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Clubs and 



Greek life 




Class of 1993 


Class of 1992 


Class of 1991 


Class of 1990 


Lebanon. Illinois is a small, semirural 
community of 3.600 people, located 23 
miles from downtown St. Louis, Missou- 
ri, situated on the old Vincennes trail to 
St. Louis trail. Lebanon was incorporat- 
ed as a town in 1857. Lebanon was re- 
ferred to by Charles Dickens in his book 
American Notes. The author stayed 
overnight in Lebanon's Mermaid Inn 
while on his travels through the Midwest 
to view the Looking Glass Prairie. Leba- 
non offers shops and entertainment es- 
tablishments, including the Looking 
Glass Playhouse Community Theater. 


ttr/.umr/o/yoioMc Ltbanon 
Home of 

founded lS2i 
Careerdirfcied LibemlAns 


The Campus 

McKendree College was founded February 
20, 1828. in Lebanon, Illinois, by a group of 
pioneer Methodists. McKendree's campus re- 
veals its historical background. Bothwell Chap- 
el was constructed in 1858. It is home to the 
oldest bell in North America. The bell which 
rings out each hour and half-hour, was origin- 
ally cast in 8lh century Spain. Stephenson 
house, is where the president of the college re- 
sides. Old Main, completed in 1851, is the ol- 
dest surviving building at McKendree. Benson- 
wood art building once served as the library for 
McKendree. Voigt Science Hall houses 
McKendree's largest classrooms and laborato- 
ries. BEARCAT gymnasium was originally 
built as a temporary structure in 1958. It was 
used for many years for McKendree's intercol- 
legiate sporting events. It is now being used for 
intramural sports and greek offices. Holman 
library was built in 1969 and replaced Benson- 
wood as the college's library. The first floor of 
Wildy Hall was built by students in 1868. In 
1916. two floors were added. The building now 
houses the business office, financial aid, admis- 
sions, public relations, and the office of the 
president. Eisenmeyer auditorium was once 
McKendree's gymnasium. It now serves as a 
theater and includes a mailroom and music 
rooms. Clark Hall was once a women's dormi- 
tory. It now consists of classrooms, offices, and 
a computer center. Carnegie Hall was once a 
men's dormitory. It now consists of classrooms 
and faculty offices. The land for Hypes field 
was donated to the college by a wealthy family 
who took an interest in the growth and well 
being of McKendree College. McKendree 
Hypes Chamberlain was once president of 
McKendree. When the Civil War broke out in 
1861. McKendreens rushed to defend the 
Union. 1 50 of the 200 students at the college 
volunteered for Federal service. McKendree 
contributed at least 6 generals, 30 other offi- 
cers, and 500 enlisted men to the Northern 
ranks. They made up the 1 17th Illinois Volun- 
teer Infantry — known as the McKendree Col- 
lege Regiment. Many of the trees on McKen- 
dree's front lawn were planted in memory of 
McKendree militiamen who died in the civil 
war. Every spring, weather permitting, gradu- 
ation is held on the front lawn where tiny white 
flowers cover the ground, making it look like 
snow. McKendree College is the oldest college 
in the State of Illinois, the 97th oldest in the 
United States and the oldest institution of 
higher learning maintaining continuous ties 
with the United Methodist Church. 

The Melvin Price 
Convocation Center 
was dedicated in Octo- 
ber, 1988. McKendree 
College is proud of its 
newest facility. The 
gymnasium is used for 
classes, varsity athlet- 
ics, concerts, and a va- 
riety of other activities. 
A weight room is also 
open for student use. 
Outside, tennis courts 
and a softball and 
baseball field compli- 
ment the center. 






In the summer of 1 987 a fountain was installed on 
upper campus. The fountain wtiich is surrounded 
by flowers in the spring and summer was anony- 
mously donated by an alumnus of the college. 

After the Convocation Center was finished, the bleach- 
ers were removed from the old gymnasium and greek 
offices were built. 

The annual homecoming parade is held the morning 
of the formal dance. Many of the groups on campus 
enter floats and decorate cars to participate in the event. 

Soccer Cats — W Maryville — L 

Bearcat Spikers — W Lindenwood — L 



This year, McKendree held 
its first ever pep rally and bon 
fire to celebrate homecoming. 
The homecoming court was in- 
troduced and there were perfor- 
mances by the pep squad and 




^1 ^^ 

W^^^M ■^^Siti^h&^ 



Jr pictured with Sheri Junior, Christine Addison (left) Junior. Chris Albrecht (right) 

(Jueen Candidates 

(left to right) Ptosha Rockingham is a public relations 
major from Fairview Heights. Illinois. Laurie Kolar is a 
public relations major from Damiansville, Illinois. Carol 
Friedland is an Elementary Education major from Mas- 
coutah. Illinois. Patti Scatturo is an Art Education major 
from Granite City, Illinois. 




Ptosha Rockingham 

Above, Rosalie Wand and Anne Pfitzner watch the Soccer 
Cats win another game. Below left, Chris Albrecht enjoys the 
great outdoors with the rest of the soccer fans. Below right, 
Julie Chandler represents the pompon squad at the pep rally. 

Above, Jeff Sommers, Nabil Sahuri, and Brent Gor- 
don walk over to their soccer game against Avila. 

Above far right, Laurie, Janet, Alicia, and Patti watch a game of intra- 
mural basketball. Below right, Carol Friedland helps decorate the Gam- 
ma Sigma Sigma float for the homecoming parade. Below, students 
gather outdoors to talk between classes. 




tiV -■■■ 













Programming Board 
Residence Life 

Student Government Association 
Business Leaders of Tomorrow 

Sociology Club 
Nursing Honor Society 

English-Literature Society 
Literary Interest Club 

The McKendrean 
Historical Society 

Model United Nations 
Pep Club 

Clubs & Organizations 

The Programming Board 

The members of the programming board work together 
to organize events and activities that the entire campus 
can enjoy. Campus dances, lip sync contest, and the All 
School picnic are just a few examples of events that can be 
credited to the programming board. 

The Board plans popular lip sync contests. 
Tillman Ashmore and Scott Leach tear up the dance floor. 

Above -— Craig Dobsch demonstrated why he should be Mr. Valentine. 
Steve Webb goes for the hole in one. Below — Soaking up some sun at 
the All School Picnic. 

