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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 

The A/LcKendrearL 

2007 - 200 8 
Volume 9 1 

1 5b b Undergraduate Students 

Editors: Beth Newman, and Lauren_HetterihauserL 

Advisor: Jeff Campbell 

iVLcKendree University 

70 1 College Rd. 
Lebanon^ IL 52254 

A Whole New LI 

Table of Contents: 

Uwersity (Heights) - 3 
Ubiquity (Student Life) - 1 5 
Utilization (Academes) - 29 

Uniform (Athletics) - 47 

United (Clubs and Oganzatois) - 69 

Unique (Portraits) - 9 1 

Useful (Ad/erteemerrts) - 1 43 




Def : an institution of learning of 

the highest level, having a 

college of liberal arts and a 

program of graduate studies 

together with several 

professional schools, and 

authorized to confer both 

undergraduate and graduate 


McKendree's shift from 
college to university proved to 
be one of the biggest highlights 
of the 2007-2008 Academic 
Year. What better term to 
represent the most exciting 
portion of the yearbook, the 
highlights section, in which the 
most anticipated events of the 
year are recorded. From the 
beginnings at New Student 
Orientation all the way to 
Commencement in May, 
McKendree provides its 
community with exciting events 
in the lives of members of the 
campus community. These all 
take place at this institution of 
learning in the highest level. 
McKendree has expanded its 
boundaries in terms of 
education, yet these crucial 
moments during the school year 





McKendree College becomes 

Illinois' oldest college & newest wersrty 

The 2007-2008 academic world welcomed a new name as 
McKendree College, the first college chartered and 
established in the state of Illinois, became McKendree 
University. July 1, 2007 marked a new era in McKendree 
history after 179 years as McKendree College. Officially, 
McKendree became Illinois' oldest college and newest 
university. McKendree President Dr. Jim M. Dennis 
announced, "Our board of trustees directed us to change 
our name to reflect more accurately the broad educational 
opportunities McKendree offers." 

Founded in 1828 by pioneer Methodists as Lebanon 
Seminary, McKendree is the oldest institution in the nation 
with continuous ties to the United Methodist Church. A 
grand total of 72 students were enrolled in classes in 1828, 
and classes were held in two rented sheds. McKendree now 
has a current population of nearly 1400 undergraduate 
students taking classes at the Main Campus in Lebanon, 
Illinois. McKendree is also proud to offer new graduate 
programs in education, professional counseling, business 
administration and nursing, home to about 950 graduate 
students composing one quarter of the student population. 
McKendree had previously offered post-graduate degrees 
starting in 1828 but discontinued this program in 1905. 
Other McKendree campuses are located in Louisville and 
Radcliff Kentucky, Scott AFB and several other small 
locations in central Illinois. 

in addition to the increase in population, McKendree 
boasts new state of the art facilities, including the Marion K. 
Piper Academic center, built in 2000 and the Hettenhausen 
Center for the Arts, which opened in 2006. Offering a broad 
range of disciplines with 59 majors, McKendree University is 
comprised of a School of Business, a School of Nursing and 
Health Professions, a School of Education, and the 
McKendree College of Arts and Sciences. "Changing our 
name to McKendree University is not a revolutionary change. 
It is an evolution, and in an important sense a return to our 
heritage," said President Dennis when he announced the 
name change. "With the growth of program offerings, new 
facilities and enrollment, we have evolved into a university, 
and now our name will reflect that." 



JVfcKendree University 

McKendree Builds the World's Largest "U"! 
On August 27, 2007, over 400 students, faculty, staff and alumni 
gathered to form the world's largest "U" for the Guinness Book of 
Records. Participants received a T-shirt commemorating the 
accomplishment. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Belleville 
News-Democrat covered the event and ran stories and photos the 
following day. 


■ 1 ■■ ■■ ■ IB 


I 1 

Things Are Changing 

Even the scoreboard at Leemon 
Field needed to be updated to 
reflect the name change. 

)N[e\*> Student 

" A Wiob New U! 

Who's Going Where? 

Dr. Lyn Huxford consults with Dr. Peter Wi 
and Senior Kari Gibbs about the "Into the 
Streets" volunteer project during NSO. 

The Design Team 

Seniors Erica Seibel, Emily Briner 

and Caitlin Barrows participate in 

University Runway, an event 

featuring student designed 

McKendree apparel. Emily 

designed the clothes shown here. 

Getting to Know You 

Bottom: Jessica Giri and Naomi Devlin enjo^ 
lunch in Ames. 


August 23 - 26, 2007 

Running the Show 

Campus Activities Director Craig 

Robertson and Seniors Bobby 

Andrews, Erin Coble and 

Samantha Quick make sure that 

everything runs smoothly before 

and during NSO weekend. 

his Is Where I Live 

indrew Williams shows off his 
ew dorm room to his 
irandmofher on move-in day. 

A Heavy Load 

Bill Pucket, Richie Melton, Eric Polka and 
Jordan Virgin help remodel a house 
during their "Into the Streets" experience. 

rhey Also Sing! 

Traditionally the First-year football players learn the McKendree fight song 
furing football camp and then "teach" it to the rest of the incoming class during 

New Student Orientation is an important 
part of getting acquainted with McKendree 
University. This year's incoming class 
numbered 307 students. These students came 
from 11 states and 10 countries. The first-year 
students also boasted an amazing academic 
record with an average ACT score of 24 and an 
average CPA of 3.5. 

During NSO first-year students enjoy four 
days of introductory activities including 
bowling, a book discussion and break out 
sessions on various aspects of college life 
including religious life, student affairs and 
information technology. 

First-year student Melissa Funk said "I really 
enjoyed NSO weekend. It gave me a chance to 
meet many of the people that I would be in 
class with. The "Into the Streets" project was 
as fun as it was educational. It was a good 
feeling knowing that I helped someone." 

Our New Home 

Above: NSO 
groups are 
essential to the 
success of the 
weekend. New 
students attend 
sessions with 
their group, and 
this year, once 
NSO was over, 
the group 
become their 
University 101 


Undergraduate students are given the opportunity to receive 
hoods that correspond with their degrees. This year hoods were 
presented by the Interim Provost and Dean of the University Dr. 
Dennis Ryan. Baccalaureate is also a religious serivce and this 
year the message was given by Illinois State University Wesley 
Foundation Director the Reverend Jennifer Edwards Bertrand. 
This worship service and hooding ceremony took place on 
Friday, May 9, 2008 at 10:30 a.m. in Statham gym. 

Lighting the Way 

Sophomore Emily Yakey and junior Josh 
Pullen serve as acolytes for the service. 


Robert Studley receives his hood from 
Interim Provost and Dean Dr. Dennis Ryan 

Almost There 

Nick Knolhoff receives his hood from Dr. Ryan. At the completion of the 
Baccalaureate service, seniors and their families are invited to the Senior Luncheon 
in the IM gym and served by faculty, staff and alumni. 

Voices Of Truth 

Reverend Jennifer Edwards Bertrand 
challenged graduating students to search 
out friends, family members and future 
associates who would always be able to 
help them find truth. 

Do You Want To Go To Lunch? 

Michelle Kadonsky, Bryant Lyles, Travis Rosenthal, Cat Gryzmala and Holley Sierra 
leave Baccalaureate and head toward lunch in the IM Gym. 

Senior Cuncbeon 

Senior Class Gift Committee 
Class of 2008 


20 Dollar 

Senior Class Presentation 

Committee members Erin Conner. Cat Gryzmala, Heather Elders and 
Lauren Frizzo (partially covered) present President Dennis with the Senior 
Class Gift. 

Following Baccalaureate, 
graduates and their families and 
friends are invited to a luncheon. 
The luncheon was served by teams 
of University Faculty and Staff, 
Board members and Alumni. The 
graduating class also presented Dr. 
Dennis with a check for their senior 
gift. Graduating seniors were 
encouraged to donate $20.08 which 
is symbolic of the class year. This 
year's senior class donated 
$3,380.10 to the McKendree 
University Annual Fund. 

Hats for Dessert 

Tina Napper poses with the dessert 
designed specifically for the 2008 

Lunch is Served 

(Above and Left) Students and their families and friends enjoy lunch in the 

Intramural Gym. 

May I Serve You? 
Dr. Georgia Costello 
'11 and current 
member of the 
■^ m McKendree 

Mr^^r H^> lM K I University Board of 

J _^ -1 V . P I Trustees, serves Erin 

E^h» "^ft I Conner 

I68tb Commencement 

I'm Ready To Go! 

Suzy Gerler waits for Dr. Todd Reynolds 
to announce her name. 

Let's Get It Started 

The graduates enter upper campus during the processional 

Make Sure It's Straight 

Brent Reeves places an alumni pin on 
Kalian Virgin. 

The 168th Commencement 
exercises were held on upper 
campus on a beautiful Saturday 
morning with the temperature 
in the high 60s. After a week of 
daily rainfall, many students 
wondered whether they would 
graduate in the gym or outside. 
Clouds moved out of the area 
on Friday night, leaving clear 
skies for Saturday morning. 
Altogether the Class of 2008 
graduated 749 undergraduate 
and graduate students. 


Grandy Award 

C. Lawrence Meggs '63, Alumni Association President, presents the William Norman 
Grandy award for Faculty Excellence to Dr. Dawn Hankins. 

Do You Want Sugar With That? 

Lisa Campbell and son Robby bring 
breakfast to Amanda Farrell. 

Mace Bearer 

Junior Braden Posey carries the 
Mace during Commencement. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008 


iterim Provost and Dean Dr. Dennis Ryan officially declares the 2008 
Commencement exercises open. 


Dr. Jackie Kemp congratulates one of her students. 

Ve Made It! 

'alene Jones and friends celebrate their accomplishments. 

Acoustic Delight 

The Brazilian Guitar Quartet gives a 
performance on October 8. The 
quartet is known as one of the world's 
leading guitar ensembles. 

Happy To Be Here 

Dinesh D'Souza gives a presentation 
on January 31, 2007. Even a snow 
storm didn't delay his speach. 


Donna Brazile, well-known political 
pundit and Democrat party 
Superdelegate speaks on the 2008 
election on February 7, 2008. 

Spotlight Series 

distinguished Speakers and Fine Arts Series 

McKendree University had the 
honor of entertaining the 
campus and community with 
numerous performances in the 
Russel E. and Fern M. 
Hettenhausen Center for the 
Arts, or simply "The Hett". 
Students and guests enjoyed 
musical performances by the U.S. 
Air Force Band of Mid-America 
Ensembles, Brazilian Guitar 
Quartet, Burning River Brass, 
Harlem Gospel Choir, The Wailin 
Jennys, ODC/Dance San 
Francisco's production of The 
Velveteen Rabbit and the Saint 
Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra. 

The George E. McCammon 
Memorial Distinguished Speaker 
series included Marta Sahagun de 
Fox, the former first lady of 
Mexico, Dinesh D'Souza, one of 
America's most influential 
conservative thinkers and best 
selling author, Donna Brazile, a 
veteran Democratic political 
strategist, and Jon Meacham, 
Managing Editor of Newsweek 

Hundreds of students, alumni 
and friends attended these 
events - most of which were free 
of charge. 

The Influence Of Religion On 
American Politics 

Jon Meacham, Editor of 

Newsweek magazine discusses 

the role of religion in politics on 

April 8, 2008. Mr. Meacham is 

pictured with McKendree 

University President, 

Dr. James M Dennis. 

Fun For Children Of All Ages 

ODC/Dance San Francisco presents 
The Velveteen Rabbit on April 18 and 
19, 2008. 

There Are No Second-Class Citizens 

Marta Sahagun de Fox, former first 
lady of Mexico discusses human rights 
on September 25, 2007. 

Brown Bag Cectures 

Learning About the Need to Give Blood 

Dr. Melissa Barfield welcomes Kelly Ford (left) and Debra Pierce (right) from the 
Vlissouri/lllinois Region of the American Red Cross Blood Services program to the 
Brown Bag lecture on January 30. Kelly and Debra discussed the need to give blood 
and thanked McKendree for hosting 2 blood drives each year. 

Offered throughout the semester on Wednesdays at noon, the 
Brown Bag lectures give students opportunities to hear 
presentations on a wide variety of topics including technology, 
athics, race riots, alumni experiences and environmental issues. 
McKendree students, faculty, staff and alumni as well as guests 
from the area provide insightful information that students may not 
otherwise obtain in the classroom. Cabe Shapiro and Dr. Melissa 
Barfield led the Brown Bag committee. 

Students Now and 
Students Then 

Left: Students await 
the beginning of 
another presentation. 
Below left: Alumni 
discuss McKendree 
ife during the 40s, 
50s and 60s 

Race Riots 

Dr. Ann Collins discusses race riots in 

American history. 

The Laramie Project 

Sophomore Jared Winters discusses his 
role in the fall production. 

News Media 

KMOV Channel 4 Co-Anchor Vickie Newton poses with I . 
Brent Reeves, Director of Multicultural Affairs. 

Cecbnos Crip & Hward 

International Experience 

Junior Braden Posey (second from right) 
learns a traditional Japanese dance 
during his Technos experience. 

Different Culture 

Dr. Janice Wiegmann poses in front of a 
statue of Buddha. 

Technos Participants 

During the summer of 2007, juniors Kaitlyne Motl and Braden Posey and Nursing 
faculty member Dr. Janice Wiegmann were selected to travel to Tokyo, Japan to 
participate in the exchange program. 

Technos International Week was created by Dr. Kenji Tanaka, 
founder of the Tanaka Ikueikai Educational Trust, to strengthen 
the ties between the United States and Japan. Since 1990 
McKendree University has been active in creating international 
ties with Technos International College in Tokyo, Japan, of 
which Dr. Kenji Tanaka is past-chairman. Each year, since 1992, 
McKendree University and the Tanaka Foundation have worked 
together to select two students and a McKendree University 
professor to participate in a two week educational exchange 
with the Technos International College. 

Technos Scholarship 

Senior Sara Johnson receives the Technos 

Scholarship Award during the 

Commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 


10, 2008. 

susan c. 








Def : the state or capacity of 
being everywhere, especially at 
the same time; omnipresence 

Students at McKendree come 
from a variety of backgrounds; 
their interests and involvement 
on and around campus vary. So, 
what exactly do students do 
when they are not in class or 
working on endless 
assignments 7 Whether students 
choose to spend their spare time 
playing frisbee in the quad, 
volunteering at a local school, 
gallivanting around St. Louis or 
sipping coffee in Lebanon, they 
live it up. While the interests of 
students on campus vary so 
much, all of these activities occur 
simultaneously. By taking a look 
out of a Holman Library's second 
floor window, relaxing in PAC 
lounge, or walking up and down 
the residence halls, the wide 
variety of activities comprising 
student life at McKendree is 
obvious and welcome. 

Student Ufc 

pafl Family Weekend 

Can You See It? 

Spike uses a flashlight as he 

tries to read the note under an 

audience volunteer. 

Family Fun 

At Fall Family Weekend, 
everyone can get in on the fun! 

Can't Beat Me! 

Deanne Puloka and liana; 
Milkes race each other ir 
the obstacle course. 

Telling A Story 

Murder Mystery Dinner cast members interact 
with the audience while acting out the story. 

New Students? 

Maybe they aren't new 
students, but they seem 
to be having fun at the 
Murder Mystery Dinner. 

McKendree University welcomed families to the annual Fall 
Family Weekend, held September 28-30. This year families 
were offered a number of activities to attend. Not only 
were there guided tours of the campus, open classes for 
parents and shopping opportunities at the bookstore, but 
there were football, hockey, and soccer games to watch. 

in addition, families also enjoyed the annual Murder 
Mystery Dinner. Not only was this a wonderful form of 
entertainment, but guests were incorporated in the 

The tailgate party before the football game has become a 
McKendree Tradition. Activities included inflatable carnival i 
games, photo opportunities with Bogey and musical 
entertainment provided by Dixie Express. 

I'm A Star! 

Beth Newman hangs out with Spike and 
Hammer after their performance at The Hett. 

pafl ptey 

'The lararrb Project' 

007 Fall Play Cast & Crew 

last and Crew Members (Alphabetically): Alex Altman. Stacie Banjavcic, Dennis Bisto. Mary Brltton, Kristen Eckstadt. 
inah Edwards, Jared Evans, Rick Fagan, Chris Fields, Brent Gerstner, Jake Heil, Stephanie Johnston, Holly Karner, 
atie Kee, Valerie Morrese, Libby Mowers, Kamara Owens, Kathenne Porter, Zach Rhines, Tonya Schartung, Adam 
chwind, Ben Simon, Mary Beth Thiel, Emily Thoman and Jared Winters. 

"The Laramie Project" deals with some of the most 
controversial social issues - bigotry and hate crimes. The 
play is about the 1 998 murder of Matthew Shepard, a 21 - 
year-old gay student at the University of Wyoming. 
Sophomore Kathenne Porter said, "The Laramie Project 
brings to light the problems of the world and offers a 
message of hope and optimism for the end of hate." 

Right Before the Crime 

Top Left: Matt Mickelson (senior 
Jake Heil) tells theater company 
members (senior Rick Fagan and 
junior Kamara Owens) about the 
dreams he has for his bar. 

Dinner & Conversation 

Far Left: Restaurant owner 
(sophomore Kristen Eckstadt) 
listens to theater company 
members (seniors Jared Evans 
and Jake Heil, junior Kamara 
Owens and sophomore Tinah 
Edwards) as they talk about what 
they have seen in Laramie. 


First-year student Chris 
Fields portrays a man 
who believes that 
homosexuality is against 17 
God's plan. 

H©!T>sc©tws parade & 
Bearcat Games 

There's Nothing Like a Parade 

Registered Student Organizations 
are encouraged to create floats 
or ride in cars as part of the 
Homecoming Parade. The ladies 
of Kappa Sigma Tau show off 
their banner designed around the 
theme of "U Then. U Now." 

Who Wants Candy? 

Bogey the Bearcat waves to 

spectators and throws out 

candy along with senior 

Homecoming Court member 

Megan Barker. 

-•" _ 4wj ' — ' "■ « $■ I ; 

All Fun and Games 

Above Left: The cheerleaders create a very spirited pumpkin as part of 
the Bearcat Games pumpkin carving contest. 

Above Right: Seniors Trevor Maloch, Ryan Masterson and teammate 
compete in the four-legged race as representatives of Ferox. 

Homecoming is more then just a Saturday of fun 
and games, it is a whole week! The week prior to the 
parade, football game and dance was filled with wacky 
games and events that challenged students to show 
their Bearcat Pride! This year's festivities were 
celebrated from October 21 to October 28, 2007. 

It's All About the Music 

Sophomore Tyler Holdener, a tuba player for the Marching 
Bearcat Band, marches in the parade and fills the streets 
with music. 

Homecoming Football Game 

he Votes Have Been Counted 

lomecoming Queen nominees seniors Erica Seibel. Megan 
larker, Vonzetta Sykes and Michelle Kadonsky wait for the 
nnouncement of the Queen. 

aking Them Down The Field 

he Bearcat offense lines up another play against the University 
f St. Francis. The USF defense gave up six Bearcat touchdowns 
n that day. 

The Homecoming Football Came is one of the 
most anticipated events of Homecoming week. 
In addition to the football game, the new 
Homecoming King and Queen are announced. 
This year senior Vonzetta Sykes was voted queen 
and senior Jake Heil was voted king. The 
Marching Bearcat Band, dance team and 
cheerleaders delivered top notch performances 
at the game and of course the football team 
fought to bring home a win. The Bearcats 
defeated the University of St. Francis 42-7. 

Half-time Entertainment 

Below: The McKendree Dance Team and Marching Bearcat 
Band perform during half-time at the football game. This year's 
Homecoming show featured songs from many different 
generations. Selections included the Sesame Street Theme, 
School's Out, Worksong and The Best of Times. 

Breaking Through 

Jordan Bierman breaks through the St. Francis defensive line on 
the way to another touchdown during the October 27th 
Homecoming game. \q 

fiomoQQrrHr)§ Dance 

Octcber 27, 2007 

Homecoming activities were 
capped off with the annual 
student dance. For the past 
two years the dance has been 
held at the Sheraton Four Points 
Hotel in Fairview Heights, IL. 
Students danced the night away 
while enjoying each other's 
company, as well as appetizers 
and drinks provided by the 
Sheraton staff. The dance was 
organized by the Campus 
Activities Board. 


CWjtmas T«W6 a* AKK 

ree Lighting Celebration 

Sights and Sounds of the 

First-year student Hannah 
McDowell, junior Beth 
Schwierjohn and senior Sarah 
Haas participate in the festivities 
by singing carols. 

Let it Snow, Let it Snow 

Beautiful snow covered the 
campus many days throughout 

Spring Break 

How Do We Look? 

Seniors Allison Ganschinletz and Erica Weissert 
junior Melissa Schneebeli and friend. Kim 
Weissert enjoy the Lake of the Ozarks. 

Mission: Help Others 

Several faculty and students went to Jamaica on a mission trip to work with 
underprivileged children. Those attending included: Dr. Brenda Boudreau, 
Rachel Clark. Jeff Dillow. Jim Drake, Kari Gibbs, Dr. Lyn Huxford, Sara Johnson, 
Kaitlyne Motl, Dr. Duane Olson, Josh Pullen, Katie Richter, Vonzetta Sykes, 
Stephanie Thomas, Brittney Veath, Maryl West and Emily Yakey. 

Grin & Bear It 

Sophomore Amber Ramos and senior 
Sarah Haas take a break from working in 
New Orleans to clown around with 
sophomore Erica Blair. 

Wow, Look at the Waves! 

Sophomores Megan Reeder and Libby 
Mowers soak up some sun and salt water 
in California. \s '■'■ 

Good Morning, Baltimore! 

Well, really it's New York. Senior Ashlie 
Reader and junior Kate Risley went to see 
"Hairspray" on Broadway 

Coach Bean, What Do You Think? 

Senior Molly Reed shows her choice for 
a new team hat for the Softball team. 
While playing in the Tucson invitational 
tournament, Molly and several 
teammates were able to make a side 
trip to the Grand Canyon where she 
found this hat at the gift shop. 

March 9- 1 6, 200& 

Watch Out, American Idol! 

Juniors Dan Loudenslager and Tucker Sears share their 
vocal abilities with karaoke in Myrtle Beach, NC. 

Bringing Hope 

Back ros: Rev. Dr. Tim Harrison, Jamie Thomas, Rob Dillingham, Kelly 
Knauer, Rosza Brown and Joe Zimmerlee. Middle row: Ivan 
Stoyanov, Carrie Schumacher, Stephen Kissel, Amber Ramos, Erica 
Blair, Karen Greenstreet and Jeff Greenstreet. Front row: Sarah Haas, 
Beth Schwierjohn, Stacie Banjavcic, Jared Winters and Jake Smith 
pose for a group photo while on the Campus Ministries mission trip to 
New Orleans, Louisiana. 

I Have You Covered! 

Junior Stephen Kissel installs wood flooring in a home in 
New Orleans. 

Sun and Sand 

Senior Lauren Anderson 
and Chris Markham stop 
along the beach in Texas to 
take a photo. 

Sight Seeing 

First-year student Nicole Steele, 
sophomore Christine Juehne and 
junior Amy Quirin saw the Hoover Dam 
while on the Softball team's trip to the 
Tucson Invitational tournament. 

Fun In The Sun In Mexico 

Seniors Danielle Kruep, Emily Boudet, Kristen Davis and 
friend, Casey Nehrkorn enjoy dinner at Barcello Costa 
Cancun in Cancun, Mexico 


Sprite play 

Brighten 3«a c H Memoirs 

Neil Simon's "Brighton 
Beach Memoirs" is a 
family coming-of-age 
comedy about Eugene 
Jerome, a 15 year old boy 
who is just coming to 
terms with girls, his family 
and life in general. The 
play takes place in 
Brooklyn in 1937, and 
concerns a Jewish family 
trying to make ends 
meet. The household 
consists of Eugene and 
his older brother Stanley, 
their two teenaged 
female cousins, Eugene's 
parents and his widowed 

Cast And Crew 

Members included: Jared 

Evans, Libby Mowers, Kaitie 

Kee, Danielle Larson, Valerie 

Morrese, Adam Schwind, Jake 

Heil, Kathenne Porter, Mary 

Britton, Kristen Eckstadt, 

Edward Gillman, Holly Karner, 

Stephanie Johnston, Zach 

Rhines, Mary Beth Thiel, Emily 

Thoman. Tehcnical Director: 

Doug Magnussen, Director: 

Michelle Radke Magnussen 

What's A Man To Do? 

Jack Jerome, played by senior 
Jake Heil, ponders how to 
provide for seven people. 

If You Drop That Napkin Again... 

Kate Jerome, played by sophomore Kaitie Kee, scolds her son, 
Eugene, played by senior Jared Evans for disruptive behavior 
at the dinner table. 

After Dinner Conversation 

Cousin Laurie Morton, played by first-year student Danielle 
24 Larson, Eugene and Kate discuss affairs in the Jerome house 
after dinner 

Listen To Me, Boy 

Stanley Jerome, played by senior Adam Schwind, 
tells younger brother Eugene what life is like being a 
working man. 

F©ui%ters' D^y 

V "H 1 V * •■LaX-X^t 

J*rw*V*+~ *-*W , *"****> 8 '* "Ts B «» 8 T«' , ^«*>V^ ** m 

Happy 180th Birthday! 

tAbove):This year, McKendree celebrated the 1 80th anniversary of its founding. Over 
350 students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends joined in the celebration in the Hett 
((where McKendree University President, Dr. Jim Dennis, gave the inaugural "State of 
Khe University" address. Among the items mentioned. Dr. Dennis announced the 
ntent of the athletic program to add Lacrosse. 

Celebrating In Ames 

(Left and Below): Students and faculty, 
including bowling coach Gary White, join in 
the traditional singing of "Happy Birthday" 
and cutting of the birthday cake. 

All the Way From Washington 

President Dennis receives a proclamation 
from Congress delivered by Dr. Georgia 
Costello, McKendree University 25 
Board member. 

