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t&OAtutfy ^mfene4Aio*i& 

Memories are made of this 

The fountain by Bothvvell 
Chapel is a picture of 
lasting impressions that 
McKendreans cherish in 
their memories long after 
leaving the campus. 


701 College Road 

Lebanon, Illinois 62254 

Phone: 1-800-BEARCAT 

Student Enrollment: 1294 

Title Page 

^ootftnuifo in, t&e Sonet 

Author Unknown 

ne night a man had a dream. 
He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. 

Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. 

For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand. 

One belonged to him, and the other to the Lord. 

When the last scene of his life flashed before him, 

He looked back at the footprints in the sand. 

He noticed that many times along the path of his life, 

There was only one set of footprints. 

He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. 

This really bothered him, and he questioned the Lord about it: 

"Lord, You said that once I decided to follow You, 

You'd walk with me all the way. 

But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, 

There is only one set of footprints. 

I don't understand why, when I needed You the most, You would leave me." 

The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child, 

I love you and would never leave you. 

During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, 

It was then I carried you." 

2 Opening 

A caring campus 

"There are many friendly people who really care 
about you here," said freshman Lonnitta Pullum 
from East St. Louis. 

A place of beauty 

Freshman Megan Kitner finds the campus 
beautiful. Her friend Rebecca McCorkle 
added, "I like the atmosphere, and the 
academic programs are good." 

Friendly dorm life 

"I like the friendly atmosphere. The people on my 
floor are really nice," said Kate Beanblossom. 
pictured here to the right of her friend Ann Conley. 

A picture among pictures 

Jenny Brown likes McKendree. "Everyone 
is really nice, and I feel like I fit in," she 

Small school atmosphere 

Elizabeth Hise. Becky Thompson and 
Stefanie Johnson enjoy the closeness 
afforded by a small school environment. 

Water, water everywhere 

"My first impression of McKendree was a 
good one until my dorm room had a bad 
leak, and it took the maintenance man two 
weeks to fix it," quipped Lacey Voytas. 

Opening 3 

Another Tony the Tiger 

"It's grrrrrrrrrrreat!" roars Jereme Halbert as 
he gobbles down his bowl of breakfast 

Right-corner pocket 

Carmela Barron and Carmen Parker love 
friendly competition in the Lair, a popular 
hangout for students. 

Blow out the candles 

Kraig Reno, Cristin Capps and Sarah 
Meador celebrate the birthday of a friend. 

Taking a break 

Tammy Ernst, Leah Bowers and Amy Smith 
share a peaceful moment in Upper Deneen 
after assisting with freshmen registration. 

Look into my fishbowl 

Brandye Thompson proudly shows off the 
decorations in her home away from home. 

4 Student Life 

An apartment '•complex"? 

Sporting a sombrero, Kolin Peterson enjoys fun 
times with Pat Wesley at the McKendree West 

in time 

By Laura Posey 

wo young lovers, walking on the sand, 

Gazing at each other, talking hand in hand, 

The prints they leave behind them, 

Marking memories of the past, 
The long beach laid before them, 

Hoping love will last, 

The ocean captures the footprints, 

And erases them from the shore, 

Taking with it remembrances, 

And leaving them with more. 

Many years have passed, 

Time flies when you're having fun, 

And before you know it innocence fades, 

And the teen years are done, 

Now she's back on the beach, 

Except she is alone, 

Watching and waiting, 

For the love that hadn't grown, 

She walks along the ocean, 

Two footprints, not four, 

Wondering where the laughter went, 

Why he didn't love her more, 

Then she stops to sit, 

And draws his name in the sand, 

A celestial stranger comes along, 

And reaches out a hand, 

Hesitantly she takes it, 

And he listens to her cries, 

He's been there before, 

He's heard many lies, 

They decide to walk, 

And she follows, not knowing why. 

Love will always be reborn again, 

Even if it may die, 

She is more cautious than before, 

And as she looks back at the footprints, 

She smiles seeing not two, but four, 

This time will be different, 

Her heart trying to say, 

Something magical happened, 

She felt it the first day, 

Something clicked when they touched, 

A jolt from inside, 

She knew he'd be there always, 

If she had something to confide. 

Now here it is twenty years later, 

And his love for her, 

Is now even greater, 

He looks at her like the first time they met, 

And despite all the years gone by, 

They can never forget, 

Those four special footprints, 

That are never washed away. 

They'll stay forever on her heart. 

Until their dying day. 

Student Life 5 

Defying gravity 

While taking a breather between classes, this student 
experiences the laws of physics up close and personal. 

All smiles 

Carrie Harriman takes time out of her busy schedule to 
show off her pearly whites for the camera. 

Girls' night out 

Caught in the spirit of NSO week, these girls enjoy a night 
of bowling at St. Clair Bowl. NSO week encouraged 
students to meet new people and experience college life. 

6 Student Life 

Permit to park 

"My only complaint is that McKendree needs better 
parking for freshmen. Everything else is great. NSO did a 
very nice job organizing the activities," notes Lisa Langa. 

'THafatify cpoct fart mfmete<(M& 


M ■ 


'elcoming success? Of course... that is 
just what NSO 2000 accomplished. 
Thanks to the outstanding participation of freshmen 
and transfer students, the five event-filled days were 
a success. 

Mary Mueller liked NSO. "It helped me to meet 
new people and make new friends. Laser Storm 
was a blast." Jamie Bigham also found Laser Storm 
awesome: "Hiding and ducking behind things, then 
shooting at your friends-what a great way to get 
on someone's good side"! 

Time to be gettin' crazy 

Taking advantage of a free night of bowling with friends, these 
girls gather together before returning to their bowling games 
at Rock 'n' Bowl night sponsored by NSO. 

"Hanging out with friends at the Ultimate Video 
dance party was the highlight of NSO week. I 
enjoyed dancing in the new convocation center, 
" commented Natalie Marcum. 

' The Christian rock night was a great way to start off 
the school year by praising God and meeting fellow 
Christians at McKendree,' ' noted Shelly Dalhaus. 

"I thought Into the Streets was a great experience; 

I am still involved with Second Chance," added 

Mary Lofink. "NSO 2000 got the year off to a 

good start. It was a very positive experience." 

In the groove 

Adam Peck, Julie Taylor, Hilary Misselhorn and Jessica 
Keller are all in sync at NSO's Ultimate Video Dance 
Party. Adam directs Student Activities. 

New beginnings 

Terri Andrews greets freshmen at the NSO welcome tent. 

Student Life 7 

Homecoming did not just start and end on 
Saturday, October 14. Students showed 
their Bearcat pride the previous week by wearing 
different types of clothing. The week-long 
celebration began on Wednesday with Inside Out 
Day. Thursday proved to be another 
experimentation in fashion with Mismatch Day. 
Purple and gold were the colors to wear on Friday 
as each student prepared for the next day's 

The Saturday parade started in the MPCC 

Makeover, anyone? 

As part of pre-game activities, Sparkles the Clown adds 
the finishing touches to Beth Bushmire as Kristin 
Frobish sports her new war paint. 

parking lot and made its way through Lebanon. 
Eager students, family and friends lined the streets 
as the floats, cars and bands came by. "The parade 
was fun. Even though I thought it could have been 
a little longer, I always have a good time when I 
am with my friends," mentioned Kasi Johnson. 

The Officeof Alumni and Developmenthostedatailgate 
party afterwards on Alton Street to keep the fans 
energized for the game. Eating and listening to music 
made the time pass quickly before the game started. 
Then, it was off to the stands to prepare for victory ! 

Purple reigns 

Marc Sikma keeps in step with the homecoming court's float as 
Dave Strezo, Breanne Sikma, Kyle Stephens and Jackie Shubert 
enjoy the free ride. 

Giving a toot 

The band blasts out the school song as fans sing along 
while keeping spirits high during the homecoming game. 

8 Student Life 

Little Boy Blue, come blow your bagpipes 

Clad in traditional Scottish kilts, Alex Gerberding leads 
the homecoming parade blowing the bagpipes which he 
has learned in his muscial family to play so well. 

In your face 

Fired-up fans show their exuberance and true purple 
and white spirit with their "in your face" cheering. 

No Julia Child here 

Dusty Kallal presides over the grill before the 
homecoming game as Tyler Atwood and Greg Cueto offer 
cooking hints and tips. 

Firing up the fans 

Caught in the spirit of the game, the cheerleaders lead the 
fans in support of the team's winning efforts against St. 

Student Life 9 

All tripped up 

Billy Gray (#9) watches as Anthony Roland (#1 8) trips a 
Cougar allowing Kyle Roach (#36) to gain yardage. 

Defense attack 

Colin Adams tackles a St. Xavier player before he can 
catch the ball. 

Quaterback Jared Grebner prepares to pass the ball to a 

Quentin Faulkner celebrates on the field after the team 
scores yet another touchdown. 

10 Student Life 

0teamm^ tdc (fatcpv^ 


n October 14, 2000, the Bearcats met 
the Cougars on Leemon Field for a 
homecoming showdown. The game against St. 

By dominating the game offensively and 
defensively, the Bearcats steamrolled the 
Cougars' defense with a 4 1 - 1 4 victory for the 

Xavier College posed a formidable threat to crowd. The offense gained ground by passing for 
McKendree's previous overall record of 3-1 . a total of 455 yards. Acting as a brick wall, the 

defense only allowed the Cougars a meager 30 
Saint Xavier, an NAIA-ranked top 20 opponent, 

rushing yards, 
faced the number four ranked Bearcats before a 

crowd of adrenaline-pumped fans. Cheered on by Through determination and a strong work ethic, 

the packed stands, the team did not disappoint the the Bearcats rose to the occasion and met the 

students, faculty and alumni as they put forth 1 1 0% fans' expectations. The game left players and fans 

e ff° rt - alike in high spirits that lasted well into the night. 

Stretch Armstrong 

Life in the fast lane 

Shaun Taylor reaches new heights in his attempt to catch d,,„„;„„ u„m, d,„„^ \* ~u aa . u- 
. . , * 6 v Running back Brandon Murphv adds to his impressive 

the football. . , ., „. „, \. \. , v 

record as he takes off tor the fast break. 

Face off 

The Bearcats stake their territory on the line of scrimmage 
before springing into action. 

Student Life 11 

'Dafitcwa widen, tine 4fan& 

The students celebrated long into the night 
at the homecoming dance held at the 
gondola pond in Forest Park in St. Louis. "An 
Evening Under the Stars" proved to be not only 
beautiful but also entertaining. The Campus 
Activities Board did a wonderful job putting the 
event together. 

The dance was in full swing when the rain hit. " It 
would have been really romantic had it not rained," 
commented Crystal Miller. Soon the music was 
going again, and everyone continued to party. 

Proceed with caution 

Abby Skaer, Jamie Dixon, Brian Ulrich, Erin McKenna, 
and Bernadette Schrempp enjoy an evening under the 

Toward the end of the evening, the homecoming 
court was announced. Clint Taylor and Kelly Jo 
Nettleton walked away with the crowns to the 
applause of all present. "I was honored to be 
chosen by my peers," stated Kelly Jo. 

When asked how she felt about the dance, 
Sophomore Jessica Tarr had this to say, 
"Homecoming reminded me of my days as a high 
school student. I had a blast!" 

Overall, Homecoming accomplishedexactly what it was 
supposed to - a greater feeling of campus community. 

Time to party 

Emily Sisk, editor of the 1998 McKendrean yearbook, 
her fiance, and alumna Dana Barnard break from the 
festivities for a quick snapshot. 




[I *V 


' w' 




Be a good neighbor 

Marchae Miller, Casey Halvin, and Amy Smith, all from 
Barnett, get together for a photo. 

12 Student Life 

Cousins Jeannie Nagel, Diane Nagel, and Dawn Kelley 
spend a little time together at the dance. 

Queen Kelly Jo Nettleton and King Clint Taylor enjoy 
their dance as McKendree royalty. 

Christy Gregory and Stephanie Weaver take advantage 
of the gondola rides in Forest Park while lounging under 
the Tabasco umbrella. 

Front Row: King Clint Taylor and Queen Kelly Jo Nettleton. 
Back Row: Kyle Stephens. Breanne Sikma, Dave Strezo. 
Tabitha Robles, Jackie Shubert, Marc Sikma, Ashley 
Mathias, Phil Neal, Josh Busch, Jaimie Cooper. Dusty 
Kallal, and Sarah Frost. 

Student Life 13 

Lean on me 

Hoping that it won't fall on them, Christa Haskins and 
Jennifer Zahn pose in the shadow of one of the most 
famous buildings in the world: the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

More than pizza and pasta 

Sienna exemplifies the hospitable nature of the Italians. 
As the group stands in front of one of the many plazas, 
friendly people are constantly passing and saying hello. 

Row, row, row your boat 

The group enjoys a relaxing ride down the main canal 
street in Venice. Singers entertain them as the gondoliers 
steer them through the watery streets. 

Work of art 

Nicole Hargett and Nira Ballantini stand in front of 
Michaelangelo's David. Even though it is only a replica, 
the greatness of such art still left an impression on them. 

14 Student Life 

-. ! '. 

~-T" *"?*-* 





Sfetutyutfy acno4& Ctoitiaeafo 

Famous museums, beautiful scenery and 
delicious food made the spring break trip to 
Italy last March one of the best ever. They visited 
Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Assisi and Sienna. 
With about thirty students, faculty, family and 
friends on the trip, each and every person had a 
wonderful time. 

When asked to describe her trip, Nicole Hargett 
said, "I had fun every second I was there. The 
best part of the trip was visiting Venice and being 
in Florence on my 22nd birthday." 

All together now 

In Florence, the tour group poses together in a plaza 
overlooking the city. As the only group photo, this 
exemplifies the feeling of togetherness that Italy offers. 

Although she did not celebrate a birthday during 
her travels, senior Jennifer Zahn had nothing but 
good things to say about Italy. "It was a once in 
a lifetime opportunity, and I really enjoyed being 
immersed in such a unique culture." 

Perhaps Dr. William Haskins summed up the 
entire experience best. "We traveled to famous 
museums, historical sites, visited the Vatican, 
toured art galleries and rode in gondolas in Venice. 
The food and beverages were excellent and the 
company divine." 

Take a load off 

Some of the participants take a break from the site-seeing 
and shopping that fill their day by relaxing on the steps 
of one of Florence's many attractions. 

fee -^ 

fiTj^^lBlfi 'USB! IpT | 


■ - 1 J^^k 


Just "lion" around 

Nicole Hargett, Ryan Fumiss. Christy Hoefle and Erica 
Bicknell pose with a new friend, the city symbol of 

Student Life 15 

Qomaecpwfy fo Qafeaa 

Dr. Tanaka, a donor to the college, provided 
funding for four students from seven 
colleges in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia to travel 
overseas. In June 2000, sophomores Michael 
Artime and Kristin Voegele, juniors Tommy 
Kupferer and Julie Taylor, and English professor 
Dr. Michele Stacey-Doyle traveled to Japan as part 
of Technos International Week. 

Dr. Stacey-Doyle felt very positive about her part in 
the trip. "The trip was very exhilarating. I encourage 
all faculty to apply fortius wonderful opportunity." 

Out to lunch 

Julie Taylor, Kristin Voegele and Tommy Kupferer lean 
in close with friends. Their smiles prove how much they 
love Japanese cuisine. 

Julie Taylor explained some of the many 
unforgettable aspects of her experience. "We 
toured the busy streets of Tokyo, visited beautiful 
shrines, saw Mt. Fuji and other unbelievable scenic 
views, stayed in the mountains of Nagano and were 
opened to a new type of culture." 

The two- week international exchange program aided 
students in learning about different cultures and promoted 
peace and understanding. That was exactly what 
happened to Kristin Voegele: "Going to Japan was one 
of the most memorable experiences of my life.' ' 

By your side 

Michael Artime, Tommy Kupferer, Dr. Stacey-Doyle, 
Kristin Voegele and Julie Taylor enjoy being together as 
they admire the view. 

Niching pot 

Spending time with and enjoying the company of the 
Japanese students lead to lasting friendships for the 
McKendree exchange students. 

16 Student Life 

n r\ ^ 

Mr. Suzuki, the tour guide for the trip, and Tommy 
Kupferer show the friendship that was formed after two 
weeks of touring Japan. 

Playing dress-up 

Celebrating the unique fashion of Japan, Julie Taylor. Michael 
Amine, Dr. Stacey-Doyle. Tommy Kupferer and Knstin Voegele 
wear traditional clothing to feel part of the culture. 

Nature call 

Michael Artime, Kristin Voegele, Julie Taylor and friend 
Katrina Roloff bask in the peacefulness of nature in the 
Japanese countryside. 

Shop 'til you drop 

Kristin Voegele, Tommy Kupferer and Michael Artime 
pause in front of one of the many stores in downtown 
Tokyo where they enjoy exchanging shopping know- 
how with their Japanese friend. 

Student Life 17 


After scoring the winning goal. Maximo Sanchez Pagano 
(far right) celebrates after a soccer game with friends 
Raul Fagalde and Juan Villa. 


Standing outside his suite. Argentinian Andres Guerin 
explains what made him come to the states: "I couldn't 
see my future in Argentina. We make a fifth of the money 
you make here." 

Co-ed habitations 

Sophomore Kenneth Koech finds our way of living a 
little different from his in Kenya: "In Kenya, ladies live 
in one dorm, men live in another. Here, they live in the 
same dorm." 

VWBEt&li 7 1 fc.» 1 

IK mg high 

"This is a beautiful campus, neat, tidy, and an excellent 
location near St. Louis. The people are very helpful and 
friendly." notes Miguel Dermen as he stands in front of 
the national flag of Argentina. 

18 Student Life 


SxjUonmc^ new tuni$<M& 

The International Programs at McKendree 
are comprised of foreign students studying 
at McKendree and U.S. students studying abroad. 
Approximately forty international students from 
Argentina. Jamaica, Japan. Kenya, Northern 
Ireland, St. Kitts, Serbia, Suriname and Zambia 
enrolled here for the 2000-2001 school year. 

Their presence has helped diversify and prepare 
the campus for the future. About five U.S. students 
studied abroad at one of McKendree *s exchange 

Just a phone call away 

Sebastian Helbig compares cultures: "In Argentina, if you call 
your professors, you feel like you're bothering them. Here, the 
professors are always available. They are very excited about 

programs in England, France. Northern Ireland 
or Japan. McKendree students who become 
cosmopolitan through studying abroad, taking 
foreign languages, and developing international 
friendships will have distinct advantages in the 2 1 st 
century's global business environment. 