Residence Life Staff 

Members of the Residence Life Staff pictured above: Back row 
— Annette Ambrose, Neda Sanders, Saraii McCail, Debbie 
Christy, Jodi Eichelmann, Robin Robertson. Front Row — 
Darryl Frercker, Chris Honold, Chad Brown, Anne Pfitzner, 
Tillman Ashmore, and Kevin Konecy. Above Right: Residence 
Directors pose with Dean Reynolds at homecoming. Left: Resi- 
dence Life Staff members discuss business. 

• i * 

Residence Hall Association 

The Residence Hall Asso- 
ciation (RHA) is comprised 
of a group of resident stu- 
dents who represent the oth- 
er students in their residence 
halls and work together to 
make additional improve- 
ments in the campus living 
conditions. Members pic- 
tured left: back row — Jim 
Stout, Elizabeth Edwards, 
Sharon Roberson, Carrie 
Woods, Carol Caldwell, Lil- 
liam DeLarosa, Georgette 
Collier, and Kevin Konecy. 
front row — Tim Hilpert, 
Louie Frick. Annette Neal, 
Nixie McKenzie, and Steve 

Student Government Association 

Members pictured left to 
right: 1st row — Anne 
Pfitzner, Jodi Edgar, Jac- 
que Cummings, Brian 
Hilgert, Brian Frederk- 
ing, Pat McGarrity. 2nd 
row — Tom O'Connor, 
Kristi McQuade, Tillman 
Ashmore, Kelli Holland, 
Kim Campbell, Jill 
Schlueter, and Karen 
Connelly. Back row — 
Curtis Williams, and Da- 
vid Hall. Not Pictured: 
Christine Addison. Pic- 
tured below right: Stu- 
dent Government 1990- 
91 President and Vice- 
President Pat McGarrity 
and Michelle Hughes. 

Business Leaders of Tomorrow 

Business Leaders of Tomorrow ( BLT) is open to all students who are majoring in any area of business, or those stu- 
dents who are currently enrolled in a business class. The 1989-90 president was Kristin Prichard. The adviser was 
Frank Spreng. 

Psychology Club 

Back row — Faculty Adviser Maurella Bosse, Carolyn Ehlers, Beth Jacobs, and Faculty Adviser 
Emerial Owen. Front row — Sheri Boehm, Beth Sweet, Angle Schmenk 

Sociology Club 

Back row — Kevin Hagarty, Adviser David Nibert, and Terry Ballard. Middle row — Val Mason, 
Venus Lane, Lillian DeLarosa Front row — Adviser Marilyn Huxford, Edith Davis, and Rona 

Kappa Gamma Epsilon 

1st row: Kathy Shoemaker, Jessica Joiner, Rebekah Shryock, Susan Thon:ipson, Carol Friedland, Elaine Albrecht, Jennifer 
May, Dian Profitt. Lynn Mallrich Brown, 2nci row; Valerie Thompson. Chrissa Schremp, Teresa Whitworth, Lori Taylor, 
Cathy Woods, Scott Harres, Kim Neal. Cathy Helms. Not Pictured: Teresa Auer. Renee Greenlee, Patricia Lamm, 
Kathryn Stanley, Kim Campbell. Charles Freeman, Cynthia Rogers. 

Candidates for membership in Kappa Gamma Epsilon must be currently enrolled in the Teacher Education 
Program, and have completed at least 30 hours of work at McKendree. They are selected on the basis of their 
academic achievement, outstanding performance in clinical work, and recommenfation of the Education Faculty. 

Nursing Honor Society 

The Nursing Honor Society of McKendree College held its first induction of members in Spring 1 985. The Honor So- 
ciety is modeled after Sigma Theta Tau, the National Nursing Honor Society. The goal of the society is to receive 
charter into the national organization as soon as possible. The purposes of the society are to recognize superior 
achievement, recognize the development of leadership qualities, foster high standards professional, encourage creative 
work, and strengthen commitment o the ideals and purposes of the professions. To be eligible for membership, 
candidates shall have demonstrated superior scholastic achievement, evidence of professional leadership potential and/ 
or marked achievement in the field of nursing. Students must have a grade point average of 3.25 on a four point scale. At 
present the society has 47 active members. The society holds four regular meetings each fiscal year, at least two of which 
have scholarly programs. The following members held office this 1 989-90 year: Grace Gridcr-President, Donna Keifer- 
President-Elect, Kathy Schmidt-Vice-President, Erline Pooler-Secretary, Marilyn Hines-Treasurer, Janice Wieg- 
mann-Faculty Sponsor. The annual induction was held on November 8, 1989 with five inductees: Jeanette Jennings, 
Catherine Sue Martin, Sheryl Smothers, Sue Weber, Linda Werner. 

Sigma Delta Tau 



^KlUlti^ 'Tn%^^^^^^^l 

^tr > 

*^^^^^^^ I 



Back row: Professor Ron Black, Danielle Warden, Dr. Michelle Stacey-Doyle, Dr. David Brailow, 
and Dr. John Greenfield. Front row: Becky Shryock, Kathy Shoemaker, Sherrie Hutchison, and 
Valerie Thompson. 

Literary Interest Club 

Back row: Dr. John Greenfield, Dr. David Brailow, Danielle Warden, Kathy Shoemaker, and 
Becky Shryock. Front row: Suzanne Mecalo. Sherrie Hutchison, Valerie Thompson, and Dr. Ron 

The McKendree Review 

Group picture back row: Tom O'Connor, Scott Leach, Tim Hilpert, and Michelle Hughes. Third row: Adviser Michelle Stacey-Doyle, Cathy 
Newmann. and John Hyde. Second row: Editor Jodi Edgar, Rosalie Wand, and Beth Heinemann, Front row: John Suarez. Renee Korves, Assistant 
Editor Kristi McQuade, Kadie Schreiver, and Chris Albrecht. Seated: Tim Malloney. Anne Pfitzner, Kelli Holland, and Jodi Eichelmann. Left: Fall 
Semester editor, Ptosha Rockingham pictured with Spring Semester editor, Jodi Edgar. The McKendree Review had a very successful year. The staff 
has grown measurably over the past two years. The staff has plans to purchase desktop publishing equipment as well as other supplies that will add to 
the quality of the award winning newspaper. 

The McKendrean 

Back row: Assistant Editor Carol Friedland, and 
Editor Kelly Scott. Front row: Staff Assistant 
Sheri Boehm and Beth Jacobs. 