Spring fling 

rl 1 9, 2000 

As spring fever begins to take over campus, 
Campus Activities Board (CAB) has the perfect 
solution - Spring Fling. This annual event is the 
perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. This 
year's event featured food, games, live music, a 
petting zoo and a new event called "Chalk the Circle." 
Artists of all skill levels were invited to decorate the 
concrete surrounding circle drive with sidewalk chalk 
drawings. Prizes were awarded for Best Mural, 
People's Choice and Most Unique. An interesting 
aspect to Spring Fling is that many Registered 
Student Organizations (RSOs) use Spring Fling as a 
fundraiser. Every RSO that helped out was given at 
least $150 from CAB. Spring Fling is the last major 
social event on campus before graduation. 


Sophomores Ashley Nolan, Mindy Kamp and Brittany White 
are ready for Spring Fling. 

You're Never For The Swing 

Sophomore Ashley Nolan 

(with Lester McQuaid in the 

background) shows that 

swings are fun for all ages. 

We're Here, What Now? 

First-year students Josh 
Henke, Chris Nickerson, 
Scott Delorme and Ethan 
Jones pause for a photo. 


I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up! 

Sophomore Chelsea Hettenhausen 
is having trouble with gravity. 


That's Gonna Leave A Mark... 

Junior Ben Pieper gets twisted coming down the 

Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em 
These students are implementing an 
alternative conflict resolution method 
to settle their dispute. 

H©w W« Live 

Hate, Suites and apartments 

Decoration for Doors 

-irst-year student Naomi Devlin and junior Rebecca 
Diers decorate their door for Christmas. 

What, We Forgot Class... Again? 

Sophomores Zach Rhines. Megan 

Reeder and Megan Canada share 

some fun times 

A Sweet Treat 

Junior Sara Darnold enjoys the 
luxury of baking for herself in her 

Cooking Like a Pro 

Senior Tina Napper learns to cook for herself while 
living at McKendree West. 

Welcome to Your New Home! 

Bogey welcomes two McKendree students to their 
new home during New Student Orientation in 

Friends At Christmas Time A Room to Herself 

Senior Rachel Johns, juniors Sophomore Theresa Schmidt has the 

Sara Darnold, Meg Hayes, luxury of having a dorm room all to herself 

Jennifer Fletcher and Lauren and enjoys having the extra space for 

Szakielo pose by their storage and hanging out 
decorated Christmas tree in 
their apartment. 

There is more to college life than classes. Life at 
McKendree also includes hanging out with roommates and 
getting used to living on your own. McKendree students 
have the opportunity to live in either dorm, suite or 
apartment style housing. No matter where Bearcats live you 
can Pe sure they are having fun! 21 

2007-200& h Review 

• • 

That's New! 

In the Fall of 2007, the city of Lebanon 
began construction on a new water tower. 
By Winter 2007, the water tower was the 
newest addition to the Lebanon skyline. 

, _ New Technology 

In Rememberance -. T , _ . ._ T ... 

On Tuesday, February 1 9, Toshiba 
Actor Heath Ledger was found dead announced tha t it would no longer make 

in his New York apartment on HD . DVD p|ayers thereby mgkj B|u . Ray 

January 22, 2008. A medical technology, the movie storage medium of 

examiner declared that Ledger had , 

,. , , , , , choice, 
died from an accidental drug 

overdose. He was best known for his 

roles in Brokeback Mountain, A 

Knight's Tale, 70 Things I Hate About 

You and The Patriot. 

Who Will Be the Next President of the United States? 
Republicans Mitt Romney and John McCain and Democrats 
Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton were on the campaign trail in 
the Winter and Spring of 2008. Each party will hold its National 
Conventions this summer to nominate one person respectively to 
run for the presidency. 

A Campus In Mourning 

On February 14, 2008, a 
gunman entered a lecture 
hall at Northern Illinois 
University, killing five 
students and injuring 
eighteen before killing 



1 . the act of using [syn: usel 

2. the state of having been 
made use of 

Students place themselves in 
an academic environment in 
which they work rigorously so 
that they' can utilize the 
information, skills, and 
experience they take away from 
the classroom and other 
educational experiences while at 
McKendree. They utilize what 
they learn in their daily lives and 
await the time when they can 
use their gifts and talents in 
future professions. The 
academic environment causes 
them to utilize their brains, and 
deep down inside, they know 
that this will be of great use in 
the future. The Honors Societies 
and academic-related groups 
show excellence in various fields. 
Here's to them and here's to the 
faculty who make it possible. 



P/m Y^o^a- ?l^l 

Phi Kappa Phi, the oldest and most selective all-discipline 
honor society, is in its fifth year at McKendree. This honor 
society recognizes outstanding academic achievement of 
the top 7.5 percent of students with junior status and the 
top 10 percent of students with senior status, along with 
faculty and staff members and alumni, by inviting them to 
join the honor society through tapping ceremonies where 
current members enter offices and classrooms during the 
Spring semester to extend the invitation to join. The Phi 
Kappa Phi motto "Let the Love of Learning Rule Humanity" 
exemplifies the dedication to learning held by McKendree 
faculty and students. The faculty advisor to Phi Kappa Phi is 
Dr. Tami Eggleston. During the April 18 induction, 107 
juniors and seniors were invited to join the McKendree 
University chapter. 


Left: Dr. Kian Pokorny, Dr. 
Alan Alewine and Dr. Tami 
Eggleston welcome junior 
Bethany Kowzan as she 
crosses the stage to 
receive her certificate and 
sign the registry. 


Maggie White presents a certificate of membership 
to junior Lauren Hettenhausen. 

Making It Official 

Junior Jennifer Mennerick signs the register 
making her membership in the McKendree 
University chapter official. 


2007 - 2008 Phi Kappa Phi Inductees 

(Alphabetically): Kandi Abbott, Cari Adams, Steven Akeman, Carrie Albers, Susan 
Anderson, Casie Arentsen, Kevin Arentsen. Belinda Bahn, Jessica Bathon, Kelly Beiermann, 
Heather Belmonte, Kumud Bhandan, Meg Billhartz, Jessica Blazewicz, Troy Bowles, Jeff 
Brokering, Mary Jo Brunhaver, Abbi Buchanan, Rickey Buis, Paula Bull, Karen Cimorelli, 
Rebecca Claxton, George Clevenger, Bonnie Coy, Ted Crail, Kelsey Cravens, Justin Cryder, 
Patrick Curry, Leslie Daugherty, Lynne Davis, Michaela Denney, Dawn Dili, Amanda Dorris, 
Christine Douglas, Jessica Ellsworth, Victoria Feldker, Leah Fey, Shane Flaar, Michelle 
Fohne. Diane Frazier, Wendy Gallagher, Marsha Garrett, Subhash Ghimire, Stacy Gibson, 
Kyle Gordon, Cassandra Guyer, Chris Hall, Sarah Heizer, Donna Hess, Lauren Hettenhauser 
Tressa Hill, Jennifer Hitch, Elaine Holtgrave, Rachel Hopfinger, Lynn Huegen, Cynthia Hulse 
Lauren Jones, Brandi Jordan, Charles June, Dawn Karrer, Christy Kelley. Robin Kelso, 
Melissa Kimble, Nicole Kirk, Stephen Kissel. Katelyn Kombrink, Tabitha Kopf. Bethany 
Kowzan, Sandra Lang, Kristin Laws, Lacey Luitjohan, Dana Maedge, Kenneth Markham, 
Joshua Mazander, Jennifer Mennerick, Laura Mills, Vanessa Mineman, Barbara Mueller, 
Kevin Murphy, Christina Napper, Margaret Newton. Lisa Nicoloff, Bridget Renner, Kathleen 
Ritchie, Daniel Rudy, Dennis Ryan, Stacy Sakellis. Amanda Schuring, Lisa Smithe, Sara 
Soehlke, Susan Spargo, Sandra Spearman, Kelli Steward, Lisa Tate, Christine Thomas, 
Melissa Toedte, Vickie Trout, Lucille Vasquez, Ryan Wamser, Laura Wander-Vrell, Anna 
Wasserzieher, Debra Waters, Debbie Witsken, Brandon Woodrome and Brooke Zachary. 

£*- V^ta- Yl 

Kappa Delta Pi is the 
international honor society in 
education and is dedicated to 
scholarship and excellence in 
teaching. Kappa Delta Pi 
members make up the top ten 
percent of those entering the 
field of education and include 
award-winning and outstanding 
practicing educators. New 
members were inducted into the 
Chi Mu chapter on Monday, April 
14, 2008 in the Hett. 

I008 Initiates, Officers and Advisors 

isted Alphabetically: Susan Anderson, Kevin Arentsen, Stacie Banjavclc, Kelly Boyer, Nicole Brubaker, Robby Campbell, Tirzah 
^awson, Jonathan DeBoe, Candace Detmer, Rebekah Diers, Reginald Duncan, Vandora Elfrink, Leah Fey, William Ford, Nichola 
iarrels. Stacy Gibson, Monica Graves, Brian Greathouse, Caitlin Grommet, Evelyn Hankins, Donna Hesse, Tressa Hill, Warren 
ohnson, Lauren Jones, Jill Kula, Amanda Lance, Leah Lankford, Kori Logan, Timothy McCammon, Jonathan Norton, Rebecca 
lowell, Mallory Pritchard, Devon Reckman, Bridget Renner, Kaitlyn Richter, Cindy Roever, Virginia Rusteberg, Douglas Schieppe. 
;eth Schwierjohn. John Sertich, Kay Smith. Susan Spargo, Rene Spirek, Charlene Stehlick-Nesbit, Kelli Steward, Eric Stewart, Jamie 
■traub. Tiffany Taylor, Daniel Toberman, Elizabeth Twombly, Stacey Untried, Kristin VonDerLinden, Ruth Waeltz, Jason Watts Holly 
Veller, Molly Williamson and Emily Yakey. Officers Include: President Kelly Boxdorfer, Vice President Beth Newman, Secretary 
ennifer Mennerick, Treasurer Erin Thoman, Membership Chair Rebecca Miller and Historian Jessica Edwards. Advisors include: 
iounselor Dr. Timothy Richards, Marths Eggers, Dr. George Fero, Dr. Janet Wicker, Dr. Joseph Cipfl and Dr. Thomas Jewett. 

Sigma Tau Delta is the ^ 
international English honor 
society. Its purpose is to 
confer distinction for high 
achievement in English 
language and literature in 
undergraduate, graduate and 
professional studies; to 
promote interest in literature 
and the English language on 
local campuses and their 
surrounding communities; and 
to foster the discipline of 
English in all its aspects, 
including creative and critical 

Writing. 2007-2008 Sigma Tau Delta Members 

Front row: Tina Napper, Stephanie Coartney, Jayme Blandford and Lauren Jones. Back 
row: Kristen Davis, Kendra Sigafoos, Lauren Hettenhausen, Joseph Witthaus, Whitney 
Ruebhausen, Advisor Dr. John Greenfield, Heather Belmonte and Advisor Dr. Martha 



The Alpha Theta chapter of Alpha Psi Omega is one of 
the oldest active chapters of the organization. This 
honor society exists to recognize outstanding students 
in the performing arts. Students who participate in the 
cast or crew of a McKendree production earn points and 
when a student reaches a certain number of points they 
are invited to join the honor society. Alpha Psi Omega 
puts on weekly improv nights in the Eisenmayer 
Auditorium. This year the group took their improv skills 
off campus for open mic nights at The Sweeter House 
of Coffee in Lebanon. 

a- Ve>l O/v^e^aa- 

2007 - 2008 Alpha Psi Omega Members 

Front row: Adam Schwind, Kamara Owens, Ben Simon, 
Valerie Morrese, Kristen Eckstadt, Tinah Edwards and Jared 
Evans. Back row: Mary Britton, Kaitie Kee, Rick Fagan. 
Kathenne Porter, Libby Mowers, Emily Thoman, Jake Heil 
and Mary Beth Thiel. 

Improv, Now! 

Senior Adam 

Schwind tells senior 

Jared Evans and 

sophomores Kristen 

Eckstadt and Kaitie 

Kee to start their 

Improv story. 

Theater Honors 

Jared Evans, Kurt Tiede, Mary Britton, Holly 
Karner, Nathan Harris and Kaitie Kee were 
honored for their theater work throughout 
the year. 

2007-2008 Alpha Psi Omega Officers 

Front row: Treasurer Kamara Owens and 
President Mary Britton. Back row: Public 
Relations Jared Evans and Adam Schwind 
and Vice President Jake Heil. 


Hmmm What's In This Box? 

Sophomore Katie Kee provides 
the arms for junior Mary Britton 
to create a scene with a box of 
random props. 

Everyone Pitches In 

Now that The Hett is used for 
theater productions, the 
Eisenmayer stage is no longer 
needed, so theater members tear 
down the old stage to use it for 
"Black Box" productions. 

I Ih rPeitc*- L&YV^&oio- 

Phi Beta Lambda is the student 
organization for those interested in any 
aspect of the business environment. 
Although Phi Beta Lambda is a business 
club, any student is welcome to join. 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Front row: Becky Lindstrom and Nishant 
Timilsma. Middle row: Nicki Wilhelm and 
Matt Whetstone. Back row: Dr Peter Will. 
Dr. Jean Sampson and James Cole. 

*3\a/V^<y- ¥?<zkcL- Vdt, 

Student Service Award 

Senior Jand Schulte 
receives the Student 
Service Award for his 
outstanding work in the 
business degree program. 


Sigma Beta Delta, the international 
honor society in Business, Management 
and Administration, seeks to encourage 
and recognize scholarship and 
accomplishment among students and to 
encourage and promote aspirations toward 
personal and professional improvement 
and a life distinguished by honorable 
service to humankind. 

n & 

2008 Inductees 

Front row: Brittney Koerkenmeier, Cynthia Hulse, Michelle Fohne and Amanda Kallal. 

Back row: David Hoag, Jasper Harris, Troy Herring, Elaine Holtgrave, Jackie Busekrus, Carrie 

Albers, Brittany Schrage, Brooke Koerkenmeier, Melissa Meeker, John Watters and Matt Hellmann. 


Pa- Ck 


M, \ -.■ JH m 

r : | 

» ■ "^^ «"**^i 





IK % JfilB 

1L <. -n,- *^ 

- liPvSHy " / 





■ ^<C=<.R\gPf 


§■'■• '••'• 



2007 - 2008 Psi Chi Members 

Left to Right: Kanisha Gladney, Liz Jeremiah, Carlos Marin, Jamie Dickerman 
Brittney Veath, Dana Kamerman, Tammy Lagoski and Laura Mills. 

Sigma Zeta is the 
national Science, 
Mathematics and 
Computer Science honor 
society and was founded 
in 1925. The McKendree 
chapter was the second 
chapter to join the 
society in 1926 as the 
Beta Chapter. Today, 
McKendree holds the 
nation's oldest chapter 
out of 51 other active 
colleges and universities. 
Students are particularly 
encouraged to present 
their thesis research at 
the yearly Sigma Zeta 
National Meeting. 


Psi Chi is the national honor 
society in Psychology. It is open 
to junior and senior psychology 
majors who rank in the top third 
of their class and have 
completed at least 9 hours in 
psychology. Psi Chi was 
founded in 1929 to provide 
academic recognition to 
students and to nurture the 
spark of that accomplishment. 
Psi Chi is a member of the 
Association of College Honor 
Societies and is an affiliate of the 
American Psychology 
Association (APA) and the 
Association for Psychological 
Science (APS). 

2007 - 2008 Sigma Zeta Members 

Front row: Kamara Owens, Aimee Jackson, Allison Ganschinietz and Allison Stout. Middle row: Dr 
Michele Schutzenhofer, Lakshmi Tammineedi, Jennifer Fletcher, Ramona Puskar, Xitiz Chamling, 
and Dr. David Jennings. Back row: Tim Williams, Stephen Gregory, Laura Walk, Lynelle Smith, 
Renee Lanenga and Hugo Nieto. Not pictured: Dr. Robb VanPutte. 

2007 - 2008 Kappa Kappa Psi Members 

Front row: Jonathan Rose, Becky Greiman, Ashley Walker, Nathan Harris and Tonya 
Schartung. Back row: Rebecca Freshour, Jared Evans, Ryan Sheldon, Shannon Streif, 
Jennifer Campbell, Stacie Banjavcic, Robby Campbell, Scott Nolda and Catie 
Neuman. Not pictured: Jayme Blandford and Tina Napper 

Kappa Kappa Psi operates as 
a student service and leadership 
society whose chief aim is to 
assist the Director of Bands in 
developing the leadership that 
is required of the band. Its goals 
are to provide the band with 
organized service activities, and 
to give members valid and 
wholesome experiences in 
organization and leadership. 
Membership is based on the 
premise that it is an honor to 
serve one's band, Department 
of Music, sponsoring institution 
and the cause of band music in 
the nation's colleges and 

Low^da- Yl Ska- 

2007 - 2008 Lambda Pi Eta Seniors 

Cat Gryzmala, Lauren Frizzo, Kelly 
Beiermann. Jessica Colvin, Lorna 
pleumann, Jennifer Boots and Tim Dew. 
Not pictured: Sudarsun Koirala. 

2007 - 2008 Lambda Pi Eta Members 

Front row: Jessica Colvin, Tim Dew, Heather Belmonte and Erin Spotanski. Back row: 
Kristie Manning, Jennifer Boots, Kelly Beiermann, Lorna Neumann, Kelsey Straeter, 
Brooke Zachry, Victoria Galle and Casie Arentsen. Not pictured: Advisor Dr. William 
Haskins, Advisor Dr. Betsy Gordon, Lauren Frizzo, Cat Gryzmala and Sudarsun 

Lambda Pi Eta is the official Communication studies honor society of the National Communication 
ssociation and has over 400 active chapters at four-year colleges and universities worldwide, 
ambda Pi Eta was founded in 1985 at the University of Arkansas and became a part of the National 
ommunication Association in 1988. The McKendree chapter was established in 1993. 


\r\ov\ov~^> GtwsJoca&OA 

On Friday, April 18, 2008, fifty-seven 
students were recognized during Honors 
Convocation for their outstanding academic 
achievements. Interim Provost and Dean of 
the University, Dr. Dennis Ryan, gave the 
address and challenged the honorees with 
"What questions will you ask 7 " McKendree 
University President, Dr. Jim Dennis, Dr. Kian 
Pokorny, Dr. Nancy Ypma, Dr. Betsy Cordon, 
Dr. Robb VanPutte, Dr. Murella Bosse, Dr. 
Sandra Lang, Dr. Joseph Cipfl, Dr. Dawn 
Hankins, Dr. Sharon Beasley, Dr. Martha 
Patterson and Dr. Todd Reynolds also 
participated in presenting the awards. 

Language, Literature and Communications 

Senior Sudarsun Koirala receives the award for the 
outstanding Organizational Communication student 
from Division Chair Dr. Betsy Gordon. 

School of Business 

Senior Alicia Becker receives the 
Economics and Finance Award from 
Division Chair Dr. Sandra Lang. 

Honors Program 

Senior James Cole receives an award 
for successful completion of the Honors 
Program from Dr. Martha Patterson. 

Division of Social Sciences 

Senior Amanda Simpson receives the 
Social Work Award from Division Chair 
Dr Murella Bosse. 

Excellence In Teaching Education Honors 

Dr. Brenda Boudreau receives the Exemplary Senior Whitney Ruebhausen receives the 

Teacher Award from Dr. Dennis Ryan. English/Secondary Education Award 

36 from Division Chair Dr. Betsy Gordon. 

Student Achievement 

Senior Katie Hasheider receives the Wal 
Street Journal Award from Division 
Chair Dr. Sandra Lang. 

How><r^> &- (A^ii5 V v-££x>vttoduOA5 

This year marked the inauguration of 
\/lcKendree's Celebration of Scholarship and 
Engagement Week. During the week of April 14-19, 
students were encouraged to create poster 
presentations of academic projects they had done 
tiroughout the year and then presented them in 
Larsons. Seniors who had prepared a thesis also 
presented their research at different times during 
:he week. In addition, members of McKendree's 
Honors Program presented their Senior Theses and 
eceived medals for completing the program. 

Senior Honors Presentations 

rogram members breathe a sigh of relief after presenting their 
Jenior Theses, capping off two years of research. 
Above) James Cole, Jayme Blandford, Aaron Rogier and Erin 
Below) Laura Mueller, Sarah Haas, Kara Ellis and Tina Napper 

Senior Thesis 

Erin Conner, Suzy Gerler and Allison Stout participate in the 
week's events by giving biology presentations. 

Senior Thesis 

Ray Brierly, Erica Weissert, Tim Williams, Daniel Quinn and 
Stephen Gregory present their Senior Research Projects during 
a program in the library. 

Poster Presentations 

(Above) Sophomore Jeff Brown presents his research on 
predicting NAIA baseball rankings. 

(Left) First-year student Steven O'Donnell shows off his 
research on static electricity. 



Fall Semester Singers 

(Above) Back to Front: Renee Packard, 
Nathan Harris, Emily Thoman, Beth 
Newman, Marshall Jennings, Kaitie Kee, 
Michelle Kadonsky, Victoria Galle, Catherine 
Gryzmala, Benjamin Schloesser, 
Accompianist Heather Miller, Director Dr. 
Phil Accompanist, Brian Kloppenberg, Robby 
Campbell and Leon Richardson 


This year the Chamber Choir sang at local high schools in the 
fall and shared with the students the vocal music opportunities 1 
McKendree, On May 8th, the Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz Ensemble 
and the O'Fallon United Church Chancel Choir presented "Sing foi 
the Cure" a benefit concert for the Susan C. Komen Breast Cance 
Foundation. Tickets were sold for $10 each and the proceeds 
were donated to the foundation. 

CoAoey^t Cl^olv 

The Concert Choir had an exciting year. Their fall semester concerts were medleys of different 
songs that showed off the choir's talent. Their Spring Concert featured music from the musical 
"Once On This Island." While the choir did not present the musical, their performance featured 
vocal soloists performing each of the parts. The Concert Choir ended the 2007-2008 school year 
with a performance during Commencement under the direction of senior Jared Evans. 


^be£^rckA, 13Wi^ 

Under the direction of David 
Boggs and Daniel Smithiger, the 
various bands provide musica 
entertainment for football and 
basketball games, as well as 
hosting a number of concerts 
throughout the year. Some of 
those concerts include 
Christmas, the Young People's 
Concert, ensemble 
performances and the Marching 
Bearcat Band concert. 

41 '^" 

* ■mh * 


Have Instrument, Will Play 

(Clockwise from top): The Concert Band performs during the Christmas concert; Robby Campbell plays the bass; Jazz Combo 
performs during the Fall Concert; Woodwind Quintet - Sarah Smothers, Maggie Rahmoeller. Jennifer Campbell, Lindsey Christens 

performs during 

and Connie Galbraith perform at the Christmas concert 


t/lusic Is the Spice Of Life! 

Clockwise from top): Local grade schools attended the Young People's Concert in 
vhich two young students had the opportunity to direct the band; Rick Fagan shows 
low much he enjoys Marching Band; Drum Major Nathan Harris directs the band in 
Hey Baby" during another rout by the football Bearcats; the Percussion Ensemble 
Jerforms during the Fall Concert - Lindsey Christensen, Michelle Emerick, Kristen 
ickstadt. and Michelle Kadonsky; the Marching Band on the field during pregame 
ictivities; in the stands, the Marching Band plays the Bearcat Fight Song after another 
ouchdown while Director of Bands, David Boggs digitally records the music. 


f&€nM^ o^oi <z?toJr$ Yov--t\^(?<k3 

Dr. Heather Dye 

Eric Echelbareer Dr. Tann Esaleston 


fo^oJrt^ c^apI *z>koJr$ 7 osrt\ra<te> 

RoseKn Hustedde Dr. David Jennings 

Terese Kasson Dr. Betsv Keigher 


fo^oJrt^ ovu>( *z?koJr$ Yov^isrcnt^ 

Dr. Deanne Riess 

fo^aM^ awA "z^io^f Yov-tsro^t^ 

Dr. Janice Wiegmann Or Philip \\ ilhelm 


fcmJrt^ <md ^>to4$ Vo*rbro%te> 

Dr. Susan Winte 

Dr. Nane\ Ypma Dr. Jennifer Yukna Dr. Kevin Zanelotti 

foijUt^ ^yMiaM: 

Drs. Pat Folk and Feza Ozturk have spent the 

past year teaching at the Ege University in 

Bornova, Izmir, Turkey. Both professors 

recieved Fulbright Scholar awards for the 

2007-2008 academic year. These are very 

competitive and prestigious awards that allow 

U.S. faculty and professors to lecture and 

conduct research abroad. Reflecting on his 

trip Dr. Folk stated, "A year in Turkey, 

interacting with students and colleagues 

whose cultural, linguistic, and religious 

backgrounds are quite different from my 

own, will make me a far better teacher when I 

get back to McKendree." Dr. Folk and Dr. 

Ozturk have both been to Turkey before as Dr. 

Ozturk is a native of Turkey. Their 16-year old 

son Eddie accompanied them on their trip. 

Dr. Phil Wilhelm wrote "Cod Is Still 
Speaking" in 2004 to celebrate the 50th 

Anniversary of the United Church of 

Christ. The song encourages people to 

hold on to their faith during troubled 

times. His song was recorded and will be 

included on the CD titled "Light of the 

World," which is a compilation of Gospel 

songs. The CD is currently in the 

production phase and should be released 

in the summer of 2008. The following 

words are the chorus to his song "Cod is 

still speaking to you and to me, do we 

fervently listen or beg our own way? Cod 

is still speaking to you and to me, in the 

midst or life's questions Cod shows us the 





Def : identical or consistent, as 

from example to example, place 

to place, or moment to 

moment: uniform spelling; a 

uniform building code. 


Def: an identifying outfit or style 

of dress worn by the members 

of a given profession, 

organization, or rank. 

Whether on the court, the 
field, the mat, the lanes or the 
track McKendree athletes 
proudly wear the Bearcat 
uniform. This uniform unites 
individuals as a team. Many 
become one as they fight for a 
common cause. Whether the 
result is victory or learning from 
defeat, we applaud our athletes 
and coaches for their 
dedication. Whether playing at 
home or away, the basketball 
court still has two hoops, the 
hockey rink and soccer field 
have two goals, and the starting 
Softball line up has nine players. 
Three games to a match in 
volleyball, and a starting score of 
love-love in tennis. The 
uniformity of sports teaches 
players discipline and provides a 
common ground. 