As Sebastian Helbing, sophomore from 
Argentina, stated, "I will advise my friends that if 
they have the opportunity to come here to study, 
they must do it. It's a great opportunity that will 

help you in your work, in your life." 

Pleasing to the eye 

Niall Quinn, who was previously learning to be a Building 
Engineer at the Belfast Institute of Further and Higher 
Education, feels McKendree has a. "very visually acceptable 
aesthetic quality about it. due to its diverse history." 


Home, sweet, home 

"Because there are a lot of Argentine people here, it's 
helped me not to miss my friends and family so much. 
But I do miss them still." states Guillermo Garcia. 

Student Life 19 

S&wtttivtfy am 4ttyte& 

What had been taboo in the past could be 
trendy in the future. What was in-style 
fifty years ago could easily be the next big thing. A 
craze for tattoos, body piercing, hippie-style apparel 
and animal prints grabbed hold of campus students. 
"Animal prints set a trend that everyone seems to 
follow. I really like zebra, cheetah and snake prints," 
said Jacque Clark. "Toe rings make my feet look 
pretty." added Johanna Hooks. 

Once stereotyped to bikers and sailors, tattoos 
have come a long way. Whatever the tattoo may 

be, the person usually has a story and a good 
reason to go with it. As Bernadette Schrempp 
illustrated, "My tattoo has a special meaning to 

In addition to tattoos, body piercing also surged 
in popularity. Many girls have gotten their belly 
buttons pierced, and many tongues and 
eyebrows have been punctured. 

If a main reason for trends was self expression, 
what better way to express one's self than with 
body art? 

Oral fixation? 

I think that I shall never see. 

Shannon Pivarsky insists that the reason she got her Becky Gehling and Kelly Meyer sport their alternative glasses, 
tongue pierced "is because I have an oral fixation and it another fashion trend that appeared in the late 90s. 
keeps foreign objects out of my mouth." 

An expression of one's se 

Bart King and Gennarro Hawkins show off the 
personalized tattoos in front of their Backstreet Boy 

20 Student Life 

Must be a big apartment 

Geoff Richey goes cruising in his apartment at McKendree 
West. As he states, "If blonde hair and fast scooters don't 
get chicks. I don't know what will." 

Practically camouflaged 

Jacque Clark blends perfectly into the background while 
sporting a new "animal prints" fashion trend. 


Chris Hall demonstrates another reason not to take the 
time to comb one's hair in the morning with his all-terrain 

Contemplative thoughts 

Brad Stiles, noted for his "exotic" style of dress, 
demonstrates a new philosophical approach to the age 
old question concerning the man vs. nature conflict. 

Student Life 21 

Dollar-a-minute work 

Members of Kappa Sigma Tau take time from recruiting 
potential sorority sisters to chat with parents and 

Boston band entertains 

The band "Five O'Clock Shadow" performs for families 
outside Ames during the Family Fun Weekend in 

Pausing for a munch 

McK cheerleader Jenny Petzoldt is joined by her mother 
Barbara and sister Rachel for the Family Fest. Jenny is a 
freshman from Fenton. Missouri. 

Kyle Brewer stands next to his cousin senior Dennis 
Barnett as he shows off the "71" he wears on his face 
with pride. 

22 Student Life 


S&wUvtfy faut (vitk famittf 

Family Fall Festival is traditionally a weekend 
where families come together to experience 
the culture of McKendree. Held on Saturday. 
September 23. 2000, the festival featured food, 
fun and games for the college community. Students, 
faculty, family and friends enjoyed the many 
activites on the Quad. 

Talented students showed off their artistic abilities by 

painting the faces of McKendree fans. Youngsters spent 

the afternoon jumping on the inflatible pkyground, shooting 

baskets and throwing bean bags for prizes. 

Keeping with tradition 

Parents of seniors Joe and Nick Bruss and of senior Dennis 
Bamett deliver the football game ball to officials its part of the 
Familv Fest celebration. 

A popular band from Boston, "Five O' Clock 
Shadow," entertained the crowd outside of Ames 
Dining Hall during lunchtime. This seemed to be 
the highlight of the day for many students. "The 
music is awesome, and I really like the com dogs." 
said sophomore Tammy Ernst. 

To conclude the day's activities, fans showed up in 

huge numbers to cheer on the football team to a 28- 

14 win against Indiana's University of St. Francis. 

Once again, the Family Fall Festival proved to be 

an exciting day for attendees of all ages. 

Meeting of the minds 

Dr. Betsy Gordon and Dr. Brian Frederking join other 
members of the American Association of University 
Professors for their annual pre-game tailgate party. 

Sophomores Jamie Maedge and Tammy Ernst spend 
quality time chatting and visiting on the quad during 
the festival. 

Student Life 23 

7*tic&wfy aadt^teatmc^ 

The annual Halloween Boo Bash was once again a 
helluva good time for the hordes of students who 
attended. Phi Lambda Omega sponsored the dance 
which was held at the Aviston Legion Hall. 

The dance brought together the largest collection 
of celebrities and sports heroes outside of the 
Grammy Awards since a "Save the Whales'* fund- 
raiser. Along with various increments of nightlife 
that would frighten the likes of Stephen King, one 
could spot several costumed guests of the six- 
legged persuasion filling the hall. 

Your wish is my command 

Genie. Diane Nagel. and Playboy bunny. Crystal Baker, 
make dreams come true. 

However, not every costume was of a grotesque 
nature. From the number of Charlie's Angels 
spotted, one would have thought that he was in 
heaven. While the Drunken Ninjas lit up the dance 
floor, the highlight of the evening was the costume 
contest midway through the festivities. 

The success of the Boo Bash will certainly cause 
the event to grow in popularity and continue to 
entertain the likes of hippies and genies for years 
to come. 


Insane asylum patient. Brian Curtis, and friend break loose 
from their strait jackets to dance the night away. 


5U L 

r « 

Gangsta paradise 

Kolin Peterson and Mike Stottler gang up to hang out 
with some of the boys. 

24 Student Life 

Travolta wannabes Jeff Major and Dusty Foy point their 
disco fingers while showing off their seventies apparel. 

Allison Hunter looks on as April Foehrkolb and Julie 
Kerner take a break from dancing. 

Shelly Dalhaus dons a postal uniform that she borrowed This group of McKendree girls displays their originality 
from her stepfather for the dance. by dressing up as everyone from a doctor to Britney 


Student Life 25 

Dedicated to the one 1 love 

Dr. Vernon Piper, surrounded by family Julia Piper-Begley. 
Jane Piper-Gleason. and William R. Piper, cuts the ribbon 
to dedicate the building he generously provided. 

Bigger and better 

SGA President Brian Curtis stands next to a plaque of 
Marion K. Piper. When asked what he likes best about 
the new buiding, he commented: "The amount of 
classroom space. Now the faculty doesn't have to share 

Follow the leader 

Led by Alex Gerberding, the procession for the 
dedication walks across campus to the new building. 

Working relationships 

Victoria Dowling, VP of Offices of Alumni and 
Development, loves working with the Piper family. "I 
worked with [them] for over three years, and they got a 
great deal of excitement seeing the faculty and student 

26 Student Life 

Aiowc/, tecfOCtf 

On September 7, 2000, the Marion K. Piper 
Academic Center dedication ceremony 
took place. Junior Julie Talyor gave the invocation, 
and President James Dennis followed with opening 
remarks and the introduction of special guests. 
After the ceremony, a luncheon was held in Ames. 

Dr. Marion K. Piper served on the Academic 
Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees for 25 
years. Dr. Piper continued her family's legacy of 
volunteer commitment that began with her parents. 
Her father was a student in the 1 870s, and her 

Mission accomplished 

As viewed from the outside, the building combines both Provost and VP of Academic Affairs Dr. Gerald Duff is 
old and new architecture. Inside, it consists of all of the very excited about the new building. "It is an affirmation 
newest technology. of our educational mission." 

mother was a philanthropist and longtime 
benefactor of the college. Marion K. Piper 
championed such programs as the Kentucky Centers, 
the Business Division, the Capstone Nursing Program 
and the Honors Program. She received an honorary 
doctorate in 1 996. a year before her death. 

McKendree is grateful to the Piper family and 
their strong commitment to education, 
philanthropy and volunteer leadership. It is hoped 
that the new building will benefit future generations 
of students in their academic pursuits. 

Lifelong commitment 

Mr. William R. Piper, representing the Piper family, 
addresses the crowd that gathered to dedicate the 
Marion K. Piper Academic Center. 

Student Life 27 

Aliens anions us 

Study session 

Friends Jessica Tarr and Lindsey Oertwig 
sit together in the dorms to go over the day's 

Smile if you love to design 

This group of students takes a break from 
design and layout class to smile for the 

Peace and quiet 

Elizabeth Hise takes her work outside to 
enjoy the weather and the quiet time to 

Hard at work 

Rita Gould, Jessie Dunn and Nick Bruss are 
finally getting down to business working 
diligently in their design and layout class. 


IS Student Life 

Rainbow room 

Erin Strackeljahn, surrounded by a room full of 
fun and color, sits on her bed as she finishes writing 
a paper for one of her classes. 

7to> 'pootfturtfo 

Author Unknown 

've listened to the "footprints" poem 

a million times or more. 

Of how when only one set shows 

upon the sandy shore. 

It is the Lord carrying us 

and taking on our load. 

And His are the only set 

of footprints that showed. 

Does He have favorites, OH NO, 

please tell me that's not so! 

By why does life seem easier 

for some people that I know? 

And sometimes I just scream out loud 

although it seems in vain, 

But often it gets harder each day 

to deal with all this pain. 

But what if when we look 

there are no footprints to be found? 

All we see is plain and simple 

sand upon the ground. 

No imprints showing that our Lord 

is carrying us through life. 

Helping us when we feel 

we cannot handle all the strife. 

And then it dawned on me as I realize 

how simple could it be. 

I wonder why I was so blind 

that I truly did not see. 

It must have been a lightning bolt 

that one day gave me light, 

Cause out of the clear blue sky, 

I finally regained my sight. 

Where is my Lord now that I've fallen 

and can't seem to get back up? 

So tired and lonely trying to deal 

with what seems an overflowing cup. 

Where are those footprints in the sand 

to tell me He's right there? 

Helping me with problems and 

showing that He really does care. 

I saw a fluffy white cloud 

shaped like an Angel dear. 

That helped me to understand 

and see things oh so clear, 

That when I saw no footprints 

and so often wondered why, 

My Lord carried me on Angel wings, 

when He decided to fly. 

Student Life 29 

Sean Lashley 

"Writing a horror film 
f o r M a s s 
Communications. The 
assignment itself was 
not that strange, but 
the plot line and 
movie characters 
ended up taking a 
strange twist." 

' In the business work), eveiyoneispakl in twocoins: cash 

Jennifer Phelps 

" I have yet to have 
any that are too far 
out of the ordinary." 

[ had to make a video 
with my friends acting 
as Married with 

30 Academics 

Rita Gould 

"All my assignments 
have been pretty 

"We had to answer a 
question in class and then 
crumble it up and throw it 
in the middle of the floor. 
Then someone else read 
your answer and tried to 
explain your question. I 
didn't learn anything from 

^^•Ji 1 1 

k^ z* Tp ^Hfl 


> ^ * '-^^^ 





• ^ 




Kim Jones _ 

"Decide whether or 
not I 'felt' like taking 
a test. I had a 




"Go vote in Election 2000 
and receive some bonus 

professor who gave 


you the choice to take 


a test on the day it 

was first given or take 

it later." 

Academics 31 

Stephanie Logan 

"One that lets you 
know exactly what is 
expected of you and 
tests on the material 
they want to cover." 

_ Joni Nottingham 

"One that cares about 
students and doesn't 
overwhelm them with 
lectures, notes, tests, 
quizzes, or homework. 
Also one who knows 
the material, is 
interesting and makes 
you laugh." 

" Very organized, tells you 
exactly what is expected 
and helps you. Gives 
tests that that reflect what 
was taught. Teaches 
things that I can use in a 
real classroom. Also one 
who is available." 

Kasi Johnson 

"Someone who is well 
organized, as well as 
personable, teaches 
the information well, 
and easily remembers 
the information." 

32 Academics 


Megan Laack — 

"Harrison Ford with a 

Katie Mollet 

"A person who loves 
what they do, loves 
talking to students, 
and is willing to 


6 'Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.' ' B .F. Skinner 

Emily Sisk — 

"A perfect professor 
is one who would 
interact with students 
instead of lecturing all 
hour and he available. 
Have a personality 
and be enthusiastic!" 

Shelly Dalhaus 

"1 like professors who 
realize that their class 
isn't the only one I'm 
in. I like to learn as 
much as I can in my 
classes, especially 
things that I can use 
in my own classroom. 
A good professor will 
usually set realistic 
expectations for 
students. I like 
professors who give 
tests that reflect what 
was taught. I also 
enjoy when teachers 
get the class 

Academics 33 

7Tfe>ta dc 




— Siirah Koester 

"I study weeks in 
advance, and I pray!" 

» Amanda Fuch s 

"I usually study for 
just a couple of days 
before the exam plus 
cram the night before. 
I don't really 
procrastinate if it is 

'All humanity is passion; without passion, religion, history, novels, art would be ineffectual." Honore De Balzac 

_ Ashley Herzing 

"I usually read over 
my notes from class 
at the end of each day 
so they don't look 
unfamiliar when it's 
time for the exam. It 
always helps me to 
study in a group the 
night before the test 
to make sure I 

_z * , , S&. 

_ Ricardo Harris 


"I study about two 


days before and an 


all-nighter. I may 

V H 

procrastinate as long 


as one day in 

advance. I don't 

procrastinate with 


34 Academics 

Becky Oliver _ 


"I study a little 



"1 start studying 

everyday a couple of 

weeks before. I am 

weeks before, make 

not much of a 

flashcards, and reread 



chapters in the book. 

I work better under 


Chr isty Sparwa sser i 

Jerry Hearn 

"I look over old 
quizzes and tests. I 
don't procrastinate 
work on finals. I do 
procrastinate on daily 

"I use study guides 
created by me that I have 
started weeks in advance. 
I am extremely organized." 

'I usually procrastinate and then pull some 
ill-niiihters. I focus more then." 

Academics 35 

N = 11 

_ z - 

"An hour and a hal 

Design and Layout takes 

the longest." 

"About one hour. Writing 

classes, typing out on the 


"Two hours a night. Tech 

Writing takes awhile." 


"Three hours a week. My 
sociology class requires 
a lot of reading which can 
take a longtime." 

"Three to four hours 
depending if I have a 
test or not. Directed 
Observation is time 
consuming, then there's 
Set Theory which takes 
a long time because I 
just don't understand 

36 Academics 

C rystal Miller _ 

"Homework, we had 
homework?!? But 
seriously. I have the 
hardest time with my 
relieion class." 

Erin McKenna 

"I spend about 20-24 
hours a week on 
homework. History 
takes the longest 
because of the 
massive amount of 
study questions." 

'Speech is a mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he." Publius Syrus 

Bryan Blomenkam p ■ 

"I do homework about 
3-4 hours a week. It's 
research more than 
homework. Political 
Science takes me the 
longest because there 
is a lot of research 

J ennifer Park er— 

"I spend about two 
hours a night doing 
homework. Math 
usually takes the 

Academics 37 

■ Nicole Erling er 

"■ My greatest memory 
is of choir when we 
went on tour to 
Chicago during 
spring break last year. 
It was a great 
opportunity to get to 
know all of the other 
choir members." 

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere." I. Asimov 

— Eric Robke 

"My most memorable 
experience was when 
we watched a video 
about momentum in 
physics class in 
which a stuffed 
monkey was shot with 
a cannonball. My 
friend Rob and I 
found this hysterical 
and laughed for the 
duration of the class. " 

— Adam Reed 

"My most memorable 
experience occured 
during a community 
service requirement 
where I was able to build 
a relationship with 
several nursing home 

38 Academics 

Todd Stinson _ 
"Having to read the 



J! "Cooking a meal in 

Feminine Mystique 


international business. 

for English class." 


Dressing in business 


casual for extra credit. 





Katie Delaney _ 

"To be honest. 1 
haven't really had 
anything out of the 

"Dr. Folk tripped over a 
cord in history class and 
made the projector turn 
off. It wasn't funny 
because he could have 
been hurt, but he is a 
comical professor and 
cracked a joke about it. 
The whole class 

Academics 39 

What has been your most 
memorable experience 
from a class? 

"Our trip to the clinic in St. 
Louis and eating at a Tai 

What was 

"Doing a self-assessment. It 
forced me to look at a lot of 
personal aspects of my life that I 
usually tend to forget." 

40 Academics 

"My grandmother and 
mother were both 
nurses, so I developed 
a taste for it early and it 
has been my passion 
for 30 years. I love 
helping people and 
making a difference." 

Mariana Gass 


Describe your idea of 
the perfect professor. 

"A perfect professor 
is one who is available 
anytime, is willing to 
help you and has a 
sense of humor." 

Amy Haake _ 

What influenced you 
to become a nurse? 

"I wanted to help 
people and other 
family members to feel 
good about nursing 






"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything." Russian Proverb 

Janis Swank _ 


What is your most 

$ 1 

memorable class 



"Last summer we took 
a field trip to La 


w V 

Clinica. This is a clinic 
for minority, under 


* w 

privileged families. I 

i ■ v 

& m 

was amazed that there 
is such a large 
number of non- 
English speaking. 

Teresa Sopho — 

What influenced you 

poverty stricken 
people so close to a 

to become a nurse ? 

busy part of 

"My mother had a 

downtown St. Louis." 

stroke, and 1 became 

very interested in the 

anatomy of the human 


Academics 41 



Amy Weston 

"I don't have any, but 
if you work hard then 
I believe you deserve 
the reward of getting 
to be a member of an 
honors course." 

'To give up the task of reforming society is to give up one's responsibilty as a free man." A. Paton 

Julie Kerner 

"I really don't know 
how I feel about 
honors classes." 

