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Full text of "The McKendrean : being the year book of McKendree College"

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\\ A VH 


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in 2010 with funding from 

CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 

A Face for All Seasons 

■ ■ 

1. Michele Stacey-Doyle takes her media ethics class 
outdoors on a warm spring day. 2. Bogie (Paul Wessle- 
man) plans to take a ride in the homecoming parade. 3. 
Kelli Nickel pledges Gamma Sigma Sigma spring se- 
mester. 4. Brent Gordon and Janet Casey watch an 
intramural softball game on a cool spring day. 5. 
Friends get a pick-up softball game going to beat 
spring fever. 6. Sara Austin and Artie VanGampler 
enjoy a snow day off school. 7. Tilman Ashmore tees 
off on the ice that melted quickly on a very warm day 
in late winter. 8. Sheri Boehm tries to stay warm at 
softball practice in late winter. 


&l lb __ 


FSB ? * , 


Introducing new students to the McKendree 
campus and all that it offers is the main goal of 
the New Student Orientation (NSO) Staff. 
Activities include campus tours, group discus- 
sions, meetings with faculty, 'Games McKen- 
dree People Play,* (pictured on this page) and 
the NSO dance. On the final day students can 
go to Six Flags for a day of fun before the 
semester begins. 


David Ahola, Professor of Political Science 

Ted Anderson, Assoc. Professor of Biology Murella Bosse, Professor of Psychology & Scu- 
ba Instructor 

- x*-'-~ 


»>- * „ 



V- ■ 

...":•'■ ' • ^ ■ . s 


":-'■■ ^T 

David Brailow, Assoc. Professor of English Robert Brown. Distinguished Science Professor of Sociology 


Patrick Folk, Professor of History 

Above — William Haskins, Assoc. Profes- 
sor of Speech; Middle — Donald Hoist, 
Professor of Education; above right — 
Marilyn Huxford, Assoc. Professor of 

Criminal Justice. 

Top Left to right — Richard McGuire, Associate Professor of Biology; Bonnie Moe, Assistant 
Professor of Accounting; Fred Underwood, Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Middle Left 
— to right — David Ottinger, Assistant Professor of Art; Marcia Popp, Assistant Professor of 

Middle right — Sister Gabrielle Rowe. Associate Professor of English; Below — left to right — 
Michele Stacey-Doyle. Assistant Professor of English; Harry Statham, Director of Athletics; 
James Watt, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing. 








M\ — 

The majority of McKendree*s full-time faculty members hold terminal degrees. 
Some specialized courses are taught by part-time faculty members, who lend their 
expertise in various one-month and one-semester programs. The student-teacher 
ratio is 15:1; the average class size is 20. All full-time faculty members are trained in 
academic counseling and advising. Faculty members also sponsor and participate in 
various student organizations and activities. 

Nancy Ypma — Asst. Prof, of Music 

Administration & Staff 

Above — Sue Corden, Liz Dycus. Doug Stotter, Karen Denton, Jan Mallrich, Admissions Staff; Above — Lindy Backues, Campus Chaplain; Be- 
Below — Members of the faculty enjoy graduation. low — Debbie Bohnenstiehl, Secretary to the Reg- 

Top row — left to right — Brian Cullen, Maintenance; Kenneth Dean. Doug Dennison, 
Director of Public Relations; Mickey Dobbins, Director of Marketing; Dr. Ed Glowatski, Vice- 
President of Institutional Advancement; Sue Froding, Maintenance; Frank Grandfield. Direc- 
tor of Financial Aid; Elaine Henderson. Administrative Assistant to the President; Elva Hines, 
Registrar and Assistant Dean; Les Howard, Operations Manager. 

I'. ' 1 

Top left — left to right — Annette Hug. Secretary 
to V.P. for Institutional Advancement; Susan 
Jones. Secretary to the Dean of Students; Stanley 
Osterhage. Vice-president for financial affairs; Dr. 
Emeral Owen, Interim Dean of the College; My- 
ron Reese, Assoc. Dean of the College; Todd Reyn- 
olds. Dean of Students, Gene Tauer. Admissions; 
Jane Weingartner. Director of Development; Ken 
Wiseman, Security; Donna Wood. Assistant Coor- 
dinator of Financial Aid; Judy Woodruff. Assoc. 
Director of Development. 

Class of '89 

Arthur J. Ballantini 

Centralia, IL 
Public Administration 

Judy 1. Baker 

Lebanon, IL 

Business Administration 

Patrick A. Barry 
St. Louis, MO 
Public Relations 

Michael E. Bejos 

Belmopan, Belize, 

C. America 

Psychology/ Bus. Ad. 

Annette R. Bochantin 
Du Bois, IL 

Marketing/Business Ad. 

John David Bovinette 

Belleville, IL 

Business Administration 

Jeffrey Wayne Bowen 

Pawnee, IL 

Religious Studies 

Deborah Ann Butts 

Belleville. IL 


Robert A. Cooley 
Marion, IL 

John William Cooper 

Fairview Heights, IL 

Business Administration 

Lori Ann Cummins 

Lebanon, IL 

Business Ad. /Marketing 

Naomi R. Davidson 
Sparta, IL 

Physical Education 

Kerry L. Fangmeyer 

Fairview Heights, IL 


Stephanie Kay Fisher 

Belleville, IL 

Management/ Marketing 

Thomas J. Forsyth 

Mascoutah, IL 
Comp. Science/ Bus. 

