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The McGraw Electric Railway 
Directory is compiled by the 
Directory Department of the Elec- 
tric Railway Journal, one of the 
McGraw-Hill publications. 

Electric Railway Journal has been for 
more than thirty-five years an 
integral part of the electric railway 
industry, the leaders of which it 
has continuously inspired, in- 
formed and guided.^ 

* are the eiwj 
: principal assistants ^ 
dii|fct the purchases of the 

Ired million dollars whjjCAi-j(he 
istry annuaUcrWsburses. 

Electric Railway Journal readers 
control practically all important 
decisions on the roads which own 
98% of all cars and 99% of all 
existing electrified mileage. 

The advertising pages of the 
Electric Railway Journal include 
regularly the sales messages, of the 
manufacturers who get the bulk of 
the electric railway orders in their 
respective lines. 

Published weekly— Suhacriplion S4.00 a year. 



Electric Railway 


August, 1919 

Published Semi-Annually 
February and August) 


Subscription Price $7.50 per Year 
Single Copy $4.00 

McGraw-Hill Company, Inc. 

Tenth Avenue at 36th Street 
New York 


Copyr^t, 1919 


McOraw-Hilt Company, Inc. 

j.i:™b, Google 



Directory of , 

Electric Railway 

in United States 
Canada and Mexico 

■ [August, 1919] 

in the body of this Directory has 
been corrected up to June, 1919. 


BESIDES the names of officials, 
number of cars, number of miles 
of track, etc., the power plant and 
sub-station equipment is also given in 
the reports of the Companies listed. 

INDEXES— The reports of the electric railway ' 
companies in this Directory are arranged geograph- • 
ically by states and cities, and are also numbered 
consecutively. Immediately following the pages 
containing the reports there will be found complete 
alphabetical lists of both the company names and 
the individual names appearing in the Directory, 
with reference by number to the report in which 
each name appears. 

THE DATE OF INFORMATION is indicated in 
each report by the figures at the end of the last line. ' 
The final figure indicates the last figure of the year, 
and the preceding figure or figures the month. The 
figures 69 will thus be understood to mean that 
information for that part'cular report was furnished 
in June, 1919. 

Electric Railway Companies. , 


«■ th 

or towna, and, un) 

The (•) Indicates a report whk 

rs in 


nama company In the pTe.louB Issue of 

the Dfreclo 

d the rnnira dirM 

loUowtna the (*) indlcaU the latest 
89 woiiH maiolo a mport recely 

t into 

n 'by month and year. H 



would indicate JU 


t iotne cha 

ii?e tu been maM 

that report alnce tbe pte^iou. laeue. 


ported in th 


The (■) In the Alphabetical Inc 

1. Companies whose property la 



anotber corapaoj, i 

which ars not reported ieparaKilj In 
2, Companiea wbaee Identity hae 

this airecto 



Tbe ml1eag« ebown is the namhe 


onj and doaWo track ths entire length, it 












'.■.■.■.■." '.■.'.■.rSS 



....Rice* Sail 

V.'. '.'.'.'.' !.8chn 








Morg«. Smith 
jnow Steun Pc 

Stewart Boiler 







Stlllwell A Bl 




.'.'.'.'.'. ...TreaJ 








....Untied Bit 





..Walah * W 





. ..Watts-Cam 

..Western Eli 









-,0(i|tron& steel 






(See Ho. 0.) 


— Mmtb AlKbiuna Tractlan 

—Office, SeepDd At». (ComiecM 

'eatij Birmingl 

& TroM. W. 0, HuDlllon '■ 

4 Pur. Aet. 

H. Sneer Alt 

iBmBy., Lt. &>i 

BB. £ Qen. Mrc. 

J, 8, PevBM Blrminglmm 

9ec. ATrrai. J. P. Robs.... " 

,udt. B. O. Launer " 

ilalm AeI. H. H. Barnard.. " 

I.M., J.E.BotrlM 

Etiergj pnrahsMd from the Blrrolng- 
im Rv.Lt. APwr. Co.; tnae. toK 111,000 
i IrollejTOlt. S7S_v^ 

ReacbS! _ 
aeJd and Wer 


T^M iullaa; 4-eH K; ' 


Treat. H. S. Swan 
Andr. Nath»n Wood 

iDd Jack so 
.la Oakland Park. 

Aut. Oen. Mtir, 


Pnr. Agt'^Kober 

CI. Agt. " 


I Bldt.. 

7. K Loyd 
Jrown-UiUT BIdg., 
HgT. J. M.Bany, 

Ck. ^igr. O. O. Ttii 
M.. D. K. Bowie 
nergj rrom hydro^elBC 
k ifo. laCoofB Rlyar; a 


Bide-, Blrmlnf 

■hoM a 

I0.8S n 



C — BlrmlDKhnm * Bd^wood 
Elmi. By. Co — (Controlled by r- 
BlrnilnehainRj.,Lt.ftP»r.Co.> (Ci 
oecteBlrtnlngliam.Rosed!' " ■"" 
and Edgewi-od.) 


F.Dergj piircbaeed and care leased rrom 
Blrmlniibam K7., Lt. & F«r. Co. 

4.B mllaai MM E. *H 

S— BIriulDSliBm-TldeiraterRr.Co. 

Blrrolmrham, Enalej & BoEBsmer R.R.) 
IConnecW KaBt Lake, Woodlawn. Ay. 
ondale, Birmingham, Oraymonl, Praf 
City and Hnsley. nnw within the corpt 

£■«: Lake, Avondale, Fair 

>1 «-Wg;2 

and aSotbei 

rmlDKhBin Ry., Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

Ice.aiDOlBtAye. (Connects Brlgb- 

Beflaemer, Llpaeonib. Inglenook 

nod iTondale.) (Commla BiimlnHham 
- -. ^u Kij^ >^ „. —J o.. 

lied by tb 

ecvr. John Spariow, 

HWBmplrrBlrli;., Biimlnghani 
res, 4 Gen. Mgr. J. 8, Peyear. , " 
sa't. Gen. Mgr. 

Fred V. Underwood 

Sac.Treaa. J.P. ROBB " 

Audr. B, O.Laiiney " 

V.-Prea. ACMetEDgr. 


flElect.) B. H. Klltott 
(Eqnlp.) J, R. BarrlBi 
I 4th Aie. A nth St., " 

Sapta.^ (QHi)J. E.Montgomerr 


Power aU. equip. S d. c. S, E. tot. SSOO 
kw'Eac O.E,AlliBC.tot.t4,000kw.3B0l)y. 
aph.SOcya; lO.JOObp.e. Blmghm, Allle- 
" " "ilT.ISOhp.b.Uab.AWill.OOOkw. 
am.l__Q. E, Allla-C: traoa. Tolt. 

repair *hop at 4th Aye. & lltb St. 

fteachea Baal Lake Park. 

IM.M mllea: 4«i pi IPS motor and IM 

other tajB. (Sella energy to Blimlng)!^- ' 

Tidewater Ry. Co.) *6I* 


I— Peoplea Railroad Co. 

ar. I Electrlfl cation contemplated I 


GAUSDEN, KUl (IBlfl). 

d«a Rf. Co.) (ConnecM Oididen. A1 

Ulla and Alabams <Ji^.) 
Pr«,. Sac. A Treis. 

K. T. Schular Qad»doi 

V. Piast«..j jBCkeoDviJIe. Pli 

(AlBton Oreen Qitdeden 

G«D. Mkt. C. J. Zell 

Tr»lnina»ter, M. D. Pbtub 

Energy purcliaMd. 

lot. MO kw^l^finsf, l^t iSxkw. I 
volt, 3^00-82,000 v: trolley volt. 8200 
■88,000 V. 
aub-ita, andrspilr shops at GaJade 

sta. eqnlp. S d. c. 0. E., WeatR., 
;ot. SSSO kw ; 8iS5 tp. o. AllK-C. 
aatn: 14601ip. b.Btlr.Bab. AW; 

rail pt 






T-GadBden, Hallerne & Lnokont 
HDantBin By, — OffloB, Qadadsn. 
«!onnecta Gadaden and Noccolnla 

8BS C-nil 3t..Ncw OrlesDB, La. 
l9l V. PmB.-Qan. Mgr. A Put. Agt. 

Louis Hart Gadadon 

8d V. Prea. T.J. aidapsoQ Homo-Ga. 

Sen. ATrotB. A. H. Brludlev....Oad«den 

Aiidr, A.Urett 

Elor. Knat.,JiniCnoper 

M. M. * Engl. HaiDt ol Way, 

Bnerey purcb»BBd. 
, Repdr Bhopa at Noccalula Falig, Gada- 

RoBshea Noccalnla Falla Park. 
S.lmileii t-ej^ e; amotorpaaa cara. 

IIlINTavi£l.E. T,fl11. 
8 -AUbKioB P»r. Co. (HuntBTlUo 

Diy.)— LocaL office, Hnntsville. Gen. 

office, Birmingham. 

PrB.. Jn MlLctieil New York, N. Y. 

V, Prea.ThoB, W. Martin, ...Blrmlngliani 
AiB't. to PreB. O. J, McGrath 
SBC, & Traaa. Wiley Aiford . , 
Gen, Mgr. W. N. Walmaley.. 
' Asst. Oen, Mgr. W.E. Mitchell 
Pnr, AKt.B. 9.Ciirt(ii,Jr.... 

Local Mgr. C. G. Childns HontiTille 

Mgr. Local Opar. 

W.M. Stanley BInDingliam 

Supt. J. 9. McLare '• 

f M. M., R. V. McLnre '.'. 

I Ch. Engr. O. G. Thorlow 

' Ch. BnSr. Pwr. Sla. 

8. DThinginB HnnlaTllle 

El«.Enar.J. A. Slmlt BirrninKham 

Power Bta, equip, ] d. c. WeatR. IfiOkw; 
it a. 1. fl. E.. Westg. tot. 360 kw. SSTO i. 8 
pb. 60 cya; S50 hp. e. B, Sc fl, and Ball; 
1000 bp, b, B, * W; 1000 kw. West", torb, 

4 Bob^ta. anto. cont, cap. 1ffl» k«, 
traog, Tolt, iiaWT; trolley volt, BBOv, 

Power ata, and repair abop at Weat 

'4,83n]IIe'e:4-flMg; o7hd. mntor can. 
Company doeegeneral 11 gbting and powr 
biialneas, 19j 

MOBrLB. 58821 (IBIS). 
-Hoblla LlKht A R. R. Op.— Office 
IBS Government St., Mobile, irionnccle 
Mobile. Whl<tler. Plalean. Megazltie 
Point. Spring HiU and Criohton; aieo 
Dparatea line to the Cblekaaaw 8blp. 
bnildini olaat.) "^ 

Ptbb. J. Howard Wll-on Mobile 

AeCt to Prea. D. J, McGralb " 

Treka.O.T.S.Wblte-SpnnnerV.!!"! " 

Claim Agt. R, W. Jonea " 

Pnr,Agt,F H, Fstera ■■ 

M. M,.B.M.r!offln ■• 

SnpL.W. 0. SloekmMi " 

Rnirr, Pwr, ata, C, Manker ■• 

Roadmaaler, 0. C Hume " 

10— Mobile A FeiUKDlK Ry. A Nn- 

TlgBtion Co. — OMcB, Lillian, {fln^ 

R R, Co,) (Will'connBCt Mobile to Vo- 
iHDia, K, FaitBope, Oabel, Barclay, 
UuUaad, Marlow, SummerdalB. Adst, 
Siberia, and LIlliaD. Ala., and Penaa- 
cola, Pla.. a dlatance of 44 milaa.) 
Pre 6., Charles Barclay ..Lillian 

M.™' Miller"! .. .^.'.* SeaCIIH 

Treaa. W. D. StapJelon Bay Mlnetle 

Repair abop at\oIanU. 

Reacbea park In Volanta. 

a miles in opetnllon from Volanta, eaat; 
*Sii K! 1 g«s elec. car and 8 otber can. 

11 -Montgomery Light A Tmotlan 

Co.-Offlce. S Court Square., Mont- 
gomery. (ConneelB Monwnmery, Oak 

Recvr * Prea. Ray Ruablon, Montgomery . 
Sec. -Treaa. Cbae. K, Norton 
Cb. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

J. M. Cbnmler 

Supt. W, M. Perdue ' 

8 a. c. lot 8000 kva; 8 eic. tot. SOO kw. 
8 Stir. b. 8 weat Btm. turb; trolley volt 

Repair sho pa at Madison Ave. 

Owna" Picket Sprlnga' Park and Waah- 
Ingtou Park Icolorod). ^ „ ^ 

\a miiec a-nu e- B4 motor and 3 otber 
cara (c'm™Sy dnes genera! lighting 
aidpoierbiSBinLa.) *M 

<ScaNo. la,) 

PHOENIX. 4,656, 
(See Mo. I3B.) 

hgi.m:a. 1CK» (IMS), 
IS— Selma Bleo. Railway Co. 

fPormerly Selma Traction Co,) Office 

cor Broad and Sslma Streets. 

Pree. D.L. GBroald Warren, Pa. 

Seo.-Treaa. &Gen. Mgr., 

Hneh Mallary 

Snpt. A Pur, Agt. 

W E Nees Boi77,8elnia 


^IpaVahopal'ls" No- B"»d St^ 

Ohtib BlkdaH Park k reachsa Munlo. 
awlmmlng poola. ,„ .„.,, 

T mile-* 4-f*l4 '■ 9 motorpaas., lOtrall 
paaa. and J eervico cars; 1 elec. loco. *B9 

I4-The9hemeld Co— Office, Sheffield 

(Conneel. Bheffleld, Floreaw and Tna- 

*""*■ °?o7prr"A":. NewYurk KY. 

V Pres J H Pardee SbefllBld 

Aaat. toV,*Pr^ A Pur, Agt, 


Sbc, a Tress, JoBoph Paraonp, 

101 Park Ave,. Now York, N. Y 

Andr. O. W. Terry Sheffleld 

Gen, Mgr .1. F. Gammon 

Supt. J. W.RobaMBon 

SnpL Water Dept. O. F. Swain, . . 

Claim Agent, W. R. H>le Shafflald 

Klec.K^itr. H.H.Bart •■ 

Engl. Pwr. Sta. E. N. MoClaln. . ■■ 

M.M.,F. L. Hioinau " 

Hoadinuter, P. S.MLlniir '• ■ 

Power ila. eqnip. I i.e. Wwt. 886kw; 
3>.c. Weit,lAl]li9-C. tDt.lWOkn.SSOOv. 
a ph. eo cjBi 800 bp. e. brown, Wlacoaeln 
Eng. Co; awo Up. b. Wlckan, Edge; ia»0 
kw. tuib. (Bim.) Welt, Allla-C; trsDii. 
ajOO- volf M^Ov. troUojYult. MO v. 

Power BtH.ttidreptlribopBktHbanald. 

1 5nb-<ta. with iDtii. oontrol cap, 
500 k<r. ; 2 rot. com., I mo. gen. let {100 
ayn. mo. SOOkw.) 

IS.B mllei; t-SHf. le moloi and 9 
otbarcuni. (Compmn; tarnlabat onerKi 
ror powti and llghUag.) *W 

TirsoALOoHA. 10,4KB (leie) 

IB — ToiDKloaaK Rj. * nttlltlea 

Co — OBce, M13 Broad St. (BucceBi.or 
to BlHiiIngham-TuBcalooIB Rt. A Utll- 
idea Co.j (Purchased TuecalDoeA Ice 
& Lt. Co.) (Connecla TdscalooM and 
Hoi I.) 

Ph«. J. S. Horrla Phlladelphls, Pa. 

V. Pre*.. Uen. Mgr. A Por. kut. 
I. W. BoaB. Tuicalooo 

See. * Traaa. 
F. A. CoarlDSf Pblladalphla. pH. 

Andr. J. S. Bllllnee Taacalaoaa 

Sopt. By. i. M. M;. 
C.J.Brlckaon ..,.; 

Sopt. Lt. ± P«r- B. C. Beatty 

M. L. ThumpB on " 

Ch, KBgr. Pwr. Sta. 

P.J. Jtmlnaz 

Energy purctasbcd from Alabama Pwt. 
Co.; power planl used *a '■etand-bjr"; 
1 a. c. We«t. 350 kw;SOOv:lrot.couy. 
SOO kw: 3 B.C. a. B. tot. HUD kw. iHM t. 
3ph. Mcya; direct oounpcted to Ham-Cor. 
eog;ne;B00hp. e.Cor.lOOOhp. b.W.AW; 
KO kw. torb. latm.) Q. E; trolley toIC 

Power ata. and repair ehopa at Toica- 

Ownn and reachea Rlverrlew Park. 

IB mnaa; t-vH g; S motor and ITotber 
can. (Co. does general llglitlDg and 
power boa; neaa.) *Wt 


(See No. 10.) 



16— Aluks OaatineBu HIuIdk 

— Olllie, Thane. (Operalea 1 paxse 
train dally between Tbane and ? 
Terance; road need cbledy far are 1 

Gen. Hgr. G.T.Jaekaon Jn 

Par. Agt. Leonard Goj T 

Supl.olTranap.Wm. O.Carlberg. 

DODOI^S. 8,000 (1914). 
IT-DoaBlas Tiactloa A Lt. Co.— 

(Jffics, Uuuglaa. 

Prea. J.S. Douglai DongUa 

V. Pre*. Wm. AdaDUon " 

aeo. 8. P. Applewhite '' 

Treaa.B.S. flrtle " 

0<jD. Jdgr. A Pur. Agt. 

H. G. Artbnr r " 

Knergy pnrchaied rrom Copper ({neeu 
Conaid. Mining Co., Donglaa, for rail- 
way aerrlce; trolley vult. SK) T. 

Repair ahopa at LoDgliia. 

Keachea Uoaglaa Park (owned). 

10 mllea; 4-BW g; 8 motor and 1 
trail car. (Operatea pwr. aU. for eleo. 
Itg-aervloe.) 118 

PHOENIX. 18,021 (IBlfl) 
18— Pboenlx Ky. Co. of ArUona.— ' 

Offlce. 1314 B. Waahlngton HI, (Con- 

ncwlB Phocnli and Glendale.) 
PrM, 1I,H. bberman 

WeFtmintter Hotel, LoaAngelea, Cal. 
7. Pres. B. P. Sherman 

637 ConBOlldated Realty BIdg., 

LosAngelee. Cal, 
Sec. A. I. Smith 
Treaa. George U . Clark 
Uau.Hgr., <ien.Fgt.'ePaaa. Agt. 

A Pur. Agt Saui'l B. MltGbell..Pboenli 
Claim Agt. i;. E. Newcomer 

Energy purcbaaed from Faclllc Qaa A 
Bleclric Co.; trolley Tolt. 6B0 t. 

S2.G mllaa; 4-8H g: m motor and 1 
other car. BV 

TDC30N. ie,TB8 (1918) 
1ft— Tnoaon BaplH Tranxlt Oo. 

Offlce, Tncaon. (Controlled by Federal 

Lt *Trac.Co,, New York, N. Y.) 
Piea. S. N.8ander-on.. 

80 Broadway, New York, M.Y. 
T. Piea.A Treas. 

J.Dnnhlll " 


Mgr. Frank E. Rnaaell Tncaon 

Gen, Snpt ACh. Kngr.. C,B, Nlehola, 

60 Broadway. NewTork, N.Y. 

Energy purchased from Tncmn Qaa * 
Blec. Lt A Pwr. Co: 2 d. c, Wett. tot. 
300 kw. ; trolley Tolt. (ISO V. 

Repair ahape at Tncaon. 

6 mtlaa; 4-8W g; B motor pass cara. M 

0— ITarreu Campany, (Operating 
Wsmo-Blaboe Ky.— Oflloe,\Va-rf n. 
(Connecta Warren. Bakerville, LoweU, 
Johnaon Addition and Biabee. 
res. AGen. Mer.G. R. Dowell...Blabaa 

■. Free. C. T. Knapp " 

ec, A Treaa. J. B. Curry " 

upl. J. G. Cowen Warren 

lalmAEt-M, B. Caaaldy Blabe* 

ur. Agt. John B. Rawlinga Warren 

b. Bner. D. M. Bait " 

Calumet A 

, Ariio 

e Co., ti 

t. eWOT. 

1. it., L. M. ateren 

ya! BOO y. 

SOO kw; a-too kw. I 

H. and 110 other cara, 


any docfl llg&ting and power 



o bmaea over br'dge con- 
neclInK Little Rock and Argenla.) 
"rea. C, C. Kavaaaagh 

2»1 Southern Tr. BIdg., Little Rock 

3eo. at Tniu. F.J. Scliamlz . . LlUle Rock 
OeD. Mgc.. CI. Agt. A 

Pur. l(t. P.C.Wsjrm ArKeuu. 

BaeriT purcbiied from UCtle Kocii Ky. 
giBUo. Co.; trolleivoU. HOT. 

EUpBir ibope >l ArECuta. 

S mllsa; 4-(IM^K; B motor Mid4i»ber 
CUM (BO-paiiHiigeraulo baiKa). IW 

43_Ea»tu Tnctloa Co. — OlUce 

BuHlLB Spitngi. 
Pt». * Qen, Wp, 

H. D.Jenkini EnrekK SptiDE* 

V. Prei, Bloyd WsJker.,., 

Sac, P.O. Cook " 

BoerET parchiSBil from Rnreka Bprlnjn 
Elec, Co, : IroJley voll. 5M t. 

Repair (hop itSpclneSt. & Olsn Avs. 

Ohqi AudlUdnm Park uid Opera 

i mWm: 4-8M g; S motor and 1 work 

KOBT SMITH. a4,a«0 (1SIT). 

))«— FortamlthLt.ATnatlonOo.- 
IOoDtTolled throo^h atockownflrehlpby 
SUodanl Ga^ i BIM. Co., and operated 
by B. M. ByllMby 1 Co.. Cblcsgo. 111.} 

Prei. A.8. aniij ChlCHgo, III. 

T. Prea. H. M. Syllesby 

»d V. Pree, V.C. Gordon " 

Ird V. Ptea. A Gen Mgr. . 
D. C. Qresn Fort Smith 

d«c., Tr«i. ft Andr. 
aE.Ballard ■' 

8npt.»Clftlra.Aet.,T,G,Kelley " 

Por. Agt, Mr. Davta L. J. Noble '■ 

H. M„M.K. Wright ■• . 

Boer. U, of W,. H. C. SailUk " 
Pavttt eu. equip. 9 d. o. Q. B. Allia C. 

SSIsb k». MOO I. 3 ph.' eo'ciB: STGD hp. e. 
Faltnn. Rui.Ham. Allla; B A W,£fiOObp. 
b, Bab. AW:sOOabw.tiirb.(elm.)Westg. 
IraoB. Tolt. 88,000 i; ttoUey Tolt. B7B t. 

Poirar >Ui:, at Flret ft C SU.; repair 
•bop at cor. Midland Banltvafd & 

Omu and controla Elxclcle Park. 

DmllHi 4-aHe; 41 motor can. Com 
pany doei general lighting and power bn 
slneaa aniT dl-irlbnUn natara! gae In Ft 
Smltb and Van Bnreo; famlehn enerej 
to Ft. Sinl(h.flklBhoina L'. ft Trac. Co 
<Tn«tBUineI»onO-kH. ttOD-T. bph. Weal 
'I 800-bp. Bab. ■ ~ 

Repair shape at Weal Helena. 
Reachea Beech Creit Puk, Walnnt S r<m 
B.SmUeail-BHg: n matoraDd ISo 

17 — Central ArluoiaB R*. A I 

Coyn.-OlDce, » B'way. Nfwjo'k. 

ftTrac. C — 
Pre*. B. N. Sanderean 

to Broadway, New York, K. T. 
, Pree. ft Treaa. 

«S~HoC SprlDBB St. Ry. Co.— Onee^ 

BIIWIIT CBBtral A»e. IControlJed by 
Cmtral Arkaneaa Ry. ft Lt. Corpn., 
wtalcb la toiD la coDtrolled by tba Pad- 
eral Lt, ft Trae, Co.. Hew ¥ork, N, Y.) 

Pree, B. N. Sandenoa 

60 Broadway, Hew York, 1 

7. Prcs. J.Donhlll '■ ■■ " , 

Sac. ft Treia. P. H. Rnee HotSprlnKa 

Gen. Mkt. 8, E, DMIon 

lea. SnpL ft Ch. Bngr. 

C, H. NichoU NewTotk, N. Y, 

tnpt. J. n. Butlerfleld Hal Springe 

Bnetgy purobased from CUIeena Hlec. 
!o, ; repair ibop at TW Park Ave. 
IS.B mllea^-M g; SS moMr and Xother 

LITTLE ROCK. bTfiia. (ISIS). . 
IB-Llttl« Book Ry. * Elec. Co.— 

Offlce, ;lie W. 4tb 8t, (ConnectJ Little | 
RorkandPnIuklHelgbts,) (Conlrolled 
by the American ClUea Co.) 

Tea. D. H. Cantrell Little Rook 

V.Pres.ftTreaa.,A. Brizzalara 



1. (Operal 

in StaU 


lallard Ft, Smith 

n.Mer.D.C, Green " 

Sec. W. R. KennedT. " 

Treae, Geo. Sengel.Jr " 

Energy porohaaed from Ft. Smith Lt, 
ftTrac. Co.; trolley roll. 550 

"' *69 

1 Trac. Co.; trolley roll. KO v. 
1.11 mliei; 4-8H g; 1 motor | 

HBLENA. lO.TSa 11918) 
aa — The Welt H'leoii Con* 
diitad Co. (Socceaaor to Interoi — 
Ry. Co.l— (Connecu Helena and Weit 

Prea. E. a Boraor Helena 

V. Prea. R. J. Maeon ■' 

Sec, ft Treaa, J. S. Honor " 

Gen. Mgr. E. T. Homor •' 

Gen.Fet.«Paa« An.L, G, Homo'. '■ 

M, M. H, N. Tlbblee WeslHelt 

Engr.M. of W,. B, P. Denglae " 

Energy parch aied from theHelenaOaa 
ft Elec. Co. 

Sac.ftA-_ -. . 

Gin. Mgr, C.J. GrimUi,, 

Pur, Agt. R. Elck 

9upt. Ry. Dept A. R. Koonce. 

Gen. Scpl. Blec. Dept..Supt. 

Diatrb.ft Eniii.Oihd.OoneU'. 

P. T. Philips 

Bngr, Pwr. fila,.A.P. Singer, . " 


Com. Hgr. 

R, I. Brown <IT »aln Bl. . . . " 
Boaii master. John C»rd " 

Power aU. equip Sd.c.O.E. tot, I6&0 
lew ; g a. c. turbo gen. Q, E. tot, H.IWOkw. 
asnOv.Sph.flOcye; ml.rony, tot.lBSOkw: 
MOO hp. t. Allfil-C, H, O, ft R. SSOO hp. 
b; A.-T. B. ft W; trana volt. 18,800. 
MOO ft 3300 y. Imlley volt. 800 f. 

S aab. aU. (1 with anto. cont.) tot. cap. 

St.; repair 

Dd PorMt 

terminal By. Co. 

PINB RLURP. 17.447. (IDIfl) 

1 Wall St.. New York. N. T. 
Sec, ft Elec. Bngr. 

J. L. Loogino Pine Bluff 

Andr. L. B, West 

Snpt. Ry. Dent. J. Cain " 

n«fm Agl. Parker C, Tntker.. 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr. SU. 

Prank Kmerion " 


Powgr ita. sqalp. 4 a. c. Q. E. tot. 4TN) 
:w., BOO Y. 8 ph. BO cj«; 1800 bp. b. B, A 


). a. K. t 


SS.OOOvittoUejvolt. SOO 

MM k«. S-SDO kw. a. S. i 4th A All 

•hoptlSd nd AihBIi. 

11 mllu; 4-gUg.; 31 motor and aether 
cmn. Cdidduit does Kensnl 1 !«)<""' ■»! 
pnonr bDntneM. OontcmplsU pnrebMe 
ofSBOOlip.b. *»«j 


. 20,000. 

31— SDathwMlera Gb« A Eleo. Co. 

(TeurkuA Div.j. — Office. IIZ But 
Broad tit.. Taiukkiu, Ark. (Conoscti 
TeikrksDk, Ark., iDd TeurkuiiL,Tei.l 
Pna.HeDnH. DavH. 

IHIS HaniiTinitBldK., Chicago, III, 

Par. Alt. W. B. Bann 

Sopt. C W. Johnson 

Claim Agt. W. B. C»Mj " 

Ch. Bngr Bleo, Bngr, ft Bogi. 

Othd.. Conatr. Chae.Haji... 
Ch. BnE"-. !■>"■ 8t»- A. W. Sail " 
Boadmaitei. J. H. Barbart. ... 

Power gta, eqalp. 1 d.c. Weite. SMkw^ 
t a. c. Bull. Allia'C.. tot B7S kw. SWD •. S 

g"i. to eys; 1«B0 hp. a. Folton, AllH-C.. 
am; IflTfl hp. b. Heine. Btlr; 1000 kw. 

trolley Tolt. DOO t. 

arkana, Aik.; ripah 


3«— Ceiitrkl Power J( I.t. Oo.—OOloe' 
1M1 Chamlcal Bldg.. St. Lonli Ho 
(SaccesBOT to Walnnt Bldga A Hoil* 
Lt. P«r, A Tranalt Co..) (ConnacH 
Walnut Rldne and Hoile.) 

Free. R W. Hnrrlwn St. Loula. Ho. 

Ptei. W. 9. McOall 

Hec., Tma. A Andr.E.H.Gone " " 

Oen. MiT. Jamea FaTora. . .Wslnot Hldae 

Pui. An. B.C. Loelit 81. lx)nlB,lfo. 

Ck. Biwr. A. Wright Wilnnl Rldie 

Blec. Bngr. D. L.^el»r..,Sl. Louli, Ilo. 

Ch. Bdet. Pwr. 8ta, A M. M. 

B. W. BrowD WalnntRldge 

Power ata. equip. S d. c. F. H. ft C%. 

tot. 57 kw; SB, c. Weat. Q. E. tot. TM 
~t ph. 00 cy4; S roo.-Een. ettt 

:. 100 k' 

I, 18.900 Y 

aOOkva, atm.tnrb, WeaL.St Lonla, Coi 

4tO hp.b. Heine 

phtOcjH: trollej 


pan; doea lighting A power bnslnaH. 

and repair ( 


Sec. L. M. Farnham 

Tnaa. ACompl. A. B. Peat 
son aartand Bldg. 

A B. IJarpenierTnlaretHSta., Fremo 
Oea.Mgr, A. G Wlahon...." 
8upt. A Oen. Pn. * Paie. Agt, 

D. L. Wlthoo Bakeradeld 

Cl^m Agt. 

M.Bonioe Tnlare A H 8ta.. Freano 

Pur. AKt, J. K.Newlin 

Ch. Bngr, * Bngr Overhead Conitr. 

B,A.OnliiQ,,.Tn1areAHSlB, '■ . 
Blec. Bngr. D. B. OrIo BakeraSeld 

[)• It IBtb St. A Unl 

10.G1 mikt; 4-eH K 



M (1810). 
38— Hnmlwldt Tntnalt Cs.—Ofllc*, 

J. ft Harria Bta. 

Prea, Wm. Biilterworth Mollne, III. 

V. Pre*. H. Baldwin 

Vn Kobl BIdg.. San Frai«tlaco 
Sk. a Treaa. Horaea R. Hadiou 

Gen. Mgr. , Audr.. Claim A Par. Agt, 

J. W. Sale .Buraka 

Aaet. Mar. A H. M.F. ;,. Jackton.. " 
BoKr.irar W. ABngr.Ovhd.Cottnr. 

C.R.Ragon " 

Bnargy purchaaed from WeaUm State* 
GiaAEIee.Co.; tram. YOlt, 11,000 s, •.c. 
troilejYalt. HOT. d. c. roK.UOv, 

Power ita, on Homboldt Bar; repair 
ihopi at J ft Harrig Bt>. 

Reachei and controla Sequoia Park. 

EXKTEB. two, 
S9— Vlamllo Blootrlo B. B. Co.— 

Qan. OBIce, Pacific Blootrlo B]dg.,Lot 
Angalei. (Connecta Vlaalla, Faimera- 
Tllle. BiaUr, LemoncoYS. Woodlike 
and Btraihmorn, (Controlled bT tba 
Banthem Pactflc Co.) 

Free, PaulShonp Saa Franelfco 

V.Pree.R.F.Schwerln.,., ■■ 

Treae, M. 8, Wade ', 

neo, Mgr, Prank W, Webate-- Bieter 

Snpt, ft Blec, Bogr., W. P.Ballard " 


Pot. Agt, 1. L. W»rd LoaAngelH 

Fgt.CftiioAKt.K.T. Albert. . " 
Gen. FgL Agt. T. J.DsJ..., 

Ch.Engr.K.'r! Jackson.... 

Oh. Engr. Pwr. 8ta. J. E. Joiiai.,..Eietet 

Rosdmaater. J. E. Laaa..,, ,',".',',,', '• 

EnBTBj pntohaBed fwin Ml. Whltnej 
Pwi. S Klec. Co.; tram. roll. 11,000 v; 
trolley volt. 3800 t; i a. c. Wial, lot. 760 

4'Bnb". BUS.' cap. 1600 6w. 

R-achei Terminus Beach. 
W.4 miles (ia.«4 mll^e oF track owaoa 
bj Southern Padfls *-S% s- ovhd. 

plBcloco. Iia 

VBESNO. 84,968 (IBIB). 

(See also »o. 88.) 

40-Fre*no Intrrarban Ry. Co.— 

aeii.Onee,4»4Ctilirornla8t. (Operalea 
In FrcBDo and extendi 17 miles east at 
Fremo to Sun inaid;doeBm<«tlT freight 
baalnesa and has connectloim with 
8anla Fe and Sontbem Pacific at 

Pres. & Um. Kgr. Thon. M. Patersoa 

MiCalir. St., San Franclaco 

V.Prea. F.O.Cooke " ■• 

. Ber. A Andr. 

Geo.H. Bradner ■• 

8npt. A Pnr. Agt. 
W. F. Pnller. Freano 

CI. A(t. & Oen. Fgt. * Paae. Agt. 

Bnersy pnrchaaod froili SaDJoagnin 
Lt. A Par. Corpn.; 1 a, e. G, E. 100 

Repair ahopa at Alvlna Height*. 

ID miles; 4.8!^ g: 3 rlec. motor cars 

linlld 6 mUeri<I°C«nt^Ule an^^Klnir- 
Elver head gat«a.) 118 

41— FresnoTractlonOo— Gen.omce 

Pacific Electric BIdg., Loe Angvlcs' 
{LeaM>F™"no(.1tjH]f. Co,(R14 mllea) 
(Controlled by Southern Pacific Co.) 

Pres. W. F. Herrin San Franciaco 

V. Prea. Fanl Shnnp 

Sue. & Andr. B. A. Culloden.. 

Treaa. M. 8. Wade 

flen. Met. Frank W.Webatar Fresno 

Snpt. ET A. DHveraaai " 

Claim Agta, Everts Jt Bwlng " 

Pur, Agt, I. L. Ward LoaAngelea 

Ch. Engr. A. H. Babcook 

Flo.Mi Bldg., San Pranciaco 

M. M., E. O. Snider Fresno 

Bnerzy pnrchaeed frnm San Joaqnln 

Q.'e, West, AllP^l tot.'^McS kw^Woire^ 
Benalr shops. Pint and Tolare Sta. 
RcacbPt and owna Recreation Park and 

45.01 mlle*:'4-BHi:i; Sg motor cara and 

lelec.roco: Bother cara. (Insddltlnnlo 

the above niUea«e. ovrns HM miles leiaed 

lo and operate by Southern Pacific Co.) 


GLBNDAI.E. 8,807 (l»la). 

49~Glan<tHle H MontroM Bt._ 

Office, 109 East Broadway. (ConnectB 

utendale. Kagle Rock. Uontroes and 

Prea. Wm. G*Henshaw 

763 IHllla Btdg., San Franclaco 
V. Prea. John Treanor 

640 Title Ina. Bldg., I^oa Angelea 
See. t Treaa. C. h McFarTand. 

_ Hvana Bloc*. Rlverrtde 
Andr.J. H.Woods 

440 Title Ins. Bldg., Los Angeles 






of Way 


.8 Ph 

volt. 10,000 V 

^raJ'gen act 






sta* M. M., T. C. Thomas 

2 d c, O B. lot. 300 kw; S a, c StAulev 

t. 80" kw. 4200 v. 8 ph. 60 cys; ami. 

.It, 4800 v: trolley volt, 600 v. 

Pwr. ata, and te|ffllr ehopaat Qletibrook 

LOS ANOEI-BS. 819,198. 
See also Noa. 84, 89, 41, 71, 7S, 74 

4»-I.oa Angeles & Mt. WkahlDBtun 

Rr. Co — Office WO Uanh-Strone 
Bldg. (Incline lo top or Mt. Waah- 

8000 ft. (electric. Srd i 

ill, cable); 3-«e; 

4S— I.oa Angeles Rj. Vnpn—Oaut. 

StbAMalnSla. (Sacceaaor to Los An - 

E-les Ry. Co.— narroiT gauge llnee of 
aolHcElec Ry. and LoaAngelea Inler- 
nrban Rj. Id Los Angelea. and all thow 
portions of the Los Angelps & Redondo 
&j. Co. and California-Pacific Ry. Co. 
north of a line running ihronsh Athene 
andRawthorae.) (Contioie City Rail- 
way Co. of Loa Angeles.) Couneeta 
LoaAngeles KuKleRoct.ColcgroTpaiiil 
Vernon, HuBlingloB Park. Sunnyalde. 
HydePark and Iiglevrood.) 
Pres. H. E. HiiBllnirlon 

M Broad St., New York. N. Y. 

V Preats J ^- K.Diinn LoaAngelea 

■ 1 Howard HnnOngton ■■ 
Sec.. Treaa,, Compt. and Andr. 

Oeii. Mur. Q. J. KuhrM.".'.'.! " 

Supt. E. L. Lewia 

CI.Agt T.A.Cole....- 

ABU!. IF.H. VanVranken,. 

aupta, } A. B. Uerrihen " . 


inichiwed from Soutbern CbII- 
[lonCo: tnns. TOlt 1D,000 t; 

Mi HlRSine B]< 
In U»™n);cli» 

- Road Mported die 

48— Pacific Elec. Br- Ov. — OR 

P»clflcElsotrtcBldK, (Aoon»olLd«i 
of tOePBdocElBC. Ry., Loa Angelee 
Ururbin Kt., Lob AD^el™ ARihIoi 
Bl. Co., Lob AngeleB-Pai iflc Cu./ 
KiTenldB ft ArlCiglon Rt. Co.. ' 






San BerDardiao A Han Qabrlsl rangei 
Rnblo Canyon, La RuDiada and diiei 
Un« to mountain teiorta of tbe Sa 
Oabrle) nrnge.) ( Leasee fTom Boutbei 
PaclBc Co., braocb from Clemer 
JnnoUon to Port Los Angeles Wbsi 

(Conirolftd bj Southern Paclflc Co. 
iOUTHKKNDIV. conipri»»:Whltti*] 

BMcb, Newport Beacli. Balbos, Long 
B«acb, Watu Lucal, Lode beach CiCr 
Linea, Long Beach-San Pedro, San Pedro 
Cltir,Ban Pedro via DomiDguez, Han Pedro 
TlB Garden a. itedondo via Oardi^na and 
b™nclieilher.fof, inclpdlne Lung Beach, 
HBD Pedro, and HeiloDdo TBrmlnale. 

NOBTBEUN DIV. lonmrlaea; Bdeo- 
dale, Olendale. Bnrbank. »o. raautena 
Local. AnQBodale. Pa]:idena Sbort Line, 
Pawdena via Oak Knoll, Ml. Lowe Line, 
Sierra Vli>U Ijx^bI. Pa-a.ena Cltr 
Lamanda Park, Hierra Madre. MonroTta, 
Olendora, Alhambra, San flabilPl, Shorb, 
El Monte. CoTiia. San Dlmaa. Pomona. 
PamoDB City Llnea. Ontario. Upland. San 
Antonio Hti., Ban Barnardlno. Han Bern- 
ardloo City, ColUn, Redlande, Redlmdi 
CItT, Highland, .Arrowhead. Rlverrlde 
City. Vlciflrla, Magnolia. Bloomlngton. 
Corana. and Rubidoni Linaaand branches 

WESTERN DIV, comprteee R-^doi>do 
Beach via Playa del R";, Ventre Short 
Line. BawlellB, Vonlcr-lnKlewood, Ven- 
IcB-Playa del Rey, Wei t Bate, BanlaMoo- 
Ica Air Line with castt:m lermlnue at 
Clement Jnnctlon. SenU Monica via 
Holywood Line. 8oldI<'ni' Home. Cold- 
water Canon Line, Hollywood Local 
Llnea, Lankerchim. Van Nd.b. Owene- 
monlb and San Fernando Llnee and 

PreB. Pan) Shonp BanPrarictBco 

V. Pr»«. B. B. Tltcomb LosAngeleB 

Sac. t Andr. H, A. Cnlloden. 

TfMB. I.W.Hellman '■ 

AiBt.Tfeaa,M.8. Wade " 

Q>n. If gr. J. McMillan 

Ctlaf CoDoaei, Frank Karr... " 

Ota, SnpL F. L. Anuable Loa Angclce 

Am'lGan. Supt.J.C.MoPbargon " 

f^r. Agt. I. L. Ward " 

Tal Agt. F.A-AlBpsoh " 

U^. Real EaUte, TaicB * RciortB. 

tieb. Claim ^CslXBiehopV. '* 
Gen. PacB. Agt. 0. A. Smith , , " 
Geti. FraghtAgt. T. J. Say., '■ 
Trav TraBc In-p. 

.1. A. Birmingham 

Oen. Agt. Paat.Dept. 


Gen.Agl. FrelghtDept, 


Ceo. Agt. E. H. ShaTpe...SBn Bemadlno 
Snpt. 8o. Dly. O. P. payla, ,Lob Angelea 
Aest. Snpt. So. DlT. 


Sunt. West DlT. W. C. WhIU " 
Asat BnpL West, DIt. 


Snot. No. DIt A. C. Bradley., 

IF. E. Peaebey, 
Han Bernardino 
C, H. Bait Lob Aniielei 
U . E.RndrnhonBe Paaidena 
. E. Billhardt. .Loa Angelei 
PaiB. " ^ A.H.Fidel ..., 

Agts. IH.O.Marler " 

TraTcling Fgt. Agt. 

Mech.'sn^, Fred' F. 8 mail.'.'., •[ 

Ble'c. Sijpt. 8. H. Andereon.. , 
AbsI. Eleo. 8upt. 


Aeel. Blea, Snpt. 

(Cbge. Pwr. * ElBo. Diatb.) 


AbbL Blec. Snpt. (Ch_Ee. Sub-ata. 

Conet.&Malnt,) W.F.Smith " 
Gen. Storekeeper 

C. C. Fenlmore.Tlh & Central " 

Pwr aCa egnlp, 1 d.c. West. lOiXIkw; B 
a c Bull Stanley tot. 12,850 kw. B2C0 t. 
8 ph. 50 eye: 1T.0OO hp. e, McL & 3: 
1B.000 hp. (ai>proi.) b. Stirling, Bab. & 
W. Kdire: BTM tw. Hitb. (aUn.l Wrat; 
tri.nB.Tolt.l6,OOOT;trolle»Tolt. 67tiv, and 
laoO". Energy purchased' from Soolhem 
Cal. Edison Co. 

Power alBB. at 638 Central Ave., Lof 
Angeles and Vineyard. Ripnlr ahops at 
7ih St. and Cpntral Atb., Lna AngelcB, 

n^n. .nd Wm-h^'Aloine Tavern, Mt, 
Park. Si 

1," Oce'h PBrk. V 


Rubin Can 

Lonir BeBCh'."BalboRT'Newpo'rt Beachi 

Seal Beach, and Anaheim Landing. 

10B1 mllee; 4 KM k; "W motor cbpi: 
SB elec.loco«; ISMothercars. *fi9 

(See No. H.) 

MONROVIA. |l.B7«. 

(See No. 48.) 

MONTEREY. 4,nt. 

4»-Moiiterer A PBCiao Grove Ry 

cIbco. (Ownpd and operateit liy Coaat 
Vall<-TBGa* Ji BIbc. Co., which I* eon- 
trolled by the California Ry. A Pwr. 
Co.) {Conn^olB Del Monte, Momerey 

Free. W. I.. McKlnipy..,.8an Franclaro 
flon. Mar, H. F, Jackaon.. •■ ■' 

^'.'j.BlMOhard. ..',.. 
Pur. A«. L. C. Heifrick 

Snpt. C. H. NoBCk Monterey 

Ch. Engr. -laa. Theilar " 

Energy from Coael Vailsya Oas ft Elec. 


Sangf pnicliBBed fmn Sin Dteeo Blec 

117J mlJe* into. & e]«c,); 4-)^ g; Sfl 

SleB., 8 gne-elaa. and 848 f^, c&». 
leotric care are operated o'tr 10 miles 
or the road b; Ssd Diego Blec, Ry. Co. 

H FRANCISOO. 498,511 (1918) 
<^4l}, 1B.4B, I 

66, TB 


•l-CslKomIs St. Cable R. R, C. 

Offlce. Hfde * CiJIfoinli 8te, 

Pna. J. Benr; Uey« Ssn Fr&no 

V.Prai. A, H. PsTion.... 
3d V.Pre«.,aBD. Idgr. 

A Pur.ABl. Jm.wThmiIi. 
Sec. 31 Claim Agt. 

Tkm.' J.HenrJMeVer ACo. 

Andr. Chflrtee P. Stone " 

BIcc. BnRr. John It. Steel.. 
Ob. Bilge. Pwr. Sta. 

Road iD&Bter, Alfred BowU . 

Power 9U, equip. GOO hp. e. TJniai 
Works: BOO hp. b. Bab. A W; B-300 
O. B. d. c. motors. 

Powsr ■», and rspalr ibopa at C 
romla A Hide Bl8. 

ILSmllea (cable); l-«g: BOoara. 

8!)— Cantral CKlirornis Ttkc. Co. 

— OtIloB, 687 Hol brook Bldg. (Connecla 
Stocklou, Lodlaod Sacraiawito; leasea 
llnei tn Sioeklon to the Stockton Elec. 
R.R.) an 1816, eatered Into agreement 
with TldewatBi SonlUem Rv. Co. for 
iolDt operation of the two Ud'*.} 

Free. H. Flei«htaacker SanFranclaco 

lat V.Pree. M.Fleiilihaiker " 

id V. Free. Geo. W. Peltier 

Calif. Natl. Bank, Sacramento 

Sec. Jt Tn-as. 
A, N. Baldwin San Francisco 

Audr. U. B. Taylor 

101 E. Weber Am, Stockton 

Qen.lto.FrBntW.WBbMBr " ■■ 

SopL J. J. Hooper " " 

CI. AKt. ATrafScUgr. 

J. C.StOUB ■■ " 

A. B. Rhoaden Sicrameato 

Pnr. Agt. I. L.Ward 

Paclflo Blec. Bldg., Lob Angelee 
Elec. Bngr.C. B.Spencer.... " •• 

M, M., A. B. Oazln Stocklcn 

RoadmaBter. A. Palm Loa Angeles 

Boericy puroliaaed from WeMern Statoa 
Qaa A Rlec. Co,; trana. toIL 80,000 t; 
trolley toII. ISOO— SOO T.d. e: npalr abope, 

70.a mlle«'(li!00 v. A 000 T. d. c, — oTer- 
head trolley and third rail); M-gU g; It 
motor and sa other OBra;l loco. 118 

e3-E-»lrfu Incline Betlruad Co.— 

Office, 780 Market at. (Connects Falr- 
fai with Ml. Top on Fairfax Manor.) 

760 Market St, San Francisco 
V, Pres.. aec. A Geu. Mgr., 

C. C. RlTsra 

Treas. Gray A Holt Co •' 

Snpt H. Q. nay Falrtai 

Ch. Engr. A M. M, EmeatClaiton " 

Energy from Paclflc Oas Gt Blec. Co. 
IISOO feat; double cable, electric holBt. 


Ch. Clerk Wm. H. Scott 

49 Uroderlck St.. " 

Claim Agl.Jno.Lelgbton.. •' 

M,M., Wm.C.Benilel.... 
cllyKngr, M. M. O'Shangbneaay " 

Bnerfty purehieed from Pacmc Qas A 
Klec. Co.'; trolley Yolt. 57B-600 T. 

Repair shop at SSOO Geary St 

Rc8cb*a nearly all city pirka. 

BS.U mll«; 4-^ g; 107 motor pan. 

(Federal organiutlon)— Office, B4 Plna 
St. (Connecls Bnreka and San Pran- 
ulBco.vU Ban Rafael, PeUluma, Santa 
Rora. Dkiah, WlUila. South Fork and 

aalito, S 


Gen. Mgr.W. 8, Palmer.. . .Snn FraDCleoo 
Aast to Uen. Mgr. H. Q. Jenkln*, " 
Gen. Salic Iter 

a lan ley Moore, 810 California St, •' 
Fed. Audi. 

Fed.Trpaa. & Piir'Aet. 

H. W. BHicott. •' 

Clidma Atty. Blllatt JohiiKiD " 

Gen. Pais, A Fgt. Agt. 

Ch 'Engr. F. K. Zook.' ,'.'.','.','.' .','.'.' ■' 

AxBt. toCh. Eogr.Wm.WolliMr.. " 

Fgt. Claim Agt. J.G.Brady '• 

Supt. Motive PWT. A Sontem Dli. 

J. K. Braesil! SanaaUlo 

Snpt. Northern DIt. W.J.Hnnter, Barelia 

Cii.ElecD. F. T. Vanata SaaiaKto 

Dlv.Eugr, M, of W., NorlheraDlY. 

H. W, Conanl Boraka 

Div, Eng', U. of W,, Sonthern DIt, 

W.wTwinn...., Sanaalito 

Power Bta. oqnlp. B d, c, Stan. West, Q. 
B,toI,3BXIkw:23eObp,B,McI.AS; 3100 
hp, b, Bab, A W. Kceler; 1000 kw. tnrb. 
(Sim. I Weat; trans, volt. 4^000T; trolley 
volt. BOOT. 

1 euh-aU, cap. ISX) kw; »«C0 kw. ma 
gen. seta. G. B, Allla-C. 

Power »ta. at Alto ; portion of energy 
pnrchived from Pacific Oa> A Elec, 06.; 
repair ihops at SanBallto. 

3B,iK)mirea (Sid rail); 4.8Hg; 40 motor 
and esothpr care. *Btl 

ae—Oeeiui Shore R. B. Ca-— Offlca, 

sa Blcenth Bl, (Thia iBaBteammad 
connecting San Francisco, Salada, 
Tobin, Fatallonc.Moaa Beacb, GraBida, 
Princeton. Half Moon Bay and Tanitaa 
(KBmilea); alao Sants Cnii and Swan- 
Ion (WW rellMl. Termlnali of 4 miles 
In San FranclBCo operated byelBctric- 

Ptes. P. W, Bradley San Franclaea 

V. Free. & Gen, Mgr. 
John G.Sotton 

Sec,, Treaa,, Audr, A Pur. Agt, 
J. W, CroBby 

Claim, Fgt- * P»bb. Agt. 

Sipt.H. Horn.,.'.','.'.'.'-'.'.'!." 

Energy pnrchaaed from Paclllc Oaa A 
Blec. Co. 

Reacbee Princclon-by-the-Sea.' 
B4.B milee In operallnn. M.4 miles nndet 
constnictlon, 4 mdca of tormloals operated 
by electricity; <-8!^ g; Smotor, Si paai., 
and IOC freight cart; 10 locoi. ** 


« 7— Southern Faelflo Co- (Elec. 

DivB.)~Offlc«ii, U Market St., San 
FnncJico, and IW Bto&dviT, New 
York. N. ;. (larludea Oaklnnd. AlB- 

Klec, B.J. Co., I^esno i^ac. Co." PeDln- 

BUlar K>. Co., aWcklooElM. R.K, Co., 

VlsBlis Bleo. R. K. Co.. and Sia Jok 

itBllrOMl*. Abeorbed PortliudiEiiseiie 

A BuBlem Ry. Co.) 
Cbmn. A Prm. 

J. KrultKhnitl New York, N.T. 

V.Prei. A A»t. to Pi«, 

Pnol Sbonp Sin Friucleco 

V. Ppb«. ft Compt. 

A. D. McDonald New York, N. T. 

Sec. HoBb NelU '■ 

TresB. A. K, Van Deventer " " 


AMt. Treis. A A>et. Sec. 

6. L. KIdu SuPruiciiCD 

Corp. Andr. P. L. McCsflepr 
DLr. ol Par. F. W. MflW . . 
Siipt. (Osfelsnd, AIsmedB A 

Berkel^j Elec. LIdcb) 

J. C, McPherion Oiklund 

Pur. Agt.F. W.TBylor..,.8luiFr»nctK!o 
Ch. Engr. William Hood 

Power bU. equip. : a n. c. WeM. E. U. 
Co. lot. IS.OOO kw. IB.aOOv. 8ph. 25cja; 
77« hp, b, Parker; IM»0 kw. Btm.torb, 
Weei; trana. volt. 1S,W10 t; trolley foU. 

8 >Db-atia. tot. cap. I5,001> kw; 10 rot, 

IM miles; i-BH gi BS motor, SO (rail sod 
B bageags A eipreaa motor iwn. (Sec 
alao Portland <Ora.)DlT.) *«» 

68— Dnlted Kktlronds «t Sui Fran- 
elifia — omoe, BSSutterBl. (Owoaand 
opeiatei a lubarban line to San Maieo 
and lea««g the San Franclaco Elei^tni: 
Bailwaya iwblcb owdb the Farkeldc 
Trauit Co. and the VlaiUcton Valle>- 
Uoq) and Ibe Oonab St. R. R.; the 
SoDtb San Franclaco B..R. A Pwr. Co. 
iBpartor Ible Byatem.) (Controlled bv 
the California Ry. * Pwr. Co., a sabald- 
lary of the United Railways InvcBtmcnl 
Oo.) INegoiUtloDB pending for par- 
chase of properly by City of San Fran. 


Wm. Von Phul San Francbc" 


Geo. B. Wlllcott 

AM. Oeo. Mgr. U. MoC'antB 
GeD.aqpl. HenryT. Jone«.. " 

Qm.Atty. W. M. Abbott.. " 

Por.AKt. P. C. Paddock... " 

Claim Agl. J. H. Handlon.. ■' 

SnRr. Malnt. of Way A 

CooBtr. B. P. Leeare 

Snpt. CablB Uachlnary L. P. Petenon 

Tark A Fillmore Hta , San FrenciBCD 
fcigr. Elec. Eqnl^. W. T.BIvina •• 
U.M. J.M.TDUI1t 

San JwB AGenevaA'eB " 

BDer|!j pnrchaaed from Sierra t 
FranciaEo Pwi. Co, ; 3 d. c. O. B. tt 
kn; 1 a. c. O. B. motor OOO hp. 440 t. 3 
ph. 00 cya; GOO bp.e.Riad; KO bp. b. U. 1. 
W; dana. volt if 000 v, trolley volt. BBO i. 

Repair Bbopa at Sao Joaa * OancTt 

tTS.ri' miles (electric and cable): Mg 
(cable)A4 8ttKi 898 cara. at which TAi 
■re elwlric motor and apeclal cara and 67 
cable can. *t9i 

•B — CBlirornla Ry. A Pwr. Co. 

Olllce, as Broad St., New York, K. T 
(ThlB IB a holding company only and 
controla the UnltAd Rallroade of San 

Railway* iDTesHnent Co. IhrouEh owu- 
eribio. either dlicctl; or throngh aub- 
of the DotstaodiDB preferred 

V. Preata, i deo.'de B.Greone, 

Exchange Place. " 

Sec. P. M. Hoaklna 

8AI> JOSE. 98,903 (lllOl 
I— PenlnanlKT Hy. Co.— J3en. once, 
PaclflcBlec, BIdg., LoaAngelce. (Con- 
nccli San Jose, Saratoga, Los Oatoa, 
Campbell, Cupectlno, l>lantaVlBta,May- 
fleld, Palo Alto, Loa Alloa and Berry- 
easa.) (Contiolled by Hie Sonibem 
Paciilo Co.! 

Pres. Paul Snouji Loa Angelea 

& Andi. H. A. CuUodaa 

iB.M.S.Wade " 

. Mgr, A Park Mgr. 

t. C, F. Bdradnda. '.'.'.'.'.', '.','.'.! 
. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 


, Agt, 1. 1, Ward Loa Angeles 

Engr. & Kngr, M. of W. 

Henry H, Lynch San Joaa 

Blec.Eogr. & Engr.OThd.ConaD. 

W, H. DavlBOn " 

M.M.. H. J.Rego " 

Energy pori^haaed froiti PaclSc GaaA 
Blec. Co.; trsna. volt, 11,000 v, 8 rh; trol- 
ley volt. SOO T. d. c; 7 rot, cony. 
Q. E. West. tot. I»e0 kw. 
Repair ahopgatSunol ft San CarloB Bta. 
Reaches Consreea Mineral Sprliica 
wned) and Alum Rock Park (owned 1^ 

1^40 milea; A-m g; 4B motor cars (88 
vned and 8 leaeed) S triers and S fgc. 
ira. *K 

»-8iui Joae BsllroBda-OcD. olDce, 

Paclflc Elec. BIdg., Loa Angeles, iCon- 

nectK San Joae & Santa Clara.) 

res. W. F. Horrin San Franclaco 

, Pres. Pnul Sbonp Los Angelct 

so. Si Andr. H. A. Cnllodan. . 

teas, M.S. W-de 

en. Mgr. F. B, Cbaplo. San Jose 

jpt C:F. Edmonda 

en. Fgt. ft Pass. Agl. 

B.G.Shoup " 

-ur. Agt. I. L.Ward Loa Angelas 

Ch. Kngr. A Engr. U, of W. 

Henry B. Lynch San Joae 

ElecKniTT. *Erer.Ovhd.Constr, 

W. H.Davlaon '■ 

M.M..B. J.Rego 

Energy purchased from PadBc Oaa A 
Elec, (To. ; trolley volt. BOO v; repair ahop 
at 1O70 Alameda Ave. 

Owns and reachH Lnna Park. 

38.S-'i miles: *-m acd 3.B g; 40 motoi, 
3 trail pass, a sprfaklere (owned) motor 
can (leased.) *G0 


78— Pm 


CoKBt Rr. Co. (Elec. DIv.) 

IS L. C. Smith BIdg.. Seittle. 

._ San Lnla Obispo. (Connects 

LdI>. A Vila. San Lnla Oblapo, 


Loa AlamoB ft Loa 
, .Seattle, Waab. 

SscAADdr.H.U.Wtlkiiu. .B>^tl«,Wuh 

Tnu. R. 8. WelkBt 

Bupl, A Qen. Fgt. & Fua. Agi. 

J. H. Slmii.. Sao Luis Oblapo 

Par. Agt. W. B. NlcWa... Seattle, Wub, 

Ch. Bngr. A. F. Uulon. ... 

U. H.,I). W. Ford SanLnliObttpo 

Bnergyfiam United. Rallrokdi 

ph; troWTOlt. BMt. * 
Repair Bhops Sui Lnli Oblepo. 
II mllsi; I ft. g; nse cars al S ilee 

line; Selec. locos. 

SANTA BABBAI^. 14,B4B (1910), 

' II— SUMkton Else. R. K, Co^ 

~ce,66Huket8t.,S>n nsDelBoa<Ope[' 

t in Sweklon; iIbo, nmder »-yr. 

ea. from Jan. 1. IBIB. llna» of tb*< 

Id Stockton) I 

KlflCCO.) I 

. .Lo> Anc*)« ' 


Sea. A. 

R. R. Co,)— B»c ofBoe, 

Prea. W; A. BraakeDridKe...eo. Paawu 

V. Prea. C, A.Bdwarda....BuieaBarlMra 
See. 8. U.KenoedT ALhambn 

Treaa. W.L. Farcej... 

U. If.. Joeepb N. Lloyd... " 

BnergT peKhaaed Irom Santa Barbara 
Oaa *. Blec. Co; traoa. yolt. 4000 and 
SSOO t: trolte; TOlte GOO v; repkir abop 

qAMTA ORCZ. 14.GM (leiS), 

(See alao No, H.) 

TB— Union TniiUon Co. — OtI 

4M California St.. San Francli 
lencceaaor to Santa Crni Hlw, 1 
Co. and Santa Cnu, Capiiora „ 
WalKinTllla By, Co.) (Canneola SuilA 
Cmi, SeabrlKht, Dal Ifar, Opal and 
CapltoU.) {Owned b; the CdmICou- 
Hea Qu Jt EleE, Co.) 
Prea. * 0<q. Ugr. 1. 

8. W, Coleman BanPrancli 

T,Praa.RM,HotalLn([,.. " 
flee. 4T«a«. L. W. Prjor " " 

Bleo. Kngi.R.L. Cardiff. SttataCma 

Bnpt, qTl. ntuBrtld 

EBecET porebaaad rrom Coaet Connlle 
GaaABleo. Co.; trollerToll. SOOy, 

I, MKr.FcaDkW.Wabatec.StDeklon < 

AKt.i. L. Ward.'! "".".'ioa Adb^m . 

1 Agt, A. L. LevlHsky Blocfeton 

EneieTpnrcbased (niiD Weatam Stale* 
Uaa A Slec. Co.; trolley volt 000 t. 
Repair ehop at Slooktan. 
RaaohaBOakFarkaDd Mineral Batba. 
2« Gl mllee; 4-8M f. M motor pwa. 

T8~Tlde WKter Sontheni Ry. Co. 

-Office, 101 M. Weber Ave,, Stookton. 

Connecta ICodeata. Tnrlock, MaQteca. 

Stockton, Hllmar & BscaloD. (MajnrltT 

of atock owned by Western ParlOc^.) 

Prea. Byron A. Beai«e Stookton 

V, Pie*. Katie, Braeck ■■ 

Seo.C, F. Cr^ San Franclaro 

TrtSB. Cbaa. BTsey " 

Aodr, J. P. BTaoa, Hill Bldg. 

Qen. Hgr. E. L. Gamble Stock 

"lee, Bngr, W. H. E»a.n» ■• 

Bnargy pprcbaaed from Sierra A San 
FrandSbo Fwr. Co, i 

geob-ata. tot.cap.SOOkw; «rot.ooiiv. ] 
trolley volt. IMO v, d. c; repair akop 

83 mllee ; 4-8^ g; S motor and 1 other 

otor car; 1 elec. loco, i 

IBmllei; 4-^ g; 81 ci 

T«— So. San FiwicUeo R.B. A Pwr. 
Co.— Office, So. San Franolnco. (Con 

Prea, Wm, J. Martin.. ,8o, San Franclaoo 

T. Prea. Wm, U. Abbott San Mateo 

Sac. J. R. Sloan SanFranciaco 

Bocu>BB. ii,im (lam. 

7»— The Weatem Lt. A Pwr. Ofi_ 

Office. Temple Bldg., Bonlder, 
Prea. Ony E. Tripp, 

37 Wan St., Mew York. N. T, 

V.Prea, D. A. Hegarty BanldH' 

Sea. John Beager, 

KWall BL, New Tork, N. T. 

idr. B. B. Sherman Boulder 

eaa. & Qen, Mgr. C. A. Semrad ■' 

ipl. C. L. Green " 

ir. Agt.D.W.QoiQey " 

Ch. ^gr. Frank W, Laai " 

BlecBngr, W, D. Bennette '■ 

Ch.Engr. Pwr.Bta.Thoe. Allen. .Idfafetl* 
Power sla, equip. 4 a. c. turbo ten. 
ff«et«.tot.BOOOkw.aph.GOcya; 441Ihp, 
b. Frankllsi SOOO hp. tnib. WeMg; traua, 
TOll. IS.00a v; trolley volt. SCO v. 

Reaches Chantanqua Park (owned by 

10,7 miles: a-O g:. S motor aodS other 

cars. (Co. docs Itg. A pwr, basloeia.) 


ooiJiRADO 8PBINOB. aa.M'i (lus). 

Bldg. (CoDuecU Hajiltau to Mt. Han 

tou Purk Bt etinutiU of Mt. Mmllou.' 
Pr«>.9peacBr Pcnroeb... Colorado Spring 

k'. 8. Httrtwall 

Tmm. A.B, OilL " 

Gen. Mgr. J. J. Cog»n, . 
Traffic Mgr. F.C. unitlhewa 

Energy parctMed from Colorac 
SprlDSB LI.. Ut. & Pwr. Caj Eruu. vol 

l.Wmtla»bIe; 24 g; 2cgn. 
81— Colorado 8prlnc:s * loteru 

■olld«tiou oC c'olonido SprlnBi Ripld 
TranalE Co. ind Colorado ttprinei A 
8ubnrb»n Rj. Co.) (Connect* Colorado 
Spring!, Colorado Citr. Uaoiton, " 
well and iTywIld.) 

Pre., D, H, Riee, 

V. Pre.. W. Lennoi ■• 

Sec. Wm. Llojd 

Trias. C. 8. Ch«rab«rlin 

Oen. Sapc B. H. Lalbrop 

Claim Agt. J. O. Henry. 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sis. C. K. Bibb 
W. Rio Grande St., 


Roadmutvr C. E. BlUott 

IS 12 Colorado Ave., 
Power »ta. eqaip. t d. e. Q. E. Bnl 

lSi5 k»: %OQlip. b. Bab. A W; tra 

Power utalionB st Rio Grande and 8t«tr« 
HadreSt«: rspalrjhopatBBO 9. Tejonr 
Owns atrstton Park and rowhes Pn 

se rullea': tSUf. 84 motor pass., E fit 
and fl otbercire ; 1 alec. loco. ii 

8*-Crlpple Cr«ck A Colo. Sprinn 

R.B. (Blec. Dlv.)— Offlcs. SOI SiMIdk 
Eiohanee BIda. IConnecta Crlpplf 
Creek, Victor, Goldileld. Elkton. Inde 

Springs )' 
Pres. Spancor Penrose. .Colortdo Sprtngii 
V.Pre.. J. J.Ooeon... •■ ■■ 


13 Independence Bldg. ■' 
Treae. A. 3. GUI " 

Pni'. Agt.8,W.6ik;V,"" 

West End 9ta. '■ 

P.E.Broolu " 

Ch. Krgr. Pwr. Sta. 

W. HTMeldrim Cripple Ci 

West End S'ta, Colorado SBtlngs 
Bo«dm»«t«r.D,Corbett " ■• '• 

Power .la, equip. 1 d, c. O. E. BSS kw ; 
S rot. ooriT, Weat. O. E. tof. 8« kw. S pb. 
30 era; 360 hp. e. E. P. AlUa; S4B hp. b. 
Kewanoe; trans, yoll. 2B.000-9.«00 t; trol- 
1«7 Tolt.tOOv. d.c. Boergjftl BO purchased 
fromArkanssjiVBlleTRj.. Lt. * Pwr. Co. 

Power Pia. at Cameron, Cripple Creek 
Dl«t.; repairsbopB st Cripple Creek and 
Colorado Springe. 

I8.S miles: 4-BH g: 7 motor psu: 
Ir^l pats, can sndl other csr. 

(See No. SS.) 

nigb ownership and by 

len. Bnpt.&Cb. Bngr. 

Edward A. West 

tipt. Transp. J. L. Adams. .. 

Bwa; Jt Ala 

anpt, ol Waj A, M, Evani 

Bnpt. of Lines O. P. Mors 

Enargy pni 

haced from Tbe I>en««r 
St Broadway&Alasks Sis. 
-SM &34(;;1B motor pans., 
ndsltm-locoB^ "♦M 

vcr ftlnterurban R.R. 

Railway Eich.Bldg. (Con- 
orldo Sptloes. S.Oamllea.) 
:. Perkina Chicago 

,rolleyyolt,ll,OOOy; a, e. a. i 
16T6v. d. o. 

Rep^r shopa at DeoTer. 

Resches Eldorado Springs. 

44.43 mllea: 4-gMg; 14 mote 

- once, 701 Trai 

1*6-- Tbs DeDTBT Trsmwa; Co.— 

Omce, Tramway BIdg., Hth ft Arapaiioe 
SIB,. Denver. rAoqnirad the properties 
of the Denyer ii North western By. Co.) 
(Operates In Dearer and connects 
' Golden. Arrada, Le;<len. Buglewood 

Chmn. Bd. 
Chas. Boettcher. ... Ideal Bldg., Denver 

V. Pr-B. S. M. Perry " 

See. H. S.Robertaon 

Treas, B. J. Alexander 

laCNat. Bk. Bide.. 

.\udr.Wm. A-Doty 

Gen, Hgr.F. W, Eflld 

Gen. Snpt, & Ch, Engr. 

inpt, Transp. J. L.' Adaina! '.'.'.'.'.'. 
tnpyr, of Hafety. a, Q. Shaw.... 

'or. AbI, W. 8, Bracketl " 

rrafflcMgr.. H.F.Wood '; 

lapt, of Power. W.E.Caesy'.'!;! ■' 

Broadway A Alaska 81. " 
lupt. of Lines O.P.Morse.... 
Inpl. of Wsy, Alfred M. Kyans. . . 
Power sU. eqalp. a d. c. G. B. tot. Saw 
-; 4 a. c. G. B. Wealg, tot. 18.000 kw. 
600AZ300 y. 8 oh, BBrys; Ul.TOOhp. e. 
). E., Whik, Allla-C, Wen. ; BBSS bp. b. 


MiUde: IIMO kw. tarb. <atin.) Weat. 
O. E.; umiu. Tolt. lUOO t : liDlle) *olt. 

PoH su. at Mlta A putts HM.: repali 
■hop* at Bmdiriij A.DikoMSU.; ■!» 
potebue* aurgT tnm Colondo Pwr. 

Burba C^9 Park ud Likcalde. 
ICoonUK Bcikclej, WublugtoD Uld mile*: S4 E- lod 4^M E: 3t1 ■DO- 
iDr put., 711S mil puc, «l oth« 
mobv and tt otbftr cvb- *r59 

DnBAHfiO. 4.<»S. 
■ t — Dnntnco By. A Remlty Co.— 

BUIIiiDAn. (CoBDKli DnruiKo ud 

Pna. A Oen. Ugl. J. A. Potter 

UnlvenHy Clob, D«iit« 

W.N. B«by T. Durmorn 

M. H. J. P. McEiDDer 

Eaerej parcliiued rrom The W«(eni 

OwDI Brmkaide and ' Anlmu Cltj 
PukasDd Pale OronndB. 
S.i mlln; 4-8u t- E motor paai. care. 

8S— Tha Ormad River TkUar Kt- 

Ga.--Oniw, td & Main Su.. GranO 
Junction. (Caniieate Oracid JoncUon 

Pree. A. B. Carlton Colorado SpriDge 


Sec.ATreaa. CbarltaL. Tatt " 

Oen. Mer. J.81ewart....Gt»nd JnnctloL 

Ch. EoEr. F. CMerrloU.. ;; 

•Jb. Bngr. Pwr. SU. Elec. Kngr. 


RoadmaelKr, N. P. Hansen " 

B^ergT purchasEd [rom Grand Junction 
Bl'C. Qsn&urg. Co. 

B^palr ehopa at Grand Junction. 

pa«ii. 1 fgt. motor and 4 ttt. ears wittioul 

nuitO[«; 1 elec. loco. (Companj dae> 

llsbttng In Grand Janotlon and rrulla.l 


GREELEY. 11,4») <[fiia). 
a» — The Oreeley A Denver R. R. 

Co. — Offlce, Greeley. (Opatalea In 

Prea. P. W. Allen Qreeli'} 

V. Proe, J. H. Woolf " 

Supt. A Elec. Entr. 

C.L, Hartman 

EnerRT purcbaied from Thu Waita 

Hepairahona at Greeley. 

FUEULO. (»,000 (IHT). 
eO-Arlnnaita Tkller Rj., Lt, * 

P«r. Co.-omce, Bluftrlc itldit. ((Mn 

Standard Ilu It Rlnp. Co., iiid <>|>rr. 
aled by H. M, Byllmb/ * (Jo., Ohkalfl, 

PrBi'.Anhnre.nnav.. .-...., (;ii1cBI0,lH. 
y.Prei. ftGen.HKr.W. F. lliilw...Pii«bln 

Sec. HerberCLIat IMilnaiio. til. 

ABBtSec, AAndrB. J>Ro««naiinr,.l'ii-'lilc 

Treas. R. J. Or>r ..OhlRairn, HI, 

ABBt.TraM. Wall«rJ. R«niilr.|(,.,.l>ii.'lilci 

Snpt. Ry, Dept. W. C. I'lirtur •' 

Snpt. Ll«, Dept, B. P, flona " 

Claim Agt. ll.P. VotlM " 

Por. AeI. S. G. Cunnlnitham '■ 

Engr, Pnr. Sta. M. (I, Lord " 

! a."" G.'b.' M. 1»10 kw, SSUO't. I |>1i! 

ejn «M bp. a. b. ft 8; WK hp. b. 
Cahall, Slir., U«na. Bab. A W; MOO kw. 
' lED.) tub. Allla-C; lOeo kw. rot. conv. 

. B| trans. tdIU S<.00(k3S,OaO tj trolley 


Power Bta. at Paeblo, repair ahopa &t 

Reaobet Mlnneqaa Park. 

85.8 miles: 4k: 40 motor and 10 iTBil 

iftddlUoul power etaa. at Canon 
iucnay. Rocky Ford and La 


TRINIDAD. 1S.8JS (llie). 
SI — TriDldkd Elec. TnknamlaalaB 

R>. A G>a Co.— New York Omce, 

SO^roadway. (Conlrola city syBtain and 

InterDrbuD road between Trinidad, So- 

prli. SUrkTille. Janaen, JerryTllle, 

Thom..Tllle, Piedmont, MnBrid-Kvine. 

CokFdale. Viola and Sopria PIbes.) 

(Controlled by the Federal it. A Trac. 

Co.,NewVort, S.Y.) 

rea. E. N. Sandereon. .New York, N.Y. 

.Pres. *TreB>. J, DunhiU " 

eo.B.K.U.D'Aelh J.WUblmaD Trinidad 

-aat. Tmw, Aimer G. Fay 

Gen. MgT, W.P, Sontbard " 

Gen. Sapt & Ch. Enjrr. 

C.H,Sldbnl5 New York, N. T'. 

c, IDrtwgen. Weat, O. B. tot. 10,S2C kra. 
2300 T. 3 pb. «0 cyg; tsae bp. b, Parker, 
Franklin. A. A T: Iraan, M,0OO-8£.00O- 
e.SOn A saoov; Irolleyvolt. BMi. 

WAL^BfJ 8TA. EQUIP. «a. ttorbo- 

'D. W>-et. ti)t.37tOk<a.£.t>X)T. S ph. 00 
ya: IBDO hp, b. Wlckei, VII. : traoa. volt. 
8.600 V. 

HASTING" RTA. EQUIP. 1 a.o. tnrbo- 
nn. AlUa-C. l87Gkva. ^00 >. 8 pb.OO cya; 
1000 hp. b, Wickea, Vil. 

Repair thopa at Trinidad. 

Benchea Central Park. 

ID.aiS inllea: 4-«H t- 8 pae*. and lU 
nth^r ear*. (Co, doeg grtt. Itg. A pwr. 
boMbtaa.) IBS 



(SeealaoNo. 104.) 

B«— Tlie Coonectlout Oo. (Bran- 

rord Line.) — (Connecu with New 
llaten and Stony Creek, alao Gnllford 
by Rieana of Shore Line Elec.Ry. Co.) 
For general omcer.aeeNo. 103. 

Var, F. P. Harlan NewBaTen 

Rneniy pnrehaaed from the Conn. lA. 

A P»r, Co. ; trolley Tolt. BOO v. 
l«inll*i: tiUs- M 

0,1 -Thu Oonneottout Co. (Bridge- 
portDIv,) (Tbla dlTlalon operalee ia 
and roiiiirrli St&mford. Derby, An- 
aunla, Now Haven. Norwalk, Wetfport, 
Hoilthlwrt, Fa I rn eld, Bridgeport. Htrat- 
toril, Milrord AShellon.) For general 
ofllc-i'TB a» Ko.lOS 

Mttr. .T, (t. (lonrtwln Bridgeport 

ClalmABl, A.B. Oould ^ 

I'h, Kiiitr. Pwr. Sta, P. R. Fowler " 

M. M..A, 1.'. Colh* 

Hoadmaaler, U. BT Btark " 

<w: 1 *. c. tatbo-geo. G. B. DOOO kH. 

io6'»kw;«40u'hp. e. Pann, AL1i»-C, Ppo»! 
1600 bp. b. Dab. A W ; trolley lolt, SCO T. 
Power its, U Sutriew A>e., repair abop* 

^ae iuabarj, {^pentilMBdiBcoatinned 
S miles; i-BH g: 3 motot pus. cars. 

94— The iKird-ihlp Raltwit]'— Office. 

llSeMainSt (Coaneole Bridgeport and 


FTfB.F. A. BArtletl Bridgeport 

V. Free. Ueo. B, Clarlt 

Soc.A Audr. Geo. L. Taylor, Jr " 

Treae. Lewis A. Corbetl 

Gen. Mer, CbM. H. Davi* 

Supt. &Elec. Engr. M. C. Cunnell 

Enersy purohaaed [ronl Tbe Conn. Co. 
Rep& stiap Kl Straiford A Hollliler 

Owna and reacbee Lordeblp Park. 

4 IDllea: t-aa g; 7 motor cars. 118 


Usr. G. B. Cnckingi.. 
Gen. Men. 

Cbarlea B. Tenney A 
Baergy parchued It 

Bab-att. equip. IMWI 


Co. .Boetoa, Ua». 


Bnpl.4 MM. Frank L. Hopkins, Borrylll) 

power )ta. equip, t d. c. Q. B. tot. no 

kw; 500 hp. e. Blatrr; 600 hp. b. Stewart. 

Kendall; trollpy volt. MO y. 


DANBCBT. 23.Ntt. 
as^UHnbary * Bethel St. By, C( 

— Ofllce, OTSoBtli at. (CoonecU D«i 
baryandBetbel. PorcbaiiAd the Bridge 

Krt A Danbaty Elec. Ry., opir--'-- 
Iween BriSgeport ind Long nil 

Bedelvar. J. Uoh Ives Dai 

Prei., Gen. Mgr.. Pnr, Agt. « H. U. 

Sec., Tr^eaa & Supt, 

Elec. Engr. Wm. RoaBShaDin . . 
Cb. Bnei. Pwr.atl, 

Power eta. eqnip. S a. c. tnrbo^en, 
3. E. tot. I3S0 kw. 2HK T, 8 pb. flO cya; 
llOObp. b. Hdbi, Bab. & W; trane. Tolt. 
SBOOt; trolley Toll. 550 ». 

Power Bta. and repair abop at Danbnry. 

Owna KBDOala Park. 

Iflnllea; i-SHe: 39 motor pais, and 

ESSEX. S,T45. 

: i!o,e«» <me) 

109 and Bll.) 
t Co. (Hartford 
i« St.— <ConnBCM 
1. WeatHatttoTd, 

niuuiur, uiHBuiDDury, Baal Hartford. 


aietown, Unionville, FamJlncton.SonUi 

Hancheiter and Stafford Springa.) Pot 

general offl™r«, «ee No. 103. 
Local Mgt. W.P.BrlBtol Hartford 

■ *''■ ■' M. J. sVoit.V .".'.'.'.'.* 


c. a. t 

vmg. u 

.-- - pb, M cys; yt a. c. tnrbo-gen. 

O.E. West, lot. SOOO kw. H.OOO ». 8 ph. » 
eye: 3600 hp. e.»Penn. Allls-C; 4800 hp. 
h, Heine, Edge; Itrana. volt. 11,000 v; tro|. 
ley Toll. 000 v.l 
Sothstas. at Baeliliiid (9-300 kw. 3 pb. 

ills (^a» kw. 8 ph. a 

.ph.Kcys. Q.'E.rot.i 
Pnwor ata. at TO Com 

Reaehea I:i 

. Olerlden 
D. Planta- 

- . .. rlden. So. 

Meriden, Tracy. Talenvl lie and Walllna- 
tord.) For general oBlceTa, aee No. 103. 

RoberlP. Lee. ..IB7 Pratt St., Merldan 
1. U,, C, 8. Symonda '• ■' 

loadma.terT. E. O'tJell " 
Energy from Berlin; trana.iolt. II.OOOt. 
HHh*ia. at Hanover Park, Herlden; 
i^uip, g-SOD kw. a ph. as cya. O. E. rot. 

101— Tbe Coui 


lent Co.— (Middle - 
..(-........uecU Meriden. Mid- 
Portland. Rock (all. Cromw^l, 
Id Center, Rocky Hill and 
.) For ganenU oOoan •«■ 


SuDt! F.A. HewetC Ulddlaloim 

aSm Ai{l. R. U. ««rlowB Hartford 

Ch. Bngi.Pwr. SU. A. B.Ooodiicb, Berlin 

Ev. iiMv T. a po. wt en: sum np. •. 
Bckie; 1600 bp. b. Eeo: S-SOOkw. gpb. 
HScjB. O. B. rot. coot; trana. volt. 11.000 
t: Irolle; vail. «ao t. (Tbls Ma. lervet 
UNideu Dir.) 

Pawfi Bla. Ht Berlin; mb. eta. (2-SOO 
kw. 8 pb. K C7>. G. B. loC. con*. A 1-aOO 
kw, S ph. % CyB. Wb«I. rnt. i-niiT 1 anil 
repair ibopa at H 

M.47bmll»i: 44.,, 
and i2 otbflT cars. 

BIT8TIC. S.tOO. - 

1««— The ConnaetiODt Co. — (Hew 

Britain DIv.) omce, S8 Cbeetnnt St. 

(Connects Keneington. Beriin.PlalniUle 

and New Brttain.j For seneral offlcsra 

•M No. 103. 
Snpt. F. L. Beaidalt 
Claim Aet, R. H. JI . 

M. M„ HariT Connelly _._. _ 

Gen. Track Fnm. T. K. OSeil. .,M< 

J, Muriowe 


the Con 

■ A Pwr. Co.; trolley Tolt. 600t. 

Repair ehops at Chestnut S 
3S,4T2 mitei^ 4-8H g : 

103— Tbe CannaetMnt Co. — Oi 

office, 1S9 Chnrch St, (OperaUa ihil__ 
aateeniBnt WealShoroBy.Co,) (Leaaei 
NewLondoaDlvfiloa to Che Shore Line 
Klec Rj. Co.) (Conlrollad by N. T. N. 
H.AE. R.R) 

Prei-L-S. Stona KewHaTon 

V, Piea. ft Qui. Uir. 
J. K. Pnniiertord 

Sec. A Oen. TraOIo Agl, 
Victor S. Cnrtle 

Trui. E, T. Cbapmao 

Comptr, I. A. May " 

Pnr.Agl. J.H.Sanford 

Cb. Ener. Pvr. & Bqnlp. 

Elec. A SlE.^ngr. H. M. Gonld 

CoDBtr. Bngi. Ctaaa, R. Haru . ■' 
Total mil eago and equip: T23.40 miles; 

t-SH c:14fl> nntnrpaH, SO m. motor. 

4 tgt. wltbont raotora and K7 otber 

(Mre; 3 el«o(rlr locoa. A^fl 

104-~The ConiwctloDt Co. — (Nan 

Weal Oaveti, Woodmont. Derby, An- 
•onia, Cheshire, WallinKford, Brantord 
a»d StonyCreek.) For general ottcera, 
■« No. lOa. 

H(r. P.P.Harlan NawHann 

Snot. J. B. Judge " 

Claim Agt. C, t: MataoD 

Ch. BDir. L. A. Parnham... '■ 

U. H.,3Bmeg E. Doiriey 

Roadiaaster, P. N. Wilson.. 
Power Bta. equip. 74. c. O. B„C, W. tot. 

Bckye; BOOT hp. b, Blc-Homaby; 1 

n. 3 pb, as cja. G, B. rot. com. 11,000 
) at Noilh HaTan; repair abop, at SOI 

and 94 other cara. 

105— The Now Torh, Now Haven A 
HkrWoEd R. R.— OfflccB. New Haven, 
BOBlOD and Mew York. (Co. operatai 
by orerbead trolley eyatem lotia lin« 
from Woodlawn, H. Y.. lo Cedar Hill 
TlaStamford(Sia.72iDllee).Huleiii BiTer 
Braneb (11.17 mlleaV, New CaaBan 
Branch (T.BR milaa), ProTideDce, 'Wai- 
raath (^.BS mliea). 

Naulaeket and I 
(Enter* New Y___ _ 
of New York Central. 

on ( 

rk City o 

el'ec'trlfled 'timnei at Providenco, K. 1,( 
JCooliols all elec. ryg. operated b; 

controhl Berkablre St. Ry. Co. (wlilcli 

HooBick FaUs R, R. Co.), New^'Vork, 
Werti^heeter A Boston Ry. Co., New 
York A Bliunford Ry. Co. and Wesl- 
cheaier St. R. R. Co. of While PlBlm.l 
Federal Mgr, E. J. Peaieon . .New Hmvei 

Prea. B. G.Buckland " 

Cbmn. Comm, lotercoiporale Belationa, 

Howard Elliott New Yorit.N.Y. 

V. Pres. A Com pi. 
J. M. TohllDBon New Haveo 

Aait, Bee ya, j ^ g Rowland " 
Federal Treaa. A. S, May.... " 

(*.'■.£,""• " 
A. W. Bowman " 
Eiecnttve Aret. E. 3. Rigga. 

Rm. SS40 Grand Central Terminal, 

New York, N.Y, 

. Aadr. Revenue, A. Uackillla.NewHaTen 

Gen. Mgr. C. L. Bardo. " 

Gen. Sopte. *^- "■ ^'^■'^,^„ j,^ 
1 J. A.Draege, New YorkH.T,' 
Aaat. Gen. Sapt, 

RU. Fltimaurlce BoBtOD. Maaa 

Pur Ael, Geo. G. Yeomana.. .New Haven 
Gen. Paee, Agt. A. B, Smith.. " 

F.C.Coley " I 

Gan. Fgt. Agt. L.H.Kenlfleld,. 
Pn, Claim Agt. 

S. L^Winlock Boeton,U»M. 

Actg. ETec. Engr. 

S, Wilhington NewBaven 

Snpt. of Blec.TranB. H. Gilliam. .Coacob 

A.L. Balaton.., 


I. P. Haaa . . . 

Snpt. C. H. Motaatt. .Harlem River, N. Y. 
Cb. Knfr. Pwr. Plant 

C. L. Peferaon Coacob 

Cb. Bner. Kdw. Gagel NewBaven 

KM.. S. K. RIcbarde. .Harlem River,N,Y. 

W. H. Moore . . 

'. Tardley... 

, .New Haven 

:m River N. Y 

357biO kvi.~il,bS0y.a'ph. SC rye; HJ,08n 
hp. b. Bab. A W, Big. Hornaby; 34,000 
kw. turb. (Btm), Weatg; trana. volt. ffl.OOO 
v;trollev volt, ll.OOOv.Enerijpntcbaaed 
from Uuiled Blec. Lt. & FHt. Co., 
New York City. 

Power ata. at Coacob, Conn,; reulr 
ahopa at Stamford, New Haveii atd van 


4H mllH (trollej volt. 11,000 v. a. □. 
eatwutry. 8. nh, S6 cji. snd MSx.d. i.); 
'-W* b; (New York Rlv.) ST mnlt. anil 
motor can. 60 trklltrg snd lOS eleotrlc 
lorol: (BerllD-Hlddletpwn Br. )fi molDi 
cbtb: (P. W. * B.Br.} 84 motor eire; M 
trail era UHnntuket Uaach) B motor CBr>; 
8S trailers. *e« 

IO«— TCsat Shore Ry. Co — (Opan(«d 
oDder ngreaineDt bj Tb* ConDeoticut 
Co.) fConneeU WwtHwm and Wood- 

Pn>.L.B. SMm New Haveo 

Sec. Victors. Cnrtie " 

Treaa. E. T. Chipmaa " 



(SeeNo. lOS.) 

NOBWALK. M.RM (181«) 

lOT— The CoiiMwHoot Co.-(No™aJk 

Uoe«). OBIcB, 10 High St. (Coniweta 
Stamrord. Norwalk BDd Wealpotl.) 
Sae New H&yen for ^aaeti-i afflc«a. 

Her. J, 8. Goodwin Brldgsport 

H apt. T. Uac Leas Korwalk 

Claim Agt, A. B. Gould Bridgeport 

M. M., A, C. Colbv '■ 

Roadmaater. M.S. Stark " 

Energy pnrchaaed Trotn the Conn. Lt i 
Pwr.Co.i trollej toILBOOy. 
Con Iron Rolor Point Park. 
S4.144 mliBi; 1-^ g^ il motor paw. 
and 9 other ear. *6B 

TiORVtlCH. «g.21S. 

!(>»— The Skore Line ElecRT. Co.— 

once,S6aMBlnat.(P.O.Boi4T7). (Oper- 
Btef an eleclrlc railway between New 
Haien, Ston; Creek. Oulirord, Madieon' 
Clinton. Weetbrook. Old Nayhrook, 
Biaei.lTorrlon Deep Rlyer.and Chester. 
In Jaly ISia. leaded lor M reara that por- 
tion of (he ConnPCiicut Co, known as 
theNow London DiT.whlchleeubitan- 

Norwich, line from New London to 

aim. line from Norwich to"jewetl*Ci^' 
Plalnfleia, Central VillBEe. Danieli-on, 
DayTlHB, Pulman to Qnwvenordale. 
Id ISIfl. pnn-hBMd the following; Nor- 
wich A WeeCerly Traction Co.. WeeCerly 
A Connectif'nt Ry, Co..PawFatnckTa]- 
lerSt.By.CD and AshawayA Westerly 
Ry. Co.. connecting Norwich. Pniueta- 
nock. Hslltllle, Preatntx. l.edyaril. N. 
Stontngton. Conn., and White Bock. 
Adhaway. Weaierly, Watch Hill. Pleae- 
antVlew, Atlantic Bearh. and Weeka- 
p^ng, B. I., fSM milet; Groton A 
Slonlneton St. R. R. Co., conneethig 
New LondOM. Orotou. Koank, Myatic. 
Stonlnglon. Conn., and Weaferly, fe. I,, 
Znmllea; New London ARaatLymeSt. 
Bt. Co., eit-n.iine from New tondon 
toWaletford, Flanders to Ferry Road 
at Saybrook. Kail Lyme and Nlnnllc, 
3^.7 miles ) an iai7. The Shore Line 
Electric Hallway Co. of Rhode Iiland 
waa owanlied and baa abiorbed all 
rlghta pnaseaaeii by Pawcituck Valley 
St By. Co., Aabaway * Werterly By. 
Co. and Wnlerly A Connectlcnt Ky. 

Pros,' B. W. Parkina Norwich 

Sec. *Tre»B. A. E. Shormsn.... " 

O'O Andr. -1. F. SorenMn 

Aodr.Oeo. W. Geer '■ 

Oen Mir, M. G, Htratic^ " 

Snpt. Transp. J. H. Cain " 

Claim Ant. B. O, siarUn 

Gen. Fgt. * Pa*s. Agt. 

B.C. Peck Nfwl^ndoo 

Pnr Airt,J. F. Va.ighn ....Norwich 

M. M. JohnMeilor. 

Snni, War * fltnict. 

J. B.WhlHeinore 

Snpt, Pvr. E. T. Phiilipa... 

lit ISDOy. d. e. 

Power sta, tqnip. at ThamesTillo (p, O, 
Norwich); 1 d. c. O.K. 800 kw; ii a. e. 
■^jstg. tot WW) ki- -— — - — "— — 
Ptot. Weetg; I 

Westg. tot. neo kw. S pb, 91 cya ; 1000 bp. 
a. Ptot. Weetg; 1600 hp, b, B«b, A W, 
Edge; ttane, Tolt il,«IOv; trolley volt. 

__.. _..J0 hp. I. 

ynlt 18,000 t; trolley loll. 000 », 

Power sta. equip, at Mystic; S d. c. 
Weal. lot. «G0 kw; STO hp. e. C. ft G. 
Cpr; 808 hp. b. Stir; trolley volt. bOOT. 

IMwer Btaa. al Saybrook. ThameaTllle. 
Myotic and Haliillle; eob-sU, at Say- 
brook ; repair abopa at Saybrook, Green- 
ville. Oawcgatcbie, Mystic and HallYlile. 

Beaches Unccdii Park and Weqnete- 

East Lyme. 

2S1.8 miles; 4-8M g: ISO motor pasa 
and 41 other motor cars; 8 othercan. 




SOIITHl4>BT. 1.47*. 
(See No. 03.) 


09 — Hartford A 8prtiif[nald St. 

Rf.Co,— Office, Warehouse Point; Bx, 
offiue, 5S State St.. Koston, Maes. 
(Operates Windsor Locks Traction Co., 
Somen A Enfield Blec, I^. Co. and 
Bookrllle. Broad Brook A Bast Wind- 
" ~ " ' " t« Sprlnglleld. 

Prea. F. L. SaltoDstslI BoMoD, Hus. 

V. free. ThM. C. Perklni HarUopd 

Sec. Alien Mfn. . 

J. If . Hellor Wuebonae Petal 

Tisas. Oeo^S. Weei. Bo«toD, Mbm. 

Aartr.A. W.Luce Hazardvillf 

Fnr. Agt. B, B. Freanmi Hartford 

Cldm A([t. Robl. F. Kellj, .Thompeoi 
Cta. Bngr. Pwr. 3U. 

R. H. OeBBnn Warehonw 1 

U. M. Joli u FdsgaertJllo. . .Thompioi 
Itoad!na.tet, ' 

J«ni«FnreT Warehouiia 1 

Sopt Oihd. Lin« 

HmiTT Frew Thompeoi 

Ch. Diap. J. F. Hannoi) . ..WnTehoDS 

Fawec eta, aqnip. S d. c O. F., .... 
Ill»l:w;ISOaiip.e. Wetb, Cpr, Co[;I0O0 
Up. b. A. *T; trolley volt. WO V, 

Power eu. and repair ahopi ■! Wan- 

RMChea Rum Ridge Park (onned). 

48 milea; *'6He; 41 motor paa*. and 

7 athar can. *bO 


1 10— The Oannectlniit Co.-(Water- 
bnri DlT.j Office, B7 N. Main St. 
(Connocu Watetburr and New HaTca 
Tia CbeeWre; Witetbnry and New 
Haven via Derby and NauRBtDck: Mid- 
dlBburj and Woodbnry.Thoniaelon and 
Walertown.) For general offlceia see 
No. 103. 

Her. Chas. H.Ctaapman Waterbmy 

M, M.. W.8. Dlion 

RoadniMler, T. D. McCarthy,, 

Bdrt. OThd.Conttr, Geo. Ptnrr 
Energy onrchased Iram the Conn. L' 

Si Pwr. Co.; trolly. ?oll, WVI v. 
RepatrshopBBt W. Main St.. Waterbory. 
ReBcheH and onna Lake Quaeupauti. 

UEddlcbnry (rnDtrnlledJ and Laketvood 

M-B88 mtlei; 4-B« g: IBl mo, paaa. I 

rgt. mo. and 31 aerTice care; 2 elcc. 

ocos. *5B 

til— ^Bterbnr)' A Hi lldfile Tram- 
way Co. — Office. 144 Bank St. (Ei- 
tende from WaCerbnry to Milldale 

Conn, Co'b. line for Meriden and New 

Prea-Chaa. H. Clark UUldale 

IMV. Pre*. StTrpis. 

Richard KUlott SonthlnKton 

SecAGen. Mgr. 

JohnH. Caaiidr Walcrbnry 

8.B miles; 6 motor can. *(19 

tSee Sot. 104 and lOB.) 

(See So. IB.l 

WII.1,IM ANTIC. 12,670 (1010) ■ 
(See No. 108.) 



^ton. Nevr Ci 
Ity Br- Co. 

dation of Wilmington, New Ca.'itle . 
IJelaware City By. Co. and Wllmln) 
ton Southern Traction Co,)- Ofllce. 8> 
Market St, Wllminglon. (Ci.noeci 

New CuUs and WUmlDRlOD.) (Con 
trolled, through itock ownerehlp, am 
ieaied by Wilminglon A PtaUadelphij 
Trac, Co.) 
'res. Van Horn Kl j, 

lan Walnat St., Fhiladelptila, Pa 

lupl. Wm, A. Hetndle 

Bnergy fromWilmlngton Jt Pblladelphii 

Wllminglon. (Owns 

EddjBtone Bl." Hy. Co., Vilmineton, 
New Caetle A Delaware City Ky. Co.. 
Peoples Ballwaj Co. and WllrolngtoB 
Lt, & Pwr, Co,, which laet three comps 

Helghtt^, Co., Front £ Uiijoi 


all «leclri'o''llBht 

the United Pb 
Dwna entire capltftiet 
idtreclly.) (CoutrolB 


each other and with the city of Phila. 

delphla, compiiiing a tolal of IBS mile 

or track.) (Coolroflcd by The Americs 

Railway* Co.) 
■rea. Van Horn Ely 

13S1 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 
'. Free. & Gen. Mgi. 

T. W. Wilson Wllnjinglot 

Sopt. Ry, 


Pur.Aet. O.C.Wtirick.Philadelpbla, Fa; 
Sui't. Transpt. 

H, H, Geiger Wilmlngtonl 

Claim Agt A. G.Jack Chester, Pa., 

Elec. Erigr., Supt. Lt, ± Pwr. Dept. 

A. T. Tbroop WiJ«ingt(ni 

Ch. Knar. Pwr. St*. 

Geo. T. Bromley " 

M,M..J. W.Gonld _" I 

Power eta, equip, t d. c. 0. B,. Ball. 
tot.SOfiO kw; BMO hp.e, Weth: MOO hp. 
h. Bter. Edge, Heine; 8400 kw. >tm. turb. 

a. E, Wealg, AlliB-C; traui '" 

■■ ij volt. 650 t; energy. 
llelBwsre County Elei 

. -wer etS4. and repair e 
nlnf-ton and (Theejer. 

Ovrna Shcllpol Park and Brandywina 

fi-2"4K; 871- cars, of whi 
Tic equipment. Selleene^. 




14 — The Okpltal Tnotlon Co.- 
O«oe, SStb A H BIf., N. W. (Ush 
the WasbiDgtOD A Maryland Ry. Co.) 


F7«. Geo. E. Hamllltni WaiblDiiOD 

V. Pm», D. a. CwU 

V. Prei. (In chge. oper.> 


8«c. A Hgr. CiBlniB Dept. 

Tnu. 'r. D. Bijumi'.'.'.' '.'.'.'.'. 
Snpt Tranip. G. W. ahotk.j 
flopl. Trafllo E. VoD CuljQ... •■ 

Pnr. Agt. J.Fleming •' 

ClBlmAdit. T.G.HiH 

Elec Engl. R. B. Dilglelsh. " 

v. ii.,'^H. MiCmitj'. '.'.'.'.", 
Bngr. M. of W., 

a p. HnnlUng 

RtMdniMler, F.Honill " 

Powti BU. fqalp. 4 d. a. Q. K. tot. B1D0 
kw: 4 a. c. Weng. tol. ll.OOO kw. 8 ph. BB 
era; WM hp.e. Allle-C: HSDO bp. b. Bub.A 
W,A.*T; ll.OOOkw. Sim, turb, Wflitg; 
tMiu, volt. 6800 t; Iroller Yoll. 900 ». 

3 anb-Bla. lot. cnp. 9750 kv. 

Pow«r ■». at Wis. Ave.* K SI., N. W., 
■ndCbevj ChiM, Md.; reptlnbop at3S21l 
U St., N. W. 

RsKCba) CbtTT Cbus Lake, Hd . 

es.GTS mllai MB.SSe aodereronpd iDii 
Sl.OlT ovaibead): 4^C: 43S motor and' 
SU otber can. (CompiDy eetle eneigy to 

BlgUBiida w'ltb' tbe Natloni 

Pres. ArtburB. Pandle.Rindlel 
V. Pre». & Gen. Met. 


John O.Harmao.Jr. 

EoffTfiS puTchaaed from Capl 




llBa — WmahlnKtoD-OraatFkllaRy. 

A Phf. Ca.^fflce, 603 Hibba BMe. 

(Eitcnde rrom Rradlcv Lanp and Wla- 

oonsln Ave, to Oreat FSdIa, Md.) 

Pre*. Gardner L. Boothe WaahlD)^!! 

Sec., Tieia. ± Geo. Miir. 

J. C. Prepland 

EnargT pnrchaaed rrom WagblagtOD & 
Rock wile R. R, Co. 

10.e miles. IS 

lie— Wuh In (tton -Intern Tbnn R.B. 

Co.— Office, asi-14ih St.. N. W. (Con- 
neciB WaBbinmon. D. C . Cotlaga Cliy, 
Bladeneburg. E. Riverdale and B. Ber- 
wyn, Md.l (Contmlled by WaabingtoE 
Hj. «Klec. Co) 

Free. W. r. Ham Waahlngton. D, C. 

V. Prea. Jt Sec. 
3. R, Bowen 

Trea*. Atmod M.FIsber " " 

A>Bt. Sac, ATreaa. 

Compt, A. 0. Neal " '■ 

Ben. AtW. J. 8. Barbont " " 

Snpt.J.H. Stephens.. 

W. H.Cttej " ■' 

Bngr. War A !<lnictDrea 
<r9. Kimball 

BL U,. R. T). Voshall 
Mil P St.. N. W. 

Por. Agt. F. W. Crowell " ■' 

EnencT pnrcha>ed rrom Waahlngton 

Rt. a Wiec. Co ; trollayTnlt. BOO v. 
Repair abnpg at Sill P St.. N. W. m|lea: 4SH g: 1 motor pate car. 

111— IVk'lilDKton ft MmrjUnd R;. 
Co.— Office. 1413 n St., N. W. (Pnr- 
ehaaed Iranehlae and BBfets or Baltlmnre 
A Waehlnrton TraaaltCo.) (Connects 
Takoma Park. Md. and Wa*blngton,' 
(Leaaed to The Capital Trac, Co.^ 

Prea.{!h»s. Selden, Jr Washington 

" PreB.*G«n'lAttr,,HenrjW.Wlnrama 

Fidelity Bidg.,Ba1UmDre,Md. 

Sec, N. M. Little Washington 

Energy pnrcbawd from Waeblugton 
Sy. « ElBC. Co.; Irane. toU. 8*00 v; 
^.dley »olt BSO 9; 1 rot. coht. G. E., SsA 

#. 800 T. 3 ph. 26 eye : 3 traoBr. G, E, 

118— TCBahlnston A Old Dominion 
Batlw&T- Office. SKM M bC, N. W., 

Washington. (Connecta Washington 

D. C. Alexandria. Bluemont and Great 

Fall^ Va. 1 
Proa. Colin B.LMngBlon.... Washington 
n o.^.. JE.B. McLean .... 
V . rreeiB. ^ Corcoran Thorn ... 
Sec. A Tnas. A. K. Strallon.. " 

Gen. Mar. .T. V. DariB ■' 

Oen. Fgt. A Paai. Agt. 

G.C. Baggett 

Comot. A Claim Atty. 

Cb. Engr. James Mainland 

Aaat. Elec. Eogr. 

H. W.Kidwell 

Aaat. Bngr. Hainl or Way A StTnctnrea 

Power sla. 'eqnip'.'a a. e. 'We»lB. tot. 
12B0 kw, ■iOO ». S pll. B6 cya; 1600 Ip. b. 
Stir; asuokw. tnrb. (atm.) Westg; trans, 
volt. 3S,(XK)-ai.OOO t; trolley volt. 5B0 r. 

T «ab-8ta., 10 rot. conr.. A 1 mo. gen, 

Power eta, and repair ahopa at Rostlyn, 

Owns Gr^at Falla Park. 

B» mllea: 4-8!^ g: 19 motor and IB 
other care; IS ateam & t elec. loco, 
( Will pnrcbaae energy from Potomac 
KIbc. Pwr. Co.) *69 

IIS — Wasbtncton Rt. A BlecCrlc 
Co.-Offlce, 14tb A C 8ta. H. W. 
(Control" the followlrg : City A Sobnr- 
bao Ry. of WaablnBtoii (which owns 
Waahinglon, Berwyn A Laurel Elec, 
Hy ), 41,18 mllea ; Georgetown A Ten- 
naliytomi Ry. Co., 8. SB milee; Wash- 
ington A Glen Ecbo R. R. Co.; Wash- 
ington A Rockvllie R, R. Co., II, E 
miles: WaahloKton, Woodalde « Foi- 
ext GI-" Ry. A Power Co.. 3.94 miles: 
Ws'hlnglon Inlonirbsn R. R. Co., 8.08 
miles and Potomac Elec, Pwr. Co.) 

Pres. W. F. Ham Washington 

V, P™*". ^ ^^1^ ^ noyt.NewTork.N.T. 

Tcaaa. Atwood M. Fl-ber. 

£» t4th St.. N.W., Waahinglon. D,C. 

Wm. I.'. Clarke f 

Compt.A.0. Neal J| 

Snpi. J. H. Stephens " 

Snpt. or Transn. W. M. Casey. . ■• 
Bngr. Way A StmctnreB 

C.fl. Kimball 

Pnt. Airt.R. W.Cmwell 

Eogre- Pwr. Staa. } |*^"'^^,;- ^'"" 

[ ■ Wanhlnetin. D. C. 
M.M..B. D. Vo«li»l'...«4l1 PS1.,K.W, 

POWER BTA. ByUlP., Htb A B. Sta,, 
N. W.— « d. c. O. E. lot. iBK kn; 8800 
bp.". MpI.* S; 4BWI hp. b. Bab. * W; 
Irani. Tolt. «nO-e«>-110 t. 

a. e. G. B. loi, 87.00(1 hw. 8 nb. 9S eye; 
14,100 bp.b, Bab. AW; TO.nnnhp, tnrb. 
(stn>.)G. B: irana. lOlt. ISOOO t; trolley 
Toll, (infl V. 

Power boOBW at Htb and B fits., N.W. ft 
Bennlnia Rn«d * Baalem Branch; re- 
pair shop at J41IP8t. 

lUaobM GlcD Echo Park. 

PnniLibee auerg; [or llibt, power Bod 

Wmahington Ky. t Blec Co., 101,82 
ml1«: tot. mileage ITG.8H miLe«, 1-eU g. 
of wMch eS-MS mllMueUDderRrDDD^ 
■Dd 11)).00« mi1« ovcrhud «l«ctrli: 

and saBurvIce cua. WnDOwplona and 
BvreeperB; Dclec. loom. ABD 

laO-WkihlngtoD tltllttlM Oo.- 

Omce. Bom. 1 ,te,AleiauilrlaNatl, Bk. 
BIdg., AleiBndiil. Vs. (Inc. in Nor., 
ISU, >■ Miryland-VttRlnla Bgllwaj Co, 
Name changed In Nov., 1»1«, to aboie; 
cbanared Id coueliact a Itne from 
Nauck, Va., to Uanaaua, Va.) 

PrCB. Norman Qnj Waihlngloa 

Bee, ATieaa. J. C. FwBland.. 


131— TCasblngton-TlrKlnla By.Ca- 

— KiBcntWe oBca, Hlbbt Bldg.; op- 

ersUng offlca, ISUSI PeniuTlfaniB Are. 

(Connects Washington, Ti. C, Aloi- 

andrla. Mt Vetnon, Radio, Balliton, 

Falla Cbureh. Dunn Lorlng. Nauck. 

Clatmdon. Vienna, Fairfax. Aril neton. 

Arlington National CemeUrT and Ft. 

Mjer, Va.) 
Pre* Norman Oraj...WaBhiiigtaD,D.C. 

V. Frea. Dai Id A. Howe ■■ 

8ec. OardlLCT B, Boolbe 

Treaa. J. C. Freeland " 

- Geo. Mgt. 

lt.W. King... UKPenna, Ave, " 
CTalm Agl. Thos. H, Traiera.. . . •' 

Clrtl Gngt. C. A. Sinclair 

Blec. Bngr. J. H.SMpbeni " 

Geo, Snpt. J. W, Rlcb 

Supt. Ml. Vernon DIt. P, K. CIKt •' 
M. M. Daniel Schnm. . FourMlle Run.Va. 

Power Bta. equip, 9 d. c. G. B. Ml. 
1000 bw; 8 a. e. Wettt. tot. MOO kw. 
a ph. 2S cjt : 1S0O hp. e. Ptot; EOOO kn. 
lurb, (atm.) Weaig; aSOO hp.b. 8llr, Big; 
tTBna.TOlt.e«(»T: trolleTvolteOOT. 

Sub-ataa. M Arlington Junction, Alei- 
andila. Later and Vienna : repslrahops 
at Foar-Hlls BQD and Lacey. Va. 

Rrachea WaehlnRton Luna Park. 

« milea; iSH K: 41 motor and 38 

FKRNAirDINA. 3,482. 
133— FetnaodlnKMuiitcRy.-OfflFe. 

nth * Centre atg, Femandina. (Con- 
trola Old Amelia Beach Co. Road) 
(CoonectB Femandlas and Amelia 
Beach; operates dniingHnmntetmoDtbe 

TreV'B. P. Will lama FerDandloa 

Gen, Her. A Snpt. 

C. B.Kloii 

ClirCleikAFar. Agt. 

W.8, Whitney 

Ch. Bnirr. W. C. Veath " 

Power «U eqnlp. d. c. Boll. 76 kw; S 
a. c. O. B. tit. EOOkw. IIOt. SOcje. : S25 
hp. e. Ball Wood Sklnr. R. F. A M.: 400 
hp. b. Atlas flchof; trolley volt. B» T. 

pair shona at IRlh Sc Be><-b sle. 

Rt^cbes Amelia Beach (owned I. 

a« miles; 4-8M g; * molor pan. 
8 oilier cars. 'Co. do^sieneral Itg. and 
pwr. bnslneetln Peroandlna.) -AS!) 

134— jBokaon Till e TnwtloD Co.— 

Oen. Offlee. JackHinrille; ei. office. I4T 
Hllk St.. Boston, Hasa, (Companydoea 

entire eleolric ntllBaj bualneas In Jack- 
N. T. 

J. Baldwin 

MWallSt., Ni 
V.Pres. Harry H. Hont... 

Harry H. Hont 


Gen, Hgra, 

Stone A Webatei Boston. Harm. 

Local Mgr. Bardy CTooin...jBCkionTllle 

Claim Agl. J. S 

ford; iawhp.b. SdKS: 
Irenlde A>e. A Leila St. 

■ SS— The Key West Else. Oo.—Boa- 

ton ofllce. 14T Milk St.; local office, 
Duial and Green Sts,. Key West (Dora 
the entire street railway and electric 
lighting and power boarlnspa In Key 

Pres. Geo. J, Baldwin 

5S Wall at.. New York. N. Y. 
T. J Henry G. Bradlee. Bolton. llasB. 

PreaU.1 Harry H. Bunt .... ]| 

Treae. Henry B. Sawyer. . , . " 

AsBt. Treaa. Arnold HwalD Key WeM 

Gen, Ugrs, 

SUine £ Webster Boston. HaiM. 

Mgr. B, L. GrooniB Key West 

anpt. Line P. L. Meaa 

SafesAgt. J. H. Uontlclno 

Ch. Engr. Pwr, Sta, Anthony Tales " 
M. M.,OlloKlrchhelner " 

Power Bta. eqnlp. » d. c. Weatg. Ft. W. 
tot. 800 kw; 4 a. a. Ft. W.. Allift^. 
West. Stan. tot. B7G kw. S ph. SO oya; 4S0 
hp. e. (oin Diesel; 4M hp. e. Bdl; WO 
hp. b. BIgolow; trolley volt. 660 ». 

Power Bta. and repair abopB at Key 

Reaches La Briaa Park (owned). 
B.4I mllea; O-l^g,; flmolotpaBS, and 
1 other car. *« 

MIAMI. 91,000. (tOlT.) 
138-Mlaml TiBCtlvD Co.- Otilce. tit 

mh St. 

Prat. B. B. Tatom MlMnl 

V. Prea. J.H.Tatnm ■• 

Sec., Snpl. & Pur. Agt, 

J, E. Tatnm El^ 12lh St. " 

Treae. a, M. Talnm " 

Aadr, K. L. Parke. " 

Kngr. Pwr. 8H. 4 M. M..W. F. Key " 

Power eta. eqnlp. fl d. c. Q. E. tot. 40 
kw; aobp, e. (oil) Monde. 

Power BU. and repair shop at Ave. V * 

Reaches and awns Tatnm Park, 

S mllea; 4-8^ g; 11- motorcars (sWiage 
battery ayatem). «B9 

191— Fensscols El«c. Co.— OOlet, B. 
Qarden tit; Boaton office. 147 Hllk HI. 
(Does the entire I'lectrlc railway bnshiesB 
In Peneacnia and owna tbe Bscambla 
CumtT Blec. LI, 4 Pwr. Co., whkh 
company doe* the entire eloclrlc light- 

Pres, Oen, J. Baldwin 
U Wall St., 

V. Pr», Hirrj H. Hunt.. ..Boston,) 


TnM. HenrTB. Saivjsr 

Asit.Tnu. w, B. ADdsrBnn...PBDUca1* 

Slona AWsblWr BMton, Msu. 

Local Ugr. J. Q. Holtulaw .... P«db»co1b 

Lig. Supt. H. J.SbaDaoD 

ClklmAgt. C.L. Shine 

Cb. Bngr. Pwr.SU.H.B.Sluirplua' 

H. H., A. P. Brooki 

RoadinMUr R. C. WlJiouiliby 

Power lU, equip. 1 d. e. C- W. 600 
k«; a a. c. W«at. A)]lt-C. tot. £S00 lew. 
8SU0 V. 3 pb. to eye; 8T0 bp. «. Cpr; 
1«00 hp. b. Heine; 2800 Kw. (Btm.) luib. 
West. Am»-C; 1 mo.-gen. let BOO kw; 
truB. TOlt. £800 v; trolTsy volt. «60 t. 

Powei >tk. at UalD ATuragonaSU.; 
repair (hop at De VllKer & GiSBdeii Sta. 

RsBcbei Palmetlo Beacb (owDed) and 
UagDolia Bluff. 

m.i mile*! *-Bhi f, K motor 


138— flt. Jolina Bleu. Co.— Office, Ba; 
8t, St. Augnallne. IThe St. ADEnetlDB 
A Soutb Beacb Bj, U part or tlili Bynem, 
CODOecUSt. Aagutlne ivlth AniataeU 

Pna. J. I. UaaKe New Jork, N. T. 

V. PreB. T. W. Moffat ■■ 

Sec. A Ties*. H. B. BrowD.. " " 

Audi. B. B. DyeoD St. AuRnetlne 

Oper. Hrb. Tbe J. O. White lin. Corpo. 
WBTchang* PI., New Yotte, N. Y. 

Hgr. O. H. P. Faat StAuRnatlne 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sla. 

M. M., W. H. Porward 

Power ela. etjalp. 1 d. c. Bull. BOO kw; 

8 a. c. G. E. tot. too kw. £300 t. 3 pb. 

60 Gja; 1611 bp. e. Allla-C, H. 0. A B; 

■06 hp. b. Blir; trana. lolL BSOO y; trolley 


Owns So. BaacEi Bad ChBUuqua Beach. 

l(^^ Dille*: 4-sU e; T motor paaa,, 1 Tgt. 
motor car; 1 fgl. car withont motor. 
Company doea general Itg. & pwr. 
bDilneM. *M 

ST. nertEnssvRQ. T.isa (isis) 

Mff^HLFeteraborBAaDlf By. Co.- 

Office, Stb Hud Cunlrat Area., St. Petem- 

bnrB. (Conneets St. PeterBbnrg. Gnlf- 

port, Da>lBla,BaatbUnd Seminary ud 

Big Bayou.) 

Prea. Woi. C. MeClnrc Peoria, ni. 

let V. Pre-. S Oen. Mitr. B. Walter Fuller 

Real Estate Tr. BIdg.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
>d V. Prea. H. K. Heritage 

KeMBatatoTr. Bldg., '■ 
Sac. A Trea*. ,1. D. Nranlon 

Real Batale Tr. BIdg., " " 

Audr. A. L.MIlobell St. Pelarabiirg 

ABBt. Gen. Mp. 

Waller P. Poller 

Bupt., Claim £ Pur, Agt. 

Eflw. Morton, Jr. 

M. M., Edw. Morton, 8r.... '• 

Roadmaater, J. 8. Wilder. . . " 

Bnp. OThd, CoDBtr. 

Energy porchaaed from St. Peteraborg 
Blec. LE. A Pwr. Co. ; tiolley lolt. 600 T. 

Repair ahopa at St. PeleraburK, 

Reacbea -Tungla, Big Baron. 

n.11 mllee; 4-8H g; A motor and 8 
other eara. 

NoTcmberai, ISIS. Company In proceaa 
or reoresnlzatton throuEli bondholder!' 
comnilltee. C. M. Alien, Receiver. IIS 

lij*l>— 8t. PaterabarK Tampa Ky. 

' ~t. Petertbnrg A 

9, Qandy... 

~«imilei. Under conBtcuctlon. TH 

TAHFA. 48,160. 
130- Tampa Eleo. Co.— OfBce, a»0 

Tampa St. (Porchaaed the Tampa & 
Sulpbnr Spring! Traction Co.) (Doea 
the entire electric railway and dec. 
trie ligbilog and power bnelceB* Id 

between Tampa, Port Tampa and Weat 

Pre^S?J. Baldwin 

ISO Bro-dway, New York,B. T. 

I'PeterO.Knletac Tampa 

Y.Preat*-^ ° "« iSik^St^Boalon, Ma.a. 
I V. D. VIckery 

Sec'y. Alvab K.Todd " 

Treaa. Henry B. Sawyer " 

Aaat. Treaa. F.J. Owynn Tampa 

Gen. Mgra, 

Stone ft Webatsr Boaton, UaBB. 

Local Ugr, C F. W. Wellerer,.., Tampa 

Claim Agt. B, M. Barriaon " 

Snpt. Ry. Dept. W. M. Bird " 

Pnr. Agt. F. E. Fletcher " 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. 8U. 

H.E. Barley " 

AsBt. Bngr. L. P. Chaney " 

llec. Kugr. C.L, Howe " 

M.M.,E.T. Smith ■' 

EoadmaBler, T. C. Folsom " 

Power ata. eqnlp. 1 d. c, Q. E„ BOOkw. 
»7B v; B a. 0. West., G. B. Allla-C, tot. 
14,600 kva. ZSOD v. S pb. 60 cva; 18fi0 
hp. B. Ania-C, Ham. Cor.; 3100 bji. b. 
Bab.&W.; ao,180kw. (Blm.ltnrb.Weat, 
Altla-C;1400bp.tnrb.(wtr,)MiC.; trana. 
volt MOO v; trolley volt. B7Bv. 

Rerchea Ballaat Polntand Ballaet Point 

BE.fl2 miles; 4-BMir: 36 motoi paaa. 
1 other motor and IB other cars, *iut 

AI.BA14Y. lO.IHM (IDie) 

131 — Albany TranBit Co. — Office, 

Prea. C, W. Rawaon Albany 

V. Prea. F. F. Putney " 

•Sec. Treaa. & Pur. Agt. 

J. C.Fnlford " 

Power bU. eqalp. B d.c. Q.E. tot. SOOkw. 
Power ata. at Flint & Front SU„ Al- 

6 miles; 4-m g; 5 motor and 4 trail. 




13» -Atbenf Ky. A Elee. Co.~Offic*. 

N. B. Cor. Hancock ft College Arrl. 

(Sncceeaor to Athena Elec. By. Co.) 

(Controlled by tbe CI lie! Serrice Co.) 
Pree. ft Gen, Mgr. 

C. D. Flanieen Athens 

1st V. Prea. F. W. FrueanlT 

60 Wall St.. New York, N. Y- 
Sad T. Prea. 

- ■ alt 

Supt. Lines, j.'j.'Fowlei 

Kiffr, Pwr. St>. H. M. Husoes. ... 

H.H.ft Roadmaater. RobLG. Davis " 

W^t tot. 600 kw: 8 a. c. G. E. Alti's-c! 
tot. 4350 kw,3ph,B0j:va; 1600hp. b. Stir; 
3B00 kw, tuFb, atm. WeeU, Allla-C, 0, B; 

.-..„..-... ^g^ aIIib-C; 

troll By volt. 

Power M«, <wMer) EH milff, 

lU. near city line.) liepalr shops D< 
city llmlM. 

S^mlleBi4-8ME.I lBtnoturcu*,aol. 
carsj compwiy lumlsliea ll(htliij[ i 

ATUkNTA. laO.SGB (IBie) 

AtlanU, BolloD, a my cm sod Marietta.) 
gtcwk owned by the Georgia Ry. t 

Pre*. P, S. Aikc right AUm' 

V. Prea. A Mgr. Hya. W. H. OlenD '■ 

See. Q, W. Brine " 

Treai. L S. MJichell. Jr '• 

Aodr, H, Flyun " 

Supt. Tranep. S. B. Eimmoni..., " 
a«n. Claim Agt. L. F. Wvnne. ... •' 

Pur. igl. W. U. amaw •■ 

Bnerfty parchaBedfromQa.i^. £Pw 

I. Weal, I 

. lOiiO Ii» 

ToU. 2i(.IX)0i. 3 ph. SBcya; t 

4-8M b: a moioi 
does lighting boel 

«ned & S.ei ieaeed)! 

Atlanta. Deqaiur, Clarketoi 
Mountain, Bolton, Smyrna, 
EbhI Paint, Hapevllle. Colli 
Bast LiLke aad Knckhead. 
purchased property of Galue 

jUld coinectfng Galnei 

owned by Qeoigia Ry. & Else. C< 

Reache« BaHball Park (owned) two cltj 
larkB, Piedmont and Grant, and ftJr 

' fSa 7ft 'miles; 4-^ g: 3eg motor pasa. 
trail UBBH snd i4 oihtr motor and 
Company does a geuerBl 

lighting and power 

itlng Ti 

norili 1 


a., by Not. IfllB, by IntulUng 1 lE.OOO- 
«- G. B. gen. and IB,IXH>-tip. Smith wtr. 
irb.) itug 

AUQUSTA. W,a)6 (IBld) 
30— AtlBiiaU-Alken Ry. A Kleo. 
Corp. or Month OHTOllna.—OIUca, 

Lamar BIdg., AugDeta. Ga. (OperatOB 

Pree. F. Q. Brown 

SI Pine St., New York, N.T. 

i J. H. Pardee 

tePark, Ipaddl- 

I. Arkwrlght 
) Gep. ligr. 

L. V. Wyone . . . 

Sopt. 8tm. Pwr 

Supt, Wtr. Pwr. r. m . oaaiey. , . . 

Sunt. Tran.m. & Dletrhn. 

f.F. Jotin»on 

Snpt. Opin. G. A. Her 

Supt. Equip. A.M. Moore 

Snpt. Roadway, C. A. Sraltb 


Ener. EW) D-pt. H. L. Wilia, , . . 
Pob. Agt. W. T, Walera 

Power sta. equip. I d. c. Weal, 
tot. «KG kw; Si a. c. G. B, Wei 
Wayne, Allis-C. lol. BB.gSO kw *( 
& «eOO T. 2 tt 3 pb, as & SO cya: !»,( 
e. (stm. A Ea»)H. F. 4 M.. McI. & f 
8. Greene-Wbi-elock. Bnow; IG.IBB 
Bab, A W, Cole; 14,500 kw. sim 
West. a. B; 111,(00 lip. tiirb, wir. I 

l]^i:'tro]ley volt. eOOv. ' 

Poweratai'.lit: Atlanta (eatm.). 
iBh Falla, Morgan Fails, Carrolllon 
lap, Hiittwell. CbestBtee and Galne 
eneriry alari potchBuad from Cenir 
Pwr. Co., Tenn. Pwr. Co. and Coli 
Pwr. Co. 

Aie,. Atlanta, and QaiDesvll 
Teste and Repaire, Bonlevard 
Ave,. Atlanta and QalnesvUle. 


Igre. if he 
43 E 
Jen. Mgr, C 

■opt! Inter. , . . _ 

:iaim Agt. Geo. H. C< 

-'or. AgZ R. J. Morn 

Ch, Engr. & Engr. Pwr. SU. 

Klec. En gr. * Kngr.oVhd! Conotr. ^_ 

M.M.'.L.'^fm.' .'.',' ".'.■.'.■.■.',■,■.'.■,■.■ '■ 
Engr. Maint.of Wav D,l). Bell. *■ 

Com, Agt. M. H, Hendoe " 

Power Bta. equip. 3 d. e, G, E, A BdII 
lot. 1478kw;«a.c.We6t.G,E. tot. 18,260 
kra. 2300 v.SSSph. 60 eye; 1S48 hp. b. 

') Mmlfl,8Uli- 
r; trolley volt. 

.nd ri^palr Bbopa at 16tb St., 

I View and Piney Dell, 
^llen and Renney Parka. 
Mg: TOmotnr pass, 10 trail 

^ral Itg. & pwr. bDlt- 
> The Carolina Lt, A 

loco. (Co. doea ga 
Fw*' Co! Alke"^ 

BRUNSWICK. 10,189. 

(See alao No. 148.) 

lae— CltyAStibarbsn Ry. Co. —OlBee. 


lo — u iiydi&aDarDan Hy. t;o. —tnoce. 

lESGGrant St iBninewIck (Controlled 
' f Brnnawlck Terminal A Railway Se- 
. irlUeBCcNewYorlt N Y) 

Prea. F.D.Aiken Bmnawli 

iBtV.Prea. Albert Pendig 

2d V. Prea. B, H Maaon 
H. Smith 

Andr. J. P. Brooka 
"upl.. Pur, Agt. & RoadnuB 
^laiin Agt. O. C. JohanoeMI 
*, Kngr., Elec. Engr. * I 
Engrl-wr, Sta. Chaa. F 
f . M. T, J. Lambrlght 
ot. 800 kw;; — kw! 

lick. Reacbeeiw 

■ Google 


L37-Cl>rke>>v)lle B. B. Cu.— (Cm 

;h Tail ail 

l9 Kj.) 

Prea., Gen. Mgt. & 

V. Pre*, fr. S. Krwin ., 

Sec.JtTreBX. O. U. MauLdln.. 

1.3S mile«: 4^M g; S gHaolioe motor 
?ari. (Opotatlan Buat>«Dd<d.} A'tt 

Theee CDm[ 

railway, eleclilc lighting, gae BtidpoH-ar 

Point. IiBButie. Lai^rsDge, Hoeaneviile, 
Trimble, Gmnntlle.MnrtUniKtidNew- 

l-retTHBirj n. Hnnt Boilon. Htm. 

V. Pre*. 0«o. J. BsldnlD. 

ISO Broadway, New York, 

See. AiTBliK.Tadd Boelon, 

Ttaai. Henry B.Sawjer.., " 

Aial. Treaar.L. fl. Crow«ll....Colnmbn« 
aeD.U«n.9tone A WeliMcr Bosluii," 
Her. Oper, Cob. 

JobnS. Bleeclier Coin 

Geo. Snpt. R. U. Harding " 

130 — Colnmba* B. B, Co, — 

Offlcs, Broad and 12lb Stt., CoiuD 
ex-olEct. IIT Milk St.. Sonton. 1 
(ConnecU Columbni-, On,, Phoenii 
aod Giiard, Ala. tuia h conirolb 
theColniobna Bleo.Co, Of 'the mi 

leased lo the Seaboard Air Line.) 

Praa. Harry n. Hunt BoBlon, 1 

V. Pres. a«o. J. Baldwin. 

ISO Broadway. Raw York, ] 

AsBl. Sec. 4iA»«(, Trcaa. 

I-. H. CroTBl! . 

aen.Mgn. Stone*Wet 

Claim Agt K. S. Hrtkdit 


Ing Cnlntobat 

Piir, An. I 



■■ AtlHI 

. K.T. 

KIh.Co — Offlce.Fairbnrn, Oa. fCon- 
neou Fairbnm. L'nion City, Stonewall, 
Red Oftkandrplleg"PBrfc.l 
Pree.&Oen.M^r.L.M.Habgood, Fairbom 

Sec.Paul Speir 

Treaa.CR Harvey. 

Sapl. of Equip, ft Malnt. J. A. Hill '■ 

Roadraailer. Chaa. VIckery 

Repair ibnpe ai Falrbnrn. 

Reachea Union City and Cailege Park 

lO.a miles; i-KH g; 3 ga»11neeare. 7R 

MACON. 46.717 (1918) 
l«a — Georclk Lt., Pwr. A By*. 

-Gen, office, tS Cedar St.. New York, 
N.T. (Voluntary organliatlon and con- 
trgls Hacon Ry. A Lt. Co., .Uacau Ga> 
Co., Central Georgia Fwr. Co.audCen. 
tral Georgia Traunm. Co.) 

Frei. M. J. Mnrohy New York, N.Y. 

V. Preg. John D. Bverltt 

Sec. & Treaa. F. B. Laeher '■ 

Asst. Sea. It, Aeac Treaa. 

W.E. Fnlcber " 


143— HBGaD Ry. Jt Lt. Co.— 0«ca, 

Public Utilities eidg.. Uacon. (Con- 
(olidatlun of all the railway and light 
companies In UaconO (CoDtrolled by 
Georgia Lt.,P»r.* Rye.) 

Free. W.H.FeltoD .Macon 

lit V. Free. FhUlp 0. Oaeelar 

es Cedar St., New York. N. Y. 

adV. Prea. L. S. Dure Haoon 

Tieta. Oen.Mgr. *Ch. Kngr. 

L. A. Magraw " 

Andr. N. M.Hndaon " 

Snpt. L. P. Jooai •' 

Claim & Par. Agt. S. W. Batfield. " 

Ch. Kngr. Pwr. SU. A. M. BdwbU. " 

BnBr.K. o( W..B. R. Chet-tney...'. " 
Rner. OThd. Constr. J. W. Bnrch.. . " 
PiH>.ABt M.A.Bo*liD " 

Power Fta. • qnlu.iaoi.) 1 d. c. G. B. WO 
kw; 3 a. c. Q. E, West. tot. BOOD kw. 
*8CK)T. 8 ph. BO cya; TM hp.c. Ham, Cor. 
Wtn lin. b. Bab. ft W; SOOO kw. atm. 
tnrb. Weat. G. E; trans, volt. M.OOO y; 
troll"y ™IL SUO v; energy puiohaaed from 
Central Georgia Fwr. Co, 

leubela. cap. 4»X>kw:4rDt. cosv.tot. 
2300 kw. 

innleee ft FrBnklin SU. 

ReacheH Crunip'e, North Highland*, 
Rice's Mill and Ucmalgee Parke. 

37 mtlea; 4 S^ g: Si motor and 4 
olber ear*. ((Company furnlabea llgtatlng 
and power.) *19t 

(Bee No. IH.) 

ROME. 1G.1W, 
145-Rome By, A Lt. Co.-OiBce, 800 

Broad St., Rome. (Coouecta Rome and 

Pree. S. A. Cnlbertaou. . . .I.oniaTllle, Ky. 
V. Free. A Qen. Hgr. S.S. Bnah '■ 
Sec. ft Treaa. O. W. Lewla.. 

Snpt.ft For. Agl. H.J.Arnold Rome 

Blec.Bngr. H.T^ Maiwell " 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Bla. W, A. Ford. . " 
M. M., H.T. Clay " 

Power sta.e<)nrp.»B.c. turbo gen. G. B. 
lot. ia.=« kw. B ph. 60 eye; 1iHX> hp. b. Stir. 
Voet;lB00kw, wtr. wh; trane, volt. 8800 
>■ trolley roll. BOO ». Haa connectlona 
with Genrgla Ry. & Pwr, Co. 

Power ata. and repair abops. Rome. 

ISmilai: 4.8H i: BE motor can and 1 
- --- -)08 general Itg. * 


■r. bnilne 
LUd M'ainOeld~SlVrBrnd«wick. (Co', 
poelngof its effecti ) ik69 

47— BaTannkli Eleo Co.-Onpe, Bsy 
ft WMiicker Sis. (Doea the entiroelro- 
trlc railway andgrcaler pBrtof elecljlc 
llght.ingand power bnilnew In SaTan- 

iwer ell. und raptir sbopeat 88th t 

iDiloKl 4^ g: £7 motor and S otba 
. Company do« liehtlnjt and imi 

ie«-~roi A lUlnola UnluD Ey.— 

Office, >S9 Coulter Block. AnTora. {Con- 
necU tiabon Center, Morrla, Torkvllle, 
Ceolral, Sentlandsnd Saratoga.) 


, Canton, St. DaTlJ, 
BrjaDt, Lewiatown, and FarmlDiEtOQ.) 

Prea, 8. A. Drake CaiDloi 

V. Prea. U. W. RaOarty 

Power anb-Bta at Llabon < 
•hopa, TorkTllle, 
^ af nil1«^ *-m g; 2 o 


,-«. W. D. Ptsttenbntu 

; TreiB. B. A. Hesld 

' Qen. Hgr. A Pur. Agt. 

Ch. Ener. G. T 
M. M. Sohn SI, 

(8eeMo. IBl.) 

laS-BlmuilngrtDD A Normal R>. 

• Lt. Oo — once. SIS W. JeSeraon 9t. 

(A CODloll dBtloDoftbeBlODDinKlonand 

Nttrmal Ry., Eloc. JE Htg. Co., and Con- 

aumar LtJtBl.Co.) (Connecte Bloom - 

Infrton A Normal.) (Part of Illinois 

Traction Syetsm.) 

Prea. Wm. B. McKinlay Champaign 

T. Praa. H. E. Chubbnck Peoria 

Sae. B. A. Haanntt UonlrBal. Tan . 

Traaa. Geo. M.Mallla Chamuatgn 

Andr. B. O. RnEleae BIODralngton 

Gsn. Sopl. D, W. Suyder, .Ir. . 
ClalmAgt. E.J. Oottacbalk,. 
A»at. Sunt. Tcbds. 

C. L. Kicharda 

Ch.Bn(!i. A.C.8aliman..,. 

M. M.. C. H, Hoblnaon 

Aetg. 8upt ot Track 

K, L. Heaee ■• 

Oper, Ener- D- ", Wallace. . " 

Power aU. equip. (See under llUnola 
Trac. Syatam, Peoria.) 

Poirerata. at So. Weat St.; repair ihapt 

Iteacbea Honebton Lake and 

n mllBit *-B« g: 3S cara, (Company 
doea ItK. * pwr, bnaineBi in Gridley, — 
"---, Cbenoa, Morton, "■ ■ - 


CAIBO. lb,lM (I916|. 

ISe— Cnlro Ry, A Lt. Syatem — (In- 
cludlni Cairo Elec. ft Trac. Co.. Cairo 
City Gas Co., and Cairo ft St. Lonla 
B. R. Co.l (Connecla Cairo, Monnd 
CitJ and Uonnda.) (Part of Ullnola 
Tiartlon System.) ■ 

Pmb. W. B. MeKiniey Cbampaign 

V. Prea. 4 Oan, Mgr. 
H. E Chnhbuct Peoria 

See. Edw. Woodman Portland, Me. 

ABBt.Treaa, A. R.HcComb " 

Andr. B. E BramDIe Cbampaign 

Pnr.' AB. H. J. Vance Peoria 

8iipI.Tran8p. J. M. DaTldge " 

Ch.Engi.Pwr.8tatIonRobt. J.Buaer " 

M. M.. B.R, Kennedy Cairo 

Roadtnaster, O. Smolhera " 

Power Bla. aanlp. a a. c. O. B. Weat. 
tot. \X»icv.iSO«it. Snh. S0cye:3SGnhn. 
a. Erie, Ham; tll40bp. b. Stir, Bab. A W; 
TOO bp. Inib. (atm.) O. B; true. volt. 2300- 
16,M0 v; trolley volt SOU t. 

CBNTRALIA, 11,688 (1S16). 
l6S—CeiitniUH,&CentraI City Trac 

To.— Office, 108 So. Walnut St. (Con 

necta Central City and Cantralla.) 

Pre s.Mfli Prill Ceutralli 

V. Free. A Oea. Mgr. 

Mai H. Prill 

Sec. Si Treat. John Langeateld.. ■' 

Eneriiy parchaaed from Ceotralla Oii 

Repalrah'onaatBll N. Elm. St.' 
Owns White City Park (13 acrea). 
S.5m1lea; 4-^ g: 4 motor and 8 other 

tee— CentTklla Traction Co.— C 

lOHSonth WalnntSt. (* aaborban iint 
eilendloR from CehtralUto tfae VIIL 
ai;eofWamac. ConnsctawlthCentralU 
4 Central City Trac. Co.) 
Prea. John lAnEanfeld CentrHlla 

Gen, Met. Mai H. Prill 

KnergT purchaaBd from Centralla Gat 
& Elec. Co. 

170 mi lea; i-SH g; 8 motor and t 
other car. 118 

CHAMPAIGN. 14.G0S 11916). 
ITO— rrbiinH ft Champaign By., 

Oa* ft Eicc. Co. (Part of Illinoia 

Trac, System J 

Praa. Wm. B, McKlnley Champaiirn 

V. Prea. Esee. H. E Clinbbmk.. ..Peoria 

9ee. Chaa. Zllly Champaign 

Treaa. Geo. M. MattH 

Snpt.F.W. Bedapd •' 

CI. f-p,. G. B. Whlttemore Peorli 

Pur. Agt H. -t. Vano* " 

Elec Enar.J D. McKee Champalfni 

Oh.BngT.Pwr. Sta. 


M.M., Jo^nKoy 

Roadmaater, Wm. Caaey " 

Power aia. equip. 2 d. c. Ball., G. B. 
tot. 1000 kw; 3a. c. Weat, Allla-C,, R. E. 
tot 8040 kw. eSOO T. Sph.AOeys; 4900 bp. 
a. Pulton. Ttiis,,AlllB-C: 4000 bp. bBab.. 
4 won City; 167B kw. tnrb. (Mm.) G, 
B, Weat; trana. Tolt. 16,000 t; trolley tqH. 


repair i 

"Ta.5iol1aa; 4-8Mg: 16 motor aDd4otlier 
cara. Co. doea general itg, A pwr, 
bntlneaa, M 

171— Central IIHudIii Pabltc Ser 
Tlee Co.— Sae Mtttoon, 1)1. 
TroUsT TolL BTB v.; repair Bbops i 


Raicb« Filr GroaDds and Ch&utanqiii 
l.TG mllu; i-W g: 3 moMr cub. R 

CHICAGO. !.4»T,7S3. (Itlfi.) 

JT pnreluweii (rota Public Serrlc* 

Co. or Nortbern IlUnoli: trans, valt. 83,000 : 

- — volt. 600 t; repair itiop* at i 

EiB, (1 with auto caDtrol) tot, 'i 

it arOTS aod Parka at ! 

. Bine iBland and Kaokakea.O 

ITS- Culaniet A Boutli Cklcaco 

By. Co.— Office, Borland Bids., 100 tto. 
La Salle St. (Operated by Clifcago Bur- 
race Line..) (Connecu Chtcsgo, III., 
with Eammand, WbltlneandSaet Cbl- 
caco, Ind., via the H. W, A E.. C, Rf.) 
Pnw. Leonard^A. UmbJ^ 

.D. H. 
D. J. Dnck... 


;e uiag., ubicaeo: « uraad- 
w york,N.T., and White Bli^., 

Fedsial Mgr. B. E. Byri 

at rrth St. A So. Chgo. Ave. 
-ntarloa); 83(^ =- '■ '- ">■— 
k«. Totariea 
. e. (S-IOOO ki 

cap. rooo ■». 

iCeaebsB Jackaon and Calumet 
So. Chicago Bait Park. Chlcagi 
Dooglat Fuk> In HammoDd. Maul 
Beaah on Lake Michigan and 

I2&.TE mllee: 4.^ g.; K motor 
(Companj aelli enerBj to Hammond. I 
WbllfngiK. ChlcagoRf.) *7B 1 

Borland Bldg., 106 So. La S 

(SyitemcoTerB South Sideline. Oper. 

atedbrClilcairoanrtacel'--- ' 
Chnn. «i. Comm. A Pies. 

Leonaid A. Bosbj Cblrago 

V.Piee. ACh.Kngi. H. B. nemlng ■■ 
8sc. A Treaa. F. D. Hoffmaan. 

Fed. Treas. 
Gen. Bopt. W. B 

I. lla Charge Uahit. ol Elee. Lwob.) 

Scare Deer Lodge. Mom. 

Agt. W. A, Linn Chicago 

. Ergr. B. B* 

Jvbfl ConBtr. K. Wade, ■■ 
Kngr: J. C. HIllB. .HIIwsnkee.WlB. 
jl.J. J Mnrphr DferLodie.Mont. 
HockjMtn.DlT. (EaatSub.DlT.) 
J. B. FltigMald.^ 

Three forki. Mont. 

kw. n 

S-IOOO kw, 1 
i St. A Wa' 

4Rth & Honora Sts, 

I) Sind&HalstPdAI 


(4-8000 kw , 

It 40OO kw. roUrlcB): 44nd St, A Kedi 
Ave. tl.JOOO kw. rotary) and Plymnntti 
CI. & Van Bnren St. (*-iaoo kw roiarlea); 
tot. eap. 66.400 kw; baa a,2TG kw. cap. In 

Repair abopa at TStb St. A TlncaDB*B 

■ Jackaon, Waihington, Uar- 
IcKlnlBT, Sb i-.~J— a. 

Mta'aardeQa (amoBL- „ 

League and other biae ball rarke and t 
rloaabeacbea along Lake Ulchlgan. 

849.82 mlleii (Including Southeni ( 
Rjr. Co.): 4*^ i;li;9motorcara. * 

1T«— Oblcaso * Intemrban Trm 

Crete. Mnnee. Peotone. Manleno, Tnck- 
. . Chicago 

100.000 T I trolli 

atTwo Dot, 

:, Janne;. iforel. 
id Areir; repair 

iholiB at lleer I.od«o, Mt — 

6T9A milra^ 4-814 (t: SO freight, IS pae- 
aengerandKelectric BWltcbloens. (Blec- 

Olhello to Seattle and Tacoma. a 
c* at 8n mllra. hna been completed 


prior to January i, IBM. *TB 

17«— ChloMTo A 0»lt Pmrli Elevated 

R. R. Cn.— onice, 1284 Edlton Bldg. 
'(Controlled by the NorlbwesUm Ble-. 
rated R. K. Co.. which in turn la con- 
trolled by the Chtca|:o Elevalud Hya.) 

Receiver, Sainiiel Inaull Chicago 

Ch, Bipcntlve for Receiver, 

Gen, Altv A. L Gardner " 

Andr. AG. NslBon " 

Oen.MgT. B.C. Nof " 

Oen.Sopt of Transpl M.-T. Fpron " 

Snpt. of Transpt H. O. HardlB.. " 

Pnr, Ant. E. B. Kretschioer " 

rb EuBT. C. M. Mock " 

Blecl. Engr. E. J. Blair " 

Snrr.M.otW: B. J. Fallon .... Chidgo 

SapC of Bliapt & Bqnlp. 

H.A.Jobrnon " 

SnergiparebAndCroiD Commonweal tli 

EdltouCo; TCpair ebop alSSBO W. Lake miles (alBT. A aurface); t-SM E: 
M motor, ]Ht Inll aad 4 other can. ikB9 

ITT— OblckBo Rallwayg Co — Offlo, 
Borland Bldg., 105 So. La Balle St. 
(SystBDl coven North andWest Side 
llnei. Opersteil hj Chicago Surface 

Ob mo. Bd. A FrBB. 
Hearr A, Blair Chicago 

^ '^""■isejmourMorrK ■■ 

Sec. PrankL. Hupp 

Treaa. M. B. Ordo " 

Aiidr. Artbar YonnB *Co " 

Ener^ pnrchaBed from Commoa wealth 
EdlBonCo. 9000 v. S ph, BB cya, 

Sub-BtaB, atVaDBnreD&Jeflenon Sta. 
(e-aoOO kw. rotoiiee); HUwaukee Ave, & 
Cleayer-at. (S-SJOO kw. lotatiesl; LIU & 
WrUhtwood Avea. (S-SOQO kw. and 1-8000 
kw. lotarieB) : Blue Iiland Ave. & Leavill 
8p, IS-SOOOkw.rotarlBB); Grand & Craw- 
tordAvea. IB-SOOO kw. totarlen); lllinola 
& La Salli 



e. (2-20 

R«aches lUvervleir, Lincoln, Doaglae. 
Garfleld, Humboldt and Union Parka. 
B8S.72mllea;4.8Wg; 11M9 motor cara. 

■ 78 — Cbloago Surfnte Unea. — 
Oaiee. Borland Bidg.. 105 So. La Salle 
SI. IDnlQednrgaDizaUou operatlDE the 
ChicsKO Bts, Co.. Chicago City R;.Co„ 
Calamet & Booth Chicago Ry. and 
Uoothern Street Ry. Co.) 

Chmn. Bd. of Operation 
Henry A, Blafr Chicago 

Chmn.Siec, Comm. fi Prae. 
Leonard A. BuBby " 

AsBt. lo Prea. John B. Wilkie " 

Sec.&ABat.TreBB, F.D.Hoffmann. " 

Treaa. M. B, Orde " 

W.W, Qnrlay.-MarqoetteBldg. '• 
(4eii ntv ('- K' 2"l"lan" '■ 

,uS:w5i..,i !»»»!"■■ - 

Gan. Andr.John J. Unik •' 

Snpl. Tranep. W. M. WeaUierwai " 
SDpt o( Lines & Transiun. 

R,M. Patterann ■' 

Gen. CIm. Agt. FiiDk J. Oalrel).. " 

Ob.Engr'.H.B.Flemlng.' .'.*.!!!!!; •■ 

Eiec.Rogr. J. Z, Murphy,.,. " 

Klec, Eugr. of DIaCrbn. A. -T.SIatte " 
9Hpi.ShoPB&Knnlpi.H.n,Artam» ■' 
3upe.Track*Rawy,HavenC Kelly " 

1 1»— Ohlraso Tnnnel Co.— Chloago 

araled Joiorly). Office. 7M W. Jackion 
Blvd. (Tranafera freight from the dif- 
ferent railroad Mrminaii In Chicago.) 
(Oirned bv Chicago UltUclea Co.) 

PreB. S. W, Tracy Chicago 

V. Pia». ■■ 

Sec. Bt Treaa. J. C.PaytJio 

Audr. L. J. Gnndlach 

Supt. W. E, Worth 

Pnr. Agt, D. Bonner 

H.U-. C. WeOiofen 

Mngr. M. of. W, F. W, Koowla* . . 

Energy purchaaed rpomCommonweaiui 
Edison Co. ; trasa. volt. 950 v. 

Repair Bhopa at IW W. JackBOD Blvd. 

ei mllei: narrow fnuge (34 inohee); IBS 
motor and 3,000 other cara. -MO 

■ 8«-Chlcasa * West Tdwb* By. 
Co.— omce, Lake St. & Cnyler Ave.. 
Oak Park. (Bucocaaor to Oounty Tree. 
Co, TheEvBnaloullneaoftbei.'onnty 
Trao. Co. were porohaaed by the ETani- 
lon Ky. Co.) (Controls the Subnrban 
B. R. Co.) Connacta Oak Park, River 
Foteat, Majwnod, Melroae, Cicero, 
Berwjn, Rlvpralde, Lyuns, La Orange, 
HollOTwond and Foreat Park,) 
Pre*. Wlllard McKwen 

TrI hnne Bids., Chicago 

Sec. * Treaa, C. N. Hebnet OA PaBt 

len. Sapl.&Far, Agt. 


Snpt. 8t CIm. Agt. R Collalta , . 

Ch. Eagr. Pwr.Hta. J. Oleen... , '• 

M. M,,3. A. Bcholen .,,. ' '■ 

EnfT. M. nf W. R, S. Downs. ... 
" Rr. Ovhd. Const. 

), B. M, Tompkine *' 

'ower ata. eqnip.8 d. c. S, SlH. Walker, 
.S8B0kw;!SB0hp, e. AlllaC; 8800 hp. 
Stir. C. & Z; trolley volt. BM v. 
■ower Bta, at Oak Park, Provlao TowD- 
p; repair Bhops at Oak Park. 

Tullea; 4-SH S- '^ motor and SO 

81— Elgin ii Bclvtdera Kleo. Co. 

—Executive office, IDKSouthLaSalleSt. 
(Conmcta Elgin. UareDgo and Belvl- 
.rea. A San. Mgr. B. J, Arnold.. Cliica(!0 

Sec. aTreae. K.O.Arnold '• 

Mng. Director W.L. Arnold ■■ 

l.ndr. 8t Par. Agt. 'W, F. Gamble. 

iujpt. W.J, Fillmore Marengo 

Energy purchHBed from Aurora, Elrin 
fcChlcagoR. R. Co.: trana, volt.IMOOT: 
rolleyvoll. BOTviSd, c. 0,B. lot. BOOkw; 

*f^acheB KlWiwaukee Park. 

isa — Hammond, Whitlus ft K. 
Chicag^i Ky.— Office, Borland Bidg., 
Chicago, 111. (SucccB'or to tbe Ham- 
mond, Whltlna*K,ChlcagoEleo.BT. 
Bitenda from Slate Line to Whiilng. 
E. Chicago. Indiana Harbor aod Ham- 
mond and enters Chicago over ths 
track* or the Calumet & So. Chlcag;o 

Pre*. O. a, Talmadge 

BSth St. tt Tlncennes Ave, Chicago 
V. FrCB. Chas. Lawrence ■' •' 

Bee. A Treaa. T. D. HoUman.... " 
Aodr. W. W. Hll! 

BnargT purohased from Calumet * 
South Chicago Ry. Co. 

Repair shopeatH ■" '-' 

Reaches Ball Park, C 

ee; 4^ g: 18 motor and l: 

183— KsnalDgtoi 

,,. .__ Eaatllth Place. Chicago, 

{ConnectB HI, Canlral R.R. at Pullman, 
III., with Chicago, Lake Shore & South 
Bend Ry. at Baiomond, Ind.) (Stock 
owned by the Illinois Central B. B, Co. 
and toad used under perpslnal ajfrea- 
ment by the Chicago, Lake SJiore Jb 
South Bend Ry.) 

Prai. C. A. Peabndy, 

tt Mafsau St., New York, N. Y. 


V Prea. A. 8. BaldHiu Chiugo 

Bee. Bnct A.B«ck 

Trsaa. L. A. HarkneH 

(«4— MetropoUtui Wcat Side Klc- 
TKted By. Co.— once. IE47 Bdlinn 
BldK- (CoctTOla Union CaDBOlidsKd 
Elevated Rv. Co.. aad In lam is eon- 
trolled bj Chicago tlLVBled Uja.) (Cun- 
□ ecla CblcBKo, Anatln, PoreM Park 
■nd OHk Park.) 

Chmn. Samuel Inanll Chicago 

Proi. B. 1. Budd '■ 

Sec. A Treat W. V. GniBn " ' 

Audr. T.B.MatHae " 

Qen. Atty.A. L. Gariner '• 

Qm.Mgi.E.C. Hoe " 

Aaet. Gen. Mgr, G, T. Seely " 

Pur. Agt, K. E. Kretaihmer - 

Qen. Sapt Tranipt. M. J. Faroil. . ■' 

Supt. Tranep. J. A. Jarrls. " 

Ch. Bngr. C. M. Mock '■ 

Elec. ffiigr. K. J. blalr '• 

Biyit. of Siliops & Eqnip.''™B.'j.Fiilon:'."i: " 
Bneigy pnrchaneil from Cammonwealih 

EdlnouCo,; (third rail) Toll. BOOT. 
Kepair ah op at 417 Throop Bt. 
N.G9mlle>(elev.): 4.^ u: «84 molor. 

Wecoachn.nmlBcet. can. ASB 

dB. I 

Co.— omce. IE4T Rdlaon Bldz. (Owns 
CnloD BlsTatvd R. R.; CODIrolg Chlcaea 
* Oak Pari Blev. H. B. C". »nd I,' In 
tarn controllad by Chicago Elevated 

China. Sam nel iDinll ChlriKo 

Pres. B. 1, Budd '■ 

Andr. T. B. MacRae " 

Gen. Mgr. £. C. Noe ■• 

ABit. Gen, Mp. G. T. eeelj " 

Fnr. Agt. E. B. Krat-chmer ■■ 

Gea.8npt.TrBDapt. H, J. Fanm.. " 

Sapt.Trmepi. B. F. Sebaal ■■ 

Supl. Shopn & Equipment 

B. A. Johnion " 

Ch. Bngr. C. M. Mock " 

Bngr. M. of W,, n. J. Fallon " 

Bite. Kngr. B.J.Blair " 

Bq««t purchased from Common nealth 

Repair Shop at lOSfi Hontroae Aie. 

BT.ffi mllei' <ele¥.); 280 motor aUB-Offi 
coa<het.4nilecel.cara. *» 

ise-sonlliem Nt. Ry. Co.-Odlce, 
Borland Bldg., IDG So. La Salle St, 
(Operated b; Cbkago Surface Liuea.) 

Pres, Leonard A. Bnaby Chlrago 

V. Piea. W. W, Crawford 

3«. & Treu. P, D. Uoffmann... " 

Aodr. Joo. J. Diiok ■■ 

Mllraza and eonlpment I Deluded In re- 
port of Chicago CItj Ry. Co. US 

Office. 1<4T Edlaan BiilldlnK. ((^on- 
trolled by Chicago Klevaled R)a,l 

Chmn. Samnol Tnaall .Chlcigo 

Prea. S. 1. Bndd " 

8k. ATreaa. W. V. Oriffln 

Andr. T. B, MacBae 


Aart. Oan. Hgr G. T, Seely 

Far. Alt. B. B. KreUcbmer 

Storekeeper P. F. IlcCall 

Gen.Snpt. Tranapl. M, J. Feron.. 

Supt. Tranqil. J. H. Fddhske..., 

8^. of Shop* & Eqnlp. 

Ch.'Hngr. CM, Mocii'.'.''!."!.".'!." 

Enat. M. of W„ B .1, Fallon 

Eire. Bngr. B. J. Blalr 

BneruT purchaied fromCommonv 

Bdlaoa Co. 
U.ll) milea (alei. Sd rail) ; i«H g 

nolorind llmlaoel. cara; Ncoachei 

.Prea. Gilbert E.PoK 

8Sk— Anerlcsn Fnbllc Sarvloa 
Co.-Gen. office, Km, IBOO-JSW. Adams 

bt. (Controls, through alack owner- 
a hip, Abilene Gaa & Slec, Co., Abilene 
Ice Co.. Abilene Wtr. Co.. Ciaeo 

Lt. Co., mxmiord Gas & Blec. Co.. 
and Hamlin LI., Pwr. A lee Co, all of 
'I'eiu; Hiigo Ice & Lt. Co:, Henryetla 
Bleetnc Lt. Co., Henryeitalce A Cold 
Stomee Co,, Okmolgee lee & Lt. Co. 
and iTiiaa Ice, Lt. A Pwr. Co., all of 

■tea. Saml. Ineoll Chicago. HI. 


8sc. Edw. J, Doyle " '■ 

"-reas. OlIvertMeCormick.. ■• 
Laat. Sec. EaeUce J. Knight 


89— H. M. Byileahy * Co.— Office, 

aoeSo.LattalleSt., Chicago. (Conlrol 
and are operating and managing en- 

S meets of the fSlowInf- companlea- 
landard Gaa & Elec. Co., (» ho In May, 
]»lfl acquired contiolling Inlereat In 

Drumrlght and I 

company through rtvu,^ uwuciAuiir 
controls the Muhkoeee (Okla.) Oaa & 
Eleo. Co., opcratlnR In Muakogce. Fort 
GlbaoD and Sapolpa, Obla,). Ft. Smltb 
(Ark. I Lt. & Trac, Co.. Mobile (Ala.) 
Eleo. Co.. Oltomwa (la.) Ry. & Lt. Co., 
San Diego (Cal.) Conmlidated Hae * 
Else. Co.. Puget Soanil Gas Co, (Eier- 

oud, Calir.. 
Vali.-y Ry.. I-t. A Pwr. Co,, Pueblo. Vlo- 
lor. Bocfey Ford, La JnnU, Canon City 
and Cripple Creek. Colo.: Mlaaifalppi 
Valley Gas* Kler, Co.. which company 
ronCroli jointly with Hlandard Oaa * 
Blec. Co. the Lonlavllle Gte A Blec. Co. 

(Standard Gas & Blec. 
hot not controlling IniereaL in uia 
followlnE comranlea: Uonntain Htalea 
Power Co. operatlnE the following prop- 
ertlee — Big P»rk. Kall-pell, FoTaon, 
Mont, Sandpolnt. Ida., Newport, 
Waab.. Muihaeld, BprinBeld. Engane. 
Albany and Dallas. Om., Ifarfliem 
Slatea Pwr. Co. of Delaware, hold- 
Ina company for following proper- 

Fan I. PI pe-ti 


Falla. S. D . Union Lt,. Ht, ft Pwr. 
Co., Fargo, N, n . Interalate Lt, ft Pwr 
Co.. (iaiena. Ill, . and FlatteTlIle. Hndaon 
and Someraet, Wis., and Red Rirar 
Power Co., Bad Ijibe Falla, Minn., and 
Grand ForkB,N.D.) 

Prei.H. M, Bjlleibj Ch1c«Ea 

IAitlinra. Uuey " 
{TresB.) J. J. O'Brien ' 
(C h . BiUT. )OCtoE.Oatbofl- 
6 H.BarrtM A. B 
(Sec.jR. J, Gr«( Chic 

Q(D. AuHr. h. W. Lyneb ■ 

100 — Oblroeo Elevated Kyt. 
once, 11*7 fdliOD BWg., cor. Adm 
* CIsTk Sl«. (CoutraK the Sonlh Bl 
BleTaWd R. H. Co., Metropolllan Wi 
Side Eleratod Rt. Co., ond the Mon 
weetern Eleiatfd R. R. Co.) 

Trn.l™.)S™OBim«0ll ChtCBgO 

'"""""iwlllliiiDO, Beale 

jOlllwrtB. Porlet.. 

CommiCtea , j^^^ g Gnlick." '. 

[Brluonl. Bndd.... 

^^^Im^ \ John H. GuUck'. '. '. '. 

Sec. W. V. Grifflr 

Compe. E. A, Brion 


191— ClilcABo ITtlMtlfg Co. —Office, 

7MW. Jackson Blvd. (3ucee»sorioChi- 
Cigo SobwiT Cd.I (Owdk the Chlcneo 
Tunnel Co., Chicago, Wxrehouee A 
Terminal Co. and imnols Telephone A 
Telegraph Co.) 
Prea-S. W. Tfaey Chicago 

3eo. ATreu. J. C. Pajlon 

IDS— Onion Utllltlea Co. (Pormerly 
Owns and operatee the roHowIn^ pmpl 

Vloksbnrg (M(H.) Lt. 

ra Gbs a Blec. Co. 

Treai. OIItccB. MeCormlck.. 

1B4— ChlcKgo Helghta St. Ky. Ca^ 

omce, HI7, 134 Bo. La»alle St.. Chicagi 

Pree. C. H, Waoker Chlcaf 

Sec. Edward D. Adama 

Sapt, Claim A Pnr. Agt. 

J.T. Murphy Chicago Heiglil 

Repair shope, llch St. A Wentworl 
A.itmllea; 4-SMg: Smotoiand 4 otht 

cioEBO. i>.e7< (laie). 

(Use No. 180.) 

UANVILLB. S!i,S6l (IBle). 

lOS— ItBBTlIlB St. By. ± Lt. Ca.- 

OfBce, Damllls. (Coatmlled by Dai 
■llle. (Champaign & Deofttor Ry. A Ll 
Co. and la part of IliinolB TracUoi 

Pre>. W. B. KcKtnley Champaiii 

V. Pna. Eiec. H. K. Chnbbnck...Peorn 

V, Fres, Geo. M, MbIHb ChampBin 

Sec. T. B. Macaulsy Montreal, CaV 

Por. Agl- H t Vance beort 

Sapt. M.Connor..,, "!?"■.■.'.'.'.'.'." '° 
Ob, Kngr. Pwr. 8t», 

Theo, Tlllolson ■ 

M, M„A. J.Vaybam 

Power alH, oqnlnt, I tntbo-gen. Q. K 
BOOOkva, aaOOv.BOcys; id. c. G, R. 3C( 
kw; 3 a, c, Q. R.. Allls-C. tot. SBOO kn. 
U3O04BliO0v.aph,2Ba60cy- " " 

Co, (AdrUn. Mich,): Bt, Ul . .... 

Ltg, Co. and Indiana Oae Light Co, 

(Nobl«Tille, Ind.) 
Prea., Treaa. & Gen. Ugr, 

J. N.McCallnm Chic go 

V.Prea.A.C, Allyn '■ 

Sec, I, C. BlBton, Ir '• 

Ch, Bngr, C. Q. Jahnioli... ' 

. S5D0 hp, e 


Power Dta. and repair shops hi DanT 

1? miles; 4-RM «; S4 motor care. ( 

does general ltg, and poner bailnsis.) 

DECATUB. 39.691 (IBia) 

19S— Deoktur By, A M. Co.— Office 

124 3, Water St. (Controlled by Dan 

Tills, Champaign & Decstnr Ry. t Lt. 

Illinois Northern ntllltlet Co,. Cen- 
tral Illinois UUlitJee Co,, Bsolern 
Illinola Ice Co,, Hoopesion Ga> & 
E\ec. Co.. HimlUon Ctllitles Co., Sterl- 
ing. Dlion & Eastern Kleo, Ry, Co,, 
Mi-.H-nry Connty Light & Power Co,. 
IntersMiio Pohlic Surrlce Co,, (.'entral 
Indiana LtR, Co., Franklin Wtr. Lt. A 
Pwr, Co,, UnlKd Gas Jt Blec.Co,, Louis- 
ville * Noitbem Kt. * Ltg. Co,, Lniiis- 
Albany Wtr. Wks., lonlhem Indiana 
Pwr Co., KentnckyUtllitlenCo,, Pnb- 
lie SerT^c Co, or Oklahoma, Cblckasha 
Gas A BIpc, Co., Missonrl Gas A Biec 
Service Co., Mlchla-n Oa« & Klec. Co., 
KentBfky Ll. A Pwr. Co., Central Pwr. 
Co,, Citizens Ras Lt, Co,, Nebraska 
City Dlilitlsa Co., Twin State Gas A 
Elec. Co,, Rernick & Salmon Falls 

., Sonthem Wlec. Elec. 

» Co., Northwest Utilities ' 

, and American Public Ssrvli'e Co.) 
Samnsllnsnll Chicago 

Gen. Mer.M.L, Harry.... 

"— • Transp, P.J, Briilsy 

ifrt. H. J, Vance 

LAgt,H O, White DsMitoi 

Bnir, H. J.KIota " 


Engrio'vlid', Constr!" 


Pwr, eta, eflulp, 2d. c. Alll«-C„ G. E, 
lot 1800 kw; S a, c. Allli-C, W«l., 0. E, 
lot. SBOO kw. 8300 V, 3 ph. M cyi: 6JB0 hp, 
!. H, O, AR.,AI1Ib-C; «00hp.b, Bab, A 
W. Stirling. 

Pwr, sla, St Edward & Cerro Oordo Sts: , 
rspair shops a' fiOO E, North St, 

is miles; 4-"!^ e; S> motor and T otber 
— 'Company does general llg, and 


in Tnc. Co.— Offlee. So,TlilrdSt, 
peraUng the De Kalb- Sycamore See, 

(Jo.) (CoaDMtsDeKalbaodSjcuiors) 

(CoutroJled bj Cba Union B]>., flu A 

Blec. Co.) 
Free. B. C. Cobb, 

1* Wall St., New Tort, N.T. 
Sd V. Pr«>.&Tteu. 

W. C. SptrJiB Rockford 

9ec. W. H. Lemon 

Supi. & Ch. Bniir. Frank Conlp; .DeEalb 
2d. c. WmI. ml. lOOkw. 1400ki»;a,c. 
Weet O, B.. 4000 v. S ph. BO Cfii SOOO 
hp. e. Bun; ISMi bp. b. Bltr., Wicke; GOO 
kw. Btm. tnrb. Weat; Irane. toU. 4000 v; 
trolley Tolt.BMMOT. 
Power itB. nod repair ebop at De Kalb. 
T.4 mllei; *-ms- 4 "O. pus. and S 
trail pasa. and Z other caia. (Co. dom 

Gen. Mgr. D, 

Qen. Snpt. W. ^. jiicib 

Claim Agt. Trevor O.Nell ion 

"^en. pHaa. Agt, C. B. Darracb " 

'ai, Agt E.^l. Johnslon.... 

lopt.Pwr, Q.W. Welsh 

iBpt. W. H. Gojton 

[ngr. M. of W., H. F. Herker 
Roadmaater, John A. Koach. " 

■ est, Supt, Pwr. T. H. New. 
Energy pnrcbaeecl from E, 8t. Lonla A 

Beachea Lansdowne Park atd Jooea 


Dlion. (OpnateslnSterllBgandDlion 


4ndr. L, K. JacobBon ,, . 
Snpt. i Gen. Firt. A Paas. , 

Clal'mAgt. R. H.HnwVn!! 

m it conttoUed by Ibe Middle 

Co. atDlion and 
tot.SSOkw; irolley volt. flOO 
■ Repair ah< '■ 

-., "Sl^on. 

igmllea; 4.8M E< 10 motorandaolher 

EAST HOI.INE. li,S«l. 

(See No. Hit.) 

1ST ST. LOriS. 85,000 (19 

(See also No. IBS.) 

V.Prea.. 8"e..TrBaa. A 
Aodr. Wm. F, GonW... 

Snpt. O.C. Macy I 

Claim Agt. L. O. Wbl'oel.. 

Ch.Kngr.BaiUr L.Brown " 

M, U., Wm. J. Harper EaatSt. Loota 

Roadmaaler. J. T. UcUahon ...Colombia 

BnergT pnrclia«ed from E, St. LonU ft 
SnbiirbanRy.: Iraoa. toH, IS-MOt; trol- 
ley ™U.«00v, 

ItHpnlr ahope at lllth A BakerSta., E. 
SI l.o>ilr. 

Rrirhee Hnmett'a Park at Dnpo, God- 
in 'a Park at Prairie do Poni, Tonier Park 
at Columbia and Falling Sprlnga (all 

too— Eaat St. Loula Ry. Cu.— Odleei 

TColllnanileAve. (Operate* In B. "- 
LoDl*.) (Controlled by The East 

iDBk. BIdg. Col umbne, Ohio 
C. eaynea.... •■ 

I. G. L. Retabrook 

SSI CheatDuc St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Ip Cbarw of^Operatkii 

, II "' 

S«.*Trea».G, L. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

T.W.Gregory Ba 

Oen.Hgr. n. B. Pareona.... 

Gen. Snpt. W.C. Myen 

Claim Agt. Treior C. Nellaon 
-3en. Pasa. Agt. & Snpt, 

Pgt. Traffic, C, S, Darraob 
'nr, Agt, K, C, Johnston,... 

inpl, Pwr, O, W, Welab 

(opt City Llnea,W H,Gn2rton 

M. M",, L, W, jARtjuea. ,,,... " " 
RoadmagieriJohn A. Roaeh. " " 

kw; G a. c,' O, s! tot,' TOOO' kw. IS.SOO- 
«S00T.apb,3B-6Ocye; GIODhp. e, Fnllnn, 
St. Loala Tor; 7000 hp. b. Heine; 8600 
kw. Urb. 0. E.: trana. volt. 13,200 t; 
trolley volt. WO v. Interchange of enercy 
with E. SL Lonls Lt. * Pwr. Co. 
Power eta. and repair ahop at Baat St. 

Reachea Allena Park 
n.(aa mllea; 4.^^ K 



aifleoal and9eeiylc«. 

(Co. alao aella energy to Kaat St. Lonla. 
Columbia A Waterloo Ry.. Eaet SI. I.oala 
Ry. Co., Kt. Lonia ft B, St. Lonis Elec. 
Ry. Co..St. LoulaABellevllle Eleo, Ry.. 
Alton. Granite ft St. Lool* Trac. Co. and 
BHetSl. LonlaLt. ftPwr, Co) *69 

aot— St. Lonln A BcllKvlllB Bleo, 

By. Oo. -Office, 7 Colllnayllle Ave, 
(Operates - -' ■ "- -- 

Pre*, L, C, Raynei Baat St, LonIa 

V. Prea, W. H, Sawyer 

Hnntlngton Bk. Bldl.. Colnmbne, O. 
Sec. ft Treaa. G. L. Eatabrook 

SSI CheatnnI St, Philadelphia. Pa. 
Aaat. See. ft Aael. Treae, 

T, W, Gregory EaetSt.Lonli 

Gen. Mgr, D, R. Paraong 

Gen. Snpt. W. C. Myera " 

Claim Agt. Trpyor C. NetleoD 
Sunt. FBt, Traffic 

C.S.Darrach " 

Pnr, Agi. E. C. Jobniton. .SMt SI. Lonia 
Bngr, M.ot W., H. I". Harks •' 

RoiulauiUi, John A. RoBcb. " 

KnargT pnrcliMed fiom Bast St. Lenis 
* Bnburbui Rt. Co. 

n.<»> mlleai BIO cosl uid U nork 
nan; S elec. Iocob. AM 

«U>— St. I,anl( A Kut St. lAQli 
Eleo. Bf. Co.-Offlce. 7 CollInivlJle 
Atb. (Opanlei sn eleclric railway be- 
lli., vlaEsdi Bridge,' QDileTBereeiDeDt 
witb Tsimlnal R. R. Asioclatioii of St. 
Louis.) CContralled b; Tbe Eut Bt. 
LooIb ± Babarbui Co.) 

Pnt. L. CHajnai EwtSI.Louli 

IT ?«..>. IW. IISBWTer,,.Colnnibii«. O. 
V. •'fP"." ■)!(. j, LouK. Mo. 
Sh. a Treu. Q. U Eaubrook 

SSI CbaatDDt St., Fblladslpbia, Pa. 
Aast. Sec. * ABBt. Tkbi. 

I T. W, 0ngoi7 BaatSt.LoDl* 

Gm. Mgr. D, K. Parsona ■• 

Gan. 8opt. W, C. Mvera " 

E.Wndles. TbeBaatSt-LoulaBy. Co., 
Baat St LoDle & Snbnrban Rt. Co., 
E. 8t. Lonia, Colombia A Waterloo, and 
Alton Qranlte and St. LanU Trao. Co. 
aperat* thalr cara Diet tbie line lata St. 

904— Soatham TrMitlon Co. of 
Ullnola.— omee, GIB HarJbT BIdg. 
(Oparatlon or road between B. Bt, Loula 
and SelleTllle vrlll begin Immedlatelj: 
will connect Chrlnopber. Dnqqoln, 
" and Frankfor- - ' 

Sec. A Treaa. 

Qeo. J. Uballee M 


Enstgj pDrcliaaed rrom 
Co. of I<^rtheni Ullnola 
800 y. 

Repair ahopa at Central t 

10 mllee; 1«M g; 13 mi 
(Sella energr to IdortbSt 
Rj. Co.) 

Iroliej volt. I 

.Car Station. 
at PMB can. 
>re&W«atem ! 

Pres. Geo. P. 


V. Pree, C. 1 

mlliai 1 

Ion, Chicago 


I Illlnoll 


antlj orgaolKr^, to leaae t 
cltr 'of E, Bt. Ifluia, so that thli 

. [nnlclpal Bridge and operate ita cara 

iDtoeityof B.SlLoula.J 

-'" Btpobllcanction toH. D.Mepbam, 

urban Co.) (Conlrola ibronEh 
ownership the Eaat St. Loolt 
Co., the Baat 8t. Louir •■ ■"-■- 
"- "- •— "-. Lonl 

... le Alton^ Qranlto"& Bt~ 
Lonia Traction Co., and the Alton Oaa 
A Elec. Co: onne entire bond i'ene of 
th* St. Loaia A Belleville Elec. Rt. Co. 
Under mananement of E. W. Clark A 
Co. Hanagemant Corps., Philadelphia. 
Pa.., and Coinmbua, O.) 
Fraa. C.W. Clark, 

S3] Chealnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Treaa. ft Aaat. Sec, 

T.W. Grecorj EaatSt-Lonli 

Companlea controlled operate IH.TST 

mllee of track. 

aoO— ETsnaton Ry. Co. OBlce. Cen- 
tral St. Car Station. (niKceeEOr to 
Connty Trac. Co->, Unas In Evaimlon.l 
(Connecli with Chicago SarfaceLinaa). 
Prea. Clement C. Smith.. Hilwankee.Wi*. 

IJ. P. PnllUm.. " 
r. Presta..jaen. Hgr. 

Cbaa. T. Spaed.. Evanaton 

(Bee No. lOT.) 

FBEBFORT. 1»,G68 (1016). 
DOB — UlinolB NoTthern UtlUtlsa 

Co.— Oen.offlce.4SI Firat atreBt<Own» 
Pecatonlca River Pnr. Co. and operatea 
nndcr lease the StepheDHOnCoonly Hjd. 
&,e50hp.l (Con- 
trole Sterling, mion & Eastern Elec. 
Rv. Co. and is Itaelf a BubaidlBrj of tbe 
Middle West Ulilllin Co.) 
Frea. Samuel Inaull 

73 No. Adams St., Chicago 

V. Prea. B. D, Alexander Dlion 

Sec, P. I Reilly " 

Aiidr. L. B Jacohaon " 

lAcal Supt. Rot Greer ....Freeport 

Claim Agt. R. U. Howell Dixon 

Pnr. Agl. W. L, Campbell ' ■ 

Oprtg. Snpt, A. N. RTcbardson.. Freeport 

Ch. Engr. O. W. Dodd DlxoD 

M. M.-JohnGreve Freeport 

Kbgr.Halnt.of Way, Henry Gale. ■' 
Ch. Kngr, Pwr. Sla. 

Power bU. equip'. Id, 'c.Weat«.'E.*M., 
BGO kw; 2 a. c. Weetg. Allii-C. tot. IIOO 
kTB. 2 ph. BO cyi; 600 hp. e. Fult. Iron 
Wka, 1300 hp. b. Bab. A W; SOO hp. 
tprb. (wtr.) Lef; 7S0 kw. AHIfrC. tnrb. 
truna. (atm,); lO.OOOM.OOO v; trolley Tolt. 

Power ata. at Adamr) St. A Clark Ave. 
repair shopa at Liberty A SprinirBta. 

Controls HiEhland Amiiaemenl Park, 

Omilea; 4-Mt g; 10 mo. pasa; Strait 
pass car* and 1 serrlce car. (Companj 
tnruithea energy (or lighting and powar.^ 

qai.esbi;b(3. (loig). 

909 — ttaleabnrK B^., X-tg. A Pwr. 

Co.— Localofficc.TMalDSt. (Connecta 
Qaleabure. KnoiTlle and E. OalsB- 

borej(Parto:illin olaTraction System . ) 

Pr*R. Wm. B. HcKlnley Champaign 

V. Frea. Eiec. B: B. Ciinbbnck.. , .Peoria 

Sac, T. B. Maoanlay Montreal, Can. 

Traaa. Edward Woodinat., Portland, Me. 
Aeet. Treaa. O. R. McComb. ..Chanwairn 
Gen. Andr. B. E. Bramble. . .. 

Andr. W. J. Achelpohl Feorla 

For. Agt. H. J. Vanne " 

Opn.Bopt. R. F.Carley OHieabnrg 


Ch. Engr. Pwr. fira, K, H. Merrill '• 

Pnwer sta, eqnip. 4 d. c. Boll. 0. E. tot, 
UMkwi Sa.o, Bull, Allls-C. tot.aODOkn. 
3300 T. 3 ph. 80 cya;' EStO hp. e. Rum. 

O. E: e400 hp.b. Stir.; trBna.»oll!sa)OT: 
trolley volt. mOT, 

Power ito-at Ferriti We«l8t«:r»i«l 
■hop at aS3 E. Main St. 

Owns HlBhlBDd FUk. 

■O-TGrnllaa; i-SHf- 30 moMc ind G tr^ 
and 1 work car; I bddw Bweepsr. (Com 
panjr doea generd Itg. & pwr. bualiieeB. 

aiO— FCople'i Traotlou Co.— Offlo 
7 B. Uiin SI. (Coniu^Gla OateBbnri 
and AblngduD, III.) Fart ol ininol. 

Pna. W. B. Ucklnlei Champiies 

V. Proa, Biac. H, E. Cbnbbuek. . .Feona 

Sec. E. A. Uacnult Montreal. Can. 

Tceaa. E. Woodman Portland. Ue, 

Andr. B. B. Bramble. Cbampaign 

Geo. Uopt. B. P. Csrlsy Galasborg 

Supt. C, C. Weet 

Pur. Agl. H. J. Vance Peoria 

EnergT purcbiaed rrom Oaleaburg Rv. 
LIB. A Pwr. Co. 

tteacbes amuseuient park, leaHd bf 

la.Gmilu; 4r»iig; 4 motoraDdSotber 
OALTA. 9.498. 

(See So. aa.i 


(See No. WW.) 


alS— SoatbcTn IlllDoli Kr- A Pwr. 
Co.— Office, Harrlsbure, (Connects El- 
dorado, Waiwon, Mnddy, Harrlabure, 
Dorrlavllle, Ledtord and Currier Mil la.) 

Proi.Maraball E. Bampwll Chicago 

IstV Pre«. J.Panl ClaTtoD...,UaHoon 

Sec. AiPor. Agl. D. R. Trnai:... 

TreM.C, B.Cripe 

Gen.Ugr.B F. Tncker '■ 

Andr P. A. Etlacb 

Gen. SnpL D. A. Boberts Sarrlsburg 

Gen. Fjn. & Fata. Agent 
Cbis. Barks Mattoon 

Cb.Eng.Pwr.3u. ftM. H. 
R, R. Tweedy HarrlBburg 

Boadmaaler, J , W. Bu Its 

Power eta. equip. 4 ».o. G. B. Allli-C. 

tnrbo gen. lot. IS.OOO kw. S800 v. 8 ph. 

eo c;e; 8 eag: ina bp. b. Spgf. Wickaa; 

■tm. tnrb. AUh-C.. ft. E..'^tnij..- volt! 

38,000 >; trolley volt. 1800 T. 

Towerettt. and repair ihopat Mnddy. 
ISGmilee; 4-8^ g; 4 moiorpaae.Strail 


1 fgl. t 


al3— Vblcago Nortb Shore A HII- 
WKUkee R. B. (SnciB»Bor to Tbe Chi- 
curo A Mllwankee Elec, R.R,Co.)-AHo 
_ I Mllwaakee.Wli. Con- 
aeeU Cblcago (Terminal at Bvautoii) 
---, BIghland Park, Hlgbwood, Li" 
■nt. Lake "'-■" -' - "■-'-- 

iln n'lnoli 

Free. Brltton 1. Bud 

7. Prea. H. FloyilCIIncn 

.Rookery Bldg., Cblcago 

Cb.Bmir. B.J. Fallon 

Bnergy porcbaaed from TbeMilwiuke 
Elec. By. & Lt. Co. and Public Serrlt 
Co. of Norlbtm UIIdoIi; trana, vol' 
ia,a00 A 83,000 v; Irolley Tolt. eoo V. 

18 Bob-ata. (4 wltb ante, cont.) lot. cat 
13,500 kw;*S rot. conv. 

Repair ebopa at Hlgbwood, 

Keacbee Great Lakea Nayal Tralnln 
"--lUoo Ravin la Park, near Higblan 

HILXSBOBO. T,8S1 (1813). 
ai4— Southern IDlnola Lt. A Pwr. 

Co. — Office, 806 Central Nat'l Bank 
Bldg., St. Loaia Mo. (ConnecU HUla- 

V. Prea. G^ C. Lan 

Gen. Bnpt. W. F, Corl " " 

Pnr. Aei.W.W.Bnrlon. .. " 

Local Snpi. C. P. Hamlin Hlllaboro 

Cb. Engr. Pwr. Sta. J. L. Beat . . 

Engr. Overhead Conatr. 

H. F. Blockbnrger 

Power Bta. equip. 8 a. c. G. B, ML 

ITDO kw. 12300 V. 8 pb. BO eye; 160 bP- e. 

Chuee; hp, b. Bab. ± W; lEOO kw. 

Inrb, (atm.) G. B; trolley volt. tOO v. 
Power (la. at Seward St., Hlllaboro; 

repair Bhopa and car barn at Millar 

St., Hlllaboro. 
Reacbea Bull Park (owned.) 
S.B miles; 4-^ a; B motor and a'othar 
,_ ,r, jj^g ^ general llgbllns ' 


JACK80MVIU.B. 1B,481 
iilS— JaohaonTllIe Rj. & Lt. Oi>.~ 

omca, l»4 So. Main St. (Inclndlnr 
JachMmvlllo Oaa & ■ Elec. Co. and 
Jackionville St. Ry. Co.) (Part of nil- 

Prae. Wm. B.McKinley ChamMlen 

es. Eiee. H. E. Cbnbbnc 


, D. Cole. 

.1, (Tan. 
. . . Jacksonville 


10 oya; Sd. c. West, tot 
5 bp. e. Mc.Ift 8,8t.L, 
p. b. Bab. & W.Stlr. 

JOLIET. 88.01 

1»~ Aurora, Platnfleld & JoUet 

Ry — Offlca.Joliot. (Connecta Aaroca 
Plalnfleld and Jollet.) 
Tea. F, K. Shrader Chicago 

Elgin A Chicago K. H. Co.; trolley vc 
1 anb,*U.cap. «oakw;Srot.coDT. 

at Joltat ; »i«lr ihop* U 

KlBclrlc P»rk. Plalne 
««;*-8Mg; la motor Mr, I 

417— VhlokKuA Jollot Klcotrlo Hj. 

Co.— Offlca, Oiuwi ft CllnlOD 8lB. (In- 
olodeaJoIlet K.H.Co,, Chlciiro * Jollet 
RapldTrauBll Co., uDd eODtroLa Chin- 
LFoand !>«■ Plslnaa Va]1«j Else. Rr. 
Argo, Willow SprlDgg, Lemont. Look- 
port iDd Jollet.) (Controlled bv 
AiDsricAii Ryi. Co., Pbllndelpbla. Pa.) 
PiDB. Vsii Horn Ely. . . .Phlladi^pbia, P«. 
V. Preats, ] f,' j^' gl'TTnefir.'.'.' " 
BecATrea., WallerW. Perking '■ 

Corapt F. J. Prjor. Jr ■' 

Gen.UOc, J. R.HIuchhall Jotlat 

Pnr.Ajil.'Q^O WelVlcit.'.piiliadeipiiY»,Pa. 

Hner, M. of W., J.B. Tlnoon Jollal 

M.Td., A. P. BiBClimann " 

Traffic Agt. A Park Mgr. 

J. P. MacCiilloch " 

BnergT purchssed from Pnbl!c Service 
Co, Qf iJorthern IlllnnH; 8 a. c. G. E. 
motor gen. Bets. tot. MOO kw, S ph. Soeja; 
trans, rait. 15,000 »; Irollry rolt. MO v. 

Power aU. »ljoli8tonl)ralnac9 Canal 
(water power): repatrahop at Jollet. 

Control! Dellwood Part, en roale to 

86.76 mllnt; 4-SK g: BI motor and 8 
other cara. Compaoj' (gmlilie* powm for 
llghtlnE. A69 

a 18— Juliet A Bkatem Ttbr. Co. 

— OBICB, Jollet. {Connects Chicago 

H^ghtB, SlalteBon, Frankfort. !" — 

Lesoi and Jollet.) 
'Pre- ..Toy Morton, Hy, Ej, Bldg, CWck-o 

V. Prei. Boht. Kelly Jollet 

Sec. B. U. SrcarnB, By. Bl.Bldg..Chlcagc 
Treat. DanI el Peterkin " 
Oeii. Mgr. A For. Agt. 

F. C. Bckmann Jollet 

Car Fmn. Ed. Catcbfal <' 

BnerBi from Public 8er»lce Co. of 
Northern llllnola; repair ehop at Frank. 

Semilei; 4.8>-i g: 6 motor and t othei 

.TONEIBOBO, I,tll9. 


»10— Kaiikakea Kleo. Rj. Oo. 

Office, S Court at. 
Prea. R. A. McCrai-ken PailOD 

Sec. A TreBB. K. D. RlBter..!.". " 

Qan.MKr. * Pur. Agt. 

Powfr sta, eqnip, J'd!e'.'WBBt. lot, 400 
few; 36ahp. f, Erie; SDOhp. b. Brie: trol- 
ley volt, 600 v. 

Power gta. and repair BhojM, at Green- 
wood Ave, A Btg Four Tiscki. 

Reachn and owns Blectric Park. 

