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McKendree College 
Lebanon, Illinois 

I r"'* 




Richard W. Phillips 

Assistant Editor 

Robert C. Bridges 


Marion Bothwell, a lady of the Methodist Church and of 
the community, was a woman who, realizing the value of edu- 
cation, made it possible for McKendree to take one of the 
greatest progressive strides in its long history. Miss Both- 
well, who passed away in October of 1967, left the largest 
bequest ever received by McKendree, and in doing so made 
available the funds necessary to completely finance the con- 
struction and maintenance of the soon-to-be realized, and 
immeasurably necessary Bothwell Chapel on the McKendree 

Because of her concern for Christian education and her 
unselfish contribution toward its furtherance, we dedicate the 
1968 McKendrean in memory of her. 

Miss Marion Bothwell 


'**«'*%,**- ^ ' 


u v. 



Campus Life 



Building Blocks 






of McKendree 



"N r 

Who's Who 


Special Events 




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^■■^'^■* f^;^. 

v-^ M. 

cr . 'Jf . . -.- 





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.•'• '"Sk 





Where there is food, there are trat men. 

Student life at McKendree is composed of as 
many elements as there are personalities . . , from 
the fraternity cook-outs to the relatively sedate 
lounge of the girls' residence, from the dorm 
rooms, to the card games, passes an endless vari- 
ety of activity which proves again that the campus 
IS a microcosm of life after all. 

-^^ f 

The Deneen Campus Center is the revolving 
hub of campus social life Within these walls 
pulses the freer life, the post-exain crowd, and 
the pool players, although people have been 
known to study there, too. The |uke box, the 
ping pong tables, and the snack bar add to the 
atmosphere already blue with smoke. 

The books and the deck of cards -a study in contrast. 

The upper lounge- besi place on earth frj kill time before the next class . 

Campus life moves steadily from the Center to the 
classroom. The books in the union work their way to 
the laboratory with all the regularity of a fme time- 
piece, accompanierJ- usually by their students. Some- 
how, most people manage to figure out the uses of all 
the glass and metal on the lab tables m the wpII 
stocked science building 

From the classroom the wheel of student life spins 
slowly to the library. Here we find the lower mazes of 
the stacks, the magazines which are not always there 
when we need them, and the old books crowded on the 
austere metal shelves. The Benson Wood Library building, 
however, will soon be replaced by the Holman Library, 
which will adequately accommodate our rapidly growing 
student body. 

i*aa®** isssas 

* ', ' V. ' mWWfi^^ 

City officials always have all the answers except when we need them. 

Outside the library, student interests may 
turn to local politics -the parking sticker 
question is still unresolved -or they may 
weave on to food. Although I.D, cards are no 
longer checked at the cafeteria door, the 
food IS still plentiful. 

Students learn more tilings about McKendree in 
the town newspaper than they learn on campus ~ 
and sometimes the shock is staggering. Did you 
know, tor example, that Dean Manuel was passing 
out hot lollipops tor Christmas' 

It's a long walk from the Center to the classrooms, but 
m the autumn the time is pleasurably spent. Tbis year was 
probably tbe last during which the walk from south to north 
campus was open country -the coming library will take up 
the empty space. 

Sooner or later in the cycle of campus life, we 
have to let off a little steam. So maybe we (Jress 
up in something comfortable, take a little smoke, 
and go for an innocent joy-ride. 

Or it could be a matter of face-painting ... ah, 
come on now! Girls do it all the time! 

The cafeteria again -overcrowded, poorly equipped, but gore now. replaced by the rew dining hall 

Halloween jt McKendree calls tor the traditional witch doctors mask. 

The McKendree athletic program and pledge program often 
coincide -the "chicken walk" may be a valuable asset to 
ttie intramural basketball team. 



Girls' tennis this year was so bad ttiat the coach couldn't even bear to look . 

There comes a time m every student's life when the destructive urge finally boils to the surface 

More civilized students may take out their 
aggressions and/or tensions on the fall 
festivals and their attendant dart games. 

The Dean gets into the "swing" of student lite by 
trying his hand at roasting weenies. 

:,luu.-iii hie at McKendie 

Pledging activities took a large slice from the circle of 
McK student life. This year even the girls gave their 
pledges a rough time with early-morning line-ups in the 
I old These ladies pursue their jumping-|acks with enthusi- 
I m possibly to whittle inches from their waists, or maybe 
maybe -they are waving to airplanes? 

What do you mean, "Did I steal the Dean's bicycle???" 

Life in one of the men's residences has its 
share of joy and terror. But the friendships which 
develop there are very apt to continue throughout 
adult hfe, despite water fights and aerosol shav- 
ing foam. 

McK life -books, sleep, the upper lounge, contraband cokes. 

Academics at McK -a curious combination of student and 
professor, of office and classroom, of dormitory and student 
union, of minds at work and asleep -an alternating current 
of activity which somehow permeates the campus' restless 
atmosphere and reminds that this, after all, is our purpose 

The McK student is one who thinksi sometimes the best cure 
for life's problems. 

Cramming for exams may not be the best form of studying, 
but it has saved occasional grades from the oblivion of fail- 
ure. A fev» McK students are not immune to the cramming 
disease, which may strike any time, anywhere, as long as the 
student has been infected with mild paranoia right before an 

McK gym classes build strong bodies tor Uncle Sam. 

Has anyone ever solved the age-old 
problem of tiott on eartli do you eat the 
last bite of hot dog' 

McK athletics has produced a wide variety of results. Intra- 
mural sports give a brief relief from the academic grind. A 

* n 




Water-play is another form of respite. 

Athletics on campus give tlie student a chance to develop his 
body as well as his mind -another facet of the McK aim to 
develop the entire individual. A healthy mind is perhaps a 
function of a healthy body 

Chris Farrell relaxes after a tiring day as student director of intramural sports. 


The campus center snack bar is the favored retreat. It also 
provides gallons of coffee for the constant campus center 

The informal lounge, or student union, is the perfect place 
to dump books, drink coffee or coke, or make last-minute 
lunch^ime homework corrections. Here the campus heart 
beats, the plans are hatched, the action begins. 

Barnett Hall, where boys meet girls. 

It's great to see proper form on the tennis court 

It IS the pride of McK that we can progress at our present rate and still have an adequate academic routine 

McK's heart beats, too. in the isolated areas of the library, 
where ttie atmosphere is cool and quiet-far from the hot 
bustle of the dormitories or the electric potential of the cam- 
pus center. 

View the march of progress, as McK organization men prepare to move into the new men's dormitory' 

A women's residence is a strange and wonderful thing, 
wtrere thoughts can range from lack of closet space to 
study Barnett Hall has its share of perplexities, and 
Its share of grins. 

Working at the wme-press these days is sure messy work. 

v; .-L^-j 

^ ^ 

McK coeds somehow find time in ttieir schedules for baby-sitting as well as studying. A large per- 
centage of married students in the student body provides many opportunities for girls to earn 

These aren't as good as the candy apples Mommy made 

Men make themselves comfortable on Deneen Center furniture. 

Our great Bearcats score agair 

This IS, in a sense, the face of McKendree Eager, bright, a 
bit excited, a trifle anxious, but mostly hopeful, young, and 

McK students are people, botti male and lemale. Ttiey meet, like each ottier, and sometimes fall 
in love H is implicit m the circle of McK student life that men and women will be fogethef ... it 
IS obvious in front of Barnett Hall at closing hours. 

The McK Review is the center of the school's political and communication system. Besides the 
standard announcements and news releases, contained in the Review are stimulating editorials, 
and letters which are sometimes thought-provoking and often enraging Here is the market-place 
of information in which everyone participates and samples. 

The upper or formal lounge at the Deneen Center 
is a calm area in which to play records, or to 
watch color TV, or to study, or to sit and talk. 

Yes, Clarence, you really do have a fly on your nose. 

When even your best tnend won't tell you, it comes time 
for your roommate to take action McK students always 
make an effort to be neat and clean, and they expect their 
fellow students to behave accordingly. Results of failure to 
conform are illustrated here. 


Mr Garcia is the first coach in McK history to shout instructions in 
tiawless Spanish. 

Yes, Virginia, and after ballet class, everyone goes out to the field and plays with the horseshoes. 

Want to know the reason for the big grin' Dr Voigt secretly hates squirrels! 

McK has been accepted into the Big 10 of basketball' Are you kidding me? 




David Cordes, Pres.; Lance Gauble, Vice-Pres.; Anne Saxton, Secretary; Daniel Strobo, Treasurer. 

Robert Aguzzi 

Branford. Connecticut 

Major: Physical Education 

Minor: Speech 

Nancy Bailey 

Salem, Illinois 

Ma|or: Elementary Education 

Minor: History 

Charlotte Ballance 

Decatur, Illinois 

i)or: Elementary Education 

Minor: Psychology 

Maxine Beairsto 

Stratham, New Hampshire 

Major: Elementary Education 

Minor: History 

Jane Birchler 
Cutler, Illinois 
Major: English 
Minor: Speech 

Ralph Bleck 

Califon, New Jersey 

Major: Social Studies Divisional 

Core: Sociology 

Sandra Brock 

West Frankfort, Illinois 

Major: Sociology 

Minor; Psychology 

Gail Bryden 
Godfrey, Illinois 
Major: English 
Minor: Speech 

Harry Buehne 
Lebanon, Illinois 
Major: Business 
Minor: Economics 

Richard Buxton 

Cahokia, Illinois 

ajor: Social Studies Divisional 

Core: History 

Janet Case 

Belleville. Illinois 

Major: Elementary Education 

Minor: Psychology 

Kenneth Cope 
Belleville. Illinois 
Major: Business 
Minor: Economics 

David Cordes 

Simone Daesch 

Charles Dartt 

Wood River, Illinois 

Smithton, Illinois 

East St. Louis. Illinoi 

Ma|or: English 

Major: Elementary Education 

Major: English 

Minor: Speech 

Minor: Psychology 

Minor: Philosophy 

Gary Dollmger 
Troy, Illinois 
Major: Music 
Minor: Voice 

Cliftord Downen 

Herrin, Illinois 

Major: History 

Minor: Political Science 

James Drechen 
Lyons, Illinois 
ijor: Elementary Education 
Minor: Psychology 

Gary Eastridge 

Quarryville, Pennsylvania 

Major: Speech 

Minor: Sociology 

Wayne Edell 

Croton-On-Hudson, Mew York 

Major: Business 

Minor: Psychology 

Sandra Elliott 

St. Louis, Missouri 

Major: Music 

Minor: Music 

Vicki Eskra 

O'Fallon, Illinois 

Major: Elementary Education 

Minor: Music 

Henry Fajans 

Lance Gauble 

Okawville, Illinois 

Girard, Illinois 

Maior: Social Studies Divisional 


Core: Sociology 

Minor: Economics 

Frederick Genge 

Chicago, Illinois 

Ma|or: History 

Minor: Mathematics 

Nancy Gohmert 

Miami, Florida 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Sociology 

Douglas Grimm 

Collinsville, Illinois 

Major: History 

Minor: Speech 

David Habermehl 

Belleville, Illinois 

Major: Chemistry 

Minor: Mathematics 

Louis Hagenbruch 

John Hamilton 

Clinton, Illinois 

Rantoul, Illinois 

Major: Mathematics 

Major: Philosophy 

Minor: Physical Education 

Minor: Psychology 

Jean Hinchcliffe 

O'Fallon, Illinois 

Major: Music 

Minor: Music 

David Hohmann 

Red Bud. Illinois 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Political Science 

