d 
Ashton Susannah, 7 Osbeck pi 
Ashton Sylvester, carver. Cedar Hill 
Ashton Thomas, manufacturer, 129 Sellers 
Ashton Thomas, tipstaff, 1546 Franklin 
Ashton Thomas, waiter, 368 Ovington 
Ashton William, spinner, 2220 Radnor 
Ashworth Adam, grocer, Frankford & Sellers, h 

166 Sellers 
Ashworth Andrew M., clerk, 1610 N 6th 
Ashworth, Ann, Mrs., 166 Sellers 
Ashworth Benjamin, bookseller, 228 S 9th 
Ashworth & Bros. {William 4- Adam Ashworth), 

grocers, 4551 Frankford av 
Ashworth James, clerk, 166 Sellers 
Ashworth James, machinist. 2028 Naudain 
Ashworth James, clerk, 1 Walnut, h Frankford 
Ashworth John, clerk, 3021 Ludlow 
Ashworth Nicholas, machinist, 1736 N 9th 
Ashworth Thomas, gent, 3021 Ludlow 
Ashworth William, bds Cresson & Grape, Myk 
Ashworth AVilliam, grocer, Frankford Sc Sellers, 

h 164 Sellers 
Ashworth William, machinist, 1221 Columbia av 
Askal James, manufacturer, 330 Lombard 
Askam Charles, maihufacturer, 150 Dock, h 15 

S 9th V I 

Askam James, manufacturer, 150 Dock, h 330 

Askew John, boatman, 947 Otsego 
Askam & Son {Cluirles if James Askam), chil- 
dren's coaches, 150 Dock 
Askin Harry J., real estate broker, 631 Walnut 
Askins John, laborer, 145 N 2d, h 1425 Philip 
Askins John, seaman, 3 Madison ct 
Askough Thomas, machinist 106 Coates 
Askum L., carpenter, 219 Reed 
Asley Henry, weaver, r 520 N 23d 
Asman Anthony, butcher, 629 Pierce 
Asmus Charles, baker, 1111 Ridge av 
Asmus Ernst, tanner. 727 N 3d 
Asp Thomas, gent, 1209 Arch 
Aspaulding William, stonecutter, 2040 Harmstead 
Aspden Thomas, laborer, 18 Mill 
Aspinall William, warper, r 1343 Kates 
Aspinwall Henry, weaver, 1825 N 6th 
Aspinwall Sheppard, carpet manufacturer, 1825 

Aspinwall William C, rope maker, 2024 N 6th 
Asquith Charles, polisher, Wakefield n Fisher's la 
Asquith Jacob, laborer. Ridge av n Wissa- 
hickon tp 

Asquith Robert, shoemaker, 3225 <fe h 3228 Ridge 

Assistant Quartermaster's Office U. S. M. Corps, 

226 S 4th 
Assman August, mould manufactory, 1631 Bar- 
ker, h 1919 Market 
ASSOCIATED PRESS, S. E. cor. 3d & Chestnut 
Astler Martin, tailor, 903 Rachel 
Astor Fire Insurance Company of New York, 

422 Walnut 
Athletic Base Ball Grounds, 15th & Columbia av 
Auswald Christian, baker, 1511 Vienna 
Atack Daniel, weaver, 1834 N Front 
Atack Sylvester, machinist, 2334 Collins 
Atack William, weaver, 1834 N Front 
Atchison James, porter, 1200 Heins 
Atchison Theophilus, machinist, 2204 Market 
Atchison Robert, fireman, 1228 Corn 
Atchison Thomas, weaver, 1522 Hope 
Atherhalt Christian, bricklayer, 1202 Alder 
Atherholt Jacob, brickmaker, 2043 South 
Atherley John, salesman, 1553 Cadbury av 
Atherton Charles, bds Spruce n 41st 
Atherton N., gent, 337 S 12th 
Atherton Peter, driver, 1827 Warder 
Ather Jonathan K , M.D., 128 Queen, Falls 
Athow James 0., 969 Marshall 
Atherdger Thomas, grocer, 521 N 23d 
Atkin Hercules, carpenter, 508 N 2d, h 887 Mar- 
Atkins Addison B., Rev., 36 Tulpehocken 
Atkins Bros. (R. E. ,J- Charles Atkins), iron 

manufacturers, 333 Walnut 
Atkins Charles, iron manufacturer, 333 Walnut 
Atkins George, milk, 3663 Lancaster 
Atkins George L., merchant, 238 Church, h 1834 

N nth 

Atkins George W., tavern, 630 Beach 

Atkins Hanson E., commission merchant, 333 

Walnut, h Pottsville 
Atkins Hartley, carpet merchant, 887 Marshall 
ATKINS k HUGHES [James Atkins i^ A. S. 
Hughes), commission merchants, 138 S Dela- 
ware av 
Atkins James, commission merchant, 138 S Dela- 
ware av, h 3d n Spruce 
Atkins James, engineer, 726 W Pear 
Atkins John W., blacksmith, Innes 
Atkins Robert, plasterer, 2007 Lombard 
Atkins Robert, Jr., clerk, 2007 Lombard 
Atkins Washington, driver, 113 Sloan 
Atkins William, dyer, S W 11th <fe Jeflerson 
Atkinson Alfred, finisher, bds 4101 Main 
Atkinson Allen, carman, 2055 Ridge av 
Atkinson Asher, shoemaker, 225 Perry 
Atkinson Barclay G., gents' furnishing goods, 

521 Che.stnut, h 1013 Cherry 
Atkinson Benjamin, carpenter, 1137 N 2d 
Atkinson Benjamin F., hotel, 4311 Main 
ATKINSON & BRADFIELD (Isaac S. Atkinson 
if Thomas BradfiM), attorneys-at-law and 
conveyancers, 28 S 7th 
Atkinson Charles, wines, 811 Sansom 
Atkinson E., Mrs., 123 S 7th 
Atkinson E., salesman, 631 Chestnut, h Camden 
Atkinson Edward F., dealer, 324 Marriott 
Atkinson Francis, moulder, 3725 Centre 
Atkinson Francis T., merchant, 441 Market, h 

548 N 11th 
Atkinson George, bricklayer, 505 S Front 
Atkinson Henry, gents' furnishing goods, 620 

Chestnut, h 138 N 10th 
Atkinson Harvey, typesetter, 1361 Montgy av 
Atkinson Henry P., merchant, 33 N 3d, h 1728 Mt 




Atkinson Isaac S., atty., 28 S 7th, h 1838 Master 
Atkinson James, attorney-at-law, 1626 Poplar 
Atkinson James, police, 2033 Cuthbert 
Atkinson James, policeman, 1933 Brown 
Atkinson Jas. , shoemr, Richmond n Reading R R 
Atkinson Jane, 321 N 18th 
Atkinson John, grocery, 2001 Market 
Atkinson John, machinist, h 3350 Market 
Atkinson John G., painter, 1 Lansing pi . 
Atkinson John P., carpenter, 1127 Ogden 
Atkinson John B., gentleman, 1963 Mt Vernon 
Atkinson Joseph, grocer, 813 S 21st 
Atkinson Joseph B., shirt manuf., 401 & 403 

Appletree al, h Merchant's hotel 
Atkinson Joseph M., salesman, 1013 Cherry 
Atkinson J. L., broom maker, 233 Poplar 
Atkinson Lewis, foreman, 927 Race 
Atkinson & Longcope, (Thomas C. Athinsoii {^ 

Charles E. Longcope,) shirt manuf., 730 Arch 
Atkinson L., shirt manuf., 401 & 403 Appletree 
Atkinson L. &Co. (Lewis Sf Joseph B. Atkinson) , 

shirt manufacturers, 401 & 403 Appletree al 
Atkinson Patrick G-., carter, 4663 Jackson 
Atkinson Samuel, M.D., 1137 N 2d 
Atkinson Samuel, shoemaker, 421 German 
Atkinson Thomas, clerk, 842 Carlisle 
Atkinson Thomas, drygoods, 1107 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, box maker, 318 Columbia av, 

h 430 Thompson 
Atkinson Thomas, wool grader, 246 E Thompson 
Atkinson Thomas C, shirts, 730 Arch, 261 N 9th 
Atkinson T B., baker, 3350 Market 
Atkinson Wallace, drygoods, 247 & h 1140 S 11th 
Atkinson William, bricklayer, 630 St Mary 
Atkinson William, carpenter, 3725 Centre 
Atkinson William, clerk, 309 Tyler 
Atkins Williams, clerk, 131 Prime 
Atkinson William, laborer, 1432 Carlton 
Atkinson William, machinist, 2122 Callowhill 
Atkinson William, M.D., 215 Spruce 
Atkinson William, sailor, 1341 S Front 
Alkinson William, shoemaker, 15 Wheat 
Atkinson William, weaver, 1403 Frankford av 
Atkinson WilTiam B., carpenter, 2914 Market 
Atkinson William P., salesman, 214 Chestnut, h 

2031 Brandywine 
Atlantic Fire Insurance Co. of N T., 422 Walnut 
Atlantic Petroleum Storage Co., 115 Walnut 
Atlantic Quartz Co., 15 S 7th 
ATLEE & CONNARD (Edwin A. Atlee &c George 

B. Co?!7iard), paper manufacturers, 44 N 5th 
Atlee Edwin A., paper manufacturer, 44 N 5th 
Altee George, 222 N 13th 

ATLEE GEORGE B. , Scotch pig iron, 333 Walnut 
Atlee Rachel, 3 Liberty ct 
Atlee Walter F., M.D., 210 S 13th 
Atlee William H., bookkeeper, 811 Chestnut, h 

1408 Arch 
Atlee William, porter, 118 CalloWhill 
Atley Adam, porter, 1814 Addison 
Atley John, waiter, 1816 Addison 
Atmore Frederick P., grocer, 538 N 10th 
Atmore Robert, grocer, 502 N 10th 
Atmore Robert D., clerk, 538 N 10th 
Atmore William, carpenter, 3261 York av 
Atmore William D., bookkpr., Franklin bel Pear 
Atmyer Christopher, pipe maker, 435 Coates 
Attmore C. R., trimmings, 1233 N 19th 
Attmore Henry, clerk, 2120 Tower 
Attmore John T., carpenter, 1308 Carlisle 
Attmore Marshall, prest. P. Ins. Co., 237 S 3d, 

h 121 New 
Atmore Samuel W., clerk, 1308 Carlisle 
Attmore William P., builder, 2120 Tower 

Attwood John M., engraver, 516 Marshall 
Atwater D., produce mer., 11 N Water, h N T 
Atwater H. E., produce mer., 11 N Water, h N Y 
Atwater J. M., produce mer., UN Water, h N Y 
Atwell George, blacksmith, 300 N 20th 
Atwell James, saloon, 1642 N 7th 
Atwell Sarah, seamstress, 8 S 33d 
Atwell William, laborer, 1602 Lex st 
Atwood Anthony Rev., 623 Catharine 
Atwood A. N., furniture, 45 S 2d, h 523 Vine 
Atwood A. Watson, attorney-at-law, 311^ Walnut 

h 623 Catharine 
Atwood A. N. & Co. (A. N. Atwood 6r B. C. 

Swan), furniture 45 S 2d 
Atwood Daniel T., painter, 749 S 19th 
Atwood George, artist*, 1337 Poplar 
Atwood H. 0., carpets, 237 S 2d, h 319 Spruce 
Atwood John H., commission merchant, 5 Walnut 

h N W Broad & Locust 
Atwood John M., merchant 421 Market 
Atwood Joseph, shoemaker, 3208 Darby rd 
Atwood Joshua S., coal, 118 Walnut, h 1825 North 
ATWOOD, RALSTON & CO (William C. At- 
wood, John C. Ralston ^ Willia'ni E. Stone), 
carpet manufs. & com. mers., 619 Chestnut 
ATWOOD & RANCK { W. A. Atwood ^ J. W. 

Ranch,) fish, 210 N Delaware av 
Atwood Ward J., M.D., dentist, 933 S 2d 
Atwood William A., merchant, 210 N Delaware 

av, h 623 Catharine 
Atwood William C, merchant, 619 Chestnut, h 

239 S 13th 
Attwood William James, undertaker, 44 N 11th 
Attwood William N., undertaker, 44 N 11th 
Au Jacob, weaver, 1611 Mifflin 
AUB, HACKENBURG & CO. (Jacob Aub, Wm. 
B. Hackenhurg ^ A. Boehem), manufacturers 
of sewing & machine silk, N W Front & New 
Aub Jacob, silk manuf., N W Front & New, h 

978 N 7th 
Aube Peter R. , ornamental designer, 16 Decatur, h 

116 Shippen 
AUBIN PHILIP J., wool merchant, 26 S Front, 

h Y Rd Station N P R R 
Aubin Thomas, bookkeeper, 904 Chestnut, h 1512 

Auble Elizabeth, 1016 Olive 
Auble Hampton, currier, 428 St John, h 918 

Auble Nathan, tanner, 121 Carlisle 
Aubler Charles, confectioner, 1315 South 
Auchinleck John, coachmaker, 304 Christian 
Auchinleck John A., Jr.,ooaehmkr., 304 Christian 
Auchinleck Joseph E., huckster, 304 Christian 
Auchinleck Joseph W. D., saddler, 706 Wyatt 
Auckley Louis, spinner, 1225 Potts 
Aucott Sam'I, framework knitter, 143 Haines, Gtn 
Aucott Thomas, engineer, 52d & Kershaw 
Aucutt Aaron, 4630 Clinton 
Audenreid D. C, 709 Chestnut 
Audenried James E., merchant, 11 & 13 S Water, 

h 709 Chestnut 
Audenried J. T., coal merchant, 328 Walnut, h 

518 N 4th 
Audenried Lewis, coal merchant, 205 Walnut, h 

512 N 7th 
Audenried, George H. S/- Frederick A. Potts Sf 
Addison Child), coal miners & shippers, 205 
Walnut & Pier 11, Port Richmond 
Audenried L. C, mer., 11 & 13 S Water, h 709 

ried (J- Charles D. Norton) , coal miners & ship- 
pers, 328 Walnut & Pier 21, Richmond 




















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fe Q 
H-l C3 




Audenried William G., coal merchant, 205 Wal- 

nnt, h611 N 11th 
Audibert Frederick, watchmaker, 417 Poplar 
Andorf k A??mann ( Williatn Aiidorf if August 

Assmanii), sugar mould manuf.. 1631 Barker 
Auefale Jacob, shoemaker, r 822 Rachel 
Auer Conard, butcher, 1432 Germantown av 
Auer GustaTus, tobacconist. 1334 Poplar 
Auer John, tavern, IT.ifl N 5th 
Anerbach B., fruits, 103 S Water, h 1113 Spring 

Auerbach S. & Co. (S. if E. Aiterbarh), foreign 

fruits, 103 S Water 
Auerbach Samuel, fruits, 103 S Water, h 1113 

Spring Garden 
Auerheimmer Henry, turner, lfi57 Cadwalader 
Auffort Fanny, gentlewoman, 1108 Otis 
Auffort Frederick, fisherman, 102" Otis 
AufiFort Jacob, fisherman, 1111 Hewston 
Aug Henry, weaver, 1210 Mascher 
AUGE CLINTON, attorney-at-law, 429 Walnut, 

h 520 Pine 
Al'GE S. T. A CO. (S. T. Ange, John W. 
Ogdeti, Simon Snyder, if E. l\l. Broomall), 
importers k jobbers, drygoods, 229 Market 
Ange S. T., mer., 229 Market, h Roxborough 
Aughiltree James W.. mer., 13 Bank, h 232 S 4th 
Augusta John, barber, 829 Market, h 1220 White- 
Augustin James G., caterer, 1105 Walnut 
Augustine Lewis M., tinplate worker, 3744 Market 
Augustine Lewis, tinplate worker, 3744 Market 
Augustine Peter, bricklayer, 980 Randolph 
Augustine William J., agent, 134 Walnut pi 
Augustus Anne R., cook, 808 Emeline 
Augustus Edward, waiter. 1127 New Bedford 
Augustus James, cook, 1343 Bedford 
Auld Andrew, warper, 1342 Bedford 
Anld Andrew W., machinist, 1342 Bedford 
Auld John, laborer, 338 Dugan 
Auld Theodore, plasterer, 1637 Afton 
Auld Washington, sbeetiron worker, 1231 Ells- 
Auld William, confectioner, r 1638 Lombard 
Aull Jas. A., tea mer., 9 S Front, h 2225 Green 
AULL JAMES A. k CO. (James A. Aull if John 

Mel/sop), tea dealers, 9 S Front 
Aull MarT, 344 Crown 
Aull William, police, 2022 Catharine 
Aull William H., salesman, 2022 Catharine 
Aumont & Haughey {James P. E. Atimont if 

Wm. 31. H(uighey), merchants, 14 S Front 
Aumont James P. E., merchant, 14 S Front, h 

1807 Arch 
Aune Frederick, police, 760 S 6th 
Auner A. W., printer, 160 N 10th 
Auner Charles E., sheetiron worker, 1521 Stiles 
Auner Charles H., clerk, 240 Madison 
Auner George A., carpenter, S E 11th k Race 
Auner J. G., stationer, 156 <fc h 158 N 10th 
Auner Margaret, varieties, 1518 Thompson 
Auner Peter, machinist, 1518 Thompson 
Aupperle John, salesman, 720 Market, h 835 N 

Aupperle John E., saddler, 835 N 13th 
Aupton Charles, worker, 2.305 Callowhill 
Aurand Daniel, cutter, 2122 Naudain 
Aurnan Richard, tailor, 852 N 9th 
AUROCKER THOMAS H., locksmith A bell- 
hanger, 13 N 13th 
Ausburn John, butcher, 14 Reed 
Ausley G. W., tinman. 411 S Juniper 
Austerberry Joseph, tavern, 442i Cresson 
Anstie Henry, merchant, 325 Market, h 1503 Lo- 

Austin Adam, laborer, 2513 Hope 

Austin Anna E., ice cream saloon, 2054 Master 

Austin Archibald, carpenter, 1620 Sansom 

Austin Charles, 4.38 Magnolia 

Austin Charles, spices, 2045 Pemberton 

Austin Charles, car driver, 1107 Ogden 

Austin Charles S., clerk, 132 Onas 

Austin David, laborer, 632 Bay 

Austin Eliza, 1011 Pine 

Austin Eliza, 3 Shakers al 

Austin Elizabeth, 2333 Coates 

Austin Edwin, clerk, 1125 Day 

Austin Edward C, clerk. Union League House, 

h 1227 Wood 
Austin Eugene, aect., 438 Magnolia 
Austin Franklin, tinsmith, 1703 Becket 
Austin George, glasscutter. 2510 Deshong 
Austin George, produce, 246 N Delaware av, h 

210 Vine 
Austin George, weaver, 5043 Morton 
Austin George D., shoe manuf.. h 1032 Lawrence 
Austin George W., paperhanging, 2054 Master 
Austin Hettie, washerwoman, 809 Emeline 
Austin John, brassfounder, 1232 Howard 
Austin John, hotel, 1335 S 10th 
Austin Joseph D., architect, 2054 Master 
Austin Joseph B., s.ilesman. 423 N 10th 
Austin J. Bell, clerk, 35 S 3d, h Upper Darby 
Austin Lewis S., shoemaker, 2007 Kressler 
Austin Mary. 616 Sansom 
Austin Mary A., grocery, 818 Fitzwater 
Austin Marv J., 115 Elfreth 
Austin Matilda, 142 N 20th 

Austin k Opdyke {William Anstif? {f William 
Opdyke). house furnishing goods, 1705 Chestnut 
Austin R. A., produce. 52 Del av market, h Bev- 
erly, N J 
Austin Russell, gentleman, 230 German 
Austin Samuel, brass founder. 1550 Lawrence 
Austin Samuel, laborer, 1514 Cabot 
Austin Samuel C, 1107 Ogden 
Austin Samuel H., atty-at-Iaw, 129 S 7th 
Austin Seth, iunkeeper, 15 Girard av 
Austin S. A., drygoods, 908 Race • 
Austin William, 1022 Federal 
Austin Wm., house furnishing goods, 1705 Chest- 
nut, h 631 N 17th 
Austin William A., plasterer, 1107 Hamilton 
Austin William K., gentleman, 908 Race 
Austin AVilliam M., carpenter, 423 X 10th 
Austin k Woods {George Austin if George P. F. 

Woods), produce, 246 X Del av 
Autenrieth Charles, architect, 410 Walnut, h 1716 

Girard av 
Autenrieth Frederick, clerk, 716 Chestnut, h 512 

Antenrieth Jacob, bookkeeper, 716 Chestnut, h 

512 Powell 
Auter Jas. M., barber, 5 Market, h 1007 Rodman 
Auther Joseph, carpenter, 1233 Myrtle 
Automatic Gas Machines, 105 S 4th 
Auston Charles, shoemaker, 1119 Savery 
Autenried Eugene, jeweller, 440 Harmony 
Autz Adam, weaver, 458 Kerr 
Autz John, weaver, 612 Aramingo 
Averdick Herman, shoemaker, r 618 South 
Averill Hugh, laborer, 519 Chippewa 
Averill Samuel, laborer, 2607 Naudain 
Averley Martin, carriages, 928 Sansom 
Avery David, tailor, r 924 Ogden 
Avery Enoch, fishing tackle manuf., 1050 Beach 
Avery George A., tailor, r 924 Ogden 
Avery Geo. W., banker, 142 S 3d, h 706 Wallace 
Avery Henry, dentist, 1733 Arch 
Avery James, grocer, 2148 Christian 




Avery Jobn. bds La Pierre House 

Avery Theodore, clerk, 604 Wood 

Avill John, printer, 1232 S 10th 

Avis Matthias, jeweller, 201 Quarry 

Awckland George, lab, 4851 Willow, Fkd 

Awckland John, lab, 4851 Willow, Fkd 

Awckland Samuel, 4851 Willow, Fkd 

Axe Edwin C, taxidermist, Frankford 

Axe Frederick S., tobacconist, 4327 Frankford 

Axe Henry, grocer, 1040 N Front 

Axe John H.. combmaker, 4135 Frankford 

Axe Sarah, 19 Mill 

Axe Wm. H., salesman, 511 Market, h 240 N 5th 

Axford Edward J., tailor, 535 Spruce 

Axford E. J. & Son {E.J. ^ Joseph W. Axford), 

tailors, 535 Spruce 
AXFORD JAMES, auctioneer & com mer, 4935 

Germantown av, h 180 Lehman 
Axford Joseph W., tailor, 535 Spruce 
Axford William, gardener, 178 Lehman 
Azman Joseph, conductor, 2476 Tulip 
Axt August, M.D., 251 N 5th 
Axt Frederick, M.D., 1144 N 3d 
Axt Jacob, drayman, r 1416 Hope 
Axworthy Thomas, coal, 30th & Market, h 37th 

& Lancaster 
Axz Wm. H., police, 1448 Hutchinson 
Ayars Jas. B., Rev., 159 Centre 
Ayars Roberts, suspender manuf, 1831 Seybert 
Aydelott William, clerk, 708 Ulrick 
Ayers Charlotte, 163 Church, Fkd 
Ayers Robert, hotel, 205 Church, Fkd 
Ayers George W., lab, 4744 Paul 
Azeiny Charles, cabinetmaker, 1130 Galloway 
Azerne William, carpenter, 1435 Bedford 
Ayers Andrew J., blacksmith, 3944 & h 3948 

Ayers Ellis Mrs., dressmaker, 517 Parrish 
Ayers George, horseclipper, 10 Hickey 
Ayers George R., salesman, 608 N 8th 
Ayers J B., salesman, 1125 Frankford av 
Ayers Samuel, file cutter, 319 S 6th 
Ayers Samuel W., cigars, 123 S 3d, h 521 S 8th 
Ayers Samuel W., Jr., tobacconist, 521 S 8th 
Ayers Thomas D., rag dealer, 1518 Howard 
Ayers William, hardware, 608 N 8th 
Ayers William, tailor, 4 Fawn 
Aykroyd Charles, clerk, 1212 Brown 
Aykroyd Edwin, clerk, 1212 Brown 
Aykroyd Henry, butcher, 1212 Brown 
Aykroyd William, painter, 1212 Brown 
Aymer Thos., cutter, 619 Chestnut, h 830 Wharton 
Aynes Philip, laborer, 742 Shippen 
Ayre George, fire forger, r 4416 Frankford av 
Ayers David S., rag store, 145 N Front, h 4710 

Ayres Frederick, painter, 1255 N 15th 
Ayres George W., gent, 4710 Washington 
Ayres Henry R., salesman, 240 Market, h 11th 

ab Callowhill 
Ayres James, weaver, 817 S 13th 
Ayres John, blacksmith, 1106 Ridge av 
Ayres Jonathan, salesman, 337 N 6th 
Ayres Joshua D., salesman, 28 N 3d, h 1125 

Frankford av 
Ayres & Lippincott ( Wm. Ayres if Ezra Lippin- 

cott), saddlery hardware, N W 3d & Arch 
Ayres Stephen, carrier, 8 Fawn 
Ayres Thomas, sea captain, 1604 Richmond 
Ayres Wm., saddlery hardware, 102 N 3d, h 608 

N 8th 
Ayres Wm., mer., 106 N Del av, h Union Hotel 

Baader Henry, baker, 3211 Chestnut 
Baak Valentine, gent, 441 Martin, Rox 

Babb Christopher, plasterer, 1027 N 4th 

Babb & Davis {Samuel Babb Sf George Davis), 

tobacco, 202 N 5th 
Babb John H., cerdwainer, 2 Clawges ct 
Babb Samuel, tobacco, 202 N 5th, h 25 Mayland 
Babb Thomas, upholsterer, 2306 Market 
Babbington Catharine, 72 Adams, Fkd 
Babbington Theodore, bricklayer, 72 Adams, Fkd 
Babbitt Wm. T., salesman, 617 Chestnut, h 246 

Babbitt Wm. W., coal merchant, 246 Madison 
Babbitt Isaac E., coachmaker, 917 Brown 
Babcock Eliza, 825 Marshall 
Babcock John K., cutter, 1028 Olive 
Babcock, Joseph J., bookkeeper, 1028 Olive 
Babcock Samuel F., att'y, 135 S 5th, h Rox 
Babe George, engineer, 1813 Montrose 
Babe George, hatter, 315 Washington av 
Babe Herman, tavern 4328 Main 
Babe James, hatter, S W cor 2d & South 
Babe John, cigar dealer, 35 S 6th, h 325 Franklin 
Babe William, salesman, 1522 Cabot 
Babington John S., hotel, 4th & Washington av 
Babbington Mary, 338 Christian 
Babnew Joseph, carpenter, 920 S 5th 
Babnew Joseph, Jr., blacksmith, 920 S 5th 
Bach Aaron, carpenter, 1602 N 3d 
Bach Jacob, saloon, 828 South 
Bach John, milk dealer. 904 Ogden 
Bacharaeh Augustus, clothier, 632 N 2d 
Bacharach & Bro. {Augustus if Simon, BacJiar- 

acli), clothiers, 632 N 2d 
Bacharach D., clothier, 526 Market, h 923 N 6th 
Bacharach Jacob, gents' furnishing, 1014 N 2d 
Bacharach Simon, clothier, 632 N 2d 
Bacharach Solomon, millinery, 229 N 2d 
Bacharach Simon, clothing, 402 N 2d, h 632 N 

Bacharach & Co. {Sol. Bacharach if Catharine 

Hartman), millinery, 229 N 2d 
Bachart Michael, caulker, 638 Watkins 
Bache Hartman, USA, 1033 Spruce 
Bache Robert, salesman, 1761 Warnock 
Baehe Robert C, mer, 330 Market, h 1761 War- 
Bache Samuel, grinder, 122 Exchange pi, h 2605 

Bache William C, scale maker, 1418 Mervine 
Bache Thomas, engineer, 737 Bayard 
Bachelor Charles, stonecutter, 1627 Wood 
Bachelor Edward, cigars, 208 Wood 
Bachelor John, coachman, 907 Aurora 
Bachelor William, cigars, 337 N 3d & 23 N 2d 
Bachelor William W., musician, 1828 Vinyard 
Bachenheimer Abram, dry goods, 740 South 
Bachenheimer L., merchant, 227 N 3d, h 130 

Bacher Gottlieb, baker, 914 St John 
Bacher John, hotel, 455 St John 
Bacher John D , cooper, 1748 N 3d 
Bachert Henry, driver, 1608 Lawrence 
Bachman Alexander, 1342 Brown 
Bachman David, 893 N 6th 
Bachman Henry, artist, 4 Mureus 
Bachman Henry, carver, 120 N 6th, h 621 Girard 

Bachman Henry, piano maker, 1242 Girard 
Bachman Herman F., broker, 25 S 3d, h 612 

Bachman Jacob, musician, 1229 Howard 
Bachman J., cotton mill. Flat Rock av, h New 

Bachman & Moelling {H. F. Bachman if C. E. 

Moelllng), bankers, 25 S 3d 
Bachman Phillip, butcher, 1605 Marshall 







o ^ 








I— • 






















Bachman, Schneider & Pachtman (Henry Bach- 
man, Louis Srhiteider ^- Wiltiam PacktTnan) , 
turners, 120 N 6th 
Bachman Thomas, gilder, 937 St John 
Bachman William, carpt, 461 N 5th, h St John 

ab Green 
Bachman Ludwig, grocer, 3869 G-tn av 
Bachmann Casper, truckster, r 825 Charlotte 
Bachmann Charles, teacher, 1535 Lawrence 
Bachmann J. William, barber, h 732 N 2d 
Bachmann Herman, cabinetmaker, 1012 Sansom 
Bachmann John C. confectioner, N AV Spring 

Garden & Franklin, h 1717 Spring Garden 
Bachmeyer Louis, harnessmaker, 1848 Ridge av 
Bachner George, stationery, 1945 Gtn av 
Bachrach L., tobacconist, 167 Poplar 
Bachtold Gottlieb, gentleman, 1208 Wallace 
Back Francis, blacksmith, 1613 Mifflin 
Back Henry, cigar nianufr, 315 Master 
Backe Michael, tailor, 1238 Randolph 
Backes Jacob, painter, 961 Lawrence 
Backes John, grocer, 961 Lawrence 
Backs John F,, varnisher, 966 Leithgow 
Backster Thomas, frame work knitter, 4932 Little 

Backus Frederick R., iron broker, 413 Chestnut, 

h High n Martin 
Bacmaester Otto, clerk, 311 Branch 
Bacon Alexandria, laborer, 1918 Buttonwood 
Bacon Alexander, stock broker,316 Walnut,h Gtn 
Bacon Amos W., merchant, 21 Strawberry, h 723 

Bacon Augustus, stamping, 1211 Deacon 
Bacon Benjamin C, sec, 107 N 6th, h Beverly, 

N J 
Bacon Benjamin F., undertaker, 951 Marlbor- 
ough, h 245 Richmond 
Bacon Benjamin R. , glassblower, 813 Bedford 
Bacon Benjamin R,, undertaker, 246 Richmond 
Bacon Charles W,, treas, Sch. Nav. Co, 417 Wal- 
nut, h 1006 Mount Vernon 
Bacon Charles W. Jr., merchant, 315 N Front, h 

723 Parrish 
Bacon, Collins & Co. (James W. Baco7i cV Lfvin 

P. Collins), commission mers, 408 S Del av 
Bacon Denny J., 24 N 6th, h 1023 Lawrence 
Bacon Edward, car springs, 18th A Penna av., h 

1626 Vine 
Bacon Elizabeth, 423 Wildey 
Bacon Elizabeth, 605 N llth 
Bacon Enos, cutter, 164 N 2d, h Ridge av ab 

Bacon Enos A., boat builder, 1706 S Front 
Bacon Franklin, merchant, 13 S Front, h 1116 

Bacon F. S., com. merchant, 322 Chestnut, h La 

Pierre House 
Bacon G. W., hat presser, 217 Callowhill, h 322 

N Front 
Bacon George W., merchant, 14 S 4th, h Mount 

Vernon ab llth 
Bacon Isaac, seaman, 1003 Rodman 
Bacon Lsaac S., watchman, 11 Otter 
Bacon James, M.D., 525 S 8th 
Bacon James W., com. mer, 408 S Del av, h 

126 Pine 
Bacon John, conductor, 1005 Ogden 
Bacon John, laborer, 1240 
Bacon Joseph, gentleman, 823 Marshall 
Bacon Joseph, stocking weaver, 143 Ashmead 
Bacon Joseph M., bricklayer, 813 Bedford 
Bacon Joseph R., bank clerk, 723 Parrish 
Bacon Josiah, conductor, 757 Park 
Bacon Josiah, merchant, 467 Marshall 
Bacon Josiah M., 104 Walnut, h 467 Marshall 

Bacon J. T., jeweller, 38 S 3d, h Attleboro, Mass 

Bacon Margaret E., 823 Marshall 

Bacon Nathan, carman, 420 S 7th 

Bacon Richard, carpenter, 1114 Marlborough 

Bacon Richard, gentleman, 428 N 6th 

Bacon Sallie A. H., 119 N 16th 

Bacon Samuel, merchant. 605 N llth 

Bacon Susan, laundress, Boon's ct, n Bedford 

Bacon Sarah T., 1034 Pine 

Bacon Sylvester, stone cutter, 1622 Amboy 

Bacon Thomas M., merchant, 500 N 7th 

Bacon Thomas P., express, 630 Market, h 604 N 

Bacon Thomas S., gentleman, 622 Noble 
Bacon & Warder ( William H. Bacon ^ George 

A. Warder), stock brokers, 218 Walnut 
Bacon William, bartender, 496 Beach 
Bacon William, laborer, 1918 Buttonwood 
Bacon William, laborer, 101 Gatzmer 
Bacon William, plumber, 465 Allen 
Bacon William, Jr., stone cutter, 1918 Buttonwood 
Bacon William H., stock broker, 218 Walnut, h 

Mill n Chew, Gtn 
Bacon William K., ship carpenter, 908 N 3d 
Bacon AVilliam L., plumber & gasfitter, 441 E 

Girard av 
Bade Mary, 424 Morris 
Baden James M., grocer. 500 Richmond 
Bader Ballhaser, tailor, 608 N 3d 
Bader Conrad, shoemaker, 6 Hatton pi 
Bader David, butcher, 1526 Mascher 
Bader Frederick, meat & provisions, 3412 Gtn av 
Bader F., laborer, 405 Watkins 
Bader Jacob, shoemaker, 1121 Melon 
Bader John, laborer, 109 Dunlap 
Bader Joseph, furniture, 1444 Frankford av 
Bader Joseph, stove dealer, 1409 Frankford av 
Bader Lewis, tinsmith, r 620 Hermitage 
Badger Benjamin, carpenter, 177 Norris 
Badger Benjamin, cooper, 1236 Wheat 
Badger Benjamin F. Jr., cooper, 1236 Wheat 
Badger Christian, lager beer saloon, 1701 Gtn av 
Badger Cornelia E., 1633 Spruce 
Badger Edward, moulder. 2019 Brown 
BADGER EDMUND R.,attorney-at-law, notary 

public, 315 Harmony pi, h 1224 Ellsworth 
Badger Emile B. G., clerk, 315 Harmony, h 1224 

Badger Henry H., conductor, 1641 Afton 
Badger John, moulder, S E Drayton & Corn 
Badger Thomas, laborer, 2108 Callowhill 
Badger Thomas, salesman, 1524 S 2d 
Badger William, attorney-at law, 228 Pear, h 

1408 Pine 
Badger William, carpenter, 177 Norris 
Badger William, Jr., commission, 228 Pear, h 

1408 Pine 
Badgers James, weaver, 2325 Hope 
Badlun Joseph, gentleman, 226 Pine 
Badrolff Antony, cooper, r 1012 Savery 
Baeder <fc Adamson (Charles Boeder tV William, 

Adamson) , manufrs. of glue, &c., 730 Market & 

1750 N 5th 
Baeder Charles, glue manufr, 730 Market A 5th ab 

Columbia av, h Jenkintown 
Baeder Charles B., glue, 730 Market, h 1859 N 

Baeder George, blacksmith, r 912 Randolph 
Baeder John, furniture manufr, 1733 Howard 
Baer Charles F., clerk, 737 Sansom, h 745 West 
Baer Edward, carpenter, 2151 Ridge av 
Baer Ferdinand D. , laborer, Cresson n Hippie la 
Baer Michael, upholsterer, 432 N 8th 
Baerant Moses, sexton, 237 Crown 
Baers Isaac, baker, Charlotte & Poplar 




Baetjer & De Vertu {Hermaii Baetjer 4- A. L. 
De Vert2(), shipping &com. mers., 115 Walnut 
Baetjer Herman, merchant, 115 Walnut, h N Y 
Baetler Mary, grocer, 1227 Wallace 
Bagade William M., puddler, Groodwin pi 
Bagala Lewis, grocer, 913 Reed 
Eager Philip, house carpenter, r 304 Clark 
Bagge Elizabeth, Mrs., 323 Washington av 
Bagge John, h carpenter, 323 Washington av 
Baggerly William, ship carpenter, 13 Wilson 
Baggs Benjamin, clerk, 541 N I3th 
Baggs Hugh, dyer, 169 Levering 
Baggs Nicholas, bookkeeper, 822 Chestnut, h 541 

N 13th 
BAGIOT AUGUSTUS, embroideries & fancy 

goods. 1013 Chestnut 
BAGIOT JULIUS, shoes, 149 S 4th 
Bagley James, grocer, 11th & Anita 
Bagley John, corkcutter, r 426 Maria 
Bagley M. J., confectioner, 115 N 2d, h 1346 

Bagley Richard, laborer, r 426 Maria 
Bagnall George,^ladies' shoemaker, 4325 Frank- 
Bagner Michael, baker, 1019 S Front 
Bagner Michael, tavern, N E Front & Prime 
Bagot John, glassblower, 2238 Shippen 
Bagot William, glassblower, 2240 Shippen 
Bagshaw Walter, carpenter, 1153 S 11th 
Bagshaw William, carpenters' stoolmaker, 946 

Washington av 
Bagster Dr., 938 Fernon 
Baha Frederick, upholsterer, 458 St John 
Bahl Charles, M.D., 1233 N 5th 
Bahls Charles, flute maker, 309 Race, h 907 

Bahls Frederick, hotel, 1304 Callowhill 
Bahls John, shoemaker, r 244 S 6th 
Bahn Jacob, wheelwright, 8 Marseilles pi 
Bahser Adam, hotel, 712 Passyunk 
Baier Andrew, confectioner, 810 Callowhill 
Baierle John P., baker, 817 Shippen 
Bail Christian, carpet weaver, 1925 Sepviva 
Baile Francis, painter, Webster n 19th 
Bailey Amos, loom boss, 4547 Miller 
Bailey Amos B., clerk, 3 Arch, h 208 N 12th 
Bailey Ann, 215 Dean 
Bailey A. L. , washing, r 103 Gatzmer 
Bailey Benjamin B., fruit cans, 1103 Brown 
Bailey Catharine, grocer, 1130 York 
Bailey Charles, dealer, 618 Sears 
Bailey Charles T., salesman, r 927 Darien 
BAILEY & CO. (E. W. Bailee/, Jeremiah Rob- 
bins, Joseph T. Bailey ^ James R. Balding) , 
jewellers, 819 Chestnut 
Bailey CM., oil cloths, 325 Arch, h Winthrop 
Bailey Daniel, brickmaker, 609 Dauphin 
Bailey Edwin, clerk, 863 N 13th 
Bailey Edward E., brickmaker, 122 Walnut pi 
Bailey Elizabeth Mary, r 527 Marriott 
Bailey Eliza J., 1011 Columbia av 
Bailey Elsby. porter, 7 Galena pi 
Bailey Elwood, jewelry, 24 N 8th, h 848 Franklin 
Bailey Ezekiel, carpenter, 361 N 41st 
Bailey E. H., ship custom house broker, 402 

Library, h 2314 Green 
BAILEY E. H. & CO. (E. H. Bailey &f J. W. 
Hampton, Jr.), ship custom house brokers, 
402 Library 
Bailey E. W., jeweller, 819 & h 1824 Chestnut 
Bailey George, blacksmith, 1337 Wheat 
Bailey George, brickmaker, 509 Dauphin 
Bailey George, cigars, 308 Jarvis 
Bailey George, wheelwright, 272 Budd 
Bailey George N., trimmer, 4054 Lancaster 

Bailey George W., whip maker, 2219 Radnor 
Bailey Hedley, E., clerk, 402 Library, h 2014 

Bailey Henry, laborer, 2219 Radnor 
Bailey Henry W., paperhanger, 215 Washington 

Bailey Hezekiah T., tavern, 1 Strawberry 
Bailey Isaac, tinsmith, 712 South 
Bailey Jeremiah, carpenter, 313 Union 
Bailey James, driver, Taney bel Poplar 
Bailey Jane, 4440 Elizabeth 
Bailey Jane, confections, 312 Belgrade 
Bailey John, agent, 1733 St Joseph's av 
Bailey John, conductor, 1746 Warnock 
Bailey John, machinist, 1006 Shippen 
Bailey John, weaver, 1151 S 8th 
Bailey John, Jr., tinsmith, 1161 S 8th 
Bailey John C, boots & shoes, 1238 N 2d & 1109 

Spring Garden, h 1238 N 2d 
Bailey John D., clerk, 417 S 2d 
Bailey John F., tobacconist, r 7 Potts av 
Bailey John H., laborer, 2103 Gatzmer 
Bailey John M., police, 2231 Wallace 
Bailey John T., bag manuf., Market & Water, li 

1503 Master 
Bailey John T. & Co. {John T. Bailey ^ 

James Cascadeyi), bag manuf.. Market & Water 
Bailey John W., printer, 2020 Pine 
Bailey John W., shoemaker, 889 Marshall 
Bailey Joseph, assessor, 824 Wharton 
Bailey Joseph, blacksmith, 1805 Cuba, h r 308 

Bailey Joseph, carbuilder, 122 Walnut pi 
Bailey Joseph, stonecutter, 1204 Ogden 
Bailey Joseph T., jeweller, 819 Chestnut, h 1709 

Bailey Leonard F., shoemaker, 459 N 10th 
Bailey Lewis J., grocer, 4112 Haverford 
Bailey Lewis L., salesman, 19 N 8th, h 410 N 5th 
Bailey Lloyd B., clerk, 1103 Brown 
Bailey Marwood, lumber merchant, Catharine st 

whf, h 315 S 5th 
Bailey Mary, r 527 Marriott 
Bailey Melbourne, lumber, Catharine st whf, h 

106 Pine 
Bailey Michael, salesman, 4440 Elizabeth 
Bailey Nathan, conveyancer, 109 N 6th, h 1529 

Bailey Nathan, paperhanging, 1331 N 17th 
Bailey Patrick, laborer, 7 Elmslie's al 
Bailey Peter, laborer, 3705 Spruce 
Bailey Philip, constable, 334 Shippen 
Bailey Powell N., cabinetmaker, 322 N 3lst 
Bailey Robert, groceries, 1215 Moyamensing 
Bailey Robert, weaver, 1413 Savery 
Bailey Robert H., bricklayer, 1 Manhattan pi 
Bailey Robert L., bookbinder, 2208 A 
Bailey Robert M., merchant, 413 Chestnut^ h 

Bailey Robt. M. & Co. {Robt. M. Bailey if Geo. 

C. Bosson), com. mers., 413 Chestnut 
Bailey R. S., produce, 1 Del av market, h 2030 

Bailey Samuel, tinsmith, 1151 S 8th 

Marwood H. Sf Melbourne) , lumber, Catharine 

st whf 
Bailey Samuel B., lumber, Catharine st whf, h 

231 Pine 
Bailey Samuel W., bookbinder, 1331 N 17th 
Bailey Sarah, washing, r 103 Gatzmer 
Bailey Steward, machinist, bds 23 Richmond 
Bailey S. Anna, dress paterns, 137 N 8th 
Bailey Thomas, laborer, 120 N Juniper 
Bailey Thomas, laborer, 1324 Bedford 








o t^ 

















• 1-4 














Bailey Thomas, laborer, r 98fi Marshall 
Bailey Thomas, machinist, 824 Wharton 
Bailey Thomas, shoemaker, 574 Dickinson 
Bailey Thomas A., auctioneer, 1023 Market, h 527 

Bailey Walter, florist, 428 Enterprise 
Bailey Wescott E., jeweller, 819 Chestnut, h 1824 

Bailey William, boatman, 123 Penn . 

Bailey William, coach finisher, 2111 Montrose 
Bailey William, driver, 741 Shippen 
Bailey William, machinist, 434 Carpenter 
Bailey William, produce, 1337 Wheat 
Bailej' William H., trimmings, 1640 Market 
Bailey William P., carpenter, 322 N 31st 
Bailey William S., conveyancer, 113 S 5th, h 

1832 Wallace 
Bailey W. T., produce, 124 Delaware av Market, 

h 310 S 2d 
Bailey Wm. T. & Co. (Wm. T. BaiUyl^Jos. P. 

Bloorp), produce, 124 Delaware av Market, and 

24 S Front 
Bailley Christopher, laborer, 2013 Locust 
Bailis Ellsworth, laborer, 416 Gaskill 
Baillie William R., tobacconist, 902 S 4th 
Bailor Humphrey, boatman, 4154 Apple, Myk 
BAILY JACOB, iron founder, 15th and Wo"od, h 

Brond and Callowhill 
Bailv Joel J., merchant. 28 N 3d, h 1828 Arch 
BAILY JOEL J. & CO. (Joel J. Baily, Henry 

J. Davis, Elton B. Gifford ic Samuel W. Van 

Ci/lin), hosiery and white goods, 28 N 3d 
Bnily John, porter, 1814 Addison 
Baily Joseph A., sculptor, 318 S 11th 
Baily Mary, 1617 Helmuth 
Baily Sarah K., 413 S 10th 
Baily Thomas W., 1103 Brown 
Baily Thomas AV. M., jeweller, 922 Chestnut, h 

541 N 7th 
Baincott Charles, laborer, 4421 Thompson, Myk 
Bain Barney, sadler. Poplar n 2Sth 
Bain Caroline, 1358 Richmond 
Bain Charles H., glass maniifr, 706 West 
Bair A. J., undertaker, 1629 Market 
Bair David D., carpenter, 524 Diamond 
Bain Henry, jeweller, 918 Cross 
Bain Henry, salesman, 315 Market, h 1703 Race 
Bain James, gent, 1703 Race 

Bain James, Jr., deputy sheriff, 1526 Cadbury av 
Bair James M., carpenter, 524 Diamond 
Bain John, clerk, 1364 Richmond 
Bain Bobert, police, 1025 South 
Bainbridge Radclifi", salesman, 116 S 2d, h 114 

Bainbridge Radcliff R., machinist, 114 Denmark 
Bainbridge Robert, weaver, 133 Oxford 
Baince John, machinist, 1515 Vienna 
Baines Mrs., dressmaker, 110 Shippen 
Baines W. E.. 115 Walnut 
Baines Edward, merchant, 40 & 42 N 3d, h 807 

BAIXS GEO. B., trunks, 402 Market, h 824 

Bains Henry B., trunks, 862 N llth 
Bains Peter, laborer, r 514 Christian 
Bains Susan Mrs., 1213 N 10th 
Bains Thomas, laborer, 404 N Front 
Bains Thomas, laborer, r 514 Christian 
Baird Alexandria, printer, 607 Sansom, h 647 N 

Baird Chas. R., cooper, 4119 Ludlow 
Baird & Cunningham [Daniel Baird if John Cun- 
ningham), soap, 218 South 
Baird Daniel, watchman, 6 Goodbread pi 
Baird Daniel, soap, 218 South, h 711 Florida 

Baird Daniel, clerk, 1243 Shippen 

Baird Frank, salesman, 202 Franklin 

Baird Frank R., oysters, 333 South Front, h 923 

BAIRD F. R. & CO. (Frank R. Baird. Benja- 
min F. Coolbaugh), oyster packing and fruit, 

333 S Front 
Baird George, laborer, 1039 Lingo 
Baird Henry Carey, industrial publisher, 406 

Walnut, h 1340 Pine 
Baird James, 4119 Frankford av 
Baird James, groceries, 1243 Shippen 
Baird James, china and glassware, 1320 South 
Baird James, hotel, 606 S Del av, h 609 Swanson 
Baird James, painter, 426 N 19th 
Baird James, porter, 713 Lindsay 
BAIRD JAMES, secretary, 132 S Delaware av, 

h 1911 Chestnut 
Baird John, constable, 121 Chestnut pi 
BAIRD JOHN, steam marble works, 1228 Ridge 

av, and 24th k Locust, h 1302 Spring Garden 
Baird John, shoemaker, 708 S Front 
Baird John, tailor, r 408 Poplar 
Baird John H., druggist, 13 Knight's ct 
Baird John R., druggist, 20th and Lombard, h 

121 Chestnut pi, 
Baird Joseph, laborer, 2217 Virginia 
Baird Martha, washerwoman, 1931 Naudain 
Baird Matthew, locomotive works, 500, & h 814 N 

Baird Robert, shoemaker, 608 S 20th 
Baird Robert, watchman, 1 Dewees ct 
Baird Samuel, coachman, 270 S 20th 
Baird Thomas C, carpenter, r 1604 Philip 
Baird Thomas H., drayman, 941 S 4th 
Baird William, cotton manufacturer, 4151 & 4153 

Main, Frankford, office 325 Chestnut 
Baird AVilliam, laborer, 1723 Federal 
Baird William H., bookkeeper, 1243 Shippen 
Baird William J., varnisher, 231 Arch 
Baird William M., merchant, 132 S Delaware av, 

h 1911 Chestnut 
Baird William M., Jr.. merchant, 132 S Delaware 

av, h 1911 Chestnut 
Baird William S., treas. Camden Woollen Mills, 

127 Chestnut 
Bairer Charles, furrier, 302 Lombard 
Bairett William H., dentist, 1132 Green 
Baisley Amos, wharf builder, 1330 Vienna 
Baisley John, shipsmith, 512 Larkin, h 137 Mead 

Baisley George W., wharf builder, 1032 Moyer 
Baisley Millie, washerwoman, r 426 Monroe 
Baisley William, whf builder. 1025 Crease 
Baiszley Anna, r 1026 N Del av 
Baiszley Thomas, whf builder, r 1026 N Del av 
Baitinger Frederick A., tavern, 1014 S Swanson 
Baity Catharine, 1108 Spring Garden 
Baitzel Anna, 834 Townsend 

Baitzel George, printer, 326 Dove pi, h 620 Federal 
Baitzel Wm., shoemaker, 2132 Arch 
Bake Henry, tailor, 980 N 7th 
Bakeoven Charles H., stovemaker, 717 Richmond 
Bakeoven George, fisherman, 1025 Otis 
Bakeoven, George A., glassblower, 1133 Otis 
Bakeoven George W., Jr., fisherman, 1025 Otis 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, 729 E Thompson 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, 927 Vienna 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, 717 Richmond 
Bakeoven Peter, fisherman, 717 Richmond 
Bakeoven Wm. P., moulder, 717 Richmond 
Bakeoven Wm. T., ship carpenter, 1025 Otis 
Bakeoven Winfield, fisherman, 927 Vienna 
Baker Mrs., 2111 Summer 
Baker Abraham, gent, 708 Arch 




Baker Adam, shoemaker, Ridge av & 13th 

Baker Albert R., clerk, 1021 Wistar 

Baker Alfred G., merchant, 210 Chestnut, h 1818 

Baker Alonzo TV., laborer, 2330 Market 
Baker Amelia A., dressmaker, 1 Goldsmith ct 
Baker Andrew, coachman, 2 Carney av 
Baker Andrew, gent, 602 S Front 
Baker Andrew J., pawnbroker, 518 S 10th 
Baker Annie, 632 Marshall 
Baker August, tailor, 719 Cherry 
Baker A. W., tobacconist, 1728 Sansom 
Baker Barbara, 683 N 12th 
Baker Benj., editor, bds 310 Cherry 
Baker Benj., sailor, 517 S Front 
Baker Benj., surg inst maker, 504 Wager 
Baker B. Mrs., 125 MeClellan 
Baker Caroline L.. 2021 Manakin 
Baker Charles, 125 S 4th, h 1034 Arch 
Baker Charles, cigars, 1528 Otis 
Baker Charles, gent, 1233 Arch 
Baker Charles, leather cutter, 405 Blight 
Baker Charles, machinist, 1102 Myrtle 
Baker Charles, morocco manuf, 917 N Front 
Baker Charles, oysterman, 2328 Coral 
Baker Charles, painter, 806 N 6th 
Baker Charles, printer, 403 Vine, h 716 Poplar 
Baker Charles, eigarmaker, 1243 Nagle 
Baker Charles C, clerk, 1021 Wistar 
Baker Charles E., gent, 1626 N I5th 
Baker Charles H., Jr., 1034 Arch 
Baker Charles S., M.D., 623 Master 
Baker Charles S., mer, 522 Market, h 443 N 6th 
Baker Charles T., pilot, 4 Shield's ct 
Baker Chas. M., painter, 132 N 4th, h 806 N 6th 
Baker Christian, upholsterer, 223 Union 
Baker Chris., expressman, 1009 Shackamaxon 
Baker Clement W., brushmaker, 246 Girard av 
Baker Conrad, fisherman, 908 Vienna 
Baker Conrad P., fisherman, 716 Richmond 
Baker Conrad R., wheelwright, 2116 Cedar 
Baker Cornelius, clerk, 1425 Marshall 
Baker Daniel, currier, 1028 Wistar 
Baker Daniel, gent, 2129 Green 
Baker Daniel, machinist, 1219 Wood 
Baker David B., visitor, 936 Lafayette 
Baker Daniel J., gasfitter, 246 Girard av 
Baker Daniel M., hot air furnace builder, 246 E 

Girard av 
Baker Daniel M., plumber, 1206 Locust 
Baker Edward, lab, 1826 Saybert 
Baker Edwin W., grocer, 715 New Market 
Baker Elisha C, grocer, 138 N Del av, h 321 Vine 
Baker Elizabeth, 708 Arch 
Baker Elizabeth, fishwoman, 716 Richmond 
Baker Elizabeth, sewer, r 1323 Heath 
Baker Eliza, washerwoman, 2 Curry ct 
Baker Elizabeth, 836 N 10th 
Baker Elizabeth, 152 Green 
Baker Elizabeth P., 415 Washington av 
Baker Ellis, packer, 1222 Heath 
Baker Edwin G. A. , jewelry, 135 N 3d, h N Broad 

n Tioga 
Baker E. & J. {Elisha C. 4" John Baker), ship- 
chandlers, 138 N Del av 
BAKER & FARLEY {Wm. H. Baler S^ Thomas 

Farley), proprietors La Pierre House, Broad n 

Baker & Folsom {Jairtis Baker j^- B. F. Folsom), 

com mers, 138 N Del av 
Baker Francis, police, 1339 Palmer 
Baker Frank, printer, 150 N 7th 
Baker Frank S.. clerk, 28 S 3d, h 1802 Mervine 
Baker Frederick, tailor, 1235 Mervine 
Baker F. T., sea captain, 1622 Richmond 

Baker George, 1208 Clarion 

Baker (Jeorge, bookkeeper, 954 Kurtz 

Baker George, fisherman, 908 Vienna 

Baker George, gent, 709 N Front 

Baker George, laborer, 2133 Orkney 

Baker George, morocco finisher, 125 Onas 

Baker George, police, 125 Lombard 

Baker George, shoemaker, 1016 Cross 

Baker George, weaver, r 549 Fox 

Baker George A., drover, 1522 Lombard 

Baker George W., gasfitter, 915 N 4th 

Baker George W., waterman, 1608 Salmon 

Baker Hannah, 483 N 4th — 

Baker Harriet, 624 S 11th 

Baker Harriet, 1931 Spruce 

Baker Harriet D., 1538 Wallace 

Baker Henrj', blacksmith, 1137 Palmer 

Baker Henry, painter, 948 Leithgow 

Baker Henry, shoemaker, 1129 Adrian 

Baker Henry A., ice dealer, 766 Bucknell 

Baker Henry G., baker, 317 Noble 

Baker Henry G., cabinetmaker, 323_Ella 

Baker Henry R., carpenter, 119 Church, Fkd 

Baker Horace D., master mariner, 1 Hammitt'sav 

Baker Isaac, bootfitter, r 835 N 4th 

Baker Isaac, sec R & C Oil Co., 221 S 5th, h 1021 

Baker Isaac C, carpenter, 311 N 21st 
Baker Isaac F., gas fixtures, 710 Chestnut, h 1019 

Baker & Iszard, hotel. Front &, Vine 
Baker Jacob, driver, 254 S 22d 
Baker Jacob, gent, 1819 N 12th 
Baker Jacob, lab, 4508 Baker, Myk 
B.'iker Jacob, dealer, 1609 Marshall 
Baker Jacob, driver, 1435 Savery 
Baker Jacob, lab, 1733 S 12th 
Baker Jacob, machinist, 1309 Myrtle 
Baker Jacob, morocco manuf, 917 N Front 
Baker Jacob, pencil manuf, Oxford pike op Penn 
Baker Jacob, tailor, r 1226 N 5th 
Baker Jacob, tobacconist, 231 N 2d, h 954 Kurtz 
Baker Jacob, varnisher, 502 Wager 
Baker Jacob G,, carpenter, 233 E Thompson 
Baker Jairus, com mer, 138 N Dei av, h Village 

Green, Chester, Pa 
Baker Jairus, sugar refiner, 109 S Front 
Baker James, cordwainer, r 1025 Lawrence 
Baker James, coachman, 41 Queen, Gtn 
Baker James, driver, 517 Diamond 
Baker James W., merchant, 810 N Broad 
Baker John, bartender, r 1006 Parrish 
Baker John, carpenter, 802 Cross 
Baker John, confectioner, 342 S 19th 
Baker John, cigars, 1325 Ridge av 
Baker John, clerk, 1235 Ash 
Baker John, driver, 540 Owen 
Baker John, grocer, 138 N Del av, h 11th & 

Spring Garden 
Baker John, laborer, 4409 Bf.ker, Myk 
Baker John, rope maker, 543 Girard av 
Baker John, ship chandler, 1104 Spring Garden 
Baker John, shoemaker, 836 N 10th 
Baker John, teamster, 809 Rachel 
Baker John, truck garden, 1624 Passyunk av 
Baker John, waiter, 805 Locust 
Baker John A., bookkeeper, 213 N Water, h New 

Market & Laurel 
Baker John C, gentleman, 314 N 21st 
Baker John C, wholesale druggist, 718 Market, 

h 1811 Arch 
Baker John C & Co., druggists, 718 Market 
Baker John F., clerk, 1737 Coates 
Baker John G., druggist, N E Front & Brown 
Baker John G., lumber merchant, 1014 Ogden 














p . 










B<aker John G., machinist, 402 Library, h 571 

Baker John 11. , 1105 Coateg 
Baker John J., carpenter, 528 Richmond 
Baker John R., gentleman, 42 N 11th 
Baker John S., chair maker, 924 N Hth 
Baker John S., paperhanger, N E 7lh & Brown, 

h 516 N inth 
Baker John V., shovel maker, 4909 Main 
Baker John W., coal merchant, 25th ab Locust, 

h 2012 Locust 
Baiter John W., clerk, 935 Ontario 
Baker Joseph, britlle-bit maker, 3456 Ludlow 
Baker Joseph, carpenter, 131 Onas 
Baker Joseph, baker, 1022 Clare 
Baker Joseph, gentleman, 719 E Norris 
Baker Joseph, gentleman, 828 N 5th 
Baker Joseph, laborer, 239 Chester 
Baker Joseph, merchant, 1328 Jefferson 
Baker Joseph, salesman, r 1119 Charlotte 
Baker Joseph, ship carpenter, 507 Girard av 
Baker Joseph, Jr., waterman, 1618 Richmond 
Baker Joseph A., blankbooks, ill S 4th, h 725 

Baker Joseph Crap., druggist, 7th & Catharine 
Baker Joseph F., sugar refiner, 109 S Front, h 

1328 Jefferson 
Baker Joseph S., coach trimmer, 1216 Citron 
Baker Joseph W., metals, 821 N 2d, h 810 N Broad 
Baker Josephus, wheelwright, r 933 Marshall 
Baker J. & Co. {Juiriis ^ Joseph F. Baker), sugar 

refiners, 109 S Front 
Baker J. & W. (Jacob Baker ^ William Baker), 

tobacconists, 231 N 2d 
Baker Lafayette, merchant, 1609 Race 
Baker Leopold, gentleman, 4314 Cresson, Myk 
Baker Lewis C, moulder, 1114 marlborough 
Baker Lewis, comedian, 1609 Pine 
Baker Louis, blacksmith, 1018 Nectarine 
Baker Lucy, 518 Cresson 
Baker L., General, 1737 Coates 
Baker Mrs., 714 Baker 
Baker Margaret, r 620 Hermitage 
Baker Margaret, 1030 AVood 
Baker Margaret, 998 Marshall 
Baker Martha, 526 Cresson 
Baker Martha, Buddin's ct 
Baker Mary, 829 Catharine 
Baker Mary, 340 Julianna 
Baker Mary Ann, 467 Allen 
Baker Mary A., 953 New Market 
Baker Mary A., 882 N 8th 
Baker Mary A., 201 S 10th 
Baker Michael, fisherman, 408 Vienna 
Baker Michael, laborer, r Spring Garden & 15th 
Baker Michael, mahogany sawmill, Hillsdale st ; 

h 866 N 7th 
Baker M. L., ladies' hairdresser, 909 Chestnut 
Baker & Necker (C Baker if T. Necker), print- 
ers, 403 Vine 
Baker Peter, laborer, 5 Potts av 
Baker Peter, reedmaker, 1239 Charlotte 
Baker Peter W., gentleman, 44 N 7th 
Baker Philip, baker, 705 New Market 
Baker Philip, paperhanger, 3 Clinton ct 
Baker Philip, butcher, r 1514 N 5th 
Baker Philip, warper, 4665 Jackson 
Baker Philip, waterman, 150 Green 
Baker Philip, laborer, 812 Palm 
Baker Rebecca, 2007 Pemberton 
Baker Ruth H., 106 N 19th 
Baker R. Milton, com. mer, 1916 Market, h 2031 

Baker Rosa S., 33 S 17th 
Baker Samuel, driver, 1235 Ash 

Baker Samuel, clerk, 106 N 19th 

Baker Samuel, farmer, 2825 N 6th 

Baker Samuel, fisherman, 502 Richmond 

Baker Samuel, gardener, 2825 N 6th 

Baker Samuel, gardener, 1624 Passyunk av 

Baker Samuel, morocco finisher, r 1419 Lawrence 

Baker Samuel, plaster, r 1014 Barley 

Baker Samuel, seaman, 502 Richmond 

Baker Samuel, weaver, r 187 Gay 

Baker Sarah, 504 Wager 

Baker S. J., druggist, 922 New Market 

Baker Theodore, shipper, St Lawrence Hotel, bds 

1018 Chestnut 
Baker Theodore A., carpenter, 133 Mifflin 
Baker Theodore W., 724 Chestnut, h 227 N 20th 

•^ijiaker Thomas, carpet manuf, 569 Sergeant y^ 
Baker Thomas, shoemaker, 1169 Passyunk av 
Baker Valentine gentleman, 502 Richmond 
Baker Valentine, clothing, S W Walnut k Water, 

h 212 Shippen 
Baker Valentine, tailor, 861 N 15th 
Baker Walter T., salesman, 207 Church, h 1322 

Baker Washington Reece, dye stuffs, 17 N Water, 

h Spread Eagle, Chester co 
Baker William, blacksmith, 2124 Lombard 
Baker William, butcher, 1522 Mascher 
Baker William, cabinetmaker, 1132 Ellsworth 
Baker William, clerk, 1129 Brown 
Baker William, clerk, 719 Locust 
Baker William, gardener, 1624 Passyunk av 
Baker William, gentleman, 809 Rachel 
Baker William, pilot, 118 Union 
Baker William, shipsmith, 415 N 9th 
Baker William, shoemaker, 1546 Mervine 
Baker William, tobacconist, 231 N 2d, h 1230 

Baker William, truck, 2038 Hand 
Baker AVilliam, waterman, 125 Onas 
Baker William, weaver, 580 Dickinson 
Baker AVilliam C, clerk, 614 Noble 
Baker AVilliam C, gas fixtures, 710 Chestnut, h 

1019 Arch 
Baker William D. , attorney-at-law, 402 Walnut, 

h Sanson! ab 42d 
BAKER WM. E. S., sec. Duncannon Iron Co., 

treas. Bloomsburg Iron Co., 213 N Water, h 

Fisher's la, Gtn 
Baker William F., salesman, 421 Market, h 2016 

Baker William G., gentleman, 1730 Girard 
Baker William H., car-driver, 411 Rush 
Baker William H., druggist, 1030 AVistar 
Baker William H., mariner, r 118 Carpenter 
Baker William L., dyer, Oxford pike op Penn, Fkd 
Baker William L., painter, 1504 Lawrence 
Baker William S., conveyancer, 108 S 4th, h 1912 

Baker AVilliam T., musician, 1546 Mervine 
Bakert Margaret, 1621 N 3d 
Bakely AVilliam II., carpenter, 2030 Apple 
Bakson John, laborer, 407 N 16th 
Balbirnie Charles, dyer <fc scourer, 1107 South 
Balckmeir Sebastian, mariner, 1 73 W Cumberland 
Balcom George L., woollen manuf., 124 N 18th 
Bald Andrew, clerk, 423 Marshall 
Bald Frederick, cordwainer, 923 St John 
Bald George, 610 Hay 
Bald Henry, sawmaker, 923 St John 
Bald John, painter, 221 Coates 
Bald John D., bank note engraver, 131 S 15th 
Bald Joseph, laborer, 122 Kelton 
Bald W. R., grocer, N W 2d & Poplar, h 1407 N 

Balderman Ludwig, shoemaker, 852 Orchard 




Balderson John, stables, 1847 N 12tli 
ton 4- 5. M. Alhertson), carpenters, 1103 Wood 
Balderston John E., bookkeeper, 916 Brown, h 

1847 N 12th 
Balderston J., paperhanger, 1925 Callowhill 
BALDERSTON MARK, carpenter, 1103 Wood, 

h 320 N 6th 
Balderston Mareeslius, wall papers, 902 Spring 

Garden, h 1737 Wallace 
Balderston Samuel F., paperhanger, 902 Spring 

Garden, h 1737 Wallace 
BALDERSTON & SON {Samuel F. ^ Marees- 
lius), wall papers, 902 Spring Garden 
Baldin Mary, washerwoman, Tacony 
Balding James R., jeweller, 819 Chestnut, h 126 

S 19th 
Baldinger Jacob, tailor, 312 Lombard 

Baldnaster , Rev., 1121 Spring Garden 

Baldt Frederick, whipmaker, 403 E Girard av 
Baldt George H., umbrella maker, 324 Market, h 

1419 N 5th 
Baldt John S., carpenter, 841 Townsend 
Badlt Lewis, tobacconist, 432 S 2d, h 509 S 2d 
Baldt William, carpenter, 1113 Palmer 
Baldt William, Jr., carpenter, 1113 Palmer 
Baldwin Andrew J., telegraph builder, 1804 N 

Baldwin Caleb J., printer, 4156 Ludlow 
Baldwin Caleb J., clerk, 2015 Winter 
Baldwin, Catharine, 1721 Walnut 
Baldwin Charles, flour merchant, 125 N 19th 
Baldwin Charles H., perfumer, 106 S 8th, h 541 

Washington av 
Baldwin Claude, shoemaker, 1114 Carpenter 
Baldwin Colin, merchant, 1228 Girard av 
Baldwin Elizabeth, 17th & Rising Sun la 
Baldwin Edward F., conveyancer, 1413 Fawn 
Baldwin Enos, trimmer, 1710 Coates 
Baldwin Gavanier, A., conductor. 1710 Coates 
BALDWIN HENRY, Jr., att'y-at-law and conn- 
seller in patent cases, 36 S 7th, h 249 N 18th 
Baldwin James E., carpenter, 2015 AVinter 
Baldwin John, sparmaker, 1246 E Montg'y av 
Baldwin John Y., editor, 149 S 4th, h 1748 Mar- 
Baldwin Joseph, driver, 1904 N 4th 
Baldwin Joseph B., tavern, N W St John & Green 
Baldwin Joseph H., police, 514 Thompson 
Baldwin Levi, organ maker, 1002 Melon 
Baldwin Louis H., M.D., 1828 Coates 
Baldwin Lydia, 145 N 10th 
Baldwin Martin, laborer, 1246 Lawrence 
Baldwin M. W. Mrs, gentlewoman, 1118 Chestnut 
BALDWIN M. W. & CO. {Matthew Baird) , Loco- 
motive works, 500 N Broad 
Baldwin Peter W., steward, 513 S 10th 
Baldwin Richard, brakesman, 1828 Christian 
Baldwin Sarah, 1721 Walnut 
Baldwin Stephen S., painter, 931 N 2d, h 152 

Baldwin William, telegrapher, 1137 Ellsworth 
Baldwin William, merchant, 1445 N 11th 
Baldwin William, steelworks, 4513 Paul 
Baldwin William R., sawyer, 119 Faulkrod 
Baldwin Wilmer H., 2015 Winter 
Baldwin Winfield, plasterer, 1613 Afton 
Baldwin Worthington H., cabinetmaker, 1735 

Baldy Philip, shoemaker, 2607 Naudain 
Bale Samuel, plumber, 1110 Lentz 
Bales James, baker, 224 Thompson 
Bales John L. G., hostler. Pear ab Paxton 
Bales AVilliam H., driver. Pear ab Paxton 
Baley Sarah A., milliner, 711 Callowhill 

Baley Wilson, laborer, 1736 Webster 

Balf James, roller. Canal bel Germantown av 

Balf Thomas, currier, 2119 Spruce 

Balger Michael, wheelwright, 418 Harmony 

Baliff Frazer, carpenter, 161 Green la 

Balis' George, machinist, 161 Green la 

Balker John, matchmaker, 1450 N 5th 

Ball Alexander, bootfitter, 718 Lebanon 

Ball Ambrose, salesman, 2332 Fairhill 

Ball Charles, clerk. Bank N. A., 648 N ISth" 

Ball Charles S., grocer, 928 Poplar, h 813 Daane 

Ball Daniel, carpets, 2337 N 2d 

Ball David, carpenter, 1007 Anita 

Ball David, shoemaker, 712 Guilford 

Ball Elizabeth, 930 Auburn 

BallE. 0., 801 Race 

Ball George, agent, 1021 Fitzwater 

Ball George, waterman, 107 Senate 

Ball George M., bookkeeper, 308 Federal 

Ball George W., 1816 Chestnut 

Ball G. W. I., clerk, 5 & 6 Willing's al, h 1021 

Ball Harvey, furniture, 424 Norris 
Ball Henry, clerk, S E 3d & Walnut, h 880 Mar- 
Ball Henry, picture-frame maker, r 105 Eutaw 
Ball Horace, clerk, 239 Pine 
Ball H. S., furniture, 2151 N 6th 
Ball Israel R., gentleman, 308 Federal 
Ball Israel Y., house carpenter, r 204 Carpenter 
Ball Isabella, trimminsrs, 819 Spring Garden 
Ball Jacob, laborer, 872 Perth 
Ball Jacob, shoemaker, 619 Jefferson 
Ball James, carpenter, 1156 S 15th 
Ball James, gentleman, 1608 Walnut 
Ball James, chemicals, r 1751 Fitler 
Ball Jesse R. , stereotyper, 819 Spring Garden 
Ball Job M-, painter, 7th & Parrish, h 221 Coates 
Ball John, carpenter, 812 Filbert 
Ball John, bootfitter, r 642 Shippen 
Ball John, conveyancer, 247 N 5th, h 951 Mar- 
Ball John, tailor, r 1429 Alder 
Ball John G., carpenter, 1007 Anita 
Ball John R., carpenter, 328 Mcllwain 
Ball John K. J., moulder, 1514 Warnock 
Ball John Y., carpenter, 1014 Clare 
Ball Joseph, conveyancer, 51 N 6th, h 4533 

Frankford av 
Ball Joseph P., watchmaker, 5003 Gtn av 
Ball Joseph S., painter, 735 S 6th 
Ball Debbius, agent, 721 Tasker 
Ball Leonard, weaver, 265 Centre > 

Ball Margaret, 1419 N 12th 
Ball Mary, notions, 88 Laurel 
Ball Mary's., 1232 S 6th 

Ball Michael, brewer, 2 Litford pi, h 264 Laurel 
BallMena, 1146 S 15th 
Ball Samuel, conductor, 424 Norris 
Ball Samuel H., teamster, 1510 N 11th 
Ball Stephen H., painter, r 715 St John 
Ball Thomas, clerk. 930 Auburn 
Ball Wallace M. B , clothing, 704 Oxford 
Ball William, bookbinder, 1424 Prospect 
Ball William, cord & tassel maker, r 105 Eutaw 
Ball William, gentleman. 522 Walnut, h Tacony 
Ball William, glassware, 115 N 2d, h 1331 Marl- 
Ball William R., grocer, 1407 N 7th 
Ballak Hannah, dealer, 710 S 4th 
Ballam Marvan, carter. 1207 Salmon 
Ballam William, driver, 121 N 23d 
Ballandie Benjamin, pilot, 118 Union 
Ballard Frank, boots & shoes, bds La Pierre House 
BaUard Henry, laborer, 2 Benneville pi 




O <j 


P 05 
















O O 

S f3 









Ballard Joseph B., boots <fe shoes, 1313 Chestnut 

A 37 N 8th, h Brooklyn, N Y 
Ballaron Francis, machinist, 734 West 
Ballbeek George W., steara fitter, 132 Siegel 
Ballenberg it Arnold (Julius Ballenherg ^ Berji- 

hnrd Arnold), gents' furnishing goods, 408 

Ballenberg Julius, merchant, 408 Market, h 1327 

N 7th 
Ballenger Alfred, bell hanger, 1740 Webster 
Ballenger Anna C, trimmings, 763 S 4th 
Ballenger Henry, painter, 1024 Jefferson 
Ballenger Jacob, blacksmith, 1238 Vine 
Ballenger J., builder, 1312 S 5th 
Ballenger Mark, oysters, 739 Medina 
Ballenger Thomas, gentleman, 1109 S 6th 
Ballenger William, plasterer, 1009 S 3d 
Ballentine Abraham, driver, 2419 Frankford av 
Ballentine James, weaver, 1021 Ward 
Ballentine John, weaver, r 157 Ashraead 
Ballentine William S., gardener, 754 S 13th 
Balless George, lager, 1206 X 5th 
Ballett Israel, laborer, 1113 E Norris 
Ballett John S., laborer, 1113 E Norris 
Ballett Philip S., laborer, 1113 E Norris 
Ballett William H., laborer, 524 Barron 
Ballier Charles, saddler, r 912 N 3d 
Billier G. F., bartender. 4th k Coates 
Ballier John F., hotel, 4th it Coates 
Baliiet Nicholas, gentleman, 1110 Wallace 
Ballieu George R., clerk, 13 N 11th 
Ballinger Christian, blacksmith, 1012 S 18th 
Ballinger Edwin, bookbinder, 1608 Beulah 
Ballinger Frank, tailor. 833 Tasker 
Ballinger Henry, atty., 996 N 6th 
Ballinger John, carpenter, 4 Schoolhouse av 
Ballinger Priscilla, milliner, 3326 Richmond 
Ballinger Ruth. 1517 Warnock 
Ballinger Thomas, currier, 807 N 7th 
Balliste William, laborer, 140 Robinson, Myk 
Bailor Philip, cabinetmaker, 1718 Seybert 
Ballon Gettings M., 843 N Broad 
Ballou George R., clerk, Leithgow & Canal, h 303 

N 6th 
Ballou Otis H., paper dealer, 527 Commerce, h 

622 Washington sq 
BALLOC k SCOTT (Otis H. Ballon 4- Thomas 

Seymour Scott), paper warehouse, 527 Com- 
Balls John 6., engineer, 204 Federal 
Balls William H., rigger, 204 Federal 
Balls William H.. Jr., clerk, 204 Federal 
Balmain George, paper, 405 Commerce, h 1814 

Balnger George, plasterer, 1216 S 6th 
Balsouins Lewis, hotel, 1308 Callowhill 
Balster George, salesman, 1213 Monterey 
B.alt Georse H., umbrella maker, 1419 N 5th 
BALTIC WOOLLEN CO., cor Canal & Leithgow, 

n Girard av 

34 S Delaware av 
Baltison Jonathan, r 1036 Frankford av 
Baltz & Bold [Frederick Baltz &;■ Andrew Bold), 

importers, 333 N 3d 
Baltz Caroline. 1518 Mascher 
Baltz Charles C, butcher, 1415 Hancock 
Baltz Christian, hotel, Germantown RR & Colum- 
bia av 
Baltz Daniel, turner, 1118 Stiles 
Baltz David, shoemaker, 1359 Bedford 
Baltz Frederick, liquors, 333 N 3d, h 402 Coates 
Baltz F. & Co. (Frederick Baltz), brandies, 116 

Walnut, h 447 Dillwyn 
Baltz George, glassblower, 1334 Vienna 

Baltz Henry, victualler, 1607 Mifflin 

Baltz John, brewer, 502 N 3d 

Baltz John D., conveyancer, 424 Library, h 3628 

BALTZ J. & P. (Joh?i If Peter), brewers, 31st & 

Thompson and 502 N 3d 
Baltz Peter, brewer, 502 N 3d 
Baltz Peter J., brewer, 502 N 3d 
Baltzer Daniel, gunsmith, 952 N 3d 
Baltzer L., stationery, 952 N 3d 
Bamber Alfred, clerk, 1014 S 6th 
Bamberb}' William, shoemaker, 46 Mill 
Bamberger Brothers (Henry Sf Moses Bamber- 
ger), hosiery, 105 N 8th 
Bamberger Henry, fancy goods, 105 N 8th, h 2123 

Spring Garden 
Bamberger Henry, teas, 932 Arch, h 2121 Spring 

Bamberger H. & Co., teas, 932 Arch 
Bamberger Joseph, merchant, 547 York av 
Bamberger L., tobacco com. mer., 3 N Water, h 

547 N'5th 
Bamberger L. & Co. (L. Bamberger), tobacco 

com. mers , 3 N Water 
Bamberger Moses, hosiery, 105 N 8th, h N Y 
Bamberger Peter, shoemaker, r 320 Poplar 
Bambrey William G., turner, 223 Crown, h 1002 

Bambrick Thomas, bookkeeper, 1403 Walnut 
Bampton & Co. (E. Bampton), cloaks, 238 N 8th 
Baiupton J. Warren, auditor C. k A. RR Co., 

205 S Delaware av, h 3154 Frankford 
Ban John, boatman, 2507 Callowhill 
Ban Michael, clerk, 228 German 
Banan Mary, 33d k Elm 
Banonsdale Mary A., r 1314 Atmore 
Banberger Jacob S., liquors, 911 Buttonwood 
Bunce Anthony, shoemaker, 706 S 6th 
Bance James, carpenter, 426 German 
Bancker Charles N., pres. Franklin Fire Ins. Co., 

435 k h 437 Chestnut 
Bancker Edward, gentleman, 811 N 17th 
Bancker John, cigarmaker, Greenville pi 
Bancker Lansing W., trimmings, 632 N 20th 
Bancroft A., agent, 4929 Frankford 
BANCROFT, BACHE k CO. (James R. Ban- 
croft, Robert C. Bache ^ ILirvey Bancroft), 
notions, hosiery, etc., 330 Market 
Bancroft k Brown (John Bancroft if Abraham 

Brov:,,), coal, 413 N 8th 
Bancroft Daniel, clerk, 14 N Delaware av 
Bancroft Este, hosiery. 8 N 8th 
Bancroft E. H., blacksmith, 701 Jayne, h Camden 
Bancroft George, machinist, 16th k Pennsvlvania 

av, h 319 N 33d 
Bancroft George H., shoe dealer, 3517 Market 
Bancroft Harvey, merchant, 330 Market, h Wis- 

Bancroft James R. , notions, 330 Market, bds La 

Pierre House 
Bancroft John, engineer, 936 S 2d 
Bancroft John, coal. 111 Walnut. h424 Franklin 
Bancroft John, laborer, 716 Chestnut, h 936 S 2d 
Bancroft Joseph W., coal. 111 Walnut 
BANCROFT J. A. k CO (J. A. Bancroft), book- 
sellers & publishers, 512 k h 1314 Arch 
Bancroft Lemuel, painter, 1030 Ellsworth 
BANCROFT, LEWIS k CO. (John Bmcroft, 
Joseph S. Leu-is if Joseph W. Bancroft), coal 
miners it shippers. 111 Walnut 
Bancroft Miller, tailor, 15 S 15th 
Bancroft Margaret, hosiery, 8 N 8th 
BANCROFT M. k E (Margaret if Este Ban- 
croft), hosiery, 8 N 8th 
Bancroft Rebecca, 1604 Vine 





Bancroft Kobert, machinist, 4616 Wortli, Fkd 
Bancroft Samuel, clerk, 1330 N lOth 
Band Catharine, dealer, 1 McCluskey's ct 
Bandever William, 1421 N 13th 
Bandols Arthur H., looking-glasses, 3d & Callow- 
hill, h 527 Dillwyn 
Bandt Charles, ropemaker, 1230 Thouron 
Bandt William, conducter, 1005 Clement 
Bane John, jeweller, 605 Hallowell 
Bane Eichard, dyer, 2419 Coral 
Banen Jacob, wheelwright, 1418 Coates 
Baner Catharine, 1232 Nagle 
Baner John, pianos, 819 Vine 
Baner Mark, confectionery, 1210 Poplar 
Baner & North (T. Baner 4- E. L. North) , dealers, 

312 N Water 
Baner Rebecca C, gentlewoman, 666 N 10th 
Baner Samuel, confectionery, 929 N 13th 
Baner Thomas, dealer, 312 IST Water, h Camden 
Baner William R., 27 N 6th, h 875 N 8th 
Banes Andrew E., trunks, 708 N 9th 
Banes Charles, carpenter, 1544 Amboy 
Banes Charles, tobacco pipes, 230 N 3d, h 421 

Banes Charles H., wool commission merchant, 24 

S Front, and 25 & 27 Letitia, h 929 N Front 
Banes Thomas, machinist, r 1937 Germantown av 
Banes Thomas, spring manufacturer, 946 & h 

948 New Market 
Banes Thomas, steel manuf., 4730 Frankford av 
Banes William A., 4713 Paul 
Baney Rosanna, groceries, 108 Marion 
Banff John, tobacconist, 2122^ Market 
Banford Robert, blacksmith, 1722 X 22d 
Banford Samuel, machinist, 1401 Fitzwater 
Banford Thomas H., mason, Delaware n Church, 

Banger Samuel, bookkeeper, 416 York 
Banger Sarah, 259 Madison 
Banger Timothy M., receiver, 2030 N 6th 
Bangert John, turner, 1604 Lawrence 
Bangs James, carpenter, 1534 Ogden 
Bangs John W., tailor, 1214 Carlton 
Bangs & Maxwell {Wm. P. Bangs Sr E. Max- 

vjell), drygoods com mer, 123 Chestnut 
Bangs William P., drygoods com mer, 123 Chest- 
nut, h Mill ab Hancock 
Banhoffer Louis, gent, 250 Crown 
Banholt Samuel, driver, 3 Barber's ct 
Banholzer Paul, clerk, 261 S 2d, h 537 Pierce 
Banigan Alice, seamstress, r 331 South 
Banister Frederick, trimmings, 1010 Poplar 
Banister, Samuel, machinist, 944 Alder 
Bank Clearing House, 429 Chestnut 
Bank George M., scale manufacturer, 738 Shirley 
BANK OF COMMERCE [National], 209 Chest- 

BANK OF GERMANTOWN [National], Main 

bel Penn, Germantown 
BANK OF NORTH AMERICA [National], 307 


227 Vine 

W 6th & Vine 
BANK OF SOUTHWARK [National], 610 S 2d 
Bank Robert M., clerk, 482 Dillwyn 
Bankcrift Samuel, cutter, 1305 Melon 
Banker Mrs., 313 Wood 
Banker Abram V., tailor, 1318 Catharine 
Banker Charles A., dealer, r 210 Christian 
Banker Merines, cigarmaker, 1328 Fitzwater 
Banker William, 219 Jarvis 

OFFICE, 37 S 3d 

Bankhead Thomas, foreman, 116 Otter 
Bankie L. Mrs., 218 Christian 
Bankler Frederick, tinsmith, 1031 Master 
Banks Alexander, carpenter, 1014 Rodman 
Banks A. Mrs., 4103 Ludlow 
Banks Charles, bricklayer, 237 Currant al 
Banks Charles, scale manufacturer, 15th & Wil- 
low, h 738 Shirley 
Banks Charles C, clerk, 123 N 7th 
BANKS, DINMORE &, CO. (Charles M. Banks, 
Robert H. Dinmore, Leivis L. Houpt, Frederick 
A. RieJde), scale manufac, 15th & Pennsyl'a av 
Banks Edward, shoemaker, r 634 South 
Banks Edward, restaurant, 941 Race 
Banks Francis, laborer, 1516 Anthony 
Banks George W., merchant, 822 <fch 1127 Chestnut 
Banks Henry, stove moulder, 424 Caven 
Banks Henry C, clerk, 238 N 3d, h 482 Dillwyn 
Banks James, pattern maker, 424 Caven 
Banks Jamss 0. H., engraver, 712 Chestnut, 

h 544 N 40th 
Banks Mary, grocer, 156 N 23d 
Banks M. Mrs., 123 N 7th 
Banks Patrick, stonecutter, 1132 York 
Banks Thomas, waiter, 1123 Rodman 
Banks William, gentleman, 1323 Rodman 
Bankson John P., merchant, 33 N Front, h 1203 

Bankson Lloyd, gilder, 1621 N 12th 
Bankworth John, saddler, 426 N 9th 
Bann John, blacksmith, 511 S 6th 
Bannan James, sailor, r 1018 Moyamensing av 
Bannan John, oil cloth maker, 1928 Hubbs 
Bannan Samuel, carpenter, 512 S 24th 
Bannan James, cooper, 331 N 10th 
Bannan Patrick, laborer, r 1216 Fitzwater 
Bannatyne Amelia A., 334 N 10th 
Bannegal Fritz, brewer, 614 N Front 
Bannen Albert J., britannia worker, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen Harriet, milliner, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen John, carpenter, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen Patrick J., dealer, 315 Noble 
Banner Charles, saloon, 539 Girard av 
Banner Frederick, eordwainer, r 1005 N 4th 
Banner John, carpenter, 186 Levering 
Banney James, laborer, 1912 Pemberton 
Bannin Letitia, fancy goods, 4505 Main 
Banning John, carter, r 415 St John 
Bannister E., salesman, bds 227 N 3d 
Bannister Joseph, manufacturer, 140 Gay 
Bannister Joseph, stonecutter, 1650 Walter 
Bannister Joshua, loom boss, 707 E Thompson 
Bannister Mark, plumber, 31 Washington av, Gtn 
Bannister William A., loom boss, 2427 Braddock 
Bannon Bartholomew, laborer, r 138 Robinson, 

Bannon Dennis, laborer, 1137 Hewson 
Bannon John J., carpenter, 1622 Cadwaladef 
Bannon Matthew, weaver, 4505 Levering 
Bannon Patrick, fruits, 604 N 2d 
Bannon Matilda, millinery, 4833 Germantown av 
Bannon Rose, 211 N 10th 
Bannon Thomas, boatman, 4627 Jackson 
Banow John, manufacturer, 8th bel Market, h 

49th and Lancaster av 
Banshaf John, driver, 731 N 3d 
Bansler William, confections, 1014 Wood 
Baptist Eugene, carpenter, 222 Prosperous al 
Barat Frances Mrs., gentlew'n, 4429 Wood, Myk 
Baratet Amelia, Madame, French corsets, 116 S 

Baratet Prosper, student, 116 S 15th 
Barbara Isaiah, teamster, 4529 Elizabeth 
Barber Alfred, accountant, 433 Chestnut 
Barber Allen, carpenter, 1108 Coates 



I— • 














OQ r\ 





■^ d 




^ o 





Barber Ann, 1600 Wood 

Barber A. A., salesman, 2J k Chestnut, h 654 N 

Barber Burtis, painter, 640 X 18th, h 525 N 23d 
Barber Charles, stonecutter, 921 Kurtz 
Barber Edward, painter, 930 N 10th 
Barber Frank, painter, 930 N 10th 
Barber George, bricklayer. 514 N 36th 
Barber George C, paymaster R R R, 2824 Frank- 
ford av 
Barber Hannah, operator, 37 S 15th 
Barber Henry, printer, 3615 Story 
Barber Henry, weaver, 237 Williamson 
Barber Henry A , real estate agent, 1108 Coates 
Barber James, bricklayer, 514 X 36th 
Barber James, clocks, 2d i Chestnut, h 654 N 10th 
Barber James, tipstave, 932 Lombard 
Barber James H., blacksmith, 1615 Thompson 
Barber James S., clerk, 314i Walnut, h 1839 N 

Barber Jane, spooler, 4 Spencer ct 
Barber John, packer, 202 S Juniper 
Barber John R. , clerk, h Camden 
Barber Mason, salesman, 1018 market, h 711 N 

Barber Mathew, weaver, bds 348 Adams 
Barber Robert J., agent, 1341 Marlboroagh 
Barber Robert X., pawnbroker, 512 S 6th, h 932 

Barber Samuel, bricklayer, 865 N 16th 
Barber Samuel C, bricklayer, 925 Hutchinson 
Barber Thomas, 202 S Juniper 
Barber William, artist, 107 Mifflin 
Barber William, laborer, 229 Lybrand 
Barber AVilliam, optician, 248 X 8th, h 929 Mt 

Barber William, waterman, 536 Beach 
Barber William L., shoemaker, 8 Wheat 
Barbey John, barber, 329 Poplar 
Barbridge Charles, hatter, 305 Gaskill 
Barbier Francis W , tailor, 70S X 10th 
Barbier John, painter. 132 Almond 
Barbier Maria, 710 X 10th 
Barbier Stephen P.. painter, 708 N 10th 
Barbie John, butcher, 1444 B.-inton 
Barbot Alpbonse, sailor, 1224 Afton 
Barbusset Mary, 234 Washington av 
Barekley George, laborer, 1041 American 
Biirclav Andrew C . gentleman, 1135 Arch 
BARCLAY k BARCLAY {John K. Barclay), 

manufacturers of linseed oil. 125, 127 <fc 129 N 

Water. & 132, 134 k 136 X Delaware av 
Barclay Charles A.. 1135 Arch 
Barclay Coal Co.. 154 S 4th 
Barclay k Co., publishers, 602 Arch 
Barclay Daniel, laborer, r 103 Gatzmer 
Barclay David, laborer. 3 Faibank pi 
Barclay Eliza, seamstress. 705 Minster 
Barclay Ev.ins, painter, 714 Holly 
Barclay E. E., publisher. 602 Arch, h 109 N 5th 
Barclay Francis, driver. 249 X 16th 
Barclay George, piver, 249 X 16th 
Barclay George, machinist, 249 X 16th 
Barclay Mrs. H.. 313 Dean 
Barclay James, coal business, 1330 S 10th 
Barclay John A., bricklayer, 2117 Mt Vernon 
Barclay John A., gentleman, 116 S 18th 
Barclay John D., master mariner, 1805 Mervine 
Barclay John K., merchant, 125, 127 k 129 N 

Water, h 1135 Arch 
Barclay John K., messenger, 1131 Mt Vernon 
Barclay J. J., attornev-at-law, 219 S 6th 
Barclay J. J., sec. C.'k S. P. R. W. Co., 230 S 3d, 

h 1128 Girard 
Barclay Mary, dealer, 729 S 5th 

Barclay R. D., pri. sec. P. RR. Co., 238 S 3d, h 

1017 Pine 
Barclay T. B., salesman, 49 N 3d, h 103 X 4th 
Barclay William, candy store, 336 Coates 
Barclay William K , sec. <fc treas. F. I. k S. Co., 

230 S 3d. h 1135 Arch 
BARCROFT k CO. {Stacy B. Barcroft h( Wetk- 

erill Lee), drygoods importers k jobbers, 405 & 

407 Market 
Barcroft Stacy B., merchant, 405 k 407 Market, 

h 1803 Vine 
Barcus Stephen, carpenter, 730 Shirley 
Bard Allen, stair builder, 1616 X 13th 
Bard & Geiselman {G. L. Bard (J- M. Geisel- 

ma?i, Jr.), com. mers.. 242 X Broad 
Bard George L., mer, 242 X Broad, h 1161 S 11th 
Bard James, carpenter, 806 Buttonwood 
Bard Mary, 806 Buttonwood 
Bard Sarah, 806 Buttonwood 
Bardan Patrick, coachman, 317 Girard av 
Bardans John, baker, 48 Armat 
Bardeer Jackson, plasterer, 950 Warnock 
Bardel Frederick, sink cleaner, 420 Moyer 
Bardell John, agent, 407 Landis 
Barden Larrv, gilder, 1406 Warnock 
Barden Patrick, stable, 1207 Franklin, h 317 

Girard av 
Bardenwerper 0., ins. agent, 422 Walnut, h 1448 X 

Barder George, cigar maker, 530 S 3d 
Bardin William, clerk, 1526 S 4th 
Bardie Caroline, 310 Dauphin 
Bardie Herrman, shoemaker, 854 Orchard 
Bardlow John, weaver. 1641 Bodine 
Bardon Bridget, junk store, 609 S 7th 
Bardon D.ivid, plumber, 609 S 7th 
Bardsley ct Hall, hardware, 2110 Lombard 
Bardsley James, moulder, 215 S Water 
Bardsley James, bookstand, 6th & Arch, h 44th & 

Bardsley John, hardware, 2110 Lombard 
Bardsley J. W., painter. 5350 Germantown av 
Bardsley Robert, tinsmith, 1831 Lee 
Bardsley William, engineer, r 922 Poplar 
Bardsley William, moulder, 1736 X Uth 
Bardwell George H., oil mer., 1210 Ml Vernon 
Bare Adam S., bookkeeper, 248 Chestnut, h 1023 

BARE ELI AS, Bull's Head hotel, 1025 Market 
Bareford Wilson M., painter, 1121 Harmer 
Barford Charles, waterman, 341 Carpenter 
Barford Emeline, 915 Ogden 
Barford Jacob, moulder, 1746 Groves 
Barford Joseph, moulder, 1256 Xagle 
Barford Richard, moulder, 1746 Groves 
Barford Samuel, dentist, 1032 S 4th 
Barford Samuel, moulder, r 1''29 Cabot 
Barford Samuel, moulder, 1746 Groves 
Barford Samuel, moulder, r 1529 Cabot 
Barford William, moulder, r 923 Alder 
Barger Benjamin, gentleman, 911 Torr 
Barger Benjamin F., blacking, 4773 Main, F 
Barger Charles, carpenter, 670 Andress 
Barger George, policeman, 725 X 4th 
Barger George C, 1425 X 6th 
Barger Henry, brickmaker, 1313 S 9th 
Barger Jacob, driver, 2322 Brown 
Barger John, brickmaker, 2 York pi 
Barger John, gentleman, 1235 Otis 
Barger John, hotel, 333 Poplar 
Barger Joseph, laborer, r 2120 Wood 
Barger Louis F., attorney-at-law, 242 k h 1209 S 

BARGER THOMAS J., attorney-at-law, 242 k 

h 1209 S 5th 




Barger "William, laborer, r2120 Wood 
Barger William, moulder, 2033 Catharine 
Barger William, painter, 1103 Race, h 1014 Mor- 
Barger William S., jeweller, 504 Mcllwain 
Bargfield Nicholas, shoemaker, 1214 Hope 
Bargh William, mar., 32 S 6th, h Media 
Bargin Daniel, shoemaker, 806 FalloQ 
Bargle Charles, tailor, 147 Jefferson 
Barieles Frederick, brewer, 230 Shippen 
Barkary Bryan, tavern, Kershaw & o2d 
Barker Abraham, broker, 28 S 3d, h 1118 Spruce 
Barker Ann, washerwoman, r 1443 CadwaJader 
Barker Ann, 149 Oak, ilyk 
Barker Augustus, distiller, 912 S 17th 
BARKER BROTHERS & CO. {Abraham Barker 

6c H-iiry Earle), bankers 28 S 3d 
Barker Calvin H., conlractor, 1025 Shackamaxon 
Barker Charles, granite, Locust st wharf, h 2044 

Barker Charles A., clerk, 2044 Johnson 
Barker Charles C, plumber, 4 Barker's ct 
Barker Charles E., plumber, r 1022 Crease 
Barker Charles N., harness maker, 428 Callow- 
hill, h 20! N 8th 
BARKER & CO. {E. D. B^^ W. H. Coggs- 

well), produce com, 238 N Delaware av 
Barker C , stationery. 557 N 6th 
Barker Daniel, distillery, 25th & Kent, h 2515 

Barker Dmglass P., laborer, 1025 Shackamaxon 
Barker Edward, silk spinner, 310 Sergeant 
Barker Edward D., produce, 238 2^ Delaware av, 

h 128 Race 
Barker E Iwin, dyer, 1949 Muller 
Barker E skine A., clerk. 1025 Shackamaxon 
Baiker Frederick, 1005 Hope 
Barker George, printer, 451 N 8th 
Barker (leorge R., teacher, 101 Price 
Barker G T., M.D., dentist, 1111 Arch 
Barker Henry C, tailor, 1032 Sansom 
Barker James, cutter, 1438 S 3d 
Barker James, hay dealer, 2139 Sharswood 
Barker J imes, plasterer, 905 Christian 
Barker James, salesman, 525 Market, h Wood 

bel 5th 
Barker Jane, dressmaker, 201 N 8th 
Barker John, builder, 720 S 20th 
Barker John, violinist, 736 Shippen 
Barker John B., printer, 2205 Frankford av 
Barker Joseph, machinist, 426 X 18th 
Barker Joseph, tailor, 1030 Anita 
Barker Matthew M.. real estate agent, 514 Spruce 
Barker Patrick, 2320 Spring Garden 
Barker Peter, harness, 428 Callowhill, h 638 

N nth 
Barker Peter, shoemaker, 933 S 9th 
Barker Richard, auditor, 633 Chatharine 
Barker Robert, salesman, 621 Market 
Barker Robert, scale builder, 715 Chestnut, ii 

12th & Soath 
Barker Samuel, laborer, 1437 C-adwalader 
Barker Sarah, 536 Watkins 
Barker Thomas, hotel, 3355 Ridge av 
Barker Tnomas, laborer, 6 Hatton pi 
Barker Wiiliam. clerk, 648 N llth 
Barker William, liquors, 2205 Frankford av 
Barker, Wright & Co. {Cluirles Barler $f Abel 

Wright), granite yard, Locust st wharf, Sch 
Barkess Stephen, captain, 2042 Reeves 
Barkison Benjamin, 1103 Hope 
Barkley Alesauder, stove finisher, 421 Dauphin 
Barkley Robert, stove finisher, 421 Dauphin 
Barklow Samuel, tanner, 1039 Vienna 
Barlement Philip, confectionery, S W 3d & Green 

Barley Edward, turner, 1219 N 12th 

Barley John C, clerk, 1737 Grove 

Barlow Averill, merchant, 70S Market, h 1406 

N 15th 
Barlow Charles E., shipjoiner, 1506 Hewson 
Barlow C. Joseph, lard oil manuf, 1332 S 5th 
Barlow Edward, patent medicine, 1221 S 8th 
Barlow Edward M., printer, 720 S 4th 
Barlow Frederick, turner, 1630 Shippen 
Barlow James, dealer, 2560 Frankford a,v 
Barlow James, dyer, 69 Sellers 
Barlow John, machinist, 1819 South 
Barlow J. F., overseer, 441 Borden 
Barlow Thomas, shoemaker, 1709 Afton 
Barlow Thomas A., lard oil manuf, 1332 S 5tli 
Barlsby Samuel bricklayer^ 1703 South 
Barmen Benjamin, dyer, 520 Wildey 
Barmen Edward, sailmaker, 520 Wildey 
Barmon Michael, printer, 409 Barnwell 
Barn William, mason, 4325 Pleasant, Myk 
Barnaby William, stonecutter, 2130 Cherry 
Barnarrl Ariel, conductor, 1 Xortheast av 
Barnard Charles, Congress Hall, 817 Franklin 
Barnard Courtland G., drummer, 306 Christian 
Barnard C. P., liquors, 527 Chestnut, h 817 

Barnard Edward P, , shipjoiner, 1225 Marlborough 
Barnard George B., builder, 1305 Parrish 
Barnarrl James, gent, Lancaster & 47th 
Barnard James, tailor, 317 Richmond 
Barnard John, clerk, 118 Orthodox 
BARNARD JOHN, undertaker, 722 Pine 
Barnard Robert, laborer, 530 Brooks 
Barnard Reuben F., conductor, 450 Belgrade 
Barnard Sarah M., 1523 Poplar 
Barnard William, Jr., lithographer, 306 Christian 
Barnard AVilliam C, printer, 306 Christian 
Barnard William L , upholsterer, 908 S Faulkner 
BarndoUar Daniel, cooper, 1138 N 3d 
Barndollar James J., salesman, 504 Market 
Birndollar William S., compositor, 908 Coates 
Barndt Henry, conveyancer, 1216 N 6th 
Barnott John H., blacksmith, 800 Knox 
Barndt Milton, salesman, 2259 N 2d 
Barnicut James, tailor, 336 Sergeant 
Barned Annie, trimmings, 828 Spring Garden, h 

2146 Master 
Barned Absolum, gent, 2146 Master 
Barned Numna, sawyer, 2146 Master 
Barnes Mrs., 1116 Jefferson 
Barnes Albert, hats, 1239 N 10th 
Barnes Albert, bookbinder, 11 IS Girard av 
Barnes Albert, Rev., 255 S 8th & 4209 Walnut 
Barnes Albert M., salesman. Rising Sun la & 

Barnes Alfred D , grocer, 10th & Tasker 
Barnes Alfred F., carpenter, 1727 South 
Barnes Alonzo, jeweller, 10.33 Mechanic 
Barnes Andrew, boilermaker, r 1027 N 4th 
Barnes Andrew J., leather splitter, 130 Peg, h 

Barley Sheaf hotel 
Barnes Ann, 215 Vine 
Barnes Anthony, sawmaker. 1539 Tudor 
Barnes Auner, shoemaker, 1227 Nagle 
Barnes A Henry, Rev., teacher, 922 Chestnut, 

h 735 Spruce 
Barnes Benjamin C, carpenter, 1010 Leithgow 
Barnes Catharine, washerwoman, Tacony 
Barnes Charles, 1338 Atmore 
Barnes Charles, fireman, 4530 Elizabeth 
Barnes Charles, notions, h 421 George 
Barnes Charles, woollen & cotton manuf, 183 

Haines, Gtn 
Barnes Charles H., engineer, 224 N llth 
Barnes Charles T., printer, 66 Laurel 



I— « 







tr-t- ^ 





I— • 



























Barnes Christopher, tinsmith, Orthodox & Frank- 
ford av 
Barnes Conrad, laborer, 3 Marston 
Barnes Daniel, shoemaker, 155 Coates 
Barnes Daniel F., merchant, 503 Market, bds 

American hotel 
Barnes Daniel S., cooper, 105 Keefe 
Barnes David, painter, 1219 Savery 
Barnes Edmund, spring maker, 516 Coates 
Barnes Edward, conductor, 203 S 37th 
Barnes Edward, 1338 Atmore 
Barnes Eleanor, 951 N Front 
Barnes Enos, carpenter, 610 Thompson 
Barnes Francis, waterman, 15 Reed 
Barnes Francis 0., laborer, 15 Reed 
Barnes George, loom boss, 716 Orr 
Barnes George E., carpenter, r 918 N 3d 
Barnes George F., clerk, 2108 Master 
Barnes George F., sailmaker, 15 Reed 
Barnes George H., merchant, 503 Market 
Barnes George P., saddler, 1311 Brandywine 
Barnes George T., clerk, 506 S 11th 
Barnes George W., 1516 N 11th 
Barnes George W., artificial teeth maker, 2304 

N 5th 
Barnes George W., merchant, 809 Race 
Barnes George W., painter, 921 Lawrence 
Barnes George W., shipwright, 312 Mcllwain 
Barnes Hannah, 603 Catharine 
Barnes Harvey, seaman 1110 Beach 
Barnes Henry, bookbinder, 1826 Rhoads 
Barnes Henry M., clerk, 706 Sansom, h 805 

Barnes Isaac, roller, 1006 Gtn av 
Barnes Jacob, bricklayer, 1918 Parrish 
Barnes Jacob, carpenter, 1345 Brown 
Barnes .James, carpenter, 1522 Noble 
Barnes James, clothing, 314 Girard av 
Barnes James, sea captain, 203 Carpenter 
Barnes James, plumber, 926 S 2d 
Barnes James, paper boxes, 1137 Austin 
Barnes James, conductor, 442 York av 
Barnes James, telegrapher, 1838 Barker 
Barnes James M., watchcase maker, 4 Ellet's av 
Barnes James N., M.D., 4209 Walnut 
Barnes John, blacksmith, 1615 Market 
Barnes John, boatman, 2507 Callowhill 
Barnes John, bookkeeper, 612 Noble 
Barnes John, box maker, 841 Auburn 
Barnes John, brass turner, 1832 Noble 
Barnes John, carpenter, 504 Diamond 
Barnes John, driver, r 928 N Front 
Barnes John, engineer, 144 Cottage 
Barnes John, laborer, 2415 Pine 
Barnes John, laborer, 2039 Jones 
Barnes John, printer, 4 Ellet's av 
Barnes John, spinner, 4445 Wood, Myk 
Barnes John C, teleg. operator, 2108 Henrietta 
Barnes John H., driver, 1104 Hope 
Barnes John J., carrier, 1213 N 13th 
Barnes John J., carrier, 2304 N 5th 
Barnes John W., carpenter, 636 Carpenter 
Barnes Joseph, 1234 Poplar 
Barnes Joseph, Jr., baker, 1234 Poplar 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 708 Guilford 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 2104 Locust 
Barnes Joseph, laborer, 12 Parham 
Barnes Joseph, seaman, 602 Catharine 
Barnes Joseph S,, carpenter, 51 Prime 
Barnes J. E., sparmaker, 1319 Juniata 
Barnes J. H., auctioneer, 139 & 141 S 4th, h 329 

Barnes J. 0., salesman, 105 S Front, h 716 Pine 
Barnes Lucinda, dressmaker, 416 Tenor pi 
Barnes Louisa, 1234 Poplar 

Barnes L. A., 3222 Darby rd 

Barnes Margaret, 3 Marston 

Barnes Mary, cigars, 610 E Thompson 

Barnes Mary A., trimmings, 802 South 

Barnes Matilda C, 506 S 11th 

Barnes Michael, rag dealer, 1405 N 4th 

Barnes Monroe, laborer, 7 Sultzer 

Barnes Oliver W., chief engineer D & C RR Co.. 

424 Walnut, h Haverford 
Barnes, Osterhout, Herron <feCo. {Geo. H. Barnes, 

\Vm. OsterhoHt, Danl. F. Barnes }f John B. 