2007-2008 Season 

Marian College 


Urbana University 

L 21-23 

Ohio Dominican University 

L 13-46 

Quincy University 

W 37-19 

Trinity International University 

W 27-14 

St. Ambrose University 

L 12-23 

William Penn University 


University of St. Francis 


Olivet Nazarene University 

L 21-26 

Iowa Wesleyan College 


Starting Off Right 

The Bearcats kicked off 
the football season with 
a road-trip against the 
Marian College Knights. 
The Bearcats beat the 
Knights 39-7. In this 
photo, sophomore Place 
Kicker Kevin Kinsall 
prepares to send a 38- 
yard field goal through 
the uprights. 



2007-2008 Football Team 

Numerical Order: Terry Williams, Sherman Ellington, Emanuel McCall, Ryan Klier, Chad Hudson, Uhlon Rich, Michael Glielmi, 
Lawrence Davis, Bret Dougherty, Derrick Summerlin, Wade Adamson, Donald Petterson, Josh Costello, Dan Loudenslager, Antonio 
Greer, Charlie Zimmerman, Luke Arnold, Michael Mendes, Kevin Kinsall, Willie Logan, Shane McBride, George Smith, Jordan 
Bierman, Charlie Jouett, Marlone Chenault, John Malandrucco, Terrance Greer, Joel Rivera, Mike Day, Matt Davis, Marcell Phiffer, 
Larry Russel, Jacob Rohman, Tommie Liddell, Chris Fisher, Andrew Devine, Matt Fitzgerald, Jacob Pezold, Brad Gouchenouer, Jaloi: 
Singleton, Erik Beimfohr, Neil Godfrey, Jason Ralph, Trevor Crane, Tim Ladd, Joe Beimfohr, Steve Moravec, Greg Schulte, John 
Smith, Reggie Cloyd, Tim Hanke, Chuck Cox, Heath Bohannon, Cory Harris, Darion Phiffer, Jimmy Sroka, Blake Thole, Simeon 
Haynes, Nick Hegger, Terry Kennedy, Brandon Kircher, Jeff Stroot, Daniel Schanuel, Jake Thielemann, Aaron Barnett, Mychal Good 
Jason Rejfek, Jake Harris, Bryan Edgar, Josh Groves, Andres Marquez, Elton Weed, Matt Hutton , Troy Cogdill, Shane O'Brien, Robe 
Kirk, Mick, Siverly, Jason Maclin, Zach Atkins, Nick Fuhler, Tony Michell, Mason Williams, George Clevenger, Jimmy Pennell, Cedric 
Graham, Derrell Nicholas, Adam Connor, Jacob Carpenter, Adam Huebner, Mariano Flowers, Craig Zurliene, Jeff Meisenheimer, 
Aaron Fricke, Antonio Prendergast, Lucas Gehrs, Nathan House, Brandon Herrington, Kevin Lambert, Beau Atwood, Jason Bartok, 
Kyle Bieker, Brian Bierman, Dustin Borum, Jay Early, Tom Edwards, Kyle Eller, Montez Farrar-Childs, Malcolm Francis, Zach Gass, 
Cory Glass, Vashaun Hale, Darren Hall, Devin Hiller, Eric Holtkamp, Sean Kelly, Abraham Lam-Yuen, Nathan Lingle, Nick Mellenthin, 
Kyle Musick, Troy Nash, Deontrae Nelson, Blake Novack, Robert Poland, Kyle Poison, Robert Setzer, Anthony Shorter, Chris Smith, 
Eli Smith, Jordan Stark, Jacob Toft and Blake Wesselman 

■ — — " •"'■--^'.-ct'JU^'m 

The 2007 Bearcat football team ended their season with 
6-4 record. This is the 11th consecutive season that the 
3am has finished with a winning record. As they finished 
ieir season against Iowa Wesleyan College, junior Running 
ack, George Smith rushed his way into the McKendree 
;cord books by scoring four rushing touchdowns in one 
ame, and he is only the second McKendree player to rush 
Dr more then 200 yards in a game. His efforts led the 
earcats to a 35-0 win over Iowa Wesleyan, their second 
hut-out game of the season. The other shut-out game 
/as a 37-0 win over William Penn University. 

Are You Ready for Some 

Left: The Bearcats are raring to 
go for their September 1 5th 
game against Urbana 
University. This was the first 
home game of the season. 


Below: The Bearcats 
successfully bring down the 
Quincy University ball carrier. 
McKendree went on to win the 
game 37-1 9. 

Support From the Sidelines 

When they are not in the middle of the action. Bearcat football 
players watch the action and encourage their teammates from the 


•etting It Up 
ibove: The McKendree 
efense tries to crack Quincy 
iniversity's offensive play. 

The Hand-Off 

Junior Quarterback Dan 

Loudenslager gives the ball 

to junior Jacob Rohman as 

the Bearcats drive toward 

another 6 points. 

2007-2008 Season 

Cardinal Stritch University 


Trinity International University 


Missouri Valley College 


Quincy University 


Ottawa University 


Benedictine College 


Bethel College 

L 1-4 

Culver-Stockton College 


Harris-Stowe State University 

W 10-0 

Missouri Baptist University 


Central Methodist University 


Baker University 


Hannibal-LaGrange College 


William Woods University 


Lindenwood University 

W 1-0 

Lewis University 

W 1-0 

NAIA Tournament 

Semifinals (William Jewell College) 

W 1-0 

Championships (Benedictine College) 


NAIA National Tournament 



Lee University 


The 2007 Women's soccer team capped off their season with their 
third consecutive trip to Nationals and their fourth trip to the NAIA 
tournament in five years. The Lady Bearcats won their opening round 
match against SUNY-Canton 2-0. Senior Lucy Elliot led the team by 
scoring two goals. However, the team fell I -0 to Lee University during 
the second round of play. The Bearcats ended their season with a 15-3-3 
record and their fifth straight AMC regular season title. Despite a loss on 
the National Level, the women were awarded many conference honors. 
Junior Jenni Schoon was named Newcomer of the Year and Head Coach 
Tim Strange was named AMC Women's Soccer Coach of the Year for the 
sixth time in seven years. Six women were awarded AMC First Team All- 
Conference honors. They included: seniors Elliot and Brittany Fuzessery, 
junior Schoon, sophomores Sarah Ryan and Kelsey Johnson and First- 
year student liana Milkes. Seniors Nicole Chappell, Katie Dienell and Elliot, 
junior Leah Shan and sophomores Sarah Ryan, Kelsey Risman and Lindsey 
Freeman were also awarded Academic All-Conference honors. In 
addition to their previously mentioned awards, seniors Chappell and 
Elliot were also honored with Second Team Academic All-District awards 
by ESPN The Magazine. Coach Tim Strange was also named NAIA Region 
V Coach of the Year, and Brittany Fuzessery and liana Milkes were namedj 
to the NAIA Region V team. 

Give Me the Ball! 

Below: Sophomore Jenni Schoon proves why 
she was one of the Bearcats top players this 
year as she gains control of the ball. 

Using Her Head 

Above: First-year player 
liana Milkes gets her head 
in the game while passing 
the ball to a teammate. 

2007-2008 Women's Soccer Team 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Donny Sheehan, 

Student Assistant Coach Ray Ray Cole, Jenni 

Schoon, Ashlee Ritchie, Lucy Elliott, Sarah 

Ryan, Brittany Lowell, Brittany Fuzessery, 

Assistant Coach Jaime Dienell and Head 

Coach Tim Strange. 

Middle Row: Kelsey Risman, Samantha 

Hartman, Kyla Nighohossian, Megan Ansley, 

Sarah Brede, Lean Shan, Erin Spotanski and 

Ashley Cummins. 

Front Row: Lindsey Freeman, Ashley Hayes, 

Katelyn Cleveland, Nicole Chappell, Amanda 

LaGrow, Liz Yanko, Theresa Kaiser, Kelsey 

Johnson, Sarah Eckelkamp and 

en Lindsey Ponder. 

The Bearcat Men's soccer team had an amazing season. A 15 game 
'/inning streak earned the team a spot in the NAIA Region V Tournament. 
<nfortunately, the men could not get past Benedictine College and lost 
-0 in the semifinals of the tournament. Despite this disappointing loss, the 
earn racked up a number of All-Conference honors. Senior Careth Batchelor 
pas named the American Midwest Conference Player of the Year. Batchelor 
£ored 12 goals and had seven assists this season. First-year student Bill 
yuckett was named the AMC Freshman of the Year, after scoring 14 goals 
!nd 29 points in the regular season. Head Coach Tim Strange was named the 
|MC Men's Soccer Coach of the Year, in addition to these honors, six 
IcKendree players were awarded AMC First team honors. They were seniors 
areth Batchelor, Jarius Holmes, Craig Vigar and Santiago Hampton and junior 
,yan Miller. Thirteen of the men also earned Academic All-Conference 
lonors, and to top off their winning season Careth Batchelor, Craig Vigar and 
antiago Hampton were named to the NAIA Region V team. 

No Goal! 

Senior Goalkeeper 
Santiago Hampton 
rejects a shot during 
a win over UM - St. 

2007-2008 Season 


MacMurray College 


Westminister College 


Missouri Valley College 


Westminster University 


Ottawa University 


Benedictine College 


Williams Baptist 


Culver-Stockton College 


Harris-Stowe State University 


Missouri Baptist University 


Greenville College 


Central Methodist University 


Columbia College 


Hannibal-LaGrange College 


University of Illinois - Springfield 


William Woods University 


Lindenwood Unversity 


University of Missouri - St. Louis 

NAIA Tournament 


Semifinals (Benedictine College) 

Can't Get Past Me 

First-year Midfielder 
Daniele Campailla wards 
off Missouri Baptist 
University defenders 

^ .** ... ,J7 

f.007-2008 Men's Soccer Team 

lack Row: Student Assistant Ryan Polete, Ryan Miller, Kris Vaughn, Cole Harres, Nathan Stumpf, Gareth Batchelor, Greg 

.titchens. Craig Vigar, Jonathon Niebrugge, Jesse Essenpreis, Zac Coffee, Sean Neighbors. Onimiyi Ennolu. Josh 

jlemmer. Assistant Coach Donny Sheehan and Head Coach Tim Strange. 

Middle Row: Bobby Barger, Eric Frierdich, Joey Lofink, Drew Dolan, Daniele Campailla, Max Stainmez, Matt Jannings. 

•Jiko Klenk, Tim Dew, Kris Boyd, James Arnold, Matt Young, Dennis Bisto, Bennan Donahue, Jake Wittenauer and Shawn 


jront Row: Dan Bleisch. Bill Puckett, Sam James, Drew Crawford, Braden Posey, Brad Dietrich, Scott Genz, Santiago 

lampton, Carlos Marin, Jarius Holmes, Sean Mueller, Eric Polka and Scott Horton. 

2007-2008 Season 

Robert Morris College 


Spalding University 


Webster University 


Cardinal Stritch University 


University of St. Francis 


Aquinas College 


Saint Xavier University 


Williams Baptist College 


Hannibal-LaGrange College 


University of Illinois-Springfield 


Ohio Dominican University 


Campbellsville University 


Indiana University-Southeast 


Harris-Stowe State University 


Columbia College 


William Woods University 


Greenville College 


Missouri Baptist University 


Baker University 


William Jewell College 


Benedictine College 


Evangel University 


Hannibal-LaGrange College 


University of Illinois-Springfield 


Trevecca Nazarene University 


Trevecca Nazarene University 


Lindenwood University 


Missouri Baptist University 


Central Methodist University 


Harris-Stowe State University 


Oakland City University 


Williams Baptist College 


Columbia College 


William Woods University 


University of Michigan-Dearborn 


Lindsey Wilson College 


Huntington University 


AMC Tournament 

William Woods University 


Missouri Baptist University 



Here You Go... 

Junior Dana Maedge sets the play for Katelyn 


Coach Evelyn Bean's 2007 volleyball team closed out their season with a 
22-17 record. This marks the fifth consecutive season that the Bearcats 
reached 20 wins, and they also began the season by winning their first 1 1 
games. Senior Allison DeGroot and junior Katelyn Kombrink were awarded 
First-Team All-Conference honors in the American Midwest Conference. 
Receiving All-Conference honorable mention honors were senior Courtney 
Aldridge and sophomore Dani Collins. Twelve members of the 2007 team 
also earned Academic All-Conference honors. In addition to their All- 
Conference honors, DeGroot, Kombrink and Aldridge earned spots in the 
McKendree University record books. DeGroot is now third in career assists 
and fifth in single season assists. Kombrink is currently fourth in career aces 
and finished the season second in single season aces. Aldridge is now third 
in career digs and second in single season digs. 

2007-2008 Volleyball Team 

Numerical: Dana Maedge, Allison DeGroot, 
Courtney Aldridge, Brittany Schrage, Katelyn 
Kombrink, Dani Collins, Hannah Burleson, 
Angie Clark, Jenilyn Wahlig, Lisa Witte and 
Lindsay Amerson. 

Get Set! 

Senior Libero Hannah Burleson receives the 
serve and sets up the play as Allison DeGroot 
and Katelyn Kombrink prepare to go for the kill. 

Serving Up Aces 

Junior Katelyn Kombrink serve 
another ace, showing why she 
#4 in career aces and moving 

In just the fourth season for Bearcat Hockey, Coach Bill 
/lisiak s team won the Mid-America Collegiate Hockey 
association's (MACHA) Silver Division Tournament. Misiak was 
lamed Coach of the Year, Scott Roberts was named Player of 
he Year and Chris Donahue was named Defenseman of the Year, 
'oberts, Donahue and Charlie Donze were named First-Team All 
tars and Nick Dreyer was named Second-Team All Star. Roberts 
losed his Bearcat Hockey career as the all-time leader in goals 
194) and points (355). The Bearcats finished the season with a 
ecord of 22 wins against 6 losses. 

007-2008 Hockey Team 

umencal: Marcus Power, John Moore. Ryan Ahlemeyer, Dustin Schildknecht, Kyle 
ges, Charlie Donze, Jordan Thompson, Nick Dreyer, David Klueskens, Scott Roberts, 
ach Evans, Alec Steiner. Brent Campbell, Chris Donahue, Ryan Fitzsimmons, Kyle 
lark, Ryan Donahue, Nicholas Smothers, Brian Neighbors, Ryan Haeffle, Zach 
rawford, Adam Braundmeier, Dan Pettibone, Mike Stier, Brooks Boeschen, Stephen 
se and Head Coach Bill Misiak. 

2007-2008 Season 


University of Missouri 


University of Missouri 


Marquette University 


Marquette University 


Western Illinois University 


Western Illinois University 


Robert Morris College 


Robert Morris College 


SIU - Edwardsville 


SIU - Edwardsville 


Northern Illinois University 

L 1-7 

Northern Illinois University 


Northwestern University 


Northwestern University 

W 14-6 

Wheaton College 

W 15-2 

Wheaton College 


Eastern Illinois University 

W 10-6 

Eastern Illinois University 


Bradley University 


Bradley University 


Missouri State University 


Missouri State University 


Robert Morris College 


Robert Morris College 

W 10-3 

SIU - Edwardsville 


SIU - Edwardsville 

MACHA Tournament 


Bradley University 


Missouri State University 

e Cycles Down Low 

enior Defenseman Ryan Fitzsimmons works 
ie puck during a power-play 

Bearcats On the Attack! 

Junior Center Charlie Donze sets up for 
another shot on goal. 

Great Stick-Save! 

Sophomore Goalie Mike Stier has no 
plans to let the puck get past him 

HA<sn^ 8< \A#onr*<sri^ ^owrlin^ 

The McKendree Bowling Team had another eventful year placing in 
the top five several times this season The mens bowling teams highest 
placement was at the Boilermaker Classic Invitation in Lafayette, IN 
finishing 5th out of 22 teams. The mens team saw their season come to 
an end at the sectional qualifier with an 8th place finish out of 17 
teams. Ricky VanScoyk, individually however, placed third in the singles 
qualifier held on March 14 earning him a spot in the USBC 
Intercollegiate Singles Championships to be held on May 17 in 
Milwaukee, Wl 

The womens bowling team also had a good year placing in the top 
five at 9 out of 10 tournaments Not only did the women win the 

Boilermaker Classic in Lafayette, IN, they also won their home 
tournament, the McKendree Baker Classic. At the end of the season, 
the womens bowling team qualified for the USBC Intercollegiate Team ' 
Championships and ended their season in 9th place overall 

Rebekah Diers placed first at several tournaments based on her total , 
pmfall, including first place honors at the Hoosier Classic held in 
Bloomington, IN by knocking down 1890 pins for 9 games Also, at this 
years sectional qualifier she placed first by knocking down a total of j 
1396 pins, averaging 232 for six games She and Rick VanScoyk 
advanced to the Singles Championship in Milwaukee, Wl 

2007-2008 Men's Season 

Hammer Midwest Collegiate 

8th of 40 

Orange and Black Classic 

15th of 36 

ISBPA Collegiate Classic 

15th of 29 

Boilermaker Classic 

5th of 22 

National Team Match Games 

29th of 36 

Leatherneck Classic 

6th of 30 

Blue and Gold Classic 

1 6th of 53 

McKendree Baker Challenge 

7th of 24 

Hoosier Classic 

23rd of 52 

Lining Up 

Junior Ricky VanScoyk concentrates as he lines 
up a shot during Hoosier Classic in Indianapolis, 

Perfect Form 

Junior Rebekah 
Diers continues to 
be a powerhouse 
bowler for the 
Bearcat squad. She 
was selected first- 
team All American 
by the National 
Collegiate Bowling 
Association and 
runner-up for Bowler 
of the Year by the 
Bowling Writers of 

4th of 22 
8th of 27 
5th of 20 
1 st of 1 4 
5th of 25 
2nd of 16 
2nd of 28 
1st of 21 
4th of 28 

2007-2008 Women's Season 

Hammer Midwest Collegiate 

Orange and Black Classic 

ISBPA Collegiate Classic 

Boilermaker Classic 

National Team Match Games 

Leatherneck Classic 

Blue and Gold Classic 

McKendree Baker Challenge 

Hoosier Classic 

2007 - 2008 Men's Bowling Team 

Chris Markham, Danny Chisamore, Chris Ray, Ricky VanScoyk 
and T.J. Arnold Other members include: Matthew Anastasia, 
David Armbruster, Clint Casteel, Martell Gamble, Ron Giesen, 
Jordan Hurd, Willie Jubiter, Justin Kruep, Matthew McKendree, 
Don Murray, Vincent Pastore, Andrew Robert, John Savoy, 
Jason Schwartz, Ryan Smith, Jimmy Stenson, Dan Strubel, 
Travis Sweeney, Tom Urban, Evan VanScoyk, Jeff 
Wingbermuehle and Jeremy Worden. 

2007 - 2008 Women's Bowling Team 

Front row: Suzanne Alvarado, Gretchen Ulferts, Christina Young 
and Chelsea Walker. Back row: Danielle Belobraydich, Rebekah 
Diers, Nikki Watters and Holly Karner. 

Coach James Kisgen's wrestling team completed 
in outstanding 2007-08 season by winning a 
Regional Championship and taking second place at 
he NAIA National Tournament. Senior Kyle Jahn 
von the National Championship in the 141 lb class, 
irst-year Andrew Sanchez was runner-up in the 197 
o class, Coach Kisgen was named NAIA Coach of the 
'ear, First-year Wade Lowe finished in third in the 
33 lb class and sophomore Josh Bryant placed 4th 
h the 174 lb class. Jahn, Sanchez, Lowe and Bryant 
vereall named NAIA All-Americans. Honorable 
Mention honors went to first-year Ryan Jahn and 
ophomores Aaron Winning and Zak Adomanis. 

National Champion! 

Senior Kyle Jahn 
celebrates his National 
Chamionship win at the 
NAIA National 
Tournament in Sioux 
City, IA on March 8, 
2008 Jahn finished his 
career as a 4-time NAIA 


2007-2008 Season 

No Team Score 

Lindenwood Open 


King College 

W 24-10 

University of Cumberlands 

No Team Score 

Patriot Open 


Cumberland University 

No Team Score 

Missouri Valley College 

No Team Score 

Wisconsin Open 

W 36-12 

Missouri Baptist University 


University of Illinois 

W 25-15 

University of Findlay 


Northwestern College 

W 33-12 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 

L 18-19 

University of Great Falls 

L 12-23 

Dickinson State University 


Rend Lake 

No Team Score 

Denker Open 

W 30-11 

University of Indianapolis 


Southern Illinois University-Edwardsvile 

No Team Score 

Missouri Valley Open 


Missouri Baptist University 

W 26-10 

Oklahoma City University 

L 18-22 

Central Oklahoma 

First Place 

NAIA East Region Tournament 

Second Place 

NAIA National Tournament 

,007-2008 Wrestling Team 

'Iphabetical: Zak Adomanis, Ricky Barnett, Matt Beasley, Lawrence Brown, Josh Bryant, Tol Calvin, Adrian Cerillo, A.J. Cerillo, Tom 
dwards, Jon Forbes, Matt Grogan, Ryan Guillet, Kevin Hawkins, Adam Hicks, Kyle Jahn, Harry Joseph, Wade Lowe, Chas Maloch, 
=ott McQuiston, Daniel Moore, Aaron Phemister. Kyle Reid, Andrew Sanchez, Bryan Thatch, Jermaine Waye, Dimitnus Williams, 
aron Winning, Tanner Wolk and Daniel Yuraitis. Head Coach: James Kisgen, Assistant Coach: Chad Willard, Student 55 

ssistant Coaches: Trevor Maloch and Clay Weier 


2007-2008 Cheerleading 

Alphabetical: Emily Colvin, 
Jessica Colvin, Samantha 
Hamlin, Jessica Hunt, Katie 
Landfried, Shelly Musko, Alison 
Thole and Ali Willoughby. 

Twin Toppers! 

The cheerleaders perform a 
floor routine during halftime 
at a basketball game. 

Close Up! 

Sophomore Alison Thole cheer 
her heart out during McKendre 

Being Creative 

Cheerleading involves a lot of 
gymnastics training and 
creativity as these girls 


Senior Katie Landfried goes up in an extension during a 
football game. 

McKendree cheerleaders are very busy 
ladies. They can be found cheering at every 
home football game, men's basketball game 
and women's basketball game. In addition 
to cheering at games, the ladies also take 
gymnastics classes to help them learn new 
tricks. This year the squad did not compete 
but they hope to get back into competition 
next year. 


That's a Cool Statue 

Tn-Captains Sophomore AN Willoughby and seniors, Jessica Colvin ar 
Katie Landfried pose on the stone platform outside The Hett. 

The Dance Team, under the 
direction of Coach Meghan Tippy, 
performs at football and basketball 
games. A passion for dance and 
energy to make the music come 
alive are key components in Dance 
Team performances. Sophomore 
Katie Richter says: "I am on the 
McKendree University Dance Team 
because I LOVE to dance! Dance at 
McKendree is viewed as more of an 
art than a sport, so we have a lot of 
fun performing without the stress 
of competing!" 

Whether Football Season... 

Dance Team members Lora Blackwell, Jordan Finch, Danielle Fitzpatrick, 
Kamara Owens and Katie Richter perform during half-time festivities. 

.Or Basketball Season 

.ora Blackwell, Jordan Finch, Danielle Fitzpatrick, Kamara Owens and Katie 
iichter excite the crowd during Senior Night activities. 

Dance Fever 

The McKendree Dance Team shines on the 


AAeri & Women 


2007-2008 Men's Season 

Washington University 

No Team Score 

Eastern Illinois University 

No Team Score 

Saluki Invitational 

No Team Score 

SlU-Edwardsville Border Wars 


American Midwest Conference Championship 

3rd of 4 

NAIA Region V Championship 

9th of 1 3 

2007-2008 Women's Season 

Washington University 

11th of 13 

Eastern Illinois University 

No Team Score 

Saluki Invitational 

No Team Score 

SlU-Edwardsville Border Wars 


American Midwest Conference Championship 

2nd of 4 

NAIA Region V Championship 

6th of 14 

NAIA National Champtionship 

No Team Score 

Racing to the Finish 

Sophomore Sophy 
Yapsabila was the top 
runner for the women's 
cross-country team this 
season, and her hard 
work earned her spot at 
the NAIA National 

The Men's Cross-Country Team was led by 
senior Keith Tebbe and sophomore Michael 
Mendez. This season Mendez was named 
AMC's Player of the Week for the week of 
September 26, 2007 and later in the season he 
earned all-conference honors by placing ninth 
at the AMC Championships. Tebbe capped off 
his McKendree career by placing 35th at the 
NAIA Region V meet with a time of 27:11 :94 in 
the eight kilometer race. 

Sophomore Sophy Yapsabila was a powerful 
force for the Bearcat Women this season. At 
the NAIA Region V meet she finished third 
which earned her a spot at the NAIA National 
Championships. She finished 118th at her first 
trip to nationals. 


2007 Cross Country Team 

Members of the Men's and 

Women's Cross Country team 

include: Sara Darnold, lantha Burke, 

Kim Nieman, Sophy Yapsabila, Sara 

Pettersen, Nicola Smith, Britney 

Eller, Devin Williams, Jeff Brown, 

Michael Mendez, Clinton McNear 

and Keith Tebbe 

Speed Racer 

Senior Keith Tebbe 

was one of the top 


runners for 

McKendree this 


JlA<^ri'^ & Women 

TV^»<»J<. 8< S^elcl 

007-2007 Men's and Women's Track Team 

Alphabetically: Zach Atkins. Adam Bailey, Krystin Baker, 
hristopher Bethel, Jeff Brown, Tonya Brown, Bryan Callis, 
ristin Chism, Lanece Clarke, John Curulewski, Sara Darnold, 
ritney Eller, Tamara Francis, Michael Franks. Tommy Gayfield, 
tephen Gregory, Steve Hammond, Ashley Harris, Chad Hudson, 
larissa Jennings, Dominique Jones, Sasha Joyce, Jesse King, 
tfillie Logan, Clinton McNear, Elias Melly, Michael Mendez, 
ermaine Myers, Nicole Neal, Orion Nicely, Tiara Pegues, Jordan 
erry, Sara Pettersen, John Ruesler, Jarid Schulte, Jordan Stark, 
nan Steele, Kelsey Straeter, Kyra Sullivan, Keith Tebbe, Jamie 
homas, Keron Thomas, Daniel VanNatta, Brandon Williams, 
levin Williams, Julius Williams, Travis Winters, Amelia Wofford 
nd Sophy Yapsabila. 