PBBB. and 8 other motor care, ' *nfl 

aao— No. KnnkBlne KI«c. Lljcht * 
Rf. Co.— Office. Ill, Kaslern TroBl A 
Sailngf Bank Bide, (Connact* Kanka- 
kee. BradkT and BonrbounalB,) 

PreB, LoqIb BgcmBn Eankski 

v'pre«,lS*d,Mann,, !'.!"'.!'.". " 

Sec. W, F, Beckman 

Qtn. Mgr C, G WIndal Bradley 

Energy purchased from ChlCBgo ft 
HoDthero Trac, Co.: repair sbopi 
- tdlej, 

teachea Fair QroiindB- 

i: 4-M ■; T motor ai 


KE WANES. IS,t61 (1016) 
*1— GklvabarK A Rewuie* SIbi. 
»y, Co — Office, Kewanee. (OoDDecu 
KewansB. WetheraaeldaadOalTa.) 

raB.W,U,LymaD Kewanoa 

.Prea, J.K. BllBh 

_BC,F,M, uy 

Treaa, J, H.Baethke ,. " 

Gen, Hgr, ft Fur, Agt- 
B, H. Uajward 

Cb. Beer. Pwr. Sta. B. P!ae " 

'. M., F. L. Deaena 

nadrnaater, L. B. Hanion 

Power Bta. eqnlp. B d. c, G, B., Weat- 
<t, 600 kw; lood hp, e, Bckye: TOO hp. b. 
e»i trolley rolt, SOO v. 
Power Bta, and repair abopa at Kevuiee. 
RcBCbea Wlodmout Park. Wetbetafleld, 
Id Termtoal Park, 


0«e No. «»,) 

LA SALLE. IS.IiSl (1916) 

(See No- HOa.) 
lAttCOUt, 11.836 (1»16) 

(« 1a— Lincoln Manic. 8t- By — aa 

June 1917, city acqnlred the property of 

tbeUacoinBj, A Etg. Co. and UdcoId 

Blec, Ry, Co,) 
Uayor, W. D. GaylB, (Gen, Ugi. 

APnr. Agt.) City Hall.LlDCOlD 

Bee, A.RrTbomaB(CltyClerk).., '■ 
City TteiB. 

Frank Bollln. Lincoln Nat'l Bank " 
Blec. EnEr,.ftU,H, 

JaroesT. Price. ...410CltaeonSt. " 
Bngr. M. of W, 

Wm,Cole " 

Bogr. Orbd. Conatr. 

Bldwell atorer 

Energy pnicbaaad f roiti Lincoln Water, 
Lleht A Power Co; trana. volt- tSCO vi 
irolley volt, 6S0t. 

Repair ehopBBt410 Clinton St. 

Reachee ChanCaagna Park. 

6 miles; 4-SH g: 8 motor cata. (Oae 
mile of new track contemplated.) ASo 

MARION. 7,093. 

c/oMo, Pao,,, Ry. Eich, Bldg,,et.' 
Loula. Ho, (Connecle Marlon, HerriiL. 
CarterrlUe and Energy,) 


J, G. Drew.Bll Olive 8t„ St.Lonia, Mo, 

V.Prea.A, RobertMn " - 

Sec, F.W, Irland " 

TteBi. F. M Hickman " •' 

GoD.Mgr, J, P. Murphy.... •■ " 

fcndr, C, B. More " " 

"opl- B. H, Berry " '• 

Claim Agt. A, H, MiniflBld ■' ■■ 

Pur. Agt.C. A How " " 

Cb. Krgr. H. H. Carp-nUr. ■■ 

Elec Eniir. t-. D. More '■ 

SlgnalKDB. B.H.Mann.,,, - ■* 

Aaat Supt, O. L, GlaBB Marlon 

Ch, Engr, Pwr, Sta. A. W.Steele, Bnorgj 

M, M,.P. W. Gratiot Illmo" 

Kngr.M. of W, 

A. F, Dorter St. Loula, Ho. 

Engr. Ovbd. Conatr. 

J, C, MonlBon Marion 

Power Bta, equip, 9 d. c, Weat. tot 0'- 


repair i 

}, Helua; 

SEATTOOM. 1S,B8) {l»m- 
13— Cvniral llltnoU Pobllo 8er< 

rice Co.— Omce, Aver Blda., Mattoau, 
111.. (Opeiat.e IochI rallwitj >vil«m>at 
Hatloun, Chaileiton, Taylorvillt and 
Aims.) (Alaa oautrola aod opiriug 
Cenlral Jlllnol* TtuUod Co., whleti 

betwesD UaltooD aad CbHrlalon, and 
fn Fade 

)r Co, n 

At Ridlwi 


(Snbeldiarj or llie Middle West UUimea 


rea. Maraball R. SamiUKl] 


. Prea. J. Paul Clartoo Sprlonflsld 

ec. i Pur. Agt, D, E. Truai. , . .Matloon 

reaa. C. E. Cnpa BprlngBe'd 

,udr. P. A. Brlach '• 

Ion. Mgr. Q. W, Hamilton || 

Igr, of Oper.' b'. F. Tacker.V.V.V. 

^calSnpl.H.J. Mu«io« ■■ 

lupt. Hj. W. C. HatiTiig •' 

5Uc. Bngr. A. W. Mann " 

:h. Bngr. J, D. Roberta ■' 

;h, Engr- Pwr, aii. 


a. M.. Morria W. StormB 

JoadmagteMI. Jonea 

Iiigr.Overhd.Conilr. Geo. W.Cook " 

Bnergj frnin Blactrio Utllltj DiTlelon 
>t Cenlral llllnola Public Service Co; trel- 
et volt. 660 T. 

Repalnhopfl at Mattoon. 

Reaches Lytle Park and PeunoD Park 
iw ned hy city. 

15.G mllea; t-SU r; IS motor and 4 
>ther oara. *fl!l 

and operated by Centra] lUinala Pub 
Serdce Co.. nblGb fee for ofllcera 1 
Sn£rgv pntchaaed from Central Illni 
Public Serrloe Co.: trollsy volt.GtE 
Repair rbopa al Uattoon. 

HOLINE. 87, «1 (l»l(l). 
(See also So.fUZ.) 
2«S-HoUn*, Rock bland * I 
nmTrmo. On — iOperalea oiei |. 
track! of Tri-Cltj Rj. Co, and COQ 
WatertoWD, E, Molina. HIlTla. C 
bell's laland and Mollne.) (ronlrolled 
bj the Tri-CltT Ry. A LI. Co.) 

V. Pre* * Gen. Mgr. 


Rec. H. B. Utilg. 

Treat. B. B. Weeki '■ 

Pnr. Ael Geo O. Knhn... 

Claim Xet. M. Marcnaaan- " 

Rreii?y_P''rchB»ed from Power Dept. ol 
Trl-CltT Ry. A Lt. Co; trans. toU. 4400 
»: Itollejvnlt, BSOt. 

Opemtei Camphatl'l laland on Mian. 
RiTer<maerei>whtrb la owned by Tri- 
Clly Ry. Co, of IIHnoia. 


iLtoPraa. B. C.Walab, Jr. 

Sec, A Gen, Mgr. 

J. W, Waleh Clinton, la. 

Aeat, Gen, Mgr. (Incbanre of Opprailon, 


Geo, W. Ouackeabueta Rock laland 

Traaa, C, B. Waleta BorllDgton, ]a- 

Ahbi. Treaere. ) Davenport, la. 

(W. C. Tubba.. Monmouth 

SupuC. O. QrllBn.. ! !.'."'. ".'.'.Rock laland 

Clstm Agt. T. D. Mobotg 

Ch. Tariff BBrBanF.K.tarlhay " 

Power ita. equip. 3 d. c. Q. E. tot MO 
kwi 1£00 bp. t. S. 7. A U; tW hp. b. 
rroal; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Power aia. and repair ehopa at Camaroo. 

S6 mllea; 4.BH g: 4 motor, S other 


(See No. 164.) 


(See No. IM.) 


SA8— Harphyabaro Eleo. By., !,<., 

Ht. A Pwr. Co UIHce. UIK Wol- 

not St (Operates In HnrphyBboro.) 

Prea. A. B. Minion Hnrphyahoro 

V. Ptee. Pur. Agt, Si Supt. 

See! ATreaa, John O, Hudy " 

Andr, A Gen. Hgr. 

W.C. Aleiander 

Blee. Bngr. B. A. Qnlll 

Bnergv nurchaaad from Unrphyaboro 
Wtr. Wki. Bleo. A Gaa Lt. Co.; repair 
■hop! at fith & Walnat S'a. 

Raacbea three amuaement parka {two 

l.B mllea ; ASH g; B cata. 68 

a-tnu — Murphyabora A Southern 

Illlnola Bailwny — I41S Walnut St. 

(Will connect Mnrphyibofo and Car- 

bondale. Road under conatrnctlon.) 

Preg. A. B. Hinton Murphyaboro 

V. Prea. Gen. Mgr. & Snpt, 


Sec. 8t Treae. John G. Hard; 

Andr. W. C. Alexander 

Blec. Bngr. K. A. ((Bill 

BnergT porchaaed From Mnrphyaboro 
Wtr. Wka., Blec. * Gaa L(. Co. 

«mllea;4-aMg;2cara. 6B 

OAK PABK. Se,6M (1916). 

(Sea No, ItO.) 


• S» — Chicaso, OttBim A Peoria 

BT'-OfBce, SIS Van Boren 8t,. Joli- 

poiiui, La Salle, Seneca, Morria. Grand' 
Ridga, Slreator,«nrlnB Valley. Village 
of Ilarquetle, Ladd, Rockdale, De Pna, 
Borean.Mtnooka, Jolietand Princeton.) 
(Part of Illlnola Traction Syalem.) 
Prea. W.B. McKlnley Champaign 

V. Preaia. j g E.'chnbbiick Peoria 

Sec. E, A. Macnnlt. Montreal, One. 

Treaa. Bdw, Woodman PorUand.Ve. 

Suprr. Opig. Eipendilurea 

W. J. Acbelpohl Peoria 

Gen. Andr. B. B. Bramble. ...Champaign 

Gen. Snpl. F. E. Tiaber Joltal 

Ch.Clerk (Traffic Dent.) A.M.Parroll " 
Supl. Tranapt. W. w. Wateraon.. Ottawa 

Claim Agt.ld. F. Hanley ■■ 

Pur. Agt. H. J. Vani e Peoria 

RoaJmasler, N. Wahl Ottawa 

Eleo. Bngr. A Supt. Orhd. Linn. 

Sleanlaft Snh-nijiB. W. M. Trwin. " 
H.H.&Bngr.HalDt.orW. Bd.Coy " 


BoargT pnrchHsed horn Northara Illi- 
noia Li: i Tnc Co., at La Bklls-sad 
Uanelllea: trsna. volt. iSMO v: troLlei 

Repair ahop St Ottawa. 

Rewbea KUrred Rocli SUte Park) and 
UeKlDleT Puk)(owned.l 

lOT mlha: 4-8U g; SamotoraDd 44 oUier 
can. *St 

' ISO— Northern UUnola LC A Tn«. 

Oa — one*, OtUwa. (Pari of lllino§( 

TncClon Sjitem.) 

Pree. W. B. UcSlnl«T Champtdgn 

V.Prxa.AOeii.lIgc.H.B.Obnbback Peoria 

Sec. B.A. Macnutl Montif al. Qua. 

Trsaa Bdwaid Woodmao. .Portland. Me. 
Aist. Treae. Oes.R. McComb.ClunipBfgD 

Aadr. W. J. Achelpohl Peoria 

Gen. Supt. L. W. Heaa Ottawa 

Par. AkI. H. J. Vance Poori« 

8npt. Br«. Enocb TsDizer Ottawa 

Blec. Bner. A Ch. Engr. Pwr. BU. 


Power Bta. equip. tS a. c. O. K.Weat, 

Auis-c tot. n^&anp; aoio hp. «. wef-t. 

All la. C. Ham, Cor; SSBS bp.b. Heine, Stlr^ 
ll.lM bp. turb. (atm.) O. E: 41 IS hp. wtr. 
wb. LeSel. 8. JS B; IraoB. volt. >3,000 t; 
trollej voU, BOO t. 

Power ataa. at Hanel ilea 'Ottawa and 
Ia Salle. 

B mllea; 4-8K g: Smotor and jtiall tare, 
(OompaofdoeB geoeral llg. Jtpwr. bnal- 

Aa S£a iDllee (3.» opeiated i 

jga rlghta), eiteodln^r fmm V. 

oppoalte St. LoaiB northwi 

anch tb 

a Sprtngfleld, witl 

Cairo (111.) Ki. ALL ..^ , 

EI«C. ft Trie. Co, and Cairo '» St. Lod 
-.J. Co.) ^ 

CbLcago, Ottawa & Peorta By. 

CltUena' Lie. Co.. La Salle, III, 
DanTillB (III.) St. Sy, « Lt. Co. 
OaleabBrKdll.) H... Llg. & Pwr. 


« City a 


n (la.) 

Nortb HiHsnrI Lt. & Pwr. Co., Neol 

[AudOD. I 

Northern Illlnola Lt, * Trao. Co..| 

Moand City (III.) Lt, « Wtr. Co. I 

Honlenma jla.) Elee. Lt., Pwr. A Htg. 

Pridrle CIit (la.) Elec. Co. 
Colfax (la.) Elee, LI. Co. 
CllotOD (III.) tiu & Elec. Co. 
Bloomlnglon A, Normal Rv. A Lt. Co. 
Oauha&LlDColD Ry.4tLt.C0., Ralalon, 


(a*e alio No. »S,) 

S31— Oenlral Illlnola Traction Co. 

— For general off ieere. " " 
Local Snpt. H. C. Weblli 
H.U.W. V.Drlakell... 

Energy purchaaed fr 


Public Serrlce-Oo., I 

1. B60t. 

PEKIN. (l»l«). 

(See also No. aSG.) 

as*— FebiH Manlolpta Ballwmy.. 

Comr, of Pub. Propty, 

O. F. Qebrlng Pekl 

Sept. Nplaon C, Qale •■ 

Energy piirehned from Centml THlnn 
LIgbt Sr 

JackBoi]vllle(Ill.)Ry.ALt.Ca. (Inolod- 

Jackaonyille St. By. Co.) 

Qntacy (III.) Hj. Co. 

Topeka(Kan,)Ry. Co. 

0«kalDOBa(U,)'ft«c. ALt. Co. 

Oekalooea (la.) A Button Elec. Ky. Co. 

OakalooBB (la.) Lt. & Fuel Co. 

People's Trac. Co., Qalesbnrg, III. 

Wichita (Eaua.) R. R. & Lt, Co. 

81. Loaia (Mo.) Klec. Term, Ry. Co, 

Urbaua Lt., Ht. A Pwr, Co., eledUlc 
llRht and Bteam beat In Urbana, 

Dee Moioee Elec, Co., electric 

In Dee Moines, IbL 
The Madison Coonty 

Light Co. 


Ic llgbtlng 

-y Lt. A Pwr. Co,, 

electric Ugbllng bnelncaa 

.J Granite City, Venice, Bi^ard)*llla 
and Madlaon. 

Topeka BdlBOD Co., electric light and 
Bteam hpat In Topeka. Kan. 

OwDB the Daoillle. Champaign & Deca- 
tur Rt. Bt Lt. Co., which conirolB, 
thrODgb stock ownerahip, the Danville 8t 
Rj, & Lt. Co., Decalnr Ry. fr LI, Co.. 
■■ " -LBBtC!iampalgtiny.,Qa8&:Elec.Co, 

,., m. 


gaimi the We-stetii Hy >. A Lt. Co, 

^ -loKlnley Cbampalan 

.., H. E, Chnbbuok., .Peoria 

833 - llllaola Traotlou Syatt 

Owna BDd operalee the following . 

Bloomlngton. DecBtnr A ChHmpatgn ' 
H, R. operates M miles, connecting ! 
BloomlnzIOD, Decatur and Cbampal— 

DanTllls & Eaalern 111, Ry. Go, 

DaoTllle A Sonlheaaleni Ry. Co. oper- 
ates m mllcB of street railway from Dan- 

Daarllle, Urbana ft Champaign Ry. Co 
operatea SI ml let intamrbao llnea con- 
necting DanWlla, WeatTllle. Rldgerarm, 

\udr. B. B, Bramble.. ..ChampalBB 


a. Home 

ininolB Central TtK.. _ __. .., 
M milea. connecting Decator and 9 

St. Louis, Springfield ft Peoria 


npt. M"t. 
3, M. B< 


AbbI. Gen. Mgr. 

" F.Handehy Sprlngdeld 

Snpt. Int. Llnea 


Coot. Aitt. F. J. Blalcber St. Lonle 

Sapt, Trunpl. 
A. S. BergBChDElder Sprloglleld 

J. I. CBtherman " 

SIrdbI BDgr. John LaleeiiriDK '■ 

flTOonnor. Danville 

DIt. Ij. U.Martle Mackinaw Jet. 

Supta. 1 A. McNeil Dccular 

iKMeCoy Somnton 

Traffic Mgf. W. H. Wjlie Peoria 

AbbI. Tr^cUEr, E. E. KetUr .... " 

AaaC. Oen. Mgt, Kantaa TJUIIiiei 

A.M. Patten Topeka, Kana. 

Gen. Supt. BloomiDRton L1d« 

D. W. Snjder Bloomtnjtan 

Oea. Snpt. fit. LouIa LlaeB, 

B. D. Bell St. Louis, Mo. 

Qea. Snpt. Qalesburg Rj. Lt. A Pwr. 

Co. R. T. Carley Galeiburg 

GI«D. Stipt. Qulncf Llnea 

W. A.TiBTtin Qulncy 

(Ha. Supt, Korth«D Illinola Lt. & 

Ttan.CO. L. W. H<^a3 OtWwa 

Qen. Snpt. Chinaeo, Ottawa A Peoria 

Ry. Co. P. K. PiBher JoUeI 

Oen. Sapt. Danyllle St. By. A Lt. Co. 

J. K. Johnaon Danville 

a«. Sapt. Dscatnc By. £ Lt. Co. 

M. L. Hany Decalnr 

Oen. Sapt. Peoria Ry. Co. 

R.W. Ballsy ^ Peoria 

Gan, Snpt. Orbana Lt.. Bt.£ Pwr.Co., 

F. W. Bsdarrl Urban* 

Oen. Snpt. Urbana.ClianipaIgn Ry. Obb 

A Elec.Ca. F. W. Bedard..CbsinpBl|!n 
Gen. Snpt. JackBonTUIe By. * 

Lt, Co. E. H. Gray JackeooiUle 

Gen. Sapt. Clinton Gaa i Elee. Co.. 

Oen. siipt. OaivaElec. Lt Co.. 

Oen. Sapt. Atchlioii Ry.Lt.'Jfc Fwr. Co.. 

J. W. WamEOnei Atchison, Kana, 

Oen. Snpt. Topeka Sdlinn Co., 

A. H. Purdy Topeka •' 

Supt. Wlcbltii R. B. * Lt, Co, 

r. A. Lewie Wichita '■ 

Oen. Mgr. Dee Hoioee Elec, Co., 

M. G. Linn Des Moinet, la. 

Oen. Supt, OBkalooes Trao. di Lt. Co., 

Oen. Sopi. Caiio'ity! A Lll Sjitcm. 
ft. A. Roehry Cairo 

Oen. Supt. Jefferaon City Lt., Bt. ft 
Pwr. Co. and Jefferaon City Bridge 
& Transit Co., R. F. Paimblade. 

JelTenon City, H> 

Gen. Sunt. No. Mlaaonrl Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

E.B.Bell St Louie. Mfl 


Rabllly. S a. c. Q. E. tot. <000 kw. 3 

ph. 35 era: 3900 bp. b, ftir. SOm bp, torb. 

0. E,; Erane toH. S3,000 »: trolley TOlt. 


Miner, S a. c. G. E. AITIb-C. tot. e.OOO kw. 

Sph. »cy*;41l»bp. b. Bab. 4W:in.onO 

tap. tarh. O. B. Allla-C; trans, volt. 31,000 

VeiTICE plant— Ch. EniTr. E. S. 
Fomin. S a. e. Q. E. tot. SOOO kw, S ph. 
WcjeiaoOOhp, e. B.C. *R: 4800 h p. b. 
0'Brl«, Rab. & W: IO..'^iWhp. atoi. turb. 
G. B: Bnoftkw. rr«q, cbgrt, O, B; inns. 
Toll. 83,000 T. a cyi. 4 W eye; trolley 
Tolt. HO T. 
Power Btaa. at Champa!^, DanTillc 

tnr. Urbana. '.Tackeoninie. Edwai^svlUe 
Teuice. Atcbieon. Cairn, La Hilte. Galea 
bort, Jefferaon City Marsalllee, Ottawa. 
Clinton. Dee Moinra. Qolncy. Topeka 
0>kil«oia. Repair 'hope at T)anTl)lF 
Venice. Jaokeon^llle. Blnornlnelon 
Hprlnxleld, Peoria, Oranita City, Staiin 

Owna Weat Bnd Park and Ball Park, 
CliaiBpBlini and McKlnley Park. Ottai- 
contiDlB Way Sid* Park, Tllton, I 


Danville, Peoria, Homer and Blooming- 

m mllee; t-BU g; lEifi paea. and 010 
tgt. can; K locog, and worV cara. *6Q 

934— FeorlK Ry. Co.~Offlce, 084 S. 
AdamB St, -(ConnectB Peoria, ATerj- 
Tllle. B. Peoria Bud Peoria Height*. 

Ptea. W. B. McKinley. Chanipal(n 

H. E.'ChubDnck Peoria 

Sec B. A. Macnult Uontreal, Que. 

Treaa. Geo. M. MatUl Champaign 

Gen. Andr.B.E. Bramble.... " 

Andr. Howard Johnaon Peoria 

Qen.Sopl. R W. Bailey '■ 

Claim Adjr. E. C. Cannaday " 

Supt. Peter Brady || 

M. M., A. T.'Leech...!!!!!!!"!!! •' 

Boadmaeter, John Tracy " 

Energy pdrchaaed; trolley volt. BBO v. 

'Repair abnps at aoOB N. Adama St. 
RiBcbea Al Pteaco Park, L^e View 
Park and upper rWer reaon*. 
AS mllee; l-SMg! 100 motor and Mother 

9 3S — Feorla Rallromd Terminal 

Co— Office, Room 33 Union St a. 
(Conneou Peoria, Bo. Bartonvtlie, and 
PreB. W.G. Bierd.Tranap Bldg., Chicago 

Sec. Geo. H. Croaby " 

TrCBB J. F. Klefet Peoria 

Audt. V. K.Bloe 

Oen. Mgr, R. W. Johnaon " 

Snpt, J. M.Bath- " 

Pur. Afft. V. M. Aleiander Chicago 

Claim Agt. O. H . Wretoo Peoria 

Ch. Engr. E. H. Thomherry •■ 

Elbe. Ennr. O. F, Prior '• 

Sli-nal Engr.G. W. Hnlelzer. Bloom! ngton 
Ch. Bner, Pwr. 8t*. 

D E Mcran 8o. Battonvllle 

M. M.. E. A. Park, Peoria 

Hoadmastfr O. Thayer "g 

kw;'O0hp.e.Bckye'i BOOhp.b.Bah, AW; 
trolley volt. B60 v. 

Power Bta. *nd repair fhopB at Bo. 

3bmllaB; 4-(IM e; B motor pass.. 8 trail 
DBBs.and BS fe*. care wllhout motoTB; 
1 iprinkler and 1 anow plow, *B(I 

88fl— W^eetern Rya. Ir Lt. Co.— 

Offloe. Peoria. (Subsidiary of BllnoiB 

Prpo. W. R. MrKln'ley .Ch«m_palirn H. B, Chubbnc-k,... Peoria 
V. Pre*. Geo. F. Duncan.. .Portland. Me. 

Sec. E. A. Macnntt Monlreal, Caa. 

Tree*. Geo. R. MoCrmb CbampalBn 

eSr-BIoonilnstan. Pontlko * 

JolleCBy.Co Office. 12 W. Adama 

St., Chicago. (Conn ecu Ponllac. Odell 

Pr«>. Frank j! Baker Chicago 

V. Pre«. CharleB A. Mnnroe " 

Sec. PanlD. Sexton " 

Treae, John H. Qnllck 

Supt. (Mra.lA. R. Sella PonUae 

Local Mftr. V. V. Parehall " 

Claim Agt. B. F. HarniB.... Chicago 

Pur. Agt. Oeo.B.Jone. " 

Htatletlclan. S. B. Cuehlng " 

M. M., B. W. Cl-rk Pontlao 

Power BlB. equip. I a. c. G. B, SBOkw. 
n ph. flO eya: troller volt. HflO v. d. c. 

Energy purohaeed from Public fietvlce 
Co. of Northern IlllnoiB. 

Rapalr ahop al PonUac. III. 

Reach** latarurban Park. 


Ifl.TO milM; l-SH g; 8 motor pSH.. a 
tndl pua. tod 1 tgL motor car. AEt 

QCIMOT. 36, TVS (ISie). 
SS8— QDlncr Rr- Co. - once, 188> 

Kalne Bt. {Part of lUlnolB TricMon 


Pre*. W. B.HcKlnleT CbampalAn 

V.PrcB. Eiec.H.E.Chobbnck....Paint> 

Sec. a. A. Uacnatt Moutrsal.CBn. 

Tieas. Geo. M. Hattle. Cbampalgu 

SupTT. Optg. Bip«tidltnr» 

*, J. Aclialpobl Peoria 

Oeu, Aodr. B. E. Bramble ChampalgD 

Put.Agt.H J, Vance Peorta 

Oen. Sapt. W. A. Martin Qnlncy 

Pass, a Claim Agt. 

J. a. FomhovB •' 

Ch. EoRr. & Eugr. Pwr. SUl. 

R H. QeBtry. ", 

Eleo. EnxT. A IC U. 

L, Recialeck " 

Enm. MalDt. of Waj Si 

Overhead Conatr. J. CWilllama " 

Power eu. eanic 2 <l. c. O. B. lot. ISfiO 
kwiS rot. ronT. lot. 90O kw; I8B0 bp. e.T. 
C, Ham., Ideal; 1'J64 hp.b. Hnlne; (rane. 
TOlt. 83,B0a-36U>. MciB;»Dllefyolt.flOOY. 

Power Bta. at Front i, Stale 3U.; n- 
pair abop at aotb & Hampsblre Sta, 

Reachei Soldl««' and SaHora' Home, 
So, Park. Indian Moanda (city). Highland 
and Baldwin Parka. 

S5 mllea: n i: 40 motor and SO other 
cara, {Cobtemplatea additions.) 4iA9 

ROCKFORD. as .DOS (IfllB) 
a3»— Rookfurd nitr Traotlan Co., 

Offlce, 1i 1-1 £« Suto Street (Controlled 
bTlheRockford A: InlerurbanRT. Co., 
which e«e for offlcera.) 
Energf purchased from Rockford Elec, 

Repair ahopa at Rocktord. 
Reacliea aarlem Park. 
fn.ia milen 4-8W g; 69 motor paaa. 18 
trait pasa. and T service cars. *e» 

840— BookroTd * Internrbitn By. 

Co Office. li)-12fl West Stats Street, 

{Control) the Janpavllle Traction Co. 
« Rockford City Trac. Co.) (Conoecla 
Freeport BWott. PcoatonlcB, Winne- 
bago, Rockford, Cherrj Valler, Belvi- 
dere, Roacoe. Rockton, III. and Belolt 
and .laneByllle. Wi>.) (Controlled by 
the Union Ry., Oaa & Blec. Co.) 

Prea. B. C. Cobb 1 14 Wall St . 

V. Prea. E. J. Becbtel. ) New York, N.T. 

M V. Prea. T. M. Ellia Rockford 

V. Prea . Geo. Mgr., A Tr^^aa. 

Andr. H. Q. Keeaier'.'.*. '.'.New York, N.T. 

Snpt. Tranapt. C. R. Sinicoi Roekford 

Pur. AM. H. D. Hallenheok ... 

Safety Agent. 8. H. Smith 

Gen. Fat. *P»bb. Agt. 


Cb. Engr, Edwin Main 

Elecl. BfiRr, Chaa. Minnlck. ... 

Co.: repair abopa at Rockford: trana. 
volt. 11,500 y; trolley volt. BOO-6O0 V. 

Sycamore & Interurban Trac. Co.) (Con- 
trolled ibrongb atock owneiBhip by 
Commonwealth Pwr., Ry. A Lt. Co.) 

) New York, H- T. 

ROOK ISLAND. 28,086 (1916). 

(See also No. SX.) 

84B— Bncklaluid BonthBrn Ry, Co. 

—Office, Central Treat Bldg. (Conaecta 
DBTcnpnrt and Moline. Hock Iiland, 
Aledo.AlBiia and Monmouth, IIIIdoIh: 
operates Aledo Terminal Ky.) CODtrola 
nock lalBpd Soathern Railroad, and 
la In turn controlled by MlsaiBilppi 
^»lley Ry. & Pwr. Co.) 

IT^a. E. C.Walah Clinton. la, 

V. Prea. M. A. Waiah 


Sec. * Oen. Hgr. 

4.W. Walab 

Aaet. Gen. Hgr. <tn Charge Operation 

Traltle A Suppllea) 

George W. QnaokeDbnab ..Ractflslknd 
Traaa, C. H. Walsh Burlington, la. 

Aaat. I A. E. Waleh Davenport. Is. 

Treaere.l W. C. Tubba Monmooth 

Cb. Acct. T, D. Hoberg Rocklaland 

3iipt. C.O.OrilDn 

FM. Claim Agt. & Ch. Tariff 

M. M.,b! J.' Cosgrova... .'.',',' 

Bnerey purchased from Edwards River 
i'jwer Co.; trans. Tolt. 33,000 & S300 v; 
volley volt. 11,000 T. 

tjnbata. and repair abop at Matber- 

8lmlles( ayateml; 4-8^^ « mo- 
torandaeootborcara. (OperateaTiy steam 
for freight service.) IIS 

1«3 — Trl-Cltr Rnllmy Co. ttt 

Illlnola — Office. IROO Third Ave., 
Hock laland. (Conneota Rock Island, 
MollTie, Seara and Milan.) (Controlled 
by the Tri City Ky. * Lt, Co.) For 
oScera. aae Tii-City Railway Co, of 
Iowa, Davenport. 
Energy purchased from Power Depl. of 

Trl-Clty Rt. * Lt Co: tnina. volt. 4400 t; 

trolley volt, B60v. 
Repair Bhop at Rock laland. 
Owns Watch Tower Park, Rock Island, 

aod Camph-lPa Tsland, Waterlown. 
42.(yTmlle*: 4-BMe: 80 cars, , 09 

a44 — Bflsalaalppl Talley Rf. ft 

PWT. Co (Holding company, and 

controls Rock laland Southern Ry. 

Co.. Alcdo Terminal Ry,. and Bdwards 

River Power Co,) 

Prea. J. A. Hanley Davenport, la. 

"e-. M. A. Wfllah Clinton, I«. 

Treaa, O. W. Quacbepbaah 

Central. Truat Bldg., Rofik laland 

SPRINHFIELU. «1,1«0 (lOlS). 

fa-texpre».Brv1ce. *(ra 

341— Union Rv., Oaa £ Rlea. V^. 

Ota. OffloB, 14 Wall St., New York, 
N.Y. (OwnaallthestockofibeSprln- 
lleld Gaa&ElfC. Co., Springfleld^Co 
aol. Rwy. Co.. Central llflnols Lt. Ct 
Public billOiea Co. (Bvanavllla. Ind 
Rookford Alnterorbao Rt. Co..,Tane_ 

15— SpiinBll'ld 

"- "-»,401)Ei 

lleld. (Oonlrolled throngh 
erahtp by the Union Ry., ( 
Co, wblofi In lum Is control 


,s A nw. 

„.. ;roIled byConi- 

onnweallh Pwr., Hy. & Lt, Co.) 
■a, B. C. Cobb, 

14 Wall St.. New York, N, T. 
( E. J. Bechtel " " 

p,,^, J Gen. Mgr. & Par, Agt. 
"*™- 1 A. D. »ack1e.. .Springfleld 
|,Blnford Wilson " 

Sec, E. E. Corken ..SptlnKlleld 

AsBt. Sec, H.S.Eda7 

Trau. E. L. Stnrtovant 

AsBt. Tk*.. S.B. WoIB.Ntw York, ... .. 

AniJt. Thoi. !■. MorriB 8prlngflelrt 

Snpt. Joseph 0'Hm« 

CI, Agt. P. F. Whipp " 

M.M, Frsnl: P, MetJell " 

Roadm.AEiiin'.nrhd.ConBl.G.A. BuiEet. 
Cu Birai, So. Sib St,. BprlDgOFld 

Bmrgy pnrchaied (romSprtDBBeWG— 
A Blec. Co. ; tiollev toU. BSO *. 

Itepalr (hops at fith & Atti BU, 

Re»chE8 White City, Mllii™d, Llnc< 
*ai3 WiihlngCon Fu-ka and Illlnoii Sti 
Fatr Groan (ft. 

4S.95mil»;4-9Ht;8» motor pise., 
trail psae, and 3i other un. 

(See No. 188.) 

STKEATOR. 14,804. 

S46— lUlnolt I.t * Trae. Co.— Offlai 

7S W. Adania Bt., Cbiugo. 

Pres. Geo. H, Lukei Chicago 

Tnae. ?, D. Saiton Jolfet 

LoolSQpl. J.M. WlUard Streato, 

aintlillclan, B. B Cnfhlng Chlcatc 

Boerey PDrchaaed from Pabllc Servlci 
Co. of Sorihero IlUnoia; trans, yoU 
St.OOO v; trolley Tolt. ECO t. 

Repair sbop at Traction Bldg. 

Reachei Fair Gronndt, ChaBtaoqni 
Park and Ban Ball Park (owned). 

S.lmi]Ba:4-^K: Mcars. *» 


other oar. ' " 69 

URBAN A. fi,gSS. 
948 ~ Kank&fceo ft Drbniw Trae. 

Cn.— OfBce. ine No. Market SLJIrhanB. 

(CDnnKU tlrbtuia (CbampaiKii).Th01DBg. 

boro, Rantooi, Ludiaw and Pailon.) 

Prea. Dr. C. L. Yen Doren UrbMia 

V.Pre«,4Pnr. Agl. U. 8. Fowler. Ban lonl 
SecS. B, HaS Dtbana 

Andr. E'R L. DenmaD Paicnn 

Oen. Snpi,. Pur. Ant., Claim Agt. ACb. 

Bon-. E. D, Bllnn Urbana 

M. H..CIiai. Blake •' 

BnerKT pnrehusd rron Illlnoii TrU' 
SnlemBna Cent 111. Utilltin CoitraDm. 
TolLSS.Oaa 1. S ph. » ejt: 3 rot. coot, 
Wea*. tot. SDO kw: troller volt, 600 T. 

Repair ahop* at rrbana. 

R>Bchea Chanute Field. (lovnnmeDt 
ATiaUon Field at Raotou] and WeeslDod 

I general l!|{htlnj[ and p 


HKKOAN. 10,S44 (1«1«). 




UdIod Trae. Co. of Indlsn 

e,i;nioaI<)dK..Andeiaoa. (Lei 
duntle, Hartford & Ft. Wayne 
Indlanapolia, New Caetle &. E 
ITBition Co. and The Mnndi 

ton: UuQCle and Union City: Muocle 
and Portland; AndcrBOD aod Mirlon: 
LaFonlalne and Wahaah; AndeitoB 
and Mlddletnwn : Alexandria and Tip- 
ton: Indlanapolie and Loganaport: 
Kokorao and Pern; IndlanapollB and 
Newcaatle. Controls the Traction Lt, 
A Pwr. Co.) 

. Prai. PhllllpMatter',''.."'.". 
ao,ATreaB,W,H.Forae,Jr... " 

Manhail S. Morgaa... Philadelphia. Fa. 

ndt. W. Sbrater Anderson 

en.Mirr. H. A. Nieholl 

r. Tnnapt. 
8, Keeier " 

-ur. A«t, H.R.Biery 

Snpt. Pwr. Pit*. Frederick L. Ray •' 
Sopl, Pwr, DlBtr., J, O. Penlelen " 
Real Bai. * Tax A [I. 

O.H.Alien - 

Qen.Attj. J. A. Van Oedol,... 
Claim Adjr. Elmer B, suck, ,. . 
Gen, Pasa. A Fgt. ARt. 


FKt, Claim Act, 

M. B. Granton Indiauapolla 

9npt. Motive Pwr. 

M. F. Skonden AnderKm 

Engr.M. of W., L.A.Mitchell, 

Weatc. tot, 5000 kw. S ph. X cya; TEOO 
hp. e. R. * 8; 6400 hp. b. Bab. A W; 

truie. YoJt. 1B.OOO.«I,000 and 88,000 v; trol- 
ley Yoll. 800 V. 

BATON STA.EOmP. ia.o. G.E. tot. 
1080 kw. a pb. ae eye; 1600 hp. e. Cpr; 
HOC hp, h. alir; trana. igll, 15,000 v; trol- 
ley vnlt. MO t. 



t. 1000 kw. S ph. !a c 
"10 hp. ti. Stir; tr 

I Eaton; 
:1a. Marl 

■on. Wlnchealer 
d. Tipton, Wlii- 

leaterand F. . 
Owna Honndi Park. Anderaon; Waat 
de Park. Muncle: Broad Ripple Park. 
irtianajHillii; Blverrtde Park, Eaton. 
4GS milpi: 4-PU*: MO ran. of which 
fl are electrically eqnipped. (Inclndea 
milBage and eqalpmenl of leaaed lloea.) 

950-Indlkn Dtllltlea Co.— (lenerat 
~ ■*, Aniiola. (Conlroli the Lake 
lea K. R. Conneola Angola and 

B.J. Condon. 

b. «£ 

cTBiSOOhp. e. BiH:400hp. b. Btlr;tTani. 
volt. 13,aXI v; trollBy voft, B60 v. 

Power sU. uid ninlr ibope at.Angola. 

Owni purk It LlkB Junta. 

S.TG mitsa; 1-f^ g: t molor and « 
other™™ (Hoadoperaledfrom Apr.lBth 
lo Oct. 15th onlf.) (CompaDf do«a Ligbt- 
iDg uid power baalnsea.) 4B 


SBl— Beeoh Grove Trac Od Office, 

Indian apol la. (CoanectB IndlaaipoKs 
and Beech Grove.) 
Recslvei. Fletcbar Trait & STfra. Co, 


Prea. Wm. Oatltatg " 

See. SMgr.forHBCTr. 
C. F. Schmtdt 

repatr ahope at Beech I 
B.SmUee; 4-eMg; « 


t HarlOD, Handeld. Lan<___ 
"Bnren, Warron, Liber 

Bee, Oen. Her.. Andr. & Par. Agt. 

Jamoa S. cTart BLu 

Treie. J.S Enillland 

Snpt. b Eagi. M. of W. 

Qeo. A. Hedd 

M. M., Forreet P. Blsic 

Energy pDiehaacd (rem Marion I 

ma. (Connect* iDdlanapoll*. Soutli- 
£i]ty, Sdl 

operaUna oIIIcIbIi 
'rea. Wm. O. Irwii 
'. Prtt. Llnnfelr» 

g.Bab,& W;43C0hp.< 

ODtbport. Franklin, Ooluml 

a lllhtlnir and powi 

Liberty Ceatra.) 

aS4— Central IndUan LI 
Omce, BIO Board of Tr 
»po1le. (Controlled by In le 
. Service Co. and le a ai 
Middle Weat UtlltHea Co.) 

Ptea. Harry Bdd Lo 

lldE. Colnmbni 
. . .Indlaiupollt 

. of W., R. J. ( 
T. Ovbd. Conau 
'. H. Jenslnga Oreenwoo 

ase— Gary £ Soutbern Trsc> Co 

Offlcp, Crown Point. (Connecla Gary 

and Crown Pt.) 

Prea. O. L. Wlldermuth Gar* 

V, Prea. John Brown Crown Point 

Sec. ATreas. Albert MaacE.. " 

Andr. H. A, Darle Cleveland, O. 

Oper. Mgre. 

TheWarren-Blobnell Co., Cleveland, O, 
Snpt., Clalm&Par. Agt., 

d J, Flfer C'OWD Point 

Knergy porchaacd from Notibem lad. 
GaeABIec.Co: trolley volt. TOO v, 

1 iub. ata. 800 kw. cap. 

Repair abopB at Lotlavllle. 

1G mllea; iS\i g: A motor care. lis 

asr-Wort Wayne « Deoator Trao. 

Co Office, Inlenirban Sta, (8nn- 

ceeeortothe Ft. Wayne Be HpringSeld 
Ry, Co.) (Connecta Ft. Wayne and 

rei. Jaa. H. Haberly Ft. Wayne 

ec. I,. F, Eberhach 

Qen.MBT. & For. int. 

Bam W. Or(«aland Ft. Wayne . 

Gen. Fgt. « Paaa, Agt. 

J. A. Greenland 

RoadmaHer, A. H. Henry Decatar 

Bnerey pnrcha'ed; traps. volt, 38,000 v: 
trolley volt. ISOO v. d. e. 

1 anb-eta. 40akw.oap:Srot. coov. 

Repalrabopaat Ft. Wayne. 

Reachea Robison Park. Ft, Wayne 
(owned by Ft. W. * IT. I. T. Co.) 

21, r mile*: tSU k: 4 motor and a 
other cara. BO 

DUNKIRK. 3,031. 

(See No, 389.) 

ELTTOOD. 11.038, 

(See So. U».) 


!ia« — K*aiiiTlUa*Oblo Taller By. 

ope'ralfiatheETanavllleHyi. Co, Beo- 
deraon and Owenaburo Ry. Co. 
the Svauaville & Ml. Vernon Elee. 
Rt., EvaneTllle & Baetem Elec. Rj. 
and Evanavllle Terminal Ry., operaUog 
throngta cara from Mt. Vernon throng 
BvanaTllle to Newbureh, Rockport and 
Grandview and branchline to Richland. 
ConneclB wttb Cnacent Navlntlon Co. 
at Bockport ror Owenebaro. Ky. Alao 

45 milea of Crock betwMn BTUievllla 
A HeDdenon.K;.. owned by tbe ItlLnola 
Ceatral It.R.,i]nw«lectTmad ud leaneil. 
Also coElrolt HendorsoD (Ky,. Trac. Co, 
and 0»9ii»boro(KT.)Cttyk>R. Co.) 

Pre«. Wm. H, McCardi K™n8ville 

V. Pre*. Wm, A. Koch 

V. Prm, A a«a. Ugr. 

flee. 4 Tre*. C. B.'Bsttii '.','.' " 

Andr. Geo, W. Wllioo 

Oan. BdkI. & Par. Agt. 

Q.R. Hllllcan 

M. M. Geo. W. Bnrke 

Hnpl. Trsnept., B. L. Moore, , , " 
Cb.Knei.PwrSU.W, A. Parker., HBttlcLd 

Reachei Cyprao Beicb, Atklaion and 
Basntei Grove Parka. 

Total mllpagp and oqulpment: 73,43 
milea; *-sU a; la paai,, 3 motor (el,, 1 

I gaa. Mael terry boat; I portable anb Ma, 

463— ETauiTlIla, Saba rban A Nan- 
bnrKh Ky. Co — Gen, Ofllce. ai7 Dpp, 
Stk St,. Evanivllle, Ind, (Operating 
•lee. pMe, lerrice and Btm, and elec, 

K, service belneea Evansvltle and 
•rbuTKli. and Bvansvllle and Boon- 
Tllle, StepheoBon and Chandler,) 
Pree., Gen. Mgi. A Fur. Agt, 

OuB Uahlbansen Bvannllle 

V. Prea, A Treaa,, CbM,W. Cook " 

Andc.C. H-Hendrioki.'*^!!!!! •■ 

Snpt, Alei.Cllnard 

Roadmaater, J, G. Cutlemau, 

BneriT purebaaed from Branaitlle 
Public CUlltlH Co.; trani.yolt, I3,O0Ot: 
MOO kw. rot. eaav: Iroller roll. 800 t. 

Rapalr staori at EvansTllle. 

Kttusbai Bamett'B Park and EoabbleT'i 

MX'mOtm; t-etif, B motor pass., IS 

motor and 140 fi;l. 

1 eerilee ear; t (team 


SSB-~Fobltct7ttlItlesCo Offlce.Sec- 

ODd and STCamore Sla.. Bvansvllle. 
(Controlled lUroneb slock owneretip bj 
UoloD R;.. Qas A Elec Co., wbicn In 
turn Is caotralled by Commonweaitb 
Pwr., Rj. 4 Lt. Coj (ConnectB Bvans- 
vllle. H&abaiadt. Pt. Branch, KIdsb, 
Prtncetnn and Patoka.) 
Pra. B. C. Cobb, 

„ 1 W. H. Bartbold •■ 

p™.(. -iHenrr W.Marshall Lafayette 

™'"'-)Gen,ilgr,P,J. Haas, Bvsneville 

Sec. C, H. SpKtlorff, " 

Treaa. C. B. OawBid " 

Oen.SDDt. J. J, QatDget ...:.. " 
Claim, ret. & Paas. Agl. 


Par. Agt. J. W, Alvey 

CS. Bngr, Pwr. au. 
Georee E. Bloala 

Power Bta. equip. 8 a.c. 'tarbo-«D. a. K. 
WeM. Allis C. tot. M.fiOO kw, 4000 v. s ph. 
Mcy>: Irani. volt. 
lS.(iOO-»,0(» v: trolley lolt. eOOv. 

Power alaa. and repair sbope at Bvaua. 

Ruebea Oak Bumiult. Cook'i Park, 
Oanla Park, Cook's Grove and Meaker 

W.8T milea: i-dH g; S3 motor nasa. 

^CfHnpany does Kenera] itir. and pwr. bna- 
Ineis In BvanaTlUe.) (Sell enerjiy to 
Branavllle. Snbntbaosnd Newbnrth Rv. 
Co.) *69 

FT. WA¥NE. 76.1M (imfl). 

(See alwi No. SB7.) 

U«_Pt. WBym A NoTthern Indl- 

■imTrBc. Co.-OfflceSlOW. HslnSt. 
(Own* and operatea dty lioea at Tl. 


Wayne, Wabaah. Pern, LoganspoTt and 
LaPayette; connects Ft, Wayne. Hgnt- 
Ington, AndrewB, Wabaab. Pern, Lo- 
eanaport. [.aPayutteand BluSlon.) 
inmn. of Board. J, LeverliiE Jonea 
705 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa 

Pres. Robert M. Penstel F«. Wayne 

V, Pre»., Sec. & Treas, 
H. E. Vorderniark 

Aiet. Sec, H, J. Alker 


dr. F, H, Schmidt Ft. Wayne 

aen,Mgr,8smW Greenland. ■' 

=ipt. Tranap. R, N, Hemmlog " 
(C, A. Beamer 

Local Snpta.^R.W. Levering. .LaTiyelte 
( R, Howey Lonnapotl 

Claim Agt, F, R, FshlBing Ft. Wune 

Gen.Pua. & Fgt A|[t. 

■ A-Greenlaud 


Elec, Bngr. W. 8. Rlehharl.... " 


W, J. Mainell Spy Ron '- 

"' " -"" " " "lotford '■ 

rI'bta, bquip. 

B d. o, G. B. tot. aOOOkw; fl a.c. WaeU, 
E. lot. HSi.OOO in. 4000 4 STtI v. 8 pi. 
A «0uye;4000bp. b. Bab. 4 W. SUr; 

,000 kw. turb, (aim.) G. RWeate; trans. 

It. 118,000^000 V ; trolley voll. MM v. 

:s BDb.-aU. tol. cap. 1»W kw.-, IS rot. 

power Bias, at Spy Ron, FC Wayne and 
La Fayette; repair shopa, at FL Wayne, 
Boyd Park. L* Fayette, Huntington and 

Reaches Robinson Park at Ft. Wayne 

nd Spencer Park, LoeanaporC 

jao mlios (lat Inter. & 3l cltyl ; 4-«i g; 
aOS motor and 54 other cars, (Company 
does general Itg, and pwr.bnslnesa.)*lfttj 


aST— French Lick A West BadoD 

K. B. Cu — (ConnectB French Lick A 

'rea'. Tboi, Taggart French Lick 

ae.T. D, Taggart 

opt, W, T. fflygora 

Energy pnrcnsBed [rom Freccb Lick 
Sptlnga Hotel Co, 

■.78 miles; 4-SM 81 > — * 


. 18,80 

Office, GS7 Broadway. Gary, (Connects 
Gary. Hannnond and Indiana Harbor,) 
Pres. Chaa, W, Chsae Gary- 

Treas L, E.Woodward " 

8upt,4P»r.Aat, J,G,Philllp»..... " 
Claim Agt, F, M, Kemp " 

H.'s-.'S. f, Phlilipa !'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. •• 

EnEi. M. of W,,FredKtomel " 

Energy purchased from Calnmet Elec. 
Co, SlWkw. G. B. tiaosr:810akw. O. E, 
rot, ronv; ttana. volt. 88,000 t; trolley 

I BUb-Bla. cap. 1600 kw.; 4 rot ronv. 
Repair ahops at Did Ave, 8: JeSeiBon 

'sb,4'a"m[leB; +6H g; 41 motor and 11 

GENEVA. 1,140. 
(See No, EGl.) 

OOBBEN. 8.e», 

BOBABT. 1,7Ba 
K8U— OarrABobartTrao. Oo. Office 

tMSrosdWay, G*ry. (SuccessurtaGarf. 

Bobarl& Eastein True. Co.) (CODQecli> 

GBTj »nd Hobart) 
Prea., Gen., Mgr., Tr^m. A For. Agt ■ 

AdlmlT. Bwlng Bobirl. 

V. Prea. Wm.KBrle Qaiy 

8«o. A. J.Smitn Hoban 

indr. V. R. Bainea " 

M. M.,OrTlll«L. Ftscee " 

BnargT pnicbaBcd fiom Calnmet E1<c- 
tric Co.. Gary. iDd.; IrollBj loli, SOO v. 

Bepali ahopa at Babart. 

Reaches Lake Oearge PsrK. 

B.S mlloa; 4-8Mg; i motor paaa.. 1 t^ 

IMDIANAPOI.IS. STI.703 (1816) 
(8m alto Koa. SM, SMI. 380 and 190.) 

mi— IndUuispDlla « Clnelunatl 
Trac. Co.-Gen. OBce, RnthvlUo; 
eiecaUve office, Rooib 310, Trac. Ter- 
minal Bide . IndpaDapoUa.(Tbe "Shelby - 
villeDiililon"waafonaerlr owned and 
operaMII by the Indlanapolla, Sbelby 
Tllle A Sontheaitern Trae. Co.) (Con- 
necU iDdUnapDlla. Jalletla, New Pal- 
satlne, RaedTllle, FoanUlQlawn, Mor- 
rlatown, Glanwood, Connerafille. 
Girmbvllle. Arlington and SuabTllle.) 
(Tbe ShelbiiUIe DlT. {.onneete Five 
FoInU, New Bethel, Acton, LoDdon. 
Falrland. Sbelbvrine, Prescott. Wal. 
droD. SI.FanI, Adameand GreensbniK.) 

ProB.. Gen. Mgr, & Pnr. Agl. 
Cbaa. L, Hsnrr iDdlanapoli" 

V. Prea. Theo. F. Rom Man<M< 

Treaa. J. F.Wnd IndUnapolli- 

Andr. AmnaBaiter " 

Claim Ad].. Sapt. A Cb. Clerk 
Chaa. Zoller 

A est. Pat. Agt. 
Hiae Tbereai ReardOD . , . . 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. 9ta. 
8«ni'l WagKonsr KnahvUli 

U. M., Geo. W.SUpton 

Power sta. eqnlp. 4 a. c. tot. aOW 

liw. s. pb. X cja: 8000 kw. b. Bab. « W 

3000 kw, eUn. tnrb. G.B; tiani.Tolt.aS,00( 

t; UoUst Toll, 8800 t. •. ph. W cya, a. c 

* KB V. d. c. 
Poweiala. and repair ebopa alBnih 

107 milea; 4-BW g: SO paaa. and^ 

>14— iDdiaonpolia Strent Rallwa<r 

Co. (Formerly iDdlaoapolle Traction 
& Temlnal Co..^Offioe, Traction Term 
inal BIdg.) (Cooaolldatlon ol Indiana 
pollaTrau, A Term. Co. and leaaed llnei 
of iQdlanapolla St. Hwy. Co.) 
Prea « Oen. Mgr. 
Robert I. Todd tndlanapollj 

v.F».,»)S:5'.<=,"CC"::: - 

Sec. ATrsM. Joa. A. HeGowsn., " 
Awe. tleo.,ABBiTre»s. A 

Aaat. Andr., W. F. Mllholltnd. . " 
Andr, L. J. It. Foley 

fapt. J««. P. Tretton 
or. Act. Harry H, Lloyd 

Sapt. Ovbd. Conat. Bdward Eeydon " 

Claim Agt Joaeph G. Broce 

Cb, Engr, Thoa. B. McMath ■' 

Elec, Bngr. *0b. KoCT. 

pwr. Sta. Chai. Hogate 

Ab- F. BIward ■■ 

"• repair ahopal IISO W 

tS motor p*M., S-- . 
It oar*. ikTO 

Co.— ilen. Offlos, MO iSoard o/ Trade. 
IndlanapollB. (A anbaldUry of Lbs 
Middle Wsat UtIUtlea Co.) iControla 
Central Indiana Lighting Co. of Colum- 
bna and opera tea imdsr leaae tbe Indian- 

(£., which connecte Indluapolts, 
Greenwood. Franklin, Edlnburs, Co- 
Iambus, SeymoDr. with connecUoiis 
for Loulgillte, Ky. Also owns and 
operates eiectrlo, gae, heat ami water 
propertloi tbronghout tbe atate.l 

Prea. ^arry Held LualaTille. Ky. 

T. Prea. B. Van Aradel IndUoopolls 

" ;.*Tre«a.ItaK.QnUirie.. 

r. A_gt. C. H. DallDw 

pi. L. M. Brown 

Irwln'e Bk. BIdg.. Coloinbaa 
fety Mgr. Jamea Harmon..Ne« Albany 
n. Pgt. Sc PasB. Agt. 

J*n Weedoo Indianapolis 

. Kngr. Pwr. Bla. 

l.C.Bomlog Edinbnrg 

M., H. H. Backmai New Albany 

Elec.Engt. C, C.Atgabrite,. 

"^gr. H, of W. B.J. Caster Colombaa 

ligr. Oybd. Conatr, 

w. H. JeoniDga Greenwood 

JOv.m cya'; 8400 hp. e, Bckye, Raa.— hp. 
.B. &W. and Stir; lranB.Talt.I^0OO ■*: 
■oIlsyTolt. 870i. 

Pwr. »t». at Bdlnborg. 

Repair ahops at Grtenwood & Seymoar. 

t« miles 4-eH g' ^ motor pasB. and 


STB— TsTTO UautB, Indlaiupalls A 
1{ astern Traetlou Co — Offlcs.Trac. 

Terminal BIdg.. Indlsnapolla. 

tndianapolU Coal |Ttactlun Co., con- 
aectiog Indianapolis, Ben Davla.Brldae- 
port and Plaindeld JIO mllct; eilended 
this line ttarongh Csrterabatg, Ctayian. 
Amo, Coataiille. Fillmore, Uteeocaalte 
and Harmony (o Brazil. 1«1bI BS miles. 

Indlanapolia A Westem-Ky. Co.. con, 
uacting IndlaDspolla. Ho<i Uoron 
Brickert. Hadley and Danville, ITmlln' 

Indlanapolia t Eastern Ry. Co.. oon 
D»ctlnglDdlBi>apoll«, Ciimherland.Pbll- 
adslplila, GratnUeld, Kniebtatown- 
Bunrrltb, LewlBvUle and SobliD. wltb 

branch line from Cambridge City to 
Hilton; also owns and operatea Blrrel 
railway ayBiem in Richmond, toul E8 
mllea (16 fnterurban and 18 city track.) 

Leaaea tbe following: 

Indlanapolia ± Morthwe.tern Ttao- 
tion Co., conosctlng Indianapolis, An- 
gmta, PJonaTllls. Wblt«l«wr '-■-- 

and ManlnBTllls. 

Robt. I.Todd Indlanapolia 

( HarsballB. Homa 
V. PrSBls, i Philadelphia, Pa. 

I Jno. J.Appsl..,Indlaoapolli 

AHt. Bee. A Aasl. Treu. 

W. F. MllhoUftDd. luilliDBpolla 

Aodr, L.T.HiiBOn 

Qeu. SDpl.a.K. Jalftfei ... " 

Claim AkL Wm. Tlcheoor. . 
Phi. Agl. HuttU. Lloyd.. " 

OSD. Pasi. A SgU Agt. 

J, H.CnII " 

Cb. Bovr. T. J<. H. Daniels.. 
tSapt. Diatbrn. & Sub. Sla. 

A. ttcbJeeinger " 

Cb. / ChiriBi HDgBU 

BngTB. 3 V. CBldB-slI Lebanon 

Pwr. IChu.Oalely PhllarJelpWe 

Stat. ( Wm. Hulcbeuei Rlobmond 

Engl. Maint. ofWa;. 

Jobn O'Lanehlin iDdlanapoIJa 

(J.P.EIwanl ''^ 

Maat. UeehB,-( J. W. OBborot.., Lebanon 
I Q. W. Duncan. .GTeenfleld 
i..t 1 O, P. Splllman Lebanon 

^"P"- lA.aor.lon Richmomi 

Ch, Ltnaman, H. L. BchaM Lfhaiion 

tnrbo-gen. W<Bt. lot. tO.OUO kw. S ph. »S 
en; S« hp. b. Bab, * W; trane. volt. 
M.OOO y; tivSlei volt. 875 y. 



Repair ahopa at Inillanapoliii, QneD- 
fleia. RkbmoDd and Leban' n. 

Reaehea JscbBon Purk and Betbanj 

tad, 410; 4-BKk; EIR motor pBB<..ieCrall 
paaa, and SG other motor cara; M eler. 

Prea. A Gen, Met. 

C. J. Hnnlon Kendanvllli 

1*1 V. Pr«. W. L. Taylor 

Scate Ufe BIdg,, Indlaoapolla. lud. 
MY, PreB._ J,_p._^RoaB.;......Ft. Wajn< 

H. H.. HomerPeld 

Ener. M. of W.. Philip Holman 

ftwer ata. eqnip. a a. c. G. B. tot. IMft 
kra. a ph. IB ctb: 1300 hp. b. StlrilSOD kit. 
Mm. lurb.G.E,(Cnrtia);trBn», volt. 33,000 
trolley To!t. SCO t. 

4aab-«ta. tolaleap.lSO0kw;4rot.conv. 


pMi.,t r^.moloi4tg[.«lt{ionl'innlore, 
I aarrlee and S othn can. (Company 

doea limited general lighting and power 

S— Indlmna R;/t. A lA. Co.— Olllcil 
U-l 14 E, Sycamore St. {Operaiea prop- 
riie* rarmerly known ai Koborao, 

and Kokomo and Kokomo and Muloni 
alio city llnee la Kokomo; co. doa* 
■ bnalDMBln 

I llEbUne and 

Tille. Qteentown, Swayaea, CmiTene, 

eat. Treae., Oen. Ugr. ACb, Engr. 

P.H,Palmer " • 

aa't Gen. Ugi. & Pnr. Agt. 

C.P. Klobardion 

ant.of Tranipt.S. R, Humbert ' 
Fgt. A Paaa A Claim Agt. 

StB.'R.H'.'Hollia • 

■hd Conatr. L. W.Tumi 

P. T. «or 


eslg, Q, i 

It, lO.aOOkw. 


% elec, locoa: ^ 

»T»-rt, Witrne * No 

~ See Ft. Wayne loi 


genersl offlt 
Local Snpt. R, W. L-vrring. . .La Pavetle 
Ch. Bngr. Pwr, 3l». V. H. Coi. , " 
M, M. H. Creaaey '■ 

Power ata. equip. 3 d. c. G. E. tot, 100 
kw: 4 a. c. tot. OXIO kw. S75-IK0O v. t 
A3ph. 26 &, SO ctb; ItiOO hp. e. Ham. 
Cor; 2400 hp. b. Sllr; 1000 Sw. Weitg, 
tnrh. (etm,): Irana, volt. 83,00O«00-B2«l 
t; trollEj volt, B6(l y. 

Power ita. at foot of South Bl. Repair 
ahop. lOlh A Perry Bla. 

Owna-Teromaeb Trail" (pHrkl. 

a milee; 4-8H E: % moloi and 1 other 

LA rONTAIWE, «gi. 

Kntrgy paiobutd tram Terra Hanle, 
Indlanapollt A Butarn TmcUoD Co. ; Iml- 

lOmUst: i-tHti >I»". »!•' *f» 

LOOANSPORT. SI,04fl (IfllB). 

ganersl ofllcan, 

S, Sovey si 13d St.. Logucpor 

Sab'iU, eqnlp. I rol. cobv. Bull, (riW^w 

. B.SM. 
asa— HadlBon Lt. A Ky. Co. Offlca, 

Prea., TrM>., Oau, KfT. & Par. A It. 

M. F. Tennis Madiaon 

V. Fii^B, Cbw. C. T<nnll.,FilMbiiivb. Pa. 

Bac. IC. S. TranlB. HmUhd 

Aodr. Mabal Johnston Pitlebiwg, Pa. 

Elec BngT.TlioRiaa Lilly HiSlion 

Ob.EDgc.Pwr, SU., a. K. Taylor 
BoadmuUT. ChM. Jenklaa " 

Railway. Depi. dlseontlnuad. Roail 
dlemautlad. (Company doea ganeraJ 
llgbtlng and powar bD*lDeae\ *M 

HARIOK. lS,gS4. 
(Saa Noa. S4B and »7S.} 

(Bet No. 276.} 

uivamAN viTE. ai,5is mm. 

«8a~Tbe ChtoBBD, I^ke Sbore A 

SoBth Bend Bjr. Co OIBca. 

IflcblgRB City. (ConlrolB The Indiana 

Barbor Line and Kenamgton AOaarerD 
- R. R.Co. (leMed.) (ConnictaCbkago. 

Pollman and Kenatngion (Iiy aid 

Hammond, B.Cblcsgo, Indiana Harbor. 

Oary. Michigan City, New Carllalt aad 

Sontb Bandriild.) 
Chmn, ot B., F. H, Go£r....ClafelBnd, O. 
Prea. iftOan. Mgr. 

C, N. ■WUcoion Klchtean City 

V, Prea. 9. H. Tolle* CleTBland. O 

8»e. & Treaa. R. R. Aleianier 

A udr. Frederick Pantel.... Michigan City 

Snpt. J«B. K. Gray 

ClalmAgl, F.J. LcwliMeyer.,Sonth Bend 

Pur.Ael.H.F. Kirk 

8ttPl. Pwr. A Equip. 


Hbpt. Ovhd. Conatr. & Signal a 

Wm,F. Helnemann... . 
Cb. En^. Pur. 3ta. 

Roadmaatur, J. A. Foreytb.. " 


lot, 10,000 kw. WOO T. ». At ph. «a * Sis 

cyB; 4000 hp. b. Stirling; trana. Tolt 13,000 
y; tiolloy toll, BflOO t. a. ph. a. o. 

Poller Btatlon and repair ahopB at 
Ulchlcan Cllv. 

ReHChae Lak» Park. 

lOOmllea (aing'e ph. catBniry); 4.8Mg; 
SO motor and 7i otbBrcara; 2 elec.locos, 
(Comoany Mlhi energy for lighting and 
power,) EG 


HUMCIK. SB,1!M (llie). 

(Hea alao No*. 2n and l»8.) 

984— Houcie, Hartford A rt.^a,n>* 

Rr-Co— (Leaaed to the Union TrwsUon 

and power plant 4g,alpment.| 

Power eu. SI Katou, 

Owna RlTeralde Park, Bston. 

4«mlleB;1-iMg; mean. BB 

NBW ALBANY, ia,Ht. (1916) 

aSB— Loolavllle & Ni>rtherD Oy. A 
ttg. Co.— Office, 138 E. Spring St. 

Now Albany, Wateoo and Sellerebarg. 
lod,. and braniih to Chaileelown, lud, 
Operalaa over Eentoeky A Indiana 
Bridge It Ry. Co. botwaen UiDUWlle, 
and Sew Albany, and connoota with In- 
dianapollB Ai Louisrllle Trac. Co. at 
SellerabDrg, Ind,, glTing through aeivia 
to lodlaaapoliB. SabBidlary ot Ute 
Middle Waal Dtllltlei Co.) 

Frea. Barry Reid LonlaTUIa, Ky. 

V. PreB, & flen. Ugr. 
L. D, Sprager New Albany 

SCO, Ira B. Guthrie ladlanapalla 

Treaa. & Audr. J . F. StnttSD, Hew Albany 

aopt, W. L.ForeniaD " 

Claim AKt Jbb. Harmon . . . LoDlaTllle. Ky. 

Oea. FM, A) PsaB. AgL 
BertWeedon iDdlanapoll* 

Pnr. Agt. C. R. Bobansaa . .New Albanj 

M. M.. H. H. Bnckman 

Bngr, M, ol W., B. J.Cnater, 

Bngr. Ovbd. Conatr. 


Bner^ry parchaaed from Unltad Qaa A 

Blec. Co; bana. lolt. 4C00 t, 
81. U tnilea; 4-eH gl '^ motor paaa. 

and 22 other cara. (Compuiy rnr- 

na ea energy or g ng area wo.^ 

«8 •— Lao I*t lUe A Son tliem Indlaaa 
True. Co.— Office, ISa BaX Spring 
Slrset, New Albany. (Owne and 
oparatea InUrnrbanllnea betwaen Naw 
Albany and JeSanoiiTiUe. JefferBoa- 
Tllle and LoQlavllle, and Higbland H. R. 
Co. Bntere LBalBville oisr tha C, C. C. 
* St. L. bridge. New Albany 
St Ry.inmilea.1 ISobaldiary of Middle 

Pres. Harry Reld.! LODlaTUle 

V. Prea. A Oen. Mgr. 

L.D. Sprager NewAtban* 

Sec. Ira B. nathrle IndlaupoMs 

Treaa AAiidr.J.F.Strattan, New Albany 

Supt.W.L. Foreman 

Gen. Fet. A Paaa. Agt. 

Bert Weedon lodlabapolla 

Pur.Agl.C. R,BohannBn.,.NewAltaiw 

Claim Aat. Jaa. Harmon 

H. H., H.H. Bnckman 

Enir. M. of W„ H. J. Cneler 
Bngr. Ovbd. CoDBlr.,H.Baigle " 

Knorgy porehaaed from Unllod Qaa Jk 
Blec. Co. of New Albany: Irana Tolt. 
4000 r. 

Reachea Glenwood Park. 

and 10 other cars. ^MBJ 

NEW CASTLE. IS,J41 (l»l«). 

(Sea No. U».} 

PERU. 12,410 (191«). 
98T~Ft. Wkyn* A Nortbern IB- 
rtlBBB Ttbo. Co.— See Pt, Wayna. 
2.5 miles; 4-SH g; 2 motor can. US 

988— IVInoflB * IVarsBw By, Co.— 

(Conneote Wataew and Winona Lake. 
Leased to The Winona lotemiban By. 
Co. which aea for oBlcen.J 

S.S mllsa; 4-^ g: 5 motor paw. .and 

SSa—XbeMunole* Portland Trki 

Co.—OtBce, PortUDd. (Coonectp Hdi 
de, DeUoto. AltHtay, DDDklck, Redke' 
Caino,BliilDe, DeUiDore and ParUani 
Leased tothaUaloDTnic. Co. or iDdisT 
vrtalch »B for aptrsling offlclals). 

Prea. B. B. Ball Unnc 

V. Pre». Wm. C. Ball 

TrBM.'F.'c. Bali !.'.',"V. '.!".'. ','.!" •■ 
AMt. Sec;. & AbbL Tresi. 

W. H. Forse.Jr Andpno 

Oen. Mgr. H. A. tncholl 

SnU-BH. Albany. 

Slmllei: 4-8Mg; 7 motor and 4 othi 

BIO H HON D. £4.St 



BI7SHVlI.i:.B. 4,«8. 
(SeeHo. !ni.) 

*9<l— Indlanapolli A Loalavllle 

Trmc. By. Co. — Office, ScotUburg. 

{Conaecta IndlaDBpolla and LoalsTtlle 

yUInd.. Col. * So. Ttact. Co. (operated 

br Inteotate FabUc Seivlcit Co,) at Sej- 

Dkoar and LonlaTllle A Northern Rt, 

A Ltg. Co. at Sellenburg.) 
Pna. & Gen. Uir. 

John B. Qreele; ScoCtsbarg 

V, Pres. Mark Sloren 

See. N. G. ETBter Pitubnrg, Pa. 

Treas. Jaa C. Chaplin '■ " 

ADdr. B,F. McColgiD Scottsburg 

Aast, to Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

HttdBOn B, Biery " 

anpt. P. WIndle " 

H. M., Wesley Hartley 

Roadmaef T, Jaa. B. Slatten. . . 

Power Bta. eqnin, B d. c. G. B. tot, 1200 
k«; IGOObp.P. Allia-C: laM hp.b. Bab. A 
W: trans. & trolley volt, IIM i. d. c. 

Poinec aU>, and repair abops at Scotti- 
barg, Ind. 

4a.m mtlea Dimed .TBtnllntrafDcrlehta: 
44U e: 8 motor pasa.. t other motor and 
T olber cais. (Co. sellaenerey to Scntta- 
bara Mnnlelpal Light Plant for llghtlrg 
In Scottebnrg.) 4riSt 

(Be* No. Ml.) 

SOOTH BBHD. K.M» (lllB). 

(See also Ho. 283.) 
)9I— Chloago, Bonth Bend Jt Morth- 
■m iDdlana By. Co.— Offlce. lOt V. 

lllehlgaii8l.,8oattaBend. (Sneeaaaorto 
tha Horthera Indiana Ry. Co.,iililrbln- 
clDdea (he Indiana Ry. Co., South Bend. 
La Ports ds Michigan Cltr Ry. Cc 
HlehlRBn City Tru. Co.. and the ral 
way of Ulob. City Rlec. Cn.) (Co 
nacta Soutb Bend with Nllea. Benii- 
Spring*. St, Josaphand If lehlgan City.) 
Pres. Chaa. F Dtstarlch 

£ Hector St. New York. N. T. 
y, Pna, Cbas.H.MDTdDck....La Payette 

Oan-Ugr.R R Smith Sontli Band 

Sec. Sam'IT. Hnrdoek Indlananolla 

Trsaa. A. E, Diateilch 

I BaDtor Straat, Kaw YoA, M. T. 

_jdr. O. A. Small Sonth Bond 

Snpt. Tranapt, L. B, Ballsi ... 

Pur, Agt. K, E. Cornwell 

ClalmAgt. F.H.Warren 

Qas. Fgt. A Faae, Agt, 

Johns. Moore 

apt, of 8ob-et»e, B. C. Kager - 

apt. Eqnlp. A M. H. 

d B. Alklnaon 

Soadmaeter S, B. Wolfe 

Snot. OThd. CoDsti. 

- D, C, Son th worth 

DiT. Snpt (Baat) 9. B. ITUbolBon.Blkhtil 
Diy. SnpL <Weet) 

"f. B.Kaniba Michigan City 

Inergy parchaied ; trana. v<dt, 1K,0I'0 

. trolley volt. SOO •; haa aub-atai. at 
Michigan Clty.La Porte, Rolling Prairie, 
Lydick, South Bend. TwlD Branch, Elk- 
hart and Dnnlap; repair abopg at Boatb 

Reaches parka In apringbrook, (owned) 
inth Bead, Pin* Lake and La Forte, 
iverlng 80 acres. 

laa miles; 4-BKe: lOSiQDtai and «I other 
ira. *ta 

)i9a-SoaCherii Mlchlcan By Co— 

Oeneral office. 103 N. Michigan St.. 
South Bend. (Conaolldation of the 
Soalh Bend ft Soutbeni Michigan Ry. 
and the NUes A Bncbanan Ry. Co.) 
<ConnecU Sonth Bend. Ind. and Nlles, 
Berrleu RDringa, Scottdala and St. 
JoBfpb. Mich.) 
Prea, Cbaa. F. Dieterlch 

3 Bertor St., New York, K. Y. 
V. Pres. Chas, H, Mnrdock,. . ,.L» PayUU 

Sec. S. T. Murdock IndlanapoHs 

Tiesa. A, B. Dieterlch 

a Rector St., New York, N. Y. 

Audr. O. A, Small Bontb Bend 

Aaat, Seoy. A. C. Moon '> 

GeD, Hsr.R. R. Smith '• 

Snpt. Tranapt, L. B. Hollar . , " 

Por.Agl. R.E.Copnwali 

Cl^m Agt. F. H. Warren.., " 

Gen. Fgt. A Pass. Agt. 

John S. Moore " 

Snpt. Equip, C, B. Atkinson.. '■ 

Sapt. of Sub-eUs. B. C. Eager " 

Roadnuater S. B, Wolfe Elkhart 

Sspt. OThd. Conatr. 

0, C. Sonthworth " 

Energy purchaaed from Indiana A Mich- 
Igan Rlec. Co: trana. TOIt. SS.ODO t; trol- 
ley volt. 600 t; snb. stas. al Nile?. 
Soiitb Benil. Berrleu Springs and Scott- 


«e3— Twre Hsnte Traction *I.lKht 

C".^Offloe eas Wabaeh Ave, (Owns 
Bnill Rapid Transit Co., Terre Haote 
Elec..Co, and Terre Haute Elec. Trac, 
Co.; also laaBesTerrpHanteSi Western 
Ry. Co., B llnr eitendlnii from Paris, 
Illinois, to lEdlana Slate Line, lO.M 
mllee. Connect* Terre Hanie with 

Tnillaaapoili A Bas 

:o . making a 
Han to to To- 

1 for 

nan. Hgr. E, M. Walker Terr 

MorrlsM. Naa'h 

Claim Agt,, Jesse McOomb... 
Pnr. Aet. T> F. Hoaeh 

Wm.D. Wallace 

Bogr. Ovhd. CoDBlr. 
O. O.Nlcalal 

PowBr ttn. Mnlp. B ». c. G, B. tot, 18.001) ' 
kva.SSOOT. SplLtOcyB; MSObp. b. A. A 
T. Olimsi ; 80,000 kw. tnrb. (eun.) G. B; ' 
Irani. Tolt. iJS.DOOT: trolley volt. 000 v 

S inl^etu. 

I>awer iia. at Water Bud Hulberrr St 
Tarre Haute: npalr abopi at Waba 
Ave., Terrs UBDtD. 

Etsachee Laka VUw Paik, Chelsea Fark 

Tetre Hanto & Wetlero Rj. Co.): 

motor Bud 11 olb«r cars. (Famlahsl 
eaergy tor liiibtlDe and motor HtTica 
in Terra Haute, SeelBjTme, atannton, 
Brazil, EalgbtaTille. VsrmlllloD Borl 
Harmony.) I9t 

OIHa(,]017PBirgrDnDdB A 
Chmo. Bd. 

8. A. CulbertsOD L 

PrM.,* Por.Agt. H. L. Roti 

V. Piaa. JohoT. Bojd 

Sec , Trea*. & Aadr. 

H. L. Bennett " 

EnerRT parcbaesd from The Indiana 
Power A Waler Co. 

Repair abope at il»rFalrgroaDdn Ave. 

Reaches LHke«ood(owned|, Harmonic. 
HarrleoD and Colnmbla Parke. 

afirallea; «-8Hg; 11 raotorand S other 

:. B.T80, 
(SeeNoa. S4Band2es.) 

WARSAW. 4.490. 
3Vfi— The Winona iDternrban Bj. 

Co.— Office. Waiaav. (Learn Winona 
JBWacsavBy. Connerta Wariaw, Lepi- 
borg. Wirord. Mllford Jnnctlon. New 
Parrs. QoahsD. Mentone, Winona Lake, 
Ollead. Akron, Chill an^ Pero.) 

RaoelierC. J. Mnnlon K«iidaUvll)e 

Cell. Uir. & Pur. Ap. 
J, C. Bctaade Wariaw 

Audr, H.O.Welmer •" 

Gen. ¥fX. APaM. AgC. 

Ch, Kagr. Pwr. a'ta. *M.M. ' 

Chaa. Sinler 

Roadmasler. Cbas. Kaae " 

Pmn. Overhead Conatt. 


ParkUer. l&l. C, Sluker.-.WlDonaLake 

Power sta. equip. S a. c. Ball tot. imo 
kw. S pb. Sa cys; ISOO bp. e. AlllM?: ISOO 
Up. b.Sab. & W; trana. volt. aS,00() v; 
troller volt. «M T. 

1 aDt>^Ca. tot. cap. StOO kn; T rot. coov. 

Power ala. and repiUr shop at Wlnooa 


70 mllea; 10 Inter, motor paw.. S cltj 
motor paiB., 3 [(ft. motor, S olh« motor, 

plow. fPomlthes llRhting (or Leesbii rg. 
Chill, Mentoue, Akron and Gllcad.) 119 

aga — WttablncXw St. Rj. Co— 

Ofllce. 816 W, Main St. 

Free, Z. P. Graham Itvanaiille 

IstV. Pr*«, Jon. B. Grebam.... 

MV.Prea, Robert Graham 

Sec. Ray A, Graham " 



(See also No. SOS.) 
aoi— Albla Ugtat & Rj. Co.~Offics 

ION. Main at. r SBcceaaor to aonthem 
la. Br.*Lt.Oo.) (ConnactaAlblawltli 
Hocklnx aod Hlteman.) 

60 BroadwKT, New Tork. N. T. 
V. Pre», Merle H. Walker '■ 
Sec, Trtras., Geo. Hgr. & Claim Agt., 

Ralph W. Bojer Albla 

Audi, Bert Donkin " 

Road maaler. Joseph Qfllaman '*■ 

Ch.Engr.D D. Plnmb " 

Bngr. OThd. Conetr. C. M. Martin.. " 

Power aU. equip, < d. e. Weelg. Ft. W. 
lot, 550 kw: ^^ c. Allls-C tot. 800 kw. 
2300 V. 3pb. 80 cya: 1000 bp. e. Allls-C; 
TSOhp.b.Mnr; trans. voltAsOOi; trol- 
ley vilt. 000 t. 

Repalrebops at Albla. 

Reaches Urban Park (owned). 

car. (Co. doeelle.) *r- 

(See No. EBg.) 

BOONE. 12.tS3 (1«IE] 
39S — Fort Dodxe, Da* BfoiDsa 
SoDtlieru B. B. Co.— Office. Boone. 
(Operates street rallwayi In Ft. Dodge 
and Ames, and conoecta Fort I>DdKa. 
Boone. Ames, Rockwell City, White 
City, Lehigh and DesHolnei.) 
Free. Homer Loring Boaion, Hais. 

an Devoaahlre St, Bos too. Maes. 

Treas.C.L. Smith " " 

Andr, F.M. Johnston Boone 

Gen. Met. C. H. Crooks •■ 

Supt. C. M. Beller •' 

Pur. Agt. G. E. Mot! ■■ 

Claim Aet. Jt Traffls Hgr. 

P.MTllleele " 

Engr. M. of V»j, L. B. GagnoD . " 

Sopt Pwr, B. T. Mottlnger 

Ch, Engr.R.L.Oooper " 

Eleo. Bngr. D, K. Lewis " 

Engr. Pwr. Sta, R, E. Skow Fraser 

M. U.. John Duncan Bonne 

Power eta. eqolpt; i a.c. Q. E.. tnrbo- 
gen. tot. 10,000 kw. 2SO0 v. 8 ph. 35 CJB; 
■■leoo hp. b.Kdge; 7000 kw. stm. Curb.G. 
B: trsnt. rolt. £3.000 t; trolley TOlt. 

general llg. b 

s: 4-8HK 

(Co. i 

490- Iowa Br. £ Lt. Co.— Office, 111 

Blghlb St. See Cedar Rapid! ta 

general officers. 

LocalMgr. F. W. LInebaugh BooDI 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. Sta. R. A. Tbomae. " 

Power ita. oqatp. 1 d. c. AUie C. SCO 
kw; 3 a. e, O. B. tot. SODO kw. £300 v. 
3 pb. W era; BOO bp. e. Bckja; laW hp b. 
Edge; «00 kw. turb. All!a-C; trane. volt. 
38.000-11,100 t; trolley volt 800 v. 

Powasu. andrrpalrahopaiB. gthSt. 

Baacbe* Booos Amasenunl Park. 

7 mllM ; 4-BM k : 6 motOT sad B other 
:Bn. Compuiy doeillglitliiK. S9 

3O0— BuTlinKtou Br. & Lt. Co.— 

Omu, Sie Jeirerson.Ht. 

I'rrsB. O. U. ]{[Ebu BaTllDgian 

V . Pr... K, C. W»]»h Cimion 

Sss. , Trau. & Gm. U^. 

C. H,W«l»h BiirllnBton 

Andr. A.J. Merer 

Sapt. £ Par.Ael.S.D^Dtilnger " 
3upt. Treospt. ChirleBBlrck... 

BlK. Euirr. Ho] ph Pierce 

Ch. Engr, F»r, Sis. 

H. A. Uentainger ■■ 

M. M.,J.Holinen ■; 

River Pwr, Co.; 4 d. c, G. E., Wealu, 
tat. IISO kiF; a a. c. O. E. tot. 1500 kw. 
2:i(»Y.8ph, 60cy»:E300 Up, o. H»m. Cor., 
St. L. Car., Uur: »oa hp. b. Heine. Bab. 
& W ; HOO kw. toth, (>tio.) Weslfi; tmiis, 
volt, saw t; trolley volt. 560 v. 

PowerBU.altth A Vallej Sti.; rapelr 
■ hope At LocuBt & Mein Ste. 

RenchB»Ct«poand Madimn Ate. P»rk>. 

lergy ( 



(See tXto No. asa.) 

SOI'CedBr Raplde A MbtIou City 

B.J. Co.-Offlce, KM N. Second SI. 

(OonoKW Cedar Rsplda, Eeonood Park 

and Marlon.) (Conlrolled by tb* United 

Lt. A Rya. Co.> 

PiM. OleDD H. Averlll Cedar Rapldn 

lat V. Prei. 

R.ScbBddeiee Oisnd Rapldt. Micb. 

M V. Pnt. B. J. DenniBn DsTenport 

Traaa. C. K. Hard. . .Oraod Ripide. Mich. 
i^ec.AGen Mer.S. C. Alien. .CsdorRHpidH 

Andr. C. Fred Meyer 

Supt. Transp. Joe E. Kintz.. . . 
Claim Agt4. 

BBraeB.Chainl>er1(dDAEanzl[k " 
Cb Engr. F. M, Ford ■' 

Pover lU. equip. 3 d.c. Allle-C. tot. ISGO 
kvr; 1000 bp.e.Allis-C; ISOObp. b. Erie 
City; irolley volt. BOOy. 

Poner eu cor. K. Ath A 8d St. ; repsir 
ahnp It n Ave. Jb and St. 

80.07 miles; 4-eHir: 40 motor naea.. fl 
trail paea., 1 fgt. motor Bod 5 


308— Iowa Ry. & Lt.Co Gen. offlce 

Cedar Hspidi. (CoasollditlDn of Ibe 
Cedar Rspide & Iowa Ciiy Ry. A LI. 
Co.. Miirloa LI., Bt. * Pwr. Co., Mar- 
ahalllnwn l.t.. l-wr. it Ky Cn„ Tama 
A Toledo Eter. Ry. A LI. Co.. Cheliea 
Elec.Lt.Co .BooaeElec.Co. and Perry 
El«. L(„ Pwr. A lite. Co.) (Operatee 
an inlernrban electric railwiy ccn- 
Decltng Cedar Kapida. 8wli-ber, Mortli 
Liberty, CoralvHIe and Iowa Cliy; 

Mt. Vernon and Liibon; local atreel 
railway! In Merehalltown end Boone.) 

Praa Cedar Rapidi 

V. Pret. John A. Heed 

V . Pree . .Trea>. A Tre ffl c M(r. 
■■Hie B. Smitb 

ciiaa. 8. Woodward •' 

8opt. B. F, W'nalow " 

Gen. Mgi. t Pur. Axt. 

Sootberland C Done 

Ch.Kner. J. D.Wardle " 

Bapt. Bale* Dept.. J. £. Blake '■ 

JofanM. DrliHlie 

AHt. Blec, Bngr.. J. W, Howe " 
Ch. Eogr Pwr. SUa. 

H. A. Pord 

H. M.. JobnMannD 

Power eta. equip. (Cedar Raplda) I d. c. 
Weet. eOOkw. SoOv: fi a. c. Weele. Atlla- 
C. lot. 70OO kw. 23O0T. !ph. Wcye; SlOO 
bp, e, Bckye., PuIMd; «OlkU hp. b. Edge, 

Q. B; Iraue. volt. SS.IKIOt: iroiley volt.' 

Autonutlo bydroeiec. placil on Cedar 
Riveriaqaip. coneUleolSMO-kw. AUK- 
C. SSOO-v. g-ph. SO^ycle tertica] ma- ' 
cblnea: nUtnule cap. 21X10 kw. 

b aub-etae. . I wltb anto conliol lot. cap, 
1000 kw; BroL conv, 1 mo. gen. eet. 

at Cedar Raplde.Hooneand Mareballtown. 

Reacbea and controli Union and Mid- 
River Parke. 

44.aSmliei;4-f*MK; 7 motor pail., S trail 
paee., 1 fgt. moior, uid IS other can; 
S elec. locoe. Company fumlalieB light. 
power BQd ateam heal and dots general 
frtsliht builneae, handling etandard cara 
OD ItB frelgbt lines. (|]lDEa.E,S09 
kw, eoo-liOO T. anumatic enb-ata.) *SB 

CENTEBTri.I.E. 7,808. 
303- 1 own Baathern Utlittiea Co. 

— (8Dccefleor to Centervllle Lt. & Trae, 

Alula & tioalbern Ry. Co. Operates in 
Centerillla and a line eiUodluti to 
Myalic; alio connects Cenlervllle, Uo- 

Pres. David G, Fisher Davenport 

V. Pree. 

JohnC. Melnerx Milwaukee, WIi. 

8ec. Lyman C. Bernbard " '■ 

Aest. nee. t Andr., O.S,Feck,CenurTllte 
Trees. & Gen, Mgr. 

J. C. Jolinaou " 

Pnr. Agt. Pranks. Payne. .. 
OenSnpt. H. W. Deloenger " 

Traffic Mgr. J. P. Boyle " . 

Snpt. OThd. Cooatr. 

B. R. Loiifisneaker. " 

Siipl. Pwr. Guy Mccarty 

Road nj aster E. C. Stile* " 

9npt, Car Barn C. C. Wella, ... ■• 

Powereta. equip. 1 d.e. Weil. »0kw. G90 
v; 8 a. c. G. B. tot. 2000 kw. 8 ph. W crt; 
9000 hp. e. Alile-C. Bam., Cor; 000 hp. 
b.Mnr., Bab, AW; trans. Toll. 19,100 1; 
trolley volt. .^80 V. 

Power iia. and repair ebop at Cmter- 

Reaohes Glen Hagan Park (owned). 

33.34 miles; 4-8H g: motor pBBr, 1 
trail, pass., 1 fet. aad 4 other cara; 
a eloc locos. (Traffic airfements with 
Cheo.. B. KQ.. CbKo.,M.&Bt P.,Cbgo.. 
R. I. & P., Wabeeb and Mple. & Bt. L. 



30S— ChBrles Ctty Western Rjt, Co. 

-Office, Charlea Cliy. (Connects 
Charles City. Marble Rock, Oakwood, 
Nileevllle and Colwell.) 

Pree. E, M. Sherman Charlea City 

let V. Prae. & Gen, H^r. 

ftid V.'Pres. F. E. O ales. ".'."Marble Rork 

See. C. H. Parr Charlea Oty 

Tress. M. W. Ellis 

Andr. J. P. Chrletiansen . . . . " 

.Inpt. L, .7, Smith 


Engr. M. of W.. H. J. Shatlnck 

. Energy piiri-hased from Cedar Valley 

Elec. Co. 1200 >.d. e. 

S4.38 miles; 4-SM g; B motor and 
2 othercsrs. (Company handles freight.) 

CLINTON. M.OSl (leiG). 

(See also No. 300) 

SOn-Cimtoa St. By Co. — One*. 

Clinton. (CoDlrol* Sixth Artnu ud 


l« PolDt Llnet. . Oon 

8(0. A. L. Scbnjlir 

TnM.C. CCou 

Snpl. APar. AgLB. Bobi 

Bnergj parchised trom 

ClIntOD Oil &. 
t lUndolph as gtb 8U. 

OwniEiKlePol ._ 

18 mU«; 44^ g; St oar*. (Compu 
turnlshai energy for itaMOnwynioto™.) 

COI.VAX. 2,807. 

(8h s1h> Mo. 3ia.) 

lOT-ColfH SprluKi Ry.— Offlce.Col 

fai, (Blteoda from Depot In Coila b 

PreB. &Trem. j»e.P.lloiiahoB....Colfa; 
V. Pre>. A Sec. B. S. H. Douabae. , '■ 
_Pow«nt». and repair abop* at Hole 




SOS—Omaha A Coancll BIdBs By. 

* Bridge Co.— lUuxd to the Oma- 

ha A Ooancll BloA at. Ry. Co., Omilia, 

Ptea.dao.S. Wrlgbt CoancllBlaffi 

V. Pwi. O. W. WaltlBB... .Omaha, Neb. 

Sac.Cba*. T. SMwarl Connoil Bluffi 

Tpeai. J. P. Or«anehLeld«... •' 

Power auppUed from Omalia by laiBee. 

Reachea Lake UuiaiiB Parfa, 

U mlLei; 4-8^ f. SS motor uid 16 otber 

DAVMNPOKT. 48,483 (IBIB). 
(See alao Noa. 349 and 487.) 
SOO— Clinton, Davenport A Miia- 
CBtlBc Rj. Co — OfBce, IJB-T W. Sd St. 
(Cnonecta CIEntoa. ShaStou. PrlncetDD. 
LeClalre. PJaaBanC Valley. Betteodorf. 
DBVBnport,Bloearaaa,PlBakanl Prairie, 
sWeetland Centre Hod Maacstiae anil 
owDi the local Uoen In Hnscatme.) 
'Controlled by the Trl-Cily Ry. & LI. 

Pros. B. J, Demnan DavenDOrt 

V. Pres. *Gen. Mgr. 

Sec H. E, LKtlg.'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 

Treai. H, E. Weeka " 

ABM. to Gen, Mgr. ft Traffic Mgr. 

Clark G. Andeiann ■' 

Gen. anpt-C. F, Deee. " 

Claim Agt. Martin MarcOBaen. 

Pnr. Agt. Geo. Q.Knhn 

Sopt. (UDaciitlns Local Llnea) 

W. D. Sclinyler Muacatlne 

M. M. Jno, Siiiberland Darenport 

Koadmaater, W, W. Prater " 

Bnergy pnrchaaed from power dept. of 
the Trl-Ci^ Ry. & Lt. Co. 

Repair afiope at Clinton. 

Trane. volt. 13.000 t; trolley To!t. SOO t. 

Snb-ataa, at Bettendorf, Pfeaaaat Val- 
lev, Princeton and Clinton 

SS mllet (tntprorban); 4.»i g^ 4i.a»aen- 
gf^rand^B l«ll c»rfl,^I tgt. motor car. 1 fgl, 

Tratia. volt. 38,000 v; trolley volt. flOO- 


BnD-jtaa. Front and Oak Sta., Maaca- 
tine, with (team reaene, and Carrollton 
St., Davenirott. 

mmlleKclty linn 10, Interurban Hi): 
4-814 g: 18 motor. E trail (city aerrlce) 
and 10 other cara (Intamrhau aerrlce). 

(On dlTialon from Clinton to Davenport 
oompanv doea ■ trannmlaalon line boai- 
neH, aelilng energf for light and power 

I towna and tarmera.) GQ 

alO-Trt-Olty Ky. Cs. of Ion 

OlHce, 185- IW Weat 8td St., Davcnpwt 
(Conneola Davenport, Hocklnghamr- 
Batteadorf.) (Controlled by the 1 
City Ry. & LI, Co.) 

Prea. B. J. Uanman Davenp 

V. Prea. A Oen. Mgr. 

J. G. Hiintoon rrr. 

Sec. H. E. Litttg 

Treaa. H. E.Weeka 

Aeat. Qen. Mgr.T. C. Roderiok " 
Claim AEt UartinMarcnBaeu. " 

Pnr. Agt. Geo. Q.Knhn 

M, M. John Suiherland " 

BuBrgy pnrohaaed from Tri City By. t 
Lt. Co. (Pwr, Kept.); trans. VOIL 4400 Yi 

Repair iliopB at UaTenpart. 

47,84 mllea; 4-8Ug; Kcm «9 

3 ll-Trl-Clty By. A I.t. Co.— Otllcei, 

Hartford. Conn,. and Davenport. (OffliS 
of common atock ia owned by United 
Lt. A Rye, Co., Grand Papids, Mich.) 
(Owoi nooka and bonds of Trl-Citr 
-Ry. Co. of Iowa, Tri City Ry. C«. of 
lUtnole, UoUne, Rock Itdand A Kna^ 
aru Trac. Co., Pfmpla'i Pwr, Co. (Mo- 
Une and Rock iBland), Uoline-Bock 
iBland Mfg, Co., People'* Lt. Co. 
(Davenportf. Clinton, Davenport A Mm- 
calineand oontignooa territory), Iowa 
City Lt. A Pwr. Co. and Watch Tower 
A Campbell's la. Park Co. Rallwajr 
llnaa connect Davenport, Rockingham, 
Bellendort, Clinton, Shatflon, Prince- 
ton, LeClaire. Pleasant Valley, Betten- 
doif, Davenport. Blue Oraae, FIobbsii 
Prairie. Sweetland Center and Uunca- 

Roii laland, Molln e, Seara. Milan^ 

bell'a Island and Molina, illin_ _ 
electricity la Berved, in addition to 
the above towns, to Walcott, Btock- 
lon, Dorant, Bine GtaHa, Iowa City and 
Coralville, Im. ; Carbon Cliff, Hampton, 
RapldBCityand PortByron, 111.) 

Prea. B.J. Denman Davonpoit 


Grand Rapida, HIcfa 
V Pr«t. J B. R- Tobey. 
'■"""■] 4K Wall St.. New York. N.T 
ABBt Treaa. 
I H.B, Weaki.,..Davanport 

Sec.H. K-Llttlg '•'^ 

Aaat fE.W.jJlvar. 
Jrr:' -j 4B Wall at. . New York, N. T. 
*"*'■ |L,H.Heinke,GrandRapida,Mich. 
Frank T. HnlBwit,. '• " 


la — Dea Molnei City By. Co, — 

Office. Flvnn Bldg, 
Pr«a. EmilG Schmidt ...DeaMolnva 

Tr. A 

leo. EBgr.,Biigr.Ovhd. Oonetr. *M,H., 

F. C.Cfiambera B, 4th A Marie 8I«. 


Bngr. PowerBta. D. 8. Fiaber. 

■^— M.of W.. W.L. Wllaon •' 

gen. Q E. tot IS.leO 
aK cys: 1E00 hp. e. 
). B. A W:16aWkw. 

and repair shop 


» mUea; *-«< g; 1B7 motor p».s. 

»»3 — Intor-Drbao Bj, Co omee, 

Flrnn Hide. (CDoneciB S<:i Uoinee 
GollKi. AllODiift, Hiiobellville, Wood- 
wapd. Forrj, Qirdlner, Herrold, Moran, 
OnDgcr, Ft. Dea Molnee sod Camp 

Pres. Emll Q, acbmldt DeeMoinea 

I W-.H-McHenry.. 
V. Preata.-^ M. H. MoLean.HsrriiTi.* 

I Svgj.Co Chlcago.Ill. 

gee. & Aodp. O. H. BBrnd....D«a Hoinea 
Treas. A Pur.ARt. P.M'eairla " 
Qon. Mgr. WiliUm Clflpper.,. 

Sapt. C. T. BBker ■ 

Claim AKt. D. M. Finch 

Ch. Engr. & Enffr, MBint. of 

W.y.TV, L. WLlaon 

Eleo, Kngr., Engr, Ovhd. ComW. 

*M.M.F.C. Chamber*.... 

BotrgT purahaeed from Oea Molnea City 
R».. tnn. Tolt. iS.OOOy; trolley — •• 


cap. 3800 kw ; B tat. t _ 

Repali ahop it v.. itb & Maple 
I>0( Molsea. 

M 'n!lBi:<-8Wg;19inolof«ndlM....... 

can. (rompsnr llghta packs and aells 
onorey to OibBon Kleo, Co., for Alloona, 
Mitchell Tllle, Granger and Qrlme" "- 
furnlahes (gt, & paaa. trauBp. to 

DCBVQDB. 41, TAB {1910). 
3I& — Dubaqoc Elee. Co. — Oe 

lice. Firth and Iowa Sta, (Sooees 

DnJon El«c. Co ) (Owned and oponled 

b7 Union Ulllltica Co., which is owned 

by Kleton A Co,, Chteago. 111.) 

Prea. I. C. Elslon, Jr Chicago, III. 

V PreatB ) ''■ !■. Artlng.. BoaWn. Mass. 

IH. B. Maynard Wat«r]oo 

Sec. H. B.Hord Chicago. 111. 

Traaa. A. C. Allrn •> 

Andr. Mlaa H. B. Crabiree Dabuonc 

OSD. Her. & Pnr. Agt. 


8apt.A. H. Smith 

Blec. Bogr, & Engr. Oihd. 

Conslr. H.G.Oorr 

Ch . Bngr. Pwr. a ta . , C, L . ShelBoId 

M. M., J, C, nooovan 

Roftdmaatec, Geo. Yereer " 

Power atiL eqnip. i a. c. tnrbo-gen 
O. E. tnt. 9500 kw. S300 T, 8 ph. SO ova; 
8400 hp. b. Bab, Jb W; Iran*, volt. BSOO- 
4000-8000-83,000 y; trolley volt. 600 ». 

Power atallon at 8lh BL ; cepali ahapa 
■t Cooler Ave. *^ 

Owna and reaches Union Park, 88 aciea, 
and NntwoodPark, iSacrea, 

SO.T mllet: 4-)l^ g; EO motor and Vi 
ntber cars. (Company rnrniahaa energy 
or Ughting and power.) U 

rOBT DODGE. 19,87J (IfllBI. 
laee No. 898, } 


StS— Fort Madtaon Bt. By. Co.- 
OflsB, Bast* Pe Ave, (Owned and op- 
erated by MlHlsalppl Valley Elec. C^ 

Proa.* Gen.Mgr,, J.O. Sohnlia, Iowa Cilj 

V. Pras. A Treaa,, J. H. BohrM •' 

Sec, F.N.Sueppel 

Bnpt. Joaeph Negns Fl, Uadlsoo 

M. M. Harold D. EmdU 

Power ranted from Ft. Hadiaon Blec 

Lt, Co. : trolley rolt. SN) y. 
4 milea; 4.^ g: lOcara. 118 


IOWA CITY. ]a,03S. 

(See No. 80S,) 

31ft — Mlialssippt Valley Eleotrlc 

Co.— Office, Commeicial Savings Bank 
Bldg., Iowa City. (Operatea In. Iowa 
City; fllBO owna and operalea Hankato 
(Miiui.l Elec. Trac. Co. IG.amllea) and 
Bt. MadiiondDwa) St. Ry. Cki. (4 mllea). 

Prea., Oeo. Ugr. & Pur. Agt. 
J. O. Schulie lowaCltr 

V. Prea. ft Treaa. J . B. Robrat. 

Sec. F. N. SnJppel ;.. " 

M. M., P. E. Potter 

Energy porchaaed from Iowa Ry. & Lt. 

Co.; trolley volt. B50v. 
fl.l miles ; i-e^ g ; 9 motor cars. 1 other 

KKOKUK. lE,ltS9, 

317 — Central .MisslaslppI Valley 

Blec. Piopertlea (Formed In 111. 

by a Tmst Agreement, nnder which 
IheretBdepoilledtba entire capital Block 
of Ft, MsdlBon Blec. Co. aiid Dallas 
CUy Lt. Co. and all the capiul stock of 
Keokok Blec. Co.. except J360,000 pre. 
(erred stock. These companies do the 
entire gag. elec, rj. ,Ug ft pwr. bnslneaa 
In Keoiuk, la., the entire elec. Itg, * 

£rr. baalneaa Id Fl. Hadlaon and 
ontrose, la., and Dallas City. Ill,, and 
the entire dec. rv. and elec. Itg. busi- 
ness In HamQlon and Warsaw, III.; 
alas operate an Inlerurban elec. ry. 

Pres. Oeo. Bliginson. Jr....Cblcaga, III. 
V.Pres. Harry T. Bdgar ..Boslon.Maaa. 

Sec. Jos, L. Valentine Chicago, 111. 

Asst.Bec.Guy L.Weymooth, Boston ,ll»«a. 
Treaa. BennB.aa»yec.... ■' " 
Qen. Mgra. Stone *Web»Wr " 
Mgr. (KeokDk Blec. Co.) 

J. P. Inde Keokuk 

Mgr. (Ft, Hadlaon Elec. Co. 
ft Dallas City Lt, Co.) 

P. I. RobioaoD Ft. Uadlaon 


318— Keokak Eleo. Co.-Offlce. 800 

Ualp St. (Consalldatloa of Keoknk 
Blec. Ry. ft Pwr. Co., Keokuk ft West 
. em III, Blec. Co, and Keokuk Qas ft 
Bleo. Co.) (Thla company doea the en. 
Ure., eleo. Itg., jiwr. and gsB bnai- 
neae or Eoeku\. The entire elec. and 
elec. lig. boBlTieeBlnHaaiillonaDdirir- 

II d Wari 

, betwe 

Harry T. BdgSL , 

147Hllk St, Boston, Mast, 
e», Geo, Hlgglrson. .Tr. 
M First Nat 'TBk, Bldg., Chicago, Til. 

Treas.. H. B. aawy"r. " " 

Aaat. TresB. A. L. Berryman Keoknk 

Qen. Mm, 

Stoned Webster Boalon, Mbbb 

Hgr. J. P. Ingle Keoknk 

Energy purohasBd from Hisslsslpnl 
River Power Co. ;10 a. c. tranafonners Q. 
K. Wealg. tot. Mlfl liw. 11000 v. 8 pb. S 
cys;g d. t. rotary conv. Weatg. lotfloO 
kw; trana. volt, 11000 v; trolley volt. BOO v 

8 eab.«taa. tot. cap B044 kw. 

Repair shop at lOth A Bank Sta, 

14.18 mllea (trackage 8.14); 4.gH g: 18 

3 other 

marble: BOCK. 

Sl»— Iowa By. A I.t.Oo.— Office, 11» 

East Main Bt. &M Cedar BapldB for 

Local Ugr. 

ChariM Hnnun ICanballtAwn 

Snpt, Trinap. Roj CammlQKa '' 
Cti.EiiBr.Pwr.8ta..C.E.areen " 

Power «t«, eqnlp, B d. c. Wc«tg, Q. B. 
tol. 40U kw; 8 a. G. Weit. lot. BGa kw. asOU 
>. S pb. W cjb; GTS bp. e, St. Louisi leoo 
kw. 0. Fnllon Cor.; 1800 hp. b. Edge. 
LT™";asrBkTii. etm. torb. Wealg; trolley 
volt. EfiO T. 

Powar Bta, at BaatNavada St; repair 
■kop at SK 8. 8d Ave. 

ReacheeCllT Park. 


Power eU. "qpip- 

jinVrTso* 6 

ta., Oakalw 

B mile*; l-8« gl B motoi 

fBearan.New Hbaron 

trollHl by tho 0nltedLl. & Ryi. Co., 
Onod Baplde, Hicb.) (ConnecUMaioD 
City. Clear Lake Jet.. Emery, and Clear 

M V. Prei. C. H. McNIcter. . . 
M V. Pn«. JE AMt. Treaa. 

" " Oraod Rapida.Hlch. 

L.H.H«lnke ( 

Andr. F. E. WbUs ., 
Sopt. J, H. Sieaaser 

Raplda. Mleb. 

EnerBT porcbased rrom People'B Oil A 
Eleo. Co.: 1 a. c. Q. E. 1000 kw. SSOO t. 
a ph. SO oyi; trans. Toll. 1«.MMt; trolley 
Toll. BOO T. 

a aub-Btaa. tol. cap. 1000 kw ; 9 tot, conv. 

Repair sbop at Ei 

t-ea K 

IP Park. 


1 .fgt. and 

0BKALOO8A. 10,485 (ISI5). 

S»l — Oakalaoak & Baitfln Elite' 
Ry. Co.— rmce. 181-123 Flrat Ave.' 
Wtat.. ngkaloDU. (Oimed and on' 
erat^ by Oakalooaa Tnc. A LI. Co. 
which «ee for offlcera.J (ConneoM 

Illinois Trac. ayatsm,)' 
Rnpray from flekalooaa Trat. A Lt.Co. ; 
trnllej Volt. 6B0 T. 
8.5 miles; *-&Hg; S oara. BO 

Sa»~OBk»lcKHi> TrH. A Lt. Co.— 

Ofllce. 191-1S3 Flrat Are.. Weal. Oaka- 
looaa. (Own' and operalee Dakalooaa 
A Buiton Blec Rj, Cn.l (Connect" 
nakalooaa anrlBaacon,) (Part of 111 In- 
ola Trac. 8y»t«m,l 

Prea. Wm. B. lf«Rinl<>y..CbaiDnaIeD 111. 

V. PrBB.E^fle., H.B.Chnbbnck, Peorla,lll, 

V. Pr«*. A Treaa. 
Geo M. Mattia Champalan, 111. 

8m. W. H Oarnahan 

Aod'.B.E. BramWe 

Oen.Snnt. J. H. Porter., , 

Met.. Claim. Oen. Fet . Paai. S 
Pnr.Aet -T.F.Porter Oakalooia 

Ch, Eogr. Pwr. Sta.A.W. SpenM " 

M. M..C.L.ntoler 

Eon. 0*bd. CoDKtr. A Bier Engr. 
P. W. Ma«dalck 

OTTCMWA. 35.000 (HIT). 
3^3— Ottnmwa By. A UKbt Co^ 

Offloe. W6 E. Becond St. (CooUoUeii 
through Bl«ck ownerahlp by Htandar^ 
Gae* Elec, Co., and operated by H *• 
Bytl«by A Co., Cblcago, Dl.) 

Prea. A. S. Hoey Cbic«(to,nL 

let V. Prea. H. a. Byllesby... 

M V. Prea. F. C. Gordon 

Treaa. J. J. O'Brien 

Aodr. J. F. Canaeld Oil 

Gen. Hgr. Chas. B. Fahnwy 

^npl. Ry. F. laaacBon 

Elec. Kngr. W.D. Ferrell 

Cb Engr. Pwr. Sta.. H.T.YOBt 

M, M.,F. Welramltb 

Roadmaater, Q. H. Baiaaey 

Power eta. equip, Sd. c. W. Bi.t_.. ,_. 
kw; 5 a. c. W. E. tot. 19350 kw. B ph. 60 
eye; SWO hp, e. FultoD. Q. E, Skinner,! 
-Allln-C, Ham.BaUUSSObp.b.SUri trariB. 
volt, SS.OOO t; trolley iqU, 550 t. 

Power BU, and repair abop at Ottnmwa. 

18 initee;4-«4 g: S7mo. paaa., 11 trail 
peaa., 1 sweeper and 8 workcBra. (CMU- 

Cny doea IlKbtIng, power aod staam 
allng baelneaa). *S9 

PEBBT. 5,45(1. 
(See No. 313.) 

SIOVX CITY. 51,774 (1S15), 
333— 81 OKI City Berrlre Co. — Ofllca. 
41*-41B Fifth St. and Srd AWater BIb, 
Pre«. H. J. Oonham, 

9)9 S. La Salle St., Chicago, HI. 
V. Pres. H. A. Chetham. 

Union Stock Yards. " " 

Sec. *Treoa. J, Henry Rlck<r..S1onT City ; 

Aodr, K. V. Groff " 

Oen. AParkM^r.B.L. Kirk... " 

Snpl. H. M. Benaon " ' 

Sunt. Ht.,L.R. Crawford 

Snpt. Lt, & Pwr. C. E, Murphy " 

Par, Aki. H.B, Gregory " 

Ch. Bam. Pwr. Sta, M.W.Lake 
M. M., C. M. F«lal... 

Power ata. eqnip. ad. e. WeBte, G, E. 
tot. SSOO kw; S a. e ilU'-C tot, 8000 kTB, 
23J10 Y, a Dh. 60 eye; 4M0 hp, e. AUI-C. 
Piiltiin:«OOkw.atai.tnrb.AlllB.C. trolley 

Power sta. and rrUHlr ehop at Watar SI. 
betwaan td & 8d Sta, 

CoBtfola Riverside Park. 

KSfnllea: 4-8 « e: T«mo'orand Ktiolher 
cara. (Co. doea llgbllne and poner traal- 
neaa.) *« 

TOLEDO. 'l,7ei. 
3an-Iawa Rt- * It- C€>.— OfBct, 

Toledo. See Cedar RepldB. 
LocalMgr.J.P. Waltera ;?'oledD 

Power sta, eqnlp. 1 mo. gen.aet G.B. IK 
kw; 1 a. c. West. T5 kw, 2300 v. 8 pb, M 


a;4-SKE; 4 m 

t. eooy. 


WATERI.OO. 31,097 (1»1D). 

3»7~ Waterloo, Cadar Palla * 

Mortberu Rt-Co Office. Waterloo. 

(Coanecl* WKlerioo, Cedar Kaplds, 
Cedar Falli, Waverlj, Cenler Point, 
La Poite CItj, Dauier, Gilbertvllle, 
BiHQdon, Urbana, Fanner, LaFavMle, 
and Koblna.) 

Prea. L. S. Cue .Waterloo 

V. Pra». J, F.Cmb 

Sac. F, K. Farwell 

Tr*u. A ADdr, W. H. Bnrk.... 


Sapt. U. A, Waleh 

Qoa. FRt. ft FaBB. Ast. 


Tai. Art. F. MeDooald 

Acting Ch. Bngr. C. F. ReBDer. " 

M. M., W-GTlamb 

8i)pt.0Ttad. Lines A. T. Woodrine " 
PoneraU. equip. S a. o. lorbo. gen. 

Allls-C. tot. 4B0OO kn. I3i» ». S ph. 86 

cys; 3000 hp. b.Bsb. ft W: 4S0a kw. itm. 

tarb. Allle-C; trans. toH, 44,000 y; troUer 

volt. BHMBOO ». 


RMchei Electric Park. 

13G mllKB^ 4-SH f. £»:< can; g elec. 
lono.. (Furnlahessneigyfor llghlingand 
power.) *B9 

ATCHISON. ia.42a. 

328— Atehtaon Rf ., Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

—Office. 4CT nommeri-ial St. (Part of 

Illinois TtacUon System.) 
Prea.Wm.B. McKinIey...Chanip^gn,Ill. 
V. Prei!. Ex. H. B. ChilbbucK , PearlB.El. 
V. Pros. Geo. M, Mattis. .l.'hampaiifn. 111. 

Sec. T. B. MBcBnlny '(ontreal. Can, 

Tnas. Qeo B. HcComb. ...CbBinpalEn, 111 

AnrJr. F, J, Lsrth Topeka 

&BBt. Oeo.Mgr. A, M. Patten.... " 

Pur.Agt. H. J. Vance .'.Peoria, II). 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr. 8U. 

Tovei sta. eqiilp. * d. c'.G.E,. WeBt. 
tot. 800 kw; 4 a, c, O. B., We-t. tot. 1100 
kw. a ph. en cya: 1800 bp. e. Wma.. 8. C.. 
Ham;leoa lip. b. From., Spgt.. Heine; 
000 kw. stm. Enrh. O, B; trolley volt. BTBv. 

Power ata. and repair shop at Atchison. 

Reachea .lackenn Park and Rflsner Park 

a.M rr 


: (Compan' 

roTDlthM pOVersDd light) 


Springs. (CoBneo 

RIS Baltimore Av.. 

Ch. Bngr. J. L. Hn« Bonner iprli 

Bn^ray burchurd from Uunlc. Pli 
InKBDBaaClty. Kana. 

70 miles projecti'd: 40 miles In ope 

■nd lOotherearctelec. locoa: « 


(See also Mo. 34T.) 

sao — The Union Traotion Co.— 

Office. CoSeyvllle. (Operates In Cot- 
feyvllle and Independence, and inter- 

pendeace, Cberrynile and ParBoiiB, and 
CoBeyvilleaiMl.SowBts, Okla.) 
Prea. ft (ien. Ugr. 
D. H. SIgglnB Colteyillle 

Wlllla B. FrlOBtley. . .BarUeavllle, Okla. 

Seo. H. A.SiKglna Warren, Pa. 

Treas. 9. I*. Smith " 

SnpL .lohn Yatea CoffeyTllle 

Elec.Bner. L. L. FrBn<!la.,lDdep«ndeDce 

Enp-. Pwr. Hta.,B«lPagett 

H. M., B. P. Armatrong aofteyvllle 

kw. SBOv.Sph. as cys; MOO hp. e. (iraa), 
Wntg; trans, vnit ^,000 v; trolley volt. 
6B0t. Will pncchase energy from Eanaas 
Gas A Elec. Co. for operation of BvBlem 
from Paraona, Kans.. to NowaU, Okla. 
Power ala. at Independenoe; repair 

Reaches SIIuiIbd Sprlnga and Forest 

M.BO miles: 4-S>^ E: I^ motor aad 
la otbsr cars. (Co. does eome Itg. In 
DelawareandLenapah, Okla) . 138 

BrOBdnay, New York, NIT. 
Pres,, Albert Biranocl. . New York, N. T. 

Local Ugr. M. DUD -worth Emporia 

Ch. Ennr.Pwr.Sta. Fred. Brown '■ 

Shop FortDiBD W. net elej 

Pwr. eta. equip. 3 a. c, O. K, Allle-C, tot. 
1010 kw. 230Av. S ph. eOcya; IBOO hp. e. 

_ . . . Allts-C, Bckye: ... ,. 
Bab ft W, R. ft Fj BOO hp. atm. torb. 
AHIb-C: trolley volt, mo V, 
Power ata. and repair shop at Bmporla. 

G miles; 4-B<^ g; S motor and 4 trail 
cars. GO 


(See also No. 84G.) 

B33-TIiaUatehlnson InteT-Urbau 

Ry. Co. -Office, BOB N. Main St.. 


PrfB. Bmerson CHrey HnlcMnaon 

V. Prea. L. A. Banker " 

See. J . Lee Dick " 

Treai. Howard J. Carey " 

Gen. Met. ft Pnr. An. 

Jamea B. HnmberE 

RoadmBBter R. 9. Murray " 

Bnirr, Ovhd. ConBtr. 

EnetEy pnr^haaed' rrom"The United 
Wir., G»B ft Elec. Co.; trolfet volt. GtB v. 

Repair than at rear of snj N. Main St. 

Reachea Riverside Park. State Fair 
Grounds, Stevens Park and Swimming 

Unillec; 4.0^11; IS motor and T other 


Pioa. Geo. W, Banmboff 

R.F.D. No. la, Kirkwood. Ua. 
V.PTM., Oen-Mgr., 

Cla]*n A Par. Agt. L. B, Lonlguk.^ JoJft 

Sea. C. B. Spencer ■■ 

Trean. Thoe. H. BowlDB " 

Ch. Enir. A. O.PanKh.... '• 

M. M. Geo. S. Thornton '• 

RoBdmuter. Wm. UcFsrland -' 

Power ata, equip. » a. c. Wslker, WeaL 

b. Heine; trolley volt (160 to BOOT. 

Power lUu and repair »bop. 2 mllea 
eut of ettj at Kock Cieelt (no P. O.)- 

Reachei parka in lols, Gaa OltyandLa 
Hupe owned b; compuDT. 

ID.S mlleaj tSit K'- 1 motor and i other 
care. (Co. doee lie. In Oaa Citj and La 
Harpe and tntBlAea enewv tor molwi 
and fana.) *19t 


BSS—niiloii JAgbt & Pnwer Co.— 
Oaic«, Jiwelloil CitT. (Cooascle Janc- 
■ lion CtlT and Pt.Rlle)-.) 
Pre*. F. KTjler 

Scarrltt Bide., Kansae Cltv, Mo. 
V. Pre.. & See. 

R. O. Tbomen Jnnetion CK; 

Treaa. * Gen. 8np(, 


Ch. Eogr. Pwr. 8U. 

Fred. Leatriwh " '" 

M. M., W. D, Pearea " " 

Power eta. eqnip. Id. c. West. 200 kw; 8 
a. c, Weatg. Allle-C. tot. MM kw. S300 >. 
Sph. flDcye; 1500 hp.e. Str^t; la^Wtap. b. 
Kew epgf. BonuB'Senn; TM kw. toib. 
(<tm.) AlTiB Cl Iraos. *oU, SS.000 v; trolley 
TOlt. two r. 

1 aob-eta. oap. SOD kv. 

Power ata. and lep^rabope atJnnctloD 

E.B miles: 1-SHg; 11 motor care and 1 
other oar. iCompanjdoesageDerBl llRbt- 

S3>— Tbe Kaoasa CItj-Weatem Rj. 

Co.— Office, 803 DeUwate St., Leaven, 
worth, Kana. (Operates aiiburban and 
LeaTenwonb city ilnei.) (Connect* 
Kanaae City, Kan., Ksnsaa City. Mo.. 
Walcott, Lansing and T.eavemrorth.t 

Praa. & Gen. Mgr. 
C.F.Holmes Kaneae City, Mo. 

let V. Pree.W. e. Holmei ' 

H. Lanifworlhy. " " " 

E. V.Bendereon.......... Leaf en worth 

Treai. HcCabe Moure, . KaoeaaCity, Uo. 
Aeat. Gen. Mgr. Cba«, D.Bell. " 

Sopt.Jno. Martin 

Claim Aet., A Fur. Agt. 

J. M.Sheahan Leavenworth 

Blac. BngT. John Hall 

EnRT. M. of W. 


Knargr pnrebaeed from The Kaoeaa 
CitT Ry8. Co.. Ksntiaa City. Mo.; trana. 
volt. 88,000 t; trolley volt. 600 t. 

8»nb-Btsa.lot.cap IBOO kw; Brot. conv, 

8nb-ata«. at Cbeteeii. Woleott and 
Leavenworth; repair ehops al Woleott 

Wjulles; *-»M e: 42 mo, paKB, E Iti. 
mo., 10 fgt., withont mo. and G serrlce 

Lj^TCTtENCE. lf,884. 

338— The KitiiaB* Electric Utilities 

Co (Lawrence UIt.) Home omoe, 

fli Broadway. New Tork.N. T. (Rae- 

porla By. Jt Lt. Co. and Lawrence Ry. 
A l.t, Co.l (Owns all caplul stork of 
8ldney(0.)ElBC. Co., Union CitT find.) 
Ei«. Co. and Cnited He, Co.. if 
Alblen, Pa. Operated by the Albert 
Emanael Co,. New York, N. T. ) 

Pret. £ Qan. Hgr. 

Albert Emanuel New York, N. Y. 

v. Prea. Irving Hill Lawteoce 


Treaa. «c Pnr. Agt 

C. B. Zeigler New York. N. Y. 

I J.T Skinner Lawrence 

MgTB. < T.T. Parker Emporia 

Iw.T. Nelleh Psreon 


Energy purchased from Bowersock 
Mille & !*wr. Co, ; trolley volt. 600 v. 

Reachceand rontrole Woodland Park. 
' lOmltes; i-S,iig\ 14*molor, S trail, and 
I work oar. (CompBDy does eeneial 
llghtlngand power boeineaa.) *-" 

(8e« No. «n.) 

3Se— BlBnliattkn City « Intsm 

ban Ry. Co — Offlce, ai8 Ynma 8t. 

(Coo necta Manhattan and Fort Rilay.) 

Fres. W. R. West »r._w.— — 

V. Prea. LH, Herahey 

8ec. W. L. Rode Hanhaltan 

Treaa,, Oen. Mgr. Si Pur, 

Agt. JoB.T. Weit 

Ch, Bngr. A Engr. Pwr, 8ta. 

T.S, WaUer 

M, M,, J. ,1. Lsmont 

Power ata. equip, 1 d, o. Elec. Mchy. 900 
kw: 8 rot. conv. West. lot. BOO kw; 360 
hp, e. Minpl; 260 hp. h.Bros; trolley Toll. 

Power ata. and repair ahopa at Hao- I 

Heaehea Enreka Electric Park. 

£0 mllee: 4.8^ g; 8 intersrbaD motor 
paas.. t city motor paea.. 9 trail, and S 
other cars. 118 

OAKLAND. 1,«E1. 
(See No. S44.) 

PARSONS, 11,188. 

Co. (Pareone Div.)— For general offi- 

Supt. J.B.Webb ParaouB 

uen. Mgr. W, T. Nelleh " 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. 81a. D. H. Tacter •' 

Roadmaster, C. E, Klag " 

power ata. equip. I d.c. Allla-C.aOOkw; 
8 a,e. Allla-C tot, llDOkw. SCOO v. 8 ph. W 
eye; IBOO hp, e. (atm. A gas) Twin City 
Cpr, Cor, Allls.C; 500 hp, b. Sngllsh; 
trolley volt 660 V. 


gen. MOO y. S6 eye ; 8800 v. 60 eye.) ' 

PITTSBURG. 1T,(18S. (I91S). ' 

3«1— Joplln A FittabuTK By.Ca— J 
OSce, First Nat. Bank Bide, EanMsJ 

City. Mo. and PItUbnrg. Kan. (A^N 
quired and consolidated the PltlaMt 
k Kansas City Ry., the Gliard C 
Bell Elec. Ry, Co. and the Pltta" 
Ry. *Lt. Co.) (Conn - " " 
Pittsburg, Chtcopee. 
Clty,ecaminoB.Colnm _ 

Enlvetown. Radley, Dnnklr?,' I'run 
I in. O Irani, Crowebunt, Arma, Ml. 
berry and Cherokee In Kanaaa. and Ji*J 
lin, Chltwond, Carl Jct„ Waco aSd 
Aabnry In Mitaourl.) ~ ' 

Prea. J.J.Helm Kanaaa City. Mo. 

V. Preala. Jo c. Snider 

Jno. A.Preacott... ... ■' " 

Andr. E. 8. Blgelow.... " " " 

Traffle Mgr. J. D. Cornall " '■ 

QeD. Ugt. A Pur. \gt. 

ROSED ALE. 7.496. 
(Bet Km. tse, Bse and MIT.) 

8AI.INA. 10.448 (1»1&). 
3<«--Sitllns Street Br. Cv.^OS 

Talletle Flits. 

H.'C. Sm1ther....710W. AsbBt.,8al 

V, Pre«. Jo«ph Uimnm ■ 

Sec,, Tresa., Gen. Mgr., Ciaim 

*Pur. Agl. W. K.Smltlier ■ 

Bngr. Orbd. Conair. ft M. H, 

Pwr. ft Qu Co. ; ifollej volt. 676-860 1 
ReMStiea park and UnlverBily; i 

11 rnllei^ iSii g: V niotor can i 
1 otber or. 118 

BTBONO OITV. l.OIB (1914). 
148 — CouMlldated 8t. Ry. Co. 

Office, cottoanood Fille. (CoDoe 
Cottonwood Fallajuid Slrong Cltj.) 

Pna. W. C. Hwrey Strong Citj 

V.Frea. Qso. W. Cnini '■ " 

Sac. W.W. AoatJD CottoDwood Falla 

TietM. Hkj h. Rockniwd " 
Qen. Mgr. A Far. Agt, 

W. F. Roctwood :. .Strong Cit J 

a mlleii (hor^pt: H-fl t: 8 ran. (Con. 
Umplalaa aWtilflCHtion.) (Koad i'»- 
muitled lOIS.) *iet 

TOPBKA. 4fi,747 'IBIS). 

a^M— The TopehB Rjr. Co.— Offlcs, 

lUh and Jacbaon SM. (Part ot Tb* 

tlllnols TiacUoa Sytleni.) (Cimnecta 

Prei. W. B. McKinlcy.. ..Champaign. 111. 
V.Pree.Ki. H, B, Ctiubbotk... Peoria, 111. 
V.Pr.(..Trfai>, & Aastaec. 

Q>o. II. MaiUa Chairpalgn, III. 

Seo. E.A.UaCDntl Hoi>l»ui. (jue. 

Andt. F. J. Larab Topeka 

A»LG<D.Ugt. A.M. Patten.... " 
Snpl. A CWm AW. H. W. Patian " 

Por.Agt. H.J. Vance Peoria. Ill 

M. M., H. 8. Frencb Topcki 

Roadmaner, J. R. HcCahan " 

BnargT tmrohaaed from Tbe Topelii 
MUonCo, i Uana. toH. MOO »; trolley volt 

R«palr ataops at 12ili is Jackaon St*. 

Rtaehea Oarlleld and Oage Parka. 

41.nS mileai 4.^ g; U mo. psaa,. B 

WICHITA. 80,000. 
MR — ArkBHiaa Taller I 

<irk»B Kj, Co — Ofllce, ISO W. : 

Wlcblla.^ (Conneola_ Wichita, Valley 


1031 N. Emporia Ate. Wlcblta 

V. Free. A Gen. Mgr, Chaa. H. Smyth 

KI2 Lawrence Ave, Wlcblta 

ec, Aest, to Prei. & Claim Agt. 

R. B. Campbell ISWRIveralde Drive ■' 

Treaa, W. E. Brown AugnaU 

230 Chautaaqna Ave. Wichita 
Pur, Agt. ASnpt. 
S. R.Hemy,.10SlN.IdwienceATa. " 

Traffic Mgr, F.C.Mayer 

M. M.. E. R, Vallanet 

Kngr, M. ofW, 
J. B. WordeD....S40De>otaBt. 
Energy purchiaed from Eansaa Gas A 
:ieo. Co.; a d. o Allla-C, G. B, tot. 80U 
w. dOO I. 3 pb. 29 oya; a motorzen. Allli- 
I..G.B. tot dOOkw: trans. Tolt.U,aOO v. 
troltay volt.BOOT. 

Repair ahops at Wlcblta. 

S0.STmllea:4.8Kg; 111 mo. pasa.. Sfft. 
10., S Cgt. nitbont mo. and 8 aervlee 
ara. *ii 

L— Wichita R. B. & Lt. Oo— Of 

, So. Mais St. (Part of Illinois 

W. B. McKlnley Champaign. III. 

V. Prea. Ei. H.B.CbnbbuCK.,Peofla. Ill 
T. Prea. Geo. H. MalUB..Cbamiiaign.I]l. 
l«a. E. A. Uacnutl.. Montreal, One., Can, 
J'reas. Bdw. WDOdmu]....PorlIaiid, Ha. 
Aast Treaa. 

— H.Camahan Cbamp^gn, III, 

r, F. J, Larah Topeka 

Agt. H.J. Vanes Faorla. 111. 

lien. Mgr. A.M. Patten Topeka 

„.,.. C. B. Lewla WlchiU 

AtrrB. Harris ft Barrle " 

Energy purchased from Kansaa Qas & 

Repair ahops at lOth & Wichita Bts. 
Reacbea Wonderland Park, 
Sa.B mllBB ; 4-Hii!; «e motor paaa., 1 trail 
pass, an servicecar, anow aweeper^.^ 

StAb — Wlohlta - Gainst Valley 
luterarban Ballway.^ Office M6 

Beacon Bldg. (Pending pernl-sloo 
from tbe capital laauea Commlttae to 
sell aecarlUea.) (Connecla WKhlU. 
Andnrar, Benton. Augusta. Towanda, 
El Dorado, Gordon, Douglaaa and Wln- 


lat V. Prea. A. H. Hilt Wlohlta 

Snd V. Prea, J. W. Hlatt Wlnfleld 

Sec. & Audr. T. C. CoSmao Wichita 

Treaa. L. S. NsCtsgcr 

So. WeatSt. Bank, " 
Umllea. 69 


347— Sonthern B. R. Co. (Formerly 
Southwesiem Inlerorbao Ky. Col- 
Office. Wlnfleld. (Operatea In Wlnfleld 
ana Arkanaaa City and connects these 

Ptrf. Homer M, Pteaton...,Tnlsa,Okla. 

V. Prea, W. H. Summenolor WmHeld 

Bar., & Snpt. 

K. Kirkpatrick Arkanaaa City 

Geo. Mgr., Pur. Agt., Claim 

Agt. AEIfc. Eng.p;H. Talbot, Wlnfleld 
Oeu.Fit. & Paaa. Agt. 

B. H. Grlmea Arkinwa City 

Cb. Engr.. Pwr. Bta., W. Blgbee.WlnllcId 

M.M.. Frank Morse 

Bngr. M. of W., A. Drummond , . 
Eniir.ovhd.Conatr. C.Honeton.. " 

Power sto. equip. E d. c. Weei, tot. GOO 

fVjwcr Bla. at Hadtney; repair abopg at 
Wmlles^ 4'flK g; 7 Diolor pasa.. 1 fgl. 

ASHLANU. 9.874. 


eceWer, Will R. Sptrk, .Bowline Green 

Knerer purchased trgio Kent nckv Pub- 
ic Service Co.: uans. volt. asOD v: trailer 
roll. BSa V. 

RepftLrihopBt U>IBileld(noP 0.). 

-dHgiOmcHor ore .ad 1 


(aee No. una.) 

COTINOTON. 67, 1« (1»1B). 

349— Cincinnati, Newiiurl A Cot- 

Inrton Lt. A Tmc. Co.— General 

offlce, NewarH. N. J. ; branch offlre, lat 

N»U. B»nliBldB„Cincinnaii, O. (Thli 

■lock of SnioD LtSjI, Heat Jk Power 
Co. Tbe CinoioDaiV. Newport A Cot- 
Ington Ry. Co., wbioh is Wrn owm 
the atocli of Tbe So. Coilrigton t Cln- 

lloes. AllBtocliiareli-aMdUiColambU 
Oaa t Elec. Co.) 

Free. Jfttnee H. BnttoD . . . . CinclDoatl. O. 

V. Free. Loais J. Haui-k. . . 

Sec. ATreaa. O. H. Abbotl " " 


■ SO — The Cincinnati, NewpDit 
at CoTlnBton Ry. Co. and The 
South CoTlugton ft Cluclnnkti St. 
By, Co — (The Cloclniiall, Newport A 
CovlnctDD Lt. A TraD. Uo. owna tbe 
stock of The CincLiioatl, Kewpon & 
CoTinKl.on Rt.. which In turn owne Ibe 
atoclt of The South Cortngtou ft Cln- 

I Inei operated iDconjnncUoiilhcrewItli.J 
(BileDalon known ae ClDCinuaCi, Cov- 
ington * BrlannerRj (under constmc- 
tlon) completed to Leiin£lon Pike. 

Pre*. W. W. Preemaa CovinglOD 

V. Free. W. Y. Oartwrtght 

Seo. * Traaa. Polk Lafloon... " 

CotQpt. T. F. Wickham " 

ClatmlA. M, Bower 

Agti. i W. D. RaneliB" " 

Fnr, Agt..C. J. Baner 

«h ft Piom Sl».. Cincinnati. O. 

Rise. Engl, C.W. DeForrat, . . .CovinRton 

Gen. Supt. Wm. H. Hartnn. Jr. '■ 

enpLTfansp. P.P. LlJlard.... 

M. M. Frank W. Wampler 

Roadmaater. O. K. Itndd 

Kngr.Orhd. CODitr. W.W.Tripp " 
Power ata. equip. G i. c. Weatg. tot. 

aaOOkw; *a. c.O.E. lot. «(»kw. 4600 T. 

3 ph. SO cya; 10,000 hp. e, Cpr. Bokje, 

8800 v; tto'iley Tolt. B6o"v. Bnergy alionnr- 

chaaed fiom The Onion Gaa & BIm. Co., 

Cluclnnall, O. 
Power 9la. and remJr ahop at Newport 
Seachep Ludlow Lagoon, Latoni a Race 

Track Qupen City Bstbing Beach and 

fl8.42 milee; MtK n: ITS motor and ir 

IDl- Henderson Trao. Co. — Oflloe, 

214 Locual Kt„ Bvansvllle.lnd. (CoD- 
crclled by BvanBTllie & Ohio Valley 

■rea. J. H. Lyne Hendereon 

'.Ptea. C.C.Tennii PIttaburg, Pa. 

'. Free, ft Oeu. Ugr. 

Wtn, ACaraon Bvan.ville, lud. 

Sec. Jk Treaa. C. H. BattIn .. '■ 

Audr. Geo, W.WllBon '■ 

Gen, Supt. G. R.Mllllcan '■ " 

■upt. of Ttanap. B. L. Moore.. " " 

.ocal Supt. O, S. Orabam Henderson 

1. M. Geo. W. Burke. ... Biiuisllile, lud. 
Bnergy purchased from municipal plant 

Repair abop at 4Ba S. Main St. 
Reachea Atklnaon and Baaa Ball Parka 

nd Fair aronndi, 
Smllea; 4-8MK: 18 i^rs. *6e 

LEXfNOTOM. 41.097. (IBIB). 
3S»— Kentucky Traction ft Termi- 

ual Co.— U«ce, lai-eO Weat MainSl., 
Leilngtoa. lOnned by KentuckySe- 
curitiee CorporatioD ur Phlla., Pa.) 
Cap. Stk. |!i.l)9B.4O0; bda. 1-3,967,006 

ingloo, Vemalllea, Prankfotl. George- 
town, Nkholasville and Poria. aud 
operstea dly llnce In Parla, Pnuikfort, 

Prea. Percy U. Chandler 
Franklin Bank BIdg., Fhiladalphla, Pa. 

V. Prea, F. W. Bacon 

See. T.D.Murray LeilngUm 

Aaal- 8fc. * indr. L. P. RyB- . " 

Tieaa.J.Will Stcll 

Acig, Gen. Mgr., Blee. Bngr.. 
Signal Bngr. * Kn^. Ovhd. 
CoD"lr., J. P. Pope 

Supt-Tranapt. Heni^Buab " 

Claim Agl- Wallace Mulr 

Gen-Fnt. Agt. J. J. Bonfield... " 

Ch. Bngr. iTark Mgr. 

Geo. MacLeod " 

1 Frodnotlon, 

f Dlelr, W. Reed " 

M. M,,W. G. atnck " 

Hoadmasler, J. H. Kearney — " _ 

Pwr eta. equip; S a- c. G. B, AlllB-C. 
to(, 9000 kw. (800-4000 v. 3 ph. BOcya; SOOO 
hp. b. Edge; 9000 kw. atm. tofb, G. B., 
Aliia-C; trane. volt. Sa.OOOv; trolleyTOlt. 
eoo ».. fl traosf. tot, 30.000 kw., 4000- 
3S(iD0v' gmo.geu.setalot.lBOOkW- 

7 Biib-atas tut. cap. 1900 kw; 6rol.con*i 

Fw'r.ata- andrepalrahopa atLeiin<ton. 

Owne Hlne Graea Park, 

BS.7fl mllee; 4-BM g; ™ "OW "^ 

{.OVIHTILLE. aa^.iiO <19l(». 

(See aleo Noa. UK. 280. 990. 800, 
MB and 1070.) 

333-U>iil>villcftInt«rnrl>iin B..K. 

Co Offlo-,.116 W. Jetffraon St. (Con- 

necta Proapect, Jefferaonlown, Valley 
Sta„ Fern Creek and Oklonaj Lonisvlllo, 
Anchorage. Fewee, Creatwood, lA 
Grange, Mlddletown, Lakelaud, Eiat- 
wood. Long Bun, SimpaonviUc, Scolfa 
sea. and Stelbi«llle.| (Conirolled by 
LoulevllleRj. Co.) 

Pree.&Gen.Mjcr.T.J. Minajy LoulartlH 

let V. Prea. ft Gen. Counael 

Aait. to Frea.,T. HMtnary!!!! 
8ec.ftTreaa..8«m'l Q.Boyle.-.. " 

AnJt. R. A. Watt* 

Supt..a«m'l Reddle " 

On Fjn.&Paaa.AKt. 
H.HiWyait. .Brook ft Liberty Bte.," 


•ur. Agt. C. B.K»rlj Louii 

!l«linigt., N. W. ront 

Clec. Boer., ft Ban. Othd., F.U.HIimr 

t. M., JahD ZbII 

aetb & Qirl&nd Sts. 
toadmuur, H. O. De Voe 

Bnergi From Campbell St. Plant 
.oulavnie Bj. Co.; trane. Tolt. iS.U 

Tood. IcoitsVd J«ft«™onlowD. 

101.amll«:4-8Ug. (13.3mi.) JtBKi 41 
Qotor paaa., 7 trail paaa., 19 tiet- m<:~ 
> ret. wItbODt motota am] 8 mvlijec — 

^res.JC Oan. Mgr.T.J. MlDai7..Loul»ll 
V. Praa. A Oen, CoanBel. 

JaienDUIbcmBldg. " 
SecTreu. .K Andi. 

Sam'IQ BoTle " 

Par. Agt. C. B. Early " 

CUtm AkI, Neil W. Votik 

Sapt. Tranept. Sam'l Rlddls... 
Aast. to Ug[., T. U. Mlniir]',.. 


I CO, Beaton., 

SoPt. of Waj ± Struct, 

«9Ui ft Girlind Avea. 

Powerala. equip. B d. c. O. B. lot. 4800 

hw; a a. c. Weatc. tot. ei.SOO kw. 13.300 t, 

apb.SOtjf. ll.aiOhp. e. A1II9-C; IB.Oi'O 

hp. b. Hab. & W; 18,500 kw. atm. tutb. 

ft Broadway. 
Beaches Fontaine r erry. 
IWDil]«(:6g: fttScan.lKanaxplua'i 

<t'ftn[rolled, through ownerahlp of oa- 
tlre capita] atuck, by HnjavilJe Pnbllo 

Prea. ft Qeu.Mgr. 
Horace J. CoaDTan UayaTllle 

OWBNSBOBO. 17,781 (leiOj, 
SSV— Owenaboro Cit; R. R. Co.- 

Oflce, ai4 Locnat St.. BianiYlJIe. tad. 

(Con trolled by Kysnaitlleft Ohio Valley 

Hy. Co.) 

pRi, ffm. A. Koch EianBTille, Ind. 

V. Pna. A. W. Fgnkhouser. 

Sec. C. H.BaltIn , 

Trau.ft Qan. Uri. 

Wm. A. Caraon " 

indr. a. H. Wliaon ■' 

Gen. Supt. ft Par. Agt. 


Local Snpt., Wm, A. Tower... Owmghoio 
AHt Bnpt., H. Carrie " 

kw; TOOhp.'e.L.ft B; Soi) hp. b. Atlaa: 
itoUay Toll. 660 t. 

Powatata. and rapalrahapatHatbanv 
ft eth 3U. 

Baacbea HIckmaii Park, ownad by oity, 
and Sereu HIllaCbanunQoa Park, Fur 
Oronuda, BaaeballandShoollDsOiaonda 
and Fern Uille Coal Mine. mtlea; 4-8^ g; S» motor, 7 trail 

and II coal cars, ikBS 

PADUCAH. «,B42 (IDia]. 
SSSa-FadnoBli Tru. ft Lt. Ca.— 

uaic«.400UroBdway. (Owaathaaiicaii- 
ties ot tbe Padncab Traa. Co, and tba 
Padnoah Lt. ft P»r. Co.. which com. 

RecatTsc Koacoe Reed. 

Pna. Harry T. Bdgar BoiUm, Maaa. 

Sec. Alvah K. Todd 

Treaa. Henry B. Sawyer.... •' 
OsD.Ugra, Stone A WebaUr " '< 

Oen.Mgr.A. 8. NlebolB Padnah 

Claim Agt. J, W. McNoely " 

Caa. Sopt. Fred. Cloen " 

Cb. Bngr. Pur. 8ta. A. N. DaHa.. " 

M. M.Th. a. Baibero '• 

Powarata. equip., lid. c. Q. B. , total 880 
kw. 600 T„ S a. c. Q. K, Ball tot, 1160 kw. 
aSOOv. Spb.60cyB.,93S0bp,e. RDB.Ham. 

C^r bain and repair abope at Paducah. 
Baacbe* Wallace Park, (owned). 
l».SSeaineg;4-^g; 96 motor paee. aod 
19 other car*. *iet 

FAKis. ijee. 

(See No. 359.) 

SHBI.BVVII.I.E:. 8,419. 

(See No. 168.) 

SB9b - FrBDkrort ft ShalbyTllle 

Tmctlou Co Office, Sbalbyvllle. 

(Will GoDDcet Sbelbyvllla and Piank- 


Prea. E. B. Beard Shelbyrllle 

lat V. Praa.W. K. Mlddleton.. 

9Dd V. Prea. R. D. Armatrong, .Frankfort 

Sec ft Treaa. J. W. Oadgel . . . ShelbyTlUa 

(Company organized. Boad to b« con- 

90MEBSGT. 4,491. 
360-K<utackT Utllltlaa Oo^ODea, 

Paul Jonea Bldg,, Louiavllle, (Snbald- 

larj of the Middle Weat DUiltlea Co.} 

Prea. Harry Reld LonlsTlll* 

V.Prea. L. B. Hentngion 

Sec. ft Treaa. A. A. Tuttle " 

Oea. Mgr. E. L. Hbotwell Somerret 

Pur. Agt. B.C. Hnber Lonlavina 

Ch, Engr. G. T, Bogard " 

Powarata. equip. 1 d. o. O. B.aWkw; 
9 a. G. a. E, lot, goo kw. 9900 v. 8 ph. 
80 cya; eOO hp, e. Heine; 800 kw. elm. 
turb. G. e:., H. F. ft H; trana. nil. 8000 7; 
trolley volt. 660 t. 

Power ata, and repair ahopa at Somer- 

Reachea While City. 
88 milea; 4.8M K: 4 motoi paaa. cara. 
((M.doei lighting and power bualneee.) 


ALEXANDRIA. 18 888 (1918). 
SSI— Hanlclpal Btraet Railway. 

iCiiy porchaaed property ot Soothani 
Trac. ft Pwr. Co.)— OBlce, Alexandria. 

Commr, of 8tre«U Jb Furki 

Irvl^HcQIiiTiti AlMindrIa 

Sopt.JTC BOMdale " 

Ch. Bngi. I™ W. SjlveeWr. ... " 
E]«c. iTngr. C. E. Brliler. 

Power au. «qnlp. S d. c. a. E. Weit. 
tot. Siakwj SUdhp.e. H, F. 4H: 4«0hp. 
b. B»b. A Wj IM ho. tntb. (wlr.) ; 

■hopi St oor, Winn & Thome 8li, 
UiHCbes Kenl Psrli (controllod.) 
7 mlKi; i-m g: S motor aad a other 


sei»-^antli Nenr Orleant Lt. tl 
Trfto. 0«. — Office £23 Blmlrik Aie. 
8tL A, Kew Orluai. (Sncceifoi to 
Aipen nj. Sc Ug. Co.) (Connecte 
AlgieiB. OretoK. Harvej, Hurero snd 
McDonoDEbillle.) JControli the West 
New Orleani Lci Trac. Co.) 

Pre*. A OsD, Her. B. V.BaiglJ.,.AIgleri 

V. PtH. B. Howard M cCaleb 
lOSIHaiBoo Blanche BIdg., New Orleani 

Rec. A Treaa. R. M. Salvut AlglerB 

Par. Agl. K. B.Hteater '• 

Elec. BiiKr- J. H. Seunan " 

Snergy parch aaed rrom New Orleana 

Rj. Alt. Co. tranii. volt. MOO— 2300 »; 

trailer Tolt. boot: 
1 Bub.gla. op. lOBO kw.; G rot. cocr., 

Repair ahop at tia Hlmira Art. 

S.e milei; **Hk: IS motor pui , ^ 
trail paiB, and t flat car. (Compinj Ini- 
nlehei energy For ItgbtliuE.) A-tt) 

saib — Wsat New Orlekni Lt. & 
TrM. Co. - Office, 232 Blmlra Ave., 
81a. A. New OrleanB, (Conlrelled by 
So. New Orleans Lt. H Trac. Co.) 

Prea. & Mjr. B. W, BnrgfB AlBi"" 

V. Prf a. B. Howard McCaleb 
lOSIUtlBoD Blanche BIde..NewOrleaaa 

8ec. * Treae. K. M. SaWant Aleler. 

Bnerffv purchaHd rrom Soulb Nuw 

2.8 mllea; 4.8^' g! 'a pau, cart and 
a tgt. can. 118 

SSV^Baton Rons* ICIae. Co Office, 

101 Larayette at. (Doe^ tbeentlnelec- 

tric railway, eleotric lightlnE. power 

and gaa bcalneaa In Baton Ronee.) 
P™. Harrj H. Hant 

147 Milk St., Boaton, Mac* 
V p™.i. JEdw.Godohani. NewOrlcana 
V. "«ata.jgj„^^ W. WelB 

8ec. Bmeatl. Doe Boaton, Maaa. 

Treae. Henry B. SawTer. ... 

a*D. Hjtra.Stone A Webaler " 

Local Her- A P°r. Ait. 

L Maxwell Stover Baton Roitge 

3npt. AClalmAet. 

- B. A. B.latPderie 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr, 8t». 

H. H. SbarplesB 

M. M., T, W,Mnrpbj 

Power Bta. equip. S d. c. O. B. tot. »l» 
kw; Sa.c.tnrba-ean.O,B. lot. 1600 kw. 
aaOilT. 8 ph. to CTBi ttSO hp. e. H. F. « M, 
F. S 8; 1740 bp. b. Bab. A W, W. & W; 
trolley volt. BDOv. 



CO VI NO TON. £,W1. 

LAKB CBABI.BS. 14,447 (191S). 
S6S— Lake ChKrlsa By. Lt. A Wtr, 

Wka. Co.— Oaiea, 704 Ryan SI. 
Prea. J. A, Landry Lak« tutrix 

Cb. Bogr. Pwr. 8». I 


Supt. Conat. W. B. Colllna. '■ 

Power Bta. equip. I d. c. West; ISO kw: 
4 a, c. Weat, d. K, tot, 2300 kw. 2800 >: 
a ph. SO cya; 500 hp. e. F. ft 3: ICOO hp. , 
b. d & H; B. & W,: ater. 1400 kw. tart. 
Weat; Uolley Tolt. B60 v. 

Repair ehop at Lake Cbarlea. 

Reacbea amnaement and base ball park. 

10 mllea: 4.M4 g; 10 motor and S olbei 
cara. *69 

MANDEVILLB. 1,1 as. 
Sel—St. TBinmBDy A Near Orleauii 

By. A Ferry Co.— Office, Uandsvilla, 

(CDane<:tB UandEvllla, Covlnslon and 

Abita Bprlnaa) 
Prea, Joseph fllii. PraDkllB 

™ "" " idmlllt 


.e )Mandeviilt 

teBldg., New'Drli 

C— kw. DWO'v. Sph. 90 cya: Diesel 

: oil enKlun. 

r. Bta, at HeliDbera; repair ahopa al 

ibsric and Mandeville. 

10 mllea; 4-SHg; Smotorpais. 4U«» 

and 4 other motor cbtb. (Companj 

ahea energy tor lighting.) IK 

MONROE. 1S.2U (131(1). 
-Monroe St. By. (HddIc.) 

P. A.Poag Uonros 

St. Hy. Joe Mangham •' 

ver Bla. equip: 1 a. c. West. tOO kw. 
MOO-104 y. t pb. Hi) cja; auo hi 

M; ! 
Reacbea Fi 

:; trolley 

....: 100 kw. roi. 
It, 600 T. 

can. (Cliy alao 
itr. ayatem,) IIS 

NBfV OBLBANS. a71.TtT (lOlS). 
(Bee also Noa. SOla and S91.) 
3«8— New OrleauaBitllwByA Ucbl 
Co— Office, 201 Baronne 8t, (Lm*h 
tbe M, O. City B, R, Co^ andeontowli 
tbeN. O.ACarrolltonH.R. L.*P. Co., 
&L Cbarlei St, R. R. Co., Orleans R.K. 
Co., and N. O. A Pontcharlrain R.B. 
Co.> (Controlled by American Cities 

Andr, A. B. UeCoard. 

Oen.Hgr. J. 8. Blecker..., 

Claim Agt. Wm.H.Renand. . 

Pnr. Agt, J, R. McOlrneT.. . 
Pwr. Frank Q. FToat 
Track. H. V. Hoolard 


Com'l.W. K.C 


r Jdd. M. DabmerJIitBuiBB ^ 
Htatei J PlMMDt Su.,Nflw Orlamt 

Heobaulci 1 W. Dickoison, OaH A Jun- 

1. nolM at* New OrlonDB 

Power au. eqalp. 14 d. c. W»t. O. E., 

tot. lB,7a0kw;8s.c. Q.K., tot. «,(■(» tw. 

aSOCMMiOO V. S ph. SO en; hp. e. P. 

A 8.. Wnu. kcl. £ S. Alll«-C: 19,10(1 

bp.b. Heine. Bib. * W, Bdee: 40.100 kw. 

turb. (ttm.) Q. E: trails, volt. UUOj trolley 

volt. GTO T. 
T ■ub-etB, tot. cap. 1760 kiF;7rot.GiniT., 

Power BU. It* ICacket A Wiler Sts; 
repntr ihopi M llagazln* A Plauuit 
BU., and at Oak A Junatle Bti. 

Reacbee Cltv, Audubon and Weet End; 
own Spaaiah ForttiumiDat redortj. 

918. IS mllat; 4.8H ^ ^'^ e\ ^^ motor 
pasB., 4a tnil pass.. 3 IKt. motor, 1 tg\. 
wltboutmototsndKWtervtcecMB. (Com. 
panT doei general, lighting and power 
boelDMa Id Hew Orleanl.) *e9 

Sa9^0rlMna-Keiiiier Eleo. Rj. Co. 

ODce. 127 S. Runpart St. (ConnectB 

W. Carrollon, Snolhpon, Snburban 

•on o'lty wUb New 6rleanB,) (Sold at 

forecloBure. 1913.1 

BecelTBT Leigh Carroll New Orleana 

p™». R. E. t. C. Rlee, 

State Tax Collecloi'a Office " 
V. Prem. J, O. Elmer 

Wblther Bk. BMg '■ 
Sec.. Tnaa. A Gen. Ugr. 

HaiTT K. Jobnenn " 

Elec. Ener. C. R. Lorenz " 

Cb.EngrrPwr.Sta. , G. 1. Cnater " 
Ener. Olbd. Conatr. 

O. Del»lionB«Bje " 

KnecET purcbaied from New OrleuiB 
Rj. A Ll. Co; 1 roi, codt. West. 400 

trolley TOlll 1!MD V, d. c. catenary! 
Bab-ata, aod repair abope at muahan 

dwna and reaohea Felix Park, RepDer. 
ll.Smlleai 4-g}i g; 4 motor cataand t 
other car. *lSt 

aaBBTBPOBT. <S,J30 {l»iB). 
aro — ahrerepOFt Ballwaya Co.— 

once, aiS Mueball at. (Succeeior to 

ShraTeportTrac.Co.) (Conoecta Shreve- 

port and Jewel la.) 
Ptaa., Gen. Hir. A Par. Agt. 

H. B. RearD. -.-...-. --.... Bhrereport 

V. Prea. W,T. Crawford " 

Saa.,Trsaa.AClalDi Agt. 

Ed. Jacob! 

Andr.. (Krt.) BeaBle Raigte 

Bapt. C. C. Bnllock 

' Xiae. Ensr. & Cb. Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

E.W. Dapbam " 

K.ll.,Gna D. Roablng 

Rosdmaiter, I A. Newaome.. '- 
Knsr. Orhd, Oonatr. W, E. Pike " 

Power ata. eqoip. S d. c. O. E. tot. IBDO 
kw: MSO bp. *. Ham, H. A T; 1S60 bp. b. 

Power Bta. and repair abop at 100 Market 

ReicheB Baaaball Park and Falrzrounda, 

XLAOmltea; 1.^ g: 39 motor and BMr 
iltBcara. »69 


(Conaolldatlon ot Bangor. Onmo Jk Old 

Town Ry.Co., Bangor, Uampdeo A Wis- . 
terport Rt., Old Town BItotHc Co., 
Pabllc Works Co.. Peaobecot Water 
A Power Co.. Brewer Water Co. 
and Bangor A NorUwni K. R. Co.) 
(ControlB, ibrough alack owueiablp the 
Bangor Jower Co.. tbe Bar Harbor A 
Union RWer Pwr. Co. and the Orono . 
WaterCo.) (Connaeta Bangor. Brawar, 
Old Town. Orono. Veaile. Mllford. 
Hampden, Eandnakeac, Corinth and 

Pre*., E.C.Ryder Bangor 

V p....*. J EdwardH. Graham " 
V . rreau, j p^^^ aullman, Jr. 381 Ch«a^ 
[_ nnt St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sec. A Treaa. Howard Coming.. ..Bangor 
Andr. C.A. PearaoQ. Jr..PbiladElpbla,^ 

Bnpt, Rt, C. H, JohniOD Bangor 

8ppt. Wlr„ H. T. Bparka ■' 

A8«. Mgr., Robert A, Hadden... " 

Fnr. Agt.Ffod. H. LlbbT " 

Claim Agt. , Qen. Fgt. A Paaa.Agt. 

H.W. Daggett " 

Ch. Bng., Bignsi A Elac'1 Engr. 

PhiferSmllh " 

M,M.,H B.Baldwin " 

Ch.Bngr.Pwt.Sla. O.A.Hathom...Vaute 

Roadmastar, D. J. Cullinan Bangor 

Power ila. egnip. s d. c. G. B. tot. ISO 
kw: S a. G. G. B. lot. S610 kva. 3ph. W en; 
SOOOhp.*. Bckye., McI, A 8. Cor; IWO 
hp. b. SUr.. Cahall R; 3200 hp. turb. (wtr.) 
Ler. Smith. HcC, Hnnt, Holmae; trans, 
yolt, KQO-iaxa t; trolley volt. SCO f. 
Energy alao purohaaed Crom Bangor 
Pwr. * Bar Harbor A Union BiTer Pwr. 

Ssab-staa. lot, cap.4B06kw: S rol.cont; 
B mo. gan. acts. 
Power sU. at Veacle (no P. 0.|; rep^r 

36.91 mllei: V-^K g: GT motor pasa, 
4 (gt. motor. B4 tn. nithonl motora and 
laaerflce cars. (Company doea a general 
Ugh ting boalneae in Bangor and Ticlolty.) 

BATH. ».M«. 

(See alao No. 384.) 

Sia— Blddeford A 8«co R. R. Ca. 

—Office. 11 City Square. (Operatas b«- 
twern Saco. Biddeford (where connec- 
tion la made with Atlantic Bbore Ry. 
and Old Orchard.) 

Prei. C. H.Preacott Blddaford 

Ber. A Tneaa. E, F. Lord 

Sopt. C.M.Dnrell " 

BnernT purohaaed. 

B,«i mliea: 4-eM '■■ ^ motor pata.. 4 
other motor and I other car*. CD 


BANGOR. 19.639 (101S). 
l11~BuiROT By. A Bleolrta Co.— 
OfflM, 84 Harlow St (Gmham BIdg.) 

not. ACh. Engr. C. P. Pray " 

Power ata. eqalp. 1 d. c. <3, E. lot. MO 
kw; Sa. o. O. B. tot.SOOkw.eaOOT.Spb. 

«»™. (Co. Hell) cnergj tor motor 
CilBiB Hud at. Sispben.) 


(Bee No. S88.) 

C8m No. 381.) 


Hoe, Fairdeld. (ConnecU I 
id Benton FbIIb.1 
9, Stdnej MitcbcU, 


"Tower* «U."»rFiiirti«id; Wfuilr ihops 
at Benton Falla. 

OfflcP. FftlrOeld. (Com 
^Dd Shan mat. ) 
P™.*Geji.Mtfr. Gco.Q.Wf 

See. 11. D. Eaton 

Treas. L. G. Whipple 

Snot. Edw. Prue 

Energy pufchased from 
Pirr. Co. 

.■t.a miles; S-8 g; 8 mo 

idr. Frank B.Fleb 

la) Gicbanze St,.PortlBiiI 
QBB.Mgr. APnr. A(l. 

Fred D, Gordon LewiiU 

Snpl. R. H.Stone 

FoweraU ooutp.Ta.c. G. B, tc 
kv. 10,000 & 2900 T. 3 A> e pb. eOcji 
1.500 kw. tnrb. (Etm.) G. E.: 103B hp. k 
Heine; trani. Tok. 10,000 v; trolle; to'" 

. etas, at Deer Ripe, Barber's UII 
Deldi and Lcwlaton. 
S Blle-i **WgBi 8 ■""'"^ P" 
(Co. does Beneral Itg. A pi 


nood. Bethel, Biowofleld, Ulram 


Pree. G«o.E. Hacomber... AnniBU 

Treat. Emma C. F»rrlnston. . . .Pryeburg 
Gen. Mgr. ft Clk. F. R. Fife. ... 

Reachee W. OiToid Agrlcnltaral 

(Bee No. 384.) 

(See No. RM.) 

_ the Foltluid R. R. ai 

Newell * Alfred Swe*ny, 

Pre*. Wtn. M. Bradlej Portlari 

Philadelphia. Fi 


Pres. Herbert L. Clark. 
Pre>. A. H. Ford 
rk, C. F. E 

C. A. Fe»r80n3. 

Philadelphia. Fi 

.0. E.Fits LewUD 

Qen, Mgr. Alfred fiweenej',. *' 

Gen. Ket. Agt. F. (U. Wood Portlia 

ABBt. Fgl. Agt. R, a. R^lfdt 
Eleo. Kner. F, W. Emery... 

M.M.R.T. Unglan 

Supt. Track. Wm. Blake 

f (Lewliion Dlr.) Wm. Toaifni 
SaptB. J lAngnsta Div.) O, W. Bowie 
Tr»nB. 1 (Bath DH.) Parker LowiB I 
L(FTeBporlDlT.)B. L.Vamer 

EnerOT parchaeed from Central Mllm 
Power Co.. Wetetvl lie: lod Androaco^ 

Power 9ta. at Halloweli; repair Hholi 
atLewlBlon, Auiiuata.FreeportandBii! 

Owns like OroTe Park. Anlium. ml 
island Park. Augupla. 

lSG.«e3 mllee: 4-8t{£: loa motor pM 


id S3 other oan, (Co. does) 


I.ETriSTON. 37.809 (lfll6^. 
31<l — AndrolcoKKln Eioctric Co. 

— Offloe. 100 Main HI.. Lewlaton. (Con- 
BolldatJO'iof LewiatoD A AnbnmBlec. 
Lt Co, and Portland. 1.ew I bIod iDlerar- 
ban R. R. (organized as Portland. OrsT 
A LewlBlon R. H.) iConnecIa PortlanE, 

Auhnm ft Lewis ton.) 

Pre'.Wni. T.Cobb 

Clk. JoBlah H. Drnmmond. 

3K CongreBB 

Trei*. Frank H. Bradford 

Union HutDBl Bid g 

.. Rockland 
;t., Portland 

8T8— Oi'opd — Office, Noll 

way. (Formerly NorwajAParisStBji 
Co. Connect* Norwflji So. PBri B.I {k 
Hitrch IBIS, purcbaeed the MechaDic 
FallB Elec. Lt. Co.) (Conirolled it 
Maine Rya, tt. A pwr. Co.) 

Pros. Wm. T. Cobb LewUli^ 

Clk. Joalah H. Drummond. " 

Twas. F.H.Bradford 

Aiidr. B. J. Tbompwn " 

Gen. Mgr. Fred D, Gordon " 

Snpt.APnr. Ael, H. B. Yonag. . Not«f i 
Power ata. equip. 3 d. a. T..H. tot. W 
kw. 500 T ; S a.c, G. K, We«1g. lot. 410 k«.. 
S200 T. ■ ph. «0 cjB. and liSaO A EGO t. ) M^-; 
80 eyB;660hp. e. West, Cor,, A. & 8; ^ 
hp. b. Brio, Portland', 8f8 hp. wlr. nk 

It Nnrw 

■. Mech 

I, ParlB: rpiiBir iliopB at Nor"i! 

mUf. i^ g: s ■ 

OLD TOWN, «,ai7. 
(See No. 371.) 

POBTI.AND. 61,807 (IBIS). 

SJO— Camberland ConntJ Pwr. ft 

Lt. Co.— Ufllco,45a<;onereBsSl. JOp- 
eritu under lease ilie PortUnd R. S. 
Co.> (ControlH, through Hock ownei- 
Bblp, York Conuly l-wr. Co.) (Owna 
Coniolldated ElBCtrlo Lt. Co., Weet- 

I^ Co. «id POTUBDd Blectrlo Co.) 
(DoB« the entire elec. ltg.»nd pwr.bnil- 
neisicttie ell; of Portland ind adjs- 

pinlee operate the street railway *yg- 
lems of Portland and So. PoriUnavlth 

So. Windham. Cape Elizabeth, Old 
Orehsrd, Saco and Yarmouth, where 
connactlon 1b made wiih rhe linn Df 
the Lowlalon, Augnets ft WaterTllle St.- 
By., eiieniilBg lo Bronawick, Balh, Sa- 
buttuB, Lewliton, Gardiner, An^ata 
and Watervlllei also the elec. It. and 

Sitr. hnainsB! ot Biildelord, faco, Old 
rchard, Kenneflnnkpotl, York Har- 
bor. Alfred. Sanford. eprlngvale and 


UtV. Prea. A. H, Ford Portland 

3dV Prea. P. O. OoBBlor 

BS Cedar St., Now York, N,Y. 
8d V. Frei. Frank Sllllman, Jr. 

Kl Cheetnut St , Philadelphia. Pa. 
Treai, ft Clerk, Chia. F, Berry ..Portland 

Gen. Bopt., Q, T. Fisher " 

A»t. to Oen. Mjn- 

Alfred Sweeney Lowlston 

Ch. Easr. ft. Aset. Oen. Mgr. 

Geo.^. HaggBB Poilland 

I Bqnip. A. C. Jordan 

Snpta.jTrackF. H. Knlaht 

I Tramp. Geo. H. Todd. . 

Pnr. AgtBiirlon W. Shan *• 

Claim Agt. F. & Brlgga " 

Gm. Fgt. All. F. E, Wood 

Power >U. equip. IB d. e. G. E. tot. 8310 
kw; 17 a. e. Allli C Weet. toi. Ji.iK kw, 
taoa ft 10.000 v. S ph. so cyi': Rm» hp. e, 
AIMb-C. ProV! B070 hp. b. Bab. » W; 1000 
kw.alm, torb.G.E; 1B,*00 hp. wtr Wrb. 
Bmllh, Alllr-C; trans volt. SSM) y: trol- 
ley voll. 660 t. 

Power staa. (atm.) at Forest Ave. ft 
PInio.St., Portlandanil South Portlund : 
hjdro-ttas. at Bonny Bagle, Weat Ba»- 
toD, Nonb Oorbam and Hliam Falls; 
repair «liopa at 81. John St., Portland. 

Ownaand opstatea RIverton Park and 
Cape rattan Park. 

IW.SOS ml1er:4-8M g: SIO motorpaeB.. 
S trail paag.. K tgt. motor. 10 Cft. wlthont 
motors and SO serrlro cars. *BB 

380-MBtna Ryi... t,t. ft Pwr. Co.— 

Office Union Hntnal BIdg. ('Controls 
Oxford Kkc. Co. and Rockland. 
Thom-B'on ei Oamdi'n Bl.Ry.) 

Pre*. Wm. T. Cobh Wkland 

Clark, Jo-lahEDrummond. . PorUand 

Treas. Frank H. Bradford " 

Andr. Prank B. Flih 

ISO Exchange Bt. " 


>■!— Aroostook Vsller R- R. €••— 

Offlce, Preaqne Isle. ICnnnecIa Preflnne 
lale, Crouaevllle, Washhum, Sweden 
and Carlbon.) 

Prea.* Gen. Mgr. A. K. Qonid .Preaune Isla 
V. Pres. A Pnr. Agi.L.E. Gould 

Sec. C. F. Daggeti " 

Treaa.. Claim Agt. ft Gen. FM. 

ft Paaa. Agt. fi. N. Crandall 
Gen. Sant. ft Ch. Engr. 

M. 8. W. Dingwall 

W.M., D.W. Wilder 

Energy parehaaed from Gould Bleotric 
Co.; (rsne. Tolt. n.OOOy. a. c; trolley Tolt. 

a aa'b Bla'a. tot. cap. 800 kw; 4 rot. conv. 

Sob ata*. at Munaon Bill and Caribou; 
repair shops at Preaque lale. 

Compaoj owns Arooalook Valley Park. 

SSM mlloi; 4.6^ g; 4 motor pus., S 
trail pass, and laerrFceear; 1 elec. U'co. 

3Ha— RDDblHnd, So. T&omaaton A 
St. Oeorgo By.— Offlce, StO Uain St. 
(Road dlsmsntled.) *5B 

383 — Kdoi County Electric Co. 

(FormeriT Rock Island, ThomastOD 
& Camden St, Hwj. Co.) — Offlce, 
MS Main Street. (Connects Rockland, 
Thomastou, Camden, Kockpott and 
Warren.) (Controlled bv Halne Hys„ 
Lt A Pwr. Co.) 

Pres, Wm. T. Cobb Rockland 

V. Prea. H. N. HcDeogall 

See. Alan L Bird 

Ti-eaa. H. W,«eep 

Audr. F. J Flab Portland 

G.>D. Mgr, Wm. C. Bird Rockland 

8npt. Sy. Dept. V. Cblaholm... " 
Supl. Bloc. Dept , R. H. Honee " 

Gon. Fgt. Agt, H. Trim Camden 

Ch.Opr. Chas, E. Gregory Glun Coie 

RoadmsBter, Fred. Gregory. .. " 

Bnctsy purchased from Cenlral Ualne 
PuwerCo, Augnsla; trana Tolli6SOOand 
KM v; trolley volt, Br.o v; ! mo. gen. 

Trans, ata. and repair abop at Glen Cove. 

Reaches Oakland Park (owned). 

SS.n mllee; 4 3^ g; SO motor paes., T 

(Company tumlabee energy to Rookland, 
So. Thomaston * St. George Ry. and 

neaa.) -*G9 

SANFORD, lO.BIfl (IBltl. 
3tl4 — Atlnntle Shore Rallwky.- 

Offllce. Kennchunk, (Formfrly the At- 
lantic Store Line Ry., which was a 
conaolldatloD of Sau/ord ft Cape Por- 
nolae Ry., Mousam River Ry. and 
Porlamonth, Dover ft York St. Ry.) 
(On May 1, 1917, control o( lireswestof 
York Heacb reierted to Ponsmonlb, 
Dover ft York St. RyJ (Connects York 
Beach, Oeunqnlt, Wells, Sprlngiale, 
Sanford, Kennebunk, W. Kenuebnnk, 
Kennebunkport, Cap* Porpoise and 

Willi Btddeford & Saco B. R. Co,l 

(Freight and paaaeuirer eerrlcp.) 

RfTFivFr. ) ^' "• ■^""^n' Portland 

1 Conatant Sonthworlh 
Mkt. (or Recvr». 

rtlerllne T. Dow Esonebunk 

Elec. Kdbi. ft Pur. Agt. 

F. M. Richards 

Pimn 8hopBW.A.l,ove]oy.. 

(Kennehnnk).-a a.c, Westg. lot. IBft) kw. 
40nT.B ph.eOcyB: 8100 hp torb. (wtr.) 

ESTE8 PWR.STA, EQClP.(Ssnford) 
—a a. c. Westg, tol. BOO kw. ISOO v. 3 ph. 

M cy«; 1 

nrb. (wtr.) 


ao hp 

<S bp. b. Hodges 


CODTL (1 portabla); rapsirihapisl Keone- 
bnnkport and OgDnqalt. 

ReacbeaCapa Poipolas. York Beacb aad 
Old Full. 

Mmlla;4-8Ht.;S3motor paia,,4 i 

3upt. C. O. BrIlUin Baltimon 

~h. Eke. Edet.C. H. Si:baaf«'..ADDapolii 

B.M., J.B. VanderVter 

Kngr. M. of W. L.M. Elder... 

tns. volt. 18,100 

^. ., .ui. w".. .. ^aw ™i. I'SOO kw. 

Repair abopi at AnuapoUa. 
BTA mile*: teat: l^dpaiB. cua,'] elec. 
oco., 1 b1«c. fgt. car and SI o"' " 

Wolle J ftlt. IS 

lie energj (or .., 
1, Park. WlQcba 

.n Olen 
!i. Horn 

8*c.,Trca9., Hri. & Pnr. Agt. 


Blscl. Engr. L. D. Murpby... 

.loJt. 38.000 <: troll *J to] t. 

(S«e No. 3SB.) 

(See No. 888.) 

WATBRVILI.E. 11,703 (IBK). 
S86 — 'Waterrllle, Fairfield A Okl 

Unil Br.— Onca. MUain St.. Wau. 

Yllle. (Connect* Wuterville, Falrfleld 

and Oakland.) 

Prea. H. D. ElloQ Walenilli 

Sec. B. A. BallantTne AaeiiBti 

Treaa. W. 8. Wjnian ■- 

Andr. H. D. Jsoblngs 

OBn.Mgr.N.R. Lonrfallow ..WatarrlUe 
Claim Ant.W.B.OeEcbell....' Ad 

For. A«t. Blaine Owen • 

Ch. Bngr. F. H. HB90D Watt 

Kngr.M.'ofW'.F. A. Wentworlh, Falrfleld 
EnerjtT purchased from Central 1' ' 

Pwr.Co.; trolley volt. 550 T. 
Repair ibop* at Falrfleld. 
]Inillea;4-8^ e: a molor paaa 

Solher motor cara. 

'WESTBBOUK. 8,006. 
(See No. STfl.) 

(See No. STB.) 

YORK. 1,8(19 (Uie). 


ANNAPOUS. 8,780, 

lAI.TIHQRE. B89,K1 (leiO). 
(8h alao Noa. SM and TGBa.) 

388— Baltimore « Oblo R, B.- 

Offioe. B. A O. Bldg., cor. Baltimore * 
CbarlH Bta. (OpanWa Baltimore Ball 
R. R., a eteam load ualnir eleo. locot. 
lo opeialD ifftem Inside of altr.) 

Federal Mgf. ■ 
C. W. G.lloway Baltimon 

Oen. Ugi. S. Enuea " 

Hen. Andr. J. J. Bkln. ,','.'.V.'.'.'. 

Snpt. R. B. White " 

OlilmAgt. C.W.Bkbh 

Engr. U. or W. BarlHtlmwD.,. ■• 
Paaa.Trafllc Mdr.W.B.Callonav " 
Sen. Trsmc Mgt. 

Archibald Fiiea 

Pnr, Agl. W. 8. G.nawar " 

Cb. Ener. H. A. Lane '• 

Klocl, Bnjr. J. B.Davla 

SlRnalBngi.E.P.Palenall.... " ; 

Energy purcbaaed from the ConsoH- I 
dattid Ci«B, Electric Lt,* Pwr.Co.; Iran*. , 
volt. 13,300; trolley volt 660 v, I 

Repair t'hopa at Baileye A Kt. Clare ' 
gta.. Raltimore. 
3.7 mttei (Srd rail): 4-^ f. t •!«. 

38Sa— Idlewylde By. Co. — Office, 
a EsatLeilngionSe. (Operalea from 
York Bnad to Idlevrylde Park and cod- 
nects wltb TowBOD tt CalOD*vU1e Line 
of Tbe Onited Rya. « Blec. Co. oF Bsl- 

Piea. & Oea. Mgr. 

Harry B. Gilbert .Baltimore 

Seo. Frank S. Gilbert 

"rtBae.JohnC. PalerioD " 

.98 milce; K-4M e: certlca aopplted 
throngh agreement by The United Rya. 
& Eleo. Co. C9 

189— Lorraine El«o. By. Co — Office, 

SIl Union TniBtBIdE. (Connects with 
brancb of Unii«d Rallwaya at Hillsdale 
and extends to Lorraine Cum al«y. I 

F. F.Benneit Baltimore 

Energy pnrchased From United Bail- 
w«j« ft Blee. Co. 

.Smllea; 5-4Hg; Scars. 78 


lo'No. » 

3S7— Ths Haryland Elec. Rya. Co. 
—Office, Atmapolla. (CODDecta Bal- 
timore and Ann apolla.) (UndermaEaire- 
ment of Peek, Sbannahan, Cherry. He.' 

PreB. J. N. Shannahaa Hampton. Va 

V. Prea. T, C. Clierry Syracose, N.Y 

Bee, ± Treaa. Anntln HcLanahan 

4 So. Calvert St., Baltimon. 

Andr. a. S. Stoin Annapolla 

len.Kgr. C. D. Porter •' 

timor* Com. Ry. Co., Batllmore City 
Paaa. Ry. Co., Baltimore * Northeni 
Elee. Ry. Co, and control' and operates 
tb« Baltimore, Bparrowa Point A 
Cbeaipaake Rt. and the Baltimore. 
Halefhorpe A Blkrldge Ry. Connecu 
Eillcotl City. Bparrowa Point. Towao: 


Chm. of Bd., TtitM. A.CrDH...Ba)Umi 

Fren., C. O. BnimoDi " 

V. J J. PBUJbrolw Thorn. 
PreBta.l Oso-Her.JimeBK.PrUt " 
A«U. to PrM. j }• tl^^"'. '• 

AJiL Om. Uet, H. B. Flowen " 


Aut. Sec J. P. Tingle ■• 

TraM. JohnT. SUlub 

Audr. N.E, alabb* 

AbiI. Audr. H. H.Qraflaa... 
0«n. Connwl; J. C. Fr«aco.. '' 

eupi. Trniiup, W.G.Lad<Ti(! 

J. B. Duv»ll 

Consl IK. Knar. J, M. Hood, Jr. 

Ch. Hogt. W.W.Wymor " 

SUtl»tLc»l Knp. 

8. L. Cbamberlkls* " 

Roadmuter, W. P. Divli. 

Amn. ttngr. k. F. Uurli 

AC(K< 9apt. Mot. Pwr, 

B. C. Baabnfll 

Elec. Ai>i. Supt. Mot. Pwr. 

CatroU Tbomaa 

Supt Ditlribuilon. J.B.Hirrall *' 
Supt Orecbeid Llnct. R B.Clart " 
Supt. UnderL'roaDd Cables, 


Ch. Kngr. (Pratt St.) Pwr. SU. 

M. Wright PraltBl. " 

SDpl. Boll. Slk. A BhcnM, 

A. T. ClHk, 

ColninblaAi«.opp.C«iTonPk. " 
Ahc. BopC. Roll. Stk. A Hhopa 

ColnmblaAri.opp.CimillPk. " 

TramcMnr.J. A. Slon 

SopL Schedules. J. K. Morrta. " 

ClalmAgt. E. J.P»t8B 

AhI. ClAm Ant. H, C. Walls. 
Put. Alt. Wm. H. Stanb .... 
Qeo. Storekeepar, B.J. UcOlnn 

Columbia Ave. ,op p. Carroll Fk. " 
Bienrafon * Adv. Agt. 

PRATT st!'sta''bo_6ip.— S d. c. 

B. tot. ftlOOkw; 7 a. c. WeatE. O. B.I 
n.aoo kw. 3 pb. te cjb-. SS.IOO bp. a. H 
A S; IJ.BOO bp. tnrb. 0. B, Wwte: a. 
•ram. Yolt. Ig.&O T:d. c. Irana. and trollyr 
loll. BT6 T. (InaUtllDg M.OOO kw, a. E. 

''bA'?™HORB STA. equip.— 8 d. c. C 

K, W«t«. lot 1STE kw: 1 a. c, Wertg. « 
kw. 8 ph. a cva; 8t50 hp. e. A. & C 

Waatfi, tot 1080 kw; inShp-e. R.AS.I 
4 W, Am. Ball. 

PowsT aua. at Pratt St. Owlnia Kill 
*BaT ihore; « Dmtd Hill At8 
NnnniFT 'ant. Eaalem At«.. Harfot 
Road. Batreders Ar*.. W.. Lombard 8 
and Bnar Creek; •nb-ala.up. lot *6.M. 
.« rot. cnnT.: repair ahnpa at Colambia 
A'e. opp. Carroll Park. 

(Iwna nw^BD Oak Park, leaaaa Baf 
Shore Park and rewhaa Rliarrlair Part 
(I' aaad b; M. J. Fitaalmmnni). 

Ilt.«34inll>a: H-4ii II l.»Moara. {C< 
paoywIUnnerey.l * 

3ai - WftahlnrtoB, Boltlnvre _ 
Aaaaoolla Klee. B.B. 0».— Offlca. 

I'M Nortb LllwrtT St. (Owns tbi 
Anii'polla Public Utilltlsa Co., whirl. 
fDmlabM laa aod •tlfCtrlc 1lEbIin| In 
Anaapolla.) (Conneeta ffMhIneti 
Baltimore and Annapollf.) 

PrH. Geo. T. Bishop BalllDU 

III V. Prsa Frank H. OIdd. 

IMO wmiamaon BtdB.. Claialaod. 

lad T. Piw. & Gen. MiJr, 
J. J. Dnjle Baltlmi 

Sr. OwreeWeeins Williams.. 

rrta-.Wm. M H'rretl 

indr. W. H. Wrtaht 

Claim AEt. C. U.Xake 

Pot. Agi S. Zarhnsem " 


Bnpt of Ttanap. Carson Schamacher, 

NaTal Acadtmj Jot. 
Klac.Engr.F " " 

r. M. of W 


; repair abopa a 

a Potomac Bloc 
Kara! Acadamj 


SS.S1 milea; i^% g: SB motor paas. 
M trail paaa, 14othtr motdr and 13 otbei 


(8m also Ho. SOT.) 

sea— Til* Baltlmora A Bal-Alr 
■leo, Rr-Co^once, Bal-Alr. iCom- 
pany baa Irattc agreement with Loaad 
Railway! A Eleclrle Co. lo anler Balti- 
more witb botli pasaengeii and tralght 
wbiD road la complsted.) iCan- 
naeia HamlUon. Farkillle and CarneT.) 
rss. H. A. WilUama Bel-Air 

8«.&Tt«>s.H. 8. O'Neill " 

Gen. Mgf. J. AlfilsShrlver " 

Power A can rented From United Rall- 
»f A Electrln Co, ot Baltimore. 
Owns Onnpowder Rlf ar Park. 
IS milea projected; fLZtmllasln opara- 

tion; a-lWi; Scars. 118 

W. M. Roberts, Jr 

:b. Bleon. John Hamllioo.. 
Bnrrg; purchased from Edison Elec. 

abaft. Carloa Jun 

Free Henri L. Doberl 
V. Fres, B, Waller Ho 
O-n. Mgr. D. » F 

■or. Aut. 


M.H.. Joe Sloryr 

bp. «. Clark' Br^". Roe: llWhpyb" Kmler^ 
Rr'e City »00 k.w. atm. mib; D. L. & 

Power alaa. at Claryaillle and Reynotdi; 
rrpalr ■tinpn at CUr^ e'llle. 
Rearbae Reynolda Park (owned.) 
HI mIlea: 4-8M H; 14 motor pasi. and 


ic Ll. & Pwr. Co., H"rtlD*- 

Booni'boro, Haaeralown and Wllllama- 
pnrt. Md..aiid 8badygrOTe,Pa.) (Owns 
and operaics the Froatbnrg Illjc. A Hfg. 



F. Howard Warfli 


Bm. H. P. MoUsr HigcratowD 

Tnu. T. H. U^ai ftederlck 

A«t. Treu. Alai. AnnitiaDg.. " 

Andr.R. E. Town 

Sen. Har. M. A. Pooler Haeantown 

Sapt. Truisp. R. Paul Smith. . . nadarick 
culm Ast. & Oao. Pft. <t Pui. 

Ant. C. C. Watera 

Pnr. AgtR. V.MltcbBll 

B1«. Rngr., Q. T. Twyford. .Hagerelown 
Bncr. Pwr. SU, W. A. Batlec. . . .SecurltT 
H.H., Q. E. Stlna ....Frederick 

Power ata. eqalp. 8 a. e. O. B. & Weet. 
loL ll>.2;0kw. j»0a<r.3 ph.SO cya: STU 
bp. b. Bab. A W; lf),M<( kw. atm. torb. 
WnaL. Q. E; tram. TOlt. B3.00av: tralle; 
volt. 060 T. 

e BDb-Bta. lot. cap. 2<D0 kn; S rot. corn, 

Poner Ma. at Se^ariti; rapair ibop 

Own* Braddoek HelihU Park. 

91. B mllai: *-eii g; 40 motor pan,, 8 
trail paaa., 2 rgt. motor, 4i fgt. without 
molora and I lerrtce can; 8 eloe. loeoi. 
(Co. do«a gmeral Itg. and pwr. baelnaaa.) 

(Sea No. SH.) 

HAOKitsTowN, a.tna (ists). 
(See N a.' 8%.) 


Overhead BrMKe, W. KenilnRton! 
(Operalas Hand; SprloE Rj. C.o.-i trick 
(l.fl miles). Bilcnrti from north lerm- 
IqbI at Caoltal TracHoQ Cn.'e Sraiem 
loWsiblngton tad befoad Eenslagton, 

Pre*. Chae 7. Tlrooke Sand/ Spring 

T. Fret. Allan Faranhar " 

Sac.Treaa., Qen, Mgr. A Pnr, A«. 
R.H. PhUllpB Eenebigtoii 

J. A. P. Pamham Waehlngton. D. C. 

Sopl. Herbert rianda CbeTj Chaie 

Blec. BaKr. A H. H. 

Faytte John-on 

Trollej Toll- 600 T. 

R*pBlr«hopa at Ob**T (^aae Lake. 

S.n milea (etandard track on private 
rlRht of wa7)j ^4H li 8 motorandi other 

care of Hobt, (larrett A Bona, BaKlmore 
V. Prea. Henrj F. Baker " •■ 

Qen. Mgr, J. AlBila Shriver Bel Air 

Rew;heB Maryland State Fair at li- 

S-ttmllea; Bdlam ilorattebattarTcara. 


By. On.— nen. ofllce. GrennllsW, (For 
merlT the Athol ft Orange St. Rj. Co. 
wblch pnrohaaed the Templeten St, Rj 

Co., and with whlcb lb« Qardnar, W«n- 
mlnater & FlUbbuTg St. Rj. Co. «m 
merged.) (Controlled b; Ha»Bcbasetla 
Conwlldated Rja.) (Connects Atbol 
Orange, Templeton, BildvinTille, Win- 
cbendOD, Gardner. Weatmlnatar mni 
Fitch bnrKj^ 
Prea, Uhaa. W, Bazelton , , Hontaena Cllr 
y, Prea, A Oen, Mgr. 

D, P, Abercromblo, Jr Gmeafleld 

Clerk ftTrcaa. P, A, Pereona.. " 

Andr, John K, DoroTan " 

Geo, Snpt, J,A,TBggMt ,.. " 

F.'KMarab Baat TempUtoD 

Claim Aity.Wm.S. Clark, .,.OTeeiifl*ld 

0«^ Pit * "*P- *Kt- 

Ch, Bngr. ftBnpt.oi Way,"" 

M.M„ChRi.Ch»ee,' ,'.','.','.'.'.'.'.'.;. ..OrmnKB 

Energ* purchaaed from Atbol Qaa A 
BlH. <&. 

Repair ahopa at Eaat TampletOD. 

Raachea Brookald* Park (owned). Lakt 
DeenleoD and WacbQIett Park. 

M.Smllea; *-»Ht: ISeara. *U 

A^TTLEBOBO. 18,480 

(See alio Nob, 44S and 4111.) 

300— A ttleboro Bruicta K. 

Co. — Office, 107 Main St., WoroMt 

(Controlled by the New E^glaad J 

Featment ft Serprity Co.) (Connecia 
Attleboro and North Attleboro.) 

Prea, Fran cle H. Dewey Worcei 

V. Free, Clark V. Wood 

Kaae. KntoEil Bldg., SprlQRlleld 
Clerk, F. P. Mclntyre 

Haas. Mutnal Btdg., '■ 

Treai. Leverett Candee ■■ 

Andr. i. W. JiimlMon " 

Oen. Mgr. Hen^ 0. Page WorcvBter 


Pur. Agt. J.F. McOahe , " 

Blec. Bngr. W. L, Harwood.. ' •■ i 

Bngr.M.oT W. & StracI 

Howard Whitney " ' 

Bnergj pnrchaaed from Rhode lataod 

G'.14mlloa; 4-SHk; lelec.loco, *.B0 

SSe»— lutsratate CnnaoIlilKted St. 

By. Co.— General ofllee, 107 Main Si.* 
Worceater. (ConeolldattonafAttJebota. 
N, Attleboro ft Wrenlham St. Ry. and 
Interetate St. Ry, of Protldence. R, L) 
(Controlled by New England InTsM- 
m*ut A Security Co,) (Operatna In 
Attleborongb, North Altlebaraugb, 
Flalnillle and Seekr<nk.) 