42 Academics 



^v 1 




> J| 


^F v 



Kristin Schmidt 

"I'm not sure how I 
feel about honors 
classes. I do think that 
they should be 
weighted to give 
students an incentive 
to take them." 

'"I am not in them. 1 
don't think all the extra 
time is really worth it." 

"I feel that more 
honors courses 
should be offered. 
Yes, they should be 
weighted. If you are 
doing the extra work 
you should be 

"1 think they are a good 
idea and nice to put on a 
resume. The extra effort 
would be worth it if the 
grades were weighted." 

Academics 43 

"I hope to show them they 
are all high caliber students, 
and that we are always trying 
to attract at least one more 
Speech Communication and 
English faculty.'" 

'"We are here to provide 
the best education for our 
students, both those 
majoring in our field and 
those in general education 

"To provide students 
with not only a greater 
skill level in their chosen 
field but a greater 
awareness of art in 

"[I would] like to 
improve hands on 
experience and allow 
students to build 
computers from 
scratch. They should 
also learn to grow with 

44 Academics 









Dr. Castralc — 

"We are here to help 
them, guide them, 
make sure they make 
good choices and 
also to encourage 
them to complete the 
education program." 

Maryrose Kadell , 

"To be kind and 
considerate to each 
other. I'm kind and 
considerate to them, 
and I hope that they 
will leave each day 
with a positive attitude 
and full tummies." 



"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Chinese Proverb 

Dr. Muzzutti 

"Knowledge is power. 
With this power comes 
responsibility. It 
particularly behooves 
college educated 
people to work tor social 
justice and better the 
world for everyone." 

Kim Lobring _ 

"If it is party time then 
it is important to party 
well. If it is time to 
study, then it is time 
to hit the books hard. 
If it is time to work, 
then only the highest 
quality and best 
effort is acceptable. I 
would say that the 
overriding impression 
I try to leave with 
students is that if you 
are going to do 
something -- give it 
your best shot." 

Academics 45 

"Students here are highly 
motivated, dependable, 
capable of learning and 
handling several new 
tasks at one time. They are 
also trustworthy, very 
professional and very 

Janet Isom, 
Roselyn Hustedde 

"Students are hard 
working, dedicated to 
the pursuit of their 
goals and delightful 
to be with." 
"They appear to be 
loyal to McKendree 
and dedicated to 

"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it but what they become by it" John Ruskin 

B Evan McDaniel 

"Education is very 

_ Mary March al 

"They are hard workers 
whether in their studies or in 
student assistant jobs. They 
are dependable and dedicated 
to the college. They have 
cheerful, friendly attitudes, 
loyalty and pride in 

46 Academics 

"We have a very friendly, 
educated and helpful 
group of students." 

"I enjoy the students' 
eagerness to learn 
new things and to 
broaden their 


"Students help keep me 
young. I enjoy their vigor, 
their interest shown in class, 
their civility, and their 
willingness to engage in 
dialogue. They're fun! And 
they appreciate my jokes, 
although my wife will never 
believe me when I tell her 

Academics 47 

"A Buddhist monk came to 
teach calligraphy. He hopped 
up on a huge table, sat in the 
lotus position, and 
proceeded to paint the most 
beautiful letter forms with a 
few simple arm movements 
while his Rolex cast 
reflections all around the 

"Helping students when I 


"A woman actually 

_ Dr. Hickman 


went into labor in my 


classroom when I first 

"I won a national 

started teaching here. 

poetry award, and I 


She got to the hospital 

felt afterwards, that's 

in time, but that 
1 certainly was a 

what I was supposed 

to be doing." 

memorable and 

dramatic moment." 

48 Ac 


D r. Frederking — 

"1 graduated from McKendree, 
and the one tiling that left an 
impression on me was meeting 
my wife. We dated the last three 
years we were here. Our senior 
year, I got a chance to go to 
Syracuse for grad school. She 
said, 'Let's get married this 
summer, and I'll go with you." 
So. we put together a wedding 
in three months and went to 
Syracuse together." 

JoVanna Mickelson 

"Work hard and you 
will iiet somewhere in 


'We rarely forget that which has made a deep impression on our minds." Tryon Edwards 

*> I 

Dr. Samarco _ 

"The most memorable 
experience from my 
college years was 
whenever I met Toni 

Dr. Chapuis — 

"Dean Emerial Owen 
was the dean that hired 
me, and I can remember 
talking to him one night 
a year or two after he 
hired me. He died later 
that night suddenly 
from a heart attack. He 
certainly left a favorable 
impression on me. I 
have since aspired to be 
a professor like he was. 
a great colleague, and 
an enthusiastic person 
that cared about 

Academics 49 

Author Unknown 

hatever our hands touch- We leave fingerprints! 

On walls, on furniture, on doorknobs, dishes, books. 

There's no escape. 

As we touch we leave our identity. 

Oh God, wherever I go today help me leave heart prints! 

Hearts prints of compassion, of understanding and love. 

Heart prints of kindness, and genuine concern. 

May my heart touch a lonely neighbor, 

Or a runaway daughter, 

Or an anxious mother. 

Or perhaps an aged grandfather 

Lord, send me out today to leave heart prints. 

And if someone should say, "I felt your touch, " 

May that one sense YOUR LOVE touching through ME. 

50 Organizations 

Sigma Nu member. Ryan Feder. doubles as a 
McKendree student and a publie safety officer 


Jessiea Tarr, Christina Wegener, and 
Lindsey Oertwig take a moment to rest 
after a CAB and UB meeting. 

(■ive me something good to eat 

Members of Alpha Omega, Amy Harris 
and Natalie Schottel, treat, not trick, 
children at SGA's trick-or-treat event. 

Writing and rhetoric 

Editor of the McKendree Review and 
member of the forensics team. Erica 
Smith steps out in style. 

No strings attached 

Jim Meyer, freshman, plays the drums 
for the marching, concert, and pep 

Freshman Drew Foley hands the ball to Dr. Seuss 
at the basketball game stand at SGA's Trick-or- 

Oraanizations 5 1 

Alpta rsi Ornega 

Do you find yourself watching actors and actresses on 
television or in movies and thinking, "I can do that"? If 
so, then Alpha Psi Omega is for you. The purpose is to unite 
people who are interested in drama. Drama may include stage 
productions, backstage work or simply expressing oneself. 
President Amanda Fox-Tongate listed her duties as organizing 
events and meetings and most importantly keeping everyone 
working together as a team. When asked what makes the group 

unique, she said, "The members' personalities. Everyone has 
something to add to this group, and our creative minds tend to 
work together well. We are an animated group of individuals 
who love to have fun. Overall our unique status comes from the 
character of each and every member." She was thankful for the 
opportunity to form wonderful relationships with other people 
who were also interested in drama. 

Is there any new 

The members of Alpha 
Psi Omega are 
conducting business at 
a meeting. 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Front Row: Dan Schmid. 
Kevin Brucker. Back 
Row: Kelly Pieper. 
Adam Kee. Todd 
Stinson, Amanda Fox- 

Amanda Fox-Tongate is the president of Alpha 
Psi Omega for the 2000-200 1 school year. 

52 Oraanizations 


The sound of the Bearcat Blind, led by director Mr. Boggs, n\uvhingkuidtesti\cdsiinvhichhiglisehtx)lbiuidssuite-\viae|\uticirxite. 

echoed throughout campus with everything from popular top They bring in professional musicians to instruct students forthese events, 

hits to the school song. "I joined the band to be involved with school The band also has the tradition of playing for donor Michael Olgivy on 

spirit," said Drum Major Jeannie Nagel. "During games the band his birthday. Olgivy donated fluids to purchase new instruments in 1999. 
contributes by getting the crowd pumped up. creating an exciting 

atmosphere." They perform at home football games and men and 
women's basketball games. In addition to conceits, they also make 
their debut in the homecoming parade. The band assists in hosting 
conventions such as Bands of America and Illinois Music Educators 
Association ( IMEA). In addition McKendree hosts conceit, jazz and 

American bandstand 

The flag members take a rest while the band plays 
for the audience during a football game. 

The band is comprised of three main paits: conceit jazz aid marching 
baids. Members include: Suzaine Beckett Ayisha Bradley. Chasity 
Bradley. Ada Brown, Melissa Daiheiser, Katie Ernst, Tammy Ernst, 
Courtney Gieselmain, Tim Huller. Amy Ingram, Shannon Lackey, 
Michael Long. Melissa Lueke. Kyle Luitjohan, Melissa Lyles, Janes 
Meyer, Machae Miller, Katie Mollet. Jeannie Nagel, Jarod Neuner, 
Shannon Pa-son, Shannon Ransey, Jennifer Roehl. Abbey Skaer, Zac 
Smith, Brent Snyder, Brandy Swift aid Kelly Woehlke. 

Making harmony 

Mr. David Boggs directs the band at one of their 
many rehearsals in Upper Deneen. 

The Color Guard, led 
by Captain Jamie 
Maedge, shows how 
hard work and 
practice can result in 
a crowd-pleasing 
show. Members 
include Amber 
Connell, Jessica 
Decker, Casey Havlin. 
Elizabeth Hise. kari 
Kruse. Jamie Maedge 

Organizations 53 

Concert C^oir 

From trips to different places around the country to 
entertaining audiences with such difficult works as the 
"Requiem" and '"Te Deum," the choir knew how to work hard 
and have a good time. Directed by Dr. Nancy Ypma, they tour 
different cities every other year to perform for a variety of 
churches and hospitals. The choir sang in many concerts. 
Graduation was also graced with their lovely voices as were 
various school functions. 

Concert choir, fall 2()l)(> 

Front Row: Nicole Erlinger. Jennie Sees, Katie Mollet, 
Michelle Bryant, Alex Gerberding, Waller Edison. Todd 
Stinson, Jenessa Truce, Chasity Bradley. Lindsay 
Holmgren. Christy Gregory. 2nd Row: Karla Pieper. Jaimie 
Cooper. Sarah Caputo. Casey Havlin, Ben Brockett, Gary 
Green. Dave Hackerson. Gina Perfelti. Anna Rainbolt. 
Kelly Pieper. Morgan Hudson, Leah Bowers. 3rd Row : 
Trisha Ruby. Heather Johnson. Melissa Danheiser. Colette 
Tippy. Kevin Brucker, Jeremy Becker. Brandon Voss. 
Adam Kee. Stephanie Weaver, Abbey Skaer, Jamie 
Maedge. Cinnamon Fisher. Dr. Nancy Ypma. Back Row : 
Kasi Johnson. Tracey 
Matzenbacher. Sarah Mueller, 
Jennifer Deschane. Charles 
Mitchell. Travis Ford. Matthew 
Olmsted, Eric Sporleder, Sue 
Baumann. Stacy Reindl, Lauren 
Setterlund, Becky Cox, Amanda 

Sweet and low 

Conceit Choir was comprised of about 50 people who loved to sing 
and spend three horn's each week with others who shared that same 
love. It was their enjoyment of singing that allowed the choir to bond 
and to create a musical blend that filled the audience with emotion. Dr. 
Ypma expressed how she felt about their work after the spring 200 1 
concert. 'The choir conceit was the most ambitious program I have 
conducted in my 1 3 years at McKendree. The members worked hard 
and performed beautifully I am very proud of all of them.' * 

The altos practice on 
their "Ceremony of 
Carols" before 
performing at the 

Christmas concert. 

Mama sang bass. dadd\ sail", tenor 

The tenors and basses concentrate on making 

sure that they hit all of the right notes. 

54 Organizations 


The McKendree College Cheerleaders had more to Head coach Rosalie Wand deseribed the squad as the most 

cheer about than usual. For the first time in the school's talented she had ever worked with. Because of this the team's 

history they got the opportunity to attend the National stunts and routines greatly increased in their level of difficulty. The 

Cheerleading Association competition, which was held in squad showed off all of their hard work and dedication at every 

Daytona, Florida. They placed a respectable 4th. Junior Becky home football and basketball game. The squad, which included 

James was very excited about the experience, "It really pulled a male (another first ), qualified for national competition, 
our squad together and made us a more unified team." 

C'lieerlcadiiig squad 

Front Row: Tabitha 
R o b 1 e s , E in i I v 
Canning. Jenna 
Dunker, Sarah Harris. 
Middle Row: Heather 
Heenan. Breanne 
Sikma, Mandy Hille. 
Carrie Harriman, 
Trisha Ruby. Back 
Row: Assistant coach 
Leah Rosen. Lacev 
Voytas, Jenny Petzolt. 
Matt Paraday, Becky 
James. Kacie Kern, 
Coach Rosalie Wand. 

Kxpert builders?? 

Cheerleaders build 
pyramids as an effort 
to get the crowd 
pumped up. 

Cheerleaders attend sporting events to support 
the team and get the fans fired up for what 
hopes to be a victory. 

Organizations 55 


ce I ea?r\ 

Football and basketball fans could always count on the ensure their fans a high-quality performance. Dance team 

dance team for energized halftime entertainment. First- member Amy Weston decided to join the group because, "I 

year coach David Ford felt that the dance team was unique in love to dance in an organized fashion. I competed in high 

that it was one of the few groups whose main goal was to school. Dancing is a lot of fun. and there are cool girls and an 

entertain the crowd and just have fun. The team practiced twice awesome coach. Also, I wanted to be a part of a McKendree 

a week during the football and basketball season in order to organization." 

Dance team 

Front Row: Amy Weston. Middle Row: Erika Burcham. 
Rachel Brandmeyer. Back Row: Beth Niedoborski. Angela 
Chittwood, Kate Beanblossom. 

Get into the groove 

The dance team served as halftime 
entertainment during home football games. 

The dance team 
works hard to 
perfect their 
for sports fans to 

56 Organizations 

Blacfc Stucfent Organization 

Have you ever wondered who sponsored the popular Back-to-School pool 
party at McKendree West, the reggae party, and the multi-cultural party? It 

was the Black Student Organization headed by President Charles Davis. The club 
LaTova Berry 

"I joined this organization to interact with other had various traditions which included the celebration of Black History Month, 

students with similar interests and to engage 

in various fun activities." organizing the Martin Luther King observance celebration, promoting various movie 

nights on campus and sponsoring fund-raisers like cleaning the "Help From Mom" 

daycare center. The organization also participated in community service projects by 

collecting canned goods and holding clothing drives for the needy. 

BSO sponsored several field trips for its members. The group went to Six Flags 
together in October, to Mississippi in January for the Black Leadership Conference 
and to Tennessee in March for the Rap and Race Conference. Davis felt the people, 
the activities and the history made the group special. 

Charles Davis 

As president of the 
organization, Davis 
feels that they 
contribute a lot to 
campus. "We help 
celebrate diversity." 


Front Row: LaToya 
Berry, Keisha Harvey, 
Michelle Bryant, 
Tiffany Rogers, 
Keisha Robinson. 
Back Row: Joseph 
May. Frederick 
Collins. Brian Nelson, 
Charles Davis, Jeremy 
Green, Ira Stewart, 
Darius Miller.. 

Read all abj ml it!! 

Darius Miller and Jeremy Green read th 
newpaper to keep up on current issues. 

Organizations 57 

Campus Activities BoarJ/ ^rion BoarJ 

The Campus Activities Board and Union Board (CAB 
and UB ) worked together to provide entertainment for 
the campus community. President of the Union Board, Felicia 
Bryant, felt they were "giving McKendree students something 
to do. Lebanon is not too entertaining." 

Students went to Ames Dining Hall nearly every Wednesday 
to enjoy a comedian or other novelty act. In addition, over the 
past few years, the Board had also worked with Intramurals to 


Front Row: Mary Lofink. 
Melissa Smith. Lanac 
Robinson. Kristin Frobish. 
Melissa Danhieser, Casey 
Havlin. Christy Herzing. 
Middle Row: Melissa 
Adams. Amy Smith. Beth 
Bushmire. Natalie Marcum, 
Felicia Bryant. Chris 
Leeper. Sarah Caputo. 
Back Row: Cassie Cowell, 
Amber Connell. Brian 
Walshbaeher. Kari Kruse, 
Shawn Stimson. Loni 
Steward. Amy Fieck. 

create a "Pack Your Bags" dance, which sent one lucky student 
and a friend to a far-off location for a weekend. 

Felicia felt her responsibilities centered around "keeping the 
campus hype." Typical meetings include discussing the last event, 
planning marketing for the next event, and brainstorming ideas 
for future events. Among the perks, she said was "the craziness 
of the board members. Plus we got to ride in limos to pick up 
the stars"! 

This meeting will 
now come to order 

UB president Felicia 
Bryant discusses 
new business at the 
weekly meeting. 

Chris Leeper. Loni Steward and Felicia 
Bryant proudly pose together as the newly 
elected officers of the Union Board. 

58 Organizations 

Sweet suckers 

Joel Cryder and Marc Sikma dress-up for FC A Halloween as aliens from the 
planet Lollipop. 


Tt's Tuesday night, and you're looking for something to do. 
Well, if you want to meet fellow Christians, praise God, let 
out your feelings and frustrations without fear of being judged, 
sing, dance, and play games, then FCA is the place for you. 
Amanda Hayes knows it's the place for her, "I think FCA is a 
great time for fellowship and getting away from the outside 
world." As the largest club on campus and the largest college 
chapter of FCA in the St. Louis area, the Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes is a powerful, positive force that continues to grow. 
Through activities, guest speakers, worship time and interacting 
with friends and fellow believers, FCA provides students with 
the opportunity to learn and grow in their walk with Christ. 
With all of the stresses that face college students, dozens of 
students attend weekly meetings and are grateful for the unique 
experiences that being a part of FCA 
allows them to enjoy. 

Loiikin" pretty 

A retreat treat 

Just hanging out with the hoys 

Christy Gregory, Casey Keller. Jen, and Heidi FCA enjoys their time together at an FCA camp Kirk Bailey, Bart King and Bryan Cantu enjoy the 
Lay take time out during a retreat to smile for in Cuba, Missouri. meetings: "They help the week go by a lot 

the camera. smoother," stated Kirm. 

