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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

CARL!: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 

2008-2009 ' 

The McKendreai 

Volume 92 

McKendree University 

701 College Road 
Lebanon, Illinois 62254 




■■■■tt w ti 


Clubs $- OrgahizatioHS.... 42 

Athletics 64 



Undergraduate Students: 1205 

Editor: Lauren Hettenhausen 

Advisors: Jeff Campbell, Rachel Doyle, Michele Erschen 

Student Worker: Cretchen Ulferts 

About McKendree University 

Established in 1828 by pioneer iviethodists, McKendree is tlie oldest college in 
Illinois, and the oldest in the nation with continuous ties to the United Methodist 
Church. First called "Lebanon Seminary," the school opened in two rented sheds for 
72 students. In 1830, Bishop William McKendree, the first American-born bishop of 
the Methodist church, permitted the Board of Trustees to change the institution's 
name to McKendree. Later Bishop McKendree deeded 480 acres of rich land in Shiloh 
Valley, Illinois, to help support the College. 

McKendree's students have included many who became pioneers in industry and 
business, who became senators and governors and career public servants, who 
became distinguished military leaders, and who filled pulpits and teaching 
appointments across the land. In July 2007 McKendree College officially became 
McKendree University, making it lllinois's oldest college and newest university. 
McKendree is home to both undergraduate and graduate students in four Masters 
Programs: Education, Nursing, Professional Counseling, and Business Administration. 

The mission of McKendree University is to provide a high quality educational 
experience to outstanding students. McKendree guides its students in the pursuit of 
academic excellence which will prepare them for leadership roles in society. To 
achieve this end, McKendree's faculty and staff encourage broader vision, enriched 
purpose, engagement with community, commitment to responsible citizenship, 
openness to new ideas and dedication to lifelong learning, in keeping with its history 
and traditions, McKendree provides its students with a rigorous, broadly based 
liberal arts curricula joined with specialization in a specific discipline. 

.^ - 


Celebrations bring people together. McKendree has annual events to which 
the campus community looks forward to each fall and spring semester. The 
special events usher in new students, send off graduates into the world; and 
welcome returning alumni and guests. Regardless of his or her direction, each 
person on campus makes an impact on McKendree, and McKendree makes an 
impact on each person whether that person is an incoming student, a returning 
alumnus; or a distinguished speaker. A breath of excitement and sense of 
community fills the air for each of these events-- they are a time for making 
memories and connections. We celebrate the past and present as we look 
toward the future. Though it is difficult to know everyone on campus, it is easy 
to share the common Bearcat bond and McKendree spirit that sweeps through 
the campus. 





Greetings, Bearcats! 

You might be thinking; Why a picture of that one round 
building in the middle of campus? Well, that's a good 
question. I chose to use a photograph of Pearson's Hall 
(that round building) as the focal point of this welcome 
spread for a variety of reasons. Before the reasons, 
though, let's discuss a bit of history. 

Way back before the Hett, before PAC, and before Ames, 
Pearsons Hall served as McKendree College's cafeteria, with 
dormitory halls on either side. (Not Barnett, Baker, or 
Walton!) Did you know that Carnegie and Clark Halls used 
to serve as McKendree's dorms? Upon building a new 
cafeteria and new dorms, upper Pearons Hall was 
converted into an open location for meetings and small 
events; the lower level housed the college bookstore. The 
2008-2009 academic year brought many changes to 
Pearsons Hall yet again. Upper Pearsons, still equipped 
with a kitchen, was converted into a new cafe, "1828", 
named for McKendree's inaugural year as a college. Lower 
Pearsons now holds office space for active registered 
student organizations, providing a place for members of a 
group to come together and work with other RSOs in a 
more efficient manner. 

Inside Pearsons, you can find food, friends, and fellowship 
as students work... work-study jobs, work on homework, 
work to create more opportunitues for invovlement, work 
together, work toward group and individual goals. 
Pearsons was, is, and likely will always be a gathering place. 
McKendree, too, is a gathering place- a meeting of minds 
and hearts, and opportunty to expand ideas, abilities, 
involvement, and friendships, it just gets sweeter with 

McKendree has expanded in size and scope in its 181 years 
as an institue of higher education. Though changes have 
been made and students come and go, the important 
thing to remember is that the goals of McKendree remain 
the same. Pearsons, too, has gone through changes that 
mimic the evolution of McKendree from then to now. 
Interestingly, Pearsons Hall looks almost exactly as it did 
when it was first built. The changes, for the most part, 
have been internal. Remember that a change is not always 
visible from the outside; oftentimes, some of the best 
changes come from within. 

I challenge you, reader, to find how McKendree has 
changed you. Have you done anything to change 
McKendree? How are you connected to McKendree? What 
will you take with you, and what will you leave behind? As 
you page through this annual, take the chance to make the 



McKendrean Editor "^ 

McKendree University 

New Students, New Opportunities.... 

And thus it begins. 

Senior Rick Fagan leads the 
procession of faculty into tiie 
convocation ceremony to 
officially start tine year. 

Welcome to McKendree! 

Junior Heath Bryan checks a first-year student 
into her room 

New Student orientation is designed to 
lielp students transition from liigh scliool 
life to life at iVlcKendree. TInrough various 
activities such as group ice breal<ers, the 
playfair, community service, and the 
summer reading book discussion, students 
mal<e lasting friendships, learn about 
McKendree, and become more familiar with 
the campus. 

Let me do it, Mom! 

First year students settle into 
their new rooms as nervous 
parents want to help. 




lunch with 






New Student Orientation 

Endless Possibilities 

Making friends with neiginbors. 

Community members thanl< 
McKendree students for their help 
cleaning up a yard. 

What's going on? 

First year students participate in 
a team-building playfair activity 
duhng NSO. 

Top: Workin' hard for the city. 

First-year student Kayla Fowler worl<s 
dilegently on her "Into The Streets" project. 

Center: Hang on tight! 

First year students are hypnotized to think 
they are on a roller coaster during the playfair. 

Bottom: we are here to pump... you... UP! 

Seniors Jenny Mennerick, Emily Cavilsky and 
Erin Thoman are excited to be leading NSO 

Top: Kum Ba Yah! 

students meet with thier groups to 
discuss the day's activities 

Center: Cettin' down with their 
bad self. 

First year students get their 
boogey on at the play fair during 

Bottom: Making a difference. 

Seniors Aisha Vintes and Casie 
Arentsen, set a positive example 
for incoming students. 7 

Senior Farewell Service 

A new tradition bidding gcxxibye to graduating seniors 

On the eve of graduation, seniors and their families gathered in the 
Hettenhausen Center for the Arts to hear messages from faculty, staff, and 
students at the Senior Farewell Service which began commencement weekend 
celebrations. The choir participated in this program, which focused around the 
aspect of service, and members of the Senior Class Gift Committee presented the 
gift from the graduating class of 2009. A slideshow of photos from the past four 
years concluded the event. 

Food for thought... 

Reverend Tim Harrison, McKendree's 
Chaplain, poses with Reverend Sara L. 
Isbell. Harrison opened the Senior Farewell 
Service with a welcome and prayer, and 
Isbell delivered a speech entitled, "Letters 
of Recommendation " 

B ^ .^^^"""-^^^ ->rgT^ 


Scripture reading. 

Senior Gail Smith, a Bothwell Scholar, reads 
from Psalm 55 after the opening prayer of 
the Senior Farewell Service. Smith also 
sang in the Concert Choir at the service. 

Presentation of the senior Class Gift 

Senior Sami Leonard represents the Senior 
Class Gift Committee as she presents a 
monetary donation from the Class to 2009 
to McKendree University's Annual Fund 
totaling nearly $3,500. 

Special thanks. 

Seniors Becky Lindstrom and Jeremy 
Alexander give thanks to McKendree 
faculty and staff along with a general 
thank you to the friends and families of 
the graduating seniors for their love and 

Graduation Celebration Dinner 

Friends and famiy dine with soon-to-be graduates 

Seniors and their guests were able to sit bacl< and relax for one final meal at 
McKendree. The Graduation Celebration Dinner was held immediately following the 
Senior Farewell Service on the Circle Drive. Exquisite service was provided by 
McKendree University faculty, staff, alumni board members and university trustees 
and a local combo, including McKendree University Music Department faculty, 
provided entertainment for the evening. 

A Family Affair 

Senior and international student 
Kumud Bhandari stands alongside 
his father who traveled from Nepal 
for the commencement weekend 

Tea, anyone? 

Dr, Tami Eggleston 
keeps seniors and their 
guests hydrated with 
tea, water and punch. 

A Fountain Photo Op with Friends 

Seniors Cari Adams, Sara Reinacher and 
Michelle Fohne smile in front of the 
fountain. Students and their guests 
could get free photos taken which 
printed immediately and served as 
great keepsakes from the event. 

Signature, please! 

(Above) Seniors Lauren Hettenhausen (left) 
and Heather Belmonte (right) sign the Class 
of 2009 Banner. 

Unbeatable service. 

As if the faculty and staff at McKendree 
had not done enough for the 2009 Senior 
Class, individuals volunteered as servers at 
the graduation celebration dinner. 

: ^ 


Seniors and their 
guests enjoyed a 
variety of graduation- 
themed desserts, 
including a massive 
cap and tassel five- 
layer cake. 

Music sets the mood. 

Light, upbeat jazz notes flowed 
through the circle drive as graduating 
seniors, family, friends, and others 
from the McKendree community 
reminisced and looked toward the 

169th G)mmencement 

commencement marked the end of one chapter and beginning of 
another for new 2009 graduates. ivlcKendree university conferred 857 
degrees upon one of the largest graduating classes in its 181 -year history 
during the I69th commencement exercises on Saturday, May 9, held on 
the front lawn of the Lebanon, IL. campus. This year's ceremony also 
marked the I50th anniversary of the first ringing of the historic Bothwell 
Chapel bell. 

"We think we've prepared you to do well and to do good," said Dr. 
James M. Dennis, university president, in his closing remarks, he 
challenged the new graduates "to reach out to others, help someone, 
make a difference, do the right thing, i know you will do well; I challenge 
you to do good!" 

McKendree conferred 856 degrees total: 321 masters degrees, 532 
bachelors degrees and four associates degrees. Four students earned two 
degrees. One-hundred-sixty-two graduated with honors: 33 summa cum 
laude, 70 magna cum laude and 59 cum laude. The event recognized 
graduates who completed their degree requirements in August and 
December 2008 and May 2009. 

Students from six countries and 20 states made up the Class of 2009 and 
females outnumber males two-to-one. This year's youngest graduate was 
20; the oldest was 60. They were part of the largest student body in school 
history and experienced several milestones, notably McKendree's 
transition from a college to a university in 2007. Many gathered during 
new student orientation in August 2008 to form the world's largest "U" in 
the circle drive around the fountain. They witnessed the opening of the 
Russel E. and Fern M. Hettenhausen Center for the Arts in 2006, and new 
facilities including the 1828 cafe-lounge and a larger bookstore in 2008. 

At the graduation ceremony Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters 
degrees, the university's highest honor, were bestowed upon three 
individuals: State Senator Frank c. Watson (R-5lst District) of Greenville, IL; 
U.S. congressman Jerry Costello (D-lllinois 12th District) of Belleville, IL; and 
the Rev. Ralph Totten of woodlawn, IL a 26-year member of the Board of 

Dr. Alan Alewine, associate professor of mathematics, received the 
William Norman Grandy Faculty Award, an honor given annually by the 
Alumni Association to one outstanding faculty member recommended by 
students, faculty and staff. The award recognizes personal commitment to 
students, the ideals promoted by McKendree, and community 
participation. It is named in honor of Dr. Grandy, who served from 1952 to 
1968 as professor of philosophy and religion, dean of students, academic 
dean and interim president. Lauren Hettenhausen received the Technos 
International College Award, given each year to a senior who has 
demonstrated leadership, outstanding academic achievement and a 
commitment to promoting international understanding. The award is 
sponsored by the Tanaka ikueikai Educational Trust. C. Lawrence Meggs 63, 
a trustee and Alumni Association president, welcomed the new graduates 
into the university's alumni organization. 

Movin' on up! 

Sami Leonard and Michele Erschen, 
Director of Communications pose for 
one last photoas student worl<der and 

-; / 

This calls for a wee bit 
of merriment. 

Tlie traditional bagpiper 
leading the processional 

All in the family. 

First-vear student Doug Mennerick 
(Left) and brother, Greg '07 (Right) join 
sistei Jenny on her graduation. 

A Shoulder to lean on. 

Good friends Jeremy Alexander 
and Amelia Wolford 

Saturday, May 9, 2009 


President Dennis hands Erin Thoman her 

McKendree Families 

(Above) Jerry Thomas, Vice 
President of Institutional 
Advancement, congratulates 
his daughter, Christine 
Thomas, a McKendree 
admission counselor, on the 
completion of her IVIasters 

(Below) Pam Chambers, an 
employee of McKendree, 
and her son Andrew 
Chambers celebrate their 
Bachelors degrees together. 

One final task. 

Cradutes lined up in alphabetical order 
by school (above) then processed into 
the Commencement ceremony to 
"Pomp and Circumstance" (below). 

Another stage... 

Graduates walked across the 
McKendree stage as they received their 
diplomas and were congratulated by 
University staff members, 
commencement marked the end of 
this "stage" of life and marked the 
beginning of a new chapter. 

All smiles. 

egan Myrick is a proud 
member of the Class of 2009! 

Academic regalia, galore! 

Dr. Melissa Barfield-Works (left) and Dr. James 
Cook (right) congratulate Dr. J. Alan Alewine 
(center), who received the William Norman 
Crandy Faculty Award. h 

Spotlight Series 

The Hett Presents*.. 

Since the grand opening of 
the Hett in 2006, McKendree's 
Spotlight Series each year has 
been a huge success as it brings 
in acts from all genres of art. 
This year McKendree and its 
surrounding community 
welcomed a wide variety of 
performances ranging from 
groups like The New Shanghai 
Circus to distinguished 
speakers like Dr. Eboo Patel, 
founder of interfaith Youth 
Core. Animal expert Jack Hanna 
brought a real, live bearcat on 
stage during his presentation! 

Many of these events were 
sold out months in advance and 
several of the events were free 
of charge to students. 

Promoting tolerance. 

Dr, Eboo Patel, founder of 
Interfaith Youth Core, shared his 
vision of building up 
understanging and respect 
between youth from all 
backgrounds and religions. 

Come one and all 

Jack Hanna shows off some of 
his animal friends, and shares his 
fascinating and humorous 

Come swing with us! 

String of Pearls Big Band 
Orchestra and a full cast of 
singers and dancers helped us 
reminisce during a sensational 
performance of I940's music. 


Rising-star, Denise Thimes, 
dazzles us with her wonderful 
modern jazz vocal skills. 


Rockin' the strings! 

Quartet San Francisco honored 
American Composer Raymond 
Scott by performing several of 
his compositions. 


Alley II is one of the most popular 
dance companies in the world 
and shows us why it is known for 
merging the country's best 
young dance talent with 
outstanding emerging 

Brown Bag Series 

Explore and grow one sack lunch at a time 

Alternative Spring Breal< 

Juniors Kaitlyne MotI, Stephanie Tliomas, Katie Richter, 
Emily Yakey and Jeff Dillow and senior Josh Pullen 
discussed their Spring Break 2008 experience in 

Local celebrities 

Cabe Shapiro (center) welcomed K, Curtis Lyie, left and 
David A.N, Jackson, right, as presenters. 


Let's kill the prince! 

Junior Ben Simon and first-year 
student Chelsea Arnold plot to kill 
prince in a scene from the Spring 
production "The Love of Three 


Video gaming guru 

Bob Gill discussed career 
opportunities in the video game 

A full house 

McKendree students, faculty, and staff gather during their lunch 
breaks for a Brown Bag presentation. 

McKendree University hosted "Brown Bags" every 
Wednesday at noon. Brown Bags tool< place in PAC 
222 and were intended to be a setting in which 
students, faculty and staff could bring their lunches 
and see a presentation. Each week, the Brown Bag 
boasted a different, interesting topic featuring 
presenters from within and outside of the McKendree 
comnnunity. Brown Bags gave participants the 
opportunity to share their personal experiences, views, 
and talents, and learn from those around them. The 
variety of topics offered something for everyone! 



Annual Trip and Scholarship Award 

Japan, here we are! 

Sophomore Miranda Linneman, 
junior Sarah Monical and Dr, Peter 
Will post in Japan in June 2008, 

Making friends 

Miranda has already found a friend 
or did he find her? 

Technos Award 

Lauren Hettenhausen received the 
Technos Award during 
Commencement ceremonies on 
Saturday, May 9, 2009, Lauren 
traveled to Japan on the Technos 
Trip in 2005. 

What an experience! 

Sarah and Miranda (center of photo) meet other Technos participants in the 
airport upon arrival in Tokyo, 

Technos international Week was created by Dr. Kenji 
Tanaka, founder of the Tanaka ikueikai Educational Trust, to 
strengthen the ties between the United States and Japan. 
Since 1990 the university has been active In creating 
International ties with Technos international College, Tokyo, 
Japan, of which Dr. KenjI Tanaka Is past-chairman. Each year, 
since 1992, McKendree and the Tanaka Foundation have 
worked together to select students and a McKendree 
professor to participate in a two week educational and 
cultural exchange with the Technos International College. 
Students and faculty from other universities in the United 
States as well as from one of Oxford's colleges in England 
and a college from Auckland, New Zealand also participate in 
this annual trip. In order to be selected for the trip, 
McKendree students must be a first-year student or 
sophomore, be nominated by a professor, write an essay, 
and participate In an interview. 

The Technos Award is given annually to one graduating 
senior at the Commencement ceremony who demonstrated 
outstanding leadership, academics, Involvement, and 
commitment to International understanding while at 





The students at McKendree university breatiie new life into the 
campus each year. During their time at ivlcKendree, students are more 
than academics, volunteers, and members of organizations. iVlcKendree 
students know how to have a good time! From Homecoming weekend 
to Spring Fling, the fall and spring semesters are filled with good times. 
These opportunities help students kick back and relax as they connect 
with others on campus. Some students find their homes in the dorms 
while others experience international travel. All of these opportunities 
help students learn and grow as they make connections with those 
around them outside of the classroom. 



Fall Family Weekend 

Staying connected with f anuly and friends 

McKendree University understands the 
importance of staying connected witli family. 
Therefore, the university welcomed family and 
friends to celebrate the annual Fall Family 
Weekend held September 12-14, 2008. There 
were tons of fun activities for the family to 
enjoy throughout the weekend including 
entertainment by the very talented 
ventriloquist Lynn Trefzger, family karaoke, 
crazy inflatable mazes, and an assortment of 
fun carnival activities held in the intramural 
gymnasium. Families also enjoyed the fifth 
annual tailgate party, where McKendree 
hosted Chili Jam, a chili cook-off contest. 
After the tailgate party, the first night football 
game in over 80 years was played. McKendree 
played Marian College in an exciting game, but 
unfortunately the Bearcats lost 28-21. 

Sing it man! 

This student sings 
karaoke in the lair during 
IVlcKendree family Idol^ 

One talented lady. 

Lynn Trefzger and all of 
her friends performed 
for McKendree 
September 12, 2008, 


Holly Karner and sister 
Kate Karner smile for a 
quick pic before the 
ventriloquist show. 






Say a little prayer. 

Mindy Kamp molds 
praying hands. 

Gettin' her hands 

Even the youngest 
siblings got in on the fun. 


Oh, say can you see! 

McKendree cheerleaders proudly display the American flag as 
they help the Bearcat Marcing Band and Dance Team kick off 
the Fall Family Weekend football game. 


Fall Family 
provided many 
opportunities for 
fun, such as 
inflatabled boxing. 

Pouring over her 

This young girl creates 
sand art by filling a 
bottle with colorful 
layers of sand. 

Fall PUy 

Who done it? 

Musically motivated? 

The cast from the fall play, "Musical Comedy Murders of 1940", tries to look innocent. 
From left to right: Tina Edwards, Ben Simon, Dennis Bisto, Kristen Eckstadt, Libby 
Mowers, Paul Kruta, Danny Kupferer, Emily Thoman, Michael Hues, Katie Kee. 

Behind the scenes. 

The stage crew peeks 
out from behind the 
revolving bookcase for a 
photo. From top to 
bottom: Edward Cillman, 
Katharine Porter, Mary 
Beth Thiel, Alissa Miley, 
Kamara Owens, Marl 
Danielle Larson 

Love at first sight! 

Junior Kristen Eckstadt, 
playing a dancer, and senior 
Dennis Bisto, playing a 
struggling comedian, share a 
"moment" sitting at the 


Far Left: Emily Thoman 
leans on the piano and 
gives the camera a 
mysterious stare. 

Caught with your pants 

Junior Tina Edwards, playing 
a German maid, catches 
sophomore Danny Kupferer, 
playing an Irish tenor, in an 
embarrassing situation! 


Dramtic lyricist Berneice 
/^Roth, played by Emily 
Thoman, and 
flamboyant composer 
Roger Hopewell, played 
by Paul Kruta, find a 
dead maid in the closet. 

This year's fall play, Musical 
Comedy Murders of 1940, 
entertained a full auditorium in 
the Hett from October 30th to 
November 2nd with a riveting 
storyline: The Stage Door Slasher 
is on the loose, and New York 
City sergeant, Michael Kelly, has 
intentions of putting the maniac 
behind bars. The plan was to 
gather the same production 
crew, unbeknownst to most of 
them, that created the musical 
where the murderer first struck. 
Everyone was reunited on a 
horrible blizzarding night at the 
home of Elsa von 
Crossenkneuten, wealthy 
daughter of a German 
intellegance expert, "to conduct 
a backers audition for a new 
musical". Things went terribly 



March along with us! 


mascot, Bogey the 
Bearcat, tosses 
candy to the 
masses lining the 

Struttin' their stuff I 

The McKendree Marching Band does the 
Bearcat strut as they march through 
Lebanon, playing the McKendree fight 


Fratenitv pride! 

Danny Kupferer and Kat Porter ride 
on the Sigma Nu float dressed in their 
best to impress. 




Bearcat nobility 

Senior Amelia Wofford, homecoming 
court participant rides on the back of 
a convertible smiling at the parade- 


Every year McKendree's 
homecoming week is full of fun 
and wacky events such as baby 
bottle drinking contest, tricycle 
races, four-legged relay races, a 
tug of war, scavenger hunts, a 
chili cook off, a variety show, 
and many more. Each event 
gives students the opportunity 
to show their bearcat pride and 
earn points for their team. The 
team with the most points at 
the end of homecoming week 
wins the Spirit Title. This year 
Sigma Nu won the title and 
bragging rights. 

The homecoming parade was 
held on Saturday, October 11, 
2008. There were lots of festive 
floats decorated by various 
McKendree organizations, and 
the Bearcat Marching Band 
strutted their stuff proudly 
bellowing out McKendree's fight 

war... what is it good for? 

Tug-0-War during the Bearcat ^^^^ 
games helped teams earn points 
toward winning the Bearcat 

What a gracious l(ing! 

Jeremy Alexander, crowned 
homecoming king, reaches for 
more candy to throw to the 
kids in the crowd. 

Oh, baby! 

Kaitlyne MotI regresses back 
to her earlier childhood as she 
competes in the Baby Bottle 
Chugging Contest. 


Game Sr Events 

Flag It! 

The Dance Team shows 
their whirling and 
twirling abilities during 
the Homecoming 
Football Came Half-Time 

_0n your feet! 

^ A group of fans shows 
Iftheir support during 
■the Homecoming 
football game. The 
stands were packed 
with sea of purple and 
white as students and 
Alumni gathered to 
root on the Bearcats! 

Moving the Ball 

Corey Hams, Elton Weed, Steve Moravec, Bryan Edgar, and 
David Bergschneider form a line, and prepare to take away 
some yardage from Trinity. 

^Came of hoops anyone? 

Father and daughter 
enjoy the basketball 
inflatable placed in the 
quad during homecoming 

Homecoming Court 

The 2008 Homecoming Court Candidates pause 
for a photo before the parade. They included 
junior Justin Titsworth, senior Becky Lindstrom, 
senior Jeremy Alexander, senior Amelia Wofford, 
junior Bridget Buckley, senior Sara Darnold, and 
junior Katie Richter. 

You up for the challenge? 

One of the crowd's favorite 

inflatables during 

homecoming weekend was 

the obstical course. 

Participants race through 

inflated bars and tunnels and 

climb wails. 

HHP'^HF''^ "« 








^^^L.-s ^H 




1 I^^Im 


Senior Jeremy 
Alexander and 
junior Katie 
Richter were 
crowed 2008 
King and Queen 
before the 
football game. 




What a "thrilling" night! 

Dancers bust a move to the classic 
"Thriller" by Michael Jackson^ The 
Marching Bearcat Band also 
performed this song dunng a medley 
of Michael Jackson tunes at the half- 
time show of the Homecoming 
football game. 

The Homecoming 
festivities came to a close 
Saturday, October 11, 2008 
during tlie Homecoming 
Dance held at the Regency 
Conference Center in 
O'Fallon, IL 

Dancing the night away! 

Senior Adam Schwind and first-year 
student Chelsea Arnold having a good 
time "cuttin' a rug" on the dance 


Lovely Ladies 

This group of students enjoy the 
"photo op" on the staircase to 
nowhere at the Regency 
Conference Center. 


Silly throwbacks! 

The homecoming dance presented 
the opportunity for party-goers to 
sport fashions from the past. Here 
alums, Christopher Dulaney, Curtis 
Stahl and Aaron Povolish and 
Senior Adam Schwind give a 
promiscuous pose for the camera. 

Taking time to pose 

Senior Mindy Kamp poses with 
Homecoming Queen Katie Richter. 

Let It Snow 

Winter weather wakes hibernating students 

Reindeer Games 

I (Above) Students make use of the 
fresh white flakes with snowball 
fights and sledding on the quad. 
(Left) Others, like sophonnore 
Mallorv Neisler, simply bundle up 
and relax as they view the winter 
wonderland Jack Frost thrust 
upon McKendree's campus! 
(Below) When they see the 
sparkling campus grounds, 
students, faculty and staff can't 
help but feel warm inside even 
when McKendree's campus is 
covered in white! 