Pren, Francia H, Dewey Worcertw 

V. Prea. Clark V, Wood. SprirarOatd 

Clerk, F. P. Melntyre ^f- I 

Ttoaa, Leiereit CKDdee " 

Andr. J. W. Jamleeon ■* 

Ren, »ter, Henry C, Page Worceater 

Snpt. P. B. Hunnewell Attleboro 

For. Agt J. F. McCabe 

Fgt. ft Paie, Agt. R K. Coagtote " 

Klec. Rrgr, W. L. Harwood,. " , 

Engr.M, of W. asimct. 

Howard Whitney 

BnerET pnrcbased from Rhode labnd 

M.OR mlle«: 4-SM g; Sfgt. andl work ] 
car; 4BODwplows, *S9 

ATER. »,7»T. 
iOO— Tha Lowell ft ritolibors It. 

Rr. Co — OWce. Ayer. (Controli 
Weatford Branch line.) (ConnecU 
Lowell City linei, Forge Tillage, OraB- 
ItoTllle, and the Fltchbnrg ayeten at 

Free. W. W. Sargent Fltchborw 

" ■*,WalTia 

ft Pnr. Ant. 

Roadinaatcr. John Deraoej " 


B aetgf piicclitMdfroin Lowell Btnc. Lt' 
'orpn., L.awi'll,Mui, ; tranc.vall. 13.000 >i 
pollej TolC. 600 v.; repWr shop at Aj«- 

18 mll«: 4-IM g: a i>ih., 1 n>t uid 
nmpcr.; 1 plow. i; 

Ity. (Forme 
St- By. -Co.J- 
BoitoD. (Lenan 
Co., B-ieioi ■ 

BoBton A UhBlse* R.R. 

t Blec. 


Midalesei St. Ry. Co., 

port db Full River HI. Ry. Co. and tb< 
WlnD<«lmmet It, R. l'o.| (OpetaUe in tli< 
rollowiDKcKlee: Beveriv , Bostoa, Brock 
ton, CheTsBE, Evereit, Pall River, Glou 
ce8l«r. HHYerhill, LavrcDce, limcil 
LjDO, Maiden, Hedford, UeJcoM, New 
burjport, New Beiirord, Qumcy. Re- 
YBre, Tauutoh, Salem, Woburn, Mabb,, 
Newport, R. I , and the townsof Abing- 
loQ, A Ddoyer, Arlington, Avon, Blllerlc*. 
Braintiee, ISridgewater, ilurlington, 
Cbelmeford, Dsnvera. Uedbani, DLgh- 

Bolbrook, Unli, Ipawlcb, Lakevllle, 
Lynntleld, Marblcbead, Methaen, Mid- 
dleboro, Uiddleton. MillOD, Need bam, 
Newburi, Nofwell, North AndovBI, 
North Reading, Norwoiifl " ' ' 

(For equipment of pwr.Biaa, lee report! 

Owna Lakivlew Firk in TjDfsboro, 
Tba P)n« in HaTerliU], Lune Beacb In 
Gloaewler. Weelwood Park In Weet 
wood, LakeeidB Park In ijikaYllle, Hlgh- 
labO P^rk In Avon, Babbatla Park In 
Taunton. DlKblonRork Park in Ulgblon 
sod lelud Park in Portiiiiioiitb. K. I., 
■nd reachH Lincoln Park in WcMport. 

Haln repair ghopi a< Cbelira, Lowali, 
Campelloand Fall Itiver; car booBia at 
Lawrenee, Lynn. Qiiincynnd Tannlou 

BB5.W mile* of 'rack op»ratedi MB.S76 
nllEBOf tr.ckmainlainediBIO.nsniileaof 
:raok owned and leased (Inchidea (rack 
ea«d to B. K. liy. Co.>; t-tH g; a,OI» 

not nBEd). (Coiniianj does lisbtlDK In 
Sewport, R. I„ODfj,) *7B1 





.moulh, Wlilman. wfl- 
n inchcater, Mbbb.. andMiddle- 
tsmoTilli, and TiverUin. R. 1 > 
sdbTHiH. Blec ' 

Joteph A 

Tboi. Lr« 

J. H. najM.... 
a. H. «:bSK(acl 
J, H. Mnrphj.. 
Jam>v a. Nellti 
t. Jaj Boardmi 


il. Ry.Co.) (Tliia compa 
rett. Maiden, HedFoni!' I 


c. tjtnnlcy K. Mill 

J. F. Juc 

Tl, fow . 
TruHetB John F. SUxene 
(WiDlhrap Coffin 

Prea J.HaoryNral 

Treaa. B. L. Wil.on 

Gen. HgT.C. D, Emmorie.. 
Aait. »cn. Ugr. H. B. Fotl 
Qen. Andr.C. K. Reed.... 
Gen. CoUBBBl, H. Ware Bai 
Gen. AttT. Rupae]] A. Sean 
Attorney. C. B. OlmucD... 
Claim IJ. J. Heynolda... 

AttjB.lM. P. Spillan 

Reil £rt. Agt. D. L. Pietiit 

.Pm.AOen.WgT. R, B. StMml.'BoatOD 
Gen.Andr.."caleb8. Jsckaon...!'. 

ant'.'Gan. Hgr.. Howard F. FriVcb 

Par. Art., Waller O. Bolt 

(jw. cTl^mAKt.H. K BeoDttt.... 
f Pwr.*Llne»,.J,H.Llbbey 
«n».; lHoll.Blk..F.D. Ward.... 
BnptB. ( TralkeABIdKii. 

(inc. Reading A Wobarn 

H.Grsy Lyiii 

- LDardy Sa'ec 

^, F.F. Low •• 

Ro. 1. 

Cbae. J. Leonard Roibury 

No. i. ' 

John A. Smith Forest HI 11» 

No.e. JametSmkh Roal 

Albany St. SbopB. F. W. Gam 

439 Albany SI. Boat 

Car Shopi, B. G. r ' 



.'.',', GiosoMlar 
.,Ebb*t Faila 


n . . . Lawrence 


By Held 


A. A.Or»Uay.... 
Tramp. Edward Da. 
Wire*, J. P, Hoyden 
ase Bairison . 

Time Table. 

I TllDolhy Connell 

fCh., C. T. F-rnald 

Klec. J. Waller Allen, 
. J S62 narrlsoD Ave., 



Hilph H, Dlion,.. 

Om. FrmD. Hip. Trana. LLn« & ! 

OlBrkDoly Cbarl 

Oen. Uiankeeper, K. W. HteTsnu.. 

temi), Allie-C; II, 

lInculs STA, 

H. Diiou, UoeloD. 

AUla-C. toL 10,800 kw; ie,r-00 flp. 

S.,Tod: 10,iaulip. b. Bsb, AW. 

caAaL-enrow.-j sta. — cb. Bnir. 

Woeig. U 

age. Ralpb 


- H. & 

1. Boeti 

. 4d. c 

DO bp. e Wen., 

HARVARD 'sTA.— Ch. Engt. O. A. 
JlcksoD, CHmbrldse. Id.c.O, B.tot.OSOO 
kw; 9«00 hp.e. Mel. * S..AUi»-Ci 5M0 bp, 
b. B^b. A W. 

Engr. So. Boston. « ». c, 

a. B. tot. 80.000 kiv. neoa.13,200 t. a ph. 

9ecya;luB,a(i7np.stni.tarb. G.E.. Curlls; 
B4IKI bp. b. Ba>>. A W. 

DOKi;easTBR powbr sta. — ch. 





8,350 surface paseen 

beildes Botton); i-^^ g: 

witb m.51 mile 
. St. Rr.bHvlne 


I09BC Timnel, t 

e within the portals at tl 

TllogLim. ((^OBttolled 

n. Bronkllne. N™'t"ii, 
t, FrBmlnabsm. Snntb- 

let T. Ptob.. AitDnT B. Cbllda 

TTPiuiiilinSt.. Bo«loi 

CiMt. JaniBB F, Bacon 

Tresi., W. Ciapp FraminKbii 

Gen. Mer.,Antanr B, Stone " 

Snpt, Tminp., 6. H. MeFee 
Claim A^l,, J.J, Uoniln... -> 

Oen.Fgt. Axe. F. C. Lewla, , 
Cb. Eugr. Pwr. St*. 


M. M., Jobn C. Hotgao ■' 

Kugr, M. of W., L. 3. MUler 
Engr. l)Tbd, Conetr., 


Power Bta. eqnlp. 3 a. c. G. B. tot. UO 
kra. 18,300 T. 3 ub. M CTS; 3000 lip. i 
Proif ; 280U bp. b. A. » T; SOOO kw. torb 
(etm.JO. B; traua. toIL 18.S0U t; trollc 

volt, eoo V. 

4 Biib 9 1 1. lot. up. 3°00 kw^ 11 rot. cont 
Power Bin. «i Framingbam; repai 

Rea'hea Liacolb Park. (WfirceaMr}. 
83.15 lUili^a: 4-HI4 e: IS motor para. 
Fgt, motor, S tgt. and 10 other Ckra. *S 

40ft— Boatou A Woreeater Blee. Co> 

— (CoBtrolB tlitongb stock on nership thi 
BoetoB X Worcealer St. St.) 

Win. H, Bntler. 77 Franklin St., Boatoi 

V.Prea.A.B.Cbllda. ' 


PBulea.— OfBce, 24!l Stale St.. Boston. 
Baj Slate St. By. Co.) 

V. Pws.C. E. Colting,' 

SoBBarrlsbessBall " 
Sec. W. Raymond Emerai.n. 

AmeeBiag. •■ 

Treaa. J. H. GoodBpwd '• 

Ren, Andt. H. H. Read " 

Oen.Mgr. P. F. Sullivan 

408 — Pnbllo Service InTeatmonl 
Co.— > Organized with autborlty, among 
otber thlBiie to hold. and deal tnBlocki, 

ities la twelve cotnpanli^s under man- 

rHenriO, Bnullee Boatoi 

lChaeA.8toue ■* 

[Jobn W. HollowelL... " 

Direotora 4 F.lfot Wads*orlb " 

RnawllRohb ■" 

KdwiiiS, Webster.... " 
tDwlgbtP, Robineon.. " 

400— Bnllwaj A Uciit SeonrltlO' 
holdlDg.for Income orfot Bale, theeecar- 

, Unde 

iadep~Ddent companlet. twenty of 


B'iot Wadawortb.. 


R..htT.Pa!na,"M!."; " 

John W, Hollowell. 
ne A WelMter. 

i. 147 Ullk St.. BoflOD. 

>n Rouge Eke, Ca,,BatnmoDtTrke. 


Co., Blackttone VaUe; 6» * Elec. 
Co., BlucUlilat. Hy. uo., BiouktOD A 
Plymouia St. Ky, Uo,, Cnu Btelon 
Elen. Co.. Ltd., (;cDi;n>l Uli'ibitppI 
V«JI«tE1«:. l^|)Mlie.,Coluiiibu»Kfw!. 
Co.. f be C-onUMiicui Pwr. Co., DiJIns 
CUy{Il].)Ll. Co..Da]log Elec. Co., BieC- 
etn Tei» Klec. Co., UdiioD £J>m:. Illg. 
Co. of Brockton, Tile Elec. Lt. A f >r[. 
Co. of Ablngtou ind KockJ»nd, B] Pmo 
Blec. Co., ETereit Rj., Lu A Wtr. 
Co., Fill River lini Wk». Co.. Ft, Mafll- 
aou i1a.i Elec. (,«., Oalveaiou Elec. 
Co.. GsliestuD-HoDetDD Elec. Co., Ual- 
veaion.UoiuiuDUlec. tl;.Ca..TI>rTblll 
Uh Lt. Co.. HoDRbton Couuty Elec. L(- 
Co.. HougbtouCoBDiyTnc. Co., Boua 
lOD Elec. Co., JockaouTllle Tuc. Co., 
Keokak Eten. Co., The EeT West Blec. 
Co., The Lowell Elec, Lt. Corpu., Mi»- 
elaalppl KiicrP»r. Co., NortbHro Tens 
Klec. Co., NoilliBm Teian Tr»c i o„ 
PaclBc Nonhoesl Trsc. Co.. PadDCBta 
Trie. * Lt. I.O.. Pimiuckei Ofm Co, of 
N. J., PenaicoliElec. Co., Ponce Elec. 
Co., Public Service iQtMtment Co.. 
Poget Ijound Eleo. Hj., Pngel Sonnd 
IIileroition«l Rj, & Pwr. Co , Ponet 
Sound Trac, Lt. & Pwr. Co.. Rj. A Lt. 
t^ecuiitlet Co.. Saiannab Elec. Co.. Ba. 
Tsonali Pwr. Co.. bierra (Pacific Elec. 
Co., Sydney A Qlnce Bay Ry. Co.. Lid., 
Tgu.'maKy.A Pwr. Co.. Tampa Blec. 
Co. and Tarrant County Trac. Co.) IS 

«llB-Charle* H. Tenney A Co., 

(ManageTB and En^lneera of Public 
millllei) — once, sot DeioDHbire St., 
Boaton, iHe^jreaciid folloKlng com 
pani«i: Mxiden Electric Co.. Maiden 
ft Helrnee Obb Lt. Co., Salem Blec. Lte. 
Co. Haverblll Elec. Co., PltcbbarE tJae 
ft Elec. Lt. Co., aoburbauGaaJt Elec 
Co. (Revere and Wlnibropl. SpringBcld 
Tflneco 8a]eP Corp.. American Tar Co., 
BoatoD Electrnljilc Ox> gra Co.. North 
Boilon LIE. Prnpertlea and Eaatern 
Ha««acba>etta Eiac. Co., of Ila»- 
Hhutetta^BietarA Hampton Bleu. Co.. 
Exeter. HamploD A Amtihcrr St. Ry., 
RieierHj. A Lib. Co.andCnucord Elec. 
Co. of Havr Hampshire; The Barre A 
HuDtpelierTrac.^Pwr.Co. and Hont- 
peller ft Barre Lt. * Pwr. Co. ot -Ver 
monl; Peopl''a Gsi JtBlec. Co, 
(OiweBo)andRocV)»ndLt.* Pur. Co. 
(Nyack) or New York; Kochland Elec- 
tric Co. of New Jersey and The Brtatol 
A PlalnTi lie Tramway Co.of Conoectl- 
Chmn. of Bd. 

Charlei H. Teouey Sprlngfleld 

Pre*. PnlmerYoili Boston 

Cei. H.P. WoortTV ■■ 

4odr,& Aiet. Trcai.HVA.Gl'ciney ■' 
Clerk. Alien Hollle. 

B6 Capitol St., Concord. N. H. 
Engrg. Mar. Frank C. Sargent. . , .Boaton 
Pnr, Agt. f ranclB P.Moonty '■ 


(dee No. 4M.1 



(See aleo No. 401.) 



-EMtern Ha.a»bn. 

Bee Boston. 


ett* St. 

By. See Boaton. 
L^I«gr.,J.T. Conway.. 
SbImU. aqnlp. 4 a. C rot. 0. B 

<ta St. 


IcH. S ph. » cya; trana. volt. lajOO T: 
trolley vult, 600 T. *T0 

BBOOKrlELU.'' ■,1104- 
413— Worceater A TC»rrep Ht. By. 

D«.— General oBce, BrookOeld. (For- 

By. Co.> (ConneciaWarrea, Weal War- 
ren, Brook add. Weal Brook! eld, Nbrtli 
BroolBeid and Spencer.) 
Prea, J^rankii, falmer 8aco, Me. 

Par Agl.'tli supi.Denry Clark, Brcoktleld 
Ch, Eiier. Pit. SU. 

J. B.Eaton 

H. H., Frank (%aae 

Roadmaaiei, Aniielo Prizeo, Eait " 

Power »t«, dji.ip, S d. c, Q. E. lot. B8T 
kw; TAO hp. e. Slater, Burlg; 324 hp. b. 
Penn. Dillon; trolley volt, KO v. 

M.l milea: 4-8^g: 17 motor and Eotber 
Operation dl»coDtlnned. ikBBt 

BROOKLINE. 33,480(10161. 
(Bee No. 40E.) 

By. See Boi-lon, 

iw; 600 Up. e. Slater; 


wlib ttae Bonl'in Elev 

George' Span idinf Canton 

Prea. ti Gen. Hir. M. A. Cavanaogh 

Trea». Hay Cavanaueh .'..'■ '" " 
Claim Alt, 

JimetT. Connolly. Zl Milk St.,BoetoD 
Cb. Enp. Pwr. St», J.T.Hughea. '■ 

purcbaeed from Bay Stale sV By. Co. 

Beachea Boughton'a Pond. 
10.7 mliea: 4-8W g: SI motor paea., 
1 olber motor and G other cara. *W 


kw; BSOttbp.'e. Cpr.H. o'. 4 R 
hp. I>. Bab, A W; trolley volt 


Office, Bra,' IB. North Station, Boston. 
(ConnectB CoQwsy »lth Dwrfleld and 
Conway Vllluge -Itli Conway atallon 
on K, v., N. y, A H. R. H. and Soutb 
RlveraUtlonooB. 4M. H. B.J 
Pr», Woodward Hndeon BoBtoa 

Tm»« .*CI«-tk. K. B. Nlchola!!!!.BoBlon 

Andr. WllUain S. Trowbridge " 

Snpt. Wm. M. Alden Conway 

Power Bla.eqnipl: 1 d.c. West.aWkw; 
ISO lip. a. A &S; UOhp. b. BIk; 800 bp. 
torh. twtr.) J. & W. Jolly; tiolHy Tolt. 

Power Bts. and repair Bbops at Ctnway. 

e.e mllea; 1-8^ e: I motor paaa. and 

(Operation BuapeiKled.) ' lii^ 

DANVEB8. 11, m (le^S)' 

Fower ala. eqnlp. (E»ei Falla) 9 d. 
Walker, tot. 440 kw; SOO bp. e. Hcl. « 
000 bp. b. Ken, Cungh; (rana. A, trol 

4a0b — Eaatern Ukaaschni 

Il7--8ee Boalon. 
Loo»l M»(r., A, Jay Boardman, F 

SOOO kw. 3 pb. ascys; traoB. volt, 
trolley toIi. 600 v. 

Ry. Co.— Office, £90 Main SI. (Con- 
n«oW Pltcbburg, LeomlnBtar, Lunen- 
bom, Sbirley, Ayer, Cowall and Wor- 


V.PruB. H.I. Wallace 

Troaa. E. N. WallH 

RoadmnBler, C, N. Olynn 

Fowerata. cqulp.fl d. c. tot, 16TB kw; 1 

a. R. SOkw. !400v, apb. ISScjb: ISSO bp. 

b. Dillon; »Obp. tnrb. (wlr.); trolley Toft. 

ControlB Wbalom Park. 

40.gM miles: 4-BM g: 60 cara. 118 

(SeealaoHo. 4BAa.) 

pole. Fox bora, Uanefletd 

A.Ford Bo 

K. Townaand 

eo.S. DavlB. . 4> Federal St., 

Mgr. M.A.CaTanaugh, _ 

162Harri>hof St., Roxbui 

Claim Agl. 

'" T. Connolly,... 94 Milk Bt.,B<iaUt 
__,..4Pnr.Agl F.M. Ferry. ..Poxbon 
Cb. Bngr. Pwr. SU. 

K, B, King South W»lpoli 

Ingr.'M, of W., S*ni. Cady!!! 
Ingr. OYhfl. Conatr. 

Power bU. eqn'lp.'B "(i.e." WeitR. tot. 89 
w; llOO bp. e. ei&ter; BBO hp. b. Stii 

Power Bta. and repair (bop at Sottt 

Beachea Lake View Park. 

S1.T89 milea; 4-8U g: 38 motor an 
nd 1 otbcr ear; Z plowe. *!i 

rRAMlHOHAM. 1E,8«0 (1916). 
(See Nob. 40( and 4SS.) 

PKANKUN. 0,440. 
(See No. M7.) 

OABDNBR. 16,378 (IBIE). 
(SeeNo. HOe.) 


(See No. 408.) 

OI^UCESTER. 34,808. 

493— Eaaten Maaancbaaettn St. By. 

Power Bta. eqntp. 3 d. c. Q. E., Weall 
t. 1600 kw; aaoo hp. a. Peno, Ham- 
srria: ISTO W ». B. & W; Iran a. t 
olleyvoll. MSv. *n 

GBBENFIBLD. 12,018 (10161. 

(See also No. 48T) 

4«4-C;onnectloutVslley8l. By.Ce. 

— Oiflce, OreenBeld. (Controlled b; 

HaaeacbnaensConiHilldated Rra.) tCoc 

neciB Greenfleld, Deerflcld, WbMelj, 

HatReld.Tnrnen Falla, MontagneCilJ. 

Hadley, Amheret and Nortbamptooj 
Ptob. Ohae. W. lIaEellon.,MontagnH Ctl) 
V. Prea. a Gen. Mer. 

D. P. Aberoromble. Jr GTMiKkli 

;lerk & Treae. H. A. PerBoni. 

LQdr. J.B.Donovan '* 

len. Snpt. John A. T»f gart.. . . 

LBet. tiDpt. B. W. Wbalen..NoTttiain[>l<'r 

JlalmAgt. Wm. 8. Clark QreenDeK 

ien. Frt. Jb Pass. Agt. 

Leon Bolaler. *■ 

!ll. Bngr. & Supt, of Way, 

M.M.,EW.i.kLape ;."!!.""'.'.!! 

Energy pnrchaaed from the Greenllelt 
Ilec, Lt, & Pwr. Co; trolley volt, eOO t. 

Repair abopaat Greenleld. 
ImUea: 4-^ i: 42 motor and ■ wort 
ara;4anawp1owa. . *G> 

ley St. By., tbe Nortnen 
te St. Ry. Co. and tbe Coo- 
rd k HndBou St, R>. Co.) 

R. B. Qoodwin Concori 

~. C, CraBbyBraltloboro,Tt 

Treaa. * Clerk, | 

D. P, Abercromble^Vr.. 



(B«e No. tiM.) 

HAVERHILl.. «s:4W (igiGj. 

Power Bis. equip. B d. c. Q. S. Cot. KXX 
lew; MOO hp. a. Cpr., Cor.. Qieea C.C; 
114C bp. b. Sab. A W; trsna. Bud tntllBr 

Toii. btst, *;e 

«91— BEiunchDietta NorthsMMrn 

SI. By. Co.-Ottlce, 80 MerntoMk St., 
U«eiiitil, (ConlrolLed bv tto N.w 
Hsmpabli* Blec. Rvs.J iFormed b; 
merger of the following .treat raUwiy 
coB.iAmeBbaryAHHmptonSl. Itj. Co., 
CltlzeoB' Eleo. St Kj. Co,,. HaverliiU A 
Amaburv Si. Hj. Co., HiTarbill .t 
PUiitow at. By. Co., UaverbUl ft 
aootbfrn New HampBblre HI. Hy. Co., 
Lawrence & MutboBii SI, Ry. Co. and 
Urn Lowell. A Pemam SI. R;. Co., 
In Maatachusaita^ ,HaTerliil]. PIils- 

Pelbam & Salem St. Ry, Co!, and Sea- 
brook tc Hamplou Beaob SI, Kj. Co, In 

Kew HampBhIre,) {Operatea In and con- 
necta Ainesbury, Dracnt, HaTarbill, 
Lawrence, Lowell, Merrlnnc.Metliuen, 

[Old Towii), Plam iBlaaii, Salisbury uid 
Ssllabnty Beach, Mu«,, and Hamplon 
Beacb, Hudson, HadBonCentre.NaBban. 
Newton, Pelbam, Plal^tow, Salem, Sea- 
brook aod BeaDrook Beaob. N. II,) 

Pres, David A. Beldeu Haieihlll 

V, Prea. « Gen. Mgr, 
IMpb D. Hood " 

V. Praj. ftTteaa. Pred'fe E, Webstar " 
CWeaWni Dl». 

s,.ni. J JobnH MatbewB,.,8alemN.H. 

Sup"- ■<. Eaalern Dlr, 

I, H, W, Maekay Ameabury 

Sopt. Lines &, Bonding 
W. 8. Mell™ 

Cubler A Paymuter 
Guy H, La aner " 

AMk. Put, Ast, Clifton L. BatOett ■' 

Claim *Kl. Harry B.Whltebonss. ■■ 

Gen, Paaa. Agt, George K, Frenoh " 

Blec. ft SlEnal Engr.W. S. Mellon,. " 


ABBt- Bngr, ft Rnadmwiter 

Rnaaeirj, Kimball Haverbin 

Bnergj from ftockinghamConntyLt. ft 

Pwr. Co., PorlBinoHtb. N, H; trans, volt. 

l!.a»>:UolleyTolt. BOOT. 
T ■nb-aCag. tot, cBp,44G0kw. 
RepalrBbopBRf^alem Depot.N. H. 
ReaeUeB Oinoble Lake and Hampton, 

Sallabnry and Plnm laland BrBcbtB. 

Jl lit. mo. and IT olher oara; 13 plowa. 


»a — New Ham pa hire EleeCrle 
Ball ways -Office. £0 Merrimack St. 
(Hold* lacarlUee of a^d controla 
HaBBaGbnBotU NortbeaBtcm St. Ry. 

Su'Ry. Co,'. RDCblneham County Lt. ft 
Pwr. Co., Newmarket Eleo. Co. and 
" — "-"—5 Land Co.) 

Sontb HadlVyV lonib' Hadley Palla, 
CWtopee, Chlcopee Falla. Weatflcld, 
Amherst and Sunderland. Throngb 

NarttaanvtoD and Floreacs o 

Sorthampton 8t. By. Co'a.lInei.XLeaH* 
MI. Tom R. R. Co.. wlilcb owns an 

Hounlaln Park.'near Holyoka, to top 

ol Mount Tom.) 
PTes„Oen. Mgr. ft Pur. Agt 

LtmlaD. PelllBslnr BolTok* 

V. Pres. C. E, Kacklntoah •' 

Sec, Tnae ft Claim Agent 

SherrieD. Nevin " 

Andr. G. P. DInnaen ■' 

AiBt. Ilgr, ft Cb. Bbgr. 

Geo. B, Pelllealer SprlDglleld 

Supt, Geo. H, Unntcr Holyoke 

Ch. En«r. Pwr. Sta. 

C. L. Sheldon ,,BarkBhlreSl... ■' 

Roadmiaur, TboB.Bmlth ■■ 

Bngr. Ovbd. Conetr. 

(ieo. Cbapin " 

Power sta. equip. 4 d. c O. B.-tot. SSOO 
kw : 4900 bp. e. Peon : aBOO hp, b. Bab, A 
W ;. trolley villi. Kfi V. Eneigy aleo pur- 
cbated from Tumers Falla I^r. Co. (800 

Power Bta. at Berkablre St.: repair 

ReachSBHonuUlnPark(owned), Hamp- 
ton Ponds and Orient Sprlngi. 

Il.SNmiles; 4-8^ g: I4B motor pais. 
and M other cbfbl I elec. loco. *«» 


«80 — Eaal«ro HusaoliDsetts Bt 

Ky.— See Boston. 

Pwr. eta. equip. 3 d. o. 0. B- tol. ISTS 
kw; 2900 bp.e.Penn, Greene; IfiOO hp. b. 
Bab. ft W; trans, and trolley TOlC. G7G v. 

KdlBon Co; a rot. conv. G. E. tot. 1000 
kw. Stiiam plant held as aniiliary; Id. c. 
Wesl. aS5 kw; 409 bp. e. Bam. Cor; TSD 
hp. b. A. ft T; trolley volt. BOO v. *7» 

(See aleo No. 4S7.) 
•33 — Eaaterti Masiaohasetta 8t> 
By See Bolton. 

Power bU. eqnip.s d. e. G. B. Waste. 
.3»fl^kw; BinOhp.e. Penn., Mel. ft S: 

4BK— TVnrcest«r Con soil dated St. 

P(«;er"«ta! equip. 3 d. c. Q. B., West. 

Power ata. equip, 
;, 650 kw; 719 hi 

LOWELL. 107,978. 

(Bee also No. 427.) 

4S4 — Eaatem Hnsaaelinsetti I 

By.— Sea Boston. 

Powai sU. equip. 4d. o.G.K. lot. K 

kw; la. c. AlUB.SOOkw. Sph.Kcyi; tl 

bp.s.Cpr., AUIb; 3IC0 hp. b. A. t T, Bit 

>. ur. . __i. ...A _ -rollBJ YuH 


Tolt t 

LYNN. 9E,803 (1B16). 
«3S-Nabi>i>t « Lrnu Streel Bj 

Co.—Ufficg, foot Af Wuhlnglon Bi 
<OoDIiHU Nshinlind Lynn.) 

Th'oB. A. Kollj. . .BBS Summer St.. Ljni 
V. Pre*. A Trean. 

Sec. W. a 

" " ~ L. 


■bops Bt Nthant. 

43fl — Eastern Hu 

Power Bla. eqaip. 7 fl. 



COQCurd, So. Acion, Majnaril. Slow. 
West Aclon and Hudion.) IContrnlled 
bftbe SIsuutauMllBConBDl [dated Rill- 

Audr. Jonn B. I>ono 

Pur.'Agt. F. A. P"rB..Q5.. ..'■,. 

AetT. Hupt. R. 8. WBrden Mavoird 

Cb. Eogr. Cbas. W. CI>pp....Gr<-eDllel() 
Ch. BnirrPwr.SU.W.L 8Lon«,.Ma«n«rd 
M,M..Arthor Webber " 

.DB. AtTollejvoll. CUO toUOT. 
I>awer Bla. and repair Bbop at y 
laitmilee; t-BHf. ISan. 

V. Pret ClBJk V. Wood 

llaH. Uutnal Uldg., SpringlM 
Clerk, F. P. MclnlTre 

Uui. Huiuiil Bids., 

Trau. LeTerettCoudee 

Mwe.Hulnal DIdg.. 
Audi. J. W. Jamlaaon 

Hub. Mnlnd Bldg., 

Gm.MEt. H, C. Page Varetta 

Hupt. F. S. Huuiewell Anlebon 

Par. Agt. J, F. McCabe 

MaiB. MutuaJ BIdg.. Sprlni 
Pias. & Fffi. Agt. R. E. UoBgcOTa 

Saaa. Uutua] BIdg., 
Blec.Eagr. W. L. tiarwood;., 
Bngi. H. or W. ftBtroet. 

Maai. MuiiialBidg." 
Bogr. Pwr 8W. B. R, Swill. ...PrapkUn 

Power ila. equipVatFraiikilul 2 d. c 
Weng. tol. 676tw; TMliD. e. F. AS; 60 
tip. b. Bab. t W; ttullejr volt, BOO t. 

28.70 miles (owaeit), .ft' milea (track 
rlghU):4.8H)(;9-cloaed, 14openp« 
Igt.. and s work cara; S »dow plowa. 

(39— UUTord * Clbrldce Bt. Bj' 

CO,— ofllcB, It B. KalD St. (( 

Hlltord, UolllaCOD A FrimlOKhsu. .. 
Ry. Co.. and opersiea Upton St. lb. 
a part ol (Jra(ton ± CploQ K. H. 
and Uedway A Dcdbam St. Tti. Co.) 
(ConnectB FramlDKbam. Holllaton. 
Hilford. Uendon. Hopedkle. 
ribrldss, Hedwai. Hopklntnn, Tipton. 
Franklin, UllliB. HedBeld, WoHtwood. 
Dedham and Nortb Grartonl. 

SOI DBTonabire St., Boston 
V. Prea,, Sec. * Claim Agt, I 

Wendell W II Llama Mllford < 

Treaa.Jaa. B. Walker " 

' ' ' SOI DfYonBhira St., Beaton I 
ipt,. Park Uir. * Fnr. Agt. 

Walter L. Adam* '* 

lac. Engl. A M. H.. F. Botbel. . . " 
li. BngT. Pwr. SU.F. H. Danlela. ■• 

oadmBBtor. H. Rogera " 

Energy purcbaaod from N<-n BoglBnd 
iwerCo.. traoa. •olt. ll,tl» t; trollej 

10 kw.. 

Ike Nipmno Park 
T*^'e- U mo 

k>r. i&OWt.S ph. » cTs: tiSObp. b. Edge; 
ll.lWOJcw. itm. tarb.O.B.; 2 rolarrcon- 

II.OUOand'lS.SOOT; trolley toH. MM v. 


(See No. 4U.) 


(See also No. 401.) 

441— Mow Bedford AUnaetHt.Kv 
Co,— once. PorDtaaaa M William flis^ 
(Connecia New Bedford. Falrbafen. 
Haitapolaelt. Marlon. Warvbara, Onaat, 
Bonroe. Buuard'B Bay. Cape Cod Hon, 
nmrnt Beacb, So, WarFham.TremoDl. 
Bock, Canal andHlddleboio.) 

Pr««, H. H. Crapo New Bedford 

V.Prea.E 8, Wilde 

See. Bdw. T. Pierce " 

Traaj. E. r. Nlcbolaon 

Ooi. Bnpt. * Put. As*. 

Qta.F.Dole Wnaban 

CI*imAM.C. P. R«x(oid..Ne* Badronl 

M.M.,W.8,P»ik« Wsrshmii 

Roidmutsr, F. K. F. HMiriion. 

Fict Hki. CbM.T. BbIMi., Ns« Bedfoid 

Energ? pDcchuad from N»w Bedford 
Ou A KdlBoD Lt. Co. « rot. conv. Q. B. 
tot. 9u0 kw. g ph. 60 ty; trmu. tolt. 
ai.VOO v: troJley roll. «00 t. 

Bspaii (nup St WarebtLin. 

OiTiia and luctaea Picnic Grove mt 

M mile*: 4-8>4 r; K> piu. and i otber 
oM«;4inowplowi. (Belle energyloiSoulb- 
eSBterD HmBa. Pwr. & Btec. Co.) -Ireg 

4«a— Dnlun St. Rt. Co.— Office, 814 
Purchuae St. (CoDHilldallon D/ New 
Bedford A FalrhBien St. Kj., Acaih- 

Krt St. B7.') iCounvcta New Bedfnnl, 

port and Fill Bivec.) 

ProB, Henrr H. Urapo Kew Bedford 

V. Pree. Qtn. Mgr* Fur, Agt. 

Elton a, Wilde 

Sec. MwBrd T. Pipice " 

Tnu. E.F. HloholBon 

Bnpt TranepL C B.Pierce... 
CJiD. Agl. unestcr P. Keiford 
Gen. Fiit. C. T. Baltey ..... 
Sapt.Bquln. ArlhurB, Faller. " 
Ch. Kogr, Pwr. S», 


Baifr. M. of W. & Ener. Ovhd, 

Cnoetr. TnoB . W . W 11 lUmi , 

Poirer eta. eqnlp. S d. c. O. E.,Weet. 
tot.4l»01<w;lvn.O. K. B12& kia. 4M 
V. Sph. M ry8:312S hp. b. Bab. & W; 
4000 IIW. elm. tarb. O. E., Weat; (rolleT 

TOlt. WOT. 

Power eta. and repair Bbopit Kew Bed- 

CanttolBFort Ptatenlx Park BDd Llncaln 

M.IVnilleB:4-4M g; »W mo. paag. and 
St other care. *7B 

(See No. 427.) 

<8«e KOB. 401 and i!tt.) 

NEWTON. 4S,lia. 

•AS — Boaton Snbarban Elec. Vam- 

Hewtoo'ville. (A volnatu'v aBBOclallDii 
and cODLrDlB Norumbega Puk Co. and 
KIddleui A Boeton St. Bj.) 

Prea. Adams U. Uladln BoBlon 

V. Prea. Sjdnpy Hmwood Nowton 

Sac. A. A.BAllamine Boeton 

Treae. ChBB.WblpplB Smltli " 

Aait. Treaa. O. U. Coi NewtonTltK 

«44— Middle a«x * Boaton St. By. 

—Office. 7117 WaBhlnirlon Street., 
NewlonTille. (Controlled bj Boeton 
anbnrban Else. Co*) (Conaeeta 

BUIerrra. Concord. Wertboro. Bopkin- 
ton, Leilnglon, So. Framtogham, Na- 
tick. Wailind. WellealBj, Needham, 
NpwtoD. Waltbam. Wobura. BalinoDt. 
SheTbnmeand Waleitnwn. Aliooper- 
ate* nver the NewloDiille A VtiUt- 
(own St, B7. > 

Pna. J. L. Blcbaid* 

r.Pra. AOBD.HgT, O. H. Coi.. 

A. A- Baliantlne . . .84 State SI 

,.. .i. Hanfen 

ilm ARi. Pint. Drew 

t. Agt. P. U .L. Hendenon 

F. P. QuackeubaBb... 

Bnergj purctiatea from EillBuii Elac. 
Dlfc Co. o( BoBlon; repair ibopa at Wai- 
tbifin. Nalick and Leilnaton. 

Beachea Nornmbega Park. Aobnmdale, 
BDd Lexington Park. I^iUieloa. 

ISO.HaS uiilea; ^Si^g: «M motor and 14 

(See alBO No, 4M).) 

MS— Boaton « HBlne B. K.— Oennal 
office, BobIiib; Dlv. omcea, Nortn 
Ailama, Hhb, (Operalea bj elecirlcity 
itstraina thioiigb the Hooaac Tunnel.) 
For K'neral oflfi era ace Boaton. 

Dlv. SnpL J. D. Bourne No. Adame 

Eleo, Supl. L. C. Winahip.. . . 
Power ata. eqnip. 2 a. c. Wettg. tot, 

BOOOkw. 11.000 T. 85 cya: BOOhp. e. Bab. 

BtW; — kw. Bim. lDrb..WeBlg.: SVlOhp. 

wti. tnrb. Weate: trana. volt. 11,000 v; 

trolley volt, 11,000 ¥. Knergj al«o pur- 

chaaed rrom Berkablre Street Rf. Co.. 

BopBlr ah op it North AdamB. 
a3mJle»(elec)4-8Mg;7elec.locoe *6B 


Office. Locual if Uatfleld Bta. (Conniin* 
Noithamplon, Baathampion and Wli- 

Prei. Henry M. Tyler Northampton 

Treaa.. Knpl. A Claim Agt, 

Gen. Mgr. *Piir. Agt 

LoulB D. Pelllaater 

Ch, Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

M, M., EariR. Warren."!!!! 

Power Bta. eqnlp. B d. c. lot. 810 kw; 
1200 hp. e. H. O, .£ R; 800 hp. b. Hoi; 
trolley volt. 660 ». 

Power sta. and repair ihop al Locuat A 

S7.G0a miles; 4-8Mg; 49 motor and IS 
otbn- cars. *59 

NOBTHBOBO. 1,707. 

(See No. 471.) 


St. Rj.— Office NorU 

n * AttleHora 

600 kw; 800 hp, e. Mel, & S; S()0 lip. b. 
Bab, de W, Heine; trolley Tolt. 660 v. 

ConlrolB "Woodward SjHlnE" Park. 

11. 1 mllea; 48^ g: cara laaaed. Coin. 

pany earrlaa fgl. and eip, matUr. 87) 

NORWOOD. ll),»77 OniS). 

FJXBIEB. fl.4«8. 
(See Ho. U7.) 


iSm No. *li7.) 
PITTBFrELD. S»,607 {»!B). 
4B0~Berkihlre St. Ry. Co. — Oen. 
Office, m Charch St.. Natr Hht^, 
CoDD. (Concrolled b;N. Y., N H. AH 
R. a.) (Conoecta Wmiiira«lo«o, No. 
Adsmii, ClerkiburK. Aduna. CbeaUie, 
Dilton. Hinadsle, PLlM(>ELd, Luata- 
boro, Lbdoi, Lee, Stockbrtdge. Qreel 
BicrluElon, So. Egremonl and SlieT- 
fle1d.)(LeH>8> the VennoTiICo.. wblch 
leaeaBtheHnoelck PrIIsH. R. Co. Oper- 

Pres How»rd BUioll. .New Haven, Conn. 
V. Pres. L. 8. Storra, . . -. .l 

Clerk A Hen. Ugr. 

C. Q. Richmond MtUfleW 

Tresi & tint. Clerk 

A. fl. Clark New Haven, Conn. 

Andr. I. A. MsT 

1 Geo. B.Oreeii..Hoo>lck Falls. N.Y. 

8opl8.-JAIei.8hiw PitWfleld 

*W. T. Nki No, Adami 

Pnr. Agt, 

J, H.^sntord New Haven, Conn. 

Claim Agt. A.U.Sobliuon PlttsBeld 

C*K. Webber. Zjlonlte A Adami 

Ch. Bngr. Pwr, A Equip. 

P,W. KIpple New Haven, Conn. 

Ch.Bngr.Pwr.ata. CH-Baetow.. .PJtlBfleld 

Power ata. equip. S d. c. Q. E., Weatg. 
tot. 8300 kw: 4 a. o. Woete. tot. 9000 kw. 
STO-H.OODt. a ph. es rvaj 750a kw. atm. 
Inib. We>t: BSSO hp. e. R. A 8; BSTO hp. b. 
Bab. A W.. Big: ' — " ■■■—--' 


t. «oa V, EDi 

Bngland P. 

., PIttaaeld and 

81., Pitt- II eld. 

Owns Berhahtra Park. Berkshire, ai 
Boo>lrk Valler Park. North Adams. 

14E.S9 mllea: *4m g; ITS motor and 


4S1— Rrockton tc Plvmooth St. Bt. 

Co.-Offlee,Plymonl£, (In clndei Pem- 
broke St. kj. Co. and Ptvmontb A 
Kingston Bt, Rj. Co., of fljmonth.) 
(ConnecU Plymonth, Kingston. Pem- 
bmke.Banson, Whitman snd Brockton,) 

Pres. A. Stnart Pralt,147Mllk St., Boston 

V. Pres. 
C. I. LttchSeld, 1TB Tremont fit. " 

Wro. T, Crawford. .147 Milk St., '• 

Treis.HenrrB.Sawrer " ■' 

Oen. Ugti. Stone A Webiter " " 

Claim Alt. 
JameaT. CoilallT....24 U Ilk St. " 

Local agt.. Pnr, Agt, A Blec. Engr. 
U. C. Smith Plfmontb 

Gh.Encr.W.R. Morton " 

H. H. Oeo. Semnla.. " 

Power Ma. equip. « d. c, O. E, tot. 8>S 

kw; I a. c. Q. B, SCO kw. 8 pb. St tjt; 

1900 bp, e. Ucl. A B.. Oreen. WhiV, 

Brown; SOO bp. h, SvDcliill; traoe. volt. 

13.W0 t; irollev volt. 67MM vi alao pnr- 
l^aaea energj from Baj' Bute St. R;. Co. 

Power eta. and np^r shop bI PI;- 
month; snh-Bla. at BrjantTilte. 

Own* Mayflower Grove. 

cars. {Company sella energy.) 78 

«B«— Plymoiith A Buidwloli St. 

Ry. Co.— Office. 4M Bicblnge BIdg., 

omet. Operates branoh line rromSBKs- 
more to Sagamore BeMb, lli ml.) 

I^es. John O'Dav Boaton 

V. PrBa.M.J.Caabmao " 

Treaa.&Oen. Hgr. 

Acl^. Snpt. E. O. PelVnanili.Plymoatb 

F.nargy purehaaed from Brockton A Ply. 
month^t. Ry.Co, 

«.4mllei:4-BMg; Smotorcsn. (Con- 
lemplateBDelngone-mancan.) A19t 

UPINCY. 40,874 
463 — EastcFD HHBiaohnsetta Ht. 

ye; mOOhp.b, B. A\T 

kw. Bph. 

BANDOLPB. 4,734. 
SAK—Brlstitl 'a Norfolk Bt. By., 

Co.-Offlce, Biindalpli. (Connects Hol- 
brook Sta., Randolph, North Htoughton 
andsionghton.) (Operations suspended 


iib-Bta. equip. O. E, rot. ronv. tot. SOO 
S ph. % cya; ttana. ToU, lS.loa; trollry 
;,800v. *7» 



(See No. 401 







BBatern H 

See Boston. 

Ken, G, E, HH 


w. 8 




■ St. 




(Bee No 





•Ille and Coletaln,) 



Fr«*iiuin L. DiTcnport, Bbelburne FsHi 

V. ITes. ChM. W. Hawk 


DeueK. Aliuwo[tti...SheJbDnieFi1Js 
AQdr. Frank. L. B»ed ... 
Ch. BoRr.Pwr. SU. A U. U . 


Power BM, sqiiip. B d, «. G. E.,WBslg, 
lot. S60 kn. 5eo v: ISO hp. 8. t'll«h; IGO 
bp. b. Dillon; 300 bp. tnrti. (wlr.) HpI; 

Power eta. aDdrepnii shop SI Fran ktoD. 

7.M miles: 4-8^ g: U »n. (FniKhl 

bn.iDeu.) C<.mp»nj Mil. energy. *10 

(Sea No 40S.) 

(Sea So. <1B.) 

SPRINOflBLU. 10£,97l (IVIE). 
«ST— BprlDKtleld »t. Rj. Co.~Offlce, 
Maaa. Untual BIdg. (Controlled by 
BprlngflBld Railway Cornpaniet, wbtcb 
la 1o inm conirolled bj Sew England 

Springfleld, Wnl Bpilzigacld, Lddlaw, 
W«tfleld,HnaiIngton, Chlcopee , Cb I co- 
pea Falle. Longmeadow, Bast Long- 
meadow, Agawam. Palmer. Uooeon. 
Wue, Mo. Wll^rabam, RneMll and 

Prei. aark V. Wood Sptlngflald 

Speolal A<el. lo Prea. 

Howard R. WhitDey " 

V. Pren. Franctsll. Dewe7....WoroeH«r 

Clerk, F, P. Mclnljte SprJnglleld 

Treas, Leverelt Candee " 

Gen.Mgr, Herbert M.FlandeH " 

Pur. Art. J. F. McCabe ■' 

Cialm Agl. H. L. Osgood ■' 

Fgt.*pBM.Agt. a.E.Coagrove " 
KTeo. Boer. W. L. Harwood. . . ■' 

n,, (i. L. Putnam 

o„l;i -(Roj Chambers Wpptaeld 

^°P"-ls. H.SaylaB Palmer 

M. M., Geo. S. Webb BprlDgfleld 

Snpt. Track. H. J. Sullivan.. 

Pwr. iW. Co. 

R*p*li shop at Uain & Bond Bta. 

Owna Fequol and Foreet Lake Parks. 

1U.3S milM (owned), BS (track-ilgbt : 
*-Sii t: *H pais., 12 oipreBB motor and 
Sit work cars; 15 anonplow* or Biveeperi. 

4SS _ HprliiEDeld Rkllna; Coin- 
panlea — Office. Onrlngaeld. (Controla 
the Sprioelleld 8t. Rr. Co., and Ib In 
tnm controlled b; tbe New England 

Inveatment * OeCDrltT Co.) 

PrM. Francla H. Dewer Worteat-r 

V.Pre* A.Willard Damon. ..aprlngfleld 

Sec. F. P. Molntjre 

Treat. Leierett Caodee " 

{See No. 4M.) 

460— SwkiueK * BeekoBklt.B;.— 
OOce. Hwanaea Centre. (Sacee'Bor to 
PrOTldence ± Fall RIVBr St. Rj. Co.) 
(Connects Fall RiTer, ProildBnce, Sm- 
konk, Kehobotfa, Swanaea and Somar- 

Pre>. Emery C, Kellneg Swansea 

V. Prat Will Bid C. Oardnar ■■ 

Bee. ftTreaa, Chas. W. Green.. . .Warren 
BbdIj Fgt. Pats, * Pur. Agt. 

J. H.Hearn HwanBeaCenm 

BitencT purchaBed from Karraganaelt 
■lac. a. Co. 

Repair Bbops at SwanBat Centre. 
lO.ia mlleB: 48M g; 13paBB.,3 fgt. 
and 1 work c^r. ilr^ 

46a— East Tanntoii Bt. R}. Co 

Offli^i. n Simmer St. (ConoectB Tano- 
ton, Kaet Taiinton. LakcTille and Hid- 
Pre.; A Pnr. Agl. «. A. Csvanaugh 

162 Harrtshof St, Boibnrjr 

V.Pret. T.F, Cavanaugh Tannlon 

Treaa. Jo«. B, Morpby 

Bnergj fomlshed by Bay State SL Ry. 

10.T11 mllei; 4.^ g; IB motor, 1 fgt. 
and B otbeicaiB; 2 snow plows. IMt 

463 — Unatern MiHachuaetli St. 

Bj.— See Boston. 

Snb-sU. equip. O. E. rot, ronr. tot. lEOO 
kw. 9 pb. A eye; Uana. TOlt. 18.S00 v 
trolley Tolt. 800 v, *79 


4U4_Web*teT & Dudley St. By, 

Co.— (Leased lo Worcester Consoll. 

dated St Hy. Co. and controlled by lb 

New EnE'sid Inver- *- = '■ 

Co.) (Optraies In ^ 
Prei. FtbdcIb H. Dewe 

'. P. Mclnlyre 
Masp, Mutoal Bldg 

'""■ Mae-. Mnli^l Bldg. 
ADdr. J, W. Jamieton 

Uase. Mutual Bldg. 
B.SB miles. M 

463— TCorceiiter Jt Webater St. 
By. Co.— (Leased to Wonjeater Con- 
solidated St. Ry. Co. and controlled 
by the Hew England InrcBCmtDt <£ Se- 
curity Co.) iCooneciB Aoburn, Oiford, 

V. Pres. Clbrli \ .Woiri 
Clerk, F. P.McIi 

il Bldg.. Springfleld 


(See No. «S.) 

WESTFIEi:,©. 18,411. 

(See No. 457.) 

WEST WOOD. 1.44B. 
-Msdwmy A Dcdham SI. Br. 

— omc«, n B. Main St., Mllford. 
naud and operated by Mllford A 


Treai. P. A. Woodmrd Pnoklla 

C]ark,a«). P. Holbrook H1I1U 

9dpi. W. L. Adi>mi ,. Ulltord 

■I. M., W.J.Sbeeh»n Wealwood 

Bnarejr puichuBBd tram Tlia Edlaon 
Elec. I11g.£o, orBMtoa. 

Kepitlrflhop dtWattwood, 

SD.30 mil»: 4-aii g; 12 «n. iS 


408— Uuwaod St. Bf. Co.-Offlct. 
WhItlneilJLe. (Operi'calaNortbbrldgE 
>Dd connect LlnwDodandWhltlnertLle.) 

Preg. Geo. B. HambllD WhitinivlllE 

Bee. A Tnu. A B. tioyit.'.'.'. '• 

Bniil. Heo.Wllmot 

EnariiT porehMed. 

.IVS milea (ovDed). 1.40 0«u«d), taul mllen: 4-8W g; T on. M 

WINTHROP. 1S.768. 
i6S— Polnl Slilrle; St. Rf. Co.— 
Omce, 830 Atlantic Ave.. BaiUin 
(Owned M the Boston, Revere Besib A 
Lynn R. R.{il«Biii.) .OperBlciin WId- 
throp, benveeD Beacb St&tlon and PolDt 

Preg. HelTlnO. Adsme Beaton 

Tresi. Henry L. Bojt ■• 

Snpt. John A. Penno " 

I a milee: 4-8«g; S - - 



I St. 

c. O. E, ti 

*10~Eaatern : 

BT.-See BoXOD 

Power Bla. equip, 
kn: OSOO hp. e. Penn, ^pr. unr.; siuvQp. 
h. Bab. * W; trollej voft. 600 v. *79 

VOBCESTEB. ies,SB7 (19IB). 

(Hee aleoNru. 401. 4tl3 and 466.) 

IT I— Worcester CounulldHted St. 

Ky. Co.-Ufflce, 70 Mala St, (Con- 
trolled by tbe Hew Knglaad InveBimeut 

St. Kt.. Worctaler Ji abrewsbnrr SI. 
R;., Worceeler & SbrewabnrT R. R., 
Webetrr « Dudley bt Ry. and Wor- 
cealer A Webaier St. Hi.l 0«n» and 
.M>eri.tea railwayi. lu Worcester, Lei- 

llng, 'l.eomlnatm. Fitthbilrfc tincai- 
tcr. Clinton. Berlin. UadeonTBoylalon, 
North bo rouKh, Marlboroagb. Wtai- 
borough. SBrewtbnrj, Grafton, Mill 
bnrj. sturbrldge, SombSridie, Cbarl- 

Hortb bridge' Ui belli go. Hoped ale! 
Hendoa, Miirord. Hlackelone, HillvUle, 

Free. Fran' la H. Uewey.....*. » oroester 
V. Prei. Clatk V, Wood 

Ma-a Mutual flldg..Sprlngfleld 
Clerk, F, P. Mcloijre 

Mae». Mutual BIdg. 

Maea. Mutual Bidg. 

Ma». Mutual Uidg., 

Gen. Mur. H, C. Page Worcester 

PBr.Agt.J, F.McCabe 

7N. MalnSI.. Sprlnglleld 

Claim Afit. B. E Bu-well Worcealet 

Fgt, A Pa«. Agl. R. B, Coi-arove 

7 N. Mam St., Springfleld 

r Line C. H. Briggi Worceater 

I Pwr. ftae. 

i Tra k F. .( 

. Wllki 

F. R.ButnB,...UibrMj 
J. L, Tally. ,..,Worceiii 

Uec. Edet. V. L. Harwoi 
7 N. Main 
[ngr. Malnt.oCWayAtil 
jfoward Whilcey 

1,000 kw.l»,S0OT.Spt, 36 cya; SSSO hp. ! 
.. Bdge; 11,000 kw. etm. tnrb. G. E; 71) [ 

M r; energy also purcbaeed from ^Na* 
10 lub-eta. lot. cap. 1E,100 kw; 2S rot. 

Powei etaa. at Mlllbury uidLeomlnBta; 

Rcacbet and comroli Lincoln Park.Lake 

^Wl.n mllei (owned),' Sg.Bl milea 
(le-a^d), DilVa (track lighta) 4-eH 

_ — . . — --- w) rRi. Md 

*w ' 

I work can; 39 am 
Qd a locos, (Comi 

17*— New KnalBDd I uveal men a « 

NecurltT Co. — OOlcee laj Main BL 
(Contrnla Sprlngfleld Railway Cob., 
SpringfleldSt Ry. Co., Worcester Con 
eol. St. Ry. Co., Mllford. Aiileboro A 
WnnnaorbrtSl.Ry. f-o..lnWrB'ate Con- 

Brancb R. 
St. Ry. Ci 

R. Co.. Worci 
I. and Webjt. 

A Dndlej BL 

Clark V. WuoJ aprlngBeHl 

e Cbaa. B Ware FlCchbnrg 

P. Mcluiyre 
Maei. itntual Bldg., Springfield 

Haai!. UuCnal Bldg. 


ADRIAN. 11,498 (ISIB). 


3ontroll»ii b; 

<7S— Adrian St. Br- CS'-Onice 

tiupwlor St.. Toledo.O. (ControUaii by 
theToledoTrac, Lt. APwr.Co. which 
la controlled by tb ~ • " ~ • 

l-lalm Agl. V. J. W 
Traffic Mut. W.J, ( 

Rn..rgy from T... 
R. Co.; ttolleyoU. 609 v; rep 
at Adrian and Sylvanla. O, 


Rings LaadlDE. Sebago. Tabor, Eau 
Claire. Dowaglac. Coloma, Paw Paw 
Lake and Water vlli-t.) 
'm„ Treaa. A Ren. Mgr. 
C. K. Ulnary,., Benlon Hftrboi 



HoiatDg Ctumban. LoubTllle. Et. 

8«c. L. W. Bolts 

J. il j'oand...,*. Usutnn H*rl>D[ 


Unpl.Tracipt. W.U.Wekber 
SopC, Ovhd. C, O. Hren. " 

Ch. Knar. Pwr. StB. 

Geo, J. Spalding " 

H.H. Ju.F. Lonan 

ClTll Bair. ABoBdmuur, 

Ray Keaojei " 

Eoi-rgj pnrcbiied from IndlnOB It 
Mlcblgan KIfc. Cu: t mo-ien. tetsU. E. 
tot. ie7a tw; trant. tdH. Se,D0O t; trDllej 

RepHlr tboft al Benton Harbor. 

Beacbes House jt Uavid Paik. 

M mllM; 4 0« k; S5 ctlj mutor pus 
10 Inter, motor piii., 31 trail, and 6 other 
motur can. (Cumnanj (nrDlaliet eutnj 
for llihting A nttg.) fiS 

(Ste No. 480 ) 

DSTBOM 911.794 (IBiej. 

«IS— I>etrolt, Almopt * NOTthein 

H. K.-Offlce. Interarban BIdg. iCon- 

neilB Hotnto, Almoni and Imay CttJ.) 

(CoDtrollid by linlieu Ky.) 

Chmn. Ijd. J.C. Butchiue. Detroit 

Pre*. & Gen. Mgr. F. W. Brooka.. '- 
V. Ptea. A Audr. Irwin Fuileilon 

Bee. A. S. Peters ■• 

Traat. 4 Pnr. Agl, 

All«n F. Edn-aide ;• 

ABat' Oea. u'gr. *E. J. Bupdlck..'.! '■ 

Qan. enpt, Harry Bollen '■ 

'Siipl. P«r. M. F. Maury Warth... '■ 
Gen. ClaimAtiorney 

W. B. Fitipalrick ■■ 

Anat, Gtn. Claim Allorney 

Geo, A. CbapmBD - 

Gen. TralBc Mgr. W. S. Rodger. . , " 

Gen. Paae. Agl. J. F. Keye " 

Oan. Fgt. 4 Eip. Agt. 

Nattaao Runney ■■ 

M.M.. 9. Potter Higbland Pk. 

ICnEp. M. nf W„ John KerK'ln 
r£Ut. Blliot 


roit 1 


Repair sbom al Detroit and Borbeetcr. 

port or Detiolt nniied Ry. (Co. dore ei- 
preai ft Iietgbt buiintaa.) &» 

47« — Datrolt & Highland Park 
B. R. Co.-Offlte, luleruiban BIdg. 
rConnerla Detroit and I«elilsiid Patk.) 
{Conifolled by Detroit Uulied Sy.) 

Chnin. Bd. J. C. UatchiDB Detroit 

Prea. St Gen. Mgr. F. W. Bfonka.. " 
V. Prea.&Andt. Irwlii FallertAD. " 

8m. A. B, Peters " 

Aaat. Gen. Mtr. B, J. Burdirk.... " 
Ami. to Geo, Mgr, W, K. Caan.... •■ 

Geo. 8«pi, Harry Bollen " 

Supt. Pwr. M. F. Hanry Worth. , ■■ 
Oeo Claim Atloroey 
WiE. Filipalrick " 

Oei), A. 'Chanman....'.' ■■ 

Gen. Traffle Mgr. W. S, Rodger, , , " 
Gen, Fgt, * Esp, Agl, 

Nathan Humu-y - 

Gen. Paae. Agl. Jno, F. K^ya " 

Ch, Bner, A Engr. H. of W. 

JohnTa win , 

HB'per ft Ml. Elliott Area. " 
aigaal Rn^T, C, Corntay 

Rarp'r ft Ml, Klllott Ave',. " 
H.H. SvlvealerPntter,,,.HIgblandPark 

Ereigr from Detroit Unil-d Hallway; 
trolley Tolt. 6W t. 

Repair ebopi at HTgHland Park. 

Kilaageaid al eqalpment Inclndad In 
rapMt of Datrolt United Ky, « 

tTT— Detroit, Jackaou * Chlckco 
Ut.-OUcb, Interuiban BIdg. (Own* 
and openteaa cliy ayatem in Ann Arbor. 
(CounecuJackaonanu Deltoll.viaAsn 
Arbor, YpailantI and Wayne; also 
Nurlhillle and Detroit via Plimootb 
and Wayne,) (Controlled by Detroit 
United Hy.) 

Chmn, Bd. J. C, Bntcblns Datrnit 

Pre».& Gen. Mgr, F. W, Brooki.. - 
V,Prea. ftAndr. IrwlnPnllerloti. " 
Trean. & Pnr, Agt. 
Allen F, Edw.aiJs '■ 

A69t, toPree. W,'E.'Canu','.'.','.".*. ■' 
Aaat Om, Ugr. B, J, Burdlck.... " 

Sunt, A. H,CaiJy .','.'.'.',"'.'! " 

A»t. Built. Pwr. 

«. F, Maury Werth ■■ 

Oen. Clalto Attorney 

Aaat, Gen. Claim Attorney 

Geo. A, Chapman " 

Oen, TralBc Uar, W. S. Rodger , , " 

Oen. Fgt ft Ell. Agl. 

Gen.p.sp, Agt, Jno.'F.'keya',','.'.'. " 

Snpi. Tracks, Joo Kerwin 

M. M., 9) iTtBler Poller, , , .Highland Park 

k»;8a cWealg, loi.SOOO k». 40U v.gph.M 
cjs; SflSS hp, e. Wealg; 9600 bp. b, Bab, 
ft W, Stir; (rane. vort. WfiOO y; trolley 
Tolt, too >, 

Power lie. and repair abop al YpailantI. 

110.63 mllea; 4-8M K- ™ closed paaa. 
3 oprn paaa,, B eipteaa and fteigbt and 
SB other cars, *69 

478 — Detroit. Monroe A Toledo 
Jihort Line Ry. Co.-Offire. Inltr- 
nruan BIdv.tCoDiroU Monroe Trac, Co. 
and Include! Toledo ft Monroe Ry. 
Co.) (Connects Detroit, Toledo. Hon roe, 
Erie. Newiion, Wyandotte. Treo ion and 
Bockwood.) (Coutiolled by Detroit 
United Ky.) 

Cbmn, Bd. J, C. Bnlchlua Detroit 

[•ret. & Gen Mgr. W. W, Brooka, , '• 

V. Prea. Treaa. & Pnr. Agt, 
Allen F,Edwarda. " ■ 

Asat.'toFrea, W. E. Ca'nii'.V,',!!!!! '■ 
A sat, Oen. Mir. E I. Bnrdkk..,. " 
nen.Sopl, Harry Bollen ■' 

Supt, Pwr, M. P. Kanrj WerthV.'. Detroit 
Gen Claim Attorney 

Wm, O, Fltipatrick .,. •' 

A»st. Gen. Clafm Attorney 

Geo. A. Chapman " 

Gen. TraKc Mer. W. 8. Rodger,. . ■■ 
Oen. Fgt. ftEip-Ap,, 

Gen. Pasa. A«''jno! f! iti». '.'.'.'.. ■' 
Ch. Kngr. Pirr. Sla. T. K. Lloyd. .Monroe 

Snpt. of Track John Kerwin " 

K M., Sylieatpr Fitter. .Highland Park 
Power ata equip. B a, c, Weatg. Allla-C, 
toL 4400 kw, 400 V. a ph, a cya; ISOO 
bp, e, H. O, ft R, Ham. Cor; «i00 hp. b 
A,ftT.Bab. *W; BOW hp. tnrb Wcstg. 
Allls-C; trana, volt. 18,600 1; trolley volt 

Power ata. and repair abop at Monroe. 

82.8303 mllea; t-l>U r: «B cloerd paaa, 
S open paaa,, 4 eipreaa and 8' --' — 


«ie— Detroit ft For 

Bnpld „ 

urban BIdii, 
the Rapid Ky„ Detroit. U 

A Karlne City Ry.. Port 1 

Clair ft Marine City By,. Deti 
Lake St. Clalf Ry. ar""— "'- 
Co. o( Port Boron.) 
DaCroll United By.) 


ChniD. Bd. J. C. Holcbint Detroit 

Pres. A Qta. Mirr. F. W. Brookn.. 
V. P™. a. Andr. Irwin PnllBrloii. 

Ste. A. B. Pewn 

TreiB. AltsD F. EdwBTdi 

Aset. loPres. W. B; Csnn 

Aeil. Oaa. Ifgr. B. J. BnMick .... 

Oen.Sqpi, Hsrry BqUwi 

Sapl. W.M.Qu«ckentnnh..Mt.CUii 

Snpt. Pwt. M. e. Manrj W»rtli. . .Detroit 
QeD. Claim Attoraer 

Wm. Q. Fltapilrlct " 

A■8^ G«D. Claim Attorner 

Gbu. Trakc Mgr. W." sV RodKer'.".'. ■' 
Uan. Fet. Alt. Nsthan Rnmney... >■ 
QBii.PMi.XBt.Jno F.KejB " 

Dlv. Unn.XcCtnby..." ■' "*" 

Bnpt«. j Jno. Head Port Horon 

Sqpt. of Tisck JobD Eerwin. . 

Power ata. eqaip. 4a. c. Weitg. tot. moo 
tw. B ph. as ojb; S800 hp. 0, WeatB; SSOO 
hp. b. Bab. ft W., Stfr: 4800 hp. tnrb. 
Weol, Allii-C: Inms. volt. 19,600 v; 
ItollBT volt. 625 T. 

Power hooae. New H»lllaiDr8; «Qb- 
atas. at Roaerills, Ht Clemena, Algonu, 

Owns club boa Be, docka and amuBemen 

138.29 Dilles (elec. * (team): 4 BH K; 

57 closed pBBB. cBTB, SB open paes. 

T eipreaa and frelgbl can and 4Gi 

<80 — Detroit United Ky. — omca, 
Internrban Bldg, (Controle Detroit, 
Jackson & Cblcago R^., Detroit A Port 
Hnron Sbore Line Ry. (Rapid Rr. 
Sjeteni), Rlrer KoaKfl Ri., Detroit, 
Montoa A Toledo Short Ltqe Hj., 
Detroit, Alniont A NorChera R. R. 
Detroit A Highland Part: B. K, Co. 
and Sandwich, Windsor A Aialieratbnrg 
Hj., WlndBor, Ont,, Can. Inclndea all 
street rillwax jlnea in Detroit and the 
tollowlug Intemrban DlWeiona: Wyan 
dotte. Orchard Lake, Pontlac, Flint 
sndGroBBB Poiute. (ConnectB Detroit, 
Royal Oak, Rochoatar, Oiford, Flint- 
Detroit. BirmioBham PoutUc; Detroit, 
Redford, Farmfiieton and Nurthvllle.) 

Chmn, Bd. J. C. Hatchlna Dttrolt 

] Treas. & Pnr. *gt. 

Asit. Sec. Emma Helee 

Oen. Andr. Irwin FuUertan.. 
ABBt. Osn. Mgr. B. J, BordlcR 

Snpls f r-eo RejDoldB " 

I ?...• F I-eon Snyder 

■'"'•'' [ PercT L. Radclllle (night) " 
Qen. Claim Aitome; 

Wm. G. Fitspalrick " 

AsBt. Gen. Claim Attorney 

enpl Pwr, M. F. Manrf Werth!!! " 
Gen, Trafflc Mgr. W. S. RodBer . . " 
Gen. Fgt. ARt. Nathan Rnniiiey... '■ 

Oen. Pais, Agt. Jno. F. Keye " 

M. M.SylvpBter Potter..., Highland Park 
Bnpt. of Tracks, John Kerwin,,., Detroit 
Detroit Stae. (Alwatarand Rlopelle) I] 
d. c. G. B, Weale. lot. ID.eoo kw; It a. c. 
G. K, Welti!, lot. lO.BOI) k»-. 6900 y. » ph. 
«5cye; 18,850 hp, e. Allis-C, F, * 8; ll.SOO 

tnrb. West, G, K.'; " trans,\olt B«00 y; 
-olley Tolt. B76 v, BnerRy alao from D»- 
rolt BdlBon Co. 14,(00 fcw. 

8nb-8ta9. (BlrmlDgham, FttTmlii 
ton jDBct. and Rocb<ti«r) tot. d. G. gta. 
SUO kw. West. AI1)b-C: lot. a. c. seti. SIU 
kir. 400 T. B pb. X cys. Went. AUIb-C; 

6473 bp. B. ; 44(>0 hp. b. ; 

3000 kw. atm. toib. West. AlilB-C; tnmi. 
yolt. 10,GOO r; trolley volt. 6fiO v. JEQercr 
aleo from lUisteni Hioh. BdisoD Co. "- 

Repair abopa sCiDctrolt. 

638.6677 miles iinclndlng I>etT<dt « Wo 
Western Dly., Detroit ft PoutlK Dtt. 
Detroit, Flint ft Wyandotte Dli., Dutroit 
Almodt ft Northern K. H. aDd DetroH 
ft Highland Park B. R. Co.); 4-8' 
1.701 closed paee., 1^ opan pasa 
elpreea and fgt., £63 fgt. and coi 
37 service and line and 20 other ca... . 
elcc. locos; 4,661 molora and 3.T71 tnioki, 

481— MIohlKBB Central R. K. 

troit RlTsr Tunnel Co.)— OBoe, M. C, 

H. R. D.epot. Detroit. (Operates b; elec. 

trie tocomoilyee tbrongh tnimel under 

Detroit River, between DBtroil, Ulcb 

and Windsor. Ont.) 

Chmn. H. B. Lcdyard Detroli 

Pree. A, H. Smith, 

Grand Csntral Station, New York, . 

ir !>..=-.- I J . Carslenien •■ 

V. rrBBiB. ( 3 jj„^^ Detrotl 

FederalMgr. E. D. Bronner 

Ch. Bngr. Col. Geo. H. Webb 

Klec. Kngr. J. O, Mock 

AssLElec. Bngr, C. G. Wlnslow... 

Snpl. Mot. Pwr. W, H. Fljun 

Rd. Foreman of EnElneB, 


Energy pnrchaaed from Detroit Bd 
Co. ; i mo. -gen. Q. K. toL SOOO kw; ti__. 
•oit 4800 T. S ph. «0 cya; Irolley iralL 

Repair shops at Dstrolt. 

86.1 miles: 4-^g; lOOen.Blee. loco 
' *5 
E80ANABA. 1S,«S (1916). 
489 -KaoBnab*. True. Cu.— (CoDoatts 

Bscanaba. Gladstone, Wells andQr 

Pre., J. K. Slack Bacai 

V. Pre.. J. C. Klrkpatrlek 

9bo., Oen. Mgr. Jt Pur. Agt. 

P. L.Utley 

Andr n.'w.Reade,' ,'.'.'.'.', ■■.'.!!'. 

Edwin F. ZuehlWe 

M. H.. Kdw. Anderson 

Koadmsst^r, J. BnrSe. .- ' 

Power eta. eqolp.: 3 d. c. G. R. tot. tEO 
kw. 650 t; 4 a. c. O. K. tot. B7M k»a. , 
6600 y. 8 ph. 80 oya ; SM hp. a. F. ft 8; 
200 hp. \ Menominee; T700 hp, lDr6. 
(wtr.) Leflel, Allls-C; trans.TOlt. 6600 t; 

Power staa. at OrooB. Chandlers and Bs- 
eanaba; repair »bqp atEscanaba. 

Reaches Sooth Park and Mooie Park. 

IKOImlles; 4-8MK; 11 motor and 18 otbet 

cara. Co. fnnitaheflenergyforltg.& pwr, 

Bervlia, *IS 


(See No. «0.) 


(See No. its.) 

FLINT. B4,77il a»l«- 

(Sae No. 480.) 

OLAD8TONE. 4.111. 

{See No. J8S.) 

GRAND KAFIB8. 128.2W (lOlfl. 
(See alao No. 488.) 
488— tirand BB|>lds. UTsnd Httvam 
* MasbecoD Rr- Co.— Offlcs. IBBOt- 
Uwa Are,. N. B, (Owns Grand Haran 

SI. Bj. Co. CanoacM Gtind HtTSU, 

Hoakegou and Qnnd Rapldi.) (Cod- 

(tolled Dx United Lt ft Rji. Co.) 
PrH. « Uen. Mgr. 

W.K.Motlei Grand R»picie 

lit V. PHB. R. Scluddeles.. 
>ad V. Fres. FnnkHoliwlt 

Bw!. L. H. Ueluke..., 

Treu. C. U. Hurd 

Aadr. L. B. JoDM 

TrilDmuter, V. A. MirtlD Frallpoi 

■.M., CA-Sibert 

BotdDUUMr B. Blckud " 

Trxnc Kn. A CJiim Agt 

8. UVaasDan QnndRkpId 

Bnergj pnrctiued hDmCDuaanienFwi 
Co. ; team yolt, 17.B0O y ; troller >ol[. S60 1 

4»ab-Bl«. (lwlUi»nlo.<!oni.) tot. cn} 

PowMiU. at Frultport. r«at«l to Oran 
Rapid*- MuikegoD Pwi. Co.; repair ihop 
at Pmlipon: lab-aUB. at CooperiTlllt i 

0*na and optrata Pomona PlMaar* 
Park at Frultport. 

a miles (trolley A Sil rsU); ^i 
41 motor and Q other oara. (Banc 
tbroDgk rreiicnt loCblcagoln connect 
with Gloodticb Truup. Co. and to 1. 
wvikM in connection with tbe Cioib]' 

doea local frelgbt bnalneai.) 

«84— (intnd Bsplda By. Co.— OBIce, 

a No. Ionia St, (Controlled thronjjh 

Firr,,Ri. A Lt. Co.) 
Pre*. A Gen. Her. 

Banj. ». Hanchett. Gisnd Baplda 

V. Free. B. C. Cobb NewTorkTS^V. 

See. ATreai. 

L. J. DeLamarter Grand Baplda 

Aiat. Bec'j A AMt, Tteaa. 

Geo. Spraene, Jr New York, N.T. 

Andr, H. O, Kesaler 

Sopt. J. C.Haillean Grand Raplda 

Pnr. Alt. W, K. Lltbigeton, " 

Clalrnigt. F. U. Webaler.. 

Bluatg? porobaaed from Conanmen 

Reiachee Ramona Park at ReedB Lake 
(owned), Nortb Park and ComBUicii Park. 

tT.TE milea: 4-«M i; IS8 motor paea., 
IB trail paea. and 3T other car*. lit 

«aa — Amerlciw Pnbllc Utilltlei 

Co, — Olflce. Q. B, Savings Bldg. 

Grand KapldB. (Control B.thio ugh 'tocll 

operated under the maanifemfntof KcL 
•ej. Brewer* Co.; Albion (Mieb.l Gaf 
Lt. Co ; Boiee (Idabo) Gsb Lt. A Coke 
Co.. Elkhart llnd.) Gas & Fuel Co., 
Oi^land Cltj (Ulch,)nae Co, Jackson 
(HUB.) Lt. A Trac. Co., Uercbiints' 
Pabllc ntlllUei Co.. Indian apolli, Ind., 
Mercbanti Ht. A U. Co., IndlanapoUa, 
Ind., UUh Raa A Coke Co.. Ball Lake 
Cllv. Utah, Valparaleo (Ind.) Ltg. Co,, 
BDd Wieconeln-UtnnesoU Lt. £ Pwr. 
Co.— operatineln Kan Claire, l-BCroe»e, 
CtalppnwaFallaand Henomonle.WliC-, 
and Winona and Red Wing Minn.) 

Cbinn. of Bd. 
Cliaa. B. Ksl'pj Grand Rapid) 

Pr«B. ftGen.Mgr. 
Joeeph H. Brewer......... '* 

V, Free.* ABBl. Gen, Her. 
Geo. H. Waring 

Bee, Blaine Gavelt " 

Treaa. WllUa J. Rlplejr 

Ch. Bogr. L. B, Andtna. ... " 

ABB— Common wealth Pwr-, Br- * 
tt. Co.— New York office. 1* Wall 81. 
(Contftle Ihrongb atock ownetuhlp the 
Union Ri , Oas * Elec. Co., Sorlne- 
fleld (Ohio) I.t., Ht. A Pwr, Co., Brand 
Raplda, Holland & Chicago Rt.. Grand H>. Co.. 8agliiaw-Bay aty Hy. 
Co., MIcblgan Lt. Co., ConKomeri. Pwi, 
Oe. (Me.). Uanlitee Rj. Co., Micfalgan 
BT. Co,, and Hleblgan UDlMdBwT*.) 

'roe Geo.B. Hardr....NewTork,N.T. 
'.Pre«. C.M.Clark . . . . Fhlladelpbla. Pa. 

48T-U»lledLt. « Bya. Co.— Offices, 
701 Michigan Trnai Blug,, Grand Rap- 
lda; Davenport, la., and H36 Comujon- 
wealih-lldl.onlilug.,Cblcago.Ill. iCon- 

majorit; ^Ihe stock tbe f ollowlns com- 
panies; Cbattanooga (Tcnn.) Gas Co.; 
cedar Raplda Ua-}uaa Co.; Cedar Rap - 
IdailB.) & Marion CItT Ry.; Ottmnwa 
lla.) Gas Co. ; Ft. Dodge (la.) Uaa & Elec. 
Co,; La Porte (Ind,) Gaa A Blec. Co.: 
Cadillac (Mlcb.) Oae Lt. Co.; Grand 
Rapids. Grand Haven A Muskegon R>, 
Co; Maaou Cltj |Ia.) * Clear LaHe R. ft. 
Co.; People'aGas & Elec. Co, (Haeon 
Cltv, la.) and Trt.Cii/ Ry, & Lt. Co., 
wblthaerves Davenporl, Iowa (ily and 
MutcailDe,la.,Rock Island, Mnllne.Baat 

Pree.FrankT. Bulswlt. ...GrandRaplds 
let V. Prea A Gen. Mgr. 

Richard Schadd el ee 

ad T. Prea. J. F. Porter.Kansaa City, Mo. 
Sec., Aaal Treaa. SAndr. 

L.H.Heinke Grand Baplda 

'rreaa.&A)Bl..'Sea. CM. Hard, " 
ABBt. Gen. Mgr. 

B, J..DenniBn Kanaai City, Mo 

Pnt. Agt-Geo. G, Knbn.... " 

CooaltTBngr. T. J. Weber.. .Grand Rapid! 

HOLLAND. ll.MKI (1911). 

488— Grand Baplda, Hallamt A Cbl- 
oago Ky.— (CODueclB Grand Raplda, 

and HaoKatuck.l (liaaed to MIcbtKan 
Railway Co. (which see for operailne 
officlale) and controllpd by tfie Com- 
monweallh Fwr. Hy. * Lt Co.) 

I'tes.J. F. CoHlne Jackaon 

V.Prea B. C, Cohh,.. .New York. N. Y. 

Sec. J. W.UIendening Jackaon 

Treaa. A.J. Bray 

Asat. Sec. A Aai.t. Treae. 

S. E. Wolfl .New York, H.Y. 

Energy pure baaed (rom Coneumere 

Pwr. C»- ; repair thops al Holland. 
Reschea Macauwa Park and Ottawa 

lleacb. Owns and operates JenlBOnElac- 

76.48 mile-: 4-8H g; equip, 'included 
'n repoit of Michigan Ry. Co. *K 

HOVOHTON. 8.000 (IBH). 

B In 

480— Honshton Connl 

Houghton and Keweenaw counuaa. 
Mich., connecting the eitlea and lowna 
of Houghton, Hancock, Red Jacket, 
Lanrlntq. Lake Linden and Hdbhell, 
and Ihe mining locations of Quincy, 
Osceola Wolverinp, Allouei, Abmeek 

Prea. Harry T. Bdiar 

t4TlDlkSt., Boeton, Maas. 
V Pr«.t. J Thos. N. Porkini " 

' "'"■IF.J Bawden Houghton 

Hoc. Alvab S.Todd Boston, Maia, 

Trees. Benryfl.Mawyer.... '• 

Aast. Ttea*. W. H. Kennedy,. .Houghton 

Gen, Mgrs. atone A H'ebster 

Hgr. r:arle L, Mllllkeo Hongblon 

Supt. * Pnr. Ast. 

JqDD Fulph. Jr Hmcock 

A»t. 8apt. A Claim AgL 

Harrv Msilbews Lnarlnm 

Ch. Bogr. P«r. HI.. 

W. B. L^tinier iHooabtoa 

H. M.. WKlWr Wucbben . , BsDcock 

KoBdmiBtef, Emll WiUbere 

Power lU, equip. I d c. Wests. 600 kw; 
1 B. o. We~«:. 600 kw. SSO T. a ph. as tji; 
UOa Up. e. St, Loats. Co'.. Brown- e-a 
hp. b. KcndBll: Inns. Tolt. 11,000 y; 
IrollBj volt. 800 o; eneriTT Bl«o pnrchaBed 
Irom Hooghlon County Elec Lt. Co. 

(t Hsnoock. 
OwDa BIsctilc Pub. 
n.a mllei; 4-a!4 gj 33 motor and I 

IBON BITEB. a.460. 
490 — Iron Rlrer, Stunlntaeh A 
Cr^Wl ralla Ht. By. C».-Offlct 
Pint Natl Bulk Bldi(. (!»;Btem wl 
COQiiat of toDr different Hues radlstin 
rroin Itod Rlier; dWieloD in openiln 
connecta lion Blvef. Bttmbangfi. FaUi 
kkdcid Gtuelraj iniltaer lloele pHrll 

llD' le,p 

Prei..Qen.kiir. AHi 

p New Uitplan, loi] e, thir 

V, Plel 6."j. Linge'.'.'KiioCiBire, WIbc. 
Sec. Arthor Q. Mo1T1v«q. . Mtdison. '■ 

Supt. Jos. C.HInb".. 

Gen. Fat. 8t Pea*. Ai 


KnerKT pnrcb»"eij frorr 
Pwr. Co: 1 d. c. G, B. 160 Kw; I a. i 
Wfat. IBO kw. 1J300 v. 8 ph. 80 c»e. 

Repair abop and car barn at lOG E 
Oan'>>ee St.. Iron Rlier. 

Abont 6 mtlea In opemtlon; i-BUt: 

IRON WOOD. I4,7J» (leiB). 

k_BMa«niep Rj. A 

HIT Uo.iHi 
rea. L N. I 

k BIdg,, Chicago, 

W. J. Hoiiekina 

Slat. Mer. Cbas. Stneelh Ironwood 

DIst. aDpt.E. L BIncbllir 

A9»t. Snpt. R.L. Bolaen 

Supt. Street Rj.. K B. Smith.. . 
Ch, Engr. Pwr, ata., B. P. Green " 
M.M,.T'teil Roll 

Power ila! aqiilp.Sd. c. G, E. lot. 800 
kw; 6 a. n. G. R. tot. 2(ias kw. IMOO t. 3 
ph. M cjt: Vn bp. a. Aim, W. C, Lane; 
JOO hp. b. Mltw. H. 8. A Q: ?60 kw. -Im. 
tmrb. G. E: 3760 kw. (wlr.1 tnrb. L-t. 
Alll.-C; (rasa. Tolt. 53,000 y; Irollej volt. 

Uanb-aUi. tot, c»p. 600kw.; 1 rot. cony. 

Superior Palla, Wla.; rapalr ihopa at 

13.6 mllea;4BMg; 13 motor paM, 1 fgl. 
motor and 3 fjil. cara. (Co. doea * general 
Itg, & pwr, bnalneaa in Ironwood. 

laHFBlUNO. IS.44S. 

49a — MIohlKBa Oaa * BUo. Co.— 

Ufflce, lahpemlDg, Gen, office, MoDkd- 
noekBldg,,Cnlc»go, lU. (SoeceworM 
ManiDBit* Connij G«a Sr Klec. Co.) 
(A lubaldlary of the Ulddle Wait Dtllt 
tiesCki.) (Connecta lahpemlng uii] H» 

Prea.L. E. ll;«n Cblcaso, III, 

V,Prei. G.W.Hamilton 

7SW, AdamaSt, 
Sec. E.V, Graham 

72 \f. AdamaSt, Cblcugo.IU. 
TrcM. 0. B. McCormlck 

7-i W. Ailama St„ 
Andr, ft Dial, Mgi. J. D. McDongall 

lS0Okw;37Shp.e. fdfl;ieeOhp. b. (_ _ 
Witrana. Tolt. 3300-1 I.SOO-IsJwOt: troUcT 
volt. BOOT, ^^ 

Power ata, and repair ahopa at N»- 

6,863 (1918). 
(See alao No, IM.) 
3 — HlchlKBK Oaltad Railway* 
!o,— OBtce, JackaoQ. (0»o> cIit er>- 
HUa or Lanalcg, Kalamaaoo, BatlU 
'rrek, Jackaon and Intemrban roadi 
elween Lanaing and St Johna, Jack- 
on and Hattle Ciaek. Ealamaioo and 
lattla Crrek. ,>ackaou and Lanalna and 
anaingandOwDiBO,) (Leaacd to Mlch- 
lan Railway Co. (which aee tor opaiat. 
ig offtolala) and conlroll.d by tha 
ommooweallh Pwr. Kj. ft Ll. Oo.) 
«.MrwnW.Milia Mary.vllla 

' ' 14 Wall 8t,, New Tort N.T_ 

Power Co, ; Itollaj roll, 800 t. 

R.-palr ahopa at Albion, 

Reachai Pine Lake and WaTerly Park, 
Laoalng: Oakwood Park. Kalamauo; 
Gogiiar Park, Battle Creek; Wolf Lak« 
and Vandercook Park, Jackaon. 

iUMmilea: trolley and third rail; t-ni 
g: equip, iuclnded in report of Mlcb. Vj. 

JAMKtfroWII. 200, 
<8a* No. 4»8.t 


494— HlBhlcmn By. Co.-Onie, «». 
aa So, Ifeehanio St., JackioD, (Iimi 
UloUgan DnlMd Btb. Co. (1H nih*) 

UKSOKUUKK. 10.507. 
«»T-Menamlnae « HulaetCs LI. 

* Tr»o.Co.-Offlce,M<inomtDee. (Con. 
oacU HenomlDee, Uicb. sod Uarln. 
etW, Wl».) 
Pi». Fiauk A. Spiel MsaomliiM 

B*'c. * Hen'. Her. Edwiid Dmlell ■> 

Treai. Htnj J, Brown... MuinelW, WH. 

Aadr, J.A Fsllet 

Par. Agt, A. W. Raiche 

CliiraAgt. P. J. Troilell.,. " 

M. M. &EQi:r. M, ot W. 

Wlltrflii HelimriB " 

Power ata, equip. aa.t.WeBtJ- O.K. lot. 

3700kw.8ph.60 cya; 1100 hp. Intb, (wlr.) 

Globe I>aylon;traMa Toll. sS.OOO and MOO 

■powBi ita. on MeDomineo Rlyar M 

Se^m'nM. JlfoTand* 'M7SSeHe^''S^1at| 
sab-Bta. at MenomlneR. 
0»ni LakMide Park, MarloetU, Wia. 

other can. (Company do« a genenl 
.[ghUng {gas & alec.) and ponei bualnsaa.) 

HONROK, «,eM. 
(SaeNo. 478.) 


(SeealM.So.48».) * 

4»8~HuibBC<>ii TActtoB » Ucht. 

Ins Co.— omce, IS Morrli St. ICon- 

necH MuBkeeon & Muskegon Bl«.) 

(Controlled Br th. Amerioui Lt. i 

l'res.JohD'(i.RoBB Mmkegon 

V. Prei. John T. Tonnff.... Grand Rapid* 
Sec.,T[eaB.AADdr..B.F. LewiB.U nikuon 
o™. Bnpl., Cli. &Elec. Boer. 


Claim A Pur. Agt. H. S. NelaoD •■ 

M.M., Clirie. Dabl 

RoadmaBter. Chia. F. Wamar.. ■■ 

Bnercjpnrchaaed^from Conanmera Pwt. 
Co; 2 tot, cnnv. Weat. tot. lUM kw. 

8nb-»ia, aud rcp»li ahopg at Fiuiklln 
St. and Michigan i.t. 

Onni Lake Michigan Park. 

14.11 mllea: 4-8^ k: m cara. CampuT 
rarDliHei gu lighting. SB 

UWOSBO. lO.SJO (1B18). 

(SeeNa. 4Ba.) 

POMTIAC. ir,B34 (IS18). 

(Se« No. 480.) 

POBT BURON. 18.881. 

(SeealioNo. 4™.) 

4BS — Onnd Trniik Br- Co. (St. 

Clmr Tdknel Co.) — Offloa, Poet 

Huron; General office, McGlll St., Hon. 

Prea. dnwardG Keller. ..Montreal, Can. 
AeeMoPree. D. B.GallowaT.. 

V. Prea. W. D. Rotib 

V. Prea. A Treas., Frank Scott. " 

Coroptro)ler. W.a. Ardley 

Supt. W. D. Hail Port Huron 

Geo Piir.Art .GMi.W.Caye.Montreal.Oan. 

litBngr. Geo. Mellon Port Boron 

Elecn. A.M. Green.: Samll. Ont. 

Power Bta. eqnip. S a. e. turho-gem. 
We«g. tot. 2500 kw. BSOOr.lnh. M cja; 
360 hp. s. A.B C: llOOhp. b. bab * V: 
S3S0 tap. tnrb. Weatc: irana Toll. SBOO t: 
— "— -"" '"^ T e ph. 

.. ._. _. Mllllarj' St., Port Huron; 
repair gbopi at Port Baton and Simla, 

. lapproi.) a, ph. ealeniryilec: 
4-8K«; e(M-top)el8c.locoa. *M 


■nd Grand Raplda, E 
Kj. (78,48 mllta); i 
■peed line between : 

fB. e. Crow«ll.,.B8BMIchJgiio 
Trmt Bldg., Grand Bapidr 
V. PreBla.iGen, Met. 

' J.F.CullIuB .lackioi 

|F. GilUman, Jr. 

I Pttlladelpbla. Pa 

Sec. J. W. Qlendening Jackaoi 

Treaa. A Andr. A. J. Bray 

Qen. Andr. U. G. Eeaajer 

c/o Hodenpyl. Bardj & Co., Inc. 

14 W«li au, Kew Toik, N. y. 
Oen. Supt, C. £. Morgan. . . .Grind Raplda 
Aial.Gcu. Supt.. D McLaagbllD.jBcknon 
TraMc Mgr. F. W. Brown. .Gtana KapidB 
Oen. PaaB.AFgt. Agt. 

Q.B.Hnot JackaoD 

Andr. Pgl. Accts. O. H. Degenet " 

Pnt. AkI. H. K. dhennsn " 

Ch. &igr. H. 1). SanderaoD " 

Sopt. Hqulpe. B C. Taylor Albion 

Elacl.Snpl. L. E. entry Jackeon 

Gen. Roadmaeter F. M. Parley. . . ■■ 
Supt. Nortoea.tern Dii. 
C.H.SmiUi ■• 

(A. e Green Kalamuoo 
Lee CusCet Jackaon 
C, L.McMahan... .Battle Crerk 
7:AS.i;s '■"'"' 
KOBtgy purchased from ConinmerB 

North eaKlcrn'oTT')' """ " ** "'^ "' 
IBl JO nlleB lO'erhead and 3rd rill); 4- 

ara. (Inc 
Hjs. Co. 


I.ANaiNO. 40,498 (Itlfl). 
' |Sh No. 4M.) 


«BB~HKnlates By. Ca.~ Office, 816 
BlTcr Bt. (L-onQecu Filer City, Oik 
Hill and Minlatee.) <Conlro)led by 
Commoowfalth Pwr., By. * Lt. Co.) 

Prea. Clyde J. Holmes Grand Raplda 

V. Pre., *^ 

W. H, Batthom Niw York, N, T, 

See. O. B. Uobliin Jackeon 

Treaa, J, W, Glaudenlnr " 

Aeat. Sec. & Aeet. TreaB. 
8. B, Wolff Hew York, N. Y. 

Geo. Mgr, C. S. Kreaaler Manletee 

EnerifT pnrcbaerd from Cobannieia 

Power Co.; trolly Tolt, 860 v, 
Bepair ihapn at Manlatwi, 
Owna Orchard Beacb Park on Lake 

T.Bl mile*: 4-8M f. IS motor paa>.. 8 

■rail pail, and 8 other cara. 4,811 

HABQUKTTE. 16,000 {ISIS). 
4S4I— Harqnette Cltj A Pnaqiia 

BM'ra^ Morgan W. Jopllni. Halquelti 


T. Prea. N.M. Kaufman 

Hsr. ehai. Ratillic 

Snpt.C.E DoWge 

Ch-BogT.Pwr.Sia. Weat Paqnelte, " 

Power ata. and repair ahop at Preaqn* 
III* AT«.. MatEiDetta. 

Reachaa Prraqoe Tale Park, 

• lUUw: 4-6Mt;lScara. 118 

BOHSO. l.TSt. 
(8«e Mo. tn.) 

BAOJNAW. K.ai3 (1918). 

ooo~B»a:iuai(-B&7 oicr r^. oo. 

all etteet lallnkyUnes ia Saglunw and 
B»y City and in Interarbun ratlway 
belwtea the two cillea.) (Coalrolletl 
by Common wealth Pwr., Kj, A LI. Co. 

FrM. B. C. Cobb, 

14 Wall at., New York, N.Y. 
fH. T. WIckBB Saduaw 

V p-,.,. I J- E. DsYidaon Bay Citj 

'■"**'■■ lOeD.Mgr. 

[ J. A. CJaialBQd, . . . SaglDaw 

Sac. J. W. Gleudijaliii JnckBon 

Treaa. A. J. Bray 

Aut. Sec. & Aait. Tieai. 
S, E. Wolff.. HWaliat.,NewTork,N.Y. 

Andi. H. G. Keulei 

AHt. to Qeu. Mgr. & Park itgi. 
C A. LlUey Saginaw 

Oen. Sapt. , Borsca B. Allen 

ClslmAei. P.J, CunnLnubam " 

Par. An. n. K. Shermaa Jackeon 

M. M.. M. M. Lloyd Saginaw 

Eosdmaater, R. B PalmM 

Pwr. Co. ; trollej volt. 660 v. 
Repair iliupa at Sa^naw. 

Baacta on Sagbiaw Bay. 

SAinLT STG. MARIE. 1S,>19 (1918) 
BUI— gKult Ste. Marie Traction Oo, 

(Formorly Trans.St. Mwy'B Ttac- 
^on Co.) -yen. office. Saalt ace. Marie. 


Ste. I 

'le, Mich., and AiKonqaiP.) 
(vuiiuuiied by Tbe Lake Snperior 

Pica. W. O. Prani..8atill8te, B(»rio,Oot, 

V. Prea.JsB.HawBon 

Sec. Alei. Tnylor 

Tradere Bk. Bldg., Tonmto. -' 

TreB«.B.W.8hell..HaultgtB. Marie. •' 

Andr. F. M. Tnrnbnll 

Pot. Alt, L. L, Jacobs 

Ocn. Ugt. A Snpt 
Robert e. Taylor, Jr., ■' Mich. 

M. M.AletMcCreaay 
Energy purcbafedrcom MiohiganNortb- 

ecn Power Co, ; Irolley tdK. HO >. 
Repalrsbopat SaaltSle. Maria, Mlcb, 
7.68inileBH.8Mg: Smotorp - " — " 

pasf. and S otber care. 

Pree. Math. BraoD Wabpeton, IT. . 

V. Prei. FranlE MIkiche Breckeortdp 

Sec. S. H. BlwlD " 

Treai. E.T.B*rber..,,.W»hpatoii,N.Il 
Gen, Mgr., « Pnr. Agt 

PetBr Schmltl Brockenridp 

Bnergy purcbued rrom Otter Tail P<n 
Co., WabpetoD, N. D.; S d. c O. 
IM kw : traoB volt. 2£0aj trolley volt. BO 

Repair ehopa at Breckenridge. 

RHuhea laland Park. 

1.144 mllaa: 4-im g; » motor caii. I 

UULDTH. SMH. 0616.} 
Sua-The Uiiliiili St. By. Co.— OOn, 

M81 W. Supirior St. (OperAtei H 
Btreit railway llnei in Duluth, Him 
and Superior. Wle, and rearhea (he M 
lovrlne anbDrba: Smltbvilla, Horiu 
Park. Uarj andNuw Dulnth.) (On Sqt 
1, !»17, ai'qulred tlie property of Uu 
Park Point^raction Co.) (Owned ^ 
DttlutbSupetior Trac, Co,) 

V. Prea. A Oen. ligi, 

Herbert Warren .....Dnluu 

Sec. A Treaa. B. L. Relchert. . 

Audr. W. Dwyer. 

IHv, JB.H.Brown 

SnplB.i Alfred William Bapetii 

I'ur. Agt. Otla Blrdsall .,.u~'"' 

Claim Agt. R. H. Welllngtoa 

Cb.Bngr, A Elec'l Engi. J.Caraou. 

M. M., R.J.Crawford 

Etoadmaater, Thoa. A. ArmBtronjf 

BnergjnnrobaeEa from Great Nor 
Powfcr Co.; trane. lolt. 30,000 t: b 
lolt. BOO V. 

Repair ahopB at S8 Ave. W. A SDMI* 
SI., Dalutb, Park Point and 4th St t 
Oaden Ave., Superior. Wit. 

Reach BB LEBlor, C better, ConEdoii,llD. 
coin. Falrmount Parka and Park Point il 
Dalnth. and BlUlDgB City Park It 

"iralse'milea; *-m f- 14T P»Bi. motm 
and IB other motor cars. Ill 

BOS— The Buluth-SaperlaF TrM 
lloii Co — Omce, 3881 W. Superior 81 

(TblB la a holding company, and owBi 
and coutrola the Dalatb St. Ry. CD, 
Snperior Rapid Transit Co., La-— "^ 
By. Co. and Motor Line Co.) 
Chmn. of Bd. 

, E. Amea Toronto, Ont. Cii. 

\. A. H. RnberiBpn Hliuieapiilli 

>rea. &, Gen. Mgr. 

erbert Warren Dnloll 

A Trewi. S. L. Relebert. ■* 



(BeoalBONo, I1SS,} 

Soa— Wahpetan-Breokenrlrig^e St. 

By. Co.— Offlce, Breckenrldgo. P. O. 
Boi%l. IConnecta WabpeloD, N. D., 
and Breckeaiidge, Minn,) 


SOS — American Traction Co.- 

Office, B40-4S Secarlty Bide., BUnnMl 

Billa. (CoBnecta Iniemational Fallf, I 
tnler and Sontb Intematlooal, MIdil, 
and SLFrancea.Ont.) , 

' "— -- Minnaapo* 

PriB. A L. a 

l!e. Nord' International Fall> 

Aniir, Geo. B. Wlar Rania 

Gen. Mgr. R. B. BJiok. International Falli 
Engr, M. of W., Job. Baldorl " 

e.7B mllea; *-SH Si ' gamllne, I 
Ediaon Btorage battery and It otba 
care. (BlectrineatloncoD(aniplat*d.) IX, 

S07~H<uik»t(i Blao. Trao. Co.— 

once, 1101 No. Broad St (Owned and 

operated bv MiMlirippi Valley Blec. 

Co., lowaCitT, 1«.) 

Brea. J, O. Sctauizs lonn Ciij, Iowa 

V.PreB. ATreM, J.H. Hottal '• 

Sec. F. N. Sneppel 

8npt.SPur. ARt. A. Ugellar....H>iikato 
M. M., B. 8. Williamson 

Energy porch aced from CoDiamcm 
Pwr. Co.; trolley volt. 6B0T. 

Repair Bbopa ai 11(11 No. Broad St. 

B.« milea; t-Sii g; B motor and 2 other 
cara. US 


(See No. B14.) 

HINNEAFOUS. 8IS,4M (1*10). 
(See alio No, U6.) 

SOS^HiuDcapolU. Anoka A Cnj- 
aos Ranice By. Co. — Ofllce. 4200 

Anoka. (Connecta Hlnneapolla mid 

Anoka. J 

Ptm. C, P. Bratuobar St. Pan! 

" J.M. Juiige..P1UiaTidTenRd. ■' 
9d V. Prea. 
HeDryJnniie.. " " " 

Seo. H. H. Slevena Hlnneapana 

Treaa, F. H.Stereni " 

Campt. H. J. Drabelm 

rlUa and Ten Rd., St. Paal 

Gen. Hgr. A. B. Appleysrd. . . MiDDeapoliB 
Sapi APar. Agt.A.A. Kranbold.. Anoka 
Gen.Fgt-AguB. Q.McNeelr....8t.Panl. 
Klee.Bngr. H.H. A Bngr. Pwr. Sla. 

Bd. Harander Anoka 

BnerEj pnrcbaied from UlQneapollB 

Saab4taa.tat. cap. WOkw; i rot. conr. 
Car bam and repair abop U AnokB. 
19.SI mllee (S.TT mfleB leased) ; 4..BMK; 

carB; 1 elec'.'loco. US 

ST. b Duhuqui 

Sontbern Ry,- 

Blifl, Ht Paul, Roc 
)C. T«c. Co.)- Office, Mth St. 
Nicollet Ave. Mi n neapolia. (Con. 
necU Ulnneapolii, SI Lonia Park, 
SaTBga, LBkerltla. Nortbneld and In- 
" - 18. 1917 

le I4-iDlle 

tendlD)! rroi 

r rorecloei 

by C 

Jaflray and a»»nclate> repreBentlcg 

bODdboldera' oommlttee.) 

Prea. Jaa. H. El Hood HlnneapollB 

V. Pres. H. A. Whlttler-. Northfleld 

Sec. B, R. Beobam HinneapoUa 

Trea*. W. O, Winalon " 

Aadt, B. Orahani " 

Gen. Snpt. M. J. DoTley 

M.M.. _ 

A. F. MDrria..60Ui8LAinco|]etATe. " 

Frank Hcaweeney NottbOeld 

Bepalr ahiHia at <loih St. A Nicollet Ave. 

Owna and reachee Antlera Park. 

BE mllee; 4-SM El a mo. paiiB.,S trail 
paaa-.ergt. mo. and aS fet. cara. *K 

alO— Twin City Rapid Tranalt Oo. 

—Gen. office, nth Street and Bennepln 
Are.. Hinneapolie. IControTi tbe Uln- 
naapDlla Street Ry. Co., Tbe St. Paul 
City Ry-Co. and The Mlnneapolia A S 

Paal Suburban R.R. 

R.CoV (ConnectaMtn- 

NavlgatlOQ Co., and Tbe Rapid Tranelt 
Real Hitate Corp. are IdenUfled with 

Prea. Horace Lo wry Mlnneapolia 

lat V. PrM. E W. Decker.... 

ad V. Prei. J. R. Ultobell St. Panl 

Sd V. Prea. & Seo. 

A. H. RobertBOn MlaDeapollB 

Geo. MBf. Foaicr Hannatord.. ■' 

Oen. Counael W. Dwyet " 

Treaa. K. A. Croaby '■ 

Andr. D.J, Stronae 

(len. Snpt. J. J. Canaeld St Pan! 

DI.Y, Snpt. 

Donild Ooodrlch Minneapolle 

Calm IMlDDsapallB.DIi.B.F.WiDderB 

Agta. } St.Panl DIF. C. B. Corbett 
Aeat. Qen. Paaa. Agt. 

W. O. Cline HlnneapobB 

Pnr. Ap. Wm, WUteford fit. Panl 

Bngr. Pwr. A Eqnlp. 

B. H. Scodeld Ifinneapolle 

Bnsr. ot Pwr. Sta, 

Qko. CayWDOd " 

M. 1«.,W. J.Sniitb et. Panl 

Bngr.H. W., Gao.L. Wileon,.MInDeapoIi8 
Scbed. Saptii. W.Ralph.... " 

Park Snpt. P.J Metrdorf Bt-Paul 

Power aU. eqnlp. S a. c. G. B. tot. ee.OUO 
kw, la.aoo V. S pb. 86 oy«| bOOO hp. e. 
A11Ib«: 16,400 hp. b. Bab. A W; M.OOO 
kw. turb, itm. G. B; Iraos. Tolt. 18,a» 
t; trolley roit.SOOT. 

Power Btaa. at 6tb Ave. B. E. A UIbbib- 
•Ippl River, Hlaneapolla; repair abopB 
at Snelling A UniverBitr Avea.. St. Panl. 

Owna Wlluwood Park on Wblte Bear 
Lake. Keachea all principal lakea and 
parka of tbe Twin CltleB. alao Lake Uin- 
netooka. White Bear L«ke and the St, 
Croli Rlier. 

4al.1 milec: *-BH e: 1048 motor and 
6E other cars, (ft ataamboata on Lake 


GlOa— Water Warka Eiltratioa Rt. 

"" " Ice, City H»ll, (BjtendB 

N. B, and Central Ave. 

City Filtration Plant; connectawith 
loo'Rj.ooteldeofcitjllmita. C — ■- 

Waterworks Dent, to Filtration Plant.) 
City Engr. F, W.Cnpl>'len..*llnni'apolla 
Engr, In Cbarga W. N. Joaea 
Par. Agt. A. ». Alexander. ... 

Enerny pQfcbaaed from Twin City 
Rapid Traniil Co; trolley volt. HO ». 

Rppair ahop at FlHration Plant. 

l.bSamlleg; 4-B^g; Icomb.paaB. and 
freight motorcar. *Bft 


(See No. TTTa.) 
ST. CILODI). 11.817 (tftlS). 

Sll-8t. Cloud Pnbllo Serrlee On. 

— OBlee, MITSt, Germain at. (Putobaaed 
and cDoaoUdaled the following compan. 
lea: Union Power Co., The Public Serr- 
St. Clond Wtr. Pwr. Co.) (ConnecU 
Beat St. Cloud. Walte Park and Sank 
Rapids with St. Clood.) 

Prea. A. G. Wbitney St. Clond 

T. Prea.Sec A Andr.C. A.Slaoey " 

Treaa. Wheclock Wbitney 

Snpt, Ry, W. N. Bethel 

Bleo, Supt. A. L. flrnwnell 

Power stB. eqnlp. 8 d. c. Trl. SprtgDe. 
tot. 4S0 kw: 8 a. c. G. B, AlllaJ^. tot. ISBO 
kw. IJ400V. Sph. gocye; 1000 tap. b, Heine; 
17*0 kw. tnrb, (aim.) A111»-C : SlOO hp. wtr. 
Inrb. «mlth.L«f. Allli-C: traDB. lolt. 18.600 

Power ataa, and repair ebop at HI. Clond. 
Reachea Athletic Pnrk and Walte Park 
dancing and awinunlng pavllllon. 

U mile*: 4-^ i;: SO mo. psu, and 6 
tiallpu* C4n. iBellteDargy Tnr llghK^ 

ST. PADL, MT,eKl (IB1«). 

01* — Great Northern By. (Ci»- 
ciDI TunNEL.)— Office. 81. PmuI. (Com' 
psay litu aiectrifled roBd (!J -■•--• 
Ihroneli CMcade MU. In Wash; 

redM.1 Mgr. W. F. Kenq.dy....c 

" ^uirlF. A.Buna.... 
•• Molidtiw M-UConnlrymi 
'• Aity.F. V. Brawn 

OeD. Met. J.H. OruiKT 

Clulnu Alt7. D H . Kimball 

in. Bbet.'a. H. HoK.lsn. 
Igull.Bngc. C. A. Danb 

L, e. Teirer....Ca5CBdeTniin*l, W««l 
Mecb. Rngr.W K, Wood.. St. Psi 

■rilnli™ '....LeayenwoHh, Wasl 

Bngr. M, of W., J, R, W, D>Hb. .Pt. Pbt 
TrafflcHgr.O.H Smlt'OD " 

Power bU equip. Id.o.G. B). M. U 

kw: 8 B. c. G. E. tot. «wo kw. seoo >. 

ph. 26 C7»: K.OOO hp. wlr. Igrb. PiBti 
trang. Tolt. 83.000 v; trolley rolt. fleOOi 

SIS— Ht. F»ul Southern Elscti 

Wty. Co.~{>IDce, Hsstlnga. (Connei 
St. Piol, Bootb St. Pioi; Inver Gic 

BDd HllLlniEB.) 

Free living Todd. Jr HibIId 

V. Pr»», Otto Aoli«rman " 

Sec.Ttfft*., SnpL 4 Pnr. Am, 


Andr.Con. P. Knckler 

Gen. Mlir. 

Elec. Bngr, & M. H. 

LonU Hoffman SL Pi 

Cb. E 

[. Bta. 

Inier Grove 

IM miles projected; 17.B1 miles In 
ation; 4-81i g; 4 motor pMi, cere i 
otbeicar. (Sitenaion from Hutin 
Wbita Roek, 23 mlleB, nnder com 

Sit — Mlnnesotk NortHweit 
Elen. By. Co.— Offl'-e, Cor. 8« 
4 Labrse Avea.. Thief Bivor F. _. 
(Oparaies (rom Tblrf Rivet Falle 

Daniel Shaw Tblal River Falla 

T.Prea. D. N. Wtnton, 

SMBectirity BIdg., "' 
See., Gen. Mgr. *Pi 

H. W. Protceller Thief River Fall! 

Audr. X. M. BcbnU. 
8a nt. of Hot. Pwr. 

^ (DoM (nlgbt bi 

t. Elnn^, Rabl ai 

Oacar Mitchell, Alworlh Bldg.. DDlDth 
'. Free. HoberlW, Wataon 

B5 Liberty St., New York, N. t. 
ec. A. S. Wbldng.lAiworth Bldg., DnlntL 
'reaa. P. L. Sa]tonalall 

S8 Stale St, Boston, Hw 
LBSt-Treaa., Andr.»Pnr.Agt 

JayO. BerKeaon Vlrginii 

..npt.L.W. Hayei... 
Claim AglB. 
Washburn, Bailey AMi1chell...Dtilalti 

oadmaater. A. A. JohsBon Vlriinb 

Energy purcbared from Great Naritien 
wr. Co: trana. M.OOO v; liqltey Tolt.Tai 

85 mlieai 4-BH S\ 1 

a VirRinia, 
and B otbo 


'ree. Clement v, omiii 
r. Prre. A Gen. Mgr, 

ABBt.TreaB. S. H. Rotbermel ...Winoni 

Oan. J(»r. R.M. Howard 

Sopt. Rj. C. Utdees 

Snpt.Elec Dfpl.Geo.Bentoo.. " 
""■ Biigr. Pwr. Su. 

E. B. Kirahner 

, 'onlp: S 

t. 400 

Wlnons and La ( 

T.B mliee: i-m g; It moior oan. Com- 
pany does llgbting and power bnalDaM In 
Winona and Onalaaka. *U 


COLVHBCS. lO.BBI (l*!*)- 
IIT — CuKimbDi By., Lt. A Pwr. 

Co.— Offlce. 611 Ualn St. 
'r«i. R. T. Fant Hempbla. Tenn, 

if.Pree.L.K.e8lebary,. •' 

kc, & Tresa. R. B. Claggett, OreenTlIk 

Sen. Mgr. D. T. Gaaton Colambni 

}h.Engr.Pwr.Sta.R.F •-" 

16th St.. e 
equip. 1 d. c. 
sn. G. E, tot. 

ijSOOt: trolley volt, e 

. Co, doei general llgbUng tiuitnef*. 

KID— JDelM IdKbt A Trsetlon Go.- 

gnocHioT to l>iilU Biee. Lt., Pwr. A 
rg. Co.) Omce, ateenrlUs. 

Prei. F. N. RobertaluH GreearlUe 

V. Prei. L. K.flBl.boiT. 

1X19 Centr*] Bk. bldit.Memphle.Teiin. 
a«, ATnu. R. B. ClagEen ..Qreenville 
Aadt. H. H. Hsnii. . . .rTMemphia. Tenii, 

^»t410krB: 1 ri 

trollCT volt. GOO V, 

PowniU.Bad repair ihopatOrHnylll 

H«acbM park. 

7.7emll«a;4-tt*K:lliiiolor<!ar>. IC 
iloeiseunal lltb ling and powerbOBlaaei 


Sl«— Guirport « Hlulaalppl Cokat 

Traction Co (Furohaaed street ra 11- 

waj and lighting plant of IheGallport 
Derclopment Co. aDd Blloil ELec.Kj, 
* Pwr. Co.l {ConnecM BlloiL B«an- 
TOlr, De BoT«, HiaelHlppI CII;, Onlf- 
DOTt. Long Beach, HarborTivw and Paaa 

Prea. W. T. Stewart Qnlfport 

V. Prt-B. J. A. Van Clooelr* 

8*c.aTreaa. J. C, Simpson 

Andr. J. U. Be'-man 

a«n. Hgr. AFur. AKI. 
William A. Sn in van 

Bapt, Tr«o«p. A. C. Scntt ■■ 

CUlm. Ait. W. A. White 

Klec. BngT. W. H. PelaiH 

Cta. ihgr. Pwr.Sta, E.W.Crlepen " 

H H ,T. A. Engelbardt 

Power «ti. equip, 2 a. c. G. E.. Weet<, 

tol.«K»ltw.l»00> 8pti.«0cj«;a0»0hp b. 

Bab. A VI; iSM hp (urb. 0. B. West; 

irann, volt. IS.gOO v; Irollej voll, 800Y. 
Power Bla. at Galfport; repair ibopa 

at IJuKpotland BIloA 
30 mllegi 4.8M H'- 18 motor paea and S 

pnerjy t« llghtlnK.) *70 


Office, m MalD St. (Controlled b? the 
Meridian Lt. A Ry. Vo., which in turn 
iaonntrolled by the Citi^ Si;rvii;e Co. , 
MWall 8i„ New York City.) 
Proa.PraBk W.]'ro™uir..NB« York. p. T. 

V. FreeM.-! Gen. Mgr. i"Piir. Agt. " 

I H.F. Wheeler, .Hattlfflburg 
8rc., Treat. AAu'li.ll McDavid. " 
Cb. Bnar. pwr. Station L.L.amllb, ' 

M. M.Tf. K. Ranien 

Powirr ita, equip, sac. Wftl.. Alll*-r. 
lotat SOTfikia. x»» >. S ph. M rye.; 10S5 



L. & T.; 

Power ata. mid repair 
bore. "^ 

ebop at Halllce- 
paiaanger and S 


-»v iiaifi). 

SSI — Jkchtan Lt. 

Offli'B, iCH E. Capitol 

Free. Joieph H, Brew.i 
STg, Bk BIdg,. Ora 

ncc. Blaine Uavelt.... 


Oen. Andr. R. I.. Aage. 

nd Rapid*, Hlch. 

GeD, Kit. * Put. Agt, 

L, O, Gordon JackMU 

Snpt. J, W. Browne '• 

Cb, Engl, Pwr, Plant 

J, RofsSharne " 

M. M., J, C, MatthewB " 

Power ata, eqaip; 8 d. c, G. E. tot. 7N) 
Itw; 8 a, c, turbit«en,Q. B. totaoOOkw. 
WHO T. S uh. SO CT>; ISSfi bp, h. Sterling, 
Bab. * W; trana. rolt, 8300 t; trolley 

Power at«. andrepatr^hopatlTimbigbce 
ft Commerce Sis. 

IS.Emilea: 4.BKg:tOmo«ircara, Com- 
pany rnmlahea electric and gaa lighting, 

LAUKEI.. It.rTt (IRlfl). 
saa— l.anr«l Lt, * By, Co.- Office, 

Laurel. (Connecta Lanral and Kllla- 

Prea. Gny M. Walker 

80 Broadway. New York. N. Y. 
Aaa'CtoPies.RayH. Walker " 
Sec: Treas. & Mgr, B, H,jDnea... .Laurel 
Audr, J. J. Mundell " 

Power ata, equip- 9d. c. G. a,, Allla-C 
tot. GOO kw: Sa,G-().B, Allla-C, tot, ISOO 
kw, asoo T. 3 ph. M cyai SOO hp. a. F. A 
S: laOOhp.b. Sterling; IMO bw. atm.tnrb. 
AlH«-C;iraBa. iolt.l8,000r; trolley yidl. 

Power at*, and repair shop at Laurel. 

Reaahea park balFway between Laurel 
and Elllalllle. 

H mllea- 4-^ g; 11 molOT and 8 
other care. (Company doea general llghl- 

MEBIUIAN. !S.se5. 
SMS— MerldlBti Lt. * Rj. Co. - 

Offlce,SUiSt, A»Snd Ave. iControlatbe 
Hatlleeburg Trac. Co. and la itaelf con- 
trolled by Che Cillea Service Co, , 60 Wall 
St„ New York (flty.) 
Prea, H, L, Doherty, 

BOWallBt, NewTork, N, Y. 
V. Prea. P.W.Frneanfl 
Sd V. Prea. Gtn. Mgr. A Pnr. Agt. 

a.B. Brandli Meridian 

Sec. A Tteaa. L. H . Archer. " 

Snpt.By. Ira H- MeATtbur 

Claim Agt. C-H. Wright ■' 

Cb. Bngt. Pwr.SU,, 


M.M..A, jTCarter ■' 

Roadmuler. J.T.Herrlll 

Power ata eqntp.l rot. CK.eoOkw; Id.c, 
C-W MOkw.tiBOv: 8 a, c G-B-lot.47S0 
kw. SSno V. 8 ph. TO eye; 1716 bp. e. Heine 
Sterling; «SGO>p. b. Heine. Bab ± W: 4000 
hp. turb. (atTn.f G. X; traoa. volt. ESW t; 
trolley vol t.BWv. 

Power Bts.atlnd St.ASTtb Ai*.; repair 
itaop at S4th Ave. A 9th St. 
Reachea Highland Park. 
1S.13 mllea; 4.SM El >a oiotor and IG 
nthercara. (Company rnmlahea llgbllng 
and power.) 119 

KATOHEZ. Il,»l. 
iVX*— Southern Ry. A Lt. Co (Owna 

end operaica the electric and gaa plants 

In Mtchei.) 
Pres A Oen.Mgr. Frank J. Duffy.. N aCches 

V. Pre*. B. H. Ratclifl " 

Bef A Trm. 

J. W. Billlneeley Wew Orleaoa. La. 

Kli'cl. A Cb. Engr. Wm. F. Cni.Natrbei 

Powerata.eqnrp.ld.e.Q.K tot, 400 k*; 
8 B. c. (i. E. lot. m kw, 8 pb- <K1 cya: UOO 
hp. e. B. A p.. Vord, Uniflow, P. A Bi BOO 
bp. b. Bab. A W; trolley volt. G50 v. 

Power ata. and repair shop at St. Catber- 
'ne St. 

Rearhea Concord Paik. 

4 miles; 4-SK g: 8 care. (Furolahea 
powerandllghflBg.) Kt 

■SK-rMcasavlaW. Ky.A Pwr. Co. 

FOtol * pMt M« 11^ Bj. Oo.l (CCHBKK 
P—Bfto, acnuo^ lut Sde tma 
Pitt A e<B. Mzr. 8. & BaA 

' Btt. t. D.WtBHoa 

TicM. CotaBliu TnM Co. 
GcB. Bml * Pu. Aft. 

LHtaJ.Fobl PHanali 

O™, ftft. A««. W. P. Oinrla..M.aB Pc*bi 

SqK. niup. A. Mbh 

Ch- ■•et. W. A. Fort. 

Ch. riiB LouU Blacki 

M. M.. Hniid Walkai. 

Powa lU eqnliL i d. c. G. E. OG kw; I 
a. c Q. E. UO kn. tSOO t. 1 ph. BO crs; 
I nC BOD*. UO kw: BOO kp. a. H. F- A 
M; M)bp.b.Bmb.MW.;taiATOU.aoc 
(; DoDcT '"ll- *S0 *. 

Fowei (U. ud r^alr Aop U Puca 

&JB ■Oca; 4-Q< s: lO nmUir paac.a 
tnO !«*•.. 1 ollia motor and 4 other 
ear*. (Doea HrtUBsand powci bnsinp-i: 
•WolcepUBL) *I9 


S»«— TleliabDrs 1A. * nTnc Co.- 
OOm. TlekabDrg. iConnKta Vieka- 
bareaad Wilun.) (Owned and oper- 
ated br ObIod CtlltUea Co., whlrb Lt 
owned br Klatoo ft Co.. Cblcago. 111.) 

PtM. I.e. BI>UID,JT. 

1(11 N. T. Life Bidg.. CbicacD 
V. Ptm. and Treu. JoHfib K. HeCallnDi 
New York UT* BIdf ., Chicago, ID. 
Sw). C. 8. JohoKD " 

Oen. Mcr. E. H. Hten Vlckgbarv 

SnpL ofKT. J. D. Doran 

Claim Aft. C. B. Baaih 

For. Agt. T. J. Head 

Ch. Edkt. Pwr. Bla. F. C. Rica.. 

H. M. Frank Hortoo " 

Bqgr. Ortad. Coaitr. 

R. B. CoaBtrrnao " 

Power Ma. eqolp. Sd. c. Q. K tot. KM 
kw; B a. e. tacbo-gen. Q. E. tot. tJbO kw. 
SnOT. Sph. <iacTa;tSOObp. b. Stir. Belne; 
traoa. roll. UOU r; trolley mlt. SMt. 

Power ita. and repair abop* at Pin* St. 

Baacbes BaKball and Subnrban Parka. 

II laUea: 4-^ g: SO motor paie. ind 
> other motor cara. (Co. rnm tehee enerEr 
ror lighting.) *9a 



(See No. Ul.) 
naS— Cape OirsrdalHi-Jaakaoii In- 

terurban By. Co.— Ofllce. «0 B'wbj, 

Cape OLrardeau. (Leased to and opet. 

lied b; the Light ft Derelopmenl Co. 

of SI. Loali.) 
Pur. Agt. H, M. PattoD...CapeQlrardetii 

Om.Hir. E. A. Haft " " 

Cb. Bnir. Sayle Sml-'- 

O'Bri troller toU. MO t. 

■■»— Wtr.., LL * TZbmH Cv.— Ontce, 

Folea' Jt Ut St*.. CamQtos. 

Prea. S.J.JoBcai Canollun 

T. Pna. T. I. wW. 

Sec. P-I-TiDtUT 

1>eaa. J.CLSktaB 

A^r. Hwta FMHar 

Go. McT. rUcDMBid 

Ch. Kan. Joka WhHe... .... 

SuL OTbd. Jack TntT 

nma«a.ainta.ld.c. Wstg. lot. XO 
kw; 1 a. c All»£ (M. «» kw. SHM t. S 
pk. ncT*; MO hp. •. Ida. Ball. Fidlbn; 
nnkn. b. Stir. Mwn «U kw. inrb. Ma.) 
AIHaa; t; trailer Tolt. 

Pow Bta. at Soaa Cur^lon; raptrit 
ahop at CaimUlaB ear ham. 
».maarmmit puk, owned bjr compaaf, 

l.aeniika: UMg: Know ud S otbtr 
eara. (Ca. does geneisl lighting and 

sa« — CHnlUa*W**tsmR. B. f>. ! 

— OSca. CUnOlB. (CoBBeeta CawilUe '■ 


Pm.S. ILlDlebeJl Cawrlll* I 

T. Plra. I 

O. H. OreDdor(,.laTakaS)iringa. AA. 

BecW. T. Aim. .Tf^HvlUe 

Tteaa. C. H. Bobnfon Neoeho i 

Andr. S. a Vilctaell CaaaTlUc 

Otu. Iter., Pur. Act « Ch. 

Kmn. L.B. llEcbell ■' 

GeB.F^AP«eLAgt.W.T.PH«t " I 

Power Ma. eqoln. I d. c Ideal BOO kw; 
aUhp. e. Ideal; HO hp.b. U.I.W; troller 
Tolt, too T. I 

Power BOL and i«ulr etaopeatCaeerlllB. ' 

ConlTula KlKtrlePark. 

S mlln; 4^ g; I motor and S other 

FABMiMOTON. a,ais. 

SSI^St. FruieoU Connty B. R. Co. 

UBW. Bonne Terre^ (Cnnneeta FUt 

RiTer on the ootth with De Ijimds on 

the Bonth. pining throDgb EMher ud 


Prea. H. P. Carce FannlnctOfl 

V. PreiL * O^ Hgr. * 

F. J. Thomnr* Bonne Tarn 

i*«c * Trcae. P. H. Dearlng,. " 


Uen. Atty. Bdw.A. Rodet...FaiminKtea 
AgaLOoi. Alty. 

Polillr RItIib BoimaTona 

BoptSlrhardDo^e... " 

Gen. Put * Paai. Agt. 

CM. Swan 

Pnr. Agt. BanaSctaanll " 

AB.t. Par. Afrt. 

R C. Qegaendort. ........ . ^* 

Power eta. eqolp. 3 d. c. W. B. tot 300 
kw:45a hp. e. Chnu; (EO hp. b. Bml. 
O'Br; trolley volt GGO t. 

Power ita. and repair ahop al FarmliiK- 

10 mile*; 4.^ g: 4 motor ear* •nd I 
other rar. (Baa freight tiatBe arraoRa- 
ment with HlMOO^ - Pacldc, Dllnob 
SoDtheiD Ry. and HlwlBilppI lUTsr * 

HANNIBAL. 31.8» (m«). 
B39— HaonllHtl Br. M Eleo. Oor- 

UffliM. W. Market St (Bnoceauir to 

HaDDibal Traction Co.) (CoonacM 

Hanolbal and Oak wood.) 

PrH.Wm. Kalnland Oahkoah. Wl>. 

V. Free. A Tr*M. 


Sec.Oen. Ugi, A Par, Agt. 

John 8. MainlaDd Bannlbal 

Audr.R, B.Chan Oehkoib, Wig. 

(UDt. Elso. Engr. A M. H. 

rang. volt. B60 '; Irollw lolt. 6TS y. 

Repair abope at Oikwood ind West 
Harfeet St., HunlbBl. 

Reichee Settler 'i Park la OakwDod. 


JEETEBSON CITY. 13.t94 (ISia). 

i33 — JeObriDn Cltr Brldn A 

XransltCo Office, IDl E. HLgli St., 

JaffenonCltr, (CoanoFlsJeSenoD Citj. 
South Cedar City nod Noitta JeaenDD. ) 
(Fart or lIllHolB Traction ST9t«ni.) 

Pm. Geo. M. Mutlln. Peoria. 111, 

V. Prei Tlioa.L.Prlca....JeSerionCllf 

3ec- * Trea». 
O. R.UcComb Cbampatgn, Hi. 

&.adr, B.K Bramble.... 

Qen. Sopt. 
R. F.Paimblade Jefiarlon Cltj 

Sapt. H. J. HniUrorlli 

Pnr. Art. H. J. Vanco Peoria, 111, 

BnergT PDTchaKd froni JeSarcon dtf 

Lt.. Ht. i Flit. Co. tran*. Tolt 660 t. 
Beaches Honobliu UriTlng Park and 

Slate Park, 
7 mnea; 4-8!^ g; 19 motor csra and 1 

other oar. *6B 

KANSAS CITY. £97.847 (ISlft). 

<Se« also Nos. a8S, 3a; and S4I.) 

S3«— Blus Vsllxr B.J — Office. BSO 

Railway Eichanee Bldg. (Will - - 

Bldj. (Will oon 

teacb«* BIOS Rirer Park (contralled), 
.«6llille*iD operation; 4-^ g; Seal) 

•>B— Kansas Oltr. CUr County A 
St. Josajib Rr- Co. (The Ho. Short 
Une)-0(nce. ASO Rsllway Eichange. 
(Connects KanauCil;, Liberty, Eicel- 
alor Sprlnet. and St Joieph.) 

Pre*. P. L. Saltonstall, 

69 State St., Boston, Hsh. 

T. Prea. Ji Osn. H(r. 
J. R, Harrlean KansuClly 

Sec., Trees. £Andi, 

Oen.Snpl Chas. W, Ford.... 

Snpt. Tncspt. 
f. A.Wetmer North Kanaas City 

CT-im&PsBt.Agt. R.8.Mah»n,Kaa»a»Clty 

Qen. Pgt. Agt., J. F. Holman 

Sopt. Ovhd. Comtr. loi. Walls " 

SapT. arSnb-Blu, A Signste 

M. H.. C. W. Da ('.'.'. North' k&neaa City 
Roadmaster, flso. Wagner " " ■' 

KnerKi parchawil trom Kaosaa City 
KjB. Co. ; West, trsnst; trans. Tolt, 83.000 

's sabsln. tol. cap. HOOD k*:' trot. conr., 
itopaii shops at North Kansas City , Ho. 

80 miles; 4-eM g; 10 motor pue. 6 
eip. motot, a boi tgt. and 11 other cars. 
I Amsr. Hoist A Derrick Co. elec: 
ditcher, I elec. loco. ^69 

SSe-The Kansas Cit^ Bys. Co.— 

Office, 1600 Grand Ave, (On Feb, 16, 
IBie. BtBomed o]>erBlioa of bU propenlea 
heretofore owned by'thc Metrnpolltan 
St. Ry. Co.,TheKBnBBB City Blev. Rt. 
Co., (^CDtral ElH. Ky. Co. and Ranass 
City & Westport Belt Rj. Co. CnotrolB 

City and Boaedsle, EBCssr). Independ- 
cDCa and SansaB City, HiBBouri and 

Prea. Philip J, Kealy K«n<ae City 

Asct. to Pres. A Qen. Ugt, 


nen, Sol,, Hichard J. Hlggihs " 

Sec. <tTrcBe.J. A. Harder.... 
Andr. H. F. Hayer 

Waller K. AnderBon. .New York, N, Y, 
Clidms Atty.W. C. Swisher.. Kbdbbb City 

Pur. Agt. E. B. Stigall " 

PubllcftyMgr. E. B. Alchley •' 

(DW. Repair?. 

I W, 8. Harrington " 

Nnni. JKinpl. W. W, Stephens... '• 

G.J.Smllh " 

I Transp. D. L F''Dnel " 

Ch.Engr ormty.Struct.&DlstrhD, 

A. E. Harvey " 

Bngr.ofWsylStmct.H.W.Snilth " 
Cb, Sngr, Pwr. Hlaa. 

C, F. Ohermler " 

Pwr. Bngr. ChBB. D. W. Hoeale. . '■ 

Blec. Enair. S. H, Qrauten " 

Bqplp. Engr, Henry 8. Day 

Pwr. Bta, equip: 4 d. o. 6. E., Walker 
tot 4600 fcw: 7 B. c. Q. E., West, tot, 
68.000 kw. seOO Y. 3 ph. 26 cys; MOO bp. 
e, AlllB-C; ai.BSO Up. b, Bab, A W., 
Cablll; M,00n kw. Blm. tnrb, O. E.,WeBt: 
traM. volt. 8800 v; trolley volt 800 v. 

lS>>9. a with snto coot,, lot. csp. 
32.000 kw.l 

Power sttB. at and A Orand Sts.. B»n- 
ean City. Mo., and Sd Sl Central Ave., 
Kansas City, Kan: repair shop at 9th 
& Brighton StB. 

Rf-Bchei Fatnooant Park, Electric Park 
and Swops Park. 

309,477 miles: 4-SM S- "">> motot paae., 
(Sells ™«rgy for lighting,)' ' *SB 



asea— Kansas Cltr, lAwrenoc A To- 
peka K. H. Co.-Qenera! afflca. 103 
Victor BIdg.. RansBB City, Ho. (Cou- 
necie Sanaas City, Roiedale. Sonth 
Park, MerrlBm. Hodtera Grove, Shaw- 
nee, MaDravla. Aldens. Oolf LInfet, 
Zarah and B, Zarah.) 

RecelTBr P. W. Oobel, Kansas City. Kane, 

F.'f. DIckBon.' . .Kansas City. Ho. 
V. Pres. D. B. Johnson . ..Merriam, Ebub. 
See. A TresB. 

W. 8. Hocker Eansas City, Mo. 

Bnpt. W. E. Paul Merrlam.Ssna. 

Power BU eqnlp, X d. c. Barke, lot 400 
kw; 6«0bp, s, (gta) Weber; trolley volt. 

Energy purchased from Esnsas City 
Railways Co, 

ReachBS Dockers Orole (controlled) 
Shawiee, and Eatt Zarsh, 
12,76 miles: 4-8^ g: 10 molorpaw.. 1 

(Contem plates building 62 sinEls-lrscli 
miles nf Intenirban line between Zarah 
and Topekadnrliigl9l»>. *S9 

BS7— The HlsaanH A Kansas Intar- 

arban Ky.Co — Office, Overland Park. 

KaoB, (Conneota Kansas City, Ho.. 

OTerlktid pRTlL, RDsedale. Leusu, ud 

OUlbs, Kan.) 
Piea. W.B.8IrsnE..0nTluidParl^K(tD*. 
" ° — " '■ " — - KMiiBeCitj 

Stc. * TreBi. 

S. S. Dsnlela . 
Q^. Mgi. t Pur. 

OTotland Park, Kaoa. 

TbM. RUe; 

Bt«. Bngr. H. P. Knyliert " 

Fsner all. aqnlp. 3 d. c. W. B, tot, UK) 
kw; TOObp. e. (gai) Bokfe; troJlej volt. 

Pwr. ita. A repair abop* at OTsrland 
Paik, Kaoa. 
Nrnllm: 4-SM Kl 7 motor find Totbcr 

%87*— llDlon Depot BHdsti ATei 
mioKl Co.— Office, TSD Railway Bid 
(OoDTucia KbdiBs City and Nortb Kai 

8>^rvlce Co., K Wall St., New York 

Pte«. F. W. Pnieanfl. . .New Tork, 
". Pk9, a Gen, Mgr. 

J. H. VanBrnnt Ht. Ji 

Sapt.of Traiuf.O.P.KOBa., 

Hagb J. Ourran Kaneae City 

IndiiB. Act. H. J, PerklDB. ... ■' " 

Snpl. 0,3. Lamb Nortb Kansas City 

Cb. Bagr. N. U. Fltcb Eaoiaa City 

EoerKTpqrcbBaed from Kanaai City Lt. 

R'palrKbapa at No. Kauaaa City. 
10 mllee; 4-8M g; < mator pua. oara. 

KIBKWOOD. 4,in, 

ttSB— GTknd View R. B. C«>— OBlce 

Klrkwood. (Coonecla Luiembarg 

Bobilng, H«bl>llle and Continental.) 

V. Piei. Wnj. A. Miller!'.'.!'.'.',', |; 

Treia. 'Fred. Herkert.'jr ! ! !!! ! 
Hum, A M M. 

DryKempi'r..BE01 S.B'way.St.Lovi 


lergy putcbaaal from K«aknk 

o.-omcep, «07 

it The 1 

a] Gas ( 

fntobaeed ibe Nevada Lt., Ht., Wir. & 
wr. Co.,«blch waarormerly Nevada 
Wlr., Lt. * Trac. Co.) (Con mi I led by 
tbe Oblo & Werlem Utilltiee Co., and 
operated by the Nallonsl Utilltlea Co. 
New Tork, K.r.) 

~ ..FL Scott, Kins 

R. Qno 

B, Harry L. Wood 

'eaa, A. W. Brooke Bolton 

Bngr Pwr.Sta. O.Conk..,. 

Reacbea Radio tiprlEEi Park. 
B innei:4«MR; G no. and 9 ath» can-. 
Company ruraiibft energy for lighting 

BT.J08EPH. scewi (igis). 

)41~Bt. Joacpb By., I-t., Ht. A 
PowcrOo — OOce.Slh A Francli 8ta. 

e>he Bt. Joieph A Savannah iDtamiban 
. R. opnat«a Id 8t. Joiapb and a IS- 


. _r, !Agt7 Fred. B, Henderaon 

Ch. Biigr. JotinD.Itirtmaii... 

M. M. ii^eo, Steflana 
"i, Juaeub A Highland Atb. 

kMgr. L. F. lugBfoll 

ower sta. eqnlp. a d, c, O. B. tot. MX) i 

_ : 4 a. c. G. S. tot. 10,100 kw. £800 «. ! 

Sph.sacyl:Sll)Okw. e.Fullon: BOIBbp.b. 

Bab, A W, A. Ji T. Btli; 9M0 kw. tnrb. 
G. B:lnillevvDlt. S7BT. i 

■rr ata. at Ualn A Fclli StE. : repaii 
'at ei. Joseph A Highland Atcs. 
laLakeConlraryPark. ' 

1 miles: 4-S!^ g; 1.17 motor and K i 
cars, (Company doe* llabtlDgsnd 

ST. LOV18. 767,809 (191<l). 
(See alto No*. S£, l(rO. SW and £14.) 
Sta — Mlaiunrl Klec. R. R — OflO 
leOB Park Aye. (Conlrolled by OniU 
Kya. Co. ot St. LouIb.) (Cautiecla S 
Lou It and St. Charlea.) 
Prea. & Gen. Ugi. 
Richard McCnlloch Bt. Loq 

Sec. ATreai-Jaa. Aditlni!!!!!! *' 

Energy paichaaad tram UolMd RrrCo. 

Repair shop. 3 nllea rrom cItT llmlta. 

wo goir Eronnda and Valballa Cemetery. 
lg.Samlle»:l-10K; IB eWB. 118 

>4S-St. I.onla Eleo. Tarmlnal B.J. 

Ca Offlce,8;2b North Broad way, (Con- 

nectB St. LonlK. Mo. and Venice, lladl- 
ion and »3ranlle City, III.) (Panol 
IlMnoii Trac. Syatem.) 
•rsi, W. B. McKlDley. ..Champaign, III, 
^.Prpa.Biec. H,B.Chnbbnck,Peo[U " 
r Pre*. A Treaa, 
G. M, Mattia CbarapalgD " 

Piir Alt. H.J. Vance Peoria, HI. 

M. M .K, H. Iiovie GranltaCtty " 

Roadmaeler, L. B.HBTtln..8prlnpfield " 
Bnerey piireha-ed; Irolley volt. SBO T. 
Renalr abope at Granite City and Deca- 

tnr, 111. 
]4.Glnlln: iSHt: SOnntorandlOotber 

care. H 

6*4— St. LoDia A Jennlno BaU- 

way.— OfficeSOiaFloTlBant AiB. J*n- 
rrlnga. (Operateabeiweilb Jennings and 

ier„8upt&Pnr. Agt 
D. J. rolllni. BOW Thelka A>«.. SCLoalB 
Power lU eqnip, I d. c. We«t. IBO kw. 

B«n-St. L>onla Water Work* By. 
<Munlc.'i— OfHce. Sll City Hall, BL 
Loiili, (OperatpB In City of St. Lonl*.) 
Water Comr. Bdward B. Wall , . .St, Loal* 
AmU Water Coojr. F. T. Cottn, ■■ 
Knar.lD chargo Snpply A Pari. 

Wni Sec. d: M . Dally 

Ch, Mech. Bngr. L. A. Day •• 

See. Chaa. A. Cheney <■ 

Power bU. equip. 4 d. o. Rldg..W. I 

tot. 1000 kw, fto V. direct cannECUd 
Ham-Cor, Filtoo uid Ridgwaj eagina 
d. c. Kldg. toi. gu k-K. 1101'. direcl cO- 
□ecled to 230 hp. cnelue Ideal: 4 mo.- 

EID. lett PI. w; All&C. Rldg. lot. SDO 
w. cmt. d.«.,*S00 v.e. pt. du eye. t.c; 

B. »teS0O N.Brmmwi 

. _._ _._ _*,«» (1918). 

S4»-CltT UKbt A TcBciiuQ Co. o 

BedBiik OIBca, 4M Honth Ohio St 

(CoBirolled b/ Cilia Henice Co.,bdi 
operated bytne DoheitT OrgaiilMtloIi 
«u Wall 81., New YorkCtty, S. Y.) 


V. Preg., Tm»i. A Mgr. 
H.C.Fen«B Btdall 

»; *-8K e: Bmotot and Bother 

can; S alcam locoa. (LI|hU all nster 
depl. bldga.) AKB 

S4T— Oaltod HKllm 
ot at. LoalB — uace, 
(Conttolled by No. Am 

Clarion, Iferguwn a 

ReCTr.KoUo Walla 

Qan. Kgr, for Recvr. 

Col, i " "—■-■— 

. .8t. L 

Sod V. Fres. MnrrayCatleton... " 
aen, Coomel. H a. Pileat, 

Central Nsl'l. Bk. Bldg. 

Gen. Atl'j. T. E. Frsncli 

Sec.A Tieaa. Jaa. Adklna ■' 

Aaat.Trcam. Frank A. Gaaaoii.. 

AiH. Sec. Jaa. W. Samnel 

Andr, H.P.Taylor •' 

AiW. SQpt.Tnunpt. , H, O. Bod™ '• 

Claim Ait. Chaa.B. Hudln " 

Pnr. Agt. Jae. J. Roche 

Ch. Bugr. K. D. Smith " 

Sopt. Pwr. at««. Walwr B. Brjao " 
Kii0.HalDt.ot Way, C.L.Hawtina •■ 

llTll.,M, O'Brien 

Snpl. Ovbd. Conitr. J.B.Burgeea '> 
RoadmannCtty Lines, Wm.Tinn -' 
Boadmaaia- CoDniry Unea 

J.Y.Johnaon..-.. ■• 

Pawai ata. equip. lO d, c. B.E. Weal 
lot 1B,aOU kw; B.a. e, Q. B. tot. MOO li' 
(too ». 8 ph. £C eye; (approx.) awoo 
bn. cFaltDii: ]t.raa hp. b. OBr^ I 
Tolt. MOa-!S,£00 •; trolley 'oil. 6 
EneriyalBo puichaied tiom Union 
Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

Power aua. al Sd A SallahnrT SU. 
Park A Sflth Avea.; repair ihop* al 

BeacbM Delmar Garden. Creie I 
Laka, Porert Park Highlanda, Ban 
ParV. RubnrbiD and alTelty park). 

im trail paaa! and Vothpr cara! 

Power ita. equip, t d. c. Ailla-U.. Q. K. - 
tot, MG kw; a a. c. AlllsC. tot. MO kw. 
S.acDT. i pb. BO cya: UDO hp. e. AlUe-C. 
Bckye; 15M hp. 6. Bllr. Mut; 1600 kw. 

trans, volt! S800 t; trolley TOlt, 600y, 
Power aia. and repair ebope at iiedall*. 
Reachea Llberly Park and State Fair 

e mllei: 44H g ; IB motor and « trail 

ctrs. (Company doai general ilgbtlngand 

I power boilneat.) it-IB 

SSO— SprlnKHcId By. A Lt. Co.— 

Office. eO Broadway, New York, H.Y, 
(Conlroli tbe aprtn^neld Ttac, Co. and 
BprlDgdeld Oaa A Elec. Co., and 
l> In tarn comrolled by Federal Lt. A- 
Trae. Co.l 
Pru.K.N SanderiOD.-.NfwYork.N.Y. 

MS— Ught C DeTslupmant Ci 

~- ■- "" 7K0By.Birh.L._. 

Ic UtllitleeCo., Caps 

Olrardeu; Cnpplea Station Lt.,Bl. A 
Pwr. Co., St. Lonla; We>tBrD Power A 
Lt Co., WellMon: St. Cbarlee (Mo.) 
Blec.Lt.APwr.Co: DaaTllle(Ky,) Lt, 
Pwr, A Trac. Co: Ultchell {So. Dak.) 
Pwr. Co; Honmoutb (111.) Public Serr- 
Ica Co: Oberlln (OJGaaft Elec. Co; 
Paria <Kt.) Oaa A Elec Co; RaTenps 
fO.) Oa> A Elec. Lt.C"; Teiaa UUllile* 
Co.. Plalniiew; Tahleqnah (Okla.) LI. 
A Pwr, Co^, and Cage Qlrsrdean ;3fo.) 

It. LoDia 

AJat , 

Pre* A OtB. Mgr. E 

AhI. S«c. Robt. L. CarpenU 

Cb. bit. E. 8. BIIUDga..., 

BAl — Sprtagfleld TrKctlon Co. — 

HomsOmcE,» Broad»*y, New York, 
N. r. Oeneial offlce, Landeri bldg. 
Springfield. (Controlled by the Spring. 
fleldHy, ALi.Co., whlcb la controlled 
by the Fcdera. Lt. A Trac. Co.) 
Pree. B. N, Sandenon, New York. N. T. 

Aaet. 9ec, A Aral, Treaa, 


Gen. Ttgr.E. C.Deal Sprlngdeld 


W, W.Nlelaen 

SnoLCH, Copley 

Energy purchaaed from Sptlngfleld Oaa 

Repair ibapa It BoonTllleand Dlvlilon 
St*. t 

Reacbea Doling Park, White City and 

2t.3 mDea: 4-BH r: 44 motor p«aa. 
(Inrludee 1! an>-ii)ati Birney), B trail 
paaa,, 8 motor aerv ce an other ca^.^ 

WEBB CITS. 18,a« (IBIB). 

SSa -Tha Sontbwoet HlaaoDrl R. R. 

Co..~UalD office. 11) No. Hadison St. 

Kaaieni office. Harrliborg, Pa. (Con- 

petlli, Dnenweg. Webb City, Neck 

City, Puroell, Alba and Joplln. Mo., 

Galena and Baiter Sprlngg. Kan^ae, 

and Pitcher, Okla.) 

Prei. A. B. Kogeri Webb City 

V. Prea. B. Z. Wallower, Harrlaburg, Pa, 

Sec. Geo.W.RHly 

Treaa. W. E. McMecban Webb City 

□en. Snpt. A Par, Agl. 

B.J. Pratt " 

ClBlmAit. D. C. Morria " 

SnpLofTratiap. T. A. Hirbaugh 
Engr. pwr, Sta, W. C. Dniall. 
Roadmeaier. Geo. Mavfleld.. . 
Sngr. OTbd, ConMr. JobD Bill 

Power at«, equip, t a. c. O. S. (ol. 
IKOkw. ll.OOOr. Iph. ZBcye; AOOOhp.e. 
Cpr. Allla-C: trani. lolt. 11,000 Aa8.00l)T; 
, trolley Toll TBO *. 

7 anb.ata. loL cap, 4100 kw ; IS roLcon t. 


It W*bb 
H Laludd* PuK. 

nd openM I^ludd* PuK 


(Sot Ho. ITS) 
AMACONUA. 10.6a>. 

SU — Butte, AoKanlB A fmcMe 

By. Co OfllOB, AnaeoiidL [CunatcM 

Butte (Od Aucoad*.) 
Pro. John D. BT*a. 

tt Brounj. New Toik, N. T. 
lit T. Prea. C. F. Keller 

4S Uroadwar, " 

Id V. Ptta. B. B. TSujei. 

Sco^ Tnu, A Andt. 

OcB. Hgr. H. A dmU'ir«y. 

8apL C. F. HorpbJ " 

U«a. Fgt * I'ua. Agt. 


Por. Agt dTX Welch Bni 

Cta. Eogr. J. H. ScbDCb Aucom 

Blee. Supt. F. W. BelUnciir 

M, K. C, H.epenalCT 

8apl.M.W.*S, T..I.llcC«rTal. 

EneiKjpDnAeaei] from Slonum Pow 


1. (8 » 

Beubee Oreg-on SpringB. 
bead Ciolli 

lea electrified. oy> 

CDOdi (Co. openlee on orer Batle, 
Aueconda A Psclllc Rj. Co.'i truka 
(6 S mileil to OppottamtT.) 
- '— D. A. Welib. °~— 

'Ui Wuboa Park. 

mllea; *-tii £: 10 molor and SO 
Dan. GompaaT rorDlahea tann Tor 

Pre*. C. A, Ooodnow ChicBBo, ilL 

Sec. Geo. Coi BotenUQ 

Treu. A.G. Loomla Cblcaco.IU. 

Gen. Aadi. G.J. Bunting 

Ch. Engr. B.O. Reeder. ...Seattle, Wasb. 
Power «ta. eqnlp. i d. c. Wealf . tot. »gO 
k»; (rana. roll. 48.000 t; UoTlej volt. 

Energy pDrchaaed rrom UoDiaoa Fwr, 
Co.: repair >b ops at Uoniran. 
Reacbet Bozemaa Hot Spring*. 
10 tnllsi: 4-8H r.; 4 pass., 1 fgt. and 1 
nbination car; Satm. locoa. TS 

BOTTE. ttiue (IBIS). I 

(See alao No. HI.) 
U7 — BaU* Kleetrle Br- Co^ 

OBOTjlftlli A Park &u.. Bntia. (Cra- . 


Praa. W. A Clark , BolU I 

V. Piea.W. A Clark, Jt •■ I 

See. A TreM., J. H. Andmon, 

BOBlcbuigBFI.. NewTork, N.T. 
Andr. J. C. Plulli5a...lClo«BldK.. r 

Gen. Hgr. J. B. WhaHoo 

SnpL A Por. Agt. J. 8. Wathev.... 
Claim AgLCbaa. A. Blackbnrn... 

Bloc Bagt. E. J. Hub 

Bngr. a. of W, A. W. Crlaa 

Sib-ata. equip: t anbata. (I aato. o 
tM. «p. 93S0 kw : S rot. conT. & 1 mo. 
retonned by Co; t rot. coof. owuo . 
Jfontana Pht. Co. from wbom eserg; li 

Cat ban and repair Ibop at Fro 

Beaehe* Cdanilita Gatdena owned b] 
Co. and Lake Aioca owned byTldewita 

».a Bllea;VB)i g; SI motor ,_ 
and 4 aarvice care. «9« 

DKEB ixiDOB. a,no. 

(Sea No. 17B.) 


saS>-Qreat Falla St. Br-— (Owned and 

openied by the Montana Pwr. Co. 

^onnecu flreat Fall* and nbarba and 

Pre^ JetanD, Rjan, 

a BroadwaT, New York. N. T. 
V. Pre*. A Geo. ilgr. F. B. Kerr. . . UolK 

Mgr. J. R. Uobbin* Great FalU 

Pur. Agl. W. T. JackMD BatU 

Blec. Bngr. C. W. Todd, Great Filli 

Eleculc power from Great Fall* Fwr. 
Co;]t.ffiOOT; trolley Tolt. UO T 

Power ata, and repair abopa at UUa 
Kagle Falli. 

Reacbea and conimla Black Kagle Part. 

l<lmi]a;4.SMe;«Icata. m 

HELENA. ia,siV(me). 

5S0 -Helena Urht* Br.Co.— Offiei, 
ll<:leni. (ConnecU Helena and But 

Pwa. p. G. GoaaHr. 

a Cedar St., Now rork, N.T. 

(J. H. Pardee. 4S Kicbaitn 
Plae*. New York, nTt. 
Arthnr Coppell, U WUllam 
I St., NewTork.N.T. 

I O. W. llcCoaoell Ueleni 

Sec T. W.lfolfatt 

4il Ricbaaee PI.. New Yoik, N. T. 
Treaa. R. B. Uartbant 

4» KichingB PL, •' " 

" A. B, Siblej Heleni 

Operating Mgri.. 

The J. O. While Bgt. Coipii 

43 Bichanga Fl,. New Yerk, N. Y. 
Eogt.Pwr.Sta C. A. Bemler. ...Heleni 

Enersj piircbBS«d from BonUn* Pwr. I 
Co; Inmr.volt.ia.OOOv; trolley volt. WO i. 

Sab eta cor. Brack lurlii lie A JackKMi 
ata; repair tbopatSo.UaloSt. 

Si n mlleB; 4.8H «: ID motor paai, 
and II trail pa*>. cara. Company fu- 
Diabee llghtlog *N 

MISSOUIul. 18.»4 (1911). 
-MO — Mlaaonia St. By. Co — OMcB, 

Ba'oiiicTeniDlaBlde..H[Baonla. (Can. 
necte Mlaaonia, BHItowD and BoDMr.) 
Prei. W, A. Ciark 

90 Eichange PI., New Toik, N. T. 
Pres, A Claim Agt. 

Qeu. Hgr. A Pur. Agt. 

C. H. •Jtulsteiiaen IIlHonl 


ACb.En— " ■ ^•-' — •— "■ 

I. L-Blckenbiuh.. 

tot. TOO k». 
Kepttt rataopsBtMlwonli, 
RtachM RiverslJe Pirk (owned), 
98,8 mile*: 1-8H e; 13 motor pMa. 



I9ee No. SOS.) 


(See No. Sit.) 


SOI — Uncolu, CbuKuI Ueaob A 

HlUord R. B. Co.— Odlce. Tnininat 

BIdE., UocoId. (CaatiecULiiicolakiid 

CapTlol Besch.) (Operatsd DDder le*ie 

bT LiDcaJn TrBCtlon iJo.) 

PtH. W. B.Uharp. LIdooId 

Sec ATreu. 8. H.Bumliani.... " 

Qen. Mjr. J. M. Bramletw 

Bauhei CbdIioI ileuli. 

863- Tbe Llnoaln Truitloii On 

QanHTiJ offlc«, Termlnil Bldg., 10th & 
O Sts. (LsBses ud operatfB Llocln, 
Capitol Beaob A HllFord R. B. Co. : aleo 
owns Mid operBlce BctbBOy TracUoD Co. 
(Smilw). (Coiia«cl*H(veluck,ColJaga 
TIsw, DDWemt; Plice, Nornul, B«tb- 
■Dj, LincuteT lod LincnlD.) 

Prw. W.E. Sharp Llntoln 

V. Free, A Gen. Mgf. 
J. M. Bninilfltt«................ " 


T»««. S. H. Burobam 

Claim Agt. B. U. B»ver 

Pur. Art.\.G, aoMaalflr. 

Snpl. TMoap. H. M. Smtth 

Ch. KDKT.Por.ata.J. H. PiHllnE " 

JI.M.. Cb»». DBSom'*™ ■' 

Kngr. M. of W., I. M. Thomaa... , •■ 

Fomrau equip ad.cO. S. Bull. tot. 
ttOkw; 4a.c.1}.X AJlle-C. lot. SOODkw. 
MWy. &pb. DOcTi: ISOObp.e. Atlia. H.P. A 
U.. Hat; lOOO bp t.luih Bii«;h Dlewl: 
8800 hp. b. Bab. A W. Bd.'eiaoar; 2rB0 
k«. tarb. (stin.) AIIIb-C, O, B,; tram. lolt. 

Pomtt lU. It eih «,' K 8U; rr)>a1r 
■bopaMBthxDd LSa. 

Beachea LIdhiId Park. Cllr Park, 
Bpirortb Lake Park and Capitol BeHCh. 

00 mllet; 4-BH g: n raoxat^ and 10 

doe* llKblinE aad ponor biialne'e.) .|i'0 

M3 — OnuliB, LInttolD A Beatrlo* 

Br- Ca.— Omcs. ail Terminal B1d|[. 
(CoDTiMta UnWenttT Plam. BethanT 
and Lincoln and will exiesd to Omaha. 
Ho. Omaba. PapinioD.Sprineaeld.Aab- 
land. Qreenwood and Wareilj DIairlct.) 

Praa. aanevHaaaar Akron, O. 

8*c. J, CMoaa-f 

TrsH. A Oed. Mer. 

J. U Branletl« Lincoln 

Andr, O, J. Shaw '■ 

BDpt,TraDi. B,M. Smith '• 

Por, Agt, A, G. McMaiter '■ 

H. M, CbarleiDe Somberi '■ 

lto»dmaat«T LM.Tbamu " 

Edit Orhd. Conatr. 
HarkCarreth *■ 

BnctgT putchaaed tram Lincoln Trac, 

Repair iboBB at Sth and L Sta, (Lincoln 
■rac, Co>, »£op«). 

OMAHA. 11111,470 (181 «). 
<a*e alao Ho*. US, EM and lOfia,) 
a««~Omiai» A Oonnoll Blnffa St. 
Kj. Co.- once, Merchante' Nat, Bank 
fildg,, Omaha. lOwoa all the ilreet 
rallwaja In Omaha and leuea Omaha, 
ConncU Blnffi A Sobnrban St, 1^. Co,, 
Omaha A Council BlDlIa Ry, A Bridge 
Co., and Baet Omaha St. Ry. Co.) 
(ConOBClH Omaha, Benson and Flor- 
eoee. Neb., and Canncil BlDffa, la.) 

V,Pr'o8,A Isn.Mer. W,A,8nil'th.'.' " 
See. A Andr. W, O, NIcholaon... . '■ 

Treaa, A, 8, Widenor " 

Aaat, Gen, Ugr. R, A.Lenaaler... " 

For, Agt, F, 8. Welty " 

Claim Agt. W. P. Thomaa 

/■Pwr. Staa. D. W. Gilbert. " 
I Tranapt. F. B, Hudaon. , , . " 
o__.. J Track ft Roadway 

Sopt.,-^ H, H. Flndler!^ " 

Blec. LInee. 

1 W. O. JacobT " 


Poner ela. equip, 4 d. c. G, E. Cot. 18110 
kw ^ 3 B, c. O. \ Allle-C, lot, ££,000 kn, 8 
ph. V. rye: ECOO hp. e. Fnltou; ll.OOD hp, 
b, BBti. A W; IS.OOO kw, atm. turb, G. B, 
Allli-C: Irane.ToU, 18.ay)T; ttolley lolt. 
iBDb-Btaa; (I anto. cont,) tot, cap. 0900 

Powerata-MMbftlacksonHtB.; repair 
!ihopaatMtb A LnkeSta. 

Reachea A onn( Lake Uanava. mila: 4-BME;11B8 paea., 10 trail 
and 4B other cara. -kW 

ses- OnikhB A BoDtbern Iut«r- 
arb»n R7. Co. — Office, MercbaoU' 
Nat, Bank BIdR., Omaha, (Connecu, 
So. Omaha, BelleTue and Fort Cook.) 

Prea. O. W, WsttlcB Omaha 

M V. Prea! Luther Drake '.. " 

See, AAudr. W. G. NIcholaon..,. " 

Trees, A. S. Wtdenor " 

Geo,MKr.W.A Smith •■ 

Aaat. Oea, Mgr, R, A, Leuaaler,.,. 

r.Si3laa;t-8«g!" Scare. 118 

RAL9TON. 400. 

Se6— Uiuaha A Lincoln Ry. A Lt. 

Co.— Ralaton. {Paft ot the IlllnolB. 

Traction Syatem,) (Coanecta Omaha 

80. Omaha. Ralaton and Paplllion.) 

Pre*. II. B, Chnbbnck Peoria, 111. 

r, Pres, Arthur BDrllsb Omaha 

SeCT,W.J. Acbelpohl Peoila. IH. 

Tresa, G, M. HUtJB ChampaJgn. " 

Gtn. SupC. W.C. Bdmlatoo Ralaton 

Pdt. Agt. A. J. Vance Peoria, 111. 

EncrgT piircbaaed trom Omaha Blec.LI, 
A Pwr. Co.; tmna. 'olt, 81,000 v, a. c; 
trolley volt. iKii repairahopa atRalitoo, 

Reacbee Hlllelde Park and Seymonr 
Lake Park, 

ia,S mllsB (a. phaie, catenary ayaiem) ; 
^"M K: 8 motor paa«, cars, (Company 
doe* IlKhtIng and power bnalneai.) Es 


(See Nob. E8G and E88.) 


(SflNM. EfltlDdUS.) 


BST— Fallon Eluo. R.R. Co — Office, 
Fftllon. (Will eileod from FsIIod earn 
14 miles toSdIlwaieT and rrum FhIIod 

Prei, C. A. H»«all Fillon 

V. P™. *Ch.Engr. 

Herbert C. Laiiio " 

Bec.A. K, Wtlaon •• 

Treaa. AOeo. Her E.S.Bernej... " 

Bnergj will be seen red fr.>m Govern - 

S8 mllea pro]eoted; will use' Bdlaon 
itonge bitierj cars. (Bxpeota to place 
llae In operatioD during 1HI8.) tS 

BENO. II,3S9 <l»ia), 

SftS— Reno Trsc. Co General Office, 

oar Holbrook H]dg.,S«i Franclaeo. Cat. 
(Opeiaiei local line m Rr-no and con- 

PiM. H. F1elahtiicker..Ba'nPranGlacD.Cal. 
V.Pr.. Jno.A. Butt,. 

Gen. Mgi. R. C. Leeper 

Par. Agt. F.W Smith.. .3»n Francli. 
Bnergypiirehaacd from Reno Pwt 

SAS— NsTada Tnternrban Ry. Co. 
OUce, BIS N. VirglDiB 81.. Ren 
(Conneeta Reno and Moini Sprlngn 

Pree Jt Gen. Met. L. W. Berram ..Her 

V. Prei.J. M. Short " 

Sec. Treli. A Pur. Aft. 

S. H, Ropenlbil... 




, is.sM (iflie). 

. Mer. *Pnr, Agl, 


Bl t— SprlDKfleld El*a. By. Co^ 

OlBes. ChuTlesiown. (Leiaed to ilprlRg- 
Sald Elec. Rj. Co., Sprlngtleld, Vt.) 

Pres. Hatb. G. Brooki Charlutowi 

V. Pree. A Gen.lfgr. 

SdwkrdC. Crasbj Sprlngfleld.Vl. 

Frank W. Hamlin, Charlertown 

1 ml lea. o; 

era— Oheator A Uwrry B. R.^OIHu, 

Derrr. (ConnecMCbeslcr and Derrr.) 
Prei. A G^n. Counwl, 

G. K. Usrtlatt, Boalon, Mu>. 

V. Preg.Cbaa. Uutlelt Derrr 

Sec.&Audr.A. H. Wllcomh Cheater 

Trear. A Gen. Mgr J.Hhepard Derrr 

'— " ""— Bn^r. F.I.Corion ■' " 

Energy p 

LI. 1 

tiolley vc 




Lt». Co.- 

£: £"SS 

Mrr. J. Gardner Men 

Treaa. G. H. Lawson. 

. Claremont 

8,BOmll-a;4.BMg; B pa». and 1 other 
car; 1 .nowplow; 3 fgt.locoa. *1B1 

CONCOBD. S3,Seil (191«). 
I— BoatOD A Malna R. R. Oper- 
tins OonpOTd A MancheBtel- 
:icc. Bt. of Concord & Hootreal 

:. B Office North station Boiton. 

■ - •"- ■- *-TConcord St. Hj. 

Bow, Pi 



Concord. Paitacook 
I For general offlcna 

Inlir, M.ol 

F. n.Hall ■■ 


Roadm«>l"r A. C. BtlcknCT ..Con'-ord 

Sunt. H.C Roblnaon HoatotuMaa.. 

Power ati. sgnlp. » i.e. Weste. G. B; 
■ ■ 62S kw; 3 a. e. O. E: tot. : — 

F. esoO T. 

, Rollina 

a. Dobblna.Dtlloo; 

hp. « 

hp. tarblns (nat«) LeT. & Rodner BQDt. 
trsna. volt. aE.000 y. IrollBV >olt. flOO t. 


DEBBT. a.m. 

(See No. E70.) 


(SeesIroNo. KS4a.) 

01S— Dover, Snmeraworth « Kooh- 

•■ter Strset Ky. Co.— (CoDtrolled bj 

thit Kbw HanipBbiie El«c. It;r>.) iCdd- 

oeot* Dover, Somersworth. Rochesler 

■nd ESBt Rochester.) 
Pre*. DBvldA.Belden....H&verhlU,Mua. 
V. PrM & Qea. Mgr. 

FrankJIn Woodman '■ "' 

Sec. TreBi. 3c Andr. 

Fted'k. E.WehBltr 

Ac'E.aen.Her. H B.Hood 
Claim Agt. B.B.WliltehuDse " 

Supt. L. E-Lvnde Dover 

M. M..». L. Jones Sslem 

KnEr. M»int. of W»J, 

R. D. Hood HBverUll, Mu>b. 

EnKr Ofhd. Cooatr. 


Bnergy pntcbReed frora BocUngbtm 

OwnsCenliBl park, Bomerswortli. 

■1 mile.: 4^i g: St motor and ■ other 

KXETEB. fi.ers. 

S70— EistBr, Hampton A Ameiborj 

Bt. By. — OBce, Hampton, N. H. 
(Controlled by Eieter Rj. 4 l.te. Co.) 
iConnecta E«Ur, Hampton, Hampton 
Bsicb, Hampton Falla, Seabtooke and 

Proi. Allen HoUla Concord 

V. Prea.Cbaa H Teniiey..Boclon, Uaai. 
Treaa. E. A. Bradlej ■■ 

Walter A. Scntt HS'iipton 

(9en. Hgr H. T. Sinda 

201 Devonxhire St.. Boaton, Uaea. 

Audr. n. A.Gldooy '■ " 

Mgr Geo. D.Bail«r Eieler 

BapC. Linea A Shop Foreman, 

C.B Edlfrly " 

Park Mitr. W. J. Drew 

Eaerg> porcfaaaed from RochlnKbam 
Conntv t.l. A Pwr. To,. Pnrt-mnoth: 
trans. lolt. 18.800 v: trolley volt. 600 V. 

Repair -hop 81 Hampton. 

Owni The raelno. Hampton Brnch. 

M mile.: *-SU g: 17 motor para„6 other 
motor and fi other care. *SQ 


(.See No £83.) 


KEBNB. 10.«Sn 
Sit— Kean* Eleo. Rj. Co. -Oftii 
KeoDe. (Coimecu Keene, Marlboro ai 

Pres. Lenla P. Howe 

t36 Pleaeant St. Marlboro, Haaa. 

Bee. iSupt- C. L. Wyman. Keaoe 

Treaa. & Pitr. Ail, 

T. RDaeell Eto&lneon ....Boston, Haaa. 

Gen. Mm. - 

H. H., D A. Tennay Keene 

Eqerey pnrcaated from Keene Oaa A 
Blec.Co.;ed. c. Tri., O. B. tot. SES kw.; 
G. E. motors lol. 1TB kw; trolley roll. 
660 V, 

Repair ihope at So. Seene. 

Owns and reachea Wllion Recreation 

lOmllaa: i-^Hg: B'molor care ani 1 

LACONIA. Il,B2g (Itlfl). 
078— Ijiconik St. Ry. Co,— Gen. oOce. 

Laoonia, ( Connect* LacnnlaspdWelri.) 
Prea.H L. Pierce S3 9»teSt.BDetoo,llaia. 
V. PraB.,M(rr, iPor.Agt. 

L. S. Pierce LaooDla 


Shop Foreman, H. C. Horn Lacunia 

Boailmaelcr. E. Serad - 

Energy porchaeed, 

R.-DaTr (hope M Laconla. 

8.87milH.; <.8Hg;llmotorBnd 1 gt. 

Company to be reorgBQlaed. Operation 
auapendtd. *!»+ 

KANCHESTEB. 7S.3S3 (I>1». 

(See alao No. BT4.) 

B7»—HHiir heater S Dcrry St. Ry. 

— Oaice,4BH»no>erSt, (ConneciaMan- 
(lieBter, Gofle Falla, Londonderir and 
Derry.) (Owned by Manchcaler Trao., 
LI.. & Pwr. Co. »hloh aee (or oueratlng 

Prea. B.C. Foet' r Manohestet' 

Clerk Allan M, WHson 

Trear. P L. Ss]ton>-tB>l Boston. Mate. 

Upn. Her. .1. Broille Smith... Uanebeetsr 
Supt.«ClilmAgtT. H. Kenririean - 
Repair nbope al Traction St., Han- 

"8,4l"mlle8; 4.aWg:emolorcarB. *M 

nan — Haiicheater A Naahun St. 

Ky.-omoe,4flHanoierSt. {Connecte 
Hancheeter, OoSn Falla. Lilcbfleld, 
Hudeor and Naehua.) (Owned by Han- 
cheBter Tree, Lt. & Pwr. Co. wblcb ae* 

.Han Chester 


W. Parker!... 

Gen. Mer. J. Urwiie Smith. MaDCheeiBi 
Supl.A Claim Agt. T.H.Kendrlkan ■' 
Hepatr abopa at Traction St , Man 
cheatelr 4.S35 mlleal 4.8H S'i """"r 

SSl— Mnncheater 8t. By.—Once. i» 
HtnoverSt. (EiteDda from Man cheater 
lo OnilBlown, where connection la mads 
with the Dncannonnc Incline Ry. for 
Ht Lltehtleld 1 (Owned bv Mancbeaur 

officers and power plant eqnipment.) 

Pre-. F. C. Foster MsDoheatfr 

Clerk Allan M. Wllaon 

Trean. P. I,. Bt|innitall....Bne(OD. Uaaa. 
Oen.MgrJ BradleSinlth...HaDcbester 
Snpt. * Claim Agt. 

T. B. Kondrlgan 

Repair *hnH at UancbesUr. 

>G.. Lt-Afwr. 
.vai St. and B3 
I*. (Owna IfaO' 

ebartv St. Rj., Huehstfr * Niahu 
St. Bj^ MuchcMcr * Dmy St. Bj., 
MuicbfMcr Slec LI. Co., l/uhoa ],[. 
Ht. A Pwr. Co., Union Blec. Co., Moi^ 
linuek Btec U.. Ht. A Pwr Co. ud 
OuvlQ P^i Pow« Co.) 

Ptm. E. C. FoalM MaoehcMer 

J. Brodle Smith 

Clerk, AUiin M. WfHon 

Tnu. P. L.Saltonatil),. ..Boston, Mua. 

AhL Tnu. L. S. Flint . 

4ndr. Wm. P. Hu-mon. . 

Cb. Bngr.. L. J. Fsmll... 
Power aVL. equip, 31 L c. O. B. Allla-C, 

Blan. tot. 1>(,980 kva 2300.11 .OOOejOO t. 

■ A «pb. U en: 8 rot. coriT. Cot «400 

kw. Weat. O. R: 3 mo, ten. grU tut 3S00 

kw: 1000 bp. B. Ptot:— b. Kendall Bab. & 

W: 110,000 bp. Btm.tDrb. lS,7»lbp. larb. 

{wlr.) annl, UoL, Alltt-C; tran*. irolt. 

M.OOO-H.OOOt; CH)lltiYolt.l»OT. 
Powor Blu. at Huicbeilai. Qinlna 

FbIIs. Kelle-ii Falls, Hookaelt. Detij, 

Gregn ITalli. Lltcbtleld and Nubna; re- 

, BiMbea Haasabealo Lake and Pine 
Iiland Puk. 

Companlea owned operate 05.40 milas 
or track; doea general Itg. ft pwr. 

S8I — Caonnoouae InoDno Ry. A 

IMrelop. Co Office . Maacta~"— 

(Oneralea 2H mllei ot tmlle; Ir 

Prea. A Gen. Hgr. 

Hear; A. Laison Mancl 

V.Prea.J.W. LoTerlqR Sandown 

Sec.J. B. Pattw. Hanoi ' 

Treta. Jno. H. Boyd •■ 

Eneroy pnrehaaed trom Mancl 
Trac, Lt. 4 Pwr. Co. 

Reacbea Snmmll Park (owned) 

l.TSmllesfelectrlctrolIeT and cable); 1 



PorUmonth, Ktp and Nnrth Harapii 

Foreiecntlipcfflcnrf aee Roaton.H 

Gen. Snpt. H. C. Koblnaon, Boaton.H 

U. H., C. B. Nettace... 
Pwr. Bla. eqoip. 3 d.c. 
850 hp. • " ■" ■- 

Enerev pnrcbued from Twin 
ft Klec. Co., Doier, and Boi 
CountT LL g[ Pwi. Co. Pow< 
"itterj Point bald In reFerre. 

ia Bilei; 4-aK g; B4 motoc ai 



8WANZEY. i,«e«. 


ASBCRY PARK. 10,130. 
(100,000 In rannDct.) 
iSS—Atlantln Coiwt Electric Rj. 
Co.— OOlce, ess Halo St., Alleabarat. 
(Owni Atlantic Coaat Elec. Lt. Co. and 
controlB Aibnry Park ft Sea Olrt Else. 
R.R. Co.,eeashDreBtec.R7., Wett Bnd 
ft Long Branch Ry, and Beacoaat Trac. 

0, Dral, 

Branch, Weal 

I Beacb, Betmai, 
MpnnE i,aEe. nanaaqnan and Seagirt.) 
hnin.of Bd. C. W. Hnntinglon. 

60 Wall St., New York. N. Y. 

SficTreassa aim. Agr.,Q.B. Cade 

Par. Agt, J. .T. Matheiion 

SI Bronrlway, New York. I 
Ch. Ergr. J, H. Mnor Aabary ' 

D. 8npt. 
Snpt. ft ^. Engl. Pwr. Sta. 

Power eta, eqnip. ! d. c. Weatg. tot. 400 
kw; 1 booater O. B. BO kw.— 118 hp. 
motor; OOObp.e. A11ia-C; 500 bp. b. Bab, 
ft W; trollsT volt, 000 v. 

Ualn power Noble'* Iiland. 
Ponanionlh; alorace baiterT iUtlon at 
Bre Owt'r: repair abopaatPortimoath, 

l».as oillaa: 4-8W i: »1 paaa. and | 

SS*'- Portamontli, Dover * York 

it H,.and So. Berwick Eliot. Kltterr, 
Kilter? Point, York, York Barhor, and 
YOTk Beach, Me.) 

a. equip, t 

. >M» 

WetL S. ftH. 
, _ _. .. Weal. G. B. tot^ 8600 
. S ph. 80 wa: 1600 hp. e. 

, -C: E400 hp. b, Badenhaaaen; 

trana. Toll. ESOO t; trollaj volt, EGO t. 
Power ala. and repair abop at Allen- 

M.OSmllaa; 4-8Kr: HmotoraDdT other 
Snppllea energ; to Atlantic Coast Elec. 
Lt. IS.. 118 


(300.000 In summer.) 


S8e— AtJBntle Cttf ft Shore R. R 

Co. (Shore Fast Una)— once, SOS Land 
Title Bide.. Phils., Pa. (Control e Atlan- 
tic CiuftOcaan Cltr.B. R. Co.) (Coa- 
necla Atlantic Cltr. Pleaaan trills, Un- 
wood, Somara Point and Ocean Cllr. 

Tho ■'AtUoClc Ave. ft LoDgport Dtv." 
which ll owned br ttae Wut Jereer ft 
SeaaboreKR.Ca,,opeMle9lii AllHDtlc 
City aDd CODnscU Atlantic Ciij, CheL 
■es, VentDDI Clt]', Hargata CltJ and 


Clarence L. Cole. . ..Atlantic City, N. J. 
Prea.laaacn.SlWeimaii PblladclpUa.Pa. 

V. Free, Chai, Bysns AUaollcCllj 

Sec. a Andr. 

JabnM. Campbell.... " 

Treae. Irvin L. Stone. . .Pbllidelphln, Fa. 
Uen. Snpt A.J. Fuiinton .. Atlantic City 

Aee't Supt D. M. flunn 

Elect. Engra. 


M. M. Prank J. StevenB Atlantic City 

SnpTr. JobnCamlth " 

Energy purctiased f rom Weat Jeriey ft 
BsaSboiaK, R.; trana. volt, 38,000 v. a. e; 
troUey Tolt. MOt. d. c. 
AtlanScCllT" '"* aap n T . 

SO 06 miles (tliircl rail ft ovhd.); i^H 
g; 90 motor can. 

DIV.—I6.1Smlles(oThd. trolley); 4-«< p: 
TS motor and S other can: trolley volt. 

SST— Central PmaaeogieT Ky. Co.- 
Oen. offlce. 606 Land Title Bldg., PhiU 
delphU. Pa. |Connecla with Atlautlr 
CltJ ft Shore R. H. Co.) 


Bee. AAuJr 

John M. Uampfaell Atlantic City 

Treaa. rrvln L. atone., .PhLladelptiia, Pa. 

Gen. Hupt. \. J. Parinlon... Atlantic City 

AibC. Snpt. n. If. Bnnn,.., 

M. H. Frank J. StsTeni 

KDOrgy purchased from Atlanlic City ft 

Shore B. R. Co.; tnina. ft trolley Tolt, 

Rep^r ehopa at Maine ft Caapiln Aiec. 
Atlsnlic City. 

8.01 miles; 4-^ It; 6motorcarB. *IH 

BATONNB. S«.481 (lOlB) 

(See No. 601.) 


BSS'BrldKBtoD A HIllTllle Trac. 

Kttom and operatea the Brldgetun 
pldTnmeitOo., and la llaeK owned 
by (he American Bya. Co., Phlladel- 
pbla. Pa.) _ 

Pnm. Van Horn BIy..... Philadelphia, Pa. 
T.Fr«M.^H-J-Crowley.^^.. ;; 

Sec. ft Tieaa. Walter W. Perkina " 
Aut.SM.,ABBt,Tnaa. ft Compt. 

F. J.Pryor. Jr 

Gen. Hiir. Jullai Theobald. . . •■ 
Supt. or Tranap, Gen. Fgt. ft Pbbb. Airt. 

Leon Lore Bridgeton 

Blec. Bngr. ft Ch.Ener. Pwr Sta. 


K.M.. A, H.Sharp 

ParkHgT. BowardTyler 

Energy porcbMeU from Electric Co. of 
New Jeney: tram. volt. 83,0007; trolley 

Repair shop at Brldgelon. 

Owns and reachee Tumbling Dam Pai 

W.8T mll«; 4.^ g; 2» motor ai 
I other car. 1 

CAMDEN. 102,1215 (lfll5) 

(SeealaoNo. SOS.) 

aS9— VFeat Jeraej ft SeaabDre B. 

IBtttm ft Eleo. BFunrh of Pen 

S. R.)-(Conoect8 Camden, Mlllvil 
Atlantic City, Ple««sntvllle, Soro. 
Point and Ocean City.) (Owne "J 
bmtleATe. ftLongport IHt." and tli 


portion or the Atlantic City ft Shoi« 
B.R. between Pleaeantville and Somera 
PolDU) For general officers, see Penn- 
sylvania Railroad, PhlladolphU, Pa. 

lupt. A. G. Mltcliell Camden 

Power *ta. equip.; 4 a. c. Q. E. lot. 
MOD hw. 6800 T. 8 ph. la cya: 5788 bp, b 

)hw. 6800 T. 8 ph. VT c_ya: E?a 
■; 8000 tw. lutli. G. B; Iran 
OOt; trolley volt. toot. d. e 
anb-Bta. tot. cap. 18,000 kw 


_ . i^r Bta, at Weatyllle; rapair shops at 

'latvllle, Olassboro. Mlzpab. Reegs. At- 
ntic aty and Clayllle. 
ICti.OSmllea (third rail); 4-8lig; Mpaaa. 
combination paaa., ^ baggage and B 
baggage and mall cars. (Company sdli 

>nw«ys Cv.— Of- 

St. By. Co. ; Delaware County ft Pblla. 
Elec. Ry. Co. (Clifton Hi-igbtB. Pa.f; 
Media (Pa.), Glen Riddle ft Rockdale 
Elec. 31. Ky. Co.: WUkea-Barre (Pa.) 
ft Wyoming Valley Trac. Co.; Tren- 
ton (S, J.) Ht. Ry. Co. (which controls 
Hercer County Trac. Co..Tronlon(N. J.). 
Pennington ft Hopewel] St. Ry, Co, and 
Trenlori IN, J.). Hamilton ft Bwing 
Trac. Co.): Schoylklll Valley Trac. 
Co. (NorrlstowE. Pa); Wilmington 
ft Chester Trac. Co. (which con- 
trols directly or Indirectly Chester (Pa.) 

, Co.,' 

ware St. 

igtoo City (Del,) Hy, Co.. 
VIlmlngloD ft Edgemoor Elec Ry., 
!>onl ft Union St, Hy. and Gordon 
Selghis Rt.) and Wilmington City 
Del!) Blec. Co. ThepropertiiKhSTebeea 

a and operated by the Reading Tran- 
111 ft Lt. Co.. Wilkes.Birre By. Co., 
- ■ ■ " srConn- ~ 

Soolhem Penn, Trac. Co. and Wll, ft 
Fbila. Trac. Co., the two latter a 
behig operated nnder oi 
— lolinA. RIgB.... 

Prea. JolinA. RlgE ^i 

■■ - la. Walter A. RlBI 

T. W. Grooki 
Asst.Treas. J 


Milenga and equipment Inclodad nnder 

SOI— WIlmlnetoD ft Cbaater Tn»- 

tlonCo.— Offlo>,t11 Market St., Cam- 
den, N. J. (OontrolB Wilmington ClW 
By., (which controls Wllm^glon ft 
Edeemoor Blec. Hy.l, Front ft Union 
minston.Del ; also tbe CheelrrTrac. Co. 
and Cbeeler ft Delaware at. By Co„Chefr 
tal stock; also awna entire laaos of the 
Gordon Heighla Rt. Co. bonds, the 
entire lasneof the Front ft Cnlon St. 
Ry. Co. bonds and other minor eecail- 
tles.) (Controlled by Doited Pwr. ft 

Ptea. jDlin A. Rigg-- 

s. Thos. W. Grookeit, Jr.,. 

CAPE MAT. B,471. 
t9«— Cape Hay, Delaware Bar ft 
Bewell<* Point B. B. Co.— Office, 

WaeblngtOD ft Drcatar Sta., Cape Hay. 
(Co. sold under Recri'i sale.) 


— OacB, tS So. fird SI.. Phllwlalphlm. Pa! 

(Comrolied tad opcniel br Cspe H>]r) 

Dalaware B»j A Sewell'* Point R, R. Co, , 
Piea. A Treaa. 

Nelaon Z. OnTai....PhU>de]ptila, Pa. 
Sec. TtaomiB P. Curlsf. . . " 

Bnirif T rroin BDd npalra made by Cape 
I(a7, Delawnn Bar A Ssirell'a Polnl R.B. < 

In'., Ch. Edet., Claim Aft. ft Aodr. 

Seorge Jaokaoo Bohokni 

It, P. J. Kinnady 

Bnerer purchaesd fromPnbllt SerTlc* 
Blec.Co.; trana. toU.IS.MWt; trallejralt. 

ileo Noa.tS, «03, sat, SOS, S7B and M 
n»6k — Dnlted Rsllwitra InvM 
meat Co.— Office. 19 Bxo bangs PLai 


Frea. Uaain B. Starrini, 


<ftee No. (03. ) 

'^■•^""■■iP. B. VanVorat 

L S9 Bri^ad SU. 
See. & Aist. Treat. M. V. B. ^ 

P04 — Barllii^ton County Transit 

Co. — Oflica, Hainesport. (Connertr 
HoareatoWD,. Hartloni, Maaaayllla 
Bal1ieaporl,BnrllaKUiDand Mt, HoUf. 

Prea. Albert Halnea Masonvill. 

V. Praa. Jobu U. .laboaoQ, Jr. . Halneapoii 

Gi-n Mgr,. c'lal m a, Pur.' Agi! 

Bdlrin C. DbtI*.... •' 

Cb Brier ABIec.BoEr.JohnH.Snilb " 

Eagr.M.orW Josepb Albert aon " 

Bnnr.of OThd.Oonntr.Clarpnce Snyder" 

Energy piirchaaedfToin Public Harriet 
Blea. Co., Bucltoelan; Irana. Toll. IS.20( 

trollaj volt, 600'y. 

Rcanbei RancDcaa Park. 
16.09 ml]**; B K: S motor and a olLei 
cara. OGI 

HOBO HEN. 70.824 
(SeealaoNo. eOi.) 

Praa. Col. H. 8. Cole,Q.«.N.A..H 
Capt.j.8. LaOBHnn.Q M,R.C. 

Bnergy purehaeed (i 

.>»«— Mffitli Jemer Rapid Tmnall 

Pateraon.Fatrlai^. Olen Rock. Ridge 

wood, Botaokua. Waldwlcli. Allendale. 

Rimrey and Mabvah and BaSera. N.T. 
Rerelver. Henry H. Pannelee ...Paleraoa 

V. Frc«, Chaa, 1). CooWe •' 

Acts. V. Prei. A Oen. Mgr. 

Will la B. Pert Ig Tltuayilla, Pa 

~ec. Walter Bamrord Paierani 

Teaa.GBO.K. Dunlop... New York, N.T 

KBTPORT. 1.01 >. 
SOT— JeraoT Central TractloD Co. 

-once, Ffret St.. Beyport. (Connacia 
Red lluk. New Uoiimontb. Bpirord. 
Port Honmoiilb, Keanabarg, Keyport, 

Amnoy. Allantii: BlKblaoda and'High- 
JandB. Conuecta with New Tork A Lod[ 
Btani-h R. R. at So. Amboy. Hatawaa 
and Red Dank, and witb Central R. B. 
of New J-raey at Lortllarda, Beltord, 
AtlanUc Hlghlanda. Hiehlanda and 
Blgblaod Beacb.) ^Controlled bjAmer- 
Ipan R.».Co.whlch in torn la controlled 
by thfl Naiiou-l Propertlee Co.) 


WUheri-pogn BIdg., Plilladelphla.PL 

V, Ptei. 
C. L, 8. Tln^ley " 

wilhe'rspngn BIdg., •■ 
Aet(. Sac. & Treai. F. A. Cater. . Eeypott 
Audr. P. J. Pryor. Jr. 

Wltbenpaon BIdi., Pbliadelphia, Pa. 
aeit. Andr. 

H. n, Anderson " 
Oen. Hci. 

H.J. Orowlaj.. ■• 
Loral Mgr. Wm. H. Hltcliock.,..Keypon 

Bnpt. Tt»nap, Wm. Haley 

Claim Agt. H. D. Brlnley Red Bank 

Pur. AeL a. C. WelMek 

WlthampnoQ Bldg., Plilladelnhta.Pa. 

E'ec, Bngr.. A. W. Way .^•ypon 

Cb. Bngr. Frank U. McSbane. ... ■' 
Cb. Bner P»r. Sla. 

A.C.HuMon ■■ 

H. M.. A. A, CbnrchlH 

Bngr.M.orW H. O. Todd ...Hlghlanda 
Eogr. Ovhd Cnneir. 

L. J.VanDeaan 

Power «t», eqnip. I i. c, O. E. 400 kw; 
—a. c. K6M kva: 900 h.p. e. HatrtabB; 
1760 bp.b, KHe.BtlnBMOkw.iDrb rttm) 
Wealg H. B A M. trsni. volt. MOO t; 

Power ata. {owni-d by Hannionth Ltg. 
Co.) and repair vhop al Keyport. 
Snb-ata. al Red Bank ft-SOO kw. rot. 

■oiiv.>, Soiitb Ambo^ (1-300 ko.. lOI. 
^onv.), Siono Cimroh (l-20i) kw. rol. 

