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Kent's Hill, Maine : 
Published by the H. E. Mitchell Publishing Companv. 



Table of Contents 

Early Settlers and Incorporation 

Pigeon Hill 

Industrial Account 

Military Matters 

Church Affairs 

School Items 

Professional Men and Town Officials 


Newspapers and Publications 

Business Directory 

General Reference 



Mechanic Falls Town Register 

. 1 904 . 

Early Settlement and Incorporation. 

It was the village of Mechanic Falls that made the 
town of Mechanic Falls, and its territory was a part of 
ancient Bakertuwn. The name of this plantation had 
been changed in 1795, when it was incorporated as the 
93rd town and named Poland. There is a difference of 
opinion as to the origin of the name. Some say it was 
named after the famous Indian chief Poland; some after 
the country in Europe and some after the ancient hymn- 
melody. In 1802 Poland was divided and the portion on 
the eastern side of the Little Androscoggin River was in- 
corporated on February 18th, of that year as the 129th 
town and named Minot. This latter portion was sub- 
divided in 1852 and the town of Auburn formed, which 
has since become a city. The territory of the town of 
Danville which was annexed to Auburn February 26, 
1807, had been set off from Poland territory in 1852. 


That portion of Bakertown now occupied by the town 
of Mechanic Falls was the last portion of its territory to 
be settled, and was made np of about equal portions of 
the towns of Poland and Minot. It was the water power 
of the Little Androscoggin that attracted settleis. This 
river is about forty miles long and the area of its basin is 
280 square miles, discharging about 10,020,000,000 cubic 
feet of water. It is variable, according to the season, as 
to the quantity of water discharged and this inequality 
is adjusted by the use of the numerous ponds for storage 
purposes. There are two falls in the river within the 
territory of Mechanic Falls, one at Page's Mills, of four- 
teen feet fall within a distance of fifteen hundred feet 
with. a volume of 17,000 cubic feet of water per minute, 
and one at the village proper of thirty-seven feet in a 
distance of nine hundred and fifty feet, with a volume of 
20,000 cubic feet of water per minute and a velocity of 
current of ninety-six feet per minute. There are 
twenty-one ponds above the village with an area of 
twenty-eight square miles, all of which can be used for 
storage purposes. 

W here the beautiful village of Mechanic Falls is now 
located was but an unbroken wilderness until the year 
1820 when Josiah Jordan, in company with others came 
from Poland Corner for the purpose of looking out a 
route for a highway to render communication with the 
people of Minot more convenient. 

It was late in 1823, while the land was still covered 
with a heavy forest, that Isaiah and Luther Perkins with 
Captain James Farris of Hebron, erected a saw mill on 


what was then the Poland side of the river. This mill 
was soon burned and another was built, owned in part, 
in connection with the above named persons, by a Mr. 
Smith of Portland. This was also burned and another 
was built which stood until 1867, when it was taken down 
to be re-placed by a paper mill. A small lumber mill 
was also erected on the Minot side by Aseph Churchill 
and a grist mill by Isaiah Perkins. Mr. Perkins was the 
earliest to settle in the village. 

The first dweUing house was erected in 1828 by Dean 
Andrews, who worked in the mills, on what is now 
Pleasant Street near the site of the residences of 0. B. 
Dwinal. The same year Isaiah Perkins erected a barn 
on what is now Main Street, nearly opposite the Metho- 
dist church, and the following year a house near by, 
these are still standing, and the oldest buildings in the 
village. The first building on the Poland side was erect- 
ed by Luther Perkins very nearly on the site of the 
Grand Trunk Depot. The first store was erected by 
Isaiah Perkins on what is now Post Office Square near 
where Perry's Block recently stood. 

Capt. Jacob Dwinal built the third house in Mechanic 
Falls village, the house still stands; and the brick yard 
which he established, the first in town, is still in active 

An old kitchen clock, owned by Mrs. Mason, was 
the first one of its kind to be brought here. This clock 
was originally owned by her grandfather, Richard G.Foss 
who we are told, was the third settler. He built his 
house where Merrill's millinery store now stands. 


The growth of the village was at first slow as but 
very few workmen w«re needed in the lumber mills of 
the early years. The first great impetus to growth was 
made by the establishment of the Atlantic & St. Law- 
rence Railroad, now the Grrand Trunk, and its completion 
to this point in 18-1:9, made a boom for the town. People 
fiocked in and the village grew rapidly. The next year 
the railroad passed on to South Paris and the bubble 
burst. It has been paper making that has been of per- 
manent value to the village and made it what it is. The 
first mill was built in 1851 by Ebenezer Drake and Ezra 
Mitchell. Mitchell's part was soon purchased by Oliver 
B. Dwinal and this firm carried on business until it was 
sold to A. C. Dennison & Co. in 1866. In 1851 the last 
named company bought out Messrs. Perkins, Dunham, 
Moore and Waterhouse who had succeeded the original 
proprietors, on the Poland side and began the manufac- 
ture of paper, which has been continued with some 
changes of ownership until the present time. 

Mechanic Falls is not a designed town. It happened 
by chance. For many years it had no name. Dr. Jacob 
Tewksbury, a famous physician half a century ago in 
Oxford, who was called to officiate at the birth of the 
first child born in Mechanic Falls (Isaiah Andrews, son 
of Deacon Andrews, the first resident), called the place 
' 'Jericho" from his bitter experience on this trip occuring 
in the night and causing him to travel over rough logging 
roads for seven miles. It bore this name for some time. 
In early times, it is said, that it took a good deal of grog 
to run the place and for this reason the name "Jericho" 


was succeeded by "Groggy Harbor;-" but the popular 
name was "Bog Falls" which clung to it until 1841, when 
a post office was established and at the suggestion of the 
first postmaster, Samuel F. Waterman, it was called 
Mechanics' Falls, which was changed to Mechanic Falls 
in 1887 at the suggestion of postmaster Frank A. Millett. 

The village being situated in two towns found that 
its interests could not be served as well as they ought to 
be and effort was made in 1889 to have the two sideis 
incorporated, that a better system of police and fire pro- 
tection could be inaugurated and better schools estab- 
lished. Many were opposed to this. The legislature 
of 1889 granted a charter for this purpose with the 
provision that it must be accepted by a majority of the 
voters on both sides. This charter was defeated by the 
lack of six votes on the Poland side. On February 29, 
1891, the Poland side was incorporated under a charter 
granted by the legislature that winter, when it in- 
augurated the plan of a village divided against itself. This 
did not meet with the satisfaction of the larger portion 
of the citizens and a petition was presented to the legis- 
lature of 1893 to set off the following defined portions of 
the towns of Poland and Minot and form the town of 
Mechanic Falls. After a severe struggle this act was 
passed March 22 1893. The town limits are as follows: 

Beginning at a point in Gardiner brook (so called) on 
to Oxford town line where said brook enters the town of 
Minot; thence following said Oxford town line to Winter 
broDk (so called) in the town of Poland; following the line 
of said brooktothe road to Winter bridge, (so called)thence 


following the line of said road leading to Mechanic Falls 
to Cousins brook (so called); thence following the line of 
said Cousins brook (so called); to Waterhouse brook (so 
called); thence continuing from said Waterhouse brook 
to the lot line at the south-westerly corner of the Alansou 
Briggs Placf^ in Poland; thence continuing; on said lot to 
the Little Androscoggin River; thence up the line of said 
river to a point where Bog Brook (so called) enters the 
same; thence up said Bog brook to Gardiner brook (so 
called); then^.e up the line of said Gardiner brook to the 
point of beginning on Oxford line. 


So far this history has been confined, almost exclu- 
sively, to the territory occupied by the village of Mechanic 
Falls; but there is a part of the tow^n, known as Pigeon 
Hill, which is purely an agricultural community. To be 
sure there is a stretch of farming country up the valley 
of the little Androscoggin and another on that eminence 
known as Mount Hunger, but these sections have been 
built up by the village and largely dependent upon it. 
Pigeon Hill was settled before the village and is the only 
portion of the town which has the appearance of an- 

The first settlers on Pigeon Hill were Jabez True, 
and Capt. Day, who came from New Gloucester in 1779 
or 1780, and made an opening on what is known as the 
A. C. Dennison farm and for many years these were the 
only settlers. From 1790 to 1795 quite a number of set- 
tlers came from New Gloucester and Poland Empire. 


Jabez True was born in New Gloucester in 1771 and 
married Hannah Jackson of Poland. This family has 
perhaps been the most prominent on the hill. Families 
in those days were large and there was one singular thing 
about them — the usual number of children seemed to be 
twelve and there were twelve in this family. Their 
children were, Sally, Jabez, John, Elizabeth, Hannah, 
Moses, Rocksyllania, Miriam, Abagail, Otis, Rebecca and 
Daniel W. They were an industrious family and several 
of them gained distinction in the mercantile world. The 
fine old mansion was built in 1802, which at the death 
of Jabez, descended to his son, Daniel W. and after to 
his only son Frank D. 

Captain Ripley cleared the next above the True farm, 
occupied for many years by Alden Chandler and after- 
wards by S. N. Haskell. Captain Ripley, came from 
Plympton, Massachusetts, and brought with him a negro 
slave, Black Joe, or Joe Prince, as he was called, the 
only slave ever owned within the limits of the town of 

Jacob Strout took up a part of the same lot with 
Captain Ripley. He married Salley Bray, of the Empire 
and left quite a familv of children (viz.) Sally, Joshua, 
Nabby, Jacob, Joseph, Nathaniel, Cyrena, Hobert, Adon- 
iram, Cynthia and William. Mr. Strout met with a 
painful accident while clearing his land. In fastening a 
chain around a log he wished to haul, the oxen became 
frightened and run to the house and the hook of the 
chain caught in the fleshy part of the leg and he was 
dragged after the oxen. He very narrowly escaped 


death and was lame ever after. 

Eben Marble took the next lot west of the Ripley 
farm and came with his bride, Sarah Cash of Cape Eliza- 
beth, in 1790. He lived here until 1812 when he enlisted 
as a soldier in the war then raging between this country 
and England, went to Burlington, Vermont, and died 

Among the prominent families of the section are 
the Dennings. George and Simeon, brothers, came from 
Salem, Massachusetts, in 1791 or 1792 and took lots on 
the hill. George cleared several sections of land and 
built first a log house on what is known as the Haley 
Pulsifer farm, which being burned, caused him to 
buy the lot west and to erect a building on the farm now 
owned by his grandson, J. K Denning. Simeon made 
several clearings, lived in several places on the hill and 
in 1830 moved to Shirley, Maine, where he died. Both 
of these men left large families who have been prominent 
in bhis section. George married Elenel Rollins of New 
Gloucester, by whom he had twelve children as follows; 
Samuel, Stephen, Hannah, Ruth, Ruth 2d, Basheby, 
George, Job, Moses, Rhoda, James and Jacob. Simeon 
Denning married Rebecca Chickering and had eleven 
children; Simeon, Peter, Frederic, John, Levi, Lyford, 
Elena, Lydia, Joseph, Lois and Otis. 

Among the earlier settlers was Dr. Peter Brooks, 
"an Indian doctor" who came from Plympton, Massa- 
chusetts, and has the distinction of building the first 
frame house within the present town of Mechanic Falls. 
It is said that he came by his death from inhaling poison 


from the fangs of rattlesnakes, which he us^d to get 
from Rattlesnake Mountain in Raymond, during the win- 
ter season, for the oil which he used in his practice. 

John Cousins of Wells, came to the hill in 17*J5. 
He married for his first wife Lucy Hatch and for his 
second Sarah Cushman of Hebron. He purchased the 
Jabez True opening. His family consisted of fourteen 
as follows: Samuel, William, Sarah, Eliza, Lucy, Thomas, 
Susan, Abagail, Humphrey, Mary J., Adaline, Harriet, 
Jacob T. and James D. 

Alden Chandler came from Plympton, Massachu- 
setts, in 1800. By his first wife, Priscilki Cushman of 
Hebron, he had ten children; Priscilla, Harvey, Alvin, 
Josiah, Lydia, Christania, Benjamin F., Gains, Jacob 
and Rachel T. His second wife was Hepzebah Cooledge 
of Livermore. 

Nathaniel Bray came to this locality from the Em- 
pire in 1818 and Daniel Bray, his brother, in 1820. Many 
of their descendants live here and a section of the town 
is called the Bray District in their honor. They left five 
children each. Nathaniel married Deborah Keene and 
their children were; Mary, Xoa, Stephen, James and 
Eliphalet. Daniel married Xoa Keene and their children 
were; George W., Sullivan A., Emeline, Daniel J., and 

The business of the hill has been agriculture 
but in early days (1820) Reuben B. Dunn kept a store 
here, Hiram Hilburn did blacksmithing and Joseph Per- 
kins made earthern pans. 


Industrial Account. 

It was the waterpower of the little Androscog- 
gin which occasioned the settlement of the land on the 
present site of the village of Mechanic Falls, and has 
been the sole source of its growth and prosperity. To 
present things in their natural order, the manufacturies 
which have been promoted by the falls would come first. 
The natural industries of the state of Maine have 
been the turning of the products of her forests into 
merchandise and therefore the pioneer industry of every 
town, almost without exception, has been lumbering. 
To this rule Mechanic Falls was no exception. The first 
industry was a lumber mill which was situated on, what 
is now known, as the upper dam. Boards, shingles, and 
boxes were turned out here and the mill operated by 
Isaiah Perkins, Luther Perkins and James Farris. In 
the box mill a Mr. Smith of Portland owned a share. 
This was built as has been stated, in 1823. This business 
continued with some changes until 1851. Messrs. Moore, 
Dunham and Waterhouse had bought into the water pow- 
er and introduced small woolen manufacturies of their 
own. Shortly after the building of the first saw mill, a 
grist mill was erected by Isaiah Perkins which for many 
years, did a large business for the times. 

In 1851, the character of the business changed, in the 
line of a natural resource, to the manufacture of paper. 
At that time rags were almost exclusively used for this 
purpose and no one dreamed of the possibilities held in 
our forests, in the way of pulp. The first paper mill was 


built by Ebenezer Drake and Ezra Mitchell on the eastern 
side of the river, in 1851. Oliver B. Dwinal and W. C. 
Dwinal soon bought out Mitcheirs share and this firm 
was known as Drake, Dwinal & Co. , who continued in 
this business until 1865, when they sold out to A. C. 
Dennison & Co., who had already established a business 
of the same kind on the opposite side of the river. 

A. C. Dennison & Co., built their first mill, known as 
the Eagle, in 1851 having bought out one half of the power 
at the upper dam. The firm consisted of Adna C. Dennison 
andE. W. Filer. This mill with machinery cost $15,000 
and made from rag stock, a ton of paper every twenty- 
four hours. In 1862 Adna T. Dennison bought out Filer's 
interest and machinery to prepare and use straw 
was introduced at considerable expense. In 1865 the land 
below the upper mills was bought, the second dam built 
and the Star mill completed. In 1865, also a new mill 
was built on the site of the old Drake & Dwinal mill. In 
1866, the lower dam and the Poland Pulp mill were built, 
also the stone dam and flumes on the upper privilege. 
About the same time the mills and privilege at Range 
Pond were purchased with rights of fiowage and a stone 
reservoir dam built. At the next legislature a charter 
was obtained to control the water. The Calendar mill 
on the upper dam was built also at this time, as well as 
machine and carpenter shops. In 1873 The Dennison 
Paper Manufacturing Company was formed with a cap- 
ital stock of $5('0,000. Adna C. and AdnaT. Dennison and 
Mrs. C. M. Cram, stockholders. In 1879 and 1880 a 
chemical pulp mill was built at Canton to supply the 


mills at Mechanic Falls with pulp. In 1887 these exten- 
sive works passed into the hands of a new company 
known as the Poland Paper Company, with a 
capital stock of $300,000. The officers of this company 
were: President, Arthur Sewall, Bath; Chas. R. Milliken, 
clerk and Treasurer, Portland; directors, Arthur Sewall, 
James Munroe, George C. Wing, W. S. Dana, W. G. Davis, 
W. H. Milliken, Frank D. True, Superintendent, C. H. 
Milliken. At the time they acquired this property it 
employed 175 hands, used twenty tons of pulp daily and 
its monthly shipment of manufactured goods amounted 
to $50,000. In 1891 a spur track was laid out from the 
Grand Trunk Railway line, one-half mile below the de- 
pot to the mills. The same year the carpenter and 
machine shops of the company were burned, which were 
rebuilt with brick the following year. In 1893 a gigantic 
brick mill was built extending from Poland Pulp mill, 
which forms a part of the new mill on the lower dam to 
the Eagle on the upper dam, with a capacity of thirty 
tons of manufactured paper per day. The Star mill 
which had stood in the center of the new mill was torn 
down and a stone wall built the entire way changing the 
course of the river and turning quite a portion of 
river bottom into dry land and covered in part by the 
site of the new mill. The present officers of this com- 
pany are C. H. Milliken, Treasurer, C. R. Milliken, Mana- 

One mile above the village and within the limits of 
the town, is another privilege, which for many years 
was owned and used as a saw mill by Moses Page. In 




1868, this privilege was bought by J. A. Bucknam, who 
improved the lumber and grist mills and operated them 
for fifteen years, since that time the privilege has been 

For many years John Winslow run a tannery on 
ground now occupied as a part of the site of the Dia- 
mond paper mill. Along in the seventies Mr. Winslow 
failed and the property passed into the hands of Warren 
Winslow, who operated it a few years, when it was sold 
to A. C. Dennison & Co. 