Michael Joseph Frey 

Freeburg, IL 


Suzanne L. Hacking 

Edwardsville, IL 

William Jeffrey Hurst 

St. Jacob, IL 

Religious Studies 

Steven Mark Jacobs 

Belleville. IL 


Amber J. Katich 

Bunker Hill, IL 

Elementary Education 

Michael Lee Kirkpatrick 

New Athens, IL 

Marketing/ Bus. Administration 


Kelly J. Koisher 

Highland. IL 

Elementary Education 


Sandra K. Kunz 

Smithton, IL 

Physical Education 

Scott A. Larsen 
O'Fallon. IL 

Rita Diane Ledeker 

Olney, IL 


JoAnn Lett 

Belleville, IL 

Accounting/Bus. Ad. 

Robin M. Maloney 

Waterford, N.Y. 

Psych. /Criminal Just. 

Matt J. MacLaughlin 
Granite City, IL 


Janice E. McAteer 
Fairview Heights, IL 
Elementary Education 

Deborah S. Muskopf 

Millstadt, IL 
Biology/ Psychology 

Amy Jo Pickering 
Galatia, IL 

Paula Kay Reeb 

Fairview Heights, IL 


Mark Allen Reinholz 

St. Louis, MO 

Management/ Marketing 

Jane E. Rcnner 

Belleville, IL 

Speech Communication 

Linda K. Rickard 

Millstadt, IL 

Accounting/Bus. Ad. 

Carol Marie Rickert 

Belleville, IL 
Accounting/Bus. Ad. 

Lori Ann Spencer 

New Baden, IL 

business Administration 

Jeffrey David Sommers 

Belleville, IL 


Ise Renee Sooter 

Belleville, IL 

Elementary Education 

Anne M. Stallings 

Fairview Heights, IL 


Kathleen T. Terschuse 

Belleville, IL 
Elementary Education 

Mark D. Terveer 

Mascoutah, IL 

Criminal Justice 

Lori A. Trumbo 

Centralia, IL 
Public Relations 

Glen A. Vangampler 

Carmi, IL 

Computer Science 


Paula Marie Vinica 
OTallon, IL 

Paul Thomas Wesselmann 

Carbondale, IL 


Brooke L. Wharton 

Altamont, IL 
Accounting/Bus. Ad. 

Debra A. Whitfield 
Belleville, IL 

Marketing/ Management 

Teresa M. Whitworth 

Freeburg, IL 
Biology/Secondary Ed. 

Darren L. Wilkinson 
Harvard, IL 


Sharon Rae Wilke 

St. Rose, IL 

Elementary Education 

Donna J. Wood 

Lebanon, IL 

Business Administration 

Class of '90 

Shari L. Hasenstab 

Jessica A. Joiner 

d n 

Laura M. Kelemetc 

Greg L. Kidd 

Laurie A. Kolar 

Renee M. Korves 

Carla Jean Maxwell 

Jennifer Ann May 

Michelle M. Mersinger 

Kimbcrly J. Miller 

Sheryl A. Morgan 

Thomas E. O'Connor 

Audrey F. Pannier 

Sherry Lee Prather 

Laura Ann Robison 


u ^ 

£^- —In 




Ptosha Y. Rockingham 

Donald J. Ruble 

Neda K. Sanders 

Patricia E. Scaturro 

Kelly A. Scott 

Rebekah A. Shryock 


Class of '91 

Janet E. Casey 

Tina D. Gilkerson 

Jacqueline R. Cummings 

f . 7 

Dymphna M. D'Agostino 

Craig A. Dobsch 

Donnell R. Deien 

Cathy W. Heuman 

Chris A. Honnold 

Kelli D. Jackson 

Holly A. McQuaide 

Patrick J. McGarritv 


Michelle A. Poston 

Raymond D. Radae 

W ~ <** ^S> 


r f 


Shelly L. Renth 

Peggy Sue Steele 

Adrienne Y. Stewart 

Rosalie M. Wand 

Class of '92 

Shari Ann Campbe 

Julie Ann Chandler 



Shannon D. Cremmeens 


Patricia E. Dorrough 

Jodi N. Edgar 

Randal D. Foss 

Ann Marie Huelsmann 

Martonia M. Hutt 

Lisa M. Izquicrdo 

Kimberly K. Melton 

Jennifer L. Mitche 

Diana Lynn Needham 

Kristin D. Prichard 

Laurel Ann Repinski 

Angie M. Reider 

James L. Smith 

Libbv Ann Smith 

Michelle D. Thomeczek 


*rw~* -^ 

9U ■►> * Bj 


Elaine Ann Turner 

Cynthia Ann Wachtel 

Delavvnes R. Ware 

BSER'S i^^hh ALPHA ^^h^^^h CATS 

























Residence Life 

Casa Ga 

assistants, and students in the suites, have a night out at 
llardo Mexican Restaurant in Fairview Heights. 

The residence life staff is headed by Steve 
Deckard. The staff itself consists of two 
residence directors, and eleven residence 
assistants. One male and one female serve 
as the residence directors. The female resi- 
dence director resides in Barnett hall, and 
the male resides in the McKendree suites. 
The residence assistants are made up of stu- 
dents that apply for the position each se- 
mester. The residence assistants reside in 
the dorm with the other students. One resi- 
dence assistant is on each floor of each 
dorm, and one assistant lives on each end of 
the suites. Resident assistants help with 
New Student Orientation, plan activities 
for students, enforce rules, and provide sup- 

Fall semester 1988 
and Leon Stallard. 

Resident Directors — Lori Goodwin 

Assistants — Tillman Ashmore, Mike Bejos. kristi 
McQuade. Cindy Porter, Julie Purcell, Neda Sanders, Patti 
Scatturo, Mark Terveer, Paul Wesselman, Brooke Wharton, 
and Kady Zeisset. 

