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an annual 

Yearbook of Illinois 
UlcLest College 


oupreme ujiMjanQer 01 

Yearbooks Kelly Wissehr 

McKendree College 
701 College Road 

Lebanon, IL 62254 
Volume 87 

Enrollment 1296 


activities at McKendree 



anadded attribute 



In the 2003-04 school year 
McKendreeCollege gained two 
new clubs: Bearcat RotaractClub 

The Bearcat RotaractClub is a 
Rotary-sponsored sendee club 
for men and women ages eighteen 
tothirty. Theprogramispartofa 
global effort to bring peace and 
international understandingto 
the world. The goals of the 
Bearcat RotaractClub are for its 
members to develop professional 
land leadership skills, serve the 
community and promotegood- 
will, and to gain an understand- 
ing of the needs, problems, and 
opportunities in thecomm unity 
and worldwide. Specifically, the 
BearcatClub has raised funds for 
the Heifer Project, helped with 
ringing salvation Army bells and 

the O'Fallon Food Pantry, and 
collecting tiolerries for the 
Jamaica trip over spring break of 
McKendree students. 

Cartoon, Manga Enthusiasts. It 
is a club for those with interest 
in anime, cartoons, comicbooks, 
manga,and/or\ r ideogames. 
The group is trying to promote 
Japanese culture and animeon 
campus along with enjoying it 
for themselves. The group 
hosted a showing of the film 
Spirited Awa\ along with a 
Spiderman3-Decomic. The 
groupalsoplanned and acted in 
other activities on campus, such 
as planning an anime conven- 
tion with the anime fan group of 


The three pictures at the 
left show the officers of 
A.C.M.E. V-P CJ 
Dulaney stands next to 
president Kristen Weltzin, 
dressed as Yuna from 
FF10 . The next picture 
features Brent Tebbe, 
A.C.M.E. secretary, 
dressed asSpike from 
Cowboy Bebop . The third 
and final photo shows 

es Dauer, treasurer of 
the group. 

Kristin Welt/in gave a brownbag 
presentation on A.C.M.E.. Japanese 
anime and manga, as well as her own 
experiences in Japan. Here she holds 
Hello Kitly doll to demonstrate the 
Japanese obsession with cuteness. 

BANG! POW! BatBill Harroff 

Librarian William Harroff is the 
advisor of A.C.M.E. His bio on the 
ACME, website tells, "William 
Harroff joined the Supermen of 
America in 1959 and has done his 
best to pursue truth, justice and the 
American Wav ever since." 

\ Sharp Group 
The members of the 
^otaract Club gather 
lor a group picture. 

First Row, left to right: 
Caitlin Vohland 
(secretary). Denise 
Dodd, Kara Patterson 
(treasurer), Jason 
A\ ran (\ ice-president), 
and Kyle Lapmgton 

Second Row, left to 
right: Jonathan Lowe. 
Christina Cooper. 
Brittany Jackson, 
Amanda Rushing, 
Amber Kalert, Mary 
Matthews, and JaRon 
Dent (president) 

Not pictured: Cassie 
Cowell, Kristin 
I rohish, Rachel 
Witcher, and Lisa 


authoritative tyranny: 

student government association 

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the officially elected body of student representatives on the McKendree College campus. Officers and class 
representatives are elected each spring semester. SGA meets on a regularly scheduled basis and is responsible for representing student opinion to the administra- 
tion. In addition, the governance body appoints students to several campus committees, distributes funds to selected student groups, and generally works for the 
well being of students within the campus community. SGA works through a series of informal committees to complete its tasks. The President of SGA addresses 
the Board of Trustees on the occasion of their regular campus meetings. This officer frequently represents the student body at campus functions and special 
campus events, SGA meetings are open to the entire student body and all students are encouraged to participate in the life of this organization. 

Pizza, Who Could Say No 

The pizza just kept flowing at the 

Town Hall Meeting sponsored by 

Student Government. 

Who Could Resist? 

Lester McQuaid shows some skin at 

the SGA date auction. He was sold 

for a whopping $20.00 to Alyssa 

When it's Free, They Will Come 
Greg Mennerick watches as students 
come to get their free pizza during 
the Town Hall Meetinu. 

Looking Official 

2003-2004 SGA members are 
(front) Erica Dennis, Dan Kreher, 
Kent Strang, Brittany Newbury, 
Kim Bright, (2nd row) Katie 
Hubbard, Jason Ayron, Jessica 
Green, Amanda Klaus, Diedra 
Thomas, Sara Rubenaeker, Megan 
Weiler. Greg Mennerick, Christo- 
pher Hayer, George Kriss. (3rd row^ 
Jarret Ford. Amy Phillips, Chris 
Schaefer. Dawn Lerch, David 
Hammon, Jaron Dent, Curtis 
Medows, and Amber Schaefer. 

Fearless Leaders 

2003 SGA officers are Erica Dennis 
(Secretary), Dan Kreher (Student 
Counselor), Kent Strang (President), 
Brittany Newbury (Vice President), 
and Kim Brmht (Treasurer). 

What an Idea 

Kent Strang and Kim Bright taking 
orders for bleacher cushions; a good 
thing to take to any sporting event. 

Adrian Jones decides he needs four. 


an au oourant wdcaming committee: 

new student orientation 

Getting to Know You 

First-Year students gather toget 
mingle with their peers. 

Ya Gotta Ea( 

NSO helpers, (clockwise) Sara 

Rubenaker, Jenny Hassler, Jaelyn 

Barczewski, Emily Gaddis, and 

Mary-Katherine Kitzmiller take 

a lunch break. 

Food, Food, and More Food 

Amber Schaefer strolls down the 
buffet line to pick out something for 

Making the Transition 

Andrea Hawkins and her lather begin 
unpacking the van-full of "essen- 
tials" that will adorn her dorm room. 

And You Need One of These 

Parents and new students file 
through lines during the first days 
of school. Here they get 
information about activities 
scheduled for the day. 

ents I -^ I 

of activities: 
campus acti vities board 

^^^™ tu„ i> ..«■ .. i».ii... . ... it. I 

The Beat of a Different Drum 

One-man band, Zach Duenow plays 

his style of music at the Java Jam 

Coffeehouse in Ames. 

Fancy Fingerwork 
Dominic Gaudious plays his guitar for 
McKendree students. His musical 
skills were quite impressive. 

2003-2004 CAB Members 

Members are (front) Kayla Miller, Amanda Dotson, 
Angela Surber, Chris Hayer, CatieConnley, Craig 
Robertson, Keyma Smith, Brittnav Jackson, Emily 
Kingsley, Lynnae Robinson, (back) Jeremy Biggerstaff, 
Dan Kreher, Kyle Buettner, and Ryan Diefenbach. 

lousting al McKendree 

Stress Fest is among the night-time 
jctivities CAB provides. During linal 
>veek students have a chance to relax 
ind get out their frustration. 


dss and fas at mck 

Ask and V ou Shall Receive 

A student asks Val Mazzenga a 
question during the Q&A of his 

The Distinguished Speakers 
Series ( DSS ) and the Fine Art 
Series (FAS) are two of the 
biggest events on campus. The 
DSS is organized to bring 
people on- and off-campus 
together to listen to the 
discourse of a well-known 
speaker. The Fine Art Series 
has a similar purpose, but, 
instead of speakers, the Fine 
Art Series brings musicians to 
the campus to perform, 
expanding the experience and 
joy of those attending. 

This year the DSS was 
presented in either MPCC or 
Pearson's as the situation and 
audience size dictated. The 
presenters this year were all in 
some way involved in the news 
media. The three guest 

speakers included Barbara 
Ehrenreich, a reporter and 
author, Val Mazzenga, a 
photojournalist, and Ron 
Elving, a NPR news editor. 

The FAS brought five 
different musical groups to 
campus this year. The 
performances were given in 
the upstairs in the chapel. 
Tickets are sold to the 
performances, but students, 
faculty, and staff of 
McKendree College can enjoy 
the concerts for free. 

The opening group in the 
series was Ebony and lvon\ a 
group of two men, Fred 
Jacobowitz and Andrew 
Gilpin, perform in a wide 
variety and mixing of 

traditional and modern styles. 
"2 " was the next group and 
they are the Boston-based duo: 
Peter Bloom on flute and Mary 
Jane Rupert on piano and harp. 
The third group to play for the 
series at McKendree was 
Chicago a Cappella who are 
nine vocalists who join together 
in singing everything from 
Shakespearean bards to modern 
music. Then LeClaire Trio 
played for McKendree. This 
group is formed by violinist 
Lenora-Marya Anop, cellist 
Kangho Lee, and pianist Linda 
Perry. Their repertoire includes 
most of the major works of the 
trio repertory. The last 
performance in the series was 
made by the remarkable guitar 
virtuoso Fareed Haque. 

Picture Time! 

Dr. Gordon and Val Mazzenga pose together 
before the big event. 

Presenting the Big Picture 

Lynn Nevvsome and Amanda Dotson, 
student workers with Public Relations hold 
a large poster featuring a collage of Val 
Mazzenga, the distinguished speaker. 


Questions, Questions, Whose Got the Questions? 

A student asks question of Barbara Ehrenreich during the 
Q&A part of the DSS event. 

Gift Presentation 

Kent Strang, SGA president, presents Barbara Fhrenreich \\ ith a 
McKendree College sweatshirt. All of the DSS speakers were given simi 

Querent Querying the 

A student steps up to the 
microphone to ask a question 
of the speaker during the 
question and answer portion 
of the presentation. 

What Every Speaker 
Needs . . . 

The attentive audience sits 
quietly listening to the distin 
guished speaker. 

Political Predictions 

Ron Eking, the NPR Washington news editor spoke about predictions i 
elections and their reliability as well as likely outcomes for the nearing 
Presidential election. 

la- Da 

Dr. Ypma and student Katie Mollel pose in the chapel 

before a Fine Art Series concert started. 


J0 4L- « 

Religious Attendance 

Faculty, staff, students, and 
members of the community 
came to listen to the music of 
the band participating in the 
Fine Art Series. 

Would You Like a 
Pamphelet with That? 

The Fine Art Series organizers 
produced and handed out 
programs for the events. The 
program pictured is from the 
perfomance of "2." 

Taking a Bow 

"2," Peter Bloom and Mary Jane Rupert, makes a 
bow admidst the audience's applause between songs. 



theatre at mckendree 

Two plays, one in the Fall and 
one in the Spring, appeared at 
MeKendree this year. 
Michelle Magnusson directed 
both plays. Each play was 
performed admission-free for 
the students, faculty, and staff 
of the college. 

The MeKendree College 
Theatre Department held the 
Fall play, Charley 's Aunt, from 
October 23 to 26. The cast 
included Devin Dippold as 
Brassett. the all-seeing butler; 
Sean Henderson as Jack 
Chesney; Matt Kupferer as 
Charley Wykeham; and 
Rebecca Cox and Sara Trask . 
as Kitty and Amy. Dan 
Schmid took on the role of 

Take a Bow 

This is the cast and staff who 

produced The Glass Menageri 

Firescape Talk 

Dan, as Tom, and Adam, as Jim, 
sit on the fire escape and talk. 

Lord Fancourt Babberly who 
impersonates Charley's aunt. 
Adam Kee played Sir Francis 
Chesney. retired army officer. 
Todd Stinson played Mr. 
Stephen Spettigue, guardian 
of Kitty and Amy. The real 
Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez was 
played by Michelle Ashley 
and her ward, Ela Delahay was 
played by Randa Renshaw. 
Renee Cralley was stage 
managing; assisted by 
Amanda Dotson, who was 
also in charge of props. Set 
and lighting design was by 
Doug Magnussen. 
MeKendree College Technical 
Director. The sound design 
was by Dan Schmid, and the 

assistant lighting designer was 
Kayla Miller. 

The Spring play. The Glass 
Menagerie by Tennessee 
Williams, ran from April 1-4. 
Tom was played by Dan 
Schmid, the narrator of the play. 
Tom's sister, Laura, was played 
by Rebecca Cox, and the 
oppressive mother, Amanda, 
was played by Michelle Ashley. 
Adam Kee played Jim 
O'Connor. The set and lighting 
designer was Doug 
Magnussen. The production 
was stage managed by Todd 
Stinson. Kayla Miller was the 
light board operator, and Renee 
Cralley was the deck manager. 

And Another Curtain Call 

The cast and staff of the MeKendree 
Theatre Department's Charley's Aunt are 
gathered here 


Michelle Magnussen is shown here 
during the dress rehearsal. She is busy 
wrapping up lasl minute details. 

Lady-Like Conduct? 

Dan Schmid playing Lord 
Babbington is dressed up as a 
woman to prentend to be 
Charley's Aunt from Brazil, 
"where the nuts come from." 

Moment of Despair 

Rebecca and Michelle are 
playing Laura and Amanda in 
the last, poignant scene. 


May I Have This Dance? 

Adam, as Jim, and Rebecca, 
as Laura, dance during the 

Taking Advantage 
Here Dan as the fake aunt of 
Charley is being kissed by 
Sarah and Rebecca, playing 
Amy and Kitty, who believed 
he was a woman. 

Dancing Lessons? 

Jim and Laura, here played 
by Adam and Rebecca, have 
their dance scene during The 
Class Menagerie. 

Take a Deep Breath 

Michelle Magnussen sits 
and talks with Todd, Doug 
Magnusson, and Adam 
before a rehearsal session. 

Moon Gazing 

Michelle and Rebecca, playing 
Amanda and Laura, are shown here 
the scene in The Glass Menagerie 
where they look at the moon. 

Surprise Picture 

Michelle and Kayla ha\e no idea what 
was going on when Adam posed and 
the picture was snapped. 

Gilt lor Laura 

In tins scene. Tom gi\cs 
Laura a magician's sc.irl 
when he comes home after 
a late night out. 

Time to Relax 

Ah °y< There rodd, Doug, 

Kayla ,s calling out to ,, nd Adam are 
taking a break 
during the 

Lounging Around 

Some of the cast and 
crew of The Glass 
Menagerie are sitting and 
waiting for rehearsal to 
begin. Doug, Adam, 
Rebecca, Todd, Kayla, 
Michelle Magnussen, and 
Michelle Ashley are in 
this picture. 
A Magic Trick 
Dan, as Tom, pulls out a 
scarf he has received 
from a magician and 
gives it to Rebecca, as 

Testing the Props 

Renee and Todd worked as stage 
crew during The Glass Menag- 
erie. They are going about their 
lobs previous to a rehearsal. 


8T1 outstanding exhibition: 
homecoming 2003 

On Saturday, October 1 1 '\ the 
Homecoming "Masterpiece" at 
McKendree began with a 5K 
Amateur Walk/Run for those 
who wanted to have fun but also 
keep in shape. Followingthis, a 
new event was introduced this 
year, the Tour de Homecoming 
-a 14- or 19-mile bike ride 
through the Lebanon country- 
side. Later, the Homecoming 
parade featured marching 
bands, clowns, floats, candy 
and more on Alton and St. 
Louis Streets. There were also 
food, entertainment, and activi- 
ties for guests of all ages. At 
1:30 p.m. Leemon Field was 
packed with McKendree 
students, staff, faculty, alumni, 
friends and parents anxious for 

The Art Show 

Mary-Katherine Kitzmiller, 
Aimee Westlake, and Betsy 
Kirschner are posing for the 
camera after admiring the art 

the kick-off between the 
McKendree Bearcats and 
Iowa Wesleyan Tigers. In 
addition to the fun, food, and 
activities, the Alumni Office 
and Art Club surprised every- 
one with an art show display- 
ing outstanding pieces of art 
created by students, staff, 
faculty and alumni. And 
because there is no better way 
of ending a great day than with 
a get-together, Saturday eve- 
ning featured the Homecoming 
dance for McKendree stu- 
dents at Windows on Wa- 
shington in downtown St. 

Get Your Rally Rags Here! 

Rally rags were for sale to 
show spirit during the foot- 
ball game. 


Diane Mills, onlooking, 
is making sure that 
Mary Mueller is doing a 
good job faeepainting 
Ada Brown. 

Cheerleaders' Float 

Left. Bogey assists his 
friends the Cheerleaders 
during the parade. 

Barnett's Ladies 

Below. The ladies of Barnett 

created a float with the 

| theme Barnett's Beauties. 



On the Catwalk 

accompanied by Bogey 
promenades to the Football 

McKendree's Models 

Dan and Pete are taking their 
jobs as models very seriously, 
while John is yawning waiting 
for his turn. 

"Here we are: young, beautiful, and famous! Rich is yet to come..." 

The homecoming court included from left to right Pete Krumsieg, Dan 
Kreher, Jarrett Ford, Breanne Sikma. Amber Raymond. Erin Maggos. 
Sarah Harris. Keyma Smith, Leslie Gummersheimer. Caty Vohland. 
and David Lay. On the court but not pictured here: Kiesh Howard, 
John Cann, and Bart King. 

And the Cheerleaders seem to agree too. 


Sigma Sorority 

Above. Kappa Sigma Tau 
girls, hyper and full of life, 
as always, are proudly 
displaying their float. 

"Look at us! Aren't we 
the best?" 

Left. Aimee Gibbs and 
Gwen Stokes strike a 
pose on the float. 

Football Game 

Above. Football players 
are ready to battle the 
"enemies. " 

The Bearcats Fighting Off The Tigers 

Above. The Bearcats look on with 
mingled hope and dread as the Tigers 
try to get control of the ball. 



anevening on the town 

Who will be the Lucky Lady? 

Homecoming candidates Erin 
Maggos, Amber Raymond, 
Breanne Sikma, and Sarah Harris 
anticipate the night's events. 

Look into My Eyes 

Dan Winn and Carrie Quinn 
dance the night away at 
Window's On Washington in 
St. Louis. 

Fashion '03 

Strapless and Halter 

Necklines varied this 
year at Homecoming. 
Some popular styles 
included strapless and 
halter-top gowns. 

Suits in all Colors 

The traditional suits of 
black and grey were 
complimented thisyear 
with multiple shades of 
blue. First-year 
student, Allen Rudd, 
shines in an irridescent 
blue three-piece suit. 

Going Full-Length 

This year, gowns 
ranged from knee- 
length to full-length. 
Bethany Harry shows 
ofifher full-length gown. 

Traditional Attire 

Some students choose 
to get in touch with their 
roots. AlexGerberding 
sported traditional 
Scottish attire. 

14 I Lifestyles and EventJ 

[lomecomlng 2003 at windows on Washington 

Out with the Old- 
Retiring King, Tommy Kupferer 
and retiring Queen, Becky Bisso 
prepare to hand over their titles. 

Dirty Dancing? 

Clare Willman and her boyfriend 
are having fun dancing. 

Socialize It's What We Do Best 

This group of McKendreans 
take a break from dancing to sit 
and talk with their friends. 

It's Electric! 

McKendree women are having 
an electric time. But where are 
all the guys? 

Look Friendly 

Keyma Smith, Brian Welzbacher, 
and Angela Surber scoot in 
close for the camera. 

...and in with the New!" 

2003 homecoming King, Dan 
Kreher, and Queen, Sarah Harris, 
take the floor after being 

Lifestyles and Events 

How's the Weather? 

Corey Baron, former TV weatherman 
and father of two girls adopted from 
China, hosted the Brown Bag on 
international adoptions. 

an erudition: 

brawn bags 

Deep Breath Now . . . 

Amber Schaefer gives her part of the 
Honors English presentation on 
musical traditions of Christmas. 

Tickling the Ivories! 

James Williams, on the piano, 
accompanies Ron Jones as they play 
for the students, faculty, and staff 
present at the Brown Bag. 

Brown Bags are usually a 
weekly occurrence at 
McKendree College. 
Students, faculty, and staff 
are encouraged to come with 
their lunches to the lecture 
hall in Piper Academic 
Center, room 222. Speakers 
give presentations on a wide 
variety of topics, ranging 
from Ecumenical Relations 
in Religion to Jazz and 
almost everything else 

The pictures on this page are 
from four different presenta- 
tions. Victoria Dowling, 
Gretchen Fricke, Dr. Neil 
Quisenberry, and Corey 
Baron presented The Chang- 
ing Face of "American " 
Families: International 
Adoption. Sharon Campese 
and Penny Neale gave a 
presentation named Breast 
Cancer: Two Survivors ' 
Stories. Dr. Jennifer Peters' 
and Dr. Betsy Gordon's 

A Heart to Heart 

McKendree staff member Sharon Campese and 
Penny Neale, Dr. Neale's wife, talk during a 
Brown Bag on breast cancer. They shared their 
experiences of their survival of breast cancer. 

An Uncomfortable Stare 

Luke Pope gives his portion of the English 
Honors Class presentation during a Brownbag. 


Honors class gave their oral 
traditions performance 
projects, and Brent Reeves 
organized the appearance of 
The Ron Jones Jazz 
Quartet: Perspectives on 

All of the Brown Bags are 
enjoyable and informative, 
and hopefully this tradition 
will continue at McKendree 
for a long time. 

Get Down with It! 

Ron Jones giving pointers to 
Mikail Andrea, an aspiring 
McK trumbone player, after the 
Brown Bag ended. 

Last Minute Pereparation? 

The Honors English II class. 
From the left they are Ian 
McCormick, Greg Mennerick, 
Marissa Heern, Aimee Gibbs 
Dr. Gordon, and Donielle .lord 

Jazz It Dp! 

One of the Brown Bags 
featured the Jones Quartet 
presenting "Perspectives on 
Jazz." The quartet consists of 
James Williams on piano 
(face not visible in this 
picture). Tyrone Wheeler on 
bass, Terry O'Mahoney on 
drums, and Ron Jones on the 
alto and soprano saxophones. 


Athena, an alum, talks with Dua 
about career opportunities with 

lob Miiiiiiiil'. 

Jennifer Seibert talks with Jan 

McKelvev of Stifel Nicolaus. 

ant to be an Intern? 

le representatives of Northwest- 
l Mutual talk with a McKendree 
nior about internship opportuni- 
s w ith the company. 

Northwestern Mutual 


ay -'Hello.** 

Irenna Fischer, class of '93, and her coworker at Allsup, Inc. talk about their job 
penings with a McKendrec Senior. 



On February 1 1. 2004. Career 
Services hosted the annual 
Mckendree Career Day. Forty 
different companies, the 
maximum Pearsons can hold, 
showed up for this event. Both 
students and alumni partici- 
pated at the job fair. Students 
and alumni had the opportunity 
to network with employers 
offering part-time employment, 
internships, and full-time 
professional positions. 

Career Services highly publi- 
cized the event on campus: 
posting flyers, sending email, 
telling all the faculty, and 

sending out a voice mail 
message. They were ex- 
tremely disappointed at the 
low turn out of students who 
stopped by the event. Stu- 
dents should take advantage of 
this great opportunity where 
the companies come to them 
so there is no driving to 
interviews. Companies come 
to recruit people, and with the 
sluggish economy yvill not 
spend money putting together 
a booth for McKendree's 
Career Days if they cannot be 
assured that it is time and 
money well spent by seeing 
many students. 

Been Pulled Over, 

An attendee of the 
career day talks with 
Trooper Ralph 
Timmins of the Illinois 
State Police. 

Now Look at This 

Kristin Thompson admires 
the work ol the Big Brothers 
Bin Sisters ( >n:ani/ation. 

Working up a Sweat 

Susie Mueller shares her 
job prospects w i til a friend 
attending the career day. 


aninternational student 

Around the World Festival 

Amalia Leguizamon talks about 
Argentinean literature and shares 
with the public a Borges reading. 

An international student, no matter what 
country he or she is from, is part of a 
continuous learning experience. Besides the 
college education that everyone has to deal 
with, an international student has to also 
learn the language, American culture, and 
specific rules and laws that apply only to 
the United States. It is not easy, that's for 
sure, however 1 find it a very interesting and 
unique experience. I never have time to get 
bored; no matter where I'm at or who I'm 
with, I always have the chance to learn 
something new. 

As an international student I have students 
and professors come up to me and 

Study Break? 

Andres Guerin kills time in the 
Club House playing pool with his 

ask me questions about my country and 
my background. So it is nice not only 
because I get to experience and learn new 
things but also because I get to share 
some of my culture and teach people 
around me how life is in some other part 
of the world. 
By Minerva Grama, 
Sibiu, Romania 

Spring Time 

To get into the spring 
atmosphere. Minerva 
Grama decorates the room 
w ith flow ers. 

"Hola! It's Me, Crazy 

Pedro Renda, like always, is 
very generous with his smiles. 

Watching TV 

At West visting his friends, 
Dani Adalberti, a 2003 
McKendree graduate, and 
Andres Guerin watch TV in 
the Club House. 

T i m e - O u t 

Betty-Ann Haywood takes a break 
after using all her energy dancing 
at one of the Aviston parties. 



Macho Man 

Juan Villa gladly pose 
Argentinean macho look 

Mosca Brothers 

Nico Mosca smiles at the 
camera after having to listen 
to his big brother's instruc- 

Home « o r k ? 

Whether Joel Maiyo is doing 
his class assigments or just 
checking new s from Kenya, 
he's doing his "homework." 

Ready lo Party?" 

\nne Tinel, Jessica Jestin, Minerva Grama, and I ranciso Mosca arc- 
keying their time on a Wednesday evening before going to the Mardi 
ras party in Aviston. 

Students from Around the World 

Nov First-Year Students 

I .) Eimear McGrath 

2.) Nicolas Mosca 

3.) Laxman Pandey 

4.) Nessa Paul 

5.) Wasira Walker 

6.) David Wellstead 

7.) Alexander Wright 

X.) Dionne (Kaye) Wright 

New Transfen Students 

9.) Alli-Kaisa Arppe 
10.) Minerva Grama 
11.) Alexandre Henne 
12.) Joel Maiyo 
13.) Andrew Smith 

Returning Students 

14.) Michael Dermen 
15.) Andres Guerin 
16.) Betty- Ann Haywood 
17.) Amalia Leguizamon 
18.) Lee McCarthy 
19.) Pedro Renda 
20.) Mirai Sayama 
21.) Juan Villa 

New for S prin g '04 

Christopher Bethel 

) lantha Burke 
) Jessica Jestin 
) Vincent Mathieu 
) Anne Tinel 




St. Lucia 


















St. Kitts 

Growing \Jp in Nepal 

During the Around the 
World Festival, Laxman 
Pandey shows some 
interesting pictures from 
Nepal and reads for the 
audience in Nepali. 

Dinner Time 

Even though it might not 
be the same food as home, 
Alex Wright, Nessa Paul, 
and Andrew Smith seem to 
enjoy their dinner in Ames. 

\ / 



an aide to the community: 

mekendree mentoring prograir 

Mentors are college students who 
serve as tutors, role models, and, most 
of all friends, to students in the 5th- 
8th grade at Lebanon Middle School. 
The program is designed to work with 
students who are designated at risk 
academically or socially (low self- 
esteem, withdrawn, behavior 
problems, difficult family situations, 
etc.). especially those students at risk 
of dropping out of school. Teachers 

and counselors are asked to nominate 
potential youth for the program as an 
exciting partnership between the 
Lebanon school students and college 
students in the hope of avoiding any 
somatization of the mentees. 

Mentors and youth are matched as 
closely as possible on the basis of 
gender, race, interests, and academic 
needs and skills. 

McKendree students who are 
interested in participating are asked to 
commit to participating in the program 
for one academic year. Potential 
mentors are encouraged to seriously 
reflect on the responsibility they are 
undertaking and to consider the 
significant time and energy mentoring 
will require. 

Make that Funny Face 

The Mentoring group took this 
tunny picture. 

I Call The Pink Ball 

The mentors and mente 
took a break and went 
how ling. 

Mentoring at Work 

The mentors and grade 
school students sit around a 
table talking. 

Another Group Picture 

The group is a little more 
serious for this group picture. 

Say Cheese . . . 

Kim and her student, Mel. 
have their picture taken. 

lough Guys 

Jeremy and his mentee 
pose for a picture. 