Tyrone Holliday 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Major: Chemistry 

Minor: Biology 


Ann Jasper 
illeville. Illinois 

Ma|or: Art 
/linor: English 

Robert Jiaconia 

Union, New Jersey 

Major: Business 

Minor: Economics 

Victor Kapatanovic 

East Chicago. Indiana 

Major: History 

Minor: Philosophy 

Raymond Koca 

Downers Grove, Illinois 

Maior: Business 

Minor: Economics 

Walter Kudela 

Niagara Falls, New York 

Major: English 

Minor: Sociology 

Mickey Kutin 
Trenton, Illinois 
Ma)or: English 
Minor: Sociology 

Al Locarni 

Rockleigh, New Jersey 

Maior; Social Studies Divisional 

Core: Psychology 

Karen Lawhead. 

Lebanon, Illinois 

Ma|or: Speech/Theatre 

Minor: English 

William Lawhead 
Lebanon, Illinois 
Ma|or: English 
Minor: Speech 

Linda Lindley 
Grayville, Illinois 

Major: History 
Minor: Psychology 

Robert Linton 

Gillespie. Illinois 

ijor: Physical Education 

Minor: Business 

Judith Lunnemann 
ijor: Elementary Education 
Minor: Sociology 

Ens McBride 

Tilden, Illinois 

Major: Elementary Education 

Minor: Psychology 

Patricia McChnstian 

Collinsville, Illinois 

Major: Elementary Education 

Minor: History 

Edward McGlynn 

Pt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey 

Major: History 

Minor: Speech 

Patricia Meier 

Mascoutali, Illinois 

Major: English 

Minor: History 

Linda Meredith 

Flora, Illinois 

Maior: Social Studies Divisional 

Core: Sociology 

Thomas Mottershaw 
Thayer, Illinois 
Major: English 
Minor; History 

Billie Mueller 

New Athens, Illinois 

Ma|or: Business Education 

Minor: History 

Glenn Oliphant 

West Caldwell, New Jersey 

Ma|or: Business 

Minor: Economics 

Victoria Ottwein 

Troy, Illinois 

Maior: Business 

/linor: Political Science 

Mary Paiek 

Nashville, Illinois 

Major: English 

Minor: History 

Pamela Paxton 

Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 

Major: Physical Education 

Minor: Psychology 

John Peterson 

Hardin, Illinois 

Major: Physical Education 

Minor: Psychology 

Richard Phillips 
Westfield, Massachusetts 
Major: Physical Education 

Minor: Business 

Brian Poole 

Summertield, Illinois 

Maior: Social Studies Divisional 

Core: Business 

Robert Porter 

Madison, New Jersey 

Major: Business 

Minor: English 

Robert Rahe 
Lebanon, Illinois 
Maior: Philosophy 
Minor: Sociology 

George Reeves 

Fred Robinson 

Granite City. Illinois 

Lebanon, Illinois 

Maior; Business 

Maior: Business 

Minor: Economics 

Minor: Economics 

Patricia Saxton 

Bellevue, Nebraska 

Ma|or: Art Education 

Minor: English 

Joseph Scola 

Passaic, New Jersey 

Major: Physical Education 

Minor: History 

Michael Selby 
Freeburg, Illinois 
Major: Psychology 

Minor: Biology 

Susan Smith 

Springfield, Missouri 

Major: Elementary Education 

Minor: English 

Edward Speidel 

Centralia, Illinois 

Major: Social Studies Divisional 

Core: Psychology 

Daniel Strobo 
Hazel Crest, Illinois 
Major: Mathematics 
Minor: Philosophy 

Fred Swartz 
Woonsocket, Rhode Island 

Major: History 
Minor: Political Science 

Mohamad Tabatabai 

Tehran, Iran 

Major: Science Divisional 

Core: Chemistry 

James Tucci 

West Reading, Pennsylvania 

Major: Physical Education 

Minor: English 

James Turner 

Christopher, Illinois 

Major: Business 

Minor: Economics 

Jeanette Walz 
Belleville, Illinois 
Maior: Education 
Minor: Psychology 

Karia Wisely 

Coulterville, Illinois 

Maior: Social Studies Divisional 

Core: Economics 

Michael Yannotta 

Summit, New Jersey 

Major: Social Studies Divisional 

Core: History 


Each year certain students meeting certain requirements are nominated for the Who's Who 
Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. This is to explain how these students, 
on our campus, become part of this publication. 

Senior students who meet the criteria for nomination are screened by the Registrar and the fac- 
ulty. A student advisory ballot is taken and the Faculty Committee on Student Life makes the final 

The qualities considered in prospective nominees are those suggested by the editors of Who's 
Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities: the student's excellence and sin- 
cerity in scholarship; his leadership and participation in extracurricular and academic activities; his 
citizenship and service to the school; and his promise of future usefulness to business and society. 


President of the Ptiilosophian Literary Society 

Head Resident of Ptiilo House 

Member of the Academic Commission 

Member of the Social Commission 


Vice-President of Student Congress 

Editor-in-chief of the McKendree Review 

Vice-President of the Senior Class 


Academic Committee Ctiairman 

Member of the Fine Arts Committee 

President of the Adelphi Social Service Society 

Editof-m-chiet of the McKendree Review 

Chairman of the Publicity Committee 
Head Resident of Clark Hall 


President of the Campus Program Association 

Social Life Chairman 

Inner-city Proiect of East St^ Louis 

J scon TUCKER 

President of the Philosophian Literary Society 

Member of ttie Academic Commission 

Member of the Social Commission 

Homecoming Chairman 


Member of the Ptiilosoptiian Literary Society 

Vice-President of Sigma Zeta 

Head Resident of Ptiilo House 

Treasurer of ttie Public Affairs Forum 


President of the Alpha Omega Social Society 
Chairman of the Hospitality Committee 
Homecoming Queen of 1967 


Grandy Scholar 

Chairman of the Fine Arts Committee 

1967 Young Career Woman of Illinois 


\ /, 

^\ !. 





You McKendreans are witnessing the renaissance of this College - 
six new buildings on the campus, the library near completion, and a 
magnificent bequest for a Chapel-Auditorium. 

All of this is dramatic and exciting. We rejoice in it. However, it is 
not the mam thing, but the means to a far larger purpose. 

The principal objects of all of this development is what happens to 
you. Our major concern is you students who will have the responsibility to 
live through the next generation. All of these physical facilities have 
meaning only insofar as they assist you in carrying out your life's work 
creatively, honorably, and usefully. 

EDWIN E. VOIGT, President t 
B.S., A.M., Northwestern University 
B.D., D.O., Garrett Biblical Institute 
Ph.D., Yale University 

It is important for all who seek after knowl- 
edge to realize three important facts about edu- 
cation. First, the individual who is honestly seek- 
ing an education must assume the responsibility 
for the discipline and guidance of his own aca- 
demic life. Second, the individual needs to realize 
that a teacher only constructs a framework upon 
which the student may build further study. Only a 
person who has started to build upon this frame- 
work can say that he has begun to master his 
subject. Third, one must see education as a pro- 
cess of walking towards an ever broadening hori- 
zon of knowledge — a walk which should not 
cease after the possession of a degree. I sin- 
cerely hope that more students will develop the 
passion to become true seekers of knowledge. 

EMERIAL L OWEM. JR., Academic Dean 
A.B., Summa Cum Laude, McKendree College 
Ed.M., Ph.D., St. Louis University 

Because in the autumn of 1964, 71 freshman 
and I came to McKendree, I consider myself a 
member of the Class of '68. The past four years, 
this class has seen many advances such as the 
addition of six — almost seven new buildings to 
the campus; an increase in the College's annual 
student scholarship and grant in aid program 
from $31,263.75 to $116,600.00; and the full 
implementation of our student activities program. 

The College will have even greater achieve- 
ments in the next few years. There will be addi- 
tional new buildings; the student body will double 
m size; the College will become known every- 
where for its excellence in the Liberal Arts. 

But perhaps even more important; many, many 
more graduates of this institution will achieve 
excellence in their chosen fields as educators. 

doctors, politicians, artists . This will reflect 

the true worth of McKendree and become part of 
its lasting heritage. 

VERNON SNEAD, Business Manager 
B.S. Ed., Southern Illinois University 
M.S.Ed., Indiana University 

We are witnessing one of the most exciting 
growth years in McKendree's 140 years of his 
tory. It IS a year marked by the largest single 
gift, the largest bequest, the largest enrollment, 
the greatest extent of the campus -and the 
largest budget. 