Christmas "Angels 

The McKendree Center for Public 
Service sponsored "Angel Trees" 
throughout campus, containing the 
names and ages of underprivledged 
children in the area. Individuals or 
groups could choose names from the 
tree and purchased both fun and 
practical gifts to help make Christmas 
a litte bit brighter for these children. 

Spring PUy 

The Love of Three Omnges 

Two out of three aint bad 

Ali Miley and Tinah Edwards (two 
of the three oranges) make a play 
for Dennis Bisto. 

Come with me 

Michael Humes (left) and Dennis 
Bisto (right) each attempt to 
persuade Grace Fisher to go with 


The Spring Play proviijed an evening of laughter 
and light-hearted fun with its presentation of The 
Love of Three Oranges at the Hettenhausen Center 
for the Arts. In this play by Hilary DePiano, based on 
an improvisational commedy scenario by Carlo Gozzi, 
the Kingdom of Hearts is in trouble. The crown 
prince and heir to the throne, Prince Tartaglia, is 
suffering from a dire illness--terminal hypochondria. 
His father, the king, will do anything to cure him. But 
Tartaglia isn't ill; hes being targeted by an evil witch, 
who will stop at nothing to get her revenge. 

The show starred junior Mike Humes as Prince 
Tartaglia, junior Libby Mowers as the witch Fata 
Morgana, first-year students Brad Cebben as King 
Silvio and Chelsea Arnold as Princess Clarice, senior 
Dennis Bisto as the clown Truffaldino, junior Ben 
Simon as the scheming Leandro, and senior Mary 
Britton-Tiede as Fata's henchwoman Smeraldina. 

Cast and Crew 

The entire cast and crew enjoyed the spring production of 
The Love of Three Oranges. 

Founders^ Day 

McKendree's 181st Birthday 

Happy birthday to you 

The Cheerleaders bring a giant 
cake to half-court to begin the 

The campus celebrates Founders' Day 2009 

University President Dr. Jim Dennis, Dr. Neil Quisenberry and 
several students joined in singing "Happy Birthday" in Ames Hall 
during lunch on February 20, 2009. Additional activities included a 
celebration during the Men's and Women's Basketball games on 
February 21 and inflatable games in the Intramural Gym. 

Looking for a place to park... 

Dr. Tami Eggleston and Provost 
Dr. Chris Bahr relive their favorite 
childhood memories. 23 

Around Campus 

Spring has sprung at McKendree! 

Top: Dr. DeWall's 
English class takes 
advantage of a nice 
spring day. 

Right: There are a 
couple of perfect spots 
on campus to play 


Alternative Spring Break 

A Mission Trip to Jamaica 

During Spring Breal< 2009, the Cross Cultural Practicum class went to Jamaica 
to build homes. Students and faculty who participated include: Front row: 
Catherine Mallon, Sheree Davis, Vinette Maxwell (recipient) Dr. Neil Quisenberry 
and Hillary Mines. Middle row: Bridget Buckley, Meesheca Hickman, Emily Zitta, 
Stephanie Thomas, Dr. Brenda Boudreau and Audley Harrison (guide). Back row: 
Dr. Duane Olson, Jordan Hurd, Jerod Henderson, Brooke Ulrich and Jeff Dillow. 
The group is pictured in front of the home that they built for Vinette Maxwell. 


Spring Fkng 

Activities, Animals, Artists, and Automobiles on the Quad 

Spring Fling 2009 offered many opportunities for 
iVlcKendree students, faculty and staff and community 
members to have fun on the Quad. CAB hosted its first 
annual Spring Fling Chalk the Circle Event and turned 
the Circle Drive into a blank canvas to fill! Also new to 
Spring Fling was the Dust Off Car Show featuring local 
area auto enthusiasts and their vehicles, and the Spring 
Fling Wing Thing, a competition between local 
restaurants to see who had the best chicken wings! 
Spring Fling featured activities and events, including: a 
caricature artist, inflatable entertainment, washer and 
bag games, community service project sponsored by 
Alpha Phi Omega, games, music, and food! Participants 
could also sign up for the next American Red Cross 
Blood Drive, make their own ringtone, photo button, 
keychain, or magnet, and get their photos taken with 
McKendree University's own mascot. Bogey the Bearcat! 
Additionally, Spring Fling featured a petting zoo, a K9 
demonstration from the Lebanon, IL Police Department, 
and a karate and defense demonstration from Members 
of Bushido Ryu, a student martial arts club at 

Dorm Life 

*Cuz it*s more than just a place to sleep 

Residence Life strives to create an atmosphere of respect, friendship, and 
encouragement in the dorms and other campus housing. In addition to housing students 
on campus, the dorms provide unique opportunities to meet people, enjoy new things, 
and mal<e lasting memories while at school. With programs to bring you out of your 
room, and best friends down the hall, 

the dorms are more than just housing; ~ ^ 

the dorms are 

SSuHS-V-Ki^iJSSiJl -isS:'. 



A Semester Abroad 

Expanding Horizons 

Cicely Green 

Sami Leonard 

Dr. Haskins 

Senior Sami Leonard and sopliomore Cicely Green both tool< advantage of 
iVlcKendree's young study abroad program and enjoyed a semester overseas. 
Green studied in London, England; she commented, "The most important thing I 
have learned from studying abroad is to simply live your life. Yes, I have become 
more cultural aware and able to survive on my own, which is of course greatly 
beneficial. But studying abroad and traveling helped me realize that we only live 
once, so we should enjoy life and never think twice about doing something that 
we desire. matter what." Leonard studied in Paris, France. She stated, "I chose 
to study abroad because I am an International Relations major and I wanted to 
experience living in a different culture. Traveling is nice, but until you spend a 
good chunk of time living somewhere, you cant really know what that place is like. 
Living somewhere is about knowing where to find a grocery store, learning how to 
get around and experiencing all that a city has to offer the good, the bad and the 
just plain hard." During their time in Europe, both Green and Leonard had the 
opportunity to travel to other countries, including Poland and Ireland. With trips 
to ancient ruins and bustling cities in between classes kept them busy during the 

McKendree's Professor of Speech Communication, Dr. William Haskins, spent a 
semester in China teaching at Shenzhen University, north of Hong Kong in south 
east China. Dr. Haskins kept an online blog of his experience. In his final post, he 
wrote, "My time in China has been nothing short of amazing. My Chinese students 
have asked me what I will say if people want to know my impressions of China. I 
told them that I would say, 'China is beautiful and so are its people and culture.' I 
cannot find any better way to express my views of China." 


One of the main reasons students embark on the college journey is 
to further their education. Students and faculty members submerse 
themselves in the world of adademia. Though majors, minors, and 
interests differ, we all share common ground in the persuit of 
knowledge... and usually a degree! we all showcase the same drive and 
similar goals. The college classroom opens our eyes to new views, new 
opportunities, and new friendships. Honor societies recognize those 
who pursue excellence in their field, connecting them with national and 
international organizations for adademics and professional 




Phi Kappa Phi 

Phi Kappa Phi Inductees 2008-2009 

Juniors: Emily Anderson, Bridget Buckley, Stephanie Coartney, Thomas Dison, Emily Eilermann, Julie Frizzo, Catherine Cillham. 

Amanda Graham, Brittney Koerkenmeier, Hannah McDowell, Kaitlyne MotI, Susan Schmidt, Richard Shaver, Kelsey Straeter, Shari 

Thurnau, Nicole Wilhelm, Tiffany Wilhelm. 

Seniors: Christopher Banks, Paula Blair, John Dahlhauser, Sabnna Dennison, Margaret Edwards, Janice Eveker, William Ferguson, 

Terri Foster, Alicia Hiller, Amber Jansen, Elizabeth Jeremiah, Melissa Johnson, Jennifer Lawson, Joseph Lofink, Samantha Marvel, 

Mallory Maschhoff, Christopher Miller, Melissa Peak,; Kaitlyn Richter, Brian Ross, Jamie Smith, Lynelle Smith, Sarah Smothers, Alison 

Thole, Erin Thoman 

Graduate Students: Fannie Acoff, Amy Boggs Catherine Chaplain, Connie Clendenin, Eric Dickerson, Cynthia Cavilsky, Michelle 

Gellhaus, Karen Cerstner, Barbara Harnist, Lori Hartman, Anjae Hatley, Tamara Hayden, Sharon Holland-Welge, Paula Hubbard, Tara 

Hurley, Kevin Kuerz, Lisa Lovett, Elizabeth McKeown, Katie Otey, Eric Owens, Mary Peranich, Stacie Porter, Jared Simmons, Denise 

Varel, Melody Wafler, Alvena Walker, Rachel Woods, Brian Zurek. 

Alumni: Jeffrey Campbell, Jennifer Pickerell, Matthew Olmsted. 

Faculty: Dr. Dawn Hankins Staff: Dr. Christine Bahr, Dr. Joseph Cipfl, Rev. Bruce Harrison, 

The oldest, largest, and most selective all- 
discipline honor society. Phi Kappa Phi, heralded its 
sixth year at McKendree. The elite honor society 
was founded in 1897 at the University of Maine and 
has established the motto: Philosophia Krateito 
Photon, Let the Love of Learning Rule Humanity. 
To be invited into the honor society, Juniors must 
be ranked within the top 7.5 percent of their class 
and Seniors must be ranked among the top 10 
percent, students are invited to join Phi Kappa Phi 
through a tapping ceremony conducted in the 
Spring semester. During the ceremony, faculty and 
staff enter classrooms dressed in their academic 
robes, and extend the invitation to each qualifying 
student. Chapter 292 of Phi Kappa Phi welcomed 
77 new members: 17 juniors, 25 seniors, 28 
graduate students, three alumni, one faculty 
member and three staff members on April 16, 2009. 


Future PKP Leadership 

Junior Stephanie Courtney was selected as one 
of the Student Vice-Presidents for the 
incoming class of new PKP members. 


Kappa Delta Pi 

Kappa Delta Pi inductees 2008-2009: 


Courtney Liening 

Lora Blackwell 

Lorraine Under 

jymeka Boyd 

Lisa Lovett 

Joseph Cipfl III 

Dennis Lybarger 

Michelle Cook 

John McGinley 

Michelle Davis 

Malinda McCalmont 

Colleen Day 

Elizabeth McKeown 

Kenneth Detmer 

Ryan Meyer 

Jamie Dienell 

Catherine Neuman 

Dr. Darryn Diuguid 

Amber Nikolauzyk 

Karen Dunn 

Jennifer Ohiemeier 

Jacob Flick 

Eric Pastrovich 

Terri Foster 

Rebecca Rasmussen 

Julie Frizzo 

Zachary Rhines 

Nicholas Fuhler 

Lauren Roney 

Katie Fulierton 

Sarah Ryan 

Melissa Funk 

Renee Ryterski 

Christina Gibson 

Jared Simmons 

Marcy Gibson 

Lynelle Smith 

Donna Goetz 

Amanda Snyder 

Cassandra Guyer 

Ashley Stehl 

Cynthia Hasenstab 

Eric Stewart 

Anjae Hatley 

Ruth Waeltz 

< Jessica Heiden 

Melody Wafler 

Erin Heitman 

Alvena Walker 

Roy Hickman 

Lon Waltman 

Patricia Holmes 

Melissa Wessel 

Erica Huebner 

Joseph Wheeler 

Robin Kelso 

Tiffany Wilhelm 

Veronica Kirkpatrick 

Christina Wolinski 

Nicole Kirk 

Nikki Worms 

Robert Kirk 

Emily Zanfes 

Kappa Delta Pi is an International Education Honor Society 
founded in 1911 and established at McKendree in 1997. It 
honors the top 10 percent of students entering the field of 
education along with award-winning and outstanding 
educators. McKendree's Chi Mu Chapter inducted 63 new 
members on Friday, April 17, 2009. The society inducts only 
those individuals who exhibit the ideals of scholarship, integrity 
of service, and commitment to excellence in teaching and allied 
professions. Founded in 1911 at the university of Illinois, Kappa 
Delta Pi is the largest honor society in education, representing 
572 chapters and more than 45,000 active members. 

Sigma Tail Delta 

Sigma Tau Delta is an international 
English Honor Society founded in 1924. Its 
purpose over the years has been to 
recognize high achievement In the English 
language and literature in undergraduate, 
graduate, and professional studies. The 
requirements for Sigma Tau Delta members 
are to maintain a "B" or equivalent average 
and to be in the top 35 percent of their 
class. McKendree's lota Delta chapter of 
Sigma Tau Delta inducted nine new 
members on May 1, 2009. The officers for 
2008-2009 were President Heather 
Belmonte, Vice-President Lauren Jones, 
Treasurer Stephanie Coartney, and 
Secretary/Historian Lauren Hettenhausen. 

Sigma Tau Delta Members and inductees 2008-2009: 

Front row; Lauren Jones, Stephanie Coartney, Heather 
Belmonte, Lauren Hettenhausen. Middle row: Bobbie 
Carroll Emily Anderson. Back row: Bethany Hinkle, Benjamin 
Simon, Libby Mowers, Katherine Porter, Dr. Nichole DeWall, 
Becky Rasmussen, Monica Jeffers, Dr. John Greenfield, Dr. 
Brenda Boudreau, Kendra Sigafoos. 


/Alpha Psi Onega 



McKendree's Alpha Theta 
Chapter is one of the oldest 
active chapters of the Alpha 
Psi Omega Theater Honor 
Society. The group was 
officially founded in 1925. To 
become a member of Alpha 
Psi Omega, candidates must 
earn points by being part of 
the cast or crew for 
McKendree productions. 
Once the candidates reach a 
certain number they are 
invited to join and become 

2009 Alpha Psi Omega 

Front row: Kamara Owens, Kristen Eckstadt, Dennis Bisto, 
Tinah Edwards, Adam Schwind and Benjamin Simon. Bacl< 
row: Emily Thoman, Kaitie Kee, Michael Humes, Libby 
Mowers, Mary Beth Thiel, Mary Britton-Tiede, Katherine 
Porter and Aija Cillman. 

Membership has its privileges 

Michael Humes, Dennis Bisto and Aija Cillman 
enjoy the benefits of being Alpha Psi Omega 

Another great year 

Mary Britton-Tiede and Kaitie Kee share 
fond memories from the past year's 


Phi Beta Lambda 

Phi Beta Lambda serves to bring 
business and education togetiner in a 
worl<ing partnership. The 
organization seel<s to prepare 
students for careers post-lvlcKendree 
by bringing in speal<ers to share their 
experiences about starting a 
business or for future internship 
opportunities. The members 
attended state and national 
conferences including leadership 
workshops and competitions 
bringing home several awards from 
each conference. This year members 
participated in activities to raise 
money and awareness for the efforts 
of the March of Dimes, assembled 
fleece blankets for Catholic Charities 
of Belleville, worked a haunted trail 
ride, and hosted the Illinois Fall 
Seminar Series. 

Phi Beta Lambda Members 2008-2009 

Front row: James Murphy, Rebecca Linclstrom and Nicki Wilhelm, Middle row; 
Eli Smith, Julius Williams and Ryan Huelsmann. Back row: Dr, Peter Will, Dr. 
Dr. Rick Bonsall and Dr. Brian Parsons. 

Sigma Beta Delta 

Sigma Beta Delta Inductees 2008-2009 

Front row: Dr Rick Bonsall, Can Adams, Braden Posey, Keri Rader, Judy Alvarez, Alison Thole, 
Amber Jackson, Aisha Vintes, Amy Dulaney, Shari Thurnau and Carrie Meyer. Middle row: Emily 
Eilermann, Nicki Wilhelm, Lisa Campbell, Sonya Barker, Susan Schmidt, Terri Jansen, Alicia 
Keher, Jamie Smith, Mollie Malone, Teresa Warfel, Terese Kasson and Dr. Frank Spreng. Back 
row: Dr. Peter Will, Matt Albertson, Blake Thole, Dennis Beike, Daniel Phalen, Beth Schomaker, 
Katie Lager, Kelsey Straeter, Brent Kalmer and Doug Warfel, 

Sigma Beta Delta is 
tine International Honor 
Society for Business and 
Induction is the highest 
recognition a business, 
management or 
administration student 
can achieve. The 
McKendree chapter was 
established in 1994 and 
was one of the first 
chapters in the nation. 
This year's induction 
included faculty and 
students from main 
campus, Louisville, 
Radcliff, the Scott AFB 
and AIM programs. 


Psi Chi 

Psi Chi's mission is to 
produce well-educated, ethical, 
and socially responsible 
members committed to the 
science and profession of 
psychology and to the society in 
general. The psychology honor 
society is open to juniors and 
seniors majoring in psychology 
with an overall CPA within the 
top 35 percent of their class and 
a psychology CPA of 3.0. By 
recognizing these students, the 
organization hopes to 
encourage, stimulate and 
maintain excellence in 

Psi Chi Members 2008-2009 

Alphabetically: Carl Adams, Michelle Bischoff, Dr. Murella 
Bosse, Belinda Clark, Janice Codispoti, Jacqueline Diggs, 
Lindsay Freeman, Liz Jeremiah, Dana Kamerman, Miranda 
Linneman, Carlos Marin, Matt McKendree, Michael Mendez, 
Christopher Miller, Patrick Rhein, Brooke Ulrich, Brittney 
Veath, Jennifer Williams, and Whitney Winter. 

Sigma zeta Members 2008-2009 

Front row: Ramona Puskar, Aimee Jackson and Cretchen 
Ulferts. Back row: Carrie Schumacher, Hugo Nieto, Kamara 
Owens and Jennifer Fletcher. 

Sigma Zeta was founded in 
1925 as a science and math 
honor society. Today it is a 
national honor society 
recognizing students within 
the majors of science, 
computer science, and 
mathematics. To be invited 
into Sigma Zeta, students 
must show exemplary work 
in their major by attaining a 
3.0 CPA after completing 15 
semester hours within their 
major. McKendree's Beta 
Chapter, which joined the 
organization in 1926, is proud 
to be one of the oldest 
chapters of Sigma Zeta. 


Kappa Kappa Psi 

Kappa Kappa Psi is a service 
fraternity open to all band 
members. Founded ini9l9 at 
Oklahoma State University, the 
mission of Kappa Kappa Psi has 
always been to promote the 
advancement of college and 
university bands through 
dedicated service and support. 
Membership is based on the idea 
that it is an honor to service and 
support ones own band, music 
department, and sponsoring 
institution. Belonging to Kappa 
Kappa Psi provides invaluable 
lessons and experiences in 
organization, leadership, and 
social contact. 

Kappa Kappa Psi Members 2008-2009 

Front row: Shannon Streif, Catie Neuman, Tonya 
Schartung and Ryan Sheldon. Back row; Stacie Banjavcic, 
Rebecca Freshour, Jonathan Rose, Jennifer Campbell and 
Ashley Walker. 

Lambda Pi Eta 

Lambda Pi Eta Is the official 
Communications honor society of 
the National Communication 
Association founded in 1985. The 
organization is open to any 
interested individuals considered to 
be practitioners, educators, and/or 
students of communication. 
According to Lambda Pi Eta's official 
website, the honor society's main 
purpose is to promote the study, 
criticism, research, teaching, and 
application of artistic, humanistic, 
and scientific principles of 

Lambda Pi Eta mductees 2008-2009 

Front row: Theresa Schmidt, Deanne Puloka, Mary Britton 
and Jessica Wood. Back row; Larry Rusell, Amelia Wofford 
and Heath Bryan. 


Honor5 Convocatioir 

RccogiTLZ^ing' OLitstans-iiiTg' stLidails ans.i (aailU' 

An excellent educator. 

Dr Janet Wicker was presented the award 
for 2009 at the Honors Day Convocation, The 
award recognizes excellence In teaching, 
concern for students and colleagues, a 
commitment to values-centered education, 
service to students beyond the classroom, 
and service to students, institution, 
community or local church. 

Division of Humanities 

Dr, Nancy Ypma, Josh Pullen, Roljby 
Campbell, Stephen Kissel, 

Suggesting service 

Dr, Brenda Boudreau, associate 
professor of English, delivered the 
keynote address, "The Rent We Pay 
to Be Living: The Obligation to Serve 
in the 21st Century," 


McKendree university recognized outstanding 
students in each undergraduate major and announced 
two faculty awards at tine Honors Day Convocation held 
April 17, 2009 at the Hettenhausen Center for the Arts. 
Dr. Christine Bahr, provost and dean, presided over the 
ceremony. She explained that the criteria used by full- 
time faculty members to select honorees conformed 
specifically to four major components of the 
university's mission statement: responsible citizenship, 
engagement, academic excellence and lifelong learning. 

"These students have demonstrated responsibility 
for their learning. They have engaged actively in the life 
of the McKendree community beyond the classroom by 
participating in clubs, organizations, sports, music, 
events and projects. They have achieved academic 
excellence as reflected in a high GPA. And they have 
demonstrated potential for continuing to learn and to 
make valuable contributions to the world in the future," 
Bahr said. 

Awards were given to tlie following students 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Ouinn Huber, computer science 

Jeffrey Young, computer Information systems 

Eric Patmythes, computer science, Scott AFB 


Division of Humanities 

Stephen Kissel. Collinsville history 

F'ob Campbell, Trenton, music education 

Joshua Pullen, Areola, religion 

Division of Language, Literature and 

Heather Belmonte, EnglishJiterature 
Victoria Galle, speech communication 
Casie Arentsen, organizational communication 
Kristen Davis, English-secondary education 
Mary Britton-Tiede, theater 

Division of Science and Mathematics 

Ramona Puskar, biology 
Kumud Bhandari, mathematics 
Sara Darnold, chemistry 

Division of Social Sciences 

Rebecca Lindstrom, political science 
Samantha Leonard, international relations 
Mallory Maschoff , sociology 
Dana Maedge, psychology 

School of Education 

Lauren Hettenhausen, elementary education 
Bethany Kowzan, elementary education 

School of Business 

Jacquelyn Busekrus, business administration 

Can Adams, marketing 

Michelle Fohne, economics and finance 

Jessica Ellsworth, management 

Carrie Albers, accounting 

Amber Jansen, Wall Street Journal Student 

Achievement Award 

David Hoag, Jr , Scott AFB campus 

Karen Cimorelli, business administration, Scott 

AFB campus 

MInda Roark Reed, accounting, Scott AFB 


Jennifer Johnson, business administration. 

Accelerated instruction at McKendree (AIM) 


School of Nursing and Health Professions 
Division of Health Professions 

Lucy Elliott, athletic training 
Jesse Essenpreis, physical education 
Katelyn Kombrink, health education 
Kayla white, health and wellness 

Division of Nursing 

Sandra Arsenault, nursing 
Karia Schutzenhofer, nursing 

Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges 

Elizabeth Dams, Chelsea Hettenhausen, Lauren 
Hettenhausen, Lindsay Newbold, Amber 
Nikolauzyk, Erin Thoman 

Lincoln Laureate 

Rebecca Lindstrom 

Honors Program aixl Poster Presentations 

Slianng' ii^5tLidciit5' ^cliolar^liip 

The McKendree Honors Program is comprised of two parts. The first part is an 
integrated, interdisciplinary series of courses organized around a broad theme. This 
year's graduating participants from the Honors Program successfully completed courses 
that combined literature and political science in terms of Utopias and the connection 
between or divide among art and business along with other courses. The second part of 
this program is a thesis-based research activity or a creative product in the students 
major field completed during the junior and senior years. This study is completed under 
the supervision of a mentor, chosen by the student, and requires extensive research and 
a bibliography, outline, paper and presentation to the community. 

(Above, Left) Seniors Jennifer Ohlmeier, Cari Adams, Lauren Hettenhausen, and Tonn Edwards 
presented their Honors Theses on April 16, 2009. (Above, Right) Seniors Sami Leonard, Becky 
Lindstrom, Daniel van Natta, and Ramona Puskar presented their Honors Theses on April 21, 2009. 

Tanner Wolk, Chelsea 
Workman and Jeremy 

Students in capstone classes 
within their degree often complete 
an extensive research paper or 
project and are given the 
opportunity to present these to the 
McKendree community through 
Poster Presentations, some of which 
are shown at left and below. 


h d 



Brennan Donahue 

Craig Zurllene 

Kumud Bhandari 

Chamber Choir 

2008-2009 Chamber Choir 

Front row: Jared Winters, Zachary Rhines and Justin Titsworth. Second row: 
Leon Richardson and Marshall Jennings. Third row: Mary Beth Thiel, Erica Blair 
and Jamie Dare. Back row: EnnilY Thoman, Hannah McDowell and Kaitie Kee. 

The chamber choir is an ensemble, directed by Dr. Phillip Wilhelm, smaller in 
size than the concert choir and open to singers by audition only. The 2008-2009 
chamber choir consisted of six females and five male students including 
students who were pursuing majors and minors in music as well as students 
pursuing degrees in other areas. The chamber choir performed at concerts 
each semester singing a variety of repertoire and styles. This group also 
represented the university to the community as it performed at the Hett. One 
of the chamber choir's highlights was a madrigal concert, held in December 
2008, in which members dressed in madrigal costumes and sang music 
representing the madrigal style. The chamber choir ended season with an Eric 
Whitacre piece using solo violin which was a big hit with audience members and 
performers alike. When asked what he liked most about directing the chamber 
choir, Dr. Wilhelm responded, "The group is small and personal. Students work 
really hard, and the payoff is always exciting." 


Concert Choir 

Let lis Sing! Let Li5 Sing! 

McKendree concert Choir 2008-2009 

Sopranos: Jennifer Campbell, Bobbie Carroll, Jamie Dare, 
Tirzah Dawson, Jackie Diggs, Grace Fisher, Kaitie Kee, 
Charliza Luster, Arielle Michael, Cennie Strathman, Emily 
Thoman and Sophy Yapsabila. Altos: Brittani Adair, Erica 
Blair, Lindsey Christensen, Megan Cole, Doria Dawson, 
Rebecca Freshour, Victoria Calle, Danielle Jung, Mallory 
Neisler, Ashley Nolan, Gail Smith, Sandra Spells, Kristen 
Turner and Jessica Wright. Tenors: Michael Humes, Bryce 
Kohn, Mark Oroyan, Leon Richardson and Jake Simth. 
Basses: Jason Finley, Marshall Jennings, Sam McCinthy, 
Zachary Rhines and Adam Stidham. 