Herron), hats & caps, 503 Market 
Barnes Patrick, gentleman, 733 S 21st 
Barnes Patrick, laborer, Gray's ct 
Barnes Paul Henry, salesman, 237 Chestnut, h 

338 Federal 
Barnes Peter F., moulder, 1026 Newton 
Barnes Rachel, 1416 N 8th 
Barnes Randolph, laborer, 6 New Bedford 
Barnes Reading B., paperhanger, 4813 Gtn av 
Barnes Robert, carpenter, r 1027 N 4th 
Barnes Robert, laborer, 1414 Pailip 
Barnes Robert L., clerk, 312 Mclllwain 
BARNES R. L., map publisher, 27 S 6th, h 1008 

Barnes Samuel, hatter, 1826 Rhoads 
Barnes Samuel, blacksmith, 1307 Coates 
Barnes Samuel, box maker, 841 Auburn 
Barnes Samuel, mason, Herman, E Gtn av 
Barnes Samuel, milk, 1208 Thompson 
Barnes Samuel, Mrs., trimmings, 1727 South 
Barnes Samuel W., printer, 1727 South 
Barnes Sanford, machinist, 2114 Frankford av 
Barnes Spencer, driver, r 1023 Moyamensing av 
Barnes Susanah, 220 Wharton 
Barnes Thomas, 1304 Atmore 
Barnes Thomas, dealer, 1143 N 2d 
Barnes Thomas, laborer, 1311 Wheat 
Barnes Thomas, oil merchant, 28 S Del av, h 1018 

Mt Vernon 
Barnes Thomas, shoemaker, 227 N Juniper 
Barnes T., grocer, 1830 N Front 
Barnes Thornton, merchant, 1909 Vine 
Barnes William, grinder, 1520 Otis 
Barnes William, laborer, 1536 Cabot 
Barnes William, paper boxes, 841 Auburn, 729 

Barnes William, paperhanger, 802 South 
Barnes William, paper ruler, 1118 Girard av 
Barnes William, paper stainer, 127 Filson 
Barnes William, mason, 101 Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Barnes William C, carpenter, 1118 Girard av 
Barnes AVilliam C, clerk, 1438 S 5th 
Barnes William H., 1345 Brown 
Barnes William H,, printer, 1217 Hope 
Barnes William H., bookseller, 37 N 3d, bds 

Merchants' hotel 
Barnes William W., printer, 310 Marriott 
Barnes Willis A., 424 Walnut 
Barns George, 3222 Darby rd 
Barnet David, weaver, 1336 Mariner 
Barnett Alexander, hostler, 310 Lombard 
Barnett Daniel P., drygoods, 2236 Callowhill 
Barnett Francis, grinder, 235 Race, h 1313 N 5th 
Barnett George, file manuf., 41 Richmond, h 1145 

BARNETT G. & H. (George i^- Henry Barnett), 

file manufs, 41 & 43 Richmond 
Barnett Henry, fife manuf., 41 Richmond, h 1145 

Barnett Isaac, salesman, 1327 S 2d 
Barnett James, butcher, 119 Greenwich 
Barnett James, laborer, 210 Celeste 
Barnett James, laborer, 629 S 11th 
Barnett John, blacksmith, 1833 N 2d 




Barnett John, hides & tallow, 312 Greenwich 
Barnett John, laborer, r 1928 Cuthbert 
Barnett Joseph, drygoods, 1136 Pine 
Barnett Joseph, shipwright, 4 Pine, h 441 Allen, 

Barnett Mary, r 711 Shippen 
Barnett Robert, laborer, r 711 Shippen 
Barnett Sarah, 123 Morris 
Barnett Susan, 112 McClellan 
Barnett Thomas, 1403 S 10th 
Barnett Thomas C, painter, 410 S Front 
Barnett Thomas, bookkeeper, 9th & Reed, h 1403 

S 10th 
Barnett Thomas R., edge tool maker, 1732 Hale, 

h 2004 N 4th 
Barnett William, 41 S 11 th 
Barnett William, butcher, 223 Marion 
Barnett William, drayman, 1227 Passyunk av 
Barnett William, factory, 1314 S 10th 
Barnett William, starch, 9th & Reed, h 1316 S 

Barnett William, watchman, 223 Marion 
Barnewall Robert A., reporter, 1507 Pine 
Barnewitz Theodore, carpenter, 1745 N 3d 
Barney David, machinist, 1430 Hill 
Barney Margaretta, 519 Wood 
Barney Michel, laborer, 556 Taylor 
Barndt John, superintendent, 111 & 113 N Broad 
Bamhardt John W., teacher, h 2211 & 2213 Green 
Earnhardt Purdy D., teacher, 2211 & 2213 Green 
Barnhold Dallas, machinist, 1020 Hamilton 
Barnhold Frederick, brickmaker, 1033 Cross 
Barnhold George, drover, 1820 Thompson 
Barnhold Henry, dealer, 1020 Hamilton 
Barnhold William, gentleman, 1020 Hamilton 
Barnholser John, carpenter, r 235 Lombard 
Barnholt Frederick, butcher, Ridge av n Wash- 
ington la 
Barnholt George, clerk, 921 Coates 
Barnholt Harry, hotel, 1146 S 10th 
Barnholt Harry, liquors, 1010 Wharton 
Barnholt John P., carpenter, 1016 Parrish 
Barnhurst H. R., bookkeeper, 302 Market, jh 

1223 Parrish 
Barnhurst John, 2242 N 6th 
Barnhurst John, gentleman, 1749 Francis 
Barnhurst Joseph, Jr., clerk, 1732 Francis 
Barnieher Michael, shoemaker, r 1209 N 5th 
Barnig Charles, picker, 1742 N 9th 
Barnitt Peace, paperhanger, 142 Carpenter 
Barns Charles, potter, 2250 N 2d 
Barns Joseph, laborer, 1414 Parrish 
Barns Joseph, venitian blinds, 1338 Atmore 
BARNS WILLIAM, attorney-at-law, 625 Wal- 
nut, h 1416 N 8th 
Barns William, moroeeco finisher, 707 Gordon 
Barnstead Mary Mrs. 1010 S 20th 
Barnum Ephraim H., agent, 1620 N 10th 
Barnum Frank D., clerk, 2037 Ridge av 
Barnum John, laborer, 6 Forest pi 
Barnum James, sailor, 1302 S Front 
Barnwell James G., librarian, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell Richard, shoemaker, 163 Brown 
Barnwell Robert, reporter, 1126 Ellsworth 
Barnwell Robertson, lecturer, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell Robert, bonnet presser, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell William E.. librarian, 13 N 10th 
Baron Ellen, 536 N 6th 
Baroux Charles T., salesman, -28 N 3d, h 1335 

Girard av 
Baroux James R., watchman, r 1022 Ross 
Baroux John F., printer. 34 N 6th 
Baroux Nathaniel T., tobacconist, 34 N 6th 
Baroux William H., printer, 34 N 6th 
Barr Alexander, stone mason, 1401 Gulielma 

Barr Andrew, moulder, 1518 State 

Barr Andrew, weaver, 12 Fishbourne pi 

Barr Benjamin, M.D., 643 N 13th 

Barr Benjamin, weaver, 2305 Frankford av 

Barr Bernard J., umbrella maker, 130 Walnut pi 

Barr Clarence, boatman, 109 Penn, Myk 

Barr C. N., tavern, 1421 Passyunk av 

Barr Daniel, hotel, 789 Swanson 

Barr Daniel, Jr., ship carpenter, 789 Swanson 

Barr Daniel, twister, 133 Norris 

Barr Daniel J., saloon, 308 Race, h 203 N Front 

Barr Edmund, trunkmaker, 915 Federal 

Barr Edward, clerk, 209 S 3d, h 263 S 9th 

Barr Eliza, seamstress, 931 Federal 

Barr Elizabeth, dealer, 1121 N Front 

Barr George, beamer, 1933 Harmstead 

Barr George, laborer, r 1231 Shippen 

Barr George W., laborer, r 833 Charlotte 

Barr Harry, tailor, 260 N 5th 

Barr Harry D., cutter, 612 Chestnut, h 260 N 5th 

Barr Hugh, Jr., bartender, 1136 S Front 

Barr Hugh, laborer, 919 Catharine 

Barr Hugh, tavern, 1136 S Front , 

Barr Isaac, policeman, 508 S 19th 

Barr Jacob, boiler maker, 1203 Shackamaxon 

Barr James, books, 1005 Market 

Barr James, gentleman, 1238 Cass 

Barr James, laborer, 4815 Washington 

Barr James, machinist, 705 Montcalm 

Barr James, watchman, 1918 Pemberton 

Barr James J., hotel, 1313 S 11th 

Barr Jeremiah, shoemaker, 728 Brook 

Barr John, bricklayer, 1114 Milton 

Barr John, conveyancer, 2046 Pine 

Barr John, hatter, 1207 Wood 

Barr John, laborer, Clinton av r 1917 Pearl 

Barr John, laborer, r 2039 Jones 

Barr John, laborer^ 145 Mifflin, Myk 

Barr John, manufacturer, 306 Dauphin 

Barr John, spices & coffee, 155 N 4th h 135 

Barr John J., clerk, 125 Chestnut pi 
Barr Joseph, carter, 24 Reed 
Barr Joseph, clerk, 1203 Shackamaxon 
Barr Joseph, turner, 1346 Hewson 
Barr J., laborer, 136 New 

Barr J. D., merchant, 321 Market, h 1706 Sum- 
Barr Mary, 4442 Wood, Myk 
Barr Mary, tailoress, 626 Marriott 
Barr Mary Ann, 222 Acorn al 
Barr Michael, liquors, 141 N 3d 
Barr Michael, shoemaker, 726 Lebanon 
Barr Michael A, clerk, 141 N 3d 
Barr Miller, M.D., 1315 Lombard 
Barr Nathaniel, clerk, 1016 Stocker 
Barr Noble, laborer, 4225 Cresson, Myk 
Barr Philip, laborer, Mark's la bel 12th 
Barr Robert, gentleman, 904 Buttonwood 
Barr Robert, Jr., driver, 904 Buttonwood 
Barr Robert, gentleman, 1321 Pine 
Barr Robert, hotel, 202 N Water, h 203 N Front 
Barr Robert, hotel, 825 Wood 
Barr Robert, laborer, 4816 Washington, Myk 
Barr Piobert, mason, 2021 Murray 
Barr Robert J., engineer, 608 Catharine 
Barr Robert M., carpenter, 1723 Moravian 
Barr Samuel, carpenter, 131 Sharpnack 
Barr Samuel, laborer, 4336 Main, Myk 
Barr Sarah, 203 N Front 
Barr Sarah, 306 Dauphin 
Barr Sarah A., 1915 Christian 
Barr Susan, dressmaker, 127 Greene la 
Barr Thomas, tobacconist, 1704 Market 
Barr William, artist, 1117 Ridge av 










o It* 

o • 


























Barr Willinm, boots A shoes, 20.?8 Gtn av 

Ban- 'WilHam, gentleman, 1J36 S Front 

Barr "William, laborer, T Hill ct 

Barr William, laborer, 602 S 16th 

Barr William, driver, 721 S 17th 

Barr William, laborer, 2311 Coates 

Barr William, cloth finisher, 1222 Fulton 

Barr William, mason, 11(1 Division, Myk 

Barr William, police, 627 Brook 

Barr William J., bookkeeper, 407 Library, h 

1606 Spruce 
Barr W. W. Rer., 1216 Chestnut 
Barraeliff Jeremiah S., engineer, Garside n 

Ridge av 
Barranger Edwin, merchant, 215 Jacoby 
Barras Alford, hotel, N W cor 10th & Noble 
BARRATT JAMES, produce & com mer, 402 S 

Del av .t 403 Penn, h 1304 Pine 
Barratt Thomas, conductor, 2317 Frankford av 
Barrel John G. AV., gentleman, 1239 N 11th 
Barren Henry, nurse, 1203 N 11th 
Barret Charles B., loom boss, 182 Levering 
Barrett Robert, shoe cutter, 628 Catharine 
Barrett Thomas, shoemaker, 1815 N Front 
Barrett Anthony, laborer, r 720 Shippen 
Barrett Charles, bookkeeper, 223 Dock, h 1704 

Barrett Charles, bricklayer, 2319 Hamilton 
Barrett Charles, gentleman, boards 472 N" 2d 
Barrett Charles B.. clerk, 228 Dock.h 1704 Wallace 
Barrett David, captain, 1163 S 10th 
Barrett David, laborer, 1 Burr's av, r 1417 Wood 
Barrett Edward, laborer, 1509 Pearl 
Barrett Edward, laborer, 1718 Wood 
Barrett E. D., bookkeeper, 128 S Front, h 118 

Barrett Frederick, carpenter, 1524 Mervine 
Barrett F. B., embroidery, 830 N 2d 
Barrett Isaac P., blacksmith, 428 Caven 
Barrett James, driver, 4 Banana 
Barrett James, laborer, 316 N 17th 
Barrett Jacob F., shoemaker, 1636 South 
Barrett James, laborer, 5 Colebrook 
Barrett James, laborer, 710 Cullen 
Barrett James R., carpenter, 501 York av 
Barrett James W., 1702 Locust 
Barrett James W.. paperhaoger, 1219 Marlborough 
Barrett John, glassblower, 1412 Otis 
Barrett John, laborer, 1241 Edgemont 
Barrett' John, laborer, 1554 Richmond 
Barrett John A., paperhanger, 14 S 39th 
Barrett Joseph, seaman, 328 Thompson 
Barrett Joseph W., intelligence oflBce, 813Emeline 
Barrett L. D., seaman, 155 Siegel 
Barrett Matilda, washerwoman, 531 Lombard 
Barrett Margaret, washerwoman, 812 Emeline 
Barrett Mary, 807 N Broad 
Barrett Michael, butcher, 1123 Fitzwater 
Barrett Michael, driver, r 426 Dillwyn 
Barrett Michael, laborer, 318 N 17th 
Barrett Michael, laborer, 4 Knowles av 
Barrett Moses, laborer, 728 Shirley 
Barrett Nathan, Red Lion hotel, 472 N 2d 
Barrett Nephews it Co., Staten Island fancy 

dyeing, 47 N 8th 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, 1449 Salmon 
Barrett Patri*, laborer, r 1707 Carlton 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, rear 611 Sutherland av 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, r 139 Carpenter 
Barrett Philip, laborer, 4319 Pleasant 
Barrett Richard, laborer, 2 Crooked pi 
Barrett Samuel, Sr., gentleman, boards 472 N 2d 
Barrett Samuel, Jr., clerk, bds 472 N 2d 
Barrett Simmons, bookbinder, 1704 Wallace 
Barrett Thomas, laborer, 417 N Front 

Barrett Thomas, laborer, r 1023 Moyamensing av 
Barrett Thomas G, salesman, 26 S 4th, h 118 

Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium, 806 Market, h 

612 Marshall 
Barrett William, brewer, 5 Ferris ct 
Barrett William, gentleman, 1217 N 6th 
Barrett William B., salesman, 409 S 18th 
Barrett AVilliam P., printer, 118 Brown 
Barrett Willnuby, bartender, 1 Saybolt's ct 
Barrett W. W., dental student, 127 N 11th 
Barrington Edmund, printer, 917 S 13th 
Barrington Francis, gentleman, 1619 Filbert 
Barrington George, cabinetmaker, 1212 Warnock 
Barrington John, blacksmith, 931 Christian 
Barrington J. E., shoes, 1304 Vine 
Barrington Susan, 1210 Race 
Barrington William, gentleman, 2122 Mt Vernon 
Barris John, 1918 Coates 
Barris John M., dealer, 2332 Vine 
Barris Joseph J., edgegilder, 776 Thompson 
Barritt Charles, clerk, 714 N 19th 
Barritt Charles H., commission merchant, 230 

Market, h 714N 19th 
Barritt & Co. {William A. Barritt If Charles H. 

Barritt), auctioneers, 230 Market 
Barrit Robert, cutter, 628 Catharine 
Barritt William, merchant, 714 N 19th 
Barritt William A., auctioneer, 230 Market, h 

714 N 19th 
Barrol John, stove founder, 1338 Earl 
Barron Archibald, restaurant. Red Lion hotel, 2d 

bel Noble, h 123 Ellen 
Barron Charles, laborer, 257 S 25th 
Barron James, cigarmaker, 133 Almond 
Barron John, shoemaker, 904 Wood 
Barron Jacob, laborer. Ridge av n Green la 
Barron J. P., furnishing goods, 131 S 8th, h 325 

S 13th 
Barron Michael, carpenter 636 Ellis 
Barron Philip, stonecutter, 257 S 25th 
Barrott S. H., hairdresser, 157 N 9th 
Barrow John, manufacturer, 25 S 8th, h Lancas- 
ter av ab 48th 
Barrow & Smart {John Barrow if James Smart), 

pearl button manufactory, 25 S 8th 
Barrows Ann, 3892 Germantown av 
Barrows Arad, foundry, S W Front & Reed, h 

1106 Spring Garden 
Barrows David, stocking weaver, 3886 Gtn av 
Barrows James, gardener, 173 Bringhurst 
Barrows Jonathan, h 1627 S Front 
Barrows Jonathan, driver, 1627 S Front 
Barrows Lucius, private school for boys, N E 18th 

<t Chestnut, h 1932 Lombard 
Barrow? AVilliani N., clerk, S W Front & Reed, h 

1106 Spring Garden 

Barry , fruit, boards 204 Carter 

Barry Mrs., 1101 Hancock 

Barry Allen, lastmaker, 1249 Mascher 

Barry Bainbridge, lumber, 1021 A 1023 Melon 

Barry Catharine, S Burr's av 

Barry Charles, brushmaker, r 429 Carpenter 

Barry David, gentleman, 1736 Carlton 

Barry David, restaurant, 525 Race 

Barry David, soldier, 339 Jarvis 

Barry Edmund, laborer, 1422 Prospect 

Barry Edward, blacksmith, 1643 Bodine 

Barry Edward, driver, 6 Wildey's ct 

Barry Edward H., gentleman, 1104 Spring Garden 

Barry Henry, housecarpenter, 1327 Juniata 

Barry James, plasterer, 610 Barcl.ay 

Barry James, laborer, 1219 Locust 

Barry James, laborer, r 1707 Carlton 

Barry James, packer, 9 Millicent pi 




Barry James, tavern, 112 Eutaw 

Barry James, moulder, 1736 Carlton 

Barry James B., brushmaker, r 429 Carpenter 

Barry James W., jeweller, 622 Market, h 506 

Barry Jane, teacher, 156 N 2d 
Barry Jesse, canvasser, boards 120 Vine 
Barry Job R., machinist, 156 N 2d 
Barry John, driver, 237 S 23d 
Barry John, driver, r 118 Edward 
Barry John, laborer, r 1730 Carlton 
Barry John, merchant, 116 N 4th, h 1223 N 15th 
Barry John, plasterer, r 1 1 38 St John 
Barry John, salesman, 28 N 3d 
Barry John, weaver, 1609 Philip 
Barry John G., machinist, r 429 Carpenter 
Barry John K., brushmaker, 1406 Marlborough 
Barry John L., clerk, 732 N 9th 
Barry John Q., cooper, 963 Leithgow 
Barry Joseph B, conveyancer, 429 "Walnut, li 

Walnut la n Morton 
Barry John S., mer., 10 Strawberry, h Baltimore 
Barry John S. & Co. {John S. Birry, Willinm 
Yelland, W. H. V. Smith (V Jonas S. Yel- 
land), commission merchants, 10 Strawberry 
Barry Joseph, restaurant, 124 Arch 
Barry Lawrence, chairmaker, 1304 S 3d 
BARRY LLEWELLEN F., gent., 1719 Locust 
Barry Margaret, 528 S 11th 
Barry Margaret, tavern, 1813 N 2d 
Barry Mary, r 429 Carpenter 
Barry Mary A., produce dealer, 215 Jarvis 
Barry Michael, carpenter, 236 Dean 
Barry Michael, harnessmaker, 1245 Lombard 
Barry Michael, contractor, 1937 Girard av 
Barry Michael, lab, 1125 Oxford 
Barry Morris, hotelkeeper, 1713 Olive 
Barry Patrick, bookkeeper, 39 N Front, h 1427 

N 8th 
Barry Patrick, harnessmaker, 816 Filbert, h r 9 

Birch pi 
Barry Philip, contractor, 618 Spruce 
Barry Philip, laborer, r 1533 E Thompson 
Barry Richard, laborer, 123 Federal 
Barry Roswald, machinist, 1022 N 2d 
Barry Samuel, bookkeeper, 8 Shield's ct 
Barry Simon, laborer, 5 Dickson pi 
Barry & Taylor {John Barry h( Edward F. Tay- 
lor), millinery goods, 116 N 4th 
Barry Thomas, clerk, 1125 Oxford 
Barry Thos., gun stock maker, 1021 & 1023 Melon 
Barry Thomas, lab, 48 Church, Fkd 
Barry Walter, liquors, S E cor 10th &, JeflFerson 
Barry William, gilder, 307 German 
Barry Wm., carpenter, 731 Carpenter 
Barstein Gustavus, coachmaker, 932 N 6th 
Barstow J. M., surgeon-dentist, 127 N 11th 
Bart Charles, eordwainer, 910 N 3d 
Bartalott & Blynn {George Bartalott &(■ M. 

Bly7i}i), hats & caps, 436 Market 
BARTALOTT & CO., hatters & furriers, 52 N 8th 
Bartalott George, mer, 436 Market, h 711 N 8th 
Bartelmes Valentine, shoemaker, 1023 Ogden 
Bartels Frederick, lab, 128 Hazel 
Bartels Henry G., stoves, 495 N 4th 
Bartelson E. R., printer, 2436 Green 
Barten Clement, iron bedsteads, 123 N 6th, h 505 

Bartenbach John, baker, 1700 Ridge av 
Barteson E. Mrs., 108 Pine 

Barth Alex., shirt manuf, 57 N 3d, h 854 Marshall 
Barth Charles, tailor, 1508 Ridge av 
Barth Edward, machinist, 752 West 
Barth Gottlieb M., machinist, 2203 Virginia 
Barth Isaac, shirts, 67 N 3d 

Barth John, baker, 412 Coates 

Barth John D., tailor, 1551 Ridge av 

Barth John J., tavern, 1421 Ridge av 

Barth Joseph, shirts, 57 N 3d, h 854 Marshall 

BARTH, JOSEPH &, CO. {Moses, Isaac, Joseph 

^ Alex. Barth), shirt manuf, 57 N 3d 
Barth Joseph, Itib, 4418 Harrison, Myk 
Barth J. W., hat blocks, 452 Belrose, h 461 

Barth Lewis, carpetweaver, 1713 Philip 
Barth Moses, shirt manuf, 57 N 3d, h 923 N 8th 
Barth Peter, weaver, 4408 Baker, Myk 
Barth Philip, hatter, 936 Lawrence 
Barth Philip, stoves, 1417 Ridge av 
Barth William, carpenter, N W New Market & 

AYillow, h 1229 Shackamaxon 
Barthmaier Frederick, shoemaker, Tacony 
Bartholomew Rev., 227 N 12th 
Bartholomew Augustine, clerk, 123 N 15th 
Bartholomew Benj,, att'y, 323 Walnut, h 2043 

Bartholomew Benj., coal, 2116 Market, h 3912 

Bartholomew Benj., Jr., coal 2116 Market, h Bal- 
timore pike E of 40th 
Bartholomew Benjamin J., jeweller, 110 S 23d 
Bartholomew Edward, clerk, 123 N 15th 
Bartholomew Eliza, 1234 Parrish 
Bartholomew George W., 1536 N 8th 
Bartholomew John J., carriage hardware, 48 N 

3d, h 908 S 4th 
Bartholomew Thomas, police, r 245 N 4th 
Bartholomew Valentine, foreman, 724 Chestnut, 

h 1247 Mervine 
Bartine D. W., High School, h Eddengton 
Bartine D. W. Rev., 324 New 
Bartine S. W., com. agency, 600 Chestnut 
Barttan Michael, dealer, 636 St Mary 
Bartle Frederick, driver, 1341 Hanover 
Bartle George, laborer, 2206 A 
Bartle George, moulder, 820 Capital 
Bartle George W., clerk, 416 Richmond 
Bartle Henry, gent, 2150 Sharswood 
Bartle Henry, shoemaker, 2206 A 
Bartle John, sparmaker, 1018 Crease 
Bartle Joseph D., 1300 Mary 
Bartle Michael, laborer, 120 Leithgow 
Bartle William, carter, r 1343 Savery 
Bartle William G., sparmaker, r 728 Richmond 
Bartle William T., sparmaker, Otis st wharf, h 41 

Bartles John W., bookkeeper, 827 N 13th 
Bartles William H., M.D., 727 N 6th 
Bartleson B. H., stencil cutter, 5 N 6th, h. 1217 

S 5tb 
Bartleson & Co. {Bartleson Charles P.), publish- 
er, 611 Chestnut, h 810 N 10th 
Bartleson Charles P., publisher, 810 N 10th 
Bartleson James, dentist, 861 Lawrence 
Bartlet Alfred, driver, Holmesburg 
Bartlet Henry A., manufacturer, 3230 Elm 
Bartlet Susan, trimmings, 615 Spring Garden 
Bartlets Abraham, shoemaker, 104 Green lane 
Bartlett Alfred, grocery, Holmesburg 
Bartlett Catharine, 272 Levant 
Bartlett Charles, ranges, 239 N 9th 
Bartlett Edward M., clerk, 339 Washington aT 
Bartlett Edward T., student, S39 Washington 

Bartlett Enos, merchant, S E 2d & Vine 
Bartlett E., varieties. Arch & 8th 
Bartlett George, driver, 346 Crown 
Bartlett George 0., photographer, 911 Cherry 
Bartlett Harry M., cashier, 1244 S 10th 
Bartlett Henry, tavern, 1800 Warnoek 


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03 ^ 



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02 CO 




Bartlett Henry A., blacking manufacturer, 115 & 

117 N Front, h 33d & Elm 
BARTLETT H. A. & CO. (He7iry A. Bartlett (^ 

T. Herbert Otiyx), blacking manufacturers, 

115 & 117 N Front 
Bartlett James, dealer, 405 S 6th 
Bartlett James E., merchant, 127 Walnut, bds 716 

Bartlett James, seaman, 420 S 4th 
Bartlett Job, heaters, 239 N 9th, h 924 Arch 
Bartlett John B., merchant, 127 Walnut, bds 716 

Bartlett Joseph B., ranges, 924 Arch, h 239 N 9th 
Bartlett J. R., mer., 228 S 4th, h 427 S 40th 
Bartlett J. & Son {Job (^ Joseph B. Bartlett), 

heaters, 924 Arch 
Bartlett Mary, china, 608 N 2d 
Bartlett Matilda, 923 Spruce 
BARTLETT, SMITH k CO. {John B. if James E. 

Bartlett 4" Charles L. Smith), petroleum, 127 

Bartlett Thomas, driver, 1904 N 4th 
Bartlett Thomas, gentleman, 5533 Gtn av 
Bartlett Thomas, waterman, 420 S 4th 
Bartlett William, laborer, 1950 Hope 
Bartlett William F., boots & shoes, 527 S 2d 
Bartlett W., hotel, 114 Dock 
Bartley Felix, laborer, r 904 Ogden 
Bartley Henry, grocer, 2609 Lombard 
Bartley John, broker, 708 South 
Bartley Joshua, engineer, Penna av & Girard av 
Bartley AVilliam, brickmaker, Kershaw ab 52d 
Bartley William, fireman, 748 N 22d 
Bartling Henry, 142 Dock, h 211 Gaskill 
Bartling & Schutte {Henry Bartling (^ Frederick 

Sluitte), scroll saw mill, 142 Dock 
Bartman Eliza P., 1510 N 4th 
Bartman Horatio N., 1510 N 4th 
Bartman James P., hotel. Ridge av n Shur's la 
Barto Jonathan, carpt., 1816 Olive 
Bartol B. H., sugar refinery, 1012 Passyunk av, h 

1900 Spruce 
Bartol Harry, clerk, 1900 Spruce 
Bartolett Charles, foreman, 21st & Callowhill, 
Bartolett Charles, lumber mer., 1640 Hewson 
Barton Benjamin H., bricklayer, 1240 S 10th 
Barton B. C, clockmkr, 112 Exchange pi, h 804 

Barton Charles, gentleman, 662 Larch 
Barton Charles, wiremaker, 505 Cresson 
Barton Charles W., lumber, Green st wf, h 1519 

Spring Garden 
Barton Cornelius S., liquors, 758 Swanson 
Barton David L., farmer, 1240 S 10th 
Barton Eleanor, music teacher, 2013 N 5th 
Barton Esther S., 336 S 15th 
Barton Frank, 1326 Chestnut 
Barton Frank, porter, 620 Catharine 
Barton George, foreman, 660 Jay 
Barton George, hats, 428, h 426 S 5th 
Barton George, laborer, 156 N 23d 
Barton George C, hatter, 248 South 
Barton George T., engineer, 804 Green 
Barton Isaac, merchant, 35 S 2d 
Barton Isaac, wholesale grocer, 165 & 167 N 2d, 

h 613 Vine 
BARTON ISAAC & SON {Isaac if J. R. Barton), 

wholesale grocers, 165 & 167 N 2d 
Barton Jacob R., wholesale grocer, 165 & 167 N 

2d, h 613 Vine 
Barton James, tobacco, 304 S 5th 
Barton James Howard, salesman, 311 Market, h 

613 Vine 
Barton James M., grocer, 247 N 3d, h 1917 Green 
Barton John, hat manufr, 422 S 5th 

Barton John, miller, 4073 Mary 

Barton John, tailor, 1421 Ridge av 

Barton John M., clerk, 2013 N 5th 

Barton Joseph, high constable, 248 South 

Barton Joseph, manufacturer, 345 N 6th 

Barton Joseph, wiremaker, 513 Callowhill 

Barton Joshua H., driver, r 516 Christian 

Barton Margaret, seamstress, 1511 Burton 

Barton Mary, dealer, 540 Shippen 

Barton Patrick, store, 2404 Hare 

Barton Rhea J., M.D., 1326 Chestnut 

Barton Rosy, washerwoman, 9 Shaker al 

Barton Ruth R., 1815 N 11th 

BARTON SAMUEL & CO. {Samuel, James M. 

if William H.), wholesale grocers, 247 N 3d 
Barton Samuel, grocer, 247 N 3d, h 532 N 4th 
Barton Sarah N., Mrs., 4753 Main 
Barton Thomas, carpenter, 441 Enterprise 
Barton Thomas E., watchman, 541 Aramingo 
Barton Thompson, printer. 7th & Market 
Barton William, clerk, 428 Gaskill 
Barton William, grocer, 1219 Market, h 2221 

Barton William, grocer, 1219 Market 
Barton William H., grocer, 247 N 3d, h 532 N 

BARTRAM & BROTHER {S. Morris if Isaac 

L.), cloths, &o., 8 N 2d 
Bartram Ellen, dressmaker, 116 N 15th 
Bartram Ernest, druggist clerk, 116 N 15th 
Bartram George, brass cock mkr, 214 Wildey 
Bartram Isaac, clerk, 1600 Chestnut 
Bartram Isaac S., merchant, 8 N 2d, h 21st & 

Bartram James, clerk, 1031 S 6th 
Bartram John, collector, 256 N 12th 
Bartram John, conductor, 1505 N 7th 
Bartram John, riveter, 2312 Collins 
Bartram J. L., Jr., salesman, 8 N 2d, h 21st & 

Bartram Lewis, wheelwright, 521 Fox 
Bartram R. K., 256 N 12th 
Bartram T. S., M.D., 1604 Richmond 
Bartram Wilhelmina, 621 Wharton 
Bartram William, salesman, 2d & Chestnut, h 

452 N 6th 
Bartruffifc Brother {Fourose W. if Charles M.. 

Bartruff), grocers, 8th &, Brown 
Bartruflf Charles M., grocer, 8th & Brown, h 737 

Bartruff Fonrose W., grocer, 8th & Brown, h 737 

Barttleson John, tavern, 116 Lombard 
Baruch B., gentlemen's fur, 948 N 2d 
Barwalds Robert, 314 N 8th 
Barwell Ann, 1716 Wylie 
Barwell William, cigarmaker, 850 Darien 
Barwick Charles, milkman, 1305 Ogden 
Barwick Jacob, shoemaker, 903 Coates 
Barwick Philip, shoemaker, 153 Kirkbride 
Barwick William, engineer, r 1164 Sidney 
Barwig John, tailor, 440 Redwood 
Barwis Henry, laborer, 107 Gillingham, Fkd 
Barwis Samuel, tailor, 16 Church, Fkd 
Barzan Mathias, store keeper, 4328 Cresson, Myk 
Basch George W., carman, 1712 N 12th 
Bascom Ashley, furniture, 735 S 11th 
Bascom Henry B., tailor, 120 S 10th, h 635 S 11th 
Bascom H., M.D., 906 Filbert 
Bascom Warley, bedding, 261 S 8th, h 735 S 11th 
Basel Fritz, porter, 445 Belrose 
Basen Annie, beer saloon, 418 Noble 
Basford John, stocking weaver, 31 Washington 

av, Gtn 
Bash M., fancy furs, 249 Arch 




Bashart George, artist, 1232 Mervine 

Bashen Fred., gentleman, 2203 Linn 

Bashen George, cutter, 2203 Linn 

Bashler Christian, tavern, h 2052 Coateg 

Basine Harry, bookbinder, 241 Chester 

Baske John," engineer, U S N, 506 Dauphin 

Baskerville Mary, 1320 S 15th 

Basketer Charles, laborer, 1305 Rodman 

Basketer John, driver, 1305 Rodman 

Basler Charles F., basket maker, 1016 Vernon 

Easier David, morocco dresser, 434 Mellwain 

Basler Gottlieb, butcher, 852 Orchard 

Basler Henry, driver, 1138 X 4th 

Basler Henry, drover, 6 Autumn 

Basler Jacob, beer saloon, 1511 Callowhill 

Basler John, baker, 1216 Fitzwater 

Bass Chesney, barber, 306 S 12th 

Bass Henry," carter, 1033 S 7th 

Bass Isaac, carpenter, 1605 Deal 

Bass Marv, 225 Yaughan 

Bass Thomas G., tobacconist, 903 South 

Basser Frederick, baker, 1813 Seybert 

Bassert Charles, clerk, 1008 Ogden 

Basset Archibald, carter, 1845 Cedar 

Bassett Alexander J., dentist, 245 S 9th 

Bassett Benjamin, sailmaker, 424 S Del av, h 

201 X 5th 
Bassett Ebenezer D., teacher, 921 Shippen 
Bassett Emeline, 2111 Tulip 
Bassett James, waterman, 3518 Asher 
Bassett Jane, chambermaid, 608 Ronaldson 
Bassett Josiah, Jr., merchant, 525 Market, h 

1726 Mt Vernon 
Bassett Lewis D., cheese dealer, 324 Greenwich 
Bassett Mark S., tinsmith, 422 Callowhill 
Bassett Susan, 313 N 6th 

BASSET S H., druggist, JS" W cor 5th & Car- 
Bassing William, steel plate maker, 236 Noble 
Bassit Marv, seamstress, 627 Washington av 
Bassitt Mrs. 922 S 4th 
Bassitt Isaac C carpenter, 616 Paul 
Bassitt Sarah Ann, 616 Paul 
Bassitt William H., brass finisher, r 612 E 

Bassler Gottlieb, Inger beer, 174 Girard av 
Bassler Frederick, brewer, 2327 X 7th 
Bassler Michael, salesman, 1239 X 11th 
Basso John D., printer, 1318 Columbia av 
Basson Henry, laborer, 811 S 13th 
Bassonet Anna, 335 Pine 

Bast Emanuel, coal miner & shipper, 207 Wal- 
nut, h Ashland 
Bast Ephraim, shoemaker, 2266 Tyson 
Bast John, grocer. Ridge av <§; Wallace, h 815 X 

Bast Mark, 815 X Broad 
Bast Valentine, machinist, 931 Ontario 
Bastain Catharine, 1336 Passyunk av 
Bastain Jacob, laborer, 1303 'S 8th 
Bastarble Daniel, stonemason, 4016 Pratt 
Basten Huber, jeweller, 301 S 7th 
Basten W., jeweller, 301 S 7th 
Bastert George, prof, of music, 1231 Monterey 
Bastert William, barber, 1534 Ridge 
Bastian Anthony, paper stainer, 417 Catharine 
Bastian Daniel, carpenter, 124 Morris 
Bastian Edwin, cooper, 822 Leonard 
Bastian H., jewelry, 618 Chestnut, h S E 7th & 

Bastian Harry, laborer, 6th n Somerset 
Bastian John, gentleman, 417 Catharine 
Bastian John, railroad iron, 406 Library 
Bastian John A., machinist, 1303 S Sth 
Bastian Joseph, paperhanger, 926 Wharton 

Bastian W., jewelry, 618 Chestnut, h S E 7th & 

BASTIAX W. & CO. (W. SfH. Bastian), manuf. 

jewelry, 618 Chestnut 
Bastien Julius, tailor, 104 Vine 
Bastin Joseph, laborer, 1225 S 2d 
Bastin Sam. H., clerk, 2216 Tamaqua 
Batcer Jacob, laborer, 2412 Germantown av 
Batcle Jacob, spike maker, Pollard n Canal 
Eatchler Jesse, candy maker, 4921 Gtn av 
Batchelor John R., tobacconist, 1108 Girard av 
Batchellor & Brother {Edward <^ William 

Batchellor) , cigars, 23 X 2d & 337 X 3d 
Batchellor Edward, cigars, 23 X 2d, h Wood 

ab 2d 
Batchellor William, cigars, 23 X 2d, & 337 N 3d 
Batchelor George, cigarmaker, 81 Coates 
Bateman Amos, clerk, r 961 X 2d 
Bateman Benjamin, turner, bds 217 Race, 
Bateman George, carter, 84 Culvert 
Bateman Henry S., grocer, 31 Almond 
Bateman James, wool broker, 122 S Front, h 35th 

ab Race 
Bateman Joel, sea captain, 1006 X 5th 
Bateman John, carter, 1027 Parrish 
Bateman John, salesman, 219 Market, h 139 Arch 
Bateman John, turner, bds 217 Race 
Bateman Jonathan !M., laborer, r 106 Federal 
Bateman Joseph, knitter, 4500 Miller 
Bateman Julia, Mrs., r 5161 Germantown av 
Bateman Samuel, clerk, 243 S 6th 
Bateman Walter M., carpenter, 65 Unity 
Bateman William, grocer, 31 Almond 
Bateman William E., cabinetmaker, 31 Almond 
Bateman William 0., att'y-at-law, 611 Walnut 
Bater John, tailor, 1129 Coates 
Battersby James, engineer. 167 Cotton 
Bates Aaron, liquors, 500 Dauphin 
Bates Alfred, laborer, 812 Charlotte 
Bates Allen, blacksmith, 876 Perth, h 1244 Olive 
Bates Anthonv, weaver. 1623 Hope 
Bates Austin, laborer, 1310 Whitehall 
Bates Benjamin, clerk, 927 Buttonwood 
Bates Charles, tailor, 1 Greenock pi 
Bates Charles E., tobacconist, 600 X 4th 
Bates & Coates (Joseph W. Bales ^ Andrew 

Coates), importers, 209 Church 
Bates Cornelius S.. soap, 1230 X Front 
Bates David, stock broker, 27 S 3d, h 607 N 7th 
BATES EDWARD P., 400 Walnut, h 1819 

Bates Edwin, grocer, Bethlehem pike, C Hill 
Bates Frederick, clerk, 1314 Movamensing av 
Bates George W., box manuf., 9 S 4th,h 225 Lom- 

Bates George, conductor, 2325 Coates 
Bates George, seaman, 1329 Button 
Bates George L., dealer, h 911 Charlotte 
Bates George W., candy manuf., 421 Wildey 
Bates Henry, bootfltter, 805 Xew Market 
Bates & Hershman (TF. F. Bates 4- J. W. Hersh- 

rrura) carpenters, 12 Fetter la 
Bates Isaiah gas meter inspector, bds 310 Cherry 
Bates Isaiah, Sr., stoves, 1635 X 13th 
Bates Jacob, clerk, 1311 Myrtle 
Bates Jacob K., liquor merchant, 660 X 12th 
Bates James, laborer, 544 Charter 
Bates John, 707 Wallace 
Bates John, brickmaker, 4 White 
Bates John, gentleman, 1222 Rodman 
Bates John, laborer, 2014 Xaudain 
Bates John J., bartender, 916 Xoble 
Bates John J., liquors, 817 Filbert 
Bates John S., salesman 1203 Fitzwater 
Bates John W., gilder, 1119 Citron^ 





o ^ 


O C4> 

>-i o 












o "^ 



Bates Joseph, gentleman, 163.3 Chestnut 

Bates Joseph, roller, 6 Laurel 

Elites Joseph S., clerk, 514 Dickerson 

Bates Joseph W., importer, 209 Church, h 1814 

Bates Louis H., machinist, 805 Spring Garden 
Bates Lydia, 6 Laurel 
Bates Mary L., dressmaker, 805 Spring Garden 

Bates , wheelwright, 609 Lorain 

Bates Peter, shoemaker, 4106 Paul 

Bates Richard, pattern maker, 6 Laurel 

Bates Robert, conductor, 22.J N 41st 

Bates Robert, elocutionist, 730 S 8th 

Bates Samuel P., carpenter, 2914 Market 

Bates Samuel H., butcher, 1016 Brown 

Bates Sarah, 940 N 8th 

Bates Silas, combmaker, 618 E. Thompson 

Bates Stockton, stock bro. 27 S 3d, h 607 N 7th 

BATES THOMAS H., ladies' shoes, 255 S 16th 

Bates Walter P., carpenter, 13 Fetter la, h 1034 

Bates William, carpenter, 1204 Clarion 
Bates William, clerk, 653 N 12th 
Bates William, combmaker, 618 E Thompson 
Bates William, cordwainer, 1331 Hewson 
Bates William, shoemaker, 447 N 10th 
Bates William IL, bookbinder, 927 Buttonwood 
Bates William W., printer, 811 Market, h 1103 

Bateson James, shoes, 752 Passyunk av 
Bateson John, builder, 1003 S 12th 
Bateson John, shoemaker, r 1710 N 8th 
Batey Elizabeth, r 611 Vincent 
Batey Hugh, dyer, 2317 Hamilton 
Batey William, brakesman, r 1123 Thurlow 
Batezel & Blaker {Edy-ard Batezel (^ Frank S. 

BiiLcr), groceries, 124 Orthodox 
Batezel John, type finisher, 312 Dove pi 
Bath Theodore K., clerk, Perkioraen n 19th 
Batho Walter, carpenter, 946 Washington av 
BATON EDGAR F., jeweller, 722 Chestnut, h 

332 Dickinson 
Baton Henry, jeweller, 331 Greenwich 
Batson Ritson, clerk, 1137 Ellsworth 
Batt Benjamin, laborer, 321 Bridge, Whitehall 
Bait David, watchman, 411 N 16th 
Batt John P., Jr., clerk, 262 N 4th, h 1123 Han- 
Batt J. P., grocer, 262 N 4th, h 1123 Hancock 
Batt Mary, 1522 Noble 
Batt Richard, blacksmith, 407 Columbia av, h 

411 Columbia av 
Bntt Theodore K., grocer, 262 N 4th, h 701 Per- 
Batt William H., bricklayer, Sepviva 
Batt William. H.. teacher, 507 Enterprise 
Batten Nelson, M.D., 811 Race 
Battasbury William, conductor, 1509 Spring 
Battersby George, painter, 805 N 19th 
Battersby Henry, milkman, 908 N 19th 
Battersby Jeremiah S., painter, 4832 Frankford 
Battersbv Mary, gentlewoman, 4832 Fkd av 
Battersby Wilfiam. moulder, 4832 Fkd av 
Eatterson Herman G., Rev., 1229 Arch 
Battes Jacob H., coach trimmer, 307 Redwood 
Battes William, coach trimmer, 1443 S 5th 
Battes William, gentleman, 307 Redwood 
Battey Francis, laborer, 4141 Cresson, Myk 
Battey William, engineer, r 337 S 26th 
Baltics George, printer, 412 Federal 
Battin A Chandler, restaurant, 1733 Market 
Battin Claude B., restaurant, 1733 Market, h 

West Chester, Pa 
Battin H. K., grocer, 2023 Cedar 
Batton Joseph, foreman, 516 N 40th 

BATTIN SAMUEL, grocer, 348 N 2d, h 848 

Battis Charles H., waterman, 1324 S Front 
Battis Edward, laborer, 1 Newkirk 
Battis John, brickmaker, 1 Newkirk 
Battis Nicholas, laborer, r 229 Marion 
Biittis Richard, clerk, 1418 N loth 
Battis Sarah, 807 Emeline 
Battis Stephen, Mrs., 2020 Vine 
Battle John, weaver, 1406 Mascher 
Battles Augustus S., engineers' supplies, 24 N 

6th, h 1852 Mervine 
Battley Joshua, machinist, 2 Newbold 
Battomly Andrew, cigars, 4219 Main, Myk 
Batton Mifflin, laborer, 814 N 19th 
Batton AVashington, paintmaker, 543 Mercury 
Batts Alfred, porter, 117 Poplar 
Batts John, carpenter, 1821 Rhoads 
Batts John, Jr., moulder, 1821 Rhoads 
Biitts Lavinia, boarding house, 117 Poplar 
Batture Sophia, 2018 Vine 
Bntturs John, mule spinner, 171 Gay 
Batturs Richard M.. deputy clerk 0. C, 3 State 

House row, h 1418 N 13th 
Batturs William N., clerk, 1107 S 2d 
Batturs W. N., clerk. 124 S Front, h 2018 Vine 
Batty Henry, cabinetmaker, 547 N 12th 
Batty James, boatman, 4023 Cresson, Myk 
Batty Job, picker, 406 Serrill 
Batty John, grocery, 734 S 20th 
Batty Lucy. 165 Scott's la, Falls 
Baty James, 1426 N 2d 
Batz Ernest, tailor, 1611 Germantown av 
Batzel Jacob, grocer, 433 Mellwain 
Batzell Ludwig, shoemaker, 1347 Hewson 
B.atzla John, tailor, 926 Marshall 
Bauch Charles, watchman, 4444 Baker, Myk 
Baueh Julius, cigar manufacturer, 1110 Coates 
Baude Stephen R., smith. 122 Cottage 
Baude AVilliam, shipsmith, 413 Mellwain 
Raude AVilliam A., blacksmith, 413 Mellwain 
Bander Jacob F., victualler, 1508 S 4th 
Bauer Abraham, filer, 108 Unity 
Bauer Adam, clerk, 818 Vine 
Bauer Bernhard, shoemaker, 2047 N 5th 
Bauer Charles, druggist, S E 3d <t George 
Bauer Christian, baker, 974 Beach 
Bauer Francis, shoemaker, 1436 N 4th 
Bauer Frederick, brushmaker, 819 N 3d 
Bauer Frederick, hotel, 127 Callnwhill 
Bauer Frederick, importer, 723 Chestnut, h 729 

Bauer Frederick, shoemaker, 433 N 10th 
Bauer Henry, furniture, 255 S 2d, h 212 Lom- 
Bauer Jacob, laborer, 1734 N 3d 
Bauer Jacob, lager beer, 1204 Hancock 
Bauer Jacob F., bottler, 3 Bristow pi 
Bauer John, grocer, 818 Vine 
Bauer John A., cabinetmaker, 255 S 2d, h 212 

Bauer John A. & Son (John A. If Henry Bauer), 

cabinet ware, 255 S 2d 
Bauer Joseph, lager, 1214 N 5th 
Bauer Leonard, Sr. , lager beer saloon, N E Co- 
lumbia av & N 3d 
Bauer Louis G., druggist, Sth A Poplar, h 915 N 

7 th 
Bauer L , salesman, 227 N .3d, h 140 Pegg 
Bauer Philip, laborer 7 Poplar 
Bauer Stephen, wheelwright, 1741 N 4th 
Bauer William, turner, 1141 Adrian 
Bauerle William, driver, 1111 N 3d 
Bauerley George, upholsterer, 407 Garden 
Baugh C. G., hide dealer, 1710 N 2d 




Baugh Daniel, manuf. phosphate, 20 S Del av & 
^Morris st wharf, h 1904 Spring Garden 
Baugh David R., merchant, 605 N 10th 
Baugh Edwin P., manufacturer of raw bone 20 S 

Del av, h 413 S Broad 
BAUGH FRANKLIN, att'y-at-law, 605 Sansom 
Baugh George M., turner, 1846 N 20th 
Baugh George W., att'y-at-law, 212 S 5th 
Baugh Harman, turner, 125 & h 127 Elfreth 
Baugh John P., manufacturer of raw bone, 20 S 

Del av, h 413 S Broad 
Baugh Louis D., leather, 129 S 2d, h 2009 Chest- 
Baugh Mary, 415 S Broad 
Baugh R. N., clerk, 511 Market 
Baugh Samuel, leather merchant, 129 S 2d, h 

2025 Chestnut 
Baugh Samuel, plasterer, 911 Wood- 
BAUGH & SONS (John P., EdwinP. if Daniel) , 
manufacturers Baugh's raw-bone phosphate, 
20 S Del av, & Morris st wharf 
Baugh William, police officer, r 116 Elfreth 
Baugher E. D. , agent, 339 Washington av, Fkd 
Baugher James W., salesman, 525 Market, h 522 

Bauh John, bricklayer, 1750 American 
Baum Abraham, gentleman, 650 Franklin 
Baum Charles, painter, 517 Girard av 
Baum George, morocco finisher, 834 Charlotte 
Baum Hiram, agent, 1035 Spring Garden 
Baum James, bookkeeper, 417 N 9th 
Baum John, hotel, 353 N Water 
Baum John E., hotel, 235 S 12th 
Baum J. J., gentleman, 1508 Green 
Baum Leon, millinery goods, 141 N 2d 
Baum William, carpenter, 1230 Lyndle's al 
Baum William, driver, Diamond <fc American 
Baum William, printer, 1707 Wood 
Bauman Christian, hostler, 2517 Frankford av 
Bauman Gottlieb, potter, 2301 Marshall 
Bauman John, cigars, 1233 N Front 
Bauman John, lampmaker, 1535 Lawrence 
Baumann Adam, locksmith, 1206 Locust 
Baumann Charles, wine merchant, 517 Girard av, 

h 950 N 10th 
Baumann Charles M., provisions, 609 Poplar 
Baumann Conrad, 849 N 13th 
Baumann Franz J., barber, 150 Coates 
Baumann Frederick, tailor, 920 Morgan 
Baumann J., turner, 235 Race, h 323 Buttonwood 
Baumbach Valentine, bootfitter, 917 Percy 
Baumback John, 5 Grampian pi, r 705 N 13th 
Baumeister Frank, 5033 Thomas, White Hall 
Baumeister, Joseph, grocer, 830 Charlotte 
Baumgsertner Vincent, painter, 1143 Dunton 
Baumgagter Joseph, laborer, 2 Cowperthwait pi 
Baumgartel John, stockings, 1254 Cadwalader 
Baumgarten Henry, drygoods, 4324 Main, Myk 
Baumgartner John, shoemaker, r 620 Hermitage 
Baumgartner Joseph, barber, 1021 Jefferson 
Baumgartner Joseph, locksmith, 38 S 16th 
Baumweister Casper, coffee roaster, 1202 N 3d 
Baun Edward, sailmaker, 1129 Hewston 
Baun Joseph, moulder, 1129 Hewston 
Baur John, cooper, 913 Passyunk av 
Bans Amanda, r 538 Linden 
Baus John, carpenter, 1512 N 22d 
Bans Peter, laborer, 1916 Orianna 
Bauseh Charles, hotel, 1013 N 3d 
Baush Charles, hotel, 1022 Poplar 
Baush Thomas S., laborer, r 1009 Ogden 
Eausline Levi L., carpenter, 518 Worth 
Baulties Catharine, 1124 Watkin 
Bautier Charles, laborer, 1124 Watkin 
Bavard Milton M., watchmr, 4362 Cresson, Myk 

Bavington John, 739 Green 

Bavis Edmund, printer, 1240 S 4th 

Bavis Samuel A., printer, S E Chesnut & 10th, h 

749 Florida 
Bavis Stephen T., cabinetmaker, r 314 Shippen 
Bawl James, moulder, 2015 Reeves 
Bawl Robert, grocer, 1913 Carlton 
Bawn James, printer. 1036 S 9th 
Bawn John G., student, 1036 S 9th 
Bawn Mary, 1036 S 9th 

Baxendale James, machinist. Market n 48th 
Baxendale Robert, polisher, 360 Kennedy, White 

Baxentine Martha, Mrs., 4544 Paul 
Baxendine Thomas, farmer, Adams ab Sellers 
Baxter Clara, dressmaker, 718 Russell 
Baxter David, paper maker, 105 Jefferson 
Baxter David C., assessor, 454 n 8th 
Baxter Edgar, upholsterer, 4745 Germantown av 
Baxter Edward C., porter, 606 Ronaldson 
BAXTER EDWARD P., 400 Walnut, h 1819 

Baxter George, morocco finisher, Pegg n Front 
Baxter Harry F., M.D , 228 Pine 
Baxter Isaac B., gentleman, 1037 S 5th 
Baxter Isaac B., Jr., hardware, 522 S 2d, h 228 

Baxter James, woolsorter, 4520 Miller 
Baxter James C, house carpenter, r 934 New 

Baxter James C. Jr., salesman, r 934 New Mar- 
Baxter John, laborer, back of Haverford 
Baxter John, watchman, 1114 Ohio 
Baxter John, groceries, 901 S 2d, h 937 S 3d 
Baxter I. B., Jr., & M. (Isaac B.,Jr., Sr Mitchell 

Baxter), hardware, 522 S 2d 
Baxter Mitchell, hardware, 522 S 2d, h 1037 S 

5 th 
Baxter Robert, 1122 Poplar 
Baxter Robert, engraver, Delaware n Home av, 

Baxter Robert, sawyer, 1020 Moyer 
Baxter Samuel, carpenter, 402 York 
Baxter Samuel, laborer, 1229 Tilton 
Baxter Thomas, currier, 1010 Bonner pi 
Baxter Thomas, clerk, 216 ^ Walnut, h 1010 Bon- 
ner pi 
Baxter Thomas, porter, 623 S 12th 
Baxter Thomas E., carpenter, 1731 Barker 
BAXTER THOMAS H., surgical & instrument 

case manufacturer, 23 N 6th, h 1633 Stiles 
Baxter William, chairmaker, 1009 S Otsego, h 

Mary above Front 
Baxter William, clerk, 901 S 2d 
Baxter William B., ornamenter, 110 Mary 
Bay Jacob, sugar refiner, 452 St. John 
Bayard Ann, 219 Queen 
Bayard A. C, private boarding school, 1418 

Bayard Charles M., banker, cor Johnson & Mor- 
Bayard Charles P., broker, 209 Chestnut, h 5519 

Girard av 
Bayard George, Sr., gentleman, 923 S 6th 
Bayard George P., carpenter, 923 S 6th 
Bayard Hudson, laborer, 312 Trout 
Bayard James, attorney-at-law, 1612_Locust 
Bayard John, stevedore, 622 Carpenter 
Bayard Mary, 919 S 6th 
Bayard S. J., secretary & A RR Co., 206 S 

Delaware av 
Bayard Thomas R., butcher, 916 S 6th 
Bayard William, 180 Meadow 
Bayberry John, shoemaker, 1107 Poplar 



t— ' 
















i-H o3 


• i-H 


U o 
M c3 




Bayes Alexandria, hotel, 605 Poplar 
Bayer Charles, turner, 4902 Penn, Fkd 
Bayers Drew, seaman, 408 Fenner pi 
Bayersdorfer M. M. & Co., albumen paper, 261 N 

Bayersdorfer M. M., manufacturer, 261 N 3d, h 

418 Wood 
Bayersdorfer William, tailor, 336 N 2d 
Bayha John, -coach manufacturer, 480 St John 
Baylan John, laborer, r 1122 N Front 
Baylan Patrick, carter, 1430 Edgemont 
Bayle Christopher B., harness maker, 1424 Stiles 
Bayle Francis, gardener, 627 S 13th 
Bayle John, salesman, 907 S 13th 
Bayle John F., clerk, 1424 Stiles 
Bayle Patrick, dyer, 1228 Fulton 
Bayle Samuel, salesman, 907 S 11th 
Bayle Samuel, Jr., agent, 907 S 13th 
Bayles Andrew i)., flour, 1022 Ridge av 
Bayles A. D. & Co. (Andrew D. if James), flour, 

1022 Ridge av 
Bayles Charles W., coachsmith, 727 Oxford 
Bayles James, flour, 1022 Ridge av 
Bayles Nathaniel, shoemaker, 1019 Artisan 
Bayley Mrs. E., hoop skirts, 812 Vine 
Bayley Fritz, musician, 167 Poplar 
Bayley Harwin P , salesman, 127 Market, h 150 

Bayley Henry, shoemaker, 743 Passyunk av 
Bayley Samuel H., 906 Melon 
Bayley William, tailor, 822 Essex 
Bayley William K., band master, 150 Dana 
Bayliff Elizabeth, r 4226 Main 
Baylis John, gentleman, 760 S 10th 
BAYLISS & DARBY (Josepk Bayliss if Ed. 

Darby), wireworkers, 226 Arch 
Bayliss Joseph, wireworker, 226 Arch, h 1329 

Bayliss Mary, 129 N 16th 
Bayliss Thomas C, rustic maker, 129 N 16th 
Baylitts Benjamin J., cooper, 1014 S 7th 
Baylon David W., bookkeeper, 814 N 20th 
Bayly James W., painter, 137 Siegel 
Bayman Louis, seaman, 611 Guilford 
Baymer Lewis, laborer, r 766 S Front 
Baymore Joseph, sparmaker, 123 Almond 
Baymore Robert, spars, 326 Lombard 
Baymore Samuel, police, 122 Mead 
BAYNE & CO. (John D. Bayne (Jj- Thomas J. 

Berry), Franklin steam bakery, 113 & 115 

Bayne Mrs., 6 Forest pi 
Bayne Mrs., boarding house, 814 S 7th 
Bayne D. S., cabinetmaker, 22 South 
Bayne James, 325 Reed 
Bayne James, boiler maker, 434 Enterprise 
Bayne John D , Franklin steam bakery, 113 & 115 

Queen, h 325 Reed 
Bayne James H., case maker, 613 Paul 
Bayne Joseph W , gasfitter, 2030 Pine 
Bayne J., rulemaker, 2030 Pine 
Bayne Mary, boarding house, 814 S 7th 
Bayzely Robert, laborer, 1628 S 3d 
Bazenmen George, tailor, 1349 Hewson 
Bazin Emile, upholsterer, 2 Ranstead pi 
Bazin Xavier, perfumer, 917 Cherry, h 321 N 11th 
Bazler Christian, laborer, 1405 Mifflin 
Bazler William, baker, 408 New Market 
Bazely John E., ship broker, 122 S Delaware av, 

h 1806 De Lancey pi 
BAZLEY J. E. & CO. (J. E. Bazley if Frederick 

Stovell), ship brokers, 122 S Delaware av 
Bazely Thomas, wharf builder, 1231 Charlotte 
Bea John, tailor, 1218 N 4th 
Beach Anthony, helper, 4442 Baker, Myk 

Beach David, hatter, 612 Sylvester 

Beach Elliot, clerk, 712 Chestnut, h 922 Spruce 

Beach Frederick, blacksmith, 924 Hamilton 

Be.ach George 0., gent, 1526 North 

Beach Isaac P., weaver, 146 Siegle 

Beach Martin M., M.D., 225 N 41st 

Beach Mary, teacher of dancing, 1431 N 12th 

Beach Thomas, engineer, 124 Mead 

Beach T., machinist, 1151 S 15th 

Beach William, currycomb manufactory, York 

bel 2d. h 2028 N 7th 
Beacher George J., tanner, 2220 Lynn 
Beachell John H.. gent, 317 Vine 
Beacher J. H., clerk, 105 S 4th, h 810 Erie 
Beachman Patrick, laborer, 1424 Cadwalader 
Beachtle George, shoemaker, 455 Franklin 
Beachtel John, bartender, 41st & Haverford 
Beacon Morris, weaver, 2051 South 
Beadle, E. R., Rev., 205 S 6th 
Beagan Patrick, boxraaker, 1406 N 4th 
Beagary John, merchant, 5 N Water, h Cam- 
den, N. J. 
Beagle Henry, gentleman, 512 Noble 
Beagle Henry, ham© manuf, Magnolia & Willow, 

h 410 N 5th 
Beagle Henry, Jr., hame manuf, Magnolia & Wil- 
low, h 410 N 5th 
Beagle Thomas, blacksmith, 512 Noble 
Beahan John, 974 N 6th 
Beakle Louis, tanner, 1417 Brinton 
Beakley John, driver, 1843 Ginnodo 
Baal Alice, 1117 Mark's la 
Beal Benjamin, boot & shoe manufacturer, 25 N 

4th, bds 717 Arch 
Beal Francis P., grocer, 401 Richmond 
Beal George M.D., hay dealer, 1625 N 8th 
Beal Joseph, carpenter, 1438 Camac 
Beal Lewis, inspector, P RR, h 3621 Lancaster 
Beal Lewis, laborer, 3621 Lancaster 
Beal Samuel, machinist, 419 Norris 
Beal Sarah, clairvoyant, 2204 A 
Beal Richard, painter, r 220 N Juniper 
Beal William, showcase manufacturer, 115 Laurel 
Beal William, showcases, 153 N 4th 
Beale Charles, police, 939 New Market 
Beale Charles W., drover, 1837 N 2d 
Beale C., 1505 Vine 
BEALE EDMOND, M.D., 602 S 2d 
Beale Edmund, S.D., dentist, 228 S 21st 
Beale Elizabeth, 17 Holland pi 
Beale John, drayiuan, 251 Marker 
Beale Joseph, M.D., 1805 De Lancey pi 
Beale Joseph B., artist, 1117 Girard 
Beale Matthias L., clerk, 332 Mcllwain 
Beale Susan A., 332 Mcllwain 
Beale Stephen T., M.D., dentist, 1117 Girard 
Beale S. T., Jr., dentist, 1117 Girard 
Beale William A., merchant tailor, 114 S 10th, h 

1505 Vine 
Bealer Abraham, tailor, 2044 Apple 
Bealer Christian, laborer, 2236 Trenton av 
Bealer Jacob, shoemaker, 2236 Trenton av 
Bealer Michael, carpenter, 1528 Thompson 
Beall Cunner, clerk, b h, 338 Lombard 
Beall Theodore S., flour, 327 & 329 S Front, h 

417 S 3d 
Beals Harry, grocer, 1424 Thompson 
Bealy Eliza, 420 Ella 
Beam Abraham, carpet weaver, 4407 Baker, 

Beam Albert C, bricklayer, 3721 Centre 
Beam Alexander F., oil merchant, 119 Arch, h 

1410 Chestnut 
Beam Anna, dressmaker, 613 S 5th 
Beam Anthony, cordwainer, r 1018 Leithgow 




Beam A. F. & Co. {A. F. Beam 4- E. L. Wendell), 

dealers in oils, 119 Arch 
Beam Charles, anchors, N Delaware avab Green, 

h Delaware av & Poplar 
Beam Charles E., paperhanger, 834 Knox 
Beam Christian, gentleman, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam &, Evans {John Beam, (J- Malilon Evans), 

produce dealers, 62 N Water 
Beam E. K., druggist, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Frank, weaver, 128 Oak, Myk 
Beam Jacob H., gentleman, 317 Crown 
Beam Jacob S., painter, 140 S 3d, h 537 Spruce 
Beam James, shoemaker, 251 N Front 
Beam Jesse B., bricklayer, 3721 Centre 
Beam John, shoemaker, 834 Knox 
Beam John, merchant, 62 N Water, h 1408 Fawn 
Beam John A., painter, 140 S 3d, h 537 Spruce 
Beam Michael, 2443 Collins 
Beam Patiles, laborer, 415 Mcllwain 
Beam k Rex (Charles Beam 4" Wllloughhy W. 

Rex), anchors & chains, N Delaware av ab 

Beamer Catharine, 939 S 6th 
Beamer Devitt C, printer, 939 S 6th 
Beamer G. H., carriage maker, 916 Cherry, h 

118 Elwvn 
Beamer Philip, laborer, 2319 N 2d 
Beame Samuel H., liquor dealer, 1135 Ellsworth 
Beamer William H., blacksmith, 118 Elwyn 
Beamish Alethea, 914 N 6th 
Beamish Charles, grocer, 1424 Marshall 
Beamish Esther, 1023 Vienna 
Beamish John, hats, 534 S 15th 
Beamish John, hatter, 1031 Stocker 
Beamish Eichard, plumber, 914 N 6th 
Bean Albert G. R. , paperhanger, 426 Enterprise 
Bean F. Asbury, M.D., 91 Coates 
Bean George W., hollow ware manufacturer, 1074 

B Dauphin 
Bean Enos, blinds & shades, 149 N 6th 
Bean George, coaehmaker, 830 Auburn 
Bean George R., clerk, 130 S Front, h 44th &, Elm 
Bean G. R.R., bookbinders' materials, 528 Com- 
merce, h 44th k Elm 
Bean Henry, brewer, 2505 Pennsylvania av 
Bean Jackson, laborer, 708 E Dauphin 
Bean Jacob, puddler, N E 24th k Coates 
Bean James W., cooper, 621 Peach 
Bean John, police officer, 426 Appletree 
Bean Lewis, clerk, 1238 Christian 
Bean L. W., bookkeeper, 247 Market 
Bean Samuel, clerk, r 603 Noble 
Beanchini Franco, sugar refiner, 1138 St. John 
Bean William L., carpenter, Ely's av 
Beans A. W., student, 504 Walnut, h 624 Locust 
Beans Catharine, 1232 Stiles 
Beans Edwin K., agent, 2346 Palethorp 
Beans George H., saddler, 824 Buttonwood 
Beans George S., bookkeeper, 617 Chestnut, h 

933 Kurtz 
Beans Jacob Z., clerk, 1639 N 13th 
Beans Josiah, knitter, 1522 Philip 
Beans Martha, 2114 Mount Vernon 
Bear Abraham, shoemaker, 730 South 
Bear Andrew J., grocer, 808 Passyunk av 
Bear Errias, tobacconist, 1616 Market 
Bear Frank, silverplater, 268 N 4th 
Bear John T., eigarmaker, 1516 Market 
Bear S., salesman, 435 Market, bds 831 Market 
Bear William S., clerk, bds 416 N 3d 
Beard Mrs., 1427 Shippen 
Beard Ann, 1042 Ward 
Beard David, conductor, 515 Watkins 
Beard David, laborer, 211 S 24th 
Beard Eliza, washing, 1 Clawges ct 

Beard George, paperhanger, 1315 Rodman 
Beard James, paper stainer, 1321 Rodman 
Beard John P., salesman, 413 Market, bds Mer- 
chants' hotel 
Beard Morton, shoemaker, 1315 N 10th 
Beard Nicholas, Jr., victualler, 1552 N 5th 
Beard Nicholas, victualler, 1634 N 5th 
Beard Thomas, carpenter, O'Neil & Howard 
Beard William, butcher, 846 Charlotte 
Beardslee A. A., dental laboratory, 54 N 10th 
Beardslee Theodore, refiner, 416 Reed 
Beardslee Thomas B., carpenter, 223 Greenwich 
Beardslee William, dentist, 223 Greenwich 
Beardsley William, weaver, 4546 Miller 
Beardwood & McComb [Thomas Beardwood (^ 

William McComb), woollen finishers, 2 S 23d 
Beardwood Thomas, woollen finisher, 2 S 23d, h 

24th k Pagoda 
Bearing John, gardener, r 168 James, Myk 
Bearman John, laborer, 518 Jefierson 
Beams Robert, tavern, 23 Reed 
Bearwald Augustus, cutter, 2218 Callowhill 
Beasley Henry, shoemaker, 219 Washington av 
Beastall Francis, mason, 37 Orthodox 
Beastall Mary, 19 Worrell 
Beastall William H., joiner, 4642 Franklin 
Beasten George, sawyer, 1819 Tatlow 
Beaster George, gilder, 1219 Christian 
Beastt John, laborer, 2324 Spring Garden 
Beates Henry, druggist, 224 N 3d, h 217 Jacoby 
BEATES & MILLER [Henry Beates (\- William 

J. Miller), wholesale druggists, 224 N 3d 
Beath John R., machinist, 315 Girard av 
Beath Robert B., bookkeeper, 133 Walnut, h 801 

S 10th 
Beath Susan E., 315 Girard av 
Beath William, blacksmith, 315 Girard av 
Beaton David, patterns, 2102 Callowhill 
Beaton John, confectionery, 259 S 10th 
Beaton Joseph, moulder, 413 N 24th 
Beaton Mary, millinery, 261 S 10th 
Beaton Robert T., drygoods, 2102 Callowhill 
Beattie Andrew, machinist, 1230 Cass 
Beattie Robert A., upholsterer, 1336 South 
Beattie Robert H., merchant, 25 S Water, h 823 

S 3d 
Beattie Susanna A., trimmings, 1001 Clement 
Beattie Thomas H., shoemaker, 628 Clearfield 
Beatting John, cooper, 1147 Jackson 
Beatty Christopher, carpenter, 4139 Cresson, Myk 
Beatty George, cabinetmaker, 1946 Gtn av 
Beatty George, gentleman, 1421 Walnut 
Beatty George H., express, 2006 Fitzwater 
Beatty Hugh, weaver, 1243 Albert 
Beatty James, builder, 2114 Greer 
Beatty James, clerk. Brewery pi, r 722 S Juniper 
Beatty James, laborer, 623 S 13th 
Beatty James, printer, 113 Elfreth 
Beatty John, grocery, 3304 Ridge av 
Beatty John, laborer, 1734 Olive 
Beatty John, grocer, 734 S 20th 
Beatty John, laborer, 1018 S 7th 
Beatty John C, edge tool manuf, 501 Commerce, 

h Media 
Beatty Joseph, carpet weaver, 2116 Carrol 
Beatty James, flour k feed, 2119 Frankford av 
Beatty Joseph T., carpenter, 1530 S 5th 
Beatty Lydia, 1213 Hancock 
Beatty Mary, 1102 S Front 
Beatty Mary E., 920 Rodman 
Beatty Moore, drygoods, 1631 South 
Beatty Patrick, tobacconist, 136 N 5th 
Beatty Robert, clerk, 1330 Lombard 
Beatty Robert H., clerk, 1530 S 5th 
Beatty Robert J., laborer, 1607 Moravian 




















O o 


n to 














BEATTY ROBERT W., first assistant auditor 

P RR Co, 238 S 3d, h 741 S 15th 
Beatty Samuel, contractor, 22d n Chestnut, h 

2034 Filbert 
Beatty Samuel, watchman, 113 Elfreth 
Beatty Samuel, laborer, 1514 Carver 
Beattj' Samuel, clerk, 2031 Evergreen 
Beatty Sarah Mrs., 157 Otter 
Beatty Thomas, waiter, 1215 Arch 
Beatty William, laborer, 816 Fernon 
Beatty William, laborer, 805 S 16th 
Beatty William, woollen <fe cotton manuf, 2240 

Coral, h 1428 N 2d 
Beatty William H., machinist, 169 Allen 
Beatty William H., salesman, 501 Commerce 
Beatty William P., edge tool manuf, 501 Com- 
merce, h Del CO 
Beatty William & Sons (JoJui. C. (J- WilH-am P. 

Beatty), edge tool manufrs, 501 Commerce 
Beaty David, laborer, 723 West 
Beaty Ezekiel H., coaehmaker, 1904 Hamilton 
Beaty Joseph, laborer, r 1718 Lombard 
Beaty Joseph F., gentleman, 1729 Francis 
Beaty Mary, 335 New Market 
Beaty Mordecai, roller, 1051 N Front 
Beaty Robert, carpet manuf, 1420 Hanover 
Beaty Robert A., cabinetmaker, 1408 South 
BeatT William, woollen manuf, 142S X 2d 
BEAUMONT G. H., M.D., 809 Race 
Beaumont James W.. foreman, 156 X 5th 
Beaumont Joseph, japanner, 177 Mulberry 
Beaumont William, machinist. 227 Lybrand 
Beaver Adam, boxmaker. 1228 Otis 
Beaver Elizabeth, 181 Gay 
Beaver Ephraim, salesman, r 1119 N 3d 
Beaver George, carpenter. Ridge av n Green la 
Beaver Henry, mason, 423 Spring, Myk 
Beaver Robert, manure. Laurel st whf, h 1616 

Beaver Robert, Jr., clerk, Laurel st whf, h 1435 

Beaver Samuel L., drygoods k trimmings, 2107 

Frankford av 
Beaver Thomas, manuf RR iron, 407 Library, h 

Danville, Pa 
Beavers Charles, tailor, 839 Tasker 
Beavers John, baker, 839 Tasker 
Beazley Charles, bricklayer, 130 Chestnut pi 
Beazley Cornelius A., bricklayer, 130 Chestnut pi 
Beazly Richard R., grocery, Holmesburg 
Bebee Mary A., 1132 Ogden 
Bebler Charles, cooper, 425 Brown 
Bebler George C, carpenter, 1006 S 11th 
Becher Charles K., salesman, 922 Chestnut, h 

1204 Brown 
Becher Frederick, music teacher. 205 N 5th 
Becher T. H., salesman, 922 Chestnut, h 1204 

Becher Hannah, 1204 Brown 
Becher Theodore H., clerk, 1204 Brown 
Bechlar X., photographer, 120 S 2d, h Xorris- 


Bechler Charles, baker. 1120 Locust 
Bechler John, hotel, 316 Crown 
Bechler Lewis, painter, 412 Thompson 
Bechman E.. butcher. 2124 Lawrence 
Beehman Frederick, scalemaker. 1222 X 5th 
Bechman Max, harness maker, 1818 Gtn av 
Bechman Wilson S., waterman, 1209 Hamilton 
Bechman G. F., cord 4 tassel manufacturer, r407 

Becht Adolph, tobacconist, 824 N 4th 
Becht Florentine, tailor, r 237 Coates 
Becht John, hotel, 4419 B.iker. xMyk 
Becht Peter, hat scourer, 230 Thompson 

Becht Philip, tailor, r 831 St John 

Becht i Rose (F. B clu if J. Rose), mers., 327 N 

Bechtel Abraham, real estate, 308 Walnut, h 1139 

Bechtel Abraham, 1139 Coates 
Bechtel Abraham B., dealer, 1632 Amboy 
Bechtel Augustus G., clerk, 31st k Haverford 
Bechtel B. H., groceries, 1312 S 3d 
Bechtel Charles, marble cutter, 2122 Brandywine 
Bechtel Catharine, 347 X 9th 
Bechtel D. B., artist, 1637 Cadbury av 
Bechtel Elizabeth, 1132 Ogden 
BECHTEL & EXO (Geo ge H. Bechtel \ George 

A. Eiw), silverware, 716 Arch 
Bechtel George H., silverware, 716 Arch, h 110 

X 7th 
Bechtel Henry M., 1521 Camac 
Bechtel Henry W., butcher, 1109 Myrtle 
Bechtel Jacob, butcher, 1623 Coates 
Bechtel Jacob, police, 1628 Becket 
Bechtel Jacob, trimmer, 702 Chestnut, h 1623 

Bechtel John, bartender. 2203 X 5th 
Bechtel John, 1523 X 13th 
Bechtel John, clerk, 805 Duane 
Bechtel Joseph, mechanic, 1303 Olive 
Bechtel James C, fork manuf., 4179 Paul 
Bechtel Oliver, 1137 Coates 
Bechtel Paul, carpenter, 464 Broad, Rox 
Bechtel Peter, stonecutter, 2202 Oxford 
Bechtel Sarah, 341 N 9th 
Bechtel William, machinist, 244 Christian 
Bechtel William 0., turner, 7 X 36th 
Bechtel William E., gentleman, 1205 Wallace 
Beehter Anthony, glassblower, 1335 Wheat 
Bechter Christian, hotel, 851 X 4th 
Beehter John, tanner, 850 Randolph 
Bechter Susan, 1311 Heath 
Bechtel J. C, baker, 314 Dean 
Eechtold Christian, cooper, 457 New Market 
Bechtold Joseph, huckster, 1211 Randolph 
Bechtold Lewis, lager, S W 4th <fe Thompson 
Bechtold Wm., tobacco factory, 803 Girard av 
Bechtold Wm., engineer, 2036 Poplar 
Bechtolds Valentine, Mrs., restaurant, Marshall & 


Beck , moulder, 20 Richmond 

Beck Adam, cabinetmaker. 1303 Hutchison 

Beck Adley, shoemaker, 238 X 20th 

Beck Alexander, carpet manuf., 1339 Cherry, h 

845 X 16th 
Beck Alexander salesman, 217 Chestnut, h 1333 

Beck Allen, laborer, 107 Green 
BECK AMAXDUS, Merchant's House. 413 & 415 

X 3d 
Beck Andrew, weaver, 1947 Hope 
Beck Anna, 2226 Franklin 
Beck Anthony, musician. 746 Florida 
Beck Augustus T., com. mer., 2000 Brandywine 
Beck B., bootfitter, 1008 Ridge av 
Beck A Bro. {Jucoh Beck ^ J. G. Stevenson Bed) 

tobacconists, 828 Market 
Beck Casper, cabinetmaker, 1205 S 8th 
BECK CHARLES, dealer glazed papers, 215 

N 3d, h 272 X 4th 
Beck Charles, tinsmith, 974 X Front 
Beck Charles, professor music, 32 X 15th 
Beck Charles, U. S. Mint, h 1908 Parrish 
Beck Charles W., painter, 611 X 5lh 
Beck Christopher, glassblower, 935 York 
BECK 4 DOEBLEY (Ricliard H. Beck {^ Ferdi- 
nand Doebley), reed and heddle manuf., 437 





Beck Eliza, 223 Marion 

Beck Elmer E., telegraph operator P RR 

Beck Emma, 1507 Swain 

Beck Florian, flour store, 103 Green 

Beck Frederick, driver, 1113 Buttonwood 

Beck Frederick, tailor, 1240 Callowhill 

Beck George, blacksmith, 822 Charlotte 

Beck George, butcher, 1014 Buttonwood 

Beck George, farmer, 7 Sultzer 

Beck George, harnessmaker, 1037 Charlotte 

Beck George, laborer, 907 Ogden 

Beck George, Jr., polisher, 907 Ogden 

Beck George, lager beer, 3404 Germantown av 

Beck George, weaver, 2023 Bodine 

Beck Gottlieb, beer saloon, 803 Callowhill 

Beck Harry, cooper, 1629 Becket 

Beck Henrv, musician, 923 S 11th 

Beck Henry F., flour, 101 Peg, h 1766 Bodine 

BECK HENRY PAUL, gentleman, 2049 Walnut 

Beck & Hottel {Henry F. Beck ^ Joseph B. Hot- 

tel), flour, 101 Peg 
Beck Isaac, dealer, 709 Evangelist 
Beck Isaac, engineer, 1346 Brown 
Beck Jacob B , carpenter, 1203 Potts 
Beck Jacob, turner, 1008 S 6th 
Beck Jacob, tobacconist, 828 Market 
Beck Jacob H., musician, 923 S 11th 
Beck Jacob P., stationer, 216 Callowhill 
Beck James, teacher, 2024 Vine 
Beck James M., musician, 746 Florida 
Beck James S., undertaker, 205 Centre 
Beck John, cabinetmaker, 2028 N 2d 
Beck John, clothing, 1208 N 2d 
Beck John, engineer, 2215 Coates 
Beck John, boxmaker, 235 New 
Beck John, carpenter, 79 Herman 
Beck John, gentleman, 832 N 15th 
Beck John, grocer, 1762 N 6th 
Beck John, porter, 424 New Market 
Beck John, printer, 105 Mifflin 
Beck John, shoemaker, 1203 Locust 
Beck John, tailor, 1017 Hamilton 
Beck John, tailor, 855 Charlotte 
Beck John C, cabinetmaker, 39 N 20th 
Beck John G. S., tobacconist, 828 Market, h 1016 

Beck John 0., jeweller, 1219 Lancaster 
Beck Joseph, laborer, 109 Tasker 
Beck Joseph, shoemaker, 1156 S 10th 
Beck Julius, carver, 2 Baker's ct 
Beck J. B., clerk, N W 20th & Cherry 
Beck Levi, tobacconist, 828 Market 
Beck Lewis, butcher, 1010 Buttonwood 
Beck Lewis, cooper, 1738 N 3d 
Beck Lewis, cooper. 426 Callowhill 
Beck Lewis H , machinist, 931 Sergeant 
Beck Louis, grinder, 541 N 3d 
Beck L. D., baker, 148 Richmond 
Beck Margaret, 705 Catharine 
Beck Margaretta, huckster, r 1233 Charlotte 
Beck Maria, 519 St John 
Beck Martin, bootcrimper, 814 N 4th 
Beck Mary, 2063 American 
Beck Mary, grocer, 234 Monroe 
Beck Mary W., 913 N 11th 
Beck Matthias, laborer, 1128 Day 
Beck Max, dealer, 337 Poplar 
Beck Michael, tobacconist, 846 Lawrence 
Beck Nicholas, glassblower, 210 Diamond 
Beck Nicholas, laborer, 1436 Alder 
Beck Otto, sawmaker, 305 Noble 
Beck Peter, butcher, 424 Rugan 
Beck Peter, upholsterer, 1311 Cherry 
Beck Richard H., reed & heddle manuf., 435 "Wil- 
dey, h 414 Richmond 

Beck Robert, machinist, 732 Orange 

Beck Samuel, commission merchant, 217 Chestnut, 

h 3443 Walnut 
Beck Samuel, undertaker, 205 Centre 
Beck Samuel H., printer, 519 St John 
Beck S. & Son {Sumnel Beck isf James S. Bech), 

undertakers, 205 Centre 
Beck Theodore, cordwainer, 1313 Buttonwood 
Beck Thomas B., flour & feed, 341 N Front, h 

1920 Mt Vernon 
Beck T., brewer, 129 Holmes' al 
Beck Walter, laborer, 1203 Shippen 
Beck Wendlen, hotel, 1434 Callowhill 
Beck William, dyer & scourer, 845 N 3d 
Beck William, 1306 Parrish 
Beck William G., dealer, 725 Evangelist 
Beck William P., toolmaker, 22d & Sansom, h 

2104 Summer 
Beck W., lager beer, 1039 Germantown av 
Beckell Benjamin, merchant, 301 N Water, h 

2207 Spring Garden 
Beckell B. & Co. {B. B^clellhf B. Skivers), mer- 
chants, 301 & 303 N Water 
Beckenback John, clerk, 2051 Vine 
Beckenbach Rpbert, shoemaker, 601 St John 
Becker Adolph, liquors, 48 & 50 Washington 
Becker Benjamin, sec. Gt. East. Dec. Horse Ins. 

Co., 108 S 4ih 
Becker Bennard, tailor, 830 Callowhill 
Becker Charles, lager beer, 908 Market 
Becker Charles A., bootmaker. 2104 N 2d 
Becker Casper, tailor, 508 Arch, h 1225 N 6th 
Becker George F., salesman, 28 N 3d, h 2029 

Becker George, cabinetmaker, 1012 Sansom 
Becker George H., real estate agent, 214 N 5th 
Becker George F., drygoods, 128 N 3d, h 2029 

Becker Henry, cabinetmaker, 719 St John 
Becker Henry, laborer, 130 Denmark 
BECKER HENRY, Independence Hotel & Res- 
taurant. 533 Chestnut 
Becker Henry, hosiery manuf., 425 Moyer 
BECKER HENRY & CO. {Henry Bee ei h( Jus- 
tus Kucli), hosiery manuf, 425 &, 429 Moyer 
Becker John, shoemaker, 742 Passyunk av 
Becker Joseph, harness manuf., 2117 N 6th 
Becker Joseph, porter, 216 Spruce 
Becker J. A., merchant tailor, 113 S 9th, h S W 

9th & Wood 
Becker Moses, gentleman, 335 Green 
Becker Martin, hotel, 632 Columbia av 
Becker Nathan, gentleman, 821 N 6th 
Becker Peirce, laborer, 818 Brown 
Becker Philip, harness maker, 314 N 3d 
Becker Philip, locksmith, 7 Manhattan pi 
Becker Stephen, shoemaker, 856 Randolph 
Becker Stephen K , shoemaker, 848 Randolph 
Becker William, boot <fc shoe maker, 228 Race 
Becker William, chandelier maker, 927 Lafayette 
BECKER WILLIAM P., alderman, 154 Brown 
Beckert Samuel, hotel, 610 Annapolis 
Becket Henry, 122 S 7th 
Becket John, carter, 1247 Marlborough 
Becket Minor H., furniture cars, 6 & 8 S Del av 
Beckett Benjamin, merchant, Water & Vine, h 

2207 Spring Garden 
Beckett Edwin F., sawyer, 1041 N Del av 
Beckett Henry C, laborer, 321 Ella 
Beckett James E., mariner, 1041 N Del av 
Beckett John J., ship carpenter, 1041 N Del av 
Beckett John W., dealer, 533 Mercury 
Beckett T. J., M. F. Hall, 810 Locust 
Beckett William H., watchman, 1041 N Delay 
Beckett William, tailor, 1041 N Del av 










t:} • 


















O o 













Becketts Peter, laborer, 1318 Otsego 
Beckhard John, hostler, 479 Crum's av, Rox 
BECKHAUS & ALLGAIER {Joseph Beckkaus if 
John Allgaier), carriage builders, 1204 Fkd av 
Beckhaus Joseph, carriage builder, 1204 Frank- 
ford av, h 1108 Shackamaxon 
Beckle Bernard, cooper, 25th ab Brown 
Beckler F., tavern, 1712 S 4th 
Beckler J., brewery, N W Oxford & 11th, h 1604 

N 11th 
Beckley Francis, laborer, 1410 Franklin 
Beckley Jacob F., gentleman, 2124 Brandvwine 
Beckley Wm. H., gentleman, 2124 Brandywine 
Beckley Nicholas, tailor, 422 Harmony 
Beckman August, teacher 611 N I2th 
Beckman A. W., salesman, 1102 N 3d 
Beckman D. J., conductor, 1102 N 3d 
Beckman Franklin, laborer, 2243 Germantown av 
Beckman John, shoemaker, 2047 N 5th 
Beckman John, shoemaker, 327 Callowhill 
Beckman JohnF., scale manuf., 140 Margaretta, 

h Thompson n 16th 
Beckman Joseph, grocer, 313 Cherry 
Beckman Joseph A., shoemaker, 748 Passynnk av 
Beckman T. C, grocer, 1102 N 3d 
Beckman T. J., Jr , conductor, 1102 N 3d 
BECKMAN, WOOD k CO. (J. F. Beckmaji, C. 
S. Wood if J. Eiigelman), scale works, 140 
Beckmann Philip, laborer, 2031 N 5th 
Beckmyre William, carpenter, 1318 Wheat 
Becks David C, wharf builder, 30 Washington av 
Beckwalt John A., grocery, 1366 Hanover 
Beckwith & Carlin (Elton C. Beckwith If Ed- 

J. Carlin), com mers, 224 S Del av 
Beckwith Elton T., merchant, 224 S Del av, h 

Waverley Heights, Pa 
Beckwith Simeon W., M.D., 1220 Walnut 
Beckworth Wm., wharf builder, 1032 N Del av 
Beconne John, tailor, 1020 Otsego 
Becraft Alexander, carpenter, 1223 N 12th 
Becthel Peter, marble works, Ridge av <t Church 

av, h Ridge av, Rox 
Bechtel John, laborer, 136 James, Myk 
Beddesford Nicholas, gentleman, 1019 S Front 
Beddow Benjamin, liquors, S E 6th & Susque- 
hanna av 
Beddow George, flour dealer, 422 Serrill 
Beddow it Graner (Geo. Beddow if John Graner), 

flour dealers, N E Frankford av & Sergeant 
Bedenk Adam, baker, 910 Filbert 
Bedford Alexander, shoemaker, 930 Catharine 
Bedford Benjamin W., painter, 434 Coates, h 

972 N 5th 
Bedford Isaac T., bricklayer, 321 Noble 
Bedford Lewis, hairdresser, 4203 Main, Myk 
Bedford Mary, laundress, 31 Gillis' al 
Bedford Thomas, porter, r 818 Emeline 
BEDFORD WM. G., real estate agent & convey- 
ancer, 53 N 10th, h 1913 Callowhill 
Bedichimer Cyrus, printer, 872 Randolph 
Bediehimer Henry, engraver, 872 Randolph 
Bedichimer Isaac, engraver, 322 N 2d, h 872 Ran- 
Bedlock Edward, conveyancer, 715 Walnut, h 

Bedlock Joseph M., teacher, 1633 Race 
BEDLOCK k PASCHALL {Edward Bedlock if 
Robert S. Paschi(ll), conveyancers, 715 Walnut 
Bedloe Edward, dentist, 3703 Chestnut 
Bedloe Jas. N., restaurant, Carter & Exchange 

pi, h 1110 Dunton 
Bedzold Edward, confectioner, 1308 Mervine 
Beebe Eliza, drygoods, 2228 Frankford av 
Beebe John Y., baker, r 405 Christian 

Beebe Thomas, stonecutter, 2133 Henrietta 

Beec John, baker, 1131 N 2d 

Beech Ebenezer, tinsmith, 4 Mangrove pi 

Beech Kate, Elizabeth n Unity 

Beech Mary, 215 New 

Beech Matthew, academy. Spring Gdn A Broad 

Beech Nicholas C, gentleman, 201 S 15th 

Beecham Michael, ship chandler, 148 N Water 

Beecher Abraham P., photo materials, 708 N 16th 

Beecher & Albright {Joseph Beecher if Adam 

Albright), collarmakers, 2105 Thouron 
Beecher A. P., photograph materials. 602 Arch, 

h 708 N 16th 
Beecher Jacob F., drygoods, 629 Market, h 1539 

N 12th 
Beecher John, gasmeters, 810 Erie 
Beecher Joseph, collarmaker, 2105 Thouron, h 

2117 Germantown av 
Beecher Samuel F., salesman, 426 Market, h 

439 George 
Beecher William H. , acct., boards 319 Arch 
Beecher Conrad, salesman, 1626 N 11th 
Beechey John, glassblower, 2112 Memphis 
Beeckam William, weaver, r 2344 Hancock 
Beecker John, moulder, 2026 Poplar 
Beecroft Francis, spinner, 4536 Miller 
Beecroft George, blacksmith, 1100 Pearl 
Beefe Ann, 518 N 11th 
Beehler John, hotel, 466 N Front 
Beehler Tobias, merchant, 536 Marshall 
Beek Albert G., agent, 655 N 13th 
Beek Mary, 1 Providence ct 
Beeker Henry, laborer, 712 Guilford 
Beekley N. S., bookkeeper, 43 N Water, h Market 

E of 38th 
Beeler Albert L., engraver, 1111 Camilla 
Beeler Charles, engraver, 603 Green 
Beeler Charles H., gentleman, 939 Washington av 
Beeler Evan, laborer, 1032 S 6th 
Beemer Nicholas, blacksmith, 666 Andress 
Been John, merchant, 1408 Fawn 
Beenken C, M.D., 244 N 5th 
Beenken David, grocery, 9th & Callowhill 
Beenken John, gentleman, 533 Franklin 
Beener Valentine, tailor, 1236 Lawrence 
Beer Joseph, painter, 1216 Leithgow 
Beer Margaret, 953 Lawrence 
Beer Martin, upholsterer, 609 Girard av 
Beercke William, 311 Branch 
Beerhalter Charles, boilermaker, 551 York 
Beerhalter M., musician, 708 N 2d 
Beerman William, laborer, 1503 Carlton 
Beers Amelia, 2212 Brandywine 
Beers Andrew, tinker, 1728 Stiles 
Beers John D., 1332 Ellsworth 
Beers Rachel, 1035 S 6th 
Beers Robert B., conductor, 1332 Ellsworth 
Beers Samuel, clerk, 1032 Olive 
Beers William, painter, 1636 Moravian 
Beerwald David, clothier, 2214 Market 
Beeslev B. W., paper box manufacturer, 29 & 31 

N 4th, h 32 N 11th 
Beesley Edward, carter, 919 Marshall 
Beesley Jacob, patternmaker, 1114 Ogden 
Beesley James, boot & shoe maker, 14 N 12th 
Beesley Nathaniel, M.D., 32 N 11th 
Beesley Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 14 N 12th 
Beesley William, tailor, 210 Greenwich 
Beesley William, driver, 919 Marshall 
Beeson Edward, soapmaker. 721 Bayard 
Beeson William, laborer, 721 Bayard 
Beetenk Nicholas, grocery, 827 Filbert 
Beethan Sarah, 4221 Edline 
Beez J., hotel, 939 N 3d 
Befifelth Mary, 169 Norris 





Beggs John, wheelwright, 555 New Market 
Beggs & Sons, wheelwrights, 33S JST Front 
Begle Mary, 1337 M:iry 
Beglee Sarah, 1344 South 
Begley Mrs., 222 N 15th 
Begley Charles, M.D., 1020 Arch 
Begley Charles, painter, 1308 S 13th 
Begley Henry, tailor, 816 Fallon 
Begley Joseph, painter, 155 Wilmer 
Begley Michael, laborer, 2048 Jones 
Begley Michael, laborer, 613 S Front 
Begley Samuel, agent, 1300 S 13th 
Begley Thomas, boilermuker, 209 Elder 
Begley William, laborer, 809 Morris 
Begley William, liquors, 821 Christian 
Begley William, tailor, 822 Essex 
Beglin John, machinist, r 947 Carpenter 
Begus Harry, cardriver, 2111 N 6th 
Behal Solomon, leather dealer, 152 Brown 
Behan Edward, hotel, S E 9th & Walnut 
Behan Henry, grocer, Thompson & Cadwalader 
Behant Thomas, shoemaker, 119 Federal 
Behme Theodore, cabinetmkr. , 1164 Passyunk av 
Behmer Henry, gentleman, 438 N 8th 
Behimlie John, laborer, 1731 S Front 
Behmke William, sailmaker, 109 Troller 
Behn Michael, laborer, 4311 Cresson, Myk 
Behr Joseph, tobacconist, 2230 Market 
Behrens&Co. (C.5. if A. H. Roseivig) , dry goods, 

144 N 8th 
Behrens C. B., merchant, 144 N 8th 
Behrens S.. professor of music, 719 Locust 
Behrens Sigmund, clothing. 416 N 2d, h 421 N 7th 
Behring Casper H., 1548 Amboy 
Behring Frederick, millwright, 502 Enterprise 
Behribg George, blacksmith, 13 Holland pi 
Behring Thomas, carver, 3921 Garden 
Behringer John G., weaver, r 915 Hamilton 
Behrle Ernsmus, ladies' shoemaker, 238 Coates 
Beicbert Frederick, saddler, 628 N 3d 
Beidelmnn Daniel, gent, 1016 Green 
Beidelman Daniel, Jr., gent, 1015 Green 
Beidelmm Franklin, tailor, 246 Richmond 
Beidelman Henry, chair manufacturer, 619 Peach 
Beideman Isaac, dealer, 1621 Philip 
Beideman Jacob, laborer, 624 Oxford 
Beideman Margaret, 209 Vine 
Beideman Richard S.. shipwright, 126 Allen 
Beideman \Villiam H., laborer, 126 Allen 
Beidlemnn Samuel, ship carpenter, 1626 Otis 
Beidler James, grocer, 2018 Germantown av 
Beidler SauTuel, grocer, 1801 N 11th 
Beier John, basket mnker, r 1123 N 2d 
Beig Jacob, tailor, 914 Cherry 
Beigle J icob, butcher, 1712 American 
Beigler Frederick, hostler, 1728 N 8th 
Beigler Jacob, weaver, r 843 McGrath 
Beihns Samuel, driver, 1904 N 4th 
Beikheiser 'William, ship painter, 1310 Beach, h 

217 Steven, Camden 
Beil Charles, cabinetmaker, 2048 Philip 
Beil H-^nry, clerk, 441 Market 
Beile Eizabeth J., 1716 N 12th 
Beile E.. upholsterer, 1004 N 3d 
Beiler August, cooper, 1313 Frankford av 
Bein Augustus, drygoods, 753 S 5th 
Beine Charles L., contractor, 631 Master 
Beine Edward F., conductor, 631 Master 
Beine Wiliam J., hotel, 1401 N 7th, h 631 Master 
Beiner \\ .lliam, barber, 700 Filbert 
Beinhaucr John C, teacher, 3800 Story 
Beird Andrew, laborer, 2013 Jones 
Beire Daniel, barber, 132 Girard av 
Beirermcister William, piano maker, 763 Jessup 
Beirn- Elizabeth, dressmaker, 902 S 12th 

Beirn M. F., hotel, 100 S 8th, h 406 S 8th 
Beirne Patrick, shoemaker, Coates n Beach 
Beisel F. V., bookkeeper, 318 Walnut, h 923 

Beisel George J., wheelwright, 1430 Prospect 
Beisel James, foreman, 223 N Juniper 
Beishlag George, Jr., victualler, 3653 Ludlow 
Beisblag George, victualler, 3441 Darby road 
Beishleg John, butcher, 1318 Brown 
Beisler George, laborer, 6 Quarry ct 
Beissel Peter, conductor, 6 Gray 
Beisser Henry, baker, 751 S Front 
Beisser J. Lewis, baker, 14 N I9th 
Beiswanger Jacob, butcher, 4100 Lancaster 
Beiswanger John, baker, 1131 Howard 
Beitel George J., toys, 1608 Germantown av 

829 N 9th 
Beitel G. W^, sigS'painter, 401 Walnut, h 524 

Beitel P., dealer, 3140 Market 
Beitel Jacob, house furnishing, 829 N 9th 
Beitel James L., morocco dresser, 909 Hutchinson 
Beitel J. H., manufacturer 216J Walnut, h 829 

N 9 th 
Beitel & Shantz (J. H. Beitel S^ H. H. Skantz) , 

engine turners, 216^ Walnut 
Beitenman Elizabeth, Mrs., 26 N 7th 
Beitler August, shoemaker, 230 Buttonwood 
Beitler Daniel B., tavern, 1619 Market 
BEITLER DAVID, alderman, 42 S 7th, h 1635 

Beitler John, bricklayer, 911 N 20th 
Beitler Jos., coal, 240 N Broad, h 2023 Summer 
Beitler Joseph, porter, 616 Girard av 
Beittenmiller Charles, carpenter. 743 N 24th 
Beitzer Charles, spinner, r 621 E Thompson 
Beizer Bernhard, varnisher, 323 S 6th 
Bekler Otto, pianos, 14 N 7th 
Belair Lewis D., gent, 332 Coates 
Belcher A. F., courtplaster, 218 Walnut, h Ash- 
land House 
BELCHER A. F., pro'pr Ashland House, 707, 

709 i 711 Arch 
Belcher C, merchant, 1205 Green 
Belcher Joseph, laborer, 4S66 Cherry, Fkd 
BELCHER & REED (T/ios. H Belcher if Samuel 

H. Reed), drygoods, 34 N 8th 
Belcher Samuel, laborer, 4919 Willow, Fkd 
Belcher Thomas H., drygoods, 8th ifc .Filbert, h 

2001 Brandy wine 
Belcher S. J., 156 N 2d 
Beldel Frederick, cabinetmaker 1248 Hope 
Beldent J. L., commission merchant, 22 & 24 

Water, h 1918 Howell 
Belden Frank S., teacher, 2100 Master 
Belden Frederick, broommaker 1209 Lombard 
Belder Ferdinand, machinist, 6 Wheelock's pi 
Belew James, grocer, 1609 Lombard 
Beley James, clerk, 1236 N 5th 
Beley William, cloth finisher, 1236 IST 5th 
BELFIELD &C0. (Hrnry if T. Broom Belfield). 

brass founders, 435 N Broad 
Belfield T. Broom, founder, 435 N Broad, h2002 

Belfield Henry, founder, 435 N Broad, h 2015 Mt. 

Belford George, coal dealer Noble st wharf, h 

Maueh Chunk 
Belford George, coal miner, lo6 Walnut, h Maueh 

Belford Henry, weaver, r 1440 Hope 
Belford John, painter, 26 S 42d 
Belger Adam, shoemaker, r 621 E Thompson 
Belknap A. M., salesman, 221 Market, bds Mer- 
chants' Hotel 










p • 









Belknap Elizabeth, 913 Melon 

Belknap Moody, machinist, 1505 Hancock 

Belknap Stephen H., jeweller, 913 Melon 

Belknap Willis H., salesman, 246 Market, h 715 

Bell Abraham, sexton, Beckel av 

Bell Adolph, carver, 115 Dock, h417 E Cumber- 

Bell Alexander, bookbinder, 1236 Rodman 

Bell Alexander, carpenter, 1722 Montrose 

Bell Alexander, janitor, 2028 Coates 

Bell Alexander M., whitewasher 1622 Mervine 

Bell Amelia^, cook, 621 S 7th 

Bell Andrew J., tobacconist, 508 Poplar 

Bell Ann, 632 Fisher 

Bell Arthur, hatter, 1438 Germantown av 

Bell Benjamin, janitor, 521 S 12th 

Bell Caleb, dealer, 633 St Mary 

Bell Charlotte A., 2 Liberty ct 

Bell Conrad, bricklayer, 1206 Germantown av 

Bell Daniel, shoemaker, lO'J N 7th 

Bell David, printer, 721 Federal 

Bell David H., cabinetmaker, 119 N 17th 

Bell Edward, gent, 2024 Poplar 

Bell Elijah, coachmaker, 757 Erie 

Bell Ellen, 1603 N 2d 

Bell Elijah, wheelwright, 132 Dock, h 757 Erie 

Bell Ephraim, barber, 201 Manship 

Bell E. A., bookkeeper, 28 S 2d, h 200 Franklin 

Bell Frank, salesman, 867 N 7th 

Bell F., collector, 1803 Lombard 

Bell George, clerk, 258 N 9th 

Bell George, conductor, 1212 Struthers 

Bell George, harnessmaker, 1110 Passyunk av 

Bell George, laborer, 1202 Edgemont 

Bell George W., sawmaker, 445 Norris 

Bell Harriet, 940 N 12th 

Bell Henry, bookkeeper, 757 Erie 

Bell Isaac, carpenter, 1902 Naudain 

Bell Israel N , laborer, 232 Columbia av 

Bell Jacob, laborer, 4421 Harrison 

Bell James, clerk, 1705 AVood 

Bell James, driver. Sycamore 

Bell James, drygoods, 2000 Callowhill 

Bell James, laborer, 517 N 23d 

Bell James, laborer, 2037 Jones 

Bell James, shoemaker, r 845 Marriott 

Bell James, turner, 2330 Market 

Bell James, restaurant, Market bel 40th, h 12 N 

Bell James, weaver, 2307 Frankford av 

Bell James, Jr., plasterer, 1504 S 3d 

Bell James, 1722 Christian 

Bell James E., teller, 306 Walnut, h Beverly, N J 

Bell James S., plasterer, 1504 S 3d 

Bell Jane, 759 S Juniper 

Bell John, 1722 Christian 

Bell John, M.D., 1115 Spruce 

Bell John, clerk, 1504 S 3d 

Bell John, collector, 1439 N 13th 

Bell John, driver, 1507 Seybert 

Bell John, driver, 2 Cottingham pi 

Bell John, gentleman, 306 German 

Bell John, helper, 319 Adams 

Bell John, laborer, 425 & 427 S Front 

Bell John, laborer, r 2208 Naudain 

Bell John, boxmaker, 1539 Burton 

Bell John, cordwainer, 1430 Bangor 

Bell John, laborer, 157 James, Falls 

Bell John, conductor, bds 511 S 15th 

Bell John, conductor, 1635 Stiles 

Bell John, cordwainer, 970 Lawrence 

Bell John, coach painter, 1234 Girard av 

Bell John, laborer, 1747 N 2d 

Bell John, sawyer, 1014 E Montgomery av 

Bell John, shoemaker, 205 Spruce 

Bell John, trimmings, 224 Coates 

Bell John A., paperhanger, 2213 Ridge av 

BELL JOHN A., auditor Adams' Express Co., 

320 Chestnut, h 37th & Sansom 
Bell John 0., bricklayer, 1030 Ellsworth 
Bell John P., moulder, 1120 Richmond 
Bell John P., stock broker, 314^ Walnut, h 1720 

Bell John T., 1115 Girard 
Bell Joseph, gentleman, 1610 Brnndywine 
Bell Joseph, wharf builder, 522 Wildey 
Bell J. Lowrie, clerk, 255 S 16th 
Bell J. R., agent, 2112 Christian 
Bell Levi H., flour, 325 South 
Bell Margaret, 1034 Stocker 
Bell Margaret, grocery, 1113 N 2d 
Bell Mary, 1928 South 
Bell Mary, 13 S 38th 
Bell Matthew, laborer, 723 Bedford 
Bell Mifflin, clerk, 627 Market 
Bell Milton H., stove moulder, 867 N 7th 
Bell Patrick, tavern, 150 N Broad 
Bell Percival, stove moulder, 867 N 7th 
Bell Peter, broom maker, 1537 Brinton 
Bell Peter, porter, 633 St Mary 
BELL PHILIDORE S., attorney-at-law, 609 Wal- 
nut, h 867 N 7th 
Bell Philip, bricklayer, 2312 Apple 
Bell & Reed, pawnbrokers, 738 S 8th 
Bell Richard, chairmaker, 8 Spencer ct 
Bell Richard, bricklayer, 810 South 
Bell Richard, drygoods, 867 N 7th 
Bell Robert, bricklayer, 534 Charter 
Bell Robert, grocer, 1113 N 2d 
Bell Robert, seaman, r 616 Lombard 
Bell Robert, weaver, 1232 Brinton 
Bell Robert, laborer, 730 Espey 
Bell Robert B., furniture, 1351 Coates 
Bell Robert J., clerk, 422 Library, bds Alleghany 

Bell Samuel, bricklayer, 1938 Lombard 
Bell Samuel, clerk, 1037 S 4th 
Bell Samuel, engraver, 1609 Winter 
Bell Samuel, flour, 528 N 2d, h 1334 N 6th 
Bell Samuel, gentleman, 268 S 16th 
Bell Samuel, roofer, 256 S 25th 
Bell Samuel, teller, 1912 Wallace 
Bell Samuel, merchant, 721 Brown 
Bell Samuel, bedding, 4th & Callowhill, h 605 

Bell Samuel S.,foreman,lllGatzmer,h 119 N 17th 
Bell Samuel W., paying-teller, 1912 Wallace 
Bell Sarah, grocer, 1902 Market 
Bell Sarah, Malcolm pi 
Bell Solomon, waiter, 235 Quince 
Bell Sterling, clerk. 268 S 10th 
Bell S. T. C, bedding, N E 4th & Callowhill, h 

605 Marshall 
Bell Thomas, conductor, 9 Eldridge pi 
Bell Thomas, Friendship Hotel, 209 S Water 
Bell Thomas, upholsterer. 255 Schell 
Bell Thomas, broker, 335 & h 3908 Walnut 
Bell Thomas, carpenter, 1916 Lombard 
Bell Thomas, laborer, 1257 Fisher 
Bell Thomas B., carpenter, 13 Mill 
Bell Thomas F.. auctioneer, 323 S 18th 
Bell Thomas H., captain, 1314 S 6th 
Bell Walter W., printer, 709 Federal 
Bell William, Jr., blacksmith, S W Charlotte & 

Bell William, carpenter, 1543 Cadbury av 
Bell William, carpenter, 1914 Lombard 
Bell William, clerk, 255 S 16th 
Bell William, coachman, 229 Lybrand 



Bell William, Sr., cordwainer, S W Charlotte & 

Bell William, dyer, 1804 South 

Bell William, engineer, 632 Fisher 

Bell William, laborer, 1394 Ridge av 

Bell William, police, 1619 Richard 

Bell William, produce, 15 Wilson 

Bell William, reporter, 2101 Oxford 

Bell William, tavern, 1603 Lombard 

Bell William A., 370 Martin 

Bell William A., stationery, 4335 Main, Myk 

Bell William M., trunkmaker, 755 S 3d 

Bell William W., bricklayer, 2213 Ridge av 

Bell W.Dwight, gent., 207 N Water, h 2033Walnut 


j ^'^^r , Pianos, Melodeons, 


WW lif^PiT n Organs, 



Wholesale and Retail, 
279 & 281 South Fifth Street. 
Bellangee Benjamin, real estate agent, 414 Green 
Bellangee Isaac, gentleman, 414 Green 
Bellas, Thomas, gentleman, 1805 Arch 
Bellem James, hotel, 324 N 13th 
Bellem Philip, saloon, 1934 Germantown av 
Bellerjeau Henry, confectioner, 1708 Callowhill 
Bellerjeau J. , brushm., 261 N 3d, h 1718 Callowhill 
Bellerjeau John, lamps & chandeliers, 261 N 3d 
Bellerjeau Susan, drygoods, 942 Beach 
Belleytt Gilbert, harnessmaker, 3 Clinton ct 
Bellshaw William, weaver, 227 Shippen 
Bellfield Thomas B., manuf., Broad & Button- 
wood, h 2002 Wallace 
Belling Andrew, combmaker, 4 Heiss pi 
Belling Godfrey N., plasterer, S E Oxford & Fawn 
Bellingham Elizabeth A., Mrs., 519 N 19th 
Bellis George, tavern, 1033 Crease 
Bellis Henry, carpenter, 507 Powell 
Bellman John, weaver, r 1224 Hope 
Bellman Mary, confectionery, 608 S 3d 
Bellmer, William, clerk, 1405 Parrish 
Bellowes James B., clerk, 621 Coates 
Bellowes Andrew J., shoe merchant, 621 Coates 
Bellows Horace M, M.D,, 657 N 11th 
Bellows Martin, boot & shoe manuf., 413 Com- 
merce, h 722 N 8th 
Bellows Otis, barber, r 212 Poplar 
Bellows W. K., printer, 118 N 4th, h 621 Coates 
Bellrose Lewis, Catharine ab 11th, h 2003 Green 
Bellwoar Frank, trimmings, 2128 Market 
Belrose John, gentleman, 803 S 12th 
Bellshaw David, saddler, 3807 Market 
Belshaw John, carpenter, 2026 Naudain 
Belshaw William, brickmaker, 1906 Wilcox 
Belshew James, laborer, 866 Marshall 
Belshew James, laborer, 1909 Christian 
Belshew Richard, laborer, 1909 Christian 
Belsinger Joseph, laces, 49 N 8th, h 413 N 2d 
Belsinger L., cutter, 517 Arch, h 413 N 2d 
Belsinger Samuel, gentleman, 413 N 2d 
Belson Richard, mechanic, 1309 Ogden 
Belsford John, gentleman, 1516 Parrish 
Belster Mary, Mrs., gentlewoman, 4620 Jackson 
Belsterling John S , attorney-at-law, 492 N 3d 
Belsterling J. J., salesman, N E Water & Chest- 
nut, h 492 N 3d 
Belsterling Sarah, hotel, 2 Beach 
Belsterling Wm.F.,convey'r,524 Arch, h247N5th 
Belt Elmira, waiter, 308 Trout 
Beltcher Jacob, machinist, 1626 Cambridge 
Belville Thomas J., bricklayer, 556 N 17th 
Beltz Charles, weaver, 4420 Harrison, Myk 
Beltz Edward, barber, 4251 Main 

Beltz Peter, furrier, 238 Brown 

Belzer Adam, glassblower, 407 Gerker 

Belz Thomas, bartender, 3490 Ridge av 

Belvoar John B., driver, 1723 Barker 

Belz Albert, lager beer, 245 N 3d 

Belz George, watchman, 875 Orchard 

Belz Henry, laborer, r 817 St John 

Belz Leonard, tailor, r 857 Charlotte 

Belzer Frederick, engineer, 414 Moyer 

Belzer George, glassblower, 2419 Naudain 

Belzer John, dealer, 414 Moyer 

Bemendara Milton B., bookeeper, 257 S 5th 


rriRnt <^ James Dougherty), Industrial works, 

21st and Callowhill 
Bement William B., Industrial works, 21st and 

Callowhill, h 1822 Spring Garden 
Bemis F. A., shoemaker, 815 Leonard 
Bemis John, cordwainer, r 920 N 3d 
Benagel Michael, tailor. Pike 
Benari Samuel, trimmings, 602,i Poplar 
Bence Frederick, tailor, 239 Gaskill 
Bence Rudolph, moulder, 1423 Hewson 
Benckert Annie, tailoress, 431 McIJwain 
Bencker Conrad E., lager beer, lOS N 6th 
Benckert James, clerk, U S N, 62^ Sears 
Benckert James M., officer, 620 Fisher 
Benckert John D., police, 626 Sears 
Benckert Robert, plasterer, 1207 Woodbine 
Benckert Thomas, shoemaker, 1207 Woodbine 
Benckert William H., clerk 131 Almond 
Bend Joseph, 2040 Germantown av 
Benda C, Mrs., collars, 223 Race 
Sendee Alexander, tailor, 37 S 16th 
Bendee Louis, tailor, 37 S 16th 
Bendel Gottlieb, laborer, 1731 N 3d 
Bendel Israel, bricklayer, 1210 Warnock 
Bendel John, barber, 25th & CallowhiJi 
Bendell Israel, silversmith, 2208 Naudain 
Bendell Jonah, carpet weaver, 301 S 22d 
Bender Andrew, dealer, 130 Mead 
Bender Anna, 1719 N 11th 
Bender Charles, fitter, 829 Filbert 
Bender Charles, hatter, 1809 Vinyard 
Bender Charles, laborer, Rowlands ct 
Bender Charles, shoemaker, 3900 Germantown av 
Bender Christiana, confectionery, 644 N 3d 
Bender Christopher, builder, 1206 N 18th 
Bender Daniel, carpenter, 943 Randolph 
Bender David S., shoemaker, 127 Hermitage 
Bender Edward, spike cutter, 317 Girard av 
Bender Frederick, cabinetmaker, 848 McGrath 
Bender George, laborer. 221 Noble 
Bender George C. , flour mer., 238 12th st market, 

h 236 Christian 
Bender Godfrey W., shoemaker, 1538 Mervine 
Bender Gottlieb, baker, 1549 Palmer 
Bender & Griffith, gasfitters, 337 Poplar 
Bender Henry, saddler, 1007 Hope 
Bender Henry, shoemaker, 815 Willow 
Bender Jacob, carpenter, 2248 N 2d 
Bender Jacob, sugar ref., r 917 N 3d 
Bender Jacob, dentistry, 1224 Myrtle 
Bender Jacob, tailor, 1809 Vinyard 
Bender Jacob A., gentleman, 1625 Stiles 
Bender James W.. conductor, 3913 Haverford 
Bender John, flour, 1659 Germantown av 
Bender John, gentleman, 219 Allen 
Bender John, gentleman, 1216 Germantown av 
Bender John, laborer, 708 S Front 
Bender John, shoemaker, r 862 N 4th 
Bender John, shoemaker, 124 Poplar 
Bender John, watchman, 1329 Earl 
Bender John F., conductor, 1625 Stiles 
Bender John L., tobacconist, 16 Girard av 







P 02 

oq O 




•^ P 















o o 







Bender John W., dentistry, 1224 Myrtle 

Bender Joseph, cabinetmaker, r 12 Winfield pi 

Bender L., chandeliers Ac ,453 N 3d 

Bender Martha, 1507 Howard 

Bender Peter, carter, 1029 Cumberland 

Bender Robert P., dealer, Broad & Callowhill, h 

652 N 12ih 
Bender R. E., plumber & ga^fitter 927 Charlotte 
Bender Sarah, 723 N 13th 
Bender Thomas M., shovel manuf. , 135 Allen 
Bender William, laborer, 231 Centre 
Bender William, plasterer. 3923 Germantown av 
Bender William, stone cutter, 1734 Coates 
Bender William F., drufrgist, 1625 Stiles 
Bendere William H., 1607 N 2d 
Bendernagel Frederick, painter, 1024 S 4th 
Bendernagel John, welder, 1024 S 4th 
Bendery John, brewer, Coates oppsite Fairmount 
Bending Arthur T., furniture, 938 Ridge av, h 

1013 Morgan 
Bendle diaries, tailor, 1619 N 3d 
Bendle Gottlieb, tailor, 1243 Mechanic 
Benedict Christian, barber, 1315 Frankford av 
Benedict C. T., sec. L. & Int. Pet. Co., 138 S 3d, 

h 17th <fc Tioga 
Beneke Charles H.. bookr, 9 Bank, h Roxboro 
Benedick Jacob S., driver, 7 Tillers ct 
Benedict Isaac, gentleman, 251 S 3d 
Benedict James, clerk, 1118 Cumberland 
Benedict James L., clerk, 503 Wood 
Benedict John A. S., hotel, 31 N 9th 
Benedict Sarah, washer, r 1235 Edgeraont 
Benedict Wra. XL, clerk, P. RR., h 1216 Filbert 

& Chestnut 
Benerman Michael F., printer, S W 7th and 

Cherry, h 2021 Winter 
Benesole Charles, dentist, 1110 Ridge av 
Benesole Frank, dentist, 1110 Ridge av 
Benezole George, painter, 1110 Ridge av 
Benezet A. B., salesman, 217 Market, h 11 N 2d 
Benezet John S , gentleman, 1636 Cherry 
Benezet William, driver, 1130 SheafiFal 
Benfer Cecinia, trimmings, 606 Poplar 
Benfer Joseph F., hotel. 959 Darien 
Benfer Maria F., 891 Marshall 
Benfer William, carpenter, 1312 Prospect 
Benger Lenna, r 916 Hamilton 
Benger Martin, laborer, r 1319 Atraore 
Benjuard Eugene C, jeweller, 722 Bennett, h 

Greenwich ab 2d 
Benhardt Anton, laborer, r 853 N 3d 
Beuignus D.ivid, ice cream, 1129 Parish 
Benikey Charles H., laborer, 735 Ringgold 
Beninghove Jacob F., house carpenter, 1004 

Moyamensing av 
Benison Joseph, paperhanger, 408 S 20th 
Benison Joseph, surveyor, 707 Hepburn 
Benison Samuel, m:ison, 722 S Broad 
Benjamin David, cigars, S W 4th & Monroe 
Benjamin M. F.. engineer, 4 Millicent pi 
Benjamin Sidonia L., 2039 Winter 
Benjamin Simon, shoemaker, 446 St John 
Benjamin William A., coal, 604 Race, h 839 N 11th 
Benjamin William B., carpenter, 8 Chambers av 
Benkart Matthew, cigarmaker, r 1026 Moyamen- 
sing av 
Benker James, caterer, 1345 South 
Benkert Augusta, 1328 Tyler 
Benkert Casper, bootmaker, 716 Chestnut, h 219 

N 6th 
Benkert David, machinist, 3609 Lancaster av 
Benkert Edward, telegraph operator, bds 1^27 N 

Benkert Gordon, dealer, 136 Prime 

Benkert Henry L., clerk, 716 Chestnut, h 219 N 

Benkert John, confectioner, 811 N 3d 
Benkert Leonard, gentleman, 1013 Mt Vernon 
Benkert Philip C. bookkeeper, 1225 Citron 
BENKERT C. A SON (C. Bfuh^rt &f William 

J. Briil.rrt), boots & shoes, 716 Chestnut 
Benkert Thomas, printer, 5 Goldsmith ct 
Benkert William, dealer, 136 Prime 
Benkert W. J., shoes, 716 Chestnut 
Benkley S A., milliner, 1261 N 10th 
Benn George, harnessmaker, 4 Hemlock pi 
Bannedict William H., machinist, 1418 Stiles 
Benner Aaron, laborer, 1011 St John 
Benner Abraham, bricklayer, 1228 Potts 
Benner Absolom, 2227 Germantown av 
Benner Albert G., blacksmith, 734 West 
Benner Albert G., Jr., machinist, 7.''.4 West 
Benner Andrew, baggage agent, 222 S 15th 
Benner & Beamer {Samuel Benner 4" Samuel 

Bi'omer), hotel, Broad k Washington av 
Benner Benjamin, blacksmith, 2216 Marshall 
Benner Benjamin J., cooper, 916 S 5th 
Benner Benjamin P., clerk, 916 S 5th 
Benner & Bro. {Charles if John H. N.), grocers, 

3400 Market 
Benner B. P., billposter, 142 S 4th, b 916 S 5th 
Benner B. P. & Co. {B. P Benner ^ H. C. 

Liinrly), billposters, 142 S 4th 
Benner Charles, Sr., grocers, 3400 Market 
Benner Charles, laborer, 244 S 22d 
Benner Edwin, plate printer, 1225 Locust 
Benner Egbert S., gentleman, 916 S 5th 
Benner Elias, umbrella maker, 1425 N 5th 
Benner Elizabeth G., trimmings, 704 Spring Gar- 
den, h 841 S 3d 
Benner Enos D., bootmaker, 1518 Amboy 
Benner George, despatcher, 1711 Barker 
Benner George W., laborer, r 980 Beach 
Benner Gottlieb, blacksmith, 889 Orchard 
Benner G. H., baker, 441 Thompson 
Benner Henry, carpenter, 2349 Jefferson 
Benner Henry, driver. 37 Mill 
Benner Henry D., M.D , 841 S 3d • 
Benner Henrietta, 732 Master 
Benner Harry, gentleman, 222 S 15th 
Benner Isaac, clerk, 1824 Vineyard 
Benner Isaac, confectioner, 1151 N 4th 
Benner Jacob, cabinetmaker, 1139 A h 1131 N 4th 
Benner Jacob, currier, 965 Leithgow 
Benner James, borer, 1106 Crease 
Benner John, bartender, 1729 Federal 
Benner John, boatman, 4651 Jackson 
Benner John, baker, 635 N 15th 
Benner John, carpenter, bds 268 N 4th 
Benner John, gentleman, 1225 Locust 
Benner John, gentleman, 1736 Francis 
Benner John, pattern maker, 1122 Watkin 
Benner John F , clerk, 335 Market, h 1235 Locust 
Benner John H. N., grocer, 3400 Market 
Benner Joseph, blacksmith, r 980 Beach 
Benner Joseph, cutter, 532 Diamond 
Benner Joseph, spoke finisher, r 980 Beach 
Benner Joseph E., clerk, 819 S 10th 
Benner J. P., clerk, 600 Chestnut, h 1824 Vineyard 
Benner Lewis, laborer, 204 E Dauphin 
Benner Maria, 820 Steward 
Benner Oliver, r 1222 Olive 
Benner Oliver, carter, 628 Montgomery 
Benner Penrose, 1225 Locust 
Benner Peter, driver, 1729 Federal 
Benner Samuel, hotel. Broad & Washington av, h 

1321 Christian 
Benner Samuel T., engineer, 1225 Locust 
Benner Sarah, r 1222 Olive 




Benner Sarah, 816 Steward 

Benner Sarah E., trimmings, 916 S 5th 

Benner Thomas, 2225 Germantown av 

Benner William, brickmaker, 817 S 10th 

Benner William, shoemaker 5124 Gtn aT 

Benner William E., clerk. 337 Carpenter 

Benners & Co. {J. B. Benners), fruits, 113 S 

Delaware av 
Benners George, butcher, 833 Lawrence 
Benners George W., glass manuf, 27 S Front, h 

Benners Gustavus, gentleman, 721 N 10th 
Benners Hannah, 728 Green 
Benners Henry B., glass manuf, 27 S Front, h 

1716 Race 
BENXERS H. B. & G. W. {Hewy B. i^ George 
W. Beuyiers), Dyottville glassworks, 27 S 
Benners Isaac B., importer, 118 S Wharves, h 

123 N 20th 
Benners Jacob, machinist, 563 N 25th 
Benners James, gentleman, 836 N Broad 
Benners J. B., fruits. 118 S Delaware av, h 120 

N 20th 
Benners Sarah, 501 Brown 
Benners William J., lumber, h 824 N 11th 
Benners W. J. & Co. (IF. J. Beniiers $f J. Hay- 

ivard), lumber merchants, 324 X Broad 
Benneson James, watchmaker, 261 N 5th 
Bennet Abel, fisherman, 329 Wildey 
Bennet Catharine, 317 Richmond 
Bennet Daniel, blacksmith, 1441 N 4th 
Bennet George, carman, 1021 Marlborough 
Bennet Joseph, carman, 1021 Marlborough 
Bennet Martin B., stables, 914 X 12th 
Bennet Robert C, clerk, 317 Richmond 
Bennet William H., painter, Master ab Lawrence 

Bennet , agent, 129 Walnut pi 

Bennet Mrs., 1135 Race 

Bennett A., carpenter, 2315 Ashburton 

Bennett A. M. Mrs., fancy goods, 20 N 8th, h 1526 

Mt Vernon 
Bennett Alfred P., fancy goods, 20 N 8th, h 1526 

Mt Vernon 
Bennett Andrew B., 1107 Olive 
Bennett A. B., salesman, 51 N 3d & 57 N 7th 
Bennett Charles, carman, 512 Mercury 
Bennett Charles, clerk, 1259 Nagle 
Bennett Charles, clerk, 637 N 17th 
Bennett Charles P., shoemaker, 1522 Ogden 
Bennett & Co. {E. Bennett, Thomas R. Ben- 
nett), flour mill, 19 & 21 Girard av 
BENNETT k CO. (J. M. Bewiett &f J. S. Paris), 

clothiers, 518 Market 
Bennett & Colvill {Thomas E. Bennett (^ Mar- 
garet J. Colvill) , drygoods. Market & 22d 
Bennett & Covert, International hotel, 307 S 2d 
Bennett David, brickmaker, 115 W Cumberland 
Bennett David, fisherman, 1116 Vienna 
Bennett David, gentleman, 807 Emlen 
Bennett Edmund J., painter, 1522 Ogden 
Bennett Edward, fisherman, 539 Richmond 
Bennett Edward, gentleman, 51 Tulpehocken 
Bennett Edward, laborer, 3290 Ridge av 
Bennett Edward A., trimmings, 640 N 11th 
Bennett Edwin, glass manufacturer, 135 Oxford, h 

Bennett Elias, painter, 2206 Clayton 
Bennett Emerson, author, 1206 N 12th 
Bennett Emerson, Jr., gentleman, 1206 N 12th 
Bennett Emma, 17 & 19 Girard av, h 1746 Frank- 
ford av 
Bennett E. A., merchant, 60 N 4th, h 640 N 11th 
Bennett Frances Ann, laundress, 2 Consha 
Bennett George, house carpenter, 11 Wheat 

Bennett George, grocer, 1255 Palmer 
Bennett George, shoemaker, 201R N 6th 
Bennett George, police, 319 N 24th 
Bennett Gilliam C., carpenter, 244 Diamond 
Bennett Gustavus, fisherman, 1033 Vienna 
Bennett Harry, car driver, 218 Budd 
Bennett Harry, fisherman, 1241 Palmer 
Bennett Henry, cordwainer, 327 Culvert 
Bennett Henry, dyer, 432 German 
Bennett Henry, waterman, 12 Wilson 
Bennett Henry H., clothing, 745 S 4th 
Bennett Hiram, shoemaker, 1522 Ogden 
Bennett Howard, clerk, 640 N 11th 
Bennett, H. K., merchant, 215 Church 
Bennett Jacob, furniture wagon, 1251 Charlotte 
Bennett Jacob, fisherman, lUlS Vienna 
Bennett Jacob, Jr.. fisherman, 1018 Vienna 
Bennett Jacob, jeweller, 712 Chestnut, h 637 N 

Bennett Jacob G., grocer, 206 Richmond 
Bennett James, blacksmith, 23d &, Wood, h 2039 

Bennett James, foreman, 521 Worth 
Bennett James, hotel, 13 Callowhill 
Bennett James, laborer, 4142 Lancaster 
Bennett James M., jeweller, 712 Chestnut, h 637 

N 17th 
Bennett Jacob, brickmaker, 1544 E Montgomery 

Bennett & Co. {Jacob Bennett ^ Edwin M. 