The real and enduring history of a College, 
however, is written in lives that are challenged, 
inspired and prepared for worthy living and effec 
five serving. Buildings and dollars derive their 
importance from their contribution to that high 

Let McKendree's upcoming "Decade of Prog 
ress" be marked by IVlcKendreans who will be 
visible expressions of our "Pride in the past and 
our faith in the future." 

CLYDE R. FUNKHOUSER, Vice President of Devel 


A.B., Magna Cum Laude, McKendree College 

D.D., McKendree College 

We have recently expanded opportunity for 
students to be more involved in their own educa- 
tion here at McKendree. The Campus Center Pro- 
gram Board and Student Congress, the social 
societies and Inter-Society Council have all made 
significant strides through the hard work and 
good will of students, faculty and staff working 

As we know, our society set up colleges for 
the simple reason that some people know more 
than others. This does not presume a process as 
much as a relationship, and McKendree has al- 
ways tried to make the relationship between 
teacher and taught a warm, fruitful one. But to- 
day, with the help of interested students, we are 
finding ways to expand learning relationships 
outside the classroom which promise significant 
educational results for our academic community. 

PAUL G. MANUEL, Dean of Students 
B.S., M.S., Miami University 
Ed.D., University of Indiana 

SAMMIE C- JONES, Dean of Women 
B.A., Baylor University 
M.S., Indiana University 


GEORGE PENCE, Director of Admissions 
A.B., McKendree College 
M.A., University of Illinois 


Associate Director of Admissions 

B.A., Snmma Cum Laude McKendree College 

Assistant Business Manager 
Financial Aids Officer 


^ <&=» 

MARCUS NORTON, Director of Public Information 
B,S., Memptiis State University 
M.S. Otiio University 


Assistant Ctiaplain 
B.S., Memphis State 


B.A., Cum Laude. Iowa 

M.L.S., George Peabody 


B.A., De Pauw University 
B.D., Yale Divinity School 
Th. M., Colgate Rochester Divinity School 

Assistant Director of Admissions 
B.S., Millikm University 

Admissions Officer 
A3., McKendree Colleg 


Director of Campus Center 

8. A.. Western Illinois University 

'57 Tir"^;tf?ii; r?'ir "?^ 


A.B,, McKendree College 

Director of Communication Center 



NIGEL HOLDERBY, Secretary to Registrar; 

PATRICIA A^ HALLBERY, Secretary to Academic Dean: 

" SMOLTZ, Secretary to President Voigt 


Secretaries of Business Office 

Secretaries of Development 

Secretary to Dean of Students 

MARY FIEDLER, Secretary to Admissions Office 
DORIS WEBER, Secietary to Financial Aids 

INANCY SNEAD, Switchboard Operator 
INIE ROBINSON, Secretary to Vernon Snead 

Bookstore Manager 

Library Secretaries 

What better way is there for faculty, staff, and administration to get to know each other than 
while partaking of a delicious meal' Here we see them enioymg a picnic as guests of President 

Language and Literature 

"Language is the memory of the human race. It is as a thread or 
nerve of life running through all the ages, connecting them into one com- 
mon, prolonged, and advancing existence." (William Smith) 

It IS through the process of stressing exactness; encouraging imagi- 
nation; sharpening the appreciation of thought content; increasing the 

powers of independent thinking; and mastering of the media of communica- 
tion that the Language and Literature Department strives to aid the stu- 
dent in uncovering "the thread . . . running through all ages" and thus bet- 
ter understand the true unity of humanity." 


Acting Chairman of the Language and Literature 


B.A., Duke University 

M.A., University of Illinois 


B.A., Vassar 

LA.. Columbia University 

B.S,, Southern Illinois University 
M.A,. Southern Illinois University 

A.B., McKendree 
l\A., University of Missouri 


A.B.. McKendree College 

M.S., Northwestern University 

A.B., University of IVIissouri 
M.A., Washington University 

B.A., University of Mexico 


A^B.. Agnes Scott College 

M.A., Indiana University 

3.A., University of Missouri 
M.A., Middlebury College 

Vial College, France 

Social Science 

The objectives of the Division ot Social Science are: the acquisition 
of needed knowledge and skills to prepare students for graduate studies or 
public school teaching; the stimulation of personal and social responsibil- 
ity; generation of a spirit of racial and international understanding; and the 
promotion of a democratic philosophy of life rooted in the Judeo-Christian 

Special attention is given to the development of ethical patterns of 
thought and practice, with emphasis on both word and intellectual honesty 
in the classroom, on the campus, and in the community at large. 


Chairman of the Division of Social Science 

A.B., Hamline University 

S.T.B., Harvard University 

Ph.D., Boston University 


A.B,, Lawrence College 

B.D,, Garrett Biblical Institute 

M.A.. Ph.D^, Northwestern University 


'.S.. Arkansas Polytechnic Colleg 

B.D., McCormick Seminary 

Ph.D., University of Chicago 













A.B., DePauw University 

S.T.B,, Boston University 

MA,, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 


A.B., Central Normal College 

M.S., Indiana University 

B.S., Tri-State College 
I. A., Air Force Institute of Technology 


\A^. Magna Cum Laude, Northwestern College 

M.A., University of Minnesota 

I.S., Southwestern Missouri State 
S.T.B., Boston University 

I. A., Southern Illinois University 
I.A., Southern Illinois University 

L.L.B., St. Louis University 


A.B., Indiana State Teachers College 

B.S., Alabama Poly Technical 

M.A., Washington University 

Science and Mathematics 

Paul A. Weiss has said, "Science's task is to serve man by master- 
ing nature, and not to become man's master. In serving man, science must 
close ranks with other servants of humanity, the creative arts, philosophy, 
religion, and all others striving for a new integrated humanism. Science, 
which has helped to de-throne man from the self-appropriated station as 
the center of the universe can help him now grow in his rightful stature." 

It IS in the light of this philosophy that the department of Science and 
Mathematics strives to acquaint students with the scientific attitude and 
with scientific and logical methods as applied to the natural sciences and 
mathematics; and to prepare students specializing in the division for 
teaching, research, or industrial work in the natural sciences and mathe- 

FRED FLEMING, Division Chairman 
B.S., Indiana Central Normal University 
M.S., tJniversity of Wyoming 


B.S., M.A., St. Louis University 

Pti.D., Washington University 


A.A., Belleville Junior College 

i.S,, M.S., Southern Illinois University 


B.S., Southern Illinois University 

M.S., University of Illinois -Arizona State 


B.S,, Northwestern University 

I.S., M.S., Milwaul^ee Institute of Technology 


I.S., Southern Illinois University 

M.S., University of Illinois 

B.A.. North Dakota State 
M.A., North Dakota State 

Teacher Preparation 

The teacher education program of McKendree College proposes to 
accomplish the followmg objectives; 

To help the prospective teacher discover as fully as possible the 
vocation of teaching. 

To encourage the student m developing a personal philosophy of edu- 

To supply opportunities for the use of a variety of teaching tech- 

To familiarize the student with current codes of professional ethics. 

To provide an introduction to the professional literature. 

To create an experimental attitude toward teaching. 

To develop competence in the subject areas taught. 

To stimulate the desire for continuous growth through the use of pro- 
fessional media. 

To encourage the prospective teacher to become a sensitive and par- 
ticipating member of ttie local, national, and world community. 


Chairman of the Division of Teacher Preparation 

B.S., Bradley University 

M.S., University of Illinois 

Ed.D.. University of Southern California 


A.B., Wittenberg University 

B.D., Hamma Divinity School 

M.A., Pfi.D., University of Iowa 


3.S.. Southern Illinois University 

M.S., University of Illinois 

Ed.D., Washington University 

B.A., Central College 
I.S., Indiana University 

Ed,. Western Illinois University 
M.A., University of Chicago 

B.A.. Miami University 
M.A., Miami University 


B.A,, McKendree College — 

M.S., University of Illinois — 


B.S.. Southern Illinois University 

Fine Arts 

"Art IS the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reac- 
tion of his personality to the world he lives in." (Amy Lowell) 

There is an ever increasing recognition that a knowledge of the fine 
arts and its literature is a vital part of a liberal education. It is the pur- 
pose of the Division of Fine Arts, therefore, to serve those who wish to 

make an intensive study of music and art so that they may become men 
and women of high ideals and usefulness as artists and teachers. The Di- 
vision of Fine Arts attempts not only to develop those professionally inter- 
ested in music and art, but also to contribute to the general education in 
the lite of every student at McKendree. 


Chairman of the Fine Arts Division 
A.B., McKendree College 
M.M., Drake University 


A.B., Magna Cum Laude, McKendree 

M.M., Drake University 


B,S., Mayville State College 

M.A., University of Iowa 


B.M.. University of Tulsa 

Licence de Concert 

Ecole Normale de Musique; 

UM.. Pfi.D., Washington University 

Superintendent of Building-Grounds 

CUSTODIANS AND SHOP- BACK ROW: Phillip Gehminn, Bill Harman, Bill Stuart, Gotlieb Haack, 
FIRST ROW: Cleo Young, John Fischer, Ronnie Anheuser, Bill Muncan, Ray Ward, Ted Dawson. 

George Taylor, Charley Johnson, Chuck Klein, Margaret Manley. 




COOKS, BACK ROW: Irene Frame. Ivy Votrain, Margaret Giger, Viola Burks. FRONT ROW; Geraldene Nailing, Alva Boone, Marcella Iberg, Francis 

Residence Staff 

Carnegie Hall 



Cartwright Hall 




Whitfield Hall 

Wesley Hall 



f.'- -Hv-^yy 


Barbara North 
"They thought we were married ' 

John McCormack 
"Trying to memorize the Encyclopedia Brittanica,' 

Jane Birchler 
"I was the milliner.' 

'Spoon River Anthology" 

"Spoon River Anthology" by Edgar Lee Masters was presented by the 
McKendree College Drama Department for an all school assembly. The pro- 
duction was well received and later brought back by popular demand as 
the Spring Production. 

"**S «^-rr 

fr^~' )! 

Wieland Roeschmann 
"I loathed you. Spoon River . 

Ed Speidel 
"And the Spoon River ladder company came . . 