Vocal Jazz Ensemble 2008-2009 

Left to right: Adam Schwind, Jared Winters, Adam Stidham, 
Erica Blair, Lauren Mikkelson, Chelsea Arnold, Nicole Backer, 
Genni Strathman and Hannah McDowell. 

The McKendree Concert 
choir is a mixed choir of 
over 30 students, both 
music- and non-music 
majors. The choir is directed 
by Dr. Nancy Ypma. First 
semester, the choir 
performed a selection of 
love ballads and romantic 
pieces, followed by the 
Christmas Concert which 
ended the year on a cheery 

Rejoining the McK music 
family this year, the Vocal 
Jazz Ensemble, entitled Jazz 
Phase 1, made it's debut 
during the Fall Concert. 
Directed by Jamie Marble, 
the choir focused on 
smooth jazz, but performed 
a variety of other jazz styles 
both semesters. 


A/Larchiiig Bearcat Band 

Beating to the iOtiixi ot their oi\^T_daim5! 

Formed in the late 1990s, the McKendree 
Marching Bearcat Band has become a fixture at 
athletic events as well as the entire campus 
community. The Marching Bearcat Band performs 
during the pre-game and halftime shows at 
McKendree football games, entertains high school 
students at the annual "Preview of Champions" 
marching band contest, and keeps the crowd 
pumped during the basketball season, in addition, 
the Marching Bearcat Band performs an annual fall 
concert, and participates in many other campus and 
local area celebrations 

Practice makes perfect 

Senior Joe Ceimer shows that 
practice pays off! 

■nypj>WTW» rTli:;^T'irrf^gg'-'^-^'*^ 

It's Show Time! 

The Marching Bearcat Band 
provides pre-game 

' Percussion Ensemble 

)i Underthe watchful eye of Daniel 

if, Smithiger (center) the percussion 

ensemble prepares for a concert. 

Pep Band 

Whether Women's Basketball 
or Men's Basketball, the Pep 
Band is there. 



2008-2009 Marching Bearcat Band Members 

Drum Majors; Catie Neuman and Stacie Banjavcic. Flutes; Alicia Stricklin, Monica Craves, Kelsey Kruep, Eric Neblock, 
Lauren Steirer and Sarah Smothers. Clarinets; Ashley Walker, Maggie Hughes, Libby Mowers, Zach Rhines, Sarah 
Kinzinger, Kristin Turner, Lauren Mikkelson and Chris Nickerson. Alto Saxophones, Scott Nolda, Bryce Kohn, Beth 
Schwierjohn, Megan Cole, Jason Finley and Amanda Thompson. Tenor Saxophones, Daniel Sheldon, Aija Cillman and 
Shannon Streif. Flugelhorns; Jake Bennett and Jason Roehrig. Trumpets; Joe Ceimer, Alex Bigley, Chnstine 
Rehkemper, Ehc Dale, Ryan Sheldon, Richard Bennett, Steven O'Donnell, Sam McCinthy and Carol Toth. Trombones; 
Sara Darnold, Jonathan Rose and Roman Hechenberger. Baritone; Leon Richardson. Tubas; Marshall Jennings, 
Tyler Holdener and Byron Turner. Bass Cuitar; Scott DeLorme. Drumline; Jennifer Campbell, Anthony Juehne, Adam 
Alls, Chelsea Hettenhausen, Lindsey Christensen, Rick Fagan, Matt Brooks, Kristen Eckstadt, Justin Titsworth, Emily 
Thoman and Lucas Blumhorst. Colorguard; Kaleigh Glenn, Brittani Adair, Tinah Edwards, Kayla Celarden, Tonya 
Schartung, Megan Smith, Madeline Lonski, Erin Totten and Sarah Milam. Dance Team; Kamara Owens, Lora Blackwell, 
Jordan Finch, Amy Piland, Kim Siddall, Maegan Hamilton, Alyssa Spano and Bnanna Berens. 

Sax Quartet 

Shannon Streif, Bryce Kohn, 
Justin Titsworth and Scott 
Nolda provide holiday 

What's next? 

Chelsea Hettenhausen 
and the Drum Line 
prepare for the next 




The college experience provides an innumerable amount of 
opportunities for involvement both in the classroom and outside of 
the classroom. Various on-campus organizations help students find 
common gound as they come together to support a cause or 
accomplish an array of tasks. Clubs and orgnaizations on McKendree's 
campus help bring students, faculty and staff together while 
providing the chance to connect with the campus community as well 
as communities on the local, national and international levels. 



Capturing weworics of today for tomorrow 

Graduation Celebration 2009 

Yearbookers 'til the end. 

Yearbook editor Lauren Hettenhausen and student 
worker Cretchen Ulferts pose for a photo just before 
Commencement. The two worked together on 
McKendree's yearbook staff for the past three years. 


U N I V F R S I I, V 

A final hurrah! 

Lauren Hettenhausen and Jeff Campbell take time for a 
photo at the 2009 Senior Graduation Celebration. 
Lauren and Jeff worked on McKendree's yearbook as an 
editor/advisor duo from 2006-2009. 

Pick "Mil"! 

Yearbook advisors Jeff 
Campbell, Rachel Doyle and 
Michele Erschen helped the 
book take shape. Here 
they are shown in "Mii" 

The 2008-2009 McKendrean yearbook staff worked together to produce this 
publication from the summer of 2008 through the summer of 2009. Advised by Jeff 
Campbell, Rachel Doyle and Michele Erschen, the yearbook staff faced the challenge 
of including major events on campus, clubs and organizations, athletic teams and the 
individuals who come together to form McKendree university on the pages of this 
book. Editor Lauren Hettenhausen and student worker Cretchen Ulferts guided the 
publication of this book; the yearbook staff met in person once or twice each month 
but worked year-long using an online publishing tool to bring the book to life. Ulferts 
commented, "I loved working on the yearbook for lots of reasons. Not only was it a 
fun extra curriclar that had a fantastic staff and let me be creative, but it also helped 
me improve my communication and organizational skills." Other members of the 
McKendree community, students, faculty and staff alike, helped in the creation of this 
book by submitting photos and text. 


The McKehdrce Review 

Extra! Extra! Read ail About It! 

McKendree Review staff 2008-2009 

Front row: David Hodges, Kristie Manning, Heatlier Belmonte, Theresa 
Schmidt, Stephanie Coartney and Erica Blair. Back row: James Murphy, 
Melissa Wilkinson, Michael Anderson, Sarah Adams, Kendra Sigafoos. 

Reading the final product. 

Staff members Sarah Adams, Melissa 
Wilkinson and Michael Anderson view 
the finished paper on release day. 

With a completely new editorial staff, the McKendree Review underwent some 
dramatic and exciting changes during the 2008-2009 school year. For the first time 
ever, the Review started offering a delivery subscription service to allow interested 
alumni, parents and community members to stay up-to-date on McKendree's current 
events and student activities and concerns. Additionally, rather than being a bi-weekly 
newspaper as in years past, the Review became a monthly publication to increase the 
quality and depth of articles and student participation, which met with enormous 
success and increased readership as well. Sophomore Shari Thurnau stated, "l really like 
that when l pick it Ithe McKendree Review! up it is chock full of articles that I would 
actually be interested in and that pertain to things i deal with in my life. Also, i love the 
new teacher feature; it's great learning little oddball things about the professors". 

The new Teacher Feature column Thurnau mentioned is a contest where readers 
guess the identity of a professor based on an outdated photo and five fun facts about 
the professor, and is only one of the many new and exciting regular columns added 
this year. This year the Review also introduced an McK Singles column, featuring one 
single male and one single female student in each issue; Hear It, Read It, See It, with the 
latest music, movie and book reviews of quality and mainstream media; Fashion 
Forward with fashion tips, trends and advice; McK Fact Attack, which details a little- 
known fact or story about McKendree's history; and regular installments of Sarah 
Adams cartoon Blink and Rorschach about two crazy cats. 

The Review also took on a more relaxed look with a slightly larger font size and 
increased usage of different colors and fonts, and had a variety of news to cover, from 
the construction and opening of 1828 at McKendree and Maid-Rite in Lebanon to the 
historic election of Barack Obama. As Editor-in-Chlef Theresa Schmidt summarized in 
the final issue, 'The 2008-2009 school year included both success and failure, happiness 
and tears, triumphs and trials. The writers and editors at the McKendree Review feel 
privileged to have been able to inform you and guide you through both good times 
and bad, and look forward to doing the same for the 2009-2010 school year." Since its 
inception in 1921, the Review has continued to evolve and improve and be an excellent 
source of news and entertainment for the campus, and this year proved no different. 

An editing team. 

Editors of the McKendree Review break 

from their work. 

Front row: Stephanie Coartney, 

Associate Editor; and Theresa Schmidt, 


Back row: Kristie Manning, Managing 

Editor; Heather Belmonte, Assistant 

Editor; Kendra Sigafoos, Assistant Editor 

(Fall 2009); and David Hodges, Public 

Relations Editor. 


Residehce Hall Association 

Making McKendree feel like home 

Residence Hall Association 2008-2009 

Front row: Sarah Siegel and Jeremy 
Alexander. Middle row: Lindsay Christensen, 
Chelsea Hettenhausen, Brittany White, Adam 
Schwind, and Michelle Voegele. Back row; 
Michelle Biver and Kayla Fowler. 

Residence Hall Association (RHA) focused on 
becoming more active on campus during the 2008- 
2009 year. One of the purposes of RHA is to 
recognize and be a resource for Residence Life by 
providing information, activities, and opportunities 
to get more involved. Furthermore, RHA puts 
together an R.A./C.C./R.D. appreciation package, 
which they hand deliver, at least once a year to 
recognize those that dedicate their time and effort 
to enhancing life around campus. This past year, RHA 
worked diligently to increase their activity and 
provide more opportunities for students living on- 
campus to get out of their rooms to come have 
some fun. RHA was best known for the ice cream 
socials they hosted each month on campus. Since 
the winter months were too cold for ice cream, RHA 
started a hot cocoa and cookies social in order to get 
people out to mingle. Other than the socials, RHA 
hosted one large monthly program; these ranged 
from educational topics to serious issues to just plain 
fun and exciting events. Some events this past year 
included an 80s Dance with Body image Awareness, 
R.A./C.C. Roundtable, Residence Hall Olympics, and 
Cartoon Night with breakfast. Besides the monthly 
program and social, they also actively participated in 
Spring Fling and Hunger and Homelessness 
Awareness Week. 

Student Advahcemeht Organization 

The link between McKendree's past and future 

The Student Advancement Organization (SAO) 
provides assistance to the Office of institutional 
Advancement at McKendree university. SAO 
members are highly involved with alumni and 
donors activities on campus such as 
Homecoming, Football Tailgates and Phone-A- 
Thon. Members of SAO are repsesentative of the 
student body to alumni and to the community. 
SAO members served as student callers during 
the fall and spring phone-a-thon programs, 
educate other students about the importance 
of unrestricted annual giving and help cultivate 
young alumni. The Student Advancement 
Organization represents the current student 
body at alumni events, displaying a kind, caring 
and appreciative demeanor to all alumni, faculty, 
staff and guests. 

At your service. 

SAO members Adam Schulte, Amanda White and 
Melissa Funk helped serve alumni and donors at the 
2008 President's Homecoming Garden Breakfast. 


Rotaract Club 

Service Above Self 

2009-09 Rotoract Members 

Front row: Advisor Randall Wilson, liana Milkes, Tom Edwards, Jessica 
Ciri and Advisor Martha Eggers. Second row: Gracv Fisher, Tonya 
Schartung, Sara Darnold and Lora Blackwell. Third row: Jennifer 
Fletcher, Lauren Szakielo and Nick Schwalb, Fourth row: Ashish 
Bajracharya, Ivan Stoyanov, Bhushan Shrestha and Lauren 
Hettenhausen, Fifth row: Prasad Fernando, NishantTimilsina, Derrick 
Oats, Hugo Nieto and Mark Oroyan, 

The Rotaract Club is an 
organization dedicated to 
professional development and 
creating understanding and 
partnership through service at both 
local and international levels. This 
year, McKendree's Rotaract Club 
hosted a service and networking 
event for local high school students, 
raised funds to stock a library in a 
needy Nepalese village, and 
supported the Rotary Club's "End 
Polio Now" campaign. Club members 
also volunteered at various 
community and campus functions. 

Studeht Ambassadors 

The Face of McKewdree 

I . 1 . I , : I \ 

I : 

Student Ambassadors 2008-2009 

Front row: San"i Hamlin, All Willoughby, Nina Phelps, Lora Blackwell, Keeley Mills, Mala Paluska, Allison Poehler, Becca Smith, Annie 
Bierman and Nina Belden, Middle row: Deanne Puloka, Heather Attaway, Rebecca Lindstrom, Shari Thurnau, Genni Strathman, Erin 
Thoman, Amanda Kallal, Kayla Fowler, Libby Willis, Stephanie Hoffmeier and Kamara Owens. Back row: Amber Cozart, Bethany 
Banovz, Michelle Voegele, Jenny Mennerick, Doug Mennerick, Latt Lanctot, Katie Richter, Blake Clark-Hamleman, Kate Risley, Lindsie 
Rollinson and Lauren Zedalis, 

Residence Life 

Always Clowhin' Arouhd 

Down to earth Barnett-eans. 

Far Left: Meagan Hamilton, Wallace 
Fanning, Michelle Biver, Brttany White 

Wacky walton-ites. 

Liz Jeremiah, Heath Bryan, Rochelle 
Krueger, Ivan Stoyanov 

"There for you" Baker friends. 

Far Left: Samantha Hartman, 
Jason Lheureux, Mark Chapman, 
Jake Dorris, Deanne Puloka 

Round em up McKendree West. 

Front row: Kamara Owens, Carrie 
Brickey, Jeremy Alexander, 
Jantzen Eddington, Back row: 
Sarah Heizer, Zachary Crawford, 
Dr. Cordon, Jake Wittenauer, 
Robby Kwas, Chelsea 
Hettenhausen, Trenetia Young 

Big Cheese. 

Mitch Nasser served as the 
Director of Residence Life 
during the 2008-2009 year. 

Eccentric Suitemates. 

Jacob Rohman, Amanda 
Englund, Jerod Henderson 

The whole gang. 

First row: Ivan Stoyanov, Liz Jeremiah, Kamara Owens, 
Sarah Heizer, Samantha Hartman, Mitch Nesser, Deanne 
Puloka, Meagan Hamilton. Middle row: Amanda England, 
Zachary Crawford, Rochelle Krueger, Jason Lheureux, Jake 
Dorrix, Robby Kwas, Jake Wittenaur, Dr. Gordon, Brittany 
.White, Jantzen Eddinton, Wallace Fanning. Back row: 
Carrie Brickey, Heath Bryan, MarkChapman, Jake Roman, 
Jarod Henderson, Jeremy Alexander, Michelle Biver. 

Moving out of the house and into a college 
Residence Hall or apartment can be a scary and 
stressful adjustment, but the residence life staff 
has always been in place to help make it a fun 
and exciting time for residents. McKendree 
maintains three Residence Halls Barnett, Baker 
and Walton, along with the Suites, and 
McKendree west apartments. Each housing 
establishment has a resident director and 
resident assistants that plan and organize fun 
events which help students make their 
transition. Entire Residence Hall floors have 
been known to go out to Applebees for dinner, 
collectively decorate their hallway for the 
season, and participate in outrageous 
Homecoming contests such as three legged 
races and baby bottle drinking contests. There's 
no question about it, residence life staff love to 
have a good time, but that's not all. They are 
there to be friends and mentors; they are there 
to answer any question a resident may have and 
there to listen whenever one of their residents 
just needs someone to listen. 



Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group of students who met once a week to talk aPout any 
and every topic. They discussed issues that pertain to members and relate their athletic lives with 
their spiritual lives. Every other week, FCA hosted a game night. FCA member Jenny iviennerick 
commented, "Game nights are a Plast, and we try to play every sport that is represented in our 
group in addition to other sports." On the nights where FCA did not have game nights, they 
focused on relaxation and discussion about athletic lives and how they can become better 
athletes and better Christians. 


PriMging diverse faiths together 

The 2008-2009 school year welcomed a new 
group on campus: Interfaith. The Interfaith . 
Youth Corp was founded by Eboo Patel. The 
McKendree chapter, like others, focuses on 
bringing people together from diverse 
religious backgrounds and providing 
opportunities for them to build mutual 
respect and understanding through joint 
service projects. The students involved build 
relationships based on common values rather 
than separating themselves from others 
based on differences in their views. Eboo 
Patel visited McKendree as part of the 
Distinguished Speaker Series, met with 
interfaith leaders on campus, and conducted 

interfaith Members 2008-2009 various workshops. 

Front row: Christine Richardson, Beth Schwierjohn and 

Amber Ramos. Back row: Erica Blair, Sara Darnold and 

Michael Anderson, 


Campus Mihistry 

Opportunities for worship and service 

Campus Ministry, under the direction of Reverend 
Tim Harrison, provided students from diverse religious 
bacl<grounds with various opportunities for worship 
and service throughout the school year. They hosted a 
Spring Break Mission Trip to Mexico and held Sunday 
Masses, Taize Prayer Services, Chapel Services and Bible 
Study Groups. 

Faithful Friends 

McKendree students and 
Chaplain Rev. Tim Harrison help 
organize and facilitate ministries 
on campus. 

Remember you are dust... 

Students, faculty, and staff begin to 
gather in the Chapel for an Ash 
Wednesday service. 

Winter Breal( Mission Trip 

Those participating include: Stephen 
Kissel, John Kimbrough, Noele Harp, 
Jamie Straub, Josh Pullen, Jared 
Winters, Stacie Banjavcic, Tricia 
Straub, Kelly Knauer, Amber Ramos, 
Erica Blair, Emily Yakey, Carrie 
Schumacher, Sarah Monical, Michael 
Anderson, Rob Dillingham, Adam 
Schwind and Brad Gebben, 

Remembering 9-11 

Members of the McKendree community gather at a 
prayer service in remembrance of the September 11, 
2001 terroist attacks on the United States. 

Trip planning. 

Josh Pullen, Brad Cebben, Adam Schwind and Stacie 
Banjavcic prepare for Winter Break mission trip. 


Math Club 

It adds up to sum fun! 


Members of the math club gather to brush up 
on their geometry and 3-D building skills as they 
create projects using k'nex. 

The McKendree MathCats is a voluntary math club. 
Any McKendree student was allowed to attend the 
clubs meetings and participate in the clubs activities. 
This year, activities Included creating shapes with zome, 
knitting and origami and learning about different math 
topics from McKendree's own math students. Five of 
the math club members attended the ISMAA math 
conference In April at Bradley University. Some also 
attended a lecture about the shape of the St. Louis Arch 
held at Washington University. For fun, the club got 
together to watch math-related movies, such as A 
Beautiful Mind and 21. 


Wonders of Wellness 

The wonders of wellness organization's mission is to promote 
health and wellness on campus through activities and information 
based on eight dimensions of wellness. W.O.W. was inaugurated in 
October 2008. The members got off to a running start by adopting 
two families to whom they provided Christmas gifts, in addition, 
w.o.w. members teamed with other organizations and community 
groups to pursue several projects. They worked with the St. Clair 
County Health Department on the department's two "Get up & Co" 
events, part of the national campaign that encourages people to 
become physically active, and the Quitline program, a grant-funded 
smoking cessation program that provides free smoking cessation 
medications and counseling to support people as they quit 
smoking. The organization also joined with the local chapter of the 
American Cancer Society to sponsor a granola bar giveaway to 
promote healthy eating. w.O.W. celebrated Earth Day with a series 
of events that included a plant and decorated claypot sale, Co 
Creen t-shirt sales, a dodgeball tournament, and a tree planting 
ceremony. Tru-Value of Lebanon donated a white bud tree that 
was planted in the front lawn of the campus for the event. 
Members of W.O.W. also participated in NSO and Bearcat week 
events and Spring Fling. A project that was initiated this year and 
will be completed soon is the planning and mapping of walking 
paths on and around campus, wow hopes to create a chapter of 
"Colleges Against cancer" in conjunction with the American Cancer 
Society in the future. 

2008-2009 WOW Logo 


IhterHatiohal Student Organization 

2008-2009 International Student Organization Members 

Front row: Deanna Puloka, Ivan Stoyanov, Grace Fisher, Bhushan Shrestha and 
Catherine Mallon. Bacl< row: Prasad Fernando, Hugo Nieto and Jeremy 

Creative Cuisine 

Members of ISO host an international 
dinner at which they brought ethnic 
foods from their own cultures. The 
campus community was invited to 
attend this dinner. 

The international Student Organization of McKendree university was established in the 
2007 Spring semester from a combined effort of current international students and the 
office of residence life. ISO is open to students of all cultural backgrounds regardless of 
their nationality or citizenship. The purpose of the club is to recognize and encourage 
diversity, support a global perspective, enhance campus life and activities through cross- 
cultural programming and help to serve the needs of international students. 

ISO is most known on campus for providing a support group to international students 
in terms of providing mentorship to new International students, hosting daytrips to St. 
Louis and the metro area and for hosting social events that celebrate diversity and 
multiculturalism on campus. Particularly successful is the groups International Food Fest. 
Held twice a semester, group members prepare traditional dishes from their native 
countries in effort to open up dialogue about the cultures behind the unique tastes and 
spices. Hosted on campus, these two hour long events are always open to group 
members, McKendree students, faculty and staff as well as outside guests. Excutive Board 
Members for 2008-2009 were President Jeremy Alexander, Vice-President Bhushan 
Shrestha, Secretary Deanne Puloka, and Treasurer Nishant Timilsina. 


McK Runnmg Club 

Making Exercise Fvh 

Doing my part! 

Junior Braden Posey helps 
keep this runner dry. 

Getting ready 

University Chaplain Tim 
Harrison, and sons prepare. 

Let's go! 

Kim Smallheer gives instructions. 

Running Club 2008-09 

Front row: Chelsie Durbin, Melissa Funk, Michele Voegele, 
Susie Monteith and Alyssa Spano. Back row: Jake Dorries and 
Jake Wittenauer. 

During its first year in the running, ivicKendree's 
Running Club helped create exciting opportunities for 
exercise and fitness on campus. Members of the club 
realized the need to offer an opportunity to explore the 
excitement of walking and running. Their efforts this year 
focused on helping with the creation and execution of 
McKendree's first 5K and 10K races, held in both the fall 
and spring semester, as well as providing students a 
network of resources for exercise. Next year, the club 
plans to take a different approach to exercise by re- 
establishing itself as The McKendree Fitness Club. This 
approach will allow students the added benefits of 
experiencing local area races such as various relay races 
throughout the Saint Louis area, in addition, the club 
plans to incorporate education in weight training, 
opportunities for intramural sports around campus, and a 
graduated running program for Lebanon Elementary 
School. The motto of McKendree's Running Club was 
"Exercise is Fun" and the club plans to continue providing 
opportunities to make exercise fun for McKendree 
students as it changes to The McKendree Fitness Club 
during the 2009-2010 school year. 

Student frovernwcHt 

Representing all McKendree students 

student Government 2008-2009 

Front row: Scott Best, Nichant 
Timilsina, Braden Posey, Annie 
Bierman and Lindsey Freeman. Second 
row (First-year Senators); Nicl< 
Schwalb, Kayla Fowler, Susy Monteith, 
Maggie Musso and Alyssa Spano. Tliird 
row; Advisor, Jason Lheureaux, 
Sophomore Senators; Emily Eilermann, 
liana Mikles, Ashley Parrott and 
Miranda Linneman. Fourth row 
(Junior Senators); Jake Wittenauer, 
Christopher Miller, Bridget Buckley and 
Bethany Hinkle. Fifth row (Senior 
Senators); Adam Schwind, Andrew 
Purcell, Tony Mitchell, Erin Thoman 
and Kate Risley. 

h? © O 

Student Government Officers 2008-2009 

Annie Bierman, Scott Best, President Braden Posey, 
Nishant Timilsina and Lindsey Freeman 


Campus Activities l^oard 

Ag Silver 

Various bands and musicians 
performed regularly at 
McKendree. One band, Ag 
Silver, is pictured above. 

Foam and fun! 

At the beginning of each year, CAB hosts a Foam Party in 
the Pit of the Lair. Foam, music and dancing are great ways 
to kick off the school year. 

You won't believe your 

CAB hosted illusionist Mike 
Super who amazed a full house 
attheHett. Super was the 
winner of NBC's contest-reality 
show "Phenomenon". 




Don't stress! 

CAB provided chair massages and a pancake dinner for 
stressed students during Stress Fest to help students relax 
during their final exams. 

Prihgiwg cHtcrtaihmeht to McK 

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) plans and executes alternative and 
diverse social, recreational, multicultural and educational events for both 
the campus and community. CAB consists of an Executive Board and the 
Street Crew, allowing for students to network with professionals in the 
workforce, while gaining personal growth in leadership skills, 
programming and team creativity. 

The Campus Activities Board plans events that appeal to a college 
community Including campus-wide traditional events. Including 
Homecoming, Fall Family Weekend and Spring Fling. CAB brings various 
other social opportunities to students on campus including concerts, 
poetry slams and magicians. CAB also hosts events to help students get 
more acquainted with their peers, such as a Foam Party and events to 
help students relax during hectic times In the semester, such as Stress 
Fest, including free chair massages! CAB helps foster McKendree spirit 
throughout the Lebanon community. All programs, events and 
performers organized and facilitated by CAB are free to all students; CAB 
also partners with various organizations on campus to host events. 

McKendree Idols! 

At McKendree Idol 2009, Over $1100 was raised for 
the Susan C. Komen foundation for breast cancer 
research. Kayla Fowler won McKendree Idol 2009 and 
Ashley Dressier won the Highest Donation Award. 