Cabinet making has been carried on in the town 
since 1841 by Lowell Valentine, Nelson Valentine, R. L. 


McPherson, William Eldridge, D. S. Perkins, D. B. 
Perry and J. S. Merrill. In 1878, Andrew J. Weston 
began as contractor and builder and has continued ever 

Brick making has been a prominent business ever 
since 18(55. For many years there was a yard on Main 
Street near its junction with Dwinal, but it has not 
been operated for twenty years. Fessenden & Morrill 
operated one for many years on the Poland road. This 
was sold in the seventies to Thurston & Waterhouse 
who operated it until 1880 when it was discontinued. 
In 1893 a new yard was opened on Water Street by the 
Mechanic Falls Brick Company, consisting of Horace 
Purington & Co., of Waterville, and F. Purington, 
of Mechanic Falls. 

In the early seventies, the shoe factory manufacturies 
of Massachusetts began to feel the power of combined 
labor and to desire to get away from those centers which 
made this power possible; so they made overtures to 
small country villages to erect them factories and 
thereby increase their size and importance. Mechanic 
Falls took advantage of one of those opportunities and 
built the factory on Main Street near the Grand Trunk 
Railway, for Berry, Field & Company. But the village 
was unfortunate in this company, as it has been in 
every one since that time. It soon failed. The Ventil- 
ating Waterproof Company took its place to stay but a 
short time. Then came Thompson & Company to 
follow the path of the others. The old factory was then 
placed in the hands of J. A. Bucknam & Company, and 


has since been used as a ready-made clothing factory. 
In 1881 J. Harris & Son's of Marblehead, Massachusetts, 
made a proposition to the village to build them a factory 
which they would lease for ten years, and carry on there- 
in the manufacture of shoes. This the village conclud- 
ed to do and organized the Mechanic Falls Manufacturing 
Company for the purpose of building the proposed 
building. 0. B. Dwinal was elected president, which 
position he filled until 1892, with the exception of one 
year when C. E. Stevens filled the chair. The proposed 
factory was built at a cost of $15,000, and occupied by 
the lessees. They stayed for the stipulated time when 
they concluded to return to their factories in Marble- 
head. Labor had become organized in the small towns 
the same as in cities and it was no advantage for 
companies to remain so far from the base of operations 
and many a Maine town suffered from the loss of this 

In 1871 the village embarked in an industry from 
which it hoped to reap great profits. This was the 
manufacture of magazine rifles, invented by George 
F. Evan's. The Evans' Eifle Company was organized 
for this purpose. The majorit)'^ of this stock was owned 
by the Deunison Paper Company. This arm was adopted 
by the Russian government, but the expense of equip- 
ping the shop to make the guns was so great that it 
failed both companies, and the plant was moved to 
Massachusetts in 1878. 

The Packing Business was inaugurated here in 1873, 
by J. W. Jones. In 1886 it passed into the hands of 


General Charles P. Haddocks, and in 1890, into the 
possession of John Hanscom, and the following year 
it was leased to the Portland Packing Company. In 
1888 a new company was formed in the village, known 
as the Minot Packing Company, formed by H. E. 
Thurston, and J. A. Grerry, of Mechanic Falls and H. 
F. Hayford and J. W. Bicknell of Canton. In 1890 
Hayford and Bicknell sold their interests to the former 

The manufacture of clothing has been carried on in 
this village for many years by J. A. Bucknam & Co., 
Dwinal & Golderman, Joseph Bucknam & Son, Golder- 
man & Cummings, P. T. Murray, and W. B. Bucknam. 
The former company having carried it on to a large 
extent and have at times, given employment to as many 
as one thousand persons. 

, Toothpicks have been manufactured in town by 
E. E. Edgecomb and E. A. Harris. 

Pumps were manufactured at one time by T. B, 
Swan and J. C. Walker. 

In 1872 the machine shop and foundry of J. W. 
Penney was established and has grown from a small 
beginning to large proportions. In 1884 A. R. and S. 
R. Penney were admitted to the firm and name changed 
to J. W. Penney & Son's. 

Among the industries, which, while not directly 
located in the village have been a source of prost erity, is 
the railroads. The Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad 
was organized and a charter obtained Feb. 10, 1845. 
It reached Mechanic Falls in 1849, bringing a boom to 


the place. It continued on to Montreal and in later 
years to Chicago, with a branch to Quebec. 

On June 22, 1847, a road running from Mechanic 
Falls to Buckfield was chartered and opened on Oct. 10, 
1849, known as the Buckfield Branch. This soon failed 
and was succeeded by the Portland & Oxford Central 
Railroad Company, who operated it off and on for twenty 
years, extending it to Canton. They finally abandoned 
it. In 1874 it was resumed by the Rumford Falls & 
Buckfield Railroad Company. In 1892 it was extended 
to Rumford Falls and in 1893, to Auburn, and opened 
to traffic to the latter place on Feb. 12, 1894. 


Military Hatters 

The following is a list of former residents of Mechanic 
Falls who served in the war of the rebellion. These men 
enlisted from the towns of Poland and Minot but, were 
from the section afterwards incorporated as Mechanic 

The record made by these brave boys who went to 
the front is an honor to their noble ancestry, and a credit 
to their many descendants in the town: 

Wellington Dwinal, H. H. Hutchinson, Charles E. Har- 
ris, A. H. Hutchinson, Hiram B. King, Orrin Dwinal, 
Hiram P. Bailey, Eleazor B Atwood, Elmer Chipman, 
Josiah Carr, William A. Tobie, Hamlin T. Bucknam, 
Charles Andrews, John F. Bancroft, William A. Camp- 
bell, Charles W. Campbell, Augustus A. Dwinal, Bur- 
bank Spiller, Almund H. Hutchinson, Samuel H. Hutch- 
inson, Henry H. Hutchinson, Charles F. McKenney, 
Harrison J. Dwinal, Charles Dore, Arthur M. Brown, 
William E. Morton, William H. Everett, Fabian 
Churchill, Adelbert Churchill, Joseph H. Durgin, Cyrus 
M. Lord, Ezra Mitchell Jr., Robert W. Carr, James F. 
Gerry, Isaac A. Whittemore, Percival D. Herrick, James 
N. Nason, Lemuel T. Marshall, Lorenzo Mayberry, 
George J. Fuller, Elmer Chipman, Hiram C. Curtis, 
Albion A. Drake, Joseph C. Bray, Azel W. Drake, Darius 
Holt, James R. Holt, Samuel L. Brown, James S. Small, 
William M. P^^rkins, Lewis J. Morton, Newton E. Stowe 


Charles E. Strout, George P. McCarty, Augustus Golder- 
man, A. M. Churchill, Asa L. Downs, Alexander 
Campbell, James L. Fuller, George F. Perkins, George 
F. Sawyer, Orrin Whittemore, Otho W. Burnham, 
George G. Bridgham, John Noyes, Andrew J. Pettee, 
Tilson Waterman, Josiah Winslow, Hiram Moore, Frank 
H. Hall. James L. Dingley, Stephen G, Bray, E.D. Chand- 
ler, Lemuel T. Marshall, Edwin Woodsum, David Wood- 
sum, William E. Farrar, L. F. Tenney, Dexter D. 
Skinner, Elmer Chipman, Zebedee Cushman, Francis E. 
Dwinal, Ronello C. Dwinal, Darius Holt, Jabez T. Den- 
ning, Edward F. Ross, Augustus A. Dwinal, Richard E. 
Maxwell, Horace Perkins, 

Perhaps as important as any of these organizations 
in the village is A. A. Dwinal Post, Grand Army of the 
Republic; reminding us as it does, of a struggle yet 
familiar to middle-aged people and to which the nation 
reverts with pride. The Post was named after one of 
the youngest citizen soldiers of Mechanic Falls and a 
Lieutenant of the seventeenth Maine Regiment. It 
was instituted July 18, 1872. The following persons 
have filled the post of commander: 

Josiah Carr, H. A. Sawyer, H. T. Bucknam, Ed- 
ward Fuller, E. F. Ross, F. R. Harmon, H. B. King, W. 
H. Poole, W. C. Bridge, C. B. Adams, G. B. Robbins, 
F. E. Dwinal, A. L. Downs, G. W. Sholes, F. A. Millett, 

C. N. Burns, Orrin Downs, Joseph Gould, A. V. Edie, 

D. D. Skinner. Connected with this Post is the A. A- 
Dwinal Relief Corps, and A. J. Pettee Camp, No. GO, 
Sons of Veterans. 



In 1887 the post erected a monument in memory of 
those who fell during the war as the following in- 
scription taken from it will show. 

Dedicated May ?,(), A. D., 


To the memory 

of those comrades who died 

during the war 

18<)1 — 1865, 
By A. A. Dwinal 

Post, No. 3, 


Woman's Relief Corps, 

No. 32, G. A. R., 
Mechanic Falls, Maine. 






The first regularly organized church in Mechanic Falls 
was that of the Congregational Society. The earlier 
believers in this particular faith had been members of 
the church at Poland and the organization in the village 
of Mechanic Falls was at first a branch of that church. 
The church was organized by an ecclesiastical council 
held in the house of John Valentine, June 15, 1845, with 


the following persons as members: John Valentine, 
Joseph H. Hall, Sophia Hall, Salmon Hackett, Laurana 
Hackett, Samuel Chandler, Lowell and Nelson Valentine, 
Mrs. Pamelia Foss and Mrs. Nancy P. Alden Two 
other branches of the church were under the charge of 
Rev. Thomas Williams, preaching on alternate Sundays 
at Poland Corner and Mechanic Falls. The first church 
service was held in the school house on the eastern side 
of the river, July 12, 1840. The lot on which the present 
church edifice stands was presented by John Valentine 
and a vestry was built during the summer of 1841, and 
dedicated December 30, 1841. On November 2, 1842, 
the branch became an independent body with Rev. Nathan 
Cobb as pastor. The church edifice was completed 
and dedicated in 1848 and the old vestry removed in 
1850. In 1886 the church was remodeled, repaired and a 
basement vestry added in 1886. Following is a list of 
pastors: Nathan Cobb, 1842-47; Enos Merrill, 1847-65; 
William N. Jordan, 1855-59; Horatio Illsley, 1859-62; 
Joseph Kyte, 1862-64; the pulpit was then supplied by 
Rev's. George W. Campbell, E. T. Bouchers, F. M. Davis, 
A. C. Herrick, E. S. Jordan, H. Witcher, R. J. Lang- 
radge and Profs, Stanley, Hayes and Angell until April 
1, 1874, when Rev. F, E. Emrich, became pastor and 
remained until 1882, he was succeeded by Rev C. A.White, 
1882-88; Rev. H. S. Woodrow, 1888 to 1889; then by 
Rev. F. Newport. Rev. Frederick Newport remained 
until May, 1898 when he was succeeded by Rev. C. W. 
Fisher who remained until June 1902 when he went to 


During his pastorate a fine organ was presented to 
the church by one of its original members. 24 members 
were united with the church during the four years he 
remained with the church. Rev. H. F. Burdon, came to 
the church in Sept. 1902, and is doing good work for the 
church . 

Free Baptist 

The second and in some respects the oldest, was the 
Free Baptist. Rev. Christopher Macy of this denomina- 
tion it seems preached here as early as 1828. In IS-lT 
this society united with the others in building a union 
church which was sold to the Baptists in 1889. This 
church had few regular pastors with long intervals in 
which there was no preaching at all. 

The first Baptist conference was held at Mechanic 
Falls in the year 1855 and preaching was sustained one- 
fourth of the time by Rev. A. K. P. Small. The church 
was organized in September 1857, with forty-one members. 
Following is a list of pastors: A. K. P. Small, D. D., 
Adam Wilson, D. D., Abner Merrill, A. C. Herrick, L. 
P. Gurney, R. J. Langradge, J.S. Studley, C. E. Harden, 
and W. H. Clark. Messrs W. Swett, and R. Denning, 
members of the church, occupied the pulpit at times. 
R. B. Andrews, Eben Drake, A. B. Dwinal, Joseph 
Buckman, S. Woodman, Gilman Thayer, and S. U. 
Hawkes, have been deacons. Isaac P. Bumpus, A. B. 
Dwinal and J. S. Merrill have been clerks. In 1888 the 


church was remodeled, repaired, and re-dedicated. Since 
1898 the following have been pastors, T I. Sweat, J. N. 
Stadley, E. C Harding, W. H. Clark, Chas. Chamber- 
lain, Geo. Chase, L. H. Clark, Sidney Packard, W. H, 

method ist 

Mechanic Falls was made a station of the Methodist 
church by the Maine Annual Conference, April 27, 
1859, with Rev. J. C. Perry as pastor. Before this 
time services by this denomination had been held in 
the Union church, which was partly owned by Metho- 
dists, a portion of the time by the pastors in charge of 
the Poland church and circuit. A church edifice was 
erected on Main Street and dedicated in 1860. This 
was burned April 1, 1877. A new church was soon 
erected and dedicated in 1880. Following is a list of 
pastors: Rev. J. C. Perry, 1856, James McMillan, 1860; 
Kinsman Atkinson, 1861; J. C. Perry, 1862-63; John 
Woodbury, 1864; William H. Foster, 1865-66; John 
Gibson, 1867-68; Joseph Hawkes, 1869-70; J. A. Fletch- 
er, 1871; Daniel Waterhouse, 1872-74; W. B. Bartlett, 
1875-77; J. H. Trask. 1878; H. Chase, 1879-80; Daniel 
Church, 1881-83; W. S. Jones, 1885-87; C. F. Cobb, 
1888-90; C. E. Springer, 1890; C. F. Parsons. 1891-92; 
and G. C. Andrews, 1893. The parsonage was built in 
1872. Since 1893 the Methodist Church was served by 
the following men: 1893-94, G. C. Andrews; 1895-97, T. 



P. Baker; ]S9«-1901, A Hamilton; 1902-05, F. C. Nor- 
cross. A fine church property is owned by the society 
on Main Street all in good repair and free from debt. 
The church and parsonage sit on adjoining lots. 