" Reaclice Besch P»rk at KeTpocl. Anili- 
:orlam and Belch In KuoBbars iiud 
^BUdisBB Beitcb. Ultibliind*. 


Atlantic Ky. Co.} (Will connect Point 

Plemam and Lakawood.) 

'rcB fJBorgpG, Smlili Lukenood 

<ac. A. O. S. UaveiM Poinl Plsaaast 

rreaa. -TancBll. RDIcher Fri-eLnld 

•b. Enar. Kiiy T. Hivein>..Poiut I'lfBtBnt 

10 mllra ,ov_hd, catcnarj); 4-8« k; i 

METUCHKN. »,60» 

TreM.; APiif. AHI.D. C.Lewi. 
Gan.Mpr W. B Bunch.. .... 

Ch. Mech, Kr'gr 1 hss. H .BIgelow 
Ch.Engr I'wr.Sia. Geo.B.Sclirider. 

HOKRtNTOWN. 13.00 

jwn. Morns Piains. Mt. Tabor. 
iTille. Rockanay. Dover. Wharton. 
Hill, Kenvil, Sofeasnnna, Ledge- 

OIlTCi BIdK-, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Prea. K. Uhr.*t«....Motrl»town 
fc. ATira*. O. O, Scbniti.. || 

:en MEr.Clai"!" O.Wrldman. " 
npV KaeWmDiv. H, Cummlog^ Mill burn 
laim All. A. S Richards. ...Morrlalowii 
ti.F.nKT. H .0. reckham.,.. 



NEWARK. 3te.T91 (IMS) 
(Bee alio No. 3»») 

oa— fubltc Service Rj. Co.--01Bce, 

go Park Place. Newark, N. J. (A 
tonaolldatloli of (he Norlb Jeney 
St. Kf. Co, ileaeee of all ihe prop- 
Brl]- of the Cunaolldated Tun, Co' 
ot Ke» Jenej). Jctsey Ciiv, Hoboke,) 
& l>atenou m. By. Co.. and the L'nlton 
St. Kj. Co, of Central Jer>ey, the l»tle4 
formed by mprget of Eliiabeth £ Railr 
tan Hivet m. Itj. Co, and EUiabeth- 
Plalnflsld & Central Jeney Hy. Co.. 
(Abnorbed the >'ewarlr A Boutli Oranae 
Ry, Co,. Ihe North lludfon Tnmpike 
Co. and Pavonla Horse H. R. Co.) 

Rapid Tranitt St. Ry, Co, of ihoclty 
of Newark, Camden Horee Hallroad 
Co., douih Orange & Maplewaod 
Trac, Co,, the Bergen Turnpfte Co - 
Orange & Fassaic Valley Ry, Co.. ^ew 
Oer,ey & Bndson Btier Ry, A Fnty 
Co.(»bwh eonneciB BdgewelHr. il« 
Bide Park, Qranluood. Foci Lee.l>onla. 
KnslBwood, Teaneck, Bogota, Hacken- 
»ack, Haywood. Mldl-nd, Caddlt HIver 
and Pater>ou, and eib-ndg from Hacken- 
aack to Wooitrldce, Carlaiadi. Kulbr t- 
ford. Lyadhnret and ATlington. wlih a 
branch to Lodl). Camden & 8Dl>orhan 
Ry, Co., Canxden, filoHCfiler « Wood- 
bury Ry, Co. and Rlwrside Trac, Co. 
(nrhlfb conneaCe Camden. Rlveitcn. 
RIverilde.Beverlpy.BurllniBon Florti ce 
Bordeniown, and Trenton,) I'onnecta 
Paleraon. PatMic, Newark. Jerfey City. 
HackfDMCk, Bajonoe. Hnboken, West 
Hobnken, West N»w Tom. Eliiabeth. 
Moi.tclair, theOranei-s.Wefltleld. Bab. 
way. Ptsinfleld, Crinford, New Fmna- 
Trenton, CumdennndGlouceBlflr. {(on- 
Irolled bv Public Serrlce Corporation 
of New Jen.-y.l 
,Prei, Thoa. N, McCarter Newark 

V [>•»... J Edmnnd W, Wakelee.. " 
V.I-reatj.lQp,, J, 

\ RkhardB, Danforlb " 

Sec. FerriWali. 

Asat, j CI a», M. Bteder 

Seer>.l William H. FeDfc... ., 

T. WIlfonVanMldflleswortb... " 

AcBt. IHoben W. Toniklna..,. 

Treeara. 1 Fiederick A. N*ie. 

Coropl. William a. Parker " 

fien. Anflr, Marlliew R. Poylan,, 
A'at.Gan MEr,HBrryC, Donecki^r '■ 

rb..KiiEr, Mnrfn SchrelLor 

Gen. finpl. N. W, Bol»n 

Hopl. DJ»icb«, M. B. EoBevear.. . ■' 
Sunt (rr.niralDli,) 

Philip F, Wagiilra 

Piir Aet. J.A, Pearaon 

Oen, Claim flgl.H.V, Drown " 

Ami Gen,ClaTmAPl,H,D,BrlBga " 

Mer>h,Engr, IT, A.B-nedict 

A-ft. Envr. Howard B. 
Supt M.ofWay, Martin While.. 
Real KataieAM,. Geo, Barker... 

D. K. Knieht Paaaaic Wharf. 

Enerey obtained from Public Service 
Elec, Co, 

Amnaement Parka readied, — Hlllaida, 
(Reiieiille). OlymT'ir. (IrvtnElonV Srheut- 
ten. (Town of Union), PJlliade, (Fort 

PUs. X.™kr>- J. |B> 
ittmj K^T A. IMC Omu 

laBBdK dxccKo* •ksnlef PsbS' foe A , 

Stnilcc :Jtt. C^ rtdcA oinsie-. Cvl X. lUrtta 

—ill llM I iP Til f'l II ii 1 1 I II 111 I $■■>.* Piv 1(1- 1 

nwlin il 1 J ly ytir h h mIim ; tlmarwrn K-lL.GHf^Ap 

A PvT. Co.. TwMvkai tV i M jaajj g 

Co-. MotTiiloaa G« L(. Co, Tniud l-IULIjrSBCJBG. U,4ML 

OSre. l4lkaMieanUB8u.. JlllrMtinni 

£Ki5^.'-°" ■'-"■■- £.ii-SroSJ3£feS!tfS 

Pi™, -nat. S. MtCWr. 

f jfitHr' Hofgaa. 

OSor. IQIta A Wot An. | PlAASA](TTnj.K. UM. 

H<.l«.B.Chew 0™SCl'',a«.«AmA,J.lI.C«»pl.eU.Atlm5eCIU 

";i_„ ~i.|Tnu.biiDL.»DiK...PliIl>delpkU.FL 
' ^?SiS? 8oJ*..Ctoto*P»i. AjK. 

iiju^™i. «!.". " " -- "^ '^ ■*• tA.C»le PlduuitTUIt 

^j;kl"J£.^M 10th A H.«nAi«. «■ J-fTr^^S???^'-^ 

-,??^^.™T"^"' °^ "'*=*V« "S™'.t...^p.«d:e.W»(e.b 
itoperucipiD. *l»' ^. ,j^ hp. iWMfc; m hp. b ' 

tnUar ntlL US t. 
OBANOB. n.OO. Pinrer«».««lmi«lr •fcop B 

ISniW; 44>4k: 


<Sm Ko. «(G.) 


(SouBw a.aM.) 

•OS—Pt. FlBBBat Tnw. Co.- 

Ofin, SoBmil. (CoBoect* Bttok ' 
Point Pl-uul ud B>T Haad.) 

Piw. Orroll P. TUwU Si 

Src. a Tmt Fnwkr. Kimball.. 

(}*B.Mrr S.W. Bnrt™!.'.;;.'."!! 
Snpt. A Por. kgl. 

BnsrjT pa 

CoMt KIbc. Co,; trollBTTolLSMT. 

Rapklr (hop it Atlaiitlc Are.. F 

RaKh«Cluk'iL(DainE (RA. CI 

RSU HANK. 8,U1. 

«Oa — Honmontb Countj Elsa. Oa> 

— Qen. amce, Red Bank. (Conncctl 

RanuacOcMBic, Filr H>TBii,}(ed Bank, 

B4LoaLi)wn, Shnwibarr ind Lode 

fChiB. F. Bezton . Long Bnnoh 
! Tts»«.. Ssn. Mbt. Cl»lm 

O. Bolsler. 

._. . light 

Jdshj dbkI 
Blee. I&.Co. 
Bapur ihou M Shnwibarr. 
IT.T mllM; 4-BM i: IB inolor tnd S . 

RIVBBSIDE. ■,»» (1>1S). 


le Clt; and Conoai 

Pret!'a'. R. UtookB Ptalla^Elpbla, Fa. 

V. Pm. A Gen. Mgr. John J. Coyle, 

1S19 Ari:& St, PUJadBlphla. Pa. 

SCO., Ttbu., Andr. & Par. Agt. 
Waller W. Brookx... .Phlladeliihia, Pa. 

8npt, ft Ch. Sngr. Pwr, His. 

Q. L. Whittlngton 8«a lale Cltj 

Power aw. eqaln. 1 d. c. Westg, BOO kw; 

400 hp. e. Ham. Cor; NM hp, b. Phoanli; 

trailer wH. MO - 


RmLlcai 4-«Msi S motor and 1 tnllcBi. 

(Opsraie* In SDmmBr odIt.) (Road dli- 

Duntled, ISIB.) -tilSt 


<Sse No. SOS.) 

. south obanqb. s.014, 

(Sbb No. WB.I 

renntniil B. R. 

_ Offices, Mtb S 

and Sum.. 
DrlTB, aionn liar nor, siaam Hoad 
I partly electrlflad) (Eilendi fromCape 
tfaT Conrt Houae to Stone Harbor.) 


TBBNTOH. 10I,1W(»U) 
«1»— Feniu.-N*w JsTMy Rr.Os.— 

OUgb, Wirrwi * Hanuver BU. (Sdc- 
ooMor to Back* Conntj InleniTbu Rj. 
Co.) (EilendB from end ofTrentonCItT 

Biidge In UorrlaTille throngh Tardier, 
Pa., to New Hope. Fa. and LambBrtTllle, 
N. J. and to rfowtown, Pa.; alK> from 
Brlatol tbrosKh BnlmsTlUe, LuiRhomt 
and Nowtown to Doyleitown, and haa 
liackaga liEhta and nee of tarmlnalg 
In cltj o( Trenton b; agieement with 
New J»rF«T A Penoa. Trac. Co.) 
(TliB Public Serilce Commlislon ot tie 
Commonweiilth ot PeunFylyania bae 

the Block of the Trentun Cllj Bridge 

Pree! Sydney L. Wright 

133 So. Cth ft. , Philadelphia, Pa' 
V. Ptbi. « Gen. Mgr. 

Oaylord Thompeon Trenlon 

Bbc. a Treat. Walter T, BUibd 

isa So. Btb SI.. Pblladetpbla. Fa. 
Aflat. Bee. & Aait, Treaa. 

JoboH. UorrlBesT " 

Gan. Fflt. Agt. H. R. Coi Tttinlon 

Supt, W. F. TBhndT " 

Ch, Kagr. PwT, flU. 

GBOBtUnnr Newtown. Fa. 

tf. U. WmTHohr Trenton 

Pwr Sta. BqDlp.~Tardlej:aa.c.WeatE, 
Alll*-C. Q. E. tot. £100 kv. t ph. ES cTa; 
Srot. CDDT. a. EE, lot, ana kw: i-iSe hti. 
b, and a-B64 hp. b. Bub. & W. A. « T; 

Snb.aU.eqqlp.— Newtown: 1 rot, cony. 
G. B. 300 kw^ trollejyolt.SOa T,; Browns- 
burg: goo kw. rot. COOT.: Bnehlngton: 
IMiw. rot. cony.; HnlmeTlUe: 16 kw. 

Car barDs at Tr«itoo and Newtown, 
Pa, : repair Bhopa at Newtown, Pa. 

4S.Ifl milia; i^ k; IB pau.. 3 freight, 
4 work can and fi anew plows. (Co. aalla 
suBrn' to New Jeraar * PtnnBjIyanla 
Trac. Co.) 118 

•IS— Mew Joraaj A PannBTlTBDiB 
Tna.Co.— Offlce.HanoTarandWairen 

8(B. (Contrala and operate! Trentoii, 
Lawrence rllle A Princaton H. B., Cn. 
and Princeton St. R7. Co.) (Connecti 
Princeton. LawrBnceyllle, Trenton, and 
grants trackage and terminal facUI- 
tieg in Iha cltf of Trenton to Penna.- 
New JergeT Br. Co.. reaohlnit Mor. 
rlaTille, Tardlev, New Hope, Pa., and 
Lambertnile.N. J.. Newtown. Brlatol. 

Prea.Sjdner L.WriKhi. Philadelphia, Pa, 
T.pTBB. AHgr, GarlordThompeon Tranlon 

Walut T. Bilyen PbUadtlphla. Ps. 

Gen. Fgl. An. H. R. Coi Trenton 

Supt. W. P. Tahudy " 

Ch. Kngr. Geo. Bttlnger. 

M. U. Wm. Hobr ■■ 

EnergT parcbaaad Irom FsDDa.-Mew 

Bub^ta. at LawrenceTllle (800 kw.) 

Repair abop* at Hanonr and Cbaacrry mllea: t-m g; 5 paaaeDger. 3 
Irelgbt aod s work can. lis 

•1« — Public Berrleo B. B. Co.— 

OfHea. 80 Park Place, Newark. (Mer- 

Eir, in June. ISIS, of TreDton Tenninal 
.R.Co. and Bllaabe'ta. New Brunawlck 
A Trenton R.R. Co. Holda lease of Eliia- 
beth A Trenton R. R. Co. for MM years 
from April 1. ISll.aa ancceHor to Tren- 
ton Terminal R.R.Ca.) (ConoBcii Tri-n- 
lou. New Bmnawlak, Petth Amboy, 
Rooaeielt, HewarBn,E3lEab*th and New- 
ark Tia tracks of the Pnbllc Serrlca Rt. 
Co.) (Controlled tbmugh atock owocr- 
Bblp by Public Berrice Cotporation of 


Pita. ThtM. N. McCniWr Kei 

fPercyS. Voiing 

V 1.™,. ; BrtiiiunHW. WakdM 

I HicBsidE. DADrorth 
Btc. Percj Ingillf 

Seen. 1 Wi'liain' H. Filler,* .'.'.'.'.'. 

T. WUsonVaoMiddleawonh,, 
Aist iBohenH.Tomkine.,.. 
TtHirs.lFrederiikA. NfK,... 

CompC, Willimm 8. Barker 

Q>n. Andr. Mhtlbsw R. Ko;laD. 
AaatGen. Mirr. Hurry C. Donecker 

Cn-Bngr. Martin Scbrelber 

Qen. Sflpt. N. W. Bulen. 

8upt. DiMtbo. M B. HoKeVear... 

C)MniAj[.H V.Dro-n 

A-t. i;l&imAi;t. K.D. Htiis'- 
Re»l E.tM* Mtl- Gro. Barker.. . 

Supt Bld^B. D. K. Kiil.:bt 

Fur, AEt. J, A, Pearson 

M«h, Bner H. A. flenedirl . ... 
anpl, M.ofW. MJiTlin Whllfi,... 

Power •«. aipl»in-boro (plant 

■tm.J. A. Rigg Camden 

. Prca. Waker A.«ding, P». 
K. *Ti««i.T. W. (IrooketiJr. Camden 

Dbopaat Lalor Ht, 
Cunttola SprlnR Like Park. Uf 

(See No, (21.) 

WUST UOBOKBN. 38,770, 
(See No, tOi ) 

WlLDWUpD. 3^00 (1»16) 
lia — Ftve Mile B«Bch E1«g. Kj. 

Co.— OlDce.saePxclflcAve. (ConDrets 

Norlh Wild wood, WDdwood and WlJd- 

wood Ores. ) 

'»!. HenriD-Uoore HaddonBeld 

;ec, Wm,G, Moore 

Treat. & «en. Mgr, 

J, Fitbian Taiem 

Inpt. E, T. Nre Wlldwood 

Pwr, ila. equip; Sd,c,C,W. lot, 400 kw; 
ITU up. e. Bck^e; parcbatee ■team from 


T, Prea. Frank Ban lea 
133 So. 51U Sl„ 

AI,BVU11ERQ[IE. 14,02E (ISIt). 

Sec, *Tr-i>, 

«IB-ClljKleetrlBCo. (Snccex-or U> 

GW.ltnrT Bilven ... ■' " 

Albnquerqne Trac. Ou.)— OBlci-, Occl. 

en, Mgr, Qajlord Tbompaon , . ,Tr"ntoii 

R-[.alr .hupat UauoveraDdCbBDCer) 

n-cta Old Albuquerque, Albuqnerqne 
and Baielae.) 
Prre. Geo RoallBEtrn Albuquerqa* 

llmlIe.;4.8Mg. 118 

V.P.e..W,L-N<Si™an.... *• ^ 

Sec. & Trea*. J. H. HagJ... 

Sin-TrcntDD « Mercer Connt> 

Trao. Corpn. 143 Broad St, Rank 

knergy pnrtSaKd troiii ' Alhuqnerqne 

BIdg.Trenlnn. (LeflKBI'.eTrenlon St, 

Blec Lt. £ Pwr. Co. Repair ibopiu 

Ry, Co., VercerConmyTr-e, Co., Tren- 

Oil Albuqnerqne. 

ton. PennloKtOTi & Hopewell Sl,Tiy, ™rd 

Own. Trarllon Park. 

ttie Trenton, Hamilton & Eni"g Trac, 
Co.) (Theee ro-.dB fo m (he frentOT. 


group of ihe Inieretate Rya, propeitiea.) 
TCocnr-eiB Pennioe(on, flopmell, l,a»- 

LAS VKGA8. e.»34. 

«SO-l4» VegBB Tranalt Co. — Local 

Dfllce. Douglae Ave.. Eaet Laa Vesit; 

Prea, Rank'n ,'ohBBnn Trenton 

N.Y. iControlled by LaaVrgaa Light* 

Auir, 3, R, Harvej, ....,,.....,. " 

PooerCo.. which In (urn ll cootrolled 

by Federal Lt, A T^ac. Co.) (("OQnecU 

G™ Hgr,'* ClatmAgi.' 

Lai Vegas with £a»t Laa Vegaa.) 

Ed"-.r. Pe.nrfe,,,.. ■■ 

Pier. E, N, !>«ndereon...Stiv York, N.T 

Cb. Engr .Ta.n« 9. Paver. ;; 

««. E. K. HiD-AVTh:;;: 

J. ,Ugii-tui Hugpman 

Mxr. W. S: Towoaend Eaat lae Vegaa 

Bunt, Overh"id Couair, 

S.ipt, ft rh.Kngr. 

C. H. VicholB NewTort.N.T. 

Powpr an. eqnip. 3 d. r. Weeig.. Lnn- 

Power 'tL eqnlp: i d, f. O. B,. Boli.. 

dell. in,, m k«: 8 a. e. WeBtg.V KK 

C.-W. tnt. 4100 kw; 15ITO hp, e. W. C. 

kw. mo T. «0 eye; IS76 hp. f. Fiahei A 

Weth ^ailW^hp^h ^E<^ W,.^B«b:^A W 

foo "" ■'■■*'"■*'"■ '' "" •'">'■ 

'pnwer B(a, at Uncnln Ave,; repair «b op 

Power Sla. at L«« Vegaa; repair ibop 

at I8(h «t. A San Frarrlaco Are. 

Bi-»eb« White Cilj Park (nwnltdl. 

8.r mlleai 4-8K g; 4 raotorcara. 73 


Broad St, Bank Bldg, iControls Mer, 

p7nnlniton * HnpfwelJ si, Ry, Co. 

ALBANY. 107.979 (191B). 

and Tren-™. Hamilton ARwlnirTrac, 

(See alio No«. 741 and 7M> 

1191— Albany Southern R, B. Co.- 

A TraMannrtation Co., whlcb In turn it 

Malllni addretfl. Albany. Offira, Rgnr 

controlled by the Interalale Ry-. Co.l 

Uaaed to Trenton * Mercer Conntj 

Kurth Cbalham. Electric park, Kltar 

Tllle, Vsl&tia, ElDdrabook, Btafveuuit 
Falla, Etotuniui, StockportODter.SlAtt- 
TlUe and Uudun.) 
Ptbb. Wm. Loeb, .Ir., 

lao Btcwdwaj, Sew Tort 

i-re«i6,i J Bines KH ewes AJbany 

Iiytn W. Day.lOOBrondway.NBwTork 

Aailr. Jsm«eA. CormtlJ Hentaelafi 

Supi. A CI. Agi, J. K. Newman 

Pur. Ant. C. W. Mnllaney ■' 

Gen. FM. &Pau. Agt. 

CK^oimes - " 

Elec. Sour. & M. M. 

Ch. Eogr. Phi, SIB. 

T. H.Ceperley Stuyyeaaot Falia 

Power lis. eqalp. 10 a. c. Q, E. lut. H^OO 
kw. 12,000 & 8300 V, 3 ph. £6 * 80 cjs; 
380O hp. b. Bab. 4 W; 4000 kw. lurb, 
(-Im.) 6. B; B7B^ hp. turb. (wlr.> 8. B; 
tram. Tolt. 12,000 1; trolley 'oil. 600 t; 1 
moc:gea. aoij cys. 11,0UO-£i0O v. 
4 ladoor and 8 outdoor lUb-aM; S rot. 

atalea, Marcallui, Split Rock and Syn- 
cnaa.) (L'nder iiiBDa|[eiiiaDt of Feck, 
StiaDDabMi A Cberiy, Inc. 

Prea. Artbur W, Loaabj Syricnn 

vp™.. iH.G.MelcW Anboni 

V .rreaui, ■) ^ f, ctnnj Sj raeoie 

Treaa. Bt Auilr. L, E.'i'l'ppi'tV. '.'.'.. Auburn 
Oeu. Mer. APui. Alt. 
W.J. Harris •■ 

CI. ABt. & Oen. Fgt. StPuaVAgt. 

H. M.,"e. r! BenBoii;!!!!!',"'.!',! '• 

RuadmaaKr, Jno. Berglu " 

Energy purchoaed [rom Niagara, Lock- 
port AUniarloPwr. Co; [rane. Toll.l6.B00 
t: trolley voll.H0-«00v. 

Roictaee and owns Lakegida Park. 
Owiai-o Lake, Auburn. 

64.78 mUei; 4m* g: 86 molor paM. 
1 trail pan., B other motor and S oiber 
can, *5e 

■, B fgl and 9 oLhCT 
;o. doel gen. Itg. aoct 

S«3 — Dnlted Trsotlon Co.— Office, 

aM Broadway. (Operate* Tbe Capitol 
Ry., LanalDgbure Sc Cobo» R. R. Co., 
Troy A Coboas R. B. Co., WalerTordA 
Cohoea R, R. and Coboea Ry. Co.) 
(ConneclB Albany. Meoaaelaer. Troy. 
Cohoee Walervllei, Green Island and 

Praa. L. F. Lore*. 

SaNa'aaoSl., NewYork 

fW. H. Wtllianii" ■' 
V.Praata.J^-^^a^'i^J',';^*' ■*"™' 

I, ' 3E NaeeanSt.,NewTork 

Trea*. C. A. Hoag Albany 

Andr. D L Waiera •* 

Alty. John MarLean ■■ 

Compt. W. E.Eppler New Tork 

Qeu, Mer, A. E. feeynolda Albany 

A«t. Oen. Mgr. & Supt. Equip. 

aupl"Tran-V'cba^.'A.f:oon*i'.!;!! ■■ 

fj C, McDonald ■• 

Dtv. )T.P,Bo«e '■ 

Snptt, i VCrahle Tioy 

IFrednnranl " 

Eogr. Pwr. A IJne<>,C. E. Fa'oldt,. Albany 

Sopt. Pwr, Sta. PuBh ONell " 

Bngr.H ofW., CbBB.BrenDBD... " 

8opt. Ovbd. Cons. M. Uahy " 

Power atHii.aqnlp.l2d,e a,B.,Waata., 
Walker tot. 4340 kwrGO'Obp.e. K. A K., 
Cpr.areen: 84S0hp. h. Bab, &W., Stir: 
enTKyalan from Adirondack El"c. Pwr' 
Corpo.; trana. volt. 11,000 v; trolley volt. 

ahnpa at Albany (mala ihopa) and Troy 
111.388 mllee: 4-BM i: 4fll motor and 1 


8. Co—Offtoe, 

024— BnUyl Qn R. R. Co.— Offiea, 

40 Pine St.. Hew York. N. T. (Eltenda 
and nperatea from Long laland R. it.. 
Amity vllle, to aleamboat dock at root or 
Fire Island, B»byliiO.) 

Prea. Artbur C. Hume New York 

Fred. L. KopH " 

9Dpt,, Claim Agl. A Oen. Fgt. A 
Paaa. Agt. UilbertG.DorTand. Babylon 


Dnerey pnrcbaeed from Babylon Elac. 
Lt. Co.: trolley volt, 660 V. 
Repair ahopa at Weal Babylon, 
Smitea; 4-BW g: catenary overhead; 
5 motor and a other can. 118 

estO— Kayderou B»ilro"il Corpo- 
rsttoH-Office 30» Milton Ave. (Por- 

York H R. Co!l Operatea between 

Ball -ton and Middle Orore.) 

Pren. B, M, Brown Hock City Falla 

V. Pres.D.W. Habee SarstOKa 

««. W. B. Estea BalHton 

Trcae. E. B. Brown Rock City Fslli 

3npt. S.A. Kgan BalMon 

Ch. Enir. Fred. Sherman. 

Eneri^ piircbaaed from Adirondack 

E' trana, »oll, vSOO v; trolley Tolt 600 y. 

Power aU. and repair ahop at Factory 
Vlllaire (no P O.) 

IBmilea; 4.8W e; gmotor and 4 other 

RATA VIA. 18.878. 
SXA— BktavlB Traction Co.— Office, 

Prea. S. w. Brown Batavla 

V. Prea. M. H. Keogh - 

See, N. K. Cone " 

Treaa. G, W. Wataon " 

Enerny purchaped from Geneace Lt. A 
Pwr, Co,, 1 a. c. West: 1 mo. gen, aet. 

Repair ahopa at CI In ion St, 

t.1!B mllea; 4-8^ g; 4 mo paaa. can. 

BEACON, 10,sni (1«1G). 
aST- Plabklll ElsctTJe R7. Co — 

Offlce. Beacon. (Operatea onrler leaas 
theClllienaR. R. Llgbl * Power Co. 
—2.B3 miles.) (Ooi.n''Cl» Newbureb hy 
ferry with City of Beacon and Flahkitl.) 
Prea. & 0>n. Hgr. J. T, ^mlth ...Bearon 
V, Prea.Wm.J.CDnklln Flahklll 

Sac Hut; K. Tampklu Bucob 

Tr»M. Oeott[* F. Faltanon " 

Bnpt. ABIec. Oagr.Wm. U.Dddii '• 

Cb. Bnirr. Anetin UcGton Qlenliim 

AfierirT purubaHadfromGenDvlHadBoii 
aMJtSlecOo.j_lraDa. TOIL 18,01X^1800 

1 11 

t. SOOt. 

1 rol. CODT. WMtg. 500 Itw. 
... H". MIc7*j4U0t. d. c. 
wee Btn. uiit lepalr ibop at Beiaoii. 

mll»: 4^g; 17 moIoriiDd S other 
. (IubUIIIiik 1 Ve>t. Tot. conr. 800 
1000 T. 2 dt B pb. BO ct;— MO T. d. c. 

(Opantaa wble Incline 

y. rn6., WeldonF. Weilan BeKon 

Jo'hn B.LodKe Hancbeeter, N. H. 

Ch. Bncr. BobeitBunU Bsovod 

EneiKT PoTCbued fiom Soutbeni 
DntobNa Ou « Elec, Co.: En". ""1 
tralUj Tolt BOO t. 

tSOOti. cable luollne: Soma. *M 

e«0-BiBsb»intoa Ballwsr C».- 

Oace,8TSSUtaSL (Connectg Blngbun- 

ton. Port Dlcklnaon, Jabnuin CItJ. Bn 

dlcMtiDd Union.) (Owned b; SonDlon 

A Blnitaamton R. R. Co.) 

RecelverW.a. Pbelpa Blngbunton 

Prea. P. L. Puller ~ ■■ 

V. P«i. K. W. D«j ScnnlOD. Pi. 

Sec. W. H. Becoi. Blbebamtan 

Treat. BJmerH.Wblte 

AsBt. flec-Tieaa.H. Jackaon 
Claim Agt H. A. Smeclt 

«!i BtiU St. 
8upt. Triioapt. W. Burlej . . " 

Cb. Bnir Pwr. SU, 

T. Plncknej 

M. M.,H. M.Khoda 

Poner au. flqulp. fl d. c. G. E. tot. ItiOO 
kw; 1 a. c. a. a. 1400 taw. STO t. 8 ph. 
as OTa; BUO bp. a. B. A W.. Hct. A S( 
SDOOV' b. Bab. «W.. A. &T.; XOOkw 
atm. Inrb. Q. B.j trana. volt. I1,«0 t; 
, trollej TOlt. 600 y. 

Pawflr atatloB and renalr abon at STB 

ia Ideal 


»rk and a 

a Park. 

aud tl 


(Sh alio Nob. OfiV and TSO.) 

a3(l -Bullalo A Dapeir Rj. Co 

Local omce, Uepair: Ranaralofflcs, fllB 
Ellicott Square. BaBala. N. T. (Con- 
necta BuSklo. Depew and Lincaat«r.) 
Rac^Tsi Wm. B. CoHer BolEalo 

Snjit. Per. Ap. *' 

Boer. M.of W., U. L. npaob Depew 

Ch. BiieT. Pwr. Sla. 

Eloe'. Kngr. i li'. M.' F.'s.'Buiia.'.'.' " 

EoerKT purcbaied rroni Niagara ft Brit 
Pw. Co.; Sd.c. O. E. tot.TOolw; troller 
Tolt. S.V) t; repair abop at Dapen, Pwr. 

Reacbea Smitb'a Grave sad Ganglott 
Park (private). 
U mJIea; 4-8!^ g; IS motor. 4 Irailari 
d 3 otbar can. (DnrluB 1S19 ezpecta 

to bnlld line tnm Depaw to Bowmav 
villa Qlmtlea) aud from Depaw to Lan- 
caater, M, T. C. Sta. (1 mile)- >U 

•81— Buffalo Jt Lacluvratuia Tt*«. 

Receiver. Harrj Evera, 

BJllcott 8q. Bide. BnOalo 
Praa. «. D. BvaneAl Broadwaj.^aw Tort 
V. Praa. P. C. Scbattum 

48 Bicbanga PI. " 
Sec. & Treae. P. Q. RoblUgon 

81 Broadwaji, " 

EnergT Iram IntaruBtlonal Bf- Co. uid 
Buffalo A Lake Erie Trae. Co. 
S.eml1ea;4-8HK. *K 

8il9— Baffmlo A lAke Biia Ttm. 

Co.— Ofllce, EmbaiKe Bldg.. Erie, Fa. 
(Leaaea Baflala A Lackavaaua Ttac. 
Uo.) (Counecta Buffalo, Lockawaoiia, 
UambnrK, Angola. SUver Creek, Diu- 
klrk, Fradonla, Bioctoo. ffaatnald and 
Rlpler.N. T.iNorthBanaadBrle.Fa.) 
Receiver, Oeo. Bullock. 

01 BIoidwaT, New York 
Treaa. ft Pur. ARt 

A. F. TIdeawell KHo, Pa. 

Aodr. M. J. Btnklej 

Gen. ligi. A. K. Mjera.... " 

Aaat. Oen. Hgr. Oeo. Baker Fredooli 

rP. J.Qallagber 

-^ iK.T.NolBn BrlB.Fa. 

Snlrta.lT. J. Gall Boflalo 

[Loola Pease.... ^ Brla 

SupI.Ovarbaad, Wm.Jeffer*oii..Fredonlt 

Claim Agt.C. 0. Lohman. Buffalo 

MM., P.J. Wood Brio, Pa. 

Roadmaater, C. H. Harrison.... Fradonia 
BaergT pnntbaaed from Mlanra, Lock- 
port ft Ontario Pwr. Co. and^ Brie Lt(. 
Co.; liollarvon. 850 v. catanaryi repair 
abopa at BaSalo aud Fiadonla, M.Y., and 

itcacbaa Waldameer Park, Brie, Central 
Park, between Dunkirk and Fredo&ia, 
and PI. Qtatlot on Lake Brla. 

191.15 mllaa: 4^H k: no paaa., 1 ntotor 
fgt., 19 trallar fgt. and SS lervloe aara. *C6 

i:is — The Buffalo Bontliem Br. 

Co Office. tH6G Seneca St., Bnffale. 

IConnecta BuSlUo, Hamburg. Orcbaid 

Park, aarden villa and BIwnezer.) 
RecelvH-, Gen. Ugr. & Pur. Agt. 

Natban A. Bnndf Baffalo 

Praa. Wm. J. Wheeler 

IB Conrl St.. BrooUra 
V. Free. A. 8. WUldllt " 

Sec. Dan*l K. Harrington Buffalo 

Ch. Bngi. Frad'k Wing " 

Supt. TtaDSp. Wm. Dosd.. Orchard Park 
Supt. Line & Mot. Pwr. 

John Holateln BboHzer 

Cb. Bnsr Pwr.SIa.O.A.Wtble 

Track Foreman. Fred.Slade.QardaDvlUa. 

Poweraca. equip. 4d. c.Ee7Btone,a.B. 
West. tot. aao kwi «ae bp. a. (gaa); 000 
bn. a (atm.); BOO bp. b. sUrj troQer volL 

1 anb-eta. cap. 000 kw; S rot. conv. 

Power *tas. si Bbeueier repair abop 
al OardenvUle and Orchard Park. 

Reacbaa Brie Conntf Fair Grounda at 
Hamburg, Lein's Park (Buffalo), owned 
bv H. C. Leln and Oardenville Park. 

aS.MI mllaa; 4-gH c; 19 motor and 18 
other can, > snow plows, I awaepar. (8 
mllei lo I. Aurora under oonatruotloi.) 

SII4— iDternBtlonal BsIIwbt Oo-* 
OaDanl OOce, Lltlall BlriE.,aorHiu«B 
and Franklin Streets, Buffalo. (A eoa- 
aolldatlou Into ooa operative compaoj, 
at all the street ranivavs lu BuSslo, 
NIacara Pall*. Loekport, Tonawanda. 
North Touawanda aud vicinity, nu 
conatltBent companlaa meifad. eoB- 

•oIldsMd Ol 

EW folio 

Buimlo, BcJliTua « lADi .., , 

Bufftio A Lockpoit R;,, Buffalo, Tant- 
wandi A Hiigtn Falli Hlacirlo Hall- 
road Co., Blmnood Ava. A Toatwuda 
Blec. Rj. C'u., LockiKMl&OlcotlR;., 
NUgani Fill* A SnspBiialou BildKa Rl. 
CcNUgin Pmllk Whirlpool « Northern 
Ry.. NUgtra Pllli Park « Rl>*r R>. 
Co., Nimiva fUlt. Ont, Nlican Falls 
SoapeaUon Bridge Co., Ulinon HDipsD- 
•lon BridEe Ua. , Lewltton CoanecllDS 
Brid|t< Co., QuMDMoffu Height* Brtdga 
Od . , CroHtonn H t. Ht . Co . , of Hq ffaJo ind 
Tha Bl'c. CltJ Rj. Co., Nlajars Fill* ) 
(Purchased right of inj. ptopertj and 
Uoldlnsi or ths Frontier Klec, Bj., 
whioh wae organized to canstniat an 
elBC. ry. oynr prlrat* righl-or-way 
rrom Niagara Filli to Bnflalo.) (Cod- 

r The Niagara Bpanl ' 



Ida. Tooawanda. La Sa 
Falli!, N. t., Nlegara F 

Prea. B. b. ConnMte Bu( 

(BdgarJ. DlckDOn 

V. Pre*, i Qm. Conniel. Thoa. J. 
I fenaay.SSSElllccHSq. 


Trww. P. C. Reiohardt 

Aadr. C A, Chav 

Claim Agi.L.H. Stickle 

Pnr. Agl,H.C. Toeing 

313 Eltlell BIdg.. 
" - " — ■" ' ihu O.WIegel . 

Buffalo City Llnai 
T. W. Connett 

Main i MichlBan'ete, 
Pwr. G.W.DnBlap, Pwr.SI 

NUKBra A School Sl>. 
Track, Line, Bridn and 

Bids. Uepl«. H. L Hack 
Main* VtrglulaBM.. 

' «alo* Virginia St., 

Tmfflo Agt.. W. .1. Whlleii 

0eii. Agt. Obo. Chamberi.... ■■ 

Power lU. equip, fl d. c, G. E. lol. 
4M0 kw: 4 a c. O. B, Weet lol. BCM) kw. 
lUKI-lJ.OIlO ». a, 4 8 ph, 16 » W cyi; 
BOM) hp. e. AlliB-C. !jke Brie; S^Mi hp, b. 
Bab. A W: SMM kw. tnrb. istm ) Vml: 
8000 hp. turb. Jenckee, Kennedy, Globe; 
trane. TOll. 11,000 & as.OOO y; irolloy volt- 

Bnerey alea pnrcbaaed Frooi Baffalo 
OeD^ral Blec. Co.. Tonawanda Pwr. Co. 
and The Niagara Falls Pwr. Co. 

Poner Bt». ai Niagara St., BnSalo and 
Niagara Falli, Ont, 

IS •ub,ilae. Jot,eBp.8».0Onkw;47n)t, 
com. 4-8000 kw, S-VIOOO kw. aMflO kw. 

Repair oliopat Main St. and Michigan 

leach; reaches Delaware. 
1. Humboldt City Parke 


Cazmovla. Soi 

_.,, Registered offlca. 

with Corporation Trust Co., 1ft Bi- 
cbanga Place. JerierClly, N ,J , iHold- 

iDteniattoBal' Ry. Co.) (The Uniled 


11 m p. D 

Chmn, Bi Coni.. Rodman B, Orlscomi 

40 Wall 8c, New York 

Pres. E. Q, Connaiw , . , .^ ...Baffalo 

See. Normau OillB •■ 

Treas, p, C. Belnbardl " 

Audi, C. A, Chavel '• 

636— Ooteiio Llcht * Trao. Co. 
—Office, 34 Clinton Ave., No. Roches- 
ter. (The llgbUng Interesli of this 
cotnoany have b.en merged loto the 
Itoohesier Ky, & LI. Co,) (Coulrollad 
Ihrongh stock owEershlp by Hew York 
Slate Bya,) 

Pres. Jas. F. Hamilton Rochester 

3oc, J, C, Collins 

TrsBB, M, S.Barger New York 

Aset, Treas, 0, A. Tucker Rochester 

Gen, Mgr. J T, Bulcblngs,,,. " 

9nnt, y:A, Miller Canandslgna 

Power >ta. equip,, 1 a- c. Weitg, ISBkw. 
2300-104 r, » ph, nocys; S3fi hp, wtr, tnrb. 
SiDltk; trans. lolt-HSOOv; itolley *oU. -t ; 

Rt ALIgbtCO; ___ 

■ mile 




t38 — Cohoee By. Co. — Office, I1S8 
Broadway, Albany, IConneolB Conaea, 
Waterrllet. Urean Island and Troy.) 
(Leased and operated by the UnlUd 

W. B. Schoneld 

I 31 Naasan St.. New York 

? eas, c. A. Hosg Albany 

tity. JohnUacLean " 

^ompt, W. B. Bppler " 

Jan.Mgr, A.E.Reynolds " 

S.SSlmlleii 4-8Hgi e motor can. *Te 

S,»34 (lalB). 
a39-SoaIhen> New York Pwr. A 
My- Corpn. — OIHcb, Coopcrstown. 
(SucceB'or to OUego A Herkimer R, R. 

town, Rlchfleld SpBs,, Jordanvllls, 
Schuyler Lake. Fly Cretik. Index. BBr^ 
wick, Laurens. Mohawk and HerUmM.) 
Pres, Jos, B. Mayer. 

4S Bichange PI., New Sork 
V, PrsB., On,. Mgr. & 

Pnr. Agt, (', L, Stone Coopentown 

Sec. J,L, DeRoesel 37 Wall St„ dewTork 
Traai.&Andr, H,R,8klrTlnECoDperstowD 

Supt. O. C. Kllleen Eartwlek 

Siipt. Tranep, y " ■ ■ 

;ngr,C,S,S. . . 

Power bM, pqolp, G a, c O, B,. Wtatg. 
lot, 4500 kw, 18 800 T, 8 ph. SBcys; IBlfo 
bp e Bass: lOeo hp. b. Bsb, A W; 4000 
hp. turb, (Wtr.) Hnlrnke; trane. tolt. 
18.900 •: trolley Tolt. tBO v. 

Steam plant and repair >hop at Bart- 

Reaches Cinadarago and Lake Hoaas 

K.ti miles: 4-8Ue: 38 motor and IS 
other cars. (Co. sells energy to Sonlbem 
New \ni Power Co,) flnslalllng MT 
kva, turbo gen,) -ktS 

CORN I MO. 13.Ta0. 

York CItT. (Connect* Carnlna and 

PaiuMd l-oat.) 

Prea. P. D. Uuderwood New York 

V [i».f> J TieoB. DsTld Bolman " 

v.rreiiB. ^Q K Brownell '■ 

Sec. J. E. Packer, ■■ - 

CompLA, L. Soreown •■ 

Cn.Eogr.R C.F»liouer ,., " 

Oea. 3apt. J. K. Bmpey E]mlra 

<icn. Agt. 0, B. Hammond. '■ 

Pur. Agt.J. B PMkEr New York 

Eucrgy purchSKBd trom Ci'"!"" It * 
P«r.C'or[i.; trolley »oU. BTO 



Bdwln UulTey 

I D W. VHTiHoe.eo 


Sec, r»aB.,G<u.UgT. A 

a. H. Garrison 

Power >Ca. equip. 1 d. c. Q. E. SCO 

£ B. c. G. E. tOk 4U0 kw. !!SOa V. S pi 

cys; 750 Up. e. B, A W, 1830 Up. b. A. , 

Holne, Edg^; 30SO kn. tarb. latm.) ( 

trolley volt. BOO v. , 

Po»er gla, .nd repair shop at CortI 

Reachea and owns Little YorH Pai 

IM cnUes; 4-SH e; 14 motor pae 

does lighting and poner bQBine''B.) 

{See No, 750&.) 

KLMIRA. 40,073 (IfllS), 
84«-'£lmlra, CornlUE * TTiiverlr 

B. K.-Ofllce, 400 EastWster St.. El- 
mlra lOpi^ralea between Wellaburgh. 
Oheninng, Wa«rly, BImlr., Corning, 
E. Cornlngand Big Flata,) 

bftYld'Bosman,' New York 

Sec, & Pur. AkI. J. E. PHcker. 

flen. Siipt. J, R. Bmpey Eliuira 

Qen. Agt. C. B. Hammond " 

Snpt. Eqnip. J. A, Wiic"i " 

Enersy from Elmira Wtr. Lt. * R. R, 
Co.; trana. volt. 11,000 '; trolley volt. 

Repair ebops at Coming. 

SB mile*; 4.BH g; 13 motor «™ and 

643~Blinlra Wtr. LI. « R. R. 0». 

— Office, HalelCBldK.if.or. Like AWatet 
Sta, (In 1914, aheorbed We^i Side R. R- 
Co.; and in I»1S, ahaorhed Elmira & 
Seneca Lake Tntr.Co.flnd RlmJraTraoa- 
mla-lon Co.) (Cnnlrolted by United Uae 
A Rlec Co.. whl'h in turn la tonl4^alled 
by Tbe United Qaa & £}'£. Corp 
Broidway. SewYorl>.N.T.l<Coii. .._ 
Elmira, Sim ira Heights, CenitrMUlF, 
HorsBheade, Pine VbM-t. Mtllporl. Cro- 
lon, H.mtonr Pa 11 a, Watklna, Soiiihport 
Corner, Weal Elmira and Clark'aOlen.) 

Pres, E. 0. Coiinette New York 

V. Pre». O en. Bollock, 

V.P«a. AOen. Mbt,, P. H. Hill. ..Elmira 

See. * Trea- C. A Kolefad " 

AcM. Sec. ,J, A, MiKenna Sew York 

Aiiilf. A.M.Lewi.. Elmira 

Sunt. Tranap, ACUlm Act. 

Francia O. UalaneT ■' 

Gbh. Fgt. AgLChaa. Dalbaiia " 

1. t Doc. Jlngr., H. E. Gongh . . 
ireman Pnr. Sta. George Uouaon 

.. Kqolpt. & Clrkd. Conaii. 

College Aye., Blmira. 

Aye. Driving Park; raaebea the ChemncE 
and Schuvlet County Fairarounde. Han 
nn Gkn, WHibUe Gleo Seneca 1.ake sud 
Kldridga P.ra. 

;lric I 

and aells energy to Corning L.t. A P> 
Com. and Blmlra, Coroing A Waver 
R. B.) * 

(See Ho. SSa,) 
FREEPORT. 7,45S (IfllS). 

044— Great South Bay Ferrr Co.- 

OlHee, 1-7 Railroad At-. (AbBorlwt 
tbeS'i^horeUunlcipal R.R.Co.) (Part 
of line which conoeota Freeport and 
Point Lookout with Long Beach, t 

Prea. ftTreaa, JnltnaBindrim 

511 Lafayetie Ave,, Urooklja 

!^ee. Madeline Kob.^r Merriet 

Atty, Elvin H. Edvarde Freepoti 

Gen Mgr, Qrowr Swiena 

Rneriry purchased /rom New York A 
Long leland Trac. Co. 

a.St milea: l .e iDllef (owned), 1.43 mllat 
(track rlgku); tSU g: i cars. *W 

PULTON. 11, 18*. 



(See No. (H3.) 


(See Nob. 741 and T<7.) 

GLEN COVE. a,7B0. 


Pennn, Sta., New York. (Controlled 

by The Long Islsnd R. R, Co.) (Coa. 

n-cta Sea C)i9. Glen Cove, Gleh Cavt 

Prts, A. J. Cotiniy Phlladeipbla. Pa, 

V, Prea. C. L.Addiaon NawYork 

9fC W. F Brown 

Trea*. Geo. A. Walker.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Compl. CM, Bunting,, 

Supt, Alvak Seaman Far Rocktwar 

n-n. Real Estate Agt. 
Thoe. W, Uulme Philadelpbla, Fa. 

ITOllc) voliSJUUv. 

8.45 lulies {ctfuary); 4 8W B\ * motor 
c«re»ndlolliercar. *7S 

a4a— Bullion A'allej Ry. Co — (A 

DaneulidsCioD or the Ijlillwuter & Me- 
ohsiiic"lllc SI. Ry. Co„ ibe Grwnivicli 
* tecburlerifillt Klee. R. H., IhB Sar» 
togs Tree. Co., ilie 8«rH"E» Nonberi 
Ity., lac tilBSa Falla, Sand; llill Jt Fort 
Edwurd St. K. R. Co.. nud tlic Waiwn 
Coiintj Rj. Lesiei The N.irili Riv« 
R;.) (CUDiiecte Troy, MecLsDlcsville, 


L. F. LoceB..,3ZSMfftnSt., New York 

) W. H. wmmins 


i H h. WMlherBfli . Albany 

Sec. ». M. Olypbant New Yorli 

Treas. C. A. Boag Albany 

Aadr.D.L Watits ■■ 

Compe. W. E. Eppler 

Aity. Jaa, McPbiinpa .'.'Glent F»11b 

Gen.Mgr. A. E. Reynolds. ... 
ABsl.Gen.Mtr.U.f'.Aili.rton " ■ 
I>lv. 8upl. adv. D. PkhioiI. , . 

ni». Supt. Jobn Mahooey Stillwater 

Oen. PaM. Agt, F.J, Keinan OleiieFalli 
Cen, FKt. Ag( r. F Newberjy 
Sapi. of Eunip, Jainei Watl... 

Res. Knizr. N. K. Davie •■ 

Rupt. Par A LinesO. W.DavltoD " 

pn r. «ta. equip, 8 d. c. WeM. tol. SOO 
kw;B« c.G.B.,C.W.tot.5SI)kra,140v. 
t pi. 40 cyB. . 

e Bonala. tot. 89:5 kw; 6 rot, coiiv; 
traoB. lolt, iS Ot'O y; Irolley SIX) v. 


Kaacbe* Kayderoee Park, Haralog* Lake 
■Dd Undswa f ark. Gr'-epwlcb. 
IW-lSmllee; 4-8«g; 114 mnlor and 8 

Br>vllleR.R.(ini«wtrirDtv.)— Uffice, 

Qloiemyi.le, (Connects GlovertvUle, 
Johnniown, Fonda, Amsterdam and 

Pree. -J.LedlieHeei HIOTeravllle 

Sec, Fr-nk Bnnon 

TreiB.AAadr,Gco. A. BhitIs " 

A«at,Trea-. K.J.Beaeb 

Qeo. Mgr, W.^H,^ '^"J/^'u,;- 

c ... ). J, H, NHli..",',Ama(erd»m 

fafu. i Cijad.irta DIv, 

( C, B. \elllB OloTStsyn]- 

Clslln Aet, Wm.H Bvlnnd.,. 
Oen. Pase. Apr. Robt, M, Colt 

Pnr, ,^Kt,A.B, Vernier 

Ch,BiigPwr,Sl» C,L,0»te»,, Tribes Hill 
Ch Fner, JudsonZiBnier.,. 

Road m aster. Tboe Rvap GloversvIUe 

■Slimmer Reeorf Mgr, 

F. W. WtlHin Raeandaia 

Power Bta. eqnlp. 8 d, c, eic. 0, E. tot. 
BSS kw: 3 «, C.O. K. tot, BOOO kw, S ph. tS 
CT*; 4500 bp.e. Allla-C: lOOOhp, b.Spirr; 
tr«1)B. TOJt. 1J.WM v; trolley yolt, 075 »; 
energy alB'> imrebaied from East Creel; 



» ¥oik A I.onK island 

purl, HocKviile C'eutte. Hempaiead, 
dole. Spifniaeld. Ozuue Park, ^'ood- 
baven Junction, JUunsoa. Fnnlidn 
8qosre, Quetna and Jamaica,) (Con- 
trolled by The Long leland Coasol. 
Blecl. Cob. and iDierborough Rapid 
Transit Co,) 

C. L AddlaoD..Fenna, Stl.. New York 
V. Prts. (ieo. Mgr. & Pur. Agi. 

W, O.Wood Long Island CIlT 

Sec. ± Trtas. 

W. F. Brown, .,Penn». SI a.. New York 

Audr, Wm. HariE LODglalaEd City 

Bnpt. JolinM, Stoddard Uempelead 

Claim Agt. A, J.Katon..Lon(! Island Cili 
EnEt. Pwr, 81a, 

D.W MciFaul Rockylll* Cenite 

Bupt. of Equip, 

/. W, Gerke Lung Island City 

Power ata. eqnlp 3a, o. West, tot, 1000 
tw, ft pb. 80 cys; ICOO hp. e Cor, Ger; 
1000 bp, b. Natl; trans, yolt, 6800 T; 

Power SU, at RockyiUe Centrf ; lepair 
shops at Hcmpetead. 
41. M irllra: 4 fU £t BG motor pass. 

nOMER. 2,895. 
(See No. Wl,) 

U006ICK FALLS. G.532, 
er>a— Hsuaiek Falls R.R. Co.- Gen. 

OOie, ISB Chorcb 8t,, Nev Havm, 
Conn. iLeaeed to tbe Vorniont Co,, 
bnt by aereement with tald eompany 
the Berkflilte t-t. Ky, Co. operalfs the 
property.) iCoiinntB HoCPlck Falls 
andBenut^glon, Vt.' 

Pres.Honard Klll"ll, New Haven, Conn, 
iL S. Htorrf ' 

V.Pre*ta,<Gen, llgr. C. Q.BIcbmond, 
( Plittfleld, MasB, 

Sec. i. Treaa, 

Audr, i, A. May.'.'.'.'.'.'. 

Bspt Geo, B, Greene HooBlrk Falls 

Ener, Pwr, 8ta. 

T H Curran Walloomaac 

Power sla. equip, ! a, o. Wi-M, B, K. 

iot,400kw:K)o1.p,e. lUm,tor, Fiahkl; 

soil hp. b. Heine, Bt, L: trans volt B7B- 

Power ata, at Walloome-c, N, Y; re- 
pair »h"p at N" Bennlnctoii. Vt, 
Heaches Battle Field Park, 
755 mhei.: <-«« e: 1" -■ 



M. M„W. Whllak<r " 

Energv pnrrha-c! from Hornell El 

Ow-na and reaches Olenwood Park 

16 NBW roue 

•Sff—JunMtvwn 8t. Mj. Co.— (C«a- . 

DBCU Ltikemaod. Caloron, tnottUm 

Prei. A.M. BioBdhud " 

V. Pth. « AHt, to Prei. \ 

Wm. A. Broulhud 

V.-Fre«, A Trtii. I 

a. B. Broadnnd " 

Sec. W. H. BflTooldt " I 

Andr. F. H. Kibtlni •' I 

Oea. Hgr. A Claim Agt. 

Geo. E. Hulibj ■• 

Oen, Snpl. * Pur. Agt. 

Geo. L. M«ltbj " 

AhI, Bnpt A.A.Bnrvey ■■ 

Traffic Mgr.W.H.PlikMd... " , 

Qfa.rgt.ATtn.Aft. __ ] 

Klee. Enpr.W. T. Ssyiroiir!! " . 

Blgnal Fni.. B. L. SurllDg... " ' 

M. M.. FriiitH.Mincr 

Tntck Fnnman. 

A«l W«ler«»*n " 

EBgr.OThd, Conttt. B.B, Holmia " 

FOHer eu. rqnip. 1 >. c. tarbo gm. 
West, 7BM kw; WOO hp. b. McK, WIcki, 
Bib. and Wi tnm. TOlt. !■,«» t; troller 
volt. 6J6:v. 


Jteiobea CeloroD Park (conttolled) od 
Chsutsiiqni Lika. 

M.SM mllen: 4«< k: TA motor ■ ' 

HONTIHeTOM. S.00O (ine) 

ssa— UnndDXton B. B. Oo Ottcc, 

PcDEia. 8t«. New Toik. (CODUolled hj 
The Lonv lalend R, R. Co.) <Caa- 
necla HDutlDeton Harbor. Hnntlugton 
Village. Amltjyllla and AmltTTUIe 

Pre*, a'. J. Conntr Pklladelpkla. P«. 

V, Prei. C. I,. Addiaon New York 

(tec. Wm. F. BiowD '■ 

Treas, Oeo. A. Walker . .Pbllidelpbla, Pa, 
Compl. C. H. Bontlog. . . " 

Aa.t.Compt P.J.PeH.Jr. 

Snpt. AWab Seaman FarRochanar 

Oen, Put. Agt, H. M. Smith. .New Tork 

Par. Agt. H.%. Hodgea 

ClalmABl.W. H. Mablei 

Sopt.ofTeleg.&BlMt.L. 8. Welli ■• 
Ch.BnKr.Blec.Trac.OeorgeOlbbi " 
RQgr.U.orW,, E, M. Wearer. Jam^cB 
Gap.'Rear Balate Agt, 

T. W. Hume PhSladdphU 

Energy from TheLonglalaiidR.K. Co. 

trani. tdIi. ll.nOO t., trolly volt, SOO i. 

HnlHtas. at HnoElDgton and FarmlDg- 

mllaa; iS^ g 



6 K *— tthuui Trsotlon Corpii .-..Olllce, 

l«< E. Stale et. (Controlled by Cent 


Pre«. Roger B.WIIllama.Sr Ithaca 

V. Prea. A Oen. Hgr. 

J. C. NelBon Syracoee 

Sec. « Treaa. 

S. C. atltari. . 11 B Broadway, New York 

Andr. E.J. Ansiln Itbaci 

Qen. Snpt. Donald SUwirt " 

Bopt.*Par AKt..r.M. Johnion., " 

flupt. Pwr. HU, J. B. Mnrphy " 

M.M.,Wnj. H. Brooka " 

Power »>a. equip, 3 ».c. Weatg. lot. IKIO 
kw. ISOOt. 8ph. focTK: IfiOahp.e. Rax: 
BBSOhp. b. Wli-kPi, Edee: TSO kw. tnrb. 
(atm.) a. B; trans, .olt. (BOO v; liolley 
Yoll. BTS ». 

9 anbatas. 8 rot. conTt. 

Power Bta. and repair ehope nt Itbaca. 

11.47 milen: 4-8^ K; SI motor and 1 
other oar, (Belle enerey to Itbioa Oaa 
& Elei. rorp.i (Plant deetroyed by lire ; 
belDf- rebuilt Immediately.) *3ej 

«S6 — CliBDtaaqak Traotloti Co.— 

oaico, Wwt Broad Ht. Jamestown. 

(CannectB Lakowood. Aahvllle. Chaa- 

tanqna, Mayrllleand Wenfleld.) 

Free. A. N. llroadbead. Jaiaeatown 

V. Prea. A Aeet. to Free. 

Wm. A. Broadbead " 

8. B. Broadhoad " 

Aodr. F. H. Sibling " 

Oui. Mgr. tt Claim Agt. 


Gen. Snpt A Pnr. Agt. 

Geo, U Malthy '• 

Gen. Fgt. 3i Pass, Agt. 

A, H. Haecker " 

TrafficMgr. W. A. Pickard..., " 
Blec. Kngr.B.T. Seymour..., '■ 

Slenal. Engr. R L. Sparling.. " 

X. M.. FrankMlllBT 

Roadmaatrr, Axel Westenren " 
Enit. Ovhd. Const.. R. B. Hnlmes " 

Ene-gy pnrcbased from Jameetown 8t. 
Ry. Co.; trana. »0lt. Ifl.BOO '; trolley 
volt. MB ■>. 

t BnbJtaa. tot. cap. IMO kw : B rot. oonva, 

Reackea and conlrolB Sylvan Purk ou 
GhBDtaoqoa Lake. 

W.T.l miles; 48H g: 19 molor pais.. 
3(jp. motor, I fgt, and S other cars. *B9 

. (Co. » 


etn — Jmnoatown. WMtfleld « ' 
NarthtveatFTii B. R. Oo.~-Ofllo«, 

Jamestown. (Formerly the J smeetown, 
Ch^Dlanqaa & Lake Erie Ry. Co.. i 
ateam ro»d which was converted to I ph. 
overhead Irollev.l fronnects Beinus 
Poiol, Dawittvliie. HartOeW, Mayvllie. 
Westfleld and Jamefltovn; also operates 
boat line.) 

PrPB A. N. Broadbead Jameatowc 

lat V. Prea, A Tr»ai. 
S B, BrnJdbMd " 

ad V, Prea.Wm. A. Rroadhead " 

Andr.STr»fflc Mp. W.'h,' Pickard " 

9-ipl. Geo. L. Haltb]' .... " 

Oon. Fei. ft PasB. Agt. 

A. J.Haecker 

M. M..F. Miller 

Ri^admai'ter. John Oervi " 

BDergypnrchBBcd from JameatowD Bl, 
By, Co.; trolley T.raST, 

Mmllet; iHiisiW motor and 10 other 

•STb -Pamsma Trasllon Co.— OBIef 

SlSWeiiman Bldg. . (Will eitendfrom 
Warren. Pa,. toToungivllleand Sngat 
trove throagh Bnsti to Jameatowp and 
from Bnatl WHt lo Asbrillr, Panama, 
Ciymer. Wallabnrg. Lowevilie snd Into ' 
Bile,FB. luoperatTonhetwaenTonnn- 

ir Orov 


Prea. M. H. Sande 

V. Ptbb. * Qm. Mgr. 

n. L. iBvIe Juneatown 

Bngra. Chapman A Graham.. " 

llmiledgaaollaecara. (Grvllng an- 
iIt way between Sngar Grovo. Pa,, and 
Bnsti, and between ABhrtlleand Panama.) 


6nK-KlnKatin OonaoUdatail B. B 

Co.— Office. tOB Broadway, (Cotnon- 
datlon of Colonial City TracHon Ce- 
and Kingitnn City R. R. Co.) (Kinfl 

Pres. Fred.T. Ley aprlnglleld, Ua«. 

let T. Pro. 
Henry C. Page Worceata, Haw 

■ othar malot ca 

{Bern No. TUa.) 

a««— The ITmllklll Tmiult Co.— 

Offlca, T Korth St. (ConuicU Otwhau, 

M«<:luuilc4ltonn uid UlddletovD,) 

8«c JobnP.Weiu Bnrriebnig, Pa. 

T™m. W.M.OMlibY.... 

Aodr. Mite U. £. RobHuou . .HlddtctowD 

Qan. MgT. 4 Par. AgL 

WlllaidU. Gonld 

Cb. Bngr. A Xnir. Pwr. 8ta. 

W. D. VBntnweiaD " 

H. v., Fred FnncIKo 

RDBdmutet. E, Hnghea " 

Pawsr bU, cqalp. 2 d. <. Boll. tot. RE 
kw; B»bp. s. Harrlibe: TSO bp. b. Trank- 
lln; trolley loll, UO t. 

rown ita. and rspalr >bop at KMban- 

OwDi'and eontrol* Hldwaj Parte (SS 
IKM mllM^_4-at4 ei 10 mator pas*., S 

. I fgt. and a other 


Sr.nG mllea: 4^i i; 100 ntotor and 6 
otbai can. 118 

NBWABK. s.avr. 

(8«e No. TOOa.) 
IfETCBDRGH. 97,80*. 

6A> — Onhnffo County Traction Cob— 

Onre,a44ilRiBdiniT, Newburgli. (Op. 
eratlus Newboctb Cil; Line, Nav 
bnrgb Jt Orann LakaLlac and Wal- 
den A Oran(e Lake Line.) (Connecta 
Nenbnrgh, Orange Lake and Walden.) 

Prea. B. B. OdeU.Tt Newbnrgh 

Ann. to Pfei., Sec.. Aodr. A Pnt. Agt. 

B.BrrantOddl Newlurg 

V. Pre.. A. L. J. Miller - 

Tr««. H. B. Odell, 14 Water St. " 

S»c. W. Q. TWgert " 

Oao.Snpt. F.Oerrr " 

Cb. Bngr. Pwr. Bta. 

_I. M., Wllllaii Dacke'r'.'.V.'.V.'.'.'. " 
Baadmvlei, F. GreeD ' " 

Powerita. eqnip, Sd.e.West. tot. WO 
kw; arol. cony. Q.E.,We«t. tot. ROOkw. 
■0 CTi; SCO hp. a. Diion. Corj TOO hp. 
b. Delanej, A. A R; traoB. toII. IS.fiOO t; 
trolJBT TOlt. MO T. 

EnergT alao pnrcbaiad from Contial 
Hndaon Baa & Blec. Co. 

Powerala. and repair ahop at Kowbnrgh. 

Oianee Lake Park (owned). 

M mlleai *4ti g: tS motor and^M 

XKvr PALTZ. i.eso. 

as— New Falta, HlKfalund * 
Poaghkeepate Tnctton Co — Of- 
flca, New Palta. BiecntiTt office, 15- 
» Bicbange PI., Jeraey CItj, R. J. 
(Conn«cta New Paltz, Oblaylllc, Lofd, 
and BIghland Landing with rcrrr to 
rea.. Oen.Mgr. * Pur. Aft. 

JoI.A. Dofli JerasTCJty, N.J, 

. Prei. * Andr. K. F. Millar 

K. Geo. A. Warden _'; 

Supt. Geo. H, CahHl. .'.'.' .'.".'.'.'.Naw Paid 

CbTSnirr. Cnrtla DaTli Lo.vd 

H. H. Ch««. PalmlQleer N>w Palta 

Power au. Molp. a d. c. Weat. tot. SSO 
kw; 480 bp. e. Clark, Bna; WO bp. b. — 

Power eta. and repair abop at Lord. 

9.IT miles; 11 motor and H other cam: 
I ioow plow; I awaeper. TB 

(BaeNoB, seiandM.) 

«•!— ITsatcheBtBr Blso. B. B. Co 

—Offlca, MS Bontk Fifth Ats., Ml. 
Tenon. (CanaecU «aw York, Mt, 


B7., Inc Ofln.Offlce. tStSTtali 

Ch. Bngr. E. H. T. R;dar 
Blecl. Eugr.WaltnQninn...'.' 
Snpt Equip.. J. 8. McWhIrter, 

estbai. ASrd Aie,, " 

U. U., Jamea HcGeen Naw Rocbtlle 

B«dmaalBr. John Laoddj, . . .Mt. Varaoii 

BnetgT parcbaaed from Tblrd Ave. Rj. 
Co. PuwcTmLatNanbTblrdATe.,UI. 
Tenwo: repair ebopa at Eaat Chcitar. 

TtUMfen to Hadwin Park and Olen 

ipt. John W. Eell 


:., Clt; lalacd 

ITBth St.. & Boston Hd., New York 

Pnr. Art. Chaa. WItiel " 

Bier, gigr. Jai. D. Kent.... " 

Snpt. Equip. J. S. McWhIrler, 
Engr. M, of W. E. M. T. Bjdor. " 
S.Nmllfa; ISttota(!ebatterTcar«. 118 

«as— UntoD Bt-Cs.- Offlca, SSM Third 
Are. (Con cacti Yonkera and Mt, 

Vernon.) (Operatea Bronx Trac, Co.. 

ITBlb 81. and 80. BWd., 
Bnpl. Equip. J. S. MuWhlrier, 

B5th St. & Third Ave., '■ 
Kngi. M, of -W,, B. M. T. Rjder " 

Eaetgy porchiBsit from Third Are. R^. 
Co.; traoa.vplt.seOOii imllej yoli.MlT. 

RBMir >ltop« atSMh 8t. « Third Ave. 

Rencfa Clar«nioDt.BroDi. Vsd CortlaadI 
and CmtoDii Paike. 

lat.SOB milea; 1-^ g; SM motor and 

j.iiuIlT bj Brookiju HaiglitB R. R. Co. 
>Di S^v Tort Hyii. Co. The Brookijn 
Beiiitatt K. R. Co.. Hcle is opetsllQf 

Pr-a.T. s. Wllllimi 

*ec.ATrps«, C. D. Meneely BrOi>klyii 

ludr. B.F.J. G-ynor New Totk 

Energyfrom Brooklyn HtlghlB-R.R. Co. 

nai-Broaklja Rapid Tnnalt Co.- 

Office. KB ainloD St. (OoDtrale Brook- 
linHeitrhwR R. Co. (which leapfa the 
Broolilyn City B. R. Co.), Brooklyn, 
QQ«n> Co. t Snhorban R. R.. Iifae. 
ilD Eler. R, R. Co., New York Con. 
■olldalpd R. R. Co. (a roDaolIdatiDD of 
the Brooklyn Cnion El"!. W, R. Co. 
Saa Beach By. Co., and Canargle R, H. 
Co I. So. Brooklyn Rv. Co.. .ud Cnnpt 
laland * Orav-wnd Ry, Co., whl,-i. 
conttuli- The Coney lalund * Brooklyn 

Becvt.'l «. Garrison Brooklyn 

Ii cha'Eeorop« of Sn-fLlnea for 

Recvr, T molhy a. William ■■ 

G-n Mer. for Rfcvr. 

Frederick P. R.iTce '■ 

T. !■«<, * TrBBB. 

CD Me"pely •• 

Her. J. H, Bennington " 

Compt Hi>vard.\bel ■' 

Gen. Conniel. 

G»o. n. Ywmsna " 

Snpt Snrf.Trsnap.W.SIehert " 

Elef Kner. C.R. RoehlV.'.'.l!!!!!!! ■• 

ClHlm AeL I. laaacBen ■■ 

Qpn. Fgt. Ael. A. R. Piper " 

C.L Crahh- ." •■ 

Sw. B«p. Trans. Lines 

En^r inrf R'dwav, r! (i. Cram! ' " 

G, R.. Bnil. lot 133 7011 kw. «6l»-l't,«Xl v! 

TB.SObhp, b,Beh'4W.A.iT:1I7.'600kw! 
tarh. (sttn.) Wost. O. R ; trans. yoH. S600- 
ll.nOO •: trnllfVToU. ^Stl.*V^T. 

Power Biaa. at Kent A DIviFloD Atei.. 
Srd Ave. A Sd St. and Smith A flth Sts 
Repair abopii Surface div. at cor. rssd at. 
A Becond Ave,', Blevalad dl>. at U Gil. 
Ian Place, B. New York: SBth St. A 

Second An.; idtb St. & Eth A*a.. 80. 
Brooklyn; BOl FretbpODd Road, Oka- 
dale, L. I, 
ew.MIS mllea; <-SH K; 4.E0B motor 

eea - Bu>Ii Tennlnsl B. B. Cn.- 

Gen. Office, 100 Broad et.. New York. 

(Road extendi from2aib 8t, andSd Are. 

to liSrd at. and 1>t Ave., Brooklyn. 

Principally tieieht bnalneSB.) 

Pre», IrvineT. Bush N aw York 

V. Pres. R. Q, SlmgndB 

Sec. R. Willlann 

TreaB, & Audr. JohnA.Helnrloh " 
Actg.TrafficMttr,, P. L. Gwbardt " 

Fnr, Agi. L. CTKeodall 

Conslr. Ei!gi. 

E. M. eilaworth, ..a7'a4thSt.,BrooklTB 
Eire, Engr. A Supt. Overhit. Const. 

M. M.'W. H. Mai'on.Ft.'iJldSt! 

Energy pprcboaid from Brooklyn 

P"r, sta ot Brooklja; repair ehopaal 

""n-lC; *-m g; S pafa. carf and* 
Blec. locoa. *63 

B69-Tlie Cooey Island ft Bmak- 
ivii K R. Co.- oniie, escilpton Si. 
(Controlled by Brooklyn Papld Tranail 
Co. through Coney Inland A GraveteDil 
Ry. CO.) 

Pri-i T. S Wl.liama Brooklyn 

V Pres. * Trras. C. D. Heneely 

■"ef. J. H. Bfnnlngton 

Ciimpt. lion-rdAbel |; 

p"r, Agi, i'lnciiln vinCott.'.".*! 
Reaches Coney I"land, 
K.m niiLs; 4-BM ir: *8!! motor. 4M 
ass. and 16 serclce cars, S snow plows, 
(weepers. 1 1* 

flTO — Hanhattan Hrldxe Threo- 
Cent Lin*.- Office ,333 Gold Bt.. Brook- 
lyn. (Coiirecis Flatbinh A™. * Ful- 
ion St.. Brooklyn, wilb Canal St. A 
Bow-ry, New York.^ , 

Vrea F. Vi ,Rowe...3a3Gold Si., Brooklyn 

V Pre*. F.r> MarKuy ■■ " I 
Sec. Walter Hammlii 1 

tSi Fulton St., " I 

Ticaa.Kd. T.Hon. Ul 

Audi.C.E.Grau..S3SGadSt, " I 

Gen, Snpt., Claim APiir.Aet. 

A'lhiir Porter. ...SSaGoldSt., ■' I 

M.M.A.E. KortO".. ■■ " ' 

E'^ercT purchased from Brooklyn 
FdiBnnCo.; troUi v vnlt. gnov. 
"""Bold St, 

ind 1 1 


. Pre-. H N, / 
5C Wllll.mL, 
rrSK H.Sphtel 
ndr. Thomos ] 

I from Manhaltixn Beach to 

It ISO West End , 

Yorh MaQiolnal Bj- 

Ire.^BCIioton^t., Brook lys 

with dly 0/ Msw fork 


action jointly bj Mj 

iiletiDg trickBi;* rtgliU 

Iritini: linr*, lint* 10 

raeksge ligbts, 

Pr^t'T. s'.'wiliiBnn Brookljn 

V. PfMU.j C. D. MPneelj |; 

Andr. Howard Abrl '.. " 

Qen. UoHOBcl (i. D. YeonuM ■• 

Ch. Engr'. W. S. Mfnden.,. 
Klec. Eugr. C, B. Kunhl.... 
Trani()t. Engr. J, J. Dempeer ■' 
BnKT. C»r Eqnlp. W.G.Qor* " 

ftT3— Vhd Brant St. & Erie BuId 
K. R.Oo.-Offlce,aM V»D Brni.l St. 

pA*. J. F. Murphj Brookljn 

V. Prei. APur.Agl. 
D. W. SuLJlian. 

Sec. *Tre»..Wvll.tTeiTr,.... 
Xantvy purohaBed from Brooklyn Hti. 

S mile*'; 4BWit; 11 motor can. US 
BoTonBh of MKiihkttmn. 

Aodr. A.B.J. ToTay NewTork 

DvLeaUcDonaid^eu'l enth Are. " 
Equip. J.b. Mi:Wliitter, 

ClBlmAnl. J. W, Yeofon '• 

I'QP. Aei. CLBtlM Wttiel ■■ 

Ch Ener. 

"ngr sT of W., B. M. T. Hydep 
Rneig; purchaeed tiom Tlilrd Are. Ry. 

Repair »hop at 65th St. & Third Ave. 

^. 1SS1 and IHSe.) 

78» Tenth Ave,, New Torli 

e7S_Th« Brnokljra * Murth V 

trnlled jointly by the Brooklyn Rsnid 
TT«n"lt Co., New York Bya. Oo 
Third Av-. I(.T. Co.! 
Free, SiaughtcrW. Bnff 

K Ciintnu St., Brooklyn 
V.Prea.Kdw A Vahe'.-Tr, 

2M«TJil.rdA«., N«w 

BatturrR.B'Cn. Office, 23« Third 
Ave. (Controlled by the Third Av. 

Pre* 'slaughter W.Hoff, New Yor 

V. Prea, » Qen. Met. _^ 

Sec. Shslton E. MattlD " 

AaM SflC. * Asat. Treia. __ 

TreM. Alfrid B. Sage ! 



77— The Forty-Second St.. RIkd- 
bBttBDvllle A at. Nleholaa Ave. 

By.Ci..— Office BaUBTl-itdAte. (Con- 
trolled by the Third Ave. Ry Co., 

8upl. Owen McDonald, 

Ten Tenth Ave. New York 

l.AEl.JobnW Yenaon 

ur.A^t. Chaa.Wltzel 

ner.M.ofW. E.M T.RjdVr. .'.'.". " 
Energy porehaaed from Third Are. Ey. 

Repair ahopal SSth St. t Thi<d Ave. 
e7.ni3milea;..«W g; 178 motor and 7 

07S— Huilaon A HanhBttsn R. R> 

Co — Office aOChnrchSt,, New York 
tConr^cta New York City, Jtnro. of 
Manhattan, and Jeraey City, Harrlaon. 
HewBrk and Ilobuken. N. J., oprr- 
atine Joint a^rvlce with P.nntylvania 
R. R. Co. from Cnrilandt St, New 
York to Newark. N. J.; Corllandl St. 
and Exchange Place. Grove St. and 
Sumndl Ave.; Corllandl St. and Bi- 
ehaoee Place ErieR R. Sl8..Hobokeii; 
CiirtAndl St. and Hid St., New York' 
Summit Ave and S3d St., New York; 
Hoboken and aSd]Sl., New York.) 

l-rea. Wilbur <•. Flak New York 

V. Pre«. Oten Root '• 

Sec.Treaa. AClaimigt. 

Federal Tt' BB. j'.'s. O'NealV.'.'. 
Gen. Mkt. Kenyan B. Caneei.. " 
Aaat. toFedecal Ugr. 


Ted Audr. F. B. Srl'lck 

Oen.Supt.C.S Kliimpp 

I'ur. Abi. H. W. Wehber 

.^BPt.'supt. W. 4i9. 

E.M Bl«li«. 

Ch Enpr. Pwr. Sts. B. R. Murphy 

M, «. Car Equip., P. V. See, 

R.R.Ave.4War-en St., 

Power ata. eqnlp. 4a. c tnrbo-een. G. 
F... Carii« tot. IB.SnO kw. S ph. ii eve; 
hionhp b. Bab. & W: ir«nB. volt. 11,000 
v; ai rail Iroll.y volt. BMv. 

repair ehona at Railroad Ave. £ warren 
-I.. .rere"v Citv. S. J, 

18.7s7mlleB; 3d rail: 4-SM g: Ssa n-otor 
and 6 other care. <Ha* franchiie from 
:<3rd SI. and Bth Ave. to Grand Ceniral 
SIB.) *bS 

(S7B— lulerhorou^b Rapid Tranait 

(Co.-OfBcea, ISBBroadnay.NewYork, 
Leaei-f ManhatlBn Ry. To. and owna 
one-hall interest in Ihe Long Island 
El-r. Rv. Co. and New T-rk * Long 
Islnnd Trac Co.) (Con'rolied by In- 
terboroagh. Co n'oli dated CorpB.) 

MEicb-inee PI. New York 
Pte. tb Cbmn. Eiec. Commitlee, 

Theodore, P. Shonie. 

Aaat. to Pres.W. L. Peppennan, ■* 
A. Pre.. AOen.Wgr. 


AauL to V. Prea. & Oan. Ugr. 


V. Ptw. in o]if[. Con 

D«Yid w: liois. .'.'.NeirToik 

Gen. CoDuel, 

Ulohaid Bald Boger*. 

Oen.AHf. Juan L.ijiuckanbiuti " 

Aist Sec. A. C. Wlgren. '.'.'.'.'.'. " 

Tnu. J. a. Cwnpttell 

Andr. K. F. J. U«rnor 

Snpt. anbwiiT DlT. 
A.L.Uarrl(t,Mtli8LABr(»dwm7 " 

b. b. Bmitti, ..Saatb Fsrr; " 

W.B.FInHj, Jr.,Wtha[.AlIUiATB. '■ 
So pi. C>i EqalpmsnE, 

J.3, J>aTle,..«8Il. Bt.AlMATS. " 
CoMtr. Kogr 

A.B.Wlll(ain8,B»th8t.411th Ave, •' 

ThomMQerehartlB-BI Park Ron " 
Signal Edit. 

J. M. Waidton 

U. U. HantaatUnDlT. 

ISSd St. A So. fionlliud 
Cb. Bngr. Sso. H.Peifrani — " 

KaBi.M. W.. C. E. CarpanWr. " 

Else. 9npt, H. A. Kldfler, 

Else. Kngr. G. C. Hall '-.- 

Etoadmaslsr, Prsd Htla.Somb Ferrj" 

Incbogsn, WegU. tot. fl7,»00 kw. 11,000 
T. a ph. S5 cya; M.DOO hp. e. Allli-C; M,a80 
Up, b, Bab. * W, 

(8nb«aj DU.) 14 a, c. tntbo-gen. West. 
G K. lot. lOhinO kw. 11,000 f. S ph. « 
CTs: nr.EOO bp. e. AlUa-CiM.OOObp. b. Bab. 

Pdwst aU.. ManhatUD DIt.. bslweao 
T4tb A TBth Sta. A Baat Rlrai; lapalr 
■ bop*.7tb Ats., batoeen l«Slb * ISOth 
Sta.; eSItlSt.A MATS.: IBRtb 8t. A B(h 
ATS.: ITRthSt. gLtd Ave, and lUOtb St. 
ft BVay. 

Power Sta. Subwaj Div.. 11th & ISth 
Ats., batwwn Mtta A Sftth Sli. 

SnbiTST Dl>.. 194.80 mllea ; Uanhattan 
DIt., mllsi: t-sa «; S.08T motor 
paia.. l.IH trail paaa.. 14 otuci oiDtnr 
and 101 other can. 

Dual ayetem : aobnay and aleratad 
llaaa for conaimctlon jointly bj olt; and 
compaDj, S9.1S mllaa. slsrated nllroad e±- 
tsnitona to bs constructsd bj compiDT. 
t.Sl miles. ir«3 

aSO — MBDlwttan M QuMiia Trmo. 
Corpn.— Omce, CO Wall Stresl. New 
York, N. T. (PntchaHd the frucblse 
■nd pbr^cal propertj of the Boatb 
Sliote Time. Co. Ijlng within ths citj of 
New York. BxMnds from Uth St. * 
Saaond Ave., Hanbaltan Boio, orsr 
Qoeeneboro Bridge, tbroogh Woodilde, 
Wlndeld, Klmbnrat, Toreat Hllla, Kaw 
Gardens toJamalca,QaeenBBan>. Also 
DperaMa local aarvlca oier Qaeenabom 
Bridge, connacting UanhaftaD Boro. 
with Long laland CTlj.) 
i-Arthnr C. Home J 5'T Fifth ATa., Naw York 

Rscvre.-^ William R. B^ 

I S4 Broad Bt„ •' 

Aodr. Fred. R. Adier, 

Queens Plaza Court, Long laland City 

Gen. Met. 1 Pur. ArI. fat Rscira. 
B.W»llarDnncan....Long laland City 

SapLTranip. W.H.TIllalBon. •' 

H. H., A. ii. Bal^n.". .?XDnE laland City 
Bnerey pnrnbaaed from New York and 
Quaena Blac. LI. Bl Pwr. Co.; trollBj Tolt. 

Reiwir shop at Bocklar St. A Thomp- 
son are,. Long Irjland Cllj. 

Reitchea Celtic and War hlngton Park*. 

n milea; 4-8U: 48 motor pu*. car* 
and 9 other motor ear*. 

Gen. onic*. DtK Third Are. (Socceuar 
to the Twenty-algbth A Tweotj-nlntb 


Streeta Ciosstown B. B. Co. aoM at 
rorecloanra.) [Controlled br Third An. 
Rj. Co., which see for " " 

Snpt, Owan UcDonald, 

TSaTenltaATS., New York 

CI. Agi. John W. Yenson, 

Por.Agt.Oha*. WitHi 

BnptTii^nlp. J. S. If eWhlTtet, 

Uth St.* Third Ats., 

Bngr.H.DrV.; B: H. T. Ryder. " 

4:190 mtle>: 4^ g; M .torage battatr 

dSa-Mew Yosk CeDtral K. B. 
(Klae. DIt,)— omc«. Grand Ceotial 
Terminal. (The Harlem diT. 
from New York Cltr north t 
White Plalna: the BndMii dlT. 
from New York City n 

Fed. Mgr. P. B. Crowley New Vocfc 

Asst. to Fed. Mgr, 

R. B. Statbock " 

Fsd. Treas. B. h. RosalMr ** 

Fed. Andr. R A. Whits 

Andr. O. H. ChambeiB " 

Ovn.Ugr. W. J. FHpo " 

Aast. Gan. Hgr. T. V. Btbhi. . •> 

Gen. Buut. Paaa. Tranapl. 

C.F.fimltb - '• 

Gen. Snpt. A Term. Mgr.. .. " 

Mlle»Broo«in..,.rT.,-. ■ " 

Snpt G.H. Wilson 

Pnr.Agt. W.C.Bowar. ■• 

Gen. Pais. Agt Harry Parry. . " 

CIL Bngr. G.^, Klllredge.... ■• 

Ch.Bngr. Elec.Trac. B. B.ISatle 
8npt.o7Pwr.W.a. Carlton..,, 
Snpt.Klee.BqDlp. C.B.Qnerean T '•■ 

DtT. Bngr. F. Boardman " 

A«t. Term. Mgr, « aignal Bngr. 

H.8.BalUBi T. 

Snpyr. of Traoain. Kdw. Rlchlar, •' 
Ch. Train Diipr, K. L. Golden 
Dial. Claim Agt. T, W. Dill ... 

Two power ataa, eqolpped with G, B. a. 
c, eansratore tot. BO.dM kw. 8 ph. 35 cya; 
■0,000 hp. b. Bab. ft W; M.HIO bp. tnrb. Q. 
E: trana, volt. II.OOOt; 8rd rail Tolt. 868 T. 

Powor Bttg. (i) PL Korrla, (1) 

aib-etaa. (I)'Mtb St.. (1) Hott HsTon, (t) 
Klnga Bridge, (4)Glenwood, (B) Irrlng- 
C<ni, (S) OMiDlng. (71 Bounieal gardana, 
(Si Tockaboe, ifl) White Plalna, 

ItapiUr tbopa at Harmon and No. White 
Plains. miles (third rail): 4-8^ A 4-eg: 




...J Boroughs of 1 

Imni.) (Controlled by the Third An. 

_lj Co., which BSB for BIOCOtlTBofflCSn.) 

Snpt. BoTorly W. Rnnolda, 

attth St. A Broadway, New York 
Claim Agt Wra. A. Baton, 

BoatflnRoadJtntthBI. " 

Pur. Agt. Chaa. Witiel ■• 

Else, Bngr. Junta D. Kent, 

mth St.* Boston Rd. ■' 

Snpt Bqnlp. J. S. McWhIrter, 

Bngr. U. orW.;B. M. T. Ttjitr. •' 
_ Energy porcbaaed from Third Ats. Ry. 

Bspair ahop at 811th St ft Third ATe. 

8«.eM miles; 4^ g; TS motor aod > 

oth» cars. 118 

S14— Tbe Now Tork OanneBtliiK 
R. B. Co.— Office, PenntylTnnia Bta., 
New York Clly. (Kosd exlanda ftDs 
rmnsctlon with N.Y.N. H. ft H. B. R. at 
Port llorrls, Boronih of Bronx, to eon- 
necttonwlth LoigblandB, R.atTraih 

Pond Jet., BOTongb of Qne«n«, Hew 
York Ultv, S.Ut mlliH, withliruch rrom 
Snnnielao Jet. lo connection with Tnn- 
asl line ot P. R. R. it Sunnjulde Tud, 
BoniaKbnf QaeanB.O.ttl oF a mtle; total 

FreA Pond'^to Bay Rl'dEO. ' Ovined 

Sec. ATtbh. 

A B.Cluk N< 

Compt. J, H. TomliosaD 
Cta. Sagt. Edw. G>^. 
Re*) Baula Agent 


8.98 mllea. 

;vr., Job.E. Hedged..;, 

AMt. to Geo. Mgr. 

1 Hirtln E. Balks 

L. Tr&napt 


Sapl. Tnnipt. 

T. A. UeJineT.TTft-Tth Art 
Ch. Kngr. O. H. Pegrmm.... 

SSthSt. t llth Ai 
Snpt, Car Bqnip, 
.f. a. Dojla,B«!i St.AThlrd 

1UBK rallaa (i:)S.eS0 nnilgid. elec. A 
ie.Mnalor.etec)t4-8!^g;l,MSe1er. pair, 
108 atnrige b>tt«ry. 1« elec. eervlu nod 
atHlIereerriMCBTI. *^9 

ess — MAW York, WMtoheiter A 
BnatoB Kj. — Ofllce. 481 Honli Pmrk 
An..Brrini. 'Coneot. ollhe Wnlcbai- 
Mf Nortbern R. R Co. ud the N. v.. 
WealchesttT A Boston R;. To.) (Con- 
DMtl IMd It. CHirt^m HIvert. and Kant 
18Mb Bt,. Broni. Sew York Citr, Ut 
Varnon. Palham. New Rorbelle and 
While Pl"ln>.) (ConiroUed bj N, T., 
N. H. A U. R. R Co.) 

Pre*. t,«erett 8. Miller New Totk 

See. A rn»t. 
A.B.Clark New H»tbd, Conn. 

Ami. S*e., AkM. Treaa. A Par. AgL 
0<>o.M.apldel].Jr New York 


a. * B. R. R„ and West Fainu; ti. . 
TOlt. ll.Oao^OIMv; IrollvT volt. li.OOO t. 

Rapalr abopa ai UnlODport Road A 
Moma Park Aie., Bronx. 

40 motor. 5 fgt. and G trail cara: 8 loco*. 
ILIne conslTucted and operated ai far 
eait ae Wblta Flalne.) *Ge 

«ST — Pennarl'^nU Tunnol « 
Tsrnilnal K. B. Co._OIHc<. Broad 
at 8u., PblU.. Fa. (Blac. Dl*. or 
Fenna. R. EL betireen New Jaritj and 
Long lataod Cit* via tannel nnd<r 
NorEh Wrer, Now York Cltj and Baal 
River to a point near Barold Ave.. 
Lon^ItlandCitr. Operated b^ United 
Stale* Railroad Admin attat ion.) 

Fed. Mgr., Ell^ba Lee, Fblladelpbia, Pa. 

Frea. Sam'lRea 

V. Frea. A. J. County 

Seo. Lawia Nellaon " 

fR.H.OroS " 

Amt. I J. Tanej Wlllcoi 

SecB. 1 J. W. Marahall 

( SG Cedar 8t.. Sew York 


Aaat. Trea*. J. S. Vanzandt,... 

Compt C. M. BuDtlog 
(U. 8. Ml.ltarv Sorvlee) 

Aeai. Compt. F. J. Fell, Jr . . .. 

Qen. Counael.Fnnclal, Qowen 

Oen.Mgr. R.L.O'Donnell " 

Oen. Hupl. 
R V. Maaaey. . . Pann. Sta., New York 

Real B«t. Agl. 
T.W. Holme Phlladrlpbta, Pa. 

Caahla'. R. C, La.'BBr 

Snpl. N. Y. Dlv, 
C. I. Lelp»r Jemej Citj, N. J. 

'»).0IWkw'll,€0O-l46v. Uph! tsibflOcTe; 
la.gOO hp. b. Bab. & W: TO.OaO k*. atm. 
torh. Weet-Par: Irana. volt. 11,000 »; 
trolley Tnlt.BTBv.d.c. 
4eDbatBa: lit rot. coo. tot. sap. IM.ron 

"power ata. at 4th ft Front 8t«., LnnK 
Iiland City; repair ehopii at Sunnyelite 

Oa.M mllea (third-rail); 4.eWg; Bmolot 
cars; AT elec. locoa, iCo. fumiiSiea 11.000 
V. Mey;le energy lo Look lalandH. H.) 

Co.. Int-rboronpb I 

Third a™. Hy Co. 

Repair abops at 1974 M 

iralsd) *.f>H g: ZSS 

B. Broadway ft Battery R. R. ' 
E-he <Snd flC, Manhatlanvllle ft S 
Nleholai At«. Ry. Co., Union Hy. Co 

aontham Uaulsvirjl B.B. Co., Yonkau 
ft. R.Co.,Wei>ictacBierBlec. H. K.Co., 
Nb* Ifork Clij iotBtborouiih By. Co., 
Uid-CroiBtoHD. Ry. Co.. BclI Uuh Rj. 
Corpa., KiDga^riage K. R, Bronx 
TrHotinp Co. and Pelliam P«ik * Citj 
[eland Ry., Inc.) 

Htfu. Slaiigat« W. Hntt New Turk 

V. Free, ii UaD. lUiIT, 
- Bd"»rd A. MatiM, Jr. 

Sbc. HbelloD B. MarUD 

Treaa. A, D.Sflge 

As-t. Sec. & A-al. Treaa. 
WallerC. Butrowa 

A.:tgAndr. A. B.J.To™y.... 

Supt.,Gen. J. Uarpb;, 

SSlhSl.ft ratrfAvB. 

Sipt.Equlp. J.S. llcWblner 

Clslm Ait. J.W. Yedsod 

Pur. A«t CharleiWitMl '■ 

Engr.M.'of W. E.K.T, Rjder 
Boergy poTchased from K>w lork Bdt 

eon Co.; 4 d. c. Weal. lot. HO kw; 

fl a. c. Wret. tol. EI.OOD kw. S pli. 93 cya; 

BO.OOObp.e. Wedl. 1^000hp.b. Bib. &W; 

[rane.TDlt.SBOOTi trolley lAll.BTS*. 
Repair thop 81 BMh St, & Third Ave. 
SS.UT mlln: 4 SM g^ 21-1 moior and 12 

other care, ,ro. eefle energy.! HB 

6aO-AlKbKi-s Troc, Lt. « pwr. 
Ou„ LW — Oinc"«, 33 Commeiclal 
UnlDD BIdg.. Moair-al, Can. and lOO 
Broadway., .Nei%- V..rk, (Conlrole Ala- 


o.. Blrmlnghan 


*-anlf Povfer Co.. Alubama Properi, 
Co , Mnede Shoala Hyitro Blectrie Pwi 
Co., AlBliaaia Powr & Uiihi Co. an 
Ashurr Bl^ctnc Power (!- 1 
Prei. Jamea Mitchell... London, Bnelam 
V. Pre-. Liiwr.iiice Macfarlnne 

Royal Ttuil BIdg.. Moiilreal, Qd< 


ne.La. (CoritrolBtHeNew 
urieans .L.ii i Ky. A Lt. Co., BirmluL-- 
bam (Ala.) Ry., Lt. & Pwr. Co.. Mrm- 
phle (Tenu.) »1. Ry. Co.. Little Rock 
(Ark.) fty, & Elec. Co.. Kanirllle 
(Tenn.) Ry. A Lt Co and tie Uoue. 
ton (Tei.) Lts A Pwr. Co, 1M5.1 (In 


*, The 


t Glee. 

Prea. FrancleT. Homer New York 

„ /(Financial) 
PrMia-i '••" Beuol»l,..New Orleans.La. 
"°*". I Edward G. Connetle. .New York 

ArthnrL. Llnn.Jr " 

Aeat, 8eci, 1 W, B. 3cbopp-rl 

& J TIbw drlMnil T.B 

&■•(, Treat. fUorgaiiD, 


the capital atock or Detroit (1 
City Qaa Co. St. Paul IMlnn.) 
Lt Co., So. 8t, PanI (Minn,) t 
Riec, Co,, Grand Ra|)lde(Klc>i.)Oi 
Co., Kt. JoBeph(Mo^aaaCo.,BlnBb"m- 
loD (M.T.>Ga9Wka., Madlaon(WiB.) 
Sae k Blec. Co.. Vtlwaiikea (Wia.) Oaa 

. Allla 

Lt. Co., St CroU (Wi 
Wauiralnga (Wla.) Ga* vo.. n 
(Wis.) tIaaCo.. Cooaol. GaaCc. _. ,., 
.?, (Long Branch), Dbtrolt (Mich.) City 
Gog Co.. MuakegonfHIch.iTrac. at Ltg. 
Co.. anil San Aninnio (Tex.) Pnhllc 
Sarrica Co. 

Chmn. Board EmeraonMcHUllD.NewTotk 

"Re.Alanaon P. Lathrop 

j-M. MeMlllIn 

.PraeU.J c[ N. Jellitte 

W,Q. deBerg.' '. 

lel, Cbaa. W, Young " 

Eiestrlc Co., loo. —Gen. Ufflce, U 
Broad 8t Owna either directly « 

trolling In lores t of 111 B rollowlaa cum 
panle.; Arkauaaw Waler Co , Bt^mlng 
nam Water Worba Co.. Batler Waler 
Co.. B. St. Loula & Iniernrbau Wlr. Co., 
Ciiy Water Co, of CbaltanooKa. Cilf 
ot New Caatle Waler Co., C'llj Wafr 
Co. of M« City Water Work. 
Co. of Merrill. Clinton Waiet Worki 
Co., Connellatille Water Co., IIuiitln« 

Co., Keokuk Water WorkaCo , Kakoma 
Waiter Worka Co., Louieiana Waiei 
Co., Mingo Junction Water Co.. Mli 

"y'water do,. Mt Vernon Elac, Lt. 
A Pwr. Co.. Mt. Vernon Wat^r Worki 
Co., Mnncia Water Worka Co., Si 
Jnaepb Water Co., Suntb Pittaborgl 
Water Co., Middle Stalea Wtr. W& 
Co.WamnWlr. Co., Wichita Wuei 
Co., West I'enn Railways Co., ami 
Pean Traction *Wal«i Power Co. 

res. II. Uobirt Porter. New York 

'rea. Subsidiary Water Cos. 

G. K. Hoffmasler 

iJ II. Pardy 


Harry B, Towle.. *' 

■reaa, Cecil 8. A-kdovm 

LBrt. Sec. A Aast. Treav. 
W.K. Dunbar 

>nr. Agt H. F. Barnard 

Ian. Couneel. 
Sullivan & Cromwell 

* Lt. Corpn. and The General Qm A 
Blec. Co.. as followe: Reading Trmosll 
A Lt Co. (wblob lM»m Leiianon Valler 
at.Ry.aDd3chnylkill Valley Trac. Co.); 
Metropolitan Edison Co; Oley Va'le; 
Ry. Co; Neierslnk Monntaln Rj.Co. 
P«nua. I'tlllllcs fa; Kaatem PeaBL 

Traction' ft Ri>c. Co; City & Snborblii 
Gas Co; Cltv Ry, Co; Clareraoot Pwr. 
Co; The Colonial Pwr. ft Lt. Co: and 
Cliremont Ry. & LIE. Cn: Baatern 
Utilities Coal Co., Rutland Ry. Lt. A 
Pwr. Co; Wenetn Vt. Pwr. ft Lt 
Co; Plttsford Pwr. Co; Northwestern 
Ohio Rt. ft Pwr Co; Port Clinton Blec. 
Lt, ft Pwr. Co: The New Jcsey Pwr, 
ft Lt Co; Blnghamion Lt, Ht ft Pwr. 
Co; "ajre Else. Co: Warerly Blec. U. 
Co; THa Sandniky Oas ft Efec Co. and 
Tnti-rurban Gne Co.) 
're-, ft Gen.MgT, K. t, Wesi..New York 

. . . •. Thon 
HecSiTreaa O.c 
Aaat Sec, W. J 
Pnr. *gl. T. C. li 


HnllHHy SeoDTltlea Co Offlca. 41 

B.Dad»aT. (Controls Hotnal U. ft 
Wtr. Co end City ft Snburban Hy. Co. 

J*tM. Simud C. SWlnhardt. .. .New York 

Sbc. «Tr(aB'jos>'phL.'B»rK. New York 
Oen. Mur « Ch, Eugt. 

A . tie ISnIn Uendef- Bni ntwick. Qa. 


Uee — CltlM Hervliw Co.-Ofllce, BO 
Wall »[. (Caulrols Alliiuce (O.) G>e 
& Fwr. Co; AiJuDH* Vallsy Gas Cu. 

Qai A Elee. Lt. Co; 'Xlbius lOa.J Ity. 
A BIh:. Co; Alias CaamicaJ Co.. 
Toledo (U hi Di: Bni-t]eacine(Oliiu )Gasdt 
Oil Co; B<U'll<-8vilie(iJltla.)lii[eruilwn 
~ - - • (O.) Piu.' 

ol (Vb.— T 



h Kl^.;. C 


ral Ohio G 

H & EJtc 

' Zo. (iTblCh 





G« and Fuel 


Cltlee Foe 

C... ( 




e CO.K 





.y Ll. £ fftr. Co.. , 

(Okl«): Ciimherland («(l.) Bt 
emnortHW.Bj.Co; niiibnrj(Ci 
* Bi'thel «ii« & Bli^. LI. Co: l)( 

(wbirNooolnilf Cart 
O&eoliD'Ca., DeL.Oi 
■nd oiila,; Empi'p 

ImpimGiBft FU' 
Cum pan T of D"l which control- 
(Rmplr,. Q«B & Fnel rn. (f.lif.) BO 
buBeOn ly, lniliai.TetrimfirIII.Oll 

O'-ge Prodnceri OB'Co.Bnil Wc-tetW 
Oil Co., K-esaee rtil Co.. MWTand nfl 
Co., Qit»paw 0«» Cn.. 'which cnnl'olB 
rnnsiimer. 0«bC»1: Sleynrr till Co,, 
Wichita Natnral <:»p Co. (w^ifh mn- 
troli SelKwicKOil Co., Winficlil Jl ■[- 
nial flaa Co.; anrt WIrhits Pipe 
LinoCo.l: EmplreOil A na- Co., K-n- 
tDFhT Bmnif" Petrnl<^iitn Co. Raiiaan 
•ndOkla.tRmprrBRennlneC". otOkla. 
(which conirorB Rmo^re Pipe Lini. Co , 
gmn'r- npfl"e-t»>, Inc , sn't Producer- 

aRpTe. Cn- Siiinrtarrt Emir-T Co., 
ChiCFign, 111: Fre-nnnf (Nchr ) 0.9. 
B'cc. 1.1, ft Pwr. Co: FroBt Gae Co, 
(which co-lrola Akrnn (V Y.) Nat. 
Osa Co.. AMcn nntSTia fN.T.i N«t 
fl*BCo,. AWcalN.V.l Nat. 0»b Co., 
Brwlon {S. Y) Oas & Foci Co., 
Siaiara Lt, Ht. ft Pwr. Co (Tonawin- 

cla. N. T.), " ■ " - 

<;■> & Fne 
en re FbUb 
Oat A liDTO*. ( 
- - - -~ ^ 

n' {Sehr.y ni; & ■i'er. 

Co: IwhlCi controla HavelocV i^rb.l 
Elee. LI. Co: Lorain Connti Elec. Co.. 
Eljria. O: Mawiilon (0.1 Eler. 8t Gaa 
Co; Hslrdlu (HIM.) LI. & Rj. Co. 

HutlcBborg Trac 

Id Co. Kicnland Puhilo 
J., Ml ' -- ■ 

By. Co.. Toledo A W:eaterD 
R, R. Co., HALitoee VBllej Rra, Be Lt. 
Co., Adrian St. Ky.Co., tolcdo Bench 

-Gas & Fuel Cn^ WaMog 

1 Frank W.Ftm 
I E, H.Johiiaio 

691 — Doherly OpP»tlTiB Co.- 

Offlw. 80 Wall 61. (Operates OzB-k Pwi 
ft WtT. Co. and the properties cot 
trolled hy the Ciiici- Service Co.) 

PrcB, HeuiT L, l>ohe"v New Yorl 

V.PrcB. Fr«nkW.F'He™ff.... 
V.Prc».*Geii,MEr. H. H. Srolt, 



01 cy 

Valley Ry, 


Uimt"eB Co° 


pwr. C 

: Easton Ga 

Weat Va, 

Eleo. ro;ril 

ft Si 


B*. Co; Ci. 

'"pwr" cJ! 


onial Pur, ft Lt. Co 

and Bael- 

Ilea Coal Co 

Ch"". nf 

B W 


Pro, Jo» 

B Taylor, a)' 

T, Prctj 

1 {f'v "n^ibaw " 


S.C. ft Tn 

aa. A. P. TalUfeiTO 


69B F 

ertrleBand ftHhun Co.— 

Omce, 7 


IFiacal B-eni for 


Pwr. ft Lt. C 

e'eb. N. C 


n Inro con» 

"la Yadkin RiTer 

Pwr, C 

4 Lt, Co 


and ' the Atberllle (N. C.) Pwr. 
t LI. Co.); UUb Becorlliei Coipn. 
(whicb couuol) Ibg UUh Pwr. A LI. 
Co., which now owaB ili* property for- 
merlr owDdd bj the I'elluT^de Pwr. 
Co, null oiher propgrtv In Utsb, Colo- 
riulo and Idaho, and UUh Lt. A Tno. 
Co.J; Amorlqao Pwr, A LI. Co. (which 
control e Kacaai Gaa A Elic. Co., Pa. 
clflc Pwr. A Li. Co., Portland 6u St 

SoaLhwesUm Pwr. ft Lt. Co.); Am«- 
icsu G«a A Blac. Co. and lu luMdl- 
ariet: Nationa} Serurttlea Corpo. and tti 
■abaldlarj. Idaho Pwr. Co. and LehJih 
Power Hecorltiee Corpn., which con- 
trols Lehigh Natlgktloh Slec. Co., 
Lahlgh VaTlaj Transit Co., Northum- 
bwland Connt/ Om ft Bkc. Co , North- 
era central Oaa Co., Colnmhla & Hod 
lonr Else. Co, and Hafeiatown Lt, A 
HI.C0, or Wublnglon Coanlf,) (8nb- 
rtdlary of tLe General Blec. Co. 

Prea.8, Z, Mitchell New York 

(F, A. Farrar 


V. Pre«l«,Jc, E. GrcwebBck.., 


iL.H. Pu'kbant,,. 
Sec H, H, Francis " 

1^ jGic.'BalBSSf^l'.'.'.Sohanectadj 
"""■ |Compt,A,i:,Pnillh,,, .Now York 

Aiit i A. C. Hay, ■.■,','.■.■,■,■.'.'.■," 

Tre4i,jQ, J,Hickiii»n 

AhI, Compt, W. C. Lang " 

Oen.Andr, A, H, Arming 

SMtlMlolan S. B, Lre 

TUO — Fedkiitl Lt. A Trme. Co 

OOce.eO Broadway. New York, (Holde 
eoQtroUh^ Interest to Grays Harbor 
By. A Lt,Co..(Aherdeen,Wask.); Sberi- 
dan CoontyBlEO, Co. (8herid»n, Wjo.) ; 
RawUne iWyo.l Blec, Lt, & Fnel Co,: 
Hohart (6k]s) Blec, Co,: Albnou^rqoe 
(N, M.) Gas & Eleo. Co; Las Vegas 
IN, M,) Lt, & Pwr, Co,, (which con- 
trols Laa Vegas T^Bn^■IlCo,,); Tucson 
(Ariz.) Gas Blec, Lt. A Pwr. Co,, 
and Tocson Rapid Traneil Co,: 
Springlleld Ry, i Lt. Cu. (which 
eontrols Sprinifleld Traction Co, and 
Springlleld (Ho.) Gas A Blec. Co.); Tri- 
nidad (Colo,) Blec. TranfDi, Ry. & Oae 
Co; DemlDg(N, ll,)Ice A Blec. Coiand 
Central Arkimsu Ry. A Lt, Corpn,, 
wblcb controls (hd Hot Springs St. Ry, 
Co., Hot Springe Wtr. Co., ClUzpne Blec, 
Co. and Canenmers Gae Co,, all of Hoi 
Springs, Ark,) 

Pres. B. N, Sanderson New York 

1st V, Pres, Francis Bloamm. , 

Bod V. Pres. Craig Colgate " 

Srd T, Pres, Loois C. Gerry . . , 

Sec. John B, Marsh " 

Tnas A Ami, Sec. 

Asft. Treas Richard Talbot... " 

Oen. Snpt. A Ch. Engr. 
C.H. Nichols 

land (Vt) Ry., 
ford (Vt.l Pwr. 

Co., NonliwP«teni Ohio By. A . ... 
Co., Toledo. O., Port Clinton (O.) Blec. 
Lt. A Pwr. Co., Sandusky (O.) Gas A 

Curpu. -Office, 1U Broalwaj. (In- 
corporated at soccesjor to Inter boronh' 
Uatropolitan Co. and Finance A HdU- 
ing Corporation.) (Controla the Int«- 
borough Rapid Tianiit Co. and No 
YorkRya. Co.) 

Chma. Bd. BtEiecComm. 
An gust BebDODt. . . .43 Bi change Plao. 
New Tori 

Pres. Theo. P. Bhonte. 

V. Pres. H. H. Vreiland " 

See. H.M. Fisher 

Aest. Sec. A. C. WIgrea 

Treas. J. H. Campbell " 

Andr. E. T. J, Gaynor " 


TOSn ' LehlKh Paw«T aeoorttle* 

Oorpn.— OtWce,! 71 Broadway. (Coa- 
trols the fallowing properties; Letaigh 
Navigation Blec. Co,, Xshlgh Vallfy 
TraoFit Co.. North nmberland Conn^ 
Oaa A nice. < o., Noriheni Centra] Gts 
Co., Columbia A Houloor Else Co. and 
Ha^eislowo Lt. A Ht. Co. of Waahlng- 
loD County, Under managemcDt of 
Electric Uond A Share Co.) 
Pres. S. Z. Httohell New York 

'■'^""'■IP. B. Bawyot |; 

Tteae.A.'B Smith ...iiilili!! 

. Columbna, Ohio. iCootrol ^na ar 
managHTS ot the rallowing companies-' 
ilblo A Western DtlUties Co. which 
oonitoin The Chlllieolhe (Ohio) Blec. B, 
R. LC A Pwr, Co, and Ft. Soolt A Nevada 
(Ho,) Lt,, HI.. WW. A Pwr. Co: Obio 
Utllllies Co, which controls Hlllaboro 
Ice * Cosl Co; The Ohio CtllKles Co, I 



N»w Jersfy Gai A Klee, Co, (Doter). 
Newlon Erpc, A Gas Co. and LamtHTt- 

Sec, Ralph Madlsoi 

wsakee LI. A Pwr, Co., and Wells Pw 

Prea. Jas. D. Mortimer New Yoi 

AMf, toPres. KdwInGrnhl.... 

V. Prea. Henry H.Plercs 

Sec. A Asst, Tress, J, F. Fogany " 

Asst, Tress. Robt. Ileal J 

ABM. Sees, j jjIjJij Hsndail *.'.'.'. 

MlS-Ohlo A Western DtUitlvs I 

— Offlae. IIB BroadwsT, New Yo 
(Cohtrola Ft, Bcott A Nenda Lt., I 

Wtr. A Pwr. Co, (Neodt. Ho.) uid 
ChUlleolhe (O.) Blue. R. R, LL * Pwr. 
Co. KDd in turn Is coatrolled uid miiD- 
aged bj N»tlDn«l UtlllUBi Co., New 

PrsB. A. F. BuriofTSf HewTork 

Jod V. P™. L. M, 3rnimB«....NBwXork 

Sec.K. BncbuuD Jr '' 

Treu. B. H. VanWjck " 


?Oe— PeniisflTitnIa Bleotrlc Co.— 

OSICeMSM Dn Pont Bldg,, WllmliistoD, 
Del. and M Wall Ht. Naff York 
(Contrsle tbronKb ownerablp ot 
■■cniillH lbs tollowtng: Citizen* Lt,, 
Ht. * Pwr. Co. of P», (jBhnttown); 
JoliO«l<mn(P».) F««l Supply Co: Pmn 
Biectitc Bervlca Co. (Jobnitoim nod 
Somenei); Peun Publla Sendee Co. 

SllB«ia«ld,Pa,)>iidC«ntn ACIuifleld 
J. Co. (Ptillmbnrg, P».) 

Pna, H. D.Walbrld|« N«rTork 

V. I J. K. Andrew! " 

PrwU. iF.T.Hepbnm 

Sac. H. S. BiowD " 

Treaa. P. S. Hue " 

Aiat. See. L. A. Wood " 

AHt. Tm>. F.B.Taj'lor. ...:... " 

707— Sonthem Ucbt M TrmotloB 
Co— New York a«c«, 130 Broidxar. 
(Thli corpontlon w>i oTKsnlzed gnd*r 
tha Uwiof NswJeTHT"to holdatocki, 
bond! and otber gactnitlea," and li 
ehleay IntereaUd U itreet railway, 
slectric and caa ILxhtlne propertlei.) 

IPracticall J anlire capltBi atock owdmI 
<j Ibn American Lt. Jt Trac. Co.) 

Pna. Bnerson HcUillln Nev Tork 

V Pt«. Pbllip Lebmin " 

S«c. C. N.Jelllffa 

Tra—. A. P.Lathrop " 


TOS — BoiathweaMFD Pur. * Lt. 
Oa,— Hsv York offlo*. Tl Broadway, 
(Conb^la Teiaa Pwr. A Lt. Co.. 
Ft. Worlb Pwi. A Lt, Co, , HI P««o Qaa 
Co,. <laI"aton Gm Co,.,Parl( Tr*D«it 
Co.. Wicbica Faila Blec. Co,. WlcMta 
FUlaWtr, Co,, We.t Teifla Elao. Co,, 
l>w<et»ater Ice & Cold Htoraiis Co., 
IntcmaUonii] Blec Co, . Eaglo Paea Wtr, 
Co., HulcbiUBOn Gie & Fnel Co, and 
HnwIOD Oaa and Fuel Co.) (Controlled 
b; Ihs Amerlcnn p«t, A Lt. Co,) 

Prea, F- e, Sykca New York 

V. IK,*,H111 

PrBBla.-jA. 8, Orenter 

Sac. K. P, ^nmraer.oo ..'.'.'.'.','. 

Aaat. Sac, H, L. Martin ■' 

Tre»-, Wm. Relaer 

Aaat. f A.CRaj 

Treaara. I J, J. BIckroaD 


709— The mitod Gma & El«c. Ooi 
— Offlca. 01 BtoadUBj. New Yi 
Coutrola Lnalalana Oaa & Fuel 1 
(HbraTeporl. La.) (whirb conWoli ._. 
nonmon alock of Loolalaiia Oaa Co,), 
Interoatianal Tnc, Co, (BnlTalo, N. T.) 
(wtalcb control a International Rf, Co,), 
Ctlllllea Oil 4 Fat, Corpn. (r"-' — 

'orli... .„ 
^ L«.), 

, . ) G'aa"i FneT c'oi, Comuroera' 

Blac. Lt. i. Pwr. Co, (New Otlaana 
L*.). HarTi>bnrB(Pa,)Lt, * Pwr, Co.. 
SratnadJ-i Lt, * Pwr. Co,, Inc. .Inter 
dtjTerm Hj C'.,(N, LltlleRock.Ark, 
ud HoQitmi Belglite(Teiae) Wtr.JELt 
Aan.. preferred "tock of Ricbmont 


Co. (wblch control* Tbe Kenphia 

S'enn,) Bt. Ry. Co,, Little Kock (Alk.) 
y. & Blec. Co., New OrleanetLn.) Ky, 
£Lt.Ca. Bja, andBiriniiiKbam(Ala,) 
Ry, Lt, & Pwr. Co., tbe comnon atock 
01 Honatoo (Taiaa LtK, A Pwr, Co, 
aLdKnoivil]e(T«'>n,>ilJ, * l-'- ^o- 
United Qaa ft Klee, Co., of Now Jeraey 
which control! Cltlzei* Gaa « Fuel 
Co. (Terte Haute Ind.). Elmlra (N, Y.J 
Wir„ Lt, * H. R.Co,, Oolotado, Spilnga 
(Colo,! Lt., HI, 1 Pwr. Co and the 
wilke*-Barre (Pa,j Co,, Itae common 
Btotk of Htcbmond ilnd.l Lt., Ht. * 
Pwr. Co., Bmpire Wtr, A Pwr. Co., 
iCulorado BprlnKaColo,), Leavenworth 
(RiDi) LL. Ht, & Pwr, Co, and Lock- 
port |N. Y.) Lt,, Ht. A Pwr. Co, (which 

national Pwr. & Tram, Co. (Lockporl, 
N.Y,)aodtlie preferred gtock of Alt- 
onna iPa.) Gae. Lt. A Fnel Co.); Lan. 
caster (Pa.)County Ry, A Lt. Co, (which 
conlrola Conastoga Trac, Co, (Lan- 
caster. Pa.) and the commOD alock of 
Lancaeler (Pa.) Oaa Lt. & Fuel Co.. 
RdiaonElec. Co (Lancaater, Pa.) and 
Laoeaater (Pa.) Klec. Lt.. Ht A Pwr. 
Co.; Lanoaaler Gte Lt, A Fuel Co, 
(which coDtrola Columhln (Pa,) Qa* 
Co.). Qnlled Gaa & Blec, Engrg, Corpn. 
(which controla (he common atock of 
Central River Coal A Supply Co.. .New 

.Preata.-^ *0WaII8t. 

I Tracy A. Johoaon 

raae, A Coggpt, Arthur L, LiDD. Jr. 
Bit. Compt, Robl, C. Hill . , . , 

iidr. H.M.Meyer* 

nt. Agt. F.Geo. Rohlneon... 

.. BinUDiham, 

and operatinx engineer! for all claaae* 
of public utility propertlef. Now acting 
In tbia capacity for the foliowlHB 
comnanlea: AKoons (Pa.) Gai. Lt. & 
Fuel Co. Citizen*' Gaa A Feel Co. 
(Terre Haute, ind,), Colnmbia (Pa.) 
(laBCo,.HouIIan(Teiaa)aae A Fn^ 
Co,, Lancse1arPa,)naBLI, AFuFlCo., 
Louslans Gaa A Fael Co . Inc. (Shreve- 

Kt, La,] Richmond (Ind.) Lt..HI. A 
r. Co.,ConBoraerB Blec.Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. (New Orleana. La ), Bdiion 8]ec. 
Co. (Lancaater Pa,) OretuB (La,) Lt, A 
Pwr. Ce,. Inc , Hnnaton (Teiaa) Ltg., 
A Pwr, Co. Lanraaler (Pa,) Blec, Lt,. 
Ht. A Pwr, Co. Lanoieter, (Pa.), Inter- 
national Trac, Co, (BnlTalo. K, Y.). 
Memphla (Tenn,l(lt, Rt. Co. Leaven- 
wortfi (Kan.)Lt,, HI. A Pwr. Co.. Union 
Gal * Blei-, Co. (Bloom In gt on. 111.), 
KDaiTllle(Tnin,)Ry. A Lt.Co., LltUe 
Rock (Ark.) Ry, A Blec. Co., Harria- 
rrnrg (Pa.) Lt. A Pwr. Co.. Elmlni 
(N. Y.) Wtr. Lt. A It. H. Co,, New 
Orleana(L«.)Ry, ALI.Co, Fja.. Colo- 
radoSprlnga (Colo.l Lt,, Ht. A Pwr. 
Oo„ I^ockport (N. Y.) Lt, Ht. A Pwr. 
Co., The WllkaB,Bsrre(Pa.)Co..Blrm- 
InBham (Ala.) Ry.. Lt. A Pwr. Co., 
HonatoD HeUChU (Tel.) and Central 
Rlrer Coal A Supply Co., Water A 
Li. Ahoo) (Controlled br The UniUd 
Gaa A Klec. Corrn.) 
- -■ -" " - .NewTorii 


{ Hgr. Rate 
I J. H.Pe. . 

See. John A. McKanna 

Traaa.Compt.&ArtbnrL L 
Aatl. Campt. Robl. C. Hill. 

Rate ft Stat. Dept. 

719 — J. «. White A Co., luc^ 

OWr*. 4H-4B Bichsnee PI.. New York. 

other nulilto nilil'ty iPTopwUeB-'j iCim- 
trola Tbe J. ii. Wliite Uauagempnl Cor- 
porMlon »nil The J. G. While Eng[- 

P«B"j"a wEiw".™; New York 


V Pfgg„ .| J. H. Fflrdee.:.... |'_ 

is.'B.'sieel '.'.'. 

Sec. A Aift. Tieai. A. L. D» Omp •■ 

Geo. R. Doremiii 

T13 — Tbe J. ». White Engineer- 
Ing Curpn — OfBce. 43 Eicbange PI, 
(Bnginnre and coutraotore foi eleelric 
nllwsvt, eleclrle hiihi and power 
pUnta, water power, ((a» and other pnb- 
lic utiitt}' propeiiiee. Controlled by J 
G, Wl.ile^Ca.,Inc.) 

Chroiii. t:i. Com. J. G. White, New York 

Free. GanuDunn '■ 

lE. H.Williams 

V. Pr«t».-iA. 8. Crane 


Sec, & Ami. Treas. C. F. Conn " 

Treat. J£ Aael.&ec. 
C. S. FinKerton 

Aeai, Treai. K, N. Wbltcomb. . " 

7U— The J. G. White Huniigie- 

Pl. (MaaaeeH and auprrvlairi llie nrgan- 
Izotion. rababUilailoD aud operation of 
all cla.'se« or public utility prapertiea, 

rollowtni ho iliniicompaDltecau trailing 

■odaied G <e & Slectri.- Co,. sewYorb; 
, A ngiigta. Allien KnilHsy i Electric 
Conin . Aneuna. Ga. ; Kastfrn PeoDBVl- 
vaoia Railwafa Co., r.iiteTllle. Pa.: 
The Hel^foa (Mont.) Light Jt Ky, Co.; 
The Manila Electric itallroad A Llgbt- 
ing Cnrpn.. MBQila. P. 1.: Ferrocarill 
Del Fa'Tfico 1>e Hicara(.ua. Manaana, 
Kicaragna: Thovnapplo 6<e & ^ec- 
trie Co.. Dasiin^. Mlch.and Soutbern 
Utllltlea Co.. Palxtka. Cla. Also 
nunBEBB the PouEbVeepele A Wap- 
plngare Fulls Railway Co., Pough- 
kerpaie, N.Y.: St. Johns Elec. Co„^t.' 
Aniiifiine. Fla.; HaUneae -American 
Sagar Co.. Mitanzii. Uuba: CHd>nB!^ 

CcnltBi Sugar Corpn., Sa'r.manra; 
Cuba; Kent.ieky Pnhlic Service Co . 
Bowling Green; BrewBier 8iCo,. Long 
lelani City. N. V: and Phlllp^ne Hy. 
Co.. II"Ilo,_P. I,) tControlled by J. G. 

Cbrmn El Com. J. O, Whlie.New York 
Free. J.H.Pardee 

l.lOBephK. rhoate.. 
V. FreMB.jA. t. Maihews .... 

I John r Man^'e 

ABsi. i A'si tVcbsH. 
Sece. IC C. Dlelz... 


1 1 5-Th e 

I Ed I (on 

_ ;. R'. * I.l. Co 

WlBCOnaln Gaa A Rlec. Co.. the North 
Mllwankee U- * Pwr. Cn . and Wells 
Power Cn ) (Controlled by The North 
Amerirsii Co.) 

J. Q. UorUmer ] 

I Henry U. Pierce. 
e.t«.J WWBIiat. 



■ — 1 Kobi.SeaJy 

..] Ferdinand Sberwood,. 
Hec.Koht. Randall 

•delphU. Fa. 
ec' Wm^FfitfownT" ,'.'.' .' .' .' .' 
Geo'geA. Walker.... Philadelphia, Pa. 

Il-lMiig lalsud Elec. Ry. Co.- 

Offlce, 7 Burdeu Ave., Long Ielu<t 
City. (Connecla Brooklyn, Queen*. 

trolled by TbeLoDglBlBsoCODBol.Slei:! 

Cob. aud InterboioiigU Rapid Tianeii 


ree. C, L. Addlaon 

Feima. Sta,. New York 

W.O.Wood Long HI and Ci( J ■ 

BC. * TrcMB. 

Wm. F. Brown, Peona. Sla„ New York 

F.J. Fell, Jr Fhiladflphla. P* 

aar, Wm. Hartz LonglalaiiO CHj 

apt. J.M Hioddard Jamslci 

lalmAjit.A. J.EsiOD,.,,LoDglBUDdC]tT 


Energy purchased from The L, I. R. B. 

; trnoB. volt. Il,li00v; trolley volt, BSO • 

Reacbee Par Rockaway, ttelmoni Part, 
ii Jamaica Race TrBCk. 
26.fl4mnea;4-MMi;; iie motor paaa. and 

'IS — The Long lalanil Hallroed. 

—Operating snit Eiecutlrt Offlcei. 
Penna. Sla, Mb Ave. A Sid St., Nan 
York. (Operates a main line by elec- 
tricity from Manhattan, at the Peni- 
Bjlv.nia Sta. over traike of tht 
Petmaylvanla Tiionel i, Tennloal 
Railroad Co. to Harold AteoDe. Loai! 
- "and CIW, »nd tbence over Ite own 


its Long Taland 
CltyFerryTermlual; llo' from Wind* Id 
Junction (o Port WaeblnRton on tlit 
north Bhore. with a dlTerglng Una from 
Wbiteatono Jnnction to WhlteatoM 
Landlnic: llnrrrom White Pol.lDDCtlaD 
to Rockaway Park on the aooth Bhore: 
^ ..... . — uiherlybj 

. *« « -jjf \»ln/,|lrm wir 

.loned line 

tlor to the aforemenlinned llnee. whlc^ 
ere all operated by the th1rd>rall syBlrm. 
there are two pleoeeof traokoverwhlch 

aCed— the tiraDchn from Rnrhwlck tn 
Rnebwiek Jnnclinn and from Velltj 
Stream to Mlneola via Bempete'd Cra> 
Blng.) (Controli Ocean Elec. Ry. Co.. 

Tha aim Cove R. R. Co., The Nonh- 
poct Tr.o. CO., The Nstnu County Rj. 

trollla by Its pJiiua. tt. R. Co.) "'''°" 
F-edcral Mgr. lUlpb l-etBrB.... New Tork 
Pres. Samuel Rt» 

Uroxd St., Sta. PliiladeJptain, Pa. 
AB«t, to PtEi. c. L. AddiMii.. .New York 
V. rrea. ,t Tre... 

Broul St tHa . Ptiilsde^plila. Pa. 
Federal Tre»8. Frank K. Haff ..New Votk 
Fedenl Audi. T.J. Lodlmm,... 
Sec. LewjgNeiltioii 

Broad St. SU.. Pblladclpbla. Pa 
Oen.Mgr.. J. R. Savagi-, ■■ •■ 

flnpt. CD. Bilker.... Jani«1ca 

Aael. Snpl.. \ Z'^'^^^^^^"!'.:::. "' 
Sapt. Trolley's 

citiutAm' W. h'. H'iiiiier.'.....New York 
Ueu. Ffl. An. A Fgl. Claim Agt. 

DooaldWilBOP....: " 

Gob. PiiM.Agl. |I. M. Smith •■ 

Por. Airi. H. B.'Horiire« J«mrica 

Oen. f^lorekepperEHKeneWrtgb . " 

Cb. Kngr. L. V. Morrii " 

Ch Eniir.ElecTrat.Ofn.GllihBNewYoik 
Bnpi.TeleE.ABItcl.L. h. Welle, 

H. A. Howarth ■ •■ 

pftHS. Traiamasii-r. C. H. R'seley, 

Plntbnah Ave. Sti.. Brooklyn 
F.ngr. M. of W., E. M. Wiiavet . .Jamaica 
Supt Htv. Pnr. 

O. C Bishop Hlrhmood Hill. 

RDrmy purctia-ed Irom lbs PennBjI- 
, van a R>il[rovi; Iran), voll. 11.000 >. Its 
c.e: Irolley voli.fiTSv. 

15 Bnb, etss. tnt. cap. GflCOO kw. 11 rot. 

n.>nalr >hoi» al Rlchnrnnil Bill. 

[of ivtlch SIS mike ar<- 

fled); i-m K 

r&ll. I 

Pr«.,G*n Mgr. *Pur. 

V. pW W, L.P^'peVnif 

Sec. B.M FiBher ■' 

TteM.J H.Camphell.. ' 
Andr.EFJGaynor.. " 
Ant. Andr. Wm, Hnrtz. 
ClHlm Ap. A.J. Baton. 
Hopt. Traoppt. 

.<H, "ernna 

Bapr.Malnl. J.W.Gerk- 
Rmi-linaBIer. .1 J. H'PBan 

Rapid traUHJt Co; Iran 

Penna. St. 
The Ldue 

0«n. R«l Rb' 
Entrry tiom L. 1. H. 

Phllaijelpbla. Pa 

Repair ahop at Morrla Park. 

UontOBliof KichHiond. ^,^89(1 

7ai— Blchmond Light * R. R. 

—OIBie. Terrain" 1 Bl.ig,,New Brigl 

R. R.'Co. Connecia £lizabeibpoil 
Gforge and l*.fri!in Point FerrieB 
thefoUuwingtomia: Mariuers Ha 
P.irl Klcbmond. New Biighton, 1 
New Brighton Tompklnsvlllc, Sti 
ton, CIlriuDandHoirtU B.a.H.) 
Pre*. Clarence W, Hunt nglon 

BO Wall St., New" 
T.Prea.AMKr, R.I.. Rand, Npw Brig 
Sec., Treas. t Andr. 


Supt. of Rya. H. J. Blackbam " 

ClaimAgt. B. G. Eiidlo 

Pur, Agt.J.F. I'ilJEera'd.,,. " 


enpt.DlBlhm., Paul Van Wagner " 
Cli.Eni;r.l"HT.Sta..r. C.Falkner, " 

M.M.,Or'oQntt.calti ■■ 

Ener. of Ovhd. Cnn'l, 

Seph™ JlcCormlck 

RoarimHster Joseph McPbee 
Power na. equip, id. c. AlUs-C lot. 

kw.'sanbi. «ph.60ryii;ie6obp.". a'iI 
B060 bp. b. bSi.. a W; itonB, von. 6B 
trolley volt. eOOv. 

SdOOkw. a 


milcBi i.V.H k: in n 

■»;»,. T.,k 


Ch, Eiigr. W. n. Hud 

no Wall St.. New Tort 
r. Pre-, A Oen. Mcr . 
R.L.Rand New Brighton 

B, H. ,r filiiVlih 

Ch. Enzr. W. H. RudlBlll. .New Brighton 

Enercv pnrebaBed from Richmond I.t. 

* n. R. Cn; ininB. volt. ttOO; trolley voll. 

(SeealBoNo. 19TS) 
Ta«— mmsBM Gnrtfl R. R. Co.— Of- 

tce, Nlagua Falls. (Leuu tlis L«w- 
UtOD A TaDDgalown Froatler Rj. Ca.) 
(Gonneoca Nugaia FalJa. 8ugp«nalon 
' Bridge, Lewliton, Fart T^lafiara, Port 
Niagara Beach and VoanMtown, Con- 
nsctswilh theaerlslcablBwaj operated 
by The Niagara Spanish Aeiooar Co., 

Pi».\Hre.) J09,T. Jouei BuOalo 

V. Pr«e, A Gen. Mitr. 

Ben L. JoDBi, <l04EIJiCD[tSq., 

Sec. QrosieDOI L. CoiUe* " 

Treas, Kwidall B. Baasard " 

Audr.&B. Blmer Niagara Falli 

Snpt. E. K. Miiklla " 

•Oan.PaM.Aft,, John Mbaaer, " 

Enati. WhftB * Qellmaii 

Track Foreman. J. UoBdla... . 

portA Ontario Pwr. Go. 11.001) 1. to mb- 
sta. at Lewlaton; equip. BOO kw. rot. doit. 
G, E, Wetts; troUej voIL BOO y. 

Repair ihoiw at NtatraH Falls. 

CDDtrolK Fort Niagara Beach. 

28.19 m\Ws: 4-BU g: «S motor paes. 
aod 43 other care. (Of thtseqalp.S motor 
and » other car> are oiiatA bj the Lewie- 
ton A Youngstown Frontier Hj. Co.] 

7a«a-Nlanrk JnncUon By. Co.— 

(OperaUa whoUj vtthin Niagara Falle 
and Town of Niagara— mrltchlng road 

Prea-Tanl A. Schoallkopf, Niagara Falls 

I 0. P. Hngo Schoelkopf. 
V. Preita.-j NUgara Falli 

I Morrla Cohn Jt. >^ 
Gen. Hgr. Philip P. Barton " •' ' 

8*1. F.L, Lovelace ■' 

Treaa. W. Pailon Little 
egpt. G[ BDgr. Halntenance 

R. V, Rose 

Pnr. Agt.C. M.Saie 

Energy pnrcbaaed Irom Niagara Falli 
Pwr. Co.: aaOO T. i ph. SB eye; SWest. 
tranef. tiit.800kw; I rot. dout. WeaC.TGO 
tw: trolley Toll. WW t. 

19.87 mllee; *.flH g; Beleo. loco.. 

NORTH PORT. 2.006. 
79S— The NoFtHportTrKtlont 

Ofllce, Penna. 8U.. Nb» York. I 

trolled by The Long laland B. R. 

fCODiiMts NorthporC and Northporl 

?re>. A. J. County . . . .Philadelphia. Pa 

V. Prea. C. L. Addison rfew Yori 

Sec. Wm. F.Brown ■' 

Treaa. Qeo. A. Walker Philadelphia 

Comp. C. U. Bunting 

ABiil. Comp. F. J. Fdl. Jf . . . 

3up[. AInb Seaman FarRockaway 

Sen. Pan. Agt. H. M. Smith. ..New York 

Pui. Aet. H. B. Hodeei 

Claim Agt. W. H. Mahl« 

Snpt.orTele£.AElect. L. S. Walla. " 
Cb.BmcT.ofRlacTrac., George aibbe, 
Eng, M. of W. 

B;m. Weaver Jamaica, N. 

Gan. Real KaUte Agt. 

T. W. Hnlma Philadelphia 

Energy piircbHcd from Long Island 
LtB. Co.. trolley TOlt. K6v. 

Rennir shop at Morrla Park. L. I. 

a.74mnoe: «-8M g; 6 motor cars 1 

'" Biles; 4-^ g: IS motor -pftBa. Cu> 
Jt ear, 1 snow plow and 1 aweeper. 

OLBAN. 18,000 (t91B>. 
SI— Western New Tori. * VuL 

Tno. Co.— Office, 141 N. Union Et 
(Controle8hlnglehooieR.S.)(Canii ' 
the raUowIng; Olesn, Portvllle, Ca 
Little Genesee. BoUtst and Alleou, 
N.Y. and Bradrom, Lsnla Bun. Cfub- 
dale, Derrick City and Glllmor, Pa. lod 
Knappe Creek, Rock City, Olesn, Vu. 
dalla, Carrollton, Salamanca and Link 
Valley, N. T.> 

^B. ATreaa^ oa.H. Mayer. '. '.Hiii 

Sec. J. P.OulEley , Salai 

Andr. B.D. Moblaa 

Gen. Mgr. 1. W. Miller 

Gan. FgL A Peas. Agt. A 

Park Mgr. W. P. Bailey 

iN, W. SeCoDiUM 
A. C.Sloan Bal«iL_ 
H. M. W. K. Page...OkBD 

Bytr. Pwr. 8U. H. C. Pumlaa 

Fwr, ita. eqnip, 4 a, c. G. E. tot. __. 
kw. S ph.. a cya; UTO hp. e. (gUi WetO. 
Snow; tiana. rolt. 1S,!00 t: trolley nTt. 

Power sta. at Caret and repair ah«M U 
Olean and 184 Congreaa St.. Bradrord. 

OwnB Rlrerhurat Park. Controla Bock 
City Park and reaches Edgewood. Hamil- 
lon and Country Clnba. 

M.g mllee: isii g; U motor. tO I 
and t Dtber cars; G aerrlce cata and n 
plowe. (Haa tgt. andeip. nrrlce.) 


Tits— Hew York State Rre- (Oneida i 

Llnee).- once, OK^SO Main atnU. 
Utlca, N. T. (Operates by lew' 
the Elec. DIt. ot the Weatihora 
Ky, between Dlica and HywcuM. 
44 mllee.) (Connects Syracnae, Kiitt- 
vllle, Cenaalota, Oneida, Clark Milli. 
New York HIHa and Utlca.) Also bm 

Pres. J. 7. Hamilton Boobnia 

V-Prea. B. K.Tlllon X!tla 

Gen. SnM. J, E. Duffy " 

Claim Agt" J. 8. KnbaV.'.'.'.'.'.V.'.V.'.'. " 

Gen. Pans. Agt. C. R. Gowen " 

Gen, Kip. Agt, F. W. Watla 

LaFayeite St, A Broadway. " 

Andr, J. M. Joel Bocheiiti 

Pnr. Act. P.J, Honold ■' 

Engr. Way A Slructnrea 

ff. G. Throqp . . Gridley Bldg,, Syiacosi 

Ch. Engr, C, L. Cadle Rocheelet 

Slec, BngT. 

H, B. DBTlB..,,arldle7Bldg,. SyracDH 

H,J,Sar[rlB " 

Bapt, of EqnIp., J. F, Uffert.,.Hoolie«o 

BneriTT pnrcbaaed from Adirondack 
Etec, Fwi. Corp; tiana, volt ao.000 •; 
trolley volt, ew v. 

Repair ahopastUtlca Park. Dtlca, asl 
Wolf Rt„ Syracnee, 

117.881 miles operated (1S,3S owMd). 
(overheadond lid rail); 4,WgitSpasa, 
2 tr^l,, 4 service and H eip. can; S anew 

See. A Treaa, Paul B. Mnrphy.,, 
Mcr. J,M, nally 

400bp. a. — ^T«50hp. b, ,^ — , 

ONBONTA. 10,474 {1«4). 
(See No, ««.) 
08S1NING. 11.4M. I 

IKD — HndsoB River * BHteie 

Ka. Cs-^ffice, CrotoD Ave, (Op- ' 
....tea In OBBlDlDg,) 
Pr«a, O. G, Bennett Oeslnlai 

V. Pn». WlollMd FoM OHlnlat 

8«c. H. D. Dwaln 

Aut, tj«e. J. A. Byrni, 

14 W«ll Si., New Totk, S. T. 
T»u. A G*D. Mar. 

Wilder L.Stnlion Oialnlne 

A«t. Tr»M. O. Ed». H»llBl .... 

BnergypiirohsBWl from Northern Wwt- 
cbaiMi Lie. Co. 

a.aimtlu; amotoraDdl other cm. T9 

OBWBOO. IS. 438. 

TSO — Empire Stkts B. B. Corpa. 

<Osiracii oltT DIt.)— For olBcan »e* 

Snaifj porcliusd from Nluus, Look- 
port AOoUrloPiir. Co.; Iralfsr 'Olt. 600 
▼ ; r«fa1r ibop It Oflwfl^. 

Baaohf ■ tn amaHment park at Oawaso 


lO.lB mil«; tSU n; 31 pale, and i 
other cara. G9 

7S1— Saffolk Trao. Oo.~0mce, aw 
W. Uain St., Fatchogne. (CoDn«ctB 
PUehoKns, Ha1uvLlla,BlD«Polpt.BaI- 
port an! S»t>111b; will eitend to Pj 
JeOenoaand BrookbkieD.) 
Ptm. Tho*. L. HDRhsa, 

130 Broadxaj. N«w York 
Sae.ATreaa. J. H. Bennlngloo, 

RSCllatoD St., Brooklyn 

a«ii. ICgr.ACh, Bogr., J.U.Brackaorldge, 

HLlbertTBC. Now York 

Sapl. R. A. Newton Patcho(na 

Bns^TPurcXaHdfrom Patchogot Bl>c. 
Lt.Ca.; repair ahopf at Fatchogne. 

M.iiT'nJlcapra]"Cte.l: 1I.S1 mlle« in oper- 
ation L 4 8H g; 4 lari (*tot*ge battery). 

7S 4— Peekaklll LlichtlnK * R. B 

Co. — once. lEG Mtln St.. Oailolng 
<Operat«B Pinnaoi t Wetieheatnr Trac 
Co-B. road, Peakaklll to Oregon.) (Cm 
necta Feekakiil with Lakt Uohegan 
Verplanok Point and Bncbanan.l 

em. F.A.fltratton ICt. Tsmon 

^•c. B.W.SlllIwell 


R. A. Oarlsi..l30E. IKth SL.NaK York 
Jtant TTMam 1 "■ G. Bennett. ,,0«a1nlDg 
AaBt. Gan. Mrt. 1. M. ButtT... 

SnpL Cliarlea Le Clidr Peeli 

Ch. Klec. Engr, W. C. Fleher... 
Kngr. Pwr. SU. C. L. Wooda... ' 

RnndroaMar. C..T. Sllllwell 

Poirer ata. eqnlp, t d. c. West£. to 
kw; S a, c, Wegu. tot. S2B kw. 3 ph. M 
era; 1100 kp. e. Weatg; SOT dp. h. Btg; 

Pnnr ata. at Water St.; repair ahon 
at B. Main Hi., Ferkalilll. 

Reachea Rlectrlo and Shadj Lake Parka. 

lO.M milea: 4.gU x: SS motor and 4 
other can. « •sow plowa. (Company far. 
ul'b** llgbtlDg and pooar far •latlonarr 
notora ; alao own> eat plant,) *«l 

T>l— PBlnBm * Weatebeatec Trao. 
Co— Offlce, loao Main St.. Feektklll. 
(ConneclB P»ek«klllAOre«on.) (Oper- 
ated hj Feekaklll LIE. « R R Co ) 

PrH. Geo. fi. HcCoi Peekaklll 

V Pm Frank M. Dain 

Bac. H. D. S«aln Oealnlng 

A-(t. Tri-aa. Cbarl'* Le Clair. ..Feekskin 

Oen. Mgr. Stnart Wilder O.alnlni 

ApH. Of d. Mgr. I. U. Realty. . .Peek'klll 

Car eerrlce forolabed nn^'er aerBe- 

•Ith Feekaklll LtR. A R. R.Co. 

IConnecu Braochport, BlnS Point and 

Eenka Park wltb Paan Yas.) 
ReCBlrer William J . Tylee. . . . Penn Tan 
Frei. Oeo. K. TjlBe, 

Snmnier St., BattDD, Uaaa. 
V. Prfi. CllnionHiirlbntt....Branehport 
Treaa. W. H. Tylee 

48 Hanover St., Boalon, Uaaa. 
Blac. Kntir. A H. U. 

CarlAyera R.P,D.Penn Tan 


Jacob Da imaleadt Kanka Park 

Power ata. eqnlp. a d. c. Walker, lot. 900 
kwi eOO hp. e. Slater; MO bp. b. DUIon^ 
troller Tolt. oa T. 

Landing, N.T. 
Own« and controla Electric I^(, 
10mlte«:4.^ g; S motor past, and 1 

other car ;Selea.racoe. *BS 

TS5 — PlaltabuiKb Traetlon Co.— 
Office, t Bridge St. (CouoeeU Platta- 
burgb and HlnS Point. CUtr Bivan and 
Plaittbnrgb Barr.cka.) 
'ref.L.F.Loree.SaNaaranSt, New York 
. a. wmiama, 

B.Weaiharwai!... .Albany 
let. to Prea. 
W. B. Schoflrld. 
sa Naaeau 81., New York 


H. L. Barber Platlabnrgh 

D.LWalera, ...E98 Broadway, Albany 
Atty. W L. FaiLleaon PlatMborgb 

w. B. Bppler saNaeaauSt.. NenYork 

9npt. F.F.Geary Plaltabotgh 

Cb, Bncr. Jame.. MacMarUn Albany 

Roadmaster, Ji>B. BreMtte....Flaltibanii 

Energy piirr.hued rrnin PlatliKunhGaa 
Sc Elec. < 

4.SM milea 


Ir ahop 


7a4-Penn San A Lalia Sbora Bf.- 
Offlce. II^BIm St. (SacceHorlo Pgnn 
Yan.KenkaPirk t BraacbporlRyCo. 

PORT BTBON. l,]2g. 

(See Hoi. 711) and 7G0>.) 


730— New York M Stamrord By. 

Co.— Offlcra. 481 UorrlB Park, New 

York, N. Y , and New Haven, Conn. 

(i)wnert by the New York, New Haven 

Jt Hartford R R.) 

Prea. L. # Miller New York 

V. Free. Howard Elliott 

A. B.Clark New BaveD, Conn. 

Andr. C. L. Nagle New York 

Gen. Sopt. P.W.J. Smith " 

Local Mgr. J. H. Calbonn...PartCheit*r 
Pnr. Agt, G. M. Spldell.Jr....MeiiiYork 

Claim Agt. F.K, Lyon* Port Cheater 

Ghd. Fgi. A Pas-. Agt, 

F.H. Richtrayer New York 

U. U., J. B. B. Cain PorteheaUr 

Roadma-ter, S. II. Berrlam. . . ■' 

Snpir. Ovlid. Conatr. 

Energy pnrcbaiedVroiii'N.' T.N, H. & 
H. R R; trana. volt.ll.OOOT. Sph. SBCya; 
a-eookw. West. rot. con». pb. a eye; 
trolley volt. 000 V. 

Sub--ta. and repair ahop ai PonCbMat. 

Reachea Rye Baacli. 

XJ.em mllei: 4-HH a: 8S motor paet. 
and R other motor can. *m 

I«T — Port Jania Tmetloo Co.— 
niBr*. IBS Pike St. (SncceeMir la Port 
Jorvl* RIecLt., Pwr.,0aa*R.&Ca.1 

r«Jlw«T bnsLneu.) (Conneow Pott Jet- 
LBud'i'in«Uldg.. PhiladelpMi, Pb. 

M.M, E.W, Moore 

Energy piir.hi.ed; Itolley voLl. 6511 1. 
BeaihcB and owub en umuB.^nieu t psrk. 

and Bweepet." ' * *69 


738— Fouehkv'IiKlc A Wmppliigara 
Fslla Kj. C<i.— UOIri-. 1B3 Mtiiu 8t. 

K'api>int:eri railrj KifC. Hy, Co. ) 
ILesBCB Hosjiltal biBncborCtnlrBlN..w 
fiDElind R. R. Coniiecle PouKlike^liBie 
and WappiiigerF»ll«.l 

Mw. Mary M. HInklev . . .Poiisthkeepal. 
V.Pie.. HlsaMary Hluklry 

Sec T, W. Mnflait New York 

Ami. Sec. A Treaa. H. Brown. , ■• 

Aodr. J. A. Nilan Pooghkrcpsle 

Oper. Mgrt. J.O WliHf ManBg-mfut 

(.'"rpn 43 Et'-banpB PU, Nfw York 

he.ter, Spmei-rpo 

t. AdaniK UnpIn 

Sef ,. Ttens. J Gen, Mi[t, 

W.W. H'""ter Rocli»»tei 

Audr. I'tijulp-Evnri. 

Sum.. Gi n. Fgt, « Tufs. Agl. 

.t1 D. NbLIo- 

Pnr.*Cl>iln]Ap..H.J.Vi>«hnrKh '■ 
Snpt* Por. Ai-l. A..l.8|pnigue " 

Roadniaalet Uelniir Sunn AH.ior 

M. M..II. A. Ferry 

Siipt. Powi-r.A ,1. spnie-e " 

, Enemy puri-hH«-d from NraBem, I.nrk. 

trnllervoK. BiWr. 

.■laeo ml-i.: l-'Xi t:':,\:nU.T,,j,..M 
up. mnrnr. I Igl. and 18 oilier <'»■ -: 


W. R rollint., 50 Church St., Ne.v York 
^gpvr. Rlne. Serv.. 
R.O. Thurston... Afob 

(l.Bine.ihaner ., ...lerBey City, ?). J 

Pwr. Co. 

kw. flO.Codto liioOO V. tiiaVi. i. 
Re|i«ir ehoi'B al Avon. 

r«l'-New Yurk SlHte Bj*. (Koch- 
eater I.ln«).-OflIte, 2»7 Stare « i 

itochFBi'er Elec. Ky. Co. Knd Onu 
Lt. & Trac. Co } (Conuecu Pittafc 
Buehnells Baein. Fishera. Vlclnr, H 
t«LBia. Uaihawsys, PtdeUoid*. C 
■cdBiguB. Hopeuell, Seneca Castle i 
(;eueva,.W. Wehjicr. Wehaler, Uo 
Bill, Fruitland. OnlArlD Centre. Ontii 
Williamson. E.WIlhaniBon.SodDB. W. , 
lltigtoD. SodaB Ft., Sea Breeze, isunimtr 
viire. Windnor Reach and Ibarlotte.l 

PtfB. J. r. Himim.n RotlieiKt 

Atel.ioPr^B.Wm.r. Slant™... 

Oen. Counsel Ilanls Btach.... 


AoI.See.B L. Releharl 

TreaB. U. 8. Farger 

Grand Centnl Terminal, 

ABxt.toGen Mgr., J.W. Hlcka 

a.n. Audr J. M Joel 

Supl.Tranapt. City Line* 
H.B.Had.ell " 

AsBt. Sum, otnty Line* 

S u pt , Trail sW TftiVnVh an'LlneB, 

M.D. Kilbride 

Snpl Bqulp.J.FrBert 

Claim Agt. R. E. McDongall. . . " 
Gen. I'ei & Paea. Agt, > 


Biipvr. Sth>>dulfB 

fleimnn E, Hlcka '■ 

Pur, Aift. P.J. HonaW 

AsBt Piir. Agt. A. Oilliia 

Ch. Engr, CT.. Cadle 

Ensr, WavrA Simct, E. A. Abell " 
omcrft Fluid Fnf f. L. R Brown 

Elec, Engr, P. McVtllie " 

SI K. B. C. Kaerober 

Pt.wer ata. Minlp 4 a. c, Q. E, tot. tm 
kw. SW y. an rjn; BOOO hp. a Wtlllanih 

11.iXN^i'b,M0 v; trolley volt! 6T6-S50 ». 
Biirrgi alto puicnaBcd fiom Bocheittr 
Rv i Li. C<i. 

II •nh->lHB. (I anto, ront.) tot. eap. SCO- 
1000: Iflioi, couv. 

Power «la. at Hoal Bridge, Town of 
Trondeqnolt und CBnuiii' 



2d V.Pri'». A.JT'.fl 


Spc, a TreaB. K B 

Snpl, Pnr. Act. A E 

A Eqii n. n™, M. ' 

c«r- (Operatra niily dnrlng i 


743— The Nvw Yurk £ Nortli Sl...r«i 
Tmo. Co.— OBce, Bgiilyn. (t'iiuutiti 
Uituville. Weelburi. Minsu.i, Eaet 
Willistoo, Roslya, Port A'saUiniiioii, 
Maulmeeet, Urent NvcK. Utile Neck, 
Dpugluion, Bayeidv, flu>liiug lud 

P»3. Geo. A.SUuley HoBljn 

V. Pren. Eimet O. awry BsyslUe 

Sec, lien, Mgr. A Hur. Agt. 

JohnU.Mowii Roalyn 

Trsu. Geo. V. SchoflB:cl, 

SrboHeld Blilg., UlevtUnd, O. 

SojJI. Erneet W.Wulf Roslyn 

CihLiu Aijl. fknJBmtaK. DaS 

Ch Engi.Pivr. fit*. 

Geor^v Gut DouiilaMoii 

M. M.,ChenterA. Kinic;.,. Ruilyu 

kw; a a. c'W'Big.' toi. ^DOu kvii,, UBlhi v. 
3 Bh 25 cya: 3 lU b|>. e. WoU; ISHO hp. 
Ij.Bsb. AW: aOOO 'WB.lg; 
^ranB. volt 8600 v; Irolley volt. liOO i. 



*-m fi 


JancMon on*k. V.''(rR,'!t.^ 
tlmlili'9 Hotel.) 

V. Pras. J. M. Caamdl. 
riMs, Phelpe Smiih... 

JenMgr. P. A. Uould..". 

lot. aJOO kur. «S(W Y. S uh. W cfe; IftOi) h| 

turb. (»lr1 S. & fl, Smlib; traug. voJ 

li«,M0-4».OO0 V. 3 pb; trolley volt. 5.000 ' 

Union Fulls PlHnt-1 a. t G, K. WIW ttv 



Smith's, Bloomingdilc Lake Clear, Osbe 
rfeli. Rafcbow. Liki' Pjacld .in.l Au Hubll 
Fork.) *U- 


14S-g«henectAd}' Ry. Co.— ompi 

loRa, Saiieion Spa, MailHion Lnkfl.'Tmv. 

Albanv, Wiicrvllet, Nlikayuoa, Karner. 

West A.lbaBr and Scbanectady.) 

Pr«. H. B, Wcathetwai ^IhanT 

V. Pret. J. F, Hninlltnn RocbtBl^r 

Set, Treaa. A Piir. AgL 

J. H. Altltin .....Scheneotadj 

G^n. Andr. J. C. CollinK Itipclicfl-r 

Ch. Clerk to Gen. Mgr. 

K, F. Ki-llfJ 

Audr, P. E. Bplle»Ula 

Sapt. Trani-p. W. S Hnmiltun 
Claim Agt. D. F Llnneban.. " 

Gen, PaM, Agt. 

C.J. Witberwai 

ll.M.,F..r,l>n)'le. .....;.'.".*! 

KOEt. M. of W„ B. Penoyer.. 
Sopt. Oihd. Conetr. L.Trndeau 
"-- ■-- I.J.Crane.... 

Kneigy puichaMd from Oeneial 

id Forest Park on Ballmon i.ake. 
13R.GT milrs; 4«^ a; £01 uioTor and 3H 
.her rare. *5il 

SEA CLIFV, L. I. I.uai 
ta-Tlie Nansau Couiiif Itj. V„. 

-OIBce, Peana. ata.. Ken- Yotk, (E.- 
leude tram Sea Cliff it. R. S(a. to 
Prospett AvB., Bea Cliff.) (CouttoUPcl 

ree. A. Js Coupty Phlladelpbla., Pa. 

,1'rcB. C. U Addl-on hew York 

Sec Wm. F. BrOBH 

Trefls.teo. A. Walker, PhiladeliihiB, P». 

ipt Allah Searnaii..!.'.. Far Rockaway 
Gea. Heal li-t-ie Agt. 

lot W. Hulme Pbllfldolpbla, Pa. 

lergj froib The L, I. R. R. Co. ; trolley 

-Geneva, Sei 
irn R B. Co., 

AL.L.S. 7,018. 

.. R. R. Quay, 

I2:< Farmers Bk. Bids. Plltsburg, 

rr?. Murray GibBgli..PhlladolpbJa. 

Dadma#ter,M DoJan... 

Enenty purctiaesd from Empire 
tl«o. Co., Waterloo; IrolleT volt. 6 
Repair nbnp^ st Waterloo. 
Uwni and oparaiea Cayuaa Lake 

SUCACUSH;. U5.W7 (131S). 
(Rce also No. taSt.) 

>aice. Lakeland nr. Syricuee. (In- 
■orporated to take over iiart ol ibe Eni- 
ilre Hulled Railways. lor.. Eiild under 
'orMl<»iir<s. Comprlpet ibe Svracute, 
„aki' Shore &Norlhetn and Auburn ,:b 

rnaklag a total roiils miltai 

V p'rM &Osii,Mgt., J c'.NelV™/ 
.Si'o. A Coinplr, 

9.C. Stiver*.. IIB Broadway, NVm 
TreiiBAPur.Afi.,U.J.Cla'k. .,Si 

Audr.J. H. Toder 

AMi.See.IT.C. nealtv 

Asal. Treai.J. B. Dylaud 

Sui.t- J.K. Moialff- 

rUin Ael. N. Abr-lson 

Gcii FBi.&Fa-s. Agr. 

*(.M.,FrnnkWarle!!'.!. '"'.!!!!! 

Eni'rgi nurcbaied from Nlaiara, 
port A Ontario Pwr. Co; trans. 

4 iBb-at&s, tot. cap. flSOO kw. 
lopplr (be STmcuBC'Oaweuo, Fdlton and 
Oaw^») Clij DlvlnioLi, Auburn -Port 
BvroD IMt^ it aupplled tikronifb lub- 
■Utlon D( N., L. A O, P«r. Co. 

itepair shops at I^kelaad (near Sjra- 

Uskchee Long Branch, ajracniw. mllex (overheail eln)(le tToller and 
catsnar;); 4-SU a; BO internrbun poei.. 
7 trail., S eip., 1 fgt.,' 9 work and 8 

aweepeiB. ' .^Sg 

laO— NeH York State Rya.fSrnonae 
MnHi).— OfilcB, Grldlej Bldg. (Opar- 
alatlbflBaBt BldeTiactionCo.) ((5on- 
nacla H;rae>m. Eart SynKoM, Uinoa. 
Llyerpool, Solvaj ^ K(icl[w«11 Springs.) 
For exacutlvfl offluen sea Rooheiter. 

Prea. J. F. Hamlllon KoehBBtsr 

V. Prea. & Gen, H[r. 
B. E. Tllton. Sjracuae 

Sat. J. C. Coiltni .'. '.'.'.' 

Aaat. Sec.. H. L. Batcbart New York 

Tnaa. U. 3. Barger 

Drand Central Terminal. " 

Gen. Sapl J. S. Daffy Syracnac 

Snpi. Wm. E. HoLeUKik 

Sapt. of Traolpt. F. R. Latta. , ■' 
Bnpt. ol Bqalp. J. F. irS«r[,..,Roch«teT 

Claim Ant. A. D. Drawn Sjracuae 

Oan. Paaa Agt. C, R. QoHsn,.. " 
Gan. Bin, Agl. F. W. Walts 

Larayette St. A Broadwajr, Utioa 

Gtu, Aadr. J. U. Joel Rocheater 

Par. A«. P. J. Honotd 

Aae'tPnt. Art. A. Ogilvte 

Cb. Bnp. C. L. C«dl6..t " 

Blec. Bngr. H, B. Davla. SyTaaaae 

Engr. War A stractaree 

B, G.Tbrooo " 

Aaat. Bur. Way & Slroctaraa 

SapVr.ofSchednleaM. J.Sargla •■ 

M. «.,C.8.CrablB 

Roadmastei. J. T. Hogan 

BnetgT pnrchaaed Troni the Niagara 
Lockpnrl A Ontario Pwt. Co; trana.ToH. 
«l>,00O-1I.00av;eai»ki>.rDt.i:onT;li " 
Tolt. B8S V. 

Snb-ata. at Tracy A Townaand 81 
pair (hop at Wolf A Bth North SU. 

ge.S3 mllna; «-8U g: «8I motor 

THOa— Boob eater A SfrsoDie R. R. 
Co., Ids.— r, O. BoiGI.Syracnse. (In- 

8t ncniB AHaaleniTt. R.. fntmerly pari 
nf the aystum of lbs Empire tlnlled 
Railways, Inc.. sold nndr r f«r»clo»ore. 

port, EETpt. Vared'on, Polniyr*.' Pnrt 
&lhson.Trewarli, Lyons, Loot Berlin. 
Clyde, Savannah, Montezoma, Port 
Byran, Weedsporl, Jordan, Memphis. 
Warner, Amboy, Belle lale anil Syra- 
eneo.l (Onder management of Peck, 

Pres. A W. Loashy. Syraonsa 

V, Pre* * Gen, Mgt, 

T.C.CIierrr " 

S«. M,.V. White " 

Aadr.-Treaa. W. K. ZlDsmelsttr.. " 

Bnpt A. P Nrrrla Newark 

Claim AJEt. R H. ]le9BeEger...,3]racnae 
Gen.Fgt. * Paaa. Agt. 


Pnt.Agl, .TohnH.HIrkey " 

Cb.Bngt. D. B. Oronae Newark 

Qm. Shop Fiinn. C, Fleck " 

Energy pnrchaaed fmm Niagara Lork 

MOOOt. asryi; ITroi.oonT. Weat.lot! 

TTWkw; trolley volt (ISO T. 
Repair ihopa at Newark. 
IHTM miles; 4-flW K t* motor paM., 
ither motor and 14 other can. AW 

IB I— Synieuae A Mnrtlier* Klae. 

Bj.iIOE.— Ofllre, SOOSyracaseaaTlIw 
itink Bldg. (Acquired the prupertle* 
of Syiacuce A Honth Bay ^ec. K. R 
Co. and Syracuse. Watei 

8t Lawrence Hirer H. R. Co., 

nacia Syraonie. No. ByrMuae, 8anlt 
Bay, Clcenj and Brewerton.) (Dndo 

Uhenj. Inc.) 
Prei. & Gen. Mi{r..T.C. Cherry. .Syraenee 

Sec.,H, C. Beany 

A»dr. W, K. Zlnameiiler. . . 

8npt.M. C. Bai'erwein 

Clilm Agt. E. I. Eegcomb 

Energy pmi-haaed Irom Nlaeara, Lo^ 
port A Ontario Pwr, Co; Iran.. S3,0U0t; 
trolley tolt. BOO .. 

leub-jia.;3rol. conv. 

Repair shopa at No. Byracnao. 

Owns 3O0 acres of lake tront&f-e at 
South Bay (through owneielilp of the 

metit gronnds. on Frenchman's and Dub- 
ham's IhI and a at Oneida Lake. 

- BM_B;6motorp«BB.^4(rall 

' and B < 

Co.— OBloe,K»VlnneyBldit., 6 

Edwarda FaUa: , 
....Cleveland,0. I 

Prea.Jolin J, Stanley.. 

rwm. P, Gai .. . 

{ C.LoomiBAllen,..8yTMc 
Sec. & Claim Agl. W. H. Ulchelt 

O. C. 8. BE. Bldg., " 
Treas. AC. Fobcs, Onmey Bldg, 
Andr, G. W, A^ery 

Power >Ia. equip. 8 d. c. Q. B. tot. (. . 
k«i BOO hp. turb. (wtr.) Leffsl; trollar 
Toll. BOO V. 

Power sta. (water! aid repair afaop at 
Edwarda Fall* (No P. O.). 

parka at Edward Falls 


7S3— Feoli, ShanoBhan, ObertJ, 

lno.-Ollleea.4llMlS.114Siraci.Be Sav- 
ing Banks Bldg.. Syracnsa. and S07 
Uaryland Trnit Uldg., Bamniora, Hd. 
(Operatee Maryland Elcc. Rva., An. 
napoiU; Auburn A Syracuse Klec. R. B 
Co., Auburn. N.T,; Rocheater A Syra. 
cua? R. R. Inc ; SyraciiseNortberB Elec. 
Ry. Inc. ; and Newport News A Hamp 
ton Ry., Ga^ g[ Blec. Co., Hamp I on. Va.1 

Prea. J. 1 

F. Peck 

(Sea alao No. «!S.) 
TBI — T»T M New Binclauid Bf. 

Co.— OfflceiMS B'way Albany. (Coa- 
necta AlbU.Weat Sand Lake and AmOl 
Pre*. L, F. Loree 

nNaaaanSt, NawToik 

IW.H. Williams 
B.R Wealberwai....All 
W. B. Scholleld 
M Naaeaa Bt, New Ion 

Trees. C. A. Hoag llbnoy 

Andr. D. L. Waute ■• 

W.E. EpF]ar..SIHaBfan8t.,KewTark 

Gen. Hgr. A. E, Reynalda Albanr 

BiMJt.A. 6, 0»ble Albh^ltoj , 

Bagr, Pwr. * Lines, C. B. FsaoldE, Albany 
Bust, M. o( W , A. C. Bnnnin.,. " 
M. M., EroflMUarphr 


(Ste alio No. S 



irSB—Naw Xork 8Mt« Br*. (Utlca 
Llnea). ~ OBca, SX-W» Main St. 
(Thla oompuij li a cenaolldatLsii- bf 
DHClUM and merKer o[ th> IJtlcH 
B*lt Uns St. R. R.. Utlca aabuban 
By.,ntloa A Mobawfe R. R., D»r««ld 
A Dtlca R. R., Fmnktort & UU« Bt. 
Br., and Uerkimer. Mohawk, Illou dk 
VrankfonBUs. R;., and Koma City St. 
B*. Co.) (Connecta Rom*. Orlakanr, 
VTbltaabsro. NatrYorkHllll,TorlciniU. 
UUia. New Hartford, Capron, Clinton, 
PnimktDTt, IlloD, Uohawk. Herklmar 
ud LItUa Falli.) Also see Rochnter. 

Fra, J. v. Hamilton Racbeatar 

V.Pna. £aeD.UKi.,B.B.Tilton..UIICa 

Sso. J. C. ColllDi Roubeatfr 

Treu. H. S. Barger 

GraDd Central TermlDal. Kent York 

Snpt. JuD. Jaiiw UUca 

CUtm Alt. J. a. Knbn " 

Gen. Paaa. Agt. G. R. Oowen " 

Gen. Fgt. Agt F, W. WMta 

Lafaretle SI. & Bcondwa;. " 

Qen, Aadr. J. M.Joal Rocheatar 

Pmr. AH. P. J. Honold 

Cli. Engr. C. L. Cadle '• 

Blec. Bngr. H. S. Davie Utlca 

Boer. W. & B. E, P. Roondy " 

A«M. BnB.W.*8.H.L. PItnm " 

Supvr. or Schadnlee.H. J.Baigls.Sjracnan 

Snpt. Kqnlp. J. F. UlTerl Rocbealep 

M. ».. H. 8. Sweet Tllica 

Rnadmaatn-, R.W.Owena " 

Enenj parcbaaed Irom Adlcondack 

RapiilT ihop at Uttca Park. 

Owna Snmmtt Park and Utlca Park 

180.18 'mlleB: 4«W k: IN motor paaa.. 
It trail paaa.. 7 eipreaa, 31 otbar molor 
and 9 otber cara; 1 alec. looo. *ee 


WATEBI.OO. 4,»43. 

(SeeNo. T4T,) 

WATBBTOWN. w,ieo. 

TStf— Blaek BlTcr Tnotlon Co.— 

Offlca, 7K W. Main Bt. (Conneote 
WalartaiTB. Olen Park. BcoHnTllla and 

Pre*. Prank A, Leatai Newark. N. J, 

V, Prei. Charlea I. Taylgt New York 

Bee. DeloaU. CoagroTe Walerlown 

Tr^. Richard KT*moiti..N«wsrk, N.J. 
Oen. Her.. * Par. Agt. 

L. Scbwerzmann WatertawD 

Power eta. equip, a d. c. Bager tot. HOO 
kw; 100 hp. e. Stialgbt; SOD hp. b. Fttzg; 
trolley to&. SCO t. 
Power ats. and repair shop at Walar- 

IS.! rallea: 4-BU K; 13 motor and 8 
other aare; S awaepera. GS 

WATKIN8. 3,817. 
(Bea Ko. OU.) 

BT — Wa>«rlT, SKyrs Jt Atliaiii 
TmottooOo — OMce.Wayerly, (Con- 
nacta WnTerly. N.Y., and Sayra, Athene, 

rea, G. Tracy Rogera Binghamtan 

. Prea. J. U. Murray .VavMlj 

3cy . AT reaa. H.TracyRogereBlngbamton 
ipt. A Pur. Ajit. W. B. UaaB...WaTerly 

liilm Agl. E. t. Ploklej 

_. M.. L. H.Vaught " 

Roadmaater, D. J. Splllane " 

Bnergy parcbaaed from Sayte Else. Co, 
HepaTr Bhop at Sayre, Pa. 
Reachea Eeyalone Park (operated by 
Intaratate Ama>oDien( Co.) 

■ 12mllaa:+BMi[;Mmolorand8atlier 

trEHTPiELD. a.sift. 

(B« Noa. 612. BSG and SE^) 

IBS—Shora Line Elen. B. B. Co.— 
Office. 481 Uoirla Park Ay.. New York 
City. iPumhaaed the pan of the Tarry- 
town, White Plaina acd Mamaioneck 

IftioaroaBck Ave. and Boston Poat 
Road In the Tlllege of Hamaroneck, 
aonth on the Boaton Poat Road to the 
nnrtheulem llmita of LarchmoDt.) 
(Leaaad to and operated by the Weal- 
cheater Street R. R. Co. of While 
Prea., L. 8. Miller New York 

J. M. Tomllnaon.. . .New Haven, Conn. 
Bec.ATreaa., A.E.Clark 
Andr., C, L. Nagle New York 

l,4fl8 miles; 4-8WB, *5fi 

TaS-TTeatoheeter Stmt B. B. Co. 
of Wfatte Pl»li...-001ce-,<81 Morli- 
Park Atb,, New York City and IM 
Charcb St., Kew Haien. Conn. (Con. 
neota Mt, Vernon, Tarrylown, Mama- 
roneck, Silver Lake, Rosedale, Blma- 
ford, Tuekaboe, BronivlllB, White 
Plalue and Bcaradale.) (Leaaea and 
Dperatea Shore Line Electric Rail- 
road Co ) (Controlled by N. T., N. H. 
A H. S. R. Co.) 

Prea . L, S. HllJer New York 

V. Prea. 
Howard Blllott- New Haven. CoDU. 

Sec. SiTreaa.A.B. Clark " 

Aadr.. C. L. Nule New York 

Qen. 8opt..P. W. J. Bmilh.... " 

Snpt. W.. a. YounK Portchealer 

Per. Aft.. G. H. Spideil, Jr. ...New York 

ClaliuAgt. F. S. Cyona. . . .White Plaina 

Gen. FBt, ft Paaa. Agt., 
F. H. Richtmyer Kew Yoik 

Bnprr. Ovbd. Conatr., 
Wm, Dunham Portchtater 

M.M., J.K.S.Ciiln 

Roadmaster, S, Rerrian " 

Energy purchaard from Weatcheater 

Ltg. Co.; ttans. volt, 11.000 v. 3 ph. K 

8nb-ata. equip.' S rot,' cony. Weatg. tot. 
IBOO kw, eoO T. B ph. ES era. 38 hp. b. 

Bnb-'stBi.and repair ihop at White Plains. 

sa.KS mllea; 4-8^ g; ST molor paaa. 

cara and 1 other motor ear, *ti9 

T80 — BoRalo A WllllBinBTlIU 

Eleo. Bt.To OfBca. HalnSt. (Con- 

necta Bnllalo and Wiiliamivliie.) 

Jen. Mer.Undfrcf UiirKi 
L.K. Waroick 

t. 400 

cjsiCor.ietro.leng. aOObp.b.; energy alpo 
tcuia Niaimra Fslii: ithdi. volt. 10,60J- 
Il,50i)»; troLliT YOU. 8«0 V. 


fl,65 mUei; 4.6!4 If, B mntor c«ri. *T9 

VONKERS. e&.ooo. 
lei-Vonken K. B. Co.— Offlce'Milu 
81. AllueiiBViBI&AYe..YDnk«a. lUou- 
neciH N, Y. City Suliwaj aui) Ele™trd 
R. K, Ml. Vernim, Toctahot 
aari RHeiingD.) (Conlrolled bv Ihi^ 'Ihiid 
A.e. Rj. CO.) 
Prt*. SlanKSi-rW. Huff 

«SMB Third A»e., New York 

LaslleSiiiha'Und.'. Yonkeie 

Sec. aiielton E. Martin 

laiiB Tbird Ave.. New York 

T?Jaa.^. D.'s.m'...'!'"!".* " 
Atlg. Audi. A.B-J. Tovej " 

Claim Ait. L. R Crumb ....Tonkers 

Sunt. P. J. Donovan •■ ■ 

Far. Aet. Cha- Witzel. 

SSBITtiird Ave., New Yfirk 

Kiigr. M. ofW. B. M. T. Kjder - 

Elec. EniEC. & Euer. ot Ovhd. J. D. Keot, 

ITGlti St. & B.iBioB Rd., New York 

Baergy ijurehsperl frnm Third Ave. Rt. 

Co.: lnn».Tolt,6e03T;iroI]py voIUBOOt 

Repair ihoni at Bronx River Uoad 

*i.m mITee; (SH g; 147 yau. and 14 
olber car*. 7S 


ASBEVILl-R. 3D.$33 (leiC). 
TSa-ABlievllIe A East Tenneaaee 

Pre*. J. G M-rr'ini«n . '. AnbeylllE 

V. FrfS. SIS'. ley Rowland 

Energ" from No. Car, Elec'l Pwr. Co.: 
repair ihopa h t Newbridge. 

Heaehea park in WeavervUle, 

8,7 milea; 4-SH e: 3 motor paai. and 
lotbercar. 118 

TBS— AshsTllls pDwer A tight Co. 
. (Siiceee-or to ABhenlle Klec. Co,)- 
OIHce, Ration Ave.. Aihei'llle. ICon- 
neota Aahevllle, West Ashevllle A RilC- 
more.) (Controlled by Csroltna Pwr. 
& U. Co.. for wbl' b tbe Blectric Bond 
A Share Co, <b naeal agent } 

Pres. Chaxlee B. Jo>iTi*on Ralsigb 

fD F.McQep. New York 

Gen, Mar, A Piir. Agl, 
V, FtesH.^ n.W. Flumaier...Ashevllle 
( Wm. DBrbe«,.New Vork.N Y. 

in, H, C.rr Kaleigh 

Hei. A Trna. K, F. Suninieraon 

Tl llroaiwsy, New Yorfe, N.Y, 

Audr. B, M, ,Ionea Aahevllle 

RiiadmaBter, O. W. Cnopr-r 

Bl.ctrifIl''pwr."co,;'^n"«''rolt, MM »' 

76 l-AlBiuHiice Rj. Co-Offle*. 

llneion. (Purchatedthery. properirt^ 

me Piedmont Kj, & Else. Co,) (Cow 
■ nt-cia burliugiov.' Graham and Hi 

HltM.) (Owned bj Piedmont Po. 

Pres.. H. T. Harlman,..Fhlliidel,.ht«, I 
V.Pre*., Gen. Met. * Put. ArI, 

JuiiIubH. Ilarflen Biirllngt 

9ec,itTre«».,K. I..Burge'.Ricbmond.l 

Andr,, E- L. IIend.-r!on Grah.i 

aupt.Arb.EniT,. T B.McCntinell ■' 

energy ptirOiBeerl from ItedmoDt P<, trolley volt 600 V, 


Leaaea Piedmont Park it Cailno tro 
Pl.dmontPwr. *Lt, Co. 

S S miles; 4-B)4 g; 9 motor paai, ii 
3 troll p.BS. carai 1 elec, loco: +. 

CHABI.OTTB."3»,828 (1919). 
)66-Pie(lmDut « NtTtheni B 

Co.— Gen. Office. Charlntle, (Mag 
ot Piedmont Traoilon Co,, opan.iii_ 
between Charlotte. ML, Hollj, LowelL 
Pin oca. ratv Creek. McAdenvllle ami 
Ga-lonia, N, C, and the OreeflFlll>. 
SpBrlanburir ftAnderson Hy. Co., opci, 

PMmont, Prlier, BvHou, Anderwo. 
Ronea Path. WQliamrtown, Donald., 
Gteer and Oreenivood. S. C.) 
Prea, J. B. Dnke 

511-*tb Ave., New York, S,T. 

.1 W.S.Lee Charlallt 

V. PrtBtt J Gen. Mgr.fc For. Agt. 

I E.ThomaBon 

3ec. N. A.t^oke 

Treaf, * .\udr, T. I., Black .... 
TrafBc Mgr. C. 8. Alien, .GreenvlUe. 8,0. 
Maim Alt. R.M. Coffee CbarlUH 

A, O. Krye. Greenville. S, C 

M. M,,8. T. Gantt ChsilolU 

Enegy piirebaai-d from Sombern Pft 
Co. at iQ) 000 v.: II d. e. Weat. lot. Wl 
kw; 8 a. i. W«-t. tor S60 kw. S ph. 61 
cvB.: traiiB. volt. 44,000 v; trolley leli 

«nd Ilnwna. Helton, Andeiaon. Green villt 
and Spartanborg, S. C. Repair shnpii 
PiuocH, N. C. and Greennile. S. C. 

R-achea Ml. Hoily (ownedl and Rivet 

:37 DiilcH; 4-8M s: SB motor and la 
other cara; IS elee. locomotlvea, 1 ana 
car. (OperBfes complete freiabt ferric 
.ind interchanges wilb all tlandard ateai 

TSS— Suulhern PDbKc Utltlllro Co, 

-Gen. Office. Mercantile Bide.. Cbl" 
" 1B the electric light, ^i 

■ and street railway pi 
lotte, K. C. inff G 

I in An^eraon, 8. C. 
;htpropei-ti«inana— - 
na tn North and S911II) 

& Rleo. Co.. Charlotte Elec. Rv Co 
rnvlUe Gaa A Elec LI. A Pwr. Co 
enville Trai-.. Co., FriCB MIg. . 
r. Co. (Win»[on-S.lemVWii';toi.. 
■m Pwr. Co.. Ander-on Wlr.. L(. A 

Control! Ih« Greenvtiie Citolina Pwr. 

Co. of Greenville, S. C. throuKti oiruer- 

sblp of cumiDDii etock.) 

>res.Z.V, TByior Charlotte 

/.Pres, A. V. H»rrlll 

lee. W, C. Parker, 

Ml Bih Ave,. New York, N. Y. 
CrcBB. B. C, Marehall ChailuCt* 

Sen.'Sgpt. B. F, Tijlor, ', ■' 

Olr. of Publicity 

John Paul Lucu '■ 

3en. Claim Agt. it. H. CoSes... " 
Pur. Alt. Mill Pwr.Sapply Co.. " 
:;nARLOTTK div. 

l.o.alMer., D. Q. CalclBr 

Snpt. R. L, Wnmoiick *' 

Local Claim Agt-JolinG. Pardee " 
Ch. Ener.Pwr. 811. P. Plnmtiier " 

M. M., I.M.Cook 

RosdmaMfr, S. A. Roblnec.D..,. ■' 
BDBr.OvLd. Conalr. J.C.Mulleii 

Poiver eta. equip. 8 rot. conv, Weat. tot. 
i;ca k»: a a. c. Q. E. Ml. lOSO Hv. i ph. 
SO eye; leiO hp. fe«» e. Snow; 1200 hp. gai 
piod. Lewis Pi troIle.vvolt.eoOT Enerbiy 

Piiwer sU, anil repair shoptaiDlTworth^ 

Pr->. F, W, Frueauff. ...New York. N.l 
V.Ptpb IGtn.Mgr. R.L.Llideey, Durhai 

Sec.iTre«». A.W. GrHdy •■ 

Audr., I. A, Llndiey •' 

Sept. J. R. Ru(n;l»B " 

Pur. Agt, F. M. MorK«n " 

Cb. Knur,. H,L. Parish " 

Elec. Sni-r.. K. H. Barteer " 

Engt. M. ot W.. Adnlr '■ 

Kngr.Overhd. Cooetr. 

Ch.Ener. Pwr, sii! 

T E-Carringion •' 

H, M.. J. A. Thompion '■ 

Power eu. equip. 1 d. r. a. E. 30O kn 

3 pit. M eye': 3300 hp. e. Kric. Rail, Jlim 

Power eta. il mackuell A VItIbd St 
repair ehop Bt E Main SI. 

Own> anil reaches Lakewood Park a 
nnrtiam Alhletlc Park 

11. EG ini1<!f<4-H^ e: Hi motor paae. a 
Sfp-cars. (Company fnmi.h'.ellehU 
ni power: also mannfaclnree Ice.l * 

V. Pre*, i-e-li." WeTl 

Sec. W. E. eiroud 

Treai. J,M. Allen 

Reachea H^ 
S mllea: 4 
'Contain plat I 

GRBEMSBOBO. 1«,»77 ilRIB). 

In Greeneboro, 
Spencer and Ea 
and HiKhpoinC.) 

it S|ie 

ncer; Concord 


Sec. i, Tr 

Audr., Am 
J.J. Uu 

an. UH. Hole, Jr., 

Iiey. ■- Qrceneboro 

uHr.) W. E.Whitt.... 
3upla..{{Elec.)GeorgeSpencer " 

((<iM>C,W..i. Crawford " . 

Local 1 Henry JuiinngB High point 

MBrii,lJ,Il.Bol)iua<m Saliahury 

Orrenaboro Hta. Kqalp, 4 d. e. Q. X. 
Sonhn, WeM. tot. IWO kw; 1 a. c. G. B. 
900 kw. I300/T. 3 ph. 60 eye: SSO hp. e. 
AllieC, Filch-Hnrrla Cor.; IKW hp. b. 
Arlan^iram. ToluEa00-8000v; IrolleyTolt. 

Ssliabury Sla. Cuaip. Ireaene) 1 motor- 
gen, -el Weet. 460 fii.; 1 d. c. Bull. IIB hw; 
in. c Bull. tot. 175 kw. S pta. 60 cya; B3E 
hp. e. UbttIb. a A S: 4ta hp. b. Penn. 
Bi'illaloi trani. volt. SJOO t; tiroUey volt. 

and rep»irahope st GrMU- 

oe. Nev 
' -ttien 
»0F. .. 

MV.Prea. J.W.Brown.'.Portamuuth.'VlL 
H»c.,Gen. Mgr. *PQr. AgL 

n J McCarThy 7^ . New Hern 

tip 1 d. 

_,lhl.. h'' 

at Mew Bani^ 

i°t: 4 motor and 
lelle energy for Itg.) 

Raleiiih E\'e. 
Pwr. ("o, and 

Co! Bnd YadI ' 
Free. Cbaa. B 

fD. F. y 

I 711 


71 Broadway, New York 

Treap.. William Rei«or 

Aeat. Roc, Nathan Wood 

Ant. Tre»i,, A. <:. Ray 

A ndr. J. C, Cnrrv Raleigh 

Flacal A^ Elec. Bond « Share Co. 

71 Broadnay. New York 

Claim A£l. W. L. Cnrrle Ra-eigh 

Pnr, Alt. R. C. Howiaon »M.M. 

Sapl. Elec. Lt 1 Fwr. Dlr. 

D. R-HcDuDm Raldgb 

Ch. Bngr,, A. W. Thompson " 

Ch. Knur Pwr. 8la. F. P. Eraat.. " 

Power ata. eqnlp, S d, c. G. E. tot. 7B0 
'kw; e s. c. 0.,K. tot. OUSO kn. iSOO «. S 

Sh, 60 cya; aSM hp. b. Hllr, Bab, * W; 
SOOkw. tTirb.<Btm.)G.E: 3.^N) tap. tarb. 
(wtt.) SmltH; nam. ToH. 80,000 »; 8 ph. 
Mcya.; troUfiT volt. MO t. 

Sieam plant at Raleigh; hydro-alBe. 
plant at Sackhorn Fatla on Cape F«sr 
River; repair ehopa at Raletgb, 

Reaches BloooiBbnrr FarK (ovtnsd b; 

las ■Ilea; 4-^ g; SB motor and 8 
otbecoara. (Compauj doeeecneial llKht- 
in|[, jjower and gSs bo»lneaa.) *B0t 

(S« No. 780.) 

8PENCEB. 8,080. 
(See No. Via.) 

1T8-Tld«wiit*r Pwr. Co. — OOce. 

11T-32S Prlnce«a St. (Tba Canaolldated 
Hj*. Lt. A Pwr. Co., tormerlyoparated 

Wllmlnetoni Winter Park. WrlgbaTllle 

and Wrlgbbivllls Bucb.) 
Prea. Hagb HacRu Wilmington 

V. iC.VaaLenyen 

Pnwtt 1h C.HoQneen 

9BC.*Tre»«. Thoa. B. Wll]»ni, " 
Gen. Ugr. Rarmond Hnnt, . . , '* 

8npl Trana. T. J, Balid " 

ClatmAst. W.B. Savage 

Por. Ail. A. E. Towneend .... " 
BnarrPwr. Sta. R, MacRae, .. 
Blec Xngr, B, S. Kllbnrn , , . . 
Roadmimter, J, T. Dooley.,., 

Powpr Bt»'.*qaip. 4 a.c, tnrbo gen. Weat. 
tot. S800 kw, «0 T. a Dh. flO eja; S104 bp. 
h. Bab.* W. ; trans. 10,000 t; trolley volt. 

2 anb bU tot. eap. laW liw; 3 rot. conv. 

Powerata. at CaetleSt; repair shop at 
tth ft Orange StB. 

Reacbea and owna "Lumlna" at 
WrichCBTllle Brach. 

SX mlle«; 4-8H K: 40 mator and 10 
ofiw cara. iCompanj f nmlaheB energj 
(or IlgtatiDg and motora.) 118 

WINSTON- 8 AI^M. 18,000. 
TT«— BoDtbern Pnbllc Utllttlea Co. 

'For general offlcera. tee Charlntte. 

Mgr, B J. Pfnbl.... .Wlnalon-Salem 

Snpt. * Engr. J.J.Slgts.. " 

Claim Agt. H. H. Brandon " 

Power eta. eqnlp, 1 d. c. Weet. BOO kw; 
Ta.c Allia-C, West, tot SSSOtw. 8400 t, 
8 ph. BO cyaiTOO hp.b. A, A T; WO kw, 
(orb. (atm.) Weat; 1800 bp. tnrb. (wtr.) 
Allia-C; Irani. Tolt. lt.Smv: Irolley yolt 

Pwr, rta., {wtt.) on Tadkin RiTer, l«.l 
mlliv rrom Winston Balem; eteam lU. 
■nd repair ahop at WInaton-Naleni. 

RearlieB and owna Nlaaen Park. 

l3.TBmlie«:4-SWg;f- ' 



RISMARCK. tl.S44 (laiE). 

, ;8-0ap)tol Car Line — Gen. Odlce' 
CapitolBldg. (OunedbjStateof North 
■• ^ -- ■■—.rolled hj Board of Ad- 


m part of town, along Mali 
onrth St., to Capitol,) 

Bac. Board of Control 

Ch. EQgr. Pwr. Sla.'i'Mi'M." 

Engr. M. of W,',Thomu Browi 
Power ata. at Ca^tol Qroani 
Reachea Capitol >ark. 
l.tnl]ee; Alt g; leal, (E 

niehed for lighting and haatl: 

PARUO. SO, 7110 (IBIS.) 
T77 — Noithorn Stktea Pen 
(Fargo A Moorbead Diy,) - 
Fargo. (ConneoU Fargo, N. 
Moorheid and Dll worth, Minn. 
trolled bj Northern Blatoa Pow> 
Delaware, and opera tad bv 
Bylleaby A Co., Chicago, 111.) 

Mgr.M.L. Hlbbard. 

Oen,aupt.*P.r.Agl,, C.P.Brown 




OBAND FORKS. 18,884. 
7r7B— Grand Forka St. Rj. Co.- 

Office, aiB So, 3d SI. IConnecIa Qrail 
ForkB, N. D,, and B. Grand Fork), 

Prea,T. J. Smith Grand Foib 

V, Prae. A. I. Honler 

Sec. O. A. Webaler " 

Supt KGen.Ugr. W. L. RawkeB, " 
H. M. A Kngr. Oybd. ConBtr. 


Energy ptirchaaed from Red BItu 

Repair ehnpe at North FlfUi 3L 

S.GmUea; 4 »» g; It motor paan. and r 
trail pasa. i ara; 1 broom ; 1 anow plow. 

VALLEY CITY. 4,a0«. 
ITS-TaUej CHr it. * Intorarbaa 

By. Co.-Offlce, Vallej Cltr. ICon- 

necte Valley City with Soo K. B. Il 

North Vallej City,) 

Prea, Chae. F. Mudgeth Valley Oh 

V. Prea. A Gen. Mgr. 

E.H BrtjTga 

Sec, Geo. W. Bowen 

Treaa. John Tracey 

Power ata. and repair ahop* at FUlk 
Aye.. Valley City. 

mtollea: 4.8Ug:amotorcara. (Oo» 
pany handlea trelgbt.) "• 

TTAHPBTOM. 8,814. 