Brittnee' Jones 


Kelsey Jones 

Kayla Fowler 

Sheree Davis 


Pcbate Team 

The 2008-2009 year was an exciting one for the 
McKendree Debate Team, we traveled to Kansas, 
Washington, Wyoming and California for just a few 
of our tournaments. Cory Freivogel and Sami 
Leonard debated their third year together, while 
Amanda Ataiyan and Becky Undstrom and Josie 
Wiegel and Whitney Baillie chalked up year two 
together. Zak Kilhoffer and Anna Chambers joined 
the team as novices and accompanied them to the 
2009 National Parliamentary Debate Association 
Championship Tournament where McKendree 
took 12th place in the nation, the best Bearcat 
finish to date. Notable finishes for the year 
included: Ataiyan and Lindstrom as quarterfinalists 
at the first ever McKendree invitational 
Tournament, Wiegel and Baillie as double- 
octafinalists at the NPDA Championship, and 
Freivegel and Leonard took 9th place in the nation 
at both the NPDA Championship and the National 
Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence (NPTE) 
and became the winningest team in the history of 
the NPTE, which was an exciting accomplishment 
during another successful year for Bearcat Debate. 

Partners in crime. 

Debate partners, Senior Sami 
Leonard and Junior Cory Freivogel, 
pose witli awards at the Pi Kappa 
Delta Banquet 

Laptop loolcup. 

Debate partners Josie Wiegel and 
Whitney Baillie research at the NPTE 
before debating. 

Debate Team 2008-2009 

Members include: Amanda Ataiyan, 
Whitney Baillie, Sarah brown, Anna 
Chambers, Clarence Coppinger, Cory 
Freivogel, Zak Kilhoffer, Sami 
Leonard, Rebecca Lindstrom and 


Student Teachers 

:all 2008 Elementary Education Student Teachers 

Mphabetically: Katie Could, Jamie Ashford, Amy Baer, 
Reginald Duncan, Tina Evans, Kellye Foret, Kandace Cotto, 
Rebecca Greiman, Madeline Hoff, Tonya Horn, Lynn Huegen, 
\nn Little, Brandy Lowe, Mary Miles, Rebecca Nowell, Jamie 
'aluczal<, Colene Pogue, Ashlie Reader, Bonnie Rickert, 
:alista Schlemmer, 

\riane Sendejas, Susan Spargo, Stacey Unfried, Jenilyn 
Vahlig, Nicholette Watters, Maryl West and 
iarah Weygandt. 

Fall 2008 Secondary Education student Teachers 

Alphabetically; Robby Campbell, Kristen Davis, Dawn Dill, 
Jesse Essenpreis, Jacob Flicl<, Amanda Craves, Shakeesha 
Cray, Bethany Harry, Ashley Hayes, Danielle Kruep, Renee 
Lasenby, Jill 
Mathenia, Debra Mills, 

Jonathan Norton, Karson Pepper, Allen Rudd, Virginia 
Rusteburg, John Sertich, Heidi Surdyk, 
Amanda Harris, Jill Wolfmeier and April York. 

>prlng 2009 Elementary Education Student Teachers 

\lphabetically: Amanda Dorris, Nichole Brubaker Elkins, Leah 
=ey, Amanda Caney, Stacy Gibson, Nic Goodman, Cara 
jramlich, Cassandra Cuyer, Chad Hackstadt, Jessica Heiden, 
.auren Hettenhausen, Robin Kelso, Bethany Kowzan, 
\shleigh Lanzone, Malinda McCalmont, Michelle Palovcsik, 
Vhitney Rapp, Bridget Renner, 

;im Riley, Ashley Schmidt, Ashley Stehl, Wendy Varady, Nikki 
Vorms andEmily Zanfes, 

Spring 2008 Secondary Education Student Teachers 

Alphabetically: Ida Billingsley, Jamie Dienell, Todd Harpstrite, 
Michael Harris, Cynthia Hasenstab, Federick Herrmann, 
Sharon Holland-Welge, Patricia Holmes, Katelyn Kombrink, 
Kyle Lapington, Jenny Mennerick, Jennifer Ohiemeier, Sara 
Pettersen, Molly Reed, Daniel Schmid, Casey Seipp, Jared 
Simmons, Lynelle Smith, Erin Thoman, Lori Waltman, Holly 
Weller, Melissa Wessel and Martha Wooff. 


The ^rccw Team 

Helpmg to make campus more environmentally friendly 

The Green Team 2008-2009 

Front row: Belinda Clark, Carrie Schumacher, 
President Theresa Schmidt and Advisor Dr, Duane 
Olson. Back row; Hugo Nieto and James Murphy 

The Green Team helps students realize the importance of 
l<eeping the McKendree Campus environmentally friendly. 
During the spring of 2008, Green Team President Theresa 
Schmidt joined with Dr. Duane Olson and Dr. Jim Feher to 
organize the university's first annual Earth Week celebration. 
The quick success they witnessed from their efforts soon 
inspired them to organize the Green Team, a student 
environmental club which they felt would get the campus 
community more involved in green initiatives and would be 
taken more seriously if run by students. Garnering a significant 
amount of student interest, the Green Team incorporated a 
variety of members with similar interests who were looking to 
make a difference for the environment. 

One of the Green Team's most notable successes in educating 
students on ways to protect the planet has been its expansion 
of McKendree's Earth Week activities. This year's Earth Week 
included a two-day Clean Sweep community recycling drive for 
electronics and a variety of presentations on how to benefit the 
environment in one's day-to-day life. 

Students, faculty and community members attended the 
showing of the movie Who Killed the Electric Car in the Hett. In 
addition, Ron Erb of O'Fallon III. permitted his battery-powered 
truck, which he converted from its reliance on gasoline, to be 
displayed in front of the Hett. With pledge posters available all 
over campus, the Green Team encouraged students to make a 
promise to themselves in working toward improving the 

Ewvirowwewtal Action Committee 

Inspiring McKendree to go green 

Environmental Awareness Committee 2008-2009 

Dr, Duane Olson, Lisa Brandon, Steve Barz, Ed Willett, Dr. 
Mickey Schutzenhofer and Dr. Peter Will 


When President Dennis authorized the creation of an 
Environmental Awareness Committee (EAC) in the summer 
of 2006, no one could have foreseen the extent of its 
benefits in the campus community or the impressive level of 
student involvement it would inspire within so short a time. 
The committee, composed of faculty, staff and a student 
representative, was formed at the request of Dr. Duane 
Olson, professor of religion, after the former recycling 
program was dropped due to the addition of a pick-up fee. 

Olson had previously organized the campus-wide program 
with Phoenix Recycling out of his own commitment to the 
environment; however, he soon realized that recycling 
needed to be institutionalized at McKendree if it was to 
continue. Consequently, he met with a group of concerned 
administrators who agreed that the recycling program was 
necessary and decided the university should pay the fee to 
reinstate it. Olson believed this group, which later became 
known as the EAC, would be more effective in keeping the 
campus aware of the need to reduce, re-use and recycle. 

During the spring of 2008, the EAC helped organize the 
university's first annual Earth Week celebration. The 
faculty/staff committee also inspired the creation of the 
student organization The Green Team. 

Kappa Sigma Tau 

The ladies of Kappa Sigma Tau liave had quite an eventful 2008-2009 
school year with eight seniors graduating and ten new inductees. 
They participated in Creek week and McKendree's Annual 
Homecoming where they were able to reconnect with Kappa Sigma 
Tau/McKendree Alums who came to campus to celebrate. 
Throughout the fall semester, they participated a number of 
fundraising and service activities including raising money for Hospice 
of Southern Illinois, donating canned goods to the Lebanon Food 
Pantry through the Trick-or-Treat for Canned Coods event, and 
cleaning up Kappa Sigma Taus adopted highway, US Route 50, 
through the Adopt-A-Highway organization. Several social events 
they held provided fun, entertainment, and fellowship to the 
students of McKendree. The fall semester closed with an Alumni 
Christmas Dinner at Popeye's Chop House in St. Rose, Illinois, and just 
before spring classes began, members embarked on their annual 
Winter Bonding Retreat. This year they traveled to St. Louis and ate 
dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with bonding activities at the 
Westin Hotel following. The spring provided opportunities for more 
service activities and social events, including an Alumni Brunch at The 
Cheesecake Factory in St. Louis, Missouri, in addition to all the service 
the ladies put In as an organization, each of their members also 
committed to ten hours of community service each semester In 
addition to supporting other events on campus. 

For their social and service work both on and off campus, in 
addition to an outstanding grade point average. Kappa Sigma Tau was 
awarded the President's Cup for the 2008-2009 school year. Kappa 
Sigma Tau sorority's focus rested on sisterhood this year, just like in 
the past, and they make sure their sisterhood is sound by active 
involvement and communication year-round! 

Kappa Sigma Tau Members 2008-2009 

Front row: Christine Rehkemper, Lindsey Christensen, 
Stephanie Harris, Renee Rytersl<i, Annie Bierman and 
Brandi Branl<a, Middle row: Ashley Parrott, Tracy Coble, 
Megan McQuiston, Maegan Hamilton, Bethany Hinl<le, 
Katie Eilers, Kelli Snyder and Danielle Mask. Back row: 
Madilon Isom, Meagan Frank, Emily Tift, Christine 
Juehne, Krystin Baker, Caitlan Rogers, Jessica Smith, 
Susy Monteith, Alyssa Spano, Chelsy Durbin and 
Rebecca Singleton. 

Kappa Lambda lota 

Kappa Lambda lota (Clio) Members 2008-2009 

In front, Big Brother Alex Young. Middle row: Josie Juelfs, 
Mindy Sparks, Christina Young and Ashley Dressier. Back 
row: Kayla Gelarden, Genni Strathman, Jessica Bell, 
Bridget Buckley, Emily Thoman, Jessica Ready and Ashley 

The Clionian Literary Society celebrated their 140th 
anniversary at McKendree In 2009. Also known as Kappa 
Lambda lota, the sisters of CLIO added some great memories 
this year, in the fall, junior Bridget Buckley represented 
them as a nominee for Homecoming Queen. Also at 
Homecoming, alum Debra Bethard-Caplick '87 had the 
group's old active pins recast and donated them to the 
active members of the group. Active pins were a tradition 
that had long-since been lost and Debra's donation will help 
today's actives have more connection to CLIO'S great history 
at McKendree. CLIO hosted many fundraisers this year such 
as the 6th Annual McKendree Idol (co-hosted with CAB) on 
April 15th; every year, McKendree Idol is organized to raise 
money for CLiO's favorite charity: Susan C. Koman Breast 
Cancer Foundation. When CLIO marches in the St. Louis 
"Race for the Cure " in June, they will have donated over 
$1100 to breast cancer research this year. On April 19th, CLIO 
hosted a "140th Birthday" alumni reception at the Sweeter 
House of Coffee in Lebanon. The occasion allowed the active 
sisters to get to know their older sisters and for everyone to 
share their experiences in the sorority. CLIO is planning an 
alumni reception for 2009 Homecoming as well. Overall, this 
year was an excellent year of sisterhood, loyalty and 
friendship in CLIOI 


Alpha Omega 

The Alpha Omega Society is a social sorority that was 
founded on IvlcKendrees campus in November of 1954, 
making it ivicKendree's second oldest sorority. The 
purpose of Alpha Omega is to establish a perpetual bond 
of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger, 
more womanly character, to broaden the social, cultural 
and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every 
possible way. This fall, members hosted a formal, and on 
Tuesdays evenings, they enjoyed going to Applebee's 
restaurant for weekly trivia nights. In 2008, the society 
won the Creek Challenge Cup. This year. Alpha Omega 
members were very active on campus, participating in a 
number of activities and other organizations. Alpha 
Omega placed an emphasis on community service as it 
chose the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as a charity to 
support through the 2008-2009 year. The society held 
several bake sales with plans to donate a portion of the 
proceeds to the wwF. Alpha Omega focused the 2008- 
2009 year on friendship and service. 

Alpha Omega Members 2008-2009 

Front row; Anastasia Tompkins and Emily 
Anderson^ Bacl< row: Erin Totten, Amy 
Roberson, Jamie Dare and Dana Kamerman. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

^e a leader. ?e a friend. ?e of service. 








Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service organization founded 
on the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. ' 

Alpha Phi Omega has been on McKendree's campus since 1972, and , 
continued to provide service to the campus and community through' 
the 08-09 school year. From volunteering at nursing homes and 
sponsoring blood drives to attending a national conference in Bostor 
and playing games after meetings, Alpha Phi Omega had a wonderful 
year full of... 

Leadership, Friendship & Service 

Alpha Phi Omega Active Members, 
Spring 2009 

Front row: IVlallory Neisler, Bobbie Carroll, 
Kaitlyne MotI and Amanda Englun. Middle 
row: Kelly Knauer, Melissa Wilkinson, Erin 
Conley, Maggie O'Connor, Ryan Vincent, 
Beth Trame, Amelia Wofford, Ashley 
Nolan and Jake Smith. Back row: Brad 
Cebben and Jeff Dillow. Not Pictured: 
Robert Poland, 


The Big Show! 

Section 49 poses 
together at National 
Convention in Boston, 

Happy Birthday! 

Amelia Wofford, Ryan 
Vincent, and Erin 
Conley celebrate the 
chapter's birthday! 

Always giving back. 

Kelly Knauer and 
Bobbie Carroll donate 
time and energy at a 
blood drive. 

Sigma Nu 

Sigma Nu Members 2008-2009 

First row: Justin Titswortli, Byrin Turner, Zachary Rliines, Zachary 
Davis and Sam McCinthy. Middle row: Keitti Bates, IVlichael Humes, 
Andrew Chambers and Ben Pieper. Bacl< row: Andrew Schmidt, Lucas 
Blumhorst, Jason Bohnenstiehl and Scott Delorme. Not pictured: Eric 
Dale and Nic Goodman. 

McKendree's Mu Sigma 
chapter of Sigma Nu follows 
three ideals: to believe in 
the life of love, to walk in 
the way of honor, and to 
serve in the light of truth. 
During the 2008-2009 
academic year, the 
fraternity hosted social 
events on campus and 
participated in volunteer 
opportunities to support 
the Cystic Fibrosis 


The men of Ferox 
)romote a collegiate 
experience that is 
ich in academic 
;ampus involvement 
ind personal 
)rowth. Ferox was 
ounded on the 
/icKendree campus 
In 1965. 

Ferox Members 2008-2009 

Matthew McKendree, Richard VanScoyl<, Jordan Hurd, Tucl<er Sears, Alumnus Sean Martin 
and Chas Maloch. 61 

Literary Interest Society 

Why yes, I do love books! 

Let it speak to you... 

Ben Simon recites liis own 
work (right) before Heather 
Belmonte (far right) reads a 

piece of her own at the fall 

Poetry Slam, at the Sweeter 

House of Coffee. 

In the "Windy City" 

McKendree students and 
faculty (below) stand in 
front of Chicago's 
Shakespeare Theater, The 
group saw a production of 
Twelfth Night. 

Bagain bool<s & baked goods 

Libby Mowers, Raven Bone, and Kendra Sigafoos help out at the annual LIS 
Book/Bake Sale All profits helped support the annual LIS Shakespeare Trip to 


McKendree's Literary interest Socletv (LIS) attracted 
students from all fields and works to promote the enjoyment 
of literature on campus and in the surrounding community. 
Led by student president, Heather Belmonte, LIS sponsored 
numerous sales and events this year, including book and bake 
sales, a build your own valentine sale, and a Poetry Slam at the 
Sweeter House of Coffee in downtown Lebanon. The 
fundraisers went toward McKendree's annual spring trip to 
Chicago's Navy Pier to see a play at the Shakespeare Theater. 
This treasured McKendree tradition has always been 
sponsored by LIS and open to the campus community. This 
year was no different. A group of students and faculy 
members attended a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth 
Night and toured the Chicago Shedd Aquarium. 

The Mohtage 

Montage Staff Members 2008-2009 

Anastasia Bierman, Reader; Heather 
Belmonte, Editor; Benjamin Simon, Reader; 
Elizabeth Mowers, Reader (not pictured: 
Trisha Rogers, Reader) 


Featuring short stories, poetry, drama, 
pliotograpliy, and artworl<. The Montage provided an 
invaluable outlet for student creativity. Every year 
McKendree students are asked to submit their 
original creative work. These submissions are then 
reviewed by a group of student readers and 
compiled and polished by The Montage editor. 
Traditionally the journal has been published as a 
small booklet. This year's edition, however, included 
a record number of submissions and is the first large 
sized edition in McKendree history. The Montage is 
distributed annually in the spring, free of charge. 

Student Illinois Education Association 

Preparing students for careers In education 

SlEA Executive Board Members: 2008-09 

Bethany Kowzan, Secretary; Lauren Hettenhausen, President; Jenny Mennerick, member; Nicole Kirl<, Treasurer; Lauren 
Roney, Vice President; Katie Ricliter, Program Director, (Not Pictured: Kristin von der Linden, Public Relations; Bonnie 
Rickert, Past President) 

The Student Illinois Education Association (SlEA) is a professional organization 
which linl<s students who are planning a career in teaching with a state and 
national teachers organization, iviembership in this program provides students 
with professional contacts throughout the state and nation, up-to-date 
information that goes beyond skills learned in a college classroom, publications at 
the national and the state level, professional workshops, resume and networking 
services and more. 

McKendree's SlEA chapter grew from the ground up this year and boasted a 
total membership of over 90 students, making it the largest student group on 
campus. The organization hosted monthly meetings with presenters focusing on 
professional development in the field of education. SlEA offered on-campus 
LiveText workshops for portfolio development and implemented a student mentor 
program within the School of Education. SlEA also launched a community 
involvement program and hosted McKendree's first education conference day 
with a theme of "Spring into Teaching" coupled with a school supply and 
playground equipment drive in cooperation with Lebanon Kids, Inc. In order to 
help fund their events, SlEA hosted two fundraisers: School of Education polos and 
McKendree canvas "teacher bags." President Lauren Hettenhausen stated in 
reflection, "The 2008-2009 school year marked an exciting lead for SlEA on campus. 
The executive board members were tirelessly dedicated to increasing 
opportunities for education majors on campus. This year was a great start, and I 
can't wait to see what the future holds! McKendree has such a fantasic education 
program; I'm glad SlEA could provide additional ways to learn, to serve others, and 
to develop as a professional educator outside of the classroom." 






McKendree offers eleven varsity men's sports and nine varsity 
women's sports. Eacli sport is connected tlirougii tiie athletic 
program. However, not just athletes are part of this group, we 
must remember the importance of coaches, trainers, fans and 
others who bring life to the sporting events. The sl<ill, strengh, 
support and sportsmanship shown by individuals and teams in 
all of these groups help the Bearcats achieve success on and off 
the field. Whether on the court or in the stands, members of 
the McKendree community come together to sport the purple 
and the white. Co Bearcats! 


Athletic Training 

Preventing and Responding to Sports Injuries 

Athletic Training Students 2008-2009 

Front row: Jordan Bierman, Lucy Elliott, Heather Fouts, Casandra Douthit, Alicia Kirchner, Keith Tebbe and Lindsay 
Ponder. Second row: Brittany Lowell, Kaitlin Ward, John Smith, Jeff Wingbermuehle, John Ruesler, Lindsay Newbold, 
Dani Stith, Sydnie Siltman, Amy Reed and Liz Barrow, Third row: Jen Bauersachs, Amanda Schuring, Sloane Hertlein, 
Craig Zurliene, Brandon Kircher, Cathy Webb, Dani Collins and Reece McCall. Bacl< row: Michael Dreisbach, Josh 
Hemmer and Scott Bonvie. Not pictured: Crystal Timmermann, Brennan Donahue, Jake Wittenauer and Duncan 

Back in action in no time! 

Sophomore Amy Reed works 
with senior Craig Session. 

Filling out the chart. 

Senior Casandra Douthit looks 
on as Instructor Katy Cayford 
records treatment 

Here's the plan... 

Medical advisor, 
Dr. Jay Nofsinger discusses 
treatment options with 
junior, Shelinda Brackett, 



Here come the Bearcats!! 

2008-2009 Season 

Georgetown College 

W 19-17 

Marian College 

L 21-28 

Ohio Dominican University 

L 0-59 

Quincy University 

L 13-20 

Trinity Int'l University 

W 35-3 

St. Ambrose University 

W 21-7 

William Penn University 

L 14-17 

University of St. Francis 

W 14-13 

Olivet Nazarene University 

W 38-0 

Iowa Wesleyan College 

W 48-3 


The McKendree Bearcat football team rushes the field on their way 
to another victorty! 

Hut. hut, hike! 

The Bearcats line up to try and prevent the opposing team 
from gaining another down. 


Coach Car! Poelker 
contemplates what play 
he will have his players 
do next. 

Co Long! 

Austin Fisher passes 
the ball to another 
teammate in an 
attempt to gain some 

(Far Right) 
Go Long! 

Dan Loudenslager 

puts up an awesome 

pass to one of his 

teammates, helping 

the team gain some 


Listen up! 

During a time out, players get some 
pointers before heading back out onto 
the field. 

Making history! 

George Smith fights his way to the 

endzone. He broke McKendree's 

career record touchdown. 



Go, Fight, Win! 







|>ay Attention! Run, run! Pile-up! Stop him! 

['layers listen attentively as an Mason Williams dodges an Craig Zurliene lays down a Derrell Nicliolas is on a 

assistant coach critiques tlieir opponent as he memberof the opposing mission to avoid a run-in 

•performance on the field. approaches the endzone. team. with an opponent. 


^m^x e ja;?: w:se.??s'j _ . 

2008 Football Team 

Numerically; Don Petterson, Terrence Greer, Sherman Ellington, Reece McCall, Ryan Klier, Tony Mitchell, David Bergschneider, 

Michael Clielmi, Antonio Greer, Bret Dougherty, Mason Williams, Wade Adamson, Derrick Quals, Jordan Fark, Dan Loudenslager, 

Everett Groom, Blake Novack, Luke Arnold, Austin Fisher, Kevin Kinsall, Mike Minehan, Shane McBride, George Smith, Tommy 

Cayfield, Lee Geyer, Marlone Chenault, Jon Malandrucco, Brian Bierman, Jason Rejfek, Josh Atwood, Ghris Montgomery, Jeff Stroot, 

Andrew Devine, Eric Holtkamp, Ghris Fisher, Brandon Nigro, Aaron Bennett, Neil Godfrey, Tim Ladd, Joe Beimfohr, Steve Moravec, 

Greg Schulte, John Smith, Gorey Harris, Gharles Giles, Ben Bergt, Heath Bohannon, Reggie Gloyd, Mychal Cooch, Nick Hegger, 

Terry Kennedy, Robert Kirk, Daniel Schanuel, Zachary Cass, Jake Harris, Bryan Edgar, Matthew Serdar, Elton Weed, Matt Hutton, 

Shawn Silvera, Shane O'Brien, Aaron Rohr, Zach Atkins, Nick Fuhler, Jay Earley, Myron Hicks, Robby Mosher, Byron Gettis, Travis 

Brown, Derrell Nicholas, Adam Connor, Jake Strausbaugh, Troy Cogdill, Mariano Flowers, Craig Zurliene, Aaron Ficke, Sean Newsome, 

Brock Pflasterer, Kevin Lambert, Michael Allen, Marcus Atwood, Richard Bailey, Parrish Banks, Dustin Barrett, Andrew Beckham, 

Dustin Borum, David Brock, Anthony Brown, Derek Chancy, Nolan Crum, Andrew Davis, Matt Davis, Erik Fohne, Justin Frankford, 

Lucas Gehrs, Brock Gray, Kyle Hanner, Corey Harris, Simeone Haynes, Willie Haynes, Rennick Hoss, Josh Houston, Kale Hubert, Sean 

Kelly, Gary Kharibian, Josh Lauer, Ricardo Lopez, Josh Masten, Tyler Muenstermann, Dennis Otto, Quez Patterson, Robert Poland, 

Scott Prause, Zach Reynolds, Daniel Rivera, Joel Rivera, Wesley Rohman, Larry Russell, Jeffrey Schoor, Justin Shaw, Anthony Shorter, 

Eli Smith, Blake Thole, Lafayette Tucker, Blake Wesselman, George White, Bradley Wright, Charlie Zimmerman. Coaches: Carl Poelker, 

Jim Falconio, Tony Falconio, Jeff Fisher, Mike Harrison, Tom Jensen, Mike McCinnis, Jim Monken, Trent Poelker, Bill Smith. 


Women's Soccer 

Another National Tournament Appearance! 

2008-2009 Season 

St. Norbert College 
St. Xavier University 
Missouri Valley College 
Westminster College 
U of I Springfield 
Culver-Stockton College 
Harris-Stowe University 
William Woods University 
U of I Springfield 
William Woods University 
Hannibal-LaCrange College 
Judson University 
Missouri Baptist University 
Missouri Baptist University 
Harris-Stowe University 
Lindenwood University 
Hannibal-LaCrange College 
Drury University 
AMC Tournament Semifinals 

Hannibal-LaCrange College 
AMC Tournament Finals 

William Woods University 
NAIA Championships 

Kansas Wesleyan 
NAIA Championships 

Lindsey Wilson College 













































AMC Player of the Year 

Sophomore Sarah Ryan was 

named American Midwest 

Conference Player of the 

Year, Dean of Students Dr 

Todd Reynolds presents her 

award at the Conference 

Championship game where 

the Bearcats won their sixth 

consecutive championship by 

defeating William Woods with 

a score of 5-0. 

We Did It! 

Junior Sarah Ryan catches 
junior Kelsey Johnson as 
they celebrate their 1-0 
win over Kansas Wesleyan 
in the first round of the • 
NAIA national 
tournament. On Nov. 22 
and for the first time in 
school history, McKendree 
hosted a national 
tournament women's 
soccer game. 

Coach Tim Strange's women's soccer team had another 
outstanding season and set a record for most wins in program j 
history with a record of 19-2-1. The team also won its sixth j 

consecutive AlViC championship and hosted a first-round j 

national tournament game. Ranked #16 nationally, the Bearcats \ 
were beaten 3-0 by #1 ranked Lindsey Wilson College in the 
second round of the tournament. Senior Erin Spotanski and 
junior Sarah Ryan were named Daktronics NAIA Scholar-Athletes 
and Ryan and freshman Sulyn Keomanivane were named Brine- 'i 
NAIA honorable mention Ail-American Athletes. 