It is recorded that the first Universalist sermon 
ever preached in Mechanic Falls was by Rev. Zenas 
Thompson in 1840. A church was organized April 8, 
1862, and services held in Curtis Hall. A church was 
built and dedicated in January 1864. Rev. A. G. 
Gaines, D. D., was the first pastor and he has been 
followed by Revs. Zenas Thompson, S. S. Davis, M. J. 
Steere, C. S. Whitman, W. W. Hooper, W. S. Perkins, 
R. F. Johonnet, G. G. Hamilton and F. E. Barton. 
In 1875, the church was enlarged and a vestry, called 
Murray Hall built underneath. Rev. W. E. Gaskin 
was pastor of this church prior to Sept. 1903, follow- 
ing his removal Rev. F. E. Barton, State Supt., Rev. 
S. G. Davis and Rev. Elinor S. Forbes supplied in the 
pulpit. Rev. F. H. Cole came in June, 1904. Mr. 
F. A. Golderman has served as Sunday School Supt. 
for about eight years. This church is the largest in 
town, having a seating capacity of about 500. 


The Adventists have held occasional meetings in 
Mechanic Falls for many years and a yearly camp- 
meeting was held at Pottle Grove for two decades or 


SO, until 1890, when the Androscoggin Camp Meeting 
Association bought fifteen acres on the Lewiston road, 
erected buildings and seats where their yearly meet- 
ings are now held. A few years ago a church was 
organized in town, holding their meetings in halls. 
They have had two pastors, — Rev. J. A. Libby and 
Rev. Mrs. Jessie Jordan. In 19('3 Mrs. Jordan resigned 
but has frequently supplied the Church to the present 
time. This Church is in a prosperous condition and its 
membership has increased in the last twelve years about 
one-third. The present clerk is H. B. King. 

Educational Account 

We cannot do better than to cast a glance toward 
the typical common school as known in Maine in the 
early days. Even as soon as our forefathers, almost 
invariably of Puritan extraction had located themselves 
in the forests of the Fine Tree State and began their 
efforts of erecting churches, they made provisions for 
the common school. They in common with us of to- 
day considered education the bulwark of our institutions, 
the institutions for the establishment of which they 
had fought and bled. They knew therefore better 
than we how much depended upon the proper guijl- 
ance of the newly established government. They saw 
their liberties and property, we had almost said wrapt 


up in the future of the new government, which Wash- 
ington had said was "one today and thirteen tomor- 
row." Is it a strange thing that these people who so 
well understood the significance of these trying years, 
should so thoroughly grasp at the thought that in ed- 
ucation of the masses lay their only hope of ultimate 
success? No, they saw well their duty and as pioneers 
prepared to meet it. A room in the little log cabin 
became the university of the wilderness, and humble 
as was this first effort, might;*'^ results came from it. 
From out of these rough, low-roofed structures walked 
men who were yet to meet the representatives of the 
courts of Europe, in the battlefield, in diplomacy, and in 
scores of other capacities from which they were 
emerged unscathed. This system of education went 
on till it almost became a necessary thing for a man 
to rea'^.h the president's chair that he be able to pre- 
sent a career begun in "The Little Ked Schoolhouse" 
in the backwoods hamlet. It was not that the people 
loved wealth and culture less, but that they loved the 
more the homely virtues inspired by healthy atmos- 
phere of the country. And as we look back today 
over the progress of our school system, we dwell with 
pride upon the record it has made. But this system 
like all others was expected to advance and it has ad- 




The value of the public schools has ever been 
recognized by the settlers and citizens of the towns of 
Maine, and their support has been well provided for 
from the first as a matter of course. The history of 
the early schools of Mechanic Falls is the history of 


the towns of Poland and Minot. This part of those 
towns comprised, on the Minot side, district No. 1, 
established in 1831; and district No. 20 on the Poland 
side of the river. These were the ungraded district 
schools of a typical section and served the interests 
of education as well as could be provided for. Along 
in the sixties there arose a desire for better education- 
al facilities and in 1867 a petition to Justice S. F. 
Waterman, signed by E. G. Hawkes, A. C. Dennison, A. 
T. Dennison, W. Hawkes, William Childs, J. A. Buck- 
nam, E. M. Thurston, D. S. Perkins and J. S. Merrill 
was made to call a meeting which resulted in the forma- 
tion of a union district, comprised of the two districts 
already mentioned. This district was formed March 30, 
1867. Rev. A. G. Gaines, D. D., J. M. Eveleth, M. D., 
Alanson Briggs and A. T. Dennison were elected to grade 
the schools. 

In 1871 the need of a new school building to accom- 
modate the number and different grades of the scholars 
in the village was deeply felt, which resulted in the 
building of the brick school on Water Street, in which 
until 1883 was held the high school. Nathaniel Cush- 
man, J. S. Gerry, 0. B. Dwinal, O. B. Mooie and Alan- 
son Briggs, were the building committee. It cost 

At a special meeting November 26, 1887, the town 
of Poland abolished the district school system and 
adopted the town system, thereby terminating the union 
district, all but paying a debt of $2,000,00 on the Water 
Street school house, which was raised at a special meet- 


ing held April 7, 1888. This left the Poland side without 
adequate school buildings. On the annual meeting of 
March 12, 1888, Poland voted to raise $5,000 to build a 
suitable school building at Mechanic Falls. A fine 
building was erected on Elm Street and completed in 
season for the fall term of school of that year, at a cost 
of $1:,942, under charge of W. W. Waterman and A. J. 

The schools are now well graded and are under the 
successful management of F. L. Waterman, J. K. D en- 
ning, and J. W. Wayne. J. M. Libby is superintendent, 
Prof. H. Stewart is principal of the high school. 



The first settled physician of Mechanic Falls was Josiah 
Carr, who not only practiced here for forty years, but 
was one of the first citizens of the village. Doctors D. 
W. Sawyer, C. L. Holt, J. M. Eveleth, H. L. Torrey, E. 
F. Bradford, A. L. Gaubert, J. D. Holt, Albion Cobb, C. 
M. Cobb, and C. H. Tobie. C. B. Rankin, L. 0. Cobb, 
of the allopathic school have practiced here; homeopathic, 
Henry Waters, William Waters, E. C. Heath and A. D. 


Dr. Childs was probably the first in town. J. W. 
Curtis, N. Gammon, N. T.Marshall, and W. H. Spear; 
A. W. Butler is now located here. 



The names of the legal profession are not so numerous 
as those of the physicians and are as follows: Robert Carr, 
William H. McClellan, David Dunn, T. B. Swan, C. F. 
Whitman, C. L. Warren, Elliot King, J. M. Libby, I. 
W. Hanson, J. A. Roberts, William Green, F. O. Pur- 
ington, and A. C. Andrews. 


Samuel F. Waterman, 1841; Jacob Dwinal, 1846; 
Samuel Carr, 1849; Merrill W. Strout, 1851; Alexander 
B. Dwinal, 1853; Charles K. Smith, 1856; Samuel F. 
Waterman, 1861; Oliver B. Dwinal, 1866; Joseph Buck- 
nam, 1869; Jason Hall, 1869; F, E. Dwinal 1883; Frank 
A, Millett, 1887; F. E. Dwinal, 1891; L. W. Mason, and 
J. H. DeCoster the present postmaster. 

Town Officials 

The following is a list of the men who have served 
the town as selectmen, clerks and treasurers, since 
the incorporation of the town in 1893, These men are 
among the leading men of the town. 



1893-94:— A. J. Weston, F. H. McDonald, J. K. Denning 
1895— A. J. Weston, J. W. Penney, E. K. Holbrook 
1896— A. J. Weston, E. K. Holbrook, F. E. Dwinal 
1897— A. J. Weston, E. K. Holbrook, Ernest Smith 
1898 — A. J.Weston, J. K. Denning, J. E. Saunders 
1899— F. A. Millett, Frank H. Cobb, Solon H. Davis 
1900— F. A. Millett, E. F. Smith, Solon H. Davis 
1901-'02-'03— F. H. Cobb, E. K. Holbrook, J. E. 

1904— E. K. Holbrook, Tillson Waterman, J. E. Saun- 

Clerks and Treasurers 

The same man serving in both offices 

C. H. Dwinal, 1893; 

J. H. DeCoster, 1894-95-96-97-98; 

Clarence M. Hutchins, 1899-1900-'01-'02-'03 -04. 


• Secret societies occupy a prominent place in the 
modern life of every village, and Mechanic Falls is no ex- 
ception to the general rule. 



The first of these societies to be organized in almost 
every village was a Masonic Lodge. On January 21, 
1853, a dispensation was granted to George 
Moore, Daniel W. True, Nathaniel Bray, Augustus 
Golderman, George Hathaway, Josiah Carr and Samuel 
Atwood, to open and hold a Freemason's Lodjre in 
Mechanic Falls, to be known as Fraternal Lodge. George 
Moore was first master and the first meeting U, D,, was 
held on January 24, 1853. Fraternal Lodge held nine- 
teen communications but when a charter was granted 
May 10, 1853, it was to Tyrian Lodge, No. 73, with rank 
of precedence from January 1, 1853. 

Royal Arch Chapter 

In 1872, nine months and twenty-six days dispensa- 
tion was granted for a chapter of Royal Arch Masons at 
Mechanic Falls, to be known as Union Royal Arch 
Chapter. The Chapter held its first meeting October 8, 
1872, and a charter was granted May 7, 1873, which was 
consituted October 9, 1873. In 1882 a dispensation was 
given, changing the place of meeting to Norway and the 
next year that place was continued as the home of the 


chapter. Following is a list of High Priests while the 
Chapter had its home in Mechanic Falls. J. M. Eveleth, 
E. F. Stevens, P. R. Cobb, J. F. Briggs. 

In 1891 a dispensation was granted for St. Andrews' 
Royal Arch Chapter and a charter was granted July 14, 
1893. P. R. Cobb was the first High Priest. 

Odd Fellows 

In September, 1874, Alvin Reed, Charles H, Dwinal, 
F. A. Millett, G. L. Reed, and D. N. McCann held an in- 
formal meeting to see about the propriety of organizing 
a lodge of Odd Fellows. Their application was granted 
and Monami Lodge, No. 4^0, was instituted November 20, 
1874, Colfax Lodge, No. 20, Daughters of Rebekah is 
connected with this lodge. 


Orion Encampment of Odd Fellows was instituted 
November 20, 1878. Following is a list of Past Chief 
Patriarchs down to 1893. George L. Reed, Frank A. 
Millett, Dim an B. Perry, Hiram Perkins, P. T. 
Murray, William M. Greenlief, P. D. Herrick, Luther 
Perkins, A. J. Weston, A. Lewis Gaubert, Charles Lane, 
E. A. Thomas, George W. Robbins, S. T. Rowe, F. E. 
Thurlow, A. V, Hathaway, H. E. Thurston. O. M. Gup- 
till, A. E. True, W. W. Denuen, L. W. Mason. 


Knights of Pythias 

St. Elmo Lodge, Knights of Pythias, was instituted 
at Mechanic Falls, December 18, 1885, called after the 
famous fortress which once protected and still looks down 
on the city and bay of Naples. The first chancellor was 
A. W. Bridge. 

Charity Assembly, No. 10, Pythian sisterhood, is 
connected with this lodge, 

Red Men 

Osceola Tribe, Improved Order of Red Men, No. 24, 
was established in this village, February 13, 1891. The 
first Sachem was L. W. Mason. 

Golden Cross 

Agassiz Commandery, No. 285, United Order of the 
Golden Cross, was instituted July 8, 1883, by D. G. C. 
Tristram Hersey of Auburn. The first Noble Command- 
er of the lodge was John D. Holt. 

New England Order of Protection 

Androscoggin Lodge of the New England Order of 
Protection was established January 23, 1893. F. H. 
McDonald was the first Warden. 



The newspaper life of a village is always interesting 
and Mechanic Falls has witnessed many attempts to 
establish one within the narrow limits which its situation 
assigns to journalism. 

The Down Easter, published by William Cady. was 
the first paper of the village, a small sheet whose life 
was short. The Androscoggin Herald was started in 
186Y by William Moody and John F. Moody. This con- 
tinued several years and during this time the senior 
proprietor became sole owner. He removed the plant 
to Skowhegan. William Moody has been connected with 
the Somerset Reporter, The Woman's Journal and Bos- 
ton Herald, and his brother John, has been the successful 
principal of Hebron, andBridgton Academies and at pres- 
ent of Edward Little High School. After an interval in 
which no paper was published, the Herald was resur- 
rected by Wm. H. Clark & Son, and published several 
years, when it was removed to Auburn. 

Shortly after the removal of the Herald, the Citizen 
was established by Charles S. Allen and Charles Moore. 
After a year or so, Moore sold out to Allen, who run it 
several years then sold out to Thurston & Garland. In 
a year or two the senior partner, Mr. H. E. Thurston, 
sold his share to the junior partner and his father, who 
continued until 1882, when the paper was discontinued. 
In 1884 the Mechanic Falls Ledger was established by H. 


A. Poole and F. L. Davis. Davis soon sold out to Poole 
and shortly after G. W. Poole was admitted to the firm, 
under the name of Poole Brothers. They run in connec- 
tion with the Ledger, a book and job printing establish- 
ment. This firm failed in 1892 and the Ledger was 
discontinued in March of that year. The plant of this 
company was purchased in June of the same year by 
Charles E. Waterman, F. H. McDonald and F. L. Perk- 
ins, who re-established the Ledger on the first day of 
July, 1892. 

Besides these papers devoted to local matters, a 
monthly devoted to the Masonic Relief Association was 
published by W. E. Merrill and The Bee-Keepers' advanc- 
ed by J, B. Mason & Sons. In the spring of 1892, the 
Weekly News was established by E. F. Edgecomb, but 
run only three months. 

Book making has been indulged in by the citizens of 
the village to a limited extent. Mrs, Julia Schayer made 
the village her residence a portion of the time during the 
seventies and incorporated a part of her experience here 
in a book entitled "Tiger Lily". Rev, M. J. Steere, who 
was once pastor of the Universalist church, was the 
author of a book called "Footprints Heavenward." In 
1890 a History of Poland was published by H. A. and G. 
W. Poole which had the peculiarity of being written by 
Poland men, set up, electrotyped and printed by Poland 
workmen, in a Poland office and on paper manufactured 
in the same town. In 1892 Dr. E. F. Bradford published 
a medical work entitled "A Handbook of Emergencies 
and Common Ailments," which has had a large sale. 



Postmaster, James H. DeCoster 

Selectmen, E. K. Holbrook, Tillson Waterman, J. E. Saunders 

Town Clerk and Treasurer, Clarence M. Hutchins 

Collector L. W. Mason 

Road Commissioner, E. A. Faunce 

School Committee, E, L. Waterman, J. K. Denning, J. W. Wayne 

Supt. J. M. Libby 

Board of Health, M. N. Royal, Sec. 

Clergymen, F. C. Norcross, Meth; vacant, Univ; W. H. Whittier, 

Bap; H. F. Burdon, Cong; Mrs. Jessie Jordan, Adv. 
Dentist, A. W. Butler 

Physicians, Charles H. Tobie, C. B. Rankin, L. O. Cobb 
Lawyers, Libby and Andrews, F. O. Purington 
Notaries, Frank O. Purington, May 9, 1809; Clarence M. Hutchins, 

April 2, 1908 

Justices, J. M. Libby, April 17, 1910; Frank A. Millett, May 
9, 1908; A. C. Andrews, Dec. 16, 1904; Mildred F. Millett, May. 
9, 1905, to administer oaths; F, O. Purington, July 22, 1908, 
F. L. Marston, April 15, 1911 Quorum; F. H. Cobb, Dec. 29; 
1906, Trial 

Merchants-Apothecaries, Merrill and Denning, W. G. Pulsifer 


Auctioneer, H. T. Bucknam 

Bees and Bee Keepers Supplies, J. B. Mason 

Books and Stationery, Merrill and Denning, W. G. Pulsifer 

Boots and Shoes, O. B. Dwinal, F. A. Goldermann, A. A. Wood- 
sum (also bicyles 

Clothing, Hats and Gent's Furnishing Goods, O. B. Dwinal, A. A, 
Woodsum, S. L. Hawley 

Furnishings, I^. P. Gates 

Carriages and Sleighs, Jordan & Saunders 

Coal, A. J. Weston 

Confectionery, wholesale and retail, M. N. Royal & Co. 