Organizations 59 


The Center for Public Service provides volunteer 
opportunities for the students, faculty and staff. This not 
only gives the volunteers a sense of fulfillment but also provides 
a vital service for others. Some of the activities available are Sports 
Plus. Second Chance Shelter. Animal Protective Association (APA ), 
Franklin Neighborhood Association. Mentoring, America Reads, and 
Christian Activities Center (CAC) Nights. Sports Plus provides 
recreational activities and games for the children in E. St Louis. Students 

visit the Second Chance Shelter, which provides homeless housing, to 
entertain the children while giving the parents some free time. Volunteers 
help the APA maintain the facility and tend to the pets. At the Franklin 
Neighborhood Association, McCat members tutor school children and 
also become mentors and role models to them. The CAC Nights 
allow volunteers to socialize and make friends with the children there. 
Whatever volunteer experience one chooses, volunteering is a great 
way for a student to make a difference. 

McCat meets every 
two weeks to discuss 
various programs on 

Dr. Lyn Huxford 

"McCat is vital to the life of the campus in that 
it provides students, faculty, and staff many 
ways to fulfill the service and citizenship 
aspects of McKendree's mission." 

60 Organizations 

Students Against Social Injustice 

One of the newer clubs on campus is SASI or Students selling candy, and other projects are in the works. SAS1 has 

Against Social Injustice. SASI was created with the had the opportunity to visit Kosgroves Kitchen in E. St. Louis 

intention of bringing awareness of social issues to the campus and the history museum for the Nazi Olympics exhibit. Future 

community. The group has been a growing force in "'making plans include traveling to Mexico for Spring Break 2002. 

people think about things that they otherwise might not think 

When asked what makes the club unique. Tippy noted the 
about," said President Colette Tippy. "We promote a better 

minimal amount of structure which allows for more open 
understanding of the real world." 

discussion of ideas among members. SASI is sponsored by 

Fundraisirm efforts have included collecting aluminum cans and faculty member Dr. Lyn Huxford. 


Front Row: Charles 
Davis. Dr. Muzzati. 
Back Row: Corin 
Scharf. Colette Tippy. 
Kevin Brueker. Kelly 
Traw. Jessica Muench, 
Karen Springs. Sara 
Clark, Ryan Feder. 

Organizations 6 1 

Stucfervf- ^overnmert Association 

The Student Government Association, or SGA. was a 
very active group. As President for 2000-200 1 , Brian Curtis 
did a great job representing the student body and overseeing the well- 
being of the SGA in general. Curtis joined the group out of desire to 
"betterthe McKendree experience of my fellow students." 

TheSGAhostsa'Trick-or-Treat" night for the youth of Lebanon 
each Halloween. Another tradition is the various "Speak Up 


Front Row: Bernadette 
Schrempp, Casey 
Keller, Brian Curtis, 
Heidi Lay, Nicole 
Salvato. Back Row 
Hilary Misselhorn 
Jessica Keller, Brad 
Oliver, Tyler Atwood, 
Drew Foley, Nicole 
Hargett. Jen Ford. 

Elected elite 

SGA officers Bernadette 
Schrempp, Casey Keller, 
Brian Curtis, Heidi Lay 
and Nicole Salvato smile 
at the success they have 
had this year. 

and Speak Out" sessions where students are invited to voice their 
comments and concerns about different aspects of the college.The group 
also sells seat cushions at football games and organizes fund-raising 
efforts at the Savvis Center in St. Louis. The funds are distributed to 
many campus organizations. Members of SGA attended leadership 
conferences in Orlando and Washington, D.C. McKendree students 
have SG As hard work and dedication to thank for many of the various 
changes and improvements seen on campus. 

62 Organizations 

Friends in high places 

President Diane Nagel and Vice-President Stacy Reindl are excited about being 
elected officers. Says Reindl. "Being part of such a highly regraded honor 
society is just one more positive aspect of attending McKendree." 

LarrWa P\ 5k 

The candles held by the new members of the 
Communication Honor Society burned brightly as the old 
members inducted the new members into the Alpha Upsilon 
Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta. All communication majors automatically 
belong to the society, but those students who show extra effort 
become honorary voting members. These members need to 
complete 60 semester hours with a GPA of 3.0. Of those 60 hours. 
9 hours need to be in communication with a minimum GPA of 
3.25. Honorary members take part in the induction ceremony and 
receive certificates of recognition. Graduates wear gold cords to 
represent their honorary standing. 

Students inducted were Jeannine Kinder. Marc King 
(Treasurer). Diane Nagel (President). Kelly Jo Nettleton 
(Secretary). Erin Onstott. Rob Pickerel], 
Stacy Reindl (Vice-President). Julie 
Stewart and Jennifer Zahn. 

Hold your candle high Gimme some cand) 

Stacy Reindl. Rob Pickerell, Diane Nagel. Jeannine Kinder and Marc Diane Nagel. Marc King and Stacy Reindl pass out candy to the local 

King hold their candles after lighting them during the induction Lebanon children at the SGA's Trick or Treat for the community, 

Organizations 63 





Pi Gamma Mu is an honor society for all social sciences 
including history, sociology, criminal justice and political 
science. The group participates in a yearly service project with 
the help of other members of the campus community. During 
the winter of 2000-200 1 they sponsored a blanket drive for 
the homeless and the poor. Boxes and flyers could be seen all 
over campus encouraging others to help out. 

President Renee Schilling's responsibilities consisted of planning 
and leading meetings, planning the annual bakesale with the 
Psychology Club, planning the initiation banquet and notifying those 
students who had been accepted into the club. Schilling was happy 
to be involved in Pi Gamma Mu because it fit into her busy schedule. 
It did not require a lot of obligations or meetings, but it was an 
honor to be involved in a club that recognized accomplishment in 
the social sciences. 

Officers and a 

Front Row: Archivist 
Heather Wilde. Public 
Relations Caprice Staneil- 
Smith, Secretary Dawn 
Kelley. Back Row: 
President Renee Schilling. 
Vice-President Sarah 
Frost. Treasurer Adam 

64 Organizations 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Members include: Staci Loeh, 
Kari Kelly. Renee Schilling. 
Sarah Frost. Dawn Kelley. 
Adam Reed. Caprice Stancil- 
Smith, Heather Wilde. Krista 
Ledford, Jessica Huff, Stefanie 
Foster. Heather McGowan, 
Elizabeth Winter. Heidi Lay, 
Brenna Henson. Sara Pieper, 
Stacey Adama. Julie Taylor, 
Amanda Larson, Paula Erhart- 

Sigma Zeta 

Sigma Zeta, a National Science and Mathematics Honor 
Society, was founded at McKendree on June 9, 1926. 
The Beta chapter is currently the oldest practicing chapter of 
Sigma Zeta. It encourages the attainment of greater knowledge 
in the fields of math and science by recognizing outstanding 
scholastic achievement in these fields through active, graduate 
and honorary members. 

Under the leadership of previous president Rebecca Bryson- 
Ritchey, reconstruction of the Greenhouse began and a collection 

of research/job/graduate school opportunities were prepared 
for the benefit of students to gain information posted on the 
bulletin boards in Voigt Science. This continued under new 
leadership as did the Earth Day celebration which included a 
plant sale and a Wild Bird Sanctuary Show. A select group of 
seniors attended the National Sigma Zeta Convention to 
present their senior thesis research and have their abstracts 
published in The Sigma Zetan. Other activities included the 
creation of a website, judging local science fairs and having a 
float trip. 

Sigma Zeta 

Front Row: Treasurer Allen Walter. Secretary Heather Heenan. President Tina Porzukowiak, Vice-President Lynn Hollenkamp. 
Middle Row: Amy Smith. Michele Schutzenhofer, Jennifer Seibert. Back Row: Advisor Dr. VanPutte. Gina Heinen, Melissa 
Adams, Traci Isom, Shannon Parson, Laure Megahy. 

Members not 

Michele Becker, 
Rebecca Bisso. 
Lindsay Bratin. 
(President tall 
2000), Sherri 
Eaton, Angela 
Grote. Natalie 
Heck (Secretary 
fall 2000). Amy 
Melissa Keller. 
Lynn Krebs. Ken 
L e m m o n s , 
Andrea Levin. 
Carrie Linnertz, 
Melm, Ginger 
Neff, Jillian 
Overby, Breanne 
Queen, Kelli 
Reese, Matt 
Scaglion (Co- 
treasurer 2001). 
Melissa Smith. 
Clint Taylor. 

Organizations 65 


orenstcs I earr\ 

Since its inception in 1995, the Forensics Team has done 
nothing but excel. The forensics team consisted of freshman 
Cassie Blum, sophomores Michael Artime and Morgan Hudson, and 
seniors Ryan Anderson, Darius Miller and Erica Smith. Dr. Richard 
Hunsaker filled the roles of 'coach, teacher, travel agent, driver, friend, 
cheerleader and business manager." The team competed in many 
tournaments in a variety of different speech and debate categories 
including pariiamentary debate, public debate, prose interpretatioa poetry 
interpretation, persuasive speaking, impromptu speaking, and after- 
dinner speaking. 

Forensics Team 

Front Row: Morgan Hudson. Dr. 
Hunsaker, Erica Smith. Back Row: 
Michael Artime, Darius Miller. Ryan 
Anderson (Not pictured: Cassie Blum). 

With impressive statistics, it was no wonder that Dr. Hunsaker was so 
proud of the team: 'This year's squad was rather small compared to 
previous years. Moreover we lost several very talented people to 
graduation. Thus I thought it would be a rebuilding year. But as small as 
we were, the people carried on the tradition of excellence." Darius 
Miller agreed wholeheartedly. "I feel that although smaller than last 
year's team, we accomplished a lot with a small number of people." 
According to Dr. Hunsaker. since "good debators are good thinkers 
and good speakers." ' it is obvious that the team will continue to succeed. 

Smart AND sexy 

Ryan Anderson and Darius Miller pose 
at the National Pi Kappa Delta Forensics 
Tournamant after a historic 2nd place 
finish in Open Parlimentary debate. 

Rehearsing rhetoric 

Homeward bound 

66 Organizations 

The forensics team (Ryan Anderson. Erica Smith, 
Ryan Anderson practices his debates tactics Morgan Hudson _ Mke ^^ Danus Mller) wahs 

while Michael Artime and Danus Miller prepare m ^ ^ rpon ^ head home gRa a successml ouung 
for rebuttal. at an Iowa tournament.. 


Senior Katie Hearring started the Pre-Med Club in the their experiences has given me some great insight into the field 

fall of 1 999. In the spring of 2000 they received their of medicine and where I might want to go with my career," said 

charter from the American Medical Student Association. The Megan Kitner. 
following fall the club was officially recognized on campus. The 

puipose of the club is to prepare pre-med students for medical 
school. There are opportunities to learn more about the medical 
field from various speakers including nurse practioners, medical 
students and doctors. "'Listening to all of the speakers talk about 

The club plans on touring medical schools in the region, setting 
up volunteer opportunities at local hospitals or nursing homes, 
and providing McKendree members with encouragement 
through difficult undergraduate years that prepare them for 
medical school. 

I'lT-McdC 'luh 

Front Row: Megan Kilner, Amy Smith, Carrie 
Linnertz. Back Row: Dr. Ted Anderson 
(sponsor), Jacqueline Chapman, Becky Bisso, 
Jillian Overby. Members Not Pictured: Kourtney 
Bradford (President), Kaci Dinga. Kelli Reese, 
Mickev Schutzenhofer. 

Vice-President Amy 
Smith, Treasurer 
Jacqueline Chapman, 
and Secretary/ 

Recruitment Officer 
Carrie Linnertz 
represent the future 
of the medical 

Organizations 67 

Psychology GJ-up 

For students who enjoy helping others, one choice is with the residents. Movie nights and speakers are just two more 
to join the Psychology Club. The group participates in of the fun activities that the club offers, 
many activities which benefit members of different communities. 

The Psychology Club sponsors parties at the Bohannon Nursing 
Home, Lebanon Terrace Mental Retardation Facility, and 
Mascoutah Group Home on Halloween. Christmas, Valentine's 
Day and Easter. There members play games, eat food and visit 

To be able to provide its members with such wonderful opportunities, 
the club requires dues, holds bake sales, and sells items on campus. 
For just $2 in dues, students can participate in a club that strives to 
spread their love of helping people. 

Oh say does that 
Psychology banner 

Every officer from the 
president to the 
archivist was there to 
pose behind the 
banner that bears 
their name. 

Psychology Club 

The club graciously 
took time from a 
meeting to show how 
happy they are to be 
involved in such an 
import a n t 

Members brainstorm to come up with their next 
great project. 

68 Organizations 


The Montage is the voice of McKendree College's 
creative writers. The publication features such 
diverse forms as poems, short stories, one-act 
plays and creative nonfiction essays. It comes 
out once a year in the spring and highlights the 
best writing that McKendree has to offer. 

Montage i 

staff: \ 


Charles Mitchell ' 


Lauren Bailey 

Christina Beauchamp 

Candice Betts 

Becky Gehling 

Kcll\ Meyei 


Oliver Vogt 

Organizations 69 


Mix seven dedicated staff members, one off-the-wall 
advisor, lots of film and cameras, endless interviews and 
oodles of fun, and what do you get'.'The McKendrean Yearbook! "I 
was very impressed with our staff,' ' said co-editor Diane Nagel. "Not 
only did they produce high-quality work, but they were easy to work 

The group achie ved many "firsts." including participating in SG As Tiick- 
or-Treat night. They also successfully marketed the yearbook, selling a 

record number of copies by spring 2(X) 1 . Through senior and vendor 
ad fundraisers, the staff was able to purchase an additonal camera and 
a piinter/copier/scanner combination. * 'I am very excited about the quality 
of the yearbook this year. I know that the campus will feel the same way 
when they see the final product.' ' said Stacy Reindl . 

Staff members included Co-editor Diane Nagel, Co-editor Stacy Reindl, 
Shelly Dalhaus. Mary Lofink, Mary Mueller, Amber Pellmann and 
Emily Tuttle. 

\ Ickeiiclrean stall 

Front Row: Emily 
Tuttle. Middle Row: 

Stacy Reindl, Mary 
Lofink, Diane 
Nagel. Back Row- 
Amber Pellmann. 
Shelley Dalhaus. 
Mary Mueller. 

70 Organizations 

All play and no work What a bunch of crop 

Stacy Reindl and Diane Nagel take time from their Picture cropper extraordinaire Amber Pellmann 

busy schedules as editors to enjoy lunch and do the measures the dimensions for a yearbook photo 

norm: file their nails and talk on the phone. after a Monday meeting. 



9 a 

Alpha Omega is one of the many sororities that make up 
the Greek eommunity. As a serviee sorority made up 
of 10 memhers and 8 pledges. AO comhines helping others 
and having a good time. Eveiy spring they howl for Big Brothers/ 
Big Sisters and every fall they hold the popular "Pueker Up" 
dance. To raise money, hesides sponsoring danees and requiring 
dues, they conduct various fundraisers sueh as selling candles 
and candy and holding car washes. 

Keri Lemmons enjoyed the camaraderie of the group: "The 
friendships 1 have made and the experiences that I have had 
will stay with me throughout my life." When asked what she felt 
makes Alpha Omega unique. President Jennie Sees spoke of 
sisterhood and belonging: "I feel that each member is a leader, 
a friend and a sister. Strength in numbers does not apply here. 
Each one of us is a strong individual who contributes ideas. I 
feel like I have a group of friends that I can count on." 

Alpha ( taiega 

Front Row: Pledges 
Maylene Mora. Krysten 
Camden, Lindsay 

Barttelbort. Katie Reed. 
Liz Fish. Back Row: 
Actives Molly Buck, 
Amy Harris. Keri 
Lemmons, Natalie 
Schottel, Amanda 
Larson. Kate Roach, 
Jennie Sees. Amanda 
Mann, Lindsay Bruun, 
Jessica Huff. Pledges not 
pictured: Jen Roel. 
Mandy Camillo, Melissa 

It's pretty easy 

AO actives and 
pledges enjoy a night 
of fine eating and 
good conversation at 

We're gonna howl tonight 

Natalie Schottel. Jessica Huff. Jennie Sees and 
Amanda Mann take a breather from all of their 
strikes and spares to pose for the camera. 

Organizations 7 1 

AJpta P\\\ <Wga 

The only co-ed fraternity on campus. Alpha Phi Omega 
is also the largest fraternity in the nation. Consisting of 28 
active members and 8 pledges, the fraternity sold carnations for 
Valentine's Day. held hake sales and put together Finals Week Survival 
Kits to raise money. APO also holds an annual Alumni Party and 
birthday party for the campus chapter. Another of their innovative 
ideas is to start sponsoring alcohol-free dances. 

This fraternity remained involved by visiting other chapters at SIUE, 
SLU, Washington University. Truman State. SEMO and Rolla as 
well as traveling to their national office in Missouri. Gina Perfetfi felt 

this helped them "give back to the community through the many 
service projects we do, not only with students from McKendree 
but with students from many colleges in the St. Louis area." Three 
members were also sent to a national conference in Philadelphia. 

President Kevin Brucker feels APO makes many positive 
contributions. "We help to provide students with leadership, 
friendship and service opportunities to make them more well- 
rounded. We also work closely with McCat and the Center for 
Public Service in accomplishing all of their service projects." 
Obviously APO stands for teamwork! 

Alpha PhiOmega 

Front Row: Jessica Hull". 2nd 
Row: Tracey Matzenbacher, 
Colette Tippy, Christina 
Beauchamp, Kelly Pieper, 
Lori Gray, Karen Springs. 
Melissa Danheiser. 3rd 
Row: Gina Perfetti. Terri 
Hunt, Jenessa Trace, Casey 
Havlin, Christy Her/.ing. 4th 
Row: Anna Rainbolt. 
Jessica Muench. Beth 
Meyer, Erin Frazier, Jen 
Monroe, Amanda Minor. 
Chasity Bradley. Back Row- 
Kevin Brucker, Brandon 
Voss, Jeremy Becker. Greg 

72 Organizations 

Not pictured: Becky Cox, Amanda Fox-Tongate. Sarah Frost, Alex Gerberding, Kristie Hille, Malina Johnson, Terry 
Johnson. Glen Kinder. Sarah Mueller. Paul Secrest. Todd Stinson. Heather Wilde. 


The Clionian Literary Society was more commonly The women could be found participating in community service 

known around campus as CLIO. Named after the Greek activities or dancing the night away. CLIO has conducted 

muse of history, the sorority was made up of 1 7 social and their meetings in the same place since 1 869: the east half of 

community minded women. The group held a variety of dances, the present Circuit Riders Hall. But no matter where CLIO 

both formal and informal. CLIO also started placing red bows members were seen, it was guaranteed they would be smiling 

around the small pine trees on campus during Homecoming and willing to help if need be. 
and the Christmas season. 