Kathi Meggs 
"That's my son . . . that's my son! 

Orgon (Carl Pagles) watches as Cleante (David Eadie) attempts to prevent hot-headed Damis' (John McCormack) assassination of Tartutte. 

Orgon (Carl Pagles) watches as Tartutte (WIeland Roeschmannl uses all the eloquence at his command in his at- 
tempts to seduce Orgon's wife (Jane Birchier), 

A typical argument between Valere (Bill Smoltz) and Marianne (Diana Lockwond) about 
how much they really love each other. 


"The McKendree College Drama Department presents 
the French high comedy "Tartutte" by Moliere. Under 
the skillful direction of Miss Annette Mulvany. 

Tartutte (Wieland Roeschmann) makes further seduction attempts at 
Madame Orgon (Jane Birchier), 



Philo-Ferox Cookout features plenty of food. 

Fraternity rivalry on the football field ends in a friendly get-togettier. 

McKendree Organizations Fraternize 

' y^ 

Everybody eats at tlie Ptiilo-Ferox Cookout. 

Fun and games at the Plato Fall Festival. 

Philo-Ferox Football Game 

Dan Strobo gains for Philo. 

Traveling Trophy, This year's winner; Ferox 6-0. 

Cracking heads on the line is fun. so they say' 

Dick Phillips throws Lance Gauble for a loss. 

Dave Hempleman leaps to block pass. 

Ty has a Holliday. 

mimmj f m 

Popular Artists 

The Mitchell Trio at McKendree. 

Ed, what big teeth you have! 

Glenn Yarhorough eriertains at Big McK. 

Visit McKendree 

The Outsideis take us into diiother world. 

Sitting Room only for ttie Ydrborough corcert. 




41 ^ \f^^mM 

Vicar and ttre Deacon. 

Jazz concert performs in the Campus Center, 

Pres. Voigt tells McK- students ot one million dollars bequeathed to the school by Marion Bothwell 

President Voigt on Campus 

U Vuigt and Dr. Manuel digging into McKendree soil for the 
planting of a tree donated by people interested in the im- 

Scientists from Ohio Wesleyan enioy lunch at Stevenson 
House after tour of Voigt Science Hall. 

McKendree Graduation 

The end of the beginning. 


John Pepper receives the Pete Akers Award during Alumni Banquet after graduation. 

Pres, Voigt; Gen Goodpaster. commencement speaker; 
and Chaplain Durham 

Alumni Banquet after graduation where many talk 
over their years at McKendree and their graduation 

SENIOR QUEEN CANDIDATES Simone Daescti, Karia Wisely. Anne Saxton, 

The McK cheerleaders ready to ride to victory in '67 Homecoming parade. 

Homecoming Parade 

^u^.-W^^^^Wfy ■ -^'■,"* -J^V. 1^^, 

Alpha Omega's Cinderella. 

Philo arms fur vittury. 

Alpha Kappa Tau are all ears for 

[CfQi^f- . Q \) '^ ■-"^«^»^,^^ 

Clio's 1st place Homecoming float. 

The men of Ferox turn animal to help McK. to victory. 

I -*^ 

THE QUEEN AND HER COURT Vera Best, (Fresh, Maid); Randy Horman. (Jr, Maid); Anne Saxton, (Sr, Maid); Queen Simone 
Daesch; Karia (Wisely. (Sr, Maid); Donna Adams, (Soph, Maid), 


The McKendree College Homecoming Dance 
was held at Fischers Restaurant in Belleville. 
"The Kingsmen" provided an evening of thorough 
enjoyment and good dancing music for all. 

Retiring Queen malies grand entrance. Rhuann Tolliver and escort Tom 

The Queen's Dance, 

Simone Daesch is named McK, Homecoming Queen for 1967, 

Retiring Queen crowns newly named Queen, 

Clark Hall's prize winning Bleckmobile, 

Clark Hall celebrates. 

Clark Hall works up a sweat to capture 1st prize. 

The Philo Fantasy Land takes 3rd prize tor dorm decorations. 

Dorm Decorations 

The fpiM ConMruilniii Comp.tny erects Holman Library in record breaking time to take 2nd place. 

^ .**fe 

' 1 



m-v^^r ,^^«r m 

^^^^^^^w^ Jy . ^B f^ ^^v ^^^H^' ^^^^^^ 








Bearcats Stomp 
Flyers 112-62 

1967 Homecoming 
McK. vs. Parks 
The superiority of the McKendree "Bearcats" 
IS proven on Homecommg Day. 

McK. Cheerleaders, Bearcat, and Parks Flyer. 

McKendree fans cheer as the Bearcats score against Parks in Homecoming battle. 

!ig McK. scores. 

Bearcats out-shoot Flyers. 

Float & Dorm Decoration Awards 











Louis Capazzoli brings 3rtl Place honors home for Philo's dorm decoration. 

Joe Scola wins the Ugly Man Contest without even trying 

Paul Funkhouser receives the Lou Vesely Memorial Scholar- 
ship Award 

Patti Knop accepts the 1st Place award for the Clio float. 

Reuel Smith receives trophy for Clark Hall's winning dorm decoration 

Special Bits and Pieces 

McK. students Participate in Partners m Progress Program. Ttie Program was designed 
to encourage students to patronize the local merchants. McKendreans received compen- 
sation for their work by numbered dollar bills. In this way an accurate account could 
be made of where the students spend their money. 

Mr. Snead receives cash for the Partners in Progress Program 

Jean Pierre Hallet. an assembly speaker, stays at McK. to lecture in several classes. Mr. Hallet 
IS well known for his most interesting background of Africa. 

Reception for Mrs. Williams in appreciation for her 11 dedicated years in McKendree's ' 
Drama Department. 

Joe Cunningham tells athletes to put God in sports. Mr. Cun- 
ningham a former member of the St. Louis Cardinals, repre- 
senting the Fellowship ol Christian Athletes spoke at McK. 
Chapel and then visited with interested students at reception 

Members of the Garcia family enjoying outdoor picnic at President's house for Faculty, Staff and Administration. 

McKendree College Choir gives magnificent Christmas Concert. 


tf f Ai%.^. ^ J.A^ © 


h ^ 

♦'4- r^'^Ti 

/* J^ 

\^^ ' mm r^f»- LT • ^ 

m^kf^ , 




31 - 


New Student Orientation . 

Throw eggs at each other, are you kidding? 

Ijirh; etijov voiievDaii aurinp, unenldtinn vVeeh 

and Field Day 

New students en|oy a relaxing outdoor activity con- 
cluding a formal week of orientation. 

Here, tfiey can better acquaint themselves with 
each other and enjoy a good outdoor cooked meal. 

On your mark; get set; go! -Go where? 

so that eacfi person could have three wishes." 

The Monkey's Paw 

The Monkey's Paw is a one act mystery written by W. W. 
Jacobs and was presented by members of Alpha Psi Omega in De- 
cember of 1967. 


Mr. White Edward R. McGlynn 

Mrs. White Diana Hendrick 

Sergeant-Ma)or Morris Wil Roeschman 

Herbert Bill Smoltz 

Sampson John McCormack 

■| ivoh him dp/id' "I Viish him dpjd ,ind 31 peace 

"I wish for two hundred pounds.' 

students Perform on Parents Day 

Parents look on as Dick Phillips. Bob Bridges Gary Fnn 

iIkvp Shaw perform a very difficult anr) impressive tumbling act. 

Sue Christner helps entertain on the trampoline. 

Swing your partner on Parents Day. 

Jim Ramsay; Where's he going' 

A.O.-Philo style Show 

^^^^BHf IPI 


^K. ^r 


^^L^, * " -t^ 

^H K; ~ ^ J 

|HK#<? ' '*;)i' 

^^^B^L idl 


^^m t i 


■■■ r ■ 

r ' ^ 

Br^ T < K 

f A i£ 


Margo Rutledge models a 3-piece slack outfit. 

Louis Capazzoli models a button down V-neck 

Becky Browne models an A-line with a cow bell. 

Scott Tucker models a winter coat at Style Show. 

Ty Holiday models a double-breasted sport coat. 


The first to be served at buffet dinner at Prnm '67 

'67 Jr.-Sr. Prom - Carnaby Street 

Entrance to Carnaby Street. 

Seniors enioy buffet dinner. 


I 115 





Seasons Results 




















Central Methodist 



Washington U. 



S.I.U. Edwardsville 












S.I.U. Edwardsville 




Season's Record 


Central Methodist's Steve Marsh strikes out for the third time as Wendell Johnson brings the 
cats to a victory over the visiting Lions. 



%iiN^-%iin^<^ z^^-^^^^' -^ 

196/ MCK BASEBALL TEAM. FIRST ROW Jim Nail, Terry Florek, Bob Agyzzi, John Blackburn. Howard Thomas, SECOND ROW Al Locarni, Jerry Boner. Lance Gauble. Jim Mueller, 
George Fuiten, Chris Farrell, Denns Swick. THIRD ROW; Coach Stathum. Rick Stall. Dennis Korte. Mike Finley, Wendell Johnson. David Williams. Lou Hagenbruch. 

NAIA All American Small College 
Honorable Mention 

'■V >v. 

McKendree's Jim Mueller is congratulated by his teammates after tiis 3 run homer giving the bearcats a 6 to 5 victory 
over Concordia 

James Mueller 
\\\ American Small College 
Honorable Mention 

Terry Florek 


A Bearcat bites the dust 

Jerry Boner 

Dennis Korte 

Dennis Swick 

Lou Hagenbruch 

George Fuiten 

weather brings Bearcats Nate Clay. Al Locarm, George Fuiten mi Jim Mueller inside for bunting practice. 

1967 MC K TENNIS TEAM. Bob Bischoff, Bob Starkus, Ed Wegner. Terry Hartman. 


Seasons Schedule 

Missouri University 


Washington U. 



S.E. Missouri State 




S.E. Missouri State 

Stankus returns a fast stiot against Washington U, as Ed Wegner looks on. 