Carr), diamond setters, 712 Chestnut 
Bennett John, blacksmith, 321 N 24th 
Bennett John, bootmaker, 171 Otter 
Bennett John, canvasser, r 1008 Sansom 
Bennett John, dealer, b h, 516 Larkin 
Bennett John, Jr., gasfitter, 171 Otter 
Bennett John, laborer, 3290 Ridge av 
Bennett John, waterman, 27 Reckless 
Bennett John R., salesman, 308 N 16th 
Bennett Joseph, blacksmith, 629 Sylvester 
Bennett John, shoemaker, S W 13th & Race 
Bennett Joseph, clerk, 112 SSth,hl923 Moravian 
Bennett Joseph, stocking weaver, r 1322 Earl 
Bennett Joseph M., clothier, 518 Market 
Bennett Joseph S., druggist, 609 Market, h 1617 

Bennett Joseph W., tailor, 610 Catharine 
Bennett J. B., attorney-at-law, 117 S 7th 
Bennett Lawrence, rigger, 113 Washington av 
Bennett Lewis, blacksmith, 710 Holly 
Bennett Maria, 244 Diamond 
Bennett Martin, stable, 1135 Parrish, h 922 N 12tli 
Bennett Mary, dressmaker, 128 Walnut place 
Bennett Mary M., 35 S 11th 

Bennett Michael, carpenter, 914 Montgomery av 
Bennett Michael, fisherman, 1034 Vienna 
Bennett Michael, laborer, r Spring Garden & 15tli 
Bennett Morris, peddler, 232 N Front 
BENNETT & MUSTIN {E. A. Benjiett ^ Ed- 
ward S. Mustin), importers staple & fancy 
trimmings, 60 N 4th 
Bennett N. M., merchant, 209 Church 
Bennett N. 0., watchmaker, 504 Race 
Bennett Peter, boatman, 2010 N 6th 
Bennett Oliver, merchant, 523 Market 
Bennett Phebe K., 1 Goodbread place 
Bennett Richard, jeweller, 12 Wilson 
Bennett Richard, laborer, 3290 Ridge av 
Bennett Robert, glassblower, 79 Rihl 
Bennett Robert H., jeweller, 807 N 10th 
Bennett Sarah, 218 Budd 
Bennett Sarah, 201 Brandywine 
Bennett Simon, livery, Columbia av W Frank- 
ford av 
Bennett Thomas, engineer, 1919 Naudain 


(JQ y 













B bi) 
CO d 














Bennett Thomas, gent, bds 1214 N 3d 
Bennett Thomas, laborer, r 1212 Vienna 
Bennett Thomas C, salesman, 19 N 8th, h 525 

Bennett Thomas E., drygoods. Market & 22d, h 

127 S 36th 
Bennett Thomas R., merchant, 17 & 19 Girard 

av, h 1746 Frankford av 
Bennett T. P. M., bookseller, 121 Market, h 705 

Bennett William, grocer, 1330 Pearl 
Bennett William, painter, 424 Richmond 
Bennett William, printer, 1609 Franklin 
Bennett William, painter, 226 Thompson 
Bennett William A., wheelwright, 1758 Warnock 
Bennett William H., gent, 640 N 11th 
Bennett William P., carpenter, 1532 Gtn av 
Bennett William W., 129 Otter 
Benney John, laborer, 25th ab Brown 
Bennigan Francis, liquors, 500 Penn 
Benning Jacob, locksmith, r 1123 Dunton 
Benninger Christian, laborer, 3 Schoolhouse av 
Benninger C, washing, 3 Schoolhouse av 
Benninger George, butcher, 3 Schoolhouse av 
Benninger Gottlieb, laborer, 718 N Front 
Benninger William, laborer, 3 Schoolhouse av 
Bennington Margaret, 523 S Juniper 
Bennis Benjamin, paper carrier, 28 Manheim 
Bennis Henry, clerk, 543 Lorain 
Bennison William T., cabinetmaker, 3733 Irving 
Bennister George, trimmer, 2204 Coral 
Benniwald Adolph, cooper, 522 S 4th 
Benniwald Edward, frames, 522 S 4th 
Bennon James, laborer, 149 Cotton 
Benny Charles, laborer, 869 Orchard 
Benny George, machinist. 1157 Passyunk av 
Benoyt Joseph, laborer, 805 Richmond 
Bense Minard, weaver, 2265 Frankford 
Bensell Edmund B., artist, 524 Walnut, h 612 

Bensen Jacob, potter, 138 Hazel 
Bensenhofer Philip, chairs, 348 N 5th 
Benson Alexander, banker, 6 & 8 S 3d, h 1526 

Benson Alex., Jr., banker, 15 S 3d, h 1526 

BENSON ALEX. & CO. (Akx. 6r Edwin N. 

Benson), bankers, 6 <fc 8 S 3d 
Benson Bernard, gentleman, 506 Redwood 
BENSON, CAMPBELL & CO. (Gustavus A. 
Benson if S. P. Cumphell) , wholesale grocers & 
com. mers., 507 Market 
Benson Charles, shoe manuf., 483 Dillwyn 
Benson Charles M., dentist, 5411 Gtn av 
Benson Christian, seaman, 602 Swanson 
Benson Edwin N., banker, 6 & 8 S 3d, h 1526 

Benson Emanuel, laborer, 1608 E.xeter 
Benson Elmore, waiter, 240 Brogan 
Benson Francis C, clerk, 6 & 8 S 3d, h 1515 

Benson George, shoe manuf., 483 Dillwyn 
Benson George, salesman, 732 Evangelist 
Benson George A., carpenter, 165 Haines 
Benson George T., barber, 610 Jefferson, h 1543 

Benson George W., clerk, 408 Enterprise 
Benson Gustavus A., com. mers., 507 Market, h 

1622 Spruce 
Benson Gustavus S., gentleman, 1515 Spruce 
Benson Horace J., laborer, 127 Haines 
Benson John, barber, 1210 N 6th 
Benson John, blacksmith. 1504 Wood 
Benson John, laborer, 1104 S 27th 
Benson John, house carpenter, 910 S Pennington 

Benson John, police, Bethlehem pike ab Main, 

C Hill 
Benson John, prison keeper, 530 Sylvester 
Benson J. L., clerk, 535 Dickerson 
Benson Margaret, r 637 .St Mary 
Benson Mary, cook, 603 St Mary 
Benson Philip, handpresses, 27 S 4th, h 928 Ran 

Benson Robert, shoe manuf., 483 Dillwyn 
Benson R. Dale, teas, 131 S Front, h 1515 Spruce 
Benson R. B., merchant, 22 & 24 N 4th 
Benson Richard W., broker, 504 Marshall 
Benson Scott, gentleman, 483 Dillwyn 
Benson William, laborer, 2047 Hampton 
Benson Samuel, engineer, r 830 Orchard 
Benson Stuart, laborer, 1702 Edwin 
Benson William, printer, bds 216 Lombard 
Benson William, laborer, 4684 Washington 
Benson William J., conductor, 1702 Edwin 
Benswanger E., merchant, 320 Market, h 869 

N 11th 
Benswanger, J. Heilbrun if John. Klemm), 
gents' furnishing goods, (fee, 320 Market 
Benswanger Samuel, gentleman, 830 Marshall 
Bent William, laborer, 510 Marriott 

Bentley , stamper, 1729 N 11th 

Bentley Anna C, 254 N 3d 

Bentley Benjamin, merchant, 47 N 3d, h 1820 

Bentley David, Jr., bookkeeper, 718 Buttonwood 
Bentley David B., coppersmith, 254 N 3d, h 718 

Bentley David <fe Sons (David if David B. Bent- 

Icy), coppersmiths, 254 N 3d 
Bentley Edward, carter, 1732 Grover 
Bentley Henry, city telegraph, h 915 Mt Vernon 
Bentley James, painter, 2241 Simes 
Bentley Jeffrey, stamping, 808 Vine 
Bentley John, pattern maker, 408 S 5th 
Bentley Sarah, 1441 Mervine 
Bentley Thomas, driver, 1732 Grover 
Bentley William, cooper, 1394 Ridge av 
Bentley William, dyer, 1130 N Front 
Bentley William K., bookkeeper, 202 N 3d, h 718 

Benton Albert, lumber mer., 1421 S Front, h 

744 S 10th 
Benton Alfred, planer, 138 Sloan 
Benton Benjamin, blacksmith, 4634 Hedge 
BENTON A. & BRO. {A. if Chas. Beuto?i), 

lumber dealers, 1421 S Front 
Benton & Bro., gold pens, 409 Chestnut 
Benton Charles, lumber merchant, 1421 S Front 
Benton Samuel, carpenter, 1530 Eliza 
Benton Stephen, laborer, 510 Hagner 
Benton Stephen, attorney-at-law, 520 Walnut, h 

4828 Germantown av 
Benton Z. H., gent, 1707 Mt Vernon 
Bentrick Charles, stationer, 232 Dickerson 
Bent Albert, bricklayer, r 1130 Canal 
Bentz Henry K., mer 411 N 3d, h 320 N 10th 
Bentz Ignatz, hostler, 2517 Frankford av 
Bentz Jacob, carman, r 1128 Frankford av 
Bentz Jacob K., mer., 411 N 3d, h 660 N i2th 
Bentz John, 2040 N 4th 
Bentz J. K. & Co. (Jacob K. if Henry K. Bentz), 

liquors, 411 N 3d 
Bentz Louis, driver, 1946 Germantown av 
Bentz & Reyles (J. K. Bentz if S. Keyles), saloon, 

347 N 3d, Brewery 3 1st & Master " 
BENTZ VALENTINE, hotel, 808 S 6th 
Benwire George, shipcarpenter, 230 Palmer 
Benyard Eugene, jeweller, 229 Greenwich 
Benyard Joseph S., jeweller, 1042 S 5th 




Benz Charles, machinist, 1200 Alder 
Benz Frederick, tailor, 122 Exchange, li 239 Gas- 
Benz George, lager beer, 336 Soutli 
Benz John, laborer, 1141 N 3d 
Benz Peter, flour. 1353 Earl 
Benzinger Conrad, baker, 1238 N 4th 
Benzenhafer John, mason, 2462 Braddoek 
Benzenhoefer Philip, cabinetmaker, 310 Julianna 
Benzon Sophia, gentlewoman, 308 German 
Berault Charles, teacher of French, 1228 Chestnut 
Berberich Adam, shoemaker, 639 Jefferson 
Berbitt William, cooper, 2306 Palethorp 
Berens August, professor, 252 N 20th 
Berens Bernard, M.D., 909 Arch 
Berens Frederick, chemist, 822 Thompson 
Berens Jacob, tailor, r 815 New Market 
BERENS JOSEPH, M.D., 513 N 6th 
Beresch S., manufac'tr of bracelets, 2002 Sansom 
Beresford Charles W., att"y-at-law, 221 S 5th 
Beresford C. W., printer, 5th & Chestnut 
Beresford William, cutter, 704 Market, h 25 N 7th 
Berg Charles, shoes, 151 S 4th 
Berg Frederick, clerk, 412 Prune, h 870 Randolph 
Berg Joseph L., clothier, 619 Chestnut, h 1328 

Berg J. F., Dr., pres't. S. M. Co. of Nevada, 204 

S 4th, h 11th & Green 
Berg J. L., cloths, 1328 Franklin 
Berg L., gent., 707 Pine 
Berg Michael, laborer, 413 Garden 
Bergan Daniel, boots & shoes, 900 Market, h 806 

Bergan Dennis, laborer, 1434 Edgemont 
Bergan Jeremiah, boots & shoes, 900 Market, h 

730 Fallon 
Bergan Martin, laborer, rear of 520 N 23d 
Bergdoll Louis A., brewer, 508 & 510 Vine, h 

Landing av & Parrish 
Bergdoll & Psotta {Louis A. Bergdoll (J- Charles 

Psotta), lager beer brewers, 508 & 510 Vine 
Berge Charles, rolling-mill, 2248 Palethorp 
Berge Christopher, rag merchant, 925 Girard av 
Berge Henry, cabinetmaker, 4 Strauss court 
Berge John H., builder, 1218 N 6th 
Bergeman Jacob, tailor, 1228 N 3d 
Bergen John, laborer, 1433 Newkirk 
Bergen John, laborer, 1804 Montrose 
Bergen John, tailor, 2315 Philip 
Bergen William, laborer, 234 Spruce 
Berger Abraham, laborer, 117 Lehman 
Berger Alfred, cloths, 50 S 2d, h 1128 Wallace 
Berger Anthony, hatter, 1352 Crease 

Berger, L.C. ^ J. E. Andenried ^ Philip F. 

Fry), groceries & provisions, 11 & 13 S Water 
BERGER & BUTZ {Wvi. Berger if Adam But z), 

manufs. brooms, superphosphate lime, ground 

bones, and dealers in wooden-ware, 131 & 133 

N Water 
Berger Charles F., artist, 920 Chestnut, h 1018 

Berger Charles M., produce com., 861 N 8th 
Berger Clement, cooper, 1739 Bodine 
Berger Frank, gilder, 937 St. John 
Berger Frederick, furniture, 964 N Front 
Berger George, bakery, 1027 N 2d 
Berger George, carpenter, 504 Randolph 
Berger Gottlieb A., hat manuf. , 633 Coates 
Berger George R., oak cooper, 117 Lehman 
Berger Henry, cabinetmaker, 4 Strauss court 
Berger Jacob, 812 N 11th 
Berger Jacob, cordwainer, 912 Charlotte 
Berger Joseph, plasterer, 181 Dauphin 
Berger James S., mer, 11 S Water, h 823 N 8th 

Berger John, carpenter, 1242 N 8th 

Berger John clerk, h 3d & Noble 

Berger John, tailor, 619 S 3d, h 237 Spruce 

Berger Joseph, 2245 Germantown av 

Berger Lewis, carpenter, ]334Tiernan 

Berger Lewis, Jr., carpenter, 1334 Tiernan 

Berger Louis, laborer, 482 N 4th 

Berger Martin, basket maker, 579 William 

Berger Michael, blacksmith. Hirst court, h 1730 

Berger Michael, clerk, 234 Spruce 
Berger Milton C, com. mer., 122 N Delaware av, 

h 526 Buttonwood 
Berger &, Scranton {Alfred Berger ^ Frederich 

Scranton), cloths, 50 S 2d 
Berger William, merchant, 131 N Water, h Man- 

heim, Gtn 
Berger William, fisherman, Taeony 
Berger William, stonecutter, 5131 Germantown av 
Berger William, stonecutter, 35 Good 
Berger William H., tailors' trimmings, 50 S 2d, 

h 1128 Wallace 
Berghauser William, Mrs., 1774 Frankford av 
Bergheimer Benjamin, clothier, 308 Race 
Bergie Isadore, art'l flower manuf, 108 Margaretta 
Bergin Daniel, hotel, Broad & Washington 
Bergin James, mason, 1712 Wood 
Bergin John, clerk, 18 N Delaware av, h 323 

Bergin Martin, carpenter, 323 Hazzard 
Bergin William, drayman, 222 N 22d 
Bergman Andrew, sugar refiner, 832 McGrath 
Bergman Charles, laborer, 25 N 11th 
Bergman Charles C, bookkeeper, 57 Haines 
Bergman Daniel, tinsmith, 828 Callowhill 
Bergmann George, hostler, 1331 Mariner 
Bergmann H A., clerk, 227 S 4th, h Wood & Crown 
Bergmann John M., restaurant, 550 Fulton 
Bergmann Michael, gent., 717 Gaul 
Bergner Gustavus, brewer, 31st & Thompson 
Bergner Gustarvus, lager beer, 414 Library, h 

2310 Green 
BERGMANN WILLIAM M., grocer, 841 & 843 

N 13th 
Bergner John, piano manufacturer, 947 N 3d 
Bergner Louis, gent., 128 Green 
Bergner Theodore, draftsman, 16th & Hamilton, 

h 505 N 21st 
Bergstresser Samuel, salesman, 434 N 7th 
Bergy Nason, carpenter, 429 George 
Beringer Jacob, laborer, 2460 Coral 
Berhardt Frederick, shoemaker, r 255 N 2d 
Berikle John, laborer, 1716 American 
Beringer Levi D., varieties, 1114 S 2d 
Berk James, merchant, 1119 Spring Garden 
Berk Joseph, machinist, 1602 Hewson 
Berkelback Abraham W., brakesman, 1710 N 6th 
Berkelback AVilliam, planemaker, 1747 Alder 
Berkenhower Joseph, barber, 436 N 9th 
Berkenstock Frank, carman, 885 Randolph 
Berkenstook John S., hotel, 6th & Girard av 
Berkenstock Nathan, merchant., 257 N 3d, h 975 

N 5th 
Berkenstock Reuben, laborer, 1339 N 7th 
Berkhart Theodore, coal mer., 108 Walnut, h 2129 

Berkhead Henry, spinner, r 179 Gay 
Berkhimer Jesse, mason, 1702 Brown 
Berkheimer William, merchant, 1420 Fawn 
Berkheimer William, wheelwright, 801 Master, h 

1706 Warnock 
Berks Louis, shoemaker, 430 Mcllwain 
Berkes Peter, shoemaker, 430 Mcllwain 
Berkley Gottlieb, coachmaker, 404 St John 
Berkley Valentine, chairmaker, 6 College pi 



I— ' 





CD ^ 

















O o 















Berk? John, grocer, 2d & Willow, h 468 N 4th 
BERKS JOHN W., com. mer., 474 N 2d, S W 

Noble, h 872 N Broad 
Berl Baker, 8 Drayson pi 
Berlin Joseph, painter, 3642 Warren 
Berlin Joseph P., grocer, 245 <t h 235 N 13th 
Berlin Zebulon, policeman, 22 Unity 
Berlinger Charles, milkdealer, ]71 Oxford 
Berlinger Charles G., butcher, 2034 Hancock 
Berlinger Frederick, butcher, 2034 Hancock 
Berliner Henry, confectioner, 112 Market, h 1405 

N 13th 
Berliner H. & Co. {H. Berliner Sf S. Jonas), con- 
fectioners, 112 Slarket 
Bermann Augustus, gents' furnishing goods, 1204 

Ridge av 
Bermas & Bro., cap manufs., 133 N 3d 
Bermas Morris, cap manuf., 133 N 3d, h 802 Mar- 
Bermin Henry, wearer, 2309 Pennsylvania av 
Bermingham Daniel, hotel, 13th & Christian 
Bermingham Martin, bartender, 13th & Christian 
Bernadou & Bro. {George TV. ^ Francis F. Ber- 

nadoit). shipping mers., 504 S Delaware av 
Bernadou George W., merchant, 504 S Delaware 

av, h 409 S 8lh 
Bernadou J. B., Mrs., 732 Pine 
Bernantt Fannie, Mrs., 723 Callowhill 
Bernard Anthony, cabinetmaker, 627 Reed 
Bernard B., moulder, r 840 St John 
Bernard Henry, engraver, 316 Aberdeen 
Bernard Mnrj- A., gentlewoman, 4168 Main 
Bernard Michael, bartender, 7 Butz's row 
Bernard Mulholland, cutter, 22 Swanwick 
Bernard Mullen, 1033 Carpenter 
Bernardy Peter S., hair, 213 S 9th 
Bernauer Leonard, cooper, 1611 Francis 
Berndt John, carpenter, 241 Poplar 
Berne Mary, grocery, 139 Race 
Berner Adolph, optician, 2208 Amber 
Barney Patrick, laborer, 1407 Vine 
Bernhard Anton, cabinetmaker, 319 Girard av 
Bernhard Frank, tailor, 619 S 3d 
BERNHARD JOSEPH, bell & brass founder, 120 

N 6th, h 156 N 11th 
Bernhard Sophia, r 522 Mulberry al 
Bernhardt J. A., produce, 904 N 4th 
Bernhardt Charles F., fi.<h, 131 Van Horn 
Bernhardt David, r 255 N 2d 
Bernhardt Lewis, tailor, 518 S 2d 
Bernhardt Louis, tailor, 240 Spruce 
Bernhardt Joseph, locksmith, 1017 Leithgow 
Bernheim Louis, plasterer, 1208 Carlisle 
Bernheim M., cloak manuf., 531 Market, h 508 S 

4th j 

Bernheim Samuel, gentleman, 464 N 4th 
Bernheimer H., 730 Master 
Bernheimer Joseph, druggist, S W 8th & Race 
Bernheimer L., jeweller, 914 Charlotte 
Bernheimer Solomon, salesman, 914 Charlotte 
Bernheimer S., advertising agent, 308 Race 1 

Bernheimer S. L., watchmaker & jeweller, 1705 

Germantown av 
Bernner John, baker, 933 Sergeant 
Bernstein Lewis, huckster, 2609 Maseher 
Berrell George R., clothing, 4th &, Market, h 630 

N nth 

Berrell Jeremiah, accountant, 427 Chestnut 
Berrell Ludwig, laborer, r 1007 Charlotte 
Berryman John, boilermaker, 236 Jarvis 
Berryman Richard, goldbeater, 236 Jarvis 
Berryman Sarah, 236 Jarvis 
Berridge George W., hotel, 1719 S 5th 
Berridge Leeds K., Rev., 329 N 33d 
Berrigan John, brickmaker, Tacony 

Berriman John, house carpenter, 533 Owen 

Berrimman Elizabeth, tailoress, 340 Clark 

Berringer Aaron D., salesman, 221 Market 

Berringer AVilliam, jeweller, 1216 Leithgow 

Berrley Jesse, watchman, 920 Catharine 

Berroth Louis, tobacconist, 821 N 10th 

Berry Alexander, driver, 10(i6 S 18th 

Berry Andrew, gentleman, 404 Lynd 

Berry Angeline, Mrs., 1513 S 2d 

Berry Benjamin, blacksmith, 1530 S 9th 

Berrj' Benjamin F.. laborer, 1625 Beulah 

Berry Chalkley, restaurant, 16 S Broad 

Berry C. M., Mrs., 418 Reed 

Berry Dennis, carpenter, 928 Carpenter 

Berry Edward, shoemaker, 1031 S 9th 

Berry Elizabeth, Mrs., 1620 Valeria 

Berry Eliza, 1608 N 11th 

Berry E., Mrs, Divinity Hall, S W 39th & Walnut 

Berry Farm Oil Co., 258 S 3d 

Berry Francis M., merchant, 230 S Del av, h 312 

Berry George, gentleman, 1620 Valeria 
Berry Henry F., engineer, 511 Hurst 
Berry James, bookbinder, 1629 N 8th 
Berry James, hotel, 523 N Front 
Berry James, laborer, 611 Middle al 
Berry James, laborer, r 170 James, Falls 
Berry Jamas, porter, 1533 Hancock 
Berry John, icedaaler, 132 Cope 
Berry John, musician, r 737 St Mary 
Berry John, charcoal burner, 1849 N Front 
Berry John C, merchant, 247 Market, h 3724 

Berry John P., hatter, 311 Catharine 
Berry Jonathan, machinist, bds S E 43d & Market 
Berry Lewellyn, merchant, 1719 Locust 
Berry Lyman, machinist, Cabot n 19th 
Berry Mary, 1613 Howard 
Berry Michael, 903 xMarshall 

Berry M. M., Divinity Hall, S W 39th & Walnut 
Berry Nancy, 1006 S 18th 
Berry Patrick, bookkeeper, 1427 N 8th 
Berry Philip, trimmings, 14 S 16th 
Berry Richard, policeman, 623 Annapolis 
Berry Richard, shoemaker, 4100 Ludlow 
Berry Robert W., trimmings, 1709 S Front 
Berry Samuel, hatter, 330 Christian 
Berry Samuel H.. printer, S W 8th & Cross 
Berry Samuel T , laborer, 1625 Beulah 
Berry Su.«an, Mrs., 1614 Pine 
Berry Thomas, carpenter, 6 Gordon pi 
Berry Thomas, grocer, 439 Cumberland 
Berrv Thomas, laborer, 1849 N Front 
Berry Thomas, liquors, 1006 S 18th 
Berry Thomas, shoemaker, 1311 S 8th 
Berry Thomas J., Franklin Steam Bakery, 113 & 

115 Queen, h 245 Monroe 
Berry Thomas P., factory, 245 Monroe 
Berry William, flagman, 3308 Grape 
Berry William, gardener, 127 Lehman 
Berry AVilliam, laborer. Old Bridge row, Myk 
Berry William, charcoal burner, 1849 N Front 
Berry William, glassblower, 1407 Hope 
Berry William D., cigar emporium, 913 Chestnut 
Berry William H., merchant, 527 Market, h 487 

N 4th 
Berry William J., weaver, 1531 Philip 
Berryman James, 231 Race 

Berryman Samuel H., shipwright, 1310 Palmer 
Berryman Thomas, boilermaker, 504 E Dauphin 
Bersch Francis, carpenter, 1020 Cross 
Bersch Walter C, carpenter, 411 Enterprise 
Berstler William, tailor, 1606 N 3d 
Bert Charles S., printer, 328 New 
Bert Gustavus W., machinist, 328 New 




Bert Thoma=, gasmaker, 3741 Warren 
Bertolet Abraham B., rag dealer, 111 N Broad 
BERTOLET & BARNDT {Somnel G. Bertolet S^ 
Caroline Barndt), Columbia house, 111 & 113 
N Broad 
Berth Mary, dressmaker, 1118 Stiles 
Bertholf James, produce, 4233 Ludlow 
Berthwick Alexander, weaver, 1023 Milton 
Berto Charles, cabinetmaker, 505 Lombard 
Berto Charles, cabinetmaker, 736 Plover 
Bertolet Frank, tanner, 268 N 4th 
Bertolet Harry, currier, 952 Leithgow 
Bertou Charles, carpenter, 1705 Burton 
Bertram August, machinist, 1420 Race 
Bertram George, tailor, 515 Powell 
Bertram George D., bookkeeper, 239 N 21st 
Bertram Louis, bottler, 1752 N 3d 
Bertram Theodore, cooper, 409 Jefferson 
Bertram William D., teacher, 239 N 21st 
Bertron Henrietta, dealer, 215 N 16th 
Bertron Robert, machinist, 1708 St Joseph's av 
Bertron A^illiam D., machinist, r 1502 Race 
Berwick John C, carpenter, 1831 X 12th 
Berwind Charles F., vice-president P. C. & P. 

Co., 104 Walnut, h. 1504 Sansom 
Berwind John, guitars, 1504 Sansom 
Besbort Jacob, hostler, 417 Xorris 
Beschke William, teacher, 1722 Stiles 
Besey Michael, baker, 2621 Mount Pleasant 
Besler Ferdinand, shoemaker, 7 Central pi 
Bessan George E., clerk. Cottage ab Main, Chest- 
nut Hill 
Bessan Jacob, cabinetmaker, 1611 American 
Bessan Sarah, Hartwell avab Main, Chestnut Hill 
Besselievre William C, clerk, 903 S 10th 
Besselivere John, jeweller, 714 Washington av 
Bessen Marv, 5071 Germantown av 
Besser W., 1717 Pearl 
Bessier Hannah Mrs., 134 Elfreth 
Bessinger Anna, 945 N 4th 
Bessinger Gabriel, merchant, 521 Coates 
Bessier Gottlieb, laborer, 1719 X 3d 
Bessman Henry, shoemaker, 610 Meyer 
Bessom Richard V., shoemaker. 1133 Passyunkav 
Besson Charles A., mer, 918 & h 1931 Chestnut 
Besson Elizabeth, 228 S 8th 
BESSOX & SOX [Charles A. Besson), mourning 

goods, 918 Chestnut 
Bessonet George, carpenter, 2102 Master 
Bessonet John, coal merchant, 413 Pine 
Bessonet William H., agent, 413 Pine 
Best Benjamin, house painter, 25th &, Hamilton 
Best Charles, seaman, r 423 Carpenter 
Best Charles, tanner, 5 Sowers ct 
Best C, artist, 8 Hatton pi 
Best Ebenezer, salesman, 4037 Market 
Best George, manufacturer, 1735 Pearl 
Best Henry, laborer, r 1340 Olive 
Best George E., grocer, 700 Wallace 
Best Hugh A., 2266 Tyson 
Best Lewis P., coach trimmer, 1023 Parker 
Best Samuel, carpenter, 634 Becket 
Best Thomas, laborer, 1237 Rye 
Best W. C, Rev., 985 X 5th 
Beswick Joseph Mrs., 208 Coates 
Beswick Samuel, grocer, 4329 Main, Myk 
Beswinger Gottlieb, driver, 771 Taylor 
Betancourt Jane, 4221 Orchard 
Botcher Charles, musician, 1408 Brown 
Beterton Joseph, carpenter, 3949 Warren 
Beth David, painter, 1928 Cambridge 
Bethel Benjamin, laborer, 1532 Lawrence 
Bethel B. X., druggist, 500 Wharton 
Bethel George S., architect, 528 Walnut, h 5345 
German town av 

Bethel Joshua, druggist, 2002 X Front 

Bethel Robert, attorney-at-law, 528 Walnut, h 

5345 Germantown av 
Bethel Samuel, liquor dealer, 1541 S 5th 
Bethell C. P., M.D., office 603 E Dauphin, h 911 

Bethel John P., MD., 451 X 5th 
Bethell Samuel, 149 X 10th 
Bethell William R., conveyancer, 619 Walnut 
Betheltz Jacob, currier. 1036 Xectarine 
Bethnuerer William, cigars, 319 Xoble 
Betson Deborah, 422 Federal 
Betson John K., seaman, r 914 S 9th 
Betson Oscar, shoemaker, 1416 Bangor 
Bettencourt Alfred, waiter, 1132 Lombard 
Betterton Thomas, carpenter, 3925 Lombard 
Betterton William, sexton, 3925 Lombard 
Betticher, Clarke & Co. (J. C. Betticher Sf J. V. 

C. Clarke), commission merchants, 221 X 

Betticher J. C, commission merchant, 221 X 

Water, h 1623 Wallace 
Bettinger Christopher, carpenter, 2524 Coral 
Bettle Edward, Jr., commission merchant, 8 X 

Front, h 151 X 10th 
Bettle Henrv, commission merchant, 8 X Front, 

h 151 X 10th 
Bettle William, gentleman, 426 X 6th 
Betton Conrad, provisions, 4771 Germantown av, 

h Germantown av & Haines 
Betton Elizabeth, 935 Lombard 
Betton Samuel, gentleman, 128 Manheim 
Betts Charles, blacksmith, 247 E Thompson 
Betts Charles M., merchant, Coates street wharf, 

h 1540 X 7th 
Betts David F. , gentleman, 619 S 11th 
Betts Edward, clerk, 715 Brown 
Betts Eliza, weaveress, 741 S Juniper 
Betts James Mrs., 1039 Walnut 
BETTS JOHX B., carpenter, 1508 Cuthbert, h 

115 X 15th 
Betts Joseph G., sashmaker, 1149 Leon 
Betts Max, blacksmith, 6 Eaton pi r 28 Otter 
Betts Oliver S., finisher, 1741 Grove 
BETTS & REGISTER, general agents E L As- 
surance Society, 432 Chestnut 
Betts Rebecca, confectionery, 619 S 11th 
Betts Richard K., carpenter, 1511 Filbert 
Betts R. M., 1082 Frankford av 
Betts Samuel, fancy goods, 4024 Market 
Betts Silas, general agent Equitable Life Ass 

Society, 432 Chestnut, h Camden 
Betts Stephen K., salesman, 217 Market, bds 

Bull's Head hotel 
Bettz James, millwright, 1329 Potts 
Betz Christopher, farmer, 2533 X 2d 
Betz Frederick, baker, 212 Reed 
Betz Henry, upholsterer, r 915 Lawrence 
Betz Howard, machinist, 2051 Vine 
Betz John, finisher, 451 Belrose 
Betz John, Rhine wine, 306 Xew 
Betz Louis, baker, 225 Green 
Betz Marks, blacksmith, 6 Eaton pi 
Betz Philip, 1619 X 31 
Betz Peter, baker, 2523 X 2d 
Betz Philip, helper, r 1071 Germantown av 
Betzel W., Mrs., grocery, 409 Wilder 
Betzler Florence, brewer, r 426 Xew Market 
Betzler Peter, laborer, 1214 Palethorp 
Betzner David, 714 X 11th 
Betzold Christian, machinist, 412 Moore 
Betzold Elizabeth, 522 Race 
Betzold John, laborer, 439 Spring, Manayunk 
Beuchner Gerhart, sugar refiner, 412 Worth 
Beueler George F., spring maker, 441 Lombard 






t— ' 






O M 


O t^ 











t— ' 









O o 











Beueke Charles H., bookkpr., 9 Bank, h Roxboro 

Beueke AVilliam A , clerk, 9 Bank, b Roxboro 

Beuerle Henry G., barber, 930 S oth 

Beuhler William, cutter, 522 Owen 

Beuly Thomas E., salesman. 1267 Nagle 

Beum Harry, laborer, 2223 Filbert 

Beum John boots & shoes, 858 N 11th, h 834 Knox 

Beusell John, shoemaker, 2141 Cuthbert 

Beuter Henry, shoemaker, 1322 Prospect 

Bevan Benjamin, driver, 59 State 

Bevan Charles M., crockeryware 872 N 9th 

Bevan David, painter, 1725* Chestnut, h 1015 S 3d 

Bevan Deborah, 1235 Strutbers 

Bevan Edward, shoemaker, 902 Noble 

Bevan Edwin W., M.D., Duane ab Brown 

Bevan George, broker, 117 S Front, h 707 Parrish 

Bevan George, shoemaker, 11 W Washington av 

Bevan Jesse, carpenter, 4522 Penn, Frankford 

Bevan John, Jr., painter. 104 Pine 

BEVAN JOHN M., coal, 1225 Washington av, h 

1015 S3d 
Bevan John W., painter, S W Front & Pine, h 

104 Pine 
Bevan Mary P., 872 N 9th 
Bevan Matthew P., clerk, 104 Pine 
Bevan William, clerk, 1235 Strutbers 
Bevan AVashington J., trunk manuf., 504 Market, 

h 1224 Citron 
Bevan & Zener {George Bevnn \ John Zener), 

shoe manufacturers, 5179 Germantown av 
Bevans John S., ice dealer, Washington & Moya- 

mensing av. h 1330 S Front 
Bevans Samuel, stoves, 616 S 12th 
Bevans Thomas, cards, 1330 S Front 
Beven William, salesman, 1427 Wood 
Bevens Augustus F., gentleman, 515 Green 
Bevens William, gentleman, 515 Green 
Beverage James, weaver, 1224 Brinton 
Beverlin James H., bookkeeper, 140 Almond 
Beverlin Sheridan, baker, 140 Almond 
Bevin William W., salesman, 45 N 8th. h 1427 

Bevins Edward, hotel, 1605 Hewson 
Bevins George, broker, 707 Parrish 
Bevins John D., stonecutter, 1122 Leon 
Bevins William, gentleman, 826 Franklin 
Bevis Samuel E., compositor, 749 Florida 
Bevy John, hats, 1403 Mervine 
Bewley Abner, driver, 2027 Winter 
Bewley Charles H., grocer, 9th & Federal, h 616 

Bewley George, printer, Lancaster A Haverford 
Bewley Henry, bookbinker, 2026 Winter 
Bewley Isaac, 1115 Brown 
Bewley Isaac K., baggagemaster, 1003 Vernon 
Bewley James L., commission merchant, 326 S 

S Delaware av, h Girard House 
BEWLEY JAMES L. & CO. (James L. Beii-ley 

(!i- Joint .S. Redner), commission merchants, 

326 S Delaware av 
Bewley Jesse, watchman, 920 Catharine 
Bewley John, driver, 2026 Winter 
Bewley John, plumber, 1115 Filbert 
Bewley John T., bookbinder, 113 Jacoby 
Bewley Lilburn H., 1115 Brown 
Bewley Nathan, machinist, 1008 Vernon 
Bewley Peter B., machinist. 1315 Ogden 
Bewley Silas, dealer, 3830 Market 
Bewsher John, sawmaker, r 1031 N Front 
Beyer Charles, bootmaker, 324 Branch 
Beyer Charles, shoemaker, 1502 Perth 
Bever Henry, salesman, 1223 Melon 
Beyer Henry C, clerk, 408 N 21st, h 527 N 22d 
Beyer Richard A., clerk, gas office, h 527 N 22d 
Beyer William, restaurant, 1505 Parrish 

Beyer William N., engineer, 527 N 22d 
Beyle William, gardener, 1406 Bangor 
Beylie Henry, shoemaker, 147 Kirkbride 
Beymer H. B., salesman, 601 Market, boards 

American Hotel 
Bezurd Edwin N., blacksmith, 1037 Mechanic 
Bezard John, fluting, 214 S 9th 
Bezer Frank, locksmith, 13 Fayette 
Bezner Andreas, stonecutter, 5 Seubert's ct 
Bezner Charles A., butcher, 2547 Hope 
Bhem Samuel, salesman, 625 Dillwyn 
Biasby Mary, varieties, 1435 Vienna 
Bibble Jonas AV., U. S. N., 413 Catharine 
Bibbie Richard, finisher, 18 Brown ct 
Bibighaus Charles T.,^lerk, 847 N 7th 
Bibighaus Harry A., salesman, 847 N 7th 
Bibighaus Mary A., 847 N 7th 
Bibighaus Samuel H., saws, 1515 American, h 

446 N 4th 
Bibighaus William, stonecutter, 1719 Alder 
Biehler Jacob, grocer, 1725 AVylie 
Bicht Florian, merchant, 103 Green 
Bick John, carpenter, 227 George 
Bickam Frank, carpenter, 1026 Christian 
Bickel Adolph, attorney-at-law. 478 N 4th 
Bickel Augustus, crutch manufacturer, 30 N 6th 

h 478 N 4th 
Bickel Augustus, Jr., manufacturer, 30 N 6th, h 

478 N 4th 
Bickel Daniel, 1313 Ogden 
Bickel Eliza, 871 Randolph 
Bickel Frederick, carpenter, 414 Belgrade 
Bickel Rev. Henry M., 1516 N 4th 
Bickel Jacob, blacksmith, 815 Lawrence 
Bickel John, baker, 723 South 
Bickel John C, merchant, 15 S 4th, h Merchant's 

Bickel John F., coal, 109 -Walnut, h 13.39 Par- 
BICKEL JOHN M., coal, 109 Walnut, h 849 

N Broad 
Bickel Samuel, prisonkeeper, S E 13th & Poplar 
Bickenbach Christian, carpenter, r 428 N Market 
Bicker Augustus, lager beer, 230, 232, 234 S 5th 
Bicker Caspar, tailor, 1225 N 6th 
Bicker Hannah, 2015 N 2d 
Bickerton Benjamin, agent, 636 Catharine 
Biekerton Charles J., plumber, 1704 Afton 
Bickerton Thomas, upholsterer, 435 Harmony 
Bickerton Thomas B., manufacturer, 132 Market, 

h 636 Catharine 
Bickett Mary, 465 Kerr 
Bickham George, carpenter, 1209 Deacon 
BICKHAM t HUFFMAN (Wil/iom Bickham if 

Charles Hnjfman), grocers, 1107 Market 
Bickham William, grocer, 1107 Market 
Bicking Samuel, gentleman, 6 Newbold 
Bickings William M., police. Main ab Rex av, 

Chestnut Hill 
Bickler Jacob, wooden spoons, 1716 American 
Bickley Alonzo, painter, 1022 Catharine 
Bickley David, sawsmith, 1202 N 2d 
Bickley G., 4711 Paul 
Bickley Henry, 1022 Catharine 
Bickley Henry, ice dealer, 1622 Market, h 1722 

Bickley Henry E. , ice dealer, 1622 Market, h 1722 

Bickley Howell W., banker, 16 S 3d, h New York 
Bickley Kate, 263 N 12th 
Bickley L. N., 123 AValnut, h Riverton 
Bickley Mary Ann, 1537 Parrish 
Bickley Sarah E., 1022 Catharine 
BICKLEY k SONS {Henry, Henry B. (V William 

H. Bickley) ice dealers, 1622 Market 




Bickley William H., ice dealer, 1622 Market, h 

1708 Rittenhouse 
Bickley William M., gent, 911 Corinthian av 
BICKLEY WILLIAM M., M.D., N E 4tli & Race 
Bicknell Rufus, M.D., 3S16 Market 
Bicknell Charles P., 1500 Chestnut 
Biddel Carry, washerwoman, r 1224 Fitzwater 
Biddel John, silver ware, 517 Noble 
Bidderworf Franz, shoemaker, 1223 N. 2d 
Biddle Able, laborer, r 1309 Rye 
Biddle Ann E., washer, r 811 Emeline 
Biddle A. E., Mrs., Summit, C Hill 
BIDDLE CADWALADER, att'y-at-law, 420 

Walnut, h 1002 Walnut 
Biddle Charles, watchman, 4 Mulvaney av 
Biddle Chapman, attorney-at-law, 131 S 5th, h 

1831 Pine 
Biddle Charles J., attorney-at-law, 713 Sansom 
Biddle Charles M., hardware, 509 Commerce, h 

1604 Arch 
Biddle Clement, gent, 714 Walnut 
Biddle Clement M., hardware, 509 Commerce, h 

3313 Baring 
Biddle Craig, attorney-at-law, 713 Sansom, h 

2033 Pine 
Biddle C. C, Miss, 1525 Walnut 
Biddle Clement C , 312 S 12th 
Biddle Edward, gent, Chelton av & Wayne 
Biddle E. B. Mrs., 1500 Locust 
BIDDLE EDWARD C, pres. Westmoreland 

Coal Co., 230 S 3d, & publisher, 508 Minor, h 

414 S Broad 
Biddle Eliza, 1500 Locust 
Biddle Elizabeth, 118 S 21st 
BIDDLE E. C. & J., (Edward C. &f J oJui Bid- 

die), publishers, 508 Minor 
Biddle E. W., tavern, 1921 Market 
Biddle Frank F., furniture, 1306 Vine 
Biddle George, painter, 1102 Lemon 
BIDDLE GEORGE W., attorney-at-law, 208 S 

5th, h 1226 Spruce 
Biddle George W., Jr., attorney-at-law, 208 S 

5th, h 1226 Spruce 
Biddle George W., painter, 235 S 3d, h 1102 N 

Biddle George W., cigarmaker, 1026 S 2d 
Biddle Hannah, dressmaker, 942 Rodman 

Chas. M. &c C. M. Biddle), 509 Commerce 
Biddle Harry, broker, h 1720 Spruce 
Biddle Henry D., bookseller, 508 Minor, h Wash- 
ington Square bel 7th 
Biddle Henry J., Mrs., 1623 Walnut 
Biddle Henry W., 326 Walnut, h 1720 Sprnce 
Biddle James, laborer, 317 Griscom 
Biddle James, waiter, r 6 Bedford 
Biddle James C, indigo, 104 Chestnut, h 2202 

Biddle James S., pres. S. V. & P. RR. Co., 234 

S 3d, h 1714 Locust 
Biddle John, pres. So. Mt. Coal & Iron Co., 230 

S 3d, publisher, 508 Minor, h 1344 Pine 
Biddle John, M.D., 1117 Spruce 
Biddle John M., tea merchant, 53 S Front, h 829 

N 6th 
Biddle John W., painter, 8th & Race 
Biddle John W., paper carrier, 1016 Leithgow 
Biddle Jonathan S., foundrv, Girard av & Mar- 
shall, h 994 Marshall 
Biddle J. W., painter, 1306 Vine 
Biddle J. W., Mrs., 1210 Walnut 
Biddle J. W., silverware, 618 Chestnut, h 519 

Biddle Lemuel, machinist, Orchard n Culvert 
Biddle Marks J., Shoemaker la n Gtn av 

Biddle Mary Jane, washer, 712 Minster 

Biddle 0., supt., 1231 Pine 

Biddle Rachel, 214 N 10th 

Biddle Robert, hardware, 509 Commerce, h 1604 

Biddle Samuel, jeweller, 712 Chestnut, h 922 

Biddle Sarah S., Ill S 20th 
Biddle Thomas, gentleman, 1500 Locust 
Biddle Thomas, porter, Herman's ct 
BIDDLE THOMAS A., stock & exchange bro- 
ker, 326 Walnut, h 1720 Spruce 
BIDDLE THOMAS A. & CO. (Thomas A. Bid- 
dle, Harry Peale), stock & exchange brokers, 
326 Walnut 
Biddle T. M. Mrs., 218 W Washington sq 
Biddle William, laborer, r 619 Fitzwater 
Biddle William, sec. M. H. & S. H. R. R. Co., 

15 & 17 S 7th, h Church la, Gtn 
Biddle William C, hardware, 509 Commerce, h 

1705 Arch 
BIDDLE WILLIAM F., vice president Lehigh 
Coal & Navigation Co., 122 S 2d, h 414 S 
Biddle Wm. H., boiler maker, 1033 Clairborne 
Biddle William W., salesman, 339 Market, h 1015 

Bidel John, stoves, 3245 Market 
Bideman George W., produce dealer, 2012 Cam- 
Bidenmiller John, butcher, 1437 N 6th 
Bidinger Charles, cordwainer, 1009 Charlotte 
Bidinner Henry, laborer, 301 Gaskill 
Bidlack J. B., bds 227 N .3d 
Bidlack William N., M.D., 3515 Market 
Bidler Joseph, 2257 Germantown av 
Bidwell Cornelius, tavern, Coates & New Market 
Bidwell John, pawnbroker, 711 South 
Bieber John C, carpenter, 1768 Howard 
Biedermann Catharine Mrs., 1026 Artisan 
Bieg Benjamin, butcher, 913 Hamilton 
Bieg George, painter, 9 Diligent av 
Bieg Jacob, watchman, 913 Hamilton 
Bieg Jacob G., tailor, 260 N 9th, h 914 Cherry 
Bieg & Runkel (Jacob G. Bieg ^ Charles Ric/i- 

kel), tailors, 260 N 9th 
Biegenwald Antony, cabinetmaker, 1013 Anita 
Biel Casper, laborer, 110 Buckius 
Bieler Ludwig, carman, 825 Lawrence 
Bielmer Jacob, carman, 1720 Fawn 
Biemiller Henry, driver, Slossman n 3d 
Bienzle Christian F., shoemaker, 806 Passyunk av 
Bier Jacob, barber, 497 St. John 
Bierbach Francis, importer, 23 Bank, h 17 S 13th 
Bierman Thomas, hairdresser, 1532 Richmond 
Bierman William, baker, 1216 N 12th 
Biermann Charles, tailor, 1513 Ridge av 
Biermann Charles W., cigars, 504 Callowhill 
Biers Christian, barber, 442 N Front 
Biers Christopher, barber, 1440 N Front 
Biers Hugh, grocer, 615 S 8th 
Bierschenk Mrs., tavern, 626 S Front 
Bieser Annie, midwife, 1215 Warnock 
Bieser Henry, coal oil, 1215 Warnock 
Blester & Bros. (Henry Blester, Wm. Biester (^ 

George Biester), mouldings, 804 Market 
Biester George, mouldings, 804 Market, h 1219 

Biester Henry, mouldings, 804 Market, h 1326 

Biester William, mouldings, 804 Market, h 928 

S 11th 
Bietz James, cutter, 774 S 4th 
Bigalow Stephen, carpenter, 1310 Potts, h 1312 

o fd 




4 Bp 












02 CD 






Eigalow S. & T. (Stephen if Thomas Bigalow), 

carpenters, 1310 Potts 
Bigalow Thomas, carpenter, 1310 Potts, h 1310 

Bigaze Louis A., hotel, 115 N 5tli 
Big Bend Oil Co., 325 "Walnut 
Big Blaclc Creek Iiuprovement Co., 412 Walnut 
Bigelow A. H., claim agent, 115 S 7th 
Bigelow & Peters {A. H. Bigelow l^ Theodore H. 

Petfis), claim agents, 115 S 7th 
Eiger Philip, box maker, 1341 Earl 
Biget Andrew, laborer, 1805 South 
Biget John, blacksmith, 1805 South 
Eiggard John, moulder, r 1005 N 2d 
Biggard Samuel, shoemaker, 1527 Cabot 
Biggard William, shoemaker, 26 Goodwin 
Bigger Margaret, grocery, 224 Quince 
Biggerman George, cooper, 522 N Front 
Biggers James, carpenter, 1322 Austin 
Biggers AVilliam, laborer, r 1753 Filler 
Biggerstaff John, tinware, 330 S 2d 
Biggei-stafF ."-amuel, carpet weaver, 1237 Hanover 
Biggerstaff AVm., Sr., twi.ster, 1239 Planover 
Biggerstaff William, weaver, 1239 Hanover 
Biggert John H., brass turner, 1020 Jefferson 
Biggs Hannah, 2239 Spring Garden 
Biggs James C, clerk, 967 Warnoek 
Biggs AVilliam H., cooper, 1068 Germantown av 
Bigham Emma, 1525 Lawrence 
Bigholtz Charles, bookbinder, 448 St John 
Bigler Frank, tailor, r 1019 N 4th 
Bigler Frederick, baker, 1623 Lombard 
Bigler John, laborer, 37 Good 
Bigler Valentine, tailor, 124 Mervine 
Eigley Bridget, grocer, Lancaster bel 46th 
Bigley Charles, shoemaker, 2210 Chestnut 
Bigley Charles J., bookkeeper, 206 Walnut, h 

519 S 5th 
Eigley James, grocer, 1648 American 
Bi<;ley James, waterman, r 763 S Front 
Bigley John, butcher, 2037 Winter 
Bigley Joseph, dealer, 8 Norris pi 
Bigley Kate, millinery, 403 Spruce 
Bigley Michael, wheelwright, 2611 Mascher 
Bigley Owen, conductor, 2507 Frankford av 
Bigley Patrick, 1731 Bodine 
Eigley Patrick, butcher, 222 N 15th 
Eiglow L. G., paper bag manufacturer, 520 Com- 
merce, h X Y 
Bigly John, moulder. 1418 Prospect 
Big Mountain Coal Co., 320 Walnut 
Bignell John, 1312 Parrish 
Eignell Jdhn, morocco dresser, 1302 Parrish 
Bignell John F., bookbinder, 1312 Parrish 
Eignell Rusling, bookbinder, 1306 Parrish 
Bignell Thomas B., hatter, 1211 Poplar 
Bigner Elizabeth, boarding house, 422 Serrill 
Bigot Alphonse, artist, 847 N Broad 
Bihn Frederick, chemist, 46 Bridge 
Bilbrough Joseph, coal, 2211 Cailowhill, h 2118 

Eilby George, weaver, 314 Girard av 
Bilena Daniel, merchant, 130 New 
Bilerfelt Anthony, carpenter, Tacony 
Biles Augustine, grocer, 17th & Shippen 
Biles Charles H., teller, 1533 Lombard 
Biles C. D., candies, 519 N 23d 
Biles Edwin R., clerk, 1024 Washington av 
Biles James D., confectionery, 419 N 23d 
Biles Joseph, carpenter, r 835 Cherry 
Biles Joseph T., carpenter, 1509 Locust, h 336 

S Ifith 
Biles Linford L., clerk, 833 Marshall 
Biles & McClellan [Joseph T. Biles if Samuel 

McClellan), carpenters, 1509 Locust 

Biles Sarah, gentlewoman, 147 Otter 
Bilger Augustus, stables. Wood & Diliwyn 
Eilger Charles, shoemaker, 2023 Apple 
Bilfrer Francis, shoemaker, 2018 Apple 
BILGER & HEIMER (N. BUgvr if August 

Ileiiner), manufacturers webbing, 235 Race 
Bilger Isaac, gentleman, 316 N 3d 
Bilger Isaiah, laborer, 2157 N 6th 
Bilger Jerome, laborer, 2023 Apjile 
Bilger John, shoemaker, 1243 Heath 
Eilger Leidy, laborer, 2023 Apple 
Bilger N., manuf., 235 Race, h 2022 Master 
Bilger Samuel, laborer, 2157 N 5th 
Bilger Samuel E., salesman. 2118 Green 
Bilger W. A., hotel, 316 N 3d 
Eilhard Anne, chandlery, 204 Poplar 
Bilhartz Albert, clerk, 722 Chestnut, h 1224 

Bilhartz F., hostler, 1310 Salmon 
Bilharz William, hostler, 425 N 3d 
Bill Christian, butcher, 769 Ringgold 
Bill George, carpet weaver, 135 Ashmead 
Bill John, needle maker, 1410 Hanover 
Billakee Frank, tailor, 2 Price ct 
Bille Henrv. lamp maker, 9 Sutton 
Billenstein'Charles A., 6 S 12th 
Billenstein Sarah, 6 S 12th 
Eilleren Theophilus, cigarmaker, 470 St John 
Billet Joseph, drug^rist, 1617 Brown 
BILLERBECK JULIUS, hardware, 904 Spring 

Billger George, shoe dealer, 26 N 4th, h 1221 

N 7th 
Billger Mahlon M., clerk, 966 N 6th 
Billhartz Charles, telegraph operator, 1031 Otis 
Billheimer Alphonso, clothier, 308 Race 
Billie John, hotel, 510 N 9th 
Billifelt Francis, watchmaker, 302 Lombard 
Billin W. G., importer, 618 Chestnut, h 3900 

BILLIX WILLIAM G. & CO., importers, 618 

Billing John, laborer, 1208 Leithgow 
Billinger John, laborer, 1 Fackler's ct 
Billingerlj' Henry, porter, 1250 Mervine 
Billings Amanda, trimmings, 2227 Coates 
Billings Andrew, shoemaker, 442 Poplar 
Billings Asa, upholsterer, 114 Elwyn 
Billings Caleb, car builder, 2227 Coates 
Billings John J., sailor, 1605 Salmon 
Billings Joseph L., bricklayer, 117 Elwyn 
Billings Mr., printer, 105 S Juniper 
Billings Samuel, artist, 3 Twaddell ct 
Billings Sarah A., shoemaker, 442 Poplar 
Billings Sylvester, gentleman, 715 X 20th 
Billings Thomas, printer, r 329 Arch, h 105 S 

Billings William H., dentist, 114 Elwyn 
Billingsfelt Hester Mrs., 1231 Parrish 
Billingsfelt Thomas, brass turner, 1423 Button- 
Ei!ling.=lea Lucy, dressmaker, 906 Catharine 
Billingsly Andrew, driver, r 146 Race 
Billington David, bell hanger, 1342 Brandy wine 
Billington David P., findings, 45 & 47 S Front, h 

1342 Brandywine 
Billington James H., findings, 45 & 47 S Front, 

h N E 19th A Thompson 
Billington James H. k Co. (James H. BiUiyig- 
ton. J. S. Perkins if D. P. Billington), manu- 
facturers findings, 45 <fe 47 S Front 
Billington John, gent., N E 19th & Thompson 
Billington John, Jr. , clerk, X E 1 9th &, Thompson 
Billington Joseph, weaver, 715 Webb 
Billington Walter T., hotel, 458 N Front 




Billingze Charles, coachman, r 1019 Rodman 

Billingze Isaiah, waiter, r 1019 Rodman 

Billingze William, waiter, r 1019 Rodman 

Billinstein L. T., manufacturer, 2009 Lombard 

Bill man Peter, carpet weaver, 935 Marshall 

Billmeyer Anna, 1 138 Hancock 

Billmever George F., farmer, 6347 Gtn ay 

Billmeyer Samuel T., bookkeeper, 1821 N 11th 

Billmire Maria, 2721 Coates 

Billrough Thomas, laborer, 2643 Ellsworth 

Bills Jeremiah, carpenter, 119 Marion 

Bills Philip, laborer, 229 Haines 

Bills Thomas, carpenter, 1219 Rye 

Bills Thomas, laborer, 432 Redwood 

Billson Henry, weaver, 4619 Clinton, Gtn 

Billsberry Jabez, dyer, 129 Unity 

Bilsland John, driver, 2134 Naudain 

Bilson James, bricklayer, 2546 Gray's Ferry rd 

Bilson William, engineer, 4530 Elizabeth 

Bilyeu George W., conductor, 621 N 4th 

Bimentel Ferdinand, clerk, 936 S Otsego 

Bimersderfer J. M., tailor, 108 Exchange pi, h 

219 Lodge 
Bimmer Charles, dyer, r 119 Eutaw 
Bimmer Gottlieb, shoemaker, 819 St John 
Bimmer William, dyer, 136 Otter 
Binda Peter, receiver, 3234 Richmond 
Binder Antoinette, 624 Coates 
Binder Elizabeth, 923 N 7th 
Binder Frederick, 917 Coates 
Binder F. W., restaurant, 45 N 6th 
Binder George A., 928 Marshall 
Binder George P., carpenter, 1031 Chestnut 
Binder Jacob, president Second & Third st RR. 

Co., 922 Marshall 
BINDER JOHN, hotel, S E Carter & Exchange 

Binder John, tailor, 917 Coates 
Binder John, wool, 1232 N Front 
Binder Julius, upholsterer, 1232 N Front 
Binder Maria, 920 Marshall 
BINDER M. A., Mrs., importer of ladies' dress 

& cloak trimmings, 1031 Chestnut 
Binder Rudolph, yarns, 1232 N Front 
Binder William W., carpenter, 1901 Brown 
Bindick Salmon P., boot blacking manuf, 1833 

Bindley John, carpenter, 453 Allen 
Bine Thomas, plaster, 52d & Kershaw 
Bines Samuel, coal merchant, 726 Buttonwood 
Bines Samuel M., coal dealer, 15 S 7th, & Arch 

St. wharf, h Fisher's Lane, N P RR 
BINES & SHEAFF (Samuel 31. Bines &f John. 

F. Shcdff), coal dealers. Arch st. wharf, 

Schuylkill, & Green la, N P RR, office 16 S 7th 
Binfer Rosina, 1227 Howard 
Bing Henry, cigarmaker, 1705 Beeket 
Bing James, mechanic, 2222 Mount Vernon 
Bingert Frederick, cabinetmaker, 16 Callowhill 
Bingham E. D., M.D. 36 N 11th 
Bingham Frank, carpenter, 3603 Ludlow 
Bingham James Jr., clerk, 618 Chestnut, h 316 

Bingham James, jeweller, S E Chestnut & 5th, h 

3603 Ludlow 
Bingham James T., stock broker, 208 S 3d 
Bingham John, builder, 1512 N 11th 
BINGHAM JOHN, supt Adams' Express Co., 320 

Chestnut, & S E 11th & Market, h 36 N 11th 
Bingham John C, harnessmaker, 1433 Market, h 

36 N 11th 
Bingham Margaret, 240 N 15th 
Bingham & Potts [James T. Bingham Sf A. R. 

Potts), stock brokers, 208 S 3d 
Bingham Richard P., grocer, 928 Fitzwater 

Bingham Richard W., gardener, 4663 Gtn av 
Bingham Robert, plasterer, 2027 N 6th 
Bingham William, turner, 1523 S Sth 
Bingley Ann, 185 Ashmead 
Bingley George, weaver, 4541 Miller 
Bingley Thomas, tavern, 4767 Armat 
Binke William, clerk, 2316 Frankford av 
Binker William, engineer, 1243 Palmer 
Binkert Anna, lager beer saloon, 4235 Fkd 
Binkin John, supt, 145 James, Falls Sch 
Binkly Deacon, briekpresser, 1242 Warnock 
Bioks James, carpenter, 877 Randolph 
Binley Fredrick, carpenter, 1111 Palmer 
Binley John, shoemaker, 1111 Palmer 
Binley William, carpenter, 1125 Sophia 
Binnell W. W., M.D., 1913 Green 
Binney Charlotte, 1835 Chestnut 
BINNEY HORACE, counsellor-at-law, 245 S 4th, 

h 241 S4th 
BINNEY HORACE, Jr., attorney-at-law, 227 S 

Binney Horace 3d, student, 227 S 6th 
Binns Charles H., clerk, 829 Geary 
Binns E. H , salesman, 49 N 3d, h 1104 Coates , 
Binns Moses, cigars, 11th & Mount Vernon, h 

1108 Mount Vernon 
Binns William, gent, 4631 Jackson 
Binny John, type founder, 1030 Christian 
Binschettler John, gent, 103 Vine 
Binswanger Ahart, weaver, 515 York 
Binswanger Hyman P., gent, 436 Franklin 
Binswanger I-aac, drygoods, 436 Franklin 
Bintliffe Elizabeth, cigars, 135 Otter 
Binton Charles A., com. mer, 704 Sansom 
Bioren Charles H., broker, 49 S 3d, h Riverton, 

N J 
Bioren & Co. [John ^ Charles H. B^oi-en), 

bankers, 49 S 3d 
Bioren John, banker, 49 S 3d,'h Riverton, N J 
Birch Abraham, peddler, 4841 Germantown av 
Birch Amanda, 37 S 15th 
Birch David, clerk, 126 S Delaware av, h 252 E 

Girard av 
Birch Edwin K., auctioneer, 1110 Chestnut, h 

206 N 13th 
Birch Franklin, clerk, 1110 Chestnut, h 1717 

Birch George, basketmaker, 571 William 
Birch George R., bookkeeper, 1023 Catharine 
Birch George W., soap & candles, 1208 & h 1212 

Birch Henry, soap, 1208 & h 1217 Shackamaxon 
Birch Hester, cook, 1410 Gulielma 
Birch Isaac, clerk, 1329 S 4th 
Birch Isaac D., accountant, 1329 S 4th 
Birch John, carpenter, 2526 Deshong 
Birch John, watchman, 1701 Wylie 
Birch John P., teacher, 639 N 8th 
Birch Josepii, druggist, 626 S 16th 
Birch Joseph C, clerk, 122 S Delaware av, h 252 

E Girard av 
Birch Levy, laborer, 4937 Tacony, White Hall 
Birch L., 1623 Afton 
Birch Michael, gent, 1209 Frankford av 
Birch Michasl W., veterinary surgeon, 1506 N 

Birch Sarah, 1024 S 9th 
Birch St. Clair, printer, 1024 S 9th 
Birch Thomas, auctioneer, 1110 Chestnut, h 1717 

BIRCH THOMAS & SON {Thomas ^ Edivin 

K.), auctioneers, 1110 Chestnut 
Birch Theodore F., gent, 1701 Wylie 
Birchall Elias, fancy hosiery manuf, 57 Armat, h 

142 Price 






o <1 

(JQ O 


1-3 o 













o o 


o "^ 

03 <D 

Birchall William, -weaver, 225 Marker 
Birchenough Elizabeth, 913 Gordon 
Birchfield Charles, car builder, 3329 Market 
Birekhead Henry B., insurance, 434 Chestnut, h 

1629 Filbert 
Birekhead Pollard E., treasurer Fire <fc Life Ins. 

Co., 433 Chestnut, h 1524 Chestnut 
Bircks John, gardener, 231 Haines 
Bird Ann, clothing, 540 South 
Bird Charles, bookkeeper, 303 Pine 
Bird Charles, gent, 859 N 5th 
Bird Charles S., morrocco finisher, 1504 Franklin 
Bird Christian, billiards, 320 N 9th 
Bird David, 1545 N 12th 
Bird k Dilks {Job Bird \ W illia?n Dills), toys, 

1734 Market 
Bird Edmund M., 958 Otsego 
Bird Francis, plasterer, r 1531 Cabot 
Bird Frederick, cigars, 219 Washington av 
Bird George U., tailor, 1031 Carpenter 
Bird Harrison, shoemaker, 1761 Germantown av, 

h Bodine ab Oxford 
Bird James, blacksmith, 2207 Sharswood 
Bird James M., teacher, 320 S 10th 
Bird James S., clerk, 1126 S 15th 
Bird Jesse S., police officer, 958 Otsego 
Bird Job, toys, 1734 Market, h 2037 Summer 
Bird John, clerk, 435 Catharine 
Bird John, foreman, r 1237 E Montgomery av 
Bird John, laborer, 1645 Mervine 
Bird John, porter, 1416 Gulielma 
Bird John F., M.D., 601 xV 11th 
Bird John R., gent, 1850 Mervine 
Bird Mary Ann, dressmaker, 1316 Ralston, r 415 

S Juniper 
Bird Matthew, merchant, 735 Callowhill 
Bird Rebecca, 1939 Vine 
Bird Samuel, carpenter, 2207 Sharswood 
Bird Thomas, woollen hosiery, 210 Poplar 
Bird Walter, millwright, 125 Gebhard 
Bird William, drover, 2207 Sharswood 
Bird William, silver plater, 1423 Savery 
Bird Wm. E. A., salesman, 223 & 225 Chestnut, 

h 1704 Race 
Bird William H., conveyancer, 324 Chestnut, h 

1526 Sansom 
Birden Isaac, police, 922 Catharine 
Birds Seffere, carpenter, 1263 Nagle 
Birdsall George W., tobacconist, 5 Arch 
Birdsall L. A., M.D., 3806 Market 
Eire John, weaver, 1447 N 4th 
Birely, Hillman & Streaker {Jacob Birely, Chas. 

Hillma/i if David V. Streaker), ship yard. 

Beach & Warren 
Birely Jacob, ship builder, Warren st. wharf, h 

428 Ptichmond 
Birely John, 313 Richmond 
Birely Sarah, 426 Richmond 
Birge J., artificial flower manuf, 238 Arch, h 108 

Birge Henry, 2037 N 5th 

Birgefeld Adolph, musical director, 254 S 12th 
Biringer John, locksmith, 1448 N 5th 
Birk John, hostler, 2026 Apple 
Birkenhauer Charles, barber, 531 N 3d 
Birkenhaur Philip, barber, 1135 Coates 
Birkenhauer William, barber, 11 S 3d, h 531 N 

Birkett Sarah, 2022 Cambridge 
Birkey Catharine A., trimmings, 211 S 5th 
Birkey Henry W., M.D., dentist, 242 S 8th 
Birkey John, dentist, 245 S 6th 
Birkey John Q., dentist, 245 S 6th 
Birkey J. M., M.D., dentist, 242 S 8tli 
Birkey Thomas W., M.D., 245 S 6th 

BIRKEY W. J. A. & SONS ( W. J. A., Sr.,M.D., 
W. J. A. Jr., M.D., Henry W., M.D. i^ 

J. M. Birley, M.D.), surgeon dentists, 242 

Birkey W. J. A., M.D., 242 S 8th 
Birkey W. J. A., Jr., M.D., dentist, 242 S 8th 
Birkmyer Samuel, gentleman, 3302 Ridge av 
Birkmyre James, grocery, 514 S 15lh 
Birly John, carpenter, 1018 Otis 
Birmingham Charles B., grocer, 1701 Poplar 
Birmingham George, policeman, Cabot n 19th 
Birmingham James, gentleman, 713 N 20th 
Birmingham John, bricklayer, 1413 Alder 
Birmingham Parrezet, superintendent of Monu- 
ment Cemetery 
Birnbaum Charles, baker, 1026 Pine, h 1024 Pine 
Birnbaum Charles, conductor, 1411 N 8th 
Birnbaum Edwin, laborer, 7 Moland av 
Birnbaum Francis, painter, 7 Moland av 
Birnbaum George H., machinist, 1411 N 8th 
Birnbaum Herman, clerk, 124 Walnut, h 1926 Pine 
Birnbaum John, cigars, 1432 South 
Birnbaum John, engineer, 7 Moland av 
Birnbaum Joseph, clerk, 320 Chestnut, h 1411 N 

Birnbaum Marcus, Merchant, 514 N 5th 
Birney David, laborer, 1246 Newkirk 
Birney D. B., Mrs., 4209 Birney pi, W P 
Birney Samuel, liquors, 349 Tasker 
Birney Thomas, coachman, 1225 Canby 
Birvin Samuel, machinist, 3737 Garden 
Bisbeck William, clerk, 1007 Melon 
Bisbee Maloin G., pianos, &c., S E 7th & Chest- 

nut, h 724 N 11th 
Bisbel William, carpenter, 1838 Memphis 
Bi,sbie Ann, r 1312 Olive 
Bisbie Anna P., r 1312 Olive 
Bisbing Charles, grocer, 487 York av 
Bi.*bing Henry, plasterer, 60 Haines 
Bisbing John, printer, 1925 Carlton 
Bisbing Joseph, dealer, 408 Cumberland 
BISBING J. M., Bisbing's West Philadelphia & 

City E.^press, 2 N 4th, h 4023 Irving 
Bisbing Samuel, carpenter, 121 Sloan 
Bisbing Stephen, boots k shoes, 1636 Market 
Bisbing AVilliam B., grocer, 20th & AVallace, h 

708 Orr 
Bisbing W. W., cigarmaker, 321 Emmet 
Bisborg Daniel, laborer, 1929 N 4th 
Bisbort Jacob, moulder, 307 O.\ford 
Bisby Jacob A., bookbinder, 917 N 11th 
Bisby Jacob H., gentleman, 1848 Tulip 
Bisby Gordon, cardriver, 41st k Haverford 
Bisch Adam, dyer, 4418 Harrison, Jlyk 
Bisch John, laborer, 4418 Harrison, Myk 
Bischofberger Jacob, weaver. Orchard ab Culvert 
Bischoff Francis, moulder, 2323 Frankford 
BisehofF Peter, baker, 134 Shippen 
Bishlag Thomas, butcher, r 40 xMiller 
Bi-shman George, tailor, 833 St John 
Bishner John, laborer, Florida bel Lancaster 
Bishop Albert, hatter, 8 Hillsdale 
Bishop Calvin, M.D., 334 N 10th 
Bishop Charles, barber, 328 Girard av 
Bishop Charles, broom maker, 1151 Hancock 
Bishop Charles, hatter, 28 Mayland 
Bishop Charles, machinist, r 454 Belrose 
Bishop Charles C, hatter, 213 Race, h Camden 
Bishop Charles E., seaman, 1072 Frankford av 
Bishop C. B., com. mer, 105 Arch, h 1608 Pine 
Bishop David, bootmaker, 1618 Lombard 
Bishop Edgar, distiller, 405 Barnwell 
Bishop Edward, victualler, 1637 Philip 
Bishop Ephraim, ship chandler, 18 S Del av, h 

2010 Mt Vernon 




Bishop Frank, carter, 945 N 5tli 

Bishop George, music teacher, 33 S 19th 

Bishop Henry, shoemaker, r 308 Emmet 

Bishop Hiram, distiller, 429 Norris 

Bishop Isaac, farmer, 37 Sharpnack 

Bishop Isaac, woodturner, 633 Pierce 

Bishop James, bricklayer, 1106 Brown 

Bishop James H., ship carpenter, 1207 Shacka- 

Bishop Jane, trimmings, 2307 Callowhill 
Bishop John, boilermaker, bds 946 N Front 
Bishop John, dyer, 534 Buckley 
Bishop John, fraraesmith, 5018 Schaffer 
Bishop John, laborer, r 413 Lynd 
Bishop John, mason, 1310 Moyamensing av 
Bishop John, merchant, 313 S 5th 
Bishop John, navy officer, 1128 S 9tU 
Bishop John, shoemaker, 1147 S 8th 
Bishop John E., tailor, 114 S 4th, h 821 Frank- 
Bishop Joseph, conductor, 223 N 41st 
Bishop Miles, laborer, 511 Hurst 
Bishop Monroe, trunkmaker, 930 St John 
Bishop Morris, lager, 452 St John 
Bishop Peter, moulder, 2122 Frankford av 
Bishop Preston, hatter, 213 Race, h Beverly, N J 
Bishop Preston & Son {Preston if Charles C. 

Blsliop), hat manufs, 213 Race 
Bishop Robert, gentleman, 1230 Cadwallader 
BISHOP ROBERT, machinist, lathes, planers, 
bolt cutters, drill presses, shafting pulleys, 
hangers, &c., &c., S W Edward & Hancock, h 
1147 Hancock 
Bishop Rosanna, r 1072 Frankford av 
Bishop Samuel S., shoemaker, 409 Vine 
Bishop, Son <fc Co. {S. S. (^ C. B. Bishop 4- James 

Helms), shipping merchants, 105 Arch 
Bishop Stratton, waterman, 536 Beach 
Bishop S. S., com. mer, 105 Arch, h 1508 Pine 
Bishop Theodore H., carpenter, 64 Laurel 
Bishop Thomas, music teacher, 33 S 19th 
Bishop Uriah C, furniture, 1742 Market, h 22 S 

Bishop William, painter, 1533 Warnock 
Bishop William, seaman, 135 Prime 
Bishop William G., shoemaker, 248 Centre 
Biskey William, laborer, 2302 Market 
Bisler John George, baker, 435 Monroe 
Bisler William A., drygoods, 313 N 8th 
Bisner Morris, machinist, 618 Belgrade 
Bispham Benjamin H., salesman, 127 Richmond 
Bispham Daniel, tailor, 127 Richmond 
Bispham Daniel F., trunkmaker, r 129 Rich- 
Bispham Ellis, clerk, 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
BISPHAM GEORGE TUCKER, attorney-at-law, 

r 524 Walnut, h 1223 Chestnut 
Bispham George W., blacksmith, 2006 Evergreen 
Bispham James L., druggist, 710 S 2d, h 411 S 8th 
Bispham John S., grocer, 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham Joseph B., 1223 Chestnut 
Bispham Mary C, 1622 Chestnut 
Bispham Samuel, grocer, 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham Samuel A., grocer, 629 Market, h 443 

Bispham Samuel & Son {Samuel, Samuel A. (^ 
Jolui S. Bispliam), grocers, 629 Market & 620 
Biss Henry, cabinetmaker, 1035 Nectarine 
Biss Thomas, manufacturer, 202 Bringhurst 
Bissell Frederick Meade, bookkeeper, 129 Mar- 
ket, h 406 S Broad 
Bisset James, florist, 333 Tasker 
Bisset M., artificial flowers, 526 Race 
Bissett Joseph, laborer, 570 Fulton 

Bissex George E., shoes, 4042 Market 
Bissex Henry, gentleman, 2101 Vine 
Bissex James R., shoes, 2101 Vine, h 523 N 19th 
Bissenger Appolonia, midwife, 115 Girard av 
Bissinger Christian, tinsmith, 1107 N 3d 
Bissinger Francis J., carpets, 115 Girard av 
Bissinger Gabriel, stonemason, 1215 Lawrence 
Bissinger George, tailor, 719 Mintzer 
Bissinger George S., carpets, 115 Girard av 
Bissinger Ignatius, carpets, 115 Girard av 
Bissinger M., merchant, 52 N 3d, h Coates bet 

5th & 6th 
Bissinger Sebastian, jeweller, 1151 Passyunk av 
Bissman Frederick, cabinet, 148 Margaretta 
Bissout Henry F., shoes, 2219 Ridge av 
Bissout Henry F., Jr., shoemaker, 2219 Ridge av 
Biswanger George, machinist, 1530 Gtn av 
Biswanger John C, shoemaker, 1647 Mervine 
Biterman Richard, laborer, 234 Prosperous al 
Bitler Michael, moulder, 23 N 17th 
Bitler William, machinist, 819 West 
Bitner Benjamin F., commission, 811 Market 
Bitner Charles, varnisher, 1136 Leon 
Bitner George, shoemaker, 3 Drinker's al 
Bitner J. L., clerk, 238 S 3d, h 1235 Marshall 
Bitner William H., salesman, 29 N 8th, h 1235 

BITNERS & BRUBAKER (J. R. Bitner, C. A. 

Bit?ier If R. H. Brubaker), commission & for- 
warding merchants, 811 Market 
Bitten Henry, rigger, 2344 Coral 
Bitter Harry, dental instrument mr., 24 N 13th 
Bitter Henry, gentleman, 2021 Brown 
Bitter Joseph S., moulder, 204 S Juniper 
Bitterlich Louisa, framer, 337 S 6th 
Bitters & Beitel {N. W. Bitters &f G. W. Beitel), 

sign painters, 401 Walnut 
Bitters Lorenzo C, cordwainer, 484 N 4th 
Bitters Lorenzo C, Jr., dyer, 484 N 4th 
Bitters N. W., sign painter, 401 Walnut, h 1207 

N 2d 
Bitters William, U S N, 484 N 4th 
Bitterwolf Michael, laborer, r 1122 Canal 
Bitting Amos, laborer, bds 472 N 2d 
Bitting Bergess A., plumber, 987 N 7th 
Bitting F. A., laborer, 1006 Germantown av 
Bitting Charles W., blacksmith, 10 Steinmetz pi 
Bitting George R. , stables, 1247 Ash 
Bitting George W., carpenter, 1345 Mervine 
Bitting Jacob, conductor, 810 Wallace 
Bitting Jerry D., bricklayer, r 907 N 13th 
Bitting John H., machinist, 830 Burns 
Bitting Jonathan, turner, 2607 Mascher 
Bitting Jordan, 860 N 11th 
Bitting Lewis W., salesman, 623 N 10th 
Bitting L. C, M.D., 50 N 7th 
Bitting L. W., salesman, 1226 Chestnut, h 623 

N lOlh 
Bitting Richard, ice dealer, 11 Sharpnack 
Bitting Walter, blacksmith, 2609 Mascher 
Bitting Wayne, merchant, bds 319 Arch 
Bitting William, dispatcher, 808 Wallace 
Bitting William H. , liquors, 620 Market, h 623 

N 10th 
Bitting W., merchant, 218 N Del av, bds Union 

Bittle Charles W., papermaker, 129 Church, Myk 
Bittle Charles W., notions, 508 Callowhill, h 1305 

N 10th 
Bittle Samuel, conductor, 3337 Elm 
Bittner Felix, tailor, 1757 N 3d 
Bittner Henry, sugar refiner, 1137 Charlotte 
Bittner John, tailor, 604 Columbia av 
Bittner Louis, cabinetmaker, 1625 N 12th 
Bittner Philip, tailor, 604 Columbia av 








p3 W 














pi w- 

-P hD 

02 rj 


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.-H c3 

r— < 

TO 02 


^ 05 


• fH 

^ M 

-t^ d 








■ r-l 

P» ^ 


ii o 





w «^ 


M c« 







Bitton Henry, laborer, 1537 Tudor 
Bivans Charles, gardener, 1314 Rye 
Bivens Charles, 1609 S Front 
Bivins George, shoemaker, 5 Washington av, Gtn 
Bivins Michael, laborer, 1814 Shippen 
Bivens Rosanna, Mrs., boarding house, 627 Wash- 
ington av 
Bivens Thomas, packer, 1117 New Bedford 
Bixenstein Frederick, gentleman, 1208 N I2th 
Bize Eugenie, perfumer, h 222 N 8th 
Bize M. A., Mrs., milliner, 222 N 8th 
Blabon George W., oil cloths, 124 N 3d, h 451 

Blabon George W. & Co. (George W. Blabon &■ 

Wm. 11. Richardson), window shades, 124 

N 3d 
Black Alexander, policeman, 1529 Burton 
Black Amos W., shoemaker, lfi7 Lehman 
Black Anthony, gentleman, 13.U Girard av 
Black Archibald, waterman, llfi Carpenter 
Black Augustus, carter, 1253 Edgemont 
Black Charles, laborer, 2061 South 
Black Charles, laborer, 2740 Park 
Black Charlotte, Miss, 39 Orthodox 
Black Christopher, plasterer, 227 Beaver 
Black Cyrus, porter, r 831 Carpenter 
Black David J., grocer, 1739 Chestnut, h 1510 

Black Delina, 412 Diamond 

205i- Walnut, room 3 
Black Edgar N., farmer, 314 S 10th 
Black Edward, 1324 Poplar 
Black Edward T., builder, 640 N 13th 
Bl.ack Elizabeth, r927 Ogden 
Black Elizabeth, trimmings, 1240 Vine 
Black Ellen, 116 Federal 
Black Francis, carpenter, 712 Orr 
Black Frank, painter, 307 Lombard, h Beverly 
Black Fulton, gentleman, 333 S^lst 
Black Heath Coal Company, 302 Walnut 
Black Henry, brickmaker, 628 Montgomery 
Black Henry, finisher, bds Adams ab Sellers 
Black Isaac, carman, 1125 S 7th 
Black Isaac, stonecutter, 208 Dean 
Black Jackson, painter, 762 S 6th 
Black James, 826 Market 
Black James, driver, 1429 Perth 
Black James, drygood.s, S W llth <t Locust 
Black James, gentleman, 5.S2 N 15th 
Black James, helper, 3631 Walnut 
Black James, laborer, 1632 Richard 
Black James, laborer, 4 Plynlimmon pi 
Black James, engineer, 13 Steinmetz pi 
Black James, painter, 628 Montgomery 
Black James, painter, 1836 Barker 
Black .James, weaver, r 1537 N Fiont 
Black James C, gentleman, 1133 Pine 
Black James T., grocer, N W Broad & Chestnut 
Black Jenks, blacksmith, 507 Diamond 
Black Jesse, porter, 522 S 5th 
Black John, blacksmith, 12 Fetter la, h 448 N 

Black John, driver, 1230 York 
Black John, driver, 7 Filbert av 
Black John, grocer, 1026 Fitzwater 
Black John, laborer, r 1251 Tilton 
Black John, laborer, 228 Columbia av 
Black John, laborer, 2128 Wood 
Black John A., superintendent, 821 Chestnut, h 

1865 N 11th 
Black John H., tavern, 3018 Market 
Black John H., liquors, 1136 Market 
Black John L., blockmaker, 621 S Front 
Black John S., mer., 422 Market, h 1512 Green 

BLACK JOHN S. & CO. [Jo/uiS. Black ^ James 

M. Taylor), importers drygoods, 422 Market 
Black Joseph, engineer, 1024 Clairborne 
Black Joseph, weaver, 251 Jefferson 
Black Joseph R., clerk, 1254 Edgemont 
Black Joshua, spinner, 2014 Alter 
Black J F., ship carpenter, 242 Jarvis 
Black J. R., photographer, 256 S 5th 
Black Maggie, 607 Diamond 
Black Maggie, trimmings, 419^ N 8th 
Black Margaret, 220 Quince 
Black Margaret, rear 944 Rodman 
Black Margaret, washerwoman, r 1138 South 
Black Mary. Mrs., 1226 Pearl 
Black Mary J., 1638 Palethorp 
Black Matthew, painter, 762 S 6th 
Black Matthew, shoemaker, 1016 S 12th 
Black Maurice, attorney-at-law, 247 S 3d 
Black Perry, clasps, 1231 S 3d 
Black Peter, agent, 909 Corinthian av 
Black Peter R., commercial agent, 600 Chestnut, 

h 909 N 21st 
Black Rebecca, 507 Diamond 
Black Richard, hostler, 166 Queen 
Black Robert, blacksmith, 3631 Walnut 
Black Robert, Jr., blacksmith, 3631 Walnut 
Black Robert, carver, 833 Filbert 
Black Robert, chairmaker, 1701 Olive 
BLACK ROBERT, grocer, NE 18th & Chestnut, 

h 1627 Filbert 
Black Robert, laborer, 726 Carpenter 
Black Robert, machinist, 458 Canton 
Black Robert, police, 1836 Barker 
Black Robert, saloon, 405 Chestnut 
Black Robert, painter, 2107 Harmstead 
Black Robert, shoemaker, 1129 Shippen 
Black Robert, shoemaker, 1418 Coates 
Black Robert, telegrapher, 2319 Lombard 
Black Robert G., conductor, 250 N 22d 
Black Rudolph J., bookkeeper, 212 Chestnut, h 

640 N 13th 
Black Samuel, capmaker, 706 Girard 
Black Susan, 1820 Wylie 

Black Samuel W., real estate agent, 640 N 13th 
Black Sarah, 2015 Tulip 
Black S. G., merchant, St. Lawrence Hotel, 1018 

Black Thomas, waterman, 1206 Cumberland 

grocers, N AV Broad & Chestnut 
Black William, 2044 Murray 
Black William, laborer, 369 William 
Black Willi;im, laborer, 716 St. Mary 
Black William, laborer, 1924 Herb 
Black William, shoemaker, 415 D.iuphin 
Black William, stonecutter, 1512 Shippen 
Black William, weaver, 622 York 
Black William D., Jr., clerk, 147 Mifflin 
Black William H., commission merchant, 231 N 

Broad, h 618 S Broad 
Black William H., plasterer, 2217 Frankford 
Black William K., terracotta, 7th & Germantown 

av, h 7th n Montgomery 
Black William R., carpenter, 116 Federal 
Black Wilson, dyer, 2126 Brandywine 
Black W. J., baker, 622 Penn 
Blackburn Alexander W., fire marshal, 725 S 16th 
Blackburn Daniel, tavern, 25 South 
Blackburn Daniel, telegraph op'r, 728 Morris 
Blackburn Frank, machinist, 1621 Poplar 
Blackburn Frederick, machinist, 836 N 19th 
Blackburn George, tavern, 307 Cherry 
Blackburn Jeremiah, boots & shoes, 615 South 
Blackburn John, conveyancer, 420 Library, h 346 

S 16th 




Blackburn Joseph, laborer, 3615 Grape 
Blackburn Joseph, laborer, 729 Passyunkav 
Blackburn Oliver, 1521 N Broad 
Blackburn Thomas, laborer, 1510 Barclay 
Blackburn William, driver, Paschall & 52d 
Blackburn William, machinist, 2040 Wood 
Blackburne Francis, gent., 8 S Merrick 
Blackburne Francis, Jr., malt works, 1422 N 8th, 

h 839 N Broad 
Blackburne Patrick, coachman, 1704 Latimer pi 
Blackburne Robert, driver, 255 S 25th 
BLACKBURNE SARAH S., widow Christopher 

J., h 15 S 13th 
Blacker John, stevedore, 29 Parham 
Blacker Patrick F., Rev., 804 Lebanon 
Blacker Peter, 808 Lebanon 
Blackford George, bricklayer, 1236 Pine 
Blackford George, tailor, 1109 Ogden 
Blackford John A., salesman, 4154 Ludlow 
Blackford William T., paperhanger, 651 Andress 
Blackiston William L. , carriage builder, 1541 

Ridge av, h Enterprise bet 5th &, 6th 
Blackler John T., agent, 215 Lombard 
Blackman Gabriel, shoemaker, 1336 Palmer 
Blackman George E., painter, 139 Sloan 
Blackman George T., painter, 139 Sloan 
Blackman Nathan J., salesman, 4318 Fkd av 
Blackshire William H., manufact'r, 1504 N 6th 
Blackson Eugene, laborer, 3 Henderson's ct 
Blackson Sarah, cook, 3 Priscilla pi 
Blackson Thomas, carter, Ludlow N 41st 
Blackstock Samuel, carpenter, 1525 Ellsworth 
Blackstone John, carpenter, 930 E Dauphin 
Blackwell Edwin, captain, 624 N 25th 
Blackwell John G., salesman, 409 Market, bds 

415 N 3d 
Blackwell Sidney, gent, 514 Vine 
Blackwell Thomas, silversmith, 631 Hay 
Blackwell William P., salesman, 843 N 16th 
Blackwood Emanuel P., carpenter, 1229 Passy- 

unk av 
Blackwood Joseph, carpeting, 832 Arch 
Blackwood Robert, bookkeeper, 728 Arch, h 1525 

Blackwood Thomas P., carpenter, 221 Perry 
Blackwood William, baker, 2036 Pemberton 
Blackwood William, frames, 721 Hepburn 
Blackwood William R. D., D.D., 129 S 18th 
Blackwood William S., painter, 1206 Ely's av 
Blackwood W. H., carpenter, 1327 S 10th 
Blade James, shoemaker, 1128 Savery 
BLADEN W. L., health office, 1411 Reed 
Bladenkizer William, conductor, 825 Capital 
Blades Edward, seaman, 117 Prime 
Blaess Conrad, hotel, 321 Coates 
Blaess George, laborer, 601 St John 
Blaess John, currier, S W 4th & Coates, h 703 

Blaess Valentine, tavern, 428 Coates 
Blaich Ernst F., morocco dresser, r 1529 Mifflin 
Blaikie ThomasL., plumber, 1202 Richmond 
Blain James, dealer, 1206 Brinton 
Blain William, butler, 1612 Thompson 
Blair Mrs., 1055 N Front 
Blair Alvin F., Mt Vernon hotel, 119 N 2d, h 

120 Kelton 
Blair Andrew, carver, 1419 Howard 
Blair Andrew, apothecary, 8th & Walnut, h 36th 

& Baring 
Blair Andrew A., olerk, 1605 N 2d 
Blair Andrew, weaver, 1605 N 2d 
Blair Annie, 1210 Pine 

Blair Cunningham, shoemaker, 1224 Thurlow 
Blair Daniel, grocer, 124 S 20th 
Blair David, Mt Vernon hotel, 117 & 119 N 2d 

Blair E. F., attorney-at-law, 119 N 2d 

Blair Francis L., bookkeeper, 909 Moyamensing 
av, h 223 Marriott 

Blair Frank, clerk, 223 Marriott 

Blair George W., machinist, bds 14 S 34th 

Blair Hannah, r 215 German 

Blair Harry, laborer, boards 1463 Salmon 

Blair Henry, Mrs., 612 Tamarind 

Blair Henry C, apothecary, S W 8th & Walnut, 
h 32d & Arch 

Blair Henry C, Jr., apothecary, 8th & Walnut, li 
36th & Baring 

BLAIR'S HENRY C. SONS {Henry C. ^ Heyiry 
C. Blair, Jr.), apothecaries, S W 8th & Wal- 

Blair Iron & Coal Co., 400 Chestnut 

Blair James, carter, 519 N 25th 

Blair James, clerk, 722 S 17th 

Blair James, laborer, 2206 Hamilton 

Blair James, stairbuilder, 721 N 16th 

Blair James, weaver, 2109 Amber 

Blair John, Jr., clerk, 722 S 17th 

Blair John, grocer, 1617 Market, h 722 S 17th 

Blair John A., foreman, 467 Kerr 

Blair John A., painter, boards 14 S 34th 

Blair Joseph, laborer, 1208 Lemon 

Blair Lemuel, hostler, ]4]5Hewson 

Blair Mary, 612 Tamarind 

Blair Mary A., 1312 Melon 

Blair Mary A., drygoods, 604 Spring Garden, h 
518 Marshall 

Blair Philip, glasseutter, 10 Court al bel Brown 

Blair Richard, eating stand, 11th & Christian, h 
1113 Thurlow 

Blair Robert, laborer, 1831 Barker 

Blair Robert, laborer, r 1515 Cadwalader 

Blair Samuel, foreman, 3102 Behring 

Blair Samuel H., shoemaker, 43 N 22d 

Blair Thomas, machinist, 1505 Pearl 

Blair Thomas, hotel, 1716 Market 

Blair William, blacksmith, 172 Sellers 

Blair William, plasterer, 1629 Fitzwater 

Blair William, stonecutter, 3613 Ludlow 

Blair William E., grocer, 122 S 17th 

Blais Edward, gentleman, 1626 Chestnut 

Blaise Baier, carpenter, 1733 Bodine 

Blaisse George F., chandelier maker, 5 Neville pi 

Blake Amos, grocer, S E 17th &, Shippen 

Blake Charles, seaman, 502 S Penn 

Blake Charlas, cigarmaker, Wissahickon av ab 
Main, Chestnut Hill 

Blake Charles A., dental inst., Chester & Maple, 
h 1307 Rodman 

Blake Charles A., Navy yard, 1040 Frankford av 

BLAKE & CO. [Charles A. Blake, James Whit- 
tington if Anson R L2ike7is), dental instru- 
ment makers, N AY Chester & Maple 

Blake & Co. {John A. Blake &f James T. Doran), 
com. mers., 1814 Market 

Blake C. M., trimmings, 404 S 6th 

Blake George, shoemaker, 2 Linton 

Blake George E., music publisher, 25 S 5th 

Blake Hannah, 1104 Sidmouth 

Blake Harry C, clerk, 1724 Grayson 

Blake Herman, seaman, 706 S Front 

Blake Jacob, instrument maker, 426 Gardner 

Blake John, coachman, 612 Bay 

Blake John, laborer, 2319 Coral 

Blake John A., com. mer., 1814 & 1816 Market,, 
h 1907 Vine 

Blake Leah, washerwoman, r 719 Stewart 

Blake Louis, porter, 1037 Locust 

Blake Michael, laborer, r 2 Haviland pi 

Blake Patrick, laborer, 926 Huntingdon 

Blake Patrick, laborer, 1054 Huntingdon 




CO ^ 






























Blake Peter, cigarmaker, Wissahickon av ab 

Main, Chestnut Hill 
Blake Philip, blacksmith, Wister n Clinton, Gtn 
Blake Robert, boatman, r 410 Maria 
Blake Robert B., carpenter, 918 Kurtz 
Blake S. Parkman, Jr., com. mer, 1814 Market 
Blake Thomas, brickmr, I.'IOO B Montgomery av 
Blake T. West, sec. Fire Department, 141 N l.'ith 
Blake Wiley, waterman, 108 Coates 
Blake William, porter, 13 Danuakers av 
Blake William, weaver, 1429 Hope 
Blake W. H. Mrs., 221 N 9th 
Blakeboro G. B , paper bag maker, 115 S 2d 
Blakebron George, manuf, 2d ab Market, h 4048 

Blakeinger Andrew, driver, 2313 N 6th 
Blakeinger Joseph, huckster, 2313 N 6th 
Blakley Robert, laps, r 1526 Bodine 
Blakely Ellen, 1629 Hancock 
Blakely Gideon, conductor, 2128 Winter 
Blakely James, driver, 118 Filson 
Blakely John, agent, 109 Freelander 
BLAKELEY J., railroad supplies, 233 Church, h 

36th & Hamilton 
Blakely William, foreman, 4380 Main 
Blakely William, oilcloth maker, 1731 Button- 
Blakeman Thomas S., merchant, 465 N 7th 
Blakemore Charles, engineer, 1733 Moravian 
Blakemore Francis N., locksmith, 3423 Market 
Blakemore Harry, grocer, 1206 Melon 
Blakemore Henry, japanner, 1206 Melon 
Blakemore James W., plumber, 1205 Melon 
Blakemore Thomas F., merchant, 307 Market, h 

455 N 7th 
Blaker E., plumber. 1529 Cabot 
Blaker Jason, stonemason, Holmesburg 
Blaker John J., carpt., 1234 White Hall 
Blaker Ulysses, plumber, 1629 Cabot 
Blaker W'illiam, 4725 Main, Fkd 
Blakey Thomas, clerk, 115 Walnut, h 916 Wal- 
Blakiston Charles, coal, 318 Walnut, h 39th and 

Blakiston & Clay, com. mers., 8 N Delaware av 
BLAKISTON, GRAEFF & CO. {Jofui R. Blakis- 
ton, Jolii). Giaeff, Samuel H. Rothermel, John 
Blaki ston) , miners & shippers, 318 Walnut 
Blakiston G. R., com mer., 47 N Water, h 3724 

Blakiston Harriet, 3210 Darby rd 
Blakiston Henry R., coal, 208 Walnut, h 3812 

Blakiston John, 318 Walnut, h 39th & Spruce 
Blakiston John R., coal, 318 Walnut, h 39th & 

Blakiston Presley, publisher, 26 S 6th, h Holmes- 
Blancbois William, bds 129 Almond 
Blance Edward, laborer, 625 Ella 
Blance E., 1806 Perkiomen 
Blance James, weaver, 625 Ella 
Blance Patrick, weaver, 625 Ella 
Blanch James, stonemason, 938 Alder 
Blanchard Arthur, carter, 10 Holland pi 
Blanchard Charles, lumber mer., Delaware av n 

Blanchard George, painter, 2028 Master 
Blanchard Henry, publisher, 1511 Walnut 
Blanchard H. B., upholsterer, N E Chestnut & 

13th, h 3925 Chestnut 
Blanchard H. B. & Co. {H. B. Blanchard), up- 
holsterers, N E Chestnut A 1 3th 
Blanchard Margaret, teacher, 28 S 18th 
Blanchard William A., 1611 Walnut 

Blanchard William J., clerk, 1033 Vine 
Blanchard William I., sec. Fame Ins. Co., 406 

Chestnut, h 1033 Vine 
Blanchfield Thomas, watchman, 1903 Rochford 
Blancjour F. L., prof, music, 235 N 12th 
Blanck William, artificial limb maker, 1635 Mar- 
Blanckensee J., clothing, 1536 Richmond 
Blancy Henry, gentleman, 927 Auburn 
Bland Aaron, gardener, 125 Wyoming 
Bland James H. B., cutter, 603 Chestnut, h 2607 

Bland Joseph, rigger, 524 Enterprise 
Bland J. D., clerk, 513 Dickerson 
Bland William, machinist, 613 Dickerson 
Blandler Joseph, gentleman, 1413 Parrish 
Blandy John F., pres. L. S. N. RR. & Coal Co., 

410 Walnut, h Chelton av, Gtn 
Blaney Dennis, paper maker, 135 Cotton, Myk 
Blaney Isabella, 1139 Monmouth 
Blaney James, tailor, 845 Marriott 
Blaney James A., tailor, 845 Marriott 
Blaney Richard, cutter, English 
Blaney Mary Ann, 1248 Cadwalader 
Blanford John N., coppersmith, 1931 Ann 
Blanford Thomas H., tinsmith, 1931 Ann 
Blanford William, police, 1931 Ann 
Blanford William, police, 1927 Wilcox 
Blangee John, driver, 534 Wilder 
Blank Louis, confectionery, 265 S 9th 
Blankarn Thomas, painter 433 Cumberland 
Blankensee Jacob, clothing 1272 Richmond 
Blankin William S., machinist, 4626 Baker, Myk 
Blankley George, tin & sheet iron worker, 3602 

Market, h Centre ab 37th 
Blankley George, moulder, 659 Bankson 
Blankley Joseph, saddler, r 602 S 13th 
Blankley k Markward {George Blunl.ley if Wm. 
H. Markward), tin & sheet iron workers, 3602 
Blankmyre Henry, cabinetmaker, 1406 N 8th 
Blarcon Van, machinist, 1616 Valeria 
Blascheck Jos., bookkeeper, 914 Chesnut h 120 

Blasdell William, well-borer, 1339 S 10th 
Blase Charles, boots, 206 Green 
Blase Henry, bootmaker 802 Coates 
Blase William F., boots k shoes, 410 Green 
BLASIUS BROTHERS {Charles if Wm. Bla- 

sins), pianos, 1006 Chestnut 
Blasius Charles, pianos, 1006 Chestnut, h 1218 

Spring Garden 
Blasius William, pianos, 1006 Chestnut 
Blatchford Stephen, gent, 534 N 40th 
Blatt Charles, butcher, 2129 Frankford av 
Blatt James, spinner, 2451 Emerald 
Blatt Thomas, machinist, bds 4447 Penn, Fkd 
Blattenberg John, carpenter, 1212 Everett 
Blatter Charles, cutler, 241 Arch, h 219 N 2d 
Blatter k Co. {Charles if Jacob Blatter if Fer- 
dinand Glass), cutlers, 241 Arch 
Blatter Henry, surgical instrument maker, 529 B 

Blatter Jacob, cutler, 241 Arch, h 811 Mackinaw 
Blatten Henry, butcher, 413 York av 
Blatten Philip, butcher, 413 York av 
Blattner Adolphus W,, morocco finisher, 927 

Blattner Ann M., 926 Coates 
Blattner Eugene J., painter, 1017 Parrish 
Blau Hannah, drygoods, 545 N 2d 
Blaus Henry, gilder, 1837 Sepviva 
Blause Robert, barber, 804 Pas.syunk av 
Blaw, drygoods, 243 South 
Blayley Willis, 1145 S 11th 




aylock John, gent, 622 N 15th 
aylock James W., hotel, 6th & Sansom 
aylock Lewis, hat manufacturer, 308 Cherry, 
h 1607 Mt Vernon 
aylock Mary, 1312 Rodman 
ayman Margaret, 1043 Buttonwood 
eam Isaac, real estate dealer, 1400 N 13th 
ecker Peter, coppersmith, 448 St John 
ecker William, morocco dresser, 1519 Law- 

ee Bernard, tavern, 1642 Lombard 
ee Betsy, 1020 Filbert 
ee Charles, laborer, 2405 Pine 
ee Charles, machinist, 814 Spring Garden 
ee David E., brickmaker, 2114 Harmstead 
ee Francis, brickmaker, Lancaster ab 43d 
ee Francis, police, I90Q Wilcox 
ee George, brickmaker, 1916 Howell 
ee George, musician, 1909 Wilcox 
ee James, roller boards, 1642 Lombard 
ee John, brickmaker, 1909 Wilcox 
ee Lnthan, grocer, 233 N 15th 
ee Richard, machinist, 1916 Howell 
ee William, hotel, 418 Monroe 
efgen A., livery, 918 St John 
eg John, druggist, 543 York 
ehl Charles, wines, 705 Girard av 
ight John D., attorney, 23 N 7th 
eistein J., soap manuf, 249 Lybrand, h 734 

eistein & Dauth {J. Bleistein (^ I. M. Dauth), 
soap manufrs, 249 Lybrand 
eloch James, printer, 616 Enterprise 
eloch William C, printer, 1319 Horstmann 
emm William, machinist, 1810 N Front 
end Conrad, driver, 2024 N 4th 
enderman Henry, tassel maker, 155 S 4th 
enghorn Mary A., 1114 Hewston 
enk John, baker, 740 Passayunk 
ess David, laborer, r 616 Tamarind 
essing Albert, coppersmith, 239 New 
essing A. B., merchant, 70 N 4th, bd States 
Union Hotel ' 

etner Charles, weaver, 241 E Girard av 
euit Hannah, 1309 Rodman 
euit Thomas, carpenter, 2214 F 
ew Patrick, laborer, 1029 Milton 
ey John, druggist, 2132 Frankford av 
ey John, shoemaker, 514 S Front 
eyler Abraham, shipper, 1532 Lawrence 
eyier George B., restaurant, 800 N 6th 
eyler Henry, painter, 9^4 Percy 
Hannah, gentlewoman, 3120 Market 
Henry, drugs, 3120 Market 

ckle John, weaver, 1144 Adrian 

denthal Samuel, tailor, 463 Osier av 

el Catharine, 2060 Philip 

el Eliza, 2060 Philip 

el Jacob G., laborer, 2060 Philip 

el John L, laborer, 2060 Philip 

ess Charles, chemist, 806 S 19th 

ght Atherton, gentleman, 520 Walnut, h. Gtn 

ght Frank, laborer, 2322 Owens 

ght James, gent, 1200 Walnut 

ght J. W., brushes, 159 Wilmer 

ght William, grocer, 118 New Market 

ght William S., gent, 1336 Spruce 

nd Martin, machinist, 921 Alder 

nkhorn John, painter, 1023 Pascal 

nn Jacob, 936 Warnock 

nn Margaret, 606 E Dauphin 

sober John, laborer, 1707 Philip 

sh Anthony, dealer, 300 N 23d 

ss Eli P., police, 149 McClellan 

ss Charles, variety, 337 Lombard 

Bliss George W., hatters' trimmings manuf, 929 

Moyamensing av 
Bliss Harriett, Mrs., 929 Moyamensing av 
Bliss Theo. & Co. (T/ieo. B/iss), publishers, 113 N 

Bli?s Theodore, publisher, 113 N 3d, h 1737 Vine 
Bliss William, mer, 128 Walnut, h 1528 Walnut 
Blissendon Clara, Mrs , 804 Parrisk 
Blits John, snuflf packer, 917 Moyamensing av 
Blittersdorf A., shoemaker tool manuf, 1135 N 3d 
Blittersdorf C. H., eutler, 218 N 4th 
Blittersdorf Elizabeth, 727 Mintzer 
Blitz Signor, magician, 1831 Wallace 
Blitz Susan, 14 Fayette 
Blitz S. L., 770 S 8th 
Blitz Theodore, 1831 Wallace 
Blizard Edward, laborer, r 1315 Wheat 
Blizard Joseph, laborer, 1304 Wheat 
Blizzard Joseph A., shoemaker, 1113 Anita 
Block Mrs., 306 New Market 
Block Abraham, window blinds, 308 Race 
Block Anthony, sealing wax manuf, 443 Garden 
Block John, laborer, r 133 Craven 
Block Rudolph, casemaker, 1333 S 7th 
Blocker Frederick, painter, 524 S 3d 
Bloekson Sarah, 1021 Sergeant 
filockson Woodman, Jr , seaman, 45 Prime 
Blodget L., clerk, 1329 S Broad 
Bloecker Christian J., furniture, 118 Girard av 
Blondin John, inspector, Seneca & Florida 
Blood A , Mrs., 1725 S 3d 
Blood Deacon C, shoemaker, r 3922 Warren 
Blood Enoch, stocking maker, r 1524 Philip 
Blood George, stocking maker, 1708 American 
Blood Hosey, clerk, 907 Tasker 
Blood Louis H., 928 Taylor 
Blood Morgan L., tailor, 1 Arehbold pi 
BLOODGOOD JOSEPH B., hotel, S W Del av & 

Bloodgood Joseph B., Jr., grocer, S E Walnut 

& Water, h Bloodgood's hotel 
Bloodgood William B., grocer, S E Walnut & 

Water, h Bloodgood's hotel 
Bloom Christopher, hotel, 140 S 4th 
Bloom D. D. L., clerk, 222 N 2d, h 24 S 2d 
BLOOM HARRISON, M.D., 905 Walnut, bds 

Girard hotel 
Bloom Henry H., laborer, 2222 ¥ 2& 
Bloom John, laborer, 2038 Cedar 
Bloom John, tailor, 905 Warnock 
B!oom Joseph A., professor, N W Diamond & 8th 
Bloom Peter, furniture, 1840 Sepviva 
Bloom Robert, peddler, 134 Craven 
Bloombury Iron Co.., 213 N Water 
Bloomburg Isadore, peddler, 1440 Fawn 
Bloomendale Charles, merchant, 912 N Broad 
Bloomer Francis, laborer, 237 Centre 
Bloomer Francis J., stonecutter, 2018 Carlton 
iSloomer Frank, attorney-at-law, 2031 Reeves 
Bloomer Frank, laborer. 523 S 12th 
Bloomer Frederick, blacksmith, 1421 Mervine 
Bloomer Frederick, laborer, 1329 Juniata 
Bloomer Fredk., shoemaker. Orange ab Belgrade 
BLOOMER G. D., druggist, N E 5th & Reed 
Bloomer Henry, driver, 7 Kenworthy's ct 
Bloomer Henry, laborer, 2 Pilmore av 
Bloomer Henry, tailor. 1329 Juniata 
Bloomer Henry A., clerk, 806 S 4th 
Bloomer Herman, shoemaker, 1329 Juniata 
Bloomer James, drover, 2031 Reeves 
Bloomer James, Jr., gentleman, 2031 Reeves 
Bloomer James, moulder, 1351 S 20th 
Bloomer Jane, confectionery, 428 German 
Bloomer John, laborer, r 1745 Fitler 
Bloomer John P., carpenter, 2018 Carlton 











O 1-4 


CD n 




















O o 










Bloomer Lawrence, carter, 724 Lebanon 
Bloomer Moses, clothing, 637 N 7th 
Bloomer William, boiler maker, r 15 Prime 
Bloomer William, laborer, 1446 N 5th 
Bloomer William, mason, r 2426 Callowhill 
Bloomer William, performer, 739 Passayunk av 
Bloomer William, shoemaker, 4473 Wood 
Bloomile Jacob, dyer, 339 Levering, Myk 
Bloomingdale Barney, liquors, 1509 N 4th 
Blootningdale Charles, merchant, 332 Market, h 

912 N Broad 
ingdale. Isaac Rhhie^ August Cohen), whole- 
sale clothiers, 332 Market 
Blondin Edward E., conductor, 223 N 41st 
Blostfele AVilliam, shoemaker, 327 Wood 
Blotz Martin, shoemaker, 126 Richmond 
Bloucher John, brickmaker, 4824 Franklin 
Blowers James, laborer, 2553 Egleson 
Blowers Theodore W., dealer, 22 S 19th 
Bloxsom Woodman, captain, 109 Carpenter 
Blue George, laborer, Laboratory row n N RR, 

Falls of Schuylkill 
Blue John, fastener, 1530 Palmer 
Blue Owen, paperhanger, 308 Lombard 
Blueburd Heimer, clerk, 431 York av 
Blueburd Lewis, clothing, 431 York av 
Bluemanhan Samuel, gentleman, 403 N 5th 
Bluett Thomas, sign writer, 619 North 
Bluh Charles, grocer, 542 Linden 
Blukome Joseph, gentleman, 704 N 19th 
Blum Andrew, tailor, 975 Randolph 
Blum Charles, cutter, 716 Chestnut 
Blum Charles, shoemaker, r 869 Lawrence 
Blum Emanuel, cordwainer, 916 St John 
Blum Francis, lager beer, 2258 N 2d 
Blum Gabriel, grocer, 926 Lawrence 
Blum George, shoemaker, 3 Falls' pi 
Blum Herman, drover, 916 St John 
Blum Jacob, baker, 415 Spruce 
Blum John, grocer, 1017 N 4th 
Blumar Julius, cabinetmaker, 1009 Hope 
Blume Henry, shoemaker, r 925 S 2d 
Bluraenstock John, blacksmith, 825 N 4th, h 1013 

Blumenthal D., clothing, 554 N 2d 
Blumenthal F. clothing, 918 N 2d 
Blumenthal H., salesman, 918 N 2d 
Blumenthal Harris, clothing, 1428 Market 
Blumenthal Lazarus, dealer, 711 & 713 N 4th 
Blumenthal Lewis, clothing, 1210 South 
Blumenthal Moses, clothing, 542 N 2d 
Blumenthal Myer, clothing, 554 N 2d 
Blumenthal Simon, carpenter, r 1023 Charlotte 
Blumenthal & Son (Myer If D. Blumenthal), 

clothing, 554 N 2d 
Blumenthal S., cutter, 918 N 2d 
Blumer Joseph, weaver, r 1637 Philip 
Bumhard Frederick, carpenter, 409 York av 
Blumner Charles, painter, 116 N 10th, h 41st & 

Blumner Henry C, bookkeeper, 832 Arch, h 1715 

Mount Vernon 
Blumner H. C, machinist, 256 N 5th, h 856 N 6th 
Blumner John C, acct, 14 S Delaware av, h W P 
Blumner <fe Palmer {Charles Blumner, ^ Charles 

Palmer), house & sign painters, 116 N 10th 
Blumner William T., machinist, 5th below Vine, 

h 856 N 6lh 
Blundell John, 21st & Filbert, h 775 N 24th 
Blunden Nicholas, stereotyper, bds 826 Market 
Blunden Robert, laborer, r 733 Bedford 
Blundin Henry, blacksmith. Ridge av n Green 

la, h 4648 Washington, Rox 
Blundin Lewis, laborer, 4648 Washington 

Blundin John, paper maker, 378 Riley 

Blundin Richard, salesman, 246 Chestnut, h 46th 

& Haverford 
Blundin Samuel, blacksmith, 4648 Washington 
Blunt Edward, 525 Ella 
Blunt Patrick, weaver, 525 Ella 
Blunt Thomas, carpenter, bds 4214 Ludlow 
Blundin John, meter inspector, 3650 Market, li 

Seneca n 44th 
Blusus George, weaver, 2035 N 5th 
Blye & Brother (Joseph N. if George W. Blye), 

drygoods, 434 N 2d 
Blye Eliza M., 1330 Arch 
Blyler Florence, printer, 130 Mead 
Blyler Lafayette, tailor, 433 N 2d 
Blyler Samuel, sailmaker, r 517 Carpenter 
Blyler Thomas, gentleman, 316 Monroe 
BIynn Henry, salesman' 52 N 8th, h Rox 
Blynn M., merchant, 436 Market, h Rox 
BIyth Henry, gentleman, 1125 Shippen 
Blythe George, varieties, 1204 S 2d 
Boabock Frederick, baker, 1229 Alder 
Boag John, suone cutter, 1818 Barker 
Boak Jacob, seaman, 1028 Rodman 
Boak Maggie, trimmings, 501 E Dauphin 
Boak Robert, 501 E Dauphin 
Boal Henry, cooper, 149 N 3d 
Boal James, laborer. 2035 Pemberton 
Boal James, tailor, 1627 South 
Boals William, carpenter, 626 Lombard 
BOARD OF HEALTH, S W 6th & Sansom 
Board of Port Wardens, 119 Walnut 
Board John, hod carrier, 4209 Ludlow 
Board Maria, 1010 Melon 
Boardman Charles H., M.D., 253 S 13th 
Boardman Edward, laborer, Scott lane n Ridge 

av. Falls 
Boardman George D., Rev., 1712 Vine 
Boardman Henry A., Rev., D.D., 1311 Spruce 
Boardman H. S., britannia ware, 243 Arch, h 

310 Cherry 
Boardman John, machinist, 600 E Dauphin 
Boardman John, weaver, 312 Serrill 
Boardman J. L., drygoods, 238 Chestnut, h 1311 

Boardman Robert, cabinetmaker, 1411 Button- 
Boardman Thomas, finisher, 41 Laurel 
Boardman William, manufacturer, 41 Laurel 
Boas William, shoemaker, r 233 Shippen 
Boat Henry, machinist, 2019 Bodine 
Boate William, carriages, 327 Julianna 
Boate William coach maker, 947 N 11th 
Boate William, heater, Frankfd av opp Buckius 
Boaz Thomas H., carpenter, 734 Shirley 
Bobb Edward, blacksmith, 110 Union 
Bobb Henry B., commissioner, 1113 Lombard 
Bobb Jane, 1167 Sophia 
Bobb Peter, Jr., clerk, 419 Quince 
Bobb Peter, Sr., brickmaker, 1327 S Broad 
Bobb Robert, lithographer, 1167 Sophia 
Bobb William, chairmnker, 1167 Sophia 
Bobbe Jacob, tailor, 4 Rubicam pi 
Bobbyn A. William, salesman, 332 S 17th 
Boch A., wig maker, 922 Race 
Boch Charles, cordwainer, r 926 Leithgow 
Boche Augustus, carman, 734 Poplar 
Boohmann George, frame manufacturer, 464 N 3d 
Bochroch & Frankel (Josiah Bochroch Sf Louis 

Frankel), liquors, 208 N 3d 
Bochroch Josiah, merchant, 208 N 3d, h 1210 N 

Bock Frederick, carpenter, 243 Gaskill 
Bock George, blacksmith, 2033 Bitter 
Bock Heinrich, laborer, 1722 S 4th 




Boek Henry, shoemaker, 22 Farson place 
Bockenkamp Charles H., sugar refiner, 1945 Fil- 
Booker Georare, butcher, 339 York 
Booker John7 butcher, 339 York 
Bockius Aaron, laborer, 2528 Washington av 
Bockius Abraham, tailor, 4559 Germantown av 
Bockius Amanda, 5422 Germantown av 
Bockius Brothers {Christopher & Jacob U. 