Historical Society 

In it's second year of existence The McKendree College Historical 

Society made many outstanding achievements. The Society, which is 

a campus organization open to anyone interested in history, grew 

both in size and in accomplishments. Membership in the Society 

doubled from 15 in the 1989 Spring Semester to 30 in the 1989 Fall 


One of the first accomplishments of the school year was the drafting and adopting of the Society's Charter. The Society also achieved 

one of it's main goals by establishing the Alpha Delta Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta International Honor Society in History. The Society 

^ also started work projects in the school archives. Holman Library, campus history, and the McKendree Review. 

The officers for the Fall of 1 989 were; Russ Williams, Chairman; Martin Quirk, Vice-Chairman; Melinda Hawk, Secretary and Aileen 
Antoni, Treasurer. 

Alpha Delta Psi, McKendree College's chapter of Phi Alpha Theta International Honor Society in History, was established on December 
9. 1989. Phi.Mpha Theta is the second highest rated honor society, next to Phi Beta Kappa, in the world. The chapter officers for 1990 were 
Russ Williams, President; .Martin Quirk, Vice-President; Kim Campbell, Secretary and Marie Johnson. Treasurer. The other charter 
members are Brian Frederking, Rebekah Shryock, Patrick McGarrity, Kevin Decker, Debbie Miller, Patrick Folk, Irwin Halfond, 
Richard McGuire, Robert McChesney, Todd Reynolds, James Taylor and Gerrit TenBrink. 



itNENoree T^vifAtioNAl 


The purpose of the Model United Na- 
tions is to let students learn about differ- 
ent issues of the world. This is a replica 
of a real United Nations. Approximately 
500 high school students participate in 
the program. The high school students 
represent ambassadors and delegates 
from different countries to debate about 
world issues. This years student partici- 
pants included: Sec. General-Jacque 
Cummings, Chairs-Jennifer May, Dawn 
Burden, Martin Quirk, Jim Pollorn, Ja- 
net Casey, Curtis Williams, Karen Con- 
nally, Kelly Strong, and Brian Frederk- 
ing. Faculty Advisers include: Dr. Pat 
Folk. Dr. David Ahola, Dr. Norman 
Halfond, Dr. William Haskins, and Dr. 
Todd Reynolds. 

^ -. _ 

Sigma Zeta 

Back row; Adviser Richardf McGuire, Sarah McCall, Cindy Zerbst, 
Tish Kettler, Steve Debbs, Chrisrine Addison. Front row: Kristi 
McQuade, Becky Michelle Obermeier. and Annetee Ambrose. 


The newly formed pep 
club entertained at this years 
pep assembly and many 
home basketball contests. 

McKendree Theater Presents 


by Bernard Shaw 


Professor Higgins 
Eliza Doolittle 
Col. Pickering 

Mrs. Pearce 
Alfred Doolittle 
Mrs. Eynsford Hill 

Clara Eynsford Hill 
Freddy Eynsford Hill 
Mrs. Higgins 






Sarcastic Bystander 

Sets, Lights, Props 

Publicity, Tickets 


K4usic — My Fair Lady 

Kevin Decker 
Laurie McKean 
Jeffrey Bowen 

Carol Caldwell 
Jeff Winget 
Perri Bonn 

Mictielle Sabin 

John Hyde 

Nathtalie Clyne 

Aileen Antoni 

Kelly Strong 

Michelle Obermeier 

Gary Hill 

Mason McCormick 

Becky Mayer 

Mason McConnick 

Robert Luetkenhaus 

Mason McCormick 

Aileen Antoni 

Mary J. Allen 
Lynn Mallrich 

Joan Pocreva 

CBS Recordings 
and Warner Bros. Pictures 


The cast of Finnians Rainbow 
pictured at the right. (Names in no 
specific order) Linda, Robert Fi- 
scher. Jason Woods. Phil Deetz, 
Jacque Cummings, Anthony 
George, David Hall. Ed Endsley, 
Melissa Kaegle, Anne Phitzner, 
Kelli Holland, and Jessica Joiner. 

Top left: Christine Addison and Shelly Renth count 
fruit flys. Top Right: Annette Neal-lip sync star. Mid- 
dle: Kristi McQuade and Cindy Zerbst enjoy the All 
School Picnic. Bottom right: McKendree students 
gather in Washington DC to march for the homeless. 
Bottom left: Kevin Schwartz competes for the title of 
Mr. Valentine. 



and more 


Right: Brian Hilgert in the lip sync 
contest. Left: Mud Football! Middle 
right: Jacki Bugg and Debbie Man- 
tes, Gamma Sigma Sigma secret pals. 
Bottom left: Packing it all up for the 
greek float trip. Bottom right: Jeff 
Sommers, Jay Lipe, Brent Gordon, 
and Clint Price discuss strategy in an 
intramural basketball game. 


/''V'V t^" % i^^BB 


1 't^#'.-'^^''''*^^^B 




1st row: Laura Robison, Carla Bumpus, Kara Stewart, Jennifer Owen, Angle Brumfield, 
Michelle Osborne; 2nd row; Laura LeSar, Lynn Maiirich Brown, Shari Hasenstab, Sue Gilmer, 
Mary Jo Allen, April Faulk, Laurie Kolar, Carol Roscoe Dudak, Lori Spencer, Annette Bo- 
chantin, Julie Nettemeyer, Janet Casey, Lisa Izquierdo, Laurel Repinski, Shelly Nettemeyer, 
Rosalie Wand, Cindy Wachtel, Christy McKee, Carla Maxwell, Lisa Dameron, Donette 
Wheatley, Tracy Roche, Teresa Dunn, Angie Bean 

Alpha Omega actives look for prospective pledges. 

Alpha Omega seniors. 


^ ^ .^i^"A 



L\'ing down: Terry Neff; 1st row: Dave Sickler. Gary Hill, Robert Fisher. Chad Merryman, Dave Jones, 
Kc\in Berry, Bob Luetkenhaus; 2nd row: Jennifer May. FeFe Washington, Dana Jenkins. Dawn Burden, 
Jeannie Warren, Christine Westfall. 3rd row : Michelle Rigdon. Tricia Dorrough. Jeannie Sheppard, Dawn 
Hirsch, Danielle Hirsch, Diana Needham. Angie Roider, Ann Huelsmann: 4th row: Jacque Cummings, 
Don Ruble, Curtis Williams, Tom Forsyth. Law rence BurrcU. Mason McCormick. Phil Deetz. Ed Endsley. 
James Green, Erik Anderson, Dr. Folk 


Members of Alpha Phi Omega march in the Homecoming Parade. 