. . . and Smile 

Jenny and her student. 
Alexis, have their 
picture taken. 


The Mentoring group 
interrupt their bowling for a 
group picture. 


Coining Out 

In his portion of tl 
brown bag Todd dis 
coming out and ho\ 
difficult it is. 

Watching Todd 

Amber and Amie are 

watching Todd, and 

Greg is working with 


The Group 

This is the Spectrum 
Alliance group 
picture. From the 
left stands Amber 
Henn, Todd Stinson, 
Amie Lewis, and 
Greg Uhls. 

ist Minute Details 

Tiie, Amber, and Todd discuss so 
jisenberry before the brown bag. 

an avant-pde 



Spectrum Alliance is a 
fairly recent group on 
campus, started in 2003. It 
is a social/educational/ 
political organization for 
gay, lesbian, bisexual, and 
transgendered people, and 
their allies. The group 
welcomes everyone, both 
hetero- and homosexual, 
and exists as a support 
group for its members on 
McKendree's campus. Dr. 
Alan Alewine is the 
advisor for the group and 
Amie Lewis is the group's 


In the Spring semester of 
2004, the Spectrum 
Alliance members gave a 
brown bag on what it is 
like being homosexual, 
especially on 
McKendree's campus. 
The brown bag was well 
attended with PAC 222 
overflowing with people. 
The group gave their 
presentation and had a 
question and answer 
session afterward. 

What's Up? 

Spectrum members Greg, Amie. and Todd are listening to Amber's portion 
of the presentation, and Dr. Frederking's head snuek into the photo. 

ething with faculty member Dr. 



8T1 establishment 182 

Celebrating the founding of MeKendree 
College on Feb. 20, 1828 is a pivotal event 
on campus. The Development Office 
coordinates a birthday party in Ames over 
the lunch hour, replete with balloons and 
birthday cake and singing the traditional 
birthday song. 

V ou can't be taller than me! 

Dr. Dennis shares a laugh with 
SGA President, Kent Strang, 
while Keyma Smith feels short in 
the middle. 

Lunchtime Birthday Party 

E\ er\thing tastes better with 
balloons in your face. 

Cutting the Cake 

Leslie Gummersheimer, sopho- 
more, and Dr. Dennis do the 
honors of cutting the enormous 
birthday cake for McKendree's 

176th birthday. 



)id you hear the one about the... 

<e\. Dr. Miley Palmer "58 and Victoria Dowling, VP for Develop- 
ment, enjoy their time with our special guests. Lt. Col. Brian and 
vlelva Birdwell. The Birdwells spoke on the important role their faith 
)layed in his survival of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 1 1, 2001 on the 

Happy Birthday McK! 

Dr. Jennifer Peters leads the lunch- 
time crowd in the dining room in 
a rowsing rendition of Happy 

Service with a Smile 

Dr. Todd Reynolds carefully 
serves the pieces of cake with the 
coaching of Shazad Baig. Food 
Service Manager. 

Small but Mighty 

Senior. Katie Mollet, lead the 
invocation prior to dinner being 
served for the Founder's Day 
banquet in Pearsons Hall on 
Friday, February 20, 2004. The 
theme for the event was 
Pathways. Dr. Dennis spoke to 
the audience about 
McKendree's Pathway of 
Strength, Lt. Col. Brian 
Birdwell spoke about his 
family's Pathway of Faith, and 
Rev. Dr. Miley Palmer awarded 
the Friend of the College 
Award to local businessman. 
James Auffenberg Jr. for his 
Pathway of Allegiance. 

Mc Kc 1 1 c I re e Cc >llese 

\ T, n n u K -is " I >a> >> Q ^/ * 

K vents 


an education 


[I 24 1 Acuc 

6in awareness: biopsychology skits 

Dr. Eggleston's Biopsychology class performed informative skits about the effects of drugs on the body. They acted out their scenes 
in The Lair with an on-watching audience of dozens. The skits included a jeopardy-like games, impersonation of a joint, and a scene 
from life among junkies, among others things. 

Please Don't Drink and Drive 

Heather Hickox. Alex Gali, Shan- 
non Lackey, Kristin Pankey, Jes- 
sica Deckerand Nichole Oeheltree 
present their skit about alcohol. 

Nice Mullet... 

...and a big wad of chewing to- 
bacco to boot. Jared Weston puts 
a pinch in his mouth. 

All Wrapped Up 

Cynthia Foehrkolb is dressed up 
as a joint in her group's skit. 

an academic honori 

the honors program 

Arthur Anderson and Enron: Positive? 

Senior honor student, Todd Stinson, presents 
his honors thesis about the positive impact 
of the seandel on the accounting industry. 

Mckendree Students Sure Like Pizza 

While watching Franken stein at Dr. Greenfield's 
house, honors students Adam Biggs and Sarah 
Rubenacker get a plate of pizza. 

Leading With Honor 

Dr. Greenfield, honor's program 
professor, introduces the seniors 
who presented their thesis. 

The (lass of 2006 Lineup 

Representing a small portion of 
the sophomore honors class. 
Donielle Jordan, Ian 
McCormick. and dreg Mennerik 
dine at l)r Greenfield's house. 

Certificates and Medals 

At the honor's presentation on 

Tuesday, April 20, 2004. Dr. 

Greenfield presents seniors Amie 

Feick, Lynnae Robinson, Kelly 

Woehlke, and Natalie Marcum with a 

certificate of completion and a medal 

they will wear at graduation. 


an escape from finals: 

Students were invited by CAB to take a break from the stress of finals week. 
Activities included a "midnight" pancake dinner, sumo wrestling, jousting, midnight 
dodgeball and volleyball, and various other activities. Students enjoyed their 
escape from the tedious and long nights of relentless studying. 

One Thumb That All? 

Myron Bell Jr. gives the feast a thumbs up while (left) Adrian 
Jones, (right) Wasim Walker, and Chadwick Dennis dig in. 
We are the Champions 

David Padgett raises his arms victoriously while Sal Woods 
shows disgust at his 

Don't Touch My Weiner-Sehnitzel! 

Enjoying the "midnight" snack of pancakes 
and sausage, Michelle Peterson pauses 

Rif;ht Foot. ..Green! 

Katie Hubbard, Katie Beck, and Sean 
Martin play a game of Twister tying 
themselves in knots. 

Who Needs Mrs. Buttersworth? 

showing their expert pancake making skills, 
-isa Champ and Brent Reeves cook a load of 


Pineapples and Pancakes 

Pineapple and lei parl\ la\ors were highK 
sought out prizes. Brittany Jackson helps 
herself to a pineapple 

Academics G 

an experimental qjporturiity: 

biology, botany, and chemistry laboratorta 

Three Guys and a Cat 

Drew tolly. Drew Gericke, and Marty 

Stewart carefully dissect the cat 

specimen in biology lab. 

Getting Down and Dirty 

Being a real trooper, Jenny Hassler 
gets to work exploring the cat's 

Ok. show Me the... 

Dr. Colleen Steinkoenig watches as 

Ryan Jacob carefully identifies 

[1 28 | Academics 

Be Very Careful Now 

Dun Casper stoops down to get a 
closer look. In the background, 
lake Marcum is watching while 
Miki Mannino measures the 


an aspiring teacher 

Fall 2003 Elementary Teachers 

(Below listed alphabetically) Dana Baumann, Lyndsey Bieber, 
Andrea Conner, Jennifer Downs Bader, Pamela Elliott, Ashley File, 
Jan Hanvey, Jill Hess, Jamie Horn, Deena Hovatter, Erika Johnson, 
Nicole Jung, Mary Kehrer, Brittney Kerr. Megan Laack, Tracy 
Ledbetter, Darci Louden. Mary-Elizabeth Markey, Ashleigh 
Ramsey, Paula Saatkamp, Christine Sparwasser. JoAnna Spillan, 
Cynthia Starr, Erin Strackeljahn, Diana Svec, Nichole Taylor, 
Angela Tharp, Jaime Varady, Lisa Woods, John Zvonar. 

Fall 2003 Secondary/ 
Special Student Teachers 

(listed alphabetically) Chrissy 
Allardin, Dustin Barr. Christina 
Beauchamp, Carrie Bivens, Sam 
Brasses, Corey Dagley, Sara 
Hull Jason Luja, Kelly Meyer, Jan 
Nevois, Andrew Schroeder. Shane 
Stryker, Theren Swinford, Jason 
Wiegand, and Angela Witte. 

Spring 2004 Secondary & Special Student Teachers 

(listed alphabetically) Mark Albertini. Dusti Barker, 
Jacob Becker, Amanda Borkowski, Amy Crook, Carl 
Florczyk. Michelle Haas, Jaclyn Harlin, Brianne 
Holdener, Jayma Huddleston, Christopher Hutchings. 
Robert (Bart) King, Steve Kirk, Scott Koeneman. 
Cynthia Kolda, Brian Matzenbacher, Christie Moad, 
Linda Rehkemper, Douglas Riddle, Jennifer Roehl, 
Matthew Roundcount, Gayle Rule. Kimberly Snider, 
Kimberly Spano, Timothy Stott, Rebekah Thompson, 
Christopher Tucker, Rebecca Wendel, Amy Weston and 
Hollie Whiteman. 

Spring 2004 Elementary Student Teacher 

(listed alphabetically) Kevin Arentsen, 
Jennifer Barthel. Terri Bernhardt, Tanya 
Brandenburger Brown. Jenny Brown. Sarah 
Clark, Kelly Coyne, Renee Davinroy. Matth 
Guetterman, Tiffany Hails. Sarah Harris. 
Emily Hester. Laura Hicks. Sarah Fietsam 
Holle, Adam Hook, Shelby Hulliung. Tiffanji 
Jackson, Steven Kirkland, Erin Maggos, 
Brenda Mason. Ramonda Miller. Carrie 
Moonier, Scott Moran, Morgan Mudd Beldi 
Jennifer Noeth. Lindsey Oertwig, Magen 
Saunders, Kristen Seka, Josh Winkeler, 
Beverly York and Paula Zink. 

[ ! 30 [ Academics 

knyone for Dr. Suess? 

■ean Snedeker enjoys picking out the next books to 
ead with his class. 

Personally, I am thrilled with the conception 
bf this program," said Jacknewitz. 

Future Teachers 

Nancy Stewart, Jennifer Barrington, Magen Saunders, Dr. Sharan Pittser, 
Stacy Petraitis, Michelle Laidley, and Lindsey Oertwig are the officers of the 
new Illinois State Student Teachers Association on campus. 


The Number Of The Day Is... 

Staci Schuessler '03 is working with her class on their numbers during her 
semester of student teaching. 


Jennifer Jacknewitz '02 is among the first students to register for the 
new graduate program for a master's degree in edcuation. 
Jacknewitz is a resident of OTallon, 111., and teaches language arts at 
West Junior High School in Belleville. 

The master of arts in education, with majors in teacher development 
and high school certification, is the first master's offered at the 
college in almost a century. Dr. George Fero, chair of the 
McKendree College Division of Education, Health and Human 
Performance, said, "This is a significant change for McKendree 
College. We believe a graduate program in education enhances our 
undergraduate program. This will contribute to the McKendree 
College tradition of quality." Academical 31 I] 

an oration: 

baaakura te service 2004 

Don't Sit Down Yet 

Baccalaureate Services have been 
traditional in colleges and universities 
for centuries. 

Let's Give Them A Hand 

Friends and family members are invited 
to attend in support of the graduates. 




Still Standing 

After being hooded, graduates receive a 
blessing on their achievements and future 



U2 Fan 

The Baccalaureate speaker. J. Clinton 
McCann. Jr.. is an Evangelical Professor 
of Biblical Interpretation at Eden Theo- 
logical Seminary in Webster Groves, MO. 
Among Dr. McCann's areas of research 
are the theological dimensions of popular 
music, Latin American theology and Bib- 
lical interpretation. 

Ladies in White 

The Marshals usher in the graduates to 
help them find their seats for the eer- 

Stop to Check In 

The registrar's office and volunteers help 
to line the students up for their proces- 
sional into the service. 

i This How You Wear It? 

rese grads appear to be discussing the 
oper way to wear their robes and line 

Save A Seat For Me 

Seniors carry their academic hoods into 
the service where they will participate in 
the traditional hooding ceremony. Presi- 
dent Dennis. Provost Duff. Dr. Todd 
Reynolds. Dean of Students, and Dr. 
Patrick Folk, professor of history, an- 
nounce the candidates and place the hood. 

Events I 33 f] 

8T1 enormous meat 
senior luncheon 

Who said there's no free lunch? The 
Office of Alumni Relations sends the 
graduates and their guests off with 
style as nearly 500 people sit down 
for lunch after Baccalaureate Service 
in the IM Gym. Lunch is served by 
faculty staff, alumni board and board 
of trustee members. 

Voice Of Experience 

Friends of Yours? 

Top: Tommy Kupferer. Jr. '03 spoke to To P : Dr - Haskins stops for a picture 

the new graduates about "real life" out- during senior lunch, 
side the classroom. 

Senior Class Gift It's In The Bag 

Bottom: Todd Stinson and the Senior Bottom: Kelly Wissehr '93 displays the 

Class Gift Committee presented a huge briefcase that she gave to Seniors who 

check to Dr. Dennis and the College. filled out her Alumni Office question- 

Time to Eat 

Amanda Wayman and her guests fine 
seat and wait for the lunch to be serve 



Service With A Smile 

Far left: These faculty and staff members 
enjoy the comraderie of working together 
as a team to serve during Senior Lun- 

Too Pretty To Eat 

xft: Lynette Newsom shows off the 
lelicious chocolate cake dessert created 
|>y the creative food-service staff. 

All In The Family 

Dr. Dennis stands behind the Brown family who have had five 
generations attend and graduate from McKendree College. In atten- 
dance at Sr. Lunch were from left, Tobylynn Brown '78, Clyde Brown 
'76, Jenny Brown '04, Ada Brown '04, Mark Brown '78 and Donald 
Brown '50, 

Ready to Serve 

Carmett 'Corky' Helms '59 is the vice 
president of the Alumni Board and hard- 
working volunteer for the College. 

Events H^f] 

Here They Come 

Below: Dr. Dennis and Dr. Duff lead the 
processional through the Centennial Gate 
to the front lawn for the graduation cer- 

Turning Of The Tassels 

After being inducted into the Alumni 
Association, graduates are asked to switch 
their mortar board tassels from the right 
side to the left. 

Turning of the Tassels 

Above: Kimberly M. Radin, vice 
president of the alumni board and a 
19% graduate of McKendree. inducted 
the class of 2004 into the Alumni 
Association and also presented the 2004 
William Norman Grandy Faculty 

And the Band Plays On 

Near Right: The bagpipes are played 
during commencement. 

We Are Family 

Far Right: It's time to celebrate with 
those who helped get the graduates 
where they are. 



vlutnal Respect 

eft: The Technos International College Award was presented to Daniel A. Krehe 
he award is given each year to a McKendree student who has demonstrated 
eadership, outstanding academic achievement, and a commitment to promoting 
hternational understanding. Kreher and Dennis honored each other on stage. 

itay In Line 

■Jelow : Graduates file into their seats on the front lawn. 


1 ^ 

P-^A \ A 


7 JM 



f 4wm 

► • 

- w 

s &^ 


Qn assemblage: 

"It is essential that our experiences, challenges, successes, 
and failures serve as a foundation for what lies ahead," 
Adam Kee, a McKendree College graduating senior, told his 
classmates at commencement exercises held Saturday. May 
8, on the historic front campus of McKendree College in 
Lebanon, 111. 

President James M. Dennis, celebrating the completion of 
his first decade as president at McKendree College, presided 
over the commencement exercises and welcomed the more 
than 3.000 friends and family members who attended. There 
are 464 graduates in the Class of 2004. which includes 
December 2003 and May 2004 graduates. 

Donald L. Metzger, chairman of the McKendree 
College Board of Trustees, conferred an honorary degree, 
the Doctor of Humane Letters, to Mr. Harvey C. Pitt, a 
1950 graduate of McKendree College who is a leading 
expert and collector of folk art duck decoy masterpieces. 
Mr. Pitt graduated in 1950 with a bachelor of science 
degree in biology. In 1952, he earned a master of science 
degree in biological science from Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale. He credits McKendree College 
with giving him the knowledge and skills needed for a 
successful career in business. 

Good Advice 

Adam Kee. the com- 
mencement speaker, 
performed outstand- 
ingly in both academic 
and co-curricular ac- 
tivities. He is 
McKendree College's 
Student Lincoln Lau- 
reate and following his 
graduation from 
McKendree will attend 
one of the most exclu- 
sive institutions in the 
world — the highly 
prestigious Actors Stu- 
dio Drama School. 

And The Award Goes To... 

Dr. Brenda Boudreau. assistant professor of English. This 
award is given annually to one outstanding faculty member 
and is based on a personal commitment to the student 
body, to the ideals of the college, and an awareness of and 
participation in the community that McKendree College 



student involvement at mckndree 



audible talent 

choir at rack 

Dr. Nancy Ypma directs the McKendree Choir which is a musical group open to all students with an interest in singing. The choir 
performs frequently throughout the year. The pictures on this page are all of the Choir Christmas Concert. 

Funky Bass 

The choir had instrumental 
accompaniment, including thi 
large string instrument. 

[Now Listen Everyone 
Choir Director Dr. Ympa 
tells the audience what the 
choir will be doing next. 

Angels We Hav 
leard on High" 

he choir seems in 
lis picture to be 
iveded along 
ender lines. 

A Processional? 

Members of the choir came to the 
concert dressed and ready to sing. 

Massed Voices Raised 

the members ol" the choir wore 
traditional choir robes during the 
Christmas concert. 

Let's See Some Tonsils! 

The choir sang quite well 
during the concert. 

Organizations | 39 H 

QTl aural arrangement : 

t>aracls a/t mckendree 

There are four hands at McKendree: the Marching Band, the Concert Band, the Pep Band, and the Jazz Ensemble. They play music 
for the enjoyment of the campus community while providing the band members with a small stipend and allowing them to excercise 
their talents. The bands participate during sports games, parades, concerts, and other activities to enrich the experiences of those who 

"Pa rum pum | > ii i ii pum 
Me and my drum." 
Percusionists get ready for 
their performance before the 
crowd in the stands during a 
football game. 

Now Usten Up! 

Mr. David Boggs speaks to the crowd at the 
performance of the Concert Band. 

Toot that Horn! 

The band, exemplified here 
by the wind section, plays 
for the crowd at a football 

I he \\ hole of It 

Mere the full concert h; 
is playing as it is being 
by Mr. Boggs. 

H 40 | Organizations 

Wave that Flag! 

Here the Marching Band's Color Guard performs 
the delight of the audience. 

Qfi enchanting evening : 

the cantori renaissance Christmas concert 

On December 5th and 6th, 2003 the McKendree Cantori -- led by Dr. Jennifer Peters -- along with the harpist Robin Haskell and the 
newly created Lebanon Children's Choir performed during the Annual Cantori Rennaisance Christmas event. The audience was asked 
to sit at banquet tables where they were served English bread pudding and spiced cider or coffee while regaled by the music. The 
Cantori sang Elizabethan madrigals and carols, a Latin carol, and a funny modern carol, "Throw the Yule Log on Uncle John." The 
Cantori also performs various other concerts in the Spring Semester. 

Free Coffee 

The concert included coffee or 
spiced cider for the audience. 
Here student Laxman Pandey 
serves coffee to the euests. 

"All Dressed l'p and No Place 
to Go!" 

Here stands most of the 
members of the Canton dressed 
in their Renaissance period 
costumes. From left to 
they are Lindsay Holmgrem, 
Matt Kupferer, Rebecca Cox, 
Nathan Carroll, Adam Kee, 
Anna Everett, Devin Dippold, 
Jenny Gray, and Ashleigh 


Adrian Jones serves the English Bread 
Pudding to the audience. 

Gel Ready to Take a Bow! 

The Cantori stand onstage after singing, listening to the 
applause. From the left they are Ashleigh Munsen, Matt 
Kupferer, Jenny Gray, Kyle Buettner. Lindsay Holmgrem, 
Adam Kee, Anna Everett, Dr. Peters (with her back lo the 
camera). Devin Dippold, Heidi Kleiboeker, Nathan Carroll, 
and Rehhecca Cox. 

Ready, Set, Scarf 

After the performance singers Kyle Buettner and Matt 
Kupherer sat down to eat some of the desert that was 
provided earlier to the audience. 




mckendree's greek life 

Alpha Omega is a local sorority that began at McKendree in 1 954. In the fall of 2003, Alpha Omega welcomed five more members to their 
sorority, expanding to include 1 5 active members. Bekki Amann, Tammara Gage, Jamie Graham, Jamie Lauf, and Alicia Weiss were the new 
members inducted in the fall. The President of the sorority is Heidi Tangman 
the Vice President is Rachel Bailey, the Secretary is Bekki Amann, and the 
treasurer is Amber Henn. The other active members of the sorority are Katie 
Reed. Lindsay Foster, Jennifer Roehl, Lindsay Bartlebort, Ashley Reynolds, 
Sarah Hedman, and Deanna Dashley. In March, Alpha Omega participated in 
Bowl for Kids Sake. 

In the fall, they hosted a dance called Pucker Up. In the spring, they co- 
hosted a dance with Philo. During the summer, they will participate in a cancer 
walk-a-thon. "The best part of being a member of the Alpha Omega sorority is 
doing service projects while still being able to have fun with my sisters." said 
President Heidi Tangman. 

Kappa Sigma Tau is a campus sorority open to all women on the McKendree 
campus. They are a social service sorority and each member is required to 
participate in at least ten hours of community service per semester. The ideals 
of the sorority are friendship, service, and equality. Their purpose is to 
assemble the students of McKendree in the spirit of service to humanity, and 
to create friendships among all races and creeds. President. Elizabeth Hise 
says, "I never thought I would join a sorority in college, but my freshman year, 
many of my friends in my dorm decided to pledge Kappa Sigma Tau. In 
deciding to pledge with them, I made one of the best decisions of my life! KET 
is made up of some of the smartest, funniest, most talented women and I 
consider it a privilege to be one of them." 

Alpha Omega Sorority - Spring 2004 Actives 

Front row: Jamie Graham, Alicia Weiss, Tammara Gage 

Middle row: Heidi Tangman, Sarah Hedman, Rachel Bailey, Kati 

Reid. Lindsay Bartlebort 

Back row: Lindsay Foster, Ashley Reynolds, Deanna Dashley. Bekk 


Not pictured: Jennifer Roehl. Jamie Lauf 

Formal Induction of Pledging KET 

Front Row (Pledges): Megan Gibbs. Michelle Fuchs. Kaci Lang, Lindsay Weathers, Heather 

Cafhcart, Krysti Boden, Hillary Cobb, Lindsey Hawkins 

Second Row (Pledges): Mary K. Kitzmiller. Melissa Cook. Colleen Harter, Emily Hohl, Amber 

Taylor. Abby Tribley, Nicole Taylor, Barbie Klaus 

Third Row (Actives): Megan Weiler. Amanda Chaney. Mindy Auth, Allison Marty Chenko, Keyma 

Smith, Carrie Quinn, Cassie Cowell, Emily Canning 

Fourth Row (Actives): Brian Welzbacher, Jenny Bieber, Sara Trask, Leslie Hattle, Catie Connelly, 

Jenny Hasler. Mandi Bruce, Elizabeth Hise, Brady Stewart 

Back Row (Big Brothers): Michael Bernhardy. Aaron Kremmel, Curt Meadows, Mike Schaal, Dan 

Kreher. Ken Dandridge. George Kriss, Laxman Pandey, John Cann 

KET Before Homecoming Dance 

Back Row: Leslie Hattle, Carrie Quinn, Keyma I 
Emily Canning. Catie Connelly, Angie Tharp 
Front Row: Katie Jackson, Stefanie Johnson. Eli: 



Greek Rush - Clio Sorority 

Amber Jackson. Tiffany Galeaz, Kate 
Beanhlosom. Randa Renshaw. Sara 
McKenzie. Crystal Barrera, Nicole 

S mm;; and Happy 
Amber Jackson and Kate Beanblossom 
hare their smile with yearbook readers. 

Kappa Lambda lota (Clio) is McKendree College's oldest sorority. 
Originally named the Clionian Literary Society. Kappa Lambda lota 
has evolved into a social sorority sponsoring such events as the Clio 
Rodeo and the Clio 70's dance. Kappa Lambda lota members are 
active community volunteers. Members are very involved with raising 
money for the treatment and cure of breast cancer, holding bake sales 
with proceeds benefiting the American Breast Cancer Society. The 
group preforms several other activities on and off campus to promote 
breast cancer awareness. "As a group of women in today's world, we 
are facing high rates of breast cancer," comments Courtney Davis, 
Vice President and Treasurer, "and that is why we like to promote 
breast cancer awareness on campus." 

Members: Kate Beanblosom - President, Courtney Davis - Vice 
president and treasurer. Amy Weston - Secretary, Sara McKenzie - 
Pledge Mistress, Shana Jones - Pledge Mistress, Crystal Barrera, 
Nicole Cargal, Crystal Cole, Tiffany Galaez, Amber Jackson, Andrea 
Knoll, Amy Lewis. Randa Renshaw 

Pledges for Spring 2004: Heather Brinkmeyer, Ashley Garland, Kelly 
Frolley, Chrissy Simones, Jen Warren 
Faculty Advisor for Kappa Lambda lota: Dr. Michele Stacey-Doyle 

Good Times 

Nicole Cargal. Randa 
Renshaw, Courtney Davis, 
and Sara seem to 
really enjoy their time 

VIcKendree Sisters United 

Front Row: Kendall Ripperda, Heather Hickox, Dawn Brinkmann, Megan 


vliddle Row: Rachel Witcher, Juanita Nunn, Christina Cooper 

3ack Row: Renell Ridley, Dawn Lerch 

Dinner at the Advisor's House 

Back row: Kate Beanblosom. Courtney Davis. Sara McKenzie, Shana Jones. 

Crystal Cole, Crystal Barrera. Andrea Knoll. Amber Jackson 

Front row: Nicole Cargal. Dr. Michelle Stacey-Doyle, Randa Renshaw 

McKendree Sisters United (McKSU) is an organization that 
focuses on the improvement of women in all areas of life. They 
center their attention on the importance of culture and celebrate 
diversity and unity. Every year they attend a conference that 
focuses on either leadership and/or diversity; for the past two years 
they have been present at the African American Student Leadership 
Conference. They also sponsor a Gospel Concert every fall. The 
Faculty advisor for the sorority is Dr. Jackie Kemp. 

Organizations | 43 | j 

Phi Lambda Sigma (Philo). the Philosophian Society, was founded on the McKendree College campus in 1837. It is currently a debating 

and social fraternity open to all men on the campus. They do community service and host parties for all McKendree students. Toga, Pajama 

Jam. Boo Bash, Mardi Gras, and the St. Patrick's party are just a few of the events they host. Rick Shilb says, "Philo is good times, and gooc 


Their members consist of: Mike Zolner, Corey Alberson, Andrew Gillespie. Rick Shilb, Mike Achord, Aaron Eversgerd and Mike Niermann. 

The officers include: President - Mike Niermann, Vice President - Aaron Eversgerd. Treasurer - Mike Achord. 

Superman and His Friends 

Nick Robitaille. Jeff Major, Matt Robitaille 
take a few minutes from "drinking soda" U 
during the Boo Bash party in Aviston. 

and Kyle Lapmgton 
display their outfits 

Back to Childhood 

Cory Wilson doesn't seem to mind 
sharing his pacifier with his friend. 

All Together 

Juan Villa, Pedro Renda, Jeff Major, Rob 
Lugge. Francisco and Nico Mosca enjoy 
their time at the Mardi Gras party. 


Aviston parties are obviously a 
lot of fun since they put such a 
big smile on people's faces. 