2007-2008 AMC 
Coach of the Year 

Scott Cummings, 
Sports Information 
Director, presents 
Gary White with the 
AMC Coach of the 
Year plaque. 

At the NAIA Indoor National Championships 
both the Bearcat Men's and Women's track and 
field teams finished in sixth place. Members of 
both teams also collected a number of Ail- 
American honors. Junior Lanece Clarke finished 
third in the 60-meter dash and fourth in the 200- 
meter dash. Junior Jamie Thomas finished third 
in the 60-meter hurdles and fourth in the triple 
jump. On the men's team senior Chris Bethel 
finished second in the 60-meter hurdles, senior 
Julius Williams finished third in the triple jump 
and senior Jermaine Myers finished third in the 
600-meter dash. 

The NAIA Outdoor National Championships 
were just as successful for both teams. The men 
earned enough points for a thirteenth finish and 
the women posted enough points for a tenth 
place finish. Junior Lanece Clarke earned more 
All-American honors by finishing third in the 200- 
meter dash and second in the 100-meter dash. 
Junior Jamie Thomas also earned All-American 
honors by finishing third in the 100-meter 
hurdles. Senior Orion Nicely finished fourth in the 
100-meter dash and senior Chris Bethel finished 
fifth in the 110-meter hurdles. The women's 
4x1 00-meter relay came in sixth place and both 
the men's 4x100-meter and 4x400-meter relays 
finished fourth. 

Keep Together 

Junior, Sophy 
Yapsabila and 
senior Sara 
finished third 
and fourth in the 
1 500 meter run 
at the Wash U 
Quad meet on 
April 1 1/12. 
Yapsabila turned 
in a time of 
5:13:03 while 
finished with 



2007-2008 Season 

Park University 

L 61-70 

Georgetown College 

L 63-76 

St. Xavier University 

L 77-84 

Lincoln University 

W 64-54 

Lindenwood University 

W 62-54 

Culver-Stockton College 

L 44-60 

University of Missouri-St. Louis 

W 70-57 

Lindsey Wilson College 

W 85-83 

Campbellsville University 

W 70-69 

Olivet Nazarene University 

L 86-97 

Millikin University 

L 60-67 

Washington University 

W 76-49 

Brescia University 

L 54-66 

Park University 

W 66-57 

William Woods University 

W 79-70 

Williams Baptist College 

W 59-45 

University of Illinois-Springfield 

W 71-58 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 73-66 

Harris-Stowe State University 

L 63-67 

Brescia University 

W 72-50 

Columbia College 

W 78-58 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

W 85-61 

William Woods University 

W 86-70 

Williams Baptist College 

W 68-51 

University of Illinois-Springfield 

W 78-67 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 78-71 

Harris-Stowe State University 

W 72-50 

Columbia College 

W 67-61 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

W 77-52 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

W 84-37 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 69-50 

Columbia College 

W 78-66 

National Tournament 

Lewis-Clark State College 

L 49-69 

2007 - 2008 Women's Basketball 

Numerical: Haley Klingelhoefer, 

Katie Fullerton, Kasie Frazier, Kelsey 

Park, Ashley Agee, Lean Shan, Julie 

Garrison, Katie Kovarik, Amanda 

Schuring, Amanda Lance, Brooke 

Zachry, Heather Elders, Suzy Gerler, 

Cathy Webb, Ashley Dressier and 

Emily Best. Head Coach: Melissa 

Ringhausen. Assistant Coach: 

M) Stephanie Sparks 

Almost There 

Senior Heather Elders puts up another 
basket for the Bearcats. Elders 
reached 1000 career points on 
February 12, 2008, becoming only the 
ninth Women's player in McKendree 
history to reach that mark. 

The Bearcat Women had an 
outstanding season, winning the 
AMC League Title and the 
Conference Tournament and for the 
9th time in 11 seasons they earned a 
spot in the NAIA National 
Tournament. The Bearcats tore up 
the AMC and rode a 13 game 
winning streak through the 
Conference Tournament and into 
the National Tournament where 
Lewis-Clark State College was too 
much for them. In addition to the 
outstanding season, 13 members 
were named Academic All- 
Conference, Ashley Agee was named 
Freshman of the Year, and Coach 
Melissa Ringhausen was named AMC 
Coach of the Year. 

The Other Way Around 

Senior Amanda Lance puts all 
her energy into passing the 
ball around her opponent. 

Down The Court 

Senior Suzy Gerler goes for th 

st Hangin' Around 

st-year Forward Eric 
bbbie slam dunks to score 
I'o more for the Bearcats. 

Coach Statham's team electrified 
the MPCC and the American Midwest 
Conference. Consistently ranked in the 
top 20 Nationally, the Bearcats easily 
won the Conference regular season 
and Tournament Championships. 
Earning another trip to Kansas City to 
the National Tournament, the Bearcats 
beat Texas Wesleyan in the first round, 
only to fall to unseeded Campbellsville 
University in the second round. In 
addition to post-season action, Coach 
Statham, with 965 career wins, was 
named AMC Coach of the Year, junior 
Eric Palm was named AMC Player of 
the Year and NAIA All-American and 
Eric Hobbie was named AMC Freshman 
of the Year. 

bn't Touch That Ball! 

.. nior Eric Palm drives to the 


Sophomore Ken Detmer celebrates as the 
Bearcats increase their lead. 

2007-2008 Season 

W 74-57 

Trinity International University 

W 96-86 

Cnchton College 

W 93-81 

Lindenwood University 

L 71-75 

Park University 

W 94-75 

Mid-Continent University 

L 85-92 

Union University 

W 85-56 

Greenville College 

L 89-90 

Freed-Hardeman University 

L 78-87 

Union University 

W 66-63 

Brescia University 

W 99-75 

Indiana Institute of Technology 

W 84-70 

Olivet Nazarene University 

W 89-84 

Indiana Institute of Technology 

W1 13-46 

Concordia Seminary 

L 91-93 

Indiana University - South Bend 

W 78-63 

William Woods University 

W 98-73 

Williams Baptist College 

W 82-49 

University of Illinois-Springfield 

W 81-67 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 78-61 

Harris-Stowe State University 

W 79-50 

Columbia College 

W 62-56 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

W1 00-89 

William Woods University 


Williams Baptist College 

L 65-72 

University of Illinois-Springfield 

W 92-56 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 79-54 

Harris-Stowe State University 

W 60-47 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

W 73-70 

Columbia College 

AMC Tournament 


Williams Baptist College 

W 81-72 

Harris-Stowe State University 

W 75-71 

Columbia College 

NAIA National Tournament 

W 73-71 

Texas Wesleyan University 

L 64-80 

Campbellsville University 

2007-2008 Men's Basketball Team 

Numerical: Eric Palm, T J. Stone, Trent 
Kull, Andy Wolff, Paul Nazzaro, Rod 
Steele, John Ruesler, Eric Hobbie, Brad 
Copelin and Ken Detmer. Head Coach: 
Harry Statham, Assistant Coaches: Tim 
Becherer and Eric Echelbarger 
Student Assistant Coaches: Craig 
Cassidy, Bryant Lyles and A.J. Rudd 

Nothing But Net 

First-year Guard 
Andy Wolff 
shows great 
form as he puts 
two more points 
on the board 

2007-2008 Season 

Principia Invitational 

No Team Score 

St. Louis University 


Evangel University 


Washington University 

L 1-7 

Benedictine College 


SIU - Edwardsville 


Western Illinois University 


Chicago State University 


University of Missouri - St. Louis 


Oklahoma Christian University 


William Jewell College 


Missouri Baptist University 


University of Illinois - Springfield 


Bring it on. 

shows her 
ready stance 
as she 
awaits a 

Service! Senior Kelly Beiermann (left) and 
junior Erin Thoman work on perfecting their 

Ready and waiting. Sophomore Maria 
Occhipinti awaits a serve from her 
opponent during a doubles practice 
session with her partner, junior Jenny 

The women's tennis team stayed busy 
throughout the 2007-2008 year with 
seasons in both fall and spring with the 
majority of their matches in the spring. 
Finishing with a record of 10 and 8, the 
women's tennis team won the NAIA 
Regional V Championship and qualified 
for the NAIA National Tournament in 
Mobile, Alabama. Sophomore Maria 
Occhipinti won the ITA Regional Singles 
tournament and qualified for the ITA 
National Tournament. Occhipiniti and hei 
doubles partner, junior Jenny Mennerick 
qualified for the ITA National Tournament 
with a win at the ITA Regional Doubles 
tournament. Both of these women wen 
named to the Honorable Mention NAIA 
All-America list. Mennerick, fellow juniors 
Erin Thoman and Lauren Szakielo and 
seniors Kelly Beiermann and Sarah 
Johnson were named NAIA Scholar- 
Athletes. Coach Christy Josias was nam! 
Region V Coach of the Year. 


2007-2008 Women's Tennis Team 

Front row: Erin Thoman, Maria Occhipinti and Sara Johnson. Back row: Assistant Coach Knsten Haider, 
Kelly Beiermann, Lauren Szakielo, Jenny Mennerick and Coach Christy Josias. 

e You Ready? 

nior Ben Schloesser serves another ace. 

\ v v n v x. v v x x x x v 

\ X. N X X. X. \ \ > N s \ 

V \ \ \ \ V 

2007-2008 Season 

L 1-6 

St. Louis University 


Benedictine College 


University of Illinois - Springfield 


Baker University 


Missouri Valley 


SIU - Edwardsville 


Greenville College 


Olivet Nazarene University 


University of Illinois - Springfield 


Univeristy of Missouri -St. Louis 


Lindenwood University 

AMC Tournament 


Missouri Baptist 


University of Illinois - Springfield 


Washington University 

NAIA Region V Tournament 


Lindenwood University 

> N I \ •, \ S \ 

• N X X V S 
X X . x X 


Bgey's Got My Back 

Fst-year student Evganiy Nigmatyanou returns a serve as 
3gey cheers him on 

The Men's Tennis Team began their post season 
with a stunning 5-1 victory over University of 
lllinios at Springfield in the AMC Tournament. 
However, the men lost in the semifinal round of 
the NAIA Region V Tournament 5-2 to Lindenwood 
University. Their two victories came from the 
doubles team of first-year student Timon Reichelt 
and sophomore Daniel Gonzales and the team of 
first-year students Evagniy Nigmatyaou and Cus 

207-2008 Men's Tennis 

Cniel Gonzalez, Ruven Kloecker, Timon Recihelt and Ben 
Siloesser. Not Pictured: Andres Marquez, Evganiy 
Nimatyanou and Gus Occhipinti. 

Let Me Show You My Backhand 

First-year student Ruven Kloecker returns a volley against his 
UIS opponent. 


2007-2008 Season 

Coe College 

L 2-5 & W 3-2 

Iowa Wesleyan College 


Jamestown College 


Hendrix College 


Judson University 


Purdue University-North Central 


Robert Morris College 


Missouri Valley College 


Cornerstone University 

W 11-2 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

W7-1, W 10-2 

Williams Baptist College 

W8-0& W4-1 

William Woods University 

L7-8& L4-16 

MidAmerican Nazarene 

W 13-3 

Peru State University 


St. Mary University 


Avila University 

W 12-4 

Harris Stowe University 


Rogers State University 


Columbia College 

L 0-2 & L 4-6 

Robert Morris College 


Missouri Baptist University 

L0-4& W 13-1 

University of St. Francis 


Harris-Stowe State University 

L2-4& W 12-0 

University of Illinois-Springfield 

W 4-1 & L 3-7 

Lindenwood University 

L 0-3 & W 8-2 

Saint Mary of the Woods College 

W 1-0 

University of Saint Francis 


Rogers State University 


Saint Xavier University 


AMC Tournament 

Williams Baptist College 


Hannibal-LaGrange College 


University of Illinois-Springfield 


Williams Baptist College 


Coach Evelyn Bean and the Bearcat 
Softball team finished the 2008 campaign 
with a respectable 24-18 record and a 7-7 
record in the AMC. Additionally, junior 
Kayla White was named to the NAIA 
Region V team after hitting a blistering 
.406 with 10 doubles, 7 triples and one 
home run. The Bearcats had 5 players 
named NAIA/Daktronics Scholar Athletes: 
seniors Sloane Hertlein, Rachel Ostertag, 
Renee Lanenga and Ashley Wombach and 
junior Amber Nikolauzyk. In only her 
junior year, White is already the Bearcat 
career leader in hits, runs scored, doubles, 
triples and walks. 


2007-2008 Softball Team 

Numerical: Amber Nikolauzyk, Rachael Ostertag, Christine Juehne, Lindse 
Christensen, Sloane Hertlein. Ashley Hash, Amy Quirin, Kasie Frazier, 
Elizabeth Dains, Ashley Agee, Kayla White, Jenilyn Wahlig, Molly Reed, 
Courtney Aldndge, Katie Ward, Colene Pogue, Amanda Snyder, Erica Ree 
Cathy Webb, Ashley Wombacher, Lindsay Newbold, Angie Maue, Renee 
Lanenga, Jordan Stutsman, Nicole Steele and Ashley Parrot. 
Head Coach Evelyn Bean, Assistant Coach Andrea Hawkins, Recruiting 
Coordinator Greg Jameson, Pitching Coach Joe Nunez, and Student 
Assistant Coach Ashley Vallero. 


Senior Rachael Ostertag is 
determined to not let the ball get 
past her. 


Moving The Runner 

Senior Molly Reed prepares to 
bunt to move the runner into 
scoring position. 

Let's Turn Two! 

Senior Colene Pogue is set to make 

a twin-killing. 

Another Winner 

Coach Bean and the team celebrfi 
a 7-1 win over Hannibal-LaGrange 

Coach Jim Boehne won Career victory number 400 
gainst William Woods University on April 2 at home. 
Gniors Cale Johnson and Calvin O'Rear were named to 
pe NAIA Region V team with Johnson being named 
litcher of the Year. O'Rear broke Brian Dinkelman's 
ngle season home run record, launching 24 over the 
snces. The Bearcats finished the season with a record of 
0-26 and a runner-up finish in the AMC Tournament 

Iways Ready 

bphomore second baseman 
bam Davinroy anticipates the hit. 

You're Not Getting It Past Me 

Senior Todd Harpstrite is one of 
Coach Boehne's most consistent 

008 Baseball 

jumencal: Adam Davinroy. Brandon Melliere. Chris Bellm, Ross Willman, 
'ler Muren. Todd Harpstrite. Jacob Flick. Brandon Holtmann, Rusty Parke, 
'aig Session, Ryan Uhe, Shane McBride. Mark Daniels, Dusty 
:hallenberg, Derek Goetzl, Kyle Moll, Calvin O'Rear, Joe Dickman, Adam 
jehne, Jon Norton, Cale Johnson, Joey Ullery, Tyson Moore, Luke Poston, 
'ler Mattmiller, Tom Rose, Eric Gentz, Dakota Schutt, Brian Markway, 
Ddy Odum, Tyler Schwierjohn. Ryan Meyer, Josh Lusch, Jon Keener, Ryan 
hnesorge. Alex Young, Tommy Young, Cole Schrage, Brad Dunnigan, 
lad Ohnesorge, Anthony Clervi, Mark Chapman, Josh Rathmann, Mark 
S3kel and Bryan Tebbe. Head Coach Jim Boehne. Student Assistant Coach 
m Nagel and Assistant Coaches Dusty Kantner and Brad Oster. 

2007-2008 Season 

L5-6& L5-15 

William Carey College 

L2-3& L6-7 

William Carey College 

W5-4& W 13-1 

Crichton College 


Crichton College 


Greenville College 


Baker University 


Baker University 


Lindenwood University 


Central Methodist University 

W2-1 & 7-1 


L 3-8 & L 2-5 



Spring Hill College 


Spring Hill College 


University of Mobile 

L 3-5 & L 6-7 

University of Mobile 


Indiana Institute of Tech. 

W 6-0 & 7-4 

College of the Ozarks 

L 0-7 & W 7-4 

Indiana Institute of Tech. 

W 6-3 & L 0-2 

William Woods University 

W 12-2 & W 6-2 

William Woods University 

W 9-5 & W 8-6 

Missouri Baptist University 

L 2-7 & L 2-6 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 16-12 & L5-6 

Harris-Stowe State University 

W6-4& W 10-0 

Harris-Stowe State University 

L 1-3& LO-2 

Culver-Stockton College 

W 12-1 & W 13-2 

Brescia University 

W 13-3 

Williams Baptist College 

W 11-1 & W2-1 

Williams Baptist College 


Williams Baptist College 

W8-4& L4-5 

Lindenwood University 



W 12-9& W5-2 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

L 4-5 & W 9-3 

Culver-Stockton College 

L2-6, L3-5 

Hannibal-LaGrange College 

AMC Tournament 


William Woods University 


Harris-Stowe State University 

W 10-2 

William Woods University 


Missouri Baptist University 

NAIA Tournament 


Avila University 


Missouri Baptist University 

Stunning the 
Crowd Again 

In a double 
header against 
Williams Baptist 
on April 1 9, junior 
Calvin O'Rear 
launched 3 home 
runs in Game 1 
and the winning 
RBI in Game 2. 


2007-2008 Season 

Evangel Invitational 


Maryville Invitational 


Maryville Invitational 


Evangel Invitational 


William Woods Invit. 


William Woods Invit. 

6th of 14 

Millikin Classic 


Millikin Classic 

2nd of 20 

Springfield Classic 

1st of 17 

NAIA Region V Tourn. 


NAIA Region V Tourn. 


NAIA Region V Tourn. 

5th of 12 

2007 - 2008 Men's Golf Team 

Front row: Ryan Bennett, Chris Ervin, Zach Peters, Steve Moore, Rich Francis, Mike 
Speicher and Kris Boyd. Back row: Ryan Spicer, Stephen Hamilton, Andrew Williams, 
Alex Marsaglia, Justin Mueller, Allen Kohnen, Jeff Missey and Coach Phil Schildknecht 

The 2007-2008 Golf teams fared very well this season. Both teams advanced to the NAIA Region V 
Tournament. Junior Jessica Smith was awarded the AMC Newcomer of the Year award, as well as bein 
named to the 1st Team All-Conference. Sophomores Miranda Gibson and Brittany Kellerman were also 
named to the 1st Team All-Conference. On the Men's Team Allen Kohnen was named the AMC and 
Region V Freshman of the Year. 

2007-2008 Season 

Buffalo Wild Wings CI. 


Maryville Invitational 


Maryville Invitational 


Gateway Championship 


Park Invitational 


AMC Tournament 


NAIA Region V Tourn. 



2007 - 2008 Women's Golf Team 

Front row: Hayley Zugmaier and Dana Martizus. Middle row: Bethany Hinkle, Jessica 
Smith, Brittany Kellerman, Brooke Lobb and Kate Schellinger. Back row: Coach Cindy 
Mackey, Cassie Barger, Miranda Gibson and Katie Eilers. 

8< Win-tvsr- 

2008 Winter Gaurd Season 


Francis Howell Contest 


Rockwood Summit Contest 


Eureka Contest 


Francis Howell Central Contest 


Kansas City WGI Regional Prelims 


Kansas City WGI Regional Finals 


O'Fallon Contest 


Northwest Contest 


WGI Midwest Power Regional Prelims 


MCCGA Championships 

Twirling Away 

Sophomore Brittani Adair spins her flag 
during part of a Half-Time show at a football 

|()07-2008 Color Guard Team 

lembers Include: Erin Totten, Tabitha Touchette, Jamie Ashford. Kayla 
elarden, Megan Reeder. Bethany Jones, Brittani Adair, Tonya Schartung, 
legan Smith and Tinah Edwards. 

During the fall, Color Guard members perform with the 
larching Bearcat Band. They dance and spin their way across the 
Dotball field giving visual effect to the band's performances, 
lowever, during the winter, Guard members perfom and 
ompete on their own. They create an 8-minute routine and then 
ompete at a number of competitions around the area. Though 
ot required, guard members usually perform with both the 
olor Guard and the Winter Guard. 

Dance, Dance 

Winter guard members perform their routine 
which invovles dance elements and twirling 
objects such as flags, rifles and sabres. 

008 Winter Guard Team 

ront Row: Tinah Edwards, Megan Smith, Emily Whatley and Tina Davis. Middle 
ow: Leslie Neusome, Ashley Hartsoe, Brittani Adair, Kayla Gelarden and Tonya 
chartung. Back Row: Caitlin Geyer, Tabitha Touchette, Erin Totten, Ashley 
iggerstaff and Bethany Jones. 


Athletic training students 
are very busy people. Besides 
taking classes in sports 
medicine and athletic training, 
these men and women travel 
with the different sports 
teams, taking care of the 
many physical ailments that 
occur as the result of being an 

2007-2008 Athletic Trainers 

Front row: Casandra Douthit, Alicia Kirchner, Katie Dienell and Antonella Felippo. 
Middle row: Dani Stith, Kaitlin Ward. Amanda Schuring, Sloane Hertlein, Lucy Elliott, 
Jordan Bierman, Mike Cheesman. Josh Nimmo and Sydnie Siltman. 
Back Row: Jake Wittenauer, Reese McCall, Josh Hemmer, Brandon Kircher, Jeff 
Wingbermuehle. John Ruesler, Jason Noeldner, Keith Tebbe and Emily Best. 
Athletic Training Faculty/Staff not pictured: Dr. Dawn Hankins, Dr. Betsy Keigher, 
Lance Ringhausen, Bill Dill, Kristin Hustedde, Katy Gayford, Dr. Lawrence Stein and Dr. 
Jay Noffsinger 

tr»dt\*udkj^it ^por+s 

All In Sync 

Senior Beth Newman figure skates on 

the Adult Skating team "Classic 

Reflections" at the U.S. Ice Sports Ice 

Complex. This year she and seven 

other women skated to the theme song from "Dancing with the Stars" 

and other dance songs They placed 5th at the National ISI Synchronized 

Skating Championships held in Missouri. 

It's All Over 

Associate Dean at Scott Air Force Base, Tom 
Pawlow and senior Beth Newman smile for a photo 
after Tom skated to "Real Men of Genius" at the 
Spring Ice Show at U.S. Ice Sports Complex in 
Fairview Heights. 




Def : 1 . made into or caused to 

act as a single entity: combined 

2 formed or produced by the 

uniting of things or persons: a 

united effort. 

3. agreed; harmonnious 

Members from various 
backgrounds with common 
interests unite together in 
groups to pursue a common 
goal. McKendree is home to an 
abundance of clubs and 
organizations in various 
disciplines and areas of interest. 
Whether in service, brotherhood 
or special interest, members 
become united in their cause. 
Clubs and Organizations on 
campus provide a great way to 
get involved with campus life 
and make a personal and public 
difference both on and off 
campus. Service clubs, Creek 
organizations and pre- 
professional organizations, 
among others, help to create 
McKendree's vast array of extra- 
curricular opportunities. 

CPufoA Ctlrtd 0/rejflWl2Gitil»RS 

Capturing Memories for 9 1 Years 

The Three Musketeers 

Seniors Beth Newman and Sarah Haas 
and junior Lauren Hettenhausen 
dedicate themselves to working on the 

The Yearbook staff worked diligently from before the start 
of the academic year to after graduation to put together the 
91st Volume of The McKendrean yearbook. The theme for this 
year, A Whole New U, was inspired by McKendree's name 
change from McKendree College to McKendree University. This 
book was driven by the efforts of many, including Advisor Jeff 
Campbell, Co-Editors Beth Newman and Lauren Hettenhausen 
and student worker Sarah Haas. Many staff members and 
others in the McKendree community contributed to the 
completion of the book. Staff members attempted to capture 
the essence of this year at McKendree through photo and copy, 
highlighting special events and recognizing students, faculty, 
teams, and groups in various ways. Newman stated, "I enjoy 
working with and getting to know so many people through 
working on the Yearbook staff. I also feel that I have gained 
many skills that I can use in my classroom. I hope to continue 
using my skills once I begin teaching by working on a school 
yearbook in a school that I teach at." 

Work it! 

Senior Sarah Haas works at the Alumni House 
on yearbook endeavors. While looking back 
on working on the yearbook, she commented 
"The most enjoyable part of being on the 
yearbook staff is the end result. Flipping 
through the finished product for the first time 
makes all the long hours worth it." 


Teamwork is Key! 

Sophomore Jenn Berkemann, senior Sarah Haas, junior Lauren 
Hettenhausen, and fearless leader Jeff Campbell gather to work on 
yearbook pages. Jeff asserted, regarding the yearbook's importance, "Tlr 
Yearbook is a vital link to the history of this institution. Throughout the I 
year we have so many descendants of our alumni contact us for 
information about their relative, wanting to know all we can tell them. 
Our first source for information is the yearbook." 

McKettcfoee Review 

As events unfold each year 
on campus, the McKendree 
Review is there to capture them. 
Anyone on campus is welcome 
to submit a story to the Review, 
but there are staff writers and 
photographers who consistantly 
showcase their talent for 
reporting and capturing the 
news. A team of editors then 
looks over all the stories and 
photos submitted and puts 
together the final product 
which is distributed on campus 
every other week. 

IcKendree Review Editors 

eft to Right: Entertainment Editor Mike Arnold, Associate Editor Gary Best, Sports 
ditor Erin Conner and Editor Cat Gryzmala. 


The spark of creativity rests 
within everyone and the 
Montage tries to capture that 
spark. Every year, McKendree 
students are asked to submit 
original works of art, poetry, 
prose and theater. These 
submissions are then reviewed 
by the editors and then 
compiled to create 
McKendree's literary magazine 
The Montage is distributed 
annually in the spring free of 

Montage Editors 

Left to Right: Kendra Sigafoos, Stephanie Coartney and Heather Belmonte 


Residence WaPP A&&&cicitiGVi 

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the 
governing body of campus housing. RHA 
strives to encourage interaction between the 
residents. The association also works to 
establish and maintain a strong relationship 
between the administration and resident 
students. In addition, RHA works toward 
achieving an atmosphere that supplies 
residents with a strong positive community 
that enhances the college life experience. 