Spring semester 1 989 — Resident Directors — Lori Goodwin 
and Paul Wesselman. Assistants — Tillman Ashmore, Chad 
Brown, Deb Christy, Edith Davis, Chris Honold, Sarah 
McCall, Kristi McQuade, Tony Neaville, Cindy Porter, Neda 
Sanders, Mark Terveer, and Kady Zeisset. 

Resident Director. Lori Goodwin. 


The Student Government Association 
has done a variety of items during the 
1988-1989 school year. They have held 
Freshman elections, promoted the 
League of Women Voters, helped get the 
News Democrat back on campus, helped 
get a geography class, looked into ex- 
tending the library hours, helped get 
Coke on campus, looked into renovating 
Deneen, and many more items. 

The Student Government Senators for the 1988-1989 
school year included: Amy Blackburn, Scott Leach, Brian 
Frederking, Kristin Prichard, Anne Pfitzner, Tom O'Con- 
nor, Janet Casey, Ptosha Rockingham, Tim Maloney, 
Kristy McQuade, Christine Addison, Tillman Ashmore, 
Donnelle Deine, Kent Coultas and Frank Brello. The Ju- 
dicial Board included: Beth Heinemann, George Wyress, 
Theresa Whitworth, Carla Hammersley, Kim Melton, 
Jeff Wingate, and Randy Faust. The Executive Board 
members included: Tom Forsyth — President, Artive 
Vangampler — Vice President, Brian Hilgert — Student 
Activities Chairperson, Joel Hastings — Treasurer, Vicki 
Von Hatten — Secretary, and Judy Baker — Student 


The Business Leaders of Tomorrow offi- 
cers for the 1989 school year were: Bill 
Cooper — President, Mike Kirkpatrick 
- Vice President, Rosalie Wand - 
Secretary, Laura Kelemetc — Treasur- 

Business Leaders of Tomorrow, commonly referred to as 
"BLT" was started on campus two years ago. The club is 
open to all students who are majoring in any area of 
business, or those students who are currently enrolled in a 
business class. Some of the club's activities include having 
guest speakers and taking tours of area businesses. The 
Mentor Program where students were matched with 
McKendree Alumni was also very successful. The group is 
also planning a job Fair for the Fall 1989 semester. 

The McKendree Review 

1st row — Jacki Bugg, Rosalie Wand. Kristi McQuade. 2nd row — Michele Stacey-Doyle (advisor), 
Chris Albrecht, Nixie McKinzie. Jodi Edgar. 3rd row — Chad Merryman. Kim Miller. Cindy Zerbst, 
Michelle Nettemeyer, Kristin Pritchard, Anne Pfitzner. 4th row — Laurie Kolar. Ptosha Rocking- 
ham (editor), Tina Gilkerson. and Tom O'Connor. 

The 1988-89 school year was a year of change for the McKendree Review. 
Junior Ptosha Rockingham took over the post of editor mid-semester from 
junior, Brian Frederking. The size of the Review staff tripled from the 
1987-88 school year, allowing the bi-monthly publication to expand to 12- 
page issues. The staff this year also had the advantage of using a desk-top 
publishing system purchased by the school. Under the guidance of business 
managers pat Barry. Tina Gilkerson, and Kim Miller, the advertising rev- 
enues of the paper grew nearly lOO^c. All of these changes added up to a 
greatly improved McKendree Review, 

The McKendrean 

Kelly Scott — editor 

Carol Friedland — Co-editor & Jennifer May — staff assistant 

The 1988-89 McKendrean staff was truly challenged. This year's staff worked 
hard to meet deadlines, although it seemed there was more work than the staff 
could handle. One limitation the staff encountered is the size of the book. McKen- 
dree is under a contract that limits the book to 100 pages. This year's staff worked 
on changing this stipulation to increase the size of the book for next year. The 
staff also went through the admissions office to get the names of incoming 
students that expressed an interest in working on the book. Editor Kelly Scott and 
co-editor Carol Friedland plan to share the position next year as co-editors, and 
they are definitely hoping for a larger staff. 


(Back row) L to R — Thomas Forsyth, Ed Endsley, Stephen Wright, Debra Avery (Second row) — Kelly Strong, Peggy Steele, Elizabeth Leland, 
Michele Bailey, Christine Westfall, Theresa Kentch (Front row) — Adrienne Stewart, Yolanda Beal, Spring Norman, Cathy Newman, Jessica Joiner. 
Samantha Obernier, Tami Baum, Joy Chua, Dr. Nancy Ypma (Not Pictured) — Dedria Crawley. Audrey Nicholson, Scott Larsen, Lynn Mallrich, 
Elaine Turner, Kim Campbell, Laurel McKean, Jacque Cummings, Becky, Julie Voss, Sam Howard, and Ron Newman 





(Back row) L to R — Kier Riemersma, Carrie Woods, Mike Kirkpatnck, Louis Frich. (Front row) — Annette Neal, Janet 
Casey, Pam Morrison, Patricia Dorrough, Mary Beth Harres, and Susan Lynch 


The 1989 Programming Board members 
are: Lillian DeLaRosa, Laura Kelemetc. 
Marybeth Harris, Michelle Poston, 
Laurel Repinski, Sheri Boehm, Tony 
Nevill, Louie Frick, Scott Leach, Dee 
Ware and Mike Kirkpatrick 

The Programming Board has sponsored many different 
activities on campus during the 1988-1989 school year. 
Programming Board begins the year with entertainment 
during New Student Orientation. During Homecoming 
Week the Programming Board sponsored a variety of ac- 
tivities including Carl Rosen, a singer, Craig Karges, a 
mentalist, a Victorian Photographer and the Homecom- 
ing dinner an dance at Augustine's featuring KY98 Lance 
Hildebrand. After vacation, the members sponsored a 
welcome back dance featuring London USA. During the 
spring semester, students were entertained by a variety of 
singers and a ventriloquist. Programming Board ends the 
school year with the all school picnic featuring comedians, 
singers, and novelty acts. This year Programming Board 
also offered students an opportunity to see all the latest 
films in a film series every Monday in February. 