Hooters at Aviston 

Being at the Boo Bash party 
feels as if you are in more places 
at the same time. 

"We Can't Miss Out!" 

Sean Martin evidently takes a yearbook picture 
very seriously as he pulls Brian to not skip this 
unique occasion of appearing in the McKendrean. 

In the End It's All About How 
Young You Feel 

"Old ladies" can also have a lot 
of fun at the parties organized by 

The members of Sigma Nu fraternity pride themselves in helping other men become more responsible and dependable. They hold several 
organized social events over the school year. Some of these include cookouts at McKendree football games, a float in the homecoming 
parade, and three parties a year: Wild Turkey, Snowball, and Armageddon. When asked about Sigma Nu, President Brady Stewart, stated, 
"Sigma Nu has given me long lasting friendships and an opportunity to expand my principles of love, truth, and honor." Current members 
are Brady Stewart - Commander ( President), Tom Pieper - Lt. Commander ( Vice President), Jeff Quirin - Lead Chair and Rush Chair, Brian 
Welzbacher - Fundraising Chair, Mark Riemann - Finance Chair, John Dawson - Social Chair, Kent Strang - Social Chair, Nathan Raley - 
Alumni Chair and Recorder, Greg Abrahams - Marshall, Ian McCormick - Risk Reduction Chair, Adam Prest - Rush Chair, Chris Hayer - 
Philanthropy Chair, Kyle Gerlach - Sentinal 

I ven though everyone is stressed out with organizing, the 
members ol Sigma Nu fraternity relax while grabbing a snack 
before veiling ready lor the Homecoming parade. 

(Jetting Ready 

Slowly they start to prepare their float 
for display. 

"Just Don't Bite the Finger Off" 

Whatever the snack is, it seems to bi 
very tasty. 



The Black Student Organization (BSO) is an organization open to all students, but of particular interest to students of color. The 
organization provides both academic and social support to members. BSO members also participate in the planning and implementation of 
campus programs promoting diversity and cultural awareness. The advisor of the organization is Brent Reeves. This year in January, BSO 
attended the 10th National African American Student Leadership Conference in Holly Srings, Mississippi. Below are some of the pictures 
from the event. 

Listen Here!" 

The director of multicultural 
affairs. Brent Reeves, tries to 
make some last minute 

"Can't You See I'm Busy?" 

Juanita Nunn is too concerned 
with what she's working on and 
does not even notice the camera. 

Eventful Times 

Myron Bell doesn't want to be 
done by Juanita and keeps busy 

Someone Seems Happy 

Adrian Jones and his friend say "cheese" 
even when you don't ask them to. 

Group Shot 

Some of the students who 

made the trip to Mississippi 

are gladly smiling for a group 



During lunch. McKendree students 
engage in some very serious 

Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is a national service coed fraternity that involves its members in community service projects throughout the 
region. This year in April, APO and BSO presented a McKendree College Ethnic Entertainment Night, which included Hawaiian dancers, 
an African dance troop, and a variety of cultural food prepared by McKendree College students. The faculty advisor for the fraternity is 
Crait; Robertson. 

Entertainment Time 

Iantha Burke and her 
friend enjoy their time 
with one of the special 
guests from the party. 

Hanaiin Dancers Energize Students Befor 

If some of us don't have the time or money to 
for a trip in Hawaii, innovative McKendree 
students found a way of bringing the Hawaiian 
atmosphere to Lebanon. 

Dance Lessons 

Always eager to learn something new, 
McKendree students are carefully listening 
the Hawaiian dancer. 

Welcome Greetings 

■\mher Winters, the president of APO. 
welcomes the guests to McKendree's Ethnic 
Entertainment Night 

Organizations | 45 | "[ 

an unlimited ministry 

Unlimited Ministries, better known as Campus Ministries, is a student led group that conduct such activities as Thursday Chapel at 
Noon. Lounge Worship on Wednesday Nights, and various bible studies throughout the week. Chaplain Tim Harrison oversees the 
students along with internet Chris Komorech. Chapel services are led by a praise band consisting of Rachel Bryant. McKenzie Smith. 
Mike Cheeseman. Bob Clipper, and Chris Komorech. Mike and Chris also lead lounge worship. Other students participate by taking 
mission trips, such as the one to Mexico this March, organizing movie nights, and taking the challenge of the 30 hour famine. In an 
interview with Tim Harrison, he mentioned the many ways to get involved with campus ministries and many more activities they are 
planning for the future. All the pictures for this page were obtained at a planning meeting for the Mexico missionary trip. 

Not Tabling the Topic 

Here the group sits talking 
around the table. Starting with 
the lower left corner and going 
clockwise they are Aaron 
Povolish. Ada Brown. Curtis 
Stahl. Amber Winters, 
Mckenzie Smith Susan Miller 
(Obscured). Angela Surber. and 
Anna Evereett. 

Passing Notes 

Papers are being passed out in this picture. Fror 
the left the people are Monica Todlich. Angela 
Surber, Anna Everett. Karen Greenstreet. and .le; 

Anybody Notice the Camera'.' 

1 he group plans the trip and the 
good works they intend to do. 

Not Camera Shy 

Amber Winters. McKen/ 
Smith, and Susan Miller 
J Organizations I converse. 


Making the Point 

Reverend Harrison is the faculty sponsor and in fl 
charge of campus ministries. Here is talking wit 
the group. 

an altruistic kindness 

The Center for Public Service (CPS) supports volunteer activities and the development of auricular programs that link community 
service to academic coursework. McCat. the MeKendree College Community Action Team, is the student coordinated volunteer corps 
support by the Center. The goals of the Center are to contribute to the intellectual development, sense of social responsibility, and 
active citizenship of students by engaging them in meaningful and academically sound service experiences which enhance the under- 
standing of each discipline, provide an opportunity to practice skill specific to the various disciplines, foster personal growth as an 
active member of a community of learners, and cultivate the intellect and spirit of persons who care for one another and for the world in 
which they live and work. The Center for Public Service strives to foster a commitment to service at all levels of campus life. 

The Center provides a clearinghouse of information and opportunities for community service and the staff of the Center work with the 
community to determine how MeKendree students, faculty, and staff can help serve their needs. Specific programs supported or run by 
CPS and McCat include America Reads. Bohannon Nursing Home, CAC Nights. Franklin Neighborhood Association. Highland Animal 
Shelter. Mentoring. Second Chance Shelter, Soup Kitchen, and Sports Plus. Other activities CPS and McCat sponsored were "The 
Hunger Banquet" and "Trick o' Treating for Canned Goods" among others. 

"You must be the 

change you wish to 

see in the world." 

~ Mahatma Gandhi- 

"Here We Are!" 

This is the McCat group picture. In the front row arc Kelly Woehlkc. Alicia Weiss, Beth 
Bushmire, Jenny Brown, Danielle Rieckcnberg. Amanda Minor, Jessi Eusterhroek. The middle row 
consists of Andrew Gillespie, Amber Schafer, Brady Stewart, Dr. Lyn Huxford, George Gladis, 
Krista Waltermire. Colleen Harter, and Mandi Bruce. In the hack row sit Chrissy Jacoby, 
Millicent Hughes, Corey Totten, Mindy Auth, Brendan Summary. Eric Barger. and David 
Hamann. Group members Emily Woods, Jacob Thornton, and Cassic Cowell did not make it into 
the picture. 

Tidbit of Wisdom 

Here is a graphic and quote McCat and CPS used to promote 
volunteering and people trying to make things belter 

Organizations | 47 N 



speech and debate team 

I ikIci the coaching of Joe Blasdel, the McKendree College Speech and Debate Team has became a nationally ranked team that has won I 
many prestigious awards at intercollegiate tournaments across the country. The team went to the Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament 
held at Tennessee State University from January 23-25 and won the national championship over more than forty other schools 
participating. The team won second place and 3 speaker awards at the tournament at Knox College. Another road trip took place from Apr! 
7- 1 when the team traveled to Los Angeles, California to compete in the National Debate Tournament. There the team was ranked 39th oi, 
of 35 1 nationwide NPDA Programs. 

Aside from acquiring trophies and awards, the members also gain many other skills such as public speaking, critical reasoning, and 
organization, as well as communication skills. The debate team consists of President Ryan Diefenbach, Vice President Sara Trask, 
Secretary- Treasurer John Dawson, and Co-Directors of Public Debate Series Sara Haefner, Mark Wonnacott, and Paul Woodruff. Other 
members include Michael Derby, David Hamann. Dan Hankley, Elizabeth Hazzard. Michelle Kadonsky, Andrea Knoll, Jason Luitjohan, anc| 
Zach Rakers. 

What's the Joke? 

Forensics Coach Joe Blasdell is 
talking with his wife and Dr. 
Neale They are all appearing 
to have a good time. 

Intent on Notes 

Mark Wonnacot is studying 
something during forensics 


MB, jH& B^ ^^^fc 

Madame Medi; 
Sarah Haefner acid 
as the mediator c 
the mock debate 
held in Ames on 
topic of alcohol 

Bored Yet? 

Here is the forer 
team during a 

The Whole Team 

Here are most of the members of the McKendree 
Speech and Debate Team. Starting in the back row 
on the left they are Coach Joe Blasdell, Jason 
Luitjohan, David Hamann, Ryan Diefenbach, Mike 
Derby, and Paul Woodruff. In the front row sits 
Andrea Knoll, Michelle Kadonsky, Sara Trask, John 
Dawson, Zach Rakers Some members did not make 
ii for the picture including Sarah Haefner, Dan 
Hankley, Elizabeth Hazzard, Adam Simon, and Mark 
v. onnacott 

Sit and Wait 

Mark Wonnacot and Ryan Diefenbach 
presented the case of the opposition at 
the mock debate in Ames. 

j l 48 | Or; 

Heated Discussion 

The practice session seems to warm up some. 

an inviting, bunch: 

student ambassadors for mck 

The student ambassadors work as a liaison between prospective students and the student body at McKendree. They represent the 
college to all the potential students they come into contact with. Student ambassadors act as tour guides, prospective student callers, 
overnight hosts, and college recruiters. The admissions staff spends a great amount of time and energy on attracting students to McK, 
and student ambassadors are one way they do it. Most of the pictures on this page come from the student ambassador retreat in the Fall 
at Camp Joy in Carlyle, IL. The ambassadors there completed a "Challenging Outdoor Personal Experiment Course." 

Falling Over Backwards? 

Student ambassadors build 
trust with a came. 

\ Lecture? 

Fhe group stands 
und apparently 



applauding innovation 

This was Team Bogey's second year at McKendree. The group had a great year. Team Bogey promoted activities and enthusiasm by 
showing up at athletic games and giving support. Team Bogey held programs for students, some not related to McKendree sports, like the 
"Wing Thing," and some that are, like the "Tiger Roast." During the Tiger Roast, McKendree's Football Rival Iowa Wesleyan's mascot, a 
tiger, is burned in effigy. Team Bogey was also involved with the halftime show this year by helping to carry the flag, and the group threv 
themselves a celebatory anniversery bash. 

Smile for the Camera! 

A picture of all the Team 
Bogey members at their 

You've Got the Tiger b> 
the Tail now! 

Craig Robertson, Team 
Bogey Sponsor, holds the 
stick with the stuffed tiger 
attached in preparation for 
the Tiger Roast. 

O, Say Can You See? 

Here Team Bogey members practiced 

before carrying the American Flag 

during halftime show of home football 


Toastin' Marshmallows 

\ student makes an effort to perfectly 
mast her marshmallow during the Team 
Bogey Cook-Out and Tiger Roast. 

Pucker Up! 

A party game at the Team Bogey party 
involved passing a life saver from mouth 
to mouth using toothpicks. As shown by 
these two 'friends.' 


That's One Long Handshake 

One of the games at the party was the 

sn this picture. 

mtravelina of the human knot. 

Posing in the Rain 

shown Here llle Team Bogey members, including the Purple Men, show their spirit 
during a rainy football game. 

aningestion of awareness ] 

the annual cps hunger banquet 

The Center for Public Service hosted its annual Hunger Banquet during Hunger and Homelessness Week to promote awareness of the 
disparity in the world involving the availability and quality of food, medical care, and housing. The guests who came in were separated isjl 
three groups, one of which, composed of less than ten people, was served a full course dinner worthy of a fine restaurant. The rest of the I 
guests were divided between those who received rice and beans and those who received the leftover rice. The guests were also subjected tc.j 
the Grim Reaper, Dr. Huxford, who placed the unlucky guests in a 'graveyard.' Other entertainment included readings of facts about worlel 
hunger, a dramatic rendition of a piece called, "Two Women." and live music provided to begin and end the program. 

Death Walks! 

Dr. Huxford, the Grime Reaper 
during the banquet conducting 
unlucky guests to the graveyard 
talks with CPS members as she 
picks her next victim. 

"Two Women" 

CPS members, Alisha Weiss and 
Colleen Harter, perform a skit 
which attempts to show the 
differences in a woman's life 
depending on her social class. 

The Unlucky 

These guests of the banquet 
were placed in the graveyard by 
the grim reaper as an example 
of the high mortality rate among 
the impoverished. 

"Dinner is Served" 

Daud Hantaan serves the table 
of elite during the banquet. 
They received a full course 
meal including a chicken entree 
and some pie. 

O Baby! O Baby! 

Dr. Quisenberry came to the 
banquet with his partner and 
their adopted child. He was 
talking with President Dennis 
w hen this picture was shot. 



HTlovernig cagqny: 

sasls annual sleep-out 

During Hunger and Homelessness week several people participated in the Students Against Social Injustice's Sleep-Out to raise awareness of 
'he plight of the homeless. Participants wrote facts and messages about hunger and homelessness on the sidewalks with chalk, wrote letters 
o their Representatives and Senators, and then settled down for a cold night sleeping on the quad. Wrapped in sleeping bags, they spent the 
:old, windy night asleep until about 5 a.m. when they woke up and went back to their homes to get ready for the upcoming school day. 


students participate in SASI's Sleep-Out much better 
equipped than the actual homeless, but still make their 
loint about the hardships of poverty. 


iASI member Katnna Molnar and students Jake Thornton 
ind Erin Fry are all bundled up in blankets in preparation 
or the cold night ahead of them. 

Someone's Peeking 

Jake Thornton peeks 
out of his sleeping 
1 bag while those 
around him 
seemingly sleep. 

Anybody Want Some Take-Out? 

SAS1 President Krista Looper stands next 
to her boyfriend, and he has just brought 
her some sushi. 

Shi\er! Shiver! 

Erica Loehner and her friend from high school sit 
talking as they try to keep warm on the park bench in 
the quad. 

Chalk Outlines: Practicing to Be a Corpse. 

Erin Fry outlines Krista Looper with chalk to create a 
chalk outline reminiscent of crime scenes to make a 
point about all of those who die of poverty. 

Organization ^ 53 \ \ 

Making Some Money 

Mary Mueller se! up a table in 

Ames dining hall to sell her beaded 

bracelets. She was one of several 

vendors at the Art Sale sponsored 

bv the Art Club. 

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go 

Alpha Psi Omega members speak with 

and try to recruit students at the 

Organizational Fair. 

Looking for a Good Book? 

The Literary Interest Society held 
a book and bake sale in Piper. 
Here students are scanning the 
tables for any eye catching titles. 

In the Lime-Light 

Upha I'si Omega, Theater Honor 
Society, officers Todd Stinson, Michelle 
Ashley, Amanda Dotson, Renee Cralley, 
and Adam Kee. 

Straight From the Potters Hand 

George Kriss, Dan Kreher, and Angela 
Surber stand around the table holding 
Dan's pottery. Dan sold out at the art 



&n honor: 

honor societies at mckeridree 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega, Theatre Honor So- 
ciety, is intended for students inter- 
ested in theater and drama productions. 
Under supervision of Michelle 
Magnussen. Alpha Psi Omega helps 
with production of the fall and spring 
plays, improv nights, and other various 
theatrical productions that are held on 

Members participated in the fall 
play "Charley's Aunt" and the spring 
play "The Glass Menagerie." Senior 
members, Adam Kee and Michelle 
Ashley starred in their senior presenta- 
tions of "Give "Em Hell Harry" and 
"The Vagina Monologues" respec- 

Phi Alpha Theta 




Phi Alpha Theta, 
Society, promotes 
tory through the encouragement of 
research, good teaching, publica- 
tion, and the exchange of learning 
and ideas among historians Dr 
Halfond is the faculty advisor of Phi 
Alpha Theta. 

Members of Phi Alpha Theta 
participated in watching Luther, a 
historical movie, and holding their 
annual picnic at Horner Park in 
Lebanon. They had also planned a 
trip to historical sites in New Or- 
leans, unfortunately their plans fell 

Lambda Pi Eta 

Lambda Pi Eta is the only honor 
society recognized by the National Com- 
munications Association (NCA). Ac- 
cording to the organization's advisor. 
Dr. William Haskins. it is a "prestigious 
honor society and il currently has over 
2(1(1 chapters." Lambda Pi Eta officially 
started in 1994 making it a rather new 
honor society. 

When asked what Lambda Pi Eta 
means to her. Whitney Pankey, a new 
member to the society, states, "Even 
though I'm a new member I'm excited 
about having the opportunity to be a part 
of such an organizaion. It's also a really 
good resume builder." 

Sigma Tau Delta 

Sigma Tau Delta, the International 
English Honor Society, was started at 
McFCendree College in May of 1990. 
The current advisor, Dr. Ronald Black, 
started the society. Members are 
juniors and seniors who have declared 
an English major, maintain a "B" 
average, and have completed at least 
20 hours in English courses. 

Besides providing recognition for 
the individual's high academii 
achievements, Sigma Tau Delta pro 
vides several other privileges. Mem 
bers have several scholarship oppor 
tunnies available, they receive a soci 
ety newsletter in which members havi 
a chance to publish their own mate 
rial, and they may obtain possibh 
internships through the society. 

(Not Pictured) 

Cf ^ 

P 1 

^_ z^4 ^^ ■ 

1 \ 



Alpha Psi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega members (front) Katie Cole. Todd Stmson, Michelle 
Ashley, Adam Kee, Renec Cralley, Kayla Miller, (back) Dan Schmid, 
Rebecca Cox, Sara Trask, Devon Dippold. Sean Henderson, and Amancj 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Phi Alpha Theta members are (front) Sarah Ruth. 
Mandy Bruce, Katrina Molner, Lonnitta Pullum. 
Josh Hollingsead, (hack) Adam Biggs. Dr. Halfond, 
Dr. Folk. 



Art club members are (front) David Ottinger, Mary Beth Behum. Erica 
Loehner, Allen Korte, (2nd row) Mary Mueller, Angela Surber, Amber 
Raymond. Jessalyn Belling, Gary Olds, (back) Betsey Kirschner. Chris 
Tucker. Allison Witt, Jen Repking. 

Lambda Pi Eta 

Lambda Pi Eta members are (from) Dr. Haskins, Breanne Sikm.i 
Brittany Newbury, Natalie Judge, Naureen Stack, Danielle 
Rieckenburg. Emily Gaddis. Christine Thomas, (back) Emily 
Tuttle, Glenn peterson, Megan Weiler, Dan Kreher. Meghan 
Mart/. Eva Ruppert. Whitney Pankey, and Sara frask 

I Organizations 


honor societies at rnckendree 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Psychology Club 

Sigma Beta Delta 

Pi Gamma Mu is the International 
Honor Society in social science. Mem- 
bers of Pi Gamma Mu are juniors and 
seniors that have declared Social Sci- 
ence as their major. These members 
must obtain at least a "B" grade average 
and have completed 20 semester hours 
in social science courses. 

Privileges of being in Pi Gamma Mu 
include various scholarship opportuni- 
ties, publications, service project op- 
portunities, and the recognition for an 
individual's scholastic achievements. 

Psychology Club is open to Psychol- 
ogy majors and minors. The club meets 
once a month. During their meetings 
they watch movies, organize speakers, 
and engage in different community 
service projects. Psychology Club is 
involved in activities both on-campus 
and off-campus. This club sets up a 
table at the Organizational Fair for 
NSO, holds Halloween parties and 
Valentine's Day parties at Lebanon 
Terrace, offers peer academic advising, 
and numerous other activities through- 
out the year. 

Sigma Beta Delta is an honor soci- 
ety for students pursuing a bachelor's or 
master's degree in business, manage- 
ment, or administration. Students must 
have a grade point average in the top 10 
percent of their class to be qualified for 
induction. Only juniors and seniors are 
eligible to join this prestigious honors 

McKendree College is credited as 
one of the seven founding chapters of 
Sigma Deta Delta in 1994. The cre- 
ation of Sigma Beta Delta follows a 
200-year tradition of honoring scho- 
lastic achievement in higher education. 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Members of Pi Gamma Mu are (floor) Trish Ruby, Amanda Minor, Michelle 
Deardeuff, Heather Janik, (sitting) Amie Feick, Amanda Wayman, Amber 
Raymond, Jennifer Tedesco, (standing) Dr. Frank Eyetsemitan, Warren 
Bowles, Nancy Sumner, Erika Dennis, Juanita Nunn, Dr. Tami Eggleston, Dr. 
Murella Bosse, and Emily Canning. 

Psychology Club 

2003-2004 Psychology Club members are (standing on ground) Erika Dennis, 
Nancy Sumner, Amber Raymond, Heather Janik, Amanda Minor, (second row ) 
Stephanie Sparks, Dr. Murella Bosse, Juanita Nunn, Michelle Deardeuff, Emily 
Canning, unknown, Amanda Wayman, Trish Ruby. Jennifer Tedesco, Amie 
Feick, Warren Bowles, and Dr. Tami Eggleston. 

Sigma Beta Delta 

2003-2004 Sigma Beta Delta members are (front) Kelly Woehlke, 
Lindsay McMillin. Amanda Dove, Alicia Benhoff, Michelle 
Peterson. Elizabeth Hazzard, Dr. John Orr, (back) Michelle 
Beiermann, Mark Riemann. Dr. Peter Will, Lisa Wuebbels, Dr. Kelly 
R. Witsberger, Tanya Ferguson, David Weder, Andres Guerin, 
Trevor Sondag, Robert Stewart III, and Jackey Kunz. 



t All Starts Here 

Dr. Pokorny, Dr. Haskins, Maggie 
White, Dr. Eggleston, Dr. Alevvine, 
and Dr. Robb are among McKendree's 
charter members of Phi Kappa Phi. 

Opening Invocation 

Senior, Katie Mollet, stands 
behind the Phi Kappa Phi banner 
giving the opening invocation at 
the induction. 

A Round of Applause 

Students give the inductees a 
round of applause after they 
were announced at the Phi 
Kappa Phi induction held in 

Please Rise 

The students who are being inducted into Phi Kappa Phi 
are waiting their turn to walk across the stage to receive 
their certificate and sign the membership book. 

Sitting in front of the charter members. 
Maggie White, Dr. Smalley. Dr. Alewine. 
Dr. Robb, Dr. Pokomy, Jane 
Weingartner, and Dr. Eggleston are 
Ashley Ford. Katie Mollet, Kara 
Patterson, Cindy Kiefer. Taran Holdener, 
Amie Feick, Maria Daesch, and Dr. Reese 
are just a handful of the people tapped 
this year. 



an article, essay, or story: 

the review and the montage 

Two of the student-run publications on campus are the biweekly Review and annual Montage. The Review is a student-run newspaper 
that, unfortunately, has been plagued by a lack of writers. The editors of the Reviezv are Emily Turtle and Elizabeth Hise. The Montage 
is the student literary magazine. Its staff meets only for a few weeks after submissions to the magazine have been made by McKendree 
students. The editors, Erin Johnson and Chastity Cueto this year, are joined by volunteer "readers" who help the editors evaluate 
anonymous works to decide which will be published. Anyone can submit stories, essays, poems, or artwork to be published. Awards 
are given to the best pieces in the non-fiction, poetry, fiction, and art categories. 

One Lucky Guy . . . 

The Montage workers, 
starting at the left, they 
are Kim Snider, 
Christina Krewinghaus, 
Erin Johnson (Co- 
editor), Christopher 
Hutchings, Chasity 
Cueto (Co-editor), 
Emily Tuttle, and 
Elizabeth Hise. 

Hard At Work 

Here the Montage staff | 

are reading thesubmitted 

works when they were 

interrupted bv the camera; 


Reporters at Work 

Both editors came down to report on the SGA Town Meeting. They did not have 
anyone else they could assign apparently as they have the same problem as the 
yearbook and most other groups on campus that coincidently was a major subject at 
this event: No Students Willing to Participate! 



Who's Getting the Pulitzer? 

Emily and Elizabeth told me 
they were the whole staff of the 
Review, so here's the Review 
staff picture. 

an august clique: 

the sfrafF of the iriclceridreaii 

The Yearbook staff was plagued with problems this year, not the least of which included not being able to use the yearbook office for 
most of the fall semester while a new sewer pipeline was being installed through the middle of the room! They worked through all the 
difficulties and so were able to publish a a great yearbook. The staff consisted of Sami Harriss, Minerva Grama, Karen Blomberg, Joshua 
Hollingsead (editor), and Kelly Wissehr (advisor). Laxman Pandey also worked on staff for the fall semester. 

A Kodak Moment 

Here the stall' gathers tor a Christmas card 
picture sent to our publishers at Jostens. The 
back row is made up of Kelly Wissehr, Minerva 
Grama, and Laxman Pandey. The front row 
consists of Joshua Hollingsead and Sami Harriss. 

Telepathy, Anyone? 

Kelly Wissehr talks to the Josten' 
rep, Ed Sudgen, as they try to fix 
yet another computer problem 

Is That a Yellow Brick Road? 

The staff takes a break and goes to a local 
restaurant to plan what to do next 

Organizations | 59 1 ~| 

an athlete:! 

sports at mck 

[j 60 1 Sports 

Sports I 61 [ j 

optional teanr 

mckendree football 

Fast Moves 

Deveon Moss dodges his 

kicking Practice 

Adam Clapp is assisting Stephen 
Webb in warming up for the game 

Out For a Jog 

The MeKendree Bearcats 
are getting pumped up 
before the game. 


Talent, experience, 
veteran leadership, depth, 
power, and speed are 
qualities that best describe 
the MeKendree Football 
Team. The Bearcats ended 
the 2003 season by 
making it to the first round 
of the NAIA playoffs. 
This year was the third 
consecutive year 
MeKendree earned a place 
in the playoffs. It was also 
their fourth appearance in 
the playoffs in the last five 
years. MeKendree. No. 14 
in the final NAIA regular- 
season poll, ended its year 
with an 8-3 record. 

"It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No It's a 

Kalib Brown takes a dive to catch the 

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball 

Tyler Pankey is gazing at the pass he 
just delivered. 

: ootluill 

Outstanding McK Bearca 

Carefully handling the ball, 
the [Jearcats prove once 
again what outstanding 
players they are. 





Quincy University 



Georgetown College 



Taylor University 


Trinity International U. 



Iowa Wesleyan College 



St. Xavier University 



William Penn University 



University of St. Francis 



Olivet Nazaren U. 



St. Ambrose University 



Carroll College 

(NAIA Playoffs - Mont.) 




Vital Instructions 

During the game, head coach Carl Poelker instructs the 
"botball players on the key plays they need to execute. 