(Baa No. BOS,) 

AEROV. UO.OOO, (l«l 
"19— Northern Ohio Trutlon « 

Lt. Co.— Omoe, t09 TBrDlnal Bldi- 
(Coairola Canton-Akron Conaol.^^ 
Co., whlcb waa formed by conaolUa- ' 
Uon of ih» Canton-Akron St. Co., Can 
ton-New Phlladeipbia Rj. Co. and The 
Toicarawas Trao. Co. ; alao owna antlrt 
capital atock of Akron, Wadaworth » 
WBBtam Trac. Co.) (Connecta Claw- 
land, Akron, Canton. Maaallion.Wada- 
woTtb. Barberton, Kent, RayenoL H«v 
Philadelphia and Ubrlchaillla.) i 

•ree. B, C. Cobh, 

14 Wall St., New York, M. T. 

V. Preala.-Jl^an. 


Bee. CbM. H. Latir AkroB 

Autt. Bees. 1 a. a. Boumr, 

AAin. -j UW>llSt..NewToik,M.Y. 

OsD.Andc. H.b.keeeler, ■' 

Compt., G. B. Dobbin ■• 

'PrAAA. JamflBSAaflnej. ........... Akron 

OaD.anpI.KY.Dept., B. B. Psriiet. " 
Q«ii. Sunt. Pr..daclioB Bl DitU. D«pl. 

b. G.TighB '■ 

T»fflc Mgr. Cbaa, A. Laney " 

Clklm Age E. U. Carpunter ", 

l»nt. Agl. ROMellJ. Hurter ■' 

E:a|,B.U.Gcknnd, ■' 

Sapt. Sbopa. K. D. LcBvitt " 

r^rkUgr. u, V. BtUdle Cuntoii 

Powci BtB. equip. B B, c. tnrbo-gBn. 
WeM.Iot.BT.OOOKw.McjBiBeOOkp. «. cot; 
10,«00 hp. b.Bnb. « W, Bsd; aiSOW. ICm. 
turb. Q. E. ; B7B0 hp. tnrb. (wtr.) Ttomp; 
mna. Tolt. SB,000-13,a» »; Irolloj Tolt, 

CODT. 4 1110. gen. 'bbIb.' ', '. . 

rspklr ahopi *l Kenmore. Cuitoii bd^ 

iUicbcB SprlDgBeld Laka OmbMI), 
Mejen I.Bka (oinicd) uid Sammlt Lake 

9ja ta milpji- t-BU e; MS motor and 4G 
K. loco. (Coinpanr dace 


al Itg. « 

ALUANCK. 18.W)0 <l>ie). 

(See alBO No. BSGb). 

TSt— Starfe Ble(. B. R. Co.-OIBh, 

Allianse, (ConDBcM Cuitoo. LoDl* 

Tllla. Uailnu. AlUance, Sebrlni;. B* 

lolt. Garlleld. Diuuucni and 9b1sdi.) 

Prai. H. W. Porcell....'. Alllanca 

T. Pi^. aBoaOrMTM Claisland 

B«o. E.B.Cook " 

Trea*. 8. A. StnruBon Alliance 

Aadl. O. K. Ayrea ■' 

a«o. H(r..Fgl. APnr. Att. 

P. L.Mo*rT 

Sapt. John Speocar " 

Ch. Edit. Elec. Bner. A 

Ch.Bngr.Pwr.Sla. jQO.U.Yon.. '■ 

M.M. R, [>. Hll1«r. 

Biier. H. of W., Ido. Webar " 

Bni(r.O>bd.CeDBlr..A.C.WimBniB " 

Pwr. >ta. aqnip. ia, c. tnrbo-dan. Wai 
tot. 3SO0 kw. 440 V. 3pb. Ken: t40abp. 
Stir; VtMkw. tirb. (etm.) Wat. tru 
Tolt. £1.000 T-. Iroller volt. BOO r. 

S-ab-BiaB:Trot. conr. 

Powar It*, and rapalr abop at Llk* 
Park; anb-Btaa. at LaalBilUs and Da- 

Owna' and eontrola Laka Park, naar 

M.4iBllea;4aU(; 31 natarpBM.. lf|n. 
iDOtorandSBerTrcBcara, Hlgh-Bp«ed obbb. 
and tgl Bflrvlce. ICompaDy rnmlabeg 
enargr (or Uehllne Bebrlrg; bIbo »«11b 
•neTCTtorra.) IkBR 

AIHTABCI.A. 31,498(1910. 
TBS — Aabtabnla A I^ka Bbara 

Br— (HoldB laaaa on Park track of tha 
L. S. A H. 1. S;.) (ContialledbylbB 
FeDoa. * Ohio Rj.Co.) (CoanacU Aah- 
tabnl* Harbor and Woodlaad Beacfc 

Pr«. L. A. KoblKiD Clevoland 

Sm. a TrM*. <r. I, Uorrli.ritUbarf .Pa. 
Santa poiw from Ff an. A Ohio By. 
imll*; 4Wtf:lcarB. 117 

TSS— Aahtabola Rapid Tranalt Co. 

-ODm. t Nat. Bk. Btde. 
PiM ATreaa.L. A. RoblBon.. Cleveland 
V. Praa. A, B. Eaym-r, . PilUhnritS, Pa. 
Aodr.APnr. A«t.. J. H. Sbaw, ABbtabaia 

Sapt. H. L. HnehsB '' 

IL H., J. O-BrTan ' 

Puk ilgr. i. C. Hard 

Bam Fmn. Jamea Morgan... 

Sbarea In powar plant of I 
Ry. Co.; rupakr Bhop at Ha. 
"Tier *>». 

i.b mllsB: 4^M g; 1 moM 

- PennBylviuilB A Oblo Kj- 

—Um(»,IIil:tprlng8l. (Controls ABb. 
lU A Lake Shor* Ry.) (ConnKta 
lean'. Amboj, Asntabma. Blaga- 

L, A. RobiBon Clcvelaml 

aianley Snoarj 

Qen. Hit. Palmer WudmBn..ABhtabnla 
— , Bntr. Pwr. Sla. 

larty PrritTmaD " 

;kMer. J. C. Hnrd 

_.j. 400 I.' S ph.' S6 eya; 10o6 hp. e. 
Cpr.; ISSO hp. t. B. A W; Irana. *olt. 
13,1»0 v; irollevvolt. 860 T. 

Poner Bla. at Sta'^e Road, Aahtabula; 
ipair Bbopa at Blau Boad. Conneaut. 
Reacbea Lake View Park, Con neant.U 



BUCTBUS. 1,101 

CAMBRIDGE. I8 488(Illfl). 

TBS— Oblo S«rvles Co.— Bee Co- 

ahocton. (Conaecta Cimbrldgra. Byea- 
lill*. Dtrwent and Pleaaant Clly.) 

Diat, eupt. L. H. Hlocumb . . ..Cambridge 

Power Bta. eqolp. 1 d. c. PL W.. ESO 

kw; 3 a. e. O. B, tot. SOO kw, B300 t. 1 

Rna; Union. Fricki'tran*. volt. 33.000 v; 
rollei volt, eOO v. Power plant held In 

I Bub^ata, cap. SDO kw; I mo. gen, eel 
800 kw, 
pwr. Sta, aod repair ahopa at Weat 


(See also No, 30G,) 

TM-The OblllhMtthe Else. H. R., 

Lt. A For. Co.- Office, ao W. Second 

BI.,Chllllcotbe. (ConirolledbylheOhIo 

National UlillUea Co,°NBwio?"N,T.^ 
Prea. A Oen, Ugr,. 

Oaa, A. VangEurs. Cbllllcoiha 

V.Pr«B,8tCl AKt. 

JohoP. Phllllpe.,, 

Bee. ATreaa, J. C. Uartia ColnmboB 

iBB'tTieu,, Put. Agt. & Asat, Hir- 

K, K. Seiaiier ChllUtotbe 

Cb,EneT,Pwi,SU., FraDk Cbllda " 

Roadinaater, Jno, Byera •' 

Power Bta. equip, 3 a,c, 0, B. tot, 700 

kvB. a ph. ISE cya; 1000 hp, a. Ham. Cor; 

1000 bp, b. Brie; trana. volt. S300 v; trolley 

Power ita, at Toetangee Park A Canal 

(No P. O.); repair >hDp »t Chllllootbe, 
VBmlleB; 4.nU E. (Companv tnmlaheB 

light ud pawiT,) *tm 

7 aaa — HI Ilsboro-C TutkimiK-Balii- 
brlilB«-Oblllloothe Tiacllon Co. 

—ClKiinboi of tommtirca. IConnecte 

OLnciuDstl, Ullleboio, ChLlLlcoihe and 


Pms. J. W. W»tU Uiliiboro 

V. Pre». iGen. Mer. N. J.McGuiia 

1001 Liw BlSg., IndlanapDll*. Ind. 
See, R. K. FauILnef... 

TiMe. J. C. Auderaon Chilltcothe 

Ch . Engr. C. C. Ciarke HillBboro 

«l mtTi4. 59 

IU,47B (1B181. 

TS7— I 

-Office, Nornood (SU. H. Ciocln- 
II.) (ConneclB CtncliinMI, Sc.ruotHl, 

ro'it^rtywln bB nuld iiu'der forccloj- 

PtM. A TtcM. G 

AniTr. * Pur. Agl. H. E. Fro»t. ■' 

Sapt. £ M. H., J, Dnimmr " 

BrKr.Pwt.SM. «eo. Ta7ror.,Perlumiri 

kn, S ph. 25 era; aoOD hp, e. (;. & C, Cpr 
IWObp. b. A.&T. 

Power !•». Ml Perlntown; ri' -hopi 
■t Uliroid. 

US miles: 1-8) l-i R pnaa. Ind -il tgt, cm 
(CompiinyioppliBBmcrgy to Th<! later 
iirhsn Ek'c. LI. A Pnr. Cn.. Mad-irB,) 

r»8 - Cincinnati, ncrKeluwii & 
PorUmuuth B. K. Cu. -Offl.s. Car- 
rel Bt. (Op'-rati d prlDclpally by steam. 

d by elcetricity.) 

Siipt. Tran«pl., Equip. Sc M. U. 


- 1, Pfil. A Pa.a. Agt. 


Pnirerxti. at Lake Allyu; repairahoi 

Benihes I^ke Ailyn (owred). 

nTmllea: 4 8Ke; Sn mnlnr pa-a, and 
othfrrara. (Sfll-anerEv tn BnMvta L 
& Par. Co. and Munic Plant, Mt. Orab. 

7N9-CtDclaiii>tl. LHwnnicelmrs « 

Aurara Elec. St. R. H. Co.— I>m?t. 

Andel ~ — - - -■ ■- 
- Delhi, 

Bend, Cleii 

and Aaron.) 

Hsr»i,™ 1 C. B, HooMH Clnclnnali 

Heceivera j grf gar Stark " 

Pmi. Stanley Sltaffor 

Stc. nonHooven 

Oen. Kgr.. Aodr. A Piir. A(tl. 

R, M, Oompf " 

k'lCFKy pRrrbBied'rioia'iTninD Oaa & 
ReiMir ahopi at North ftcnd, U, 

7tfO-TL« Cluclnniitl, HUTocd * 
BlBDcbeder Xnwtlou Co.— Oei 

omucB, 6un Hycamora St., Cincln 

(UiMia Cliicmuait, MlirortI i. ODabu 
Trae, Co., auJ Clnciunali., Hlllord 1 


Parii, HIKonl, Mnlberrj. Ooahen Hia, 
NewtoiiTllle, Edtatoo, Woodvllis *n« 

Charlee C. Harrta, ,". Cindnnili 

Proa., (ien, Mgr. A Claim Agt. 

J. P. I'euirung 

Sec,«Atidr.,J,F. TlBChendoTf 

Treaa. W, n. Alhera 

Uen. Fgl. A Paaa. Agt. 

RulK V.ii Camp UadtrrdiTiIlt 

Gen.Xni.t.Jaa. Montuoraerj... 

Kugr, Pwr, SIB. C.f; Bloom Millori 

M.M., Richard Hnyci Madleon^lIlf 

kw.Spb. ss'cye; lEOO hp. e. AI11h-C: M 
bp. b. Sllr; trana. volt. 16,600 t. iroll<> 
TOli. eSO I. 

a Bub.Btae, lot, cap, IIM kw: 3 vi 
conv., e-400 kw. BulWk and 1-SOO t>. 

Power eta. at HIlFord: repair ehopiii 

ReacheB Woodland and Bamrord Ulllt 
37niil_ve;5-SWg; 10paB».,afgt.,awork. 

furnlelii* energy toi lighting.) *W 

tioB Bldg. (Operat" 
Ry, Ownril by T- 

i't„ B. L, ijandera... 

Trans. F.L. ealiec... 
Au'dr'-B, F,'Reil'ari'.^ 

lupt. ShoiM ,F J. ychweit^er. " 

Power Bla. eqnlp. » d. e. Weal, O, % 
ot. ai.lOO kw: 1 rol, roov. WO kw. »»al; 
10,111 hp. e. Mel. 3t ». Ptot: )in«?li|> 
(. Bab. * W, A. * T: IH.onO kw. inrf. 

at WInfoii Plnce; repair abopa at Cbearri 
Park&Wlnfn Ph.rc, 

(iwnachener P»irk,wlileh l»l«iaed« 
TwarM. Martin and 'ea'bFB Zon fiardfa. 

IW^ml^n. rarJi'BOlrallwa.' ' . *(9 

loa-Indlann. Columboa A EkilarB 
Trap, Co— ILcaawi to The Ohio Blee. 
Ry. 0>.. which see tor detaf iB of rotdi 
owned Bnd lewert.) 

Prea. Dana Stevena SprlnElleM 

V. PrSB, J. n. Snrdmaker " 

Her., A Treas, T. A. Henly 

J. M. PoEue....' 

mt.i mllea: 4-8M g, W 

•a— tntsrarban ttj. * Taradnitl 
Cu.— onoe, 1119 SscoadNfttloiMl Bank 
Itldg., CLDclnnatl. (Ovrni uid oma- 
■lea tlie dncMnill A Eubam Blec. 
By. Co.. Iha Rapid Rj. Co. and tbc 
laleriubam Termlnsl Co.) ICdodpoH 
Cincinnati. New Richmond, Uaeua. 
Kins* HUlBand Lebsnon,) 

l«T., Chu. U. Utile, 

SOS B«c. NaL Bk. B1d«. . Clucinutl 

■na. Ueo. H. WoittolnittaD Cleveland 

ilV. PcB». J. It. Hutlon 

•c. TreM,.Snpt., Hai. A Claim Agt., 
J.F. Bgo,r Cinciniwli 

.ndt. C. W. Pcok 

lBn.FKt.*Pa,.. Ap., 
A. B. sch-ndaec 

!b. Eiuir. Pwr. SU. F. H. Woodi " 

f . U, F. U. Braansmuin " 

toailmulsT, JoeBolt " 

Engr. OThd. CoMtr, Pred Teitmelr, " 

Vest. lol. 800 bw: S a. c. Weat. tot. 

OOO kw. 3 pU. » CT>; aiBT bp. e. Bctre; 

100 hp. b. A. ± •?; trana. TOlt. II.OOOt; 

rolley volt. 860 y. 
4 sab-itas. t'll. cap. £300 kw; 1 rot 

Puwer ita.'atConaylalaDd. repair aliop 

Rsochee Coner Island, Highland Qmve 
iwued bj lodlTldnal membera of com- 
MDT and Beeobwood pBik, Siliarton. 

es mllaa; fr^KK gi K motor and IE 
ither caia. *S9 

r94 — The Obl» TrwiUou Co.— 
(Mlllareek Tallej DlTlalon.) 
Ufflce. Traction Uldf . (Operates under 
Inm TheCindnnaa&BunlllonTraa. 
Co. uhlcheitendBtbronghBt. Bernard. 
Blmwood, Cartbaio. Bartwell, Lock- 
laitd, Glendale. wVomlnR and Hamil- 
ton.) (Orfne Cincinnati Ttac. Co. and 

Praa W. Kexley Schoept Cincinnati 

tat V.Pree. Choi. P. Ta(t 

Id T. Prei. Dana Stereni " 

td V. Pro. * Sec. 

Ki^c. Ami.", H. L. Sands™,!!!! 

AMt. S...,.D.J.DownlDi! 

Tr«a«. W.H. MacAlliter 

Aaal. Trea-. F. L, Haller 

AndT.,B, J, Boob " 

A*8t, Audr, B, P. Rellej 

Qen.Mgr A.Benbam 

CoDBllTKngr- ThiJB, Kllott,.,. 
Snpt.Transp. A, J, Oitendorr,, " 
Claim ArI. n-alter R. Roblneon 
Asit Pur, Aet. A, L, Placher. , 

Ch, BoBT, Wm, MIttendorf 

Bn«r. nf Knadivayi, E. B. Berry 
BiHi.Ovhd,Con"tr,. F, J. Venning, " 

Power et«, eqnip, 2 'I. c. O. B. lot, 1000 
kw; lwahp,e.McI, AS: ISGO bu, b. A. A 
T; trana. Yoll, 6600 V ; ttoUey volt, 67B », 

Povar ata, at HnrturcH; repair shops 
at Chutcr Park, Wlnlon Plare, 

Beachea Zoological Oardens, 

M.tS mllei: S 9M g; m motor and i 
other ears. *fl9 

CI.KT BLAND. 874,073 (1016). 
(Sea also Va. T!».) 
;»1 — TIt« Clatelaufl & CbsErIn 
Fallfl Ry. Co.— Office, 708 Belioorl 
a\ig. I Sucreaaor to Cleveland, You n(m- 
Uiwn A Eaalern Rj. Co.) (Connect* 
Clevrl.nd and Chagrin Falle,) 

Pret, H. P, Mclntnah Cleveland 

V. Pres. Homio Ford " 

8«. * Treaa. C. A. Taylor 

Andr. J. K. Lowery " 

Oen. Met. Robe. D, Beatty. " 

Jtupl. L. C, Baceman Cbagrln Fall' 

Bnergy patchaaed from Cleveland and 
Ei«t«B Trac. Co, 

aBb->ta.atStopSS; cor bamiat Chag- 
rin KalM, 

ISoillea: 4«4 k; II motor, 2 freight 
and 1 other cari, 89 

Co.— Office, 708 Belmt _ _ 
land, (Haa taken nver the Cleveland 4 
Baatein Drv. of the Baatem Ohio Trac. 
Co,) (Connecta Cleveland, Chardon, 
BurCmi and Mlddlefleld,) 
"rea, H, P, Kclntoah Cleveland 

, B, Wllaoi 


iland Illu- 

Snpt. H, A, I 

Blec. Eoer. t 

M.H,. Frank amxto 

Bnergy purchaaed from Clev 
ralnaSng Co, 

Snb4tai, at Slnpa 7, 10 and C, & B, 
Jet: alao I portable sub-ala: repair shops 
at Galea Hill a. 

40 mlleB; 4-^gl 18 motor, 9 freight 
and 3 other cars, 89 

787— The CleveUDd By. Co_Offlca, 

Leader Bldg, (Formerly the Cleveland 

Bleo, Ej. Co.) 

Pres.JohD J, Stanley Cleveland 

rcea. Met, 
„ „ , J «eo. L, Radcllffe 
V, Preeta.-^ ^„ha H, Alaander ■■ 

Lr, A, Harman 

Sec, to Prea, Paul E. Wilson.., 
Sec, ATreaa.HenryJ, Davlee.. " 

Andr, ThoB, P, Ellfoyle 

Ben. Snpt, A. E, Duty 

Aaat, Snpt. Ralph W. Bmetaom " 

Claim Agt, Wra, F.Weh 

Elec, EDc;r, & Bngr, Ovhd. Conatr. 

L,P, Creceliua 

Pnr, AM, Chas. H, Stanley, , . , 

Elec, Engr,, W. E, WIlROn 

Bnlr, M. of W,C,H, Clark,, ., 
M. M., Terance Senllln 

Power ela, equip, 7 d. e. O E, We»t, 
tot. B,80O k«; 14,400 hp, e. Ailia-C. Cpr: 
7,799hp.b.BBb, «W; trana. volt. 11,000 
V! trolley volt, 600 v; energy "IBO pur- 
chaaed from Cleveland Elec, Illumloal- 
Ing Co. 

B anb-etaa, tot. cap, 33.&00 kw; SS rat. 

Power alaa. at toot of B, Tlat St: repair 
Bhnpa at WasblnetOD A Sycamore Avea., 

aao mllea (Inclndlng track In yardt 
and bnlldingB);4-8)i£; 1089 motor paa-,, 
417 trail paas; 138 mntor aetvlce and 
88 aervlce care irltboat motora. '^^9 

308— The Clevelaud, Smithireateni 
AOolnmbna Rj. Co.— Offloe.KSr^ Gar- 
fleldBldg. (ConnectaCleveland.Berea, 
HedlDtt, Seville, Creaton. Vnosler. La 
Roy, Lodl, W. Salem, Ashland, Hana- 
fleld, Crestline. aalion.BncyruB, BIytIa, 
Oberlln, Lorain. Amheral, Qraftsn 
Berlin Belshta and Norwalk.) 

Prea, P. B, Myera Aahland 

V. Prea, L, J. Wolf Cleveland 

Sec, ATreaa, J. O, Wlleon.,.. 

Gen. Mgr. A Pnr. Act, 

E. F Tlchnelder 

Andr. M, B. MoOraw " 

CIslmAgt C.B.UcKlason.,.. " 
auplWcaiem DIv. J. A, Neater.. ,Blyrta 
Snpt, 9o,Dlv.,W. B. Dsmaline,..KammB 
Hopt ISevllle-BncymaDI.,) 

F, M, TelrRat ManaKeld 

<iem(-eH. Kelaav,". Elyrta 

rrafflcMlir. C, C. Colllna Cleveland 

Power ata. equip. Sd.c.Weat. tot. 1000 
kw; 3500 hp. e.; 4000 hp, b. Stir, Eelne- 
8000 hp, (Ftm.)turb, W»at, Allla.C, G.K; 
tnuie, volt. aS.OOOv; trolley volt. KK v. 

Power 'ta, and ntpstr ahop al. Elyrla, 

Reachea I'nrltas Snrlnaa and Chip- 
pewa Lake and nwna SeccAlom Park. 

2BI mlli'a: 4-HM £; 60 motor and IT other 
cars. (Co. dosa Itg. A pwr. bosineaa.) 


■ Bl*o. Br. Oo. 

tnCDlIn oBoe, BlectfJc Bld^.^CIava- 
ludi geatnl oflca, Sudiukj. (Con- 
trol! Uia Lonin at. R. R. Co.. and Bhd- 
dnakj, Framoal A tjoiithun Kt. Oo.) 
(ConnecU Cltvaluid ud Toledo uid 
lalenn«llate cllles Mid Cowni.) 
' Pm, B." -^ 

L. LawaDtlul. . 
ian. Mgi. * Pur. Ait. 
F. W. Cotn Sudiukr 

Gen. Bnpt. L. KTBoiite .'.'.'.' '.'.'.' " 

Snpt. >r Pwr. F. Heckler FramoDi 

Edrt. U. of W., A. V, BTaim. .SiadoikJ 

Claim Agt, H. Rlmdipscb Fremant 

Qm. PiM. Aet J. F. Surk*T..BuiduBkr 

RoHdmuter.fto^Bnedon " 

Fowar tut. eqntp. 4 a. c. Q, B, Wwt. 
tot. 8«0a kw. 8 ph. 2b c;i; 4890 im. b. 
ptir, Bib. A W; 3000 kn. (itm.) taib. 
Weat; trane. volt. 18.000 t; troller volt. 
eOO T. Enargy parchued hpm The Oblo 
BUM Power Co. tor operKllon o( ejalem 
from ■ point eomoBS mil ei an 1 of Fremont 

power iW U Beach Park ; npair ibopt 
H FraraouL Baaeb Park BDd SaudaikT. 

Reachea Baacb Park (oinied), CryaUl 
Beach, Llnwood Puk, Biiigl« QrSTa. 
Rra Baacb. Cedar Poiat. 

iramllaK *«tt: TTmotoraad ST other 
•art. (Co.aeUBenergjilorj.companlfli.) 

COLCMBUS. 814,878 (191S). 
BOO — Colombna, Delawnre * 
Vkriou Eleo. Co. ~-Oace, Uarlon 

Marlon Ry. Co.) (Coaneila Oolumbua, 

WoctbingtoD, Delaware, Proepeet, Rad. 

nor and HarlaiiHiao ownaand operalee 

cIlT rr. BSD Ice in Harlan and Delaware.) 

Praa. bUl H. Wert Colnmbna 

lat V. Prei. A Oen. Hgr. 

A. F. Van Deinae Mario 

Snd V. Prei. J. J. Jennii]gB....Coliimbi 
Sac, Treaa. i> Andr. 

W.H Darldaoi Mario 

Oen. Cooii. Earl B Tnniar .Dajtoa 

Bnpt. J. H. Latimer Colnmbni 

Tralnmaeler, C, C. Ho;ar Delawnn 

Bupt. Mot. Pwr.A-P.Solalon. . . 
Bnpt. Dverhead, Feerl Iawij... " 
Bopt. Marlon Lis. Depl. 

L. 0. sung Marion 

Power »la. equip. (Stratford plant) a a. 
c.G.Sl.tot SSOOkw.Sph.SGcys^aDOOhp. 
b. Heine: CSOD Kw. >tm. inrb. 0, B; trans. 
TOlt. la.SOO T ; trolley volt, BOO t. 

Power ita. eqnip. (Marlon plant) 2 a. c 
Q. B. lot. ITBO kw. atoo T. 60 era: 1400 hp. 
b. Heine; ITtiO kw. aim. Inrb. Q. K. 

4 enta-xae. tot, cap. ElOO kw; 7 rot. 

Power ata. and repair ahop* at BIral- 
tord Addieu, Belaware, O.) 

Owna Qlanmary Park. Keacbet OUn- 
taner Park, North Colnmbaa, 

SO mllaa: 4^c; IS Intanirban paea.. 
1 freight and eipraaa, 4 motor •errlce, IB 
non-motor eerrlce. and 2S city cara. 
(Companj fdrolahea enerjry In Prospert 
E]« LtE'APwr. Co,, Colambne.Uarlon 
AnacTruBR.R. Co., and doea liah-' — 
Id VxAm.} 

8 mllea; 5-Sj[; B motor paia.. 1 

SOS— Oolnml 

IN. ThM 

?7-i ?w 

c^ea i^ojumons 'iraction Co. 
take over the piopanlea leaae 
Itinibna Railway k Light Co. 
qnlred all property etc., of C 
Traotlon Co. lanccea^or Co Central Vu. 
kel Street Eailway), Colnmbue R»llwii| 

Itting leasee between th^ two labv 
.._ ._., ... -_. — ._g E^i^ 

bna and Marble CMET.) 

PiM., Cbarlea L. KnrU Colni 

r Samuel CnRerlalder, - 
V T>n»tR i Treaa,, Sorman UcD. 

V.PreatB. ^ Crawford ' 

L W.H.PoniBrene.,,, • 
Sac. & Andr. P. V. Burlngtoa , . . ' 
Aaal, Sec, A Aaet. Audr. 

H. M. BnrlDilon 

(Jen, Bnpt.. C. C. Slater ' 

Supt. Tranrp,, Geo. R. Whlanar. * 
Aa-I. Supt. Tian'p , C. B. Later * 
MEr,ClaimaDepl,.Gerr7Cath«irl ' 
Aeat. Mgr. aalmsDept. 

ChB«,B. ProEh " 

Par. ABl,,M. L. Evane 

Klec. Kngr,, R, J. Feather '" 

Ch, BrRr. Pwr.C. H. Johaaon. , . . ■■ 
Aast.Ch.Kn^r. Pwr, a.R.ADdril " 

M. M., Chaa. S. Hott " 

Bnar. k.ofW., B. O. Acktrman,. - 
Sept. of Llnea. B, L.Cbaia,... " 

Power eta. aqnip. 11 a. c. tath, AlUaC. 
Wert., a. S. tot. 48 EOO kw ; 74m bh. c 
Am.Br.Co., Cpr. McL*B: IT.BlSbpt 
Bab. « W: trana. volt. 13JS(IO-S9.40it: 
Irollejtolt. «00v. 

It.) tot a 

inclpal powe 

.: Gay St 
I at Mod 

at 0»y*H 
d A Tth BM.; 
1 miles HHtk 

id coneldcrabla t 

snd lUbtlng knitnaf 
intronndlnir territarr: 
It water heating.) *a 

■Ot— Oolumboa, V»w Albst 
Johnatom Trse. Co_0«ce, 
and Third Sta. CConoeeta Coin 

B. rolombns and Gabanna.) 

Prea. H. M. BeaiPlI Cine 

y. Prea. Leo J. VanLabr 

Sec. « Treaa. Jnllna A, Rdf.... 

Andr. O.V. 8"rrett Coli 

Oen. Msr. * Par. A(t. 

L. P. Stephana 

If. H.Bobert Whlanar 

BOS— The C«lDmlraa,(JrtHU)mAW«i' 
era Eleo. Rjr. Ca.— Offlca, 100 V. 

Gay St. (Connecta Colnmbaa, MirWi 

Cllir Had FlahlnEets.) 

Ptea ScottA.Wrtb CohiioliU 

Ser, Barry B. Stafford 

Treas. Kll M. West 

Aodr.HarrT* -nyder ;.. 

Gen, Mgr. iPnr. ABt. 

L. P. atopbena 

BnervT porchaaed from The Colunlo 
Ry., Pwr. A Lt. Co.: repair abop, W> 

Reachea park' at FiBhiDgera Bridp. 
North of Stomge Dam. 

I 804- The Ohio * SontlMni Trai. 

Co.—nOlce, HE B. Rick St. tCmoKI' 
Bhade*IIIe and Hartman Stoek r>n 
with Calnmbtu.) 

[•res. & Tkm„ B«r1 S. D»tIb. .Colombui 
V. Pre*. A ABBt. TreBB. 

3€?c. J. MTButtterVsaVBroad St., " 

A.Ddr. Sani'l MsIbenB 

Obq. Met- R. Sthwab 

M. H., CUrk Sillier. 

R, F. D, Mo. 1.. Lnckbnrne 

Bnericj pnrchaaed From CaliimbUBR;., 

L.t. & P>vr.Co.;repiiir8hopeat H&ctmsn 

T lu'llo: 44M R; 3 motor patt.. I fgt 
motor »n(l 8 Berylce can. * M 

SOa— Si:lot» Valler Trim. Co.-O«ge, 

TMrd liud Kicb Su. (Conuscts C'aliim- 
PreB. * ijcu. Mgr. 

Fruik A. Davis Colnmbur 

V. PrtB. & Treas. B. R. Sharp. '■ 
Sec, JtPur.Agt. A.C.Moorhani " 
.Andr. F. K/Toong '^ 

0?jllni Agt. Geo. H.'jonea.'! !;.'.' 
aeu. Fee, & Paee. Agl. 

J, O, itradfield " 

Ch. Kngr. GrteiiD- Wolfe •' 


F. W. C. Bailcj 

M. M..G. A.Stiln 

RoadmaHter, 0. B. Wagaer 

Power Bta. *qulp. S a. c. Allie-C, 
O. K.tol.flOOOkva.S75-aa00i;3pb.ascy8. 
3000 hp. ». Bam. Cor. ; 8300 bp. b. McNaull. 

volt. ^7,000 v; trolley volt. 600-626 v. 

CO.MIOCTOK. I1,S70 (leifl). 
SOOa-The Ohio Serriee Co.— Gen. 

offlce, CoBhocion: local offlces, Caio- 
brIiJe«, BT.'Bvllle. [JlrlchBville. Den- 
niton. New PhiJadelphtt and Dover. 
(Purchaaed the prouerty of Tbc Count; 
Rlec. Co. (Naw Pbiradolphli). Tbe 
New Midland Pwr. & Trac. Co. 
(rambririgi^l, The Twin Citj Trac. (^o. 
(pennt«jB) Cosb.ielon l.t. L Htfe. Co.. 

burgElet. C''ILftfajettcLt!* Pwr. 
Co. (W. Laray,.tle). fCi.nnecW Cam- 
brldLie. PlenMiitai;, Ily«BvllI«and Der- 

Pre». TbOB. R. V 

rolled by Dnitvd -S 

I. Ponu 

L. H.C 

]. Mir. 

. .CoBb. 


ndr. R. G. Thomp'i 
rnr. Ael. K. A, Hinig -•_ 

EnVliBiTA feBta "*'' 

C.A.Mnllen ■■ 

DEM. Supt. Alvln H, Stack. .. . 

p,.wer at*, equip. S a.o, O. B., AIH«-0. 
lorbo trea. tor. B'OO kva. U-TOO v. a pb. BO 
eye- SnOO hp. b. Stir; 4Esn tw. aim. turb. 
a. E.. Cnrtia, Alli«-C: IBOO hp. wtr lurb 
AI'Ib-C: tran>. vnll, JW.OOttv, 

J Half Trnman. Jr. .Ne» Philadelphia 
Power B'a. equip. 2 a, o. O. E. tiirbo- 
Een. toLBROO kvr, ?900 v. 8 ph. BOcys: I 
a. c. <!. B. 400 hw, ISOO V. -•t ph. KO -j,; 1 
«. e a. R. (hydro-elflc.) 200 kw, SiVO v. a 

DlatSopt, L, n. 81oenmti....Cniabrl.([!e 
Pnwarata. ego In. a d.r. Ft. W. tot. «KI 
kw; SB. c. G, B. tot.700kw,8300v, aph. 


Diet. Snpi. A. a. Dation Dennla 

1 .ub.ata. cap. 1500 kw. 3JO00/V3OO v. 
Power BU. and repair «hop at W. Ca 

bridge; snb-ata. at So. Cambildge. 

<Ste No. 85B.) 

D*YTON. (iniB). 

(See alBO Not. SS8, bUB, 853, 86«. BTB, 

800 — CI tj Kj . Co.— OiBce, corni 

Prea. £ Treaa. E. D. Oriiues!...,Dii;te 

aud V. Prea. V. WliHere'. ','.'. '.'.'.'.'.' " 

3rd V. Pre*. O. H. (lomian " 

Sec,M,H»ll " 

ClalmAft, J.H.Clark " 

Audr, .1. Moiton '■ 

Hen. Mgr. T. K. Howell " 

Aaat. Buirt. T. E, BIlMr ■' 

Gb. Kiyir. Frank Bngle 

Rlec. Engr. John D^™ •■ 

Track Foreman. Jno. UcDonald,. 

Power ata. eqoip. G d. c. Q. E, WeatE 
S. * H. tot. »00 tw; 3600 hp. a. Bcky 
Prov: ITWhp. b. Stir, A. A T, Bab. * M 

Ri;Buhcs Lake Side Park. 
Power ata. at Emily « Lei 

II6.M8 mib'x; 4-8^ g: laa motor i,it 
closed, 80 open and 68 combl ration), 
■ -'--' lok, Sflal, Sinow, iiaand 




SOT— D&jrtan, SprlngHeld A Xeala 
Soulliem Br- Co. — OOlce, 801 Ar- 
cade. (ConniYls Davlon, Bellmont- 
Shonpa Station, Alpha, Tiebetna Bad 

Pre.. C. J. Pemedlng Dayton 

y. Prea. Otr. Mgr. A Pur. Age. 
T. A. Fernedlng ■■ 

Bee. A Treaa. B. L. F^rnefllne ... " 

Andr. .Gcn.Fet., Paat.A Claim Agt. 
R.J. Weill" " 

M. M. ,7. N. HIndB ■■ 

Bneray purrhaaed from The Darlon 

Power & Light Co.; trane. volt, S800 y; 

trolley volt. MOv. 

R»BrhD> Hnlthrook, Kllkare Park (con- 
trolled) and Yfllnw Sprinra Park, 
27.0TmIl(a; 4-SM t: Kcare. TS 

flOS — The Dayton St. Br- Co- 
Office, LocBlD k Pritz Are. 

t., Kayet..SchnlDd BIdg., Daytoii 

I.I. Co. 
Repair ebop at car bar 

)0O~l>aytnn A Troy KIcc. By, Co. 

— Olllce. Tippecanoe City. (Controla 
Miami Valley Ry. Co., TbB Tmy, Tlp- 
peranoe and Dayton InleriirhBII Ry, 
i'n.. and thp Pfqna St, %,) (ConnertB 
Daylnn, Tlpp.TannE Oily, Troy *, 

PrM. Hurler. CIcEg Difton 

Sec. L. C. Cleeg " 

T»&9. Gen. Ugr, A Pur, AgC 

R.A.Crnma... " 

Andr. Flnnej BnrBpiB...Tippei;anoeCiej' 

Supt. Piqus City LlD'ea,II.IIeizte[. Flqut 
Oea. Fgt. & P*M. Agt, 

Ch.'Engr l-ivr. sit 

J. DTkohler Tlppoc»noe Cllj 

M, M..HBB17L0B 

RoHdmSHtar, J. D. HscBr " •■ 

Power Bta. equip. Sd.c. West, tot, 1200 
kw ; 1000 bp, e. Bcliye: 1200 hp. b. Bab. & 
W; trolley volt. WO T. 

P»wer BtB. end repair shop it Tippe- 
e»Boe City. 

4BiaIlea: 4-aMe: 19 motor twd 30 ntber 

810 — The Lebanon ft Franklin 
Xr«B. Co.-XOper«lei throagh c«rl 
betWHD Dayton and Lebinon; rno- 
necte Lebanon. Red Uon and Franklin.) 

PreB.,8ee.,Treaa., Gen. Mgr. dt 
Pur. Aat. RohLB. Kline DuTloa 

V. Prea. C. H. Boelen " 

Sopt. C. V.Haney " 

Claim Agt. Jno. Clark " 

anerer purrhaaad. 

Repair abopa at Franklin. 

Bauhes Miami Valley CbauUaqua. 

Warrea Co. Fair Grouode and Frankllu 

VMilar Park. 
lO-Bmilca; 4-8M KJ « motor pais, can. 
Snepended aervlco Jan.. Tills. IIB 

811— Oaknood Rsllroud Co.— Office, 
ISSOSo, Brown St. (Connecta Oakwood 
With "Hille and Dales. "XLc-aaed toaod 
operated by The Oakwood St. Ry. Co.> 

Prea. Harrie P. CAefe Dayt«n 

T.Prea.iGcB.Ugt. Henry Gehbart " 

rmaa. A Andr. H. CWelDgartner " 
se mlloa: «.BH it. _ *B9 

8ia-Tho Oakwiod St. Ry. Oo.- 

OSIce, IMO So. Brown SI. (Conaects 
Oakwood. Dayton and Dayton View.) 
(Leaaea and operatei the Oakwood K. 

V. Pre*. HarrleP. Cl^g Dayton 

Sec., Gen. Mp. * Pur. Agt. 


John H. Clark.. .Hcbwind Bids. " 

Andr, H. C.Welnmrtner " 

M. M.. J. P. Merrick " 

Roadmastsr J. Barkholder. " 

BnerKy porcbaaed from Dayton Power 
1 Lt. Co.; trolley volt. 800v, 

Repair ehopa at lASO So. Brown 8t„ 

IO.S milea (ioeladlng Oakwood R R. 
Co.); 4.8M K- SI motor pue. and 
B other cars. *Gg 

Bia— Poopls'a B;. Co Office. GEO 

WaahingtSB 8t, (Centrolled by Amerl. 
«ailRyaTCB..Phila., Pa.) 

Praa, J, A. MnMabnn DayioD 

1 H.J. Crowley 

V.Preeta.-^ Philadelphia, Pa 

Sec, * Troa». W.W. Perklne. . . 
Aaal.Sec, ABBt.TreaB. ACompl. " 

F. J. Pryor.Jr. " 

Gan Met. Geo. C. Tewie Dayton 

Snpt. ofTrana. V. R. Pewdl '■ 

JonnH Clark. .Schwind Bide., " 
Pnr. Aet. a. C. Welrich, Philadelphia. Pa 
Ch. Knirr. Pwr. Sla. 

O. C. Cbad-lerdon Daylon 

Riijtr.M. of W.. A.'Schml'tlaner.'.' " 
Frmn, Orhd Conatr. 
Jamee Franklin •' 

DENNISOM. 4,008. 
814 — The Ohio Service C0.-e 

Coshocton. (ConnectaUhrichavUlei 

iCo. doea Beneial lig. A pwr. ba<-liwu.) ' 

(SeealeoNo. 1196.) 

81B— The HtenbenvlIIe.Kut Uwtr- 
pool * BaBT«r Vmler Tnac. Co.- 
Oftioe, E. Idverpool. (On Not. I, in:. 
th* foliowlni; nroperllea were merml. 
Baat Liverpool Trac, A Lt. Co.,T>> 
Ohio River PaaaeDger Ry, am] TIh 
Slenbeuville and Eaat Liverpool Kj.t 
Li. Co.) (Connects Beaver and Midlind. 
Pa. .Beet Liverpool, Wallsville.Toioiiv 
aud Hlenbenviria, O. and Cbealer, W- 
Va.) (The electric l^ghtandpowerraop. 
ertlea leaaed to The Ohio Btver Pur, 

Prea. C. A, Smith .,,,,B. Liverpoo 

Sec,. Treat. & Pnr. Ag[, 
Goo.H.Fanlb ,.. 

Gen. Mgr. R, J. McKlravv. ... 

GcD.Supt , M. J B HcCanDell " I 

aaim Agt. J, e. Wmwell,... 

M. M.,C.N. PeltlnBer " i 

Roadmaafer, J.D.Hickey,,.. " i 

Energy purchased from The Ohio Rivfl 

Pwr, Co;tran>. volt. JS.SOOt: 
Snb-ata, equip. ( Weat. rot. com. lot 

Snb.BU. at laduitiy, Pa. ; rapaJr (taei* 

Reaohet Rock Springe Park at Cbenii. 
W, Vs.. and Stacton Park at Sleubenvllk. 

101 milea: i-m g; 76 motor pas.. » 
other motor and S other cara. i^ 

PINltLAV. i4.ssa. 

<Sae sIbo Ko. 810.) 

BIS-iToIedo, BowliuK .Qreen * 

Southern Ttaa. Co.— General oSn 

Findlay. {Conoecta Flntiiay, Bswltaf 

Green and Toledo.) 

Prea. Bayard L. Kiittour ClDCluniU 

T. Prea, Charlea Elleonr 

Sac.ATreae. A. J. Becbt " 

ABdr. C. B. Baker Pladli! 

Gen. Miri., Claim A Pur. Agt. 

C.F. Smith " 

Oen, Snpt, 11. N. Hambiin " 

Gen. Fet. A Paaa. Agt, 

Ed. HBDiprecbt " 

Sunt. Mot.fwr. Daniel Reldel. Jr. ■' 
Ch. Enirr. Pwr. Bta. W.Knahanm " 

M. M. Allen Eama Bowllna Greri 

Boadmaater. Fred Hlller .rindUi 

Power Sla. equip. 9 a. c. G. B. tou M» 
kw. STOv. S pb. 2Scyi; 4000bp. e. Hcl. 
ASi4U0hp. b. Bab. & W; IDOO kw, stn- 
tnrh. O. E; trena. volt. 20.000*: trailer 
volt, too V. Flndlav: repair ahopaU 
PIndU* and BowDue Green. 

ReacheaamiiBemenlparkin Toledo. 

60 mliea; 4.8^ f. IB motor p»M.. B fin. 
motor, 30 fgt. without motora and * 
aervloe cars: 1 elec. loco. [Comiieaf 
faraiabea lighting In FIndlay.) ilt 

FORT LOBAMIB. 444 <I«I1). 
817- MiDster A Idrmmle By. Oo.- 

OOce. Ft. Loraoiie. (Connect* HiDitd 
andFt'Loramie.) (Operated hyWeatart 

Ohio By, Co.) (Sold St recslTir'i laU 
and purcbaeed by C. P. Grese, repreeent- 
iOK Haw Bremen Firnt Nit'l Bull 
■CtluE forccedlioi? of compaDT.) 

Te*. & GeD. Mgr. 
J. B. RBtetlnHD Ft. Lorsmlc 

'. ProB. J. D. IndMtieclen.. 

ee. Wm. J.Hherraan 

'mil. Julius Battel H«w Bremen 

■ ndr. E. O. Reed Limi 

tan. FjiC. & Paas. Agl. 

JBnergy from W«tera Ohio Rj. Co. 
S.SmiJfB; i-mg- Se 

FOBT6K1A. 10,770 (WIB), 
<8«e &1» No. 846.) 
il.8 — The FosMMb a Fremont By- 
Co.— Office, Aieotl Bldg., Fo>toila, 
CConnacti Fremont, Ballnlle, Havent 
Burgooii. Ktmau. Amsdeu and Foe 

»re«. F, D. CBTpenler Llm 

^. Pr«. J. H. Goeke WanJtanet 

i«., Treaa., Gen. Mgi. A CI. Agl. 

R. C. Guermay FoBtoti 

K.udr. K. I). Ueed Lim 

Jen. Fgt.&Pafi.ABt. CO-SulllYan ■' 

Energy purchased frem Lake 9hor 

BIscwir Hj. Uu. : ttolley toU, SW v. 

Kepalr abop at FnmoBt, 

ei.6 milea: «-Ng: Smoaa put-. H Igi 

Tiotvr and 3 fgt. cars without motore; 1 

.ervlcB car, *S9 

BIB— Toledo, Foatorla * FludUi 

Ity. Co.— Ofllce. Fostorla. (In 1MB, 

purchjued property ot The i,ake Erie, 

Bowliug Green & Napoleon Ry. Co. 

betweu Scotch Ridge. Center Charcb 

andBuwllngOreenilSmileM. Connectfl 

Fludlay. Arcadia. Foalorla, Rising Sua, 

Bisdner. PembervlllF. Bcotch Ridge, 

CenterChnroii, Bowling Green, Lnckey, 

Walbrldgeaud Toledo!) 

T.Prea.C.'C. Fernail Cunal I 

Sec.ATreae. A.J.Krantz., 

Qta. Mgr. E. Smitli Foetorla 

Snpl. R. H. Ewan " 

M. M., John Mitchell '■ 

Roadniaeler. D.Campbell " 

Power eU. egnlp. 3 d, c. Weat. lot. £00 
kw; aoohp.e. HusiBDOhp. b. SUr; trane. 
volt. MUO and K3O0O v; trolley Tolt. TOO 
t; energy alMipDrcband from LakeHbore 
Slec. Ry. Co. 

I •nb-ata.eap. BOOkvs.: I rot. conv. 

Power Bta. and repair ahop at Fostorla. 

Owna Reeves' Park. 

W mllM; 4Jtt4 a: 18 molor, 2 trail 
pssB., 1 trail rgt. audSlotbercare. (Co. 
doe* general pwr. baelneBS In Pern. 
bervllleand Lnchy.) *ta 

PBEMONT. 10.88! (1»I8). 

(BoeNo. 818.)-. 


sau — Tbe OHlDpollB A Nortbern 

Tino. Uo.-Offlce, Gallipolia. (Pnr- 

ehaaed property of the Kujauga Trae. 

Co.strecefver'Beale.) iConnecta Oalll- 

pollj, O., and Polut Pleaaant, W. Va.) 
Pre* H. L, Lambert.. ..Penniboro.W.Va, 
Sec. * Treaa. 

C. R OimDlngham.. " " 

Gen. Hgr. H. Mareli..Parkeraburg. " 

Sopt. B. II. UcComlck Oalllpolla 

M. M„ D. L. Heialneer 

Energy pnrchaaed from Ohio Ulilltlea 
Co.: trolley TOlt.«00v. 

Repair ahope, Eaet Oalllpolla. 

Rcachea Fair Orounda, 

t milea; 4-SH g; 6 motor pSH.. 3 
trail paaa. and 1 otber molar car. GO 

(8a* No. T88.) 

HAMILTON. 40,4SB (1916). 
(See dao No. 704.) 
S^l-Clnolniiatt at IlByiuu Trullon 
Co. (SucceBBOrtoCintinuati.IlaytonJB 
ToledoTrac.Co.— OlHceB.eilyNaflBt. 
Bldg., Dayton. (A coartoUdatloii of Ibe 
(Joulhera Ohio Tiac. Co., Bamllloii, 
(nuclnnatl-HorlbweBlern Ry. Co. ClD- 
clDQati afld Tha HamlllOB A LlD- 
danirald Biec. Transit Co.) (Connecla 
Ciuolnnati, Hamilton, UlddlelowB, 
Flankhn. Hlanilaburg, Dayton, Tren- 
ton, Mt, Healthy, WbbI Carrollon, Col- 
lege Hill and GermaDlowu, and 
operaiea cliy line In HamiltOD.} 

lat Nai'l Bank Bldg, Clndnnatl 

V. Pre«. Otto Armleader. •' 

Sec. Claude ABhhrook 

Union TruBi Bldg 

Treat. Leo J, Van Labr 

Provident Savings Bk., 

Aiidr. J. P, LongoD Dayton 

Oper. HgTB. The Warren Bloknell Co.. 

lOea Citizen's Bldg. Cleveland 
Mgr. & Pur. Ag'. M. Acherman.. .Dajlon 

Snpt. Al. DuvIb Uiamlsbarg 

Gen.Fgt. 4PaeP.Agt.C.M.B;rQe..D»jtou 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. J. P, Davis 

Llndenirald Pvir. Sta., Hamillon 
U, U., M. Schoeubalfl 

O'NeilB Cat Shops, Dayton 
Bngr.M. 0(W., E. P. Deiiman...TteDlon 
Eugr. Ovbd. Const. W. A. UcNeal - 
Pwr. eta. eqaip. 4000 hp. h. Bab. & W; 

38,000 v;"trolleV volt! 600 1. ' 
6 tub-sUB. lot, cap. seoo kw; 19 rol. 

lid (P. O. H 

repair lb 

:hautsuquBOronndB, F 
8S.Bmlles;4-«4g; 91 

O'NeiJ ' 

a.. Day 

HUBBARD. 1,099, 

(See No. 905.) 
■ BONTON. 18,949. 

823— The Utncaater Tne. A Pwr. 

Co.— Ofllce, Haln St. 
Free.. Oen. Mgr. ft Pnr. Agl. 

V. Prea. Edw. DeLancyi. ."..[, ■■ 

Sec. A Trees. P. R, Peter* 

Bnpt, AEngr. Pur. Sta. 

1,R. Smilh .; " 

Ch. Engr. J. Qrlggg 

Power eta, eqnlp. B d. c, T,.n. tot. MB 
kw; 350 hp. e. Ulller, Am. (gae); trolle> 
voll. HO T. 

Power eta. and repair shops at Fair 

13*bIIh; 4-8^ g; 38 molor and 3 other 

LEBANON. S,<l9e. 

(See No. 810.) 
I.BBTONJA. 8,6fl&. 
(I«3 — The YoKBcstowB A Obl« 
Blvar R. R. Co — Onco, LeetODla. 
(SBCcassor to the YoungalOKn A 
Ohio River Ry. A Lt. Co.) (Conaeela 
Saletii,Waehlngionvllle,Leetonla, whtra 

town & Saburban Ry, Co., Llabon, 
West Point and Baat Liverpool ) 

Prsa. Chas, S. Thraiher.,..'....Cl*TelBDd 

Y. Pre*., Gen. Hgr. A Pur. 
Alt, J.D. Dew*** LeeMnia 

FBI. Agt. Owen H. 
Bnpt. Hot. Pwt. A. A. Crawford 

M. M., H. A. Rhoads....' 

RnsdmjaMr, S.WMlerholl " 

Power ila. equip. 9d. a. Weal. lot. 110 
kw: S (.cWeet. tot. EOOO kw. a ph.% cvb; 
IBOWe, West; SOOO bp. b. 8flr; BOOK 6p. 
turb. West; ttana. vnlt. 23,000 t; trolley 
YOlt, 650 V. 

PBrk''sTatem o[ I. Llinpoal Tnt A Lt. 


SSmdel; 4-«U >r: S motoc sad S5 otbi 
uniSlocoi. |riini1sb«»energytoUKbtli 
company.) -^' 

- LIMA. IB.3B4 (IBIS]. 
891— Tlis Ohio Elee. Rj. Co.— aee 
SpringHeld for general offlcen. 

3opt.C. C. FMt. ...'^^ .....Lima 

Power bM. equip. 2 d. c. McI. i. S. tot. 

nh kw. 550v; S».I.a.E, McI. ft S. tot. 

3100 kw. 3300 T. S pb, to ova; aSOO bp. 

b. Bab. i W. A. ± T. 
Power at*, and repair sbnp at Lima. 
147 milea (Ft. Wayne Dl», US milea, 

ToUdo Dlr. 72 mliee. City DIt. 10 milea); 

*6H «. (Corap«iy ruriilabee energy for 

IlKlitlBE and does ateam heating.) ASS 

8>S— WeaMrn Ohio Ry. Co.— OtBc«, 
no W. Ifarket St.. Lima. (Owns 
tbe Lima, Findlay A Tolads Ry.; 
opaiatee between Fin'llay, Tdi. Cnry. 
Crlderaiille, Botklna, Aima. Lacklog- 
'-- "-- ■■'■--■- --^t«, St. Ml ■ 

ton, LImi 

\, UIds 

a. Htdne 

«.4 Gen. Mgr, F. D. Car] 

Gen. Tgt. * P 

fla. Agt. 

ngr. Ot 




Power »U.' & 



° &i cvai'^ieOO^hp 
ns. volt. 83,009 . 


t. cap. 

8000 k»; 

14 rot. 

Power Bta. at St. Mary 

a. repairahopat 

108.05 mllea 

4-81* H 

J? mol 

or and 

LOR.4IN. 38,064 (1016). 
Ssn — The LoralD St. B. K. Co.— 

(COBlrolled by Lake Shore Elec. Ry., 

rainandElyria.l "' 
Energy nnrchssfd fronj Lake Shore 
Elec. Ry. Co.; trana.Tolt. 18.000 T, trolley 

Repair Hhop at So. Lorain. 
34.8 mllea; 4-SM K; 21 motor and 
other cara. 118 

I.OWELI.TII.I.E. 1,802. 

Servile St utility < 

. . .._ lo Shelby.) , 

nsueucjd « Shelby.) 
ITes. ScGen. Mgr. R. S. Bnrgei.l 
V. Prea. 

George Blantner New Yo 

Sec.,Tr«a). & Andr. 

J.E.Lolaeau 1 

Sapt. KGrD.Fel. APaBe.Agt, 

H. A.CowglU 

Claim Agt. Fred. Wacbter 

c. Engt. & Eogr. Orbd. Conatr. 

■ "— tieit ' 

r. D. H. Kob 

L. L. Bartlett . . 

Power au. equip. 4000bp. b. 
kw. torb. (Bieam) Weal.; 
44,000 * ; Irotlty volt. 600 v. 

., Manatleld. 


Shelby);«14 E;ja m 

clra. (7-1 man aata., ,_ 

(Companv fnrnlHhex light and power li 
Uanafleld &■ Aebland.) i^<° 

HAK^TTA. 14.785 (IBI6). 
(See No. 1I>T.) ' 

oyinaKy. Co — Ofllie, Marlon. (Coi- 

nscia Marlon and Bncyraa.) 
Froa. ftQen, Mgt, Geo. Wbyaall..: 
V, Prea. ± Treaa. 

James H. Caldwell .Troy, N. V 

Pres. K B. Yon 
V. Prea. L. H, 
Sec. Jobu n. a 

Gen. Hgr.. Pur. Agt. ACb.floi 

Warren a. Badger 


Engr. M. of W, ft Oyhd. Conalr 

a. a.c.-600v. d. e. MM': 

IB mile*. 4-8M g; 4 motor pus., 1 
all pou. and 1 fgt mo. car. jSwItcb 
•udard frelllil equipment of HocklDf 
Kile; Rf, to ind trom minus.) *1v 


J. H.^yriiDim, ,Tr New PhU«dri|>hla 

Pwr. Hi, equip, a s. c. Q. K. torbo-Ben. 

It. S74fikTH. 180UT. Spb. 6ac79,;40a lip. 

. Cpr; iSOO hp. b. Stir. BrteCltjj asuO 

w. stm. turb. a, B..CaTtiB: «Sa tip. wti. 

irb. bef: tune. volt. 33,000 i. 
Pwr. Ma.alNawPhiladelpliU. (iDltall- 

IK new *)00 kw. tnrb.l *T(I 

iai,ES. S.9E1 (IfllB) 


I3» — The Firuivntli A Sbelbj 
Tno. Oo_0Oce. Norwalk. (Cod- 
nsctB Plrmonth and Shelby.) (Con- 
trollod by Tbe Sandtialiy. Norw&lk 
8c Msusfleld mac. Ky. Co.) 

iereWet, C, O. TsTlur NorwHk 

BnergT and equip, from Tbe Sand ask; 

Vorfrarb A H&niSeld Xlec. Ry. Co. milea; 4.8H K. "S 

tSS — Th* 8sn4a(kj, Norwalk ft 
MuuHold Klea. Bj. Co.— OBcs. IS 
K. Main St.. Norwalk. (Connacti Nor- 
walk, No. FairOeld, Steuben, Vtw 
Haren, FlTmonth and Chicieo Junc- 
tion.) [Control! Plimonth b. Sbelby 
Trie. Co.) 

Eteulrer, C. O.TaTlor. Norwalk 

&ndr. Klu. A. E, BuBch ;... >' 

8npt. of Care St Bqufp. 
C.D. Woodwonh No. Falrtleld 

Hoadmaeter. Jolia Wstts New Daven 

" ""irobaaed from Clavelaud, 

TOlley 1 

t. ewr. 

wfralla.;'***!: i motor pai 
and I other motor car. 


(See No. 864.) 


<SeeNot. eoaiodBSS.) 


RS«— The Oblo River Elec. Bj. * 

Pirr. Co — Offlca, Pomeroy. (Ownt 

FomerofA MlddleportEles.Ca.) [Con- 

necta Hobeon. Middleport, Pomeroy, 

Hineraville. ^ymcuae and Racine.) 

PrM. I. L. Oppenbelmer Pomeroj 

V. Pm, V, W. Bacon, 

1418 CbMtna[ St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
■»e. J. K. Trimble .... 
Trtae, Hany wnilaros, Jt. 
Aait. Treaa. Henry T. Alley " 
Acl.Qen.Mirr, Harry HartHelL-Pometay 

'. saw r 

t. SOD 

12.7 mil**; ^^ Z; 14 motor imm. 
and S other care; I alee, locos, 
hanled by eleo. iDCoa.) (Co, rnrnlahea 
BDOrgy [or atTMt and commetclal lighting 
Co Pumeroj 4 Hlddlepotl Blec. Co.) 

POBT8MOUTH. S8.T41 (IBll), 
8SS— The FoRamoiitli SI. R. B. « Lt. 

Oo.-<0ontralB'lba Oblo Valley Traction 

Co, CoDDtcta Portimouth.New Boilon, 

SclolooiUe, Wheelerabnrg and Ironton.) 

Ptaa. L.D.York Portamootii 

T.PreB.,Qen. Hsr, & Pui. Agt. 


Hec. A Treaa, E, H, Hlgglni.. 

Claim ArI.H.W. Millet 

Ch, ftSlee, 8n(r.W,C.UarllD " 
Ch. ftner, Pwr. SIB, 


Engr. M otW-.F.Jonei " 

Engr. Ovbd, Conttr. Sim Robb " 

I^wer ata, equip. 4 a, c. O. S. tot, BHW 
kw, SBDO T,Spb.BDcTi:ieOI}hp,b.B.*W; 
1800 kw, aim.mbr, Q, X.. Weal: trans, 
»o!t. B2,0no-e800 1'i trolley TolteOOr. 

Powetata. at New Boston : rapalrshop 

Owns Ulllbrook Park. 
' SS.6 mllet: 4 ^ e; I'd motor psai., S 
trail pasa,. S otbor motor and g other 
cara;! eleo. loco. (Company doat genaral 
lighting and poiror bnelnoaa.) 

BATBNNA. 6,8ia 
assa— OleTaiand, AlIlBnoe » M>- 
honlnE Tnlley B. B.— Office. Ra- 

Tllle, Atwater, Rooleiown »nd RBvenna 
eaatwatdiy Ihrottgli Charle-town. Way- 
land. Newton Falls, Leavltlsburg and 

Pres, F, F. Kllneman. Ctetaland 

See. K, L. Smith 

Treaa. A, H, Nelblg 

Andr, F, E, Vollman BBvenna 

Geii Mgr, £ Pur. Agt. 


gopt. Tranap W. E. Riddle. , , . 

M.Ta,, R E. Brnah 

KnEr, Ovhd. Conair, F, P. Carla " 

SneTRy pDrchns>>d from Stark Elec, R. 
R ;tr>ns,yoll,ea.OOOT: trolley »olt,Bi»T. 

Repair shops at RBvenna. 

48,6 mllre (catenary): 4-8^ f. 8 matat 
and S other cara, (Sells energy In 
LlnuTllle,) 118 


83<-CalHinbne, Msgnatlo Bprlnsa 

A Northfrn Ry. Co Offlee, Hlc^. 

wood. (ConoeclB Delaware, Scloto.Uag- 
nellc SorlngB and Rlcbwood.) 

Pre!, * Gen, Mgr, 
Chas, J. Finger Rlchwood 

Audj, M. L. Oermann " 

Power eU, equip, 1 d, e. O, £, 3(X>kw; 

BOO hp, e, Alllx^: 800 hp. b. Stir; trans. 

.olt,BeOv; trolley Yoll, BOOT. 
Power sta, at Srlolo Hiyot (NoP, 0.); 

repair ahiif- at RIctiwood, 
Reachpa Hagnntio Springe (owned), 
IB.R miles; 4-Bi^ r: fl motor paaa. 

and B other cars. Service anap™dedT)eo. 

81, 1S18; sale set for Jan, IB, 101>. AlSt 

SANDUSKT. BO.ieS ([9l«]. 
8S1 — The SsndnskT, Frenaoat Jt 
Bonttaern Rj. Co.-^EiecntiTe ofllco. 

CleTeland, Oencral office, Sanduakj. 
(ConuBCta Sandutky and Fremont.) 
(Controlled by Lake Shore Eleo, Ry., 
which eee for oIDcers,) 
Bnergy purchaaed ; trana. roll, 18,000 t; 

az mlleBi' 4-^'g: 10 motor and g other 

aoCTH CUAKUKVTON. ua. |C;i:l^ luk^ Bsli. *W; tniu.T(di 
■^^ ^f*^*?!"-? '»"*«»«- **HSBKO!i FWItliTS!^.. c G. K. t«. 

!r^..£t;.l:r^?5^!3u2S!'S^ *™ kw. i3L» T J F*. » ™; 88<» k». 

S^i"S?^ *«"''C~rt««' iaO0kp.bLBd«.».»T. "^ 

^f^?^'*^- « LIMA PWa. 8TA.— S i e. Mel » I 

. J3?T^ ^rtSt;:^" - .W«nat^T75kw.SB0T;»<l 

SSr ■^:jr- r^T?' '»«.«mkw,«»i:«pli.»ej».l» 

„"?"'!'■ -.-"«cl>«M'-0 S»»lM»«"l f>a<RTacu.uItcilnT,&ebn»,Zu» 
nnaamiMR i ,|||_ ^^ |j_.- naair dwu* ■! ludmt 

A Tntedtt Tnc. C 

K^ Cor-^OOca,*! 

uATalcdv:aDdtkcUm>ElK.b. I ibe Sprtpctdd Bccoie Kj. Co. wd 
AU Co. (•rbKtaopmuauUmt.uil Cltuna Ri. Co.) (CODIrall«l bf Ami- I 
lowa'neft.WaTDK.VaB WenJkLiB* iOD Br*. Co.WIiktnpiiaa BklK., Phil- 1 
Tnc Co. (opcntini: bctuccxi Uou •ad I •dalplitk. Pa- 1 

Pl Wbjik, IkL). AJk. acnaiml bj Pn*. PbbICIIuiu Ipl^rt' 

kwe ihelnduu.ColQiGbuiAKHtml i H. J. Civwlej 

Tiae. Col, wLicb hmd arqiired ibc ! V.Pmta. -{ PhiladripUB, Pa 

■r' Co„ -SI CoJuBbH.. LoDdoD *«- * Tn«. W. W. Fwkics. 

* SpTineOctd Rj. Co.. The ColuB. ' A^aL ^eB AaLT^sa.* '• 

boa OiDH C:iy A Saattawawtn Kt I Cooibl Fi»»fc J. ftj«, Jr.. 

Co.. Tbc I'rbau. BellcroouiM A I G.B. llir. Gea. C. Tmte SpriacflaU 

Nonfaera Kj. Co., The Stiintfetd M i Snpu n( T«iiBl 

Wtatcrn Br- IT" Dajton A Xoruimi I Janwa PMidwtmK, 

Tnc Co., ana almost la Kj]^ or Tlif Ciaim AA. P. K. Obto. 

I>anaDAMaiKlrTrac(;o..rn>D>Gna- ■'ir.Axi. 6.C.Wdfkk.PUUde^U.Pl. I 
•Ule u> UnioD Mir on Ibe Isdiau-Otito '^^ Bacr. Pwi. Sta. 

fit line, asd ibe ColoBbiu * Lake : G. C. Cbaddenloa. bpriwOM 

■UcbigiD R. R-opoaUiu; fmB Liaiaui ! ». )LCba«. Uangnua. 

DelaiMS. Ltwee llhrongb Indiana, Co- , Roa<lBaMer A. ScbminaMr... " 

Jomboa ft Eailfrn Tiae. Co.) <tf the ; TiiUci, W. A. GiUtau 

Colombca, N«>ark « Zanwrille Blec Power ata. aquip. 4 d. c O. B. C. W 
BT.Co..<«b.cbluiilpnTiaailTabaarbed I inLlseOks; awObp s. Mel. * S, Alli» 
ikeCulDmbaa.BiiekejeLaLaANenik C tlOO hp. bi Bab. A W. (3llr.)l ttana. awl 
Tiaeuoa Co.. Iba Newark ft Grmnville- io!leji<rfl.i>OT. 

St. Bt- and the ZaDaiiDe Rr.. Ll A Pom ata. ai Sranoe ft Wudsr B* 
PwT. Co.) *»] Ibe DapOD ft Weatcar I 10G96 ■!)»: 4k: SOmitar can. U 
Tnc Co.) iLlna niend tnua Zanga- ! 

"" ' »!!?'l?l",;;;.'ElVS!lS3i5S..: 

tbrongh Sprtnellf M to Da juA. aad I ■ ' _' ~ ■E***«"™ 
I DajloD lo LEion dn, where coi 

'.qua Br.Ca.) lOoaaattaPfnacffu. 

LawtentfTille,Si , 

_ ChriMiaaabPTg. Ca H it ua a and Troj.l 

MfmUe ft Kaau-in '" " ""~ ~ -■— "- 

^priD^eld iLroogli Urb 

Pdt. A^ Fnd-J. f 

. . , „ ^,„^ .™ ,„„ — - Aodr. GDI A- Kubkr.. 

Uma to KeJaoce: to Toledo, O. and !;™^^''-,JP-i°*5 S'lSf'"" " 

Prea. W. Kulej Scboent, Clnciuati ■ "- M. Henrr Lee 

V.Piea. DaiiaSteTeu PprlngfirM E^gi M. of W.,naiTr R"b<j>a " 

SecJCTitaa. P A. Healj - ft™™ ata. eqnlp,* d t O. K. lot. WW 

AbL Sec.. Aeat Tioa. ft Par, Aat. ■ ^"; '™' *P- •■ *^^f^- '** ^P- '•- "^^ * 

J.M Pone ■■ ■ W; tiaiia.Tolt.«B.400i; trollijTOttBn' 

Andi L. W VaaRibber ■■ Po«eraI*. and rtfmtT rimiM al Sprisi 

O— . FVt. * Paw. Agt. I 5f^fw°^7^_-^ «« 

W.S.Wbltnei " 30.41 mile*; 4J<m;iaKi»omn. (Ml; 

CTaUa An J.ll. B-.Tat Colomboa " "l^"* ••«*' "^ P™™ > » 

tC.C. Faat.'... 


inboa MS— 8priBK<l*)d ft Xeate By. 
i»Tinn ' — Ki. OBi*. SpnaaAeM. (Otai- 
SpfkKfield. Tellow ^eianasd ZeaM.) 

..Sirinirlleld S^ ft Tnaa. Cbaa 3. Thiaahta. 

M. M. P.A. BnnrtT. Ubb . Gen. Met. ft _. 

MEOWAY PWH, STA-S a. c G. R. i Ch^TS. Sanlat.. 
Veo. Ham. Cor., tot. OK k«. ) ph. B | G^tPiL A(L Jsft- ' 

BX. H. ClTdsBraHi Springfield 

Sner. Oitid. Conatr. 


BDcrgy purcbued frani Spclojifleld 
Term. Rj. a Vvr. Co. : aaa». »olt, 6600 t; 
Crollej TOIL Bsa V. 

KeuKiT etaop it Emerj Cliu«l. 

K^hea Ne9 QronndB. Puk, Bryan 
Park and Yettaw fiprlnji. 

90 mllHi i-an g: I, motor cue and 1 
other cu. (Co. HnaeaergjIorrB.) 69 

(S« Nos. aiE. ISOe and ISOl). 

TOTIN. 1B,B«T (1«S). 

S4a — mo Tms, Fostvrla * Bastwm 

Blue. B;. Cu.-Offlce, 64 B. Peru Bl. 

(Connecta Tlflln, Ba«Fon) and Fulorlk, 

CoDtrole TIflIn city llnei.) 

Pre*. L. a. HDeath TIfliD 

V. PreB. R. D. 8ne»tll " 

Sec. JflBtlce Wlleon Toledo 

TrcBS. C. r. M. NilB> •' 

am. Mgr., ClBim A Pnr. Agt. 

R. R. HajEB. Tiffin 

Klec. BngT.. M. H. A Engt.Oi-bd. Conitr. 

K. KlngB6ed TiMo 

P»rk i a, Teisel amom 

llnw. 1 OeorgB Brlctasr Tiffin 

BaerB; pnrchaeed trom Ihe Cenuul 

Repair ahnp at Baseom and TltSn, O' 
Owns ancr op«rateB Heailovbrook at 
Bitscom. O. , 

El mlloa: IMH^ g: 4 motor pua., 7 city 
motor, B fp, motor, 4 fgt. wllhont 
motOFK and S olher can. (All can- 
oarrj baggge and eipreia.) *S9 


(See No, aw.) 

TOLKDO. iai,5M (HH«), 

(Sea alio Noa. 478. 4TS, 79B, BIS and 319.) 

S47— MBDiuee TkUcj Rja. * Lt. 

Co.— Offica, Cor. Adsma Jt Supeiloi 

Sta., Toledo, (A conanlldaUoii of thx 

Toledo A liaumee Valle; R>. and the 

Toledo, IVateryllle A. flonthern R/.) 

B«lt Une— coDDecca Toledo, Uanmee 

and Perrj»bun(. (Cootrolled bj the 

Toledo Trac, Lt. A Pwr, Co., wUcb la 

controlled by the CItlea Service Co.) 

Prea. Frank R. Coataa Toledo 

8ec. H, T, Lodbetter '■ 

Tp-aa. A. C, Van Dtleaen " 

Boeigy psrchaied from Toledo Bya. A 
Lt. Co. 
Sepalr ahop at Perrrabnrg, 
XS.Sl mllea (8.4 mllee operated under 
Irtdkiee righta); *SHz; S mo. pase. cara 
aad I fgt, car. lW9 

S«« ' Norlhwsatern Ohio By. « 
Pwr, Oo^omce, Ohio Bldg. (Con- 
necU Toledo, Qenoa. Fori CHoion and 
Oak Harbor: ferry connection tor (Tedar 
Polct and aandoafcy.) (Under manage. 
ment of W. 8. Bantov HuaKement 
A)a>B Inc. and canlrolled by The Oeu- 
eraljOaa A Blec. Co.) 

Pi«a. w. 8. BariMw, 

60 Pine Si„ Hew York, H, T, 

V, Piee, t Oen. K|tr, 
P. K. Woodring Oak Harbor 

Sec. C. N. Wiloon, 

BOHoeBt., New York, M.T. 

A«dr.'c.'C.'OMh .. . , .' Toledo 

Sapi. F, M, Amea OFBoa 

Bncr.PvrSta. Fred Bradlan. Port CHi. ton 
PoweratL aqmp; 8a. c. Ball, a B. lot. 
lamkw. S76T, 8 pb, » eye; 1000 hn.e. 
AIU»4;; SSODhp. b. Ida, Stir; 8m0 kw, 
(itm.|tarb,0, S; traD*,Toll.«],(»Ov; Crol- 
tey mt. BOO t. Port Clinton: reiiairibop 
at Genoa, 

Keacbee Cedar Point and Sanduehj. 

67inllH;4-l^g: lb motor and SO other 
cars. (Conipany don liehtlng and power 
bnelneae.) *Gg 

840- Tbe Toledo & Indlena R. B. 

Co.— Office. 839 Ohio Bcldlng, Toledo. 
(Bucceeaor to Toledo A Indiana Trac. 
Co.) IConneclsToledu.HolltujdiSwBD- 
ton. Delta, Wauseon. PatllBvllle, Arch- 
bold. Slrykerand Bryan,) 

Free, L, H, Sehenck 

inSNlcholaeBldK. Toledo 

S, D, Carr. , , .Nat, B'k. of Com,, " 

V. Pres. & Oen, Mgr,H, C, Warreo, ■' 

Sec, C, F, Chapman •' 

1119 Nlcholaa Bldg., " 

_jdi, C, B,Klolnhana " 

Oen. FkI, i, Pbbb. Agt. C. B, UraDdy "' 

Trainmaater, B, D. Oavln Deitt 

Blec. BngT, FroellchAEmery EDg'rgCD. 

lud Nat. Bank Bldg., 'I oledo 
Eigr. Pwr, 8ta. Cha*, Suhter..,.Bliy!<er 

M. M..B,G,Towen •■ 

Knar, Ortd. Con.. L. Avery Delta 

Power ala, eqnip, 2 a, c, Q. E. tot. 1«XI ■ 
kya. IS.BOO t.a ph, 36 cya; eoOO Up. e. Cpr. 
C, &Q; 9400 hp, b, Bab. A W:S7bO kw. 
tnrb. ,M]n,) 6. B., West; trana, volt, 
rnSOOv: trolley voll, MOT. 

G aub-Bta, tot. cap., 9D00 Kw. B rot. 

Power Bla. and repair Bhbpa atStryker. 
K mllea: 4-BW g; 9 motor p«»„ 4 igt. 

seivica car: 1 elec, loco. (Company dnei 
llghllDEand power bnelneae.) -ASS 

8B0 — The Toledo, Ottawa Beeob 
* Northern Ry. Co.— OCOce. SmlUl 
A Baker BldE., Toledo, (CoDnecia 
Toledo and Toledo Beacii, Mich, and 
alao Point Place. Ohio.t (Controlled by 
the Toledo Trft«.,Lt. &Pwr. Co.. which 
la controlled by the CItiea Service Co.) 
Prea, A On. Mt-r. P.]l.(^oatcB. , ..Toledo 

f*ec H, T. LfdlHtt'T •■ 

Trea!. A. C. Vau Drieoen " 

Energy puroliaaed from Toledo Rya. A 

Repair ahopa at Toledo. 
OwniandreacheiToltdoBeacb. Ulch, milcB (9.84 mllea operated nnder 
trackage rightB);4-H)t g: careleaeedrrom 
Toledo Rys. A Lt Co. (Co, dooa general 

Itg. SI 




(Controlled Ihrongh Block ownerehlp In 

the Toledo Trac., Lt, 4 Pwr, Co. 

which la controlled bylhe Cltlei Benica 

Co,) (Operated, nnder contract, by 

Henry L. Doherty & Co,) 
Praa.&Gen, Ugr. F, R.Coatea.,.. Toledo 

1 F,W, Fmeanff 
V.Pretta,-! BOWaJlSt.New York 

t Rathbnn Fnller Toledo 

Treaa. 8. D. Carr " 

Hec, H.T. Ledbetler " 

Aaat, Treaa, AC. Van Drteaen " 

Aaat, to Q*D. Hgr. A Hgr, Lt, Ht, 

A Pwt,,F, J.Derge " 

Mgr, Rya,. Joa.U. Bnrlght >* 

Claim Agt, V. J, Valta ■' 

Traffic Mgr, W, J.CblBholm ■• 

Pnr, Agt. G. B. Garret " 

Snpt, Bier, Dept, Wm. E, Richaida " 

8apl. of Mechy, Wm. Long " 

Ry, Bnnr. A. Swarti •• 

Blee. Bngr, fieo, W, Saatboff " 

U.K.. C, A.Brown " 

Enar.M, ofWay.P, H, Farwll.... •' 

Power Bta, equlp.Bd. c. G. B. Weal. tot. 
WW kw; 9 a: c, tnrbo-gen, O. B. Waat, 
Allla-C. tot. ei.MO kw, ^ T, 8 ph, « A 

■I CTi; TWO hpL & AinM\ WUk. Our; 

OmMI An. 

iMon.) <Ca. d'<r* gueni Itc. bni 

fcd *eUa MfrgT to tt. eo»pa ri M.> <0|ie- 

6m. OaccTo<eili>. (Aeqalinlpropntr 
arTa)«do A Wwtcn Rj. Co; BaccvaoT 
to the propaHiM uid frmnph1*«a of 
Tvitfta, FmOe A Wwlerm Dr. C«.) 
COoaaMUTmsOi). PIooht tU MorrBd. 
lOek.. >nb bnneh to Aditaa. )OA.) 
(Oaotiottod br Toldo Trac. U. A Pn 
Oo-.wb lfh l< oantnOcd by tb« CKn 

Picd. « Ora-Hip. FTuk R.Caatak.Tidida 
Y. Pr^a. nn coiuve of opontJoa). 

Tnu.A. _ __ 

Sapt. H. K Wlmtoa STlnnis 

TnOe Hgr. W. I. CtaldiDlm^ Ta»«lD 

Clalin A«, v./. VilU... " 

rgt. Cliim An. C. F. PblUlpa... '■ 
Cu- AocdL Chn. Hdd STlrmBla 

U. M., P. W. Peaneot.... ■.■■.'.'.■.'.'. 

P(nr«r Mk. equip. S ■. e. G. K. tot. tM) 
kw. IIJOO T. ■ ph. Sen; aoOO bp. e. Km; 
lono hp. b. Aiir: tnu. Tolt. ISJOO *: 
OodeT Toh. flOO T : enrr^ slM ponshiaed 
ftom Tdslo Rri. A Lt. Co. 

Pnri-rML ■tHvlnnli: repair afaop* *I 
Bjlranlaand Toledo. mllca n.U mlka opcTBted iiDdn 
tnckitn Hehul: 4.ttU c; 14 ntotor p*M-. 
B biEgica, IS) rut. witboal noton aad B 

loea*. (FaniliheaeiicrgT forllflil^'iid 
pomr.) *<B 

WKST MTT.TON. l.srn. 
ass — The DartoB, CorlnKton * 
riq ma TracttoB Co.— ADdl'lDKolBrei 
BWJolinBnicockBLd^., BoaKm, Man., 
loeil odtm. Wan MllMa. <f;aan>iiU 
Dajlon. PlqoA, Covlnglon. W. KUton, 
Pleuaot HUl. Ludlow Palli. UdIoc. 
Bdgjewood and OTgilook Pwk.) 

Daaali Dwyer.BebwlDd Bide., DajtoD 
T Pr». * 0*n. Kkt. 

T. Bnnell Robinaoii BHtoo, Vm*. 

Tim*. n». E. WblllPS.... " 
Ota. SapL A Pnr. Agt. 

Tho*. J. BPeoDUL Wsit Milton 

Oen. Pet A PiM Agt. 

Ju R. Randall 

Ch. BnKT. Pwr. flCa. L. &.Walf " 

If . M. Franli Creoa " 

■n(r.ofO»hd.Cn[U!tf.Win.KhT " 

Fwi. rta. eqolp. a d. r. a. E. tnt <DD 
kw. *»»: EOObp. e. Rrkre- 8S8 bp. b. 
HodCM, Brni ; Crolt*; mlt «aO t 

Power •ta.ud rapalr ibop at Waat Ull- 

Oww Oretloek Park, WeM HllMn. 

OMa. (Co. d«i I^tiBx bnriiaesM U 

imxoiIQHBT. B,aTX. 
SS« — Claveland, Palnen'IIM « 

Taalw B. K. C*.— ODee. Wfllaa^- 

br. (CeaactaCl«Tel«Bd.Xiiclld.Wkh 

liCa. WIDoachln, Moitor. PklncvrUlt. 

HamaKkaB. Palipot. Pbitt, Madlau. 

eaen awl Aahtabola.) 

PrM.K.W. ■«(• Clertfud 

T. Pna.,0«o. Her.* Pnr. A gt. 

W. H-DoB^M WfUonKlibr 

•ac. Fi«d. S.BorUn CIbtsIuI 

T»aa K. V.Bala 

AHt SecA AuLTreaa. 


Aadr.J. A.Carria Wllloa(hlif 

SasLTraMM-JfAa Harpv.. 

Sapt Ub**. C. Hill 

Claim Aft. J.C.Ta'd " 

Ck.Bnfr.Pwr.sta. Trta Lyona Paloesnllf 

M. H., Bd. Hen^ WUlongkbj 

Boadmaaiw. Claimcc Wood . " 

S d. c O. R. Wen. tot. »<00 kw.; i 
a. c G B. tot. STU kra. SWO r. ) jA.. 
■ cja; tSOO bp. b. Stir ; SHOO kw. mn. 
laib. Waal; trav. volt. 13 JOO *. ; tnUtr 

» aah-Maa. tot. cap. BU) kw; T m 
eoBT.; 1 BO. gen. eeta. 

Powa-«a.atlMe St..PalIMa*ll]e: n~ 
pair ehopa at WillnnehbT. 

RMcbra WUIonAbT Beach Park. <&;« 
cHli; «.SK r: So pata.. B ezpraaa ud 
* work Mn. (Oo. aella enogr '<" l<S>>tl>» 


(See ateo Noa. M4 and MB.) 

«S— MaboBlBK A SheiuuiKO Kj.t 

CasUe ft Lawdl Rj. Co., Ken 

Lnwell Reahr Co.. New Ciatle A Ha- 
bonlBgtowD 8L Kj. Co. O'Med). N*a 
Caatte Trat Co. aeaaed), PennjjlTanli 
ftUabonlDgVilleTRT. Co..TbeBhaniii 
rCMlln Bj. r — ■-• '■■--- 

ft Hew Canle; 

. Bj. Co 

> Vtll'T Klec. 1 
Pwr. Co.. Yoni 


Zelleoople (rk.y Lt & Pwr. Co.l 

iDtenirban llnra In Tennntom, 
Ginrd. NIlea, Hinrral Ridge, WarrcD. ; 
LeaTittabart. Stiotbrn, IswellTlllt, 
Edenbtics, New Cartia, BobbanL I 
Hew BiSfnd. Sharon. SbarpaTille. 
Farrsll, Wbeattand Weat HIddlMfl, 
E. ToDDCitowo and Poland comprii- 
Et^ IlrbtlOE In ToDnntown, Qliaid. 
S Irvthen .New Oaatle.llDbbard. Sharoe. 
SharpfTllla.'Parrt|], Wbtatland, AM 
ToBiigitowa. EUwood dtr. Wanpna. 
Chawion. Zellesople and Weat P]t» 
bnrgb. FtL Alio owni iiaa planEa li 
ToanfntowD.) {Controlled tbroBIli ; 
■toek ownerehlp bj RepubUo By. A Lt. 
Co.] (On Sept. 1. IftlT. the fdllowlof 
oompinlee, formerly conCrcdled. wen 
metged; The Tonngatown A Shane 
St By. Co , Tbe Yoanntown Fart A 
Fall* St By. Co. . Tha Uahagan j VbUV 
By. Co. and The Poland BL By. Ca.) 

T. Pnan. \ Randall Moatgoniary, 

Treaa. A Atat Sec 

Aast. Treu. A. R. HogliS9...¥oungBtown 
Qen. Mt:r. H, T. aalllvflQ.... 
Mgr. Rja. R. N. OrBbam.... 
AB.t. Mgr. Kye. 

Rei D. Bill luge 

Msr. Lt. A Pwr. B. H. Bgil... 
Gen, Sopl. CItj LIdm 

J. B.8tew»n,Jr 

Qcn. Supt. tnCernrban Llne» 


Am(. Oen. Snpt. CItj Uaet 

n. MOMB 

ClaliD A el. Cit; Lines 

B. 0, Wood 

Claim An, Int. Lines 

L. A. Bdnmils- " 

Par. I Int. Ltnee. R J. Pike 
Agn. 1 Citj Uuet, H J. Warue " 
Blec. Engr. C. A. Harrlnjrton " 

Supl. Pwr. Proil. 

R. W. Bromley " 

M. H...T. A. DuItT 

KDBr.M.orW.,O.C, Bsckman " 

Park Mgr. B. K. Piatt 

P»r. sU. pqulp. 3 d. c. O. B. tot. 1000 
kwilOa.c. Weit. O. B.tnt BT.SOO kra 
S£00 T, 2 & a ph. 00 cvb: 3100 hp. e. Gtreen 
Wheslock:Sl,100lip.b. Bab & W. Heine. 
M.OOO kw. turb. (atm.) G. B, Weat; ISDO 
hp. ttirb. (wtT 1 Smllh. 

Ponrer atu, at LDv>el] villa and YonnRa- 
town and Ellvood Chy. Pa.: sab-Blae. 
at Nllee. Hubbard, Lowellvllle and 
YonnzatowD, 0.,.and New Caetle and 
Sbaron, Pa.: repair abopa at Hazelton 
and Haaarr; trana. volt. 33,000 A tS.OOO 
v; trollBT ToU. flOO f. , 

7 Bub-Btae, loi, cap. 9,W0 kw.; 18 rot. 

Reacbea l.dnra Park (owned), Honth 
8ld« and Mill Creek Parlti, and Cascade 
Park, Nswcaslle, Pa. 

I«.n mll«; 4-R14 K; BO! mntor pass., 
■ I trail paas,, G fgt, mntor, 8 fgt. wlth- 
oat moion and K aairlce cars. * m 

• SS-ToungatowD MuuK 

of Ibe Mii,bonlng & Hbeiiani 
Let. Co.) CoimeciB Tonnga 
Yoongntown, Poland and 3lri 

Prei., £ P. Stevena. 

80 Broadwaj, New Yo 

V. Prea. AQen. Mgr. 
R.T.SulIivau Yonnge 

Treae., B. O. Dnnlap. . . 

AndT., Aait. Sec. * A«> 


Oen. a opt. A Pat. Agt. 

ClaJiii AKt. B. P. Wood. 
Cb. BngT. Pwr. 9 (a. 

F. V.Canpfag 


Snpt. M. or W. * Eogr.Ovhd. 

Pwr. Sta.'eqnlp.: S d.'t O. E. tot. 
1000 kw.: 4 a e. West., Q. E. tot, 11,000 
kra. 2300 v. «0 cis.^ 3756 bp. b. Heine, 
B. * W.; lOdO kw. atm. turb. O, B. Weal; 

1 inb-aU. cap. 4000 kw. ; T mo, gen, ecti. 
Pwr, ata. at N'.rth An., TouogMown; 

KhcIjcb Idora Park. 
S9 milfB; 4-8t<g; 89 motor pass., 11 
trail paiB. and 11 service cars. S69 

•60— Xoun^tonn A Bnburban Ry. 
Co. - OAca, 21-n E. Frnnt St. {Sae- 
eeeaoTioVonagBtown & Snntbirn Ry. 
Co.) (Connaeta Yoannatown aad Laa- 
toala; at Leetonla, eonneoti with 
YoanfBtown * Ohio River R, R, for 
Solem, Canton, Alliance, Llahon, Baat 
Liverpool and Wasbinelonvlile.) (Con- 
trolled by Monlclpal Service Co., Phll- 
adalphla. Pa,) 

V. Pres, J. H. McClnre Oil City, Pa. 

S. Zimmeniian , Pblladel phia.Pa . 

ark and Race Tiai 

— Repabllc By. A ] 

& Sbeoango Ry. A Lt. < 

introlB directly the rol- 
les: Kew Castle Elec. 
"■ c.SI, Ej. Co., The 
-'I Ry. r- " - 
:. Ry. 1 

hooinE Valley Ry. Co., The Sharon & 
New CaalleRj. Co. (Ohio), Shaion A 
New Castle St, Hy, Co. (Pa,), The Shen- 
angoVailey Elec. Lt. Co,. Pennsylvania 
Pwr. Co. YonngslowL & Niles By.) 
Republic Coi?. and Idora Park Amnte- 

RirLt:rPwrr Co- 




llie, Roaevllla and 






flO tys; - 

— hp. e H 


000 (iBia). 

883— A rd more Ball way Co.— Offlee 
eOi Simpson lildg. (SuccesBor to Ard 
more Elec. Ry.) 

Pres. Edward (Salt Ardmor. 

V p™« jWirt Pranklln 

V. frostB.jg ^ ^|,pjg ,. 

Sec, A Gen, Her. James Barron 

Treas. Boy M, Jobuson 

Andr. A. P. Calvin 

Siipt. H.H.Helm 

Snsrgy purchased Tram Oonaaoiari Lt 
* Pwr. Co. 

Repair etiopa b1 Ardntore. 

8.37 miles; 4-8^ g: 4 notor paai. can 
and I other car, liK 


861— Bkrtlfltvllld luMr-nrbkn 

By-Co.— Office, S18K«ataJSL, Bit tlM- 
Tills. (Controlled by Cillea Setvlco Co., 

New York. N. Y.) (ConneotB Bartlei. 

Tllla BDd Oewev.) 
Fie». HsDrj L. Doberly 

. W Wall St., New York, N.T. 
lit V. Pre«. 

FTBDk W. FrueftBff, ■■ •' 

SdV.Prei.&QeD. Mgt. 

W. ff.Lowe Barlle«»llle 

Sec,,Trese.A Arnlr. B. K.Wilt 

Sapt. Ffsnlt H. Slobb»rt 

Por. AClalm A^. B. S. Bdwarda ■■ 

Chief Kngr. Dee Steele " 

Roadmuter J. Fnok JohuoD " 

PoHCi ata. eqnip. ] d. c. Q. B. l&O kw; 
I a. c. Alllg-C. Weat. tot. 21TG bv. 2X0 
T. 8ph. M cv.- 1000 hp. 8. Allli-C; IBM 
bp.b.Bsb.&W; l7G0kw.tnrb.Allli-C; 
Weal.; trBna.ToltSMO&KeOOy: Irolley r. 
volt. UO T. 

Power ata.aod repaii ihopa at Bartlei- 

10.1 mllei: 4-^ e; 11 motor cars and 1 
other car. (Doei Itg. and pwT. bneloeu) In 
BartleiyUle and Dewey.) *S9 

CBIOKASHA. 15.«47 (IMfl). 
S6S— ChlokMha St. By. Co.— Ottce 

Cblckaaha. (Coonecte Chickaaha with 

adjacent towns In arady County.) 

Pree. Lawrence Naitin Chlckasha 

V. Pres. W. R. Emersoo . .Wakefield, Mass. 
-8ec,A«sl.Tteaa..Pnr.A(rt.,Siipt. A Claim 

Agt. Wm. H.WadBwoith ....Chlckasha 
Treas. A Gen. Mgr. 

Chai. P. Woodward. .. Waketleld, Masa 
Park Mir. Ben. F.JohDBon ...Chlckasha 

Power sUL eqnip, 1 d. c. a. E. lb 
kw; I a. c. West. tOO kw. £300 v. 8 pb. 
OOCya; trolley volt. BOOT. 

Repair ebopa at tftth SI. A Dakota Ave. 

Baachu UnlTernlty Park. 

O.G mllea; 48!^ g; T motor cara, EO 

EI. BEKO. 1,873. 

(Sea No. 813.) 

BNID. iO,80T (imO). 

866 — Snid Ctty Bj. — OBIca, IDOl 

aebwIndBldK., Dayton, 0. 
Prei. A e«D. Mgt. 

C. H. Boeler Dayton, O. 

V. Pres. E. T. Hall 

TO* Commercial Bld£., 
Sec. 8. M. Krohn 

Andr.Eqth'Klmmell. .!!!'.',".'..'.... .Enid 
Snpt., Claim A Par. Agl. C. Kline. . " 

Bnergy pnrchaaed trom Enid Blec. A 

B^alr abopa at Weit Oklaboms Ave. 
Baacbea DDlrsnltT Park. 
«.M mile*; t-ea a; lOmotor and Aother 
can. T" 

OUTHRIK. lS,Otti (1010). 

8 ST— The Ontbrl* Ry. Co.— OfliM 
918 W. Oklahoma Ave.. Outhrl*. (Coi 
trolled by Oklahoma Ry, Co.) 

Pre*. Geo. H. Branar Oklaboma City 

V. Pr«a. John W. Shaitel.. 

Sec. Chaa. Hoope* " 

Treas. & Andr. E. J. Bicharl 

CialmAEt Gleo.W.Stnib>e 

Par. Agt. J. W. Hartman Oi 

Supt. fl. M.OobblK 

As at Snpt. W. H. Partridge 

M. M., E H. CroBS 

BnargT parnhaud from Pnbllc S< 


Reaches Highland •-' ' vi....~i 


LAWTOM. 7,188. 
868- Lawton By. * Lis. Ov.- 

OtHco, aitfl ■■C" Are., LawloD. (Cob- 
_ecM Lawlaa ± Fort SUl.) 
Pre*.. Gen. Ugi. ± Fur. Agt. 

B. E, Stephens LBwta 

. Pres.. Sec, Tieaa, A Andr. 

Snpt. Mot. Pwi. A Eqiilp. 
M.PInnkdtt '..... 

i^r'. sia. cqaip. 3 d. c. d. B.'W'en. toi. 
» kw; 8B0 hP' "■ Bckye; SCO Up. h. 
Demmell; trolley TOlt. WO T. 
Power sta, and npalrabop* at I.Bwt(» 
« mUeaj 4«ig; 7 motor pan. can. -t^ 

B6B— PlttabnrBh CoDBtr Ht. Cv~ 

Office, 10 E. Choctaw Ave. (Haa taken 
over railway property o( Choctaw Ej, 
& Ug. Co.) (Connects UcAlesler. 
Krab*. Aldersac, Bache, Dow, Hallcy- 
■rilla and Hatlshome.) 
Prea. ChaB. N. Mason, 

71 Broadway, New York, I< 
V. Pres. Jnllns A. Tranick 

Amesfildg.. Boston, Ii 
Sac. A Treas. S. H. Bacbman 

71 Broadway; NewTork,N.t 

Audr.,C. B. Eing,Jr McAlealei 

Gen. Mgf. & Pnr. Agt. 

Claim AKt. and Traiomaetet " 


Ger.. Fgt. JtP*aB.i(t. 

C. WTBridses 

Ch. Engr., H. A. SchmicdiDg.. 

M. mTJ. L.Bogne 

Roadmaetor, j. H. Pntjiam . " 

Energy pnrchased from Choctaw ] 
A Llg. Co.; trans, volt. M,000 t: trolley 
volt. BOO V. 

Uepalr sbopatHcAleater. 

UM milea: I^S!^ g; 11 motor pass., 
a fgt. withont motors aud S service otra: 
■ ■ cloco. *SS 

HU»KOOEE. 44.S18 (1910). 
870— MaahOKCS Bleotric Trac- t 

—Office, Mnskogeo. (Connect* Bacone^ 

Muskogee and Ft Gibson.) 
Pres.,LouiaK. Hyde. ...Pl^nllBld, N.J. 
V. Pres,, R. D.Benson _ 

11 Broadway, New York,B. T. 
Sec. Treaa. A Pnr, Agt. 

W. M. Cntlip MdskogM 

Andr. Cba*. E.Forsdick. 

11 Broadway, New York, N . . 

Mgr. B. D. Long Mnakope 

M. M., C. W. ifiCall 

Energy pnrchaaed From Hnskogee 6i 

Repair ehope at Hiiskogee, 

Reaches and owns Hyde Park. 

81 milea; 4-SH g; S6 motor and a otb 

<See No, 830.) 

tlvLAHOHA ClTT. 100,000. (I>U.) 

nl— Caultal Traction Co. — Ofllce, 
lOOU ^o. Broadway. P. O. Boi 43*. 

Oklahoma City. (Operates Cltiien* 

consolidation oF iha lines or the OHl 

City Land a Development Co, and " 

Okla. Intenrbiin Trac. Co.) 
'res, & Gen. Mgr. 

W.F Ham Oklahoma Clt; 

etV. Prea. H. S.Horst.... 

Id V. Pres. D. U. WItaoD.. '• 

lee a. A. V. Howell 

rreas. Jno. F. WInaoB 

Inpt.eeo. C. Ham. Jr. 

aSod St. A Santa Fe Ave. ■' 

■Dil pu-k awaed b} My. 

, OeD, Hgr. R. D.Loag, 
■ Bnpl.A.I —--■■-■ 


L. blackwell.. 

SbsWDH Om 

SIS— OklAbomK By. Co. — Office, 
aos TuriutTuL BIdK. (Opentm in Okltr 
bomi Clt; sod B1 Reno ; also Julerarlnii 

El Rimoj HrLtton, Bdmond, Qnnbrle! 
Hoore, PDtaiHD Cltr, Bethtmy, Banner 
and Nonnao,) (On Jan. 1, 1B17, The 
Nuitb Canidlsn Valley Kj. was taken 

Pm. AntoD H. Claum... OkUhomaC(ty 
V. Pree.A Qeo. Hei.JolinW. Sbuial " 
See. Ic Ami. Opr. Mgr. Chaa, Hoopea " 

Treu.E. J, Rtcbart " 

Andr. W. C. Jone« " 

Pur. Ast. R. K. Btsdb " 

Claim An. Oeo. W. Sirahle " 

Fn. i, PMe. Agt. T. B. Oaljen...... " 

CE. Eugr. S Aut. Plant Uer. 

Q.B.Tieal '■ 

Blec. Eagr.V. E. DUTen " 

CU. Biwr Pwr. BU, W. A. Fnllgraf , " 

M.M.,%.B.TD*a " 

Roadmuter, H. CnmmlDCe 

Bngr. of Oviid. Conatr.Win. Habn., " 

Power >ta. eqnlp. 4 a. c. Weat. Q. E. 
lot, BOOO kw. MOO V. a pb. HI and BO cya; 
IMW bp. e. F. «, 8; a«00 hp. b. Bab. ± W; 
TtOO kw. Btm. torb. Q. E. Weat: treue. 
Toll. SS,a»-ie,EOO A «00 v; trolley Tolt. 

S aob'itaa. tot. cap. OSOO kw; IS rot. 

Power ata. at Balle Iilj; lep^r abaps 
■t Oils St. bet. Sd & 4th Sta. 
Reacbes Belle lale. 

other n 

I {Co. ad 

; 100 B 


814 — OkmnlKH) Trke. Co.- OIBce. 
Okmnlge*. jBncctaaor to Okmnlgee 
Inler-tTrbali SJ. Co.) 
Fna. B. H. Bniton 

M RiokanKe St.. Portland, He. 
V. Prat, & Qen. Mgi. 

Sec.', Treai. ^ Andr. B. E. FnsW . -Tnlaa 
Enenj pntchaaed (ii>ni Okmnlgee Ic( 

Beacbea Lake Clarkj 

Umileai 4SH g: 4 motor and I othei 

SAPDiJ>A. i9,ei!e (i>ie). 

87B— SBpalpa Uleo. Interni-bBt 
Bl'.— Once, Sapulpa, iHucceaioT li 
Sapulpa A Interurban By. Co.! (Con 
trolled br Oklaboma UiiloQ Rj. Co.] 
{Conueeta Sapulpa, KleretSiQlen Poal, 
V. PreiL* Qen. Mer. E.V.Mlller, Sapulp, 

8«, Allen HcCooaby " 

Treat. I. F. Crow 

Andr. 8. C. Preacott " 

Cb.Bogr.Pwr.3ta. Walker Reevaa " 

!(.«.. J, F.Broome " 

Power ata. eqalp. 1 d. c, 0. B. V» 
kw; 300 hp. e. (EH) Beaaameri (lOlley 

Power ata. and repair abopa at Sapulpa. 

[1 mllea; 4-8M e: B motoc and 1 otber 
cara. 118 

SHAWNRB. I8.1S8(1»1S). 
8T8— StutwBse-TecBmach Tmcttou 

Co.- (Connecta Shawnee and Te- 

Pre*. LoDleK, Hrde Plalnflald. N.J. 

1*1 Broadwaj, New York, N. Y. 
Sec W. M. Catllp Uoilu^e* 

TIII.SA. B0.67B (ms), 
it8-8itiid Springe Bv. Co.- Office, 

3S Noith Main St, Tnlaa. (Coimecta 

Tnlaa and Sand Spilngs.) 
Piea. & Treaa. Cbai. Page 

41t> First KaU. Bk. Bld|[., Tnlaa 

__. V. prea.T. H. Dleffena " 

Sec. C. F. Tlngley 

4tBFIrBtNaU. Bk. BIdg. " 

Andr. Cbiilea F. Smith " 

Oen. Ugt. & EDgi, Ovhd. Conatr. 

Henr* T. Morrlaon •' 

Snpt. 11. J, Miller " 

Pnr.Agt. J.HNlcholaa " 

Claim Agl. F, B. Long " 

Ch, Bngr. Clo. Tlngley " 

Blec.Eng, Jt Cb, KDgT, Pwr. SIB. 

Clarence TiBgley " 

H. M., J, E. Imlo SandSprlngi 

Bngi. M. o[ W., C. C. Wbliman 

Traffic Hgr. J.S. Bxbbitt Tnlaa 

Bnergir nurcbaaed from Sand Sptiugs 

wr., U. k Wtr. Co. 

RcpalT abope at Sand Springs. 

Raacbea Sand Sprlngi Park (eontiol Led). 

W mlleaj 4.8^ g; 3 motor page.. « 

Bllpaaa., 1 fgl. motor, Z! tgt. wlthont 
malora and IS service can; S elec. and 
3 elm. locoB. (Company does Unhung and 
power bnalDeae.) *B3 

H7»— TolaB St. By. Co — Offloe, Tulsa. 

Qen. office, 3cbwind Bldg., Dayton. O. 
Prea.Aaen.Mcr. C.H. Boiler.. Cay ton. O. 

V.Prea. S. H. Oarr. 

Bee. Sl Treae. D. W. Allaman. 

Snpt. Motile McOratb Tnlaa 

BBergj purchased from Public Berrlca 

Umliei^ 4.BMS; ^ '"•»'>' '^»" '^"■^ > 

8S0— OklBhommCDlonBBllwBrCo. 

— Office, 108 W. 4th St. (Sntceaaorlo 
The Tnlea Trartlon Co., whii h acquired 
the Oklahoma Union Ttac. Co.'a prop- 
erty In Tulaa). (Controls the Sapulpa 
Blec.IntemrbanRj.) (Connects Kiefer, 
Sapulpa. Red Fork and Tulsa.) 

Prea. Q, C. Slebblns Talaa 

Sec. & Treaa. I. F. Crow ■' 

Audi.,ClalmAgt.AaeDFEt. A 

Pus.Agt.P.W, Laaa " 

aen.»gTAPnr.Agt.R.T.Ulller.. " 

Supt. JTF. Broeme Sapulpa 

C!b. Bngr. D. W Patlon Tnta 

Blec. Bnir. T.A. Palleraon " 

Engri'M.'orW., J. A.'Lidd!'.! !!!'.! " 
Kngr.OTbd. Conslr. W.A.CorbeU.. " 

Enprgy pnrcbaeed (rem Public Serrke 
Co. ot Oklahoma, 

Reacbee Orcult Lake. 

M miles; 4-BMb; Mmotorpaaa. cars. 

181— Paelllo Pwr. A Lt. Co.—Office 
Qaaco Bldg,, Portland. (Operslee 
street rallwaya In AaeDTia, and controla 
Walla Walla Valley R}. Co. which op. 
etatea street railway* In Walla Walla, 



Tub., BDd tnlenubsn line betnecD 
*»lla WalU. Wtt»h,. and Millan, Ore.) 
CoutroUed bj Amerlcma Pwr. & Lt. 
hlcb Elaclric Bond Jt Sl)ua 

Gnj W.Kjl>ot Portland 

■ei.iaon-Atty. John A.Laing, ■' 
* TreM.Oeo. F. NeTine.... 
Mgr. Iiewli A. UcAithnr.. " 

Agt. H. W. BBthimj " 

Ener. II. e, SohoolfieH - 

r. Mgi. B. P. Ballej Aalorls 

wer Bta. equip. {Astoria stm. plant); 
;. Q, B. tol.SjBkw;3«.i. O.S. lot. 
kw. 3 ph. SO i;tb:3IGU bp. e. Mel. 
llSOllp.b.CBhaU; tiaiia. Tull. asOOv; 

0. dod He- and pwr. 

EUOBNB. nfiimitw. 

■TKDFOBD. 14,I1B(lSia>. 
883 — SoatlieTn Or«eon TractloB 

Co.— Office, 25 Weat Main 8t.,Medford. 
(OperttsB In cllj of Medford and aab- 
nr&a (B.G milaa) and connecte Med ford 
undJacliBonYiIle.) Oct. IS, 1918, P. W. 

Pres. 8. a.Bnllla .^'..Medford 

V. Pcea.. Oen, Mgr-, Pur- Agt. A 

Ch. Engr. S. JtBnllia 

Sec.,Treati. & »en. Fgt. ftPaaa.. 

Aal- B. 3. Bums 

Eaergy purchased from Calltornla- 
Ofeson Pwr. Co.; 1 tnoiot gen. aet West. 

Sub'SCs. St HighlaDd Pk'.. Hedford. 
8.1Bmilei(2.(^ miles ateam); ^K%g: i 
motorand 11 other cari; aat^am loeoa. 



SSls-KentoDTriio.Co.— Offics.north 


Prea. 0. C. Colt North Portland 

V. Prea. Cha*. H. Carey Portland 

o'oo. F, Apderson North Portland 

Gen, Mgr. Geo. r. Heuaner Pnrtlmd 

HBpt.Chaa.L Brown. ...North Forrland 

Pwr. Sta. eqnin. S d. c. Q, E. lot. <00 
tw; trans, vnlt. S300 v: trollej ™lt. 609 ", 

3 milea; A motor luid I'othet cara.' |io 


(BsealaoKo. SB8.) 

SS3 — WllUmetta Valley Sonth- 

ern Br — Office, 1B13 Main St (Con- 
necta Oregon Citj, Beaver Creek, 
Spangler, MuUuo. Liberal. Molalla 

(Controlled br Porllaod RJ., Lt. * 

Prea. Grant B. Dtmick Oregon City 

V, Free. Geo. A. Harding.... 

Sec. O, D. BhT, 

Treaa. W, A. Hnntlej 


Tramc Met.. Claim A Pur. Agt, 

Edwin Poater 

Snpt.«nh.Rnrr, J.L.SUcer " 

M. M., F. D. Bllle. 

Enen;7 pnrchafled [rom Portland By. ,Lt. 
* Pwr, Co.; trolley volt. laoo v. 

~iib-ataa. at Moniior ft Beaver Creek; 
lit ehop at Oregon City, 

1 mo. gen. Waat 717 kva. KM) v. 3 ph. 
Baey8;ld. C.BOOkw. 12DI)>: I traual.fU 
kva. t>T,IUI/8Ba v. 3 ph. SOcya. 

Sl.D mllea; 4-SH e; 3 motor pnaa. a 
S trail pan, cara; 1 dec. loco. 4 

PORTI.AND. S9fi.4S3 (1910). 
(Be* alio tl OB. llSOandltai.) 

Pittock BIk.. Portland. United Sutca 
Baliroad AdiuinlBtratiou. (UoddhCIi 
I'ottiand, Tigald, Tnaiatin, HillBtMWO, 

Albas;, Harriabarg, Joaction Clti, 
Bugene, and Corvatlta. Phyaical cod- 
nuction with the Soothem PaciSc Co., 

F,:d. Mgr. a', J. Davidson. Portland 

AB'.t Qeu. Mgr.E. E.LUUa 


Snpt.E.B Heath 10th A Hoylfits., " 

Gen. Claim Agt.B,K.R*lt. 

SnpI.Car.Serv, £Tel. B.M.Bnston, " 
Aaat, Gen. Fgt. Agt. K. W.Pickard,*' 
Aaat. Gen. Pasa. Agt, R, H. Ctozler," 

Por. Act. R. E. Scott 

Ch, Eugr.AlBiM.Lnpfer " 

Elee. Sapt. E. R. Cnnnlnghun. 

Pront i, JtrSerHon Sta.. " 
Sunt. Mot. Pwr. Jno. Diction, " 

H.H..D.I.Gloueh.lOthi£EoytStB.. " 
Roadmaeier, C. W, Whifleid, " 

Eneig; pnrchaacd [ram Portland By.. 
Lt. 4 Pwr. Co, ; ttana. volt. 60,000 v ; trolley 
volt. ISOOi, 

Repair ghopa at Hood Jb Porter Bta., 

IM milea; ' 


i tgt. 1 

8SB— PortUnd A Oreeon City By. 

Co— Office. H6 Lunibermeua Bldg,, 
Portland. (CoDOecta Portland, 
Mllwankee, CUckamaa and Bakeii 

FreB. f. L. Sprinkle Chinook. Mont. 

V, Prea. Geo. W. Rohertl. ■• 
Sec. Treas. A Gen. Mgr. 

F. M.Carr aiB.«Sl„ Portland 

Andr, C. E, Sprinkle " 

Ch. Ener. Ralph HcInUre Uilwankle 

MM,. H. Link Portland 

Re .air shops at Brooklyn. 

Ifl mllea; 4-B)4 a; 2 motor pasa., 
2 trail pass, and 7 other cara; 8 
gaeollne loroa. (Will extend line from 
Bakpra Bridge, which la near Carver, to 
HiEbland. a diatance of about 8 miles.) 
(ElectrlAcatiOD contemplated.) Afi9 

ns«— PortUjid By., Lt. « Pwr. Co. 

—Office, Elec, Bldg,. Broadway and Aldu 
Sta., Portland. <(Vith the exception 
of two inLeriirban linea, campany opar- 
atea all the electric rallwaya In Port- 
land and vloiDlty, inrludlng Inttsmrban 
llaaa to Oregon City. Trouldale, Caia- 
.lero and Bull Ron and over the new 
interstate bridge to Vancouver. Wash.) 
(Controls through ownership of stock 
Willamette Valley Sonlhem Ry. and 
Vamblil Electric Co ) (Coder manage- 
ment of B. VV-. crlark A Co,) 

Prea. Franklin T. Griffith Portland 


! H.L.Clark 

V, Preats. I 321 Cbestnnt St.. 

Pblladclphla. PL 
IE. W. Clark 

olL.Bstabrook.SSlCbeBtnntSt., " 
Treaa.* A«t. .Sec.C.N.Bneglnd Portland 
AHt. Treaa. Wm. Lllley, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Andr.ft Asst. Sec. R.W. Shepherd Portland 

Gen. 'snpt O, B. Coldwell " 

Snpl. Transpl. F. Cooper ■■ 

Supt, Hydro Planta A, Drill..., ■■ 
Snpt-Inter. LlnesCC. Fleldi... ■■ 
Snpl,Brldg*BJtBldgs. iT.E.Rslnk* *■ 

8ap(.Lt. APwT. C. P. OBborne.. Portland 

Sm c lane J Engr, E . H.LtTaanwmn " 

Olftlm A^t. B. F. Bovntou " 

T-raffloMgr. F. D. Efunt " 

'Put. AgU W. J. Morria " 

CouBtr. Bngr.E. D, Sewing " 

Oper. Engr. K. R. HoMsj " 

T. W\SnlLlTiiii Oragm CTty 

Ch. Ennr. Pwr. 8U. (fiHn) 

W. I, BsrleT PorUand 

:M. M., F. P. SaiM 

Bngr. M. of W., T. PnmfreT.... " 

"""■■JT.i'SS.?'"'-""' " 

iriAPFtvrH I Intemrban Lines *■ 

Elngr.Orha.Cooetr.H, R. Walienuui " 

liKBQOM CITY STA. B.— 13b, c, G. K. 
AlllB-C, tot. 0890 kw. -1 ph. SS A eo cjf. 1 
d. c. Alli« C. tot. lOOO kw; 14,400 hp. Inrb. 
Victor, MoC; tuna. volt. «O,0OIMfi.000 t, 

G. B. tot. ia,e00 liw. S pb. SO era: la.BOO 
hp. e.W. L Jt a, Wks. Cor, AlllaC, a. S: 
truis.volt. lOOOO^OOOy. 

CAZADBRO ST A. Q.S s.c.O, E, Allla- 
C. tot. U.SnO kw. Sph. SS A 60 cy>; U.BOQ 

•et. foreielg.iaBhp; i-400 kw. rot. com. 
800 V. ■ ph. Sa cya.; trana volt. ST.IOO- 

PORTLAND 8TA. L.~a a.o, G. E. lot. 
4000 kw. 10.OaO-3300T.Sph. 60 cja; Id.e. 
a. B. «00akw. 600y; l).->00)ip.e. n.O. £ H: 
8000 hp. torb. (alni,)Ciir[lB;8G. K. mot. 
Ken. (cUtot. aUOkw. II.OOOt. a.o. MO v. 

8A1BM STA. H.— Id.c.G.S.JOOkw; 
I s. 0. Waat. E60 kw. S ph. 80 en; 1 mot. 
Ken. cote tot. Mi kw; 2 Q. S. treqneiic] 
cbuigera IftOO kw. SI & HO eye; IKK) bp. a. 
Cor, FaltoH, L. & B, Stir; 800 hp. b: 
trans, volt, AT.ICO y. 

aiLVERTON STA.J— la.c.Weat. S60 
kw. S ph. SO cja: TOO hp, torb. West, 

RIVERMILL STA. M.-H a. c. G, B. 
tot. WOO Itw. 11.000 V, » pi. 80 cira; 18.900 
ho. torb. l>l»n Iron Wka; 110 hn. tnrb 
r*' m. K. aiclteract; trana. roit. Br,10i>T,. 

ST. JOHNS STA. N.— 1 a, e, AlllsC. 
8M0 kw. 11.000 >. 60 cya; saSO hp, stm 

BDLL RUN STA, 0,-3 a, c. Weal, tot. 
ll.BMkva. 8(100 V, BO cya: H.SOOhp, torb. 
Ptatt Iron Wk>; 6400 lip, tarb. Wellman- 

Total of Statfon equip. 4 d, c, Allia-C. 
G, E, tot, »0a kw; S4 a. c, Allia-C, Wetl.. 
a. B, mt 81,180 kw. S ph. 88 * 60 cja. 
SSOO « 00<i v; 8800 bp. e. Haoi, Cor. 
^me, Tron A Stsel; 27.150 hp, atm, tnrb, 
ParaoDi, CBrtia; TS 600 hp. turb, Victor. 
McC, Piatt. W. S. M,; Irara, volt. B7.100' 
S8.noO-l 1,000*7,100 t; trollej vnlt, MM t. 

Power *tM, at Cazadaro, Oregon Cltr, 
Portland, Salem, SUv'rton, Rlrermlll, St. 
Jobna and Bnll Ruo; repair abopa 
■t("ent«8t„ Portland. 

Ifianb.ataa.. tot, cap. B3,H0 kw„ IT rot, 

Beichea ■'The Oaka" (owned), ConncU 
Omt. Harden laiand, City Puk and 
Colombia Bracb, 

aW.e mllea (doea not Include Wllla 
mette Valley Sonthem Kt); 8-8 K. A 
4-8^ g: Ban motor paaa, M trail paaa, » 
fRt. motor. 810 fet. wlthont motors and 
lt0aRTleecare:g elec, and 2Blm, loco>, 
(Co, do«a a (eneral liEhtlnf and powrr 
bnalDeaa.) AGS 

897— Portlnnd-Trantditle Electric 
Ballwar Co. (Part of the Ponland 
By. Lt. A Pwr. Co'a, Syatsm. Con 
Portland and Farln'OM,) 

402 Central Bldg. Portland 
a«l,IIgT.LewlaIThompBOn " 

H, M.Tb! Malae 

t-GmllM; narrow g; 8 motor cara. 

888— Sonthern Paoifio Co. (Port- 
luid DlT.)-For Blecntiveofflcera. ae* 
Ban Prandeco, Cil. (Bitend) from 
Portland to Coriallla. via Hilliboro, 
Foroat Grove, St. Joseph and McMlnn- 
ville: and from Poitland to St, Joaepb 
via Newherg, OwraWs clt; llsea at 
Springfield, Balem, Wcat Linn and 
Bugene, 4.11 mileg) and (Una oat of 
Weal Linn to Willamette, l>,T milea.) 
Fhyaical connecUon with the Orieon 
ElM. Kj. Co,, at Albany, for Inter. 
obaoEeof traOlc.) 
Chilm Agt. L. Frank Gordon.. . .Portland 
Supt, A. T, Mercler " 

Div,*Ener,'* Engr,M. of w!"' 
H, M.LuU " 

Sif!nal Engr, P, Schnlti ■' 

Fmn, aoh-sta. C, C, Hayden Oawego 

Geo, Fmn, Sbopt 
M'alter Harris Beavotton 

M, M„ D. M, McLsqcblao Portland 

Bnerjiy pnrchaaed from Portland Ry , 

LI, A Pur, Co; 7 a, e. Q. E. BOtO hp„ 18,a00 

G snb-aiaa, tot, GG<'0 kw; 4 rot, conv. TOO 
V. d. c,; trans, volt, 80.000 ft 18,800 v; 
trolley volt IflOOv, 

Repair gbops at Beaverlon, 

103 mllee; 4-^ g; 88 mo, and 11 other 

)IS9 — Unlteil Rallwnra Co oace, 

Plttock Block, Portland, (Controlled by 
Spokane, Portland A Seattle Ry, Co.) 
andWllkeaboro; to Portland via jSDCtlon 
at Ltnnion with the Spokane, Poriltnd 
and (Ipaltle Ky, line (atm.) 

" "■"-■• ..Portland 

volt 1«00 ' 
Repair i 

i EUlolt. 
<t,Compt,Robt, C 

It, 81,000 T linger 
1 A Porter St*.. 

M niliee: 4-»i g; I motor pa.a,, 
other paaeenger and 14 tgt, cara, *' 


0, Mass. Local once, 
haaed the t'nlon- SI. A 
I < Connect) Union, Union 

Sdwin Wilcock 

Treas, Chaa. B, Graham 

Oen. Fgt, A Paaa. Aet. A. L Bldeler ■' 

Repair ahop at Union, 

2,8 m Ilea (flee,)', IB mll'atalm.l: ««<■; 
Urara; S Incoa. (118 mllea Union, Ore,, 
Id Walla Walla, waah,, under loattmi:- 
tion,) 118 


AIXENTOWK. 8S.G0G (]«]8), 

(SeealaoKo. 320,) 

891— AUentown A RendInK Tna. 

._. jj 11^ 8t,, Beading. 


0*0. B. 

[owiid B. Ahnni ...Rudlu 

I. W.D. Holm Uohatovrn 

L^aei.. Hkmbiui 


T. Agt. & 


Power aU, Molp. 3 d. c. WeaL int. SM 
kw: 2 a. c. Q. a. toL SBO kw fiph. Wiyi; 
lid ho. e. Balee, GrMn: TCD ho. b. Bab. 1 
laimil liana, volt. BSODviWUerroU 

and repair afaop a 

Tea. But; C. Trsitir Atlii 

ic. Oho. 6. Sjiuia... '.'.'.'..'.".'.'.'.'. 

'rua. AlonzoF. Waller 

KnsrgTpHrehMed from. L«Uck VaUq 

lo G-rnuada at Xgjj 



Owna Domej Park. 


S other can ; 1 anow plow. - 

•M—Betblatavm * Mitiaratli Psa. 

•cuKer Uj. Co Ota. oHLot, Bsthle. 

bera. (Controlled (by laaas) bj tha 

LahtEb Vallaj Tranalt Oo. CoDoacU 

Betblahain aad Maureth.) 
Praa. H. R. Pebr Allsatown 

-J. -jpt. Elc.'Sprinr ."'.'. 

EQeig; f roni Leblgh yalley Tranalt Co, ; 
•%ll8y volt. BOO T, 


Trac Co,. wblGb was ■ tLOnaolida- 
Uon with AllBQtowu & L. V. Ttaclioo 

Trualt Co., Alleulown PaM. Bj. Co.. 
Bethlehem A Ho. B<^tbl<ihem ^l. Ry, 
Co., Catataaqaa & NurlhorD 8t. Kj. 
Co., So. BethJebt^m A HellsrUwn St. 
Rj. Co.. JJlanlown A Emans Bl. By. 
Co., CoplttT, BKypl A tronlon 81. 
Bt. Co. aad Alleatown & SlatlngtoD 
Rt. Co.) (ConneoleAllaatawD.Cheet- 
DUt Hill, Philadelphia, Belhlebem, 
Naiarelh. BellertooD, Macnnele. 
BEJpt, Northampton, S1al«dale,8Utlog- 
tfln. CaUaanqoa, Rlrhtaaaidwn and 
Norriatown.) (Leaaea Bethlehem i£^ 
Naaareth Pnaa, Ry. Co., conlrolx the 
Lehigh Valley Lt. A Pwr i 

(mllaa: t-BWgi r 
Valley Tranalt m 

ALTOONA. Bg,«B9 [imn. 
BBS— Altoomt a Idgaii ▼■»«« Bl . 

Bx- — Offloe, ISOO lUh Si. {OonlmBfil 
hy tka Amerlaan. Rya. ConpaaT. 

PhlladalakJa.) (Oa " 

Tytoae, 8al«ood u 
PiH. VID Huia Blj 

V ^™.,. JH.J.Crowley. ■• -r^ 

'■ '^"*"- J C.L.S.Tl««la7 " 

WaltarW. Perklna 

Aaat, Sec, A get. Treai. A 

Cumpt. E^nkJ.Pryar, Jr, 

Gen. liar. B. S. Crau 

-^llalm Agt. 8, B. Ifan. 


P, W.DeMan - 

M. M. Robert I^ng. " 

Powcf eta. enulp. 3 d, c. Q B, tot, )K« 
kw: 1 rot. tonv. 0, E, 300 kw. saWMao '. 
Sph.BOoya; aKBhp.e.MoI. 4 8, Alila*; 
3100 hji. b. Bab. i W, r---- ^-■■- 

Klectrio Co. 

laBnatonTnuultCo.. ' 
er 4 Bethlehem ~ ~ 
PhinipsbBTg TrtDilt I 
BOn Blec.' lUnmlnal' — "- - 

tbe Northampton 

iperalaa Hotrlatown 

iqnlred by Leblgh Pwr 


Cbmn Bd. Harry C. Tr 
t. A a en. iigr. ' 

SfOO hp. b. Bab. b W, Heine: tmlk] 
volt.EflO V. d. c; energy ales pnrc' 
from P«BB. Central Lt. & Pwr. Co. 
Power eta. and repair abop at All* 

M.£8 aiUei: 6-8 s; 100 ntoter a 


JSae Mo. ftM.) 
808— BiiBKor A Portland 1 

Co. -Office. 448 BuBbklll 8t.. Ki 
(ConnectB Bangor, H. Hangor, , 
BOnrllla, Mt. Bethel and Portland. 
ISlfl. taken over by Norlhamptno 

Chrmn. Bd. Thoa. A H. Hay E 

Prea.Dr. B.F.Dllllard laatBi 

V. PrBB., Qon, Mgr. A Pur, Agt. 
W. O. Hay . , ;..Ei 

TraaB.Wm.L.boilo..,..'.'.' .".'.'.'.'! 

Sopt Albert Warrick EmIBi 

Claim Agt. Chaa. Brunnfr » 

H. H.. muk Weldman Kai 

EnerRT paroliased from Fenua 

Repair akopa at Baal BaBROt. 




1>,SS9 (ims). 

ClalmAgt. Wm. J.Trythall.... 

Par. Agt. W.B.Febr 

Gen. FgL Agt. W.F. I^otherolf. 
Sopl.GOThd. Linea, H, L, Coker, 

PowerBta.eqolp, tia.c. turbo-iren. Weat.. 
0. E. , Cnrl\9, lot, 80,000 kw. 2SO0 * 13,9110 
T. 8ph, SB A flOcyi; tl800 hp, b. Bab. *W; 
trans, voll. 13,aniS v; trolley Tolt, BOO t. 

Repair ahopa at Hodlaon & Cbev Sla., 

Owns Central Park 

and 1* freight oara; 4 aai 
aweepera, (Co. aellaeoergy. 

Pre>. Barry W. Reere Baaver Filb 

V. T^vi. Chaa. R. Ifay " . 

^4e«. ATreaa. John. T. Raaraa " 

Gen, Ufr. Tred Ban Beaver FalU . 

Blec.Engr Qeo.Erwln.... 

Bntray parebaMd from Beayai Vallti 
Traetlon Co,; trana. volt MW ». 

O.K milea roomUaad eleaWIe and oabU 
ln«llaa);4-SMg;lmataipaM.CBT, *«) 

89B — Bsrwtek t 
RT- Co^Offlce, 1 


PreB. Beuri P. Eriaid.. Bi 

V. Pre*. U. JacluoD Cilapln 

8ec,ATr.M.Qeo.W.Hin,..Be«ch:__ ._ 

Supt. Oao-SWrnsc Berwick 

AncrgT jnirchui " ' ~ . - . - 

HoDtoarSlee. Co. 

] ColnniblB A 

Poww >U. «qaip.l d. c. WML lot. 800 
kw; Rb. c. W>it.tot.lWkw.lMIOf. 8 pb. 
to 07a: no bp. •. UanlibDrg; eoo bp. b. 
K»ler; WO kw. tnrb. |aUa.l Wut: WO 
bp. turb. (wtr.) Smith; IranB. TOlt. 11.000 

'Poneriti. iDdrep^ahopBiUL BoUt 

UontrolB Ht. Holly Spring Fkrk ud 
Newvllle Olea SpriDD l^h. 

n.E mllsi; 6-afi k;Te Dioior iDd H oOtn' 

l»03— VkUey Bys. ~ See Lamof na for 

genenl t^curg, 
Aial. Snpt. J.O'Han 

Sac. A Treu. Geo. h! Kreaali 

Bnpt. W. B. B»rper 

BnargT pnrolnMd from Lehigh Till*/ 
Tranilt Co. ; trollai ynll. iwo i. 
B«pali ahopi at CbrlMl 
B^fiS mllea; 4-8M El 8 motor 



Oace, Bloomsbnrg, (ConDOCtiBBmlek, 

BloomibDii. Duirllla uid OtUxliK,) 

Reulver. A. W. Dny Bloanubnrg 

BoergT pDrchawd from ColnmbU * 
HontonrElec. Co. 
Car baru snd rep^ shop at Ttb St. « 

ReuhH Columbia Pwk aod Hontotir 
Pkrk (OKDod). 
aOmUai:MM B; K motor ■Iid4ttti 



(See No. MO 



•01-B«adfiieTmult * Uiht Co 

— (PormsrlT The Boyertown S Polta 

mpd PotUtown.) For offlcen lee 

Bony pnrcbiuFd from the Uetropoli 
Uld Edhon Oo. ; tran.. volL 1B.000 v. w,d 

Rcpa'lr abopa at Reading and Potti- 


:.tS: m 


(See No. 7S7 



Carllale, Pa. (( 
Holly Hy. Co., 1 
LLCo.) ■" 

Spitngt, EUlolaoD, Plaiufleld. 

Traaa., Oan, Hgr. A Pu. Agl^ 

Qao. A. PloDgh CatUala 

M.H., Wm. mit«ra...Ht.Holl<rBp[liig> 

«Bgr.«.o(W.,Gao.Wlaa ■• 

. ... W.UEItcbay 

. F. J. Fell, Jr PhlUdelpbIa 

Hapt. D. B. FretK Chambuabarg 

"or. Agt W. G. Davleon. 
I.M., C.W.WeaiUng.... 
Fowar ata. and r^aki ihop M Chamtxra- 

uds— ChaimbonlmrK d( Sblpsaiii- 
burg By. Co— Oflloe "—■ - " ' 

°n., Cbt-'— •- — '■ 

Pi«. 3. A. Strlte Chamberaburg 

V. PiBi. A. Nailn Pomeroy 

Treaa, C.P. HUlsr 

See., J. G. Schafl 

Ota. Bgr ,PDr AgbA H.U. 


1 d. e. Wot. eea; 1 lab ■[■. 

Enarey parcnaaed from ShlppenibnTg 
Gas A K]ec. Co: trollay volt. uAt. 

Itapalr shop at NorUilDd St., Chanb- 

Keachea Red Bridge Park (oimed.) 
18 milci: 6-m «^ 10 motor paaa. oara 
and S other cue. ^89 

CUABLBBOI. Il.Ml .(1<I1B)- 
»08 — Wsbater, HaBeann, Balla 
TemvB A FByetta CHr St. Br- 

Od.— OBca. Baok of Cbatlenil BIdg. 
(Connaots Booaseen, Belle Vcmon, Ar- 
nold City aod Charleroi.) 

Praa. * Oen. Mgr. 
C.F. TbomHon Charleioi 

V.Pr«a.KiTfoot W.Daly " 

Treaa. DeildH. HcClOBkey 

^npt, AFnr.Aft. D. Ony CalUbao " 
Claim Agt. T. B. Warrenaford. . . " 

Boergj pnrcbaacd from Weal Podd 
Pwr. Co. ; trollay volt UO T. 

Repair ahop at Charleial. 

B.Tdillai:fi-!MB; IE motor and S other 

»01— Weataldo EIh. St. By. Co.— 

Offlce,Bankot Cbarlerol Bldg. (Con- 
neeta Na, Charleroi, Honeaaan. Chat- 
lerol, BfnlleyiilleaiidBlliworth.) 

)ea Mei.,C.I 
lac. A Audt. R 

8Dpl.APDr.AeL D.QDyOalHhaa 

Clnlm Agt. T. H. Wamnifoid.. 
Ch, Engl, Wm, H. Stamm 

Snug; parcttuad from Weit Peon 
For. Co.; irolJe; volt SGO T. 
. RapsliBhopi indcBrbaoHstCtiarlerol. 

II mtlH; S tH g: T matOT piea. can; 

CUESTEB. 41.196 (IRIS). 

(See »1so No. 1080.) 

W>8— Cbesler & Kildrstone St. Ry. 

Co.— Office, latli SI. d£ EUgemont Ave. 
(Cunnveu CbtBlei and EddyeMne.) (En 
tire capital BtrKk cwned Dy WIlmlBg- 
ton £ i'hll». Tt»c. Co.) (Controlled 

PeDQ^lTBUlit TneUoD Co., which lee 

18th A Bdgtiaout Ave. (Leaaea UnloD 
Ry. L'o, or Chester, Chealer, Darby 
& PhllBdelphiH By., CbMler Ss Media 
Elec. K7„ cThaetar at. Kj- andChe«t«r « 
DelBWBre St. Ky., lad in tarD la con- 
Wolled Boa operated nnder lease by 
SoDthem PenmyliBiils Trsc. Co.) 
(Bpljre capital Block owned bvWIlinlng- 

.. . .__,.. Co.) 
I, PbllBdelphla. 

trolled by (Inllod Pwr. & TraUBpt. 

(Cunnecta WHmington, PbUadeli 

Media, Haicna Hook, npland 



Sec. & Tieaa. T. W. Groi 

sa.4mllea: i-iHg: lOScara. 78 

BIO — Southern Pennaylvania 
Tnu. Co.-Omce. Chester. (Controla 
and oparatea under leaae Cheeter A 
Eddyatone St. Hy. Co., Chester Trao. 
Co., Delaware County & Philsdelphia 
Elec. Ry. Co. and Medl&, Qlen Sl^dle 
&, Rookdile Elec. St. Ry, Co.l (Con- 
trolled by Wilmtngton & Philadelphia 
Trac. Co.. which aeeforomcers.) IIB 

«11— ClaJrUtn St.Rj- Co.— Ei. once. 

«5-Bth At«.. Plttabnrgh. 

Fret. S. L. Tone Pltlabur^ 

V. Piea.J.H.Reed " 

Sec. W. B. Caraon 

Treaa. C J. Bnran, Jt " 

Compt. C.S.Mitchell '• 

Gen. Mgr. P. N. Jonea 

For operating offlclala eee Fittabnrg 

Energy purchtaed From Carnegie Steel 

l.OlSmllaa: t-SMg; 3pa«B. motorcara. 

01.EABF1ELD. 8,000. 

(Sea No. 1)83.) 


Bll— DcUware Coniitr A Fhllsdel- 

Helghle. (Eitendifrom AnK0ra(PlillB.) 
te Hadia, on Baltlmora Ava.) (Stock 
owned by the Ualtad Power ATranspC. 
Co.. whrnh la controlled by Tbe In- 
teratila Rya. Co.) (Controlled and oper- 
ated under leaaa by SouUmrn Penn- 
aylvanla Trsc Co. whleb la controlled 
by WilmlBKlon i Phlla. Trac. Co.) 

Prea. John A, Rl« PhUadelphii 

Sec. *TreM. T.W.Grooketi, Jr.. " 



(Seaalaofio. lOSi.) 
9IS» — CoBteavUle Trailer Co-- 

Offlce, SOQ Bank Bldg.. CoaldTfUe 
inUl eiuind From CoaceavUlc to Ho 
dena and connect with Lancsater. tL 
ConeatAiia Trac, Co. and Weatchtats 

Ptea,. Henry S, Rich Marleiu 

V.Prea.WffllBKenlllg Laneaslei 

Treaa., CheaUi C. Doan CoataTilh 

Oan.Hgr.R, H.Henderahott.. " 

B mliea; bW g; * nioloi pasa. can. 
(trnderconetruSlon.! - *W 


' (See No. MB.) 

(Sea No. tl«l,) 

ai3— Oocry A Oolumbna Tmn. Cm. 

— Office, Cony, mncceasor to Cony 

Si CoIumbB) St Hy, Co.) (Connaeu 

Corn and ColDmbne.) 

Piea. J. D. Woodward Wairea 

*ec. Clifford Woodward 

Dreaa. F. H. Raymond Corn 

Jh.BDgr. O.8. Frlti ~ 

Power ata. eqnip. 1 d. o. CW. «0 
Ew; 110 hp. a, (gaa) Stmthan, Wrila; 
trolley volt. 6B0 y. 

" ata. and. repair abop at Cony. 

ea Recreation Park at Columlna, 
snnds. Race Track and BaaeliaU 
Park at Corry. 

b milea; 4-8M B.; 4 motor car.. Q 

w Clymer, SberiaaB and Summerdale 
Maxvllle. N, T. connecting at Ibat po 
with ChanUnqna I'rac. Co'a line 1 
Waaifield, Chautauqua and Jamesloii 
' Ing lOie eipecta to build IB mite* 
between Colnmbna, Pa., and Sh 
1, N.Y.) 

SI4— Blue Bld« TrkoHon Co^ 

Office, CanlelBYllTe. (ConnecM Dasielt- 
tIUb, Bd^mont, BarllnariUe, WalniV 

Piea, JarK.Hower Dantela 

Sec. H.H.Hower 

Treaa.. Men, Mgr. A Pnr. Agt. 
CCMarah S^., 

Bled. ^m-. 1 M. U., 

Robt, FT Bartholomaw " 

Energy purcbaaed from Lehlth Tallty 

Repair ahop at DaBlelavllle. 

Reachea EdnmonI Park (controlled). 

T mllaf : 4-Sh g: i motor and 4 otlHt 
can. (IB mliea under conatnctioD.) (Ooa- 
pany doea lighting. ) *° 

DANTILLE. 7,617. 

Bin— Dandlle « Hmibilry TrmMIt 
Co.— Office. 220 Mill St., DanvlllB, (Will 
connect DanTllle, So, Danilllo, mn^ 
aide. KllDsa aroie and Sonbvj.) 

Prea. Simon Kraba Bomsa 

lat V. Pres. Geo. J, Kreba. ..-.,, . 

Sec. W. Fred. Jacob* DanTll 


Sapt. Richard B. Bnlllben DanTllla 

Energy porchaaed From Columbia A 
Montour Elec. Co; repair ahopa at T 

Reacbea RWenlde paric, 

i.S milea^ t-8H (tMmo. paa*. and E Kill 
pasa, oarB. (Under cOQitrBcdon— par '- 

tSee also So. an.) 

* l.e— f hlladelpbU & KBgtoii Eleo. 

»ty. to Ulfli;«, 76 N, M*lu SL, 

deipbla tt t;uiuu Ky. Uu.J iConuecu 
DojlBiwwn sud liMioQ.) 
ilccaiven -{ A. H. H)ckl«T..PblJBdelpblB 
Uodfrei SliialdbaiBer '- 

Aiuua JohiiBUu LambetUTllle, N. J, 

*«;., Ubu. Mgi. X Pur, Agt. 

W.S. CuniuDcn DD/Jastowii 

rrna.. U. U. Kuaa Laacseter 

ergy p 

n Clyrn, 

DUBOXIt. H.efiB (1»IB). 

trolled by UuBoil Klec. & Tiiw. Co., 
wtikcb is opera i«d by thn United 
hurvice Co.) (Teb KcyBtone HUIIhbb 
Co. DH UKen over tb« Da Bole Jllet. 
A Trac. Co.) ^(Jsuubcu fiUa Creak, 

Pre.., Daniel J. UdHey Sctanton 

S«c. & Tn!jia,."john AiLiimku.'.'. 

Mar- Koiit. U. BlalieDlee Du Bala 

Suut.M. E.Zlnter 

Buergy puccbBited [rom Du Bole Elec. 

Eagemoui and Bauds Farki. 
ig; B molor e^. »n^ 1 

United Tcso, St. Ry. Ci>,— 

I. IJ S. Loot Ave.. Da Boil. Pa. 
lecu Du Bola, SrltoD, HiiDly, 
tvills aod lllg KuQ,^ also Faila 
lSJn.VBr!' "'=■*-"*■""«■' 
uItlakeeTe« Dn Bola 


la.iS milea; 4-g>i [; B 

DUQUESNi:. 19,W1 llSltf). 

Ky. Va. 

Bldg. (Ct 

« DrKvoBburg St. 

:a, First Natl. Bank 
I Uoquesne A Dravoa- 

t, Frick Adhsx. Plctabui 

Koergy purchased fromPlttabarc Rya. 

Repair ataop at EeoDedy Are.AUimin 
St, Duquoane. 
4aillu:(<-2>it;: 3 mowr paaa. caia. 

KA.STON. BO.UD (181S). 

(»w alw Noe. B8S aad Bld.l 

820— Esaton Xranalt Co.— ilDloe. 14tb 

*Uanluimu.,AlleDlowQ. (TheB ' 

wblcta Id turn !■ coutiollal by tba La- 
hlgb Valley Trausll Co.) iCodubcu 
Easlon, BoCblBbam, Bo, Bettiieben, 

rea. UarTlaan B. Valii Alleutown 

. Pre*. S. U. Uackelt Kutou 

0«n. Mtr.H. U. Pattei«>ii ....Allentowu 
tTrBM.B.B, Wagner... 
UK. tc Aaat. Treaa. H. U. Sargaot 
1411 Clieauui at., Pbllsdelphla 

Agt. W. R. Fobr AlUutuwu 

Hupt. W. U. 'lltue BaaloB 

Claim Agt. W. J. Trytliall AUentown 

Eogr. M.otW.Jl.P.Sniith 

Supt, or Kqulp. W. C. KlelB ... 

ll.M.,C.A, Dnnd Baaloo 

Una Foreman, F. E. Crick ■• 

KnerKy purcbawd Iiam PeBn. DtUltiei 
Co. i trolley TOlt. 6S0 y, 

Rtiacbca O^and and lajand Parka. 
tStnilea; 4-m e; 4I» cloaad, X) open, 
ISopeo trail and lOnork cua. '^GS 

0»1— NoTthamptoB, KBiton A 

448 BuabklU St. (Connecta SaaUD 
and PhUllpaburg, Stewanaiilla, New 
Village, BroadiToy. Waablnnon, Port 
Colden and Pt. M urtay, N, JT) 
Cbmn. Bd. Thomas A. U. Hay....EaBtOD 
PreB. A.U,Uaring....FraDChtoWD,N. J, 
V. Pres. Oen. Ugr. A Par. Agl. 

W. O. Hay Baaton 

Treaa. W. L. Doyle. " 

Sec. A Audr. Q. K, Umitli " 

Sopt. Wm. Coleman. ..WaeblDgtOD. N. J. 

Claim Agl. C. B. Brunner Eaatoa 

H.U., LiDdenQardner, 'KrathlngloD,N.J. 
Power eta. equip. S d. c. &. S. tot. 060 
kw: 600 hp. e. M, A W., Atlaa; gW hp, b. 
Mel. A S; IraoB. & trolley volt. («G v. 
Power ata. and repair sbope at Port 

RcactieB SllTai Spring Foraat (ownad). 

IT milet; 4.BU g; £ cara. (Contem- 

plalea building line to Hackettalovn. S 


_iklll St. (Coi . . _ 

BaaioD, Tatamy, Naaareth and Bangor 
with direct connectlona tor Delaware 
Water Gap A Stroudlborg.) (In ISIS, 
acquired property of Bangoi A Port- 
land Trac. Co.) 
Cbmn. oFBd.TkomaaA.H. Hay..EaBton 
Prea, A. U. Baring. . . .FreuebtoWD, 14. J. 
V. Prea. . »en. Ugr. A Pnr. Agt. 

Treaa. Wm. L. Doyle,! .' " 

See.&ADdr. G K.Sniltb " 

Claim Agt. C. B.Bmnner " 

M. M. Cbaa. Elcbmao " 

Ro«dmaeier, Jacob Kabler " 

Park MEr. D. B. Sklllman " 

Energy pnrcbaaed. 

Owna BusbkUl Park. 

« milea: *-«ii S: W> motor and 1 otbn 

(See No. lOlT.) 


ua3 — PennsirlniilB A Hurluid 

St. Bj. Co. — (Conmcta Ballabaty. 

MeyarHlaia and Qarrett; will titnid to 

Berlin and Bomenat.) 

Prea. C. H. Jeonlng* Towauda 

V. Prea., Oen. Mgi. * Pur. Agl. 

H. H. Manal Etb Lick 

Sac. A Treu, J.L. Barcbn* " 

Qlec, Sngr. Beit Kidner Boynton 

Engr. Pwr. Bta. A. Blochgr BIk Lick 


T. Pica. Bmrj K. PiA 

Sec, Am*. TKu . Gia. Xfi. i 
Pm.iLCt. J. M.Snllb 

r r.W.Dva. SwMTiDc 


1 F. W. Iidl, But St)tiBE>cH 

PowCT (ta. eqalp. I d. c C. W. lac 800 
kw; UOD hp. & nan: BDO hp. b. Bab. i 
W; tnrtler "II. WWTS t. 

Powa da. ■■4 n^Ur ibop at BU 
OtMk.P>. (No P.O.) 

chDjIUU lA 

T.Pn>.X.B.K ..... 

:»r. ATnw.J.J.«vx. 

McT APu.Aci K.K.^BnU..BaB 
rufe Mfr. B. H. aaal^ 

HL ft r«. C*: vaUcj *alt. WO T. 

Owsa Crbr>^tar pHk aad rMCbe 

HAUUSBTmo. 7S.015 (IMfl. 

r. P. F. Q 

H. H.. A. F. RaxnXb. 

Boadmaallr. J. W. Asdoaoo.. 

Pomr Ma. •qa)p. 3 d. c BdI), toL 
kw. nwDKtEd to &IIU-C. nsinca: 1 
Q. B. ISOO kw. rooMrted ta B. 0. , 
HaBLCar.coKlDFi Id. c C. W. ISC 
rOBMCUd to Bairlabnig Ideal cdi 
«W hp. b. tniat. Bab. * W^ t 
nit «M T. : inlk J toIL no v. 

t mk^ia. cap. iDoOkwiSniL coo* 

Fii«<r tor aalHU. puebaaad 
Hanlabart Lt * Pwt. Oo. 

Pawar Ma. al Soath CaaaMB BL : K 

ReachH Paitani Park (puttj owned 

1S.B1 mili»: t-m I: 184 motor piet. 
fcud IS otbFT niDUii Du«. *6e 

HA2LETON. 18.481 (IDIS). 
VXa^I^hlch TraetlDn Co.— OlDoe. 
«»S8 No. Wjamlog Si, (Conaecu 
McAdoo, Frceliad, Driflon. Jcddo, 
Bbervale, Laltlmei. HnneaTllle, West 
UuleloDBBdJeueenile.) (TheWllkH- 
Bsm & Huleton K. R. Co. oiruB M p.c. 

Pros. A. Markle...... HssletoD 

V. PnH.,Oai.Ugr., Pnt. Agt. A 

BBC. 4Tfe»>. K.'C. Yoat!.".'.'."; 

Aadr. C.J. KlnehDer 

Owtiter. W. Weir 

TrafQc Ugr. li Gan. Fel. A 

Pmb. Agl. G, A. Zp.3) 

Claim Agt. JameeP. Gormsn... '■ 
Slec. A algnal Engi. 

M. M..'j«inaBrowil!!!!!!!!i!!i 
HoKT. M.otW.Beni.Noirlg.... 
Bnergy purchaBedfromW. B. & Hazle- 

""aa^t-^^ tot cap l((00kw4rol conv 
Repair »liop ai Hazle Park. ' 
Owup Bizfe Park. 
BS mUv: 4-BH(t: B3 psaa. and S other 

933 — Wllkaa- Hurra A BsaletoD 

Ay. Co.— OIIICB. 2S>2S No, Wyoming 
St., Haileton. (Connetle Wilk«s-B»rre 

Leblgh Trac. 'co'a. tcscks.) (Controle 
Anthrscita Power Co.) (Owned hj 
Wllkea-Barre A HazlelOD R. R. Co.) 

PrM. A. Markle HazJelon 

V. Prea., Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 


Sec. ATraas. N. C. Voat '■ 

Audr. C. 1. Kiruhnar 

Caabler. W. Wear " 

l^aiBe Mgr,, Geu. Fgt. ± Paea. 


Blec, A Signal £n^. A Bngr. 

OTSibead Conatr, John Warner ■■ 

Ch. REgia.lWm. Eopklna " 

Pwr.Sla. ILewWelllier " 

H. K. Jimea Rrown " 

Engr.lliilat. ot Way, BenJ.Norria " 

Fower fita. aqalt- S a. c. W. B. tot. 
taoOkw. SWt. S pb SB cya: 1800 bp. e. 
Brawn : 8100 bp. b. Heine: aOOO kw. tnrb. 
(Wm.JWeft; [r»n>. yolt. lB,7B0v; trollBT 

Toit. m >. 

Bt nTa" Park"'^ '' " "' "P" ' * "P' 
Raaehai HaileFatk (owned by Lehlgb 

8S mllea (HA rail); 4-8H K- i» ?■"-, 1 
f«. motor, 5 fp. and 10 oibar cara: 1 
elec. lofo. *6B 

1134 — irlllio-BaTre A Uaileton 
B. K. Co.— Oairep at Bazlelon. Pa., 
and JerHT City. N. J. (Owna lb* 
Wllkee-Barre A Hanleion By, Co.. the 
WDkei-Barrf Term. R.R. Co. and K p.e, 
ofitock r>t Leblgb Trae. Co.) 

Prca, A, Markle Buleton 

V. Prea, C, B, Boock '• 


AHt. Ser, A. Markle, Jr, 

Traaa. W, B, Raniick.,..BawTork. N, T, 
(SeaNoi. M8andMl,) 

ntitoga Trac, Co., ... ._ 

wltb Tinea or Barrlxbnrg Rya, Co, and 

at Lebanon and Palmyra with lluei of 

Reading Transit & L(, Co,) 

Prea. M, S. Berataey Harahar 

Sec, John B.Snyder " 

Treai. Wm. H. I.Bbklcber " 

Aadr.T, L, McBeflay. 

Sspt. A Par. Agl. J. R. Kraldai. , " 
Engr. Malot. of Way, H. N. Hen '■ 
Park Mgr. A. T, Heliman 

Power sU. egnlp. 1 d. c. Waate, IfiOkw; 

ESObp, e.B. A 3. 1'ltm. pnrebaaedtj kw. 

Gauldator.bat; trolley yolt. HO T. 

Powetata. at Herahey; rapair ahopa at 
Berahn and Lebanon. 

Reachea Barabey Park ((twned by M. B. 

3R mllaaj B-lMSl ta motor and 4 other 

HOMESTEAD. 22.468 11016). 
•3«— Hameatead ft HlffUn St-'Ky. 

Co.— Office, 805 Amity 8t.. Home- 
eleiul. (ConnecU Homestead, Bome- 
st^ad Purk and Lincoln Place,) 

V. Prea, Hugh LiNevin.V,'.!! 

Bcp. Robt. McWhinney — 

Treas. & Supt. C. H. Knapp. ^ 

Claiin Agt. R. C. Davia 

M. M., J. C. Sch«^nberB^,,koinPHtea3 
Energy purcbaaed tromPitlaburg Rya. 

Repair Shop, at Main St., Homestead 
Onna and controls Hnmeetead Park, 

car and l^other cm,' ""^ "' ""^^ 


ISca Nob 931 and B3S,) 


•37— Bantlngdop, LewlatowD ft 
Junlsla VaUey Tntc. Co.— OCEee. 
4J6 Penn St., Huntingdon, (Will 
connect Huntinp^dod, Mt. Tloion, Mill 
Creek, AlbnBville. Bellei-ille and Reeda- 

Prea, R, J, Matters HubdngdoD 

Sec, J, R, SimpAon " 

Treas. AGen, Mgr, 

F, Blair Inenberg 

Supt, R. M.Peightal • " 

M, M„H,P, Grove 

Energy rented Irom Penn Central Lt. & 

Pwr, Co.; 1 a. c. Ft. W, 550 kw; 1 d. e. 

Ft, W. 182 kw; trans, volt. 2800 v; trolley 

Repdr ebope at Huntingdon. 

l.;5 milee In operation; 6 can. US 

INDIANA. 5,74S. 
S37a— liHlluis Conntr St. Mj. Co.— 

Office, Indiana. (Connects Indiaiu. 

Clymer, Emeet, Creeknde, Homer 

C^ily. Graceton. Coral. JoBepbina. 

Blacklick and Blairaville.) 

Prea. F. M. Fritehman , . Indiana 

V.PrCB, H.E.Clark Glen Campbell 

Sec. ATreaa.JohnG. St. Clair .Indiana 
Gen, Mgr. * Pur. Agt. 

FrankL.NeH " 

Sunt. Orin Stiffler 

Ch, Ener, Pwr, Sta, G, M. Hill. . • 

Power eta. equip. 1 d. e. Weat. 300 
kw; 2 a. c. Wcat, Allia<:. (ot, 1500 kw, 
fi600 V. 3 ph. 60 eye; 300 bp. e. Pboenii; 
ISOO bp. b. Bab. A W; 1SD0 kw. atm, 
turb. Wsat. AUie-C; trana. volt. 6600 v; 
trolley volt, 675 v. 

2 aub-etas. tot. cap. BOO kw; 1 ret. 

Power eta, at Two-Uck, eouth of 

Reaches Idlewood and Locuat Purka, 
.in milcK; 4-HH g: 10 motor cars, UB 


BWIN. 2.SM, 
BIS— Tbe InrlD-Bramlnle Trac. 

Co.— Office, IrwlD. <Connect9 Itwin, 
FurnioDt, Habntonn. Chamben, Rill- 
ton and Herminie.) 

F»s. ft Gen. Mgc. C. H. Bolton. .lrw[n 
(H. A. Troop, 

V. PreatB.-) lat Ave., Pittsburg 

JTkw. L. H. Taylor .... Irwin 

Sm. A Audi. Ju. I. Marsh ■ 

Ch. Engl. Milton Campbell ■ 

Frank BaraartT Laiimtr 

Enjr. M. of W. Edw. Wilson. .HcmiiBic 
Energy purchased tiom West Peun 

Elec. Co.: trans, volt, 2200 v; trolley volt. 

Rspail ghopB at Irnin. 
S.6 miles; 5-2<4 e: 5 motor and 3 other 

cars. (Will eitend line to Export.) 59 

—teney Shore & Antes FMt 

-, B.-*ffice, Jeraey Shore. (Con- 


.0 Park.) 

V.Pres. Rob_. 

Sec. J. F. Persons 

Treaa, G. J. Denjaton, , . 
Gen, Met. ft Pur. Agt. 

G. B.TrfoCullough, . . . 

Henry Ccmtetler 

: Ry. Co* 

r shops. Jersey 

liles; 4-S>i e 

n Jersey Shoie 

tM— Jener Shore Elec. 8t. Kf. 

Co.— (Oiraed by Lycoming Improve- 
ment Co., Williameport, Pa.) (Con- 
neota Jersey Shore, ViUa aad Avisl . 
Free, ft Gen. Mcr. , 

V. Ptes. GarreU Cochran, . , 
Sec, ftTreaa.J.W.Cochran.Jr 

Aodr. H.H.Hill 

Supt. ftPur. JWt., 

Uoyd Thomas Jei 

B. Nord, Cor 


d John 

(ConoMla J^nt 
IFonned by mer* 

!, the Johnstown Pass. Ry. 

Pies.'ftPur. Agt., 

E. M. Du Pont Johnstowli 

(J.M. Mu"!"-"- 
V. PreslB.JL. L. Dui 

Seo. ft Tre> 

wYork, N. Y. 

1. Mgr. 

I. Mgr. 

L. T. Sbuinon. . . . 
Qaim Agt. J.EsrlBft 
Ch. Engr. G. Nelson f 

■t Central Ave. 
3S.g miles; 4-8 H f. 7- 

HI— SoutiierD Cambria Br- Ca.~ 

Office. Johnstown. (Connecti Johr 
town. Coocmaugh, Mineral Pji; 
South Fork. Ebeusburg and Nanty C, 
will connect with No. Cambria St. B 
at Carrolltown.) 

Receiver, Cambria Trual Co., Johnstoi 

Pres. (Ant. (or Receiver) 
P. J. Oltle Ebeoshu-: 

V.Prea. Geo. M. Werti JohnsM 

Qen. Mgr. George Palm 

Engr, Pwr, Sta. Harris Wakefield " 

Engr. M. of W. A. V. Little..Ebe[nb. 
Power eta. equip. 2 d. e. O. E. I 

IGUO kx; 2400 hp. e. F. ft S; DOO hp 

Bab & W. 
Power Bla.andrepairshopatBrookd 
30 miles; 4-8H g; 12 motor and 2 ot 

carsl *n 

M«— Pcnn. Ccnim By. Co.-Offir* 

Franklin St., Johnstown. 

Pros. Robt. Pearoe Poru 

V. Pros. Henry J. Haab Johnsto 

Sec, Gep. Mgr. ft Ch. Engr. 

O. P.Thomas * 

Treas. A. J. Strayer 

Engr. Ovhd. Const. 

Cewia R. Sheehan 

Ener»' purchased from Peon Cent 
Lt. ftTwr. Co.; trans, volt. 1200 
Irolhiy voit, 1200_ v; 1 a, c. West, r 

snb4*ta. al Portaes, 

Repair shops, Imi. easlof SuQunerh.. 

T.S miles; 4-SM g; 2 motor cars. (SI 
milesio operation. Balance tobefinishfj 


H4— West Chester, Kennett A WU- 
mlnEtan Elec. By. Co. lAbsoi' 
Oitord. West? rove & Avondale 
Ry. Co.) (Connects Avondale, To. 
kcnamon. Kennett Square. W. Gn 
Fa., Yorklyn, HockeMm and I 
mington, Del.) 

Pres, Geo. Kessler, 

B31 DrcielBldg., Phiiadeli 

V.Pres. Clarence L. Harper 

Sec, & Treas. Philip E. Guckea,... 

Gen. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 

laeler, M.p'Laugblin 

FC officets eee Pittaburgh. 

: work can and 1 other car. *«9 

LANCASTEB. 50.853 (1B18). 

ISce also No. S12a.> ' 

U— Conesttva Traction Co. Office, 
Orange St, (Leases sod op«at« 
Lancaster City St. Ry.. Lancans 
& lititi Ry.. Loneaater, Willow Si.. 
Lampeter ft Straaburg Ry.. Lancar 
ler 4 Columbia Ry., LannaetOT * 
Millersville Ry. Co., EliubelhWvo I 

Ry., Calumtiia & Doaegal Ry., Laa- 
ctuter, Mpchsniraburg & New HolJand 
Ry., Lancaster. Petersburg & Mbq- 
heim Ry,, CbriHtiBna ft CoaWsvillP 
St. Ry. Co. (which connecla Philadel- 
phia, CoaWsTille Bnd I-angaBter), 
Lancaater & Rocky Sptiuga Ry., 
EpbrataA AdamstowDRy., LanCBStflr 
A. Quarynlle St. Ry., Bi^reistoBn, 
Laodianlle A Mt. Joy Ry.. Laacaatec 
i. EsBleni Bt. Ry. Iwhli^h connecte 
LAncsater. Williametowa. L«aman 
PiBce, Gap and Chriatiao^ and New 
Holland. Blue Ball & Tern Hill St. 
Ry. Co. (which connects Blue Ball 
and TcTie Hill with New Holland and 
LsncaeWr.) (The common atock of 
this company ia owned by Lancaafer 
County Ry. * Lt. Co., wluch ie con- 
trolled by United Gas & Elec. Corpn.} 

■ . PJbw Yorl 

Anna E. Bsnek 

Gen. Mgf. R.B.Hull 

Claim Agt. R. N.Eby 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. C. E, Hoffman 
Gen, Sunt, H. W. Brubaker... 
SupC. ofTrana, David R. Bake 
Engr. H. W. Crawford.. 

Enorgy norohaeed tror 

Peon. Wtr, * 


CoDSBtogB Traction Co.. Edison Elec. 
Co.. LancaiUr Gae, Lt. & Fuel Co., 
(which owns a majority of the common 
Block of the Columbia Gae Co.), and 
Conestoca Realty Co., and isiteelf con- 
trolled by United Gas & Elec. Corpn., 
New York, N, Y.j 

Pre*. W. W. Grieat Uncaatei 

V Pr»« Geo Bullock, 

H Broadway, NewYork.N.Y. 
. McKenna. 
I Broadv 

Bee. J. J 

in. Jr., 
c. t Aeet. Tieas, 


M»— West Peoo Eyr. Co.— (Connect* 
Latrobe, Baggaley uidYouneatown; at 
Heela makes connecUoniB for poinU in 
Weatmoreland and Fayette Counties.) 
For general officers see Pittsburgh . 
Bepair ahapa at Latiobe. 
Mileace and equip, included in report 

of company at Pittaburg. ASS 

LEBANON, 20,790 (1010). 

(Bee also Noa. 924. OZS and eSE.I 

•«»— Krndlu TnOBit & Lt, Co, 

United Pwr. A Ttsi 

inc MeyflTBtowa, Av4.... ._. _. 

pjdmyra, Annville and Independent! 

(Difltriot.) For seaeral 
DiT, Supt.'w. J. Hardflker. 

Repair shop at 15th & Cumberland 3tB 
1 gt. motor an ot or cara. ^^ 


BSS— West Peon. Bys. Co,— (Conneota 
Apollo, Vandegrift, Hyde Park and 
Leechburg.) For general officers, see 

chburg.) : 

Repair shops at Leechburg, 
Controls AlliBon Park near Apollo. 
S.S mike: 5-2M e: S mot«r nase. oar*, 
1 work car. *flO 

LEMOTNE. J.393. 

«1— VaUey Bra.— Office, Lemtwne. 

^riugs, Carlisle, New CumberUnd. 

Elec. Engr, J.C.Thomi 
Engr. M.ofW, 

Edw. A. SWhslcr 

Park Mgr. H.B.Markley, Boiling Springa 

Energy purchseed from United Eleo. 

M3— Th« Lewlsto«n & 

41 1 

. Mar- 

Ifeagartown and Bumham.) 
». £ Pur. Agt. 

I. I. Quigley Lewiatown 

Prea. Jno.E.Zimmermann 

611 Chaetnut St., Philadelphia 
:. A Treu. Chaa. Day 

611 Chestnut St., * 
idr. A Clum Aot. 


Supt. C. E. 

Power at 
Weatg. tot. 
H. F. & M.: 
AM.; trsne 
600 V. 

Energy pu: 
Lt. & Pwr. C 

,1 Chesti 

., Philadelphia 

'(reee'rve) 3 d. e. 
. 900 hp. e, Weot, 

based Iioni Penn Cenllal 

10, S milee; 4-8M g; 26 motor pj 
aia, 1 other motor and 1 other car. 1 


(See No. 931.) 

LOCK HATKN. 7,772. 

IS— Snaqaehanna Tracttoo Co 

Office, 24 W. Main Bt. (Connects Li 
Haven, Fleminctan and Mill Hall.) 


MKUmtlM. 13,802 (1916). 
ir^-NorthwMtan FcmurlTkBta Mj. 

Co.— Office, 420 CsminereH Bld».. 
Erie. (ComwcMErie.EdiabDTO.Can- 
brid« SprinsB, Vmanio, BuegvatoKu. 
MeadviUe, HumoiubuM and Uae^ 

LiiKsville for FittabuTE utd. Eric.) 
(Controlled by tbe l<lorthi>sn«ii 
Elec, Service Co., thnnigb ownotiiiti 

Prea. F. F, CurUa Bw 

V. P™. AC™, Mgr. 
Chas. M. Hatcb ■ 

TreM.A.A. Culbert™.'!!!!!!' !., * 

■ ■ .A, Shiel. .,.. ■ 

Supt. E. O. Shryuok Meadvillt 

Pur. Agt. Geo, W. KudW. 
Cb. Eur. Jbs. Bricgs. . , . 

E. MmcCronaban MeadviUe 

M.M.. P. J. Bairon. 

Power al».equip-5tl-fl-0-E.t. 

kw: 1250 bp. e. Wetb Phoenii; 3100 to. 
b. Weth, Bab. t V/, tcBBB. vnlt. 33,000- 
13.000-11,000 v; trolley volt eoq 

deiKwnl Lt. Co., Tileodville. ( 
County Else. Co., Erie, Pa. 
4 Hib-stas. tot. up. 2100 kn 

Power eta. at MeadTilte; rep 
at MevlvUle and Erie. 

Reacbes CoDDeaut Park od Connewil 

71.5 milee: 4-SH ■: 38 motor pua., U 
other motor and § other oar*. its' 

BIEDU. 3,5az. 

•BS-He«a, Olen MMIe A Boct- 
dal« EltC. St. ^. Co.— OffiB. 

Pwr. i Tranapt"^.; co^nttolled^and 

operated undnr lewie hv the Snuthem 


controlled _, ._ 

Philadelphia Ttsc 

Media with Glen R 

Pree. John A. Riu Pluladalpbiii 

Sec. A Treaa. T. W. Grookett, Jr. " 


Free. Be6rwii± Kiatler Lock Haven 

V. Pre«7p, P. Griffin 

Sec. Henry Hippie. ........ ' 

Treaa. Mary R. AnnstroDg. ' 

Gen. Mir. & Pur. Agt. 

Hamilton Balnu ' 

M. M .Williami Wbiting. .. * 

Power 9t8. equip. 2d; c. West. tot. 
300 kw; 460 bp. e. Quincy; aw hp. b. 
Phoenii; trolley volt, 550 v. 

Power ata. and repair ahop at Pecab A 
Pearl 8le.. Lock Haven. 

5.S milea: 4-«M f. S mot«r and 3 other 

car., *59 

LTKENB. 2,643. 
(See No. 1040.) 

Oskdale and McDonald.) Foriennal 
officers, see FIttaburgh. 

Supt. B.J. Kenney ..McDonald 

4.4 miles: ^2H g; ? 


,521 (1916). 
(See also 'Sot. 990 and 001.) 

W4— West Pcnn Kn. t^ (Operaiea 
between Irvin ana McKceBport.) 
For general officers see Pituburib. 

Soct. Joseph Black McKeesport 

Reacbea park. 

Mileaee and equip, included in report 

of company at ^ttaburgh. *60 

erome St. (Cw- 
necta McKeesport and North McKees- 

Pree. f . H. Bowman McKeesport 

Sec. 4 Treas. S. W. Bowman. " 
Gen. Mgr. & Fur. Agt. 

John M . Lyie , " 

Supt. A Elec. Engr. Fred Lang. 

Energy purehaeed from FitUiburg Rya, 

Repair shops at North McKeeeport, 

2 miles: 4r%H r 3 motor pass, can and 

I other car. (Contemplatee building a 

line between McKeesport and East 

FiHaburK.) *59 

HAHANOT CITT. 17.463 (1016). 


MASS. 1,300. 


(See No. 001 .) 

. MAUCH CHUNK. 3.05!; 

MS— Hancb CbDBh * Lehtehton 

Transit Co., (Successor to Carbcn 

Tranmt Co..) Office IS Broadway, 

MauchChuok. Upper and Esat Mauch 

Chunk and Lebigliton. 

Fres. Ben Branch Mauch Chunk 

V.Prea. Wm.Dods 

Sec, V/M.WolH 

Treaa. Geo. H. Mayer.... 
Compt. C, A. Secor, 

42 Broadway. New York, N. Y. 

Gen. Mer. G. H. Rehrie..MBUch Chunk 

Power sis. equip. 2 3. c. Allis-C. tot 

eOO kw; 2 e. Ruaa. Erie. BaU; 575 bp. 

b. Ball. Stir.; trana. * trolley volt. 650 v. 

Fwr. lU. and repair shape at Haekle- 

Owna FlagetaS Mountain Park and 
FlaostaH Heighta (summer bomea.) 
iS.S milca; tsii l" ' " 

tW— Lancutcr A ToA Fanun 
St. Kr. f^o.—Omce, 12 South Duke 
St . . Lsncaetf r , (CoimBeta MiUeraiiUe, 
Marticville. Manic Fuge. Colemaa- 

Prea. 4 Gen. Mgr. 
J. B. Uamisb New DanvilU 

V. Prea. John H.Ware 

R. F. D. 6 Lancaster 

Sec. John H. Myers 

Treaa. Elsm H. Myers 

Willow.Street P.O. Laoc,Co.,Pa. 

Sunt. H. M. StsuSsr Milleraville 

Energy purchased from Edison Ekt. 

Co.: trans, volt. 11.000 v; trolley veil. 

Repair abopa at Marti%;ville. 
"---'--■"--'- Furnace Park at PequB. 

5-2H ( 

S moU 




HILTON. 7.460. 

M*— Lewlsbim, HUton A V 
BODlKnrn Pwi. Kr- Co.— Ei. 01 

72 Union Trust Bldg.. Harriib 
Local office, Milton, (Conneela 1 

Bontown, Riverside Park. Milton 

Lewiaburg; also operates under laue, 

hat. oyatem). the Montandon t 
MiffiinsburR Ry,, Donneotioa Mott- 
nndon, Lewiabarg. Brook Park. Biehl, 
Vickshurg snd Mifflioabutg.) 


Prea . Jolm F. Wtittaker Hurriaburg 

\- . Pres. L. G. Brown York 

Sec. i&Trfua. D. L. Dichl . ..GreeDCOBlls 
Audi. A»l. Sec. & Aaat. Treaa. 

■W^. B, Rankin HajriHburK 

Ceo. M«r. 4 Pur. Agt. 

W.W. Wilson Milton 

Supt. CUim, Gen. F^t, & Tana. 

Ast.&FarkM|r.H.R.DHt«, MUton 

M. M., W.B. Bubb ■ 

RoadmasMr. C. E. Coup • 

Energy purcliaHed from Nortbumbor- 
laud County Gas A Blec. Co.; trsBS. volt. 
1140 v; trolley volt., 500 V. 

Reaches llfveraide Park (owned), 
Z0.28 miles (9.28 owned and 11 leaaed); 

MONES8EN. 21,630 (IBIS). 

(See No. 908.) 

••1— HoDtODrBvlUe Psm. St. Co.— 

Office, 131 Broad St., P. O. Boi 410. 
(Connects MontounyiUe and Williaitu- 

the lineB of Willianisport System at 

East Third St.) 
Pres. Clarence L. Peft3lee...Williamspdrt 

V. Prea. F, C. Leonard Couderaport 

Sao, A Tteas. W.PBeebsr. Williamsport 
«en, Mgr, A Put, Agt. 

Frank H. Renninger. . . . Montoursville 
Ch. Engr, Pwr, 8ta, 

HuTv Burmr. • 

Engr, Ovlid,Con«tr. 

William Graffia 

EnBr. M, of W, B, Stut.,, 

Park Mgr, W. J. Hit«liie, . " 

Power sta, equip, 5 d, c, G, B. W. E, 
tot, MO kw; 820 hp. e, McE. Ham. Cor, 
Wetb: SOO hp, b. Keeler; trolley volt 
550 V. d. c. Enerey also purchaeed from 
Montouraville Elec. Lt, Co, 

t Moi 

•s Indit 

s; *-8>4 »; a motor and 2 other 
can. *SS 

HT. CAMMOj. 20,268 (1916). 

Mt— Shsmokln & Ht. CBrmd Tran- 

llt Co.— Office. Mt. Catmel. (Con- 
■olidation of tbe Shamokin A Ml. 
Carmet Elec. Ry. Co. and the AahUnd 

ates Mt. Carmel'* Locust Gap TraT 

Kuipniont, Mt, Can»el',"stroni, Cen- 

UbIu. Aahland. fieaverdale and Locust 

Fiu, & Gen, Met, 

E. W. Bunuer Mt, Carmel 

Si«.*Audr, Jos.D.McConnell 

Treaa. Wm Kiefer. Jr 

Supt. k Pur. Aftt-. 

A.HowvdT^omaa, Jr Sbaniokln 

Cb. Engr, Wilson Leiby Mt. Carmel 

M,M,. Wm, Eoute 

kw; ZOOO bp, e, Allis-C. Cpr. Cor: 900 
hp. b. Coatea v; trolle;^ volt, 6S0 v. 

Power Bta. and repair abopa near Mt. 

Owns Mayavjlle Park, 

19,5 miles^ 4-8M t: 52 motor pass,, 
7 Crtil pa«. and 9 other ears, 

lEaergs lo be purehaeed from Fenusyt- 
raun Ll«. Co,) *69 

NANTICOKE. 23.126 (1916). 
(See No. 1028.) 

NAZABBTH. 3.979, 
(See No. 899,) 



M3— The Buver Vmller Tn 

Co.— Office, New Brighton, iLon- 
solidalion of the Beaver VaUey St. 
Ry,, Central Eleo, St. Ry.. College i 
Qrandview Eleo. R. R., Beaver Jr 
Vanport Elec. St. Ry.. Riverview 
Elec. 8t. Ry. Co., Rochester A 
Monaoa Elec. St. Ry., Freedom & 
Conway Elec. St. Ry,, Vanport Elec. 
St.Ry.,andPeopl6'BElec. Ht. Ry. Co. 
of Rocheater, Pa.) (Connects College 
Hill, Beaver Falls. New Brighton, 
Rocheater. Bridgewater. Beaver, Van- 
port, Freedom and Conway.) (Con- 
trolled by the Philadelphia Co.) 
Pres. S. L. Tone, 435 6th Ave. Pittabiirgh 

Supt.* Park Mgr. 

W.H. Boyo* New Brighton 

Claim Agt. 

CeoUG. Rice. 435 6th Ave. Pitlaburgh 
Pur, Agt, 

C. W. Lepper, ■ ' 

Ch. Engr,, 

H. M. Childa. 

Safety Engr., H. O. AlliHin Beavet 

Power H(a. equip. 3 d, c. G, E, T,-R, 
tot. 700 kw; 1128 hp, e, Bckye. McE; 
900 hp. b. Bab, & W. Cadwell. Stir; 
trolley voR,550v, 

Se.OOO v; tioUey 600 v. ' 

Energy purchaaed lor eub-staa, from 
Duguesne Lt. & Pwr , Co . , Pitteburg , Fa , 

Steam Bta, and repair shop at Roches- 
terTownsliip [F, O,, New Brighton . 

Owns Junction and Morado Parka, 

36,205 milesi 6-2M g; 64 motor and 9 

—Office, 25-31 East Boardmi... -„. 
Youngstown, O. (Controlled by Ma- 
honing & Shenango Ry. & Lt, Co,, 
which see for officers,) (Conneola New- 
castle to Pennsylvania and Ohio Stale 

MS— Sharon & New Castk 81, By. 
Co. (Pa.) and Tbe Sbaron'A New 
Castle By. Co. (Ohlo).--Offlce. 

Ry, t Lt. Co,, whi. 

Energy furnished b; 

Shenango Ry. & Lt, (! 


Mfa— AUegheny Tatley St. By. Co. 

— General office. Benadum-Trees 
Bldg., 221— 4th Ave,. Pittsburg, 
(Controls Allegheny Valley Lt. Co.) 
(ConneoM Pittsburgh .Aepinw all, Chee- 
wick, Springdale. New Kenaington, 
Tarentum, Brackenridge and Na- 
trona.) (Owned and operated by the 
West Penn. Rys. Co.) 

Pres. Williston PLsh Fittaburgh 

V.-Pres. Raymond B. Keating 

Sec. 4 Treaa. C.C, McBride. . 

Assl.Sec. W.F.Craig 


Repair shop »t NoiriBtowt 
Rakdhei Ringmg Rooki uu 

70.75 milu! S-SH t: 70 mot<w pa*.. 
fgt. motor ud 17 oUur an. i^M 

OAKDALE. 1.700. 
(See No. 953b.} 

OIL CITT. 16.297 (IBIS). 

« CltUem* Traetton C«.— 

Oil City. [Campany own* or 
eoQtrolB the CitiionB Lt. A Pwr. Co.. 
The Monarch Park Hotel Co., the Bi( 
Rocic BudReno Bridge Cos., nnd ia i 

FnuliUii and Oil Cily. (Connect! 03 
City, Franlilio and Rouaeville.) (Coit- 
(rolled by Municipal Serrioe Co.. 
Phil*,. Pa.) 

Pres. Joa. Seep Titturille 


Cioflby Brown Philadelpliia 
_ 1 E. ^meroiann.. 
Treas. B.W. Fraiier, Jr... . 

- ■ . J. G.MoClellan. CTlOty 


y A Zimmennann Philadelphio 

Supt. J, H. MoCIure Oil City 

Gen, Pgt. 4 Paea. Ait. A Road- 

later, V.A. Redfield 

Agt.B, L.ColB * 

Supt. Tranep. 

. . L. UanlBul>ur(.' Frsoklii 

Ch.Engr. Pwr. Bta,, 

E.W.York OUCiW 

M.M.,Cha». Allien 

tot. 30W kwi IzsS'hp. b, OiT?i°y; tram, 
volt, 11 .000 v; troLlay volt. 550 y._ 

OperaUs Monarofe Park. 

1 1 other oara; 2 mow plowa. SO 

rALMYBA. 2,000. 

AbbC, Treag. H. C, Lightcap . .Piltaburgb 
Audr M.W. Glover, 
Oon, Mgr. o( Opt. 

Claim Agt, T. B. bonnellj'. . . . ' 

Pur. Agt. W. E. HiggiDa ■ 

Ch. Engr, ltoadwa.v A Stnicturea 

Supt A. A. Hatih'.','. .'.Nct kenaington 
Supt. Equip. Daniel Durie..Consellsvil]e 
Supt. Ovbd. Constr. 

W. M. Rogers " 


Power ata. equip. 2 d. c. W. E.. O. E. 
tot. 1250kw:3a.c.W.E. tot. 1125 kw. 
eeOO T. 3 hp. 60 oya; 2SS0 hp. e. Wia- 
consin, Hamilton;! 2000 hp. 6. Bab. & 
W; trana. volt. 22.000 A 0600 v; 
trf^ley volt. 050 v. Enercy alao pur- 
chased from AUgeheny Valley Lt. Co. A 

Harmaiville sub-au. leased to West 
Penn Pwr. Co.; Creighlon power bIa 
operated by Allegheny Valley Lt. Co, 
repair ahops at Tarentum. 

22.34 miles: S-SM g; 21 



NEnrOWN. 1,073. 
(See No, 612.) 
NOKSI8TOHN. 31,401 (1916). 
err Transit Co.- 

ockEieh. BIdg,, Phil> 
oeipDia . iConnecla Norristowi 
Trooper, Fairview Village, Cent! 
Point, Cedars, Skippack, Lederach an 
Harleyeville; opcrslea over traeks i 
Reading Trannt & Lt. Co. [roi 

Prea,"?!! Metwyn Graham, .'.Norristow 

V. Pres. John Lederach 

Sec, Treas. & Audr. 

Gen. Mgr., Pur. Agt.'iCh. Engr. 

Percival ArmitBgc. Philadelphia 

Supt, & Gen, Fgt. & Pasa. ' — 

L B.Kline — -, 

Claim Ajit. Calvin Stein Norristown 

M. M, Sdney Larrad Skippack 

Energy purchased from Reading Tran- 
BiC A UgSt Co.: trans, volt. 13,200 v; 
trolley volt. 6O0 v. 

Repair ahope at Bkippaek. 

S6.22 miles (12.51 miles owned): 
12-M c; 3 motor paa- «nd S mh-r mnfj.r 
cara. (LineefromHi 

enville ( 

d Harle 

vilte I 

V, Prea. H, H. Fehr,, Allentoi _ 

Beo . ATress .Gerald Holamau .Fhijadelpbia 
4-SH S. lie 

MS— Keadliu Transit & Lt. Co. 
Norristown Dl*,— Office, NorriBiown. 
(Leases the Schuylkill Valley Trao, Co. 
(stock owned by The United Pwr, A 
Traaapt. Co.) and its leased lines i 
follows: Norristown Pasa. Ry. Cc 
Citizens' Paaa. Ry. Co.; Montgomei. 
C^. Pass, By. Co.: Roiborough, Chest- 
nut Hill A Norristown Ry, Co.: Wii 
aahii^on Elcc. Page. Ry. Co.; Cooahc 
bocken Ry, Co.; The Trappe A Linn 
rickElec. St.Ry, Co..ancr theCollegi 
viUe Eleo. St. Ry. Co.. connecting 
Fbiladclphia, Conehohocken. Norris- 
town and Fottslown.) For 
officere, see Readinn. 

Div, Supt. Geo. W. M»gill..,Nci 
Energy purchased from Meti 
. EdiaonCo.flndCoUQtiesGaa&E 

trana. volt, 13,200 v; trolley volt. 600 v. 



id 949.) 

FATTON. 3,907. 

■TO— Northern Camlnla St. Br- Co.— 

Offioe, Patton. (Conneow Pattoa. 
CarrolltowD. St. Benedict. Span^ 
and Barneghoro.) (Sold at fore- 
closure. 1»1S.) 

Pres. W, H, Denlinger Patton 

V. Pres. Rembrant Peale, 
2710 Grand Central Term., 

New York. N. Y. 

Sec. & Treas. J. H. Allport, .Barneaboro 

Audr., Supt. A Pur. AgC, 
C, L CaiahBn Patton 

Ch.Engr.P. M.Ray • 

Power els. equip. 2 d, c. Weatfl. tot. 

500 kw; TOO hp. e. Erie, Ball: 700 bn. b. 

Stir. Bab. A W; troUer ToH. 000 T. 

Reaches Sunset Park' (owned). 
13 miles) i-BH g; 7 motor paaa. aod I 

FCN ABGTL. 3,967 (1919). 
9II<-SI*tc Belt Elec. St. Br. Co.— 

Ofhce, Pen Argyl. (Connects Bmior, 

Belfast Pen Aigyl Wind Gap and 

Naiareth ) 
Pres & Gen Mgr 

J T Hamblelon Pen Any] 

V.Pres J C Keller WindiSm 

Sec G A Schneebeb NasareA 

Treas C A Harne Phdadel[Aia 

Sunt A Gee Fgt Agt 

Cahin Itterly Pen Argyl 

Engr M of W Wilson Biegel 
Eugr Ovhd Constr 

George Andrews * 

Pur Aol A M M 

ChuIeaDoud * 

EQereypurchaBedfromPeiina. Utililiea 

i.UM v. trolley volt. 575 v,' 
IS miles; 4-SH s: 7 nio'<w and 3 oUiBr 

FHILADQ^PHIA. 1.700.518 (1910). 

(8.-i-h1soNo«. 13. .iSB, .187,605,611,012. 

9G0, 997. 1009, 1017, 1018, 1020, 

1027 sod 1032.) 

•72 — t%esler & PhUadelpbla Kf. 

Ca.—Onise, Stli and Dauphin Su., 

Philadolphia. (Operated by Philadfl- 

phis Kapid TniD^it Co. and Fbiladcl- 

l. II.S-. -- 
^. H. B. Msn 

"RiktW froni Pliil»- itapii^ Tninm^ 
Delaware County Elcc. Cn. and Beaooi 
U, Co. 

11.705milcsi5-2KC' *^ 

•73 — FBlrnnmnt Park Transit Co.- 

Office. Fairmoiint Park. (Successor t, 

Fairmount Park Tran^ponstion Co. 
PrcH, Norman S. Aleiaiider, 

Sta W., West Park. Philadetphii 
Bee. & Trea*. Clayton E, Piatt " 
Aaat. Gen, Mkt., W. S. Hartman ■ 
Ch Engr. Pur. Rta,.D. Byme " 
M.M,, J, H. Macleary 

Power sta. mn\p. 4 d, c, C. E, West 
lot. 1800 kw; 2410 bp. e. (Mm.) Wptb 
1950 hp. b. Btrry. Bah. A W; truUe: 

t. 500v. 


It Park. 

'lS15 I^nd Title Bide. Philadelphii 
'3:il Gnivc St. 

..Taoony, Pbnadelphii 

pgwer «ta. and repair ahopa at Taoon 

5-2H ■: 35 motor PBxa , 6 otber riiul 
can and 1 other ear. *S0 

•71 — Pmiu;lT>Bli Kalttoftd. Esalem 

Upes.— Paoli and Cheatnut Hill Divs. 
Gen. Offii-c, Brond 9l. Hla,, Phib. 
lUnitPd Stafw .^dminiMi^i- 
lion.) Ci''itcndi frrim Broad 1^1. Sta. 
Philadelphia to Faoli. 30.3 milCB, and 
"■ ■ -'■ lelphia to ChMtnutHill, 

10.2 ni 
[Kr. Gen 

■I D. Hin< 

Allenheny Reg 

Phils, Preg. 8i 

'B Pbilsdelphii 

ii.ngr. M. of W. AEduip 
i J.G.RidKurfl ; 

/Gfo, D. D^imi ;!'.!!!!!! * 

IXreas, Henry Talnall.... " 
JW.HeywoodMcyem.-,. ' 

Aeat.JRobt.H. Grofl 

Beog. J. Tanak Wileoi 

A»t. IGeo. A. Walker. . 

Thos. n. Hulme.. 

t.Agt.f, A. Greene 

St. Engr. Maint. of Equip. 

F.S, Eolinson 

at. Engr. M. of W. R. R. Naci 

Federal Mir. 

Ch. MBoh.Engr. 
lupvr. rflU 


Storekeepar, G.W. &iyder, II. 


C. M.B' - 

loni^. M. W.Clement. 

, JarSe^^'S-'Beii,' '.'.'.'. 
iTelegrHili. J. C. AtDKtrona 
Gsn.Bupt. Motive FwT. 


J. M,Hen>y 

Engr. Maine, of Way 

w. G. Coufblin. Philaddphit. 

Signal Engr. A. H. Rudd : . , ' 

">Sla, Term, Div. 

A.M. Parker ■ 

:en. aupt. N. W. Smith. .Altoona 
'hila. Div. 

. William Elnier Harriebuis 

Ant. M. M., H. K, LeSuie. Philadelphia 
Fbbiqbt Dbpaithbht 

fupta-Jphila. 1 


Jss. P. Anderac 


TrafBo M«r, 

" -nderaon 


FaeaJi^. j E. Yungman 

Ch. Engr^A. C, Shand 

Asst. Cb. Engr. J.F. Munay 

Engr. of Bri^et & Bldga. 

3. R. Leonard 


Federal Treaa. J. F. FalinBstock... 

Aast. Fedarfd) H. P. Connor 

Treae. jj- M.Wood 


>ral Audr. J. S. Don 
ESTiTE Dbpabti 
» Agt. J.P. Gau 
J IH.F "" ■ ■ 

Estate Agta.i T. F, MoClain. . . 
PtjHCaikSiHa De^ahtmdn 

iNsnuNcBANn Safxtt D>rABTl■a^4T 

Lboal Difabtubht 
Can.Solicilor.O.S.PatterBon PhLlndclrhiB 

Cii. Claim A«t, J. C. Rose ' 

Firt. CUim Ait. R. L. FiBnldin. . . • 

Enn-gy puiohassd from Philadslpliie 
Eleclrio Co.; trBM. volt. 44.000 v; 
IroUey voll. 11,000 i 

and EMlwicli Arf 


ns—PbUmdelphls Ballwns Cv^ 

Offioe, eo& Land Title Bide., Phils- 
delphia. Couwcts PhilulelpUa. Eddy- 
Atime and Chfleter.) (Operates under 
HCreemmt E^sungtoa Div- of Cheater ic 
FUla. Ry. Co. (3.082 miles.) 