Front Row: Sura Beth 
Woolsey. Jacklyn 
Wiegert. Michelle 
Middendorf, Jennifer 
Nash. Angie Dombal, 
Nicole Hargett, Natalie 
Biermann. Back Row: 
Jennifer Ryan. 

Bethany Wilson. 
Michelle Rhine. Leslie 
Fletcher. Dawn Kelley. 
Angela Chitwood, 
Rachel Brandmeyer, 
Johnna Hood, Lauren 
Setterlund, Jennifer 

Making hum pledges 

Jennifer Nash and 
Dawn Kelley prepare 
for the induction o\' 
new members into 

Dr. Michele Stacev -Doyle 

As faculty advisor. Dr. Stacey-Doyle says that 
she "functions as a counselor and facilitator 
as well as someone who can resolve conflicts." 

Organizations 73 

Kappa Sigma !au 

Kappa Sigma Tau kept busy with various community 
service events and dances that the entire campus was 
invited to take part in. In describing a typical meeting. President 
Allison Luebbers said that it was "difficult to actually cany out 
the meeting because everyone was socializing and having fun." 

The sorority has an annual formal dinner and dance for both 
alumni and active members. During the spring of 200 1 , the girls 

held a dance at Aviston Legion which featured two live bands. 
Luebbers said that being a part of the sorority has allowed her 
to make good friends, give back to the community and learn to 
grow as a person. She added, "I joined Kappa Sigma Tau 
because it represents what I want out of the college experience. 
We are unique because we encourage people to be themselves 
without promoting conformity." 

Kappa Sigma Tau 

Front Row: Stephanie 

Johnson. Kristin Skidis. 

Tonica Larson, Jenny 

Brciwn, Cassie Blum. Casey 

Havlin, Elizabeth Hise. 

Middle Row: Michelle 

Tracy, Carla Nix, Karla 

Pieper. Kelly Meyer, 

Angie Tharpe, Allison 

Luebbers, Natalie 

Marcum, Kari Kruse, 

Becky Gehling Back Row : 

Karen Blomberg, Dana 

Long. Theresa Brenizer, 

Lindsey Oertwig. Not 

pictured: Cassie Cowell. 

74 Organizations 

We love Bogie! 

Kappa Sigma Tau 
actives for the 2000- 
2001 year pose with 
fellow active Carla 
Nix.playing the role of 
Bogie the Bearcat, 
while wating for the 
Homecoming parade 
to start. 





One of the male fraternities on campus is Sigma Nu. With 22 
members for 200 1 . Sigma Nu remained a strong presence. 
They hold three dances annually that are always free and include free 
prizes. In fact. Wild Turkey. Snowball and Armageddon are very 
popular when it comes to partying. Sigma Nu's main fundraiser is 
working forthe Sawis Center during the St Louis Blues hockey games. 
Members also step up when needed around campus. They have 
been called numerous times to move items when maintenance has not 

been available to do so. Sigma Nu ventures to Show-Me's eveiy 
Thursday and started the tradition in May 2000 of a float trip. 

Sigma Nu represents leadership and friendship, both of which President 
Dusty Kallal feels strongly about. "We strive to bring in men and get 
them to be campus leaders. Personally, I have been told that the men of 
Sigma Nu are leaders who are laying footsteps for many others to 
follow. We are a group of men that make a difference on this campus. 
We are there for each other no matter what happens ! ' " 

Sigma Nu 

Front Row: Brian Curtis. Dusty Kallal. 2nd 
Row: Nathan Burhank. Greg Cueto. Daniel 
Winn, Erik Schank. Chris Lally, Alex 
Gerberding. 3rd Row: Dave Christ, Scott 
Whitehead. Brady Stewart. Robert Stewart, 
Ryan Feder. Back Row: Mike Farrell. Dustin 
Wangler. Jeremiah 
Eye. Jared Simmons, 
Tyler Atwood. Not 
pictured: Kris Hall, 
Drew Foley, Tommy 
Kupferer. Adam 

You know you 
wanna join 

Daniel Winn and Rob Stewart try to convert 
males to the fiat life at Freshmen Orientation. 

Having a grand time BBQ habits 

Brian Curtis, Dave Christ and Tyler Atwood pose Sigma Nu members enjoy their annual steak 

in front of the flag at the Grand Chapter for Sigma barbeque at Sigma Nu alum Frederick "Fritz" 

Nu in Phoenix. Arizona. Kunze's house. 

Organizations 75 

'P*Uvtt& i#i t&e Sand 

Author Unknown 

ne night I had a wondrous dream, 

One set of footprints there was seen, 

The footprints of my precious Lord, 

But mine were not along the shore. 

But then some stranger prints appeared, 

And I asked the Lord, 

"What have we here?" 

Those prints are large and round and neat, 

But Lord, they are too big for yours or my feet. 

My child, He said in somber tone, 

For miles I carried you along. 

I challenged you to walk in faith, 

But you refused and made me wait. 

You disobeyed, you would not grow, 

The walk of faith, you would not know. 

So I got tired, I got fed up, 

And there I dropped you, on your butt. 

Because in life, there comes a time, 

When one must fight and one must climb. 

When one must rise and one must stand, 

Or leave their butt prints in the sand. 

76 Sports 

Senior James Seay speaks of how his presence at games 
affects the learn: "Me being here is luck enough." 

Pain in the ankle 

Dennis Burnett has his ankle wrapped 
after spraining it during a game. 

Around the water cooler 

Kathy Rakers. Mark Albertoni, Dusty 
Kallal, and Pauly Vanuytuen discuss the 


Let's talk about sax 

Band members Ada Brown and Kyle 
Luitjohn serenade the crowd. 

Gotta love it 

Dustin Kanter never played football, but 
when it comes to the Bearcats, he is a 
"die-hard fan." 

Dr. Gretel Hickman enjoys one of the men's soccer games. 

Sports 77 


"For good luck, I wear my lucky purple 
shorts with a little black and gold in 
them on Thursdays and Fridays." 
Gennarro "Catfish" Hawkins 

The McKendree Bearcats finished the 2000 season with a record of 7-3. 
Being ranked as high as 3rd and spending six straight weeks in the top 
five, they unfortunately lost their last two games of the year. That still doesn't 
diminish the excitement of the numerous broken records which filled the season. 
The team had records of 44 quarterback sacks, 608 total yards, 544 rushing 
yards, 8 touchdowns and 56 points in various games. Brandon Murphy, Dennis 
Barnett and Oku Satcher were named to the NAIA All-American team. Allen Walter 
was named to the NAIA Scholar Athlete team. Success should not just be measured 

by a spot in the national championship: it 

Shawn Stimpson 

"I know now what 
McKendree football 
is, and until I did, I 
never played my 
fullest for four 


Junior Scott Compton runs the ball down the 
should be measured by the exceptional tield - 

work of an exceptional team--the 

McKendree Bearcats. 

78 Sports 




Front Row: Coach Carl Poelker, Brian Kehrer, Travis Jenney, Colin Adams, Patrick Carley, Tyler Pankey, Brian Schneider, Marc Siknia. Chucky 
Davis. Billy Gray. Mike Stonier. David Carter. Nick Bruss. Bart King. Brandon Steele. Coach Dick Hood. Second Row: Ira Stewart, Greg Wilcox. 
Jared Grebner, Jason Schneider. Anthony Roland, Chris Fisher, Jeramine Cooper, Joseph Clark. Devin Jones. Allen Walter. Lance Bidlack. Scott 
Compton, Gennarro Hawkins. Coach Brett Gross. Third Row: Coach Trent Poelker. Randy Lozier, Michael Zollner, Oliver Vogt, Brandon Murphy. 
Bryan Cantu. Jacob Glass. Nick Friederich. Jon Baker. Mario Dixon. Terrence Clark. Shaun Taylor, Kyle Roach, Pat Morse. Fourth Row: Ronald 
Vironda. Geramy Hamilton. Mark Williams, Darius Green, Michael Niermann, Dustin David, Mark Albertini, Jason Cunningham. Ryan Davenport. 
Andrew Kelley, Kurtis McCray. Coach Mike Giaravalia. Fifth Row: Coach Dean Renn, Jacob Buchanan. Michael Harris, Michael Achord. Ronnie 
Stuart, Ashley Barnette, Scott Munday, Barry Vanderhyden, Brad Marshall. Ryan Presson, John Brentlinger. Dave Duffin, Jason Selby. Jereme 
Halbert. Sixth Row: Travis Ford, Dusty Kallal, Glenn Peterson, Shawn Stimson, Robert Harrison. Quentin Faulkner. Eric Shull, Mark Larsen, Josh 
Neuhaus. Josh Busch. Steve Kirk, Jason Clay, Brandon Mcintosh. Jim Cordes, Coach Bill McCloskey. Seventh Row: Coach Gregg Cox, Matt 
Scaglione. Dennis Barnett. Scott Mehring, Cory Schulte. Eric Benhoff. John Keeven. Jason Remelius, Luis Mendoza. Ricardo Harris, Josh Lee. 

Kolin Peterson. Clyde Brown Jr.. Coach Craig 
Robertson. Eighth Row: Darius Smith. Phillip Neal. 
Nathan Earnest. Matt Robitallie, Kyle Stephens, 
Chns Birkner. Brent Snider. Josh Kettlekamp. Nick 
Bisgrove, Theren Swinford, Matt Roundcount. 
Nicholas Gianino, Nick Robitaille. Oku Satcher. 
Coach Jeff Fisher. Ninth Row: Coach Jarrod 
Karnes, Athletic Trainers, Joe McGuire. Cory 
Wilson, Nick Schiebel. Joe Bruss, Athletic 
Trainers, Coach Tim Funk. Back Row: Coach Pete 
Hensel. Tabitha Robles. Trisha Ruby. Carrie 
Harriman. Courtney Gullion. Sarah Harris, Lacey 
Voytas. Jenny Petzoldt, Matt Paraday, Becky 
James. Kacie Kern. Mandy Hille. Breanne Sikma. 
Jenna Dunker, Heather Hennan. Emily Canning. 

Mike Achord 


i ii. 

M^ R, .9N 

'winning' shirt 

I've worn 

under my 

shoulder pads 

since my 

freshman year 

in high school. 

and I play 

100% for as long as I can, so I 

have no nahls for stress.'' 


Drake University 1 1 

Malone College 45 

U. of St. Francis 28 

Trinity International U. 31 

Iowa Wesleyan 55 

St.XavierU. 41 

Taylor University 56 

U. of St. Francis 39 

Olivet Nazarene U. 20 

St. Ambrose U. 1 3 

■ I 

Push 'em back 

Senior Joe Bruss 
holds back one of his 

Sports 79 



Men's soccer 

Front Row: Coach, Todd Bruns. Ryan Jones, 
Andy Brunner, Eric Nelson, Jeff Dulle. 
Michael Lucey. Anthony Mitchell. Maximo 
Sanchez-Pagano. Chad Kutcher. 2nd Row: 
Chris Hall, Michael Doll. Tom Lorentz, Pete 
Hennessy. Brian Ferguson. Michael Dermen. 
Ryan Davinroy. Steve Frierdieh. Robert Lugge. 
3rd Row: Coach Tim Henson. Christopher 
Melm. Josh Scott. Justin Shadrach. Kevin 
Anderson. Ryan Riggi. David Bass. Sean 
Snedeker. Francisco Mosca. Mark Reimann. 
Mike Best. Coach Tim Strange. Back Row: 
Ben Kissell. Ron Kappauff. Rick Ringwald. 
Dan Lane. Jon Mattull. Pat McKay. 



Parting the Red Sea 

Senior midfielder 
Ryan Davinroy tries 
to outrun the other 

team's members. 

80 Sports 

men s soccer 


"To prepare for a game I try to get a 
good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast 
and before the game I try to visualize 
playing and build confidence going in." 
Ryan Jacob 

second place in the American Midwest Conference for the men's soccer 
team came from a record season of 1 3-9. Despite his absence from four of the last 
five games, sophomore Francisco Mosca led the team in scoring with 1 7 goals and 
12 assists for a total of 46 points. Mosca was also named to the 1st Team All- 
Conference team. Mosca. along with Eric Gratza, was named to the NAIA Region V 
second team. Players Joe McClary, Rob Lugge and Jeff Dulle were all named as 
Honorable Mentions. 

This team full of talent will do nothing but 
continue to grow year after year and break 
more and more records. 

Joe McClary 

When asked about 
superstitions. MeClary 
said, "I do not believe 
in superstitions, but I 
like to put my collar up 
like Elvis Preslev." 

Sports 81 

women s soccer 

"My fitness and diet regimen consists 
of eating as much pasta as I can and 
drinking a lot of water." 
Jan Delaney 

Who holds the best record in McKendree women's soccer history? The 
2000 team with a 16-5-0 mark. They swept the American Midwest 
Conference during the regular season by going 4-0 and outscoring their opponents 
9-0. Four players were named to the AMC All-Conference team: Roxie Simpson, 
Tara Tomlinson, Amanda Kirksey and Shannon Roth. Sara Kelemetc and Jodie 
Bales secured spots as Honorable Mentions. The two top scorers in history, 
Leslie Thompson (56 points) and Roxie Simpson (5 1 points), graduated in May 

leaving behind a team full of players just ready 
to try and break their accomplished records. 
And with results like this season, chances are, 
success isn't far out of reach! 



Leslie Thompson 

"I'm beyond proud of this 
team. We've improved 
1 109r since my freshman 
year, but nothing will beat 
the fun of this past 
season's away trips"! 


(■ s I, ,- 

Women's soccer Front Row: Jan Delaney, Amanda Kirksey, Amanda Camillo, Amanda Waitukaitis, 
Shannon Roth. Renee Davinroy, Mickey Schutzenhofer, Jennifer Ryan. Middle Row: Natalie Judge. Jodie Bales. 
Tara Tomlinson, Leslie Thompson. Mandy Loberg, Roxie Simpson. Elizabeth Kamp. Katherine Walsh, Rebecca 
Oliver. Back Row: Chad KuLscher. Kristina Wildt. Sara Kelemetc. Kelly Kutscher, Kim Schmidt, Erin Krausz. Jaime 
Dean. Crystal Cavins. Stacy Dowdy. Coach Tim Strange. 

82 Sports 

Amanda Kirksey 

How do you 

prepare tor a 

game? "Get a 

good night's 

rest and focus 

on my 


for the game. 

And I must 1 

en to music to 
pump me up" 


University of St. Francis 
Lindenwood University 
Bethel College 
Lambuth University 

Spalding University 
Missouri Valley College 
St. Ambrose University 
Missouri Baptist College 
William Jewell College 
Park University 
Harns-Stowe State College 
William Woods University 
Hannibal-LaGrange College 
Millikin University 
Central Methodist College 
Graceland College 
U. of Southern Indiana 

Hams-Stoue State Colleg 
William Woods Urtiversit 

Benedictine College 
Lindenwood University 


Mine, mine, mine 

Playing midfield, Roxie 
Simpson attempts to 
gain control of the ball. 


Kickin' it up 

Tara Tomlinson primes 
herself for a goal- 
scoring power kick. 

Junior Erin Krausz 
puts the ball back into 

Sports 83 


Record setting 

Coach Evelyn Bean 
awards senior setter 
Gina Heinen with her 
record breaking 
volleyball after their 
win against Southern 

Let's get ready to 

The Bearcats prepare 
themselves to return 
the volleyball with 

■ I 

Things that go 


Jessica Waldron hits 
the ball up and over to 
keep the other team 
from scoring yet 

Susie Mueller 



prepare? "I try to 
get a good 
night's sleep, 
and immediately 
before the game I 
visualize myself 
doing everything 
right. That always helps. At one 
point. I wore a rubberhand around 
mv wrist for luck"! 


Home (lames 
Spalding University 
William Woods U. 
Harris-Stowe State Coll. 
Hannibal-LaGrange Coll. 
Missouri Baptist College 
Spalding University 
College of the Ozarks 
Columbia College 
Park University 
Williams Baptist College 
Missouri Valley College 
I \angel I inversus 
Culver-Stockton College 
Lindenwood I 
C of Southern Indiana 

Baptist College 

84 Sports 


"This is the first class that I have 
coached from the beginning. That's a 
sentimental thing. We played some good 
volleyball and had a great year." 
Coach Evelyn Bean 

The volleyball team finished the 2000 season with a record of 28-17. The 
highlight of the season was knocking off the seventh ranked team in the NAI A 
in five games. This season was also one of establishing new records. Gina Heinen set 
a new career record for assists with 2,8 1 1 and games played in a career with 55 1 . 
Amanda Domes broke her own record for kills in a season with 644. Domes. Susie 
Mueller, Sherri Eaton and Jessica Waldron all set the record for games played in a 
season with 1 55. Dorries and Waldon were named to the First Team AMC All- 
Conference team while Renee Baughman 

and Leslie Walker each received 
honorable mentions. This team obviously 
had no problem "'serving" up a successful 


Melissa Meddows 

"The thing I enjoy 
most is becoming 
friends with all the 
other players on the 
Bearcat team." 


Front Row: Stephanie Burke. Sarah 
Humphrey. Renee Baughman, 
Sherri Eaton. Amanda Dorries. 
Leslie Walker. Amy Johnson. Angie 
Baumgartner. Jessica Waldren. 
Amy Cooper, Coach Evehii Bean. 
Back Row: Gina Heinen, Melissa 
| Meddows, Ashley Herang, Susie 
Mueller, Mollie Johnson, Jonie 
Nottingham Krysten Camden, Erin 
Fahey, Courtney KoelJing, Jennifer 
Leivh. Melanie Hcnker. 

Sports 85 

track and field 

"I have no way to really relieve pre- 
game stress. It automatically goes away 
after the first round of competition." 
Tanya Thomas 

With the shot of a pistol, the track and field season was off to a strong start. 
Senior Agne Visockaite represented McKendree in the 2000 Summer 
Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Visockaite, a native of Lithuania, competed in the 
100- and 200- meter dashes. She is a 10-time NAIA All- American and has earned 
five individual national championships while at McKendree. 

The team's success continued into the spring as the men's and women's teams won 

the Indoor NAIA National Championship. 