McKendree Football Team: 2003 

Tommie Bonner, Bryant Bonner, Tony Vail, Daryle Jones, Tyler Pankey, David 
Rhodes, Tony Falconio, Beronte Grayson, Cory Wilson, Jake Howard, Kellen 
Hill, Bart King, Lance Bidlack, Andrew Rains. Nick Francescon. Adam CTapp, 
Drew Cofty. Brendon Delaney. Matthew Ziegler, Darrell Dancy, Brandy 
Granderson. Deveon Moss. Marcus Mann, Nick Friederich, Mark Williams, 
Tyson Langhorn, Randy Lozier, Jason Yelton, Michael Cheesman, Stephen 
Webb, Matt Lauber, Troy Fuchs, Maukiesh Howard. Lamont Benn, Jesse 
Walden, Carl Whittaker. Jay Walton. John Richardson, Gerald Bailey, Jordan 
Spurlock. Dominique Jones, Brent Gerstner. Philip Ridgell, Willie Logan, 
Andrew Kelley, Kalib Brow n, Eric Stewart, Jesse Lewis, Jeffrey Grogan, 
Joshua Nimmo, Josh Jones, Keith Jackson, Derrick Summerlin. Anthony 
Wheatley, Joe Bendoraitis, Mike Eckhardt. Tim Rhodes, Glenn Peterson, Ed 
Monken. Corey Alberson. Curtis Meadows. Eric Ernst, Timothy Fahrenhorst, 
Lee Lelea, Steve Kirk, Chris Beatty, Brandon Mcintosh, John Keeven, Bryan 
Hopkins, Joseph Speaks, Chris Cunnings, David Padgett, Nick Rahar, Rick 
Schilb, Mark Larsen, Blake Townsend, Eric Burge, Mike Niermann, Zach 
Hopkins, Kolin Peterson, Michael Langdon, Jarrod Reynolds, Kurtis McCray, 
Anthony Tobias. Richard Rylee, Duane Mobley, Brandon Wright, Corey 
Bryant, Kenneth Webster, Ed Niermann, Jacob Janek, Andre Carmack, Zachery 
Carter, Nick Allen, Michael Barton, Myron Bell, Brandon Bond, Travis 
Brading, Greg Bradshaw. Timothy Brilley, Kyle Buettner, Mike Camiliere, 
Daniel Casper, David Collins, Dominique Conrad, Craig Cottrell, Chris Dahm, 
JaRon Dent, Jon Edler. Stephen Ellis, Andrew Evans, Casey Evans, Kyle 
Eversgerd, Alex Galli, Kyle Gerlach, Aaron Glenn, Ryan Graceffa, Scott 
Hammock, Michael Harrison, Wesley Hastings, Chris Herbert, Adam Hicks, 
Chad Hudson. Seth Jonas. Adrian Jones, Raphael Jones. Jarrod Klier, Ben 
Laux, Brian Lomelino, Bryan McNair, Devin McQuillan, Xavier Mead, Adam 
Mehring, Dan Murrin, Chris Musselman, Cory Oldeen, Christopher Otey, 
Derek Pechacek, Dustin Pranger, Theodore Prayer. Michael Prince. Brandon 
Redmond. Mark Root, Joe Roundcount. Jarred Rueter, Colby Scott, Lee Settles, 
Adam Simon, Jordan Smith, Brandon Stewart. Joel Stults. Dustin Tollefsrud. 
Stephen Tungett, Joseph Wagner, Mike Whetstone. 

Football \~^\\ 

admirable team 
mckendree men s soccer 

As he enters his 15th season at McKendree College, head coach Tim Strange has 
brought a level of consistency to the McKendree College soccer programs. 
Strange is the program's all-time wins leader in coaching victories with 103. In his 
season outlook he says that "despite the graduation and loss of Francisco Mosca 
the school's career scoring leader, the McKendree men's soccer team is counting 
on some familiar faces to lead them in 2003. Frierdich, along with senior Michael 
Dermen, are two of the fastest Bearcats on the field and will he looked at to add 
goals from their forward position." Besides the team's old faces, also counted on 
will he three newcomers: Nathan Doherty, Nicholas Mosca and Jay Stremlau. 

On November 7 the McKendree College men's soccer season came to a close with 
a 1-0 loss at Missouri Baptist University in the semifinal round of the American 
Midwest Conference Play-In Tournament. The contest — which was postponed a 
day because of wet field conditions — was held at the St. Louis Soccer Park. 
McKendree ends its season with an overall record of 6-13-1. 

Group Hug 

Besides success and determination, solidarity 
seems to be also an important factor in 
defining the McKendree soccer team. 

Final 2003 Record: 

Newman University 


St. Ambrose University 

Fontbonne University 

Lindenwood University 

University of Missouri 

Quincy University 

University of Illinois 

Harris-Stowe State College 

Missouri Baptist University 

Benedictine College 

Trinity International 


Columbia College 

William Woods University 

William Baptist College 

Lyon College 

Lincoln Christian College 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

Belhaven College 

Missouri Baptist University 

(American Midwest 

Conference Tournament) 

L 0-3 
L 0-2 
W 9-0 

W 4-1 
W 8-0 
W 2-0 
T 1-1 
L 0-1 

McKendree Men's Soccer Team 

Back Row: Kevin Jacobsmeyer, Steve DeMoulin, David Bass, Jeff Major, 

Coslello. Ryan Jacob, Rob Lugge, Jay Stremlau, Tim Strange 

Second Row: Tim Terrell, Jason Harvey, Steve Frierdich. Nathan Doherty, 

Scott Kutscher, Josh Brownfield 

Front Row: Brad Dietrich. Tim Steeg 

Brian Ferguson, Rick Niedringhaus, Dams 
Mike Doll, Jeremiah Beckley, Joe McClary 



New Form of Soccer? 

Trying hard to keep the ball under control, Steve Frierdich, 
uses his upper body to achie\e his goal. 

Confirmation of Coach's Statement 

"Frierdich was second on the team in goals 
with seven" said head coach Tim Strange in 
the 2003 season outlook. 

...And There Goes The Ball! 

Jeff Major's concentrated look helps his 
determination to prove himself once again 
an excellent player. 

Don't Mess With the Bearcats... 

... coz you might find yourself in 
trouble. The difficulty of the opponent 
is the result of getting in the way of two 
strong soccer players. 


vlichael Dermen's enthusiasm gets not only 
lim but also the rest of the team confident in 
Lheir talent and ability. 

"We're First!" 

Jeff Major followd by Rick Niednnghaus chase the ball before the rivals get in their way. 



an exhUaratin 

The McKendree men's basketball team had a busy season of 34 
games this year. This number included 1 8 home games and 1 6 away 
games. The Bearcat's participated in 5 different tournaments 
including the American Midwest Conference Tournament and the 
NAIA Division I National Championship. They ended their season 
against Georgetown College in the first round of the NAIA 
Tournament with a season record of 24-10. 

Picture Perfect Layup 

Tim Schumacher shoots the layup. 


Boys' Basketball 

2003-2004 Scoreboard 

Season Record: 24-10 



Olivet Nazarene 
Purdue Univ. 
Trinity Int'l U 
Lindenwood U 
Logan College 
Park Univ. 
Robert Morris 
Mountain State 
Union U 
Brescia U 
Union U 
Williams Baptist 
Columbia College 
UofI- Springfield 95 
Missouri Baptist 69 
Lindenwood U 108 
Hannibal-LaGrange 93 
Logan College 128 

Harris-Stowe 1 1 1 

Williams Baptist 112 
Columbia College 79 
UofI -Springfield 68 
Missouri Baptist 94 
Hannibal-LaGrange 91 
Williams Baptist 127 
ColumbiaCollege 43 
Georgetown 56 










Men's Varsity Team 

2003-2004 McKendree men's basketball members are (front) 
Pierre Glover, Matt Koerber, Jeff Suelmann, Brad Fischer, Bryant 
Lyles, (back) Rick Darnell ( Asst. Coach), Steve Carter, Chad 
Storck, Mike Strobbe, Pete Krumseig, Tim Schumacher, Shawn 
Byrne, Jonathan Stanley, and Harry Statham (Coach). 

Men's Junior Varsity Team 


2003-2004 McKendree men'sjunior varsity basketball members 
are (front) n/a, Richard Oakley. Michael Brewer, Robert McNeill, 
(back) Luke Pope, Jay Levin, Skyler Ford, n/a, Travis Shemwell, 
and Rick Darnell (Coach) 


Mike Strobbe jumps at the tip-off to 
gain possession for McKendree. 


le Shot is Up 

ie Bearcats jump for the ball and await the rebound 

He Shoots, He Scores 

Shawn Byrne shoots the ball despite 
having an opponent's hand in his face 

m Open 

Pete krumseig spreads his 
arms trying to get his 
teammates attention. 

Fake to the Right 

Jonathan Stanley fakes out his opponent 

' Ik 


an efficacious crew: 

The McKendree women's basketball 
team had an action-packed season 
consisting of a total of 34 games. They 
traveled from Wisconsin to Arkansas 
competing in 4 tournaments, 19 away 
games, and 15 home games. The 
Bearcats, an at-large selection to the 
NAIA tournament, ended its season 
with a school-record of 25 victories. 
McK.endree was 25-9 overall. 

McKendree coach, Melissa 
Ringhausen. reveled after the NAIA 
Division I Women's Basketba 
National Tournament, "This team has 
been special all year, and I think it 
really showed although we came up 
short in the end." 




Trevecca Nazarene 


8 3 

Martin Methodist 






Spalding Univ. 


8 5 







William Jewell 



Brescia Univ. 

5 5 



6 3 


Martin Luther 

5 1 

4 3 




Olivet Nazarene 



St. Xavier 

7 9 





North Central 

5 9 


Missouri Baptist 



Williams Baptist 


5 9 

William Woods 






Harris-Stowe State 



Brescia Univ. 

6 5 


U of I-Springfield 



< olumhia 

7 5 


Missouri Baptist 



Willians Baptist 



William Woods 





7 5 

llarns-Stowe State 

9 2 


U of [-Springfield 






Williams Baptist 

9 4 


William Woods 

8 1 





' men I niversitj 



Wins 25 Losses 9 

2003-2004 Women's Basketball 

Members are (front). Nicole Blakeney, Lynn Klostermann, Emily Hart, Meghan Martz, Brittnay Heins. Michell< 
Beiermann. Lora Nation, Kelly Hasheider. Jeffrey Mason (Asst. Coach), (2nd row) Bruce Veach (Asst. Coach), Katif 
Hasheider. Sharis Gray, Kellie Persons, Jamie Dienell, Jacque Clark, Stephanie Sparks, Miesha Billups, Alii Arppe, Sheili 
Hcring, Kelly Mitchell, Amanda Strecker, Ayanna Porter, Melissa Ringhausen. and (back) Jennifer Repking. 



During a time-out. the Lady Bearcats 
huddle together to get the next play. 

Who's Open? 

Junior, Alii Arppe looks for the pass 
even though she is heavily guarded. 

After a Hard Day's Work 

The team walks through the 
shake the opponents hands and 
heads off to the loeker room after 
the game. 


Huddle Up! 

In the volleyball learn 
huddle, the team gets 
psyched up. Standing 
from left to right are 
Head Coach Evelyn 
Bean, Jennifer Lereh, 
Becky Loeschner, 
Theresa Mason, Erica 
Jones. Melanie Hemker, 
and Chrissy Simones. 


the rack volleyball teair 

The McKendree College in the NAIA Region V Tourna- 

volleyball team ended its season ment, completed the 2003 


Volleyball 2 

Final Season Record 

Grand View Coll. 
( iiiiiIhi laml 
Trevecca Na/.arene 
( 'umbel land 

National American I) 
Missouri Baptist 
Missouri Baptist 
U of IL-Springfield 
Williams Baptist 
Missouri Baptist 
Robert Morris 
L.indsey Wilson 
William Woods 
College of the Ozarks 
Missouri Valley 
Park U 

I 1 of IL-Springfield 
Williams Baptist 
Lyon College 
Spalding 1 
Wiliam Woods 
I ambulh U 
H an nbal-LaC range 
Missouri Baptist 
Lindenwood Li 


cK Opp 

3 2 


Victors Triumph! 

Members of the McK volleyball team 
pose for their picture. From left to right 
they are Becky Loeschner, Lindsay Lott, 
Lyndse) Hillard, Chrissy Simones, and 
I indsey Suca. 

Up, Up... 

Lindscv Suca jump; 

up to set the ball 

with a 1-3 loss at Lindenwood 
University in the beginning 
round of the NAIA Region V 
Tournament. The McKendree 
volleyball team, the No. 6 seed 

Directing Traffic? 

Becky Loeschner \v ith her hands in the 
air stands on the court. 

season with a final record of 
26-13. The Bearcats made it to 
the regional tournament this 
year, the first time since the 
2000 season. 

. . . And Away 

Chrissy Simones jumps and stretches to 
send the ball across the net. 

The Gang's All Here 

The Volleyball Team picture. In the back row sits Janna Smith. Andrea Zurliene, Lauren Bivins, Rachel Ferguson, Maggie 
Marquedant. Nicole Taylor, Lindsey Hillyard, and Assistant Coach Sharon Kampvverth-Renken. In the middle row left to right 
stands Elizabeth Giles, Theresa Mason, Jennifer Lerch, Sarah Gerrish, Erica Jones, Melanie Hemker, Melissa Meddows, Shauna 
Holcmann, and Head Coach Evelyn Bean. In the front row left to right kneels Aimee Westlake, Kelly Ticfenbrun. Chrissy 
Simones, Kristen Marsaglia. Lindsay Lott, Becky Loeschner, Lindsey Suca. 


mckendrees wrestling team 

sixth in the 174-pound weight 
while freshman Josh Blackburn was 
eighth at 149 pounds. By earning a 
sixth-place finish, Williams earned 
NA1A honorable mention All- 
America honors. The first year of 
the Beareat's Wrestling went 
extremely well, and the college as a 
whole is looking forward to a bright 
uture for its new team. 

"I don't feel so 

Wrestler Clay Weier 
has a bleary look in 
his eyes as he holds 
his challenger. 

No Lying Down 
on the Job. 
Chad Williard 
struggles with his 

Wrestling 2004 

Wrestlers Unite! 

The Wrestling Team Picture. From left to right: Dominic Angelo, Kyle Flood, Matt Grogan, Asst. Coach, Golden Smith, 
Brett Lockwood, Sal Woods, Mark Root, Ben Laux. Mike Sokolowski, Josh Blackburn, Tarrel Miller, Dave Elliot, Justin 
Lash, Nick Vogt, Trevor Maloch, Matt Wilson, umpire, Brian Schoenherr. Danny Williams, Nathan Rushing, Tim 
Donohoo, Clay Weier, Head Coach James Kisgen, Ben Ebervvein, Josh Downing, and Aaron Glenn. Not pictured are Jake 
Janek, Mike Cheesman. Chad Willard. and Adam Micks. 

Final Season Record: 5-S 

NAIA Regionals 

4th Overall 

NAIA National 

15th Place 



Missouri Baptist 






Central Missouri 












William Penn 






Missouri Valley 



Truman State 



Lindenwood U 






Missouri Baptist 






Sports | 7lf| 

an out mckendree baseball 

Baseball Scoreboard 

Spring 2004 Record: 43-22 

2004 A 


Midwest Conference Tournament Champions 









1 1 


Avila U 



Lambuth U 



Avila U 



Williams Baptist 

1 1 


Union U 


Graceland U 



Williams Baptist 



Lambuth U 



Lindenwood U 



Williams Baptist 






St. Ambrose U 



Williams Baptist 



Lambuth U 



St. Ambrose U 






Union U 



St. Ambrose U 






Freed- Hardeman 



St. Ambrose U 






















Mt. Mercy 



Missouri Baptist 






Mt. Mercy 



Missouri Baptist 



Greenville College 





Brescia U 



William Woods U 





Brescia U 



William Woods U 



William Carey 



Lindenwood U 


William Woods U 


William Carey 



Lindenwood U 



William Woods U 


Belhaven College 








Belhaven College 





William Woods U 



Millsaps College 






William Woods U 



Graceland U 






William Jewell 



Graceland U 









Both the baseball and Softball teams i 
at McKendree had a quite good 
season in the Spring of 2004. 

The 2004 baseball season was packe<! 
with 65 games. Their season lasted ! 
from February to May and consisted; 
of 43 wins and 22 losses. They 
brought home the title of 2004 
American Midwest Conference 
Tournament Champions for the fifth 
year in a row. 

2004 Baseball Team 

Members of the team were Tim Nagel. Mike Hudgens, Jay Gajevvski. Keith Jacob, John Cann, Nick Kennedy, Justin Powers, Josh 
Wahlig, Josh Bell. Matt Spotanski, Chad Kingston, Brian Dinkelman, Ryan Meyler, Ross Stephens. Lance Marcum, Derek Wilson, 
Todd Baur, Aaron Kremmel, Tom Cowell, Drew Gericke, Michael Harrison, Jim Queern, Woody Newsom, Kellen Kettwich, Jeff 
Klein, Darin Degenhart, Jason Noeldner. Dustin Richert, Joe Knobbe, Kenny Weston, Matt Germann, Jesse Booth, Kevin Wilkins, 
Josh Basinski, Shane Oertwig, Joel Stults, Shawn Oertwig, Jim Boehne (Coach), Brad Oster (Asst. Coach), Dusty Kantner and Adam 
Hook (Student Asst.). The order of names does not correspond to the picture. 


Lady Bearcats' Softball was almost 
as busy with a total of 52 games. 
Their season record was 34 wins and 
18 losses. They ended their season 
with back to back losses at the 
NAIA Region V Tournament. 

Softball Scoreboard 


in}; 2004 Record: 34-18 








William Woods U 


Lambuth U 



Benedictine Colleg 1 1 


Union U 



Spalding U 3 


Lindsey Wilson 



St. Xavier U 4 

Lindenwood U 



Culver-Stockton 10 


Lindenwood U 



Columbia College 


Penn State-Behrend 9 


Columbia College 3 


Mount Union 


1 1 

Missouri Baptist U 3 


US Coast Guard 



Missouri Baptist U 1 





UoflL-Springfield 3 




U of IL-Springfield 7 


John Carroll 


I 1 

Grand View 10 


Anderson U 



William Penn U 1 

Hiram College 



Iowa Wesleyan 4 



1 1 


Viterbo College 2 

Simpson College 



St. Ambrose U 16 


William Penn LI 


Hannibal-LaGrange 8 

St. Ambrose U 



Hannibal-LaGrange 7 


Trinity lnt'1 U 

1 5 

Williams Baptist (> 


Avila U 



Williams Baptist 1 1 

Ottawa U 


Williams Baptist 5 


U of Science* Ar 



William Woods U 8 





UoflL-Springfield 1 




William Woods U 2 


Baker U 


M. A.Nazarene U 6 


William Woods U 



Evangel U 4 

1 1 

2004 Softball Team 

On the varsity team the roster lists 
Megan Kolakowski, Shauna 
Holemann, Denise Adams, Shana 
Evans, Rachel Ferguson, Maria 
.'Reznicek, Jodi Pfefferkorn, Sarah 
Cunningham, Angela Berry. Sarah 
Keel, Becky Schreiber, Amy 
•Cooper, Stacy Baer, Lindsay 
Young, Whitney Ehinger, Rachael 
Reed, Lindsay Barttelbort. Jessica 
McDonald, and Amy Maurer. 
The junior varsity team consisted 
of Brittnay Jackson, Jessica Green, 
Sara MeKenzie, Natalie Robson, 
Amanda Schuck, Nicole 
Notorangelo, Kelly Paproth, 
Brittany Olson, Karla Johnson, 
Andrea Hawkins, Lindsey Young, 
Jennifer Basler, Rachel Bailey, and 
Ashley Vallero. Evelyn Bean is 
head coach and Don Loberg is 
assitsant coach for both teams. 
These names were listed as found 
on the roster, not according to the 


"Athletics! 73 




The cheerleaders are a major spirit 
group on campus open to both men 
and women. Currently the squad is 
an all-girl group with thirteen 
members. They are expected to 
cheer at all home football and 
basketball games. They also travel 
occasionally with the teams to major 
games, such as the playoffs or 
national tournaments. They 
compete nationally in Daytona 
Beach in April. This year's squad 
consists of Whitney Pankey (Co- 
Captain). Kayla Krank(Co-Captain). 
CamilleRennegarbe( Co-Captain), 
Amy Klamberg, Stephanie 
Windham, Barbie Klaus, Nikki 
Morland, Lindsay Weathers, 
Amanda Klaus, Catherine Hamrick, 
Julianne Harris, Heather Cathcart, 
and Erica Windham. The squad has 
a triumvirate of power with 
Whitney, Camilla, and Kayla 
sharing the captaincy. The cheer- 
leaders are coached by Rosalie 

Having a Sit-Down 

The cheerleaders sit and 

Wow, They're Really Sma 

Here is a picture of the 
cheerleaders taken earlier in th 

line II Up 

The cheerleader 

s are preparing to 

perform sideline 

cheers for the crowd 


Catherine Hammrick dismounts 
from a stunt having faith that her 
teammates will catch her. 


the cheerleaders are doing the starting 
line-up cheer with Barbie Klaus 
executing a heelstretch. 

A Pyramid Scheme 

The cheerleaders performed a stunt lor 
the crowd at a basketball game. 


(iirrrl Power 

This is a group picture with some of the cheerleaders. Barbie Klaus 
kneels m front. Behind her kneeling are Nikki Morland and Amy 
Klamberg. The third row consists of Camille Rennegarbe, Heather 
Cathcart, and Lindsay Weathers. The fourth row is made up of Coach 
Rosalie Wand, Erika Windham. Catherine Hammrick, Stephanie 
Windham, and Whitney Pankey. The back row has Amanda Klaus, Juli 
Harris, and Kayla Frank. 


Dance Team Half-time show 

4 Show us some attitude! 

Who's That <;u>? 

Shana Jones as the "jitterbuggin' brown- 
e\ed man." 

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO! 

Dance Team performing Zoot Suit Riot at Homecoming 2003. Front row: Megan Gibbs, Kaci Lang, Crystal Berrai 
Middle: Shana Jones. Back row: Becky Tadlock, Rachel Witcher, and Crystal Cole. 


the dance team 

The McKendree College 
Dance Team provides 
half-lime entertainment 
during home football and 
men's basketball games. 
Dances are choreo- 
graphed by the captain, 
Shana Jones. The 
group's advisors are 
Mandy Speakman and 
Joni Mitchell. 



an alley: 

mckendree's bowling teams 

The men and women's bowling 
teams competed in eleven events 
this year. They endured a 
coaching change in mid-season, 
as Phil Vida left and Gary White 
returned. The women's team 
finished in the top five in six 
tournaments, based on the 
strength of strong veteran 
bowlers and a number of new girls 
to provide them with depth and 
talent. The men's team also 
gained help from incoming 
freshman this year to support 

their returning bowlers as they 
work towards becoming a national 

The women's team consists of 
Amanda Blocker, Renee Boelloeni. 
Michelle Bryant, Melissa Doyens, 
Brook Enyart, Lindsay Foster, 
Tammara Gage, Krystal Havelka, 
Sarah Hedman. Amber Henn, 
Melanie Mayes, Kimberly 
McGriff, Ashley Reynolds, Erica 
Seibel, Christine Szoke, Heidi 
Tangman. and 

Ashley Vallero. The men's team 
consists of D.J. Cummins, Bobby 
Cummins, Tim Fraher, Travis Hare, 
Nick Jones, Steve Kannewurf, 
Tom Mahan, Lee McCarthy, Tyler 
Sondag. and Jake Thomas. 

"One of the best things about 
being a member of a team at the 
college level is that it helps us 
become better bowlers and future 
competitors for a national title," 
said Tom Mahan. 

Men's Bowling 

The team gathered for a picture. From the left stand Coach Phil Vida, Steve Kannewurf, Tvler Sondag. FSohhv 
Thomas, Tom Mahan. Travis Hare, Tim Fraher. and Lee McCarlln 

I) I Cummins. Jake 

Women's Bowling 

The women's bowling team posed for a picture. Standing in the back row starling at the left are Coach Phil Vida, Melissa Robert. Lindsa 
Foster, Amber Henn, Krystal Havelka, and Tammara Gage. Kneeling in the front are Ashley Reynolds, Ashley Vallero. Heidi Tangman, 
Brook Enyart.and Melissa Doyers. 

Sports | 77 | l 

McKendree Individual Scores 

The Men's Golf schedule was full with a total o( 
seven invitational meets. The men started their 
season at the Missouri Baptist University Invitational 
in Madison, IL. McKendree tied for sixth place of 
eight teams. The Bearcats tallied a team score of 646 
and finished in a tie with Evangel University. 
Sophomore, Phil Schildknecht led McKendree with 
a two-day score of 1 54. 

The next invitational at Quincy, I L hosted by Culver- 
Stockton College was a close finish for McKendree. 
The Bearcats posted a 36-hole score of 637 to finish 
just 1 9 strokes behind the host school and tournament 
champion. McKendree was third after the first 
round, but stumbled to 7th over the final IS holes. 

The McKendree College golf team closed its 2004 
spring season with a 6th place finish at the NAIA 
Region V Tournament held in Camdenton, MO. The 
Bearcats finished the 72-hole event w ith a team score 
of 968, only 59 strokes behind the region champion, 
Missouri Baptist University. 

This is Coach Underwood's last year coaching the 
men's golf team. 

Missouri Baptist 

Phil Schildknecht 
Stephen Miles 
Zane Belden 
Marshall Witsberger 
Lee McCarthy 


Phil Schildknecht 
Lee McCarthy 
Marshall Witsberger 
Zane Belden 
Stephen Miles 
Zack Rednour 

William Woods 

Phil Schildknecht 
Marshall Witsberger 
Stephen Miles 
Zane Belden 
Lee McCarthy 
Zack Rednour 


84-81 — 165 


78-84— 162 



Millikin University Invitational 

Marshall Witsberger 70-78—148 

Phil Schildknecht 77-75—152 

Zane Belden 77-82—159 

Stephen Miles 78-83—161 

Lee McCarthy DQ 

Zack Rednour 79-89—168 

American Midwest Conference Tourn. 

Phil Schildknecht 77-79—156 

Marshall Witsberger 76-83—159 

Zane Belden 77-82—159 

Stephen Miles 79-80—159 

Zack Rednour 86-85—171 

Lee McCarthy 86-82—168 

NAIA Region V Tourn. 

Marshall Witsberger 81-79-79—239 

Zane Belden 
Phil Schildknecht 
Lee McCarthy 
Steve Miles 


McKendree Invitational 

Marshall Witsberger 
Zane Belden 
Steve Miles 
Phil Schildknecht 
Lee McCarthy 
Matt Broaddus 
Jason Ayran 
Zack Rednour 

89-88 177 

Men's Golf Team 

The members of the 2002-2003 men's golf team are (left to right) Facundo Oyenard, Cliff Ward, J. P. Huckelberry, Marshall 

\\ ilsherger, Dustin Schilling. Phil Schildknecht, Juan Villa. Stephen Miles. Jeff Walkenhorst. Zane Belden, and Coach Underwood. 


The Women's Golf schedule for Spring 20(14 did not have 
as many meets as previous years. The McKendree 
Invitational at Shiloh, IL was their first game of the year. 
Unfortunately McKendree came in 7th of 7. The Bearcats 
posted a two-day team score of 768, while Rend Lake 
College took the tournament title by shooting 642 for 36 

Then the Bearcats were off to the Lindenwood University 
Invitational in St. Peters, MO. There they registered a 
third-place finish with a team score of 804. Junior, Jami 
Potthoff led the way for the Bearcats with a 36-hole score 
of 191. 

The McKendree College Women's Golf Team completed 
its season with a 1 0th place finish at the Millikin University 
Big Blue Invitational in Forsyth, IL. McKendree posted a 
low score of 770, the lowest team score for the Bearcats in 
any round over the past two seasons. 

This is the last year that Coach Underwood will he 
coaching the women's golf team. 

