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Full text of "A memoir and genealogy of John Poore. Ten generations: 1615-1880 .."

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Ten Generations: 1G15-1880. 


Inquire, I proy thee, of the former ap^e, and prepare thyself to the search of their fatiiers. Jon, 
Honor thy father anil thy mother, tliat thy days may be long upon the land. Moses. 

By ALFRED POORE, Geotsalogist. 


For sale at the rooms of the New England Historic- 
Genealogical Society, 18 Somerset Street, Boston; and Essex Institute in 
Pluramer Hall, 134 Essex Street, Salem, Mass. 


• ■/ 



i 253741 



It is now more than thirty-two years since the compiler of this Genealogy was first 
led into an investigation of the Records by a natural curiosity to learn something about 
his ancestry. Having traced his own line back to the first of his ancestors who settled 
in this country, he felt a desire to continue these inquiries and gather from every source 
all that might be learned about the descendants of that original progenitor. The re- 
sult of this investigation, which represents the labor, in all that time, of more than 
four years, will be found in this volume, which has been printed not only with the hope 
that it will prove interesting to those of the compiler's kindred now living, but also 
with the expectation that some copies, at any rate, will be preserved on the family 
tables, or on the shelves of the more public town and district libraries, to meet the eyes 
of future generations of this name, and excite iu them a desire to know something about 
the history of their family. 

The origin of this surname is clearly enough shown in its form, which has existed 
now for more than thirty generations, or ever since surnames began to be established, 
and is well rendered in the old English Records by the Latin form Pauper, as, for in- 
stance, Roger le Pauper or Roger le Poer, the famous Bishop of Salisbury, whose mon- 
nment may still be seen iu the beautiful cathedral which he fonnded but did not live to 
see finished, the exquisite spire of which, rising to a height of over four hundred feet, 
overlooks old Sarum, once a crowded city under the Saxon rule, now an uninhabited 
hill< and the great Salisbury Plain with its mysterious ruins of Stonehenge and its 
mounds and rings, memorials of a still older period, when the druids offered up their 
sacrifices and the native Britons sought vainly to withstand the steady march of the 
disciplined Roman legions ; while close at hand, within a short walk from the cathedral 
city, on the banks of a quiet stream, lies Ambrosebury, Ambresbury or Amesbury, 
whence our New England town took its name, and where once lived a Philip le Poer 
the ancestor of the present well-known English family of Poore, whose seat is now at 
RHshall in the same county of Wilts. Both iu England and in this country the name 
has been variously spelled, as Poor, Poore, Poer and eveu Power. The more common 
form, however, seems to have been Poore. 

Without being able to state definitely from what place in old England our first Now 
England ancestor came, there are some circumstances, at least, which lead to the sup- 
position that we may look to Wiltshire, or its neighboring county Hampshire, for the 
immigrant's birth-place. Chief Justice Samuel Scwall, in a letter writteu in 1G84-5, 
to his uncle Stephen Dummer, theu liviug in Bishopstoke, a parish of Hampshire, close 



to the southeastern borders of Wiltshire, wrote, "we are in good health here in 
Boston ; so our friends at Newbury are as far as I know. John Poor of the Neck 
died the beginning of this winter." [N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. IX, p. 287.] 
And we find that Alice Poore, aged 20, Samuel Poore, aged 18, and Daniel Poore, 
aged 14 years, all came together with the family of Stephen Dummer in the Bevis, 
from the port of Southampton, England, in 1638, while tradition says that our 
' ancestor, John Poore, and the above mentioned Samuel, who settled in Newbury, 
Daniel, who took up his abode in Andover, and a Thomas, wliom we find to have been 
certainly a brother of Daniel, and who died in Andover without issue, were 
all brothers. 

As the name of Stephen Dummer's wife, at the time of the immigration, was Alice, 
we may conjecture that these children were akin to her and perhaps orphans under 
the guardianship of her and her husband. Be this as it maj^ there seems enough to 
warrant the hope that a careful search among the records of the parish of Bishopstoke, 
or of some of the parishes in its neighborhood, both in Hampshire and Wiltshire, 
may throw light upon the parentage of John Poore, and perhaps connect him with the 
Ambresbury family. And in this connection it should be remembered that the parish 
of Andover lies in Hampshire, not very far from Bishopstoke, and connected by an 
easy road with Salisbury, so that the New England pilgrim to the "old home" beyond 
the sea, while riding out to Stonehenge, may almost fancy himself in our own Essex 
county as he passes by a familiar looking guide-post standing at the cross road which 
informs him that Andover lies to the northeast, while the little town of Amesbury, 
already mentioned, lies but a short distance to the westward. 

The endeavor has been made to render this work authentic and complete, and, to 
that end, the proofs as they have come from the printer's hands have been transmitted 
to the various families for inspection and revision, and it is hoped that it will prove as 
nearly correct as a work of this nature can be. 
* The arrangement of families is in a natural order, and the various sizes and positions 
of the type indicate the different generations, rendering it easily understood, a system 
which, although unique, Avill be found not without utility. , 

The table of the first six generations on page 134, and the compound triune index to 
the work will be found, it is to be hoped, of great value. 

In conclusion, the compiler is desirous of expressing his sincere gratitude towards 

those who have assisted in the collecting of these records, and his earnest hope that all 

his kindred and patrons will take as much pleasure in the perusal of this work as he 

has taken in its prejjaration. 


Salem, Mass., Christmas, 1880. 


'OIIN" POORE, tlie patriarch of one stock of his name, came, 
according to Mr. Coffin in his history of Newbnry, from "Wilt- 
shire, England, in 1635, which was the next year after several 
families — wlio that year also settled in IS^ewbnry — came to 

According to depositions on file in the office of the Essex 
Connty Court, he was born about 1615, consequently he was 
about twenty years old when he came to this country. 

After a careful examination of the recoi-ds of the State, Counties, Towns 
and Churches in Massachusetts, we conclude that he was the earliest of his 
family name who came to America. 

He settled upon the southerly side of Parker Piver in ISTewbiny, Massa- 
chusetts, that part of the town being called the "Neck." The street leading 
over Parker River to Rowley was laid out as far as his house through the 
north part of his land, then it turned westward. 

The lot east of John Poo re's was, from generation to generation, occupied 
by the Thurston family. ISText east of Thurston's lot, and on the end of 
the Neck, was the homestead of the Plummer family. Through these es- 
tates is a street extending by the south side of ]Mr. Poore's house and the 
Thurston and Plummer houses, to the end of the ISTcck. The lot west of 
Poore's was owned by the Ilalc family; all of these lots extend across 
the Neck from Parker River to the Marshes, which lie between this upland 



and Plumb Island River. He had laid out to him by Rowley, in 1661, about 
thirty acres of upland, at a place in that towu called " The Island beyond 
the Cow Bridofe Meadow." 

The house which he built, together with additions, is still standing, and 
has been owned by the family, from father to son, until this time (1878), 
eight generations having been born in it, the eighth and ninth generations 
now residing there. 

At times the old mansion has been used as an Inn. It is on the ancient 
highway leading to Rowley, and about four miles southward from Market 
Square, and Stations on the Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads in 
iNewburyport. * 

By the. records of the county we find that he was on the jury in the 
years 1654, 1658, 1661, 1664, 1665, 1670, 1674, 1678. He was attorney for 
Daniel Poore, of Andover, who, it is supposed, waajii^jbrother when said 
Daniel had a cause against Jo. Godfrey, March 26, 1667, and Walter 
"Wright, March, 1681. 

In the Registry of Deeds, at Salem, may be found sundry lists of those 
who took the oath of fidelity. The age of each iJ^ewbury man was given in 
a list for 1678. On this latter, appears the name of John Poore, aged 63. 

He was chosen by the town to occupy various places of trust; for in- 
stance, in 1666 and 1669, he was on the board "to act the prudentialls of 
the Town." When the seats in the meeting-house were assigned in 1668, 
it is recorded that "John Poor, sen"" to sit in the fore seat." 

He had land given by the town from time to time, and bought other land ; 
so, he owned in ITewbury and Rowley probably over a hundred acres; but, 
the supposition is that it was conveyed to his sons before his decease, as 
we find the deeds of some of it on record, viz. : to his sons John and 
Henry, dated not long before his decease. ' 

By an inventory of his personal estate we find the date of his decease 
to be " about " IS'ovember 21, 1684. Tradition says that he was out hunting, 
and losing his way, perished by cold and hunger in the woods near An- 
dover. On file in the ofiice of Clerk of the Coui-ts in Essex County, 
Volume XLIII, page 73, in the report of the jury of inquest, summoned to 
inquire into the cause of his death, dated Kov. 24th, in the year of our Lord 


1684, wc find (lie followinj^ verdict: — "AVe judge tliat being in the woods 
and following his game, he Avas bewildered, and lost liimself, and in his pur- 
suit plucked off his clothes, and scattered them some good distance, one 
part from another till he had left nothing on save his wastcoat and drawers, 
and breeches and hose and shoocs." 

We find no will on record; but, it seems he had made a verbal disposition 
of some of his estate. Among the papers on file in the Probate Office it is 
stated that before the balance of his estate was divided among the heirs, 
£30 was " to be abated for debts & legacyes." 

Wc discover on the back of an account of the Administrators, rendered 
November 26, 1697, that his heirs among whom his estate was divided were 
the widow and seven children, viz. : John Poor, the eldest son Henry, Jo- 
seph, Hannah Ilsly, Sarah, Mary Clark, Lydia Titcum and Abigail Ilsly. 

The name of his wife, by whom he had his children, was Sarah ; and that 
appears as the name of his widow, after his decease; and widow Sarah 
Poore died Dec. 3, 1702. But we are luiable to give the maternal ancestry 
of his children. 

1. John, b. June 21, 1G42 ; m. Mary Titcomb. See liis family on p. 9. 

2. Hannah, b. Oct. 14, 1G45 ; died young. 

3. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 3, 1C47 ; probably died iinm., as she was not meutioued when her 

father's estate was divided. 

4. Hannah, b. Mar. 25, 1649, who ra. Mar. 14, 1667, Elisha, son of Win. Ilsloy, who died Jan. 

16, 1690-1, but she was alive in 1697. She had 
I. Elisha, b. Nov. 21, 1668. II. A daughter, b. Sept. 24, 1G71 ; d. Nov. 2, 1671. III. Willi.-im, b. 
Nov. 10, 1672. IV. Mary, b. Sept. 24, 1674; d. Nov. 9, 1G90. V. Sarah, b. Dec. 22, 1675; d. 
Jan. 8, 1690. VI. A sou, b. Mar., 1677. VII. Bciijaiuiu, b. Mar. 14, 1680. VIII. Uauuah, b. 
Dec. 6, 1681. IS. Barbara, b. Mar. 26, 1785. 

5. Henr3% b. Dec. 13, 1650 ; m. Abigail Hale. See the Family Tree, facing page 135. 

6. Mary, b. Mar. 6, 1652 ; d. Sept. 8, 1652. 

7. Joseph, b. Oct. 4, 1653, who had ten children ; ])ut none of his sons, as we h.avo discovered, 

had any children. He resided in Newbury, excepting a short time in Rowley, about 
1700 ; was a weaver ; also bought and sold lands, and owned lands iu Newbury, Salis- 
bury and Rowley at times. His son-in-law, Ephraim Foster, was appointed adm' of 
his est.ite, Nov. 18, 1732, who rendered acct. June 4, 1735, and the estate was divided 
among his widow (Mary Poor), and 5 children that survived, the husbands of whom 
were all living. He ra. Aug. 6, 1680, Mary, dau. of Nicholas Wallingford, b. Aug. 
29, 1663. Ilcr father was a seaman, residing in Newbury, when taken captive at sea, 
and never returned. His wife's mother was Sarah, dau. of Ileury and Bridget Travers, 
of Newbury. Children : 


I. A child born and died in 1G83. II. Josepli, b. Sspt. 23, 1685, who died at Boston,Dec. 22, 1708, 
and his father was appointed adrn' of his estate Jan. 19, 1708. III. Benjamin, b. Nov. 7, 1C87; 
not mentioned when liis father's estate was divided among his heirs. IV. Saj-ah, b. May 12, 
1G90 ; probably died unmarried, as she was not mentioned when her father's estate was settled. 
v. Mary, b. Aug. 12, 1G92 ; m. Jan. 7, 1714-5, Jonathan Moores. Settled in Newbury, apd had 

I. Joseph, b. Feb. 3, 1715; 2. Jonathan, b. Apr. 4, 1718; 3. Edmund, b. Apr. 24, 1722; 4. 
Benjamin, b. Jan. 20, 1724; S.John, b. Oct. 15, 1726; 6. Samuel, b. Nov. 5, 1728; 7. Amiru- 
hama, b. Nov. 17, 1730; and, perhaps others. "VI. Abigail, b. Aug. 1, 1G95; m. Jan. 7, 1715- 
16, Ephraim Foster, of Andover, who died Apr. 8, 1738 ; and she was admx. of his estate. 
The following are the children found on record : 1 Jedediah, b. in 1717, who probably died 
young; 2. Hannah, b. Aug. 2, 1725, who died Mar. 7, 1726; and 3. Jedediah, who was about 
twelve years old when his guardian was appointed in 1738. VII. Hannah, b. Apr. 3, 1698 ;' m. 
Dec. 5, 1715, Thomas Lull, in Rowley, where they had the following children : 1. Mary, b. Sept. 

II, 1718; 2. Hannah, b. July 28, 1721; 3. Thomas, b. May 5, 1725; 4. Moses, b. June 3, 1730. 
VIII. John, b. Aug. 1, 1701; not mentioned in 1735, when the estate of his father was dis- 
tributed among his heirs. IX. Lydia, b. Mar. 14, 1704; m. Dec. 25, 1723, Samuel Wallingford, 
who died before Jan. 29, 1739, when she was appointed adm^ of his estate, leaving sons 
Joseph, Samuel and Benjamin, who were all under fourteen years of age when their 
guardian, Samuel Jewett, was appointed. Mar. 14, 1742. The youngest are recorded as born 
in Eowley, viz.: 1. Joseph, as above; 2. Samuel, b. Apr. 3, 1737; 3. Benjamin, b. June 4, 
1739. X. Judith, b. July 8, 1708; ra. Apr. 4, 1723, Richard Stuart, in Rowley, where the fol- 
lowing children were recorded, viz : 1. Ebcnezer, b. Jan. 3, 1728-9; 2, Joseph, b. Aug. 5, 1731, 
and Jonathan, b. June 1, 1749. 

8. Mar}', b. Doc. 12, 1G54 ; m. Jan. 10, 1()72, John, son of Richard Clarke, of Eowley, b. 

Mar. 26, 1650 ; settled in Rowley, and had ^_ 

I. Sarah, b. Sept. 7, 1675. II. Richard, b. Nov. 10, 1677. III. John, b. Nov. 4, 1679. IV. JuditJi, 
b. Feb. 7, 1681. V. Mary, b. Feb. 8, 1683. VI. Hester, b. Mar. 23, 1686. VII. Martha, b. 
Mar. 23, 1688. VIII. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 28, 1689. IX. Joseph, died Oct. 1693. X. Benjamin, 
died Oct. 12, 1693. 

9. Sarah, b. June 5, 1655 ; m. Feb. 18, 1675, John, son of "William Sawyer, of Newbury, 

where thej' settled; he b. Aug. 24, 1645, and died Ma}' 30, 1689; but she and sis 
children were alive Nov. 15, 1697 ; their children were 
I. Ruth, b. Sept. 22, 1677. II. 'Vfilliam, b. Apr. 29, 1679. III. Sarah, b. May 20, 1681. IV, John, 

b. Apr. 25, 1683. V. Jonathan, b. Mar. 4, 1685. VI. David, b. Jan. 12, 1687. VII. John, b. 

Sept. 11, 1688. 

10. Lydia, b. Dec. 5, 1656 ; m. Penuel, son of "William Titcomb, of Newbury, b. Dec. 16, 

1650, a brother to her brother John's wife ; settled in Newbury, where he died Feb. 5, 
1718 ; she was mentioned in his will of Jan. 4, 1717-8 ; their children were 
I. Sarah, b. Dec. 22, 1684. II. "William, b. Apr. 8, 1687. III. John, b. Sept. 24, 1689. IV. Joseph, 
b. about 1693, mentioned in will. 

11. Edward, b. Apr. 4, 1658 ; probably died young, as he was not mentioned in the settle- 

ment of his father's estate in 1697. 

12. Abigail, b. Mar. 26, 1660 ; d. Apr., 1660. 

13. Abigail, b. Aug. 5, 1661 ; m. Isaac, son of "William Ilsley, a brother to her sister Hannah's 

husband, and had eight children, the last born after his decease ; they were 
I. Sarah, b. Oct. 3, 1683. II. "William, b. Apr. 25, 1685. III. Abigail, b. Aug. 22, 1689. IV. Lydia, 
b. June 18, 1691. V. Hannah, b. Dec. 26, 1693. VI. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 25, 1695. VII. Isaac, 
b. July 3, 1698. VIII. Judith, b. Feb. 2, 1702. 



S^OIINS l>orii June 21, l(Ji2; died Fel)ruary 15, 1700-1. Settled in 
Newbury, on the homestead of his father; took the oath of allegi- 



6-r/' ance in 1678, when he was 36 years of age. He was on tlie jury; 
was frequently called to offices of trust in his native })lace, as overseer of 
wills, and appraiser of estates; was tything-man many years and constable 
to collect taxes, etc- 

He probably bought or sold but little real estate during his life; but his 
heirs sold the out-lands, most of which were in Rowley, to Joseph Plura- 
mer, jr., in 1706. 

In his will made July 12, 1700, proved March 3 following his decease, he 
mentions his wife Mary, and all his children excepting his first born, who 
died in infancy. He gave his homestead to his son Jonathan, with a provis- 
ion that he pay the debts and legacies thereof. 7- / , 

He married February 27, 1665, Mary, daughter of William and Joanna 
(Bartlett) Titcomb, born February ^7, 16^4, and she was alive in 1700, 
when she sold to her son-in-law, Joseph Morse, her interest in the estates 
of her imcle, John Bartlett, and cousin, John Bartlett. Her mother was 
daughter of Richard Bartlett, Sr., of Newbury, and the Titcomb and Bart- 
lett kin, of whom she was a descendant, have resided in Newbury and vi- 
cinity from its first settlement. They had the following children, viz. : 

1. Johii,b. May 27, 16G8; died Oct. 4, 1668. 

2. Maiy, b. Aug. 9, 1669 ; m. Jan. 29, 1690, Samuel West, of Salem, Mass., where she had 

the following children born, viz. : 
I. Samuel, b. Nov. 21, ICOl. II. Elizabeth, b. Sept. II, 1G93; d. 1703. III. .Tonathati, b. 1C97. IV. 
Dauicl, b. Apr. 22, IC99. V. Nathaniel, b. Sept., 1702. 

3. Sarah, b. Oct. 27, 1671 ; m. Nov. 10, 1696, Jolin Bachelour, of Reading, Mass., where we 

find their children recorded, viz. : 
I. Sarah, b. Dec. 21, 1G97. 11. Rcbcckah, b. Mar. 5, 1700. III. Hannah, b. Oct. 12, 1701. IV. 
Mavy, b. May 15, 1703. V. Samuel, b. May U, 1707. VI. Elizabeth, b. May 25, 1710. 

4. Elizabeth, b. Jul)' 26, 1674; m. Jan. 30, 1692-3, Joseph Morse, weaver, of Newbury, 

where we find they liad recorded the following children : 


I. Joseph, b. Oct*28, 1C93. 11. Daniel, b. Mar. 8, 1G05. III. John, b. Oct. 22, 1G97. IV. Mary, b. . 
Jan. ]0, 1C99. V. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 11, 1702. .VI. Judith, b. Apr. 9, 1705; d. 171G. VII. 
Edmund, b. Nov. 2, 1707. VIII. Jonathan, b. Mar. 14, 1710. IX. Enoch, b. Sept. 17, 1712. 
X. Sarah, b. Jan. 2-t, 1715. 

5. Hannah, b. Aug. 16, 1677; m. 1703, Peter Godfrey, of Newbury, where they had recorded 

the following children : 
I. Mary, b. Sept. 27, 1704. II. Joseph, b. Sept. 22, 1705; d. Nov. 7, 1705. III. Daniel, b. June 11, 
1708. IV. Joseph, b. Feb. 12, 1709. V. Hannah, b. Apr. 26, 1713. VI. Sarah,- b. Dec. 26, 
1715. VII. Benjamin, b. Mar. 4, 1719. 

6. Jonathan, b. Feb. 25, 1678 ; m. Eebecca Hale. See his family on this page. 

7. Judith, b. May 22, 1681 ; m. Feb. 2, 1704-5, Ileury AVest, of Salem, where she died four 

daj's after her last child was born. The following children are recorded in Salem, viz. : 
I. John, b. Jan. 6, 1705-6. II. Henry, b. Aug. 13, 1708. III. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 10, 1710. IV. 
Mary, b. Oct. 17, 1712. V; Juditli, b. Jan. 23, 1714-15 ; d. Aug. 22, 1715. 

8. John, b. June 26, 1683, who died num. Aug. 17, 1705, and his estate was settled in Probate 

Court, the agreement between his only brother and five sisters being on record. 


^j|01SrATHA;Nr^ bom Feb. 25, 1678, settled on the old homestead at 
^M| Newbury I^^eck, where his children were born, and where he died, 
(s^mI June 30, 1742. He was a juryman most of the time for many years, 
until just previous to his decease. On important committees, tything-man 
and one of the selectmen of the town. 

About the time of his father's decease, he became of age. At this time 
he engaged in the real estate business, which he followed during the re- 
mainder of his life. In this respect he Avas more like his uncle Joseph, than 
his father and grandfather. He sold to his uncle Joseph Morse, a right in 
a "Rate Lott," that had belonged to his grandfather, in 1701. He bought A 

of J. Wainright, on the JS'eck by Rowley, that had been owned by his grand- ! 

father and uncles Plenry and Joseph Poore, in 1702, and sold it to his brother V. 

John Poore, in 1705. He exchanged land with Ezckiel Northend, in 1706. " 

He bought of Joseph Ilsley, in 1711. He with Hale, Thurston and Plumers j 

of the JS'eck, sold their right in common lands on the JS'eck to the Plumers, 
in 1715. He bought of Thomas Palmer and Jonathan Hopkinson, two par- 
cels of land in Rowley, 1716. He sold to John Stewart, land in Rowley, 


1721. lie bought of Edward and Josiah Bishop, woodhmd near Thh'hi's 
farm, 1728, and sold it to Jonathan Plnmmer, the next year. lie sold to 
Richard Adams, land in Newbury, 1731. He bought of Thomas Lambert, 
of Kowley, some of great swamp in Kowley, on Newbury line, in 1T3G. 

In his will, made Sept. 15, 1737, and proved ' ^ 

July 5, 1712, he mentioned all his cliildren, ^^^^,^,/^ ^^^^^^^ 
excepting the three that died in infancy. ^ 

Rebecca, his wife, b. Feb. 18, 1G83, who deceased !Mar. IG, 17G0, in her 
77th year, after she had married Mr. Jonathan Jewett, of Rowley, was the 
eldest child of John and Sarah ( Jaques) Hale, of Newbury ; granddaughter 
of John, Sr. and Rebecca (Lowle) Hale, and great granddaughter of Thos. 
Hale, Sr., the earliest of the name in this country. 

Her mother was daughter of Ileni-y and Anna (Knight) Jaques, o1^ New- 
bury; and Anna's father was Dea. Richard Knight. Her grandmother 
Rebecca, was daughter of Richard Lowell, and probably granddaughter of 
Pcj-cival Lowle. 

Their intention of marriage was recorded Aug. 18, 1703. They had the . 
following children: 

1. Rebecca, b. May 10, 1705, who m. Oct. 26, 1727, Thomas Moody, of Newbury, b. Jan. 11, 

1703, a son of Thomas ami Judilli (Hale) Mood^', and liad six children : 
1. Mark, b. Aug. 5, 1729; d. Aug. 19, 1729. II. Rebecca, b. Sept. 28, 1730; d. Dec. 12, 1730. III. 
Sarah, d. May 11, 1733. IV. Judith, d. Juue 1, 1733. V. David, b. Feb., 1-735. VI. Abuer, 
b. Mar. 15, 1744. 

2. Mary, b. Nov. 7, 1706; m. Dec. 2, 1725, Benjamin, son of Benjamin and L3-dia Pierce, 

who was b. Juue 13, 1700, and had the following named children recorded in Newbury : 
I. Joiiatliau, d. youug. 11. Rebecca, b. Jau. 14, 1727. III. John, b. Apr. 13, 1730. IV. Auua, 
died youug. 

3. Ann, b. Oct. 25, 1708 ; m. Dea. William, son of Rev. Richard Brown, of Reading, Mass. 

Their intention of marriage, Dec. 27, 1729 ; removed to Newbury, the native place of 
bis father; was a cabinet maker; deceased about May, 1778; she then alive. Her 
children found on the I'ccords of Newburj', were : 
I. Richard, b. Dec. 21, 1731. II. Mary, b. Nov. 27, 1733. III. Martha, b. Jan. 1, 1735. IV, Su- 
sanna, b. Dec. 6, 1737. V. Rebecca, b. Feb. 16, 1740. VI. Nane, b. Mar. 30, I74G. VII. 
Mary? b. Sept. 7, 1748. VIII. Samuel, b. Dec. 23, 1752, who was admiuistrator of his father's 

4. John, b. Juno 20, 1711 ; m. Ann Longfellow. See page 12. 

5. Jonathan, b. July 8, 1711 ; d. July 23, 1714. 



6. Daniel, b. Mar. 13, 1716 ; m. Ann Merrill. See Family Tree, facing page 67. 

7. Judith, b. Oct. 25, 1718, who died Oct. 28, 1804 ; m. William Moody, of Newbury, a ship 

carpenter and farmer, b. Oct. 3, 1709, and d. ^.-«^ 

Sept. 17, 1782. He was a brother to Thos. q^c^cym. 971 OC^^ 
Moody, who was her sister Rebecca's hus- <iy^ 

band. We give a facsimile of their sigua- // /^ fj^ ^\ 

tnres, in 1742, when they received her fath- /^La^tih ^tlVfihO^ 

er's legacy. They settled in Newbury, and // ^^ 

had the following children : C/ 

I. Rebecca, b. Mar. 24, 1742; m. Jonathan Boardman. II. Judith, b. Apr. 3, 1744; m. Wyraond 
Bradbury. III. Abigail, b. Mar. 15, 1746; m. George Stanwood. IV. Moses, b. July 17, 1748, 
m. Patience Tappau. V. Hannah, b. Aug. 12, 1750; m. Joseph Woodman. VI. Mary, b. Nov. 
30, 1752; m. (1) Benjamin Perkins, and m. (2) Jonathan Gage, but had no issue. VII. Anne, 
b. Feb. 16, 1755; died young. VIII. William, b. June 27, 1757; died young. IX. Jane, b. 
Aug. 14, 1758; died unmarried, aged 78. X. Sarah, b. Dec. 20, 1761; m. Nov. 17, 1784, Eben- 
ezer, son of John and Sarah (Miller) Stone, b. Jan. 27, 1759, a shipmaster, who died Dec. 10, 
1800 ; settled in Newburyport, where she died July 12, 1846. Her sons, some of whom are 
now alive, have been merchants, and connected with various banks in Newburyport. Her 
son Ebenezer, has a son named Eben Francis, who was bred a lawyer, but of late obtained 
various ofBces; he was Colonel of a volunteer Massachusetts Regiment, during the Rebellion, 
and has been a member of the Legislature several terms, and is at present a Representative. 

8. Samuel, b. May 20, 1723 ; died June 12, 1724. 

9. Samuel, b. Oct. 4, 1724 ; died Nov. 15, 1724. 

mV, SON OF JONATHAK' (jage ID), 

[OHJS"*, born in !N"ewbury, June 20, 1711, where he always hved, on the old 
homestead of his father's, and died there Sept. 15, 1783; was a farmer; 
also kept the ferry over Parker River, until 1758, when the bridge 
was built. Of his real estate transactions, we find the following on record: 
— Sold to John Pearson, of Rowley, four and one-half acres of marsh, on 
the iN^eck, in 1742, and bought of John Hale, of Boxford, a parcel of marsh 
in !N^ewbury, situated southerly of the IS^eck, in 1750. 

He was a juryman; held many town ofiices; took an active part in the 
Revolution, as we find his name on a petition to discourage British ti"ade. 

We give a facsimile of his signature to the Executor's bond, when he set- 
tled his father's estate, Oct. 4, 1742. yf ^n ^-y^ 

He made his wUl Aug. 9, 1782, in which is mentioned his wife and their 
children, all of whom were then living. 


lie m. Dec. 20, 1734, Ann, dan. of Stoplien and Abigail (Tompson) Long- 
fellow, who died July 3, 1792, aged 77 years. Her lather, who died Nov., 
1764, aged 79, was son of William and Anne (Sewall) Longfellow. Anne, 
her grandmother, was daughter of Henry and Jane (Dnmmer) Sewall, and 
granddaughter of Henry and Ann (Hunt) Sewall; and Jane, her great 
grandmother, was daughter of Stephen and Alice (Archer) Dummcr. "We 
give a facsimile of the signature' of her will made ^ {^^ 

in 1792. Children: cy%^^m^^ Jo-fiiri^ 

1. Jonathan, b. Jan. 20, 1737; m. Sarah Dole. See below on this page. 

2. Abigail, b. Aug. 25, 1739 ; m. (1) Daniel Dresser, of Ipswich, who died about Oct., 1769, 

and m. Dec. 13, 1772, Isaac Noyes, in Newburyport, where they lived and died. She 
had children by her lirst husband, but tliere are no descendants now living. Daniel, 
who married a Plimier, of Newbury, and died in Nevvburyport ; and a daughter, who mar- 
ried Samuel Wallace, of Ipswich, and reaioved to Newburyport, where they deceased. 

3. Nathan, b. May 24, 1741 ; m. Catharine Knight, and widow Polly Noyes. See subsequent 


4. Stephen, b. May 24, 1744 ; m. Hannah Dole. See subsequent page. 

5. Anna, b. May 18, 1749 ; m. Henry, son of Henry and Elizabeth Dole, who was b. in New- 

bury, Sept. 12, 1748. They had nine children, most of them b. in Newbiuy. From 
the town record, and her son Henry's children, we learn that she had the following 
children : 
I. Betty, b. June 1, 1774; m. Dea. Benjamin Ilsley, and settled in Portland, Me. II. Anna Long- 
fellow, b. Jan. 31, 177G; m. Joseph Hale, and settled in Limerick, Me. III. Eunice, b. Jan. 8, 
1778; m. Seaman Fogg. ly. Henry, b. Feb. 4, 1780; m. a daughter of his cousin Sarah 
(I'oore) Butler. See page below. V. Edmund, b. July 11, 1784; m. Judith Tlmrston, and 
settled in Bangor, Me. VI. Daniel, b. May 11, 1787; ra. Mary Ann Williams, and settled in 
Maine. VII. Abigail, b. July 5, 178!) ; was a school teacher many years, and m. Dr. John W. 
Kindjall. VIII. Phebe, who m. David Hill. IX. Amelia, perhaps the youngest; m. i^uswell. 

]0HATHA11\ SQN OF JOHN' (page 12), lOHATEAN', JOHN', JOHN". 
(4.||0]S"ATHA]SrS born on the old homestead of his ancestors, January 20, 
}| 1737; he there passed his life until its close, March 19, 1807. For a 
^ number of years he kept a public house. He was always greatly in- 
terested in military affairs, collecting a company of volunteers, and marching 
to the front in 1775. He afterwards commanded the company stationed 
in that part of ]N"ewbury. He took an active part in the French and Indian 
war and in the Revolution. He was appointed one of the committee for 
supplying the continental soldiers in 1778. 

i \ 


Capt. Poore served the town from the thxie he was about thirty till near 
his decease, by filling various offices, and was several times on the jury 
when the county courts were in session. 