1967 MC K BOWLING TEAM Bruce Hogan, Turn Mottershaw, Bob Bugman, SECOND ROW Larry Iwawaga Nick Passomato, Al Locarni 

Jackie Svanda 

Diane George 


. y .- %, :•« 

^ ?-^i* ^^m 


- i.-- 



" 'I 



' ■■■ 












''^ n 












IM BASKETBALL CHAMPS FIRST ROW Lance Gauble, Dave Hampleman, John Peterson, Terry Hartmann, Dick Hays, Ken Frazer. SECOND ROW: Ray Koca, Jay Hodges, Bob Linton 
(coach), Dave Rose. Bob Bridges THIRD ROW: Steve Britko. Phill MarcelL Fred Genge 

George Poston (30) pulls down rebound lor Clark Hall 

Ferox's Ptiil Marcell rounds first base trying for a double. 

Carnegie's Mike Hampton, Ferox's Walt Kudela and umpire IWike Fmlev all await tlie pitch. 


IM SOFTBALL KNEELING Fred Genge, Terry Hartmann, Phil Marcell, Bob Linton. Dave Rose, Eldon Goudie, Walt Kudela STANDING: Bob Bridges. Jay Hodges. Lance Gauble. Ri} 
Koca, Ken Alepra, Dave Hampleman, John Peterson, Ken Frazer. Grey Gemmn 

Chris Farrell presents Punt-Pass Kick trophies to winner Bob Aguzzi and runner-up Lance Gauble 

Paul Havenar attempts to receive a pass as Mike Fenton defends. 


1967 IM FOOTBALL CHAMPS (Ferox). KNEELING; H, Winemiller, F. 
Genge, I Peterson, R Koca. J Scola. L Gauble. t^. Tropiano; 
STANDING: H Daley, M Fenton, J. Hodges, G, Geminn, Hample- 
man, B Unzincker, G. Snyder, B. Bridges, D Rose, K, Alepra. 

(i> ft f^ 

1967 IM SOCCER CHAMPS (Clark Hall) KNEELING B Marlm. J Kyle, N Pa.somato, D Swick, B Finn, LANDING A lm.<un\. R Sniith. J, Pderbon (Ref ), B Calvert. G Oliphant 
(Ref.), J, Greene, B, Walker 




1967 IM VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS (Ferox) FIRST ROW; 1, Peterson, S. Crews. G Gemmn; SECOND ROW: 
L. Gauble, B Unzmcker, 1, Scola. 

1967 IM TENNIS CHAMPS Bill Marim, LEFT, and runner up George Fuiten receive 
trophies from Chris Farrell (IM Director) 

1st Place Doubles Randy Rudiger and Mike Hampton. 

2nd Place Doubles: John Peterson and Gary Wolff. 

Table Tennis 

Marty Dial returns a serve. 

I Stankus spikes a return. 


4th Place Bob Aguzzi, 3rd Place Bob Hunter. 2nd Place Terry Clark, and Champion Dean Jackson. 

GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS KNEELING: Jeanne Manning and Mananna Davis. STANDING; Sonja Hill. Peggy Devor, Marione Tebbe, and Kim Littell. 

Volleyball -Soccer- Basketball 

Girls' In Action 

"Don't push'' 



McKendree Choir 

LEFT ROW DOWN; Steve Hamilton. Tom West. Cliarlene Perterbaugh. Jane Turner, Pam Paxton, Margo RutletJge, Susan Dalton. Marion Zeizzet, Diane George, Janice Hampstrite, Maggie 
Lorentzen. Dana Weiss RIGHT ROW DOWN: Cletus Davis, Scott Tucker. Beth Baer. Vera Best, Brenda Reynolds, Sally Short, Rose Harris, Peggy Devor, Janet Boomer, Carol Craley, 
Peggy Garrett, Karen Eiler. BACK ROW ACROSS: Gary Mulkins, Rick Newberry, Rarrsey Strieker, Dave Stover, Jerry Meyer, Barb North, Helen Streup, Joy Faust, Jean Hincticliff, Galan 
Rosenburger, Lissa Loy, William Smoltz. FRONT ROW ACROSS: Gary Dollinger, Bob Shaw, Ty Holiday, Bonnie Plouff, Pat George, Phyllis Medcalf, Vicki Eskna, Sandra Elliott, Diane 
Tucker, Barb Smith. 



FIRST ROW: Peggy Devor, Janet Boomer, Diane Tucker, Pat George, Barb Smitti. Joy Faust, Sandra Elliot, Peggy Garrett SECOND ROW Bill Smoltz, Tom West, Clete Davis Steve 
Hamilton. Dave Stover, Gary Dollinger, Scott Tucker, 

OFFICERS: Diane Tucker, Scott Tucker, Phyllis Medcalt, Clele Davis, Barb Smith, Jean Hinchclitfe. 
Jams Harpstritp 



student Education Association 

SEATED: Liz Powell, Simone Daescti STANDING: Glenda Stephenson, Kdfen Eiler, Charlotte Ballance. 

Established on campus during the 1963-64 
school year, the organization is composed of 
students interested in education. The purpose 
of the organization is to expose its members to 
the tends and techniques of education and offer 
ODDortunities for involvement in this area. 

OFFICERS: Simone Daesch, Secretary; Liz 
Powell, Treasurer; Joyce Tracy, President 

student Congress 

SEATED: ROW ONE: Penny Vanderberg, Bill Lempkm, Bonnie Plouff. Ed McGlynn. ROW TWO: Gary Gehrs. Ralph Bleck. Lance Gauble, Stephanie Sparkman STANDING Tom Packard, 
Vince Drexcilius, Jack Farrow, Steve Romack, Cletus Davis, John Fenoli. David Habermehl, Simone Daesch, Fred Genge, 

Executive Board 

student Congress, the elected governing 
body ot the McKendree College Student Associa- 
tion has as its purposes: to initiate and integrate 
student activities; to inform the student body 
ot the aims, policies, and ideals of the College 
insofar as these pertain to or affect students; 
and to serve as an advisory group to the faculty 
administration in all functions directly affecting 
student life. 

Ed McGlynn, Academic Chairman; Vince DikkciIius. Treasurer, Bill Lempkm. President; Fred Genge, Secretary, 
Tom Packard, Student Welfare Chairman. 

student Congress Commissions 

Academic Council 

Jack Fairow, Bift De Old, Jean Manning, Mr Cole, Ed McGlynn 

student Welfare 

STANDING David Habermehl. Tom Packaid, Ralph Bleck SEATED, Lance Gauble, Bonnie Ploulf, 

Campus Program Board 

STANDING: David Bailey, Vic Kapptaiinvic Ralph Bleck SEATED: Simore Daescti, Stieri Smith, Fred Schwartz, 

Films Committee 

Hospitality Committee 


STANDING: Mike Howie, Donna Adams. Mr Diseth, Pam Paxton, Roger Deterdmg, SEATED: 
Fred Schwartz, Brenda Reynolds 

STANDING: Beth Tompkins, Donna Adams, Liz Powell, Margaret Osterhage. Linda Meredith, 
Kalhv Kenynn, Brenda Reynolds SEATED. Simone Daesch. Mrs Tibbitts. 

Public Relations Committee 

STANDING: Ralph Bleck, Lance Gauble. 
Rick Newberry, Ann Saxton SEATED: Dan 
Stuart, Reuel Smith, Steve Carlson. 

Campus Board Commissions 

Recreation Committee 

Speakers Committee 

BACK ROW; John Stanton. Tom Sanders, Ralph Bleck FROM ROW Byron Calvert. 
Margo Rutlerjge. Lissa Loy, John Rothwell 

SEATED: Chff Downen, Delores Hayer, Gary Gehrs STANDING- Reuel Smith, David Bailey, 

Religious Life Committee 

Social Committee 

SEATED Linda Lindley, Linda Meredith, Cecil Penn. Barb Smith, Linda Shawver 
STANDING: John Rothwell. Janet Walden, Rose Hams. Becky Melton. Charia 
Puterbaugh. Mark Baldv»in, Milton Smth. Rev. David E, Durham. Karen Eiler, 

SEATED; Donna Adams, Beth Torrpkins. Joy Faust, STANDING: Ralph Bleck, Lance Gauble, Jim 
Etherton, Fred Genge, Joe Kyle. Ray Koca. 

Lettermans Club 

FRUNl hllW |jn<.' 
Thomas, Bob Linton, 

Chris Farrell SECOND ROW George Fuilen, Terry Florek, Steve McFall, terry Boner, Louis ttagenbruch. FttIRD ROW: Nicli Tropiano, Bob Stanlius, Howard 
yzzi. LAST ROW: Jimmy Nail, Dennis Korte, Paul Funkhouser, Mike Finley. Wendell Jotrnson. 

The Lettermen's club was formed this fall to in- 
spire more interest in the area of athletics. In 
order to |Oin a person must have earned a letter 
in some intercollegiate sport here at McKendree, 

OFFICERS: George Fmten. Terry Florek, 
Jerry Boner, Louis Hagenbructi. 

Readers Theater -Debate Club 

STANDING: David Cordes, Cdd Pdglei, Louii Cappozzoli, Gify Edbtndgc. Btendd Reyiioldb, Jane Birctilei, Kathi Meggs. William Smoltz, Diane Hedrick. Miss Mulvany SEATED: Ed 
McGlynn, Douglas Gnmm, John McCormack, Wieiand Roeschmann 

The McKendree Debate Club, organized to 
develop potential abilities in students in the area 
of public speaking, presents many opportunities 
for participation in formal debating. 

The Readers Theatre perform dramatic pre- 
sentations thru the oral interpretation medium. 
Latest productions; Benet's "John Brown's Body"; 
Masters' "Spoon River Anthology." 

OFFICERS: John McCormick. W/ieland 
Roeschmann, Kathi Meggs. 


HRSI ROW hni(;:. ■ i ■, ■:■■., , i Grinim. Cdrl Pagles^ SECOND ROW: Mr Schanz. John McCormack, Dana Weiss, William Smoltz, Secretary Tiediurer, Diane Hednck. 
Preiident; Wieland Roeschmann, Vice-President; Louis Cappozzoli, George Taylor THIRD ROW: Mr, Freiner, Reuel Smith, Kathi Meggs, Brenda Reynolds. Helen Stroup. Gary Eastridge. 
Jane Birchler, Skip Merritt, Ed McGlynn. Mr. Dittemore, Miss Mulvany, Mrs. Welch, FOURTH ROW: Ted Janoski, Bob Aguzzi, Jerry Motlershaw. Dr Grandy. 