Crockery and Glassware, J. S. Merrill, A. A. Woodsum, W. G. 

Drugs and Patent Medicines, Mrs. T. C. Holt 

Dry and Fancy Goods, S. L. Hawley, Mrs. M. H. T. Merrill, L. 
P. Gates 

Fertilizers, G. O. Goodwin & Co., A. J. Weston, S. H. Davis 

Fish Market, O. Rousseau 

Fruit and Confectionery, A. W. Bridge, Chas. O. Cole, M. N. Royal 
cSi Co., A. A. Shorey 

Furniture and Carpets, J. S. Merrill, W. G. Morton 

Grain and Feed, Geo. O. Goodwin & Co., C. B. Cumming's & Son 

Groceries, I. A. Dennison, A. A. Woodsum, Poland Packing & Mnfg. 
Co., Edwin A. Harris, Spiller & Bringham, G. O. Goodwin & Co 

Groceries and Meats, I. F. McCann & Co., F. I. Dwinal, W. D, 

Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Paints, Oils and Agricultural Imple- 
ments, Hawkes & Whitney 

Harness, H. M. Maybury, Jordan & Saunders 

Ice, Waterhouse Bros 

Kennels, J. B. Mason, (English Beagles) 

Lumber, Doors, Sash, etc., Poland Packing & Mnfg. Co., A. J. 
Weston, Geo. O. Goodwin & Co. 


Merchant Tailor, P. T. Murray 

Millinery and Fancy Goods, Mrs. M. H. T. Merrill, Mrs. Rose C. 

Green (Millinery) 
Mill and Steam Fitters Supplies, J. W. Penney & Sons Co. 
Newspapers and Periodicals, A. W. Bridge, Merrill & Denning 

W. G. Pulsifer, Evis Hazel Bridge, (Newspaper and Magazine 

Agency. ) 
Paper Hangings, O. B. Dwinal, Mrs. T. C. Holt 
Pianos and Organs, J. A. Bucknam cSr Co., J. S. Merrill 
School Supplies, W. G. Pulsifer, Merrill & Denning 
Sewing Machines, J. A. Bucknam & Co., W. J. McCann 
Sporting Goods, A. W. Bridge, A. A. Woodsum 
Variety, A. A. Shorey, J. S. Merrill 
Wood, G. O. Goodwin & Co., Poland Packing Co 
Manufacturers, Bakers, Confectioners and Ice Cream, M. N 

Royal & Co. 
Blacksmiths, Sanders Bros,, J. F. Sawyer & Son, Story & Giddings 
Boots and Shoes, Chase, Merritt Co., Repair, C. M. Sawyer, J. Q. 

Noyes, W. J. McCann 
Boxes, Poland Packing & Mnfg. Co. *^ 

Bricks, Mechanic Falls Brick Co. E. L. Charles, mgr. 
Butcher, E. Nelson 
Cabinet Maker, J. S. Merrill 
Canned Goods, Minot PackingCo. 

Carpenters, G. Cole, J. Keene, S. S. Nason, Carl Austin 
Carriages, J. W. Story 
Contractor and Builder, A. J. Weston 
Dowels and Wood Novelties, Virgin Bros 

Dressmakers, Mrs. Anna S. Nason, Mrs. James Sawyer, Mrs. Wil- 
liam Mitchell, Mrs. Charlotte Foster, Miss Estelle Durrell 
Foundry, Brass, Iron and Machine Shop, J. W. Penney & Sons 

Granite and Marble, H. S. Decker 


Harness, H. M. Mayberry. W. J. McCann 
Jeweler, E. A. Hammond 

Laundry, O. F. Welch 

Lumber and Grist Mills, Poland Packing & Mnfg. Co. 

Masons, W. R. Durgin, John Seal, H. E. Chandler, Anson Martin 

Painters, H. F. Sawin, F. M. Davis, (carriage and signs), Charles 
Harris, Charles Conant, O. C. Bridge (sign) 

Paper, Poland Paper Co., C. H, Milliken, treasurer; C. R. Milliken, 
manager, Office 24 Plum Street, Portland 

Paper and Pulp Machinery, J. W. Penney & Sons Company 

Paper Hanger, M. A. Herrick 

Plumbing, J. W. Penney & Sons Co., George A. Benjamin 

Printers, Ledger Publishing Company 

Proprietary Medicines, Merrill & Denning, Manufacturers of Puri- 
tan Cough Cure 

Steam Engines and Boilers, J. W. Penney & Sons Company 

Stoves and Tinware, Hawkes & Whitney 

Undertakers, Leroy Spiller, J. S. Merrill 

Barbers, C. O. Cole, A. E. Morris, A. A. Shorey, E. A. Hammond 

Billiard Halls, A. W. Bridge, A. A. Shorey 

Dining Rooms, Alice W. Allen 

Express Agents, American, P. R. Cobb; Canadian, H. Hunter 

Florist, William F. Milliken 

Hall, Perkins, S. D. S, Perkins, proprietor 

High School, H. H. Stuart, principal 

Insurance J. A. Bucknam & Co., F. O. Purington, W. M. Mitchell 
F. A. Goldermann 

Libraries, Public, Mrs. Lizzie Jewett Butler, 1600 vols., circulating 
A. W. Bridge, 700 volumes 

Livery Stables, P. R. Cobb, E. A. Faunce & Son, S. E. Davis, 
Jordan & Saunders 

Loan and Building Association, J. E. Saunders, president; A. A. 


Woodsum, secretary 

Mechanic Falls Water Electric Light and Power Company, 
Harry Edgecomb, superintendent 

Mechanic Falls Water Co., C. W. Fenn Portland, manager; George 
A. Benjamin, superintendant 

Music Teachers, Miss Effie E. Saunders, Miss Mamie Hawkes 

Photographer, O. C. Bridge 

Station Agent, G. T. R., H. Hunter; P. & R. F. R ; H. F. Hayford 

Telegraph, Gt. N. W., W. U., J. C. Record, operator 

Telephone, N. E. T. & T, Co., Merrill and Denning agents 

Trust Company, Lewiston Trust and Safe Deposit Co., (Mechanic 
Falls Branch) C. M. Hutchins, manager 

Associations, Masons, Tyrian, No. 73, Thursday on or before full 
moon; St. Andrews R. A. C, Thursday after full moon; Eastern 
Star, Dwinal, No. 28, 2 d and 4 th Wednesdays; I. O. O. 1'". 
Monami, No. 40, Monday; Orion Encam]3ment, No. 27, 2d and 
4th Wednesdays; Colfax Rebekah, No. 27, ist and 3d Wednes- 
days; K. of P., St. Elmo, No. 55, Friday; U. O. G. C, Agassiz, 
No. 245, ist and 3d Wednesdays; N. E. O. of P. Andrscogogin, 
No. 205, ist and 3d Saturdays; G. A. R., Dwinal Post, No. 3, 
Tuesdays; I. O. R. M., Osceola, No. 24, Tuesday; Owaissa, D. of 
P., Thursday; I. O. of F., Mechanic Falls, No. 172S, 4th Wed 

Maple Grove Cemetery Association, F. Edwin Dwinal, chairman 
of trustees 

Board of Trade, J. W. Penney, president, Chas. E. Waterman, sec. 

Hotels, Cobb's Hotel, P. R. Cobb; Hotel Elms, W. J. Hines 
proprietor; Mechanic Falls House, S. E. Davis 

Newspaper, Weekly, Mechanic Falls Ledger, Ledger Pub. Co. 


Census of Mechanic Falls. 


We have herewith arranged the population of the town of 
Mechanic Falls in families where that arrangement has been pos- 
sible. In these families, in addition to the resident living mem- 
bers, the names of non-resident members are included. At the end 
of the Census of each town wall be found these Non-residents 
with the full names and present addresses, when such names 
and addresses have been given to the author. The non-residents 
are indicated by the (*). 

The common directory abbreviations have been used to indi- 
cate the occupation of the several people in town. These abbre- 
viations are placed opposite the name. Some of the abbreviations 
and contractions used are the following: 

Farmer — far; carpenter — car; merchant — mer; housework — hw; 
physician and surgeon — phy & sur; student — stu; etc., etc. 

This Census was taken during the summer of 1904 by A. C 
Denning, East Poland Maine. 


A Allen, Alice W cafe 

*Agnes (Harriman 

Andrews, Brittaina C. (Andrews Andrews, Alfred C lawyer 

lab. 7 Dwinal 7 Dwinal 

Thirza (Smith Andrews, Annie Elm 

Lillie C hw Allard, Frank H ret'd, Lew'n 

Alfred C lawyer Helen C (Morton 




Henry F Caralee pi 

Leroy pi Carlos pi 
Elmer pi Allen, Daniel T car 45 Pleas 

Theron M pi Ida M (Libby hw 

Andrews, Medcalf lab, Lew'n Lynwood eng 

Celeste (Churchill Melcora hw 

Ripley A Minerva M pi 

Allen, Wm N Cor Pine Vreece C . pi 

Susie (Bridgham hw Allen, Wallace L eng Maple 

Allen L. T. ret'd, 12 Pine S Edith (Hall hw 

Pauline E (Murdock hw C Virabelle pi 

William M Harold W pi 
Chase S printer 
Eva M artist 

Abbott, Mary lo kp Boyer, H L lab 

Tames M mach Mae table wk 

Austin, Chas H sec hand R R wk Irma hw 

Annie R (Lewis hw John shoe shop 

Florence H tr Nellie L pi 

Chas S lab Chas L pi 

Verner H lab Broad, Thomas W lab Main 
Roberta F pl Bridge, Andrew W variety store 

Josephine pl Spring 

Capitola M pl Harry S R R Ser 

Hazel D pl Brazier, Chas sect hand 
Lynwood AW pl Brickett Clara B 
Carlyle Briggs, Alvernon H shoe wk'r 