RHA Ice Cream Social 

Sophomores Zach Rhines, Maggie Rahmoeller, Shannon 
Streif and Jennifer Campbell enjoy the festivities. 

RHA Leadership 

Chelsea Hettenhausen, Deanne Puloka, Brittany White 
and Sarah Heizer (Advisor). 


2007-2008 Student Advancement Organization 

Tiffany Ratermann, Emily Hohl, Amanda White and Adam Schulte. 
Members not pictured: Kara Nix. Andres Marquez, Sara Darnold, 
Jennifer Fletcher, Brittnee Jones, Cari Adams, Lauren Szakielo, 
Whittnee Jones, Mike Mendes, Megan Holly, Jacob Mitchell and 
Sarah Kinzinger. 

The Student Advancement Organization (SAO) assists the Office of Institutional 
Advancement. Members help with the fall and spring phonathons, reach out to young alumn 
and educate their peers on the importance of giving back to their alma mater. The Associatio 
of Student Advancement Programs (ASAP) is a program of the Council for Advancement and 
Support of Education. SAO members traveled to East Lansing, Ml to attend the ASAP District V i 
Conference, where they gave a presentation on the McKendree SAO program. 

5tucfettt~ Avnbouu%(xdG!i a 

Led by president sophomore 
Katie Richter, the Student 
Ambassadors played an important 
role in the admissions process, 
working closely with the Office of 
Admissions. Throughout the year, 
Student Ambassadors gave tours of 
the McKendree campus to 
prospective students and helped 
with the execution of Preview Days 
and University 101 sessions for 
incoming first-year students. First- 
year student Lora Blackwell 
commented, "I wanted to join 
Student Ambassadors to help people 
see how great McKendree is so they 
will also want to come here." 

2007-2008 Student Ambassadors 

Alphabetical: Courtney Aldndge, Megan Ansley. Amy Baer, Whitney Baillie. Krystin 
Baker, Jessica Bathon. Kelly Beiermann, Lora Blackwell, Bobbie Carroll. Mike 
Cheesman. Tracy Coble, Erin Conner. Kelsey Cravens. Sara Darnold. Rebekah Diers. 
Christine Dutton, Emily Eilermann. Kara Ellis. Jessica Ellsworth, Jennifer Fletcher, Jule 
Frizzo, Melissa Funk, Allison Ganschinietz, Maegan Hamilton, Chelsea Hettenhausen, 
Lauren Hettenhausen, Bethany Hinkle, Luna Kafley. Amanda Kallal. Lisa 
Koerkenmeier, Sudarsun Koirala, Bethany Kowzan, Sami Leonard, Becky Lindstrom, 
Courtney Logan, Courtney Loschen, Danielle Mask. Jenny Mennenck. Kamara 
Owens, Braden Posey, Deanne Puloka, Sam Quick, Ashhe Reader. Kate Risley, Cole 
Schrage, Genni Strathman, Vonzetta Sykes. Erin Thoman, Jamie Thomas. Emily 
Timmerman, Shane Trotter, Aisha Vintes, Matt Whetstone, Josie Wiegel, Ah 
Willoughby and Laura Winkeler. 


'007-2008 Rotaract Club 

Jack Row: Ivan Stoyanov, Austin Laur, Richard Melton, Evan 

/anScoyk and Nishant Timilslna. 

vllddle Row: Subhash Ghimire. Chris Andrews, Bhushan 

Shrestha, Kumud Bhandan and Prasanna Nepal. 

: ront Row: Lauren Hettenhausen, Jessica Gin, Jennifer 

: letcher, Kamara Owens, Sara Darnold, Margaret Hayes and 

vlartha Eggers. 

The Bearcat Rotaract Club, a college-level affiliate 
of the Rotary Club led by co-presidents Chris 
Andrews and Subash Ghimire and Faculty Advisor 
Martha Eggers, greatly exemplified the Rotary motto: 
Service Above Self. The Rotaract Club held a year- 
long recycling contest between residence halls, 
helped stock food pantries and carved pumpkins for 
various areas on campus and in Lebanon. The Club 
also hosted the Second Annual Interact with Rotaract 
event, where local high school students were invited 
to a night of networking, brainstorming and 
community service. On the international service 
level, the Club began fundraising toward their 
$10,000 goal to raise money to support a program 
called READ (Rural Education and Development) 
Nepal; they plan to donate the money to purchase 
books for a village in Nepal that is trying to establish 
a library. Rotaract Secretary junior Lauren 
Hettenhausen was selected as one of ten 
international participants, and the sole representative 
of the USA, to attend MORE (Maui Outdoor Rotaract 
Experience) in Hawaii to experience cultural 
exchange, service and adventure. ?3 

ReAicfewce Life 

2007 - 2008 Resident Directors 

Front row: Mitch Nasser, Sarah Heizer 

and Mike Harrison. Middle row: 

Russell Barton and Jason Lheureux. 

Back row: Jantzen Eddington, Wallace 

Fanning and Roy Burton. 

The Residence Life staff is 
responsible for helping 
students to develop a positive 
community on campus, 
enforcing college policies, and 
intervening in emergency 
situations. Each residence life 
staff member serves as a 
resource to assist resident 

2007-2008 Residence Life Staff 

Front row: Allison Salvato, Sarah Heizer, Lauren Frizzo, Jenna Huelsman, Rachael Ostertag, Megan Reeder, Mike Harrison, 
Mike Cheesman, Chelsea Hettenhausen, Laura Winkeler Amanda Englund, Nikki Watters and Michelle Biver. 
Back row: Dr. Betsy Gordon, Jantzen Eddington, Mitch Nasser, Wallace Fanning, Sudarsun Koirala, Zach Crawford, Jeremy 
Alexander, Jason Lheureux, Mark Chapman, Adam Bailey, Ivan Stoyanov, Robby Kwas and Jake Heil. 



007-2008 FCA 

!ack row: Adam Connor, Tim Wilhelm, Anthony Clervi, Joe Dickman and Jacob Flick. 
[liddle row: Zach Davis, Josh Pullen, Ashlie Reader, Lynelle Smith and Maegan Hamilton, 
ront Row: Tiffany Wilhelm, Jenny Mennenck. Erin Thoman and Mike Cheesman. 

Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes (FCA) meets 
weekly to discuss issues 
of faith relating to their 
lives. This occurs through 
Bible Studies, music, small 
group discussion and 
other means. Also, this 
group is completely 
student led. This year's 
huddle leaders were 
Jenny Mennerick, Mike 
Cheesman, Lynelle Smith, 
Adam Connor, Anthony 
Clervi, Joe Dickman and 
Jacob Flick. 

CtiMeq* Aqt> BAPe Studq 

College Age Bible Study, or CBS as it is known to most students, 
is led by members of Shiloh United Methodist Church, Craig and 
Beth Wilkes. The group meet weekly to study the Word. This 
school year the book of Exodus was the main topic of discussion. 
CBS also plans fun activities and members show up at events to 
support fellow CBS students. 


Some students of CBS take part in 
the dinner theater production 
"Mission Possible" at Shiloh UMC 
SWIC alumni Ayanna Karasek, 
McKendree alumni Michael Prince 
and Cat Hammnck, senior Adam 
Schwind and McKendree alumni 
Aaron Povolish sit at the table 
while they listen intently to 
another cast member speak. 

Plays Well with Others 
Senior Adam Schwind plays washers 
while McKendree alumni students 
Curtis Stahl, Aaron Povolish and CJ 
Dulaney watch and play catch with a 
football. -jr 

UttPwutecl CctwtpUA M tttt&t/iteA 

So Close! 

Sophomore Jared 
Winters attempts ; 
trapeze-like stunt 
on the high ropes 
course during the 
fall retreat at the . 
YMCA Outdoor 
Center in Belleville 

We're All Connected 

Campus Ministry members 
play the human pretzel 
game as an ice breaker 
during their first Bible study. 

Holiday Traditions 

First-year students John 

Kimbrough, Carrie 

Schumacher, Jordan Virgin 

and junior Stephen Kissel 

enjoy each others company 

at the 2nd Annual Dressing 

Up Turkey holiday dinner at 

Rev. Dr. Tim Harrison's 


Unlimited Campus Ministries 
continues to be a strong close 
knit group that provides 
students with many 
opportunities to express 
themselves through faith. This 
year in addition to their usual 
weekly activities of chapel 
services, Bible studies and socia 1 
events, the group sponsored a 
Spring Break trip to New 
Orleans, Louisiana to help two 
families rebuild from the 
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.t 

2007-2008 Unlimited Campus Ministries 

Back row: Jordan Virgin, Jake Smith, Jared Winters, Rob Dillingham, Hannah McDowell 
and Jeremy Schofield. Midle row: Ivan Stoyanov, Leon Richardson, Amber Ramos, Josh 
Pullen and Sarah Haas. Front row: Rev. Dr. Tim Harrison, Beth Newman, Emily Yakey, 
Mallory Neisler, Erica Blair and Aliza Scott. 


Goofy Girls! 

Sophomore Stacey Banjavcic, senior Be 
Newman, sophomore Emily Yakey and 
senior Sarah Haas prove that they can fi 
into the laundry bags that campus 
ministries created as a promotional iterr 

Newman Ctithoftc CampM& MittiAt/neA 

Newman Ministries welcomed a new campus 
ninister this year. Erin Hammond joined the 
IcKendree staff in June of 2008. Under Erin's 
?adership weekly Newman meetings took a different 
In. Newman meetings now consist of a meal, 
atechesis about some aspect of Catholicism, and 
raying Vespers, the traditional evening prayer of the 
hurch. Newman ministries also expanded their Mass 
:hedule to include an extra Mass each month. 

007-2008 Newman Catholic Campus 

ack row: Jake Wittenauer, Ashley Walker, 

na Napper, Erin Hammond and Stephen 


ont row: Carrie Schumacher, Josie Juelfs 

3th Schwierjohn and Sarah Haas 

p You Go! 

swman Ministries is more than learning 
>out Catholicism: members also enjoy social 
Jtings. Junior Stephen Kissel attempts to 
imb up a spider web during a Sunday 
ternoon trip to the St. Louis Zoo. 

Catholicism 101 

Jared Ainworth- 
Bryson models 
liturgical garb for 
a Roman Catholic 
priest during one 
of his two-session 
presentations on 
the Roman 
Catholic liturgy 
given in October. 
Jared is a noted 
lecturer on 
theological issues. 

"Eye" Heart You! 

Left: McKendree University 
chaplain Rev. Dr. Tim Harrison 
puts his game face on for a trivia 
night to support Catholic campus 
ministry in the Diocese of 
Belleville The McKendree team 
took 8th place out of 10 teams. 

I'm All Ears 

Below: Sophomore Jake 
Wittenauer and junior Beth 
Schwierjohn listen intently and 
react to a speaker during a 
Tuesday night meeting. 

f ttt&ittott&tiaP Studevit 


The International 
Student Organization 
seeks to unite students 
from all nations as 
members of the 
McKendree student 

2007-2008 International 
Student Organization 

Alphabetical: Jeremy 
Alexander, Jessica Giri, Jesst 
King, Ruven Kloecker, Carlos 
Mann, liana Milkes, Charles 
Peroux, Glenis Pino, Deanne 
Puloka, Michael Salvi, 
Bhushan Shrestha, Shawn 
Silvera and Ivan Stoyanov. 


The Psychology Club 
supports students 
majoring in or having an 
interest in behavioral 
sciences as a career. Dr. 
Murella Bosseand Dr. 
Tami Eggleston serve as 


2007-2008 Psychology Club Members 

Front row: Laura Mills, Cicely Green and Denise Kennedy. Back row: Liz Jeremiah, Jake Wittenau I 

Robert Studley and Amelia Wooford. Not pictured: Jordan Virgin and Advisor Dr. Tami Eggleston 

307-2008 Black Student Organization 

;ft to Right: Ashley Jelks, Trenetia Young, Rosza Brown, 
'hittnee' Jones, Meescheca Hickman, Ritchie Cherry, 
ityana Bell, Tonya Brown, Brittnee' Jones and Chris Burke. 

In the Company of Greatness 

Senior Ashley Jelks poses for a photo with Spoken Word 
artist Freedom Speaks. 

:ar Struck 

inior Ashley Lee and senior Ashley Jelks meet hip-hop artist 
ofessor Griff of Public Enemy at the National African 
nencan Student Leadership Conference. 

The Black Student Organization (BSO) 
continues to be a very active group on 
campus. Their mission is to help preserve, 
advance and promote the intellectual and 
social aspects of the African-American 
culture. In order to accomplish these aims, 
the group often attends conferences as well 
as conducting weekly meetings. This year 
the group attended the National African 
American Student Leadership Conference 
and the Association of Black Culture Centers 

B^- ' '! 




Just Chillin' 

BSO members Chris Burke, Brian Callis, Ritchie Cherry and 
Ashley Lee take a break from the National African American 
Student Leadership Conference to relax and enjoy the 


Cewipu a Acttifcttea BiMt/itf - 

The Campus Activities Board 
(CAB) is becoming one of the most 
vital organizations at McKendree. 
CAB planned alternative and 
diverse social, recreational, 
multicultural, and educational 
events for students and the 
community. CAB consists of an 
Executive Board and general 
members, allowing for students to 
network with professionals while 
gaining personal growth in 
leadership skills, programming and 
team creativity. 

Having Fun! 

Clockwise from upper left: 
Dan Cummins performs. 
Students Dance at the NSO 
Foam Dance Party on the 
Lair patio. Ivan Stoyanov is 
so excited to get his "24" 
card punched. Jessica 
Sonner plays guitar and 
sings. Students display their 
crafts they made at the "I 
Hate Valentines Day" party. 
These guys realize that they 
won't be getting dates at the 
"I Hate Valentines Day" party. 
Center: Ethan Jones 
performs during Open Mic 


- Wke/?e ~fo Aee cittd be Aeett J 

Being Involved 

Clockwise from upper left: 

Jamie Lissow makes the 

audience laugh. Nate 

Staniforth enlists the help of 

first-year student Jennifer 

Bauersachs during his act. 

Josie Juelfs, Ashley Walker, 

Niki Wilhelm. Kaitlyne Motl 

and LB Mathews carve 

pumpkins during the 

Halloween contest. Meg 

Allison performs. Jake Heil 

croons a love song. Ritchie 

Cherry performs a rap 

number. Center: Several 

students participate in the 

"Late Night Speedway" 


The Campus Activities Board plans 
events that appeal to a college 
community of more than 1,200 
students. These events include 
campus-wide traditional events, like 
Homecoming, Fall Family Weekend 
and Spring Fling. Through the 
organization and promotion of these 
events, the staff strives to effectively 
meet the needs and interests of 
McKendree students and provide 
leadership and learning experiences 
for those involved. CAB helps foster 
McKendree spirit thereby improving 
the quality of student life. 

Mvdtf UN 

2007-2008 Model UN Members 

Front row: Kayla Gelarden, Sami Leonard, Jon Brown, Megan Smith, Subhash Ghimire, 
Nishant Timilsina, Ashish Bajracharya and Courtney Logan. Back row: Ted Gibson, Josh 
Johnson, Aaron Rogier, Tabitha Touchette, Bhushan Shrestha, Nick Fulton, Ivan Stoyanov 
and Steve Loftus. 

The McKendree Model UN 
club host its own conference 
each semester for high 
schools. In addition, club 
members participate in 
Model UN conferences on 
the collegiate level. Each Fall 
the club attends the 
American Model United 
Nations (AMUN) conference 
in Chicago, and each spring 
members attend the 
Midwest Model United 
Nations (MMUN) in St. Louis. 
These conferences help 
students learn more about 
international affairs and 
enable them to act as 
delegates and represent 
positions from countries 
across the world. 

T^ebcfa Tecitw 

Taking Home the Hardware! 

Senior Courtney Logan, sophomores 
Cory Freivogel and Zach Rhines and 
senior Erin Conner display some of the 
awards they received at a tournament. 


2007-2008 Debate Team 

Front row: Becky Lindstrom, Whitney Baillie and Amanda Ataiyan. Back Row: Erin 
Conner, Sami Leonard, Cory Freivogel, Steve Loftus, Courtney Logan and Clarence 
Coppinger. Not pictured: Coach Joe Blasdel. 

Stucfefrt" GlWCMltHewt - 

No, We're Not Stuck to Each Other 

Although sophomores Lindsey 
Freeman and Kelsey Johnson look 
joined at the cheek, they're just 

tudent Government Senators enjoying the SGA Holiday party. 

rst-year Senators: Annie Bierman, Presanna Nepal, Bobbie Carroll, Emily Eilermann 

id LB Mathews. Sophomore Senators: Bhushan Shrestha, Nishant Timilsina, Subhash 

himire, Scott Best and Jake Wittenauer. Junior Senators: Tony Mitchell, Erin Thoman, 

3nny Mennenck, Sami Leonard and Andrea Tardino. Senior Senators: Courtney Logan, 

jrna Neumann, Ben Scholesser, Steve Loftus and Tim Williams. Officers: Erin Conner, 

onny Petterson, Lindsey Freeman, Braden Posey and Kelly Boxdorfer 

The purpose of the McKendree University SGA is to act as the representative governing body of the 
tudents on all university-related matters, and to oversee the fair distribution of SGA monies in 
ccordance with University rules and regulations. First-year senators are elected shortly after the Fall 
^mester begins and sophomore, junior and senior senators and officers are elected during the Spring 
^mester. Each class may elect five senators. 

GA Officers 

:udent Counselor Kelly Boxdorfer, Vice President Donny Petterson, President Erin 
onner. Treasurer Braden Posey, Secretary Lindsey Freeman and Advisor Jason 

Looks like Kelly Was the High Bidder! 

Senior Kelly Boxdorfer seals the deal 
by placing the highest bid for 2007 
graduate Michael Prince at the Date 
Auction. 03 

The difference between "Having" a black belt and "E3eing" a black belt 

The purpose of Bushido-Ryu 
Karate is to teach self-defense, to 
develop a strong character and 
to broaden the social and cultural 
life of its members. The Club's 
mission is to study modern and 
historical self defense techniques 
and tactics, as well as a way of life 
and to respect the culture. 

Karate Club Members 

McKendree University students (back row): 

Danielle Bates, Tabitha Touchette, Jake 

Dorris, Jason Finley and Scott Nolda. 

Practice, Practice, Practice 

Senior Jason Finley and junior Scott Nolda work on their defensive 

If I Scream Loud Enough Maybe That'll Make Them Go Away 

Above Right: Karate involves the whole body and requires a lot of 
strength. Sophomore Jake Dorris uses all of his might to take on an 



Junior Tabby Touchette attempts 
to kick sophomore Jake Dorris. 


G/reefe Life 

inter-Greek Council: 
Fraternities & Sororities of McKendree 

2007-2008 Inter-Greek Council 

Back row: Jantzen Eddington, 
Lorna Neumann, Anastasia 
Tempkins. Kate Risley, Tiffany 
Ratermann and Robert Studley. 
Front row: Emily Thoman, Trevor 
Maloch and Katie Richter 

The Inter-Creek 
Council serves as a liaison 
between the many 
sororities and fraternities 
on campus. The group 
collaborates to discuss 
issues relating to Creek 
life and to plan two 
collaborative parties 
throughout the year, 
Pajama Jam and Toga. 

bga, Toga! 

he annual Toga party was held on Friday, May 2. Toga is a 
hance for McKendree students to kick back and enjoy some 
own time before finals start. Caylen Thompson, Lindsay 
vmerson, Trevor Maloch, Chas Maloch and Kristina Paisley 
artied the night away in their togas. 

Toga, Toga! Part 2 

Kelly McDermott, Gareth Batchelor and Cassandra Douthit pose 
for a picture in their togas. 


Kappa Lambda lota, 

Kappa Lambda l&ta 

known to many as Clio, was 
founded in 1869 by Edith 
Flint, the first woman to 
graduate from McKendree 
College. As a social sorority, 
Clio holds the Breast Cancer 
Society near to their hearts. 
With events through the year 
such as McKendree Idol, the 
proceeds are donated to the 
Susan C. Komenfund. 

The women of Clio also 
participate in school events 
such as CAB, Homecoming 
parade, sports games and 
more. They sponsor 
Thanksgiving and Christmas 
potlucks and gift exchanges 
and an annual Spring Formal. 

2007 - 2008 Clio Members and Big Brothers 

Alphabetical: Denise Berger, Bridget Buckley, Carrie Distler, Ashley Dunning, Amber Frencl 
Megan Holly, Ashley Jelks, Nicole Kirk, Kelly Knauer, Ashleigh Lanzone, Danielle Larson, 
Ashley Lee, Nicole Mathy, Megan Reeder, Mindy Sparks, Genni Strathman, Erin Thoman 
Evan VanMeter, Nicholette Watters and Christina Young. Big Brothers include: Danny 
Kupferer, Chas Maloch and Zach Rhines. 

Kappa Siqma Tctu 

Kappa Sigma Tau was established in 1978 as a national sorority called Gamma Sigma Sigma. In 1992, 
the sorority re-established as Kappa Sigma Tau, the largest local social sorority at McKendree. Kappa 
Sigma Tau creates sisters that last a lifetime and memories that last even longer. 

As a community service sorority, Kappa Sigma Tau believes that community service not only helps 
the environment and fellow human beings, but shapes them into the women that they are destined 
to become. Some of their biggest projects include Adopt-A-Highway and Operation Christmas Child. 

Award Winners 

Sophomore Katie Richter and 
senior Erica Seibel on Awards 


2007 - 2008 Kappa Sigma Tau Members 

Front row: Tiffany Ratermann, Jessica Smith, Lisa Koerkenmeier, Kara Ellis and Bethany Hinklj 
Middle row: Kate Risley, Christine Juehne, Maegan Hamilton, Kristen Eckstadt and Kristin voni 
der Linden. Back row: Emily Tift, Julie Frizzo, Krystin Baker, Katie Eilers, Katie Richter, Lindseyj 

Christensen and Kristen Davis. 


APpfa* Chneqa 

The women of Alpha 
Omega promote sisterhood 
and service. Established on 
the McKendree campus in 
1954, the mission is to 
establish a life-long bond of 
sisterhood, to develop a 
stronger and more womanly 
character, to broaden social 
culture and intellectual life 
and to assist members in 
every possible way. 

>007-2008 Alpha Omega Members 

: ront row: Michelle Kadonsky, Emily Anderson, and Jamie Dare. Middle row: Cassie 
.eonard, Jenifer Texter and Dana Kamerman. Back row: Tabitha Touchette, Lorna 
\leumann, and Erin Totten. 

APpfc* Phi Omeqa 

Alpha Phi Omega, a national, co- 
d, service fraternity has been on 
he McKendree campus for over 55 
pears. Promoting leadership, 
riendship and service, the men and 
vomen of Chi Omega chapter host 
he American Red Cross blood drive 
;ach semester and other service 




2007 - 2008 Alpha Phi Omega, Chi Omega Chapter Members 

Front row: Kaitlyne Motl and Amber Harris. Middle row: Kelly Knauer. Erin Conley. 
Mallory Neisler. Bobbie Carroll, Megan Reeder, Emily Boudet and Amelia Wofford. 
Back row: LB Mathews, Jake Smith, Thomas Young, Samantha Quick and Amanda 

Service Above Self 

APO Advisor Dr. Peter Will gives blood each semester at the APO drive 


SiqmcM 1\la 

2007 - 2008 Sigma Nu Members 

Front row: Zach Davis, Joe Geimer and Jon Brown. Back row: Jacob 
Thornton (Alumni), Stephen Gregory, Jason Bundy, Robert Studley, Dan 
Casper (Alumni), Jon Turski and Tyler Atwood. 

Look, I'm In the Parade! 

Senior Robert Studley shows how happy he is being o 
the Sigma Nu float in the Homecoming Parade. 

McKendree's Sigma Nu colony was founded in the Spring of 1996. It was the first international 
social fraternity at the college. Sigma Nu has a no hazing policy, and McKendree's colony is proud to 
uphold this principle in building their brotherhood on campus. Pledges are involved in the LEAD 
program, which teaches members ethics and leadership skills. The LEAD program prepares students 
for success both in college and after graduation. McKendree's Sigma Nu colony had an active social 
calender this year. They held functions in St. Louis with their big brother chapter at Washington 
University. In addition, Sigma Nu sponsored off-campus dances, intramural teams and community 
service projects. 

Fermx [Phi Rh& Ckil 

Homecoming Fun 

Little Sister, Ann Hedtkamp enjoys riding on the Ferox 
float in the parade. 

2007 -2008 Ferox Members 

Front row: Chas Maloch, Tucker Sears, Matt McKendree and Sean Marti 
Back row: Trevor Maloch, Jake Harris and Jason Maclin. 


Ferox's guiding principle is to promote an environment conducive to academic 
achievement, campus involvement and personal growth. Phi Rho Chi members are 
involved in basketball, baseball, tennis and golf. Ferox is also actively involved in 
intramural sports and sponsors dances and other campus activities. 

Lite/rd/itf I *ite/?eirt~ 5«»eietif 

he Windy City 

lembers await the bus to Navy Pier, home of the Chicago 
hakespeare Theatre. LIS members had the opportunity to do some 
xploring before attending the matinee play. 

McKendree's Literary Interest Society, 
known as LIS, became a common sight on 
campus this year. Led by President Kendra 
Sigafoos, LIS attracted members from many 
different areas, but most specifically 
students and faculty members involved in 
the English field. LIS sponsored many bake 
sales and used book sales throughout the 
year. They hosted a Halloween event, 
where spooky readings were performed by 
various members. Also, they hosted the 
first Poetry Slam at the Sweeter House of 
Coffee in Downtown Lebanon. Additionally, 
LIS sponsored a make your own valentine 
table, where students could come to put 
together last minute Valentine's Day gifts, 
including candy, flowers and lovely poems 
the were perfect for a sweetheart or friend. 
The group's fundraisers went toward the 
cost of their group trip to Chicago where 
they attended a production of 
Shakespeare's Othello and toured the 
Chicago Art Institute. 