Stagecratters is an organization open to everyone on campus. 
It IS, essentially, a very active organization and requires active 
participation of every member. The talents needed are varied so that 
students majoring in any subject can find a real outlet for their 
talents. Stagecratters is responsible for every type of dramatic 

The McKendree Review, published bi-weekly, 
is the most accurate report of the activities and 
happenings on McKendree's Campus. Through the 
efforts of the editor and staff, it also serves as 
a source of student opinion. 

EDITOR; Lance Gauble 

McKendree Review 

SEATED: Dave Rose, Lance Gauble, Ray Koca. STANDING; Fred Genge, Jay Hodges, Judy Herrin, Jim Etherton, Joe Kyle, Rich Aubuclion. 

FIRST ROW: Charlotte Ballance, Linda Mereditfi, Elizabeth Mueller. Linda Lindley, Sandy Ward, Karen Eiler SECOND ROW Marion Zeisset, Diana Lockwood. Barb Kaemper, Linda Shawner. 
Glenda Stevenson. THIRD ROW; Peggy Devor. Denise Morlan. Barb Smith, Janet Waldon. 

Women's Society of Christian Service 

Members of the Women's Society of Cfiristian Service on 
tfie campus work with the local Methodist Church to further 
the Christian spirit ant] to help needy persons in the United 
States and foreign Missions. 

McKendrean Staff 


Linda Lmdiey - Assistant Editor Faculty, Staff, and Administration 

Bob Jiaconia — Campus Life Editor 

Ray Koca - Graduates Editor 

Cecil Penn - Faculty, Staff, and Administration Editor 

Dan Strobo-Wtio's Who Editor 

Sally Stiort- Special Events Editor 

Ann Saxton-Art Editor 

Beth Tompkins - Assistant Editor Organization 

Becky Brown -Copy Writer 

Louise Saxton - Assistant Editor Special Events 

Simone Daesch - Secretary to the Editor 

Bob Wenderotti - Sports Editor 

Rich Aubuchon - Photographer 


Sue Soebol - Freshman Editor 
Richard Phillips -Chief Editor 
Robert Bridges -Assistant Editor 
Randy Horman - Organization Editor 




Phi Rho Chi 

FIRST ROW: Mike Fentor. Mark Plunkett. David Hdmplemar, Bill Unzicher, Harry Daley, Ken Alepra, Elden Goudie, SECOND ROW: Nick Tropiano. Fred Genge. Lance Gauble. George 
Fuiten, Mr. Stockton, Ray Koca, David Rose, THIRD ROW: Joe Scola, Craig Alexy. Robert Bridges, Greg Snyder, Phil Marcell, Stephen Romack, Martin Dial. Jerry Zimmerman, Jerry Boner, 
Jay Hodges. Dave Lonis. Brad Hoyt. Bob McMillan, John L, Peterson. Grey J. Geminn. Absent Bob Linton 

Ferox was organized on the McKendree Campus 
in the fall of 1963. The spirit of the organization 
is to emphasize strength in unity. 

The members have, through cooperative efforts, 
provided many activities which benefit the campus 
and fulfill their purpose: to promote social, 
athletic, and service activities. 

PLEDGES SITTING: Elden Goudie, Bill Unizicker, Jerry Boner STANDING: Stephen Romack, Gary 
Zimmerman, Martin Dial, Bob McMillan, Brad Hoyt. Mark Plunkett. Mike Fenton. Greg Snyder 

OFFICERS: George Fuiten. President; Lance Gauble. Vice-President; Fred Genge. Secre- 
tary; Ray Koca, Treasurer; Harry Daley, Sgt. at Arms. 

Pi Lambda Tau 

ACTIVES BACK ROW Ed Wegner. Mr. Perce, Terry Schmidt, Jim Drecher, Gjry Dullinger, George Tavli" KNEELING Al Eistier, Skip Merntt, Doug Gnmm, Bob Smdti 

Plato, organized in 1849, was first known as 
the Platonian Literary Society and offered to 
students assistance in the art of public speaking. 
This art was employed as the Society became in- 
volved in debates with the Philosophian Literary 

In the fall of 1962, Plato rechartered as a 
social society and strives now to promote social 
activities for its members and other McKendree 

OEFICERS Al Fisher, Bob Smith, Gary Dollinger, Doug Grimm. 

PLEDGES: Tom Blair, Ken Kosle, Dave Hassenflug, Dale Berry, John White. 

Phi Lambda Sigma 

SEATED: Uick Phillips, Louis Capozzoli, Rick Carpenter, 5teve Mcfall, Peter Sainegrii STANDING Jim Etherton, Glenn Olipliant, Gary Eastridge, Tyrone Holliday, Russ Smith, Jim 
Turner. Carl Pagles, Scott Tucker, Bob Jiaconia, Cletus Davis, John Hamilton, Jerry Muncy, John Fenoli. 

The Philosophian Literary Society, the oldest 
literary society west of the Alleghenies, was 
formed on McKendree's campus ir) 1837. 

Constantly growing and improving, Philo 
now has three aspects; Literary, Social, and 
Service, Philo offers -to each member the op- 
portunity for total involvement on the college 
campus, and preparation tor further involvement 
in society, because of this, many Philo members 
have achieved recognition for their contributions 
to society. 

PLEDGES, FRONT ROW; Boh Fitzgibbons, Presiiient; John McCormick, John Watson, SECOND 
ROW; Larry Iwanaga, Mike Rutledge, Ken Westlund II, Bob Bugman, Dave Mueller, Craig 
Moore, Chip Murray THIRD ROW: Jack Fyke, Ernie Dees, Herb Kaiserman, Dan Cahill, Phil 
Shwab, Dominic Fabnzio, Al Johnson. 

OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Gary Eastridge, Bob Jiaconia, Scott Tucker, Cletus Davis, 
Steve McFalt BACK ROW: Tyrone Holliday, Carl Ragles. 

Alpha Omega 

ACTIVES: Liz Powell, Simone Daeseh, Kathi Pagles, Judy Beaslev. Diane Tucker, Randy Harmur, Diane Lockwood, Barb Smith, Judy Lunnemann. 

The Alpha Omega Society, presently con- 
sisting ot eighteen members, was chartered 
on November 23, 1954, Its purpose is to foster 
friendship among all McKendree students by 
sponsoring activities of interest, but it is 
concerned primarily with offering to each and 
every McKendree woman the opportunity for 
personal development. 

OFFICERS; Judy Lunnemann, Simone Daesch, Randy Harman, Liz Powell, Kathi Pagles. 

PLEDGES: Dora Penilton, Becky Browne, Diane Tucker, pled, 
Ellen McWard, 

iistress, Dereatha Thoad" 

Kappa Lambda lota 

STANDING: Mrs, Cole, Pat Knop, Sue Smith, Anne Saxttm, Vicki Coleman, 
Maureen Rawling. 

am Paxton, Brenda Reynolds. KNEELING Sandy Hampton, Ptiyllis Medcalf, Betsy Doerwald, Ten Kennedy, 

The Clionian Literary Society, organized on 
December 6, 1869, is ttie direct result of the 
admission of women to McKendree College in 
September of that same year. 

The Society at present consists of seventeen 
members and continues to uphold the stated 
purpose of the society; to promote the literary 
and social development of its members. 

PLEDGES. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Plouff, Nancy Gardner, Gaylan Rosenberger. SECOND ROW: 
Jane Templeton, Susan Soebol, Diane George. THIRD ROW: Jane Turner, Pat Rosenhauer, Vicky 
Kennedy, Rose Harris FOURTH ROW: Vicki Coleman, pledge mislress. 

OFFICERS: Pat Knop, President; Anne Saxton, Vice-President; Sue Smith, Secretary; 
Ten Kennedy, Treasurer; Vicki Coleman, Pledge Mistress. 

Alpha Psi Omega 

STANDING: Diana Hedrick, Ed McGlynn. Mrs Welch, Kathi Meggs, Mr Schanz, Mr Freiner, Carl Pagles. Miss Mulvany, Jane Birchler SEATED; William Smoltz, John McCormack, Wieland 

The purpose of this dramatic fraternity is 
to develop dramatic talent and the art of casting, 
to cultivate a taste for the beat in drama and to 
foster the cultural values. 

Membership is open to all who have achieved 
at least thirty points in various dramatic 
productions, providing they have had at least 
one acting part and have served on one crew. 

OFFICERS: William Smoltz, John McCor- 
mack, Wieland Roeschmann. 

f^ yr^ 

Pi Kappa Delta 

STANDING: David Cordes. Brenda Reynolds, Diana Hednck, William Smoltz, Wieland Roeschmann, Carl Ragles. SEATED: Miss Mulvany, Dr. Gfandy, Kathi 

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate 
progress in and further the interests of inter- 
collegiate speech activities and communication 
in an effort to provide functional leadership, 
brotherly co-operation and incentive for achieve- 

Carl Ragles, Diana Hedrick, SEATED: 
William Smoltz, 

Sigma Zeta 

SIANDING: David Bissett, Charles Anntonelli. Dp,m Sietlerman. Tyrone Holliday SEATED- David Habermehl, ProTessor Fleming. Ed Wegner, 

McKendree's Beta Chapter of the national Sigma Zeta 
HoTTorary Science Society is the oldest existing Chapter 
in the organization, founded in 1926. 

Sigma Zeta's purposes are to promote and recognize the 
attainment of academic excellence on the part of students 
m science and mathematics, and to encourage continued 
advancement in the scientific knowledge on the part of its 





Daniel Adkisson 
Bethalto, III. 

Ruth Ahlers 

James Aramowilz 
E. St, Louis, III. 

Carl Arkema 
Macon, III. 

Mark Baldwin 
Pana, III. 