Allen, Mabel shoe shop and cook Briggs, Chester shoe mk'r 

T Clyde stu Bryden, William H far 

ggj-yl Pl Burns, Chas N lab 72 Elm 

\ustin Carl W car 14 Oak Benson, Jabez lab Pearl 

Nettie (Cloudman hw Lizzie B (Chase hw 

Merle W stu Herbert W lab 
Velva L pl Blanche N 



Cora pi 

Albert P pi 

Lillian B pi 

Beals, Mary M (Dwinal 




Bucknam, Hamlin auctioneer and 

Vet surgeon 30 Marshall 

Rachel (Brown hw 

*Worthey C mach 

*Cheston F metal wk'r 

Bailey, Otis N ret'd Main 

Lorinda (Marshall hw 

Butler, A W dentist 61 Elm 

Lizzie J (Jewett hw 

Bucknam, Chas W far water 

Bailey, Ella J tailoress 32 Pleas 

Briggs, Daniel lab 

Bray, Augustus far 

Mary (Bennett hw 

Mildred E pi 

Fred A pi 

Bedell, James O shoe shop Main 

Jessie (Snow hw 

James O Jr 

Blackington, Clarence cl 

Bray, Daniel F far 

Minnie L (Farrar hw 

Walter C stu 

*Hollis salesman 

Beal, Llewellyn paper mk'r North 

Alice (Marshall 

Aura M pi 

Lawrence pi 

Bray, Jefferson C far 

Christiana (Campbell hw 
Berry, W G mast mech Elm 

Rena (Woodsum hw 

Marion W pi 

Elmer E 
Berry, Eliza S ret'd Elm 

Benjamin, Geo A sup't water w'ks 

81 Elm 

Carrie (Emery hw 

Philip E. 
Burdon, Henry F Cong clerg 

12 High 

Orodell (Grimes 

Harold C pi 

Ruth O pi 

Karl G pi 

Paul G pi 

Phillip H 
Bridge, Frank L shoe shop 

Mary (Smith hw 

William A 
Berry, Jerry car Lincoln 

Mamie (Dean hw 

Ollie pi 

Eula F 
Boothby, Wellington mach Oak 

Grace (Morse 
Bicknell, Nellie M hw Oak 

Bicknell, John C lab Oak 

Benson, Eli M lab Water 

Emma A (Hezelton hw 



Inez R shoe shop 

Neva E stu 
Bucknam, Sarah millinery Bates 

Bailey, Hannah L hw 

Bryant, \Yilliam teamster 

Bartlett, Alonzo lab Main 

Cassie hw 

Eugene pi 

Ella pi 



Bancroft, Geo R lab Lew'n 

Eva (Skinner hw 

Neva A 

Bangs, Bert L eng Lew'n 

Ella L (Herrick hw 

Vina E pi 
Bartlett, Fannie M (Young hw 


Bancroft, John T lab 

Hattie C (Pratt hw 

Fannie M 

Blackendon, J M salesman 

Clarence S lab 

Eaton O lab 

Battles, Geo W lab 
Bedell, William W lab 12 Yates 

Lydia (Jones hw 

James O shoe shop 
Bridgham, Geo G grocer 48 Elm 

Mary A (Fuller hw 


Chas P lab 

Geo D grocer 

Bradford, Adrianna( Chandler hw 

Hortense B tr 

Boyd, Alexandria lab 

Elizabeth (Campbell hw 

Arthur AH pi 

Alton Q L 

Bridge, Oliver photo E Park 

* Edward 

Bridge, Charlotte tr 

Brown, Frank J lab Myrtle 

Fannie A (Hasey hw 

* Marguerite C 

Lucy A pi 

Dana F pi 

Bunker, Ralph S lab 5 Pine 

Cora (Strout hw 

Carl W pi 

Dulico C pi 
Violet E 

Cole, F. H. Univ clerg Elm 

Ruth (Crocker 
Cole, Chas barber W Park 

Alice (Haskell hw 

Ruth H 
Cole, C. G. con and bld'r Yat*s 

Lynda D (Day hw 

Elijah D stu 

Cook, Phoebe nurse 

Crooker, Josiah A lab 

Elsie (Whitman hw 

Percey shoe shop 



Ava stu 

Daisy E pi 

Chute, Herbert foundryman 

Crooker, Florence 13 Pleas 

Churchill, Sherman far 

Clinch, Chas shoe m'kr Main 

Colclazier, Joseph hostler 8 Main 
Cook, Pheobe 104 Elm 

Cote, J J brakeman 

Cox Perley G lab 

Cox, S A lab 

Cram, Clara E stenogjrapher 

Crooker, Geo B lab Summer 

Currier, A W nurse 

Currier, Harold W lab 

Currier, John lab Lew'n 

Curtis, John D ret'd 21 Main 

Colley, Bessie hw Lew'n 

CoUey, John lab 

Cobb, Mary A hw Lincoln 

Conant, William lab Lew'n 

Almu ( Krwhnborg hw 

Neille K 

Hues L 
Coulehan, Agnes 
Campbell, Alfreda Judson 

Curtis, Daniel lab 

Winnifred (Gray hw 

Gray H 
Chapman, Amos teamster 

Emma (Harris hw 

Clark, William H. lab 

Bertha V hw 

Edith M Stu 

Churchill, Allen M lab 8 Yates 

Mary S (Newbergin hw 

Annie L shoe shop 

Geo A drummer 

Conant, Chas A painter High 

Nellie (McGaffey hw 

William painter 
Flora M 
Chas L 

Frank S pi 

Nellie E pi 

Jacob R pi 

Mark W pi 
Jessie L 

Cobb, Leroy Physician 8 Pleas 

Catherine (Cook hw 

Cotton, Dennet car Maple 
Mary W (Lovejoy dress mk'r 

*Fannie hw 

*Frank H lab 

Eva hw 

*Maud L hw 

Minnie hw 

*Harry far 

G Louise lab 

*Nellie hw 

Arthur lab 

Winfield lab 

Forest lab 

Orpha hw 

Jennie pi 

Chipman, W C far W Park 



Lovina (Childs hw 

*Roland L. laundry 

Child, Fred surveyor 12 Main 
Annie (Fitzpatrick 

Churchill, Reuben watchman 

30 Main 
Agnes (Campbell hw 

Ernest M lab 

Chas E pi 

Mina O pi 

Byron W pi 

Campbell, Jacob F paper mk'r 

Augusta (Thayer hw 

Maude paper mill 

Agnes book kp'r 

Blanche Nat Shop Co 

*Morris R pi 

Chute, Maud 

Coffin, Adelaine hw Elm 

Minnie (Woodsum hw 

Charles Edward L paper mk'r 

Carrie (Thompson hw 

John pi 

Cobb, F H ret'd Maple 

Clara C (Bonney hw 

Chase, Walter far 

Minnie (Carpenter hw 


Collins, Eliza hw 

Carey, Martin shoe mk'r Pine 
Mary (Haley hw 


*Lottie R 

Minnie E 

Curtis, Mary J 

Cousins, Rasina 


Casper A 

Cousins, Casper A 

hw Pleas 
hw Fleas 
paper mill 
paper mill 
Mertelle (McCann hw 

Marion M pl 

Cloutier, Napoleon lab Oak 

Mattie pl 

Wilfred pl 

Alice pl 

Albert pl 

Chute, Howard lab 

Angle (Smith hw 

Frank pl 

Linwood pl 

Crooker, Geo B truck'n Summer 
Grace (Howard hw 

Chaplin, Almon 

Susan (Hunnewell 
Cushman, Lucy hw Spring 


*Sarah hw 

Cummings, Geo H lumber Dwinal 

Ellen F (Cummings hw 

Cobb, Prescott R Main 



Jeanie (Donaldson hw 

*Maude L hw 

Alice B 

Ralph P cl 

Cole, Chas O mer W Park 

Lois M (Staples hw 

Chas W barber 

Geo E confectionery 

Blanche M cl 


Dudley, Daniel stone mason 

Dwinal, F Edward mer Main 

Georgiana (Pillsbury hw 

Denning, Harriet hw Elm 

Racheal hw 

Davis, J H far 

Margarite E (McDowell' hw 

*R Ella 

*Jennie C 

*Alice J 
Denning-, Kelsey J far 

Eliza (Smith hw 

Charles K far 


Denning, Chas K far 

Rosa (Thomas hw 

*Dennen, HoUis R E Agt 

*Gertrude (Hurding 

* Ralph stu 

*Barbara pi 


Address Waltham, Mass 

Davis, Isaac C lab Lew'n 

Durrill, Estella M dress mk'r 

Dwinal, F I grocer Main 

Dyer, Emery W foreman C M 

Co Elm 

Downing, Persis M hw Lew'n 

Davis, Frank L painter and car 

12 Judson 

Mary (Gammon hw 

Frank M 

Eulalie stu 

Marjorie pi 

Geo G pi 

Guy R 
Dyer, Fred electrician Myrtle 

Persis (Crockett hw 

D Adeline 
Dunn, Maria S hw Elm 

Dennison; I A grocer 74 Elm 

Lauristine (Bemis 

Katherine L 

*Woodbury E 

Douglass, Edwin gate tender 

Mabel (Stearns 

Marion M 
*Daicy, Geo C shoe shop Pleas 

Emma M (Keith 

Willard C pi 

Lena M pi 

Dwinal, OB 42 Pleas 



Eliza D (Denning 

Dwinal, Clara A 

Dwinal, Rosalia B hw Water 

Ella J tr 

*Fred E shoe dealer 

*C Frank phy 

*Winnifred C shipping cl 

Duran, Samuel lab Spring 

Jane F (Bragdon hw 

Josiah lab 

*John B lab 

DeCoster, J.H. pastm'st'r Dwinal 
Angelia (shaw hw 

Bertha L hw 

* Harry W druggist 

^J Carroll ag't P P Co 

*Percy S druggist 

DeCoster, Harry P 

Darby, Sarah E lab Main 

Durgin, W R mason lo Main 

Elmer M shoe mk'r 

Albert L Shoe mk'r 

Merrill M shoe mk'r 

*Ina B 

Davis, Fred M carriage p't'r Main 

Winnifred R (Bennett hw 

and dressmaker 

Decker, H S marble worker 

Margerite S (Randall hw 
Ora G bk kp'r 

Inez V tr 

Methyl stu 

Duran, Chas lab 12 Main 

Mary (Fitzpatrick nurse 

Donovan, Mary F telegraph oper 

Mary F pi 

Ruth pi 

John pi 

Dresser, Fremont shoe shop Yates 

Hattie (Spiller hw 

Dudley, Edwin teamster True 

Emma J (Holt • hw 

Verna M pi 

Walter L 
Duran Herbert lab 

Downs, Isadore hw 

Alberton C 

Geneoa M 

Ella L 

Georgie A 

Inez P 

Walter W 

Elder, Luther R. ret'd. Lew'n 
Mary (Graffam 
Mary W 

Elie, Charles lab Lew'n 

Lecadie (Leroux hw 

Chas D lab 


Joseph stu 

George stu 

Helen pi 

Archie pi 




Ellingwood, I H far Judson 

Columbia (Briggs hw 

Rose millinery 

*Lettice mer 

^William H S 

Estes, Chas E lab 22 Pine 

Ellen V (Victoria hw 

Edgcomb, Harry A. lab High 

Martha (Bray hw 

Harry A supt paper mill 

Elba E electrician 

Ellis, Hiram brick yd 

Minnie (Cotton hw 

Elliot, Mary 41 Pleas 

Gertrude (Golderman hw 

Edwards, Guy H 

Edwards, William H. far Spring 
Alice (Strout hw 


Daniel shoe shop 

Clifford pi 

Lena pi 

Stephen pi 

Ray pi 

K. Roy 

Edgcomb, Elba electrician 

Agnes M. (Hunt hw 

Eastman, Arthur stenographer 

Earl, Nellie Elm 


Farrington, Orrenshoe shop Main 

Lila (Rich hw 

Fielding,Harry short hand 55 Elm 







Foster, Newell 


Emma (Millett 


Carrie B 




Foster, Bianca 






-Fred L 

Frye, Chas far 

Fales, A G far North 

Sarah E (Weyland hw 

^Benjamin B lab 

Perley soldier 

^Herbert J foreman 

Faunce, Elmer A stable prop Elm 

Rachel C (Denning hw 

*Lowe E teamster 

Lila D shoe shop 

Edith pl 

Fitz, Jonathan S lab Elm- 

Farrington, Chas W hostler 

Farrington, Eunice Main 

Fitz, Matilda tr School 

Fessendon, John nurse 40 Elm 

Frazer, William bookkp'r C M Co 

Faunce, Edward painter Elm 


Abbie E (Thayer hw Margurite B 

Hazel A pi 

Erland H pi ^ 

Fielding, Harry Jr shoe maker Grant, James far 

Myrtle Nellie (Merrow hw 

Jenny (Strout hw *Alfred cl 

Foster, Chas A ret'd 67 Elm Sherman far 

Rebecca A (Waterman Arthur far 

Carrie F Percey pi 

Farris, R Elmer mach Spring Griffin, Hannah ( hw 

Florence L (Littlefield hw Elmer H far 

Elsie M shoe shop Mary 

Jessie E stu Albert 

Foss, Sarah J hw Gilman, John shoe wk 

Fernando lab Fluvilla (Farrow hw 

Foss, Fernando lab Myrtle Alice M pi 

Martha S (Merrill Vivia I pi 

Farris, Fred J stable Gardiner, Guy druggist Main 

Rachel S (Sturdevant hw Garrett, John lab Lewiston 

Ida M paper mill Vinnie (Smith hw 

Chas W. pi Garrett, William G paper mk'r 

Foster, Chas A far Lew'n Jorden 

Emma (Tobie washer woman Annie (McKiver hw 

*Mary John A C painter 

Elizabeth R pi *Anna P 

Jennie GO pi Edward W shoe mk'r 

Farnum, A V lab Marshall Benjamin shoe mk'r 

Annie M (Hanson hw Flora J stu 

Mabel hw Gammon, Adron E 5 Dwinal 

* Percy cl Bertha L (DeCoster hw 

Frank, Augustus L electrician Gibbs, Frank shoe mk'r 

Rose (Hoay hw Davis House 

Mary E pi Green, Rose C millinery 

Clarell R pi Goodale, Harry express messen- 



ger R R ser Maple 

Goodwin, Charles A piper 

Elms House 
Goodwin, Horace E 

G O Goodwin Co Main 
Grady, Lizzie Park 

Griffith, Thyra B milliner High 
Goss, E S shoe mk'r 

Greenwood, N S far Lew'n 

Alice M 
David R 
Greenwood, David R paper finish- 
er Lew'n 
Josephine (Chipman 
Gerry, James Acorn packer 8 Pine 
Ada (Sanborn hw 

Helen M pi 

Thelma M pi 

Gookin, John W lab High 

Mabel G hw 

John W Jr 
Grant, Nettie hw High 

Goss, Grace shoe shop Pleas 

Gould, L Forest shoe shop Spring 
Hattie (Nutter hw 

Golderman, F A shoe store 

28 Maple 
Gertrude (Elliot hw 

Windsor stu 

F Harold stu 

Goldermann, Atha tailoress Maple 
Gould, Winfield A shoe shop 

W Park 
Hattie (Thayer 

Forest shoe shop 

Blanche L hw 

Goodwin, James C truckman 

Mary E (Hamblin hw 

*Ella L hw 

Geo A lab 

Gray, Isabella A 81 Elm 

Gilman, Chas brick yd 

Gould, Joseph far 33 Pleas 

Grant, Eva hw 

Gilman, Geo B mach Main 


Hackett, Ruth 5 Yates 

Haines, Joseph stone cutter 5 

Hall, Chas lab Water 

Hanscom, Charlotte E Pine 

Harbugh, Addie 22 Pine 

Harmon, Walter D pulp mill 

E Park 
Harris, David R Oak 

Harris, Edwin A mer Elm 

Harris, Mrs Elizabeth hw Elm 
Harris, Ernest A Elm 

Henthorn, Geo F yd m'st'rG 

T R Elm 
Hilborne, Mrs C L Pine 

Holt, James L paper mk'r Buck- 

Harris, A W R R Elm 

Lizzie hw 

* Mabel 
Hammond, E A 9 Elm bar & jew'lr 


Ella N (Meritt hw Hattie M pi 

Lucretia P pi Nathan H pi 

Margurite V pi Ethel E 

Herrick, Humphrey C lab Spring Harlow, E lab 

Frank D car Harmon, Geo lab 14 Pine 

Gerald A lab Lydia (Webb hw 

John K pi Harry A lab 

Holt Edward lab Edith E paper mill 

Hinds, William J Hotel Elms prop *Walter D 

Margurite (O'Connell hw *Arthur 

Hayford, Herbert sta agt Maple Harmon, Frank R shoe shop Pleas 

Nellie M (McLaughlin Celia M (Causland d'ss mk'r 

Jessamine stenographer Delos F car 

Josephine tr Hanscome, Geo eng Lincoln 

Hutchinson, Samuel H P P Co Eva (Holt hw 

20 WPark John H pi 

Lucy J ( Hodgdon Bertha M pi 

Arthur I mach Susie L pi 

Hutchins, Clarence town cl Lillian G pi 

16 Park Julia 

Nellie S Ranson hw Hutchinson, Arthur L lab 

*Frank E foreman ship yd 13 Lincoln 

Geneva C tr Henritta (Gammon hw 

Hackett, Lizzie shoe shop Elm Earl L stu 

Hunter, Harry station agt Elm Hanscom, William E lumber mfgr 

Lacolia (Mastine hw Pine 

Deryl Edith E (Goodall hw 

Harris, Chas paper h'ger 19 Elm Hanscom, Charlotte E hw 

Frances A(Rice hw Hawkes, Orrington W ret'd 

*Tilson S shoe cutter " 12 Pleas 

Chas L photo Mary E Packard 

Herrick, A C truckman Myrtle Hathaway, Albert V lab 26 Pleas 

Gussie (Hearon Ella N (Marshall hw 

Bessie C pi Hall, Rozella hw 



Harmon, WE electrician Marshall 
Millie F ^Ryerson hw 

Wendell pi 

Lucy pi 


Hall, Edgar painter Water 

Florence (Lunt 

Hawes, Charles 

Hanscom, Nathan far Lew'n 

Fred E 
Willis H 
Emma D 
Frank W 

Hawes, Edwin mach Lew'n 

Mary E ( Field hw 

Verna M pi 

Geraldine B 
Margeurite V 

Holt, Julia hw Judson 

Fred A 

Eva M pi 

Lucy pi 

Grace pi 

Geo O pi 

Ernest pi 

Herrick, Mark A painter 9 Grove 
Rebecca F (Brazier hw 

Sadie E hw 

Herrick, Lillian A lab Grove 

Herrick, Bertie 

Herrick, Bert W R R Ser Grove 
Lila N (Battles hw 

Frank A 

Herrick, Percival car 53 Elm 

Sylphira E ( Foster hw 

Harry H mach 

Hackett, C L Far 63 Elm 

Mary A (Atwood hw 

Harmon, F DeLos car W Park 

Nora (Smith hw 

Marie V pi 

Holt, James L lab Lew'n 
Bertha E ( Eaton 
Edith E 

Holt, Fred A lab Spring 

Irene R (Herrick hw 

Freddie pi 

Ralph pi 

Victor pi 

Villa pi 

Clyde pi 

Gladys pi 

Home, Chas R P R F Marshall 

Mary E (Piper hw 

Holt, Nancy M druggist Elm 

Hawley, S L mer 64 Elm 

Flora B (Kendall cl 

Harris, Simeon L far 

Flora E (Bearce hw 

*Frank milk dl'r 

*Fred teamster 

Alburton, milk dl'r 

Jennie shoe shop 

Holt, Helen E hw 

Herrick, Frank D mach Spring 

Lizzie ( Haskell hw 
Delmer A 



Holbrook, finest far and 

first selectman 
Lizzie M ( Fessenden 

Haskell, Samuel N far 

Mattie W ( Nelson hw 

Lillian E tr 

Maude S pi 

Edwin N pi 

Harwood, Walter P P Co North 
Ella ( Bryant hw 

Lila E stu 

Geo W pi 

Clarence pi 

Holey, Catherine book kp'r Pine 

Haskell, N D far 

Anna F (Morrill 
Herman W paper mill 


Stephen R millwright 

Ruth C pi 

Hawkes, C W tin smith 38 P O Sq 
Ellen E (Young hw 

Holt, Sidney far 

Laura (Delano hw 

Henry C pi 

William L pi 

Harris, John far 

Harris, Elizabeth Elm 


Ireland, Fred H 
Irish, Nancy 





far Lew'n 



Jefferson, Chelsey hw 

Jorden, P A Main 

Carrie (Foster 

Agnes O 
Jorden, Herbert J 

Lizzie ( Verrill 

Joseph E 
Jackson, Mrs C F 
Jacobs, Chas E 
Jordan, C E 
Jordan, Chas 
Jorden, Fred 

Lillian ( Estes 

Hazel E 
Jorden, Cyrus F lab Box 211 

Jessie E (Strout 

Alvin E lab 

Austin T lab 

Jorden, Samuel D foreman Lew'n 

Amanda E ( Page 

Charles E far 

Fred A lab 

Joice, William fireman 8 Grove 

Emma (Somerset hw 

Jessie L 
Jorden, Edwin C car 70 Elm 

Nellie ( Wormwell hw 

Doris L pi 

Jewett, Harry L paper mk'r High 

Alwilda (Marston hw 

Harold L pi 

Jefferies, Lewin lab Maple 

Annie M ( Peterson hw 

Chas L 



Jefferies, Samuel retir'd 30 Maplr 
Jorden, Theodore P pattern mk'r 


Caroline E (Jordan hw 

Johnson, James C lab 

Stella (Chipman hw 

Margaret shoe shop 

Marion E pi 

Philip pi 

Jorden, Malcolm mach Elm 

Laura (Bennett hw 

Gladys L pi 

Marion J 

Eleanor M 

Jorden. Lizzie E hw 62 Elm 

Judkins, I H far 100 Elm 

Althea (Bailey hw 



Keene, Irvin S 

Laura M ( Pike 


Electa pi 

Kesten, Albert W lab Elm 

Bertha ( Edwards hw 
King, J H 

Lillian M (Collins hw 

James C far 

Philip pi 
Kesten, Fred C paper mk'r Lew'n 

Kenne, Philena Pleas 
Kenerson, Norris millman Main 

Kershner, Capola M 80 Elm 

Kershner, Remember B 80 Elm 
King, Hiram B paper mk'r Lew,n 
Knights, Samuel S Maple 