Kenneth Koech 

"I believe that I 
run better when I 
wear yellow 
clothes than if I am 
wearing dark 

The women's team made history as the 
first team in NAIA history to earn three 
consecutive indoor championships. The 
national championship was a first for the 
men's team as well as a first for the men's 
athletic program at McKendree. 



Track and Field 

With the speed of the Greek God. Achilles, the men's and women's track 
and field teams captured the Indoor National Championship. 
86 Sports 

Members of the team 
include: Philbert Amuzu, 
Marlon Barnaby. Latoya 
Berry, Dennis Barnett, 
Justin Blasdel. John Burr, 
Scott Compton, Nadia 
Cunningham. Shernette 
Davis, Chadwick Dennis. 
Walter Edison, Jeremiah 
Eye, Terry Farrell, Ian 
Godwin, Khalilah Graham- 
Hyatt, Geramy Hamiltion, 
Kerine Harvey, Keisha 
Harvey, Betty-Ann 
Haywood. Edwin Kimaiyo, 
Marc King. Kenneth Koech, 
Scott Koeneman, Brandon 
Mcintosh, Milos Milicevic, 
Brandon Murphy. Karyle 
Penelton. Nicholas Powell, 
Robin Rheineker. Keesha 
Robinson, Hillary Rono, 
James Seay, Tanya Thomas, 
Neisha Thompson, and 
Asne Visockaite. 

Mike Farrell 

What fitness 
regimen do you 
follow? "I train 
months in 
advance by 
running twice a 
day. Before a race 
1 try to keep my 
mind busy and not 
wear myself down 

b> thinking about the competition.' 

Members of the team 
include: Nadia 
Cunningham, Shernett 
Davis, Jeremiah Eye, 
Mike Farrell. Khalilah 
Graham-Hyatt, Betty- 
Ann Haywood, Edwin 
Kimaiyo, Kenneth 
Koech, Sarah Korir, 
iJames Meyers, Keesha 
Robinson, Hillary Rono, 
Michael Tomlin and 
Neisha Thompson. 

cross country 

"Just before my event I always whisper 
my favorite Bible verse: 'I can do all 
things through Christ who strengthens me,' and I 
basically focus on the strategies I am going to use 
to win my race." 
Shernett Davis 

Over the woods and through the hills, the cross country team perservered 
for miles on end. At the NA1 A Regional meet held in November, the men's 
and women's teams qualified for the national championship. The men's team won 
the Region V title, earning 19 points. The women's team earned second place, and 
Sarah Korir was the lone qualifier for the nationals in the 5000 meter run. 

Shernett Davis 

How do you 

prepare for a 

meet? "In order 


to prepare for a 

meet, I make 

sure 1 gel 


enough rest and 

fluid in my body 

and get all of the e 


nenl 1 

need for 




Midwest Collegiate 

Border Challenge 
Washington U. 
Mini Meet 

5 th 

NA1A Regional 1st 

NAIA National 
Championship 18th 

The Bearcats faced the National Championship meet with the same vigor as in 

previous meets. The men's team finished 

1 8th. and their highest individual finish was 

Terry Farrell who placed 24th. 

Betty Ann 


In the final race of her McKendree carrer, 
Korir placed 14th at Nationals. Her 
career highlights consist of being an 1 8- 
time Ail-American with 1 1 individual 
national championships. 

"If you want to 
something in life, 
don't quit until it's 
accomplished. Take 
each problem as it 
comes along, solve 
it and keep going 

Sports 87 



Follow the finger 

Coach Statham gives 
pointers to Keith 
Langenhorst. Jerome 
Gilmore and Dion 

Flippins during a 

Ben Warren 


How do you 
prepare for a 
game? "In order 
to get ready for 
the game I try to 
take my 

nervousness and 
benefit from ithy 
nped up." 


i r : 



Speed demon 

Nic Stotler charges 
past an opponent, 
intent on making a 

Tight squeeze 

Protecting the ball. 
Ben Warren makes a 
face as the other team 
gets too close for 

Home Games 

Indiana University 
Life University 
Greenville College 
Iowa Wesleyan College 
I-ureka College 
Marycrest University 
Harris-Stowe St. College 
Columbia College 
Brescia University 
Park University 
William Baptist 
Missouri Baptist 
Harris-Stowe St.College 





men's basketball 


"Playing such a challenging schedule 
and winning 27 games is a tribute to 
the competitive nature of our players." 
Coach Harry Statham 

The blast of a whistle signaled the start of a promising basketball season in early 
November. During the season, the Bearcats had many highlights. Head Coach 
Harry Statham finished sixth on the college basketball win list with 783 wins. He 
surpassed the records of coaching greats Bobby Knight and Henry Iba. The team 
celebrated the school's first ever win against a #1 ranked opponent during the 
McKendree Classic when they defeated Life University 1 04-86. 

In addition to team firsts, individual players also set career records. Matt Laur, Dan Moore and 

Nic Stotlerall reached the 1 .(XX) point scoring mark. Laur. a sophmore, led the team in scoring 

for the second consecutive season averaging 

1 9.8 points per game. Laur also led the team 

in rebounds, blocks and steals. Moore, a senior. 

became die first playertoiecoiriatriple-double 

since the 1994-95 season. The Bearcats 

finished tine season with a record of 27-9 and 

competed in the first round of the National 

Basketball Championship. 

Ryan Baumgartner 

' 'I wear a rubber band on 

my right ankle and a 
piece of tape with a 
person's name on it 
around my left ankle. If 
I do good, I keep that 
name for the next game 
and add another." 



Front Row: Joseph Oliver, Matt Koerber. Jerome Gilmore. Darryll Flake, Keith 
Langenhorst. Dion Flippens. Back Row: Cory Waters. Ricky Taylor, Andre 
Taylor. Nic Stotler. Shawn Byrne, Ben Warren, Matt Laur, Dan Moore. Tim 
Schumacher. Zachary Hosman, Harry Statham. Ron Awsumb, Tim Becherer. 

Sports 89 

women's basketball 

"I will never forget the sisterhood that 
was developed throughout the team. We are 
a big family always looking out for each 
other and helping one another." 
Becky Bisso 

The thud of basketballs and the squeak of sneakers against the hardwood gym 
floor eehoed the success of this year's women's basketball team. They ended the 
2000-200 1 season with a record of 19-14 overall and 8-2 in American Midwest Conference 
play. Head Coach Melissa Ringhausen used a balanced scoring attack and stellar defense to 

record her third winning season in four years. 

The Bearcats had four players that averaged 

at least eight points per game including: Jacque 

Clark. Autumn Dow, Nicole Markus and 

Kristin Hustedde. Clark, a freshman guard. 

led the team in scoring with 289 points coming 

off the bench. Their defense allowed just 57.6 

points per game, placing them 13th in the 

N AI A Defense Average. 



Becky Bisso 

"To prepare for a 
game. I try to focus and 
run through the plays 
in my head." 

Front Row: Kelly Jo Nettleton. Amy May. Sarah Niebrugge. Nicole Markus. Second Row- 
Ashley Mathias. Jaquelyn Clark. Jennifer Steams, Amy Anderson, Jackie Shubert. Autumn 
Women's D° w - Darci Louden, Karyle Penelton. Melissa Ringhausen. Third Row: Kristin Hustedde. 
Nicole Hartrich. Back Row : Angie Wine. Michelle Beiemiann. Becky Bisso. Stephanie Sparks. 
Antzela Durham. Jamie Schrader. Nicole Pellmann. Median Martz, Jackie Harlin, assistant. 



90 Sports 

Freeze frame 

Kristin Hustedde is 
caught in action 
lobbing a ball past an 

Darci Louden 

How do you 

prepare for a 


game' 1 "I eal 


two chicken 

strips. ti\ 


hair, chat and 
then pray right 

before walking 

m the floor." 


Home Games 


Grace College 

7 3 

University of Indian 

x 5 7 

Culver Stockton Col 


Brescia University 




Olivet Nazarene 


MacMurray Collge 


William Baptist 


William Woods 


Missouri Baptist 


Harris-Slowe St. Col 

ege 75 

Park University 


Hannibal-La Grange 


William Woods 


Head of the pack Ain't no mountain high enough 

Nicole Markus Autumn Dow sizes up an opponent 

makes a fast break who poses a threat as she tries to 

dribbling the ball make a basket. 
down low. 

Sports 91 

Dusty Foy 

How do you 

prepare for a 
game? "1 usually 
listen to some 
Dave Matthews 
or Boh Marley to 
help me relax and 


Lewis & Clark 




Lewis & Clark 




McMurray /Westminister 




Green\ (lie Tournament 




CIS Tournament 


St. Francis/Olivet 


Jefferson College 



Dustin David 

"Somtimes I'll get 

nervous, and I just try 
to think about what 
I'm going to do and 
try to focus on 

Don't you come back 
Sara Meador's back hand 
won't get any back talk 
from the opponents. 

Push it 

Tara Grandcolas 
prepares to volley the 
ball back across the 

How do you relieve 
game day stress? "I 
just take a few deep 
breaths; I don't usually 
get too nervous. I just 
go out there and do 
my best." 

92 Sports 


Sara Meador 

Do you hold any 
superstitions about 
winning? "I always have 
to wear my hair in pigtails. 
and I have one lucky 

Rebecca Wendel 

What impressions 

will you take from 

the season? "From 

this season I will 

take how different 

college is from high 

school tennis, and 

how playing tennis 

in college allowed 

me to adjust to college life and 



U. of I. Springfield 
William Jewell 
St. Francis 

U. of Southern Indiana 



Palm Beach International I. 



"This year we won three tournaments. 
We had a great men and women's team. We 
are most proud." 
Coach Bob Polk 

alls bouncing and rackets flying led into the the start of the tennis season. 
The men's team played only two fall matches with a 2-0 record. Highlights of the 
spring season included placing first in the Greenville Tournament and UIS Tournament. They 
ended the spring season with a loss to Baker in the Regionals. Members of the men's tennis 
team included: Daniel Adalbeili. Jason Ashford, Scott Beavers. Mateo Dalla Fontana, Dusty 
Foy. Leandro Guber and Mark Riemann. 

The women's team completed in six fall matches, ending with a 5- 1 record. In the spring, the 
team made their first-ever appearance in the N AIA Tennis Tournament. A win over Baker 
College during Regionals entered them for the first time in the National Championship where 
they ended with a 9-6 record. Team members included: Tara Grandcolas, Jodi Hamm. Lindsay 
McMillin. Sarah Meador. Amber Raymond. Krisin Voegele, Kacie Wear and Rebecca Wendel. 


Women's Tennis 

coaches take a 
break from practice 
on the court. 

Sports 93 


"I wear the same sliders every game 
(I do wash them), and I always have 
my lucky T-shirt in my bag." 
Angie Witte 

There's the wind-up and there's the pitch, it's going straight down the middle 
folks...I think he's gonna make it... The 200 1 softball season wasn't exactly "Paradise by 
the Dashboard Lights.' ' but that doesn't mean that it wasn't just as exciting. After an average start, 
the team tired up and went 1 5-6 in their last month of the season. 

Senior pitchers Erin Tabing and Amie Touchette and junior Mindy Jameson helped lead the team 
through their successful season. Evelyn Bean was named coach of the year and Mindy Jameson, 
pitcher of the year, in the American Midwest Conference. Players that were named AMC First- 
Team All Conference included: Angie Conley, Mindy Jameson. Mandy Loberg, Angie Niemeyer, 
Amie Touchette and Kate Walsh. 

The team ended the season with a loss to Culver-Stockton College in the Region V championship 
game. They had an overall record of 34- 1 8 and were ranked 1 2th in the NAI A. The team also 
earned the regular season AMC tide and the AMC tournament title. 



The 2000-200 1 softball members and coaches gather in front of MPCC for a photo. 


94 Sports 

Low blow 

Concentrating on the 

ball. Kate Walsh 

surprises the other 

team with a bunt. 


■ I 

Wind up 

Winding up. Amie 
Touchette releases a 

ast pitch. 

MembeiN of the team 
iixiude: Lindsay 
Bergmann, Lyndsay 
Bieber. Yumi Blackburn. 
Amanda Camden. Angie 
Conley, AmyCwper, 
Sarah Cunningham, 
Stephanie Foster. Erin 
Gentz. Nikki Goodwin, 
Angie Grote. Aniatida 
Haas, Sarah Hollaway. 
Renee Huber, Angie 
JamesMindy Jameson. 
Misty Jameson. Mandy 
Loberg. Karen Lodes, 
Kaii MeGowan, Sara 
McKenzie, Patty Nance, 
Angie Niemeyer. 
Amandi Schumer. 
Melinda Singleton. 
Jennifer Steams, Erin 
Tabing. Amie Touchette, 
Kate Walsh, Kara Wilson 
and Anszie Witte. 


Misty Jameson sends 
the ball flying into left 

Sports 95 

Slippin' and slidin' 

Eddie Breuchaud makes 
a face as he slides into 

■ I 
Let 'em fly 

Winding up. Brandon 
Musso pitches a 
hard ball to home 

96 Sports 

Rodney Smith 

Do you 

hold any 

\\ inning-' "I 
can't pla) 
with ni> 
pant legs up 
or mess up the lines before 
the game Also. I can't warm 
up on the foul line. As far as 
my diet goes. I like to eat at 
Subway all the time. I like the 
elub; that's the best." 



"We like to see the boys hit it deep. 
There's nothing like the view from 
the cheap seats." 


Home Gaines 

Blackburn College 


Mount Mercy College 

St. Ambrose University 

Greenville College 


Brescia University 
Lindenwood University 
U. of Southern Indiana 
Oakland City Universit) 
Harris-Stowe St. College 

William Woods 
Williams Baptist College 
William Woods 
Missouri Baptist 

^simple game of good baseball is all it takes to till die cheap scats with fans. The baseball 
team finished tl ieir season with a record of 44- 1 5. They advanced to the Region V tournament 
forthe second consecutive year. 

The team had several outstanding individual performances. Senior Justin Knolhoff led the tean i 
in batting averages, runs, hits, doubles, triples and total bases. Senior John Freeh had a team best 
1 1 -2 record and pitched nine complete games. 

Seven players were named to the AMC All-Conference First-Team including: Eddie Breuchatd, 
Joel Cryder. John Freeh, Dusty Kantner, Justin Knolhoff. Brandon Musso and Ryan Tribout 
The Bearcats also tcx>k home four of five conference individual awards. Coach Jim Boehne was 
named coach of the year. Justin Knolhoff was 
awarded player of the year, and John Freeh 
was honored as pitcher of the year. Newcomer 
of the yearwas given to Ryan Tribout. 

Five players were also placed on the All- 
Region Team including: Justin Knolhoff, Dusty 
Kantner, Eddie Bieuchard, Ryan Tribout and 
John Freeh. Individual awards were presented 
to Justin Knolhoff for Region V player of the 
year and John Freeh for Region V pitcher of 
the year. 

Brian Klostermann 

What superstitions 
do you hold about 
winning? "I only wash 
my socks when we 


Team members and 
coaches pose in the 
MPCC gym lor a 


Sports 97 


"If you watch a game, it's fun. If you 
play it, it's recreation. If you work 
at it, it's golf." 
Bob Hope 

Mix a few tees, lots of golf balls, several holes-in-one and lots of talent and what do you 
get? The McKendree Golf Team. The men's golf team swung their way through a 
successful season ending with an overall record of 34-2 1 with one tie. The highlight of the season 
occiured at the Lindenwood meet where the Bearcats placed first often. The ten-member team 
advanced to the NAIA regionals where they placed sixth out often. Members of the men's team 
included: Greg Albeitina. Paul Juenger, Facundo Oyenard. Bob Phillips, Dustin Schilling, Juan 
Villa Matt Wagner and Marshal] Witsberger. 

The women's golf team experienced a trying season, ending with an ovei-all record of 4- 1 4. The 
seven member team started the season on a good note when they placed first out of two at 
Evangel. Members of the women's team included: BethCheny. Nicole Hartrich, Jearmie Homer, 
Amanda Kirksey, Ashley Mathias, Amy Watson, Kate Wein and Bethany Wilson. 



Men's Golf 

The men's golf team and coach Fred Underwood take a moment from practice on the course. 



Team Score 





Missouri Baptist 



I st/10 


4th/ 14 





William Woods 




McK Invitational 


NAIA Regional 



Tee time 

Bethany Wilson demonstrates 
the proper technique on her 


98 Sports 



Team Score 









McK Invitational 


William Woods 



Slam dunk 

Going up for the shot is no 
problem for this skilled intramural 
basketball player. 

Michelle Bryant 

really methodical and 

How do you 
prepare for the 
game? "I slow 
down. My 
thoughts and 
preparation of 
my gear are 

intramural staff 

"My greatest challenge was to prepare 
the bowlers to be mentally tough and 
not afraid of the big schools." 
Coach Gary White 


ith the drop of a ball and the echo of pins following, the 
women's bowling team rolled their way through the season. In their 

first year of existence, the nine member team left their mark of success. They 
were ranked 19th overall in bowling power rankings, including Division I. 

Shelly Pulaski led the team with an average of 196.7 followed by Michelle 

Bryant with 179.9. Averages of other 

members were: Jenessa Trace 176.8. 

Christie Tubb 172.8. Jenny Baxley 

17 1.2, Renee Haas 170.7 and 

Suzanne Beckett 140.5. 

Jenessa Trace 

Listening to CDs. 
playing cards and just 

having a good time 
are ways Jenessa 
Trace relieves game 


Intramural Staff 

The intramural gym workers were instrumental in preparing for the games 
held in MPCC during the school year. 

Sports 99 

From a poster by Flavia 

ome people come into our lives and quickly go. 

Some people move our souls to dance. 

They awaken us to new understanding 

with the passing whisper of their wisdom. 

Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. 
They stay in our lives for awhile, 

Leave footprints on our hearts 
And we are never, ever the same. 

100 People 

Kimberly Stoll, Corin Scherf, Rence Rhodes and 
Becky James are all dolled up for a night on the 


Pyramid of friends 

Sarah Meador, Cristin Capps, Diane Nagel 
and Angie Neff show that friendship can 
come in any size or shape. 

Times two 

Sebastian Helhig and Lisa Champ double 
their fun with each others company at a 
soccer game. 