George Baver Robert Bellanger 

Pennsburg, Pa. Glen Ellyn, III. 

Dale Berry 
Albein, III. 

Vera Best 
Livingston, III. 

Thomas Blair 
Alton, III. 

Robert Blattner 
Granite City, III. 

larbara Bock 
Alton, III. 

Charles B 

Barbara Bowyer Robert Bugman 

West Frankfort, III. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Daniel Cabill 
Decatur, III. 

yron Calvert Stephen Carlson 

Galesburg, III. 

Anne Chow 
Collinsville, III 

Kwan Chung 
Seoul, Korea 

Don Cunard 
Butler, III. 

William Costello 
E. St. Louis, III. 

Carol Craley 
Brookhaven, Pa. 

Ernie Dees 
Robinson, III. 

Cynthia DeHart 
Taylorville, III. 

Patricia Deloney 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Jo Ann DeMartini 
Red Bud, III. 

!oger Deterding 
Red Bud, III. 

Brian DeWolf 
Wheaton, III. 

Wesley Dix 
Collinsville, III. 

Debbie Dobbs 
Clayton, Mo. 

Roger Dowd 
Clayton, Mo, 

Linda Elvers 
Gillespie, III. 

Hugti Enyart 
Caseyville, III. 

Peter Evang 
Orchard Park, N.Y. 

Dominick Fabrizio 
Summit, N.J. 

Joy Fauss 

Belleville, III. 

Michael Fenton 
Gillespie, III. 

Alan Filson 
Decatur, III. 

Brian Finn 
Peoria, III. 

Norman Fischer 
Collinsville, 111. 

Robert Fitzgibbons 
Buffalo, N.Y. 

Sherry Forsyth 
Gillespie, III. 

Daniel Friz 
Chester, III. 

Peggy Garrett 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Ralph Gentry 
Wood River, III. 

Diane Georj 

Sally Gillespey 
Collinsville, III. 

William Green 
Nashville, III. 

Paul Grenier 
Cumberland, R.I. 

Edgar Hagnaver 
St. Louis, Mo. 

i . / « 

Thomas Halloron 
Wood River, III. 

Stephen Hamilton 
Lebanon, III, 

Rose Harris 
New York 

Dave Hassenflug 
St. Georges, Bermuda 

LeRoy Haynes 
Bronx, New York 


Bradley Hoyt 
Prospect, III. 

Lawrence Iwanaga 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Alfred Johnson 
E. St. Louis, III. 

Frank Johnson 
Steekvelle, III. 

Larry Johnson 

Paul Kacera 
Granite City, III. 

Barbara Kaemper 
Waterloo, III. 

Paul Kelly 

Vicki Kennedy 
Cahokia, III. 

Kathleen Kenyon 
Stronehurst, III. 

James Kirchner 
Springfield, III. 

Kathleen Klein 
Lebanon, III. 

Kenneth Koste Stanley Kruemmelbein 

Arnold, Mo. Bunker Hill, III. 

Blanche Laff Linda Lee 

Yonkers, New York Chaglam, III 

Ransom Linkletter 
Tenafly, N.J. 

William Lirsly 
Marion, III. 

Kim Littell 
Park Ridge, II 

Duane Livingston 
Decatur, III. 

Terry Lee Longden 
Taylorvilie, III. 

Margaret Lorentzen 
Red Bud, III. 

Melissa Loy 
Kinmundy, III. 

Carolyn Lucas 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Scott McKenzie 
Decatur, III. 

Michael McKinzie 
Gillespie, III. 

Robert McMillan 

Ellen McWard 

Amy Malctt 

Gloria Mannz 

William Marlin 

Gillespie, III. 

Taylorville, III. 

Tilden, III. 

Troy, III. 

Chicago, III. 

Donald Mason 
Lynn, Mass. 

Anibal Martmex 
Springfield, Mass. 

Paul Meffert 
Highland, III. 

Richard Milton 
Lebanon, III. 

Jane Misegades 
E. St. Louis, III. 

Douglas Mitten 
E. St. Louis, III. 

Thomas Montgomery 
Rosemont, Pa. 

Valerie Moore 
St. Louis, Mo. 

David Mueller 
Chester, III. 

Karen Mueller 
Wilmette, III. 

Chip Murry 
Peoria, III. 

George Meyers 
Wolflake, III. 

Les Nalevac 
Bellwood, III. 

Deborah Nevois 
Collinsville, III. 

CarIa Orr 

Margaret Osterhage 
Waterloo, III. 


Nicholas Passomato 
Summit, N.J. 

Paul Paterson 

Dora Penilton 
St. Louis. Mo. 

Bonnie Plouff 
Cahokia, III. 

Mark Plunkett 
Robinson, III. 

Neil Podoba 
Madison, III. 

John Ratcliff 
Dow, III. 

Mark Riech 
t. Vernon, N.Y. 

Kathleen Rentro 
Lebanon, III. 

Mary Lou Rieger 
Trenton, 111. 

Lucille Rizzo 
Tonawanda. N.Y. 

Cheryl Robinson 
E. St. Louis, III. 

Gaylan Rosenberger 
Jacksonville, III. 

Patricia Rosenhauer 
St. Louis, Mo. 


John Rothwell 
Galveston, Ind. 

Dobilas Rukas 
Chicago, III. 

Margo Rutledge 
Arthur, III. 

Stuart Schwarz 
O'Fallon, III. 

Sally Short 
Salem, III. 

Suzanne Sobol 
Menden, Conn. 

Stephanie Sparkman 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Stanton 
Robinson, III. 

David Stauder 
Godtrey, III. 

Dan Stuart 
Robinson, III. 

Paul Stone 
Rosiclare, III. 

Bernice Svanda 
Steeleville, III. 

Jane Templeton 
Pinckneyville, III. 

Jane Turner 
Christopher, III 

Cynthia Upchurch 
Dupo, III. 

Debbie Upchurch 
Cahokia, III. 

Penfield, N.Y. 

Sally Verton 
Gillespie, III. 

Robert Walker 
Robinson, III. 

Sandra Ward 
Newton, III. 

Allen Watson 
Lebanon, III. 

Johnny Watson 
Pensacola, Fla. 

Thomas West 
Belleville, III. 

Kenneth Westlund 
Rockford, III. 

Bruce Weyenberg 
Lebanon, III. 

John Yunker 
Belleville, III. 


Class of 1970 


Dennis Swicl*. President 
Glenda Stevenson, Treasurer 
Marty Dial, Vice-President 
Diana Locl<wood, Secretary 





Peggy Abernathy 
Springfield, III. 

Donna Adams 
Springfield, III. 

Kenneth Alepra 
Benid, III. 

Craig Alexy 
Apicate, Pa. 

Cfiarles Antonelli 
Cfiristopher, III. 

Richard Aubuchon Beth B; 

E. St. Louis, III. Trenton, 

David Bailey Cornell Barkhurst 

Christopher, III. Park Forest, III. 

Wesley Berg 
Chicago, III. 

David Bergin 
Decatur, III. 

Roberta Bonnoit 
Charleston, S.C. 

Janet Boomer 
Maroa, 111. 

Robert Bov;/er 
llliopolis. III. 

Michael Brethauer 
Belleville, III. 

Barbara Broeckling 
Mascoutah, III. 

Virginia Brown 
St. Jacob, III. 

Rebecca Browne 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Steven Buescher 
Okawville, III. 

John Bunyan 
Park Ridge, III. 

Jerome Caesar 
Baldwin, Mo. 

Shelby Clark 
McLeansboro, III 

David Cornelius 
Tairview Park, Ohio 

Mary Cox 
E. Alton, III, 

John Cianer 
Elkhart, III. 

Steven Crews Harry Daley 

Fairfield, III. Gillespie, III. 

Cletus Davis 
Enfield, III. 

Marianna Davis 
New Baden, III. 

Gary Dekker 
Belleville, III. 

Harry DeOld 
North Caldwell, N.J. 

Peggy Devor 
Kell, III. 

Martin Dial 
Decatur, III. 

James Dixon 
Summerville, Mr 

Carolyn Dodds 
Clayton, Mo. 

Karen Eiler 
Highland, III. 

Chris Farrell 
Wood River, III 

Jack Farrow 
Granite City, III 

Richard Fenner 
Webster Groves, Mo. 

Robert Finley 
Peru, Ind. 

Glenn Forden 
Mt. Auburn, III. 

Gary France 
Edwardsville, II 

Paul Funkhouser 
Lebanon, III. 

Gerald Gaa 
Belleville, III. 

Nancy Gardner 
Troy, III. 

Patricia Geo 
New Athens, 

Linda Gohmert 
Lebanon, IIL 

Clarence Goudie 
Phoenix, Ariz. 

James Green 
Chicaso, IIL 

Erie Grimmer 
Belleville, III. 

David Gross Jan Gunderson 

St, Jacob, III, Litchfield, III. 

Ronald Haack 
Mascoutah, III. 

Jerry Hampleman 
Belleville, IIL 

lavid Harpstreit 
Lebanon, III. 

Dora Harris 
Scott A.F.B,, II 

Paul Havenar 
Lisle, III, 

Fred Hawker 
Springfield, IIL 

Delores Hayer 
Sparla, IIL 

Dean Heer 
Lebanon, III. 

Mark Heltibrand 
Sullivan, Mo. 

Judith Herrin 
Herrin, III. 

Grantland Hicks 
Chicago, III. 

Jay Hodges 
Girard, III. 

James Hogeveen 
Chicago, III. 

Kenneth Holtgreve 
Belleville, III. 

Max Hook 
Vienna, III. 

Lester Jackson 
Lebanon, III. 

Ted Janoski 
Richview, III. 

David Jones 
Wood River, III. 


Gene Keck 
Troy, III. 

Dennis Korte 
Lebanon, III. 

Joseph Kyle 
Decatur, III. 

Lee Ladinsky 
Creve Coeur, Mc 

Meribeth Lerner 
Carbondale, III. 

Hello World! 

Leslie Lieberstein 
Palos Park, III. 

Jeanne Lockwood 
Hoyleton, III. 