Bockius), harness makers, 138 Market 
Bockius Charles, carpenter, 119 Troller 
Bockius Charles G., drygoods, 815 N 10th 
Bockius Charles R., queensware, 55 N 2d, h Ger- 
Bockius Charles W., brush store, 2d & Wood, h 

1219 N 7th 
Bockius Christopher, gentleman, 610 Coates 
Bockius Christopher, harness maker, 138 Market 
Bockius C, saddles, &o , 138 & 732 Market 
Bockius C. G., merchant, 7 N 3d, h 815 N 10th 
Bockius C. R. & Brother {Charles R. ^ Satnuel 

R. Bockius), queensware, 55 N 2d 
Bockius Francis W., grocer, 4555 Germant'n av 
Bockius George, morocco dresser, 141 & 143 

Margaretta, h 60S N 6th 
BOCKIUS GEORGE & CO. {George Bockius, d- 

John R. Evans), morocco, manuf, 141 & 143 

BOCKIUS GEORGE W., brush manuf, 316 N 2d 
Bockius Henry J., carpenter, 831 Auburn, h 703 

S 9th 
Bockius H. J., Jr., carpenter, 703 S 9th 
Bockius Irvin, laborer, 2536 Washington av 
Bockius Jacob, saddles, 138 & 732 Market, h n 

Bockius Jacob U., harness maker, 138 Market, h 

Bockius John, carpenter, 707 S 9th 
Bockius J. Eliza, 704 Franklin 
Bockius Mary. 21 Bringhurst 
Bockius & Merritt (C. G. Bockius S^ E. A. Mer- 

ritt), notions, 7 N 3d 
Bockius Peter T., butcher, 4333 Frankford 
Bockius & Pond {Edmund Bockius Sf William. 

T. Pond), saddlers, 4546 Germantown av 
Bockius Samuel R., queensware, 55 N 2d, h Gtn 
Bockius Sarah, 5234 Germantown av 
Bockius Thomas, butcher, 4848 Cherry, Fkd 
Bockius William, conductor, 757 S 15th 
Bockius William, Jr., car builder, 757 S 15th 
Booklet Frederick, tailor, r 1409 Perth 
Bookman Edward, hostler, Adams ab Washington 

av, Germantown 
Bookman John, tailor, 1330 Tyler 
Bockman William, morocco finisher 1444 Cad- 

Bodamer Philip, boots k shoes, 1422 Brown 
Boddener George, saloon, 1616 Market 
Bodder J. S., com mer, 103 N Water & 104 N 

Delaware av, h 129 Arch 
Bodder R. James, shoemaker, r 616 Tamarind 
Boddo Jacob, laborer. Gossamer av 
Boddy Sarah, 1 Short ct 
Boddy Wm. H., carrier, 211 N 12th 
Bode Charles F., tailor, r 314 German 
Bode Ferdinand, bottler, 1212 S 5th 
Bode Henry, saloon, 1139 Girard av 
Boden James, weaver, 2111 Carroll 
Bodenhofer Francis, cigarmaker, 721 N 3d 
Bodenhofer Joseph, varnish, &c., 721 N 3d 
Bodenstein Frederick, locksmith, 2 College pi 
Bodenstein Louis, confectionery, 615 Girard av 
Boder George, blacksmith, r 459 N 2d 
Bodey Emeline, 253 S I2th 
Bodey Hannah, 1334 Olive 

Bodin Edward L., attorney-at-law, 813 Arch 

Bodin Harry, weaver, 132 York 

Bodin Wm. C, salesman, 813 Arch 

Bodine Jesse, M.D. , 1222 Germantown av 

Bodine Anna M., 701 N 12th 

Bodine Budd S., clerk, 911 Marlborough 

Bodine Eliza, tailoress, 614 Tamarind 

Bodine Frank L., glass manuf, 128 S Front, h 

1342 Pine 
BODINE F. k J. {Frank L. 4- J. Nixon Bodine) , 

glass manuf, 128 S Front 
Bodine John F., glass, 204 Market, h Williams- 
town, N J 
Bodine John P., mer, 235 Market, h 207 N 13th 
Bodine John M., 701 N 12th 
Bodine John M., inspector, 569 Lehigh av 
Bodine J. Nixon, glass manuf, 128 S Front, h 

Bodine Robert, gent, 1844 Mervine 
Bodine Samuel T., prest, 154 S 4th, h Gtn 
Bodine, Thomas <& Co. {John F. S,-W. H. Bodine 

(5- C. E. Thomas), glass manuf, 204 Market 
Bodine W. H., glass, 204 Market, h Williams- 
town, N J 
Bodkin James, baker, 519 E Dauphin 
Bodwin Peter, Jr., sig. marker, 313 Emmet 
Body Christian, grocer, 442 St John 
Boedy Wm., shoemaker, 1002 Newton 
Boeckel Richard, shoemaker, 631 Hermitage 
Boees Martin, lab, 933 Hutchinson 
Boeger Frederick, furniture, 127 Girard av 
Boehen Conrad, bookkeeper, 617 N 4th 
Boehl Daniel, shoemaker, 538 Randolph 
Boehl John, turner, 745 Bucknell 
Boehler Adrian, printer, 118 Otter 
Boehm Andrew, tailor, 4 Sowers ct 
Boehm Daniel, farmer, 50th & Lancaster 
Boehm E. L., Mrs., 1702 Pine 
Boehm Samuel, clerk, bds 416 N 3d 
Boehm Samuel A., clerk, 1216 Buttonwood 
Boehm Wm., tobacconist, 719 Poplar, h 

Boehmer Henry, mer, 627 Chestnut, h 438 N 8th 
Boehn Philip Y., letter carrier, 3721 Warren 
Boehnenberger Gottlieb, shoemaker, 920 N 19th 
Boehner Christopher, milkman, 1202 N 3d 
Boehnig John, machinist, 1017 Buttonwood 
Boehringer John, tailor, 607 Wall 
Boehringer Wm., chair manuf, 1120N 3d 
Boehrkircher Christian, cabinet, 125 Dock, h 441 

N 3d 
Boekel Wm., foreman, 1339 Brandywine 
Boekeen Charles, morocco fin, r 935 Marshall 
Boekenkamp Charles G., coal dealer, 416 S 23d 
Boell Wm., lithographer, 312 & 314 Walnut, h 

1705 N 9th 
Boel Henry, cooper, 1616 Carver 
Boelling Louie, tailor, 1249 N 10th 
Boemer Andrew W., florist. Broad ab Montgomery 
Boen John, moulder, 716 Dauphin 
Boener William, confectioner, 310 S 6th 
Boenig Saffer, shoemaker, Ridge av k 13th 
BOENNING C, manuf of gilt & rosewood mould- 
ings, SOS k 810 Market, h 312 Callowhill 
Boenning Casper, frame maker 2028 Lombard 
Boentgen Nicholas, britannia manuf, r419 St John 
Boerckel John J., lager, 1204 N 5th 
Boerer George, surg inst maker, 1020 Lemon 
Boerer Lewis, shoemaker, 1020 Lemon 
Boerer Sebastian, machinist, 1020 Lemon 
BOERICKE F. E., homoeopathic pharmacy and 

bookseller, 635 Arch 
Boering Asburn C, gent, 1133 Wistar 
Boering, Daniel M., butcher, 1133 Wistar 
Boerum S., engraver, 108 S 4th, h Camden 

50 O 


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Boes Matthew, lab, 2224 Holman 

Boesh Alexandria, wheelwright, 1442 Hutchinson 

Boess Anthony, shoemaker, i;il3 Wallace 

Boess Jacob, cordwainer, r 806 Charlotte 

Boettcher Julius, tailor, 715 Federal 

Boettger Lewis, clerk, 1210 Chestnut, h 1626 

Boewley Thomas, carpenter, 2017 Poplar 
Bogan Barney, tailor, 1021 Pascal 
Bogan Benj., lab, 144 Mechanic, Gtn 
Bogan Daniel, shoemaker, 1028 Lemon 
Bogan John, driver, 1730 Grayson 
Bogan Mary, 2030 Hampton 
Bogan Walter, shoemaker, 1314 Myrtle 
Bogart Francis, gent, 427 N 9th 
Bogel Philip, morocco manuf, 1035 N Front, h 

St John bel Coates 
Boger George W., 817 N 12th 
Boger Godfrey, ropemaker, 1737 N 9th 
Boger Wm., butcher, 1141 Coates 
Boggert Jacob, painter, 927 Ogden 
Boggert Sarah, 927 Ogden 
Boggert Wm., hoopmaker, 927 Ogden 
Boggs C, mer, St Lawrence Hotel, 1020 Chestnut 
Boggs C. M., Mrs., 1817 De Lancey pi 
Boggs David, tobacconist, 608 S 8th 
Boggs George, Sr., chairmaker, 1034 Palmer 
Boggs George, furniture dealer, 320 Allen 
Boggs George P., furniture, 118 N 2d 
Boggs George W., expressman, 1712 Cox 
Boggs James, Jr., furniture dealer, 118 N 2d, h 

411 Richmond 
Boggs James, machinist, 1117 Leon 
Boggs John, laborer, 623 S Juniper 
Boggs John, manufacturer, 1511 N Front 
Boggs John, weaver, 1351 Rose 
Boggs John, wheelwright, 1114 Somerset 
BOGGS JOHN C, assist auditor P RR Co, 238 

S .3d, h 2223 Spring Garden 
BOGGS k KIRK {Wm. L. Boggs $f Wm. T. 

Kirk), wholesale grocers, 109 Arch 
Boggs Margaret, drygoods, 443 Thompson 
Boggs Mary, washer, 1520 Burton 
Biggs Mitchel, machinist, 1351 Rose 
Boggs Rudolph, clerk, 411 Richmond 
Boggs Samuel, drygoods, 1108 Frankford av 
Boggs Sarah, milliner, 4909 Germantown av 
Boggs S., Jr., wheelwright, 1019 N Front 
Boggs Theodore G., clerk, 306 Walnut, h 1539 

Spring Garden 
Boggs Wm. John, saddler, 1351 Rose 
Boggs Wm. L., grocer, 109 Arch, h Cheltenham, 

Montgomery co., Pa 
Boggs W. L., chairmaker, 139 N 2d 
Bogia Chas. G., carpenter. 111 Reed 
Bogia Francis, hatter, 427 N 9th 
Bogle Charles, laborer, 135 East, Myk 
Bogle John J., driver, 1608 N 10th 
Bogle Ralph, gent, 525 S 16th 
Bogle Robert, mnson, 135 East, Myk 
Bohan Wm., grocer, 628 Barclay 
Bohana P.itrick, seaman, 2401 Ashburton 
Bohanna Sarah, r 1536 N 5th 
Bohe Peter, blacksmith, 1124 St John 
Bohem A., silk, N W Front &, New, h 1815 N 

Bohemia Mining Company, 132 Walnut 
Bohlen George, laborer, 1537 Brinton 
BOHLEN HENRY&CO. {George K. Zlegler if S. 
E. Bohle7i), general importers, 221 & 223 S 4th 
Bohlen Jeremiah, laborer, 6 Chambers av 
Bohler Daniel, prepared coffee, N W 9th & Wal- 
lace, h 926 Wallace 
Bohlen John, attorney-at-law, 603 Walnut, h 
1510 Walnut 

BOHLER DANIEL, coffees & spices, 114 N 3d, 

h 926 Wallace 
Bohler Daniel, shoemaker, 613 E Thompson 
Bohm Edward, machinist, 1241 N 16th 
Bohm Henry, shoemaker, 526 S 3d 
Bohm William, clerk, 1241 N 16th 
Bohn John, gasfitter, 1637 N 3d 
Bohn Christian, blacksmith, 1718 N 11th 
Bohn John, carpenter, 1723 Mervine 
Bohn George, shoemaker, 1640 Philip 
Bohn Jacob, tailor, 736 S 4th 
Bohn Philip, cutter, 1208 S 6th 
Bohne Henry, drayman, 2439 Mutter 
Bohnenberger Frederick, morocco, 1703 Hale 
Bohner Patrick, morocco dresser, 7 Justice ct 
Bohnert Henry, laborer, r 1078 Frankford av 
Bohrer Charles, cigars, <tc., 1430 S 4th 
Bohrer Frederick, clerk, 2021 Brown 
Bohrer Frederick, shoemaker, 1742 Cadwalader 
Bohrer Jacob, printer, 340 Crown 
Bohrer Joseph, blinds, 1422 Ridge av 
Bohringer Adam, baker, 520 Poplar 
Bohrinter Joseph, baker, 410 Wood 
Bohrman Thomas, paper deliverer, 4 Candia pi 
Biiice Henry, laborer, 538 Wilder 
Boice John, hotel, Shippen & Sutherland av 
Boilan Charles, weaver, 407 Ella 
Borland John, grocer, 161 Girard 
Boiland Thomas, weaver, 1615 Philip 
Boileau Albert D., 619 Walnut, h 903 Franklin 
Boileau Bouroughs P., blacksmith, 680 Rent- 
Boileau James, conductor, 738 Master 
Bois Alexander N., printer, 1207 S 7th 
Bois Robert, carter, 1623 Hope 
Boisbrun Stephen, clerk, 4932 Germantown av, h 

64 Lehman 
Boisbrun Stephen, carpenter, 81 Herman 
Boisnair Henry, shoemaker, 11 Prime 
Boisnot James M., M.D., 1308 N 6th 
Bok Elizabeth, 306 Dove pi 
Bok John, tailor, 434 Harmony 
Boker Abraham, tavern, 502 Larkin 
Boker & Bros. {W. C, Joseph 4- E. D. Boker), 

boots & shoes. 432 Market 
Boker Charles M., painter, Main ab Rex av, C 

Boker Charles S., M.D., 1622 Chestnut, h 1720 

Boker E. C, salesman, 49 N 3d 
Boker E, D., mer., 432 Market, h Arch ab 7th 
Boker George H., gentleman, 1720 Walnut 
Boker Joseph, mer., 432 Market, h 1526 Arch 
Boker Marmaduke, gentleman, 1012 Wood 
Boker W. C, merchant, 432 Market, h Linwood, 

Del CO., Pa 
Boksbarker John, shoemaker, 147 Ashmead 
Bolan Catharine, Mrs., 317 Dugan 
Boland Dominick, blacksmith, 1007 S 18th 
Boland Daniel, hame manufacturer, 406 Noble, h 

1007 S 18th 
Boland F., gilder, 251 N 9t.h. h 333 N 6th 
Boland John, laborer, 904 Melon 
Boland John, machinist, 917 S 10th 
Boland John, varieties, 332 S 6th 
Boland John J., undertaker, 1502 Vine 
Boland Matthew P., hay dealer, 925 Mt Vernon 
Boland Michael A., cutter, 1178 Sidney 
Boland Richard, mechanic, 2241 Franklin 
Boland Richard W., blacksmith, 1007 S 18th 
Bold Andrew, mer., 333 N 3d, h 402 Coates 
Bold Kennedy, weaver, 608 York 
Bolde Henry, carpetweaver, 1230 Mascher 
Boldin George, tobacco mer., 105 N Water & 106 
N Del av, h 1314 Arch 




BOLDIN & WARTMAN {George Boldin ,V 

Michael Wartman), tobacco warehouse, 105 

N Water & J06 N Del av 
Boldridge Richard M., merchant, 1026 Chestnut, 

h628 N 12th 
Bole James, grocer, 223 E Girard av 
Bole William, clothing, 1444 South 
Boleg Adolph, painter, 835 N 4th 
Boles Charles, hostler, 729 N 23d 
Boles James, driver, 2 108 Harmstead 
Boles John, laborer, 1252 Salmon 
Boles John, laborer, 2017 Harmstead 
Boley Philip, hotel, 1002 St John 
Bolger Andrew, clerk, 2130 Summer 
Bolger Joseph P., tavern, 6 S 4th 
Bolger Thomas, clerk, 2130 Summer 
Bolger William, tavern, N W South & Penn 
Bolger William & Co. (Wm. Bolger if Andrew 

S. Torrfplcinson), earthenware. 1813 Market 
Bolinger John, machinist, 1522 N 2d 
Boliver George AV., sails, 906 Rodman 
Boling Thomas H., dealer, 825 South, h 23 

Eaken pi 
Bole George H., carpet weaver, 813 Callowhill 
Boll Heury W., fraifies, 939 South 
Bollby Thomas V., agent, 307 N 19th 
Bollenbach George, brewer, r 708 St John 
Boiler George G., compositor, 1012 Sansom • 
Bollerly Henry C, tobacconist, S W Charlotte & 

Bolles Louis S., M.D., 21 Woodland ter 
Bolles W'illiam, agent, 1326 Mervine 
Boiling Robert, M.D., Norwood av k Chestnut av, 

C Hill 
Bollinger Zachariah, messenger, 1920 Parrish 
Bolls Frank, hotel, 602 S Front 
Bolnder Jacob, rag merchant, 847 Lawrence 
Bolster John AV., druggist, 425 E Girard av 
Bolster R. H., com. merchant, 110 Chestnut, h 

Bolster Thomas H., machinist, 1609 Franklin 
Bolt John, carpenter, 312 Cherry 
Bolt Morris, gentleman, 554 Chatham 
Bolt Morris, glass cutter, 312 Cherry 
Bolton Anna, Mrs., 4246 Penn, Fkd 
Bolton k Betten {Cluis. W. Bolton (^ Conard 

Betten), provisions, 4771 Germantown av 
Bolton Charles, 110 Unity 
Bolton Charles W., provisions, 4771 Germantown 

av, h 181 Bringhurst 
BOLTON, DYKEMAN & CO. {Joseph R. Bolton, 

O. W. Childs if G. R. Dykeman), car works, 

21st & Hamilton 
Bolton Zephaniah, plasterer, Main ab Hartwell 

av, C Hill 
Bolton Harry L., 921 N Broad 
Bolton Henry, gentleman, 181 Bringhurst 
Bolton Henry, laborer, 216 Greenwich 
Bolton Joseph, laborer, 4246 Penn, Fkd 
BOLTON JOSEPH P., druggist, 5033 Gtn av 
Bolton Joseph R., carbuilder, 21st & Hamilton, 

h 1629 Mount Vernon 
Bolton Mahlon, draughtsman, 159 Girard av 
Bolton Mary, 1108 Callowhill 
Bolton & Pennock (William P. Bolton If Robert 

L. Pennock), s^h & doors, 714 N Broad 
Bolton Peter, laborer, 414 Gaskill 
Bolton Samuel, grocer, 4440 Frankford av 
Bolton Samuel, lumber mer.. Poplar st whf, h 

15J2 Chestnut 
Bolton Samuel & Co. (Samuel Bolton (^ Wm. C. 

Lloyd), lumber com. mers., Poplar st whf 
Bolton William P., sash maker, 921 N 7th 
Bolton AVm. P., Jr., sashmaker, 714 N Broad, h 

921 N 7th 

Bolwinkle Mary, 669 Jay 
Bolz Peter, grocery, 706 Filbert 
Boman Thomas, shoemaker, 508 Pierce 
Boman William, carpertfer, 325 S Juniper 
Boman AVilliam S., machinist, 1223 Hanover 
Bombach Anthony, painter, 215 Green 
Bomberger George L., M.D., 1810 Mervine 
Bomberger John H. J., Rev., D.D., 493 N 4th 
Bomberger Samuel, salesman, 1810 Mervine 
Bomberry Caroline, Mrs., gentlewoman, 5152 Ger- 
mantown av 
Bomgardner J. G., merchant, 501 Market, bds 
American Hotel 

Bombgardner , provisions, 439 Coates 

Bomer Catharine, 207 Centre 

Bomgartner Henry, cordwainer, 435 Coates 

Bommerschim John, carpenter, 1732 N 8th 

Bonage Henry, laborer, 167 W Cumberland 

Bonaker Charles, carrier, 910 Parrish 

Bonar Daniel, police, 1631 Moravian 

Bonbright George, hardware, 427 Market, h 1317 

Girard av 
Bonbright James, merchant, 529 Market, h Tul- 

pehocken, Gtn 
Bonch W'illiam, clerk, 3520 Green 
Bond Adam J., shoes, 1027 Coates 
Bond Alexander, cutter, 1002 Chestnut, h 1180 

S nth 

Bond Benjamin, horse dealer, 1215 Howard 
Bond Benjamin F , merchant, 1621 Ogden 
BOND k BIDDLE (L. M. Bond if John M. Bid- 
die), importers of teas, N E Front & Chestnut 
Bond Calvin H., policeman, 913 Nectarine 
Bond Catharine, r 1322 Bedford 
Bond Charles, porter, 1128 Lombard 
Bond Charles H., conveyancer. 1027 Coates 
Bond C. H., salesman, 511 Market 
Bond Edwin, engineer, 1807 Montrose 
Bond Eliza, 1252 N 11th 
Bond Eliza, dressmaker, 47 Otter 
Bond Elizabeth, teacher, 1252 N 11th 
Bond Francis S., clerk, 28 S 8th. h 1338 Brown 
Bond Frank B., nailer, bds 2523 South 
Bond George, woolbroker, 36 & 38 S Front, h 

Bond George M., merchant, 413 Market, h 1436 

N 13th ^ 

Bond George William, woolbroker, 36 & 38 S 

Front, h Boston 
Bond Henry, gentleman, 815 Filbert 
Bond Henry, gentleman, 912 Nectarine 
Bond Henry D., laborer, 716 Kessler 
Bond H. C, mer., 35 S Front, bds 515 Chestnut 
Bond Jesse, puddler, 1140 Beach 
Bond John, butcher, 708 Tasker 
Bond Joseph, blacksmith, 106 Sloan 
Bond Joseph, blacksmith, 222 Oxford 
Bond Joseph, glassblower, 1312 Otis 
Bond Josiah, blacksmith, 1310 Potts 
Bond Josiah. com. mer., 622 N 12th 
BOND & KEENE (H. C. Bo/id if James Keene, 

Jr.), importers teas, 35 S Front 
Bond Lafayette, carpenter, 310 Union 
Bond Louis, shoemaker, 4 Ridley av 
Bond L. Montgomery, tea mer., 53 S Front, h 

1928 Chestnut 
Bond Mary, tailoress, 209 Wharton 
Bond Noah R., carpenter, 422 Gaskill 
Bond Richard, tavern, 1223 S 8th 
Bond Samuel, bookkeeper, 408 N 4th 
Bond Thomas, 4118 Paul 
Bond AVilliam, drover, 2344 Schollenberg av 
Bond Wm. F., emery-wheel manuf., 1180 S llth 
Bond Wm. J., painter, 222 Madison 
Bonds Charles, carpenter, 809 Knox 














Bonds John, bosmaker, 1237 Austin 

Bonds William, agent, 1413 N 13th 

Boner Patrick, laborer, 1027 Hope 

Boner Daniel, laborer, 2133 Naudain 

Boner Dennis, carter, 1134 William 

Boner John, dyer, 1134 William 

Boner Matthew, laborer, 2S Pleasant, Gtn 

Boner Patrick, carter, 1266 Newkirk 

Boner Patrick, laborer, 141 S 24th 

Boner W. H., music, 1102 Chestnut, h 34 N 16th 

BONER W. H. & CO. (IF. H. Boner 4- J. Lee), 

music publishers, 1102 Chestnut 
Bones George, blacksmith, 427 S 20th 
Bones William, foreman, 316 N 31st 
Bonett Peter, watchman, Frankford n Melrose 
Bonewell John AV., Rev., 815 N 9th 
Boney Joseph T., salesman, 221 N 6th 
Boney M , laborer, 6 Courtlandt pi 
Bonfield Beckett, stonemason. 746 N 22d 
Bonfield George R., artist, 926 N 15th 
Bonfield Henry F., painter, 746 N 22d 
Bonfield James T., morocco finisher, 1402 Ogden 
Bonfield Mary, truck, 1200 Deacon 
Bonfield Robert, laborer, 746 N 22d 
Bonfield William V. DeV., artist, 926 N 15th 
Bonham Frank, 253 N 9th 
Bonham Jonathan K., gentleman, 101 Vine 
Bonham Joseph A., lawyer, 101 Vine 
Bonhert Frederick, baker, r 2119 Vine 
Bonhomme S., Rev., see'y Seamen's Society, 134 

S 7th, h 2017 Fitzwater 
Bonine Thomas W., carpenter, 1711 Markham 
Boning Jacob, jeweller, 1263 N 12th 
Boning William, jeweller, 235 N 5th 
Bonitz Charles, assist, supt. Franklin sq, h 109 

N 7th 
Bonn George, chandelier maker, 6 Orthodox 
Bonn Henry, coppersmith, 1022 S 6th 
Bonn John, harness maker, 1709 N 3d 
Bonn Joseph, tailor, 958 Lawrence 
Bonn Philip, cigarmaker, 13 N Juniper 
BonnaflFon A. L., importer, Darby rd 
Bonnaffon S., Jr., bookkeeper, 3230 Darby rd 
Bonnaffon Sylvester, package drygoods, 110 Chest- 
nut, bds Continental 
Bonnell Elizabeth B., 640 N 15th 
Bonner Andrew J., tinsmith, 2256 Palethorp 
Bonner Charles, salesman, 15 Hickey 
Bonner Hugh, Sr., mason, 144 Hermitage 
Bonner Hugh, Jr., spinner, 144 Hermitage 
Bonner Jame.s, charcoal refiner, 1834 Barker 
Bonner James, foreman, 2260 Palethorp 
Bonner James, laborer, 917 N 19th 
Bonner James, moulder, 1742 Sansom 
Bonner John, carter, 1940 Howell 
Bonner John, harnessmaker, 2206 Chestnut 
Bonner John, hotel, 1235 Salmon 
Bonner John, laborer, 2016 Pine 
Bonner John, laborer, 542 N 24th 
Bonner John, laborer. 15 Hickey 
Bonner John W., gents' furnishing, 2206 Chest- 
nut, h 8 N nth 
Bonner Joseph, laborer, 15 Hickey 
Bonner Michael, porter, 9 Cowperthwait pi 
Bonner Neill, brakesman, 2206 Chestnut 
Bonner Patrick, laborer, 1942 Howell 
Bonner Patrick, laborer, 542 N 24th 
Bonner Robert, laborer, 606 Hallowell 
Bonner Robert H., eating house, 162 Girard av 
Bonner Sarah, dressmaker, bds 1615 Market 
Bonner Stephen, laborer, 1516 Federal 
Bonner Theodore J , carpenter, 1028 Oxford 
Bonner William, blacksmith, 1212 Palmer 
Bonner William, driver, 15 Hickey 
Bonner William, shoemaker, 847 Corinthian av 

Bonner William B., carpenter, 172 Levering 

Bonnet Charles E., picture frame.', 1113 Olive 

Bonnewitz Henry, musician, 802 Charlotte 

Bonney M. L., Miss, 1616 Chestnut 

Bonning Lewis W., paperhanger, 1035 Federal 

Bonsall Arthur E. , seaman, 1220 Corn 

Bonsall Bedford M., 1118 O/xden 

BONSALL BROTHERS (Sterling i^ Ellwood 

Bonsall), conveyancers, 116 N 9th 
Bonsall Charles T., attorney-at-law, 116 N 9th, 

h 2d st rd k Fisher's la 
Bonsall Edward, conveyancer, 462 Franklin 
Bonsall Edward H., gentleman, 146 School, Gtn 
Bonsall Ellwood, conveyancer, 116 N 9th, h 6252 

Germantown av 
Bonsall Emma V., 737 Green 
Bonsall Hannah, 1120 Girard 
Bonsall Jeremiah, conveyancer, 718 Sansom, h 

63d k Callowhill 
Bonsall John L., bookbinder, 1354 Prospect 
Bonsall Joseph, gentleman, 239 N 4 1st 
Bonsall J. S., alderman, 1349 Passyunk av 
Bonsall Louis, merchant, 462 Franklin 
Bonsall Robert, brickmaker, 2609 McCurdy 
Bonsall Sterling, conveyancer, 116 N 9th 
Bonsall Thomas, gentleman, 116 N 9th 
Bonsall William, laborer, 4866 Cherry, Fkd 
Bonsall Wm., treasurer 10th st RR., 536 N 11th 
Bonsall William F., roofer, 1806 Montrose 
Bonsell Isaac, brickmaker, 376 Bridge, W H 
Bonsell Isaac S., clerk, 746 S 9th 
Bonsell Morris, laborer, 11 Osage nv 
Bonsor <fe Ellis (JusrpJi, Bonsur i^ Henry Ellis), 

cotton laps, 306 Market 
Bonsor Joseph, cotton laps, 306 Market, h 616 

Bonsor William, glove manuf., 181 Haines 
Bonswell Catharine, cigarmaker, 1017 Gtn av 
Bontemps Anna, 517 Spruce 
Book George H., upholsterer, 262 Chester 
Book John C, gentleman, 1746 Marshall 
Book John F., tobacconist, 1108 Parrish 
Book Joseph, tobacconist, 1108 Parrish 
Bookbinder Lewis, clothing, 642 Shippen 
Booker Jack, laborer, 711 Montcalm 
Booker Joseph, huckster, 1731 N 4th 
Booker Margaret, 1021 Sergeant 
Bookhammer Allen H., merchant, 204 N Del av, 

h 1436 N 7th 
Bookhammer k Budd (Allen H. Bool- hammer ^ 

Joseph Budd), provisions, 204 N Delaware av 
Bookhammer C. Z., patternmr., 2128 Lawrence 
Bookhammer k Ferat [Sylvester Bookhammer if 

Charles M. Ferat), confectioners, 711 S 4th 
Bookhammer Sylvester, confectioner, 711 S 4th 
Bookrailler Frederick, cooper, 1608 Mervine 
Books Edwin W., salesman, 1457 Camac 
Books Martin, cabinetmaker, 27 S 34th 
Boole Charles, cordwainer, r 1025 N 4th 
Boole Joseph, tailor, r 1027 N 4th 
Boom Francis, U.S.N., 1341 N 11th 
Booman Adam, baker, 1248 Marlborough 
Boomer Andrew F., clerk, 1114 S Front 
Boon David, Boon's ct n Bedford 
Boon George, blacksmith, 3026 Market, h 3116 

Boon George, blacksmith, 3424 Warren 
Boon George, shoemaker, 2208 Amber 
Boon Hannah, 1337 S Front 
Boon Horace, watchman, 2301 Brier pi 
Boon John, dyer, 463 Green la 
Boon John, gentleman, 3717 Warren 
Boon John, trunkmaker, r 1160 Sophia 
Boon John A., shoemaker, 1234 Brown 
Boon James, laborer, 4327 Bellair 




Boon Joseph P., gas registrar, 3650 Market, h 

Oak bel 32d 
Boon Samuel, machinist, 25 S ]8th 
Boon Thomas, carpet weaver, 2342 N Front 
Boon William, engineer, 1234 White Hall 
Boon William, moulder, 1505 Brown 
Boon William, paper manuf., 2133 Henrietta 
Boon William, weaver, 2338 N Front 
Boon William H., blacksmith, 3116 Ludlow 
Boone James A., salesman, 623 Market 
Boone James H., secretary, 625 Walnut, h 622 

Boone John A. R., clerk, 618 Catharine 
Boone Lydia, Mrs., 4 Burwiek pi bel Brown 
Boone Mary A., operator, 1024 Moyer 
Boone Robert, boots & shoes, 2d k South, h 618 

Boone Robert, Jr., clerk, 2d & South, h 618 

Boone Robert, gent., 4 Berwick pi bel Brown 
Boone Sarah L., 331 N 11th 
Boone AVilliam F., salesman, 504 Market 
Boop George, shoemaker, 4148 Ludlow 
Booraem Henry, bookkeeper, 713 Market 
BOORSE, BURROWS & CO. (EUam Boorse, R. 
B. Burrows ^- W. T. Hayes), glassware, win- 
dow glass, lamps & chandeliers, 153 N 3d 
Boorse Eliam, glassware, 153 N 3d, h 1412 N 7th 
Boorse Harman, bricklayer, 1427 American 
Boos Daniel, tailor, 801 N 10th 
Boos Frederick, shoemaker, 125 N Front 
Boos Lewis J., clerk, 1739 Wood 
Boos Philip, brewery, r 954 St John 
Boose Edward 0. H., printer, 31.3 S 5th 
Boose Martin B., clerk, 909 Poplar 
Boose Samuel, carpenter, 1206 Haines 
Booskirk Elizabeth, 1218 Struthers 
Boot Ami, engraver, 617 Hallowell 
Booth Anthony, moulder, 1632 Amboy 
Booth A., Miss, 907 Charlotte 
Booth Benjamin, gentleman, 503 N 13th 
Booth Benjamin, painter, 1123 Germantown av 
Booth Charles, salesman. 1123 Germantown av 
Booth Edmund, machinist, 1217 Wallace 
Booth Edmund R., chemist, 1314 Green 
Booth Edmund R , Jr., gasfitter, 1314 Green 
Booth Edward, tobacconist, 1220 Wheat 
Booth Edwin, gentleman, 1526 Walnut 
Booth Edwin, salesman, 421 Market, h 1928 

Booth Emanuel, tavern, 3642 Market, h Lancas- 
ter n 35th 
Booth EpHraim, flour, 1731 N 11th 
BOOTH & GARRETT (James C. Booth ^ Tkos. 
C. Garrett), analytical & consulting chemists, 
10 Chant 
Booth George, japanned ware, toys, &c., 128 & 

130 N 2d, h 720 Noble 
Booth George, weaver, 3 Craig's av 
Booth Harrison, doorkeeper Blockley Almshouse, 

h 133 Walnut pi 
Booth Henry, barber, 4 Twelve Feet al 
Booth Hugh, gentleman, 542 Aramingo 
Booth Isaac, moulder, 618 Paul 
Booth Isaac H., real estate agent, 844 N 10th 
Booth Jacob, moulder, 18 Sellers 
Booth Jas. B., cashier, 47 N 3d, h 1615 Wallace 
BOOTH JAMES C, U.S. Mint, h Delaware co 
Booth James R., attorney-at-law, 221 S 5th, h 

15th & Race 
Booth John, carpenters' tools, 833 & 835 Ells- 
worth, h 1165 S 10th 
Booth John, dealer, 221 N 22d 
Booth John, drygoods, 1630 Market 
Booth John, flour store, 1252 N 10th 

Booth John, wool store, 40 S Front, h 221 N 22d 
Booth Joseph, blacksmith. 2106 Cuthbert 
Booth Joseph, cabinetmaker, r 331 Green 
Booth Joseph, spinner, 120 Mifflin, Myk 
Booth Mary, seamstress, 305 Tyler 
BOOTH &, MILLS {Jo/ui Booth S,- Edward Mills), 

carpenters' tools, 833 & 835 Ellsworth 
Booth Nathaniel, barber, 826 Shippen 
Booth Reuben, grinder, 4556 Trenton av 
Booth Thomas C., waterman, 313 Tyler 
Booth Walter, carpenter, 2026 Apple 
Booth William, cabinetmaker, 314 Aberdeen 
Booth William, carpenter, 2 De Kalb's ct 
Booth William, cutter 314 S Front 
Booth William, driver, 1326 Mariner 
Booth William, machinist, 1018 Morgan 
Booth William, morocco manufacturer, 1035 N 

Front, h 542 Aramingo 
Booth William, warper, 151 Scott's la. Falls 
Booth & Williams {Einanuel Booth 4- Charles 

JVil/iams), tavern, 3642 Market 
Booth William J., morocco dresser, 542 Aramingo 
Boothby Enoch, gardener, 321 Worth 
Boothby George, navy yard, 611 Sears 
Boothby William, waterman, 629 Sears 
Boothroyd Charles, merchant, 237 N Front, h 

Falls of Schuylkill 
Boothroyd Charles & Co. {Charles Boothroyd ^ 

Joh?i Coates), cotton waste, 237 N Front 
Boox David, laborer, 13 Bristow pi 
Booz Alfred, oysterman, 9 Burlington pi 
Booz Allice, 909 Poplar 
BOOZ EDMUND G., importer wines & liquors, 

120 Walnut & 15 Granite, h 1310 Brown 
Booz Henry G., 238 S 3d, h Bristol, Pa 
Booz John, shipjoiner, 3419 Market 
Booz John S., grocer, 2135 Frankford av 
Booz Martin V. B., clerk, 120 Walnut, h 909 

Booz Nicholas, shoemaker, 123 Lehman 
Booz Valentine, piano maker, 823 West 
Booze William T., fireman. 3 Reckless 
Boozer A., bootfitter, 1003 Charlotte 
Boozer Elijah, plasterer, 1012 Lawrence 
Boozer John, hatter, 1012 Lawrence 
Boozey John, oordwainer, 540 Chatham 
Bophine John, painter, 227 E Dauphin 
Bopp Henry, laborer, New Market & Laurel 
Boppel John, carver, r 412 Shippen 
Boraef Henry, butcher, 617 N 13th 
Boraef Martin, gentleman, 617 N 13th 
Boraef Shulster, butcher, 621 N 13th 
Borall Joseph, bricklayer, 326 Thompson 
Borbeck Philip, importer hardware and cutlery, 

405 Arch, h Nicetown 
Borbridge Ellen, 1139 S 7th 
Borbrigm Christy, lithographer, 400 Pine 
Borchell John, shoemaker, 1838 Manor 
Borcke Frederick, button maker, 272 N 4th 
Bord Lucas, watchman, 4304 Cresson, Myk 
Borda Eugene, coal shipper, 327 Walnut, h 246 

W Logan sq 
Borda George, coachmaker, 1308 Stiles 
Borda, Paid P. Keller ^ James L. Nutting), 
coal shippers, 327 Walnut 
Borden David, house carpenter, 1424 S 4th 
Borden Edward P., attorney-at-law, 332 S 5th, h 

Media, Pa 
Borden Edward P., commission merchant, 224 

Chestnut, h Indian Queen la, Germantown 
Borden Jane Mrs., 1619 Pine 
Borden John, boots & shoes, 223 Market, h 719 

N 16th 
Borden John, ranges, 637 N 19th 









CD J^ 













+J , 



M c3 

Borden John, shoemaker, 809 N 13th 
Borden John A., gentleman, 1626 Pine 
Borden Robert, grinder, 1424 S 4th 
Borden Sarah, teacher, 1626 Pine 
Bordenbender Christian, carpet weaver, 2160 

Berder William, barber, 203 Callowhill, h r 459 

New Market 
Bordman Edward, boilermaker, 18 Marseilles pi 
Bordman John, merchant, 719 N 16th 
Bordman Thomas, finisher, 41 Laurel 
Bordman William, woollen mills, Baydock bel 

Front, h 41 Laurel 
Borell Jacob, bricklayer, 1 Sutton 
Boren Bridget M., washerwoman, 2 Dickson pi 
Borer Mary, 933 Parrish 
Borer William, stonecutter, 516 Owen 
Borgard John A , cigars, 1319 Prospect 
Borgenski Charles, millinery goods, 908 S 5th, h 

28 N 9th 
Borgenski Joseph S., artificial flowers, 23 N 9th 
Borger Joseph, tavern, 411 S 2d 
Borger Nicholas, cigarmaker, 257 Norris 
Borger AVilliam, gentleman, 606 N 8th 
Borgert Jacob, basket maker, 1124 Cuthbert 
Borguin Theodore, turner, 1008 Buttonwood 
Borgman F. W., tobacconist, 174 Laurel 
Borgman John H., gentleman, 174 Laurel 
Borhek Edward, optician, 402 Chestnut, h 1719 

Borhek Edward & Son {Edward Sf John G. 

Burhek), opticians, 402 Chestnut 
Borhek John Gr., optician, 402 Chestnut, h 1719 

Borie Adolph E., broker, 1025 Spruce 
Borie Alfred, carver, 4148 Orchard 
Borie Charles, bill broker, 3 Merchants' Ex- 
change, h 1008 Spruce 
Borie Charles, turner, 4501 Mulberry, Frankford 
Borie Cherie, manuf, 4901 Leiper, Frankford 
BORIE C. k H. (Charles ^ Henry Borie). bill 

brokers, 3 Merchants' Exchange 
Borie Edward, umbrella stick manuf, 47 Church, 

Borie Frances, Mrs., 4148 Orchard 
Borie Francis J., blacksmith, 1009 Medical, h 

512 Catharine j 

Borie George F., attorney-at-law, 240 S 5th, h [ 

4713 Frankford 
Borie Henrv P., bill broker, 3 Merchants' Ex- 

chantre, h'l23 S 12th i 

Borie Henry S., 1129 Race 
Borie John J., sugar refiner. Race k Crown, h 

1834 De Lancey pi 
Borie & Mackie [Edirard Borie (J- Alexatider 
Mackie), umbrella stick manufs. Spring Mills. 
Unity & Wain 
Borie Martin, butcher, 646 Lombard 
Borie Simon, gentleman, Broad ab Rising Sun 
Borie Sophia, 265 S 4th 
Borie Theodore, manuf, 4148 Orchard 
Borin Julius, tailor, 17 AVinfield pi 
Boring Edwin McC, 931 Coates, h 929 Coates 
Borland Catharine, 2 Goldsmith ct 
Borland David, shoemaker, 2140 Spruce 
Borland David, shoemaker, 2128 Market 
Borland George E., paper bag manuf, 520 Com- 
merce, h N Y 
Borland James, laborer, 1314 Thompson, P R 
Borland William, shoemaker, 1617 Lombard 
Borleau John, blacksmith, 937 Warnock 
Borleau John W., assessor, 1509 Franklin 
Borm Charles, tailor, 115 Exchange pi 
Borman Edward, machinist, 52] Cherry 
Borman Philip, locksmith, 212 N Juniper 

Born Benjamin, silversmith, 26 Lenity 

Born George, carpet weaver, 566 Gordon 

Born Henry, barber, 804 Otis 

Born Henry, shoemaker, 1641 Cadwalader 

Born John, baker, 446 N 10th 

Born John H., tobacconist, 981 N 2d 

Born John L., carpet weaver, 604 Otis 

Born S. H. A., children's shoes, 16 N 4th, h 639 

Borneman William, bootfitter, 1732 American 
Borneman William, manuf, 1518 Coates 
Borner James, constable, 519 Catharine 
Bornkessel Martin, cigars, 701 S Front 
Bornman Henry G., oysterman. Court al bel 

Bornman John, hotel, 720 Beach 
Bornmann William, merchant, h 977 N 6th 
Boroughs James, laborer, 18 S 32d 
Borradaile Thomas, gentleman, 462 N 6th 
Borrees Charles, gentleman, 2042 Master 
Borst Gustin, soapmaker, 934 Nectarine 
Borst Louisa, grocery, 1400 Ogden 
Borthwick John, engineer, 140 S 11th 
Borthwick John, sawyer, 328 Buttonwood 
Borthwick Robert, cabinetmaker, 140 S 11th 
Borthwick William A., furniture, 140 S 11th 
Bortle George W., victualler, 2120 N 5th 
Bortle Mary A., 2016 Apple 
Borton James, clerk, 235 Pine 
Borton John, goldbeater 63 Sloan 
Borgner Nicholas, coal, 902 k h 913 Thompson 
Borzell G. A., ladies' shoe store, 1726 Gtn av 
Bosbaum Joseph, weaver, r 521 St John 
Bosbrun Stephen, clerk, 161 Lehman 
Bosch Charles, jeweller, 735 N 3d 
Bosdevex Fanny, Mrs., 1115 Fitzwater 
Bose David, carter, 907 Torr 
Bose Morris, machinist, 6 Amity 
Boser Fredolen, bootmaker, 1232 N 4th 
Bosch Jacob, cordwainer, r 1007 Charlotte 
Bosh Louis, carpenter, 804 Buttonwood 
Boshart Catharine, 2 Carman pi 
Boshart John, cooper, 1210 Carlton 
Bosher George, bootfitter, 808 Auburn 
Bosher James, bootfitter, 15 Gaflfney's av 
Bosing Jacob, engraver, 1218 Cadwalader 
Bosler A. R., clerk, 1214 Filbert 
Bosler Charles C, butcher, 809 E Dauphin 
Bosler Frank, butcher, 622 Parrish 
Bosler George, brickmaker, 1116 S 20th 
Bosler John, superintendent, 1214 Filbert 
Bosler Joseph, brickmaker, 1207 Anita 
Bosler Joseph, clerk, N W Broad k Green 
Bosler William A., letter carrier, 1214 Filbert 
Boss Francis, laborer, 3643 Lancaster 
Boss George, driver, 1014 Somerset 
Boss Gottlieb, turner. 818 Rachel 
Boss James, watch cases, 618 Chestnut, h Camden 
Boss James k Co. (James Boss if George K. 
Tryon), watchcase manufacturers, 618 Chestnut 
Boss Max, laborer, 1714 American 
Boss William, painter, 3838 Market, h Blodget 

bel Centre 
Bossard Conrad, carpenter, 1132 Otis 
Bosse George, tobacconist, N W 4th <fe Girard av 
Bossert Adam, looking glass frame manufacturer, 

1026 N 3d 
Bossert Andrew, clerk, 1230 White Hall 
Bossert Charles, piano maker, 1509 N 11th 
Bossert Enos, cabinetmaker, 814 Darien 
Bossert George T., cabinetmaker. 1026 N 3d 
Bossert Henry, cabinetmaker, 1026 N 3d 
Bossert Henry L., melodeon maker, 1509 N 11th 
Bossert Isaiah, conductor, 709 Wallace 
Bossert Jamea, clerk, 459 Richmond 




Bossert Sarah, 709 Wallace 

Bossier George, butcher, 1314 S 2d 

Bossier Wesley, cigars, 1314 S 2d 

Bessie Joseph, plumber, 1216 Randolph 

BOSSLER DAVID J., druggist, 13th & Wood 

Bosson George C, merchant, 413 Chestnut 

Bosswell John, salesman, 1711 S 6th 

Bostick E. P., printer, 4th bel Chestnut, h 4022 

Bostick Joshua D., sugar refiner, 16 Clark ar 
Bostick William, engineer, 167 Hippie's la 
Bostick William, laborer, 260 Brier pi 
Bostock Jacob, stocking weaver, 346 Centre 
Bostock Henry, stocking weaver, 346 Centre 
Boston Charlotte, laundress, 408 Gaskill 
Boston Eliza, laundress, 621 Lisbon 
Boston Henry, driver, 2215 Race 
Boston James H., r 806 Emeline 
Boston John, driver, 2972 N Delaware ar 
Boston John, laborer, 4861 Willow, Frankford 
Boston John, steward, boarding house, 512 S Front 
Boston Michael, morocco dresser, 1128 Galloway 
Boston Nicholas, laborer, 517 S 12th 
Boston Thomas, engineer, 3659 Ludlow 
Boston William, carpenter, r 925 S 8th 
Boston William, dealer, r 1108 Ash 
Boston William, huckster, r 958 Lawrence 
Bostridge Edward, clerk, 1351 Savery 
Bostridge James, carpenter, 1351 Savery 
BOSWELL ANDREW J., alderman, 1219 Vine 
Boswell Andrew J., clerk, 1120 Moyamensing av 
BOSWELL & CO. (James J. ^ William L. Bos- 
well), insurance agents, 400 Chestnut 
Boswell Edward, 816 Walnut 
Boswell James J., insurance agent, 400 Chestnut, 

h 715 Arch 
Boswell John D., insurance agent, 400 Chestnut, 

h 715 Arch 
Boswell Joseph, clerk, 1321 Melon 
Boswell Levinia, 520 N 19th 
Boswell Richard V., clerk, 306 Walnut, h 1814 

Boswell Samuel, furnishing, 157 Girard av 
Boswell Samuel, laborer, 1135 Charles 
Boswell William, printer, 1120 Moyamensing av 
Boswell William L., insurance agt., 400 Chestnut, 

h 1902 Mt Vernon 
Bosworth Robert, hosier, 136 Bringhurst 
Botcher N., shoemaker, 4134 Frankford av 
Bothel Edwin, cooper, 1313 S Front 
Bothel John, cooper, 1313 S Front 
Bothel Morris, cooper, 1313 S Front 
Bothel William, cooper, 1313 S Front 
Bothmann Louis, surgical instrument maker, r 

516 Vine 
Bothwell Alexander, blacksmith, 1246 S 13th 
Bothwell Alexander, painter, 28 Church, Frank- 
Bothwell George, laborer, 2034 Hampton 
Bothwell John, police, 2207 Montrose 
Bothwell Orr, police, 2046 Hand 
Bothwell William, brickmaker, 2006 Naudain 
Botley John, coachman, 704 S 12th 
Botsford Timothy E., mason, 1009 S 2d 
Bott Caspar, button manufacturer, 120 Edward 
Bott C. & Co. {Caspar Bott), button manufac- 
turers, 120 Edward 
Bott John, driver, 824 Charlotte 
Bott John, turner, r 1533 Hancock 
Bott Philip, peddler, 7 Shaker's al 
Bott Sigmund, basketmaker, r 719 St John 
Bottamy Simon, machinist, 422 N 22d 
Botter Robert, laborer, 1211 Lombard 
Botthef Conrad, barber, 508 N 8th 
Botthof C, hairdr, Girard House, h 423 N 9th 

Botthof Joseph, crockery ware, 1032 Girard av 

Botthuf Christian, tailor, 1215 Randolph 

Bottles Joseph, printer, 322 Federal 

Botto Andrew, fruits, 1327 Cherry 

Botto Bartholomew, dealer, 1338 Cherry 

Botto Joseph, dealer, 1601 Wood 

Botto Samuel, clerk, 1327 Cherry 

Bottom George, cordwainer, r 1021 Charlotte 

Bottom Lawrence, moulder, 2207 Coates 

Bottomley Thomas, spinner, 128 Church, Myk 

Bottomley William, maohiBist, 4360 Main 

Botts Samuel, M.D., 318 Union 

Bottsford John, bricklayer, 217 N 16th 

Boucher Benjamin, gentleman, 680 N 12th 

Boucher Catharine, 7 Atwood pi 

Boucher Elizabeth Mrs., Ralston r 413 S Juniper 

Boucher Joseph, U. S. assistant assessor, 3895 

Germantown av 
Boucher Josiah, 47 Orthodox 
Boucher William, 1327 Brown 
Boucher William, carpenter, 4809 Cherry, Fkd 
Boud Samuel, boots & shoes, 1309 Wallace 
Boudinot Ellas L., attorney-at-law, 416 Walnut, 

h Chestnut Hill 
Boudinot J. M., Mrs., Chestnut av. Chestnut Hill 
Boudinot W. B. S., real estate agent, 702 Walnut, 

h Chestnut Hill 
Boudrou Alexander, real estate broker, 1015 Co- 
lumbia av, h 1811 N 11th 
BOUDROU & MILLER (Alexa^ider Boudrou ic 

Joseph A. Miller), real estate agents, 1811 N 

Boudrow William, U. S. N., 972 N Delaware av 
Boudwin John, tobacconist, 222 S Delaware av, 

h 314 Wharton 
Boudwin Michael, tobacconist, 218 Race, h 226 

Boudwin Peter, gentleman, 218 Race 
Bouge Thomas, shoemaker, 320 S 25th 
Bouge Thomas, Jr., shoemaker, 320 S 25th 
Bougbter Charles E., clerk, 232 Chestnut, h 810 

S 9th 
Boughton Anna, drygoods, 540 N 2d 
Boughton & Callahan {Anna Boughton &/■ Rose 

Callahan), drygoods, 540 N 2d 
Bouhart John, laborer, 1205 Darien 
Boulais Joseph, caterer, r 516 Vine 
Boulden & Co. {George T. &f William S. Boul- 

den if S. M. Ramsey), com. mers., 36 S Water 
Boulden George F., merchant, bds 319 Arch 
Boulden George T., commission merchant, 36 S 

Water, h Union Hotel 
Boulden Jesse, Mrs., 2121 Spring Garden 
Boulden Matilda, washer, r 505 Bedford 
Boulden William S., commission merchant, 36 S 

Water, h 232 S 4th 
Bouldon Richard, driver, 233 Quince 
Boules M. B., gents' furnishing, 1809 South 
Boules Sophia M., gents' furnishing, 1809 South 
Boulger John, waiter, 8 Bride pi 
BOULTER CHARLES J., firebrick manuf, den- 
tists' furnaces & mufiles, 1609 North, h 1331 

Boulter Joseph, stocking weaver, 1540 Lawrence 
Boultinghouse Frank, painter, 1014 Thompson 
Boulton B. W., broker, 113 S 3d, h Jenkintown 
BOULTON B. W. & CO. {B. W. Bonlton (^ S. 

S. Dapiiy), stock brokers, 113 S 3d 
Boulton Edward, merchant, 130 Walnut, h 1826 

Boulton Samuel, lumber merchant, 1512 Chestnut 
Boulton Sarah, trimmings, 171 Girard av 
Boulton William G., merchant, 128 Walnut, h 

1821 Spruce 
Boulu Adele, school teacher, 417 Garden 









" a 

a ^ 



























Bounds Jesse. 152 Meadow 

Bouquart Joseph, watchcase maker, 608 S Wash- 
ington sq 
Bounds John, shoemaker, 1037 Mechanic 
Boureau Henry, coal dealer, 1541 N 12th 
Boureau H. W., clerk, 36 S 3d h 1541 N 12th 
Bourguard Joseph, baker, 138 Race 
Bourguignoris Frank P., baker, 2222 Callowhill 
Bourguignon Charles L., gentleman, 628 Wood 
Bourk James, manafacturer, 150R Poplar 
Bourk Martin, boatt»an, r 615 N Front 
Bourke Anna M , intelligence office, 302 Union 
Eourke Celia, Mrs., laundress, 613 Vioeent 
Bourke Edward D., foreman, 1425 Richmond 
Bourke Ji)hn, shoemaker. 746 Catharine 
Bourke Joseph M , apothecary Episcopal Hospital, 

Front & Lehigh av 
Bourke Thomas, paperhangings, 4th & Market, h 

228 Jacoby 
Bourket Robert, carpenter, bds 1623 Market 
Bourne Frederick B.. superintendent, N W 12th 

& Noble, h 1332 Columbia av 
BOURNE JAMES, hatter, 40 X 6th 
Bourne Samuel, tailor, 2024 Carlton 
Bournonville Augustus C, M.D., 516 N 6th 
Bournonville A., M.D.. 2125 Arch 
Bourquard Augustus, wines, 20S Spruce 
Bourquin Charles F., lith. printer, 2030 Chris- 
Bourqnin Eveline W., 1229 Filbert 
Bourquin Frederick, lithographer, 320 Chestnut, 

entrance 104 Hudson; h Camden 
Bourquin Louis P., clerk, 1229 Filbert 
Bourrillion Jacob, laborer, 1408 Mervine 
Bonrus Joseph, tailor, 329 Franklin 
Bousquet Zema, Mrs., 1311 X Broad 
Boutcher C. B., lastmaker. 1140 O'Neil 
Boutcber Mary, 542 New Market 
Boutcher Nelson, clerk, 542 New Market 
Boutcher T. N., shoemr, Foulkrod n Frankford 
Boutelje Myer. cigarmaker, r 719 S 6th 
Boutelje Rudolph, clothier. 615 Sbippen 
Boutelje Simon, clothier, 716 South 
Bouvett Charles, moulder, 234 Jacoby 
Bouvier Charles, butcher, 1517 S 3d 
Bouvier David, butcher, 425 Moore 
Bouvier Elizabeth, N E 3d A Greenwich 
Bouvier G. W., livery stable, 60S Sears 
Bouvier Henry, butcher, 1420 Lancaster 
Bouvier John," butcher, 1119 S 10th 
Bouvier John, butcher, 316 German 
Bouvier William McC, bartender, 1517 S 3d 
Bovaird W. M . Jr.. tavern, 2575 Pennsylvania av 
Bovard Jonathan, carpenter, 615 Barclay 
Bovard Thomas D., cigarmaker, 1032 Parrish 
Bovard William, tailor. 1032 Parrish 
Bove Hubert, Rev., S E 5th i Girard av 
Bovier John, butcher, 228 Greenwich 
Bovird Margaret, tailoress, r 1232 Leopard 
Bow Mary. Mrs., 49 Church 
Bow, 1218 Myrtle 

Bowas Patrick, groceries, 523 Washington av 
Bowden Benjamin F., grainer, 933 Lawrence 
Bowden Henry, wheelwright. 826 Charlotte 
Bowden Hu^h, carman, 117 Lombard 
Bowden James, police, 1225 Christian 
Bowden John C, tobacconist, 1327 N 10th 
Bowden Samuel, carpenter. Cathedral ah 52d 
Bowden Samuel S., tel. operator, 1015 Wallace 
Bowdin Thomas, moulder, 80C E Girard av 
Bowditch Frederick, laborer, r 723 N 9th 
Bowdle Tristram, accountant, 1213 Race 
Bowdwin Michael, cigars. 226 Dickersoa 
Bowe John, foreman, 123 Chenango 
Bowen Allen, printer, 521 Dickersoa 

Bowen A. P., newsagent, 757 S 10th 
Bowen Charles C, undertaker, 901 & 903 Wash- 
ington av 
Bowen Charles C, engraver, 722 Chestnut, h 1703 

Bowen Charles H., gentleman, 1818 S Ritten- 

house square 
Bowen David H., boot <t shoe dealer, 242 Rich- 
Bowen Delphine Mrs., 1625 Spruce 
BOWEN D. M., conveyancer, 605 Sansom, h 716 

N 15th 
Bowen Edward R., wool merchant, 1818 S Rit- 

tenhouse square 
Bowen Eleanor, 1010 Olive 
Bowen Elizabeth, Mrs., 2205 Germantown av 
Bowen Enos, sparmaker, 1132 Crease 
Bowen Ezra, broker, 13 Merchants' Exchange, h 

132 S 18th 
Bowen E. R., commission merchant, 110 S Front, 

h 1818 W Rittenhouse square 
BOWEN & FOX {Ezra Boireti ir George S. Fox), 

stock brokers. 13 Merchants' Exchange 
Bowen Frank F., gentleman. Summit, Chestnut 

Bowen F. H , 13 Merchants' Exchange, h Sum- 
mer, Chestnut Hill 
Bowen Greal, conductor, 1327 Melon 
Bowen Henry, laborer. 1847 Memphis 
Bowen Henry M., cashier, 1736 X 10th 
Bowen Issachar, machinist, 760 S 15th 
Bowen James, blacksmith, r 833 Catharine 
Bowen James, laborer, 1225 Tilton 
Bowen James G., driver, 615 Annapolis 
Bowen John, laborer, 822 Cross 
Bowen John, laborer, 231 Lybrand 
Bowen John, painter, 615 Annapolis 
Bowen John, spinner, 4511 Levering, Myk 
Bowen John F., lumber, 11th & Washington av, 

h 518 Queen 
Bowen John W., grocer, 903 Washington av 
Bowen John W., salesman, 318 New 
Bowen Joseph E., tailor, 2029 Porcelain 
Bowen Joseph L. , police, 706 Poplar 
Bowen Ludwig, painter, 118 Dana 
Bowen Moses, laborer, r 518 Marriott 
Bowen Nicholas, porter, 515 S 10th 
Bowen Peter, laborer, 2640 N Front 
Bowen Philip, lumber, 11th & Washington av, h. 

514 Catharine 
Bowen & Potter (E. R. Bou-en ^ W. F. Potter), 

commission merchants, 110 S Front 
Bowen k Son (Philip if John F. Bou-en), lum- 
ber, 1 1th <t Washington av 
Bowen Smith, paint manufacturer, 226 N 5th 
Bowen William, 1331 Marlborough 
Bowen William, hostler, 2010 Cambridge 
Bowen William, ship carpenter, r 1102 Ash 
Bowen William, waiter, 1007 Rodman 
Bowen William K., provisions, N W Shirley <t 

Bowen Wm. M., druggist. New Market & Brown 
Bowen Zadak, moulder, 403 Diamond 
Bowens William, laborer, r 237 Washington av 
Bower Abel, wool scourer, r 336 Centre 
Bower Adam, foreman, 877 Lawrence 
Bower Andrew, carpet weaver, 2509 N 2d 
Bower Anna, 615 N 34th 
Bower Anna R., 1703 Olive 
Bower Anthony, tailor, 207 N Juniper 
Bower August, cooper, 914 Ogden 
Bower Bernard, barber, 324 Buttonwood 
Bower Charles, Sr., chairmoker, 332 Culvert 
Bower Charles, porter, 332 Culvert 
Bower Charles, tailor, 2016 Germantown av 




Bower Charles A., shoemaker, 852 Charlotte 

Bower Charles F., clerk, 1705 Francis 

Bower Charles P., agent, 1705 Francis 

Bower Christian, laborer, 2035 Kressler 

Bower Christian, shoemaker, 460 N Front 

Bower Elizabeth, trimmings, 434 Jefferson 

Bower Eustis, cabinetmaker, 1224 Randolph 

Bower Ferdinand, dealer, 1014 Adams 

Bower Frank, boatman, 770 N 24th 

Bower Frederick, brewer, r 157 Mifflin, Myk 

Bower Frederick, driver, 2103 Pemberton 

Bower Frederick, silver plater, 531 Powell 

Bower Frederick, sugar refiner, r 839 St John 

Bower Frederick, trimmings, 729 Wallace 

Bower George, laborer, 2216 Summer 

Bower George, miller, 237 Brown 

BOWER GEORGE C, druggist, N E 6th & Vine 

Bower George F., blacksmith, 2136 Lombard 

Bower George L., baker, 323 Girard av 

Bower George W., laborer, 111 Dauphin 

Bower Godlieb, shoemaker, Mence ct 

Bower Henry, manuf. chemist, Gray's Ferry rd 

bel U S Arsenal, h 1904 Pine 
BOWER HENRY A., apothecary, N E 6th & 

Bower Jacob, butcher, 1244 N 4th 
Bower Jacob, butcher, 2507 Pennsylvania av 
Bower Jacob, driver, 980 N 7th 
Bower Jacob, grocer, 1 Niblo pi 
Bower John, butcher, 772 N 24th 
Bower John, cabinetmaker, 324 Willow 
Bower John, cabinetmaker, 1 Niblo pi 
Bower John, professor of music, 11 S 21st 
Bower John, receiving teller City Bank, 425 N 4th 
Bower John, shoemaker, 1002 Brown 
Bower John H., dyer, 624 Columbia av 
Bower John S., clerk, 425 N 4th 
Bower Joseph, bricklayer, 1030 Beach 
Bower Jos. T., telegraph operator, 1858 Fkd av 
Bower Lazarus, salesman, 140 Pegg 
Bower Lewis, currier, r 976 Leithgow 
Bower Louis, baker, 2514 Gray's Ferry rd 
Bower Margaret, 1 Baleh 
Bower Maria, 1858 Frankford av 
Bower Martin, hostler, 2511 Pennsylvania av 
Bower Mary, 1848 Frankford av 
Bower Mitchell, chemist, 2208 Shippen 
Bower Richard, clerk, 1326 Poplar 
Bower Robert S., window shades, 229 Arch, h 

1723 Hamilton 
Bower Samuel, draftsman, 530 Thompson 
Bower Sarah, 1822 Frankford av 
Bower Theodore, drayman, 1448 Pink 
Bower William, bookkeeper, 2137 Sharswood 
Bower William, sec. Tremont Oil Co., 110 S 4th, 

h 2135 Sharswood 
Bower & Worrell {Robert S. Bower &f Edward S. 

Worrell), window shades, 229 Arch 
Bowers Abraham, lieut. police, 6 Mayland 
Bowers Alexander, wheelwright, 1619 S 2d 
Bowers Allen, machinist, 3315 Grape 
Bowers Andrew, laborer, 975 Lawrence 
Bowers Anetta, 838 Lombard 
Bowers Charles, carpenter, 6th & Girard av 
Bowers Charles, gentleman, 1904 Pine 
Bowers Charles, weaver, 6 Mureu's pi 
Bowers C. & Co {Charles Bowers), sewing ma- 
chines, 255 S 5th 
Bowers Daniel W., bricklayer, 1238 N 8th 
Bowers Edwin, cigarmaker, 1870 Frankford av 
Bowers Frederick, butcher, 2126 Emerald 
Bowers Frederick, chairmaker, r 1019 N 4th 
Bowers George, baker, N E Diamond & Hope 
Bowers George, baker, 511 Callowhill 
Bowers George, barber, 437 Borden 

Bowers George, brickmaker, 16th n Carpenter 
Bowers George, gasfitter, 2318 Jefferson 
Bowers George A., bookkeeper, 1073 Beach 
Bowers George K., 227 N 3d 
Bowers George M., baker, 511 Callowhill 
Bowers George M., seaman, 1220 Woodbine 
Bowers Harry C, 33 S 11th 

Bowers Henry, dyer, 1318 Marlborough, b Co- 
lumbia av ab 6th 
Bowers Henry, laborer, 324 Garden 
Bowers Henry, watchman, 905 Parrish 
Bowers Herman, glassblower, 2227 Gaul 
Bowers Jacob, basketmaker, 1336 N 10th 
Bowers Jacob E., att'y-at-law, 250 N 5th, h 1719 

Bowers Jesse, brickmaker, 16th n Carpenter 
Bowers John, carpenter, bds 1006 N Front 
Bowers John, dyer, 4435 Cresson, Myk 
Bowers John, furniture store, 1623 Ridge av 
Bowers John, laborer, 519 Richmond 
Bowers John, lampmaker, 647 Hay 
Bowers John, saddler, 101 McClellan 
Bowers John, spinner, 4403 Baker, Myk 
Bowers John A., machinist, 2338 Marshall 
Bowers John C, clothing, 115 S 2d, b 838 Lom- 
Bowers John C, laborer, 1630 Ridge av 
Bowers John C, weaver, 128 Siegle 
Bowers John D., confectioner, 1726 Olive 
Bowers John L., manufacturer, 954 Franklin 
Bowers Joshua, hatter, 504 Richmond 
Bowers Judson, harness fnaker, 529 Dillwyn 
Bowers Justine, machinist, 1227 Wood 
Bowers J., r 212 N 2d 
Bowers Louisa, 420 N 4th 
Bowers Martin, weaver, bds 123 Church, Fkd 
Bowers Peter A., tailor, 2040 Cedar 
Bowers Robert, laborer, 8 Sacramento av 
Bowers Robert E., clerk, 1206 N 3d 
Bowers Robert M., carpenter. 2725 Coates 
Bowers Samuel, laborer, 2709 Federal 
Bowers Samuel, refiner, 3318 Elm 
Bowers Samuel, clothes renovater, 50 N 11th, h 

1213 Cass 
Bowers Solomon, laborer, 411 S 21st 
Bowers Thomas, saddler, 913 Master 
Bowers Thomas J., coal office, 634 Lombard 
Bowers Thomas J., dealer, 917 South 
Bowers William, barber. 723 S Front 
Bowers William, machinist, 1227 Wood 
Bowers William, manufacturer, 924 Franklin 
Bowers William, wood turner, 4419 Tackawanna 
Bowers William B., D.D., 1137 S 11th 
Bowers William H., teas, 188 Girard av, h 1238 

N 8th 
Bowers William T., manufacturer, 924 Franklin 
Bowes Dennis, blacksmith, r 1309 Heath 
Bowes Jacob, chairmaker, 708 Ulrick 
Bowes Martin, printer, 2023 Filbert 
Bowie Catharine, Mrs., 1710 Walnut 
Bowie James D., assessor, 624 S 2d 
Bowie Richard A., gentleman, 1429 Spruce 
Bowin John B., clerk, 752 S 4th 
Bowker James, stores, 4365 Main 
Bowker John, hardware, 4377 Main 
Bowker Joseph, engraver, 4440 Tackawanna 
Bowker William, tinsmith, 842 N 3d 
Bowker William H , cigars, 221 S 8th 
Bowlby S. L , stock bro, 230 Walnut, h405 S 3d 
Bowler Elizabeth, 4108 Lancaster 
Bowler John, spinner, 89 Deal, Fkd 
Bowler William, driver, r 1112 Federal 
Bowles Charles, stonecutter, 1730 N 11th 
Bowles Frederick T., clerk, 627 Chestnut, h. 46 









O M 

o n 






























Bowles F. T., Rev., 913 Lombard 

Bowles George W., blacksmith, 1307 Prospect 

Bowles James, carpenter, 1739 Wood 

Bowles James, stonecutter, 3229 Darby rd 

Bowles Jane, 1405 Hanover 

Bowles John, stonecutter, 3229 Darby rd 

Bowles Mary, trimmings, 520 S 2d 

Bowles Patrick, carpenter, 15 Filbert av 

Bowley Richard, stocking weaver, 1602 Philip 

Bowling John, weaver, 556 N 24th 

Bowling Patrick, tailor, 1708 Latimer pi 

BOWMAN A. XL, treasurer Baltic Woollen Com 

pany, Leithgow & Canal, h 715 Arch 
Bowman A. H., Jr., 715 Arch 
Bowman Caroline, Davis's pi, r 1235 Shippen 
Bowman Charles F., waterman, 1224 Plum 
Bowman Christian, machinist, r 724 N 3d 
Bowman Christian, manufacturer, 1216 Pearl 
Bowman Christian, cigars, 788 Swanson 
Bowman Edward, produce, h 115 Ellea 
Bowman Eliza J., bds 110 S 2d 
Bowman Elizabeth, 817 St John 
Bowman Ella, 1315 Coates 
Bowman Prank, moulder, 2343 N 2d 
Bowman Frederick, machinist, 2124 Summer 
Bowman George, tailor, 1206 N 6th 
Bowman Gottlieb, tailor, 232 Diamond 
Bowman Harriet, 1315 Coates 
Bowman Harry, victualler, 1127 Elm 
Bowman Henry, tailor, 727 Espy 
Bowman Jacob, shoemaker, 1306 Brown 
Bowman Jacob, M.D., 415 E D.iuphin 
Bowman James K., grocer, 2746 Frankford av 
Bc>wman Job K., locksmith and bell hanger, 934 

Race ° 

Bowman John, 1412 N 12th 
Bowman John, baker, 52d & Lanca.ster 
Bowman John, boot fitter, 817 St John 
Bowman John, collar maker, 1404 N 10th 
Bowman John, mason. Mechanic, Gtn 
Bowman John, silverware, 704 Arch, h Fkd 
Bowman John A , musician, 325 Coates 
Bowman John C, grocer, S E 4th & Poplar 
Bowman John G., student, 627 Walnut 
Bowman John H , tinsmith, 127 Coates 
Bowman John S., salesman, 1133 Wistar 
Bowman Lena, 501 Norris 
Bowman & Leonard (Jo/ui Bowman A- Allen 

Leuaard), silverware, 704 Arch 
Bowman Martin, baker, 250 S 22d 
Bowman Moses, gentleman, 335 N 5th 
BowmaT, & Prichard (Wm. R. Bowman 4- John 

^K. i nchard), flour mers. , 23d & South 
Bowman Sig, seaman, 1634 Richmond 
Bowman Silas, gentlemen, 1233 Marshall 
Bowman Stephen, 3621 N Broad 
Bowman Thomas, laborer, 423 N 24th 
Bowman Walter, blacksmith, 2524 Biddle 
Bowman William, merchant, 1524 Wood 
Bowman William, shoemaker, 2202 A 
Bowman William H., printer, 1 127 Elm 

.To? l^"""™ I^-. flour merchant, 23d & South, 
ti lil\ Lombard 

Bowmar Frederick, tinsmith, 810 Nectarine 

Bown Benjamin, milk, 9th & Federal 

Bown B. S., milk, 9th & Federal 

Bown Frederick, milk, 9th & Federal 

Bowser David B., painter, 481 N 4th 

Bowser George, teamster, 4 Curry ct 

Bowser James, 123 Brown, Fkd 

Bowser John, coflFee roaster, 436 St John 

Bowser Rachel, washerwoman, 1013 Lombard 

Uowser, Samuel, waiter, 250 Brier's pi 

Boyce Benjamin F., laborer, 1643 S Front 

Boyce Dennis, moulder, 3 N 22d 

Boyce Henry, laborer, 2210 Summer 
Boyce James, laborer, 1311 Mariner 
Boyce John, boltmaker, 7 Fitch 
Boyce John, laborer. 1551 Salmon 
Boyce John, wagon, 1421 Pitzwater 
Boyce John F., oysters, 300 S Del ay 
Boyce John H., bricklayer, 1219 Heath 
Boyce Joseph M., seaman, 1643 S Front 
Boyce Manners, blacksmith, 1730 Lombard 
Boj'ce Margaret, 131 Penn, Myk 
Boyce Mary, 916 Charlotte 
Boyce Mary, milliner, 938 Race 
Boyce Matthew, laborer, 2 O'Connell ct 
Boyce Patrick, laborer, 1139 William 
Boyce Patrick, laborer, 1730 Lombard 
Boyce Robert, clerk, brewery pi E 722 S Juniper 
Boyce Thomas, boltmaker, 7 Fitch 
Boyce Thomas H., turner, 1219 Heath 
Boyce William H., painter, 1219 Heath 
Boyd Adam, gent., 2304 Columbia av 
Boyd Alexander, laborer, r 516 Coates 
Boyd Ale.xander, merchant, 407 Wood 
Boyd Alexander, plasterer, 761 Park 
Boyd Andrew, laborer. 1338 Hanover 
Boyd Andrew, tavern, 2511 Hamilton 
Boyd Andrew, laborer, 4785 Cumberland 
Boyd Andrew, weaver, 1924 Cuthbert 
Boyd Ann, 1612 N Front 
Boyd Annie, tailoress, 1441 Howard 
Boyd Annie D., 219 N Front 
Boyd A., prest. N. Exchange Bank 7th & Chest- 
nut, h 1728 Green 
Boyd Archibald, confectioner, 1616 Aftoa 
Boyd Barclay, druggist, 1262 Howard 
Boyd Charles, merchant, 2223 Spruce 
Boyd Charles H., gasfitter, 1227 Brown 
Boyd Charles S., merchant, 17 S Water 
Boyd & Co. {George Boyd), teas, 1142 Market, 

h 225 N 13th 
Boyd Cornelius, 1626 S 6th 

Boyd Daniel, com. mer., 104 S W.ater, h 25 N 7th 
Boyd David, gent., 1735 Hamilton 
Boyd David, Jr., gent., 1735 Hamilton 
Boyd David M., Jr., clerk, 746 Florida 
BOYD D. M., assistant general ticket agent P R 

R Co., 5 & 6 Willing's al, h 746 Florida 
Boyd Edward, laborer, 416 Gerker 
Boyd Eliza, 1029 Cross 

Boyd Elizabeth, janitor, Mascher bel Huntingdon 
Boyd Elizabeth, trimmings, 331 Green 
Boyd Esaias A., brakesman, r 1528 Catharine 
BOYD & EVANS {James IV. Boyd &■ S. R. 

Evans), note brokers, 31 S 3d 
Boyd Francis, gent., 814 Locust 
Boyd George, drygoods, 1337 N 11th 
Boyd George, grocer, 1200 Market, h 225 N 13th 
Boyd George & Co., grocers, 1200 Market 
BOYD GEO. J., banker, 18 S 3d, h 1104 Pine 
Boyd Harriet, milliner, 5162 Germantown ay 
Boyd Henry, ehairmaker, 1427 Vienna 
Boyd Henry M., builder, 1922 Spring Garden 
Boyd Hicas D., clerk, 2140 Master 
BOYD & HOUGH (Will/am S. Boyd, John L. 
Hongh, William S. Boyd, Jr., (^ Charles S. 
Boyd), wholesale grocers, 17 S Water 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, 1012 Market, h 1434 Savery 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, 1629 South 
Boyd Hugh B., photographer, 2053 Summer 
Boyd Isaac, laborer, 806 S 8th' 
Boyd James, clerk, 2611 Ellsworth 
Boyd James, commission merchant, 104 S Water. 

h 612 N 35th 
Boyd James, gardener, 18 S 19th 
Boyd James, hotel, S. E. 18th & South 
Boyd James, laborer, 4306 Cresson, Mjk 




Boyd James, laborer, 1119 New Bedford 

Boyd James, laborer, 2308 Columbia av 

Boyd James, merchant, 18 N 4th, h 1449 N 6tli 

Boyd James, mer., 104 S Water, h 612 N 35th 

Boyd James, tavern, 20 Girard av 

Boyd James, trimmings, 107 Catharine 

Boyd James, paper-box cfltter, 411 German 

Boyd James M., mer., 61 N 3d, h 1309 S 4th 

Boyd James W., broker, 31 S 3d, h 1411 Walnut 

Boyd Jane, hotel, 4101 Main 

Boyd Jane, 120 Cotton 

Boyd Jane L., 1319 Brandywine 

Boyd Jenny, 1238 Leopard 

Boyd John, baker, 1042 Richmond 

Boyd John, carter, 2308 Columbia av 

Boyd John, gardener, 712 S 16th 

Boyd John, laborer, 1801 Jones 

Boyd John, laborer, 139 Dana 

Boyd John, laborer, 1255 Edgemont 

Boyd John, laborer, 1117 Shippen 

Boyd John, laborer, 517 N 25th 

Boyd John, laborer, 724 Federal 

Boyd John, laborer, 806 S Sth 

Boyd John, machinist, 221 Wharton 

Boyd John, manuf., 126 N 3d, h 332 N 32d 

Boyd John, painter, 915 N 13th 

Boyd John, weaver, 527 S 7th 

Boyd John, weaver. 1441 Howard 

Boyd John, tailor, 220 N Water, h 219 N Front 

Boyd John C, bookkeeper, 223 Richmond 

Boyd John H., paperhanger, 1530 Carlisle 

Boyd John L , stonecutter, 1227 Brown 

Boyd John S., cigars, 136 S 10th 

Boyd John W , bronzer, 1227 Brown 

Boyd John W., clerk, Marion square 

Boyd John W., Jr., conveyancer, 619 Walnut 

Boyd Johnson, grocer, 315 N 21st 

Boyd J. M., tobacconist, 1309 S 4th 

Boyd Margaret, 211 Acorn al 

Boyd Margaret, milliner, 710 Fallon 

Boyd Margaret, tailoress, 1025 Lingo 

Boyd Martha, 1229 Brown 

Boyd Martha. 2212 Orkney 

Boyd Mary, 1825 Addison 

Boyd Mary, r 950 N 3d 

Boyd Mary A., 1338 Wheat 

Boyd Mary L., 1613 Franklin 

Boyd Mary S., 1624 N 7th 

Boyd M. S., upholster, 136 N 9th 

Boyd Nathaniel B , attorney-at-law, Madison av 

W Frankfordav 
Boyd Patrick, metallic roofer, 1030 Shackamaxon 
Boyd Peter, shoemaker, 358 N Front 
Boyd Richard, painter, 937 Fernon 
Boyd Robert, boatman, 2222 Race 
Boyd Robert, chairmaker, 1427 Vienna 
Boyd Robert, cotton manufacturer, 24tli & Spruce, 

h 3443 Walnut 
Boyd Robert, laborer, 508 E Norris 
Boyd Robert, laborer, 1031 Dorrance 
Boyd Robert, painter, 707 N 36th 
Boyd Robert, spinner, 1049 Dorrance 
Boyd Robert A., paper box manuf, 505 Chestnut, 

h 731 S 10th 
Boyd Robert H., plasterer, 824 Shippen 
Boyd Samuel, boatman. 418 N 22d 
Boyd Samuel, laborer. 2348 Vine 
Boyd Samuel, laborer, r 1936 Cuthbert 
Boyd Samuel, mer, 104 S Water, h 612 N 35th 
Boyd Samuel, printer, 486 N 5th. 
Boyd Samuel, weaver, 1623 Hope 
Boyd Samuel, 1228 Peters 
Boyd Samuel & Co. {Samuel, Daniel Sf James 

Boyd), commission merchants, 104 S Water 
Boyd Samuel W., bricklayer, 6 Craig's av 

Boyd Sarah, 2 S 20th 

Boyd Sarah, housekeeper, 1234 Fitzwater 

Boyd & Stroud [Thomas A. Boyd if Morris R. 

StroK/l), queensware, 32 N 4th 
Boyd Susan, 1227 Brown 
Boyd Thomas, chairmaker, 1427 Vienna 
Boyd Thomas, importer, 220 S Broad 
Boyd Thomas, laborer, 1116 Sophia 
Boyd Thomas, laborer, 1732 Olive 
Boyd Thomas, shoemaker, 516 S 19th 
Boyd Thomas, tavern, S W Penn & Lombard 
Boyd Thomas, wax maker, 2308 Columbia av 
Boyd Thomas A., merchant, 32 N 4th, h 220 S 

Boyd William, biscuit baker, 13 Ferris court 
Boyd William, carder, bds Cedar Hill n tollgate 
Boyd William, carpenter, 2308 Columbia av 
Boyd William, carpenter. 2142 Master 
Bnyd William, cigars, 1232 Palethorp 
Boyd William, cutter, 1443 Savery 
Boyd William, gent, 1335 Pe.arl 
Boyd William, laborer, 1 Burbank place 
Boyd William, laborer, 1733 Burton 
Boyd William, laborer, 4451 Cresson, Manayunk 
Boyd Wm., painter, 1608 Spruce, h 1230 Rodman 
Boyd William, sail maker, 908 Marlborough 
Boyd William, ship carpenter, 129 Danna 
Boyd Wra., stocking weaver, 511 Clearfield 
Boyd William, teamster, 134 Levering 
Boyd William A., brushmaker, 1046 S 5th 
Boyd William A., telegrapher. 570 York 
Boyd William Stokes, capt. U S N. 2039 Walnut 
Boyd William S., cabinetmaker. 1530 Carlisle 
Boyd Wm. S., mercht, 17 S Water, h 334 Spruce 
Boyd Wm. S.. Jr., mer., 17 S Water 
Boyd W. H., gasfitter, 847 Earp 
Boyer Abraham, briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer Abram, teacher, 2142 Master 
Boyer Ann, 647 N 15th 
Boyer Charles, moulder, 130 Prime 
Boyer Charles, tailor, 553 William 
Boyer Charles A., professor, 204 Wood 
Boyer Daniel, laborer, 5666 Germantown av 
Bover Daniel, shoemaker, 1010 S Front 
Boyer Daniel C. captain, 1010 S Front 
Boyer David, tinplate worker, 3720 Market 
Boyer David P., M D., 984 N 6th 
Bover D. L., prof, of music, 2424 Green 
Boyer Edmund N., clerk, 1618 N 7th 
Bo3'er Elhanan. roller, 954 Marlborough 
Boyer Eliza, 2332 Wallace 
Boyer Elizabeth, 183 Norris 
Boyer Elizabeth, 1010 S Front 
Boyer Elizabeth, 521 Norris 
Boj'er Ephraim, driver, 169 Norris 
Boyer Evan, shipwright, 943 Otsego 
Boyer E., laborer, 4425 Tackawana 
Boyer E. N , clerk, 618 Chesnut 
Boyer Franklin J., exchange broker, 57 S 4th, h 

Boyer George C, clerk, 126 N 15th 
Boyer George W., fruits, 138 S Del av, h 464 

N 7th 
Boyer George W., goldbeater, 1425 N 7th 
Boyer Gottlieb, shoemaker, 2 Vermont pi 
Boyer Henry, carter, 1512 S 7th 
Boyer Henry K., manufacturer, 6th & German- 
town av, h 1425 N 7th 
Boyer Hiram, bricklayer, 1017 Girard av 
Boyer Jacob, 2016 Kressler 
Boyer Jacob, driver, 1934 Germantown av 
Boyer Jacob, briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer James H., briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer Jesse, switchtender, 3641 Ludlow 
Boyer John, briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 






o cc 

M O 



















Boyer John, carpenter, 1747 Warnock 

Boyer John, carpenter, 130 Prime 

Boyer John, gentleman, 1618 N 7th 

Boyer John, carpenter, 206 Wood 

Boyer John, laborer, 5666 Germantown ar 

Boyer John K , clerk, 715 Chestnut h 206 Wood 

Boyer John S., baggage master, 1032 Lingo 

Boyer Joseph, brickmaker, 1444 Lawrence 

Boyer J. D., collector, 1437 Vine 

Boyer J. E., merchant, 313 Race 

Boyer & Kucker {George Boyer 4- Peter Kucker), 

hotel, 1953 Germantown av 
Boyer Levi S., clerk, 1608 Market 
Boyer Lewis, packer, 4513 Leiper 
Boyer Mary, 806 Duane 
Boyer Maria, 5666 Germantown av 
Boyer Nathan, cabinetmaker, 130 Prune 
Boyer Samuel J., shoemaker, 947 Otsego 
Boyer Samuel P., hollowware, 203 Williamson 
Boyer Sarah J., 1427 Savery 
Boyer Stephen, compositor, 1239 N 12th 
Boyer Thomas, carpenter, 6 Kinley ct 
Boyer T. T., carpenter, 210 Reed 
Boyer William A., rigger, 539 Marriott 
Boyer Wm. L., manuf, 6th & Germantown av h 

1335 N 8th 
Boyer Wm. L. & Bro. ( Wm. L. Boyer if Henry H. 
Boyer), manuf of agricultural implements, 6th 
& Germantown av 
Boyer William P., conductor, 1427 Savery 
Boyer William W., conductor, 2003 N oth 
Boyes Anna, 239 Centre 
Boyes Henry G., plumber, 239 Centre 
Boyes Wm., stocking weaver. 239 Centre 
Boyl John, brewer, 783 S Front 
Boyle John, laborer, 1311 Catharine 
Boyle Andrew, driver, 936 Washington av 
Boyle Andrew, laborer, 1614 Mervine 
Boyle Andrew, piper, 114S Huntino'don 
Boyle Ann, 1326 Mariner 
Boyle A., 9 S21st 

Boyle Barney, moulder, 1912 Nandain 
Boyle B.arnard, laborer, r 619 Fitzwater 
Boyle Bernard, laborer, r 3438 Green 
Boyle & Blundell {John Boyle if John Blundell), 

21st k Filbert 
Boyle Bridget, r 3438 Green 
Boyle Catharine, 2635 McCurdy 
Boyle Catharine, r 211 Prosperous al 
Boyle Catharine, 743 Carpenter 
Boyle Charles, carter, 727 Dickerson 
Boyle Cornelius, boatman, 409 N Front 
Boyle Cornelius, laborer, r 15 Prime 
Boyle Cornelius, shoestore, Seybert <t 16th 
Boyle Daniel, hotel, 426 Lehigh ay 
Boyle Dennis, laborer, r 1025 S 5th 
Boyle Dennis, laborer, 827 Carpenter 
Boyle Edward, blacksmith, r 1123 Dunton 
Boyle Edward, farmer, r 1209 Dunton 
Boyle Edward, laborer, Lancaster ab 45th 
Boyle Edward, tavern, 1519 American 
Boyle Edward, typemaker, 1715 Wylie 
Boyle Edward, waterman, r 1311 Rye 
Boyle Eli, dyer, 520 Wildey 
Boyle Elias, dealer, 521 S 7th 
Boyle Elizabeth, 332 Dauphin 
Boyle Frank, puddler, 347 N Front 
Boyle George, laborer, 209 Dean 
Boyle George, laborer, 1054 Beach 
Boyle George, roller 1014 Crease 
Boyle George W., mason, 829 Buttonwood 
Boyle Hannah, 1213 N 4th 
Boyle Henry, laborer, 1914 Jones' ct 
Boyle Henry, laborer, 1640 Afton 
Boyle Hugh, blacksmith, 1535 American 

Boyle Hugh, galvanizer, 120S Everett 
Boyle Hugh, gent, 235 Coates 
Boyle Hugh, laborer. 2015 Murray 
Boyle Hugh, laborer, 1274 Richmond 
Boyle Hugh, moulder, 135 Morris 
Boyle Hugh, stevedore, 10 Packer pi 
Boyle Hugh H., plasterer, 1707 Sansom 
Boyle Isaac, butcher, 1937 Germantown av 
Boyle James, blacksmith, 936 Washington av 
Boyle James, boatman, 509 Chippewa 
Boyle James, brakesman, 1522 Edgemont 
Boyle James, clerk, 743 Carpenter 
Boyle James, driver, r 759 S 6th 
Boyle James, expressman, r 824 St John 
Boyle James, hackman, 810 Marriott 
Boyle James, laborer, 1144 Huntingdon 
Boyle James, laborer, 2205 Filbert 
Boyle James, laborer, 2040 Hampton 
Boyle James, tailor, bds 913 Catharine 
Boyle John, 21st k Filbert 
Boyle John, baker, 423 Marriott 
Boyle John, blacksmith. 1520 N 22d 
Boyle John, carpenter, 2210 Xaudain 
Boyle John, driver, 1937 Germantown av 
Boyle John, gentleman, 544 N 40th 
Boyle John, grocery, 4301 Cresson, Myk 
Boyle John, laborer, 1523 Palethorp 
Boyle John, laborer, 1516 Richmond 
Boyle John, laborer, 1 Cantmans pL 
Boyle John, laborer, 2058 Sansom 
Boyle John, laborer, bds 3464 Ludlow 
Boyle John, laborer, r 3438 Green 
Boyle John, laborer, Greenhill ab Seybert 
Boyle John, laborer, 231 N Front 
I Boyle John, laborer, 1912 Naudain 
Boyle John, laborer, 753 S Front 
Boyle John, merchant, 221 S Front, h 912 S 

Boyle John, printer, 2d k Brown, h 1038 N 3d 
Boyle John, shoemaker, 3518 Market 
Boyle John, shoemaker, 1734 Carver 
Boyle John C, baker, 2040 Callowhill 
Boyle John C, coachmaker, 935 Fernon 
Boyle Joseph, baker, 1216 X 12th 
Boyle Joseph, driver, 936 Washington av 
Boyle xMargaret, 313 Bradford 
Boyle Mary, r 1518 Cadwalader 
Boyle i McManus {John Boyle if Thomas Mc- 

Manns), liquors, 221 S Front 
Boyle Maggie, 420 Christian 
Boyle Margaret, 3624 Sansom 
Boyle Margaret, 913 Locust 
Boyle Mary, shopkeeper. 645 Bedford 
Boyle Mary, washing, r Market n 36th 
Boyle Mary Ann, r 319 Race 
Boyle Mary U., groceries, 516 Christian 
Boyle Michael, boatman, 2426 Ashburton 
Boyle Michael, carter, 6 Osage av 
Boyle Michael, fireman, r 324 Willow 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 4239 Main 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 938 Passyunk av 
Boyle Michael, tavern, Lancaster k 46th 
Boyle Michael A., carpenter, 1018 S 8th 
Boyle Neill, laborer, 1634 Bedford 
Boyle, Noah, driver, 1937 Germantown av 
Boyle N., laborer, 2527 Lombard 
Boyle Owen, carter, r 1259 Salmon 
Boyle Owen, driver, r 1259 Salmon 
Boyle Owen, laborer. Berry pi 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, r 1635 Salmon 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 1274 Richmond 
Boyle Peter, laborer, 125 Federal 
Boyle Patrick, rag merchant. 517 S 20th 
Boyle Peter, laborer, 3312 Sycamore 
Boyle Felix, laborer, 2411 Pine 




Bojle Philip, grocery, 44 iST 22cl 
Boyle Philip, M.D., 1419 American 
Boyle Robert, dealer, 26 Benton 
Boyle Robert, driver, 723 Palm 
Boyle Robert, gentleman, 309 Shippen 
Boyle Robert, polisher, 1904 Webster 
Boyle Robert, reporter, 303 Pine 
Boyle Sarah, 1630 N 10th 
Boyle Stephen, laborer, 506 Everett pi 
Boyle Thomas, 1305 Lancaster 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, 820 Carpenter 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, 1316 Potts 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, 3 Huekle's ct 
Boyle Thomas, salesman, 238 Spruce 
Boyle Timothy, liquors, 218 N 10th 
Boyle Wellington H., clerk, 270 Levant 
Boyle William, artist. 931 Race 
Boyle William, coachman, 5 Losley's pi 
Boyle William, gardener, Oregon &, Lancaster 
Boyle William, laborer, 3624 Sansom 
Boyle William, stonecutter, 2044 Sansom 
Boyle William A., clerk, 9 S 21st 
Boyle William H., clerk, 637 Market, h 270 Le- 
Boyle William John, laborer, 1933 Filbert 
Boylen William H., agent, 1808 Perkiomen 
Boyler Maggie, 556 Taylor 
Boyles Jackson, tailor, 1419 Ridge av 
Boyles James, Jr., bookbinder, 607 Sansom, h 

129 N 11th 
Boyles John, shoemaker, 515 North 
Boyles Lydia, woollen bagmanuf, 515 North 
Boyles Mary, 1125 Pearl 
Boyles V/iiliam, painter, 1317 Brandyvrine 
Boylson William, laborer, 1246 Tilton 
Boyne Micheal, dealer, 149 S 24th 
Boys Nil than, captain, 227 Marion 
Boys William, varieties, 143 Green 
Boyter Louisa C, Mrs., 930 Randolph 
Bozart Herman R., refrigerator maker, 1253 

Bozarth William, driver, r 481 Dillwyn 
Bozell William F., tailor, 2016 Gtn av 
Bozia Fird, bookbinder, 815 S 19th 
Bozley Frederick, laborer, r 1127 Lawrence 
Bozorth Andrew J., painter, 1020 Poplar 
Bozorth J. S., carpenter, 12 Fetter la, h Camden 
Bozorth Thomas, glassblower, r 1222 Plum 
Bozarth AVilliam F., shoemaker, 1018 Beach 
Brabender Edward, boot finisher, 3 Randall's ct 
Brabender Jacob, tailor, 1225 Carlton 
Brace James, bootmaker, 618 Brook 
Brace Thomas, tinsmith, 1803 Camac 
Braceland Alexander, clerk, 105 S 22d 
Braceland Bridget M., 1309 Christian 
Braceland Catharine, 810 Maple 
Braceland Charles, laborer, 1 Packer pi 
Braceland Charles, spooler, 607 S 12th 
Braceland Cornelius, mechanic, 1102 Miller 
Braceland Margaret, r 1345 Shippen 
Braceland Patrick, porter, 1 Packer pi 
Bracelin M., 545 N 25th 
Bracey Thomas, laborer, 1510 S 7th 
Bracher William, lithographer, 320 Chestnut, h 

1220 Thompson 
Brachet Louis, professor, 602 Callowhill 
Brachhold Henry, stonemason, 39 Good 
Brachogal Oscar, apothecary store, 427 Callowhill, 

h 407"N 5th 
Brack Rudolph, engraver, 1025 Walnut 
Bracken Andrew, laborer, 18 Pleasant, Gtn 
Bracken Henry S., gentleman, 125 N 16th 
Bracken James, laborer, 4 Holt av 
Bracken J. H., coal miner & shipper, 329 Wal- 
nut, h Pottsville 

Broeken J. H. & Co. (J. H. Brad en <$- Oscar F. 