:007-2008 Literary Interest Society 

ack row: 

ront row .. 

ayme Blandford, Tina Napper and Mandy Graves 

8 Literary Interest Society Snaps tor Poems 

Lauren Hettenhausen, Kendra Sigafoos and Joe Whitthaus. Junior Nic Goodman reads a poem at the Poetry Slam. All of 
Kristen Davis. Stephanie Coartney. Heather Belmonte, the campus was invited to participate in LIS events 

nrlfnrrl Tina Wannpr and ManHv Grav/PR throudhout the semester 

throughout the semester. 

Table Talk 

Members of LIS have dinner together before 
judging the Poetry Slam. Prizes were 
awarded in many different categories. 


McK R(xdi& 

The McK Radio club was 
established this year. It is a 
student-run organization 
dedicated to bringing informative 
and interesting online broadcasts 
to the McKendree community 
and the entire world. Students 
wrote, produced and 
broadcasted programs each weel< 
throughout the academic year. 

2007-2008 McKendree Radio 

Deanne Puloka, Ivan Stoyanov, Ann 
Hedtkamp and Jason Maclin 

The Environmental 
Awareness Committee was 
established to help the 
campus community to 
reduce, reuse and recycle. In 
addition to sponsoring 
contests to encourage paper 
recycling, the committee 
encouraged computer and 
electronics recycling. During 
Earth Day celebrations, the 
committee sponsored a 
week of activities aimed at 
creating an environmental 
consciousness on campus. 


2007-2008 Environmental Awareness Committee 

Front row: Dr. Betsy Keigher, Natalie Turner, Theresa Schmitt, Miranda Linneman and 
Bhushan Shrestha. Middle row: Martha Eggers. Back row: Steve Barz, Nlshant Timilsina, 
Dr. Peter Will, Ed Willett and Dr. Duane Olson. 




Def : 1 . existing as the only one or 

as the sole example; single; solitary 

in type or characteristics 

2. having no like or equal; 

unparalleled; incomparable 

McKendree University is home 
to 1787 undergraduate students 
and 960 graduate students. No 
two are alike; each is unique in his 
or her own way. Though we share 
common interests and the 
common bond as McKendree 
students, we are all different. We 
bring something special to the 
campus through our diversity, 
which, in turn, yields something 
entirely beautiful. Not only are we 
unique in regard to inner 
characteristics, but we are unique 
in appearance as well. 




Fiona Abbott 

Marie Ackerman Rvan Ahlemever 

Courtney Aldridee 

Jillian Alemond 

Ckee of 200& 

Jennifer Boots 

Kelly Boxdorfer 

Shekinah Bind 

Sherri Bradley 

Adrienne Branyer 


Adam Buehne 

Curtley Bynoe 

Mary Brunhaver 

Brittany Bryan 

Jason Bundy 

Iantha Burke 





■ -J 

Hannah Burleson 


'< '' 

p ! 


Robby Campbell 

Danny Chisamore 111 

w ,-31ffl> l / 

Angie Clark Belinda Clark 

Anthony Clervi 

George Clevensier 

Che* of 2008 

Melissa Cook 

James Co 

■ '— ■ ^m 


. ! 


Kyle Crowe 

Kristen Davi:- 

Heather Colvin 

Erin Conner 

Melinda Dickhaut 

Katie Dienell 

Bradlev Dietrich 

Erica Dieu 

Clint Dintelnian 


Carrie Distler Amanda Dressier James Edwards Jr Jessica Edwards Jonathan Edwards 

Kanisha Edwan 


jpL : ^fc' 


i 4 





Heather Elders 

Jared Michael Evans Anna Everett 

£ > ' 


Rick Fanan 

Kara Ellis 

Michelle Emerick 


Amanda Fan-ell Antonella Felippo 

Danielle Fitzpatrick Jacob Flick 

Andrea Fohne 

Kyle Foster 

Cteee of 2005 

Emily Gonzalez 


Amber Harris 

Matthew Harris 

Nathan Harris 

Denise Harsey 

Emily Hart 

Kathryn Hasheider 

Andrea Hawkins 

Ashley Hayes Krescenda Heidelbers 

Jake Heil 

Chee of 2008 

Nathan House 

Chad Hudson 

Jenna Huelsman 

Kara Hund 

K\le Ih 



Amber Kimmle 


Nicole Kirk 

K\;in Klier 

Brian Kloppenburg 

Amber Klos 

Qaee of 2005 

Nick Knolhoff 

Lisa Koerkenmeier 

> ;y ■ %j 



Sudarsun Koirala 

Ashley Krueger 

Trenton Kull 

amie Kunz 

Danielle Kruep 

Courtne\ Logan 


Kevin Miessner 

Mary Miles 

Christina Miller 

Dana Miller 


Qaee of 2006 

Paul Nazzaro 

Maggie Neal 

Sean Neighbors 

Lorna Neumann 

Beth Newman 

— \ 

^^|E^£ *** ■' 


Josh Nimmo 

Brian O'Donnell 

Raehael Ostertag 

Laura Oughton 

Brandon Owens 

Erie Owen^ 



Zackery Rednoui 


Chee of 200& 

Travis Rosenthal 

Allen Rudd 

Miriam Ruiz 

Allison Salvato 

Jesse Sample 



Jonathan Siege] 

Danny Siegler 

Holley Sierr 

Amanda Simpson 

Michael Siverly 


Sr "^1 



Natalie Turner 

Jon Turski 

Gretchen Ulferts 

Brittany Ulrieh 

Matt L'pehureh 


Matt Whetstone 

Amanda Williams 

Terry William 

im Williams Jeffrey Wingbermuehle 

Chee of 2008 

Allison Witt 

Joseph Witthaus 11 

homus Wolff 

April York 

Jeffrey Yi 

Net Pictured 

Jenna Altadonna 

Gregory Hitchens Jennaine Myers 

Ariane Sendejas 

Dan Bleisch 

Adam Huebner Glenis Pino 

Danny Sewell 

Xitiz Chamling 

Winston Hutton Ryan Polete 

Derrick Summerlin 

Christopher Chipman 

Kenyota Johnston Daniel Quinn 

Tamara Tally 

Jessica Colvin 

Shauna Johnston Paula Quinones 

Anuj Tripathi 

Maria Dempster 

Elizabeth Juehne Ashlie Reader 

Lucille Vasquez 

Jesse Essenpreis 

Carol Kadonsky Gretchen Riebeling 

Stanley Ware 

Kevin Evers 

Jason McKinney Kimberly Riley 

Susan Young 

Julianne Harris 

Patricia Mesnard Brandyn Roe 

Hillary Hines 

Nicolas Mosca Whitney Ruebhausen 

Coffee and Claus 

Erica Seibel and junior Jake 
Harris take time to tell 
Santa what they want for 

Not Your Everyday Super Heroes 

Joe Geimer and Brian Kloppenburg 
having fun at the Boo Bash. 

Peace and Skating 

N1U student. Jenna Mueth. and McK 

students Adam Schwind. Sarah Haas 

and Beth Newman skate in the rain at 

Stienberg Outdoor Ice Skating Rink in 

Forest Park. 




Josephine Bullock 

Chee of 2009 


Cbw of 2009 

David Hodees Jamie Hoerchler 


Chee of 2009 


Bonnie Rehmer 

Ckee of 2009 

I mic Ik' Smith 

Meaan Smith 

Sarah Smother 

Melmda Sparks 

Robert Spells 

Sandra Spells 



Chee of 2009 

Not Pictured 

Kellie Alfarran 

Victoria Galle 

Renate Newingham 

Gareth Batchelor 

Christopher Gloeckner 

Tracy Oglesby 

Jessica Blazewicz 

Allison Hasenstab 


David Brown 

Amber Jennings 

Amanda Schadowsky 

Jamie Bump 

Luna Kafley 

Ashley Schmidt 

Jessikah Clark 

Alicia Kirchner 

Melissa Schuetz 

David Cox 

Debra Kleinik 

Daryl Schwoebel 

Coltin Cunningham 

Seth Knopp 

Amy Szabolicsi 

Shelly Dall 

Margaret Lopez 

Alicia Timmermann 

Nicholas Dreyer 

Michelle Medina 

Kristopher Vaughn 

Aisha Fogle 

Jennifer Morgan 

Julius Williams 

Paul Franklin 

Julie Mueth 

Jonathan Young 

No, We Don't Always Dress This Way! 

(Below) Sara Darnold, Jennifer Fletcher, senior Rachel 
Johns and Lauren Szakielo are ready to go to a 
Halloween party. 


(Above) Beth 
Schweirjohn attemps to 
not sink in the snow from 
the Winter Storm on 
February 1, 2008. 

This Is My Story 

Kamara Owens tells her character's side of the story in the Fall 
Play The Laramie Project 

1 19 



f ~U 


I m 


'**»/ * . 

Eric Brock 

Jeffrey Brown 

Qaeeo? 2010 


Subh, ish Ghimire 

Cheeof 2010 

Janus Holmes 

Matthew Jannina 


Cteeetf 2010 

Richard Nelson 


Cteeeo? 2010 

Amanda Smder 


Cheeof 2010 

Jereim Worden 

BL'iijamin York 

Christina Young 

Not Pictured 

Cherrvl Amison 

Robert Lvons 

Michael Segura 

Ashish Bajracharva 

Chelsev McCarthy 

Antonio Smith 

Chadiola Chumney 

Amanda Melton 

Luke Smith 

Charles Cox 

Michelle Musko 

Lakshmi Tammineedi 

Audri Cunnineham 

Peter Palermo 

Blake Thole 

Coreen Ellis 

James Paradis 

Justin Titsworth 

Amanda Hastings 

Prakash Pathak 

Dorothy Wheeler 

Kristina Hoeischer 

Braxton Raben 

Raymond Wuerffel 

Meghan Kellett 

Kelsev Risman 

Trent Yoder 

Jesse King 

Kari Roles 

Nicolai Klenk 

Andrew Sancliez 

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen 

Stacie Banjavcic realizes that she still 
has two more years before she 

Tiny Bubbles 

Erica Blair is easily amused 

while blowing bubbles on a 

road trip. 

I Could Have Danced All Night 
Josie Juelfs finds the love of her life in 
Homer Simpson. 


Kyle Bicker Annie Bierman 

Brian Bierman 

! SO 

Cteeetf 2011 



\ ' 

Trevor Crane Cassandra diddle Cassandra Crowe 

Scott Delorme Jennifer Denman 

Sarah Eckelkamp Emily Eilermann 


r \ 

Michael Franks 

Cheeof 2011 

Rvan HavJen 

Simeon Hasne 


Terrence Kennedy 

John Kimbrough 

Sarah Kinzinger 

Ruven Kloeckei 

Allen Kohnen 

Justin Kruep 

Cteeeo? 2011 


' <* -nJ 



Counnev Liening 

Lilmon M.ithew S 

Vernon Mathi 

Ken McDaniel 

Hannah McDowell 

Samuel McGinth) 



tl .vUlJ-'l.. 

Jnsim Miller 



Deontrae Nelson Chris Nickerson 

Cteeeo? 2011 

'/ 1 

Jasun Ralph 

Josh Rathmann 


Eli Smith Jr. IV 

Qaeeot 2011 

Max Stainme/ 

Genevieve Strathman 



Amanda Thompson 


Kristin Thorsren 


Shan Thurnau 


Shane T roller 

- - 

Krister Turner 


Brittam Uchitji] 


I 59 

FWfc-Yaare ~ Qaee of 20 1 1 

Andy Wolff 

Lindsey Woodard 

Tummy Young 

Clifton Bierman 

Charlotte Bingham 

Anita Bohn 

Kristin Chism 

Tyler Demar 

Jennifer Durhin 

Dominique Evans 

Mariam Faisal 

Aisha Franklin 

Eddie Garrett 

Rajitfi George 

Jason Hill 

Kevin Holliday 

Willie Johnson 
Willie Jubiter 

Teresia Kiarie 


Corina Stanley 

Jessiea Kitchen 

Lindsay Loesche 

Kacie Tischhauser 

Danielle Long 

Thaddeus Van Ness 

Jacob Mathis 

Deanne Wagner 

Ashley McCall 

Brandon Williams 

Thomas Renth 

Christopher Williams 

Benyamin Robinson 

Travis Winters 

Sarah Schofield 

Duncan Zinck 


Craifi Zurliene 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 

Rory Scher, Rocio Martinez, Racheal Joyce and 
Jessica Haas get to know each other while they 
wait in the Lair for NSO to begin. 

Technical Girl 

Stephanie Johnston works the 
lights and sound for "The Laramie 
Project", the Theater Department's 
Fall Play. 


^f ]l 






£2 i 



Def : 1 . being of use or service; 

serving some purpose; 

advantageous, helpful, or of 

good effect. 

2. of practical use, as for doing 

work; producing material 

results; supplying common 


Commercials, billboards, and 
endorsements bombard us in 
many ways everyday. The world 
of advertising continually 
surrounds us. At times, it opens 
our eyes to the otherwise 
unknown. Yet, when abused 
and overused, advertising can 
also be a constant pollutant of 
our natural environment. It has 
the ability to leave us with a 
lasting impression, especially the 
advertising in this book. 
Advertising can be a good thing 
to have. It exposes its audience 
to products and services of 
which it might otherwise be 
unaware. Plus, possibly more 
importantly, from a Yearbook 
Staff perspective, advertising 
helps raise funds to produce the 
book, an everlasting impression 
of McKendree University during 
the 2007-2008 academic year. 



Congratulations Sarah! 

We are proud d all your hard work 
and accomplishments. 

Lood kick in die future! 

Love, Mom, Dad and Tim 


1 1 1 


You have always given your full effort and put your heart Into everything 
you attempt. That Is what has made you successful this far In your life. 
Now as you begin a new adventure, your commitment and your passion for 
learning will make you an excellent model for the young children you will teach. 
Your faith has given you much strength along the way. Continue to put 
your trust In God and he will walk with you on all of your journeys 
wherever they may take you. 

We wish you happiness always. 
All our love, 

Mom and Vad 

They wh? dream by day are cognEant of many things 
which escape those who dream by night. 

- Edgar Nar\ Foe 

Jayme, I remember years ago you painting this quote on your bedroom wall, not knowing at the time how 
appropriate it was. 

Your dreams and hard work have gotten you where you are. The years you've spent at McK have been a 
wonderful time in your life. You've experienced your 1 3th year of band, your 2 1 st birthday, moving 
truckloads of furniture back and forth every semester, 1/2 price appetizers at Applebee's, sledding on the 
golf course, midterms, mountains of papers, ice storms, power outages, your trip to England, movie 
marathons, a tornado, "the deer" and your little blue car, and oh yeah, an English degree. 

The people you've met during your time at McKendree have been a true blessing and many have become 
your second family. Keep those people close to your heart; they've played a part in who you are. 

So as you move on to the next chapter, remember those who have loved, supported, and encouraged you 
along the way... and always remember where your story began. We're so very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad and Jared 

It's been another fast four years... well, really, a 
fast twenty-one years. Cbanh you! Cbanh you! 

Cbank you, Cauren! You have brought us 

immeasureable joy and happiness. (He are so 

very proud of you for so many reasons. Dad 

says, Be good, behave, have fun.' Mom says, 

Dig in, sweetie! It's a wonderful life." 

Cove you always, 

Hlways there - 

Mom, Dad & Matthew 

Psalm 374 

i u. 

ftjn, laughter 

Ae the yeare have flown 
our little girl hag grown. 

We are eo proud 

Amanda Elizabeth Rias 
Class of 2003 

With love from your family, 

Dad, Mom, Jeff & Beokl 



ft-orr* TI<3e« -to &UUUVCx3k +o &e~A&Z<LATr. 


Congra+ula+ions arid <3ioocl Uudk, Jon 
Mom, Dad, An<dr^«s\A# & R^an 

Words cannot describe how proud we arc 

d all voiiVe accomplished] We have 

thoroughly cnfived watching you become 

the persorLyou arc! We love vou from the 

bottom d our hearts! Thanks for all the 


Love always, 

Mom & Joha 

! IX 

You've met or introduced everyone from NASA astronaunt Sandra Magnus, to Congressman Jerry Costello to former Vice 
President and Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore to United States Senator Ted Kennedy. 

You were a Mighty Maroon for your work in chemistry. 

We had to deal with your experiments in our kitchen. 

You've studied in 
apan and Spain, 
and you've 
traveled the 
country winning 
countless awards 
for the 
Speech & Debate 

You double majored in biology and political science and managed to carry a 4.0. You 
were president of Student Government Association, one of the captains of the Speech 
& Debate Team, and the sports editor of the McKendree Rew'evv, not to mention 
numberous other activities. You were recognized as McKendree's Lincoln Laureate 
for the 2007-2008 year. Your love for international politics shines through every time 
you give an extemp speech, so it's no surprise that you're going to law school next 
year to study international law. But where will you go next? 

Love - Mom & Dad 



You krow yoJre blessed wten you have a son yen really beleve in-when ycu bok at 

him and see, above all else, the talent and the determinaton to accorndish whatever 

he puts his heart 2nd his mind to. 

That's the kind of son we have in you, and rf we coubl wish just cm thing for you or\ 

yar qradjiatvn, rt wouH be this 
May you always believe in yoirself the way we believe in you 

We bve you very much, E3ubba 
Mom sniVdd 

Con^ratulattong Yearbook 3&n\ore\ 
Thank you for all your hard work! We II 
miss you next year! 
James Cole 
Sarah Haas 
Tina Napper 
!3e&h Newman 



iice » org 

Ii: 9 s CLbowt houu 1/om live! 

Commercial Door & Services, Inc 

John Junge 

Cell: 314-393-6843 Fax: 314-867-1350 


Offices In: St. Louis, Mo 63136 and O'Fallon, IL 62269 

Door, Frames, & Hardware - Storefronts 
Electronic Access Hardware - Custom Doors 

Cbngratulatbns to the Qaee of 200&. 




Webome from the 1 5,000+ members of the Alumni Aeeaciatbn 


Hate off to You 

The McKendrean Staff 

would like to especially 

thank all those who aided 

in the creation of this 


For the donation of photos we 

thank the following: 
Sara Darnold, Rebekah Diers, 

Jessica Edwards, Emily 

Gonzalez, Maegan Hamilton, 

Ashley Jelks, Sara Johnson, Kelly 

Knauer, Katie Kovarik, Dana 

Maedge, Trevor Maloch, Megan 

McQuiston, Jenny Mennerick, 

Molly Reed, Ashlie Reader, 

Kaitlyn Richter, and Tucker 


We want to thank all the 

parents and businesses that 

purchased ads. These ads 

help make the creation 

of the yearbook possible. 





MoKandraa University 


Hotee from the Editors 

13ath Nawman 

Lauran Hafctanhausan 


This has been an interesting and very packed year. It feels like 
just yesterday that I began my final year at the new McKendree 
University. With student teaching during second semester, I felt 
uneasy about having time to get everything done. Together we 
managed and actually got the book most of the way done 
before the year ended. 

Looking back, I realize that this book has brought many 
relationships and opportunities that I would not have, had I not 
become involved. I have come to know more people at 
McKendree than I thought I would. These relationships have 
helped me become a stronger leader. I hope to take the many 
skills that I learned throughout the years of working on Yearbook 
with me into my teaching career. Never know, having a 
Yearbook background just might put me on top of the stack for 
an interview. 

I would like to personally thank Jeff Campbell, Lauren 
Hettenhausen, Sarah Haas and Tina Napper- without all of us 
working together we could have never accomplished another 
outstanding book. We almost finished everything before 
graduation, I think it might be a record! I think that we have 
improved our work output greatly. My best wishes go out to the 
2007-2008 staff in their future endeavors and good luck to the 
2008-2009 Staff! 

Looking back at the 2007-2008 McKendree University yearbook, it is hard 
to see where the time has gone. As l am writing this note, I have just 
finished my last exam of the Spring 2008 semester, and we are close to 
completing the yearbook. (Hooray!) It seems like it was only yesterday that 
we began preparation for this book in early Fall 2007, discussing theme and 
cover options. These first decisions not only set the tone for the book but 
also set the tone for remainder of the year. Collaboration on topics, paired 
with the divide and conquer method, allowed for everyone to take an active 
role in the completion of this book. 

The publication of volume 91 of the McKendrean marks my second year 
as a co-editor, and therefore second year that I am able to whole-heartedly 
thank co-editor Beth Newman, yearbook student worker Sarah Haas, 
proofreader Tina Napper, and yearbook advisor Jeff Campbell. They poured 
their hearts into yearbook endeavors and really took the initiative needed to 
successfully complete this book. I would also like to sincerely thank the rest 
of the yearbook staff for the time, effort, and dedication that they put into 
the production of the 2007-2008 yearbook. Though it is not a simple task, 
we worked together to get the job done. Working on a staff like this is a 
great life lesson in teamwork, dedication, and organization. To be quite 
honest, there is no way to do it alone. Thanks to everyone who made this 
possible, especially those of you who kept me on my toes and kept the 
production of this book rolling 

At one of our infamously fun workdays, I heard that the question of 
whether McKendree needed a yearbook at all had been raised in the 
University's administration; it was suggested that the yearbook be replaced 
with electronic storage of photos and news. While technology allows us to 
do great things, I would suggest that electronic storage is a great partner 
for the traditional yearbook rather than an easy replacement. There is no 
doubt that the yearbook is a great deal of work, but in the long run, l 
strongly believe that all of the work is worth it. There is just something 
refreshingly antiquated about looking through a yearbook; because of this, I 
am proud to call myself a member of the yearbook staff. Regardless of the 
future of the yearbook as we know it, I am thankful for the opportunity to 
have worked with a fantastic group of people on McKendree University's 
first, and hopefully not last, yearbook. 


Abbott, Fiona 92 

Ackerman, Marie 92 

Adair. Brittani 67. 120 

Adams, Can 110 

Adamson, Wade 110 

Adomanis, Zak 55 

Agee, Ashley 60. 64, 130 

Ahlemeyer. Ryan 53, 92 

Albers, Carrie 33. 110 

Albers, Crystal 130 

Aldridge, Courtney 52, 64. 92 

Alemond. Jillian 92 

Alewme. Dr, Alan 42 

Alexander. Jeremy 74, 90. 110 

Allgire. Collin 130 

Allison, Keri 120 

Alls, Adam 120 

Allsup, Anthony 120 

Almeida, Marie 130 

Alstat, George 120 

Altman, Alex 120 

Alvarado, Suzanne 54. 130 

Alvm. Joy 92 

Amann. Renee 130 

Amerson. Lindsay 52. 85, 110 

Anastasia, Matt 130 

Anderson, Emily 87, 120 

Anderson, Lauren 23, 92 

Anderson, Susan 31 

Andrady, Shaun 130 

Andrews, Christopher Ray 73, 1 10 

Andrews, Robert 7, 92 

Angelo, Amanda 110 

Angelo, Dominic 92 

Ansley, Megan 50, 130 

Arentsen, Casie 35. 110 

Arentsen, Kevin 31 

Armbruster, David 130 

Armbruster, Katie 92 

Arnold, James 92 

Arnold, Luke 120 

Arnold, Mike 71, 92 

Arnold. T J 54. 92 

Ashford, Jamie 67. 92 

Ataiyan, Amanda 82. 130 

Atkins, Zach 59, 130 

Attaway, Jane 42 

Atwood, Beau 130 

Ayran, Jason 20 

Baer, Amy 92 

Bahre, Heather 110 

Baig, Shazad 42 

Bailey. Adam 59, 74, 92. 141 

Baillie. Whitney 82, 130. 143 

Bajracharya. Ashish 82 

Baker, Jenna 130 

Baker. Krystm 59, 86, 91. 120. 143 

Banjavcic. Stacie 23. 31. 35, 76, 120. 129 

Barczewski, Jaclyn 92 

Barfield, Dr Melissa 13. 42 

Barger. Cassie 66. 120 

Barger, Robert 51. 92 

Barker, Aubra 120 

Barker, Megan 18, 19, 92 

Barker, Sonya 110 

Barnes, Samantha 110 

Barnett Jr.. Rickey 55. 130 

Barnett, Aaron 1 30 

Barrett. Tom 130 

Barrow, Lizzy 1 30 

Barrows. Caitlin 6, 69, 92 

Bartok, Jason 130 

Barton, Russ 74 

Barz. Steve 42. 90 

Batchelor, Careth47. 51,85 

Bates, Danielle 84, 130 

Bathon. Jessica 120 

Baucom. Josh 120 

Bauersachs. Jennifer 81, 130 

Baugh. Justin 120 

Baum, Jake 130 

Bayer, Zac 93 

Bayles, Luke 93 

Bean, Evelyn 52 

Beasley, Matt 55, 130 

Beaven, Lowell 93 

Becker. Alicia 36. 93 

Begeman. Jordan 130 

Beiermann. Kelly 35. 62. 93 

Beimfohr, Erik 120 

Beimfohr. Joe 120 

Bell. Tatyana 79, 110 

Bellm, Chris 65, 93 

Belmonte, Heather 35, 71, 89. 110. 160 

Belobraydich, Danielle 54, 130 

Bennett. Richard 110 

Bennett, Ryan 66, 130 

Berger, Denise 86, 93 

Berkemann, Jennifer 70, 120 

Best. Emily 60. 110 

Best. Gary 71, 93. 148 

Best, Scott 83, 120 

Bethel. Christopher 59 

Betts, BonitaHO 

Bhandan, Kumud 73, 93 

Bieker, Kyle 130 

Bierman, Annie 83, 130 

Bierman, Brian 130 

Bierman. Jordan 93 

Biggerstaff , Ashley 67 

Bigley. Alex 93 

Billhartz. Scott 42 

Billingsley, Ida 110 

Binder. Austin 120 

Birdnow, Dr Brian 42 

Bisto, Dennis 110 

Bittle. Heather 93 

Biver. Michelle 74. 120 

Black, Matthew 93 

Blackwell, Lora 2, 57, 131, 141 

Blair, Erica 22. 23, 76. 120. 129. 141 

Blandford, Jayme 31, 37. 89. 93, 143. 146, 


Blankenhorn. Stephanie 131 

Blasdel, Joe 42 

Blasdel, Josie 42 

Bleisch, Dan 51 

Bodem, Roy 93 

Boeschen, Brooks 53, 110 

Boggs, David 41, 42 

Bohannon, Heath 110 

Bohnenstiehl, Jason 110 

Bonvie. Scott 110 

Boots. Jennifer 35, 93 

Borders, Rhiannon 110 

Bornheimer. Mary 42 

Borum. Dustin 131 

Boudet, Emily 23, 69, 87 

Boudreau, Dr Brenda 22. 36, 42 

Boulicault, Janellel20 

Boxdorfer, Kelly 83, 93 

Boyd, Kris 66, 120 

Boyd, Shekinah 93 

Boyer. Kelly 31, 110 

Brace, Jessica 110 

Bradley, Sherri 93 

Brand, Rebecca 110 

Branger, Adrienne 93 

Braundmeier, Adam 53, 131 

Brede, Sarah 50. 131 

Brickey, Carrie 131 

Brierly. James 42 

Brierly. Raymond 37. 94 

Briner, Andrew 131 

Briner, Emily 6, 69, 94 

Brink. Gary 42 

Britton. Mary 24, 32. 110 

Brock, Eric David 120 

Brown, Candace 110 

Brown. Christopher 131 

Brown. Jeffrey 37. 58, 59, 120 

Brown, Jon 82, 88. 94 

Brown, Lawrence 55, 131 

Brown, Rosza23, 79. 131 

Brown. Tonya 59, 79, 120 

Brubaker. Nicole 31 

Brunhaver, Mary 94 

Bryan. Brittany 91, 94 

Bryan, Heath 131 

Bryant, Josh 55, 120 

Buck. Larry 110 
Buckley, Bridget 86. 120 
Buehlhorn, Beth 42 
Buehne, Adam 65. 94 
Bullock. Josephine 110 
Bundy, Jason 88. 94 
Burcham. Dr Stanley 42 
Burke. Chris 79, 131 
Burke, lantha 58. 94 
Burleson. Hannah 47. 52. 94 
Burns. Jean 1 1 1 
Burton, Roy 74 
Busekrus, Jackie 33, 94 
Bynoe, Curtley 94 


Callis, Bryan 59, 79, 111 

Calvin, Tol 55, 111 

Campailla. Daniele 51, 131 

Campbell, Brent 53. 111 

Campbell, Jeff 42, 70 

Campbell, Jennifer 35, 40, 72, 120 

Campbell, Lisa 10 

Campbell, Man 111 

Campbell, Robby 2, 10, 19. 31. 35, 38. 