Wilma Losch 
Jacksonville, III. 

Jeffry Lutz 
Lebanon, III. 

Warren McCollom 
White Hall, III. 

John McCormack 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Linda McDuffy 
Lebanon, III. 

Michael McDuffy 
Lebanon, III. 

Ernest McGraw 
Scott A.F.B., III. 

Thomas McKemie 
Girard, III. 

Jeanne Manning 
Virden, III. 

Philip Marcell 
Burlington, Vt. 

Phyllis Medcalf 
New Baden, III. 

Kathi Mej 

Rebecca Melton 
West York, III. 

Clarence Merritt 

Jerry Meyer 

Elizabeth Miller 

Ralph Miller 

Craig Moore 

Marion, III. 

Coulterville, III. 

New York 

Normal, III. 

Belleville, III. 

Jerry Morlock 
E. St. Louis, III. 

Gary Mulkins 
Aurora, Colo. 

Jerry Muncy 
Pawnee, III. 

Anthony Musso 
Belleville, III. 

Robert Myers 
Edwardsville, III 

Jim Nail 
O'Fallon, III. 

Perry Newbury 
DuQuoin, III. 

Freddie Nunn 
Lebanon, III. 

Thomas Packard 
Staunton, III. 

Eui Park 
Seoul, Korea 

Cecil Penn 
Loda, III. 

George Poston 
Wood River, III. 

Charlene Putterbough 
Urbana, III. 

James Ragus 
Wood River, III. 

Maureen Rawley 
E. St. Louis, III. 

Linda Rezba 
Sparta, III. 

Dereatha Rhoades 
Sullivan, III. 

Robert Rice 
Lawrenceville, I 

Terry Riggs 
Highland, III. 

Herb Roach 
O'Fallon, III. 

Thomas Roach 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Wielard Roeschmann 
Middleville, N.J. 

Stephen Romack 
Decatur, III. 

Dale Rommerskirchen 
Pocahontas, III. 

Dave Rose 
Canton, Ohio 



/lichael Rutled 
Arthur, III. 

Peter Saineghi 
Christopher, III. 

Louise Saxton 
Bellevue, Neb. 

Randall Schempp 
Boonton, N.J. 

Terry Schenk 
Wood River, III. 

Terry Schmidt 
Wood River, III. 

Richard Schutta 
Orchard Pk., N.Y. 

Philip Schwab 
Litchfield, III. 

Martha Scully 
Springfield, Ohio 

Linda Shawver 
Lewistown, III. 

Robert Shook 
Lebanon, III. 

Robert Siefferman 
Troy, III. 

Robert Sims 
Caseyville, III. 

Daniel Smith 
Palos Hts., III. 

Reuel Smith 
Chester, III. 

William Smoltz 
Lebanon, III. 

Gregory Snyder 
Calumet City, III. 

Russell Sondyfrank 
Bunker Hill, Ind. 

Rickey Statil 
Smithton, III. 

Robert Stankus 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Glenda Stephenson David Stover 

Sparta, III. Centralia, III. 

John Streb 
Dobbs Ferry, N.J. 

Helen Stroup 
Carbondale, III. 

Jacquline Savanda 
Steelville, III. 

Nancy Svanda 
Sparia, III. 

Dennis Swick 
Summit, N.J. 

George Taylor 
Alton, III. 

Majorie Tebbs 
Highland, III. 

Beverly Terry 
Venice, III. 

Howard Thomas 

Beth Thompkins 

Michael Voellinger 

Janet Walden 

Dana Weiss 

Lebanon, III. 

LeRoy, III. 

Belleville. III. 

Herrin, III. 

Augusta, III. 

Robert Wenderoth John White 

Milford, Ohio Decatur, III. 

David Wilkey 
Nashville, III. 

David Williams 
Mt. Olive, III. 

Lavick Williams 
E. St. Louis, III. 



! ; I lass of 1969' 

• »>■■ 


Tom Sdnders, P^es. 
Marianna Davis, -ViPres. 


; -T, 

Peggy Arnett 
Texico, III. 

George Backhus 
Glen Gardner, N.J. 

Jacqueiin Bainter 
Belleville, III. 

Douglas Ballance 
Carlyle, III. 

Mary Battle 
Benton, III. 

i 1 -N<^^ 

Judith Beasley 
Caseyville, III. 

Mark Becker 
Trenton, III. 

David Bissett 
Grand Island, N.Y. 

Jerry Boner 

Robert Bridges 
Chicago, III. 

Sandra Brock 
West Frankfort, III. 

Roselyn Buehne 
Lebanon, III. 

Timothy Burns 
Belleville, III. 

Rick Carpenter 
Belleville, III. 

Jean Chappell 
Lebanon, III. 

Harriet Chappie 
Caseyville, III. 

Robert Clark 
DuQuoin, III. 

Vicki Coleman 
Percy, III, 

James Cueto 
Belleville, III. 

Susan Oalton 
Coilinsville, III. 

Robert DeAngelis 
Schectaty, N.Y. 

Elizabeth Doew/ald 
New/ton, N.J. 

James Drechen 
Lyons, III. 

Vincent Drexclius 
Edwardsville, III. 

Sandra Elliot 
St. Louis. III. 

James Etherton 
Carbondale, III. 

Gerald Fairs 
Highland, III. 

John Fenoli 
It. Vernon, II 

Alan Fisher 
Springfield, III 

Terry Florek 
St. Louis, III. 

George Fuiten 

Jack Fyke 

Gary Gehrs 

Grey Geminn 

Christopher Gitcho 

Virden, III. 

Centralia, III. 

Carlyle, III. 

Belleville, III. 

Granite City, III. 

Nancy Gohmert 
Lebanon, III. 

Edward Graves 
DuQjoin, III. 

Richard Gray 
St. Louis. Mo. 

Fred Habermehl 
Dupo, III. 

David Hampleman 
Sandoval, III. 

/lichael Hampton 
Lebanon, III. 

Sandra Hampton 
Summersville, Mo. 

Janice Harpstrite 
New Baden. III. 

William Holt 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Michael Horan 
Albany, N.Y. 

Hey, my linger is caught! 



L r 

Randy Lahv Richard Houghland 

Metropolis, III. Lebanon, III. 

Robert Hunter 
Hathboro, Pa. 

Luther Jackson 
E. St. Louis, III. 

Ann Jasper 
Belleville, III. 


Robert Jiaconia 
Union, N.J. 

Michael Johnson 
Roxanna, III. 

Wendell Johnson 
Lebanon, III. 

Herbert Kaiserman 
Springtield, III. 

Ten Kennedy 
Cahokia, III. 


David Killam 
East Alton, III. 

Patricia Knop 
Campbell Hill, III 

Margaret Kuhn 
Trenton, III, 

Patricia LaFrank 
Collinsville, III. 

Francis Layfield 
Collinsville, III. 

William Lemken 
Lebanon, III. 

David Lonis 
Lebanon, III. 

Steve McFall 
Collinsville, III. 

Edward McGlynn 
Pt. Pleasant, N.J. 

Rosemarie Maloney 
Lebanon, III. 

.- 1=^ ^p 

Linda Mendith 
Flora, III. 

Mary Ann Miller 
Centralia. III. 

William Mills 
Collinsville. III. 

Gary Moergan 
Belleville, III. 

Robert Moore 
Cahokia, III. 

It takes moie than a Penny to operate this machine. 

Denise Morlan 
Mt. Vernon, III. 

George Morris 
Belleville, III. 

Robert Mullen Mohammad Nazem 

Girard. III. Lebanon, III. 

Arthur Nitz 
Centralia, III. 

students returning from Chapel 

Gerald Nixon 
Diveron, III. 

Barbara North 
Lebanon, III. 

Larry Norvell 
Jacksonville, III, 

Karen Nottrott 
Dupo, III, 

Glenn Oliphant 
West Caldwell, N,J, 

Kathryn Pagles 
Collinsville, III. 

Elizabeth Powell 
Springfield, III. 

Susan Pugh 
Centraha, III. 

James Ramsey 
West Frankfort, III. 

Brenda Reynolds 
Harrisburg, III. 

A time tor learning, a place to study. 

Jeffrey Roe 
Stiorthill, N.J. 

Roger Russell 
Granite City, III. 

Ttiomas Sanders 
Toledo, III. 

Joseph Scola 
Passaic, N.J. 

James Shaw 
Cutler, III. 

Barbara Smith 
Danville, III. 

Robert Smith 
Webster Groves, I 

Russell Smith 
Ashland, III. 

Harry Sokolsky 
E. St. Louis, III. 

William Staley 
Chicago, III. 

P O. 


^yh I 

Joyce Tracy 
Lebanon, III. 

Nicholas Tropiano 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Trotter 
Jacksonville, III. 

Diane Tucker 
O'Fallon, III. 

William tJnzincker 
Champaign, III. 


Susan VanDanElzen 
Collinsville, III. 

ary Weatherspoon 
Lebanon, III. 

Ed»/ard Wegner 
Lombard, III. 

Keith Wiig 

Daniel Williams 
Venice, III. 


Herbert Winemiller 
Whitington, III. 

Gary Wolff 
Centraha, III. 

Marion Zeisset 
Edwardsville, III. 

Jerome Zimmerman 
Schenectudy. N.Y. 

CasUi'l discussion with instructors is common at McK. 

Editor's Page 

We have spent one quarter ot our life expectancy preparing to meet the world, and 
to find our proper place in it as useful and outstanding citizens. Here at McKendree we 
have been guided in various ways to realize our potential in order to accomplish our pro- 
jected goals. We never really understand just what we are capable of doing until we 
accept the challenge that seems ultimately out of our reach. But.'with a lot of faith, 
desire and confidence we soon come to realize that potential which we possess. 

I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to the McKendnan staff as a very 
cooperative and efficient group. Bob Bridges was outstanding and did far more than 
what was expected of him. Mr. Norton was especially helpful in giving me confidence 
when the task seemed impossible. Last of all I would like to thank you, McKendree Col- 
lege, for giving me the opportunity to make my life more meaningful. 

Richard W. Phillips 
Chief Editor