2008-2009 Women's Soccer Team 

Numerically; Sarah Luecking, Liz 

Yanko, Katelyn Cleveland, Kelsey 

Johnson, Theresa Kaiser, Alex Adams, 

Chrissy Cirardi, Sulyn Keomanivane, 

Sam Hartman, liana Milkez, Erin 

Spotanski, Kyla Nighohossian, Brittany 

Lowell, Lindsey Freeman, Megan 

Ansley, Corie Sanders, Erin Killian, 

Lindsey Ponder, Sarah Brede, Darcee 

Bair, Jess Augustine, Sarah 

Eckelkamp, Ashley Varns, Sarah Ryan, 

Kathy Kentch, Daniele Kuberski, 

Cassie Jones, Cassie Lofink. Coaches 

Tim Strange, Donny Sheehan, Jamie 

Dienell, Lucy Elliott 


Men's Soccer 

Kickin' It Into High Gear. 

w T^ 

Oh, say can you 

;^ I The Varsity Bearcat 
-^iiit^l Soccer Team lines up 

1 1 ! I I II 

on the field and pays 
tribute to our country 
during the national 

Tim Strange led the Men's Bearcat Soccer Team 
through another successful year with a season record of 
14-4-2. Such an impressive season was stopped suddenly 
in the AMC Championship Games against Hannibal- 
LaCrange College. The talented young team will be 
saying goodbye to three seniors this year: Ryan Miller, 
Joey Lofink, and Eric Frierdich. The Bearcats were not 
only scoring well on the field but also were scoring well 
in the classroom. Notably, three outstanding players 
were honored with the Daktronics-NAIA Scholar-Athletes 
Award. The three included Seniors Joey Lofink and Ryan 
liller and Junior Braden Posey. 

2008-2009 Season 

W 1-0 

Judson University 

W 4-1 

Taylor University 

W 3-0 

Missouri Valley College 

W 1-0 

Marian college 

W 4-1 

Westminster College 

W 2-1 

Benedictine College 

T 3-3 

Olivet Nazarene University 

W 3-0 

Culver-Stockton College 

W 4-0 

Harris-Stowe University 

W 8-0 

William Woods University 

W 3-1 

U of 1 Springfield 

L 0-2 

Hannibal-LaCrange College 

L 0-2 


W 2-0 

Columbia College 

W 1-0 

Missouri Baptist University 

L 2-4 

Lindenwood University 

W 4-0 

Williams Baptist College 

T 0-0 

Drury University 

AMC Tournament Semifinals 

W 2-0 

Columbia College 

AMC Tournament Finals 

L 1-5 

Hannibal-LaCrange College 

2008-2009 Men's Soccer 

Numerically: Tim Day, Braden 
Posey, Brennan Donahue, Ryan 
Miller, Sean Mueller, Jimmy 
Benoist, Sam James, Pat Jones, 
Joey Lofink, Michael Sigournay, 
Eric Frierdich, Daniele Moradi, 
^ Matt Jannings, Joep Schreurs, 
Mitch Fear, Aaron Streid, Max 
VogI, Fraser Williams, Thomas 
Ward, Max Steinmez, Sam 
Keomanivane, Richard 
Henderson, Joe Sagar. Coaches 
Tim Strange and Donny 



Serve It, Bump It, Spike It, Win It! 

2008-2009 Season 

Webster University 

W 3-0 

College of the Ozarks 

L 0-3 

Bethany College 

W 3-1 

Freed-Hardeman University 

L 1-3 

Tabor College 

W 3-0 

William Baptist College 

W 3-0 

Maryville University 

W 3-0 

Millikin University 

L 1-3 

Columbia College 

L 0-3 

Missouri Baptist University 

L 1-3 

Stephens College 

W 3-0 

William Woods University 

W 3-0 

Central Methodist 

L 1-3 


Fontbonne University 

W 3-0 

Harris-Stowe University 

W 3-0 

Hannibal-LaCrange College 

W 3-0 

Lindenwood University 

L 0-3 

Evangel University 

L 1-3 

William Jewel College 

L 2-3 

Olivet Nazarene University 

L 0-3 

U of 1 Springfield 

L 2-3 

Harris-Stowe University 

W 3-0 

Williams Baptist University 

L 1-3 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 3-1 

Madonna University 

L 0-3 

St. Ambrose Universtiy 

W 3-1 

Stephens University 

W 3-0 

William Woods University 

L 1-3 

Columbia College 

L 0-3 

Hannibal-LaCrange College 

W 3-2 

Creenville College 

W 3-0 

U of 1 Springfield 

L 0-3 

Webster University 

W 3-1 

AMC Tournament 

William Woods University 

W 3-0 

AMC Tournament 

Columbia Collge 

L 0-3 

A, i 4 l ^ i< H» i , i ^ 

2008-2009 volleyball Team 

Front row: Melinda Bayer, Jenna Baker, Nadia Moore, Savannah Jarvis 
and Lauren Richter. Middle Row: Jessica Ward, Kelsie Perkins, Jena 
Muckensturm, Maggie Musso, Carrie Bricl<eY, Jessica Ellsworth, Dana 
Maedge, Melissa Bayer, Lauren Sarver and Katie Ringering. Back row: 
Dani Collins, Katelyn Kombrink, Lindsay Amerson, Lindsey Cray, 
Kaitlyn Kollmann, Kristina Paisley, Andrea Lucas, Anna Mannino and 
Kelsey Jones. Coach: Evelyn Bean. (Assistant Coach: Jen Miller) 

Bring It! 

Lauren Sarver offensively returns the 
ball to William Baptist. 

Take that! 

Kaitlin Kollman puts | 
the shot away against j 
Columbia College. 

Give me your best shot! 

Carrie Brickey prepares to 


Coach Evelyn Bean and Assistant 
Coach Jen Miller worked to rally the, 
girls' spirits and encouraged them | 
to play hard and stay strong 
throughout the season. The work 
put in by the coaches and players 
paid off during the season closing ; 
AMC Tournament, impressively, the 
Bearcats qualified for the semifinal; 
with flying colors, beating William 
woods university in a three set 
match. Unfortunately, the women 
were knocked out of play by 
Columbia College. The volleyball 
team ended with a record of 18-17. 


Frozen Bearcats 

>008-2009 Hockey Team 

slumerically: John Moore, Ryan Ahlemeyer, Charlie Donze, Jordan 
"hompson, Nick Dreyer, Scott Roberts, Zach EVans, Alec Steiner, J. 
)avid Coleman, Chris Donahue, Dan Pettibone, Kyle Clark, Nicholas 
iinothers, Ryan Haeffele, Zach Crawford, Dustin Schildknecht, Jordan 
)onze, Kelsey Medina, Mike Stier, Brooks Boeschen^ Coach: Bill Misiak. 


Play fair! 

The players strive to put 
up a good defense against 
tlieir opponants. 


Huddle up. 

The defense gathers 
to discuss strategy. 

Line 'em up. 

The Bearcats stand in line 
honoring our country during 
the playing of our national 

2008-2009 Season 

L 5-10 

University of Missouri 

W 13-7 

Univesity of Missouri 

W 7-4 

Eastern Illinois University 

L 5-6 

Eastern Illinois University 

W 9-2 

Wheaton College 

W 11-2 

Wheaton College 

W 9-6 

Robert Morris College 

W 9-4 

Robert Morris College 

W 14-3 

Western Illinois University 

W 8-1 

Western Illinois University 

W 9-2 

Marquette University 

T 5-5 

Marquette University 

W 8-1 




L 3-4 

Northwestern University 

W 6-2 

Northwestern University 

W 4-1 

Bradley University 

W 5-2 

Bradley University 

W 6-1 

Loyola University 

L 6-7 

Loyola University 

W 5-3 

Missouri State University 

W 4-3 

Missouri State University 

W 13-3 



W 12-3 

Marquette University 

MACHA Tournament- 

W 6-3 

Northwestern University 

P = Postponed 

McKendree's hockey team had a 
fantastic year earning a record of 
19-4. They also captured the 
IVIACHA Silver Division Tournament 
title for the second consecutive 
year. The team had a very 
talented line-up including junior 
goalie Mike Stier who was named 
the MACHA Silver Division 
Tournament Most valuable Player. 


Women's and Men's Bowling 

Knockin' 'Em Down! 

2008-2009 women 

Hammer Midwest Classic 

2nd of 29 

Southern Illinois Elite Invite 

2nd of 14 

Boilermaker Classic 

2nd of 14 

Nafl Collegiate Team Match Cames 

2nd of 27 

Collegiate Shoot Out 

3rd of 16 

Las Vegas Invitational 

1st of 18 

Hoinke Classic 

3rd of 22 

Blue & Cold Classic 

3rd of 15 

McKendree Baker Challenge 

3rd of 25 

Hoosier Classic 

5th of 28 

2008-2009 Men's Bowling Team 

Alphabetically: Matt Anastasia, T.J. Arnold, Zach 
Bathon, Dylan Brown, Gary Caniff, Clint Casteel, 
Martell Gamble, Justin Camblin, Bred Gebben, 
Ron Ciesin, Alen Henseler, Willie Jubiter, Derek 
Kindig, Matt Lanctot, Matt McKendree, J.R. 
Monteith, Donald Murray, Voncent Pastore, Chris 
Ray, Stephen Riley, Andrew Robert, Jason 
Schwartz, Ryan Smith, Jimmy Stenson, Daniel 
Strubel, Travis Sweney, Tom Urban, Evan 
VanScoyk, Richard VanScoyk and Jeremy 
Worden. Coach: Gary White. 

■^'^,..„. -^?*»" 

2008-2009 Women's Bowling Team 

Alphabetically: Suzanne Alvarado,Mary Bellus, 
Danielle Belobraydich, Brandi Branka, Miranda 
Brittin, Cassandra Griddle, Marcy Czarnecki, 
Rebekah Diers, Lori Hanken, Alyssa Jones, Lauren 
Jones, Dana Kamerman, Holly Karner, Amanda 
Lynch, Susy Monteith, Meagan Musgrave, Allie 
Payne, Melissa Purcell, Kayla Rothzen, Allison 
Schenck, Kendall Sims, Lori Sizemore, Elizabeth 
Snyder, Jessica Spires, Alicia Stricklin and Christina 
Young. Coach: Gary White. 

2008-2009 Men 

7th of 22 
2nd Of 29 
1st of 28 
15th of 36 
8th of 40 
10th Of 44 
2nd Of 45 
3rd of 65 
13th of 40 
1st of 52 

Hammer Midwest Collegiate Classic 

Southern Illinois Elite Invite 

Boilermaker Classic 

Nat'l Collegiate Team Match Games 

Collegiate Shoot Out 

Las Vegas Invitational 

Hoinke Classic 

Blue& Gold Classic 

McKendree Baker Challenge 

Hoosier Classic 



Taken 'Em Down and Pinning 'Em! 

The Men's Wrestling team had a fantastic 
year. In the past, McKendree has been proud to 
have Bearcats qualify for Nationals, but never 
before has McKendree had two National 
Champions. This season, junior Bearcats 
Andrew Sanchez and Aaron Winning won 
individual National Championships at 197 
pounds and 165 pounds, respectively, in 
addition to these two stellar performances, 
McKendree also had five other men earn Ail- 
American honors, including first-year student 
Kyle Williams, sophomore wade Lowe, juniors 
Josh Bryant and Cedric Powell, and senior Dan 

Not only did Coach James Kisgen lead the 
Bearcats to a third place national finish, but also 
the team boasted a high GPA. The team was 
ranked with the eighth highest GPA for all NAIA 
schools. Moreover, senior Tom Edwards, and 
first-year student Kyle Williams were honored as 
two members of the 2009 National wrestling 
Coaches Association/NAIA All-Academic team. 

2008-2009 Season 

W 30-11 

Campbellsville University 

W 46-0 

Hannibal-LaCrange College 

W 43-5 

Missouri Baptist University 

L 18-24 

Missouri Valley College 

L 9-39 

University of Illinois 

L 6-39 

University of Findley 

NWCA Nat'l Duals Tournament- 

W 40-3 

Morningside College 

NWCA Nat'l Duals Tournament- 

W 30-12 

University of Great Falls 

NWCA Nat'l Duals Tournament- 

L 13-33 

Southern Oregon 

NWCA Nat'l Duals Tournament- 

L 12-30 

Dickenson State University 

W 23-12 

Cumberland University 

W 34-15 

University of Indianapolis 

L 17-24 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 36-12 


National Champ! 

Junior, Andrew Sanchez 
shows his excitement after 
winning the national 
championship in the 197 lb 

2008-2009 Wrestling Team 

Alphabetically: Zak Adomanis, Arben Balazi, Andrew Barbier, Rickey Bamett Jr., 
Matt Beasley, Lawrence Brown, Josh Bryant, John Bums, Adrian Cerrillo, Andrew 
Cheesman, A.J. Ciccarelli, Andrew Davis, George Donovan, Tom Edwards, Jeremy 
Ellingwood, Dillon Cuhrs, Ryan Cuillett, Kevin Hawkins, Ryan Henning, Ryan Jahn, 
Mandela Johnson, Harry Joseph, Alex Kluge, Wade Lowe, Chas Maloch, Brian 
Markway, Scott McQuiston, Dan Moore, Tyler Orr, Cedric Powell, Scott Prause, 
Cody Presswood, Kyle Reid, Andrew Sanchez, Bryan Thatch, Jermaine Waye, Kyle 
Williams, Tim Willis, Aaron Winning, Tanner Wolk. Coaches: James Kisgen, Chad 
Willard, Kyle Jahn. 73 


We're Gonna Fire You Up! 


It takes teamwork to build this 

(| Let's Co Bearcats! 

Jessica Hunt and Sam 
Hamlin get the crowd 

2008-2009 Cheerleaders 

Front row: Brittany Huelsman, Nina Belden, Jessica Hunt and Melissa 
Klaus. Middle row: Ashley Schmitt, Clanssa Jennings, Christine Dutton, 
All Willoughby and Sam Hamlin. Back row: Coach Stephanie Koerber, 
Arielle Michael, Emily Colvin, Megan Timmermann and Coach Katie 

To some, a cheerleader is someone who makes 
noise at a game. To those who are cheerleaders, 
cheerleading is a way of life. Bearcat cheerleaders are 
athletes in every sense of the word, in addition to 
weekly practices this year, McKendree cheerleaders 
ran, lifted weights and practiced tumbling regularly. 
They cheered at home football games and men's and 
women's home basketball games as well as some away 
games. They also competed in skills competitions 
against other squads. 

Pregame Preparations 

While the football team f|!^' 

stretches and runs 
sprints to warm up, the .^^^t^-^^^ 

cheerleaders hang '^s %1. 
upside down from the ss^^ 
guard rai 

It's great to be a Bearcat! 


Dance Team 

They Can Really Shake 'Em Down! 

^A'Thriiring dance 

Brianna Berens and 
Kimberly Siddall bring 
the crowd to life as tine 
team dances to Michael 
Jackson's infamous 

2008-2009 Dance Team 

Front row: Lora Blackwell, Kamara Owens (Captain) 
and Amy Piland. Middle row: Kimberly Siddall and 
Maegan Hamilton. Back row: Alyssa Spano, Jordan 
Finch and Brianna Bernes. (Not pictured: Coach 
Meghan Tippy) 

She's got the groove! 

The Bearcat Dance Team real 
rug at the basketball games. 

knows how to cut a 

Shimmy, Shimmy, Shai(e! 

The ladies strut their stuff on the catwalk while entertaining the 
crowd during half-time at the basketball game. 

The McKendree Dance Team 
entertained us all year dancing to 
"Dancing Queen," "Thriller," and "A 
Cartoon Medley" during the fall 
semester and "Let's Get Loud" and 
"Kalabria" during the spring 

The girls put together some 
great moves for all the songs, but 
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was 
definitely a highlight. Not only did 
the Dance Team perform during 
the song, but the entire band and 
color gaurd did as well! 


Women's & Men's 
Cross Country 



2008-2009 Season 



Washington University 

No Team Score 

8th of 16 

Eastern Illinois University 

No Team Score 

8th of 9 

Southern Illinois University 

No Team Score 

6th of 7 

Southern Illinois University- 


No Team Score 

13th of 16 

Berry College 

No Team Score 

8th of 20 

American Midwest Conference 

2nd of 4 


NAIA National Championships 

3rcl of 5 

2008 - 2009 Cross Country Team 

Alphabetically: Jeff Brown, Tom Crivellone, Darren Hooks, 
Mack Lewis, Garrett Lukens, Carlos Marin, Elias Meliy, Mike 
Mendez, Mark Newman, Ricky Weber, Josh Wilhelm, Devin 
liams and Ricardo Williams 

The women's and Men's 
Cross Country teams made 
McKendree proud this 
season. Both teams put 
forth an impressive and 
esteemable amount of 
effort. The women's team 
had four members and, 
therefore, were unable to 
post team scores. The 
individuals on the team did 
very well for themselves, 
however. Three first-year 
students: Jasmine Penny, KC|' 
Root and Airika Tyler and 
senior Sophy Yapsabila were 
the four energetic girls who 
comprised the women's 
team, in particular, at the 
AMC Championships, 
Yapsabila earned fourth 
place running 5K in 18:56:64 
and Penny earned a ninth 
place finish with a time of 

There were 13 bearcats 
on the 2008-2009 men's 
cross country team this 
year. Everyone did a great 
job and worked hard to earr 
a second place finish at the 
AMC Championships this 
season. Ellias Melly, a 
student from Eldoret, 
Kenya, boasted a second 
place finish at the AMC race 
with a time of 26:25:90, 
earning himself entry into 
the National Championships 
were he placed fifty-fourth 
out of 331 runners and the 
Newcomerof the Year 
Award. In addition to Mellv'! 
accomplishments, first-year 
student Darren Hooks 
finished seventh and junior 
Michael Mendez finished 
sixth at the AMC 
Championships earning All- 
Conference Honors. 


Women's and Men's 
Track and Field 

She'll be comln' round 
the bend... 

Lanece Clark places third in 
the 100 meter earning 
2008-2009 women's and Men's Track and Field Teams NAIA All American Honors 


Alphabetically: Krystin Baker, Shelinda Brackett, Tonya Brown, Kristin Chism, Lanece Clarke, Kayla Fowler, Tamara 

Francis, Chynna Glasgow, Emily Hackstadt, Shilpa Hamilton, Ashley Harris, Sasha Joyce, Nadia Moore, Nicole Neal, Kyra 

Nicely, Tiara Pegues, Sara Petterson, Lauren Rickter, Niki Sipole, Kimberly Spencer, Airika Tyler, Nadia Ware, Emily 



Alphabetically: Jordan Bishop, Travis Brave, Anthony Brown, Jeffery Brown, Tommy Cayfield, Steve Hammond, Jake 

Harris, Darren Hooks, Fifi Johnson, Joshua Katam, Carlson Kemei, Jesse King, Elkana Kipsang, Michael Mendez, Jordan 

Perry, Brian Steele, Keron Thomas, Nick Thompson, Danial VanNatta, Josh Wilhelm, Devin Williams, Travis Winters^ 

""' S. I, U. E. 

S I 

5. f t= {■ 

Power Burst! 

Michael Mendez starts the 
4x800 meter relay race for 
McKendree who finished in 
seventh place with an 
honorable time of 7:48:04. 

They just keep going and going 
and going... 

Left: Shelinda Brackett finishes in 
second overall in the 100 meter during 
the NAIA Final Championships. 
Right: Carlson Kemei wins the NAIA 
National Championships held in 
Edwardsville, lllionis. 

Jack be nimble, jack be 

Junior Jesse King hurdles his 
way into second place in the 
110 meter hurdles at the NAIA 
National Championships. ii 

Women's Basketball 

Another Slam Dunk Season! 

2008-2009 Season 

Park University 



St. Xavier University 



Lindenwood University 



Mid American Nazarene 

University Tournament 



Mid American Nazarene 

University Tournament 



Milil<in University 



Culver-Stockton College 



Brescia University 



Maryville University 



Olivet Nazarene University 



Park University 



Georgetown College 



William Woods University 



Missouri Baptist University 



Harris-Stowe University 



Columbia College 






Brescia University 



Stephens College 



U of 1 - Springfield 



William Woods University 



Missouri Baptist University 



Haris-Stowe University 



Columbia College 



William Baptist College 



Hannibal-LaCrange College 



Stephens College 



U of 1 - Springfield 



AMC Quaterfinals- 

Missouri Baptist University 



AMC Semifinals- 

Columbia College 



AMC Championships- 

William Woods University 




Put it up! 

Senior Emily Best attempts to score 

another basket for McKendree. Emily put 

15 points up on the board for the Bearcats 

while playing against William Woods. 

2008-2009 Women's Basketball Team 

Numerically: Haley Klingelhoefer, Katie Fullerton, Kasie Frazier, 
Kelsey Park, Stephanie Harris, Ashley Agee, Katelin Wiegmann, Julie 
Garrison, Emily Weitekamp, Katie Kovarik, Amanda Schuring, Kelly 
Corclia, Kelli Lewis, Emily Woodland, Meghan O'Connell, Cathy 
Webb, Ashley Dressier, Emily Best. Coach: Melissa Ringhausen 
student Coach: Leah Shan, 


Kelsey Park drives towards 
the basket to score another 
point against the NAIA 
number 14 seed, Columbia 
College. The Bearcats won 

She shoots.. .she scores! 

Sophomore Ashley Agee put! 
up another shot scoring a j 
total of 11 points for the j 
Bearcats against Columbia 

Men's Basketball 

Coach Harry Statham Makes History, Again! 

008-2009 Men's Basketball Team 

lumerically: Eric Palm, Karrington Pettiford, Andy Wolff, 
ric Hobble, Brad Copelln, Kyle Heckert, Ian Ridge, John 
uesler, Sean Rakers, Ken Detmer. Head Coach: Harry 
tatham. Assistant Coaches: Eric Echelbarger and Tim 
echerer. Student Assistant: Craig Cassldy 

othin' but net! 

5nlor Eric Palm takes a shot against 
arrls-Stowe. Palm averaged 25 
Dints during the season series. 

2008-2009 Season 

W 99-79 

Trinity University 

W 80-72 

Mid-Continent University 

W 82-77 

LIndenwood University 

W 88-86 

Ohio Dominican University 

L 64-79 

Park University 

W 75-61 

McKendree Classic 

L 80-83 

McKendree Classic 

W 89-70 

Mid Continent University 

L 57-72 

Benedictine College 

W 75-63 

Brescia University 

L 79-80 

Union Thanksgiving Classic 

W 67-66 

Union Thanksgiving Classic 

W 78-76 

Park University 

W 78-75 

Olivet Nazarene University 

W 70-48 


W 63-59 

Ohio Dominican University 

W 74-69 

William Woods University 

W 80-72 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 76-62 

Harris-Stowe University 

W 68-65 

Columbia College 

W 84-68 

William Baptist College 

W 68-65 

Hannibal LaCrange College 

W 82-74 

U of 1 - Springfield 

W 66-46 

William Woods University 

W 76-56 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 86-61 

Harris-Stowe University 

W 55-53 

Columbia College 

W 71-52 

William Baptist College 

W 77-64 

Hannibal-LaCrange College 

W 80-69 

U of 1 - Springfield 

AMC Quaterfinals- 

W 79-50 

Harris-Stowe University 

AMC Semifinals- 

W 79-63 

Hannibal-LaCrange College 

AMC Campionships- 

L 54-65 

Columbia College 


First-year student 
Sean Rakers scores 
again for the Bearcats. 
Rakers put up 20 
points in 20 minutes 
against Harris Stowe. 

He does so much for us. 

Coach Harry Statham guided his Bearcats to a 30-5 season 
and another trip to the national tournament. He made 
history once again by becomming the all-time leader in 
games coached at the collegiate level. 


Women's Tennis 

Serving It Up Again! 

2008-2009 Season 

St. Louis University 

L 0-6 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 5-2 

U of 1 - Springfield 

W 5-4 

U of M - Missouri 


Craceland University 

L 1-8 

Evangel University 

L 3-6 

Missouri Baptist University 

W 6-3 

Olivet Nazarene University 

L 3-4 

William Jewell College 

L 1-8 

U of 1 - Springfield 

L 0-6 

Lindenwood University 

L 4-5 


Erin Thonnan 
and Jenny 
pause between 
matches for a 
quick photo. 

2008-2009 Women's Tennis 

Coach Christy Josias, Emily Cimarolli, Erin Thoman, Jenny 
Mennerick, Lauren Szakielo, and Allison Holloway 

The 2008-2009 tennis season proved to 
be an exciting one. In the fall of 2008, the 
doubles team of Jenny Mennerick and 
Erin Thoman placed first at the ITA 
Regional Tournament. This finish 
guaranteed a placement in the iTA 
Doubles National Tournament in Mobile, 
Alabama. At the national tournament, 
the doubles team placed seventh in the 
NAIA division. Starting the spring 
season, the girls team tried to maintain a 
strong standing in the conference. 
Newcomers Emily Cimarolli and Alison 
Holloway were a great asset to the team. 
However, with only 5 players this season, 
the team had to worl< extra hard. The 
team finished the season with a record 
of 3-7. 

Talcin' home the gold 

The ladies pose with their hard 
a long day on the courts. 

irned awards after 

Men's Tennis 

Game, Set, Match 

2008-2009 Season 

Missouri Baptist Univeristy 
U of I - Springfield 
U of M - St. Louis 
Brescia University 
Lal<e Land College 
Craceland University 
Vincennes University 
Missouri Baptist University 

Olivet Nazarene University 
William Jewell College 
Lindenwood University 

























In Rememberance 

Men's Tennis Coach, 

William Rusick, passed away 

this October 17,2008 after 

a two year battle with 

cancer. Bill was a tennis 

professional with many 

accomplishments on his 

record. McKendree was 

glad to welcome him into 

the family in 2002 as the 

women's tennis coach, and 

the following year as the 

men's tennis coach. Coach 

Rusick's friendly demenor 

and 30 years of instructor 

experience will be greatly 

missed by the McKendree 


With a record of 7-5, the 
Men's Tennis team served 
upanother good year. The 
Bearcats played hard all 
summer, but the season 
came to an end on April 20 
with a dual match loss of 8-5 
at the American Midwest 
Conference NAIA 
Unaffiliated Tournament in 
Springfield, IL. In addition to 
the matches shown on the 
scoreboard, the team also 
earned an outstanding 
second place finish in the 
Hack Kellner Invitational held 
in Springfield, IL. All in all, it 
was a successful year for the 
young team, which included 
four first-year students, one 
sophomore and one junior. 