Alpha Phi Omega accomplished a great deal on and 
off the McKendree campus this \ear. The\ launched a 
tutoring program associated witii Lebanon High 
School, raised funds to help support the proposed 
McKendree Cross Country team, and they also partici- 
pated in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. Some 
other ser\ices included: two blood drives, Channel 9 
and McKendree phonalhons, and a car wash which 
earned donations for the homeless. 

APO has increased its membership to thirt\-fi\e ac- 
tive members. The members of Alpha Phi Omega lake 
great pride in the service the\ provide and the fellow- 
ship the\ offer. The\ hope that others will take light 
and join in their efforts. 

Ed at the blood drive. 


Back row: Kim Miller, Kelli Nickel, Christine Addison, Mary Jo Peak, Chris Morrison, Kristi McQuade, Lisa Walker, Tina 
Gilkerson, Angle Schmenk, Michelle Hughes, Patti Mahone, and Annette Neal. Middle Row: Tish Kettler, Michelle Mersinger, 
Sheri Boehm, Debbie Mank, Kelly Scott, Cindy Zerbst, Jennifer Mitchell, Sarah McCall, Peggy Newberry, Debbie Mantes, 
Missy Wylie, Katrinka Adams. Front row: Chris Albrecht, Carol Friedland, Jacki Bugg, Kadie Schreiver, Nicole Wear, Shelly 
Renth, Kristin Prichard, and Donna Broadus. 



Above, Lisa Walker 
is surprised by her se- 
cret pal gift. Left, 
pledges visit with ac- 

Gathered together at the Sigma Formal. 

\bove: Sigma actives recruit pledges. Above right: Good friends and 
!ood times. Below; Sigma Big Brothers: Tony Neaville, Joel Hastings, 
rim Malloney, Pat Barry, Greg Kidd. Brian Frederking, Dave Merz. 
Mot pictured: Greg Foster and Scott Yount. Below right: Pledges are all 




j^V 1 I Jfl 




Below left: Celebrating together. Bottom left: True Colors. Below right: Kristin 
and Kelli at the formal. Bottom right: Sigma Seniors. 




Tilman Ashmore, Scott Lamprich, W'a>nL- Sinnock. Anlhnn> (ii,-.irgu. [odd Marlin, Sli,i«ii \kt oiiibs, Chris Greenwell, and 
David HalK 

Hit those books, Shawn! 


APO flying airplanes to raise money for the track ,_ > O 'f> 

Brent Huffman, Jacki Bugg, Kelly Scott, and Jeff Sommers having fun at the Sigma Formal. 

Shan and Laurie — together again! 

Everyone here seems to be having fun at Shari H.'s party! 


Colin, Jacki, Brad, and Marv Jo take a break between classes. 

Sigma pledge Katrinka Adams participates in a de- 
bate about hazing. 

BS'er pledges having fun at the Sigma Toga Dance 

Michelle Mersinger gets caught by surprise. 


Back row: Chaun Lewis, Tony Neaville. Kevin Schwartz, Pat Leckrone, Steve 
Da\is,.lerfEngel. Jim Sloan. 2nd row: Jeff Schroedcr, Craig Dobsch, Mark Marcus, 
Ken Rockett, Brian McKa\. Isl row: Sean Ha\es. Chad Gerber. 





KcMii Schuart/' and Craig Dobsch setting up for one of the 
man\ Fero.x dances. 

• '9 

Little Sisters: 1st 
" o w : Lisa [?- 
juierdo. Shauna 
souders. Denise 
Brendel: 2nd 
•o\\: Kelli Jack- 
ion, Laurie Ko- 
ar. Shari Hascn- 
tab, Mary Beth 
^arres. Jennifer 
vlitchell. Jodi 
Edgar. Not Pic- 
ured: Laura Le- 
>ar. Carol Fricd- 
and. Traci Ellis 

1st row: George Wyness, Steve Brandt, Tom O'Connor, Greg Kidd; 2nd row: Scott Yount. Colin Kricensky. Frank Brello, Jim Stout, Chris Reynolds: 3rd 
row: Steve Burkhart. Mike Frey. Dan Lett, Bert Stover, and Adrianne Klingel. 

Tom and Colin ham it up 

Throughout the Year 

Blood Drive 

Each year Alpha Phi Omega holds a blood drive in 
Deneen Center on campus. The blood drive is coordinated 
with the Red Cross. Donations are accepted from stu- 
dents, faculty, staff, administration, and community 
members. Below, Louie Frick and John Hyde give blood. 

Free Enterprise 

The McKendree College Free Enterprise Lec- 
ture Series is held twice a year sponsored by Coca 
Cola Inc. Each lecture topic is presented by busi- 
ness people for the college's business students. 
Topics focus on the workings of America's Free 
Enterprise System. 

Brown Bag Forum 

Wednesdays at noon, Deneen Center is often 
the stage for local businessmen, poets, doctors, 
administrators, writers, and other successful, tal- 
ented people. Left, Gary Berkley, President and 
Publisher of the Belleville News-Democrat 
speaks to students and faculty at a Brown Bag 

Cream the Teacher 

Lunch hour is a time for added entertainment in the 
McKendree Cafeteria. Students are often treated to music 
from bands and musicians, magic shows, comedians, fraterni- 
ty and sorority entertainment and this year, something new. 
The Residence Hall Association, in a fundraising effort, spon- 
sored an event that allowed students to "cream" their favorite 
teacher, .^bove, Chris Reynolds shows his appreciation for his 
father, Dean of Students, Dr. Todd Reynolds. 

Cookie Day 

The Annual Christmas Cookie Day 
at McKendree College is held the 
first week in December to allow the 
faculty, administrators and staff to 
share the Christmas spirit with the 
entire campus community, especially 
the students, through sharing their 
home-made cookies and other holiday 
treats. December 7, 1989 marks the 
Fourth Annual Christmas Cookie 
Day, which Mrs. Phyllis TenBrink, 
McKendree College's First Lady, has 
planned and hosted since 1985. 