Abont two years before his decease he made a will, in which he mentioned 
all his children with the exception of two, (y^ ^ ^ — >^ 

who died in infancy. A fiicsiraile of his ,^^;/^ ^-^^A-^a^ ^X^^-V^ 
signature to this will is here given. 

Sarah, his wife, b. in Newbury May 25, 1739, and who died Ang. 17, 1819, 
whom he married ISTov. 8, 1759, was daughter of Heniy and Mary (Hale) 
Dole, and half sister to his sister Anna's husband. Mrs. Poore's father was 
son of Abner and Mary (Jewett) Dole, grandson of Eichard and Hannah 
(Rolfe) Dole, of _N"ewbury, from whom descended all the Dole's who have 
resided in Newbmy. Pichai'd is said to have been son of William Dole, a 
tanner of Thornbury, County of Gloucester, England; and this son Richard 
came over to America with John Lowell. Children: 

1. Sarah b. Apr. 12, 1761 : m. John Butler, 4th; and has a vast progeny. 

2. John, who died in infancy, July 3, 17G4. 

3. Samuel, b. Sept. 5, 1765 ; m. Eunice Long and Abigail Currier; has descendants. 

4. Betsey, b. Jul}' 17, 1767; m. William Stickney ; has some descendants. 

5. Henrj', b. June 20, 1769 ; in. Abigail Huse and Martha Harrington ; has descendants. 

6. Anna, b. Sept. 21, 1772 ; m. Benjamin Stickney ; has descendants. 

7. Abigail, twin to Anna, d. Mar. 18, 1774. 

8. Abigail, b. July 15, 1775 ; m. Jan. 8, 1795, Richard, son of Thomas and Ruth (Dole) Plnm- 

mer, b. Apr. 6, 17i 3 ; resided not far from her birth-place near the bridge, on the north 

side of the river, where her husband died Dec. 2, 1852; and she, died Jan. 30, 1859. 

Children : 

I. Euth, b. Mar. 15, 170G; d. uiim. on the liomcstead, Oct. -25, 1S7G. II. Catherine, b. Mar., 173,S; 

d. Aug., 1798. III. Abigail, b. Dec. 18, 1801; ra. Dec. 2, 18-12, AVilliani, son of William .and 

Ednah (Thurston) Dole, who died June 2G, 1846, aged 50; and, she remains (1878) on the 

homestead of her lather, but has had no issue. 

9. Jonathan, b. Dec. 13, 1778 ; m. Mary Lunt and Elizabeth Eustis ; has descendants. 
Of these children who have posterity : — 


SAP AH 6, born April 12, 17G1; married John Butler, 4th, son of John 
and Mary Butler, who was born in ISTewbury October 23, 1758. They 
resided in Newburyport, until after the birth of her fifth child, when they 


removed to Camirton, N. II., where her father had one liundred acres of 
hind, the use of which he gave to liis daughter dunng her fife; and after 
her decease, to her chikh'en. Here, their other chikh-en were horn. During 
the first of their residence in Campton, they occupied a ])lace in the south- 
ernniost part of the town; and previously to tlie marriage of their daugl)ter 
Lydia II., they had removed ahout four mik^s to the northward, and were 
occupying hmd that belonged to the husband of their daughter Mary, south 
and near to the residence of Mrs. AVillcy. Ilei-e, on the morning of Mai-ch 
9, 183G, Mr. Butler, while at the breakfast table, was taken with an apo- 
j)lectic fit, and immediately expired. 

After the decease of her husband, Mrs. Butler went to live with the fam- 
ily of her daughter Mary. A few months after this, she was stricken with 
paralysis, from the efiects of Avhich she never recovered. I^ot long after- 
Avards she was removed to the home of hei- daughter, Lydia, where she lived 
over a year, being then removed into the family of her daughtei" Betsey, iii 
which she ended her long and useful life on March 22, 1843. "We are in- 
formed by her grandchildren, that up to the age of the common lot of man, 
she was possessed of uncommon abilities, and was truly a helpmeet to her 

Before his marriage to the subject of our sketch, Mr. Butler had a daugh- 
ter Fanny, who was born on the 23d of October, 1783. "We have been 
unable to learn the mother's maiden name, but have understood that she had 
previously been married to a seaman by the name of Newman. This 
daughter married Jonathan, son of Thomas and Dorothy (Blaisdell) Bart- 
lett, born at Campton, about 1782 ; his ancestors, however, had lived on the 
Merrimack, near its mouth, from the early settlement of the country. lie 
was a kin to Josiah Bartlett, one of the signers of the Declaration of Inde- 

Fanny's posterity consists of fourteen children, about three dozen grand- 
children, and at this time her great-grand-children numl^er about the same 
as her children. They are the fruit of the following eight children, viz. : 
Clarissa, b. Oct. 22, 1803, whose husband was Heniy, son of Ebenezcr and 
Jane (Burbeck) Little, of Campton, b. Jan. 20, 1805; she had Amanda, 
Jane Bartlett, Gardiner, George Henry and Jason Cook, the latter b. Jan. 
23, 1846, and has married his second cousin, Harriet A. Hodgdon. Nancy, 
whose husl)and was Joseph Chandler. Mary, Avho had her only child, a son, 
by her husband Barstow; the son died unmarried. Blaisdell, whose only 
son, same name as himself, is in Arizona Territory. Jane, whose husband 
was a Fill. Sarah, whose husband is Edward M. Caldwell. Thomas, who 



had two sons. Martha, who married Jacob O'Bryan, who was born m Dublin, 
Ireland, and has had eleven children, being more than twice the number of 
any other one of her mother's children. 
Sarah had the following children : — 

SARAH ^, b. March 3, 1785; m. her mother's cousin Henry, soli of Henry 
and Anna (Poore) Dole, b. in ISTewbury, Mass., Feb. 4, 1780, settled on the 

homestead of his father in Limerick, Maine, which his father bought, 
Dole, aud removed to in 1804; she died March 21, 1826, and he died April 

21,1855. Children: 

ALBERT, b. Jan. 8, 1809 ; m. Apr. 24, 1834, Miriam, daugliterof Jolm and Lyclia 
(Wiley) Macdonald, b. in Limericiv, Me., Apr. 8, 1814. He was a cabinet maimer, 
and in the furniture business, in Bangor, Me., wliere two sons are manufac- 
turers of the " Dirigo " School Desk and Folding Seat, of which they are the 
patentees ; their children were born there. In 1834 he purchased a residence at 
No. 83 Union street, where his family now reside. He invented and had patented 
new and improved platform balances. He held various public offices ; among 
them that of Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, and while in the discharge 
of his duties received severe injuries from which he never recovered, aud after 
lingering for a long time died May, 1865. Children : 

Albert Hisnky, born February 22, 1835 ; died September 5, 1835. 
Sarah Frances, born September 10, 1836; died December 28, 1854. 
Mary Elizabeth, born October 7, 1838 ; died November 22, 18G3. 

WiLLLvM Burr, b. July 6, 1841; m. June 9, 1869, Mary Wy man, daughter of Littleton Mills 
Mills and Mary Stanwood (Hartj Laightou, b. in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 23, 1846; 
resides with his mother. In the time of the rebellion he served his country in the 
Quartermaster department; has also been connected with the city government. 
Child : — Arthur Macdonald, b. Dec. 17, 1874. 
James Albert, b. Sept. 20, 1843, who was 1st Lieut, in the Maine First Heavy Artillery ; m- 
June 2, 1873, Emma Hannah, dau. of Manual S. and Lucinda (Chamberlain) Drum, 
mond, b. in Winslow, Me., Oct. 24, 1847. Resides No. 23 Ohio street, Bangor, Me. 
Child : — Miriam Drummond, born September 14, 1877. 
Olive Macdonald, b. Dec. 1, 1848; m. July 7, 1869, Horatio Wetherell, son of Horatio 
Blood. ratio P. aud Sarah W. (Wetherell) Blood, b. in Bangor, Me., May 21, 1839. He is 

treasurer of the Bangor & Piscataquis Railroad. He resides at No. S Elm street, 
Bangor, which house he has owned since 1869. 
John Henry, born April 26, 1853. Book-keeper for Bangor Foundry & Machine Co. 

LUTHER, b. Mar. 7, 1810, who occupies the old homestead of his father and grand- 
father, in Limerick ; m. Jan. 31, 1839, Hannah, dau. of Andrew aud Martha 
(Perry) Philpot, b. in Limerick, March 27, 1818. Children : 
Sarah Butler, born February 2, 1840 ; died September 23, 1842. 

Martha Philpot, b. Aug. 16, 1841 ; m. Oct. 29, 1871, her mother's cousin, John Calvin, 
son of John Calvin and Deborah R. (Philpot) Hayes, b. in Limerick, Sept. 19, 1840. 
Reside on the homestead of his father, where her children were born; he is a farmer. 
Children: — My ra, b. Feb. 13, 1873. Florence, b. July 18, 1874; d. May 8, 1875. Ar- 
thur, b. July 29, 1876. 
Sarah, born July 31, 1843; died June 25, 1847. 
Ella Frances, born March 7, 1845. 





DoLF. John Newton, b. Oct. 12, 1847; a cleik In a trading store, Chicago, 111., 1877. 

A.NNA, l)orn February 28, IS.TO. 

IjUTIIKR FiiANKLiN, bom January 10, 1852. 

AnI)i:k\v Koi.i.ins, born Sciitrnibcr 20, 18.">7. 
Uoi.K. AuriiUR, born January 10, 18(;0; clerk in the same store with his brother Jolin. 

HENRY, b. Aug. 24, 1811 ; in. Oct. 24, 1841, bis cousin Mary Ann, daugiitcr of 
Moses and Betsey (Bnllcr) Cook, b. in Campton, July 21, 1819. He is a cabinet 
maker, in Limerick, where all their children were born. Cliildren: 

Emma Aiiki.ia, born October II, 184S; died unmarried June 7, 1876. 

AitiiY Maiiia, born June 14, 1831; school teacher; uinnarried. 

Ada AuotiSTA, born September 25, 1853; school teacher; unmarried. 

Hknky Butlek, born August 11, 1857. 

DoLB. ALMHIA, b. Feb. 24, 1813; in. (1) Feb. 24, 1841, Joseph, son of Joseph and 

Sally (Stim|)son) Hodgdon, b. in Limerick, Me., July 8, 180G, who died Oct. 
HODGDON. 13, 1843 ; in. (2) Ezekiel Harper Hodgdon, a brother of her first husband, 
June 18, 1846, who was b. in Limerick, Mar. 17, 1808. She resided in Limerick 
■where her children were born, but since 1855, they have been in Campton, N. H. ; 
he is in company with Erastus Dole. Children : 

Sahaii Octavia, b. ]^ar. 8, 1843 ; ra. Aug. 3, 1870, her mother's second cousin, William 
Sticknkv. Henry, sou. of Benjamin Stickney, of Campton, N. H. See subsequent page. 

PiiHBE ELiZAniSTii, b, Jau. 31, 1848; she was a graduate of Mt. Holyoke Seminary, and 

was a teacher there in 1870-5; m. Nov. 30, 1875, Rev. Lester Hall Elliot, son of Ezra 

Elliot. and Eliza (Hall) Elliot, b. in Croydon, N. H., Aug. 1, 1835, graduate of the Uuivci'sity 

of Vermont, 18C1, and Union Theological Seminary of New York City, 18G4. She is 

his 2d wife. His residence has been at Colchester, one year; Winooski, Oct. 18C5, to 

July, 1872; Bradford, Vt., from December, 1872. 

IlAiiuiKT Augusta, b. Mar. 9, 1850; m. Nov. 14, 187G, her second cousin, Jason Cook, 

Little. son of Heury and Clarissa (Bartlett) Little. See preceding page. Resided in 1877, 

corner of Harbison Avenue and Sharon streets, Boston. 

JOHN, b, Sept. 30, 1814 ; m. Oct. 12, 1843, his cousin, Harriet Cook, and sister of 
I^OLE. his brother Henry's wife, b. in Campton, July 25, 1817, and where their sous 

George E. and William B. were also born. They have resided in Bangor, Me., 
since June, 1855 ; and since 1868, in the house he then built, which is No. 195 
Union street ; he, in company with H. H. Fogg, have a large steam planing and 
moulding mill, on Front street. Children : 

CiiAUi.ES SuKDD, born August IG, 1844; died March 15, 1846. 
Hakriet Elizabeth, born June 30, 184G ; died April 30, 1849. 

George Edwin, b. Mar. 20, 1848; a clerk; ni. Nov. 12, 1874, Elraa Cushing, dau. of 
Charles and Nancy King (Copeland) Burr, b. in .Brewer, Me., June 20, 1852; reside 
in Bangor, Maine. 
Orlando Woodman, born December 5, 1849 ; died July 16, 185S. 
William Butler, born September 2G, 1851. 

IRA, b. Sept. 25, 1816; in. (1) Apr. 2, 1845, Mary Jane, dan. of Benjamin and 
Sall^' (Synimes) Hayes, b. in Limerick, Me., Mar. 18, 1822, who <1. Sept. 2, 1857 ; 
she was not a near relative to J. C. Ilaj'es, above ; m. (2) Julj- 6, 1858, Betsey 
Parlin, dau. of Moses C. and Temperance (Savage) Pierce, b. in Moscow, Me., 
May 18, 1831. He is a fanner, in Brewer, Me., where the following children 
were born, viz : 



i)OLB. Chaklks Hexisy, b. July 11, 1847, a farmer, in Brewer, -who was in Co. E. 14tli Maine 

Ke.ijiment, sis moutlis ; m. (1) Abbic Elizabetli, flau. of Ariel and Elizabeth (Cole) 
Mann, b. in Holden, Me., Jan. 8, 1848, who d. Nov. 7, 1870; m. (2) Mar. 2G, 1874, 
Hattie Louisa, dan. of Zebulon and Harriet Berry (Libby) Deering, b. in Gorham, Me. 
Nov. 13, 1848. Cliildreu: — Mary Jane, b. in Bangor, Mar. 18,- 1870. Nella Wilma, 
born in Brewer, May 2, 1874. 

Ika Eugene, b. Dec. 7, 1849; is a seaman; m. Da<.. i, 1875, Audora EUa, daughter of 
Luther and Nancy (Greenwood) Pierce, b. in Moscow, Me., Feb. 24, 1853. Her 
father was a Ijrother to liis step-mother; resides in Brewer, where their child, Edith 
Wymau, was born August 20, 187G. 

Heubert Austin, born December i, 1853 ; died July 24, 1857. 

Frederick Arthur, born July 12, 1860. 

Annie Poore, born March 18, 1862. 

AsHER, born November 12, 18G3. 

Albert Everett, born September 22, I8C9. 

SILAS, b. Aug. 7, 1818 ; m. Oct. 27, 1842, Clarissa Dalie, dau. of Reuben and 
Abigail (Dalie) Lyon; b. in Milton, Mass., Apr. 23, 1822. He is a cabinet 
maker ; resides in Boston (formerly Eoxbury), at the Highlands, No. 17 Marcella 
street. Children : 

Mary Frances, b. in Dorchester, Aug. 26, 1843; m. Oct. 20, 1862, Samuel Addison, son 
Howard. of Samuel and Sally (Ames) Howard; b. iu Milford, N. II., Sept. 26, 183G. He is in 

the express business ; and they reside with her father, where their two children were 
born, viz. : — John Addison, b. Jan. 20, 18G4. Clara Luella, b. Jan. 6, 1871. 
Alfred Henry, born in Rosbury, September 27, 1845; died December 16, 1846. 
Ann Louisa, born April 12, 1847; died April 1, 1852. 
Joseph Hodgdon, born April 28, 1852; died August 14, 1852. 
Clara Malissia, born July 18, 1S55; died October 1, 1855. 

EDMUND, b. July 24, 1820; m. Sept. 1, 1855, Eunice Adelia, dau. of Isaac and 
Dole. Paulina (Davis) Gove, b. in Liiuington, Me., May 2, 1836. • He is a farmer iu 

LimingtoUi Children : 

LoREN Jerome, born March 7, 1856. 
Carrie, born April 10, 1858. 
Edmund Augustus, born January 14, 1860. 
Jennie Rosamond, born April 16, 1863. 

ERASTUS, b. May 15, 1822, m. June 26, 1850, Sairfantha, dau. of Moody and 
Lucy (Eaton) Cook, b. in Campton, N. H., Jan. 31, 1822. Resides in Cainpton, 
where he in company with his brother, Moses C, and brotlier-in-law Ezekiel H. 
Hodgdon, are owners and proprietors of the Mad River Mills, at Campton Vil- 
lage, which was originally built by their uncle Cook. They are largely engaged 
in the manufacture of cassimeres, flannels, blankets, etc.; and have quite a trade 
in the carding of wool, dressing of cloths, etc., for the accommodation of fami- 
lies, as in the olden times. His children, who were born in Campton, are : 

Moody Cook, b. May 17, 1853; m. Jan. 31, 1878, Laura Anna, dau. of Joseph Coleman 
and Dolly Parson (Noyes) Blair, b. in Campton, where they reside, and he is with 
' liis father in manufacturing. 
Daughter, b. October 2, 1858 ; died same day. 
Herbert Erastus, b. June 5, 1860. 

PIIEBE, b. Dec. 16, 1823, who is unmarried ; resides in Campton, N. H. 



Doi.ic. MOSES COOK, b. Feb. 6, 18-26, in comi);my willi his bioliin- Mini lii()llici-iii-i:nv 

ni;uiiir;u'tiii'iii^ woollen (toocIs ; ni. (1) Liiey, (bm. of Moody Cook; anil in. (2) 
Small E. Blair, bnt has hail no chihlien. 

SAMUEL POORER bom February ,3, 1787; m. :ilK)ut March, 1807, 
Lydia, daii. of Dearborn and Hannah (Johnson) Bhike, b. in Monmouth, 
Me., June 1, 1789. Her mother Avas from !North\vood, IS". II. He was a 

shoemaker and farmer; settled hi the eastern part of .said Moinnouth, 
BuTLKi:. where all their children wei-e born. He died spring of 18i9, and 

she died Jan. 12, 1854. Children : 

SARAH POORE, b. July 19, 1808; m. April 7, 1829, RnCiis Norris, son of Col. 
JuDKiNs. John and Polly (Kimball) Judkins, b. in Monmonth. lie is a fanner; their lirst 

two children were born in Monmonth, and their other children born in Gardiner, 
Me. She died ui Lewiston, Sept. 20, 1870, and he now resides in East Mon- 
month. Children : 

John Ukniiy, b. Feb. 28, 1830; m. Rachel Iliiikley, b. in Gardiner, Me. He is a 
stone mason hi Coucoril, N. H. ; had three children; the last two died young, and 
his wife died in Dover, N. H., Nov. 3, 18C4. Survivini; chilli : — Frank William, h. 
in Auburn, Me., Dec. 2, 1854; m. in Lewiston, Feb. 2.5, 1875, Josephine Olivia, 
dau. of Lyford and Mary (Southerland) Dow, b. in Dover, Mc., March 14, 1852. 
Her father born in Dover, N. II., and mother b. in St. John.s, N. B. lie is a .salesman. 
Chaklks E.mkry, b. Nov. 25, 1833; m. Maiy Albina, dau. of Isaac and Nancy (Wood- 
ward) Tarr, of Lewiston, Mo., b. about 183G. He is railroad station nia.->ter in 
Lisbon, Me., tlie town where were born his children, viz.: — Charles Wintield, b. 
Aug. 18, 18G3, d. March 1, 1873. Annie Frances, b. Sept. 4, 1SC5. Arthur, b. Oct. 5, 
18Gf. Lester, b. Feb. 8, 1869. 
Mary Ei.izabktii, b. June 27, 1837; m. Feb. IG, ISGl, Amos, sou of Amos and Maria 
Davh. (Gratl'iim) Davis, b. in Lewiston, Me., May 18, 1833. He is a fanner; residence in 

South Lewiston. Children: — Everett Amos, b. Nov. IG, 18G4. .-Vnna Gertrude, b. 
May 20, 1868. 
Leonard Calvkrt, b. April IS, 1841 ; m. Dec. 20, 1864, Harriet F., daughter of Joseph 
JuDiQNS. and.Jane (Woodward) Garcclon, b. May 9, 1836. He is a stone mason. Children : — 

Joseph Garcelon, b. in Lewiston, Dec. 15, 18G5. Waldena b. in Lisbon, Feb. 14, 18G9. 
GnoRGE NoLTo.N', who died ill West Gardiner, May 22, 1851, aged about 4 years. 
George Clark, b. Jan. G, 1852; m. Oct. 20, 1874, Hannah White, dau. of Edward and 
Lucy Ann (Farrar) Perkins, b. in Litclitield, Me., June 21, 1855. He is a trader. 

CHARLES AUSTIN, b. March 23, 1809; m. Nov. 11, 1842, Susannah, dau. of 
Butlek. Frank and Margaret (Anderson) Taggart, b. in Ireland, April 16, 181G. She 

was brought to America when a young child ; and aliout nine years after his de- 
cease m. Jere. C. Whitney, by whom she had a son, who died aged about six 
years ; and Mr. Whitney died about 1873. She in 1878 is with her dan. who 
ni. the second .son of her last husband, who had about half a dozen children by 
his former wife. Mr. Butler settled in Iloulton, Me., where his children were 
born, and was, at the time of his decease, March 27, 1852, iu trade, a lumberman, 
and a hotel keeper. Children : 

LvuiA Frances He.xuietta, b. May 31, 1844; lu. Dec. 27, 1873, in Presque Isle, M.aine, 
Whitney. George Frederic, son of Jeremiah C. and Lydia (Nasoii) Whitney, b. in Oromocto, 



Whitnby. N. B. He is proprietor of Presque Isle Hotel, also a farmer and lumberman. Chil- 

dren all born in Presque Isle, viz. : — Everett Harold, b. Oct. 10, 1874; died May 10' 
1876. Llewellyn Powers, b. Nov. 30, 1875. Avis Greenwood, b. May 1, 1877. 
Mary Augusta, b. Aug. 22, 1846; m. in Easton, Aroostook Co., Me., March 10, 18G8, 

Whaeff. Daniel Edwin, son of Wm. IC, and Mary B. N. (Tilton) Wharff, b. in Monmouth, 

Aug. 15, 1842, who has been a farmer, but now is a flreman ou an engine; lived in 
Presque Isle when two children wore born ; and subsequently have resided in Easton. 
Children: — Denzella, b. Nov. 20, 1871. Charles Butler, b. Mar. 16, 1873. Josiah 
Edwin, b. July 10, 1875. 

Butler. Charles Albert, b. Nov. 27, 1848; resides in Minneapolis, Wisconsin. 

HANNAH JOHNSON, b. Sept. 10, 1810 ; died in Chicago, 111., Feb. 9, 18G5 ; m. 
Foster. (1) in 1831, at Wrentham, Mass., Edward Foster, of Fraiilclin, b}^ whom she had 

her children. He was a dealer in straw, and was drowned when crossing the 
ferry, at the time of a great lire in Brooklj'n, N. Y. She m. (2), in New York, 
SpafFord WoodhuU McArojs of Cleveland, O., who was a printer. Children: 
Charlotte, L., died in New York when young. 
Ruth C, also died young, in Frauklin. 

Edward Nelson, followed the sea, and died in a foreign port, unmarried. 
WiLLiA.M Jarvis, died in early infancjf, in New York. 
McAkot William, removed from Chicago, 111., to Kilbourn City, Wis., in the early part of 1878. 

Adopted for his surname, McAroy, the name of his step-father. 

RUTH BLAKE, b. May 3, 1814 ; m. Nov. 29, 1837, James Smith, son of Benj. 

CooLiDGE. and Lydia (Smith) Coolidge, b. in Boston, Dec. 4, 1809, and since about 1833 

resided in Waltham, Mass., (the town where more than 40,000 watches are made 

yearly), where their children were born. He is employed to light and water the 

streets of the place. Children : 

Louisa Maria, born Aug. 30, 1838 ; died June 8, 1839. 
Ltdia Frances, born March 4, 1840; died July 18, 1849. 

James Everett, b. April 30, 1842 ; was in Co. D, Mass. 35th Eegt. A painter by tr.ade, 
resides at No. 31 Mc Lane St., Boston, Mass. He m. Juno 1, 1868, Emma Jane 
Derry, of Bangor, Maine. Child: — Lizzie Frances, b. in Waltham, Jan. 5, 1874. 
Mary Eliza, b. Oct. 4, 1844; m. May 4, 1865, Melville Cos, son of Rev. John L. and 
Parkuurst. Easter (Harriman) Parkhurst, who is chief of the police in Somerville, and went 

from same place into the army, where he was a captain. He was from Staudish, Me. 
His father was a congregational clergymau In Gorhani, Me'., and died in 1852. Their 
children b. in Somerville, viz. : — Daina Melville, b. June 26, 1866. Ruth Gertrude, 
b. Oct. 14, 1868. 
Coolidge. Byron Hudson, born Sept. 4, 1847; died July 23, 1849. 

Robert Henry, born May 16, 1851; died Oct. 13, 1852. 

LuMAN Boyden, b. Aug. 9, 1852; m. June 19, 1876, Lizzie, dau. of James E. and Cathe- 

rina (Dunn) Nevens, b. in Watertown, Mass., March 23, 1858. Residence, Waltham, 

where he assists his father and drives a coach. 

Smith. Ruth Bell, b. Aug. 3, 1856 ; m. Dec. 25, 1874, Geo. Leland, son of Amos A. and Hannah 

(Bunnel) Smith, b. in Claremont, N. H., Oct. 16, 1854. He is a clerk in a store there. 

SAMUEL SHEPARD, b. Sept. 3, 1815 ; m. May 12, 1838, Emeline, daughter of 
Hezekiah and Dorcas (Bailey) Richardson, b. in Litchfield, Me., Oct. 13, 1816. 
BuTLKu. Dorcas, her mother, was Ilezekiah's second wife. Resided in Litchfield when 

his first child was born ; and in Mexico, Oxford Co., when his other children were 
born. Besides farming, he has been a manufacturer of bricks in Mexico and 
Bangor, Me., and Minneapolis, Minn., and in the dry goods business in Chelsea, 



Bini.Kit. Mass. In tlio timo of the Rebellion was in Co. D, lOlli, and Co. R, 20tli, of the 

Maine Volunteer Ucgts., and went up lied River with Gen. Banks. His enter- 
prises Lave led him througli most of the states of the Union ; and he is still a 
live Yankee. His residence since 18G3 has been tlie west parisii of Dedliain, 
Mass. Children : 

Gkoiige, born in Litclifleld; he died in early infancy. 

IIaukikt Mahia Mason, b. Nov. 13, 1842; m. Jan. 7, 18GI, Ilonry Sidney, son of WillarJ 

Dr.APioR. and Louisa (Sinitli) Draper, b. in West Dedliani, July 18, 182G. He had, by former 

wife, Catherine Aris, four cliildren; and liis three dauj^liters I>y lier are now living. 

Mr. Draper is au extensive farmer and dealer in milk, scndin;:; his teams into Boston. 

Their residence is in his native parish, and on the old highway leading from Boston 

to Hartford; a salubrious locality about three miles westward of the Norfolk 

county Court House. Her children: — Sidney Waldo, b. Feb. 18, 18(;2. Florence 

Isabel, b. May 5, 18GS. Willard Sliepard, b. Nov. 22, 1870. 

Melissa, b. June 17, 1845; m. George Henry, son of James Alvin and Susan (Wood) 

Gay. Gay, b. in W. Dedhani, Jan., 1850. He is an expressman; resides in Boston at 

Mattapan. Children: — William Theron, b. Jan., 18G7. Charles Swa.sey, b. July, 

18G8. Carra Matilda, b. Jan., 1873; died young. Fannie Viola, b. June, 1875. 

William Bailey, b. March 2G, 1847, who entered Co. B, 29th Maine Kegt., and died iu 

the hospit;il iu Washington, D. C, July 12, 18G4. 
Isabella Tibbetts, born Sept. 1850; died 1853, aged 2 years, 7 months. 
Claka Rachel, b. April 30, 1856; m. Elbridge Thurston, son of Francis and Lucy 
Pond. (Tolman) Poud, b. in Dcdham, Nov. 20, 1842. He is a milk dealer and resides on 

Payson Ave. at Upham's Corner, Dorchester Dist., Boston. Child: — James 
Waldo, b. in West Dcdham, Oct. 5, 1872. 
Geokge Newell, b. May 3, 18G0 ; died 1862, aged 2 years, 7 months. 

MARY ANTOINETTE, b. June 16, 1821 ; m. Jan. 2G, 1843, Maj. Robert Henry, 
Nolton. son of Robert Woolsey and Miriam (Gaylord) Nolton, b. in P^sperance, N. Y., 

Oct. 18, 1817. His father b. .iu Greenfield, N. Y., 1792; died 1876. Grand- 
father b. in Sharon, Conn., 1759, iind died in Boonville, N. Y., 1851. Ilis mother 
was b. in Schoharie, N. Y., 1798. Mr. Nolton is secretary of tiic St. Louis, 
Jacksonville & Chicago Railroad company and in various ways connected with 
railroads ; office, corner of Adams and Dearborn Streets, Chicago, Cook Co., 
111.; and bis rural residence is " Ilomeside " Farm at Palatine, iu same county-. 
Among public offices conferred upon him while a resident of New York State, 
was that of Engineer of the 47tli Regiment of Militia — his commission being 
the first one signed by Gov. Seymour, after the new law went into operation. 
Children : 

Geouge Henry, b. iu New York City, Nov. 18, 1843; m. Frances Maria Burroughs. 

Child: — Arthur Blackstone, b. iu Chicago, Juue, 18G7. 
MiitiAJi Gerti-.ude, born Oct. 7, 1847 ; died, June, 1859. 

Lansing, born in Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1853 ; m. Aug. 3, 1878, Jessie Louisa 
Stevens, at the house of her father in Eaglcwood. Her father, Julius Henry Stevens, 
was born iu Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1834, and mother, Rosabella Frances Rice, was 
born iu Monmouth, Me., Dec. 7, 1833. 

ZOA AUGUSTA, b. Nov. 15, 1825; died in Franldin, Mass., Sept. 23, 1872; 

ni. Oct. 25, 1843, in New York Citj^, Capt. Thomas, son of Sterling and Mary 

Hopkins. (Means) Hopkins, b. in Surry, Me., about 1802. He was a scaiffan from the age 

of 13 years. He was drowned in Nov., 1867, having been a ship master about forty 

years ; was cast away several times, and at one time was on the bottom of his 



IIopiciNS, vessel alone four days, subsisting on what he could pick up, one or two sea 

biscuit and some raw potatoes. Some unexpected and similar circumstances 
attended their departure from this life. He, on his way home to Surr3', Maine, 
was drowned in St. George's Bay on the coast, and his bodj- being found some 
days afterwards on the shore of an island, was buried in Rockland, Me. She, 
while tarrying in Franklin, Mass., went out for a walk, and on her return having 
almost reached home, sat down to rest, as is supposed, under a tree by the way- 
side, where she was found dead by the passers by, from some disease of the heart, 
as it is supposed. She was interred at Forest Hill cemetery in Boston, and her 
son in relating the history of his parents, says of them, "thus ended the lives 
of my parents ; both died alone, and found by strangers ; " and we may add, 
their remains were buried among strangers and at a distance apart. Their sur- 
viving sons, born in distant places, now reside in distant cities, far from their 
places of birth ; and their wives born in foreign countries and thousands of 
miles from each other. Their residence was in New York City when their first 
child was born, in Monmouth when the second and third were born, and in 
Chicago when the last one was born. Children : 

EoBEiiT KOLTON, b. Oct. 2, 1846, entered the U. S. Nav}', July 23, 18G3, at New York, 
where he shipped on board the North Carolina and was Iionorably discharged at the 
same place, when on board the Frigate Savannah, Sept. 28, 18G4. He, while in the 
service, was with Farragut at New Orleans, Mobile, etc. He followed the sea in a 
merchantman about 3 years longer. He m. in Boston, Aug. 22, 1867, Mary Signetta, 
daughter of Bartholomew and Mary EHzabeth (Barry) Crowley, b. in Middleton, Co. 
of Cork, Ireland, March 5, 1844, and came to America when a small child. He lit.s 
followed various callings, but now is employed as a clerk by A. T. Stewart & Co. 
Eesidence 238 J'auling street, Chicago, 111. Chilren : — Harry Means, b. in Boston, 
July 3, 1868. Augusta Maud, b. in Boston, Julj' 10, 1870. Eva Vivian, b. in Boston, 
Jan. 28, 1872. Fred Arthur, b. March 15, 1874; d. aged 22 days. Arthur Oscar, b. 
Mar. 17, 1875; d. Sept. 9, 1875. Charles Elmer Thomas, b. in Chicago, Nov. 4, 1877. 