Another Home Run Season 

2008-2009 Season 

Martin Methodist College 
Freed-Hardeman University 
University of Virginia 
William Jewell College 
College of St. Mary 
Midland Lutheran College 
William Baptist College 
Dordt College 
Oklahoma Baptist 

Missouri Baptist University 
Peru State College 
Calumet College 
St. Mary's of Leavenworth 
Craceland University 
Roger's State University 
St. Gregory's 
Lindenwood University 
William Woods University 
Columbia College 
Robert Morris College 
Spakling University 
U of I - Springfield 
Hannibal-LaCrange College 
St. Xavier University 
Calumet College 
Stephens College 
Harris-Stowe University 
Missouri Baptist University 
Hannibal-LaCrange College 
Harris-Stowe University 
Missouri Baptist University 
William Woods University 
Columbia College 
Columbia College 





































































Wind up... 

Junior pitcher Amy 
Quirin gets settled on 
the mound, ready to 
take on the 
Lindenwood lineup 

The McKendree Bearcat Softball team 
finished off the 2008-2009 season with a 
record of 30-17. Not only did the girls 
perform well out on the field but also 
there were six players who were honorec 
as Daktronlcs-NAIA Scholar Athletes. To 
receive such an honor players must be 
nominated by a coach, have reached 
Junior status and maintain a CPA of 3.5 or 
a 4.0 scale. The six honored ladles 
Included seniors Amber Nlkolauzyk and 
Angle Maue and juniors Christine Juehne, 
Lindsay Newbold, Amanda Snyder and 
Katie ward. 


2008-2009 Softball Team 

Numencally: Amber Nlkolauzyk, Jamie Corbier, Christine 
Juehne, Taylee Spicuzza, Casey White, Amy Quihn, Autumn 
Allen, Uz Dains, Kayla White, Natalee Rujawitz, Amanda 
Snyder, Ashley Agee, Katie Ward, Cathy Webb, Cassandra 
Brown, Lindsay Newbold, Angi Maue, Lindsay McCuire, 
Nicole Ostertag, Coach: Evelyn Bean. 


Stepping Up To The Plate 

»*i: .»*T8».> 

This year's McKendree Bearcat 
team finished with a record of 37-21- 
2. The season came to an end on 
iVlay 14 with a loss to Texas Weslyan 
University at the NAIA world Series. 
Two Seniors were signed into the 
IVILB. Cale Johnson was signed on 
with the St. Louis Cardinals and 
Nolan Martz signed with the 
Baltimore Orioles. 

2008-2009 Men's Baseball Team 

^Mumencally; Order: Brandyn Snider, Adam Davinroy, Warren Miilitello, Kyle 
3erry, Brynnen Smith, Tyler Muren, Cole Schrage, Ross Willman, Brandon 
Holtmann, Bryce Frieden, Craig Session, Ryan Uhe, Shane McBride, Mark 
Daniels, Dusty Schallenberg, Derek Coetzl, Kyle Moll, Calvin O'Rear, Joe 
Hickman, Nolan Martz, Kory Peppenhorst, Cale Johnson, Joey Ullery, Tyson 
\yioore, Luke Poston, Brad Dunnigan, Tom Rose, Eric Centz, Dakota Schutt, 
;ody Odum, Ryan Meyer, Josh Lusch, Ryan Ohnesorge, Ryan Weber, Ricky 
A/eber, Tommy Young, Alex Young, Eric Romani, Andrew Sparks, Jim Schulte, 
:had Ohnesorge, Sam Hodges, Mark Chapman, Josh Rathmann, Mark Cokel, 
3ryan Tebbe and Zach Miller. Head Coach; Jim Boehne Assistant Coaches: Brad 
3ster and Dusty Kantner. 

Here's the 




delivers a pitch 

in a game 

against Harris- 


rough as Nails 

tophomore catcher 
(yle Moll tries to get 
)n base. In this 
lame againist St. 
\mbrose he hit two 
lome runs and 
Irove in five runs, 
lelping the Bearcats 
oa 16-15 win. 

J V 

Scoopin up 
another easy 

Senior third 
baseman Tom 
Rose is in 
position to 
throw out the 

2008-2009 Season 

Union Unversity 

L 1-7 

Berry College 

L 2-4 

Belhaven College 

L 1-2 

Greenville College 

W 10-7 

Missouri Valley College 

W 3-2 

Central Christian 


W 8-3 

Lambuth University 

L 5-6 

St. Xavier University 

W 3-1 

Benedictine College 

W 8-3 

Bethel College 

W 5-4 

Lindenwood University 

W 17-13 

Missouri Baptist 


W 13-3 

St. Ambrose Unversity 

L 8-11 

Harris-Stowe Unversity 

W 8-4 

Washington University 

W 7-5 

Union University 

W 7-1 

William Baptist 


L 2-5 

Bethel College 

W 9-3 



W 15-0 

William Woods 


W 6-3 

Missouri S & T University 

T 9-9 


Women's and Men's Golf 

Swinging Through Another Season! 


Women's Season 

Piedmont College 


Gateway Tournament 


Maryville Invite 


Illinois College 


McKendree Invite 


AMC Tournament 



Men's Season 

Evangel Invite 
William Woods Invite 
Millikan University 
AMC Championships 

4th of 8 
4th of 11 
6th of 23 
3rd of 6 

The women's team earned a second place 
finish at the iviaryville University Spring 
Invitational, in addition, the lady Bearcats 
were recognized by the NAIA as the 2009 
recipient of the NAIA-Buffalo Funds Five-Star 
Champions of Character Team Award winner. 
McKendree was nominated and chosen for 
this reward by respective coaches based on 
their display of character and sportsmanship 
on the field, campus, and within their 

The men's team's highest placement was 
a third place finish during the season closing 
AMC Championships. Notably, juniors Justin 
Mueller and Jordan Schwankhaus were both 
recognized with all-conference honors. 
Mueller finished second overall with 212 
strokes at the AMC Championships, 
Schwankhaus finished not too far behind 
with 216 strokes, finishing in eighth place 

2008-2009 Women's Golf Team 

Alphabetically: Cassie Barger, Katie Eilers, Miranda Gibson, 
Stephanie Harris, Bethany Hinkle, Brittany Kellerman, 
Brooke Lobb, Dana Martizsus, Renee Ryterski, Kate 
Schellinger, Jessica Smith and Hayley Zugmaier. 

2008-2009 Men's Colf Team 

Alphabetic: John Barrow, Ryan Bennett, Kris Boyd, Dillon 
Brasher, Chris Ervin, Richard Francis, Stephen Hamilton, 
John Kabbes, Alex Marsaglia, Justin Mueller, Travis Oglesby, 
Zachary Peters, Jordan Schwankhaus, Ryan Spicer, Mike 
Wagner and Andrew Williams. 


Color & Winter Gaurd 

Impressive Expression! 


Tonya Schartung and Sarah Milam concentrate on their 
routine as they march in the Homecoming Parade. 

Thriller Tribute 

Amy Pilam, Brianna Berens, Maegan 
Hamilton of the Dance Team and Sarah 
Milam of the Color Gaurd Combine talents 
in the half time show during the football 

Another job well done 

Megan Smith, Tinah Edwards, and Tonya Schartung stand at attention while the national 
anthem is played before a football game. 





A portrait is tlie capture of an instant moment in time of a 
particular person. Each person is unique with qualities and features 
which distinguish him or her from all other people, in this section, 
you will find the names and photos of friends and classmates, and you 
will likely come across names and faces you have never seen before. 
Despite the different exterior appearance, we all share a common 
bond. Everyone in this section is a Bearcat! 

Faculty and Staff 

Dr. Stephen Banister Di, Melissa Baifield- 


Steve Barz 


Scott Billhartz 

Dr. Brian Birdnow 

Joe Blasdel 

David Boggs 

Dr. Rick Bonsai! 

Dr. Murell Bosse 

Dr. Brenda Boudreau Lisa Brandon 

^^_^ « 

Beth Buehlhorn 

Dr. Joe Cipfl 

Dr. Ann Collins 

Krysti Connelly 

Patti Daniels 

Mary Frances Daylor 

Faculty and Staff 

Dr, Jim Dennis 

Dr, Nichole Dewall 


Dr Darryn Diuguid 

Rachel Doyle 

Anne Dulski 

Dr, Heather Dye Eric Echelbarger Jantzen Eclclington Dr, Tami Eggleston Michele Erschen 

Wallace Fanning Stephanie Fawcett Dr, George Fero 

Dr, Pat Folk 

Dr, Brian Frederking 

Dr, Irwin Halfond 


Chris Hall 

Rev, Dr, Tim Harnson Miki Hausmann 

Lora Heier 

Faculty and Staff 

Dr. Bethany Hill 

Jennifer Hoffman Suellen Holtgrave Wanda Hunter Roselyn Hustedde 

Dr^ Lyn Huxford Dr. David Jennings Terese Kasson 

Dr. Jacl<ie Kemp IVlegan Koester 

Clarissa Melvin Jennifer Miller Joni Mitchell Tim Mullins James Myers 


Faculty and Staff 

Mitch Nasser Peter Palermo Sarah Palermo 

Tamara Palmer Dr. Brian Parsons 

Dr, Michele 

Harry M. Staham 

Jennifer Pickerel! Dr, Neil Quisenberry Brent W. Reeves Dr Timothy Richards 

Dr. Deanne Riess Dr Jim Rosborg Dr. Jean Sampson 

ike Sandy 

Amy Stein 

Sabrina Storner Katie Szwedo 

' .n li ^ Fi''hm. nr 

David Schulte 

Gabriel'Shapiro Daniel Smithiger Norma Spanley Dr. Frank Spreng 

Sean Taylor 

Faculty and Staff 

Christine Thomas Dr Barbara Thomas Jerry Thomas 

Allison Turner Dr. Robb Van Putte 

Elaine Zitta 


Heather Belmonte 


Richard Bennett 

Emily Best 

Christopher Bethel Kumud Bhandari 

CUss of 2009 

Brooks Boeschen Heath Bohannon Jason Bohnenstiehl Kayah Bolam Rhiannon Borders 

Brent Campbell Marl Campbell Andrew Chambers Michael Chitty 



Belinda Clark Katelyn Cleveland Katie Clopper Janice Codispoti 

Laron Cole 

Joseph Dickman 


RePekah Diers 

Rob Dillingham Christopher Donahue Amanda Dorris 

CUss of 2009 


Casandra Douthit Jonathan Edwards Thomas Edwards Katie Eilers Sherman Ellington 

Jacob Flick Mariano Flowers 


Derek Coetzl Christopher Coforth Nic Goodman Kanclace Gotto Katie Could 

Cara Cramlich 


Terrence Greer Chad Hackstadt Stephen Hamilton Amanda Harris 

CUss of 2009 


Ppr -l^^M^H 

m J 

f^ -^^PSB 




Brandon Holtmann Courtney Hopkins 


Harry Joseph 


:jtic Juy 

Luna Kafley 

indy Kamp 

Robin Kelso 

Class of 2009 

Renee Lanenga Ashleigh Lanzone Ashley Lee Rebecca Lindstrom Chelsea Lloyd 

Brooke Lobb 

Joseph Lofink Daniel Loudenslager Brittany Lowell 

Dana Maedge 



Jenny Mennerick 

Kevin Miessner 


Ryan Miller 

Toby Miller 

Laura Mills 

Class of 2009 

Shane O'Brien Meghan O'Connor Calvin O'Rear 

Jennifer Ohiemeier Chad Ohnesorge 



Luke Poston 


Marcus Power 

Leah Prine Joshua Pullen 

Andrew Purcell 

CUss of 2009 


Ramona Puskar Amber Ramos Whitney Rapp Becky Rasmussen Tiffany Ratermann 

Lindsie Rollinson 

Jonathan Rose 

Tom Rose 

Tim Rudy 

John Ruesler 



Adrienne Sherrer 


Jonathan Slegel 

Gail Smith 

Class of 2009 

Ivan Stoyanov 

Lauren Szakielo Andrea Tardino 

Keith Tebbe 

Amy Tellez 



Anastasia Tompkins Tabitha Touchette Natalie Tut net Cretchen Ulferts 

iviichael Wagner 


Tarrah Wagner 

Asliley Wall<er 

Jermaine Waye 

Joseph Ullery 

Amy West 

Class of 2009 

Amanda Williams Julius Williams RossWillman Jeff Wingbermuehle Danielle Winkeler 

Jeffrey Young Trenetia Young 

Brooke Zactiry 

Emily Zanfes 

Hayley Zugmaier 



Joseph Beimfohr Jenn Berkemann Michael Berne Scott Best Austin Binder Michelle Bischolff 

Michelle Biver 


Erica Blair Scott Bonvie 

Kris Boyd 

Brooke Boyer Ashley Bozarth 

Class of 2010 






Jessica Brace Shelinda Brackett Dillon Brasher Jeff Brown Jr. Tonya Brown Kyle Brunsmann 

Jamie Corbier Maggie Couri Elizabetli Cox 



Tonya Foster Richard Francis Tamara Francis Lindsey Freeman Cory Freivogel Wanda Fremont 


Class of 2010 

Steve Hammond Shantelle Harris 

Mandi Hastings 

Ryan Henning 





Ashley Huffmon 

lichael Humes 

Jessica Hunt 

Matthew Hutton Matthew 


Clarisa Jennings 

J <d I .d * 

Kelsey Johnson Brittnee Jones Whittnee Jones Sasha Joyce Christine Juehne Josephine Juelfs 

cuss of 2010 

■ i 



^_. K ^1 


^ '' jB 9 



/»' *■ 

■ W :, 1 3 


Tim Ladd 

Jose Lara 

Katherine Lee Andrea Lenz Courtney Liening Andrea Lucas 

Amber Lugge Bryce Lyn Jason Maclin Jon Malandrucco Mollie Malone Alex Marsaglia 

Jewels Midkiff 


John Moore Tyson Moore 

Kaitlyne MotI Libby Mowers 

Justin Mueller Sean Mueller 

Nicole Neal Eugene 


Chris Noeldner 

Ashley Nolan Ashley Oberto Shelly Odle CodyOdum 

Nicole Ostertag Kristina Paisley Kory Jordan Perry Zach Peters 



Courtney Piroska Robyn Pontious Katherine Porter Braden Posey Deanne Puloka 

I 14 

Derrick Quals 

Class of 2010 

Katie Richter 

Rippelm eyer 

Daniel Rivera Patrick Robien DyEsha Robinson Brandon 

Wesley Rohman Jamie Rosen Natalee Rujawitz Katie Rutkowski Sarah Ryan 

Renee Ryterski 

Adam Schulte Christine Schuize Jordan 


Paul ScucchI 

Tucker Sears 

Ryan Sheldon 



Bhushan Shrestha Kimberly Siddall Sydnie Siltman 

Ben Simon 

Beckie Singleton 

Alexis Smith 

Jamie Straub Joshua Shannon Streif Jeff Stroot Daniel Strubel Travis Sweney 


H 'Al 

Victoria Taylor 


Bryan Tebbe Hershel Tendler Alison Thole Blake Thole Emily Thoman 

Class of 2010 

Keron Thomas Stephanie Thomas NishantTlmilsina 

Emily Justin Titsworth 


Jenna Toon 

Beth Trame Andria Trantham Byron Turner II Brooke Ulrich Nick Urban Matthew Valdez 

Nicki Wilhelm Tiffany Wilhelm Brandon Williams Devin Wiliams Jennifer Williams Mason Williams 


Ali Willoughby Aaron Winning Whitney Winter 

Jared Winters Jake Wittenauer Tanner Wolk 




« jtti 

'^J^^^ .' ^^^^^^^|B--- ^pSj^^^H . 

: ■pi^ 

^^f^; ^5a— - s 

■ <?:7 '- -^1 


Ashley Agee Marie Almeida Suzanne Alvarado MattAnastasia Shaun Andrady Megan Ansley 

Zach Atkins Beau Atwood Whitney Baillie Jenna Baker Aaron Barnett Rickey Barnett 

Elizabeth Barrow Danielle Bates Jennifer Matt Beasley Brittany Becker Travis Beeker 


Camillia Bell 


Amanda Benesh Ryan Bennett Brianna Berens Anastasia 


3rian Bierman Lora Blackwell 

Dustin Borum Sarah Brede Carrie Brickey Andrew Briner 



Sarah Eckelkamp Emily Eilermann Brirney Eller iindsey Emig John Erley Christopher Ervin 

1 20 

Class of 2011 

Eric Essen Brittany Field Jordan Finch Chris Fisher Kasle Frazler Melissa Funk 

Cory Class Jr. Kaleigh Glenn Erika Gonzalez Lindsey Gray Cicely Green Erick Green 

Dillon Guhrs Jessica Haas Darren Hall Samantha Hamlin Corey Harris Samantha 


Derek Hartung Ashley Hash Joshua Henke 

\ - I K i 

Alison Holloway Jennifer Howell 



Amanda Lynch Rocio Martinez 


Danielle Mask Keri McDaniel 


Sam McCinthy 

CUss of 201 1 

Mallory Neisler Chris Nickerson Kimberly Ashley Niemeier Kyla Evgeniy 

Niemann Nighohosslan Nigmatyanov 

Blake Novack Steven O'Donnell Travis Oglesby Ryan Ohnesorge Ashley Parrott Vincent Pastore 


Tiara Pegues Daniel Pettibone Brocl< Pflasterer Amy Piland Robert Poland Eric Poll<a 

Cliris Ray JR. Raymond Amy Reed 

Carri Reed 

Erica Reed Alex Reilman 

Jason Rejfek Emily Renschen Jacob Riddle Brittany Roach Andrew Robert Amy Robertson 

Caitlan Rogers Ian Rutter 


Chloe Rybacki Andrea Saenz Terrell Sanders Tonya Sanders 

CUss of 201 1 


Dakota Schutt Jason Schwartz Danielle Shilling Henry Siemer 

Kendall Sims 

Alex Skora 

Eli Smith Jr. IV Jake Smith John Smith Nick Smothers Elizabeth Snyder 


Kelli Snyder 

Ryan Spicer Taylee Spicuzza Daniel Sprehe Max Stainmez AlecSteiner 

Cenni Strathman Ashley 


Kara Swan 

Bryan Thatch 


Shari Thumau 


Class of 201 1 

Kacie Tischhauser Carol Toth 

Erin Totten Shane Trotter Kristen Turner 

Ryan Uhe 


Tom Urban Even VanScoyk Ashley Varns Jordan Virgin Maximilian VogI Steve Wagner 

Annette Walls Jennifer Warren Patricl< Weathers Catherine Webb Annie Weder Ashley Welmon 

Elizabeth Werts Blal<e Wesselman Brittany White Katelin Bridget Wilhelm Andrew Williams 


Lindsey Williams 


Danny Winn 

\/ ..„,™y.™i«lUliW«* f 

Jessica Witcher Andrew Wolff 

Liz Yanko 

Alex Young 


TommY Young Charlie Zimmerman Duncan Zinck 

Craig Zurliene 




First-Tear Students 

Sarah Adams Alicia Allen 

Autumn Allen John Allen 

Marcus Alvarado Becky Anderson 


Chelsea Arnold 

Tahjae Ash Heather Attaway Josh Atwood 


Katie Bachmann Nicole Backer Amanda Bahr Richard Bailey Darcee Bair Arben Balazi 

MM.. J 

Zach Bathon Melinda Bayer Melissa Bayer Collin Beck Nina Belden Jessica Bell 


cuss of 2012 


Mary Bellus Jake Bennett Michael Benoist David Ben Bergt Jordan Bishop 


i-il' ^^ii^ 

Lucas Blumhorst Ashley Boland Raven Bone Lauren Bouchard Heather Boyer Brandi Branka 

Brittany Branson Travis Brave Miranda Brittin 

Anthony Brown Cassandra Brown Sarah Brown 

Stacia Chamness Derek Chancy 

Jordan Chappell ZacChoate 

Kyle Church Emily Cimarolli 


First~-Tear Students 

Grace Fisher Michael Flatley 

Erik Fohne 

Class of 2012 


Kayla Fowler 

Meagan Frank Justin Frankford Cassie Fremder 

Bryce Frieden 

Justin Camblin Cina Garza 

Brad Cebben Lee Gayer Courtney Gibson Chuck Giles Jr. 

Kyle Manner Corey Harris Steblianie Harris Amber Hawkins Willie Haynes 


Kyle Heckert 

Richard Alex Henseler Myron Hicks 


Sam Hodges 



. 131 

First^Tear Students 


Huelsman \ 

Maggie Hugties Kris Hunter Lauren Her Madilon Isom Syntia James Savannah Jarvis 

Erin Kiiian Aaron Kimmel Derel< Kindig ivielissa Klaus Alex Kluge Andrew Klump 

Class of 2012 

Bryce Kohn 


Kaitlyn Kollmann Matthew Danielle Kuberski Matt Lanctot Josh Lauer 



Mack Lewis Cassie Lofink Richie Lopez Sarah Luecking 

Charliza Luster Catherine Mallon Cody Mann Anna Mannino Megan Mark 

Josh Masten 

Lauren McAllister Hanna Lindsay McCuire Kelsey Medina Douglas 

McDermott Mennenck 

1 ^ r m 

Arielle Michael 

Lauren Mikkelson Sarah Milam Alissa Miley Keeley Mills Mike Minehan 


First-Tear Students 

Doug Mohr J.R. Monteith Susy Monteith 

Nadia Moore Daniel Moradi 

Renee Moran Robby Mosher Tyler James Murphy 


'imberly Murphy Maggie Musso Eric Neblock Kendall Nelson Mat k Newman Sean Newsome 

Anna Niebrugge Brandon Nigro Meg O'Connell Margaret 


Tyler Orr Dennis Otto 

Mala Paluska Quez Patterson Allie Payne Megan Pea Emily Pearson Jasmine Penny 


Class of 2012 

Ian Ridge Stephen Riley Katie Ringering 


Christen Roberts Jason Roehrig 

First~-Tear Students 

Joe Sagar Corie Sanders Ashley Schmitt 



Erica Schmltz Kelsey Jeff Schoor 


Joep Schreurs Zach Schuetz Jim Schulte 


^^. r 

NickSchwalb MattSerdar 

Justin Shaw Steve Shaw 


Dean Sheffer Dame! Sheldon MikeSigournay Niki Sipole 



Lori Sizemore Kaylea Slechticky 

Becca Smith Biynnen Smitli 

Brandyn Snider 

Lauren Snyder 


Class of 2012 

Nicholas Souders Alyssa Spano Andrew Sparks 


Jessica Spires Nick 


Amanda Sweet Austin Taylor Chanel Taylor Tommie Taylor Dana Thomas Katharine 


Joel Veres Ryan Vincent Michelle Voegele Jordon Wagner Courtney Wallis 

Jessica Ward 


First-Tear Students 

Tom Ward 

Jermel Ware Nadia Ware Ricky Weber 

Ryan Weber 

Emily Weitekamp 

Fraser Williams Kyle Williams Ricardo Williams Libby Willis Shavonda Willis Tim Willis 

Lisa Wilson Lindsay Winkeler Emily Woodland 

Bradley Wright TJ^ Younger 


Lauren Zedalis 

Not Pictured 


Heather Bahre 
Ashish Bajracharya 
Robert Barger 
David Brown 
Brie-Anne Cox 
Jaclyn Dietrich 
Jayme Ford 
Leah Hammel 
Elizabeth Juehne 
iviaegan Korte 
Samantha Leonard 
Margaret Lopez 
Courtney Lowary 
Joshua Lowary 
Antonio IVlcCoy 
Loretta ivlcElroy 
Mary Miles 
Barbara Mueller 
Julie Mueth 
Maryann Munie 
Sara Pettersen 
Melissa Scheutz 
Ariane Sendejas 
Leah Shan 
Chaela Shannon 
Robert Spells 
Karen St. Peters 
Jamie Thomas 
Alicia Timmerman 
Stacey Unfried 
Wendy Varady 
Nicole wernle 
Sarah Wiesner 
Sophy Yapsabila 
Emily Zitta 


Lucas Arnold 
Cassondra Barger 
Rebecca Brand 
Donald Butler 
Mark Chapman 
Jessika Clark 
Shelly Dall 
Zachary Davis 
Andrew Devine 
John Elliot 
Tamara Francis 
Subhash Ghimire 
Leah Holder 
Mandi Marshall 
Prasanna Nepal 
Tracy Oglesby 
Caitlin Poelker 
Megan Reeder 
Lawrence Russell 
Antonio Smith 
Alexis Smith 
Meghan Stark 
Kyra Sullivan 
Angela Tackitt 
Margaret Vance 


Dylan Brown 
Cody Chamness 
Montez Childs 
John Curulewski 
Angela Davis 
Christine Dutton 
Cedrick Graham 
Gerald Hayden 
Tyler Huelskamp 
Michele Jens 
Clinton McNear 
Elias Melly 
Karrie Melenbach 
Erin Miller 
Michelle Musko 
Peter Palermo 
Joshua Pointer 
Bill Puckett 
Andrew Sanchez 
Aliza Scott 
Shane Sergent 
Jennifer Texter 
Daniel Yuraitis 

First Year Students 

Brandon Anders 
Jasmine Andrews 
Jordan Barney 
Nicole Brink 
Lee Faucett 
Jacob Gilfillan 
Angela Graffen 
Bethany Hackmann 
Antoinette Johnson 
James Lambert 
Amanda Moreno 
Tina Rau 
Kyle Reid 
John Ritchie, Jr. 
Matthew Snyder 
Scott welzbacher 

FiixiiiTg' a bit ot 




McKctilIi'cc LIim'ci'NU' lijs j iiuv big' nuiioiiaimpLis. 777c liv>piiiiUoii j classic braizLC 
male 5tatLic b\' S[. Laiis >ailpLT jLiliaiiiiL' Mcdcr Sesti, cxprcssc's j monicTiI oi aiciloL 
cnliglitoiinail. It \va5 iiiiitallcd oil Jliiil' 1 2, 100'^ atop a pliiith iiilroiil ol tlic Mcttainaiisci-L 
CcTitcT lor the .\\'is. Inspired bv Vic 777//2/vcr, Freivh artist /VLigiL^te RodinL^ icoiiol intellect, 
Se^ti 5aid i^he 50Lig1it to portrav the goal d edLication. Sitting iipoaa s^ick o( three books 
descnbeLl b\' the artist as tlie loLindatioiiol edLication, his lacial e\pressic>n, bod\' language ar^i 
hai-Ll held aloft con^'ex' aii"a-hvil inommt", aiiidea spjiived b\' conteinplatioiL 


71115 pa5t \'rai', the McKcixlrcc cannuinitv' losi Dvo fine 5tLidcnI>. QiLx'half oi Clic >tL[dcnl5, 
(aailt\' aixi >Liff ol McKciTL-lrcc LlnL\'crat\', the McIvct"L^rCv^l-L^'carboc•k Stdl/ u'OLild like to sctlI 
cvit deepest caiLiolenjes to tlie ijm\\y aiis.! incTLls ci Duiiiel aixi Blake. Mci\' \'oli liixl 
f^xrace, comloi't, ai-^i ^traigth. 