Moore), coal miners & shippers, 329 Walnut 
Bracken Robert C, telegraph clerk, 335 Chest- 
nut, h 2034 Christian 
Bracken Samuel, gentleman, 2034 Christian 
Braekin George, patternmaker, 611 N 34th 
Brackin Henry, moulder. 111! Buttonwood 
Braekin John, burnisher, 611 N 34th 
Brackin Richard, machinist, 611 N 34th 
Brackin Samuel, clerk P RR, h 611 N 34th 
Brackinroad Gilmore, groceries, 915 Gilbert 
Brackinreed Robert, bartender, 1500 Callowhill 
Bracland Ignatius, tinsmith, 526 Lombard 
Bracland Patrick, tavern, 526 Lombard 
Brackley John, shoemaker, 3 Lincoln ct 
Bracy Charles, woodsawyer, 830 Emeline 
Bradager Otto, cigarmaker, 550 New Market 
Bradbury David, steam engine builder, Albert's 

av ab Palmer 
Bradbury James, laborer, 4119 Thomas 
Bradbury J. S , Continental restaurant, 828 

Chestnut, h 216 S 8th 
Bradbury Mary, 532 N 40th 
Bradbury Michael, stable keeper, 1907 Gtn av 
Bradbury Rebecca, millinery, 2041 Gtn av 
Bradbury Robert, carver, 2041 Germantown av 
Bradbury Robert, manuf, 1332 Mervine 
Bradbury Robert, Jr., clerk, 1332 Mervine 
Bradbury Samuel, mer, 229 & 231 Chestnut, h 

1335 Franklin 
Bradbury Stephen D., spinner, 2038 Apple 
Bradbury Thom.ns, nautical inst, 1332 Mervine 
Bradbury William, r 1132 Frankford av 
Bradbury Wm. C, clerk, 1619 Market 
Biadden George, gent, 767 S 4th 
Bradden Ji\ines, moulder, 323 N 21st 
Bradden William, lab, 325 N 21st 
Braddock Daniel, wheelw, 124 Dock, h 740 N 3d 
Braddoek Darnell, builder. 2202 Frankford av 
Braddock Ira, salesman. 31 Otter 
Braddock Lemuel, gent, 1634 Vine 
Braddock Mary E., trimmings. 2225 Frankford av 
Braddock Reuben R. , carpenter, 2225 Fkd av 
Braddock Washington L., salesman, 31 Otter 
Braddock William B., bricklayer, 745 S 19th 
Braden John, clerk, 238 S 3d, h 1431 Shippen 
Braden Wm., laborer, 181 Cotton 
Bradenburgh Samuel, preacher, 822 Shippen 
Bradey Wm. R., carpenter, 1235 N 7th 
Bradferd John M., carpenter, 1316 Austin 
Bradfiel James, harness, 261 N 12th 
Bradfield Alva L , brassmoulder, 2101 Jefferson 
Bradfield Jeremiah, carter, 141 Morris 
Bradfield George W., hinge manuf, 1539 Ridge 

av, h 1537 Ridge av 
Bradfield James P., builder, 802 Arch 
Bradfield John B., locksmith, 1431 Callowhill 
Bradfield M., children's clothing, 802 Arch 
Bradfield Oliver, plasterer, 1828 N 12th 
Bradfield Thomas, ntfy, 28 S 7th, h 1838 Master 
Bradford Anna, 460 N 8th 
B -adford Annetta, 3898 Germantown av 
Bradford Charles H., gentleman. 1117 Mt Vernon 
Bradford Cornelius J., clerk, 1117 Mt Vernon 
Bradford David, awningmaker, 9 S 6th, h 716 

Bradford George W., machinist, 2139 Sharswood 
Bradford Henry, shoemaker, 3896 Gtn av 
Bradford Jane, 711 Gordon 
Bradford Nancy, 219 S 11th 

Bradford , 8 Barney av 

Bradford Mary E , 124 Poplar 
Bradford Nicholas, teleg repairer, 335 Chestnut 
Bradford Reuben, shoemaker, 3894 Gtn av 
Bradford Robert, laborer, 1234 Fitzwater 




o <q 



p Ci 

Q 00 

•^ P 









BRADFORD SAMUEL, treas Phila & Reading 

RR Co, 227 S 4th, h 1628 Walnut 
Bradford Stephen, cooper, 3 Tilden pi 
Bradford Thomas, iron moulder, 2114 Memphis 
BRADFORD VINCENT L., president P & T RR 

Co, 224 S Del av, h Chelton av & Green, Gtn 
Bradford William, 202 S 5th, h 315 S 15th 
Bradin John, machinist, 3854 Lancaster av 
Bradin Oliver, carpenter, 1707 Chestnut, h 253 

N 16th 
Bradin William, lab, 1243 S 5th 
Bradley Aaron, potter, 109 Mifflin 
Bradley Alfred, dyer, 4300 Pearl, Myk 
Bradley Andrew, blacksmith, 1005 S 8th 
Bradley Andrew, lab, 204 Manship 
Bradley Ann, 837 Lawrence 
Bradley Ann, cake baker, 814 Locust 
Bradley Bernard, laborer, 114 Lehman 
Bradley B., ice cream, 2521 Callowhill 
Bradley Catharine, trimmings, 2128 Sharswood 
Bradley Catharine, 170 Grape 
Bradley Charles, lab, 836 E Thompson 
Bradley Christopher, lab, 1513 Cowslip 
Bradley & Co., publishers, 66 N 4th 
Bradley Daniel, hardware, 516 Shippen 
Bradley Daniel, tailor, 1018 Sergeant 
Bradley Dennis, laborer 112 Chenango 
Bradley Dominiek, hotel, 338 S 4th 
Bradley Edmund, woolspinner, 4418 Tackawanna 
Bradley Edward, blacksmith, 1826 Manor 
Bradley Edward, Jr., brush maker, 140 N 11th 
Bradley Edward, clerk, 1607 Shippen 
Bradley Edward, curbsetter, 140 N Uth 
Bradley Edward, lab, back of Haverford 
Bradley Eleanor, 238 S 5th 
Bradley Francis, laborer, 334 S 24th 
Bradley Francis, 1310 Dorsey 
Bradley Francis, puddler, 1117 E Montgomery av 
Bradley Francis D., driver, 1129 Christian 
Bradley George, clerk, 1509 Cabot 
Bradley George, coppersmith, r 716 Plover 
Bradley Henrietta D. , 829 Darien 
Bradley Henry, saddler, 725 Spruce 
Bradley Henry, shoemaker, 736 Federal 
Bradley Hiram, bookkeeper, 509 Chestnut, h 2025 

Bradley Hugh, laborer, 242 S 22d 
Bradley Isaac S., seaman, 1331 Fitzwater 
Bradley Isabella, Berks & American 
Bradley Jacob, plumber, 1229 Cass 
Bradley James, bartender, 825 S 9th 
Bradley James, builder, 1430 S 7th 
Bradley James, carpenter, 239 N 11th 
Bradley James, carpets, 215 South 
BRADLEY JAMES, Columbia House, 216 N 2d 
Bradley James, lab, 4 Landreth pi 
Bradley James, lab, 757 Jessup 
Bradley James, lab, 204 Square 
Bradley James, lab, 2 Candia pi 

Bradley James, lab, r 1809 Pemberton 

Bradley James, lab. r 720 Guilford 

Bradley James, M.D., 238 S 5th 

Bradley James, produce, 1023 Market, h 1927 

Bradley James, roller coverer, 2218 Market 

Bradley James, seaman, N W 24th & Lombard 

Bradley James, tavern, 760 S 11th 

Bradley James, weaver, 717 S 13th 

Bradley James H., telegraph operator, 815 Coates 

Bradley John, bartender, 1300 Callowhill 

Bradley John, dealer, 7 Fayette 

Bradley John, hotel, 2 S 9th, h 7 Fayette 

Bradley John, hotel, 239 S Front 

Bradley John, hotel, 919 Wood 

Bradley John, lab, 1114 Hope 

Bradley John, lab, 2426 Callowhill 

Bradley John, lab, 2034 Buttonwood 

Bradley John, lab, 1221 Christian 

Bradley John, M.D., 1209 S 3d 

Bradley John, shoemaker, 910 S 11th 

Bradley John, smelter, 4911 Melrose, Whitehall 

Bradley John, tailor, 818 Marriott 

Bradley John, tavern, 236 S Water 

Bradley John, wheelwright, 1111 Shippen, h 763 

S 13th 
Bradley John H., 1825 Green 
Bradley John H., clerk, 1323 Mt Vernon 
Bradley John J., seaman, 1102 Moyamensing av 
Bradley John L., produce dealer, 901 S 3d 
Bradley John 0., boot & shoe manuf, 8 N 6th, h 

1239 S 5th 
Bradley J. W., publisher, 66 N 4th, h Walnut la 

n Morton 
Bradley Joseph, operator, 1039 Stocker 
Bradley Joseph, salesman, 221 Market 
Bradley Joseph, telegrapher, 335 Chestnut, h 

1039 Stocker 
Bradley J. H. ,pres H & B T Mt RR .4; C Co,258 S 3d 
Bradley Lawrence, cooper, 1533 American 
Bradley Martha, Mrs., 4416 Tackawanna 
Bradley Mary, 832 Marriott 
Bradley Mary, 1713 Webster 
Bradley Mary Mrs., 747 S 3d 
Bradley Mary A., spectacles, 606 S 3d 
Bradley Mary C, seamstress, 1345 Passyunk av 
Bradley Michael, laborer, 17th & Callowhill 
Bradley Michael, laborer, 3 Moland av 
Bradley Michael, laborer, 1114 Hope 
Bradley Michael, laborer, 341 Monroe 
Bradley Michael, morocco dresser. 128 Onas 
Bradley Michael, watchman, r 527 Fitzwater 
BRADLEY & CO. {T/iomns ^ WiUiam Bradley), 

perfumery & Boap, 1809, 1811 & 1813 Fitzwater 
Bradley Patrick, dealer, 2 Moro 
Bradley Patrick, driver, 613 Charles 
Bradley Patrick, driver, 1035 Milton 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, 1129 Christian 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, 1024 Milton 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, 1129 Christian 
Bradley Patrick, tavern, 5th & Coates 
Bradley Patrick, teamster, 1722 Montrose 
Bradley Patrick, watchman, 409 Rush 
Bradley Peter, 1 Archbold pi 
Bradley Peter, baker, 943 Carpenter 
Bradley Peter, cabs, 942 Race 
Bradley Peter, grocer, 1142 William 
Bradley Peter, stable, 220 N 11th, h S E 10th & 

Bradley Philip, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley Philip, shoemaker, 624 Paul 
Bradley Rosanna, 1962 Philip 
Bradley Samuel, cabinetmaker, 2406 Willow 
Bradley Samuel, carpenter, 715 S 17th 
Bradley Sarah, washerwoman, r 737 Bedford 
Bradley Sarah E., r 518 S 5th 
Bradley Sherman, baker, 1944 Lombard 
Bradley Thomas, driver, 1115 E Norris 
Bradley Thomas, hatter, 837 Lawrence 
Bradley Thomas, laborer, 3647 Lancaster 
Bradley Thomas, perfumery, 1809, 1811 & 1813 

Fitzwater, h 711 S 17th 
Bradley Thomas, provision dealer, 901 S 3d 
Bradley Thomas F., grocer, 300 S 6th 
Bradley William, butcher, bds 3428 Walnut 
Bradley William, beamer, 4300 Pearl, Myk 
Bradley William, Jr., blacksm., 4300 Pearl, Myk 
Bradley William, driver, 710 Wyatt 
Bradley William, hatter, 1214 Shippen 
Bradley William, laborer, 2023 Murray 
Bradley William, laborer, 805 Emeline 




Bradley William, laborer, 2 Catharine 

Bradley William, mechanical dentist, 248 Chester 

Bradley William, perfumer, 1809, 1811 & 1813 

Fitzwater, h 711 S 17th 
Bradley William, sailor, bds 512 S Penn 
Bradley William, waiter, 244 Raspberry 
Bradley William C, clerk, 1323 Mount Vernon 
Bradley Wilmer, police, 1509 Cabot 
Bradly Andrew, laborer, 211 Marker 
Bradly & Bro. {Philip tV Spinmel Bradly), car- 
penters & builders, 1815 Fitzwater 
Bradly David, baker, 702 S 7th 
Bradly Philip, 1815 Fitzwater, h 711 S 17th 
Bradly Samuel, 1815 Fitzwater, h 715 S 17th 
Bradly William, hatter, 1410 Prospect 
Bradmire Gleorge, sugar refiner, 915 N 3d 
Bradnack James, blacksmith, 841 Earp 
Bradner James, clerk, 206 S Del av, h Tacony 
Bradney Luke, brass foundry, 1515 Burton 
Bradshaw Charles, gentleman, 720 Florida 
Bradshaw Charles, machinist, 10 Girard av 
Bradshaw Daniel, dealer, 610 Annapolis 
Bradshaw David, laborer, 4528 Baker, Myk 
Bradshaw Elizabeth, 1030 Marlborough 
Bradshaw Elizabeth, tailoress, 1144 S 6th 
Bradshaw Francis, pilot, 1205 Montgomery av 
Bradshaw Gold & Silver Mining Co., 219 Dock 
Bradshaw Harriet, drygoods, Camac & Mont- 
gomery av 
Bradshaw Henry, machinist, 4870 Cherry, Fkd 
Bradshaw James, carter, 1147 S 9th 
Bradshaw James T., iron founder, 951 Beach, h 

149 Richmond 
Bradshaw John, police, 1030 Marlborough 
Bradshaw Joseph, caulker, r 252 Wildey 
Bradshaw J. T., salesman, 900 Chestnut, h 1705 

Bradshaw Lewis, carrier, 853 N 15th 
Bradshaw Samuel, restaurant, 725 Jefi"erson 
Bradshaw Sarah, 1223 Palethorp 
Bradshaw Wm., bricklayer, 1030 Marlborough 
Bradshaw William, shoes, 623 S 2d 
Bradshaw Wm. A., restaurant, 1515 Lawrence 
Bradstreet Henry, commercial agency, 600 Chest- 
nut, h N Y 
BRADSTREET J. M. & SON {Henry Brad- 
street), commercial agency, 600 Chestnut, 
2d story Ledger building, room 4 
Bradway Isaac, stationery, 1018 IST 6th 
Bradway Isaac C, machinist, 1018 jST 6th 
Bradway Thomas B., commission, 421 Lombard 
Bradway Waddington, Jr., produce, 25 & 27 Del 

av market, h 1018 N 6th 
Bradway William, bookkeeper, 1222 Sansom 
Bradwit Samuel, laborer, 1231 Mascher 
Brady Amelia, 1941 Vine 
Brady Amelia, Pine n 40th 
Brady Ann, 3449 Sansom 
Brady Ann S., 610 Green 
Brady Annie, 2412 Hamilton 
Brady Annie E., 1611 Ridge av 
Brady Bernard P., dealer, 340 Monroe 
Brady Bernard P., bank messenger, 764 Florida 
Brady Bridget, 1916 Wood 
Brady Catharine, 4 Knowles av 
Brady Charles, bookkeeper, 247 N 9th 
Brady Charles, laborer, 3 White's ct 
Brady Charles, salesman, 802 N 36th 
Brady Charles H., carpenter, 1137 Shackamaxon 
Brady Charles P., clerk, 540 N 4th 
Brady Daniel, shoemaker, 806 Fallon 
Brady David, laborer, 3417 Chestnut 
Brady David, laborer, 6 Southampton ct 
Brady Dennis, laborer, 28 S 42d 
Brady Dennis, shipcarpenter, 611 Hay- 

Brady Edward, attorney-at-law, 135 S 5th, h 

2031 Ridge av 
Brady Edward, boss, 802 N 36th 
Brady Edward, carpenter, 1627 Carpenter 
Brady Edward, gentleman, 9 Hemlock pi 
Brady Edward F., merchant, 1429 Marshall 
Brady Elizabeth, 4 Dickson pi 
Brady Ellen, 2005 Allen 
Brady Francis, fireman, 1521 Belgrade 
Brady Francis, laborer, 1715 Pearl 
Brady Francis, lapper, r 1526 Bodine 
Brady Frederick, carpenter, 1216 AYhitehall 
Brady George, carter, 1426 Mervine 
Brady Henry, weaver. Maxwell's ct n Bedford 
Brady Hugh, coal merchant 506 S Broad 
Brady Hugh, drygoods, 11th & Pine 
Brady Hugh, groceries, 560 Chatham 
Brady Hugh, telegraph operator, 2031 Ridge av 
Brady James, r 23 White 
Brady James, brass finisher, 1530 S 8th 
Brady James, chandler, 1129 Carpenter 
Brady James, clerk, 1627 Carpenter 
Brady James, dealer, 613 Sutherland av 
Brady James, fireman, 1025 Somerset 
Brady James, hostler, 1113 Locust 
Brady James, laborer, 1623 Carpenter 
Brady James, laborer, 907 S 10th 
Brady James, laborer, 5 X 22d 
Brady James, liquors, 604 S 10th 
Brady James, laborer, 623 Bedford 
Brady James, queensware, 515 N 2d 
Brady James, Jr., trunkmaker, 5 N 22d 
Brady James D., gentleman, 1335 N 12th 
Brady James F., shoemaker, 1622 Wood 
Brady James J., shoemaker, 7 Louisa av 
Brady James P., seal engraver, 515 Catharine 
Brady John, boatman, 1412Edgemont 
Brady John, boatman, 4242 Cresson, Myk 
Brady John, cabinetmaker, 705 Moss 
Brady John, capmaker, 1052 S 11th 
Brady John, carter, 716 Shippen 
Brady John, chairmaker, 4 Dickson pi 
Brady John, clerk, 45 Laurel 
Brady John, coachman, 233 Green 
Brady John, fireman, 1116 William 
Brady John, gasfitter, 1627 Carpenter 
Brady John, gentleman, 340 German 
Brady John, glassblower, 2539 Egleson 
Brady John, hardware, 1739 Frankford av 
Brady John, laborer, 802 N 36th 
Brady John, printer, 412 German 
Brady John, printer, 515 Catharine 
Brady John, tailor, r 719 Baker 
Brady John, tavern, 29 N 21st 
Brady John D., cutter, 1114 Day 
Brady John H., grocer, 1500 & 1502 Market 
Brady John J., hotel, 613 Sutherland av 
Brady John J., liquors, 21st & Filbert 
Brady John K., carpenter, 115 Elwyn 
Brady Joseph, laborer, 1520 Cuthbert 
Brady Joseph, tavern, 248 S Front 
Brady Joseph P., clerk, 238 Arch, h 514 South 
Brady Lawrence, tailor, 923 Sufi"olk 
Brady Margaret, dressmaker, 1233 Cherry 
Brady Mary, 127 N 40th 
Brady Mary, 513 Catharine 
Brady Mary, 1702 American 
Brady Mary, 1529 Vine 
Brady Mary C, 808 Brown 
Brady Matthew C, conductor, 1425 American 
Brady Matthew J., carpenter & builder, 1137 

Brady Michael, laborer, 909 S 10th 
Brady Michael, peddler, r 123 Chenango 
Brady Michael, shoemaker, 749 Passyunk av 














J-H cS 

o g 



w '^ 


^ O 



Brady Michael, furniture, 766 Passyunk av 
Brady Owen, clerk, 403 N 41st 
Brady Owen, laborer, 1804 Seybert 
Brady Owen, shoemaker, 7 Louisa av 
Brady Patrick, carter, r 90S S 9th 
Brady Patrick, chandler, \\'^\ Carpenter 
Brady Patrick, clerk, r 916 Beach 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 907 Beach 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 119 N Wyoming 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 1528 N Chatham 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 1410 Edgemout 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 1111 Edgemont 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 1512 Philip 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 2329 Biddle 
Brady Patrick, rag dealer. 130 Shippen 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 709 Loyd 
Brady Patrick, waterman, 913 SuflFoIk 
Brady Patrick, weaver, r 1405 N 2d 
Brady Peter, gentleman, r 1524 Philip 
Brady Peter, laborer, 623 Fitzwater 
Brady Peter, laborer, r 1216 C.itchel's pi 
Brady Peter, laborer, r 1530 Mervine 
Brady Philip, bookkeeper, 340 Grerman 
Brady Philip, mason, 3446 Ludlow 
Brady P., chief engineer M RR. N J, 407 Wal- 
Brady Philip, shoemaker, 4123 Main 
Brady Richard, laborer, 913 Suffolk 
Brady Rose, candies, 28 S 42d 
Brady Samuel, porter, 19'i2 Pemberton 
Brady Susan, 318 Greenwich 
Brady Susan, 4 Nicholson 
Brady Terrence, laborer, 1016 S 8th 
Brady Terrence, laborer. 7 Huey pi 
Brady Thomas, 1404 Richmond 
Brady Thomas, 1324 Richmond 
Brady Thomas, carter, 904 Marshall 
Brady Thomas, clerk, 1744 N 9th 
Brady Thomas, painter, 913 Suffolk 
Brady Thomas, tavern. 601 Wharton 
Brady Thomas, weaver, 425 Serrill 
Brady Thomas P., merchant. Chew n Mill 
Brady Thomas G., printer, 515 Catharine 
Brady Thomas J., saddler, 2112 Thouron 
Brady T., painter, 1700 Edwin 
Brady William, conductor, 2020 Apple 
Brady William, driver, Lewellen's av, r 918 Beach 
Brady William, dyer, 2412 Hamilton 
Brady William H., messenger, 1340 Hanover 
Brady William H., lumber merchant, 1348 Marl- 
borough, h 1137 Shackama.xon 
Brady William F., turner, 235 Race, h Merchants- 

Brady William H., bottjing, 1833 Pemberton 
Brady William J., driver, 2412 Hamilton 
Braede Casper, shoemaker, 85 Coates 
Braemel Andrew, merchant, 314 Race 
Braetgaup Aelm, wheelwright, 1208 Hains 
Bragdon Thomas, laborer, 2036 Sansom 
Bragg Mary, 114 Adams 
Bragg William, manuf., 114 Adams 
Brahm S C, fancy printer, 603 E Dauphin 
Braightbard Wm., cabinetmaker, 418 Watkins 
Brailey Isaac, finLsher, Market n 48th 
Brainard Henry, compositor, 161 Siegle 
Brainerd Matthias, tavern. 622 N Front 
Brainerd Thomas, Rev., Mrs., 634 Pine 
Brainerd T. C, M.D , 634 Pine 
Braithwaite Frederick, carpenter, 419 Marriott 
Braithwait John, laborer, 636 Sylvester 
Braker Joseph, carpenter, 107 Foulkrod 
Braker Michael, gilder, r 224 South 
Braithwaite Sarah, 521 Wildey 
Bramble Charles W., painter, 3657 Ludlow 
Bramble Geo. W., steamboat captain, 1015 Rosa 

Bramble James, hotel, 4441 Main 
Bramble Joseph, laborer, 1447 S Anthony 
Bramble William, painter, 3445 Darby rd 
Brame John, sugar refiner, r 1012 N 4lh 
Bramell Joseph, captain, 509 Richmond 
Bramer Apollos G., 805 N Broad 
Bramer George G., 805 N Broad 
Bramer Sebastian, tailor, 401 Dlckerson 
Bramhall Isaac, woollen spinner, 164 Bringhurst 
Brampton Isaac, fancy knit woollens, S W Frank- 
ford ife Montgomery avs 
Brampton John, stonemason, 732 Poplar 
Bramton k Peberdy {Isaac Bnimtun Sf Robert 

I'tberdy), woollen manuf., 1529 Palethorp 
Bramwell Samuel, stocking manuf. & fancy wool- 
len goods. 115 Ashmead 
Branagan Barney, turfcutter, 1847 Lincoln 
Branagan Cecilia, millinery, 9(i6 S llUh 
Branagan John, cabinetmaker, 906 S 10th 
Branagan John, laborer, 765 S 13th 
Branagan Lawrence, laborer, 707 Master 
Branagan Larry, bartender, 1017 Master 
Branagan Mary, washer, r 831 Catharine 
Branan Edward, blacksmith, 1404 Warnock 
Branas John, laborer, 1009 Anita 
Branbury D.ivid, carpenter, 1200 Jefferson 
Branch Mary, 1127 Rodman 
Brancher William, carpenter, 2134 Leithgow 
Brand A. C, metallic roofer, 3 it 5 X 8th 
Brand Charles, roofer, 11th k Ellsworth 
Brand Charles F., notions, 1156 S 1 1th 
Brand Conrad, saloon, 1500 Frankford av 
Brand Frank, shoemaker, 235 Spruce 
Brand (ieorge, baker, 311 Race 
Brand George, weaver, 6 Butz's row 
Brand Harman, jeweller, 5th & Arch, h 729 Moss 
Brand John, bak^r, 129 A.-h 
Brand John, engineer, 617 Jefferson 
Brand Joseph, paper carrier. 1407 Perth 
Brandeis Lewis, merchant, 722 Noble 
Branden Robert, marble cutter, 1616 Barker 
Branden Thomas, laborer, 1616 B.irker 
Branden William, porter, 1516 Carver 
Brandenberger Matthew J., tailor, 1346 Poplar 
Brandenstein George, shoemaker, 921 Alder 
Brandes F. IL, clerk, 5 McKee's av 
Brandice Louis, architect, 1424 Race 
Brandin James, typefounder, 344 B adford 
Brandkorst George, cigars, 1 Hetternian pi 
Brandon Nicholas, shoemaker, r 610 E Thompson 
Brandon AVilliam, salesman, 405 Market, h 620 S 

Washington sq 
Brandstetter Caroline 219 J.acoby 
Brandstetter Christiana, 2031 Frankford av 
Brandstetter Jacob, salesman, 2008 Brandywine 
Brandt Anna E., 1504 Ellsworth 
Brandt C, baker. 232 South 
Brandt Charles, bakery, 90S N 20th 
Brandt Herman, colorist, 4 Berlin 
Brandt John, broker, 1024 South 
Brandt John, cork cutter, r 624 Brook 
Brandt John, porter bottler, 2850 N Front 
Brandt Joseph, bricklayer, 623 N 4th 
Brandt Joseph, tobacconist, 416 Coates, h 623 N 

Brandt R. B., restaurant, 242 Arch 
Brandt William, baker, 607 S 7th 
Brandt William, machinist, 1340 Alder 
Branen Michael, laborer, r 1421 Germantown av 
Branghard Frank, barber, 730 S Front 
Branigan Daniel, bookbinder, 110 Carpenter 
Branin Ashton A., coal yard, Gtn RR & Tioga, 

h 20th bel Tioga 
Branin & Edgar {Isaac P. Bnniiii tV Samuel J. 
Edgar) , coach builders, Orthodox <fc Trenton av 




Branigan John, laborer, 2317 N Almond 
Branken John G.. brickmaker, 4021 German- 
town av 
Brankin Edward, weaver, r 185 Jefferson 
Brankin James, r 185 Jefferson 
Brankin John, engineer, 1445 N 4th 
Brankin Patrick, dairyman, 1515 N 4th 
Branigan Michael, weaver, 303 Catharine 
Brann Adolph, Lager, 1617 Germantown av 
Brannan Mrs., 821 S 10th 
Brannan Charles P., gentleman, 312 Crown 
Brannan Francis J., tailor, 307 Catharine 
Brannan Frederick, machinist, 212 Christian 
Brannan Hugh, laborer, 2424 Hare 
Brannan John, driver, 1836 Naudain 
Brannan John, ice dealer, 1431 Hill 
Brannan John AV., caulker, 1069 Beach 
Brannan Michael, shoemaker, 2333 Penn av 
Brannan Michael, painter, 1211 Fisher 
Brannan Nicholas, rope maker, 2029 Amber 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, 753 S 6th 
Brannan Stephen, porter, 10th ab Vine 
Brannen Con., laborer, 1713 Montrose 
Brannen John, laborer, 716 Jamison 
Brannen Michael, mechanic, bds 1624 Lombard 
Brannigan John, driver, 1218 Lyndle's al 
Brannigan Daniel, weaver, 2629 Hope 
Brannigan Patrick, laborer. 111 Chenango 
Brannigan Patrick, stonecutter, 941 Hall 
Brannigan Thomas, laborer, Salmon n Reading 

Brannin Isaac, coachmaker, 4722 Paul 
Brannin Nathaniel, 54 Unity 
Brannin Nicholas, shoemaker, 1820 Market 
Brannix George IL, hotel, 11th & South 
Brannon Alonzo, carpenter, 812 Cherry 
Brannon Charles, carter, 825 Elsworth 
Brannon Charles, cutter, 4 Fairmount av 
Brannon Hermon, jeweler, 729 Moss 
Brannon James, laborer, 148 N 22d 
Brannon James, moulder, 418 Caven 
Brannon James, porter, 2 Harker pi 
Brannon John, blacksmith, 6 Beck's ct 
Brannon John, dealer, 304 Controller 
Brannon John, driver, 824 N 36th 
Brannon John, gardener, 2326 Meredith 
Brannon John, laborer, 1502 Mullen 
Brannon Mary, 4 Fairmount av 
Brannon Mary, 111 S 24th 
Brannon Michael, laborer, 1131 Hewson 
Brannon Patrick, carpenter, 1418 Stiles 
Brannon Patrick, tailor, 812 Cherry 
Brannon Peter, laborer, 2017 Hand 
Brannon Richard, boatman. 111 S 24th 
Brannon Samuel, driver, 3526 Aspen 
Brannon Thomas, currier, 7 Skerrett's ct 
Brannon Thomas, laborer, 1514 Federal 
Brannon AVilliam, driver, 3539 Lancaster 
Brannon AVilliam, laborer, back of Buttonwood 
Brannon AVilliam, marble worker, 1416 Brown 
Brano Joseph, artist, 622 Market 
Brano Richard, cigarmaker, 329 Culvert 
Branon Eliztibeth, truck, r 906 Alder 
Branon Patrick, laborer, rllll Melon 
Bransby AVilliam, cooper, 14 S 39th 
Bransdale Elizabeth, 1015 S Otsego 
Branshott Israel, bookbinder, 510 Everett pi 
Branson Ann, 13 Wheat 
Branson David, coal mer., 247 S 15th 
Branson Elizabeth, 1767 N 11th 
Branson Ellis, coal, 1419 Callowhill, h 622 N 16th 
Branson George AV., hotel, 821 Richmond 
Branson Henry J., salesman, 915 Hutchinson 
Branson John, shoemaker, 626 Lombard 
Branson Lewis, clerk, N E 12th & Poplar 

Branson 0., merchant, 501 Market, li 1813 De 

Lancey pi 
Branson Samuel, dealer, 24 N 13th 
Branson Sarah, 914 Hutchinson 
Branson S. A., gents' furnishing goods, 140 S 8th, 

h 807 Sansom 
Branson Theodore, dealer, r 1034 N 4th 
BRANSON T. & SON {Thomas Branso?i, Sr. Sr 

Thomas Branson, Jr.), coal dealers, 507 & 517 S 

Bransby Theobald, cooper, r 3643 Ludlow 
Branson Thomas, Sr., coal, 507 & 517 S Broad, h 

247 S 15th 
Branson Thomas, Jr., coal, 507 & 517 S Broad, h 

608 S 16th 
Branson Thomas, hosiery manuf., N E American 

& Jefferson, h 1530 N 2d 
Branson Thomas, Jr., merchant, 608 S 16th 
Branson AVilliam, police, 3964 Somers 
Branson AA'^illiam, stocking maker, 213 Jefferson 
Branson AVilliam P., Rev., 727 Spruce 
Branshaw AVilliam, tavern, 601 S Penn 
Bransten John, machinist, 1649 Vienna 
Brant Christian, shoemaker, 748 Passyunk av 
Brant George, confectioner, 129 Coates 
Brant Henry, tailor, 9 Sowers ct 
Brant Josiah, painter, 219 Arch, h 1436 N 7th 
Brant Theodore, planer, 158 Flower 
Branton AVilliam, hotel, 830 N Broad 
Braselmam J., dyer, Frankford av 
Brash Eli, laborer, 185 Levering 
Brash Jacob, spinner, 186 Levering 
Brash John, laborer, 186 Levering 
Brash AVilliam, gentleman, 1824 Germantown av 
Brashing Adam, cabinetmaker, 110 Almond 
Brasington John, brass founder, 1333 N 8th 
Brasington AVilliam, plumber, 1333 N 8th 
Brashvodel Oscar, druggist, 407 N 5th 
Braslan Ignatius, tinsmith, 707 Shippen 
Brasnahan Timothy, laborer, 1618 Carlton 
Brason James, watchman, 4427 Cresson 
Brason William, laborer, 4427 Cresson 
Brass George, machinist, 1213 Ball 
Brass Jane. 1213 Ball 

Brass John G., moulder, 1128 Cumberland 
Brass Thomas, machinist, 1213 Ball 
Brastin Neill, laborer, 44 Church, Fkd 
Brastow Louis C, master mechanic, 329 N 32d 
Bratt George, dealer, r 139 N Juniper 
Bratten Isaac, carpenter, 653 Bankson 
Bratton Ezra, gas regulators, 1536 S 9th 
Bratton E. A., infant caps, 702 Chestnut 
Bratton George AV., clerk. S W 2d & South 
Bratton William, clerk, 1536 S 9th 
Bratton AVilliam H., warper, 2362 Schollenbergav 
Brauch Charles, baker, 1630 S Front 
Brauer J., corks, 248 N Front, h 1224 Randolph 
Braugh Edward, blacksmith, r 306 Clark 
Braulay Thomas, laborer, r 1009 Hewson 
Braun Charles, hotel, N E Trenton av & York 
Braun Edward, furniture, 853 N 3d 
Braunewell Frederick, blacksmith, 1120 Dunton 
Braunewell AVilliam, mustard manuf, 322 Branch 
Braunschviger Edward, shoemaker, 7 Mayland 
Brauthwait Sarah, 205 Stamper 
Brautigam C, cabinetmaker, 916 N 3d 
BRAUTIGAM JOHN H., toys & fancy goods, 

544 N 2d 
Brawner John B., druggist, 1248 Richmond 
Brawton E., 1307 S 9th 

Braxston AVilliam, hodcarrier, r 737 Bedford 
Bray Charles, 332 Thompson 
Bray Edward M., merchant, 1404 Parrish 
Bray Henry K., bricklayer, 328 German 
Bray John, laborer, 4817 Tacony, White Hall 




































Bray Joseph L., plumber, Peel n Vanhorn 

Bray Samuel, clerk receiver's oflBce, h 3411 Elm 

Brayer Eliz;ibeth, Mrs., 139 Mifflin 

Brayler James, wheelwright, 2232 Trenton av 

Braymaen Mary V., 2039 Montrose 

Bravman Benjamin H., chairmaker, 111 X Front. 

h'223 South 
Brayman Hannah A., millinery, 223 South 
Brazer George W., U.S. Mint, 246 S 22d 
Brazer J., foreman, 405 Dickerson 
Brazer John, bartender, 909 S 4th 
Brazer John, blacksmith, 2337 N 6th 
Brazer Mary A., 1227 Poplar 
Brazier John, salesman, 409 Market, h 405 

Brazier Joseph H., merchant, 822 Chestnut, h 

1900 Spruce 
Brazier Marv A,, 1504 N 7th 
Brazillian Mary, r 122S Potts 
Breach Henry, dealer, 2145 Sharswood 
Breach William, Jr., basketmaker, 2421 Wash- 
ington av 
Bready Joseph B., refiner, 1823 Bedford, h 1823 

Breadley James, dealer, 1927 Brown 
Breadley Joseph, salesman, 221 Market, h 302 

Breagy James, hotel, 1805 Ridge av 
Breagy James, blacksmith, S E Ridge av & Cam 

bridge, h 1805 Ridge av 
Breaham Joseph, driver, 1907 N 5th 
Break Peter R., 178 Meadow 
Breaker Amanda, Mrs., 2004 Coates 
Breannan Mary, 676 Larch 
Brear Frederick, cigarmaker, 106 Coates 
Brear John B., cigarmaker, lOfi Coates 
Brear S. & H., school, 1910 Plymouth 
Brearlev James, attorney-at-law, r 125 S 5th, h 

1549 N 11th 
Brearley James, sawmaker. 936 Kurtz 
Brearlev Preston, shipbuilder, 1043 Beach 
Brearly William, shipwright, 1621 S 2d 
Breast Albert, carpenter, r 711 Bedford 
Breban John J., gentleman, 706 S 20th 
Brebe George, glassblower, 185 Norris 
Breceland George, laborer, 47 N 22d 
Breehemin Charles, tobacconist, 1504 S 3d, h 

935 S 2d 
Breehemin Louis, notions, 224 S 2d 
Brechnitz Catharine, r 1518 Mascher 
Brecht Albert, clerk, 914 Coates 
Brecht Ferdinand, machinist, 902 N 19th 
Brecht F., cigar box maker, 221 Crown, h Rox 
Brecht George A., carpenter, 2018 Palethorp 
Brecht William, musician, 236 George 
Breckenreed William, laborer, 804 Shippen 
Breckenridge Harry, bookbinder, 804 Wharton 
Breckenridge John, clerk, 251 Lybrand 
Breckenridge W., bookbinder, 804 Wharton 
Breckenridge William, carpenter, 241 Lybrand, 

h 4034 Lancaster av, 
Breckin Edward, carpenter, 611 N 34th 
Breckley Simon, driver, 2 Trompton pi 
Breckny Charles, printer, 1316 Juniata 
Bredemeyer H.. tobacconist, 1106 X Front 
Bredemier Henry, boots <t shoes, 631 Shippen 
Breden Arthur, sawmaker, 517 Catharine 
Breed Mary, drygoods, 11.32 Vine 
Breed Sarah, drygoods, 1132 Vine 
Breed S. <t M. {Sarah If Mary Breed), drygoods, 

1132 Vine 
Breed William P., Rev., 258 S 16th 
BREEDING & CO. (William P. Breeding i^ R- 

AVen), galvanizing iron, 28 S 7th <t 23d ab 


Breeding James 0., painter, 120 Reed 

Breeding Joseph F., painter, 120 Reed 

Breeding William, galvanizer, 1439 S 5th 

Breeding William P., 28 S 7th, h 1439 S 5tli 

Breen Ann, 241 S 10th 

Breen Ann, 1340 Mariner 

Breen Charles, lithographer, 324 S Front 

Breen John, blacksmith, 1306 S 6th 

Breen John, laborer, 618 S 8th 

Breen J. J., gentleman, 241 S 10th 

Breen J. W., produce & com, 152 N Delaware av, 

hr 121 Vine 
Breen Maria, dressmaker, 1813 Rhoads 
Breen Michael, tavern, 830 Ellsworth 
Breen Philip, laborer, 1333 Pearl 
Breen Philip, stone mason, 1251 Fisher 
Breen P P., accountant, 241 S 10th 
Breen Thomas, tailor, 124 Elwvn 
Breen William, M.D., 1809 Cal'lowhill 
Breer Samuel, dealer, 1226 York 
Breeser Charles, cooper, r 1222 N 5th 
Breet Michael, carter, 1257 Salmon 
Breeze Daniel, sea captain, 1324 S 15th 
Breffitt George, woollen manuf, 165 Ashmead 
Bregler William, tavern, 1242 N 4th 
Bregy Francis, professor, 1848 Master 
Bregv Francis A., Jr., conveyancer, 434 Walnut, 

h l"208 X 18th 
Brehm Francis, brewer, 321 Coates 
Breht Andrew, cigarmaker, 1714 N 3d 
Breidenbach Conrad, boots k shoes, 1 1 02 Ridge av 
Breidenbach Isaac, clothing, 816 N Front 
Breidenhart John C, gentleman, 1905 Chestnut 
Breidenhart J. B., clerk, 716 Chestnut, h 2043 

Breiding Charles, tinsmith, 831 Wood 
Breinig John, baker, 1134 Germantown av 
Breinig Michael, bookbinder, 854 Lawrence 
Breintnall Elizabeth, 641 N 12th 
Brcise Margaret, 443 Xorris 
Breish Catharine, 2035 Bodine 
Breish George, plasterer, 1515 Mervine 
Breish John, butcher, 23d k Spring Garden 
Breish Joseph, victualler, 2356 N 6th 
Breish Joshua, butcher, 2018 X 4th 
Breish Maggie, milliner, 404 S 2d 
Breisinger Anthony, hotel, 451 k 453 Poplar 
Breisk Joshua, butcher, 2343 X 6th 
BREITIXGER k DITTMAX (Frederick Breit- 

ins'er Sr Frederick Dittma7i), attorneys-at-Iaw, 

512 X 3d 
Breitinger Frederick, attorney-at-Iaw, 512 N 3d 
Breitling George, weaver, 2208 X Front 
Breitweiser Peter, cigarmaker, 228 Xew 
Brell John, tailor, 1135 Galloway 
Brell Michael, hostler, 152 Mifflin, Myk 
Brelon Godlo. laborer, 5 Darcy 
Brelsford Chapman, shoemaker, 1202 Lyndall al 
Brelsford Elizabeth, trimmings, 226 Girard av 
Brelsford J., bookkeeper, 1345 S 4th 
Brelsford Thomas, saddler, 226 Girard av 
Breme Charles, carpet weaver, 438 Susquehanna 

Bremer Charles, painter, 1205 Poplar 
Bremer G. W., importer, 322 X 3d, h 631 Vine 
Bremer John, waterman, 105 Mead 
Bremer Joseph A., importer cigars, 322 N 3d, 

h 928 X 5th 
Bremer Lewis, importer, 322 N 3d, h 631 Vine 
Bremer Lewis k Sons (Levi if G. W. Bremer), 

importers cigars, 322 X 3d 
Bremer Theodore, importer, 322 N 3d, h 325 

Brenan Michael, hostler, 1524 N 22d 
BREXAX PAUL M., M.D., 835 Race 




Brenan Richard B., bookbinder 617 Sansom, h 

927 Passyunk av 
Brenckman Frederick, carpenter, 2330 Market 
Brendel Joseph, confectionery, 1321 Ridge av 
Brendlinger Hannah, boarding house, 519 S 5th 
Brendlinger John, clerk, 519 S 5th 
Brendt H., print coloring, 341 Harmony pi, h 4 

Brendt Thomas, bricklayer, 8 N 20th 
Brenell Mary, trimmings, 1344 Hanover 
Brenheiser John, cigarmaker, 1734 Hale 
Breniron Christian, tailor, 721 Shippen 
Brenizer Mary, milliner, 1161 S 7th 
Breuizer William, coal, 218 ■Walnut, h 1224 Coates 
Brenkman Harry, stonemason, r 819 N 3d 
Brenley Charles, ship carpenter, 616 Moyer 
Brenn Frederick, carpenter, 230 Ann 

Brennan , machinist, 121 Walnut pi 

Brennan Alexander, rag loom boss, 4503 Main, 

Brennan Ann, 1529 Cadwalader 
Brennan Catharine, r 231 Columbia av 
BRENNAN D. C, real estate, 431 Walnut, h 

Ludlow ab 42d 
Brennan Edwarfl, driver, r 833 Marriott 
Brennan Elizabeth, Ludlow n 41st 
Brennan George A., undertaker, 321 S 6th 
Brennan Hannah, Mrs., 28 N 21st 
Brennan Hugh, laborer, 3413 Chestnut 
Brennan James, coffee roaster, r 833 Marriott 
Brennan James, laborer, 815 Morris 
Brennan Jane, r 908 S 17th 
Brennan Michael, laborer, 2006 Murray 
Brennan M., jeweller, 203 N 8th 
Brennan Patrick, r 725 Beach 
Brennan Patrick, fruiterer, 950 N 2d 
Brennan Patrick, grocer, 220 Concord 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, 1202 E Montgomery av 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, 2219 Filbert 
Brennan Patrick, potter, r 926 Nectarine 
Brennan Peter N., groceries, N E 20th & Locust 
Brennan Philip, laborer, 1505 Tudor 
Brennan Richard, laborer, 2217 Filbert 
Brennan Richard B., bookbinder, 927 Passyunk av 
Brennan Robert, coffee roaster, r 833 Marriott 
Brennan Thomas, boltmaker, 2111 Filbert 
Brennan T. C , 431 Walnut, h 4216 Ludlow 
Brennan William, clerk, 805 Sansom 
Brenneison Jacob, machinist, r 1206 Savery 
Brennen Bartholomew, paper stainer, bds 1814 

Brennen Mary, 231 N Front 
Brennen Michael, porter, 314 Branch 
Brenner Catharine C, tavern, 707 N 13th 
Brenner Charles, shoemaker, r 775 S 3d 
Brenner Christian, tailor, 1220 Hope 
Brenner Francis, laborer, 1706 Hale 
Brenner Francis, machinist, 1743 N 3d 
Brenner Henry, clerk, Harrison, Fkd 
Brenner John, cigars, 320 Dauphin 
Brenner John, turner, r 1220 Olive 
Brenner John G., merchant, 23 N 5th, h Har- 
rison, Fkd 
Brenner John, Harrison & Willow, Fkd 
Brenner John N., patternmaker, Olive 
Brenner Joseph, machinist, 1716 N 3d 
Brenner William, shoemaker, 1250 Palmer 
Brennfleck Martin, laborer, 1228 Charlotte 
Brennig Francis, hotel, 338 N 6th 
Brenninger Gottlieb, shoemaker, 206 E Dauphin 
Brenniser & Atkins {John B. Brenniser ^ George 

L. Atkins), drygoods, 238 Church 
Brenniser John B., merchant, 238 Church, bds 

Eagle Hotel 
Brenton Mary, 1233 Mervine 

Brentzinghoffer Samuel, clerk, 229 & 231 Chest- 
nut, h 922 Wallace 
Brenz Charles, livery stables, 210 S 40th, h 4035 

Brenzel Casper, tailor, 561 William 
Brenzel Frederick, lager beer, 518 Shippen 
Bresch William, salesman, 750 N 22d 
Bresch William H., gilder, 750 N 22d 
Bresillion Charles, lithographer, r 516 Vine 
Bresillion John, perfumer, r 516 Vine 
Breslin John, mer., 333 N Front, h 1130 N 4th 
Brestford Margaret, 331 N 21st 
Breswick Robert, machinist, 515 N 33d 
Breth John, driver, 1410 Beach 
Bretsley George, blacksmith, 6 Ridley av 
Brett Joseph, photographer, 4506 Penn, Fkd 
Brett Thomas, engineer, 4506 Penn, Fkd 
Brett Timothy, morocco finisher, 4506 Penn, Fkd 
Brett William, carter, 119 Chelton av 
Bretting George, basket maker, r 3410 Gtn av 
Bretz Maria, 1007 Race 

Breuil James F., coal, 228 Walnut, h 272 S 4th 
Breuning M., cordwainer, 412 Culvert 
Brevost Charles S., machinist, 1723 Wallace 
Brevost Grayson, M.D., 223 S 42d 
Brew Jeremiah, tavern, 1143 S 9ih 
Brew John M., harnessmaker, 116 Elfreth 
Breward Richard, knitter, 1536 Bodine 
Brewel Elijah, laborer, 2325 Coates 
Brewer Anthony, carver, 424 N 9th 
Brewer, Burke & Co. {Ebe?iezer Bretcer ^ Russell 

W. Burke), oil refiners, 127 Walnut 
Brewer Abigail, 1315 Brown 
Brewer Charles, boiler maker, 1236 York 
Brewer C, furniture, 217 N 6th 
Brewer D., merchant, 502 Commerce, h 511 Pine 
Brewer Gardner, com. merchant, 120 Chestnut 
Brewer Gardner <fc Co. {Gardner Breiver), com- 
mission merchants, 120 Chestnut 
Brewer George, weaver, 7 Eldridge av 
Brewer Henry, stockings, 156 Norris 
Brewer Horace, dentist, 132 Edward 
Brewer Isaac, bootmaker, r 829 McGrath 
Brewer Isabella, 715 Noble 
Brewer John, chairmaker, 315 Union 
Brewer R. F., straw goods, 415 Arch, h 1333 N 

Brewer S., painter. Hi S 3d 
Brewer Susan, 1 N E avenue 
Brewer William, joiner, 1322 Horstmann 
Brewer William, oysters, r 105 Chenango 
Brewers John, hotel, 1243 Marlborough 
Brewin George, hotel, 14 Thompson 
Brewley Thomas, laborer, 2431 Mutter 
Brewster Andrew, weaver, 1223 Clarion 
Brewster A. L., music teacher, 214 Wharton 
Brewster Benjamin E., sailor, 130 Christian 
BREWSTER BENJAMIN H., attorney-at-law, 

706 Walnut 
Brewster F. Carroll, attorney-at-law, 120 S 6th, 

h Manheim, Gtn 
Brewster Charles 0., bookkeeper, 238 Chestnut, 

h Gtn 
Brewster Daniel, tailor, 1023 Wood 
Brewster George, laborer, 1506 Mullin 
Brewster Job, shoemaker, 130 Christian 
Brewster Margaret P., r Peel n Lydia 
Brewster John, mason, 2204 Oxford 
Brewster John, sheet iron worker, 1223 Clarion 
Brewster John, ship carpenter, 913 Shaekamax- 

Brewster Rebecca, dealer, 1104 Beach 
Brewster Robert, stevedore, r 1178 Sidney 
Brewster Thomas J., blacksmith, r 1106 Beach 
Brewster William, driver, 124f ]3edford 


































•-I 25 















I— I 


Brewston Joseph S., attorney-at-law, 209 S 5th, 

h 632 Catharine 
Brewton Sarah, r 1105 Shippen 
Brewton Edward, plumber, 1164 S 1.3th 
Breyor Frederick, brass moulder, 507 Worth 
Brezett Mary A., 115 Federal 
Brinler AVilliam, flour dealer, 2259 Frankford 
Brian George K., cutter, 1812 Perkiomen 
Brian Harry C, mer., 10 S 4th, h 1016 Ogden 
Brian Rosanna, 92.3 Shippen 
Brian William, clerk, 770 Judson 
Brians James, blacksmith, 720 Orr 
Brians Lafayette, moulder. 2230 Hare 
Brians Margaret, 440 Worth 
Brians Thomas, laborer, 440 Worth 
Brians William, machinist, 440 Worth 
Briariey Matthew, spinner, 180 Columbia av 
Brice Grover T., teacher, 1237 N 19th 
Brice .Tames E., grocer, 2029 Cath.irine 
Brice Nicholas, stockbroker, 305 Walnut, h 1949 

Brice Philip H., stock broker, 305 Walnut, h 1613 

BRICE P. H. & CO. {PhUlp H. tV Nicholas 

Brice). stockbrokers, 305 Walnut 
Brice Robert, laborer, 2424 A?hburton 
Brice Roda, nurse, 820 Emeline 
Brice Sophia. 1102 Pine 
Brice Thomas K., cigars, 405 N 9th 
Brice William, merchant, 23 S Water 
Brice William, painter, 1220 Movamensing av 
BRICE WILLIAM A CO. [William Brice ^ 
William J. Hanna), produce and provisions, 
23 S Water 
Brichner George, skin dresser, r 943 N 3d 
Brick A. D., 18 S 3d, h 1911 Arch 
Brick Daniel, shoemaker, 911 Auburn 
Brick Jacob, mer., 1435 N 5th 
Brick James, bricklayer, 1918 Orianna 
Brick John, laborer, 4 Darcy 
Brick Josephine, boarding house, 139 Arch 
Brick Mary. 1041 Leithgow 
Brick Samuel, engineer, 1911 Arch 
Brick W.'ilter, furniture dealer, 1614 Chancellor 
Brick William W., morocco dresser, 931 Wash- 
ington av 
Brickley James, laborer, 1713 Carlton 
Brickley Michael, laborer, 3)8 N 17th 
Brickman Charles, sign painter, 1836 N 12th 
Brickman John, tailor, r 932 St John 
Brickner George, tailor, 2045 Apple 
Brickner Jacob, bootmaker, 2111 N 6th, h 5th ah 

Susquehanna av 
Bricks Henry, laborer, 1033 Lombard 
Bride Nicholas, bartender, r 920 N fith 
Bridenbach Moses, drygoods, 641 E Girard av 
Bridenbach Samuel, M.D., 457 Green la 
Bridenbrock Lewis, tailor, 14 Bledisloe pi 
Bridenhart Guy, salesman, 2043 Chestnut 
Brider Fritz, weaver, 18 Richmond 
Bridesburg Express, 9 S 3d 

ufacturers cotton & woollen machinery, 65 &. 
67 N Front 
Bridising Robert, carpenter, 415 N 9th 
Bridge Christopher, bricklayer, r 1113 N 3d- 
Bridge Christopher, notions, 2303 Vine 
Bridge Eliza M., 1302 Vine 
Bridge Ellen, gentlewoman, 4433 Wood, Myk 
Bridge David, bookkeeper, 2203 Lombard 
Bridge James M., liquors. 1114 Germantown av 
Bridge Job, dyer, 4517 Elizabeth 
Bridge Otmer, last maker, 801 N 13th 
Bridgehouse James, driver, 305 S 22d 
Bridges Charles, clerk, 119 S 20th 

Bridges Robert, M.D., 119 S 20th 

Bridges William C, agent, 119 S 20th 

Bridling John, carpenter, 28 Harvey 

Bridport Hugh, gentleman, 1719 Arch 

Briedemann John, laborer, 624 Brook 

Briekam George, lithographs, 423 Magnolia 

Brien Nicholas, silver plater, 1002 Vine 

Brien Elizabeth, dressmaker, 1209 S 2d 

Brien James, printer, 412 N 24th 

Brien Richard, laborer, 1827 South 

Brien Robert, weaver, 412 N 24th 

Brien William, blacksmith, 412 N 24th 

Brier Edmund, tea commissioner, 1941 Poplar 

Brier George, hostler, 2307 Hamilton 

Brierley Joel, spinner, 149 Chelton av 

Brierley John, 151 Chelton av 

Brierley William, flour & feed, 2428 Fkd av 

Brierley Eyron, spinner, 153 Chelton av 

Brierley William, wool grader, 826 Ellsworth 

Briers Joseph, thimble maker, 12)8 Woodbine 

Brierton John, carter, 1740 N 5th 

Briest Thomas, seaman, 326 Marriott 

Brigel August, grocer, 1225 N 4th 

Briget John, chairmaker, r 629 Fitzwater 

Brigger Frederick, cabinetmaker, 1125 Anita 

BRIGGS AMOS, atfy-at-law, 123 S 5th, h 604 

N 13th 
Briggs Amos, weaver, 2544 Gray's Ferry rd 
Briggs Andrew, engineer, 623 N 11th 
Briggs David, laborer, 1414 Shippen 
Briggs David, manufacturer, 125 Chelton av 
Briggs Elizabeth, 232 S 11th 
Briggs George, fireman, 1337 Corn 
Briggs George W., clerk, 1504 Mt Vernon 
Briggs Henry, laborer, 108 Adnms 
Briggs Henry L., salesman, 711 N 18th 
Briggs James, laborer, 2323 Waterloo 
Briggs James, laborer, 569 William 
Briggs John, 6(14 N 13th 
Briggs John, gentleman, 1919 Green 
Briggs James A., clerk, 1219 Austin 
Briggs John, shoemaker, 838 Fernon 
Briggs John C, stairbuilder, 710 Orr 
Briggs Lewis L., Rev., 2230 Brandywine 
Briggs Lydia D., Mrs., 805 N 19th 
Briggs Mary L., drygoods, 1148 S 10th 
Briggs Moses, painter, 314 S 4th 
Briggs Nathaniel, stonecutter, 232 S 11th 
Briggs Robert, dealer, r 231 Columbia av 
Briggs Robert, painter, 1148 S 10th 
Briggs Robert, superintendent, 1535 S 6th 
Briggs Russel, gentleman, 1431 Callowhill 
Briggs Thomas A., coachmaker, 805 N 19th 
Briggs William, machinist, 1911 Brown 
Brigham Charles, printer, 754 S 9th 
Brigham Elijah A., 311^ Walnut, h 624 Wood 
Brigham George F., printer, 754 S 9th 
Bright Alexander, carpenter, 1226 Marlborough 
Bright Andrew J., sexton, 2 Diligent av 
Bright August, gentleman, 1711 Warnock 
Bright Ernest, bookkeeper, 910 N 2d 
Bright Esther, gentlewoman, 8 Heiss pi 
Bright Fred., boxmaker, Levering n Broad, Rox 
Bright Fred., Jr.,boxmkr, Leveringn Broad, Rox 
Bright Geo. AV., machinist, 941 N 2d 
Bright Geo. W., sparmaker, 8 Heiss pi 
Bright Gustavus, laborer, 1118 Jackson 
Bright Henry, carpenter, McCrea 
Bright John, blacksmith, 883 Perth 
Bright John, cigar store, 736 S 4th 
Bright John R., hatter, 1302 Prospect 
Bright Jo.=eph, dealer, 921 S 17th 
Bright Josiah, carpenter, 1126 Marlborough 
Bright Josiah, driver, 1255 Mervine 
Bright Louis G., mer, 330 N 3d, h 829 N 7th 




Bright L. G., millinery, 955 N 2d 
Bright Martha, J328 Wheat 
Bright Michael, gent, 829 N 7th 
Bright Newberry, shipwright, 224 Jarvis 
Bright Samuel, blacksmith, 1255 Mervine 
Bright Samuel E., carpt, 758 Judson 
Bright William, fiddler, 206 Wyoming 
Bright Wm., nailmaker, 1840 Germantown av 
Bright Wm. S., mer, 330 N 3d, h 829 N 7th 
BRIGHT W. S. & L. G. (Wvi. S. 6^ Louis G. 

Bright), importers, 330 N 3d 
Brighten Edward E., carpenter, 4628 Jackson 
BRIGHTLY F, C, attorney-at-law, 422 Library, 

h 29 Harvey, Gtn 
Brightly Frank F., attorney-at-law, 422 Library, 

h 29 Harvey, Gtn 
Brightly Harriet, 1064 E Dauphin 
Brightmyer Frederick, brewer. Orchard n Culvert 
Brill Christopher, tavern, 24th & Green 
Brill F., shoemaker, 1110 Race 
Brill George, carbuilder, 2121 Cherry 
Brill George, tailor, 717 St John 
Brill George M., carbuilder, 2121 Cherry 
Brill John, miller, 250 N 23d 
Brill John, moulder, 1028 Wood 
Brill John, shoemaker, 19 N 17th 
Brill John, tailor, r 1241 Mechanic 
Brill John H., bootfitter, 1730 N 10th 
Brill Nicholas, grocer, 758 S Front 
Brill William, musician, 1730 N 10th 
Brillhart J. J., coachmaker, 133 N 7th 
Brimell Wm , waterman, 515 N Front 
BRINCKLE J. GORDON, attorney-at-law, 117 S 

7th, h 1131 Spruce 
Brinckle S. C, M.D., 1131 Spruce 
Brinckler John, shoemaker, 1108 Locust 
BRINCKLOE W. G. P., publisher Gardener's 

Monthly, 23 N 6th, h 1720 N 12th 
Brindle John F., watchman, 714 Otis 
Brines James S., shoemaker, 1311 South, h 1625 

Brines William, painter, 1625 South 
Briney William, laborer, 119 John, Myk 
Bringham F. M., lumber, 636 N 11th 
Bringhurst Charles, bricklayer, Wister n Clinton, 

BRINGHURST & CO. (Thomas Bringhurst ^ 

S. H. Bibighaus), saw & steel works, 1513 & 

1515 American 
Bringhurst George, Rev., 758 S 9th 
Bringhurst I., harness maker, 4342 Main 
Bringhurst Jesse, limb maker, 409 S 7th 
Bringhurst John, gentleman, 1704 Chestnut 
Bringhurst John K., printer, 632 Franklin 
Bringhurst Joseph, watchman, 239 Monroe 
Bringhurst Robert M., undertaker, 136 N 12th 
Bringhurst School, Allen n Shackamaxon 
Bringhurt Thomas, saws, 1513 American, h 533 

E Cumberland 
Bringhurst Thomas, saw manuf, 533 Cumberland 
Bringhurst AVilliam W., undertaker, 38 N 11th 
Brinhold George, laborer, 1015 Hamilton 
Brining Christian, laborer, Adrian n Girard av 
Brininger Christian, baker, 811 Ella 
Brininger John, carpenter, 708 N 4th 
Brink Martin, cabinetmaker, 523 S 5th 
Brinkley Catharine J., domestic, r 805 Emeline 
Brinkley Frank, 241 S 15th 
Brinkley Robert, waiter, 713 Russell 
Brinklow William, printer, 1720 N 12th 
Brinkman Charles, carriage maker, 1346 Ridge av 
Brinkman Christian, cabinetmaker, 209 Pear 
BRINKMAN M., M.D., 20 N W Penn square 
Brinley E. L., auctioneer, 615 Chestnut, h 1815 


Brinn Owen, weaver, r 1426 Cadwalader 
Brinnen Edward, laborer, 208 Thompson 
Brinnisholtz Henry, carpenter, 1616 S 2d 
Brinnisholtz Jacob, carpenter, 1330 Otsego 
Brinnisholtz Wm., cabinet varnisher, 119 Dock, 

h 1346 S Front 
Brinsley Joshua, teamster, 3704 Irvine 
Brinton Americus, machinist, 810 Duane 
Brinton Bernard, M.D., 1918 Mt Vernon 
Brinton Caleb J., findings, 138 N 7th & 1020 

Frankford av, h 1029 Wood 
BRINTON & HENDERSON (N. S. Biiiitoii 4- 

W. 31. Henderson), engineers & machinists, 

247 S 3d & cor Evelina & Levant 
Brinton Jacob N., custom house ofBcer, 727 N 

Brinton Joseph P., attorney. at-law, 247 S 3d, h 

262 S 9th 
Brinton John, M.D., 1423 Spruce 
Brinton N. S., engineer, 247 S 3d, h 906 Spruce 
Brinton R. B., gentleman, 730 Pine 
Brinton Bobert M., axles, 219, 221 & 223 Levant, 

h 262 S 9th 
Brinton Rupert, bricklayer, 412 N 9th 
Brinton William J., hotel, S W Parish & Broad 
Brinton William P., axles, 219, 221 & 223 Levant, 

h 262 S 9th 
BRINTON W. P. & CO. (IF. P. &f R. M. Brin- 

ton), Philadelphia Axle Works, 219, 221 & 223 

Brinton William R., moulder, 810 Duane 
Brintzinghoifer Charles, brushes, 935 Market, h 

922 Wallace 
Brintzinghofi"er George, brushes, 935 Market, h 

1037 Vernon 
Brisban Hugh B., colorer, S E Germantown av & 

Brisbane Jane, 2039 Brandywine 
Brisbois Tousie, stove finisher, 1027 Wilson 
Brisbone John, agent, 615 Sears 
Briscoe Hautree, liquors, 220 South, h 14 Chris- 
Briscoe James H., dentist, 920 Walnut 
Biiseoe Jerry, soap maker, 14 Robin av 
Briscoe Mary, 1215 Brown 
Brisker William, ornamenter, 1123 Wistar 
Brisler William, needle manuf, 1122 Canal 
Biissnir Christian, silversmith, 953 Alder 
Brister Ezekiel, carpenter, 1526 Lucan 
Brister Joseph, dentist, 844 Lombard 
Brisstle Matthias, cabinetmaker, 9 Bristow pi 
Bristle Israel, laborer, 809 Emeline 
Bristle Jacob, hotel, 1104 N 4th 
Bristles Barbary, r 1243 Charlotte 
Bristley Charles A., driver, 9 Richmond 
Bristley Fritz, laborer, 2307 N 7th 
Bristo John, engineer, 1513 Frankford av 
Bristol Hannah, cook, 5 Cordova pi 
Bristol Isaac, laborer, r 1227 Lawrence 
Bristol John, boatman, 2319 Naudain 
Bristow Bros. [Henry Bristoiv ^ James Bristow) , 

hosiers, Mehl & Clinton, Germantown 
Bristow Henry, hosier, Clinton n Mehl 
Bristow James, gardener, 4528 Miller 
Bristow James, hosier, Clinton n Mehl, Gtn 
Bristow Samuel, blacksmith, 720 Birch 
Britingham James, gasmaker, 822 West 
Britman Adam, truckster, 1437 Lawrence 
Briton Joseph, seaman, 35 Washington av 
Britt Frederick, shoemaker, 1346 Rose 
Britt John, coach maker, r 933 S 9th 
Britt Patrick, carter, 1338 Beach 
Brittan Edmund, shoemaker, 1634 Ridge av 
Brittan James P., gentleman, 213 Pine 
Brittan John, driver, 213 N 10th 

o pi 









p • 










^ o 

eg CO 





Brittain Daniel, shipping agent, 1223 N fith 
Biittain Geo., coul, 230 Walnut, h 18th & Wallace 
Brittain J. H., Rev, 3426 Walnut 
Brittain Peter S., carpenter, 944 Randolph 
Brittain Samuel, engineer. 445 Richmond 
Brittain William, frame maker, 944 Randolph 
Brittain W. S., com mer, 504 Commerce, h 1223 

Britterman Isaac, chair maker, 804 N Front 
Brittin Abram, hairdresser, 719 N loth 
Brittin Robert, baker, 7 S 19th 
Brittin Samuel, photographer, 102fi Ross 
Brittin William, carpenter, Holmesburg 
Brittin William, gilder, 1016 Ross 
Brittner George C., ivory dealer, 1508 N 4th 
Brittner Peter, music, 431 Coates 
Britton Abraham, blind manuf, 44 N 2d, h 322 

Britton Abraham, ship carpenter, 1127 Hancock 
Britton Andrew L., salesman, 941 Hutchinson 
Britton Eliza, tailoress, 425 Mcllwain 
Briton Frank, machinist, 1551 Callowhill 
Britton George J., coal, 1739 Wallace 
Britton George B., shoemaker, 3322 Gtn av 
Britton Henry, clothier, 806 South 
Britton John, driver, 5 Bunting av 
Britton John H., bookbinder, 928 S 17th 
Britton Joseph, shoemaker, 1220 S 5th 
Britton Peter, cook, 417 S 7th 
Britton Samuel, tailor, 1220 S 5th 
Britton Thomas, jeweller, 216 Dock 
Britton William, baker. 1921 Fitzwater 
Britton William, constable. 426 Maria 
Britton William H., furs, 922 Spring Garden 
Brittener John, briekmaker, 2523 Brown 
Brizzalara Lawrence, 20 Gillis" al 
Broad Jane, 1518 Cherry 
Broadbent C. W., real estate, 123^ S 4th, h 208 

Broadbent Charles, clerk, 148 S 4th 
Broadbent Charles W., trimmings, 705 S 5th, h 

208 German 
Broadbent Daniel W., moulder, 1338 Hanover 
Broadbent Henry, Jr , moulder, Front & Girard 

av, h Fitler ab"X 2d 
Broadbent John, gentleman, 45 Sloan 
Broadbent John, machinist, 4177 Thomas 
Broadbent Joseph, wine, 90S Montgomery 
Broadbent Robert, machinist, 526 Prune 
Broadbent Robert C, clerk, 115 N 12th 
Broadbent Samuel, gentleman, 115 N 12th 
Broadbent Samuel M., laborer, 133S Hanover 
Broadbent S W., grocer. 115 Arch, h 115 N 12th 
Broadbent Sarah, Frankford av. opp Buckius 
Broadbent Thomas, butcher. 1208 Palethorp 
Broadbent Thomas, machinist, 3307 Story 
Broadbent Wesley, spinner, 45 Sloan 
!Broadbent William, laborer, 337 N 41st 
Broadfeild Eli, moulder, 152 Grape, Myk 
Broadfield John, moulder, 1626 Becket 
Broadfield William, moulder. 112 Brown 
Broadhead James, agent, 2131 Sharswood 
Broadhead John, spinner, 2224 Spring Garden 
Broadhurst Charles, dyer, 344 Adams 
Broadhurst John, weaver, 1520 X 2d 
Broadhurst Thomas, 26 Sellers 
Broadrieh Ellen, 828 Burns 
Broadnix Charles, bricklayer, 1551 Cadbury av 
Broadnix Peter, umbrella maker, 117 Unity 
Broads Richard, merchant, 1330 Arch 
Broadwater Daniel, fisherman. 1016 Otis 
Broadwater George, fi.=herman, 1016 Otis 
Broadwater Henry, fisherman, 1016 Otis 
Broadway John, tinsmith, 771 S 4th 
Broadway Thomas, furniture cars, 407 Catharine 

Broadwell Charles P., gentleman, 1914 Seybert 
Broadwell John F., clerk, 1914 Seybert 
Broandes Adolph, cabinetmaker, 143 Craven 
Brobson William, bookkeeper, 309 Market, h 1409 

Brobst Abraham, carbuilder, 326 N 31.«t 
BROB.^TON JOSEPH, notary, 405 Library, h 

71 1 Sansom 
Brobston Joseph, Jr., notary, 405 Library, h 711 

Brobston William, collector, 208 Crown 
Brock Alexander, shipcarpenter, 619 Wall 
Brock Arthur, seaman, 1046 Dorrance 
Brock Charles, sugar refiner, St John ab Callow- 
hill, h 2025 Wallace 
BROCK CHARLES C, 219 S 4th, h Cheltenham, 

Montgomery co., Pa 
Brock Edward, clerk, internal rev., 2009 Green 
Brock Ellen, 431 Franklin 
Brock John Penn, attorney-at-law, 258 S 3d, h 

Chestnut Hill 
Brock Jonathan, gentleman, 2009 Green 
Brock Joseph, book gilder, 1824 Seybert 
Brock Louis, gunmaker, boards 2104 Naudain 
Brock Richard S., 258 S 3d, h Montgomery co 
Brock Samuel J., meter inspector, 515 Dillwyn 
Brock Susan A., dresses, 532 S 5th 
Brock Thomas F., gasfitt«r, 224 N 4th, h 2125 

Mt Vernon 
Brock William, captain, 532 S 5th 
Brock William, Receiver's oflBce, h 740 Morris 
Brockbank John, paperhanger, 4305 Main 
Brockbank Joseph, machinist. 1205 Potts 
Brockerhofi" Hannah, 942 N 13th 
Brockermann Benjamin, iron dealer, 1020 Ger- 

mantown av, h 110 Haydock 
Brockermann Charles, blacksmith, Peel & Lydia 
Brockermann J. H., National k City Local Ex- 
press, 9 S 3d, h 1928 Pine 
Brockermann William F., iron dealer, 1020 Ger- 

mantown av, h 555 Dauphin 
Brockerman <t Son ( William F. Brocherman !f 

Benjatniii Brockerman), iron dealers, 1020 

Germantown av 
Brockhoff Henry, shoemaker, 903 S 2d 
BROCKIE WILLIAM, shipping & commission 

merchant, 101 Walnut 
Brockington John, boarding house, 621 Penn 
Brockley Bernard, mint, 915 Green 
Brockman George, manufacturer, 601 Wildey 
Brockman George, tavern, 32 Washington av 
Brockney Montgomery, laborer, 1328 Green 
Brockney Theodore, bricklayer, 1328 Green 
Brodbeck Michael, grocer, 1212 Hope 
Brodden William, whitewasher, 410 Maria 
Br«ddrie Patrick, laborer, r 909 X 13th 
Brode Walter, police, 1313 N 10th 
Brodel Jacob, hairdresser, 2040 Germantown av 
Broderick Edward, laborer, 511 S Penn 
Broderick Edward, laborer, Melville pi 
Brederick John, laborer, r 1622 Carlton 
Broderick Michael, laborer, r 1622 Carlton 
Broders John, stonecutter, 2139 Naudain 
Brodie Patrick, driver, 2025 Apple 
Brodhead Daniel, shoe store, 226 N 3d, h 1237 

Brodhead D. D., merchant, 211 N 3d, h 1237 

Brodhead & Ksiuh{D. D.Brod/iead If A.L.Ka7ib), 

shoe dealers. 211 N 3d 
Brodie Andrew, contractor, 1630 Franklin 
Brodie Edward J., te.acher, 1810 N 12th 
Brodie James, gasfitting, 1218 Germantown av, h 

1628 Franklin 
Brodie James T, roofer, 39 N 7th, h 856 N 8th 




BRODIE ROBERT C, druggist, 20tli & Callowhill 
Brodie William, gasfitting, 1218 Germantown av, 

h 1628 Franklin 
Brodowski Madam, 911 Walnut 
Brodrick John, driver, 2712 Park 
Brodt Henry, currier, r 241 Poplar 
Brody Robert C, druggist, 1314 Mt Vernon 
Broffy Andrew, dyer, 2443 Amber 
Broffy Timothy, dyer, 2425 Amber 
Brofield James, laborer, 3212 Lancaster av 
Brogan Alfred, laborer, 5 Bohemia 
Brogan Andrew, 935 Arch 
Brogan Charles, porter, 1016 Hamilton 
Brogan Hugh, tailor, 105 S 24th 
Brogan James, driver, Princeton pi 
Brogan James, milk dealer, 836 Marriott 
Brogan James, printer, 409 Garden 
Brogan John, laborer, r 924 Poplar 
Brogan John, salesman, 3637 Walnut 
Brogan Marshal], bricklayer, 1044 S 5th 
Brogan Patrick, leather, 754 Passayunk av 
Brogan Philip, carter, 1358 Salmon 
Brogan Richard, wheelwright, 2126 Barker 
Brogan Sarah, weaver, r 1 S 21st 
Brogan Sarah P., tailoress, 5 Bohemia 
Brogan Susan, r 1113 Carpenter 
Brogan Vincent, cigars, 1767 Germantown av 
Brogan William, carpenter, 1320 Race 
Brogan William, laborer, r 622 Lombard 
Brogden Hannah, 827 Emeline 
Brogger John, bottler, 824 Auburn 
Brx)gley Febel, mechanic, 2029 N 6th 
Brohate Henry W., clerk, 3731 Garden 
Broices Hester, r 19 Hillsdale 
Brokensha David, produce, 258 S Front, h 144 

Girard av 
Brokensha David, Jr., clerk, 144 Giiard av 
Brokensha Thomas, clerk, 144 Girard av 
ftroker Daniel, carpenter, 134 Morris 
Broker Nicholas, dealer, r 402 Lynd 
Brolasky H. C, gentleman, 108 S 13th 
Brolasky Jefferson H., gentleman, 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky Joseph P., M.D., 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky Simon, gentleman, 1414 Walnut 
Brolasky Williams J., telegraph operator, 1319 

N 22d 
BroUey William, grocer, 1022 Melon 
Bromback Lewis, butcher, 275 Budd 
Brombager George, tailor, 620 Charles 
Brombsch Jacob, lager beer, 1202 N 4th 
Bromell John, engineer, 1012 E Montgomery av 
Bromely George D., carpet manufacturer, 125 E 

York, h 427 Dauphin 
Bromely James, carpet manufacturer, 125 E York, 

h 641 Franklin 
Bromely John, carpet manufacturer, 125 E York, 

h Front & York 
Bromely John H., carpet manufacturer, 125 E 

York, h 2019 Holman 
Bromely John & Sons (John, Jarnes, Tko7?ias, 

George D <^ John H. Bromely) , ingrain carpet 

manufacturers, 125 E York 
Bromley Arthur, bleacher, 437 E Dauphin 
Bromley Eli, huckster, 4443 Elizabeth 
Bromley George D., carpet manufacturer, 427 E 

Bromlej' James M., carpet manuf, 641 Franklin 
Bromley John, sawyer, 1301 Crease 
Bromley Thomas, carpet manuf, 429 E Dauphin 
Bromley John, wool scourer, 4507 Leiper 
Bromley Rebecca, Mrs., 4443 Elizabeth 
Bromley Robert, bleacher, 100 Unity 
Bromley Samuel, dyer, 4443 Elizabeth 
Bromley Thomas, carpet manuf, 125 E York, h 

429 Dauphin 

Bromley William, dyer, 130 Adams 
Brong Philip, salesman, 529 Cherry 
Brong William, wheelwright, 529 Cherry 
Bronkessil George, laborer, 139 Coates 
Bronson E. R., conductor, 227 Marriott 
Bronson George, fancy hosier, 200 Haines 
Bronson George H., merchant, 109 N Front, h 

Newark, N J 
Bronson &, Rusk {George H. Bronson 6^ Benja- 
min L. Rusk). paraflBne machinery oil, 109 N 

Bronson Susan, 1028 Ross 
Bronson & Sutcliffe {George Brojison 4" George 

Sutclijfp), fancy hosiery, 200 Haines 
Bronson William, carpenter, 1028 Ross 
Bronstrup Frederick, press maker, 403 Green, 

factory 400 Lynd 
Brontz M., wine house, 1023 N 4th 
Brook Boyer, inspector, 508 N Del av, h 1836 

Brook Charles, salesman, 940 Lawrence 
Brook Charles, watchmaker, 357 Peter's al 
Brook Frank H., clerk, 613 N 12th 
Brook Henry, bootmaker, 502 E Dauphin 
Brook Issachar, carpenter, 1206 Alder 
Brook James J., oil refiner, 1807 N 11th 
Brook John, manufacturer, 413 Commerce 
Brook M. M., machinist, 24 N 19th 
Brook Nathan, commissioner, 1731 Market, h 

527 N 19th 
Brook Robert, currier, bds 217 Race 
Brook Thomas, machinist, 160 Sellers 
Brook William, conductor, 24 N 19th 
Brook William, machinist, 514 E Norris 
Brooke Alexander, millwright, 5 N 19th 
Brooke Charles W., attorney-at-law, 518 Walnut 
Brook Elizabeth, 1334 Oxford 
Brooke Elizabeth, 106 Sellers 
Brooke Francis M., com mer, 142 N Broad 
BROOKE F. M. & H. {Francis M. Brooke 4- 

Hunter Brooh) , com mers, 142 N Broad 
Brooke George P., clerk, 600 Chestnut, h 758 N 

Brooke Hunter, com mer, 142 N Broad, h 227 

N 11th 
Brooke J., 1402 Walnut 
Brooke James, gentleman, 330 S 17th 
Brooke James K., salesman, h Tioga W of 20th 
Brooke John G., bookbinder, 810 S 19th 
Brooke Joseph, com mer, 30 N Del av, h 1228 

Brooke J. B., commercial agent, 600 Chestnut, h 

758 N 19th 
Brooke Lavinia. 24 N 19th 
Brooke Nathanj merchant, 1731 Market, h 327 

N 19th 
BROOKE k PIJGH {Nathan BrooU 4- Bdivard 

H. Ptigh), com merchants, 1731 & 1732 Mar- 
Brooke Stephen H., 619 Walnut, h 1030 Spruce 
Brooke, Tyson & Rehn, 619 Walnut 
Brooke William Rawle, student. 710 Walnut, h 

1718 Pine 
Brooker Benjamin C, gentleman, 1415 Reed 
Brooker John, captain, 419 N 6th 
Brooker John, laborer, 50 Haines 
Brooker John, shoemaker, 63 Haines, 
Brooker William H., engraver, 1161 S 9th 
Brooker John H., auctioneer, 1161 S 9th 
Brooker Joseph, cooper, 63 Haines 
Brookes James, carpenter, bds 1623 Market 
Brookes James W., mechanic, 2245 Franklin 
Brooks Amos, salesman, 4901 Germantown av 
Brooks Anna, Wissahickon av ab Main, C Hill 
Brooks Benjamin, plasterer, 4916 Little Wayne 














<y © 




Brooks Catharine, 1112 Callowhill 

Brooks Charles, uier, 224 Dock, h 1242 Christian 

Brooks Charles H., drygoods, 122 & h 2032 

Brooks Christopher J., ship joiner, 422 Thomp- 
Brooks Clement, grocer, 17th & Cherry, h 115 N 

Brooks C, 633 Federal 
Brooks Daniel, driver, 4 Henderson's ct 
Brooks David, police, 1939 Bedford 
BROOKS DAVID, supt. Western Union Tele- 
graph Co, S E 3d & Chestnut, h 40 N I9th 
Brooks Dinah, 225 Quince 
Brooks Ebenezer, tailor, 109 Bowman 
Brooks Edmund, machinist, 1219 N 3d 
Brooks Edward D., mer., 323 Chestnut, h 1037 

S 5th 
Brooks Edwin T., packer, 13 Good 
Brooks Eliza, 829 Darif-n 
Brooks Elizabeth, 35 Unity 
Brooks Eliza, 37 Linden 
Brooks Eliza, hats and caps, 230 Poplar 
Brooks Elizabeth, tailoress, 321 Lombard 
Brooks Elizabeth J., 1218 Walnut 
Brooks Ellen, r 423 Green 
Brooks Ellen, dressmaker, 1244 Warnock 
Brooks Francis, blank books, 333 Chestnut 
BROOKS F. & J. C. (R 4- J. C. Brooks; T. T. 
T/iiif/oiv, special), blank books, 333 Chestnut 
Brooks George, 1614 Locust 
Brooks George, ship carpenter, 235 Greenwich 
Brooks George L., carriage builder, 917 N 18th, 

h 830 N 10th 
Brooks George M., carpenter, 1224 Savery 
Brooks G. V., apothecary, Phila. Dispen., 127 S 

5th, h S34 S 4th 
Brooks Henry, grocer, 17th it Brandy wine 
Brooks Henry, patterns, 1204 Callowhill 
Brooks & ilinchcliffe, Jr. {John Brooks (^ 

Charles Hhichcllffe) , wool, 203 S Front 
Brooks Howard W., manufacturer, 33 N 3d, h 

h 2136 Mt. Vernon 
Brooks Hutter, merchant, 227 N 11th 
Brooks lasac, carpenter, 1926 Bedford 
Brooks Isaac, plasterer, 2214 Oxford 
Brooks James, dealer, 406 Broad, Rox 
Brooks James, engineer, 2047 Cuthbert 
Brooks James, merchant, 307 N Front 
Brooks James, printer, 4525 Leiper 
Brooks James, wheelwright, 1212 Ridge av, h 

1215 Spring Garden 
Brooks James B., grocer, 540 N 12th 
Brooks James P., cigarmaker, 1202 Myrtle 
Brooks Jethro, box maker, 3311 Lancaster av 
Brooks John, blacksmith, 121 Morris 
Brooks John, laborer, 2302 Columbia av 
Brooks John, brickbiyer, 1319 N 11th 
Brooks John, cap manufacturer. Shelton & Ger- 

mantown av, h 50 Queen, Germantown 
Brooks John, carpenter, 1756 Alder 
Brooks John, barber, 1244 Warnock 
Brooks John, bookkeeper, 19 N 9th 
Brooks John, mer, 203 S Front, h West Phila 
Brooks John, waiter, 1017 Rodman 
Brooks John H., clerk, 426 Shippen 
Brooks John E., coachmaker, 1112 Callowhill 
Brooks John H., harness manufacturer, 631 

Market, h 1701 Summer 
Brooks John S., 1938 Germantown av 
Brooks John S., grocer, 2121 Germantown av 
Brooks John T., blank book manuf, 29 S 6th, h 

Oak bel 37th 
Brooks Jonathan, shoe manufacturer, 4145 Main 
Brooks Joseph, laborer, 233 Quince 

Brooks Joseph, rags, 1220 N Front 
Brooks Joseph C, 333 Chestnut, h 1014 Cherry 
Brooks Joseph J., bookbinder, 719 N 7th 
Brooks J. D., drygoods, 122 &, 124 Chestnut, h 

Shoemaker's lane, Germantown 
Brooks Josiah D., drygoods mer, 122 Chestnut, h 

Shoemaker's lane n Germantown av 
Brooks Lambert B., manufacturer, 807 Lawrence 
Brooks Luke, hats, 4905 Germantown av 
Brooks Lydia, seamstress, r 1913 Cuthbert 
Brooks Mary, 1326 Walnut 
Brooks Mary, 1320 Hutchinson 
Brooks Mary, 471 N 4th 
Brooks Matthew, hat manufacturer, 33 N 3d, h 

Chelton Hills 
Brooks, Miller A Co. {J. D. Williams, Charles 
H. Brooks, D. Leeds Miller he Watson M. 
Trump), drygoods commission, 122 Chestnut 
Brooks M., Son k Co. (Matthew ^- W. Howard 
Brooks 4" -A.. May Stevenson), hats & caps, 33 
N 3d 
Brooke Robert L., agent, 207 S 6th, h 42d & 

Brooks Samuel, dyer, 422 N 22d 
Brooks Samuel, laborer, 2052 Flemming 
Brooks Samuel, plasterer, 850 N 10th 
Brooks Samuel B., boltmaker, 1021 Dorrance 
Brooks Samuel B., teller Bank N. A., 20 N 10th 
Brooks Samuel G., insurance, 5th &, Walnut, h 

1619 Wallace 
BROOKS, SCOTT & GRATZ {Edward D. Brooks, 
James W. T. Srolt (^ Edward Gratz, Jr.), 
dry goods commission, 323 Chestnut 
Brooks Sliephard, clerk, 207 German 
Brooks Steven, undertaker, 1319 Marlborough 
BROOKS SILAS S., M.D., 140 N 12th 
Brooks & Son {Charles ^ Thomas Brooks), bed- 
ding, 214 A 224 Dock & 205 <fc 207 Pear 
Brooks Thomas, machinist, 2019 Brown • 

Brooks Thomas, carpenter, 125 Green 
Brooks Thomas, hostler, 2 Rose al 
Brooks Thomas, merchant, 224 Dock, h 1242 

Brooks Thomas, photographer, 6 Shoemaker 
Brooks Thomas, watchman, 34 Wister, Gtn 
Brooks Thomas E., grocer, S W 3d k Shippen 
Brooks AVilliam, cooper, 1603 American 
Brooks William, drygoods, 122 Chestnut, h 17th 

k Tioga 
Brooks William, merchant, 1 7th bel Tioga 
BROOKS WILLIAM, ribbons k millinery goods, 

431 Market, h 204 N 35th 
Brooks William, spice dealer, 2310 N 8th 
Brooks William, stonecutter, 422 N 22d 
Brooks William, stonecutter, 1326 S 6th 
Brooks William, watchman, 1146 Charles 
Brooks William C, machinist, 1104 N 3d 
Brooks AVilliam F., upholsterer, 120 Allen 
Brooks William H., awning maker, 1315 Pros- 
Brooks William H., carpenter, 1108 Palmer 
Brooks William H., manufacturer, 33 N 3d, h 

2136 Mount Vernon 
Brooks William L., bootmaker, 430 Federal 
Brooks William M., clerk, 1117 Camilla 
Brookfield Joseph, M.D., 29 N Juniper & 1316 

Brookmyre Ann E., 52d & Franklin 
Broome Christian, shoemaker, 2242 Thouron 
Broom Thomas, ship carpenter, 234 Reed 
Broom William W., 234 Reed 
Broomall Charles, laborer, 206 Marker 
Broomall Eli M., merchant, 219 Market, h 127 

N 40th 
Broomall John, gentleman, 127 N 40th 




BROOMALL L. R., Recorder of Deeds, 425 Chest- I 
nut, h 2014 Arch ! 

Brooinall Mary, 2057 Germantown av 
Broome Charles, game dealer, 408 Walnut, h 811 

Broome Christopher, laborer, 1128 York av 
Broomell Peter A., police, 1024 Newton 
Broomell William, trader. 7 Short ct 
BROOMHEAD WILLIAM, tavern, 4206 Market 
Broomlej John, drjgoods, S E Baker & Mul- 
berry, Myk 
Broomley John, papermaker, 177 Maiden 
Broomley John, weaver, 406 York 
Broomley Thomas, drygoods, 4326 Main, Myk 
Bronerson Philip, cabinetmaker, 1321 Potts 
Broots Robert, groceries, 551 X 25th 
Brophy Andrew, engineer, 2346 Coral 
Brophy Daniel, weaver, 416 S 21st 
Brophy Eliza, trimmings, 2368 Frankford av 
Brophy James, laborer, Tacony 
Brophy John, hotel, S W 20th & Bedford 
Brophy John, laborer, 328 Adams 
Brophy John, laborer, 1421 X Almond 
Brophv Martin, laborer, Tacony 
Brophy Mary Ann. 2014 Pine 
Brophy ]Miehael, laborer, Tacony 
Rrophy Pacrick, laborer, bds 123 Church, Fkd 
Brophy Thomas, watchman, 323 Hazzard 
Brophy AVilliam, laborer, Tacony 
Broshard Philip, hotel, 707 N Front 
Brosius Joseph P., merchant, 521 Commerce, h 

818 N Sth 
Brosius Julius, cordwainer, r 1109 Charlotte 
Bross Frederick, shoemaker, r 1820 Manor 
Bross Jacob, car driver, 16 Pleasant, Gtn 
Bross John, gardener, 734 Poplar 
Bross John's., clerk, 821 & h 807 Cherry 
Brotherhead William, circulating lib, 911 Locust 
Brothers Albert, butcher. 1013 Noble 
Brothers Matilda, 1305 Mount Vernon 
Brotherton Anna, 1840 Camac 
Brothy Robert, mason, 830 Catharine 
Brouck John, dea'er, 567 William 
Brough John, peddler, 616 York 
Brough Michael, blacksmith, 2118 Sepviva 
Brough Samuel, moulder, 1024 S 3d 
Brough William, patternmaker, 959 Darien 
Broughton John, laborer, 169 Scotfs la. Falls 
Broughton Sarah, 1812 Warnock 
Brous Fred-rick, pitchfork maker, 4543 Gtn av 
Brous Lewis, carpenter, 4445 Frankford av 
Brous Wesley F., clerk, 4445 Frankford av 
Brous William A , shoes, 1524 N 2d 
Brous Wesley F., bookkeeper, 237 Market, h 4445 

Frankford av 
Brouse Peter, druggist, 2023 Parrish 
Brow Lena. 556 Fulton 
Brow Louis, hatter, 556 Fulton 
Brower A J., clerk Commercial hotel, 20 S 6th 
Brower Edward H., machinist, 1223 Citron 
Brower Frank, actor, 1122 ilaster 
Brower Henry, attorney-at-law, 1814 N 11th 
Brower Hiram, oils, 524 Walnut, bds Commer- 
cial hotel 
Brower Joseph, cigars, 1003 S 5th 
Brower Josephine, Mrs., 133 Richmond 
Brower Peter, shoemaker, 527 Charter 
Brower Thomas J., grocer, 808 Poplar 
Browlley James, hostler, Buddins ct 

Brown , carpenter, 2515 Hamilton 

Brown , driver, 6 Richmond 

Brown Mr., furrier, 478 X 4th 
Brown Abbey, domestic, r SIS Emeline 
Brown Abraham, coal, 413 X Sth, h 815 Spring 

Brown Abraham, mer., 700 Market, h 628 X Sth 
Brown Abraham C, plumber. 500 X Sth 
Brown Adelaide C, 14 S 20th 
Brown Alexander, clerk, 842 Darien 
Brown Alexander, driver, 400 Kerr 
Brown Alexander, dealer, 251 X Ifith 
Brown Alexander, gent., X E Walnut &, 19th 
Brown Alexander, hides & tallow, 2105 X 6th, h 

6th & Girard av 
Brown Alexander, laborer, 1120 Thurlow 
Brown Alexander P., shoe merchant, 1635 Locust 
Brown Alford S., dentist, 1011 Buttonwood 
Brown Alice M., trimmings, 1141 N 2d 
Brown Amelia, 2 Gillis al 
Brown Andrew, boxmaker, 1512 Barton 
Brown Andrew, dyer, 1342 Otis 
Brown Andrew, laborer, 532 Brooks 
Brown Andrew, laborer. 2009 Apple 
Brown Andrew, manufacturer, 1737 Fitler 
Brown Andrew J., carpenter, 503 Parrish 
Brown Andrew J., conductor, 1375 Salmon 
Brown Andrew J., carpenter, 1006 Clare 
Brown Andrew Z., gunsmith, 243 Jefferson 
Brown Ann, 4 McKee's av 
Brown Ann, seamstress, 423 Monroe 
Brown Anna, 1453 Hanover 
Brown Anna V., 1006 Clare 

Brown Anthony T., liquors, X W 3d <t Catharine 
Brown Archibald, provisions, 19 S 18th 
Brown Archibald, shoemaker, 159 Church, Fkd 
Brown Augustus, shoemaker, 1419 Brown 
Brown A., hats & caps, 982 X 2d 
Brown A., milliner, 1538 X 4th 
Brown A. M. & Co. (Alice M. (^ Caroline 

Bioroi), trimmings, 1141 X 2d 
Brown & Bacon (William H. Brown if George 

W. Bocoii), calfskins, 14 S 4th 
Brown Benjah, tailor, 1202 Callowhill 
Brown Benjamin, driver, 545 Mercury 
Brown Benjamin, gent, '1626 Wood 
Brown Benjamin H., lum. mer, 827 Richmond, 

h 944 Franklin 
Brown Benjamin, milk dealer, 616 Poplar 
Brown Benjamin, turner, 3620 Locust 
Brown Benjamin F., saloon, 639 Federal 
Brown Benjamin F., tobacconist, 439 Girard av 
Brown Benjamin H., merchant, 944 Friinklin 
Brown Benjamin M., clothing, 13th &, Market, h 

1202 Callowhill 
Brown Bernard, cooper, 4 McCann' et 
Brown Boyer J., attorney-at-law, 731 Walnut 
Brown Bros [John- E. ^ Michael J. Brown), 

grocers, 145 Coates 
BROWX BROTHERS & CO., bankers, 211 Chest- 
Brown & Buzby (George TV. Brow?/ ^- Savzuel 

W. B/(zby),'com. merchants. 222 X Del av 
Brown B. S., grocery dealer, 1006 S 3d 
Brown Caroline, trimmings, 1141 X 2d 
Brown Caroline, whitewashing, 7 Leyden's et 
Brown Catharine, 5 Garwood pi 
Brown Catharine, sewing, 2918 Market 
Brown Catharine, 904 Atherton 
Brown Catharine, r 431 Race 
Brown Catharine, grocer, 2120 Market 
Brown Catharine, milliner, 38 S 17th 
Brown Catharine, 314 X 21st 
Brown Catharine, boarding house, 1419 Marl- 
Brown Charles, 717 X 13th 
Brown Charles, butcher, 733 Medina 
Brown Charles, carpenter, 4618 Hedge 
Brown Charles, collector, 52 Miller 
Brown Charles, foreman, 513 Federal 
Brown Charles, gentleman, 310 X' 11th 













-tJ fall 


^ O 


l-H Q 


O r-S 


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Brown Charles, gentleman, 1420 Poplar 
Brown Charles, hod carrier, 826 Eraeline 
Brown Charles, mer, 9 N Front, h 805 Market, 

Camden, N J 
Brown Charles, laborer, r 413 Moyer 
Brown Charles, laborer, 1714 Wood 
Brown Charles, musician, 12.34 Callowhill 
Brown Charles, sailor, 1321 Ilorstmann 
Brown Charles, sailor, 3fi8 Ovington 
Brown Charles, seaman, 1028 Alechanic 
Brown Charles, Rev., secretary ministerial relief 

fund, 1334 Chestnut, h 4013 Spruce 
Brown Charles, shoemaker, 1618 Hancock 
Brown Charles, stonecutter, 1509 Ogden 
Brown Charles, tailor, r 1419 Mifflin 
Brown Charles, weaver, 1406 Howard 
Brown Charles A., bookseller, 312 Marshall 
Brown Charles A., carder, 2041 South 
Brown Charles B., painter, 510 Sylvester 
Brown Charles C, rigger, 606 S Delaware av, h 

Stockton, N J 
Brown Charles F., ticket agent, N RR, 142 Gay 
Brown Charles H., porter, 616 S 12th 
Brown Charles H., salesman, 2040 Master 
Brown Charles H., tailor, 1145 Poplar 
Brown Charles H., Jr., printer, 1145 Poplar 
Brown Charles J., uphol.'<terer, 3 Hewitt's pi 
Brown Charles L., bookkeeper, 630 North 
Brown Charles L., confectionery, 1338 Girard 

Brown Charles P., varieties, 1813 Camac 
Brown Charles R., bookkeeper, 818 Chestnut, h 

S E 16th & Sansom 
Brown Christian , cabinetmaker, 8 Gays ct 
Brown Christian, grocer, S E 15th & Spring Gar- 
Brown Clement M., bookkeeper, 1635 Locust 
Brown Clinton, machinist, 627 N 2d 
Brown Conrad, cutler, r 718 Shippen 
Brown Conrad, grocer, 311' N 18th 
Brown Conrad, laborer, 1018 Newton 
Brown Conrad, provisions, 116 Richmond 
Brown Cornelia C, 1733 Barker 
Brown Cornelius, laborer, 429 Monroe 
Brown C, 106 S 13th 
Brown C. P., gentleman, 908 Fitzwater 
Brown C. P., clothing, 9 Market, h 1813 Camac 
Brown Damon, cook, McKean's ct 
Brown Daniel, blacksmith, 1373 Ridge av, h 

Millville, N J 
Brown Daniel, driver, 1735 Addison 
Brown Daniel H., cigar maker, 1419 Stiles 
Brown David, cordwainer, 711 S 13th 
Brown David, carpenter, 1610 Helmuth 
Brown David, laborer, 8 Potts av 
Brown David, painter, 1236 Nagle 
Brown David, ship joiner, 415 Worth 
Brown David, shoemaker, 126 Coates, h 13 Cal- 
Brown D.avid, weaver, 708 S 13th 
Brown David B., bartender, 1643 Ridge av 
Brown David Paul, attorney-at-law, 1113 Girard 
Brown David Paul, Jr., attorney-at-law, 129 S 

5th, h 2307 Lombard 
Brown David S., mer, 44 & 46 S Front, h 1716 

Brown David S., Jr., salesman, 228 Chestnut, h 

Wayne, bel Queen, Gtn 
BROWN DAVID S. & CO. {David S. 6r J- John- 
son Brown, George A. Heyl if Janes S. Moore), 
drygoods commission mer, 44 & 46 S Front, & 
41 Letitia 
Brown Diana, 165 Church, Myk 
Brown D., provisions, 1200 Spruce 
Brown D. B., 919 Chestnut 

BROWN D. J., general freight clerk, P & R RR 

Co., 227 S 4th. h 533 Marshall 
Brown D. Wolfe, phonographer, 334 Walnut, h 

527 N 2d 
Brown Edward, 2436 Green 
Brown Edward, bricklayer, 2241 Sharswood 
Brown Edward, cigarmaker 1006 Charlotte 
Brown Edward, coachpainter, 910 Morgan 
Brown Edward, engineer & patent agent, 311 

Walnut, h 267 S 4th 
Brown Edward, gentleman, 643 Bedford 
Brown Edward, laborer, Ludlow, n 41st 
Brown Edward, laborer, 3737 Centre 
Brown Edward K., mason, 4517 Mulberry, Fkd 
Brown Edward R., coflFee roaster, r 408 Maria 
Brown Edward T., clerk, 1927 Mt Vernon 
Brown Edwin B., clerk, 1006 S 3d 
Brown Edwin L., clerk, 1524 Summer 
Brown Elbridge K., boots k shoes, 1836 Market 
Brown Elisha, porter, 209 Acorn al 
Brown Elizabeth, 347 N 10th 
Brown Elizabeth, 1831 Camac 
Brown Eliza, r 103 Gatzmer 
Brown Eliza, dressmaker, 1335 Poplar 
Brown Elizabeth, 723 Espy 
Brown Elizabeth, butcher, 955 Sartain 
Brown Ellen, 631 Washington av 
Brown Ellen C, gentlewoman, 54 Tulpehocken 
Brown Ellen, laundress, 518 S 7th 
Brown Ell wood J., ship carpenter, 530 Mercury 
Brown Elwin, laborer, 1347 Pearl 
Brown Emeline, 313 N 10th 
Brown Emma, 1129 Ogden 
Brown Eugene A. B., assist general ticket agent 

Phila & Reading R R Co., 227 S 4th, h 1907 Pine 
Brown Eva, 1219 Marshall 
Brown & Ewald {Louis Brown 4- Clias.J. Ewald) , 

grocers, 301 N 3d 
Brown B. D., liquors, 109 Market, h 413 S 18th 
Brown E. L., broker, S W 4th & Arch, h 1524 

Brown E. M., Miss, 2035 Pine 
Brown Fletcher, inspector, 546 Cumberland 
Brown Francis, driver, 235 Gaskill 
Brown Francis, saddler, 517 Norris 
Brown Francis H., carman, 1323 N 22d 
Brown Frank, conductor, 4540 Franklin 
Brown Frank, matchmaker, 638 Redwood 
Brown Frank B , clerk, 1935 Poplar 
Brown Franklin D. , machinist, 47 Bridge 
Brown Frederick, blacksmith, 922 Percy 
BROWN FREDERICK, chemist & druggist, N E 

6th k Chestnut, h 1018 Spruce. {See adv) 
Brown Frederick J., gent, 1826 Thompson 
Brown Frederick, leather, 637 k h 639 N 3d 
Brown Frederick, machinist, bds 822 Thompson 
Brown George, 222 N Del av, h 460 N 9th 
Brown George, blacksmith, 2212 Summer 
Brown George, brickmaker, 1111 Master 
Brown George, boilermaker, 2343 N 6lh 
Brown George, cabinetmaker, 1244 Savery 
Brown George, carter, 1504 S 7th 
Brown George, chairmaker, 112 Rule 
Brown George, clerk, 842 Marshall 
Brown George, driver, 423 Taylor 
Brown George, gentleman, 2040 Master 
Brown George, gentleman. Ridge av ab Martin 
Brown George, hatter, 622 N Front 
Brown George, hatter, 530 North 
Brown George, laborer, r 1010 Ivy 
Brown George, laborer, 511 Mendon pi 
Brown George, Jr., hatter, 530 North 
Brown George, laborer, r 1227 Lawrence 
Brown George, laborer, 404 New Market 
Brown George, mason, 4409 Wood, Myk 




Brown George, machinist, 825 S 10th 
Brown George, matchmaker, 538 Eedwood. 
Brown George, Jr.. mer, Ridge av n Martin 
Brown George, manuf, 13" Market, h 227 N 3d 
Brown George, manuf, 410 Marshall 
Brown George, porter, 1118 Rodman 
Brown George, seaman, 1239 Cadwalader 
Brown George, tailor, 4163 Main. Myk 
Brown George B., plumber, 126 S 20th 
Brown George B., M D., 438 S 22d 
Brown George C, laborer, 2116 Henrietta 
Brown George D., shipsmith, 1014 S 4th 
Brown George E , watchmaker, 313 Catharine 
Brown George H., loom boss. 150 Gay 
Brown Geo. H., oil cloths, 14 S 4th, h 2007 Walnut 
Brown Geo. S., clerk Ashland House, 709 Arch 
Brown George L., gentleman, 310 ]Sr 19th 
Brown George L., laborer, 138 Levering 
Brown Geo. L., salesman, X E 2d i Race, h 236 

N 5th 
Brown Geo. S., sauces, 412 Race, h Eagle Hotel 
Brown Geo. T., cigar agent, 154 S 4th, h Gtn 
Brown George W., engraver, 703 Federal 
Brown George TV., carpenter, 524 Poplar 
Brown George W., merchant, 2027 Tine 
Brown Geo. W., mer, 222 X Del av, h 460 X 9th 
Brown George W., Jr., plumber, 524 Poplar 
Brown George W., restaurant, 407 S lOth 
Brown George W., laborer, 728 Moss 
Brown George W., seaman. 1121 Adrian 
Brown Gilbert, baker, 1129 South 
Brown Gilbert John, printer, 4th & Chestnut, h 

1819 Wallace 
Brown Gowen A., gentleman, 340 Federal 
Brown Gustavus, blacksmith, bds 822 Thompson 
Brown G. S., manuf, bds 227 X 3d 
Brown Harriet, grocer, 1126 S 7th 
Brown Harry, patterns, 232 Washington 
Brown Harry C. gentleman, 1927 Mt Vernon 
Brown Henry, baker, 1826 Thompson 
Brown Henry, car driver, 3745 Green 
Brown Henry, cabinetmaker, r 602 S 13th 
Brown Henry, clerk, 1520 Franklin 
Brown Henry, clerk, 1018 Lingo 
Brown Henry, gentleman. 404 X 23d 
Brown Henry, grocery, 4141 Main, Myk 
Brown Henry, huckster, 622 Washington av 
Brown Henry, house furnishing goods, 314 S 4th 
Brown Henry, machinist, 1904 Buttonwood 
Brown Henry, moulder, r 341 Coates 
Brown Henry, pattern maker, 215 N 2d, h 232 

Washington av 
Brown Henry, printer, 3d & Chestnut, h 1724 

Brown Henry, spinner, bds 135 Otter 
Brown Henry, trunkmaker, 1016 Anita 
Brown Henry, weigh scales, 518 Metcalf 
Brown Henry A. B^, 1235 X 5th 
Brown Henry B., gardener, 1228 X 4th 
Brown Henry C, machinist, 536 N 19th 
Brown Henry C, sec X Am Transit Ins Co, 133 

S 4th, h 669 X 13th 
Brown Henry C, paperhanger, 703 Federal 
Brown Henry H., moulder, 3702 Market 
Brown Henry R., waiter, 717 X 4th 
Brown Henry S., carpenter, 809 Lawrence 
Brown H. W., china, 1605 South, h 1535 Carver 
Brown Hester, provisions, 1012 Marshall 
Brown Hugh, laborer, 1327 Kates 
Brown Hugh, driver, 616 JIarriott 
Brown H. E., salesman, 49 X 3d, h 243 S 6th 
Brown H. H., merchant, 220 & 222 Dock 
Brown Isaac, carpenter, bds 6th & Girard av 
Brown Isaac, merchant, 1338 Girard av 
Brown Isaac, shoemaker, 1417 Buttonwood 

Brown Isabella, 1006 Clare 

Brown Isaiah, Stewart, 612 Minster 

Brown J , chairmaker, 535 Owen 

Brown J. Cook, salesman, 623 Market 

Brown J. A., machinist, 1033 Richmond 

Brown Jacob, baker, 7th & Fisher 

Brown Jacob, butcher, 1804 Manor 

Brown Jacob, cabinetmaker, 4 Xescopeck pi 

Brown Jacob, cooper, Gilpin pi 

Brown Jacob, coremaker, 2125 Cherry 

Brown Jacob, engineer, 1228 Taney 

Brown Jacob, grinder, 770 S 4th 

Brown Jacob S.. conductor, 1237 Marlborough 

Brown James, 52 Miller, Gtn 

Brown James, butcher, 2313 X 6th 

Brown James, carpenter, 2208 Linn 

Brown James, carver, 349 X 10th 

Brown James, clerk, 1121 S 3d 

Brown James, Jr., clerk, 1321 S 5th. 

Brown James, cooper, r 613 Minster 

Brown James, driver, 1531 Bodine 

Brown James, Jr., gardener, 52 Miller, Gtn 

Brown James, grocer, 510 S 21st 

Brown James, hotel, 627 Lombard 

Brown James, laborer, 115 Chenango 

Brown James, laborer, 1044 Thompson 

Brown James, laborer, r 1510 X Front 

Brown James, laborer, 2321 Meredith 

Brown James, laborer, 172 Centre, Myk 

Brown James, laborer, 514 Buckley 

Brown James, laborer, 716 Guilford 

Brown James, laborer, 510 X 24th 

Brown James, laborer, 2433 Manning 

Brown James, laborer. Exchange pi u Chestnut 

Brown James, laborer, Irving n 4ist 

Brown James, lumber merchant, 1506 X 4th. 

Brown James, machinist, 1309 Mott 

Brown James, machinist, 1809 Tatlow 

Brown James, machinist, 1623 Francis 

Brown James, manufacturer, 1420 Ogden 

Brown James, mason, 2117 Frankford av 

Brown James, perfumer, 10! 8 Lingo 

Brown James, porter, 1205 Canl'y 

Brown James, produce dealer, 925 Tasker 

Brown James, shoemaker, 239 Duponceau 

Brown James, shoemaker. 1026 Mechanic 

Brown James, spooler, 1229 Brinton 

Brown James, stock broker, 308 Walnut, h Clay- 

mont, Del 
Brown James, stonecutter, 1724 Stiles 
Brown James, tavern, 324 S Juniper 
Brown James, waiter, 7 Stratford pi 
Brown James, wheelwright, 1030 Moyamensingav 
Brown James, \vbeelwright, 1321 S 5th 
Brown James, weaver, 1234 Fitzwater 
Brown James, wireworker, 2309 Jasper 
Brown James A , salesman, 317 Wharton 
Brown James D. . 4206 Penn, Frankford 
Brown James E., merchant, 33 S Front, h 517 X 

2d, Camden 
Brown James E., gentleman, 123 X 9th 
Brown James E. & Co. {James E. Brow?!., A. C. 

Schapfer i^ A. C. Schaefer, Jr.). shipping and 

commission merchants, 33 S Front 
Brown James Hatchings, student, 1113 Girard 
Brown James L., dealer, 1012 Cross 
Brown James M., commission merchant, 8 S 

Water, h 1034 Raoe 
Brown James S., army, 811 S 20th 
Brown James S., drygoods, 15 X 2d, h 824 Spring 

Brown James T., gentleman, 527 N 2d 
Brown James W., dyer, 14 S 6th & 139 S 5th, h 

1003 Shippen 
Brown Jane, 8 Potosi retreat 


I— '• 






* w 


01 It" 

o ^ 
w <1 








I— < 












O o 
m ^ 









• I-H 



Brown Jane, r 1311 Atinore 

Brown J.inp, 1121 P 3d 

Brown Jeffrey, coachman, 1807 Adflison 

Brown Jereniinh, carpet wenver, 5(550 Gtn av 

Brown Jesse, firocerj, 1807 Lombard 

Brown John, 63fl N 5th 

Brown John, 1438 Fawn 

Brown John, 2009 Apple 

Brown John, 32fi Greenwich 

Brown John, barber, 1515 S 3d 

Brown John, barber, 825 Eraeline 

Brown John, candies, Market S W Darby rd, b 
2918 Market 

Brown John, carman, 217 Belsrrade 

Brown John, carpenter, 1215 Woodbine 

Brown John, chemist, 1024 Ward 

Brown John, clerk, 920 Green 

Brown John, cooper, 40 N 9th 

Brown John, driver, filfi Marriott 

Brown John, driver, 1S04 !Manor 

Brown John, driver, 2017 Hancock 

Brown John, engine fitter, 427 Serrill 

Brown John, janitor. 228 Brandywine 

Brown John, Mrs., 1528 North 

Brown John, liquors, 2053 Locust 

Brown John, laborer, Peimling pi 

Brown John, laborer, bds 22d & Cherry 

Brown John, laborer, 1025 Hunter 

Brown John, laborer, 2410 Memphis 
^Brown John, laborer, r 518 Marriott 

Brown John, laborer, 3 Junior pi 

Brown John, laborer, 5 Hills ct 

Brown John, laborer, 2013 Naudain 

Brown John, laborer, r 1408 Salmon 

Brown John, lager beer, 755 S 4th 

Brown John, machinist, 1035 Nectarine 

Brown John, machinist, 413 Cumberland 

Brown John, machinist, 559 Cumberland 

Brown John, manufacturer, 1727 S 3d 

Brown John, M.D., 742 Lombard 

Brown John, moulder, 1023 S 2d 

Brown John, painter, 1705 Markham 

Brown John, painter, 341fi Green 

Brown John, painter, 1022 Parrish 

Brown John, plumber, 233 Shippen 

Brown John, presser, 513 N 25th 

Brown John, seaman, 526 S Penn 

Brown John, shoemaker, 1935 N 5tli 

Brown John, shoemaker, 327 New 

Brown John, shoemaker, 455 Franklin 

Brown John, tavern, 509 S 7th 

Brown John, tavern, 47fi9 Armat 

B.own John, tailor. 1419 N fith 

Brown John, umbrellas, 1328 S 7th 

Brown John, undertaker, 1220 S 2d 

Brown John, waterman, 826 Washinprton av 

Brown John, waiter, 223 Prosperous al 

Brown John, weaver, 1154 Frankford.av 

Brown John, weaver, 408 Letterly 

Brown John, whitewasher, r Oil Ronaldson 

Brown John A., gentleman, 1130 Chestnut 

Brown John A., Jr., banker, 211 Chestnut, h 19th 

& Walnut 
Brown John A., plasterer, r 1309 Rye 
Brown John C, blacksmith, 124 N'21st 
Brown John C. sale^iman, 1528 North 
Brown John C , hardware merchant, 1345 Arch 
Brown John C, mason, 901 Geary 
Brown John D., printer, 331 Gaskill 
Brown John D., merchant, 2105 Spring Garden 
Brown John E., grocer, 145 Coates. h 1831 Camac 
Brown John E., machinist, 4113 Ridge av 
Brown John F., shoemaker, 237 S 12th 
Brown John F., furniture car. 502 German 
Brown John H., carpenter, 1229 N 15th 

Brown J')hn IL, musician, r lOfi Federal 
Brown J. Henry, artist, 914Chestnut, h 207 S ISth 
Brown John H , gent., 1822 S Rittenhouse sq 
Brown John K., boots & shoes, 1014 & 1040 Mar- 
ket, h 37 N nth 
Brown John K., hotel, 1115 Filbert 
Brown John K., clerk, 513 N 25th 
Brown John L., bootmaker, 1018 Lombard 
Brown John M., engraver, 318 Bradford 
Brown John M., stamper, 650 Franklin 
Brown John Newton, Rev., 215 Ashmead 
Brown John P., laborer, 2219 Pemberton 
Brown John P., salesman, h 1525 N 11th 
Brown Jiihn Q., machinist, 2006 Brandywine 
Brown John R., clerk, 420 Carpenter 
Brown John S., clerk. 934 N 2d 
Brown John S., clerk, 1927 Mt Vernon 
Brown John T., janitor, 809 Lawrence 
Brown John T., sexton, 425 Crown 
Brown John T., upholsterer, 2281 Brandywine 
Brown John T., mer, 218 & 222 S 2d, h 1345 Arch 
Brown John T., Jr., tinsmith, 934 N 2d 
Brown John V., butcher, r 1309 Heath 
Brown John W., foreman, 1816 Coates 
Brown John W., laborer, 618 S 12th 
Brown John W., detective police, 4633 Jackson 
Brown Jonathan AV., groceries, 142 Church, Fkd 
Brown Joseph, barkeeper, 2114 Thouron 
Brown Joseph, brickmaker, 1111 Master 
Brown Joseph, brickmaker, 8 Eldridge av 
Brown Joseph, dealer, 1 Henderson's ct 
Brown Joseph, engineer, 17 Laurel 
Brown Joseph, harnessmaker, 1108 Steadman 
Brown Joseph, machinist, 503 Richmond 
Brown Joseph, painter, 1629 Cowslip 
Brown Joseph, ship carpenter, 911 Hanover, h 

1324 Hewson 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 703 Federal 
Brown Joseph, umbrella maker, 1518 N 4th 
Brown Joseph B.. tollgate keeper, 2900 N 2d 
Brown Joseph C, jeweller, 261 S 11th, h 1525 N 

Brown Joseph F., secretary, 1338 Oxford 
Brown Joseph L., merchant, 1515 Lombard 
Brown Joseph M. , carpenter, 1209 Palethorp 
Brown Joseph S., merchant, 15 N 2d, h 824 Spring 

Brown Josephine, cook, 4 Priscilla pi 
Brown Josephine, laundress, 77 Gillis al 
Brown Josephine, trimmings, 536 N 19th 
Brown Josephine, washerwoman, 1123 New Bed- 
Brown Joshua, milk dealer, 1229 Davis 
Brown Josiah, gentleman. 1806 Lombard 
Brown & Justice {J. M. Broivn 4- C. M. Justice), 

com mer, 8 S Water 
Brown Julia W., nurse, 1427 Perth 
Brown Julianna, washing, r 1038 Frankford av 
Brown J. Johnson, merchant, 44 &46 S Front, h 

1716 Walnut 
Brown I. Newton, attorney-at-law, 532 Walnut, h 

Girard av bel 13th 
Brown J., Jr., paperhanger. 911 N 5th 
Brown J. C. gentleman, 907 Clinton 
Brown J. G. L., printer. 111 S 4th, h 1817 Wallace 
Brown J. Henry, artist, 207 S 13th 
Brown J. M., com mer, 8 S Water, h 1032 Race 
Brown J. M., merchant, 220 <fc 222 Dock 
Brown J. Jlair, wood engraver, 5th A Chestnut, 

h 318 Bradford 
Brown J. W., clerk, 40fi Library, h Claymont 
Brown & Kellog, restaurant, 9th k Chestnut 
Brown & Krouse (Mirk' I Bron-n ^ John Kioztse), 

blacksmiths, 245 S 12th 
Brown, Kunkle & Co., 731 Walnut 




Brown Larinia, r 858 Orchard 

Brown Lawrence, bookkeeper, 1637 S 2d 

Brown Lawrence, hatter, 530 North 

Brown Lawrence, weaver, 208 Poplar 

Brown Leizeare, shoemaker, 907 South 

Brown Levi, laborer, 1715 Mervine 

Brown Levi, telegrapher 2023 Germantown av 

Brown Levi D., teas, 223 Arch, h 1615 Lombard 

Brown Lewis, blacksmith, 4709 Frankford av 

Brown Lewis, butcher, Marshall & Columbia av 

Brown Lewis, clerk, 1003 Anita 

Brown Louis, grocer, 301 N 3d, h 878 N 6th 

Brown Louis, potter, 1033 Charlotte 

Brown Lewis, waiter, 1011 Lombard 

Brown Louis T., gentleman, 52G Marshall 

Brown Lucien, merchant, 137 Market, h 410 Mar 

Brown Luke, laborer, 454 N 5th 
Brown L. E., bookkeeper, 429 Market, h 1637 S 2d 
Brown Mrs., 1837 Christian 
Brown M., restaurant, 1130 William 
BKOWN & MAGEE {T. Stewart Broum ^ Geo. 