CiiAKLOTTK Francks, b. Jan. 2, 1849 ; perhaps m. ; residence unknown. 

William Stkhlixg, b. Nov. 6, 1851 ; m. Jan. 28, 1875, Katie Elizabeth, dan. of James 
and Anna (Sleven) Slcveu, b. in St. Johns, N. B., Oct. 10, 1848. Her parents not 
near akin before married. He is a machinist by trade, but he also followed the sea 
about ten years of his life. Residence No. 5 M<ilrose St., Boston, in which city Ids 
children were born, viz. : — Gertrude Anna, b. Dec. 31, 1875. Bellazora, b. May 18, 

Harry Maxwell, b. Dec. 22, 18G0, who died Dec. 15, 1862. 




ANN ELIZA, b. March 9, 1827 ; m. in New York City, Dec. 12, 1849, William 
Heniy, son of James and Betliiah (Sparlvs) Williams, b. in tlie west part of 
Gardiner, Me., June 27, 1824, where they have resided since May 2, 1857. His 
father was born in Portland and his mother in Bowdoinham, Me. Children : 

Kate Maria, b. in New York, April 3, 1851; m. in Dorchester, Mass., Feb. 2, 18G9, 
Charles Robbins, son of George M. and Hannah A. (Robbins) Gowen, b. in Acworth, 
N. II., April 30, 1846, from which place he enlisted into Co. B, N. H., 14th llcgt. of 
Volunteers, Aug. 22, 1862, and served his country three years. lie formerly was a 
carpenter, but now is proprietor of the Central House, Franklin, Mass., where were 

'■' born their children, viz. : — Harry Russell, b. Oct. 19, 1872. Albert Newton, b. Jan. 

• 19, 1875. 

James E\icrett, b. May 2, 1858. 







IIEXRY", bom July 13, 1788; maniod al)out 1810, in Comiiton, Province 
of Quebec, Ca., Sarab, dan. of Tbonias Otis, a native (as wc understand) 
of Vermont, and born near Montpelier, Oct. 27, 1793. She, tbey say, died 
in Trenton, Canada, Mar. 25, 1837, aged about 42 years. Mi-. Butler re- 
sided in Compton or Stanstead, Ca., until three of his children were born, 
afterward went to upi)er Canada, and was at Carrying Place when 
their fifth and sixtli cliildren were boi'u, and in Murray when their 
last child was born. He kept a hotel at Carrying Place, and subse- 
quently was a farmer. He died in Brighton, at the house of his 
brother "William, Jan. IG, 1852. Children: 

THOMAS OTIS, b. Dec. 21, 1812 ; m. June 26, 18.38, at Kingston, Ca., to Isal)(>l, 
tlau. of Cornelius and Rebecca (Huniphrej's) Glen, b. in Schenectadj', N. Y., 
Oct. 29, 1814. Her father of Glens Falls, N. Y'., and motlier from En<;land. 
He has for some time belonged to the Canada Post Office Dei)artmc.nt, and re- 
sides in Ottawa, Ont., but was in Kingston when his lirst child was born. 
Children : 

Sakau Janh, b. June 23, 1839; ni. July 29, 1808, Kev. Jainos Kincs of the Jhlhodist 
CLiui-cli, b in New York Stale, Nov. 13, 1840. They lately resided at Brij^htoii aud 
Wiltou, Ca., and removed to Sherbrook, sumincr of 1878. No eliildrcn. 
JouN IIenky, b. Nov. 30, 1840; m. iu New York City, Slay 2, 18G9, Emma Jane, dau. of 
Joliu and Isabella (Crossley) Leigh, b. in New York City, Apr. 10, 1844. Mrs. But- 
ler's parents were uativos of Manchester, England, where her father kept the Spin- 
ners Arms Inn previous to coming to America in 1842. She says her parents and 
all their posterity but herself have deceased. They resided in New York and vari- 
ous places in Connecticut previous to coming to Boston in Dec. 1875, where he has 
been carpenter at Globe Theatre. Child; — Chailes Otis, b. in New York, Oct. C, 
1871; died Apr. 22, 1874. 
FiiANCiiS Ann, b. Jan. 10, 1842 ; ra. Dec. G, 18GG, James, eldest son of the late James 
and Jessie F. (Hardy) llopkirk, b. in Glasgow, Scotland, June 3, 183(i. He is in 
the Civil Service Fniance Department, and they reside in Ottawa, Ca. Cliildren: — 
Nina Glasford, b. Feb. 23, 18G6. Jessie Farquharson, b. Oct. Ifi, 18C7. Isabella 
Glen, b. Oct. 18, 18G9. James Otis, b. Feb. 28, 1873. Francis Butler, b. Apr. 2, 187G. 
IviCBiiCCA Elviua, born Sept. G, 1843 ; died June 2, 1849. 

Thomas HuMpnnuYS, b. Sept. 13, 1845 ; m. Mar. 4, ISfiT, Sarah llidson, of Francis 
W. and Hannah Mary (Elleibeck) Smith, b. in Kingston, Ca., .Apr. 9, 1848. Residis 
No. 69 Artesian Avenue, Chicago, 111., and is a railroad employee. Children: — 
Isabella Maud, b. iu Kingston, July 14, 1808. Thomas Granville Nolton, b. in Lin- 
coln, 111., Aug. 7, 1870. Francis Andrew, b. in Lincoln, 111., Jan. 7, 1873. Mary, b. in 
Chicago, 111., May 31, 1877. 
BoRBKiDGK. ISAisKL Glis.v, 1). Oct. 10, 1847; m. June 15, 1870, Samuel W., son of Wm. Borbridge, 

b. in St. Johns, P. Q., June G, 1834. His father came from County of Wexford, 
Ireland, and died iu Ottawa, Ca., Apr. 1, 18G7. He is a sadler in Ottawa. She h:is 
two sons and one daughter, the latter b. Aug. 7, 1878. 
William Oris, born Mar. 29, 1847 ; died M:iy 3d, 1859. 
CiiAiu.i'.s Alckiit, born July 8, 1851 ; died April 4, 1855. 

RoBnur Jamks, b. Jan. 23, 1853; ra. Nov. 29, 1877, Mary Emily Beaumont, dan. of Wm. 
aud Elizabeth (Staley) Holmes, b. in Brockville, Canada, July 20, 1S57. Her parents 
both natives of England. He resides in Ottawa, aud is a watchmaker, and a dealer 
iu watches, clocks and jewellery. 
GnonOK Alexandhu, born Nov. 23, 1854. Resides in Ottawa. Is a druggist. 










WAITLY HAZEN, who died in infancy, aged 4 years. 

MIRON ALBERT, b. Mar. 26, 1816; m. in the village of Cousecon, Prince Ed- 
ward Co., Ca., Harriet Ann, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Lyons) Collman, and 
sister to the wife of his uncle Wm. Butler, b. in Middleton Co., of Middlesex, 
Ca., Mar. 26, 1814. Their last place of residence was Brighton, Ca. He died 
Mar. 24, 1875, and she died Dec. 1, 1876. Children : 
Adalade Louisa, born in Brighton, December 34, 1840; m. in Trenton, Ca., February 

1877, ReubeQ Laird. 
Charlotte, who died young. 

William Otis, born in Murray, April 7, 1844; is a clerk in Pictou. 
Philip Ham, born in Consecou, Apr. 29, 1847; a seaman. 

Elviua Elizabeth, b. iu Consecou, Apr. 3, 1849; ra. Dec. 24, 1873, Edwy Schuyler, son 
of Ricliard and Maria (Waldrou) Ireland, b. May 9, 1849. He is a trader In Belle- 
ville, Ca. 
John Wallace, born in Brighton, Feb. 23, 1851 ; a sailor. 

Frances Alice, a twin to John W; m. James Preston. Resides in Peterborough, Ca. 
Gertrude Makia, born in Brighton, Dec. 7, 1859. 

FRANCES ELIZA, b. Mar. 13, 1819 ; m. (1) Feb. 13, 1839, Philip, son of John 
Ham. and Mary (Duushaugh) Ham, b. in Ernestown, in the then Midland district, 

Upper Canada, June 12, 1800. Was a variety goods trader in the village of 
Bath, on the Bay of Qninte, in the same township, until 1836, when they removed 
to Belleville, and continued in the same business until appointed agent of the 
Bank of Montreal, in Belleville ; which position he held at the time of his death, 
as well as that of treasurer of the County of Hastings. Mr. Ham deceased Sept. 
3, 1847 ; and she m. (2) Oct. 13, 1853, Robert, sou of John and Jane (Scrowston) 
EicHARDsoN. Richardson, b. in the village of Elloughton, near Hull, Yorkshire, England, and 
he is a banker in Belleville. She has by him one daughter, and she is his only 
child. Pier children : 
Ham. Sarah Elizabeth, born March 23, 1842 ; died July 29, 1843. 

John Richard, born March 3, 1844; died Doc. 2, 1853. 

Mary Esther, born Nov. 24, 184G ; m. Mar. 4, 1868, Malcolm, son of John and Elizabeth 
Wilson. (Hughes) Wilson, b. at London, Upper Canada, Mar. 8, 1845. His father was Barris- 

ter at that time, and afterward Judge of the Queen's Bench. His mother was from 
the Isle of Wright. Mr. Wilsou is a banker, and resides in St. Catharine, Out., Ca. 
Children: — Frances Elizabeth Mabel, b. at Geneva, Switzerland, Dec. 2, 1868. John 
Philip, b. at Peterborough, Ont., Ca., Jan., 1870; d. July 28, 1870. Harriet Maud 
Barwick, b. at St. Catharine, Sept. 30, 1871. 
Richardson. Harriet, bom Aug. 29, 1857. 

CoLTMAN. ALVIRA ASENATH, b. July 24, 1819 ; m. Oct. 18, 1848, Wm. Henry Coltman, 
a brother to the M'ife of her brother Miron A., b. iu Middleton, Sept. 13, 1816. 
He is a farmer in Murray, Northumberland Co., Ca. Her first four children were 
born in Ameliasburgh, and the last child b. where they now reside. Children : 
George Henry, b. Jan. 1, 1850 ; m. Dec. 17, 1875, Johanna, dau. of Stephen and Johanna 
(Burgess) Vancot, b. in Thurlow Hastings Co., Ca., Fob. 9, 1852, where their son 
Wm. Andrew Butler was born Dec. 15, 1876. He is a farmer, now residing iu Kent 
Thomas Gerry, b. Nov. 6, 1851 ; m. Mar. 22, 1877, Rebecca Ann, dau. of George and 
Maria (Potts) McMasters, b. iu Brighton, Ca., Apr. 18, 1859. He is a farmer iu 



Col.TMAN. Jkssik M.utiA, born .Taiuiary C, l.S5('.. 

Willia:m Ciiaui.ks, lioni DcoiMiihcr 31, 1857. 
IsABKi.i.A A:mki.ia, boni June 17, KS(;i. 

CAROLINE AMELIA, b. Feb. 13, 1823; m.' May 9, 1842, David TV., son of 
Walt. Amos Augustus and Phobc (Wannamakcr) Walt, b. at Consucon, in the town of 

Ameliasbiiiy, Prince Edwards Co., Ca., Sept. 6, 1819. He is a farmer; they 
resided in Cranialco, wliero two-thirds of their cliildren were born, and in Con- 
secon wliere their other cliikU'cn were born aud where the fainil}' now resides. 
Children : 

Henuy Ai.MiiitoN', b. Got. 3, 1843, who iliod Jan. 29, 1875; m. Nov. 20, 18C9. Mary Alzina, 
dau. of Henry and Anie (Soutliard) Warren, b. Jan. 9, IH-li;. He was a mechanic. 
Had no children. 
RnuBK.v Clakk, born November 27, 1844 ; died uuni. April 18, 1875. 
Sarah Ann, born August Ifi, 1S4G; unmarried. 
John Butlek, born August 19, 1848; a farmer; unmarried. 

Wii-liam Smith, b. Sept. 22, 1850; a farmer; m. Dec. 30, 1874, Margaret, d.-iu. of Sol- 
omon .and Susan (Young) Weeks, b. in Consecon, June 20, 1852. Children: — Ira 
Lee, b. Oct. 1, 1875. Ida May, b. March 22, 1877. August Oliver, b. June 5, 1878. 
Augustus Ferdinand, born July 2, 1852; died May 2G, 1SG9. 
Fannie Elizabeth, born July 2fl, 1854. 
Leslie Warren, born May 25, 185G; a farmer. 
Angelina Loretta, born January 21, 1858. 
Elvira E.melia, born February 22, 18G0. 
George Walteu, born Novendier 18, 18G1. 
Robert EiCHARDSON, born October 1, 1SG3. 

BcTLBK. WILLIAM HENRY, b. June, 1824, who died in the mines in California soon after 
his arrival there Dec. 3, 1849, unmarried. 

PITKIN GROSS, b. M.-ir. 23, 1828 ; m. Aug., 1853, Elizabeth , b. in 

Upper Canada, Oct. 12, 1835, and removed into one of the western United States 
wheu a child, but her father was born in Manlius, Onondago Co., N. Y., Nov. 8, 
1808, and her mother was born in the same place Mar. 15, 1813. Resides at 
Norway Ridge, Monroe Co., Wis., where his last two children were born. Trade, 
cabinet maker. Children : 

M.iRTiiA Frances, born September 1, 1854; died young. 

Andrew Lyman, born Aug. 1, 1855; lie is a farmer in Janesville, Ttock Co., Wis. 
Harihet Adelaide, b. iu Palmyra, Jefl'erson Co., Wis., Doc. 1, 1857; m. Sept. IG, 1872, 
Avery. Eugene Avery, a carpenter, Osbkosh, Wis. (;iuldreu : — lloyal Eugene, b. in Osbkosli, 

Wis., Aug. 2, 1873. Eizabeth Hiltz Ella Betts, b. Sept. 1, 1874 ; died young. Hiin-ed, 
b. in Medford, Wis., Oct. 29, 1875. 
MCRDOCK. Emma Maria, b. in Palmyra, Feb. 23, 1859; m. Oct. 11, 187G, William Murdock. 

Employed in a lumber manufactory, 
sawyer by trade. 
Bdtleii. Henrietta, born in Palmyra, N. Y., September 8, 18G0. 

Martha Frances, born in Sliopiere, Rock Co., Wis., February 18, 1SG3, 
George Albeut, born in Sliopiere, August 29, 18G7. 
Robert Henry, born in Sliopiere, June 22, 1871. 
Edith Janette, born November 28, 1875. 
William Orby, born Deeeuiber 25, 1876. 

ANDREW OLIVER, b. Apr. 7, 1831 ; m. Aug. 1858, at Syracuse, N. Y., to Rhebe 
Hall, dau. of Enoch and Margaret A. (Welton) Marks, b. in Navarino, Oiion- 



Butler. daga Co., N. Y., Dec. 25, 1833. Her parents born in Connecticut, and removed 

from Litchfield to the place of her birth. He was a Lawyer in New York, but 
owing to ill health bought laud in Iowa, and was farming for a few years ; after- 
ward, resided in Datenport, Iowa ; where he was cashier of a banlc ; and in 
Chicago, where he began business as a commission merchant and-brol^er; and 
now is a real estate dealer, and has resided in Oak Park, a village about 8 miles 
west of Chicago, since 18G8 ; their bouse is on Wisconsin St. Children : 

flicsiiY Marks, born August U, 1859; dteil October 27, ISUl. 

FKANCiiS Makks, born in Davenport, Iowa, July 28, 18C2. 

Andrew Oris, born in Davenport, Iowa, March 21, 18G1. 

Julian Theodore, born February 8, 1874. 

JOHN" POORE \ bom December 12, 1791, in tbe dwelling at iq"ewbury- 
port called the Flander's house, and lived after marriage in the sontheast 
corner of Campton, and in 1847 removed just over the line into the north- 
east pait of Plymouth, IsT. H., where he died JSTov. 20, 1863. He married 
Apphia Brown, who was b. in Moultonboro, IS". H., Oct. 1, 1793, 
Duri.KR. and brought np by James Little of Campton. We have b'^en unable 
to learn the names of her parents, but was once informed that she 
had a brother Jonathan and a sister Sarah. She died Feb. 6, 1875. 
Children : 

GEORGE LITTLE, b. Aug. 22, 1817; m. (1) Oct. 30, 1844, Jane, a daughter of 
Charles and Harriet (Dayton) Clark, b. in Bradford, Vt., Sept. 26, 1815 ; by 
whom he had his children. She died June 17. 1855. He m. (2) Apr. 5, 1858, 
Laura Ann, widow of Daniel Eastman ; a dau. of Enoch aud Mary (Carter) 
Wiggins, b. in Bradford, Vt., July 18, 1821. She has no children. lie lias re- 
sided in Bradford, Vt., since Apr. 6, 1841, and his house is in the village, on the 
Connecticut river. In early life he was a wheelwright ; since, a furniture dealer, 
also a music teacher ; was town clerk 1855. He represented Bradford in the 
General Court of Vermont, 18G0-1, and has been Deacon and Treasurer of the 
Congregational Church since 1866. . Children: 

George Clark, b. Dec. 3, 1849 ; m. Dec. 3, 1872, Addie Belle, dau. of Nathan and Car- 
oline Adelia (Bickford) Tapliu, b. in Corinth, Vt., Jan. 17, 1853. He is a book-keeper, 
and resides in St. Albans, Vt. Cliildren : — Maud Natelle, b. Jan. 24, 1874. Laura 
Alice, b. May 3, 1876. 
Alice Jane, b. July 1, 1851; ra. Dec. 4, 1871, John Telestus, Jr., son of John T. and 
Cutter. . Mary Elizabeth (Uosley) Cutter, b. in Campton, N. H., Apr. 6, lo4G. He is a dealer 

in grain aud lumber, aud an undertaker in Plymouth, N. H. They have, since mar- 
riage, resided in said Plymouth. Children: — George Butler, b. Mar. 28, 1874. John 
Telestus 3d, b. Dec. 29, 1875. Annie Elizabeth, b. Feb. 11, 1877. Alice Jane, b. 
Mar. 19, 1878; d. Aug. 31, 1878. 

ELIZABETH ANN, b. Jan. 22, 1819 ; m. June 15, 1847, Andrew Conant, son of 

WitiGUT. Nathan M. and Sally (Tnttle) AVright, b. in Concord, Mass., Nov. 12, 1819, and 

has resided in Lowell since 14 years old, except when their third and fourth 

children were b. in Meredith, N. H. ; and has owned and resided at No. 32 Willow 

St. lie was a shoe dealer, and now a grocer ; has also been a policeman. Was 


WiiiciiT. in Co. A, of tlic original I\r:iss. Olli lJ<'i;t. of Voliiiifcors, in tlie tiuio of tlic Re- 

he'llion ; the liist lime was 2il Lieut, and the secon'l time was Capt. of Co. A. 
IIo had by foi iner wife, Sarah IJarrctt, a son named Andrew Conant, who d. in 
1873. Ilcr chihiren liave l)een : 

Ei.i.A Jam;, hoin Aug. G, 1848; iniinarrii'd ; rosUlcs at home; a .scliool teacher. 

Frank Baruktt, b. July 14, 1849; m. 1870, .idehne Maria, ilau. of .Samuel and Adeline 

(Liljljy) Thompson, 1). iu Lowell, Oct. 2, 1841); a -ji-ocer in Lowell and resides No. 

57 High St. Her father b. in Standisli 1817, and mother in Gorham, Me., 1822. 

Children 1). ill Lowell. Annie Maria, b. Jan. 2."), 1873. Arthur Andrew, 1). Oct. 1, 187.';. 

Mii.i.AiiD FiLi.MDUK, b. May 27, 1851; a desijj;ner for the llaiiiiltou eorporatioo ; resides 

at home, and nam. 
Joii.x Buri.KR, born Febrnary G, 1853 ; who died aged 12 days. 
Hati'IK EuZAUETii, born Mareh 5, 1855; died October IG, 1855, and 
IIai'.uy Butler, a twin to II. E. ; died .\ugnst 21, 1855. 

SARAH NOYES, b. Nov. 20, 1820 ; ra. Jan. 28, 1845, Wm., son of Tliomas and 
McDoLE. Kchccca (Johnson) McUole, b. in Ryegate, Vt., June G, 1821 ; who d. Jan. IC, 

1861. Was a cabinet malver ; resided in Newbury, Vt., where their eliildren 
■were all born, and Plj-mouth, N. II. ; and she has resided since Nov. 1, 1870, in 
West Fairlee, Vt., with her daughter, and has been accustomed to take care of 
invalids when it was desired of her. Chihiren : 
Flandhus. Ella Augusta, b. Nov. 28, 184G; m. Mar. 10, 18G5, Ilosca Baker Flanders, M. 1).; and 

died without issue at East Corinth, Vt., Aug. 10, 1SG9. 
Willie, born Feliruary 27, 1849; died September 1, 1850. 
McDoi.E. Cuarlks AVilliam, b. December 7, 1850; d. at Montgomery, N. Y., July 24, 1SG9 ; unm. 

Ax.NA Maky, b. Dec. 21, 1852; m. in Haverhill, N. H., June 24, 1870, to her sister Ella 
Flanders. A's widower, H. B. Flanders, wlio is son of Walter P. and Mehltable E. (Marston) 

Flanders, b. in Haverhill, N. H., Nov. IG, 1837, grad. medical department of Vermont 
University and practiced his profession in East Corinth, Vt., 8 years, Montour, 
Iowa, 2 years, and West Fairlee, Vt., 2.J years. Their child Carl Clive, b. iu Ply- 
mouth, N. H., Sept. G, 1873. 
McDoLE. John Thomas, born August 18, 185G; a ra.achinist. 

MARY WILLEY, b. June 15, 1821 ; m. Nov. 29, 1848, Ebenezer, son of Barzilla 
BuKGESS. and Caroline (Gibbs) Burgess, b. in AVareham, Mass., Feb. 9, 1818. A sadler 

and harness mal<er in Lowell, Mass., residence No. 30 Bartlett St. Children: 
George Franklin, born September 27, 1S49; who died February 17, 1873. 
Mary Catharine, born November 29, 1853; died Decembers, 18G2. 

ABIGAIL STICKNEY, b. 20, 1823; m. Sept. 1859, John Rogers, son of 

Clakk. Leavitt and Alniira (Bump) Clark, b. in Canipton, N. II., Jan. 17, 1828 ; resided 

in Canipton when their child wa3 born, lint were in Plymouth, N. II., wlien she 

died. Mar. 6, 1875 ; and be died the 21;th of the same month and year. Only 

child : 

Nellie Jane, born June 28, ISGl ; is at Maiden with her aunt Jane. 

CAROLINE LITTLE, b. Nov. 8, 1825; m. Aug. 3, 1852,* Henry Everts, son of 
SiiEDD. Rev. Charles and Eliza (Rowell) Shedd, b. in Meriden, N. II., May 7, 1831. 

Was a mechanic in Boston five years ; and since about 1857, been a farmer in 
Minnesota, and resides in Zumbrota, Goodhue Co., Minn. Children : 

Charles Curtis, b. Aug. 25, 1853; m. Oct. 10, 1S7G, Mary Ella, dan. of Henry .Martin 
and Mary (Scotield) Scolield, b. iu Fond du Lac, Wis., .Apr. S, 1855. Her parents 


Shedd. were 2c1 cousins before married. A farmer in Appleton, Swift Co., Minn. Child: — 

George Henry, b. July 16, 1S77; d. Aug. 3, 1878. 
Carrie Maria, born Oct. 25, 1855. 
Mauy Elizabeth, born April 20, 1860. 
Frederick Hexky, born October 10, 1861 
George Edward, born Marcli 18, 1863. 
Horace Everett, born September 6, 1864. 
Lewis Frank, born August 29, 1868. 
Lucy Etta, born June 30, 1870. 



ELMIRA ROGERS, born Aug. 22, 1827; was a school teacher; and died unm. 
Apr. 8, 1846. 

JANE PARKNUM, b. July 20, 1829 ; m. Nov. 4, 1852, Dudley Leavitt Clark, a 
brother to her sister Abigail S's husband, b. iu Campton, N. H., Jan. 18, 1830. 
Resided in Campton when their first two children were born, then in Plj'inouth, 
N. H., when their other child was born, and now in Maiden, Mass. He has been 
agent for patent rights, in stable business, and when in N. H., Deputy Sheriff. 
Children : 

Jonx Leavitt, born July 9, 1853 ; at home unmarried. 

Edwin Charles, boru June 25, 1856, at Chelsea; m. July ,10, 1878, Georgie Barrett. 

Kate Elizabeth, born March 31, 1867. 

JOHN WOODWARD, b. Dec. 13, 1831; m. (1) Oct. 14, 1857, Emily Ann, dau. 
Butler. of Hiram and Hannah (Straw) Farnum, b. iu Plj'mouth, 1833, and d. Apr. 13, 

1866; m. (2) Jan. 1, 1868, Sophia, dau. of Percival and Louisa (Pike) Erwin, 
b. iu Haverhill, N. H., Apr. o, 1846. Her parents were both of Haverhill. He 
has been employed on the railroad most of the time since married ; has been 
freight conductor, but now is yard master. His children were born in Lancaster, 
N. H., but he now (1878) resides at Woodsville in the northwest corner of Hav- 
erhill, Grafton Co., N. H. Children : 

John Millard, born January 13, 1871. 

Harriet Lilian, born December 12, 1875. 

ARTHUR WEBSTER, b. Dec. 15, 1833 ; a teamster ; he was so employed in the 
Sixth Regt. of N. H. iu the Army, and was never wounded during the three 
years he was there. He enlisted in Co. A of that Regt. Is still unin. and re- 
sides in Carroll, N. H. 

WILLIAM FRANKLIN, b. Nov. 20, 1837 ; m. Sept. 1862, Martha Lois, dan. of 
Wm. and Hannah (Foss) Burt, b. in Franconia, N. H., Sept. 19, 1846. She 
died without issue Feb. 19, 1868 ; m. (2)^Aug. 2, 1868, Harriet Jane, dau. of 
Charles and Mary Smith, born in Boston, August 13, 1852. She died Sept. 
6, 1875 ; m. (3) June 15, 1876, Alvira Faithful, of Stephen and Eunice 
(Hansoii^ Russell, b. in Lincoln, N. II., Oct. 19, 1850. He for 18 years has 
been engaged in sawing lumber, excepting five years, when he was conductor on 
tlie B. C. & M. Railroad, running between B. and Wells River. Children both 
born in Franconia. N. H., where he now (1878) resides, viz. : 

William Franklin, born May 16, 1809. 

Charles Sjiitii, born November 19, 1871. 


MARY", born December 12, 1792; married Jan. 0, 1813, Diadate, son of 

Abel and Lydia C. (Church) Willcy, b. in Campton, N". H., Mar. 30, 1789; 

he was a Deacon of the church. They occupied the old homestead of liis 

father, situated in the north part of the town; where their cliildivn 

WiLLEY. were born. He died Mar. 15, 1878. She survives him. Children: 

SELDEN CHURCH, b. Nov. 24, 1813 ; who resides in Campton, on tlie liomcstead 
with liis motiier ; m. (1) Sept. 17, 1840, Elizabotli, dau. of James Dcnnison, who 
was born in Gloucester, Mass., Mar. 27, 1813, by whom he had one ciiiid. She 
died Mar. 20, 1846. He m. (2) June 17, 1847, Marion Malvina, dau. of Daniel 
and Fanny (Terry) Harvey, b. in Colebrooli, N. H., Feb. 9, 1^20. Children : 
Elizabhth Dennison, born Sept. 10, 1845 ; who died umnarricd Dec. 13, 1804. 
MILTOX Hauvet, born July 12, 1853; who died Dec. 11, 18G4. 
EsTUiiU Emeline, twin to Miltou Harvey; who is with her parents unmarried. 

EMELINE, born January 17, 1815; died December 15, 1833. 

CHRISTOPHER, born April 30, 1817; died September 10, 1822. 

ANNETTE, b. Oct. 8, 1819 ; m. Dec. 22, 1842, Jason, son of Thomas and Martha 

Cook. (Bartlett) Cook, a cousin to Moses C. Dole's first wife, and his father cousin to 

Gen. Moses Cook, husband of her aunt Betsey. He was born in Campton, Nov. 

23, 1819 ; settled in that place. He died Mar. 3, 1871, and she since 1875 has 

been a matron iff an asylum in Dedham, Mass. She has had no children. 

WiLLEY. LYDIA, born April 12, 1824 ; died November 11, 1839. 

ESTHER, born January 4, 1826; died January 21, 1848. 

HENRY, born September 12, 1830 ; died March 24, 1832. 

CHARLES HENRY, b. Sept. 21, 183G; who died a soldier at Baton Rouge, July 
20, 1863, belonging to company 15, 15th N. II. Regiment. 

BETSEY", born April 12, 1795; who died October 6, 1864; married 

October 5, 1816, Moses, son of Ephraim and Sally (Merrill) Cook, who was 

born in Campton, IS". H., Sept. 23, 1792. His mother was of Campton Avhen 

married; and his grandmother was a Wj'att of Newbury bort, Mass. They 

lived in Campton when their children were born, but removed to Laconia, 

N. H., in 1853, and he died IS'ov. 20, 1872. Besides being a farmer he built 

the woollen mill on Mad River in 1826, which is now owned by Mrs. Cook's 

nephews, and carded wool, etc. Among the public offices which 

Cook, he was Called to fill was Brig. Gen. of the militia. He was among 

the foremost in the refiarms of his day, and practiced temperance ; no 

rum being furnished when building his factory, neither at the time he 

was elected Captain, or when promoted from time to time, until he 

reached his highest office. Children: 

Dole. HARRIET, b. July 25, 1817; ra. her cousin John, son of Henry Dole, Oct. 12, 

1843, and has had five children ; which see page 17 above. 




Cook. MARY ANN, b. July 21, 1819 ; who m. Oct. 24, 1841, Henry Dole, her cousin aud 

Dole. brother to Harriet's husband ; and she had four children. See p. 17 above. 

SALLY, b. Sept. 13, 1820 ; who died Feb. 13, 1847 ; m. Sept. 7, 1842, her second 

Cook. cousin, .Josepli, a son of Moody and Lucy (Eaton) Cook, b. in Campton, Apr. 

21, 1818; where her children were born. He was a manufacturer of clothing 

25 years, but now is a trader in Campton ; and m. again. His present wife's 

name was Eliza A. Kenrick, and has a dan. Sarah F. bj' her. Children : 

Perkins Stonh, b. Aug. 22, 1844; is the only surviving cliild of liis motlier and now 
(1877) num. He is a Dry Goods Dealer of the firm of Perry, Cook & Tower, No. 
105 Bedford St., Boston, Mass. 
LuELLA Fkancis, boru November 2, 1845; who died October 23, 1846. 

LOIS, born November 29, 1823 ; died unmarried December 31, 1855. 

ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 2, 1828; m. (1) Mar. 7, 1855, Stephen E., son of 
Sargent. Stephen and Fanny (Noj'es) Sargent, a distant kin to her, as his mother was 

dau. of Enoch, son of Joseph and Ab'il (Foore) Noj'es. He was a Lawj'er ; b. 
in Bath, N. H., Sept. 2, 1809 ; but from whom she was divorced; and m. (2) 
June, 1873, Geo. H. Anson, the widower of her sister Huldah, who is a Dry 
Goods Merchant ; and reside at No. 35 Kearnej'^ Street, Newark, N.J. Her 
children : 

Ada Ellen, born April 11, 18G0. 