Pies. I. H. Silveiman Pbiliidelphis 

Sen. A. W. From • 

Trea*. Chas. F. Wagner. Jr ' 

Supt. Job. C. Lnjsr , ' 

Energy purchased from Phila. Elec, 

117— PhllulelphU Bapld TraoBlt Co. 

— Eiec. office, I.snd Title Bld»,; 
opDrfrtinf office, Sth & Dauphiit Sts. 
(Leasee and opeiaUs Uiudd Trac. Co. 
aBdaUitBundorlyingprapertieB, Oner- 
ales Chester A FhOadelphia Ry. Co.) 

Chmn- Exec, Comm. A. Pres. 

ThomaB E. Mitten Philadelphia 

V. Pres. R. B. Hamilton 

V. Prea. (in charge Welfare & Pub. 
Rel,)H. O.Ti3ley 

Seo.F. B. ElUs...^ 

Compt, W. C. Dunbar! '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 

18 Willow Grove Pari 

■7S— Trenton, Bristol & PlUladctohla 

St. Br- Co.— Office, 204 RadcIiSe 

St.. Bristol. (Connects Phila, Brisliol. 
Tullytowa. Morriavillc. Brideewata. 

etoek Eio. faldg., Philade^ihii 
Gen.MEr.AFur.Agl. M.J.Hill, Bnalol 

Fgt. Agl, Alf. DuBoiae " 

M. M., Jam™ Cochrane ■ 

... ^ E. W.E, 

17.67 miles: S-2K g: 15 motor and S 

STt— The American KallHay 

—Office. 1321 Walnut St. (C 
Bridgeton / "■ ■" 


Tranap. G. 
of Time Ti 


ieorgeB. Te 


Fur. Agt. W. L. MaisB " 

Mgr. Willow Grove Park. 

3.R.Dayiea ' 

POWER 8TAS. EQUIP. 13th A Mt. 

Veraon 8ts. Phila.— 5 d. «. W»tg. tot. 

TGDO kn; 11,250 hp, e. Weth; 2 G. £. 



a. c.O.E, ^ 

—1 d. e. G. E, SCO k». S75 v: 6 a.o. 
Westg. tot. 9000 kw. 3 ph. 25 eye; 2 a. c 

p. tucb. De Laial. This plant is I 
.ghting, beatiTig and oompreBaed air. 

ride, Mont. 

.; 313 Sansom St.; Alliioa and Market 

„_, of N. J., „ 

Springfield Ry. Co., Springfield. O. 

i^ople'BRy.Co.iDaytor "^ ■ '" " 


-. - . . Alt^onaA 

, Chicago A'joilet Eleci'Ry. Co.' 
lich coDlroIs ChioaEo A DeaplaioM 
ley Eleo. Ry. Co., Joilet, 111.); Ohio 
iey Eleo. By., Huntington. W. Va,; 
nanha Valley Trao. Co., Charleston. 
Va.; Home Elec. Lt. A SCm. Htg. 
.. Tyrone, Pa.; Scranton Ry. (30.. 

(W. Va.);Ironton Eleo. Co., IroBtoa 
(Ohio); Monmouth Lie. Co.. Reyport 
(N. J.l; Cape May Lt. APwr.Co.,'^— 
-- ■<N,J. ' "-— ^-- •■ 

/ <N,JJ: Po. 
.Port Huron'S 

Roanoke (Va.) Ry. A Elec. CD.),Jenev 
Central Trac. Co. and Wtlmingtoa 
(Del.) & Philadelphia Trac. Co. and 
Dellwood Park Co., Joilet (111.) {Con- 
trolled by National Ptopertiea Co.) 

■res. Van Horn Ely Fhiladelphii 

at V. Prea. John Gribbel . . . 

a V. Pres. C. L, 8. Tingley "^ " 

fee.* Treaa. Walter W.Perkins ■ 

^t .9ee .Asst .Trees .ftCompt. 
FrankJ.Pryor, Jr ■ 

last, Compt. H . D , Anderson 

Jen. Mgr. B. J. Crowley... " 

>ur, Agt.G.C. Weirick.... 

>en.Storekeeper J.A. Bemdt 

^ech. Engr. A. KuylenetJemB ' 

;:iec.Engr. P.H.Chase.... 


Corpn. — Offioe. Franklm Bank Bldg. 

LeilDaloD (Ky.) Ice Co and 

i«lonl2y.) UtmtiM Co.) 

Prea. P. M. Chandler PhiladeJphia 

V. Piei.F. W. Bacon " 

Sec. W. J. Dovine " 

TrcM. H. Williami, Jr 

Ml— HatteBBi PniiitftlCB Co.— Gen 
Office, S34 Market St., Wilmin^lon 
Del. (ControlA throiuFh ownerehip of 
BtookCbenerCounlyLt.APwr.Co of 
Penii.,NewCHtleCountyEkt.CD ot 
Delnware sod The American Rye Co 
of Philsdelptiia.) 
Pies. Van Horn Ely, 

WitherBpDoD Bldg.. Philadelphia 

CommonireBtth BLdg.. Pittsburgh 
Sec. A Treiis. Henry P. Csrr. 

Witherapoon Bldg., Philadelphia 
Audr. H. D.AnaerBon ■ 

•SI*— Mnnlelpal Semec Co.— Of- 
fice ^iand Title Bldg. (Controls Chester 
VaUey Elac. Co. (CoaleevilLe, Pa.), 
Staunton (Vs.) Ltg. Co.. Ariingtoo 

at.) Eleo. Co.. Riverside Lt. A pWt. 
.. (Waynesboro. Va). Aleiaiidria 
(Va.) County Lta.Co.,VoungBiown(0.) 
A Suburban Ry.Co.. Citiiens'Trae.Co, 
(Oil Cite-, Pa.), Salem (O.) Ltg. Co., 
Sumter (8. C) Ltc. Co. and Valdosta 

Pree. O.B.Baker Boston.MaBs. 

V. Pra. Charles Day Philadelphia 

Sec. John E. Zimmermann. . 

Treas. W. W, Brooks. BoBlon,MBn. 

Day AZimraennann, Ino., Philadelphia 
Asat. Bee. C. A. McClure... " 

Aast. Treasrs.t J'^gJ^^f - 

WS2 — The United Gai Imnrorc- 

ment Co. — Office. Broad & Arch 3ts., 
Phila. (loteresled in the following 
electric properties: Charleston (S. C.I 
Consol. Ry. i Ltg., Counties Gas & 
eleo. Co. (Norrimown* Ardmore. Pa, I, 
FultDU County Gas A Elec. Co., 
Gloveraville, (N.Y.). Northern Indiana 
GsB & EIbc. Co., niainmond A X«tay- 
ette. Ind.). Sioui City (Iowa| Gas & 
Elec. Co. and Syraouw CN. Y.) Ltj. 

Pres. S. T. Bodine ..Philadelphia 

V. Pree. Raodil MorEui. ... ' 

2nd V. Pres.WaWon CUrk. . 

Srd V . Prss. Lewis Lillie. .. . 

4th V. Pres, W. F. Dauthirt 

5th V. Pres. Paul Thompson ' 

Sec. G. W. Curfsn • 

Treas. I. W. Morns 

Oeo. Audr. Edward Porter.. * 

Pnr. Agt, J. A. Pearson 

Mp. New Buaneas Dept. 

SaleiAit. fTj/CollinB.'.'.V, 

MSa— United National Utilities Co. 

Gen.Ofiice.A03 Market St. .Wilmington, 
Del. (Omtrole Amor. Rye. Co, and sub- 
sidiaries. National Properties Co. and 

MiddleH!! i Monmouth Elee. Lt!, Ht! 
A Pwr. Co., Monmouth Ltg, Co, and 
National Gas A Elec, Co, and subsidia- 

Piea, Van Horn Ely Philadelphia 

V. Pres. C.J. Crowley, " 

SecA Trena, Walter W.Perkins ■ 

PHIUPSBimO. 3,5So. 
•M — Centre * Clearfleld By. Co. 

—Office. Philipeburg. {Cnntrolled by 
Penn. PuhUc Seri-icc Co., whii-h in turn 
(Coaneota Philipeburg. Morriidale. 
Mwuon and Winbume.) 

Pres F T Hepburn New York N Y 

Gen Mgr Stniben C Poke Clearfield 

Sec F P Bade> 

Supt J J Barmck PhJmaburs 

Pur Agt E F Brown ClearGeld 

C h Eogr Roy Flecal Phihpsburg 

M M E Geumcks 

Rosdmaster D C Nelson ' 

Energy purchaaed (rom Penn Pubbc 
Service Co trans volt 22 000 v trolley 

Repair shops at Phjhpsburii 
Reaches Park at Morrudale 
12 miles. 4-SH (. 7 motor ai 

11,714 (1918). 
[See also No, B67.) 
•S4 — The PboeDliTllle • Tailor 
Eoigt A StraCtord Elec. By. Co.— 

Office .PhoeniiviUe . (Conns et s P b oenii- 
ville. Comer Store, WilUanis Comer and 
Valley Forge,), 
Prea., Gen, Mgr, A Pur. Agt. 

Thos, E, O'Connell PhoeniiviUe 

Sec.I.E. Miller 

Treas, V. N, Shaffer ■ 

Sunt. AM, M, 

Wm, O, Taylor VJley Forgo 

Ch, Engr. Howard W, Santord. 

815 Union 8t,, PhiladelTihia 
Eiu^rgy purchaacd from Phila, Subur- 
ban Gas A Elec, Co, 

Repair ahopa at Williama Comer, 
Reaches VaUey Park (owned), 
5,5 miles; 4-SMr; S motor and 2 other 
cars, (Will eitend to Norristown via 
Mont Clare and JefferaonviUe.) 127 

PirrsBUBG. 5Te,oBO (i9ia), 

(See also Nos, eil. 025, 045, 04S, 

950. 951, 965a and I24Ta.) 

ns — DDbnqne IncUned Plaiie Co. 

Office, laiaOrandTiewAva. (Operatoa 
incline 8(» ft. long and 400 It. high from 

Prea. F. W.' Severance Gtaaport 

V.Pres. F. B. Nimick 

Keystone BIdg., Pittsburg 
Sec. A Mp-, Kirk O. Bieham... ' 

uSi™ Rk, BIda, 
ita, equip, 60 hp. e, Mulhollaud; 
t Conley. 
, (Dable):5g;2catB, 59 

BesTW St. By. 

Co.- (Controlled by Philadelphia Co.) 
" inects Badan, Economy, Ainbridge 

i. L. Tone! 435 Qth Ave.. Pittsburg 


__.. r.B,CatBon,. 

Treaa, C. J, Braun, Jr 

Controller JD. 3. Mitchell * 

Supt, W. H. Boyoe New BrfKhlon 

Power Bta, equip, 2d. 0. Weetg. tot. +00 
kw: 300 hp. a. Rua; 300 hp. h. Stir; trol- 
ley volt. 650 v . 

Power ala. at Ambridge, 

14.00 miles: 5-2M g: cars reni«l from 
The Beaver Valley Trac, Co. .lO 

•87— ntttbnn. Man A Bntler Bf- 

Co.— Office , 124 Stanwi. St . , PitlaburR, 

(Successor to Pittsburg A Butler Ry. 

Co.) (CoDSects Pittsburg, Mare and 


Pres. David McCahiU Pitlahure 

V. Pres. Stanley Lyon • 

See. A Treaa. C. O, Martin,,. ■ 

Supt, A. S, FuUertoo Mars 

Fgt, Claim Agt. 

F. L, Zeigler, Duquenee Way. Pittsburg 

Pur. Agt. T. B, Campbell - 

M. M.. W, R. Adair Mars 

Engr. M, ol W,, A Demat * 

Power aU, equip. 4 d. e. O. E. lot, 1200 
kw; 3 a, c. turbo^gcn. West. tot. 3000 kw. 



eeoov.spL , 

Bab. A W.^ trans, volt. 22^ 
volt. 1200 V. 

2 flub^tas. (witb auto. coDt-) tot. cap. 
1000 kw; 4 rol. oonv. _ _ 

Power Bta. at Reolrew; lepair shops 
at Man. 

Rsaobes Wildwood Park, 

33.3 milBs; 6-3Mb: U "otor pass. 
2 oth« motor and fl otber cBrs. (Co. 
do«a lt«. budneH.) *5Q 

■a Pittaburg, Zul- 
i«uui.», o» r aiiB, Evaiu City . Har- 
moDv. Butler, Ellwood City sod New 
Castl* ■ 
Pret. Di 

""*"kl McCahill .Pittabui 

k Treas. C. G. Martin. 


roAgt. Pera '- 

dWintt.. .. 

Fst. Claim Ast. KcotRandolpb 
Put. Agt. JTB. '•—-•--•• 
Ch , Engr. " 

':'. M, Evi 

,beU Pittsbuie 

RepMr sbojM at Homowi 

iteaiihes Ksnnynood' and Westrin 

icka and Duqueane Garden. 

60B miles; 5-2H g; 1.348 mo. aol 

Ma— St. Clair IhcUdmI Plane Co.— i 

2221 Salisbury St.— (Opetatea an in- 
cline plane Iiom Josepbiae St. u 

Geo. LaDE...23D7 Eccles St. FittaboiE 
'. Pres. 
G. B. Blood ...IStb & Careon Sts " 

'"'■1S5'fc"^t.,8t.ClairBoro. ' 

Salisbury' & Sterling Su. ' 

Compt. C. 8. Mitchell 

6. A. Fagan. 


8. L. Tone 

Audr. J.A.Maade... 

Ch. Engr. F. Uhlenhaut. Jr. 
Engr.M.otW. J.M.Lamed . 
A«t.EnD.N.of W .0 .W.Emc' 
M. M-TTno. ■ - 

., J. C. Keoni 

Energy purehaaed J 
ioiley'™t. bM-im ^ 
°ta,X)6 k 

33.200 kw. 2 

ig St.', 16lh Ward. 

O. Kottner, 

Ch. Engr.~JoBepE E 

iray purchased from Duquesne It. 
Co,; 1 mo. West. 150 hp. 440 v. 3 

Lches Arlington Park City. 

II— nest Penn Rys. Co.— Office, 
Benedura-TrceaBldg., 221 4th Ave.. 
Fittahurgh. (Formed by merger. Mb 
23, 1B17, of the following BrowuBViUt 
St. By. Co.. Greeosburg & Southfrn 
Eleo. 81. Hy. Co., Latrobe-Hocla Si. 
By. Co., Latrobe St. Hy. Co^ Mason- 
town-Morgan town St. Ry. Co., Mc- 
KeesportAIrwinRy. Co., Pittaburgb, 
MoKecsport * Coanellflville Ry. Cn ■ 

,d Whit* Eleo. Trac. Co. O™. 
and operates, in name of West Pemi 
Rye. Co., under lease, Kittanning 4 
Leechburg Rys. Co., Oakdale & Slt- 
Donald St. Ry. Co. and PiclBburnh 4 
Allegheny Valley Trac. Co. Owns 
Allegheny VaUey St. Ry. Co., Steu- 
■'■!Ry.Co.,TheP — '■-=■>— "- 

by West Penn fmc. 
.. nhich in turn is dos- 
canWtr. Wks.ft ElM. 

Trafford. Cayitt 

Mclieeaport; McI 
McKeeaport, Versai 
Park, Mt, Vernon 

], Long Run, 



Oskford Park. Greenaburg, Hu 

deovillo. Youngwood, New 

Hunker, Ruftadale. Tarre. Scotldab; 

,_,,c^uD.jui#., ,......^,. ^...^naburg, Younj. 

wood, Armhruat, Heoln: HecU. Calumet, 
Mammoth, United, Trauger, Pleassol 
Dnity, Whitney, Hosleltsr, Bagraley, 
YouDRStowD, KiDgalon. Latrobe; Herll, 
Standard, Mt. Plcasaat: Mt. Pleaaant, 
Morewood, Acme. Central Tarrg; Mt. 

PleaBuitp Bridgtipoit, Humudnd-villB, 
Iron Bridge, Ho. ScottilsLe, Swedetown, 
SciottdBls; Bcottdale. Meadow Milia; 
Soottd&le, EvecBon, PennflViUfl, Muipbys 
Siding, Mover, Coalbrook. CDimellsviUe; 
Comieilaviile, So. CDonelleville: ConnellB- 
ville. Power House, Dunbar, FerguBon, 
Mt. Bnddoek, Bhftdy Grove Park, 
Youn^town, Lemoat, UaiDJttown; CoQ- 

No. 1, ' Nellie ."vanderbil't, LilS^ 
IMokerBDH Riia, Dswhod; Leiaenriii^ No, 
X, LeifleDring No, 3, Juniata, Elm 
Grove, Bitner, Vancea Mille, Pbillipe. 
Oliver, Cnionlown; Uniontown, Leitb, 
Hopwood, Browufield, Oliphuit. Fair- 
chsnoe; Cnioutown. CoDlineutal, Bevsre, 
FoDtdale, Browneville Junction; Browns- 
ville Junction, Lambert, McClelluid- 
towc, Lsokrone, Maeontown, Greys 
Laading, Mon Vue, Martin: Brownsville 
Junetion, New Saiem. Fairbanks, Filbert, 
Orient, Republio. Merrittelown.Allbau, 
Tbomtown, BrowoBville. 


leeohburg, Hyde Park Ferry, Ni 
derETift, Alliion Park. Apollo. 


Cowansbannock, Kittanning, Garreti 
Run, MaDorville, Ford City, RosBton 
Lenape Pork. 


Oakdale, Nobleetown, StuTEeon, Mo- 
Prea. A. M. Lynn Pitlaburg 

Vice (Williaton FSih ■ 

Preate.iSec. Raymond B.KeaUng * 

Treaa. C. C. MoBride - 

Audr. M. W. Glover 

Asm. See. 

W. K. Dunbar New York, N. Y. 

Gen. Mn. of Opr., 

H. L.Milobell Pittsburg 

Claim Agt. T. B. Donnelly ■ 

Pur. Agt. W, E. Higgina • 

Ch. EngT. RoadwayA 

fitructurre, J. L, Fritsob..... ■ 
Bupt. Equip. Dan'l Durie. Coimellavllle 
Gen Bupt. Terr. "A", 

Dan'l.DuriB ■ 

Gen. Supt, Terr. "B", 

H. A. Dunn Pitlaburf 

Stmt. Track ft Roadway, 

P. A . Meyer Connellaville 

Bupt*. IW, M. Rogera ■ 
Ovbd.Conatr,lM.M.,srj.Witt ' 

Power Bts. at CoQnelleville leased to 
WestPenn.PowerCo. trolley volt. 000 v. 

lUlNUr shope st Counellsville , Greens- 
burs, Latrobe, McEeeeport, GarretlB 
Hun and Leechburg. 

OwDB Olympia and Oakford Parke; 
cmtrolfl Leaepe and Allison Parks and 
reaches Shady Grove Park. 

Total track mileage operated, 204.76: 
6-2H a; and 10.33; 4-SH i: owned or 
Dontroned, 280.33; E-2H g and S2«2; 
4-g>j g; toUi care opcralca, lOT cbeed 
mo. pees.; 60 open mo. paw.; 3 tratlere; 
Sfxp.anii fgt. mo-; II work and line mo.; 

owned or oontrolli^ , 23fic]oBad mo. pass., 
7S open mo. pass.. 23 trailers, 7 eip. and 
fgt. mo., 24 work and Hue mo.. B mo. 

■M— WmUnoreUnd County Uj. Co. 
—Office, 1237 OUver Bids., Htta- 
bnrgh. (Connecle Latrobe and Derry). 
Pra, John E.Potter 

Potler Title * Trust Co, , Pittsburgh 
lit V. Pres, F. Wm. Rudel 

Iron AOlsee Dollar Bk. 
ZdV. Pres. J. A. McComb 

People's Nat'l Bk . , Latrobe 
Beo„ TreM. A Gen. Mgr., 

Harry S. Calvert Pittaburg 

Bupt. A Pur. Agt. S.F.Bohwerdl, Dorry 

urchaaed horn West Penn. 

i: 5-2 g 

St. »y. 

—Office, Third Ave. and Ross St. 
Pltlaburgh. (Connecla Woodlawn and 

I'rcB.B.S^ Jones, Jr Pitubargh 

latV. Pros, W. Larimer Jones. 

JdV. Prea. A. B. Shepherd... " 

3ec, & Treaa. W. C. Moreland. 

*fst.Set.,Aaat.Treaa .±Pur. Ait . 
JohnL. Moore 

3upl. J. H. Osno Woodlawn 

Ch. Engr. D. L. Mekcel Pitlaburgh 

I- ^?^^E>'P'^'"'^^''**<l'''C"i'lonee& Laugh- 
Repair shops at Woodlawn. 


- rhlladelpma Co. - 

Ry.) (Owns Duquenae Lt.Co.snd con^ 
trolfl several other ligbting aompanies 
in and about Pittsburg.) fThe tFnit*d 

of''the"o™BWnding ec''mmon1tock'l' '^' 
Chrmn. Bd., 

James D.Callery, 435 6th Ave.Kttaburg 
Pres.A.W.Thompaon ■ 
Sec .W.B .Canon. • 

Aast, f A.W.Blflvenson ■ 
SecB.J E, W. 

; Waahahaugb ■ 
Treas.C.J.Braun.Jr. • 

J.'W?\fii^y.. • 


C.S. Mitchell.. ■ 

Oen. Mgr., 

GarroTI Millar.. 

■H. Heed, Jr. ■ 


•M— W*st Pann Tnw. ft Wtr. Pwt. 

Co.— Bencdura-Treaa Bldg., 221 4th 
Ave, Pittsburg. IControla West 
Penn Rys. Co. and in turn is oontrolled 
by American Wtr. Wka.*Electric Co.) 

ree. A. M. Lynn Pittsburg 

V. (Williattio Fish • 

PrestB.lSec. Raymond B. Keating • 

Treas. C. C. McBride 

[Trcas. C.C. McBride • 
Sees W.D.Dunbar, 

I New York, N. Y. 

Audr. M. W. Glovor PitlsburR 


POTT8TOWN. I6,TW (1916). 
(See also No. 901.) 

MT— rittstown ft Pbocnlivllle By- 
Co.— Office, Harriaoa BUg., Phila- 
delphia, acases PottstownTaaeenger 
Ry. Co.. Pottstown & Beading St. Hy. 
Co. and Montgomery & Cheater Eloc. 
Ry. Co.) (Operates in Stflwe, Potts- 

i. Linfield, Spring City 

k Bldg., Philadelphia 

■ -Agt. ^ 

Umbo . . . Spriqg City 


Ch. Eagr. W. C. Mskhi Upon* 

Eocr. Pwc.Sta. 
C^aa^ Laoc .PunzAdUwiit 

EdET. OierheBd Conaa. 

Chae. Sprankle 

Power at«. equip. 5 d, c. Ri<Ue. lol 
1200 liw; leOO hp. e. Ridg: 1350 bp. t 
M.'adviUc; twlley volt. 550 T. 

Power eU. at Flarenoe S<Aaol Hoiw 
Rathmfil Jot.; reapir ohopfl At RailrtHd 
St . .Panxnttawney , JwAioa 6t. , B^moUi- 

ReaahesJcfFeraan.Highluid and Alalia 

36 mike; 4-8H b: H ok 
and 2 exp. St let- mo. cprs- 

BBADING. 10S,3S1 (I 
(SeesligNo. SBl.) 

IMI— Ht. PenD. Gnvltr R. K. Ci- 

—Office, Reading. (Connects Mi»- 
eral Sprines Park, The Tower, and op- 
erates on Mt. Ponn.) 
Pras. & Gen. Met. James Rirk, Resdine 

V.Pres. E.G. Nolan 

See. & Treaa. Frank S. Livingood 

Sunt. Jaoot. F. Seiuel 

REneheB and owns "The Tower. 

8 miles (approi.);4-SH g. Ovt 

trolley and gravity. (Opetates In etim- 
mer only.) iri» 

■MS— NeTcnlBkMtD.Xr- Oo-— OIG«. 

12 So. 5th St.. Reading. (Eitendi 
from »th & Pi>nn Sta.. south ooOtliSt., 
and ninds nround NeTersinkMouDlaio. 
(Controlled throuah stock owaer^tui 
by Reading Tran^t** Lt. Co.) 

Free. E.L. West New York. N.V. 


V T>™„.. J ■ Thomas Cheyne, Roadini 

V. "'tefMljojephB.Taylor 
rWilluun Roberta 

a-c C N ViIbob 

Asst See A Aaat Tress 
J H Bucher 

Atiit E R Rue 

Gen Mgr J ^ Avery 

Div Supt J P Coalollo 

ClsmiAgt R D Jones 

m"m!h E Aldnch 

eSSI Ovh°d Constr T eTi 

Fn'^nij purchased from I 
Ed^wn f o 

Repair shops at 0th A Bmgamui BU. 

- -" les 4Shg ~ ■ 

Supt.HanyF, Swinehart Pottetown 

Ch. Engr. Ralph Shaner 

Elocl. Engr, & M. M. 

Power stft.equip.l d.o.Westg.SSO kw; 
405 hp. e. Bdl: Uaua. i troIlH' volt. 
560 v.; energy aba purohaaed from 
Phila. & Suburban Gas b Elee. Co. and 
Srhuylfcill Valley lUg, Co. 

Power Bta. at Pottatown; repaJr 
BhopB at Potletown, Spring City and 

a mi1ea°4-8H'K: 33 cars. "co. selb 

POTTSTILLE. 22.372 (1916). 

t>8— Eaatcro PennBylranla Bya. Ce. 

—Office, PottBville,— (Owns and oper- 
ates the Potbrville Union Trac Co • 
Pottevnie * Reading Ry Co Schujl 
kill. HBvenAQr»igabui«St Ry Co 
Schuylkill Elcc Rv Co Coal Casllp 
Elec. Ry Co The Pott Carbon & 
Middleport Elcc Ry Co Tamaquaft 
Pottsvilie Elec R R Co and PntM- 
vitte*St Clair E!ec Ry Co) (Con 
necta PoUaville ^Bchuy^iiU JlaTcn 


n Carbi 


i Middleport Tama 

Hdi' N'c'^u^honmg "°Mauch Chnnk 
and East Mauch Chunk ) 
Prea. J. U.Pardee 

43 Eichange PI New York N Y 
IJoaeph K. Choate 
V. Prests.l 43 Eichange PI,, 
(R. Walter I-Hgh 
I .'■.2 William St. 
Sec.* Aait.Treas.T.W. Moffat, 

63 EiGhange PI., * 
Treas AAaat Sec 

\i»t Sec AAaet Tresa 

L i Reinhardt Pottavllle 

Gen Mgr C A Hall 
(Jperatiiu! Mgrs 

J G White Management Corpo 
43 Exchange PI Nen^ork N \ 
Sunt of Rya 

Aaat Supt ol ^n C E Fi<e ' 

(IsimAgt J A Mower 
Met EI?c Dept H I Freeman 
( h Engr Pwr SU L M Mather 
\I M N M Lenla 

Power sta equip 2dc Walker tot TOO 
kn VlOv 4a c Allia-T G E tot R200 
kw 23O0 V 3 pb eo cys 054M hp e Weth 
Frick Alhs C 4135 hp b Bab It Vi 

Owns Manila Grove and Tumbhng Rui 

70 miles; 4-8H g; &i cars. (Controls a] 
tg. buBincsE in PotWville and vlcinit: 
hrouEh the Eaatern Pennsylvania Lt 

PlTaXSLTAWNEY. 10.511. 

MS— Jeffenan Trwtlon Co.— Office, 
218 N. Findley St. (Controls Mahoning 
ValleySt.R. R. Co.) (ConnecU Puni- 
autawney. Adrian. Anita. Florence, 
Eleanora, Wishaw, Reynoldaville. 
Rathmel, Soldier and Sykesvilte.) 

PrcH. E. F. Kirion Towanda 

V. Pres. D. H. Clark. . . . PunnuCawney 

Sec.B. M.Clark 

Jaa, B, Phelan .,, 

Audr. J. K. Newall Towanda 

Gen. Supt. 
Westlcy E. Williams , . Punnsutawnev 


3Dth.i c 


lots— Oler Villey By Ca — , _ 

So 5th St Heading (Connecta Read- 
ing Frii^i-nsbure and Bovcrtowo.) 

by Readinir Tran^t & Lt. Co.) 

Pree. E. L, West New York, N. Y. 


\ Thomas Chayne ■ 
V. Frosts. -^ Joseph B. Tavlor 
) 50 Pine St. 
( William Roberta ■ 

Sec, C. N. Wilson " 

Asst, Sec. & Aaat. Treaa. 

J.H. Buchet Readine 

Audr, E, R, King 

Gen.Mgr. J. S.Avery 


J. P. Coslello 

Claim Agt. R. D. Jooea ' 

Pur, Agt. E.W.Watson 

M. M^.E. Aldrieh ■ 

Engr. M. of W, 

Energy purch 

ReadmT ' "^ ' 

Kcachea and oicns Friedensbarg PtA. 
ItM miles; 6-2H g; B motor imb. 

E, H- Warner, . * 


ascd from Melropolilji 


1 the Reading Tranilt Cd. 

wns Oley Valley Ry , Co . , 
n . Ry . Co . »nd Metropol- 
"n 8opt.. 1917, the 

d Traction Co. ((ora 

Co.. Eas 



ulLneElef^. .._ , 

orn^oclEler. Ity. Co., 
□iruBUDCD 31. Ry. Co., The Reading & 
Temple Elec. By. Co., The Ileading 6. 
PotlBtownRy.Co,, Front* 5th at. Ky. 
Co. andA<UmBlowiiAMohT«vi[leElcc:. 
Ry. Co., KB8 merged.) (Operates in 
eountiea of Lebanon. Berks. Lancaaler. 

CoDtrola pntjre electric liffhring and 
power boeJneHB of Readine and I,euanon 
and haa an eleotric urbau and inlerur- 
ban railway in Reading, Dirdaboro, 
Pottstown . NorrisIowD .ConsbohockcD, 

nectioQ ie made vith Philadelphia 
(Cheatnut Hill). AUenlflwn, Laneaater 
aadHarheburg.) (Under nianage men! 

Inc., and controlled by The Eastern 
Pwr. & Lt. Corpn.) 

Prea. E.L.West NewYork. N, Y. 

fJoaephB, Taylor 

M Pine SC. 

V Prtsts ' NewYork.N.Y. 

I t"o8- Owyae " 

Seo.C. N. WUaon 

Audr. E. R. King Heading 

Aast. Sec. & Asat. Treas. 

J. H. Bucher 

Gen. Mgr. J, S. Avery 

„ , IG. W. Magill NorrlatoH-n 

Supt^-iw. J, HaSlaWer Lebanon 

Gen. Fat. Agt. J. A. Coitelki. .Reading 

Claim Xgt. R. D.Jones 

Pur. Ait. E. Wateon • 

V) M. TH. E. Aldricb 

^'■f^'-\J. W. Gordon Norrialown 

Engr. M. of W. E, H. Werner. , . 
en_gr.Ovhd, Constr. J. E. Eyler. 

Energy purrhased oC Metropolitan 
Edbon Co. 

Repair shops at Reading. Norrlatovn 

mo. and 4S other ears. «09 

SCKANTON. 146,811 (1910). 

IMC— iM^wwanna & Wyamlni Tal- 
ler B. B. Co. (Laurel Line|.— 
Office. Terminal Sta., Scranton, Pa. 
(Formed bv merger of the old Lacka- 
wanna t Wyoming Valley K. R. Co. 
and SrranUm & ^^ortheaatern R. R., 
Central Valley R. K. and Wilkes-Barre 
R. R, Co.) (Ritendi from Borough of 
Dunmon lu Wllkea-Barre via Scranton 
and PitWton) (Controlled by Scranlon 
& Wilket-Barre Trac. Coron.) 
Cbmn. Eieo. Com., Frank R. Ford. 

118 Broadww, New York, N. Y. 

Pres. Wm. C. Sproul. Cheater 

V. Prea. Gen. \Igr. & Pur. Agt. 

P. J. Murphy Scranton 

Sm. B. C. Stivers. 

116 Broadway, New York. N. Y. 
Treaa. F. W. Potla..,. 

Audr. W.E, Pearson Stranton 

Supt, Tranapt. J. H. Murray. .. ' 
Claim Af t. J, J. Heonigan^ . . . . 
Q«ii.Fct.APiWB.A(t.W.L.Cairna * 
Cb.EiigrJ'wi.Sta.Gea.'W.Esalinger * 

M,M., M.F. FlatlCT ScraotOQ 

Roadmaster, R. P. Kearney . . 
Powcrsta,equlp.2a,c. Weal. tot. 2500 

G.E. tot.SSOOkw. 3ph.2Soyaf2800h'p! 
b. Bab. A W,; trans, volt. 22,000 v; 
troUeyvolt. 8S0v. 
Poner alstion and repair ahopa at 

Controls Valley View Park. Heaohea 
Rocky Glen and Luna Park . 

SO miles; 4-8W g: 30 paaa., 63 fgt., with- 
out motor, and 5 tgt. motor cara; 2 eleo. 
Iowa. lis 

1N7— ScfanUin * BlnclwnitoD B. B. 

€^—227 Wyoming Ave., Scranton. 

(ControhiSc ranton£ Bingham ton Trar. 

Co., The Northern Electric St. Ry. Co. 

and Binghamton Ry. Co.) (Eiteniia 

from City Line. Scranlon, to Clarks 

Summit, Gtcnbum. Waverly. Dalton, 

Brooksido, La Plume, Factoryville. 

Nicholson, Foster. Brooklyn. Montrose 

and Lake WinoLa. Cars operate from 

City Line to Scranton over Scranton k 

Binghamton Trac. Co'e. tracks.) 

Receii-era l^' ^- ^^y Scranton 

Kecen-era.jc jf Qg^^^ • 

Prea, A.J. Connell 

V.Pres, F,W,Wollerton 

Sec, ATreaa, F.W, Ogden 

Audr. Jas, J. Moffat , 

Gen. Mgr. R. W. Day 

Con. Supt,. Pur. Agt. & Elcc. 

En*r. H. L. Koehler 

Supt?rrftnap. J. C. Meiiel .,■.,. 

CI, Agt. F.M.Francis 

Cb. Engr. T. C. Dougherty. ... 

Ch. Engr .Pwr Sta. Wm. Watkins, Dalion 


Roadmaster. H. Wiltfoot. . . . , - 

Power sla . equip . 4 a.c. West. tol. 40.50 
kw.370v. 3ph. Mcya: lOOOhn, e. (atm.) 
Ham. Cor; 2000 hp, b. Frank-Hoinc; 3210 
kw. (sUn.) turb. West: trans, volt. 66,000 
16500 v; trolley volt, 62S v. 

Reaches Northern Electric Park and 
Lake Winola (owned), 

50 milea; 4-8H s; 30 motor and 5 
other cars. (Eitenalon, from Montrose 
to Binrhamton, N. Y., under construe 
tion.) (Furnishes energy for lighting.) .vi*- 

IM8— The Scnnton & Blnslianiton 
Ttm. Co., Lessee The T^orthern 
Electric St. Ry. Co.— Office. 227 Wyo- 
ming Ave,. Scranton. (On March I, 
1914, by agreement between the Scrjn- 
ton A Binghamton Trac, Co .and Scran- 
ton & Blnaiamton R. H.Co., the latl.T 

City 'Li^c''to''F^St'iin"^^u^in.l 
from Providence Square to 227 Wyo- 
ming Ave. Tracks between the last 
named pointa are owned by Scranton 
Ky. Co.. but by agreement the Scran- 
ton A Binghamton Trac. Co. havp 
right to use same.) (Controlled by 
Scranlon A Binghamlon R, R, Co.) 

Pros. A.J. Conneff .Srrant.iii 

V, Prea, . Gen. Supt, . Pur. Agt. A 

Ebc. Engr, R. L, Koehler, , 


Audr. James J. Moffat 

Gen, Mgr, Sieh. W. Day " 

Claim Agt.F. M, Fraims 

Supt, Transp, J. C, Meiicll. , , , ■ 
Ch. Eagr. T. C. Dougherty. ... 
4.5 miles; 4-8M g; no ears or equipment 

II By. Co.— Offieei 

^rspoon. Bldg.. Phils. 

been connolidsled.) (Controlled by 
Uie American BailwayB Co., Fhlladel- 

Pna. Vuf Hdid Ely Philadslphia 

V p™«» J Henry J. Crowley 

Sec. &Treii8. Walter WT Perkins " 
Compt. AK^t. Sec. & Tceng. 

Frank J.Pryor, Jr 

Gen. Met. W. E. Boileau Scrsntuu 

Supt.Tranap. P. T.Reilly 

Claim Agt. 8. Dyer ■ 

Pur. Agt. O.C.Weirick... Philadelphia 
Ch^Engr.Pwr.Sta.E.A.Wildt ..Sorsntoil 

M. M. Jno. Dully • 

Roadroaflter, Joe. J. Beaudrenu . . * 
Engr. M. or W.H.N. Dartl... 
Engr. Ovhd. Conatr. A.J.Conlon * 

Energy purchased From ScrsntoD Elec. 
Co., trStlfS-.olt. 550v. 

loi^Vm^ei!: 4-sA''g;"l'75 motor and 
2S other cars. A59 

1«1»— Keyitaae UtllltleB Ci>.~<Jn- 
eorpointedinNov.. igia.andhasUken 
over the followics oompaniea operated 

, by Uniiml Service Co.: Hanover & 
McShonyitown St. Ky. Co., Hanover 
Lt,. Ht, *Pwr. Co., Gettysburg Elec- 
tric Co.. Du Bois Else. Co., and Du 
Boia Traction Co., Du Bob, and SuS' 
quohaona County Lt. & Pwr, Co.) 

Pros. F. J. PUtt Soranton 



""soi 5th A^Vew York, N. Y. 

tail— Sersntaii & BlDgbamhin By. 

Co.— SlSTraderiNationalBankBuild' 
ing. iControla through ownership of 

hnmton R. R. Co. which controls t£ 
Scranton & Binghamton Trac. Co. and 

PreBTR. W. Day Scranton 

V. Pre».*Chmn.Bd. 

Mortimar B. Fuller , 

Sec. M, W. O'Boyle Pittoton 

Treaa. E. J.Lynett ..Scranton 

Aast. Sec. « Ant .Treas. 
F. W, Ogden 


Wyoming Valley R. R. Co.) 
Cbmn. Eiec. Comm., Frank E. Ford, 

lis Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

PreB. Wm.C.SprouI Chester 

V. Pre«. 

Walter H, l4Ppinoott. . .Philadelphia 
Bee. B. C. Btivers, 

115 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

East Penns. Gas & Elec. Co., BrU 
Pa.; JeRereon Elec. Co., Punisutew 
and ReynoMeville. Pa.; Warren |] 
Lt.A Pwr. Co. and Wabash (Ind.)* 
A Lt. Co.: aleo operates Hanover II 
Lt.Ht.A Pwr. Co.; Hanover* McS 
nrtown St. Ry. Co. (Hanover. F 

Prc«. Thos. R. Brooks, , Scrmntoo 

Beo. Treas. & Gen. Mgr". 


Andr. F. Hflinboket 

Ch. Engr. G. L. Bascome * 

SHAHOfON. Z1,12S (1910). 
(SeealsoNo. 062.) 

1011— Shamoliln A EdcewoMl B*c. 

Br- Co.— Office. Dime Bank Bid* 
(Connects Bhamokin & Weigh Scales. 

Pres. &Gen. Mgr. 
SaraW. Kulp Shamokio 

V. Pros. Wm, C. McCennell, . . 

9ec.,Treas. APur. Agt. 

Audr, C.G.Graaber! !.'!'!,' I ; 
Supt. Frank Lugar 

Energy purchased from Petuuylvanii 
L«. Co. 

Repair shop at Bhamokin . 

Controls Edgewood Park. 

15 milest 4-iT^ g; 22 cars. I 

SHAKON. lS,eie (10 IS). 

lOlS— JohiutoHn & Someraet Br. 

—Office, 12 No. Main Cross St., (PX> 

town, Da'vidsviUe. Holsopple, Jenm«. 
BosweU, Jenners, Acosta, Coal Jqnr- 

Pres. John A. Be'rkey '. . . .Somervtl 

Beo. A. Kent Millet 

Treas. John G. Emert " 

Bupt. A Ch. Eng. Xr. B. Houck. . 
Elec. Engr. W, H. Shavsr. Stoyeatowi 
Energy purchased from Penn Elec. Bei- 
vice Co; trans, volt. 13,000 v; trolley volt. 

8ub-staa. at Holsopple and Sorribrset. 

12 miles operaled: 4-8M g: 1 mo. ai. 

(2t milee under construction.) 59 

SOUTH BBTHLFHBM. 20.201 (1016). 
lOlC— So. BethlelicDi * Sbdcod St. 

By. Co.— Office. 26 Mechaaio St. 
(ConnerlB Bo. Bethlehem (Univeratv 
Heights), SeidcrsviUe. Cotesville. FW- 
densville. Centre Valley and Phihidel- 
phia via Lebich Valley Transit System.) 

Pres.Chas.P.HoRman.Soutli Bethlehem 


Geo. Mcr., Claim, iPiir. Agt." 

HughE.CriUy Allentown 

Audr, M. M.Cannon • 

M. M„ J. M. Cannon, 

Uoiveraity Beights, South Bethlebem 

Eneniy purchased (rom Allentown 
Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; trolley volt. 
575-600 V. 

Repair obop at Dniversity Hnghta, Be. 

Rencbes park at University Helghu 

T miles; 4-8H g: S motor pus. and 
2otherCBrs. Ilj 

DuBoistPa.lElec.ATrae.Co. (wl 
owns Du Bois Trac. Co. and Du 1 
ronsumera Wtr. Co., Montrose, I 

I 101 T — StrondsbDTB TracHoa Co.— 

OfQce. IS Norih 7th St. (Leasts and 
operates the Slroudsbur^ass. By .Co. 


And tha Stroudaburg, Water Qilp &' 
PoitlsDd Ry. Co. Connects Stiouda- 
burg, E. Stroudaburg, Water Oi.p sad 
Portland. Pbyaieal rooneotiuD bo- 

StroudsburK. ComplKts tr&rk connec- 

crogging. from the D. L, A W, S, R, 

681I1 4 Ma'rket'ats^Philo" ' "'*' 
PrcH. k G™. Mar. A Supt. 

Treaa, H. E. Sweeney " 

M. M., Frank Adame 

EoPtKv purchased from Btroudaburg 
Kloc.I.t. A Pwr. Co.: trolley volt, 650 V. 

Repair shop at Stroudaburg. 

Bpaches one park owned. 

13.S miles; 4-8H V '^ VW- motor oan. 
1 other motor and 1 other car. tlS 

SIMBUKT. 16,260 |iei6)' 

ISIS — Sunburrft'SUNqiulianiisKy. — 

Offict, Market Sq.. Sunbury. lA con- 

Bolidatioa of Lewiaburg & Milton Ry. 

St'.Ry. Co"" "''' ""«™ « 

i,„™i„„„/Fred'li 8, Byrod. ..Sunbury 
"^"""'"iGeB.Mgr. C.H. Grant, North'd 

Pree.Wm. H.Greenough " 

Sec W. H. Bloom Williomaport 

I'reaB. Boyd A, Mussei Soranton 

Audi. G. A. Rhoads...Shsmokis Dam 
Ensr, Ovbd. Cddb. Dan Daily. Sunbury 

Foner atn. equip. 2 d. c. (belt driven) 
West, tot. SOOliw.; 205 hp. e, Putnam; 
240 hp. b. Futoam; trans, volt. GTS v; 
trolley volt. 575 v. 

Power eta. and repair ahop at Polling 

Owna Railing GreeD Park. 

fl.2 miUe: 4-SH e: IS motor pass., 1 
trsjl pa». and 19 other cara. A-Sfi 

TAHAQUA. 10,S40 (1016). 

(See No. 098.) 



taZI^Tarentnm. BTmclHnrldec A 
BaUer St. Sf. Co.—Offico, Corbet 
St., Tarentum. (ConnetM Tatentum, 
Brackenridge. Natrona Heights and 

Prea. McKinsCry Griffith ...Tarentum 

V.Frea. AGan. Mgr. 

John McGinley 

Sw.ATreaa.J.M. Griffith. . 

Gen. Supt.. Claim, Fet.. Pass. & 
Pur.Agt.& Ch.Engr .R.H.Boyd ' 
Energy purchased from Penna. Salt 

Mfi. CS.; trolley volt. S60 v. 
Repair shop at Brackenridge. miles; fi-2!4 x: 6 motor care. 59 

TITllSVILLE. 8,713. 

1*n— litnsrllle ft Cambridge B. 
R. fki. (Succeaaor to the Erie & Cen- 
tral Pennsvlvania Ry. Co.| (Will con- 
nect Tituaville,Hydetown.Tyronville. 
l.ittl" Cooley and Cambridge Sptin.H.) 

Ptel. Wm. H. Bonyge, 

170 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Treu.Terence J.McManua * 

36 milcH. (lender conitruction.) GO 

■•33— TltnaTllle TrMHon Co.— Of- 
fice, ISO E. Diamond St., TituBville. 
(Connecta Pleasantvllle. Fieldraore 
Springs, TituavillB, Hydetown and 
Pres, Frederick W. Garven. 

WCedarSt., New York, N.Y. 

V. Fees. Geo. H. Dunham Warren 

Sec. & Treaa. Harry h. Moor". 

Marine Bk. Bldg.,Erie 
ADdr. Cbarlea L. Beck, 

1 Modiaon Ave.. New YoA, N. Y. 

Energy purchased from Tituaville Lt. * 
Pwr. Co. 

Owns Mystie Park and leases Field- 
more Park. 

16.71 milfs; 4-S>4 g; 10 motor and 8 


ISee No. 1040.) 

TTBONE. 7.176. 

(See No. 895.) 

UNIONTOWN. 20,780 <IS16). 

<8ee also No. 991.) 

ie«4— Falrchance & Smlthfleld Trsc. 

S mUes; 5-2H e: 3 cars. 50 


I & Llanereh St. By. 

Co.— Office. Uppei Darby. .(Con- 
nects Llanerch and Ardmore.) (Leased 
to Philadelphia & West Cheater Trae. 

s. H, Hayes Aikena. 
Commercial Trust BIdg. , " 
Trcas. C. L, Rihl. .Upper Darb: 

IKS— Pblladclplila & Oarrettrard St. 

Br- Co.— Office, Upper Darby. Del. 
Co. (Extends from 69lh St.. Phila- 
delphia, through Upper Darby, Media. 
Dreiel Hill. Garrettford. Clifton, Al- 
dan to Psrker Ave,, ColUnadale to 
Sharon Bill.) (Leased to Phifadelphia 
A West Chester Trae. Co.) 
Ptes, Robt. L. Morgan. . . .Philadelpliia 
Seo.A Treaa. E. F. Meyers, Upper Darhy 
17.77 nulea;S-2>^g; lOcars. US 

un— Philadelphia & nest Cheater 
Traction Co.— Offices. Upper Darbv. 
(Controls through stock owneiahip 
Philadelphia A Weal Chester Turnpike 
Road Co. and Philadelphia, Caatle 
Rock A West Chester Ry. Co.; leases 
Ardmore & Llanerch St. Ry. Co. and 
Phila. A Garretford St. Ry, Co.) (Ex- 
tends from 03rd A Market Sts,. Phils., 
to Westchester.) 

Pies. A, Merritt Taylor 

610 Commercial Tnist BIdg,. 


V.Pres. H.Hayes Aikens 

CIO Commercial Trust Bldg.. " 

Sep. A Treaa. C. L. Rihl. . Upper Darby 

Aurtr. E. F. Meyers 

Supt. of Transp. J. T. Brosius • 

Supt. Pwr. A Equip. 

Special Agt.V. A. Hengst. . ' 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. Harry Sable 

Ch, Enar, Pwr. SU. 

Lavelle Bentley Llanen-li 


Rondmasler, A. K. Garwood. . . 
LLANERCH 8TA. EQUIP.— 2 cl. •: 

Wcatg. lot 800 kw. 000 v: 2 a. c. turh,,- 

gen. Curtis, G.E. tot. 3500 kw, 445 v. <KJ 

cys; 2 rot. EOUT. tot, 2250 kw; 1000 kw. 

tnnsf. 445-13.000 v; 1860 hp. b. Edge. 




aDd sub-ata. t 

■t Ltalierch. 

ea.2G miles' 

■- plo» 

IMS— F&lladelpblB A WeatcTQ Kr- 

Co.— Offiee, 89th St. Terminal, Upper 
Darby. (Connecta PhilBdclphia, Hai- 
erioia, Bryn Mawr. Vifia Nova, 
Wayne. Bt. Davids. SUafford, Gulph 
Milla, BridKepoit and NomBtown.) 
(Owne one-bafl intereet in tbe Norrix- 
town Ttaneit Co.) 

Pres. ThoB. Nswhall ■ 

1411 CiMstnut Bt., PhiladalphU 

V. Prea. AGen.Mgr. 
J. L. Adams Upper Darby 

Sec. i Treas. Gerald Holsman 

1411 Cbeatnut Bt., PUladslphia 

Audr. & Pur. Agt. 

C. 8, MounM. ..Upper Darby 

SisDsl Eii(T. Wm. Gable. .. ' 

Ch. Engr. Pwr, Sis. 

M . M. Rowland Hubbard . . 

HoadmiiBWr James Curran " 

Power Bta. equip , 2 a. c. O . E. tot. 4000 

k». 2300 V. 3 pta. 25 cyai 2M0 hp. b. 

Hebe: 4000 kw. Btm. tur1>. G. E.; trsna. 

volt. 19,100 v; trolley volt. 826 v. 

P™er ata! at*Beechwood'par"(No°p' 
O.) 3 miles west of Philadelphia; repair 
shops at Upper Darby. 

3* miles (3d rail); 4-aM e; 25 motor and 
4 other rars; 1 snoivpluw. 69 

WANAMIB. 1,700, 

I028»— r«ople's St. Kr. Co. otN>D«- 
eak« & Newport. Office. Poner 
House, Wanamie. (Connects Nanti- 
coke Sheatown, Aldeo, Wanamie, and 

Pres. K\ M.Smith Alden Sta. 

V.Prse.W, A. Wilkinson 

59 No. Second St.. Philadelphia 

Sod. L. E. Hesa, 

11.^2 Market St.. Berwick 

Treaa. Wm. Willi*. Nanticoke 

Sunt. A Elee. Ed4^. 

Irving Bunkel .Wanamie 

Claini Act, R. B. SberidsD . . Nutiooka 
Engrs. [Samuel G. Morgan. 

P»r. Sla.iJosepb Shukweitia. " 

Roadmaater, Charles Vandermark " 

Engr. Ovhd, Constr. 

W. B.Brucli Alden Sta, 

Power ata. equip. 2 d. c. Allis C, West. 

tot. SSO kn; 1050 hp. e. B. ft W. Allis C; 

SeO hp. h. Stir. Bab. & W. Hairiaburg; 

trolley volt, 500-550 v. d. c. 
Power sta. and repair ahop at Wanamie. 
Reaches and cootrols Kirmar Park •• 

B.5 miles; 4-8M e: 10 motor pai 

WABIEN. 14,737 (10 IS). 
(See also No. e57a.) 

102«— Wanen St. H». Co.— Office, 1 
Liberty St., Warren, (Conner 

Warren. Stonebam, Clarendon. Tio 
SBd Sheffield,] 

Pres, D. H. Signna Warr 

See,, Treas. i. Oen. Mgr. 

H.A.Sgnna " 

Supt. a. ATProbst ■ 

Qen. Fgt. Agt. Wro. Kribiel .... ■ 

Ch. Engr. W. W. Ctoohi™" 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. Ray 

Roadmaster. Gua Rook , 

Power sta, equip, 4 a. c. Wert*. („ 
1100 kw. 380 V. 3ph. 25cys; 17I0lip.t 

lEas)WeBtg;trats, volt, 22,000 v;- " 


s Warn 

uid Jan 

. N. Y.) 

Pres. ± Gen. Mgr._ -. .^ _ . 

V,PreB.Homer M.Pieston, Tulsa. OUi 

Sec. & Treaa. Sun Q. Smith Warr 

Ch. Engr, Pwr. Stt*. R. Fort«r. . , • 

250 kw. 380'y. s. ph, Mcys; K^^p.f 

volt, 22,000'v. a ' ' ' 

Power sta. at Stoneham, Pa.; repu 
21.03 miles; 4^>ieiTE 

1031— ChambenlMirE, Greeuaaatk I 

WayoesboTO St. By. Co. — OSv 

Bank of Waynesboro Bldg. , Wmyns 
boro. (Connects Chambe^uu 

Penmar, Blue lUike, Marion, Grem 
castle, ZulUnger, Waynesboro. Sbad« 
■^ Rouserville and Highfietl, 


oro ElEC. 

Ridge Ry. Co. and is 
controlled by the Hageratown & Fiei' 
erick Ry, Co.) 

Pres. Emery L. Coblenti. Frederick, Mi. 

V. Pres. W. L, Mlniok., ■"' 

Sec. D. NarrisBraiedict. 

Treaa, Jay F. Shank 

Audr. R, E. Town Frederick, Md 

Gen.Mgr. M.A. Pooler, Hageratown, Md 

Mgr,ilrPur.Agt. R.D.BeftonWayDeabciit 

ElecEngr, C.C, etaufter 


Power aU. equip. 3 d. 0. C. W. We««. 

tot. 700 kw; 4 a. c. Weatg. Bull. C.-V 

?ower Bta. and repair shops at Wayno- 
"t^chea Pen Mar and Cold . 

U32— West Cbester S 

II. By. C_. 

fice, 350 Bulhu Bkk.. Phila., P. 
(Controls Coateaville Trae. Co.) (Ei- 

Coateavitie and there coouecti 
Conesloga Traction lines; oonni 
West ChesWr with lines to Ph 

Pr». Geo. D. Woodside. ..Philadelplui 
V, Pres. Meyer Shamberg. . * 

8ec..0en.Mgr.,ClmA Pur.Act. 

GWetTresa. M. a. Wooddde 


Ian. Supt. E. W. OaBB.Weat Cbestei 
Energy purchased Irom Chester VsUey 

;iee. Co.; troUey voU. 575 v. 
Repair ihop st W«st Cheater. 
CooCralB amusemeDt park. "Lemipe." 
2S milei: 5-2H c; 14 motor pun., 3 

3.5 nulea; 4-3H f- 3 motor can. 

IW4— Wllkes-B»n> RallvaT 

-- --■ - ■ -[Jk. 

-. <k ^iltw 

, & Haryey'n Lake Ry. 

Prea.Abiani tJcsbit Wilkea-Barre 

V.Prea., Gen.MKi. A Put, ^et. 

SuT>t. TrantD. & Ch. Engr. 


AsHt. M. M. E. F. Reaee. , " 

Rnadmaater. John Biarman. 

Power ala. equip. 8 d, 0, 0, E. lot, 4200 
k«; 4 a. c. G. E. West. lot. 8,000 kw.SflOO 
V. 3 ph. 25 cys: 7000 hn, e, Hairb, Prov; 
50OO hp. b. Bab. A wT Heine! 1900 kw. 
nm. turi). G. E; trans. 3600 v; trolley 

Power atfl. »t Wood St.; npair ihops 
■t Nortbampttm Bt. 

Contruli FembTDOk and Sana 8ou<^ 
113 miles; 4-SH t; 175 motor can. 'A59 

IM ^nm. Co.— Offioe, i 

WILUAHSrOKT. 33,80« (1916). 

IMS— But mil PMMacar Br. Cn.— 

Office, Coi. Willon A Wen Sti 
(Owned by I.ycomiiiK ImprovBmeni 
Co.. Wiltiamaport.) For effloen sei 

IW7— Soatb SUe -Fumdut Br. Co. 

—Office, West A Willoii^ls. (Owned 
by Lyoomiog Improvement Co., 
WimamsDort.) (Cormecls 9. WilUama- 
port & WiUianuport.) For officers see 
VaJUmor- ■"-- "- 



nergy p 

sport Passenger Br. 

Co.— Office, West & Willow Sts. 
(Owned by Lyconung. [mprov«Bi«nt 

■res.'C. l.aRue Munaon. .WilUamaport 

Bupenrisor Track H .M .Colton ' 
Energy from Lycoming Edison Co.'s 

plant on Hepburn St. 
Rniur shops at West 4th A Oner Sta. 
8,25 miles; 4-8>j g; 20 motor and 17 

IMO—LrkeDS Taller By. Co.— Office 
WilUvDHtown. (ReordaniiatioD of 
Lykens and Hilliame Valley St. Ry, 
Co.) (ConaectaLykeiu, Williamstown 
and Tower City.) 

Pres. Louis DelloDC Hanisburf 

Sec. A Treas. John Oenslager, Jr. 

711 No. SdStTwiUiaautown 

a; 5-3!^ g; 8 motor and 2 other 
I — . — j^: — *„ D..: — City.) 


TOBS. Sl.SSS (1916). 
IMl— York BBllwars Co.— Offioe, 27 
W. Market St. (Owns entire capital 
Block of the Suburban Land Co. and 
the York Steam Htg. Co.. and all ex- 
cept one-half share of the capital stock 
□i the Ediaon Lt. A Pwr. Cn,) (Con- 
neets Blairs Station. Spring Giovb, 
Mengoe Milla. Hanover, WiSaor, Red 
Lion, DallasCowD, Wrightiville, Hel- 
Ura, York Haven, Dover i^ Mt.' 

Pres!AGen.Mcr.,aordon Campbell.York 
V.Piw., Ch. Engr. A Engr. Ovhd. 

Conatr. L. C. Mayer 


Treas, APui.Agt.E.A.Baniita... 
Audr. Jno. J. Landers. ........... 

Supt, J. E. Wayne 

Claim AgC. 

John A, Boobu,, Security Bldg.. 

Gen. Fgt. Aat. L.E. Qraa 

Supt. Lt., Ht. A Pwr. 

W. H. LaDg,41 W. Market St., 
Ch.Engr.PwrSu. O. E. Grim.... 

M. M., E. L. Greene 

Roadmaater, S. P. Audnewa 

ParkMgr.F.H, Hartley 

ISOOhp. e, AUia-Ci 

Power ala. at Gu AllevA Water Su.; 
epair shops at Penna, A Hartley BU. 
iUacbes Highland, Brookade and Cold 

?OKTO uco 

3 milei: 4-«H c: TZ 

Vf^ i^lTii 


MANILA. 350,000. 
IMS— HsnUa Blec. B. 1. & Li. 

Corpn.— Office. 43^46 EichBDgePlHce, 
NewYork.N.Y. (Controla CompaniB 
de Ids Tranvias de Filipiona and Lb 
ElectricistB, sod owdi the Manila Sub- 
urban Rys. Co. I (Conneoto ManiU 

Pres. ChukuM. Swiit, 

lJo«.K. ChoaM..J N. Y, 
J. C. KooVweU. 134 Marcelino, Manib. 
Gen. M(r, R. W. SpoSord 

T. W. Moffat Now York, N. Y. 

Audi., AsBl. Sec. & Aest. Tn™. 
D. M.Shaw... 134 MarceliDO, MnnilB 

EJerj, Mil. R. Lopei " 

Mgr. Ry. Dept,, C, E. Haygood. ■ 
(lbop> & Car Houe», 

F. J. Tew ' 

SuplB.lTrwMpt. O.QsrKeeBEl. ... ■ 

[Track F. D.Jones - 

Pur. Ant. W. R. Barnes • 

Claim Agt.C. H. Van HoovcD. .. * 
Ch. Ener. Ftrr. Sta. B. H. BUisd^ll " 

West., A]li»<:. tot.' ie,Dbo kva. 380 & 
3600 V. li ft 3 ph. BO cy>; 3300 hp. b. 
Bab. & W; 13500 kw. stm. tutb. W*at„ 
&Ui!-C.; trans, volt. 3400 v; trolley volt. 
800 V. 

1 anb. Ma; 4 rot. oonv. (Ity., 3 eicU,) 
Power plant on Fasig River (Isla 

Provial, Manila; repair ahopa at 13i San 
MarceUno, Manila. 

GI.S4 ralleg; 4-8H (I 125 motor pan.. 
2 trail pass.. 1 fit. motor and 10 other 
oarB. (Co. iutniehe* Its. ft power.) 

(Additional SOOO kw. West, tiirb. 
beisc inatalled,) A7B 


HATAGVEZ. 10,563. 
1043 — HayRguei Tramnar Co. — Of- 

ceesur to Sociedad Anonirna Tn 

de MayaEuei.) 
Prea. &Gen. M«r. 

Clemente Javleira May: 

V.Prea, Jo66Duran 

8oc. Francieco Durin ' 

Treas. MaCiaa Gil 

M.M., PasttirCarrera 

Power eta. equip. 1 d. c. G . E, k 
kw;2300 v; 100 hp. e: llOhp. b. 

2 miles; 4 Gould storaae baittry 

rONCE. 35,027. 
1044— Ponce %r. & Lt. Co. (tarmewlj 

Ponce Hec. Co.)— OIGcei, PooFea- ' 
147 Milk St., Boeton. Mass. (Connei 

Ponce and the Playa (Port). 
Frea. Francis J. Hovey. .Boatoo, Mai 
Sec. Wm. T . Crawford .... ' 

Ties*. H. B. Sawyer .... ■ 

Oen. Msra. Stone A WebaUr * 

Mgr.GeraldA.deHaseth Pon 

Gen, Supt.A. K.MacNaughton... ' 
Ener. Pwr. Sta. W, H, FergUBon. . . ' 

Poiver sta. equip. 2 d. =. G, E. tot, 3 
kw; 3 a. c. G. E. tot. 625 kw. 2300 
2ph.60CTe:875hp. e. McE; 828 hp. 
Bab. A W. Heine; 600 kw. atm. tui 
G.E.;lran». volt. 2300 v;trolley volt. 550 

Powerata.atHastoaAva. Repair ahop 

SAN TOAN. 4S.71S. 
IMS— Torto llco En. Co.. Lb 

Main office, King St. East. Tom 

Porti Rtco Ry.rU.'ft P^ Co. 
the Porto Rico Constr, Co.) 

Toronto, Oot., C 

V.PrB«. W. D. Roe* ' 

Sec. ft Treaa. T. A, Spoor. . . " 


104*— Potto Bleo Kr- LI. A rwt. Ca. 

line (18.02 milee) between ^o Piedm ' 
and Caguaa; also operates by electriatf 

to Rio PiedraH with branch line* to 

Borinqucn Park.) (Controlled by Hut 

Porto Rico Rya. Co., -Lid.) 
Pres.ftGen. Mgr. O.M.Sewell. .San Juan 
V.Pree. ft Assi. Gen. Mgr. 

Fred. C. Clatke 

Sec, ftAudf.G. Brewer., ■ 

.^ctg. Tnaa. ft Acet. J. Egoicue 
Pur. An, Moody Engri. Co. 

lis Broadway, New York. N.Y. 
Blee, Engr. ft Sunt. Ltg. ft Pwr. 

Div. RonW.Cr^er San Jbbh 

Supt. Trolley 4 R. R. Div. 

ft. L. EiJors - 

Power sta. equip. 1 d. c. Bull. 280 kw.: 

V. 2 A 3 ph.'oo'cye; 700 hp. e. Ames; 
18,t0 hp. b. Cahill. Bab. ft W; 1750 fcw- 
mm. turb. Westgi7800hp. turb. (wtr.l 
Mortis, Smith, W. S. M.: trans, vol.; 
32.00fr440l>-2200 v; trolley volt. 580 T. 
Power stas. at Comerio and San Tureet 
Rio Piedras and Sonturoe. 

!i.464 milee < 
lasa., 10 trail pi 
lars: 4 eleo. and 
lenenl Itf . and 

.; 4-SW g 


NEWrOBT. 30,472 (1915). 

I Beaton, Mas 

S. t^r. 81a. 
led Eddy. Newport 

3 ph. ao eye; soibp.e. Pt. 
Bab. ft W; trans, volt. 1 


IMS— Newport A Providence B7. Co. 

—Office. Middletown; P. O. addrea 

U St. Ry. 

sir ehop at Middletown. 
miles; iSii g; \i mo 



w Bofltou, Mus. 

!•<• — Provldeiice A Danlelsou Sy 

IVeane- ■ ■ . . . .f 



Sec, * Treiu, 

IWl — Pn»ld«imi Warnn Jk BrI*- 


hn. b. Bab. & W.; S250 k«. turb 
n.) Wert; Imna. volt. 13.200 v; IroUe] 

>[ imd 26 trail hub: 

|W>— lUe Shoda blmnd Co.— Office 
100 FouDUin St.. Providence. (Own 
Providenm * Burrillville St. Ry. Co. 
Columbian St. By. Co., and the^oon 
WKket St. Ry. Co.; operates througl 
leaH Union R. R, Co., Hhode lelsni 
Suborbun Ry. Co., Pawtucket 81, Ry. 
Co., Sea View R. R. Co., Providence 
& DaoielsoQ Ry. Controls all lines 
in Providence. Pawtucket sod Woon- 
•ocket which it connects: also con- 
tieeU Cranston. No. Providence, Bar- 

FSL.Warwie™, ?! GreeMrich, Cum- 
berland, LIdcoId, E. Providence, Bur- 
rillville. ScitUBle. FoBler, Danielson, 
Wicktord. Peace Dale. Wakefield, 
West Warwick and Nami»aoaett Pier.) 
(Stock held by Meurs. Rathbone 
Gardner. John O. Ames, John P. 
Fanuwoith. Theodore F. Green and 
Williani A. Viall. Tmsleea of Rhode 
laland Trolley Lines, under deeiee of 
District Court ot the U. S, Southern 
Dinrict of Mew York, Oct. IT, 1914 ) 
rPruilt H. Swan. . ... Providence 

JaenaaW'sii'ss. !!!" ■ 

Frea^AGen.MEr. AJ^.Potter. ' 

V. Pre*. A, T.Potter 

Treaa. E. E. WorraU... " 

Compt. C. A. Baboock • 

En':)t.Traospt. R.R, Anderson. ' 
Supt. (Morthem Div.) 

Prank U. Brown 

CUim Aet. C. E. Redlern 

Gen. Fgt. Act. A, E. Paddock * 

J.H. Sanford New Haven, Conn. 

Ch. Engr. H, W. Sanborn. ..Pro' 
Supt.PwtALines W.C.Slade. 
Ch j;ngr.Pwr.eta. D J Jrtiner 
Supt. ol Eauip. W.D.Wiight. 


t. S000k> 

,3 ph. 2S 

-. . -«(., n 
■rolley volt. 

t. 3000 k^. 

v; trolley volt. BOO v. 

11 sub-etae. (2 with auto coot.) tot. 
ID. 23,100 kw; 20 rot. eonv. 
Power sU. at Eddy and ManoheBter 
Ls.; reiiair shop at Cranston St., Arling- 
m, R. I. 
Reaches Roger Williams Park .Crescent 


9 Mill 

391.102 D 

nd 1??' 

ocky F 
seed; 4-Sl^ t 

1. motor and 177 other 

IMS— Tbe United Traction A Elec 

tucket St, Hy. Co, and the RhodesU- 
land Suburban Railway Co.. all of 
which are operated by Frank H. Swan, 
T. F. Green end Z. W. Blies, Rscvrs. 
of the Rhode Island Co.) -kSS 

nAKEFIELD. 2.750. 

_. View B. B. Co.— (Con- 

E. Greenwich. Wicktord, Nar- 

raganaett Pier and Wakefield.) (Leased 
to and operated by The Rhode Island 

IB, Theodore F. Gr« 

WOONSOCKKT. 40.075. 


AIKEN. 3,91 1. 

■•S4— Seutbeni PuUle Utilities Co. 

For general officere eee Charlotte. 

N. C. (Coanecte North Auderson and 

City ot Anderson.) 

Mgr, H.A.Orr Anderson 

Supt, ThoB. P. Hill 

M. M., S.A.Phillips,, Chftrbtl«,N, C. 

Powerata.equip, Id.c.West. iSOkw.; 
11 a. c. West, 0. E. tot. 8750 kw. 2300 V. 
3 ph. 60 cys; 750 hp. b. W. A W: 1000 kw. 
turb. (Btm.) G. E; 12,000 hp. turb. 

4-8H g; 10 motor and 
(Co. *jes gen. Itg. an 


(Leased the Charleeton 
Hy., Gai ■ "■ - - - 

(Connecf . 

■- - ■ ,n,)|The 

Conaol. Hy., Gai i 
years.) (Connect. ' 
Navy yard and N( 

PrsB. P. H. OadsdoD Charlenan 

(Walton CiMk 

I 1101 Arab St., 

V J>T«ts.< FhUadelpbis, Pa. 

1 Lewis LilUe ' 
C. M. Beaedift...ChuleBloa 


Tress. l.W.Morrin, 

1401 Arch St.. Phiaklel^ua. Fs. 

Audr. C. J. Bendt CWlealoa 

Supt. Rj. Dept. 

T. W.Puuil«i«UB 

ClBim Agt, I. 8, Slotk 

Pur. Agt. J.A.Pearsoa, Pbilwlelphik.PH. 

Ch. Engt. J, O, Felton CbBrlealon 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sn.J.O.MoiBBoQ ' 

M. M., F. H. Hatiia 

Engr. M . of W.. 1.. Y. DBwBon 
Engr.Ovhd. Conslr, E. A. Foi 

Power Bta. equip. 3d. 0, 0. E. tot. ISOO 
kw; 3 a. c. turbo- G. E. tot. 15,000 kw, 
2300 V.3 ph. OOcys: 4668 bp. b. FrankUn, 

g"e.' & Wi " ' "■ "■ ■ '- """ 

Yblt s; 

'over 9(a. at foot of C'barlotte St. dd 
>per' River; reserve plant and repait 
P Ht Meeting t Poinsett S(a. 
leaches Base Ball Park, Chicora Park. 

37.51 miles: l-8>i ■: S5 motor pass.. 
18 trail pass, and fi other cats. (Com- 
pany does EcueraL Llg. and pwr. buaipeaa 
and sells energy tu Charieatan-Isle of 

I0S»— ChariMtoD l«le of Faltng Ttm- 
tlOD Co.— OfRce. New Charleston 
Hotel BIdg. (Owns and operates the 
Charleston-Isle of PabnaRy., aod con- 
necting ferry line, and a lighting plant 
which supplies light and power for Mt. 

Pres. & Treas. James Sotlile, CharlestoD 

V.Prea- Gf n.Mgt, t Pur Agl. 
1. Blank , ... 

Sec . Lawrence Pinckney 

Audr. E.H. Newton... 

Ebc. Engr..Ch.Engr.Pur.Sta. A M.M. 

S. B. HcCliiry .Charleston 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. c. G. E. tot. 460 

k»i 2 a. e, O, E. West, tot. 22.i kw. 2300 

V. 3. &3pb.<i0cys;1000hp. e.H. F. A 

M; lOOOhp.b.H, F.4 M,: trans, volt 

500-550 V. 


Isle of Palms 

Pleasant; repair shop at M 
led by Company 

COLIJMBIA. 34,611. (lOlB.I 

■•SI— CidumbiB M,y., Gu & Elec. 

Co.— Office. Columbia. (Formerly the 
Columbia Elec. 8t, Ry,. Lt. & Pwr. 
Co.l (Connects New Brooklaud,WBV- 
erly, Shandon, North Columbia. Ridge- 

Loan & Eic, Bank, Columbii 
Pres. Wm. Elliott,, ■ 
;. R. CharKon Wright ■ " 


Gen. Mgi. V 
^c. to Gen. 

_jpt. J. W. Spenre Col 

Claim Act. C. P. Davis 

Supt. Gas Dept. J. M. Steele 

AMt! Efe'o.'Engr'. H^^Banders 

l^'ejf.'. . . .'.Oervais St., 
M.M.. W.C.DBvane, Car Bam 
Power sta. equip, S d. c. G . E . to< 

few 11 . n n,E,Weetg. tot. 2.50 
3 ph. 40 eys; 400O 
,: 5600 kw. stm, turt.. G. E. ' 

: Fan Bhoals ai 

I at Columbia. 

65 miles: iS^ g; 53 mo 


lOM— SontlierB PnbUc UlUIUeB Co.— 

For general officers, see Chailotle. 
N. C. 






srAmTANBURG. 21,305 (1016). 

1M«— South CaroUnk Lt., Twt. Sc 

Bib. Co.— Office. 33 Morian Square. 
iCooneets SparUnburg, Saion, East 
Spartanburg. Glendale and Clifton.) 

"62 Cedar St.. New York, N. Y. 
V. Pres. * Gen. Mgr. 

F. H. Knoi Spartanburi 

See. & Treas. F. B. Lasher. 

62 Cedar St., New York. N. Y. 

Asst. Tnas. A. 8. Jolly Spartanburg 

Supt. By. B. A. Buckheister. 


Elec, Engr, J. H. Awell . . * 

Ch.EngrJ>WT.Sta. J.P.Moran. ..GafTiugr 

R. C Boyter BpHTtanborg 

Power sta. equip. 4 d. c. Westg. G. e! 
tot. 'M kw; 5 a. c, G. E. tot, 7200 kw. 
2300 v, 3 ph. 80 cys; 2000 kva. oond. 
Syn; 3000 hp. b. Bab. ft W; 3000 kw. 
steam turb. G. E.; 12,000 hp. wtr. lurb. 
S. Morgan Smith; trans. voSt. 33,000 v; 
trolley volt. BOO v. 

Power sU. (st«am plant) at Spartsm- 
buig and (hydro^leotrio plants) at Qa*- 
ton Shoals and Gsffney; repur shops at 
East Spartanburg. 

21 miles; 4-SM g: 21 motor and 2 other- 
ears. Company does general Hghting 
and power buiinesa. If 



r. Agt. 


"IPBirick Daley 

Treas.A. L.Ward 

Sec, S.C.HedgBt 

Audr. C. H, YouBgrnan 

Alty, Chae. N„ Hams 

Sapt.ACb.£D|T. A.F.McQuUlan 
M. M..Gco.B.Benu.n 

Power ita. e ™Lp*" d." . 0. E. 1 
kw. Eoern' also puiduied from Abei 
desD Light* Po»« Co.; ttSM. volt. 230 
t; trolley volt. fiSO v. 

Repair fthnpa at Nd .First St . .Aberdeen 

Reaches Wylie Park, under maiuge 
ment of AherdeEn Park Board, 

5.S5 mtleH; 4-8M El 10 motor paaa. an< 

DEADWOOD. 3.6.'>3. 

IMS— Chlcas«, Burlliuton & Ouln- 

ey B. R. Co.— Offices. 547 West Jaek. 

BOD Blvd., Chicago. 111. and lOth & 

Famain SH.. Omaha. Neb. (Steam 

road now operaUng by electrigity. 

branch between Deadwood. Lead and 

Flu ma.) 
Fed. Mgr, C, G, Bumhara, , Chicago. Ill 
Gen.Mgt,E,P,Braoken.., ' 

Asat.Treas, C.J. Ernst Omaha, Neb 

Gen. Audr, H, D. Foster. .Chicaeo, 111. 

Audr.W.P. Dnikee ^ 

Asst. Gen. M([. 

O. W. Holdrege Omaha. Nob. 

Asat. to Gen. Mgr. 

W. F. Thiehoft 

Supt. 0. L, Griggs Alliance. Neb. 

O.E. Pearson™. Omaha. Neb. 

Pur. Ap;t. L.N. Hopkins, ..Chicago. 111. 

L.'w. Wsieley. Omaha, Neb. 

Gen. Fgt. Agt. 

F. Montmorency , , * 

Chief Eof r. 

W, L. Breckumd(C Chicago, HI, 

Asai, Chief Engr. 

F. T. ;D(UTow lincoln. Neb. 

Elecl, Engr. J, E, Gardner. CUcago, 111, 
M,M,.J,G,Dole Alliance. Neb. 

Energy purchased from Consolidated 
Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

Hepair shops at Deadwood. 

Reaches McDonald Park. Deadwood 
and City Park. Lead, 

4 miles; 3 g; 3 iriotor and 2 trail cars, 

SIOUX PALLS. 30.000, (1917.) 

IM>— Sloui Falls Traction Syaleni. 

—Office, 4IS No, Main Ave.. Sioux 

Pres,A Oeo.Mgr, F,M,MiIl*.SiDui Falls 

IstV. Prea. A,C. Milb ■ 

Zd V. Free., Sec. .Treas, Audi 

■ Tl, APui ■ 


.Engrf* Supt".Ovhd. 
John K. Gibson.,, ■ 

igr. M.of W.Heo] 

lercy purchased from Nordiern 

H Power Co.; trolley volt. 650 v. 

Ipair shops and car barOB at 4IS No. 

property pureKascd by B. L. Dulaney 

ponded.) (Road dismantled. Dec, 

H.,.,j„„„JFred. Dulaney Bristol 

"*'*'^*"] Joseph Caldwell * 

Pres,.B. L. Dulaney 4ChSt,, ' 

Sec, Treas,& Audr. 

Wm. E, Eberhart, Jr " 

Energy purchsaed from Bristol Gas A 
Elee, Co. 
Repair shops at Bristol, 
Reaches amusement park at Big Creek 
15,30 miles: 4-SH g: 12 motor and 
2 (leight cars, *19t 

CHATTANOOGA. 60,075, (lOlB,) 
IMS — Cbattsnoogm Kr. A Lt. Co.— 

Office, Hamilton Bk. BIdg. (ConsoU- 

Ey. Co., whi 
ership of all 
oUne Ry. Co. 


City. 1 

and Mission Ridie, Tenn.. and Dodge. 

Oa.) [Controlled by the TenDeasee Ry. 

Lt. A Pwr. Co.) 

Pres. C, M.Clark. 

321 Cheatout St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
[Gon,Mgr:B. C.Edgar 


Sec. A Treaa. 

Gen. Supt. E. D.Reed • 

AB3t.Qen,8upt,H.B,Whilemao " 
Supt. Ry, J, R, Anderson... * 

Glum Agt. B, D, Haskina. . - 

Pur.Agt.W. A. Bovles ■ 

Cb. Engr. PaT. 8ta, 

E. CTWilliamson 

Enar.M. of W„ R.E, Morrison ' 
Enar, Ovhd, Constr, W. J, HiU ■ 

Power ata, equip,: I d, c. Westg. lOQO 

':8». c. G. E. tot. 4000 kw. 2300 v. 

])). 60 ovs; 1400 hp. e. H. C; 26S6 hp. 

Bab. & W; 4000 tw. (stto.) turb. G.E.; 
trolley volt. 6S0 v. Energy also pur- 
chased from TenuMsee Power Co. 

"^ ler sta. at Clift SI.; repair shops at 
Market Sts. 

*-«'A X 

' does lighting ar 


hatttUTOon Tntctlon Co. — 

James Bldg.. Chattanooca. 
ects Chattanooga. Signal Moun- 
nd Red Bank and intermediate 

Ch. Engr.. W.T. James " 


Treas. John L. Davics 

Supt. C, A. Comer, . Noni Chatlanoo, 
Signal Engr,. E.G.Chetry, . ' 

Ch. Engr. Sub. Sta. 

H. V. Hodjkins 

M.M..Wm. Raines 

"ngr. M.ol W. 

W.J. Blackburn 

Energy purchased from Chatlanooga 
Tenn. River Pwr, Co.; trans, volt. 601 

Rapair ahoae M No, CbatUnoogB. 

30 mUee; 4^!^ t; 11 motor tad 9 oCfaer 

can. 12S 

IMI— Laokout MouBtaIn Uj. Co. and 
Lookout Inellne Br. Co. — Office, 
Haniilton NsfL Bant Bldg.. Chal^ 
tanooga, Teno. lOperatea {ncUoe to 
Lookoal MounUin. Connetca St. 
l<:]Eno, ChattaQDOjra and Lookocit 
MoimtaiD.l (Owned by ChattanooBi 
Ry. ftU. Co.) 

Free. C. M. giarlc. ..Phaadelphia, Pa. 

V.Pres. B. C. Edgar Ch^ttaaoogH 

Sec. ic Trem. 
Q. L. Eitabrook.-PhiladelpIiiB. Pb. 

Asm. Sen. & Asut. Tieui. 
C. Wright Chattanooga 

Oeo.Supt. E. D. Beed ■ 

Supt. H. L. Harbin 

Claim Agt. B. D. Haskiiu. , ' 

Pur.Agt. W, A. Boyleii..., 

Eleo. Engr. E-CWLmamson 

Engr.M.oI W..R.C. Morrison • 

Energy purEhaeed from ChattaDoaga 

Ry. & Lt. Co.; Irana. volt. SflOO v; trolley 

10.T95 miles; 4-8K g; 12 motor and 2 
othBr cars, *60 

IMS— TcDDessee Kj., Lt. A Pwr. Co.— 

Offioe, 3Zi Chestnut St., Philadelphia, 
Pa. (Holding company and o»n» 
ptactically Mot the common and pre- 
(erred atbcks of the Chattanooga Ry. & 
Lt. Co^ common stock of the Nashville 
Ry. & Lt. Co.: also capital stock of the 

Prea. C. M. Clark. .'.PhiladelnhSi^PB. 

i Goo. E.Hardy, NewVork.N.Y. 
H. M. Byllp^by, Chicago, lit. 
Frad'k C. Watagtt, 
New York, N.Y. 
E.W.CUtfc. .Phibdelphia. Pa. 
sec. & ■l-reaB.G.L.Ealabrook. . 
Aast. Sens. fWm. Lilley, ,. 
and Jacob Hekma, 

Asm. Treasrs.r New York, N. Y 

Clerk Wm. M, Bradley. . . Portland, Me 


l*m— CKIiCDS Br- Co.- 

Seo. a. Newberger 


Energy purchased from Ky . Public 8er- 

lleuur shopa at 10th St., Clarksvilie. 
League Park controlled and reached by 

slSnules; 4^H g; * motor cars. 78 

JACKSON. 17,807 (ISifl) 

irrS-^Mkaon Br. ft Lt. Co.— Gen- 
eral omce. ColumUa Bid., I^uisviUe 
Ky. (Successor to the JHekaoBJc Sub- 
urlmnSt. R. R. Co.) (Connects Jack- 

Pres.C.E.Clagiett ., 
V.Pres. A Gen. Mgr. 

Sec, Geo. W.Lewis 

Treaa.ColurabiaTruBtCo ' 

Audr. H. R. Bland Jacks. 

Gen.Supt., Pur. Agt. & Park Mgr. 

Engr. Pwr. Sta, R.D.Dftvy ..'.', 

■Iw-gen.'w'cBtg. jUii^J 

1650 hp, K Vogt, 



Power sta. and rep^ shop »t SouUi 
Royal St. 

OwDB Highland Park. 

IS miles: 4-8^ g; 19 motor sod f olbtr 
cars, (Co. doM general Ita. A Pwr 


1(71— lohnson City Tnetlon Con*. 

— OfficeHoanBt..JohnsonCity. (Cob- 

nects Johneon aty and Cameicie.: 

Pres. W. A. Leland, Chailtstown, b.i„. 

50 State' St., Boston, Mast. 

Audr. R. M. Clark Johnson CHt 

Gen. Mgr. Amii Smith.... 

Supt. G,C. Sanders " 

Ch. Engr. Pwi. Sta. 

Walter Wagner... " 

M.M., M.H.Collins 

Powersta.seiuip. !a. o.O.B, toi. 6S0 
kw. 3 ph. 60 cya; 500 hp. e. AUia-C; 000 
bp. b. C. * Z. Bab. & W; 500 kw. stm 
turb. G. E; trans, volt. MOO v; trc^Iey 
volt. 600 y. 

Power sta . snd repair shops Kt Roan 
St^ Johnson City. 

ReachH National Soldiers' Home. 

e miles; 4-SH f. IS motor paw. and I 
3 other motor oan. 118 

1I7S— Knoivllle Ballwar ft Usht 

Co.— OfGcg, 626 Gay Bt. (Conneols 
Knoiville and Fouolain City.) Con- 
trolled by the American C^tiea Co. , New 
York, N. YJ 
Chmn. Emo. Comm. 

J.S. Pevear BirminghAm, Ala. 

Free.& Oen.Mgr. C.H.Harvey Knoxville 

V. Pres. W. a. Shields. ^ 

Sec. & Treaa, C. J. Pleming. ,. 

Audr. C. A. BriMS " 

Supt. Ry. T. C, Kelly 

Claim Agt. S. J. Herrell 

Pur. Agt. J. E. Lebow • 

Com'l Mgr. W. R. Bammons.. . ' 

Ch. EncF. JameaLink ■ 

Engr, Pwr, Sta, O.E, Collins, , " 

Engr. Maint. of Way, F,J,Jones 

M. M,. J. M, Kington ■ 

Roadmaalet, M, D, Wyrick,,. • • 

'S''D,Green. .™. .'. 

Power sta, equip, 5 a. 0, G, E. Allis-C. 
tot, eSOOkw. 23% V, 3ph, 60 cy a; 800 
hp, e. Ham: 3900 hp, b, Bab. A W, Stir: 
6000 kw. stm, turb. G , E. AlUs-C,; truu, 
volt. 13,200 A 2300 v; trolley volt. 550 T, 
energ^^a o pure rom enneesee 

Power Eta, at cor, 6th ft Washiii«toB 
Aves,; repair sbopa at Magnolia Aye. ft 
Jedaminc St, 

Owns Chilbowee ft Fountidn City 

S4,7 miles: 4-SH ■: 81 motor paaa. , SI 
trail pass;, 12 otlur motor and 2 other 
cars. (Company does lighting.) 429 


(See No. 1067,) 
HEHFHI8. 148,W5 (1910). 

ins— Hamphls ft Lake TIbw Br. 

Co.— Office. Beale Ave, and Walnut 

St. (ConnecU Memphis add L^e 

View, Miss,) 
Pres. & G«n. Mgr, 

T, H, Tutwiler Memphis 

V. Free, Luke E. Wright ' 

Sec, ft Treas, L, Lemay * 

Energy purchased from MeiAphia CoD- 
solidal«l Gas ft Eleo, Co. 

10.83 miles; i-SM g; 4 oars. tig 

lt7i— Hempblg At. By Co.— OtBoe, 
Walnut St. ft Beale Ave. (ContmlM 

by the American aiies Co,, N«* York , 


Gen.Supt.E. W. Fprd 

Claim Agt. C, B. Prootot 

Pur. Agl, W. N. Ford. . .■ • 

Ch. En«j. J. H. Hftvlow 

Kosr. Pwr. Sta. J, W. MiiCarty. 
Sapt. of Equip. & Ovhd- linea 

A. D. Mcmotwt 

Roadmuter, T. M. Garman... ' 
Powarato. equip. 7 d. a. G. E. 4 n 
er Mt. SSOO kw: [3,900 bp. e. AUb-l 
Fenn; 7S20 fap. b. Bab. Ik W. Stir; U 
volt. 600 v: troUm; volt. 550 v. 

Power Bta. at Fourth 8t, & Rail 
Ave.; Impair duipfl at Walnut St. A £ 

, No. Nanhvillt. 

Bor (o all tba ptopartiSB, riibts aud 
f raochisag of the NasbviUe^SaTlatJn la- 
tacurbao Ry.) (CouiBcta Nanhville 
with Gallatin. ) 

Pres. H. H. Corson.. NasbvillB 

V. Prea. John Bell 

Gen. Mgt. L. C, Cnnnall ■ 

Energy purchawd Irom Nuhvilla Ry . A 

Lt. Co.; 4 IraiiBf. O, E, tot. 200 kva. 

2300-19,000 v.; trsM. volt. 18,000 v., 

3 ph. ao ays; trolley volt, 1200 v. 

Sub-eta. cap. flOO kw: 3 rot. eonv. 

8id>-eta. and repwr shop! at Bender^ 

I kw.2aO0v.3ph.a0 

27 .05 m 


1 Frank- 

, .Nashville 

D Ni^vil 

j^ut H. Carpenter. , 

Sec. C. R. Cockle 

Audr. W. H. Parriab. Jr 
Gm.Mgr. *Pur. A(t. 

Meade Friereon 

Supt, E. C. ShoiAW.,. 

19.3 mi1e« 4-8H ■: * paaa. and 3 tgt. 

I»7S— Wuhfllle Br- * Lt. Co.— OI- 

fice. 605 Church St. [Absorbed the 

Cumberland Elee, Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

(Controlled by the TenBasoee Ry.. Lt. 

* Pwr. Co.) 
Pr«. C.M.Clark 

321 Cheetnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
IrtV.Pres.W.H. Sawyer 

Huntingtoa Bk, BIdg., Columbus. O. 
2Dd V. Pres. A Gen. Mir. 

B.C. Edjar Nashville 

Sec. ft Treu. G. L. Bstabrook. 

321 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
AHt. Sec. A Ant. Treaa. 

B.F. Manning Nashville 

Supt. J. P.W.Brown • 

NewBuainesB Mgr- J. E. Camea ' 
Claim Agt. Kinney Harman * 

3d Ave. at Union, 
Pur. All. H. B. Stubblefield 

Supt. Ry, H. A, Davis ■ 

Elec. Engr.A Ch. Ener. Pwr.SW. 

W. E. Campbell 

.Mcr. Lt. ft Pwr. Dept. 

Ch.EnBr.'Pwr,St»'.H'.H;BaiW " 


Eur. M. of W., H.C. Benagh. 

Power sto. equip. 1 d. c. G. E. 1600 
kw;1 a. a. mrbi>.iao. 0, E. tot, IS.SOO 

V. 3 ph. 
79i0 hj 

ReaaheaClendatePark [awnedby Co.). 
Centennial Park aod Shelby Park 

100.27 miles; 4^H t: 2U motor pass., 

23 trail pass, and IS other oars. (Co. 

^^and K energy to rai wgj 

lBT»-Nash*UIC Trac. Co.— Office, ISO 

fourth Ave. N., Nashville. (Ope> 
tee in Nashville and reaches auburbg.) 

e. W.O.Parmer Nashville 

Pros. C, M. Crawlord, . , . , . 
. ft Treaa. 

1. V. Burringloo Columbus. O, 

_ir. S. O, Wnght Nashville 

Gen. Mgr., Pur. Agt. ft Cb, Ebgr. 

G. B.Howard 

Supt. E. N. Woolard 

Clum Acty. 
W.E.SUger. .. SUgerBldg,, ■ 

Elec. Engr. J . B . MuUins 

Energy purohascd; trolley volt, SoO V. 

"4°5 miles constructed; 4-8H e; 3 motor 
cars. (System will have about 25 milssol 
traakwhencompleted.) 127 


iSS (1916). 
IBS*— Abilene St. By. Co^-OSoe, 

126 Cyprosa St., Abilene. 

Receiver W. G. Swenson Abilene 

Praa. Ed. B. Hughes 

V, Pres. Geo. L. Paxton . 

Sea. T. P.Scott 

Treaa, W. A. Keeble.. . ., 
Supl.D.Coker ' 


Repair shops at Second ft Dall St 
4.75 miles; 4-8H g; 4 motor cars 1-. 

AHABILLO. 18,124 (IBIS) 

IMl— Amarlllo St. Br Co— Office 

520 Taylor St., AmariUj (Operates 

suburbs.) (Operation auapeoded ) 
Prea. Henry L. Doherty 

flO Wall St., New loi*. N ^ 
lat V. Prea, Frank W, Freelaut 

flO WallSt.. New York, N. Y. 
ZdV.Pres.ftGen. Mgr, 

Guy W. Faller Amarillc 

Sec. TrsBS. ft Audr. 

L. A. Romaay Bartleaville, Okk. 

Supt, J. E. Richey Amarillo 

Enatp purchased from City Light ft 
WaterCo.,ld.c.G.E. 160kw:300lip.b. 
Keoler; 150 kw, atm. turb. Atlas; trolley 
volt. 550 V. 

Repair shape at 4th ft Polk Sts,. 

S.2 miles; 4-8M E) 11 motoi- and I other 
car. (In Oct. 1917 operation was sus- 
pended temporarily.) (City is eodeavor- 

AITSTtN. 34.814 (1016). 
ItBS— AusUn Atrect By €a.— Offict, 

Scarborough Bldg., Austin, 
Pres. ft Gen. MerTw, J. Jones. . Austin 
V.Pies. F. H. Watrias 

1 E. 60th St., New York, N.Y. 
Asst. to Prea.. Elec. Engr. 

Edw. Chiabolm Austin 

Sec. ft Supt. Claima D. A. Bush . ■ 

Ant. BH.Goy P. GnButt. Ancnna. V*- 
AH(.Tn».G«.E.Mw»iDbcr * 

Supt. TruiBjat. Chu- luc Aovtio 

Aset. Supt. Truupt. Geo.MilloD. * 

Ch. EW' Pwr- Su. H. Odell ' 

M.M., W. H, Tuckrr • 

Sunt. M. of W.. W. B. Bnrdett. . 

Power ita. equip. 3 d. t. G. E. WeM. 
tot. 1330 kw; 770 hp. e. McI & 8, Kwj- 
klD. Fitch S75 bp. b. Btb. A W; 730 kw. 
Mm. tatb. .W«t; miH. uh) tnlky volt. 

!2 mile*; 1-SH (; 40 motor uid 2 mrii 

BRAVMOmr. 30.000 (1917). 
>— ■ouMBtAMMoD Ca.— OtGce 
'eimiiul Bldg.. BenomoDt. <S^ 
lUitieg owoed bf the Extent T»u 
;iec. Co. wbich Be« for reoerkl offifien*) 
r. AlbsdF. Townand Beaumont 

t Arthur I« & RefrigET- 


BnsrcT pnnhued fiom BrownniUi 
Jtt. Lt. A Wtt. Wki. 
3.31 mils; 4-8M k: 2 
^TAH. ' 

■rtanh^. C*.~Office. BiTsn. (Co- 

dkU Biysn, Stons City, f i 1 1 III II iJtl 

Grut. Wluulier utd Wilco- ' 

Rpeeivir J . W . Grem 

™. A. W. Witt™n! '.'.'. 

MiT. for RecT. A Ch. Eagr.. 

'kudr. A* Bee. E. Lattin. .'.'.'. '. 

S7J mas; 4-8M g; 3 gawili 

I (tsMi aad 3 e(b« bhi. (OixnM 
-r n«am for freight Bervioe.) " 

W7--«rrui * College I 

mj. €•-— Offi», Bryan. <Coiithu . 

Bivan. Hill Crest, Unioo Hill and 

C<dk«e Slatioii,) 

Pres. S. 8. HoBUr ahrersport. Ls 

"". Ptm. W. E. Saunders Bryui 

ec.. G«n. M«T. A Pur. Agt. 

L. M- Levineon ' 

.'Raa.A.W.Wilk«n»D ' I 

Supt.*.Ch. Encr. Piri.Sta.AMiM. 

Albert Mnv • 

RoadmAflter. Wm. O'Dea * 

JOOhp.e. tgns) F. M. A Co.; traileyT«l(. 

Fna.MuahallMJ'himHy, Boston. Mas 

Gen. Mm. 6<>» 

147 Milk et., 
Diat. Mgr. Luke C. Bradley 

■ 111 SouiIubBUc-, Ho 
Mcr, Oper. Coa. 

Alfred F. Townsend Beau 

Claim A«t. E. J. Da™ 

LoeBl Pur. Act. P.E.McfTheoiey 

Supt. Lt«. 1 


lot. 3000kw. 2300 V. 3pb. oupys; la. c. 
West. 300 kw. SOO t: 1 mo-EPn. West. 
Tri. lot. SOOkw, 123 r.; 3mo-gen. G. E. 
tot. 1100 kw. 600 A 1200 v: 475 hp. e. 
Cor; 4001 kw. sun. tnrb. West: 220Ohp. 

MU>1¥NSnU& 13.163 

EliubMh 8l, 

Pres. Jas. A.Brownfl. 

V. Prea.. Audr. A Gen. M»r, 

Co.— Offiee, 


COITUS CBMISn. 10.432 (lOlfif 
IMI Coipiii OaUa %j. * 1^. C*^ I 

Office, 410 Starr St., Corpus Chiiiti. 
(Sucressor to Corpua-Christi St. & In- 

Ree^v'r. C. U. Cnlberaan. 

Pres. John Gribbel Philadelphia. Pa. 

John J. Heademu * 

2dV. Pt«. AGen. Mgr. 
E. H. Eldridge Corpus Chrisb 

Jobu S. HeodersoD .... - " 

ADdr. Garnet Menger. ... * 

Supt. J, H.Hill - " 

Eler. Ennr. W. A. Whitworth * 
Engr, Ovbd. Conrtr, 

N.H. Graven 

Power ata. equip, 1 d. e. G. E. 150 
kw; 5 a. *. G. ErPt. W, West. tot. 8S0 
kva 2300v.p(dyph BO cya; IflOO lu>. e 
Diesel, Bekye, Cor; 1300 hp. b. Sterling. 
Mur: trana. volt. 2300 v; trollKy volt. 

aoo V. 

Power ataa. at LsKana A Water Sta.,- 
noaiT ahopa at Laguna A Water 8ta. aad 
Tiicet A Hui^hea Sta., Corpus Chrini. 

10 milee: 4-8H k: 13 motor and 2 other 
FSTs. (Ca. does a eenera] UghtiDg and 
power busin«..l *59 

fXnslCANA. 10,022 (1910). 
{See No, 1097.) 

DULAS. 124.G27 (191S). 
(See also No, 1110.) 
1M*— The DallM Br- Co.— Office, 
Interutbaa BIdg. <Hbs taken over tke 
propsrIiaB of Dallas CoaaoUdaUM] E^ee. 
St. Ry„ Metropolilan St. Ry. and 
Rapid Transit Ry. Co.) 

Prea. J. F. Strickland .DalUa 

fW. B. Haad " 

|j. C. Doke ■ 

V.Preata.JC. E. Calder • 

Om. Mir, 
I Richard Meriwstiiar. * 

tec. A Trsaa. J. B, Walker Dsllu 

kudr. W. R. Bonn 

*ur. Alt. H. B. Fisher 

Supt. C. A. Smitison 

riKi™ Art. P. Rsddiok 


J. L. Brown, .tnm & Peak Su., 
EoKT. M. of W. A Ovbd. Connr. 

B. R. Brom 

Eneray purchaMd from DbILbi Pv 
Lt. Co.: trolley votl. 600 v. 

Repaii shop at Elm 1 Peak 8ta. 

ReaotaeB Slate Fuc GroundB. 

gO.SS mileg; 4-8H i; 3Ta motor . .. 
7 oUier un. *»5 4 

tliNI Ca.— 3d floor, Gsston Bldg. 

g^onaeota Dallsa, CemsDt Cily, Irving, 
nuid Prune, ManaSeld, Alvarmdo, 

Cleburne and Olea Robb,) 

Pns. E. F. Turner Dsllas 

lat V.Pres.Sam P.Cootarui " 

2d V. Praa. John L. Clovoland. .Cleburne 

Seo. A Treaa. J. E. BaaaeU Dallas 

Pur. A«t, J. J. Carter, " 

Ch.Bnac. John T.Witt ' 

Elee-Eigr. J.N.Jones " 

WiU purchase energy from Teras Pwr. 
ft Lt. Co. Road conCraeted from DbIIbb 
to Irvmg via Eagle Ford and from Eaxlr 
Fold hi Cleburne. 128 

IMl — DsIIu Htandatd TnetloD Co.— 

Offiee, 1D04 Commerce St., Dallas . 

(Cannectc Daliae and Mc, Auburn.) 
Prw.&Gen.Mgr. J .Howard Power.Dallsa 
V.Prea, t Audr. M.M.Thompaon ' 
Sec., Tnas., Claim A Fur. Agt. 

F. B. Dunlap - 

Supt. J. E. Farr " 

Ch. Engr, A Engr. M. of W„ 

O. A. Teal - 

Equipment rented from The Dallas Ry . 

Co., sod energy purchased from Daliae 

Elec. Lt.ft Pwr. Co. 

1.25 miles; 4-8H«. US 

1M»— DalUs Strtnt Kr, Co.— Offiee, 
GOO First Bank Bldg., Dallas. 

Pna. J. H. Miller Wstahaehie 

V. Pres. A. C. Moaer D^lae 

Sec., Treas..GBn. Mgr.&Pur.Agt, 

G. W. Works 

Equipment rented and energy 

chased bum The Dallas Ry. Co . 
1.125 milea. 

IMl—Teus Hectrtc Bf --Office, 
Floor, Inwrurban Bldg. (Owns 

id (T. J. O'Connor 

itors\J, J. Stanley... 

Jne^y purchased froi 

Lt. Co.: trans. Tolt. 33,0C 

120I>«OD V. single U 

R^iait shops at Moc 

. and 43 other 

) aod a line to 

, El Paso 

Treaa. J. T.G.Nichols.. 

D. J. Hemuew. .Box B9 
Gen. Mgr. Alba H . Warren 
Aast. Met. Luke C. Bradley, 

111] Scanlon Bldv.. Houaton 
Ev.8upt.H.S.Potter, Box H§S, El Paso 


Gen, Fgt. A Pass, Agt, R.A 
Ltg.&upt. J. L. Alexander. 
Elec.&BignalEngr, J.B.W 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sla. 

sta. equip. 1 d. c, Weat 200 kv: 
1. E. Allla-C. tot. lO.SOe kvB. 
Z ph. 60 oys: 300 hp. e. McE,. 
. b. Bab. 4 W. Stir. A. A T: 
:w. turb, (atm.) O, E. Allis-C.; 
ok. 22,000 A: eeOO v.; trolley 
) V, 
itns. tot. cap. 240akwi5/no,«en. 

it Banta Fe A 4th fits.; 

Power 1 

m A Olive 8ta. 
astim<(lon Park. 
r 4-SH g: S2 motor 


I eler. 
d Delliu 

to DjrM,iii'lEM^),alao local 

MeKimTy, ^ToScBna," 

^lok. Enti?s'r°^* " 
Dallas Ry. Co. 1 

er tracks of The 

locL. ,„ 

. Man 

1 Paso 

McLmnan ..._, 

Navarro County.) 
V.Pres. A Gen. Mgr.Bu 

V.PrBe.C.E. Gaidar..,, 

S><e.A Gen Pass. Ast. Jas.P .Griffin, 

AmA. Sec. J. C, ThompsaD 

Tnas. A Gen. Chum Agt. 

H- 1, Gabaaan. . 
Aaat. Treas, Chspii 

. Mass 

Bldg,. El Pas. 

and Yslela.) (Controlled by El Paso 
Eleo. Rv.Cn.l 
Pres. M. M. Phinney Boston, Moss. 

T,„„ ;j. C, Lei^ton.. • 

T"*™1h. B. SaSyer... 
AiBt, Treaa. D. J. Hennwiay, 

Boi 6flfi. El Paso 
Ceo. Mkf. Alba H. Warren, Boston. Mass. 
Dist. Mgr. Luke C. Bradley 

1111 Scanlon Bide., HousMn 

3dpt. H, a. Poller El Paso 

Pur. Agt, E. R. Fontaine ■ 

Claim Agt. Alve. Diion. ..,.,. ■ 
Gen.Fgt. A Pass.Agt. R. A. QUL ' 
Ch, A Ctec, Engr. A Engr. 

Ovhd. Constr. J, B. While. . . * 
Ch, Engr. Pwr. 8ta. 

Chas. Leanoouth , . * 

M. M.. J,E. Lawless ■ 

Energy purchased from El Paao-Elee. 
Ry. Co.; 1 mo-gen. West, 300 kw.ZaOOv: 
(tans. volt. 2SJM0 V; trolley volt, too v. 

war. eleRirie Ligtumc and ^omw boai- 
oeM la El Pun, Tu.. uul Jhuei. 

tailiBMF'benitcen £1 Phd hhI Ysteu). 
V-PlH. JoBphKemiEk. ., ^ 

See. G«orse A. Peirce. ... ' 

TrsM. Benry B. Sawyer. 
Gea.Ugn. aconeAWebiitH * 

Pdt. Ast. a. B. JobBoo*. . ' 

Diat. Met. Luke C. Btsdler. 

Mgr.Cwr.Coi.. AltttH.W«[reii.EIPuo 
Engr. Pwr. S™. C- L, L™nnouth ■■ 

PoirersH. eqnip.: 2 d.e. Wen. u». 200 
kw. 575i;ft a. c. G. E. AUiH-C. tm. 
lOJM kw: 2X0 t. 2 ph. SO nKS' 
e. Eidn: «eiS bp. b. Bab. £ W. 


IMS— nartben T«u Tnc. Cs.— 

Office, MO Mun ^l. (Olicnlea in Ft. 

mS Fl. Woclh, Hamlley, Alliogtoa. 

GnuKiPriOrieiuxIDsUu.) (CoBtFiilled 

br NontKCD TeiH El«. Co.) 
Prn Uaniisil M. FhinDcjr Boncici,M>«. 
V. Prei. & LdcxI Met. 

Geo. H. Ctiffud Fort Worth 

See. HidltiT. Gleuoa . . . Bgnon. Mua. 
Tru. Henry B. Sawrer. . ■ 

Audi. A. R. PallenoD . 
Gen-Mcn.SMneAWebatei. ■ 

Din. Met. Luke C. BniUey, 

1111 Sculoa BUk.. HcxatDC 

Gen. Sopt. V. W. Betij- .Tort Worth 

CliimAct. K. M. WmUoD 


Pur. ^gt. a^ H-SJaler ■ 

ElM. Engr. J. B. LedUe 

Engr. Pwi, SU- E. L. White. Handley 

M. M. S. W. Haidwich Foic Worth 

RoadmsatcT W. L. Huster. ..HuxUe)' 

ioi.2800fcw'.390TV3pb.i5iT»: lawlip' 
e.Cpr.H.O. AB:5330hp.b.BiOi.* W: 
8000 kis. turb. (9toi.) Weal: inu. vull. 
15.000 t; lioUey vdt. 600 v. 

Power B(a. at Hukdlev: r«iuT ahMa at 
Ft. Worth udBandley. 

Revhca Lake Erie Paik <uwii«i). 

113 ei miles-, 4-8H s: ITS motor (wa.. 
26 tniilpua.. 12 other molot whI 3 other 
tmn. (Does <>f*iHBj uid power Nt^Tt* 
is Handler and Grand Prufie.) 7S 

IIM— Twnat CiHiiitr TncUu C«.— 

Office. 400 Main Si. (Su«««oi (u 
FDrtWoithSoutbeniTrae-Cu.l ICub- 
IroUed by the Northern Tmn Klec. 
Co.) tCoDOtictA Fort Worth. Buileoori 

Prra. .ManballM. Fhinney. 

147 MUk St., B«ton. Ma» 
Sec. Uotlig T. Clouon. ... 
Treaa. Henry B. Sawyer. 
Oen.Hgn, Stone « Web«ei 
tl. Mgr. Luke C. Br~ll» 

nil SeuiloD .. Houetoe 

LoalMcr. (^. I 

Claim A^t. K. M- WaaoD . 
Gen.Pa».Aet. H.Tully Bom 
Put. Aat. H. H. SlftlK . . . 

Elee. Enar. J. B. Ledlii 

BijodmaateF, W. L. Hunter 

from NovOiem 

TneliaiL Co. (fait aetly Fort 

Worth Sootbern Tnctim Co.) ud 
the ArtmcIOB Lc. A Pwr. Co. Tbese 
' ■■ ' e elKtiiB rwlwuy 

pnaJlarAaU M .Thinner >Bi]a>aa, t 
V\Pceii. G. L. WejnuKth. ' 

3ec. George A. Pierce. ... " 

Treaii. Henry B. Sswjpr. . 

Gen. Mgrs. Stone A Web«er - 

Dial. ^Iec.. LokeC. Bradley. 

lilt ScankiB Bldg.. Hoi 
Mb. Opet. Co*. 
GeocgeH. Clifford Foa W 

4I.S63 (1916). 

lightmg alid power bu^neea in G^v^i- 
tu.) (Controlkd by GalresUtll- 

UoBslaa Elee. Co.) 
Pm.MairianMJtuimiT.BcBtaD, Maa. 

V-P™w(win«r A. Carter 


rre». H.B. Sawyer. . 
.\aal. Tress. W. B. ( 

Dial. Mgr. Loko C. Bndiivi 
nil Scanlon BMg.. 

Mgi. Alba H. Warren '■ 

Claim Agt. Geo. F. Pierce 

Supl. Transp. Chas.S. Mclinn " 

M.M.. M.B Oabome 

Roadmuter, Geo. MeMuUan. * 

Engt- Orhd. Constr. 

Henry Manatel. ......... ' 

Pawersu. equip. 3d. c. tot. 950 kv; 

4 a. e. lot.ll23kw.3300T.Zpb. SO 

cys: 2413 hp. t; 1444 bp. b. Bab. A W; 

xnia. tdIi. 33,00»-2300 t; trolley volt. 

350 T. 

Powrr sta. and repair thop at Calvae- 
ton. Enierv atao pnrdkaaed from Gal- 
nstoit.HoaElon Elet. By, Co. 

3S.Ta miles: 4-SH r SO paaa. motor and 
3 other eat*. 78 

Pne.Ma^ball M J^uoney, Bortoa.HaM. 
V J-na. A Diat.Mgi. Luke C. Bradhr, 

Gen. Men, 

Stoiw A WsbMsr BoMon, Ml«s, 

Uen. Supt. Geo. G. Morae. . . HdiuIod 

Local Mgr. David Daly 

Claim AgC. Bert Gray ■ 

Gen. Pue. Agt. Rei. D. Fraii«r . Daltaa 

Put. Agt.A. T. Kuni ' 

M.M.,F.J.BeDQ«lt Houston 

pQwer bU. equip. 7d. c. G. E. tot. 2100 
kw; 2 a. c. G. R. tot. 3000 kw, 2300 v. 3 

Eh. 60 cvb; 1580 hp. b. Bab. * W; 3000 
w. Btm. turb. G. E: tnna. volt. 33,000 
v; trolley volt. 600 Vk 

UoSa^a' ' ' " '' """' " "*" " 

£0 milsB; 12 motor and 14 othei cars. 


too EIbo. Co. and Houston Elao. Co., 
which compaoies do the satire electric 

lightmft and power buaineas in GaLveB- 

busiDesiiiaHuusUia. Also owns capital 
atock of OalvMton-HouBMn Else, Ry. 
Co., and intemrban electric railway 
operating between the ciUeg oi Galve». 
ton and Uouiton (50 milee). Power 
plsDtfl at Galveeton, Hou^Con aod 
League City. tot. cap. 66B2kn.) 
Pm.ManhaAM.Phimwy, Boston^ MaH. 

Gen.Msii^Stane &'v?e"s1«r 
Diat. Mgr. Luke C. Bradley. 

1111 Scanlon Bkl«.. Houaton. 

999 (1916). 
IIH— Grcendlle Mt- * Lt. Co. 

Office, Cnenville. (ConoecU Gree.. 

ville and Peoiel.) (Operated by 

Albert EmanuelCo., New York. NY.' 
Prea. & Geo, Mcr. Albert Emsnuel, 

61 Broadway, New York. N. V 
Set. W. F. Breideobaeh. Daytou, Obi 
Gen. Mgr. R. L. Easter.. . Greenvill 

Enerip' purcha4ed [rom City; trolle. 

Hhuit ehop at GreQDVille. 
Uwna parka in GKeaville. 
7 miles; 4-SH g: ^ motor para. *: 

111*— MlDN*! Heltbta Bt. K>. Co. 

Office, Greenville. (Successor to W< 
ley Callege Line.) (Extends Irom Mi 


V. Ptea. AGen, K^r. 

W. T. Wriihl 

8BC.*TreBa. J. M. Maa«y. .. 

Eneray purobased from Gre< 

... Co.' 

re of Greenville. 

Mgr. David Daly HoustoD 

Pur. Agt. A. T. Kun. ,. ■ 

Claim Agt. Bert Gray ' 

Ch.Ener. J.F. Uaaner 

Engr. f^Way. Frank Gardner . . ' 

M.M.,F. J, Bennett " 

" irer ata. equip, 3 d. c ,G. E. C-W. 
100 kw; 3220lip. «• Ham, Cor; 2260 
. Bab, A W; trolley volt. 600 v. 
ver sU. at cor. Commerce k. Branch 

2300 v; tr^ey volt.' 600 V.' "" 
76.648 miles; i-%^ g. 160 motor pass. 
id 33 other can. 73 

LABEDO. 16,749 (1016). 


See. H. E. EllBWortb San Antono 

Treaa. A Audr. E. H. GoriK, 

Chemicix) Bldg., Uc. Louie, Mo, 

Gen. Mgr. J. B. Morton Laredo 

Pur. Agt. Morriwn 4 MeCWI, 

Chemical Bldg., St. Louis. Mo. 
Ch.Engr. Pwr. Sta. H, B. Mason. Laitdo 

M.M.,R. H. Breneke ' 

Eogr. M, of W., Jose Campos ' 

Etur. Ovhd. Constr. 

Ben HerOBudei " 

which includes Westmi 


.Boalon, Mau. 

LONGVIEW. o.laa. 

1114— LadetIcw a Junction Rr.— 

fConnecta LongvLew and Lonj^iew 

Pres, Mn-.C. A. Fo.«i!r Longview 

V. Prea. R. B. Levy Teiarkana 

S«. A Treaa. 

Mn, Mark E, Mottley Longview 

Audr. W. B. McNaufihton. . - - "* 

Mgr. i. Pur. Agt. L. ^Eventt. 

M. M.. W. M. ScrooginH " 

1 mile: 4-8^ t: 3 care. lis 

3,712 (1918), 

Tr««. Co.— Office, 301 
ivo. nasningtoD Ave. (Controlled 
Ihronsh stock ownership by American 
Public Service Co., 48 Wall St., New 
York, N, Y.) 

Pres. C. H. Nandell Marshall 

"■ - AGen. Mgr. 

■ %■.-. 


iudr, J. M. Dickie ....Abilene 

?ur. Agt. I. E. Meadora. 

Ch.Engr. O.C.Wyatt Marahsll 

ingr. (Jvhd. Constr. H. M. Long" 

Energy purchased from MarahallElpc. 
:o.;ld .0. C-W. 128 k«; tmlley volt 

u&«. Pui*. {CmtnJkdby llxSmlb- 
vfsieni PsT. J[ U- Co.. Bliieli b in 
ipm enatrollcil by Smtlimcuni 
lUlil»3 Corpa-t 


. nn. A Geo. Mcr- 
Widla N. UoBne 

Sec. A Treu. J. C. 1 

Eartwr pwrliued <n>Bi I «K Foon < 
U. C«^ tnu. volt. 2300 r. m>U» voli, 
500 V. 

5.5 mite: 4^H K 8, motor ud I 

roar abtbcs. 7.663 (idiei. 
HIT— riv Br- c»^-okr. looi 

ScbBiDd BId«.. Dij-ton. Ohio. (Onsr- 

TcM. Co.) '•'™''™ ^ 
Pr«. 4G™. Met. 

C. H. Bnalci. Dkylon, O. 

V. Pres-, Sunt, ft Por. Agt. 

II. M. ^siili Port Anlior 

S«. E. C- Binfcr Dmyton, O. 


Audr.L. A- Bourca^ Port Arthor 

M.M.. H.E. Jane* 

Eneivy purchased from Port Anbor 
Li. a Pn. Co., lr:,Dt. md ImUry volt. 

B^nii shopa at 7lii A Hooatm Avca. 

Reaches Plranre Pier. 

1 mUe; tS'A g; 4 roolor cms. A5S 


IIIB— TMt Araor Tnc C*.— Loa 

■ office! 1001 Bchwind BWg.. Da^-ton. 
O, (Operates iD Port Arthur; alao Pier 

Prei''* Gen. Mgr. 

Chu. H. Boater Dayton, O. 

V. Pr». C. W, Dalf. 

503 HeiboU BMg., 
Sec. A Treai. S. M. Krobn 

702CoininerciBl Bid,., 
Audr. L, A. Boiuveois . . . .Port Artbur 
Supt. A Pur. Agt. H.M.Smith " 

Ener^ pareliBBed. 

Repair flhopfl at 7tli aodHoust^m Atca. 

mra. "' *' *59 

SAN ANTONIO. 123.831 (1916). 

IIM— San Anlonlo, Sui J«u & 
Medina YaMItT iBtervrban B7.— 

Office. 107 Ave. D. (Connecta Ssn An- 

toDio and San Jose.) 
Prea. A Gen. Mgr. 

A. D. Powers.. ...San Aptonio 

V.Pres.E.O, Burton 

Sec. C. A, Newton 

Energy purchased from San Antonio 
Public Service Co. 

Reschee Swimmine Pool and Public 
Batb House. 

5 miles; 4 k; 3 cars. (Operating aulo- 
mobiles: electric cat service temporarily 
discontinued.) 18t 

11X1 — San Antonio Pnblle Scnice 

Co.— Office. 305 E. Houston St. (In 
1017 acquired Ibe properties of San An- 
lj>nio Traction Co. and the San .\nlonio 
(JssAElec.Co.} (Controlled by Amer- 
ican Lt. ATrac. Co.) 
ITca. Emerson McMiHin, 
^ 120 BVay. New York, N. Y. 

IB V. Pro. W.B.TnUle.. ..San Antooio 
M T Jiw, A f-lstlirop. New YoikJ^.T. 
^rr. t Trral. R. C. Jones. .San Aotoniii 

Audr. Perry 1-- Kin« " 

Gfs. llEr- E. U. Kifer 

ClaicA Aft - Fr«d- i- Jfjuraoa ' 

For. Art. H<rnidUeiM>n. . * 

SajH.GaD.H.Coiliman. ... ' 

H. C.^Sm NewToHt,N.Y. 

Elee. E^«T k Sopt. M. irfW. 

G. W. Smith SanAntoaio 

Sopt- TraJifp- 

Capl.W.W.Holien . 
Oi.^vr. BwT. Sta.££.Hease ' 
.\n«TM. M.. S. E. Mason . 
Ener M, of W.. 

.^.M.CourtBcy ' 

Enerc from pow« dept; tioUey volt, 

it^iair sbop opp. San Pedro Sprinci 

«3iidEK4K: IS) motot pasa-.Mtnil 
and 30 otbe* (an. (Co. does sMttial 
Itc. A pn. liiaii .) -*» 

TBtnX. 13.504 (191ft). 
Utt— SMtkwMUn TracOMi Go. 

—Offioe. Temple. Tei..BoilS3. (Con- 
De«s Beltoe and Temple.) 

Wra. J. yta^er. .LswistcHi, Pa. 

Ovacit' Calvin Dim ■ 

iE. F. Downs Temple 

TVvtoe ft Pw. A^. W. G. ^uw. 
Sopt . M. U.AEnKr.Ovbd.Conslr. 

Claim A^. G. M. Felts Beltoi 

Engr. M. of W. All. Pediio Temi* 

Powrr Bla equip. 2 d. e. Stan. tot. 300 
tir 400 hp. e. Bales; 450 hp. b. Keeler: 
tKifs also punJusKl; trolley volt. 57S v. 

Powo- sta. and npair shop at Midway. 

OwBS Bell Couity Fair Grounds: 
learbes Lake Polk Park. 

i-SH *: B tdotor pan., 2 

elee. looa. 

1 Igl. . 


TKXAS CTTT. 5,S00 (1911). 

im-Tciaa City St. By. Co.— Offiee, 
Teias City, (Operates within city 
limits only. Through medium of ease- 

Gsiveston and 

>uslon Elec. Co. M 
m for Houston and 
itennediate poilila. 


Phased from Texas CiHr 

See. Harvey A. Thomas 

Mgi. * Pur, Aff. B, M. Orth. 

Enerey - ■ ^ ■- - ■ 
trolley voK. .™ ,. 

4 miles: 4-SH g; 2 motor and 2 otber 
can. Sold at auction la reoeiver to 
Auffustoit Peabody of Peabody, Boacb- 
teling A Co.. Chicago. Dl. ATti 

WACO. 33.38S (1S16). 

WICHITA FAtXfi. 12,124 (191S). 

lis*— WIcUU Palls Trae. Co.— Offisa. 

SOS Kemp & Kelt KdE., Wichita Falls. 

Pres. J. A. Kemp Wichita Falb 

V. Pres, Frank Kell - 


.*udr. Harold Murphy ■ 

Gen. Met. A Par. Agt. 

ogr. M. of W, SuD W(KK 

leo. Co.; tniUsy volt. 600 y. 
Repair shops st 1906 Nlntli 

ichils FbIIb 

LOeAN. 7. 622. 

(See No. 1127.) 

OGDKN. 31,404 (ISIS). 

ville. Hyrum, MUJviUe, Providenw 
I.o«BD. GrHiQvillc, Hyde Puk, Smith 
field. Mack, Hicbmond. MeniliB 
^ucartoQ, Kent. Quioney ajid Lewis 
Ion, Utah; FairviEw, Whitney biu 
Prestun, tdsboi includes all city line 
in Ogden. Bri(hsni. and Logop 

(Innnpcthins on Riadi? with l.ha Rom 

:.R. R.Co 

D. S, Clarft 

Traffic Mffr- J. W. ElJiDASon. .... 

Ch, Ener. H. C. Errett 

Bupt. M,P..a.W. Shaver 

Riiadmaaler (Inumirbaa * City) 

>-«taa. St Olden, Smithfield. Hat 
pi and Dewey tot. cap. 3300 kw; 
r ihopa at Ogden and PrestoD. 

CSee No. 1130.) 
SALT LAKE Cirr. 110,000 (EhI.IOI 
lltft— Salt Lake, Garflrid & Wcata 

%J. Co.— Office, lOlS Kcanu Bid 
Halt Lake City. [OperaWa by stei 
and eitnnds From Bait Lake City 
Great Salt Lake and Sall^ir Bea< 

aoA line will be eilezded toGarfit 
makiaa a total route mileage of 2 
Prei. A Gen, M(r. 

JoiBpb N«l«an Bait Lake C 

V.Prea, Arthur Winter. . ' 

Bee. ATretu. JoellUDhards ' 

Kapt. LeOrand Youde, Jr, ' 

CIMmAst. F.E.Bauen, . * 

M.M.,G»rge tittle Chicaoo, I 

Enir. MwM, of Way 


EnerKy purehaaod from Utah Pon 
A Li«hl Co.. trane. volt. 14,000 v. 3 p 

' Repair*£on at Salt lake City. 
Reacbea Saltair Beaoh (onaed). 

ll3»—BmmbereeT Bee. B. K. Co.— 

Office. Elec. Hy. Bldi. (SuoeeMor to 
BaULakeAOgdenRy.Cu.J (CDnneela 
Salt Uke City, North Salt Lake, Boun- 
tiful, Centreville, Farniington, Kay»- 
■■ , LaytoB, Clearfield, SuBSBl, Roy, 
---' —id Ogden. Conneeta with 

en and the Salt Lake'i Utah 
Co. at Salt Lake City, also aU 
ig steam railroads,) 

^en. Mgr. 

I M. Bamberger. .Salt Laks City 

Orchard and Ogd 


I. Vail. . 

led. Eni^. 

M.,M.L. Allen 


. Lake & Utah B. B. Co.— 

Office, 222 So. Weat Temple St.. Bait 
Lake City. (Connects Salt Lake City, 
Lehi, American Fork, Frovo, Spanish 
Fork. Payson and Magna; also operates 

■ C.Orem Salt Lake C 

jJas. G. BerryhiU Berkeley, O 

«1 Heni^TMoore. Salt Lake C 


Rupt.&Ch.Ener. J.R.EIlis. 
Pur. A«t. R. M. Milehell. . 
Claim Agt,E"—-"" "- 

Traffic Mgr 

Gen.Fgt. ftFaes, Agt. 
W. L. White 

lard L.Howell. 

I.t. Co. a 


Wilson..' ..Salt Lake City 

r W. I. Williams Pioto 

)urclj»sed from Utah Pwt, ± 

. __. _. 14flO0 V. and transformed in 4 

ib-st«tions to l.WO V, for use on trolley 

recti 12 tot. conv. West. tot. 3000 kw. 

750-1500 v: 12 transf. Weat. tot. 1800 

kva.44,0O0v.3ph. BOcvB. 

Suh-atas. at Granger, Lindon, Snring- 
ville and BriUEhurst. 

TS miles [catenary); t^>4 S) H ebo, 
motor pasg,, 1 ■aaoline motor paH.. 3 
elec. motor fniflnt and flS other otmi 2 

USl— Utah Lt. Sc Trac .Ci>.~(C 
solidotion at Utah Lt. & Ry. Co. i 
Bsh Lake Lt. 4 Ttm. Co.) CConoi 
aalt Lake City with Murray, San 
Midvale. Bountiful, Centervilla . 
Holliday.) (Electric light, aud po 
and oas ptopertiea Leased 1o and oi 
ated by Utah Power & Lt. Co.) 

Prcs. C. W, Whitley, . . -Salt Lake t 

„ r. . )o. J.Salisbury. 

V.PMBts.< c. E. Gro«beck 

(D.F.MoGee, NewYptk, N 

Sac. & TreaB. 
W. E. Blodcett. Salt Lake C 

AsBt.ja. A. Whitney 

Seos.lL. W. Osborna. .New York, N. 
Aaat. (E.P.Summereon ' 

Treasta.lE. O. Howard. . 

Mjr. H. F. Dloke Salt Lake ( 

Traffic Supl. , 

Cltum Agt'. Frank E.UanHia ' 

Put. Aet, A. D. Smith... 
Ch.Engr. L. L.Dagron., ' 


Energy from Utah Pbt. & Lt. ( 
repair shop at Salt Lake City. 

Beachea -Wandaniera" Liberty Pi 
Bonneville Park, Pioneer Park. I 
■ DoukIss and Beck'a Hot Springa. 
146.12 Qules; 4-Si4 g: 183 motor pe 



See.Geo. A. Westoa BellowB 

S. C. Morehouse. . .New Haven. ( 

"l5-.J.^S^fo'i5'- Bellow. Falla 

M.M.,S. Knapp Gageville 

RoadmaBtm. P.M.Wooley. BeUown Falls 

Energy purchaMid from Fall Mta.Elec. 
Lt & Pwr. Co; Z rot. G. E. tot. 300 kw. 
600 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; trans, volt. 2300 v; 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

Repair ehope at Weatminater St. 

7.8 milS; iTn'l: II motjir and 3 fgt 

(See also No. 660.) 


a, 517. 
IIH— Twin SUte Gh * Elee. Ca- 

(Brattleboio DlT.)--Oaicie. 180 Mib 

St. Gen. Office, 55 Conitresa St., Bos- 
ton, Mass, lAbsorbed Brattlebom St 
Ry. Co. and owns Berwick & SalmnD 
Falls Elec, Co.) (Connects BTBttlebcMc. 
CenlervilleAW.Brattleboro.) (Asub- 
Bldiary of Middle West Utilities Co. ) 

Ptes. Sam'l Inaull Ctiicseo, 111. 

.. Howard L. Olda. .B™ttm7M»., 

Audi, H. L. Harria, Bratr ' 

C, A. Forrest .BoBtoB, 

iec. A Aast. Treas. 

_ . _'. Reilly New York, N. Y 

Mcr. W. H. Richardaon. .Boeton. Mast. 
M. M., P. R. 8lookwell....Brattleboni 
Power slaa. equip. 1 d. c. West. 290 k< 
50 v; a. c. Stan. 300 kw. ll.OOO v. 3 pl 
leys; 865 hp.tutb. («tr.) Smith. Huni 
lerny also purchased from Coa 
sctjout River Pwr. Co.; traru. Toll. 
1,000 v; trolley volt. 550 v. 
Power ata. at West DummentoD: 
ipalr shops at Brsttleboro. 

~ompany does elec. and (as lighting-i 
BURLINGTON. 21.617 (1916). 

1I3S— Burllmton Tractton Co.— Of- 

' e, cor. Church and Main 8ts. (Caa- 

ila Military Poet. St. R. R.) (Con- 

Eta Burlington. Essex JuDctioa and 

Elisa' Lyman Burlington 

V. Pres. A Treae, JohnJ.Flynn 

- C, W. Brewnell ■ 

t. A Pur. A«t, T.B.Jonea 
Elec. & Ch. Enir, R, Whalen 
Tmn, Pwr, Sla. Bert Shaw, .. " 

Power ata, equip. 2 a. o- Wert. tol. 
1,%0 kw. 2400 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 1900 hp. 
,urb. (wtr.) Hoi; trans, volt- S2,000 t: 
■roUey volt. 600 v. 

Power Bta. at Vergennee: r^air abopt 
kt Burlingtop , 

Reaches Queen City and Ethan Aikn 
la miles; 4.8H c: 

T Itg. . 

& iJorth Adams St. Ry. Co. looa 

Ry- Co, 


:e ol Ne. 

R. R. Co. ConnecM oeuiuuBouu auu 
Fownal, Vt„ and Bennington and No, 
Adams, Mass, (Cuntroried by the 
New York. New Haven & Hartford 
R, R. Co,) (Leases the Hoosick F "" 
R, B, Co,, and is itself leased 
..... rafroroFeb. 1,1011 

IS. Howard ElUotl. f 

w Haven, Conn, 
PittaEeld, Mass. 


llSC—MUItarr Fast St. B. B.— Offi«, 

Cor, Church & Main Sts. (Con- 
trolled by BurUnglon Trao, C!o., whidi 

1111— Barn & Hontpellir Ttac. 
ft Fower Co.— Office, Montpelie^. P. 
O, Boi 377 , (Connect* Barre and Mont- 

Pres. H, T. Sands 

201 Devonaliire St,, BMhai .Uasa. 
V.Preala.lA, B. Taonsy, , .. > 

ID.E.Manson ■ 

Treas, E. A, Bradley • 

Audr.H, A, Gidney • 

Mgr, H. D, Larrabee Montpelier 

Supt, W, F. Corry ' 

Energy purchased rom Montpelier A 
BarreLt, &Fwt, Co,;rf2d, e, O, E, tol, 
450 kw; trolley volt. 575 v, 

1 Bub-ata. DHp. 450 lew; 2 mo. fcp. 
sela 11-250 kw, * 1-200 kw,) 

Repair sliop at Montpelier, 

Reaches and owns Dewey Park and 

10,26 miles; 4^i< s; 14 motor pui. 
and 2 other motor cars; 1 olhar car, lig 

BtlTLAND. 14,831 (1016). 

1118— Butbind B7., Lt. tc Fur. C*r— 

— OSce,2SCenCerSt. (Conoecta Rut- 
land, West Rutland, Castlslon, Bjdf 

ville. Fair Haven and Poultney. (Ua 
der luBntweTDGDt of W. S. Bantow 
^^anAgomuit Aun., Inc., and cdq- 
_ trollHT by General Gae & Elcc. Co.) 

™50 Pii^" cTmbw York, N. Y. 
■ . Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

F. S. Nicholson Rutland 

V?c. A Treas. H. L. Hanaen. ... 
■ur. Agt. F. C. Row 

SOPineSt., New York. N.y. 
iiip*. of Eleo, Dept. 

W. O. Mlnard. Rutland 

!upt.Hy. Dept, J.M.Eveletb. . * 
5upt. Gas Elapt. W. H. LanBoa. ' 
VI. M., Th«, Roacb ' 

Power sla. equip. 2 d. e. G. B. tot. 300 
sw; 5 a. e. O. E. West. tot. 2630 kw. 2300 
ind 13.200 V. 3 ph. 26 and 80 ive; 1600 

:b^a^ "^f roli'^ Vemont Ma^e c" ^ 

Colonial Pwr. ALt. Co; trana. volt. 2300- 

13,500-44,000 v; trolley volt. — 

5 Bub-ata«. tot. oap. 5935 k 

"poWer'rti.'lt' MeiidoQ (d. 
repair eliop at Rutland. 

28.3 milea: 4-SH k: 27 mu. v 

1 fgt. mo. and S fBt. cars without motora; 

2 eleo. loooa. (C^, does general lt(. & 
pwr. biulDeBsinRutland.) 1^60 

ST. ALBANS. 5,331. 

Ill*— St. Albans A SwMton Tntc. 

C«. — Office, S2 No. Main St., St, 

Albans. (Connecu Swanton, S 

Albana and St. Albans Bay. 

Pres, John W. Ogden. Maiden Mass, 

V. Pres. Fuller C. Smith..,, St. Albana 

Boc. A. G.Auger, 

48 HanoTBr St., Boston, Mass 

Walter R. Dame Clinton, Mass. 

Sunt, di Elec. Engi. 

A. W. Peterson St, Albans 

Claim Act. C. B. Johjuon ' 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sla. 


EuET. M. of W. 

l&roard Delligan * 

Energy purchased Irom Public Elec. 
I.t. Co.;'">ll""v"l' ^f^" 

Cb. £l 
ngr. :_ _. ., 

l^c"^.: Tan, 

Sec. i Audt. L. C. Moody, .Montpelia 
Fat, 4 Pass. 

Melvin ' 

rf.,A.B.Alger ■ 

lurcliased from Morriavil|e 
-It. 11,000 v; trolley 

Su-bsta. knd repair shop at Slowe, 

Reaches Fslieades Park. 

11.2S miles; 4-SH g; 3 motor pass., 
1 fgt. motor ears and I fgt. oar without 
motor. *7» 


ALEXANORU. 17,345 (1919). 

(SeeNoa. 118, 120 and 121.) 

BEBKUEY. 4,938. 

Hit— VlrglDla By. A Fwr. Co.— 

(Berkley St, Ry, DivJ (Connecla 

NuHolk and Berkley,) For officers see 


Energy from Norlolk; trolley volt. 

Reaches Lakeside Park. South Norfolk 
and Money Pt. 

15.22 miles; 4-SH g- £S 


6.765 I19I5). 
1143— Charkitte8Tllle & Albemarle 

Pres. Norman James Baltimon, Md. 

V. Pres,, Gen. Mgr. A Put. Agt. 

John L, Livers CharlotleBville 

Sec. ATreae. & Audi. 

Gen.'Fet iPaaa. Agt. "* 

R. H. Fife 

Ch.Engr. T.B.Davis..,, 

Power au. eouip, 2 a. 0, turbo-gea, G. 
E. tot, 1500 kw, 2300 V, 3 ph. 80 cya; 800 
hp, b. B. AW,; 2-1500 fcw.stm.turb.G, 
" ■ ■■ .It, 5T6v. 


t, Albana 

I, Alban 
la.aan milea; 4-8J^ g; LO motor and 
other ears, *S 

BPBINGF1EI.D. 5,383 (1814], 
ll«»^Sp(rlngllcld Elec. Bv. Co.— 

a River, eaiC of 
pair shop* at 

rersoo Park, 


Tnu, A Rsooid. 

H.H. Blanehsid Sprinsfield 

SecABupt, A,J,Crosl^, ., "^ ^T^ 

Audr, F, S. Pratt Brattlebo 

Elee. Enir. J, P. Niles Springfie 

Engr. Maint, of Way 

Wm. Scott , ■ 

Power sla. equip, 5d. c.G. E. tot. S' 

k(r;5O0 hp. B.— -; 450 bp-b, ■; 2 wt 

lurii; also aloe, bat; trolley volt. SfO 

Power sla. at Gould'a Mills: reps 

DANVILLE. 20,021 , 

nects Danvills and Schoolfiekl.) 

IMi^a. J. F. Bison DanvUle 

V. Prea, R. A, James ■ 

Sec, A Treas, H, S, Lanier 

Gen, Supt, A Fur, Agt. 

N. W; Berkeley. , , 

Ch, Engr,.EIecn,,M. M, AEngr. 

Ovbd; Constr, J. M, King. ,, 

Power sta. equip. d. o. Q. E^ T. H., 
Edison tot, 724 kw; 950 hp, e, B, A W. 
Erie, Woth; 450 hp, b. A. A T.; trolley 

r St., Danvilte; 
St., banville. 

ral Si 

miles; 4-8W g: 9 motor a 
, (Alao cames freight,) 

STOWE. 566. 

L, Gen, Mgr,, Supt,, 


HAMPTON. 5,505. 
I14S— Newport Newg A Hampton 
%j.. Gas & Elec. Co Offiee, Hamp- 
ton, (Consolidation of the Newport 
News * OU Point By, A Elec. Co,, 
Citiiena Ry,, Lt, A Pwr, Co., Hamp- 
ton Roads Traction Co., Newport 
News Gas Co. and Hampton, Phoebus 
A Ft, Munroe Gas Corpn.) (Conoeota 


inmutsF B. C. Lesnh Norfolk 

£oM(i, E.D.Kyle ' 

.ClaimAgl.J.H.BiTMH, .. 

Engx, F. L, Niebolson " 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Bta. A. Pairce. . 

M, M.,W.C, Alley 

Supt. M. of W., John Dwyer, ,. ■ 

"jadmaster, R, J. Green * 

Power ita. equip.: 1 d. a. O. E. 400 
i;ls. <^. G.E. 1000kw.I3.2OOv.3ph. 
. cyi; 2000 hp. e. Alli»-C. Welh; MOO 
J. b.Bab. A W. A. AT; lOOO kw. atn. 
turb. Wen; trsni. volt. 13,200 v; trolMr 

Powersta.>tBayviUe(NoP. O.): n- 
pair abope si BerliW and Norilsk. 
Reacbee Viri4iuA Bcadb, Cap« H«uy 
47 milas; i-8H g; U mou>r jHtam.. 23 
trail, 2 fxp. toot, ean, 1 f^t. mad 1 
oUkt car; 2 elec. locoi. [Co. 1^. Vir- 
ginia Beach.) -itOf , 

UM— TItkIbU Sallwmy.* Pswar C^ 

—(Leasee Norfolk Ry. A Li. C«.) 
(Conoecu Bsrkler, Ooeu View. Pine 
Beach, Old Poiu. Newport Netn, I4«- 
lolJc and PonaDuiuth.) , For ceiwnl 
officers, see Rlehmoihl. 

AHt.Gen.Mct. T, Norman JoDes, Norfolk 

Asat. Sec. A. E. Dickaoa ■ 

Supt. Diatrbn, W. T. Crolton. . , 

Ch. Eagr. J. P. Keeney. " 

Elee.Engr.J.C. Stephens ■ 

Power sta. equip. 1 a. c. turbo-Ben. G. 

E. tot. 35,000 kw. 11.000-2300 -r. 3 pk. 

AOcys; B2^ bp. b. Bab. & W; trana. Tc3t 

11 ,000 v; trolley volt, 575 V. 
Power sta. Reeves Ave., Norfolk; 

repair ahopa at Norfolk. 
Reacbes Ocean View, S milea from 

34.42& milee; 5-2 g. A 4-8>^ r. 122 

Newport News. Hampton, Phoebua, 
Fort Munroe. Hilton ViUaoe bdii 
L^ley FieU, (Under maoagement 
of ftck, Sbannahao & Cherry. Inc., 
Syracuse. N. ¥.) 

Prea. J.N.Shannabaa. Hampton 

V.Pn. A Gan. Mgr. E. F. Feck ^ 
Sm. & Traaa. R. M. Booker. . . 

Pur, A«. W. Slewatt " 

Audr. G. H. Caskey ,' 

Supi. B.J. Me^giiuon ' 

Gm.Fit. JiPa». Agt, 

Tliomton F, Jones 

Ch. Engr. N. E. DreiJer ■ 

Elec. Engl. F. B. Lawton. Newport Nena 
Ch. Encr. Fwr. Bu, 

A. E. Sderly. . Hampton 

G.E.Cot. ll.'800kw!3450'v,3pb.SOcysi 
4232 iH.. b. Bab. * W; 10,300 kw. stm. 
turb. G. E.; trans, volt. ia,(K)0 v; trolley 

volt, aoo v. 

1 nil>Ma. cap. ISOO kw., S rot. oasv. 
Power sta. and repair aboln at Hamp- 

CoJornny reaehaa Backroe Beach 

61.25 mileg; 4«>j r, 63 motor paia., 
34 trail tua.. 14 eip. motor, 1 tgt. and 
30 other Dan: 1 elec. loco. iCwnpany 
does general Itg., pwr. A las busineae,) 

HOPEWELL. 12,000 (1916). 

[See No. IlSl.) 
LTNCHBUBG. 32,S40 (1616). 

'll4»— Lrnebbars Traction « Ltolit 

Co-^fGce. 723MainSt. (Controlled 

by American Rys. Co.) 
Pres. Van Horn Ely. Philadelphia, Pa. 

V. (H. J. Crowlev. 
Sec. A Treai. 

Walter W.Perkini.. 
Awb. F, J. Fiyor. Jr. . " 
Oen, Mir. J. W. Hancock.. . .Lyncbbur 
Put^. G.C.Weirick. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Supt. Ry. Dept. * Claim Agt. 

D. C, Frost Lynchburg 

Elec. Ener. 

W. G. Claytor, .Roanoke * 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. Stae. 

E. C. Barnes " 

Eliner £. Bamard 

Power slaa. equip. Zd. c. G. E. tot. 450 
kw; 4 a. c. G. E. tot. 4260 kw. 13,200- 
2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 700 hp. e. Ball tc 
Wood; 1400 hp. b. A. A T., Bab. & W; 
1600 kw. ^Btln.) turb. G. ¥.; 4100 hp. 
(wlr.) turb. S. M. Smith; trau. volt. 
13.200-2300 v; trolley volt. 550 v. 

Power stag, at Lynehbuin and Raue- 
ens: repair ahop* at Lynobbuig. 

Owns Rivqrmont Park. 

Ig.SS miles; 4-8!^ g: 42 motor 
(Company fuinishes energy for lighting 
and opera tfB gu plant.) 

MCWPOBT NEWS. 20.562. 

812 [1916), 

llW-Norfolk South era Ballnxia— 

uy and Virginia Beach.) 

Federal Mgr. M. STHawkins, .. Norfolk 

Federal Treaa, M. Manly ■ 

FederalAudr.J.A.Wi^ow. .. 

PrtB. H, H. Swartwont. Now York. N.Y. 

V. Pres. C. I. Millard Norfolk 

Sec.&Audi.J.C. Nelms.Jr ' 

Asat.Seo, G.E.Chrbilia. New York.N.Y. 
Pur, A«l. L. M, Jo-™ .Norfolk 

Gen. Solicitor. V ; 

Cen.'Suii^.' B • 

Ry. and HopawoU % CHty 

PMBt Bf. Co.- __ _ 

320. f'^^rg'"' ""i^ J'<^^^^r^dr Ap- 

go^to. ".- ■".' «" " —- 



1 City 

;. -,i^- '^^"^''" ahawBTjlls 

V. Pres. Wm. A, Finn PeUrsbiUH 

Sec. A Treaa. S. C. Snead, ..ShkwaviUe 
Gen. Counsel S. W, Zimmer. Peterabiuv 

Gen.Mgr. J. A. Baird • 

a , fj. T. BlackweU 

supta.^j. ^ j^^^ . 

Hoadmnster, W. H, Wtsgo. .. ■ 


t. 13.0( 

tended to Camp Lee . 
18 mitea; 4-8H s; 24 

■ volt, t 

n City of Hopewell.) 

26,1 mibs; 4-eH k; 36 motoT ■ 

BADFOBD. 4.202. 

llSS-^mwdford Water Pwr. Co.— 

Office, es First St. [CoruolidaCion of 
Radford E]w. Lt. & Fwi. Co., Rad- 
ford St. Ry. Cq., and Radlord Water 
CWorkB). CoDDeoU RsdCord uid EsHt 

Pros, J.J. MoU Radford 

See. James Mott " 

Traaa. H, P.AnderBon ' ■ 

Gen. Mer. A Pur. Agt. 

C.C.Dunlap ' 

Power BU. eauip. 2 d. c. TCeat. tot. 2S0 
kw: 1 a. I. Vfmt. 31G kva. 2200 V. 

turt..' twtr.rMorfBD Smith: ItaM'. voft! 
2,200 V, 

Power 8la. od Little River, BH milej 
from Radford: repair shop, at Radford. 

2. S3 inile8r4-S!^ g', 3 motor care and 1 
other car. (Company fumiahes eneray 
lorliebting.) '113 

■icHHOND. isa,es7 (letei. 

(See No. 1012.) 

lUS— VlKlDla Br. * Power Co 

Office. 7th and Franklin Sis, (On July 
1 . lei I . tills oompsny (auccesaor to Vir- 
■inia F«B. & Pwr, Co,, whieh con- 
trolled RictamoDd Pbbb. & Pwr, Co,. 
Riohmond Trac, Co, and Richmond 
4 PBt«reburg, Elec, Ry, Co,), our- 
ehased and meiged with the Norfolk A 
Port«nioutii Ttac. Co. and controlled 

^M ar^Norfolk*. Prte^^i^^PotX 
month and Suffolk, Va, On June 30. 
19ia, purehased and merged with Rioh- 
mond Ry. A Viaduet Co,, connecting 
Church Hill. Fulton and Richmond 

Prea. T. S. Wheelwright Richmond 

iFriti Sitterding 
™: R^^WiUiamH..,, 
Gen, Mgr, 
C, H. Buchanan. . 
Aut. Sec, AAaat,TreaB. 

Geo, B. Taylor. 140 Broadway, 

New York. N. Y. 

OcD, Audr. W. J, Kehl Richmond 

ABt. Gen. Mgr. 

T. Notinan Jones Norfolk 

Pur. Agt. CO. Johiuou, Richmoiid 

a«n. Supt. Lt. & Pwr. 

J. E.Harvell 

Geo. Claim Agt. F. W. Mulford ■ 
Mech. A ElecTlngr. W. C. Bell ■ 
8apl. Roll. Stk, A.Taurman. . 
Sunt, Schedules A Inapeetion 

a. Pollard.. 

fRioh. Div. 

Bupt, I H.L. Smith 

Ry. LineslSo. Rich, & Int. Div. 

[ W. F. Bryce 

M. M.,W. J. Hicke 

Eogt. M. of W.. J. M . Penick. 

Stmt. Diatrb. & Install, 

J. H, Stribling. , Richmond 

Ch.Eoar. PwtTSu, 

W. O. Randlett.. 


Ch. ^«r. E. S. Ely Norfolk 

Bopt. Traiup.E. A. Bishop ' 

M. M., T. W. Madison 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Plant A SubsU. 

J. P. Kseney ' 

Sunt. Ry. Lt. & Pwr. 

J. F. Pond Patgnbmg 


Supt. R. J._BriDkley Suffolk 

Power sUs. equip. 10 d. o. G. E. tot. 
eeoo kw; 9 a. c, G, E, AUis-C. West, tot. 
22,150 kw. 2300 v. 3 ph. BO cys; 11.400 
hp. b. Bab. & W; 37.250 kw, stm, lurb. 
G.E, West, Allis-C; 12,000 hp. wtr, wh. 
Smith, Le(. Bol; trans, volt. 100,000 v; 

'"poler" eias. at' Richmond, Norfolk, 
PetflrBburg. Portsmouth and Suffolk; . 
repair shops at Richmond, Petorsburg. 
Norfolk and Portsmouth. 

Owns and teaches Femdale, Ocflau 
View, ForCBt Hill, William Byrd. Jeffer- 

Pa^rks. "" ""'" '" "" ""'^ 

361.73 miles; 4-SI4 g; 50S pass, and 

lighting and power business.) IkSS 

BOANOKE. 43,2S4 (IStei . 

(See also No. 11S3.) 

11S7 — Mill Moontala Inollnc, Inc. 

—Office. Hammond Bidg.. Roanoke. 

Pree.W.P.Henritie Roanoke 

Sec. & Treas. John C. WalUce. . 

Energy purchased. 

Reaches summit of Mill Mountain. 

2,000 ft.; 4-8H c; 2 eara. *59 

IISB— BoBDoke By. tc Elec. Co.— 

Office. 129-131 E. Campbell Ave. 
(.Connects Roanoke, Salem and Vin- 
ton.) (Controlled by the Roanoke 
Ttac. & Lt. Co.. which in turn is 
controlled by American Rys. Co.) 
Pm. Van Horn Ely. . . .Philadelphia, Fa. 

2nd V. Pres. C. L, 8. Tingiey! 
Sec.iTreas. Walter W.Perkins 

Gen. Mgr, J. W, Hancock Roanoke 

Supt. Tranap, i Claim igt. 

W. H, Horn , 

Supt. Equip. W. T. Bush " 

Pur.Agt.G.C.Weirick. Philadelphia, Fa. 

Elec , Engr. W , O , Claytor Roanoke 

Ch, Engr, Pwr, Sta, 

C, C, Hogshead 

Engr. Way & Stntoturee 

Elmer E, Barnard 

Powerata.equip. Ba. c.G, E.tot.702.^ 
kw. 2300 V. 3 ph. 60 eye: 2048 hp. b. Bab 
& W, Root; 5000 hp. Btm. turb. G, E ; 
3000 hp. wtr, turb. Piatt; trans, volt 

ptiTchaeed from Appalachian Pwr. Co. 

Owns Mountidn Park . 
29.85 miles: 4-8H g: 41 motor and 4 
other cars. (Company does lighting.) 


STAVNTON. 11,654 (1910). 

Hit— SheiHiidosb Traction Co.— 

(lormerly Blue Ridge Lt. ft Pwr. Co.) 

Office, Greenville Ave. (Operates in 

Pres. Pur. Agt. 4 Gen. Mgr. 

John H.Adams Staunton 

V. Free, S. D. Timberlake, Jr. . 

Sec.R.E.R. Nelson 

Treas.M.O'Donnell " 

8opt. John T. Cole 

Energy purchased from Staunton Llg. 
Co.; trajey volt. 550 V. 

Reachea^Hwhland ^rk (owned)'. 
6.5 miles: 4-SH g; 1'' "" 


SUFFOLK. 7,00g. 


IIM— Tuewcll ! 

Power mUk. equip. 2 d. c. West. Allu C. 
tat. 260 kw:.2 a. o. Whthi, tot. ISO kw. 
8. ph. 133 eye; 375 hp. e. H. & T. Allia C: 
MO hp. b. W. A W; ttana. volt. 2200v. 

from Ha Taiewelf Eteo. Lt. & Pnr. Co. 
2 milea; 4-8K c: 3 CA». 118 


Tfdkhi) wiXcUriaii-,. 
Pna. A. G. Ncrti. . Minneiqwlia, Mim. 


10,334 (1916). 
liei— Graf's Harkor Kr. & Lt. Co. 

—Office, 10« £. Huron St. (Abeorbed 
the Gray's Harbor Elec. Co.) [Cdd- 
uectB .Oienleen, Hoquinm tuid Coe- 
mo_poli».) (Controlled by Federal Lt. 
A Trac. Co.) 

Pren. E, N. Ssndenon 

60 Broadway, New York, N, Y. 

V. Pres. J. B. Bridao* Aberdeen 

Sec. A Mgr. P. A. fiertrand. ... 

TreM. J, Dunhill 

eo Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Aaat. Sec, & Asat, Treaa, 
A.E. RMera Aberdeen 

Engr. Fwr. Sta, H. A. Bradnor. 

Power bU, equip. 3 s. e, tnrbo-Ben. 
Weat. G.E. tot. 2400kw. 2300T. Sph. 
eo cys; leoo bp. b. Bab. & W; liana, volt. 
2400 v; trolley volt. SSO v. 

Power ataa. aod repair sbopa at Aber- 

Onus Electric Park. 
II miles; 4.SU e; 20 cars. (Company 
does a KDera] Iti. and pwr. buainesa.) 


BELLINGBAH. 32,985 (1916). 
U«S— Faelflc Nortbveit Trac. fte. 

(Northern Di v.)— (Connects Belling- 
ham, Blancbard, Burlinstoa, Mt. 
Vemoo and Sedro WooUey.) For 

Asst, Treas. J.C. Hector. . . .BelliDgham 

MKT.H.B.Sewall -^ 

Bupt. Ry. JohnHickok.Jr .. 
Supt. Lt. iPwr. R. U. Muffley 
Pur, Agt.E, L, Noyea 

Eleo. EoKT. G. E. Springer. .BdlinKham 

Energy puTchascd From Puget Sauod 
TracOoD Lt, A Pwr. Co. 

as.2 mUes; 4^H g; * Pa". uid 44 
otfa«reara;2e1eo.loeoe. 12S 

ItW— rant SmiiMI Trac., Lt. A Pwi. 

Co. (BeTlinebaoi Div.)— For eiecutive 

Asat. Treas. John C. Hector, BelliuEham 

Mgr. Hany B. Sewall "^ 

AsBt.Sales MgT. R.W.Lindley 
Supt. Ry. JoTrn Hickok... . 
Supt. Lt.4 Pwr. R.U.Mufiloy 

Supt.GasCE. Lasher ' 

Pur. Agt.E. L.Noyes 

M. M. Peter Loft 

Power sta. equip. 2 d, c. G. E, tot. 500 
kw; 2 a, e. W. £., O. E. tot. 35,000 kw. 
Z300 V. 3 nh. 80 cys; 1000 hp. e. Ham, 
Cor; 1500 hp. b. Bab, ft W.«tir; 2728 
kw, Sim, turb. Curtis; 3218 hp. wtr. 
wh. Pelton: traoe. volt. flO.OOO v; trolley 
volt. 000 v; energy also purchased from 
Western Canada Pwr, Co,, Ltd, 

Power gtas. at Nookaack Falls (hydro, 
dec.) and Bcllingbam (steam); repair 
shops at BelLingham . 

25.49 miles; 4-8^ g; 28 pase. and 16 
other cars; 3 locos. (Co. doea general 
ligbting and power buaioesa.) 1^39 

CENTBAUA. 7,311, 

(See No. 1180.) 

CHBHALIS. 4,e07 

(See No, 1180.) 

C. Hartung Clarfcsut 

M.M„ J. A. Morrow 

Energy purchased from Waahingbia- 
Idaho Wtr.. Lt. * Pwr. Co; I d. o. G.I 
125 kw; trana. volt. 2200 v; trollay v< ' 
550 V. 

Repair shop at Clarkston. 

Beaches Vernon Park and LewistoD- • 
Clarkston Ball Park (controlled). 

4.15 mileg: iSH g; 4 one-man molv '■ 

(Sea also No. 1171.) ' 

KM— Paget Soaod iDtematlMa 
By. & Pwr. Co.— Gen. office. 8W 
Stuart Bldg., Seattle. (FuichaMd On \ 

E-operty of the Everett Ry.,Lt.,&Wu. 
o.) (ConnectB Everett. Lowell sul 

Snohomish.) iControlled by the Fr I 

cific Northweet Trac. Co.) I 

Pres. Frcd'k S. Pratt. . . .Boston, Ma*. , 
,,„ . /Alton W, Leonard... Seatlk 

V.Preats.^Wm. H. MoGrath • I 

Sec. George A, Fierce Boston. Mbs. 

Treas. H.^.SaWyar 

A99t. Sec. James B. Howe Seatlli , 

Asst. Treas. C. F. Kirchhaine. ,£veieu 
Clerk. Wadleigb B. Dnunmoud I 

Portland, Ore. 
Gen. Mgrs, 

Stone i Webster Boston, Maa 

Actg. Mgr., Claim Agt.AEngr. . 

M. ot^jGeo. Nawell EnrMl 

Supt, Rys. W, E. Delano * 

Supt. Pwr. Dept. & Engr, i 

Ovhd, Conatr. A. M. Chitty. . • 
Bupt. Dstr. Mr. Crawfold.... * 

Pur, Agt, K. K. Carriok • 

M.M., E.M.Swift ■ 

Engr, Track & Roadway, 

R. D. Farria,.., ■ 

EngrJwi.A Equip.T.Molrneiu ' 

Tower Bla. equip. 1 d. c. West, 600 k-: 
2 a. c. West. tot. 12fi0 kw. 2200-llD '. 
2 ph. 60 cys: 1000 bp. e, AUis-C; 12IS 
hp. b. Bab. A W; 7M kw. stm. tub. 
West; trolley volt, 550 v.; energy ahr) 
purchased from Puget Sound. Tiac, Li. 
A Fwr. Co. 

17.8 milse; 4-8H g; 21 motor and i 
other cars. (Campany doea general Hf 
A pwt. busilissB.) *M 

Energy purchased from Puget 
Trao. Lt. A Fwr, Co. 

26.5 mileg; t4H g; 6 past, i 


!«•— OlrmBla Lteht A Pmtn Co.— 

Office, 523MUU St. (Coanects Olym- 

pi« and TurowalM. ) 

>rea. L. B. Faulkner Olympis 

'. Pre*. P. M.Troy " 

loo. John T, Otia 

7re»a. A Audr. H. A, Hart. ... 

lupt. H.C. Haoft 

•ur. Agt. W. K. Bumtrager... " 
rh.Engr. Pwr. 8la. 

F. M. Cooper Tumwater 

Power ata. equip, ! d, c. Weat, 600 kw; 
r a . 0. W«t. flOO kw. 2300 v. 2ph. 60 cy»; 
eOO bp. turb. (wit.) S-B ft S-V; trans. 
'oU. 55.000 TitrolIeyTolt.SOOv. Eneror 
klao purohaaed from Piunt Sound 
rrac. tt. A Pwr. Co. 

1 aub-Bta:l rot. coav. 

Power bU. at TumwaUr, Wash.; 
epair ahopa at Olympia. 

e milea: 4-8M f: 10 motor, I tndl 
iBH., 1 other motor and 2 other oara. 
iCompany fanuahea eDercy for lig h ti n g 
uul power at Olympia aad Timiwater.) 


Haymond. (PurchsAod the propertiee 
of the Wmina Harbor Ry. Co., Twin 
City Elec. Co. and SouUi Bend Else. 

Prea. J. B. Thomto' 
V.Frea. H. Hobart 

Sec, Mgr. & Pur. J 

Treaa. M. M. Fiaher ; 

POWER STa". J— 1 gen. W«t. 300 k» 
belted to 1 engine Twin Nule; 1 turbo 
gen. Cunia300 kvB. 0600 v, 3 ph. 00 cyi 
160 fcw. West. bElted to 1 eng 


L'. 3ph.6 



forlni. Ma 


inumrban railway aystem. Sellingham 
to Mt. VemoD— Burlington t„ gilro 
Woolley, Waah.. and does Light and 
Power I>UB;neB in Itrritory tribuury 

Mir. No .Div. Harry B.Sewal] Bellioiham 
Amt-TrtM., I.e. Hector... . 
Supt. Ry. John Hirkuk, Jr. . 


Supt. Lt. A Pwr. 

R.D.Muffley BcUliiuhB'n 

Pur. Agt. E. L. Noyea = 

Elec. Engr. G. E. Sniinger. . * 

Energy purchased from Puget Sound 
Trac, Lt. 4Pwr. Co, 

35.2 miles: (owned) 4 mo. paaa. and 
44 other cara; 2 elec, tocoe, 

erett & Seattle. 
Mgr. So. Div. D, C, Barnes Everett 

Supt, R», Geo, Newell,!!!!!!!; ' 
Supt, Motive Pwr. A,M.Chittx, ' 

M.M. .E.M.Swift ', ■ 

RoadmaaUr, A, Hollioge ' 

Pur. Agt. K. K. Carrick ' 

Energy purcbaaed from Puget Sound 
Trac., It. 4 Pwr. Co. 

2G,S milea (owned); 6 mo. paas. and 
32 oUier can; 2 eleo, loooa. IZS 

1»«— ruBCt Sound TraclloD, Light 
A Power Co.— Office Sao Bluart BTdg. 
(Purchased and consolidated The Se> 
attleElec, Co,, Paeific Coast Pwr. Co., 
Puget Sound Pwr. Co,. Seattte-Tacoma 
Pwr, Co, and Whatcom County Ry, 4 
Lt, Co.) [Controls Puget Sound Elec. 
Ey,, Western Washington Pwr, Co. 
and Pacific Northwest Trac. Co,, 
which controls Puget Sound Inter- 
nationalRy,&Pwr,Co, The company 
through ownership or control, does 

of the commercial electric lighting and 
power business in the PugetSound dia- 
trict. including the cities of Seattle, 
Tacoma, Bellmghsm and Everett,) 
lOwns ot contrSa hydro-eleetric pwr, 

123,913 bp.,hydro-electricanS ultimate 
development of about 175.000 hp, 
steam stations with present cap. of 
42.SS0 hp. and street and interurban 
railways aggregating 403.0 milea.) 
(The WashingtoD Auto Bua Co.. opar- 

ChmD.Bd, Fred'kS.Piatt,Boaton. Maaa 

Pres, Alton W, Leonard Seattle 

V. Free. Wm, H. McOratb ■ 

Clerk, Geo, A, Pierce Boston, Mass. 

Sec, Jas. B, Howe Seattle 

Treaa, Henry B. Sawyer. Boston. Mass, 

Asst, Treas, Frank Oaboey Seattle 

Audt,W,E.BeBt .,, ■ 

Gen, Accl, Forreat P, Dealer • 

Gen, Mgrs, 

Stone A Webster Boston, Ma», 

Sales Mar, H, J, Gillo Seattle 

Asst. Sales Mgr, R.W.Clark,.. * 
Mgr, Aui, Oper.W, J,GrBDiba,, 

Suburban Alt. L, R.Grant ' 

Industrial Ai!l,W,E, Herring... ■ 

i Arthur L. Ksmpater, . ' 
L, R, Coffin... Bellingham 
L.H.Bean Taeoma 
D, C, Bamea Everett 

Fgt. I'ratlic Mgr, W, U, Someis. Seattle 
Gen, Supt, Ry. G. A, Richardson * 
Gen, Supt, Lt. & Pwr, 

John Harriabcrger , ' 

Supt, Dept- Accid, Investigation 

J.T.fiiwU - 

Pur. Agt, W. B. Donaldson. . , . ' 
Ch. Eleo, Engr. G, E, Quinan ,, ' 
Engr, (Seattle Div,) 6,C,Lindaay * 

IStm.Ht, Div, 
W, J,Santmyer ' 
Transp. D.W.Henderaon. " 
Rolling Stock & Shops, 
A. D, Campbell - 
Way 4 Struct 

1 E, J. Mcllraith ■ 

Supts. Tranam. 4 Difltrbn. 

M,T. Crawford • 

Tranaf. E. F. Tairall ■ 

[Meten B. B. Thatohar. . * 

(W. O. Gordiiiii 


17,725 hp. turb. De Laval .Curtis; Irans, 
volt. 13, §00-56 ,000 v; Irollev volt. 550 v. 
Eneivy &lso purobassd f nun WcBtdrn Ciin- 
adaPwr. Cd. iBellinghaiii Div.) 

Power stiw. at Snoquslmie Falls. EleF- 
tron, DisriDger, Nnoksack Falln. Ssattle, 
BollinitliBm BDd Tsmma; repair abopa 
at GeargetowD, BelUDgham and Taaoms, 

Owns Madison Park and tEachea Mad- 
roDS and Leuhi Parka and 6 other city 

202'niiles; 4-SM e, and 3-e e- (cable): 

Bl m£?!tie<f. &dA 3 otb^ble^Tl ^b4 

■1»>— WcaMrn Waahlivtan Pwr. 

Co. (Operates in the City of Seattle.) 

(Controlled by PuEet Sound Trge. Lt. 

A Pwr. Co.) 

Pree. Frederict 8. Pratt. .Boeton, Mass. 

If i>»^.. /Alton W. Leonard . . , Seattle 

V.Presta.jw^ H. MoGrath - 

Aest. Sec. Jee. B. Hone Seattle 

Treas. Henry B. Sawyer. . Boeton. MaBB. 

Asat. (Forrest P, Daiter Seattle 

TrBa8r9,l.C, F. Kirohhaine Everett 

Clerk. Wadleisb B. Drummoad, 

Portland, Me. 

Aut. Clerk. Jae. B. Howe Seattle 

Gen. Mgrs. 

Stone % Webster Boeton. Maes. 

AcU. Mgr. Geo. Newell Everett 

Energy from P n Sound Trae. Lt. & 

Supt, of Public Utilities 

Tboe. F. Morphine Seattle 

ClaimAgt.Jaa.H. Dennis * 

* ' Bd. o'lPliblic Works,. ■ 

Bupt. Tranap. S. E. Goodwin * 

M. M., H. J. StiUi. 

aOOAve.'W.AN'lckersonSt., * 
Energy supplied from City Ltg. Plant; 
4 mo-gen. Ridg. Pt. Wayne tot . 2000 kw. 
trolley volt. 600 v. 

□t 3>4 miles through shipyard district 
under construotion.) *BB 

1171— Seattle & KalDlcr VMlcr Ball- 

W8r Co.— Office. 72 W. Adams Street. 
Chicago. III. (Suocesior to Seattle, 
R«nton 4 Southern Ry. Co.) (Con- 
necu Seattle and Renion; also Colum- 
bia, Hillman City and Ranier Beach- 
all within limits of city of Seattle.) 

Pnm, Mwa'iall E. Satnpaelt, Chioaao, tU. 

V.Pms.E. M.Mills ^ 

Sec. Henry M. Brooks • 

Treas. E. W. Goes. . 

.. Mgr. 

;rM. I 

r. ft Pur. Agt. P. C 

Siipt. T. H. Nolan 

Claim Agt. John C. Higgins. . 

M. M,, J. R. FairohUd. 

Signal Engr. S. B. Brumleve. 
Roadmaner, S. Moline 

rra^^. S 

■ohased /rom Puget Si 

R«pair shop at Sevttle, 
1 sub-Bta. cap. aso kw; 3 ro 
Reaches Atlantis City a 
•ark, owned by oity. 
24 miles; 4-SM K H i 

■irs— Spokane & Inland 

Waldo G. Paine, . 

ACh.Ei^r. Pwr. St*. 

>. 2200 v. 3 ph. 60bi 

v; trolley volt. 6,600v. B.C.* SSOT.i'i 
Power Hta. at Nine Mill Bridge on ^ 
kane River; repair shops at SpokaH m 
Coeur d'Alene. I 

Owns parks at Hayden and UbflQI 
Lakes; Ball Park, Spokane; Blacto^ 
Park at Coeur d'Alene , and reaches Mu^ 
Ito Park. Corbin and Liberty Parts id 

290,473 miles: 4-S}$ g; SS pass, m»' 
other cars (eitv); SBpass, cars. tMh^m 
16 express and 1 other ear Qotanllbii^ 
13 elec, and 2 sleam loeoa, (CompW 

pokane. Hillyard, Meiiioa 


nn Ei. nommittee, 


2od V, Pres, & Gen, 

W.E. Coman,,.. 

Sec,, Treas, ft Pur. . 

r, J, B. lisken,. 

1. a. e, G. E. tot. aO.SOO kw. 4000'. <■ 
Bys; 30,000 hp. wtr, turb. Morris. 

POST FALLS (Idah '" ' ~ 

1. E, tot, lt.2S0 kw. : 

O.E. tot. 4.500: 
O.E, tot, 43001 


trail pan., 3 eip. n 

other csra. (Co.hIIs SMcgy and doci 
btinfE ID Spok&ae^BkA Boh and tht 
louae DiBtrictB ol Wuli. and Northeri 

TACOHA. 115,000 (leiS). 

iHb — TacoDik Mnnlctpal Sallwu. 

—Office, 437 East llth 8t. C'Tiae 
Plata" line.) 

H. RoyHarriion 

in.B^r.AM.M, W. G. 

ft. S^Dsp. Joseph H.Lyoue.. * 
nerpr BuppliM^ by plant own«d_by 

itqw at 437 East 1 

Iroin City of Tacooia to American 

and the town of Steilaaoom.) 

trolled and operated by Puoet Sound 

ITS— Pwet S 
God. (^ce. S 


electric power business of 



<iuit. Pwr. A Equip. 
K- C.-Schlu«.. 

t Wiltn and 134 '■ 


along intanirban line.) 

Hill and American Lake.) (Own'edand 
operated by the Fusel Sound Elec. By ., 
which ia controlled by the PujEOt Sound 
Trac, Lt. A Pwr. Co.) 
rea. Fred 't 8. Pratt. 

147 Milk St., Boston. Mass. 
"on W, L ■ ■■ ••■ 

.liam H. 


Treas. W, E. wilmot Tacoma 


...jnel Webetei 
H7 Milk St.. B( 

LocalMgr. L.H.Bean 

OcD.Supt.G.W. Rounds. . 
Supt. Invest .A Adj. H, O. Wi 
Fit. Traffic Mgr. W. H. 8ui 

Pur.Agt.G.O. Snider 


K. C. Sohlusa 

Supt. Ttansp. T. F. Marsh. 

Energy purc^-— ' '— 
Trao,, Lt. 4 P 

t. 600 V 


. 600 v; 3a. c. G. E. lot. 2500 k 
r. 2 ph. 60 cya; 4460 hp, e. Frii 
Penoa; 4100 hp. b. Bab. & W., 

km plant and repair- ahopa 

Reaches Spanaway Park (owned) a 

IS Land Title Bide., 

Phila3elphiB, I 
u. Mgr. APur. AsC. 

Sec. J. Newlin 

..Portland, Ore, 

.6 Land Title BHg., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
?reas. B. F. Donahue. . .Portland, Ore. 

Power Bta. equip.: 2d. o. West.. Q. E. 
Dt. TOO k»; 2 a. c. Allia-C. tot. 2000 kw. 
300 V. 3 ph. 60 eye; 1800 hp. b. Stir; 

atm. lurb. Alli»-Ci 700 hp. wtr. turb. 
lUis-C. Smith, Vale; trans, volt. i6M0 
: Irolliw Toit. WO v. Bnerey also 
urchased from Portland (Ore.) Ry., 
,t. A Pwr. Co. 

Power stas. at Cbehalis and Kalama; 
epair shops at Cheh^ia and Vaneouver. 

20 miles: 4-SH B- 10 motor and 14 other 
ars. ICo. doea general Ughting A p. — — 


2S,13fl (lOlS). 

Tallflr Rr, Co.— 

ijen, omce. lissco Bids.. Portland, 
Ore. (Operate* in WsilaWalla and so 
inlerurbaa line connecting Walla Wal- 
la. Wash., and Milton. Ore.) (Con- 
trolled by the Paoifia Pwr. & Lt. Co.. 
which in turn is controlled by American 
Pwr. A Lt. Co.) 

C. B. WftlUra WgJlB VMi 

VJPrna. John A, Laing.-Partluid. Ore 
B« .ATnu.Gw .F.Nenna 
Atat. Bee. ATnu. 

LewiiA. MilArthut ■ 

Trsffio Mn. Frank Ring. .W&Ua Wolle 
Pui.Agt. H.W.Batluany, Portland, Ore. 
Ch. Encr. H. H. Bcholgeld. 
Enci. InibugeR/WJcTsiH 

Wm. H. Gslvani - 

M. M., P. Fiohlnsr Walls Walla 

RoiwimMl*rN. Manflio * 

Energy purcbtued from Paidfie FtR. i, 
Lt. Co.: 3d. 0. G. E. tot. 1000 kw; trolley 

Repaii ahopi at Walla Walla, 

27 miles: <-S>i g; 15 pua. and 13 fgt 
care, *59 1 

a andWeliih.) 

free, i^- c- joiuuoa Ro 

RcE. Director N. D. Maher 

Audr. Walter MacDm 
Gen.Mgr. W. J.Jenke... 

8upt. W. O. Franklin BluiE^ 

Pur. Agt. J. H.CIenunitt 

culm AKt.W.S. Battle. Jr. .Roanoke. Vi 
Act. Gen. Fgt. Agt. _ 

Ch.Engr.J^. Crawford.! * 

Ch. Eleo, EniT. 


aignalEngr.D.W. Richard* ■ 

Is North Yl 

kima.Harwood.Selah and Wiley City. 

Pres. *Gen. Mgr. 


V.Prei. J. P. O-BrieD 

See. Mynie M. Blaaaoi 

g.. Yakinii 


Portland, Ore. 

MUiot Bldg.. 

Audi. R. B. "JswiQ 

Supt. W. 8. Howard * 

Gen. Fpt. iPaaa.Agt. ^ 

Pur.' Art. G. 6. Ssul'.'.V.Porliand. Ore. 
Ch. Engr. E. F. Kidder. . . Walla Walta 
M. M.. A. J-. Field Yakima 

Eaergy purohaaed hum Pacific Pwi. & 
Lt. Co.;3d. c. G. E.tot. 90r' " 
G. E. tot. 1050 k». 2300 v. 3 
trass, volt. 2S.000 v; trolley 
d. <i. 

Repair shop at Yakima 

1 BUb-eta. 

4fi milea; 4-8M g; IS mo< 
trail posa.. 4 other moM 
other cara; I eleo. loco. 

trolley volt, 11.000 t 

i ova; ZTSM 

I. b. Bah. < 

44,000 r 


15.442 (leie). 

(See aleo No. 1199.) 
118«— AppBbehUD Fwr. Co.— Bn 

iuspeotion tbap it 
68.3 mijea; 4-8H f. 1^ double BM 

CHAKLKSTON. 29,941 (1916). . 

1184— The Ctaarleitoii'Ihuibar Tne- 

e»,— Office, Charleston, (ConneiB ] 

Charieston and Dunbar.) , 

Prea. Fred. Paul titoMOup ChBrkaton I 
Sec. Gen. Mgr. 4 Pur. Agt. 

B. W. Aleiander 

M.M.,F.W.Gay ' I 

Power eta. equip. 2 d . e. O . E . tot. 701 ' 
kwTtrsns. volt. 23O0vj trolley volt. 600'. 

1 other car. iCompai 
llg. * P""- bu«ineB«.) 

f^O^^tffioe. Temunal Bids,, Charln- 
toQ. (Leases lor 09 yean ^ Kanav^ 
" "-- "" - " which is oontrolW 
" ConDHU 

_. __, bos. Swill 

. Albans, Kanawha CiV, 

New York, N. Y. 

C. N. Mason 
I 71 B'way. 
3eo. A. H. Mogle. 

30 Broad St., 
Treaa. W. R. EmerKin 

47 Ames Bldg,, Boeton, Mass. 

Audr. W, E. Terry Bluefield 

Gen. Mgr. Herbert Msrkle ' 

Local Mgr. J. B. MoMiley, Jr . . . 
Pur. Agt. J. P. Gills " 

Eoergr ia lutnished from hydro-eleo. 
developments to sub-station at Bluefield; 
1 mo. gen. G. E. 300 kw. stm. plant 
reserve: 1 d. c. G. E. 600 kw: trazis. 
volt. 88,000 v: trolley volt. 550 V. 

Power sU. on New River. Va.: repair 
Bhope between Graham and Bluefield. 

7.40 miks; iSH g; 8 motor pam. 
and 2 other motor qara. (Company does 
general lighting ft power business.) icS 

UBS— Niufolk ft Wal«ni Br. Co.- 
(Electric Mt.) — Office, Roanoke. Vi 
(Electric lone eitsnda from Bluefield t 
VivlBO: Bluestone Co Pocahontas an 

L. Mgr. I. N. Smith.. 

M.M..E.Garria ■ ' 

Power sU. equip. 8 d. a. WaW. tat. 
2O0O kw: 1000 hp. e. Weth; 1200 hp. b. 

Owns Edgewood Park and i 

39 miles: *-9}i g: 39 m 

ns«— ColumUa Gm ft nectilc fj*.- 

Office. Charleston. (Leaeea stock* ol 

S-opertiea oontrolted br CinalDns><< 
awport sod Covington L(. ft Trat. 

87— MoDonamhela Taller TrmcUoi 

Ca. of Mannmg.) (Cor 
CUrkBhui^TweBton, 1 

Parkerabuig A MarieitB Divj (Con ■ 

Prea. Qeoue M. Aleituid«. ..Fair 

V.Prea. SmitliHood 

S«. it TreM. Walton Miller. . . 

Audr. O. F. Lough 

Gen. Mgr. E. B. Mooro 

Asat. God. Sunt. W.V.Nul, CUiki 
Oen. Bupt.E.C.Bowmuk Fur 

Pur. Agt. E. I . . .. 

law- Vm. Dept. R.W.Lhi 
Aunt. Mbt. Pwr. Dept. 

Francu McQiuIlin.... 
Ch. Eagr. D. H. Blaokl. . 
Ch. Engr. Pwr. 8ta. 

P. r. Hodge« 

Bupt. HoU. Btk. Ralph Po> 
Engr.M. ol W. W.fl.Behi 
Supt, Ovhd. Conmr, 

0, Q. E. t 
3 ph. 60 r 

31,8S0kva. 2200.11,1 
S300 bp. s. (gas) Bet 
Bab. £w:2600 1[». 

Toit. eoov. 

10 aub-ltai. tot. Dap, 6SO0 kw; IS rot. 

Power etu. at Jayenne Cstm.J, Hut- 
flbiiuon (gaj) aod Rivewiile; repair ahops 
at Fairmont, Clarkebltti and Weaton. 

Beacbes Loop Park and Trantion Park 
at FairmoDt and Norwood Park at 

ClftTlubUTB. . 

190.5a' mile.; 4- * »; 168* motor 
paas. can, 11* eip.'iiiotoi can, 6 IiC, 
can and 24' other c ^; 1 eleo. looo. (nn- 
eludes ParkBnbur^*t Marietta Diy.). 
[Compaoy does eeiulh lightinii biuiness. } 
7 *B9 

OBAFTflN. 7,663. 

US8— GnrtOD Lt. & Pwr. Co.— Office. 

Oraflon. (Connects Qrafton, Blue- 

Tille and City Fork.) 
TrtMtee in Baiucruptey 

T, F. Lanham ... ..... . Grafton 

6iipt. J. W. Brown * 


Power it«. guip- 

a. equip. 

abUM at Fetcenn 

moo Conneil). 

7 milea; 4-8>j g: H moto 
(Co. doe* Itc. a pwr. buaini 

d. e. Weet 150 kn. 
>t. 525 kva. 2300 V. 
b. Atlas, Geary; BOO 
. Ball, Bkinr; 1 mo. 

Llh Grafton; repair 

(in charge of Com- 

tfUNTINGTON. 45.629 (ISie). 
UM— Ohio Taller Elee. Br. Co.- 

Huntington. - 
8t. Ry. Co., 

(ControUed to 
Pisi. Van Horn! 

V.PreBle.{c: L. s":^ey: ;; 

Sea. & Treaa. W. W, Feikini. * 

Audr. Prank J. Pryor.Jr * 

Gen. Met. W. R. Power ... Huatington 

Pui.Agt. G.C.Weirick, Philadelphia. Pa. 
Elee. £ Ch. Engr. 

James Facan. HuntiagtoQ 

Bi - - "■---ip. AClaim Agt.. 


WilUaiDBOn * 

Sea. Chag. Lake KenovB 

I D. L. Evane, , . Huntiaatpn 
R.E. Kimmel..Alhland,Bo'- 
_F^Bohlnjdlapp. .Huntington 

I. O. Via.. 

.. iu. niicie, . . .Aehland. Ky. 

jurohaaed from Conjolidated 

L... .=wr. Co., Kenova; ttana. volt. 

11X00 v; troLley volt. 600 v. 

Repair shops at ISth St., Weet Huat- 

D™ Camden Park, KellMg.W.Va., 
and Clyffeeide Park, AahlancTrfa'. 
46.2$ milea; iSH g; 73 motor care. 

. *8» 

Gen, Mgr. R. M.Bell * 

Gen. F|t, & Pass. Agt. 

Energy purcbaaed from Va.-Weatam 
Pwr. (^.■. trans, rolt. 45,000 v; trolley 

HOBGANTOWN. 13,700 (lOlS). 


11S3— Hoivantoirn A WheeUnf Br. 

Co.— Office. Traction Bldg. Wpar- 
atee by electriisity between Morgao- 

and by steam between Randall and 
Price, serving coal mines.) (Cantlols 
MDnongehelaAOhioR. R.Co. (under 
constructioa) and BUcksrille kWeab- 

45 (Jedar St., New York, N. Y. 

Sec. Frank P. Wearer MorgantowD 

Audr. A Gen. Fit. A. Pass . Agt. 

Bloergy puniaaBd from West Virginia 
Trao. fEleo. Co: trans, volt. 550 v; trol- 
ley volt. flOOv: repair shops at Granville. 

27 milea (3 elec. A 24 stm.); 1-8H i: 3 

MM— 8*. Hariantowit Tr»c. Co.— 

Office, BUckstone Bldg., Morgantown. 
Fn-s. AOea. Mgr. 
John Madagan Morgaatown 

V.Pna .Sufonl BarrickmaD . MornDtowo 

Bec.&FukMEtJohaE.Frios ■ 


Ekel. Etur.M.L.CroM. .. ■ 

RoadnuatH, A. D. Duvia. . ' 


EnorEy purchaied from UnioD Utilitin 

25-a(i» park owned by compBay. 

IIW— Weat Tlnlnl* Trae. * Elee. Go. 

— (Monantown I»r.). (Conneota Mor- 

Siatoim & BobiatoD and MonnntoHn 

tee Wlieelios. 
Oen. Mir. J. K. Buohanan. Monaatown 


Aa9t.M.M..J.Ttiora ■ 

Power BU. equip, 3 d. o. West. G. E. 
tot. SOO kw: 5 a. o. turbo-cen. G. E., 
WoBt. tot. 8400 kw. 2300 t. 2 * 3 ph. 
60cys;IfiT0hp.b.Eeiae,Btir: trana. volt. 
la.iJOO v: trolley volt. 600 v.- Enwey 
also purohawKl from Mononffabela Valley 

PowoTBta. and repair ahopa at Morgnn-' miles; 4-8M f, t* motor care. SO 


IIM— The NewcU BrHse A Rr- Co.— 

(Sacoegaor to The Newell St. Ry. Co.) 
Office, NeweU.W.Va. (Comiects East 
Livetpoot, O,. and Newell, W. Va.) 

Pres. Marciu Aaron, 

' and Nat'l Bank Bldg., Fittabursh, Pa. 

V. Prea. 

E. M, Knowlei. . . .Eut Liverpoal, O. 
Beo.iGeu. MET.AFiu.Agt. 

F. B. Lawtance Newell 

Treas. W. E. Welto ■ 

Power ita. equip. 2 d. o. Burke tot. 300 
kw; 2 a. c. Burke tot. ISO kw. 2 ph. 60 
cys: 500 hp. e. Allbm!: B30 hp. b. 7itu9- 
ville, He&e; 1^300 kw, tutb. Cutiis; 
troUey Toll. SGO t. 

Power houae. ear barna and repair 
sbqpeatNawBU. W. Va. 

OwoB park at Lako NewaU, 

3 milei; iSH s; 10 ears, iCompau' 
tumlHheB enOTEy tor lighiinf throuBa 
Newell Wtr. tPwr. Co.) SB 

NCW HAKnorsTf LU. 3.176. 

[8eo No. 120). 

FAKKKR^OnUi. a).612 11B16). 

lin—KBDawlu Ton, ft Etoc. Co.— 

Office, Union Truet Bldg. {Inc. in 
April. 1916, and od June 7. 1915, eoo- 
lo^dsted with Farkenburg. Marietta 
AlntemrhanRy. Co.l (CTonttoU city 
Unes of Farkeriburg, W. Va., and 

with Lowell and Beverly, O.) (Con- 
tmll«d by the Monongabela Valley 
Trac. Co.) 

Preg. Ttaoa. Locan Paikenburc 

See.G. M. Aleiander Fairmont 

Treaa.O.F. Loujh,. ' 

Audf. J. Cummingi Parkenburg 

Mir. H. S. NewtoD 

(Geo. T. Mann 
(Paitenbura Div.) * 

Frank E. WiUon 
(Ohio DiTj,.,, Marietta, O. 
WaimAst.C. B. W, Chapman .Fairmont 
Geo. Pot. A Paaa. Act. 

C. R. Devine Parkereburg 

Pur, Aft. E. B. Smith Fairmont 

Ch. Enp. PwT. Stn. 

O. B. Siunmera Parkenburg 

Supt. Lt. i Pwr. Dept. 


M. M,,C.W,Folwell 

Supt. M. ol W. Wm. BmIbjf. 

Power Btaa. equip. 4 a. o. G. E. tot. 
eoOO kw. 2300 V. 2 Jt 3 pb. 60 eye; 1Z50 
bp. e. Alli»C., Bam, Erie; 2600 bp. b. 

71 hp. wtr. wh. Lef; tram. volt. 33,oai 
'! trolley volt, 600 v. 

Power eta. at Parkersbutg; repair 
bope at Parkeraburc and MariettA. 

60 miles; 4.354 Bi 77 nutor paw 
md 13 other cars, (Company doom aar 
iralllfl,bu»ineB8inFarkerahur«. W.T*., 

FBDTCETON. 3.027. 
UH—PriDcctoa Fowr* Co.- 

Frinoeton, (O^emWa In Pfinoe 

lachlan Power Co 
•res. & Treaa. L, F. Hardy. , . FrinoetOB 

Ajli9.C, 200 kw. 

iHe: 6 motor pBB 
(Co. does saBOTol 

pwr. I 
Pwr. C 


1M»— Tfler Ttae. Co.— OSbe, raotnr- 
viUe, (Cooneoia Siateraville. Pon- 

V. J. Neuemdiwander 

, , New Martituvilk 

trolley v(^t. 550 v; 

Rwaii abopa at SiatenriUB. 