King, Lizzie Judson 

Knight, Chas T lab Pleas 

Keene, Nellie shoe shop 17 Pine 
Keen, Nancy hw 17 Pine 

Knights, Allura R 30 Pleas 

Joseph U 

Keen, Julia Oak 

Keene, Judiah L car 33 Oak 

Imogene (Keene hw 

Chas A mach 

Wilfred car 

F Lewis lab 

Percy H lab 

C Addie stu 

Joseph C pi 

Keene, Chas A 33 Oak 

Venon L pi 

Bertie F pi 

Violet L pi 

Keene, Percy H lab 33 Oak 

Winnie L (Watkins hw 

Keene, Frank L lab Oak 

Eva (Bicknell hw 

Kaler, Chas N foreman shoe shop 

Lena (Nash hw 

Morris E pi 

Alcada E pi 

Inez pi 

Evelyn R 
Knights, William lab Marshall 



Sarah Gammon hw 

*Elnora hw 

Edgar custom pressman 

Clifford paper hanger 

Kesten, Herbert lab Lew'n 

Lunt, James L far 

Lunt, L J far 

Clementine (Crooker hw 

*John F car 

*Elmer E car 

James L 


Edna L 

Rose C 

Leach, William E car North 

Annie (Marshall hw 

Edward C paper mill 

Walter A paper mill 


Libby, Elva S i8 Pine 

Libby, Jesse M lawyer 

Kittie (Perkins hw 

Libby, Rose O 12 Main 

Lord, Frank H R R ser W Park 

Leach, Edward C lab Lew'n 

Delia M ( Keene hw 

Clara E 

Lane. Rocksyllania T hw 64 Elm 

Elmer Z electrician 

Wendell R lab 

Lord, Willis lab School 

Liza (Somerset hw 

Archie pi 

Barbara pi 

Lawn, Annie L 

Ada S pi 

Libby, Mrs Simon hw 18 Pine 

Lord, Rebecca F hw Marshall 

Lamb, Ralph mach Oak 

Vesta (Washburn hw 

Glenroy I pi 

Lock, Silas M mach 

Lizzie (Murch hw 

Lord, Frank H RRser 24 Park 
Jennie (Lamberton hw 

Carl C pi 

Lawler, Hiram paper mk'r 

W Park 
Melissa (Farrar hw 

Edwin L pi 

Kenerson, Morris A millman Main 
Rosie A (Goodwin hw 

Flora E pi 

Clayton M pi 

James H pi 

Alice M 

Lord, Hanson lab Marshall 


Meggett, Ribert lab True 

Merrill, Alton E paper mk'r 9 Elm 
Merrill, Anna B 21 Elm 

Merrill, Edmund paper mk'r 

Merrill, Fred L druggist Spring 
Lewis, PI cl Yates 

Millett, Chas M painter Lincoln 



Millett, Mildred F 

justice of peace Elm 

Milliken, Frank W eng 51 Elm 

Milliken,HarryMshoemk'r5i Elm 

Mitchell, Chas M far W Park 

Mitchell, Fannie 50 Elm 

Moore, Geo E lab Judson 

Morey, Alexander car 

Morrill, Carroll teamster True 

Morrill, Merville W shoe mk'r 

Morris, Albert E Barber Main 

Morton, Alice M shoemk'r 50 Elm 

Murray, Palmer T tailor 38 Pleas 

Maybury, F E phy 

Ellen P (Verrill hw 

*Chas O shoe mk'r 

*Abbie E 

Walter M 

Maybury, Walter M far 

Ida H (Merrill hw 

Frank O far 

Morton, William E far 

Hannah ( Nason hw 

Harry conductor 

Elva L stu 

Morton, Harry far North 

Winfield C pi 

Martin, Dustin far North 

Morris, A E hair dresser Main 

Alice M (Cook hw 

Leon pi 

Catherine pi 

Hazel pi 

McCann, Belle hw Elm 

Josiah S tr 

*Morilla (Holman 

*Frank T laundryman 

Macrun, Georgia 
Morton, William far 

Marston, Bravity lab Judson 

Marston, Ethel M Lew'n 

Martin. Jacob watchman 

Maxim, Bessie L 62 Elm 

Mayberry, Herbert M 

harness mfg 4 Main 
McCann, Josiah tr Elm 

McCann, Merilla M book kp'r Elm 
McGovern, Chas. T shoemk'r Elm 
McCann, William harness mk'r 


Edna T (Rowe 

Nellie B 
Mills, Guy L lab Lew'n 

Florence (Clough 
Marston, Fred L foreman Judson 

Laura (Martin C M Co 

Mayberry, E M Judson 

Mason, James B bell kp'r Lew'n 

Sophia F (Cotton hw 

* William G wood wk'r 

Lizzie G hw 

*James L band sawyer 

Chas H chef 

iNIains, Francis far 51 Elm 

Ella (Mayberry 

Ralph pi 

Mitchell, William M ins agt 50 



F Louise ( Fickett 

hw and dress mk'r 
Milleft, Frank A real estate Elm 
L,ucy A (Faunce 
*John F 
*xArthur A 
*Harold L 
McKeen, Phileen ( — hw 

Ellen A 
Mason, Ludelphus tax collector 

41 Pleas 

Flora (Valentine 

Milliken, W F florist 51 Pleas 

Lizzie M (Merrill hw 

Frank W eng 

Harry M lab 

Meserve, Isaac truckman Pleas 

Nettie (Goss dress mk'r 

Clarence W pi 

Merrill, J S undertaker Spring 

Mary H (Thayer millinery 

*Annie M 

William H printer 

Merrill, Eliza 

Moore, Horace lab Maple 

Isabelle (Dixon hw 

*Lucy E 

Miller, Catherine hw Maple 

Mitchell, Thomas W lab 

Eva (Churchill hw 

Nora pi 

Murch, Hattie hw 

Morse, Geo W lab Summer 


Sadie L (Crockett 


nk'r Grace L 


Elm Shirlie 


hw Clarence W 



Martin, Francis A lab W Park 

Lilia (Hazelton hw 

L Earland 

Merrill, Geo P far Marshall 

Merrill, Eva L tr 

Merrill, Hiram lab 21 Elm 

Susannah (Merrill 

Edwin lab 

Marshall, F Edward lab Marshall 

Nettie M (Braley 

Milliken, Eliza A 26 Elm 

Milliken, Pamelia J 26 Elm 

Merrill, Josiah A grocer 30 Pleas 

Addie F (Patterson hw 

J Arthur druggist 

Lawrence O pl 

Morton, Lewis W 

truckman 57 Pleas 

Mary (Faunce hw 

Chas H lab 

*Melvill J lab 

Alice M shoe shop 

Morse, Ona M pl 

McDonald, John lab Oak 

Mattie (Berry hw 

Ruth V 

Morse, Melissa hw 

McKinnon, Allan car insp 

Annie (McDonald hw 



*John R V S 

Mabel shoe shop 

William Allen yd master 

*Chas N 

Ella M pi 

Lynwood M pi 

Sidney H pi 

McCann, I F grocer 57 Elm 

Abbie H (Rowe hw 

Fred F grocer 

*Annie R 

McAvery, Mabel E hw 5 Dwinal 

Milliken, C H agt P P Co Elm 
Louise F (Fuller hw 

Margurite F pi 

Moulton, Elizabeth J 

book kp'r 21 Main 

March, Sumner C far 

Melinda E ( Richardson 
*Chas S shoe shop 

*Adelaide F 

McKenney, Edwin lab Lew'n 

Charlotte ( Voung 
Helen C 



Nay, Jane ( — 

Nelson, E B 

Octavia (Nelson 


Nason, James 



Anna (Mc(-aul dress mk'r 
Nason, Geo V painter North 

Nelson, Erastus D far North 

Noyes, John G paper mk'r High 
Noyes, John Q 

boot and shoe rep'r High 
Noyes, John T shoe mk'r Elm 


Osgood, Bert 


Nichols, Susan 

hw Pleas 

Nason, Samuel S 


Alice (Caston 





shoe shop 


shoe shop 



Pinkham, Harry teamster Pleas 
Prince, Geo far 

Alvilla (Horn hw 






Perkins, Hiram salesman 

Perkins, Viva shoemk'r Main 

Pinkham, Harry S lab Pleas 

Piper, Sherman foreman J W P 



and S C Co Minot 
Poland, James B far Welchville 
Pratt, Ernest paper mk'r Lew'n 
Prince, Jennie 

Prince, Mrs Stephen M shoe mk'r 
Pynn, Chas T shoe mk'r Grove 
Penney, John W ret'd 12 Maple 
Penney, John lab Spring 

Patridge, Geo shoe mk'r Main 
Purington, Edward H lab Maple 

Annie L (Bancroft hw 

Kenneth F pi 

Alice M pi 

James W pi 

Norman E pi 

Pinkham, Harry A phy Elm 

Georgie E (Wigglesworth hw 

Austin A lab 

Pinkham, Austin A lab Elm 

Beatrice (Waldren hw 

Pierce, Salome hw 54 Elm 

Fred W lab 

Pierce, Fred W lab 54 Elm 

Josephine (Whittle hw 

Pulsifer, Cushman ret'd 9 Pine 

Ann M ( Eaton hw 

*Ada C 

*Mary C 

*Fred G 

Peterson, Ina paper mill Elm 
Purington, Frank O lawyer 

46 pleas 

Addie V (Smullen 

Beulah F 
. Frank H 
Ellison S 
* Perron, Frank 




eng Water 

Louisa L (Perham hw 

Pendexter, Benjamin P car 

12 Bates 

Esther P (Dinsmore hw 

*Frank A overseer 

Peterson, Rebecca iiw 30 Maple 

Payson, Donald R R Ser 

Jennie ( Payrent hw 

Packard, ?vlary E nurse 

Pulsifer, Walter G druggist 

6 Maple 

Annie (Walker tr 

Patterson, John W blk 

Jane(Mayhew hw 

Addie hw 

*Frank N phy 

Penney, S R mach Maple 

Annie ( Bridgham hw 

Sarah R pi 

Dorothy B 

Pettie, Chas T news dealer 

*Eugene pulp mill 

Pratt, Ellis lab Main 

Cassie (Bartlette hw 

Bartlette, Lillian hw 

Penney, Lillian hw Maple 

Perkins, William P shoe work 

W Park 
Anna ( Burns hw 

Ruth E pi 



Perkins, D S far 

W Park 

Walter C 

shoe shop 

Alice J (Buckman 








shoe shop 



*Rose A 



Perkins, Winfred L 

W Park 


Josephine (Burns 

Quinn, Jennie F 


Amy J 


Perkins, Francis 

W Park 


Penney, Chas V mach 



^mond, C D paper 

mk'r Lew'n 

Ella R (Keene 


Hannah (Campbe 

ill hw 



Carroll G 


John W 

Ora L 


*Penney, Harvey mach 


Mura B 


Ida (Harris 

Lawrence D 


Irvin E 


Rowe, Jennie M hw 

59 Kl'" 

Penney, A J 


Etta M (Stanton 


Prince, Morris C B far 


* Edgar S 


Hattie (Pratt 


Wendell W 

Thomas W 


Henry E 



Rand, Stephen B far 


Maurice E 


Carrie I (Leighto 


Grace A 


David E 

wood wk 



*Morris M 


Philip W 


Dana M 




Geo M 


Violet M 


Leroy D 
*Alvertie G 



*Ethel M 

Quance, Harry A 


Royal, Melvin N 

mer school 

Fannie (Westwood 


Mary C (Wardle 


William H paper mill 

Arthur M 



shoe shop 

Roselle N 




Reed, Alvin millwright Pine 

Eva (Allen 

Hannah ( — hw 


*Jayson lab 

Reed, Augustus 
Rand, James H Jr shmk'r Lincoln 

Lizzie G (Mason 
Record, Ida L (Lincoln hw 

Record, Clara C (Lincoln hw 
Rounds, Alvah L 

supt pulp dep in paper mill 

Emma F (Frank 

Merle R stu 

Reynolds, John lab Pleas 

Eliza (Lowe 
Rand, Dana truckman Water 

Maud D (Stowell 

Clifford V 

Walter H 
Robbins, John W far Bates 

Hattie (Buckman hw 

Richardson, Jane Maple 

Rawson, Sarah hw 

Rand, David E car Elm 

Ida J (Sherwood hw 

Alta L pi 

Rich, Chas F shoe shop Cross 

M Nettie (Sanders 

Arleon S 
Rawson, Edward cl Main 

Ellen (Strout hw 

Henry E pi 

Frank E pi 

Rogers, Harry L teamster 

Hattie M (Haselton hw 

Leroy C pi 

Guy W pi 

Ernest pi 

Russell, Andrew far 

Jennie (Buck- hw 

Russell, Chas O far 

Gertrude (Rowe hw 

Lynwood p^ 

Ethel pi 

Leroy pi 

Russell, John paper mill 

Rowe, S M blk 

Annie (Lewis hw 

Florence hw 
Verna novelty shop 

Roverta pi 

Josephine pi 

Capitola pi 

Hazel pi 

Lynwood pi 

Records, William H far 

Ella M (Records hw 

Sadie B stu 

Martha J pi 

Edna M pi 

Phoebie pi 
Georgia A 


P>.ankin, Clark B phy Main Somerset, Fred lab W Park 

Lydia L (Stephens hw Freda (Sieberling hw 

Chas S pi Scully, P H R R ser Lew'n 

Clark C pi Maggie (Perry hw 

Rose, Sumner T far Isabelle 

Annie (Smith hw Henry L 

Florence pi Spiller, Joshua lab Lew'n 

Nettie pi Caroline (Thurlough 

Addie pi *Geo E far 

Ruggles, Alonzo *Fred I far 

paper maker E Park * Hubert hotel prop 

Ruggles, Bert Carrie B hw 

Read, Harry R conductor Maple Saunders, Scott S cl 8 Main 

Record, Joseph C tel op Pleas Sawyer, Chas W R R ser Poland 
Rich, Martha D Main Sawyer, James F Pleas 

Richardson, Asaph J provisions Sawyer, Frank T Pleas 

« Judson Sawyer, William ret'd Pleas 

Ripley, Ada A paper mk'r Lew'n Simpson, Lucretia Water 

Roderick, Fred hostler Skinner, Maria hw Pine 

Rosenberg, Sarah Elm Smith, Thirza hw 7 Dwinal 

Rousseau, Octave Smith, William lab Lew'n 

lunch room 5 Elm Spaulding, Leslie C far 

Rowe, Edgar S electrician 59 Elm Spooner, John T foreman Maple 
Rowe, Henrietta M tr 59 Elm Stone, Geo N 17 Main 