Canada. Megan 2. 27, 121 

Carney, Erica 94 

Carnoali. Vicky 131 

Carpenter. Jacob 131 

Carroll, Bobbie 83, 87, 131 

Casper. Dan 88 

Cassidy. Craig 61. 121 

Casteel. Clint 131 

Catalano. Alex 131 

Cerrillo. Adrian 55, 131 

Chambers. Andrew 1 1 1 

Chambers. Pam 42 

Chamling. Xitiz 34 

Chandler, William 111 

Chapman, Angela 131 

Chapman, Mark 65, 74, 121 

Chappell, Nicole 50, 94 

Chatham, Jennifer 1 11 

Cheesman, Andrew 111 

Cheesman, Michael 74, 75, 94 

Chenault, Marlone 131 

Cherry, Ritchie 79. 81, 121 

Cherukuri, Poorna 42 

Chisamore ill, Danny 54, 94 

Chism, Kristin 59 

Christensen, Undsey40, 64, 86, 121 

Ciccarelli, AJ 55. 121 

Cipfl. Dr Joseph 42 

Clark, Angie 52. 94 

Clark, Belinda 94 

Clark, Kyle 53, 131 

Clark, Rachel 22, 111 

Clarke. Lanece 59. 121 

demons, Marcus 131 

Clervi, Anthony 65, 75, 94 

Cleveland, Katelyn 50, 111 

Clevenger, George 94 

Cloyd, Reggie 131 

Coartney, Stephanie 31, 71, 89. 121, 

141, 160 

Coble, Erin 95 

Coble, Tracy 131 

Codispoti. Janice 111 

Coffee, Zachery 111 

Cogdill, Troy 111 

Cokel, Mark 65, 131 

Cole. Jacqueline 95 

Cole. James 2, 20. 33. 36, 37. 95 

Cole, Laron 111 

Cole, Ray Ray 50 

Coleman, Josh 111 

Collins, Ann 13 

Collins, Danielle 52, 121 

Colvin. Emily 56, 131 

Colvin, Heather 56. 95 

Colvin, Jessica 11. 35 

Conley, Erin 87, 131 

Cornell. Matt 131 

Conner Erin 9, 29. 37. 71. 82. 83. 95. 

Connor. Adam 75. 111 

Cook. Melissa 95 

Copeland, Bonita 111 

Copelin. Brad 61. 131 
Coppinger, Clarence 82, 121. 143 
Correale. Brittany 111 
Corrigan, Dr Nora 42, 89 
Costello, Georgia 9 
Costello, Joshua 111 
Cox, Brie-Anne 111 
Cox, Michael 132 
Crane, Trevor 132 
Cravens, Kelsey 111 
Crawford. Andrew* 51, 111 
Crawford, Zach 53, 74, 111 
Criddle, Cassandra 132 
Crowe. Cassandra 132 
Crowe. Kyle 95 
Cummings, Scott 59 
Cummins, Ashley 50, 121 
Cunningham, Steven 121 
Curulewski, John 59, 121 


Dachsteiner, Ashley 111 

Dains, Elizabeth 64. 121 

Dale. Eric 111 
41. 94 Daniels, Chris 111 

Daniels. Mark 65. 121 

Daniels, Patti 42 

Dare, Jamie 87, 111 

Darnold, Sara 27. 58. 59. 73. 111, 119. 143 

Daugherty, Leslie 42 

Davinroy, Adam 65. 121 

Davis, Knsten 23, 31, 86, 89, 95, 160 

Davis. Lawrence 95 

Davis. Matt 121 

Davis, Sheree 121 

Davis, Zach 75. 121 

Dawson, Doria 121 

Dawson. Tirzah 31. 121 

Day, Michael 95 

Daylor, Mary Frances 42 

DeBoe. Jonathan 31 

Deboer, Christina 95 

Decker. Samantha 121 

DeCroot, Allison 52, 95 

DeLorme, Scott 26, 132 

Denman, Jennifer 132 

Dennis, Dr Jim 3, 9, 12. 25. 42. 141. 142 

Deters. Katherme 95 

Detmer. Candace 31 

Detmer, Kenny 61. 121 

Devine, Andrew 121 

Devine, Sarah 121 

Devkota, Prajwal 95 

Devlin. Naomi 6, 27. 132 

Dew, Tim 29. 35,51,95. 153 

Dickerman, Jamie 34, 121 

Dickhaut, Melinda 95 

Dickman, Joseph 65, 75, 111 

Dienell, Jaime 50 

Dienell, Katie 95 

Diers. Rebekah27. 31, 54, 112 

Dietrich. Bradley 51. 95 

Dietrich. Jaclyn 112 

Dieu. Erica 95 

Dillingham. Rob 23. 76. 112, 141 

Dillow. Jeffrey 22, 121 

Dintelman, Clint 95 

Distler. Carrie 86, 96 

Dolan. Drew 51, 132 

Dolmage, Josh 132 

Donahue, Brennan 132 

Donahue, Chris 53, 112 

Donahue, Ryan 53, 132 

Donze, Charlie 53. 112 

Dorris, Amanda 112 

Dorris. Jake 84. 132 

Dougherty. Bret 112 

Douthit. CasandraH2 

Dressier. Amanda 96 

Dressier. Ashley 60. 132 

Dreyer. Nicholas 53 

Duff. Dr. Gerald 42 

Dulski. Anne 42 
143 Duncan, Brandon 121 

Duncan. Reginald 31 

Dunnigan. Brad 65, 132 

Dunning. Ashley 86 


Dutton. Christine 132 
Dye. Dr Heather 42 

Eanes. Ciera 112 

Eanes, Otis 121 

Earley. Jay 132 

Echelbarger, Eric 42. 61 

Eckart, Bethany 112 

Eckelkamp, Sarah 50, 132 

Eckstadt, Kristen 24. 32, 121 

Eddmgton, Jantzen 74, 85 

Edgar, Bryan 122 

Edwards Jr, James 96 

Edwards Bertrand, Jennifer 8 

Edwards, Allison 122 

Edwards, Jessica 96 

Edwards, Jonathan 96 

Edwards, Kanisha 96 

Edwards, Tinah 32, 67, 122 

Edwards, Tom 55, 112 

Eggers. Martha 73, 90 

Eggleston, Dr. Tami 42 

Ehlers, Nicholas 122 

Ehrhardt, Lauren 122 

Eilermann, Emily 83, 132 

Eilers, Katie 66, 69, 86, 122 

Elders, Garrett 122 

Elders, Heather 9, 60, 96 

Eldndge, Carolyn 132 

Elfrink, Vandora 31 

Eller, Britney 58, 59, 132 

Eller, Kyle 132 

Ellington, Sherman 112 

Elliott. Lucy 50, 96 

Ellis, Kara 37, 86,91, 96, 142. 143 

Ellsworth. Jessica 1 12 

Embrich, Mandy 112 

Emerick, Michelle 96 

Emig, Lindsey 132 

Englund, Amanda 74, 87. 122 

Erinolu, Omoniyi 1 12 

Erley, John 122 

Erschen, Michele 43 

Ervin, Chris 66, 132 

Evans, Adnenne43 

Evans, Jared Michael 24, 32, 35, 41, 96 

Evans, Zach 53, 112 

Eveland, Lauren 122 

Everett, Anna 32. 96, 141 

Fagan, Rick 32, 41. 96 

Faires, Zack 112 

Fann, Brittany 122 

Fanning, Wallace 74 

Fark, Jordan 112 

Farrar-Childs, Montez 122 

Farrell, Amanda 10, 96, 143 

Fee, Tommy 1 12 

Feher, Dr James 43 

Felippo, Antonella 96 

Fero, Dr George 43 

Fey, Leah 31 

Field, Brittany 132 

Fields, Chris 132 

Finch, Jordan 57, 132 

Fmley, Jason 84, 96 

Fisher, Chris 132 

Fitzgerald, Matthew 122 

Fitzpatrick, Danielle 57, 96 

Fitzsimmons, Ryan 53 

Fletcher, Jennifer 27, 34,69, 73, 112, 11S 

Flick, Jacob 65, 75, 96 

Flowers, Brandon 122 

Flowers, Mariano 112 

Fohne, Andrea 96 

Fohne, Michelle 33, 1 12 
Folk, Dr Patrick 46 
Forbes, Jon 55, 122 
Ford, Kelly 13 
Ford, William 31 
Foret, Kellye 112 
Foster, Jessica 122 
Foster, Kyle 96 
Foster, Shell! 97 
Foster, Terri 112 
Fouts, Heather 112 
Fowler, Bernard 122 
Fox, Jennifer 97 
Francis, Malcolm 132 
Francis, Richard 66, 122 
Francis, Tamara 59, 122 
Franks, Michael 59, 132 
Frazier, Kasie 60, 64, 132 
Frederking, Dr Brian 43 
Freeman, Lindsey 20, 50, 83, 122 
Freivogel, Cory 29, 82, 122 
French, Amber 86, 133 
Freshour, Rebecca 35, 122 
Frey, Ashley 112 
Fricke, Aaron 122 
Friedel, Matt 133 
Frierdich, Eric 51, 112 
Fnzzo, Julie 86, 91, 122, 143 
Fnzzo, Lauren 9, 35, 74, 97, 146 
Fuehne, Lindsey 97 
Fuhler. Nick 122 
Fullerton, Katie 60, 122 
Fulton, Nick 82, 97 
Funk, Melissa 2, 133 
Fust ill, George 97 
Fuzessery, Brittany 50, 97 


Gagain, Terry 133 

Galbraith, Connie 40 

Galle, Victoria 35, 38 

Gamble, Martell 133 

Ganschinietz, Allison 22, 34, 97 

Garland, Ashley 97 

Carrels, Nichola 31 

Garrison, Julie 60, 91, 112 

Gass, Zachary 133 

Gayfield, Tommy 59 

Gayford, Katy 43 

Geary, Deborah 122 

Gehrs, Jacob 112 

Gehrs, Lucas 112 

Geimer, Joe 88, 97, 109 

Gelarden, Kayla 67, 82, 122 

Centzll, Eric 65, 122 

Cenz, Scott 51, 97 

Gerler, Suzy 10, 37,60,97 

Gerstner, Brent 97 

Geyer, Caitlm 67 

Ghimire, Subhash 73, 82, 83, 122 

Cibbs, Kari 6, 22, 97 

Gibson, Miranda 66, 123 

Gibson, Stacy 31 

Gibson, Ted 82, 133 

Ciesm, Ron 133 

Giger, Amber 113 

Giles, Marsha 43 

Cillman, Aija 2, 123 

Gin, Jessica 6, 73, 78, 133 

Gisher, Zach 113 

Gladney, Kanish 34 

Glasgow, Chynna 133 

Glass Jr, Cory 133 

Glasscock, Catherine 123 

Clielmi, Michael 123 

Gnaedmger, Deanna 1 13 

Goddard, Marsha 43 

Godfrey, Neil 123 

Goetzl, Derek 65, 113 

Goforth, Chris 97 

Gonzalez, Daniel 63 

Gonzalez, Emily 39, 97, 142 

Gooch, Mychal 123 

Goodman, Nic89, 113 

Gordon, Dr Betsy 43, 74 

Gotto, Kandace 113 

Gouchenouer, Brad 123 

Graddy, Shawna 113 

Graham, Cedrick 123 

Graham, John 43 

Gramlich, Cara 113 

Graves, Amanda 89, 97, 160 

Graves, Monica 31, 123 

Gray, Lindsey 133 

Gray, Russell 43 

Greathouse, Brian 31 

Green, Cicely 78, 80, 133 

Green, Erick 123 

Greenfield, Dr John 31,43 

Greer, Antonio 113 

Greer, Terrence 1 1 3 

Gregory, Stephen 34, 37, 59, 88, 97, 141 

Greiman, Becky 29, 35, 97 

Grimes, Jeremy 97 

Grogan, Matt 55, 98 

Grommet, Caitlin 31, 98 

Gross, Sarah 98 

Grossmann, Kara 98 

Groves, Joshua 123 

Gryzmala, Catherine 8, 9, 35, 38, 71, 98 

Cuhrs, Dillon 133 

Guillet, Ryan 55, 133 


Haas, Jessica 133, 140 

Haas, Melissa 43 

Haas, Sarah 1,2, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 37, 70, 

76, 77,98, 109, 142, 143, 144 

Hackmann, Bethany 80 

Hackstadt, Chad 113 

Haeffele, Ryan 53, 98 

Haerter, Willmar 123 

Haider, Kristen 62 

Hale, VaShaun 133 

Halfond, Dr Irwin 43 

Hall, Chris 21, 43 

Hall, Darren 133 

Hamilton, Maegan 69, 75, 86, 123 

Hamilton, Stephen 66, 123 

Hamlin, Samantha 2, 56, 133 

Hammond, Erin 69, 77 

Hampton, Santiago 51, 98 

Hamrick, Catherine 75 

Hanke, Timothy 133 

Hankins, Dr Dawn 1, 10, 43 

Hankms, Evelyn 31 

Hanner, Brandon 133 

Hardy, Cassandra 113 

Harpstnte, Todd 65, 98 

Harres, Cole 51, 98 

Harris, Amber 20, 87, 98 

Harris, Ashley 59, 113 

Harris, Cory 133 

Harris, Jake 88, 113 

Harris, Jasper 33 

Harris, Julianne 1 1 

Harris, Matthew 98 

Harris, Nathan 32. 35, 38,41,98 

Harris, Shantelle 113 

Harris, William 109 

Harrison, Mike 74 

Harrison, Rev Dr Tim 23, 43, 76, 77 

Harsey, Denise 98 

Hart, Emily 98 

Hartman, Sam 50, 133 

Hartsoe, Ashley 67 

Hartung, Derek 123 

Hash, Ashley 64, 133 

Hasheider, Kathryn 36, 98 

Haskins, Dr William 1,29,43 

Hatfield, Jordan 123 

Hausmann, Miki 43 

Hawkins, Andrea 98 

Hawkins, Kevin 55, 113 

Hayden, Ryan 133 

Hayes, Ashley 50, 98 

Hayes, Meg 73, 113 

Haynes, Simeon 133 

Hedtkamp, Ann 90, 113 

Hegger, Nick 123 

Heidelberg, Krescenda 98 

Heiden, Jessica 113 

Heil. Jake 2, 24, 32, 74,81,98, 141 

Heizer, Sarah 72, 74 

Heller, Philip 99 

Hellmann, Matthew 33, 99 

Hellmann, Nicole 113 

Hemker, Nicole 99 

Hemmer, Joshua 113 

Henderson, Jerod 1 13 

Henke, Joshua 26, 133 

Henseler, Zanny 99 

Henss-Nunn, Connie 43 

Herring, Troy 33. 99 

Hernngton, Brandon 123 

Hertlem, Sloane 64, 99 

Hesse, Donna 31 

Hettenhausen, Chelsea 26, 72, 74, 123 

Hettenhausen, Lauren 2, 29, 30. 31, 70, 

91, 113,154, 160 

Hevner, Jason 99 

Hickman, Meesheca 79, 123 

Hicks, Adam 55, 99 

Hicks, Lewis 133 

Hilding, Mary 99 

Hilkey, Patti 133 

Hill. Tressa 31 

Hiller, Devin 133 

Hinkle, Bethany 66, 86. 123 

Hitchcock, Stephanie 134 

Hitchens, Greg 51 

Hoag, David 33 

Hobbie, Eric 61, 134 

Hock, Marcy 113 

Hodges, David 113 

Hoerchler, Jamie 113 

Hoff, Madeline 99 

Hoffmann, Holly 99 

Hogan, Holly 113 

Hohl, Emily 72, 91, 99 

Holdener, Kelly 99 

Holdener, Tyler 123 

Holderfield, Lindsey 99, 153 

Holderman, Samantha 123 

Holderread, Blake 134 

Hollis, Gail 43 

Holly, Drew 134 

Holly, Megan 86, 123 

Holmes, Jarius 51, 123 

Holtgrave, Elaine 33 

Holtgrave, Suellen 43 

Holtkamp, Eric 123 

Holtmann, Brandon 65, 113 

Hood, Camoi Walton 123 

Hopkins, Courtney 113 

Hopkins, Jon 134 

Hopkins, Nicholas 99 

Horner, Kristy 43 

Horstmann, Stephanie 134 

Horton, Kimberlv 1 13 

Horton, Scott 114 

Houk, Debbie 43 

House, Nathan 99 

Howell, Jennifer 134 

Huber, Quinn 114 


Hudson. Chad 59, 99 
Huebner, Erica D 114 
Huelskamp, Tyler 134 

I Huelsman. Jenna 74, 99 
Hulse, Cynthia 33 
Hund, Kara 99 
Hunt, Jessica 123 
Hunter, Ashley 134 

; Hurd, Jordan 114 
Hursey, Chris 134 
Hustedde, Roselyn 43 
Hutchison, Lewis 114 

! Hutton. Matt 123 
Huxford, Dr Lyn 6, 22 

llges, Kyle 53, 99 

Jackson, Aimee 34, 69, 114 

Jackson, Becky 100 
I Jackson, Khadija 134 
I Jacob, Keith 100 

Jahn, Kyle 55, 114 
[ Jahn. Ryan 55. 134 

James, Sam 51, 134 

Jannings, Matthew 51. 123 
I Jansen, Amber 114 
i Jansen, Bnanne 114 

Jeffers, Monica 114 

Jelks. Ashley 79, 86. 100 
| Jennings, Clarisa 59. 124 

Jennings. Dr David 34, 43 
' Jennings. Marshall 38, 114 

Jennings, Natalie 134 

Jens, Laura 114 

Jens, Michelle 134 

Jeremiah. Liz 34, 78, 114 
i Johns, Rachel 27, 100, 119 

Johnson, Cale 65. 114 

Johnson, Chris 124 

Johnson, Fiifi 134 

Johnson, Joshua 82, 100 
| Johnson, Kelsey 50, 83, 124 

Johnson, Sara 14, 22, 62, 100 

Johnson, Stephanie 140 

Johnson, warren 31 

Johnston. Stephanie 24, 134 

Jones, Bethany 67 

Jones, Brad 100 

Jones, Brittnee'79, 124 

Jones. Dominique 59. 100 

Jones. Ethan 26, 80, 134 

Jones, Lauren 31, 114 

Jones, Valerie 100 

Jones. Whittnee' 79, 124 

Jordan, Brandi 114 

Joseph, Harry 55, 114 

Josias, Christy 62 

Jouett, Charlie 124 

Joy, Katie 114 

Joyce, Rachael 140 

Joyce, Rachel 134 

Joyce, Sasha 59 

Juehne, Christine 23. 64. 86, 124 

Juelfs, Josie77, 81, 124, 129 

Jung, Danielle 124 

Jurgensmeyer, Heather 100 

Kabbes. Jonathan 134 

Kadonsky, Michelle 8. 19. 38, 87, 100, 153 

Kaiser, Theresa 50, 134 

Kallal, Amanda 33, 124 

Kalmer, Brent 134 

Kamerman, Dana 34, 87, 124 

Kamp, Mindy26. 124 

Karner, Holly 24, 32. 54, 124 

Kasson. Terese43 

Kaufman, Ashley 100 

Kee, Kaitlin 24, 32, 38, 124 

Keener, Jonathon 65, 100 

Keigher, Dr. Betsy 43, 90 

Kellerman, Brittany 66, 124 

Kelly, Sean 134 

Kelso, Robin 114 

Kemp. Dr Jackie 11 

Kennedy, Denise 78. 134 

Kennedy, Terrence 134 

Kern, Bre 43 

Ketterer, StaceylOO 

Kettwich, Kellen 100 

Kimbrough. John 69, 76, 134, 141 

Kimmle, Amber 100 

King, Jesse 59, 78 

Kinsall, Kevin 124 

Kinzmger, Sarah 134. 141 

Kircher, Brandon 114 

Kirk, Nicole 86. 100 

Kirk. Robert 124 

Kissel, Stephen 23, 76.77, 114 

Klenk. Nicolai 51 

Klier, Ryan 100 

Klingelhoefer, Haley 60. 124 

Kloecker, Ruven 63, 78, 134 

Kloppenburg, Brian 38, 100, 109 

Kloss, Amber 100 

Kloss, Jeremy 124 

Klueskens, David 53 

Knauer. Kelly 23, 86, 87, 124 

Knaus, Patrick 124 

Knolhoff, Brett 114 

Knolhoff, Nick 8, 101 

Koble, Erin 7 

Koerkenmeier, Bnttney 33, 124 

Koerkenmeier, Brooke 33, 124 

Koerkenmeier, Lisa 86. 101 

Koester, Megan 43 

Kohnen, Allen 66, 134 

Koirala, Sudarsun 36, 74, 101 

Kombrmk, Katelyn 52, 114 

Korobey, Kristine 124 

Korte, Lauren 44 

Kovarik, Katie 60, 124 

Kowzan, Bethany 30, 114 

Kremmel, Clayton 114 

Kriss, George 44 

Krueger, Ashley 101 

Kruep, Danielle 23. 101 

Kruep. Justin 134 

Kruep. Kelsey 135 

Kruse, Kyle 114 

Kula, Jill 31 

Kull, Trenton 61, 101 

Kunz, Jamie 101 

Kupferer, Danny 86, 135 

Kupferer, Robert 114 

Kwas. Robby74, 124 

Ladd. Timothy 124 
Lagoski, Tammy 34, 101 
LaCrow, Amanda 50. 114 
Lam Yuen, Abraham 135 
Lambert, Dr Sharon 44 
Lambert, Kevin 114 
Lance, Amanda 31, 60, 101 
Landfned. Katie 11, 56. 101 
Lanenga. Renee 34, 64, 101 
Lang, Cassandra 101 
Lang, Dr Sandra 33, 44 
Lankford, Leah 31 
Lanzone, Ashleigh 86, 101 
Larson, Danielle 2, 24, 86, 141 
Larson, Debbie 44 
Larson, Man 135 
Lattimore, Ashley 124 
Lauber, Matt 101 
Laur, Austin 2, 73, 135 
Laurent, Jerry 135 
Laux, Benjamin 101 
Lawson, Darren 135 
Lee, Ashley 79, 86, 114 
Lee, Daniel 101 
Lee, Katherine115 
Lee, Steven 53, 124 
Lehmann. Kelsey 135 
Leonard, Cassandra 87 
Leonard, Cherrikka 135 
Leonard, Samantha 82, 83, 115 
Lewallen, Amber 135 

Lheureux, Jason 74, 83 

Liddell. Tommie 135 

Lienmg. Courtney 135 

Lindstrom, Rebecca 33, 82, 115, 143 

Lingle, Nathan 135 

Linneman. Miranda 90, 135 

Lloyd. Chelsea 115 

Lobb, Brooke 66, 115 

Lofink. Joseph 51, 115 

Loftus. Steven 82, 83, 101, 143 

Logan. Courtney 29. 82, 83, 101. 143 

Logan, Kori 31 

Logan. Willie 59. 101 

Lomax, Zach 135 

Lonski. Madeline 135 

Loschen, Courtney 115 

Loudenslager, Daniel 23. 115 

Lowe. Wade 55. 135 

Lowell, Brittany 50, 115 

Lowrey, Mote 44 

Lowry, Chanty 101 

Luckenbill, Ben 135 

Luckett, Blake 135 

Lusch, Joshua 65, 135 

Lyerla, Jennifer 124 

Lyles, Bryant 8, 61, 102 

Lynch, Amanda 135 


Mackey, Cindy 66 

Maclin, Jason 88, 125 

Maedge, Dana 22, 52, 115 

Magnussen, Michelle 44 

Mahan, Thomas 102 

Malandrucco, Jon 125 

Mallrich, Jan 44 

Maloch, Chas 55, 69, 85, 86, 88, 115 

Maloch, Trevor 18, 85, 88, 102 

Malone, Mollie 125 

Mann, Jon 135 

Mann, Mark 102 

Manning, Knstie 35, 115 

Manville, Tim 115 

Marchal, Mary Frances 44 

Marcum, Quinton 102 

Marin, Carlos 34, 78, 115 

Markham, Chris 23, 54 

Markway, Brian 65, 115 

Marquez, Andres 102 

Marsaglia, Alex 66, 125 

Martin, Sean 69. 88, 102 

Martinez, Rocio2, 135, 140 

Martiszus. Dana 66, 115 

Mask, Danielle 135 

Masterson, Ryan 18, 115 

Mathews, Lilmon 69, 81, 83, 87, 88, 135 

Mathis, Vernon 135 

Mathy, Nicole 86, 125 

Mattmiller, Tyler 65, 102 

Matzenbacher, Gma 44 

Maue, Angie64, 115 

Mayer. Amber 102 

Mayes, Melanie 102 

Mayhew, Sally 44 

Maze. Bnanne 135 

McBride, Shane 65. 125 

McCall. Emanuel 125 

McCalmont, Malinda 115 

McCammon, Timothy 31 

McCoy. Antonio 115 

McDaniel. Keri 135 

McDonald. Dr Martha 44 

McDowell, Hannah 21, 76. 135 

McGinthy. Samuel 135 

McKendree, Matt 69, 88. 115 

McKinstry, Jon 136 

McNear, Clinton 58, 59, 136 

McOuaid, Lester 26 

McOuiston, Megan 136 

McQuiston, Scott 55. 136 

Meacham. Jon 12 

Meadows, Kate 102 

Meeker. Melissa 33 

Meisenheimer, Jeff 102 

Melmder, Mike 44 

Mellenthm, Nicholas 136 

Meniere. Brandon 65. 102 

Melly. Elias 59 

Melton. Richie 2, 7,73, 136 

Mendes, Michael 58, 59. 136 

Mendez, Mike 125 

Menke. Dan 102 

Menner, Jessica 102 

Menner. Lauren 136 

Mennenck. Jennifer 30. 62. 75. 83. 89. 115. 