Founders Day 

Those attending this years Founders Day celebration 
had the pleasure of hearing Christine Brewer sing. Chris- 
tine, a 1976 graduate of McKendree College, has been a 
success in St. Louis, New York, and Europe. Christine 
still resided in Lebanon and has been a guest performer at 
other McKendree productions. The event also included an 
elegant dinner and silent auction. Founders Day is an 
annual celebration of McKendree College and a remem- 
brance of those who had the foresight to establish an 
institution of higher learning in Lebanon. 


The All-School Picnic is an annual event 
sponsored by the programming board each 
year in May. Students are treated to a bar-b- 
que and a variety of activities and entertain- 

Mr. Valentine 

Kim Miller crowns Steve Davis Mr. Valentine. Above, Dave 
Lucht goes for the sporty look. Craig Dobsch is a preppy Valen- 
tine. Below, Colin Kricensky trys to convince the audience that 
he should be Mr. Valentine. 

NSO (New Student Ori- 
entation) is a way to intro- 
duce new students to the 
McKendree College Com- 
munity. The orientation pe- 
riod includes campus tours, 
meetings with faculty, group 
discussions, and activities 
such as sand volleyball, (pic- 
tured left) 





March on 


On Saturday October 7, 43 representatives from 
McKendree College joined in an estimated 250,000 
demonstrators in the Housing NOW! march in 
Washington D.C. Housing NOW! is a national co- 
alition of over 200 organizations attempting to end 
the threat of homelessness through the creation of 
safe, affordable homes for all people. 

The marchers demanded decent and affordable 
housing as a human right. Marchers also hoped to 
convince Congress to re-allocate funds to housing. 

Dr. Lyn Huxford was the coordinator of the group 
from McKendree. McKendree College had the larg- 
est group of any college in the St. Louis area. The 
McKendree Marchers included; Tom O'Connor, 
Ptosha Rockingham, Lisa Izquierdo, Michele 
Hughes, Dave Merz, Kristi McQuade. Jodi Edgar, 
Colin Kricensky, Scott Leach, Rebecca Wilbur, 
Ginger Baker, Jamie Gagen, Chris Greenwell, Da- 
vid Jones. Dana Jenkins, Phil Deetz. Sarah .Austin, 
Ed Endsley, Patti Mahone, Yolanda Beal, Kenya 
Hawkins. Tashia Williams, Pat McGarrity, Mike 
Prey, Mason McCormick, Milinda Hawk, Peggy 
Steele. Elizabeth Leland. Dawn Giebe, Angela Jor- 
dan, Tillman Ashmore, Wayne Sinnock, Christine 
Westfall, Carrie Woods. Cathy Huemann, Kim 
Johnson, Lisa Padgett, Dave Sickler, Brad Dow- 
nard, Jauna Rodgers, Jim Huxford, Dr. Cyn Hux- 
ford, Dr. Michele Stacey-Doyie, and Dr. David Nie- 

Once the group was in Washington they were 
joined by thousands including personalities such as: 
Jesse Jackson, Lou Gossett Jr., Christopher Reeve, 
Casey and Jean Casern. Jon Voight, Maria Gibbs. 
Valerie Haper. Ally' Sheedy. Heather Locklear. 
Gregory Hines. Linda Evans, Tracy Chapman. Rita 
Coolidge, and Richie Havens, among others. 



On Friday February 23 
McKendree College faculty 
and staff members coached by 
Dr. David Ahola (the Cardiac 
Dribblers) competed against 
McKendree College students in 
Charity Basketball. 

The McKendree College so- 
ciology club along with profes- 
sor of Speech Communication, 
Bill Haskins planned the event 
requesting $ 1 . and 1 can of food 
as admission to the event. 

More that $300. was raised 
and given to the Second Chance 
Shelter in East St. Louis, Illi- 
nois. The club hopes to make 
the game an annual event. 


Back row — (1 to r) Coach Jean Scheller, Manager Rosalie Wand, Debbie Mantes, Shelly 
Netlemeyer, Laurie Kolar, Chris Albrecht, Front row — (1 to r) Debbie Mank, Elaine Albrecht, 
Kim Miller, Nancy Kanaga, Susie Becherer, and Becky Shryock. 

The Lady Bear- 
cats hosted the 
NAIA District 20 
playoffs this year. 
Eight of the dis- 
trict's best teams 
were invited to the 
tournament. The 
teams were ranked 
upon their record 
and level of compe- 
tition. In the semi- 
final matches St. 
Xavier passed up 
McKendree. St. 
Xavier then fell to 
St. Francis in the cj 
match. The Lady 
Bearcats ended the 
season with a record 
of 25-11. 




MpHMI 9 9 .9 3 t_ 



IfeV*".^^^ "ill ihim ^"--w^l 

Back row — (1 to r) Coach Andy Waite, John Suess, Chris Digiralamo, Steve Wright, Brad 
Downard, Jay Lipe, Jim Pruesser, Bret Cassity, Bob Poole, Jeff Laird, Tim Johnson, 
Assistant Coach Gene Johnson. Front row — Jeff Besseman, Tom Wilhelm. Brian Belgeri, 
Jeff Sommers, Nabil Sahuri, Brent Gordon, Dan Lett, and Manager/Trainer Jeff Haas. 

This year's soccer cats once again 
fell victim to the Sagamon State Prai- 
rie Stars in the NAIA District 20 
Championship Game. Despite en- 
countering some changes including 
new coaching, the cats worked to- 
gether to pull this year's team up to 
the level that the Bearcat soccer pro- 
gram has worked long and hard to 
establish. Senior Bob Poole led the Cats this year with eight 
goals and 1 1 assists. Poole was named Honorable Mention to 
the 1989 NAIA Men's Soccer Ail-American Team. He was 
also chosen to represent the west squad in the National Colle- 
giate Cup Soccer Senior Bowl in Las Cruces, NM. 



i \ 

■■3t ^-f 


^ ^-x^ 



*- ^v<f.^.V> 



if .'. ■ '.V '.W.V .. ** v " 



Women's Basketball 

Back row (] to r) Tina Gilkerson, Sue Gilmer, Beth Heinemann, Nancy Wild, Ptosha Rockingham, Statistician 
Michelle Poston, Susie Becherer, Tracee Franklin, Coach Rhether Johnson, Michelle Osborne, and Danielle 

The 1989 Lady Cats 
made their way to a first- 
round sixth-seeded ap- 
pearance in the NAIA 
District 20 Playoffs. Sen- 
ior, Sue Gilmer was 
named the team's MVP, 
made the NAIA District 
20 All-Star Team, and 
was named to the Kodak 
All-American All District 
team. Gilmer is McKen- 
dree's all-time leading 
scorer and rebounder. She 
averaged 23 points and 15 

rebounds per game. The "" ^'" 

oafs second leading scorer was junior, Nancy Wild, who averaged 18 points per game. Third seeded Olivet- 
Nazarene put a halt to the Cat's climb by defeating the Cats 88-78 in the District 20 Playoffs. 