Emma Agnes, born November 20, 18G3; who died December 20, 18G4. 

HULDAH JEWETT, b. Apr. 9, 1832 ; who died without issue Oct. 21, 1864 ; m. 
Oct. 16, 1860, George Hammond Anson, of Bangor, Me. ; who has since mar- 
ried her sister Elizabeth. He was a 2d Lieut, in the 22d Me. Regt. of Vols. 

EMELINE WILLEY, boru November 16, 1833 ; who died September 28, 1846. 

ALMIRA DOLE, b. Dec. 7, 1836 ; who died in Patterson, N. J., Mar. 20, 1870 ; 
m. Sept. 20, 1865, Rev. George, son of Geo. and Deborah (Knight) Fierce, b. 
in Marblehead, Mass., Sept. 20, 1832 ; who m. Sept. 16, 1875, Lucy MacGregor 
of East Derry, N. H. He was educated at Topsfield Academy and Dartmouth 
College; resided at Milford, N. H., in 1877, and has since removed to North 
• Andover, Mass., where he was installed over the Trinitarian church, Oct. 16, 
1878. She left one daughter, viz. : 
Allie Cook, born January 23, 1870. 

ELLEN AUGUSTA, b. Oct. 7, 1838; m. Sept. 28, 1869, Rev. Thomas Earl, son 
Babb. of William George and Anna (Earle) Babb, b. in Orange, N. J., Aug. 21, 1840. 

Graduated Amherst College 1865, and Andover Theological Seminary 1868. 
His father was a native of London, England ; aud his mother of New York. 
Residence, Eastport, Maine, Sept. 1868 to May 1871. Pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church in Oxford, Mass., May 1871 to May 1877 ; and is in 1878 pastor 
of a Presbyterian Church in Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. Children: 

Agnes Cook, l)om August 8, 1870. 

Philip Augustus, born April 0, 1872; who died September 17, 1872. 

Maky Louisa, born June 12, 1873. 

Emily Augusta, born September 12, 1875. 

TuoMAS Sbarle, boru August 22, 1878. 





EUTII", boni Si'phMnhrr 22, 1796; married Jammry 3, 1820, Francis, 

son of Francis and Kcbecca (Dnrrell) Durgin, b. in Thornton, N. II., Mar. 

24, 179.'); a farmer, and settled in the noi-thei-ly ])art of Campton, on the 

Pemig-ewassctt river. He died Apr. 28, 1801, and slie died Dec. .T, 

DunGiN. 1870. Mr. Durgin by a former wife, Susan Foss, had a son Varnuui 

G., who lias thi'ee chil(h'en. Kuth had the following four chihlren: 

SUSAN FOSS, h. Sept. IG, 1820; m. June 3, 1847, William Anf;;iisUis, son of 

Smith. Robei-t uml Sally (KiMiiiostoii) Smith, b. in Cami)ton, Mar. 22, 1824. He is a 

physician. Residence in the village! of Campton. Only child : 

FitANK WvMAX, 1). Mill-. It, I.SIS; in. June 3, 1873, Eliza, cUni. of Dr. David and Sarah 
(ScoUcy) riirkur, 1). in Gardner, Mass., Nov. 29, IS-tC ; rcsidos hi the lionsc Uicy 
bnilt in IST-t, No. 3 Hanover St., in Concord, N. II., and is a l)ook-lveei)er and sales- 
mau I'or his uncle Wui. 15. Durgin. Child : — William David, b. Dec. 18, 1870. 

HARRISON, b. Jan. 26, 1828; m. (1) Jan. 26, 1851, Emeline, dan. of Win. and 
DuKGiN. Harriet (Elliott) Thornton, by whom he had his children ; m. (2) Jan. 17, 1877, 

Flora M. Taylor of Runmcy, N. H. He is a glove manufacturer and has been 
in Vineland, N. J., since about 1871. Children: 

William, who died aged about eleven years. , 

Daughter, who died at the age of about one week. 

AVILLIAM BUTLER, b. July 29, 1833; m. Sept. 21, 1854, Martha Elizabeth, 
dau. of George Martin unci Martha L. (Learned) Trevis, b. in Gardner, Mass., 
Jan. 15, 1833. He is a silversmith on School St., Concord, N. H., in which city 
they have resided since married, and In the house they built in 185U, No. 40, on 
Ruinford Street. Children : 

Gkokgk Fua.n'Cis, born April 25, 1858. 

Mauy Susan, born August 1, 18G4. 

LUCINDA, born January 1, 1835 ; who died aged ten d.ays. 

WILLIAM", born March 0, 1800; and died January 3, 1875; went to 

Canada to reside when about twenty-one years of age; m. Sept. 8, 1830, 

Ehzabeth, dau. of John and ]^]Uzabeth (Lyon) Coltman, b. near Simcoe, Co. 

of :N'orfolk, Canada, Apr. 8, 1810, and died Feb. 1 6, 1875. Her mother's half 

brother, James Lyon, had a daughter who married her son John; and her 

sister and brother m. Mr. Butler's nephew and niece. He resided in Con- 

secon. Prince Edward Co., Ca., when his first three children were 

born; and removed to Presque Isle, (now village of Brighton), Nor- 

BuTLER. thumberland Co., Canada "West, in 1837, and resided on Prince 

Edward Street; they resided in Brighton until their decease, and 

their last five children were born there. Children: 

CHARLES, born August 15, 1831 ; died May 16, 1834. 

JOHN, b. May 17, 1833; m. in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Fa., Dec. 18, 1S56, 
Martha Ann, dan. of James and Sarah Ann (Richardson) Lyon, b. in Urighton, 



Butler. Nov. 27, 1832. Her father was born in 1789 at Ft. Erie, and died at 'Wellsville, 

Ohio, in 1851; and her mother was born in Kingston, Ca., 1782; and died 
in Mt. Vernon, 111., 1862. He went to California in Oct. 1863, and lived at Iowa 
Hill until Jul}-, 1877 ; and now resides on Main St., in Colfax, Placer Co., Cal. 
He is a druggist, bookseller, etc., and post master. Children besides three who 
died unnamed are : 

William Jamrs, born in Brighton, Ca., April 13, 1859. 

Walter Lyon, born In Briglitou, December 2, 1861. 

Elizabeth Lyon, born at Iowa Hill in Placer Co., Cal., March 6, 1868. 

John Lyon, born at Iowa Hill, June 8, 1873. 

HARRIET ELIZA, b. Apr. 14, 1835 ; m. Sept. 26, 1854, Ira Russell, son of Josiah 
Pkoctou. and Almira (Hodges) Proctor, b. in Brighton, Ca., Dec. 29, 1825. He has been 

a farmer and trader ; owning the old mansion in Brighton, built by his grand- 
father, whose name was also Josiah, and came up from Rutland Co., Vt., from 
where probably the Hodges came ; where his children were born ; where he and 
his father also were born, and where his father died Apr. 14, 1839, aged 37. 
Children : 

WiLLiAJi Frederick, born Sept. 25, 1857 ; a clerk in the Montreal Bank, at Montreal, Ca. 

Elizabeth Almira, born March 23, 18G1 ; died January 16, 1866. 

Harriet Maria, born September 12, 1873. 

GEORGE COLTMAN, b. Sept. 30, 1838 ; who died Sept. 19, 1867 ; m. November, 
Butler. 1866, Jane Abigail Lawrence, who, since his decease, has married Doctor H. H. 

Ostrom ; and now resides in Alton, Wajme Co., N. Y. 

SARAH MARIA, b. Aug. 28, 1842 ; m. Nov. 13, 1872, Maitland Parker, son of 

Ketchum. Thaddeus Hiram and Phebe Lavina (Lawson) Ketchum, b. in Brighton, Ca., Oct. 

25, 1842. His father born in the count}' of Onondaga, N. Y., 1801, and died 

in Brighton 1868 ; and mother born in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 1813 ; 

now living. He is a Broker, and thej^ reside in Brighton. Child : 

Elizabeth Butler, born in the village of Brighton, September 22, 1875. 

MARY ELI.^ABETH, b. Dec. 29, 1844; m. June 1, 1869, Wilmot Richard, son 
Squier. of Henry and Clarinda (Wells) Squier, b. in Brighton, Ca., June 1, 1842. Edu- 

cated at Victoria University ; is a barrister, and appointed Senior Judge of the 
court in Huron County, July 1, 1877; residence now, where he owns on Nor- 
folk St., in Goderich ; but their children were born in their house on St. Vincent 
St. of said Goderich. His father was a trader and born in said Brighton June 
2, 1815 ; and his mother born in same place Aug. 22, 1821. Children: 
Clarinda Elizabeth, born May 29, 1S70. 
r Henry William Butler, born March 3, 1872. 

Charles Edward, born June 23, 1873. 
Ada Maitland, born May 10, 1875. 
Frederick Temple Blackwood, born November 29, 1876. 


WILLIAM CHARLES, b. Oct. 15, 1848 ; m. Oct. 15, 1873, Maria Antoinette Bis- 
onette, dau. of Edward Henry and Julia Ann (Wright) Smith, b. Apr-. 27, 1853. 
Mrs. Butler's father was a trader; b. in the township of Brighton in 1819 ; and 
died in Colborne, same county, in 1859. Her mother boru in the village of 



BmxKi!. Briglitoii, in 1829 ; is still living there; and is the ilauglitur of Alfred .1. Wii;^lil, 

Esq. Mr. Butler is ii farmer, and occupies the homestead of his faihcr. 
Children : 

William Eknkst, boni in Bi'i.shton, Oct. 9, 1871. 

Kdwaiid Oshokn'ic, l)oni in ]5ri;;liton, May 21, 187G. 

Malcolm Lyon, born iu Brij^lilon, May 25, 1878. 

JAMES LYON, b. Oct. 2(5, 1851 ; died at the age of a few months. 

LYDIA HEEBERT", born March 12, 1802; married March 12, 1824, 
Newton, son of Edmund and Eunice (Cook) Marsh, b. in Campton, iST. II., 
Feb. 11, 1802. His father born in East Haddam, Conn., in 1758; and died 
in 1815 ; and mother born in Ncwbnryport, Mass., 1762, and died in 1833, 

was annt to Gen. Moses Cook above, and great aunt to Joseph Cook, 
Marsh, who married Gen. Cook's dan. Sally. They settled on the homestead 

of his father near the centre of the town, where he was a farmer; 

and died Apr. 13, 1875. She survives him. Her children* 

LOUISA, b. Nov. 27, 1824 ; m. Nov. 27, 1845, Ebenezer Bartlctt, son of Edmund 
and Electa (Bartlctt) Cook, b. in Campton, N. H., Oct. 30, 1824. Their fathers 
being cousins. He forrherlj' was a farmer, but now in the meat business. Their 
Cook. first child born in Campton, N. H. ; second and third born in Lowell, M.ass. ; 

and fourth and fifth in Dracut, Mass. Went West Dec. 1857, and lived in Perry 
township, and now (1878) resides No. 1047 West Lake Street, Chicago, 111. 
Children : 
Justin Edwards, b. July 18, 1847: Grad. at State University of Iowa, 1870, practiced 
Law iu Jessup, Buclianau Co., Iowa, from 1871 to 1877, and was editor of " The 
Jessup Vindicator" from. Sept. 187G to Sept. 1877: m. Sept. 3, 187+, Bessie Pliilcna, 
dau. of Nelson and Anna N. (Sellcm) Johnson, b. in Kaymond, Racine Co., Wiscon- 
sin, Nov. 14, 1846. They had two children born in Jessup; and Oct. 17, 1877, re- 
moved to Independence, Buchanan Co., Iowa. Children: — Justin Edwards, b. July 
1, 1875. Nelson Ebenezer, b. Mar. 22. 1877. 
Mary Bartlett, born Noveml)er 4, 1851 ; died December 12, 1851. 
Mary Elizabrtu, born November 23, 1852; a school-teacher; in 1878 unmarried. 
Martha Louisa, bom February 2, 1854; who died January G, 1857. 
Katie, boru March G, 185G ; unmarried in 1878. 

JULIA ANN, born March 4, 1828 ; with her mother in Campton; unm. in 1877. 

Marsh. EDMUND, born December 29, 1830 ; died February 27, 1832. 

CHRISTOPHER HALE, b. Jan. 28, 1833 ; is unm. 1878 ; a farmer on the old 
homestead, where he was born. « 

LYDIA WILLEY, born November 6, 1839 ; died aged two weeks. 

JOHN NEWTON, b. Dec. 19, 1841 ; who was in Co. I, 12th N. H. Rcgt., and died 
of diphtheria at Alexandria, Va., June 29, 1863. 

ABIGAIL POOR', born June 13, 1807; who deceased December 6, 
Butler. 1874, and lias no j)Osterity living. 




SAMUEL ^ bom in Newbury, September 5, 1765; m. (1) Oct. 10, 1791, 
Eunice, daxi. of Samuel and Mary Eunice (Jennings) Long, b. in JS'ew- 
bury, Mass., Sept. 23, 1763, and died June 7, 1825. Her father's first wife 
and all the children he had by her died with the " throat distemper." Her 
mother, Mary Eunice, was born in London, England, and came to America 
when about nine years of age, and after her mother (whose maiden name 
was Howe) was deceased. Among the twelve children Mrs. Poore's father 
had by her mother, we hear that Robert, b. 1750, was a school-teacher, and 
had children, one of which married a Dodge; Abigail, b. 1752, m. a Harvey; 
Susan, b. 1754, m. Thos. Gould; Sarah, b. 1756, m. James Hayes; Hannah, 
m. a Hale, and had two sons, Isaac, Robert and several daughters; Samuel, 
b. 1761; Joseph, b. 1766, who was a school-teacher; and Edward Jennings, 
b. 1771 ; who settled in Portsmouth, IN". H., and had four sons. 

Mr. Poore settled on the old homestead in [N^ewbury, and was a farmer. 
In his old age he m. (2) May 11, 1834, Abigail Currier, about thirty years 
his junior, who lived until Jan. 17, 1877. He died July 17, 1849. Children : 

JOHISr', born December 29, 1794; who deceased April 7, 1845; was a 

blacksmith. He m. Oct. 30, 1817, Hannah, dau. of Richard and Martha 

(Hook) Knight, b. in I^ewbury, on the street leading from the Neck to 

ISTewburyport, about two miles from Old Town bridge, Sept. 28, 1799. She 

died May, 1865. They resided in Andover, where their first child was born ; 

in the ]^ewbury part of Byfield parish, near the church, where their 

PooRB. two sons were born; then removed to the street where she herself 

and their other children were born ; they then went to ]^ewburyport, 

where they resided the remainder of their lives. Children: 

HANNAH, b. Mar. 25, 1818 ; m. June 6, 1847, Silas, son of Silas and Hannah 
Plumeb. Harmon (Moulton) Plumer, b. Sept. 17, 1816, in Newbury, near Parker River; 

and wbere they have siiice resided. He is a farmer. Children : 

Geouge Henry, b. Mar. 22, 1848; he is a farmer and milk dealer, and resides on the 

opposite side of the street by his father; m. July 8, 1874, Mary Garafelia, dau. of 

Paul Tasker and Abigail Kimball (Otis) Winkley, b. in Newburyport, Feb. 7, 1846. 

 Mary Ellen, b. June 27, 1851 ; m. Feb. 24, 1875, George Lunt, son of Justin and Myra 

NoYES. Elizabeth (Lunt) Noyes, b. in Newbury, Sept. 28, 1855. He is a farmer in Newbury; 

residing in 1878 with his father. Child : —George Lunt, b. Mar. 2, 1876. 
Plumer., b. Nov. 1, 1857; a farmer in Newbury, residing with bis father. 

ELIZABETH, b. Sept. 23, 1821 ; m. Alfred, son of Moses and Mary (Thurlo) 
Cook. Cook, b. in Newbury, (that part now Newburyport) in 1821. He was a farmer; 

went to California, and it is supposed by some, was killed by the Indians in 1864. 
She has no issue. 


I'oouK. CHARLES LONG, 1). Due. 0, 1821, is a c:u-|kmiUt ; rpsidoiico, since M;iy, 1870, :it, 

No. GO Pi-ospoct St. in Newburyport ; m. July 10, 1845, Mary Ann, dan. of 
James and Susan (Lane) Tlunlow, h. in that, part of Ncwiinry now annoxoil to 
Newlinryport, Mar. ;'), 1827. Cliildron : 

Mauy Jani',, b. on Lime Street, Novembers, 184G; ra. Doc. 2!), 1871, Alonzo Cyrus, son 

Pkauson. of Silas and Lyclia (Pluinor) Pearson, b. ui Newburyport, Nov. 24, 184:!. Uesides 

No. 10 Unicorn St., llie place of his birtli. He is ensiiieor on a steamboat. 

Children : — Charles Alfred, b. July l(i, 1874. Alonzo Moody, 1). Jan. 19, 1878. 

Ei.iZAUitTii Ann, b. Aug. 2, 1852, who lives witli Iier fallier; m. Jan. 2, 1875, Geor-e 

l'""'^-'''''- Ncl.son, sou of Geo. and Mary (Wliiteliouso) Frost, b. in Yarmoulli, N. S., Oct. 23, 

1840. His graud-fallior, we uiidersland, was James Frost; and at the time of the 

Revolution left Maine, the place probably of his fallier aud the Whitiliouse famil}'. 

He, by former wife;, Abby Lanford, had a dau. Abby Lizzie. He is a shoeuiakcr and 

teamster. Her child : — Frederick Alonzo, b. July 1, 1875. 

PoonE. CiiAitLEs William, born December 11), 1850, on Franklin street. ; drives a grocery team. 

JOHN WILLIAM, b. Aug. 10, 1832; who was a caniagi; blacksmith; d. uiira. 
Oct. 15, 1859. 

SAMUEL", boni :Nrovember 6, 1796. Settled on the homestead with his 
father, and died there June 6, 1878; was justice of the Peace, Selectman 
of the town, etc., but declined the military office of captain, which was of- 
fered him. He m. Feb. 10, 1822, Hannah, dau. of Carpenter and Susannah 
(Merrill) Greenough, b. in Newburyport, Sept. 23, 1791; Avho died Oct. 23, 
18G7. Her ])a{.crnul grandfather was Wm. Greenough, b. in 1751, whose 
wife was Judith, dau. of Daniel and Martha Chase; and her maternal 
grandparents were Jonathan and Mary Merrill, of Belleville, and their dau. 
Susannah was b. in 1758. Children: 

EMILY, born September 10, 1822 ; died November 9, 1834. 

EDWIN, b. Feb. 5, 1824; who d. Sept. 12, 1858; m. Feb. 4, 1847, Catlierinc 
Low, dau. of Capt. Eben and Elizabotli (Low) Sutton, b. in Ipswich, June 30, 
1820. Resided in the house near liis father, which was Ijuilt liy Stephen I'oorc, 
where their cliildren were bom; and siie now (1877) resides iu Bradford, corner 
of M.ain and Pleasant Streets. Cliildren : 

Edwin, born December 12, 1847; who is in a shoe manufactory; num. 
Geougk Lkwis, born October 11, 1830; died June 22, 1871. 

GEORGE, b. May 18, 1825 ; m. (1) at Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 1, 1853, Ruby Ann, 
dau. of John and Ruby (Gage) Perley, b. in Bradford, Mass., M.ay 2, 18.33, by 
whom he had three children. She died Oct. 17, 1801. He m. (2) at South 
Royalton, Vt., Jan. 11, 1800, Jeanette, of Ora and Saraii (Flint) Osgood, 
b. in Sharon, Vt., Apr. 18, 1843. He is a shoe manufacturer in Haverhill, where 
were born his children, viz. : 

C'iiAi!i-KS IlowAUD, b. Sept. 6, 1854 ; au Attorney aud Counsellor at Law iu Ilaverliill ; 
ilinnarried in 1873. 

Emma, born October 9, IS.jO; died February IS, 1800. 

FUANK TiumsroN, born August 1, 1801 ; died at Methucn, January 14, 18G2. 

Giiouoii Osgood, boru September 7, 18GS. 


PooRE. ALFRED, b. Ang. 11, 1830 ; who resides with his father on the old homestead ; a 

farmer ; m. June 26, 1857, Mary Pike, dan. of James and Lucy (Eaton) Knight, 
b. in Newbury, Nov. 14, 1836. Her mother, dau. of Wm. Eaton, was born on 
Deer Island, Me. The children : 

John Lawkexce, b. Jan. 3, 1861 ; who, when about tbree yeai'S of age, had the great 
misfortune to fall from a stack of hay and injure his spine, so as to render him inca- 
pable of ordinary exertion. 
Alfred Wesley, born April 23, 1866. 

MERRILL, born October 10, 1835 ; died March 26, 1837. 

MARY EUNICE'^, born ]S"ovember 18, 1799; mariied James, son of 
Samuel Woodman; resided in JSTewbury, where she died June 13, 1836. 
Mr. Woodman subsequently married a widow Brown, and both he 
and his second wife deceased before 1869. Child : 
MARY EUNICE, born 1834 ; died 1835. 


RUTH LO^G^ born October 28, 1801; married 1826, William Augustus 
Belknap, of Westboro, Mass., born ^November 19, 1799 ; was a jeweller ; re- 
sided in Boston when their first child was born, and in Exeter, ]^. H., where 
their other children were born, and where he deceased ISTov. 16, 
Belknap. 1841. She is, in 1878, with her son Wm. Horatio, in Exeter. 

Children : 
ROSINA ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 24, 1828 ; m. Dec. 8, 1852, Mark, son of Mark 
Jewbtt. Richards and Elizabeth (Gould) Jewett, b. in Ipswich, Dec. 28, 1826. He is a 

carpenter, and they reside in Rowley, Mass., where their children were born. 
Cliildren : 

Flokbncb Gould, born February 9, 1854 ; and unmarried. 

Oscar Augustus, born March 31, 1856; unmarried. 

Willakd Likcoln, born November 30, 1859 ; died February 4, 1860. 

Belknap. SAMUEL AUGUSTUS, b. Sept. 19, 1829 ; who is a printer in Boston ; unm. 

• ROSELVINA, b. November 9, 1831 ; m. Feb. 15, 1864, John Shute, son of Addi- 
RowELL. son Stevens and Eliza Barker (Shute) Rowcll, b. in Brentwood, N. H., Mar. 7, 

1842. They reside in Exeter. He is Postal Clerk on the Boston & Maine Rail- 
road between Boston and Portland, and a pensioner. He was in the Army from 
Oct. 12, 1861, to Apr. 3, 1865. Rising from a private to captain in Co. A., 6th 
N. H. Vols. ; was in many battles, and wounded at Poplar Spring Church, Va., 
Sept. 30, 1864. They resided in Haverhill, Mass., one and a half years previous 
to cording to Exeter, in the latter part of 1866, where the}- have since resided ; 
excepting about one year in Boston and Somerville. Children : 

AuTHUR B. B., born June 17, 1867; died September 1, 18C8. 

John Edward Everet Melvin, born in Exeter, March 7, 1871. 

Grace Darling, boru Febiuary 7, 1876; died August 6, 1876. 

Belknap. AGIB, born July 26, 1834 ; died May 1, 1835. 


Occupied by him and eiglit consecutive generations, in one line of his descendants about 240 years ; in which have 
been born about thiee score of ihe ancient patriarch's progeny. The junior Samuel's son Alfred with his two sons 
John Lawrence and Alfred Wesley, of the last two generations, reside there in 1S81. 

In the beginning it consisted of one square room on the ground and chamber over it, wuh chimney on the eastern 
end, without at first any finish inside. Jonathan, son of John and grandson of the progenitor, built the eastern end 
of the main part and finished the inside of the whole house. Subsequently the lean-to was added to the back side. 
Lastly the singular projection at the south western corner .annexed by John of the fourth generation, who kept 
the ferry over the river Parker, which flows by the north end of the farm, and about sixty or eighty rods from this 
house, and perhaps this room was where he took toll, and it may be this John's son used it for his office 
etc., when he was an inn-keeper, (after his neighbor Hale gave up the business,) this being the half-way house between 
Newburyport and Rowley — handy for freight teamsters and others on the highway between the East and Boston, to 
drop in and " wet their whistle " in dusty summer or " warm up " in cold winter. .So when Reed of Newburyport 
photographed it, the old tavern sign was erected for the occasion, but the last four generations have not used it, as 
about the time of the decease of Jonathan the Newburyport and Boston turnpike was built, and drew travel from 
this way. 


Bklknap. WILLIAM HORATIO, born ISIar. 20, 183fi ; in. Jul}' 31, 1875, Atlelaiilc Folsom, 
dan. of Asa and Tlicodalc II. (Pago) Jewell, b. in Exeter, N. 11., June 17, 1817. 
He was formerly a printer, and was Register of Deeds for Rockingham Co., 
N. II. ; now Insurance Agent. Residence in Exeter, and has for several years 
held the office of Town Clerk. 

JULIA ANNA, born July 4, 1839 ; who died June 14, 1854. 

CHAELES LONG", born November 5, 1804; married (1) Abigail 
Standlcy, of Salem, and wont to Boston to reside; but enlisted in the U. S. 
Army, February, 1832, and served in Co. I, 7th U. S. Infantry, three years. 
Discharged at Fort Gibson, and has worked at his trade, a carpenter, since. 
He there married, in 1860, widow Nancy Irving; she is one-eighth Indian, 
of the Cherokee tribe, a dau. of Michael and Nancy (Martin) Hildebi-and, 
b. in March, 1820, and m. (1) George Lorcth, by whom she had James, 
Anna, David, John, and Louise; m. (2) William Irving, by whom she had 
AVilliam and Joseph ; and Mr. Poore is her third husband. They reside at 
a place called Greenleaf Bend, on the east bank of. the Arkansas river, and 
about 16 miles south of Fort Gibson, Indian Territory. He had one child 
by each of his wives. Children: 

FREDERICK CALEB, born April, 18-^5 ; died March, 1832. 

BRYCE, born October 22, 1861. 

KEBECCA ', born Apiil 11, 1807; who resided in Boston; died unmar- 
ried, August 26, 1867. 


BETSEY ^ born July 17, 1767; married! April 14, 1792, William, son of 
William and Welthen (Perkins) Stickney, born in Newburyport, April 
18, 1765. Settled on the Jaquish land which his father bought a few years 
previous, situated in Newbury, opposite the lane leading to the old stone fort 
or garrison on the land granted to John Spencer, and afterward owned by 
Pierce, Pettengill, etc., (see Coffin, p. 396-7), occupying, together 
with their brother and sister, Benjamin and Ann, the old mansion, for 
Stickney. a while; but when it became inconvenient to live together, William 
built a larger house on the south part of the land, about 1808, where 
he died Sept. 29, 1847; and she died Feb. 1, 1854. Children: 
WILLIAM', born December 6, 1792; married about 1819, Priscilla 
Lovett ; settled on the old homestead of his grandfather Stickney, on Fed- 
eral street, Newbui-yport. Children: 




Sticknky. WILLIAM THOMAS, born March 6, 1820 ; died October 28, 1830. 

ESTHER BUCK, born March 28, 1823 ; died unmarried May 1, 1866. 
CAROLINE BRAGDON, born July 10, 1830; died November, 1832. 

ABIGAIL", born Septembei' 10, 1794; who remains unmarried, and has 
been on the homestead with her brother Frederick. 

THOMAS ^ born September 30, 1796; died June 13, 1810. 

HARRIET', born September 25, 1798; married July. 7, 1726, James, son 
of James and Mary (Quincy) Kettell, born in Saco, Me., December 24, 1793. 
Resided on Fort Hill, in Boston, Mass., Avhere their first four children were 
born; removed to a more southerly part of the city where their other 
children were born, then removed to South Boston, where he died Septem- 
ber 12, 1855; and she died September 24, 1872. Mr. Kettell was an In- 
spector and Boai'ding officer of the Customs for a long term of years, and 
to the end of his life. He had, by his former wife Sarah, dau. of 
Kettell. Zebulou Payne, a son James, b. 1816, who now is residing in 
Saugus. Mass. Harriet's children were: 
HARRIET ELIZABETH, born 1828 ; who died 1829. 

ELIZABETH STICKNEY, b. Jan. 17, 1830; m. May 12, 1858, Marlborough, 
Williams. son of Ambrose and Mar}^ Hayden (Low) Williams, b. in Boston, Apr. 7, 1818. 
His father was of Easton, and his mother was of Boston — Mary H. Low's moth- 
er's maiden name was Haj'den. Mr. Williams had by his former wife Marietta, 
dau. of Chandler and Lydia Farrar, of Upton, who died in 1857, five children, 
viz.: Henry A., died young; Mary A. C, who m. Rodney Gove Chase, a grad- 
uate of Dartmouth College, and has had three children ; Henrietta A. ; Caroline 
• G. and John T. ; the latter born April 23, 1857. Mr. Williams has been a dealer 
in provisions iu Faneuil Market since 1841, and their residence in Boston, is in 
1878 at No. 39 Pinekney street, where they have been 26 years. The following 
are the children of Elizabeth S., and all born in Boston, viz. : 
fREDnniCK Marlbouough, bora Mai'ch 16, 1859. 
Geouge FjtANCis, boru June 25, 1860; died September 28, 1861. 
Charles Hhi;bei:t, born October 12, 1861. 
Hauhiet Elizabktii, born April 18, 1863. 

TuEODor.K Lyman, born September 12, 1861; died June 12, 1866. 
Maud Kettell, born June 7, 1S67. 
LooiSE Mabel, born Marcli 21, 1869. 
Gardner Hammond, born December 12, 1870. 

ABIGAIL STICKNEY, b. Apr. 4, 1832 ; m. Apr. 29, 1860, Wm. Walker, son of 
Snowdon. John A. and Betsey Ann (Danfortii) Suowdon, b. in East Cambridge, Mass., 
Sept., 18i9. His father, a glass maker, came from England, where he was born, 
and his mother was born in Vermont. He is a carriage smith ; residence, in 1878, 
Bay View, South Boston, and in the autumn of this j^ear you find them at No. 
715 7th street. Children: 


SNOwnox, Kmm.v Anna, horn at No. 5 Goodwin st., Wasliinittoii Village, in Boston, Mar. 21, 1803. 

Caholin-k DANKoinii, born April 15, ISCl; died June 30, 18G7. 
Charles lii;i,r, born ill No. 3 Newman .street, South IJosston, Mareli .'>, 1872. 

Kia iicLL. FliEDERICK STICKNEY, 1). Nov. 27, 1833 ; in. in South Boston, Nov., 1859, 
Maiy E., widow of WiiliMni Mattliews, a claii. of Oliver Nelson and Mary 
(Scln'oeder) Bioni. Mr. MatLlicws was an importer of crockery ware, and slie 
had by him a son William and a daughter Isadora. Mr. Kellell was a painter 
by occupation, but al)out three years after his marriage volunteered to serve his 
countr}', and enlisted for thirteen months as a recruit in Col. Cowdin's regiment. 
He was shot on the second day of tlie fearful battle of Gettysburg. He survived 
just one month, and died on the second day of August, 1803. His remains are 
interred in the cemetery at Gettysburg, and his family are in 1878 residing in 
Maplewood, Mass. Children were born in Washington Village, and arc : 

Ikknk Florexck, born ISfiO. 

Beutha Adei.aidh, born 1SG3. 

HARRIET, b Oct. 22, 1835 ; m. in South Boston, Feb. 11, 1873, Francis Everett, 
Brmis. son of Wni. and Lucy (Stearns) Bemis, b. in Wayland, Mass., Maj' 29, 1833. 

He is a cabinet maker, and they have resided in South Boston and Chelsea ; and 
now are in Lexington, Mass. No children. 

MARTHA QUINCY, born Dec, 1837; and died .July, 1839. 

CHARLES WILLIAM, born in 1840 ; and died in 1841. 