The History club is a newly formed club on 
the McKendree campus. The 1989 mem- 
bers are: front row — Becky Shryock, Pat 
McGarrity, Dr. Pat Folk, and Kerry Fang- 
meyer. back row — Dr. Halfond, Tim Lew- 
is, Brian Frederking, and Mark Causey. 


9L n » 

Above L to R — Kevin Decker, Jacque Cummings, Brian Frederking, Kelly Strong, Dawn Elmore, Janet Casey, Steve Wright, 
Sarah McCall, Chad Merryman, Martin Quirk (Not pictured) — Jennifer May, Amy Blackburn Below L to R — Dr. Todd 
Reynolds, Dr. William Haskins, Mr. Halfond, Dr. Ahola, Dr. Folk 


Alpha Phi Omega 

1st row: Julie Pates, Tammy Schilling, Deborah Muskopf, Bob Luetkenhaus; 2nd row: Cindy Glaze, Jennifer May, Jacque Cummings, Dawn Burden, Renee 

Alpha Phi Omega has been in existence on 
the McKendree College campus since 
1972. APO is the only national fraternity 
on campus and has an emphasis on both 
service and social activities. Once again, 
APO organized a blood drive at McKen- 
dree. APO also organized a dance featuring 
alternative music as well as entering a float 
in the homecoming parade. 





1st row: Sue Gilmer, Lori Spencer, Rosalie Wand. Shari Hasenstab; 2nd row: Lynn Mallnch, Gayna Turnipseed, Janet Casey, April Faulk, Advisor - Jil 
Weil; 3rd row: Laura LeSar, Julie Netemeyer, Jane Renner, Carla Mazwell, Laurie Kolar, Mary Jo Allen, Annette Bochantin. 

Alpha Omega led by President, Lori Spen- 
cer, participated in a variety of activities 
this year. This year AO bought a subscrip- 
tion to the Belleville News Democrat for 
students at Lebanon Grade school. The pa- 
pers can assist the teachers in instructing 
the students on current events as well as a 
variety of projects. AO had their annual car 
wash in the spring and their annual alumni 
dance. AO also participated in intramurals 
and the "All Greek" float trip. In the 
spring, AO welcomed five new actives to 
the group; Tracee Franklin, Kristy 
Shelly Nettemeyer, Laurel Repinski, and 
Cindy Wachtel. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 

1st row: Sheri Boehm, Carol Friedland. Bernadette Shields. Adrienne Stewart. Jacki Bugg. Michelle Mersinger. Nicole Wear: 2nd row: Cindy Zerbst. 
Tish Kettler. Chris Morrison. Anissa Jones. Kristi McQuade. Julie Purcell. Lisa Walker. Kelli Jackson. Chris Albrecht. Debbie Mank. Shelly Renth; 3rd 
row: Christine Addison. Shauna Souders. Tina Gilkerson. Kim Miller. Not Pic — Lisa Lockett. Debbie Mantos. Sarah McCall, Nancv Frerker 

JIG BROTHERS: Kyhl McDevitt, Gregg Kidd, Patrick Barry, Tim Maloney, Brian 
r rederking, Paul Wesselmann, Joel Hastings. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma, McKendree's largest 
Greek organization had another successful 
year. Sigma, a national service sorority, was 
involved in many activities in the 1988-89 
school year. Highlights included Victim's Day 
and the Adopt-a-Child program. Victim's 
Day, a memorial for victims of violent crimes 
was held at Eads Bridge. The Adopt-a-Child 
program allowed Sigma to help feed and 
clothe a needy inner city child in Connecticut. 
Gamma Sigma Sigma also had their first for- 
mal dance which was held at the Holiday Inn 
in Collinsville. Sigma was also involved with 
organizing a McKendree dance with AO and 
Clio. In addition, Sigma participated in the 
"all Greek" float trip as well as being actively 
involved in intramurals. Second semester of- 
fices were held by Julie Purcell — President, 
Kristi McQuade — 1st Vice President, Kim 
Miller — 2nd Vice President, Nicole Wear — 
Recording Secretary, and Carol Friedland — 

Kappa Lambda Iota 

1st row: Laura Robison, Neda Sanders, Patti Scaturro; 2nd row: Elizabeth Douglas, Susan Lynch, Lynn Hayes, 3rd row: Valerie Mason, Teresa Whitworth. 
Beth Martin, Kim Keefer, Jill Ogles, Mary Biffar. 

1988-89 was a rather hectic year for the Clion- 
ian Literary Society, due to a rebirth. All of 
the actives in the fall of 1988 were brand new 
to the society, and thus unaware of where to 
begin with a brand new Clio. The majority of 
the year was spent gathering information from 
alumni and rewriting our constitution. In ad- 
dition we were involved in the Juvenile Diabe- 
tes Association of the greater St. Louis area. It 
may have seemed like a quiet year, but all of 
the actives can vouch that it was a very busy 

The society wants to thank Kevin Decker for 
all of his research into Kappa Lambda Iota 
and his support this year. Clio may be small, 
but we feel our sisterhood and organization is 
strong! Clio is back!! 