_ _^ 

r -^t3 

1 ^r--^ 

f ^f? — 

V^-JFV '4 

i"i ■■r- 

7. J 






■'f •^ 


- '^i_>' 

**■"' V 



■ ■■ ^' ^'^^^^^^^^^^^^E^a 




II 11 

i » 


1 ' ■JHi 


•? r 

The 1989-90 Basketball Cats, Front row (1 to r) Manager Craig Dobsch, Darron Randel, Mike Ogden, Ray Wilks, Chris Zupan, and Coach 
Harry Statham. Back row (1 to r) Assistant Coach Doug Stotler, Steve Davis, Kevin Schwartz, Chaun Lewis, Chad Brown, Steve Toles, and Mark 

The men's basketball team once again reached the NAIA District 20 playoffs. McKendree defeated St. Xavier 
82-67 in the first round but the Cats were defeated in the second round by Olivet Nazarene. The season ended at 
20-12. Junior Kevin Schwartz was named MVP of the team and was named to the NAIA District 20 All-Star 
team. Schwartz led the Cats at 18.8 points and 7 rebounds per game. Ray Wilks and Chad Brown also reached 
double figures this year with 12 points per game. The Cats will undergo some changes in the line-up next season. 
Wilks and Mike Ogden have used their four years of eligibility as basketball players. Wilks will return next season 
as assistant coach and Ogden will play baseball. 


This year's softball Cats fin- 
ished the season at 18-18. The sea- 
son ended with a loss to NCE in 
the first round of the NAIA Dis- 
trict 20 Tournament. Highlights of 
the season included wins over 
Southern Illinois University at Ed- 
wardsville and Saint Louis Univer- 
sity. Senior Shari Hasenstab was 
the team's top pitcher for the year 
with a record of 7-8. 
Back row (1 to r) Jeannie Shep- 
pard, Carol Caldwell, Beth Heine- 
mann, and Nancy Kanaga. Middle 
row (1 to r) Shari Hasenstab, Jen- 
nifer Owen, Tricia Durrough, and 
Sheri Boehm. Front row (1 to r) 
Dawn Black, Kelli Jackson, Den- 
ise Brendel, and Jennifer Kelly. 






- ■-— — - 

■ 4 

■ i4^ 

This year's baseball cats strug- 
gled through a rainy season and 
ended up 9-25. Two of this year's 
baseball Bearcats were among the 
top 10 hitters in NAIA district 20. 
Kevin Hagarty hit .350 for the sea- 
son. Dave Kossina led the team 
with seven homeruns, 29 RBFs 
and hit .361 for the year. 
Above photo. Back row (1 to r) 
Coach Dennis Pieper, Larry Pat- 
ton, Greg Reinhardt, Scott Yount, 

Craig Wall, Chris Braxmeier, Steve Draper, 3rd row (1 to r) Chris Zupan, Keith Bridges, Todd Wolfmeier, Kevin 
Hagarty, Mgr. Kent Coultas, Dave Kossina, 2nd row (1 to r) Jim Stout, Kai Nickel, Dave Lucht, Ray Hughes, Adam 
Koisher, Brent Bess, 1st row (1 tor) Neil James, Chris Price, Chad Merryman, Jeff Strieker, Doug Taake, and Mike 
Ogden. Not pictured: Pat Leckrone 

r '\ 


1 ' J 1^ 


\ '\ 

/A fri 

I |-| 

^ n 
















^ / 

"' \ 'Ty 


^ IT \ 


Back row — (1 to r) Coach Underwood, Jason Woods, Chad 
Brown, Anthony George, Bob Poole. Front row — (1 to r) 
Brad Downard, Bob Schubert, and Brian Belgeri. 



Intramural sports are becoming more popular 
each year at McKendree. Students form teams and 
compete in Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. 


989-90 Cheerleaders: Tyra 
Austin, Amy Blackburn, Don- 
na Broadus, Angle Brumfield, 
Carla Bumpus, Angle Odem, 
and Kelly Wicks. 

Pompon Squad 

The 1989-90 pom pon squad: Jacki Bugg, Annette Neal. Julie 
Chandler, Jody Akridge, Sheri Boehm. Jeannine Boehne, Cry- 
stal Moonier, 
Kelly Scott-Cap- 
tain, Beth Mis- 
celes. Missy Wy- 
lie, Julie Smith, 
Carol Friedland, 
Laurie McKean, 
Michelle Ober- 
meier, Tracey 
McGovern, and 
Jacque Cum- 


Wi»^^ "»■»-»»- 







Dr. Gerrit TenBrink 

McKendree College 

Gerrit J. TenBrink became president of McKendree College in 1979. During 
his tenure the college has dramatically rebounded from a precarious existence to a 
thriving one. The college's recent 1 0-year maximum reaccreditation by the North 
Central Association of Colleges and Schools is testimony to the academic and 
financial success that has graced McKendree during the past decade — under 
President TenBrink's leadership. 

Since 1979 president TenBrink has insisted on balancing the college's budget 
while eliminating an operational debt of nearly $1 million. Accompanying this 
fiscal success, McKendree's enrollment has more than doubled, the quality of 
faculty has improved, faculty salaries have risen nearly 90 percent, the campus 
has been renovated and beautified, and the college in 1988 built and dedicated a 
new and much-needed convocation center — one of President TenBrink's prou- 
dest achievements. 

President TenBrink obtained his bachelor of arts degree in 1956 from Calvin 
College, where his major was history and his minors were sociology and speech. 

He obtained his master of arts degree from Michigan State University, where 
he majored in education administration with concentration in sociology and 

He earned his Ed.D. from George Washington University in 1 966, again with a 
major in education administration; concentration in educational philosophy, re- 
search, curriculum, and adult education. 