McKendree Individual Scores 

McKendree Invitational 

Jami Potthoff 
Jackie Tissier 
Amanda Kirksey 
Ashley Green 
Robyn Greene 






Lindenwood Invitational 

Jami Potthoff 96-95—191 

Jackie Tissier 105-96—201 

Amanda Kirksey 1 03- 1 00—203 

Ashley Green 103-106—209 

Millikin University Invitational 

Jami Potthoff 
Ashley Green 
Jackie Tissier 
Rohyn Greene 
Amanda Kirksey 






Women's Golf Team 

Members of the 2003-2004 Women's Golf Team are (left to right) Angela Surber. Amanda Kirksey, Jami Potthoff, Robyn 
Greene, Amber Henn, Jackie Tissier, Ashley Green, and Coach Underwood. 



men's and women's tennis 

McKendree's men's and women's tennis teams did all right 
this year. There are nine players on the women's team and 
eight on the men's. The men have Bill Ruscik for a head 
coach, while the women are coached hy Maureen Moore. 

Both teams play a Fall and Spring season, with the Spring 
longer and ending with the NA1A regional tournament. The 

men earned a 1-1 W-L record for the Fall 2003 and did very 
well in the Spring 2004 with a 7-4 record. 

The women were scheduled for three games and three 
tournaments in the Fall, but there were no available reports 
of the outcomes. The team did seem to do pretty well in the 
Spring 2004 season, though, ending with a 7-6 record. 

Men's Tennis Scoreboard 

Women's Tennis Scoreboard 

Spring Season Recorc 



Spring Season Recon 








U of MO- St. Louis 



Brandeis U 



Brandeis V 



Evangel U 



Rhodes College 



U ofIL- Springfield 



Greenville College 



William Jewell 



Lindenwood U 



Lindenwood U 



Washington U 



Washington U 


Benedictine College 



Baker U 



Baker U 



Missouri Valley 



Missouri Valley 


Graceland I' 



Benedictine College 



Benedictine College 



Graceland U 



Baker 1 



U of IL-Springfield 



Evangel U 


[Tsol Spor 

1 Jjl ^ 

if 4i 


Proud and Touyh 

The women's tennis team consisted of Lori Autenneh, Christine Betz, Heather Brinkmeyer. Emily Guest. 
Timanye Hackney, Meghan Lustig, Amber Raymond (names in alphabetical order not relating to the 
picture). Their head coach, Maureen Moore, also stands in this picture with her team. 

Strut your Stuff 

The men's volleyball roster includes Dustin David, James Keaster, Mark Riemann, Brett Zaron. Greg 
Mennerick. Alex Henne, Chadley James, and Doug Kim as members. 

estimable team: 

mckendree women's soccer 

Head coach. Tim Strange made the following comment in the 
2003 preview: "With its top three all-time goal scorers 
returning and one of the top recruiting classes in school 
history, the McKendree women's soccer team is looking 
forward to a highly successful and long 2003 campaign." He 
also said that, "leading the way in one of the most potent 
scoring attacks in the NA1A is the duo of Keri Ousley and 
Kasey Stogsdill. Ousley, the school's all-time leader in goals 
scored and Stogsdill, second on the school's all-time goal list, 
combined for 32 goals last season." 

The McKendree College women's soccer season ended their 
successful season at the NAIA National Tournament on the 
20"' of November. The Bearcats were defeated by Azusa Pacific 
University (California) with a 4-0 loss, in the second round of 
the NAIA Women's Soccer National Championship in Santa 
Barbara, California. McKendree ends its season with an overall 
record of 12-7-3. 


For a leu seconds. Jennifer Caveny and Ken Ousley seem puzzled while 
waiting for Amanda Kirksey to fight off the opponent 

Final 2003 Record 

Aquinas College 
Hastings College 
St. Ambrose University 
Fonthonne University 
Lindenwood University 
Maryville University 
University of Missouri 
Missouri Valley College 
Washington University 
Harris-Stowe State College 
Missouri Baptist University 
Trinity International 
I niversity 

William Woods University 
I \on ( ollege 
Benedictine College 
Hannibal-LaGrange College 
Belhaven College 
Graceland University 
William Jewell College 
Northwood University 
Azusa Pacific University 

L 0-1 

W 3-2 
W 7-0 
W 3-0 
W 6-0 
W 2-0 
W 4-1 
T 2-2 
T 0-0 
L 0-4 

McKendree Women's Soccer Team 

Back Row: Natalie Lappe. Mandi Camillo. Jan DeLaney, Erin Fiudo. Laura Cox, Katie Steiger, Kerri Polk. Shana Evans, 

Stephanie Robbins, Natalie Judge, Kristine Hunsinger 

Second Row: Keri Ousley, Sara Kelemetc, Jennifer Caveny, Chrissy McCauley. Jenna Shellenberg, Katie Hubbard, Jessica 

Vasiloff. Amanda Kirksey, Renee Davinroy 

Front Row: Jill Wolfmeier, Natalie Jameson, Tiffany Everett, Katie Beck 

l j 82 | Spor 

'Get Out of My Way!" 

\manda Kirksey is a good 
;xample of hustle on the Held. 

"Do You Really Think 
You Can Take Me?" 

Katie Beek manages to fight 
her way to the ball. 

"I'll Show You I'm Faster!" 

Even though they both seem very determined, let's hope that Kasey Stogsddl 
will be the first one to kiek the ball. 

"Quick! Quick! Who Do I Pass This To?" 

A very concentrated. Jennifer Caveny looks tor a 
teammate to pass the ball. 

Sports | 83 [ l 

endurance test 

ratendree cross country 

The 2003 Men's Cross Country Team had a good season this year 
finishing 5 lh in Regionals. The roster included: Joel Maiyo, Alex 
Wright, Blake Marcum, Michael Derby, Ryan Dillinger. Jesse Gibbs, 
and Andrew Smith. 

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," was how Andrew Smith de- 
scribed competition in Cross Country. This statement makes sense for 
these disciplined runners who compete in 8000 meter races. Head 
Coach Gary White described their season as a "good year to develop 
the young runners and allow them to gain experience running at the 
college level." He also believes that the young team has hopes of 
being a national contender in the coming seasons. 

Fall 2003 Cross Country Team Picture 

Speed, Talent, and Determination 

For McKendree's athletes doesn't matter if it's cold and windy, they get I 
up there and prove their talents. 

2003 Schedule 



Sept. 1 3 

Cougar-Bearcat Challenge 

Sept. 19 

Eastern Illinois University Open 

Sept. 27 

Greater Louisville Classic 

Oct. 1 1 

Border States Meet 

Oct. 17 

Millikin University Classic 

Nov. 8 

NAIA Region V Championship 

Nov. 22 

NA1A National Championship 



Edwardsville, III. 

9 a.m. 

Charleston, 111. 

5 p.m. 

Louisville, Ky. 

9:30 a.m. 

Edwardsville, 111. 

10 a.m. 

Decatur, 111. 

4 p.m. 



Louisville, Ky. 

1 a.m. 



The 2003 Women's Cross Country Team came to a close in November finishing 7 lh in Regionals. Head Coach Gary White described the team 
as a young team in a building season. The Women's roster included: Nessa Paul, Kristen Weltzin, Emily K.uykendall, Lacey Frerking, Emily 
Whitehead, and Lisa Moore. All six runners are planning on returning in the 2004 season. 

Throughout the season, the runners competed in 5000 meter races, approximately 3.2 miles. To stay competitive in these long races, the 
runners conditioned and practiced hard. But it paid off in the end, especially for Nessa Paul, a freshman. Paul is the team's best runner, 
finishing 1 8 lh in Nationals which made her All-American. 

Young and Talented Runner 

In giving his opinion on the 2003 Cross 
Country outlook, head coach Gary White says 
about freshman Alex Wright, from England, 
that he is "very talented and is expected to 
make a bie contribution to the team." 

Top Female Runner 

According to the head coach, 
on the women's side, 
freshman Nessa Paul from St. 
Lucia, stands out as the 
prominent runner for the 

Slowly But Surely 

Even though he is a few steps 
back, Ryan Dillinger does his 
best to catch up. 

Ready, Set, Go! 

McKendree runners and their rivals warm 
., up before they start the competition, 
" -i while head coach Gary White makes sure 
"' all the athletes are present. 

Sports 1 85J 1 

an individual: 

people at mckendree 

86 ] People 



Dr. Sandra Lang Dr. Philip Neale Dr. John Patrick Orr Dr. Brian Parsons 


Dr. Jennifer S. Peters Dr. Neil Quisenberry Dr. Timothy Richards Dr. Deanne Riess 

Dr. Nancy Ypma 

[lM_baculty & Staff 

Liz Vogt 


Becky Voors 

Jane Weineartner 

Kelly Wisselir 



Marsha Giles, Melissa Meeker, Josie O'Rourke, Sandra Lang, Liz 
Vogt, Sabrina Storner, and Norma Spanley enjoy the comradarie of 
a holiday lunch. 

The registrar's office staff and faculty members mingle. 

Marie Ferrell is surprised to be greeted by our own Dr. Suess, 
Scott Billhartz, at the Alumni House Whoville Celebration. 

&€* a 



Members of the Financial Aid 
office enjoyed lunch. 

Jennifer Pickerell, Jill Weil. 
Brandy Trover, Valerie Bush, 
Mildred Straub. and Janet Isom 
share stories. 

Pat Mesnard, Dori Kuhn, Victoria Dowling, and Scott 
Billhartz await the arrival of their guests for the holiday 

[t2Qj Faculty & Staff j 

Rev. Tim Harrison joins the 
holiday fun! 


Class of 2004 

What Happened to My 
Dinner Roll is a popular 
seminar offered to students 
during their senior year. 
The exercise explains the 
etiquette of a business or 
formal meal. 

These seniors are learning 
about their graduate school 

I, ^^E '.-u-,™— .. . . ■■ :-. ; 

Sarah Harris and Dan Kreher 
share a dance after being 
crowned the 2003 Homecom- 
ing Queen and King. 

Alli-Kaisa Arppe 

Kate E. Beanblossom 

John D. Barbeau 

Jenny M. Barringlon 

Christina N. Beauchamp 

(Cendra L. Becherer 

Joshua D. Basinki 

Jacob M. Becker 

Seniors H^l] 

Maria C. Cathcart Jacquelyn Brooke Clark Andrea J. Conne 

Deborah Conrath 

I " 2 [Seniors 

Cassie L. Cowell 

Rebecca Jean Cox 



Erin N. Dan forth 

Cara J. Fischer 

Derrick C. Fitzgerald 

Carl D. Florczyk 

Stephen E. Fournier 


Elizabeth M. Hise 

Christine L. Hoehner Terrie L. Hogue Shannon Taran M. Holdener 

|t±j_l Seniors 

Deena L. Hovatter 

Shelby M. Hullhmg Christopher S. Hutchings 

me '■'» mi mm* 


Chad Kingston 

Steven A. Kirkland 

Megan K.. Kitner 

Seniors I L) - s I] 

Erin M. Maseos 

Jeff Major 

Mary-Elizabeth Markey 

Steve W. Martin 

|L I Seniors 

Brenda A. Mason 

Nathan T. Mason 

Brian R. Matzenbaclier Rebecca L. McCorkJe 

Ramonda R. Miller Carrie Anna Moonier Johnathon C. Morgan Morgan Audrae Mudd 

Kathrvn P. Reed 

Maria A. Reznicek 

Dustin R. Richert Nicholas R. Robitaille 

Seniors [JH] 

Jennifer J. Roehl Rosalie C. Roznowski 

Trisha Ann Ruby 

Gayle M Rule 

^^B i J^Hi 

Christopher F. Sauerhage Stephanie Lynn Schaefer Christopher C. Schaeffer Stacey Michelle Schalk 

Kimberly May Snider Trevor A. Sonda 

JoAnna L. Spillan 

Erie Lee Stewart 


Amber E. Winters 

Kelly S. Woehlke 

Lisa A. Woods 

Beverly A, York 



Paula K. Zink 

John Robert Zweck 

Seniors - Not Pictured 

Aaron, Debra R 
Albertini, Mark R 
Arentsen, Kevin M. 
Atkins, Kristine M 
Augustine, Andrew M. 
Bader, Jennifer A 
Bailey, Katherine R 
Barker, Dusti L 
Barr, Dustin B. 
Barthel, Jennifer L. 
Barttelbort, Lindsay M. 
Bass, David R 
Baumann. Dana M 
Bellm, Debra Jo 
Belvin, Sara Jane 
Berens, Jessicca L. 
Bergmann, Crystal R 
Biermann, Natalie J. 
Bivens, Carrie L. 
Bollmeier. Melanie J 
Bonner, Bryant N. 
Bowman, Deborah M. 
Bradley, Chasity G 
Buettner, Michael Henry 
Burkett, Jason C. 
Bushmire, Beth J. 
Camden, Krysten L. 
Campbell, Michelle L. 
Caylor, Paula R. 
Clark, Sarah E. 
Cooper, Amy L. 
Cooper. Jermaine E 
Coyne, Kelly N. 
Cunningham, Sarah B. 
Daesch, Maria A 
Dagley, Corey W 
Dahm, Deanna L. 
Davenport, Ryan S. 
David, Dustin 
Davinroy, Renee E. 
Delaney, Jan M 
Dooly, Sara Lin 
Dressier, Katherine A. 
Duffin, David C 
Earnest, Nathan L 
Jailers, Rachel Mary Diane 

~L\ Seniors | 

Elliott, Pamela M. 
Feick, Amie R. 
Ferguson. Tanya M. 
Fietsam, Sarah E. 
File, Ashley E. 
Ford, Jarrett M. 
Friederich, Nicholas S 
Frisch Jr. Arthur L. 
Gebke, Scott J 
Giles, Elizabeth G. 
Gilmore, Jerome D 
Greaves, Robert A. 
Green, Darius J. 
Guerin, Andres 
Haas, Michelle L. 
Halbert, Jereme M. 
Hanvey, Jan L. 
Harlin, Jaclyn A. 
Harris, Michael A. 
Haywood, Betty-Ann P 
Heins, Brittany Jacqueline 
Hemker, Melanie M 
Hering, Sheila M 
Hicks, Laura E 
Holdener, Brianne M. 
Hook, Adam D. 
Horn, Jamie L. 
Houseworth, Deanna R. 
Huckelberry, John-Phillip R 
Huddleston, Jayma Marie 
Huhn, Michelle T. 
Hutchison, Bevin E. 
Jackson, Tiffany V 
Jefferson, Zerrick M. 
Jenkins, Letitia R. 
Johnson, Erin N. 
Johnson, Kimberly K 
Kampwerth, Tina M 
Kantner, Dustin J 
Kelemetc, Sara E. 
Kerr. Brittney S. 
Kettelkamp, Justin Andrew 
Kiefer, Amanda Lee 
Kirk, Steve W. 
Kirksey, Amanda K 
Klostermann, Brian P. 

Laack, Megan Rae 
Lackey, Shannon R. 
Lerch, Jennifer R 
Lewis. Dalinda J. 
Lindauer, Lori A. 
Lodes, Karen B 
Loftus, Sara Kathryn 
Lozier, Randy J. 
Luitjohan, Kyle Michael 
Luja, Jason Todd 
Marcum, Natalie K 
Marshall, Jennifer L. 
Martens, Jamie R. 
Martz, Meghan K 
Mcintosh, Brandon 
McKenzie, Sara Jane 
McMillin, Lindsay Ann 
Meyer, Kelly M. 
Meyer, Melissa D. 
Middendorf, Lisa J 
Miller. Crystal L 
Minor, Amanda Jo 

Mollet, Katherine J. 

Moran, Scott T. 

Mueller, Susan R. 

Niebur, Sara M 

Niermann, Michael L. 

Pankey, Tyler L 

Parker, Carmen V 

Peterson, Glenn A 

Peterson, Kolin M. 

Pfeiffer. Kelly A. 

Phillips, Lori R 

Queern, James M. 

Quinones, Paula K. 

Ramsey, Ashleigh 

Renda, Pedro F. 

Rhodes, Renee A. 

Riddle. Douglas A. 

Riemann, Mark E. 

Robinson, Lynnae B. 

Robitaille. Matthew J. 

Roth, Shannon E. 

Roundcount, Matthew 

Ruppert, Eva S. 

Saatkamp, Paula L. 

Sanchez-Pagano, Maximo 
Sanders, Melissa J. 
Saunders, Magen Rene 
Scharf, Stephanie J. 
Schulte, Trisha Ann 
Schwemmer, Gabrielle 
Seibert, Jennifer Kay 
Seka, Kristen Ann 
Sikma, Breanne Lee 
Spano, Kimberly A. 
Sparwasser, Christine R. 
Stanfill, Melissa A. 
Starr, Cynthia R. 
Stephens, Ross D. 
Stier, John C. 
Stock, Robert W. 
Stukenberg, Keri E 
Suydam, Amy L. 
Svec, Diana K. 
Szoke, Christine E. 
Thompson, Rebekah J. 
Toennies, Corey Matthew 
Trace, Jenessa M 
Tucker, Christopher A 
Uhls, Gregory Gene 
Varady, Jaime N 
Walker, Melvin B 
Walters. Jill E. 
Ward, Andrea Blair 
Wells, Jennifer S. 
White, Nicole E. 
Whiteman, Hollie A. 
Wiegand, Jason Robert 
Wilcox, Gregory Kent 
Wilhelm, Kevin R 
Wilkey. Tasha Brianne 
Williams, Mark S. 
Winkeler, Joshua R. 
Witsberger, Marshall K 
Witte, Angela Dawn 
Wolf, Margaret A. 
Woods, Emily E. 
Wuebbels, Lisa N 
Yurko, Teresa M. 
Zollner, Mike T 


Class of 2005 

Juniors will soon be walk- 
ing on the front lawn dur- 
ing their own commence- 
ment ceremony. 

Students were encouraged 
to get their annual flu shot 
- perhaps to ensure that no 
one missed classes due to 
the flu! 

( ikm§ In 


Junior, Mary-Katherine 
Kitzmiller, an art major, was a 
finalist in the competition held 
to "capture the magic of Rams' 
football." Kitzmiller submitted 
an entry in the design competi- 
tion for the cover of the 2003 
media guide. 

Jeremiah P. BeckJey Angela Berry Jessica A. Boehler Warren G. Bowles III 

Sara Neely Bozsa 

Marc Broun 

Juniors B] 

Kurt Chambers Amanda A. Chaney Rebecca A. Chaput Laura E. Cochrane Mary C. Connelly Amanda Lynn Corzine 

Danny J. Costello Renee E. Cralley Jeffrey Thomas Creek Donald James Cummins Chris Cunnings Rebecca S. Cusuroano 

Darin M. Degenhart Brendon C. Delaney Ericka Nikko Dennis Nathan Thomas Doherty Amanda Dotson Melissa Kay Doyens 

* **>mi ^n^^ 

Christopher J. Dulaney Deborah A. Dunevant Benton James Eberwein Eric W. Ernst MellaDeane Ev 


Heather R. Groennert Kara M. Guenther Emily L. Guest Kyla M. Guymon Melanie Lynn Hanson Casey J. Hardesty 

n n 


K. Hasheider Krystal M. Havelka Christopher M. Hayer Sean M. Henderson Carissa Lynn Hibbert Heather R. Hickox 


Kristina M. Hinkebein Mariene A. Holtgrave Christine Ann Honeyoutt Matt Hubbard Timothy J. Hudspeth Millicent M. Hughes 

Timothy Patrick Huller Elizabeth C. Hunter Erica Jackson Heather M. Janik John C. Jeffers 

Kelley Johns 

Lisa Kay Jones Amber M. Kalert Stacy A. King Elizabeth A. Kirschner 

Leah E. Klostermann Katie B. Klucker Melinda S. Kowal Matthew A. Kupferer Michelle R. Laidley Jamie L. Laskowski 

Jesse Neil Lewis Candace M. Liening 

rE Juniors | 

Lindsey Litteken Sasha Marie Lyons Tara S. Maedge Courtenay Lynn Martial 

son Martychenko Mary T. Matthews Curtis D. Meadows 

Pat Mesnard Kristi Lynn Mesplay Emily R. Meyer 

Eric Joseph Parker Jennifer A. Parker Stacy M. Petraitis Amy M. Phillips Kelly Mane Popp Justin C. Powers 

Jacob Thomas Purcell Carrie A. Quinn Jeffrey T. Quirin Andrew Rains Trevor A. Reed Ginger H. Reeves 

Juniors 1 Ul - 

Amanda Rushing Sarah Marie Ruth Danny Latrell Sanders Jr. Kelly Lynn Schlueter Victoria L. Schumacher Brea N. Scott 

David A. Sliment 

Abbey M. Smith Andrew Smith Keyma L. Smith McKenzie Beth Smith Tabitha A. Smith 

Paulina M. Suess Nancy K. Sumner Heidi M. Tangman Christine E. Thomas Kristen M. Thompson Jacqueline M. Tissier 


Nicholas Vogt Justin H. Volkmar Heather A. Wagner Christal Waters 

Kristin V. Weltzin Tabitha L. Wheeler Carl Jerome Whiltaker Jr. Chad Lee Willard 

Daniel Williams Emma L. Winkelmann Angela L. Wittenbrink Rachel Leah Woods Ashleigh Wyrostek (Catherine Young 

Brett P. Zaron Nathan E. Zeisset Matt D. Ziegler 



Juniors- Not Pictured 

Achord II, Michael D. 
Addison, Sara Michelle 
Auth, Mindy K. 
Bernhardy, Michael J. 
Bidlack, Lance W 
Biggerstaff. Jeremy Adam 
Billups, Miesha Nicole 
Blomberg, Karen M. 
Blum, Cassie E 
Boelloeni, Renee Annette 
Brown, Kalib J. 
Brown, Kimberlee A. 
Bruce, Amanda Kay 
Bryant, Michelle N. 
Buettner, Jessica A 
Byrne, Shawn M. 
Carter, Zach L. 
Caveny, Jennifer D. 
Conrod, Kyle A. 
Cooper. Christina M 
Corbett, Rebecca A. 
Corbitt, Jennifer C. 
Crump, Kevin J. 
Csontos, Meghan K. 
Dandridge, Kenneth W. 
Deardeuff, Michelle L. 
Denkler, Afton Renee 
Dix, Keri L. 
Dodd, Denise M. 
Dove, Amanda R. 
Drone, Sabrina R. 
Ehinger, Whitney Kay 
Eusterbrock, Jessica M. 
Eversgerd, Kevin Thomas 
Ferrell, Sarah B. 
Fleming, Rebecca E 
Foehrkolb, Cynthia Elaine 
Ford. Jasmine E. 
Foster, Lindsay M. 
Foster. Stacie L 
Frank, Kayla D 
Frobish, Kristin M. 
Gates, Whitney A 
Gerrish, Sarah D. 
Gillespie, Andrew J. 
Gilter, Jamie A 
Graham, Catherine Jane 
Griesbaum, Kristy L 
Haar, Bradley J 
Hackney, Timanye A. 
Halsema. Susan M. 
Harre. Patricia JoAnn 
Hazzard, Elizabeth A. 
Hendrixson, Beja S. 

Henry, Lindsay A 
Holcmann, Shauna L. 
Holmgren, Lindsay A 
Hopkins, Michael J 
Hudgens, Michael A. 
Inskip, Erin Nicole 
Jackson, Katherine N 
Johnson, Andrea S 
Jones, Erica Lynn 
Jones, Josh D. 
Jones, Shana Lynn 
Keeven, John Henry 
Kelley, Andrew James 
Kitzmiller, Mary-Katherine 
Klamberg, Amy C. 
Klein, Erin Leigh 
Kockler, Adam E. 
Krewinghaus, Christina 
Kriss, George N. 
Kueper, Jaclyn M. 
Kuykendall, Emily M. 
Larsen, Mark Allen 
Lewis, Amie N 
Loeschner, Rebecca A. 
Lott, Lindsay L 
Lugge. Robert A. 
Luper, Jennifer K. 
Mallrich, James J 
Masinelli, Jessica L. 
Mason. Theresa L 
McCallister, Russel E. 
McCray, Kurtis L 
McGee, Martin T. 
McGriff, Kimberly D 
McGuire, Joseph R. 
McKelvy, Katie Ann 
Meador, Tabitha J. 
Meddows, Melissa A. 
Medvick, Haley Christine 
Meyer, James R. 
Michels, Jeffrey Raymond 
Millas, Michalene Michelle 
Mitchell, Megan L 
Moore, Lisa M. 
Murphy, Heather N. 
Niemeyer, Amy R. 
Notorangelo, Nicole Marie 
Pankey, Whitney B. 
Parker, Mary Beth 
PenDell, Tracie Dyi 
Peterson. Michelle Andrea 
Pfefferkorn. Joanna S 
Phillips, Jesse L 

Pieper, Thomas P 
Potthoff, Jami L. 
Prest, Adam S. 
Pullum, Lonnitta R 
Quintana, Dusty D. 
Rahar, Nicholas Edward 
Rakers, Anna T 
Rakers, Jacob I. 
Redburn, Samantha J 
Reynolds, Ashley A. 
Reynolds, Jarrod Lee 
Richardson, Amanda M 
Richmond, Allison L 
Rick, Lindsay Renee 
Rinderer. Elizabeth a 
Saia, Emily J. 
Scher, Sara R 
Scherby, Ricky J. 
Schlarman, Erica Rose 
Schmid, Daniel M. 
Schnelten, Kelli L. 
Schreiber, Rebecca Faye 
Seger, Jamie Faye 
Shepard, Charles H. 
Shull, Eric R. 
Siebert, Erin Elizabeth 
Simmons, Jared A. 
Slechticky, Amber Nicole 
Smith, Darius D. 
Sos, Jennifer L. 
Sparks, Stephanie A. 
Stewart, Brady Anthony 
Suelmann, Jeff M. 
Thompkins, Rosalind C 
Thompson, Brandy e L. 
Toney, Hortense L. 
Walls, Danny R. 
Weh, Derek Henry 
Weiss, Sarah E. 
Westlake, Aimee K 
Whetstone, Christa Marie 
Woodside, Zachary R. 
Wurtz, Amanda R. 
Yelton, Jason K. 
Zacharski, Lisa A. 



Class of 2006 

Sophomore, Michael Thigpen 
is getting a trim in Walton's 
hallway barbershop. 

These sophomores are 
waiting in line in Old Main 
during early registration 
for the Spring 2004 se- 

Devin Dippold and Amanda 
Dotson are checking out the 
homecoming bonfire action. 