A. Wayne Sinnock and Michael E. Bejos 

Dear McKendreans, 

To say that this has been a trying year for the Philosophian Literary Society would be a gross 
understatement. This has been the year that Philo has seen its active membership fall from ten to 
two under the ax of academic ineligibility. Mr. A. Wayne Sinnock and myself, being the remaining 
two, were entrusted with the awesome task of restoring Philo to as close to it's former glory as is hu- 
manly possible. 

Even though the obstacles seemed insurmountable, Mr. Sinnock and I did a fairly decent job of it. 
We enlisted five admirable pledges and five wonderful little sisters in an effort to repopulate our 
gaunt ranks, and Mr. Sinnock and I carried on Philo tradition as best we could. 

Yes, this has been perhaps the saddest year in all of Philo's proud and colorful history. With our 
membership depleted and our hall absconded it has not been an easy path to walk but it has 
certainly been an enriching one, and I will be forever be indebted to Philo for the memorable 
experiences it has blessed me with. I only hope that future members will encounter less difficulty 
and as much enjoyment as I have. 

Yours Fraternally, 



Michael E. Bejos 
President i>\~L 


Wanna hear a secret, Craig? 

"Once upon a time 

Hi, Brandon 

Phi Rho Chi 

1st row: Patrick Barry, Mark Reinholz. Louie Frick; 2nd row: Mike Kirkpatrick, Sean Hayes. Dmitri Joe, Pat Leckrone, Chris Bee, Tony Neaville, Kevin 
Schwartz Not Pic. — Craig Dobsch & Mark Brendel 


Little Sisters 

1st row: Jennifer Mitchell, Lisa Izquierdo, Libby Smith, Carol Friedland, Mary Beth Harres; 2nd row: Jodi Edgar, Laurie 

Kolar, Jane Renner, Carla Maxwell, Traci Ellis, Kelli Jackson. Shari Hasenstab 

Phi Rho Chi enjoyed its twenty-sixth year as a 
McKendree College organization in 1989. Phi 
Rho Chi, better known as Ferox. was involved 
in several activities. Ferox participated in the 
Alumni Phonaihon, as well as organizing the 
McKendree Basketball Shootout for a fund 
raiser. Other activities which Ferox was in- 
volved include the Annual Ferox Bowl-Off, 
the Ferox-B'ser Softball Challenge, and the 
"All Greek" float trip. Ferox also captured the 
intramural softball championship. Offices 
were held by Chris Bee — President, Mike 
Kirkpatrick — Vice President, Mark Rein- 
holz — Treasurer, and Craig Dobsch — Sec- 
retary. Dr. Lynn Huxford served as the Phi 
Rho Chi advisor. 


1st row: Steve Brandt, Colin Kricensky. Bob Schubert, Steve Ebbs; 2nd row: Bert Stover, Brandon McClendon, Mike Frey, Tom O'Connor, Chris Price, 
Mark Terveer, Dan Lett. Brad Reinhardt, Gregg Kidd 

K^ 3| 

ml '-~* j 




Pi Lambda Tau enjoyed its one hundred 
fortieth year of existence as a McKendree 
College organization. Better known on 
campus as "BSer's," Pi Lambda Tau was 
involved in many activities. The BSer's par- 
ticipated in the Alumni Phonathon, orga- 
nized the Valentine's Day Sweetheart's 
Dance, and sold McKendree Express T- 
shirts as a fund raiser. The BSer's also 
played in the annual Ferox-BSer softball 
challenge and organized the "all Greek" 
float trip. Offices were held by Bob Schu- 
bert — President, Colin Kricensky — Vice 
President, Steve Ebbs — Treasurer, and 
Steve Brandt — Secretary. Mr. Under- 
wood, Dr. O'Connor and Mr. Brown served 
as advisors. 

Sigma Zeta 

Sigma Zeta members Kristi McQuade, Steve Ebbs, Chris Bee, Teresa Whitworth, 
and Tish Kettler, attend a conference. 

More Greek peeks! right — BSer's celebrate, below right - 
Dimitri Joe, Lisa Izquerto, Sean Hayes, and Carol Fried- 
land, celebrate at a Ferox event, below — Pat Berry and 
Chris Bee show off their Ferox green. 


m W&H' Sri 



The 1988-1989 officers are: Caro- 
lyn Stetzes — President, Grace 
Grider — President Elect, Carolyn 
Rauck — Vice President, Terry 
Beasley — Secretary, Donna 
Kiefer — Treasurer, and Janice 
Wiegmann — Faculty Sponsor 

The Nursing Honor Society of Mckendree College was formed 
to recognize superior achievement, develop leadership qualities, 
foster high professional standards, encourage creative work and 
strengthen commitment to the nursing profession. This year's 
induction was held on November 3, 1988 in Bothwell Chapel. 
Those inducted were: Paula Bull, Beth Crane, Barb Halmstedt, 
Judy Mayhew, Linda Rensing, Karen Sancamper, Don Thorn- 
ton, Sharon Willits, and Pam White. Four regular meetings are 
held each fiscal year with two including scholarly programs. 
This years programs were "The Ethics of Aids" by Carol Balto- 
siewich, O.S.F. and Mary Ellen Rombach, O.S.F. from Bethany 
Place and "Stress Management for Professional Women" by 
Dr. James Hartfield. 