MB BE I _ 

Lean on me 

Sophomore Daniel Winn displays his 
dependable nature as a friend. 


" nfilfc Jin' 

W »* '< -■ ^ |! 

Three's company 

Jamie Dixon. Erin McKenna and Krystin Camden 
prove that three can be a crowd in the McK dorms. 


Students and professors stand in front of 
the University of Salamanca, Spain, during 
spring break. 

People 101 

Kendra Becherer Jeremy Becker Suzanne Beckert Michelle Beiermann LaToya Berry 

Jenny Brown Nitasha Brune 

— — — 

Ryan Brush Rebecca Bryson-Ritchey Erika Burcham 


Jaime Burk 
102 People 

Amanda Camillo Emily Canning Dr. Remo Castrale Jacqueline Chapman 

Leandro Gubler David Hackerson Carrie Harriman Damon Harris 

Sarah Harris 
People 103 

Megan Kitner 
104 People 

Justin Knolhoff 

Kenneth Koech Andrew Krallman Jaclyn Kueper 

Jamie Maedge Natalie Marcum Jennifer Marshall Jody Kaye Martinez 

We il 

^««* v y»#y 

\1 J 


' 1 

James Meyer LisaMiddendoif Michelle Middendorf 

Meghan Martz 

Tracey Matzenbacher Rebecca McCorkle Brad Mcintosh Stacy Meadows LuisMendoza 

Amanda Minor Carrie Moonier 

People 105 

Bradley Oliver Matthew Olmsted Facundo Oyenard Matt Paraday Jennifer Petzoldt 

Beth Poletti 

TinaPorzukowiak Nicholas Powell Amber Raymond 



1 1 

Chester Reeder Brent Reeves 

Stacy Reindl 

Kacy Reiss 

Dr. Timothy Richards Dustin Richert Dr. Raymond Robb Tabitha Robles 

106 People 

Jennifer Roehl 

Hillary Rono 

Trisha Ruby Maximo Sanchez-Pagano Daniel Schmid 



u J 




Bernadette Schrempp Staci Schuessler 

Stephanie Sparks Brandon Steele Shawn Stimson 




ft , 


Andrew Smith 

Marc Sikma 


lissa Smith 



- > *Qt 





Todd Stinson 

Amy Suydam 
People 107 

Brandon Voss 

LaceyVoytas Jeffrey Walkenhorst Dustin Wangler Amanda Wayman 

Jeni Wise 
108 People 

Safari 'ptowi 'Plctme^ 


People 109 

Swutett 'pfawi 'Pictmeb 




10 People 

HJattw ^tcwi 'Pictune& 




People 1 1 1 

tyiactuatiott 200t 

McKendree's Commencement Exercises took place on the crisp clear morning of May 12, 2001, 
at 9:30 a.m. The event was held on the front lawn of campus. Graduation began with the traditional 
academic procession of professors and students. Reverend Tim Harris gave the invocation, followed 
by the welcome given by President Dr. James Dennis. Graduate Matthew R. Olmsted shared his words 
of wisdom with the audience during the commencement address. The presentation of graduates occurred 
in the following order: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Education, 
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the 
Associate in Science. The singing of "Our McKendree" concluded the commencement service, leaving 
friends and family to celebrate and giving the new graduates the freedom to fly! 

"You hold all of our futures in your hands. So you better make it good." - Jodie Foster 

Larr\ T. Adams J r 

Marsha D Alexander 

Cheryl Mane Ames 

Kevin Anderson 

Ryan Robert Anderson 

Heather Elaine Athmer 

Lisa Mane Atkins 

Tenoch Javier Aztecatl 

Kirk Thomas Bailey 

Con Mane Ban 

Renee Elaine Buughman 

Jeremy Andrew Becker 

I IltcI \ Beiiei 

Jodie L. Bell 

Robert Lee Berger 

Christopher Lee Birkner 

Came Lynn Bivens 

( assandra Brannon 

Gina Mane Brauer 

Lindsay D. Braun 

1 1 2 People 

Grant D. Brinkmeyer 
Kevin Michael Brucker 
Andrew Mark Brunner 
Nicholas J Bruss 
Rebecca L- Bryson-Ritchey 

Michael LaBaron Burrell 
Kimly D Burns 
Jennifer L. Caldwell 
Megan Elaine Cash 
Lakeetra A Catching-Hines 

David Edward Causi 
John Chladny 
David J. Christ 
Joseph Owen Clark 
Melodv C. Clark 

Jessica Chloe Coil 
Shannon K. Cook 
Cednc LaShone Cooper 
Shane M. Cope 
Gregory Conner 

Timothy A. Craft 
Eric Wesley Crain 
Nancy Lopez Cruz 
John Everett Cunninghan 
Brian Lee Curtis 

Vanessa Lynne Curtis 
Susan M. Dalke 
Dennis W, Daubert 
Jamie Renee Dawdy 
Kenneth Michael Deatherage 

Christine DeLuca 
Jason Earl DeWitt 
Susan Renee Dieckf 
Amanda L. Dixon-N 
Dameion Doss 

People 113 

Paula Mane Dowell 

Julia A. Draper 

Victoria R. Edrington 

Jeanne Gooley Elafros 

Jeremv Dale Ellis 

Milinda Ann Emerick 

Edward Whitfield English 

Raycia Charmagne Evans 

Brad Eversgerd 

Jeremiah David Eve 

Raul Fagalde 

Christopher Dale Fisher 

Leslie Renee Fletcher 

Dion LeVar Flippins 

Icnmlcr M.nic hvidcnlvi l: 

Sarah Ann Frost 

John Robert Foran 

Dustin Ryan Foutch 

nanda B. Fox-Tongate 

Clay T. Gaddis 

Kevin Michael Gagen 

Stacy Ann Ganz 

Michael J. Garavalia 

Princess Garner-Hayes 

Mariana A. Gass 

Melanie Dawn Genin 

Tara LaShawn Gibson 

George H. Goodlink 

Diana Denise Gravot 

Cynthia M. Gray 
William W, Gray Jr. 
Jeremy Cornel Green 
Rachel Lily Griffith 
Bret! Mathew Gross 

14 People 

Brett William Haake 
Michelle L Haas 
Share E. Haines 
Loren Douglas Hardy 
Nicole Renee Hargell 

Carrie Ann Haselhorsl 
Nicole K. Hastings 
Neesa Beth Hayse 
Natalie Michele Heck 
Heather Lvn Heenan 

Gina Maria Heinen 
Chandra Lane Heinlein 
Peter Charles Hennessy 
Johanna Marie Hermann 
Theresa Herring 

Dianna Kaye Hicks 
Kristie Rae Hille 
E Lynn Marie Hollenkamp 
Robert L. Honian 
Terrence M Homer 

iter Sue Huber 
ny Lynn Huelsmai 
.a Joy Huff 
)th) P Huller 
ny Brian Hundelt 

Lucian E. [van 
Kara Danuta Jacob 
Crista N. Jacober 
Sharon D. McKissic 
Clane Jefferson 

Ann Christine Johnsoi 
Daniel Ryan Johnson 
Kermit G. Johnson 
Heather Jones 
Kim Suzanne Jones 

People 115 

Monica Lee Jones 
Can Jane Jordan 
Randall A. Julian 
Elizabeth J. Kamp 
rod Palnck Karnes 

Dawn Mane Keliey 

Marietta Faye Kellum 

Kan Elizabeth Kelly 

Julie Ann Kerner 

Kimberlea Ann Kerns 


Angela R. Kirleis 

Mary Klaustermeier 

Timothy J. Klein 

Glenda Mane KJingsick 

Jamie Lynn Klopmeyer 
Joe D. Klostermunn 

Justin Charles Knolhoff 
Cortney J. Koehler 
Ruth Mane Kolesar 

Sarah Korir 

Lynn Mane Krebs 

Mary Catherine Kulessa 

Chad Alan Kutscher 

TaraM. Laidley 

Daniel Gregory Lane 

Mishal Ann Langston 

Amanda Michelle Larson 

Keri Dawn Lemmons 

Troy Douglas Lindauer 

Andrea Joelle Linder 

Crystal Elaine Lindsey 

Rachel Elizabeth Lloyd 

Staci Leigh Loeh 

Lorri A. Lowther 

116 People 

Deborah Denise Lucas 
Michael Leo I ucey 
Jennifer Lynn Luther 
Beth A Mann 
\K'M \ Manyando 

I' MjK.nii 

Nicole Markus 
Sharon Catherine Marquardt 
Bradley Alan Marshall 
Tami S Mastantuono 

Tracey Lynn Matzenbache 

\im Inelle Ma\ 
Rachel Mayhew 

Sarah Eli/aheth Meador 
Leslie Ann Meadows 

Laure La\eme Megahy 
Kathenne Anna Middendorff 
Charles Austin Mitchell 
Kenneth C Mitchell 
Deanna S. Mohme 

Daniel R. Moore 
Beth Ann Miner 
Deann L. Myers 
Jennifer Leigh Nash 
Amy Michelle Netten 

Kelly Jo Nettleton 
Shamique Tantrece Nichols 
Lynn Marie Nicolussi 
Amy Elizabeth Niebruegge 
StacieL. Niemeyer 

Tracy Michelle Niklich 
Kristopher Jon Ninnis 
Seth Anderson Noe 
Join M. Nottingham 
Ann M Ohlau 

People 1 1 7 

Bradley W. Oliver 

Joseph Hosea Oliver 

Matthew Olmsted 

Amber G. Pavish 

Robert Marshall Partain 

lyan Trevor Patterson 
Dawn M. Pedersen 
Anthony C. Perry 
Roger A. Pfister Jr. 

Jennifer Lynn Phelps 

Robert L. Pickerell III 

Rhonda M. Pittman 

Tina R. Porzukowiak 

Laurie Ann Pousson 

Vincent Powell III 

Stephanie I. Pride 
Andrea Renee Pyatt 
Adam Michael Reed 
Stacy Lynn Reindl 
kman Reiss 


Michelle LeAnne Rine 

Richard George Ringwald 

Melissa Ann Ripperda 

Sidney Ritchey 

Kathryn A. Roach 

Kyle D. Roach 

Shaun M. Roberson 

'hristopher Matthew Roberts 

Edward Michael Robmelte 

Brian C. Rogers 

Leah M. Rosen 

Kathryn W Roylance 

Michael Charles Russell 

Paul David Saba 

Robert C. Sapp 

8 People 

Jason Todd Satterfield 
Darendranauth Sawh 
Kenneth Matthew Scaglione 
Crystal D. Schallenberg 
Renee M. Schilling 

Kelli Elizabeth Schmidt 
Heather Lee Schneider 
Jason D. Schneider 
[Catherine Renee Schubert 
LaVonne W, Schwartz 

Joshua Everett Scott 
James Delmario Seay 
Jennifer Claire Sees 
William O. Session 
Josiah M Sherman 

Jeffrey Judson Simkins 
Emily Nicole Sisk 
Erica Lynn Smith 
Heather Marie Smith 
Julie Smith 

Tanith Leigh Smith 
Tasha Kenae Smith 
Emily Rene Spitler 
Erik Emil Sporleder 
Caprice A Slancil-Smith 

Christopher Stephen St 
Rochelle P. Stevenson 
Deanna Gail Stewart 
Nicholas Roy Stotler 
Kelly C. Strader 

Clint Thomas Taylor 
Shaun Allwyn Taylor 
Rebecca Lynn Terrell 
Angela Nicole Thompson 
Curtis Thompson 

People 119 

Lisa Ann Toedte 

Karyn L. Topal 

Amie J.Touchette 

Justin S. Townsend 

Tiffany Mane Truran 

Christopher Beau Turley 

Francisco J. ValdezJr, 

Nicholas Ronald Venhaus 

Steven L. Vestel 

Danan Lee Vomund 

Philip VonHatten 


Brandon Matthew Voss 
Stacie Lynne Wagner 

Kimberly Ann Walters 


Amy L. Watson L 


Rebecca L. Watson 

Mary A. Weilbacher 

Katie Jean Wein 

Eric Dean Wendte 

met L. Taylor Weston 

Brian Leonard White 

Jacqueline E. Wiegert 

Heather M Wilde 

Nicole M. Wilhelm 

Donna Lee Williams 

Bethany Gail Wilson 

Chadwick Price Wilson 

Melody A. Wilson 

Melanie K. Wittenauer 

Mica Renee Woodt'in 

Sara Beth Woolse) 
Julie LeeAnn Wrigh 
Jennifer Louise Zah 
William J. ZobnstJi 

120 People 

'pcMtjbttrtfo , . . /iTteoi/l/eitim 

Author unknown 

magine you and the Lord Jesus are walking down the road together. 

For much of the way, the Lord's footprints go along steadily, consistently, rarely varying the 
pace. But your footprints are a disorganized stream of zigzags, starts, stops, turnarounds. 

circles, departures and returns. 

For much of the way, it seems to go like this, but gradually your footprints come more in line 
with the Lord s, soon paralleling His consistently. You and Jesus are true friends! 

This seems perfect, but then an interesting thing happens: Your footprints that once etched the 
sand next to Jesus' are now walking precisely in His steps. Inside His larger footprints are your 
smaller ones, you and Jesus are becoming one. This goes on for many miles, but gradually you 

notice another change. 

The footprints inside the large footprints seem to grow larger. Eventually they disappear 

altogether. There is only one set of footprints. Theyliave become one. This goes on tor a long 

time, but suddenly the second set of footprints is back. 

This time it seems even worse! Zigzags all over the place. Stops. Starts. Gashes in the sand. 
A veritable mess of prints. You are amazed and shocked. Your dream ends. Now you pray: 

"Lord, I understand the first scene with the zigzags and fits. I was a new Christian; I was just 
learning. But you walked on through the storm and helped me learn to walk with you.' 

'That is correct." 

"...And when the smaller footprints were inside of Yours, I was actually learning to walk in Your 

step; followed you very closely." 

"Very good. You have understood everything so far." 

"...When the smaller footprints grew and I filled in Yours, I suppose that I was becoming like 

you in every way." 


"So, Lord, was there a regression or something? The footprints separated, and this time it was 

worse than at first." 

There is pause as the Lord answers with a smile in his voice. "You didn't know? That was 

when we danced." 

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven. A time to weep, a time 
to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance." 

Ecclesiastes 3:1,4 

People 1 2 1 

Nicole Markus 

Congratulations Nicole! 

We are very proud of you and 

your many accomplishments. 

Please stay as caring as you are 

and never lose your sense of 



Mom, Dad, and Family 

Jeremy Becker 


We are very proud of your 

accomplishments and wish 

you the very best in years 

to come! 


Mom and Dad 

Jacqueline E. Wiegert 

Oh. the places you'll go! You have brains in 

your head and feet in your shoes 

You ean steer yourself 

any direetion you choose. 

Somehow you've escaped 

all that studying and waiting. 

You'll find the bright places 

where graduation bands are playing. 

Now. Wow. you succeeded. 

Oh. Yes. Yes, indeed 

98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed. 

Jackie, Move Mountains!! 

Love you always. 

Mom and Big VVayno 

Through all these years, 
you've achieved part of your 

I'm glad 1 was in this part of 

your life 

and I know you will always 

be there for me as I am for you. 

One thing is for sure, 

you never let me go to the 


Your Brother Forever, 


Jacqueline E. Wiegert 


Many exciting choices are now yours. 

Remember: "A family is like the 

branches of a tree. We may grow in 

different directions, yet our roots 

remain as one. Each of our lives will 

always be a special part of the others." 


Dad and Debbc 

Jacqueline E. Wiegert 

Love you! 
Grandpa and Grandma Simpson 

Heather Lyn Heenan 



We're very proud of you. 

Dad, Mom and Amanda 

Gina Heinen 



We are proud of you ! 

Mom, Dad, 

Jim and Michelle 

Brandon Voss 

One more step toward 

your future ! 


Dad, Mom, Jason 

122 Ads 

Dennis Barnett 


To try to explain just how much we 

love you and how proud you always 

make us. would take muich more room 

than we are given here. 

Just know that you make our world 

complete, and we thank God every 

day for blessing us with you! 


Mom, Dad. and Sue 

Shaun Taylor 


You have been the "star" in our 

highlight films since the day you first 

strapped on your football gear as a 

third grader over fifteen years ago. 

We thank you for all the wonderful 

memories, and we look forward to 

many more as you enter a new phase 

of your life. 

We love you very much. 

Mom and Dad 

Stacy Reindl 

Amanda Dixon 


Hope you will always be as 

happy and proud in life as 

you have made us! 


Dad and Mom 


The future is yours! We 

are so proud of you ! 

You will succeed at 

anything that you do. 


Mom, Dad, Nikki and 


Kelly Jo Nettleton 

First grade and on her way! 

Kelly Jo, 
We're very proud of you! 

Your Family 

Shelly Dalhaus 



We are proud of you! 


Mom and Dad 

Ryan Anderson 


We wish you the very best 

upon your graduation and 

know your future will be 



Dr. Gerald and Rebecca 


Josiah Sherman 


We are proud of your four 

years of soccer. 

Love always. 

Mom, Dad, and Sam 



You have been such a wonderful 

sister. I admire you for your will to 

keep pushing on and not giving up. 

You are going to make a great 

teacher and inspire many young 

minds. I can't believe you are 
graduating from college. It seemed 

just like yesterday that you 

graduated from high school. I love 

you. You are doing a superb job!! 



I am so proud to have been a part of 

your life. You have given me 

countless happy memories, which I 

will cherish always. 

Congratulations, and may every 

dream in your heart come true. 


Joni Nottingham 


You set your goal and have worked 

very hard to achieve it. You are a 

antastic daughter, a loving 

granddaughter, a good student, and 

I'm sure you'll be a great teacher! 

I'm very proud of you! 


Your Grandmother 
MazieE. Mullins 


God surely blessed me the day you 

were born! You have always been 

such a pleasure! You've brought 

great joy to my life— I thank God for 

you! I am so very proud of you, not 

only for your hard work and 
dedication to achieving your goal 
but also because of the person you 

are. You have the "best gift," a 

compassionate and forgiving spirit: 

"the greatest knowledge," a belief 

in God and His power; "the greatest 

thing in the word," love; and you 

now have "the greatest comfort," 

work well done! 

I love you. 



1320 Park Plaza Drive 
OTallon, Illinois 62269 (618)628-9700 

Clete's Inc. 