Meredith, Noelle115 

Merlenbach. Karrie 136 

Merlenbach. Rachel 115 

Meyer. Carrie 136 

Meyer. Lauren 102 

Meyer, Ryan 65, 125 

Meyers, Amy 136 

Midkiff, Jewels 125 

Miessner, Kevin 102 

Miles, Mary 102 

Milkes, liana 50, 78, 136 

Miller, Christina 102 

Miller, Christopher 125 

Miller, Dana 102 

Miller, Erin 136 

Miller, Jennifer 44, 52 

Miller, Justin 136 

Miller, Ryan 51. 115 

Miller, Tobin 115 

Miller. Zach 136 

Mills, Laura 34, 78. 115 

Millsap. Mario 136 

Missey, Jeffrey 66 

Mitchell. Jake 136 

Mitchell, Tony 83, 115 

Mitterer, Candace 125 

Moll, Kyle 65, 136 

Mondy, Chris 136 

Monical, Sarah 125 

Montville, Tiffany 115 

Moody. Sandra 44 

Moore. Dan 55. 125 

Moore, John 53, 125 

Moore, Steve 66, 115 

Moore, Tyson 65, 125 

Moravec, Stephen 116 

Morrese, Valerie 24, 32, 103 

Moss, Rachel 136 

Motl, Kaitlyne 2. 3, 14, 22. 81, 87, 125 

Mowers. Elizabeth 22. 24, 32, 125 

Muckensturm, Jena 136 

Mudd, Olivia 103 

Mueller, Justin 66, 125 

Mueller, Laura 37, 103, 143 

Mueller, Sean 125 

Mullins, Tim 44 

Muren, Tyler 65, 136 

Murray, Donald 136 

Murray, Rhys 116 

Musgrave, Meagan 136 

Musick, Kyle 125 

Musko, Shelly 56 

Musselman, Whitney 125 

Musser. Amy 103 

Myers, James 44 

Myers, Jermaine 59 

Myrick, Megan 125 


Napper, Christina 2, 9, 27, 31, 37. 77. 89 


Nash. Troy 136 

Nasser. Mitch 44, 74 

Naumann, Diana 125 

Nazzaro. Paul 61, 103 

Neal, Maggie 103 

Neal, Nicole 59. 125 

Neighbors. Brian 53 

Neighbors. Sean 103 

Neisler. Mallory 76. 87. 136 

Nelson, Deontrae 136 

Nelson, Richard 125 

Nepal, Prasanna 73. 83. 125 

Neuman, Catie 35, 125 

Neumann, Lorna 35. 83. 85, 87, 103 

Newbold. Lindsay 64, 125 7 

Newman, Beth 1. 16. 20. 38. 68, VO.^, 

103, 109, 141. 142. 145. 154 

Newsome. Leslie 67 
Newton, Ashley 125 
Nicely. Orion 59 
Nicholas, Derrell 126 
Nichols, Michael 103 
Nickerson, Chris 26, 136 
Niebrugge, Jon 103 
Nielsen, Erica 136 
Niemann, Kim 58, 59, 136 
Niemeier, Ashley 137 
Nieto, Hugo 34, 1 16 
Nighohossian, Kyla 50. 137 
Nigmatyanou. Evganiy63 
Nikolauzyk, Amber 64. 116 
Nimmo, Josh 103 
Nix, Kara 2, 137 
Noeldner. Jason 103 
Nolan, Ashley 26, 126, 141 

Nolda, Scott 2, 35, 84, 116 
Norman, Amy 137 
Norrenberns, Bernard 126 
Norton, Jonathan 31, 65, 103, V 
Novack, Blake 137 
Nowell, Rebecca 31 
Nowland, Adam 126 

O'Donnell, Steven 37, 137, 153 

O'Rear, Calvin 65, 116 

O'Brien, Shane 116 

O'Connor, Meghan 1 16 

O'Donnell, Brian 103 

Oberto, Ashley 126 

Occhipinti, Maria 62 

Odum, Cody 65, 126 

Oglesby, Travis 137 

Ohlemeier, Jennifer 116 

Ohnesorge, Chad 65, 116 

Ohnesorge, Ryan 65, 137 

Olds, Cale 44 

Olson. Dr. Duane 22, 90 

Olson, Jody 126 

Ostertag, Rachael 64, 74, 91, 103, 143 

Ottmger, James 22 

Oughton, Laura 103 

Owens, Brandon 103 

Owens, Eric 103 

Owens, Kamara 32, 34, 57, 69, 73, 1 16, 1 1? 

Ozturk, Dr Feza 46 

Pace, Dawn 104 
Packard, Renee 38 
Packard, Renne 38 
Paisley, Kristina 22, 116 
Pajares, Anna 137 
Palm, Eric 61, 116 
Palovcsik, Michelle 116 
Paluczak, Jamie 104 
Park, Kelsey 60. 91 , 116 
Parke, Russell 65, 116 
Parker, Terry 116 
Parrott, Ashley 64, 137 
Parsons, Dr Brian 44 
Pastore, Vinni 137 
Patterson, Dr Martha 31, 44 
Pawlow, Tom 68 
Paxton, Dylan 137 
Peck, Michele 44 
Pegues, Tiara 59, 137 
Pennell. James 104 
Peroux, Charles 78 
Perry, Jordan 59, 126 
Peters, Zach 66, 126 
Pettersen, Sara 58, 59, 104 
Petterson Jr , Donny 83, 116 
Pettibone, Dan 6, 53, 137 

Pezold, Jacob 126 

Phemister. Aaron 55, 137 

Phiffer, CellyCelle 116 

Phiffer, Darion 126 

Pickerell, Jennifer 44 

Pieper, Ben 26, 116 

Pierce, Debra 13 

Piland, Amy 126 

Pingolt, Eric 1, 104 

Pingsterhaus, Anna 104 

Pino, Clenis 78 

Poelker, Caitlin 126 

Pogue, Colene64, 104 

Poignee, Brandon 126 

Poland, Robert 137 

Polka, Eric 7, 137 

Pollmann, Allen 1 16 

Poison, Kyle 137 

Ponder, Undsev 50, 137 

Ponder, Zachary 116 

Porter, Amanda 1 37 

Porter, Katherine 24, 32, 126 

Posey, Braden 10, 14,83, 126 

Poston, Holly 116 

Poston, Lucas 65, 104 

Povolish, Aaron 75 

Power, Marcus 53 

Prather, Amanda 104 

Prendergast, Antonio 104 

Prestininzi, Dane 137 

Prince, Michael 75 

Prine, Leah 1 16 

Pritchard, Mallory 31. 104 

Prokopf, Ashlee 126 

Puckett, Bill 7, 51. 137 

Pullen. Josh 8, 22, 75. 76. 116. 141 

Pullum, Jacinda 137 

Puloka, Deanne 1, 72, 78, 90, 126 

Purcell, Andrew 126 

Purcell, Melissa 137 

Puskar, Ramona 34, 104 


Quick, Samantha 69, 87, 91 
Ouinn, Daniel 37 
Ouirin, Amy 23, 64, 116 
Ouisenberry, Dr Neil 44 


Raabe, Jennifer 126 

Rahmoeller, Maggie 40, 72, 126 

Ralph, Jason 137 

Ramos, Amber 22, 23, 76, 126, 141 

Rapp, Whitney 104 

Rasmussen, Rebecca 116 

Ratermann, Amy 126 

Ratermann, Jaclyn 104 

Ratermann, Tiffany 72, 85, 86, 9 1 , 116 

Rathmann, Josh 65, 137 

Ray, Christopher 54, 137 

Reader, Ashlie 22, 75 

Ready, Jessica 126 

Reckman, Devon 31 

Rednour, Zackery 104 

Reece, Lauren 104 

Reece, Omar 116 

Peed, Amy 137 

Reed, Cam 137 

Reed, Erica 64, 137 

Reed, Molly 22, 64, 104 

Reeder, Megan 22, 27, 67, 74, 86, 87, 126 

Reese, Dr Myron 44 

Reeves, Brent 10, 13, 44 

Reeves, Jonathon 104 

Rehmer, Bonnie 116 

Reichelt, Timon 63, 138 

Reid, Kyle 55, 138 

Reilman, Alex 1 38 

Remacher, Sara 1 17 

Rejfek, Jason 138 

Renner, Bridget 31 

Renner, Cory 104 

Rennie, Jamie 105 

Renschen, Emily 138 

Rentz, Shirley 44 

Rhmes, Zachary 24, 27, 29, 72, 82, 86, 126 

Rich, Union 117 

Richards, Dr Timothy 44 

Richardson, Jamie 105 

Richardson, Leon 38, 76, 126 

Richmond, Sandra 44 

Richter, Kaitlyn 22, 31, 57, 69, 86, 126, 141 

Richter, Lindsay 105 

Rickert, Bonnie 105 

Riddle, Jacob 138 

Ridenour, Christopher 105 

Ries, Amanda 105, 147 

Riess, Dr Deanne 44 

Ringhausen, Melissa 60 

Rislev, Kate 22, 69, 85, 86, 117 

Risman, Kelsey 50 

Ritchie, Ashlee 50, 105 

Rivera, Joel 126 

Rivera, Teresa 105 

Roach, Brittany 138 

Robards, Darren 45 

Robert, Andrew 138 

Robert, Mellisa 105 

Roberts, Scott 53, 105 

Robertson, Craig 7, 20 

Robertson, Lacy 105 

Roddy, James 126 

Rodgers, Ericka 105 

Rodriguez, Dr Glenn 45 

Roehng, Rachael 105 

Roever, Cindy 31 

Rogers, Caitlan 138 

Rogers, Robert 1 17 

Rogier, Aaron 37, 82, 105 

Rohman, Jacob 1 17 

Rohman, Wesley 127 

Root, Mark 105 

Rosborg, Dr James 45 

Rose, Jonathan 35, 117 

Rose, Thomas 65, 117 

Rosen, Jamie 127 

Rosenthal, Travis 8, 105 

Rudd, Allen 61, 105 

Rudy, Tim 127 

Ruebhausen, Whitney 31, 36 

Ruesler, John 59, 61, 117 

Ruiz, Miriam 105 

Russell, Lawrence 127 

Rusteberg, Virginia 31 

Rutter, Drew 127 

Rutter, lan 138 

Ryan, Dr Dennis 8, 11 

Ryan, Sarah 50, 127 

Salvato, Allison 74, 91,105, 143 
Salvi, Michael 78 
Sample, Jesse 105 
Sampson, Dr Jean 33, 45 
Sanchez, Andrew 55 
Sanders, Megan 138 
Sanders, Terrell 138 
Sanders, Tonya 138 
Sandy, Mike 45 
Sapp, Josh 138 
Sarver, Lauren 127 
Scalf, Nathaniel 127 
Schaefer-Christ, Lauren 45 
Schallenberg, Dustin 65, 117 
Schanuel, Daniel 1 17 

Schartung, Tonya 35, 67, 127 

Schatz, April 106 

Schellmger, Kate 66, 138 

Schenck, Allison 138 

Scher, Rory 2, 138, 140 

Schieppe, Douglas 31 

Schilb, Devin 117 

Schildknecht, Dustin 53, 127 

Schildknecht, Phil 66 

Schlemmer, Calista 106 

Schloesser, Benjamin 38, 39, 63, 83, 106 

Schmidt, Andrew 138 

Schmidt, Chris 117 

Schmidt, Susan 127 

Schmidt, Theresa 90, 127 

Schneebeli, Melissa 22, 117 

Schneider, Stephanie 117 

Schofield, Jeremy 76 

Schofield. Sarah 6 

Schoon, Jenni47, 50, 127 

Schrage, Brittany 33, 47, 52, 127 

Schrage, Cole 65, 106 

Schreiber, Becky 106 

Schulmeister, Lauren 106 

Schulte, Adam 72, 91, 127 

Schulte, Crystal 106 

Schulte, D'Lisa 45 

Schulte, David 45 

Schulte, Greg 138 

Schulte, Jarid 33, 59, 106 

Schumacher, Carrie 23, 76, 77, 138 

Schuring, Amanda 60, 91, 117 

Schuster, Natalie 106 

Schutt, Dakota 65, 138 

Schutzenhofer, Dr. Michele 34, 45 

Schwartz, Jason 138 

Schwierjohn, Beth 2, 21, 23, 31, 69, 77, 

1 17, 119, 142 

Schwierjohn, Tyler 65, 106 

Schwind, Adam 2, 24, 32, 75, 106. 109, 141 

Scott, Aliza 76, 138 

Scroggins, Tyler 138 

Scucchi, Paul 127 

Sears, Patrick 106 

Sears. Tucker 23, 69, 88, 117, 141 

Seibel, Erica 6, 19, 69, 86, 106, 109, 141, 


Seibert, Allison 106 

Sellers, Cory 106 

Selzer, Bobby 138 

Sergent, Shane 127 

Sertich, John 31 

Session, Craig 65 

Sewell, Danny 45 

Shan, Leah 50. 60. 117 

Shapiro, Gabriel 45 

Sheehan, Donny 50 

Sheldon, Ryan 35, 127 

Sherrer, Adnenne 117 

Shiffer, Mollie 138 

Shorter, Tony 138 

Shrestha, Bhushan 73, 78, 82, 83, 90 

Siegel, Jonathan 106 

Siegler, Danny 106 

Siemer, Henry 138 

Sierra, Holley8, 106 

Sigafoos, Kendra 31, 71, 89, 117, 160 

Siltman, Sydnle 127 

Silvera, Shawn 78 

Simon, Ben 32, 89. 127, 141 

Simpson, Amanda 36, 106 

Simpson, Ronnell 127 

Sims, Kendall 138 

Singleton, Becky 117 

Singleton, Jaious 127 

Sisco, Levi 127 

Siverly, Michael 106 

Smith Jr IV, Eli 138 

Smith, Christopher 139 

Smith, Crystal 139 


Smith, Cail 117 

Smith, George 117 

Smith. Jake 2, 23. 76. 87, 139. 141 

Smith. Jessica 66, 86, 117 

Smith. Jo-Elliott 139 

Smith, John 139 

Smith, Justin 139 

Smith. Kay 31 

Smith, Lynelle 34. 75. 117 

Smith. Megan 67. 82. 117 

Smith, Nicola 58, 107 

Smith, Ryan 139 

Smothers, Nicholas 139 

Smothers, Sarah 40. 117 

Snodgrass, Amanda 127 

Snyder. Amanda 64. 127 

Snyder. Elizabeth 139 

Snyder. Kelli 139 

Sommer. Rebecca 107 

Spanley, Norma 45 

Spargo, Susan 31 

Sparks, Melmda86, 117 

Speicher, Michael 66 

Spells, Robert 117 

Spells. Sandra 117 

Spicer, Ryan 66, 139 

Spirek, Rene 31 

Spotanski, Erin 20, 35, 50, 118 

Spreng, Dr Frank 45 

Springer, Sarah 118 

Sroka, Jimmy 139 

Stacey-Doyle, Dr. Michele 45 

Stahl. Curtis 20 

Stainmez, Max 51, 139 

Stark. Jordan 59. 139 

Statham. Harry 45. 61 

Steele, Brian 59, 127 

Steele. Nicole 23, 64. 139 

Steele. Rod 61. 107 

Stehl. Ashley 118 

Stehlick-Nesbit. Charlene 31 

Stem, Amy 45 

Stemer, Alec 53, 127 

Steirer, Lauren 127 

Stenson ill. James 127 

Stephens. Karl 45 

Steward, Kelli 31 

Stewart. Ashley 127 

Stewart. Eric 31 

Stewart, Nancy 45 

Stier, Michael 53, 128 

Stine. Justin 107 

Stith, Danielle 128 

Stone, TJ 61. 118 

Stout. Allison 34, 37, 107 

Stoyanov, Ivan 23. 73. 74, 76, 78, 80, 82. 

118, 141 

Straeter, Kelsey35. 59, 128 

Strange, Tim 45, 50 

Strathman, Genevieve 86, 139 

Straub, Jamie 31. 128 

Streif. Shannon 35, 72, 128 

Stroot, Jeff 128 

Stroud. Kassondra2. 128 

Strubel, Dan 128 

Stuckemeyer, Megan 139 

Studlev III, Robert 8, 78, 85. 88, 91 , 107 

Stumpf, Nathan 51. 118 

Stutsman. Jordan 64. 139 

Sullivan. Kyra 59, 118 

Sullivan, Natallia 107 

Sullivan, T A 107 

Sum, Sara 107 

Sweney, Travis 128 

Sykes, vonzetta 15, 19. 20. 22. 91. 107 

Szakielo, Lauren 27, 62. 69. 118. 119 

Tammineedi. Lakshmi 34 
Tardino. Andrea 83, 118 
Taylor. Tiffany 31 
Tebbe, Brent 107 
Tebbe, Bryan 65, 128 
Tebbe. Keith 58. 59, 107 
Tellez, Amy 118 
Tempkins. Anastasia 85 
Tendler. Hershel 118 

Texter. Jenifer 87. 139 

Thatch, Bryan 55, 139 

Thiel, Mary Beth 24. 32. 118 

Thielemann. Jacob 128 

Thoel, Anthony 118 

Thole. Alison 128 

Thoman. Emily 24, 32, 38. 85. 86. 128 

Thoman. Erin 62. 75. 83, 118 

Thomas, Christine 45 

Thomas, Dr Barbara 45 

Thomas. Jamie 23, 59. 118 

Thomas. Jerry 45 

Thomas, Keron 59. 118 

Thomas, Stephanie 22, 128 

Thompson, Amanda 139. 141 

Thompson. Jordan 53, 118 

Thorgren, Kristin 139 

Thorton, Jacob 88 

Thurnau. Shari 139 

Tiede, Kurt 32 

Tift, Emily 86. 118 

Timilsina. Nishant 33. 82. 83. 90. 128 

Timmermann. Crystal 118 

Timmermann. Emily 128 

Toberman. Daniel 31 

Todich. Monica 20 

Toedte, Melissa 107 

Toft, Jacob 139 

Tompkins. Anastasia 128 

Tonnies, Tnsha 107 

Totten, Erin 67. 87, 139 

Touchette, Tabitha 67, 82, 84. 87. 118 

Trantham, Andna 128 

Tribley. Abby 107 

Trotter, Shane 139 

Turner, Byron 128 

Turner, Eric 128 

Turner, Kristen 139 

Turner, Natalie 90, 107 

Turski, Jon 2. 88, 107 

Twombly, Elizabeth 31 


uchitjil, Brittany 139 
Uhe. Ryan 65. 139 
Ulferts, Gretchen 54, 107 
Ullery, Joe 65, 118 
Ulrich. Brittany 107 
Ulrich. Brooke 139 
Unfned. Stacey31,118 
Upchurch, Matthew 107 
Urban. Tom 140 


Vallero. Ashley 108 

Van Putte, Dr Robb 45 

VanMeter, Evan 86. 128 

VanNatta. Daniel 59. 108 

VanScoyk. Evan 73, 140 

VanScoyk, Richard 54, 69, 118 

Varady. Wendy 108 

Vaughn. Amanda 108 

Vaughn. Kris 51 

Vazquez, Liz 108 

Veath, Brittney 22, 34, 128 

Vielweber, Casey 118 

Vigar, Craig 51, 108 

Vintes, Aisha 118 

Virgin, Jordan 7, 76, 140 

Virgin. Kalian 10, 108 

Von Yeast. Dr Yancy 45 

VonDerLinden, Kristin 31. 86. 128 


Waddell. Chelsev 80 
Waeltz, Ruth 31 
Wagner. Michael 118 
Wagner. Steve 140 
Wagner. Tarrah 118 
Wahlig, Jenilyn 52. 64. 108 
walk. Laura 34. 108 
Walker, Ashley 35. 77, 81, 118 
Walker, Chelsea 54, 128 
Walls, Annette 128 

Ward. Kaitlin 64. 128 

Watters. John 33 

Watters, Nicholette 54. 74, 86, 108 

Watts. Jason 31 

Waye, Jermaine 55, 118 

Weathers, Lindsay 19 

Webb, Cathy 60. 64, 140 

Webster, Tara 118 

Weed. Walter 128 

Weems. Michelle 140 

Weier. Cory 108 

Weil, Jill 45 

Weissert, Erica 22, 37, 108 

Weissert, Kimberly 22 

Weller, Holly 31 

Wernle, Nicole 119 

Werts, Elizabeth 140 

Wesselman. Blake 140 

West, Amy 119 

West, Maryl 22, 108 

Weygandt, Sarah 108 

Whatley, Emily 67 

Wheat. Janna 108 

Whetstone. Matt 33. 108 

White, Amanda 72. 91.128 

White, Brittany 26, 72. 140 

White. Gary 25. 59 

White, Kayla64, 119 

White. Maggie 45 

Wicker. Dr Janet 45 

Wiegel. Josephine 119 

Wiegmann, Dr Janice 14, 45 

Wiesner, Sarah 119 

Wilhelm, Bridget 140 

Wilhelm. Dr Philip 38, 45. 46 

Wilhelm, Nicole 33. 81, 128 

Wilhelm, Tiffany 75, 128 

Wilhelm, Tim 75 

Will. Dr Peter 6. 33. 45. 87. 90 

Willett, Ed 46. 90 

Williams, Amanda 108 

Williams. Andrew 7, 66, 140 

Williams. Brandon 59 

Williams, Devin 58, 59, 129 

Williams. Dimitnus55. 129 

Williams. Julius 59 

Williams, Mason 129 

Williams. Terry 108 

Williams, Tim 34, 37,83, 108 

Williamson, Molly 31 

Willman. Ross 65, 119 

Willoughby, Ali 129 

Wilson, Quantarrius 129 

Wingbermuehle, Jeffrey 108 

Winkeler, Danni 119 

Winkeler, Jamie Mane 119 

Winkeler, Laura 74, 119 

Winn, Daniel 140 

Winning, Aaron 55, 129 

Winters, Dr, Susan 46 

Winters, Jared 13, 23, 76. 129, 141 

Winters, Travis 59 

Witcher, Jessica 129 

Witt. Allison 109 

Witte, Lisa 52, 129 

Wittenauer, Jake 77, 78, 83, 129 

Witthaus II, Joseph 31, 89, 109, 160 

Wofford, Amelia 59. 78. 87. 119 

Wolff. Andy 61. 140 

Wolff, Thomas 109 

Wolk. Tanner 55, 129 

Wombacher, Ashley 64 

Wood, Jessica 129 

Woodard, Lindsey 140 

Woolery, Erin 119 

Worden. Jeremy 129 

Workman. Chelsey 129 

Wright, Jessica 140 

Young, Jeffrey 109 
Young. Matthew 140 
Young. Tommy f : 
Young. Trenetia 20, 79, 119 
Yprma. Dr Nancv 41 
Yukna. Dr Jennifer 46 
Yuraitis, Daniel 55. 140 

Zachry. Brooke 35, 60. 119 
Zahn. Brittany 109 
Zanelotti. Dr Kevin 46 
Zanfes, Emily 119 
Zimmerman. Charlie 140 
Zimmerman. Michelle 129 
Zinck, Duncan 140 
Zinck, Paul 46 
Zitta, Emily 119 
Zugmaier. Hayley 66. 119 
Zurliene. Craig 140 


Yakey, Emily 8, 22, 31.76, 129 
Yanko, Elizabeth 50. 140 
Yapsabila. Sophy 58. 59. 119 
York, April 109 
York, Benjamin 129 
Young, Alex 65, 129 
Young, Christina 54, 86, 129 



The 2007-2008 McKendrean, Volume 91, was printed by Jostens at its printing plant in Topeka, KS. 
Pressrun was 150 copies. The cover was designed by the Co-Editors of the McKendrean. "A Whole 
New U" was chosen as the theme to commemorate McKendree College becoming McKendree 
University on July 1, 2007. Each section of the yearbook was given a title using words beginning 
with the letter "u" which pertained to that specific section. The 160-page book was printed on trim 
size 8. Design and layout copy were completed online through Jostens Yearbook Avenue web site. 
Fonts used in the book are: Antique Olive Light, Biq Rrtfoti, Chantilly Light, Oms T^e. Eric Brush, Felt 
Point, Helvetica, High aoai, Regal, 'zAe^u^Auy , Speaking$ty1e, Times, Unitus and University Qoman. 






' ,/} 



(V \ 


\ " 

i t 


. : I