Rowe, Lendall W sh mkr 59 Elm Strout, Harold lab Elm 

Russell, Chas C tr 15 Oak Strout, Stephen paper mill Elm 

Rounds, Carrie ( Foster hw Strout, J Linwood lab Oak 

Charles stu Strout Levi N shoe mk'r Myrtle 

Ada stu Strout, Royal I shoe mk'r Myrtle 

Stanton, James H far 102 Elm 

Arbina (Jermess hw 

Strout, Sam'l H paper mill Spring William B stu 

Sadie S (Snell hw Strout, Stephen iron foundry Elm 

Earl H Annie (Walker hw 




Lillian E 

Irvin N 


Saunders, ( — 
Smith, Leonard 
Strout, Sarah ( — 





*Chas A 



Strout, W Scott 

Jennie (Wight 

*Freeman G 





R R ser 


Stanton, Myra dress mk'r 104 Elm 

Clarista P 
Stanton, John L far 

Helen (Watson 

Donald I 
Stanton, Perley lab 

Henrietta (Rowe 
Strout, John lab 

Marcia B (Weymouth 

*Delmer W 

Arthur L 

*J Lynwood 
Strout, Delmar, 

J William 















Strout, Samuel D far & agt Elm 
Laura (Spiller hw 

*Lucy E 

*Elias M elec eng 

*Benjamin R far 

Harold L mech 

Barton lab 

Winfred pl 

Spiller, Luther cl W Park 

Harriet tr 

Scribner, Chas lab 

Rena (Keene hw 

Irvin D 

Strong, John W car mk'r E Park 
Nellie C (Martin 
*Susie hw 

Stevens, John lab 12 Main 

Lydia R ( Holey hw 

Smith. Ernest F shoe mk'r W Park 

Sawyer, C M shoe mk'r W Park 
Ellen J (Staples 
John H advertiser 

Carroll M shoe shop 

Saunders, John blk 23 Oak 

Edith hw 

Nettie (Rich hw 

Stanton, Mary E ( — hw Lewiston 
Perley lab 

Bessie hw 

Shackley, Henry J lab Pine 

Alice (Bancroft hw 


Shorey, H A barber cS: confect'ner 



Lena D 

Berger H fruit & confect'ry 

Spiller, Freeland J grocer Lincoln 

Lena (Shockford hw 

Murray L pi 

Merton R 

Steflfin, Mamie hw 

Stone, Newton E far 9 Pleas 

Stone, Annie M pi 

Stone, Geo N 

Stone, Newton E Jr lab Pleas 

Seal, John mason Pleas 

Helen A (Keene hw 

Howard P novelty shop 

*Fred E lab 

Saunders, Edward A blk Pleas 

Almeda (Riggs hw 

Effie music tr 

Sawyer, James F blk Maple 

Nellie (Patterson dress mk'r 

Frank T blk 

Sawyer, William far Pleas 

Snell, Simon mach Pleas 

Eldusta ( Feero hw 

Ethel D book keeper 

Bernice C pi 

Elwood B 

Spiller, Silas C lab Lewiston 

Mercy (Tripp hw 

Goodhue pi 

Ruel C pi 

Clyde L pi 

Stanton, Arthur far Lew'n 

Rose M (Doughty 

Mildred E hw 

Louis G 

Forest A lab 

Clyde D lab 

Nellie pi 

Skilling, Joseph A lab Lew'n 

Flora M (Colley 

Bessie E pi 

Percy W pi 

Harold A 
Sreberting, Lottie dress maker 
Strout, Edward H fireman Lew'n 

Flora R (Johnson hw 

Iva M pi 

Lena M pi 


Clara F 
Strout, Dorome car 

Hannah B (Verril 

Annie F hw 

Theodore C 

Ethel P 

Emily P 

Myra E pi 

Ralph D pi 

Lawrence pi 

Scribner, Lydia hw Grove 

*Augusta (Eldridge hw 

Belle tourist 

Lawyer, Albert E mach 60 Elm 

Mary E ( Verril 1 
Skinner, Maria 



Elizabeth (Walker 



Forest L 

Tacie, S 

62 Elm 

Albert H 

Trundy, Chas 


Tobie, C H phy 

9 Main 

Virginia (Strout 

Emma E (Keene 


Lionel H 


Chas R 


Dorothy A 

William A 


Twitchell, Joanna 


Twiple, James 


Twitchell, Geo H 

road man 

Tola (Libby 


*Nellie N (Patterson 

Margurite E 

Tibbett, Henry 


Morris A 

Ada M (Bragg 

Trask, W C book kp'r 




Maude (Giffette 


Tripp, Roland moulder 

W Park 

Tinkham, Alice 


Nora C ( — 


Tileston, Mary E hw 


Sarah M 


Abbey M (To bey 

Roland L 


Mary E 



Thurlow, William P sawyer 

Virgil J 



Letita (Curtis 


Tilton, Amos 




Evy (Smith 



Winfield W 


*Tobey, Frank 

book kp'r 


Tinkham, A G ret'd mer Water 

*R Belle 

Thurston, John P fireman Water 


Gertrude (Chase 




Aaron S 


Hattie E 

Freeman H 

pl Tobey, James 


Lilia A 


Thayer, Lucius far 


Annie M 

Martha E (Jose 


Arvilla C 


Bertha L 

Julia L 

Tracy, Lyman butcher 


Tufts, Frank E b'k kp' 

r 62 Elm 



Lila ( Jordan hw 


Tobie, Geo W far 

Annette W ( Briggs hw 

Thurston, L W milkman 

Nellie (Stanton hw 

Twitchell, Geo H lab Lew'n 

Twitchell, James P 

Tyler, I N foreman Cobb Hotel 

True, Frank I) wholesale grocer 
Annie (Brown 

Dorothy pi 

Daniel pi 

Annie pi 

Thorpe, John far 

Thayer, Alfred B paper mk'r 

Myra (Strout hw 

Emery W pi 

Thayer, Melinda hw 12 Yates 

Teague, James H R R Ser Elm 
Mary M ( Lowe hw 

James H Jr shoe shop 

Percy shoe shop 

Wilfred pi 

Chas pi 

Elsie pi 


Taft, Chas E supt C M Co 

Taillon, Joseph shoe mk'r 

Dov Ho 

Taylor, David S lab Water 

*Teague, Edward O 

Termey, Chas S 

Thayer, Arvilla W Park 

Thoits, Jason W shoe mk'r True 
Thomas, John T lab 

Thorpe, Alice 

Thurlow, Amos paper mk'r Lew'n 
Thurston, Herbert E 58 Elm 

Tibbetts, William E shoe mk'r 

Tobie, William D grocer 20 Pleas 
Tripp, Lendall R R Ser Summer 
True, Sarah Elm 

Tucker, Herbert M far 

Tobie, Abby M High 

Towne, Wm D Groceries 20 Pleas 


Vaughn, E M R R Ser 

Hotel Elms 
Virgil, Geo A Virgin Bros Maple 
Virgin, Rufus J Virgin Bros 

Voyer, Herbert L lab 13 Main 


Whittle, Herman gardener Pleas 

Edna D (Strout hw 

Whitney, William 

Rose E (Ranson music tr 

Waterhouse, Lena hw 34 Pleas 

Fred H ice man 

Clarence D cl 

Whittier, W H clerg Oak 

Lucy (McGerry hw 




Walcotte, Sarah J hw Oak 

Frank C painter 

Walker, Geo E lab Elm 

Grace (Strout hw 

Wood, Marion hw 

Wakefield, Edwin A lab 

Wyman, Frank P car 

Walsh, Mary 

Weston, Lewis Hotel Elms 

Waterman, John T far 

*Henry mach 

*Elwell mach 

Woodsum, David Lewiston 





Waitt, George lab 

Evelyn ( Dunn hw 

Waterhouse, Solon mer Judson 

Louise (Wright hw 

Willard S cl 

Myrtie E 
Waycott, William lab 

Clara ( Frost 
Waterhouse, Forrest ass't P M 

51 Elm 

Leona ( Perkins hw 

Waterhouse, Fred H teamster Elm 

Mertie E ( Perham 

Dexter B 

Waterman, Tilson sheriff 75 Elm 
Martha E (Verrill hw 

Forest L 

Wayne, James M foreman Elm 
Sarah ( Wagner 
Effie M 

Walker, Daniel H expressman 

5 W Park 
Rosilla C hw 

Alfred B far 

Waterhouse, Willard S cl Judson 
Edith E ( Duran 

Winslow, Louise B hw Pleas 

Welch, O F laundryman i6 Pine 
Bertha G ( Butler 
Carroll D pi 

Ashley B pi 

Amsley G pi 

Waldren, Edward A lab Main 
Lillian ( Bryant 
Una A 
Earl A pi 

Woodsum, A A grocer and 

clothing store Elm 
Minnie C (Coffin hw 

Chas A pi 

Gilbert pi 

Norton A pi 

Lucretia A 

Walcott, Edwin Oak 

Walker, Alfred B far 

Mary L (Winslow hw 

Robert C pi 

Geo L pi 


^Ifrej ]3 pi Wyman, Frank P mech 

Wakefield, Edward A canvasser Cobb's Hotel 

Summer Wan en, C 62 Elm 

Walker, Garfield David House Wallace, Dolly (— Pleas 

Waterhouse, Clarence D cl Pleas Annie M 

Weston, Andrew J coal dl'r Elm 
Winchester, Warren shoe maker 

Lincoln York, Joseph carriage painter 

Woodsum, Albion canvasser True York, Lamont laundryman 

Wright, R G G paternmk'r York, Isaac lab 

15 Pleas Bethiah (Chase 




Allen, Chas S Melrose Mass Cotton, Fannie (Whitman 

Allen, Agnes ( Harriman ^^^^^ ^^^^ 

No Lovell Cotton, Frank H Oxford 

Cotton, Maude L (Gregory 
B Oxford 

Beals, Lizzie (Sinclair Auburn Cotton, Harry Bethel 

Buckman, Worthley C Cousins, Delmer 

Newton Mass Cumberland Miss 

Bridge, Edward Concord N H Cushman, Sarah (Rich Oxford 

Bridgham, Mabel (Wheeler Cobb, Maude L Mason Portland 

New Jersey Cotton, Harry Bethel 

Brown, Margurite C (Keen Cotton, Nellie (Sylvester 

Rumford Falls Gloucester 

Bray, Hollis 155 Cedar Chipman, Roland L Maiden Mass 

Boston Mass Campbell, Morris R Lewiston 
Beals, Lultha (Dwinal Auburn Collins, Lottie R (Hartford 



So Smithfield Rumford Falls 

Ellingwood, Wm H S Wilton 

Edwards, Lizzie (Holmes Oxford 

Duran, Edith Waterville 

Duran, John B Rumford Falls 

DeCoster, Harry W Foster, Mary (Caswell 

304 Boston Lynn Mass No Yarmouth 

DeCoster, Percy S Foster, Percy Oakdale 

304 Boston Lynn Mass Foster, Mabel (Blaisdell 

Durgin, Ina B ( Dowe Minot Kent Washington 

DeCoster J Carroll Foster, Flora (Telker Auburn 

John Hancock Building Foster, Augusta (Records 

Dwinal, Grace (Pushard Auburn 

Fryeburg Foster, Fred L Peterbury N H 

Davis, R Ella (Hanscome Bethel Fales, Benjamin B Dixfield 

Davis. Jennie C (Dunker Fales, Hebert J Nangatuck Conn 

Paloalto Cal 
Davis, Alice I (Hersey 

591 Broad E Weymouth Mass Gould, EllaL(Goss Minot 

Denning, Mary (Holt Oxford Garrett, Anna P (Andrews 

Denning, Fannie D (March 10 Pleasant Bucton Mass 

Turner Auburn Giddings, Dell B Minot 
Dennison, Woodbury E 

So Framingham Mass 

Dennison, Clara (Emrich Harmon, Walter D 

Bridgton Mass 12 Hammond Lewiston 

Daicy, Geo C Auburn Harmon, Arthur 

Dwinal, Fred E Auburn 25 Falmouth Portland 

Dwinal, C Frank Bangor Hutchins, Frank E Groton Conn 

Dwinal, Winifred C Harris, Tilson S 

7 Arch Boston Mass So Braintree Mass 
Harris, Frank 

•^ Medford Hillside Mass 

Ellingwood, Lettice Harris, Fred Deering 



Lord, Geo A 

427 Broadway Chelsea Mass 

Lunt, John F Auburn 

Lunt, Elmer E 85 Hunnington 

Ave Roslindale Mass 

Lunt, Edith (Keene W Poland 


Maybury, Chas O 

83 Johnson Lynn Mass 
Maybury, Abbie (Brickett 

18 Witham Haverill Mass 
McCann, Morilla (Holeman 

17 Orange Lewiston 
McCann, Frank T Bridgton 

Mason, William G 

33 Lexington Boston 
Mason, James L 

71 High Auburn 
Millett, John F Sioux City Iowa 
Millett, Arthur A Chicago 111 

Millett, Harold L Chicago 111 

Merrill, Annie M Auburn 

Merrill, Eliza Auburn 

Moore, Lucy E Denton 

McKinnon, John R Andover 

Mckinnon, Chas N Boston 

McCann, Annie R (Cobb 

99 A Becket Portland 
Moulton, Chas S Auburn 

Moulton, Adelaide F (Coburn 

Weston, Mass 

Pettie, Chas T Bridgport Conn 
Patterson, Frank N 

51 W Fiftieth New York 
Perkins, Rose A ( Pooler 

Hinsdale N H 
Pulsifer, Ada C (Parsons 

Kansas City 
Pulsifer, Mary C (Greenleaf 

Pulsifer, Fred G Sabattus 

Pulsifer, Virginia (Elwell 

Pendexter, Frank A Auburn 

Pettie, Eugene Lisbon Falls 

Pettie, Tobey Lisbon Falls 


Rowe, Edgar S Berlin N H 

Rand, Morris M Long Beach Cal 
Rand, Albertie G (Griffin 

Ashland, N H 
Rand, Ethel M (Chase Paris 

Reed, Jayson Berlin N H 

Reed, Augustus Auburn 

Strout, Delmer W East Auburn 
Strout, J H Auburn 

Strout, Lucy E (Day Jay Bridge 
Strout, Elias M So Poland 

Strout, Benjamin R Norfolk 

Story, Carrie (Wallis 


Norwood Mass Tilton, Eva Minot 

Story, Susie (Cummings Tilton, R Belle (Sanborn 

Yarmouth Gardiner 

Strout, Hannah ( Verrill Tilton, Ira Brockton Mass 

New Gloucester Thayer, Meda ( Cobb Berlin N H 

Strout, Chas A E Poland Teague, Edward O 

Strout, Eva (Records Earmington N H 

New Gloucester 

Strout, Ereeman G ^ 

240 Pearl Somerville Mass Whittle, Edith (Bradbury 

Scribner, Augusta . Elridge Auburn 

Leicester Mass Waterman, Henry Lowell Mass 

Seal, Fred E Lynn Mass Waterman, Elwell 

Spiller, Geo E Upper Gloucester Lawrence Mass 

Spiller, Hubert Rangley Woodsum, William Bath 

„ Woodsum, David 


42 Brackett, Portland 

Twitchell, Nellie N Patterson Walker, C Blanche Wellman 

26 Bowery Bath Houlton 





George Washington, Fed. — Virginia, 
John Adams, Fed.— Massachusetts, 
Thomas Jefferson, Rep.— Virginia 
James Madison, Rep. — Virginia, 
James Munroe, Rep.— Virginia, 
John Q. Adams, Rep. — Mass., 
Andrew Jackson, Dem — S. Carolina, 
Martin Van Buren, Dem. — N. ¥., 
Wm. H, Harrison, Whig — Virginia, 
John Tyler, Dem.— Virginia, 
James K. Polk, Dem.— N. Carolina 
Zachary Taylor, Whig— Virginia, 
Millard Fillmore, Whig — New York 
Franklin Pierce, Dem. — N. H., 
James Buchanan, Dem. — Pa,, 
Abraham Lincoln, Rep. — Kentucky, 
Andrew Johnson, Dem. — N. C. 
Ulysses S. Grant, Rep. — Ohio, 
Rutherford B. Hayes, Rep. — Ohio, 
James A. Garfield, Rep. — Ohio, 
Chester A. Arthur, Rep. — Vermont, 
Grover Cleveland, Dem. — N. Jersey, 


1789 to i797, Dec. 14, 1799 
1797 to 1801, July 4, 1826 
1801 to 1809, July 4, 1826 
1809 to 1817, June 28, 1836 
1817 to 1825, July 4, 1831 
1825 to 1829, Feb. 23, 1848 
1829 to 1837, June 8, 1845 
1837 to /841, July 24, 1862 
1841, April 4, 1841 
1841 to 1845, J^"- ^7' ^^^^ 
1845 to 1849, June 15, 1849 

1849 to 1850, July 9, 1850 

1850 to 1853, Mar. 10, 1874 
1853 to 1857, Oct. 8, 1869 
1857 to 1861, June I, 1868 
1861 to 1865, Apr. 15, 1865 
1865 to 1869, July 31, 1875 

1869 to 1877, July 23, i885 
1877 to 1881, Jan. 17, 1893 
1881 Sept. 19, 1881 
1881 to 1S85, Nov. 18, 1886 
i885, to 1889. 