Before coming to McKendree, Dr. TenBrink was vice president for the Council 
for the Advancement of Small Colleges from 1974-79. 

From 1967 to 1976, he was dean of the college and professor of education at 
Grand Rapids Baptist College in Michigan. 

From 1964-67 he held three separate positions — acting assistant dean for 
academics affairs, director of off-campus education courses, and director of 
educational projects — at George Washington University. 

From 1953-64, President TenBrink held various administrative and teaching 
positions in public education. 

and Staff 

David Adams, Maintenance; John Bownes, Custodian; Dennis Capps, Grounds; Robert Clipper, Campus Psychologist; 
Sue Cordon, Director of Admissions; Norma Craney, Custodian: Brian Cullon Sr., Floorman; Mary Daylor. Director of 
Health Services; Gary Delges, Physical Plant Director; Doug Dennison, Director of Public Relations; Mickey Dobbins, 
Marketing; Gordon Esher, Janitor; Darryl Frerker, Resident Director: Bonny Gardner, Secretary; Philip Gardner, 
Chaplain; Edward Glowatski, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement; Pat Goodwin. Lori Goodwin, Resident 
Director; Frank Grandfield, Financial Aid Coordinator; Sandy Hildebrandt, Student Affairs Secretary. 

Elaine Henderson, President's Secretary; Elva Hines, Registrar; Annette Hug, Secretary; Kevin Konecny, Resident 
Director; Jan Mallrich. Admissions Office Manager; Lee McNaughton, Maintenance; Stabley Osterhage. Vice 
President of Financial Affairs; Connie Pellock, Accountant; Ralph Powers, Ground Maintenance; Dr. Todd Reynolds, 
Dean of students; Robin Robertson, Resident Director; Tommy Robinette, Maintenance; Frank Runyon, Custodian; 
Frank Runyon Jr.. Custodian; Mike Sandy, Security Chief; Naomia Severs, Faculty Secretary; Doug Stotler, Admis- 
sions; Fred Sommer, Maintenance; Johanna Strief, Dr. Taylor, Academic Dean; Top of next page- Betty J. Treat, 
Career Development; Marilyn VonHatten, Custodian; Jane Weingartner, Director of Development; Judy Woodruff, 
Associate Director of Development; ARA Food Services Staff. 

Dr. David Ahola, Chair, Division of Social Sciences, professor of Political Science; Ted Ander- 
son, Professor of Biology; David Barker, Computer Center Director: Ronald Black, Professor of 

Glen Chapin, Business Management Instructor; Dr. Drake, Art Professor; Patrick Folk, History Professor; John 
Greenfield. Associate Professor of English; Irwin Halfond, History Instructor; William Haskins, Professor of Speech 
Communication; Dr. Hoist, Lyn Huxford, Professor of Social Sciences; Robert McChesney, Associate Professor of 
Marketing and Management; Joyce Miller, Coordinator of Secondary Education; Phillip Neal, Professor of Philos- 
ophy; David Niebert, Assistant Professor of Sociology; David Ottinger, Professor of Art; Marcia Popp, Professor of 
Education; Gabrielle Rowe, Associate Professor of English; Frank Spreng. Professor of Economics; Michele Stacey- 
Doyle. Associate Professor of English; Nancy Ypma, Assistant Professor of Music. 

Faculty often meet at lunch to play basketball. 

Soccer Coach Andy Waite. 

Faculty are active in supporting Model UN. 

Snapshots { 

Class of 1993 

Katrinka Adams 

Carol Aebel 

Jody Akridge 



■ 1 




•Vi^BC ^ 

^Vv il 

J V 






James Boyer Jr. 

Donna Broaddus 

Angela Brumfield 

Lawrence Burrell Jr. 

Karen Conley 

Stephanie Cunningham 

Phil Deetz 

Beth Donaldson 

Renee Eichelberger 

Jodi Eichelmann 

Cindy Elias 

Heather Fares 

Gary Hill Jr. 

Tim Hilpert 

Kelly Holland 

Shannon Jackson 

Chanda Jensen 

Kimberly Johnson 

Jennifer Kelly 

Adrian Klingel 

Sonja Lading 

Angela Lauder 

Elizabeth Miseles 

:ttf tfi-.^^BTJ^ Ssttm 

Front, Freshmen Cheerleaders. Angle 
Brumfield and Kelly Wicks prepare for the 
homecoming parade. 

Crystal Moonier 

Michelle Osborne 

Michelle Sabin 

Jeff Schroeder 

Ihb i 

Lynn Schultheis 

Kara Stewart 

Karla Thompson 

LaFena Washington 

Kelly Wicks 

Melissa Wright 

Tracy Wyatt 

Carla Bumpus enjoys riding in 
the homecoming parade. Donna 
Broaddus takes part in the schol- 
arship competition. 

Class of 1992 


Tyra Austell 

Alicia Barmann 

Stacia Bell 

Amy Blackburn 




1- ' 

f • ' 





Matt Boonuek 

Carol Caldwell 

Shari Campbell 

Julie Chandler 

Rhonda DeSpain 


Tricia Dorrough 

Jodi Edgar 

Robert Fisher 

Mary Fohne 

Randy Foss 

Mendy Gaylord 

Dawn Goodwin 


Brent Gordon 

Danielle Howdeshell 

Ann Huelsmann 

Adam Koisher 

Mason McCormick 

Kimberly Melton 

Jennifer Mitchell 

«^j^ ^bt' 

Diana Needham 

Michelle Netemeyer 

Michelle Obermeier 

Shelly Netemeyer enjoys 
volleyball season. Brent 
Gordon coaches his in- 
tramural team to a victo- 

Angela Odem 

Anne Pfitzner 

Laurel Repinski 

Jean Sheppard 

Angela Roider 

Tony Thomas 

Lynn Wilbur 
George Wyness 

Clint Price 

Kristin Prichard 

Angle Schmeink 

Melody Singer 

Elaine Turner 

Kadie Schriewer 

Class of 1991 

Christine Addison 

Sarah Austin 

Chris Albrecht 

Sheri Boehm 

Dorena Cato 

Jacqueline Cummings 


I' 1 

Annette Ambrose 

Chad Brown 

Dymphna D'Agostina 

Tillman Ashmore 

Kim Campbell 


H '--* 

Craig Dobsch 

Edward Endsley 

Judy Feldhams 

Elizabeth Hager 


Patrick Hasenstab 

Joel Hastings 

Candace Hayes 

Beth Heinemann 


Chris Honnold 

Kelli Jackson 

Nancy Kanaga 

Susan Lynch 

Deborah Mank 

Sarah McCall 

Tracy McGovern 

Gena Mclntyre 

Nixie McKinzie 

Kristi McQuade 

David Meeker 
Debbie Miller 
Christine Morrison 

*'4v'' 1^ 

t- -\. 