Junior and Senior initiates into Kappa Gamma Epsilon are: (L to R Front Row) Jessica Joiner. Donna Kille, 
Teresa Whitworth, Amber Katich, Lisa Sappington, Nancy Schmale. Janice McAtteer, Kathleen Terschluse, 
Carol Friedland, Cindy Rogers, Elaine Albrecht, Lynnette Mallrich, Patricia Lamm (Second Row) Patti 
Scattaro, Leon Stallard, Sandra Kun/. Beth Haherer, Charles Freeman, Scott Harres, Michelle Palmer, Joanne 
Stumpf and Mary Ann Groom (Not Pictured) — Dian Proffett, Renee Greenlee. Judy Radick, Emily Gregory, 
Michael Frey, and Kathryn Stanley 


Tom finally gets in one of his own pictures! 

Clio sitting pretty. 

Kun at the Ferox informal! 

Mark, Pat, & Chris enjoy the Phi Rho Chi X-mas Party. 

Active Cats 

top — clockwise — 1 . Mckendree Choir. 2. Jacki Bugg and Carol 
Friedland. 3. Men's soccer team after scoring against NCE. 4. 
Women's Volleyball team rides in the homecoming parade. 5. Jeff 
Sommers plays intramural softball. 6. 1988 Men's basketball 

The following are the names of the 1 988-89 soccer team left off of 
the team page, front row — Renee Korves — manager, Tom 
Wilhelm, Steve Bee, Brad Hackett, Patrick Barry, Matt Ma- 
cLaughlin, Brian Belgeri, Brian Thouvenot, Todd Loretta, Brent 
Gordon. Back row — Dan Davila, John Seuss, Jim Preusser, Joe 
Gettemeier, Mark Reinholz, Tony Ellis, Mark Green, Jay Lipe, 
Chris Bee, Bob Poole, Tim Gray, and Thorn Champion — coach. 

The Miracle Worker 


in order of appearance 

Martha ,. . , . 
Percy ( Helen s P'aymates) 

Janna Rose 
Tommy Doyle 

Helen Keller 

Kern Hamann 

Kate Keller (her mother) 

Laurie McKean 

Aunt Evelyn (her aunt) 

Kelly Strong 

James Keller (a half-brother) 

Brandon Donaldson 

Captain Keller (her father) 

Kevin Decker 

Mrs Anagnos (from Perkins Institute) Becky Mayer 

Annie Sullivan 

Nathalie Clyne 

Viney (the maid) 

Becky Piper 

Directed by Gabriellc 


The Dining Room 


The Melvin Price Convocation Center 
has been used for a number of events 
since its dedication on Sept. 30, 1 
The convocation center has been the 
sight of a concert by the Belleville Phil- 
harmonic, the first McKendree College 
Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremo- 
ny, sports events, and Founders Day. It 
also has a weight room which many stu- 
dents have put to good use. The building 
has added a new dimension to campus 
life, for its uses are unlimited in com- 
parison to Bearcat Gym, which is now 
being used for intramurals and Greek 






(Top — Clockwise) 1. The Platonian Society. 2. Freshman 
attendant, Jodi Edgar. 3. Alpha Phi Omega. 4. Gamma Sigma 
Sigma. 5. 1988 Pompon squad. 6. Joel Hastings. 



(Top — Clockwise) 1. Debbie Mantos spikes the 
ball. 2. Senior, Pat Barry and Rich Reiniger. 3. Rich 
Reiniger. 4. 1988 Homecoming Court. 5. Marc Ma- 
hot, Matt MacLaughlin, and Randy Ratay. 







McKendree W 

Alumni L 

Homecoming Dance 



October 15, 




"One Moment in 




(Top — Clockwise) 1. President and Mrs. Tenbrink before dinner at Augustine's. 2. Jane Renner, Steve Toles, 
Kevin McFarland, and Rosalie Wand get together at the dance. 3. Joel Hastings and Jennifer Mitchell. 4. Kevin 
Schwartz and Jodi Edgar. 5. Matt MacLaughlin and Mary Jo Allen. 

(Top — Clockwise) 1 . Patti Scatturo and Mark Terever. 2. Rich Reiniger and 
Michelle Mersinger with Brent Huffman and Jacki Bugg. 3. Dave McFarland 
and Laurie Kolar. 4. Shelly Nettemeyer and Craig Dobsch. 5. Laura Lasar 
and Darren Hopp. 6. Sheri Boehm and her date. 7. Linda Rickert and her 
escort, Mike. 

1988 Queen Candidates 

Annette Bochantin 
DuBois, IL 


Robin Malloney 
OTallon, IL 

Criminal Justice 

Jane Renner 
Belleville, IL 

Public Relations 

Kady Ziesset 

Lake Zurich. IL 



Homecoming Queen 

Robin Malloney 


Although the Bearcats were upset by National 
College of Education in the first round of the 
District 20 playoffs, they enjoyed a fine 1988 
soccer season. Once again the Bearcats proved 
to be a national power as they finished the 
season ranked third in the final regular season 
M.A.I. A. national poll. Highlights from the 
season include a 3-1 victory over Sangamon 
State in Springfield, IL as well as a victory 
over Rockhurst College in the Homecoming 
Game. Several Bearcat players were honored 
for their outstanding performances on the 
field: Steve Bee — All District, All Midwest, 
All America; Chris Bee — Academic All 
America; Mark Reinholz — All District, Aca- 
demic All America. Seniors Mark Reinholz 
and Tony Ellis were also picked to represent 
McKendree College in the first N.A.I. A. Sen- 
ior Bowl Game in Tempe, Arizona. 



^ ,.-4*» ^ *-* — < <-» f •* • 

Bearcat Spikers 

Back row — left to right — Jean Scheller — Coach, Laurie Kolar, Angie Lauff, Debra Avery, Michelle Nettemeyer, Kim Miller, 
Shauna Souders, Front row — left to right — Becky Shryock. Chris Albrecht, Debbie Mantos, Susie Becherer, Elaine Albrecht, 
and Nixie McKinzie. 