12 miles; 4-8H ■; S motor and 2 oUm 

oar». *7SJ 

VM—VnloD Tne. Co.— OfEna. SiatoB- 

:;h,Enar,Fwr,9U, ^.V.Stetaon 
Sngr, a. of W, JoOnodgraw 
^Energy purobaaK- from Si 


3n— BicaDeDTiue, , nMuboic, A 
Wetrton My. Co.— Office, 221 Fourth 
Ave., Pittaburgh, Pa. (CoonaeU Wdlk 
burs, FoUanabee, Sleubeuvillc. BdlU- 
da/s Covs and WeirtoD.) (OMOtodtn 
Wheelins Trae. Co.. which lea ,foc 

,Pittibur^, Pa,. 

Asst. Sec. W.E.Craig,.. 
Aest, Treaa, R,C.U»htaap 

Gen. Supt. C. W. Marah 

ClaimAtt.E.D, Laah 

Pur. Alt. V. E. Hlgvoa, PltUb(uch,Pa. 

Enargy purohsaod from Waltabure 

Repair Bhopa. FoUaorijee. 
13.e2 nule8r4-8^ s; 10 olseed motor 
pBBB. and iDiisD. oara. It6(l 

IXM— Wclbbnn. Betbanr * Wssh- 
faiKtOii Mf' C0.~Offiee. 104 Sth Bt., 
Wellabuig. (Connects Wellabuig and 

Pns. T.E.Cnmblet Bethini 

V. PreH.8wo'lOeor(B 'WellBbiiig 

Beo.ft Qen.Mgr. F.T.MeEvoy ■ 
Tress. & Claim Act- 


. . fJotn Scott ^ 

£ka. Eogr. i Engr. Orhd. CodbIt. 

Alex Mflwha '. Bethany 

Energy purchased ttma WBlLibuig 

Eleo. Lt., Ht. ± Fwr, Co.; repair sbope 


T.8 milea; 4-8K g; 3 niiitar pass., 

1 let. molDr and * t(t. without motors. 

WHEELING. 43^77 (1016). 
IMS—ran-Handlc Trutloii Co.— 

Office, Wbeeling, (Owned, leased and 
weratAd by Wheeling Traation Co.) 
[ConnecU Wheeling and Wellsburg.) 

Pres. Willistoa Fish Pittsburgh, Pa. 

V, Prea, C. P. BilliDgs WheeUng 

Seo. W. A. Shirley 

Treaa. C. C. McBride, , , Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Asst. Sso. W. F. Cndg • 

Audr, M. W. Glover. .; " 

Gen. 9upt. W. B. Atwood Wbeeling 

Supt. Edw. Wright Wellaburg 

ClaimAgt. E.D. Sash Wheeling 

Fur. Jua. W. E. Biggina, Pittabucgh. Fa. 

Daniel Durie CoaiiellBville. Pa. 

Ch. Engr. Ways * Struct. 

J. LTPritaoh Pittaborgh. Pa. 

M. M., H. Bnuison Wbeeling 

Bnsr. M.of W. W.A.Underwood * 

ie,19 mileei *Hi g; 8 closed motor 
pan., 3 aip. motor, 3 work and 4 other 

Kane 8ta., Wbeehjjg. (Owoed, leased 
and opefsted by Wlieoling Trao. Co., 
whicbgeefori^HrBtingoScerB.) (Con- 
nects SteubenTille, Miogo, Brilliant, 
Bayland and Martin's Ferry, Ohio.) 
Pres. WillisUm Fish. ..Pittsburgh, Pa. 
V.Pra.R.B. Keating.. "^ 

Bee. W. A.Shirley Wheeling 

Treas. C. C. McEride. .Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Aat. Sec. W, F. Craig. . . "^ 

Audr. M.W. Glover.... ■ 

Power sta. at Brilliant. O. (shut down). 
IS.lZmileB: (0.341 4-8H g. and (6.11) 
B-2}4«-; 6 elo. ■ 

H., 12 w 

and S other 


_oeling. (This Co. owns 

street railway system at Wheeling and 
supplies city with natural gas: also 

Controia the following! 

City ft Ebn Grove R, R. Co.. which 
owm a line in City of Wheeling and 
suburbs eitending along the National 
Road to the Pennsylvani "-- 

orks and electric 

WheebneftEhn Grove Ry.Co.wbich 

nrbah district of WheeUng, including 
Fulton, Pleasant Valley, Ehn Grove 
aoA Tnadelphia. which extends to the 
Pennsylvama stale line at West Aleian- 

Oity Ry. Co., operating in Wheeling. 

Union Utilities Co., which leases 
MoreBDtowD di Pittsburgh Ky. Co, 

City ft Suburban Gaa Co. 

(Under maaagement of W. a. Bar- 
stow Management Asan., Inc., and 
controlled to the Easlero Pwr. ft Lt. 

Pres. W. 8. Baistow 

SO Pine St.. New York, N. T. 
V. Pres. ft Gen. Mgr. 

J. D. Whittemore '. Wheeling 

Soo, C. N, Wilson 

HO Pine St., New York, N. Y. 
Treas.A. P. Taliaferro, 

25 Nassau St. • 

Aast. Sec, Aast, Treaa. ft Audr, 

" ■, L. Doyle Wheeling 

Peter Stanton.,.!!!!! ■ 
Eleo., Gas ft Wtr, Linea 

T. TutUe • 

.Hys. C. R.BendeU..,. ■ 
Llen.Fgt. ft Pass. Agt. 

Geo. Noll 

Engr. Pwr. Sta.F.R.Ctq* ' 

M. M.. Jamee Robioson. , . , . . * 

2000 kw; 3 a! e^V^est. tot", 425 kw. 3 ph! 
flO cys: 2500 hp. e. Cpr. Bokye; 2700 £p. 
b. Slir, Heine: trans, volt. 2200 tf; trolley 
volt. BOO V. 

Power Btae. at Elm Grove and (City 
Rys.) Wheeling; rep^ shops at 12tii ft 
McOullDob Bts. and 27tb ft Wood Sta. 

Owns Wbeeling Park. 

39 miles: *SH g; 74 motor and 6 
other oars. *59 

- Co— Of- 

do. and Staubenville ft Wheeling Trac! 

W."t. Co.— Be1?a^re loutl^westera 
Trao. Co. and WbeeUog ft Western 
Ry. Co. Operates under lease in 
name of W, T, Co.—SteubeQville, 
Wellsburg ft Weirlon Ry. Co., and 
SteubenvSle Ry, Co. I. (Connects 
MoundsviUe. Wheeliiig, Wellsburg and 
Welrttm, W,Va,. and Bellaire, Martins 
Ferrv. Barton. Brilliant. Rsyland and 
Steubenville. Ohio.) (ControllBd by 
Oie West Ponn Rys. Co. , which in turn 
is contaolted by the West Penn Tree. 
ft Wtr. Pwr. Co.) 

Pres, Williston f^ah Pittsburgh. Pa. 

I R. B. Keating, "^^ 

V.Preata./Gen. Mgr. 

(C. P. Bitlinga Wheeling 


Treas. C. C. McBride, ..Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Aeat, See. W.F. Craig. ,. 

Audr. M.W. Glover, ... 

Gen, Supt. C. M. Marah Wheeling 

Claim Ait. E. D. Lasb • 

Pur.Agt.W.E.Hi^ina. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Supt. Equip. 

Daniel Durie Connellsville, Pa. 

J. L, Fritsoh Pittsburgh, Pa. 

M. M., F, C, Martin Wheeling 

\f. A. Underwood ■ 

Power sts. equip. 3 d, o. West. Bull 
tot. 2000 kw; 3 a. c. West, tot, 3500 kw. 
2200-8600 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 4160 hp. e. 
Cpr, C. 4 G; 3250 hp. b. Bab. ft W; 
35D0 kw. stm. turb. West.; trans, volt, 
22,000 v; trolley vnlt. eoOv.d. c. 

Power stas. at 42d St., Wheeling, and 
Brilliant, Ohio; repair shop, Wbeeling. 

Reaches Moundsville Camp Ground. 

Total miiesi opentni, ES.2a (B^Mg), 



Energy frDDi Rookford A tatamta 
Ry. Co. 
Repair ghops *t Bslrab. 
S iDilesi 1-SH e: S moCor csra. Ill 

CEDABBVKG. 1,777. 
1»I— HnmmiM Narthwn Kv. Co.- 

ICaoDesU Milwaukee. Ceaiiitnfft 

Port WaahingtoD uid Sheboynn.l 
F»g. Wra. A.CDnutook. .Detnul. Miii 
V. Pr«..Gen.M(r. ACh.EnKT. 

F. W. Walker Port WuhJnfU 


HeurvA.Hugb. Dstroit, Mkt 

Audr. C, R. Bradburn Cedarbin 

Aut, Oea. Mir. A Fur. Alt. 

John St. Jahn * 

Cb, Dematelier. A. Montsbs. * 

Bunt. Mil. City Div. 

A. CbtIbob MUwrnbi 

Engr. Pwr. 8ta. 

Emil Albi Port Washimla 

M. M. Prank Kittaley CedaiGoi 


Roadmsater E. Ruth^ord. .. ' 

Power Bla. equip. 2 *. a. Alli»4J. Ul 

2000 kw. 3 pb. 2S eye: 400O fap.e.EU 

Altu-Citrtiiu. volt.22,00OT: troUey vdH 


Powar ata. at Port Wa«hington;«rtpui 

'^"Aeg in UKradon; 4-8M e; 24 cut. 

gVill eiteod bne to Pood duXao Imd 
edsTburg via Wegt Bend. 43 milal 
(Company sella enersy.) Ill 


(See No. 1214.) 

EAU GLAIBE. 18,807. 

1214— Wlgeonain-MliuHSQta Lt. t 
Pwr. Co.— Oaioe, 2-4 Bo. BamtoirSl 
fOperaWH Bt. ry. gyBtem in Eau ClsiB 
Had Chippewa Falls, and intemrliu 
line oonnecling Ean Clsira, Chippewi 
Falls and Altoona.) (ControHed br 
Ameriean Public UUlitiea Co.) 

Pres. J. H. Brewer. -Grand Rapida, Mid 

let V, Free. 
W. B. Panona Miuneapolia, Miu> 

P. D. Kline Esu Clgin 

Soo. Blaine GaTstt. .Grand Rgpidg.Mict 

Treaa. W.J. Ripley, ' 

Diet. Audr. H. R. HIig Eau Cliiit 

Diet. Mgr. R. 3. Lorrance 

Gen.Opertt.Supt. Geo A.Miila 

Ch. Ettgr. V. S. Hillvei {4-SH t-): owned or noaUt 
119.23 (&-2^ c), 28.60 (4-8H e-): total 
can operated, 107 ologed nxo- pass, '" 

and fft. mQ., 11 work and Ime mo. 
S9 othet cars, 3 sweepers: owned or . 
trailed, 94 cloaed mo. pase,, 13 open 
pa«., 20 non-mo. pass.. 4 eip and t 
11 work and Una mo. aiid 25 other < 


APPLBTON. 17334 (ISiB). 

■no—WlKonilD Trac. J,t., Ht. ft 
Put. Co. — iConBoildatjon of Apple- 
ton EIbo. Lt. di Pwr. Co.. Foi fiyer 
Valley. Elec. Ry. Co. and Menasba A 
Naanah St. Ry, Co.) (Puiohaaed Foi 
River Valley Gas k Elec. Co.) (Con- 
Uficte Appleton. Menasba, NeoEia' 

Fres. ft Gen. Mgr. John I. Begsa 

First Nat. Bk. Bldg.. Milwaukee 
Bee, Pur, A.t. ft 8upt, 

A. E. Ellii Appleton 

Ch. Enjr. John McCarter ■ 

M-MrTohn W.Stark 

Power sta. equip. 2 d. o. Allis-C. tot. 
1000 kw; S a. e. Allia-C. Cot. 14,500 kw. 
4000-Z300v.3ph.60cyg;2500bp, e. Cor: 
434D hp. b. Stiri Spgf: 12.fi00 kw. etm. 
turb. Allis-C: 2000 bp. turb. (wtr.) Allis- 
Ci trana. volt, ■33,000 v; trolley volt. 

eoo V. 

Power sta. and repair ahopa at Apple- 

21 n: 

4-SM K 


gaa and eleotric ligbUng. 

ASHLAND. 11,SM (1910). 

(See also No, 491.) 

nil— Aihluil Lt., Pwr. A St. By. 

Co.— Office, 212 W. 2nd St. (Operat« 

in Ashland.) 
Plea. L. B. Myers 

1119 Monadnook Bldg., Chicago. III. 
V. Pree. L. R. Boisen 

1119 Monadnock Bids., 

Sea. ft Tteaa, W, H. P. Weelon 


Audr. B. 0. Shaylor Ashland 

Gen. Sunt. W. J. Hodrtins. 
Aaat.ioOeo.Supt.. R.L.Bal) 
Local Sopt. Martin H. Juhi 
Ch,Eo«. Pwr. Sta. 

W. 8^ Beinhardt 

Ch.Engr.Stm.Pwr. Sta. 

H. 8. Wilhalm 

Engr. Ovbd. Conatr. T, F. ! 

Supt, Gaa Dept. Fred. England, ' 

Power Bta. equip, fl a , oTG . E. tot. 8250 
kw.2200T,apb. B0cyi;2T0Obp.b.Bab. 
ft W; 7250 kw. turb. (atm.) G. E; 1350 
bp. turb. A. ft T. (wtr.) Smith: trans. 
volt. 18.60(M3,000 v: trolley volt. 650 v. 

Power ata. and repair shops at Ashland. 

Reaches Lake Park. 

fl,7 miles; 4.8M g; 7 motor and 2 other 
"^ t fumiahf 



BKLOrr. 18,072 (leifl). 

[See also Noa. 239 and 240.) 
l^l^-Belo■l Trac, Co.— Office, 120 

Prea. JoelB. Dow Beloil 

V. Prea. R. N. Bayliea Chicago. III. 

See. O. 8. Baylies ^ 

Treas. W. F. Woodruff. . . .Rockford, 111, 

Audr. PaulStioh ■ 

Gen. Mar. T. M. Ellis, Jr .Beluit 

M. M.,SamuelDeCamp ■ 


Pur, Alt. M.B. Wheeler. 
Claim Agt. A. C. Cranda.. 
Supt. Pwr, Sta. AM. M. 

N. N. Buck 


lot. 39.600 kva; 45,000 hp. tuib. ( 

geo. Allis-C., Weal. tot. 3700 kva; IMO 
6p. b Bab.*W. 

G. E. 000 kva. 3 ph. eO oyg; SSO hp. tuib 
(wtr J Bmitta. 

G. E. tot. 1200 kva. 3pb. 00 cys; 220atip. 
turb. (wtr.) Smith. 

a. e. Q. B. tot. 7500 kw. 3 ph. 00 c;* 
10,800 hp. turb. (wtr.) Allia-C. 


,1 D^ton, Globe, 


tsG. E.t 

gen. Bets G. E. tot. 1000 kw; tram 
I20 ,000-66 .000-33 .000- 13 ,000 v; 

Cedar Falls, Chippewi 


_ ._.... . .Green B«j 

. imtslled M, 78T}4 kra; repair shop ' • - ■ - ' ■ 

a Clure. Eogr. M. of W.. 
'leiEleotric Park (owned). I Theodoce Hesdr 
1«: 1-8H Si 3S motor ami 3 olher : Emic. Ovhd . CoDstJ 
Company does a general 11*. A , C. M " '— 

*5a Power ata. equip. B a. c. Weat. Allia^. 

' tot.lI,S001[w.235o-MOOT.3ph.eOA25 

r; 1600 hp, a, Allia-C; 3200 £p. b. Stir; 
& W. J500 liw. lUn. turb. Allis-C; 
j West.9600hp.turb. (wtr.)Alli»<;;tratie. 
121»— Butau Wlac. ElM. Co.— For ! volt. eS.OOOf 33,000 A 16,000 t; trolley 
executive oSeeiaeeeSbeborgsa. (Con- i volt. fl^S v. 

uecu Fond du ILae, Nor^ Fond du Power Mas. at Gnen Bay, mgb Palls 
1^0, Van Dyne. Btaok Wotf and Osb- ! and Manitowoc; repair shop at WaeUoB- 
koah.) I ton St.. Green Bay. 

... .. ^ „ . " - • du Lao I 2 8ub-et»a. tot. eap. 700 kw; 6 rot. 

.ocal Mar. M . H. Frank ... Fond d 
(upt. Eleo. Dept. St EnjT. 
Pwr. Sta. Fred H. Whitney. . * 
Power Bts. equip. 3 d. o. West., 

. .^ntrole Ridu Point Park. 

.. .G.E.I Reachea Bay View Beaoh. 

._. .. Allia-C. 1000; 14.6 milua; 4-8M c 34 molonand 6 

:w. Z300t. 3 ph. 60 oys; 1 mo-sen. eet other ears. (Co. uao does general light. 
Veat. SXa kw, 1600 hp, e. Alli»<!:,; 2172 ing and power busiiieBS in Ifi oomioulli- 
Lp. b. Bah. i W. Stir; lOOD kw. atm. ties.! ASB 

,urb. Ailia^!; trana. Tolt. 2300 t; trolley 

"p'o™ station at Fond du Lac: repair' "NESTUJ-E. 14,339 (IBIB). 
ihmia at O^kosh. . „ ^ . , ^ , in>— Juieavllle Tim. Co.— Office, 

Heachw City ^rk. Fond du Lac and . 311.313 Jackmsn Bldg. (Controlled Iw 
^''XT?.^"^- ^^IT'- ,A , ^ a\ Union Ry.. Ga. & Elee. Co., and i 

24,5M milee; 4-8H g: H motor and 4 I operated ee part of the Eoctford * 
>tli«rcaM. *29| inteturban Ry. Co., whioh >ee for 

GBAITDBArnH. 6,521. ' ^"g^rp ^^''f^' Ro^^rf* 

in«— enod KuUa SI. By. Co.— InWrur&Q Ry. Co. 

Offiee, GrandSaplda. iConnecte I ??g"J f^J?ii*i?'?'n.5lt*™. .^ 
Grand Rapida. Ft. fidwarda. So. Cen- ■ „ ^£^ ""'"i **« f- 8 ""»»«' !«"-»« 
ttalia and>lBko™a.) 2 other oara. *» 

Prse. L. M. Naab Grand Rapida 


Sec. G.M. Hill 

V^I'^^J'^-' . «— »™«..- ™„ -™„.. ™.— 

Audr.RuthBanitert.^ . Offieea, 30.'i 6th St.. Radne and Public 

M M.,M.JarosmBki ... Service Bldg., Milwaukee. (Operate* 

Power leaaed; repair shops at Grand i^^^ lineslT (Absorbed the Watartown 

Ranida. . . „ , Gsa A Elec. Co. and the BurUnglon 

?^°wErtc"^ "?" ^■, ,v Eleo. Lt. A Pwr- Co.) (CoBtrolia by 

S nulea; 4-8M g; 3 motor and 2 other -j-he Wisconsin Ediaon Co., Inc.) 

™"- '•* Pres. Jamea D. Mortimar. 

30 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

BBEEN BAT. 29,352 (1613). Aaat.toPrea. Edwin Gruhl 

m7--», »«, ... ,,. cj_o««. 5i'srii;.°p"'i;„w.. ■."""'*" 

31S No. Jefferaon St. (Connecta Orson »„, Bbc * Aunt Trpm. 

Ijy fit ^Broh^d°Ha?^r^ vTe^W '■ A^JT *'^S ^'"■' ^ ^' 

P^ l^" WU?™'Q Public Serviee Co.) ' Qen. Mgr. D. E. CaUeiider ■ 

Free, A Gen. Mgr. , i^, r-' ^ , q Babson Kenoeha 

J. A. Ciiaick Gritn Bay ' in if jTr-J.. ' WoIsm™™ 

to.J.P.N.™,! ; ■ Mm. VTK,J,.V..VV- bSS 

Ireae. U. J. CuBiCB- ...... .. * r^^. pntr pwr Sta. 

P„hii^'H™^'r"^ '"*" Wiecomun John A^idereon. ," Milwaukee 

PublM Servjee Co. „ . p^^, ^a. equip. 3 a. «. West.. AUia- 

n^E./l?i? nl ^i^" ?"'■ C,Q. E. tot. 1900 kw. 2300 v. 3 ph. 60 

y^C^^L. "''- =, oys; 650 hp. e. Prov; 1120 bp. b. Btir. 

2m.l»;4.8S4a;4cara. 67 llfl^M; a'^stm. turb. lot. HOBkw. Q.E. 

. Allis-C; trana. volt. 13,200-26,400; trol- 

mS—WlMOulnPnbllcSWTlceCo,- lay volt. 600 v. Enenpr alao pur^aaed 
Offiee, 204 N. Washington St., Green '"." *t"T"''SSi'*,:^Pi' *7"^ -_ 
Bay, (Superintenda operation of Bay '"H^i, «»"-«» ''-■ = "*■ ™'"'- 
Shore St. Ry. and owns Green Bay p ^f, ei^' at Kenosha Wawrtcwn 
5^- l,d"buce'c^"S*e' 1w :«»?Burlif«ton;repair.hopaa.-."-- 
WiigbUrtown, Uttle Rapida and Kau- ; „Jiifv „"' ic^ 

Pna. Clement C. Smith 

1410 let Natl. Bk. Bldg.. Milwaukee 

V. Pn*. C. R. Phenioie Green Bay .. r 

V. Prea. A Pur. A«t. J. P. PuUiam "^ ^ 

, , isi Nat'l^k. Bldg., MUwaukee 1321— La Croaie ft Onaluin St. Br- 

Beo. A Treaa. Howard Greene Co.— Office. 300 Mud St., La Crove. 

lit Nat't Bk. Bldg., ' (Connecta La Croow and Onalaska.) 

AtatBec.-Treas.H. C, Maokay ■ Free. A Gen. Msr. P«ter Valier. 

Aodr. Miaa A. L. Busoher Green Bay . care La Crosse A S.E. Ry.,LaCroeee 

Gen.Sant.A.G.CaraoQ ■ , V.Prea. (Mi») Grace Edwards. 

W. Chae. Erdman ' Treas. R. C. Whelplw' 

Cb.Enp. C. A. Ewing. ...... ■ Natl. Bk. ot t» Crosse, 

CUim igt. Walter Bie ■ ■■ Energy purchased; repair shop at La 

Ch£im./E. A. Blodcen.. Manitowoc CroBM. 

Pwr. Bta. IW. J. Wadsworth. .CrivitI 2.37 mllee;1-8H Hi ^ motor oars. B9 

ty cars. (Company doea a 

31,677 0016). 

M^tmK Uh- -rak. -tan n if H , 7^ 

r j>^i A l^lZfacEl 

nam. (ftcaa tobe aidtd.l » ,^ ,j^ (»im u otter 

U.8(» tUlS). 

ic Bod Tm Rinn., 

PiFwcr K*. eqaii. 3 d. e. West. Ft. W. 
.UM.4Sqkw:«00bp » AlBfrC,- — 

-orcncnl _ 
LoodSupt. H.G.Tuk HnriU 

Fovei ato. nail). 1 d. e. G.E. lOOkir; 
S a. s. AllivO. tot. lOSO k«. !3tn t. 3 pb. 
60 Bra; 1150 hp. tub. (wu.) AllirC.; 
tnit*. zaOO v: tnllrr toK 500 v. 

PiHrer Ra. and nxnir shop at Merrill. 

2 mill*: '(-8>i k; 4 can. 118 

»n— MDwsBkm Bee Br- ' Lt. €^ 

—Office, PubUc Serrice Bldg.. Mil- 
waukee. (OpenlaMilwsuk«Lt., Ht. 
A Trac. Co.. irfneh Co. bu inler- 
arban linea to Racine, KeDoaha, 
WankMba, Watenown. E. Troy and 
Burlington, and nbnJlMn linea to 
WaawMoM, We«t AUia, Foi Poiat, 
Nortb A South HilinokH, and Wlute- 
Bmb Btgi {Controlled by The Wi* 

i* controlled by tjis North American 
Co., 30 Broad St., Now York.) 
Pnt. Ju. D. Mortimer. New York. N.Y 


Pn. Co.. LTcnnei 8bebc^„_ 
L(. Cn llMinna * Noitbem T| 
Co. aal CalDMKt Svrica Co. 

P«. CWutBt C. Smith M 

V. ILodi^^ai PattoB 

Pi«*«.k>lii«C. F^lDs 

See. A Treaa. Howani Gncoe 

(Sea No. 1331.) 

Id Oahkt 

A OmTo Intarurbaa lioe. C 
OaUaab, Nepoah and Omro.) 
Local Up. B. W. Arnold (Mikl 

I. Pwr. Sta. Fred Ji 

Power ata. and repair thrm 

LZ8 No. atb s 
vbat wu Cotme 

I & Co., Gruul Rh] 
MlH.Bremr, Grsnd Rapidi.Mir 

c. BlBioeGs 

«as. W.J.Riiiley. 

■dr. Paulaurfc,. 

ipt. TrnoBp. di RolKn* Btk. 

C. E. WKrwiok Bhsboygan 

L. B. Andnia. . .Qruid RaTrids. Mich, 
lee. Engr. B. M, HervBj'. .8IibWb"i 

■_. 8500 W. 

6 a. c.Btan. G.E. AlliB-G. 
2300 T. 2 and 3 nh. SO cva: 
AlliEiC, WfHt 
«i>. tt w: fl750 kw, stm 
lIlB-C.; tnu*. vatt. 13,2 
lit. 650y. d. 0. 
1 sub-«ta. 400 kw. 2 mr 

hp. b. 
J. G, E, 
; troU«y 

Rcacbei Lake View and Cryatni Lake, 
imed by the Company. 

34 milea; 4-83^ c; 34 motor and 10 oUiei 
ftrs. (Corapanr does genetal ll^. & pwr. 

SUnSIOE. 46,226 (IBlfl). 


lake Br. Co.— Office. ' 

g03 Harru Truat 
. C. N. Hebner. 
1. Met.. CI. Age. A 

'.. E. DOTHB 

ir. A. D. Siraonao 

Repait ihi^ at Walworth . 

Reaches Geneva Lake. 

12.83 mile*: 4-8M ej 3 motor psi 
. trail pasH- and 15 other cars; 2 eiE 
Dcoa. (Company doea freight buaiae 
ind interchaDcea with Chicsio A Nort 

d ChiM 

.. Miln 

Prei.. G 
E. A. Aapi 

Mar.APur. Agt. 


Freeman HiUrard, MinusBpollB, Minn, 
10. k Treafl. Wm. Dreaaen. .Waupaoi 

Power >ta. equip. 1 d. c. O. E. ISO kw; 

a. a. Elec. Mch. 160 kw. 220} v. 3 ph. 
) CTs; 200 hp. e. Erie; 190 hp. b. Eria; 
10 hp. (urb. (wtr.) Lef; traoa. volt. 2200 . 
;traUay volt. 530 V. 

Power Bta. and repair ahop at Wau- 

Owns park at Chain-O'Lakee. 

5 milea; tSii g: 4 motai pass.. 3 
'ail pam. and i other ean. (Com- 
aoy furmahes energy for Lifthting and 

VaUer Bae, Co.— 

fauBauSt.R.R.Co.] (Pur- 
iperty of MerriU Ry. i Ug. 

ec.j ireaa. a <jea. Met. 

M. C.Ewin*... 

.udr. Wm. AndeTBOD 

upt. Ovbd, Conatr. R. B. Carter 

1600 kw. 220-1 

kw; 3 a. c. Natl. Allie-C. I 


w. Btm. turb. Q. E 

Kaergy purchased from Cheyenne Lt., 
Fuel & Pwr. Co. 

Repair sbopa at T^oneer Park. 

Reaches Pioneer Park (owned). 

5,5 milps: 4-8M x; 7 motor pass, 
und 10 trail pais, carg, ^SE 

SB^IDAN. S,e06. 

ISM— SherlOn Br. Ca.^-Office, Sheri 

Co.) ipoaoects6hsndBD, Ft. ^iackeir 


neyville and \t 

1. All.?, Diefend . 

ec. Wm. F. Braidenbaeb . . Dayton, Ohio 
;reBS. B. F. Perkins. Sheridan 

A.M., Janiea MeCw " 

Energy purchased from Sheridan 

lountv Elec. Co.; trolley volt. 600 v, 
1 9ub-sta. 0^. 525 kw; 2 d. e. rot. aoav . 



CALOABT. 81.000 {tmt. IBIS). 

UH— Cklfmrr Honlc. Br- 

flt. Ry. Commr. A. G. Grsvea. .Calgmrj 
Supt. & Pup. Agt. 

Thos. H. McCaoley 

BOTt. Pwi. J. F. MoCoU 

EDsrgy from pliint owned by aty 
(which purohaaefl eoergy from Calg&iy 
Wti. Pwr. Co.) 

Repair ihoiM at 2iid St., E. 

Il«achee Bowneu Psik and St. Oeorge' 
Publis Park. 

7S miles; 4-8>j g: rg motor and < 
freight cars, 1 work aod 1 aoenio car; i 
q)iuklen. *S 

BDHOKTON. BS,500 (est. IBlfl). 
mr— Edmonton Hnnre. St. By.- 

Offioo, 80th St. and 117th Ave. 
Comr. A. Omuby, Civic Bide. Edmontoi 
Treaa. F. Bsmhouw " ' 

Aodr. D. Mitehell. 
Hupt. A Pur. A«t. J. H. Moic, ■ 

Claim Ajrt. 

A, B. Dunowi..C^TioBLd(., * 

A. wfHsddow • • 

M.M.pA.Laing ■ 

Koadmastar A Enifi. Orhd. ... ■ 

Conatr. W. J. BrunleBS. ... " 

Enerffy purchaaed from AUianoe Pwr. 
Co.. Ltd., which lompany Ixased plant 
from City of EdmontoD: trana. volt. 6600 
v; trolley volt. S75 v. 

Repair ahopa at SOth St. * 117th Ave. 

Reaohes Eait End City Park. 

M milea: 4-8M e; 74 psae. motor aud S 
other motor oara; 1 flat oar. ir&S 

LKTHBBIDOB. 11,000 (eat. ISlfl). 
UK— LethbiMn Hnnle. Bf'— Office- 

aty Hall. Ivothbridge. 
Comr. Public Utilitiea 

M. Freeman.... Ledibridge 

See.ATreas. E, H.DerrioDtt. * 

Audi. J. R. PBttoison " 

Elec. Bagr. R. Ouilbault * 

Ch.EiiBt>wr. Sta. J. Wataon 
Enar. M. of W. ft Ovhd. 

CoDBtr. W.Simonfl * 

land, tot, TOO tw; 2 s. 'o.BelliM ft' Mor- 
com. tot. B38 kw.'220O v. 2 ph. 60 cys; 
1100 hp. e, Belliaa <t Moroom; 2400 hp, b, 
Bab. ft W; lEOO kvB. sUn. turb. WiUaas 
ft RobinBOnr trana. volt. 2200 v; trolley 
volt. 600 V. 

Repair gliop at oar bama. 

Reaches Heodenon Park (owned by 

10.Snileg;MHEllOmotoToaia. IIS 


NELSON. 4,«6. 

Ebon St. Br. Ga.. Ltd. 

ic,)— Office, Front Bt, 

W. E Waa^n, P.O. Boa 1028. Nelooo 

Audr. J.Lawrence * 

Gen. Mgr, ft Cb. Eogt. 

HerbertP. Thomas. ..Boi 162 ■ 

Supt. F. C, Ingram • 

Ch.Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

Thoa. Needham. . . .Bonnington Palls 

Pwr. sta. equip, 2 d. o. AUta-C. West. 
SSO kw: 2600 hp. wtr. turb. AUIb-C; 
trma. volt. 12,000 v; trolley volt. 550 v, 

Fowet eta. at Bonnincton Falla on 
Kootenay River; repair ahop at Nelson . 

Reaohes Lake Side Park (owned by 

* mllsK tSH s: 2 oar*. SO 

IH*— tolUab OdltunMs < Bac 
Co., Ltd.— Office. Columbia St. 
peratfli line to Sapperton, Miltsk 
Queeuaborough.) For general o 

Supt, W. H, Blsoa. ,Naw Weatm 

±e.472milag;4-SHs- *»' 

IHl— Britbb Colnmbb Elec. Mj. 
Co., Ltd. (Frav^r Vallnr Brauob- 
New Weatminster to Chilllwack.) Fw 

i2 milee; 4-8H ■ 


TANCODTEB. 120,000. 
IMS— Brtthh ColnnbU Elec Rr- 

Co., Ltd.— Head oSoe, 34 NioholH 
Lane, Lombard St., liindon. En*. 
Local office, Hastinu ft Carrall Sla, 
Vancouver, B. C, (Company operala 

Viotoria, No, Vanoouvar and N™ 
Westminster; three interurbaa Iibm 

Vancouver with Steveston and ints' 
urban line from New Weatminster w 
ChilUwack. See also New Weatisingl«, 
- ■ ■ " r Valley Braneb,] 

Daridacm. ,. 

LoDdon, Edi. 
. . . VancouTV 

AHBt.Qon.Mgr, W. G. Mun 

aen.E»oAsst. F. R. Qlover. * 

SoUoitor, V, Laursen ■ 

Gompt. E. H. Adama * 

Local See. J. V. Armstrong .. . * 

Qen, FVt-ftPaaa, A(t. 

W,IJ. Power ■ 

Pur. Ajrt. P. Lewis " 

Traffio Supt. Wm.H.DioBmore ■ I 
Eleo. Bupt.J. I, NeweU 

Power bU. equip. (Lake Buatsen) Ul 
a. c, C. G. E, Waat. Diek Karr. lot. 
47,7(X) kw. S200 v. 3 ph. 80 oys. 

Vancouver stm. auiiliary, 12.600 kw: 
stm, turb. Allis-C: trans, volt. 3SfiO0 v. 
trolley volt. SSCaOO v. 

Sub^stas. at Vanoouver, Point Grey, 
N. Vancouver, So, Vancouver, Lola 
Island. Bumaby, New Weatminater. 
Lansley, Matsqid, Cloverdale, 
and Chilliwack; repair ~'' — ~ 
oouver and New Weatm 

" ihoa - ■ " ■ 

.je,06 B — 

intenabaa lines); 384 paa*°iiEer, IS ei- 
presa and bauaee, 456 freight and 58 
other cars; ITlo^Hnodves, TCo. does a 
"ineral Hehting and power buBUksSi.) 


O. B: 2-1000 kw. 

West, 500 kw. 650 v; 5 «. o. 6. G. E 

O hp, e. Lsurie;'2S00hp. 1 

l^ontrols Gorge Pa.ric and re 
f P&rk and Bbbcdd Hill Par] 
i5.&4 miles; 4-SH g- 

ipt. Thoa. Bodeo 

rmn-CarBaniT. E. JoDM. . . . 

lat St. A College Ave.. ■ 

Energy puTchosed CrDDi CsDoda Gas & 
leo. Corn; 2d. o.C. G, E. lot, 870 kw: 1 
m. mo.C. O.E. 435kva. 3300v. 3pti. 
) cya; triuiB. volt, 650-600 v. 

Carbarn at Ist St. & College Ave., 

(est. 1916). 

f^mbrn. {Operium 8i.l 

Selkirk spd L^e wWiipeg Ry 

Selkirk, Stonewsll and He^ncly. 
rea. Sir August— ■•'—-— ""— 
. Pres. A Gen. 

H«— Wliiiilp^ 

Eleo. T^. Chap 

ewall and Headiniily. 

kset.Treas. G.A.I 

21aim Agts. 

Moran. Anderson A Guy . . 
Elec. Engr. A Engr. Ovhd, 

CfiDBulting Elec. Engr. 

Cb.'Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

Bunt. Rijlling Slk. 

W. H. McAlonay 

Enn. M.oiW.,S. Wilkine. . 

WiimipeK Power plant equ 
C, G.E. tot. 1860 kwi fi a. 
C. G. E. tot. 2800 kw. 28O0 
'100 hp. e. fetm.) G. A Mi 
Heine, Bab. A W; BOOO kw, 
C. G.E; 6100 hp. «tr. turb. 

1. c. C. Q. E. 
nr. turb. Mor 

Repair sbope 

t. U.pOO kw; 33,000 hp. 
cap. 13.500 kw; 14 mo. 
t Main 8t, A Asainiboine 

1I4»— WlnnlHV, 

: * Lsk« 

llectrio Rail- 
d by Winui- 

Treas, J, S. Maokeoi 
Audra, M-™i-t Mi 
Gen, Ml 

OMm Agt, 

itohflUACo. ■ 
len, Mgr. A, W. McLimont, , . 

upt. G, Pettingell Selkirk 

Jlaim Agt, 
Moraa. Andersbn A Guy . , , , WiDnipag 

Pur. Agt, F. J. Pratt 

Elec. Engr. ■ 

Energy purahassd from Winnipee: Eleo , 
By. Co,; tran», volt. 13,200 v; trolley 
volt, BOO v. 

3 Bub-stas. tot, oap. 2Z00 kw; S mo. 

Repair shops at Selkirk, 
40 miles; tSH i: 9 motor and 27 other- 
care. (Selle enemy tor Itg, to Selkirk, ■ 
\Bd da«B ^neral Itg, A pwr. bu ' 



lU7~-Snbarmn KmoU Tnwsit Co.— 

(Una eiCends [rom Winnipeg to Head- 
iOgly on the north, and beycmd the ciMr 
park on the south side of the Assini- 
boine River.) (Operated by Winnipeg 
Else. Ry. Co.) 

Energy purchased from Winnipeg Elec 
Ry. Co.; trans, volt. 22,000 v; trolley 

rolt. eOO v. 

p. 2200ki 




trieitf * Gu Co., 

Monoton. (Operates In Moo , 

Pres. Robert Law. Jr. 

21 E. 40th St., New York, N. Y. 
V.PreB.E.B.Haeaer, . * 

E. O, Bartlett • 

Aset. See. A Treas, A Pur, 

Agt. E. A, Cumminga . , , , . Moncton 
Supt, A Eleo, Enn.GM^Saott, , ' 

Ch.Engr, Jasper Meleall " 

M. M, ARoBdmsster, 

Fred Breau , ,. ■ 

Power sU. equip, 1 d. c. C. G. E. 228 


ley v^i.' 

e;750hp. t 

Mechanic St., Moneton. 

audi Ttil^'ct? V™ «°"doL'"enSal 

IJM— New Bmnairick Power C 

Office, eor. Dock and Union Ste. < 
taken over The St, John Ry. Co. 
Eaetem Eleo. Co., Ltd.) (Com 
St. John, West St. John, East 
John. Fairville, Lancaster and C 

Pres. L. k.RoeB.... St. J 

TrooB.G, M.O.Peters 

Gen. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. 

H, M, Hop„ 

EleoJ:ngr,A M,M^H,A,Bio' 


Co,. Ltd.. an imtenirtMil line (Eb fnikai ' 
betwecD Sydnr wid dsce Bn', wfaitt 
is operK(«d under le&v.) 

147 Mnk St., Boston. Man. 

V.Pr«.FreiJeric±8.Piatl ^ 


147 Milk St., • 

I. Henjy B. Bswyer. . " 

Gen, Man. 


Local M(r. C. C. Curtis Sydliej 

J. B. Blilley, 85 WWiney Ave., ' 
Claim Acts, young & IiotwkI _ 

181 Clmriotta St., ' 
Sunt. Ferry Dopt. 

Capt. J. E. Muezah 

aupt. DiBtr. C. J. Campbeil 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Stn. A.C.Webber ' 
M.M^an.™ Bharpe ' ' 

Pawn Ma. equip. 3 d. o. C. G. E. tot. 
700 kw; a a. c. C. G. E. tot. IIOO kw. 
220DT. 2pb. SOeyb: 1875 hp.e. LAurisi 
Robb; 1300 hp. b. Robb; 500 fcw. atn. 
turb.C.W.. jUlis-CilmcgeQ. C.G. E. 
300 kw; tram, volt. 22.000 v; trolley volL 

Pomr rtaa. (1800 kw. c^.) at Town- 
aeod St., SydiiEy and N. Sydoey: repau 
shops at Sydney. No. Sydikey and QSa/ce 
BBy;Hub« No. Sydney and Resem 

30.69 miles owned. IS miles leased: 
4-8M «; 2* motor and S otbar care. *29 

TABKOUTH. 0,600 (1910). 

isn— TarmoaHi Lt. it Pwr. Co.. 

Ltd.— Office, Yarmouth, (Succemr 

tn YannouOi St. Ry, Co., Ltd.) 
lOperaW* in Yarmouth only.) 

Free. A Fur, Act.Carl M. Pihl 

SO Conneas St.. Boston. Man. 

V.Prea.Thos.L, Wiles 

Sec. ftCom'lSupt. 

D. B. Stoneman Varmontk 

Treaa. A Audr. A. 3. Maikle 

60 Congress St.. Boston. Man 

Powereta. cfiuip. Id.e.C.C E. 150 
kw; 3 a. c. C. O. E. tot. fi2S kw. 2300 T.3 

Eli.60cyH;400hp. s. Robb, Leonard; 373 
p. b. Can. Fdy; 400 hp. wtr. lurti. 
Smith; tisns. volt. 22,000 v.; trolle)' 
volt. 550 V. 

Owns park. oDe mile from Yarmoalh 
3 miles; 4-SH e; 6 motor oara. (Cop- 

pany fumishee liflhtiof and motor pover 

BBANTFOU>. 23.132 (1916). 
(See also No. 1260.) 

■tU— Brmtfonl Hnalc. «r>— Office. 
303Colbome3t., Brantford. Hn 1014 
l^e city took over the Brantford 8t 

^. Co. and the Grand Valley Ry. Co. I 
th^dw Witt piriij" oonneclt 

Bd. ofJCJhmn. F.J. Calbeek,. Brantford 
Ry. (W. R.TurnhuU ; 

Sec, Gen. Mgr, A Pur. Agt) 

M.M.,'j.A.BkWtinhimer'!;! * 

Sunt. Track, Ale». Topp 

Energy purchased from Hydro-Elee. 
Pwr Comm. ol Ont. at Brantford, 2 mo- 

Sw'kw; (roliey vol"' ^O^'v" ' ™°^' 


Co^ Ltd.— Office. 422-4 Barrington 
St. (Has taken over Halifax Elec. 

10 Prince St., 

Bmrekeeper J. F. Beriven 

Supt. Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sta. A M.M., 
f.A.F "- "' "■ * 

Power sta. equip. 4 a. c. C. G. E. toi 
)Okw. MOO T, 3 ph. 60 cys: 1600 hp. i 


oYw.turbl Istm.) C. G.'] 
). Bab. & W; trans. Z3O0 
t. 675 V 

Reaches Public Gardens. Spring Gar- 
den Road, Point Fleaeant and N. W. 

21.173 miles; 4-8H i: 82 "o'er cars. 
(Company also controls the oity lighting 
and Bas supply.) A50 

NEW GLASGOW. 6.3S6 (1SI6). 
(Bee No. 12S0.) 

STE1J.AKTON. 3,910 (ISie). 

i:Ga— Pictoa Coantr EIcc. Co., Ltd. 

— Offict, Stellwton, (Conneota New 

Glasgow. Stellarlon, Weatville A 

Fm. Chas. A. Flaherty 

Eichaoge Bldi., Boston. Mass. 
V Pres., Mgr. * Fur. Agt. 

Leonard T. Flaherty Stellarton 

Spc. a Treaa. Wm. B, Rogers 

EiohangeBldg., Boeton. Mass. 

Audr. F. H. Oilcy HaWai 

Supt.Ry. C.F.MnQuarne , New Glasgow 

N. J. Miller 

M. M., Wm. Thompson Stellarton 

Roadmastet, Jas. Marsliall.New Glasgow 

Power sta. equip, fl d. o. C. G. E. tot, 
675 kw; 4 a. crc. G. E. tot. 975 kw. 23O0 
V. 3 pt. flO oys; 2508 hp. e. Rot*, Hama 
b; 1050 hp. b. Robb, Matheson; trolky 

Power sta. and repair shops at SuUar. 

cars. (Co. does lighting and poi 
business.) *6n 

STDFRET. 17,723 (1916). 

■211 — fTape Breton Elec. Co., Ltd.- 

Office, Esplanade, Sydney. (Compan 

entile electric lighting buMoeBs i 
ley and Norti Sydney, and 

Repair ahope at Braut/ord- 

BcacbM Mohswk Park lowned by 

2D.T6 miles (0 city and 20.76 i 
urban): 4-8M g-- 13 motor cars and 1 . 
c»r; 2 5W«pe™:lplow. *5n 

CHATHAM. 10,770 (1916). 

IWC—Cbatham, Wall>e«ban & Kbe 

Erie Br- Co.— Offics, £53 King St., 

Chatham, (ComiecU Chatham and 

Pres. R. C. O. Thampeon 

43 Victoria St.. Toronto 

V. Prea. J. D. Monon ■ 

Sue. A Tteaa. H, S. Guieby ' 

Audr. Fgt. Acct. C. P. Wau(h. Chatham 

Gen. Mgr. W.J, Curie " 

M. M., A.A. TsBBBrt 

Acetaut. R. C. BisBotl 

Paver sta. eqnip. 2 d. o. Ridgway tot. 
600 kw. 550 t; BOO hp. e. Ridgnay; 750 
bp. b. Bab. k W; trans. & Uolley volt. 
550 T. £iisr«y purchased fiom Hydio- 
Eleo.Pwr.Comm.(NiaKiLra System.) 

Beaohea Erie Bsaoh ou Lake Erie loon- 

40.77 miles iu operation; 4-SH Si 8 mo. 
pass,. 2 trail psss. and 89 fit. oars; 

interchange with Michigan Central 
R. R. at Charine Cross, Canadian 
PaciBc Ry. at Chaiham, the Fera Maiv 

SietteR. R, atWallaceburg, thsWabaib 
, R. and the Grand Truii Hy,) • 

1U1— Cwnwan St. By., Lt. A Pwr. 

Co„ LM.— OSes, Second St. 
Piw. 8, H. Ewinp Montreal, Que. 

C. U. PeeUng, , 

1. Mori 

,, Cornwall 
,..~,-.j„ uu. .;. ..orthn.G.E. 
loi. Duu aw: 300 hp. e. Robb: 300 bp. b. 
Robb: 400 hp, wtr, turb. 8. Morgan 
Smith: trolley volt, G50 v. 

Power sU. (water power), south of 
Cornwall Canal, 

ItepBir ahoiM north of Cornwall Canal. 

Owns St. Lawrence Park. 

6 milee: 4^K i; 10 pass, motor cars; 2 
elec. locos; 1 sweeper. IcM 

WmX IFILLIASf. ie,49B (llMl. 

ISSS— Fort WtUlam Eleetfle By. 

(Mnnic.)— Office, City Hall. (Oper- 

Cfamn. Committee, Q. MacDonald 

Treu. Harry James. , * 

Andr. Chae. England ' 

Gen. Mgr. A. L. Farquharson . . " 
TralSc Mir. M. E. Morton ... • 
M. M.,e;H. Workman ■ 

Energy purchased from Kaministiqua 
Pwr. CS. 

fnib-ata. 3 d. c. C. G. E. Allis-C. 
lot. 1675 kw; trolley volt. 650 v, 


Reaohe* Murphy Park. 

la.a milee; 4-SM »: 28 pass, motor and 
3 trail cars; 1 work car; 1 sweeper. 
(City managea lighting apd telephone 
uUlides.) ' *se 

6ALT. 10.299 (est. IBlfl). 
UW-Onod BlTCt BaUwar-^Cffice, 
e N. Water 8t. (Operates Gall. Pres- 
ton ft Hegpeler Ry. and Preston & 

Kitchener Street Ry.) (Conneelfl Gait, 

Erie A Northern Ry.) 
Pres,- Sir. A, D, McTier 

C. P. R., Montreal. Que, 
V, Pres, « Treis. M, Milne Todd, ,Oalt 

Sec. H, C. Oswald Montreal, Quo, 

Audr.A. McL.Cami^ll ■ 

Gen. Mgr.M.W.Kjfkwood ■ 

3upt. A. J. Clarke^...- Preston 

Pur. Aat. F. Damley " 

Claim Agt. A. W. Cornish Gait 

Gen.Fgt.A Pass. Agt. C.J.Whitney. - 

Ch. Engr. F. H. Midaley " 

Ch. Engr, Pwr. Sta. R.E. Watt. ..Preston 

M. M.. H. Vondreau " 

Roadmaater, J. XJeans * 

kw. 370 V. 3 ph. 25 cys; 760 fap. e. G. & 
McC; SOO hp. b. G. i McC; trans, volt. 
esOO v; trolley volt. 600 v; also purohases 
energy from Hydro-Bloc. Pwr. Comn. ot 

2 Bubvtaa. tot. cap. 1300 kw; 3 rot. 

Power ata. and repair shop at Preston. 

Reaches and owns Idlemhl Park. 

22 miles; 4.S!4 g; 6 motor pass., 1 

ser^iM,)"™' ""="«=' " ™^g^ 

■Mt— LiUm Erie * NortUcrD Banway 

—Main office. Gait. {Leased foe 990 
years to Cauadian Pacific Ry.) (Oper- 
ates between Gait, Glenmoria, Paris, 
BranSoVd, Waterford. Simcoe and Port 

of the'CanadianPaciGo Ry, at Gait,) 
Pres, A, D, McTier, 

C,P, R., Montreal, Que. 
V. Pres. A Treaa. M. Milne Todd. .Gait 

Sec. H. C. Oewald Montreal, Que. 

Audr. A. McL. Campbell... Gait 

Gen. Mgr. M. W. Kir^wood ' " 

Act*. Supt. A.J.Clarke Preston 

Pur. Agt, F. Damley " 

Gen.FgC. & PassAgt. C.J.Whitney, Gait 

Claim Agt, A. W. Cornish " 

Ch. Engr. F. H. Midgley " 

Ch, Eugr. Pwr. Sta. R. E. Watt. Preston 

M. M.. R. Vondreau " 

Roadmaatcr, J. J. Morissey, BraotCord 
Engr. Ovhd. Constr. • 

D. McKerohar ■ 

■chased (rom Hydro-Eleo. 
' Ont.; troUey volt. 

~~3~eub-BtaB. tot. cap. 1500 kw; 3 rot. 

Sub-etas, at Gait. Simcoe and Brant- 
foTtl; repair shops at Preston. 

Reaches Port Dover Park. 

GO miles; 4^K f. 4 motor pass., 
16 trail pass., 2 eip, motor and II 
(Ballast) other cars; 2 60-toa elec, 
locos. *59 

(See No. 1274,) 

oimrH. 16,000. 

(See also No. 1288.) 
IMl— OndpbBadUIBy.Cih (Munie.) 

Office, Guelpb. 

IB, J, W, lo'on Ouelph 

. Pres. Thomas Hall ' 

Sec,H,Westfiky ■ 

Treas, S. Ruodle. • 

Audrs. Fred . Page Higgine A Co . . * 
Gea. Mgr. * Pur. Agt. 

A. H. Foster ' 

M.M.,n,Emslie ' 

Hoadmasler A, Hauck * 

Energy purohased from Hydro-Electrie 
Pwr. Comm. ot Ont, crans. volt, 65(M00 
v; trolley volt, 600 v. 

Repair shop at Waterloo Ave., Ouelph. 

Reaches RiversdePark (owned by Co.) ' 

8,3 miles; 4-S>i g; 10 motor and i 
other cars, 7S 

HAHOUTON. 31.060 (frel.ieie). 
UW!— Brantford & Hamilton Elec. 

S.— Office. Hamilton Tenninal BIdg. 
iDnecta Hamilton. Anouter. Albei- 
toD.-CaineBviUBBiidBruitford.) (Con- 


■ on Co.. - 

r. A TiBDB- 

De Cew FnUi plfint, 
4^H c: 10 oue. 

12SS — Dominion Pawer A Transmta- 
BlonCa., Ltd.— Office .'Tenninal Bide. 

SCoDtrols Hamilton CstuaDt Pwr., 
.t. & Trac, Co., the Hamilton Elec. 

Lt. ft Pwr. Co.. Hamilton St. Ry. Co. 

Huniltnn Radial Elec. Ry. Co. 

^operatioas auApended). Hamilton Jt 

DundM St. Ry,. Hamilton, Grimaby* 

Beamsville Elec. Ry. Co.. Brantford i 

Hamilton Else. Ry. Co., Western 

Coontiea Elec. Co., Lincoln Elec. Lt. 

APwr. Co. and Wclland Elec'lCo.l 

Prea. J. R. Muodie Hamilton 

V.PreB.CyniaA. Birge ' 

8«e., Mm. Dir. A C£. Engi. 

Wm. C; Hawkina. . . 77! . . . • 

Tieaa. Jamea Diion ■ 

Gen. Mgi.Edw.P.ColemaD... * 
Cb. Acctn. Geo. D. Fearraan. . 
Supt. Ry. Dept. Geo. E. Waller " 
0*D. Supt. Ry. Dept. 

Williaio Parker * 

CI. Act. & Supt. Intenirban Div, 

F.B. Griffith ■ 

Fur. Act. J. B. Griffith • 

Bupt. o^Conat. C. K. Green. . , ' 
Oea. Supt. Lt. A Pwr. 

W. G.AtwuB ' 


J. O. BInkley, Terminal fita., * 

Power Its., equip. 11 d. c. C. G. E. 
Weat, tot. 3960 tw; 14 a. c. G. E, C. G. E 
Weat, tot. 33,060 kw. 2400 v. 3 ph. WH 
0}-s; 6000 Im. e. G. A McC; 420O hp. b. 
Edge; WjioO hp. turb. (wtr.) Riva-MoD- 
neret, Kennedy, Voight; 25,000 kw. tujb. 
(atm.) Weat; Irana. volt. 40,000 ,v; trol- 
ley v<Jt. 000 y. 

Power ataa. at Power Glen, near St. 
Cathertuea. Hamilton and Brantlord: 
repur shops at Hamilton . 

107mile«^4-8}4g;134cara. (Co. aells 
energy for lighting.) OS 

1»4— aamlltoD, Grimsby ft Beama- 
TlUe Ry. Co.~Office. Terminal Bldg. 
{Contmlled by Ihe Dominion Pwr. 4 
Tranamiseion Co.. Ltd., which aee for 
Energy purchased from H. C. Pwr., 

Lt, A Trflc, Co. 

12CS— Hamlltan Hoontala Park Co., 

Ltd.— (Operatca incline railway for 
transportmg, passengers, freight, ete,. 
op the "Mountain"), 
Energy purchssed f rom Mimic. Hydro- 
Elec. Dept. 

1754 feet; 12-1 W g; 2 cara idouhtf^- 

KINGSTON, 18,874 (IBIS). 

12W— Kliwston, Portsmoutb ft Cat- 

anqol Elec. By. Co.— Office, King 

Frea.*H. W. HiohardaoB Kincaton 

Bee. & Treas. W. F. Niokle. ... ^ 
Supt. 4Fur. Agt. H. C. Nickle. * 

M. M..A.E.Oake« 

FarkMgr.D. P.Braoigan ' 

Energy purchased (torn City of Kings- 
Repair shops at Kingston. 
Controls Lake Ontano Park. 
S milss: 44H ■; S3 ears. 69 

KINGSTILLE, 1,427 <10tS]. 

izev—me WlndaoT, Eues ft U 

ahora Kapid By. C6.— Offioa. Bjm 

Tille, IContiolled by Dominioo Tn 
lion and Lighting Co., Ltd.) "" 
necta Windsor. Eaaec, King^r 

Proa. ■ - — Chathn 

IstV. Pres.,Gen. MEr.,PurAgt.ft 
ParkMgr.A.Eastmaa .Kjoprilk 


TraSo Mgr. £. e, Hughes. . 

Roadmaster Chas. Loop- . , . , 

1000 rw;'2';*^!'?F-eat. tot. : 
ph. 25 eye; 1500 hp. a. (steam) 
1400 hp. b. C. Fdy; trolley t 

ir shop* e>t Sinp- 
i Park at Kinc*; 

'tne no'un tc nortatm mt 

-Office, BO King St., West. (Ca 
Kitcheaar and Bndg^ort.) 
r. H. BreiUiaiipt .Kitoheo' 

i.,TreBs. AGen. Mgr, 

tjnersy purehased from oily . 
Reaches Riverside Park asd Casino >I 
Similes; 4-8H g; 3 care. lli 

tMIb— Kitchener ft Waterlo* St- 

K. (Mnnlc.)— Office. ia9 King Si, 
St. iOpeiated by the EitchBner Lt 

Freslon & Kitchener StTTty . ConnecO 

n.Lt. Comm. G.Lipi 

K-r. 3pb. 26 cys: 3rcl. 
1. 82S kw; trolloy -roll. 

e miles; 4.8^ g; 10 motor and 4 trul 
cars. SI 

LONI>ON. 40,300 {1B16). 
12e»— The London ft Port Staaln 

By. (Munie.)— Office, Hiilip ft Mait 
laud Sta. (Extends south from Citr <>' 
London through the VUlages ol Weal- 

CiW of St. Thomas. Village of Whila 

and termiuatss in Villacs of Pol 
Stanley. Controlled and opetattd bj 
London Railway Commlsaian.^' 
Ghrmn. Commn. 

Sir Adam Beck, E. B Landu 

MBFOt, C. R. Somerrille * 

Bee. C. B. Way ■ 

(Dr. R. W. Shaw ' 

Commra.i Phillip Pooock ■ 

JW. A. Martin ■ 

Treas. A Mgr. J. E. Rioharda ■ 

Audr. D, L. Welch ■ 

Engr.M.DfW..D.M.Marrisoii.. - • 
M. M.,C. E. Lenharl ■ 

- 3 T)h. 26 1^8: trollsy t 

Car baroa and lopsit a 
Reachea and owpVP^ 
as milea; 4-SH 
xsoa; 3 cabooeea, . 

Stanley Pi..-. 

f. 7 motor, ID trail 
I 60-toD eleo. Iraisht 

9 Hrdro-Elea. 

u 8prmgbank Park 

PrSetc^la Currifl. , , Akron. O. 

4«!C 4 Treofl. Leonard Tail London 

Mgr. & Pur. Agt, C. B. King 

M. M..H.Weibiirn 

3upt. Track A. M.Di 

Enetgy purehaBSd .... 

fwr, CSromisBion ol Oat; troUey . __. 
S50 V. 

]ECepair shop at Lyie St.. Loadon. 

Reaches Sprinebank Park. 

35 mila: i^Hf. M motor and 5 trail 
c»re. lie 

BdAGABA tALLS. 6.243 (laiS). 
(See alao No. 1291.) 

1«7I— The NUc»> Spanlgh Aero- 
■SI Co., Ltd.— Office, 41 Erie Ave, 
tOperatea aerial cableway.forlouriaU. 
■pamuuK (be gorge in wbieh tbe Whirl- 
pool at Niacara Falls ia located. Con- 
nects with Tatemational Ry. Co. sod 
NiacBTB Gorge R. R. Co.) 

Prea. — Niagara FalU 

V . Free. Qonaalo Torrea. . . 


Herbert Batlanl. ' 

Supt. AEngr. M. of W. 

Calvin Stevena * 

\i. M.. James R.Brown.. 

EneriEy purchaaed from Stamford 

Hydro-Electric Co., Thompsoo'a Point; 
1 motorWest.76bp.3ph.25ijy8. 

1780ft; ae.tuple cabie; 1 car. lis 

■»2— WUrlpoal Kaplda KUvator Co. 
(LeBHS WEJripool Rapida Incline.)— 
OfHo*, 200-204 Gluck Bldg., Niagara 
Falls, N. ¥. .(Aa incline railway run- 
nine trom top of bank on the Canadian 
aido to the Aorge, a distance of about 
300 feet, and used to convey paasen- 

t4™*W. Laughlin. Niagara Falla. N. Y. 
Eaergy furnished by iDlemBtionalRy. 
Co; SO t^. motor 

300 It 

d by 


m>— NipiulDk Central Br-— Office. 

North Cobalt. (Connects Cobalt. 

North Cobalt. Haileybury, New Lis- 

keard and Kerr Laks.) 

Pna. J. L. Engletaart Toronto 

See. * Treaa. W. H. Maund. ... 

Audr. H. H. McGee North Bay 

Supl. K. McDonald North Cobalt 

Bupt. of Traffic, W.A.Oriffin, North Bay 
Claim Fat. A Pass. Agt. 

A.J.Parr - 

Pur. Agl, W. A. Graham * 

Ch.Enir. 8. B.Clement 

Bnercy purchaasd from The Nortbero 
OatarioT.1. tt Pwr, Co.: trans, volt. 4300 
v; trolley volt. 6J0 v. 

Reacbes Athletic Park, North Cobalt. 

1S.37 miles; 4-8K e; S motor cars and 
1 other eat. 118 

OSHAWA. 7,430 (IBIS). 
1X74— fbe Oshawa By. Co.— Offiee, ' 

Gananoaue. (Connects Cedar Dale. 

Twp. ol East Whitby and Oshawa- 


Pres. E. Walter Rsthbun Desemnto 

Bee.. Treae. * Audr. 

J. H. Valleau .Gananoque 

Mr,. Gen, Fgt. A Pass. A Pur. 

Alt. H, W. Cooper ■ 

Supt. J. J. Callaghan. Osbawa 

Ch.Engt.Pwr.Sts. W.M.Duffey. • 
Eoadmaater, H. A. Cooper * 

Energy purchased from Hydro-Elee. 
Pwr. Comn. ol Ont.; trans. 2400 v; 
troUey 600 v. 

1 Bub-sta: 2 d. c. C, West, tot, 700 kw. 

Power plant and repair shops at 

Reaches Osbawa-on-the-Lake and 
-Aleiandria Park. 

10 miles; (4 mi, aidings); 4-SMg-. 
motor pass., 1 eip. motor, 3 fgt and 2 
other ears; 4 else, locos. (Co, has larga 
fgt. switching buaineea,) i^ro 

01TAWA. 110.000 (1010). 

(See also No. 1265.) 

U3B— The Ottawa Blcc. Br. Co.— 

OlEce, 248 Albert St. (9Hy line; Bub- 
urban line to Britannia, S miles from 
city.) (ControUed hy Ottawa Trae. 
Co., Ltd,) 

Pre*. T. Aheam Ottawa 

V. Pre*. Warren Y. Boper ■ 

Sec. A Treaa. G. L. BneUinc ■ 

8apt. A CI, Agt. F. D. Forpee. . ■ 

J. M, Abeam." • 

Audrs.Artbur A, CrawlsyACD.. * 
Eleo. Engr. M. C. O'Donoell 

337 Albert St., ■ 
Ch, Engr. Pwr. Sta. 

W. H. Baldwin, Middle St., ■ 
R, A, Baldwin, SSBAlbetiBt., * 

gen. West, tot, 0000 kw:'400o' hp. turb.' 
Twtr.) 8. A B. B. V. A Co., Smith; ator. 
bat: energy also purcbased; trans, volt. 
2200 v; troUey volt. SSO v. 

' -- --- -'int: 1 turbo jen. West. 

i; 3 b. — hp. Bab. A W. 
Middle St.; repair shop 

t Albert 

a Rockl 


fiS miles; i-SH ( 

1377— Ottawa Trae. C«., LM.— (Con- 
■ ■ The Ottawa EWRy. Co.) 

" ■■ Ottawa 

Prea. T. Ahea 

V. Pres. Warren I . ooper 

Sec. A Treaa. G. L. Snelling. . 

ms— Tbe reloboro Bwllal Br. 

(Munio.)— Office. 289 George St., 
Peterboro,, (In IBlfl, road purchased 

operated by tbe Hydro^Eleo. Pwr. 
Comn. of Ontario. ) 

IChmn. Sir Adam Beck. K.B.. 

:ommrs.|Hon. I. B. Lucas, M.P.p" 


W. K. MoNaught, C.M.Q., - 


i: 4-8 

Hydro-Elev, Pwr. Comn. 

volt. SSO v. 
k g: 10 oara: 2 snow 
plows. 128 

. 11,220 (est. leie). 
No, 1258.) 


WbalenBldg. (Oper- 

U7»— Port Arthur 

(Operated by the 
Comn.)— Office, WL 

Bl«a in Port Arthur 

oity with Ft. William,) 
hTnn.Cnmn. I,L.Mattbews,Port 
E. Wideman... 
,...alcolm C.Camt>bell 
Commrs.(A. Q. Aleiuider, 

E. J. Blaquisr, 

ra«. D. Mclver^ - 
..Gen. Mcr.APui 


Ju. DiUoQ. . . Car Bama. Port Arthur 
Enerey purchased rrom Kydro-Eleclric 
Power Comm. ol Onl.: 3 d.c.S.* H., 
AIILb-C, lot. 1150 kw; 300 hp. tarb. 
(wU.): trolley vott, 600 v. 
19.S miles^ 4-aji e; 23 motor, 2 trail 
- i work can; 1 air-equipped maw 

m. raligbling, telephone 

■Urn.) *59 

plnw. (City m 


(See No8. 1239 and 1260.) 

I18«— Mlagwa, St. Catharines ft 
Tonint« Br. C«. — Office. Si. Cstb- 
atiaes. (Controls the Port Dalhousie. 
St. Catharines & Thorold Eleo. St. 
Ry. and Niagara Falls. Wesley Park 
& Clifton Tramway Co.) (Pari ot 
Canadian National Rya.) (Cooaects 
Port Dalhouaie, St. Catharines. Thor- 
old. Niagara Falla. Welland. Fort 
Colbome and NUgara-on-the-Lake.) 

Prea. D. B. Hanna Toronto 

*-"**"-U J. Mitchell 

Sec. R. P. Ormsby 

T«aa.H.G. Foreman • 

Actg.Audr. W.J. Bennett, St.Catharines 

Gen. Siipt. E.W.Oliver Toronto 

Supt. W. Robertaoo St. CatharineB 

Pur. Ant. H.Wilson 

ClaimAgl. H. MacDonald Toronto 

Gen. Fgt. * Pass. Age. 

K, L. Fairbaira ■ . 

Ch.Engr. A. F. Stewart 

Eke En^r. W. H. Horton. St. Catharines 

Sig.Entr. W. M.Punl«r .Toronto 

M.M., A.N. Pay St. Catharines 

Energy purchased fromToionto NiaE- 
ara Power Co.: Hans. volt. 12,000 v; 
trolley volt. 000 v, 

5 snb-Hts. tot. cap. 3830 kw; S rot. 

Repair shop at St. Catharines. 

0™sBnd operalea amuaement park at 
Port Dalhouaie and leases Lakeside Park. 

78 miles (electric and sleaml; 4-8Hit 
65 paaa. and 58 freight cars, S loooe; 3 
cabooBcs; 3 snow plows: 1 sweeper. A6S 

ST. THOMAS. 17,000 (1916). 
1281— St. TboidM HudIc. St. B;.— 

Gen, Mar. 

J.F. Daughflrty,CarBari 

M. M., 

Lome Murphy. Car Barns, 
Road master Thos. Shearing. . 

Thomas. ' "^ 

Reaches Pinafure Park, owned by ci' 
7.5 miles; *-SHe; 18 cars. 1 

SABHU'. 12.200 (19181 
!— SaraU St. Br. C<i. Ltd.- 

19 Front St. (Connects Sun 

V.Pres. Randall Kenny, 

273 N, Vidal St.. ' 

Sec.Treaa.A Mgr. Geo.E.Wadland ■ 

»"<^(i:i"'K..kb : : 


J. R. HenderBon...UKiiTall St.. ' 

Wm.Fole,ta8ChrestinaSe..So, ' 

Pwr. eta. equip. 2 d. c. Swedish E. 

ItSS— The IntvrnatlvDal Tniutt (Hi 

Office. Sault Ste. Marie. Ont. (Cw 
neela Sault Ste. Marie and St«H« 
operates a ferry between "Boo." Ow. 
and "Soo," Mich j (Controlled la 
Great ULea Fwr. (io., Ltd.) ■ 

Pre*. J. O. Hejworth. 

(Martin J. Insult. 
V. J 72 W. Adams St.. 
Presli.lJohnA. McFhail. 

I Sault S 

^ec* Tress. 


.2rE. McCoru 

.,Pur., Claim A 
n. Fit. 4 Pass. 
I. Tf. T. Scott 

■ .E. Pickering, ■ 

aTr shop at Sault Ste. Mar 
! miles; 4-8 W«;B motor sod 

SVDBUBT. 8,000. 

Range Hotel Bldg. (Connects SixJ- 

bury and Copper Cliff,) 

Pres. J. J. MacKey SudbuU 

V. Pres, L. Laforest • , 

See. 4Treas, C. Bibhy 

Audr. J. W.Roas • 

Cen.Supt. W.E. Masaie -• I 

Roadmaster. B. Legasse 

Energy purchased from Wahupiw 
Pwr. Co., Ltd., Id. c. C. G. E.300li«. 
trans, volt, 2200 v; troUey volt. S50v 

Repair shops at Notre Dama 9l.. 

"Rel^Ses Lake Ramsay. 
9-2 miles: 4-8M g: 4 motor cars. US 

'TORONTO. 470,140 (1616). j 

(See also Nos. 1045, 1280 and 1291. 1 i 

128C— SeliamberB ft A^ran 1^.- 

OffioB, 84 King St. East. (ConiK» 
Schomberg, Kettleby and EvenW 
with the Toronto * York Radial Bj I 

Pres. Sir Wm. Msckeniie -.Tonni" 

V.Pres. Frederic Nioholls ■ 

Sec. A Treas. J. C. Grace ' 

Audr J. M. Smith ■ 

Gen. Mgr.W.H. Moore ' ■ 

Asst. Oen. Mgr, Chaa. L. Wilson ■ i 

Supt. C. W. Mott ■ 

Pur. Agt, Obo, K. Hyde • 

Traffic Mgr. F. S. Uvingston . . . " ' 
Res. Engr. C. P. Van Norman, . ■ , 

sc. Engr. Wm. B. Boyd Toront 

. 1W.,A. M.SipiUi 

«r™0?hd! C™bW^ 

1. H. Middlebroofc 

EncrRy purchased from Toronto t 
•trk Radial Ry. Co.: trolley Tolt.flOOT 
Sub-ets. ii»r Scbomberg: 1 d. o. C 
™t. 750 kw. 

14.4 ma«; i-SH f. rente cars fron 
•ronto A York I^adial Ry. Co. *5 

SO— Toronto Civic Ey.— Office. Roon 
313. City Hall, Toronto, (Operate 
on Gerard sod BIouf SU. and on Si 
ClBiT. Danfonh and LaiiBdowile Ayes., 

jd.Met. R.CEaiTu. Toronto 

ipt, D. W. Haryey 

I. Clerk. W. Hocking 

raffic Met. Chax. H. Bachelor 

- M.,M.Swilier 

E oerjy purchaaed from Toronto Hi 
if-r.. ajatem, 

Repair shops at Danforth A Co 

21 :63 milea; 4-10^ g; 45 motor 

Free. SirWm. Maokeniie, 

V. Free. Frederic Nicholls. . 
Sec. ATteaa, J.C.Grace,. 

Compt. J, M.Sniitli 

Gen. Met. W. H. Moore... 
Aast, M(T. Charles h. Wilsc 

Supt.C. W.Mott 

Pur.Agt. Geo. K.Hyde.,.. 
Supt.Ovhd, Const. 

J. H. Middlebrook 

TrafSc Mgr. F, S. Livinggtc 
Res. Engr. C. P. Van Norms 

M. M., A. M. Smith 

Engr.M.otW. W.Roee... 
Roadmaaler, W, M. AbbotI 

I. volt. 1 

i.OOO v; trolley 
t. C. G. E. ' 
t 14S8 Yonge 

W7— TmoDtoBr- Co-— Office, 02 Kinj 
8t. E.Toronto. 
rea. BiiWm. Maekeniie. 

1 Toronto St., Tomnti 
. FrcB.Col. Frederic Nicholla. 

Kins t Simcae Su. ■ 

ec . & Trea/XC. Grace 

ien. Mgr. R. J. Fleming • 

jBt. to Gen. Met. F.L.Hubbard " 

Im. AbC, James H, Forreal 

'ur.Agt. H,H. Beasley 

'h . Eoftr. Farley G . Clarke, 

12 Adelaide St. * 

A .M., W.R.McRae 

'rack Supt. James G, SmiCta . .'. . 
Sngr, Ovhd. Conetr. 
O. V. ADd(>cB(n,12 Adelaide St. • 

tick A Front Sts. 
13B.119 miler. 4-lDH f- SOS motnr am 

\tSH — Toronto Sukurban .By. Co.- 

Office, 2896 Dundaa St., W. Torontc 
rConnecU Toronto, Wemon. Lambto 
Mills, Woodbridge, Thietletown an 

WALKIXTILLX. .^,302 (eat, 1910) 

l%M-^Tfa« Windsor A Tecumseh 
Eleetrlc By. Co.— (ConneoU Wind- 
--- "'alkerville. Ford and Tecunweh.) 


,. Mid 


f.Iwin Fl!fie?t!in.. .',. ■.,■.'.■ ■ 
. Mmr, Sidney S. Anderson. . 

„ F. E. Hayes.. 

Ch. Engr.Pwt.SU. N.Maitland. * 

M.M.,H.F. Ferguson.. 

Roadmaa tar Jamea Lynch 

Dngr. Ovhd.Constr. 

Edw. Jenninga. ' 

Power BtH.and repair shops at Windsot . 

■ Co.'s 

i in li 


,9 Toronto St., Toronto 

Bee R. P. Ormeby. 

Treaa. A. Forman 

Gen. Mgr. Col.Geo. C.Royce, 

Toronto. ICon 
Pros. H. C.SihoBek 

M. M , J. W 

, Frank Butcher 

tX Lambton. 
Owns Lambton Park 
S4.32 miles; 4-8M g 

to * Torb Kadlkl By. Co. 


Energy purchased from Page-Uerseyi 
■ Co.itrdley volt.560v. 

5,S lailea; 4-8H i: 3 motor cs 



1^ completed by the Hydto-Elec 
co"nnK:tmn''w'ith other hydro 


UBVIS. 7,462 (1B16). 
JtSI— me Levis Countr By. — OOa. 

327 Coniniercisl St., Levis. (ExUndf 

from LauiDD, St. Joaeph, Bieovillt. 

LeTU, St. Homuald, New Liverpool l» 

Quebec Bridge.) 
Pres, S. H, Ewine 

U2 Notre Duoe St. , West, Montnat 

V. PrcB, J. C. Blouin Lerii 

Eec. & Treas. E. A. Macnutt 

142 Notre Dune St.. West, Moatn 
Audr. Gharpe, Milne & Co. 
Power Bide-, 
Gen. Mgr. APur. Agt. 

H. E. wcyman Lerii 

Supt. & Ensr. M. of W. 

A. Ch^donnet 

Claim A Gen. Fit. i Pua. Agt. 

H. S.C. MoSatt 

M. M., D. Chenard 

Eneigy purchased from Can. EUc. 
Co.; tians. volt. 11,000 T. 3 vh; trol 
volt. 6S0 V. 

Repair ahops at Fraeer 8t,, Levia. 

lI.E fnilea; 4-SM g; 17 motor pan.. 
G other motor, 3 other can. 59 

UONTBEAL. 000,000 [lOlS). 

(See Blao Nos. 499, BSO, 1304, 130S, 

1327 and 1334.) 

I2«T— Canadian Nadoiuil KsUwW 
(FiMmerlr Tbe Caiudtan Nortlivn 

Hr- Co.) rMontrest Tunnel & Tenoi- 
nalB.)^^en. Office, Toronto, (Eitanda 
from Mount Royal through tunnel to 
•Aty of Montreal, a diatance of 10 

Free. D. B. Hsnoa Toronto 

[A. J. Mitchell 

V.Prest8.lM. H, MacLeod 


8, l! Shannon Moncton.N.B. 

Gen. Mgr. A.E. Warren, Winnipee, Man. 
Gen. Supc. Else. Linee 

E. W. Ohver Toronto 

Eleo. Engl. W. C. L^oaelcr 

411 Dorehectcr St., W. Montreal 

Energy purchased from the Montnal 
Lt,, Ht. & Fwr. Co.; trana. volt. llJmO 
v; troll^ volt, 2400 v. d. 0. 

Repair ahopa at Cartierville. 

30 mllea; 4-SH «; 8 motor, cuaj 6 
plc(«d but opcratiDC eleotrically in oon- 
wmbe^Sia^BWd.)' P"™*" "^^Sf 

U*8—Honlral* Sod them CoDDltoi 

^. Co.— Offiee. 401 Cuuidian Bzpnsa 
Bids.. Montreal. (Conneota MontntJ. 
Bt. Lambert, Longoeuie, Cfaambtri 
lUchelieu, Maiieville, RouEemont, Qt, 
Cegailre, Abbottsfoid and Otasby.} 

Pres. Howard G. Kelley Hontnal 

V Pr™tji P- ^' Dalrympla " 

Sec. Jamee A. Yalfia, ■ 

Audr. J. P. Hudaon ■ 

Gen. Mgr. W. B. PowoU • 

,„„ Jfranap. A. F. Lsberae. . 

^°??.{Mo. Pwr. AShops 

'"P"l E.N.Godln * 

Claim A«t. T. W. R, Mofiae. . . ' 

Put. Agt. Geo. W. Cayo 

Roadmaster, A.EPatteraon, Bt.Lambett 
Power eta. equip. B d. c. WMt. G. B. 
tot. 3600 kw; 6 a. 0. West. G. E. tot. 2000 
kw., 2300 v. 3 ph. BO oya; trana. Toll, 
25,000 v; trolley volt. SOO v; eoerer alM 
purchased from Montreal Lt.. 9t. ^ 
Pwr. Co. 

Power etai. at Bt. Lambert (3 rot, 
oonv. C. Wert. tot. 1500 liw.); Chamblr 
[1 mo.-gon. let C.Wert. 400 kw.): Roiiw 
mont (1 mo.-gen. set C. O. E. 300 kw.) 
and Oranby; rapur ibop« at fit. Lambv^ 
and Granby. ^ 

St, (Opetfltet 

the ^Dett^it 'unilfS' Ry"!" 
Mich.) (Connects Tecume. 
WalkerviUe. Windeor, Sandw 
way and Arnherstburg.), 
Free. F. W. Brooka Detrt 

James AndeCL 
ec. A. E. Peten 

r. Agt, 

Gen. Mgt. Sidney S. Anderson. .Windsor 

Gen. Supt, F.E.Hayes 

Ch.Engr.Pwr.Sta. N.Maitland. 

M.M.,H.F. Ferguson 

Roadmaa1«r, James Lynch ' 

Engr. Ovbd, Conatr. 

i; 2000 hp. e. O. k 

41.377 mites; 4«M E; 50 mi 
e other motor, 4 trail pass. an. 
oars. (Company furniehee e 

9,320 (1016). 

IIM— Woodstock, Tbamea Taller A 
Ingersoll Elee. Bi. Co. — Office. 3SS 
DuifflaB St.. Woodstock. (Connects 
Woodstock, Beachville and Ingersoll.) 

Trustee Judge Wallace Woodstock 

Troas. EffleT-eaeock 

Audr. J. M. Brophy ■ 

8upt.4Pur.Agt, IraWarfieki 

Ch, Engr, P»r. Sta. 

Milton Long Beaehville 

Enerey purchased from Hydro-Elec. 

Pwr. CommisnoD of Ont; trans .volt. 

I3,200v: trolley volt. 600 T. Bubsta.,2 rot. 

■ * ?. 3B0kw. 25cyB. 

12 mih 



ATLHEK. 3,10e (191 1). 

(See No. 1295.) 

HULL. 22,000 (1016), 

12U~Hull Blec. Co.— Office, 117 Main 

St. (Connects OtUwa, Hull and 

Pres. A. D. MacTier Montreal 

V.Pres.A Gon.Mgr.G. Gordon Gale, Hull 
See. A Treas. H. C. Oswald. . . .Montreal 

Supt. Lt. A Pwr. A. V. Gale .Hull 

Supt. Transp, A. E, Meecb ■ 

Engr.PwT.Sta.N.E.Bflaudry. Deacbenea 
RoadmaaUr, H. F. McKenney 

M.M., W.J.Craig • 

Powersta. eqmp. 3d.c. C.G.E. tot. 
050 kw; 4 a. 0. C. G. E. tot. 1900 kw; 
10,000-2300 JiSO-1 15 V. 3 ph. 60 cys; 2 
motor gen, sets tot . 750kw . 2200-600 v ,d , c . ; 
401fi hp. turb. (wtr.) Trump, Am; trans, 

ergy also purchased from o'ttava A Hull 

Pwr. A Mfg. Co.. Ltd. 
Power eta. and recair shop at Desche- 

nes; sub-stas. at Hull and A^hner. 
0»ne and controls (Jueen'e Park, 
27,5 miles; 4-aH g; 34 motor, ITBilere 

and 10 other can. (Company furnishes 

lighting.), u.a,_^ ~ (t.*6S 

ReKchei Pine Grovi 
Se.S miln; 4-SH i 

» Cbunbly Cuiton , 

IZN — MoDbcal Tramwus Co.— Ol- 
6ce, 78 W. Cwig St. (Controlled by 
the MoDtisBl TrtuDWHyi ft Pwr, Co.) 

Prca. E. A. Robert. Montreal 

■V c^. /J-W. MoConnoll ■ 

V.Pro«t«.(j. g v/i}aoa 

Sec.-Treui. Patrick l>ubee • 

Audr. J. G. RobBon 

Gen. Mn. J. E. HuMheson ' 

Compt. H. E. Smith " 

Supt. A.Gaboure • 

Supt. Conat. A Ch. Eugr. 

W. F. Grams 

Clairo Agt. A, E.SbBW ' 

Pur. Ajrt. D. Eobertooa • 

Supt. Pwr.Pliuita.A. S.Byid,. • 

Bupt. Rolling Block .DE.BluT. You viUe 

Oen.FKt. A«t. A. E, Peaple. . .Mostresl 

Ch.Engr. Pwr. Sta. J. N.Dick. * 
Power Its. equip. 58 d. q. C. O. E. 

West, AllitC. Boll, C-W. tot. 4B,600 

kw: 2 a. e. G. E, S. G. E. tot. 14.500 kw. 

2200 A 13.2O0T. 3 ph. 60 Bsa: 18,000 hp. 

e. iMoiie, Peon. McI. A S: 22,400 bp. b. 

BBb. * W, Adamson, MoDoukbU, Csle. 

donia; I4,G0D kw. atm. turb. G. E. 

Belliae 4 Morcom; troiley volt. 676 v. 
Pover Btas. at William St., HoFbelaga. 

P(^t« ftUi TrEmbloB, St. Henry, St. 

Deuii. Yauville, SbawiniBBn, Cote des 

Neiges and Cote St, Fnai; repair ^ops 

at Youvilla. 

270 mileg; 4-8K g: 1248 motor pass., 

"" — " -iM., 83 other motor and SS 


IM*— MsntrMl Tninwars ft Pwt. 

<:o.— Office, 78 W. Craig St.. Mon- 
tre«l. (ContiolB Montreal Tiamways 
Co., Canadian Lt, A Pwr, Co. and 
vsiJouB other light and power com- 

Pres. E. A. Robert Montreal 

V. Free, J. W, McConnall 

See.-Tieaa.FatiickDubee * 


IMl— Sbawlnltan FBDb Tcrml alBv. 

— Offiee, SlIPowBt Bldg., Montnal. 
(A local line connecting Shawimgan 
Fslla with St. Maurice Valley Ry. and 
Canadian National Ry. (stm. road), 
used for snitching only.) (Controlled 
by The Bhaoinigan Wti. & Pwr. Co.) 

Prea. Julias C. Smith Montreal 

V, Prea, W. S. Hart " 

Sec. H. G. Budden 

Tiea«. Jamei WUeon ,■.., " 

Andr. EOiBrpe. Milne & Co * 

Supt. B. O. Wood.-.Shawinigan Falls 

Pur. Agt, C, P. Walsh .Montreal 

Energy from The Shswinigan Wtr. ft 
Pwi. Co; trsna. volt. 6600?. a. ph; trolley 
ydt, eeOO V. a. c. 
Rfpair shaps at Shawinigan Falls, 
a milee: 4-8H g; 2 motor cars. ^50 

QCEBEC. 104,000 (1S18). 
IMt— Qacbec RaUway, Ugbt ft 
Fower Co.— Gen. office, Cor. Crown 
4 St. Jowph BlB, (pwn> Quebec Bt. 
Ry. Co: operatee in Quebee and a giib- 
nibsn line (30 miles, atcam and elei> 
trie) from Quebec to St. Anneg and Cap 
Tounnenie.) (Controlled by The 
Qnebec Ry., Lt., Et. A Pwi, Co.) 
Pm. Lome C, Webster. 

Bd. of Trade Bldg., Monttsd 
V. Prea. L, I. Tarts, La Paffls. 

See. Arthur Le Moine Quebec 

Tteat, Robert A. Wilaon " 

Audn. P. 8. Roaa * Co Montreal 

Gm. Mgr. W. J. Lynch Quebec 

Brot.CSyDiv. R, Si. ReadB... ' 
■Vrt. Mcmtmorency Div. jc Gen. 

Pgt. A Pas. A(t. J. A. Ererell. ' 
Pur, Agt, B. 8. Oliier • 


Ch. Engr. A Engr. M. of W, 

C. jTTigot Quebec 

Eleo. Engr. L. Burran • 

M. M., PetetQuinn " 

Park Mgr. 

M. Kerwia Montmorency Palla 

Power ata. equip. S d. o. C. O. B. 

West, C. W. tot. 4S00 kw; 6 a. o. Stan, 

cj^a; 7225 hp'. Curb, (wtr.) 8.-B, AUii-C; 
rana. volt. 24,000 vi trolley volt. 650 v. 
Energy abo purchased from The Laur- 
ntain Pwr. do. 

Power Btas. at Montmorenoy Falls and 
Queen St., Quebec; HUb-aCaa. at St. Anne 
de Beaupre, rn>air shop at Quebec. 

Owns Kent House Park, Montraorenoyi 

74 miles (IB.Bl city ttftck)i4.8M g; 1» 

motor and 220 other oars. (Company 

does general Itg. and pwr. busineBs.) 


IMS— The Quebec BiUwart Lliht, 

Heat ft rower Co.— (Owns and opet- 

ates Quebec Railway. Light ft Power 

Co., the Quebec Oas Co., the FrOBt*- 

nac Gas Co., the Quebec Jaeguet 

Cartier Co., and the Canadian EDbo, 

Lt. Co.) 

Prea. Lome C. Webster 

Bd. of Trade Bldg., Montreal 
V.Pres. Senator D. V. L'Espfrenos 

Harbor Comr., Quebec 
See. Arthur LeMoine. .......... ' 

Treas, Robert A. Wilson " 

Geo. Mgr. W.J. Lynch • 

Audrs. P. 6. Ross A Co Montreal 


UM— Sherbtoolu By. ft Fwr. Co.— 

Opr, Office, Qemeot Theatre Bldg., 
Bherbrooke. iConneots Sberbrooke & 
Lennoiville.) (Owned by Boutbem 
Canada Pwr. Co.. Ltd., Montreal.) 

Pros. W. C. Hawkins 

330 Coristtne Bldg., Montreal 

V. Pres. F. W. Teele 

See. Treas. & Pur. Act. 
Lewis Clark HaskeU 

Comptr, Chas. Johnstone. ... 

Gen. Mgr. J, B. Woodyatt. . . 

IRy.F.X. Couture... Bherbrooke 
p;s':^;SThii"rM: : 
Car Bams T. Quine.. " 

fewer sU. equip. 2d. o.C. G. E. tot. 
400 kw: 3 a. c. C. G. E. tot. 3000 kw. 
22O0 V. 3 ph. 60 oya; 4000 Jenckea turb. 
(•rtr.): trans, volt. 25,000; trolley volt. 


Power Bta. (wslerl at Sherbrooke, Ma- 

1i!e miles; 4.SH e; 18 motor cars; 1 
snow plow. (Company does general 
lighting and power buainess.) Oft 

TBBBE BIVEBS. 1S,000 (1016). 
UM— ThrM Blicn Tne. Co.— Office, 

611 Power Bldg. .Montreal. (Operates 

in Three Rivers and eitends to Cap d« 

la MadeleineJ (A subddiary of The 

Shawinigan Wtr. 4 Pwr. Co.) 

Prea. Thos. McDougal Montreal 

V.Pres. A Ch. Engr. 

JuUan C. Smith 

Mng. Dir. W. 8. Hart 

Bee. 4 Treas. Jas. Wileon,... ■ 
Adurs, Sharpe, Mihie 4 Co. .. * 
Gen. Mgr. 4 Pur. Agt. 

R. J. Beaumont 

Supt. J. H. McNeill Three Rivera 

Eleo. Engr. P. B. Gregory. . . 

Energy purchased from North Shore 
Pwr. Co; trolley volt, 650 V. 

2 sub-ata. tot. cap. 500 kw; 2 mo..«en. 

Rapsirahops at St. Maurice Bt..TEre* 





HOOSE JAW. 16,B89 (1916). 
UM — The Hoose J»ir Site. B| 

Co., Ltd.— Gen. offine, High St.,M[>oi 

PreB. A.A. Dkin. 

V. Pi«. Robert Gill 


Met. A. H. Dion 

Asat, Mgr.R. W. Moon 

Power ma. equip. 3d. 

flOO-eoO t; 900 hp, B. Dif 

Ave. i High St. 


, OttftBa, Ont. 

1307— Bwlna BL- 

Mayor, ir Blaek 

Comr.X. A. Thornton 

Troiia, J.E.SnowbsU 

Audn. GladweU, TCUsod ft Co.. . 

Supt. D, W. HouBlon 

Claim Aet. G. F. Blair 

Pur, Agt«..City Comta, 

Supt. Pwr. Sta. E. W. Bull 

M.M. John Banter _.. 

Alhfltt St. 
CityT . 

Bifaibition Grounds (owe 

b; 4-8W i: 37 motor and 30 
. (City Tufuiahes merey for 

SASKATOON. 28,000 (oat 
IMS — Sukatmn HodIc. ] 

fice,Ave,C&2G(hSt. (Cono 

G.D.Arohihald; City Hall. 
I.M. A Eng:Ovhd. Conati. 
D.M, Murray. " """ 

iy Lighting Hani; 2 
g»a: . Iiolley volt. 


(I<«er pmfaff* roi« itmt «• 
Dnited Slala.) 

ST, JOHNS. 35,000 (1917). 

l»i»-St. John* Bt. ■}■■. C"--;:?*'^' 

Water Bt. (OwneJby Reid Nawfonnd- 
P^** Gen.M(r.H.D,Heid. St. Johns 

V.Pres. R. G. R«d „ 

Sac. TreaB.ASupt.FJ.Hunt«r. Montreal 

Audr. H. MoNeS St, Johns 

Gen. Supt. J. P. Powell.. " 

Pur. Agt. H. C. Crawford 

Elec.Engr, J. W. Morns 

Ch. Engr. Pwr, Sta. „ „ j. 

J. H. Halley Fe**?; Hartwr 

Roadmaatar, W. F. ■''""* ^.^i^^^/SaSJ 
ksa^a^p" W^^'WOO hp. turb. (W.t 
Voilb, Hendenbeim; trans, volt. IS.OOOt; 
trolley volt. 500 V. „ „ j_ o 

Waler power Bta. at Petty Harbor, 9 
miLea from Bt. Johns; repair Bhopa at St. 

■'"t'^Is. (eleclno);. 3-6 a; 7 BJtor »rf 
3 other cflrs. (Furnishes energy tor Ugbt- 


j.i:™b, Google 

MEXICO. (Rep.) 

•ami al UniUd Statu. 


- CampanU 

ricidsd y Tranvikt A 
J Office, Apail 

1, Meiico, D.F. 

cmr 4W cBiHViunjA. 


ISlt— Cnnpmiila ElMtrlca j de 

Fcrrorarrlles de Cblhuabus. 8. A. 

£onsiltidatJon of Compania Trsnvias 
Chihuahiu and the Ferrocarril Miji- 
enl de Chihuslius [iMun): also pur- 
ghued Cia Indiutcial Mencuis.) 

V. /JtunB.BacB Chibushua 

PiMU.tCol. R. OraelM 

Sea- Eorique Gooialei.' ' 

Tteu. 8. VarfftS, hijo ' 

Audr. Alberto UerediA.. ..... * 

Gan. Mgr. Juan F. Ti«vifia. . 

Supt. lBe.EiiriquoCot*»iftr " 


Federico Rodriauei ■ 

Bleol. Edst. G- Suddo... ... ' 

Power lu! eq\iipf3^.''t.' g! E. AUis C. 
tot. IMO kw. 2300 V. 2 ph. 60 cya; tSOO 
hp. e. iDdiutrUI; 1000 hp, b. Heinet 500 
kw. (stm.) (urb. AIUb C; trans, volt. 2300 
v: trolley vtrft. 550 y. 

Pomt ate. and repair abopa M ChihuK- 

Raachea four piuks. 

10.50 milea eleo., 14. 2S milea st«sm 
1-8K K 18 motor and 16 other cars 
(Funuahea IJchdna aad pover.J 1^7. 

niABEZ. S,21S (1«07). 
(Bee No. 1133.) 


COUMA. 25,148. 
i m F CT f O CMril tlibsno De Co- 

Unu. — Gen. office, Colima. (Conneota 
Villa de Alvaret with CoUma.) 

?«8. * Geo. Mgr. 

D. G. C. MacNeill. Colimt 

Kepair ehopa at Colima. 


19, Totroon, Coah. (Con 

3a Capnohinaa.No. 75, Itfeuco Qty 

jea.Mgr . ,8upl ..Pur.Agt. 

A CLAgl.ELbu Acuino 
Jh.Engr., Elcol.F-ngr.A 


Loaumoaifir. Diao v^enicoo 
4d. c. G. £. Cot.T12kw. 
Dt. MOkva. 2200v;3pb. a 
, Igae) A. E. G; 700 hp. t 

Palacio: repair shop at Oomei Falacio. 

13.75 miW leteetric)^ 4-SH g: 19 lootol 
pan.. 21 trail pass, and 4 ether care 
(Company fumiaheB electrio li«litiag in 
Lerdo,Goinct PalaciOBDdTarreoii.) 12S 


PACHUCA. 38,620. 

el. Santa Gertrudiaa ai 

» .ClalmAst .Gea .Fgt. Paee . 

t Fur Act. Aaron Garcia. ..Faehuit 

. Engf . Geo. Schroiier " 

r. (outBide of the eity); 5 
Repair ebops at Paohuea. 


GUADALAJAKA. 118,799. 
lU — Compaiilk HrdroelectrIM 

E1nlc>4ar» del Ckspala, 8. kt-~ 

Office, Fernando Btd^.. Guadalajar^ 
(Consol, of Compaoia de Tranvias 1,14 
y Fuereode and Tranviaa de Juana 
■n.'B. 'Fernaoda Pimeutely Fsaoaia 

Menco, D. I 

Sk's fEduBrdo I. AguUar. . Giia<lala]ara 

lAUredo B. Alcalde. 
Cashier FrBncieoo Cstano. 
Audr. Louia DeaBbleHui. . . 
G«d.Mbt.Eru1g Pinaon, . , 
Aeet Mft .EucenePineou 


Ch. Engr. Ltg. Dept. 

EleclPaulPonaoUe. .. 
Engni. I Eugene JImboKrg 

mTm.a-^--'- ° — 

Rflaches El Pariiden Park. 
60 milee; 4-8^^ e: 110 con. \\.oe 
luralgbee energy for lichtiuc.) 


MEXICO CITY. 525.000. 
ISU — Cdmpaula de Tianvlka de 

Heilco.S.A. [Mcilco Tramways C- ' 
— Address 19 MamuQE Arcade. Tare 
to. Can, .and P.O. Boi 134 Bia. Di 
Federal. Mei. (OpersleEi FairoOBiri 
del Diatritu Federal de Mexico and ( 
Mei.deTraccion. Reachea every i 

DiHtriet, pop. 780,000.) (Controb Ml 


""Mgt.AOH. ^p.°""' 

:. F. Seiiaa 

t. to Gen. Mgr. 

J.G. St. Hill 

Mgr, Hy. Dent, D.S.Morcoi 
Mgr. Lt. & Pwr. Dept. 

6, Dyaterud 

Ch. Engr. Pwr. Sla. 

kva.4000v.3ph.60cyB; 3 
West, tot. 1000 kw.; 51,620 

volt. 4000 v; trolley 
repair shop 

Alleode y Joarei 8ta. ; 
. Alameda y Ref 

Chico. Hot Sp 

ti Lt. & Pwr. Co.: 

. Puebh. 
soi, rerrocarni uroanorta FueWt, 
Ferrocarril Indiutrial de PueUi, 

'de Puebla ai 
la "El Fortes 
ir Clanndon G. Hyde 

imbrado i3M- 

London. Enftland 

I. H. Mac 
._n. Mgr. 
Mng. Dir. A 

nald. . 

1310), which see I 

TOLUCA. 31,247. 
lill— Tranvlas de Toluea.— AddrtMi, 

Apartado 2f '"" 

I. Albsr'to HenkeL 

Free. Eduardo Henkel Tallica 

Gen. Mgr, L. Gouiali. ■ 

Pur. Agfa. Henkel Bros. " 

M. M.. M. Pineda ■ 

Roadmaater F. Hardy • 

Repair ahopfl at Bta. Clara, Tolnca. 

Reaches park at Colon Road . 

eral ltd. & pwr. buBinese through Cia. d* 
Lui Electrica d« Toluoa.) *Bt 


eat. tot. 20,7^ Ew, 10.000-1000-2^1 , 

)h. 60 eye: 6000 hp. turb. (wtr.) Voilh;' | 

M hp. wM. wh. Paltoa: 17,000 hp. , 

rb. (wtr.) Eacher, Wyas; trana. voll. 

0,000-42,000-33,000 V. 

Power Btaa. at Porte.neln, Su I 


16 milts; 4-8>fg; 37 can, 6 Ford ni. 

). pass, and 2 Ford fgt. cara. (Doa 

neral lighting and power buaineaB. ) *69 


Apartado 2ZS, San Li 

Antonio Lomeli, Apartado 9, Cslorta 
Power ata. e<Iuip. 3 d.c.C.G.E.toC.SW 
; 1 a.c.C.G,E.36 kw.e.pb.OO cya; WO 
.e.tgaa A atm.) Diet!i,Otto.McI.A 8; 
Ihp.b.Unionlron wits: trolley Yoll. 

Power su. and npui shop* m 
14 milsa else.: 3-0 g; 34 nan. 

HAZATLAN. 22.000. 

.. .'Mknll.) « 

nect* So. PBCifio 

and ceoHMry. 3 nul. . 

Prop,, TreM,, Met. & Pur. Agt, 
Artbur de Cima i 

S«c. Daniel C. Utrea 

" ■ Robert de Cii 

ipt. Rob( 

Repair ahope aC Mamllao uar baios. 

OwDA park at Loma Atravesada. 

4.S mileg (mule and steam); 3-6 g 


NVEVO LABEDO. 7^000 (1018). 
1S2S— CompsDla de TtuitIu d 

from Laredo (Tei.) 

TAHPICO. 10,313 (leOT)- 

.. Lt.-, Pwr. A 

erae No. 24. Menoa C 
I. Apactado 124, Tampir 
la Id Tampico and ronne 

; 1-3000 kw. We 


TEBA CBCZ. 20,164. 

132S— T«ra Cra» He*. Lll, Pwr, & 

Trsc. Ltd.— General office, 3a Calle 
Balderaa, Np, 24, Menoo City. 

Mng. Di] 

Gen. Mgt. F. J 

P. O. Boi SIS, Meii 

a; 2300 V. 3 ph. 60 cs 

teblB*^TramwBy''Lt^4 ¥^. Co. ""' 
Repair ahopa at Vera Crui. 

la^^u^ef 4-8H K IS motor and 15 
her eara. (Company dose (eneral 
t- A pwr. buainea.) 12S 


(See onder the I 

d etatea, vs* ISO-) 

j.i:™b, Google 



Omj Ixrr&J llci«ji4 of IbTT>run. 

Mcr. K A. D.Bcnw. ' ' Sj^P^SS™^^i« 

G«B- Iter JoK PnaeUa * 

ABBt. Gai. MgT- * Ch. at Ry. 


' Pni Aet, Jnu p. Murrmy 
I Ct . Enier . C . C. Veramile 

C««, IM Si Jmii» si . U,.Lin-_. | ,(■ j) Ahbon 

^ " ' ■ ' " " ■ ■ ■" " 5: i30 ^. ail 

~ rl C. GQef. . .CiraiMa-y, ""i«lk^,L;TVw"«i. ,« „ 


""^t ISOO hp. wu mill. G.-E; i 

n . o. HioE, ludiiax- .-n .^ .1. jLr 1 b_» .■*> .^.J ■ ii .^ ' " 

A»dBj>el«™jtaHiar.Gati, Ir Co., »^£-^?V"« 

l^-H-K-MJ"^-:- ;---■- • .0«rf«»«,) <45 Tirila 

P„. Ap. Mc^^i^. C<..^_^_ ^_ ^. , ™., ^„ „...„„^. 

OlEob. 1 

Joae BmT- 55 lAnrtiid. CUnacw?- 


— Zd.f.G E.un,300kir;3 > i-G-E-.l 
WcBtc.tot. SOOkr. 1200 c. 2 pb 00r>«: I tSN— Bna^ Ihc Kr^ Lt. A m 
675 ^. c B. * W; MO hp b A. A "^^ 1 Cu Gm, offioe. Havniu. Mr-" *■"- 

CABBCN'&S. 21.3! 

T C»Ur a Cirdrmt'. iVriii 

(CcB»JidAlHii by a 
lUTUS ElK. R?. Co. ■ 

nnili de Gas y EIkO 

H^BU.^ iCootnils *U i4«tTir L 
is HavuLft u>d tlie Insulmr Ry. ( 
iOTvru«s in BavHiu jUHi to an 

Pna. AGfD. Met. 

r. Ptm, Eatrttrio ZorilU. . , 
r. pRB. AnloDip Sui MigiH 

^ „ York, N '- 

Assi. TTf«.F. PomOifili Hivin 


Fn>. Uaniii Dui. Audi . Racdia Odnudo 

Sector y AyUoD. CanksH I A-in.Gw. M^r. ACh. Eiwi. 

V. Prei'.EnieaoCknro C, W. Rjtkcr 

At. la j Calk « • ClaiHi Aci. Nwlor Tlwoota, . . 

EiR. Dr. Prviki- lAFTiPD I ^l. TnSc, J. E. FoHiH*... 

Ar.2ayCa]lF6 • I Pm. .t^i A Mc-Doiuld 

C%. Esp. icnr A. LuripD, ' E>ca. Engi. R. W. Tane 

Calk 5 V At. iDdppend™™. * M«-ii. EuT. G. Turk... 

Tnas. AAodr. PuibnoDiu . ■ Kli.Enii. PiR.8lk.S.E.N«boB * 

G™. 5(tr. Ea, Einirnu M. M Tna^KwAoBT * 

P.O.Bot47 * ''^— "-^' "-— ~ ~ — 


!. West. 

I4.4IM) I 

hp. b. BiLb. & W. a,7.Sai kv. Btm. 

West; trans, volt. 13,200 v: trollfly voll. 

575 V. 

e aub-atae. tat. cap. 11,700 k«: 18 rot. 

roDV, (9-1000 kw; S-SOO kw; 4-300 kw.) 
Pofier Bto. Ht Harbor, bstweea Alam- 

biqup & Asuila Sta.; rapur shop it 9th 3i 

ISth Sta.. VeiUdo. 

ReaehM Pslatino and Play a de Maria- 
OS Biilsec 4-8M «: 41fl molor and 73 

other carsi S eko. locos. (C 

UU -- HBTBDk Centf al 

Central StatioD, Havana 
Havana with suburban tt 
rmo, Punta Brava. Ho; 

Mill," Heila and Guanal 
"' ^. Ogilvie, 

sndn Gudny 


1, Huv 

reas. Buncci Espanol Inlade Cuba 

udr, Eduardo Montanchei. ..SantiaKU 

en. Mgr. Gaeton Oodoy ' 

BQ. Fgt. * Paaa. Agt. 
GuiUormo Alemany 

Pur. Agt, Edwardo Guerra . . , ' ■ 

Eleo. Engr. Au«u9to Rpig ■ 

Ch. Engr..Pwr. 8ta. 

Andres Santiago * 

M. M.. Baldnmeto Corona.. 

r. Ovhd. Consi 

42 Bi 

V . Pres. Frederic 

S Hanove 

2d V.Pres. Wm. 

233 Broi 
.Sec. A Treas. I: 

42 Broi__ 
As9t. Sec. A Tret 

I. Gale 

1. N. Y. 

Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Audr. T. P. Mason " 

Geo. Wet. G. A. Moraon, . . . 
Mgr. Traffic t Trauap. 


Supt.E. G. Robes 

~t. &IW, T. Medley, . 

i.lFtank Rob 

Pass AgtB.lFtanl 

Supt. ofStorea H .. ._ .... .. 

Claim Agt. G.G.Dedge 

Ch. Engr. Phillip Hammond. . . . 
Cb.Glec.Ennr.Jo^n A.Thomnson 
Msater Car Builder B. F, Elliott. 
~ ;r.M.o(W,, R.S.Webster.... 

kw; 4 a.c.G.E.tot.UOO kw.2300 
BO cya; 2000 hp. b. Bab. 4 W; S 
e. G. E. 1000 kw. atm. turb. G. I 
volt. 2300 v: trolley volt. BOO v. 
1 suh-8ta.;>2-400 kw. rot. oonv 
Power aU. and repair ahop a 
Blanca. Santiago. 

KINGSTON. 57,37S. 

and the Parish of St, Andrew.) 
■res. Jas. Hutchiaon 
200 St.Jameg St,, Montreal. Que., Can. 


Power »U. 

E. tot. S.'iOO kv 

bp. b. Munoi 



IMS — FerrocBiTjl _ 
HaUiuas. S. A.— Om< 
y Recurso. (Controls 
Malanias and The Yu 
& Bellamar Ry. Co. 

Bee. SaQ^Ca 
the Traavia 

V.Prea.Bonifacro Mem 
IV. Proa. Pedro U. Bt 
. Eduardo Rodriguei V 
an. Bautieta Cnniio. . 
I. 4 Ch. Engt. 

SANTIAGO. 45.470. 

■U*— Companla Dectrica de Al- 

nmbrado j Ttacclon d« Santiago. 

—Office HartmaDD. baja 15. Santiago. 
Prea. Josi' Marimun. 

Banco Eapanot. Hjivnna 

ShaughnesBy BIdg,, " 
BC. jTMTBrady 
Bk.ot Toronto 

Audi. Harold Davenport Eingstoi 

Mgr. David N. Barr ^^ 

Pur. Agt. Moody Eni'i Co., Iiu. 

. lis Broadway, New York, N.Y 
Elec. Engr. H.A.Campbell... Kingston 
Traffic Supt. David Peat ' 



c. G.E. t 


a; 750 hp. e. Belltas A Morcom; 700 hp. 
Bab. A W; 13S0 hp. turb. (wtr.) S.-B.: 
ins. volt.H.OOOv: trolley volt. SSOv. 
Power slas. (hydraulie) Bt Bog Walk 
d ist^am) at GoM St.; npaii 

nna «t 151 OrangO St. 

" -■- - - -^ -dena (leased to 

31 n 

Iwns Rock For 

usement Co.) 

6mUea lelectricl; 4-S H 8 


>e under the United States, p 

POST OF SPAIN. 60,000 

I33S— The Trinidad Electric Uo. 

Ltd.— Office, cor. Park A Frederick 
Sis. Canadian office, Keith Bldg., Hall- 
lai, N. 8. (Operates in Port ol Bpait 

P™. Hon. wI'b.'rm.. .hSuiS'n'^S 

8eo.A Treas J'.B .Oiley . . 
Audr. T.L.E. Piers.... 
Pur, Agt . Moody Eng'g C 

Gao. M(r. 8. D. Hsrdioc. .Port of Sp^ 

Supt. L. W. CollinB • 

Traffic Supt.Cbmenle Slouto - 
£!«:'! Supt.Alberto Rotliiguei ' 
Ch. En«-. Pwr. SW. 

GeoTS, Pollard 

Csi House FmiD.TliiH. Hercules - 

Power Its. equip. 2 d. c. G . E. tot. 600 
MJ38. c. G.E,tot.fi30kw.2200v.2pli. 
60 cvs: 22O0 bp. e. Robb: 1000 hn. b.Bab. 
& W;750 kw.8tm.turb,WeBt;trnlley volt. 
560 T. 

Power BtH. and repair shop at Port of 

BoBohet Queen's Park, Savannah. 

14.24 mil«:4-SHE; 24 motor pBBB.csr^ 
(Company does a ugEting and power buai- 

con. Balboa, U 

ca. Ft. Gruit. Bella Viata ■ 
W. J. Ferris.. .New York. 
'. Pre*. James a. Db]bs....P 

, . Ptea. A. P. Bnnis. 

Sm. *Tre»s. 

E. P. Summenoa NevTork.N.T, 

Audr. Edmund Georie Fonl...P 

Gen. Mn. Jaa. S. Dalea 

Supt. Elmer P. Haw 

Clwm A«t. La Osss. Jr. . 
Pur. Agt. Electrin Bond * Share C. 

71 Broadw^, New York, N.T. 

Ch. Engr. E. A. Graham P 

Ch. Enar, Pwr. Sta. R. SUttery. 
- r.Ovhd.Constr. W.J, Swales 

3wer sta. equip. 3 a. c. West. laUJM 
„.. . 2300 T. a ph. 60 eye; 1060 bp. b.Btb. 
A W; SfiOO kw. stm. turb. West; eneic 
also purchased from Cla PananHMu at 
Fuerta y Lui: trolley volt. 660 v. 
I Bub-sla. cap. BOO v; IMOO kw. rot 

RepuT shop at North Are. d Ameooi 

Reaches Bella Vista Bathing Beaeh an 

lO.S miles; 3-6 t; 22 motor and : 

j.i:™b, Google 


Arranged AlphabeHcaliy by Name 

%.Ii>b»iBK LlKbt A Traction AuDsl- 

[>re*ldSDt,ThD<.W, Kutia, AlabuniPwr. 

Vio-Fioldeiit. A. K. Emlth, DemapoUr 

Elec. LI, & Pwr. Co., Demonolli. 
9*ctc(arT and Tnunni, J. F. Roe*, Blr- 

mlogbuu Ry. Lt. A Fwr. Co., Blr- 

BxMQtiva CcHDmlnca; B. F. Powell, Bel- 
ma Ltg. Co.. eelmi ; C. C. HendariDii. 
HandenonLt. A Fwr. Co.. OiecuvlUe; 
T. K. Jacbon, Mobile Blec. Co., 
UoUl*. AM 

A.iuarlo«ii Elactrio Kallwar Ae- 
BOnnUuit*' Aeaoclktloa. 

(Affiliated wllli A E R A) 

Praildaot, U, E. BOTlan, Oan. Andp. Pab- 
llc Hervica Hj. Co.. Novark, N. J. 

iBtVlca-Prefldoit, H, B. CaienaDgb, 
Huktiu & aalls. ClaTcland. Ohio. 

ed Vlca-Preeldent. 1. A. UaT, Compl. Tbe 
Conn. Co.. New HaTen, Conn. 

Sd Tic* Prealdent. Jobn J. Landeia, AaOt. 
York Rja. Co., Torlc Pi 

-TteM. F. J. r 

;a Ry. Co., Nenark, N. J. 

BiBi^iiuiB Commlttaa; Tb< oOlcen and 
P. V. BnTlngton, Sk. Tbe Colnmboi 
Raltwaj Foner * Llgbt Co., Uolom- 
boe, Obloj F. E.Webater, Treu. Uaaa. 
HarthaaaUru fitraet Rt. Co., Kaver- 
mil, Mta*.; F. H. dUllck, Comp- 
trollar Hndiau & UanbalUB B. R. 
Co., New York, N. Y.; W. a. Nlcbol- 
eoD, Sec. ft Andr. Om&ba & CooncU 
BlnflaSI-RT. Co., Omaba, Keb. *«t 

Amerlnn Blaatrlo RaUwar 

Praaldent, John H. Pardee. Piea. Kastorn 

FeuiUTlTBnla Rallwavi Co., Potta- 

IHTIca-Prealdeat, BIcbard UcCnllooh. 

Ptea. Unlled Railwe;! Co. of St 

Lmla, SL Lonla, Mn, 
M riGC-Fim T. 6. WUIIama, Brookljn 

Rapid Tranalt StiMiii, Biooklin, 

Id Vlce-Prea. R. I. Todd, Fret. IndliD- 

apoUi TnctlOD & Terminal Co., In- 

diadapolii, Ind. 
nh Vlce-Prea. Pblllp J. Kealy, Prae. The 

SacnlMT aod Traaanrai, B- B, Barrltt, 

6 W'eat Wth St, Haw York, N. Y. 
bacntlre Commlttaa ; OOleera and U. B, 

BoTlao, Free. Aecoonlanta' Aaen., 

Kewark, N.J.; F. R Phililpa. Ftea. 

BnilnaerlnB AMD., Pltlabnrg. Fa-] 
R. B. UcDonnll. Prae.Clalme Aat- 
Bocbeiter. jCt. : L. C. Bradlej, P[ 

Inlgan, VI 

_ _» York. N. Y.; 8. 
B.W.RIce.Jr., Frea. OenenI Blec. Co.. 
Sebaneotad;. V. Y.; Qnj S. Tilpp. 

a KlHtrle Railway OlalB 

Sd Vlce-Prealdent, J. J. RejnoldB. Clalma 
Attf., BoaloD Sley. Rj., Co., Bootou, 

Sd Vlce-Prealdent. W. H. Hrland, Claim 
An., Fouda, JobnatowD ft Qloren- 
rllle R. R., OloreravUle, N. Y. 

SecreutT and Traaaarar, Joaavh 8. 
Knbu. Claim AeC, Mew York SUta 
BfB.. Vtica, N. V. 

BieCDIlTe Commltue: Ttaa PreiMant, 
Vlc&.PnaldeDU, and J. H. Handlon, 
Claim AkI. [iDlled R, R. ot Ban 
Franclico, C«l.; C. G. Rloe, Aaat. 
to Prea.. PlttsbHrg- RallnBjB Co., 


D. BrlRga, Aiflt, Gen 
Fabllc berrlce Rj. Co., 

[AiTUlaled with A 


Fltteburib Rfa. cc 
iBt VlcfrpreBtdent, — 
£d VIce-Pieeldent, W. 

Equip. Biaoklin Rapiu i lunii dj*- 
lem, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1 Vlce-FrealdeDt. B. R Hill, Conalt. 
Engl., Norfolk ft Weetem Ry. Co., 
NewYork, N. Y. 
■cralan and Traaatirat, S. B. Bnrrltt, 

S Waat 40tbSt,,NewYork, M, Y. 

lacDtlTa Comiolttaa : Tbe olOsara and 

C. S. Kimball, Engr. Ualol. at Wtj 

Nen Tark Stat« BallHaya, Rocbaatar, 
N. Y.; a. F, Bedwall. Atat Bncr- 
Public SerylceBy. Co., Newark, tCS.; 
J^W, Welab, Spec. Eigr.. Amerlaan 
Blec. Ry. AaaoclaUon, New York 



Lmarloan Eleatrlo Ballwar 
Manataotaiara* AaaaolatlsB. 

realdant, Thoinaa Fmlgan, Aaat Viea- 
Frei. Amer. Brake Shoe ft Fdcj. Co., 
Cblcago, 111. 

Ice-PieaTdant. due. C, Pierce, Ifgr. Ry. 
Dept. Oeneral Elac. Co., Boalon, 

Vlce-Prealdent, 1 

tl W. SmI 

:Tbe Feter ^mltb HeaUr Co., Detroit, 

VJce-Proaldanl 1 Tteaaorer, L. E. Oonld, 

Praa. Economy Elac. Devlcee Co., 

CblDBKO. 111. 
Vke-Prealdenl, E. P.^^WlckwIra, Qen. 

Salei i 

, The Oblo Braaa ( 

SecreUry, Fred C. J. Dell, HStatttnd 

St., Sew York, M. Y. 
EiecDtlTa Committaa: FiealdaDt, Vic* 

PrealdeBlaaodW. F. Cnller, V. Fraa. 

Soothem Wbeel Co., St.Louli. Ho; 

Dwigbt B. Dean. Salea Hgr., Tbe O. 

C. EDhlman Car Co., CleTelaod, O.; 

L. J. Drake, Jr^ V. Free. Oalana-Hs 

nal Co., New York, N. T.; Cbat. R. 

boo^ Tni' Br^a Co.,'Naw*YotS 
N. Y.: B. A. Bageiaan, Jr., Proa. 
National RaUway AppUance Co., 
New York, N.Y.; U. B. Lambert 
Aaat. Hn. By. A Llg. Dapl^ Weatlng- 
bonae Oac. « Htg. Co., Eaat Pitta- 
bnrgb. Pa.; BdwlD B. IfeUKier, Tl 
Prea.StLoula Cat Co,,St. Lonla, U.o. 
Oeorga Stanton, Hn .Salea, CtaTalHid 
Frog A Croaring Co., ClcTeland, O.; 

I. Wooilwird, Pw«. The InlwiK.- 

(Afflliated wIthAERA) 

1M Vlce-I^'ldent. W. H. Co!Uiu. Gm. 

Her, FondL JohnBtonn A Gloven- 

vine H. R. Uo,, OlorarevlUe, N, Y. 
'Jd Vice-President R, P. Stovinu, Prea, 

Uahoolng & SheDADgo R7, & Lt. Co, 

YouDKBIown, Ohio. 

Ijn (N. Y.) Rapid Tunsii Syatem; 
B, fl. SMains, lBtVice-Pr»i. Bav State 
Street Jtj. Co., Bo.ton. Msae.; 
H. C. Doneekw, Aaet. Gen.Mgr. Pub- 
Uc BeiTice Bi. Co,, Newark, N. J,; 
G. T. BetJeJ', Aaat. Ben. Mgr., Metro- 
poliMD Weet Side SUrftted Ry. Co., 
CWcago, 111. ■"" 

mil Itlaa^ Asf DO IkUod . 
Pre«ldent, J. S. U. WbartOD. Hfr. Beleos 

QtB & Elec. Co., Eelena, Ark. 
lat VlOB-Prwldent, J. L. Longlne, Mct. 

Ackanaia Lt. & Pni. Co.. Ackadel- 

phla, Atk. 
M Vice-Preaident, P. T. FhUlpi, Comtc. 

Hupt. LltilB Rock Kt- a Elec. Co., 

Little Hock. Atk, 
Scoretu-J'Tieaanrer. W. J.Tharp, Attdr. 

Little Rock Hy. A Elce. Co., Little 

Rock, Ark. *79 

Bitcattia Commltte* 

TrtMurer and E. H. BdiMH 

Ottowk Blec. By.; G. r— ^^ 

Treai. WlDDlpetiBI 
Man,; W. B. Pawaii, n^^ 
Honlreal ft SontbarD CobbUmW 
W. U. KiikwooiHgc. Orarf V 
Bj. Co.; H. M. Hop™ "— " 
Neir Brnnaitlck Pwr. . _ . _ . . 
Ota, Mer.BritiahCalnmblall— ^ 
Co.; B. H. Reade, Snpt. QinbK 
Lt. *Pwr. Co.; C. t.. Wifcml 
Usr., Tomato ATork BulUI Bf 

tnta' Aasoalatloi. 

Ckllfonilit EleotTlc Railway 

PnaWent, W. B. Albemer, V.P.*G.M. 
San FranciacD, Oakland Term. Kyi. 

Vtce-Prealdeiit, W. B. Dnnn, V. P. Ln 

AngeleaRy. Corp., Lob Angelea, Cil. 

Tteaanrer, The Anglo-London Paris Nail. 

Mana^r,'W?V.'Hill!"68 antler St„ San 
BiecnOve Boajd: PaolShonp, Prea. Paci- 
fic KlBCtrlc By., Los Aneele*; W. B. 
Dunn, V. Prea.loa Angelea Railway 
Corpn., Lo« Ancelea; Wm. Clayton, 
Hng DIr. San Diego Blec, By.. San 
Diego.; W, R. Albeteer, V. Prea. & 
Gen. Mer. San FrancEaco - Oakland 
Tarmlnal Eja., Oakland, Cal. *fl9 

reildant, A, C.Van DrteKn. Sec.,!* 
Bya. « Lt. Co., Trtsdo, O. 

It Vice-President, C. B. — ■ -* 
Aadr,. Toledo k ludiaiiB 
2nd Vice.prealdent J. B. Ho 
Fgt: Accta., DeUoIt UDlte 


3IM Traction-Tenainal Bldg., k 
napolls, Ind. 

aeentlve Committee: B. P. JCcO) 
Andr., IndiUMpolla A LoeM 
Trac, By. Co. : L. W. V«o BH 
Andr., oWEiec. By. Co. ; E. O.B 
Andr. Weattra Ohio By., Ua». 
Walter Shtoyer, Andr., Tftdon" 
Oo. of Indiana. 

Annnal meetlDE,' BVbmary, ItHD. 

It Vlca-Pr«ldent. R. I. Todd. Fi 

£"" ..1 
on. Oh 
Secretary and Treaeurri 

Ft. Wayne & Ha. Ii 
Co. of Indii 
Toledo Bja 

W. S. Eodfev.- 

Detroit United Lhiea; P. «. C 
Can. Mgr. Lake H'-- "— " 
Sai'dnaky, Oblo. ' 
PtBB., Cbtcago, J 

Bend Ry; T. i. , -- ., 

Pabllc Tltilitlea Co. Branainir,! 
". B.-Farrell, Repraantatln 0<* 

Prealdent, A, Eastman, V. Pr««, A Gen, 

■ Mgf, WIndaor, Ebboi A Lake Shore 

Rapid Bj. Co.. KlnEaville, Ont. 

ViCP-Prealdent, A. Gibonry, Snpt, Mon- 
treal Tramway Co. 

Honorary SeoteUry - Treaanret, A<!lon 
BnrroHa, Managing Director. Can- 
adian Railway £ ^rine World, To- 

AaalBtant 'secretary, Aubrey A, Bnmina, 
Butlneaa Hgr. Canadian Ry. A Uarlne 
World, Toronto, Ont. 

1, lake Shore 

A. C, Van Drieaen 


Uaf held dtvlBa Jaanan, t" 
ay, September and HoTnnlii' 

ProBldattt, NormaD Rud, Oan. 
Lsr. The Colondo Pwr. Co., Denver. 
lary-TreMnrei, P. F. Saflord, The 
>enver Ote & Blec. Li. Co., Ou 
c Blectiic.Bldg., Dennr. 

JoloraiJo Sprtngi Lt., Ht, * Pwr, Co., 
Colorado Hprtnce r W, C. SUine. Titi 
Inminlt Connly Pwr. Co., Denver; 
■ ClBY, Gen, Mgr., Thi 
iloradoFirr '- " 

T«*tern Colon 

Pwr. Co. UoDtroH 

iniBOla BlMtrie Ballwaji 

tota a Inieratbtia Kj. _ . . 

Vics-PrHldi-nt, E. H. Wslbn, Gun 
Mgr. Tern Hiale (Ind.) & Watan 

llTce-Prenldant, W. L. Aroald. Oen 
Kkf. Elgin & Bellvidere £lec, Co. 

of Nonhctn llllnolg: E. C. Pabar, 
Tlca-rn-a. AnroH. Elgin A Chicairo 
R. R. Co.: C. n. Bsnlibj, AeM. 
Oeu. Hgt. IlllDol* Traction Hjetem, 
Sprii'Sflald; H.B. Ctinbbucl[,T. Prea. 
Riec. IIMnola Tricilon SjBlem; 
BiiitoD I. Bnrtd, PrM. Cblcago Elev, 
Roads: 3. R. Blnckbsll, Gen. Hgt. 
Chicago & Jollet ElenU-lc R7. Co; 
nnal meeting, J in usry. it<l9 

■ ■»*■ Electric RsUwar 

[. P. InEle. Keoknh Rlec.O 
r> Rf. £ Lt. Co., Ottnmna. 

ce-PnMdeut, P. J. Heolon, Gen. Hir, 
Haaon CitT A Clear I^ke R, R, 
Haaon Citf. 

cntsrj and TrcHSurer, H. E, Wseki, 

urd of Ulnctora : Precldenl. Vlce- 
PrMldent.SecretHrjandTceMnrer E. 
C. Allen. Qen. Ugr. Cedar Riplda A 

_ M. L, Derg*. Sal 

iTlce-l^eatdfnt.R. a, lAflle, Enri_. . 
1 Vlce-Preeld«nt, J. L. HiTvef, Kanaaa 

Patten, To- 
..,_jlt«; L. 8. 
[, W. MHgroder. 

(aaaaahoaella Htreal Ball way 

aldMl, C. T. Wood. HpTlngfleKI. 
Vfca-PrMMent. W, W.Sanrent. FIte* 

U Vlce-Pntfdept. P. P. Dre*. Newli 
rer. Oh " " " 

lecntlra Oonunlttea: Praaldsnt, VI 
prealdents and D, P. Ibercramt 
OieenDeld; D. A, Beldan, HaTerhl 

S. Claggett, OieeDvlUe, 

1 AaaoalBtloB of Pablla- 

President. J M. 8 

ott KanaaaCllj 



H. apotarec, StLoula, 

ard Vlce-Praalden 

Col. P. J. Kealar, 

315 S. inb St 

BiecnOTB Oomm 

tee: Pblllp J. Ee>U. 


B. C, Adame, Joplln, 


S. Tiltle, St. Losla. 

(A»«oelBl« U 

mbar. reoraaentlo; 

clasji "C" membarB.) 

mmttiee^ V. L. Elbott. 

" Chairmi " Si" 

Baniu CItr: 

Brnce Cameron; 

mnt. St.Jowpfr. H. 

J.'H^Vin I 

rtllliy CondiMoDB. 

WO Hnnaej BIdg.. WaahlngtoD. 
6. C. 

Mew KDgland Blectrto FrslKhl 

Prealdent, R, E. OoamoTe, FgL. & Paee. 
ABt. Springteld St. Ry. Co., Spring- 
Held, Maaa. 

SacKtari-TreH. F, C. l*wle. Gen, Fgt. 
Act.Baston A WoreeaterSI, Kj, Co., 
Framlngbam. Uaaa, (0 

Keir Enftlamd) 

Prealdant, J. E. Dniler, L>nn, Hua, 
Vlce-PreBld»Dt« for Stataa: Alfred B«*e- 

ney, Maine: DaTid A. Beldan, Mast.; 

Thomaa H. Kendrlpau, N. H,; F, B. 

Finance Committee 

nbllcatlonComnmiee: Geo. W. Knowl- 
ton, Boftnn. Maaa.: J. B. Jobnaon, 
noaton, Maaa.; F. J. Stone. BoBtDD. 
Maaa. *Bfl 

Mew Tom Eleotrlo Ballwar 


realdent.Edw. A.Haber. Jr.. VlccPrea. 

A Gen. Mgr., Third kit. R7., New 

Ist Vice-Presldenl, Tmlmrul)re C. Cberrj. 
Vlce-Pre*. A Qua. Mgr. Roohsjter A 

Sd Vlcd-Pre*.. W. O. Wood, Ptei. New 
York A QawDS Coant; Tno. Co., 

HecratarF-TreBBaret, Win. F. St»_ --,. 

to Vice PreBldent, New Yaik Bute 
Rys,, RocliBsler, N, Y. 

BiecntiTO Commiltas: The olBcerB and 
Jsm«g B. Hewes, Oen. Mgr. Albany 
Southern R. R, Ca..Raneeelaei; Gfo. 
Keegan. l»t. to Vlce-Pies. ft Qpd. 
Mgr, InWrorbflQ lUpId Tranatl Co,, 
Benj. B. Tilton. Vlce-Pn9. A Gen. 
Hgr. Albanj Soathem R. R.; Wm. S. 
Gave. Sapt. Bqalpt. BroofclTH Rwld 
Tranall Co. *80 

OkUhoniB DtlUtle* AiaoclBtlon- 
PrealdeDt, J. F. Oireaa, Tlce-Piea. A 

0>n, Hgr. OkUhonu Oag A Elec. 

Co., OUBbDinaCUy, 
lit Tlce.Preiklent, J. W. Slurtel, Vice. 

Fiei. * Gen. Ugr., Okl&boma By. 

Co., Oklahoma City. 
9d Vloe-Piee., C. E. Deyln, Hir. Apichs 

Telephone Co., Apache. 
Treaaoier, Wm. Hee. Frei. Becarlty 

National Bank, Oklahoma City. 
Manager, H.A.Lane, 811 State National 

Suik BIdg., Oklahoma City. ABO 

PtMldent, H. Q. Wlniei, Tacoma fWaah.) 

laton. W. Va; H, B. 


Huntington, W, V»; John B, Garden 
aen,HKr. WheellngBlec, Co., Wheel- 
ing, W. Va; W, C. MattheWB, Prea. 
Va.Weitern Pwr. Co,, Cllf Ion Foig«, 
Va: W. A. Maxwell, Gen. UgT. Logan 
Heat, L(. & P»r. Co., Logan, W. Vs. 

Pnbtio Service AuoetatloB of 

Fmldent, J. N. Shannahan, Hampton. 

Vlce.Prealdcnt, 1. F. Rtaon, DanvlUe, 
£d Vlca-PreddBnt. W. F, FIrUen, Stann- 

Sd VIce-Preeldent. Thomu S, Wbaal- 
wright. Rlcbmotid^a. 

SocMtarr-Treaanrer, W. J, Kehl, Rich- 
mond, Va. «B 

8oBthiT»l«ni EloctrlMl « Ou 

2d VIce-Frealdsnt, C. B. Caldsr, Dallas. 


Sd Vlce-Prwldent, Alba H. Warren, 

Bl Pan, Tei, 
SeoreUry, H. B. Cooper, 408-404 SUnghtei 

J. * Power Co. 

. niB-Prealdent, W, l.. _ 
DIago (CbI.) Bloc. Ry, Co, 


sr, J. B. V 

leComi ■ 

BB. Tei. 

r, Dallas, T«. 

lid Vlce-Prealdenl, J. S. Uilla, Oakland 

(CaU Traelioa Co. 

' Tlce-Praaid*iit,C. A. Blackbarn, Butle 

(Mont,> Blec, Ry. Co. 

TStary and Treaam^r, B. F. Boynten. 

PoillBDd Ry. Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Ore.) 

Vlee-PrcBldenlB; H, C. Morria, D^laa. 
Tei. ; G, K. Cltftord, FU Worth, Tei.; 
W, B. Tattle, Ban Antonio, Tei.; 
a. R.Bertron, Hooalon, Tei.; F. D. 
Mnrphy, Hour- — ■ -- 

Arthnr, TBI. *' 
. Ad'laoryCommlttes: H. O. Claike, HooB- 
ton, Tei.: K. L, Simons, Bl Paeo, 
Tit.; F. L, WeiBser, Sau Antonio, 

._ii.Tei.; A, F.Tow 
it.Toi.iC. H.CoDrfi 

Pacltlc Bles. Ry. ( 
Ca1.;F.J. Lonarsan, 
Ry.,Ll. SFwr. Co, 

The PennaylvBnls Street BkllwBy 

PresldBnt, Gordon Campbell, Frea. York 

BallwayBCo., York. 
VlcB.Praaldent, T, B. Donnelly, Weat 

BlBODtlie Committee; The Proldeo 
VioB-PresIdenl, C. L. S. Tinglei, 
Amar. Rya. Co; C, B. Falrchlld, Jr.. 
Fhila, Rapid Tranalt Co.; Thos. A. 
Wright, WElkee Barre RaQwajB Co.: 
Thonia* Cooper, WesUnahonae Blec. 
A Mfg. Co. 70 

Pabllo UttlltlcB ABBoclBtlon 
at Weat VlrylnlB. 

Pieaidtnt, Herbert Harkle, Oen. Mn. 
Appalachian Pwr. Co.. Binefleld. W. 

lat Vice.Pi«)ideDt, Mentor Better, Gen, 

Hgr, UoundaTillB Wtr. Ca„HoDnda. 

riTle, W. Va. 
2d Vlce-Prealdant. Hon. FKd Faol Groee- 

cap, Charleaton. W. Va. 
>d Vlca-PCPaident. P. P, Craris, Geo. Hgr, 

Kanawha Trac. A, Elec Co., Farkera- 

Secreurj - Treaeurer, W. C. Dbtijbob. 
Vlce-Praa. Weat Virginia Water A 

— 1.. Charleelon, W, Va. 

Committee: Prealdent, 


Tekp. Co., Blnefleld, W. Va; 

ler, Dallaa.Tex.; B. b. Jonoa, San 
■nr.Tn To. ■!! w VanVBlkenbnrgh, 
'. DbtU, DbIAb, 

Ten H. B. 1 

F. G. Knne, Dallaa, Tex.; C, A. 
Newolng, Honaton, Tei.: H. O. 
ClarkB, BoastoD, Tei.: S. L. Slmona, 
Bl Pmm. TBI.; F. L.WelnDtr. San 
Antonio, Tei.i H, B. Dannar, Bona, 
too, Tei.; H. E, Borton.CsWBrt.Tci. 
Inance Cominlttee; J. E. Van Horn, 
Dallaa, Tei.; R. O. Soper, DalUt. 
Tei.; C. H. Dickey, Hoaaton, Tei. 

The TTBrnwajra * LIfht RbUw^b 

Ai«t.-8ecret»ry, Profeaeor F. G, Tsppsn, 
UolTeolty of Oklahoma, Noman. 

Preelilcnt,W. A.SolllvBB.ShrsTeport.La. 

td Vloe-Prealdant. B. 8. Fletcher. " 

SMiatUT. A. DaTDickhalm. 

nialmUD of CouDCU, Hon. Sir Aithar 
StanloT. O. B. B. 

TiCB-Chalrmaii, R. J. Howlej. 
OrScH, Sanctflary Eonae, WMlmln- 

■tu. London, B. W., Bsgland. 
Anonftl mMtlnf , Fabraair oT Mcb jsar. 

DaloD Internationale da Trsm- 

wBys et de Chemlu de (et 

d'lntergt loe«l. 

Hanorarr Prelldcnt, Baron Janiien, Pce- 
■Ideot de ]t 8o<Ail6 "Lea Tramways 
BrnielloU," BrdiHle. Belglam. 

Freeldent, C.deBnrlel.Inapecteui Giati- 
ale d« PoHlB el ChaatB^eB, BraBaela. 

VLie-Pn»ldenl«, H, GSron, Admlni.tra- 
tear Uambei of tha Gonncll of the 
Compagnle O^n^nle dM Chamla) de 
let Bacondalna, Bniiieli. 

SsCTCUry, Henr; Camp, SS Rae d'Ailon, 
BrnaulK Belglnm. 

BxMDttTc Comml 

: The offlcara and 

, AdDiiDtitrateur 

■ > aei 

Qen. Mgr. Compagne QS< 

OmnlbusdeParli; «. Payle, Admlm- 
etiateur del^gnt Compagole Ojn^rll, 
FrancalK de TraniwajB, Part*; Ch. 
RochaC, Gen. Mgr, CompBgnle- 
OeneTolBs de TrsmwajB Bkctrlquea, 
OencTe; Cb. Tbonat Admlnfatratear 
V Pres. Soci4l« anonyme d'Bntre- 
prlie Q^njiale d< Trattui, liige. 

Wlasnnaln Kleotrlcal Aiaoclallan. 


lat Vlce-PrMldeat,W.C. LaDlisbDrT,Oen. 
Supt. Water, Light & Pwr. Co.. 

Co.. Aahlaod. 
iiTeiary and Treaenier, J. F. Pnlllsm, 
1408 First Nst'l Bank Bids., UII- 

j.i:™b, Google 


Arranged by States 

e Servleu Comrn 

le Unllhi. ttec,. Honlgomerj. Afld 
IB CorporBtlon CommlasloD. 

K. 1. Stelzer. Sec 
3erlnide Yo^, 

Cblef Clerk Incorporating Bent, 
V. L. BsntB, Chief Clerk InmnmDni Depl, 

Ben Pergaeon, Engineer. It-gg 

ArkBiiMa, StBte Tas CommlaaloD. 

Little Bock. 

(Comnilaalon lo Aeaeea and BigaBllEe 

RiDpada, Telegraphe. TelephODea, 

WorkB, Bleeirlo' Linht PlKnM, Pipe 
Llnee. Biprese Companies. Bleeping 
Car Companlei. Toll Boade. Tfll 

over the aseeasment and colfecllon of 
taxes and the enforcement of the tai 

Henhen Q. Dye, Chairman. 1 

Monroe Bmiih 1. Comniie- 

A. C. Hutinean eloneie 

i. P. Hachen, Sec. 

Mabel Smith, Clerk: *e9 

Canada, Board a 

Ottawa, OnL 
II r Henry L. Dra, .. 

C. H. Q.. Chid 
Jon.W. BmnaNah 

L.L.D., Depnty 

Walter Q. Braeher, 

Chainnan. i Commle- 

' Idene Braher 

Harnr A. Encell \ BuminarF 

W, J^Handford 1 

J. W. White. Chief Audllor, 
Ralph A- Sollars, Chief Beportor, 
R.w.HaiFle7, Chief Hjdranlic Section 

B. A. Prlmeau. _ 
R. RIchardeoD, ^ 

J. a. Bntherlard, C. U. G. 
A. D. Cartwnght, Sec. 

.... .... a--,(Franeh) 

lU^wei "chV Trafflo Otlce<. 
ueo. A. Uouatala. Chiil Engr. 
T. L. SlmmoDi, Asat. Chief EnglaMn. 
John Mniph;, Electrical EDglnear. 
RenrEe Snenci'r, Cbief Opcr. OiBcsr. 
K, C, SolWlor. 

I. G, Blati 

Clyde 1 

CBDBda. DomlDloD of. 

DenanmeDt of Ballwajs and Canala. 

Ottawa. Got. 
■aa. 3. D. Keld, F. C, UlnUter. 
, A. Hell, C.M.e., DspotvMtnUtOT. 
. K. JoDea, I. S. 0.. Aest. Depntj 

TBDBda, HBDltoba Pnbllc Dtllltlaa 

101 Tribune Bldg., Wlonipeg. 
F. A. Hacdonald. ConunlBaloner. 
A. W. Smith, Secretarr. 
George L. Out, Electrical EnglnMr. 
Hogh HcRali, t3aa Sngloeer. *aa 

i« CuBimta 

ColorMloFlibUs I 

■ lOB. 


LeRoyJ.WllllBnie, Chalnnan 1 r- i. 

Grant R. Heldennan f-.S^iSr" 

A. P. Anderson | aionera. 

Geo. A. FlRonlgaii, Secretary. *M 

CDUneetlont— Pnbll c Uttlltlca Oom- 

Henry F. Billings, Hartford, 


District erCoInmIila~Pn bile Dtlll- 
tlea Coiumlflalon. 
Cbarlea W. Koti, Chairman. I 
Lools Brown! ow VConunii- 

"W. Owjud Gardiner 1 alonera. 

V Widl«r C. Allen, BiecnUvs Becy. 
Conrad H. Syme, Gen. Connael. *69 


WaahlnglOD. D. C. 
Cl^de B. Allchlaon of Oregon. 

Edgar E, Clarl 


I H. Meyer of W 

Oeoi^ B. HcQinty of Georgia, Sec. 
'AirredHalmeadorDietilct a? Columbia, 

Asst. Bee. 
ThomM A. Olllla o( Peniuj' lysnla. 

Florida R. B. ConnulHlon. 

R. HndBOD Bun. Obairmau ) , 

J. H. Tencli.Rauilipert. 
Oeorstn — R. R. CommlHli 

C. H. Caodler, ChalrmBn. 
Pan! B. Trammall, 

V-CbBinoan. DaltoD 

LBwreneeTille. I 
JobD T. Boilenillit ' 

J. D, PricB 

AltMM Collier. Sea., Atlanta. 
J. Prince Webeter, Rate Expert. 

BBwalf-^Pabllo UtlllUea CommU- 

WIUlamT.Carden, Chairman I „ 
AlMlB J. Gignoni (CommlB- 

T. M. Stalnbaok ( "Ion"". 

H. P. O'Snllltan. See;. 
H. OoodiDg Field, Audr. 
J. R. Eenner, Aeet. See. *e6 

Id*ho— Pabllc Utilities Commls- 
Blon of The State of. , 

BoiM city. 
A. L. rieebarer . Fret. 1 

D Utilities Comm 

W. M. Hammoud, 
Frank O.E»*ld,< 

Servloe Conaml*- 


aienn Van Ankeo.AnbDi 
JahnW. UcCardle. 

Paul P. Havnes, " 
Fred. B. Join" on, " j 
Carl H. Mote, Secretarr, Indlanapolii 
O. P. Ootblln, Taria 6Isik. 
A. L. Carter, Ch. Acctnt. 
H, O. Oarmsn. Cblef Engineer. 
D. B. ItaUbena, Chief Ingpeclor. ikS9 

Fblllp ZoerebBT. ' 

8. N, Cragun. 
Fred A. Sims. 

Frank D. Hoghee, loherltance Tax Iii- 

W.C. Harrison, Clerk. *S9 

EoiTB RaUroail CanmlsBton. 

Dea Uolnei. 
DwIgHt Lewie, CbalnDan 1 p.__i, 
JohnA.QnIher [ ^onerJ 

Chaa. Webster 1 swneri. 

Geo. L. HeCaugban. Sec., Dee Holnee. 

!'. FoTBOnH, Cbist Rats C 

Aohoe, Chief C. 

___ elpl, Elei. Ellgr. 

Tboa. B, BoflBD, Slgoal Engr. 

C. Bailey Ellis, SU'Tsilclan. *aO 


A. B. Balm, CemmerceCannsel 
Q. A. Bngb. AocoQDtaDt. 

KeDtnokjr B. R. Commission 

eeB.FlDn,lBtDlBt., 1 


triot. New Orleane. 
Hnei P.Long, Jr.. Commissioner 3nd 

DiBtrict, WinnBeld. 
H. JBanemakI, Secretary. SB 

Halae, Fnblle DtllWeaOotnulMlon 


1 F. Cleaiea. Cbalm 

1. Bldde- 

Herbert W. Trsf ton, Fl. Falrfleld. 
Albert Greenlaw, Eaatport 
George K. Olddlngs. Clerk, Angnela. 
Psnl L Bean. Ch. Engr.. Aurueta. 
Elmer E. Fartman, Chief iDspeitor, 

F, j: MoArdle, Chief of fiatea A 

Albert E, Lamb, Bangor, Cblef Ac- 

COQDtant. #69 

aiBTjland— Fnblle Service Com- 

UonseyBldg., Calvert* Fayette Sts., 


~AlbortG.TowetB,Chairman. 1 r,„„_,i. " 

John Milton Belfanlder. t .^"„. 

Jamaa C. Legg. \ siouers. 

W. Cabell Brace J Ocd. 

i. B. Goldimltti ( OonnHl. 

BaojHmln T. PeDdatl. Sec. 

Cbu. O, Bdwardi, Chief Bogr. 

J. Lt WIckea, Trsmpartatloa Expert. 

Ju. F. Dana. Ji.. Andllor, 

Frank Harpor, RiM Bipert. itW 

HUMMhaHtU ~ Pobllv Bervlot 

Bretett B. Btoi 

Andrew A. HlEhUnds, Sec 

St., BoBloa. 
CUM. K Hanu, BiecatlTS Sec., Maiden. 
0«. W. Blibop, Chief ImpceUon Dept , 

BMir; W. Ehyte. Bngr., ArJlnetoo. 
Ltula B. Uoore, Bridge Jt SIznal bT 

Newton-' "- 
C. P«ter 


Robert Q.Tobey, Clerk. ff 

MlohlcBn Pnbllc ITtllltlM Com 


Wm.K.Smltli, Cbalnnaa. 1 

Wm. W. Potter, I Commla- 

BhennaB T, Handy, f iloaen 

Samuel Odell, J 
Will H. Branson. Se«!. 
James Biee, Chief Inipeeting Bogr. 

Mlun«Bal>— RBllnwd A War 
Oairitol BIdg., St. Paul. 
O. P. B. iFaaobHiii. 
. Fred W. Patnam 

MlHlaaIpp] B. B. OommlHlon. 

F, H. Sheppud. Preildeot, Rlchloa. 
W.B.Wilnn, Corinth. 
Geo. R. Bdwardi, HcCool. 
James Galcenn, Sec., Jseheon. 
M. C. Uoon, BaM Bipert, Jackeon. 
T. C. Ruiaall Aaat. Rate Expert, Jack- 

MlHonrI Fnblta Serrliw Commla- 

Kdward Flad "" 

N. m. Simpaon J 

S. R. Horron, 8«o. 
R. P. Spencar, General ConDUl, 
J. D. Lindiar. Axt, Oenaral Conni 
J. L. Harrop, Chief Bnfineer, 

T. J. Hnrphj, Chief Acconntant. 
C. B. Bee. Chief Bate Cleik. 
W. W. Jobnaon. Telephone Bipert 

, *B» 

HontBuB— B. B. it.nd Foblle B«tt1<h> 

L^DTSf."- '^™"'- i C"""^- 
J, B. McCormlck ) "l™*™. 

W. J. Ha;nea. SecieUry. 
"^— ■ "efllBg, Audr. 


IfMlaiial AmocIbUdii of Bt- A 17tll- 
itf Commlaalonen. 

Elmqnlet, of Hlnaeiota, 

Candler, of OeoigU. let V. 

Jaa. B.'Kaatman. of Uai*., Snd V. Pcea. 

-Tunei B. Walker, of Nsir Tork. Bscre- 
tarj,« LafavetteSt., New York. N.T. 


Neit c 

spolia, : 


U, mis, ludiui 

Ncbruks 8t«t« Biitlwar Com 

Thoa. L. Ball, Ch^rman. 

H. Q. Tfljlor. 

Hagh Li Uastei. Counael. 
Public Serriee Oommlai 

New HBinpaliln 

, Concord. 

Wm. T. OanniioD, Chairman, 

ibllo Serrloe . 

1, iiit. Clerk. 

(eir .Jersey — Board of Pnbllc 
Utility ComtDlaalaDera, 

State Honae, Trenton. 
John W. Slocnm, Frea. 
Alfred S. Uarch 
Geo. F. Wright, 
Andrew Oaol. Jr. 
Harry L. Knlaht. 

law HeiloD — Stotfl Oorporstloii 

Hugh H. Willlami, 1 

J.'m.'lTm'!' fcommlMloner«. 

BmlfacloMontoTa. J 

A. L. Monlaon. Clerk. *aa 

a«w York— StBt* Pobllo Serrloe 

(Utllitlet operating in Oieatsr New 

FIRST DISTRICT — omclai addieM, 

4» Lafayette St.. New Vark. 

Rdward J. GlennoS', 

Deputy Contmiailoner. 

Qodtrey Galilmsik, C 

Naw Tori 
Cbu. B. HU1, ChtirmBn. 
Frank Indue. 

ThoB. F. rannali. 
Joseph A. Eellor 

Joseph A. EellOBg. 
Ledyud P. HaleTCouBHl. Caatoa. 
PranclB X. DlSDef, Sec, AlbuT- 
FraDCia B. Rabsrti, AHt. Sue. 
Bdwud C. UcEntee, Executive Olerk, 
H. C. HubTonck, StatltllcUD. Troj, 

B. J. Cheney, Chief Bngr. Dlv. Lt, Ht, 
A Ptrr., AlbatiT. 

C. A. Vols, Aaslstuit EnfUneer. 

C. B, Vftnnemmn, Chief Dlv. Slum R. 

R., Albjuij. 
G. R. Bunes. Chief InepectDT. Blac. R. 

Horth dBrollcB— CorparBtloa Cooif 

QeorinP.'PeU. ' 

A. J.^feiwelt. 

J. S-Orlffio-ClB™, 

W. Q. Womble. RaCe Clerk. 

a. J. Amdahl, Pn*. 1 

C. F.DonniH JOommiBelonere 

Lester Henderdiotl, Ch. Clerk. *e* 

Ohio— The PnbUo Utllltlsa Com- 
mlailoa at. OOlce, ta flaor, State 
Omce BJdR., CDtnmbM, 
Ctaarlea C. Marahall. 1 
Chalrmau. | 
Bencher W. Walter- J Coram leal one re 


jwell. B__. 


D. E. Butler, Supt Bniean of 

D. B. Archer, Aaat Secrelarr. 
T. B. Oreen, Telephone Bi(fert. 
L. a. White. Blectrlcal Bip«rt. 
B. E. Cora, Atlotnej, 

OklAhoma Corporation Con 

Art, L, W&lkar, CbslrDUn, Waurlka. 
Campbell Sneiell. Warner. 
R. B. Bchols, Elk at}. 
P. E. Glenn, BscreWry. 

u. ■>. uuueiUiiil, Te 

A. I. Thompaon, Bns 

B, B. JohDetOD, Oai A Blac. Boar. 
J. l[.Oa7]a,Aiiar. * 

OT«K«ti — Pablle Service Comml*- 

Fred.Q.BnchleU Cbalrman. ) 

Ed. Wright, Secrstarr. 

W. T. Nelll, Blac Ragt., Depl. CtlUUea 

T. C. DaTlea. Rata Clerk. *89 

>e M T tm ena of In- 
I, Barekoof Ball- 


Jamea F. Woodward, Sec. ol Intenisl 
F. C. Ootbetlcli, Cb. Bateau of Rji. 
R^a., Herrlabiirg. *f» 

Tbe Pahlle aerrlce Commlaaloa at 
Tbe CommoDweBlth of Peun- 

William O.B. Alue;, ) 

Chairman, MoQtroie. 
JobnS. Rilling, Erie. I 

Dsmaal U. Clement, Jr. I Comiula- 

John W. Reed. f alonera. 

Hilton J. BrechC LanCMter. ! 
James Aloom, PhlladMpblit. I 

', Chief, Barean of 
i7 Chief, Bnrtaa of Rates 
ilg. Chief. Bnreao of 
Bnrean of Pnblic 

tB and StatlBtIca, 
_. _. . _le, C" ■ ■ - 

Ht. de HoatOB. Acting Sec, S9 

Bliode falftud — Fobllc ITtllltlea 
' CommlaaloB of. 

Room 111 BtalaHoaBe. ProTldence, 
William C. Bllaa, Chalmao, Bait PrOTl- 

Samuel B. Hadion. Wooniocliet. 
Robert F. Rodman, North Klogetown. 
John W. Rowe. Sec. 
Oeo. A. Carmlchael. Special Agent. 09 

Sontb CuDllnk R. B. Commlaalon. 

Frank W. 8 heal y, 

Chairman. Colnmbla. 
n. B. Arnold. 
James Canaler, 
J, P. DarhT.aec. 

Oliver B, Bweet. Connael for Bd. 
Roaa Miliar, Bngr. R.K. i, Ttlep. 
L. R, Bltne;, Stallillclan. i 



B.A.Bnloe. CInlriBl 

Otab— Pabllo 

I RKllrMiil A Pnbll 


e Clij. 

W«rr«n8Coutnour. ) ""™ 

T. B. B»nnlDg, SecreUtT. 
Vsnuont—PabUo ScrTlo* Com 

Walter A.DolCon, Chairman, HBrdwji 
WUllam H, Waruer, 1 

mpo*,,"""""'!"— •— 

Nell D. ClawBon, Clerk, Bnrttleboro. 

Virsmin— State CarpnrstloD Coi 

J, Kate Bipen, 

D, F. HcCariiCb, Bnglneer. 
Bance C. Clelaad, Amt. Atty. 

TTMt Tire 111 IB—Tbe Pabllv Sei 

mlMlon o 


re H. C. Wllea, 

E. PTMi 


ciiarieBO. Wolfed. ChlefCl 

•a of KqnBllmtlon * 

tbe Statfl o'. 

Claode L. Drapei 

Wm. P. Rbea. 

'man. (mlB^oneta. 

Cbatrman. j OommU- i 

j.i:™b, Google 




enRailwBTC'a'', Ab 
St. R;. Co.. Abllen 

w Kedlord, Hum 

;k7. Co.|Rei^lDg,"piii 

lld«D Street Rj. Co.. Adriu. Uich 

ilitamkcitr, aadgdea « AlUlla By. Uo., oiidHlea.'Ali:! 

D. (AnnlatoB Di 

'AlibaraiPowBTUo. jBantsdlleDlv.r, Hanuvllls, Ala B 

ALit>an»TnictlaD,Llcbt« Power Co., Ltd. ,Baro. or ManbatMu, Mew Tork City. SW 

iliinauceRj.Co., Burlington, H. C T«4 

•Aliineda,OitUand& Piedmont Electric Rr..OBktuid,CB] BE 

Alasln QuatiDNiD Mtnlnf-Co., Tbsne. AlMlm IS 

AlDUT Soultaem R. H. Co., Albany, N. Y BBI 

Alb»DrTrminllCo„ Albiiny, Ga Ill 

AtbisLt.A Rj. Co., ALbU, la MT 

'Albnqnerqas TnctiOD Co., Albuqaecqae, N. U tlV 

■Ddris If nnlcioBi Street RhUwhj, Alejcandrlii, Lb '.'.'. 7.'.'.'....!!!!! SSI 

le A PerryaTllle Rj. L 

AUeKhenyVullHjHtreetRr. Co.,KewKenalngtaD, Pb MM 

Allen 8tr«rt Rj. Co., Betmehem, Pb 8W 

M lien town Je Beitalehe ID Ripjd Transit Co., All en tovm, Pb,. SR8 

•Allantown * Kmane Street Ky. Co., Allentown, Pa Sn 

•AllentoWD A Lebigh ValleT f rBCIIoQ Co., Allentown, Pa 8M 

'Atlentown PaseenEer Ky. Co., Allentown, P» ««S 

Allentown* Beading Traction Co.. Allentown, Pa. Ml 

•Atlenlown £ SlBtlnxton Ry. Co., AllentowD, Pa SSS 

Alton* BBBtcro Elec. By.. Alton. Ill IBS 

Alt»Q,nnnlte*St. Louie Traullon Co.. Alton. Ill IM 

Alloona* LogBn Valley Electric Ry. Co., Altoona, Pa 8Dt 

Amarillo Street Ry, Co., Amulllo, Tei 1081 

inhattan. New York City.., 
Mn, New York City... 

AnericanPnblloSeryiceCo., Cblcago. Ill IBS* 

Americsa Public Otilltiee Co., Grand Ra^da, Mluh MB 

IcCo, Inc.. Boro, of Manhattan. New YotkClty.. 

nry * Hampton Street By. Co., HaTerbtn, Man 

(■Copper Mlnln; Co. (Blec. Lt & Hy. Dept.), AnacondB, Mont, 

n Electric Co.. 

Appalachian Power Co. IBlneBeld Dir.J, BlEiefield 
•Apnlecon Blec. Lt. * Pivr. Co., Appleton, Wiac, 

•Ardmora Bleotrin Ry„ Ardmore, Okla 

" llwayCo.. Ardio 

Llsnerch Street S 

.. Ry., Pltteborfl, 

_. Okla... 

* Llanerch Street Ry, Co., Opper Darby, P 

Valley IntetarbBii By, Co.. Wichita, KanB »E 

"-"—"■■ "~bt* Power Co.. Pneblo.rnln so 

;o . Preeqne Isle, Me,.. 

_ t Electric R, H. Co . Aebnrj Pat 

• Aflbaway A Weileriy Ry. Co., Norwich, Conn 

Athevtlle*Ea«tTennesieeB. R,, AsheiillB i« C 

Aiherllle Power A Light Co.. AnbevIUe. 
•ABhUrd * Central'- "'—-'-■•- "" ' 
AiblBDd LIgbt, pow 

AtehlBon By.. LUbt A Power Co., AtcbiBon, KaiiB S9B 

•Albeni Electric Ry. Co.. Athena. G» IM 

Atheae Ry. A Bier. Co.. Athena. Qa ItE 

'Albol A Oranif Street Ry. Co., Attaol. Miua tSS 

AUaalB Nortbepn Ry Co.. Atlanta. Oa IM 

•Ulantlc City A Ocean City R. R On.. AtlHptlcCity.N. J Ut 

»U»nai(«ty*HhoPBR. R. Co.. Atlsntlc City, S.J (8t 

AtlantleCoaetBleclrioRy, Co., ABhury Park, N. J E85 

•ThlBeompBDyiee'theroperatad by or oOBBOlUalad with the company whose 

AtUntlc Show B»Uw«i, SaDford, Mb 

'AtluitlcBbonlJae K7., EftDlard.Hs , 

Atlmtlo * anburbflO Ky. Co., PieaaantvillB, N. J 

• AttlabaTD No. Attleboro & Wrentham Street KT-. Noitli Attleh 

AogaBU-AlbBD Railway & Eliictnc Corpn. of Mouth Csic 

■Aufiula A Alksc Rj. Co., Aaguau. Us 

•ADguauR;. A Electric Co., Auguata, Go. 

Aarora,SlEiii&Clili:«goB.R.Co. 0'lie}, ADtora,IIl... 

•Anrora.Blgln ft Chicago Bj. Co., Anrori, 111 

Anrora.PlamfleldAJollBtRy.. Jollet,Ul 

AQittD Street Ry. Co., Anetln, Tax 

lo.. Babjloo, B. Y 

tAec. Ky., Bsierefldd, Cal 

- "' \c Hj. Co. (The). Bel- Air. Ud 

Halilmora Belt R. R., BbIIJi . 


(edBi. Co.. Baltimore, Hd.. 

pesfiUrtdgeF^.r ■'" 

A Northsm Electric By. Co., 

UaltimDra, Ualettaorpe a, Elkridge Ttr., BilUmc 

. _ . . Balrimote. Md 

, H^nowa Point ie Chewpeake Ry. Co., Baltlmon, Ui 

ft WuhlngtonTraaBll Co., W*afaingtoii,D. C 

Blec. R. R. Co. aalt Lake City, Hull I 

. uampdcD ft WlDlerport By.. Bangor, Ue , 

•OBUKurft Nortbcrn R. R. Co^ BtDgOTjICe 

•Bangot, Oiono A Old TowD Ry. Co., Bangor, Me 

Bangor ft Portland Traction Co., Bangor. Fa 

Baogor Railway ft Electric Co., Bangor, M* 

Barre ft HoDtpeller TracUon ft Fonar Co., Hontpeliar. VI 

Banitow UansgemeDtAeeD..Iiic., W. S., Boro of Manhattan, Nen 

BaitleaTllletncer.nrbanRy. CcBarlleavllle, Okla 

BaUvla Ttac. Co.; BaUTla, H. Y. 

Baton Rouge Electric Co., Baton Bouge, La 

Bay Shore B. B. Co., Ban Diego, Cal 

Bay Shore Street Rj. Co., Green Bay, Wis 

Bay SUla Street Ry. Co., Boston, Haai 


-n Trac. Co., ^vneeJIDg. w. va. 

BallowiFalli A Santon'a RlierStreet Ry. Co.. Belltma F^li.Vt 

BeloltTmctlonCo.. Beloit.Wla 

Belt Line Rallvray Corporation. Boro. of MaDbatUn, Nan York City .. 

•Ben Avon ft Bmeworth St. Ry. Co., Pitiehnra, Pa. 

• Bennington ft North Adam Street Ry. Co.. Bennington. Vt 

Benton AFalrfleHIRj.Co.,Ft'-"-" "- 

lanton Harbot-St. Joe By. ft Light Co.. 1 
Barsan Turnpike Co., Newark^V. J.... 
BerkelayTtactiODCo., Oakland, Cal.... 

t. Joe By. ft Light Co.. Benton Harbor. MJch... 

-„ e Co.. IfewBrk^. ' 

rkelay Traction Co., Oakland, C 

„ ,., ./.Va 

Barkahlre Street Ry. Co., Plttaaeld.Maae 

B*rl In ft Northern By. Co. (Thel. Kitchener. Out,, Can.... 

B«Tlln BtreetBy. Co.. Berlin. N.E 

BenrlckftNeacopeekStreelEy. Co., Berwick, Fa , 

•BethanyTractionCo., Lincoln, Nebt. 

Betblehemft NaiarethPaatengerRy. Co., AllenWwn, Pa., 
• Bethlehem ft Sonth Bethlehem Street By. Co., Alleolown. 

Blddafordft SacoR. R. Co.. Blddeford.Me 

-— ■ Electric Ry.* Power Co., Qnirport,Mlea 

BinEbamlon, N. Y.. 

. Beading, Pa... 

ingham & Edeewood Electric Ry. Cc 
..._.,.__ „_.,_.. ^„ R.ii,E 

ro Street Ry. Co.. Fei 

•Blrmlneham. Enelev ft BeBtemec R.R., Birmingham. Ala 

Birmlngbam Ry., Light ft Power Co., BlrmlDeham, Ala 

Birmingham Tidewater Ry. Co.. Birmingham, Ata 

Birmingbam.TnsuUooga Ry. A Utlllile* Co.. Tnecalooea, Ala 


Bloomington, Decatur ft CbampalBDR.B. Peoria. Ill 

Bloomlneton ft Normal Ry., Klec. ft Htf". Co., Bloomlnglon, 111. 

Bloomlngton ft Normal Ry. ft Light Co., Bioomlngton, IlL 

Blc(omington, Pootiac ft .Toilet Ry. Co.. PonHao III. 

nin. Hill Street By. Co. (The), Canton, Maas , 

BIdge LIpM ft Power Co.. Staunton, Va 

Ridge R. R., Wayneeboro, Pa , 

■"'— Traction Co., Danialiillle, Pa 

Va% By., Kaneaa City, Mo . . . 

_ .H Railroad Co.. Ltd., Bolec, Idiuiu n 

Bolee EallwayCo.. Bolae, Idaho U 

BoUeValleyTrac. Co.. Boise, Idaho 1! 

. J. . _ .,^ ^ 

*»a« « 

Electric Ry. or Concord 


• This company la alttier operated by 01 
nnmb*! followi, ar' — "" ■— * — * — '— "" 


B«M0D A Ualne R. R (FortanoDth El«. Bmnch), PortamoBtb, M. E 
BaWm A UbIdb R R, B<»tO[i,HMa... 

:h A Lrmi R, R, Wtntbroi 
>ctrto St Ry. C - ■ ' 

•BtHton * R»i«re Blectrto St. 

■oobn BnbBrban BlMlilc Companlaa, NentmiTUle, Mm 

B«hin A WoroMtir Eltctric CampaslH, BottDii. 1£«m 

BdMod AWorcMtarStTHt Rr. Co.. BimIod, Ubh 

•BofutowD A PottttOHD RT' Co- (Tbe), Boycrtoirn, Pa 

BrudDn UuDlclpal Bj^ Bnodon, Usn., Can 

Biutrord A HuntlloD Electric Rr., Hamilton, Ont..Cu.... 

BntDtfacd Ud&Ic, R;.. Bruttotd, OdL. Cui 

•8i»iitrordBt««lRT.Co., Brmntford, Ont.,C«n 

•Bniitlab«rti8ln«RT. Co., BntUaboni, 7C 

•Brull Riqjld Tranglt Street Ry. Co., Terre Hants, Ind 

•BililKoport ADanbory Elec. By., Danbuiy. Conn , 

BriOnBOpeiiitlngCo^ Boro of BKwlilyn, New York City 

BridjetonA MlllTllle Traction Co Bridgoton, N.J 

Brockton A Plymoolh Street KT.''Co.,':^l;iooalb. iJaM..' 

I of Bioni, Hew York City. .. 
*" ■■ 1, HewTorli 

)t Brooklyn, 

•Brooklyn Hdglito K. K. Co., Boro of Brookljm.Kew TorkCltJ. 

Brooklyn A Nortb River R. R, Co.. Boro of ManhattiD, New York City 

•Brooklyn, Queens County A f<nbarbaaR.R,Baco of Brookiyu, New lorkClty. 

BrooklvTi Rapid Tramft Co., Boro of Brooklyn, N»w TorkOty. 

•Brooklyn Union Elevated R. R. Co.. Bora of Brooklyn, Naw^wk City..., 

BrowniYllleStreet AlnterurbanHaUroadCo., BtoWMTllle, Teiae 

•BrowMvllleBt. Rj. On,,PiitBbnrB, Pa Ml 

Bmnawlek Terminal & Railway SecurtUeiCo., Boro. of HankUlaii, New TockClty UK 

Bryaji ft Captial Texaa latemrban Ry. Co., Bryan, Tex 108S 

Bryan A College Inlemrban Ry. Co., Bryan. Teiaa ' — 

•Bneke County Interurban Ry. Co., Trenton. N. J 

•BolTalo. BelJevue A Lancaater Ry. Co., Buffalo, N. V 

Buffalo A DepawRy. Co.,BnlTalo, N.T. 

BeSito A I«ckaw*nna Traction Co.. Buffalo. N.Y 

Buffalo A Lake Erie TractloD Co.. Bnffalo, N. T 

•BulldoALockportRy., Buffalo, N.T 

■Baffalo, Lockport* Hocbeetar Ry. Co., Koobeitcr. N. Y... 

•BnfraloANIagaraFillBElectncRy., Buffalo, N.T 

•Buffalo Ry. 0- —••— " " 

b Soutbem Ry. Co. (Tbsl, Buffslo, N.Y. 

•BnlTalo. Tonawanda A Niagara Falli Blecttlc B. R. Co., 1 

•Buffalo Traction Co., Buffalo. N.T 

RnlfalD A WIlllanuTllle Electric Ry. Co.. WiniamaTtlla, V 
Burlington Coanty TranaltCo., Halneaport, N. J*. 

logtoD Ry. A Llgbt Co., Burllnglon, 

.___. m — ^"iT;o.. BurUnrtoa, Vt 

,t. Co., Brooklyn, N.T 

Bntt«, Anaconda A Paclflc Ry. Co., Anaconda, Uont.,. 

Batle Electric Rt. Co., Bi 

Byllesby * Co., H. M., Chlcano, Dl 

•Cairo Bleotilo A Traction Co., Cairo. Ill 

Cairo Ry. * LIgbt Syitem, Cairo. HI 

•Cairo A 81. Lonla H. R Co., Cairo, Dl 

CalaiiHireetRy., CataU, Me 

Caldwell Traction Co.. T.ld., Caldwell. Idaho 

Calgary Hnnic. Ry., Calgary, Alta.. Can 

•cSlfornla.PaolBcRy.Co., LoiAneeli!ii,Cal 

•California Ry., Oakland, Cal , 

California Ry, A Potter Co. . Saa Franclaco, Cal 

California Street Cable R, R. Co., San Franclaco, Cat,,. 
- , . „ - _. ^ jj, 

•CMni«ney Tramway Co., Ltd., Camagu-. , „ 

•Camdan.OloocealorAWoodbnryRy. Co., Newark, N.J I 

•Camden Horre R, R. Co.. Newark, N. J ( 

•Oamdon A Suburban Ry. Co., Newark, N. J : ( 

•OameanladeOaey Elec. delBHabana. Havana, Cnba II 

Canadian National Ryi., Bt. Catharine!, Out. Can » 

•Cana-ilan Nortbern Ry. Co.. Tbe, (Honiml Tnooal A Tcrmlnali) MoDtrwd, 

Que., Can U 

•CanarBleRR. Co.,Boro of Brooklyn. New York CiW I 

•rjantou-AVrou CnnsoUdaled Rr. Co., Akron, 1 

•Canton-Akron Rv, Co., Akron, O J 

•Canton-New Pblladelpbia By, Co.. Akron, O ' 

Cape Breton Electric Co.. Ltd., Hydnor, N. S.. Can:. 
Oape (Mrardean. Jackson Intarnr"— "^ "~ " — "'- 
Ope Mar. Delaware Bay A Sew 

Capital TrwHoB Co., WaehlneU, 

napltal Traction Co., Oklahoma City, Okia, 

• This Aoinpaov la allhar operaMd by at eoneollIUUd wlUi the company w< 
BBinlMr follow*, and will b* fonnd nnder tbat nnnbn. 


•OarboD Tmiiell Oa., If soeh Cbnnk, Pa 

•CubODdalF B;. Co., BonnCon. Pa 

•C»Iti1<A Iilechuilciihiirg Street Rt. Co., Lemoyne, Pa... 

•CsrlHlfl * Mt. Holly Kj. Co., Carl&lB, Pb.. 

Csrolins Pwr. ft U. Co., HaletEb, K. C 

■ OuollnaTractioiiCo.. RockHUI, a. C 

CagSTllUAWcBteniK. B. Co., CRaaville.Mo 

•CBtB<suqua d: N'orthem Slreet R;, Co., AtlentowD. Pa... 
•a-dnT Bapldi A laxa Citf Rj. A Light Co., Cedar Rapid 
Cwlu ttApidl A HarlDD Ci(T By. Co., Cedul^pldi, la . . . 
•C-^lervllle, AlblaA Southern By. Co., Centarvllte, Is... 

•Centervllle Light A Traotlon Co., CeDlerrlllo, la 

Central Arkanua %. A Light Corporaljan. Hot Springs, 

Centrsl Cilifomia Traction Co,. aaaPrancleca.Cal 

■Central Carolina Power Co.. RaleLgh,N.C 

•CPDlral Slectrlc Rilln» Co., KansiuClty,Mo 

•Central Bleetilc Street Ry-- "«« Brlihton. Pa 

•Central (Icorsla TTBogmixaion Co., Maooo. Oa 

Central Illinois Pnbllc Service Co., UatlooD, III 

Central IlltnoH Traction Co., Maltoon, 111 

Central iDdiana Lighting Co.. Coliimbna. Ind 

CbanberBbQre&QatCfBbora: Electric Ry. Co.. Chambersbuni. Pa. 

ChambcrabDri;. Qreoncaetle A WayneBboto Street Ry. Ct>^ Wuyaeeboro, Pa... 

Ch«mbor»hBrB ft Bhippentbnrg Rj. Co.. Cbambembiirg, Pa 

Charle-Clty WealernBy, 0a..0h8rle«City, la 

■CBarleston ConBolidated By., Oaa A Electric Co., €harlettOH,S.C 

Cbarlealon Consolidated Ry. ft Lighting Co.. Charletton, 8. C 

OharlSBtOH-DunbBT TmcUon Co, (The), Cbarleeton, W. Va 

Cbarleiton Intorarban R. K Co., Charloston, W. Va 

•Char1»BtOB-I»!e of Fftlnn Ry., Charleeton, S. C. 

Charl»ton-Ialf nfPilma Traction Co., Cbarlealon, B.C. 

•OliarlotlaElBctrlcRy. Co.. Charlntto,N. C 

Charlot««eilll>-* AlbennarleRy. Co., Cbarlotteerllto, Va 

CbaCham, Wallacrhartr A Lake Brie Bv. Co., Chatliam.Onl,, Can 

OhallahoocbeeValieyRy. Co., West Point, Qa, .■ 

. •Chatlanooea Rallwaya Co,, Chattanooga, Tenn 

ChBttanooga Ry. A Light Co,, Chattanooga, Teen. 

Chattanooga Traction Co,, Chattanooga.Tenn 

CbantauqnaTraClioDCo,, Jamfslown, N, T 

■Cheater. Darhy* Phl'adelphla Br., Cheeier, Pa 

•Chenter A Delaware Street By., Chester. Pa 

Cheater A D«rryR.B,.Cheelet.TJ.H 

Cheater A Eddjitone St. By. Co,, Cbi.-ater. Pa 

•Chester A Media Electric By,, Chester. Pa 

Chesler A Pblladelpht* By, Co., Pblladelphla. Pa 

•Chester Street Rr. , Chester, Pa 

Cheater Trsctioa Co., Cheater, Pa ._^ 

Cheyenne Electric Ry, Co., Chi'yenne, Wyo 

Chicago Aurora ft DeKalb RR,. Aorora. HI 

Chicago, Burlington A Qolncy R B. Co., Doadwood, 8. D 

Ohlnim Cltv Ry. Co., Chicago. HI 

•Chlcaeo A Dfls Plat nea Valley Electric Ry. Co., JoUet, HI 

Chicago Klerated Rye.. Chicago, HI 

Chicago, Harvard A Gene™ LafceRy. Co,. Walworth, Wis 

ChlcagoHelgblsSlreelRy, Co., Chicago Heights, HI 

Chicago A Jntarnrban TrsctloB Co., Chicago, HI 

Chicago A Jollat Eleelilc Ry. Co., Jollet, III 

Chlcagnft -loliBtHanlil Ti-nimitOn.. Jnllet Tit 
Chicago, T,ak»8hon 
Oblcaeo. Mtlwaokei 
Chicago, ir 

■Chicago A Mllwi 

. Jig* wood, 

_^ R, R. ITbel, Hlghwoo 

Oak PnH Elevated R. R, Co.. Chicago, III 

Chicago, rittawa A Peoria Rt,. 
OhlC«iIoRyB, Co.. r-- -" 

Thie company Is either operated by or comalldated witb (he cempra; whear 

imber tollowa, and will be [ooDd under that 

Cbdnnatl Jk Columbna TncUon Co., ClncInnUI, 

■OiuciDUUI. CoviuKlOD A BrJsDger Kf.. COTiDgtoD, Ky 

'.Uudnnail, Dayton AToJsdo TracClaa Co., Uiuuilloa, O 

CioaLoajiti A l>dykia Truction Co., HBmiJtoa, Obicj........ 

■CiBclanail & Jfushim Electric Ky. Co.. ClncluiBt], O 

CiKliiiiiil.1 , GteoigatoWD A PorUmauth R. R. Co., ClnolDnatl, O 
■Ctnclnnali A Hsmtlion Trao. Co., ™-~' — ■' " 

lurg A Aurora Klectrlc auaet K. K. Co., ClnclnnMI, O. . . 
iKaswrnTr -'--"- ■■■--' - 

•OmciDuaU. Hlllord AKasLernTrictionCa., ClDCii 

•dDcinnUl, Mlltord A Gosben TtuoUoa Co., Clnclnnsd, O 

Claciniutl, ^(iUDrd* LayelandTiaallaD Cu., (TbaXCiucinDaU, O 

naelnaUiti, Mwpart A Caviuglon LlKtat & TtscUod Co., Canngton, Ky. 

CiDcianiiti, Newport^ CoviogtouRy. Co. (Tha), CovlagtOD, K; 

• ilDdDDiiti-Nartbweaiern Ry. Co., Hsmil[oii,0 

■Oiuclanatl S(.[eeta7.,Clntii]niiti, O 

CinclDDBlI Tracllon Co. (Tl>e). Cluelanall, 

Kil«g BflTvice Ca, Boro. ol Jdanbatua, New York City 

•CitiunB' BluCU-lc Street Ry.Ua.,Hav«lill],Ha«a 

■CiliieiiB' FaeeengerHy, Co.. Horri»towu, Pa 

Ciliens' Kallnvay Co., ClMkavllle, Tenn 

•CiUEBUa' Bailww Co., SpriDgBeid, U 

■Ctliiena' By.. Lt. & Pwr. Co., Hampton, V» 

•UiUiens- K. R. Light * Power Co., Beaton, H. T 

•OiiMnB- Street Ky. Co., Wheeliog.W.Va 

■CWiBM Traction Co., Oklahoma City, Okia 

CiilHiie' TracOonCo. (The), Oil Cily, Pa 

nty KlectrLc Co., Alboquerque, NewUtt 

•Uliy Electric Rj. Co. rof Poit Boron). l>elrolt, Mich 

•Clly Be Klio Grove R. R. Co., Wheeling, W. Va 

Ciiy Light & Traction Co. of tledalia, Seiklla, Ifo 

•City Ry. Co., Lon Anselee, Csl 

•City R^kway Bo., Wheeling, \V. Ve 

City Railway Oo., Dayl on, O. , 

•uCtf & :4Qbnr]ian Ry. of Wsebingion, Wa»hlngtou. D. C 

City&flnbuibanBT, Co., Brunmlck, Ga. i 

Ulirton Street Ry. Co., Cl»lrton, Pa. 

•ClarkBville & Dunbar Cave By. Co.. ClarksTlllB, Tonn 

Clarksville R. R, Co., Clarksville, Os 

Claiemonl Railway A Lighting Co., Claremont. N. H.. 

Clereland. Alliance A MaliODlne Valley R. R, RaTenna.Ohio. 

CVvel^>na A Chagrin ValU Rv Co. (The). ClEteland.O 

Cleveland * Baalem Tracllon Co.. Cleveland, O 

■Cli'Veland BleclrlcRy.Co.,Cl«vtlaud. O 

Cleveland A BrieBy. Co., GIrard, Ha 

Cleveland, pBlni'avnie& Eastern R. R. Co<, Wlllongtaby, O 

Cleveland Ry, Co. tThe),ClByelaBd, O 

Cleveland. SoathweBietn&ColBnibuaRy. Co. (The), C — '— ' " 

Clinton. Davtnuort A 1 

Clinton StrestRr. Co.. Cllaton. la. 
Coal Belt RlccLtfc Ky. Co.. Marlon, 

a Ky. Co., Cleveland. O... 
iiftalo, N.V 

lelon Bridge Cl., _ . ... _ 

._. ^ w ,__ gy Qg^ Davenport, la.... 

el Cheater, 

ollege AGrandview Glectrlc R. R-.Hev Bripbton, Pa... 

Coirai Springe Ry.. Colfaji, 

•College A Grandview Electi _ 

•CoUejrcTille Electric 8tre"T Rv. Co., Norrinti 

•ColoBlal City Traciion Co.. KIneeion. N. T 

Colorado Sprloga A Interurban Ry. Co.. Colorado Hprlnga, Colo 

•ColorsiloSpringgRautdTraneRCo., ColoradoSrrinii, Colo 

•Colorado Spii age A bDhnrban Ry. Co.. Colorado Spring*, Colo 

•Columbia* Donegal Ry.,LBncsster. Pa 

•Colambia Electnc Street Ry., Light A Power Co.. Colnmbla, B. C 

Columbia Oaa A RIectric Co.. Charieeton. W. Ta 

•ColnmHaAIronvllteRy., Lancaster, Pa 

Colnmbia Railway, OaB A Electric Co., Colnmbla, 8. C. 

•Colamlilan 31 By. Co., Providence. R. I 

•Coloiolrae. Buckeye Like A Newark Tracllon Co., Springfield. O 

Colombna, D'^laware A Marion Elec. Co.. Colombua, O 

•Columbna, Delaware A Marlon Ry. Co., CiDClnnaU.O 

Colombu* Eluctric Co.. Colnmbna. Oa 

•Colnmhni. Grove Citv.l Sonthwettem Ky. Co. (Thel.Sprlngfleld, O., 

•Oolnmhas A Lake Wchigan R. B., Sprinufleld. O 

•ColnmbDB. London A Springlleld Ry. Co. (The). Sprlnglleld, O 

Cslnmbu^ Magor tic Spring) A Nortliern Ry. Co.. lUchwood, O 

Cotnmbn*. Marion A BncyniB Ry. Co. (Ttae), Uarioo, O 

ColDmbaa. New Albany A Jobnetown Traction Co., Colnmbns, O 

• Vilnmbne. Newark A Zanesvllls Xlectrlc By. Co., Sprinllleld. O 

ColnmhneR. B. Co.. Columtina. Qa 

•Col nmhOB Railway Co., Colnmbui, 

•Cotumbati Ry. A Lt, Co.. ColnmbBB. O 

ColnmhosRy.. Light A Power Co., ColnmboB.HlBB. 

folnmboBRv.. PowerALlBhlCo., Colnmlia8,0 

•Col umbos Trie. Co.. Col umbo', O 

Colnmbna, UrhAna A Weaiem Eleclrtc Rv. Co. (The). Colombna, 

Cnnimnnwealtb Power, Railway & Light Co.. flrand Baplde. MIcb 

•Compania Anonlma de Alnmbrado Rlectrico de Poebla, Paebta, Hex. . , 

• Tbitcompaoy lidther operated by or coneolldatad with the am 
Dkaib«T CollonB. *Dd will be found under that number. 


Bnnka TractLon Co., Bqreka SpilogB, Ark 

KiaiijMon to. Co.,K™nBton, LI 

BTuuvllle A Ohio Vmlle; Rf. Co., BmuiilU.Iiid. 
•GTsMYllle Pobllc Bervtce Co,, BTBDeviUa, lad 

JrtnafiLleK™. Co., EvaaBtJUe, Ind 

ETSoiyille, Buborban A Nenbnrgli Ry. Ca.,BvinivmB,Iiid. i 

•BTe[«teTty.,Llebt A WaUrCo., Bveietl, Wash 1] 

Blater, Hampton A AnwBbarr Strest Rf.. BxeMr, N- B B 

•Bxetei RbUwsj A LlghUog Co., Bieur, N. H B 

FalTbuu AAtlaoURr. ft Electric Co., Falrbnrn, Ga I 

PalrohMiee*StDltlillBiaTraoaonCo., UnlO[Hown,P» 10 

Falrtai IncllDe Kailrosd Co.. Ban Francuoo. Cal 

Falifleld A Sbawmut Railwaj, F^lilleld, Me ar 

'Falnnont A Hunlngton R. B. Co,, FaitmoDt, W. Va 11 

FalrmoimlParkTraasitCo.,PblladeLphia, Pa & 

*Fa<rmoant Park TraaaportatioD Co., Pblladelphla, Fa S 

FaUon Bleclric K. R. Co., Fallon, Nbv 6 

Federal LlKhl Jt Trsctioo Co., Boro. ot Manhatlaii, Now York QII7 !■ 

FernandlnaHDiilc. Rt., Feroasdlna, Fla 1: 

FerTooarrll Bleclrleo de Letdo a Torreon, S. A., Gomai Falado, DDTango, Hex. .13 

FetracarniBlecMcoDeMaUnzas, S. A., MaUozae, Onba .13 

•Fenocarrlllee del DIatrito. F^detal de Heitco, Maiica, Hex IS 

•Farrocartll Indnettlal de Pnebla, Pnebla, Mei IS 

•FeTToiuirll Ulneral de CblbuabUB, Cbibnabaa, Mei IS 

Farrocarrll CrbBiio de Collma, Collma, Mei 19 

fFerrocanl] Urbaua de Paebla. Paebla, ^ei It 

•Flnaoce Jb Holding CoiparaUon,Baro. at MaDliatUui,Neii> York CIQ' 7< 

Flsbklll EleclrieRy. Co., Beacoo. N. T 6! 

FltctabDrKALeomfnater Street Rallwa; Co.. Fltdibarg,MaBa 41 

Five Uila Beach Electric By. Co., Wtlrfwood, N.J t. 

Fonda.JobDBloWD&OloTenTilleB. R.(Blec. Di>.}, aiOTerff>ille,N.T » 

Fort Dodge, Dee Uoloea A Sontheni H, K. "~ " '- 

Fort Madbon Street Bj. Co.. Fort Madlaon, la 

Fort Scott A Nevada Llgbt, Heat, Water i: Power Co. (Tbe), Nevada, Uo 

FortSmitbLlehtATractlanCo., Fort Smith, Ark 

FottSmltb-OklabODiaLlght ATiactionCo., Fort Smitb, Ark 

Fort Wajne * Decatur Tiac. Co. (The), Decatnr. Ind 

Fort Waylie & Northern Indiana Trsotlon Co., Fort Wayne, Ind 

Fort Wayne 4 Northweetera Ry. Co., KendalMlle, Ind 

•Fort Wayne ASprinefleldRy. Co. (The), Decatnr, Ind 

•Fort Wayne. Van Wen * Lima Trac, Co JTbe), Springfield, O 

Fort William Electric Ry.{Mnnlo.), Fort William, Ont, Can 

■Fort Worth Sonthem Traction Co., Fort Worth, Tei 

Forty-Second Street, UanbattaaTllIe tfc 8t, Nlcholae Aye. By. Co, (The), Boro. ( 

Manhattan, New York City 

Foetorla A Fremont Ihr. Co. (The), Foatorla, O 

Foi AIllinolB Onion Ry.,Anrora, III '. 

■Fox KiTerValiey Electric Ry. Co., Applelon.WlB. 

Fiankford, Tacony a Holmeshorg 8t, Ky. Co., PbUadeipbla, Pa 

Frankfort 4 Sheibyvllle Traction Co., ShelbyTille,Ky 

•Frankfort 4 mica Street Ry.,UtiCB.N.Y 

•Freedom 4 Conway Electric Street By., New Brighton, Pa 

Fn-nch LIek ft W.Baden R. R, Co., French Uck, Ind 

•Fresno CllyRy. Co., Freano,Ci1 

Freeno Intemrban Railway Co., Freano,C^ 

4 Fifth Street Ry. Co.. Reading, F 

•Front & Union ntreec nauway, vy 

•FrontlerKlectrlcRi^iway. Buflalo, p.. 1 , 

Fryebnrg Horue E, B, Co., Fryebo^, Me 

Oadeden, Beileyoe 4 Lookoat MonnUIn By., QMleden, Ala. 