138 Douglas 
OTallon, Illinois 62269 (618)632-515 

Ron's Lounge, Inc. 

228 West St. Louis Street 
Lebanon, Illinois 62254 (618) 537-8864 




7 Eagle Center 
OTallon, Illinois 62269 (618)632-1035 

Steven Mueller Florist 

101 West First 
OTallon, Illinois 62269 (618) 632-4027 

The McKendrean yearbook stafi 
would like to thank these patrons foi 
their most generous contributions tc 
this most worthy cause. 

A-1 Corporate 

A-1 Lock, Inc. 

1 1 North 4th 

Springfield, Illinois 

6270 1 


Union Planters 

107 East Schuetz 
Lebanon, Illinois 62254 


Munie Outdoor 
Services, Inc. 

1000 Milburn School Road 

Caseyville, Illinois 62232 


St. Clair Travel 

810 West Highway 50, P.O. Box 280 

CT Fallon, Illinois 62269-0280 


Admiral Party & 
Tent Rentals 

10665 Baur Boulevard 

St. Louis, Missouri 63132 


Phone Masters 

Mercurio Sheet 
Metal, Inc. 

733 Lebanon Avenue 

Belleville, Illinois 62221-3922 


Comfort Inn 
O' Fallon 

523 Old St. Louis Road 

Wood River, Illinois 



1 100 Eastgate Drive 

O' Fallon, Illinois 62269 






- -^m 

Kristie Hille 

We're proud of you 


Dad and Mom 

Shannon Cook 

May all your dreams 
come true. 

Mom and Dad 

Sara Beth Woolsey 

We are very proud of you 

Mom, Dad and Tony 

Shannon Cook 


• grazie • tak • obrigado • thank you • gracias • danke • merci • 

Dr. Samarco ... for being there if we needed anything. 

Dusty Kallal ... for the awesome sports and activities photos. 

Brian Lovellette and Scott Cummings ... for their continuous patience and help 

gathering all of the sports information. 
Elliott Delmar Photography, Krebs Photography and Schindler Photography ... for what 

else? Photos! (mugshots and graduation). 
All students, faculty and staff ... for being so willing to provide us with information 

anyway they could. 
Evan and Information Technology ... for fixing our computers and calming us down 

when we wanted to break them. 
Schiappa's ... for filling our tummies with delicious food when we needed a break. 
Yearbook Staff ... for their hard work, dedication, persistance, and good attitudes. Without 

them, our jobs would have been 100 times harder. (You guys are great! ) 
Lucy Conner ... for her pep, undying devotion to this staff and book, long days and even 

longer nights, and her ability to make everything a-okay. This book would not have 

been possible had it not been for her. (Thank you for everything! ) 

We hope you all enjoy this creation as much as we enjoyed creating it! 
Editors Diane Nagel and Stacy Reindl 

• grazie • tak • obrigado • thank you • gracias • danke • merci • 

Ads 127 


i 1 1 e n n i 

The test of the ages 

Few generations have the opportunity 

to witness the passing of one millennium and 

the beginning of another. Before racing forward 

into the 21st century, take a moment to 

reflect back on the people, places, and 

events of the past 1 ,000 years. 

iciS* 9 

1903 Airplane, powered by gasoline 
engine, flown by brothers 
Wilbur and Orville Wright 

1908 Model "T" Ford introduced an 
affordable automobile for the 
mass market 

1913 Federal income tax mandated 
with passage of the 16th 
Amendment to the 

1917 U S entered World War 1 on 
side of Britain and France vs. 
Germany and the Central 

1919 Prohibition on the manufacture 
and sale of intoxicating 
beverages legislated by the 
18th Amendment to the 
Constitution (repealed in 1933 
by 21st Amendment i 

1920 Station KDKA in Pittsburgh 
broadcast the first commercial 
radio program 

1953 Senator loseph McCarthy 

(Wisconsin) began a series of 
congressional hearings to 
expose suspected Communists 
in American government 

1955 Disneyland theme park opened 
in California 

1955 Montgomery, AL Bus Boycott 
ignited modern Civil Rights 
Movement for black Americans 

6 1955 McDonalds restaurant opened 
in Des Plaines, IL 

1 1956 Elvis Presley melded country 
& western with rhythm & blues 
in his first rock hits "Hound 
Dog" and "Heartbreak Hotel " 

1956 Interstate Highway System 
construction began to link 
America with superhighways 

1958 Hula Hoop invented by Richard 
P Knerr and Arthur K Melvin 

1959 Motown Records, "The Sound 
of Young America," was 
founded in Detroit 

io 1 969 Woodstock Music & Art Fai 

attracted 500,000 rock music! 
fans to upstate New York 

" 1969 Apollo 11 landed astronauts 
on the moon 

1970 Kent State University (Ohio) 
protests against the U S role 
in the war in Southeast Asia 
left four demonstrators dead 
when the National Guard fired 
upon the crowd 

1972 Women's Equal Rights 

Amendment was passed by 
Congress but not ratified by 
the required number of states 
within the mandated 7-year 

1974 President Richard M Nixon 

resigned from office rather than 
face impeachment on charges 
stemming from the "Watergate" 
scandals which began two 
years earlier 

1 979 Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar 
Hill Gang brought hip-hop 
music to mainstream pop 
musical charts. 

J 1920 Women's right to vote 
guaranteed by the 19th 
Amendment in time to elect 
Warren G. Harding as 

1929 Stock market crash ushered in 
Great Depression 

1931 Empire State Building erected 
in New York 

1 935 Social Security Act passed as 
part of President Franklin D 
Roosevelt's "New Deal" to 
provide federal unemployment 
compensation and old-age 

" 1941 II S entered World War II when 
naval bases in Hawaii were 
attacked by lapan 

s 1948 Solid-body electric guitar 

designed by Leo Fender mass 

1950 Korean War engaged American 
military troops 

1961 Vietnam War engaged 
American military troops. 

1962 Wal-Mart discount store 
opened in Rogers, AR 

» 1963 President lohn F. Kennedy 
assassinated in Dallas. TX 

»1963 Martin Luther King, Ir 

delivered his "1 Have a Dream" 
speech to the crowds at the 
Washington, DC Freedom 
March for black civil rights 

1964 The Beatles appeared on the 
"Ed Sullivan Show" on 
television, launching the 
British Invasion in pop music 

1966 National Organization for 
Women (NOW) founded to 
agitate for women's equal 


1968 Martin Luther King, |r. was 

assassinated in Memphis, TN. 
Robert Kennedy was 
assassinated in Los Angeles, 
CA moments after winning the 
California Presidential Primary 

u 1981 Personal computer introduced 
by IBM 

"1981 Music Television (MTV) 

debuted as a music video 

,4 1984 Coca-Cola changes soft drink 
formula, prompting protests 
which led to the reintroduction 
of "Classic Coke " 

1 986 NASA space shuttle 

Challenger explodes 73 
seconds after launching, killing 
all aboard including the "first 
teacher to fly in space," Christa 

"1991 Operation Desert Storm 

launched by U.S. and United 
Nations allies to oust invading 
Iraqis from Kuwait in the oil- 
rich Persian Gulf region 

is 1999 President William I Clinton 
impeached and charged with 
perjury and obstruction of 
justice. He was later acquitted 
on both counts 




0* C** 







-- ■ *■><•■. „■ 

i -tfc 





Pp^' ! : : ; : 


A * 1 


* J 


Years of... 

> 1000 






Evj'.ciiif heroic poem, written in 

Old English 

v ikings explored coast of North 


Gunpowder perfected by 

Sfia/i nanuft.-epic poem written 
in Persian by Firdawsi 
Christian Church separated into 

i Eastern branches 
William of Normandy 
conquered England. 
Seljuk Turks conquest of much 
of Near East completed 
Water-driven mechanical clock 
built in China 
First Crusade launched by 
Western European knights to 
oust Muslims from the Holy 

Rockets fired in China 

Chess introduced into England 

Horse racing founded in 

Windmills with vertical sails to 
exploit wind power developed * 
in Europe 

Tea arrived in Japan from China 
Engagement rings came into 
fashion in Europe 
Genghis Khan united nomadic 
Mongols, leading to the 
conquest of Asia, the Middle 
East, and Central Europe. 
England's Magna Carta signed 
by King lohn introducing the 
concept of limited 
constitutional monarchy 
Leprosy disease imported into 
Europe by Crusaders returning 
from the Middle East. 
Magnifying glass invented by 
Roger Bacon 
Glass mirrors introduced 
Spectacles invented to correct 


-- --:■ Deatt tt Europe, killing 
-. one third of the 
1 364 erindian Aztec civilization 

-■', ished capital at 
in in Mei 

1375 Robin Hood" appeared in 

English popular story ballads 

1387 GuittTfiimj T "'<'> written by 

Geoffrey Chaucer in England 

1407 Bedlam "established as 
hospital for the insane in 

1431 loan of Arc. French heroine in 
the Hundred Years' War againsi 
England, burned as a witch in 











O nKtantinople fell to Ottoman 

Turks, ending the Byzantine 


Printing press using movable 

metal type invented by 

Johannes Gutenberg 

Ivan HI (the Great] claimed 

power as Tsar of the Russians 

Christopher Columbus, Italian 

explorer sailing in service to 

Spain, lands in the West Indies 

Luca Pacioli publishes first 

description of "double entry," 

the basis of modern accounting 

Vascoda Gama, Portuguese 

explorer, sailed around Africa 

to reach India 

Leonardo da Vinci, Italian 

Renaissance artist, painted the 

Mona Lisa. 

World map identifying 

"America'' ( for explorer Amerigo 

Vespuccil published 

Pocket watch invented by Peter 


Protestant Reformation began 

with posting of Martin Luther's 

"95 Theses" challenging 

authority of the Roman Catholic 

Church in Europe 

Ferdinand Magellan's Spanish 

crew completed first voyage 

around the globe 

Sun-centered | he 
solar system theory advanced 
by Nicolaus Copernicus. 
Mughal Empire in India ruled 
by Akbar. grandson of the 
Muslim dynasty's founder 
Lead pencil invented by Konrad 

• 1589 

i 1592 









Spanish armada defeated by 
English when it tried to invade 
the island nation of Queen 
Elizabeth l 

Flush toilet invented by 
England's Sir lohn Harington 
William Shakespeare emerged 
as a British dramatist 
Tokugawa Shogunate founded 
in lapan to rule for next 270 

Don Quixote de fa Mancfm (part 1 1 
written by Spanish novelist 
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 
Astronomical telescope used to 
view the heavens by Galileo 

Black African slaves introduced 
into British North American 
colony of Virginia 
Louis XIV assumed throne of 
France to become the epitome 
of the Absolute Monarch in 

Qmg Dynasty established in 

China by invading northern 


Thirty Years' War, "the last of 

the religious wars" that had 

involved much of Europe, ended 

with the Peace of Westphalia 

England captured Bombay in 


Steam engine invented by 

Thomas Savery 

Machine gun introduced by 

lames Pickle 

"Enlightenment" intellectual 

mpvement, emphasizing 

rationalism, boosted by 

European popularity of 

Voltaire's pOetic defense of 

religious toleration. La Henriadi ' 

Grain threshing machine 

invented by Michael Menzies 

Industrial Revolution I, 

in England with the 

of the flying shuttle for weaving 


"Sandwich" became culinary 

staple in England after 

introduction by the 4th Earl of 


"Spinning jenny" for spinning 

thread developed by lames 


I,.-. I 

Years of... 










Declaration of Independen 
announced American 
independence from Great 

Montgolfier brothers. 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
wrote opera, Tin' Marriage of 

Power loom to weave cloth 
introduced by Edmund 

United States ratified the 

French Revolution began with 
the storming of the Bastille, 
symbol of royal authority 
Cotton gin to mechanically 
separate seed from cotton bolls 
invented by Eli Whitney 
'Romantic Movement." an 
artistic and literary movement, 
boosted with the popularity of 
the 2nd edition of William 
Wordsworth's and Samuel 
Taylor Coleridge's LyricaLBallads 
Louisana Purchase of land from 
France more than doubled the 
land area of the United States 
Steam locomotive successfully 
tested by Richard Trevithick 
Long-distance steamboat sailed 
by Robert Fulton 
Canning to preserve food 
invented by Brad Doukin 
Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte 
of France, conqueror of much 
of Europe, defeated at Waterloo 
FranlSaiSteiH written as gothic 
novel by Mary Wollstonecraft 

Lawn mower Introduced in 
Edward Beard Budding 
Mr, hanical wheat reaper 
patented by Cyrus McCormick 
Differential calculating machine 
invented by Charles Babbage 
Telegraph patented 
simultaneously by Samuel fb 

Photography Invented b\ I ouls 
Daguerre In I ram e 
Sewing mai nine Invented by 
i Has Howe 











Karl Marx and Fnedrich Engels 
called for workers of the world 
to unite against their capitalist 
oppressors in The Communist 

Refrigerator pioneered by lames 
Harrison and Alex C, Twining 
Passenger elevator invented by 
ElishaC. Otis 

related to the existence and 
expansion of black- slavery. 
Slavery abolished in the United 
States with the end of the Civil 

Nitroglycerine explosive 
developed by Alfred Nobei. 
Dominion of Canada, uniting 
most of the eastern provinces, 
became virtually independent 
from Great Britain 
Prussia defeated France in a war 
that resulted in a unified 

Paul Cezanne introduced 
"Impressionism in painting 
Telephone patented by 
Alexander Graham Bell. 
Phonograph to play back 
recorded sound patented by 
Thomas Edison 
Electric light using carbon 
Filament in glass bulb invented 
by Thomas Edison 
Skyscraper" building designed 
and built by William LeBaron 

Gasoline powered automobile 
engine developed by Gottlieb 
Daimler. Wilhelm Maybach and 
Karl Friedrich Ben: 
Box camera using photographic 
film on a roll marketed by 

■ astman 
Coca Cola beverage Formula 
patented by lohn Pemberton 
Gi imaphone, a device to plaj 
sounds recorded on Hal disks 
Invented bj I mile Berlinei 
Motion pictures invented b\ 
William i riesi i 




i 1905 




I 1929 

Women given the right 
for first time in national 
elections, in New Zealand- 

Sigmund Freud developed 
methods of psychoanalysis 
Wireless radio invented by 
Guglielmo Marconi 

Modern manual typewriter 
patented by Herman L v 3gnei 
Air conditioning introduced into 
the workplace by William 

.Airplane powered by gasoline 
engine flown by Wright brothers 

undergarment marketed bi 

Mar,- Phelps lacobs 

Aibert Einstein formulated the 

Special Theory of Relat t 

Plastic ("Bakelite*) comi 


revolution overthrew i ■ 
500-year-old Qing i Mar 

Assembly-line product 
automobiles pioneem 
Henry Ford 

Panama Canal built thi - 
Central America joining the 
Atlantic and 

World War I began with the 
assassination of the « 
Austrian imperial throne 
Communist revolution 
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» 1935 Television unveiled at New 
York World's Fair 

1 936 Television broadcast to public 
on two stations in London 

1938 Ballpoint pen invented by 
Ladislao I & Georg Biro 
J9 1939 World War II began as 

Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, 
invaded Poland 

1945 Tupperware" plastic 

containers invented by Earl 

*> 1945 Atomic bomb developed by 
Enrico Fermi, I R 
Oppenheimer. and the 
"Manhattan Project" team It 
was later dropped on 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki by 
the U S which compelled the 
lapanese to surrender 

1945 United Nations established 
to save future generations 
from war, protect human 
rights, maintain treaties, and 
promote social progress 

1946 ENIAC, first electronic digital 
computer, started up at the 
University of Pennsylvania to 
assist in mathematical 

1947 "Cold War" began between 
post-WW II superpowers U S 
and the Soviet Union over 
economic and ideological 

1948 Israel established as a 
national lewish state in the 
Middle East, 

1949 Mao Tse-tung, Chinese 
communist leader, won 
ongoing battle with 
Nationalist Chinese to 
establish the People's 
Republic of China 

1950 Xerox office copying machine 
developed by Haloid 

1953 DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid I 
molecule mapped by Francis 
Crick and lames Watson. 

1 955 Polio vaccine developed from 
the killed virus by lonas Salk 

«' 1957 The "Space Race" began 
between the U S and the 
Soviet Union as the Russians 
launched Sputnik I, the first 
artificial satellite 
1958 Laser invented by Charles A, 

« 1959 Cuba became communist 

after successful revolution led 
by Fidel Castro 
1961 Manned space flights 

launched by the USSR and 
the United States 

1967 Christiaan Barnard, a South 
African surgeon, performed 
the first whole heart 
transplant from one person 
to another 

1967 Six-Day War won Israel 
additional territory from 
Egypt, lordan, and Syria 

1969 US astronaut Neil 

Armstrong became the first 
man to walk on the moon 

1969 Video-cassette recorder 
manufactured by Sony 

1 970 Computer floppy disk 
invented by IBM 

« 1971 E-mail" invented with 
program to send 
interpersonal messages 
across a distributed network 
of computers 

u 1975 Vietnam War ended with 

communist takeover of South 
Vietnam's capital of Siagon 

1 976 Mars planetary space probe 

launched by U.S. 
I gyg Test-tube baby," conceived 

outside the body of a woman, 

born to Lesley Brown in 


1979 Shah of Iran forced into exile 
by fundamentalist Muslim 
revolution, American 
embassy personnel taken 

45 1984 Compact disk player 

marketed by Sony & Fujitsu 
Companies and by Philips 

1985 Hole in ozone atmospheric 
protective layer detected over 

1 989 "World Wide Web" technology 
developed to link computer 
networks on the international 
"Internet " 

« 1989 Berlin Wall, in East Germany, 
torn down after serving since 
1961 to keep East Germans 
from escaping to the West. 

"1990 Hubble Space Telescope 
launched by U.S. to give 
scientists a closer look at the 
heavens from outside the 
earth's atmosphere 

1991 Union of Soviet Socialist 
Republics dissolved into 
separate nations as 
communist governments fell 

1997 Two scientists from Roslin, 
Scotland, cloned a sheep 
named Dolly by extracting 
DNA from another sheep 

All research was conducted by Nonfood Kerr, Pli.D.. 
ad\unct professor ot Auburn University, Montgomery, AL 

Printed in USA