Daniel Rix^cra 


■1 11 









* , 



Nev^er ForgotterL 





Blalvc Tliolc 

1 987-2009 

iVla\' tfic road ri5e to meet \'Oli, 

iVLa\' the iviixi be ahva\'5 at \'OLir back, 

A/La\^ the SLii'L5hine wami Lipoid \'OLir (ace, 

iVLav tlie ram5 fall soft LipoiL\'OLir fields, 

.^xl, Lintil we meet ag'aii\ 

bA2i\' God hold v<x{ iirtfie hoIIov\' of Hj5 Iiand. 

-Taiditioi-al Irish Btssnig' 


Year in Review 

The 2008-2009 school year brought about a 
lot of changes, both at McKendree and on the 
national and state levels. From the construction 
and opening of 1828 to the historic election of 
Barack Obama, this will put the year in review 
and highlight some of the biggest events of the 
2008-2009 school year. 


McKendree certainly hosted many changes 
and achievements in this school year. The 
transformation of Upper Deneen to the 
University's bookstore allowed for the 
expansion of University merchandize, while the 
Lair Snack Bar was closed and replaced by 
McKendree's new cafe, named 1828 after the 
year McKendree was established. Featuring a 
bigger space for student relaxation and 
studying and a wider menu selection, 1828 
inhabits what used to be Pearsons Hall. 

In addition to the new developments, the 
university received a great deal of recognition 
and awards. McKendree moved from 
eighteenth to thirteenth place on U.S. News & 
World Report's 2009 edition of Americas Best 
Colleges in the Baccalaureate category's 
Midwest region. McKendree was also one of 
225 colleges featured in the Center for Student 
Opportunity's yearly College Access & 
Opportunity Guide, which selects colleges 
based on the programs and opportunities it [the 
college] presents for first-generation, low- 
income and minority college-bound students in 
three categories [access, opportunity and 
success]. McKendree also welcomed its third 
largest first-year class in its 180-year history, 
reaching an undergraduate enrollment of 1,270 
on the Lebanon campus for the fall 2008 
semester. New professors were welcomed in 
and a slew of new programs and organizations 
debuted during the year, including the Chess 
Club, Running Club, Green Team 
(environmental organization). Show Choir, 
McK-4-OA (McKendree for Oxfam America), 
Art Club and a new community service program 
at Spencer Animal Shelter in O'Fallon. 

McKendree's faculty, staff and students also 
received an impressive collection of 

accolades. Senior Becky Lindstrom was honored 
at the Old State Capitol in Springfield as 
McKendree's Lincoln Laureate, the recipient of 
which is selected annually by faculty and should 
demonstrate excellence in both curhcular and 
co-curricular activities. At a Rotary District 
Conference, McKendree's Rotaract chapter 
received a Presidential Citation from Rotary 
International for their community service 
commitments and activities. Mathematics 
professor Dr. Alan Alewine was one of 
approximately 100 St. Louis area educators to 
receive the Emerson Excellence in Teaching 
Award and the Center for Public Service was 
placed on the President's Higher Education 
Community Service Honor Roll for exemplary 
community service for a third consecutive year. 
Sociology professor Dr. Neil Quisenberry and 
Senior Sarah Darnold accepted McKendree's 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award and 
Senior Cari Adams received the Outstanding 
Marketing Student Award for McKendree. At the 
Illinois State Leadership Conference, 
McKendree's chapter of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), 
a national business organization, won 29 awards 
and had twelve members qualify to compete at 
the PBL National Leadership Conference. The 
Debate Team also excelled, earning third place 
and eleven awards at William Jewell College, 
first place in team sweepstakes and 25 awards 
at the University of Central Missouri, first place 
in team sweep-stakes and eleven awards at 
Webster University and second place and six 
awards at Webster University. The team also 
hosted nine colleges during McKendree's first 
intercollegiate tournament named the Richard 
Hunsaker Invitational Debate Tournament for Dr. 
Hunsaker, who re-established McKendree's 
debate and individual events team in 1995 and 
coached them until his retirement in 2003. 
Junior Katie Richter and Senior Jeremy 
Alexander were named Homecoming Queen 
and King and Kayla Fowler was named 
McKendree Idol while Ashley Dressier won the 
Highest Donation Award at McKendree Idol 
2009, where over $1 100 was raised for breast 
cancer research. Clearly, it was a successful 
and exciting year for McKendree faculty. 

students and organizations alike. 

IVlcKendree's sports teams had an 
impressive year as well. With an overall record 
of 30-6, the men's basketball team was the 
AMC regular-season champion with a perfect 
14-0 record and reached the NAIA Division I 
Men's Basketball National Championship for 
the third consecutive year and the 13th time 
overall. Men's cross-country placed second and 
women's cross-country took third at the 
American Midwest Conference Championship 
Meet. Sophomore Elias Melly placed 54th 
overall and second out of 331 among American 
Midwest Conference runners at the NAIA Men's 
Cross Country National Championship. Men's 
hockey won its second consecutive MACHA 
Silver Division Tournament championship and 
posted a season record of 19-5, while men's 
soccer finished with a record of 14-4-2, won the 
regular season AMC championship and 
reached the AMC tournament championship 
game. Men's wrestling went 35-5 for the 
season and placed third at the 2009 NAIA 
Wrestling National Championships, with Juniors 
Andrew Sanchez and Aaron Winning earning 
individual National Championships. Women's 
bowling competed at the USBC Intercollegiate 
Team Championship, earning its second top- 
four finish at the national event in three years 
and ending the season with a top-five finish in 
every event the team entered in 2008-09. 
Achieving a new school record with 19 wins, 
women's soccer finished 19-2-1 and advanced 
to the second round of the NAIA Women's 
Soccer National Championship before ending 
what McKendree's website called the 
"winningest season in program history" with a 
loss to top-seeded Lindsey Wilson College. 
McKendree appears set to earn more awards 
as the Softball, baseball, golf, tennis and track 
and field teams wrap up their seasons in the 
next few weeks. 


The 2008-2009 school year also brought 
some major milestones in the entertainment 
industry. Movies based on novels scored big 
this year, particularly the much-anticipated 
Twilight movie based on Stephanie Meyer's 

popular novel of the same name, John 
Grogan's novel Marley and Me, Alan Moore's 
graphic novel Watchmen and the star-studded 
version of Greg Behrendt's popular self-help 
book He's Just Not That Into You. 


On Nov. 4, 2008, U.S. voters put an end to 
the longest presidential campaign season in 
U.S. history (21 months, according to by electing Illinois Senator Barack 
Obama the 44th President of the United 
States and Delaware Senator Joseph Biden 
Vice-President. America's first African- 
American President, Obama was sworn in on 
Jan. 20, 2009 by Chief Justice John Roberts, 
Jr. in front of a crowd of over 240,000 lucky 
ticket-holders on the steps of the U.S. Capitol 
building in Washington, D.C. Obama's 
Inauguration boasted the largest attendance 
of any event in the history of Washington, 
D.C, according to the official U.S. Presidential 
Inauguration website. Honorable mentions, of 
course, go to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin 
and New York Senator Hillary Clinton for their 
work breaking the glass ceiling and Palin's 
nomination as the first female Republican 
Vice-Presidential candidate. 
While the election and Inauguration of 
Barack Obama cast Illinois in a positive light, 
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's attempt to 
sell or trade Barack Obama's Senate seat and 
subsequent impeachment and removal from 
office created more negative political waves. 
Blagojevich was indicted with 16 felonies and 
became the first Illinois governor to be 
impeached when the Illinois house voted 1 14- 
1 in favor of his impeachment. 

The 2008-2009 school year included both 
success and failure, happiness and tears, 
triumphs and trials. The writers and editors at 
the McKendree Review feel privileged to have 
been able to inform you and guide you 
through both good times and bad. 

Edited and reprinted with permission from 
Theresa Schmidt, McKendree Review Editor- 
in-Chief. Originally published in April 28, 2009 
edition of McKendree Review. 

Abrams, Dr. Eric 87 
Adair, Brittani 108 
Adams, Alex 68, 108 
Adams, Cari 9, 33, 34, 37, 92 
Adams, Sarah 44, 62, 118, 

Adams, Slianita 92 
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19,27,45, 51,92 
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Allen, John 67, 128 
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62, 108 

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Evans, zach 95 
Eveker, Janice 30 
Eveland, Lauren 110 

Pagan, Rick 3, 6,41, 95 
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Fear, Mitch 69, 130 
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Flick, Jacob 31, 57, 95 
Flowers, Mariano 67, 95 
Fohne, Erik 67, 130 
Fohne, Michelle 95 
Folden, Jill 131 
Folk, Dr. Pat 88 
Foret, Kellye 57, 95 
Foster, Shelli 95 
Foster, Terri 30, 31, 96 
Foster, Tonya 110 
Fouts, Heather 65, 96 
Fowler, Kayla 27, 45, 46, 53, 
77, 131 

Francis, Richard 84, 110 
Francis, Tamara 77, 110 
Frank, Meagan 59, 131 
Frankford, Justin 67, 131 
Frazier, Kasie 78, 121 
Frederking, Dr. Brian 88 
Freeman, Lindsey 34, 53, 68, 

Freivogel, Cory 56, 110 
Fremder, Cassie 131 
Fremont, Wanda 110 
Freshour, Rebecca 35, ill 
Frey, Ashley 96 
Frey, Leah 57 
Fricke, Aaron 67, ill 
Frieden, Bryce 83, 131 
Frierdich, Antony ill 
Frierdich, Eric 69, 96 
Frizzo, Julie 30, 31,111,151 
Fuhler, Nick 31, 67, 111 
Fullerton, Katie 31, 78, 111 
Funk, Melissa3l,45, 52, 121 
Fuzessery, Brittany 96 

Gagain, Terry 121 
Galle, Victoria 96 
Gamble, Martell 72 
Gamblin, Justin 72, 131 
Ganey, Amanda 57, 96 
Garrison, Julie 78 
Garza, Gina 131 
Gass, zachary 67, 121 
Gavilsky, Emily 96 
Gayfield, Tommy 67, 77, 111 
Gayford, Katy 65 
Geary, Deborah ill 
Gebben, Brad 49, 72, 131 
Cehrs, Lucas i, 67, 96 
Geimer, Joseph 40, 96 
Gelarden, Kayla 59, ill 
Gentzll, Eric 83, 111 


George, Rajith 121 
cettis, Byron 67, ill 
Ceyer, Lee 67, 131 
Chirardi, Christine 68, 121 
Gibson, Christina 31 
Gibson, Courtney 131 
Gibson, iviarcy 31 
Gibson, Miranda 84, ill 
Gibson, Stacy 57 
Giesin, Ron 72, 121 
Giles Jr, Chucl<67, 131 
Giles, Marsha 88 
Gill, Bob 13 
Gillham, Catherine 30 
Gillman, Aija 17, ill 
Girl, Jessica 46, ill 
Gisher, Zach ill 
Glasgow, Chynna 77, 121 
Glass Jr, Cory 121 
Glenn, Kaleigh 121 
Glielmi, Michael 67, ill 
Goddard, Marsha 88 
Godfrey, Neil 67,111 
Goetz, Donna 31 
Goetzl, Derek 83, 96 
Goforth, Christopher 96 
Goncalves, Paulo 81 
Gonzalez, Daniel 81 
Gonzalez, Erika 121 
Gooch, Mychal 67, ill 
Goodman, Nic57, 96 
Gordon, Dr. Betsy 88 
Gotto, Kandace 57, 96 
Gouchenouer, Bradley 111 
Gould, Katie 57, 96 
Grabowski, Matthew 131 
Graham, Amanda 30 
Graham, John 88 
Gramlich, Cara 57, 96 
Graves, Amanda 57 
Graves, Monica ill 
Gray, Brock 67, 131 
Gray, Lindsey 70, 121 
Gray, Shakeesha 57 
Green, Cicely 121 
Green, Erick 121 
Greenfield, Dr. John 31, 62 
Greer, Antonio 67, ill 
Greer, Terrence 67, 96 
Greiman, Rebecca 57 
Grosz, Cody 111 
Guhrs, Dillon 73, 121 
Guillett, Ryan 73 
Gunnarson, Jennifer 131 
Guyer, Cassandra 31, 57 


Haas, Jessica 121 
Haas, Melissa 88 
Hackstadt, Chad 57, 96 


Hackstadt, Emily 77, 131 
Haerter, Willmar ill 
Halfond, Dr. Irwin 88 
Hall, Chris 88 
Hall, Darren 121 
Hamilton, Maegan 59, 75, 
111, 151 

Hamilton, Shilpa 131 
Hamilton, Stephen 84, 96 
Hamlin, Samantha 46, 74, 

Hammond, Steve 77, 111 
Hanken, Lori 72, 131 
Hankins, Dr. Dawn 30 
Hanna, Jackl2 
Hanner, Kyle 67, 131 
Harpe, Noel 49 
Harpstrite, Todd 57 
Harris, Amanda 57, 96 
Harris, Ashley 97 
Harris, Corey 67, 121, 131 
Harris, Jake 77 
Harris, Michael 57 
Harris, Shantelle 111 
Harris, Stephanie 59, 78, 84, 

Harris, William 67 
Harrison, Alex 52 
Harrison, Lukas 52 
Harrison, Rev. Dr. Tim 49, 

Harry, Bethany 57 
Hartman, Samantha 68, 121 
Hartung, Derek 121 
Hasenstab, Cynthia 31, 57 
Hash, Ashley 121 
Hastings, Mandi ill 
Hatley, Anjae 31 
Hausmann, Miki 88 
Hawkins, Amber 131 
Hawkins, Kevin 73, 97 
Hayes, Ashley 57, 97 
Haynes, Simeon 67 
Haynes, Willie 67, 131 
Hechenberger, Roman 131 
Heckert, Kyle 79, 131 
Hedtkamp, Ann 97 
Hegger, Nick 67 
Heiden, Jessica 31, 57 
Heier, Lora 88 
Heitman, Erin 31 
Heizer, Sarah 27, 45 
Hellmann, Nicole 97 
Hemmer, Joshua 55, 97 
Henderson, Jerod 25, 97 
Henderson, Richard 69, 131 
Henke, Joshua 121 
Henning, Ryan 73, 111 
Henseler, Alex 72, 131 
Herrmann, Frederick 57 

Hertlein, sioane 65, 97 
Hettenhausen, Chelsea 27, 
40,45, 111, 118 
Hettenhausen, Lauren 9, 31 
37,43,46, 57,62,63,97,127 
Hickman, Meesheca 25, ill 
Hickman, Roy 31 
Hicks, Myron 67, 131 
Hill-Anderson, Dr. Bethany 

Hiller, Alicia 30 
Hines, Hillary 25, 97 
Hinkle, Bethany 31, 53, 59, 

Hobble, Eric 79, 121 
Hock, Marcy 97 
Hodges, David 2, 44, 97 
Hodges, Sam 83, 131 
Hoerchler, Jamie 97 
Hoff, Madeline 57, 97 
Hoffman, Jennifer 89 
Hoffmeier, Stephanie 46, 

Hogan, Holly 97 
Holdener, Tyler 112 
Holderman, Samantha 112 
Holland-Welge, Sharon 57 
Holloway, Alison 80, 121 
Holmes, Patricia 31, 57 
Holtgrave, Suellen 89 
Holtkamp, Eric 67, 112 
Holtmann, Brandon 83, 97 
Hooks, Darren 76, 77, 132 
Hopkins, Courtney 97 
Horn, Tonya 57 
Horton, Kimberly 97 
Horton, Scott 97 
Hoss, Rennick67, 132 
Houston, Josh 67, 132 
Howard, Timmy 112 
Howell, Jennifer 121 
Huber, Quinn 97 
Hubert, Kale 67, 132 
Huebner, Erica 31, 98 
Huegen, Lynn 57 
Huelskoetter, Amanda 132 
Huelsman, Brittany 132 
Huelsmann, Ryan 23, 33, li 
Huffmon, Ashley 112 
Hughes, Maggie 132 
Humes, Michael 17, 61, 112 
Hunt, Jessica 74, 112 
Hunter, Kris 132 
Hunter, Wanda 89 
Hurd, Jordan 25 
Hustedde, Roselyn 89 
Hutton, Matthew 67, 112 
Huxford, Lyn 89 

Her, Lauren 132 
isom, Madilon 59, 132 

Jackson, Aimee 34, 98 
Jackson, David 13 
Jahn, Kyle 98 
Jahn, Ryan 73, 122 
James, Sam 69, 122 
James, Syntia 132 
Jannings, Matthew 59, 112 
Jansen, Amber 30, 33, 98 
Jansen, Brianne 98 
Jarvis, savannah 70, 132 
Jeffers, Monica 31, 98 
Jelks, Ashley 98 
Jenkins, Becca 132 
Jennings, Clarisa 37, 112 
Jennings, Dr. David 89 
Jennings, Marshall 23 
Jennings, Natalie 122 
Jens, Laura 98 
Jeremiah, Liz 30, 34, 98 
Johnson, cale 83, 98 
Johnson, Darcel 98 
Johnson, Fifi 77 
Johnson, Kelsey 68, 112 
Johnson, Mandela 73, 132 
Johnson, Melissa 30 
Johnson, Willie 122 
Johnston, Johnna 132 
Johnston, Stephanie 122 
Jones, Alyssa 72, 132 
Jones, Brad 98 
Jones, Brittnee 112 
Jones, Cassie68, 132 
Jones, Kelsey 70, 132 
Jones, Lauren 31, 72, 98 
Jones, Patrick 59, 132 
Jones, Raphael 98 
Jones, Whittnee 112 
Jordan, Brandi 98 
Joseph, Harry 73, 98 
Josias, coach cristy 80 
Joy, Katie 98 
2 Joyce, Rachel 122 
Joyce, Sasha 112 
Jubiter, Willie 72 
Juehne, Anthony 132 
Juehne, Christine 59, 82, 
Juelfs, Josephine 59, 112 


Kabbes, Jonathan 84, 122 
Kafley, Luna 98 
Kaiser, Theresa 68, 122 
Kallal, Amanda 46, 112 

Kalmer, Brent 33, 122 
Kamerman, Dana 34, 60, 72, 

Kamp, Mindy 16, 98 
Karner, Holly 16, 72, 112 
Karner, Kate 16 
Kasson, Terese 89 
Katam, Joshua 77 
Kee, Kaitlei7, 112 
Kellerman, Brittany 84, 112 
Kelly, Sean 67, 122 
Kelso, Robin 31, 57, 98 
Kernel, Carlson 77 
Kemp, Dr. Jackie 89 
Kennedy II, Terry 67, 112 
Kennedy, Denlse 122 
Kentch, Kathy68, 132 
Keomanivane, Sam 69, 112 
Keomanivane, Sulyn 68, 132 
Khariblan Jr., Gary 67, 132 
Kllhoffer, Zak56, 132 
Klllan, Erin 68, 132 
Kimbrough, John 49, 122 
Kimmel, Aaron 132 
Kindig, Derek 72, 132 
King, Jesse 77, 112 
Kinsall, Kevin 67 
Kinzinger, Sarah 122 
Kipsang, Elkana 77 
Kircher, Brandon 65, 99 
Kirchner, Alicia 65, 99 
Kirk, Nicole 31, 63 
Kirk, Robert 31, 67, 112 
Kirkpatrick, veronica 31 
Kisgen, James 73 
Kissel, Stephen 27, 36, 49, 99 
Klaus, Melissa 27, 132 
Klier, Ryan 67 

Klingelhoefer, Haley 78, 112 
Kloss, Jeremy 112 
Kluge, Alex73, 132 
Klump, Andrew 132 
Knauer, Kelly 49, 112 
Knaus, Patrick 113 
Knipp, Jacob 122 
Knolhoff, Brett 99 
Knott, Mark 99 
Koehler, Holly 122 
Koerkenmeier, Brittney 30, 

Koerkenmeier, Brooke 113 
Koester, Megan 89 
Kohn, Bryce 41, 133 
Kohner, Allen 122 
Kollmann, Kaitlyn 70, 133 
Kombrink, Katelyn 57, 70, 99 
Konecek, Matthew 133 
Korte, Lauren 89 
Kovarik, Katie 78, 113 
Kowzan, Bethany 57, 63, 99 

Kreger, Brittani 122 
Kremmel, Clayton 99 
Kriss, George 89 
Krueger, Rochelle 89 
Kruep, Danielle 57 
Kruep, Kelsey 122 
Kruse, Kyle 99 
Kruta, Paul 17 
Krznarich, Jennifer 113 
Kuberski, Danielle 68, 133 
Kupferer, Danny 17, 18, 122 
Kwas, Robby 113 

Ladd,Tim67, 113 
Lagoski, Tammy 99 
Lambert, Kevin 67 
Lanctot, Matt46, 72, 133 
Lanenga, Renee 99 
Lanzone, Ashleigh 57, 99 
Lappington, Kyle 57 
Lara, Jose 113 
Larson, Debbie 89 
Larson, Marl 17, 122 
Lasenby, Renee 57 
Lauer, Josh 67, 133 
Lawson, Jennifer 30 
Lee, Ashley 99 
Lee, Katherine 113 
Lenz, Andrea 113 
Leonard, Samantha 10, 37, 

Levy, Alex 133 
Lewis, Kelli78, 133 
Lewis, Mack 76, 133 
Lheureaux, Jason 53 
Liening, Courtney 31, 113 
Linder, Lorraine 31 
Lindstrom, Rebecca 7, 33, 
37, 46, 56, 99 

Linneman, Miranda 14, 34, 
Little, Ann 57 
Lloyd, Chelsea 99 
Lobb, Brooke 84, 99 
Lofink, Cassie68, 133 
Lofink, Joseph 30, 69, 99 
Long, Danielle 122 
Lonski, Madeline 122 
Lopez, Richie 67, 133 
Loudenslager, Daniel 66, 67, 

Lovett, Lisa 31 
Lowe, Brandy 57 
Lowe, wade 73, 122 
Lowell, Brittany 65, 68, 99 
Lucas, Andrea 70, 113 
Luecking, Sarah 68, 133 
Lugge, Amber 113 
Lukens, Garrett 76, 133 

Lusch, Josh 83 
Luster, Charliza 133 
Lybarger, Dennis 31 
Lyie, K. 13 
Lyn, Bryce 113 
Lynch, Amanda 72, 122 


Mackey, Cindy 84 
Maclin, Jason 113 
Maedge, Dana 70, 99 
Magnussen, Michelle 89 
Malandrucco, Jon 67, 113 
Mallon, Catherine 25, 51, 

Mallrich, Jan 89 
Maloch, Chas73, 100 
Malone, Mollie 33, 113 
Mann, Cody 133 
Manning, Kristie 2, 44, 100 
Mannino, Anna 70, 133 
Manville, Tim 100 
Marchal, Mary 89 
Marin, Carlos 34, 76, 100 
Mark, Megan 133 
Markway, Brian 73, 100 
Marsaglia, Alex 84, 113 
Martinez, Rociol22 
Martiszus, Dana 84, 100 
Martz, Nolan 83, 113 
Marvel, Samantha 30 
Maschhoff, Mallory 30, 100 
Mask, Danielle 59, 122 
Masten, Josh 67, 133 
Masterson, Ryan 100 
Mathenia, Jill57 
Mattmiller, Tyler 100 
Maue, Angela 82, 100 
Mayhew, Sally 89 
McAllister, Lauren 133 
McBride, Shane 67, 83, 100 
McCall, Emanuel 100 
Mccall, Reece65, 67 
McCalmont, Malinda 31, 57, 

McDaniel, Keri 122 
McDermott, Hanna 133 
McDowell, Hannah 30, 39, 

McCinley, John 31 
McCinthy, Sam 61, 122 
McGuire, Lindsay 82, 133 
McKee, Amanda 123 
McKendree, Matt 34, 72, 100 
McKinstry, Jon 123 
McKoewn, Elizabeth 31 
McMillin, Chris 81, 100 
McQuaid, Lester 89 
McQuiston, Megan 59, 123 
McQuiston, scotty 73, 123 

Medder, Tiffany 113 
Medina, Kelsey 133 
Meeker, Melissa 89 
Mehring, Sarah 113 
Melly, Ellas 76 
Melton, Richard 123 
Melvin, Clarissa 89 
Mendez, Michael 34, 76, 77, 

Menner, Lauren 123 
Mennerick, Douglas 10, 46, 

Mennerick, Jenny 10, 46, 57, 
63, 80, 100 

Meyer, Carrie 33, 123 
Meyer, Ryan 31, 83, 113 
Michael, Arielle 27, 133 
Middendorf, Renee 113 
Midkiff, Jewels 113 
Miessner, Kevin 100 
Mikkelson, Lauren 133 
Milam, Sarah 27, 133 
Miles, Mary 57 
Miley, Alissal7, 133 
Militello, warren 113 
Milkes, liana 46, 53,123 
Milkez, liana 68 
Miller, Christopher 30, 34, 

Miller, Jennifer 89 
Miller, Ryan 69, 100 
Miller, Toby 100 
Miller, Zach 83, 123 
Millitello, warren 83 
Mills, Debra 57 
Mills, Keeley46, 133 
Mills, Laura 100 
Millsap, Mario 123 
Minehan, Mike 67, 133 
Miranda, Linneman 14 
Mitchell Jr, Tony 53, 67, 101 
Mitchell, Joni 89 
Mitchell, Kelly 113 
Mitchell, Tracy 123 
Mitterer, Candace 113 
Mohr, Doug 134 
Moll, Chris 113 
Moll, Kyle 83, 123 
Mondy, Chris 123 
Monical, Sarah 14, 49 
Monteith, J.R. 72, 134 
Monteith, Susy 52, 53, 59, 