The 1988-89 Volleyball season ended with 
an excellent 26-10 record. The girls started 
out winning and extended the season to the 
semi-final round of state. The team was, 
however, plagued by injuries, one of which 
was, senior. Deb Avery at state playoffs. 
Freshman, Shelly Nettemeyer said, "We 
really had a great season. At first, it was 
really tough for me to adjust to college play 
but after some practice, the season was 
great.*' Most of the girls stated that the 
high point of the season was their victory 
over St. Francis. The team is only losing one 
player, Deb Avery, to graduation. With all 
the girls returning, junior. Deb Mantos 
said, 'Tm really looking forward to next 
season. We definitely have a chance of win- 
ning state." 


Fall Fun 

(Top — Center) Chris Morrison and 
Michelle Nersinger before the parade. 
(Top — Right) John Suess devotes his 
fall to soccer. (Center — Left) The bas- 
ketball team gets in shape early. (Cen- 
ter) Pat Leckrone and Chris Albrecht 
work together in NSO. (Center - 
Right) Brad Hackett keeps the ball 
away from the opponent. (Bottom — 
Left) Walter Rogers. (Bottom — Cen- 
ter) Brad hackett, Tony Ellis, and Mark 
Reinholz. (Bottom — Right) Nixie 
McKinzie and Laurie Kolar. 

1988 Men's 

The 1988-89 season marked the first year the Bearcats 
displayed their talent in the new Convocation Center. Al- 
though it was a year of rebuilding, the Bearcats still man- 
aged a winning season and a bid to the N.A.I. A. District 
20 playoffs. Outstanding performances were turned in by 
Kevin Schwartz, Dmitri Joe, and Mike Ogden. Newcomer 
Darren Randle also had a fine season for the Bearcats. 

Sports Shots 

% .. m A *& 

I. Cheerleaders keep up the spirit at home basketball contests. 2. Dean Reynolds 
presents David MacFarland with the Nate Clay award while Nate Clay looks on. 3. 
Dimitri Joe presents his "parents" with a corsage. 4. Cindy Porter keeps the ball 
away from the opponent. 5. Basketball players ride in the homecoming parade. 

Intramurals provided a time to let off 
steam or just have fun. They allowed 
students the opportunity to get to- 
gether with friends, to participate in 
the games or to just sit and watch. 
This year's sports included volleyball, 
basketball, softball and tennis. 









Lady Cats 

The 1988-89 women's basketball team's 
final record was 12-14, which included 
wins over Division II Culver-Stockton, 
rival Greenville, and first-ever playoff 
win over Trinity Christian. Junior Sue 
Gilmer had an outstanding year and was 
named to the All-District team for her 
efforts. The seniors on this year's team 
were Cindy Porter and Rita Ledeker, 
who also had very successful seasons. 
With many younger players returning, 
the team has a very bright future. 

front row — Ptosha Rockingham, Tina Gilkerson, Deb Avery, Sue Gilmer, Beth Heinemann, back 
row — Angeline Hackney, Michelle Dixon, Cindy Porter, Rita Ledeker, Susie Becherer, Danielle 
Howdeshell, and Tracee Franklin. 

Cindy Porter, Rita Ledeker, Sue Gilmer, and Tina Gilkerson holding the awards they received at the annual awards 

Top left — Cindy Porter goes up for a lay-up. top right — Angeline Hackney dribbles past an opposing 
player, bottom left — Susie Becherer goes up against this Lindenwood player, bottom middle — 
Tracee Franklin gets past this SIU-E player, bottom right — Sue Gilmer keeps the ball away. 










Above left — Cheerleader captain, Sherrie Morgan. Above right. L to R — Valerie Mason, Sherrie Morgan, Jennifer Mitchell, 
Amy Blackburn, and Kadie Schriewer. (not pictured — Angie Odem) Below — Cheerleaders pictured with sponsor Donna Wood. 

The Cheerleaders do a variety of things to help 
arouse spirit in the McKendree community. 
The 1988-89 cheerleaders rode in the Home- 
coming parade cheered at the homecoming 
soccer game and many home basketball com- 
petitions. The squad's sponsor this year was 
Donna Wood and the captain was Sherrie 
Morgan. The squad holds try-outs every fall 
for anyone interested. 





(back row) L to R — Annette Neal, Michelle Obermeier. Christine Addison, Jennifer Mitchell, (second row) Jacki Bugg, Kadie 
Schnewer, Kelly Scott (captain). Laurel Repinski, (front row) Cindy Zerbst, Sheri Boehm, Julie Chandler, and Carol Friendland. 


mi [Mi, 


• :- 


r-r- • 

„ T~ r~ r 

L S , \> ,J\1 


T^Mf ^4 ^B 

f 1 ^ 



~ ^ ^ 


The 1988-89 pompon squad 
achieved something this year that 
no other squad had ever achieved, 
they were sixteen members strong. 
The squad performed at half-time 
of the homecoming soccer game 
and half-time of several home bas- 
ketball competitions. The squad 
had new uniforms made this year 
by squad member Jacki Bugg's 
mother, Jean. The squad holds try- 
outs early each fall, and the season 
ends with the final home basket- 
ball game. 

McKendree Softball 

The Lady Bearcats Softball team finished 14- 
19 for 1989 — not quite well enough to reach 
tournament play. 