Helen D. Allen Mikail N. Andria Eric W. Barger 

Todd Bauer Christopher A. Beatty Erin Marie Becker 

Scott M. Becker Zane Eric Belden Myron Bell Jr. Joshua Heath Bell Lamont M. Benn Christine E. Betz 

[""Sophomores [jJE] 

Jennifer A. Bieber Adam Thomas Biggs Joshua Ward Blackburn Stephanie Blankenship Kimberly Bright Corey James Bryant 

Alicia M. Crow Robert Wayne Cummins Darrell Dancy John C. Dawson Stephen D. Demoulin Miranda L. Deters 

■■If "^Hp WKm$ 


Brian Adam Dinkelman Devin Neal Dippold Ann Marie Dockery Timothy Adam Donohoo Morgan C Edwards Shana Kay Evans 

Ariana B. Fernandez Sara Ann Ford Timothy James Fraher Nickolas M. Francescon Kelly M. Fritz Michelle Ann Fuchs 

[UHil] Sophomores'] 

Emily J. Gaddis Jason Gajewski Alex A. Galli 

Neal A. Geluck Aimee Katherine Gibbs Megan Elizabeth Gibbs 

k £*\ 



George A. Gladis Meghan Suzanne Gordon Jamie E. Graham Minerva Grama 

Jeff Grogan Leslie Gummersheimer 

Devin David Haertling David M. Hamann Jarred Colin Hankhouse Samantha J. Harriss Bethany Anne Harry Andrea L. Hartline 

<gr T ■* B* IP 

Leslie Alexandre Hattle Jenny Hasler Marissa Fay Heern Alexandre Bulau Henne Joshua R. Hollingsead Robert Dean Horst 


Jake Howard Maukiesh L. Howard Jennifer E. Hutchison Keith Aaron Jackson Erik T. Jacobsen Jacob Martin Janek 

| Sophomores LLLLJ] 

Lauren A. Korte Aaron M. Kremmel Dori K. Kuhn Scott C. Kutscher Lyndsy Lafenhagen Kyle Stevan Lapingtc 

Nick R. Lercher Brian J. Lomeline Jason D. Luitjohan Bryant Keith Lyles Wendy Erin MacEwen LeAnn Renee Mansfie 


«*■* *b ** 

Lance Marcum Sean M. Martin Miranda Lynn Maurer Ian Michael McCormick Carolyn J. McCullough Eimear McGrath 

Mary Rose Mclntyre Robert A. McNeill 

[LLLr I Sophomores 

Kayla R. Miller Marilyn Valerie Miller 

Kristin Pankey Kellie Megan Persons Luke A. Pope Aaron Lee Povolish 

Nathan Lee Raley 

Rachael Remagen Nicole A. Richard John E. Richardson II Devan M. Roosevelt Nicole M. Rosen Colby Ross 

Sara Rubenacker Jennifer Marie Santel Mirai Patrick Sayaraa Michael Joseph Schaal Amber Lynn Schafer 

Lisa Schaltenbrand 

roe August Schank Jennifer Sue Scheibel Brian Scott Schoenherr Jacquline Monte Sheard Travis Lee Shemwell Brandi Marie Simmons 

vlisty Michelle Skinner Jennifer Lynn Sligar Matthew M. Spotanski Curtis A. Stahl 

Jamie Stephens Melinda Marie Sugar 

Sop homores [ 

Joshua David Wahlig Bethany N. Watkinson Kenneth Webster 

Alicia Weiss Jared Gregory Weston Emily Ann Whiteheac 

W ' 11 


Afton Wiggs Clare D. Willman Derek Wilson Abby Lynn Wise Jamie Lee Wolfslau Brandon E. Wright 

Duan Wyatl 

fiLi i-JSophomores 

Sophomores - Not Pictured 

Abrahams, Gregory Ryan 
Adams, Denise Renee 
Albers, Rachele Nicole 
Allardin, Chrissy D. 
Allen, Nick L. 
Amann, Rebekah Ann 
Autenrieb, Lori Faith 
Bailey, Rachel Ann 
Best, Alyssa S. 
Bhutto. Shahreyar Ali 
Bosslet, Sara A. 
Brilley. Timothy D. 
Buchanan, Jacob L. 
Bultman, Nathan Aldon 
Bynum, Kadie Rachelle 
Caldwell, James Allen 
Clapp, Jack Adam 
Cole, Katherine A 
Dashley, Deanna N 
Deets, Alexis Lauren 
Diefenbach. Ryan Thomas 
Drake, Amy L. 
Falconio, Anthony James 
Feldmann, Debra Ann 
Fischer, Brad L 
Ford, Ashley Danielle 
Frost. Emily Christine 
Fry, Erin Renee 
Fuchs, Troy Edwin 
Gennann, Matthew Michael 
Grayson, Beronte' M 
Green, Jessica Lynn 
Haefher, Sarah Anne 
Hardy, Keith Alan 
Hare, Travis Alan 
Hargett, Ashley Ruth 
Harris, Matthew R. 
Hawkins, Lindsey D. 
Hermann. Dean Michael 
Hester, Emily A. 
Holloway, Warren 
Holtman, Bradley E 
Hopkins, Zack James 
Jackson, Brittany Leigh 
Johnson, Karla Michelle 
Jones, Derek S 
Juehne, Elizabeth L. 
Keel, Sarah Marie 

Kingsley, Emily Christine 
Klein. Jeffrey D 
Koerkenmeier, Tara Lynn 
Langdon, Michael T 
Lauf. Jamie Lynn 
Leonard, Cassandra Ann 
Levin, George Jule Jay 
Linn, Justin Edward 
Mann, Marcus Chamar 
Marsaglia, Kristen Nicole 
Mattingly, Todd A 
Maurer, Amy F. 
McCarthy, Lee K. 
Mennerick, Gregory Michael 
Miles, Stephen Eric 
Morland, Nikki Lynn 
Morris, Andrea E. 
Moss, Deveon L. 
Nevois, Jan E. 
Newsom, Woodrow B. 
Ocheltree, Nicole L. 
Oliver, Jessi L 
Oughton, Laura Michelle 
Paeth, Nina Jean 
Patterson. Kara Nicole 
Perry, Rebekah D.M. 
Petrus, Rachel Renee 
Rakers, Zachary Alan 
Repking, Jennifer Marie 
Richardson. Megan Kristine 
Rieckenberg, Danielle M. 
Rigney, Kimberly S. 
Robbins. Stephanie Michelle 
Sanford, Don L. 
Schilb. Rick T 
Schneider, Michael Gene 
Scott, Colby N. 
Sheets, Lori Ann 
Simones, Christine Kay 
Speaks. Joseph W 
Steeg, Timothy Andrew 
Steiger, Katherine Anne 
Stogsdill, Kasey L 
Storck. Chad E 
Stott, Timothy S. 
Strecker, Amanda Cross 
Stryker, Shane M. 
Suca, Lindsey Marie 

Suhl. Ashlie Rose 
Tillman, Audrey G. 
Timberlake, Morgan Leigh 
Todich, Monica E. 
Tonnies. Danielle Brooke 
Trantham. Kathleen Rebecca 
Tullock, Kimberly Marie 
Vail, Anthony C 
Varnum, Patrick John 
Ward, Clifton Ryan 
Warren, Jennifer Lynn 
Webb, Stephen Elliot 
Wilhelm, Joseph R. 
Windham, Stephanie Kay 
Winkeler, Lisa Marie 
Winkeler, Sarah Lynn 
Zvonar, John M. 

Sophomores Lll 

First Year Students 

Class of 2007 

The second-largest class 
of 305 first-year students 
at McKendree College 
brings the greatest 
academic talent and most 
diversity to the college in 
its 176-year history. 

Students in the Class of 2007 
come from 1 2 states and seven 
nations, and the class includes 
1 9 valedictorians and five 
salutatorians. In addition to 
Illinois, there are students from 
California, Florida, Georgia, 
Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, 
Missouri, New York, Ohio, 
Texas and Virginia. The six 
other countries are Argentina, 
England, Jamaica, Nepal, St. 
Lucia and South Africa. 

Brandon L. Adair Kellie L. Anderson 

Robert B. Andrews Dominic Vincent Angelo Jason Ayran Gerald D'Jaun Bailey 

Jaelyn N. Barczewski Michael Keith Barton 

Jenny Basler 

Katie L. Beck .lessalyn L. Belling LeKettra Bennett 

rLi!iLJFirst-Year Students | 

Nathan A. Biggerstaff Matthew Black Alexis J. Bolender Brandon Kenneth Bond Jesse T. Booth 

Travis Brading 

Greg Bradshaw Kelly Ann Brayfield Michael Brewer Raymond J. Brierly Matt Broaddus Kyle Andrew Buettner 

Matthew Buettner Mike Camilieie Jr. Andre R. Carmack Nathanial R. Carroll Daniel Clay Casper David A. Catlin 

Hillary Dawn Cobb Crystal M. Cole David Matthew Collins Heather K. Colvin Melissa K. Cook 

^Rl 1^ 

Craig R. Cottrell Kyle Edward Czapla Chris Dahm 

Kyle L. Dan- 

Marie L. Davis 



JaRon LaMaar Dent 

Michael Derby Bradley Richard Dietrich Ryan Dillinger 


Joshua S. Downing Michael R. Eckhardt 

%*m <& 

Jon T. Edler David K. Elliott Stephen Daniel Ellis Brook Lyn Enyart Ben Joseph Essenpreis Andrew J. Evans 

f ^p |K? | f % ge T| 

Casey H. Evans Anna K. Everett Tiffany Michelle Everett Kyle J. Eversgerd Timothy Fahrenhorst tana J. Fisher 

Steve R. Grodeon Malt Grogan Stephanie Rhea Hall Scott Hammock Catherine Jane Hamrick Dan Hankley 

Michael G. Harrison Jr. Jason D. Harvey Kathryn Ann Hasheider Wesley J. Hastings Andrea Marie Hawkins Christopher Herbert 

Adam J. Hicks Christin Michelle Hicks Kellen W. Hill Justin Alan Hilyard Holly A. Hoffmann Emily Marie Hohl 

Bryan Joseph Hopkins Katie A. Hubbard Chad Hudson Megan Jo Hunter Dennis R. Hutchison Amber L. Jackson 

1p» «*r 9 -ssk & 


Keith Charles Jacob Chrissv A. Jacoby Chadley James Natalie E. Jameson Sell. Michael Jonas 

Adrian Carl Jones 
First-Year UE\ 

Nicholas R. Jones Nique Jones Michelle Kadonsky Nicole Lynne Keckritz Kellen M. Ketlwich Ashley Kiefer 

Amanda K. Klaus Brian T. Kloppenburg Paul Joseph Klosterrnann Joe Knobbe Michael Knobeloch Andrea Ruby Knoll 

!■! I !■« 

Cassandra Jean Lang Natalie Lynn Lappe Matt Lauber Benjamin Michael Laux David Mathre Lay Erica Leohner 

irett Lockwood Willie Lee Logan Jonathan Lowe Megan Renee Lustig Christy C. Lutz Thomas E. Malian 

Joel K. Maiyo Trevor Maloch Michelle L. Mannino Blake Marcum Maggie M. Marquedant Gina M. Matzenbacher 

P ' : " First- Year Students | 

Melanie L. Mayes Christine L. McCauley Lester A. MeQuaid Devin McQuillan Xavier Mead Erica L. Merienbach 

Ryan Meyler Susan Anne miller Edward G. Monken Ashleigh Munson Daniel Patrick Murrin Lora Nation 

Jon Niebrugge Edward J. Niermann Jason D. Noeldner Nell Novara 

Richard Lee Oakley Shane L. Oertwig 

«m #■ 

Shawn Oertwig Cory S. Oldeen Brittany Kaye Olson Christopher G. Otey David Thomas Padgett Jenna Elaine Palovick 

Jamie Lynne Paluczak JoAnne Marie Paluczak Julie Pannier 

Kelly Paproth 

Nessa Paul Jamie Marie Payton 

| First-Year \J2ll\ 

* 4» 4F m &* || % m * 

Derek E. Pechacek Allison Petzoldt Laura Poland 

Kerri Polk 


- ■ 


yanna L. Porter 

Dustin S. Pranger 

Theo Prayer Michael Prince Brandon }. Redmond Zackery T. Rednour Randa Renshaw 

|«afc **| ' I* g? 

Joe Rice 

Philip Ridgell Kendall M. Ripperda Mellisa A. Robert Lindsay T. Robertson Natalie M. Robson Mark Root 

Curt Ropp Daniel A. Rosen Travis W. Rosenthal Allen E. Rudd Jarred L. Rueter Richard T. Ryle 

I'jfc mt 

Monet Sanders Melissa D. Schorr Amanda L. Schuck Kylie M. Scobbie Erica Kathleen Seibel Lee Wayne Settles 

JFirst-Year Students 

Jenna Shellenberg Sarah E. Simmons Adam Simon Katie M. Sledge Jordan Richard Smith Kelli Smith 

. J. Sokolowski Tyler N. Sondag Jordan Spurlock Danyel Staate Brandon R. Stewart Amy L. Stinde 

Gwendolyn R. Stokes Allison Stout Michael Strobbe Joel Christopher Stults Derrick Leon Summerlin Amber Nicole Taylor 

Nicole J. Taylor Nicole Renee Taylor Brent "Frank" Tebbe Deidra A. Thomas Jacob R. Thomas Laura Tinney 


Lisa Marie Tinney Anthony Tobias Dustin J. Tollefsrud Blake A. Townsend Abby R. Tribley Ashley M. Vallero 


Denise N. Varel Travis Scott Venhaus Caitlin Marie Vohland Joe Wagner 

Krista Ann Waltermire Lindsay Weathers William Clayton Weier David Wellstead Kenny Weston Michael B. Whetsto 

f '*& 4fSr 

Robert Wilhelm Kevin Douglas Wilkins Matt Wilson 

Windham Kathryn S. Wisnasky Allison F. Witt 


Jill Marie Wolfmeier Justin T. Wolfslau Mark W. Wonnacott BarbaraLee A. Wood Paul W. Woodruff Salvador Woods 

Dionne S. Wright Lindsey Ann Young 

flJif— JFirst-Year Students I 


First Year Students - Not Pictured 

Asalu, Vincent C. 
Barajas, Paola Alexandra 
Barbour, Margaret Rose 
Barrera, Crystal M 
Bauer, Ryan Gene 
Baumgart, Amy 
Beachum, Michael R. 
Bernhardt, Terri K. 
Bista, Bigyan R. 
Bivins. Lauren M 
Borden, David W. 
Boyd, Shekinah M 
Brinkmeyer, Heather Ann 
Brown, Angela S 
Brown, Sylvia M. 
Brownfield, Joshua Lee 
Bryant, Rachel Nicole 
Bunch, Clara M. 
Cargal, Nicole Marie 
Cathcart. Heather N 
Cheesman, Michael Patrick 
Connolly, Kevin D 
Cox, Laura Sue 
Crook, Amy Michelle 
Cullen, Sean Francis 
Cummins, Ryan J 
Di Tucci, Diane Dolores 
Dickson, Ronald William 
Dierkes, Joseph D. 
Ferguson, Rachel Jo 
Fero, Marie A. 
Gerstner, Brent C. 
Goetz Jr, Richard J. 
Graceffa, Ryan Anthony 
Gries, Darin Franklin 
Grossmann. Kara Leigh 
Gundlach, Cassandra J 
Hadley. Michael Douglas 
Haregot, Araya B. 
Harris, Julianne Kay 
Hart, Emily Elizabeth 
Harter, Colleen M. 
Hartke, Logan Sean 
Heck, Matthew James 
Hedman, Sarah Margaret 
Hemann, Amanda L. 
Henn, Amber Renee 
Hillyard, Lyndsey Renee 

Holderfield, Lindsey S 
Horton, Lacee N. 
Houmes, Bryan Adam 
Hughes, Patrick J 
Jacobsmeyer, Kevin M. 
James. Thomas Brent 
Jennings, Candice Renee 
Jones, Jamie L 
Jones, Miranda Levene 
Jones. Raphael 
Jones. Rhonda 
Kannewurf, Steven J 
Kennedy, Nicholas William 
Kim, Douglas B 
Klier, Jarrod 
Kolda, Cynthia Marie 
Kostoff, Donna Marie 
Krug. Emily R. 
Langhorn, Tyson Maurice 
Large, Lana R. 
Lash, Justin M. 
Latimer, Kathy Lee 
Leguizamon, Amalia 
Loepker, Jessica Nicole 
McCann. Justin A 
McMullen, Mary Elizabeth 
McNair, Bryan D 
Mehring, Adam Richard 
Miller, Jonathan Robert 
Miller, Tarell E 
Moad, Christie J. 
Moll, Jane Ann 
Moore, Samuel L 
Mora, Mallory P. 
Musselman, William Christian 
Neighbors. Dori S. 
Neubert, Kelly M 
Nichols, Chad Everett 
Nimmo, Joshua Ryan 
Olds. Christa K. 
Pandey, Laxman 
Peterson, Cari A 
Rehkemper, Linda Suzanne 
Rhodes, Timothy J. 
Rickard, Ryan D. 
Riggs, Brian Thomas 
Robins, Leah Annette 
Roundcount, Joseph William 

Rushing, Nathan Earl 
Sanford, Joy M. 
Schildknecht, Phil Warren 
Schmermund, David R. 
Schmidt, Jennifer Lynn 
Smith, Golden DeShawn 
Smith, Janna L. 
Smith, Sharon Renee 
Spencer, Lakisha 
Starek, Jennifer Lynn 
Stefan, Marilyn J. 
Steiner, Jamie K 
Sterling, Glenda M. 
Stremlau, John Angelo 
Sutton, Suzanne Marie 
Swartz, Lauren G. 
Terrell, Timothy Paul 
Thomann. Brandon 
Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth 
Thornton, Jacob L 
Thornton, Kahla Rose 
Timmermann. Ranee Lynn 
Tungett, Stephen Paul 
Usilton, Edward Ryan 
Utsey, Delton R 
Wacker, Catherine M. 
Walton, Japheth O. 
Wheatley, Anthony Phillip 
Wilhelm, Michelle Ellen 
Willett, Jason M 
Wilson. Jeffrey Allan 
Wilt, Steven C. 
Witcher, Rachel L.B36 
Wright, Alexander J. 
Zurliene, Andrea L. 

First- Year 

' : 

j 9 ■ 






Thank you to all the friends and family members, as well as our loyal businesses, who purchased an ad for the 
2004 McKendrean. Since the selling price of the yearbook does not cover all of the production and printing costs, 
the yearbook staff depend on the generous support we received. We hope you enjoy these pages for years to 


Kelly H. Wissehr '93 

Advisor, McKendrean 


Mandi - 


for all your 


We are very 

proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, & J.C. 


Congratulations, we are so proud of you 
and what you have achieved. Tour 
determination and dedication widtake 
youfar. Cove, 

"Mom, (Dad&^odd 


What a beautiful young lady you have 

become! We wish you much success and 

happiness as you begin another phase of 

your life. Always keep that smile and 

your great sense of humor. We are so 

proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Kelly 



We are so very proud of 

you, keep touching lives. 


Your Family 


May all of your dreams come true. We 
are so very proud of you. God Bless and 
Keep You. 


Mom, Dad, Charles, Grandpa & 



JA daughter who has 
worked o£ earned, to 
achieve the highest 
standards of her future. 




We love you and are very 
proud of you. Keep smiling! 
May God Bless You Always, 

Mom, Dad & David 


Keep reaching for the stars. 
You will get there. We know 
you can do it. 

All our love, 
Mom & Dad 

*We are very proud of 

you. You are a new, 

young, strong 

woman. <We fxrve 


Mike, Mom, 



From kindergarten 

through college you have 

always made us proud. 

You are going to make a 

great teacher. 


Mom, Dad, Jason & j 


'You have been such a blessing to your 
dad and I. It's hard to betieve that you are 
afready in coffege. We fove you son, and 
are thankful that you have grown up to be 
such a fine young man. Cjod 6 Cess you. 
(Dad "e£ Mom 







We are very proud of 

you. May Cjod continue 

to 6 (Jess you. 

We Cove you. 


94.0m c£ (Dad 


ijm SO mpl)CD 

of rovi 



'You have made us so very 

proud. Keep up t he good 

workjxnd k§ep reaching for 

your dreams. 'You can 

accomplish anything you 


Mom q£ Cjrandma 

<We are proud of 


Never (Jet go of those 


Mom e£ (Dad 

Jacob Janef^ 

Congratulations on a 
great year! 

"We Love Youl 

Mom q£ (Dad 

'** *^ 4 


We are so proud of you and we admire the 
person you have become. (jodQtess Youl 

"We Love You, 
Mom and (Dad 

$Z~. Steven, 

May aCCofyour dreams come true. 

VVe are so proncfofyou! 
P^^Sf^l Love, 
llf^Vi U| Mom, D)ad <& Eric 



You have worked hard and 

accomplished so much. 

<We are proud of you. 

(De6ra, (Beth, Vicki and^Bev 


<? y< 


Congratulations 2004 


The WlcfKendrean Staff 
is (proud of ¥011! 

/ Ik 


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enhonce tf*e q*jol ty of Ir'e irt the m«rro •ost o'eo. 

The *FWV9P£J(3tf wi!; conim«.c io buppotf rh© organizations ovxJ individuals 
who havo a f>:>« J itTv< £ - influence n ©*j- co*"*nunitm% CongTOhjIciicni to 
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recognizing all who helped make this yearbock possible 

With a title like that you'd think I was planning on thanking everyone in the universe, starting with my parents. While there are reasons I 
probably should, I won't ... at least not right here. I do want to thank everyone who helped in any way, shape, or form with this yearbook. 
I did not know what I was agreeing to when I took the position of editor, and many on campus helped the yearbook staff and I complete 
this undertaking. Now on to an itemized list: 

The first person I want to thank specifically is Ms. Kelly Wissehr, Director of Alumni Relations. When there were no other 
takers for the position, she broke tradition and became a non-faculty sponsor of the yearbook. She in fact has been the driving force 
behind this yearbook and the one that preceded it. She put up with me and the rest of the staff and worked at least as much as I 
did on this book, and probably, looking back now, a lot more. Without Kelly, the McKendrean might have stayed on permanent 
hiatus. We all owe her a debt for making this book possible. 

The next people I must say thank you are Mr. Kim Lobring, Communications Director at McKendree, who generously allowed 
us to use the pictures he shot around campus, and Mr. Scott Cummings, Sports Information Director, who allowed us to borrow 
pictures and provided us with information. 

Thanks should also go to Mr. Gabriel Shapiro for having his class do fact-finding assignments for the yearbook. Individual 
students who contributed include Lori Autenrieb. Tammara Gage. Barbie Klaus. Jodi Pfefforkorn and Naureen Stack. 

All the faculty and staff who gave the yearbook pictures, copy, or any other help and put up with us bothering you, we are 
truly thankful to you as well. 

In addition, thanks to the writers of Bearchat, the Review, and the McKendree website all of which we used occasionally as 
source material. 

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who worked on the staff, especially Minerva Grama and Sami Harriss who were with us to 
the very end. 

Finally, (I know I already used 'last,' but this is the end of the list. I am telling the truth. Really.) a loud "thank you" to all 
students, faculty, and staff on campus who made this such a great year. 

Is there anyone I left off this list? I think it is pretty inclusive. Hmm ... oh, yes. I'd like to thank the all animals on campus, especially the 
squirrels who entertained me with their antics and allowed me to take pictures of them. Yes, thanks to all the animals . . . except for those 
birds who decided that anytime between midnight and five a.m. is a goodtime to start singing outside my open dorm window. To them I'd 
just like to say it is a good thing for you that McKendree doesn't allow firearms on campus, otherwise. . . . 

— Joshua R. Hollingsead 

ein editors exhaustion: 


Exhaustion is the word. A tip ot advice to everyone: Don't take nineteen credit hours worth ot classes, a part-time job, membership in three 
or four active groups of campus, and agree to be editor of the yearbook at the same time. Just don't. Trust me. 

Let's see, I have already thanked everyone on the previous page, so now what? I guess I could explain this year's theme for those who 
don't get it. This year's theme was really simple. McKendrean, the name of McKendree's yearbook, can be divided into 'McKendre' and 
'an.' The yearbook staff took advantage of this to create appositives that would work with 'an' to describe McKendree, such as 
McKendree, an editor's exhaustion. That was the basic idea behind the theme which was elaborated a bit with font types. 

Other things readers might want to know about are my grumbles. (Okay, 1 admit you really don't, but then nobody is forcing you to read 
this page.) My biggest gripe was getting students to help with the yearbook. Student participation on campus at anything other than 
parties was contemptible. I know people have other things to do like go get drunk and watch someone else live a staged life on Survivor, 
Bachelor, ox American Idol, but would it kill anyone to spend a couple of hours doing something constructive, like working on a yearbook 
to help them remember their college years beyond that alcoholic fog? 

Another grumble: the yearbook office and computers. The yearbook staff was not able to use the yearbook office for most of the Fall 
semester and then had to wait a couple months after that for our computers to be fixed. That could make anybody late for deadlines, but did 
we give up? No (maybe we did despair a little, though, along with being exasperated most of the time, but we never did give up). We 
worked and worked and worked some more. That's why you have this great yearbook in your hands (unless you have it set on the table 
instead, but it is still a great book). 

If you notice any little things you want to complain about, we ask you to come and spend a couple hours a week for two semesters helping 
put the yearbook together next year. Then we will dutifully note your complaint, but until then deal with it. 

Okay, what else is there to say? I actually enjoyed being editor this year (though sometimes I did not think so). It provides one with a great 
sense of achievement to create anything as complex and creative as a yearbook, and 1 had good people working with me on it. Anything 
else? No. Then I'll end with a quote 1 kept in mind to retain my sanity this year, from a great philosopher of the 20th Century, Bugs Bunny, 
"Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive!" 

Joshua R. Hollingsead 

| Editor's Page | 147 fj 

nexacting acoount 

" X 


The 2003-2004 McKendrean, Volume 87, was printed by Jostens at 
its printing plant in Topeka, Kansas. Pressrun was 200 copies. The 
charcoal cover was designed by the yearbook staff featuring black 
and silver foil. The theme "McKendree an . . ." was developed by 
the yearbook staff to show all the things McKendree is to students, 
faculty, and staff. The 152 page book was printed on trim size 8, 
which uses 8.5x1 1 sheets of paper. Layouts and copy were done on 
PCs using PageMaker 6.5/7.0 and the Josten Year Tech software, 
including Page Wizard templates. Copy was done in Times New 
Roman, Goodname, and Stylebrand fonts. Student portraits were 
taken by Jim Radin from Florissant, Missouri. Kelly Wissehr, 
Director of Alumni Affairs, served as yearbook advisor. Yearbook 
staff members included Joshua Hollingsead, Editor, Samantha 
Harriss, Minerva Grama, Karen Blomberg, and Laxman Pandey. 
Josten's representative was Ed Sudgen. 

4 •*?, ' 

[I 14* [ Colophon 

an index 


(up. = not pictured in yearbook) 



Aaron, Debra R. 


Abrahams, Gregory R. 


Achord II, Michael D. 


Adair, Brandon L. 

1 16 

Adams, Denise R. 


Addison, Sara M. 


Albers, Rachele N. 


Alberson, Corey A. 

63, 101 

Albertini, Mark R. 


Alewine, Dr. Alan 


Allardin, Chrissy D. 


Allen, Helen D. 


Allen, Nick L. 


Alpha Omega Sorority 


Alpha Phi Omega 


Alpha Psi Omega 

54, 55 

Amann, Rebekah A. 


Anderson, Kellie L. 


Andrews, Robert B. 


Andria, Mikail N. 

16, 109 

Angelo, Dominic V. 


Arentsen, Kevin M. 


Arppe, Alh-Kaisa 

19,68,69, 91 

Art Club 


Asalu, Vincent C. 


Ashley, Michelle L. 

10, 11,54,55, 


Atkins, Kristine M. 


Augustine, Andrew M. 


Autenneb, Lori F. 


Auth, Mindy K. 


Ayran, Jason A. 

3,4, 116 


Bader, Jennifer A. 

Baer, Stacy L. 

Baig, Shazad 
jBailey, Gerald D. 
'Bailey, Katherine R. 

Bailey, Rachel A. 

Baker, Deanna J. 
iBaker, Julie A. 
(Baker, Rachel L. 


iBarajas, Paola A. 

.Barbeau, John D. 

Barbour, Margaret R. 

Barczewski, Jaclyn N. 

Barger, Eric W. 
iBarker, Dusti L. 

Barr, Dustin B. 

Barrera, Crystal M. 

Barrington, Jennifer 

Bartell, Toni 

Barthel, Jennifer L. 
I Barton, Michael K. 

Barttelbort, Lindsay 

Basinski, Joshua D. 

Basler, Jennifer L. 

Bass, David R. 

Bauer, Ryan G. 

Bauer, Todd A. 