Montgomery, Chris 67, 134 
Montville, Tiffany 101 
Moore, Daniel 73, 101 
Moore, John 114 
Moore, Jordan 134 
Moore, Kristen 134 
Moore, Nadia 70, 134 


Moore, Steve 84, 101 
Moore, Tyson 83, 114 
Moradi, Daniel 69, 134 
Moran, Renee 134 
Moravec, Stephen 67, 101 
Morgan, Jennifer 101 
Mosher, Robbv67, 134 
MotI, Kaitlyne 30, 114 
Mowers, Libby 17, 31, 62, 

Muckensturm, Jena 70, 123 
Mueller, Justin 84, 114 
Mueller, Sean 69, 114 
Muenstermann, Tyler 67, 

Mullins, Tim 89 
Muren, Tyler 83, 123 
Murphy, James 33, 44, 58, 

Murphy, Kimberly 134 
Murray, Ashleigh 123 
Murray, Donald 72, 123 
Musgrave, Meagan 72 
Musselman, Whitney 114 
Musso, Maggie 53, 70, 134 
Myers, James 89 
Myers, Jermaine 101 
Myrick, Megan 101 


Nash, Troy 123 

Nasser, Mitch 90 

Neal, Nicole 114 

Neblock, Eric 134 

Neighbors, Eugene 114 

Neisler, Mallory 123 

Nelson, Kendall 134 

Nelson, Richard 114 

Neuman, Catie 31, 35, 40, 


Newbold, Lindsay 65, 82, 


Newman, Mark 76, 134 

Newsome, Sean 67, 134 

Nicholas, Derrell 67, 101 

Nickerson, Chris 123 

NIebrugge, Anna 134 

Niemann, Kimberly 123 

Niemeier, Ashley 123 

NietO, Hugo 34, 46, 51, 58, 


Nighohossian, Kyla 68, 123 

Nigmatyanov, Evgeniy8l, 


Nigro, Brandon 67, 134 

Nikolauzyk, Amber 31, 101 

Noeldner, Chris 114 

Nofsinger, Dr. Jay 65 

Nokolauzyk, Amber 82 

Nolan, Ashley 114 


Nold, Andrew 101 
Nolda, Scott 41, 101 
Norrenberns, Ben 101 
Norton, Jonathan 57, 101 
Novack, Blake 67, 123 
Nowell, Rebecca 57 

O'Brien, Shane 67, 101 
O'Connell, Meg 78, 134 
O'Connor, Margaret 134 
O'Connor, Meghan 101 
O'Rear, Calvin 83, 101 
O'Donnell, Steven 123 
Oberto, Ashley 114 
Odie, Shelly 114 
Odum, Cody 83, 114 
Oglesby, Travis 84, 123 
Ohiemeier, Jennifer 31, 57, 

Ohnesorge, Chad 83, 101 
Ohnesorge, Ryan 83, 123 
Olhmeier, Jennifer 37 
Olson, Dr. Duane25, 58 
Opiinger, Christine 114 
Oroyan, Mark 46, 102 
Orr, Tyler 73, 134 
Orrell, Danielle 102 
Ostertag, Nicole 82, 114 
Otto, Dennis 67, 134 
Owens, Kamara 17, 20, 34, 
46, 75, 102 

Paisley, Kristina 70, 114 
Palermo, Peter 90 
Palermo, Sarah 90 
Palm, Eric 79, 102 
Palmer, Tamara 90 
Palovcsik, Michelle 57, 102 
Paluczak, Jamie 57, 102 
Paluska, Mala 46, 134 
Park, Kelsey 78, 102 
Parker, Terry 102 
Parrott, Ashley 53, 59, 123 
Parsons, Dr. Brian 33, 90 
Pastore, Vincent 72, 123 
Pastrovich, Eric 31 
Patel, Ebool2 
Patterson, Quez 67, 134 
Payne, Allie72, 134 
Pea, Megan 134 
Peak, Melissa 30 
Pearson, Emily 134 
Pegues, Tiara 124 
Penny, Jasmine 134 
Peppenhorst, Kory 83, 114 
Pepper, Karson 57 
Perkins, Kelsie 27, 70, 135 
Perry, Jordan 77, 114 

Peter, Robert 135 
Peters, zach 84, 114 
Pettersen, Sara 57 
Petterson Jr, Donald 67, 102 
Pettibone, Daniel 124 
Pettiford, Karrington 79, 

Pezold, Jacob 114 
Pflasterer, Brock 67, 124 
Phelps, Nina 46, 135 
Phillips, Sarah 135 
Pickerell, Jennifer 30, 90 
Pieper, Benjamin 61, 102 
Piland, Amy 75, 124 
Pingolt, Eric 102 
Piroska, Courtney 114 
Poehler, Allison 46, 135 
Poelker, Carl 66 
Pogue, Colene 57, 102 
Poland, Robert 124 
Polka, Eric 124 
Poliand, Robert 67 
Pollmann, Alien 102 
Ponder, Lindsey 65, 68, 124 
Ponder, zachary 102 
Pontious, Robyn 114 
Porter, Amanda 124 
Porter, Katherine 17, 18, 31, 

Posey, Braden 33, 52, 53, 69, 

Poston, Holly 102 
Poston, Luke 83, 102 
Powell, Cedric73 
Power, Marcus 102 
Prause, Randolph 67 
Prause, Scott 73, 135 
Presswood, Kody 75, 135 
Prestihinzi, Dane 124 
Price, Robert 135 
Pride, Christina 135 
Prine, Leah 102 
Printy, Shawn 135 
Pritchett III, Wesley 135 
Pullen, Joshua 36,49, 102 
Pullum, Jacinda 124 
Puloka, Deanne 35, 46, 51, 
114, 118 

Purcell, Andrew 53, 102 
Purcell, Melissa 72, 124 
Puskar, Ramona 34, 37, 103 

Quals, Derrick 46, 67, 114 
Quirin, Amy 82, 115 
Ouisenberry, Dr. Neal 151 
Ouisenberry, Dr. Neil 23, 25, 

Rahmoeller, Maggie 40, il! 
Rakers, Sean 79, 135 
Ramos, Amber 48, 49, 103 
Randell, Alexondria 135 
Rapp, Whitney 57, 103 
Rasmussen, Becky 31, 103 
Ratermann, Tiffany 103 
Rathmann, Josh 83, 124 
Rau, Kalen 135 
Ray, Chris 72, 124 
Raymond, J. R. 124 
Raymond, Katie 135 
Reader, Ashlie 57 
Ready, Jessica 59, 103 
Recer, Codi 135 
Reed, Amy 65, 124 
Reed, Carri 124 
Reed, Erica 124 
Reed, Molly 57, 103 
Reeves, Brent w. 90 
Rehkemper, Christine 59, 

Rehmer, Bonnie 115 
Reid, Kyle 73 
Reid, Recol35 
Reidel, Joe 135 
Reilman, Alex 124 
Reinacher, Sara 103 
Rejfek, Jason 67, 124 
Renner, Bridget 57 
Renschen, Emily 124 
Reynolds, Dr. Todd 68 
Reynolds, zach 67, 135 
Rhein, Patrick 34, 115 
Rhines, Zachary 31, 61, 115 
Richards, Dr. Timothy 90 
Richardson, Christine 48, 

Richardson, Leon 23, 115 
Richardson, Nadja 135 
Richmond, Sandra 90 
Richter, Katie 19, 30,46,63, 

Richter, Lauren 70, 77, 135 
Rickert, Bonnie 57, 103 
Riddle, Jacob 124 
Ridge, lan 79, 135 
Riess, Dr. Deanne 90 
Riley, Kim 57, 103 
Riley, Stephen 72, 135 
Ringering, Katie 70, 135 
Ringhausen, Melissa 78 
Rippelmeyer, Jamie 115 
Risley, Kate 46, 53, 103 
Rittenhouse, Kelsey 135 
Rivera, Daniel 67, 115, 141 
Rivera, Joel 67 
Roach, Brittany 124 
Roberson, Amy 60 



Robert, Andrew 72, 124 
Roberts, Christen 135 
Roberts, Scott 103 
Robertson, Amy 124 
Robien, Patrick 115 
Robinson, DyEsha 115 
Roddy, James 103 
Roehrig, Jason 135 
Rogers, caitlan 59, 124 
Rogers, Trisha 103 
Rogowsl<i, Brandon 115 
Rohman, Jacob 27, 103 
Rohman, Wesley 67, 115 
Rohr, Aaron 67, 136 
Rollinson, Lindsie 46, 103 
Romani, Eric 83, 136 
Roney, Lauren 31, 63 
Root, K.C. 136 
Rosa, Patricl< 81 
Rosborg, Dr. Jim 90 
Rose, Jonathan 35, 103 
Rose, Tom 83, 103 
Rosen, Jamie 115 
Ross, Brian 30 
Ross, NiCl<136 
Rothzen, Kayla72, 136 
Rudd, Allen 57 
Rudy, Tim 103 
Ruesler, John 65, 79, 103 
Rujawitz, Natalee82, 115 
Rusick, Bill 81 
Russell, Alyssa 136 
Russell, Lawrence 35, 67 
Rusteburg, Virginia 57 
Rutherford, Kelly 104 
Rutkowski, Katie 115 
Rutter, Drew 104 
Rutter, Ian 124 
Ryan, Sarah 31, 68, 115 
Rybacki, Chloe 124 
Ryterski, Renee 31, 59, 84, 

Saenz, Andrea 124 
Sagar, Joe69, 135 
Sampson, Dr. Jean 90 
Sanchez, Andrew 73 
Sanders, Corie 68, 136 
Sanders, Terrell 124 
Sanders, Tonya 124 
Sandy, Mike 90 
Sarver, Lauren 70, 115 
Savard, Michael 104 
Scalf, Nathan 115 
Schallenberg, Dustin 83, 

Schanuel, Daniel 67, 104 
Schartung, Tonya 35, 46, 
Schellinger, Katelyn 84, 125 

Schenck, Allison 72, 125 
Scher, Rory 125 
Schilb, Devin 104 
Schildknecht, Dustin 115 
Schlemmer, Calista 57 
Schmid, Daniel 57 
Schmidt, Andrew 61, 125 
Schmidt, Ashley 27, 57, 104 
Schmidt, Chris 104 
Schmidt, Susan 30, 33 
Schmidt, Theresa 35, 44, 58, 

Schmitt, Ashley 136 
Schmitz, Erica 136 
Schneebeli, Melissa 104 
Schneider, Stephanie 104 
Schoenbaum, Kelsey 136 
Schofield, Sarah 125 
Schoor, Jeff 67, 136 
Schrage, Brittany 115 
Schrage, Cole 83, 104 
Schreurs, Joep 2, 69, 136 
Schuetz, zach 136 
Schulte, Adam 45, 115 
Schulte, David 90 
Schulte, Greg 67, 125 
Schulte, Jim 83, 136 
Schuize, Christine 115 
Schumacher, Carrie 34, 49, 
58, 125 

Schumacher, Lindsay 136 
Schuring, Amanda 55, 78, 

Schutt, Dakota 83, 125 
Schutzenhofer, Dr. Michele 

Schwalb, Nick 46, 53, 135 
Schwankhaus, Jordan 84, 

Schwartz, Jason 72, 125 
Schwierjohn, Beth 48, 104 
Schwind, Adam 20, 27, 39, 
Scucchi, Paul 115 
Sears, Tucker 115 
Seipp, Casey 57 
Sendejas, Ariane 57 
Serdar, Matt 57, 136 
Sertich, John 57 
Session, Craig 65, 83 
Sewell, Dan 104 
Shan, Leah 78 
Shapiro, Gabriel 13, 90 
Shaver, Richard 30 
Shaw, Justin 67, 136 
Shaw, Steve 136 
Sheehan, Donnv68, 69 
Sheffer, Dean 135 
Sheldon, Daniel 135 
Sheldon, Ryan 35, 115 

Sherrer, Adrienne 104 
Shilling, Danielle 125 
Shorter, Tony 67 
Shrestha, Bhushan 46, 51, 

Siddall, Kimberly75, 115 
Siege!, Jonathan 104 
Siemer, Henry 125 
Sigafoos, Kendra 31, 44, 62, 

Sigournay, Mike 59, 135 
Siltman, Sydnie 55, 116 
Silvera, Shawn 57, 104 
Simmons, Jared 31, 57 
Simon, Ben 13, 17, 31, 62, 

Sims, Kendall 72, 125 
Singleton, Beckie 59, 115 
Sipole, Niki77, 135 
Sizemore, Lori 72, 136 
Skora, Alex 125 
Slechticky, Kaylea 136 
Smallheer, Kim 52 
Smith Jr IV, Eli 33, 57, 125 
Smith, Alexis 116 
Smith, Antonio 116 
Smith, Becca46, 136 
Smith, Brynnen 83, 136 
Smith, Chris 115 
Smith, Gail 104 
Smith, George 56, 67, 105 
Smith, Jake 125 
Smith, Jamie 30 
Smith, Jessica 59, 84, 105 
Smith, John 65, 57, 125 
Smith, Lynelle30, 31,57, 105 
Smith, Megan 105 
Smith, Nicola 105 
Smith, Ryan 72 
Smithiger, Daniel 40, 90 
Smothers, Nick 125 
Smothers, Sarah 30, 105 
Snider, Brandyn 83, 135 
Snodgrass, Amanda 116 
Snyder, Amanda 31, 82, 116 
Snyder, Elizabeth 72, 125 
Snyder, Kelli 59, 125 
Snyder, Lauren 135 
Soccer, McKendree 69 
Souders, Nicholas 137 
Spanley, Norma 90 
Spano, Alyssa 52, 53, 59, 75, 

Spargo, Susan 57 
Sparks, Andrew 83, 137 
Sparks, Melinda 59, 105 
Spells, Sandra 105 
Spencer, Kimberiy 77, 137 
Spicer, Ryan 84, 125 
Spicuzza,Taylee82, 125 

Spires, Jessica 72, 137 
Spotanski, Erin 68, 105 
Sprehe, Daniel 125 
Spreng, Dr. Frank 90 
Springer, Sarah 105 
Stainmez, Maximilian 59, 

Stanley, Corina 116 
Statham, Harry M. 90 
Statham, Harry 79 
staudenmaier, Nick 137 
Steele, Brian 77, 115 
Steele, Rod 105 
Stehl, Ashley 31, 57,105 
Stein, Amy 90 
Steiner, Alec 125 
Steirer, Lauren 116 
Stenson III, James 72, 105 
Stern, Justin 137 
Stevens, Jaclyn 116 
Stewart, Ashley 116 
Stewart, Eric 31 
Stidham, Adam 137 
Stier, Michael 115 
Stine, Justin 105 
Stith, Dani65, 116 
Stone, T.J. 105 
Storner, Sabrina 90 
Stoyanov, Ivan 45, 51, 105 
Straeter, Kelsey 30, 33, 115 
Strange, Tim 68, 69 
Strathman, Genni 46, 59, 

Straub, Jamie 49, 116 
Straub, Tricia 49, 137 
Strausbaugh, Jacob 67, 137 
Strausbaugh, Joshua 116 
Streid, Aaron 69, 137 
Streif, Shannon 35, 116 
Stricklin, Alicia 72, 137 
Stroot, Jeff 67, 115 
Strubel, Daniel 72, 115 
Suemnicht, Ashley 125 
Surdyk, Heidi 57 
Swan, Kara 125 
Sweet, Amanda 137 
Sweney, Travis 72, 115 
Szakielo, Lauren 46, 80, 105 
Szwedo, Katie 90 

Tardino, Andrea 105 
Taylor, Austin 84, 137 
Taylor, Chanel 137 
Taylor, Sean 90 
Taylor, Tommie 137 
Taylor, Victoria 116 
Tebbe, Bryan 83, 116 
Tebbe, Keith 65, 105 
Tellez, Amy 105 


Tendler, Hershel 116 
Thatch, Bryan 73, 125 
Thiel, Mary Beth 17, 106 
Thimes, Denise 12 
Thoel, Anthony 106 
Thole, Alison 30, 33, 116 
Thole, Blake33, 67, 116 
Thoman, Emily 15, 17, 41, 

Thoman, Erin il, 23, 30,46, 
48, 53, 57, 80, 106 
Thomas, Christine 91 
Thomas, Dana 137 
Thomas, Dr. Barbara 91 
Thomas, Jerry 91 
Thomas, Katherinei37 
Thomas, Keron 77, 117 
Thomas, Stephanie 25, 117 
Thompson, Amanda 125 
Thompson, Nick 77, 137 
Thurnau, Shari 30, 33, 46, 

Tift, Emily 59, 106 
Timilsina, Nishant46, 53, 56, 

Timmermann, Crystal 106 
Timmermann, Emily 117 
Timmermann, Megan 137 
Tindle, Sidney 137 
Tischhauser, Kaciel26 
Titsworth, Justin 40, 41, 61, 

Toenjes, Lindsey 137 
Tompkins, Anastasia 60, 106 
Toon, Jenna 117 
Toth, Carol 126 
Totten, Erin 60, 126 
Touchette, Tabitha 106 
Trame, Beth 86, 117 
Trantham, Andria 117 
Trotter, Shane 126 
Tschudin, Paul 137 
Tucker, Lafayette 67 
Turner II, Byron 61, 117 
Turner, Allison 91 
Turner, Kristen 126 
Turner, Natalie 106 
Tyler, Airika 77, 137 


Uhe, Ryan 83, 126 
Ulferts, Gretchen 34, 43, 106 
Ullery, Joseph 83, 106 
Ulrich, Brooke25, 34, 117 
Unfried, Stacey 57 
upchurch. Matt 106 
Urban, Nick 117 
urban, Tom 72, 126 


valdez, Matthew 117 
van Putte, Dr. Robb 91 
vanNatta, Daniel 37, 77, 106 
vanScoyk, Evan 72, 126 
VanScoyk, Richard 72, 106 
varady, Wendy 57 
varns, Ashley 68, 126 
Vaughn, Kristopher 106 
veath, Brittney 34 
venditto, Davi 81 
Veres, Joel 137 
Vielweber, Casey 117 
Vincent, Ryan 137 
Vintes, Aisha 7, 33, 106 
Virgin, Jordan 126 
voegele, Michelle 27, 45, 46, 

vogi, Maximilian 69, 126 
Vollmer, Jimmy 117 
von Yeast, Dr. Yancey 91 
vonDerLinden, Kristin 117 
vosburg, Jennifer 91 


waeltz, Ruth 31 
wafler. Melody 31 
Wagner, Jordon 137 
Wagner, Michael 106 
Wagner, Steve 126 
Wagner, Tarrah 106 
wahlig, Jenilyn 57 
wair. Tiara 91 
walker, Alvena 31 
walker, Ashley 35, 106 
wallis, Courtney 137 
Walls, Annette 126 
waltman, Lori 31, 57 
ward, Jessica 70, 137 
ward, Kaitlin65, 82, 117 
ward, Tom 69, 138 
ware, Jermel 138 
ware, Nadia 77, 138 
Warren, Jennifer 126 
Watters, Dr. John 91 
Watters, Nicholette 57 
Waye, Jermaine 73, 106 
weathers, Patrick 126 
Webb, Catherine 65, 78, 82, 

Webb, Mary 91 
Weber, Ricky 76, 83, 138 
Weber, Ryan 83, 138 
weder, Annie 126 
weed, Elton 67, 117 
Weitekamp, Emily 138 
welch, Jacob 138 
weiler. Holly 57 
welmon, Ashley 126 

Werts, Elizabeth 126 
Wessel, Melissa 31, 57 
wesselman, Blake 67, 126 
west. Amy 106 
west, Maryl 57, 107 
weygandt, Sarah 57, 107 
Wheeler, Joseph 31 
White III, George 67, 138 
White, Amanda 45, 117 
White, Brittany27, 45, 126 
White, Casey 82, 138 
White, Gary 72 
White, Kayla 82, 107 
White, Maggie 91 
White, Nathan 91 
Wicker, Dr. Janet 36, 91 
Wiebler, Robert 107 
Wiegmann, Katelin 78, 126 
Wietekamp, Emily 78 
Wilhelm, Bridget 126 
Wilhelm, Dr. Phillip 91 
Wilhelm, Josh 48, 76, 77, 138 
Wilhelm, Nicki 30, 33, 117 
Wilhelm, Tiffany 30, 31,48, 

Wilkes, Quinn 107 
Wilkinson, Melissa 44, 118, 

Will, Dr. Peter 14, 33,91 
Willard, Chad73 
Willett, Ed 91 
Willett, Erik 138 
Williams, Amanda 107 
Williams, Andrew 84, 126 
Williams, Brandon 117 
Williams, Devin 76, 77, 117 
Williams, Eraser 69, 138 
Williams, Jennifer 34, 117 
Williams, Julius 33, 107 
Williams, Kyle 73, 138 
Williams, Lindsey 126 
Williams, Mason 64, 67, 117 
Williams, Ricardo 76, 138 
Willis, Libby46, 138 
Willis, Shavondal38 
Willis, Tim 73, 138 
Willman, Ross 83, 107 
Willoughby, All 46, 117 
Wilson, Lisa 138 
Wilson, Randall 46 
Wingbermuehle, Jeffrey 65, 


Winkeler, Danielle 107 
Winkeler, Jamie 107 
Winkeler, Laura 107 
Winkeler, Lindsay 138 
Winn, Danny 126 
Winning, Aaron 73, 117 
Winter, Whitney 34, 117 
Winters, Jared 39,49, 117 

Winters, Travis 77 
Witcher, Jessica 126 
Wittenauer, Jake 52, 53, 117 
Witthaus II, Joseph 107 
Wofford, Amelia 10, 35, 107, 

Wolff, Andrew 79, 126 
wolfmeier, Jill57 
Wolinski, Christina 31 
wolk. Tanner 37, 73, 117 
wood, Jessica 35, 107 
woodland, Emily 77, 78, 138 
wooff, Martha 57 
worden, Jeremy 37, 72, 118 
workman, Chelsey 37, 118 
Worms, Nikki 31, 57 
Wright, Bradley 67, 138 

Yakey, Emily 49, 118 
Yanko, Liz 68, 126 
York, April 57 
York, Benjamin 118 
Young, Alex 59, 83, 126 
Young, Christina 59, 72, 118 
Young, Jeffrey 107 
Young, Rebecca 118 
Young, Tommy 83, 127 
Young, Trenetia 107 
Younger, T.J. 138 

Zachry, Brooke 107 
zanfes, Emily 31, 57, 107 
Zedalis, Lauren 46, 138 
Zimmerman, Charlie 67, 127 
Zinck, Duncan 127 
Zinck, Paul 91 
Zitta, Elaine 91 
Zitta, Emily 25 
Zugmaier, Hayley 84, 107 
Zurliene, Craig 37, 65, 67, 


The 2008-09 Mckendrean, volume 92, was 
printed by Jostens at its printing plant in 
Topeka, KS. Pressrun was 150 copies. The 
cover was designed by the McKendrean 
Editor, staff members and advisors. 

The 152-page book was printed on trim size 
8. Design and layout copy were completed 
online through Jostens Yearbook Avenue 
web site. 

Fonts used in the book are: 

Action, Antique Olive Black, Antique Olive 

Light, Antique Olive Roman, Elegance, Enc IVll^It 
Jacksoh, and Tellowjacket 

From the Editor's Pen 

June 2009 

Dear McKendree Community of the Past, Present, and Future: 

I consider it an honor to have worl<ed as the editor of this vearbool<, but there is no way i could have done 
it alone. Despite busier than usual schedules and growing responsibilities, with the help of Cretchen 
Ulferts, Jeff Campbell, Michele Erschen, and Rachel Doyle, the yearbook came together under the theme of 
"Connection" focusing on the importance of making connections in every aspect of life as a student. I 
cannot send out enough thanks to these Individuals along with the countless other members of the 
McKendree community who donated their time and talents as writers, photographers, and helping hands 
which made the 2008-2009 McKendrean yearbook come to life. 

Looking back at my time on the yearbook staff at McKendree brings about a somewhat bittersweet feeling, 
as the endings of good things often do. As i write this note, the work on the 2008-2009 McKendrean 
Yearbook comes to a close, and so does my time as a McKendree undergraduate student. However, my 
connection with this institution does not end here. The things i have learned, the relationships I have 
made, and the campus I have come to love will not be soon forgotten. 

I have had the unique privilege of seeing McKendree undergo some huge changes from the time I came as 
a first-year student: The Hettenhausen Center for the Arts opened; McKendree College became McKendree 
university; new Masters programs surfaced; the bookstore moved, and 1828 cafe was born. All throughout 
this time, I have undergone changes too. My experiences at McKendree have helped shape the person I 
am, and these experiences will still play a part in my life as i continue to learn and grow. The opportunity 
to participate in clubs, service activities, and cultural exchanges has given me a new perspective, a new 
appreciation, and a new zest for life and what the world has to offer... and what I have to offer the world. 
it is my hope that every Bearcat realizes his or her responsibility to give back to McKendree, the school that 
gave us ail so much, and to give back to the community at all levels. 

Whether you read this hot off the press in August 2009 during check-in as you wait in line to get your 
photograph taken for next year's publication or whether you pick up a copy of this yearbook at the Alumni 
House or Holman Library years from 2009, i hope you can find some type of connection to McKendree, both 
then and now. After all, learning, love, and life are all about making connections, both big and small. 

I hope the University continues to evolve, and I hope the yearbook does as well. Though some consider a 
college yearbook to be expendable, I would prefer to look at it as vital to the legacy of the university and 
those who inhabit its grounds both in the present and in the future. Here at the McKendree yearbook 
staff, we record the memories of tomorrow, we are thankful for the past, proud of the present, and 
hopeful for the future of our lives and of McKendree university as we realize these three elements of time 
are all, undoubtedly, interconnected. 

As you paged through the book, what connections did you make? I challenge you, reader, to go out and 
connect the dots from your past, to the present, and to your future. Take on the world, do your best, and 
don't ever forget where good old McK falls in your constellation of life, whether it is in the past present 
future, or a combination of all three. smrL, 




Lauren Hettenhausen 

2008-2009 McKendrean Yearbook Editor