W. Magee), trunks &c, 708 Chestnut 
Brown Maggie, 440 Magnolia 
Brown Maggie, 2321 Hamilton 
Brown Maggie, trimmings, 404 N 23d 
Brown Malcomb M., waiter, 429 Harmony 
Brown Malinda, b h, 156 N 5th 
Brown Margaret, 1525 N 11th 
Brown Margaret, 623 S Broad 
Brown Margaret, 221 Vaughan 
Brown Margaret, 1112 Jackson 
Brown Margaret, 4206 Penn, Fkd 
Brown Margaret, 209 Acorn al 
Brown Margaret, seamstress, 1234 Shippen 
Brown Margaret C, millinery, 38 S 17th 
Brown Maria Ann, 908 Rodman 
Brown Martha, 341 Julianna 
Brown Martha, 2044 Reeves 
Brown Martin, brass finisher, 1402 S 7th 
Brown Martin, hotel. Broad & Vine 
Brown Martin H.. clerk, 1226 Wallace 
Brown Mary, 210 Elder 
Brown Mary, cook, r 417 Lynd 
Brown Mary, 1214 Parrish 
Brown Mary D., 433 Arch 
Brown Mary J., Mrs., 1261 N 11th 
Brown Matthew, draj^man, 1415 Savery 
Brown Matthew S., machinist, 1 East ct 
Brown Matthias, engineer, 438 Wildey 
Brown Michael, blacksmith, 245 S 12th, h 1136 

Brown Michael, bookkeeper, 1831 Camac 
Brown Michael, flour, 4208 Cresson, Myk 
Brown Michael, paver, 3 Hacker pi 
Brown Michael, laborer, 3452 Ludlow 
Brown Michael, tavern, 510 S Penn 
Brown Michael J., grocer, 145 Coates, h 1831 

Brown Morris, boots &, shoes. 913 South 
Brown Morris, cooper, 1725 Francis 
Brown Moses, gentleman, 514 Arch 
Brown Moses, Jr., merchant, 111 Chestnut, h 1222 

Brown M. G., Mrs., patent medicines, 410 Arch 
BROWN NATHAN, clothier, S E 6th & Market, 

h 9th & Wood 
BROWN NATHANIEL H., drygoods com mer, 

237 Chestnut, h 127 N 9th 
Brown Neal, laborer, 904 Atherton 
Brown Neil, laborer, 3 Hacker pi 
Brown Nicholas, clerk, 905 Filbert 
Brown Oscar, bookbinder, 520 North 
Brown Patrick, constable, 3 Loxley's pi 
Brown Pat, laborer, r 2206 Linn 

Brown Patrick, driver, 3 Birch pi 

Brown Patrick, laborer, 2528 Barnwell 

Brown Patrick, laborer, 749 N 24th 

Brown Patrick, laborer, 9 Bristol pi 

Brown Patrick, laborer. 21st & Filbert 

Brown Paul, clerk, 216 Market, h 1913 Filbert 

Brown Paul T., hatter, 437 AVharton 

Brown Peter, moulder, 2008 Ritter 

Brown Peter, cigars, 539 Aramingo 

Brown Peter, varnisher, 946 N Front 

Brown Peter, 2231 Germantown av 

Brown Peter, brushmaker, 734 Coates 

Brown Peter, clerk, 1725 Francis 

Brown Peter, polisher, 7 Fowler 

Brown Peter, porter, 927 Marshall 

BROWN PETER P., M.D., 614 S 1.3th 

Brown Philip, porter, r 1122 Lombard 

Brown Philip S., salesman. 524 N 21st 

Brown Phoebe, tavern, 125 Gothic 

Brown Quintus C, clerk, 1208 S 10th 

Brown Rachael, 620 Sears 

Brown Randolph, laborer, 1148 S 8th 

Brown Rebecca, huckster, 818 N 4th 

Brown Rebecca, laundress, 3 Concha 

Brown Rebecca, washerT^oman, 1 Eglin pi 

Brown Richard, bricklayer, 1232 Wheat 

Brown Richard, laborer, 1737 Fitler ' 

Brown Richard, salesman, 106 N 11th 

Brown Richard, collector, 435 Wharton 

Brown Richard, hackman, 828 Suffolk 

Brown Richard, hatter, 842 Auburn 

Brown Richard, salesman, 618 Chestnut, h 106 N 

Brown Richard H., shipjoiner, 1114 Elm 
Brown Richard M , cigars, 2230 Callowhill 
Brown Robert, 246 Raspberry 
Brown Robert, boxmaker, 532 Brooks 
Brown Robert, carpenter, 1038 Ward 
Brown Robert, cleaner, 2034 Hamilton 
Brown Robert, engineer, 1623 Francis 
Brown Robert, furnishing store, Arch ab 7th, h 

1724 Wallace 
Brown Robert, laborer, 601 N 18th 
Brown Robert, laborer, 600 Beach 
Brown Robert, laborer, 1708 St Joseph's av 
Brown Robert, mason, 255 Levering 
Brown Robert, 125 S 10th 
Brown Robert A., foreman, 2212 F 
Brown Robert, milk dealer, 1229 Davis 
Brown Robert, pumpmaker, 927 Otsego 
Brown Robert, shoemaker, 1230 Leopard 
Brown Robert, waiter, 331 Griscom 
Brown Robert, Jr., laborer, r 532 Brook 
Brown Robert Eden, 517 Prune, h 1113 Girard 
Brown Robert L., bookkeeper, 127 Walnut 
Brown Robert P., salesman, Marshall &, Parrish 
Brown R. F., 255 N 3d 
Brown R. H., salesman. 111 N 5th 
Brown Rose, milHnerj', 1007 South 
Brown Samuel, boiler maker, 1611 Howard 
Brown Samuel, builder, 207 N 20th 
Brown Samuel, Jr., dealer, 1233 Crease 
Brown Samuel, druggist. 826 S 10th 
Brown Samuel, M.D., 647 N 10th 
Brown Samuel, M.D., 651 N 10th 
Brown Samuel, gardener, 205 Mechanic, Gtn 
Brown Samuel, gentleman, 1117 Callowhill 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 1016 Anita 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 1233 Crease 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 439 Borden 
Brown Samuel, machinist, 452 Belrose, h 1653 

Brown Samuel, police, 1913 Filbert 
Brown Samuel, salesman, 426 Market, h 705 


























CO <^ 


o © 














Brown Samuel, waiter, 304 Bohemia 

Brown Samuel A., clerk, 721 Chestnut, h 1603 

Brown Samuel B., clerk, 821 N llth 
Brown Samuel B , salesman, 521 N 6th 
Brown Samuel C, blacksmith, 3223 Market 
Brown Samuel K., clerk. 1113 Marlborough 
Brown Samuel P., M D., 635 N 1 1th 
Brown Samuel W., druggist, 4319 Main, Myk 
Brown Sarah, 4538 Penn, Frankford 
Brown Sarah, 809 Emeline 
Brown Sarah, 4113 Main, Myk 
BrovTn S;irah, grocer, 1435 Spring Garden 
Brown Sarah, 1026 Nectarine 
Brown Sarah, llolmesburg 
Brown Sarah, 1407 Fisher 
Brown Sarah A., 1631 Race 
Brown Sarah M , 3210 Lancaster av 
Brown Seth W., boiler maker, 1 Amity 
Brown Sewell, gentleman, 326 S 21st 
Brown Sidney, cigars, 1021 Walnut 
Brown Sireno, Mrs., 327 Dugan 
BROWN & SMITH {Grorge H. Brown if Peter 

V. Smith), manufrs oil cloths & window shades, 

14 S 4th, factory Ann Jc Edgemont, Richmond 
Brown Stewart S., druggist, 470 N 6th 
Brown Susan, 1210 N 19th 
Brown Susan, milliner, 1350 Otis 
Brown Susan, washer, r 822 South 
Brown S. Morgan, bedding, 25 N 2d 
Brown S., boots & shoes, 408 Girard av 
Brown S. A., salesman, 721 Chestnut, h 1603 

Brown S. H., real estate, 524 Walnut 
BROWN & TAYLOR i,John E. Taylor S^ Charles 

E. Brown), riggers:, 606 S Delaware av 
Brown k Taylor (Dciiiirl Brotoi if John Taylor) , 

blacksmiths. 1323 Ridge av 
Brown Theobold, stevedore. Till Ohio 
Brown Theodore, engineer, 1033 Marlborough 
Brown Theodore, stereotyper, 717 Locust 
Brown Thomas, captain, agent, 313 Catharine 
Brown Thomas, boots & shoes, 169 Girard av 
Brown Thomas, carpenter, 402 Worth 
Brown Thomas, carder, 1846 Manor 
Brown Thomas, carpenter, 340 Griscom 
Brown Thomas, carpenter, 414 Christian, h 410 

Brown Thomas, clerk, cor 3d A Chestnut, h 1528 

Brown Thomas, clerk, 1208 S 10th 
Brown Thomas, cooper, 1224 Corn 
Brown Thomas, coppersmith, 6 Clyde pi 
Brown Thomas, cutter, 825 S 10th 
Brown Thomas, dentist, 333 Coates 
Brown Thomas, drygoods, 1242 Frankford av 
Brown Thomas, gentleman, 1723 Spruce 
Brown Thomas, hosiery manuf, 2723 Fkd av 
Brown Thomas, laborer, r 447 St John 
Brown Thomas, laborer, 2010 Bedford 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 121 Oxford 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 2014 Apple 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 1504 Otis 
Brown Thomas, plumber, 900 Walnut, h 1823 

Brown Thomas, policeman, 517 S 21st 
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, 502 S 2d 
Brown Thomas, cigars, 1636 South 
Brown Thomas, ship carpenter, 1324 Hewson 
Brown Thomas, shoes, 961 N 7th 
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, 30 Christian 
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, 411 Mcllwaia 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 825 S 10th 
Brown Thomas, tailo., 127 Prime 
Brown Thomas, weaver, 1230 Leopard 

Brown Thomas C, boots & shoes, 1034 Market, h 

37 N nth 
Brown Thomas G., shoes, 1040 Market, h 37 N 

Brown Thomas H., gentleman, 1525 Spruce 
Brown Thomas H., shipjoiner, 1330 Hewson 
Brown Thomas J., dyer, 1321 Shippen 
Brown Thomas R., clerk, 1230 N 8th 
Brown Thomas S., 255 N 12th 
Brown Thomas S., bookkeeper, 2106 Wood, h 

2109 Brandy wine 
Brown Thornton, leather dealer, 125 S 2d, h 

Main ab Chestnut av, C H 
Brown T. Stewart, trunks, 708 Chestnut, h 470 

N 6th 
Brown T. Wistar, drygoods mer. 111 Chestnut, h 

514 Arch 
BROWN T. W. & M. (T. Wistar if Moses Brown, 

Jr.), drygoods com merchants, HI Chestnut 
Brown Valentine, drayman, 716 E Norris 
Brown Ward, painter, 2012 N 4th 
Brown Washington, merchant, 1609 Arch 
Brown Washington T., tobacconist, 127 S 17th 
Brown William, 2214 Locust 
Brown AVilliam, engraver, 1836 S 12th 
Brown William, gardener, 1113 Pierce 
Brown Willard, hardware mer, 1345 Arch 
Brown William, 317 Harmony pi 
Brown William, assessor, 28 N 16th 
Brown William, barkeeper, 820 Walnut 
Brown William, blacksmith, 1712 Edwin 
Brown Willinm, brassrule cutter, 1237 S 6th 
Brown William, brushmaiver, 1233 Heath 
Brown William, butcher, 2313 N 6th 
Brown William, cabinetmaker, 128 N 16th 
Brown William, clothing, 626 N 8th 
Brown William, corsets, 329 Ah 1520 Arch 
Brown Willi;im, conductor, 2517 Hamilton 
Brown William, engraver, 140 S 3d, h 1836 S I2th 
Brown William, engineer, 2441 Coral 
Brown AVilliam, genileman, 1635 Locust William, gardener, 3066 Gtn av 
Brown William, grain, 1337 Fitzwater 
Brown WilHam, grocer, 1708 St Joseph's av 
Brown William, grocer, 606 S 16th 
Brown AVilliam, hotel, 401 S Front 
Brown William, inspector gas works. 1112 Elm 
Brown William, laborer, 1849 Lincoln bel Berks 
Brown William, laborer, 113 Onas 
Brown William, machinist, 513 Dickerson 
Brown William, matchmaker, 538 Redwood 
Brown William, M.D., 1103 Arch 
Brown William, mer., 700 Market, h 626 N 8th 
Brown William, milk depot, 2034 Murray 
Brown William, moulder, 428 Thompson 
Brown William, painter, 542 Watkins 
Brown William, painter, 127 Prime 
Brown William, police oflBeer, 618 Weaver 
Brown William, ropemaker, 2015 Cedar 
Brown William, shoemaker, 1705 Markham 
Brown William, shipcarpenter, 1359 Marlborough 
Brown William, stonecutter, 3 Hemlock pi 
Brown William, tailor, 1023 St John 
Brown William, undertaker, 514 S 3d 
Brown William, weaver, 814 Thompson 
Brown William, weaver, 132 York 
Brown William, wheelwright, 1012 Cross 
Brown William, Jr., merchant, 709 Market, h 

606 S 16th 
Brown William A., 228 Walnut 
Brown William A., engineer, 2131 Spring Garden 
Brown William A., manufacturer, 340 Federal 
Brown William B., bookkeeper. Market bel 3d 
Brown Milliam B., plasterer, 853 N 13th 
Brown William C, 1 Shaker al 




Brown William C, clerk, 504 Commerce, h. 123 

N 9th 
Brown William & Co. {William Brotvii, Charles 

F. Leeds, 4- Abraham Brown), clothiers, 700 

Brown William F., salesman, 118 N 3d, h 156 N 

5 th 
Brown William G., butcher, 2025 Germantown av 
Brown William H., attorney-at-law, 619 Walnut, 

h 4013 Spruce 
Brown William H., draftsman, 500 N Broad, h 

2038 Wallace 
Brown William H., engineer, 2045 Brandy wine 
Brown William H., insurance agent, 825 Race 
Brown William H., laborer, 9 Davis's pi 
Brown William H., mer., 14 S 4th, h 708 S 10th 
Brown William H., tinsmith, 934 N 2d 
Brown William H., student, 455 IS 5th - 
Brown William H., waiter, r 1018 Rodman 
Brown William H., wheelwright, 510 Sylvester 
BROWN AVILLIAM I., real estate agent, 605 

Walnut, h 415 Dickerson 
Brown W. J , broker, 605 Walnut, h 415 Dick- 
Brown William J., carpenter, 1011 Wood 
Brown William K., printer, 641 N 10th 
Brown AVilliam L., confectioner, 1726 & 1728 

Brown William Linn, attorney-at-law, 1907 Pine 
Brown William 0., moulder, 3620 Locust 
Brown William P., bricklayer, 3937 Garden 
Brown William P., laborer, 4633 Hedge 
Brown William R., machinist, 1456 Camae 
Brown William S., gent., 2131 Spring Garden 
Brown William S., jeweller, 257 S 15th 
Brown Willard S., merchant, 213 & 222 S 2d, h 

1345 Arch 
Brown William T , bootmaker, 1035 Leithgow 
Brown Wiunifred, 340 Griscom 
BROWN & WOELPPER {Be>/jami?i H. Broum 

&f George Woelpper), lumber merchants, 827 

Brown W. G., gentleman, 1146 S 15th 
Brown W. G , salesman, 220 Church, h 1 24 N 21st 
Brown W. H., clerk, 227 S 4th, h 842 Marshall 
Brown W. P., clerk, 227 S 4th, h 28 N 16th 
Brown W. R., naval agent, 1307 Walnut 
Brown W. R., 1st lieut. U. S N., 226 S 4th 
Brownback Oliver D., lumber merchant, 6th n 

JefiFerson, h 1532 N 8th 
Browne Alexander, Jr., M.D., 217 New 
Browne Ale.xander, gentleman, 217 New 
Browne & Bartlett {James S. Brown (^ J. Bart- 

lett), dealers, 405 S 6th 
Browne & Bevan (P. W. Bowneif W.J. Bevan), 

trunk manufacturers, 504 Market 
Browne Cornelius, laborer, 36 N 22d 
Browne Elizabeth, 2012 Filbert 
Browne Hannah, gentlewoman, 508 Marshall 
Browne Henry, clerk, bds 1623 Market 
Browne James, laborer, 1824 Filbert 
Browne Joseph J., bookbinder, 732 Fallon 
Browne James S., dealer, 405 S 6th 
Browne John, laborer, 717 Lebanon 
Browne N. Foster, scale builder, 715 Chestnut, h 

2129 South 
BROWNE N. B., prest. the Fidelity Insurance, 

Trust, k Safe Deposit Company of Philadelphia 

421 & 423 Chestnut 
Browne P. W., trunk manuf., 504 Market, h 1313 

Browne Robert, laborer, 2033 Jones 
Browne Samuel, coachman, 1822 Jones 
Browne T., gentleman, 708 S 10th 
Browne Thomas A., clerk, 1230 N 8th 

Browne AVilson T., 1213 Ogden 
Browne William, driver, 2012 Filbert 
BROWNE WILLIAM H., attorney-at-law, 619 

Walnut, h 4013 Spruce 
Brownell Edmund, currier, 3445 Darby rd 
Brownell George, coppersmith, 311 N 22d 
Brownell Solon, engineer, 55 Sharpnack 
Brownfield James, cabinetmaker, 2200 Brown 
Brownholts C. J., shoe manuf., 169 Mifflin 
Brownholtz G. W., bookkeeper, 125 S 11th 
Brownholtz John R., lime dealer, 9th &, Coates, 

h 18th & Tioga 
Brownholtz Sylvester K., coal mer., 72 Jefferson, 

Browning Abraham, commission, 4 Dock, h 415 

Cooper, Camden, N J 
BROWNING & BROTHERS {Je7ige, Maurice, 

Charles ^ Edward Brovni7ig), dye stuffs & 

chemicals, 42 & 44 N Front 
Browning Charles, merchant, 42 N Front, h 13th 

<fc Spring Garden 
Browning Edward, merchant, 42 N Front, h 211 

5 Broad 

Browning Elizabeth, b h, 1415 Germantown av 
Browning Franklin, driver, 1918 Frankford av 
Browning Jacob, laborer, 812 Wood 
Browning Jenge, merchant, 42 N Front, h 5th & 

Market, Camden, N J 
Browning John, engineer, 424 JefiFerson 
Browning John, woollen carder, 80 Mill 
Browning Maurice, merchant, 42 N Front, h 5th 

6 Market, Camden, N J 

Browning Robert, machinist, 4840 Cherry, Fkd 
Browning Thomas J., stonecutter, 2028 Catharine 
Browning William, fresco painter, 1312 N 15th 
Browning William H , brickmr, 2320 Ashburton 
Browning William H., broker, 1237 Vine 
Browning Willis, shoemr, 4039 Germantown av 
Brownley George, laborer, r 118 Carpenter 
Brownley John, laborer, r 118 Carpenter 
Brownling Patrick, presser, 656 N 24th 
Brownloe Thomas & Co. [Thomas Broivnloe ^ 

Amasa Coi?dor), dealers & traders, 270 Noble 
Brownslow Maggie, 2321 Hamilton 
Brownwall George, turner, 2739 Coates 
Brownwell George, laborer, 2731 Coates 
Brownwell Mathias, wheelwright, 1346 Vienna 
Brouse Charles, carpenter, 34 Orthodox 
Brouton Daniel, bartender, 3 Quigg's ct 
Browserwein Bernard, carter, 831 St John 
Brubaker Jonas, watchman, Kershaw ab 52d 
Brubaker R. H. , commission, 811 Market 
Bruce Augustus, finisher, 148 Gay 
Bruce Cecelia, 1101 Camilla 
Bruce Charles, painter, 1827 S 2d 
Bruce Charles K., cigars, 1346 S Front 
Bruce C, 3622 Locust 
Bruce David W., clerk, 804 Market 
Bruce Eduiond P., grocer, Broad & Walnut, h 

1416 S Penn sq 
Bruce Ellen, gentlewoman. Levering ab Wood, 

Bruce Emeline, 1611 Stiles 
Bruce E. M., cottage organs & melodeons, 18 N 

Bruce G. W., wharf builder, 406 Wharton 
Bruce George, laborer, 213 -Jarvis 
Bruce Isaac, real estate agent, 1^16 S Penn sq 
Bruce Joseph, cigars, 1346 S Front 
Bruce Joel, gentleman, 1416 S Penn sq 
Bruce Joseph, mason, 213 Jarvis 
Bruce J., house carpenter, 214 Wyoming 
Bruce Mary Anne, dressmaker, 704 S 12th 
Bruce Matthew, tanner, 107 Chenango 
Bruce M. W., house carpenter, 406 Wharton 

O ^ 




G> " 

^ s 

B O 







go • 

















Bruce Matthew TV., gun-carriage maker, 215 Le- 
vant, h 40(5 TVharton 
Bruce Sarah, 609 Barclay 
Bruce W. K., mason, 406 Wharton 
BRUCH A. PAUL, insurance agent, 113 S 5th 
BRUCH J. PAUL, insurance agent, 113 S 5th, h 

824 Geary 
Bruchner Jacob, painter, 225 E Dauphin 
Bruck Henry, baker, 519 S 3d 
Brucker Erhardt, tailor, 802 Poplar 
Bruckuian Henry, gentleman, 40 Washington av 
Bruekman George, barber, 210 Race, h 600 Rich- 
Bruckner John, tailor, 914 South 
Brucy William, barber, 502 Girard av 
Brude Henry, tavern, 421 S 5th 
Biuden Charles, machinist, 1133 Division 
Binder Albert, conductor, 323 Girard av 
BKUDER GEORGE, boots and shoes, 42 N 6th 
Bruder George, Jr., clerk, 42 N 6th 
Bruder Peter, boatman, 2606 Lombard 
Brudy Edward, watchmaker. 142 N 13th 
BrueckJohn, hotel, 6 17 S 3d 
Brueckmann & Lauterjung {R. Briiecl-mann if 

R. LauteijiDig), mustard mnnufs., 235 Race 
Brueckmann G., corks, 248 N Front, h Richmond 
Brueckmann R., mauuf., 235 Race, h Branch bel 

Bruelty Napoleon, laborer, bds 106 Marion 
Bruen Edward B.. Rev., 1531 Chestnut 
Bruener, Stallman & Co. [Henry Bnieiier if Wm. 

Si,:l i/uiii), distillers. Mill n RR bridge 
BruflF Eliza, 133 Callowbill 

Bruff James B.. shoes, 60S Chestnut, h 132 N 15th 
Brugan John, sailmaker, 133 Cottage 
B.uger Erasmus J., butcher, Ilolmesburg 
Bruger William, trimmings, 1640 N 11th 
Brugler James K., att'y-at-law, 345 N 6th 
Bruhl William, sugar refiner, r 158 Brown 
Bruiee William J., laborer, 2627 MeCurdy 
Bruister William, pilot, 32 Almond 
Bruistle Jacob, baker, r 1138 St John 
Brulte Pierre, printer, r 720 Guilford 
Brumaker Andrew, hotel, 16th <fe Callowhill 
Biumback Adam, tinsmith, r 1207 Mechanic 
Bruuien Joseph, carver, 323 Buttonwood 
Biumer John S., cooper, 619 N 3d 
Brumker Margaret, huckster, 1314 Heath 
Brumley Robert W. C, dealer, r 243 Concord 
Brumm Christian, baker, r 851 N 3d 
Brummell Joseph, gentleman, 2005 Brandywine 
Brummer Eliza, trimmings, 507 Oxford 
Brummitt William H., artist, 25 N 7th 
Bruner Abram, lumber merchant, 190S Market, 

h Columbia, Lancaster co 
Bruner Abram, Jr., lumber merchant, 1908 Mar- 
ket, h Columbia, Lancaster co 
Bruner Alfred, gentleman, 1313 N 11th 
Bruner Charles E., dealer, 929 New Market 
Bruner David, wholesale grocer, 223 N 3d, h 408 

Bruner Henry, bookkeeper, 1032 Artisan 
Bruner James P., manufacturer, 23d & Hamilton, 

h 35th & Bridge 
JVagle 6f J . Stcmley), manufacturers cotton & 
woollen goods, 23d & Hamilton 
Bruner John, lager. 1234 N 4th 
Bruner John A., lumber merchant, 812 N Front 
Bruner John W., gentleman, 3 Filmore av 
Biuner Joseph, dyer, 2138 Thouron 
Bruner Lydia, hat finisher, 711 Poplar 
Bruner Nagle H., manufacturer, 23d & Hamil- 
ton, h 35th & Bridge 
Bruner Philip, shoemaker, 128 Brown 

Bruner Stanley J., manufacturer, 23d & Hamil- 
ton, h 35th & Bridge 
Bruner Susan, Mrs , 1614 Pine 
BRUNER, WANN & CO. (Abram Bruner, Dan'l 
C. IVaiin if Abram Bruner, Jr.), lumber mer- 
chants, 1908 Market 
Bruner William IL, clerk, 929 New Market 
Brunei John, M.D., 408 Lombard 
Brunett Charles, bottler, 949 St John 
Brunier Jacob, laborer, 2130 Cedar 
Brunker Robert, coachman. Gossamer av 
Brunner Abraham, gentleman, 1016 Ogden 
Brunner Adam, tavern, 723 S 11th 
Brunner Augustus, clerk, 2007 Brandywine 
Brunner B. R,, engineer, 13!8 N 11th 
Brunner Catharine, 1139 Ogden 
Brunner Henry, ladies" shoes, 503 Spruce 
Brunner H. B., hotel, 4934 Germantown av, h 

207 Price 
Brunner Isaac, packer, 1020 Clement 
Brunner John K , salesman, 1617 N 8th 
Brunner Justice, machinist, 1804 Francis 
Brunner <fc Kern [Thomas Brunner if Jacob 

Kern), grocers, Warnock k Thompson 
Brunner Richard, shoemaker, 334 Harmony pi 
Brunner Thomas, grocer, 1300 AVarnock 
Brunner T., barber, 906 N 4th 
Brunnon F., doctor, 107 Vine 
Brun-now F. W., manuf., 310 New Market 
Bruno Andrew, tailor, 259 S 12th 
Bruno E., seaman, McKean's ct 
Brunson John W., ass't eng. Fairmount Water 

Works, 7 Day bel Thompson 
Brunswick Orr, watchmaker, 605 N 2d 
Brunton Thomas, 208 Levant 
Brurein Francis, clerk, bds 416 N 3d 
Bruseues Frederick, weaver, 507 Norris 
BRUSH C. H.. manager ^Etna Life Ins. Co., 400 

Chestnut, h 715 Arch 
Brush E. Cliflford, clerk, N E 7th & Chestnut, h 

263 S 3d 
Brush George H , agent, 734 Sansom 
Brush Jesse, agent, 626 S 11th 
Brush Jesse A., clerk, 626 S 11th 
Brush John, engineer, 439 Allen 
Brush Joseph J., restaurant, N 5th ab Susque- 
hanna av 
Brush K. C, Mrs., varieties, 258 S 9th 
Brushman Charles, cigars, 154 S 3d, h 2d bel 

Brushot Jacob, r 1608 Philip 
Brussier Maria, boarding house, 818 South 
Brustar George H., confectionery, 931 Spring 

Bruster Abraham, engineer, 2301 Virginia 
Bruster Mark, oil cloth manuf., 1614 N 21st 
Brustett Dores, saloon, 2 Juvenal 
Brustle Andrew, hotel, 332 Brown 
Brustle Frederick, tavern, 316 Coates 
Bruston George, seaman, 1023 Barley 
Brutchor Marks, machinist, 3659 Lancaster 
Bruton John T., clerk, 67 Bringhurst 
Brutham Henry, laborer, 8 Courtland pi 
Bruton John T,, clerk, 310 Walnut, h Gtn 
Brutsche Joseph, water colors manuf., h 250 S 

Brutsche Joseph, Jr., clerk, 250 S 10th 
Bry Adam, carpenter, 1623 N 12th 
Bryan Abraham L., barber, 732 Hubbell 
Bryan Anna P., 1822 De Lancey pi 
Bryan & Brother [John G. i^ Thomas Bryan), 

plumbers & gasfitters, S E 11th <fc Race 
Bryan & Bro. (Muhlon if Edward H. Bryan), 

clothing, 626 Market 
Bryan Calvin, carpenter, 412 Diamond 




Brvan Charles, drygoods, 1016 Ogden 

Bryan C. H., upholsterer, 39 S 11th 

Bryan David F., carpenter, 7 Tacony 

Brvan Edward, engraver, 335 S 4th 

Bryan Edward H.. clothing, 626 Market, h Uth 

bel Columbia av 
Bryan Elizabeth, 1030 Olive 
Bryan Franklin, 2023 Germantown av 
Bryan Hervey J., att'y-at-law, 142 S 6th, h 1518 

Brvan Jacob E., merchant, 250 N Broad, h 1131 

Bryan James, conductor, 239 N 41st 
Bryan James B.. salesman, 970 N 7th 
Bryan James C.,' clerk, 929 Mnrket 
Brvan James L., importer, 618 Chestnut, h 522 

X 19th 
Bryan James, Sr., shoe dealer, 204 Market, h 918 

S 3d 
Bryan Jesse S., machinist, 557 E Dauphin 
Bryan John, laborer, 1009 Carpenter 
Bryan John, milk dealer, fi03 Susquehanna av 
Bryan John, plumber, 1716 N 9th 
Bryan John, shoes, 110 S 2d, h 3d bel Christian 
Bryan John, turner, 110 Wharton 
Bryan John G. , plumber, S E 1 1th & Race, h 1030 

Bryan John G., lumber mer., 1131 Callowhill 
Brvan John H.. moulder, 90S Lafayette 
BrVan Joseph R., M.D., 1519 Wallace 
BRYAN JOSIAH, flour and grain, 250 & 252 N 

Broad, h 1131 Callowhill 
Bryan Josiah & Co. {J. Bryan, D. Shelmire !fW. 

H. James), commission merchants, 250 & 252 

N Broad 
Bryan J. J., grocer, 222 N 11th 
Bryan L. H., M.D., 260 N llth 
Bryan <t McCoy {James G. Bryan if John C. Mc- 
Coy), plumbers, 1219 Spruce 
Bryan Mahlon, clothing, 626 Market, h 1126 

Bryan Margaret, hotel, 230 S Water 
Bryan Nathaniel G., moulder, 1030 Olive 
Bryan Patrick, driver, 1011 Carpenter 
Brvan Robert D. D., salesman, 304 Market, h N 

E 16th 1- Filbert 
Bryan Richard, saloon, 1118 Market, h 5 S 13th 
Bryan Samuel, laborer, 33 Worrell 
Bryan Samuel, laborer, 525 Bedford 
Bryan S. M., clothing, 221 S 2d, h S E 4th & 

Bryan Thomas, plumber, S E llth & Race, h 1030 

Bryan T. M., gentleman, 431 Market, h 13th & 

Bryan Walter, laborer, 1242 York 
Bryan William, blacksmith, 3 Huey pi 
Bryan Wm. L., packer, 53 N 3d, h 770 Judson 
Bryan Wm. L., printer, 1317 Poplar t' 
Bryan Wm. S., drygoods, 1131 Callowhill 
Bryan Wm S., hosiery, &a., 107 & 109 N 9th 
Bryant W. H., cabinetmaker, 1108 Hunter's row 
Bryant Alexander, clerk, 1001 S 3d 
Bryant Caleb, waiter, 418 Lvnd 
Bryant Charles, carman, 418 Lynd 
Bryant Charles, captain, 1001 S 3d 
Bryant Isaac C, Jr., carpenter, 1735 Alder 
Bryant Jacob, grocer, 418 Lynd 
Bryant John D., M.D., 45 N 17th 
Bryant John G., agent, 354 N Front 
Bryant Joseph, gilder, 1630 Amboy 
Bryant Lewis, briekmaker, 418 Lynd 
Bryant Mary, grocery, 1001 S 3d 
Bryant Richard, shoemaker, 1844 Warnock 
Bryant Thomas, stonecutter, 1536 Callowhill 

Bryant William, weaver, 1536 Callowhill 

Bryant William H., manuf., 1536 Callowhill 

Bryden John, carpenter, 1458 Cherry 

Bryen William, gentleman, 763 Plover 

Bryer William, vinegar, 575 Lehigh av 

Bryers Lewis, shoemaker, 21 N Juniper 

Bryley Thomas, weaver, 2005 Mascher 

Biynard Leonard, cabinetmaker, 1533 Thompson 

Bryne Franklin A., moulder, 1115 Anita 

Bryne James, gentleman, 1635 Fitzwaler 

Bryne Patrick, hotel, 3407 Ridge av 

Bryne William, driver, 1635 Fitzwater 

Bryning Christiana M., 2006 Apple 

Bryns Robert, plasterer, 722 Carpenter 

Bryson Alexander C, printer, 135 N 16th 

Bryson Anna, millinery, 36 S 16th 

Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 6 Tiller's ct 

Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 1610 Sansom 

Bryson James, driver, 1003 Nnble 

Bryson J.imes, laborer, 2521 Pine 

Bryson James, weaver, 333 Bradford 

Bryson James H., Sr., printer & stationer, 2 & 8 

N 6th, h 122 N 17th 
Bryson James H., Jr., printer, 2 & 8 N 6th, h 122 

N 17th 
Bryson John, laborer, 1054 Hunter 
Bryson John, laborer, 1013 Dorranee 
Bryson John, stonecutter, r 1936 Moravian 
Bryson John B., printer, 2 & 8 N 6th, h 1034 N 

9 th 
Bryson Joseph H., printer, 2 & 8 N 6tfa 
Bryson J. Henry, stationer, 8 N 6th, h 122 N 17th 
Bryson Michael, groceries, 925 S llth 
Brvson Samuel, coal dealer, 1325 Washington av, 

h 910 S 5th 
BRYSON & SON {James H. if J. Henry Bryson), 

stationers k printers, 2 & 8 N 6th 
Bryson William, coachman, 1632 Helmuth 
Bryson William, shoemaker, 736 Jamison 
Bryson William, waterman, 423 Jlonroe 
Bryson William, weaver. 1914 Pemberton 
Bryson Wm. P., clerk, 8 N 6th, h 122 N 17th 
Brzeski Anthony, dyer, 35 Wister 
Bubeck William, shoemaker, 1014 Hope 
Bubser Charles, tailor, r 974 Lawrence 
Bucannon Thomas, laborer, 22d <fc Cherry 
Buch B. M., wigmaker, 330 Callowhill 
Bueh Henry, conductor, 2438 Frankford 
Buch Henry, pocketbook maker, 418 N 4tb, h 905 

Bueh n. & G. {Henry ^ George Buch), soap & 

candles. 1208 & 1210 Shackamaxon 
Buchamm William, sheetiron worker, 703 N ISth 
Buehan John, laborer, 132 Janes, Myk 
Buchan John, packer, 730 Hepburn 
Buchanan Ales., carpenter, 4516 Clinton, Gtn 
Buchanan Abraham C, druggist, 107 Arch, bds 

Commercial Hotel 
Buchanan Alex. S., bookkeeper, 12 Decatur, h 
■ 710 S 16th 

Buchanan Annie P., teacher, 1618 Poplar 
Buchanan David, fireman, 1911 South 
Buchanan David, weaver, 833 N 36th 
Buchanan & Edmunds {James R. Buchanan, if 

Parsons Eil7ninids), weighers, 154 N Del av 
Buchanan Edward, machinist, 618 Carpenter 
Buchanan Ellen, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan George, hatter, 1613 American 
Buchanan George, sexton, 1538 Cherry 
Buchanan Henry, printer, 623 S 2d 
Buchanan George A., blacksmith, 206 Diamond 
Buchanan Isaac, blacksmith, 421 Worth 
Buchanan James, clerk, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan James, grain measurer, 613 Washing- 
ton av 





t-s O 




















Buchanan James, grocery, N W 23d & JeflFerson 
Buchanan James, laborer, 1723 Coates 
Buchanan James, laborer, 1211 Edgeraont 
Buchanan James, police, 188 Mechanic, Myk 
Buchanan James R. , weigher, 154 N Del av 
Buchanan Jane, 710 S 16'th 
Buchanan John, carpenter, 618 Carpenter 
Buchanan John, M.D., 227 N 12th 
Buchanan John, laborer, 2210 Christian 
Buchanan John, laborer, 138 Mechanic, Myk 
Buchanan, John, mechanic, 103 Diamond 
Buchanan John, shoemaker, 1001 Dorrance 
Buchanan John, waiter, 1625 Fitzwater 
Buchanan John, wheelwright, 317 N 18th 
Buchanan John A., dyer, 67 Wister, Gtn 
Buchanan J. B., carpenter, 347 Jarvis 
Buchanan Mrs., 307 Aberdeen 
Buchanan Margery, 731 Hepburn 
Buchanan Peter, shoemaker, 1001 Dorrance 
Buchanan Philip, bds 021 Lombard 
Buchanan Robert, laborer, 1046 Afton 
Buchanan Robert, machinist, 172!) Wood 
Buchanan Robert, optician, 728 Chestnut, h 505 

S Juniper 
Buchanan Robert, plasterer, Irving n 41st 
Buchanan Robert, shoemaker, 1001 Dorrance 
Buchanan Royal D., dealer in patent rights, 2034 

Buchanan Royalty Oil Co., 148 S 4th 
Buchanan R., presser, 118 Laurel 
Buchanan R. D., pumps, 708 Market, h 2034 

Buchanan Sarah P., music teacher, 1618 Poplar 
Buchanan Thomas, coal, 2211 Hamilton, h 1737 

Buchanan Thomas, grocery, 4347 Main, Myk 
Buchanan Thomas, machinist, 720 S 16th 
Buchanan Thomas A., grocer, 946 N 12th 
Buchanan Walter, laborer, 1919 South 
Buchanan William, cabinetmaker, 534 N 19th 
Buchanan William, carpenter, 434 German 
Buchanan William, dyer, 722 Lord 
Buchanan William, Jr., dyer, 722 Lord 
Buchanan AVilliam, laborer, 1242 Tilton 
Buchanan William, liquors, 341 Dean 
Buchanan William, moulder, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan William, salesman, 211 N 9th 
Buchanan William, weaver, r 611 Emlen 
Buchanan William G., druggist, 1639 Amboy 
Buchanan William J., coal, Broad & South, h 

1606 Montrose 
Buchanan William, laborer, 2029 Evergreen 
Buchannan Andrew, laborer, 1721 South 
Buchannan David C, gentleman, 1 Kinley's ct 
Buchannan George, laborer, 310 Lombard 
Buchannan James, brickmaker, 203 Dean 
Buchannan James, hotel, 505 S 23d 
Buchannan James, watchman, 1328 Rodman 
Buchannan James A., brickmaker, 1832 Lombard 
Buchannan John, shoemaker, 1622 Lombard 
Buchannan Richard, groceries, 314 S 2d 
Buchannan Robert, seaman, 301 Gaskill 
Buchannan Robert P., hotel, N W 10th & Locust 
Buchannan William, conveyancer, 1832 Lombard 
Buchannan William, salesman, 933 Passyunk av 
Buchecker Henry, clerk. Merchants' House, 413 

4 415 N .3d 
Bucheen Frederick, shoemaker, 525 S 3d 
Bucher August M., salesman, 19 N 8th, h 321 

Bucher Gabriel, hackdriver, r 706 N Front 
BtlCHER HENRY F., druggist, N W 2d & 

Columbia av 
Buchey Isaac, merchant, 29 N 3d, h 460 N 7th 
Bucher Stephen, clerk, 460 N 7th 

Bucherherst Henry, baker. Main bel Rex, Chest- 
nut Hill 
Buchert Jacob, tinsmith, 3652 Germantown av 
Buchert Jeremiah Y., boot & shoe maker, 2143 

N 6th 
Buchey J. J., clerk. 1929 Cherry 
Buchert Theodore R., butcher, 2106 N 5th 
Buchhalter Gottlieb, cigarmaker, 2831 Mascher 
Buchman Bernard, weaver, 308 Dauphin 
Buchman Christian, greengrocer, 516 Poplar 
Buchman Frederick, tailor, 10 Strauss ct 
Buchman George W., roofer, 1819 Coates 
Buchmann Godfried, shoemaker, 465 Franklin 
Buchmann Gottlieb, baker, 323 N 19th 
Buchnan Jacob, shoes, 836 N 10th 
Buchner F., millinery, 949 N 2d 
Buchwald Mrs. J., 971 Randolph 
Buchy Nicholas, sheet iron worker, 312 German 
Buck Adam, watchman, 606 St John 
Buck Alonzo, roller, 1138 Dunton 
Buck Benjamin S., M.D., 1211 Market 
Buck Byron H., salesman, 134 Chestnut, h 827 

Buck Caroline, 1753 N 10th 
Buck Chauncey, gentleman, 1211 Market 
Bucic Daniel, lumber dealer, 1505 N 5th, h 1422 

N 7th 
Buck Daniel, shoemaker, 311 Julianna 
Buck Daniel H., conveyancer, 226 S 3d, h 1211 

Buck D. &, Bros. {Dnriiel if James Buck), lumber 

dealers, 1505 N 5th 
Buck Elizabeth, 1647 S Front 
Buck Foster, machinist, 719 S 3d 
BUCK FRANCIS N., prest. Fame Insurance Co., 

406 Chestnut, h C Hill 
Buck Frank, clerk, 212 N 10th 
Buck Frederick, engineer, 1422 N Front 
Buck Fred'k, pattern maker, 1014 Marlborough 
Buck Frederick J., M.D., 770 S 15th 
Buck George, cake baker, r 1023 Charlotte 
Buck George, clerk, 34 N 4th, h 121 Beck pi 
Buck George, saloon, 1200 Passyunk av 
Back George L , painter, 1241 Griffith 
Buck Hartwell T., salesman, 621 Franklin 
Buck Henry, salesman, 1753 N 10th 
Buck Isaac, baker, 2 Gifford pi 
Buck Jacob, driver, r 1028 Lawrence 
Buck James, hotel, S W Vine & Crown 
Buck James, lumber dealer, 1605 N 5th, h 1425 

Buck James, weaver, 435 York 
Buck Jerome H., carpenter, 1015 Tasker 
Buck John, M.D., 826 N 19th 
Buck John, driver, 2437 Coral 
Buck John B., blacksmith, 950 Leithgow 
Buck John V , sheet iron, 1211 Market 
Buck Joseph, marine, 1440 S Front 
Buck Joseph, shoemaker, 1002 Cumberland 
Buck Joseph F., clerk, 44 N 9th 
Buck Julia, 121 Prime 
Buck Leonard, hotel, 406 N Front 
Buck Louis, carman, 506 St John 
Buck Lot, tailor, 321 Wharton 
Buck Margaret, candy store, 5 Green 
Buck Mountain Coal Co., 320 Walnut 
Buck Nathan, steward, 6 Burwick pi 
Buck Robert, teamster, 1361 Shippen 
Buck Robert G., hatter, 441 German 
Buck Roswell H., clerk, 28 S 3d, h 256 N 

Buck Samuel, 1921 N 4th 
Buck Samuel, waiter, r 617 Ronaldson 
Buck Samuel, painter, 3 Ellett's av 
Buck Swain, gentleman, 1316 N 11th 




Buck Misses The, 1524 Chestnut 

Buck Theodore, shoemaker, 607 Peach 

Buck Walter S., tinsmith, 431 Hackley 

Buck "William, clerk, 256 ^ Juniper 

Buck William, laborer, r 1341 Potts 

Buck William, painter, 918 Sergeant 

Buck William, merchant, Chelton ab Gtn av 

Buck William, salesman, 1228 Thompson 

Buck William, salesman, 1753 N 10th 

Buck William, Tictualler, 176 Columbia av 

Buck William A., clerk, 211 Chestnut, h 256 X 

Back William B., merchant, 519 Market, h 1733 

Buck William H.. clerk, 1307 Ontario 
Buck William H , laborer, 1526 Pearl 
Buck William J., lamps, 827 Yine 
Buck William R., manuf. gas tubes, 113 S 4th, h 

C Hill 
Buckby George, -sreaver, 4532 Miller 
Bucke Theodore, machinist, 2507 Xaudain 
Buekes James, painter, 29 ^S^ 35th 
Bucking Frederick, locksmith. 4229 Main, Myk 
Bucking William E., machinist, 4227 Main, Myk 
Buckingham George, tinsmith, 4 Clawges ct 
Buckingham Isaac, tailor, 117 S 4th, h 338 S 6th 
Buckingham James, carpenter, 1010 Wood 
Buckingham John E., clerk, 243 N 9th 
Buckingham L. H., teacher, 1318 Chestnut 
Buckingham Lucius H., teacher, 1845 N 13th 
Buckingham MapT, Slossman n Canal 
Buckingham T. L., dentist, 243 X 9th 
Buckingham William, eheesemaker, 1248 Nagle 
Buckingham William, gents' furnishing, 338 S 

Buckis Lewis F., trucker, 3835 Market 
Buckis Robert G., police, 3833 Market 
Buckius A. J., salesman, 21 S 2nth 
Buckius John, carpenter, 21 S 20th 
Buckius J. L., drygoods, 4617 Frankford 
Buckius Rudolph, butcher, 3930 Frankford av 
Buckius William, butcher, 3914 Frankford et 
Buckler Maria L., tailoress, 1241 Heath 

Buckley . merchant, 1917 Ridge av 

Buckley A , hatter, 449 X 10th 

Buckley Abraham, laborer, 1224 Fulton 

Buckley Alfred, carder, 311 Worth 

Buckley Andy, weaver, 1236 Fulton 

Buckley Andrew, hatter, 538 Linden 

Buckley Ann, notions, Richmond n Reading RR 

Buckley Charles, conductor, 2507 Hamilton 

Buckley Charles, real estate, 1025 Walnut, h 806 

St John 
Buckley Clement A., gentleman, 1305 Spruce 
Buckley Cornells, laborer, 183 Dauphin 
Buckley Dennis, laborer, 928 Huntingdon 
Buckley Edwin, carriage trimmer, 818 York 
Buckley Edwin, mer., 314 Bridge, Whitehall 
Buckley Edwin H., shoe manuf, 122 N 6th, h 

536 Redwood 
BrCKLEY EDWARD, contractor, 511 Otis 
BUCKLEY EDWARD S., Gray's Ferry Boiler 

Iron Works, office 230 Walnut, h 308 S 10th 
Bueklev Eli P., stationer, 3837 Market 
Buckley Elizabeth, 818 York 
Buckley Francis, porter, 22 Mayland 
Buckley & Geasey (Ketihen N. BueJchy ^ G. 

Washington Geasey), cabinet &, turning mills, 

23d k Chestnut 
Buckley George, grocer, 307 S Front 
Buckley George, machinist, 2109 Memphis 
Bueklev George E., draughtsman, 110 S 4th, h 

818 York 
Buckley Hannah, 528 S 11th 
Buckley Hannah, 1710 Cuba 

Buckley Henry, silver chaser, 818 York 
Buckley Henry, blacksmith, 100 Union 
Buckley Henry, carpenter, 1937 Watt 
Buckley Henry, wool spinner, Front &, Norris 
Buckley James, bricklayer, 1245 Alder 
Buckley James, engineer, 721 X 36th 
Buckley James, hatter, 15! Mechanic, Myk 
Buckley James, spinner, 327 Hazzard 
Buckley James S., dyer, 735 Howard 
Bueklev James W,, clerk. 12th &. Peters 
Buckley John, cutler, bds 1623 Market 
Buckley John, spinner, 191 Centre, Myk 
Bueklev John, victualler, 8 Hydes ct 
BUCKLEY JOnX. spokes, hubs, feUoes, Ac, 

manuf 1022 & 1024 Xew Market 
Buckley John M., butcher, 1107 Brown 
Buckley Joseph, laborer, 1838 Sepviva 
Buckley Joseph, liquors, <fee., 710 Race 
Bueklev Joseph, mechanic. Front & Xorris 
, Buckley J. Henrv, clerk, 1204 Race 
\ Buckley & Klingler [E. H. Buckley ^ 31. P. 

KUnshr), shoe manuf, 122 X 6th 
I Buckley Mary, 2009 Palethorp 
! Bueklev Marv, r 1636 Palethorp 
Buckley Mary E,, millinery, 204 X 8th 
Buckley Michael, laborer, 2625 South 
I Buckley Michael, laborer, 2370 Memphis 
\ Buckley Michael, laborer, Seneca k Florida 
Buckley Xathaniel P., sup. Eastern Market, h 

1605 X 12th 
Buckley 0. B., moulder, 735 Gaul 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, 2425 Cedar 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, Melville pi 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, 2043 Bedford 
Buckley Patrick, saddler, 1014 Jefferson 
Buckley Reuben X.. cabinet k turning mills, 23d 

k Chestnut, h 4018 Chestnut 
Buckley Robert P„ dealer, 340 X Water 
Buckley Samuel, currier, 324 Girard av 
Buckley Sarah, 3928 Lancaster av 
Buckley Sidney, shoemaker, 124 South 
Buckley Thomas, carpenter, 1618 Shippen 
Buckley Thomas, Friendship hotel. Front k Xor- 

Buckley Thomas, laborer, 2425 Cedar 
Buckley Thomas, moulder, bds 127 Chenango 
Bueklev Thomas, wheelwright, 919 Federal 
Buckley Titus C, tavern, 12th & Peters 
Backley Travis, spinner, 42 Adams, Fkd 
Buckley William, fireman, 1224 Hibberd 
Bueklev William, laborer, 1014 Jefferson 
Bueklev William C, M.D., 1703 X 11th 
Buckley William H., machinist, 4102 Paul 
Buckley William 0., coal, 226 Walnut, h 958 

Buckman A. X., clerk, 930 Coates 
Buckman Benjamin, carpenter, 504 Spruce 
Buckman B. Benjamin, salesman, 1842 Mervine 
Buckman Edward, painter, 802 Duane 
Buckman Edward D., M,D., 1030 Spring Garden 
Buckman Frederick, tailor, 10 Strauss ct 
Buckman Jacob T., driver, 1432 Huchinson 
Buckman James, clerk, 645 X 8th 
Buckman James, druggist, S E Green & 8th, h 

645 X 8th 
Buckman James, gentleman, 1030 Spring Garden 
Buckman Lewis, coal, pier 12 Port Richmond & 

328 Walnut, h Xew York 
Buckman Morris, merchant, 1417 N 13th 
Buckman Robert, conveyancer, 926 Sp Garden 
Buckman Sarah, 721 X 7th 
Buckman William C, 802 Duane 
Buckman William M., bookkeeper, 9th & Jeffer- 
son, h 1338 X nth 
BuckmasterEzekiel, waterman, 515 X Front 













t— J c3 

la bD 
-^ d 
o 5 



M c3 



Backmaster James S., salesman, 114 S Delaware 

av, h 830 S Front 
Buckminster Gustavus C, clerk, 1238 S 10th 
Bucknell Joseph, D D., 1445 N 8th 
Bucknell Joseph W., missionary, 1445 N 8th 
Bucknell Mark D., telegrapher, 1129 Ellsworth 
Bucknell William, bricklayer, 1445 N Sth 
Bucknell Willirtm. gentleman, 1031 Walnut 
Bucknell William T., telegrapher, 1129 Ellsworth 
Buckner Charles, grocer, 13th k Race, h 1222 Race 
Buckner Jacob, weaver, 1222 Race 
Buckner William, carman, 1 Hydes ct 
Bueknor A. J., com. mer, 38 NDel av, h 280 S 

Bueknor A. J., Jr.. com. mer, 38 N Del av, h 

280 S 3d 
BFCKNOR, McCAMMON k CO. (A. J. Bnchior, 

David C. JTrCainmon, A. J. Bueknor, Jr., if 

Hunry 'Nassau), tobacco com. mers., 38 N Del 

av & 37 X Water 
Bucknum Cornelius, painter, 1166 N 4th 
Buekrot Joseph, liquor store. 308 N 3d, h 1210 X 

Buekson James, rigger, 1200 S 7th 
Buckstater John, butcher, r olfi Fitzwater 
Buckstin J., drover, 5rt2 Taylor 
Buckston John M.. driver, 506 .S 5th 
Buckus George, silversmith, 511 S 11th 
Buckus William, gentleman, 40 N 11th 
Buckwalter Charles, attorney-at-law, 204 S 5th, 

h 634 N 7th 
Buckwalter David, gentleman, 634 N 7th 
Buckwalter Hiram, tinsmith, 1144 S 8th 
Buckwalter Robert, machinist, 653 N 13th 
Buckwalter R. F., paper warehouse, 507 Minor 
Buckwell Edward G.. M.D., 1129 Ellsworth 
Buckwell M. D., chief telegraph operator. 37 S 3d 
BUDD & CO. (J. E. Flf.tcher Budd 4- D. H. 

Lane), internal revenue claim agents, 274 S 3d 
Budd J. E. Fletcher, claim agent, 274 S 3d, h 

2256 Frankford av 
Budd Francis, clerk, 633 X 6th 
Budd George D , attorney-at-law, 707 Walnut, h 

212 W Washington sq 
Budd George W., paint maker, 543 Mercury 
Budd Henry, flour merchant, 503 N 7th 
Budd Henry, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Budd Henrv, president Xorthern Liberty Gas Co 
Budd Henry k Co., 235 X Water k 238 X Del av 
Budd H. k S. (Hniry ^ Samuel Budd), lock- 
smiths, 33 Strawberry 
Budd Isaac, bricklayer. X E 21st k Pine 
Budd John, assessor, 1253 Mascher 
Budd John, bricklayer, 4 Hewitt pi 
Budd John, engineer, 11 Ferris ct 
Budd John B., commission merchant, 1317 Spruce 
Budd Joseph, merchant. 204 X Delaware av i 

Budd J. S., student, 528 Walnut, h 514 Cooper, 

Budd Samuel, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 , 

Budd Sarah, 705 Townsend 
BUDD THOMAS A , counsellor-at-law, 212 W ' 

Washington sq 
Budd Thomas A., Jr., attorney-at-law, 212 W t 

Washington sq | 

Budd Walter J., attorney-at-law. 528 Walnut, h 

1234 N 10th 
Budd William, bricklayer, 1123 Hancock 
Budd William, laborer," 1425 Buttonwood 
Budddenbawn William, tailor, 1435 Mifflin 
Buddy Albert M., bookkeeper, 1409 Chestnut 
Buddy Daniel, laborer, 8 Good 
JBuddy Isaiah, carpenter, 726 Shirley 

Buddy John, bread k cakes, 124 S Ifith 
Buddy John M., druggist, 1410 Lombard 
Buddy J. Marshall, druggist, N E Broad & 

Buddy Lewis, confectioner, 1409 Chestnut 
Buddy Lewis, Jr., bookkeeper, 824 N Sth 
Buddy William, laborer. 8 Good 
Buder William, brass finisher, 868 Orchard 
Budlong W. H., M.D , 156 X 5th 
Budres Dolphin, seamstress, 608 S 8th 
Bueeker Charles, Jr., clerk, 462 St John 
Bueeker Charles F., Sr., sugar refiner, 462 St John 
Buehler Anna R., gentlewoman, 1207 Race 
Buehler Casper, tailor, 335 R-dwood 
Buehler Christian, grocer, 1604 X 10th 
Buehler George, gentleman, 1316 Otis 
Buehler George M., locksmith, 135 Pegg 
Buehler Gottlieb, cigarmaker, 2109 Emerald 
Buehler Gustav, baker, 850 Lawrence 
BUEHLER, HOWARD k CO. (M. Bnehhr, R. 
H. Howard, C.P Sufisxerott ^ G. Bonbright), 
hardware <fc cutlery, 427 Market k 416 Com- 
Buehler Jacob, tobacconist, 1124 South 
Buehler Louisa, 1224 Struthers 
Buehler Martin, hardware merchant, 427 Mar- 
ket, 517 Brown 
Buehler Mary, boarding house, 844 X 3d 
Buehler Robert M., salesman, 427 Market, h 517 

Buehler William, butcher, 1545 Germantawn av 
Buek Francis, stationery, 121 Callowhill 
Bueker Joseph, cooper, 1760 Hale 
Buenaventura Seoane, Peruvian minister, 1624 

Buerdsell James, machinist, Geiss la, Frankford 
Buerkley Philip, baker, 1212 X 2d 
Buerklj- Charles, intelligence office, 806 St John 
Buerkly Jacob, cutter, S06 St John 
Buffington Eliza, 1919 Race 
Buffington J., organ builder, 131 S 11th 
Buffington Lee H., clerk, 2023 Arch 
Buffington L. AV., M.D., 427 Chestnut, h 2023 

Buffington Richard, helper, 320 N 31st 
Buffington T., Mrs., 310 X 13ih 
Buffun Anna V., ladies' seminary 1409 k 1411 

Bugbee George W. , caterer. 229 Jacoby 
Buggy James, factor, 2053 Catharine 
Buggy Joseph P., manuf, 25th & Factory, h 2038 

Buggy Peter, manuf, 25th k Factory 
Buggy Robert, laborer, 2039 Catharine 
Buggy William, woollen mill, 21st k Washing- 
ton av, h 248 S 22d 
Bueh James L., merchant, 602 Market, States' 

Union hotel 
Bugle James, boot treer, 306 Clark 
Bugles Phineas, sailmaker, 135 Craven 
Bugless S., tailor, Julia ab Coates 
Buhburn Philip, cordwainer. r 1009 St John 
Buhk John, hostler, 2526 Coral 
Buhl Christian, tavern, 1200 Poplar 
Buhl Vincent, tailor, r 930 X 6th 
Buist Alexander P., carpenter, Erety 
Buist Anthony, salesman, 233 Market, h 1517 

Buist David, seedsman, 1625 Market, h 1529 

Buist James, Jr., salesman, 427 Market, h 1517 

Buist k Jones (David Buist (^ William H. 
Jones), seedsmen, 1625 Market 




Baist John M., brick manuf, 1323 S Broad 
Buist J., builder, 1517 Lombard 
BUIST ROBERT, Jr., seed & agricultural ware- 
bouse, 922 & 924 Market, h 2016 Arch 
Bulah Jeffrey, waiter, 403 S 12th 
Bulah Sarah, 1713 Vasey 
Buland Alexander, laborer, 330 N 23d 
Bulaugh J., preacher, 703 Minster 
Bulard Alexander, restaurant, Callowhill & 6th 
Buley Samuel, waiter, 246 Schell 
Bulfinch John, driver, 1340 Bedford 
Bulfinch Robert, baker, 1704 Vasey 
Bulfinch Thomas, baker, 1227 South 
Bulfinch William, baker, 223 Manship 
Bulger John, stonecutter, 1337 Olive 
Bulkey William 0., coal, pier 13 N Port Rich- 
mond, h Shackamaxon 
Bulkley M. S., president Preston Coal Company, 

205;^ Walnut, h 1901 Spring Garden 
Bulkley W. Alexander, clerk, 1627 Francis 
Bull Abigail C, confectioner, 3958 Market 
Bull A. C. & Co. (A. C. Bull, S. White &f E. 11. 

Conrad), confectioners, 3958 Market 
Bull Creek Oil Company, 411 Chestnut 
Bull Cyrus J., gentleman, h 2123 Green 
BULL GEORGE, attorney-at-law, 241 S 3d, h 

228 S 40th 
Bull Hetty, washerwoman, 525 Bedford 
Bull H. Heber, stockbroker, 209 S 4th, h 1633 

Bull John, carpenter, 1248 Warnoek 
Bull Lewis G , Jr., clerk, 1431 Vine 
Bull Mary A., 421 Diamond 
Bull & North (R. Heber Bull 4- George H. 

North), stockbrokers, 209 S 4th 
Bull Tegil, salesman, 1009 S Front 
Bull William M., attorney-at-law, 134 S 6th, h 

1425 Filbert 
Bull William M., clerk, 1431 Vine 
Bullabach Jacob, shoemaker, r 1537 Cabot 
Bullard Edward, 1230 Locust 
Bullard Edward B., student. Broad & Spruce 
Bullard E. C, 1227 Monterey 
Bullard E. C, M.D., 326 S 17th 
Bullard Philip, laborer, r 810 Enquirer 
Bullen F. E., Mrs., 1152 S 6th 
Bullerjeau John, lamps, <fec., 461 Franklin 
Bullet Lavinia, washing, Ludlow n 41st 
Bullinger John V., packer, 1213 Savery 
BULLITT JOHN C, attorney-at-law, 32 S 3d, 

h 262 S 3d 
BuHmer Benjamin, trunk maker, 518 Oxford 
BuUmer William, saddler, 518 Oxford 
BuUmer Robert, laborer. 15 Barney av 
Bullock Bathsheba, 1318 Myrtle 
Bullock Benjamin, 220 W Logan sq 
Bullock Benjamin, merchant, 40 & 42 S Front, h 

1726 Spruce 
Bullock Charles, druggist, N E 6th & Arch, h 

1017 Clinton 
Bullock Charles K., merchant, 1128 Market 
BULLOCK & CRENSHAW [Charles Bulloch b( 

Edmwid A Crenshaiv), wholesale druggists 

& chemists, N E Arch & 6th 
Bullock George, contractor, 863 N 7th 
Bullock George, wool, 40 & 42 S Front, h Con- 

Bullock James M., merchant, 40 & 42 S Front, 

h 220 W Logan sq 
Bullock John, gardener, 330 Dean 
Bullock Joseph W., wool, 40 & 42 S Front, h 

1822 Arch 
Bullock Jonathan, contractor, 863 N 7th 
Bulloc^~& Martin [Charles K. Bullock (^ Joh7i C. 

Martin), millstones, 1128 Market 

Bullock Samuel M., sash, 120 Thompson 
Bullocck Susan, 2014 Locust 

Bullock Thomas H., apothecary, 2305 Ashburton 
Bullock William, press builder, 120 Exchange pi, 

h 1324 Jefferson 
Bullock William, wool, 32 N 3d, 4 1731 Arch 
Bullock's Benjamin Sons [Joseph W., George, 

Beujaniiii (^ James ikf. Bullock), woollen 

dealers, 40 & 42 S Front & 39 Letitia & Hay- 
Bulmurphy Archer, laborer, 1811 N 2d 
Bulson & Brokensha [Gilbert Bulson ^ David 

Brohenslni), produce, 258 S Front 
Bulson Gilbert, produce, 258 S Front, h 321 

Stephen, Camden, N J 
Bultman G., shoe manuf, 2d & Arch, h 1125 

Bum Charles, blacksmith, 1061 Beach 
Bumbaugh Charles, painter, 20 Ashland 
Bumbaugh Charles, Jr., painter. 20 Ashland 
Bumbaugh George, painter, 20 Ashland 
Bamberger George, painter, 722 Otis 
Bumbower John, dyer, 448 St John 
Bumell Ann, 3608 Warren 
Bumgardner George, driver, 276 S 37th 
Bumgardner Henry, brickmaker, 3643 Darby rd 
Bumgardner John, barber, 1044 Richmond 
Bumgardner Philip, brickmaker, 3643 Darby rd 
Bumgardner Richard, brickmaker, 3643 Darby rd 
Bumgartner Valentine, cordw, 1112 Galloway 
Bumm Charles, filer, Paxon & Lancaster 
Bumm Edward F , shipcarpenter, 134 Onas 
Bumm George W., merchant, 200 N Delaware av, 

h 1771 Frn.nkford av 
BUMM HENRY, City Treasurer's office, Girard 

building, h 1314 Beach 
Bumm Jacob, laborer, r 919 E Palmer 
Bumm Jacob, umbrella maker, 425 Thompson 
Bumm John, Jr , silverplater, 1122 Marlborough 
Bumm John, whipmaker, 453 Moyer 
Bumm John S., silverplater, 1122 Marlborough 
Bumm Mary, 1010 E Montgomery av 
Bumm Peter G., gasfitter, 1122 Marlborough 
Bumm Samuel H., grain dealer, 216 Allen 
Bumm Susannah, 437 Thompson 
Bumm William, merchant, 200 N Delaware av, h 

1769 Frankford av 
Bumm William, shipcarpenter, 811 Rachel 
Bumm William & Son ( William (^ George W. 

Bumm), salt, 200 N Delaware av 
Bun J. Earl, measurer, c h, 413 E Dauphin 
Bunberry Henry, chemist, 2025 Cedar 
Sunday Thomas, laborer, r 712 Bedford 
Bunday William A., shoemaker, 1031 South 
Bundick Anna M., housecleaning, 1527 Carver 
Bundick Elizabeth, washerwoman, Hortre's block 
Bundick Ro=anna, washerwoman, Horter's block 
Bundick William, laborer, 729 Lisle 
Bundy Thomas R., clothing, 105 S 2d, h 814 

Bungaardt John, morocco finisher, 1029 Sarah 
Bunhn Frederick, engraver, 903 Rachel 
Bunker A. G., broker, 130 Walnut, h New York 
Bunker Brothers & Co.(ii. II. ^A. G. Btn,lcer hf 

John Griersoii), petroleum brokers, 130 Walnut 
Bunker E. H., broker, 130 Walnut, h New York 
Bunker John, messenger, 527 Mellwain 
Bunker S. A., broker, 130 Walnut, 1205 Brown 
Bunn Albert G., cotton spinner, 1005 Lawrence 
Bunn Alexander, bone turner, 1005 Lawrence 
Bunn k Bro. [George B. Bun7i 4- William M. 

Burnt), carvers, 1006 N 4th 
Bunn Daniel S., carpenter, 1106 Parrish 
Bunn Edward V., sheetiron, 6th & Poplar, h 1610 

N 7th 



I— • 







o «H 





I— • 












O o 














Bunn George B., carver. 1006 N 4th, h 956 N 3d 
Bunn H. F., merchant, 49 N 3d, h N E 20th & 

Bunn James H., paperhanger, 1721 Moravian 
Bunn John H., druggist, 2062 Ridge av 
Bunn William, M.D., 1925 Callowhill 
Bunn William, laborer. 510 N 24th 
Bunn William M., carver, 1006 N 4th, h 1005 

Bunnell David S., coal merchant, 1821 N 13th 
Bunner J , carpet weaver, 58 Wistar, Gtn 
Bunner William S., butcher. 842 Leonard 
Bunte Charles, confectioner, 12i9 N 2d 
Bunting Alexander, confectionerv, 1527 South 
Bunting Charles W., hardware, 817 N 2d, h 605 

N 8th 
Bunting Daniel, machinist, 255 Lybrand 
Bunting Daniel S., gentleman, 510 N 4th 
Bunting Daniel W., machinist, 255 Lybrand 
Bunting David, laborer, Foulkrod n Franklin 
Bunting E. M., carpenter, 1304 N 7th 
Bunting George H., confectioner, 140 Otter 
Bunting George W., inspector, 1009 Gtn av 
Bunting Henry, framework knitter, 2253 N 2d 
Bunting Henry B., merchant, 114 Walnut, h 511 

S loth 
Bunting H. B., 3928 Walnut 
Bunting Jabez, drygoods, 19^ Strawberry, h 326 

S 15th 
Bunting James, engineer, 1633 Carpenter 
Bunting James, plumber, S W 16th & South 
Bunting John, bookkeeper, 32 S 6th, h S E 34th & 

Bunting John, stampcutter, 1801 Front 
Bunting Joseph S., auctioneer, 282 & 284 Market, 

h 1632 Vine 
Bunting Jo.^hua, clerk, 3928 Walnut 
Bunting Josiah, salesman, 311 Market.h 326 S 15th 
Bunting J. R., upholsterer, 219 S 2d 
Bunting J. S., cloth, 2d & Chestnut 
BUNTING & McDonnell {Henri/ B. Bluing 
^ Teiente McDonnell), wines & liquors, 114 
Bunting Michael, cigar manufacturer, 251 N 2d, 

h 206 Coates 
BUNTING &, MIDDLETON {Charles W. Bun- 
ting Si- B. L. Bliddleton), hardware, 817 N 2d 
Bunting M., Mrs., trimmings, 1126 Pine 
Bunting Richard, patternmaker, 140 Otter 
Bunting Samuel, auctioneer, 282 & 284 Market, 

h Darby 
BUNTING SAMUEL B., plumber, 1352 South 
Bunting Samuel C, Jr., gentleman, 2116 Arch 
Bunting Samuel C, real estate. Merchants' Ex- 
change, h 3807 Walnut 
BUNTING SAxMUEL S., druggist, N E 10th & 

Bunting Sarah J., hoodmaker, 1441 N Front 
Bunting Sarah N., shoebinder, 906 Alder 
Bunting Theodore, teacher, 716 S 16th 
Bunting Theresa, upholteress, 820 S 12th 
Bunting & Turner {J. S. Bunting if Andrew 

Turner), cloth, 2d <fc Chestnut 
Bunting William, bottler, 1816 Montrose 
Bunting William, coal, 2011 Callowhill, h Darby 
Bunting William, hotel, 1623 South 
Bunting William, provisions, 824 N 10th 
Bunting William, salesman, 429 Market 
Bunting William H., engineer, 255 Lybrand 
Buob Charles, butcher, 816 E Dauphin 
Buob Frank, tanner, r 1424 Brinton 
Bur Lawrence, broker, 43 S 3d, h 628 Wood 
Burbach Francis H., missionary, 518 N 7th 
Burbage &, Co. {J. L. Burbage, A. T. Jester, J, 
N. Jester), produce, 117 Delaware av market 

Burbage J. L., merchant, 117 Delaware av market, 

h 733 S 2d 
Burbeck John, bookkeeper, 1402 Moyamensing av 
Burbett Arthur, carpenter, 1414 Ogden 
Burbridge William, coffee roaster, r 1230 N 3d 
Burbrige Charles, shoemaker, 6 G:ifFney's av 
Burch Francis, expressmm, 1030 Carpenter 
Burch John, gent, 1242 Taney 
Burch John T., cabinetmaker, 1231 Christian 
Burch Joseph G., millinery. 531 N 2d 
Burchard Dudley, clerk, 1320 Tiernan 
Burchell Alphonsus P., dealer, h 625 S 8th 
Burchell k Co. {Henry P. &f Alphonsus P. Bur- 
chell), furniture, N E 8th & Shippen 
Burchell Henry P., dealer, 625 S 8th 
Burchell John, glass dealer, 207 N 3d 
Burchell Joseph, 30 Church, Frankford 
Burck Fancis, 1018 S 9th 
Burd Mary J., shoes, 2026 Frankford av 
Burddy Jacob R. , clerk, 1029 Buttonwood 
Burdell Sandford H., milk. 792 S (Uh 
BURDEN ANDREW M.,M.D.,N E 8th & Federal 
Burden Clarence, attorney-at-law, 209 S 5th, h 

2102 W De Lancey pi 
Burden J. R., Jr., M.D., 243 S 3d 
Burdett W., tavern, 4 Pine 
Burdge John, mariner, 1354 Richmond 
Burdick Benjamin, planer, 43 S 17th 
Burdick Charles, machinist, 3314 Richmond 
Burdick James, salesman, 819 Chestnut 
Burdick Samuel, sailmaker, 135 Mead 
Burdict P. Salmon, blacking, 713 Jayne, h 1833 

Burdict & Wootten {Samuel P. Burdict ^ Rich- 
ard AI. Woo/ten) blacking manufs., 713 Jayne 
Burdigs Alfred, gunsmith, 2321 Jasper 
Burdine James, restaurant, 1809 N 12th 
Burdleburk Joseph, farmer, Ridge av n Wash- 
ington la 
BURDSALL J. H., confectionery, 1121 Chestnut 
Burdsall Jehu, provisions, 249 S 9th 
Burdsall Mahlon, carpenter, 2021 Tulip 
Burdsall R J., produce, 93 Delaware av market, 

h Camden, N J 
Burg Martin, machinist, 112 Poplar 
Burg Peter, grocer, 862 N 9th 
Burg Robert, carpenter, 1219 Randolph 
Burgaine Thomas, shoes, 1006 Poplar 
Burgan John, laborer, r 909 N 13th 
Burgauer Benjamin, manuf, 495 Dillwyn 
Burge Wm., carpet weaver, r 1310 Marlborough 
Burgen Henry, dealer, 410 Shippen 
Burgen Jeremiah, shoemaker, 730 Fallon 
Burgen Patrick, carpenter, 1909 Brown 
Burgenstock Godfrey, police, 7 Eisen av 
Burger Albert, merchant, 1128 Wallace 
Burger August, 418 N 8th 
Burger & Co.{G. A. Burger If A. Kuentzel), hats 

& caps, 224 Race 
Burger Charles W., baker, 911 Poplar 
Burger Christian, knife grinder, r 3410 Gtn av 
Burger Gottlieb, baker, 2003 Gerraantown av 
Burger Gottlieb, hats, 224 Race, h 633 Coates 
Burger Henry, carpenter, 1515 E Montgomery av 
Burger John, moulder, 1119 Sheaff al 
Burger Lewis, shoemaker, r 620 Hermitage 
Burger William, merchant, 1128 Wallace 
Burger William, policeman, 1914Naudain 
Burger William A., hats, 338 N 2d 
Burgerson, Phoebe, Mrs., 6 Dubree 
Burgert Charles, caps, 1120 N 2d 
Burgert Francis J., lager beer, 1612 Gtn av 
Burgess Aaron, M.D. 1082 Frankford av 
Burgess & Brother {IVm. S. if Thos S. Burgess), 
cigar dealers, 12 N 12th 




Burgess Edward, gentleman, 1212 Rodman 
Burgess Edward, weaver, 52d bel Kershaw 
Burgess Henry, salesman, 235 Dean 
Burgess Paul, musician, 308 N 20th 
Burgess Samuel, engineer, 2323 'Wright 
Burgess Samuel, superintendent, 1014 Palmer 
Burgess Thomas S., cigars, 12 N 12th 
Burgess Wesley F., 234 S Del av, h 11 IST 2d 
Burgess William, tobacconist, 1848 N 12th 
Burgess Wm. S., Penn Tobacco Works, 22d & 

Wood, h 1848 N 12th 
Burgh John, currier, 1232 Salmon 
Burgh William, boiler, 1926 Cuyler 
Burgheim Philip, music teacher, 1022 South 
Burgholz Hermann, umbrella maker, 241 Race 
Burgholz John, umbrella maker, 272 N 4th 
Burgholz Theodore, frame maker, 808 Chestnut, 

h 112 SSth 
Burgin Charles, glass manuf, 525 Girard &v, h Gtn 
Burgin Chas. F., chemist, 133 Arch, h Harvey, Gtn 
Burgin C. A., teacher, 1037 Walnut 
Burgin G. H., Jr., chemist, 133 Arch, h 15 Chelton 

av, Gtn 
Burgin Geo. H., glass manuf. 525 Girard av, h Gtn 
Burgin James, cooper, 835 N 15th 
Burgin John, cabinetmaker, 6 Layman pi 
Burgin John, glass manuf, 625 Girard av 
Burgin John H., chemist, 133 Arch, h 1310 N 8th 
Burgin Joseph, turner, 835 N 15th 
Burgin & Sons (Geo. H. Bur sin, Jr., Chas. F. 
Burgin, J. H. Burgin. &f Thos. M. Burgin), 
chemists A glass manuf, 133 Arch 
Burgin William, glass manuf, 525 Girard av 
Burgin Wm. M., chemist, 133 Arch,h 18th ab Arch 
Burgis Wm., cordwainer, 1329 Mervine 
Burgoon AYm., engineer, 712 Lindsay 
Burgoyne Saml, stock'g weaver, Morton & Me- 
chanic, Gtn 
Burgthal P., lager beer, 5th & Race 
Burgus Patrick, laborer, 105 S 24th 
Burhart John B., mer tailor, 1376 Ridge av 
Burin Thomas, porter, 1632 Camac 
Burk Andrew, bootmaker, 502 Dauphin 
Burk Andrew, salesman, 406 N Water 
Burk Barney, brickmaker, 1810 Seybert 
Burk Catharine, r 1129 Charlotte 
Burk Charles, bricklayer, r 1236 Crease 
Burk Charles, clerk, 118 Spruce 
Burk Charles, moulder, 1131 Hancock 
Burk Charles, police, 225 S 22d 
Burk Charles E., salesman, 53 N 3d 
Burk C, laborer, 2038 Alter 
Burk Daniel, laborer, 2 Otsego ct 
Burk David, shoemaker, 936 Marshall 
Burk Edward, boatman, 1302 Warnock 
Burk Edward, boatman, 1616 Mervine 
Burk Edward, carpenter, 440 N 10th 
Burk Edward, laborer, 30 Mayland 
Burk Edward, laborer, 512 S 17th 
Burk Edward, printer, 214 Gaskill 
Burk Eliza J., 2012 Vine 
Burk E., bricklayer, 918 N 5th 
Burk Francis, bookkeeper, 740 Federal 
Burk Francis, police, 247 S 23d 
Burk George, coachmaker, 123 Rittenhouse 
Burk George K., carpenter, 1927 Gtn av 
Burk Hannah T., 204 Elder 
Burk Henry, clerk, 776 S 4th 
Burk Isaac, stationery, 343 Coates 
Burk James, distiller, 740 Federal 
Burk James, drygoods, 1727 Vine 
Burk James, dyer, 544 N 24th 
Burk James, laborer, 917 Thompson 
Burk James, weaver, 4675 Washington 
Burk Jas. A., mer, 221 Chestnut, h 1727 Vine 

Burk Jam^s W., salesman, 615 N 37th 

Burk John, carpenter, 3 Gillingham 

Burk John, laborer, 2310 N Commerce 

Burk John, laborer, 157 John, Myk 

Burk John, laborer, 1 Central pi 

Burk John, mason, 2214 A 

Burk John, shoemaker, 746 Catharine 

Burk John A., laborer 2200 Brown 

Burk John C, clerk, 1764 Alder 

Burk John F., grocer, 233 Chester 

Burk Joseph, bookkeeper, 2012 Callowhill 

Burk Joseph E., stonecutter, 1210 Silver 

Burk Joseph M., bookkeeper, 509 Minor, h 2012 

Burk Lawrence, currier, 807 Christian 
Burk Levi, salesman, 247 Market, h Harrison & 

Burk Martin, groceries, 1030 S 6th 
Burk Mary, 1701 Carlton 
Burk Mary, 522 Christian 
Burk Ma-y, 1724 Callowhill 
Burk Matthew, laborer, 2430 Pine 
Burk Michael, r 432 Belgrade 
Burk Michael, carpenter, 1037 Jefferson 
Burk Michael, driver, 1135 Hewson 
Burk Michael, laborer, 1235 Salmon 
Burk Michael, laborer, 4030 Main 
Burk Michael, Jr., laborer, 4030 Main 
Burk Michael, liquors, 915 Master 
Burk Michael, shoemaker, 210 Union 
Burk Michael, weaver, 4675 Washington 
Burk Myers, hotel, 765 S Front 
Burk Patrick, laborer, 802 Fernon 
Burk Paul, carter, 2252 N 2d 
Burk Peter, provisions, 120 Noble 
Burk Raymond, tailor, 740 Federal 
Burk Richard, laborer, 1429 Almond 
Burk Richard, tailor, r 120 Spruce 
Burk Robert, laborer, r 1242 Catharine 
Burk Thomas, bartender, 631 S Front 
Burk Thomas, driver, 1028 S 8th 
Burk Thomas, gent, 1131 Hamilton 
Burk Thomas, laborer, 7 Otsego ct 
Burk Thomas, laborer, 4011 Cresson, Myk 
Burk Thomas, laborer, 9 Maynard pi 
Burk Thomas, tinsmith, 745 Passyunk av 
Burk Thomas S., restaurant, 1022 Gtn av 
Burk William, gentleman, 1023 Vine 
Burk William, laborer, 513 S Penn 
Burk William, printer, 1235 N 11th 
Burk William, spinner, 4675 Washington 
Burk William A., bookkeeper, 1005 Wood 
Burk William C, trimmings, 1124 Pine 
Burk William E., produce commission merchant, 

812 Market, h 1023 Vine 
Burkardt T., silk weaver, 7 Carman 
Burkardt William, cigarmaker, 620 St John 
Burkart A. L., Mrs., 1809 Mervine 
Burkart Charles, woodenware, 1328 N 11th 
Burkart Edwin, manufacturer, 1826 N 12th 
Burkart Henry S., turner, 715 Brown 
Burkart Isaac W., conveyancer, 206 S 4th, h 

1404 Marshall 
Burkart Joseph, bookbinder, 1809 Mervine 
Burkart Martin, lager, 413 St John 
Burkart Samuel, printer, 2519 Federal 
Burkart Thomas F., turner, 429 Arch 
Burkart Valentine, clerk, 429 Arch 
Burkart V., Jr., conveyancer, 429 Arch, h 682 

N 12th 
Burkartmaier Charles, tavern, 3401 Ridge av 
Burkat Edward, 705 N Broad 

Burke , carpenter, 2036 Fitzwater 

Burke Anthony, laborer, 1325 S Front 
Burke Charles, cordwainer, 914 Steward 





t— • 


























O ^ 
m <^ 


►J o 



O o 











Burke Charles, moulder, 1051 Dorrance 

Burke Edward, laborer, 4.'U Bordeu 

Burke Edward, painter, 1633 Sansom 

Burke Edward, upholsterer, 26 N 9th 

Burke Edward H., plasterer, 1403 Alder 

Burke Edwin, machinist, 804 N 13th 

Burke George, painter, bds 3335 Ludlow 

Burke Henry, laborer, 3 AVood ct 

Burke Henry J., plumber, 1319 Ridge av 

Burke Jacob, waiter, 1301 Walnut 

Buike James, conductor, bds 1616 Lombard 

Burke James, laborer, Cedar Hill 

Burke James, laborer, 412 Serrill 

Burke James, lab., 703 Spaiford 

Burke James D., machinist. 1418 Brown 

Burke John, laborer, 4108 Market 

Burke John, laborer, 1051 Dorrance 

Burke Jr)hn, moulder, 1051 Dorrance 

Burke John, rectifier, 39 Richmond, h 7th bel 

Burke John, tailor, 1115 McAlravy 
Burke John, tailor, 220 Stamper 
Burke John J., distiller, 90<.l S 7t,h 
Burke John P., gentleman, 1010 Spring Garden 
Burke Joseph, moulder, 1325 S Front 
Burke Joseph C, carpenter, 813 Earp 
Burke Joseph E., marble worker, 12th ab Cherry 
Burke Lawrence, currier, 807 Christian 
Burke Lucas E., accountant, 420 Walnut, h 1327 

S 4th 
Burke Mary, 1710 Jones 
Burke Michael, laborer, 1514 Carlton 
Burke Michael, laborer, 4 MeChiskay ct 
Burke Michael, plasterer, 1227 Mount Vernon 
Burke Michael, drygoods, 1832 N 12th 
Burke Michael A., salesman, 804 Chestnut, h 

228 Jacoby 
Burke Moses, weaver, 714 Lindsay 
Burke Patrick, coal dealer, Reed st wharf, h 327 

Burke Patrick, hostler, Sycamore 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 1704 Carlton 
Burke Peter, surgical instrument mkr, 808 Cross 
Burke Raymond, tailor, 332 Harmony pi, h 740 

Burke Richard, Laborer, 1118 Hewson 
Burke Thomas, laborer, 1519 Tudor 
Burke Thomas, laborer, r 424 Christian 
Burke Thomas, laborer, 1051 Dorrance 
Burke Thomas, paperhangings, 4th & Market, h 

228 Jacoby 
Burke Thomas, tavern. 2031 Market 
Burke Thomas, waiter, 219 Currant al 
Burke Walter, undertaker, 926 Christian 
Burke William, liquors, E Thompson k Crease 
Burke AVilliam B., apothecary, 530 Norris 
Burkeitt Jane, 708 Medina 
Burkeitt Thomas, mason, 1315 S 3d 
Burker Eugene, tailor, 613 S 5th 
Burkert Henry, turner, 1213 Warnock 
Burkert William, salesman, 701 Jefferson 
Burkes James, driver, 4 Liberty ct 
Burkey Margaret, shoefitting, 435 Monroe 
Burkhard George, laborer, r 503 Noble 
Burkhard Sarah Ann, 704 S Washington sq 
Burkhardt Charles, musician, 322 Coates 
Burkhardt George, hotel, 406 New Market 
Burkhardt Geo. J., factory, 1339 Buttonwood, h 

916 N 15th 
BURKHARDT GEORGE J. & CO. {George J. if 

William H. Burkhardt), vat factory, 1339 

Burkhardt Gottlieb, packer, 2041 Hand 
Burkhardt Philip, blacksmith, 5 Vermont pi 
Burkhardt Valentine, shoemaker, r 220 N 5th 

Burkhardt William H., factory, 1339 Button- 
wood, h 725 Parrish 
Burkhart Adnm, carriage painter, 1608 Franklin 
Burkhart Catharine, r 1225 N 4th 
Burkhart Charles, painter, 1307 Davis 
Burkhart Charles R., grocer, 681 N 11th 
Burkhart E., boarding house, 5083 Gtn av 
Burkhart Frederick, tavern, S E Pennsylvania av 

k Coates 
Burkhart John C, clerk, 681 N 11th 
Burkhart Robert, packingbox maker, 115 Church, 

h 511 N nth 
Burkhart William J., iron merchant, 58 & 60 N 

Front, h 681 N 11th 
Burkhead George, spinner, 1322 Savery 
Burkhead John, weaver, 2318 N Front 
Burkhead Turner, spinner, 1318 Savery 
Burkleo Daniel, produce, 2d k Vine, h 120 N 4th 
Burkley Christopher, baker, N W 3d <fe Wharton 
Burkley George, carriage maker, Buttomvood 

n 11th 
Burkley J. P., baker, 400 Dickerson 
Burkley Sophia, hoop skirt manufacturer, Girard 

av n Howard, h Buttonwood n 11th 
Burkner Daniel, tailor, r 959 Lawrence 
Burleigh Francis, M D., 917 Christian 
Burley Maria, doctress, 816 S 9th 
Burley Winfield F., operator, 262 S 9th 
BURLING B. S., commission merchant, 129 N 

Front, h 218 N 19th 
BURLING JAMES W., commission merchant, 

129 N Front, h S W 16th & Mount Vernon 
Burlingame Charles, foreman, 1747 Grove 
Burlis Joseph, cordwainer, 702 N 13th 
BURLOCK SAMUEL D., bookbinder, 927 San- 

sOm, h 1911 Coates 
BUllLOCK SAMUEL S., bookkeeper, 927 San- 

som, h 1205 Thompson 
Burlock William M., artist, 1911 Coates 
Burman Elizabeth, 1236 Bedford 
Burman William, cigarmaker, 618 N 3d 
Burmeister Frederick F., M.D., 1942 Fkd av 
Burmester Adolph, cooper, 1022 N 2d 
Burn Christopher, carpenter, 3738 Warren 
Burn John, laborer, 1126 Cumberland 
Burn John, shoemaker, 27 Mayland 
Burn Mary, washerwoman, Greenhill bel Master 
Burn Michael, grocery, Cotton k Cresson, Myk 
Burn Peter, notions, 2046 Winter 
Burnant Susan, b h, 143 Mechanic, Myk 
Burnett Ann, 1520 Wood 

Burnell Elijah, papermaker, 444 Green la, Rox 
Burnes James, shoemaker, 941 Suffolk 
Burnes Thomas, patternmaker, 519 Dickerson 
Burneson Andrew, com mer, 18 S Water, h Cam- 
Burneson Thomas, com mer, 18 S Water, h Cam- 
Burneson Thomas k Bro. {Thomas if Andrew 
Biir7ieson), commission merchants, 18 S Water 
Burness Frederick, clerk, 23 Mill, Gtn 
Burnet Samuel M., clerk, 825 N 13th, h 11 Jef- 
BURNETT & BICKEL {Eli S. Burnett if John 

C. Biclel), hosiery, gloves, <tc., 15 S 4th 
Burnett Charles, laborer, 1619 Lombard 
Burnett C, student, 3925 Chestnut 
Burnett Charles H., M.D., 3925 Chestnut 
Burnett Eli S., notions, 15 S 4th. h 3925 Chest- 
Burnett Frank H.. student. 1828 Mervine 
Burnett Isabella B., 1828 Mervine 
Burnett James A., gentleman, 1828 Mervine 
Burnett John, carter, 143 Jarvis 
Burnett John, gardener, 929 Darien 




Burnett John, liquors, 1004 Passyunk av 
Burnett John, painter, 441 Belgrade 
Burnett John, ship painter, 1141 Beach 
Burnett Joseph, carpenter, 2110 Thouron 
Burnett Joseph 0., M.D , 238 S 8th 
Burnett J., merchant, 308 N Water 
Burnett Samuel M., clerk, 11 Jefferson 
Burnett Thomas, tailor, 507 Cresson, Myk 
Burnett William, sawmaker, 1244 N 8th 
Burnett William H., student, 1828 Mervine 
Burney Michael, ensign U.S.N., 2327 Coates 
BURNHAM CHARLES & CO., tinware, 119 S 

10th, h 1012 Cherry 
Burnham Charles, tinware, 119 S 10th, h 1012 

Burnham George, clerk, 2219 Green 
Burnhardt Frederick, shoemaker, 826 Lawrence 
Burnhardt Henry, shoemaker, 826 Lawrence 
Burnheater William S., shoemaker, 30 Pleasant 
Burnice William, gunner U.S.N., 626 Wharton 
Burningham Thomas, laborer, 14 Osage av 
Burns Abraham, confectioner, 133 S 15th, h 1818 

Burns Ann, 1627 Pawn 
Burns Ann, washer, 2318 Commerce 
Burns Ann 0., matron House of Industry, 112 N 

Burns Archibald, laborer, 1309 Mott 
Burns & Atkinson (John- Buriis if Wallace Atkin- 
son), drygoods, 247 S Uth 
Burns Benjamin, confectioner, 133 S 15th 
Burns Benjamin, gentleman, 1206 Deacon 
Burns Bridget, boarding house, 407 N 16th 
Burns Bridget, washer, r 328 Stanley 
Burns Bridget M., seamstress, 916 Percy 
Burns Burton, laborer, 7 Gatchel's pi 
Burns Byard, salesman, 626 N 11th 
Burns Charles, foreman, 1516 Brinton 
Burns Charles, mason, 420 N 18t.h 
Burns Charles C, grocery, 642 Callowhill 
Burns Charles C, prefect, Race & 20th, h 2120 

Burns Charles W., paperstainer, r 1220 Fulton 
Burns Cornelius, carter, 25 Earl av 
Burns C. M., gentleman, 5041 Gtn av 
Burns Daniel, foreman, 1520 Spring 
Burns Daniel, laborer, 513 Mendon pi 
Burns Daniel, laborer, 4 Whyte's pi 
Burns Daniel, liquors, 707 S 21st 
Burns Dennis, hotel, 753 S Front 
Burns Dennis, laborer, r 1040 Huntingdon 
Burns Dennis, laborer, 514 N 19th 
Burns Edward, hatter, 119 Green 
Burns Edward, laborer, 1038 Thompson 
Burns Edward, laborer, 933 Percy 
Burns Edward, laborer, 1614 Wood 
Burns Eliza, laundress, 4 California pi 
Burns Elizabeth, dressmaking, 223 Spruce 
Burns Emma, 715 S 8th 
Burns & Ferguson {Charles H. Burns ^ William 

K. Fergason), engravers, 618 Chestnut 
Burns Francis, bricklayer, r 1239 Cadwalader 
Burns Frances, chambermaid, r 805 Emeline 
Burns Francis, trimmings, 1914 Market 
Burns Frank, clerk, Gtn av n Haines 
Burns George, cigarmaker, 231 Madison 
Burns George, machinist, 28 Mill 
Burns George, salesman, 124 Almond 
Burns George, shoeinaker, r 723 Baker 
Burns Henry, blacksmith, 28 Mill 
Burns Henry, laborer, 306 Truxton 
Burns H Charles, engraver, 618 Chestnut, h 621 

N 4th 
Burns H. D., provisions, Allen & Fkd av 
Burns Jacob H., dealer, 438 Spruce 

Burns James, blacksmith, 619 S 7th 

Burns James, Jr., blacksmith, 407 N 16th 

Burns James, brickniaker, 216 Ann 

Burns James, cordwainer, 961 Leithgow 

Burns James, drayman, 920 Ellsworth 

Burns James, engineer, 25 Earl 

Burns James, furnishing, 534 South 

Burns James, laborer. Laboratory n Ridge av 

Burns James, laborer, 4817 Melrose, Whitehall 

Burns James, laborer, 705 Fallon 

Burns James, laborer, 2334 Howard 

Burns James, liquor dealer, 1032 Barley 

Burns James, liquors, 833 Shippen 

Burns James, machinist, 124 Almond 

Burns James, morocco dresser, 1122 Elm 

Burns James, salesman, 9 Autumn 

Burns James, shoefinder, 2111 Naudain 

Burns James, weaver, 1403 Hope 

Burns James J., bookbinder, 614 Moss 

Burns James N., painter, 1 Melina pi 

Burns James R., brushmaker, 915 Ontario 

Burns James T., conductor, 1840 Lombard 

Burns Jesse B., shipjoiner, 617 Wharton 

Burns John, blacksmith, 619 S 7th 

Burns John, coal oil, 906 Atherton 

Burns John, drayman, 105 Carpenter 

Burns John, laborer, r»1018 Rodman 

Burns John, laborer, 1226 Wheat 

Burns John, laborer, Cedar n Apple, Myk 

Burns John, laborer, Florence n Carpenter 

Burns John, laborer, r 706 S Front 

Burns John, laborer, 25 Earl 

Burns John, laborer, 2330 Meredith 

Burns John, laborer, 725 Beach 

Burns John, laborer, 1000 Buttonwood 

Burns John, merchant, 424 Jefferson 

Burns John, painter, 1003 Moyauiensing av 

Burns John, plasterer, 1415 Pink 

Burns John, printer, 1011 Moyamensing av 

Burns John, shoemaker, 310 Truxton 

Burns John, tailor, 259 N 5th 

Burns John, weaver, 2050 Lombard 

Burns John J., cloths, 323 N 2d, h 424 Jefferson 

Burns John J., liquors, 411 Shippen 

Burns Joseph, cooper, 1003 Moyamensing av 

Burns Joseph, sheetiron worker, 731 Tasker 

Burns J., hairdresser, 137 N 10th 

Burns J. Edmund, druggist, 4441 Fkd av 

Burns J. Morris, grocer, 605 Market, h 629 N 

Burns Lawrence, rag dealer, 534 Shippen 
Burns &, McMenemy {Williaryi Burns &f Hugh 

McMeiiemy), coal, 1217 Washington av 
Burns Margaret Mrs., 28 Mill 
Burns Martha, boarding house, 974 N 6th 
Burns Martin J., blacksmith, 3 Faas pi 
Burns Mary, 9 Mayland 
Burns Mary, 413 Prune 
Burns Mary, ig28Cuyler 
Burns Mary, Quick's row ab Beach 
Burns Mary, 1102 N Front 
Burns Mary, dressmaker, r 303 Catharine 
Burns Mary, dressmaking, 710 Guilford 
Burns Ann Mary, dealer, 1409 Fitzwater 
Barns Mary, grocer, 136 Pegg 
Burns Mary, washer, r 760 S 3d 
Burns Michael, broom manuf, 2231 Radnor 
Burns Michael, grocer, 13th & Lentz 
Burns Michael, laborer, 1502 Mullin 
Burns Michael, laborer, 1244 Tilton 
Burns Michael, laborer, 326 Noble 
Burns Michael, laborer, 149 James, Falls 
Burns Michael, laborer, 1223 S 7th 
Burns Michael, laborer, r 706 N Front 
Burns Michael, lumberman, 111 Onas 


CD &j 

S O 




o p 


















Burns Michael, machinist, 407 N 16th 

Burns Michael, mason. 45 Church 

Burns Michael, porter, 513 Mendon pi 

Burns Michael, Jr., clerk, 513 Mendon pi 

Burns M. B., Mrs., shoes, 21fi N 8th 

Burns N.ithaniel, seaman, 2 Cove pi 

Burns Nellie, teacher, r 618 Ronaldson 

Burns Patrick, bartender, 819 Locust 

Burns Patrick, builder, 1507 Burton 

Burns Patrick, captain, 507 S Front 

Burns Patrick, coachman, 1724 Chatham 

Burns Patrick, helper, 2416 Memphis 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 437 Serrill 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 2054 Jones 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 534 Shippen 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 1241 Albert 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 614 S 8th 

Burns Patrick, laborer, r 1026 Moyamensing av 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 629 N Front 

Burns Patrick, shoemaker, 815 Auburn 

Burns Patrick, tavern, 6 Reed 

Burns Patrick, tavern, 406 S Delaware av 

Burns Peter, bartender, 15th & Race 

Burns Peter, brickmaker, 1714 Fawn 

Burns Peter, conductor, 513 Mendon pi 

Burns Peter, huckster, 604 Loyd 

Burns Peter, laborer, S W 16th <fc Shippen 

Burns Peter, painter, 773 S Front 

Burns Philip, laborer, 31 Laboratory row 

Burns Richard, huckster, r 510 S 18th 

Burns Robert, M.D., 4323 Frankford av 

Burns Robert W., shoe manuf, 242 N 8th, h 216 

N 8th 
Burns Samuel, bricklayer, 6th & Girard av 
Burns Samuel, brickmaker, 1115 Pierce 
Burns Samuel A., conductor. 2406 Coral 
Burns Samuel S., tailor, 1329 Lancaster 
BURNS & SMUCKER [J. Morris Burns ^ S. 
Smucker, Jr.), wholesale grocers, 605 Market 
Burns Stephen, porter, 1507 Pearl 
Burns Stephen, saddler, 414 Diamond 
Burns Stephen M., hotel, 314 N 15th 
Burns Stephen M., lamps, 326 South 
Burns & Son {Ahroliam ^ Benjamin Burns), con- 
fectioners, 133 S 15th 
Burns Susan T., white good.«, 1208 Chestnut 
Burns S., private select .-Jchool, 102 S 18th 
Burns Thomas, bartender, 611 Guilford 
Burns Thomas, bricklayer, 1128 Pierce 
Burns Thomas, driver, 1547 Warnock 
Burns Thomas, fireman, 161 Church, Frankford 
Burns Thomas, hotel, 151 James, Falls 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 23 Shock 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 407 N 16th 
Burns Thomas, laborer, r 1124 York 
Burns Thomas, machinist, 301 Jefferson 
Burns Thomas, packer, 100 Union 
Burns Thomas, painter, 35 S 18th 
Burns Thomas, plasterer, 25 Earl 
Burns Thomas, steward, 913 S 12th 
Burns Thomas, weaver, r 407 Ella 
Burns Thomas B., iron roller, 14 Innes 
Burns Thomas B., laborer, 302 Centre 
Burns Timothy, barkeeper, 21 S 9th, h Fitzwater 

bel 7th 
Burns Timothy, laborer, r 1308 Edgemont 
Burns William, coal, 1217 Washington av, h 744 

Passyunk av 
Burns William, cooper, 1003 Moyamensing av 
Burns William, grocer, 24th & Willow 
Burns William, hostler, 1113 Locust 
Burns William, laborer, 1128 Pierce 
Burns William, porter, r 430 Dillwyn 
Burns William, provisions, 716 Loyd 
Burns William, shoemaker, 1234 Fitzwater 

Burns William J., shoemaker, 513 Mendon pi 
Burns William M., grocer, 834 Emeline 
Burns William, Mrs., 1404 Brown 
Burns William A., druggist, 24 S 2d 
Burnside Coal k Iron Co., 121 Walnut 
Buruside Eliza J., M.D., 529 S Broad 
Burnside Jacob, driver, 2511 Hamilton 
Burnside James, blacksmith, 755 N 24th 
Burnside John, driver, 216 S 12th 
Burnside Thomas, teacher, 529 S Broad 
Burnside William, glassblower, Williams' ct 
Burnsides James, moulder, 1734 Montrose 
Burnwood Ann, r 1619 Pearl 
Burow John, laborer, 905 Geary 
Burpee Amos, clerk, 1514 Thompson 
Burpee David, M.D., 326 S 16th 
BURR B. J., Jr., merchant tailor, 533 Arch, h 

322 N 5th 
Burr Charles, farmer, 1701 Wylie 
Burr David T., drygoods, 200 Market, h E John- 
son ab Germantown av 
Burr Deleplaine R., builder, 1618 Vine 
Burr Hudson S., M.D., denti.«t, 1310 Walnut 
Burr James E., barber, 909 Lombard 
Burr John I., com mer, 614 k 616 Market, h 303 

N 10th 
Burr Joseph, plumber, 603 S 10th 
Burr M. L., gentleman, 758 S 10th 
Burr Nicholas, 114 Vine 
Burr Patrick, laborer, 1308 Warnock 
Burr Peter, tavern, 714 N 11th 
Burr Rebecca, 1004 Coates 
Burr Thomas, cutter, 643 N 10th 
Burr Thomas R., gunsmith, 332 N 10th 
Burr William, painter, 3717 Warren 
Burr William B., salesman, 432 Chestnut, h 1220 

N 10th 
Burr William H., builder, 1616 Vine 
Burr William H., manufacturer, 126 Reed, h 633 

N 16th 
Burr William R , bookkeeper, 1547 Sp Garden 
Burras Benjamin, bootmaker, r 123 Van Horn 
Burrell Antoine, bricklayer, 1052 Lawrence 
Burrell George T., waiter, 1309 Lombard 
Burrell John, weaver, r 4407 Wood, Myk 
Burrell John H., waiter, 1313 Shippen 
Burrichter Clemmens, hardware, 827 South 
Burris Andrew, music teacher, 1236 Warnock 
Burris Caleb, Rev., 1126 Cherry 
Burris Edward, potter, r 724 N 8tb 
Burris George, shoemaker, 1923 Callowhill 
Burris Richard, shoemaker, 1923 Callowhill 
Burris Samuel, dealer, 1206 S 7th 
Burris Thomas H., bricklayer, 1206 Deacon 
Burris William, shoemaker, 1923 Callowhill 
Burross Thomas, carpenter, 4 GatchalTs et 
Burrough Benjamin F., blacksmith, r 933 Mar 

Burrough Isaac, shoemaker, 125 Mary 
Burrough Percy 0., merchant, 927 N Broad 
Burrough P. 0., agent, 116 N Front 
Burrough P. 0., com. mer., 116 N Front, h 927 

N Broad 
Burrough Thomas L. , machinist, r 933 Marshall 
Burrough Thomas, Mrs., r 933 Marshall 
Burroughs k Co. general agents. 413 Chestnut 
Burroughs G. S., supt. Port Richmond Pottery 

Co., h Trenton 
BURROUGHS HORATIO N., coal & iron, 411 

Chestnut, h 726 Spruce 
Burroughs John, gentleman, 2027 Pine 
Burroughs Rachel, 530 Buckley 
Burrowes Stephen, carter, 4736 Paul 
Burrows Charles, salesman, 11 Buckius 
Burrows Charles C, clerk, 48 N IJth 




Burrows Edward J., agent C & A RR Co., 208 S 

Del av, h 1324 Pine 
Burrows Edward T., clerk, 427 Walnut, li 11th 

ab Master 
Burrows George, plasterer, 53 State 
Burrows Israel M., tailor, 37 S 11th 
Burrows James F., farmer. Paschall & 52d 
Burrows Jesse, carpenter, r 216 Arch 
Burrows John, driver, 2604 Lombard 
Burrows John, laborer, 217 Drayton 
Burrows John S., eordwainer, r 214 George 
Burrows J. Mansfield, paper box, 938 Ridge av, 

h48 N nth 
Burrows Joseph, -Jr., clerk, 2226 Locust 
Burrows Joseph, farmer, 702 E Dauphin 
Burrows Joseph gentleman, 2226 Locust 
Burrows John L., clerk, 2226 Locust 
Burrows R. B., glassware, 153 N 3d, h Ameri- 
can hotel 
Burrows Thomas H., carpenter, Paschall ab 52d 
Burrows William, laborer, 772 S Front 
Burrows William, merchant tailor, 37 S llth 
Burrows William, weaver, 541 Bowen 
Burrows Willam A., printer, 1213 Locust 
Burrows William H., accountant, 37 S llth 
Burrows AVilliam H. H., machinist, 1532 N 4th 
Bursh George, laborer, 2201 Pemberton 
Bursley William, baker, 739 Federal 
Burson Catharine, seamstress, 2052 N 6th 
Burt Alice, 1529 Walnut, 
BurtEdwiud, bookbinder, 1032 Beach 
Burt Elins R., varieties, 308 S 2d 
Burt Elijah, laborer, 433 Cumberland 
Burt James M., cigars, 735 S 5th 
Burt John, carpenter, 1237 Lombard 
Burt John, laborer, 1618 Lombard 
Burt Joseph, machinist, 609 Sylvester 
Burt Nathaniel, 1203 Walnut 
Burt Mary, 1629 Walnut 
Burt Samuel H., clerk, 1237 Lombard 
Burt Thomas W., painter, 2 Accomac 
Burt Williiira H., bookkeeper, 2 Quigg's ct. 
Burtcher Richard, butcher, 13 Sultzer 
Burthel Charles W., clerk, 648 Marshall 
Burtil Charles, porter, 807 Locust 
Burtis Edward T., bricklayer, 258 N 15th 
Burtis Ellwood, conductor, 258 N 15th 
Burtis Mary, 1129 Filbert 
Burton Aden, ship carpenter 1119 Day 
Burton Alexander, laborer, 2 Wood ct 
Burton Arthur, laborer, 4 Jordan av 
BURTON ARTHUR M., attorney-at-law, & com- 
missioner of deeds for all the States, 504 Wal- 
nut, h 335 N 12th 
Burton A., real estate, 139 S 7th 
BURTON A. B., bridge builder, 906 N Broad 
BURTON A. B. & CO. (A. B. Biirto?i), bridge 
builders & contractors, 424 Walnut, h 906 N 
Burton Benjamin, ship carpenter, 920 Beach 
Burton Bridget, Mrs., 2014 Murray 
Burton Cato, laborer, Ludlow N 42d 
Burton Cyrus, coachman, Sansom n 38th 
Burton David 11., waiter, 242 Raspberry 
Burton Edward, clerk, 1219 Buttonwood 
Burton Edward, laborer, 714 Passyunk av 
Burton Edward P., com merchant, 337 S 5th 
Burton Edward S., clerk, 408 S Del av 
Burton Eiiza, b h 141 N 6th 
Burton Elizabeth dressmaker, 1218 Fulton 
Burton Francis, carpenter, 438 Belgrade 
Burton George, shoemaker, 1330 Hanover 
Burton George W., gentleman, 1521 Walnut 
Burton Harriet, 803 Emeline 
Burton Henry, brickmaker, 1617 Federal 

Burton Henry, seaman, 216 Acorn al 
Burton Henry, ship carpenter, 336 Greenwich 
Burton Henry waiter, 333 Dugan 
Burton Henry A., paperhanger, 115 N 4th 
Burton Henry W., telegraph oper, 360 Martin 
Burton James, caulker, 332 Stanley 
Burton James, coachman, 1039 Lombard 
Burton James, waiter, 828 Emeline 
Burton James, carpenter, 2515 Hamilton 
Burton John, gent, 513 Wharton 
Burton John, laborer, 1628 Lombard 
Burton John, laborer, 3 Otsego ct 
Burton John, M.D., 648 N llth 
Burton John, machinist, r 24 S 42d 
Burton John, mechanic, 541 Bower 
Burton John, printer, 332 Stanley 
Burton John, waiter, 246 Quince 
Burton John A., attorney-at-law, 502 W.alnut 
BURTON JOSEPH, groceries, N W 12th & Lo- 
Burton Joseph W., whipmaker, 1110 Marlborough 
Burton J. R., salesman, 511 Market, h 920 Beach 
Burton London, laborer, 1225 Shippen ct 
Burton Lydia Ann, 237 Currant al 
Burton Margery, 207 Belgrade 
Burton Marlin V., merchant, 2014 Wood 
Burton Martin V. B., clerk, 2014 Wood 
Burton Mary, 234 Concord 
Burton Purnell, stevedore, 622 Carpenter 
Burton Robert, Mrs., 1418 Walnut 
Burton Robert J., tin & sheet iron worker, 2113 

Frankford av 
Burton Robert J., tinsmith, 438 Belgrade 
Burton Robert W., Jr., grocer, 21st & WaUaee 
Burton Sarah, 505 Vine 
Burton Walter, h La Pierre House 
Burton William, captain, 37 N llth 
Burton William, express master, Howard's Ex- 
press, 628 Chestnut, h 716 Sansom 
Burton William R., agent, 1902 Wood 
Burton William S., waiter, 1408 Gulielma 
Burwell George, stonecutter, 2213 F 
Burwell Thomas, stonecutter, 2211 F 
Burwell William, silverplater, 236 Arch, h Perki- 

omen n 19th 
Busam Franz, carpenter, 125 Dock, h 127 Dock 
Busby Bertram, clerk, 1445 Fawn 
Busby George W., carpenter, 114 Sellers 
Busby James, stove dealer, 1022 Moyamensing av 
Busby John, machinist, 1532 N 2d 
Busby William, carpenter, bds 13 S 38th 
Busby William A., eordwainer, 1624 Ridge av 
Busby William K., designer, 1624 Ridge av 
Busch August, importer, 23 Bank, h N W Dillwyn 

& Noble 
Busch Charles, laborer, 541 Aramingo 
Busch Charles H., shoemaker, 419 Gardner 
Busch A & Co. {August Busch i^ Francis Bier- 

bach) , importers, 23 Bank 
Busch Frank J., bookbinder, 542 N 10th 
Busch Frederick, 2228 Tyson 
Busch George, clerk, 848 Darien 
Busch H. E., attorney-at-law, 218 S 4th 
Busch John, dyer, 1109 Ridge av 
Busch John, lager beer, 1731 Gtn av 
Busch Joseph, varieties, 231 N 2d 
Busch J. F., bookbinder, 6th & Minor, h 542 N 

Busch William H., cigars, 331 N 4th 
Busch W. H., cigars, 234 Chestnut, h 231 N 2d 
Buscher Harry, bookkeeper, 722 Otis 
Buscher John F., blacksmith, 722 E Norris 
Buse Charles, agent, 1735 N 3d 
Buse Charles, grocery, 1224 Palethorp 
Buse Charles, netmaker, 1 Mayland 





^ Q 

















Buseman Raymond. French dyer. 706 S 4th 
Buseiueier George, lager beer, 224- South 
Busenius Adolphus, conductor, 115 S 22d 
Bush August, trimmings, 468 Dillwyn 
Bush A E., salesman, 314 Market, h 1909 Parrish 
Bush Barnett, wheelwright, 1539 Warnock 
BUSH, BUNN & CO. ( V. C. Bush, H. F. Bunn 

If P. B. Worrall), drygoods, 49 N 3d 
Bush Christian, cabinetmaker, 132 Shippen 
Bush Daniel W., stationer, 1906 Plymouth 
Bush Edward, lithographer, 225 Brown 
Bush Edward, musician, 1544 Cadbury av 
Bush E., Mrs., milliner, 11 S 2d 
Bush Frederick, paperstainer, 714 S 13th 
Bush Frederick, seaman, 124 Shippen 
Bush Frederick, shoemaker, 627 N 4th 
Bush George, driver, r 1228 Charlotte 
Bush George, ship carpenter, 419 S 2d 
Bush George W., basketmaker, 1341 Vienna 
Bush George W., horse dealer, 961 N 1 llh 
Bush Henry E., attorney-at-law, 2007 Pine 
Bush Isaac A., stationer, 1906 Plymouth 
Bush James, clerk, Wissahickon av ab Main, 

Chestnut Hill 
Bush John, 166 Meadow 
Bush John, conductor, 1940 N Front 
Bush John, laborer, 1213 Pearl 
Bush John, shoemaker, 2322 N Commerce 
Bush Jo.^eph, cordwainer, 1804 Perkiomen 
Bush Lewis T., salesman, 1728 Sansom 
Bush, Miller & Co. (S. H. Bush, Charles J. Mil- 
ler &f James M. Trexkr), tobacco & cigars, 408 

Bush Morris, gent., 917 Pine 
Bush Robert, trunkmaker, 1533 "Warnock 
Bush Sarah Ann, Jefferson n Jackson 
Bush S. Addison, 1906 Plymouth 
Bush S. H., merchant, 408 N 3d, h Valley Green 
Bushel Margaret, 1333 Wheat 
Bush V. C, merchant, 49 N 3d, h Gtn 
Bush William, waiter, 1036 Ivy 
Bushby William, carpenter, 924 S 11th 
Bushby William, Jr., butcher, 924 S 11th 
Bushel Annie^ 2805 N 6th 
Bushell Hannah, millinery, 1908 Ringgold pi 
Bushell John, blacksmith, 2 Spencer ct 
Bushell Patrick, bricklayer, 3 Garrett's ct 
Bushell Patrick, laborer, 1008 Jefferson 
Busher Charles, cooper, rill Pegg 
Bushier Ernst, tailor, 241 Richmond 
Bushnell Edward, machinist, 1806 Camac 
Bushnell F. H., Rev., 154 Church, Myk 
Bushnell John P., hotel. Broad & Montgomery 
Bushnill Ernest F., undertaker, 1033 BuUonwood 
Bushnor Julia, Mrs., boarding, 415 Cherry 
Bushong Charles A.,' clerk, 215 N Broad, h 1807 

BUSHONG & HAHS [Philip Bushong if Charles 

S. Hi'hs), commission merchants and alcohol 

manufrs, 215 & 217 N Broad 
Bushong Philip, gent., 215 N Broad, h 1701 Green 
Buskert Jacob, shoemaker, 1120 Poplar 
Busly William M., merchant, N E 2d & Market, 

h 1232 N 10th 
Buskin Henry, spinner, 133 Levering 
Buskin John, spinner. 133 Levering 
Buss Jacob, painter, 237 Columbia av 
Busseir Jane, 1626 Cherry 
Bussell John, laborer, 8 Lock 
Busser Jacob, feather renovator, 643 Marshall 
Bussert Gottlieb, laborer, Lehigh av n Front 
Busset Andrus, sugar refiner, 835 N 3d 
Bussier D. P., fruits, 108 S Del av, h 1630 Arch 
Bussier Joseph B. , importer of foreign fruits, 108 

S Delaware av, h Gtn 

BUSSIER JOSEPH B. & CO. (Joseph B. Bussier 
SfJohii Seitz), importers of foreign fruits, 108 
S Delaware av 
Bussier W. T., clerk, 424 Shippen 
Bussinger Jacob, blacksmith, 1713 Olive 
Bussinger Martin, mechanic, 2043 Kressler 
Bussinger William, laborer, 236 Noble 
Bussom Thomas W., moulder, 2016 Filbert 
Bustard Adam, grocer, 336 N 21st 
Bustard John, blacksmith, 2305 Penn av 
Busteed Robert H., printer, 1019 S 12th 
Busteed Warner, agent, 1019 S 12th 
Busteen Sarah J., washerwoman, 814 Emeline 
Buster Francis R., carpenter, r 1239 Christian 
Buslill Charles H., plasterer, 90S Buttonwood 
Bustill David, plasterer, 418 Callowhill 
Bustill James M., plasterer, 829 N lllh 
Bustill J. C, hairdressing, 403 S 6th 
Buswell Richard, cooper, 504 Mcllwain 
Butaray Harry, laborer, 2014 Murray 
Butcher Alexander, tailor, 1218 S 7th 
Butcher Andrew, tailor, 132 S 4th 
Butcher Ann, tailoress, 30 Mill 
Butcher Anna, 351 N 10th 

Butchers' Association, S W cor Mervine & Mont- 
gomery av 
Butcher B. F., merchant, 415 Arch 
BUTCHER B. F., M.D., 701 S 10th 
Butcher Casper, merchant, 1822 Master 
Butcher Edward, bricklayer, 519 S 24th 
Butcher Edward M., laborer, 4527 Elizabeth 
Butcher George, surveyor, 3617 Lancaster 
Butcher Harriet, 1612 Valeria 
Butcher Henry Clay, merchant, 148 N Front, h 

1403 Filbert 
Butcher Hiram, shoemaker, Washington la n 

Butcher H. B., ass't surg. USA, 701 Shippen 
Butcher Jacob, engineer, 3617 Lancaster 
Butcher James, carpets, 401 Spruce 
Butcher James, salesman, 535 Lorain 
Butcher John, driver, 232 Ann 
Butcher John, laborer, 87 Mill n Hancock 
Butcher John, seaman, 217 Greenwich 
Butcher Joseph, 1502 N 5th 
Butcher Montreville, laborer, 25th bel Brown 
Butcher Peter, shoemaker, 5 Brown 
Butcher Philip, shoemaker, 218 Girard av 
Butcher Reinhardt, beer saloon, 4082 Lancaster 
Butcher Samuel, shoemaker, 1127 Passyunk av 
Butcher Samuel, stonecutter, 1509 Barclay 
Butcher Samuel, toll gate keeper. Main ab Cot- 
tage, Chestnut Hill 
Butcher Sarah, gentlewoman, 128 School, Gtn 
Butcher Thaddeus, surg. ins., 701 Chestnut, li 

718 S 4th 
Butcher Theodore B., treasurer saving fund, 

4831 Germantown av 
Butcher Thomas F., druggist, 701 Shippen 
Butcher Thomas P., huckster, 4627 Elizabeth 
Butcher Thomas T., 112 S 4th 
Butcher AVashington, merchant, 148 N Front, h 

1403 Filbert 
tuii ^ Henry Clay Butcher). 146 & 148 N Front 
Butcher Wilhemina, lamp store, 218 Girard av 
Butcher William, clerk, 522 S 2d 
Butcher William, pres. Am. Gum P. Co., h 701 

S lOlh 
Butcher William U., clerk, 22 Bringhurst 
Butland Charles W., sawmaker, 748 Catharine 
Butland Mary A., 748 Catharine 
Butland S. B., saw manufiicturer, 732 S Front 
Butland W. S., agency, 732 S Front 
Butler Adam E., painter, r 811 Lawrence 




BUTLER ANDREW A., drygoods importer, 240 

Chestnut, h 908 Walnut 
Butler Albert, turner, Cameron n Francis 
Butler A. W., clerk, 240 Chestnut.-h 823 Franklin 
Butler Bayard, cashier P RR Co., 238 S 3d, h Gtn 
Butler Benjamin H.. grocer, 20th & Cambridge, 

h 2018 Cambridge 
Butler B. F., salesman, 49 N 3d, h 2230 Locust 
Butler Caroline, laundress, 3 Madison ct 
BUTLER & CARPENTER {Jo/m M. Butler 6r 

Josepk R. Carpenter), rev. stamp engravers & 

printers, 242 Chestnut 
Butler Charles L., millwright, Cameron n Francis 
Butler Coal Company. 411 Chestnut 
Butler Cornelius, confectioner, 205 Federal 
Butler C , M.D., S 41st n Pine 
Butler C, Jr., gentleman, S 41st n Pine 
Butler Daniel, laborer, N W 21st & Locust 
Butler David, laborer, 521 S 7th 
Butler Edward, boots & shoes, 1338 Ridge av 
Butler Edward, shoemaker, lllTroller 
Butler Elizabeth, 1116 Carlton 
Butler E. H., publisher k bookseller, 137 S 4th, 

h Main, Gtn 
BUTLER E. H. & CO. {E. H. ^ T. H. Butler), 

publishers & booksellers, 137 S 4th 
Butler Fannie, tailoress, 974 N 6th 
Butler Fielding C, porter, 1613 Moravian 
Butler Franklin, importer jewelry, 131 N 2d, h 

148 N 10th 
Butler G?orge, clerk, 43 N 7th, h 125 Kelton 
Butler George, nailmaker, 830 Mountain 
Butler George, waiter, 519 S 12th 
Butler George S., stationery, 1126 Passyunk av 
Butler George V., porter, 1613 Moravian 
Butler George W., tinsmith, 43 N 7th, h 125 

Butler Hannah, 3906 Warren 
Butler Harvey T., gilder, Cameron n Francis 
Butler Henry, printer, 844 Wharton 
Butler Henry, U. S. Mint, 1624 N 15th 
Butler Henry F., gents" furnishing, 142 S 8th 
BUTLER HENRY L , job printer, 202 Chestnut, 

h 844 Wharton 
Butler Henry W., steward, 1613 Moravian 
Butler Horatio, steward, 909 South 
Butler H. F., merchant, 4133 Chestnut 
Butler James, 56 Foulkrod 
Butler James, 70 Foulkrod 
Butler James, barber, 250 Brier's pi 
Butler James, clerk, 252 S 9th 
Butler James, gentleman, 633 N 10th 
Butler James, laborer, 818 Enquirer 
Butler James, milkman, 828 N 36th 
Butler James, porter, r 1028 South 
Butler James P., manuf. silver ware, 306 Chestnut 
Butler Jane, boarding house. Main bel Hartwell, 

Chestnut Hill 
Butler John, bookbinder, 1 Huey pi 
Butler John, driver, 1607 S Front 
Butler John, driver, 1240 Wheat 
Butler John, nailmaker, 830 Mountain 
Butler Jonn, trimmings, 4331 Main 
Butler John, Jr., druggist, 4331 Main 
Butler John, spoke &, hub manuf., 1753 N 7th 
Butler John M., cashier, 112 &, 114 S 3d, h 263 

S 3d 
Butler John M., engraver, &c., 242 Chestnut, h 

7.30 S 10th 
Butler John M., tobacconist, 219 Walnut, h 1606 

N 11th 
Butler Joseph, corder, 62d & Lancaster 
Butler Joseph, painter, 401 Spruce 
Butler Joseph L., clerk, 130 Brown 
Butler Joshua M., 44 Mill 

Butler Julius, porter, 1714 Vasey 
Butler J., clerk, 1708 S 9th 
Butler J. Glentworth, D.D., 4035 Chestnut 
ButlerJ.H., Jr., bookseller, 137 S 4th, h 248 S 8th 
Butler Louisa, 1209 Locust 
Butler Louisa, seamstress, 1613 Moravian 
Butler Lucy, 422 N 35th 

BUTLER & McCARTY {Fraii7cli?i Butler 6r Ed- 
vard McCarty), manufs. & importers watches 
&jewelry, 131'N 2d 
Butler Margaret, 1521 Fitzwater 
Butler Margaret, hotel, 2130 Market 
Butler Mary, 207 Manship 
Butler Mary, 6 Providence ct 
Butler Mary, grocery, 312 Monroe 
Butler Michael, laborer. 1350 Cabot 
Butler Michael, machinist, 1911 Moravian 
Butler M. C, laundry, 1718 Sansom 
Butler Nicholas, ice dealer 3424 Market 
Butler Patrick, laborer, r 516 Christian 
Butler Patrick, saddler, 1239 N Front 
Butler Peter, carpenter, 811 Fallon 
Butler Peter, shoemaker, 2125 Locust 
Butler Pierce, 424 Walnut 
Butler Richard, gas office, 312 Monroe 
Butler Samuel, chainmaker, 4216 Market, h Green 

n Market 
Butler Samuel, janitor, 226 Currant al 
Butler Samuel, teamster, 1110 S Front 
Butler Samuel F., undertaker, 509 S 13th 
Butler Samuel W., physician Blockley Almshouse, 

h Diirby rd & 37th 
Butler Sarah, 1 Huey pi 
Butler Thomas, coppersmith, 43 N 7th, h 125 

Butler Thomas S., painter, 240 S 9th 
Butler Thomas B., carpenter, 1 Forest pi 
Butler T. H., publisher & bookseller, 137 S 4th, 

h Norristown 
Butler W. C, clerk, 844 Wharton 
Butler William, blacksmith, 1911 Moravian 
Butler William, laborer, 9 Maynard pi 
Butler William, cigars, 795 S 2d 
Butler William, tavern, 231 Federal 
Butler William, tinsmith, 640 Wayne 
Butler William G., clerk, 721 S 2d 
Butler William D., carpenter, 974 N 6th 
Butler William H., alderman, 322 N 6th 
Butler William H., Jr., clerk, 322 N 6th 
Butler AVilliam L., bartender, 231 Federal 
Butler William P., coachmaker, 2027 Kressler 
BUTLER WILLIAM T., sec'y of Fire Associa- 
tion, 34 N 6th, h 823 Franklin 
Butlick Albert, laborer, 8 Hayward pi 
Butscher Jacob, shoemaker, r 902 Ogden 
Butt Charles, shoemaker, 1614 N 11th 
Butt Christian, shoemaker, 633 Poplar i 
Butt Dominick, dealer, 4 Hartley's pi ' 
Butt William, bricklayer, 1221 Randolph 
Butterfield Jos. B., machinist, 15 18 Frankford av 
Butterfield R. S., importer drygoods, 20 Straw- 
berry, h England 
Butterfield Jesse S., stationery, 1524 Frankford av 
Butterfield Sarah, 1518 Frankford av 
Buttersway Reese, watchman, 12 McCormick's av 
Butterworth Albert, sawmaker, 978 N Front 
Butterworth Charles C, machinist, 909 Charlotte 
Butterworth Ellis, dyer, 253 S 25th 
Butterworth George W., produce, 411 Poplar 
BUTTERWORTH H. W., tinplate works, 29 & 31 

Haydock, h 909 Charlotte 
Butterworth James, laborer, 4273 Tan la 
Butterworth James, shoemaker, 216 Ann 
Butterworth James, tinplate works, 29 & 31 Hay- 
dock, h 155 Laurel 



Qfq y 









B bh 


CO «^ 


I— I c3 





u o 






Butterworth John, woolsorter, 1105 Hope 
Butterworth Joseph B., prop'r Ridgway House, 

Market st. wharf 
Butterworth Louis, polisher, 1105 Hope 
Butterworth Mnry A., 2035 Cedar 
Butterworth Samuel, rivetter, 94fi N Front 
Butterworth Thomas, polisher, 1105 Hancock 
Butterworth William, carder, 1833 Warder 
Butterworth William, machinist, 513 Adam 
Butterworth William, machinist, 2609 Washing- 
ton av 
Butterworth Willoughby, carpenter, 411 Poplar 
Button Conyers, hosiery manuf., 5103 Gtn av 
Button John, gentleman, 5103 Gtn av 
Button Joseph, gentleman. Walnut Ian Morton 
Button Margaret, 148 Mechanic. Gtn 
Button S. D., architect, 237 S 3d, h 330 Nickle, 

Camden, N J 
Buttonweiser Ludwig, teacher, 110 Green 
Butts Albert, cork manuf., 95fi N 6th 
Butts Charles A., hosiery, 27 N 8th, h Camden 
Butts John, printer, 486 N 5th 
Butworte Ann, gentlewoman, 4435 Wood, Myk 
Butworth John, laborer, 2309 Pennsylvania av 
Butworth Joseph, weaver, 2309 Pennsylvania av 
Butz Adam, merchant, 131 & 133 N Water, h 1015 

Butz Alfred L., cork manuf., 829 & ?31 N 3d, h 

965 N 6th 
Butz Edmund. Rev., 43 Rittenhonse, Gtn 
Butz John, button maker, 416 Diamond 
Butz John, machinist, 1216 Race 
Butz Louis, button maker. 416 Diamond 
Butz Matthias, spinner, 421 Oxford 
Butz Peter, button maker, 416 Diamond 
Butz Peter, huckster, r 147 N 8th 
Bus Joseph, baker, 2102 N 5th 
Buy Charles, butcher, 20th ab Montgomery 
Buzard William, millwright, 1508 Cherry 
Buzby Albert G., gentleman, 115 N 19th 
Buzby Charles, laborer, Main n Wissahickon 
Buzbv Charles, laborer, 142 Levering 
BUZBY & CO. (Gmrsre L ^ Jolui L. Buzby), 

com. raers., 931 &, 933 Market 
Buzby George L., com. mer., 931 & 933 Market, 

h 24 N Merrick 
Buzby & Hardman (J. A. Bitzby ^ William H. 