73, 101 

63, 116 


5, 116 
47, 109 


63, 116 
73, 116 

72, 109 

Baumann, Dana M. 
Baumgart, Amy 
Beachum, Michael R. 
Bean. Evelyn 
Beanblossom, Kate 
Bearcat Rotaract Club 
Beatty, Christopher 
Beauchamp, Christina 
Becherer, Kendra L. 
Beck, Kathleen L. 
Becker, Erin M. 
Becker. Jacob M. 
Becker, Scott M. 
Beckert, Suzanne 
Beckley, Jeremiah P. 
Behum, Mary Beth 
Beierman, Michelle A. 
Beisel, Alanna C. 
Belden, Zane E. 
Bell Jr. Myron M. 
Bell, Joshua H. 
Belling, Jessalyn L. 
Bellm, Debra J. 
Belsheim, Catherine 
Belvin, Sara J. 
Bendoritis, Joe 
Benhoff, Alicia L. 
Benn, Lamont M. 
Bennett, LeKettra D. 
Berens, Jessicca L. 
Bergmann, Crystal R. 
Bernhardt, Terri K. 
Bernhardy. Michael J. 
Berrara. Crystal 
Berry, Angela M. 
Best. Alyssa S. 
Bethel. Christopher 
Betz, Christine E. 
Bhutto, Shahreyar A. 
Bidlack, Lance W. 
Bieber, Jennifer A. 
Bieber, Lyndsey R. 
Biermann. Natalie J. 
Biggerstaff, Jeremy 
Biggerstaff. Nathan 
Biggs, Adam T. 
Billhartz, Scott L. 
Billups, Miesha N. 
Biopsychology class 
Birdwell, Lt. Col. Brian 
Bista, Bigyan R. 
Bivens, Carrie L. 
Bivins, Lauren M. 

Black, Dr. Ron 
Black, Matthew W. 
Blackburn, Joshua W. 
Blankenship, Stephanie 
Blasdel, Joe 
Blasdel, Justin L. 
Blocker, Amanda S. 
Blomberg, Karen M. 
Blum, Cassie E. 
Boden. Krysti 
Boehler, Jessica A. 
Boehne, Jim 
Boelloeni, Renee A. 
Boggs, David 
Bolender, Alexis J. 
Bollmcier, Melanie J. 
Bond, Brandon K. 
Bonner, Bryant N. 

70. 73 

63, 109 
30, 91 

27,82,83. lid 





64, 101 

56, 68, 92 

78. 109 
27,45,63, 109 

72, 109 
55, 116 


63, 109 


73, 101 



42, III) 





26, 55, 110 

88, 90 






71. Ill) 

1 Ml 

76, 92 


63, 117 

Bonner, Tommie L. 
Booth, Jesse T. 
Borden, David W. 
Borkowski, Amanda S. 
Bosse, Dr. Murella 
Bosslet, Sara A. 
Boudreau, Dr. Brenda 
Bowles III, Warren G. 
Bowman, Deborah M. 
Boyd, Shekinah M. 
Boydstun, Dr. Rodney 
Bozsa. Sara N. 
Brading, Travis T. 
Bradley, Chasity G. 
Bradshaw, Gregory A. 
Brandenburger Brown, Tanya 
Brasses, Sam 
Brayfield. Kelly A. 
Brewer, James M. 
Brewer, Michael 
Bnerly, Raymond J. 
Bright. Kimherly A. 
Brilley. Timothy D. 
Bnnkmann, Dawn M. 
Brinkmeyer, Heather A. 
Broaddus, Stephen M. 
Brown Bag Series 
Brown, Ada M. 
Brown, Angela S. 
Brown, Jenny R. 
Brown, Kalib J. 
Brown, Kimberlee A. 
Brown, Marc 
Brown, Sylvia M. 
Brownfield, Joshua L. 
Bruce, Amanda K. 
Brumit, Crystal R. 
Bryant, Corey J. 
Bryant, Michelle N. 
Bryant, Rachel N. 
Buchanan, Jacob L. 
Buechler, Anthony J 
Buettner, Jessica A. 
Buettner, Kyle A. 
Buettner, Matthew W. 
Buettner, Michael H. 
Bultman, Nathan A. 
Bunch, Clara M. 
Burge, Eric A. 
Burk, Jaime L. 
Burke, Jantha 
Burkett, Jason C. 
Bush, Valerie 
Bushmire, Beth J. 
Butler, Phillip D. 
Bynum, Kadie R. 
Byrne, Shawn M. 


63, 92 
72, 117 
30, 92 

35, 88 
56, 101 


63, 117 
54, 58 
63, 117 
30, 92 
66, 1 I 7 

4. 20. I 10 

43. 92 
43, 81 
16, 21 


20, 30, 35, 47, 9; 
62, 63 

42, 47, 55 

63, 110 

7,41,63, 117 
29,63, 111) 

Caldwell, James A. 


Callahan, Elizabeth M. 

1 10 

Camden, Krysten L. 


Camiliere Jr, Michael A. 

63, 117 

Camillo, Amanda L. 


Campbell, Michelle L. 


Campese, Sharon 


Campus Activities Board 


Campus Ministries 


Cann, John E. 

13. 14. 72, 10 

Canning, Emily L. 42, 56, 92 

Cantori 4 1 

Career Day 1 7 

Cargal, Nicole M. 43 

Carmack, Andre R. 63, 117 

Carr, AbbyM. 102 

Carroll, Jonathan T. (n.p.) 

Carroll, Nathanial R. 41, 117 

Carter, Steve 66 

Carter, Zach L. 63 

Casper, Daniel C. 29, 63, 117 

Cathcart, Heather N. 42, 74 

Cathcart, Maria C. 

Cathn, David A. 

Caveny, Jennifer D 

Caylor, Paula R. 

Cebrelli. Hemowatee 1 10 

CPS 47 

Chambers, Kurt P. 

Champ, Lisa 

Chaney, Amanda A. 

Chaput, Rebecca A. 


Cheesman, Michael 


Cipfl, Dr. Joseph 

Clapp, Jack A. 

Clark, Jacquelyn B. 

Clark, Sarah E. 

Cobb, Hillary D 

Cochrane, Laura E. 

Cofty, Drew L. 

Cole, Crystal M. 

Cole, Katherine A. 

Collins, David M. 

Colvin, Heather K. 

Connelly, Mary C. 

Conner, Andrea J. 

Connolly. Kevin D. 

Conrad, Dominique 

Conrath, Deborah A 

Conrod, Kyle A. 

Cook, Melissa K. 

Cooper, Amy L. 

Cooper, Christina M. 3, 43 

Cooper, Jermaine E. (n.p.) 

Corbett, Rebecca A. (n.p.) 

Corbitt. Jennifer C. (n.p.) 

Cordes, James J. 93 

Corn. Isaac R. 

Corzine, Amanda L 

Costello, Danny J. 

Cottrell, Craig R. 

Cowell, Cassie L. 

Cowell, Thomas J. 

Cox, Laura Sue 

Cox, Rebecca J. 

Coyne, Kelly N. 

Cralley, Renee E. 

Creek, Jeffrey T. 

Crook. Amy M. 

Crow, Alicia M. 

Crump, Kevin J. 

Csontos, Meghan K. (n.p.) 

Cullen, Sean F. (n.p.) 

Cummins, Donald J. 77, 102 

Cummins, Robert W. 77, 110 

Cummins, Ryan .1 (n.p.) 

Cunningham, Sarah 73 

Cunnings, Christopher 63, 102 

Cusumano, Rebecca 102 

Czapla, Kyle E. 117 149 








42, 102 


12, 13,74 


62, 63 

42, 117 
28,63, 110 

43, 75, 117 

63, 1 1 7 

7, 42, 102 



63, 110 



42, 117 


i r 


64, 102 
63. 117 
3, 42. 47, 93 
72, 111) 

10,' 11.41,55,93 


10, 11,54,55. 102 






Daesch, Maria 


Dagley, Corey W. 


Dahm, Christopher 

63. 117 

Dahm. Deanna L. 


Dance Team 


Dancy, Darrell 

63, 110 

Dandndge, Kenneth 

42, 50, 51 

Danfortb, Erin N. 


Darr, Kyle L. 


Dashley. Deanna N. 


Dauer, James L. 

3, 117 

Davenport, Ryan S. 


David, Dustin 


Davinroy, Renee E. 

30, 82 

Davis, Courtney E. 

43, 43 

Davis. Mane L. 


Dawson, John C. 

4X. 110 

Daylor, Mary F. 


Deardeuff, Michelle 


Decker. Jessica 


Deets. Alexis L. 


Degenhart, Darin M 

72, 102 

Delaney, Brendon C 

63. 102 

Delaney, Jan M. 


Demouhn. Stephen 

(.4. 1 Id 

Denkler, Afton R. 

(ii. p.) 

Dennis. Chadwick 


Dennis, Ericka N. 

4,56, 102 

Dennis, Dr. James 

22, 34, 35, 36. 52 

Dent, JaRon L. 

3,4,63,66, 118 

Derby, Michael 

48, 84, 118 

Derfler. Matthew J. 


Dermen, Miguel 


Deters, Miranda L. 


Di Tucci, Diane D. 


Dickson, Ronald W. 


Diefenhach, Ryan T 


Diekemper. Michele 


Dienell, Jamie L. 


Dierkes, Joseph D. 


Dietrich, Bradley R. 

64, 118 

Dillinger, Ryan R. 

51,84,85, 118 

Dinkelman, Brian A 

72, 110 

Dippold, DevinN. 10.41. 5?. 104. 110 

Dix, Ken L. 


Dockery, Ann Ml 

1 in 

Dodd, Denise M. 


Doherty, Nathan T. 

64. 102 

Doll, Michael R. 

64. 93 

Donohoo, Timothy 

71, 110 

Dooly. Sara L. 


Dotson, Amanda E. 

7, X, 10. 54,55. 

102, 109 

Dove, Amanda R. 


Dowling, Victoria 


Downing, Joshua S 

71, 118 

Downs Bader. Jennifer 30 

Doyens, Melissa K. 

77, 102 

Drake, Amy L. 


Dressier. Kallienne 


Drone, Sahnna R. 


Duenow, Zach 


Duff, Dr. Gerald 


Duffin, David C 


Dulaney, Chnstoph 

er3. 102 

Dunevant, Deborah 


Echelbareer. Eric 66 

EckhardC Michael R. 63, 118 

Edler, Jon T 63,118 

Edwards, Morgan C. 1 10 

Eggleston. Dr. Tami 25, 56, 57. 88 

Ehinger, Whitney K. 73 

Ehrenreich. Barbara 9 

Eilers, Rachel M. D (n.p.) 

Elder. Nicole C. 93 

Elliott, David K. 71,118 

Elliott, Pamela M. 30 

Ellis, Stephen D. 63,118 

Elving, Ron 9 

Enyart, Brook L. 77,118 

Emst, EricW. 63,102 

Essenpreis, Ben J. 118 

Eusterbrock, Jessica 47 

Evans, Andrew J. 63, 118 

Evans, Casey H. 63. 118 

Evans, Margaret J. 93 

Evans, MellaDeane 102 

Evans. Shana Kay 82, 110 

Everett. Anna K. 41.46, 118 

Everett. Tiffany M. 82, 118 

Eversgerd, Aaron B. 93, 
Eversgerd, Kevin T 

Eversgerd, Kyle J. 63, 118 
Eyetsemitan, Dr. Frank 35, 56 



Fahrenhorst, Timothy63, \\i 
Falconio, Anthony J. 63 

Feick. Amie R. 
Feldmann, Debra A. 
Fennell, Preston B. 
Ferguson, Brian M. 
Ferguson. Rachel J. 
Ferguson, Tanya M 

26, 56, 57 




70, 73 


Eaker, Susanna L. 93 

Earnest, Nathan F. (n p.) 

Eberwein, Benton 71. 102 

150 Index 

Fernandez, Anana B. 1 10 

Fero, Dr. George 88 

Fero, Mane A. (n.p.) 

Ferrell, Mane 90 

Ferrell, Sarah B. (n.p.) 

Fietsam Holle, Sarah 30 

File, Ashley E. 30 

Finch. Patrice L. 102 

Fischer, Brad L 66 

Fischer, Cara J. 93 

Fisher, lima J. 118 

Fitzgerald, Derrick 93 

Fiudo, Erin L. 82.103 

Fleming, Rebecca E. (n.p.) 

Flick, Rebecca K. 103 

Flood, KyleW. 71, 118 

Florczyk, Carl D. 30, 93 

Foehrkolb, Cynthia 25 

Folk, Dr. Patrick 35. 55 

Football 13,62,63 

Ford, Ashley D. 57 

Ford, Jarrett M. 4. 13 

Ford. Jasmine E. (n.p.) 

Ford, Sara A. 110 

Ford. Skyler H. 51.66,118 

Foster. Lindsay M. 42. 77 

Foster, Stacie L. (up.) 

Founder's Day 22, 23 
Fournie. Lisa A. 103 

Foumier, Stephen 93 
Fowler, Jennie R. 103 
Fox, Stephen Z. 103 

Fraher, Timothy J. 77, 110 
Francescon. Nickolas63, 1 10 

Frank, Chas 25 
Frank, Kayla D. 74 

Franke, Charles J. 94 
Frawley. Kelly M. 118 

Frederking. Dr. Brian 21 

Frerking. Lacey J. 84, 118 

Fricke, Gretchcn 1 6 

Fnederich, Nicholas 63 

Frierdich, Steven M. 64, 65, 103 

Frisch Jr. Arthur L. (n.p.) 

Fritz. Kelly M. 110 

Frobish, Kristin M. 3 

Frolley, Kelly 43 

Frost, Emily C. 41 

Fry, Erin R. 40, 53 

Fuchs, Michelle A. 42, 110 

Fuchs, Troy E. 63 

Fuehne, Brian P. 94 
Fuehne. Stacy L. 118 

5. 55, 1 1 1 

42. 77, 18 
72, 111 

43, 118 
25, 63, 1 1 1 

43, 118 

28, 72, 103 
63, 103 

13, 16, 111 
84, 118 
42,75, 111 

47. Ill 
63,71. 118 


8, 16,88 




42. 1 1 1 

18, 19, 58. Ill 

63, 103 



41. 103 




79, 103 











Gaddis, Emily J. 
Gaddis. Laura R. 
Gage, Tammara L. 
Gagne, John P. 
Gain, Holley D. 
Gajewski, Jason 
Galeaz, Tiffany M. 
Galli, Alex A. 
Garber, Karen E 
Garland, Ashley N. 
Garrett. Yasanne J. 
Gates, Whitney A. 
Gebke, Scott J. 
Geluck, Neal A. 
Gericke, Drew J. 
Gerlach, Kyle E. 
Germann. Matthew 
Gerrish, Sarah D. 
Gerstner, Brent C. 
Gibbs, Aimee K. 
Gibbs, Jesse A. 
Gibbs, Megan E. 
Giles, Elizabeth G. 
Giles, Marsha 
Giles, Stacey R. 
Gillespie, Andrew J 

Gilmore, Jerome D. 

Gilter, Jamie A. 

Gladis, George A. 

Glenn, Aaron C. 

Glover, Pierre 

Goaring, Jill C. 

Goetz Jr, Richard J 

Goodwin, Krystal L. 

Gordon, Dr. Betsy 

Gordon. Meghan S. 

Graceffa, Ryan A. 

Graham, Catherine 

Graham. Jamie E. 

Grama, Minerva 

Granderson, Brandy 

Grasle, Melissa E. 

Gray. Brandi J. 

Gray, Jennifer R. 

Gray, Sharis L. 

Grayson, Beronte' M 

Greaves, Robert A. 

Green, Ashley N. 

Green, Darius J. 

Green, Jessica L. 

Greene, Robyn 

Greenfield, Dr. John 

Greenlee. Kim E. 

Greenstreet, Jeff 

Greenstreet, Karen 

Gregory. Sean W. 

Gries, Darin F. 

Gnesbaum, Kristy L 

Griffith, Kelly A. 103 
Grimmer, Crosby 103 
Grodeon, Steve R. 119 
Groennert, Heather 103 
Grogan. Jeffrey M. 63, 111 
Grogan, John M. 119 

Grogan, Matt 71 

Grossmann, Kara L. (n.p.) 
Guenther. Kara M. 103 
Guerin, Andres 18,19,56 

Guest, Emily L. 81,103 

Guetterman, Matthew 30, 94 
Gummersheimer, Leslie 13, 22, 51, 1 1 1 
Gundlach, Cassandra (n.p.) 

Guymon, Kyla M. 


Haar, Bradley J. 
Haas, Michelle L. 
Hackney, Timanye 
Hadley, Michael D. 
Haefner, Sarah A. 
Haertling, Devin D. 
Hails, Tiffany B. 
Halbert, Jereme M. 
Halfond, Dr. Irwin 
Hall, Stephanie R. 
Halsema. Susan M. 
Hamann, David M. 
Hammock, Scott A. 
Hamnck, Catherine 
Hanckley, Dan 
Hankhouse, Jarred C 
Hanson, Melanie L. 
Hanvey. Jan L. 

Hardesty, Casey J. 

Hardy, Keith A. 

Hare, Travis A. 

Haregot, Araya B. 

Hargett, Ashley R. 

Harlin. Jaclyn A. 

Harre, Patricia J. 

Harris, Bryan D. 

Harris, Julianne K. 

Harris, Matthew R. 

Harris, Michael A. 

Harris, Sarah R. 

Harrison Jr, Michael 

Harrison, Rev. Tim 

Harriss, Samantha J. 

Harroff, Bill 

Harry, Bethany A. 

Hart, Emily E. 

Harter, Colleen M. 

Harter, Michelle R. 

Hartke, Logan S. 

Hartline. Andrea L. 

Harvey, Jason D. 

Hasheider. Kathryn 

Hasheider, Kelly K. 

Haskell, Robin 

Haskins, Dr. William 

Hasler, Jennifer C. 

Hastings, Wesley J. 

Hattle, Leslie A. 

Havelka, Krystal M. 

Hawkins, Andrea M. 
Hawkins, Lindsey D. 
Hayer, Christopher 
Hayes, Tracey M. 
Haywood, Betty-Ann 
Hazzard, Elizabeth 
Heck, Matthew J. 
Hedman, Sarah M. 
Heern, Marissa F. 
Hems, Brittany J. 








ill. ')4 





4, 47, 48, 52. 1 1 1 

63, 119 

74, 119 
















13, 14, 15, 30, 91.94 
63.72. 119 
89, 90 
58, 1 1 1 

14, 111 
42, 47. 52 


64, 1 I 9 
68, 119 
68,69, 103 

34, 55, 57 
5. 28, 42, 1 1 1 
63, 119 
42. Ill 
77, 103 
5,73, 119 

4,7. 103 

18. 14 

16, 111 

Helms, "Corky" 35 

Herminn, Amanda L. (n.p.) 
Hemker, Melanie M. 70 
Henderson, Sean M. 10, 55, 103 
Henderson-Moore, A. 89 
Hendricks, Mandeline94 
Hendnxson, Beja S. (n.p.) 
Henn, Amber R. 21,42, 77,74 

Henne, Alexandre B. 19, 81, 111 
Henry, Lindsay A. (n.p.) 
Herbert, Christopher 63. I 19 
Hering, Sheila M 68 
Hermann, Dean M. (n.p.) 
Hess, Jill K 30, 94 

Hester, Emily A. 30 
Hibbert, Carissa L. 103 
Hiekox, Heather R. 25,43, 103 
Hicks, Adam J. 63, 119 

Hicks, Christin M 119 
Hicks, Laura E. 30 

Hill, Kellen W. 63,119 

Hillyard, Lyndsey R. 7(1 
Hilyard, Justin A. 119 
Hinkebem, Knstina 104 
Hise. Elizabeth M. 42, 58, 94 
Hoehner, Christine 94 
Hoffman, Holly A. 119 
Hogue, Terne L. 94 

Hohl, Emily M. 42, 119 

Holcmann, Shauna 70, 73 
Holdener, Bnanne 30, 94 
Holdener, Taran M. 57 
Holderfield, Lindsey (n.p.) 
Hollingsead, Joshua 55, 58, 1 1 1 
Holloway, Warren 
Holmgren. Lindsay 
Holtgrave. Marlene 
Holtman. Bradley E. 
Homecoming I 2. 1 

Honeycutt, Christine 104 
Hook, Adam D. 
Hopkins, Bryan J. 
Hopkins. Michael J. 
Hopkins, Zaek J. 
Horn, Jamie L. 
Horst, Robert D. 
Horton, Lacee N. 
Houmes, Bryan A. 

International Students 18, 19 
Isom, Janet 90 

in p 


63, I 19 







Houseworth, Deanna (n.p.) 

30, 95 

63, I 1 1 
13,63, II I 

4,27, 82, 114 

Hovatter, Deena L. 

Howard, Jacob 

Howard, Maukiesh 

Hubbard. Katie 

Hubbard, Matthew 

Huckelberry, John-Phillip 78 

Huddlcston, Jayma 30 

Hudgens. Michael A. 72 

Hudson, Chad A. 63, 119 

Hudspeth, Timothy J. 104 

Hughes, Millicent M. 47, 104 

Hughes, Patrick J. (n.p.) 

Huhn, Michelle T. 

Hull, Sara K 

Huller, Timothy P. 

Hulhung. Shelby M 

Hunger Banquet 

Hunsinger, Kristine 

Hunter. Elizabeth C 

Hunter. Megan J. 

Hutchings, Christopher 30, 58. 95 

Hutchison, Bevin E. (n.p.) 

Hutchison, Dennis R. 114 

Hutchison, Jennifer I I 1 

Huxford, Dr. Lyn 47, 52 

Inskip, Erin Nicole (n.p.) 



Jacknewitz, Jennifer 
Jackson, Amber 
Jackson, Brittany L. 
Jackson, Erica D. 
Jackson. {Catherine 
Jackson, Keith A. 
Jackson, Tiffany V. 
Jacob, Keith C. 
Jacob, Ryan C. 
Jacobsen, Erik T. 
.lacobsmeyer, Kevin 
Jacoby, Christine A. 
James Sr, Terrell L. 
James, Chadley E. 
James, Thomas B. 
Jameson, Natalie E. 
Janek, Jacob M. 
Janik, Heather M. 
Jeffers, John C. 
Jefferson, Zerrick M. 
Jenkins. Letitia R. 
Jennings, Candice R. 
Jestin, Jessica 
Johns, Kelley S. 
Johnson, Andrea S. 
Johnson. Erika L. 
Johnson. Erin N. 
Johnson, Karla M. 
Johnson, Kimherly 
Johnson, Stefanie A. 
Jonas, Seth M. 
Jones, Adrian C. 
Jones, Andrew S. 
Jones. Daryle C. 
Jones. Derek S. 
Jones. Dominique M 
Jones. Erica L. 
Jones. Jamie L. 
Jones, Josh D. 
Jones, Lisa C. 
Jones, Lisa Kay 
Jones, Miranda L. 
Jones, Nicholas R. 
Jones, Nique 
Jones, Raphael 
Jones, Rhonda 
Jones, Shana L. 
Jordan, Donielle N. 
Judge, Natalie B. 
Juehne. Elizabeth L. 
Jung, Nicole M. 


43, 114 

3, 7, 27, 73 

30, l()4 


63, 1 1 1 


72, 114 

28, 64, 45 

47. 114 

81, 114 


82. 114 
63, I I 1 
56, 104 

54. 45 




63, 114 

4, 27, 41.45,63, I 14 


63, 104 









76, 120 




43. 75 

16. 26, 112 

55, 82, 45 

30, 45 


Kenly. Rachael L. 
Kennedy, Nicholas 
Kerr, Brittney S. 
Kessel, Megan R. 
Kettelkamp, Justin 
Ketfwich, Kellen M. 
Kiefer, Amanda L. 
Kiefer, Ashley 
Kiefer, Cindy 
Kim, Douglas B. 
King, Robert B. 
King, Stacy A. 
kingslev. I nnK i 
Kingston, Chad E. 
Kirk. Steve W. 
Kirkland, Steven A. 
Kirksey, Amanda K. 
Kirschner. Elizabeth 
Kisgen, James 
Kitner, Megan K. 
Kitzmiller, Mary-K. 
Klamherg, Amy C. 
Klaus, Amanda K. 
Klaus, Barbara J. 

Kadonsky, Michelle 

48. 12(1 

Kalert, Amber M. 

3, 104 

Kampwerth, Tina 



S. 70 

Kane, Mary K. 


Kannewurf, Steven . 


Kantner, Dustin J. 


Kappa Lambda Iota 


Kappa Sigma Tau 


Kassly, Renee L. 


Keaster, James C. 

8 1 , 45 

Keckritz, Nicole L. 


Kee, Adam S. 

10, 11, 37,41,54, 55,45 

Keel, Sarah M. 


Keeven, John H. 


Kehrer, Mary M. 


Kelemetc, Sara E. 


Kelley. Andrew .1. 



43, 45 

72, 120 





13, 30, 63. 45 



72. 45 

30, 63 

30, 45 

74, 82. 83 

12, 55, 104 



5, 12,33,42, 101 

74, 120 
2, 74, 112 

Kleiboeker, Heidi N. 41.46 

Klein, Erin L. 
Klein, Jeffrey D. 
KJier, Jarrod 
Kloppenburg, Brian 
Klostermann, Brian 
Klostermann, Leah 
Klostermann, Lynn 
Klostermann, Paul 
Klucker, Katie B. 
Knobbe, Joseph L. 
Knobeloch, Michael 
Knoll, Andrea R. 
Kockler, Adam E. 
Koeneman, Scott M. 30, 46 
Koerber, Matthew D. 66, 46 
Koerkenmeier, Tara (n.p.) 
Kolakowski. Megan 73, 46 


68, 64, 1 | 2 



72, 120 


43, 48. 120 


Kolda, Cynthia M. 
Komorech. Chris A 
Korte, Allen 
Korte, Lauren A. 
Kostoff, Donna M. 
Kowal, Melmda S. 
Krcher, Daniel A. 







4. 7, 13, 15.42 

54, 55, 41, 46 
Kremmel, Aaron M. 42, 71. 1 12 
Krewinghaus, Christina 54, 58 
Kriss, George N. 4,42,54 
Krug, Emily R. (n.p.) 

Krumsieg, Peter D. 13, 66, 67, 46 
Kueper, Jaclyn M. (n.p.) 
Kuhn, Dori K. 84,40. I 12 

Kunz, Jackey 56 

Kupferer, Matthew 10.41, 104 
Kupfercr, Tommy 34 
Kutscher. Scott C. 64, 112 
Kuykendall, Emily 84 

Laaek, Megan R. 30 

Lackey, Shannon R. 25 

Lafenhagen, Lyndsy 112 

Laidley, Michelle R. 31, 104 

Lambda Pi Eta 55 

Lang, Cassandra J. 42, 75, II 

Lang, Dr. Sandra 88, 40 

Langdon, Michael 1 . 63 

Langhorn, Tyson M. 63 

Lapington. Kyle S. 3, 42, III 

Lappe, Natalie L. 82, 120 

Large, Lana R. (n.p.) 

Larsen. Mark A. 63 

Lash. Justin M. 
Laskowski. Jamie L. 
Latimer. Kathy L. 
Lauber, Matthew L. 
Lauf. Jamie L. 
Laux. Benjamin M. 
Lay, David M. 
Ledbetter, Tracy S. 
Legui/.amon, Amalia 
Lelea, Lee 
Leohner. Erica M. 
Leonard, Cassandra 
I cull. I >aw n 
Lerch, Jennifer R. 
Lercher, Nicholas R. 
Levin, George J. 
Lewis, Amie N. 
Lewis, Dalinda J. 
Lewis, Jesse N. 
Lewis, John P. 
Liening, Candace M. 
Lindauer, Lori A. 
Linn, Justin E. 
Linnemann, Melanie 
Literary Interest Soci 
Litteken, Lindsey R. 
Loberg. Don 
Lockwood, Brett A. 
Lodes. Karen B. 
Loehner, Erica 
Loepker, Jessica N. 
Loeschner, Rebecca 
Loftus, Sara K. 
Logan, Willie L. 
Lomelino, Brian J. 
Looper, Knsta N. 
Lott, Lindsay L. 
Louden, Darci P. 
Lowe, Jonathan 
Lowrey, Sherri D. 
Lozier, Randy J 
Lugge, Robert A. 
Luitjohan, Jason D. 
Luitjohan, Kyle M. 
Luja, Jason T. 
Luper, Jennifer K. 
Lustig, Megan R. 
Lutz, Chnstiane C. 
Lyles, Bryant K. 
Lyons, Sasha M. 