ELIZA JANE ', born December 3, 1801 ; married Dec. 13, 1825, Samuel 
Sherbon, son of Samuel and Deborah (Batchelder) Tilton, born in Dccrficld, 
N. II., June 23, 1801 ; resided in his native phice where their first two chil- 
dren Avere born, in Lowell a short time, and Newburyport, where their other 

children Avere born. He was a house and ship carpenter; died June 
TiLTox. 6, 1853, in Ashland Court, wliere tlieir yonn2,-cst two children were 

born. She bought about 1870, cottage No. 20 Walnut street, where 

she resides in 1878. Children: 
HicRSEY. ELIZABETH JANE, born May 17, 1826; ra. (1) Jacob Hersey ; m. (2) Caleb 
Beal. Bcal ; and resides in Hingham, but has no issue. 

MARY ANN, b. Aug. 16, 1827; m. June 17, 1849, John Walker Sawyer, sou of 
CoLUY. John and Mary (Jaekman) Colby, b. in Amesbury, Mass., Jan, 3, 1820; built 

the house corner of Walnut and California streets, Newlmrvport, in isis, whore 
they reside. He is a ship buiUler of the tirm of Colby & Lunt. Children : 

Alice A^^^;, b. Sept. IC, 1850; m. Dec. 25, 1873, Franeis Emery, son of Ebenezer P. and 

Cutter. Sarah E. (Coffin), Cnttcr, b. in Newburyport, July 28, 1852. Uesidence No. 12 Broad 

street, Newburyport; and is in the painting; business. Children: — Mary Aliec, b. 

Jan. 11, 1874, at Hyde Park. John Franklin, b. July C, 1S7G, at Newburyport, and 

Eben Fiederiek, b. July 28, 1878. 

Marv Ella, born January 7, 18r)5; unm. in 1878. 

ABIGAIL STICKNEY, born July 9, 1829 ; died unmarried April 20, 1851. 



Westcott. SARAH DEBORAH, b. Jan. 23, 1831 ; m. Oct. 10, 1850, Warren M., son of Charles 

and Catherine Westcott, b. in Charlestown, Mass. ; who died in Savanna, Ga., 

about 1870. She resided in Newbnryport until 1874, and then removed to East 

Concord, N. H. Children boi-n in Newburyport, viz. : 

Orland C, born July 26, 1851 ; died Dec. 11, 18G3. 

Ada, b. Aug. 13, 1854; m. Aug. 25, 1876, Charles M. Davis, b. in Lake Village, N. H., 

May 24, 1853. 
Fkankib p., b. Oct. 26, 1871. 

WILLIAM MOSES, b. Aug. 1833 ; d. aged 9 mos. 

HARRIET KETTELL, b. Mar. 31, 1835; m. Aug. 14, 1852, George Alfred, son 
Choate. of True and Mary (Pilsbury) Choate, b. in Newbiirj'port, July 23, 1831. Ship 

joiner, resided No. 3 Oakland street, Newburyport, in the house where he was 
born, and where he died April 10, 1867. Children : 
Mary Pilsbury, born June 21, 1853; died August 25, 1869. 
Leonard Suerborn, boru July 14, 1856; is employed in a shoe manufactory. 
Fl-ORKNCii: Leilla, born April 22, 1858. 
George Leslie, born May 1, 1863. 

JAMES KETTELL, twin brother to Harriet Kettell, died aged one week. 
TiLTON. ANDREW JACKSON, b. Sept. 21, 1839 ; who was in Co. A., 17th Mass. Reg't. 
of Vols. ; is a shoemaker in Lynn, Mass. ; m. Mar. 25, 1870, in Hartford, Conn., 
Ophelia A., daughter of Oliver and Lucy A. Clarke. Child : 
Andrew Eugene, bom Dec. 27, 1872; died May 26, 1876. 

FREDERICK ^ bora May 12, 1805; married (1) in 1829, Fanny Maria, 
daughter of JS^athaniel and Sarah (Higgins) Phimraer, born in Newbury, 
Byfield parish, and died December, 6, 1838; married (2) January 2, 1872, 
widow Sarah J. Hinkley, daughter of Ezra and Sarah Merrill, who survives 
him. Settled in JSTewbury on the homestead of his father, occupying the 

house his father built until he sold it, with that part of the farm, 
Sticksey. which is now occupied by Ebenezer Little, and put another house 

between it and the old one where he was born, and occupied it until 

he died June 6, 1874. Children: 

JAMES FREDERICK, born about 1830 ; died July 28, 1852 ; unmarried. 
HARRIET EMELINE, born about 1831 ; died October 14, 1852 ; unmarried. 
GEORGE HENRY, b. June 15, 1837; m. Nov. 27, 1862, Mary Augusta, dan. of 
Elisha S. and Mebitable (Elliott) Goodwin, b. in Kennebunkport, Dec. 20, 1836. 
Resides on the homestead of his father ; is a farmer and milk dealer. Children: 
Hattik May, born February 3, 1864. 
George Clark, born July 7, 1869; died March 17, 1870. 

MOSES', born January 1, 1810; married October 31, 1833, Esther, 
daughter of Timothy and Sally (Glode) Powers, born in Croydon, N. H., 
August 23, 1811. Her parents were natives of Grafton, Mass., and first 

settlers of said Croydon. 

He was a carriage trimmer. 

Settled in Concord, 


N". IT., whcM-e she died July 11, 1851, and he died June 21, 1853. Chil- 
dren : 

GKOUGE MOSES, born June 11, 1835 ; dictl August 27, 1835. 

GEORGE HENRY, bora August 27, 1836; died August 16, 1838. 

ESTHER, born July 20, 1839 ; died February 17, 1841. 

MARTHA ANN, born August 31, 1841, died September 3, 1842. 

MARTHA ANN, b. July 28, 1844 ; m. Apr. 22, 1868, AVilliam Orlando, son of 
Brown. Samuel T. and Huldah (Garland) Brown, b. in Newburyport, Sepb. 30, 1846. An 

Engineer on the Eastern Railroad since about the time he was married, but has 
been in the employ' of that cori)oration since he was about 18 years of age. Res- 
idence in Lynn, about five years, and now in house 35 Brookliue street. Child : 
William Tuknki:, born in Newbuiy, September 9, 18G9. 

ELIZA JANE, b. July 28, 1849 ; m. Apr. 24, 1873, James Booth, son of Samuel 
Ambler. C. and Maria (Hanford) Ambler, b. in Lynn, Mass., Sept. 13, 1853 ; clerk in a 

Lynn grocery store. Children : 

Sai!aii Electa, born October 24, 1875; died August 4, 187G. 
Maktha Leona, born iu Lyiui, November 1, 1877. 


HE:N"RY«, born June 20, 1769; married (1) August 23, 1792, Ah\ga\\ 
Johnson, daughter of Col. Joseph and Abigail (Johnson) ITuse, 
born in ]^ewl)uryport, October 5, 1774; who died November 21, 1821; m. 
(2) Martha, widow of Charles Harrington, and dau. of Richard Loring, b. 
Aug. 29, 1783; who died July 4, 1858. He was a cabinet maker; resided 
in iS^ewburyport, where four children Avere born, then in Calais, Me., al)oiit 
ten years, and returned to Newburyport where his first wife tlied and where 
he married his second wife; he afterwards removed to Boston, where he de- 
ceased April, 1852, and was interred in Mt. Auburn. Children : 

SARAH", born April 24, 1793, who died July 27, 1867; married Decem- 
ber 8, 1816, Daniel Jr., son of Daniel and Hannah (Richardson) Ilopkinson, 
born January 22, 1783, in East parish of Bradford, near West Newbury, 
and lived on the homestead of his father and grandfathers imtil he deceased, 
Feb. 23, 1866. He was a farmer. Among the offices of trust he 
HoPKiNsox. held was that of Selectman of the town, etc. See our researches of 
Merrimack valley for his pedigree. Children : 

CHARLES WILLIAM, b. Dec. 22, 1817; resided in his native place, now the 
town of Groveland, where he was one of the Selectman, etc., and deceased Jan. 
5, 1877. He m. (1) Oct. 22, 1843, Abby Davis, who deceased Sept. 19. 1844; 
m. (2) Apr. 18, 1848, Laura Ann, dau. of Benjamin and Anna (Bailey) Rotter, 
b. in Salom, Mass., Dec. 6, 1821, who resides in the house on tho main street, 




HoPKiNsoN. a few rods east of the bridge, where they have resided since Nov., 1871. 
Children : 

Albert Davis, born September ]2, 1844; died Januarj' 15, 1851. 
Abby Cleaveland, born September 30, 1850; unmarried 1877. 

Howard. HANNAH NELSON, born Jul^^ 20, 1819 ; m. Charles M. Howard in 1840, but 
has no issue. 

WALTER HENRY, b. July 8, 1821 ; m. Sarah J., dau. of William and Ruth 
HoPKixsoN. (Saunders) Griffith, b. in the same place, Apr. 18. 1830. Her mother was a pa- 
ternal second cousin to him. They occupy the old homestead of his father and 
ancestors. Time of m. June 15, 1847. Children: 

Ruth Ann, b. Dec. 8, 1848; m. Oct. fi, 1870, William Henry, son of Thomas and Sarah 
Ruddock. (Stephens) Ruddock, b. in ATest Newbury, Dec. 27, 1838 ; resides in his native town ; 

is foreman and book-Iieeper in a shoe manufactory. Child : — Emma, b. Aug. C, 1871. 
HoPKiNSON. Daniel "WiLLi.\M, born July 19,- 1801. 

Ella Louisa, born October 25, 18C4; died July 27, 1865. 

ABIGAIL JOHNSON, b. June 4, 1825, who died in Dunkirk, N. Y., July 20, 
Griswold. 1854 ; m. May 6, 1846, Albert Griswold, her aunt Abigail J.'s widower ; re- 
sided in East Cambridge when her first cbild was born, and removed to the place 
of her decease, where her sou was born. Children : 
SnEPARD. Ann Eliza, b. Apr. 14, 1850; m. 1872, F. L. Sliepard; residence in 1877, in Houghton, 

Mich. Children: — Bessie, b. 1873. Mary, b. 1874. Frank Lcdcrncy, b. 1875. 
Albert Francis, b. June 14, 1852; m Nov. 6, 1874, Minnie Sarah, dau. of Stephen and 
Griswold. Sarah Ann Brown, b. in Syracuse, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1858. Resides in Erie. Pa., and is 

a traveling salesman. Children: — Freddie Brown, b. Apr. 4, 1876; d. Oct. 0, 1876. 
All)ert Freddie, b. Aug. IG, 1877. 

JOSEPH ', born February 4, 1795 5 who was a chair maker; died in ]S'ew 
Orleans nnraarried about 1821. 

BENJAMIN ^ born October 3, 1796; died May 29, 1798. 

HENRY '^j born February 4, 1801 ; who was a book-binder; died unmarried 
in Providence, R. I., about 1823. 

ABIGAIL HUSE", born December 15, 1803; married July 12, 1829, 
Albert, son of Jeremiah and Lucy (Derby) Griswold, born in Salem, K. Y., 
April 15, 1808. He is a machinist; and they resided in Lowell, Mass., where 
her last four children were born; but, she died in Boston Mass., Apr. 
Griswold. 6, 1837, and he married her niece, and is, in 1878, residing in Erie, 
Pa. Her children, besides two or three daughters who cl. y. were: 
ABBY JOHXSON, b. in 1838 ; m. William Thomas, son of Thomas and Juliet 
FoRSTRR. Margaret (Bell) Forster, b. perhaps in Dunkirk, in 1838. His father was son 

of Col. Forster, of Erie, and his mother was dau. of Judge William Bell, of 
Erie. Residence, in 1878, in said Erie. Children: 
William Bell, b. in Westlield, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1858. 
Thomas Gi;iswold, b. in Westfleld, June 11, 1860. 
Juliet Muigauet, b. in Houghton, Mich., Oct. 20, 1863. 


IIoYT. MARIA WOODBURY, m. Nov. I, 1858, Ciilvin Urown, son of Willimn :iii<l S.iniU 

(Robinson) Iloyt, reside in 1.S77-8, :il Bine Rapids, Kansas. Cliild : 
Ar.icn Ki.viUA, 1). at Nia.^iara Falls, N. Y., Aug. LS, 1830. 

MfCAJAII INGALLS-, born October 5, 1803; married Elizal)eth, 
daiig-htcr ol" Richard Welch; .settled in Boston; residence Carver street, 
A carpenter, 'No issue. 

MARY ANN"', born Feb. 24, 1810; m. Mar. 22, 1834, Chas. Ileniy, son of 
Charles and Martha Harrington (a son of her step-mother), born in New- 
buryport, July 30, 180.1 ; resided in Boston when two children were born, 
and since about 1821 has resided in Woburn. "Was engineer on 
Uauki.notox. the AYobui-n Branch Railroad several 3'ears, Init since 1861 has 
run a stationary engine at John Cummings's tainiery in Cum- 
mingsville, Wobnrn. Children: 
ELIZA BICKUM, b. Jan. 11, 1835 ; d. Julj', 1839. 
ELIZA BICKUM, 1). Aug. 19, 1810; d. Apr., 1854.' 

CHARLES HENRY, b. Sept. 9, 1844; m. Dec. 24, 1873, Ellen Jeanelt, dan. of 
Doctor Augustus and Hannah (Break) Plympton, born in W(il)uiii. July 21, 
1834. Resided in Winchester, when their first child was born ; and in Wobtiru 
now (1877), on Pleasant near Warren street, and is emplo^-ed bj- said Cuminings. 
Children : 

Heniiy Ply.^ipton, born January 24, 1875. 
Alma Lowell, born M-tvcU 27, 1877. 

ALEXANDER LIYINGSTOXE", born May 6, 1812; married Jan- 
uary 28, 1844, Ann "Whitney, daughter of Joseph and Mary ("\Yhitney) 
Phagins, born in "Westbrook, Me., March 14, 1822. He is a ])aper hanger, 
has resided in Boston, and in 1877 was at No. 9 Siidbnry Place. 

ELIZABETH WHITNEY, born 1844 ; died 1847. 
ABIGAIL JOHNSON, bom and died Marcli, 1847. 

ALEXANDER LIVINGSTONE, born December 5, 1848 ; who is in the same bus- 
iness with his father, and resides No. 9 Sudbury Place; m. May 3, 1874, Clista 
Ann, dan. of James Zelotus and Eunice (Pitman) Gale, b. in Lowell, Jui^' 13, 
1850. Children : 

Claua EnzABivrn, born February 4, 1875. 

Maky Eliza, boi-n February 27, 1877 ; died October 18, 1877. 

CHARLES HENRY, born September 18, 1850 ; died October 18, 1850. 
CHARLES ALBERT, born Januarj' 2, 1853; a teamster ; unmarried 1877. 
WALTER HOPKINS, born August 2G, 1855; a teamster ; unmarried 1877. 
MARY ANNE, born May 24, 1857 ; unmarried 1877. 
JOSEPH HENRY, born July G, 1859. 


CHAELOTTE DAYENPORT", born June 11, 1824; married Oliver 
Downing, Avho, we are informed, came from Portsmouth, N. H., residence 
has been Boston and vicinity, where we suppose their children were born. 
His trade has been a carpenter. Children: Henry, Georgianna, 
DowxixG. Charles and Jonathan (or John, as some say), carpenters, of late 
in Canton; and Mattie Eliza, all unmarried, excepting 
HENRY, who, wc hear, m. Mary Guy of Cambridge, by whom he had one child, 
and she died. Child : 
Lottie Abbie. 

AU1JE^ DAUBETER OF ]OMATHAK= (p. 13), J0H11^ IOttTHAll^ Mr, JOHN.' 

AE'ISI'E*', born September 21, 1772; married June 5, 1793, Benjamin 
Stictney, a brother to her sister Betsey's husband, boi'n in l^ewbury, 
June 13, 1767. He was a Major General, Justice of the Peace, J^aval Offi- 
cer in the jSTewburyport Custom House, etc. ; settled in l^ewbury, 
Stickxey. and died July 19, 1846. For his pedigree, etc., see Stickney's Gen- 
ealogy. She died Dec. 17, 1854. Children: 
CHARLES \ born May 23, 1794; married May 30, 1818, Abigail, daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Abigail (Burbeck) I^oyes, boi-n in Campion, JST. H., 
September 23, 1799. Mrs. Stickney's father was one of the early settlers of 
Campton, IN". H.; cleared and owned a large tract of land; and she was the 
only child of her father that has a posterity. She was cousin to Dolly 
P. N'oyes, who m. Joseph C. Blair, p. 18. • He settled on Pulsifer's Hill in 
the south part of Campton, where their children were born. He died Nov. 
5, 1874, and slie died Aug. 7, 1876. Children: 

CHARLES, b. May 19, 1819 ; m. Dec. 17, 1846, Jenisha Spencer; he is a farmer 
in Auburn, N. H. Has no issue. 

SARAH, b. Apr. 24, 1822; m. Deo. 6, 1850, Samuel, son of William and Sarah 
Forbes. (Moore) Forbes, b. in Truro, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia, Apr. 29, 1815. He 

is a ship carpenter, and they reside in 1877, at No. 8 Walnut street, Newbury- 
port. Child : 

Mary Caroline, born February 10, 1856 ; unmarried 1877. 

Stickney. JOHN, born Apr. 22, 1826 ; died unmarried, September 28, 1858. 

SAMUEL NOYES, b. Feb. 15, 1830 ; m. Jan. 4, 1862, Sarah Addie, dau. of Sam- 
uel P. and Sally (Judkins) Smith, b. Feb. 5, 1840. Resides in Campton, N. H. 
Children : 

John, born February 11, 1863; died January 23, 1864. 

Sakaii Ei.len, born September 28, 1864. 

Samuel Elmer, born October 11, 1866. 

Alice, born August 11, 1868. 

HaI!UY, born December 17, 1872. 


Sticknky. Lauka, l)oni .Taiuiaiy C>, 187G. 

Daugutek, boni Stpli'iiiber 24, 1878. 

HARRIET CROSS, b. July 27, 1832 ; is a clerk in the Treasury dcpartraent in 

Washington; and unniaiTicd, in 1878. 
JANE, b. Dec. 18, 1834. Owns and occnpics the homestead in 1878 ; unnianicd. 
GARDNER, born August 12, 1839 ; died July 12, 1840. 

JOIIiSr", born June 24, 1796; mcarried (1) December 31, 1824, Harriet 
Hamilton, daughter of Joseph and Sally (Dean) Cross, born in Portland, 
Me., February 22, 1801, who died July 7, 1832. Sally Dean was of Taun- 
ton, Mass., and Avidow of an Edson, when she married Mr. Cross. lie m. 
(2) Nov. 5, 1837, Sarah Dean, a sister to his first wife, and widow of Eliph- 
alet Wharff, b. in Portland, Me., Oct. 27, 1794, who survived him about 
ten years. His first child was born in Canton, Me., and his second child 
born in Calais, Me., where his residence was ever after; and from that town 
he went as their representative to the General Court. He was a large mill 
owner; held various offices of trust and honour; died Oct. 29, 18G4, 

in Saratoga. Children: 

SARAH JANE, b. Jan. 9, 182G ; m. Oct. 15, 1849, Silas P., son of Silas and Lucy 
BiiiGGs. (Davidson) Briggs, b. in Plymouth, Vt., Sept. 5, 1817. Graduated at Union 

College, Schenectady, N. Y. He is a lawyer. Residence at Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y., in which town they have resided since they were married. Children : 
Haruiet Louisk, born December 13, 1856. 
Jennie Stickney, boru March 5, 1864. 

HARRIET II., born May 8, 1832 ; died October 29, 1832. 

BENJAMIN", born May 20, 1798; died February 28, 1799. 

ANNA", born February 9, 1800; died unmarried December 25, 1875. 

SARAHS born June 17, 1803; married October 6, 1825, Stephen 

Thomas, son of Stephen C. and Phebe P. (Follansbee) Dutton, born in 

Belleville part of Newbury (now a part of Newburyport) , April 4, 1803. 

He was a ship carpenter until about forty years old, and afterward 

Dutton. a hotel keeper in Portland, and other places. She died Sept. 24, 1872, 

He died Jan. 25, 1873. Children : 

HARRIET ANN, b. Aug. 12, 1826 ; who died at Ayers village, Haverhill, Mass., 
March 25, 1873 ; m. June 10, 1849, Elijah, son of James and Elizabeth (Elkins) 
Dunning. Dunning, b. in Brunswick, Me., April 24, 1820. He has been a hotel keeper in 
Portland and other places, in Maine, N. H., and Mass. ; also trader and farmer. 
First child born in Pittsfield, Mass., and second born in Portland, Me. He m. 
Henrietta, dau. of Hazen Lowell, of the north part of Methuen, in Sept., 1873, 



Dunning. and has resided in a house lie built on East street, in Methuen village, Mass. 
Children : 
rLOKENCE Louisa, born April 5, 1858. 
PiiANK PAniCER, born September 1, 18CL 

Button. GEORGE NORTON, b. in Newbuiy, Mass., Feb. 28, 1828 ; m. June 4, 1849, Sarah 
Ann, dau. of Simon and Phebe (Nutter) Ross, b. in Rochester, N. H., July 27, 
1828. Resided in Dover, N. H., where three children were born, and in Pittsfield, 
Mass., where their other children were born. He is agent and treasurer of the 
Pittsfield Tack Company in said Pittsfield. Children : 

Anna Clakibel, born March 12, 1850 ; died February 7, 1865. 

Mary Emma, born November 28, 1853; unmarried. 

Gborgh Denison, born February 27, 1855. 

Frank Wood, born November 18, 1858. 

Robert, born January 21, 18G7. 

Walter, born July 8, 18G9. 

Underiiill. jane WEALTHEN, b. Mar. 28, 1832 ; m. Dec. 24, 1862, Henry Underwood, at 
Portland, Me., where she died Apr. 28, 1867. Without issue. 

Dutton. CHARLES EDWARD, b. Mar. 28, 1838 ; in. Aug. 16, 1863, Helen M. Robbins, 
in Portland, where he died Sept. 12, 1873. Without issue. 

BENJAMIN ^ bom July 28, 1805; married October 31, 1831, Phebe, 

daughter of John and Polly (Palmer) Pulsifer, born in Campton, N. H., 

December 22, 1810. Settled in Campton, where he died April 17, 1876, and 

where all but their first two children were born — the first two born 

SricKNEY. in Newbury, Mass. She resides with her son, Benjamin Franklin, 

in 1877. Children: 
SUSAN HUNTINGTON, b. Nov. 23, 1833 ; who was a school-teacher in Ells- 
worth, N. H., where she died Jan. 1, 1851 ; unmarried. 

JOHN PULSIFER, b. June 25, 1836 ; m. in Boston, Dec. 13, 1860, Mary Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Hardy and Elmira (Noyes) Merrill, b. in Campton, N. H., Apr., 
1838. Now (1877) reside No. 67 Telegraph street, Boston, and in employ of 
John A. Pray & Co., carpet dealers. Children : 

Edward Henky, born November 18, 1862; died November 8, 1863. 

Frederick Lincoln, born August 28, 1865. 

Gertrude Merrill, born March 25, 1875. 

GEORGE ARTHUR, b. July 28, 1838 ; m. in Newbury, June 14, 1859, Mary, 
dau. of Buckley and Olive (Janvrin) Blackburn, b. in Andover, Mass., Mar. 7, 
1840. Ke was a farmer in Newbury, where their children were born ; and where 
he died April 27, 1866 ; and where his widow resides in 1878. Children : 

Benjamin Gardner, born January 17, 1860. Arthur, born October 24, 1862 ; in 1878 with his uncle Benj. F. in Campton. 

Susan Helen, born October 7, 1864. 

HERMON CLARK, b. May 24, 1841 ; was in Co. E, 39th Mass. Vols., but was 
accidentally drowned in Campton, June 24, 1865. Unmarried. 


Sticknev. WILLIAM HENRY, h. Fol). IG, 181.3 ; was in Co. J, 12tli X. II. Vols., from Aug. 
22, 18G2, to June 28, 1865 ; wounded May 3, 1HC3 ; promoted Corporal Nov. 17, 
1864; m. Aug. 30, 1870, Sarah Octavia, dau. of .Joseph and Ehnira (IJole) 
Hodgdon, b. in Limerick, Me., Mar. 9, 1843. He is a farmer and resides in llie 
village of Cami)ton. Child : 

A Sox, b. Dec. 15, 187 1; died Dcceuibur 19, 1874. 

MARY ELIZABETH, b. May 26, 1845 ; resides in Boston in 1878. Unmarried. 
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, b. Aug. 31, 1847; m. Nov. 4, 1873, Laura Annette, 
dau. of Alvin and Roxanna (Cliamlierlain) Eaton, b. in Royalton, Vt., Aug. 6, 
1845. He is a farmer and resides in Camptou. Children : 
Annie Elizabeth, born Decetiiber 10, 1874. 
Henuy Eaton, born December 2G, 187C. 

CHARLES OSBORNE, b. June 22, 1850 ; m. June 30, 1874, Georgiana Frances, 
dau. of Edwin and Eliza (Reed) Shattuck, b. in Boston, Mass., Aug. IG, 1853. 
He is one of the firm of White & Sticknej', 20 Sutfolk market, and resides, in 

1878, at No. 10 Old Harbor St. Child : 
Inez VivAN.boru July 5, 1875. 

EDWIN HUNTINGTON, b. Oct. 10, 1853 ; graduated at Kimball Union Acad- 
emy, 1873; taught school in Campton one year, and entei'ed Dartmouth College 
in 1874, where he graduated in 1878, and entered And. Theol. Sem. ; unmarried. 

ROBERT CLARK", born September 1, 1809; married (1) December 
20, 1838, Susan Eliza, daughter of John C. and Margaret (Todd) Duteh, 
who died in Calais, Me., September 5, 1857, aged forty; married (2) Sep- 
tember 6, 1869, widow Charlotte B. Heron, whose hn.sband died in 
California in 1856. She is a dan. of "William and Anna Batty, b. in Butler 
Co., Pennsylvania, in 1835. Pier father was a member of Congress from 
that State some years since. Mr. Stickney represented Calais, Me., in the 
Legislature, commissary in the army of the Potomac, and is in 1877 in the 
Treasury department in "Washington; residence 1217 I street, N. "W. lie 
has had, besides three sons who died yonng, the following children: 

JOHN MORTON, b. Jan. 30, 1843; m. Jan. 17, 1871, Elizabeth Carson, dau. of 
Samuel L. aud Margaret Green (Carson) Palker, b. in Dalton, Mass., 1842 ; 
residence, Pittsflcld, Mass. ; a trader. No children in 1877. 

ANNA CAROLINE, born October 20, 1846; died September 12, 1851. 

CHARLES EDWARD, born February 22, 1853 ; in Pittsfield ; unmarried. 

JAXE CLARK", born May 12, 1811; married (1) Augustus K. Osborne, 
who died in 1845 ; married (2) David Daniels, who died in 1866, in Peabody, 
Mass., where she still resides. She had no issue, but brought up the children 
that both of her husbands had by their former wives. 

EDWARD^, born May 15, 1813; who occupies the homestead in Xew- 


bury, and lived iu the old house until it was burned on the evening of 'June 
2, 1878. Married October 28, 1874, Harriet (Randall) Trimble, who had by 
her former husband, John Trimble, a dan. Christine, who has married Forest 
Pettengill, but Mr. Stickney has no children. 


JO:NrATHA]Sr ^ bom December 13, 1778; married (1) Mary, daughter of 
Enoch and Jane (Eolfe) Lunt, who died October 22, 1822, aged about 
thirty-five years; married (2) Elizabeth, daughter of William Eustis, who 
died March 27, 1864. He was a carpenter, and resided in I^ewburyport, 
jS^o. 10 Harrison street, where most of his fifteen children were born. He 
died Oct., 1852, and was buried in J^ewbury. Four of his children died 
young, and those that were named were: 

JOHK^, born December 27, 1802; who is a carpenter; married Mary, 
daughter of Moses and Esther (Adams) Goodwin, born May 18, 1810; re- 
side on the homestead of his father, l^o children. 

WILLIAISI^ who was a seaman, died unmarried at sea, aged about 
twenty-two years. 

EIS^OCH^, who was drowned in the Merrimack river, aged about thirty- 
five; unmarried. 

MARY^, born May 24, 1811; married July 22, 1841, Hiram Canney, 
born in Straflbrd, N. H., 1807; a blacksmith; residence in a tall brick house 
No. 3 Buck street, which he bought in 1844. No children; only onfe 

adopted named Mary Ellen, b. in Indiana, Feb. 9, 1854, and was with 
Kenney. her maternal grandmother Hatch, in Boston, until three years 

of age. 

HARRIET', born November 5, 1813; married May 5, 1836, Thomas, 

son of Samuel and Sarah Dole (Cross) Huse, born in Lime street, January 

30, 1813 ; residence since 1867, corner of Lime and Prospect streets. He 

was formerly a wool-j^uller and morocco-dresser; but now is a grocer, 

Huse. with a shop in 1877, at No. 129 "Walter street, Newburyport. 

Children : 

ABBY ANN, born October 25, 1838 ; unmarried in 1877. 

ANNA, born February 29, 1846 ; died July, 1846. 

ELLEN AMES, born December 22, 1849 ; died December 10, 1855. 


Uusic. THOMAS, b. June 28, 1851 ; was a seaman ; and his first voj-age was to Califor- 

nia iu 1869 ; but, having lost his hand, studied Law; he was [tracticing in New 
York, in 1877, at No. 33 Broadway, and is in Newburyport, 1878, at No. 48 
Slate street ; unmarried. 

SAKAH AKN ", a dress-maker in Boston in 1877, and unmarried. 

ELIZABETH ^, who died aged about two years. 

ELIZABETH', the first by second wife; died aged six years. 

WILLIAM", born August 1, 1830; married Martha, daughter of Abra- 
liam and Dolly (Everett) Adams, born in New London, N. II., May 6, 

1832, (lier father was half-brotlier to John's wife's mother) . He is a 
PooRE. shoemaker; residence 1877, corner of Purchase and Bromfield streets. 

No children, excepting two stiU-born sons. 

_ ELIZABETH EUSTICE', born 1834; who resides in Boston with her 
sister Vinal; unmarried. 

ELLEN MARIA, born May, 1838; married James Monroe Vinal from 
Vinal. Scituatc, Mass.; a mason by trade; reside 1877, on Winchester 
street, Boston. No children. 


qJ.^ATHAN^ born in Newbury, Mass., May 24, 1741; married (1) April 
llV 5, 1764, Katherine, daughter of Daniel and Ann Knight, born iu 
' Newbury, June 22, 1744, by whom he had his cliildren. She died 
June 4, 1793; married (2) June 25, 1795, Mary, widow of John Noyes. 
By Mr. Noyes she had children. She was daughter of Samuel and Mary 
Pierce. Mr. Poore was a ship-master in the early part of his life, and after- 
ward a trader, and owned shipping. His store was on Water street, New- 
buryport, with his residence at No. 110 

the same street, at the time of his decease, /l/'^^h^ — "^ ^/^ 

Feb. 9, 1806. While attending divine (J^^/jL //iCl^Lf ^^)^TC 
services in the First Presbyterian church 

on Federal street, he dropped down and instantly expired. A facsimile of 
his signature in 1768 is here given. Children: 



1. John, b. June 24, 1765 ; d. unm. Nov. 28, 1790, by being drowned while on his way home 

from the West Indies. 

2. Daniel, b. Mar. 24, 1767 ; who was insane ; d. unm. 

3. Anne, b. June 15, 1770 ; m. Micajah Ingalls and Capt. Thomas Griffith Pritchett. 

4. Catherine, b. Jan. 23, 1773 ; m. Dea. Wm. Cook. 

5. Nathan, b. 1775 ; who d. at sea Nov. 18, 1706 ; num. 

6. Jeremiah, b. Sept. 16, 1777, who d. unm. at sea Nov. 17, 1801. 

7. Isaac, b. Sept. 8, 1783 ; m. Elizabeth A. Spiller. 

Of those who had posterity : 

AME", DAUMTEE OF lATHAlJ' (p. 49), ]m\ JOMTHAH^ lOHI', JOEH.' 