Benjamin Harrison, Rep. — Ohio, 1889 to 1893, Mar. 13, 1900. 
Grover Cleveland, Dem. — N. Jersey, 1893 to 1897. 
William McKinley, Rep. — Ohio, 1897 to 1901, Sept. 13, 1901. 
Theodore Roosevelt, Rep. — N. York, 1901. 


1820 William King, Bath. 

182 1 William D .Williamson, Bangor, Acting, 

1 82 1 Benjamin Ames, Bath, Acting 

1822 Albion K. Parris, Paris. 

1827 Enoch Lincoln, Portland, (d). 

1829 Nathan Cutler, Farmington, Acting. 

1830 Jona G. Hnnton, Readfield. 

183 1 Samuel E. Smith, Wiscasset. 
1834 Robert P. Dunlap, Brunswick. 

1838 Edward Kent, Bangor. 

1839 John Fairfield, Saco. 

1841 Edward Kent, Bangor. 

1842 John Fairfield, Saco. 

1843 John Fairfield, Saco, (elected to U. S. Senate). 

1843 Edw. Kavanagh, Newcastle, Acting. 

1844 Hugh J. Anderson, Belfast. 
1847 John W. Dana, Fryeburg. 
1850 John Hubbard, Hallowell. 
1853 William G. Crosby, Belfast. 

1855 Anson P. Morrill, Readfield. 

1856 Samuel Wells, Portland. 

1857 Hannibal Hamlin, Hampden (elected U. S. Senate). 

1857 Joseph H. Williams, Augusta, Acting. 

1858 Lot M. Morrill, Augusta. 




Israel Washburn, Jr., 



Abner Coburn, 



Samuel Cony, 



Joshua L. Chamberlain, 



Sidney Perham, 



Nelson Dingley, Jr., 



Selden Connor, 



Alonzo Garcelon, 



Daniel F. Davis, 



Harris M. Plaisted, 



Frederick Robie, 



Joseph R. Bodwell, 


Died Dec. 15, 1887 


S. S. Marble, 




Edwin C, Burleigh, 



Henry B, Cleaves, 



Llewellyn Powers, 



John Fremont Hill, 



William P. Frye, 
Eugene Hale, 




Amos L. Allen, 
Chas. E. Littlefield, 
Edwin C. Burleigh, 
Llewellyn Powers, 








The following arrangement for Councilor Districts, for the 
ten years ending 1912, was adopted by the Legislature of 1902-3. 

1 York, 1903, '04, '07, '68, '09, '10, Charles H. Prescott, Bidde- 
Oxford, 1905, '06, '11, '12, ford, Chainnan. 

2 Cumberland, one for each year, Chas. Sumner Cook, Portland. 

3 Androscoggin, 1907, '08, '11, '12, Sylvester J. Walton, Skow- 
Somerset, 1903, '04, '09, '10, began. 

Franklin, 1905, '06, 

4 Kennebec, 1903, '4, '9, '10, '11, '12, Wm. T. Haines, Water- 
Lincoln, 1905, '06, ville. 

Sagadahoc, 1907, '08, 

5 Hancock, 1903, '04, '09, "10, Edward E. Chase, Bluebill. 
Knox, 1907, '08, 

Waldo, 1905, '06, '11, '12, 

6 Penobscot, 1903, '4, '5, '6, '9, '10, '11, '12, Nath'l M. Jones, 
Piscataquis, 1907, '08, Bangor. 

7 Aroostook, 1907, '8, '9, '10, '11, '12, George A. Murchie, 
Washington, 1903, '04, '05, '06, Calais. 


Byron Boyd, Augusta, Secretary of State, $1,500 

*Arthur L Brown, Belfast, Deputy Secretary of State, 1,500 

J. E. Alexander, Richmond, Chief Clerk to Sec. of State, 1,200 

=^Abel D. Russell, Weld, En'g Clerk to Sec. of State, 1,000 

Anna P. Ladd, Augusta, Clerk to Secretary of State, 

*0. Smith, Litchfield, State Treasurer, 2,000 

Geo. M. Seiders, Portland, Attorney-General, 1,000 

A B. Farnham, Bangor, Adjutant-general, 1,500 

N. S. Purinton, W. Bowdoin, Private Sec. to Governor, 1,200 


Francis Keefe, Eliot, Messenger. 

*Addie French, Winthrop, Stenographer to Exec. Dept. 

*W. W. Stetson, Auburn, State Supt. PubHc Schools, 1,500 

*Edgar E. Ring, Orono, Land Agt. and Forest Com., i ,000 

^Charles W. Curtis, Brewer, Clerk. 

*S. W. Carr, Bowdoinham, Insurance Commissioner, i-S^o 

Chas. W. Fletcher, Augusta, Deputy Ins. Commissioner, 1,000 

*F. E. Timberlake, Phillips, Bank Examiner, 1,800 

*E. C. Stevens, Chelsea, Supt. of Public Buildings, 1,200 

J. M. Leavitt, Kennebunk'rt, State Liquor Commissioner, 1,500 

*E. C. Milliken.Portland, Pension Clerk, 1,200 

*S. W. Matthews, Caribou, Com. Indus'l and Labor Stat. 1,500 

*Charles J. House, Monson, Clerk. 

A. W. Oilman, Foxcroft, Com. of Agriculture, 1,500 

C. E. Atwood, Biddeford, Inspector W., F., M., etc. 

Joseph B. Peaks, Dover, 2,500 

Benj. F. Chadbourne, Biddeford, 2,000 

Parker Spofford, Bucksport, 2,000 

Railroad Commiss'rs, 

*E. C. Farrington,Fryeburg, Clerk to R. R. Commiss'rs, 1,500 

Francis C. Peaks, Dover, Assistant Clerk, 1,200 

Otis Hay ford. Canton, 1,500 

George Pottle, Lewiston, 1,500 

State x\ssessors, 

*F. M. Simpson, Bangor, 1.500 

James Plummer, Augusta, Clerk to State Assessors, 1,000 

Leonard D. Carver, xAugusta, State Librarian, 1,000 
Ernest W. Emery, Augusta, Assistant Librarian. 
Mary L. Carver, Augusta, Cataloguer. 

Edw. Wiggin, Presque Isle, Clerk to Supt. Pub. Schools. 1,000 

Chas. B. Caldwell, Augusta, Treasurer's Clerk, 1,500 

Melvin W. Wiswell, Brewer Treasurer's Clerk, 1,000 



Daniel W. Emery, Augusta, Treasurer's Clerk, 

Thomas Clark, Tremont, 
Charles E. Davis, Portland, 
L. T. Carleton, Winthrop, 
Henry O. Stanley, Dixfield, 
Edgar E. Ring, Orono, 

Clerk to Adjt. General, 
Clerk to Adjt. General. 




Commissioners of Inland 
Fisheries and Game, 
A. R. Nickerson, Booth. Har. Com. of Seashore Fisheries, 
Henry R. Cowan, Bangor, Keeper of State Arsenal, 
Sam'l B. Kelsey, Portland, 
C. W. T. Coding, Portland, 
Cyrus H. Farley, Portland, 

Commissioners of Harbor and 
Tidal Waters. 
F. O. Beal, Bangor, 
John M. Deering, Saco, 
F. S. Adams, Bowdoin, 

Cattle Commissioners. 
F. H. Wilson, Brunswick, 
Percy L. Lord, Calais, 
Jos. F. Young, Augusta, 

Commissioners of Pharmacy. 
Geo. H. Hunt, Old Town, Agent Penobscot Indians, 
Chas. A. Rolfe, Princeton, Agent Passamaq'dy Indians, 
Whitman Sawyer, Portland, 
Wm. L. Scribner, Springfield, 
Albion P. Gordon, Fryeburg, 

Inspectors of Prison and Jails. 
Albion P. Gordon, Fryeburg, 
John M. Taylor, South Portland, 
John R. McDonald, Addison, 





Inspectors of Steamboats. 
H. P. Farrow, Belmont ( Ct. ) Inspector of Dams and Reservoirs. 
* Indicates official P. O. at Augusta. 



Trustees — salary, $2.00 per day and travel. 
Frederick Robie, President, Gorham. 
H, T. Powers, Secretary, Fort Fairfield. 
Mrs. J. R. Smith, Litchfield. 
Chas. E. Field, Bangor. 
Geo. E. Macomber, Augusta. 
Thomas White, Bangor. 
Sidney M. Bird, Rockland. 



Bigelow T. Sanborn, M. D., (Salary, $2,000) Superintendent. 
H. B. Hill, M. D., (salary $1,350) Assistant Superintendent. 
H. L. Horsman, M. D., (salary, $1,200) Second Assistant. 
H. K. Stinson, M. D., (salary. $800) Third Assistant. 
Gertrude E. Heath, M. D., (salary, $400) Assistant Physician. 
Manning S. Campbell, (salary, $1,600) Steward and Treas- 
Alice G. Twitchell, (salary. $500) Matron. 
Revs. Chas. W. Doherty, Norman McKinnon, C. G. Mosher, 


Vermont R. Luce, Supervisor of Male Wards. 
Mrs. Annie D. McLean, Supervisor of Female Wards. 
John A .Getchell, Hospital Clerk. 
. Warren P. Doughty, Superintendent's Clerk. 


George W. Foster, M. D., (salary, $2,000) Superintendent. 

P. H. S. Vaughn, M. D., (salary, $1,200) Assistant Superin- 
tendent, (Elected superintendent). 

Burt F. Howard, M. D., (salary, $700) Second Assistant. 

Charles F. Perry, Steward. 

Charles S. Pearl, Treasurer. 

Adelaide C. Brown, Matron. 

Frank D. Friend, Supervisor of Male Wards. 

Revs. C. H. Cutler, Edward McSweeney, A. E. Kingsley, 
Robert A. Jordan, Chaplains. 

Jessie J. Glenn, Supervisor of Female Wards and Chief of 
Training School. 

Leslie W. Somers, Hospital Clerk. 

Isabelle N. Pratt, Superintendent's Clerk. 


Hillman Smith, (salary, $1,800) Warden. 

Arthur C. Wyman, (salary, $1,000) Deputy Warden. 


Board meetings third Tuesday of February, May, August and 


E. P. Wentworth, ($1,000) Superintendent. 

J. Henry Dow, ($700) Assistant Superintendent. 

Trustees — salary, $2.00 per day and travel. 

Fred Atwood, Winterport, President. 
Chas. L. Hutchinson, Portland, Secretary. 
Marquis F. King, Portland, Treasurer. 
Hiram W. Ricker, South Poland. 
Henry W. Mayo, Hampden. 


Incorporated February 29, 1872. Organized November 12, 
1872. Opened January 20, 1875. Established as a State insti- 
tution, March 17, 1899. 


Andrew Hawes, Portland, President. 
Alfred W. Anthony, Lewiston. 
Chas. H. Dudley, Hallowell. 
Miss Clara M. Farwell, Rockland. 
Mrs. Persis Martin, Augusta. 

Ex-officio on the part of the State, 
State Superintendent of Public Schools. 
Mrs. Mary E. King, Principal. 
Flagg-Dummer Hall, (opened January 2, 1875) M. F. Whit- 
tier, Matron. 

Baker Hall, (opened December, 1898) Mary E. Mitchell, 

Erskine Hall, (opened September, 1902) Nancy R. Merrill, 



Incorporated February 23, 1866; opened November 19, 1866. 
Seth T. Snipe, Bath, President. 
John O. Shaw, Bath, Secretary. 
H. A. Duncan, Bath, Treasurer. 

Trustees Appointed by Governor. 
J. L. Chamberlain, Portland. 
John O. Shaw, Bath. 
John M. S. Hunter, Farmington. 
J. L. Merrick, Waterville. 

Trustees Appointed by Corporation. 
S. T. Snipe, Bath ; H. A. Duncan, Bath ; W. H. Watson, Bath. 

Executive Committee. 
S. T. Snipe, Bath ; W. H. Watson, Bath ; John O. Shaw, Bath. 

Committee on Reception and Disposal of Children. 

W. H. Watson, Bath ; S. T. Snipe, Bath ; 

J. L. Merrick, Waterville. 



Opened October, 1874, 
Officers — William L. Putman, Portland, President; Franklin 
R. Barrett, Portland, Secretary and Treasurer. 


Elected by the Corporation — S. W. Thaxter, President; 


William H. Moulton, J. W. Symonds, Elias Thomas, Thomas L. 
Talbot, Chas. H. Payson, Portland. 

Appointed by the State — F. A. Wilson, Bangor ; Nath'I Hobbs, 
North Berwick; William W. Brown, Portland. 

Chas. D. Smith, M. D., Portland, Resident Physician and 
Superintendent ; Mrs. Hannah E. Rogers, Matron ; Miss Amelia 
L. Smith, Superintendent of Nurses. 


Opened July, 1891. 
Seth M. Carter, Auburn, President ; D. J. Callahan, Lewiston, 
Secretary ; L. G. Jordan, Lewiston, Treasurer. 


Elected by the Corporation — Seth M. Carter, President, Ara 
Cushman (Deceased), H. M. Packard, J. P. Hutchinson, Chas. 

C. Wilson, Auburn ; S. B. Hayes, W. D. Pennell, G. M. Coombs, 
S. D. Wakefield, T. F. Callahan, Lewiston; Geo. P. Emmons, 
M. D., Resident Physician and Superintendent ; Miss Eugenia 

D. Ayers, Matron and Superintendent of Nurses. 


Opened June 7, 1892. 

Officers — Chas. Hamlin, Bangor, President; Edw. Stetson, 
Bangor, Vice-President ; Chas. H. Bartlett, Secretary ; Chas. D. 
Crosby, Treasurer. 

Tr«5/<?^5— President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer 
ex-officio, B. B. Thatcher, Hugh R. Chaplin, Hiram H. Fogg, 


Edward McSweeny, Isaiah K, Stetson, J. L. Crosby, Prescott 
H. Vose, Fred W. Ayer, Arthur ChapHn. 

Superintendent of the Hospital — Miss Ellen F. Paine. 

Medical Staff— QsXtn M. Woodcock, Atwell W. Swett, Calvin 
P. Thomas, Bertram L. Bryant. 

Surgical Staff — W. H. Simmons, W. C. Mason, W. L. Hunt, 
Daniel A. Robinson. 

Adjunct Surgeons — E. B. Sanger, Daniel McCann, John B. 
Thompson, Luther S. Mason. 

Surgeons — Herbert T. Clough, eye and ear; Harry Butler, 
throat and nose ; L. S. Chilcott, dental. 

Acting Pathologist and Bacteriologist — B. L. Bryant. 


Oificers — John F, Hill, Augusta, President; Albion Little, 
Portland ; Ammi Whitney, Portland, Vice-Presidents ; F. W. 
Searle, Portland, Secretary and Superintendent ; F. E. Boothby, 
Portland, Treasurer. 

Executive Committee — Albion Little, Chairman ; E. E. Holt, 
Thos. P. Shaw, W. S. Eaton, Ammi Whitney, Jas. F. Hawkes. 

Executive Surgeon — E. E. Holt. 

Attending Surgeons — E. E. Holt, D. J. Clough. 


Physicians — Addison S. Thayer, A. K. P. Meserve. ^ 


Surgeons — Owen Smith, Oilman Davis. 
Matron and Head Nurse — Miss Edith Whitlock. 

Delayed Data Norcross, Rev Fred C Clergy 

Charlotte C (Fisk hw 

Philip F 







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