1 1 14 

63. 120 


63, 71, 120 

13, 120 

30, 46 

18. 14 










63, 104 





71. 120 
53. 55 


63, 120 
63, 112 
53, 46 

30. 46 
3. 120 







66, I 1 2 


MacEvven, Wendy E. 112 
Maedge, Tara S. 104 

Maggos, Erin M. 13, 14, 30,46 

Magnussen, Doug 10, II 
Magnussen, Michelle 10. II 
Mahan, Thomas E. 77. 120 
Maiyo, Joel K. 14, 84, 120 

Major, Jeff M. 44,64,65,46 

Mallnch, James J. (n.p) 
Mallrich, Jan 84 

Maloch. Trevor F. 71,120 
Mann. Marcus C. 63 
Mannino. Michelle 29, 120 
Mansfield, Leann R. 25, 112 
Marcum, Blake A. 24, 84. 120 
Marcum. Lance A. 72, 112 
Marcum. Natalie K. 26 
Markey, Mary-E. 30, 46 
Marqucdant, Margaret 70, 120 
Marsaglia, Kiisten N.70 
Marshall, Jennifer L. (n.p.) 
Martens, Jamie R (n.p.) 
Martin. Courtenay L. 104 
Martin. Sean M. 27, 44, 112 

Martin, Steve W. 96 

Martychenko, Allison 42, 105 

Martz, Meghan K. 24, 55, 68 

Masinelli, Jessica L. (n.p.) 

Mason, Brenda A. 30 

Mason, Jeff 68 

Mason, Nathan T. 96 

Mason, Theresa L. 70 

Mathieu, Vincent 19 

Matthews, Mary T. 3, 105 

Mattingly, Todd A. (n.p.) 
Matzenhacher. Brian 30, 96 

Matzenbacher, Gina 120 

Maurer, Amy F. 73 

Maurer, Miranda L. 112 

Mayes, Melanie L. 121,76 

McCallister, Russel (n.p.) 

McCann, J. Clinton 32 

McCann, Justin A. (n.p.) 

McCarthy, Lee K. 19,77 

McCat 47 

McCauley, Christine 82, 121 

McClary, Joe 64 

McCorkle, Rebecca 96 

McCormick, Ian M. 16, 26, 112 

McCray, Kurtis L. 63 
McCullough, Carolyn 112 

McDonald, Jessica 73 

McGee, Martin T. (n.p.) 

McGrath. Eimear 19, 112 

McGnff, Kimberly (n.p.) 

McGuire, Joseph R. (n.p.) 

Mcintosh, Brandon 63 

Mclntyre, Mary R. 112 

McKelvy, Katie A. (n.p.) 

McKendrean Staff 59 
McKendree Sisters United 43 

McKenzie, Sara J. 43, 73 

McMillin. Lindsay 56 

McMullen, Mary E. (n.p.) 

McNair, Bryan D. 63 

McNeill, Robert A. 66, 112 

McQuaid, Lester A. 4, 121 

McQuillan, Devin F. 63, 121 

Mead. Xavier 63, 121 
Meador, Tahitha J. 
Meadows, Curtis D 

4,42,63, 105 

Meddows, Melissa A. 70 

Medvick, Haley C. 
Meeker. Melissa L. 
Mehnng, Adam R. 
Mennerick, Gregory 
Men's Baseball 
Men*s Basketball 
Men's Bowling 
Men's Cross Country 84, 85 
Men's Golf 78 

Men's Soccer 
Men's Tennis 
Men's Wrestling 




4, 16,26, 





Merlenbach, Erica L. 121 

Mesnard, Patricia S. 
Mesplay, Kristi L. 
Meyer, Emily R. 
Meyer, James R. 
Meyer. Kelly M. 
Meyer. Melissa D. 
Meyler, Ryan P. 
Michels. Jeffrey R. 
Middendorf. Lisa J. 
Miles. Stephen E. 

89, 90, 105 






72. 121 




Millas, Michalene M.(n.p.) 

Miller, Crystal L. 
Miller. Jonathan R. 
Miller, Kayla R. 
Miller, M. Valerie 
Miller, Ramonda R. 

152 Index 

7. 10, 11, 

Miller, Susan A. 
Miller, Tarell E. 
Mills, Diane R. 
Minor, Amanda J. 
Mitchell. Joni 
Mitchell, Kelly E. 
Mitchell, Megan L. 
Moad, Christie J. 
Mobley. Duane 
Moll, Jane A. 
Mollet, Kathenne J. 

46, 121 


12, 89, 105 

56, 47 


68, 112 





9, 23, 57 

Molnar, Katnna M. 53. 55. 105 

Monken, Edward G. 

Montage, The 

Moonier, Came A. 

Moore. Lisa A. 

Moore, Maureen 

Moore, Samuel L. 

Mora, Mallory P. 

Moran. Scott T. 

Morgan, Johnathon 

Morland, Nikki L. 

Morris, Andrea E. 

Mosca, Francisco 

Mosca, Nicholas 

Moss, Deveon L. 

Mudd Belding. Morgan 30, 97 

Mueller, Cassandra 97 

Mueller, Mary C. 12,54,55,97 

Mueller, Susan R. 17 

Munson, Ashleigh R. 41. 121 

Murphy. Heather N. (n.p.) 

Murrin, Daniel P. 63, 121 

Musial, Jeanette M. 105 

Muskopf, Michael 105 

Musselman. William 63 

63, 121 


30. 97 

84, 105 












Naegele-Adamson, Kimberly 97 

Nagel. Timothy M. 72. 105 
Nation, Lora 121 

Neabuhr, Sara M. 105 

Neale, Dr. Philip 48, 88 

Neff, Stephanie R. (n.p.) 

Neighbors, Dori S. (n.p.) 

Neubert, Kelly M (n.p.) 

Nevois, Jan E. 30 

Newbury, Brittany J. 4. 55, 105 

Newsom, Lynnette 8, 34, 97 

Newsom, Woodrow 72 

Nichols, Chad E. (n.p.) 

Nicholson, Sara J. 112 

Niebrugge, Jonathon 121 
Niebur, Sara M. 

Niedringhaus, Rick 64, 65, 105 

Niemeyer. Amy R. (n.p.) 

Niermann, Edward J. 63, 121 

Niermann, Michael 63 

Nilson, Eric H. 97 

Nimmo, Joshua R. 63 

Noeldner, Jason D. 72, 121 

Noeth, Jennifer M. 30, 97 

Notorangelo. Nicole 73 

Novara, Nell M. 121 

Nunn, Juanita D. 43. 45, 56, 97 


Oakley, Richard L. 66, 121 

Ohermann, Erika P. 65 

Ocheltree, Nicole L. 25 

Oertwig, Lindsey A. 30.31.97 

Oertwig, Shane L. 72,21 

Oertwig, Shawn L. 72,21 

Oldeen, Cory S. 63, 121 

Oldham, Noah A. 105 

Olds, Christa K. (n.p.) 

Olds, Gary W. 55, 97 

Oliver, Jessi L. 
Olson, Brittany K. 
O'Rourke, Josie 
Orr, Dr. John P. 
Oster, Brad 
Otey, Christopher G. 
Ottinger, David 
Oughton, Laura M. 
Ousley, Keri A. 
Oyenard, Facundo 

73, 121 
63, 121 


82, 83, 105 


Padgett, David T. 
Paeth, Nina J. 
Palovick, Jenna E. 
Paluczak, Jamie L. 
Paluczak, JoAnne M 
Pandey, Laxman 
Pankey, Kristin N. 
Pankey, Tyler L. 
Pankey, Whitney B. 
Pannier, Julie A. 
Paproth, Kelly D. 
Parker, Carmen V. 
Parker, Eric J. 
Parker. Jennifer A. 
Parker. Man,' B. 
Parsons, Dr. Brian 
Parsons, Kellie 
Patterson, Kara N. 
Paul, Nessa K. 
Payton, Jamie M. 
Pechacek, Derek E. 
Pellmann, Amber L. 
PenDell, Tracie D. 
Perry, Rebekah D.M. 
Persons, Kellie M. 
Peters, Dr. Jennifer 
Peterson, Cari A. 
Peterson, Glenn A. 
Peterson, Kolin M. 
Peterson, Michelle 
Petraitis, Stacy M. 
Petrus, Rachel R. 
Petzoldt, Allison N. 
Pfefferkorn. Joanna 
Pfeiffer, Kelly A. 
Phi Alpha Theta 
Phi Kappa Phi 
Phillips. Amy M. 
Phillips, Jesse L. 
Phillips. Lon R. 
Philo Fraternity 
Pi Gamma Mu 
Pickerell, Jennifer 
Pieper. Thomas P. 
Pittser, Dr. Sharan 
Poelker, Carl 
Pokomy, Dr. Kian 
Poland. Laura M. 
Polk, Kerri F. 
Pope, Luke A. 
Popp, Kelly M. 
Porter, Ayanna L. 
Potthoff, Jami L. 
Povolish, Aaron L. 
Powers, Justin C. 
Pranger, Dustin S. 
Prayer, Theodore B 
Prest, Adam S. 
Prince, Michael R. 
Psychology Club 
Pullum. Lonnitta R. 
Purcell, Jacob T. 

63,27, 121 






25, 113 

62, 63 
55. 74 

73, 121 



19,84.85, 121 

63, 122 





31, 105 







4. 105 











82, 122 

16,66, 113 




46. 113 

72, 105 

63, 122 

63, 122 


63, 122 




Quinn, Carrie A. 14,42 

Quinones, Paula K. (n.p.) 
Quintana, Dusty D. (n.p.) 
Quirin, Jeffrey T. 105 
Quisenberry. Dr. Neil 1 6, 2 1 . 

Rahar, Nicholas E. 63 

Rains, Andrew 63, 105 

Rakers, Anna T. (n.p.) 

Rakers, Jacob 1. (n.p.) 

Rakers. Zachary A. 48 

Raley, Nathan L. 113 

Ramsey, Ashleigh R. 30 

Rawley, Nathan M. 97 

Raymond. Amber N. 13, 14, 55, 56, 81 


Redburn, Samantha (n.p.) 

Redmond, Brandon 63, 122 

Rednour, Zackery T. 122 

Reed, Kathryn P. 42, 97 

Reed, Rachael M. 73, 113 

Reed, Trevor A. 105 

Reep, John 6, 7 

Reeves, Brent 16,45,89 

Reeves. Ginger H. 105 

Rehberger, Sally E. 106 

Rehkemper, Linda S. 30 

Remagen, Rachael E. 113 

Renda, Pedro F. 18, 19,44 

Rennegarbe, Camille 74, 106 

Renshaw. Randa 10. 43. 122 

Repking, Jennifer M. 52, 55, 68 

Review, The 58 

Reynolds, Ashley A. 42, 77 

Reynolds, Dr. Todd 23 

Reynolds. Jarrod L. 63 

Reznicek, Maria A. 73, 97 

Rhodes, David J. 63, 106 

Rhodes. Renee A. 45, 89 

Rhodes. Timothy J. 63 

Rice. Joseph A. 122 

Richard, Nicole A. 113 

Richards, Dr. Timothy 88 

Richardson II. John 63. 113 

Richardson, Amanda (n.p.) 

Richardson, Megan (n.p.) 

Richert, Dustin R. 72, 97 

Richmond, Allison L.(n.p.) 

Rick, Lindsay R. (n.p.) 

Rickard, Ryan D. (n.p.) 

Riddle, Douglas A. 30 

Ridgell, Raymond P. 63. 122 

Ridley, Renell 25,43, 106 

Rieckenberg, Danielle 47, 55, 74 

Riemann, Mark E. 56, 81 

Riess. Dr. Deanne 57, 88 

Riggs, Brian T. (n.p.) 

Rigney. Kimberly S. (n.p.) 

Rinderer, Elizabeth (n.p.) 

Ripperda. Kendall M.43, 122 


77. 122 
7,50, 12 

Queem. James M. 72 

Robb, Dr. Ray 
Robbins, Stephanie 
Robert, Mellisa A. 
Robertson, Craig 
Robertson, Lindsay 
Robins, Leah A. 
Robinson, Lynnae B. 6, 7 
Robinson, Sarah E. 106 
Robitaille. Matthew 
Robitaille, Nicholas 
Robson, Natalie M. 
Roehl, Jennifer J. 
Roosevelt, Devan M. 1 13 
Root, Mark Thomas 63, 71 
Ropp, Curtis A. 122 

Rosen, Daniel A. 122 
Rosen, Nicole M. 113 



73, 122 
30, 42, 9 

Rosenthal, Travis W. 122 

1 Ross, Colby N. 113 

Rossin, Mclanic L. 106 

Roth, Shannon E. (n.p.) 

Roundcount, Joseph 63 
Roundcount, Matthew 30 

; Roznowski, Rosalie 98 

Rubenacker, Sara B. 4, 5, 26, 113 

Ruby, Trisha A. 56, 98 

Rudd, Allen E. 14, 122 

Rueter, Jarred L. 63. 122 

Rule, Gayle M. 30, 98 

t Ruppert, Eva S. 34, 55 

i Rushing. Amanda L. 3, 106 

Rushing. Nathan E. 71 

Ruth, Sarah M 55, 106 

Rylee, Richard T. 63, 122 

Saatkamp, Paula L. 30 

Saia, Emily J. (n.p.) 
Sanchez-Pagano, Maximo (n.p.) 
Sanders, Danny L. 106 

Sanders, Melissa J. (n.p.) 
Sanders. Monet T. 122 

Sandy, Mike 89 

Santbrd, Don L. (n.p.) 

Sanford, Joy M. (n.p.) 
Santel. Jennifer M. 1 13 

Sauerhage, Chris 98 

Saunders, Magen R. 30, 31 

Sayama, Mirai P. 19. 113 

Schaal, Michael J. 42, 113 

Schaefer, Stephanie 98 

Schaeffer, Christ 4, 98 

Schafer, Amber L. 4, 5, 16, 47, 113 

Schalk, Stacey M. 98 

Schaltenbrand, Lisa 113 

Schank, George A. 113 

Scharf, Stephanie J. (n.p.) 

Scheibel, Jennifer S. 113 

Scher, Sara R. (n.p.) 

Scherby, Ricky J. (n.p.) 

Schilb, Rick T. 63 

Schildknecht, Phil 78 

Schilling, Dustin 78 
Schillinger, Adam D. 98 
Schlarman. Erica R. 

Schlueter, Kelly L. 106 

Schmermund. David (n.p.) 

Schmid, Daniel M. 10, I I, 55 

Schmidt, Jennifer L. (n.p.) 

Schneider, Michael (n.p.) 

Schnelten, Kelli L. (n.p.) 

Schnurr, Malissa E. 98 

Schoenherr, Brian S. 71, 113 

Schorr, Melissa D. 122 

Schreiber, Rebecca 73 

Schroeder, Andrew 30, 98 

Schuck, Amanda L. 73, 122 

Schuessler, Stacy 31 

Schulte, Trisha A. (n.p.) 
Schumacher. Timothy 66, 98 
Schumacher, Victoria 106 
Schwemmer, Gahnelle (n.p.) 

Scobbie, Kyhe M. 122 

Scott, BreaN. 106 

Scott, Colby N. 63 

Seger, Jamie F. (n.p.) 

Seibel. Erica K. 122 

Seibert, Jennifer K. 17 

Seka, Knsten A. 30 

Settles, Lee W. 63, 122 

Sheard, Jacquline M. 1 13 

Sheets, Lon A. (n.p.) 

Shellenberg. Jenna 82, 123 

Shemwell, Travis L. 66, 1 13 

Shepard. Charles H. 25 

Shields, Jessica L. 98 

Short. Randall E. 98 

Shull. Eric R. (n.p.) 

Siebert, Erin E. (n.p.) 

Sigma Beta Delta 56 

Sigma Nu Fraternity 44 

Sikma, Breanne L. 13. 14, 55 

Simmons. Brandi M. 1 13 

Simmons, Jared A. (n.p.) 

Simmons, Sarah E. 123 

Simmons, Shane M. 98 

Simon, Adam C. 63,123 

Simones, Christine 43, 70 

Skinner. Misty M. 113 

Slack, Duan I 7 

Slechticky, Amber 33 

Sledge, Katie M. 123 

Sligar, Jennifer L. 113 

Sliment, David A. 106 

Smalley. Dr. Roger 57 

Smith, Abbey M. 106 

Smith, Andrew T. 19, 84, 98, 106 

Smith. Darius D. (n.p.) 

Smith, Golden D. 71 

Smith. Janna L. 70 

Smith, Jordan R. 63. 123 

Smith, Kelli A. 123 

Smith, Keyma L. 7, 13, 15, 22. 33. 
42.51, 106 

Smith, McKenzie B. 46, 106 

Smith, Sharon R. (n.p, ) 

Smith, Tabitha A 106 

Snedeker, Sean 31 

Snider, Kimberly 30, 58, 98 

Snider, Nicole L 106 

Sokolowski, Michael 71. 123 

Sondag, Trevor A. 56,98.123 
Sondag, Tyler N. 77 

Sos, Jennifer L. (n.p.) 

Spanley, Norma 90 

Spano, Kimberly A. 30 
Sparks, Stephanie A. 56, 68, 69 
Sparwasser, Christine 30 

Speaks, Joseph W. 63 

Spectrum Alliance 21 
Speech/Debate Team 48 

Spencer, Lakisha A. (n.p.) 

Spillan, JoAnna L. 30, 98 

Spotanski. Matthew 72, 113 

Spurlock, Jordan A. 63, 123 

St. Jean, Steve E. 106 

Staats, Danyel R. 123 
Stacey-Doyle, Dr. Michele 43 

Stack, Naureen S. 55, 106 

Stahl, Curtis A. 40,46. 1 13 

Stamper, Joanna L. 106 

Stanfill, Melissa A. (n.p.) 

Stanley, Jonathan 66, 67 

Starek, Jennifer L. (n.p.) 

Starr, Cynthia R. 30 

Statham. Harry 66 

Steeg. Timothy A. 64 

Stefan, Marilyn J. (n.p.) 

Steiger, Katherine A. 82 

Steiner, Jamie K. (n.p.) 

Stephens, Jamie 1 13 

Stephens, Ross D. 72 

Stephens, Sarah A. 106 

Sterling, Glenda M. (n.p.) 

Stewart, Brady A. 42. 47 

Stewart, Brandon R. 63, 123 

Stewart, Eric L. 63, 98 

Stewart. Marty 28 

Stewart, Nancy 31 

Stewart III, Robert 56 

Stier, John C. (n.p.) 

Stinde, Amy L. 123 

Stinson, Todd D. 1 0, 1 1 , 2 1 , 26, 34, 
54, 55, 99 

Stock, Robert W. (n.p.) 

Stogsdill, Kasey L. 83 

Stokes, Gwendolyn 13, 123 

Storck, Chad E. 66 

Storner, Sabrina 89 

Stott. Timothy S. 30 

Stout, Allison J. 123 
Strackeljahn, Erin L. 30, 99 

Strang, Kent C. 4, 9, 22, 106 

Strange, Tim 64, 65, 82 

Straub, Mildred 90 
Strecker, Amanda C. 68 

Stremlau, John A. 64 

Strobbe, Michael A. 66, 123 

Stryker, Shane M. 30 
Student Ambassadors 44 

Stukenberg, Keri E. (n.p.) 

Stults, Joel C. 63, 72, 123 

Suca, Lindsey M. 70 

Suelmann. Jeff M. 66 

Suess, Paulina M. 106 

Sugar, Melinda M. 1 1 3 

Suhl, Ashlie R. (n.p.) 
Summary, Brendan J. 47, 1 14 

Summerlin, Derrick 63, 123 

Sumner, Nancy K. 56, 106 

Surber, Angela M. 6, 7. 1 5, 46. 5 1 , 

54, 55. 79, 99 

Sutton, Suzanne M. (n.p.) 

Suydam, Amy L. (n.p.) 

Svec, Diana K. 30 

Swartz, Lauren G. (n.p.) 

Swinford, Theren D. 30, 99 

Szoke, Christine E. 76 

Tadlock, Rebecca L. 75, I 14 

Tangman, Heidi M. 42, 77, 106 

Taylor, Amber N. 42,123 

Taylor, Niehole A. 30, 99 

Taylor, Nicole J. 42,123 

Taylor, Nicole R. 70, 123 

Tebbe, Brent D. 3, 123 

Tedesco, Jennifer D. 56, 99 

Terrell, Timothy P. 64 

Tharp, Angela D. 30, 42, 99 

Thigpen, Michael D. 109, 114 

Thomann, Brandon (n.p.) 

Thomas, Christine E. 55, 106 

Thomas, Deidra A. 4. 123 

Thomas, Jacob R. 77. 123 

Thompkins, Rosalind (n.p.) 

Thompson. Brandye (n.p.) 

Thompson, Knsten 17, 106 

Thompson. Rebekah 30 

Thompson, Sarah E. (n.p.) 

Thornton, Jacob L. 53, 47 

Thornton, Kahla R (n.p.) 
Tiefenbrun. Kelly L. 70, 114 
Tillman, Audrey G. (n.p.) 
Timherlake. Morgan (n.p.) 
Timmermann, Ranee (n.p.) 
Tinnel, Anne 19 

Tinney. Laura 123 

Tinney, Lisa M. 123 

Tissier, Jacqueline 79, 106 
Tobias, Anthony R. 63, 123 
Todich. Monica E. 46 
Toennies, Corey M (n.p.) 
Tollefsrud, Dustin J. 63. 123 
Toney, Hortense L. (n.p.) 
Tonnies, Danielle B. (n.p.) 
Totten, Corey F. 47, 107 

Townsend, Blake A. 63, 123 
Trace, Jenessa M. (n.p.) 
Trantham, Kathleen (n.p.) 
Trask, Sara Louise 10, 42, 48. 55. 1 14 

Tribley, Abby R. 42, 123 

Trover, Brandy 89, 90 
Tucker, Christopher 30, 55 

Tullock, Kimberly (n.p.) 

Tungett, Stephen P. 63 

Tuttle, Emily M. 55, 5X 99 

U V w 

Uhls, Gregory G. 21 
Underwood. Dr. Fred 78, 79 
Usilton, Edward R. (n.p.) 
Utsey, Delton R. (n.p.) 

Vail. Anthony C. 63 
Vallero, Ashley M. 73, 77, 123 
Varady, Jaime N. 30 
Varel, Denise N. 124 

Vamum, Patrick .1. (n.p.) 

Vasiloff, Jessica J. 82, 107 
Vaughn, Tiare L. I 14 

Veach, Bruce 68 
Venhaus. Travis S. 124 

Vida. Phil 77 
Villa, Juan 18, 19,44, 78 

Vogt, Liz 89, 90 

Vogt, Nicholas E. 71, 107 
Vohland, Caitlin M. 3, 13. 124 
Volkmar, Justin H. 107 

Voors, Becky 89 

Vu, Tan N. 99 

Wacker. Catherine (n.p.) 
Wagner, Heather A. 107 

Wagner, Joseph A. 63,124 

Wahlig, Joshua D. 72, 114 

Walden, Jesse L. 63, 124 

Walkenhorst, Jeff 78 

Walker. Melvin B. (n.p.) 

Walker, Wasim 19, 27, 124 

Walls, Danny R. (n.p.) 

Waltermire, Krista 47, 124 

Walters, Jill E. (n.p.) 

Walton, Japheth O. 63 

Wand, Rosalie 74 

Ward, Andrea B. (n.p.) 

Ward, Clifton R. 78 

Warren, Jennifer L 43 

Waters, Chnstal 107 
Watkinson, Bethany 114 

Wayman, Amanda 34, 56. 99 

Weathers, Lindsay 42, 74, 124 

Webb, Stephen E. 62, 63 

Webster, Kari L. 107 
Webster, Kenneth O. 63, 1 14 

Weder, David 56, 99 

Weh, Derek H. (n.p.) 

Weier, William C. 71, 124 

Weil, Jill 90 

Weiler, Megan A. 4, 42. 55. 107 

Weingartner, Jane 35, 57, 89 

Weiss, Alicia C. 42.47,52.114 

Weiss, Sarah E. (n.p.) 

Wells. Jennifer S. (n.p.) 

Wellstead, David T. 19, 124 

Weltzin, Kristin V. 3, 84. 107 

Welzbacher, Brian J. 15,33,42,99 

Wendel, Rebecca A. 30, 99 

Westlake, Aimee K. 13.70 

Weston, Amy L. 30. 43, 99 

Weston, Jared G. 25, 1 14 

Weston. Kenny 72, 124 

Whaley, Micah A. (n.p.) 

Wheatley, Anthony 63 

Wheeler, Tabitha L. 107 

Whetstone, Chnsta (n.p.) 

Whetstone, Michael 63. 124 

White. Gary 84. 85 

White, Maggie 57 

White, Nicole F 



Whitehead, Emily A. 84, 114 
Whiteman, Hollie A. 30 

Whittaker, Carl J. 

63, 107 

Wiegand, Jason R. 


Wiggs, Afton B. 

1 14 

Yelton, Jason K. 


Wilcox, Gregory 


York, Beverly A. 

30, 99 

Wilhelm, Joseph R. 


Young, Katherine R 


Wilhelm, Kevin R. 


Young, Lindsey A. 

73, 124 

Wilhelm, Michelle 


Ypma, Dr. Nancy 

9, 39, 8 

Wilhelm, Robert 


Yurko, Teresa M. 


Wilkey, Tasha B. 



Wilkins, Kevin D. 

72, 124 


Will, Dr. Peter 



Willard, Chad L. 

71, 107 


Willett, Jason M. 


m § 

Williams, Daniel L. 

71, 107 

Zacharski, Lisa A. 


Williams, Mark S. 


Zaron, Brett P. 

50, 81, 

Willman, Clare D. 

15, 114 

Zeisset, Nathan E. 

1 07 

Wilson, Clint D. 


Ziegler, Matt D. 

63, 107 

Wilson, Cory M. 

63, 44, 99 

/ink, Paula K 

30, 100 

Wilson, Derek M. 

72, 1 14 

Zollner, Mike T. 


Wilson, Jeffrey A. 


Zurliene, Andrea L. 


Wilson, Matthew A. 

71, 124 

Zvonar, John M. 


Wilt, Steven C. 


Zweck, John R. 

70, 100 

Windham, Erica N. 

74, 124 

Windham, Stephanie 


Winkeler, Joshua R. 


Winkeler, Lisa M. 


Winkeler, Sarah L. 


Winkelmann, Emma 


Winters, Amber E. 

45, 46, 99 

Wise, Abbie L. 


Wisnasky, Kathryn 


Wissehr, Kelly H. 

34. 59, 89 

Witcher, Rachel L. 


Witsberger, Dr. Kelly 56 

Witsberger, Marshall 78 

Witt, Allison F. 

55. 124 

Witte, Angela D. 


Wittenbrink, Angela 


Woehlke, Kelly S. 

26, 56, 47, 99 

Wolf, Margaret A. 


Wolfmeier, Jill M. 

82, 124 

Wolfslau, Jamie L. 


Wolfslau, Justin T. 


Women's Basketball 


Women's Bowling 

76, 77 

Women's Cross Country 84, 85 

Women's Golf 


Women's Soccer 


Women's Softball 


Women's Tennis 


Women's Volleyball 


Wonnacott, Mark W 

48, 124 

Wood, BarbaraLee 


Woodruff. Paul W. 

48, 124 

Woods, Emily E. 


Woods, Lisa A. 

30. 99 

Woods, Rachel L. 


Woods, Salvador E. 

27, 71, 124 

Woodside, Zachary 


Wright, Alexander J. 

19, 84, 85 

Wright, Brandon E. 

63, 114 

Wright, Dionne S. 

19, 124 

Wuebbels, Lisa N. 


Wurtz, Amanda R. 


Wyatt, Duan 

1 14 

Wyrostek, Ashleigh 107 


154 Index 

an ending