A1^NB«, bora June 15, 1770; married (1) July 28, 1792, Micajah In- 
galls, who died at sea, by whom she had two children, viz. : Cather- 
ine K. and Rebecca P. ; married (2) Capt. Thomas Gi'iffith Pritchett, who was 
born, as I am informed by his daughter Anna, at Hollyhead, about 
ING.U.LS. sixty miles from Liverpool, Jan. 1, 1771. Settled in E"ewburyport, 
where he died Nov. 24, 1854, and she deceased Aug. 10, 1861. 
PrarcHETT. Her children: 

CATHERIJN'E KNIGHT ^ born December, 1793; died March 9, 1794. 

REBECCA PEARSON ^ born March 5,1795; who deceased October 
29, 1858; married Amos, son of Moses and Mary (Hale) Clarke, born Feb- 
ruary 18, 1790; who died March 21, 1854. He was a baker in Newbury- 
port; resided on Merrimack street where about four children were 
Clark, born; then removed to 110 Water street, where he died. She died 
at No. 24 Lime street. Children: 

AMOS, b. Oct. 22, 1813 ; m. Dec. 21,,1834, Olive Howard, dau. of John and Lucy 
(Pettengill) Pettengill, b. in Greene, Me., Nov. 11, 1812 ; her parents cousins; 
her father died in 1844, aged 82, and her mother died in 1863, aged 85. He was 
a machinist ; died in Greene, June 20, 1876 ; same town where his children were 
born, viz. : 
PiEUCE. OiAYE Ann, b. Mar. 20, 1835; m. in Turner, Me., Doctor Albion Pierce; in 18G2 settled 

in Greene, where slie died Apr. 28, 1878. No children. 
Clark. Adelbert Ikgalls, b. July 21, 1838; who was three years in Co. G, 13th Regt. Maine 

Volunteers; is a farmer in Greene, on the homestead ; unmarried. 
Ellen Amanda, b. Sept. 18, 1842; ni. at Lewiston, Me., Sept. 23, 18G3, Wm. Henry, 
Johnson. son of Isaac and Sally Brickctt (Goldthwait) Johnson, b. in Newburyport, Jan. 12, 

1829; is a book-keeper in Newburyport, where their children were born; residence 
No. 5 Beck street. Children : — Elizabeth Goldthwait, b. Oct. 27, 1869. William 
Newell, b. Dec. 17, 1875. 

REBECCA INGALLS, b. Oct. 14, 1815 ; m. July 5, 1840, Ebenezer T., son of 


TuL'K. I'^lieiiczor ;uiil Hannah True ; a stone cutter in Lowell ami in Quincj'. lie dieil 

Jan. lo, 1850, and she died Nov. 15, ISCO. No children. 

ClIARLOTTK, b. Dec. 01, 1817; who d. Apr. 3, 1847; ni. May 20, IS.'IO, John 

1Jaii.i:y. Leveretl, sou of Tappan and Hannah (IJuiley) Bailej', b. in West Ncwbniy, Jlay 

28, 1812, for his first wife. For his second wife he married Sarah J. Walton, by 

whom he had other children. Resided in West Newbury. Mr. Bailey died Dec, 

23, 1863. Charlotte's children were : 

Charlotte Ingalls, born February 21, 1840; unmarried; in West Newbury. 
Rebecca Tkue, born September 15, 1845 : who died July 14, 1847. 

Clauk. MICAJAH INGALLS, born April 20, 1820 ; died at sea unm., Nov. 20, 1846. 

CATHERINE, born August 17, 1822 ; died unmarried 18G0. 

ANNA POOR, b. June 17, 1824; m. June 4, 1848, Henry Adams, son of Henry 
Landeu. and Lvdia (Adams) Lander, b. in Ncwlniry, Sept. 23, 1820. Residence No. 59 

Purchase street, since 1S50, when he built his house. He has been in the 
Custom Louse, Boston, many years. Children : 
Ella Ann, boru May 28, 1840; died June 15, 1854. 
Emma Mokton, b. Dec. 23, 1850; a school-teacher; unmarried. 
IIattie Frances, born December 20, 1852; died June 9, 1S55. 
George Henry, born Starch 27, 185G; a clerk in a furniture store. 
CuAULEs Edward, born January 5, 1858; died March 17, 1859. 

ELLEN SWETT, born July 1, 1820; married in Newburyport, March 15, 1852, 
Sargent. Aaron Augustus, son of Aaron P. and Elizabeth (Stauwood) Sargent, b. in New- 

buryport, Sept. 28, 1827. He went to California in 1848, and she in 1852. Re- 
sided iu Nevada citj-, Nevada county, California, when their children were born. 
He was a printer and editor iu early life ; commenced the practice of Law iu 1854 ; 
District Attorney of Nevada Co., California, in 1855 and 1850 ; received the de- 
gree of A. M. from the College of California in 1805 ; and now Member of Con- 
gress ; elected Representative flrst time in 1861, second time iu 1868, and third 
time in 1870, and now, is one of the Senators from California, taking his seat 
there March 4, 1873. Children : 

Ellen Clauk, born January 1, 1854; unmarried. 

Elizabeth Kebecca, born October 11, 1857; unmarried. 

George Clark, born July 20, ISCO. 

Clark. MOSES, boru May 10, 1828; lost at sea Nov. 20, 1846, with his brother Micajah. 

ABRAHAM, b. Feb. 21, 1830; who was also lost at sea in Jan., 1857; ra. Mar. 

5, 1853, Sarah A., dan. of Wm. Porter of Newburyport, who m. after his deaease 

Felix Colby ; but they are both deceased. Children were born in Ncwburj-port, 

viz. : 

Micajah Ingalls, born February 19, 1854; died May 10, 1855. 
Abraham, born Juue 17, 1856; died iu 1S()2. 

WILLIAM EDWARD, b. Feb. 29, 1832 ; who was a seaman ; d. unm. iu 1858. 
MARY A. II. N., b. Dec. 23, 1833 ; who died unm. while residing with her sister 
in Nevada, May 9, 1860. 

GEORGE WHITFIELD, b. Oct. 24, 1830 ; served in 1864 in the 3rd Unattached 
Co. Mass. Vols, iu coast defence ; m. Oct. 20, 1858, Ellen, dau. of Moses 

52 jomsr poore A2Td his pajmily. 

Clark. and Joanna (Currier) Stockman, b. in Newburyport, June 17. 1836. He is a 

bookseller at No. 35 State street; residence, since 1867, No. 12 Titcomb street. 
Children : 

Ellen Clayton, born May 23, 1859. 

Lizzie Ashton, bom May 10, 1865. 

Geokge Lincoln, born June 28, 1869 ; died September 2, 1869. 

Perkins. ADELINE PEITCHETT, b. June 21, 1839 ; m. 1860, Isaac E. Perkins ; resided 
at No. 24 Lime street; and died June 2, 1871. Children: 
JuLiETTi:, born December 6, 1860; died aged nine days. 
FilANK, born August 23, 18G6; died October 5, 1866. 

ADELINE^, bom JSTovember 19, 1811; died unmarried, aged 27. 

ANI^A POOKB^ born December 10, 1813; married December 7, 1837, 

Frederick, son of Moses and Mary (Pearson) Moore, born in iN'ewburyport, 

on Olive street, October 29, 1811; residence in J^ewburyport, and since 

July, 1854, at No. 52 High street. Capt. Moore has been a seaman 

MooKE. since thirteen years of age, and shipmaster since he was twenty-one 

years of age. Children: 

ANNIE MARIA, b. Aug. 28, 1838 ; m. Aug. 10, 1875, James Humphrey, son of 
Stanley. William Stanley, b. in Great Falls, N. H., 1836. He is a shipmaster. She has 

no children. 

ATTT'STA M APv' ( *'"i"^> ^0^° ^^J ^0' 1839 ; and both died in early infancy. 

MARY PEARSON, b. Aug. 11, 1846; m. June 1, 1877, Oliver Osgood, son of 
Jones. Capt. Oliver and Hannah (Pettengill) Jones, b. in Newburyport, July, 1842. 

He is a shipmaster and resides No. 16 Spring street. Child : 
Elva Osgood, born March 15, 1878. 

FREDERICK, born December 2, 1848 ; died aged about four years. 


CATHEEIN'E^ born January 23, 1773; married October 23, 1794, Wil- 
liam Cook, who was born in Newburyport, on Ship street, but we have 
been unable to learn the baptismal names of his parents; but tradition says 
tliat his mother was a Caswell, and that he had a brother by the name of 
Zebedee. ijhe died Nov. 15, 1835, and he married before his decease Mary 

Clanin, who died in August, 1875, aged about eighty-two; but he 

died May 21, 1843, aged seventy-four. Mr. Cook was a mast and 
Cook, spar maker; also owned shipping used in the West India trade. 

Among offices of trust he was called to occupy, one was, that of a 

Deacon of the Harris street church. Children: 


ANNA IIS'GALLS', born May 7, 1705; (IIcmI unmarried abont 1835. 

KATHAlSr POOR^ born July 20, 1797; who was a sliii)master, and was 
drowned on the coast of Cuba, July 20, 1830. He married in Brooklyn, a 
widow Eliza, who, after his decease, married a Seabury; but Capt. Cook 
had no children. 

WILLIAM^, born May 13, 1799; who followed the same trade of his 
fiither in Newburyport; died December 17, 18G8. He married about 1823, 
Mary Ann, daughtei- of Zechariah and Mary Davidson, born in Newbnryport, 
Cook, about 1803; who died October IG, 1858. Children: 

JEREMIAH, b. Sept. 22, 1830 ; m. Aug. 27, 1857, Ellen Brown, dan. of John and 
Malinda (Blown) Locke, b. in Athens, Me., Aug. 26, 1836. He is a trader in 
Bidtleford, Me., where their daughter was born. Children : 

John Lock, born July 20, 1865 ; died September i, 18G5. 

EuGESiK Ellen, boru July 3, 18C6. 

JOEL, b. about 1833 ; who was a printer ; and died in New York about 1858 ; in. 
Lj'dia M. Foot, who m. for her second husband, Daniel Colby ; he died ; and 
she m. for her third husband another Colby, a brother to her second husband ; 
and resides in Bost»n. His children we understand are William and Nellie. 

WILLIAM, b. Feb. 4, 1837 ; ra. Mar. 10, 1866, Matilda Dickerson Locke, a sister 
to his brother Jeremiah's wife, b. in Athens, Me., Jan. 17, 1845. He is a trader; 
resided in Biildeford when their first child was born ; and their second child was 
born iu Athens, Me. ; he removed to Ilullowell, Mar., 1872, and bought his 
Louse which is on Second street, in 1874. Children : 

Viola Miriam, born August 30, 1869. 

Millie Ekdina, boru April 28, 1871. 

Peabody. HARRIET, b. Oct. 12, 1839 ; m. Frank Peabody, a shoemaker; and was residing 
iu Georgetown, Mass., in 1877. She has no children. 

CATHEEIN^E', born June 25, 1801; died unmarried 1823. 

JEREMIAH", born about 1804; died unmarried 1825. 

JOHN NEWTON ^ born February 18, 1807; died young. 

JOHN NEWTON', born January 16, 1808; married Judith Sawyer, 

daughter of Abner and Sarah (Bradbury) Bailey, born in Newbury, May 

8, 1807. Resided on Middle and Independent streets; and on Market 

Cook, street, Newburyport, where he died July 16, 1817; his widow still 

alive. Children: 

SARAH ELLEN, b. in West Newbury, Nov. 2, 1828; m. Oct., about 18.50, Wil- 
liam Henry, son of Elias and Sarah (Davis) Haskell, of Newburyport, b. Dec. 3, 




Haskeix. 1822. She is his second wife ; he had by his first wife, who wns a Harriet 

Thompson, a daughter, Harriet Louisa, b. on Milk street, Newbiuyport, in 1846 ; 
m. in 1870 Wm. Canton of Prussia. Thej' removed to the state of Louisiana in 
1852, and have resided at Lalje Charles in Calcasieu parish and county. He is 
in the lumber business and is proprietor of the Haskell House ; has been in pub- 
lic office since 1855, viz. : Recorder of Mortgages, Notary Public, High Sheriff, 
Deputy Collector of Customs, and has been a member of the Legislature. 
Children : 

Edward Witte, born April 26, 1852; died August 28, 1852. 

Frank Elias, born Nov. 17, 1853; was educated at the Louisiana State University; is 
a civil engineer; m. Eeb. 3, 1876, Lillie Lewis, dau of Lee and Elizabetli (Graj') 
Dade, of Lake Charles. We are informed tliat Elizabeth Gray was from South Car- 
olina and that Mrs. Haskell is a descendant of George Washington's sister Betty. 
Child : — Samuel Jefferson, b. at Lake Charles, May 2, 1878. 
Ellen Judith, b. Jan. 15, 1856; who died June 23, 1876; m. Doc. 30, 1874, Joseph 
George. son of Joseph George, b. in Alabama, belonging to the Kentucky fatnily of that name. 

He is a civil engineer. Child : — Joseph Frederick, b. at Lake Charles Oct. 22, 1875. 
Haskell. William Hicnry, born February 27, 1859 ; a carpenter^ 

Jefi-'euson Davis, born June 6, 1861; died August 22, 1873, of typhoid fever. 
S,u:ah Davis, born November 4, 1863. 

Cook. LYDIA ANN FLETCHER, born Octobei-29, 1830 ; died young. 

JOHN SAWYER, born November 3, 1832 ; died young. 

KOXANNA^ born September 13, 1810; married IsTovember 12, 1834, 

John Tilclen, son of Joseph and Mary (Belknap) Loring, the clock maker, 

who in 1878 lives on Water street, Newbnryport; she died September 11, 

1838. Mr. Loring was born in Sterling, Mass., May 26, 1809, and has 

LoniNG. since her decease married Mary Rolfe, and has a dau. Elizabeth B. by 

her. Roxanna had one child, viz: 

JOHN HENRY', b. Oct. 18, 1835 ; who, with his father, went to Calfornia in 1859, 
and is in 1878 in Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., Cal. ; unmarried. 

ELIZABETH^, born Septeitiber 14, 1813; died unmarried June 26, 1832. 

RUFUS^ born September 10, 1816; married March, 1837, Sarah Gilman, 
daughter of Bernard and Harriet (Titcomb) Foots, born in IS'ewburyport, 
xVugust 23, 1817. Her mother, daughter of William and Mary (Pilsbm-y) 

Titcomb. He was a tailor by trade, and a dry goods dealer on State 
Cook, strcct, and resided after 1854 on the street where he .was born, and 

at No. 36 Middle street, where he died May 27, 1871. Children. 

ROXANNA ELIZABETH, b. Dec. 16, 1837; m. May 3, 1859, Capt. Charles 
Bailey. Edward, son of Capt. Charles E. and Charlotte (Clarke) Bailey, b. in Ncwbuiy- 

port, Apr. 21, 1837. He is of the lirm of Robert Bailey & Son. Child : 
Carrie ILir.cii, born December 25, 1859; unmarried. 

rosTKitiTY OF NATHAN '*, OF newhui:ypoi:t. r>5 

ri.iMMKU SARAH MOODY, b. Oct. 23, 1839 ; in. Feb. 28, 18G0, Cliarlcs E.lwur.l, son of 
Capt. William and Ilaniet (Cunicr) riuniiucr, born on tin; ocean on the way from 
Russia to Ncwbuiypoit, Nov. 5, 1838 ; brought up in Newbuiyport. lie is in the 
taiiorinn and dry goods business; resided on Water street wlicu their first child 
was born, and now reside 30 Middle street. Children. 

RUKUs HioxKV, born Fehruary 5, 13G1. 

Jumru Ann, born September 28, 1870. 


ISAAC ^ born September 8, 1783; married December 25, 1809, Elizabeth 
Andrews, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Andrews) S])iller, l)oi-n in 
Amherst, N. H., September 20, 1789, akin to the Ipswich, Massachusetts, 
famihes bearing her parents names. He was a shipmaster, coasting between 
Ncwburyport and the West Indies. Residence after they were mai- 
PoouK. led until their decease, No. 110 AVater street, Newbuiyport. He 
died Dec. 13, 1836. She died June 23, 1870. Children: 
NATHAN ^ born April 9, 1810; married August 6, 1834, Adeline, 
daughter of Francis and Lydia (Pearson) Hodgkins, born in Newburyport, 
August 3, 1813; resides at 33 Lime street. He was a furniture dealer, and 
died July 8, 1856. Children: 

FRANCIS AUGUSTUS, b. Apr. 27, 1837 ; is in the furniture business in New' 

York City ; m. Oct. 4, 1870, Isabella Gerrish, dan. of Daniel and Isabella (Ger- 

rish) SUloway, b. in Norwich, Conn., Oct. 7, 1844. Her father from West 

Newbury. Resides with his mother at 33 Lime street, Newburyport. Children : 

DouA FuANCES, born October 22, 1872. 

PoouK. NATHAN, b. Feb. 22, 1840 ; who is in the furniture business with his elder 

brother ; unmarried. 

GEORGE EDWARD, b. Oct. 18, 1844, who is iu the dry goods business; in. Apr. 

8, 1869, Lucinda, dan. of Joseph Brown and Lucinda (Merrill) Landford, b. ui 

Newburyport, May 24, 1845 ; resides with his mother at 33 Lime street. Child : 

Geokge FiiANCis, born April 1, 1870. 

JOHN ', born May 31, 1812; maj-ried September 12, 1843, Nancy, daugh- 
ter of George and Jane (Patterson) Titcomb, born in Falmouth, Me., Feb. 
14, 1815. They are both deaf mutes; reside at No. 3 Franklin street. He 

is^ a cabinet maker. Children : 

ALBERT HENRY% born June 26, 1845 ; died January 1, 18G6. 

CALVIN, R. IL, born February 7, 1850 ; died .at the Cliincha Islands June 20, 18G0. 

ELIZABETH JANE, b. Dec. 22, 1851 ; ra. Nov. 22, 1870, George Otis, son of 

NoYKS. James and Elizabeth (Brown) Noyes, b. in Newbury, July 11, 1847. Employed 

as a foreman in a shoe manufactory. Residence with her father in 1877, and at 

No. 143 Water street iu 1878. Childreu : 


Notes. George Albert, born May 6, 1872. 

Alice Gertrude, born September 30, 1873 ; died August 3, 1875. 
Edgak Francis, boru June 12, 1877. 

THOMAS SPILLER7, born March 12, 1815; who is a retired furniture 
dealer; resides in the house where he was born, 110 Water street; married 
September 23, 1841, Jane, daughter of Joseph and Lois (Little) 
Kent, who died ]!:^ovember 27, 1846. "Without issue. 

DAVID SPILLER^, born December 21, 1817; a mariner; unmarried; 
resides on the old homestead. 

MAEY SPILLER^ born March 15, 1821; who died in the spring of 

1842; married Samuel Swain of l^ewburyport, who has children by his 

second wife Sophia Gerrish ; he went to Charlestown. Mary S. had a 

Swain. , m i 

child : 

SAMUEL, who died j'oung. 

ISAACS born October 8, 1825, who formerly was a painter; and since 
1849, in the grocery trade. No. 93 Water street, Newburyport; married 
November 4, 1847, Hannah, daughter of John and Hannah (Baker) 

Hoskins, born in Newburyport, January 15, 1826. They resided at 
PooEB. No. 4 South, now called Broomfield street, when their children were 

born; and since about 1852, at No. 36 Lime street, Newburyport. 

Ciiildren : 

MARY SPILLER, b. Feb. 6, 1849 ; m. Apr. 10, 1S67, Andrew Parker, son of 
Lewis. Andrew P. and Lucy Ann (Jewell) Lewis, b. in Munroe, Me., Jan. 19, 1843; 

was in Company A, 17tli Regt. of Mass. Vols.; resided on Water, Merrimack 
and Tyng streets until May, 1871 ; and since at No. 9 Carter street. He is a 
ship carpenter. Children : 
Mary Parker, born July 1, 1867. 
Anna H. Poor, born July II, 1868. 
Georgie Prances, born June 14, 1872. 
Carrie Josephine, born September 29, 1876. 

PooEE. ISAAC, b. Apr. 27, 1852 ; m. Dec. 31, 1874, Mary Spearing, daughter of Samuel 
Kinsman and Lucy Ann (Wilson) Gilman, b. in Boston, Nov. 26, 1854 ; resides 
in his house at No. 28 Lime street, and is in business with his father. Child : 
Sadie Moody, born March 20, 1876. 

SARAH E. \ born August 10, 1830; died May 2, 1831. 



TEPIIEIS'^, born in Newbury, May 24, 1744; married about December 
1, 1771, Hannah, daughter of John and Sarah (Phimmer) Dole, born 
in Newbiu-y, January 1, 1751. Settled a few rods north of his father's 
house, building- his house near the cemetery Avhere are interred those of the 
later generations who have resided on the south side of the river; the house 
is being razed in 1878. He died April ^. . ^j 

18, 1825, and his will was proved the '^^U^n^^^ gOdTt/T-S- 
December following, which was made ^ 

September 7, 1824, when his wife, son TheophUus, and his daughters were 
ahve. Hannah, his wife, died September 26, 1840. Children: 

1. IlaniKih, born September 17, 1772; married John Priuce. 

2. Judith, born October 10, 1776 ; died unmarried January 14, 1856. 

3. Tabitba, born December 31, 1782 ; married John Woodbury. 

4. Sarali Dole, born Angus 14, 1785 ; married Isaac Bra}' and Thomas Moody. 

5. Theophilus, b. November 2, 1787 ; settled in Newburvport ; was a house carpenter at first, 

and last a ship-master, and was accidentally injured, and died about 1827 ; m. Eleanor 
Pearson, but had no issue. 

6. Stephen, born December 12, 1789 ; died at sea about 1811 ; unmarried. 

7. Edward Longfellow, born June 12, 1792; was at sea in a privateer when he was lost; 

never married. 

8. Fanny, born December 30, 1793 ; married Benjamin Thrasher. 

9. Clarissa, b. Oct. 14, 1796 ; m. Doctor Moses Carter of Concord, N. H. ; resided in Ames- 

bury, Mass., until about 1844; when they removed to Concord where they deceased 
without issue. She was with her adopted daughter (who was a niece of her husband) 
at Millville, when she deceased in 1876. 

Of their children who had posterity: 


HANISTAH®, born in ]S"ewbury, September 17, 1772; married October 
10, 1794, John, son of Eev. Joseph and Sarah (Carjionter) Prince, 
born February 14, 17G3. His father, who died in the pulpit just after pro- 
nouncing the divine blessing at the service when he preached his last sermon, 



was buried in the first Pi-esbyterian church, on Federal street, in N"ew- 
buryport, with George Wliitfield. He was blind about 51 years, the seem- 
ing misfortune caused by a snowball thrown at him when at school, while 
playing with the boys when he was about 14 years of age. We are in- 
formed by his great-grandchildren that he chose his wife when at a social 
gathering of the religious society, the pastor jocosely asking him whom he 
would choose in the company, for a wife ; the pleasant voice of Sally Carpen- 
ter led him to select her. She consented, and was truly a helpmeet; 
not only eyes to the blind, but had uncommon natural abilities, as 
well as acquired accomplishments to assist a minister of the gospel. 
He died in January, 1791, aged 68 years; an extended notice of him 
may be found in the newspaper printed in !N"ewburypoi't Feb. 2, 1791. 
Peince. Mr. Prince was a ship-master and a merchant. Their residence 
in Newburyport, and he owned a store in Eastport, Maine. He was 
died on board his vessel going from ISTewburyport to Eastport, Dec, 
1800, and was buried on Moose Island. She died in Boston when 
residing with her granddaughter, Mrs. Somerby, May 11, 1860, and 
was bured in Harmony G-rove, Salem, Mass. Children: 
HAISriSrAH^, born June 30, 1795; married May 22, 1814, Aaron, son of 
Isaac and Abigail (Blackman) Adams, born in Boston, Mass., July 17, 1793. 
His father born in Newbury, August 11, 1761, and mother born in Dorches- 
ter Aug. 9, 1768. He was a printer by trade, and also editor of news- 
papers at times. Resided in ISTcAvburyport when their first child was 
born, and removed to Boston (where his brother Benjamin, the book- 
adams. binder, died Sept. 17, 1878), where he continued until his decease, 
in the sj)ring of 1826 or 1827; and she died jSTov. 12, 1843. Children: 

MARY AUGUSTA, b. Mar. 12, 1815 ; wlio in 1878 resides at No. 15 Hudson 
street, Boston ; married John Henry, son of Henry and Catherine (Wales) 
Dennis. Dennis, b. in Baltimore, Md., March 24, 1813 ; lived in Boston where all their 

children were born, and died June 27, 1869. He was a painter of houses, etc., 
and his sons learned the trade of painting and finishing furniture ; and of her 
daughters unmarried three are milliners and one a book-keeper. Children : 

Georgh Washington, b. Feb. 27, 1834; ra. about April, 1868, Mrs. Augeuette B. Chap- 
mau, dau. of Beiij. C. aud Mary C. Gould, b. iu Lowell, Mass., March 15, 1828; re- 
sides in Washington street, Wobui'n; but they have no children. 
Henry Wales, b. Jan. 13, 1836; m. May 16, 1859, Abby Lonti, dan. of Horace and 
Mary Lonti (Paine) Paddock, b. in Troy, Vt., Apr. 25, 1886. Horace, her father, b. 
In St. Johnsbury, Vt., June 16, 1S09 ; was son of Hon. Ephraim Paddock, one of the 
Vermont Judges. Mary L., her mother, was born in Barre, Vt., Mrrch 1, 1812. In 
time of the rebellion, Mr. Dennis served his country in Co. D, First Mass. Cavalry. 
He is a dealer in furniture in New York, of tlie firm of Leenian, Dennis & Co., and 
resides in Brooklyn, N. Y., at No. 195 Bergen street. Only child : — Mary Emma 
Lonti, b. June 19, 1875; died February 2-t,- 1876. 





Mauv Catiikiiini;, 1). Jnno SO, 1S38; m. Jan. 20, ISC,7, Isaac Smitli, son of raibort O. 
and Polly (Siuilli) Clark, b. in Wart^ham, Mass., May 13, 1835. lie, in time of the 
rebellion, was a incniber of Co. G, Mass. -till lies'- "f Vols ; in 1878 is einijloyud in 
a box factory at Kast Boston, and resides at No 53 Maverick street, Chelsea, Mass. 
Cliiklren: — Minnie Frances, b. Mar. 10, 18C8; who died of diphlheria Mar. 20, 187(5. 
Edith Florence, b. Mar. 3, 1870. All>ert Henry, b. Jan. 27, 1872. Oriana Jennie, 
b. Mar. 5, 1873; who died also of diphtheria six day.s after l)er sister's decease. 
Maud Liunctte, b. Mar. 21, 1875, and Frederick Elmer, b. Nov. 4, 1878. 

Charlotte Louisa, born Septambcr 16, 1840. 

TuBODOKE CriAULES, b. Dec. G, 1842; who enlisted into the 1st Mass. Infantry, and was 
in the lirst Bnll Run battle, and afterwards was In the 1st Mass. Cavalry, and was so 
unlucky as to be taken a prisoner, lie is a letter carrier in Boston; ni. in 1HG5, 
Cornelia P., dan of Samuel S. and Lucy Presscy, b. iu Boston, about 1849. Child: 
— George Edward, b. at No. 9 Clifton Place, Boston, Mar. 23, 18GG. 

Agnes Maria, born July IC, 1845. 

Anna Elizabeth, boru February 19, 1848. 

Edwin Fkank, b. Nov. 17, 1849; a polisher of furniture for his brother in New York 
City; uumarried, 1878. 

Fanny Fekn, bora January 29, 1854. 

WoRDEN. ANNA BOARDMAN, b. May 30, 1817 ; m. W. II. Wordcn, from St. Jolm's, N. B. 
Tiiey reside in Brooklyn, N. Y., but slie has no children. 

ELIZABETH THERESA, b. July G, 1819 ; m. June 23, 184->, George Washington, 
SOMEKBY. son of Tlieo[)hilus and Susan (Kolley) Somerby, b. in Alliany, N. Y., Feb. 2"), 

1819. lie was a seaman, died in Boston, Feb. 22, 1845 ; and she resides in 1877, 
at No. 124 Marcella street, Boston Ilighlaiids. Her onl}' ciiild : 

Hannah Elizabbtii, b. in Boston, Apr. 23, 1843; ra. Dec. C, 1800, Stephen Smith, sou 
Van Waut. of James and Elizabeth Ann (Golding) Van ^V■art, b. in tlic village of Wickhani, on 

St. John's River, iu Queen's Co., N. B., about thirty miles from St. John's, Sept. G, 
1834. Both of his parents were of Wickham. He is a manufacturer of chamber 
furniture at No. 92 Richmond street, Boston ; residence at the Ilighlamls, as above. 
All their children born in Boston, viz.: — Harry Stephen, b. July 22, 1SG2; died 
August 17, 1878. Ernest, born March 20, 18G4; died March 23, 1SG4. Clareuce 
Augustus, b. July 12, 1806. Maude LUian, b. Apr. 26, 1876. 

MARTHA AGNES, b. Oct. 5, 1821 ; m. June 7, 184G, Samuel, son of John 
Mekrill. and Margaret Merrill, b. in Hillsborough, N. H., Dec. 25, 1824 ; was a paper 

hanger; and died in Boston, Mar. 22, 1851. She is still a widow and resides 
with her son. One child : 

Samuel Augustus, b. iu Boston, July 4, 1847; m. May 2, 1S70, Lucy Maria, dan. of 
Doctor Frederick William, and Lydia Jenuison (Ilaynes) Urann, b. in Dorchester, 
Mass, June 13, 1847. Her father b. July 7, 1822, in Dorchester. Samuel A. is Dis- 
count Clerk in the National Bank of Redemption, Boston, and resides on Fairmount 
Avenue, Hyde Park, Mass. Childreu : — Frederick Augustus, b. June 15, 1871. 
Albert Adams, b. Oct. 23, 1874. 

JOHN S born June 16, 1797; married January 12, 1819, Sarah, daugliter 
of Nathaniel and Sarah (Lakeman) Wells, born in Ipswich, INIass., October 

18, 1796. He was a baker in Salem, Mass., where all his children 
Pulnce. were born, and where he died Mar. 17, 1871, and she died Apr. 23, 

1872. Children: 


Prince. JOHN, b. Oct. 22, 1819; m. Apr. 16, 1850, Hannah Bickforrl, dau. of James and 
Hannah (Larrabee) Collins, b. in Salem, July 22, 1829. He was a master mar- 
iner, and died of the fever on the west coast of Africa, Feb. 22, 1864. His 
widow resides (1878) at No. 26 Howard street, Salem. His cbildren were born 
in Salem, viz. : 

John Albert, b. Pub. 11, 1851 ; a painter by trade, but took one voyage to Africa, had 
the fever, and as a consequence has lost his hearing. He is in 1878 a member of the 
College for deaf mutes in WashiugtQn, D. C. ; unmarried. 
George Beckfoud, b. Dec. 25, 1852; was a dealer in groceries, 61 Bridge street, Salem, 
but in 1878 is a salesman for I. P. Harris & Co., on St. Peter street; m. Apr. 18, 
1877, Ida Maria, dau. of Sylvester G. and JMaria J. (Briard) Canuey, b. in Salem, 
Mass., Dec. 3, 1855. 

GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. Oct. 1, 1821; who belonged to Company B, 23d 
Eegt. of Mass. Vols., from Oct. 8, 1861, and after a battle was accidentally 
wonnded, and in consequence died in the hospital at Point Lookout, Md., June 
8, 1864; m. Mar. 24, 1845, Eunice, dau. of Benj. and Marj' (Quarles) Pearson, 
b. in Salem, Sept. 15, 1821, who now resides with her daughter Smith in East 
Boston. He was a boot maker ; resided in Salem when their first child was born, 
in Newburj'port, Ipswich, and in Salem again. Children : 

Ella Dame, b. June 22, 1851 ; m. Oct. 19, 1871, in East Boston, (where they all have 

since resided) William Crawford, son of Capt. William C. and Mary A. (Caldwell) 

S.MITH. Smith, b. in Salem, Mass., March 14. 18-46. He is a wharfinger. Children: — Alice 

Mabel, b. Pob. 7, 1873. Eveline Estell, b. Feb. 1, 1876. 
Prince. Ada Frances, born Septemer 11, 1852; died January i, 1855, in Ipswich. 