v- <* 

^ \'.. 1 

Jennifer Nehrt 


}^/(.<^ \ 

Raymond Radae 

Kevin Schwartz 

Larry Patton 

Rebecca Piper 

Brad Reinhardt 

Shellv Renth 

Karen Simmons 

Peggy Steele 

Laverne Stewart 

Elizabeth Sweet 

Darren Twyford 

Brett Cassity and Tim Johnson 
play for the McKendree soccer 

Jacque Cummings spends her 
time with Model United Na- 

Michelle Poston 


Jeff Strieker 


Rosalie Wand 

Chuck Weston 

Nancy Wild 

Chris Wilson 

Cynthia Zerbsl 

(Top) Jim Pruesser enjoys pre-season soccer. (Above) Nancy Kanaga has fun with friends. (Right) Tina Gilkerson goes up for a shot against 
Northwest Missouri. 


Class of 

Mary Jo Allen 

Speech Communicalions 

Fairmont City, IL 

Jacqueline Bugg 

Public Relations 

Belleville, IL 

Mark Causey 

Social Science/Education 

Centralia, IL 

Debbie Christy 

Edward Cuvar 

Carolin Ehlers 

Christian Education 



Sumner, IL 

Granite City, IL 

OTallon, IL 

Traci Ellis 

Sociology/ Psychology 

Flora, IL 

April Faulk 

Public Relations 

Fairview Heights, IL 

V * 

Thomas Forsyth 

Computer Science/Bus. Admin. 

Lebanon, IL 

Carol Friedland 

Elementary Education 

Mascoutah, IL 

Sandra Garmon 
Chicago, IL 

Chris Greenwell 

Management/Bus. Admin. 

Mt. Vernon. IL 

Kevin Hagarty 

Criminal Justice 

Belleville. IL 

Mary Beth Harres 

Marketing/ Bus. Admin. 

Columbia, IL 

"t 'V 

Melinda Hawk 

Brian Hilgert 

Jessica Joiner 

Elementary Education 


Biology/Secondary Ed 

Collinsville, IL 

Belleville, IL 

Shiloh, IL 

V -^ 


/ J'-l 


Ellen Jones 

Laura Kelenieic 

Gregory Kidd 


Accounting/ Management 

Speech Communications 

»t St. Louis, IL 

Belleville, IL 

St. Louis, MO 

Laurie Kolar 

Renee Korves 

Colin Kricensky 

Public Relations 

Computer Science/ Business 

Criminal Justice/Sociology 

Damiansville, IL 

Millstadt. IL 

Fairview Heights, IL 

Patrick Lecrone 

Public Relations/Speech Comm. 
Decatur, IL 

Nicole LePere 

Business Admin. /Marketing 

Belleville, IL 

Bob Luetkenhaus 

Business Management 

St. Charles, MO 

alerie Mason 

Carla Maxwell 

Jennifer May 


Accounting/Bus. Admin. 

Elementary Education 

Venice, IL 

Collinsville, IL 

O'Fallon, IL 

Kimberly Miller 

Speech Communications 

Tiskilwa, IL 

Thomas O'Connor 

Computer Science/Math. 

Lebanon, IL 

Audrey Pannier 
Trenton, IL 

Julie Pates 

Bruce Prange 

Chris Price 

Elementary Education 

Criminal Justice 

Business Administration 

Granite City, IL 

Percy, IL 

Waterloo, IL 

Michelle Rigdon 

Don Ruble 

Patricia Scatturo 


Elementary Education 

Art Education 

Alton, IL 

St. Louis, MO 

Granite City, IL 

Kelly Scott 

Rebecah Shryock 

Jeff Sommers 

Public Relations 



Bethalto, IL 

Belleville, IL 

Belleville, IL 


Vicki VonHatten 

Criminal Justice/Psych. 

New Baden, IL 


Teresa Whitworth 

3iology/Secondary Ed. 

Freeburg, IL 

Russell Williams 

Social Science/Secondary Ed. 

West Frankfort. IL 

Cathy Woods 

Stephen Wright 

nentary Education 

Business Administration 

Belleville, IL 

Collinsville, !L 

Carol Friedland enjoys student teaching in O'Fallon. Chris 
Price attempts a blocked shot. 


Pictured left- (1 to r) 
Kim Miller, April 
Faulk, Pat Leckrone. 
Jacki Bugg, Ptosha 
Rockingham, Kelly 
Scott. Greg Kidd, Lau- 
rie Kolar. and Colin 
Kricensky. Below left - 
Lynn Mallrich-Brown. 
Below right- Michelle 



i -i^S^ 



Assistant Editor 

Staff Assistants 

Kelly A. Scott 

Carol Friedland 

Sheri Boehm & Beth Jacobs 

^dviser David Ottinger 

Contributors: Tom O'Connor, Jodi Edgar, Doug Dennison, Jacki 
Bugg, Laurie Kolar, Chad Brown, Kelli Jackson, Christine Addison, 
Kristi McQuade, Anne Pfitzner, Dr. Todd Reynolds, Sandy Hilde- 
brandt, and Herff Jones Representative Mike Frandson. 

My four years at McKendree have 
come to an end. My wish for McKen- 
dree is to find someone to step in as 
editor. This person should be creative in 
working with other students, faculty, 
and staff at McKendree to create a 
book that captures all aspects of 
McKendree College and the McKen- 
dree College Community. Thanks to ev- 
eryone who worked with me during my 
two years as editor. Special thanks to 
my assistant editor, Carol, for being so 
dedicated. Thanks to Sheri Boehm and 
Beth Jacobs for doing all of the "foot- 
work" involved in getting this book to 
production, and thanks to everyone who 
contributed to the success of the book in 
any way. This book would not have been 
possible without everyone's dedication 
and contributions. 



'/ ^'■''''■M^'-^''^%^Mt 

<^*^^^^"''*^ '"^•^fc 


Holman Library 
"McKendtee Colleges 
Lebanon. IL 622541