Ihirdrrwn), shoe manufs., 42 S 3d 
Buzby Harman, salesman. 658 Andress 
Bnzby Hezekiah, carpenter, 5260 Gtn av 
Buzby Howard, carpenter, 28 Bringhurst 
Buzby James S., stove dealer, 1005 S 4th, h 1022 

Jefferson av 
Buzby John L., com. mer., 931 & 933 Market, h 

1342 Chestnut 
Buzby Joseph A., shoe manuf., 42 S 3d, h 323 St 

Buzby Maria T., 316 S 16th 
Buzby Samuel, driver, 1633 Deal 
Buzby Samuel, mer., 1026 Wistar 
Buzbv Samuel W., mer., 222 N Del av, h 1026 

Buzby Sarah G., 28 Bringhurst 
Buzby Thomas, police, 1106 Coates 
Buzby William, laborer. Main n AVissahickon 
Buzby William P., bookkeeper, 35 N Water, h 

303 Arch 
Buzzard J.. 4917 Little Wayne 
Buzzard Wm , shoes, 4919 Gtn av, h 154 Centre 
Buzzard Wm., trimmer, 155 Lehman 
Byan James, dealer, 605 Bedford 
Byard James, laborer, 807 Emeline 
Byard John, bricklayer, 128 Greenwich 
Byard Mary, 212 Duponceau 
Byard Richard H., gentleman, 1026 Walnut 

Byard William, seaman, 5 Rose al 

Byas Jeremiah, laborer, r 814 Emeline 

Bye Samuel K., carpenter & builder, 110 S 20th, 

h 1112 Mt Vernon 
Byer Augustus, machinist, 211 Noble 
Byer Christopher, hostler, 315 Hazzard 
Byer Christopher, laborer, 2701 Coates 
Byer George, moulder, 814 Nectarine 
Byer Harriet, r 228 Perry 
Byer Henrietta, 218 Greenwich 
Byer John, case manuf., 611 Sansom, h814 Nec- 
Byer Joseph, lager beer, 234 Shippen 
Byer Mary, 836 N 12th 
Byer Wm., engineer, 2119 Henrietta 
Byerd Elizabeth, dressmaker, 1331 Fitzwater 
Byerle P., grocer, 2117 Amber 
Byerley Herman, laborer, 43 Bridge 
Byerley Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 731 S 4th 
Byerley William, hotel, 731 S 4th 
Byerly Alfred, merchant, 1324 Arch 
Byerly Charles, gentleman, 1324 Arch 
Byerly Clymer, gentleman, 1324 Arch 
Byerly Elizabeth, 1232 Hancock 
Byerly Franklin, publisher, 525 Minor, h 1324 

Byers Alexander, blacksmith, 730 Montcalm 
Byers George F., coachtrimmer, 1204 Darien 
Byers George H., shoemaker, 1231 Myrtle 
Byers Jane, 731 S 10th 
B3'ers John, grocer, 1939 Brown 
Byers Richard, plasterer, 1114 Anita 
Byhart John, coachtrimmer, 465 Belrose 
Byhower Lewis, hostler, 2507 Pennsylvania av 
Byle James, laborer, 1 Wyles ct 
Byles Andrew D., flour, 1022 Ridge av, h 8th & 

Spring Garden 
Byles Jacob P., carpenter, 1533 Walter 
Byles Jas., flour, 1022 Ridge av, h 6th & Willow- 
Byline Adolph, cabinetmaker, r 520 Poplar 
Byll John, seaman, 514 Christian 
Byilesby Langton, gentleman, 1514 Cherry 
Byng Julia, seamstress, 1129 New Bedford 
Byram Frank A., clerk, 5106 Germantown av 
Byram James, Sr., wool sorter, 5106 Gtn av 
BjTam James E., bookkeeper, 115 Sellers 
Byram Joseph H., wood engraver, 210 Chestnut, 

h 4093 Germantown av 
Byram R., grocer, 115 Sellers 
Byran S., merchant, 1131 Callowhill 
Byren John, salesman, 3520 Warren 
Byrene Michael, carter, 1410 S 8th 
Byrn John, laborer, 118 Sloan 
Byrn Michael, laborer, 2720 Park 
Byi<na John, shoemaker, 838 Fernon 
Byrna Patrick, tailor, 910 S Front 
Byrne James, 20 N 6th, h 941 Suffolk 
Byrne James, carriages, 1103 Sansom 
Byrne James, hotel, 469 York av 
Byrne John, 20 N 6th. h 706 Moss 
Byrne John, janitor N P RR, 407 Walnut, h 1 

Armstrong's ct 
Byrne John, shoemaker, 706 Moss 
Byrne John k Co. {John Byrne, Coi-7iel Denver if 

James Byrne), boot <fc shoe uppers manuf., 20 

N 6th 
Byrne Martin J., conveyancer, S E 6th k Walnut, 

h 410 Thompson,, 
Byrne Patrick, bootmaker, 724 Fallon 
Byrne Peter, attoruBV-at-law, 410 Thompson 
Byrne Peter, brickl^er, 1217 Columbia av 
Byrne P. T., boot A shoe maker, 613 Walnut 
Byrne Sylvester.'clerk, 107 Coombes al 
Byrnes Bernard A., superintendent, 1630 Gtn av 
Byrnes J. F., clerk, 323 Pine v 




Byrnes John, laborer, 1212 Fisher 
Byrnes James N., house painter, 212 S 5th 
Byrnes John, janitor, 2 Armstrong's et 
Byrnes John J., carpet merchant, 1630 G-tn av 
Byrnes Joseph, postman, 2527 Xaudain 
Byrnes Peter, tavern, 2527 Naudain 
Byrnes Thomas, laborer, bds 5 X Nth 
Byrnes Thomas F., salesman, 1810 Warnoek 
Byrns Felix, driver, 734 Jamison 
Byrns John, laborer, r 614 Charles 
Byrns Patrick, shoemaker, 706 Plover 
Byrns Peter, laborer, 1210 Woodbine 
Byrom Henry, laborer, 4103 Thomas 
Byrom Lydia F., supt.. Sellers ab Leiper 
Byron David R., gunsmith, 171 Church, Fkd 
Byron James, driver, 1140 Dunton 
Byron Martin, driver, 1140 Dunton 
Byron Matthew, laborer, r 1206 York 
Byron William, brushes, 1521 Fitzwater 
Bywater Edwin, silversmith, 615 Hay 
Bywater William, merchant, 1223 Myrtle 
Byron Samuel, tinsmith, 732 Carpenter 
Byron Thomas, puddler, 1061 Beach 

Caar George, laborer, 1528 Federal 

Cabada E. F., mepchant, 204 S Front, h Cuba 

Cabale L., hairdresser, 13 S 9th 

Caballo Felix, merchant, 116 X 19th 

CabeenR. B., commission merchant, 403 Walnut, 
h Hancock, Gtn 

CABEEN & CO. (R. B. Cabeeii !^ A. A. Konig- 
Tnacher), commission merchants, 403 Walnut 

Cabell George T., plumber, 53 X 7th, h 10 Shir- 

Cabery Ptichard, laborer, 1212 Temple 

Cable Jacob, shoemaker, 405 Cherry 

Cable Hester, 608 Christian, 

Cabner Thomas, laborer, 5 Filers pi 

Cabot Charles, iron merchant, 105 Walnut, h 
1106 Spruce 

CABOT & ETTIXG, iron merchants, 105 Walnut 

Cabot Henry, Sec. Allentown Iron Co., 105 Wal- 
nut, h 1106 Spruce 

Cabot Joseph. Prest. Allentown Iron Co., 105 
Walnut, h 1106 Spruce 

Cabot Mary, 4049 Mary 

Cabot Vetal, gunsmith, 2008 Evergreen 

Cad Richard, seaman, 1539 S 8th 

Cadbury Joel, gentleman, Chelton av k Wayne 

Cadbury Joel, Jr., gent., Chelton av ab Wayne 

Cadbury John W., brass founder, 614 Filbert, h 
Chelton av, Gtn 

Cadbury, Rhoads &, Thomas, {Richard Cadbury, 
Geo. Rhoads ^ Hoivard D. Thomas), com. 
merchants, 606 Chestnut 

Cadbury Richard, commission merchant, 606 
Chestnut, h 427 N 7th 
' Cadden Thomas, liquors, 822 Noble 

Cade John, boatbuilder, 411 Gerker 

Cade John W., waterman, 1306 Marlborough 

Cadec John, rigger, r 612 S Front 

Cadmus Clark, carpenter, 422 Appletree 

Cadmus Frederick, shoe dealer, 736 Market, h 
1312 Green 

Cadmus Freeman, clerk, 1205 Filbert 

Cadmus James M., merchant, 300 Market, h 422 

Cadmus Jeremiah, shoe dealer, 736 Market, h 
37th & Chestnut 

CADMUS J. & F. [Jeremiah if Cad- 
mus), boots, shoes & trunks, 736 Market 

Cadmus Michael, merchant, S W 3d & Market, h 
1205 Filbert 

Cadwalader Charles, 252 S 4th 

Cadwalader Charles, sashmaker, 1602 Favrn 

Cadwalader Charles X., salesman, 325 Market, h 

905 Walnut 
Cadwalader Cyrus, treasurer, 136 S 4th, h 1400 

Cadwalader Cyrus L., flour &feed, 1600 Ridge 

Cadwalader David S., real estate broker, 102 S 

4th, h 3627 Locust 
Cadwalader Edward J., collector, 1525 S 10th 
Cadwalader George, Gen., 925 Chestnut 
Cadwalader Isaac, gentleman, 1931 Mt Vernon 
Cadwalader John, judge U S District Court, h 

252 S 4th 
Cadwalader John, Jr., attorney-at-law, 252 S 4th, 

h 1303 Locust 
CADWALADER RICHARD M., attorney-at- 
law, 623 Walnut, h 1131 Chestnut 
Cadwalader Thomas, 1131 Chestnut 
Cadwalader William, gent, 125 N 18th 
Cadwallader Reuben, carter 204 Lehman 
Cadwallader Sarah. 924 Taylor 
Cadwallader Silas, barrel dealer, Franklin n Jef- 
ferson, h 1400 Oxford 
Cadwell George, cooper, 1429 S 2d 
CAFFEE WARD J., Havana cigars & commission 
merchant, S E Front & Chestnut, h 6 Bellevue 
Cafferty John, engraver, 828 Ellsworth 
Cafierty Thomas, laborer, 3 Holt av 
Cafierty Yanroon R., mason, 228 Christian 
CalFerj^ John, laborer, 1632 Barker 
Caffey Mary, tailoress, 2124 Fairfield 
Cafi^rey Isaac, 918 Sergeant 
Caffrey Patrick, laborer, 509 Bedford 
Cafrey Stephen, compositor, 1205 Myrtle 
Cagerson William, laborer, 1913 Xaudain 
Caggart Patrick, tailor, r Marston 
Cagney Michael, dealer, 6 Marston 
Cagnoncle Henry, dyer, 204 S Sth, h 836 Car- 
Cahall John, r 1304 Olive 
Cahil William, carpenter, 1018 Otis 
Cahill Bernard, laborer, 1172 Sidney 
Cahill Catharine, 1515 Edgemont 
CAHILL DAXIEL. shipping clerk, 851 X^ 11th 
Cahill Daniel P., clerk, 6 X 3d, h 816 Cross 
Cahill Edward, tinsmith, 131 Holmes al 
Cahill Garrett, clerk P. R.R., 3715 Warren 
Cahill James, lithographic printer, 218 Walnut, 

h 156 Willow 
Cahill James, moulder, 816 Tasker 
Cahill James C, clerk, 851 X 11th 
Cahill Jeremiah, shoemaker, 1539 Moravian 
Cahill John, carriage painter, 152 X 7th 
Cahill John, currier, 135 Vanhorn 
Cahill John, laborer, 962 Somerset 
Cahill John, painter 625 S Broad 
Cahill John H., laborer, 11 Courtland pi 
Cahill Martin, carpenter, 125 Dock, h 118 Spruce 
Cahill Michael, blacksmith, 305 X 12th 
Cahill Michael, Jr., painter, 305 X 12th 
Cahill Michael, slater, 851 X 11th 
Cahill Michael, truekster, 156 Willow 
Cahill Patrick, dealer, 816 Tasker 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, 330 Bradford 
Cahill Patrick, laporer, 1703 Pearl 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, 2370 Memphis 
Cahill Patrick, tanner, 135 Vanhorn 
Cahill Patrick, Jr., tanner, 135 Vanhorn 
Cahill Richard, moulder, 816 Tasker, 
Cahill Richard, shipper, 2420 Lombard 
Cahill Thomas, gent, 2418 Lombard 
Cahill Thomas, laborer, 1050 Fremont 
Cahill Thomas, patterns, 305 X 12th 
Cahill Thomas, shoes, 1513 South 








xn <3 


















O o 












CAHILL THOMAS E.. coal & ice dealer, 435 
"Walnut & 12th & Willow, N P RR & Master, 
Pine St wharf, Sch, & 25th & Lombard, h 2432 

Cahill William, laborer, 2419 Cedar 

Cahill William, clerk, 2209 F 

Cahill William, undertaker, 266 S 20th 

Cahoun William, laborer, r 2411 Cedar 

Cail Michael, machinist, 1709 Grayson 

Cailhopper Charles B., composition roofer, 1714 &, 
1716 Ridge av, h 1208 Ogden 

Cailhopper, ?itler<tCo. (Charles B. Cailkopper, 
Richard Siller if Joseph Mc Donald), composi- 
tion roofing, 1714 <fc 1716 Ridge av 

Cain Andrew, gent. 708 Filbert 

Cain Charles, laborer, 2412 Kent 

Ciiin David, waiter, 320 Union 

Cain Edward, manuf, 1146 S 8th 

Cain George A., cigars, 1208 Hope 

Cain George P., shoes, 1208 Hope 

CAIX, HACKER & COOK {Thomas Cai?/., Mor- 
ris Hacker if Jesse M. Coo , ) , dealers & shippers 
of coal, 214 Walnut & Woodland whf, Sch 

Cain Henry T., cigars, 1208 Hepe 

Cain James, laborer, 4162 Ludlow 

Cain James, laborer, 2525 Pine 

Cain John, boatman, 519 Chippewa 

Cain John, composition roofer, 8 Day 

Cain John, gardener, 1309 Rose 

Cain John, iron manuf, 646 Sears 

Cain John, lampmaker, 806 Enquirer 

Cain John, mason, 9 Ralston pi 

Cain Johni tavern, 601 S 25th 

Cain John W., tobacco, 1 S Front, h Camden 

Cain Joshua, barber, r 243 Union 

Cain Mary A., 2054 N 2d 

Cain Patrick, helper, 36 Laurel 

Cain Patrick, laborer, 506 S 22d 

Cain Patrick, laborer, 116 Sloan 

Cain Peter, pilot, r 15 Mead 

Cain Robert, machinist, 646 Sears 

Cain Susan, washerwoman, r 716 Shippen 

Cain & Tatem (John W. Cain if William P. 
Tatem), tobacco, l^S Front 

Cain Thomas, coal mer, 214 Walnut, h 2012 Wal- 

Cain Thomas, laborer, 42 N 22d 

Cain Thomas, paper stainer, r 1726 Lombard 

Cain Thomas C, salesman, 2012 Wallace, h 19 
N 8th 

Cain Thomas, shoemaker, Lancaster'ab 43d 

Cain William, barber, 866 N 13th 

Cain William, carpenter, 2338 Pennsylvania av 

Cain William, tinsmith, 1116 Galloway 

Cain William H., cigarmaker, 1223 Howard 

Cain William H., engineer, 803 Knox 

Cain William, variety, 111 South 

Caines Willam H., carpenter, 624 Carpenter 

Cainey Edward, 2526 Riddle 

Cairns Gilkey W., A. E. F. Society, 119 N Front 

Cairns John, laborer, 1205 Wood 

Cairns William, hatter, 1620 Market, hll S 17th 

Cairrgan John, gravel roofer, 740 Plover 

Caison John W., clerk, 1416 N Front 

Cake Charles H., paperhanger, 705 Ulrick 

Cake Elizabeth, 546 Chatham 

Cake Henry L., coal, 216 Walnut, h Tamaqua 

Caker Thomas, laborer, Master n Front 

Calahan , 307 Pine 

Calahan Ann, 1019 Newton 

Calahan & Feaster (Thomas Calahan if Aaron 
Feaster), blacksmiths it wheelwrights, 1017 
New Market 

Calahan James T., foreman, brass foundry, 420 

Calahan John, agent, 4067 Mary 
I Calahan John, carpenter, 1225 Potts 
I Calahan John, laborer, 4075 Mary 
Calahan John, manuf, Gray's la, h 1918 Spring 

Calahan John, shoemaker, 934 Suffolk 
Calahan Michael, laborer, 2333 Pennsylvania av 
Calahan Patrick, engineer, 1423 N 6th 
Calahan Patrick, laborer, 1112 Milton 
Calahan Thos., blacksmith, h Apple ab Poplar 
Calahan Thomas, laborer, 2321 Jefferson 
Calahan Thomas, wheelwright, 1016 Lawrence 
Calahan William, laborer, r 117 Margaretta 
Calbridge William, bootmaker, 2046 Ridge av 
Calbridge William, shoemaker. 2308 Jefferson 
Calburm Catharine, Mrs., 1819 Seybert 
Caldeleugh Robert, gentleman, 1430 Chestnut 
Caldcleugh W. G., 302 Walnut, h 1430 Chestnut 
Calderhead Edward P., clerk, 600 Chestnut, h 

1714 St Joseph's av 
Caldwell Alexander, painter, 742 Erie 
Caldwell Alfred A. D., bookkeeper, 3408 Walnut 
Caldwell Alfred H., bookkeeper, 519 S 8th 
Caldwell Andrew, chandler, 1339 Rose 
Caldwell Andrew, laborer, 1527 Summer 
Caldwell Andrew D., real estaj;e agt, Walnut bel 

3d, h 2023 Ridge av 
Caldwell Archibald, carpenter, Christian n 17th 
Caldwell A., bds 706 Pine 
Caldwell Benjamin, dyer, 1038 Lingo 
Caldwell Benjamin, helper, 3408 Walnut 
Caldwell & Bio., grocers, S E 36th & Sansom 
Caldwell Charles, laborer, 1618 Salmon 
Caldwell Charles, mer, 24 N Front, h 122 N 15th 
Caldwell Charles H., real estate broker, 346 S 4th 
Caldwell Charles, laborer, 143 S 24th 
Caldwell Charles H., salesman, 24 N Front, h 122 

N 15th 
CALDWELL CHARLES P., whip & cane manu- 
facturer, 5 <fe 7 N 4th, h 34th <t Haverford 
Caldwell Clark, sheetiron worker, 919 S 13th 
Caldwell <fe Co. (Thomas if J. K. Caldwell), 

brokers, 43 S 3d 
Caldwell David, laborer, 939 Lafayette 
Caldwell David, grocer, S W 12th & Coates 
Caldwell David, manufacturer, 21st &, Hamilton, 

h 2204 Brandywine 
Caldwell Eliza, spooler, 1206 Brinton 
Caldwell E. Forrester, clerk, 519 S 8th 
Caldwell E., millinery, 824 Arch 
Caldwell Francis M., drygoods, 51 N 8th, h 1726 

CALDWELL, GORDON k CO. (S. Caldwell, Jr., 

F. A. Hdt, N. P. Gordon 4- .S. B. Young), 

coal, 112 Walnut; 144 State, Boston; 111 

Broadway, New York 
Caldwell Henry, grocer, 12th & Vine, h 923 

Caldwell James, assistant, 2204 Brandywine 
Caldwell James, china packer, 1516 Cabot 
Caldwell James, carpenter, r 1755 Filler 
Caldwell James, carpenter, 1803 Montrose 
Caldwell James, gentleman, 23 S 16th 
Caldwell James, clerk, 332 N 23d 
Caldwell James E., merchant, 822 Chestnut, h 

Caldwell James, packer, 1516 Cabot 
Caldwell James M., minister, 2116 Master 
Caldwell John, drygoods, 217 Chestnut, h 3900 

Caldwell John, family sewing, 402 S 12th 
Caldwell John, importer, 217 Chestnut, h 3900 

Caldwell John, janitor, 2051 Walnut 
Caldwell John, salesman, 818 Market, h 923 S 13th 




Caldwell John A., agent, 519 S Sth 
CALDWELL JOHN & CO. {John Caldwell, 

Samuel Bech k ^ohn Waddell), importers, 

217 Chestnut & 44 & 46 Strawberry 
Caldwell John D., carpenter, shop 46 Armat, U 

Clinton n Jefferson 
Caldwell John R. , painter, 4 I>ra;yson 
Caldwell John W., salesman, 519 b Htn _ 
Caldwell Jonathan, agent, 1119 Moyamensmg av 
Caldwell Joseph, painter, 1514 Frankford av, h 

1458 Hanover 
Caldwell Joseph, dyer, 1038 Lingo 
Caldwell Joseph, gunsmith, 102-3 JN 4tli 
Caldwell Joseph, painter, 1458 Hanover 
Caldwell J. D., salesman, boards 416 IN d d 
Caldwell Joseph K., banker, 43 S 3d, h Haddon- 

Caldwell Joseph W., bookkeeper, 117 N 3d, h 23 

Caldwell J. Albert, merchant, 822 Chestnut, h 

Manheim, Gtn ,„. t,t i * t, 

CALDWELL J. C, fancy goods, 434 Market, h 

263 N 9th ^ ^ „ , , „ 

CALDWELL J. E. & CO. {James B. Caldwell 

Richard A. Lewis, J. H. Brazier George W 

jBa^i/.-* A- J".^.C«^'^w.««),jewellers,822 Chestnut 
Caldwell J. W., salesman, 104 Chestnut, h 619 

S 8th 
Caldwell Mary L. , 817 Federal 
Caldwell Ninian, civil engineer, 2117 bp Uaraen 
Caldwell Oil Company, office 218 Walnut 
Caldwell & Reed {R. B.Caldicell W M. ^^^^ 

Lewis Plitt), commission merchants, 4 b Water 
. Caldwell Robert, gentleman, 2204 Brandywine 
Caldwell Robert, merchant, 510 Wood 
Caldwell Robert A., telegraph operator, 205 j 

Walnut ■, t. A a 

Caldwell Robert S., commission merchant, 4 b 

Water, h Wood ab 5th 
Caldwell Sarah, doctress, 925 Washington av 
Caldwell Seth, coal merchant, 112 Walnut, h 20d9 

Chestnut anon 

Caldwell Seth, Jr., merchant, 112 Walnut, h 2039 

Chestnut ^, j. i. v 

Caldwell Stephen A., merchant, 622 Chestnut, h 

1604 Walnut 
Caldwell S W., clerk, 602 Chestnut, h Camden 
Caldwell Thomas, broker, 43 S 3d, h 1518 Locust 
Caldwell Thomas, gentleman, 846 N Broad 
Caldwell Thomas, gentleman, 2117 Spring Garden 
Caldwell William, carter, 8 Pagoda 
Caldwell William, laborer, 836 Auburn 
Caldwell William, packer, r 2219 Cherry 
Caldwell William, painter, 742 Erie 
Caldwell William, police, 119 Keefe 
Caldwell William, printer, 518 Wilder 
Caldwell William G., drygoods, 29 N 8th, h 172(i 

Caldwell William W., drygoods, 207 Church 
Caldwell W. W., gentleman, 1402 S Penn sq 
Calely Edward L., lace weaver, r 812 Coates 
Calely Edward L., Jr., patternmaker, N W Front 

& Race, h 812 Coates 
Calely Jnmes N.. earthenware, 1725 Market 
Calely William H., potter, r 812 Coates 
Calerher Daniel, milkman, 725 Bedford 
Caley John, 901 Christian 
Caley Robert, laborer, 2406 Hamilton 
Calhoun Alexandria, moulder, 1900 Brandywine 
Calhoun Anthony K., gentleman, Frankford av 

ab Gunner's run 
Calhoun Charles, silversmith, 3537 Lancaster 
Calhoun Charles S., laborer, 1 Deal av 
Calhoun Cornelius, carpenter, 921 Ogden 
Calhoun Daniel, goldplater, 512 Morris 

Calhoun Daniel, silverplater, 712 Chestnut, h 512 

Calhoun David, laborer, 1802 South 
Calhoun D., laborer, 1509 Federal 
Calhoun Ezra, U. S. Mint, 808 Erie 
Calhoun George, carpenter, 1341 Rose 
Calhoun George W., salesman, 220 Chestnut, h 

1506 N 6th 
Calhoun James, clerk, 808 Erie 
Calhoun James, laborer, 427 N 24th 
Calhoun James, laborer, 1026 Ward 
Calhoun Jane, 1906 Naudain 
Calhoun James, driver, 719 Lindsay 
Calhoun James R., clerk, 808 Erie 
Calhoun John, 1206 Olive _ 

Calhoun John, carpenter, 1343 Christian 
Calhoun John, grocer, 5 Concord pi 
Calhoun John, laborer, 1133 Cumberland 
Calhoun John, variety, 518 S 19th 
Calhoun Louisa, 1204 Olive ,^„. ^,, ,, 

Calhoun Margaret, dressmaker, 1124 Ellsworth 
Calhoun Mary, shoe store, 1013 Ellsworth 
Calhoun Samuel, 1204 Olive 
Calhoun Samuel S., boxmaker, r 604 Coates 
Calhoun William, butcher, 1325 Moyamensmg av 
Calhoun William, flour & feed, 2121 Lombard 
Calhoun William, machinist, 1018 Coates 
Calin Aaron B., cooper, 2 Nineveh pi 
Calker Abraham, varnisher, r 314 t=niPPe° 
Calkins Thomas L., confectionery, 616 N lOtli 
Call Dennis, laborer, 1506 Edgemont 
Call Dennis, stevedore, 1540 Salmon 
Call Edward, blacksmith, 33 N 35th 
Call George, driver, 2307 Coates 
Call John, laborer, boards 1127 Hewson 
Call John A., bookbinder, 1433 S 5th 
Call Lawrence, hatter, 534 New Market 
Call James, bookbinder, 768 S 15th 
Call Mary, trimmings, 1433 S 5th 
Call Matthew, laborer, boards 1043 Hewson 
Callaghan Alice, 406 S 24th 
Callaghan Andrew, weaver, 13.32 Fitzwater 
CALLAGHAN & BROTHER {George Callaghan 
(V Robert Callaghan), cotton & wool manuirs., 

48 S Front ,o a -p ^+ t, 

Callaghan George, manufacturer, 48 S iront, n 

58th & Baltimore av .,o o t • „« 

Callaghan Neil, carptr, Ralston, r 413 S Juniper 
Calla|han Patrick, confectioner, 2202 Market 
Callaghan Patrick, laborer, 616 S 7th 
Callaihan Robert, manuf , 48 S Front, h Paschal- 

Callaghan Thomas, laborer, 13 Barney av 
Callaghan Timothy, shoemaker 1814 Noble 
Callahan Andrew, sheetiron worker,611 Carpenter 
Callahan Bernard, driver, 1035 Veraon 
Callahan Bernard, shoemaker, r 1010 Gtn av 
Callahan Catharine, 4208 Penn, Frankford 
Callahan Catharine, r 914 Poplar 
Callahan Christy, laborer, 1514 Almendo 
Callahan Cornelius, laborer, 3745 Warren 
Callahan Cornelius, moulder, 335 Bradtord 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, 5 Courtland pi 
Callahan Daniel, stonecutter, 1335 Rodman 
Callahan David, liquors, 16 S 19th 
Callahan Dennis, rag dealer 417 Monroe 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 4336 Cresson Myk 
Callahan Edward, carpenter, 2032 Wood 
Callahan Edward, weaver, 1737 N 2d _ 
Callahan Elizabeth, r 1026 Moyamensmg av 
Callahan & Feaster {Thomas Callaka?i6r Aaron 
Feaster), wheelwrights & blacksmiths, 101« 
Germantown ay -.^ o m+i, 

Callahan George, bookkeeper, lb b lyta 
Callahan Hugh, shoemaker, r 727 Eneu 










CD ~ 
























►-I ss 














Callahan James, carter, 148 Orthodox 
Callahan James, driver, 804 N 36th 
Callahan James, gentleman, 3 Linton 
Callahan James, salesman, Charlotte & Poplar 
Callahan James, weaver, 1320 Cherry 
Callahan Jane, gentlewoman, 4518 Elizabeth 
Callahan Jeremiah, carter, 3627 Garden 
Callahan John, carpenter, 768 S 16th 
Callahan John, hackman, 1917 Wilcox 
Callahan John, hostler, 464 N Front 
Callahan John, laborer, 4075 Mary- 
Callahan John, laborer, 1235 Thurlow 
Callahan John, mason, 4 Amity 
Callahan John, plasterer, r 1626 American 
Callahan John, shoemaker, 511 S 19th 
Callahan John, stonecutter, r 832 N 16th 
Callahan John, waiter, 4 Herbert pi 
Callahan John W., saddler, 703 S 2d ' 
Callahan Joseph, laborer, 1243 Thurlow 
Callahan Lawrence, laborer. 2015 Summer 
Callahan Louis, laborer, 2029 Wood 
Callahan Margaret, 223 N 41st 
Callahan Martin, shoemaker, 1536 Belgrade 
Callahan Martin, cigar packer, 827 Christian 
Callahan Martin, tavern, 415 S 3d 
Callahan Mary, 13 Western av 
Callahan Mary, confectionery, 766 S 4th 
Callahan Michael, laborer, r 2411 Cedar 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 1927 Ann 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 4075 Mary 
Callahan Michael, cigar maker, 827 Christian 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 2504 Kent 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, r 1242 Catharine 
Callahan Richard, carter, 37 Washington av 
Callahan Richard, moulder, 410 Wilder 
Callahan Robert, coachman, 2030 William 
Callahan Robert, laborer, 39 Oxford. Fkd 
Callahan Robert, stoves, 624 S 2d, h 507 Fitzwater 
Callahan Rose, drygoods, 540 N 2d 
Callahan Thomas, 1164 Anita 
Callahan Thomas, blacksmith, 1631 Wood 
Callahan Thomas, weaver, 1724 Bodine 
Callahan Thomas, wheelwright, 1018 Germantown 

av, h 1016 Lawrence 
Callahan Timothy, carpenter, 729 Eneu 
Callahan Timoth3% grocer, 20th & Coates 
Callahan Timothy, laborer, 1318 Pearl 
Callahan William, driver, 1259 S 21st 
Callahan William, gunsmith, 2209 Wood 
Callahan Wm., porter, 616 Market, h McAnally 

ab 23d 
Callahan William, renovator, 205 N 12th 
Callahan Wm. J., com mer, 132 N 3d, h 307 Pine 
Callaher Patrick, laborer, 511 S Penn 
Callin Samuel, printer, 621 Hallowell 
Callingham James, boxboard liner, 117 8 2d, h 

941 S 3d 
Callis John W., attorney-at-law, 341 N 6th, h 

1905 Callowhill 
Calliby James, potter, 1428 Thomas 
Callam Alexander, bookseller, 1320 S 13th 
Callam Patrick, laborer, Taney ab Brown 
Callan John, carman, 818 S 12th 
Callan John, laborer, 1216 Heath 
Callan Joseph, carman, 818 S 12th 
Callan Mary, 309 Monroe 
Callan Margaret, seamstress, 3 Spafford 
Callan Samuel, attorney-at-law, 640 Catharine 
Callan William, 802 S 10th 
Callan William, carpenter, 818 S 12th 
Callan William, gentleman, 802 S 10th 
Calland Wm., picker, 4523 Mulberry, Fkd 
Callaway George, cabinet maker, 722 Bayard 
Callaway Henry R., Rev., 2013 Poplar 
■Callaway Mary, 228 Washington av 

Callbriath James F., ladies' shoes, 520 N 10th 
Callen James, distiller, Broad & Catharine, h 

2011 Sansom 
Callen John B., boxmaker, 1656 Sansom 
Callen William, weaver, M W 22d & Race 
Callender Mary, 853 N 16th 
CALLENDER T. R., newspapers & stationery, 

N W 3d & Walnut, h EUwood la, Gtn 
Gallery Richard, hotel, 126 Callowhill 
Callet Eugene P., pocketb'k mkr, 810 Perkiomen 
Callicot Margaret. 645 N 13th 
Calligham Ellen, Mrs., 2224 Hamilton 
Calligham James, 20 Brown ct 
Calligham Jane, 20 Brown ct 
CALLIHAN EDWARD, liquors, 1014 S Front 
Callihan John C, machinist, 138 N Juniper 
Callihan Michael, bartender, 1014 S Front 
Callins Thomas, laborer, 4613 Washington 
Callman Bernard, gentleman, 308 Race 
Callam Samuel, lawyer, 640 Catharine 
Callom William, driver, 9 Ridley av 
Calloms George W., bricklayer, 938 Percy 
Callowav James, moulder. 1314 Vine 
Galium Morris, coal, 413 N 15th 
Galium Jonathan M., police, 1502 Parrish 
Cally John, laborer, 2306 Spring Garden 
Calinane Dennis, stonecutter, 3446 Ludlow 
Galm Reinhold, perfumer, 219 Wood,h 4009 Locust 
Caiman Bernard, gent, 134 N 7th 
Galnn William, carpenter, r 604 Christian 
Calterty Edward, laborer, 543 Osprey 
Calterty Mary, 543 Osprey 
Calterty William, tanner, 543 Osprey 
Caltman Robert, M D, 1446 N 12th 
Calton Alfred J., clerk, 1820 Frankford av 
Gallon David, plane maker, 1820 Frankford av 
Calvary William, blacksmith, 2346 N 2d 
Calver H. P., straw goods. 61 N 2d 
Calver John W. & Co. (Joh?,. W., H. P. 6r S.G. 

Calver), straw goods, 61 N 2d 
Calver George, printer, 329 Carpenter 
Galverley Albert, mer, 1409 Camac 
Calverley Benj. P., clerk, 1029 Spriag Garden 
Galverley George H., tinplate, 1029 Spring Garden 
Calverley Samuel L. H., clerk, 1435 Camac 
Calverley Thomas, express, 1237 N 2d 
Calverley AVm , tinplate worker, 1029 Spg Garden 
Galverly John, plumber, 305 Race, h Tioga ab 17th 
Calvern Timothy S., mer, 1018 Spring Garden 
Calvert & Bennett {Joseph A. Calcert (^ N. M. 

Bennett), buttons, 209 Church 
Calvert Alice, shopkeeper, 1131 Hanover 
Calvert C. J., tavern, 39th & Darby rd 
Calvert Charles W., lumber, 1517 N Broad 
Calvert Charles W. P., silver mining, 242 S 5th, 

h 1517N Broad 
Calvert Erwin H., driver, 411 Rugan 
Calvert Graham, conveyancer, 520 Walnut, h 

310 Redwood 
Calvert Hudson, paperhanger, 1713 Coates 
Calvert James C., printer, 2203 Montrose 
Calvert Joseph A., salesman, 209 Church, h 310 

Calvert Richard T., restaurant, 206 N 9th 
Calvert William C, machinist, 1519 Vine 
Calvert William T., engineer, 1 Belgrade pi 
Galvery Albert, mer., 305 Race, b 1409 Camac 
Calvery Henry, eating stand, 553 Cumberland 
Calvery John, mer., 305 Race, h Tioga 
CALVERY JOHN k SON {John Calvery i^ Al- 

bert Calvery), britannia workers, 305 Race 
Calvery William, britannia metal worker, 1115 

Calville Alexander, cabman, r 723 Baker 
Calville Henry, oil cloth coater, 2200 Market 




Calvin Francis, eating house, 4126 Haverford 
Calvin John, laborer, 1111 Hancock 
Calvis Henry, laborer, 2054 Philip 
Camac John, laborer, 2606 Ellsworth 
Camac Samuel, watchman, 2713 Park 
Camac William, M.D. , 1305 Locust 
Campbell Joseph, bricklayer, r 733 Shippen 
Campbell William, weaver. 2846 Mascher 
Camblos Charles, banker. 38 S 3d, h 1032 Spruce 
CAMBLOS CHARLES & CO. {Charles ^ Wil- 
liam P. Camhlos), bankers, 38 S 3d 
Camblos George W., broker, 45 S 3d, h 1921 

Camblos H. S., reeds & heddles, 230 Quarry 
Camblos L. E., broker, 101^ S Front, h 722 Par- 

Camblos W. P., banker, 38 S 3d, h 1032 Spruce 
Cambloss & Savidge. (L. E. Camblos ic Alfred 
Savi(lcre), merchandise brokers, 101^ S Front 
Cambridge William, porter, 1141 Passayunk av 
Camby Joseph, machinist, 806 Race 
Camden & Amboy Telegraph Office, 208 S Del av 

WAY STATIONS, Walnut st wharf 
Camden & Atlantic Land Company, 424 Walnut 
Camden Robert M., gentleman, 1530 X Broad 
Camden, X. J., John W. Middleton, agents 
treasurer, h 615 X 5th. (See adv.) 
CAMDEX WOOLLEX MILLS, office 127 Chest- 
Camel George, shoemaker, 242 S 40th 
Camell Andrew, laborer, 627 S 24th 
Camera Andrew, tailor, 1410 Mervine 
Cameron Alexander, tailor, 9 Providence 
Cameron Andrew, filer, 2039 Frankford av 
Cameron Angus, bookseller, 19 S 6th, h 2127 

Cameron Archibald, distiller, 4204 Market 
Cameron A., law books, 19 S 6th, h 2127 Jefferson 
CAMEROX k COMPANY, wash and wear collars 

& shades, 54 N 6th, 2d story 
Cameron David W., paperhanging, 2127 Jefferson 
Cameron Duncan, painter, 1307 Market, h 5 Win- 
ter's et 
Cameron Edward, laborer, r 625 Filbert 
Cameron James, laborer, 1238 Salmon 
Cameron James, laborer, 235 Lybrand 
Cameron James, mer., 2200 Green, 54 X 6th 
Cameron James, police, 1236 Vine 
Cameron John, painter, 1038 Nectarine 
Cameron John, weaver, 4 Smith's ot 
Cameron John D., rivetter, 1103 Otis 
Cameron Laughlin, beamer. 1425 Philip 
Cameron Lewis, clerk, 223 S 8th 
Cameron Petroleum Company, 219 Dock 
Cameron Priseilla, 1611 Becket 
Cameron Richard, seaman, 529 Bedford 
Cameron Robert, clerk, 925 Market 
Cameron Robert, tobacconist, 2022 Fkd av 
Cameron R , clerk, 74S Erie 
Cameron Sarah, boarding, 231 N 12th 
Cameron Thomas Potter, 1020 Hamilton 
Cameron Thomas, tailor, 316 Culvert 
Cameron Mrs., varieties, 324 Truxton 
Cameron William, embroidery. 508 S 6th 
Cameron William, stamping, 228 X 8th 
Cameron William, Jr., salesman, 228 X 8th 
Camewell Charles, tailor, 510 Xoble 
Carney John, laborer, 822 Fallon 
Camines Samuel, mariner, 1417 Camac 
Camm Susan Ann, 1206 Arch 
Cammack Joseph, salesman, 710 Otis 
Cammel William, mariner, 117 W Cumberland 

Cammer Max, cooper, 31 Richmond 
Cammerer William, painter, 1115 Hope 
Cammeron Richard, driver, 1257 Edgemont 
Cammier Hubert, engraver, 718 Xoble 
Camp Mrs., music teacher, 1016 Columbia av 
Camp Benjamin H., watchman, 1109 S 2d 
Camp Calvin B., gentleman, 529 S 11th 
Camp Edward, sea captain, 712 X Front 
Camp Enoch, sea captain, 2 Manderson 
CAMP ESSEX P., apothecary, 1016 Columbia av 
Camp Jackson, grocer, 728 X 16th 
Camp J. H., lithographer, 149 Xoble 
Camp Lyman C, gent., 1910 Mount Yernon 
Camp Mary, confections, 1406 S 2d 
Camp Peter, tavern, 1710 X 5th 
Camp Theodore, cabinetmaker, 1001 Green 
Camp William E., bakery, Broad &, Buttonwood, 

h 1510 Mount Vernon 
Campbell Mrs., tailoress, 3 Paynter's ct 
Campbell Adam, hotel, 168 Thompson 
Campbell Alexander, 107 Jackson, Myk 
Campbell Alexander, driver, 756 Taylor 
Campbell Alexander, laborer, 1610 Bedford 
Campbell Alexander, laborer, 1207 Tilton 
Campbell Alexander, packer, 1739 South 
Campbell Alexander, painter, 3 Patterson 
Campbell Alexander, watchman, 3 Graydon 
Campbell Alexander D., 210 S 4th, h C Hill 
Campbell Alexander H., merchant, 220 X Del av, 

h 1712 Green 
Campbell Andrew, manufacturer, 1905 Wilcox 
Camdbell Andrew, mills, 11th & Catharine 
Campbell Andrew H.. blacksmith, 1922 Greea 
Campbell Ann, 9i0 Beach 
Campbell Ann, 1035 Carpenter 
Campbell Ann, 233 X 16th 
Campbell Ann. 412 Redwood 
Campbell Ann, 410 X 15th 
Campbell Ann L., 331 S 3d 
Campbell Anne, seamstress, 916 Atherton 
Campbell Anne, tailoress, 2014 Lombard 
Campbell Anthony, grocer, 213 Vine 
Campbell Anthony, hotel, Front & Pegg, h 213 

Campbell Anthony, student, 215 S 6th 
Campbell Antonie, salesman, 304 Gaskill 
Campbell Archev. laborer, 2017 South 
Campbell Archibald, conductor, 269 S 20th 
CAMPBELL ARCHIBALD, manufacturer, 125 

Chestnut, mills Myk 
Campbell Archie, machinist, 2218 Linn 
Campbell Arthur, porter, 5 Skerret's ct 
Campbell Arthur, driver, 1348 Whitehall 
Campbell A., driver, 420 S 16th 
Campbell A., grocer, 321 Xew Market 
Campbell A., woollen mills, Flat Rock av, h 

Chestnut Grove 
Campbell A. & Co. {A. Campbell, John Sf Wil- 
liam Ca niphdl) . manufacturers, 125 Chestnut, 

mills Manavunk 
Campbell A. H., 642 X 8th 
Campbell Bernard, grocer, 1936 Sansom 
Campbell Bernard, laborer, 1312 Edgemont 
Campbell Bridget, 2042 Walter 
Campbell Bridget, 909 Christian 
Campbell Bridget, 4 McKeown's ct 
Campbell B., 909 Christian 
Campbell Catharine, 1110 Steadman 
Campbell Catharine, b h, 15 Hickey 
Campbell Charles, bookseller, 112 X 9th 
Campbell Chas., clothing,331 S 2d, h 428 Lombard 
Campbell Cha;., fruits, 108 Market, h 553 X 6th 

Campbfll Sf Joseph S. Paul), railroad iron, 

416 Walnut 



o to 



o zn 









P • 









' m 






Campbell Charles II., boolfittter, 820 Knox 
Campbell & Co. {William W. i^ George W. 

Caniphill), hides, skins, &c., 37 N Front 
Campbell k Connelly (Amlreiv Campbell ^ Jas. 

Coil nelly), mills, 11th & Catharine 
Campbell Cuyler, drygoods, 214 Chestnut, h 337 

S 18th 
Campbell C, cigars, 529 Poplar 
Campbell Daniel, r 1306 Olive 
Campbell Daniel, coachman, (rreenville pi 
Campbell Daniel, i)orter, 822 Chestnut 
Campbell David, carpenter, 433 Cinuberland 
Campbell David, carpenter, 211.') Callowhill 
Campbell David, laborer, 2132 Tryon 
Campbell David, stonecutter, r 721 New Market 
Campbell David, stonecutter, 1612 Helmuth 
Campbell & Davidheiser (J. A. Campbell i^ M. 
Daviilheiser), manuf. silver plated ware, 1317 
Campbell Dennis, carter, 2145 Washington av 
Campbell Edward, gent., r 724 Willow 
Campbell Edward, laborer, 2545 Egleson 
Campbell Eihvard M., sheetiron, r 816 Coates 
Campbell Edward P., finisher, 522 China 
Campbell Edward P., Jr., plumber, 522 China 
Campbell Edward S., att'y-at-law, 529 Vine 
Campbell Eliza, b h, 916 Atherton 
Campbell Elizabeth, 11 Worrell 
Campbell Elizabeth, 1062 N Front 
Campbell Elizabeth, 2112 Sansoni 
Campbell & Elliott (William Camphell lie John 
EUloli), woollen & cotton mills, 12th & Wash- 
ington av 
Campbell Francis, laborer, 1936 Sansom 
Camiibell Francis, laborer, r 2008 Jones 
Campbell Frank, bookkeeper, 1110 Chestnut, h 

2014 Catharine 
Campbell Frederick J., barber, 610 S llth 
Campbell Fleming, bricklayer, 2305 Wright 
Campbell Fiancis, rag business, 2014 Catharine 
Camjibell Francis, stonecutter, 2430 Spruce 
Campbell F., appraiser, 142^ S 4th, bds Mer- 
chants' hotel 
Campbell George, bartender, 117 Catharine 
Campbell George, driver, 2011 N 2d 
Campbell George, machinist. 541 N 25th 
Campbell George, manuf., S E Washington av k 

21st, h 401 S Broad 
Campbell George, restaurant, 527 S Juniper 
Campbell George, cigarmaker, 1041 S 3d 
Campbell George, shingle shaver, r 133 Carpen- 
Campbell George, watchman, 914 Vienna 
Campbell George F., cigars, 1151 S llth 
Campbell George W., carpenter, 1824 Ridge av 
Campbell George W., clothing, 407 S 2d 
Campbell (Jeorge W., commission merchant, 37 

N Front, h 331 S 3d 
Campbell Hannah, 3615 Lancaster 
Campbell Hannah, trimmings, 2113 Callowhill 
Campbell Hannah E., 1931 Cherry 
Campbell Henry C, turner, 622 China 
Campbell Hiram, gent., 444 N 10th 
Camphell Howard S., M.D., 320 N 6th 
Campbell Hugh, druggist, 1638 Pine 
Campbell H. L., com. agency, 600 Chestnut, h 

112 N 16th 
Campbell Jacob, shoemaker, 522 Cresson 
Campbell Jacob, 3208 Germantown av 
Campbell James, butcher, 57 Sellers 
Campbell James, butcher, 627 Washington av 
Campbell James, cabinetmaker, 103 Siegle 
Campbell James, carpenter, 308 Truxton 
Campbell James, carter, 2505 Pine 
Campbell James, clothing, 407 S 2d, h 810 S 4th 

Campbell James, clothing, 331 S 2d, h 4th bel 

Campbell James, coachman, r 1114 Ohio 
Campbell James, drayman, 1629 Philip 
Campbell James, driver, 722 Birch 
Campbell James, druggist, 7-19 S 15th 
Campbell James, drygoods, 1331 k 1333 N lOth 
Cam]jl]ell James, ex-judge, 215 S 6th 
Campbell James, galvanizer, 1145 Jackson 
Campbell James, gent., 227 N 9th 
Campbell James, gent., 20 N 7th 
Campbell James, goldbeater, r 324 Stanley 
Campbell James, gent., 2016 Vine 
Campbell James, grocer, 1047 Lingo 
Campbell James, hatter, r 212 N 2d 
Campbell James, hotel, 515 S 15th 
Campbell James, laborer, 1238 Edgemont 
Campbell James, laborer, 10 Path 
Campbell James, laborer, 3 Moro 
Campbell James, laborer, 2428 Hare 
Campbell James, laborer, 409 S 25th 
Campbell James, laborer, 501 S 12th 
Campbell James, li((uors, 1526 Philip 
Campbell James, manuf., S E 12th & Washing- 
ton av, h 763 S 12th 
Campbell James, mer., 2d & Dock, h 1822 Green 
Campbell James, ornamenter, 1712 Olive 
Campbell James, plasterer, 14 Nicetown la 
Campbell James, printer, 3 Path 
Camijbeli James, seaman, 111 Senate 
Campbell James, tailor, 1740 Lombard 
Campbell James, tavern, 2032 Alter 
Campbell James, waterman, 13 Wilson 
Campbell James, weaver, 5 Deringer av 
Campbell James A., steward, 1016 Fitzwater 
Campbell James A., surveyor, 734 S 8th 
Campbell James D., clerk, 759 S 9th 
Campbell James H., liquors, 2d & Dock, h 1822 

Campbell James M., salesman, 978 N 2d 
Campbell James 0., salesman, 126 S Delaware 

av, h 1 1 N 2d 
Campbell James R., merchant, 727 Chestnut, h 

1308 Filbert 

Campbell, Alexa nder Ricley, William B. 

Sharp if William L. Dmiglison), fancy dry 

goods, 727 Chestnut 
Campbell James W., commission merchant, 6 S 

Front, h West Phila 
Campbell Jane, 601 Washington av 
Campbell John, boolfitter, 731 Steward 
Campbell John, bookseller, 740 Sansom, h 2016 

Campbell John, bricklayer, 2013 Winter 
Cam[ibell John, brickmaker, 2104 Shippen 
Campbell John, butcher, 711 Charles 
Campbell John, carpenter, 935 SuS'olk 
Campbell John, cotton mill. Flat Rock av, h 

Levering ab Wood, Myk 
Campbell John, drayman, 6 Hunter 
Campbell John, driver, 2126 Harmstead 
Campbell John, driver, 451 N 13th 
Campbell John, gent., 9 Path 
Campbell John, gent., 1436 Barclay 
Campbell John, harnessmaker, 809 S 7th 
Campbell John, hotel, 311 k 313 S Front 
Campbell John, janitor, 1318 South 
Campbell John, laborer, 23t2 Wood 
Campbell John, laborer, 48 Blodget 
Campbell John, laborer, 181 Oxford 
Campbell John, laborer, 2 Holt av 
Campbell John, laborer, 2335 Penns av 
Campbell John, laborer, 2107 Winter 
Campbell John, laborer, Davis ab 12th 




CAMPBELL JOHN, liquor merchant, 311 <fc 313 

S Front, & 310 & 312 S Water 
Campbell John, manuf, 125 Chestnut, h Tower 

View, Myk 
Campbell John, manuf, 1512 Bodine 
Campbell John, milkman, 42 Almond 
Campbell John, moulder, 120 Cottage 
Campbell John, porter, 3 Knowles av 
Campbell John, porter, 2045 South 
Campbell John, porter, 415 Market 
Campbell John, printer, 1727 Ann 
Campbell John, seaman, r 1222 Locust 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 1313 AVheat 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 2036 Jones 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 9 S 17th 
Campbell John, student, 215 S 6th 
Campbell John, tavern, 510 S 7th 
Campbell John, timekeeper, 1342 Crease 
Campbell John, tinsmith, 2021 Hampton 
Campbell John, tinsmith, 1912 South 
Campbell John, varnisher, 1436 Barclay 
Campbell John, weaver, r 409 Ella 
Campbell John, weaver, 1316 Mariner 
Campbell John B., carpenter, 257 N 2d 
Campbell John D., driver, 3438 Ludlow 
Campbell John E., meter maker, 15 Hickey 
Campbell John H., attorney-at-law, 310 N 6th 
Campbell John H., porter, 4 McGee's av 
Campbell John H., cigars, 1151 S 11th 
Campbell John H., student, 419 Walnut, h 2016 

Campbell John J., gentleman, 733 S 4th 
Campbell John M., confectioner, 331 S 3d 
Campbell John M., manuf, 485 York av 
Campbell John W., clerk, 416 N 3d 
Campbell John W., grocer, 1236 Whitehall 
Campbell Jonathan, carpenter, 930 Poplar 
Campbell Joseph, flour mills, N W 13th & Noble, 

h Buttonwood bel 13th 
Campbell Joseph, laborer, 1620 Burton 
Campbell Joseph, laborer, 1224 Shippen 
Campbell Joseph, laborer, 2710 Park 
Campbell Joseph, laborer, 5 St Stephen's pi 
Campbell Joseph, machinist, 514 S 12th 
Campbell Joseph, merchant, 994 N 6th 
Campbell Joseph, merchant, 1231 Buttonwood 
Campbell Joseph, Jr., trimmings, 510 N 2d, h 

1231 Buttonwood 
Campbell Joseph A., pattern maker, 4228 Fkd av 
Campbell Joseph A., seaman, 1163 S 12th 
Campbell Joseph H., grocer, 3237 Gtn av 
Campbell J. J., shoemaker, 108 South, h 206 

Campbell J. 0., commission mer, 126 S Del av, 

h Camden 
Campbell J. P., Kev., 1810 Addison 
Campbell Joseph S., baker, 1314 Pritchard 
Campbell J. A., silver plater, 1317 Chestnut, h 

1221 Lombard 
Campbell Lewis, laborer, 228 Ann 
Campbell Listy, 619 Hurst 
Campbell & McLaughlin {Samuel Campbell if 

Jas. McLaughlin), coal, 13th & Washington av 
Campbell Margaret, 2223 Pine 
Campbell Margaret, 1011 Ward 
Campbell Margaret, 1042 S 4th 
Campbell Margaret S., 315 Race 
Campbell Mark, laborer, 1315 Silbert 
Campbell Mary, 428 Pine 
Campbell Mary, 332 Bradford 
Campbell Mary, tailoress, 1125 Charles 
Campbell Matthew C, gentleman, 544 N 6th 
Campbell Michael, bootmaker, 7 Lincoln ct 
Campbell Michael, laborer, 2545 Egleson 
Campbell Michael, painter, 2306 Spring Garden 

Campbell Michael J., seaman, 1043 Clement 
Campbell M. H., trimmings, 249 South 
Campbell Nancy Ann, 527 Marriot 
Campbell Nathan, dealer, 119 Almond 
Campbell Neil, laborer, 1433 American 
Campbell Neal P , attorney-at-law, 207 S 6th, h 

1118 S 12th 
Campbell Oliver, carpenter, 4618 Prankford av 
Campbell Oliver, watchmaker, 1118 South 
Campbell Patrick, baker, 1000 Ward 
Campbell Patrick, bricklayer, 267 S 21st 
Campbell Patrick, laborer] 1247 S 7th 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, Webster n S 20th 
Campbell Patrick, porter, 1323 Warnock 
Campbell Patrick, shoemaker. 810 Steward 
Campbell Patrick, shoemaker, 1005 Locust 
Campbell Patrick, weaver, 1970 Philip 
Campbell Patrick, weaver, 1236 Crease 
Campbell Peter, r 1632 American 
Campbell Peter, blacksmith. 1528 Wood 
Campbell Peter, carpenter, 240 Jefferson 
Campbell Peter, laborer, 1538 Bodine 
Campbell Peter, laborer, 1936 Sansom 
Campbell Peter, tailor, 1127 Milton 
Campbell Peter S., liquor. Ridge av & Parrish 
Campbell & Pollock (George. Campbell if William 

J. PollorJc) manufacturers of woollen &, cotton, 

S E Washington av & 21st 
Campbell Ralph, caster, 625 Marriott 
Campbell Randolph, gent. 1118 New Bedford 
Campbell Rebecca, furnishing, 1327 South 
Campbell Richard, tobacconist, 1109 South 
Campbell Robert, carpenter, 1103 S 10th 
Campbell Robert, driver, Lancaster ab 43d 
Campbell Robert, dyer, 2332 Spring Garden 
Campbell Robert, laborer, 1010 Dorrance 
Campbell Robert, police, 2022 Evergreen 
Campbell Roseana, 410 Redwood 
Campbell R. H., merchant, 924 Clinton 
Campbell Samuel, butcher, 55 Foulkrod 
Campbell Samuel, coal, 13th &, Washington av 
Campbell Samuel, druggist, 1016 Chestnut, h 761 

Campbell Samuel H., carpenter, 1601 N 7th 
Campbell Samuel, fireman, 1334 Mariner 
Campbell Samuel, laborer, 1344 Bedford 
Campbell Samuel S., confectioner, 149 Green 
Campbell Sanford P., grocer, 507 Market, h 272 

S 2d 
Campbell Sarah, 623 Hallowell 
Campbell Sarah, 149 Green 
Campbell Sarah F., millinery, 305 South 
Campbell Sophia, 1604 Carlton 
CAMPBELL ST. GEORGE T., counsellor-at-law, 

210 S 4th, h Chestnut Hill 
Campbell Susan, 160 Richmond 
Campbell Susan, 517 S Juniper 
Campbell Susana, 4 Kempton 
Campbell Sylvester, hostler, 2014 Catharine 
Campbell S. H., trimmings, 249 South 
Campbell S P., com mer, 507 Market 
Campbell S. S. & Co. (S. S. Campibell), confec- 
tioners, 303 Race, h 149 Green 
Campbell Thomas, carpenter, 743 S 15th 
Campbell Thomas, driver, 914 S 11th 
Campbell Thomas, fireman, 627 Washington av 
Campbell Thomas, grocer, 238 N 22d 
Campbell Thomas, hats k caps, 978 N 2d 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1250 Richmond 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1611 Philip 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1103 S 10th 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1934 Cuthbert 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1431 Buttonwood 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 2134 Cuthbert 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 426 S 25th 





"^ P 













o o 


«y o 

o ^ 

S =^ 

I— i" 






Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1820 Barker 
Campbell Thomas, cigarmaker, 924 S 4th 
Campbell Thomas, mason, 215 Columbia av 
Campbell Thomas, weaver, 5484 Gerraantown av 
Campbell Thomas H., conductor, 4210 Edline 
Campbell Weirt. paperhanger, 653 N 15th 
Campbell William, baker, 2020 Alter 
Campbell William, blacksmith, 345 N 4th 
Campbell William, boilermaker, r 913 Ontario 
Campbell William, bottler, 1338 Rodman 
Campbell William, butcher, 910 S 5th 
Campbell William, carpenter, 1914 Cuthbert 
Campbell William, carver, 1226 South 
Campbell Willium, chairmaker, 1719 Wylie 
Campbell William, clerk, 1122 Chestnut, h 332 

Campbell William, clerk. S21 Chestnut, h 1346 

Campbell William, engineer, 2238 Trenton av 
Campbell William, engraver, 910 N 2d 
Campliell William, flour dealer, 8 Hickey 
Campbell William, hostler. 1113 Locust 
Campbell William, laborer, 326 N 21st 
Campbell William, laborer, 2305 Wright 
Campbell William, machinist, 232 E Dauphin 
Campbell William, machinist, 130 State 
Campbell 'Williain, manufacturer, 125 Chestnut, 

h Magnet bel Green la, Myk 
Campbell William, manufacturer, 324 S 7th 
Campbell William, merchant, 403 S 7th 
Campbell William, merchant, 410 Buttonwood 
Campbell William, painter, 1311 Catharine 
Campbell William, paper, 1535 N 11th 
Campbell William, stable?, 2102 Sansom 
Campbell William H., clerk, 642 N 8th 
Campbell William H., engineer, 515 N 15th 
Campbell William H , shoes, 335 S 2d, h 206 Pine 
CAMPBELL WILLIAM P., cloaks, mantillas & 

furs, 1124 Chestnut, h 243 Madison 
Campbell William P., plumber, 1729 Lombard 
Campbell William S., tavern, 1156 S 7th 
Campbell William W., commission merchant, 37 

N Front, h 1930 Hamilton 
Campbell William Y., clerk, 734 S 8th 
Campbell W. P., plumber, 419 Walnut 
Campbell Z., livery, r 4313 Frankford av 
Campbell Charles S., engineer, 2202 Brown 
Campell John, brickmiiker, 2033 N 7th 
Campell John, ropemaker, 2033 N 7th 
Campernell Ira, range maker, 1424 Parrish 
Campion Edward, police officer, 34 Bringhurst 
Campion Henry C, salesman, 28 N 3d, h 236 

Campion John, woollen manuf. 4783 Hancock 
Campion John W., merchant, 236 Pine 
Campion Joseph H., cabinetmaker, 261 S 2d, h 

236 Pine 
Campion Nathan E., broker, 620 N 18th 
Campion Richard, merchant, 253 Market, h 

Camden, N J 
Campion Richard R., coal, 236 Pine 
Campion Thomas H., knitting mill. Queen ab 

Germantown av, h 4843 Hancock, Gtn 
Campison Joseph, blacksmith, 2138 Spruce 
Campodonis G. B.. eating stand, 5th k Merchant, 

h Campbell ab Passyunk av 
Camppell John, coachman, 24 Hickey 
Camm William, moulder, 1238 Carlisle 
Cammel Matthew, porter, h 2118 Coates 
CAMMERER ROBERT, architect, 6th & Wal- 
nut, h 718 Noble 
Camrora Robert, coachman, 1622 Burton 
Camy William C, clerk, 1441 N 7th 
Can Lumena 0., teacher, 427 N 6th 
Canada William, bookkeeper, 332 Borden 

Canan Mary, 3309 Grape 

Canan Peter, carter, 1 Walmley pi 

Canavan Ellen C, 1225 N 5th 

Canavan Hannah, 507 S 12th 

Canavan Joseph J., morocco factory, 1225 N 5th 

Canavan Thomas, conductor, 236 Quince 

Canby A. IL, 115 N 17th 

Canby & Bro. {John 4- George Canby), plumbers, 

321 Arch 
Canby E., skirts, 306 N 8th, h 806 Cherry 
Canby George, plumber, 321 Arch, h 3726 Walnut 
Canby & Hughes (Samuel T. Canby &^ Thomas 

Hughes), hosiery, 314 Market 
Canby John, plumber, 321 Arch, h 1020 Wallace 
Canby Joseph, machinist, 720 Chestnut, h 806 

Canby Samuel T., mer., 314 Market, h 629 Vine 
Candee Charles E., secretary S. F. & M. Ins Co, 

228 S 3d, h 324 S 3d 
Canders William, millwright, 724 N 17th 
Candidus William, piano manuf, 1333 ISIary 
Candy Charles, cooper, 327 Bridge, Whitehall 
Candy John, laborer, 327 Bridge, Whitehall 
Candy Joseph, blacksmith, 2 Taeony, Whitehall 
Candy Michael, laborer, 327 Bridge, Whitehall 
Candy Samuel, maehiuist, 327 Bridge, Whitehall 
Candless John W., police, 2133 Wallace 
Cane James, drayman, 3 Crawford ct 
Cane James, laborer, 1018 Filbert 
Cane Nathan, printer, b h, 432 Carpenter 
Cane Thomas, lead manuf, 1234 Struther 
Caner Ann, 1025 S 7th 
Caner William J., blacking manuf, 138 & 140 N 

Front, h 1530 Arch 
Canevan Mary J., 239 Jefferson 
Caney John, pocketbook maker, 413 York av 
Canfield D. B., attornev-at-law, 131 S 5th 
Canfield John, agent, 1702 N 13th 
Canfield Matthias, cabinetmaker, 121 Nectarine 
Canfield Richard, brickmaker, 138 Cope 
Canfield Theodore, hatter, 438 Canton 
Canfield William M., manufacture, 2232 Coates 
Canigan Hugh, carter, 528 Cresson 
Canin John, flour dealer, Burk ab 20th 
Canis Edward, tailor, r 858 N 4th 
Cann F. C, mason, 341 Jarvis 
Cann Henry, police, 2219 Clayton 
Cann II. E., marble cutter, 3ij05 Ludlow 
Cann Jacob, spinner, r 4524 Baker, Myk 
Cann James, laborer, 4317 Cresson, Myk 
Cann John, cigars &, tobacco, 609 E Dauphin 
Cann John W., trimmings, 915 Ridge av 
Cann Mary, 928 Lawrence 
Cann Patrick, laborer, 30 Sloan 
Cann Samuel, coach trimmer, 928 Lawrence 
Cannable Daniel, gilder, 423 Rugan 
Cannan Charles, printer, 752 S 13th 
Cannan Hannah, 752 S 13th 
Cannavan John, plasterer, 1112 S 27th 
Cannell S. Wilmer. 237 Chestnut, h 128 S 18th 
Canning George W., clerk, 1923 Hamilton 
Canning John, hotel, S E Cadwalader & Thompson 
Canning John, mason, 2026 Evergeen 
Canning John M., beamer, 718 Orr 
Canning Letitia, 211 S 11th 
Canning Matthew, stonecutter, 712 Master 
Canning Sarah, 211 S 11th 
Canning Sarah, 712 Hepburn 
Cannon Alphonso, tinsmith, 1613 Ogden 
Cannon Andrew, laborer, 1209 Fisher 
Cannon A. C, 1120 Graff 
Cannon Barbara. 634 Callowhill 
Cannon Barney, laborer, 3 McKeown's ct 
Cannon Brothers (Richard B. (^ John H. Can- 

iwn), commission merchants, 31 S Front 




Cannon Edward T , bookkeeper, 832 Knox 
Cannon Elijah, driver, 733 Ringgold 
Cannon George, laborer, 829 Marriott 
Cannon James, bolt maker, 2227 Filbert 
Cannon James, bookkeeper, 706 Chestnut, h 533 

N 13th 
Cannon James, carpet weaver, 1414 Howard 
Cannon James, laborer, 8 Hickey 
Cannon James, laborer, 39 N 21st 
Cannon James, machinist, 752 S 13tli 
Cannon James, Jr., machinist, 39 N 21st 
Cannon James, trimmings, 537 N 13th 
Cannon James J., salesman, 605 Market, h 1116 

S 12th 
Cannon John, book stand P RR, 4218 Bdline 
Cannon John, house painter, 207 Allen 
Cannon Michael, laborer, 2221 Filbert 
Cannon John, laborer, 1016 Crease 
Cannon John, laborer, 13 N 21st 
Cannon John, laborer, 2118 Tower 
Cannon John, shoemaker, 1907 Jones 
Cannon John, upholsterer, 1413 Chestnut 
Cannon John, wheelwright, 2320 Market 
Cannon John H., merchant, 31 S Front, h 247 

Cannon Manus, laborer, 2427 Manning 
Cannon Michael, laborer, 811 Carpenter 
Cannon Michael, tinsmith, 544 South 
Cannon Neill, laborer, 1017 Somerset 
Cannon Palriek, laborer, 4311 Tower, Myk 
Cannon Patrick, liquors. Currant al 
Cannon Peter, waterman, 1240 Fisher 
Cannon Rachel, 2030 Murray 
Cannon Richard B., com mer, 31 S Front, h 247 

Cannon Sarah, 1329 S 10th 
Cannon Susan, 2013 Murray 
Cannon Stephen, waiter, r 619 Filbert 
Cannon Thomas, bookkeeper, 247 Pine 
Cannon Thomas, laborer, 2044 Jones 
Cannon William A., stoves, 317 S 2d & 937 N 2d, 

h 321 S 2d 
Cannon Edward T., clerk, Union League house, 

S W Broad & Sansom, h 832 Knox 
Canon Henry, stevedore, 1518 Anthony 
Canon James, tinsmith, 4152 Ludlow 
Canon Patrick, laborer, 939 S 8th 
Canon Willie, 860 N 11th 
Canon William, laborer, 1529 Tudor 
Canon William W., car builder, 1937 Cherry 
Canophy Mary, b h, 912 Cherry 
Canopp James, bootmaker, r 516 Vine 
Canpell James, carman, 103 Jefferson 
Cansell John C, boilermaker, 2208 Hare 
Cantador Lorenz, clerk, 9 Bank, h Roxboro 
Canter J. H., variety, 2^ S 8th 
Cantfell James, carpenter, 511 Somerset 
Cantfell Patrick, laborer, 511 Somerset 
Cantley Rachel, Mrs., 1309 S Lancaster 
Cantlin John R., engineer, 246 German 
Cantlin Patrick, laborer, 4 Forrest pi 
Canton Patrick, shoemaker, 814 Marriott 
Canton Richard, liquors, 623 Guilford 
Canton William, tailor, 303 Gaskill 
Cantrell Edward J., coal oil, 1819 S 5th 
Cantrell Francis S., attorney-at-law, 528 Walnut, 

h 1000 S 2d 
Cantrell George W., coal oil, 1819 S 5th 
Cantrell John A., druggist, 1000 S 2d 
Cantrell John H., M.D., 943 S 2d 
Cantrell William A., M.D., 912 S 6th 
Cantwell Henry, butcher, 2129 Ridge ar 
Cantwell James R., liquors, N W Master & Ger- 

mantown av 
Cantwell Michael, liquors, 212 Union 

Canty Jerry, weaver, r 159 Master 

Canty Michael, weaver, r 1537 Philip 

Cantz Frederick, carter, 1112 Leopard 

Cape Louisa, Mrs., 1004 Dorranee 

Capehart Charles, bricklayer, r 709 St John 

Capehart Henry, brickmaker, 324 S 19th 

Capehart Henry, gentleman, 944 E Norris 

Capehart John, watchman, 2113 Memphis 

Capehart Sarah, dealer, r 1237 Otis 

Capehorn Daniel, ropemaker, 1216 Otis 

Capel Alfred, druggist, 811 Lebanon 

Capen John L., phrenologist & bookseller, 722 

Chestnut, h 2003 Poplar 
Caper James B., merchant, 474 N 8th 
Capewell J. B., merchant, 205 Race, h Westville, 

N J 
Capewell J. B., & Co. (J. B. Capewell &f W. Hub- 
bard), glass, 205 Race 
Capp John C, broker, 23 S 3d, h 250 N 12th 
Capp John C. &, Son {John C. ^ John S. Capp), 

stock & note brokers, 23 S 3d 
Capp John S., broker, 23 S 3d, h 1514 N 12th 
Capp Samuel M., broker, 23 S 3d, h 2122 Brandy- 
Capp William M., broker, 23 S 3d, h 250 N 12th 
Capper Abram H., drygoods, 1238 N Front 
Capper William, clerk, 40 S Front 
Cappes William, driver, 1530 Parrish 
Cappin Catharine, 1 Faas pi 

Caragan Joseph, carpenter, 1508 Montgomery av 
Carahar James, dealer, 304 Controller 
Carahar John E., groceries, 345 S Front 
Caraher Christopher, chemist, r 710 Sterling 
Caratta Martin, machinist, 1964 Philip 
Caravan William, laborer, 1441 Hope 
Carberry Agnes, 918 Manilla 
Carberry Catharine, r Candia pi 
Carberry David, blacksmith, 2 Piper's ct 
Carberry Hannah, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry James, laborer, 2421 Coral 
Carberry John, laborer, 107 Green 
Carberrj"^ John, umbrella maker, r 1424 Hanover 
Carberry John J., 229 N 9th 
Carberry Patrick, laborer, 1250 !S,iehmond 
Carberry Thomas, carpenter, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry Thomas, liquors, 4th &, Library, h 229 

N 9th 
Carberry William, laborer, r 1642 N 6th 
Carberry William, tavern, 3906 Lancaster av 
Carberry Thomas, weaver, Edgemont & Somer- 
Carbery P. J., druggist, 601 E Front 
Carbon P. M., Rev., 617 Spruce 
Carbray Patrick, laborer, 1544 Richmond 
Carbray Roger, laborer, 1544 Richmond 
Carbray William, laborer, 1510 Edgemont 
Carbry Ann, 1758 Fitler 
Carbury Rosanna, 634 St Mary 
Cardell Arthur, groceries, 812 Catharine 
Cardell Edward, laborer, 2310 Pine 
Cardell James, manufacturer, 1231 Pearl 
Cardell James, porter, 2310 Pine 
Cardell William, laborer, 2431 Washington av 
Garden Frederick, brewer, 2709 Mt Pleasant 
Garden James, laborer, r 4127 Main 
Garden John, weaver, 2045 Hampton 
Garden Richard, weaver, 2045 Hampton 
Garden Sarah, 13 Boyd's av 
Garden William, hotel, S E 3d & Spruce 
Garden Samuel, bricklayer, 3 Curran pi 
Cardeza Joseph, ticket agent, 1724 Green 
Cardeza Howard, salesman, 1724 Green 
Cardaff John, driver, 406 S Delaware av 
Cardiff Patrick, driver, 1810 Tulip 
Gardnell Henry, tavern, 1539 Callowhill 




OQ Jo 

pi 7\ 

- M 











«2 d 









. ^ 



C3 CO 



fii bfl 










h o 




w ^ 


M c3 

Carflot John, mat manuf., 331 Poplar, h 614 

Carilwell George C, broker, 52 Queen 
Cardwell John, painter, 719 S 11th 
Cardwell Robert T., dentist, 535 Pine 
Cardwell Thomas C, merchant, 205 Church, h 

520 Pine 
Cardwell William, glass stainer, 831 Ellsworth 
Cardwell William, painter, 1014 Dorrance 
Care Catharine, 128 Hermitage 
Care John, gardener, 1702 Coates 
Care Joshua, painter, 2135 Wallace 
Care William, leather dresser, 20th ab Montg'y 
Care William H., painter, 1852 N 20th 
Careless George, britannia metal, 1713 N 11th 
Carels J. H., clerk, 106 S 3d, h 1204 Brown 
Caress Richard, provisions, 4100 Frankford av 
Carey Ann E., 3 Rose al 
Carey Bridget, 2409 Murray 
Carey Charles, R RR contractor, 42 S 17th 
Carey Edward, dealer, 614 S 3d 
Carey Edward, driver, b h 736 Carpenter 
Carey Edward, gasfltter, 1531 Cabot 
Carey Elias, brickmaker, 4862 Willow, Fkd 
Carey Francis, morocco finisher, 847 St John 
Carey Frank, clerk, 341 Washington ay 
Carey (Jeorge, chairm:iker, 847 St John 
Care J' George, shoe heeler, 1231 Ilibberd 
Carey Gertrude J., Y. L. seminary, 1532 Spruce 
Carey Hannah, 1634 S 2d 
Carey Henry C, gentleman, 1102 Walnut 
Carey Isaac, morocco dresser, r 305 Brown 
Carey James, driver, r 255 N 2d 
Carey J'lmes, laborer, 117 Pegg 
Carey James, plasterer, 1635 Federal 
Carey John, driver, 432 Pine 
Carey John, driver, 1246 South 
Carey John, flour, 2409 Murray 
Carey John, laborer, 4810 Cherry, Fkd 
Carey John, laborer, 4849 Willow, Fkd 
Carey John, laborer, 2044 Murray 
Carey John, laborer, 1908 Carlton 
Carey John, laborer, 5 Fairbank pi 
Carey John, moulder, 109 Troller 
Carey John, shoemaker, 1232 Peters 
Carey John, weaver, r 1533 Philip 
Carey Joseph, student, 619 Walnut 
Carey Martin, shoemaker, 256 S 24th 
Carey Michael, carpenter, 2117 Wallace 
Carey Michael, clerk, b h, 216 Lombard 
Carey Michael, liquors, 521 S 10th 
Carey Patrick, 4445 Penn 

Carey R. Davis, books, 218 Market, h 873 N 6th 
Carey Stephen, tinsmith, 220 Poplar 
Carey Stephen H., engineer, 1531 Cadbury av 
Carey Thomas, laborer, 4 Fairbank pi 
Carey Thomas, machinist. 424 N 22d 
Carey Thomas G., currier, 515 Lombard, h 407 

Carey William, Sr., groceries, 829 Christian 
Carey William, laborer, 1115 William 
Carey William, variety, 829 Christian 
Carey William, warper, 424 N 22d 
Carey William, weaver, 1535 Philip 
Carey William H., merchant, 2305 Green 
Carey William P., conductor, 829 Christian 
Carfrey Andrew J., butcher, 1752 Cadwalader 
Carfrey Charles, shoemaker, 1319 Corn 
Carfrey William R., shoemaker, 1752 Cadwalader 
Carie John P., conductor, 2218 Wallace 
Carirl Susan, Mrs., 920 N 15th 
Cariss William, stamping, 1215 N 3d 
Carl Benard, saloon, S W Mervine & Thompson 
Carl George Peter, shoemaker, 429 Girard av, h 
1005 Randolph 

Carl Jacob, watchman, r 516 Vine 

Carl Michael, carpenter, 44 Laurel 

Carlan Frank N., boiler maker, r 921 E Palmer 

Carlan Henry, carter, 2 Delancy pi 

Carlan James, laborer, 114 Robinson, Myk 

Carlan John, laborer, 2224 Carlton 

Carlan Margaret, washer, 6 Manhattan pi 

Carlan Martha, 1645 Lombard 

Carlan Patrick, helper, bds 36 Laurel 

Carlan Patrick, laborer, r 1817 South 

Carlan Philip, laborer, r 625 Filbert 

Carlan Philip, peddler, 1352 Shippen 

Carlan Thomas, brushmaker, r 2107 Cuthbert 

Garland Henry, laborer, 531 N 24th 

Garland James, moulder, 5 Chambers av 

Garland Mary, tailoress, 2060 Lombard 

Garland Michael, tavern, N E 19th & Callowhill 

Carle Adam, laborer, 1418 Parrish 

Carle John H., shoemaker, 1207 N 10th 

Carles Emma, saloon, 907 Green 

Carles Thomas, laborer, 3228 Lancaster 

Carleton L., notions, 116 N 8th 

Carleton Thomas H., carpenter, 106 Jacoby 

Carley Frederick, butcher, 1208 Parrish 

Carley John, porter, r 527 Fitzwater 

Carley Mary, 4773 Hancock, Gtn 

Carley William, cashier, 433 Tasker 

Carlick Peter, carter, 1215 Thompson 

Carlile Amos G , merchant, 659 N 12th 

Carlile David, clerk, 659 N 12th 

Carlile Henry C, .salesman, 120 N 5th 

Carlile James, mason, 1542 Callowhill 

Carlile John, shoemaker, 1542 Callowhill 

Carlile John, tinsmith, 127 Levering 

Carlile John G., captain, 1106 Fitzwater 

Carlile Joseph E., salesman, 120 N 5th 

CARLILE & JOY (Winiam B. Carlile if Mau- 

rice Joy), painters, 132 S 4th 
Carlile J. A. , clerk, 44 k 46 S Front, h 659 N 12th 
Carlile Robert H., seaman, 1214 S 4th 
Carlile William B., painter, 132 S 4th, h 545 

Carlile W. K., draughtsman, 212 S 5th, h 1110 

CarliuAnna, 2034 Wood 

Carlin Anthony L., lamplighter, 614 Buckley 
Carlin B., laborer, 1809 Rhoads 
'Carlin Catharine, washer, 1 Herbert pi 
Carlin Charles H., police, 1002 Anita 
Carlin Daniel, laborer, 1916 Rocht'ord 
Carlin Edward, flour merchant, OO.'i Tasker 
Carlin Edward, laborer, 1916 Roohford 
Carlin Edward G., detective, 246 S 11th 
Carlin Edward J., merchant, 224 S Delaware av, 

h 903 Tasker 
Carlin Edward S., clerk, 154 S 4th, h Camden 
Carlin Francis, expressman, 1012 S 7th 
Carlin F. William, feed store, 754 S Broad, h 

503 S Broad 
Carlin George, laborer, 213 Union 
Carlin George D., chairmaker. 1037 St John 
Carlin Hannah, store, 222 N Front 
Carlin Hugh, laborer, 1035 Rodman 
Carlin Hugh, laborer, 504 Hagner 
Carlin James, laborer, 4071 Allen 
Carlin John, biscuit baker, 132 Race 
Carlin John, laborer, 510 Marriott 
Carlin John, printer, 1512 Parrish 
Carlin Louisa, 980 Lawrence 
Carlin Michael, carpenter, 1641 Carpenter 
Carlin Michael, laborer, 1245 Cumberland 
Carlin Michael, shoemaker, 1923 Ann 
Carlin Patrick, gentleman, 108 Jefferson 
Carlin Patrick, laborer, 215 German 
Carlin Philip, flour, r 1307 Christian 




Carlin Philip. Jr., flour, 503 & 505 S Broad, h 

1307 Christian 
Carlin P., shoemaker, 2406 Brandywine 
Carlin Sarah, trimmings, 3710 Market 
Carlin William, laborer, 1131 Christian 
Carlin William, Jr., laborer, 1131 Christian 
Carlin William, messenger, 3710 Market 
Carlin AVilliam, watchmaker, 927 S 17th 
Carlin William, watchmaker, 1545 Callowhill 
Carlin William J., gentleman, 2031 Mt Vernon 
Carline William, shoemaker, 507 Clearfield 
Carlisle Francis, watchman, 132 Morris 
Carlisle Helena, 614 Coates 
Carlisle Henry, fancy goods, 31 N 8th, h 1107 

Carlisle Henry, manufacturer, 1107 Vine 
Carlisle Henry, Jr., clerk, 623 Commerce, h 1107 

Carlisle Hudson, gentleman, 135 S 37th 
Carlisle Mary, 126 S 20th 
Carlisle Pembleton, carpenter, 507 S Front 
Carlisle Thompson, shoemaker, bds 310 Cherry 
Carlisle William, accountant, 1726 Wylie 
Carlisle William, Jr., clerk, 238 S 3d, h 1765 

Carlisle William, farmer, Ridge av n Mechanic, 

Carlisle William K., surveyor, 1110 Brown 
Carlley George, tobacconist, 1227 S 2d 
Carlo Francis, carpenter, 14 Knight's ct 
Carlon Patrick, hatter, 620 Fitzwater 
Carlon Patrick, laborer, 129 S 24th 
Carlow Gregory, laborer, r 980 N Delaware av 
Carls George, 422 Rugan 

Carls George, Jr.. harness maker, 422 Rugan 
Carls Henry, cutter, 2107 N 4th 
Carlton Ann G., Mrs., 521 Spruce 
Carlton Daniel, boat builder, 424 N 22d 
Carlton Miiry, 548 Chatham 
Carman Annie, bds 120 Vine 
Carman Charles, bricklayer, 2312 N 5th 
Carman Charles C, builder, 1546 N 12th 
Carman Charles F., pattern maker, 659 N Broad 
Carman Francis J., laborer, 476 Broad, Rox 
Carman Charles V., shoemaker, 1908 N Front 
Carman Hudson, gentleman, 1127 Spruce 
Carman Jacob, stone mason, Delaware n Home 

av, Holmesburg 
Carman James, trimmings. 779 N 24th 
Carman James H., flour, 674 & h 659 N Broad 
Carman James S., teamster, 659 N Broad 
Carman James S., Jr., wheelwright, 65^ N Broad 
Carman Jarvis C, painter, 1742 N 12th 
Carman Joseph, mason, r 21 Manheim 
Carman Mary, Mrs., 4507 Mulberry, Fkd 
Carman Samuel A., alderman, 542 N 13th 
Carman Samuel S., watch tools, 41 S 2d, h 22d ab 

Columbia av 
Carman & Scherr {Samuel S. Carmafi (^ Louis 

A. Scherr), watch tools, 41 S 2d 
Carman Stephen, locksmith, 1720 N 22d 
Carman Thomas, worker, 2412 Willow 
Carman William P., bricklayer, 2312 N 5th 
Carman William J., M.D., 2113 Chestnut 
Carman Wilson P., varnisher, 1232 S 4th 
Garmann Samuel, laborer, 736 S Front 
Carmany Andrew J., furnishing, 1035 Coates 
Carmany A. J., salesman, 800 Chestnut, h 1035 

Carmany C, gents' furnishing goods, 800 Chest- 
nut, h 1035 Coates 
Carmbo Adam, tailor, 122 Christian 
Carmell Casper S., cooper, 926 Race 
Carmen Ellen, gentlewoman, 1513 Vienna 
Carmer Augustus R., ship carpenter, 1509 S 2d 

Carmiehael Isaac, carpenter, 828 Auburn 
Carmichael James, laborer, 617 Cherry 
Carmiehael James, plasterer, 1626 Shippen 
Carmichael John, laborer, 731 S 11th 
Carmichael Samuel, police, 1433 Fitzwater 
Carmichael William, clothing, 714 N 2d, h 1535 

N 12th 
Carmichael William, laborer, 1735 N 2d 
Carmick Miss, 435 Lombard 
Carmick Edward, wine merchant, 53 S Front, h 

Chestnut n 40th 
Carmick & Co. {Edward Carmick S^- Stephen Car- 

m.ick), California wines, 53 S Front 
Carmick Louis, com. mer., 143 S Front, h Chest- 
nut n 40th 
Carmine Samuel L., grocer, 449 Dauphin 
Carmines Thomas, laborer, 5 Otsego ct 
Carmody Ned, laborer, Darcy 
Carmody Patrick, laborer, Darcy 
Carmon Allen, teamster, 1513 Vienna 
Carmon John, tinsmith, 1226 Callowhill 
Carmondy Michael, laborer, 14 Mead 
Carmondy Robert, bds 110 S 2d 
Carn George C, wheelwright, 702 Orr 
Carnaghan J. L., merchant, h Chelton ab Gtn av 
Carnaham Robert, glassblower, 561 Chatham 
Carnahan Jane, 39 N 11th 
Carnahan John, merchant tailor, 927 Chestnut, h 

39 N 11th 
Carnan Lewis, clerk, 206 Pine 
Carncross Jacob C, contractor, 234 Chester 
Carncross John L., 11th st. Opera House, h 2033 

Mt Vernon 
Carncross J. A., clerk, 511 Market, h 234 Chester 
Carnell Amanda, machinist, 1844 Gtn av, h 1907 

N 7th 
Carnell Franklin L., machinist, 1844 Gtn av, h 

1907 N 7th 
Carnell Franklin L. & Co. {FranlcUn if Amanda 

Carnell), brick-press manufacturers, 1844 & 

1848 Gtn av 
Carnell George, brick presser, 2212 N 6th 
Carnell Lafayette, tobacconist, 2125 N 6th 
Carnells George, machinist, 1819 Gtn av, h 2212 

N 6th 
Carnells & Williams {George Carnell &f Sam,uel 

Williams), machinists & brick-press manufac- 
turers, 1819 Gtn av 
Carnes George W., machinist, 625 Paul 
Carnes Henry, fisherman, 31 Poplar 
Carnes John S., accountant, 1226 Spring Garden 
Carnet Adolph, cabinetmaker, 151 Noble 
Carney Andrew, blacksmith, 680 N 11th 
Carney Bernard, carman, 1216 Clarion 
Carney Bernard L., hatter, 627 S 5th 
Carney Betty, washer, r 1164 Sidney 
Carney Bridget, washer, 11 Burlington pi 
Carney Catharine, gentlewoman, 1524 Salmon 
Carney Edward, blacksmith, S 32d n Market 
Carney Edward, carpenter, 1028 S 8th 
Carney Edward, laborer, 309 Bradford 
Carney Edward, tanner, 1313 Alder 
Carney Edward J., moulder, 639 Pierce 
Carney Eliza, cook, 736 Washington av 
Carney Francis, laborer, 1126 Watkin 
Carney Hannah, 3 Newbold 
Carney Harry, blacksmith, 3225 Market 
Carney Henry, laborer, 1126 Watkin 
Carney Hugh, laborer, 812 Tasker 
Carney James, bricklayer, 911 Lafayette 
Carney James, carter, 1028 S 8th 
Carney James, laborer, 724 Steward 
Carney John, furniture, 615 & 617 Passyunk av 
Carney John, laborer, r 906 Beach 
Carney John, laborer, bds 127 Chenango 










o ^ 
















O o 

CO c« 






O tn 












Carney John, laborer, 822 Fallon 
Carney John, paver, 508 Shippen 
Carney Joseph, laborer, r 1812Naudain 
Carney Lydia, tailoress, 4 Galena pi 
Carney Michael, laborer, r 15th A Coates 
Carney Owen, laborer, 11 S 36th 
Carney Owen, shoemaker, r 808 Carpenter 
Carney Patrick, blacksmith, 1637 Richard 
Carney Patrick, hotel, 1028 S 8th 
Carney Patrick, laborer, r 950 N Front 
Carney Patrick, liquors, 931 Catharine 
Carney Robert, waterman, 705 Griswold 
Carney Samuel, barber. 1162 N 4th 
Carney Thomas, eating house, 517 S 7th 
Carney Thomas, laborer, 963 Somerset 
Carne3' Thomas, laborer, 1126 AVatkin 
Carney Thomas F., laborer, 812 Tasker 
Carney William, barber, 788 S 6th 
Carney William, laborer, 1126 Wiitkin 
Carney AVilliam, weaver, 1416 N Front 
Carney William H., laborer, 1856 N Front 
Carnohan John K., salesman, 36 N 4th, h 39 N 

Cams Charles, brickmaker, 2114 Christian 
Cams Charles W., police, 1915 Fitzwater 
Cams Gilbert, assistant assessor, 716 Walnut, h 

522 S 24th 
Cams John, brickmaker, 2114 Christian 
Cams Robert S., clerk, 2005 Evergreen 
Cams William, brickmaker, 2114 Christian 
Carolan Catharine, variety, 1210 S 7th 
Carolen Ann, r 422 Marriott 
Caroll MaskellF., dentist, 1320 Melon 
CarolusE., cupper, 801 Charlotte 
Caron Hugh, tailor, 404 N 11th 
Carough John, tavern, 612 S 7th 
Carpenter Albert, painter, 233 Levering 
Carpenter A. Byron, gentleman, 4325 Bellair 
Carpenter Aaron, trucker, 178 Levering 
CARPENTER AARON E., French millinery 

goods, 54 N 8th, h 2025 Spring Garden 
Carpenter Andrew A., carpenter, 144 Vine 
Carpenter Ann, r 427 Lynd 
Carpenter B. F., merchant, 418 Walnut 
Carpenter Charles, car builder, 654 Franklin 
Carpenter Charles, telegraph, 710 Noble 
Carpenter Charles A., shipsmith, 707 S Front 
Carpenter Charles F., groceries. 924 S 4th 
Carpenter Charles G., brass finisher, 931 Percy 
Carpenter Charles S., ice dealer, 717 Willow 
Carpenter Charles W., driver, r 616 Lombard 
Carpenter Conrad, butcher, 1216 N 19th 
CARPENTER C. S. & CO. (Ch"s. S. Carpetiter, 

John Gtendfinuncr ^ Jos. M. Trumaii, Jr.), 

ice dealers, 717 Willow 
Carpenter D. L., dancing academy, 625 Arch, h 

41st & Hutton 
Carpenter & Devlin (Charles A. Carpenter (^ 

Andrew Devlin), shipsmiths, N W Swanson & 

Carpenter Edward, conveyancer, 242 S 3d 
Carpenter Edward B., clerk, 737 Market, h 1323 

Girard av 
Carpenter Edward 6., clerk, 1216 Everett 
Carpenter Edward J., attorney-at-law, 242 S 3d 
Carpenter Edwin, salesman, 1323 Girard av 
Carpenter Eliza, 1109 Vine 
Carpenter Elizabeth, 238 N 8th 
Carpenter Elizabeth, 332 Dugan 
Carpenter Ellen, 5530 Germantown av 
Carpenter E. & Son (Edward ^ J. Edward Car- 

penter), conveyancers, 242 S 3d 
Carpenter Frances, washer, 412 Tenor pi 
Carpenter Francis, mer. tailor, 825 Chestnut, h 

311 S 3d 

Carpenter Frank W., clerk, 1216 Everett 
Carpenter George W., carpenter, 211 Sehell 
Carpenter George W., druggist, 737 Market, h 

Franklin, Gtn 

C. Henszey &f Geo. W. Carpenter), wholesale 

druggists, 737 Market 
Carpenter Harriet, 306 S Juniper 
Carpenter Harriet, 1140 N 4th 
Carpenter Harry L., merchant, 433 Market, h 

309 S 3d 
Carpenter Henry B., merchant, 40 S Delaware 

av, h 515 Wood 
Carpenter Henry B., prompter, 1014 Sansom 
Carpenter Henry C, 1505 S 6th 
Carpenter Henry M., shoemaker, 29 Parham 
Carpenter H. B., com. merchant, 40 S Delaware 

av, h 515 Wood 
Carpenter John, bookbdr, 1009 Montgomery av 
Carpenter John, hotel, 626 Prune 
Carpenter John, laborer, 1216 N 19th 
Carpenter John, laborer, r 913 St John 
Carpenter Joan, telegraph operator, 1007 Thomp- 
Carpenter John Edward, assessor, 1127 S 3d 
Carpenter John Q. , M.D., 5530 Germantown av 
Carpenter John W., moulder, r 904 Auburn 
Carpenter Joseph, carpenter, 174 Lehman 
Carpenter Joseph C, gentleman, 1216 Everett 
Carpenter Joseph R., engraver, 242 Chestnut, h 

1824 Pine 
Carpenter J. H., stables, 1513 Cuthbert, h 27 N 

Carpenter Lewis L. , machinist, 29 Parham 
Carpenter L. P., salesman, 120 N Delaware av, 

h 221 Wharton 
Carpenter Mary A, gentlew., 413 Buttonwood 
Carpenter Mary A., 1009 Vernon 
Carpenter M. H., hatter, 467 N 2d 
Carpenter M. N., gentleman, 119 N 2d 
Carpenter Robert, salesman, 1301 Ridge av 
Carpenter Samuel, collector, 515 Wood 
Carpenter Simon, machinist, r 1151 S 13th 
Carpenter S. P., bookkeeper, 737 Market, h 1028 

Carpenter Thomas C, clerk, 838 N 8th 
CARPENTER THOMAS P., counsellor-at-law, 

36 N 2d, Camden, N J 
Carpenter William, driver, 1816 Girard av 
Carpenter William, ice dealer, 413 Buttonwood 
Carpenter William, mer. tailor, 825 Chestnut, h 

1919 Spruce 
Carpenter William, shoemaker, 130 Almond 
Carpenter William H , clerk, 802 Arch 
Carpenter William H., telegrapher, S W Chest- 
nut & 5th 
Carpenter William L., surgical instrument mkr, 

1030 Leithgow 
Carpenter Wm. M., real estate agent, 1415 Fawn 
Carpenter William S., ice dealer, 440 York av, h 

413 Buttonwood 
Carpenter William T., salesman, 609 Chestnut, h 

1206 Silver 
Carpenter W. C, salesman, 120 N Delaware av, 

h 11 N 2d 
Carpenter AV. & F. (William dj- Francis Car- 
penter), merchant tailors, 825 Chestnut 
Carpenter W. M., real estate agent, 245 S 5th, h 

707 N 18th 
CARPENTERS' COMPANY, Hall Carpenters' 

ct. Chestnut ab 3d 
Carpenter's Run Oil Co., 505 Chestnut 
Carr Abby, 1302 Rodman 
Carr Barbara. 1914 Cuyler 
Carr Bernell T., watchcase maker, 1 Barker's al 




Carr Bernard, laborer, 2512 Deshong 
Carr Bridget, 4315 Cresson, Myk 
Carr Calvin, brickmaker, 1050 Dorrance 
Carr Charles, brickmaker, 1050 Dorrance 
Carr Charles, confectioner, 1431 Wood 
Carr Charles, driver, 121 Green la 
Carr Charles, laborer, r 1542 E Thompson 
Carr Charles, sawyer, 1022 Crease 
Carr Charles, upholsterer, 250 South , 

Carr Charles W., dealer, 224 South, h ^19 S 3d , 
Carr Charles W., salesman, 1228 Stiles , 

CARR & CLARK (JIary M. Carr ^J^'^^V-f-^ 
Clark), zephyrs & dress tjimmings, 101 b iith 
Carr Daniel, grocer, 728 S 7th 
Carr Daniel, laborer, lfi26 Salmon 
Carr David, laborer. 337 Bradford 
Carr Edward, hotel. 231 S 24th 
Carr Edward, laborer, 1143 William 
Carr Edward, plumber, 2041 Bedford 
CarrEdwin A, moulder, r 1520 Pearl 
Carr Edwin M., jeweller, 712 Chestnut, h 1226 

Carr Eliza, trimmings, 1337 S 2d 
Carr Elizabeth, r 908 S 17th 
Carr E. W., gentleman, 912 X 4th 
Carr Frank, cooper. 502 S 21st 
Carr Frank, shoemaker, 1546 Richmond 
Carr Furges, shoemaker. 120 Jefferson 
Carr F., Hquors, 3100 Market 
Carr George, tailor, 2121 Frankford av 
Carr Georse, laborer, 1528 Wood 
CARR GEORGE W , umbrella & metallic mount- 

incrs, N W 12th & Noble, h Gtn 
Carr^'o. P., tailor; bds 6th & Girard av 
Carr Harvey, salesman, 415 Market 
Carr Henry, coachman, 406 Cherry 
CarrHenry, laborer, 239 N 15th 
Carr Henry J., laborer, r 512 S 19th 
Carr Hester, 823 Emeline 

Carr Hiram A., bricklayer, 4526 Germantown av 
Carr H B.. victualler, 1133 Hanover 

Carr Jacob, machinist, 724 E Norris 

Carr James drayman, 724 S Broad 

Carr James, engineer, 503 S Front 

Carr James, farmer, 1143 Dunton 

Carr James, hotel, 614 S 18th 

Carr James, laborer, r 1135 William 

Carr James, laborer, 204 S 23d 

Carr James, laborer, 2601 Naudain 

Carr James, laborer, r 1811 Shippen 

Carr James, laborer, 710 Jamison 

Carr James, provisions, 518 S 7th 

Carr James, shoemaker, 1223 Fisher 

Carr James B., agent Manhattan Life Ins. Co. 

of New York, 4f8 Walnut, h 1_340 Franklin 
Carr James H., conveyancer. 107 S loth 
Carr James H., glisscutter, 306 Richmond 
Carr James M., glasseutter, 306 Richmond 
Carr James W., waterman, 519 Everett pi 
Carr Jane Mrs., 307 S 3d 
Carr John, bookbinder, 5' 2 S 21st 
Carr John, cabinetmaker, 1712 Christian 
Carr John, carpenter, 1743 N 11th 
Carr John, carter, 724 Jamison 
Carr John, dealer, 1203 Carlton 
Carr John, drayman, 941 S 9th 
Carr John, glassblower, 815 Bedford 
Carr John, hotel, 130 South 
Carr John, laborer, 1016 Fernon 
Carr John, laborer, 1646 Sansom 
Carr John, laborer. 21 Grayson 
Carr John, laborer. 2023 Reeves 
Carr John, laborer, 610 S 18th 
Carr John, laborer, 2529 Pine 
Carr John, laborer; 13 Short ct 

Carr John, laborer, 735 S Front 

Carr John, laborer, r 843 Marriott 

Carr John, salesman, bds 226 N 2d J 

Carr John, tavern, 4325 Cresson, Myk ^ 

Carr John M., lithographer, 414 Federal , 

Carr Joseph, boatman, 2601 Naudain ' 

Carr Joseph, plumber, 456 N 5th > 

Carr Joseph, plumber, 338 N 4th \ 

Carr Louis, 1002 Market, h Cherry ah 15th j 

Carr Luke, laborer, 1019 Milton , 

Carr Margaret, 246 S 10th ] 

Carr Margaret, 2 Shelburne av 

Carr Maria, 620 Carpenter 

Carr Martha, tailoress, 7 White's ct 

Carr Mary, 1513 Cadwalader 

Carr Mary, dealer, 9 Concord pi 

Carr Mary, tailoress, 520 S 24th 

Carr Mary M., trimmings, 101 S 11th 

Carr Matthew, laborer, 1417 Almond 

Carr Matthew, plumber, 1935 Ann 

Carr Michael, laborer, 1521 Salmon 

Carr Michael, livery, r 724 N Front 

Carr Michael, gentleman, 516 S 19th 

Carr Overton, captain U S N, 134 N 20th 

Carr, Patrick, laborer, 1316 Shellbark 

Carr Patrick, laborer, 839 Auburn 

Carr Patrick, laborer, 1233 Fisher 

Carr Patrick, moulder, r 808 Carpenter 

Carr Patrick, porter, 1109 Carpenter 

Carr Peter, salesman, 1016 S Sth „_,. „ 

Carr Rebecca F., children's school, 2315 ban- 

som // 

Carr Richard, lithographer, 645 Hay y 

Carr Robert, ins. agent, 418 Walnut, h Darby*^ 
Carr Robert, laborer, 1337 Rose 
Carr Robert, oysterman, 5 Shield's ct 
Carr Robert B., shoemaker, 208 Diamond 
Carr Robert D., gentleman, 1713 Green 
Carr Samuel, gentleman, 1226 Marlborough 
Carr Samuel, plasterer, r 7 Potts' av 
Carr Samuel, shoemaker, 131)8 Atmore 
Carr Samuel, salesman, 1129 Leon 
Carr Samuel M., inspector, 1306 Ogden 
Carr Samuel M., Jr., moulder, 1306 Ogden 
Carr Sarah, washerwoman, 1119 Frankford av 
Carr Stephen, oil refiner, 206 Walnut, h 133o 

Christian , ,, a ^i 

CARR STEPHEN & CO. {Stephen Carr, Arthur 
Q-Nei/l \ L. Paid Tack), oil refiners, 206 
Carr Susan, laundress, 505 Barron 
Carr Thomas, carpenter, 1214 S 6th 
Carr Thomas, cooper, 80 Tasker 
Carr Thomas, jeweller, r 1022 Crease 
Carr Thomas, liquors. 716 Carpenter 
Carr Thomas, sailor. 4 Tisdale pi 
Carr Thomas, shoemaker, 4243 Cresson, Myk 
Carr Wilford, moulder, 1306 Ogden 
Carr William, cars, 251 N 15th 
Carr William, cooper, 111 Bnnghurst 
Carr William, driver, 1143 Dunton _ 
Carr William, laborer, Darcy bel Shippen 
Carr William, laborer, 3 Laurel 
Carr William, peddler, 714 Plover 
Carr William, trimmings, 780 S 4th 
Carr William, waterman, 536 Beach 
Carr William C, carpenter, 4736 Gtn ay 
Carr William Hart, insurance agent, 400 Walnut, 

h 1334 S Broad 
Carr William J., flue maker, 437 Worth 
CARR WILLIAM L., hotel, 535 Race 
Carr William B., oystermnn, 517 Lombard 
Carraher James, carter, 729 Enue 
Carraher Owen, bartender, Beach n Brown 
Carre De Angeli H., bookkeeper, 1536 Cherry 











W "^ 


M W 



iJ o 



U o 




















Carre Edward, paper merchant, 1819 Market, h. 