Sakah Frances, born April 6, 1856 ; died August 7, 1856, in Newburyport. 
Gborgetta, born Februay 26, 1858; died September 13, 1858, in Salem. 

NATHANIEL WELLS, b. Oct. 4, 1823 ; m. June 28, 1849, Eliza Ann. daugliter 
of Wm. and Maiy (Frost) Peach, b. in Salem, Dec. 14, 1827 ; resided on Albion 
street, Salem, when their children were born, and removed to New Milford, Sus- 
quehanna Co., Pa., in the autumn of 1874. Children, besides a dau. who died 
very young, they have : 

Mary Augusta, born September 13, 1854; unmarried. 

HANNAH MARIA, b. Feb. 14, 1827; m. May 16, 1847, Daniel Bowles, son of 
Lord. Thomas and Sarah (Seward) Lord, b. in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 13, 1821. A 

carpenter and builder in Salem, where their children were born ; residence No. 
24 Howard street. Children : 

Sarah Maria, born March 10, 1848; died September 17, 1851. 
Ellen Maria, born September 25, 1853; unmarried 1878. 
Mary Anna, born February 20, 1856; died May 6, 1858. 
Willard Prince, born March 13, 1862. 

Prince. JOSEPH EDWARD, b. May 10, 1828 ; who was a cooper, and died at Cienfuegos, 
Cuba, Aug. 14, 1851 ; m. Oct. 1, 1849, Susan Smith, dau. of Enoch and Betsey 
(Anderson) Welden, b. in Yarmouth, Mass., April, 17, 1830, who since his de- 
cease has married Bcla D. Ladd, and resides in Boston at No. 40 Greenwich Park, 
in 1878. Mr. Ladd is salesman for Dyer, Taj'lor & Co ; he formerly m. Susan 
M. Harrison ; had no children ; but b}' this marriage there is a son Charles Al- 
bert, b- Jan. 4, 1864. Children of Joseph Edward, are: 



Prince. Josepii Edward, liorn June 10 ]H'>0; died Soplcinhor 3, 1SC5. 

JoHnriiiNK FuANCKS. 1). Sept. 7, 1.S51; m. Apr 2!), 1873. Albert, son of George William 

FiTZBMBYER. and Anna Kosina (Gale) Fitzoincyer, b. in Liulx'nau, Hesse Cassel, Germany, sixteen 

miles N. N. W. of (tassel, April 2, 1848. He came to America at tlie age of about 
live years with his parents, who reside in Boston, and have four other children living. 
He was a member of Co. D. C2d Regiment of Infantry in tlie Army, and now is a 
jeweller. They reside with her parents in 1878. Children: — Berlha, b. Apr. 21, 
1874; d. Aug. 18, 1874: and Bessie Genevieve, b. in the district of Brighton, Boston, 
Sept. 22, 1876. 

Prince. JAMES, b. Oct. 11, 1830 ; who went to California in September, 1851, bnt lias not 
been heard from since. 

Lord. MARY ANNA WARD, b. Dec. 13, 1833 ; m. Geo. F. Lord, of the Ipswich stoci<, 

bnt not near akin to her sister's husband. He went into Co. H, of the 50th 
Mass. Regt. of Vols., sickened, and died June IS, 1862. She resides in Salem; 
no children. 

Prince. WILLIAM, b. Jnne 2, 1835 ; m. Jan. 18, 18G6, Abby Temperance, dau. of Benj. 
T. and Eliza D. (Ross) Roundy, b. in Portland, Me., Feb. 20, 1838; a machin- 
ist; and they now (1878) reside in North Easton, Mass. No children. 

LAURA ADAMS, born July 22, 1837 ; died October 11, 1837. 

DUDLEY ALDEN, born July 15, 1838 ; died September 2, 1838. 

NATHAN PUTNAM, born September 15, 1839 ; died October 20, 1841. 

GEOTiGE', born February 1, 1800; married Martha, daiigliter of Jona- 
than and Lydia (Randall) Ham, born in Milton, I^. II., Sejitember 18, 1707, 
who ill 1878 resides in Cincinnati, O. He was a clock maker and jeweller; 
lived in Great Falls, jST. H., when their first child was born, in Xew- 
PiuNCB. market, N. H., when their second, and in South Newmarket when 
their third child was born; and he died, probably, in Arkansas. 
Children : 
Groot. KATE IMARTIIA, b. Feb. 24, 1827 ; m. May 2, 1861, Geo. R. Groot, superintend- 
ent of a carriage factory ; reside in Cincinnati ; but she has no children. 

Prince. GEORGE, b. Feb. 28, 1829; is raising cotton at Noble's Lake, Jefferson Co., 
Arkansas ; unmarried. 
JAMES HARRISON, b. Apr. 17, 1831 ; is engaged with Eckstein, Hills & Co., 
in the manufacture of white and red lead ; office 171 Race street, Cincinnati ; he 
is unmarried. 


TABITHA*, born in IS'ewbury, December 31, 1782; married November 
8, 1808, Capt. John, son of Capt. John and Susanna (Lane) Wood- 
bury, of Gloucester, born in that part of the town called Lanesville, Jan- 
uary 23, 1780. Resided in Newburyport when their first child was born, 




and after that settled ou the homestead of his father, which is near Folly 
Cove, where he deceased. He was a master mariner; commanded the pri- 
vateer fishing boat Madison at the time of the war of 1812-5 ; taken 
prisoner and carried into Halifax. He was lost at sea about sixty 
WooDBuuY. miles eastward of Cape Ann, October 8, 1828. She remained a 
widow until her decease at l^ewbnry, Feb. 24, 1872, and from 1869 
resided with her daughter j^ewman. Children: 
MARIA'', born jSTovember 21, 1810, who died February 29, 1872; married 
October 11, 1830, Joseph, son of David and Charlotte (Wheeler) Babson, 
born in Gloucester (now Rockport), June 4, 1809. Settled at Pigeon Cove, 
the locality Avhere he was born, and where their children were born. He 
Avas a fisherman, and died March 8, 1878; but had married, April, 1873, 
Mary McDonald, from Scotland, and had by her a daughter, Maria, same 
name of his wife, and eldest child, b. Oct. 4, 1874. Children of Maria: 

MARIA JOSEPHINE, b. Maj^ 4, 1832 ; who died July 22, 1854, without issue. 
Dennison. Soon after she m. Wm. Deiinison, whose mother was sister to her grandmother. 

EDITH, b. Oct. 1, 1833 ; m. Dec. 27, 1854, her cousin, John Luere, son of Gorham 
Babson. and Mary (Harriden) Babson, born at Pigeon Cove, Aug. 31, 1831. He is in 

the fish business at the said Cove. Their house, which is on Granite street, was 
built in 1835. Children: 

Awn Story, born May 2?, 185G. A trader. 

Mary Gorham, boru September 10, 1858. 

Maria JosEPUiNK, boni April 28, 1862. 

Alfred Mansfield, born December 18, 1863. 

Eurrn Liiere, born March 18, 1865. 

John Fisk, born November 20, 1867 ; died November 26, 1867. 

EUTH, l)orn March 24, 1869. 

Leah Bartoll, born May 20, 1871. 

George Ned, born September 21, 1873. 

Naomi Woodbury, boru November 6, 1875. 

HELEN MARE, b. Aug. 2, 1835 ; who left Pigeon Cove, Jan. 1, 1861, and arrived 
in Stockton, Cal., in twenty-eigbt daj's ; in. Roscoe, son of Charles and Sally 
Wheeler. (Davis) Wheeler, b. in Gloucester, Mar. 28, 1832. His father was brother to 
her grandmother. He, leaving home Feb. 7, 1850, arrived in California the fot- 
lovfiug 7th of April. He is a seaman, and in 1877 was commander of the steam- 
tug Lottie. They resided in Stockton, where their five children were born, and 
since about 1876 have been in Oakland. Children: 

CiiAULOTTE Babson, born June 8, 1863. 

Hei.ex Mark, bora October 15, 1865 ; died June 17, 1867. 

RoscoE, boru March 3, 1868. 

Susanna Swett, boru April 11, 1870; died October 11, 1876. 

Charles, born October 1, 1874; died June 2, 1876. 

MARGARET, b. Jan. 27, 1837 ; m. Feb. 4, 1858, her cousin Nathaniel, son of 
Woodbury. Nathaniel and Esther (Woodbury) Woodbury, b. in Gloucester, Sept. 16, 1821 ; 
a fisherman, and resides near the homestead, by Folly Cove. Children : 


WOODBUKY. .JosF.rii Babson, born Novembers, IS.'S; dieil January 3, 1859. 

IIki.k.n liAitsoN, born Deeoniber 15, 1859. 
Ai.icic, born February 20, 18G2. 

MAitc.AitKT, born Oetober 28, ISfiG; ilicci October 2R, 1875. 
Nathamkl EuNKST, born December 22, 1SC9 ; died Marcli, 1870. 

CLARISSA CARTER, h. Mar. 17, 1839; ni. (1) Nov. .5, 18C."), Charles All)crt, 
Smith. son of David ami Jane D. (AVade) Sinitli, h. in Roekport, Dec. 2.5, 1839, bj' 

whom she iJad her children. lie was a bntchcr, and died in Rocl<port Sept. 29, 
1873 ; m. (2) Dec. 31, 187G, Solomon, a cousin to licr first husliand, son of Sol- 
omon and Eliza W. (Tarr) Smitli, born in Roekport, Feb. C, 1839. where her 
children were born. Her hnsband is grandchild of Charles and Elizabeth 
(Mitchell) Wade, and great grandson of Charles and Mercy ( Wade. 
See Ciishman Genealogy-, p. 211, for his C. pedigree. He is a farmer ; residence 
on South street. Children : 

Jexnie Albeut, born March 24, 18G7. 

Maky PuiiLKY, born in the locality called Pigeon Cove, March 19, 18fi9. 

Mai:ia Babson, born December 25, 1871. 

DAVID WALLACE, b. Mar. 31, 1841 ; m. on Matinicns Island, Me., Sept. IS, 
Babson. 18G7, Lizette Ames, dan. of Benj. E. and Lovinia (St. Clair) Burgess, 1). in Matin- 

icus. May 12, 184G. He is a fish dealer, etc., and resides at Tigeon Cove. No 
children iu 1877. 

JOSEPH, born September 21, 1843 ; died aged about six montlis. 

MARY MOODY, b. Feb. 12, 1845 ; m. Dec. 15, 1873, John James, son of John A. 
PooLK. and Rhoda (Fears) Poole, b. in Pigeon Cove, Roekport, June 11, 1845. He lias 

been a fisherman, and they are now iu the dry goods business, and reside at 
Pigeon Cove. Child : 

Joseph Babson, born January 23, 1878. 

SUSANNA, b. June 4, 1847 ; m. Sept. 25, 1876, Frederick Dudley, son of Blanch- 
Cliffokd. ard and Elizanna (Story) Clifford, b. in Roekport, at Pigeon Cove, Oct. 15, 1850. 
Their grandmothers were sisters. Residence iu Somerville, on Medford, corner 
of Chester street, 1878. 

Babson. KATE ELIZABETH HALE, born May 18, 1849 ; died April, 1852. 
GRACE, born September, 1851 ; died June, 1852. 
JOSEPH NEY, b. Dec. 26, 1852 ; a book-keeper in Boston, and unmarried in 1878. 

HEN"RIETTA", born March 12, 1813; married November 23, 1841, John, 
son of Samuel and Phebe (Hale) Newman, born in Newburyport, Septem- 
ber G, 1808, whose father settled on a farm near Old town bridge, when ho 
Avas about seven years old, and where he lived, and died ^lay 
Newman. 8, 18G4. He had by his former wife, Rebecca B. Danforth, two 
children, viz. : John H. and Edna D. She has had only one child, viz: 
SIDNEY FRANKLIN, b. Feb. 18, 1843 ; wlio resides on the old homestead of his 
father with his mother; in. Dec. 16, 1867, at Clinton, Wayne Co., Pa., Mary 
Jeanette, dau. of William and Mary Ann (Morse) Bayley, b. in said Clinton 


Newman. Nov. 8, 1841. Her father born in Newbur^'port, and mother born in the East 

parish of Haverhill, Essex County. Children : 
GEOKgR Edward, born November 12, 18G8. 
JoHX William, born September 5, 1870. 
Mary, born June 17, 1872. 
Lillian, born April 24, 1874. 
Ada Elizabeth, born September 24, 1876. 

JOHN EDWAED ', bom August 1, 1815; married April 2, 1843, Abigail 
Harrington, clau. of Washington and Susan (Merrill) Knowlton, born in 
l^obleboro, Me., June 20, 1823. He is a mariner, with his resi- 
dence in Lanesville. Children : 
JOHN, born October 9, 1843 ; m. (1) Nov., 1868, Marianna, dau. of Nathaniel 
Sprague, who died Nov., 1869; m. (2) Dec. 25, 1870, Anna Bertha, dau. of 
Allen and Sarah (Bigues) McQuarrie, b. in Cape Breton Island at a place called 
Port Hasting, Jan. 12, 1852. In the time of the Rebellion, he went out in the 
3d compan_y of the 3d Eegt. of Mass. Heavy Artillery. He is a fisherman, and 
resides in Lanesville. * Children : 

Mauianna, born October 23, 1868; died September 22, 1869. 
Marianna, born February 21, 1872. 
Etta Frank, born October 15, 1875. 

THOMAS EDWAED, born April 8, 1846 ; died October 7, 1862. 

CLIFFORD, b. Apr. 29, 1848 ;.m. Nov. 26, 1877, Melvina, dau. of George J. and 
Lydia B. (Nutter) Smart, of Portsmouth, N. H., b. Oct. 18, 1858 ; reside in 
Lanesville ; is a fisherman. 

FRANK, born April 1, 1851 ; died October 29, 1854. 

FRANK, born September 24, 1855. ' 

ELBRIDGE, born July 24, 1858. 

EDNA, born February 10, 1861, 

LIZZIE, born September 28, 1863. 

ABBIE, born July 4, 1866. 

THEOPHILUS POOEE', born September 19, 1818; a fisherman; un- 
married ; resides with his brother Franklin. 

FE ANKLES" ^, born September 25, 1820; married December M, 1854, 
Amelia, daughter of Samuel and Amelia ("Woodbury) Wheeler, born in 
Gloucester, Mar. 13, 1828. He is a fisherman and resides on the old home- 
stead of his father and grandfathers. Children:. 
FRANKLIN, born August 27, 1855 ; unmarried. 

CLARA AMELIA, born June 6, 1859 ; unmarried. 
HORACE, born November 23, 1861. 


STEPHEN"", born May 12, 1823; married (1) Lucy Liirvcy, who died 
April 3, 18(53; married (2) Jan. 21, 1870, Bridget (Casey) Wormell, he 
beini;- her tliird liushaiid. She was daui>-hter of J<ihn and Joan Casey, I)orii 
in Kihiiallueh, Irekind, and died Jan. 21, 1877. He is a fisherman; resi- 
dence near Folly Cove. His only child: 

LUCY, boni in Lanesvillo about August, 1870. 

ELBRIDGE'^, b. December 19, 182G; who died unmarried in California. 


SARAH DOLE'', born August 14, 1785; who lived to be over 91 years 
of age and died November 11, 187G; married (1) October 6, 1808, 
Isaac, son of Isaac and Sarah (Killum) Bray, born in the West parish of 
Gloucester, March 30, 1781, who was lost at sea about October, 1813, by 
whom she had two sons, and married (2) fJuly 21, 1817, Thomas, son of 
David and Mary (Johnson) Moody, b. in Xcwburyport, Jan. 13, 17G1, in 
the house wliere he lived, and where he died Feb. 2, 1841, No. 42 
EuAY. "Water street, and by him had two daughters; Mr. Bray was a master 
mariner, and Mr. Moody and his father were manufacturers of mat- 
tresses and chairs until the great fire in Newburyport in 1811. 
Children : 
ISAAC AUGUSTUS % born June 21,1809; who was brought up in a 
hardware store, but was afterwards a ship-master, and in later years much 
respected for his liberality to the need}^ Avho lost a friend Avhen he deceased 
April 16, 1870. He m. Oct. 1, 1835, Margaret K., dan. of Simeon and Har- 
riet (Thrasher) Hall, of Portland, who was born in Portland, Me., July 16, 
1811, and now resides at 42 Water street, in Newburyport. Children all 
born in that city, viz. : 

HELEN AUGUSTA, b. aL-ir. 15, 1838; m. Sept. 15, 1876, Antlionj- Smith, sou 
MoKss. of Joseph and Deborah (Odell) Morss, b. in Newburyport, Apr. 4, 1823; a 

hardware dealer, 210 Commercial street, Boston, and resides 42 Harvard street, 

THEOPIIILUS POOR, born June 23, 1840 ; died June 3, 1850. 

STEPHEN POORE', born May 25, 1812; married October 3, 1839, 

Elizabeth, daughter of Bartliolomew and Anna (Todd) Wood, born in 

Newburyport, January 10, 1815, and resides at No. 11 Spring street. He 

learned the cooper's trade when young, but afterward was a seaman, 

and has since 1840 been a ship-master. Children: 



Bray. STEPHEN POORE, b. May 6, 1S43. He also a shipmaster; ra. Apr. 4, 1871, 

Adelaide H., dan. of Wm. and Anna Giles (Livingstone) Kidder, born in New- 
buryport, Aug. 1, 1849. They reside at No. 51 Bromfield street. Children: 

Annik Livingstone, born December 13, 1873. 

Frank Alexander, born October 21, 1876. 

GEORGE LUNT, b. June 8, 1844 ; he is a shipmaster, and resides in Newbury- 
port, at No. 11 Spring street ; m. No%'. 1, 1870, Abb}' Lunt, dau. of Capt. Wm. 
and Sarah (Button) Harris, born in Newburyport, in 1845. 

FANNY GOODRIDGE, born February 4, 1849 ; unmarried in 1877. 

MARY^, born June 21, 1818; resides at the old homestead 42 "Water 
street; unmarried. 

REBECCA '^j born May 26, 1821 ; also unmarried, resides with her sister. 


FAKJSTY*' born December 30, 1793; married Februarys, 1818, Benja- 
min, son of John and Judith (Dole) Thrasher, born in Portland, Me., 
January 14, 1792. A brother to the wife of Simeon Hall as above, tie 
was a baker; resided in Portland, Me., when their children were born, went 
to Cuba, in the West Indies, for his health, about 1822, and died 
TiiKASHER. there in 1857, and she resided the last of her life with her son in 
Galveston, Texas, v,diere she died Oct. 8, 1878. Children: 
JOHlSr SIDNEY^, born November 11, 1818; who married in Macon, 
Ga., December 5, 1860, widow Rebecca Mary Fluker, for her third husband, 
who deceased July 9, 1869. She had children by both of her former 
husbands, but he has no children by her. He was at one time in business 
in Havanna, where his father resided; was suspected by the government of 
treason; was tried for his life, and sentenced to eight years imprisonment 
in Africa, but was liberated soon after his arrival there; returned to the 
United States, and became a journahst. He now resides in Galveston, 

BEIiT JAMIE" FRANKLIN ^ born AprU 30, 1820; who died in Havana, 
Cuba, 1862; unmarried 

SIDNEY C.,^ born April 2, 1822; who was drowned in Portland, May 
21, 1827. 


DABIEL', SOU OF lOHATHAB' (5. 10), MN', MU.' 

^AISTIEL*, born in Newbury, Mass., March 13, 1716. Settled in Haver- 
hill, Mass., on land given by his father — Avherc his great-grandson, 
Jeremiah T. Poor, in 1878, owns and occupies. It is in that part of 
old Haverhill which fell into the State of New Hampshire, when the present 
line of the state, which was located three miles from the Merrimack river in 
1741, was established. That territory being called Haverhill District for a 
while, then incorporated by the name of Plaistow, and in 1765, that part of 
the town was incorporated by the name of Atkinson, and this faiTi is very 
near the south line; next to said Haverhill, which in 1869 Avas incoi-porated 
a city. 

He bnilt his house about a dozen rods north of the street which runs from 
the church in the old north paiish of Haverhill, by the south side of his 
farm, over Providence Hill to old Londonderry; and near the east side of 
the street which extends from said Londonderry street, to the church in 

Ilis brother John commenced clearing off the old forest in order to settle 
here, but it was concluded that he should remain with his father; so Daniel 
ventured to settle upon this wild land, was an enterprising man; an offi- 
cer in the militia, etc. He settled most of his sons on farms, but let his 
youngest son have the advantage of being graduated at College. 

Besides the homestead given him by his father, he owned land adjoining, 
and in other localities. The first found on record is the Half-moon meadow, 
bonght of James White; next, he purchased of Thomas Pope, jr., in 1750, 
forty -four acres; of Joseph Page, in 1752, ten acres; and about the same 
time, some more joining the above of John Currier and Col. Atkinson; of 
Joseph Merrill, in 1755, forty acres, situated in Bedford, N. H. ; of Nathan- 
iel Merrill in same year, fifty acres in Plaistow; of John Watts in 1758, 
about four and one-half acres; of Joshua Webster in 1759, his right in 
nine and one-half acres; of Jonathan Clements in 1764, fifty-two acres on 
Chester road; of Stephen Knight same year, twenty-six acres adjoining his 
land; of Jonathan Sawyer in 1771, about six and five-eighths acres, situated 
on the town line partly in Atkinson and partly in Haverhill; of Charles 


Johnson in the spring of 1769, over sixty-seven acres in Hampstead, which 
bordered upon Island Pond ; and of Thomas Woodbury in 1763, his right 
to some land which had been laid out in Perrytown, to one Stephen Poor. 
He also took a deed from Moses Belknap in 1759, of forty acres on Hog Hill 
road, and deeded it back in 1763 ; and of Stephen Whitticker for forty-two 
acres with mills on Providence Brook in 1765, and deeded it back in 1767. 
And, he conveyed away to Eben Johnson in 1757, fifty-five acres; to his 
son Daniel Poore in 1771, fourteen acres of the Jonathan Clement land on 
Chester road, and in 1781, forty acres more; to sou Jonathan Poore in 1781, 
forty acres more of the Clement land, and parcels of twenty-three acres, 
seven and three-quarters acres, and twenty-nine acres; to son David Poore 
in 1781, his land in Hampstead by Island Pond; and to son Jeremiah Poore 
in 1781 and 1791, several parcels, to the amount of over 100 acres, and the 
buildings — including the homestead. 

He married JS'ov. 23, 1739, Anna Merrill, born in Haverhill, "West parish. 
Mar. 18, 1718-9, who died July 6, 1781. She was daughter of JSTathaniel 
and Kuth (Wallingford) Merrill. Her father born in ISTewbuiy, 1687, was 
son of John and Lucy (AVebster) Merrill. Her grandfather, b. 1663, son 
of Nathaniel and Joan (Kinney) Merrill. Her great-grandfather, b. about 
1638, was son of JSTathaniel who came to this country, and the common an- 
cestor as we suppose, of most, if not all in the United States who bear the 
name of Merrill. Mrs. Poore's brother, James Merrill, settled near them. 
By his first wife he had his children. On the 21th of Feb., 1782, he married 
Miss Lydia Bradley of Haverhill, who survived him but nine days, aged 73 
years. He died Jan. 9, 1792, after making his will the 8th of July, 1791, 
which was proved Feb. 14, 1792. In 

his will he names all his childi-en ex- ^'TS/? ji^/' '^O'P^ 

cepting one who died in infancy; and «/ 

grandchildren Merrill and Jesse, sons of Daniel; Daniel, son of David, and 
Charles, son of John. And to his negro girl named Phillis was given her 
time with her clothes at his decease. He gave his surveying instruments to 
his son Jonathan, who also used them, We give his signature made about 
ten years previous to his decease. Children : 

1. Jonathan, born March 31, 1742 ; married Elizabeth Sawyer and widow Sarah Kimball. 


2. Daniel, born July 22, 1743 ; married Sarah Noyes. 

3. Daviil, born July 24, 1745 ; married I'hebe Carleton. 

4. Jeremiah, born Oetober 31, 1747; married Mary Ilasseltine. 

5. Merrill, born October 25, 1750 ; died January IG, 1851. 

G. Jolin, born July 8, 1752 ; married Sarah Fulsom and Jane Nccly. 

llis sons who had posterity were: 


(4|^0NATHAN^ born in Plaistow, March 31, 1742; married (1) Novera- 
W ber 29, 1764, Ehzabeth Sawyer of Haverhill, Mass., by whom he had 
^ all but one of his children. She died October 4, 1784, in the 30th 
year of her age, and married (2) June 2, 1785, Sarah, widow of Benjamin 
Kimball, who died July 6, 1824, aged 80 years. Her maiden name was 
Little. She had five children by Mr. Kimball. He settled in Atkinson on 
a hill about one mile northeast of his father's house, and adjoining the 
homestead, where he died Dec. 6, 1822. He had of his father and others a 
large quantity of land in different parts of 
the town, and before his decease gave much 
of it to his children, and in his will made %y &rt^ e/ 

the 19th day of March, 1816, and probated 

Jan. 1, 1822, he left most of the remainder with the mansion to his son 
James. This engraving is from his signature in an account book of liis 
near neighbor Humphrey N"oyes, made a few years previous to liis decease. 

1. Joshua, born September 26, 1765 ; married Hannah Smith. 

2. Anua, born January 1, 1768 ; married Benjamin Wilson. 

3. Jonallian, born June 27, 1770 ; married Betsey Noyes. 

4. David, born September 17, 1772 ; married Polly Fellows. 

5. Bette, born May 31, 1775 ; married Joseph Noyes. 

6. Judith, born January 18, 1778; married Joseph Parker. 

7. Abigail, b. Apr. 11, 1781 ; who d. Aug. 3, 1856, in Mcthucn, with her son, whose name is 

Samne], b. in Atkinson, June 15, 1815. Samuel, m. Nov. 9, 1852, Miriam, dau. of John 


aud Mary (Goodridge) Lowell, b. in Salem, N. 11., Apr. 17, 1811. Reside in Methuen 
on the northeasterly side of Spiggot Hill, close by the line of Salem, N. H., but they 
have no children. 
8. James, born February 22, 1786 ; married Relief Dow. 

Those who married and have posterity were : 

JOSHUA^ SON OF JOMKM' (p, 69), BA1}EL^ lOMATEM', lOH', JOffl." 

JOSHUA'', born September 26, 1765, who died June 1, 1822; married 
October 2, 1798, Hannah, widow of James Smith (by whom she had 
one child, but it died young), a daughter of Dea. John and Mary (Emerson) 
Merrill, born in Atkinson, Aug. 22, 1762, and died Dec. 14, 1816. He set- 
tled in Atkinson on the homestead of his father south of the old mansion, 
the summit of the hill being between the houses. Their only child was: 

GEORGE^, born March 23, 1799; married November 29, 1825, to Char- 
lotte, daughter of Solomon and Sarah (Downing) Smith, born in Ilampstead, 
N. H., May 13, 1805. Her grandfather Dea. John Smith, was the first set- 
tler on the farm in West parish in Haverhill, whei^e the author of this gen- 
ealogy was born. He settled on the homestead of his father, where he died 
July 27, 1861; and she is in 1878 residing there. Children: 

GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. Feb. 16, 1827; m. Dec. 19, 1850, Dolly Wadleigh, 
dau. of Jonathan and Poilj' (Rowe) Tilton, born in Audover, N. H., July 13, 
1825 ; resides on the old homestead of his father and ancestors ; a farmer and 
shoemaker. No issue. 
MARY, b. Dec. 10, 1828 ; who was a school-teacher in Beloit, Wis., two j-ears, and 
Kendall. there, July 22, 1861, m. John Gordon, son of John and Sally (Foster) Kendall ; 

a trader who about that time came from Syracuse, N. Y. He was born in Litch- 
field, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1810, and deceased Nov. 9, 1866. His father died in 
Litchfield, N. Y., but perhaps born in the central part of Massachusetts. Mr. 
Kendall by a former wife Mary Lathrop of Syracuse, N. Y., had four children, 
and all are married, viz. : John S., Mary C, Eben L. and Fhilo R. He was 
prominent in the anti-slavery cause, served in the army three j'ears, aud was an 
oflScer in his companj% She since his decease has taught a private school ; re- 
sides in 1878 at Beloit, where her children were born. Their names are: 
Mary Geutkudf,, born April 6, 1863. 
Charles Sumnkk, born December 10, 1SG4. 
JiiNxiE Loo.Mis, born November 28, 1866. 

ELIZA, b. Sept. 5, 1832 ; m. July 2, 1863, James Henry, son of James and Polly 
NoYES. (Rage) Noyes, born in Atkinson, N. II., July 5, 1829. A farmer near the brick 

church — on the homestead of his father. Children: 
Georgi! Poor, boru August 27, 1SG4. 
A Son, boru March 2'1, 1866; died aged two days. 


NoYKS. LuciXDA Jane, boni August 10, 18G8. 

Waltkk Scott, horn Marcli 18, 1872. 

ANN ELIZABETH, b. June 13, 1,S43 ; in. Apr. 24, 18G4, IIarri.«oii, son of Jon:i- 
TiLToN. than Tiltou ; a brother to her brother's wile, born in East Andover, N. II., Ang. 

10, 1832. He is :i furnu'r unci they reside on tlie iiouiestead of her fatlier. Child : 
Addik Tuakcbs, born iu Atkinson, October 29, 18G5. 

AHA', DADGHTER OF JOBA^ (p. 69), DA1EL^ lONA', JOHN', lOH". 

ANNA'', born January 1, 1768; who died in Haverhill when with her 
daughter Nancy, February 11, 1860; married Januai-y 1, 1795, Ben- 
jamin, son of Jesse and liuth (Merrill) Wilson, born in Pclham, N. H., 
March 17, 1771. Settled in his native town where his children were 
born, afterward lived in Derry many years, and removed to Chester, 
where he died July 19, 1849. Children : 
LEONAIiD", born December 26, 1795; a soldier iu the Army stationed 
at Portsmouth, N. II., in the war of 1812, and afterward a captain iu the 
militia. Settled iu the lower village of Deny, N. PI., which is about one 
mile east of the station on the Lawrence and Manchester railroad; was a 
blacksmith until he died — being drowned in the stream near his house 
while returning home about dinner time, March 20, 1868; in. Sept. 10, 1820, 
Elizabeth Gregg, dau. of Capt. Nathaniel and Margaret (Gregg) Warner, 
born in Derry, Mar. 28, 1798, and died Feb. 18, 1876. Her parents were of 
the stock of Scotch Irish, who early settled in Derry. Childi-en: 

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, born March 12, 1821 ; died March 29, 1822. 

ANNE AUGUSTA, b. Sept. 22, 1822 ; in. May 2, 1843, Josiah Calef, son of Joseph and Miriam (Calef) Eastman, born in Loudon, N. H., Apr. 22, 1811. A physi- 

cian in Ilainpsted, where her children were b., and where she d. P'eb. 17, 1850 ; and 
he has since married Mary II. Harris, and has by her a son Josiah Bartlett and 
daughter Susan Ann. Dr. Eastman's maternal grandparents were of the noted 
Calef and Bartlett families of Rockingham County, N. II. He has taken an 
active part in politics 3nd obtained a seat iu both branches of the Legislature and 
the Governor's Council in New Hampshire ; also, in time of the Rebellion was 
Surgeon in the 4lli Regt. of N. H. Vols. Ann Augusta's children were: 

Mary Bakti.i:tt, b. Feb. 15, 1844; m. Apr. 8, 18C3, Lavoisier, son of Eliius and Ann 
Hilt.. (Woodmnnsee) Hill, born in Hcallsville, Wasli. Co., Pa., Jan. 24, 18:i4, resided in 

Brooklyn, N. Y., when iheir children were born; but the family is in 1878. at Derry — 
same village where lier mother was born. Mr. Hill has been extensively engaged in 
the wool business. Children: — Eugene Woodbury, b. Apr. 11, 1864. Walter East- 
man, b. Apr. 8, 18G5. 
EA.STMAN. Ella Augusta, born April 11, 1844; who is unmarried in 1878. 