The season highlight was a loss at the Culver- 
Stockton Tournament on April 21-22, said 
Coach Rether Johnson. 
"We played the number-one ranked team in 
the nation and were leading 2-1 going into the 
seventh inning," he said. "They wound up beat- 
ing us 3-2, but nobody expected us to do that 
well." The Lady 'Cats won the second-place 

Pitching was a key in that second-place finish. 
The Lady 'Cats had three good pitchers this 
season in freshman Carol Caldwell of Albion, 
junior Shari Hasenstab of Belleville and senior 
Sandy Kunz of Freeburg. 
Carol posted a 7-4 record, and an outstanding 
1.16 ERA. In 73 innings she gave up only 59 
hits and 19 runs. 

Sandy, who also played outfield, led the offense 
with a .356 batting average, a .500 on-base 
percentage and 14 RBI. 
Sophomore Beth Heinemann hit .347 with 16 
RBI, three home runs and seven doubles. Her 
ging percentage was .516. 

Group Photo — Back row, left to right — As- 
sistant Coach, Jeff Harris; Sheri Boehm, Susan 
Campbell, Beth Heinemann, Cindy Porter, 
Carol Caldwell, Jeannie Sheppard, Miche 
Poston, Rether Johnson; Front row — left to 
right — Kelli Johnson, Shari Hasenstab, Susie 
Becherer, Joni Beal, and Sandy Kunz. 

Bearcat Baseball 

1st row: Kent Coultas, Joel Dreyer, Dan Schaller, Chris Price, Mike Frey, Kevin Haggarty, Chris Braxmeier, Jim Stout, Greg Reinhardt, Chris Landgraf. 
2nd row: John Bovinette, Steve Draper, Dave Kossina. Chad Merryman. Kai Nickel, Pat Leckrone, Mike Ogden, Ron Feher, Dave Lucht, Mark Terveer, 
Coach Dennis Pieper 

— * mmmmilm 

- r'.L 


V »>- 

Under new head coach Dennis Pieper 
the McKendree baseball team opened 
their season in Sanford Florida and had 
a successful spring trip returning with a 
4-3 record. The Cats had quite a few 
highlights during the season which were: 
A doubleheader split with SIU-Ed- 
wardsville and a District 20 playoff 
birth. Key performances were turned in 
by seniors Ronnie Feher, Chris Land- 
graf, and Mike Frey. Chris Price and 
Kevin Hagarty also had very good years 
as juniors. Mark Terveer and Dan 
Schaller were key performers on the 
mound for the Bearcats. 


There are many familiar scenes on the McKendree 
College campus, (right & clockwise) Students play 
snow football on a day off classes. Laura LaSar 
makes play-doh in her art methods class. Patti 
Scatturo watches intramurals. Mark Terveer signs 
Jim Stout's pledge book. Clarence & Mike help 
out with intramurals. Brad Hackett. Jeff Durzo. 
and Mark Reinholz do a financial analysis in Ad- 
vanced Marketing and Management Strategy. 
Joan Duke helps Laurie Kolar and Annette Bo- 
chantin with their search for a job. Sigma pledges 
show their spirit. 

McKendree Golf 


1989 Golf team. Brian Bclgeri. Tom Wilhelm. Fred Underwood — coach, Tilman 
Ashmore, Sean Hayes. Tom O'Connor. 

it. -i 

Top — Interim Dean, Emeral Owen, speaks highly of Mr. Brown, 
who is retiring from teaching this year. Left — Dr. Marcia Popp 
received the Norman Grandy faculty award for the second time. 

Excellence is 


To a job that's 

hard to do, 

Going the extra mile 

And always trying 

To follow through. 

Excellence is 


Sharing everything 

you know. 
And learning how 

to listen 

So your expertise 

Will grow. 

Excellence is 


Of the talent 

that you see, 


A job well done 

Inspires success 

and loyalty. 

Excellence is 


With a higher goal 

in mind, 

To trust in God 

And reach for things 

Of a more rewarding 


•age 98 — top left — clockwise — 
)ebbie Muskopf, Chris Bee and Mau- 
een. Donna Wood. Darren Wilkerson, 
Cady Zeisset, Amy Pickering and Fred 
icholl, Annette Bochantin, Judy Baker, 
.age 99 — middle left — Dimitn Joe. 
niddle — Rita Ledeker. middle right 

— Jane Renner. bottom left — Lori 
jpencer. bottom middle - - Anette Bo- 
ihantin and Jeff Higgins. bottom right 

— Mike Kirkpatrick. 

Editor's Page 

There are several people I would like to thank for making this book 
possible. Although the staff itself consisted of only three people, 
there are many others who contributed their time, photos, ideas, 
and information. In my eyes, this book captures the best of the 
1988-89 school year. Hopefully, this book will bring each of you 
many fond memories in the years ahead. My special thanks go to: 
David Ottinger, who always helped the best he could despite his 
own problems and lack of time, to my fantastic friend and "co- 
worker", Carol Friedland, to my roommate, Annette Bochantin, 
and my boyfriend, Jeff Sommers, for their patience and under- 
standing. Once again, thanks to all who contributed to the book. 

Kelly Scott — editor 

Editor Kelly Scott 

Assistant Editor Carol Friedland 

Staff assistant Jennifer May 

Sponsor David Ottinger 

Photographs and developing Tom O'Connor, 

Anne Pfitzner, Kelly Scott, Carol Friedland, and 

Doug Dennison. 

Artwork David Ottinger 

Lay-out and Design Kelly Scott, Carol Friedland, and 

Jennifer May. 

Contributions: Pat Barry, Jacki Bugg, Ptosha Rockingham, Tom O'Connor, Anne Pfitzner, Doug 
Dennison, Beth Heinemann, Dean Reynolds, Susan Jones, Patti Scatturo, Lillian DeLarosa, and 
the many others who contributed information about their organizations.