2537 Washington av 
Carre Lewis J., tinsmith, 1002 Market, h 1536 

Carruth Alexander, moulder, bd.? 1615 Market 
Carreine Eugenie, tanner, 1728 N ]2th 
Carrick C, boxmaker, 1617 Richard 
Carriek David, biscuit baker, 1905 Market, h 

2010 Vine 
Carrick Elizabeth, tailoress, 2050 Fleming 
Carrick George, brickoiaker, 1027 Dorrance 
Carrick James, moulder, 1627 Federal 
Carrick James, packer, 1617 Richard 
Carrick Robert, laborer, 1023 Dorrance 
Carrick Thomas, biscuit baker, 1905 Market, h 

112 N 21st 
Carrick Thomas, laborer, 1108 S 27th 
Carrick Thomas & Co. (Thomas if David), bis- 
cuit bakers, 1905 Market 
Carrick William, baker, 1716 Sansom 
Carrick William C, acct., 2040 Vine 
Carrick AVilliam H., coal dealer, 1846 Market, h 

112 N 21st 
Carrick William J., laborer, 1042 Lingo 
Carridan John, wheelwright, r 2401 Hamilton 
Carngan Andrew, blacksmith, 1521 Carlton 
Carrigan Andrew, laborer, 8 Ballenger av 
Carrigan Charles W., broker, 219 Dock, h 2623 

Frankford av 
Carrigan Edward, clerk, 1210 Francis 
Carrigan Edward, currier, 675 Bankson 
Carrigan Francis, dealer, 619 Cherry 
Carrigan Henry, driver, 1635 N 2d 
Carrigan Hugh, currier, 675 Bankson 
Carrigan Hugh, driver, r 1332 Bedford 
Carrigan James, coal merchant, 075 Bankson 
Carrigan John, laborer, 1121 Federal 
Carrigan John, machinist, 8 Boyd's av 
Carrigan John, porter, 16 Dannaker's av 
Carrigan Joseph, carpenter, 161)4 Vienna 
Carrigan Michael, driver, 675 Bankson 
Carrigan Michael, laborer, 1916 Naudain 
Carrigan Patrick, laborer, 2 Short ct 
Carrigan Patrick, rags, 638 Filbert 
Carrigan Patrick, weaver, 1434 Cadwalader 
Carrigan Peter, tinsmith, 114 N 5th 
Carrigan Richard, hostler, r 861 N 4th 
Carrigan Thomas, laborer, r 940 Beach 
Carrigan William, clerk, 675 Bankson 
Carrington E. 0., 723 Chestnut, h 2329 Green 
Carrington Frederick, salesman, 723 Chestnut, h 

2120 Mt Vernon 
Carrington Thomas, laborer, 1806 Rhoads 
Carritt John E., salesman, 932 Arch, h 1515 

Ridge av 
Carrol John, laborer, 712 Jamison 
Carrol Joseph, weaver, 1239 Brinton 
Carrol Patrick, bricklayer, 520 Cresson 
Carrol Patrick, porter. 712 Jamison 

Carrol , druggist, 243. V N 6th 

Carroll Alexander M , peddler, r 929 S 5th 
Carroll Annie, tailoress, 953 N Front 
Carroll Anthony, packer, 1237 Cherry 
Carroll A. D., leather dealer, 38 N 4th 
Carroll A. D. & Co. (A. D. Carrol/, [V. H. Ed- 
wards (^ W. H. Castle), leather & findings, 38 
N 4th 
Carroll A. J., engineer, 1705 S 6th 
Carroll Bridget, 226 S Water 
Carroll Bridget, washing. 28 S 42d 
Carroll Charles, clerk, 424 N 1 1th 
Carroll Charles, constable, 924 Kurtz 
Carroll Charles, laborer. 929 S 13th 
Carroll Clatworthy, police, 1324 Mariner 
Carroll Daniel, huckster, 4106 Market 

Carroll Daniel, painter 1151 S 8th 

Carroll Edward, 1128 Ogden 

Carroll Edward, gent, 1460 Cherry 

Carroll Edward, moulder, 513 Wildey 

Carroll Edward, tinsmith, 1632 Stiles 

Carroll Elizabeth, music teacher, 814 S 9th 

Carroll Ellen, r 120 Spruce 

Carroll Ellen, 7 Dewees ct 

Carroll Francis, coachman, 1 Bunting av 

Carroll Frank, seaman, r 244 S 6th 

Carroll Henry, brick manuf, 3833 Lancaster 

Carroll Henry,, shoemaker, 520 S 21st 

Carroll Henry M., carpenter, 243 Dickinson 

Carroll Hugh, laborer, 2224 Tamaqua 

Carroll James, 1128 Ogden 

Carroll James, carpenter, 751 S Front 

Carroll James, carter, 304 Iseminger 

Carroll James, driver, 816 S 8lh 

Carroll James, laborer, 3 Lacon pi 

Carroll James, laborer, 1126 York av 

Carroll James, milkman, 532 Morris 

Carroll James, moulder, r 412 Shippen 

Carroll James, porter, r 417 S 6th 

Carroll James M., carpenter, 302 Dove pi 

Carroll John, carpenter, 222 Christian 

Carroll John, carpenter, 811 Morris 

Carroll John, inspector, 812 S 9th 

Carroll John, laborer, r 1726 Lombard 

Carroll John, laborer, 26 S 42d 

Carroll John, laborer, 517 S 0th 

Carroll John, porter, 3 Shelburne av 

Carroll John, rigger, 911 Atherton 

Carroll John, rope maker, 1842 Manor 

Carroll John, sailor, 1741 Filler 

Carroll John J., bottler, 517 S 6th 

Carroll Joseph, merchant, 3 Avenue C 

Carroll J. W., druggist N E 2d & Callowhill, h 

243 i N 6th 
Carroll J. W., salesman, bds 227 N 3d 
Carroll Laurence, laborer, 1713 South 
Carroll Lawrence, laborer, r 1639 Salmon 
Carroll Maria, millinery, 911 South 
Carroll Mary, 1128 Ogden 
Carroll Mary, tailoress, 605 Wall 
Carroll Matthew, flour dealer, 414 Shippen 
Carroll Michael, carter, 811 Morris 
Carroll Michael, laborer, 1122 Lentz 
Carroll Michael, laborer, 1012 Otsego 
Carroll Michael, marble polisher, 3 McCormick's 

Carroll Nathaniel R., clerk, 1228 Chestnut, h 617 

S 16th 
Carroll Nicholas, blacksmith, Nicholas n 2l8t 
Carroll Nicholas, engineer, 1026 S 5th 
Carroll Owen, hotel, 962 N Front 
Carroll Patrick, attorney-at-law, 1026 S 5th 
Carroll Patrick, carpenter, 7 Burnett 
CarW)ll Patrick, laborer, r 1082 N Delaware av 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 109Ona3 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 613 Vincent 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 2211 Hare 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 1934 Herb 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 26 Reed 
Carroll Patrick, paver, 1218 Clarion 
Carroll Patrick, shoemaker, 524 Christian 
Carroll Peter, manuf, 4116 Paul 
Carroll Richard, hostler, S W Dillwyn k WiUow 
Carroll Robert, moulder, 268 N 4th 
Carroll Samuel, painter, 1534 Callowhill 
Carroll Susan, 424 N 11th 
Carroll Thomas, blacksmith, 28 Laurel 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 811 Morris 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, r 1226 Salmon 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 137 Elfreth 
Carroll Thomas, mason, 4541 Mulberry, Fkd 




Carroll Thomas, M.D., 617 S 16tli 

Carroll Thomas, painter, 412 S 18th 

Carroll Thomas J., clerk, 1026 S 5th 

Carroll Thomas N., papers, 938 Coates 

Carroll AVilliam, clerk, 424 N 11th 

Carroll William, laborer, 1626 Shippen 

Carroll William, M.D., 617 S 16th 

Carroll William, produce, 914 Locust, h 711 Rus- 

Carroll William, rag dealer, 111 Church, h 309 

Carroll William, tavern, 24th & Spring Garden 
Carroll W. R., shoefindings, 30 N 3d, h 424 N 11th 
Carrolly John, laborer, 335 S Front 
Carron James, brewer, 524 Shippen 
Carrow Edward, salesman, 1213 Monterey 
Carrow G. D., Rev., 245 N 5th 
Carrow John, manuf. jeweller, 308 Chestnut, h 

1532 Spruce 
Carrow John S., jeweller, 308 Chestnut, h 1502 

Carrow Joseph, plasterer, 1329 Davis 
Carrow, Thiebault & Co. {John Carrow, Francis 

Tliiehuull 4" Thomas J. Crothers), manuf. jew- 
ellers, 308 Chestnut 
Carrow Thomas C, salesman, 1213 Monterey 
Carrow William, oyster dealer, 711 Russell 
Carrow William D., salesman, 618 Chestnut, h 

1502 Spruce 
Carry John, moulder, 2324 Owens 
Carry William, driver, r 428 Monroe 
Carryl Harrison, gentleman, 1018 Walnut 
Carsgrove James, conductor, 1202 Francis 
Carslat Joseph W., grocery, S E 11th & Jefferson 
Carsley Joseph H. , machinist, 1309 Cowley 
Carson Alex., carpenter, 2313 Carrol 
Carson Amos, mer., 226 S Del av, h 1426 Jeffer- 
son av 
Carson Andrew J., trunk maker, 222 Monroe 
Carson Archibald, nurse, 117 Wyoming 
CARSON & BOYD {Thomas Carson 4- James 

Boyd), hosiery, &c., 18 N 4th 
Carson Charles, gardener, 730 Sterling 
Carson Elizabeth, 1723 Markham 
Carson Francis, window-shade manuf., 12th & 

Buttonwood, h 426 N 18th 
Carson George C, com. mer., 108 S Front, h 

CARSON GEORGE C. & CO. {George C. Car- 

son), shipping & com. mers., 108 S Front 
Carson George M., carpet weaver, 1416 N Front 
Carson & Graham {T. M. Carson 6f Theodore R. 

Graham), stockbrokers, 134 S 3d 
Carson J. M., pres't Y I Co, 134 S 3d 
Carson Hampton L., drygoods, 102 Chestnut, h 

McKean av, Gtn 
Carson Harvey J., bds 330 S Front 
Carson Henry, cotton broker, 50 S Front, h 222 S 

Carson Isaac, farmer, Holmesburg 
Carson James, laborer, 2 Boyd's av 
Carson James, shoemaker, 1152 S 7th 
CARSON JAMES W. & CO. {James W. Carson, 

George J. Graff ^ A. B. Jardeii), wholesale 

grocers, 617 Market 
Carson James AV., pres't S P G M & B Co, 506 

Walnut, h 220 S 9th 
Carson John, builder, 817 Columbia av 
Carson John, dyer, 1409 Bangor 
Carson John, gent, r 412 Rugan 
Carson John, laborer, 2109 Winter 
Carson John, morocco dresser, r N W Margaretta 

& Front 
Carson John, trunk maker, 222 Monroe 
Carson John, weaver, 1011 Crease 

Carson John J., boatman, 105 Van Horn 

Carson John M., receiver, 537 Cumberland 

Carson Joseph, porter. 1514 State 

Carson J., D.D., 1120 Spruce 

Carson J., Jr., drygoods, 102 Chestnut, h McKean 

av, Gtn 
CARSON J. HAYS, conveyancer, 428 Library, 

h 145 N 20th 
Carson Mary, 1413 Lombard 
Carson M. H., real estate broker, 233 N 6th, h 

606 N 13th 
Carson Nicholas, 222 Monroe 
Carson Robert, carpet manuf., 1416 N Front 
Carson Robert, clerk, 6 S 3d, h 606 N 13th 
Carson Robert, varnisher, 333 Walnut 
Carson Robert J., clergyman, 1141 S 11th 
Carson R., Mrs., 300 S 12th 
Carson Samuel, dealer, 309 Stanley 
Carson Samuel, laborer, r 209 Duponceau 
Carson Samuel, weaver, 1947 Hope 
Carson S. F., insurance, 222 Walnut, h 804 S 4th 
Carson Thomas, notions, 18 N 4th, h 629 N 19th 
Carson Thomas, weaver, 1517 Philip 
Carson Thomas B., real estate agent, 606 N 13th 
Carson Thomas L., salesman, 18 N 4th. h 629 N 

Carson Thompson, smelter, 1334 South 
Carson & Tucker {llenvy Carson ^ Thos. Tucker), 

cotton brokers, 50 S Front 
Carson T. B., real estate broker, 233 N 6th, h 606 

N 13th 
Carson T. B. & Son {T. B. &^ M. H. Carson), real 

estate brokers, 233 N 6th 
Carson William, carpenter, 2109 Winter 
Carson William',, clerk, 1426 S 3d 
Carson William, laborer, r 1243 Tilton 
Carson William, machinist, 222 Monroe 
Carson Wm., packer, 329 Market, h 1028 Stocker 
Carson Wm., waiter, 714 Kessler 
Carson Wm., weaver, 1825 N Front 
Carstairs James, groceries, 522 S Delaware av, h 

906 Pine 
Carstairs James, Jr., importer, 126 Walnut k 21 

Granite, h Schoolhouse la & Township line rd 
Carstien Augustus, wheelwright, 139 Jarvis 
Carswell Sarah, 1330 Pine 
Carter Abbie, 225 Quince 
Carter Abraham, carpenter, 225 N Front, h 1205 

Carter Albert H., seaman, 1327 Mariner 
Carter Alfred H., saloon, 1004 Poplar 
Carter Amos, driver, 2348 N 9th 
Carter Anna, 4757 Gtn av 

Carter Anna, milliner, 637 Spruce, h 510 S 4th 
Carter Barnett, laborer, 1329 S 8th 
Carter Benjamin F., stonecutter, 1609 Fitzwater 
Carter Catharine, trimmings, 639 Passyunk av 
Carter Charles, M.D., 1632 Walnut 
Carter Charles, druggist, 12th & Spring Garden, 

h 1840 Master 
Carter Charles, wheelwright, 1543 Ridge av, h 

1617 0gden 
Carter Charles F., jeweller, 1521 Thompson 
Carter Charles H., photographer, 738 Spring 

Carter Charles J. H., Rev., 1121 Spring Garden 
Carter Daniel H., sawyer, 245 Currant al 
Carter Edward, bricklayer, 1623 Ogden 
Carter Edward, laborer, 41st & Lancaster 
Carter Edward L., M.D., 828 Walnut 
Carter Edwin, gent, 3107 Behring 
Carter Emily, 3 Curran pi 
Carter Frederick W., mer., 28 N Wharves, h 282 

S 3d 
Carter George, 142 N 5th 




































































03 O 


Carter George, bricklayer, 3922 Warren 

Carter George, carpenter, 5018 Shaffer 

Carter George, ship carpenter, 1 Wilson 

Carter G. T., plumber, 142 N 6th 

Carter Ilarman, shoemaker, 905 N 13th 

Carter Henry, driver, 233 Quince 

Carter Henry, gent, 1421 Locust 

Carter Henry B., musician, r 3704 Irving 

Carter Isaac, carter, 1615 Hancock 

Carter Jacob G., cooper, 619 Commerce, h 821 N 

Carter Jacob G., Jr., cooper, 619 Commerce, h 

724 N 9th 
Carter James, clerk, 1008 Vine 
Carter James, clerk, 2004 Hancock 
Carter James, engineer, Lehigh av ab Memphis 
Carter James, laborer, 19 Mill 
Carter James T., gentleman, 116 N 15th 
Carter Jane, 610 S 4th 
Carter Jeremiah, clerk, 511 Noble 
Carter John, boatraaker, 2050 Ridge av 
Carter John, chemist, 24th & Shippen, h 329 S 

Carter John, driver, 1009 Barley 
Carter John, foreman, 439 Dickerson 
Carter John, laborer, 2047 Bedford 
Carter John, tailor, 1029 Lawrence 
Carter John, weaver, r 1604 N Front 
Carter John E., chemist, 24th & Shippen, h 1313 

Carter John H., waiter, 712 Kessler 
Carter John S., cooper, 821 N 9th 
Carter Joseph, laborer, 2718 Federal 
Carter Josiah F., silversmith, 1228 Olive 
Carter Joseph, weaver, 2031 Bodine 
Carter Joseph H., cabinetmaker, 1349 South 
Carter J., shoemaker, 4516 Leiper 
Carter J. G., oak cooper, 619 Commerce, h 821 N 

Carter J. S., M.D., 2005 N 6th 
Carter Louisa, 820 Wood 
Carter L., Mrs., 413 S 7th 

Carter & Macknet (G. T. Carter Sr H. C. Mack- 
net), plumbers, 142 N 5th 
Carter Margaret, 40 N 16th 
Carter Michael, dyer, 59 Unity 
Carter Michael, engineer, 10 Laurel 
Carter Morris, laborer, 1643 E Thpmpson 
Carter Noah, waiter, 706 Lisle 
Carter Randolph, printer, 1229 Myrtle 
Carter Richard, carpenter, 4412 Spring, Fkd 
Carter Richard, mason. 2211 Coates 
Carter Robert, engineer, 2742 Frankford av 
Carter Rodman, merchant, 38 S Water 
Carter Sarah M., housekeeper, 1311 Rodman 
Carter & Scattergood (Julai if Jolut E. Carter, 
4" Joseph if George J. Scattergood), manuf. 
chemists, 24th & Shippen 
Carter S. W., 331 S 13th 
Carter Thomas, carter, 10 Laurel 
Carter Thomas, driver, 2316 Hare 
Carter Thomas S., jeweller, 309 Clark 
Carter Thomas J., carpenter, 222 Federal 
Carter William, 10 Laurel 
Carter William, blacksmith, 741 Passyunk av 
Carter William, laborer, 1327 Mariner 
Carter William, sailmaker, 313 Bridge, White- 
Carter William, Jr., sailmaker, 313 Bridge, 

Carter William, seaman, 1 Priscilla pi 
Carter William G., salesman, 1839 S 2d 
Carter William H., clerk, 2114 Ridge av 
Carter William J., druggist, 1600 Chestnut 
Carter William L., M.D., 1402 N 12th 

Carter William M., 1309 Pine 

Carter William W., gunner. 30 Christian 

Carter Woodward, U S N, 118 Christian 

Carter W. F., broker, r 313^ Walnut, h 916 Pine 

Carter W. T., coal, 103 Walnut, bds Continental 

CARTER W. T. & CO ( W. T. Ca,ter &f Charles 

F. Shoeuer), miners & shippers coal, 103 

Carteret Elizabeth, varieties, 933^ South 
Cartey Michael, laborer, 629 JBedford 
Carthy Nicholas J., carpenter, 1822 Thompson 
Carthy Sarah, 224 N 15th 
Cartledge Cyrus C, stonecutter, 636 Hay 
Cartledge John, stonecutter, 1114 Federal 
Cartledge John, mason, 4630 Franklin 
Cartledge Joseph, stonecutter, 945 Federal 
Cartledge Joseph, Jr., stonecutter, 945 Federal 
Cartledge Thomas, florist, 1208 Cuthbert 
Cartledge William, weaver, 1841 N 6th 
Cartlitch John G., hotel, 1221 Poplar 
Cartmell Wilson, currier, 3d & Willow, h 998 

N 7th 
Cartney Edward, foreman, 829 N 16th 
Cartney Hugh, laborer, 1244 York 
Cartney Samuel, police officer, 131 Haines 
Carton James, laborer, 734 N 22d 
Carton John, carter, 2019 Cuthbert 
Cartret Joseph, upholsterer, 759 S 7th 
Cartright George, driver, 1526 Callowhill 
Cartwright Francis, merchant, 214 N 3d, h 1415 

N 8th 
Cartwright Henry, Am. Meter Co. Arch & 22d, h 

2107 Green 
Cartwright Heildy, house carpenter, r 1026 S 2d 
Cartwright Isaac, fisherman, 195 American 
Cartwright John, horseshoer, 144 Dock, h r 234 

Cartwright Matthew, machinist, 1602 Brandywine 
Cartwright William, laborer, 5476 Gtn av 
Carty Andrew, coal, 529 N 23d, h 2116 Coates 
Carty Charles L., engineer, 1010 S 4th 
Carty Hannah C, 1010 S 4th 
Carty Harriet L., 1010 S 4th 
Carty Henry A., machinist, 1010 S 4th 
Carty James, carpenter, r 413 Coates 
Carty James, huckster, 160 James, Myk 
Carty Jerome, student, 51 N 6th, h 1317 Chestnut 
Carty John, laborer, 308 Lombard 
Carty John, morocco, 1244 Palethorp 
Carty S. M., grocer, 1033 & 1035 Morgan 
Carty S. M., Jr. bricklayer, 1033 Morgan 
Carty Timothy, bootmaker, r 1219 C.idwalader 
Carty William, brickmaker, 1512 Federal 
Cams Jacob, carpenter, 312 N 12th 
Caruthers Robert, laborer, 706 Webb 
Carvalho Rachel N., 630 Race 
Carver Albert, shoemaker, 4805 Cherry, Fkd 
Carver A. B., conveyancer, 9th & Filbert, h 1522 

CARVER A. B. &C0. (A. B., Samuel, Jacob, if 

William Burton Carver), conveyancers, S W 

9th & Filbert 
Carver Benjamin, moulder, 1405 Parrish 
Carver Charles, shoemaker, 1323 Parrish 
Carver C. Ross, machinist, 223 S 8th 
Carver David, willowware, 136 Market, h 315 

Carver Eli, gentleman, 223 S 8th 
Carver Eliza, 417 N 9th 
Carver Elizabeth, 264 Perry 
Carver Ellen, trimmings, 650 Fisher 
Carver Frank C, clerk, 325 Walnut, h 1839 

Carver George W., flour, 814 N 10th, h 982 





Carver George W , turner 139 Dock, h Wharton 

bel S 3d 
Carver Isaac, turner, 139 Dock, h 302 Dickerson 
Carver Jacob, conveyancer, S W 9th & Filbert, 

h 1627 Locust 
Carver Jacob, umbrella maker, 1232 Ash 
Carver Jacob, 1343 Lancaster 
Carver Jesse, gentleman, 2020 Master 
Carver John R., carpenter, 1531 Summer 
Carver Joseph, clerk, bds 111 Race 
Carver Joseph, flour, 14 Vine, hill Race 
Carver Louisa, dressmaker, 39 Sellers 
Carver Lucy, dressmaker, 39 Sellers 
Carver Samuel, attorney-at-law, S W 9th & Fil- 
bert, h 1522 Arch 
Carver Samuel, shoemaker, 2216 Frankford av 
Carver Smith, moulder, 1405 Parrish 
Carver Thomas, brass finisher, r 105 Chenango 
Carver Townsend, confections, 1343 Lancaster 
Carver William Burton, conveyancer, S W 9th & 

Filbert, h 1508 Arch 
Carver William Y., stock broker, 325 Walnut, h 

1531 Summer 
Carver William H., bookkeeper, 417 N 9th 
Carver AVilson J., clerk, bds 111 Race 
Carver W. H., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h 417 N 9th 
Carver William, carpenter, 2323 Hamilton 
Carveney Thomas, laborer, 127 Senate 
Carvill Henry, gentleman, High n Morton 
Carwell James, stonecutter, 409 N 16th 
Carwell John, laborer, 2208 Hamilton 
Carwin Edward, boiler maker, 1829 Callowhill 
Carwin Michael, laborer, 1918 Callowhill 
Carwin Thomas, carter, 726 Medina 
Cary Andrew W., dental depot, 833 Buttonwood 
Cary Charles, strawgoods, 725 Chestnut 
Cary Gertrude, young ladies' school, 1532 Spruce 
Cary Thomas, driver, 982 N 7th 
Cary Thomas, laborer, 961 Somerset 
Cary William J., driver, 829 Christian 
Cary Wm. H., jellies, 20 Letitia, h Green ab 23d 
Caryell Joseph, druggist, 3609 Garden 
Casani John, awning maker, 1325 Cherry 
Cascaden James, bag manuf., Market & Water, 

h 505 Tasker 
Case Ambrose, superintendent, 2311 Coates 
Case C, laborer, 1520 Lucan 
Case Frederick, hats, 1140 Market, h. 1626 

Case Harry D., salesman, 9th & Market, h 1101 

Case Howard, spinner, 4664 Jackson 
Case John, laborer, 2311 Coates 
Case John, tailor, 103 W Cumberland 
Case L., merchant, 706 Pine 
Case Samuel H., merchant, 9th & Market, h 1101 

Case U. H., merchant, 22 & 24 N 4th, bds Union 

Casely Alexander, builder, 939 S 3d 
Casely Alexander, Jr., paperhanger, 939 S 3d 
Casely Ambrose, carpenter, 935 S 6th 
Casely Martin, trimmings, 725 S 2d 
Casey Alfred, carver, 243 Union 
Casey Amos, machinist, 1620 Becket 
Casey Andrew, stonecutter, r 26 Letitia 
Casey Bridget, groceries, 1000 S 8th 
Casey Catharine, toys, 1112 Ridge av 
Casey Cornelius, bf^rker, 1142 Jackson 
Casey Daniel, laboMr, 1107 Otis 
Casey Daniel, laborer, 305 Cypress 
Casey Edward, printer, r 26 Letitia 
Casey Ellen, boarding house, 32 South 
Casey Francis, laborer, 1609 Federal 
Casey Francis, salesman, r 1529 Cadwalader 

Casey Garrett, ice dealer, 4 Short ct 

Casey Hannah, washerwoman, r 118 Carpenter 

Casey Henry, hotel, 600 Richmond 

Casey H. M., merchant, 35 S Front, h 17th bel 

Girard av 
Casey H. M., tobacconist, 25 & 27 N 20th, h 916 

N 17th 
Casey James, bartender, 219 Callowhill 
Casey James, cordwainer, 1906 Cambridge 
Casey James, grocer, 613 S 6th 
Casey James, hostler, r 140 N 11th 
Casey James, painter, 1103 Pine 
Casey James, Mrs., 201 N 20th 
Casey John, carter, 1302 Tyler 
Casey John, dyer, 2509 Pine 
Casey John, grocer, 258 N 12th 
Casey John, laborer, 4149 Cresson, Myk 
Casey John, pocketbook manuf.. r 105 Callowhill 
Casey John F., paperhanger, 929 Passyunk av 
Casey John, shoemaker, 4411 Penn, Fkd 
Casey Joseph, coachman, 237 Lybrand 
Casey Joseph M., gentleman, 1804 Vineyard 
Casey Margaret, r 918 Ogden 
Casey Margaret, millinery, 719 South 
Casey Martin, engineer, 2152 N 2d 
Casey Mary, 317 Jefferson 
Casey Mary, 1505 Cadwalader 
Casey Mary, marketing, 209 Stamper 
Casey Michael, coachman, 1629 Erety 
Casey Michael, dealer, 711 St Mary 
Casey Michael, driver, 1609 Mervine 
Casey Michael, puddler, Goodwin pi 
Casey Patrick, bartender, 1141 Leon 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 198 Herb 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 1 Bride pi 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 174 James, Falls 
Casey Peter, 1239 Cadwalader 
Casey Peter, tavern, llth & Locust, h 120 Elfreth 
Casey Sarah A., millinery, 25 S 17th 
Casey S., engraver, 108 S 4th, h 929 Passyunk av 
Casey Thomas, dealer, 10 Shield's ct 
Casey Thomas, hostler, r207 Duponceau 
Casey Thomas, laborer, r 418 Monroe 
Casey Thomas, laborer, 1143 Leon 
Casey Thomas C, carter, r 927 Ogden 
Casey Timothy, portmonnaies, r 105 Callowhill 
Casey Misses, young ladies' school. 1703 Walnut 
Casey William, brass finisher, 2036 William 
Casey William, grinder, 1620 Becket 
Casey William W., stonecutter, 1765 Alder 
Casgrove Thomas, driver, 1001 Christian 
CASH ANDREW D., conveyancer, 209 S 6th, h 

260 S 16th 
Cash George S., elerk, 43 N Water, h S W 35th 

& Race 
Cash John, laborer, 2341 N 2d 
Cash Rebecca M., 235 S 13th 
Cashen Daniel, gardener, 1315 N 16tli 
Casher Mary, 4542 Paul 
Cashin Martin, porter, 10 Boyd's av 
Casidy John A., laborer, 1341 Lancaster 
Cask John, groceries, 23d & Lynd 
Caskeddin Thomas, laborer, 711 N 24th 
Casker Jacob, butcher, 1417 N 5th 
Caskey Albert, shoemaker, 4130 Frankford av 
Caskey Benjamin R., rolling mill, 2d & York, 

York & Washington, h 2237 N 6th 
Caskey B., laborer, 4238 Orchard 
Caskey Hugh, moulder, 128 Otter 
Caskey John, weaver, 2326 Coral 
Caskey Kate, dressmaker, 209 N llth 
Caskey Martha, 1833 N 2d 
Caskey Thomas M., stonecutter, 805 N 19th 
Caskey T., laborer, 4238 Orchard 
Caskey William, laborer, 128 Otter 























Caslein Charles, dealer, 1026 Clare 
Caslein Chillian, carpenter, 1026 Clare 
Caslerhald Christian, weaver, 4007 Washington 
Casley James, carpenter, 620 Washington av 
Caslin Daniel, saloon, 16 S 4th 
Caslin John, bartender, 1102 N Front 
Caslin Patrick, sawinaker, 1102 N Front 
Caslin Timothy, laborer, 1102 N Front 
Casline Patrick F., sawmaker, 962 N Front 
Casling John, shoemaker, r 911 Noble 
Casner Jacob, carpenter, 1028 Shackamaxon 
Casner John, conductor. Pear ab Paxton 
Casner J. F., painter, 1404 Ellsworth 
Casner William, clerk, 138 Greenwich 
Casner Eli, carpenter, 946 Kurtz 
Casner John F., Jr., wood dealer, 1404 Ellsworth 
Casper Aidolf, silversmith, 1220 S 4th 
Casper August, driver, 1220 S 4th 
Casper Eitzer, shoemaker, 1400 N Front 
Casper JohnL., tobacconist, 2018 N 4th 
CASPER JOSEPH, Davis' hotel, 6 & 8 S Dela- 
ware av 
Casper Eeppe, grocer, 1713 S 4th 
Casper William, tobacconist, 244 S 2d, h 244 S 2d 
Casperson Joseph, laborer, 145 Haines 
Cass Frederick, laborer, 4931 Lehman 
Cassaday Charles, restaurant, 1402 Ellsfrorth 
Cassaday F. F., M.D., 4243 Frankford av 
Cassady C. D., baker, 1223 Market 
Cassady Eugene, gent, 913 Buttonwood 
Cassady Francis, weaver, 1424 N 2d 
Cassady H., ferryman, 1014 Pine 
Cassady John, gent, 1231 N 15th 
Cassady Lawrence, laborer, 1049 Beach 
Cassady Michael, hotel, 301 N 23d 
Cassady ParkH., baker, 20 N 9th, h 1929 Wallace 
Cassady Park H., hatter, 253 N 8th, h 1231 N 15th 
Cassady Patrick, prison keeper, 1018 Federal 
Cassady P. H. & Co. (P. H. Cassady (^ Frank 

Mills), bakers, 20 N 9th 
Cassady Thomas, moulder, 1018 Federal 
Cassady James W., grocer, 606 S 2d 
Cassady William, groceries, N W 6th & Carpenter 
Cassady William, stonemason, English al 
Cassan Anna W., teacher, 5161 Germantown av 
Cassan L P., captain. 213 Carpenter 
Cassatt R. S., broker, 142^ S 4th, h West Chester 
Casseday Charles, laborer, 1516 Bodine 
Cassedy James K., waterman, 1008 S 3d 
Cassedy John, painter, 1008 S 3d 
Cassel David, shoemaker, r 331 Monroe 
Cassel Charles F., bootmaker, 150 Vine 
Cassel Jesse H., drayman, 937 Lawrence 
Casselberry Benjamin, coal, N Penna RR ab 

Master, h 627 Jefferson 
Casselberry Benjamin, drover, 409 N 41st 
CASSELBERRY ISAAC D., livery stable, 1028 

& 1030 Coates, h 1026 Coates 
Casselberry Isaiah, S50 N 11th 
Casselberry Jacob, laborer, 1521 N 4th 
Casselberry J. R., mer, 325 Market, h 1718 Green 
Casfelberry Thomas, machinist, 920 Coates 
Casselberry William, salesman, 156 N 5th 
Casselbine Elizabeth, trimmings, 766 S Front 
Casson Andrew, weaver, N E Columbia av & 

Casseres Isaac, drygoods, 909 N 2d 
Casserley John, carpenter, 803 S 8th 
Casserly Terence L., cutter, 830 Market, h 835 

Cassel Robert, tailor, 1710 Carpenter 
Caselly Patrick, tailor, 1211 Peters 
Cassels John, machinist, 254 Ann, Whitehall 
Cassey Abram, gent, 113 Jackson, Myk 
Cassey Thomas, laborer, 4531 Grum's av, Rox 

Cassiday Mrs., dealer, 205 Shippen 
Cassiday Andrew, laborer, 1530 Mervine 
Cassiday Catharine, 1521 Cadwalader 
Cassiday Edward W., mer, 2304 Green 
Cassiday Felix, carter, 1644 Cadwalader 
Cassiday Francis P., bricklayer, 1521 Cadwalader 
Cassiday Henry, butcher, 220 Williamson 
Cassiday James, butcher, 1026 Washington av 
Cassiday James, weaver, 6 Warminster pi 
Cassiday JamesN., wheelwright, 1521 Cadwalader 
Cassiday John, porter, r 809 Carpenter 
Cassiday Joseph E., bricklayer, 1521 Cadvfalader 
Cassiday Mary, 8 Warmiiif^ter pi 
Cassiday Michael, blacksmith, 816 Auburn 
Cassiday Owen, milkman, 801 Callowhill 
Cassiday Patrick, dealer, 5 Day bel Thompson 
Cassiday Patrick, laborer, 1530 Mervine 
Cassiday Patrick, laborer, 1756 Bodine 
Cassiday Patrick, laborer, 2 Southampton ct 
Cassiday Sarah, cigar store 730 Passyunk av 
Cassiday William, plumber, 5 S 10th 
Cassidy Antoine, laborer, 540 Lombard 
Cassidy Arthur, iron, 420 S 5th, h r 710 Passy- 
unk av 
Cassidy Bernard, blacksmith; 723 S 7th 
Cassidy Bernard, laborer, r 980 N Delaware av 
Cassidy Charles, boilermaker, 1027 Milton 
Cassidy Cornelius, laborer, 319 S 25th 
Cassidy David, shoemaker, 45 Orthodox 
Cassidy Davis B., author, 512 S 9th 
Cassidy Edward, carter, 1111 Carpenter 
Cassidy Edward, coach painter, r 830 Knox 
Cassidy Edward, sheetiron, 616 S 6th 
Cassidy Edward, shoemaker, 1033 Clare 
Cassidy Edward W., brooms, 440 Lombard 
Cassidy Elizabeth, r 843 Marriott 
Cassidy Ellen, tailoress, 512 Fitzwater 
Cassidy Francis, laborer, 1139 Somerset 
Cassidy Francis, tavern, 514 Lombard 
Cassidy Gregory, painter, 813 Suffolk 
Cassidy Hugh, merchant, 140 Walnut, h 223 

Cassidy James, boilermaker, 705 Plover 
Cassidy James, laborer, 110 Cottage 
Cassidy James, liquors, 1012 S 11th 
Cassidy James, liquors, 15th & Race 
Cassidy James, seaman, 836 South 
Cassidy James, stables, 114 Lombard, h 606 S 2d 
Cassidy James, tobacco, 1104 Thurlow, h 1012 

S nth 
Cassidy Jane, 813 Suffolk 
Cassidy John, agent, 916 Carpenter 
Cassidy John, laborer, 919 Ellsworth 
Cassidy John, porter, r 809 Carpenter 
Cassidy Joseph, printer, 1413 Bangor 
Cassidy Joseph A., gentleman, 512 S 9th 
CASSIDY LEWIS C, attorney-at-law, 221 S 6th 
Cassidy Margaret, 753 S 17th 
Cassidy Margaret, boarding, 3 Twelvefeet al 
Cassidy Margaret, toys, 616 S 6th 
Cassidy Michael, laborer, 1237 S 7th 
Cassidy Michael, laborer, 2025 Pemberton 
Cassidy Michael, salesman, 2131 Wallace 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 908 S 10th 
Cassidy Patrick, porter, 431 Harmony 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 8 Path 
Cassidy Patrick J., gilder, 1018 Federal 
Cassidy Philip, shoemaker, 464 N Front 
Cassidy Ruth, 512 S 9th 
Cassidy Samuel, tailor, 409 Mcllwain 
Cassidy Samuel, tailor, 1221 Wood 
Cassidy S. A., salesman, 325 Market, h 54 S 2d 
Cassidy Thomas, coal merchant, 1413 Reed 
Cassidy William D., undertaker, 908 Christian 
Cassidy William, hotel, 326 N 16th 




Cassidy William, plumber, 5 S 10th, h 616 S 6th 

Cassidy 'Winiam. tanner, 464 X Front 

Cassidy William W., watches, 12 S 2d 

Cassin Edward, laborer, 46 Good 

Cassin Isaac S., engineer, 1404 N 12th 

Cassin John, lithographer, 430 Spruce 

Casslin William, waterman, 16 Mead 

Cast Charles, butcher, 423 Dauphin 

Cast Martin F., biscuit baker, 412 Allen 

Castello Alex. H , pumpmaker, Eittenhouse n 

Main, h 4011 Germantown ar 
Caster Henry, fisherman, Tacony 
Caster Herman, foreman, 767 S 4th 
Caster Joel P., machinist, 5040 Tacony, White- 
Caster Nathan, blaeksm., 930 N 9th, h 936 IST 6th 
Castigam Michael, laborer, 2304 Wallace 
Ca^tillon E. & Co. {Edmoud CastiUon if Oswald 

Jaclso)i), brandies, 108 Walnut 
CASTILLOX EDMOND, merchant, 108 Walnut, 

h 313 S 12th 
Castle Benjamin, laborer, 2048 Pine 
Castle James, carpenter, 2351 Palethorp 
Castle James, laborer, 440 X 12th 
Castle James H., attorney-at-law, 115 S 5th, h 

709 Locust 
Castleton John H., Rev., 3601 Walnut 
Castle Joseph, clerk, 1630 Stiles 
Castle Joseph, Rev., 1153 S 15th 
Castle Robert, rags & waste paper, 440 X 11th 
Castle Simon, laborer, 2048 Pine 
Castle William T,. agent, 2009 Evergreen 
Castle AY. H., leather dealer, 38 X 4th, h 1153 

S 11th 
Castlebury William, undertaker, 1400 Parrish 
Castleton John, dealer, r 118 Spruce 
Castloss Joseph, 1159 S 12th 
Castner John, cashier, 512 Pine 
Castner Samuel, Jr., coal merchant, 319 S 3d 
Castner Samuel, provisions, 302 S Delaware av, h 

319 S .3d 
Castner, C. P. Stichiey (^ J. C. Wellington), 
coal miners &, shippers, 215 Walnut 
Caster Barton, conveyancer, 332 Orthodox 
Castor Charles W., carpenter, 4438 Paul 
Castor Edmund S., shoemaker, 4324 Paul 
Castor Ellwood, painter, 4720 Frankford av 
Castor George M., tailor, Holmesburg 
Castor Henry B., moulder, 348 Bridge, Whitehall 
Castor Hiram, 4913, Frankford av 
Castor Howard, farmer, 5008 Thomas, Whitehall 
Castor John, laborer. Holmesburg 
Castor Linford, clerk, 4172 Paul 
Castor Peter, blacksmith, 4732 Frankford av, h 

4721 Frankford av 
Castor Theodore, blacksmith, 4721 Main 
Castor Thomas, wheelwright, 4736 Frankford av, 

h 4724 Frankford av 
Castor William, tailor, 1236 Heath 
Castor William J., dealer, 128 Sellers 
Caswell Elias T., saloon, 626 Carpenter 
Caswell Mahlon, clerk, 313 X 18th 
Caswell Mary B., 626 Carpenter 
Casy James, laborer, T405 X 10th 
Casy John, salesman, X W Master k Germantown 

av, h 1304 Cadwalader 
Catahan William, dealer, 1816 South 
Catanach A., builder, 1345 Lombard 
Catanach James S., insurance, 222 Walnut, h 

1345 Lombard 
Catau Oetavius, teacher, 814 South 
Catel James, machinist, 729 West 
Caterson James, laborer, 2040 Alter 

Caterson James H., printer, 23 S 7th, h 516 Pine 
Catherson John, police, 1822 Montrose 
Caterson Robert, weaver, 1044 Ward 
Caterson William M., gilder, 140 X 6th, h 212 X 

Catez Charles, upholsterer, 1058 Germantown av 
Catharine Joseph, captain, 53 Prime 
Cathcart Joseph, janitor, 210 Quince 
Cathcart Joshua H., shipping master, 1300 Rich- 
Cathcart Patrick, laborer, 1250 Edgemont 
Cathcart Rachel, gentw, 1636 Walter 
Cathcart Robert, laborer, 1161 Emory 
Cathcart Thomas, carpenter, 1131 Lombard 
Cathcart Thomas, eapenter, 212 Pear, h 1131 

Cathcart William, Rev., 117 Green 
Cathcart William, cooper, 106 Mary 
Cathcart Wm S., Jr., cooper, 106 Mary 
Cathell George, clerk, 107 Jacoby 
Cathell Josiah, hatter, 107 Jacoby 
Catherwood Andrew J., liquors, 110 X 2d, h 124 

W Tulpehocken 
Catherwood & Co. {Sa^ni/el B. if John H.Cather- 

vjood), tea mers. X W Front & Chestnut 
Catherwood H. & H. W. {H. W. Catheriuood), 

whiskey, 114 S Front 
Catherwood H. W., mer., 114 S Front, h Bdg 
Catherwood John, r 1733 Filler 
Catherwood John H., mer. Front & Chestnut, h 

1321 Walnut 
Catherwood Robert, drayman, 1744 Fitler 
Catherwood Samuel B., tea mer, Front & Chest- 
nut, h 1409 Walnut 
Catherwood Wm., liquor mer, 3239 Richmond 
Catholic Standard, 5th & Chestnut 
Catherall Anna M., gentw, 121 X 9th 
Cathrall Charles, bookkeeper, 121 X 9th 
Cathrall Charles J., clerk, 308 Dickerson 
Cathrall Edward, paperhanger, 910 X 10th 
Cathrall George, tobacco, S W 2d & Union, h 

2040 Green 
Catlin A., dressmaker, 1709 Wylie 
Catlin A. W., M.D, 1325 S Broad 
Catlin John, pickler, 527 S Front 
Catlin Joseph, fireman, 527 S Front 
Catling Margaret, dealer, 103 Mead 
CatmuU Anne, 2110 Cherry 
Cato Hester, 17 Mayland 
Cato William, waiter, 17 Mayland 
Caton Edward, morocco shaver, 422 Clearfield 
Caton Jessie, morocco finisher, 935 Sartain 
Caton John H., oak cooper, 2 Fame ct 
Caton Thomas, 267 S 21st 
Catren Daniel B., blacksmith, 3706 Sansom 
Catren John, police, r 8 Potts av 
Cattell Andrew C, leather dealer, 32 N 3d, h 

Woodland terrace 
Cattell Alex. G. & Co. {Alex. G. &(■ Elijah G. 
Cattell). com & forwarding mers, 26 N Del av, 
& 27 X Water 
Cattell A. G., pres Corn Exchange Xational Bk, 

h Merchantsville, X J 
Cattell David, blacksmith, 624 S Front, h 420 

Cattell Elijah G., com mer, 26 X Del av, h Mer- 
chantsville, X J 
Cattell George W., laborer. 1110 S 27th 
Cattell James, moulder, 539 Watkins 
CATTELL SAMUEL W., manuf, 25th & Spruce, 

h 3947 Market 
Catterson John, laborer, 1714 Burton 
Cattlow John, carpet manuf, 2053 Kressler 
Cattlow Xancy, 313 Hazzard 
Cattnell Frank, clerk, 821 Spring Garden 

- M 










•i ^ 

^ o 



J-t o 

M d 




Catnell Harriet, hoop skirt manuf, 821 Spring 

Cauffman Abraham, cabinet maker, 1030 Vine 
CauflFitian August, teacher, 536 Brooks 
Canffmnnn Charles, artist, 810 Depot 
CAUFFMAN & CHEW {TheopJulus F. Cnnff- 

man if Joseph Chef, J'.), queensware, 21 N 4th 
Cauffman Wm., silversmith, 404 Butionwood 
Cauffraan Daniel, mer, 1608 Valeria 
CaufTman Edward, brewer. ]235 N 27th 
Cauffman Emil. mer. 419 Arch, h 822 N 6th 
Cauffman Jacob, mer, 419 Arch, h 822 X 6th 
Cauffman Jacob, mer. Ridge av n Hermit's la, 

Cauffman Jacob k Sons (Jacob, Emil, if S. J. 

Coiiffinan), importers wines, 419 Arch 
Cauffman Marcus, gentleman, 623 N fith 
Cauffman Michael, loom bos?, 142 Oak, Myk 
Cauffman Peter, beamer, 137 Levering 
Cauffman S. J., mer, 419 Arch, h 822 N 6th 
Cauffman Theophilus F , mer, 21 N 4th, h Rox 
Caufler Israel, dealer, 223 Buttonwood 
Caufler Wm. H. dealer, 223 Buttonwood 
Cauley Andrew, captain, 111.5 Vienna 
Caufman John, laborer, r 516 Vincent 
Cauley John, salesman. N W Broad k Green 
Caulfield Albin, clerk. Front k Market, h 2233 

Spring Garden 
Caulk Mary Ann, tailoress, 5 Caroline 
Caulk Wm., bolt maker, 2040 Murray 
Caulkley Michael, blacksmith, 5 Rementer al 
Caul! Frederick, gent, 1635 Moravian 
Caullet Lewis, trimmings, 505 South 
Caully Patrick, pipe cutter, r 723 Baker 
Caulomb Henry R , builder, 718 Florida 
Caupe Samuel, clerk, 442 York av 
Caurt Edward, clothing, 1425 Market 
Causey Mary A., washerwoman, 5 Elba pi 
Causey P. F., merchant, 23 N 5th 
Causter Hermann W.. confectioner, 539 X Front 
Causty A. B., Tioga k 20th 
Cavailhes Francis, hatter, 9 Fishbourne pi 
Cavan George, clerk, 7 Church av 
Cavanagh Catharine, 2417 Ashburton 
Cavanagh Elizabeth, 219 Federal 
Cavanagh Garrett, tanner, r 953 N Front 
Cavanagh George A., printer, 828 S 8th 
Cavanagh James, accountant, 635 Catharine 
Cavanagh James, carter. 745 S 7th 
Cavanagh John A., mer, 2d k Market, h 909 Vine 
Cavanagh Joseph, porter, 615 Chestnut, h 909 

Cavanagh Martin, boatman, 2111 Filbert 
Cavanagh Michael, painter, 2102 Lombard 
Cavanagh Peter, hotel, 214 S 3d 
Cavanagh Robert, laborer, r 2357 Lloyd 
Cavanagh Wm., bookbinder. 219 Federal 
Cavanagh Edward, miller, 1710 Wood 
Cavanagh John, dealer, 1813 Shippen 
Cavanagh John, laborer, 1431 Wnrnock 
Cavanagh John, salesman, 126 Mary 
Cavanagh Michael, carter, 1407 Warnock 
Cavanagh Michael, hostler, Nicholas n 21st 
Cavanagh Patrick, bartender, 1221 Potts 
Cavanagh Peter, packer, 512 Cresson 
Cavanaugh Isaac, laborer, 130 Mechanic 
Cavanaugh John, laborer, 126 Mechanic, Myk 
Cavanaugh Thomas, laborer, Tacony 
Cavanaugh William, bed springs, 4 Levant 
Cavaner Adam, shoemaker, 1815 X Front 
Cave Bowen M., hatter, 1506 Ogden 
Cave Jefferson J., laborer, 1506 Ogden 
Cave Thomas, engineer, 4523 Worth, Fkd 
Cave Thomas B., carpenter, 2026 Carlton 
Cave William, weaver, 1859 X Front 

Caven Joseph L., atfy-at-law, 158 N 9th, h 2227 

Cavenagh Mary, trimmings, 931 Ellsworth 
Cavenagh Peter, laborer, 232 S Water 
Cavenagh William, shoemaker, r 1418 Vine 
Cavenaugh Catharine, grocer, 134 N 11th 
Cavenaugh Hugh, laborer, r 1507 Palethorp 
Cavenaugh James, carpenter, 252 Oxford 
Cavenaugh James, gent., 1326 N 10th 
Cavenaugh James, sexton. Tucker bet Memphis 

k Cedar 
Cavenaugh John, laborer, 944 Alder 
Cavenaugh John, laborer, r 833 Marriott 
Cavenaugh Michael, laborer, 577 Serrill 
Cavenaugh Owen, liquors, 1017 Master 
Cavenaugh Patrick, gardener, Main ab Mermaid 

la. Chestnut Hill 
Cavenaugh Peter, porter, 431 Market, h 512 Cres- 
Cavenaugh Robert, porter, 428 Marriott 
Cavenaugh Timothy, laborer, r 833 Marriott 
Cavenaugh William F., engraver, 24 N 8th, h 

1167 S 9th 
Cavender Charles, laborer, 16 Brown ct 
Cavender Curtis H., steward's clerk Blockley Alms 

Cavender Jane, 1011 Vernon 
Cavender John, spinner, 373 Martin, Rox 
Cavender John H., conveyancer, 607 N 5th 
Cavender Mary A., 1069 Beach 
Cavender Philip, painter, 513 N 34th 
CAVENDER THOMAS S., conveyancer, 522 

Walnut, h 702 Sansom 
Cavens Jefferson, steward, 615 Ronaldson 
Cavern Matthew, plasterer. 515 Buckley 
Caverow George, ornamental caster, 1336 N 10th 
Caverow Morris M. .plasterParis caster, 1240 Heath 
Caves Edward, weaver, r 1512 Philip 
Caves Thomas, watchman. 1629 Philip 
Cavill Francis, shoemaker, 913 Steward 
Cavill George, laborer, 2 Andrews pi 
Cavill Martin, shoemaker, 913 Steward 
Cavill Michael, shoemaker, 8 Strauss ct 
Cavin Elizabeth, 1924 Brandy wine 
Cavin James, brickmaker, Ridge av k Columbia 

av. h 2229 Green 
Cavin Joseph, surveyor, 158 N 9th, h 2227 Green 
Cavin Samuel, gent., 1403 Reed 
Cavin Samuel S., agent Girard estate, 19 S 5th, 

h 1403 Reed 
Caviner Jeremiah, laborer, 117 Wyoming 
Caviner Patrick, laborer, 168 Miller 
Cavis Samuel, coachsmith. 50th k Lancaster 
Caviss Swain, wheelwright, Kershaw ab 52d 
Cavnagh John, shoemaker, r 1105 Richmond 
Cavner Michael, laborer, 1342 Tyler 
Cawley Charles, proprietor St. Charles hotel, 62, 

64 & 66 N 3d 
Cawley Samuel, 1443 N 13th 
Carvman Columbus, seaman, 1004 S Front 
Cawman Mary, 1004 S Front 
Caywood John C, sailmaker, 915 Melon 
Cazier Henry H., carpenter, 451 Canton 
Cazier Reuben, painter, 451 Canton 
Ceaser Pearman, laborer, r 726 Lombard 
Ceasor John, shoemaker, r 1924 Cuthbert 
Ceasy James, hatter, 720 Fallon 
Cecil James J., ovsterman. 139 Senate 
Cecil William J., "carpenter, 1228 Heath 
Cedar Hill Cemetery Office, 4610 Frankford av 
Ceirey John, stonecutter, 2310 Linn 
Celerier Michael, carpenter, 823 Essex 
CeU Anna, 1901 Pearl 




Celfcman Philip, broom maker, 187 Norris 

Celver Mary, 515 S Juniper 

Cement McCune & Co., manuf, 23d & Hamilton 

Cendaniels Sarah P., 108 China 

Cenny Daniel, laborer. 241 N 15th 


Colorado, 142^ S 4th 

ALARM TELEGRAPH, S W Chestnut & 6th 
Centra! High School, Broad & Green 
Cerad Joseph, trunkmaker, 611 Paul 
Cerad Samuel, clerk, 611 Paul 
Cerden Thomas, dealer, 230 Union 
Cerf Frederick, upholsterer, 233 Union 
Cernea D. E., mer, 415 Market, h 473 N 6th 
Cernea W. T., bookkeeper, 29 N 2d, h 623 Wood 
Cerns Joseph, drayman, 2004 Sansom 
Certier George, liquors, 235 Union 
Chabot C, machinist, 1157 S 15th 
Chadwick B. H., U.S.N., 1111 Parker 
Chadwick Elizabeth, 9 Short et 
Chadwick F. A., agent, 45 Richmond, h 1725 

Chadwick James, tinsmith, 4239 Frankford 
Chadwick John, laborer. 3477 River row 
Chadwick John W., editor, 1630 N 7th 
Chadwick Peter B., confectioner, 1207 Locust 
Chadwick S. T., hardware, 1141 S 9th 
Chadwick Thomas, clerk, 749 S 16th 
Chadwick William, machinist, 4012 Paul 
Chaffee William, merchant, 609 Market, h 1709 

Chaffee William H., hosiery, 509 Market, h 1709 

Chaignot Francois, dyer, 614 Pine 
Chain Emeline H., 833 Darien 
Chain John, laborer, 366 Bridge Whitehall 
Chain William, barber, 416 Lynd 
Chalfant Hibbert, grocery, 2523 Frankford av 
Chalfant Isaac P., salesman, 429 Market 
Chalfant John, carpenter, 2523 Frankford av 
Chalfant Robert, salesman, 421 Market, h 1911 

Mt. Vernon 
Chalker Caleb, stonecutter, 801 S 18th 
Chalker Edwin, baker, 801 S 18th 
Challacomb William, bootmaker, 260 N 15th 
Challen Howard, publisher, 1308 Chestnut 
Challey John, clerk, 6 Ocean 
Chalmday William, bellhanger, 1014 S 9th 
Chalmers Ann, drygoods, 919 N 13th 
Chamberlain Anna M., seamstress, 642 Redwood 
Chamberlain Anthony W., machinist, 851 N 10th 
Chamberlain Benjamin, oak cooper, 316 Wood 
Chamberlain Charles A., polisher, 851 N 10th 
Chamberlain Elizabeth, 851 N 10th 
Chamberlain George, clerk, 715 N Front, h .1028 

Chamberlain Isaac, waterman, 253 Concord 
Chamberlain Jane, seamstress, 3017 Ludlow 
Chamberlain Lloyd, sec'y & treas'r L.V.R.R Co, 

412 Walnut, h 5th & Cooper, Camden 
Chamberlain Lloyd J., papers, 316 Wood 
Chamberlain Philip, painter, r 961 N 2d 
Chamberlain Taylor, millwright, 1349 Mervine 
Chamberlain Thomas, bootmaker, 500 S 22d 
Chamberlain William, carpenter, Tacony n Pratt, 

Chamberlain William, carpenter, 618 Brown, h 

1226 Darien 
Chamberlain William A., clerk, 316 Wood 
Chamberlain William J., ship joirfer, 411 Wash- 
ington av 
Chamberlain Samuel, M.D., 265 S 9th 
Chamberlin Britton E., 107 S 11th 

Chamberlin Elizabeth, 735 Spruce 
Chamberlin Horatio F., salesman, 1223 Parrish 
Chamberlin William, carpenter, 1226 Darien 
ChamberlinWilliam, minstrel performer, 1 Birch pi 
Chamberlin William J., bookkeeper, 511 Fitz- 


Chambers , M.D., 1701 N 11th 

Chambers Miss, forewoman, 805 S 18th 
Chambers Mrs., 737 Medina 
Chambers Alexander, laborer, 1334 Fisher 
Chambers Alexander, stove finisher, 343 S 4th 
Chambers Alexander H., trimmings, 46 S 2d 
Chambers Alfred B., bookbinder, 704 S 4th 
Chambers Andrew, laborer, 1527 Bedford 
Chambers Andrew, painter, 219 Washington av 
Chambers Andrew R., ofBce 32 N 3d, h 1523 

Chambers Asa W., pilot, 1701 S 6th 
Chambers A. Reeder, leather dealer, 32 N 3d, h 

110 S 19th 
Chambers Benjamin, laborer, 112 N Juniper 
Chambers & Brother (John i^ James Chambers) ^ 

fruits, 9 N Water 
CHAMBERS, BRO. & CO. {Edwin <V Cyrus 

Chambers, Jr.), iron founders & machinists, 

3001 Chestnut 
CHAMBERS & CATTELL {JohnH. Chambers, 

Andrew C. Cottell (!y- A. Reeder Chambers), 

importers French calfskins, &c., 32 N 3d 
Chambers Charles, machinist, 38 Orthodox 
Chambers Cyrus, Jr., iron founder & machinist, 

3001 Chestnut, h 1603 Summer 
Chambers David, depot master. Broad & Wash- 
ington av, h 1412 Lombard 
Chambers David, mason, 304 Carpenter 
Chambers Debora. Mrs., 2403 Kent 
Chambers D. R., clerk, 126 S Front, h 1932 Cal- 

Chambers D. W., merchant, 411 Market, bds 

American hotel 
Chambers Edwin, carpenter, r 7 Carman pi 
Chambers Edwin, iron founder & machinist, 3001 

Chestnut, h 33d bel Hamilton 
Cambers Edwin, machinist, 333 N 33d 
Chambers Elizabeth, 709 CuUen 
Chambers Esther, 212 Elder 
Chambers Francis, stainer, 1302 Horstmann 
Chambers & French {H. A. Chambers (^ E. S. 

French), insurance agents, 407 Walnut 
Chambers George, lampmaker, 20 Winfield pi 
Chambers George, laborer, 1333 Shippen 
Chambers George E., clerk, 1814 Poplar 
CHAMBERS GEORGE E., registrar Health Of- 
fice, h 718 Callowhill 
Chambers George S., minister, 1932 CallowhiU 
Chambers George W., druggist, 704 S 4th 
Chambers George W., tinsmith, 1007 Nectarine 
Chambers Henrietta, cook, 4 Robin av 
Chambers H. A., insurance agent, 407 Walnut, h 

1830 N 11th 
Chambers Jacob, mason, 725 Bayard 
Chambers James, blacksmith. 2305 Meredith 
Chambers James, fruits, 9 N Water, h 218 N 10th 
CHAMBERS JAMES, embroideries & lace goods, 

810 Arch 
Chambers James, morocco dresser, r 934 New 

Chambers James, peddler, bds 257 N 2d 
Chambers James, plumber, 718 Callowhill 
Chambers James, plumber, 1207 Ridge av, h 1310 

Chambers James, spooler, 2 Dundale's pi 
Chambers James, tailor, 1728 S 4th 
Chambers James C, attorney-at-law, 210 S 4th, 

h 1932 CallowhiU 


































Chambers James H., plumber, 1310 Green 
Chambers James S., gentleman, 2015 Green 
Chambers Jane, 1680 Richard 
Chambers John, fruits, 9 N Water, h Camden 
Chambers John, gentleman, 1932 Callowhill 
Chambers John, joiner, 245 Dickerson 
Chambers John, laborer, 2309 Sansom 
Chambers John, laborer, r 1718 Lombard 
Chambers John, machinist, 1130 ic, 1132 Char- 
lotte, h 1014 Lawrence 
Chambers John, Rev., 1138 Girard 
Chambers John, soapmaker, 737 Medina 
Chambers John H., leather dealer, 32 X 3d, h 

2022 Walnut 
Chambers John M., carpenter, 1212 Cherry 
Chambers John R., seaman, 704 S 4th 
Chambers John S., druggist, 1904 N Front 
Chambers John W., letter carrier, 133 Morris 
Chambers Joseph, carpenter, 924 S 4th 
Chambers Joseph, laborer, 1317 Earl 
Chambers Joseph, waterman, 36 Christian 
Chambers Joseph C, harnessmaker, 1167 Pas- 

syunk av 
Chambers Lucy Ann. 413 S 10th 
Chambers L. H., clerk, 407 Walnut, h 1830 N 11th 
Chambers Mary A., 1007 Milton 
Chambers Mary J., 1215 Brown 
Chambers Montgomery, M.D.. 110 .S 19th 
Chambers Morgan, laborer, r 911 Marshall 
Chambers Perry, porter, 228 Brier pi 
Chambers Peter, confectioner, r 911 Marshall 
CHAMBERS RICHARD, vinegar, 455 N 12th, h 

1226 Melon 
Chambers & Riehl (John Ctiamhers if Henry 

Riehl), machinists & loom makers, 1130 &, 1132 

Chambers Robert, hotel, 2733 X 6th 
Chambers Robert, blacksmith. 438 Diamond 
Chambers Ross, blacksmith, 1806 Noble 
Chambers Samuel Y., 1215 Brown 
Chambers Solomon, beamer, 6 Justice 
Chambers Thaddeus, machinist, 1225 Palethorp 
Chambers Walter, tinsmith, 1007 Nectarine 
Chambers William, blacksmith, 1226 Whitehall 
Chambers William, clerk, r 213 Union 
Chambers William, dealer, 255 N 16th 
Chambers William, laborer, 112 N Juniper 
Chambers William, laborer, 116 Chenango 
Chambers William, laborer, 2314 Sepviva 
Chambers William, laborer, 1713 Burton 
Chambers William, porter, r 737 Bedford 
Chambers William, stonecutter, 729 S 16th 
CHAMBERS WILLIAM B., grocer, 5th & Pine, 

h Baltimore av k 52d 
Chambers William C, M.D., 1624 Fitzwater 
Chambers William E., seaman, 113 Keefe 
Chambers William J., umbrellas, 236 S 11th, h 

1932 Callowhill 
Chambley Bartholomew, driver, r 1222 Locust 
Champion Benjamin, teamster. 8 Court al 
Champion C. C, Mrs., 1526 Race 
Champion Edward C, groceries, N W 2d & 

Federal, h 1303 Horstmann 
Champion H., gentleman, 2032 Master 
Champion H. &, M., trimmings, 903 N 2d 
Champion John B., merchant, Walnut la ab 

Green, Gtn 
Champion John B. .wines, 18 S 6th, h 1104 Poplar 
Champion John W., druggists' glassware, 722 

Market, h Pine ab 2d 
Champion Joseph C, produce, 244 N Del av, h 

1219 S 6th 
CHAMPION A MULLEN (Edward C. Cliam. 

pion Ijf T/ioj/tas H. MuUen), groceries, N W 

2d & Federal 

Champion Richard, Rtables, 1126 Race, h 405 N 

Champion Theodore, laborer, 8 Court al n Brown 
Chan Isaac, advertising agent, 136 Coates 
Chance Albert, machinist, 1608 N 6th 
Chance Frederick, blacksmith, 430 Magnolia 
Chance George, cigars, 1011 Parker 
Chance Isaac, farmer, 3636 Sansom 
Chance John T., seaman, 2317 Ashburton 
Chance J. C, drygoods mer., 1518 Market, h 

1625 Filbert 
Chance R. C, spices, 275 S 5th, h 1628 S 6tb 
Chance Thomas B., waterman, 945 S Front 
Chance William, iron railing. Front & Oxford, 

h Palmer E Belgrade 
Chance William J., iron railing, Front <t Oxford, 

h 454 Wildey 
Chance William & Son (Wm. 6f Wm. J. Uluinee), 

iron railing, N W Front <fc Oxford 
Chancellor Henry, gentleman, 125 .School, Gtn 
Chancellor Josephine, b h, 1033 Locust 
Chancellor William, 1115 Chestnut 
Chancellor William, bookkeeper, 125 School, Gtn 
Chancin Ulysses, druggist, 204 S Front, h 1802 

Chandies David, laborer, 2208 Hamilton 
Chandler Amos, conductor, 942 N 7th 
Chandler Antonio, photographer. 1759 N 10th 
Chandler Charles, tinsmith, 1434 Fawn 
Chandler Charles W., milkman, 777 S Front 
Chandler Daniel W., shoe dealer, 221 Market, h 

1606 Cherry 
Chandler David W., druggist, 322 Franklin 
Chandler Edwin V., grocer, 1901 Frankford av 
Chandler Emma, 222 Daujjhin 
CHANDLER E. Y. &, BRO. (Edu-in V. ^ Wm. 

H. Ckoiidler), grocers, 1901 Frankford av 
Chandler Frank, hosemaker, 1725 Edwin 
Chandler Henry C, gentleman, 822 Rachel 
Chandler Henry C. moulder, 1030 Crease 
Chandler Isaac, machinist, 5024 Tacony, Whitehall 
CHANDLER JAMES B., printer, 306 & 308 

Chandler Jehl 0., blacksmith. 1615 Seybert 
Chandler John. mouMer, 1114 Frankford av 
CHANDLER JOSEPH R., gent., 153 N 10th 
Chandler Josiah, grocer, 42d <fc Haverford, h 

4204 Edline 
Chandler J. W., salesman, 36 N 3d, h 1338 Spring 

Chandler Mary, 320 Wood 
Chandler Robert, paperhanger, 6 Brown ct 
Chandler Samuel W., junk store, 504 N Front, 

h 201 Vine 
Chandler Susan, Mrs., 822 Rachel 
Chandler Theodore, grocer, 417 S 6th 
Chandler Thomas A., stables, 828 Filbert, h 1517 

Spring Garden 
Chandler Thomas J. A., printer, 1038 N 4th 
Chandler William H., grocer, 1901 Frankford av, 

h N W 2d & Brown 
Chandler William H., seaman, r 833 Darien 
Chandler William P., 2022 Wallace 
Chandler Winfield. packer, 822 Rachel 
Chandler W. H.. 306 Chestnut, h 155 N 10th 
Chaney William E., baggage, 1931 Pemberton 
Chanie Frank, grocery, 1430 Lawrence 
Chaninel Margaret. 1226 Monterey 
Channcey Charles, attorney-at-law, 2023 Pine 
Chauncey Elihu, coal, 1828 Spruce 
Channel! Isaac, turner, 2 Nolen's av 
Channell William R , glassblower, 1040 Loyal 
Channing Leidy, clerk, 238 Carter, h 314 Cal- 
Channon Alpheus, painter, 61 Rittenhouse 




Channon J. C, clerk, 5149 Germantown av 1 

Chant John B., printer, 432 Worth 
Chantler John, boot & shoe mkr, 4634 Trenton av 
Chantry Alfred, Jr., foreman, 1 Panama av 
Chanudet Theodore, perfumer, 704 Doak 
Chapel John, carpenter, 234 Lombard 
Chapell Adolphus, boatbuilder, 822 Knox 
Chapelle Lnfayette, 4818 Margaretta, Fkd 
Chapin A. B., salesman, 11 Bank 
Chapin Dwight B., clerk, 1015 S 2d 
Chapin Smith, confectionery, 212 S 10th 
CHAPIN WILLIAM, principal Institute for the 
' Blind, Race & 20th, h 2000 Summer 
Chapin William, captain, 910 S 3d 
Chaplain George, stonecutterj Levering ab Wood, 

Chaplay John, blacksmith, 520 S 4th 
CHAPLINE, HOSACK & CO. {M. C. Clwpline, 
Wm. H. Uosock 4- F. R. Armstrong, Jr.), 
importers brandies, wines, &c., 440 N 3d 
Chapline M. C, mar., 440 N 3d, h 1927 Wallace 
Chapman Alfred, gentleman, 326 Culvert 
Chapman Caroline, 2226 Race 
Chapman Charles, police, 1503 Ellsworth 
Chapman Daniel J., coffee roaster, 1248 N 15tli 
Chapman Edward H., plumber, 440 N 9th 
Chapman Edwin A , coppersmith, 516 Clearfield 
Chapman Eliza, 1224 Beach 
Chapman E. J., coffee roaster, r 460 Dillwyn, h 

15th ab Girard av 
Chapman F. W., teacher of banjo, 1232 Chestnut 
Chapman & Gaskill {William R. Oka f man 4- 

Aaron W. Gaskill), coal, 9th ab Poplar 
Chapman George, iron roller, 1224 Beach 
Chapman George, laborer, 1316 Rose 
Chapman Henry, gentleman, 1830 Pine 
Chapman Howard, laborer, 327 Culvert 
Chapman James, carpenter, r 35 State 
Chapman John, clerk, 109 Vanhorn 
Chapman Jonathan, civil engineer, 517 N 10th 
Chapman Joseph, cooper, 717 Palm 
Chapman Joseph, painter, 530 N 10th, h N W 

lOth & Wistar 
Chapman Joseph, painter, 4777 Germantown av 
Chapman Joseph, shademaker, 440 N 9th 
Chapman Joseph, upholsterer, 1008 Chestnut, h 

440 N 9th 
Chapman Joseph, weaver, 741 Park 
Chapman L. L. , corset manuf., 217 Walnut, li 

Chapman Mary, eating house, 513 S 6th 
Chapman M. L., gentlemen's furnishing goods, 

712 Vine, h 705 Wood 
Chapman Patrick, tailor, 12 Ellet's av 
Chapman Richard, stationery, 935 N 2d 
Chapman Samuel, clerk, 604 Thompson 
Chapman Samuel, druggist, 8th & Coates 
Chapman Samuel, shoemaker, 201 Diamond 
Chapman Sarah, teacher, Holmesburg 
Chapman Theodore, bricklayer, 440 N 9th. 
Chapman Thomas, carpenter, 1727 Sansom 
Chapman Thomas, coachman, 1136 Lombard 
Chapman Thomas B., machinist, 319 Richmond 
Chapman T. Ellwood, stationery & blank books, 

5 S 5th, h 1123 Wallace 
Chapman William, agent, 455 N Sth 
Chapman William, Jr., 455 N Sth 
Chapman William, builder, 2024 Christian 
Chapman William, moulder, 41 Unity 
Chapman William, wire driller, 417 Cambria 
Chapman William G., clerk, 127 Chestnut pi, Gtn 
Chapman William H., salesman, 326 Culvert 
Chapman William R., coal, 530 N 10th, h 1119 

Chappatte Joseph, Mrs., 1319 S 7th 

Chappel Thomas, laborer, 123 Filson 

Chappel Thomas, restaurant, Girard av, h 1340 

Chappell A. G., boat builder, 1061 N Delaware 

av, h Knox ab Brown 
Chappell George, shoemaker, 166 Lehman 
Chappell John, fireman, 4921 Little Wayne 
Chappell Thomas, laborer, bds Cedar Hill 
Chappell Thomas G., broom manufacturer, 1714 

N 2d, h 1855 Frankford av 
Chappell William, broom maker, 1517 N 2d 
Chappell William F., carpenter, 1906 Fkd av 
Chapron John B., attorney-at-law, 204 S 5th, h 

3917 Locust 
Charbonnier M., cigars, 318 N 1.3th 
Chard George H., druggist, 1402 N 2d 
Chardon Samuel R., clerk C. & A. RR. Co., 226 

S Delaware av, h Kaighn's Point, N J 
Charity Hospital, 1324 & 1326 Buttonwood 
Charles Benjamin F., shoecutter, 1143 N 4th 
Charles George, Mrs., 1609 N 8th 
Charles John, captain, 1441 S 5th 
Charles John, carpenter, 1619 Lawrence 
Charles John, Jr., driver, 1619 Lawrence 
Charles John, shoemaker, 212 Coates 
Charles Joseph, coremaker, 413 M'^Drth 
Charles Keyser, printer, 459 Belrose 
Charles Mary A., confectionery, 810 South 
Charles Robert, laborer, 1247 Tilton 
Charles AVilliam, driver, 1619 Lawrence 
Charleton Andrew, laborer, 1810 Bellevue 
Charleton Charles, dealer, 1510 E Montgomeryav 
Charleton John, machinist, 833 N 20th 
Charleton John W., Rev., 1317 Marlborough 
Charleton Margaret, Miller's ct 
Charleton William, druggist, 521 N 11th 
Charlsworth Joseph, porter, 711 Bedford 
Charlton Charles P., jeweller, 1317 Brandywine 
Charlton Crawford, currier, 106 N 16th 
Charlton Elizabeth, seamstress, 5 Baker 
Charlton Frederick, carver, 1218 Austin 
Charlton George W., tobacconist, 516 S 13th 
Charlton Hugh, hotel, 265 S Broad 
Charlton Isaac, laborer, Ellis' coal wharf, Fkd 
Charlton John, bootfitter, 1135 Hancock 
Charlton John, dealer, 943 Alder 
Charlton John, laborer, 1135 Hancock 
CHARLETON JOHN P., wholesale stationer, 

32 S 4th, h 1010 Carpenter 
Charlton Joseph L., sawyer, r 1325 Earl 
Charlton Martha, 106 N 15th 
Charlton Mary, tobacconist, 516 S 13th 
Charlton Mary Ann, 785 S 3d 
Charlton Robert, hatter, 1006 Sergeant 
Charlton William, Sr., American BankNote Co,, 

h 311 Willing's al 
Charlton William. Jr., U. S. N., 311 Willing's al 
Charlton William, gent, r 1520 Pearl 
Charlton William, seaman, r 328 Stanley . 
Charman Joseph, shoemaker, 333 Lombard 
Charman M. A., trimmings, 619 S 2d 
Charnley Edward J., clerk, 1126 Oxford 
CHARNOCK THOMAS, undertaker, 427 S 6th, 

h 625 Barclay 
Charry John, shoemaker, 740 Jamison 
Charter Hannah E., 254 N 10th 
Charter Oak Petroleum Co., 42 S 3d 
Chartis Peter, laborer, 1269 Fisher 
Charbonnier Eugene, brass finisher, 649 Sears 
Chase Alleyne G., clerk, 1906 Plymouth 
Chase Benjamin C, boxmaker, 3206 Darby rd 
Chase & Buckingham, boys' school, 1318 Chest- 
Chase B. W., com. mer., 246 Chestnut, h 1118 










O M 

CO t^ 



















•^ 5-1 












Chase Charles C, com. mer., 246 Chestnut, h 

1241 S Broad 
CHASE EDWIN T., attorney-at-law, 134 S 6th. 

h Armnt ab Willow av, Gtn 
Chase Eliza, 4 Rose al 
Chase Ezra, clothing cutter, 1227 Myrtle 
Chase Ezra, painter, 1825 Seybert 
Chase Frank P., clerk, 18-35 Filbert 
Chase Frederick, mer., 127 Walnut, h 251 S 17th 
Chase Gazaway, hairdresser, 904 Catharine 
Chase Horatio G., coachmaker, SoO Geary 
Chase Isaac, musician, r 81.3 Eiueline 
Chase Isaac, musician, 1009 Rodman 
Chase Isaac, waiter, 1112 Rodman 
Chase Jacob, salesman, 1714 N 12th 
Chase James C, painter, 830 Geary 
Chase John, shoemaker, 17 State 
Chase John, stonecutter. 916 Hutchinson 
Chase John W., carpenter, 1815 Wylie 
Chase Joseph, sailmaker, 931 S 2d 
Chase J., Mrs., 2115 Locust 
Chase Lucetta, seamstress, 620 Ronaldson 
Chase Mary A., washing, 239 Schell 
Chase Moses M., shoe uppers, 19 S 3d, h 919 

Chase M. M. & Son (M. M. ir Stephen G. 

Chase), manuf. boot & shoe uppers, 19 S 3d 
Chase Philip B., gent, 1835 Filbert 
Chase Pliny E., manufacturer, 209 N 2d, h 903 

Chase P. F., clerk, 127 Walnut, h 1835 Filbert 
Chase Reginald H., teacher, 1318 Chestnut 
Chase Robert, laborer, 4104 Ludlow 
Chase Robert, Rev., 1905 Mt Vernon 
Chase Samuel, hodcarrier, 4864 Willow, Fkd 
Chase Sarah, dressmaker, r 726 Lombard 
Chase Stephen G., shoe uppers, 19 S 3d, h 1846 

N 12th 
Chase Theodore L., stationer, 22 S 4th, h 855 N 

Chase Thomas, engineer, 1906 Plymouth 
Chase Thomas G., stationer, 1906 Plymouth 
Chase Thomas G. & Co. (Thomas G. Chase, Ad- 
dison Bush i^ Daniel W. Bush), manufactur- 
ing chemists, 223 S 8th 
Chase William E., 210 Levant, h 3206 Darby rd 
Chase William M., clerk, 127 Walnut, h 1835 

Chatburn Joseph, painter, 4552 Germantown av, 

h Kaupp av, Gtn 
Chatfield Emma, 420 Culvert 
Chatfield Orlando, shoemaker, bds 1109 Hancock 
Chatham George, sailmaker, 1030 S 3d 
Chatham Joseph, grocery, 821 Locust 
Chatham William, grocer, 821 Locust 
Chatham Ann, r 1333 Olive 
Chatkin James, carpenter, 11 Clark's pi 
Chatman Albion, seaman, 206 Williamson 
Chatman Edward, engineer, r 415 Lynd 
Chatner Elizabeth, skin sewer, 966 Marshall 
Chattani Clark S., watchman, 212 Wyoming 
Chattam Joseph, carpenter, 309 Washington av 
Chattan Edward H., shipjoiner, 1108 Vienna 
Chatferton John, confectioner, 5488 Gtn av 
Chattin A. F., furnace builder, 636 N I6th 
Chattin J. A., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h Camden 
Chattpel Samuel, seaman, 30 South 
Chauncey Charles, attorney-at-law, 202 S 5th, h 

2023 Pine 
Chavanne Henry, melter, 411 Merchant 
Chawner John, hosiery mn.nuf, Germantown RR 

n Shoemaker la, h 165 Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Chauvenet Louisa, 945 S 6th 
Cheatel John, plasterer, 4150 Paul 
Cheatham John H., carpenter, 910 N 7tli 

Cheatham William, card manuf, 999 Marshall 
Cheavens William E., blockmaker, 514 Worth 
Cheeseman Edmund, laborer, 1 19 C.irpenter 
Cheeseman Henry, runner, Franklin bel Unity 
Cheeseman Richard C, oysterman, 614 Guilford 
Cheeseman W. H., printer, llOl) Hunter's row 
Cheesman John, laborer, 1418 Shippen 
Cheesman Martha, 629 Coates 
Cheetham James, merchant, 11th & Market, h 

720 N 13th 
Cheetham James, victualler, 6 Hyde's ct 
Cheevers J. F., hairdresser, 4 S 12th 
Cheevers Thomas, hairdresser, 4 S 12th 
Cheffins John L , painter, 614 Fisher 
Chein George, laborer, 1748 American 
Cheinley James, machinist, 1823 Tatlow 
Cheldon John, laborer, 1 Jordan av 
Chemberlin M. W., salesman, 529 Market, h 415 

Cheney Frank H., student-at-law, 813 Arch, h 

City av 
Cheney L. L., supt sewing machine, 417 Wetherill 
Cheney Thomas, grocer, 1803 S Front 
Cheney William, eating house, 517 S 7th 
Cherer John, boot crimper, 428 Shippen 
Cherry Alexander, glove maker, 4502 Miller 
Cherry Ellen, dealer, 712 Erie 
Cherry James, watchmaker, 108 Girard av 
Cherry James, waterman, 956 Marlborough 
Cherry John, machinist, 134 Church. Myk 
Cherry John, weaver, Maxwell's ct n Bedford 
Cherry Robert, shoe manuf, 4815 Germantown av 
Cherry Samuel, watchmaker, 108 Girard av 
Cherry Tree Run Oil Company, 258 S 3d 

417 Walnut 
Chesebrough A. F., com mer, ION Del av, h 1510 

CHESEBROUGH A. F. & CO. (A. F. Chese- 
brough i^ John Allen), pork packers, 10 N Del 
av &, 9th & Reed 
Chesebrough Coddington, gentleman, Armat n 

Willow av, Gtn 
CHESEBROUGH EDWARD C, provisions, 14 S 

Del av, h 2007 Wallace 
Chesler Joseph L., gentleman, 768 Florida 
Chesnot, driver, 124 Kelton 
Chesnut Caroline, washer, 923 Shippen 
Chesnut George, weaver, 1311 Marlborough 
Chesnut James, shoemaker, 1613 Deal 
Chesnut James, carpet weaver, 1431 Howard 
Chesnut John, bricklayer, 1148 Leon 
Chesnut John, stonecutter, 403 Wilder 
Chesnut John M., merchant, N E 2d <fe Market 
Chesnut J. S., blacksmith, 1522 Cuthbert 
Chesnut & Kohlhas (John M. Chesnut if Peter 

Kohlhas), cloths, 2d & Market 
Chesnut Robert, tavern, 13th & Ellsworth 
Chesnut Thomas, weaver, 1522 Palethorp 
Chesser James, seaman, 916 Atherton 
Chester Charles, ropemaker, 17 Montgomery av 
Chester Charles, Jr., ropemr, 17 Montgomery av 
Chester Edward, brickmaker, 2145 Montrose 
Chester John, brickmaker, 2143 Montrose 
Chester John, pattern maker, 1425 Buttonwood 
Chester John F , machinist, 17 Montgomery av 
Chester John K., tobacco, S E Front <fe Vine, bds 

N W Front & Vine 
Chester John P., Jr., ropemaker, 1318 Richmond 
Chester John R., ropemaker, 1318 Richmond 
Chesterman John, shoemaker, 716 Washington av 
Chesterman John, Jr., lastmaker, 716 Washing- 
ton av 
Chesterman Washington, foreman, 728 S Front 
Chestnut Benjamin, weaver, 2008 Hancock 




Chestnut John, shoemaker, 728 Lindsay 
Chestnut Moses, groceries, 29th & Callowhill 
Chestnut William, gentleman, 1814 Wallace 
Chestnut William, laborer, 720 S 17th 
Cheston & Brother ( Washington &(■ Willmot M. 

Clieston), grocers, Montgomery av & Alder 
Cheston Galloway, clerk, 337 Market, h 1428 

Cheston Murray, M.D., 1428 Chestnut 
Cheston Washington, grocer, 1783 Alder 
Cheston William, teacher, 127 Sellers 
Cheston Wilhnot M., grocer, 1783 Alder 
Chesworth William, tailor, 712 Hubbell 
Chevalier John, grocer, 221 Union 
Chevalier Joseph, burnisher, 2349 Lloyd 
Chever James, artist, 216 Madison 
Chever Thomas, 216 Madison 
Chevers Charles T., brushmaker, 201 Wood 
Chevf Andrew, cook, r 1072 Frankford av 
Chew Andrew J., shoe dealer, 932^ Moyamen- 

sing av 
Chew Ann S. P., Germantown av & Johnson, Gtn 
Chew Catharine, 269 Raspberry 
Chew George, trucker, 1340 Passyunk av 
Chew Henry B., 204 S 4th, h Germantown av 
Chew Henry G., laborer, 734 Bayard 
Chew Henry K., clerk, 2200 Shippen 
Chew James, carpenter, 478 N 4th 
Chew Jejfrey, gentleman, 624 Catharine 
Chew John, wigmaker, 37 S 6th, h 749 S 9th 
Chew John A., barber, 37 S 6th, h 749 S 9th 
Chew John P., clerk, 502 Dillwyn 
Chew Joseph, Broad ab Berks 
Chew Joseph, Jr., merchant, 21 N 4th, h 821 N 

Chew Joseph D., shoecutter, 409 German 
Chew Mary L., tailoress, 734 Bayard 
Chew N. C., sawyer, 336 Jarvis 
Chew Samuel, attorney-at-law, 204 S 4th, h Ger- 
mantown av n Johnson, Gtn 
Chew Samuel, treasurer Gloucester Manuf. Co, 

44 & 46 S Front, h Gtn 
Chew Totten, driver, 122 S 2d 
Chew Totten, Jr., driver, 122 Morris 
Chew Walter W., clerk, 541 Wharton 
Chew William, cigarmaker, 1012 Crease 
Cheylever Ellen, 510 Beach 
Cheyney Charles H., conveyancer, 608 Arch 
Cheyney Waldron J., quartz, 15 S 7th, h Chestnut 

n 31st 
Chichester E. H., clerk, 120 Chestnut, h 1334 

Chick Frederick J., commission merchant, 32 N 

Delaware av, h 323 N Front 
Chidester James, boatman, 115 Penn, Myk 
Chidester John H., fireman, 115 Penn, Myk 
Chidester Willliam, boatman, 135 Penn, Myk 
Chidister George, engineer, 937 Darien 
Chield Oliver W., engineer, 1531 Girard av 
Chilcott Allen, shoemaker, 2 Godfrey av 
Child Charles N., wagon maker, 494 St John, h 

1701 Wallace 
Child Henry, jeweller, 827 St. John 
Child Henry T., M.D., 634 Race 
Child James, carpenter, 3905 Ludlow 
Child John, wagon maker, 494 St John, h 709 

Child R. S., lamp black, 1327 S 15th 
Child Samuel T., jeweller, 824 N 2d, h 827 St 

Child Thomas T., jeweller, 824 N 2d 
Childknecht Ludwig, dyer, 1146 Galloway 
Children's Hospital, 524 S 22d 
Childs Abraham, mason, 3724 Sansom 
Childs Amy, 116 Mechanic, Gtn 

Childs Asher M., clothes renovator, 146 N 9th 
Childs Charles N., manuf, St John <& Buttonwood, 

h 1701 Wallace 
Childs Clara, b h, 820 Stewart 
Childs C. G., 311 Walnut 
Childs C. 0., merchant, 429 Walnut, 
Cbilds Darby, laborer, 2425 Pine 
Childs E., painter, 1225 Market 
Childs George K., Sr., silversmith, 312 Spruce 
Childs George K., Jr., silversmith, 312 Spruce 
Childs George T., grocer, Gtn av & Dauphin 
CHILDS GEORGE W., proprietor & publisher 

Public Ledger, S W 6th & Chestnut, h 1606 

Childs Henry, wagon manuf, 2d & St John, h 

1718 Wallace 
Childs Lsaac R.. bookkeeper, 1307 Palmer 
Childs John, artist, 764 S 4th 
Childs John, carpenter, 3506 Warren 
Childs John, manuf, 709 N 8th 
Childs Jonathan, carpenter, 1006 Vernon 
Childs Joshua, plasterer, 418 N 20th 
Childs Oliver, engineer, 1531 Girard av 
Childs Samuel, printer, 941 N 2d 
Childs William C, real estate agent, 1402 Walnut 
Chilley Charles, hatter, r 612 Peach 
Chillman Edward, gentleman, 1324 N 23d 
Chillman Henry, photographer, 1725 N 11th 
Chillman James, bookbinder, 1725 N 11th 
Chillon Harris J., attorney-at-law, 30 N 7th 
Chilton Harris J., attorney-at-law, Holmesburg 

Chinnery , 1222 Sansom 

Cliinney Michael, shoemaker, 517 Dauphin 
Chip Matthew, cigars. 802 N 15th 
Chipman Charles, expressman, 304 Orthodox 
Chipman C. W., M.D., 328 N 7th 
Chipman David, carpenter, 4 Orthodox 
Chipman Edgar M., attorney-at-law, 123 S 5th 
Chipman Edward D., druggist, 4625 Frankford av 
Chipman Isaac, pumpmaker, 4225 Main 
Chipman John, pumpmaker, 4225 Main 
Chipman N,, wood ware, 167 & 169 N 3d, h 224 

Chipman &, White (iV. Chipman ^ W. M. 

White), willow ware, 157 & 159 N 3d 
Chippendale Alfred, lampwick, 207 Quarry, h 

210 N Front 
Chippendale William, lampwick, 207 Quarry, h 

210 N Front 
Chippendale & Co. {William Sf Alfred Chippen- 
dale), lampwick, 207 Quarry 
Chippey James, engineer, 550 Clearfield 
Chiquo'ine Serville, pilot, 336 Clark 
Chiquoine Serville A., laborer, 336 Clark 
Chiquoine Zepherine, machinist, 7 Schoolhouse ar 
Chirelline James, waiter, McKean's ct 
Chirk John, laborer, 2628 Biddle 
Chislett George, morocco dresser, bds 267 N 2d 
Chisra James, carter, r 807 Fallon 
Chism George, brickmaker, 2021 Harmstead 
Chism James, blacksmith, 1722 Carver 
Chism Mary, confectionery, 1505 South 
Chisnall John, carpenter, 2219 Holman 
Chiterter David, shoemaker, 716 E Thompson 
Chitick Robert, laborer, 128 Prime 
Chittick Christopher, tavern, 1238 Bedford 
Chittick Gavin, packer, 614 S Juniper 
Chittick John, bricklayer, 1731 Addison 
Choate John, saddler, 1307 Marlborough 
Choate Thomas J., printer, 1235 S 5th 
Chober George, cabinetmaker, 235 Duponceau 
Chobert F., chairmajier, 429 Lombard 
Choby Christian, stables, Cherry n 8th, h 810 

Chock Charles, milk, 1121 Hancock 




o B 




o m 


O ^ 

H O 

^ 01 




















Chockday AVilliam, blacksmith, 1115 Adrian 
Cholerton Edward, confectioner, 4727 Gtn av 
Cholley Henrj' F., salesman, 2101 Jefferson 
Cholley Natbaniel, milkman, 2101 Jefferson 
Chorin Edward, cigarmaker, 1127 S 8th 
Chorley Joseph, spinner, 1007 Dorrance 
Chormann Col. E. G., 923 Morgan 
Choymski Albert, shoemaker, 607 N Front 
Chrisberger Franz, laborer, 1002 Hope 
Chrisman Charles, morocco dresser, r 215 German 
Chrisman M., cabinetmaker. 1631 Seybert 
Christ Amos, clerk, 416 ^'■ 3d 
Christ Anna, 253 S 9th 
Christ's Church Hospital, office 517 Prune 
Christ Edward, 253 S 9th 
Christ E., commission merchant, 116 S Delaware 

av, h 253 S 7th 
Christ George S., restaurant, 416 N 3d, h 1124 

N 4th 
Christ Johfl, groceries, 1219 S 2d 
Christ Joseph, shoemaker, 1648 N 4th 
Christ J. H., com. mer., 116 S Delaware av, h 

253 S 9th 
Christ & Weber (B. C. Christ i^- S. S. Weber), 

proprietors Union hotel. Arch ab 3d 
Christ William, 2.33 S 9th 
Christen Jacob, butcher, 620 York 
Christer Adolph, shoemaker, 470 St John 
CHRISTIAN & GO. (S. J. (^ F. W. Christian) , 

com. mers., 148 N Del av, & 141 N Water 
Christian Elizabeth, matron, 338 Gri.<!Com 
Christian F. W , com. mer., 148 N Del av, & 141 

N Water, h 935 S 3d 
Christian G. H., merchant, 323 Chestnut, h 12 

Woodland Ter 
Christian Henry, supt. Reading RR, h 1365 Rich- 
Christian James, seaman, 781 S Front 
Christian James A., salesman, 615 Chestnut, h 

129 Catharine 
Christian John E., clerk, 1341 Richmond 
Christian Joseph M., machinist, r 418 Library 
Christian Mary C, 266 S 4th 
Christian Matilda, housekeeper, 119 Marion 
Christian Richard, waiter, 619 Ronaldson 
Christian Robert, M.D , 1802 Coales 
Christian Samuel J., com. mer., & consul for 

Peru, 148 N Del av, h 116 S 12th 
Christie Jacob, brickmaker, r 923 Alder 
Christie James, glass manuf. , 1014 Richmond 
Christie Martha, 1613 Hancock 
Christie Mary, huckster. 960 Alder 
Christie William, bricklayer. 265 Perry 
Christine Charles, carpenter. Paschall & 52d 
Christine Frederick F., teacher, 1128 Hanover 
Christine George, tavern, Ridge av n Washing- 
ton la 
Christine Samuel S., clerk, 1332 Mervine 
Christman Amos, carpenter. 1239 Mervine 
Christman Charles, merchant, 636 Race 
Christman Charles, salesman, 471 N 7th 
Christman Edward, clerk, 511 Commerce, h 1523 

Christman Elizabeth, varieties, 230 S 10th 
Christman Eugene R., clerk, Chestnut & Front, h 

1523 Arch 
Christman Henry, gentleman, 1216 N 7th 
Christman Jefferson, compositor, 307 Bradford 
Christman Joseph C. D., 36 S 5th, h 1523 Arch 
Christman William, blacksmith, r 640 Andress 
Christman William, carpenter, 2019 Locust 
Christman William, gentlen^n, 855 N 11th 
Christman William, porter, 342 Wood 
Christman William, 1505 N 12th 
Christmann Charles, Sr., baker, 435 Race 

Christmann C, baker, 220 N 4th 

Christmann Edward, fancy goods, 702 Chestnut 

Christon Joseph, machinist, 1843 Frankford av 

Christon Martha A., trimmings, 1843 Frankfd av 

Christopher Ann, 809 Burns 

Christopher Ann L., trimmings, 932 Poplar 

Christopher Christian, bartender. Chestnut <fc 

Christopher Elizabeth, laundress, 502 Hurst 
Christopher George H., salesman, 932 Poplar 
Christopher Jesse M., clerk, 1019 Wharton 
Christopher Mary, 1108 San.som 
Christopher Walter, 128 S 2d, h 40th ab Lombard 
Christy Alexander, moulder, 815 Knox ■ 
Christy Alexander, tailor, 1126 Christian 
Christy Andrew, engineer, 808 Capitol 
Christy Benjamin, 2040 Bedford 
Christy Caroline, r 968 Lawrence 
Christy Frederick, livery stables, 916 Brown, h 

1231 Poplar 
Christy Herman, tavern, 1528 N 22d 
Christy James, blacksmith, r Penn ab Sellers 
Christy James, car builder, 32 N 40th 
Christy James F , expressman, 1203 Lombard 
CHRISTY JAMES T., lumber, railroad sills, Ac, 

Coates St wharf, h 880 N 8th 
Christy John, laborer, 339 Bradford 
Christy John, milkman, 1430 Shippen 
Christy John, moulder, 29 N 7th 
Christj- John, tailor, 1126 Christian 
Christy J. C, 709 Chestnut 
Christy Peter, tailor, 1126 Christian 
Christy Robert, pipe caster, 535 Wilder 
CHRISTY ROBERT F.. attorney-at-law & claim 

agent, 24 Swanwick 
Christy Sarah, trimmings, 860 N 4th, h 832 Char- 
Christy Thomas, gentleman, 1934 Pemberton 
Christy Thomas, moulder, 806 N 15th 
Christy William, grocer, 715 S 20th 
Christy William, gunsmith, 513 N 3Jth 
Christy William, umbrella maker, 913 Randolph 
Christy William B., salesman, 127 S 3d, h Spruce 

n 40th 
Christy William M., stationery, 127 S 3d, h 3909 

Chubb J. H., conveyancer, 333 Reed, h 1335 S 

Chubb Samuel, insurance agent, 1523 S 5th 
Chubb Samuel, tailor, r 866 Marshall 
Chubb Samuel, Jr., attorney-at-law, 128 S 6tb,h 

1523 S 5th 
Chubb William, clerk, 308 Walnut, h 1523 S 5th 
Chur John, laborer, 1016 Vine 
nut & Rittenhouse sq 
Church Charlotte, 1930 Frankford av 
Church Ezekiel, stevedore, r 829 Carpenter 
Church E. H., shoemaker, 231 N 5th 
Church Francis, Rev., 1324 Lombard 
Church Home, 22d & Pine 
Church John, laborer. 530 S 15th 
Church John N., salesman, 403 Market, h 1324 

Church Joseph, shoes & trunks, 1708 Market 
Church Samuel G., iron works, 1136 Ridge av, h 

1834 Green 
Church William, clerk, 4226 Germantown av 
Church W. A., assist, to treas. P. R. RR. Co., 

227 S 4th, h 4225 Germantown av, Gtn 
Churchill Ann, Mrs., ladies' shoes, 832 Walnut 
Churchill Anthony, laborer, bds 3449 Sansom 
Churchill Jacob, moulder, 875 Darien 
Churchman Albert L., iron founder, 15th & Ham- 




Churchman Ann, 1824 Mt Vernon 

Churchman Anne, 847 Franklin 


W. ^ C. J.), com. mers, 32 S Front 
Churchman C. J., com. mer., 32 S Front, h Chew, 

Churchman Charles W., com. mer., 32 S Front, 

h Chew, Gtn 
Churchman Robert, gentleman, 254 S 16tli 
Churchman W. B., merchant, 32 S Front, h 

Chew, Gtn 
Churchman Lewis, liquors, 153 N 22d 
Churchville Patrick, laborer. 3209 Chestnut 
Churn John W., waterman. 920 Otsego 
Churn William, waterman, 920 Otsego 
Chute Francis B., chairmaker, 2303 Wright 
Chute James, coal oil, 62 State 
Chewett Robert, mer., 528 Market, h 316 jST 37th 
Ciegenfuss Isaac, grocer, 733 N 24th 
Ciegenfuss Henry, clerk. 765 N 24th 
Cinaman Conrad, laborer, 4538 Milrose, Whitehall 
Cinger .Jacob, butcher, 2019 Hancock 
Cinnamon George, turner, 16 Bledisloepl 
Cinnamon James, carpenter, 1348 Catharine 
Cisco Henry, coachman, 1112 Rodman 
Citcher K., laborer, 1520 Noble 
Citerici Thomas, depot house, 4409 Cresson, Myk 
Cittus John, cooper, 4818 Melrose, Whitehall 
Citti Lewis F., lithographer, 335 Marriott 
City Building, 212 S 5th 
City Solicitor's office. 212 S 5th 

3d bel Chestnut 
Citz Christopher, hostler, 1423 Parrish 
Clabby Patrick, mason, 4443 Penn, Fkd 
Claby John, tavern, 243 Church, Fkd 
Clackson Ashton, gent, 12th & Lombard 
Clad Didier, tavern, 503 S 5th 
Clad v., tin, 705 S llth 

Cladar Abraham, shoemaker, 414 Cumberland 
ClaiFy K., plumber, 2055 Lombard 
Claflan Waldow, salesman, 1616 Mount Vernon 
Clafiin Horatio B., boot manuf, 228 Church, h 

19th ab Tioga 
Claflin Horatio S., shoe manuf, 239 Market, h 19th 

ab Tioga 
CLAFLIX & PARTRIDGE (O. S. Cla^in 4- E. 

F. Piirtrii/gi) , manuf. and dealers in boots & 

shoes, 239 Market 
Clages AVilliam, dealer, 1206 Moyamensing av 
Claghorn Charles E., commission merchant, 120 

Chestnut, h 1033 Coates 
Claghorn Henrv T., clerk, 1031 Coates 

Clagliorn, W . F. Herring if A. M. Jackson), 

cotton factors & com. mers, 120 Chestnut 
Claghorn James L., treas. L. M. Association, 506 

Walnut, h 1729 Arch 
Claghorn John, 1928 Mount Vernon 
Claghorn John W., 118 S 7th, h 1009 Arch 
Claghorn John W., Jr., auctioneer, 1009 Arch 
Claghorn J. Raymond, cotton &, wool, 123 Chest- 
nut, h 1729 Arch 
Claghorn J. W., Jr., com. mer, 22 & 24 S Del av, 

h 1928 Mount Vernon 
Claghorn William C, bookkeeper, 1031 Coates 
Claiborn Christopher, M.D.. 1915 Parrish 
Claiborne G. G., agent for Penna RR Co., Chris- 

tinn street wharf 
Claiborne Richard R., coal dealer, Front & Dick- 

erson. h 317 Reed 
Clair Charles C. clerk, 1250 Carlisle 
Clair George AV., sailmaker, r 212 Carpenter 
Clair Henry M., tailor, 726 Spring Garden, h 538 


Clair John, car inspector, 420 N 35th 

Clair John, machinist, 4 Craig's av 

Clair Louisa, 1102 Charles 

Clair Peter, agent, 1802 Master 

Clair Samuel, engineer, Lehigh av ab Memphis 

Clair William, brushmaker, 214 Green 

Clair William, cabinetmaker, 921 Ontario 

Clairy Thomas, driver, 2 Adair av 

Clam Richard, carman, 1 Prescott pi 

Clamer Francis J., plated ware, 1336 Ridge av, 

h 905 Nectarine 
Clamer Henry, silversmith, 905 Nectarine 
Clamms Alexander, clerk, 1130 Green 
Clampitt Charles, jeweller, 310 Carpenter 
Clampitt C, Mrs., 241 Dickinson 
Clampitt Hannah R., 1242 N 13th 
Clampitt John A., carpenter, 520 Federal 
Clampitt John S., foreman 572 York 
Clancey Daniel, trunkmaker, 6 Heyer pi 
Clancey Johns, clerk, 1325 Horstmann 
Clancv Anne, dressmaker. 109 Green 
Clancy Isabella, 1758 N llth 
Clancv James, tavern, 722 S 7th 
Clancy James J., bartender, 400 S 2d, h r 617 S 7th 
Clancy John, shoecutter, 3 Whitecar's row 
Clancy Peter, fruit dealer, 3 Whitecar's row 
Clancy Thomas J., accountant, 1325 Horstmann 
Clancy William, teas, 1221 S 2d 
Clanes George, laborer, 3483 Ridge av 
Clapham John C, 701 N 12th 
Claphanson Joseph, fruit, kc, 1116 Pine 
Claphanson Samuel, gardener, 25 Goodwin 
Clapp Nathan T., gent, 1022 Walnut 
Clapp Samuel, bricklayer, 1903 Sepviva 
Clapp Tobias, coach manuf, 1151 Charlotte 
Clapper John, engineer, 2132 Wood 
Clappier James E^, tobacconist, 1426 N 6th 
Clara George, stonecutter, 1105 Charlotte 
Clara George A., brewer, 1105 Charlotte 
Clararty Thomas, laborer, 18 Parham 
Clard George, bricklayer, 2233 Callowhill 
Clard Richard, contractor, 2233 Callowhill 
Clare Birtholomew, printer, 1104 Sansom, h 

1121 Filbert 
Clare Charles, carter, 610 Washington av 
Clare Emuel, seaman, 313 Union 
Clare George, paperhanger, 516 N 3d 
Clare James, liquors, N'W 8th & Shippen, h 819 

Clare John, dealer, 1019 S 6th 
Clare Nicholas, 1910 N 4th 
Clare Peter, laborer. 1003 Mechanic 
Clare William, brushmaker, 2332 Germantown av 
Clare William, china ware, S W 8th & Wood 
Clare William J., conductor, 1515 Cadbury av 
Clare William K., printer, 1118 Filbert 
Clarey James, mason, 2400 Spruce 
Clarenbach Charles, cutler, 606 Arch, h 447 

Clarenbach Frederick, cutler, 447 Coates 
CLARENBACH & HERDER [Charles Claren- 
bach cV Leopold Herder), cutlers, 606 Arch & 
9 Haviland pi 
Clarey Patrick, laborer, 9 McCormick'a av 
Clarey Peter, carpenter, 716 S 4th 
Clarey Svlvester, shoemaker. 242 Quince 
Claridge"W. R., M.D., druggist, 461 Richmond 
Clarion &, Alleghany River Oil Co., 146 S 4th 

Clark , contractor, 63 Sellers 

Clark Adam, carpenter, r 613 Filbert 
Clark Albert, 315 Race 
Clark Alfred, carpenter, bds Main. Rox 
Clark Alfred, printer, 236 S Sth 
Clark Allen, laborer, 2631 Mt Pleasant 
Clark Alvah, broker, 6 & 8 S Del av 




o ^ 



^ p 

^i Q 

• t^ 













O O 






Clark Amanda F., 1109 Citron 
Clark Amelia, teacher, 410 Prune 
Clark Andrew, carpenter, ]fi35 Cadbury av 
Clark Andrew, gents' furnishing goods, 1030 Co- 
lumbia av 
Clark Andrew M., mariner, 1437 N 4th 
Clark Ann, Gilpin pi 
Clark Ann, 1828 N Front 
Clark Ann, 1108 Harmer 
Clark Ann, 2529 Pine 
Clark Ann, laundress, r 13 Qillis al 
Clark Ann B., 4 Mint ct 
Clark Anna, 2036 Apple 
Clark Annie, 1429 Ontario 
Clark Annie, washing, 2521 Frankford av 
Clark Anthony, laborer, r 204 Carpenter 
Clark Augustus T., bookkeeper, 211 Church, h 

312 Federal 
Clark A Wilson, stationer, 230 Dock, h 236 S 8th 
Clark \., mineral waters, 39 S 8th, h 130 S 6th 
Claik Bernard. 1329 Salmon 
Clark Bernard, coachman, 24 Shock 
Clark & Bewley {Clement Clnrk iV Charles H. 

Bciclfy), grocers. 9th & Federal 
CLARK & BIDDLE (J. P. Clark <V Samuel 

Biddh). jewellers, 712 Chestnut 
Clark k Bro. (IF. S. h( E. B. Clark), plumbers, 

&c., 106 S 12th 
Clark ct Cadmus [M. F. Clark, M. C. &^ James 
M. Cadmns ^ Bartram Askmead), boots and 
shoes, 300 Market 
Clark Caleb, dealer, 910 areen 
Clark Caroline, 1122 Ogden 
Clark Caroline, 6 Ellet's av 
Clark Charles, police, 2619 Ellsworth 
Clark Charles, shoemaker, 411 Redwood 
Clark Charles, varieties, 1175 S 11th 
CLARK CHARLES E., bedding & cottage fur- 
niture, 11 N 11th 
Clark Charles E., laborer, r 640 Andress 
Clark Charles Heber, editor, 1027 Mt Vernon 
Clark Charles J., moulder, 411 Redwood 
Clark Charles L., dealer, 122 Orthodox 
Clark Charles W., window-shades, N W 6th & 

Chestnut, h 332 Reed 
Clark Clarence H., banker, 35 S 3d, h 42d & 

Clark Clement, dealer, 918 S 7th 
Clark Clement, grocer, 9th & Federal, h 616 

Clark Clement, tailor, 616 Catharine 
Clark Christopher, hatter, 526 Barron 
Clark Christopher, laborer, 1937 Jones 
Clark C. H., pres't First National Bank, h 42d & 

Clark C. W., shade manuf., 332 Reed 
Clark Daniel, bookkeeper, 424 York 
Clark Daniel, carter, 2119 N 5th 
Clark Daniel, gentleman, 1237 Callowhill 
Clark Daniel W., machinist, 1237 Callowhill 
Clark David A., clerk, 410 Walnut, h 878 Ran- 
Clark David D., waiter, 253 Raspberry 
Clark David R., carpenter, 4207 Edline 
Clark D. D., M.D., 223 N 13th 
Clark Edwin, carpenter, 1437 Ontario 
Clark Edward, laborer, r 1224 Charlotte 
Clark Edward B., coal mer., 218' Walnut, h 1027 

Mt Vernon 
Clark Edward L., com. mer., 140 N Del av, h N 

E 17th A Spruce 
Clark Edward W., banker, 35 S 3d, h Schoolhouse 

la, Gtn 
Clark Elizabeth, 1312 Rodman 
Clark Elizabeth, laundress, r 640 Andreas 

Clark Elizabeth, milliner, 4547 Gtn av 

Clark Elizabeth, tailoress, 733 Moss 

Clark Ellen, 1512 Federal 

Clark Ellen, r 230 N 8th 

CLARK ELLIS, gen. agent N P RR Co, NE Front 

k Willow, h Abington station 
Clark Eliza, washerwoman, r 816 Emeline 
Clark Elizabeth, 119 Penn, Myk 
Clark Elizabeth, te.acher, 414 Tenor pi 
Clark Ephraim, bedding, 605 Marshall 
Clark Ephraim, real estate, 707 Walnut, h 247 S 

18 th 
Clark Ephraim G., engineer, 212 Beaver 
CLARK & ETTING (Ephraim Clark &f Horatio 

Etti/i.g), real estate, 707 Walnut 
Clark Eugene, painter, 1237 Rodman 
Clark Ewing, laborer, 8 Derringer av 
Clark Ewins, laborer, 425 & 427 S Front 
Clark Eliza, clock dealer, 1629 Beulah 
Clark E. B., plumber, 106 S 12th, h 1520 Summer 
Clark E. C, drygoods, 424 E Girard av 
Clark E H.. bookkeeper, 20 Unitv 
CLARK E. W. k CO. (Edward \V. Sf Clarence 
II. Clark, Frederick S. Kimball, J. Hinckley 
if Frank H. Clark if Joseph II. Seaver), bank- 
ers, 35 S 3d 
Clark E. Hall, artist, 15 S 9th, h 2023 Cherry 
Clark Francis, marble, 1206 Hope 
Clark Francis P., carpenter, 633 Wall 
Clark Frank H., banker, 35 S 3d, h 1427 Walnut 
Clark Frederick, clerk, 1710 Grayson 
Clark Frederick, machinist, 1524 Noble 
Clark F. Henry, coach trimmer, 662 N 10th 
Clark F. T., bookkeeper, 15 Merchants' Exchange, 

h 1710 Grayson 
Clark k Garrigues (Jacob Clark if Frank Gar- 

rigiiis), coal, 309 Walnut 
Clark Gavin, laborer, 525 S 7th 
Clark George, blacksmith,* 11 18 Wistar 
Clark George, hatter, 929 Reed 
Clark George, inspector, 1524 Noble 
Clark George, laborer, 813 S 12th 
Clark George, Jr., printer, 929 Reed 
CLARK GEORGE, shoemaker, 1037 Thompson 
Clark George, waterman, 1122 Graff 
Clark George D., engineer, 218 Union 
Clark George E., engineer, 2218 F 
Clark George E., police, r 3922 Warren 
Clark George H., clerk. 703 Christian 
Clark George H., machinist, 1118 Wistar 
Clark (leorge W., carrier, 411 Redwood 
Clark George W., fireman, 653 N 9th 
Clark George W., painter, 326 Julianna 
Clark George W., police, 2031 Bedford 
Clark Hannah, nurse, 1308 Atmore 
Clark Hannah P., 13 N 1 1 th 
Clark Harrison G., constable, 320 Carpenter 
Clark Harry R , bookkeeper, 251 S 8th 
Clark Henry, drayman, 1504 N 5th 
Clark Henry, driver, 2504 Coates 
Clark Henry, farmer, 115 Siegle 
Clark Henry, upholsterer, 1230 Woodbine 
Clark Henry, waiter, 227 Quince 
Clark Henry D., painter, 2 Louisa av 
Clark Henry H., moulder, 2628 Mt Pleasant 
Clark Sherman, brass founder, 760 S Broad, h 662 

N 10th 
Clark Hinckley J., banker, 35 S 3d, h 2001 

Clark Hugh, laborer, 49 Prime 
Clark Hugh, weaver, 2031 Hancock 
Clark Isaac S., cracker baker, 1024 Lawrence 
Clark Isaac S., machinist, 662 N 10th 
Clark Jacob, coal merchant, 309 Walnut, h Wal- 
nut la ab Morton 




Clark Jacob M., painter. 617 N 37th 
Clark Jacob S.,