•OadedcD Ry. CcGadad™. Ala 

■Qaineaytlle^. 4PowBrCo„Oalneaville, Oa 

Galeebhig 4 Eewanee Electtle By. Co.. Kewanee, 111... 



in Railway, LIgbUng 4 Power Co,,Oaleabnrg, 111, 

I Taller By., BozeniBD, Mont 

Galllpolis 4 Northern Traetlon Co. (The), Qalllpolli.O 

aalt,PrMloa4He*uIeratzeeIIty. Co., Ltd , Oalt, Out., Can. .\ 


GalTBaton-Honelon Electric Co., Galvealoii, Tei 

Oalyeaton-HooBlOQ Electric Ry. Co., Qalyeeton, Te j 

•Gardner, Weetmlnaler * Fllcbbnrg Sireet Ry. Co.. Athol, Maaa 

•Gary. Hobart 4 EaBtern Traction Co., Bobart, Ind 

Gary 4 Hobart Trac. Co., Gary. Ind 

Gary 4 Intemrban R. H. Co., Gary, Ind 

Gary « Sontheni Traction Co., Croira Point. Ind 

General Gaa 4 Electric Co. (Vke). Boro, of Manhattan. New York City 

Geneya, Seneca Fall* A Aabnrn E. R Co., Inc., Seneca Falle.N. T..' 

•neorEelown4TennallytownRy. Co„Wa»hinglon,D. C 

Geergia LlKht, Power ft Rallwnye, Macon, Ga 

•GeorElaRy. 4 Electric Co., Atlanta. Ga .... 

GwirglBRy. 4 Power Co.. Atlanta, Ga 

•airard Coal Belt Electric Ry. CcPttteburg, Eaoa 

GlenCoyeB. a, Co. (The), Glen Coye, N T 

Qlendale & Montroie Railway, Qiendele, CpI 

•Gleni Falla, Bandy Hill 4 Fort Edward Street E. H. Co.. Glens Falla, N. Y... 

imtier foltowi. and trill be fonnd noder 

iperated l^or conia1ldal«d it 


•Qmebk * Iron CoBntlM Eallwaj A Ught Co., Iroowood, Mlolk '. «1 

OUiUMraBleouicBiiilwayUo., UoJdsDaro. N. C ^ T*^ 

•SirtoaBeiglilsR;. Co., Wilmington, BeJ Ill 

<e«)itLSUHeiUuli<iad, HuilnanciwHi, Cal 68 

tafiimLiglil& Power Co., Grafton, W. Va IW 

■BiruD AUpuwnK.ll., Mllford. Mua 481 

'— ' --" igtHy. Co.. UrandForkl, N.B 777« 

■6find BBTen blteet Ry. Co., Grand Bsplds, Mich, 
etmdKapldi ■" "'- — ' "— ' ■"- "~ 

tagd Kipidi 

etindKapldi,OrBnilHav«n.£ Unikegon Kj. Co., GnndlUpldl, Ulch.., 
'— ' KiIildB. HotUtud <e; Chicigo Rf .. Holl«Dd. Ulcb 

enulRapidsSt. R7. L'o., Umd RaiiidB.Wle 

fluLdlHTerKj., Ufllt, Ont,, C.n 

hiidlt»8TVille;RBllwa7CD.(Tbe), Grand Junction, Cola 

StnidTranliRy. Co. (St, ClaltTunnei Co.), Mrt Enron, Mich.... 

taBdVlBwltoln™d'io.,Kirkwood, ifo.... '.'.'.'.'.'. !!!'.M 

•QnnlwCItT Ry. Co.. St. Clond, Minn 

•Snj'i Barhor BleuUli Co., Aberdeen, Wash 

Dnj'i Harbor RallnsjA Ltgbt Co.. AbBrde«i:i, Waah 

9nat Filii SCfoel Kj., Great Palla. Mont 

SnitUkiwPwr. Co., Ltd.. Hsnlt »te Mario, Ont.. Can 

fcnlNorthemR, R.(CaecadBToonel), St. Psol.Mlnn 

areilBonUi Baj Ferrj Co., Freeport, N. V 

! atwlej * DeoYor K, R. Co, (Thai, Greeley, Colo 

' •fliMotbarg A Sonihera Bleo. St, Hy. Co.. Rttsbnrg, Pi 

OnniTlHu Eallwej* Light Co., Greenville, Tei 

'OnaoTllle, Spartanbois A Ander«oa Ry. Co., CharlotU, N.C 

I "BrMnilHsTrKtlon Co.. Charlotte. N.C. 

■Srisowlch & acbajleryllle Electric E.K., Glens Falls, N. Y 

I ■SnloD A atoninston Street R, it. Co., Norwich, Conn 

'amlphHadUIHj. Co, (Manic). Oaelph.Onr.. Can 

; 'Golfpm IteTelopmentCo.. Giiltport, Mlsn 

!eiir[»n&MiulHlpplCosatT«ct)onCo..QDltporl, Hlls 

OiUiriiiUllwBjCo. <TbB),Gnthrle, Okla 

I BMwnowo <t Frederick Ht. Co, (The), Frederick. Md 

I'lhlKiiBUctrlerramwayCo., Ltd., Halir»i,N. S., Can 

■SimlitoD Cataract Power. Light & Traction Co., Hamlllon, Ont., Can. . . 

I 'EinllHm&DandaBStreetKT. Co.. Hamilton. Ont., Can 

I ^nllUn, Orlmabr ABeSTogvilleRr. Co., HamiltOD, Ont..C>n 

'SimtlloD & LlndeowBld Electric Ttanstt Co., Eamlllon. O 

BinlllonMonntainPsrkCo., Ltd.. HamllloQ. Oot. Can 

■S'tDlllonHadUlEleclricRj. Co.,Hainll(oo. Ont.. Can 

■aimitonStroeiRy. Co., Hamilton. Ort., Can 

^DUDotid, Whiting A; Bast Chleago Electric S;.. Chicago. Ill 

"mmoad.WhltlnB * E Chicago Ry., Chicago, HI 

JimptoaRoada Traction Co., Hampton, Va 

taiabBlRj.* Electric Co.. Hannibal, Mo 

JtmiitalfracUonCo., Hannihar. Mo 

UHinr A McSberryatown Street Ry. Co., Hanover. 7a 

Ilnttibori City Paaeenger Ry. Co., HBtriaborg, P« 

, ^'TUbatg A Hschanlcabarg Electric By. Co., Lemoyns. Pa 

BwlibarsHya. Co., HarriBbure, Pa „ 

'Mfrirtnrg Traction Co., Harrlibnrg, Pa 

uniortASprlngaeld Street Ry. Co., Warehoose Point. Conn 

BilllMbure ■fraction Co,. HKttieBhurg.MlsB 

; BilMCtnlral H. R. Co., HaTaoa, Cnba. 

'BiTMs Blteirie Ry. Co., Havana, Cnba 

"iniuElectricRy.. Light A Power Co., Havana, Coba 

^"iriilllAAmelbnryBlTeetKy. Co., HaverhlU.Maa* 


I EiwUILPIaiitow A NentonStreetRy, Co.. Haverhill, Maaa 

' '""■rlilll A Sonthpm New Hflmpahlre Slrpet Ry. Co., Haverhill, MaH... 
, B;lfuLlglit«Uallway Co., Helena, Mont 

LBwierion * Owen.^oro Ry. Co.. Bvamville, Ind 

"Unman Traction Co Henderaon Ky --■■ . . 
' ?«aiBfr, Mohawk, llion A franktort Electric Ry.,TItlca. N. T 

^lityTraojItCo., Hembrjy, Pa 

KplMdaroreTractionCo., McKeeiport. Pa 

, WeliliTnJ Park A frnitvale R. R., Oakland, Cal 

SSJlM^R. K. Co".."NbV" Albany.' ind 

Cynihlana-BaliihridEe-ChilllcotheTrartloDCo.. Cbllllrottaa, O TSRa 

--.=.. Minnfactnrer*' R.R. Co,, LBBBesorHobokon Shore Road, Eoboken.N. J. MB 

«<kl[ig-Snnday Creek Traction Co. (The), Nelsonville.O Sn 

■ 'MbtonVallayRy.. Bristol. Tens I0«4 

|>lH*«gtrMtRy. Co., Holyoke. MaiB 4M 

|*«rteHA Milllln Street Ry. Co., Homeatwd. Pa MS 

™»1iiIb Rapid Transit * L»nd Co., Honolola.HawAll IBl 

gi»lek FillB Railroad Co., HooBlckFalla.N.T OO 

^HwillACityPolnlRyCo.. Pelersbnrg, Va, IIBI 

|"iiell Traction Co.. Homell.N.T Wl 

Bslgwiog,aireetRy. Co., HotSpringa, Atk M 

««S6lonCoontyT«c. Co..Hotiehton, Mich: IN 

SwitoD Elwtrii! Co.. Bomlon. TBI 1111 

jmwii ft Manhattan R. R. Co., Boro. of Manhattan, New Tork City »T8 

lOilam.Peibam A Salem Slroet Ry. Co.. Haverbll!, Mass «T 

, JMwo RlvarABaatem Traction Co., Oeslnlng.N.Y T» 

, "lAoiiTalleyRy. Co., GlensFalla, N.T S4S 

I ' 'JWsco-opanyls sUher opataled by or coniolldatsd with the comwuy whoM 
. "■burollowt.andwlllbefonndandertliatanmber. 


HaUKlectric Co.,Hiill.ane., Cml 

Hnmbaldt TraoBlt Co., Earel^a. CbI 

HuDtingdaD, Lewlstown & .TuulataVaJley TracUOD Co.. HanUDgdai). Ps 

•Huntington, Aihlsnii it UattlailsbnrEHuiet Ry. Co.,Hnntlngion, W. V».,, 

HonUngloiiB.R.Co., HommpODjN.T 

HotclilDBonliiter-Urliaii Ky. Co, <Tbe). Hntcblaeon, Eacs 

•ldBhoTr»clloQCo„Bolae, idaho 

Idiewjlde Sj. Co., bahlmore, Md 

IlllaaitCaiiiral Klecirlc R;,. CaDloD, III 

•Illlliole Central R. R. , Bvaaavma, Ind 

•Illinois Central Tnetlon Co., Peoria, lU 

•jlliaoln A Indiana Elec. Rf , Co,. B, St. LoQla, HI 

llllnots Light STracUon Co., aireatorflll 

IllinoiB Nortbern UlllWeB Co., Freeport, 111 


& Bulern fraction Co., Cioctiuiatl, O 

— "- "- iDdlana "- 

Indiana Connty Street By. Co., lodlana. Pa.. 
•Indiana Harbor Line, Mlcblaan City. lud.... 
'iDdlansBy, Co.,8outh Bena.Ind 

Indiana RyB.&Lteht Co., 

Indiana ;;tilitii™ Co., Ango._, .„- 

Indianapolis £ Cincinnati TtactloD Co., Indianapolis, Ind 

•Indianapolis Coal Traction Co.,,Indiana|>ollB.lnd 

Indianapolis, ColumboB A Soatbem Tracilon Co., Calombni, Ind 

•Indlanapolle, CrawrordaTlDe ft Danville Electric Ry. Co., Indianapolis, Ind... 

•lodlanapollB Si Eaet^ro Ry. Co., Indlanwolla, Ind 

Indianapolis .A Louisville Tn ell on Ry. Co., Scottabnrg, lod 

'Indianapolis A Hartlnavllle Rapid Transit Co., Indianapolis, Ind 

TDdlioapoUs, Ne<v Caelle 1 Eastern Traction Co.. Andeiion, Ind 

• I ndlanapolli 4 Nortbwestem Traction Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 

•iDdlanapolls, Bbelbyvllle tt Soatbeaitem TraeUon Co., Indiaoapolle, Ind 

•Indianapolis Traction A Terminal CD..Indlanapolla,ind 

•IndlanaMlli A Western Ry. Co.. Indianapolis, Ind 

Inlerborongb-Coueolldated CorponMion\'Bor'o.''or HuhatUDlNew York City... 

•Interborongh-Mettqpolltan Co., lioro. of Uaobattan, New TorkClty..... 

Interboroof^ Raj^d Transit Co,. Boro. otHaahattan, Naw TorkClty 

InCercHy Terminal Rv., Argenta. Ark 

International Railway Co., Buffalo, K. V 

International Traction Co., Bnffalo, N. T 

IntematlonalTransltCo. (TbeljSauUSts Marie, Ont, Can 

IntersUte Consolidated Street Ry. Co., Attleboro, Mass 

Interstate Public Service Co,. Ind lanapob 8, Ind. 

interstate Hallways Co,, Camden, N.J 

•InteratateStreetRy. <ot Providence, R.I. ),Att1aboro, Mass 

Inter-Urban Railway Co., Dee Moi nee, la 

■tnternrban Ry. Co., Helena, Ark 

InCerarban Ry. A Terminal Co., Onclnnsti, O 

•I ntemrban Terminal Co., Cincinnati, O 

tola Electric R.R. Co., lola, Eans 

Iowa Railway & Light Co., Cedar Raplde.Iowa 

•lowaTractlooCo.. Cedar Rapids, la.. !...'.'.*.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'."'.'.!!'.'.. '.'..'. 

IronRiier.SUmbangb A Crystal Falls Bt.lrv. Co., Iron River, Mlob 

Ironwood A Bessemer Railway ,b Light Co.. Ironwood.Uloh 

IrwlB-HerminloTractlonCo., (The), Irwin, Pa 

Itbaca}Trac. Corpn., Ithaca, N.T 

Jackson LlRbt * Traction Co.. Jackion, Miss. 

Jackson Ry, A Light Co., Jackson, Tenn 

•Jackson & Snbnr&an Street R. R. Co.. Jackson, Teno ,, 

Jacksonville By, & Lt. Co.. Jaoksouville, 111 

•JacksoovllkSt. Ry. Co.,.rack«)nville, n 

•Jamestown, Cbantanqua * Lake ErieRy. Co.\j™eslown','N.'Y. ','.'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'./. 

Jamestown St. Ry. Co,, Jamestown, S, Y 

Jameslown, Wxsllleld & Northwestern R. R. Co.. Jameatflwn, N. T 

Janesville Traction Co., Janeavlllo,Wla 

■Jsnesviiie Traction Co., Rock ford, 111 

Jefferson City Bridge & TransltCo., JeOeraon City, Ho 

•JeBerion Connty Traction Co.. Beaumont, Tei 

Jefferson Traction Co., FnnisnUwney. Pa 

Jersey Central Traction Co., Keyport. N.J 

•Jarwy aty. Hoboken ft Patfnon Street Ry, Co., Hewark, N, J 

Jersey Shore A Antes Fort R.R., Jersey Sbore.Pa 

Jersey Shore Electric Street Ky. Co., Jeraey Shore, Pa 

Johnson City Traction Corpn., Johnson C^^. Tenn 

■Joknilown PaiiengerRy. Co.. Johnstown. Pa. 

Johnstown & BofnersFt Ry., Somerset, Pa 

Johnstown Traction Co., Johnslowa,Ps 

•Jollel R, R. Co., Jollet. Ill 

Jollel 4 Eastern TraHlon Co., Joliet. Ill ." 

Jnplln ft PlttsbuTg Ry. Co., Plttibnrg, Kans 

•Kananga Traction Co., Qalllpolls,0 

Kanawha Trac. * Elec. Co., Parkersbnrg, W. Va 

• This company Is either opaisted by or consolidated with tbe comi>iny wl 
nmnbar follows, and will be found under that nnmber. 


lutwhtVallerTtuODnCa,, Cluirleito<Fn,W.V> 

(ulukuBlecttlcRT. Co., Einkikee,III 

Iukue«& UrbsoaTriicUon Co., UcbBoa, III 

iiuu Ctty, Cl»y County « 8t, Joseph Rt- Co., Ksnna aij. Mo. . 

liiioiiBCilfKleyaledl^. Co. (The), Euibu Clly, Ho 

Clly, Ksw V«lleT & Wialero Ry, Co.. Bonner Spring!, E«n 

iCity, L&wnneeATopekaR, R. Co.. EsniuCllT, Mo 

I City RailwaybCD. iTbe), Kaa»e Clly, Uo 

" ~ " ~i. (The), Kinaie City, KuM. 

iltRy.,Ksnw8 City, Ho 

By. Co., 1 . 

IffllonTnctfooCo., NottbPonlMjd, OtB..,. 
■KhuocHj a ludluu Bridi* ft Hj, Co., New Albiny 

Kntiicky aecariUea Corpn.. Plilladelpbii. Pa 

lUnlicky TracUott ATtrmliialCa., Leiington, Ky.... 

beDtiickr Uljlltle*Co„Someisel. Ky 

■Bukiik£]ecirlcRy.ft PowerCo,, Keokuk, U 

bokDk BleclHc Co.. Keokuk, ta 

ttfilODe UtIUllei Co., Scranton, fa. 

En WMt Electric Co. (Tb*), Key West, Pla. . 

illdated R, K. Co., KlngBton, N. Y 

imoDtb A CBlorrnqDl Electric Ry. Co., KlDSi 
alMloo Bt Hy. (Munic). Kitchener, Ont, ( 

«n. New York City... 

Eln^B Coniioridatedltl 'K Co.~ Klnnton.N.* Y.'.. 
linirton. Port -"- '" . -v—.-.- -_ r^ 

KnoiCooDiy Blectric Co., Kock , 

EuiTllls Railway t Light Co., Knoifllle, 1 

■Eakomo, Frankfort & Weitem Traction Co., Kokomo, Ind.. 

'Eokomo, Harlan A W«)t«ii Traction Co., KokMUO, Ind 

■Sekomo Public L'lllltlea Co., Kokomo, Ind 

•Eatilown A Fleetwood Street Ry. Co., Allen to*n, Pa 

Luonla Street Ry. Co., Li 
laCroiaeCttyfey. Co.. ■ 

lakeCharleaRy., Llgbt A Water Workt Co., LakeCbarlea, La 

■Ltke Kria. BowUDS Otmd * Kspoleon Ry. Co. (Tha), roatorli, O 

UkaErie&NoithernRy., Oa]t,UnI.,Cau 

•LakeJamMR.R., Angola, Ind 

laki flhore Elactric Ry, Co., Cle«alaiid, O 

•Uke Shore & MIChlKan Southern Ry., AehtsbDlIi, O 

•Lakeatde Ry. Co., Dnluth, Minn 

UkeSuperlorCorpn.rTbe). Sauk Sle Marie, HIch 

■LincaiterCltr BtreatRy., Laneaater, Pa. , 

'Uncaater^ColnmblaRy., LancaaUr.Pa 

Lmcutar CoDnty Ry. A LlglitOa., LancaHtar. Pa 

'LucaatarAEaalemStraatRy.. Lanoater, Pa 

'Lincaaur A LltUz Ry., Lancaatet. Pfl 

*Lan<:aMer,Hechanl»biirK ftNewRolland Ry.,Laticailer,Pa 

■Uncaeter A HlllereTllle Ry, Co,, Lancaater. Pa. 

■Lancaater, Pelenhnrs A Hanbelm Ry., Lsnrscter, Pi 

'LancnterAOnaryvllleStreetRy.. Lancnaior.Pa 

■LanciaUr A Rocky SmtecaRy., Lancaster, Pa 

Laneastat Traction 4 Power Co. (The). Lancaater. O , 

•Uncaater. Willow Slreel. Lampeter ft SiraebnrgRy., Laooaaler. Pa... 

Lanciatir A York Fnmaee Street Ry. Co.. Hlllereillte, Pa 

•Ungley Field A Hampton R. R. Co.. Hampton, Va 

•Un'IngborgACoboeaRR. Co., Albany, M.Y 

■UPorteftllloitoanCltyRj. Co., South Bend, Ind 

Urado Btatrlc A Ry, Co., Laredo, Tei.... 

LMVega«TriiniltCo,.LaaVee»B, NewMer 

'LatioSe-HecIa St. Rv. Co., Riiahurg. Pa 

■Latrobe Street Ry. Co., Pittsburg, Pa 

•Laral Light * Hy. Co., Lanrel. Idea , . . . 

•UwraneeAHethneDBtreet Ry. CD„BaTerhi]l, Haaa 

Ry, i LtB. Co., Lawton, Okla,., 
ftFrankllnTi ■ " — ' 

Rj. * Light Cc 

Gw" _ 

•Lebanon Valley Street Hy, Co., LehaDon. Pa 

I^lgh Pwr. Secnrltlea Corpn.. BoTo. of Hanbattan, New York City,.. 

lAl^ TractloD Co., Hailefon, Pa 

•LeHlKh Valley Trartlon Co,, Allantown, Pa 

LthUbVall«TrBailfCo..Alleo(own, Pa 

I:«hbrldga Hnuldpal Ry,, Lethbridge. Alta,. Can 

Uiis Cointi Ry. (The). Lerta, Que.. Can 

LnrlihiitK.ltllton A WataoDtownPajeencrerHy. Co.. Milton. Pa 

tewlaborgft HoBceierte Electric Railway Co.. Lewlabnrg.W. Va 

■LewlalMA Anbnrn Kiec. Li. Co,. LewlalDn, He 

t^wltlon. An gnaCa ft Walerrl lie Street Ry., LewlBttm, He 

-. . .laratad by or eoniolldatei 
be toDDd under tbal nnmber. 

Lewls(aa-CliiVksl;oDTruisllCa,.ClsrkBtoD. Wasli 

•Idwiaton GDUDccUog BiidCB Uo.,BDflaJo, N. Y 

•LeirliluD « CsuugBtowD Frantlkr Rj. Co.. NiuuB, f tile 
Lawletown & Beedstllle Blecb-ic 1^. Do. (Ttas), I^wliiowii, 

Ligui JC Developmant Co. of St. Louti, St. LouU, Ho 

•LimaBleelricRf. & Ught Co., Spilngfleld, U 

•Lima, FiniiUy A Toledo Rj,.Lim«,0 

■Llm> & Toleda Tnciioa tin. Springfield, O. 

LIdcoId. C^ilol Beacb A Hilford R. R. Co., LlnoolB, Neb 

•Lincoln ELM. Ry. Co., Lincoln, HI 

LtacolD MDDlcSt. Rj..Liat:ola, III 

•LiniiolnRy. A Ut^. Co.. LIdcoId, III 

Lincoln TncUon Co. (The), Uncoln. Meb. . . , 

LlQwood Streei Ry. Co.. wbliinevllle, Uau. 

Liltls BocK Ky. A Bleclrlc Co.. Little Rock, Alk 

•LockpotlAOlcollHy., Bnffalo, N. T 

•liOgan Itapld Trinall Co., Ogden, Utah 

London & Port Stanley Ry, (Uania.). The, London, Ont., C 

London Street Ry. Co., London, Ont., Can 

■Lone Pine Ulilltleg Co., Blgplne, Cal 

Long Island ConBOlldated Electrical Cob. (The). I 
Long iiland Blectrlc Ry. Ca,, Boto. or Qumdb, 

Long iBland Railroad (The). Boro. of Qucene, ...... 

Longvlew * Junction Ry.. Longview, Tei 

Lookout luclLneKy. Co.. ChatUuoogd.Tenn 

Lookout Mountain Ry, Co.. Cbattanooga, Tenu 

Lorain Street R, R. Co. (Tbe), Lorain. O 

Lordebip Railway (Tbe^Urldgepoit, Conn 

Lonaine Electric Ry. Co.. Ballimote, Ud 

•LoB Angeles Interurban Ry. Co.. loa Angeln, Cal 

Los AugeleB & Ht. WaBblngton Ry. Co., LOB Angelei, Cal 

•Lob Angeles- Pacific Co., Loa Angelea, Cal 

•Lob Aneoles Ry. Co., Loa Angelee. Cal 

Lob Anicela Ry. Corpu., Lob ADgales, Ca) 

*LoB Angeles i Kedondo Ry. Co., Lob AngeleB, Cal 

Lc» ADgeles A San DleRO Beach Ry. Co., San Diego, Cal 

LouiBvlTleAIntetnrbBnE. B.Co,.LoulBvllle.Ky 

" • ■■ ■'■iKCo.,NewAlbany,Ind... 


Lowell 5i Fltcbbutg St. Ry. Co. (Tbe), Ayar, Maea 

•Loneli ft Pelham Street Hy. Co., HayerbJll.MaB«, 

•Loyal Ry. Co., Seattle, WlBh... 

•McEeeeport & Irwin St. By. Co.. Pitlaburg. Pa. 

UacooRy. A Light Co., Uacon, Qa 

HadlBonUghlARy. Co., HadlBon. Ind 

Hadlaon RailwayB Co., HadlBOn, Wiac 

Mahoning A Shenango Ry. A Light Co., YoDnEBtovn, 

•Mahoning Valley By. Co. (The),ToungBlown,0 

•MaboDlne Valley Street R. R. Co.. Pnuiantawney, Fa. 

Maine Baltwaye.llght A Power Co., Portland. Me 

MnnebeBler A Deny Street Ry., MancbeeUr, N. II 

Mauchestet A Naabna Street By., UancAeeter, N. H.'. . . . 

Mancbeater Street R^., 

Hancheater Traction Light A Power Co., Mancbeeter. N. B 

BridgeThre<.CentLine,B«vnghof BH)<il>lyn,tIewYorkGity... 

Manhattan City A tnlemrban R 

City A Inlemrban Ry. Co., Manhattan, Kaus 

A QueenB Traction Corpn., Boro. of JlanhatUn. New Tork Clly... .. 

•MauhattanRy. Co.. Boro. of Manhattan. New York City 

HnnllaKlectrioR, H. ALInhtCornn,. Manlla,P. I 

•Manila Suhnrban Rya. Co., Manfia, P. I 

ManlBiee Ry. Co., ManlMee, Mich 

Manitowoc A Northern Trac Lion Co,, Manitowoc, Wla 

Mankato Electric Traction Co.. Manhato, Minn 

•ManBdeld Public SerrlceAUUllty Co,, Manrfeld.O 

Marine Ry. Co. (The). Borough of Brooklyn, New York City 

Marlon A Blaffton TfBcUnn Co., BlnHtoo. Ind 

Harqnetle City A Preaqne lele Ry. Co.. Marquette. Mlcb 

Maraliall Traction Co., Mar>ba 11, Tei 

•Hareballtown Light, Power A Ry. Co.. Cedar Rapida, la 

Maryland Electric Rallwaya Co. CPhe),AnnapallB,Md 

•Maryland-Vlrglnla Hallway Co.. Waa^ilnglon.D.C 

HtBonaiy AClearLakeR. R. Co.. Ma>onClty,Ia 

•Maaonionn-Morgantown St. Ry. Co, , Pittsburg, Pa 

Mieaachneetta Consolidated RyB.,Oreenaeld.HaBa 

HasBachnaeltB Electric Companies. BoBt«a, Hase 

MaeeachDBelta NorlheaBlero Street Rt. Co., HaYerblll.Haaa 

HancbChDua A LehiEhtonTranBltCo..MaDCb Cbnnk,Pa. ...,, 

Maamee Valley Rallwaya A LlgbtCo., Toledo. O 

Mayagnei Tramway Co.. Mayaguei, P, H 

Maystille Public Service Co,, MayBTllle,Ky 

MayavlileStTMlR, R, ATiaoaferCo,. Maysiille, Ky 

Medii. Glen Riddle A Rockdale Electric Street By. Co, Media, Pa 

Medway * Dcdliain St, Ry, Co., We«twood,MaM 

tltber opanUd by or coneoUdalad nitb tlie oompan; wl 

Damhar follow*, and will be fonnd ondei that ODmbet. 

M^phis ALale VlewRT-Cu., Mempbli, Tenn 

Itaui:^ Street Kt. Co.. Memphli,''reim 

•lUDuha A NeeoBh Street By. Co., Neenah, WU 

fanmlnee & Harluette Ligbi A Trictioo Co. , Hinamlne 

•Ihrcec CcHiQtyTraotioiiCo., Tteni™, H.J 

Ibddlui Light £ Kj. Co.. UerlillaD, Hlaa 

•Merrill Rj. * Ltg, Co., Wsubsd. Wis 

ItaalB Ry. Co., MrBlniB, Minn , 

•Hetropolllan Blecti Ic Slrrst Ry. Co., D&liaB, Tei 

•HemiiollUii Street Uf. Co., KuiBseCltJ. Uo '. 

KakopoUtaa West Side Elevated Ry, Co., CUcsgo, 111 . . . 

Co.), Detroit, Mich... 

o. (Ry. Dept.), 8olitb Bend, Ind. 

„ ^ :;o., Bontli Bend. Jn-" 

MIchiEui Gib A Blec. Co., IshpeinliiE, Mich. 

■idilgBD RRllway Co., Kalamazoo, Hich 

HJcblean United Rys. Co., Jaokiun, Uicta 

Mid L'roHBtown Ry. Co., Boro. of Uantaattaii, H«w Tork City. ..'. 

MLdaieafii * Boaion Street Ry„ Newtoaviiie, Msai 

■KlddletowD. Higlispire & Steelton Street Ity. Co., Herctnburg, Pa.. . 

Middle WcBtUtintie- Co., Chicago. Hi 

u... , .„,_,.__. ^ ... --otStreet Ry. Co.. I""'--' "-" 

MUIon- -, 

KHIlary Post Street R. K., Burlington, VI. . . 

Mm MounlfllurucltQe,Inc„Eoanoke, Vs..... ". 

mil vUi 6 Traction Co., MlUviile, N. J. SM 

UUHBokee Electric Ry.* Light Co.. Milwaukee, WiB 1«J 

•Mllnaukee A Fui lUver Valley Ry.. Sli<-bdygaa, Wi* ISW 

•HUwankee Light. Heat* TrauUon Co, MtIwaiike«,Wte IW 

Hllwankee Northern Ry. Ca., Cedsrharg, WlB 1213 

Mineral Heie:bU St. Ry. Co., Greenville, Tex 1110 

Minneapolie, Anoka ACnyana Ranee Ry. Co., MlnneapoHa, Minn GOS 

MiDDenpoiia. Northfleld ^Sostheru Ry.,IlluneBpoliB, Minn BOB 

•UioDeapDll>,St. Paul, Rochest^'r A Dnbuqae Eier. Trac. Co.. HinneapoliB, Minn. 50> 

..., „. .. „. ,»__,=..,.__..._ ^ „ Co. (The>,Minneapoll«,Miun BIO 

it, Minn 

Ijnneapollii Street Ry. Co., Mini 
■- -'-" ».-.-.- ■„ 


jtern Electric Ry. Co.. 1 hlef River Falls, Minn, 

kaJ^ White Bear Navigation Co.. UlDneapolls,Mlun 

Loramle Ry. Co.. Ft. torar"- " 

HiBeisaippl Valley Ry. A Pwr. Co., Ruck iele 

Missoula St. Ry. Co., MIswiila, Mont. 

MlBBonri Elec. R. R., St. LoulB, Mo 

Mlaaaurl * KanuB Intemrban Ry. Co. (The), Eanna City, i 
Mobile Light * R._K^Co.^ MpbUe. Ata.„ 

iifirn iraciion Co., MoHne, I 
riclty * Oa* Co.. Ltd.. Mane 

•aonongflh „^ , ,._ 

Hononsabela Valley Traction Co.. Fairmont, W. Va 

Monroe Street. Ry. (Monic), Hoaroe, La 

■Monroe Traction Oo„ Detroit. Mich 

•Montandon * Miffllnabnrg Ry., Millon, Pa 

MoBiecito Railroad Co.. LoeAogeien.Cal 

Monterey A Paclflc Grove Ry. Co.. Monterey. Cal 

■HonterrBy Ry, I.iEM & Power Co.TMonterrey.N. L.. Mei... 

•Montgomery * Chester Electric Ry. Co., Pottetown. Pa 

■MonlaomeiT Cflnnty Paasenger Ry Co., Norrlelown, Pa 

Montgomery LiKht * Traction Co., Monlgorawj, Ala. 

■MonlKoinerj Traction Co.. Allen town. Pa 

MontEomery Transit Co., Norristovm. Pa. 

MontoursvillB Paseengcr Ry. Co.. Montourgvllle, Pa 

Montreal A Southern CounlieB Ry. Co., Montreal, Que.. Can. . 

MontrealTiamwayeCcMontreal, One., Can 

MontrealTramwayHAPDwarCo., SfontroBJ.Qne., Can 

Mooae Jaw Eleot-'c Ry, Co^ Ltd. [The), Moose Jaw, Sask., Ci 

•llore»Qtown*Pitl8biirgRy..Whee]l^DE. W.Va 

Morganlown A Wheeling Ry. Co., MorKautowu.W.Va 

•Mornineaide Kleetrio Street Ry. Co., Pittahnrg. Pa 

MoRl* County Traction Co. (The). MorrlBtDwa, N. J 

MorriB H. R. Co, . Morriatown, N.J 

•Mo«« Point A PaBca^onla Ry, Co., PsBeagonia. MlBB ,. 

■Motor Line Co., Dnluth. Minn 

»ount Beacon-on-Kuaeon Association, Beacon, N. T 

•Moont Carmpl A Locust Gap Traction Co., Mt Cannei, Fa. . . 

Mount Penn nravlty K. R. Co.. Reading. Pa , 

Ml. Manllori Purk ATncline Ry. Co. (The), Colorado Springs, i 

KtMaiMfleldaiectricR. R. Co., Stowe, Vt 

•MLTomR. R.Co„Holyote, Mass 

•Mt Waehington 8t(Fet Ry. Co.. Pittsburg. Pa 


Himda JBPorttindTnctloDCo. (Tbe),Partlatiil,lDd 

HunlolMl By. ot8»a FrauclBCO, Ssn Fiandaca, Cal 

Mnnldpil Street flailw»y,AlBi»ndri»,L« 

Hanlclpal Service Co., PhlUd si phla, ?i 

Mnrphr»boro BlecCiic Rj„ Light, Heal & Power Co., MutnhrabDro, 111.. . 

Mnrphjiboro AaontbeininmoisHy., Miirpli;abaro,Ill. 

HaikecDU TncUon A Llgbtlof Co., Matkegoa. Mlcb 

MntkoiH Electric TncUon Co., MBskogee, Okls 


•NsmnnHtlPlSTB. H, Co., FniTldence. B. I 

*NaahTllte-asllitUDlriC«nirbuiBy.,NMbTllle, Term 

"NmiKvllle Interncban Rt., Muhvllle, Tenn 

IfubTlllrRT. ALIgblCo., NaahTille, Tena. 

NMllTlll8TreoUoBCo„N««hvllle. T«nn 

NuiuiCODatyBj.Ca, <Tbe),8BtCll1T, L. I., N. Y 

•Nmuu BIccCtIc R, B. Co.. Soto, of Brooklni, New Totk dtr 

■Kitloiul Hallraad of Heiico Catorce, San Lnli Potoal, Hei 

N«[ioli«lProp«rtle«€o.. Phll«delphl«, Pa 

N«tion»l UtllttloB Co.. Boro of BmbstMn, New York City 

NelHU Street By Co., Ltd., (UuDic.),Keli>on,U.C., Can 

NeT»d»CountjTr»ctioiiCo.,G»«« Valley. C«l 

Neriida InlenzibaD Ry. Co., Reno, NeT 

■NeindilWaler, Lleht* Traction Co.. Ne»«d«, Mo 

NaTcnlnlc UDonr^nBy. Co.. BesdloE, Pa 

•New Albany Slnet By.. New AlbuDT.lnd 

•Newark JbflraDTme6ueetRy.,SpriaelIcld,0.... 
•Newark A Sootb Orange By. Co., Newark. N. J,. 

•Ncwbar«b * Orange Lake Line. NewbBreh.N.T 

-New CaatleXlectrle Street Ry. Co., Toungsiown,0 , 

New Cwille * Lownl! Hy. Co., NewCaallfePa. 

■New Oaitle * Mahonlngtoiro Street Ry. Co.. YonngBtown, O. 

•New Caitle TracUon Co., Tounitstown. O 

Newell Bridge & Ry. Co. (Thai. Newell, W. Va 

•HewBll Btreat Ry. Co. (The), Newell, W. Va 

NewEaKland InTenlment ,Kaecarlty Co.. Worcealer, Uua 

NewH».inpahlroBloctricRall«>.ya. Bayerhill. Masa 

•MewHolland, Blue Ball A Tern HIU Street Ry. Co.. Lancaater. Fa 

'New Jeney AHudMD RlTerRy, A Ferry Co., Newark, N.J. 

New Jaraey A PanoaylTaDla TracQon Co.. TrentoD, !<. J 

"— ' — -idfraoaltCo., Sea lale City. N. J 

.. - But LynneSt Ry.Co..n4orwlcli, Coim 

,d Puwer * TracSon Co. (T6b), Coahoclon, O 

■newurieane ACarrollton R. R., Llebt A Power Co.. New Orleana. La 

•ItawOrleana Cl» R. R. Co., New Orleana. La 

' ' ' Pantcbarlialn R. R. Co., New Orlpana, La 

... New OrleaDB. La 

..-.. -, Je Traction Co.. New Palti,N.T 

•Newport A Pall River Street Ralfway Co., Boatoii. Haaa 

Newport Newa A Hampton By,, Oaa *Klee. Co., Hampton, Ya 

•Kewporl Nawa * Old Point Ry. & Electric Co., Newport Newa, Va 

Newport A Providence Ry, Co., Newport. R. I 

•Newtonville 4 Watertown at. Ry., Newtonville, Maaa 

NawiTork Central R. R. (RIec. Dlv.}. Boro. of KanhatMu, New York City ... 
New'Vork City Interborongh Ry. Co., Boro. of Manhatlan, New York City. . . 
NewfYork ConnecUnE B. R. Co. (The), Boro. ot Uanbaltan, New York Ctty... 

"New York Conaolidaled B. H. Co.. Boro. ot Brooklyn, Hew York Cl^ , 

•New^YorkWLongBrancbE. iC, Keypoit, N. J 

New York ALonR Island I'ractlonl^. (The). Eempatead.N.T 

Now York, M^nlcipalRy. Corpn., Boro, of Brooklyn, New York City 

New York, New Haven a Eartrord B. R. (The). New Haven, Conn 

New York A North Sbore Traction Co. (The), Roalyn, N. T 

New York Jt Qneena Conoty Ry. Co.. Bom. of Queene. New York City., . . 
.T — ir.-i. ■•»ih™ysCo.,Boro.-'" — '-- " — *' — ■»■--•- '■•*- 

New York Railways Co., Boro. ot Hanbattan, New York City. 

Mew York* 8t«nford By. Co.. Port Cheater. N.Y 

N«w York State Railways (pDeidaLinMl.Onrids.N.T 

New Yort9tateR<dtw«y>(Soohealer Lines), Rochester. N.y 

New York State Rallwaya^SyracnsB Lines). 8yraCDBB.N. T 

New York 8tat«Rallwayf(DHc»Llne«).Clica.H,Y 

New York, Wntchi'itar A Boston Ry.. Boro. ot Manfaatlan, Mew York City. . . 
•New York. Westcheater A BoMon Ry. Co., Boro. ot Uanbattu, New York City 

■NlaearaPalUParkARiverRy, Co., Boffato. N. Y. 

•Niagara Faltr A Snspenaimi Bridge By. Co. Boffalo.N.Y 

•Niagara Falls Snapenelon Bride* Co., BolTalo.N.Y 

•Slaeara Falls. Wealey Park A Clifton Tramway i 
•Niagara Falls Whirlpool A Northern Ry..Ba^B 
Niagara Gorge B. B. Co.. Niagara Palla, N. Y. . . 
Niagara .Innctton Ry. Cc "' "-"- " ^ 

Niagara, St. Catharines A Toronto Ry. Co.. St. Catharines, Ont.,( 

.-„--, ifl'e ^'.'co..T 

Nilea A Bncbaoan By. Co.. So. Bend. In 

Niagara Spanish Aerocar Co., Ud.,l«lagara Falls. OnUrio.Ci 
a. Welland,- ' ' - ■ - " ■ " - "- 

and A Lake Erie ^. Co.. Welland, Ont-,Caa... 

jBOan Bv. Co.. So, Bend. Ind 

Niplsninir Crntrsl Ry- No. Cobalt, Ont., Can.. 

Norfolk A Bristol Street Ry. Co., Foiboro, Maw... 

Jrtolk *W8Bleni Ry. Co, lEleclric DIv.), BlueflelU, W. V» 

lerriBtown Pm. Hy, Co., Norrtgiown.Ps 

HfKlown Trinail CO., Norri Blown, P» 

nh AUbunaTnctLoDCo., Albuiy,AU 

inb Amnlua Co. (The), Boro. of UaDllBttsD, Nsw Tork City 

rorttaampIouCanU&ISlKetRy., Allenuvrn, ?& 

nnbampton, Eaaton A Wisblnglon Traction Co., Baston. Pa 

Drthamptoa Strael Ry. Co., Norttuimptoii, Jttu« 

iMhunpton TnutlonGo., Bulon. Pi , 

oRb BrSDCb Tiuull Co., BlooioBbaig, Ph 

imUiOnaiJiBiiyniey Ky., OWshomaCity, OklB 

|«niiCsn>liDaP£bUc Service Co. mie),Oreea>boro,N.C 

■onhCoMtPiiT. Co.,T»ocoQ»er, WMb 

■•BorUi End Btreot Hy., Worceater, Maae 

IKurtbeni Cambria Street B;. Co., PattOD. Pit 

nforthcrn ElMCtrlc Ry,, Sactamsntfl. Cal 

PNortliani Slactric Street Ry. Co. (Tbe), Scranlon, Pa. 

BortheraUllQOleLlgbt&TracUonCo.. Ottawa, III 

pNorthemlnillansfiy. Co., South Iiena,Ind 

inonhgni MaagacbiiaetUSawt Ry. Co.. Athol, Uu9 

NorthemObto TOKiOoDfiiLlBbt Co., Akron, O 

Sorthem Stalea Power Co. (l'B^i;o&Moortn:aaIHy.l,F»tgo,N. D... 

Nortbaro Texu Electric Co., Ft. Worth. Tei 

Notlhom Teiaa Traction Co.. Fort Worth, Tei 

•SortUHodBonTiminlkeCo,, Newark, N.J 

Norlta Jeraey Rapid TruBitCo^BohokDB N.J 

•Sottb JerMj Street Ry. Co., Newark, N. J 

NorthKankakeeBlectdcDEhtJbHy. ro.'K'nkakee, HI 

North port Traction Co. (The), NorthportN. T.,,.^ 

•North RiierRy„GlflnB Talis. N.Y 

Xorth Ubore Affcatem Ry.'.Co., Cblcaflo, 111 

•Northoinberiand County Traction Co., Bunbary, Pa 

•Nortb WfliiptilitleaCtt, Chfc»BO, 111 , 

NorthweaternBiec. Service Co., Beadvllie. Fa 

North weatCTB KiBvated R. R. Co., Cblcaao.lll 

NortbwwMm Ohio Hallway ft PowerlCo., Toledo, O 

Vorihw-ii^mPactflcR. R. Co., San Franc ieco. CU 

- ";o., MeadTllle, Pa 

y. Co., ilorlo 

•Norway A Paria Street Ry. Co., Norway. He 

Norwich & Westerly TrscllOn Co., Norwicli, Coon 
HoTa Scotia Tramwayi A Fwr. Co., Ltd., Halifax. 

.kland Ry. C 
.UsDd. ^an 

I LfHndro & Hsy 
-•WKiano iTictton Co., Oaklau 
■Oakland Traction Consolidate 

Ouan City Electric R. R Co., Ocean City. N. J.... 
Oeaan Electric Ry, Co., Boro. of .QacenB, New Tor 

Ocean Shore R. R. Co.. San Franclaco,' Cal 

Ocean Street Pai««ngerRy, Co.. Cape May. N. J... 
.,...j__ . K i*.i,o Sallway Co.,[OKdeii.'ma 

•OKfien Rapid TrHnBit Co., Ogdi 

OaamiebtHK Street Hj. Co., Oedeiuhni*. N. T 

Ohio Electric Ry. Co. (The>. SprlnafiBld. O 

Ohio River Blactric By * Power Co. (The). Pomeroy. O 

•OhioHlverPaweiwerRy. Co., (The). Eaet Liverpool, O 

Ohio Service Co. iThe), Coiboclon, O 

Ohio ftSoothem fraction Co. (The). Coinmbna. O... 

Ohio Traction Co.. (The), lUillrreek Valiey Divlelon), Cincinnati, O. 

Ohio Valley BiectricRji. Co.. Hunlinglon„W.Va 

•Ohio Valley Traction Co.. PortBmontb, O 

Oblo ft Westsm UlilitieBCo. Boro. or Manhattan. New Tork City... 

•Oklabomataty 1*11(1 ft Dev. Co.. Oklahoms City, Okla 

■Oklahoma Intemrban Traction Co., Oklahoma tStv, Okia 

Oklahoma ^. Co., Oklahoma City, Okla 

Oklahoma Dnlon Ry, Co., Tnlea, OkIa 

•Oklahoma Union Traction Co., Tolaa, OkIa 

•OfcmnlHee Inter-Utban Ry, Co,,Okmnlgee, Okla 

Okmnl^pe Trae, Co,. Okmnlgee, Okla 

•Old Amelia Beaeb Co,, FemanrtiDa. Pla 

Oley Valley Py, Co,. Reading, Fa 

Olympla Light* Power Co,, Oiymnia, W»ab 

OnuhaftConndlBlDmiT. ftBrlditeCo, ConncilBlnlb. la 

Omaha i. CouDCil BlnffB Street Ry. Co., Omalia. Keb. 

•Omaha. CoTincll BInSa A Snhnrban Street Rv. Co.. Omaha, Neb 

Omaha. Lincoln A Beatrice Ry, Co., Lincoln. Neh 


'Ontatto & B&n AnlODlo Helgbti R. R. Co., Loa Angotu, C>1 

Onnge CouDtT TnctiOD Co., Newborifb, N, Y 

<L =....,-„.„.- n_ ^. «......^ N.J 

w Orleans, La. 

0«hawBRj. Co.(Tlie),Osb«i™,6nl.,c'»n '. 

•Oahkoati^eeaali IntanirbaD Line, OBbkDBh, Wia 7. 

0[«ego A Herkimer R. R. Co., Caoperatowi.. ... 

Ottawa aiectrle Kj. Co. (The), Ottawa, Onl., Can 

OtlawaTrac. Co., Ltd., Ottawa, Ont, Can , 

OHmnwaRy. « Light Ca„ Ottumwa, la 

Owenaboro Cil7 R R. Co., Owenaboro, Ky 

Oxford Blec. Co., Norway, Me 

•Oxford, WaetgTOTe* Aroodala StreMRy. Co., Kannett Sqnara, Pa 

Paotflo Cout Br. Co, (Blec. Dlv.),8an Lola Obiapo.Cal 

•PaclHcCoaatPwr. Co., BeaiUe, Waab 

•Faclflo Electric By.. Lot Angelee, Cal 

Paclllc Electric Hy. Co., Los Angelea, Cal , 

FaclflcOan A Electric Co., Sacrameiito, Cal 

^..,.. >..-.. — . -. — .„-n- ,„ — '■am Dlv.), Seattle, Wash 

leniDiT). Balliugham, Waah . . , 

■Paducah TracUoo Co.. Fadncah, Kt. , . 

Panama Electric Co.. Panama, Panaoia 

Panama Trac. Co. JameBtovra, N, T , 

Pan-Handle Traction Co.. WbeoUn)(,W.VB , 

Paria Transit Co., Paris, Tei 

■ParkanbiiTE. HarletU A Inlemrban Ry. Co., Paikerebotg, W. Va... 

•PatkPolnlTractlonOo., Dolutb. Minn. 

•Parkilde Transit Co.. Han Francisco, Cal 

•Pai^onaRy. ft LIgbt Go., Faraons, Kans 

Paicagonla^atteet By. APowerCo^, Pa«caEoal»,^MiM. . . 

Paol Sn ._.._„ , 

•Pavonla Horee R. R. Co., Newark. N. J. . . 

PeekskUILlKhUnB*R.R.Co.,PeofcBkm,N. Y 

PeklQ Municipal Railway, Pekl a. Ill 

PalhamParkJt City Island Hy„ iDc.Bom.of Bronx, New York City,., 

'Pembroke Street Ry. Co., Plymoolb, Uaaa 

Penloiolar By. Co.. San Jose, Cal 

Pmna.-NewJeraejRy. Co., Trentfln, N,J 

Penn Central By Co., Jolmslown.Pa 

Pennaylvanla Electric Co., Boro. o( Manbaitan. New York City 

•PemuylTaniaJt Mahoning Valley By. Co., Yonagatowii, O 

PennsylYanlaAMarylandStreetlty. Co„KlkLlck, Pa 

Pennsylyanla * Ohio Ry. Co., Aabtahnla, O 

Fonnsylvaula Railroad fPaollElBC. Dl«.), Phllaaelphia, Pa 

PennaylTanlaTnnnel£TermlnalR.R. Co.,Bom,otManbatUn.New7or 

*PefmTan, KeaksFark & Braachport Ry. Co., PenD.Yan, N. Y 

Penn Yan * Lake shore Ry., Penn Tan, N. T 

Pensacola Electric Co.. Penaacnla, Pla 

•People's Electric Street By. Co. (of RoobeMer), Ifew Brighton, Pa 

People's R, B. Co.. Falrhope. Ala ,. 

People's Ball way Co., Dwwo. O , 

•People's Railway Co, Wilmington, Del... , 

People's Street Ry. Co.ofNantlcoke and Newport, Wanamle, Pa 

People's Traction Co.. Galeabnrg, III 

Peoria Ry. Co., Peorin, III 

lyTermlna. - . ,... 

~ ^. Co., Pelalon 

Pelerhoro Radial Ry. Co. (The), Pelerboro, Ont, Can 

•Petersburg A Appomalloi Rv, Peterebnrj;, Va. 

Peters barg-Hopewell It City Point By. Co., Peterabpri, Ta i 

■Pblladelpbla, Castle Bork A West Ckeoter By. Co., Upper Darby, Pa 

FblladelphiaCompany, PItlshnrEh. Pa 

Pbllad'-lplilaftBastoDBlHitricBy. Co., noyleatown. Pa 

•Pblladelphla lb Baaton Ry. Co.. bovleslown. Pa 

Philadelphia 4 Oarretlford St. Ry. Co., Upper Darby, Pa 

•Pblladelpbla * Lehigh Valley Traction Co., Allentown, Pa 

Philadelphia Ry*. Co., Philadelphia, Pa 

PhlladelphlaBapldTransltCo., Philadelphia, Pa 

Ftilladelphlaft West Chester Traction Co., Upper Darby, Pa... 

.«,..,_..,..v,. t ™ — Chester Turnpike Boad Co., U| "— 

D By. Co.. Upper Darby, Pa. .. 
laCarR.R. Co., *"•'"— •■■ — " 

.BTD By. Co.. Upper Darby, Pa.... 
Car R. R. Co., Pbllllpaborg, N. J 
Co., Phlinpsbnrg, nT J 


•Thla company Is altlieroperltail by or 

Bi.Ecnic KAibwAY coupakibI 

Fhaeaiivllle-Vallay Forge ^ Siroaord Klectrlc Hj. Co. (The), FboenliTUla, Fa, . . 

Ptcton County BlfloUlc Co.. Lbl,. SWllsrMu, N. H,, Can 

■Piedmont A MounuLn Vtaw Ri., OaUand, Ual 

Fledmont A Nailhein Rj, Co.. CbarJoUe, N. C 

•FledmoDt Rv. £ BlecULc Co., Bmliogton, N.C 

'PlBdmonl Traction Co., Charlolle, N. C 

Pier Rillwar Co., Port Artlinr, Tex 

Pine Bluff Co. (The), Pine BluH. Art 

•HquBatieetRy., Dajton.O 

•MnabnrBhAAlleghenT Valley Traction Co.. Plttaiinrg, Pa 

Plttaburg & Beaver St. Hy. Co., FltUbnre.Pn 

■Ptttabarg A BlimlngliaDi TractignCu., Plitebucg, Fa 

•Pitlabargh « Butler Hy. Co.. Pitleburg, Pa 

•Plttabare, Canoubarg £ Wasblngtou Ry. Co., PlttBbDtg, Pa 

•PlttaburR * CUarletol St Ry„ FiKiborg. Pa 

PlttabiirE County By. Co.. McAlcBter, Okla , 

Pittahnrg, Uannooy, Batl6r*New(«atLeBj, Co., Fittiborg, Pa 

•RCl8bura& Kanaaa City Ry. Co.. PiltBbnrg, Eana 

•Piltsbarg, HcKeeBpait&CanuellavllleSt. By. Co.. Fitlebnre, Pa 

•Plttabore, UcKaeaport A OTwnaburK Ry. Co.. Pittaborg. Pa 

Pitliburs Han A BnUel Ry. Co., Plttsbnrr "'■ 
"-■ — urg Rail?r»y» Co., Piftabu— "- 

Pittsburg Railway* Co., Fittaburg. Pa. 

• ntlabnrg Ry. A Light Co., PlttSbuic, Kana. . . 
FlatUbuifh Tiactkm Co., PlattsburgS, N. Y. . . 

PlatUburgt . ._. .,. 

•PltUburg Union PawengarRy. Co., Fillsbarg. Fa 

•Plymouth A BlngBton Street R(. Co., Flimootb.Maaa 

Plymouth 4 UrkitilleRy.CoTwilkes-BaiTe. Pa » 

Flymoatb A Sandwich Street Ry. Co., Plymouth. Uaai 

Plymouth A Shelby Traction Co. (Tbe), Norwalk, O 

Point Loma B. R Co.. San Diego, Cal 

Point PleaaantTiacOon Co., Point Pleaaant, N. J 

Point Shirley Street Ry. Co., Wlulhrop, Mass 

•Poland a treat By. Co, (The), YoungBtOBn. O 

•PoncB Electric Co., Ponce. P. R i 

Ponce By. A Light Co., Ponce, P. R 

Port Aribnt CI Tic Railway, Port Arthur. Dot.. Can 

Port Arthur Traction Co., Port Arthur, Tei 

•Port Carbon * Uiadleport Electric By, Co. (The). Pottautlle, Pa 

•PortDalbouale.St.CalharineB&Tliorold e:iec.St.Ry..St.Catharlnei.ODt,.Caa... 

•Port Huron, 8tCtair& Marine City By.. r>etralu Ulch 

•Port JertlaBlectrlc Light, Power, Gaa A R. R. Co'a. Port Jarria, H.T , 

PortJor»iaTracUonCo..PortJerrta. N. T 

•FoTtland, Bugeoe A Raitem Ry. Co..8aa PtsnrlKO, Cal 

•Portland. Gray * LewiBlon R. S., LewietOB, Me 

•PorUand-LenlBloii Inlemrban R. R.. LewlsUtn. He 

Portland*OrBHonCltyRy. Co., Portland. Ore 

PorUana B^lway. Ligbt * Power Co.. P.ntland, Ore 

Portland R. R. Co.. Portland, Me... 

Portlaod-Trontdale Electric Railway Co.. Portland. Oro... 

Porto Rico BailnayB Co., Ltd.. Han Juan, P. R 

Pf.^tn Riivi Hy,. Light ft Power Co-. San .Timn. P. R 

Dover A York Street By.. D 

Portamonth Bleetrlc Bragcb or BoatOD A Main*R.R.. Portmionlh, N. H 

Portamoath- Street R.R. A Light Co, (Tbul. Portnuooth. O 

■Potomac Electric Power Co., WaehlDgton, D. C 

Pottslown* Pboeniivllle ^. Co., Pottelown.Pa , 

•Pottitown PaMenKet Ry. Co.. Pottetown. Pa. 

•Fottatflwa A Reading Street Ry. Co.. Potutown, Pa 

•Pottivllle A Reacting Ry. Co.. Pottavilk Pa 

•Potiavllle&at, aalrRlec. Ry., Potumie. Pa 

•PottiTille Union Traction Co., PotBTtlle, Pa , 

•PoDghkeeptle Cl» A Wapplngert Fall* Electric By. Co., Pooghkaeprie, N. Y., 

Pongbkeepala A Wapptngari PailaRy, Co., Ponghkeepala, N. Y 

•preetoo AEItcbenerStreet By., Gait. Oct.. Can 

Princeton Power Co., Prtncetoo. W. Va 

•Princeton Street By. Co.. Trmton. N. J 

•Providence A Barrlllville Street Br. Co., Proildeoce, R I 

PiOTidence A Danlelaon By., Providence, R. I f. 

•Providence A Fall River Street By. Co.. .Swantea Ceum, Maaa 

Provldeoca. Warren A Bristol R. K, ProvldaDce, R. 1 

•Public Service Co. (The), St. Cloud, Minn 

PobUcSarvlce Corporation of New .lenpv, Newark, N. J 

Public Service Inveatment Co.. Boston, Mass 

- ■■IcBervlcaR. B.Oo., Trenloti, N. J 

■ ~ ■ By, Co,, Newark, N, J 

Co.. Evaniillle.Ind 

,y Lt, A Pwr. Co., Pnsbla. Pnebla. Merico 

Paget Bound Electric Ry.. Tacoma. Waah .... 
PuRet Sonnd tnteraatloDal Ry, A Power ''■•>,. 
pnget8oundTractlon.LlBht*PowerCo.(Bell _ 

Povet Sonod Traction, Light A Power Co.. Seattle, Waih, "i 

Pntbam A WMtcbeeterTractiOD Co.. Feekaklll.y, Y TBI 

OnabMBallwiy, Light, Heal A Power Co, (The), Quebw, One., Can 1903 

3iwbeeBall»ar, Light A Power Co,. Qnebec, Que., Can ISM 

%oebec Street Ry. Co.. Quebec. Que.. Can 1»W 

•3ue<mitownBefglileBrTaiBCo„BniralD. N. Y 8M 

(iolncy By, Co., Qnlncy, 111 MS 

■ Thll company la either operated by or cooaolldalad with Iha comptnr vllOH 
i__bai tollDwi. and will be fonnd Bnder that nnmh*r 


•KadtordBtreotEj. Co.. Radford, Va. 

ftadford Wller Power Oo., Radford. Va. 

■BallroadB tfe Foirtr DeTelopment Co., Jem; Cltf. N.J... 

Railway A Light Seen titles Co., Hon(ni.Mua 

•KapidKallviitjtJa., Cinciunall. O 

--, M.TBI , 

„r jlt Kul Estate Caip'n. Uinneapolla. MInD 

•Rapid Transit Street Ry. Co.. Newark, N. J. 

•KeadlDg City PaaaBUger Kj. Co.. (Tbe) Resdlug, Fa 

•ReadUiK & aoutbiTeetern Htrwt Ry. Co, (The) Beading. F* 

•Readiiis& Temple Electric Ry. Co., (The) Keadlog, Pa 

•Reading TractlDD Co., EUadlDg, Pa 

•Reading TrftDall Co., ReadluB, Pa 

Readlni Ttanelt & Light Co., AeaillaK, Fa 

Reading Transit & Light Co, (Lebanon Dlv.), Reading, Pa 

Reading Traoalt A Light Co. JNorriHtown Div.l. No^town, Fa..,, 

•Beading A Womelsdorf Electric Ry. Co., (The) Reading. Fa 

■RedlandlCenlralRy. Co.. Lob Aneelea, Cal 

Beglna Municipal Ky,, Regloa, Saslatohowan, Can 

Reno Traction Co., Reno. NeT 

Republic RiJl way * Light Co.. Youogstown, O 

Rhode UUndCo. (The), Providence, K.I 

•BbodelslsndSnhnrbanRj. Co., Providence, R. 1....: 

ElcUaudPubllcaerTlceCo., Mansfield, Ohio 

Richmond Ugbl A R. R. Co., Boro of Richmond. New York City.... 

•Richmond Rssenger Si Power Co., Richmond, Va 

•Richmond A FeMrshnrg Electric Ry. Co., PelenbnrE, Va 

•Richmond * Rappahannock River Ky. Co., Etlchmotid, Va . , 

•Richmond Ry. AViadoct Co., Richmond. Va. 

Rlchmon d- Seven Pines Ry. Co., Richmond, V« 

•Richmond Street & Inlemrban By. Co., Indlanapollfl, Ind 

•Richmond Traction Co., Richmond, Va 

Rio Grande Valley Traction Co., Kl Paso, Tei 

•River Rouge Ry.. Detroit, Mich 

•Riverside «Arlln«lonRy. Co. iThe)i Los Angelee, Cal 

•RlversWe Traction Co.. Newark. N, J 

•Rlvervlew Electric Street Hv, Co., Now Brighton. Pa 

Roanoke Ry. * Klectrlc Co., Roanoke. Va 

■ i,^ Philadelphia, Pa. 

, _ _. _n"Hochasier'.N'.'y. 

Rochester * HanltoH R. R. Co., Rochester, N. T 

•RocDester & Monaca Electric Street Ry., Mew Brii;bton, Pa 

•RochesterBy.ft Light Co., Canandaigna.N.T 

•Rochealer, SyraensB & Eaalam H. R., SyraioBo.N. T 

Rochester ASyracnseR. R. Co.. Inc. S)rBcDw,N. Y 

_.. Jt. George By.. Rockland, He 

•Rockland. ThomastonJE Camden Street Ry. Co., RocklaDd. Me. . . 
•Roekvllle.BroBdBroak&EastWlDdHorBI. Ry.Ca.,WarehoaBeP( 

•Rohreralown. Ltndlsvllle & Ht. Joj Ry., Lancaster, Pa 

• Rome City Street Ry. Co., DOca.N.Y 

Rome Railway & Light Co., Rome, Ga 

•Rolborongh, Chestnut Hill ANorristown Ry. Co,, NorrlBWwn, P 
Rntland Ry. Light A Power Co., Butlaod. Vt 

jSt. Charles Street R. — , — 

LClalrlnollnodPlaneCo., Fittshnre. Pa 

. t. Cloud Public Service Co.. Bt, Cloud, Minn 

. t. FrancolB County R. R. Co.,Farmlngton, Mo....t..., 

St. Joe River Rome, Benton Harbor, Mlrh 

St John Railway Co. (The), 31. John^New Brunswick, 

at. Johns Electric Co., St. AnansOne, Fla 

St. Johns Street By. Co., St. Johns, Newfoundland. Car 
~- ■ ' ley.. Light, Heat * Power Co., at. Josepii,»l 
& Savannah Inter. Ry., Bt. Joir-'- "- 

•St. Joseph 

Si.LomsKJenmngeiwii--- "■ ' 
•St. Louis, Sprinefii 

St Louis A Belleville Electric Ry. Co., B. St. Louis, III.., 

. ../. Co., !,_ _ _, 

vay,St Lonls-Mo 

Sti Louis A Bast St. Lonia Electric Ry, Co.. East St. Lonls, H 
^. , . ™ ... "csti--'- — 

. .,_ 'orks Ry. (Munlc.l. St. Lnnia. Mo 

•at. Paul City Ry, Co. (The), Minneapolis, Minn 

SLPanlSontbemElectricRy. Co., St. FanI Minn 

St. PeterabiirgiGuirRv, Co., St. Petersburg. Pla 

Ht PeterBbnrg-Tampa Railway, St. Patersborg, Pla 

St Simons Hy. Co., St. Simons IsUnd, Ga 

■St. Stephen "Eleciric Railway (St. Stephen, N.B. Can.), Calais, Ms 

St. Tammany & New Orleans Ry, £ Ferry Co., Mandefllle, La 

8tThoniasSlreetRy.(Mnnic,), 81. Thomas. Ont.. Can , 

•Saanich loterurban Line. Victoria. B. C. Can 

Saoramenio Morthern Rallroul, Sacramento, Cal 

Sarinaw-BayCltyRy. Co., Ssglnsw. Mich 

Balem&FeQnsGroveTrai. Co., Penns Grove, N.J 

• Tblsoompany Is either operated by or consolidated with thecamp«uyi^ 

8illiu8tnel Rollw&y Co., eallnm, Eana 

•Wlaburr ABpCDCvl?. Co., BalislnuT. N. C. 

8Blt Lake. Gufleld A Wwleni Ry. Co.. Silt htkit CKj, Utah... 

^taltlAkeLiEbl&TiBCtloDCo.. haJl Lake CIl;. Utah 

•Salt Like ^OEden Bt. Co., Soil Like CI tj, Luh 

Sdt Lake A Utah B.K.CQ.,. Sail Lake CIt;, Utd 

Han AnloDlo Public Service Co., Sac ADtonio. Tex. 

8u>ADt«Di<i.SaaJoM A Medina Valley InletUTban B;., San AdIi 

■San AutoDlo TiactlOD Co., Han Antonln. Tm 

■San BemardlaD Inter-Urbaa Rj. Co., 

•Ma Bernardino Valler TracUao Co., t j. ub;, . 

San Diego A Arliona By, Co., San DleEo, Ci 

BuDleKoKlKDiEBj. Co., San Diego, Cal 

~ n Dl«ro A Sonlb Eaattm By. Co., San Diego, ( 

S*Di]6|iriiig*B)dlwa;Ca., TalH,Okla 

SandiuVr. ^''niuoat « SoatiierD Br. Oa (The), SuiduakT, O 

Sandoikr. Horwalk A HaaaOeld Eleclrlc^. Co., (TheX Morwalk, O. . . . 

gandwtcb. Wlndaor A Ambentborg Bt., Wlndwr, Oni.,CBn 

•Sandy Spring By. Co., SendDglon, ltd. 

•eaaford * Capa PoTpolae Ry., Saulord, Me. 

•aan Fraudsca Bleclilc By*., Ban Frandaco, Cat 

3an Pranelaaa, Napa A Callatoga By., Napa, Cal 

•Han PTanelaca,OakliDdiaanJoaeCaiisoUdaUdKy., Oakland, Cal... 

■San Ftanclico, Oakland A San Joaa By., Oakland, Cal 

Saa Franciaco^Oakland Terminal Railways, Oakland, Cal 

SanJoae itallroada. SanlJoM.Cal , 

•Santa Barbara Con»Udated R R. Co. (Tbe), Banla Barbara, Cal 

Santa Barbara & Halnrbaii Ry, Co., Saola Btriiara,C>l 

•Santa CraE, Capllola A WauoiiTille By. Co., SauiaCrni, Cal 

•SanW Cruz Electric By.|Co.,B«iH«CrUE, Cal 

SapnlpaElec. Iiiterurbtm Ry., gipulpa, 6k1a. 
■BuMilpa A Inienuban By. Co.. Hapnlpa. Okli 
•Saratoga NcntherD Ry , OlflDB Falli.N. T ... . 

■Saratoga TnctlOD Cu., M.>7ug c wc, •• . ^ 

Sanila Htreei By. Co.. Ltd., Samia, Ont.. Can 

SaakatooD Honlclpa] By.. Saakatoon, Saakatchewan. Can 

Bault Bte. Marie Traction Co.. Bmlt 8te. Marie, Mlcb 

Sarannah Electric Co., Bavannab, Ga 

Scbenectady Ballvay Co., Schenectady, N. V 

Scbomberi,^ Anrora By.. Toronto. Got., Cnn 

•Schnylfclfi KlBCtilo By. Co., PotWville, Pa 

•ScbDf Iklll. HareD A Orwlgabnre Slrael By. Co.. PoIUiilla, Pa... 

achnylklll Ballway Co.. GlraidrlTle, Pa 

•ScbnyHtlJIVi^TraetlotiC'- " — '-' "^ 

n By. Co.. Soianton. t 

.D I, ^„ G 'OB^,.. 

•Scraniffli ACwbondaleTracUon Co^Scrsnton, Pa..!.'...' 
■SerautoD, DaDmore A Uooalc LakeB. B., acranton, Pa... 

•aeranton ft HorthaaatemB. R.. Benuiton, Pa 

Boanton Ballway Co., Scnnton. Pa. , . 

„ Aebury.Park. N. J 

- "ich Street By. "- " 

ibnrypark, N. 


•Seabrook A HamploD Beach Street By. Co., HaTerblll. Maaa.. 
•Beaahore Electric By., AibarypB-<- " ' 

Second A*e. R. B. Co., Boro. of ManbalUn. New York City.... 

)l.lm» Electric Ballway Cr •=-'— ■'- 
la Traction Co.. Sell 

ly Co., Belma, Ala... 

ShamoUD A Mt. Carmel Tranalt Co.. HL^Carnial, Pa. 

« . „ .. T,_ ^_ ^, o^,^ (The), New Ca" 

y, Co., New CaHIa, Pa. 

By. Co. of Ohio (The), New Caatia, Pa... 

Shawnea-Taenmieh Traction Co.. Shawnee. Okla. 

SbawlDlKBD Palle Termlaal Ry., Mantreal, Que., Cao.. , 

■SheboygaD Electric Co.. Bheboytan.Wla 

BhellMd^OD,. (The). Bheffleld. Ala 

Sbalbone Fall* A Colerab Siieet Ry. Co., Shelbnme F 

Bheaandoah Traction Co.. Blanntoii, Va 

SbwbraokaR^lway APonerCo..SharhrDake, Qua.,C: 

BharldanBy. Co.. Sberldan, Wyo...'. 

•Sheridan By. A Llehl^o., Bberldao, Wyo 

•BhlnglebooaeB. R.. OlaaD. N. Y 

Bhore Una Blactrir B. R. Co.. While Plalne. " ° 
Shora Line Electric By ~ . . .. 
SbrenportBallwayaCi . 
•ahrereporl Traction Co.. Shrereport, La. . , 

Sloni City Service Co., iloni City. la 

BiovlFiJIeTractlonSyiteni, SiODlFallB, So. Oak ^ 

SlateBellKlectrioBtreetRy. Co.. Pen Atgyl. Pa 

•flociadad Anonlma Tranvla de MayaKnez. Mlyainea. P. B 

•Bomari ft Eulleld Electrlc.By. Co.. WarehoOM Point, Conn 

• Thli company U either operated by or eoDtolidatad with tbe tt 

•SDutbBaiid AaoatberaMlcblgiuiitj. Co., Soiub Beod, lad 

•SoHtb BeiliLeli«m«llfll]ertown8tfBBtRy. Co., AllBDtown, Pa 

Suuta Betalelum & S&acaa 8ii«l Rj. Co.. Bontli Bethlabein, pa 

•SonihBrookljnRj. Co..B«ro. ofUrootljn, New VorkCltj 

So utli Carolina LlgDl. Power A R7L Co., Spanaabarg, 8. C 

Soatb CovlnglDD A ClnolDuatiSlreet Railway Co. (Ttie), CoTlagtOD, Kj... 

South Morgautown Traction Co., Morgautown, W, Va 

SaQtH Nbw OrleaoB Lt. Jt Trac. Co., i^eien, La 

•SoutbOraageAUaplewoodTiacUoiiCD., Newark, M.J 

•HQULbPark ABaetHlde R7., Xbc Diego, Cal 

Soalb San Fniuclico R. R. £ Pawor Co., 8aa Prau^leco, CaL 

•aoulh BlioreTiactionCo.,Boro.otManliattan, New York City ,, 

SouthSldeElevaledR. R. Co.. CtilCHgo,Ill 

Soulli Side PWMBKBr Ry, Co., wmtameport. Pa ■., 

SoDlhtleldSBachR. R.Oo., Boro. ot Rlchmoad, NewYaikCit; 

Boatheaslern ObluRr. Co., Zaneivllle, O 

•Honlbaailern Obloav.. Light A Power Co. (The), ZaneiTllle, O 

•aootheriiBoulaTardB. R.,Bocu. of Bronx, New York City 

Soathem Cumbria Ky, Co., Joluutown, Pa 

Saulbern UliDolB LlK^t A Power Co., lllllaboro. Ill 

SOBtheni LlinolB Ry. * Power Co., HarrtKbiirg. Ill, . . 
•■loutliBtn iDwa BHilwsr & Light Co., ■"•'- '- 

Southern LIghl £ Traclfon Co., Boro, c, _„ , 

BoathBcnHleblganKy. Co., South Bend, ind 

Soathem New York Power Ik Ri. CorpD., Cooperatown, N. Y..... 

*auDttaatD Oblo TiBctloD Co., Uamllton, O 

SouOiim Oregon Traction Co. , HBdford, Ore 

Soulhern PacIOo Co. (Elec. DIvg.), Saa Pranclaco. Cal... 
Bonihera Pad Be Co. (Portland, Dlv,), Portland, Ore. .. . 

HonCherDpeanBylTatilaTnctioaCD.. Cheiler, Pa 

aoulhemPnhiloDtllltleBCo., CliarloiW,N. C 

SonthernR. R.Co., Wlnflsld. Kan 

southern Ry. & Light Co., Natchez, Ulaa 

So iitOern Street Rv. Co , Chicago, Dl 

SoattiernTracCo. otUllnolB, B. 81, Lonis, HI 

Southern Traction Co., Inc., Bowling Green, Kj 

•Southern Traction Co, Dallas, Tax 

•Sottthen Traction * Power Co.. Aloiandria. La 

*SouChernWlB. Ry. Co.. UadliOD.Wlec 

SontUwegt UlsaoDrl R, R Co. (The), Webb Clly, Mo... 
aouthwaitern Oai A Blectnc Co, (Telarkana Df^.), Tei 
•aouthweium Interurban Ry. Co., Wlnfle}d. Eans..*... 
Soutbweitern Pwr. 4 Li. Co.. Horo. o( Manhattan, New 

Srtmhweitern Traction Co.. Temple, Tei 

•South western UtllltlcH Corpn . Boro. or Manhattan, Ne 
Bpokanfl & Inlaid Bcnplra H, li Co., Spokane, Wuh.... 

•Apakane A Inland Ry. Co.. Spokane. Wash 

•Spokane Terminal Co.. Spokane, Wash 

•Spokane Traction Co.. Spokane, Wash 

Spilngaald Con"Olldat«d Ry. Co., SprlDgneld, 111 

Bpringlleld Rlectrlc Rj. Co., Charle«own, N. H 

•Springfield Electric Rt. Co.. SpriDgfleld,0 

anrlngfleld Electric By. Co., HprlngSeld, Vt 

, .,_._,,. ^ v,_^,. "--c. Co,, Peoria. Ill 

SpringHeld A ith Charleston, O 

•Sprlnrfeldi ,0 

HVrlnfgald & 

•Slaten Islam cfiroona,' H ew York C 

StaMD Island ,™. „,., „ _„ d. New York City 

Sterling, Dlion & Bastam Electric Ry . Co . Dlion, III. . , 

SteuhanTllle, Bast ■" ' "■ = n„ii._ t.— f„ 


Sle'beniille, Weliahurg A Wicrton Ety'.i'Weiisburg, W,'vi'.'.""i 
Staobenvllle & Wheeling Traction Co,, (The), WbeellnE. W. Va... 
•Stillwater A MechanlcsTille Street Rj. Co., Qlens FlIU, N, T... 
Stockton Electric R, R Co., Stockton, Csl 

Stroudeburg Trac. Co., Stroudaburg 

•Slroudsbutg. Water Gap * Portland Ry, Co.. Btrondgbnrg, Pa. , , . 

•Unhnrhanfi-R-Co., Chicago, 111 

8nbnrb»nR«pldTran*it Co,, Winnipeg, Man., Can 

• Snhnrhan Rapid Transit Streot By, Co., Fltlsbnrg, Pa 

Sad bar J. Copper Cliff '*uburban Blec. Ry,, Sndbtiry, Ont.,Can... 

Snffnlk Traction Co.. Patchogae. N. Y 

•innbnry. Lawiehurg ft Milton Ry. Co., Bnnbnry. Pa. 

_,. L._.. „,_.._._ t.. „_ Co,^ Snnbnry, Pa 

• This cimpauTii either operated by or conaolldaied with the ei 
number fallow*, and will he found under tbat number. 


■iopvier B*[ild TniulC Co., Dnlntli. Minn 

hUMhtpna. Inctlon Co., Luck Utveo, f & 

»1UHS A: UxdiailkSt. By., UwanBeB Ceatre, Mm* 

■bidnej lb QlacoBs;^. Co., Ltd..Hr<liiey, N.»., dan 

ifmuDe A NoMhero BJec Bj., UfiuHiw, N. Y 

•tjiKUH AaoutbBvGltDtrlcR.B.C'o., UyrusDM, N-V 

IrncouA Snbotlnui It. R. Co., BjncDH, H. V 

■SrtKBM, W«tartomn A St. LBiitr«nc« Rlrar H, R Co., ajnoDH, H. Y. . . 

Ticoiiulh. A Power Co., Thcoiua, Wuli 

r«om» Munlc. Kj,. Tsooina, WhbIi 

TtUolsta FMU ilMlwty, CI■^kHTMl^ U>.. . 

"— ■-''-■"- "-" 


., ic Ci).. TuapB, Fla. 

*TiiBp»« Bulplinr Bprli— "— - 

TiKaliun, BiacKeorii^B i itatter Btreet Ky. Co., TueaWm, Fi,. . . 

TuimtCoQiiIv Traction Co., Fo« Wortli, Tei 

-rvryiowa, Wlute Maina a. Mimucmeak Ry. Co.. WUts Flaiiu, N. Y 

TuanellStieetit;. Co.. Tuewtll, Va 

'lenpletoa Street Rr. Co.. Athol, Uui 

Temunee« BslLwaj, LishC Jt fairer Co.. CbstUmoogs, Tenn 

Teasey A Co.. COitlea H., Bo«Mn, Hua 

Tgrmiail R. B, Asuclulon of St. Loulis Esat SI. Lonli, 111 

"TinelUm* BJecirioTmoUon CO., Terre Haute, Ind 

T. — T, ■_., . JSBiateni Tnwtion Co.,Illdiail»pollB, iDd... 

-'•"^ n- — BH«ni«,Ind 

Tnn Hinle Traction i Llibt Co., Terra 

*?9KE Haute tt Werlacn Ry, Co., Tar» ubuw, mu.. 

ToiuCllyaireet Rj. Co.. Teias Cltj, Tel 


T(iu 'ftiKitlaa Co., Dallas, Tel... 

nuniA™. &. Co.,Boro.ofM»ii)i»tWn, NewYorkCliy 

THree Rivet Trac. Co., Three RlTorm, One., Can 

TiHewBiar Power Co^Wllmlogton.N.C 

T.ieiHier Southern By. Co.,Sooklon, Cal 

Tiai,roetorla A Eastern Electric Ry.Oo.<Th^. Tiffin, O 

l"Liii,t|iiaiCambrideatt. B. Co.,Titu»vllle, Pa 

riiUYiUe Traction Co., TlluavlllB, Pa 

loJaiio, Bowling Braen A Bontliem Traction Co., Plndlaj, O 

■TjlHdu, Fajetle 4 We b tern Ry., Toledo. O 

T.ldo. PoetorlftiPlndlayHy. Oo..Fo«toH«,0 

ToJsdo i Indiana R. R. Co. me), Toledo, O 

■Toledo A Indiana Tiacllon Co., Toledo, O 

loiedo* Maiuneo Valley to. Co., Toledo. O 


Tuiedo. Dtiawa Beach A NorthemRy. Co. (The). Toledo, O 

Toledo RaUwayi * Ughi Co., Toledo, O 

ToltijQ Traction CO'oledo.O 

•Toledo Tractiou, Light « Power Co., Boro. of H 

Sew Yort City 

Toledo, Watarrille 4 SonlbBTO By., Toledo,© 

Toledo* Western R. R. Co., Toledo, 

■TDtedo&WMteroRy. Co.. Toledo. Ohio 

Topeka fc-. Co. (TheX Topeka, Kana 

ToronloQrtcRy. (Miinic), Toronto. Ont., Can 

"fonto Railway Co., Toronto. Out., Can 

ToTOBto Sobiitbsn Ry. Co.. Toronto. Ont.. Can. 

T*)nto4VorkRadlaIRy. Co., Toronto, Ont., Can 

TowwniCocteySTlllBKleelricRy. Co., Towion, Md 

•T>«»-8t.Hary'«T™ctlonCo..8anltBle. Maria, Mich 

Tno^t Sopply Co. (The), HlnneapoUt, Ulon 

*n*BrlBa de Joanacatlan, Gnadalajara, Hex 

'TnaiiadeHaUniaBCTtae), HatonzM, Cuba 

TruiiaElectricadeCardenaa,S. A., Cardenas, Cuba 

Ti>oHaiiloTohiCB,Tolnca,Mei , 

*Tran|MA LiniBrick Electric Street Rj. Co., Norrlatown, Pa 

ineton, Brlatol i Philadelphia SC By. Co., Philadelphia. Pa 

•Trenton City Bridie Co., Trent™, N.J 

•Treaion, HamUtan i Bwlni; Traction Co., Trenton, N.J 

!lni>ton.L«t>«aod AAtlBntlcBy. Co., Lakewood, N, J 

j^nton.LakewDod ASeaooait Ry. Ca,,IiakowoDd. N. J 

JnoliMi, Lawrencerille i Princeton B. B. Co., Trenton. N. J , 

TrwlonAHercerCQanlyTractlonCorpn, Trenton, N.J. 

2^ton, Pennington 4 Hopewell 8t. By. Co,,Tr«DtoD, N. J 

TWntoBStreetRy. Co., Trenton, N.J 

'Pwton Terminal H. B. Co.. Trenton. N. J 

^.aty Railway Co. ol IlUnoli. Rock laland, III 

™-«^Ry. Co.of Iowa, Danenpott, la 


Tman aiectrlc Co., Ltd.. The Port-or-SpaIn, Trinidad 

]™iad Bleetrio Tranemlaatoo. BailwarJ^Gaa Co., Trinidad, Colo 

?^y*CohoeBB.B. Co., Albany, N.7 

JJ2* New England Ry. Co.. Troy N. Y 

.nei.TlppecaoOB* Dayton Inlemrban By. Co. (The), I>ay(oe,0 

Jftoa Rapid TpansllCo.. Tocson. Aila 

'jtaatreetRy. Co. Tolaa, Okla 

TitaTtacHonCo., (The), Talaa, Oltla 

Twalooaa By. 4 OOUtlei Co.. Tnecalooea, Ala 

) TiaoUon Co. (Thej.AkroB, O 

*IUa campaoy ■• either oparaMd by or 

241 . 

m A Sdnnioar Whjliii Bj- CO-. Wita 

___ji. NcwCuU' 1: IWunra Cttj Rj. C*^ Hn a 

WllBlaclaa A Pulvlelphu TacHoa Co. CA4, Wlhnitact 

loa « Pulvlelpliu TocHaa Co. fOtei, Wllmli 
Md SooUitfo fncliin Co^ N<* OHfe, Dd. . . 
£w» A L«ke 8B0R Rw^^. On. (IImI. Kfa 

WilnlDEUiii. New CteOf M IWunra CU} ^. C*^ Hn CMite, IM.. . 
wuailniloB* '*^"— '-'-■■■- ""—" — "^ -.■*—> ™^t_. — , — .... 


•WiadMrLi>ekaTDetlanOo.,W*nkaaMPiiiir' " 

WiadaorATecnaEliKltcMe^. Ca-rnc), « 

WlBs^cg BlKOie B;. Co., WlnniiiiB. Mu^ Cu izi 

WlBulpte, Balkli1iAI^]uWuBlpi«Br.Ca.,WlBataB,]bL,OH W4 

'WtoolirSwuB- B. Cg, BiiMwi.1tM «0 

WlKna Ulanrbu BT- Co.. WarMw.Iad *B 

•WmauSiUssr AIJSfatCa^WlKicu. Minn ^ SI 

•Wlwu A Wu» Kl-. Wuuw. Ind •« 

Wmaxata Edkoo Co.. Inc. tThe), Bam, of JlmnhaBta. K«w Twt CKt 71 

•Wiwiiwn ElK.Bj. Co.. lateboreui.Wi( 1«1 

WMoi^nOaaABlMJricCo.. ^aiwilw,Wis Ua 

WlMMfuio-MtaiMMU Llfbi * PoKcr Co., Bu Claire. WU 1« 

WlKoniln Pablk SsTlea Od., Oteoi Bay. Wis 1X1 

WlaooiulDBj..U(lit AFoi*crCo.,Winau,Ifinn 61 

WiK(HutnS«auidaCD., HHwankM, Wis. UB7. 

WbeiMMln Tnction, UfU, Heat A Powa- Co., Aivletoa. Wla. m 

WI>eaulnVallajB)ec.OD.,WaBaBii.Wl* IM 

•WiMahiekonElec. PaM. Br. Co.. RorrtHvm.Pk M 

Woodlan A SoUbcrn SOwt Bj., Ptttaborg. Pa 0t 

WaadHoek. Thamaa Talla; A IngtuoU Oteatt By. Co., WoodaMck, OaLfim. .IM 

•ffooawclul Street Bt. Co., PrortdcDce. B. 1 1«B 

WorccaleiCoBwilUatHlSDeetBT. Co.,Win«crtK,ltaaa 47 

•Won:eMerA6bi«wibaTrB.B., Wonester.HaM 47 

•Worceacer A Starnribary SLraet Br.Wwcolei.llaaa 47 

WoroalcrA Wanen Street Rall«r Co.. Brookfldd, Kui 41. 

Wotnato * WcbMci Stctet Ry. Ca.. WebtUr, Maai 48 

yaUiDaValkjTraniipanatIoBC<i..NortbTakiiiia.n-ajta IIHi 

Tumouth Light Jt Power Co., Lid.. Vaiumtti. K.S., tJan US 

•rannonlhStreetRj. Co.. Ltd., Varmontb. N. S-, Can US 

Yonktn Ballroad Co., Yonkoa, S.f 7S: 

York Hja. Co.. York, Pa. 1 104 

TaaneatownHnalclpalBT . Toaofnitown. Oblo .>... m 

•Toangatown mika Rj.. YoanntowD. O OS 

Yoniuislowll A Ohio BIVET B. & Co. (The). Lwtonia, O eH 

•Yomigalown * Ohio RlrerBy. * Llsht Co., I«e(onla.O Ml 

•YoongMown Pork A PUll St. By. Co. (The), Yoan^Uwii, 8N 

•YoDDKalowD * SbaroD Street Rt. Co. (Tbe),TaaDg(iaws,0 M 

'Yonnijatown A Bontbem By . Co. , YoiuiRatowii, O '.. Ml 

Tonncatawn A Snhorban By. Co.. Toou^town, O M 

•VomDrt, HiUDzaa ft BallaiiMU- By., Mttantaa. Cnba ISS 

•I'jknaaTilleBy., Ugbt APower Co..8pTliiKaeld, O «ll 

• Tbe Company is ellbar operated b; or conaotidiUd with tb* ampaay wbOH 
nnmbar follDWi. and will ba found under that nniobei. 

j.i:™b, Google 


Electric Railway Officials 

United States, Canada, Mexico and West Indies. 

The ^ure following the name corresponds with the number of 
the railway mth trtiich the official ia connected, as shown in the 
gcoEr(q>hicel list, end will be found under that number. 

Aan, R. L. 


Alerandet. A, G. 

Anderaon S. H 



Alexander. A. S. 

Anderson! Sidney S. 


AleiandM. E, W. 




Abbot. Wm. N. 


Alexander. G. M, 

Anderson, W- A. 

Anderson. W. B. 

Alarandet, H. ]. 

Anderson, W. H. 

AbbDIt. Goidon 


Aleiander. J.L. 

Abbott. W. D. 



Anderson. Wm. 

Ab*l. Howard 66S, 66 



Andrews. George 

AbcU,H. A. 


Alexander! *.' m". 

Andrews. J. K. 

Ab«ll. H. C. 692, 

AbEtoon, N. 

Aleomdet. W. C. 228 

(^tXchatlis M. 


Abenroinbie. D. P. Jr 

Andrix. E. R. 

398. 424. 42S 


Alger, A. B. 

Atbdpohl. W. ). 

Allbrillpn. L. L. 


209. 229. 230. 238 

Alle. C. V. 



Achnla. J. O. 


Allegaert. E. J. 


AtkHBiai.. E. 0. 





Af kHman', Otto 

Alia,; c! Lfiomis 




Adair. W.R. 


Alia. C. S. 


Adam., E. H. 

Allen, E. C. 


Adamii. E, W. 

Adama, Edwaid D. 

AlllH; HoTee E. 




Adams. Frank 

Allen, . M. 


AdaDB! Gideon 


Adanu. H. B. 

Allen! M. L. 



Ada™. H. H. 

Allen! P. W. 


Adam.. J. L. 83,86 


Adams, iobn H. 

Alley! Henry T. 


AlleJ, W. C. 


Adams! Melvin O. 



Adams. T. 

Allport, J. H. 


Adams, WaltH L. 439 


Allshouse. Wm. 

Adamnon, Wm. 

Aliyn. A. C. 192. 314 


Addiun, C. L. 

Alker, H. J. 


645. 649, 652. 716 

Almonc. J. J. 
Alsoacb, L, A, 


Armstrong, H. N. 

718. 720. 725. 746 

AdMns, Jas. 542 

Alvarez Jose 

Adkr. C 


AdJt, Charl« 

aSa! E.' 


Armstrong. Maty R. 

Amea, R M. .^ 


Angdilai. Eduardo I. 


Abeam. T. 1276 

Aimstrons, Tbomas A. 503 

Ahan. J. M. 


Amey, w! E. Roy ' 


Ahiens. HcHiard E. 

Ammenhauser. Wm. 



Aikn. Cha«. 

Anders, Daniel M. 

Arnold. B, . 

Aiken. F. D. 

Arnold, B. W. 

AJkH* H. Hayes 

Arnold E. W. 


Anderson. Clark G. 


Arnold. H. J. 



Anderson. E. O. 

Arnold, R. G. 

Ailkm, J. H. 

Arnold. W. L. 

Alberger. W. R, 

ArosteiB. W. 


790 Anderson, H, D. 

Arthur. R. G. 

Aliert. E. T. 


597, 979. 981 


Albetoo. Joseph 

Anderson, H. P. 

Anderson. J. H. 

AIM. Em'il 

Anderson. ]. J. 

Alcalde, Alfrfdo 



Alcantara. E. 


A^d^: i'. W. 

Aiden. E. U. 

Anderson, James 1290 

Akl«n. Wm. M. 




Anderson, John 1220 

1 2 


Aldricb, H. E. 

Anderson. O. V. 

1002, 1003 


Aknmny, Guillamo 


Alecm^. E. B. 






•Twentj-ElgbtbATwentr-NlnUiSU, Ciontowo R. S. Co. , Boro. of Hutwttui. 

Kew VoTkdtv 4 •... a 

•THlnCItT Electric Co., lUrmond.Wub II 

Tirln CltT Rapid TnoBlt Co., MlnneapoliB.MlDta fi 

•rwlnCitiTrBCIlonCo. (Tbe), Cmboeton, O 80. 

Twin P»ll. R»llroad Co., Twin F»ll«, Ids 1. 

TwlnSUUGae AKleclTicCo. (BrstUeboroDlT.i.Bnnleboca, Vt 11 

Trier Tr«cUoQ Co., ai(WraTilte,W.V« 12 

•Union Loop SyBtam, Chicago, lU.. , 

•Union Power Co., St. Cioud, Minn 

•OnlonRailro»(lCo.. Prortdence. R. I 

OnLonKallwaj Co., Borough or Broni, New York CitT_ , 

•Union Rj. Co. of Chertar, Chentet, P» 

nnlonBy,,GaBAKleclricCo., Hocfctord, III , 

Union Stnet Rj. Co., Naw Bedford, Hasi 

•Union 8«reei.» Suburban Ry., Union "- 
• Unlontown Rsdial at. Rt. Co.. PItuh 
Union T: 

Union Traction Co.. SlBteravllla, W. V 
Union Traction Co., Santa CmE, Cal.. . 

• Union UtllltleB Co., Chlcaeo. Ill 

•Union trtlllOes Co.. Wheeling. W. V_ 

Unlttd Gai ± Electric Corporation (The). Boro. of Uanhattan. MawTork Chy. . 

United Ga»*ElBclricEngiaeerlneCorpon,tl'— ° . u__t.„._ .t — -c-.i-r. 

United Oai ImproTement Co. (The), Phllade 

iCorporatioi ... 
UnltedGaiJbElectricEnglneerlnfCorporatlOD.Boro.of MBnhattan,NewYorkClty 7. 
United Oai ImproTement Co. (The), Philadelpbla, "- 
Unltfd Light ARallwaya Co., Qraud BaolUB.Ulcl: 

United National UtlUtlee Co., Philadelphia, Pa 

•OniladFawer£TnupartationCo.,Caiiiden. N. J 

DDltadRillioul<otBuirruid6co,SanFraiMlico, Cal 

Ualted BaUwayi Co., Ponlind, Ore 

rolled Ballwara CompaoT of Bt. Lonla, et. Lonlf, Uo 

United Railway* A Suct^e Co., Baltimore. Hd 

United BailwayB Inieatment Co., Jerre; aty, N. J. 

jDlled Benlce Co., Scranton, Pa 

•United Street By. Co. of Central Jersey. Newark, N, J 

United Traction Co.. Albariy.N. Y 

•United Traction Co., B*KUng, Pa 

•United Traction Co. of Pltlabnw, Plttabura;, Pa 

United TracUoD*Blectrle Co, (The), Provldenca, R. I 

Unlied TiBCtlan Street Ry. Co., SdBoIs. Pa 

•Opton Street By., Milford, Maia 

•Drbana. Uelletontalne A. Northern Ry. Co. >Th^, Springilald. O. . . 
Urbana A Chunpaien Ry., Qu JS Electric Co.,Cbamii«un, III.... 

Utah-Idaho Central R.H. Co., Ogden, Utah 

-"■ - " Co., Salt LakeClly, DUb 

■.. Co.. HaU IjilteCfti, Utah 

man. New York city 


•Utlea Suburban By., UUm,N.Y 

ValdcMla niieet Rir. Co., Valdoata, Oa. 

Vallainonl TncCloD Co.. Willlanuport. Pa 

Valley City SUBet ft Inlernrban Ry. Co., Valley City, N. D 

VallBT Ryi.. Lemqyi 
Van Bmnt Street & 

Street £ Brie Baeln R. R Co., Boro. of Brooklyn, New York Cl»... 

■——-■• "- "™ Brighton, Pa 

& Traction, Ltd., Vera Ota%, V. C, Hu. 

Electric Street Rr., New Brighton, Fa, 

jtCo.(The) ^._, 


VincenneaTractionCo., Vincennee. Ind 

• Vlrjciuia passenser A PonerCo., Richmond, Va 

PlrglnU Ry.APower Co., Richmond, Va 

VlialiaEleetricB. R. Co., Eieter. Cal 

•Tlilteclon Valley Line, San FranctKO, CaJ 

Wihpeton-Sreckenridge SlrtelRy, Co., Breckenrldge, Ulnn 

•WaMen 4 Orange Lake Line. Newbnrgh, N. T 

Wallklll TraneitOo. (Tbe), Mlddletown, H, Y 

Walla WalUValleyRy. Co., Walla Walia, Wash 

•Walonl Ridge & Boila Light, Power ft Transit Co., Walnnt Ridge, Ark. . . 

Warren Company, Wuran, Ariz 

-"'— in-BlBbee Ry., Warren, Arir 
tn, Brooklleld ft Spencer Sti 

. ... in County Ry.. Glens Falli,: 

Warren A Jamntown Street Ry. Co., Warren. Pa 

Warren Street Ry, Co,,Wanen, Pa 

•WaahtngMnAnloBnssCo., Seattle. Wash 

WaahlngEon. Baitimore ft AonatJoUe Bleclric R. R. Co., Balttnion, Hd, . , 

• Thia company la citber operatad by or conaolldatad with the compBii} whi 

•WuhlngtOD. Berwya Jb Luanl Electric Ry.. WashiDgton. D. C 

•WMhingWn * CBnonaburB Ry, Co., PUtsburg, F» 

I •WublngLOD tSGlouKcho K. k Co., WmblDKUin, D. C 

: Wubinglon-Qreii Fall- By, * V«t. Co., WMhlngMm. D. C , 

I WubiaglDD-lnutrutbaD R. R. Co., WsBbington. D. C 

' WubiDRloDAMirrllndRf. Co.,WuiblDgtoD, D. C 

WuUngtOD £ Old Domlalon K&llwBy, WublngLaii, D. C 

•W«ihlngU>Q-OrfgonCorTin..ViinoonYer. WMh 

Wuhington Rr. * Electric Co., WMhlnEtoo, D. C... 

•Wiihingcon i Hockville R R. Co., WashirgWo, D. C 

WuhiugtoD HIreet R}. Co.. WiiblDgtOD, Ind. 

•WublngtonTiaclloDCa., HouIliCbBrlealDii,OtilD 

Wmhlnguni Ulilities Co., WaihireUm, D. C : 

Wiihlngtoo-Vlrglola Ry, Co,, Wuhlngton. D, C 

WuhlnglonWatn' Power Co.. Bpoksmi.WBeb 

•Wub]DgtoD. Woodeiae & Forest tilen Rj. & Fowei Co., WaibliurioD 

Wil«, Llabl&TrainltCo., Carrollton, Wd..., 

WMaibarj A. Milldale Tramwaj, Co,, WatBrbotj, Conn 

•WatBrfori*Coboe«R,K., Albanj, N. T 

WM«loo, Cedar FallB & Nortbem Rj. Co., Waterloo, la 

Waleryllle. F»irfldd 4 Oakland By., WalecTillc, Me. 

Water Wotka Filtration Ry. iMonic). Minnsapolia. Minn 

'Waapma Blectric Light * Bj. Cc^Waupaca, Vie 

Waupaca Elco, Service & By, Co,. Waupaca, Wl> 

•Wanaan at, R, R, Co,. Wausao, Wifl 

Waferlj, Sayre * 4 iheoa Traction Co,. Waverlj, N. I 

WebatBT A Dudley Street ''- "" Tir_v_.— u— 

WebeMir, Hooegsea. Belle , 

•debater A Park By,. Oakland. Ci 

WellaborE. BetbaoY Jb WaahiD£ton Ry. Co,, Wellabuig, W. Va 

•Wealey College Line Qreenyllle, Tei 

Waicbesler KlecUlc R. R. Co.. Mt, Vernon, N, Y , 

WMt Cheater, Kenneit * Wilmington Blertrle Ry. Co., Kennetl Sqaar 

•WHlchester NorIbern*R. R. Co.. Boro. of Uanhattan. Nev York City 

Wwiijbester Street B, R, Co. ot While Plain b. White Plain*, N. T 

WBatCbesterStrcetRy. Co., WeatChealer, Pa 

•Weal End * Lode Branch Ry.. Aabnry Park. N.J , 

'ealerly A Coniiecliout"Ry.Co.,'jlorwiciirCoiin'.'.'.'. .'.!!!" *",■;■";; 

Western Light & Power Co,'(They, Bonider.' 
"* =atern New York & PennajlTanla Tractl. 

:, Oiean, N, T 

WaateraOhloRy, Co.,L1tna.O 

Weatem;^!. 4 light 'Co., Peoria, III 

*We«t FalTvlew AMaryavlJle Etectrtcsij^etRy. Co,, Lemoybe^Pa'.. !'!!"!!!!! 17)161 

•lYeatford Branch Llne,*Ayer,Masa 4«0 

Weit Helena Conaol idaled Co. (The), Hrlcna, Ark tS 

Wmi India Electric Co., Ltd. (The), K I Dgeton. Jamaica ItM 

Weat Jeraey & Seaahore R,R. (Steam and. Electric Branch o( Penn. E.R.), Cam. 

den. N.J' 58> 

Weatmorel»ndCountyRy, Co., Plttaborg, Pa DM 

Weatmoreiand R. R. Co., HouBton,rrei lilt 

Weat Wew Orieans^lt. * Trac. Cfi„ Algiera, La SSlb 

.nT„. T> ._. — ^rbanRy. Co.. Plttabnrg, Pa »1 

jyaCo., Pittahntg, Pa , Btl 

'West Penn Traction Co., Pltlabnrg, Pa UK 

Wo« Pean Traction 4 Water Powfr Co.. Pittabnrg, Pa m 

WwtaldeElectricStreetRj. Cc-..Ch»rierol, Pa. vn 

wtBidelR.B. Co.,lEimirB,N.Y Mt 

at Shore By.KBlec. Dly.), Oneida. N,Y TSB 

ittBhoreRy. Co.. New'Haven.Conn lOt 

. -ji ViralnlalTrBCtlDn A HleclrlrlCo., Wbeellng. W. Va IS07 

Weat Virginla'Traction 4 BlectricCo. {MorBanlown Div.), UorgantoWD, W. Va..lige 

•Whatcom County Ry. & LiKlil,"Co,, Seattle. Waah IIM 

'WheelinwAKIm Grove R.B. Co., mieeltog.W.Va. ISOT 

Wheeling Traction Co., Wbeeilng, W. Va laW 

■Wheoiinff ft, Wheeling, W.Va 1808 

WhirlpooT Rapid^EleratoriCo., (LeeaeeWhirpoolRapidalncllne), Niagara Falls, 

OBt., Ceo i«n 

White ft Co., 3. 0„ Inc. Boro.lof Uanhattan, New York City TIS 

White Kiec. Trte. Co.. Pittsburg. Pa 991 

White Engineering CorporallonHThe) 3. a.. Foro. of Manhattan. New York City 7I> 
White Management Corpotation |The);j. 0.. Boio. ot Hanhatlan, New York aty, 714 

Whitehall Sirest Ry. Co.. AiieotoWD, Pa «M 

•While niirAMechanicabDretPasienaerRT, Co., Lemoyne.Pa MI 

Wlchila Palls Traedon Co,, Wichita FBila.Tei I1M 

Wichita H.R, A Light Co., Wichita, Kane M6a 

Wtcbita-WalniitViiilenntemrban Railway, WirhiU, Kan MBb 

•Wllkes-Barro, l>alln ft Harrej's Lake By. CcWiite^Barre, Pa iOM 

•Wilkes-BarreR. R. Co.'Scranton, Pa lOOt 

Wiikee-Barre Ry. Co., Wilkea-Barre, Pa lOH 

Wlikea-BBTTe&naalelonR. R. Co,, Haileton, Pa 9M 

Wiikee-Birre ft Baiieion By. Co., Hailcton.Pa Ml 

•wtikee-Barre Term. H. R. Co., Wilkea-Barre, Pa 9M 

Wilkea-Bati* & Wyoming Valley Traction Co., Wllkea-Baire, Pa lOK 

WiliametteValleTSonthBrnny., Oregon City, Ore 8M 

Wlliapa Eleclrlc Co., RaymoDrt, W»Bh IITO 

•Willana HarhoT Ry, Co., Rajmnnd.Waah 1170 

inger Ry. Co..Wllliamaport, Pa KM 

IT le either operated hy or 

WUmlngton APbllidalphia Traction Co. (The).'#llintDgtoii. Da] %.. .. 11: 

•WllmlMton8ontlieriiTtaotloiiCo„NewCmllH,Ilel in 

WiadioT, Baiei « Lake anon itapld Ry. Co. (The), ElDSiTllla, Out., Can IM 

•Wlodaoi LooteTractkiD Co., Wueboon Point, CoDD 10 

fflDd>or*T«:iuii«ehBlec«rtcRT. Co. (Tba), Walktryllls, Omt., Can. ISV 

Winnlpag Electric it;. Co.. Wlonlpet;. Uaii.,CBD 124 

Wlnulpag, Selkirk ffil,al[e Winnipeg Ry. Co., WtDDlpn.llaB., Can 1S4 

■WlnnnrmnietH. E.Co.,Boiilon,ila« 40 

Wlaoaa IntaniTbaD Rj. Co., v/uatw, tnd m 

•WlnonaHailwajillghl Co., Winona, Minn ., 61 

•Winona* Warsaw Hj. "■ '■ ' 

... _ . inCo,.Inc. ITbeJ.Boro.otMBnhatUiIl.NBWYoikOity.. 
•Wluunrin Elec. Ry. Co., Uheb^ga- ""• 

,. Bb«gan,Wi_ __ 

Wleconaln Gm A BlactilcCa,, Kenatba,WiB lOSi 

Winonaln-Hlnneaota LlKbt A Fowec Co., Ban Claire. Wl* : lei< 

Wisconaln Public SoTica Co., Green Bay, Wla laii 

WliHHnlnBy..Ught*Po»erCo..WlnoM,KbiIl Bll 

WlecoDglnSecarlCIeaCo., Hllwaoke*, Wis ISBTi 

Wtaconain Traction, Llglit, Beat ft Power Co., AppleMo, Wla 1811 

WlKODaln Valley Elec. Co.. Waosaa.WlB ItB 

•WisaahlckonKlec. PaM. Ry. Co., NorHeWwn.Pa «« 

WoodlawnASouttaetn Street Ry., Plttabnrg, Pa W 

Wooditock, Tbamea Vatic; £ Ingeno]] Electric Ry. Co., Wooditock, OBt.,CBn. '—' 

• Wonimocket Street By. Co., Proridence, R. I 

er ConsDlldated Street Ry. Co., Woroegler.Uaai 

-- '-■-- -aboryR. H., Worcester. Maes 

Street Railway Co., Brookfleld. Haas. .. 

ar it Webster Street Ry. Co., We^>stcr, 

Vaklma Valley Trannporlation Co., North Yakima, Waih. .. . 
raimoutli LIgbt A Poiiier Co., Ltd., Yarmooth. N.S.,Can... 
•larmoDtb Street Ry. Co., Ltd., Yatinoutb. H. S., Can 



, J sa 

ingalown * Ohio River Ry. & LiBhi Co., Leetonla,0 ftl 

•Yoon|CstownPark*Falli8t.Ry.Co.(Tli(,. ^._ ._. 

• Yonnnstown A Sharon Street Ry. Co. (Tbe), Toangaiown, 

•YonnifslowE & Southern Ry . Co. , Toonrntown, O. 

Yonngelown & Suhnrbaa By. Co., YoongelowD.O 

•Yamurl, Matavizas A Ballamar Ry.. Uatanzaa, Cubs 

'.annvllle Ry., Light & Power Co., Springfield, O Ml 

*The Company la either operated by or coniolldated with the company whosa 
imber roltowa, and will be f onnd nnder that nambec. 

j.i:™b, Google 


Electric Railway Officials 

United States, Canada, Mexico and West Indies^ 

The fieure following the name correaponds with the number of 
Hie railway with which the oStdat is connected, as shown in the 
geogi^>hical list, and will be found under that number. 

laac. R. L. 


Aleiander, A. G. 


Ander«n S H 



Alexander, A. S. 

Anderson! Sidaey S. 

Abbcl^ W. M. 

Aleiander, E. W. 

, 1293 

Ahbot. Wni. N. 

Alewmder. G. M. 

Abboll. G. E. 




Aleiander, H. J. 


Abbalt! Gordon 

Anderson! Walt^ E 


Abbott. W. D. 


Anderson, Wm. 


Abel. Howard 665. 66 


fliexander. Norman S 

Andrews. George 

AhdI. H. A. 

Andrews, J. K, 

Abdl. H. C. 692. 

Andrews. S. P. 

Abdwn. N. 

Andrist. Charles M. 


Abacrombie. D. P. Jl 

Alexandra. E. D. 


Andrii. E. R. 

398. 424. 42S 



Andiua. L. B. 

Adwlpohl. W. J. 


2W. 329. 330, 238 

Alle, C, V. 

Annable. F. L. 

Achul«. J. O. 

AUegaert. E. J, 


Annatord. Foster. 


Ackaman, E. O. 



Allen! C. H.' 

*fkam>^'. Ot'to 

Allen, C. hoomia 


Adair, W.R. 

All™, C. S. 

; i 



Adana, E. H. 


Allen. E, C. 

Adama. E. W. 

Adanu, Edward D. 

Allmi Ho'r^e S. 


50 . 

AdaiM, Frank 

Alien: J. M^^ ^ 



Adams, George J. 


Adaam. Gideon 

Allen! John Ksy 


Adami. H. B. 

Allen, M. L. 

Adams; H. H. 

Allen, P, W. 


Adams. J. L. S3, 86 

33. 134 

AdaniB. John H. 

Allev! Henry T. 


Alley, W. C- 

Adam^ Melvin O. 



Adams T. 

Allport', J.'h.' 



Adaois. Walter L. 439 



Allyn, A.'C. 192,314 

Armstrong! f'. }.' 

AddSon^C. "' 

Alter. H. J. 

AnnttronI, F. S. 

645, 649. 653, 716 

Almont. J. J. 
Alspacb.T.. A. 


Armstrong, H. N. 
Annatrong. J. C. 


7is: 72o: V2s: ?« 

Adklns. Jaa. 54 

Alvarei, Jose 


Alvey, J. W. 

Adidt.' Charles 

Ames A, E. 


Armstrong! Mary R 


Ajaitie. Frank H. 

Ames, F. M. ,^ 


Armstrong. R. D. 


AogdiLai, Eduardo 1, 


Amea, H. 

Armstrong. S. P. 

Aheara. T. 1276 

Armstrong. Thomas 

AhsD, J. M. 

Armstrong. W. a. 

AhrniB. HowanJ E. 


Amey, WE. Roy 


Aiken. Chas. 


Andera, Daniel M. 

Arnold, B. 1. 

Aikoi, F, D. 

Aiken*. H. Hayes 

Araold! e! w! 

Anderson! ckrk G. 


Arnold. H. J. 


Anderson. E. O. 


Aitken, J. H. 

Anderson, Edward 

Arnold! W. L. 

Wberger, W, R. 

AJben. W. H, 

Anderson! H™D. ' 

Arthur. R. G, 

Albert E. T. 

597. 979. 981 

Aaay, A. R. 

Aahbiook. Claude 


Aiberton. Joseph 


Anderson. H. P. 


Albin, H. A. 92 

Ashley. K. L. 

Albl. Emll 

AkaWe. Alfredo 

Anderaon, J. R. 

Aspnes. E. A. 


AlQuitara. E. 


Aston. T. G. 


Aldeo. E. H. 

Atchley. E. B. 

Alden. Wm. M. 


Aldrich. H. 

Anderson! John 1230 

i^^t f! B.' 


Aldiich, H. E. 


Atkins. J. W. 

1002. 1003 


Atkinson, C. E. 

Alwood. W. B. 


AkraJM^'. E. B. "" 



Auer. FrandKO 


Auger, A. G. 


arbero, H. A. 


Bom. Louis H, 



arbour. J. S. 11 

, 119 

1172. 1 

78, 1179 


arcbue, j. L. 
arclay. Cbarlee 



Aunln. E. 1. 
Auidn. E. L. 

Bearce, Byron A, 

atdo, B. F. 


Beard. E. B, 

AuHln, W. W. 

atdo. C. L. 

Beard, J. F. 

Averill, Glenn M. 


arger, M. S. 

Bearddey, F. L. 


Avety, G. W. 

636, 741. 75 


Basley,*H. H. 



Barilleauj, F, 


Beatty,' E. C, 

Barker. George 602. 614 

AildL. J. H. 
Aye™. Carl 


Barker, Wm. S. 

Beatty, H, C.523 

749, IS I 


602. 603. 614 

Beatty 1. M 

732. 733 

Ayling, C. L. 

Barley. W, Y, 


Beatty, Robt. D. 

795, 796 

aJtSTo. K. 

Barnard, Elmer E, 

Beaudreau. Jos. J 

Ayiea. W. T. 

Beaudry, N.E. 

Barnard, Frank "** 

Babcock. A. H. 

BeaverloB, Walter Harris 

Babcock. C. A. 

Barn^l H. pf^ 



Barnard, H. H, 


Beazell, H. U. 

Baca. Juan B. 


BanuH, D, C. 

Becht, A. J. 


Bachman, John A 
Bachman, S. M. 


Bechtil. E I, 197 

340. US 

Barnes, E. c' 


Beck, Sir AJan, K. B. 

Bacon, F. W. 253 

Barnea, F, A. 


Bacon. James F. 

Bamea, James P. 
Barnes, V. R, 

Beck. Burt A. 

Badger, E. H. 

Beck. Charles L. 


Badger. Warren H 

Barnes, W. R. 


Beck Horace W. 


Badgeio, MUford 

Barney, Geo. L. 


Beck, Martin 


BamhouM. F. 

Becker. Charlet S 


Beckett, M, N. 

1 s 

Beckman. C. C. 

855, 856 

Barnum, H- Ware 


Beckman, Lewis 

Ban. David N. 

9 » 

Barreda. Canuto 



Barrett, Chas. L. 
Barrett. J. H, % 

Bedford, C. R. 


BaUey, F. W. C. 


1 It 

Bailey. H.H. 

Barren, Robert 

BaUey, R. W. 

233. 13J 

Barrickman, Saoford 

Bailey, W, P. 





Barrow's, E. L. 



Barry, J. M. 



428. 575 

Bai»A. R. I 



ell, Chas. D. 

Baker. C. B. 

BeU, D. B. 


Baker, C. D. 


ell. D, N, 

Baker. C. E. 


anlett. Charles 

Bell, E. D, 

233. 545 

Baker, C. M. 

S 3 

artlelt. Clifton L, 


eU: H. P. 


Baker. C. T. 

aitlett, E. O. 



Baker. David B. 


artlett. F. A. 

ell! James H. 


Baker. Floyd 


artlett. G. K. 


Baker. Frank J. 

lartlett. L. L. 

Baker. G. B. 

arton, Philip 


eU, W. C. 


Baker, Geo, 

ascom, H. M. M. D 

elleirtliel^. E, 


Baker. H. L. 


ascome, G. L, 


Baker. Henry F. 


askin, O. 

eliinger. F. W. 

lasae, Chas. 




asaett. Carroll P. 




asaeit. J. E. 

679, 702 

Balch, A. C. 


elt,^, H,"' 

Baldw.n. A, N. 


en, Wm. S. 

Baldwin, A. S. 

atdotf, Joseph 

enagh, H, C. 


lates, E. P. 

endel, Wm. C. 

124. 125. 127. 

30, 138. 

athlany. H. W. 881 

eodell, C. R, 



Baldwin, H. 

attw, Charles T.M 

Benedict, C, M. 


Baldwin. H. B. 

attin,C.H. 351 

Baldwin. R. A. 


attle, W. S., Jr. 

Benedict. D. Nortla 1031 

Baldwin, W. H. 


atUes, Frank 

cnedict; H. A. 


Baldwin. W. W. 

auei. C.j, - 
laughn, C. J. 


791, 794 

Ball. A. W. 

Ball, E. B. 


aumann, Frederick 

enn, a!a'. 

Ball. F.C. 


ennett, F, J. 1107. lUl 

Ball. G. A. 

Ball. Wm. C. 

aumhoff.'G, W. 33*, 538 

Ballanciae, A. A. 

auser, Clyde 


Ballantyne. E. A. 

Bawdeo, F. J. 

729. 731 

Ballatd, Herbert 

Ballard, R. E. 


Ballard, W. P. 

Ser! c"d! 

ennlng, 'Walter J 

Ballen. A. M. 


Balliet. H. S. 

™f: ^n*'''^' 

ennington. J.^^ 

667, 131 

Balteer. A. 

aylles, O. S. 

1 12 

Benoist. Lee 

ayliee. R. N. 

Ben»n E. R 

lea, Pedro U, 

Benson, H. M. 

SK 1 


leath, E. J. 


Benson. R. D. 


Bamtord, Walter 


each. Harris 

BenUey, LavaUe 


SSfs ' 


Benton, Geo. 

rafe,'Wni. G. 

Benton, Geo. S. 


Baniut. Ruih ' 

eall, W, W. 

1 03 


eals. George C. 



Benumier: H. A. 


Barb«. H. L. 


Bern, F?ed V. 


Barber, R. T. 


Berg, Joseph L. 






>i|»i>. Jay 0. 


Blackwell. A. L. 

876 Bouner G H 


kxis, John 

B aekwell. J. T. 

B aicber, F. J. 

233BourSj^j:D. " 
1299 Bourne. M. 


toSier, A. F. 7021 


BUir. D. E. 


fcrttfcy. N. W. 

B sir. E. J. 

BoUBlOB. H. C. 

ESi/i- « 

176. ISA. ISS, 187 Bom. T. P. 

ioidl, J. A. 


1307-Bo»an:R,E. ' 




Bair, HmryA. 177.178 


B alsdell. B. H. 

Bower.' a! M. 


ake. Cha>. 

Bowtr! W. C. 


iariai,.S.M. 736.759 

B ake. E. M. 


toiy. Charla F. 37 


BalK.I. E. 


taiv, E. H. n 



ak«l«, AusUii 

Bowie 1 H', R.' 


Bmr, H. C. 


Blake«lee. D. A. 

Bo»l«. D. M. 


toi>-. H. H. 


BlakcslK, Irwln 


BowUn. M. A. 

S:!r«. ■■» 

1 27 

laknlw, Robot B. 


Bowlua, Thos, H. 

1 04 

Blakinger. L. 


Boisiai. ju. G. 

Bowman) A. W. 





Bmim™. W. 1. 



BmraiHl, p. A. 

Bowman! T. h' 

anki I.' 

Bozton, E. M. 




anknet, G. C. 

bScTw, H. 963 


1 73 


Boyd, John H. 




Bt^d. John T. 

Bnld.W. N. 

aquiu. E. J. 

Boyd 0. T. 

BmridK, J. B. 


BoJa: R. H, 


Bibb. C. E. 




Boyd. Wm. B. 1289 


Bibby, C. 

inn, K. D. 

B-tkd. Paul S. 

ish, J. K. 
1 ias, fenas W. 1052 



Bfckoibacb. H. L. 


Bfdmy. ChwlM 


ocher. A. 


BoykJn, R. M. ' 


B.:Hori, E. C. 

BockbMget.H. F. 

Baylao, Mattbew R. 

BKUocd. W. M. 

B odgett. E. A. 

BitkbuB, D. F. 



Boyle, J. P, **" 


Bt^.Wano. 823 



Boyle. Samuel G. 


BjddH.A. I. 

oom. BniM 


Boyle, Samuel T. 



Boyles. W. A, 1065 

Bid. E, H. 

Boynaon, B. F. 




oMom. F™cIb 


ouin. J. C. 
lunk. AdoU 


Bracken" 'e. 'p. ' 

Bbhuh, John 


Bracken. T. J. 



Brackenridge. J. C. 
BTUCkenrldge, W. A. 

B«y. Had»D R. 






Bracket t, W. S. 

Bhiflon.«8 H. 

ock. E. 1. 

Bmdbun^. C. R. 

Satlow, E. S. 3Z 

oden, Ttioa. 



Biduai. Elik O. 


odine, S. T. 



Wlliartt, F, E. 

oehmF.J. 1220 


Bradloid. Frank H, 

Billing, ,M. 

w«), Jullui 

fllUiIKS, C. p. 

Bradlee, Henry & 

,„. ^1202. UOS, 

0E3.d,^. T."' 

125, 408. 409 

Mirn. E. S. 


BogardiH. Marvin J. 


Bradley. A. C, 



ogue. J. L. 


Bradley. A. 5. 

Bradley B. A. 

BiBinpl,y, J. w. 


95, 411a, 576 

Bil,.u, Wjltc. T. 

oileau. W. E. 


Bradley, F, W. 
Bradley. Luke C. 




1084. IIUO. 101. 


lolden', E, L. 

1103. 1104. 105, 

Binllty. Ki.j. 

olcn, N-W. 608.614 

1107, 1108, 111 


ollin. Frank 

Bradley. Ralph R. 


Blfck. Cbarln 

Bradley. V. j. 






oil. Walter C. 




oltoo. C. H, 


Bradner, Geo. H, 


N,W. M, 


onfield. J. J. 

Bradnet H. A. 


onnet, D. 

Brady. Arthur W. 

gl^BU. Otia 


Brady . G. 




M^tiJwra. H. 


Brady. . M. 


ooker. R, M. 

Brady. Peter 



Bragdon, Ray 

™tii^C.''B, " 

' 52C 

Bramble B. E, 

BBtiti. Howud 


looth. Gardner E. 
tooth. J. 

166, 209, 210, 229 


"!>, C. H. 

&:i-/c-. •'"■ 

oothe. Gardner L. . 


Bramietle,'j. m! 

BfU-Jp, Gwrge T, 




Branch. Ben 

Bitop. S. A. 

otiei. J, J. 
orKlale. /. C. 


nrandon. H, M. 


"l^.T, E. 

Borton, Fred S. 

Branger, Uon 




Bran,^, D. P. 


os^nberrj-.J. M. 

Branson, H, 

OBler. C. H, 


Bramober, C. P. 

Bosma^^Wd "« 

Brauer. George U, 


Bo8lkk.H.Tully 1103 



Boslwick. C. E.. Jr. 

911, 963.986, 990 




Braun. Math. 

»l»ck*rar, I^' " 

Bravo. FrandKO 


Botls. L. W. 


Bray, A. J. 488.49 




Broiu, Feed 124?a 
BieckiDridire, Richard 162 
Breckinridge. W. L. 

Bndlan, Fred 
BrHdEd, H. C. 
Br««ier. L. W- 
Brddenbach. Win. F. 

1109, 1 
Bidthaupt. W. H. U 

Brice. W. R. 
Brtckns. George 
Brldgeie. 5. S. 
Bridges. C. W. 
Brid«», J. B. 
Briggs. C. A. 
Brirai, C. H. 
Bciggt, E. H. 
BilWB. F. S. 

Biiusl H. D. I 

Briggi. James 
BriUey. P. J, 
Brindley. A. R. 
BriakshoS, A. D. 
BrinUey, R. J. 

Britter, C. E, 

Broadbrad, S. B. 
Broadh-ad, Wm.' 

Brobeck, H. 
Brtikaw. J. V. 
BroraeU, A. L. 
Bromley, G«d. T 
Bromley. H. W. 
BrODBell, G. G. 

Bronson! Miles 
Broolie, Chatles : 
Br-ioka, A. P. 
Brooks. A. W. 
Brooks, Chailee i 
Brooks. F. W. 

uo! i2<>6. 129 

Brooks, Frank W 
Brooks, G. H. 
Brooks. Heniy M 
Brooks. J. P. ' 
Brooks. Nathan I 

9, TbOB, R. 

i. Wallet W. 

Brooki. TA_ 

Brooks, Win, H. 
Broome. J. F. H 
Braphy. J. M. 
Brosius. J. T. 
Brotbets. Oscat C. 
Brovn. A. D. 

Brown! B. r'. 

Brown. Baiter L. 

Brown. Chailes 

Brown, H. A. 
Btown. H. B. ,12( 
Brown. H. H. ' 
Btown. H. O. 
Blown. H. S. 
B rown . Harry J. 

Brown! j' G. 

Brown! l! Newiin 
Brown, j. P. W. 
Brown, j. R. 
Brown. J. W. 770, 
Btown, James 93; 
Btown. James Crosby 
Brown. Ja.. R, 

bJJUS; l" G. 

Brown. L.H. 

Brown. L. M. 254. 27S 

Brown. L. R. 

Brown. N. H. 

Brown. Waiter M. 117 
Brown. Wm, F. 
615, 6K. e.S2, Tie. 711 

Brueck, Karl C. 
Btumleve, H.'b. 

Bryan, H. F. 
Bryan. Waiter 
Bryon, E. A, 
Bubb, W.B. 

Bucher. J. H. 
Buck. John A. ' 

Buckman. H. H. 

254, 275, 28S. 286 
Buckner. M. N. 42S 

Budd. Biitton I. 

176. 184. 185. 187, 190, 

475. 476. 477, 4 

Bullork, C. C. 370 

Bullock. G. W. 159 

Bullock, Geo. 

632. 643. 946. 9«7 
Buloin, Thoa. W. 46 

Bumo, Milan R. 

7. 478. 479. 480 

BntBess, J. E. 547 
Bureis. E. W. 361a, 361b 

Burk, W. H. 327 

Burke, George W. 262, 351 

Burke, J. 482 

Burke. Martin E. 68 S 

Burkholder, J. 812 

Burks. Charles 212 

Burley, W. 620 

Burnett, C. H. 48 

Burnham, C, G. 1062 

Butnham, P. H. 512 

Burnbam, S. H. 561, 562 

Bums! W. R. low 

Bumtramr. W. K. 1169 

Button, E. O. 

Buscb, Miss A. B. B3J 

Buscber, A. L. 1218 

Busey, Robert J. IM 

Bush. D. A. I0B2 

Bush. Henry 352 

Bush? Irving T. 6M 
Bush. S. S. 145, 525, 1070 

Buah,W. T. 1158 

Bushnell. F. A. 311 

Butcher. James H. 

Buttetwonh, Wm. 
ButUer. J. M. 
Butttlck. Stcdman 
Butts. J, W. 



Catley, R. F. 205. 210, 233 



Bylo. AxteU J. 


Caril, D. S. 


ByHesby. H. M. 


Chambers, J. T. 
Chamber!, Roy 

c" wll; a"^ 


Bmm. H. E. 


Carlton. W, G. 


Chand t. Percy M. 

Byid, A. S. 


Chand er. G. W. 

Byme. C. M. 

Cornesie, J. 

Chandcr. J.C. 

Bjnip. D. 

Chand er. P. M. . 


Byrne. J. A. 



Chandonnet. A. 

Bfiod. Frederick S 

Me. G. B. 

C n, Oliver 


Cadle, C. L. 

C A. O. 


.728, 741, 7iO 


Carpenter. H. R. 

C F. E. 

Ody. A. H. 

Carpenter, John H, 

C»dy, Win. 

C Geo'Jge A, 






i .'■c"-..V 



C^ni }'. E. S. 736 

Catrl Henry P. 

Chapman, C. F. 

Can. S. D. 849,851 




Carr. S. H. 

Chapman, E. T. 10 

Calahan. C. L. 

Carrera, Pastor 

Chapman, George A. 

Calbeck, F.J. 

Carriclc. K. K.. 

476. 477. 478, 479 



Cartico, H. ' 


Chapman & Graham 


Caidwcll, A. B. 


Carrigan, Harry A. 

Charles. M. G. 

Caldwell. C. A. 

Chase. B. L. 

CarroU, I°W.' 
Carroll, Ldgh 

Chase, Charles 


Caldwfll: J™li 


Chase Chas. W. 


Cikl*ell. V. 

Carroll. Raymond G. 

Chase, Frank 

Cale. R. A, 

Callahan. D. Guy 

Caraonl J.' 

Chase! J.C, 


CarMn. Wni, A. 

Chase. P. H. 


CsUahan. W. C. 

, JS7 

Chase, R. E. 

Callender, D. E. 

Chavel. C. A. 634. 635 

Callery. Jaa. D. 

Chenard, D. 


CaratenUn, j. ' 


Cheney. C. M. 


Calllhan. D. Guy 



S J 

Cheney. Chas. A. 


Calloway. C. W. 



Chenney. L. P. 

Calloway. W. B. 



Cherry, E. G. 

Calvert. Harry S. 

Cherry, J, M. 


Cambria Trust Co. 

Carter, R. V. 

12 : 

Cherry, J. R. 


C™*!. J. P. 

Carter, Thomas 1. 

Cherry, T. C. , 
387, 623. 750a, 75 

Cameron, Robert 

Carter. Wilbur A. 

Camtbell, A. D. 


Carthey, F. E, 

2 1 

Chen^r. J. C. 


Campbell, A. Me, L. 

Cartwright.W.Y. 350 

Chesiney, B. R. 


Carveth, Mark 

Chetham. H. A. 

Caeasus. Joaquin D. 

Chevannier. Francisco 1314 

Case, Fr^ T 

Chew, Robert B. 




Cheyne. Thomas 

6948. t002, 1003 


Casey, W.M. 11 

Childs, Arthur E. 4J4. 435 



CsMy, Wm. 

ChiJds, Frank 







Casltey, G. H. 

ChUton. J. E. 

Cass. C. D. 

3 7 

Chlabee. E. 


Cass. J. F. 
Cans, L a 

ChiBhoim. Edw. 



Chisholm. F, C. 


CunSbdi. Malcolm C 

Cassldy. John H. 
CasBidy. M. E. 

Chishoim. James 
Chisholm, W. J. 

CampbeU, Milton 

Cunpbdl. R. B. 345 

Casteleiro, Segundo 

473. 85 


Castle. G. P. 


Chitty. A. M. 

Campbell. W. L. 198 

Ca«le, K. B. 


CandM, Leverett 

Castle, L. A. 

Choan, H. M. 

Caatleman, J. G. 
Castner, Frank L. 



W. 46S?'4;i,'472 

Canfidd. J. F, 

Castro, Kinesto 

135, 601. 714, 998. 


CaniH). Bautiwa 

Castro. R. 

Cann. W. E, 

475 476 477.478 47 





£Hf V 


Christie, Georse T. 
Christie, W. McL. 

Canning; W. E. 



Cannon. J. M. 



Christopher, C. L. 


Cantlln, A. H. S. 


Chriatophet. Chas. 


Cantrell. D. H. 



QaHle. J. £. 




165. "166, I'JO," 195 


^pdi.. F. W. 


Cvd. John 

Caye, GeoiEe W. 499 
Caywood, George 
Ceely. G. T. 


CHdiff. R. L. 

1^6 ' 

Carc^^'ha^- H. 


Cepetlev. T. H. 

Cbumley. J. M. 


ChurcUll. A. A. 

C«ey. Howard J- 

Claflln, Adams, D. 

Cari., f. P. 

Chalm<ia, C. E. 


Qaggett, C. E. 




Cariberg, Wm. G. 


(■lietoB. Murray 54 

Chambers, C. H. 

398. 42 


Cukton, PhiUp G. 


Chambe.., F. C. 312,313 

Clapp, Harold W. 

14 Cochiui. Garrett 
3 Cocairau. Hoiace J. 
Cochran. J. W., Jr. 

736, 758. 759. lOSl 

940, 1038, 103« 

6 CoBOlly, Jomea T. 

'7 CockingB, G. E. 

Clark, Herbert L. 


k. L, H. 

Clark, \ 


3tlS. ' 

557 C 

6 Conway. G. R. G. 131 
6(Conwa¥, J. T. 401,41. 

7 Cook, C. A. 44: 
9 Cook, Chaa W. 26. 

2 Cook, E. S 78 
b Cook. Eugene 91- 
■1 Cook, F, C. 2. 
~ "ooL, G. W. 21, 
. _ook, I. M, 761 
a Cook, O. 541 

Cooke, Charlefl D. 591 

6 CoolidW m'. A. ' 1141 

5 Coons, Ctaarlea A, 61; 
■1 Cooper. C. P. 1261 

6 Coopet, F. 881 

7 Cooper. F.M. Il6f 
9 Cooper, H. A, II7J 
6 Cooper. H. H. 1201 

5 Cooper. H. W. 1274 
9 Cooper, O. W. 763 

6 Cooper, R. L. 248 
5 Cooper, S. E. 48 

3 Cope. F. R. 1207 
2 Copeland. T. B. 140 
2 Copley. C. H. 551 
S CoppeU. Arthur S59 

1 Corbett, C. K. 510 

Chuk. Walton <>82, 1055 
Clarke, A. J. 12S9. ]'— 
Clarke, F. C. H 

Clarke, Farley G. 1 

Clarkt, Fred. C. H 

Clarke, G, H. 12i 

Clarke, J. L. 
Clarke, Wm.L. 116, 
ClarkHD,. Gordon & I 

ColliDB, DenrlB 




Clay.' C, h! 22B. 22Se 

Clay, H. T. 14! 

Clayton, J. Paul 212, 22^ 
ClaytOH, W, G.- 1146, llSf 

Clayton, Wm. 57, S8 
Claiton, Emeet 
Cleu, Harrie P. 

ColUns, J, F. 4; 
Collins. L. W. 

Collins] O.'e. ' 


-. C. 

9,811,812 C 

1, H. M. 1038. 1039 

.4 Comini, Hoii 
3 Cornish, A. V 

4 Corona, Baldon 

Za»grove, V 
[^pove, V 

Cleveland. J. A. 

Cleveland. John L. 109Oa C 


CUffoed, Geo. H. 

« Couch. H. C. 
3 CougbUn. W. C 

i. 652', 687, 716, 710, 

Cloeo, Fred 
Clougb, D. !. 
Clunla, F. G. 

9 Conklin. L, H. 805a. 1013 C 

™nell! L™ 

376. 378, J80, 3 
Cobleali, Emery L. 

395. 1031 C 



BM. 873;e 
:uniiiiiDgi, Roy 319 D 

lumUnehaiD. C. R. B20iD 
Junningham, E. R. SSl.D 
CunninEham. P. J. SOO.D 

hfocd'.clM. 16 
"*Md. Edw. T. 
"" ' d. H. C. 

'iXai. J.'e. ' 
ruftml, John B. 
wtrnd, L. R. 

CftwUui, L. P. 
?"»1b". H. F. 
C"™. Frank 
Crew, L. W. 

Wy.HuihE. 1016 

CnptC.IT 112,223 

CnjcoB. Rodman E. 631 
Criipjn,J»clson 898 

CnipiB.E.W. SW 

Curran, D. D. 

;uiTie, Cbarlffl 
;urrie. J. A. 
:uiT», W. L, 

Curtunan, A. J. 

CurtisI C. C. 
Curtb. E. S.. Jr. 

Cronltiili, M C £60 

c™int. T. W., Jf, 
. , W», 912 

Craiii, C. H. 298 

CraijB>, Rob[, 889 

^Lnirty, E, A. SIO 

tmbv, Edward C. 
f._^ «S,S71,1140 

u««iy, Ceocje H. 235 

C™,i.F, ■ B!! 

^1. h!^.*' 494 

^JOWU.L. H, 138,139 

t'wffl.R.W. 116.119 

^nwlty, C. J 982a 
C'wify, H. J. 

Jj;'. SSa, 597, 813, 840, 

^H, StiJph. 

bmu, Stephen 
Wb. Rom W, 

^"*o, Con. P. 
"»non, C, U. 

Daniels. E. N. 5 

Daniels. F. M. 4 

Doniele, T. R. H. 2 

Danvera. W. K. 8 

Dannaleadt. Jacob ' 7 
Damley, F. 1259, 12 
Dbitow, F. T. id 

Dartt, H.N. 10 

ddun. George W 646 

D'Aelh, E. K, H. 

Daily. C. M. 
Daily, Dan 

*y, S.H. 

n. Frank M. 


Dales. James S. 
Daley, Patrick 
Dalgleiah, R. H. 
Dalhaus. Cbas. 
Datley, John 
Daliow. C. H. 

3'Davldeon, J. E. 
a Davidaon. Join. 
5 DavideoD, Lon S. 

8 Davidaon, W. H. 

1 Daviet, J. Vipond 

2 Davis, Cba«. H, 
6 Davis, Curtis 

7 Davia, Em«ac H. 
>9 Davii. F. M. 
14 Davis, Frank A. 
.6 Davis, G. T. 

5 Davia, G. W. 

6 Davis, Geo. A. 

« DavisI H. A. ■ i 

Davis, H. E. 
2 Davie, H. L. 

Dairy rnple, 


7 Day'. H. G. 
O Day, Henry S. 

2 1 Day! JOM 
3 Day. L. f 

S5S Day & Zimmermani 
1139 952. 94 

459 Deal. E. C, 
402'DeviB. W. J. 
iDrarlng. F. H. 
)2. 614iDeasy. J. F. 
1270 de Bert. W. G. 
374 DeCamp, A. L. 
497 DeCuop, Samuel 





de Cima Arthur 


Dieterlch, Cbaclea F. 

Doyle. Edward J 

l«8a. 193 

deCima, Robert 


Doi-lS F. J. 

745. U07 

Decker. E. W. 


Doyle, i. J. 


I>ecker, Wm. . 


Dieti.C. C. 

Doyle, J. S. 

679. 6SS 

Dedge. G. G. 



Doyle^ iltichael 



Doyle, R. H. 


rali: w "■ 


Doyle. Richard 


Diuiard, Dr. B. F. 

Doyle, Wm. L. 

Dejener. O. H. 

896. 921. «22 

DuiSS: s"e. 

Drahdm, H. J. 


Dwrange^ jMeph H. 

DiJworth. Read. G. 



Dimick, Grant B 


Drakel s"a. 

de H^rth; Gerald A. 

Diaper. Waitii A. 791. 79* 

deHera., P«lro 


Dr^en. Wm. 


Deinenger, H. W, 



Drew, Pitt F. 


Ddter, J. S. 

Drew, W. J. 



Dion, A. A. 

Dreiler, N, E. 

Delabarre. Arthur P. 


Dion, A. H. 


Drill. A. 


de [a G«r™. Juan F. 


Driskell. W. B. 

DelaJiouBsaye O. 


Di«m, B. E. 


Dr omi' H*. V. 

Dixon. Alves IHW 


DIxDD. Geo. D. 

"7 Drum. Frank, G 



Diion. JameB 



88 37 

. 37,^, 380. 

Delano. W. E. 

DbSS" w"!" "■ 

de La 0»a, J. F. 

Delaroderie, R. A. 


Doao.' Cheater C. 


66, 1172B 

DelUgan. Barnard 

Dobbin. G. B. 

Drammy. J. 

Dellone. Louis ■ 


Drury, V. M. 

Deloitte. Flendei. Griffith 

Dodd. O. W.' 


Dubee. Patrick 

199. 1300 



Du Boise, Alfred 





Duck, John J. 


DohWty. A. i^. 

172, 173. 

178, 186 

DeMart. F. W. 

Dobeity. Henry L. 

Doff. BenJ. R- 


394, 523, 696. 697 

Duffey. J. E. 




Duffey. Joa. A. 

Demon. R. T. 

Doidge. C. E. 


Duffey. Edwin 

Demp«ey. John t. 




Denlmier, W. H. ' 

Dolan M. 

Duffy. J. A. 




Dole, George P. 

Duffy. 1 E. 


Dole. J. G. 

Duffy. Jno. 


325, XI, 309, 310 

Dolezal. G. W. 

Dugan. C. P. 



Domby, H. E. 

Denman. E. P. 

Donahue, B. F. 



Denman, MUs Eva L 

Donahue. E. S. H. 


Duke. J. B. 


DeaQey, W. G. 

Donahue, Jamea P. 


Dami.. Jas. H. 


Donaldson. W. B. 

Dulaney. B. L. 



□ulaney. Fred. 


Donecker, Harry C. 

Dulick. John H. 


Dunbar, W. C. 



1 ii 

Dunbar, W. D. 

De«ns. F. L. 

Donnelly; K. V. 

Dunbar. W.K. 


de Sola Meads, A. 


DonneUy. T. B. 965 


Duncan. A. R. 

DeSomben. Charles 

Donohiie. J. J. 

Duncan. B. Wall 

r 394,680 

Donovan, CD. 

Detricfc. G. F. 


Donovan, J. C. 

Dunon) George F. 196 

Devane. W. C. 


Donovan. John E. 

Duncan. John 


Deraoey, John 


Duncan. Joseph 


Doreraui, E. A. 

Dunham. C. A. 


Devaeaui. E. M. 


Dunham. Geo. H 



Dooley. J. T. 


Dunham. L. L. 



Dunham, R. J. 


Devlae, Thomu 

Dooley! Timothy F. 

Dunham. Wm. R. Jr. 759 

Devine, W. J. 

Dooliltle, C. F. 

Dunham. Wm. 


De Voe. H. C. 


Dortand, 'Gilbert G. 


Dunhill. J. 19, 2 

De Voe. H. E. 

550. 5Sl. 610. 

Dewey, &'. H. 

DQileyiiA. F. 
Doty, Clark 

Dewey. Frands H. 

Doty, Wm. A. 

Dunklei, G. B. 


X)9. 3Wa. 438. 4S7 



Du.iUp, C. E. 

Doud. C. H. 

Dmdap. F. B. 


Doud. Charlea 

Dunlap, E. G. 


DeKet^, Foireat F. 

Doud, Wm. 

Duidap. G. W. 

1171. 1172. 1172a 

Dougherty. T. C. 

Dunlock. George M. *» 

Diaz. Mi^ 

1 4 



Dunn. E. J. 


Douglas. E. P. 

711. 713 

Diaa. Paulino 

Douglas, J, S. 
DoiSli ft. H. 

oSn"; h"a. 

965a, 991 

Dick. J. Lee 



Dick. J. N. 

1 9 

Douthirt, W. F. 



Dlcke, H, F. 

Dover, G. W. 

Dunsworth, Morris 131 

Dickey, L. J. 


Dovfey, M. J. 

. 617 

Dickey. Sol. C. 


Dow! Steriiag T. 



Dickie. J. M. 



Dickie, Jamea 

Dowdell. W. E. 

duPont. E. M. 


Dowell, G. H. 

Duran. Franolsco 

^kson; Edg^r J. 


Downing. D. J, 79 

Duran. Joat 






Duraat, Fred 
Dure. L. S. 



Durell, C. M. 


Downs.: R. S. 


Durle. Daniel 


lener, L A. 


Dows, Sutherland C. 


203. UM 


leterieh, A. E. »1. !M 

Doyle. E. P. 

Durkee, W. P. 


DUton. A. G. 80S>. 811 


791, 794 

vsnt. M. D. 63 

. Ml 

DOT, A.B. 


Elliott. VraUam 

VHoa, M. L. 


Duval!. J. B. 
Dw»U, W. C. 

vaoa. Powell 


vaS R. R. 

Dnr, A.W. 


214. 122! 

van*, a J. 

Dsindlc, W, A- 


vans, T. W. 


Dvycr. Dennis 

van., W. H. 55a, 78. 233 

runrn. John 

Euii," a. W. 



D(.yer. W. 


EUia, T. M. 


Dwy«. W. D. 

EUi.. T. M. Jr. 

verett, A. L. 


D;er. S. 

Ellison, Jbs.H. 
EllBWOTth. E. M. 




Eliawoith, H. E. 


vera. Hairy 

Kadie. B. G. 72 


E raer. J. O. 
Elmer. Wm. 


verta, & Ewlng, 

EaE«, B, C. 29 


Eaitart. J. H. 

E sey. Chan. 

wing, Adlaj. T. 

Eail. Guy C. 

eS^.w. H. 1 

Eari. William 


Eiton.l,C.Jr. 19 

2.3 14. 5 2t 


Earling, H. B, 

E vini. Politte 

wing. S. H. 1257. 


Early, C. E. 35 

E ward, J. F. 

yke. Walter 


Eaily. Wm. 

E win. E. H. 

E^ler. J. E. 

Eaner. R. L. 


Ely, E. S. 




Eyamant J. 1_ ' 

Eanman, M. W. 

588, 597, 895. 


EatoD. A. J. 619, 71 

9g2a. 1009. 1 

46, 1158 

Eaun. H. 1 



Faber. Edwin C. 

Eat8ii: H. D. 


Emanuel. Albert 

Fach. C. 


Fagan. C, A. 


Faganl J»mes 


meraon. Ralph W, 797 

Fagoaga. Fernando 

672, 67 J 

merwii. W. R. 

Eavai. J. E. 





Eberbach, L. F. 

mwt. John G. 

Fahneatock. James F 

Ebwhart, Wm. E., Jr 

Fahmsy. Chaa. Z. 


Ebrenz. J. E. 
Elw. O. fa. 

SSJ; H. A.' 


Fairbaim. R. h. 



mmert. W. B. 


Farrchild, J. R. 
Faitborn. H. G. 

E^ R. N. 


mmon., C. D. 



Eby, William 

Falcone.. R. C. 


Ecda. L. R. 

S3lt'A' ''■ 

640, 64: 

Falkner. J. C. 

Ecd«. Royal 

Faller. GuyW. 

Eckmann, F. C. 


ndia, Ha^ld D. 


Faller. J. A. 

Fctroad, E. D. 

nfors, G. L. 

" "lit,. 184. IBS. IS 

Edbauer, John 

ngei, L. L. 


Eddy, G- Altrrf 


ngland. Cfaas. 

12 5t 

Fant. O. H. P. 

Eddy R. E. 


tigland. Fred 

Fant, R. T 

Ed^. B.C. 

iniland R. H. 

Farley. F. M. 


HEle. Frank 



Edcar. E- M^K^^ 


nElehardt. A. H 

EdS^: Henry tT 

nllehart. j. L. 


Famhara. L. M. 

ngliah, Arthur 

Famaworth, John P. 


Edgcomb, E. I. ■ 

Faiduhai. Al!an 


Edgerly, C. B. 

nn^.'A P. 


uriKht, Jm. M. 


fS^.Te."^ "^ ^' 


iiBiKn. J. T. 


Fananaon. H. A. 

Edmonds, F. D. 

nykett, H. F. 

Farrar. F. A. 


Edmonds. W. F. 

Farrdl. F. L. 


EdmuDda, WUIiam M 


ppler. wTe. 


Edwards. Allen F. 


73S. 75 

475, 477, 47 



Fanell, W. B. 


Bdwardi, C. A. 

Farrer. L. L. 


Erickaoo. C. J. 

Farri.. E. M, 

Bdwarda. Elviu N. 

Erlach, P. A. 

212. 12. 

FatToll, A M. 

Edirard>.MlH Grace 


Erlenborn. A. J. 

Farwell, F. E. 


Fasoldt. C. E. 622. 754 

Etao. C. W. 

iJSnTc "■. ^' *^ 

Fast, C. C. 824, 839 

E(vi. S. A 

EmM F. P. 

Faulk. George H. 


Eggeit, Mm 


Ertetl, H. C. 


Faulkner. L. B. 

Efolf . J. F. 


Erwin. C. 

Faulh. G. A. 


Erwin. George 


Favieao. A H. 


Eichert, Josepb 






Fay. A. R. 


B^Aman. Charlw 

Fay, Aimer G. 



ISger.^S^ W 

Fearman. Geo. D. 


Elmer, A. B. 

Estabrook, G. L. 


Feather. R, J. 

EiMnbaur. G. 


201. 202. 203. 

205, 886 

Fehr. H. R 

EWer. L. M. 

8 2. 893, 92 

Eldrldfie. E H. 


Enes, S. j. 

Febf, W. R. 893, 920 

Electric Bond & Shart 


Eil^. W. H. 

FeiBt, C. M. 


1 36 

Ettinger. George 


Feldhake. . M. 


Etheridge. Harry 


Fell. F. T. r.. 

EUtroan. John D. 

Evans. Alfred M. 


EUiarresta. Ednrard 

1 2 

163, ' 6A 

Feller. Wm. rf. 

^Sk^-i w 


739, 8( 

Felton. LG. *"'' "^ 

Evaml D. L. 

ElUnE*^o. j. W. 

Evan. E. T. 

Etttott. B. F. 

Evane. F, C. 


Elliott, B. H. 

Eva^a, Geo. M. 

Fendig. Albert 


Eiaott, C. E. 

Evans, H. G. 


Fenlmore. C. C. 


EBott. F. S. 


Evan.. lenryHei 

FeoneU. D. L. 

ElHott. Howard 105 

E™lj "" 

Fenno, Jabn A. 


EUioIt. Richard ' 



Feidon. Comeillu. 

FerguMn. A. I. 


Flexner, Bernard 


Freeman M 


FeriH™; H. F. 1290 


Flint, L, E. 


Flowers, H. B. 


Freeman. R. C. 

Floyd, Chas.M. 

Freeman, W, D, 

F<Tguaon! O.R. 

Floyd, H. G. 

Freeman, W. W. 3S0 

Ferguson, V. J. 


Flynn H. 13 

french, Geo. R. 


Ferguson, W. G. 




French, S. S. 


Ferguwn. W. H. 

Freti, D. B. 


Fema]d. B. W. 

Fobes, A. C. 

^iHo, Juan F. 


Femald. C, T. 

FoEUty, James F. 

frew, Harry 

FemBndez. Angel Ava 

703. 715, 1220 

frey, J. J. 


Fohr, Lewi. J. 


Frierwn, Meade 


Feineding: H. L. 


Foley, L. J. E. 

Fnea, Archibald 

Folson, T. C. 

FnpD, W. J. 

Femeding, T, A. 
FemBtl. C. C. 

FolweU. C. W, 


Fntch, Howard F, 

IS-ft-"' "" 

Frtchman, F, M. 

Fr tsch, J. L. 96Sa 

Ferris. W. J.' 

F^,'a.H.' 37 


Fritz, 0. S. 

Fmon, M. J. 

Ford, Chaa W. 


Froelicb & Emery Eng-rg 

Fmy, H. A. 


Ford, D, W. 


Co., , 

Fertig. Willis K. 

Ford, Douglaaa 


From, A. W, 

Frost, D. C, 

Fetherol™'w.' F.' 

Ford! Edmond Geo. 

Frost, F. W. 

Feuer., H. C. 


Ford F. M, 

Frost. Frank G. 


Feuatel. Robert M. 

Ford. Frank R. 1006 


Frost, Fred 

Frost. H. E. 

Fidel, "a!' hI 


Frueauff, Frank W 

Field, A. J. 


13 i A 


132, 520, 523. 541 


Field. Henry P. 

696: 697. 767. 85 

m/e. C. E. ' 



FJe R. H. 

t BC 

Fry, E, S, 

Fifer. C. 1. 


Foreman, W, L, 28 

, S6 

Fry, Norman 


FUlmore. W. J. 

Forman. A, 

Frye, A. D, 

Fryhstrand. F, E. 

FiUchl D, m'. 

Fnentea, J. E. , 

Fincte, Charle. E. 

Forrest: jiraea, H. 

Fuhrer M ' 


Findley. R. H. 

Foradick, Charles E. 


Fulcher. W. E. 

Finger. Cha>. J. 

Foise, W, H. Jr„ 249, 289 

Forslhove, J. G. 



Forsyth, 3- A- 

Fuller. F, A. 

Forward, John F. Jr.. 


Fuller, F. I. 

Finn, Wm. 

Finn, Wm. A. 


Finucan, Daniel 


Foster: A. H. 125S 


Fuller: Mortimer B. 

FiKher. A. L. JO 


Foster, Mrs. C. A. 

Fuller, Oliver C. 



Fieh! Henry E. 

Foster, E. M'. 

FuUer! W^i^ p. 

Ftah, Williilon Mia 


FoBter, Edwin 


FullHton, A. S. 


we, 1202, 120S, 

Foster, H. D. 


Foster, J. L. 
Foster, S. A. 


Fieher. A, W. 

'480, 1290 


Foatet, W. B, 

Fullerton, W. G. 

Flaher, D, S. 


Foster, W. H. 


Fullgraf. W. A. 


Foster. W. W. 

Fulton. M. G, 

FiabM.' K^'e. ' 229 

Fowie, Albert L. 

Fiaher, G. T. 

Fowler, E, W, 14( 


Funk, Neil W. 353.35* 



Fowler, F. R. 



Fowler, j. J, 

Furey, Jamea 


Fliher! John ' 

Fumi3a.H. C. 

Hsber, M, M. 

FotCiimal ' 

Fustel, e. E, 

Fiaher. W.C. 


Fo». E. A, 

Fiek. '^'ilbBr C. 


Foi. H. K. 


Gabett, Blaine 


Fisken, J. B. 

Fox! N.'R. 

Gable, Harry 


Fitch, E.C. 

Fitch N- M. 

Fox. Ralph 


Fiti, G, E. 

Foi, Wm. A, 


Fitzgerald, G. L, 

Fraley, C. Bradford 


Fitzgerald, J. B. 

France, J. C. 


Gadsdni, P. H. 

Fitzgerald, J. F. 

Franda,F. M. 1007 

Gagel, Edward 




Fruncis, H. M, 


Gagnon, L. E. 

Fiumautice, R, D. 

Francis, L. L. 


Gahagan, H, 1. 


Fitzpatrick, Wm. G 

Francis, T. E, 

Gail, W. J. 
Gale, A, V. 

476, 477, 478, 479 

Francisco, Fred 

Flaherty, Chaa. A, 

Frank, M, H, 

Gale, B. A. 

Flaherty, Leonard T. 


Franklin. E. E. 


Gale, G. Gordon 

Flanagan, M. W. 

Franklin! Robert L, 


Gale, Henry 


Flanden. Herbert M, 

Gale, Nelsdn E. 

Flanigan, C, D. 

Franklin. W. O. 

Gall. I, R. 

Flatley, M- F. 


Franklin, W, S. Jr.. 

Gallagher, P. 1. 

Fleck. C. 


Franklin. Wirt 


Gallaher, J, E. 


Franz. W. C. 

Callaway, W. 5. 



Fraaer, A. 


Ftasher, L. H. 

Gallwey, H. A- 


Frazee. On-ille 


Galt. Edward 

Ftazler, B, W, Jr., 

Galvani. Wm. H. 


F1™KI; R. J. 

Gal yen. T. B. 


F™llfi:d.?C.' 115 

Gamble. E. L. 

Fletcher. F. E. 


Freeman, E, W. 


Gamble. W. F. 

Fletcher. Tnial&Ssgs. Co., 


Freeman! H. E. 


ctlZway, j, F. 



Gannett. Guy P. 1082 C 

GannOD, Frank A. 51T C 

Gannon. Wm. P. TSlk 

Gano. J. H. 99tiC 

Gansby, H.S. 1IS6.C 

Gantt, S. T. 765 C 

Garcia'. DominEO 13IS C 

Gardiner, A. V. 10 
Gardner.A.L. 176. 1S4,2 

Gardner. Frank 1 1 

Gardner. I.E. 10 

Gardner! WUlaul C. 4 

arlick, li 

t. P. W. 

: GinCer. H. E. 
i Givea. E.C. i: 

Given. H. P. SI 

: GUdwdl, Wilaan & Co.. 

> Gla». O. L. 2: 

1160,Grady. A. W. 

lOSlGraeber, C. G. U 

253'Giai. R. I. 90. 189, : 

S9iGraff, L. E. H 

1182 GraiRB. William ' 

t4, S39|Graflon. H. M. . 

e41iGrahani. C. Meiwyo '. 

391 : Graham. Charles E. I 
918. Graham, E. 


GarriBOn, G. H. 


Galea. John Jr.. 
Galiell, Fianic ! 
Gatley. Chas. 
GauB, J. F. 

f, W.D. 

' Gloviiuier. A. I 
^ Glynn, C. N. 
8 Glynn, W. C. 

133. Gramb, S.W.J. 
1051 Gtandy. C. B. 
1142 Grant, C. H. 
Grant. L.R. 
1202. Granon, M. E. 

975! Graves. 


e67|Graves. W. F._ 

'Gtavett, N. H. 1089 

"■my. Bert 1107, tilt 

iSy, E. H. lis. 233 

Jray, George, H. 401, 537a 
Gray, Jas. K. 2SJ 

Gray & Holt Co. 63 

Greeley. John E. 190 

« G™: a! M. 499 

Gebbart, Henry 
Geelen. T. 
Geer, Geo. W. 
Gehr. John 
GebrlBE, C. F 


H. H. 

I.M. E 

Gentry. R. H, 
Georae, Howard n. 
George. Karl A. 
Georee, Saa'l - 1 

George. W. D. 
Geran, John i 

Gerehart, Thomas i 

Gerhardt, P. L. 
Gerhart, P. F. 
Geringer. J. J. 
Gerke, J. W. 649. 717.: 
Germann. M. L. 
Gerould.D. L. 
Gerry. Louis C. 

GetcheU. W. b'. 

Glbbs, A. W. 

Gibbs. George 652, 718, 

Gibson, H. 1 

Gibson. H. J. 

Gibson, John K. 11 

Gibson, Murray 


S Gordon, F. C. 
i2 Gordon. Fred D. 3 
fl Gordon, J. W. 
3 Gordon, L. Fiank 
Gordon, L. O. 
7 Gordon, Stanton 
9 Gordon-Gordon. Wn 
* Gorman. G. H. 


5 Goasler, Philip G. 
- -43,379,559. 1060. 11 
;tBchalk, E. J. I 

T Gottschalk. Otto 

5 Green, F, *« 
3 Green, Fred J. 841 
1 Green, George E. »S0 

6 Green. I. W. 1086 
3 Green, R. J. >l*9 
8 Green. T. C. 14 
"4 Green. Theodore F. 

8 1050.1051, 1053, 10531 

1 Greene. C. E. 319 

2 Greene, F. A. 975 
5 Greene, Geo. de B. 69 
i6 Greene, George E. 650 

"' 516, 1118. lli;a 
dand, I. A. 1S7, 266 
iland, Sam W. 

2S7, 166 
lough. Wm. H. 1019 

y. Charles E. 383 

Gilbert, D. W. 
Gflbert, E. M. 
Gilbert, Frank. S 
Gilbert, Hatty E. 
Gilbert. Robert 
GUcbrin, John F, 

4 Gribbel. John 
a Gtieat. W. W. 
9iGrIffin, C. O. 

*. 728, 750. 75s!Gtiffi 

1285. 1287, 1289 c 



Griffith.!. B. 




Harper, Jolu. 


Giiffllh. 1. M. 


am. W. F. 11 

Harper. S. W. 


MObletoa. J. T. 

Harper, W. B. 


ETo. E. 

amblin. George B. 


Harper. Wm. J. 

lu^a. E. D. 


amblln, R. N. 

Harra. Earl F. 

ma. H. M. 

17 S 

Harrall, J. E. 


ma. S. H. 


amiltool Frank T. 

Harrlea. G. H. 


lacom. Rodman E. 



HairiBan. J, R. 


GrlewL W. 

Ham ton. G. W. 


Harrill. A. V, 



IBM-. V. H. 


Ham ton. Geo. E. 

Groat. F. H. 



Harrington; Daniel K, 633 

GroHbeck. C. E. 6«9 




Groff. R. H. 6£ 



Grooliett, T. W. Jr.. 



lam ton. W. C. 

Harrill. A. A. 

am ton. W. J. 

Harrla, AUen 

Groover. WiUet 

Harris. C, A. 


G1099, E. W. STO 

am n, C. P. 

Hatri.. Charle. C. 

GroBscup. Fr«d Paul 


am n, Frank W. 

Harris. Chaa. N. 

Ground, j. W. 

Harris, D. W. 

Grove, H. P. 


™Srr;d.C. B. 640 

Harris F, H, 



Harris, F. M. 3 


Gruh^, J. M. 

ammond, Phillip 

Harris, George A. 

Gmhl. Edwin 

Harris. Geo. H. 

T03, 71S, 1210 


Harria. H. H. 

Gnunbine. E. lil. 

ancock. Charles P. 


Harris. H, L. 


ancock. J. A. 


Harris. R. C. 





8 8 

andshy. C. F. 


Harris. T, A. 


Harria & Harris 


tuti. C. D, 

Harrison. B. M. 

; 7 

aney, C. V. 


Harrison, C. M. 

1 s 

anley. E. C. 

anley. H. L. - 



Harrison. H. Roy. 


Harrison. J. S. 




Harry ML. 1 6, 233 

1280. 1288. 


hIS; e; a; 



anna. J. H. 

Hart. H. A, 


annon.I. F. 

Gum! w: R. 

Hart. Loul 

Gunsul. Mu^ey 

Hart. W. S. 110 

Gurley. W. W. 

ansen. H. L. 


Han;e. Chaa. R. 

Guchiie. Iia E. 

aneen, Harry H. 

Harter. Russell J. 

254, ns. 285 


Hartford. A. W. 

Guy. Leonard 

^™; N. P. 


Hart ean. E. F. 

Guy. Lutber 

anshett. Benj. S. 


Hartm, T. N. 

Guyon. AUnd J. 

Hartley. F. H. 


GuJ^. W. H. 200.201 


Hart ey. Wettley 

Gwynn, F. J. 

arbln. H. L. 

ardanay, J.B.' 


Haruoao; C. L,' 

uc. F. E. 


Hartman. H. T. 

a»g, W. G. 

ardenburg, J. L. 

Hartman. H. W, 


aider. J. A. 



1!^«' i™" "' 

Harden. JunmusH. 
aid n. Cbaa. B. 



Hartung, H. C. 

Haitwell. E, S- 



Hartwcll, Harry 

, ¥i 

adley, 'F. W. ' 

Hardng. H, L. 1107 

Jlart!, Wm. 649, 7 


adidl. R. R. 

Hardmg. J. H. 

Harvey. A. A. 

aeckcr, A. H. 

Hard ng. R. M. 13 

Harvey. A. E. 

6SS.6S6. 657 

ard ng. 5. D. 


Harvey, C. H. 



ardwick, G. A. 


Harvey. D. W. 


ageman?;. Au(u*tiiB 616 

ardwiek. S. W. 


Harvey. G, A, 


Harvey. L. B. 

aggas, George E. 

^Z'. F™k I. 

Harvey. S, R. 

Hagy, J. R. 


ardy. George E. 486 

Harvey. W. C. 

, i*i 

Hahn. Charles 

aidy. John G. 228 
ardy. L. P, 

Harvie. W. }. 61 


ahn. Fred J. 

Harwood. Sidney 


lISi'.'HMry A. 788 


are! Geo. A. 

399, 399a. 438, 45 


aK. S.B. 

Hasbrouck. A. 


aring. A. B. 92 

Hascall. C. A. 


alel J.'w'. 

HaakeU. Lewis Uart 

H&le. W. R. 

arkneat. L. A. 

Haskins, B. D. 106ii 

laley, Wm. 


arlan, F, P. 9 


Haasard. Kendall B. 


alL C. A. 

arley. H. E. 

Haaseler, C. M. 

all, E. T. 

alley, W. H. 

Hastings. Geo. V. 

lall. F. D. 

arman. Kinney 

Hatcb.^. A. 




annan R.A. 

Hatch. Chaa. M. 



armon. James 

Hatch. P. L. 


254, 275. 28 


Hatch. W. S. 

aroon. John O. Jr, 

Hatfield. S. W. 

lalJenbeck! H. D. 


armon. Wm. F. 


^et. F. L. 79 


Hallerorth, H. J. 

Hauik. A. 

allet. Edw. 

87 1 

Hauck. Le«i» J. 

Halley, J. H. 

allWay, R. B. 


nlltM. A. 6. s. 

HaUiner. G. C. 



Havens. Roy T. 






aan. Elmer P. 




Ul M 


HnUker. C. W. 


3 1 



Hmke. G. T. 



U, Robt. C. 

Hs-S;. C. L. 


enkel. Edu'ardo 

13 7 

dl. T. G. 

Hairkfae. M. S. 2S1 

enaeMy, D. W. 


111. Thos. F. 


Bawldiu, N. H. 

dl. W. J. 


Hiwkms, W, C. 1162 


Ul. W. W. 

H.wta. Charl« W. 

lis, L. J. 
Ilyer. V. S. 

iluka. S. S. 


Eiwlsy, Henry 

enroBe.'C. E, ' 

nchliB, E. L. 


enry, A. C. 

ndee. H. D. 

Hir, A.'h. 91 

enry. A. L. C. 

mda, J. N. 

H,y ThomuA-H. 


enry. A. M. 


mdB. Thomas G 

Hw, W. O. 896. 92 

hiea, Joseph C. 


Msyden C C 

toa c A 

eiuy! Charles L 

nie,' K. A. 

Kf-E. 1290 


enH- J. M. 


nWey. Miss Mary 

HifM, J. H. 

enry, J. 0. 

inkley. Mrs. Mary M. 738 

enahaw, F. V. 








ipple. Heiiy' 

Haygood. C C 


isserick, L. 

Harlow, J . H. 
HivaeB. D. C. 

enmn. G. A. 


itchock, Wm. H 


enaoQ. How^ 

i«m, H. R. 


Hayne.; L. C. 1S8 




S^ley. h: L. 

Hws.Ch»s. ""'™ 

eredia. Alberto 


oag. C. A. 

eriuge. H. K. 

622. 638 



erkert. Fred Jr. 

abblns, J. R. 


Bsdrl^. S. P. 

erken, Fred Sr. 



H^i^'^ari« W 


39S. 42 

err, H. N. 

ochwalc, E. A. 


Had, C. S. 


enell. S. J. 




enlck, Robt. S. 


ocker. W. S. 


Had! W. B. 

enin.W. F. 

41, ?2 

Hold, E. A. 

erring. W.C. 


Kktoi. W. 

Haly, F. A. J9 


odges. H. B. 

6S2. 718 

H«dy: R. E. 


odEes, P. F. 


Heam. Geo. A. 

ershey, I. H. 

odgin, L. B. 

Ham. H. B. 

odgklns. H. W. 

Hearn, J. H. 

odgkins. W. J. 


Hffllh^ E. B. 


esa. cWleaT. 

off^n, C. E. 

H«lh J.A. 

ess, L. E. 

oilman, Chan. P 

Hetaer. C. N. IM 

eaa, L. W. 

2 i 

oilman. E. A. 

HsUer, F. 

ew, 0. W. 

oflman. H. H. 


HecfK, W. H. 

esse, E. E. 

oflman, J. 

hSs. J. c. 

oflman Lewis 



oflmann, F. D. 

Hrfier. S.c!""''* 





euy.Eis. ' ' 

™«, Jamea E. 

ewett, F. A. 

274. 276 

ntBna, M. 


eydon. Edward 




eyworth. J. 0, 


a«. J. W. 


HdniLickei. Fred 

Hdnbokd, F. 

bbardi M. L. 
bbin. Harold J. 

10 7 

HUndLe, Wb. A. UI. tl3 

Honemaim. Wm. F. 

ekes-, J. D. 

g S 

Haabe. L. H. 320. 483. 487 

ctey, John H. 




HdamBn, Joseph 


ale. Chaa. B. 

2 2 

ole. L. H. Jr. 


Hdnir. E. R. 


ckman, G.J. 


ole. R. J. 

Hdi, Fred 

ckok. Joho 

ollar. L. E. 


Hdat Emma 

ckok.Jolm Jr. 1164.117! 

3 5 

Hcfana. Jacob 486 

cka, rierman E 


2 8 

Held. Clis. 


Ck8 J. W. 

oUien; W. A. 

Hdfrick, L. C. 

=kB W.J. 

11 ( 

ol big;. A. 1 

Hdltrman. Geo. K. 


0I is, AUen 

411tt, 576 

HdlDiai., A. T. 

ggma. H. H. 

olUs, R. H. 


Hdlman. I. W. 


11 i 

Hdlnigtl,. G. T. 




Hdm. H. H. 

Rgina. S. D. 

otman. J. F. 


Hoamlna. R. N. 

gglns, W. D. 


olman. PhUip 





olma' C' F 

H™iShott. R. H. 

HigRinson, GeoVg 


olmes! Clyde J. 


Hadmon, C.A. 

Dimes. Geo. 

7. S8 

Hodereon. D. W. 

Hight. Eugene 

'233 omes, R. B. 

Boidenun, E. L. 

Hild, F. W. 

83,86 ome>,W. H. 

Hill, A. H. 

346b: olmes, Gerald 967, 


Hill, C. 

8541 aftein.JobD 


Hmiletwn, G. L. 


699.708 patoclcW, E. 

Hoidermn, . R. 

HadetsOT., ohn J. 


Hiu; G. M. 

itu Vt.^"^. 

Henderson, ohn S. 


HUl. Geo. S. 

oil. Joe 


Hodikki, Theodore 


Hill, George W. 

loltiiaaw. J. G. 

HUl. H. h: 

HUl, Irring 






HUl. J. A. 








{omitul. P. A. 




Dgmwll. L. F. 


ngle. J. P. 

317, 3IS 



oglia, M. M. 

lomald. P. J.*"' ™ 

ngoU. Percy 


728, 741, 7 

0. JS5 

Hueh. A. M. 


ngiam, F. C. 


oober. John A, 


Hughes. A. R. 

nsram. H. 

^ood, H. D. 



ngiam, H. L. 

ood, J. M. Jt. 

Huahes. E. S. 

imia. C. R. 


-od. L. L. 

HSihe^ Ed. S. 


nBaH. Fred W. 


ood, iUlphD. 4 7.S7S 

Hu«b». J. T. 

ontU. Martin J. 

ood. Smith 

11 7 

Hughes, R. L. 


Hughes. Thomas L. ■ 



"l8S; 1StT88, 1884 


ooper. I. J. 

62. 7 


193, 198. 208. 


ooia, CtailM M 

7. S > 

Hull, R. B. <)15.>146 

rland. P. W. 

oovM, C. E. 

7 S 

ooven, Don 



8 8 


64S. 652. 687. 720 


rvin Wm. G. 

SSjm. Fnuik L, 


^opfcill8, L. N. 

iopldns, Wm. 




2 9 

ioppw. H. M. 


Hulnrit. Frank T. 

senberg. F. Blair 

9 7 

oran, M. 

ssacKn. L 




Humbert. Jam« E. 
Humbert, S. R. 




^l>^l. H. C. 


Hume. Arthur C. 624 


Ta.J. Moss 


iom.X M. C. 

: om. W. H. 


Humphrey. J. H. 

Jackson'. C; G. 

: ^Pa'yM. R: M, 


Jackfon. Caleb 5- 

■ MOOT, E. C. 


HuSSi^^'R S. 399» 


Jacksonl F. L. 
Jackson. G. T. 


- omor^ J.'S.' 
Homey, fe. N. 

Hunt, Edward M. 


JackKin. George 



jackBon, H. 


Sort™, Frank 

Jackson: H. F. 

: onon. Thomas 

Hunt! Hkrrir H. 

Jackwn. J. E. 

124. 138. 139, U7 


jBckwra,' olX* 


f ortoB, Wm. H. Jr. 


unt. Hairy L, 


HorwUI, Edward T. 

unt, Henry H. 127 

Jackaon! R. T. 




unt, John H, 

Hoaldns, L. G. 

unt, Raymond 


JaekKin! w! T. 

loekiiu, P. M. 6 



Jacobs. Ed. 


I otaling, R. M. 


untJ: f: j: 

Jacobs. L.L. 


Hott. CharlM E. 

unter, George H. 

Jacobs, W. Fred 

I ouck, C. B. 932. 9 3. 931 

unter, H. F. 


JacobsoQ. L. E. 


Jacoby. W. O. 


i oSlai'd. M.D. 


umer; W. J. 65. 

Jacques, L. W. 



unter. W.L, 1103. 


Jaeger. H. E. 

unlhigton, Clarence 


[ Duaion, Chas. 


Jam™! Harry 

1 58 

1 o;;«o-^ D. W. 

Jam»; N^a- 

Huntington. H. E. 

Jamea. R. A. 

Ho», C. A.""^ 




Huntly, W. A. 

jMSon,"j.'w. 39*. 


n™Ld; ciu»: A. 

Huatooo, J. G. 

438, 457, 454, 


Howard. E. A. 

225. 309 

aro«nski. M, 

Hunttina. H. P, 

arsla. J. A. 



Hupp, Frank L. 177 
Hu3. C. M. 

avieira. Clementi 


effeison. Wm. 

Howard. S.>. ' 

301. 320. 483 

efftlea, G. K. 

Hurd. H. B, 

ellUfe, C, N. . 

, 07 

Hurd, J. C. 783 

enkins, Chas. 


Howe.C.'L.' ' 

HurlbuU. Clintoa 

How.. David A. 

Hutet. H. S. 


Howe, .W. 


Huatii. J. H. 



Howe. u. B. 

Hust«i.A. C. 


IIM. 1172. 


enningi, Edw. 1290 


Howe. Lewie P. 

Hurton, J. C. 

eimi^, H. D. 




emOnOT Henry 

Howd . A. if. 



Howe . A. V. 


Hutchins. J. C. 


Howe . Edward L. 

473. 476. 478. 479 



HoweU, R. H. 1 

18. 20t 


Howe , T. E. 



ewett. C. H. 


HoweU. W. R. 

imbourg. Eucene 


Hower. H. H. 

uttlestom. C. 



Hower. Jay K. 

utton. J. M. 349. 793 


od, J. M. 

Howey. R. 266. 281 


yde. Sr Clarendon C 

728. 741 


Howison. R. C. 



Howiaod. Stanley 


tdm Gcorte R. 


Hoyt, Allen C. 

Hyde. Geo. K. 12SS, 

CAM, H, E. 

Hoyt, Fred W. 


Hyde. Louis K. 870 


Hoyt. Hatiy L. 

Hylan, Wm. H. 


Hubbaid. F. L. 




Hubbard. H. Halcoi 

ohnnni B. W. 


ohnion. Ben F. 


obnaoo, Benmice. A. 

*> 1 

[ ud»n, F. B. 

Dch, Sl R. , 

obnxin. C. C. 


Hudson. Horace R. 

nderrieden, J. D. 


ohnson. C. E. 




ohnson! C. G. 



ohnaon, C. H, 



Hudion. Woodward 

S^Buf C?E. "^ 


ohnson. C. S. 









Kerin. Thos, 


Hmwn. D. B. 


Kefr, F. M. 


>kii»n. E. C. 

uoge, Henry 



unge, J. M. 


Kiririn.' John 475. 

tiaaon'. Elliott 

nbjtaon. F&yMM 


Ksap. T. F. 


Kerwin, m'^' ^'*' *^ 


Anson, Frank il 


Kacfcher, H.C. 

Keisler. E. B. 


muHn. Fred 

Kaericber, A. 

Kesaler, Geo. 

»ta™: Gu.^. 

Kahler. Jacob 

KeSBler! H. G. 




ihnnn, H.R. 

a »eit, George V 

:4i«»n. H. S. 

Kaibba, W. B. 

Dhiu™; Harty K. 

Kapp.fc.H. - 


Keullig'. Willis 


ohltsoq, Howard 


Cams. AUen 

Key, John 
Key, W. F. 


nhnson, J.C. 

MtTk. B. ' 

KwU, Wm. A. 

Sm": j! m". 



rtnson. J. Y. 

^tienbach. L. E 


Keys. John F. 475, 


ohBton. John D. Jr. 


477, 478. *7 

^vmaugh. C, C 


ms " 

(Anson: iS. W. 

Kay, Robert B. 


Dlinnn. P. S. 


KaysH. A. H. 

ST. 5( 


DhnsoD. R. W. 


Rdule, Bessie 
eSy. Philip J. 

Kidder, H. A. 


Dtanson, Rantin 


Kidper, Bett 

Jims™. Roben 



KidweU. H. W. 

Qhnwn. Roy M. 




otaDScin. S. E. 




eatini, Ray man 

ok^n: Tw. A. 

•■»•■ "■■ '!.v'a 


ohnston. C. E. 


KObrlde, M. D. 

7 1 

Dtiiutan. E. C. 

Kwble, W. A. 

Kilbarn. E. E. 

7 3 

Keefe, F. F. 

Kilfoyie. Thos. P. 


Keefe. T. F. 


Kilgour, Bayaid L. 


Keecan, George 

Kilgour, Charles 


679, 68J 

Killeen. G. C. 


Klfnball, C. S. 11 

^baston.' R. T. 

K«n. C. G, 

Kimbali: D, H. 

Keenan. F. J. 


Klhibsll, Frank. C. 



Kimball, Russell 0. 


50. 115t 

KlUmalJ. Ruth 

KhS^H-W^ ' 


K»see. Oscar 


Kicnmel. R. E. 

■ 190 

oiih' . M. 

Keever, C. S. 


King, C. B. 


o™: HtL. 


Krtil, W. ]. 


Kfnii, C. H.Jr. 

Kehoe. M. J. 

King. D. N. 






Reiser, D. L. 

KinsI E. R. 


Ke 1, Frank 

1002, 1003 

Kriler, J. C. 

King, G. L. 

Krfler. John W. 


King, l.L. 



Keley. C.F. 
Ke ley. Hoi^dG 


Kiili. J. M. 


King, Feny L. 

Keiley. Miss P. J. 

King. R. W. 

bnesi ! luring 

Keley. R.E. 


King, W. E. 

ones! .N. 


Keiley. T. G. 


Kingman. H, R. 



KeHogg. Emery C 


Kiniseed R. 


Kingsmaa. Abnet 


Ke iy. E. F. 



Kely. HawnC. 

Klnwi F. s. 

Klnu. Joseph F. 

Kely, Robert F. 


KlrcUiaine, C. F. 

Kely. T. C. 




Kelly, Thomas A. 


Ke say. George H 

Kirk. E- L. 

Kebey. Cbarles B 


Kltk. H. F. 

bn«: r! D. 



KIrkpattick. E. 


1002. 1003 

Kemp. F, M. 


ones, R. Frank 


Kemp, J. A. 

^HW*; Richaid L. 427. S7S 

Kempster. Arthur 

L. II7J 


■ona. Richmond L. 

Kenady, C. D. 

KirSbner. C. 1. 93 
Kirthnel. E. Ij. 




Kendall, L. C. 


Kiraen. E. F. 

Kistler, Sedgwick 
Kittredge. G. W. 

^ T. b" "' 

Kennedy, E. R. 


lOTlM, T. E. 


Kennedy. M.C. 

Kiltsley, Frank 

Kennedy, P. J. 


Klae, C, E. 

Kennedy. S. M. 

iatle. A. J. 

jDnes, Thornton F. 

Kennedy. Thomas B. 904 

Klein, C. A. 


Kennedy, W. H. 


lein. Robert 

Kennedy. W. R. 

Klein. W. C. 606. 89 

to^' W' tarimet 

Kenney. B. J. 

lemm, K. D. 

KenneJ, T. A. 

leinhans, C. B- 

Kenney. W. P. 



loplinE. Morgui v/. 

Kenny, Randall 

llne; P. D. 


Kline: Robert E. 

672, 673 

683, 761 

Ilnzman. F. F. 


Kentfield. L. H. 

KUniing, Geo. H. 


Keoah, M. H. 

Klou. C. H. 



KeickboB. W. G. 


Klumpp. C. S. 



Koapp. S. 11 

EnJEht. D. E. «a.6 

KateM, " ' "" ■ 


KDlabt, 5. T. 

Ksowle*. E. H. 

Knowla, F. W. 

Knmi, F. H. 

Knox, R. JL 

Knmi, W. J. 

KobR. Muldbc 

Koch.Wm. A. 262. 3 J7 

Kochler. R. L. 


Kohls, Gm A. 
Kobla. J. D. 
Kohn, Hairy E. 

Knbi. SlmOD 
Krdder, F. W. 92 
Krdder. 1. R. 
Kccnetiti. RJchard 
Kroner, Jtaw B. 
KitMer, C. 5. 
Kmder, Georce H. 
ErnscbiDH. E. E. 

Krial. Charla 
Kilble], Wm. 
KiltM, H. J. 
Krici, M. A. 
Kiotan, S. M. 808, Hi6 
KruCtKtmett, J. 
Kiibu, J. S. J2; 

Kuenimerlein, George 

Kubn. George G. 

Kum. Chu. L. 

KuylenHtmw, A- 
Kyie. E. D. 

Laee, Fnnli W. 
LaBeU, R. M. 
Laberse, A. F. 

Lacy, Joa, B. 
L»dd, J. A. 

ig. Joba A, 
e. C. M. 

Lamar, R. W. 
Lamb. O. S. 
Lamb. W. G. 
Lambert, H. L. 
Lambright, T. J. 

Landiy, D. J, 
Landry. Ji A. 

Laose. G. I. 
Lazigenfdd. Joba lAt 
Lacglan, R. T. 
LangBton. S, 
Langnortby, H, 

Lanier, George H. 
Lanier. H. S. 
Lanlgan, L. E. 
Laaundde. J. A. 

Lapc Frank 
Lardner, H. A. 
Large. J. B, 
Larimer, C. D. 
Larkln, R. C. 
Lamed. J. M. 
Larrabe, H. D. 
LaiTBd, Sidney 
Larrlea, Frank J. 

Larrien, JorgeA, 

Lanb. F. J. 32S. H4, 346a 
Larvcm, Owiar 342 

La«b, B. D. 

1201, 120!. 1208 

Lasber, C E. 

LaSuer. Guy H. 421 

Lathtop. A. P. 

692, lOV, 1121 
Latbrop, B. M. 81 

Latimer, W. B. 489 

Lattin. Herbert C. 567 
Lauer, W. H. 1016 

Laughlin. W. 1272 

Launey, R. O. 3. 4 

Lauraen, V. 1242 

Lavln, Uloiana Ruej 1313 
Law. Robert Jr. 1247a 

L»wle»,J.E:. 1100, 1101 

Lee*, Tbomaa 

Leigi R. Walter 
Leighton. J. C. 1 
Lelghlon, jno. B. 
Lelper. C, I. 
' ilMnrlni, Jc'~ 
^Jaad. C. Ti 
Leland, W. A 
■ - ay, L. 
on. L. C. 

.172. 1172a 
1178. 1179 


Lennox. W. 
Leonard. Alton 
1166. 1171, ■ 

Leonard, CtOM. J. 
Leonard. F. C. mi. 

Leonard, H, R. 975 

Leonbauaer. H. A. 390 

Lentz, N. M. 99S 

■.em, E. J, 518 

.cpper, C. W. 963. 990 
-effie. Chaa. M. 793 

L'Espereoce, D, V. 1303 
Lener, Frank A. 756 

Lestrogb, Fred 335 

Le Bute. H. K. 975 

LeToumcau. E. H. 886 
LeuBiler, R. A. SM, 565 
Levering, R. W. 166, 279 
Levinsty. A. L. 77 

Levin»n. L. M. 1086, 1087 
Levy, R. B. 1114 

Lewaster. E. J. S39 

Lay. F. M. 
Laycock. C. W. 
LaieUe. Owen H. 

Lee. Robert P. 

Libbey, Fred H. 
■■■■ '.J. H. 

r,L. O. 

rap, R.C. 965a, 1 

d, P. P. 
Lilley. C. A. 
LUley. Wm. 886, 1 

Lillie. E. E. 

LiUle. Lewis 982, 1 

Lilly, Tbomaa 
Lindall, John 
LindemuCb. E. L. 1 

Lindley. R. W, 1 

LIpplct, L.'e. 
List, Herbert 
Litdifield, C. L 
•■ ■ ,H. E. 

Ljttle. George 
Little, N. M. 
- t.P.J. 

t, W. A. V. 






Me. w. Paiwn 


Lynde. L. E. 


McCullough, C. B. 


™, John L. 


Lyne, J, H, 




ptagood. Frank 

s. tool 

Lynrtt. E. I. 1010 
Lmn, A. M, 99 


Ljnn, M. L. 

Wngston. W. E 

' 484 


McDengail, H. N. 


.jd. Hatty H. 

274. Z7t 

Lyon, Stanley 


McDonald, A. 


McDonald. A. D. 


^; Jr^^ ''^ 


lS^™; K. 686, 73 


LyPHB. Joseph H. 




McDonald, J. R. 



McAdoo. W. G. 

McDonald. Joho 

«13, 750a 

McAloney. W. H. 

McDonald. K. 

odge. John B. 

McAndrewi. T. j. 

McDonald, Owen 

«b. Wm. Jr. 




«hr. H. C. 

McDougal, Tho*. 



McDougall, J. D. 

Udn, E. 

McDougall, R. E. 



McAuley, A. 



McBride, C. C. <t65a 

McElravy. R. J. 


McEvoy. F, T. 

McEwen. 1. H. 


McEwen. WUIatd 

dxau.'j. E. 


McCabe,J. M. 


McFarland, C. L. 


McCabe. James 

McFatland. Wm. 



McCaWe, J. F. 

McFaul. D. W. 

flag. B. B. 


McCaffejT. FjL. 

McFee. G. H, 

LoDg.F. B. 



McGee, D. F. 

Lo^. H. M. 

763, 771 


McCaleb.'E. Howard 

McGee. H. H, 

:SIS.' ^"d!" 

870, 876 

Lo^ Robett 

McCall, C, W, 


oS W. H. 


McCall. P. F. 




McCall, W. S. 32 

McGinn. Austin 

MeCallum, ]. M. 

McGinnla, Irving 

HcCann. J, 


McGowan. Joseph A. 


MeCaals, M. 

rnigan.J. P. 


McCamm. j. H. 



«.k. A. W. 

MccS«; Th^ma. N 

McGrath.' Moitia 

Loon^ia. A. G. 

McGrath. Wm. H. 


.oomi^: K. G. 


McCarthy, C. J. ' 


McCarthy. F. W. 


oiKZ. Rafael Gu 


McGraw. M. E. 

McCarthy, Guy 

McHeffey. T. L. 


McCarty. J. W. 

McHenry. James M. 

eni. M. G. 

McCarty, W. H. 

McHenty.W. H. 31 


McCarvel. T. J. 


Mc Iraith. E. J. 


McCaulay. T. B. 

Mc ntire. Ralph 

195. 209, 23 


McCaulcy, Thos. H. 

Mc S™h: cIaIsl'r 

Loring Homer 




.«.d™. V. M. 


M^lntyre, F, P. 



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McCdlan. J, G. 


Mdntyre. Vl S, ' 




Mcaoakey. David M 


Mclvet. D. 


McCloy, W. L. 

McKaig, F. P. 

MeC ung. Emmet 

McKay. Paul 

McC ure. C. A. 

McKee, J.' D. 55i 

LovetiSf: J. W. 

MrCure.J.H, 86C 


«r. F. F. 


McC ure, Win. C. 


McKee. W, E. 

me, H. G. 

McKenna. John A. 

Lam. J. R. 

643. 709. 71 

flwi.W. W. 

McKenney. H. F. 


795, 796 


McKerchar. D. 

McComb, A. R. 

McKie. J. H. 

Lowry. Peail 

McComb. George R. 

McKinley. W. L. 

Lowry R. L. 

230. 233. 236. 328 

McKtaley. Wm. 

*yd; W. R. 

McComb, J. A. 


McKinley. Wm, B. 



McComb, J«M 
McCondlean. N. W. 
McConnell, H.N. 
McComieJl. lo». D. 


166. 170. 195, I9( 


344; 346a'. 543' 


McConnell, J. W. 

McKinney. J. A. 


jidlaii. T. j. 


McKinney. J. P. 



McKlnstry. A. H. 

McKiHon, C. E. 



McConnell. T. R. 


McLain, M. M, 


McConneU. Wm. C. 

McLanahan. Austin 

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Ulko, Geo. H. 

McCooshy, Allen 


McLauchlan, D, M. 

Lull. H. M. 

McLaughlin. D. 



MccSISkV; Oiive^ E 

McLean, E. B. 



18Sa, 193. 492 


McLean. M.H. 31 



McCormiek. Stephen 


.yman. Eliai 

McCoy, George E. 


McUmo'nt, A. W. 

Lyman, W. H. 

McCoy. James 



Lynch. B. W. 


McCoy, R. 

McUnn. Chas. S. 


■Inch. D. I. 


McCoy, W.