Maiilon, who died when about the aj;e of six months. 
ElTA Anni:, boi-n December IS, 1841); died JIarth 14, 1803. 



Marsh. MARGARET ELIZABETH, b. Dec. 1, 1824 ; m. Sept. 27, 1849, Jonathan Abbott, 
son of Joshua and Priscilla (Brown) Marsh, b. in Litchfield, N. H., June 5, 1823 ; 
his parents born in old Ipswich, Mass. A fai-mer in his native town, and has 
been in various kiuds of business ; Insurance, Census taker in 1870, etc., and 
now one of the proprietors of fire and water-proof paint which they call "Fire 
King." Children : 

George CLiifFORD, born July 11, 1850. 

James Wilson, born November 23, 1853; died July 24, 1854. 

James Wilson, born August 24, 1855. 

Ann Augusta, born January 26, 1857. 

Adie Guild, born January 14, 1861. 

Maky Latdam born May 2, 1867. 

Wilson. JOSEPH GREGG, b. Mar. 8, 1827 ; formerly a machinist ; later agent for Fair- 
banks scales; and in 1878, Real Estate Broker; has been in Baltimore, Md., 
since 1853 ; built his present residence in 1874 which is No. 564 Faj^ette street; 
married Nov. 29, 1855, Susan Adams, daughter and only child of Ebeuezer and 
Lucinda (Sears) Johnson, born in Derry, N. H., Dec. 29, 1833. Her lather 
born in Dunbarton, N. H., and her mother a native of Halifax, Mass., and de- 
scendant of Governor Bradford. Children : 

Anne Augusta, born September 20, 1857. 

Mary Ella, born November 21, 1859. 

Boardman Waknek, born February 25, 1862. 

Howard Sears, born June 30, 1871. 

JAMES MARDEN, b. Nov. 13, 1828 ; when most 21 years of age went to Cal- 
ifornia, where he represented the town of Sonora in the Legislature of that State 
in 1855 ; clerk in the U. S. Mint ia San Francisco, during the administration of 
Pierce and Buchanan ; a paj'master in the U. S. Army at St. Louis about four 
years, in the time of the Rebellion, and since 1870 been U. S. Consul at Nurem- 
berg, in Bavaria, Germany. He m. Mary Lucj^ dau. of Arthur Latham of 
Lyme, N. H., but we do not hear that they have had any children, excepting a 
son who died in early infancy. 

CHARLES AUGUSTUS, b. Feb. 24, 1833 ; having had in common with others in 
their town the advantages of extra schooling, and had the misfortune to be af- 
flicted with a form of scrofula which deprived him of a free use of one of his 
lower extremities, he was sent to Amherst College, where he was graduated A. B. 
in 1854, and subsequently at Harvard Law School. Went to California in 1858, 
where he practiced his profession one year, and from 1859 to 1865 was a Clerk in 
the U. S. Mint in San Francisco ; returned East and was in the U. S. Treasury 
Department in Washington, 1867-1876, and is in his native town in New Hamp- 
shire in 1878, and unmarried. 

LOUISA ELLEN, born March 24, 1836 ; died September 19, same year. 

JUDITH ', bora March 5, 1797, who died in Omro, "Wisconsin, May 17, 
18695 married March 30, 1819, John, son of WilHam and :Nancy (Taylor) 
McKeen, of Windliam, ]Sr. H., where he was born June 30, 1790; and in 
that part near Deny where all their children were born; Ms father and 



McKeen. and mother were of the Old London Derry Scotch Irish famiHes. 
He was a fanner. He died Nov. 13, IS;!!, in ^laiichester. Children : 
NANCIE, b. Aiir. 26, 1820; m. M:iy 29, 1819, Gilinaii, sou of Mark and Ilumiali 
LowD. (Halo) Lowd, born in Wcare, N. II., Nov. 14, 1820, wlio removed to Wisconsin 

in 1846, and settled at a pl.ace called Omro in Winnebago Co , about six months 
after tliat town began to be settled, and no one has been there so long as he has. 
Their farm is about three miles south from Fox River, and about ten miles west- 
ward of Oshkosh. Children : 

SuLWiN' AOGUSTiis, 1). Apr. K), 1850; ;i farmer now (1877) with his fatlier; tn. M;ir. 27, 
1873, Bullvidicre Aliiiarilla, clan, of Williaiii .lames ami Bellvidiere (Foster) Cro.ssett, 
boru iu Algoma, Wiimoljago Co. Their ciiiUlren were l)orii when they resided iu 
Grant, Plymouth Co., Iowa, viz.: — Elma Terossa, b. Doc. 22, 1873. Edua Belle, b. 
Nov. 23, 1875. — Another added, viz : Irving Frank, b. Aug. 8, 1878. 
Elma. LuciND.v, b. July 22, 1851; a school-teaclier; untnarried (1877). 
Fkank Oilman, born January 4, 1854, that died Deceml)er 13, 1850. 
Nancie Janic, or as she wrote her name when she graduated at the Omro High School 

in 1878, Janie N., b. June 5, 1858. 
Annie Alice, born November 7, 1859. 

MARY, b. Mar. 14, 1822 ; who now (1877) resides at No. 39 Water street, Man- 
chester, N. H. ; m. Oct. 24, 1848, James Woodford, son of Orius and Sarah 
Pkeston. (Weeks) Preston, b. in Freemont, N. II., Nov. 6, 1823. He is a carpenter. 

Children : 

George Op.ius, b. Nov. 26, ls49; a machinist iu Hartford, Conn.; residence No. 8 Elm 
street; m. Oct. 1(5, 1875, Kate, dau. of John and Maiy (Ilananeng?) Manion, born In 
New Hartford^ Conn., Aug. 16, 1850. Her father died in Hartford, Sept. 11, 1863, 
aged 52 years. 

Lizzie Odell, born April 20, 1852. 
Hattie McKeen, born October 2, 1853. 

LUCINDA WILSON, b. July 9, 1824, who resides in Springfield, Mass. ; m. Apr. 
MoRuiLL. 3, 1865, Amos B, son of Samuel D. and Mary (Johnson)' Morrill, born in North- 

wood, N. II., Sept. 29, 1800. He is a blacksmith, and by a former wife he has 
now (1877) living five children, but she has none. 

ALICE, b. July 23, 1826 ; who resides in Manchester, and is unm.arried in 1877. 

ANN ELIZABETH, b. Apr. 30, 1828; m. Mar. 5, 1857, Benjamin Clark, son of 

Kendall. Benjamin J. and Betsej' (Clark) Kendall, b. in Fitchburg, Mass., Aug'. 26, 1828. 

Master of repairs on the Manchester I'rint Works ; resides corner of Central 

and Maple streets, Manchester, N. H., the city where their children were born, 

viz. : 

John Maynaud, born October i, 1859. 
Cuarles Benjamin, born March 18, 1864. 

BELINDA, b. May 22, 1830, who resides at No. 11 Walnut street, Manchester, 
Clark. N. H., m. Mar. 10, 1858, Noah Smith, son of Noah and Mary (Wood) Clark, b. 

in Quincy, Mass., May 17, 1830. His parents natives of Chester, N. H. Is a 
fancy goods dealer at No. 6 Hanover street. Children: 
Edward Wilson, born March 4, 1S65. 
Clara Bell, born January 20, 1S6D. 
Helen Wood, boru May 14, 1872. 



McKees. JOSEPH, b. July 18, 1832; m. Mar. 31, 1862, Eliza, clau. of Joseph and Mary 
(Bardslej') Whitehead, b. in North Adams, Mass., Sept. 13, 1836. Her parents 
born in England. He is a farmer. They resided in Lanark, Portage Co., Wis- 
consin, when their child was born, and now in Omro, Wisconsin. Child: 
LixDA LucixDA, born October 29, 1SG3. 

HARRIET JANE, born January 29, 1835 ; who died unmarried July 26, 1853. 

BETSET^ born December 16, 1798; married November 28, 1822, Jesse, 

son of Phineas and Hannah (Haseltine) "Webster, born in Haverhill, Mass., 

February 14, 1798. He was a carriage builder and farmer; resided in 

Derry, N. H., when their children were all born, where he deceased 

Wkbstee. May 18, 1845. She removed to Chester, IST. H., and died there Feb. 

14, 1874, where her youngest children also died. Children : 

GEORGE ALFRED, born May 22, 1824; died August 31, 1825. 

ANN ELIZABETH, born October 13, 1826 ; died March 31, 1827. 

CAROLINE ELIZABETH, b. May 19, 1829 ; m. May 19, 1853, Nathan Spalding, 
Morse. son of Joseph and Phebe Dearborn (West) Morse, born in Orange, N. IL, Mar. 

30, 1830. He is a farmer on the homestead of his father in Chester, N. H., also 
auctioneer dealer in Real Estate, etc. Children : 

EoGEK Spalding, b. May 23, 1S55 ; who was a clerk in a store iu Fitchburg, Mass., and 

died March 17, 1875. 
Lawrence Lee, born July 10, 1836. 
Carkie, born December 31, 1857; died June 15, 1858. 
Morris Webster, born November 12, 1864. 
Aknie Lucy, boru August 12, 1866. 

Webster. LYDIA ANN NESMITH, b. Aug. 19, 1831 ; who died unm. Feb. 19, 1862. 

BENJAMIN OTIS, b. Jan. 3, 1833 ; a school-teacher. A graduate of Nassau 
Hall, Princeton, N. J., in 1859. Entered the Theological Seminary there iu 
1861, but deceased of apoplexy Jan. 26, 1862. 

BEN'JAMIN', born February 14, 1803; married April 26, 1827, Ehoda, 
daughter of Benjamin and Mehitable (Ingalls) Emery, born in Atkinson, 
near Hampstead, Is. H., May 2, 1798, who died Jan. 17, 1869. They re- 
sided in Derry when their first child was born; Salem, IS". II., where 
two children were born; and Chester where their other two children 
Wilson, were bom; his place being in the southwest part of the town. 

Children : 

MEHITABLE INGALLS, born April 8, 1828 ; who died unmarried June 7, 1859. 

ANDREW JACKSON, b. Mar. 24, 1830 ; died unmarried October 15, 1852, being 
accidentally shot by a gun. 

ELIZABETH EMERY, b. Apr. 15, 1832; m. Sept. 13, 1855, Lucien, son of 
Kent. James M. and Faun_y (Brown) Kent, a blacksmith boru iu Deny, N. H., Mar. 

30, 1828, and they reside iu Centre Village, Chester, N. II. No issue. 


Wilson. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, b. May 10, ISIO; in, .lulyl, 18G7, Anne Al)bic, ilan. 
of Boiijaniin F. and Lucy Ann (Moore) AI)bot, b. in Deorfield. N. IL, Nov. 30, 
1851. lie resided with iiis fatiier in Cliesler where all their children were born ; 
and removed Dec. 2, 1878, to the station on the Lawrence & Mancliester Rail- 
road, in Derry, where he has bonglit about three acres of land with bnildings 
thereon ; is keeping boarders, and contcni[)lales dealing in grain and also running 
a grist-mill and other machinery, with the engine heretofore used by his brother 
and himself, to run a portable saw-mill. Children: 

Fannih Maria, born June 11, 18G9. 

Rosa 15ki,i-a, l)orn May 5, 1872. 

HAirin May, born May 21, 1874. 

Ika Fran'K, boni July 11, 1876. 

CHARLES ALBERT, b. Apr. 19, 1843; who resides in Chester with his father 
and is a farmer. He m. Mary Ellen Abbot, a sister to his brother's wife, but she 
died May 29, 1871. No children. 

NANCY', born Sept. 18, 1805; married xVpril 2G, 1826, Samuel, son of 
Daniel and Mary (Knii^ht) Emerson, born in the West Parish of Haverhill, 
Mass., on the noithwesterly side of Crystal Lake, May 10, 1802. His 
father was born on the southeastern side of this lake, by the outlet called 
Merry's Creek Brook, where his family of Emersons lived several genera- 
tions. His mother was from Atkinson. Mr. Emerson settled where he was 
born, this farm being on Crystal Street, (anciently called Rose Meadow 
Way ; and the town made it a public street in 1747) , about midway between 
Liberty Sti'eet and North Broadway. He was a fanner until his 
decease, June 17, 1815. She remained there until all her children 
Emeuson. had left the rocky old farm, and until the house was destroyed by 
fire Jan. 7, 1876; since that time has resided with her daughter 
Adeline. Children: 
ALBERT, b. Feb. 11, 1827; who remained on the homestead until his marriage, 
excepting when he was attending school at Bradford and Andover, and the three 
winter seasons he taught school; m. Sept. 16, 1851, a school-teacher, Sarah 
Ann, dan. of Moses and Mary Darling (Noyes) Greenougli, b. in Atkinson on 
the East Road, so called, not far from Plaistovv (where her Greenough ancestors 
have resided for several generations), Sept. 3, 1832. Her mother near akin to 
his great-grandfather Pooro's brother Daniel's wife's family of Noyeses. They 
have resided in Haverhill, fust on Broadway (next farm above where the late 
Moses Wingate, the centenarian lived), where four of their children were born ; 
second on Hilldale Avenue (the land formerlj- owned by the Page family), 
which is a few rods northward of the lirst [ilace, where he built a round building 
for various uses, in 1M59. He resided there from Nov., 1858, to Oct., 1873 — 
these two places being about one mile from the City Hall ; and after that time 
until 1878 on the farm on North Broadway, about two and one-quarter miles 
from the City Hall, where ex-Mayor Jcnnes's grandfather Pearson resided, and 



Emerson. previously owned by the Haseltines ; and Oct. 10, 1878 he returned to his farm 

on Hilldale Avenue, and occupies a house he built there in that year. Besides 
being a farmer he has been a horticulturist and florist, building his greenhouse in 
1855 — the first of considerable magnitude in Haverhill and vicinitj'. In time 
of the rebellion was in Co. F, 50th Regt. of Mass. Vols, and Co. M, 4th Mass. 
Heavjr Artillery. Children : 

Ellius Albert, b. Sept. 1, 1853, graduated Harvard College, 1875; has bought of his 

father the De;i. Pearson farm, where tliey have raised for several years, milk, etc. 

He has been a school teacher; in 1878 was elected one of the school committee of the 

city of Haverhill. 

Mahcos LucicLLus,, born Dec. 19, 1854; a graduate of the High School; now a farmer. 

GeokCtE Estius, b. March 13, 185G; a member of Harvard College one year; health 

failed ; now a farmer. 
Dakiel, born Aug. 31, 1858; died Sept. 13, 1859. 
Fanny Sakaii, born March 26, 1860 ; died May 30, 1860. 
Edward Gueenough, born March 26, 1862. 
Maev Howard, ) ^^.^^^^ ,^^^^ jj^^^j^ ^^_ ^ggg^ 
Annii! Grant, ) 
Emma Wilson, born Dec. 21 , 1867. 
Ada Sumnee, born Sept. 14, 1869. 
Isaac Newton, born July 26, 1872. 
Ella Jane, born March 29, 1874. 

MARY ANN, b. Aug. 12, 1828, who died in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 20, 1871 ; was 
a scliool teacher; m. June 12, 1850, her father's cousin, Thomas Jefferson, son 
of Isaiah and Mary L. (Chapman) Emerson, b. in Haverhill, Jan. 13, 1828. He 
was a musician and dealer in musical instruments in Cincinnati, where he died 
Oct. 30, 1866. Children : 

Mary Edna, born in Covington, Ky., Nov. 1, 1855; died Jan. 28, 1859. 

Alwynne Thomas, born in Boston, Mass., Oct. 27, 1857; d. in Cincinnati, Jan. 29, 1859. 

ITkank Dudley, born in Covington, Ky., Apr. 24, 1860, who is in Cincinnati with his 
uncle Lowe Emerson. 

Ralph Lowe, born Sept. 15, 1862 ; died suddenly Feb. 29, 1876. 

Helen Wilson, > ^^.^^^ ^^^.^ ^^..j ^^^ ^gg^ . ( died July 3, 1865. 

Henry Chapman, J ( died Aug. 5, 1865. 

CAROLINE, b. Nov. 22, 1829; m. June 13, 1851, Haley, son of Ephraim and 
PuLsiTEB. Mehitable (Davis) Pulsifer, b. in Poland, Me., Feb. 22, 1818. He is a farmer in 
his native place, where all their children were born, viz. : 
Samuel Ephraim, born July 25, 1855 ; died April 22, 1861. 
Fred Lkland, born Nov. 12, 1856. 
WiLLARD RousELL, born May 2, 1858. 
Albert Haley, born Dec. 1, 1859. 
Lucy Luella, born Dec. 1, 1860. 
Mary Addie, born Dec. 31, 1862. 

Martha Caroline, born July 19, 1864; died Sept. 22, 1865. 
Alfred Arthur, born Jan. 25, 1868. 
Lowe Emerson, born June 21, 1876. 

ADOLPHUS WILSON, b. March 17, 1831 ; m. (1) Dee. 23, 1851, Mary Ann, 

Emerson. dau. of Reuben and Hannah Hills (Chase) UnderhiU, born in Rowlej-, Mass., 

March 29, 1824, belonging to the Chester, (N. H.) fauiilj'. He was divorced from 

her June 30, 1868 and m. (2) Jan. 1, 1869, Anna Hasson, dau. of Josiah and 



Emkrson. Sarah Ann (Yates) "Wagner, b. in Moscow, Clermont Co., Ohio, June 28, 1837 ; 

sliocmalvor and fanner, residence on North Broadway in Haverhill, wlicre his 
three children by first wife were born ; after 18G1 in Canada one year, Lynn, 
Mass. two j'ears, then in southern, middle, and western states, and in Louisville, 
Jefferson Co., Ky., where his other children were born. His residence 1877, 
Strafer ISt. on Columbia Cottage Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio. Children : 

Adhlfukd LKUianoN, b. June 15, 1853; in. Ida Augusta, dau. of Ricliard M. and. Susan 
Sj'Ui's, b. in Di'ucut about 1857. He is, in 1878, with liis cousin on North Broadway 
in Ilaverliill. Cliild: — Fred. Augustus, b. in Lowell, Marcli 15, 1874, anil died llio 
17th of till' following May. 
Henky IIayden, born Sept. 30, 1855; died Dec. 26, 1806. 
LouuA, born March 25, 1858, who is with his father in Cincinnati. . 
Samuel Milton, born May 19, 1871. 
Sakaii Jessie, born July 24, 1873. 

ADELINE, b. Feb. 22, 1833, who was a school teacher ; in. May 4, 1854, John 
Tower. Henry, son of Daniel and Mary Ann (Clark) Tower, b. in Waltham, Mass., 

Nov. 12, 1829; but has been in Haverhill since nine years of age. He is a 
shoe manufacturer ; their residence was on the homestead with her mother until 
June, 18G9, when they removed into their house built that year on North Broad- 
way, near Broadway. Children : 

Luis Addie, born Sept. 18, 1857. 

Walteu Henky, born June 16, 18G2; died August 5, 18G4. 

Mauy Wilson, born July 21, 1866; died June 10, 1807. 

Alice Ejieuson, born Doc. 7, 18C8. 

Hekbert Mukray, boi-u Nov. 20, 1870; died May 22, 1873. 

Emerson. DANIEL, born Dec. 12, 1836 ; died unmarried, Sept. 8, 1858. 

LOWE, b. Aug. 14, 1837, who is extensively engaged in the manufacture of car- 
riages, in company with J. W. S. Fisher, cor. of John and Findlay Streets, 
Cincinnati, O., and been in that business since 1872 ; residence in 1877 No. 43 
York St., and in 1878 residence upon College Hill, about half a dozen miles 
northwest of his manufactory. In time of the Rebellion he was one of the fore- 
most in organizing the 11th and 15th Vol. Regts. that came from the state of 
New Jcrsejs and went into the field in the capacity of Quartermaster of the 1st 
Brig, in the 1st Div. of the Gth Corps, and afterward was advanced so that he 
was, when in the Shenandoah Valley, Assistant Quartermaster of the Middle- 
Military Div. of the array then under Gen. Sheridan ; and, returning with his 
Corps, the sixth, to the army of the Potomac, there continued until the war 
closed. As he is general manager and principal owner in the firm of Emerson, 
Fisher & Company, where they manufacture about ten thousand carriages a j'ear; 
and is interested in other establishments in the same business — one of their 
houses being in New York and one in New Orleans, he at present does not find 
time to interest himself much in military or political matters, onlj' taking duties 
of a more private nature, as trusteeships in corporations and offices in church. 

He married Sept. 19, 18G6, Maria Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. and Laura (Jones) 
Knight, b. in Panama, Chautauque Co., N. Y., Feb. 13, 1837. Children all born 
in Cincinnati, viz. : 

Hakuy Dexter, born May 20, 1807. 

Ernest Lowe, boru Sept. 30, 1870; died Nov. 22, 1871. 



Emerson. Gut Winslow, born Feb. 2, 1874. 

Lauka, born Aug. 12, 1875. 
Lowe Knight, born Dec. 2, 1876. 

NANCY JANE, b. Aug. 13, 1839 ; m. Apr. 3, 1859, William Sanborn, son of 
Meserve. Edward O. and Eliza (Sanborn) Meserve, b. in Freedom, N. H., June 1, 1835. 

A fanner and a dealer in horses, etc. ; occupied the old homestead of her father 
and grandfather until five children were born. The Lowe Bradley place b}' Long 
Hill on North Broadwaj^ and not far from her brother Albert's, was where their 
twins were born. In spring of 1877 removed to the cottage at the foot of Sweet 
Hill on Liberty St. All the places are in the West Parish in Haverhill, the 
latter about half a mile southward of the first and five miles from the City Hall. 
They (in 1878) are residing on North Broadway, which is about half a mile 
northeast from her birthplace. Children : 

Edward Oxford, born Nov. 4, 1862. 

NiiiA Jane, bom Sept. 15, 1864. 

William Saxborn, born Oct. 10, 1867. 

Carrie Amanda, born Sept. 21, 1870. 

Frank Samuel, born April 21, 1874. 

Sarah Addie, ) ^^.^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^_ g_ jg^g_ Emerson, J 

Emerson. LOIS, born Aug. 28, 1842 ; died Dec. 14, 1849. 

lOMTHAN", SOU OF lOUATHAII^ (J, 69), DA1EL^ ]01JATHA1^^ MV, JOH', ' 

JO^NATHAN^ born in Atkinson, June 27, 1770, who was a farmer 
settled ill Landaff, N. H., Feb. 1796, where he died, Apr. 28, 1841 ; 
married Dec. 31, 1795, Betsey, dau. of Capt. Caleb and Hannah (Little) 
ISToyes, b. in Atkinson, N. H., Mar. 13, 1773, and died Apr. 4, 1846. 

DOLLY 1^0 YES", born July 11, 1797; married Nov. 28, 1822, Moses 
Bradley, son of Jona. and Mary (Doyle) Symonds, b. in Landaff, 
Symonds. jNf. H., 'Nor. 18, 1800, reside in their native town not far from where 
she was born. Children : 
ENOCH BRADLEY, b. Nov. 5, 1823 ; died unmarried Sept. 25, 1848. 
LOUISA POORE, b. Oct. 17, 1826 ; m. Oct. 17, 1848,.Moses George, son of Benj. 
Clark. and Pollj"^ (Thornton) Clark, b. in Landaff, Mar. 24, 1820. He is a farmer and 

mechanic in that town. Children : 

Enoch Symonds, born Oct. 25, 1840 ; died Dec. 30, 1864. 
Ednaii Fra.xces, born Aug. 11, 1853; died Apr. 24, 1864. 
John Poore, bom Mar. 20, 1856; unmaiTied 1878. 
George Burt, born Feb. 20, 1802. 

Symonds. MOSES, born Dec. 26, 1833 ; died Sept. 1, 1838. 

CHESTER, b. Sept. 7, 1838 ; d. Apr. II, 1863, at Sterling, Ky., of measles. A 
member of Co. G, 11th Regt. of N. H. Vol. He m. Jan., 1860, Emma Hall. 
No issue. 


JOHN", l)orn Oct. 15, 1801; married his father's fouith cousin, Nov. 20, 
1827, viz.: Louisa, dau. of Greorge W. and Mary (Abrams) Copp, grand- 
daughter of Joshua and Sarah (Poorc) Copp, b. in Warren, N. 11., Oct. 1, 
1804:; her grandmother was a descendant of Henry ^, sou of the patriarch. 

He occupies the homestead of his father, and as he had no sons to 
assist him, he adopted a l)oy about four years of age, named Adams 
Merrill Worthen, and had his name changed to Poore about 18G3. 
He was born in Bradford, Vt., Nov. 13, 1812; m. Jan. 27, 1864, Jane S:nv- 
yer Clough, b. Apr. 17, 1843, and has eight children, viz.: Frank Chmgli, 
b. May 17, 1865; Hattie Claribell, b. Apr. 18, 1867; Mary Louise, b. March 
20, 1860; Emma Rowena, b. Apr. 6, 1871; Susie Worthen, b. Sept. 
PooRK. 18, 1873; Harry Ellis, b. Nov. 3, 1875; Perry and Percy, twins, 
b. Oct. 28, 1877. Mr. Poore's children are : 

MARY JANE, born May 27,- 1837 ; who is in 1878 unmarried. 
ELIZABETH ANN, born Aug. 9, 1842 ; who died March 1, 1847. 

BExSEY", born Feb. 2, 1804; married Feb. 21,1833, Darius Weston 

Symonds, a bi-other to her sister Dolly Noyes' husband, b. in 

Symonds. Landntf, N. II., Dec. 8, 180D, a farmer, and now (1877) residing 

in Bath, N. H. Their children b. in Landaff, viz.: 

WILLIAM, b. Feb. 4, 1834 ; a farmer, unmarried 1878. He was in Co. G, N. II. 

11th Ilegt. of Vols., where he remained one year, then was transferred to Co. C, 

23d Regt., V. R. C, and on detached service most of the time. After tlie war 

closed, he came home and purchased the farm in E. Batli, where tlio family reside. 

MARY ELIZABETH, born July 8, 1837 ; also unmarried. 

JONATHAN^, born May 20, 1807, who was an invalid many years; 
died Aug. 28, 1846. 

HANNAH', born May 20, 1807; died in infancy. 


DAVID «, born Sept. 17, 1772, who died while in Atkinson, Feb. 17, 
1827,. was a school-teacher in early hfe; married Polly, dau. of 
Deacon Jeremiah and Mary (Gove) Fellows, whose father left his real 
estate to her children. She was born in Kensington, June 25, 1775, and 
was with her father after her husband deceased, and remained on the home- 
stead until she deceased Oct. 10, 1856. They resided in Newbury- 
rooiii:. port, when their children were born; and he was an Innkeeper there. 
Children : 


MAEY ELIZA f, born Jan. 8, 1808; married Kufas Kittredge, son of 

Jona. and Polly (Hodgedon) Hilliard, born in Kensington, ]S'. H., 

May 5, 1814; Avas a school-teacher fourteen years; since been a 

Hilliard. carpenter and farmer in that place, Avhere she died Sept. 13, 1869; 

her first child was a daughter, who died young, and the following 

are her other children: 

MARY AUGUSTA, b. June 26, 1839, who is mimarried (1877), resides on tlie 

old homestead of her great-grandfather, with her uncle Joseph Poore ; and is 

much sought after as a nurse. 

JEREMIAH LAROY, b. Jan. 3, 1842, who was in the U. S. Navy ; died in 
Philadelphia, Nov. 26, 1862. 

RUFUS EVERETT, b. June 28, 1843; m. Deo. 27, 1871, Alma Vilona, dau. of 
Gordon and Lavinia Dearborn (Sanborn) Demeritt, b. in Nottingham, N. H., 
Aug. 31, 1845. He is a dealer in soles and leather, at 163 Union Street, Lynn, 
Mass. ; resides (1878) corner of Broad and Newhall Sts. No children 1878. 

ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE, b. Apr. 28, 1845 ; unmarried and at home ; is a 
dress maker. 

ABRAHAM, b. Sept. 4, 1847, a carpenter in Lynn, house 50 Summer St. ; m. 
July 28, 1875, Clara Jeanette, daughter of Larldn D. and Susan G. (Severance) 
Brown, b. in Sandwich, N. H., Jan. 22, 1848. 

GERVIS FRANK, b. Nov. 4, 1850 ; m. July 5, 1877, Laura Jane, dau. of Clark P. 
and Henriette A. (de Rochment) Smith, b. in Kingston, N. IT., Feb. 26, 1848. 
Her father of Kingston and her mother from Portsmouth. He is a book-keeper 
and salesman ; resides in Brighton District, Boston, Mass. Child : 
Louis EvEUETT, born in Boston (Brighton District), Sept. 23, 1878. 

JEREMIAH'', born Jan. 14, 1810, formerly a school-teacher, now a 
farmer; resides near his brother in Kensington, N. H., but never married. 

JOSEPH ^, born Aug. 9, 1814, who is on the homestead of his grandfather 
Fellows — bought out his brother Jeremiah's share, and has a saw-mill. He 
is a mechanical genius, and formerly taught music; married 'Noy. 4, 1852, 
Sarah, dau. of William and Sally (Hosmer) Moore, born in Sudbury, Mass., 
June 2, 1822. Children: 

Poore. WILLARD SPAULDING, b. Sept. 24, 1859, who deceased Mar. 23, 1877. 
FRANK HOSMER, born Dec. 11, 186L 


BETSEY «, born May 31, 1775, who died Mar. 8, 1851; married Apr. 24, 
1800, Capt. Joseph, son of Capt. Caleb 'Nojes, a brother to her 
brother Jonathan's wife, b. in Atkinson, IS". H., Mar. 5, 1778. He was 


NovKs. a farmer in said Atkinson, whore he deceased Dec. 19, 1845. His 
farm is abont one-fourth of a mile cast of the academy. Children : 
BETSEY ^ born May 4, 1801; died in infancy. 

SAMUEL', boi-n Sept. 15, 1801; married Apr. 9, 1833, his second cousin 
on the Noycs and atin to him by the Little line of ancestry, Mary, dan. of 
Henry and Tamar (Little) Noycs; born in Atkinson, Jan. 2G, 1807; is a 
farmer on the homestead of his father. Children: 
ELLEN, born Mar. 4, 1834, died Mar. 30, 1836. 

HERMON, L). Deo. 18, 1835 ; m. Feb. 28, 18GG, Harriet Ann, dan. of Nathan and 
Margaret Jane (Paul) Bailey, b. in Haverhill, Mass., Aiir. 27, 1840 ; settled ou 
the land of his father ; a farmer dnd dealer in milk. Children : 
CnAiii.KS Hkkmon, born Dec. 30, 1SG7. 
WlLLiu Eaton, born Aug. 15, 18G0. 
Mary Louisa, born Jime 25, ISTl. 

DAVID POORE^born June 28, 1807; married (1) Hannah Gcorj^c, 
winter of 1837-8, who died Nov. 30, 1854, aged 37; and mai-ried (2) July 
3, 1855, Eliza W. ISToyes, a sister to his brother Samuel's wife, who died 
Sept. 18, 1872, aged about 63; but had no issue. He was a farmer; and 
died Oct. 12, 1866. 

BETSEY HOYT', born October 23, 1809; married Daniel, son of 
Daniel and Hannah (Ela) Ayer, b. in Plaistow, N. H., June 18, 1804; 
resided in Atkinson about one and one-half miles east of her father's, until 
June, 1865, when they removed to their farm in Hampstead — f br- 
Ayer. mcrly the Caleb Harriman place — which is near the line of Atkin- 
son. He is a shoemaker and farmer. Children: 

WILLIAM, b. Dec. 20, 1833 ; m. Emma Chase, dau. of J.amos and Sarah Ann 
(Osgood) Briekett, b. in Hampstead, N. II., June 27, 1844; is a shoemaker and 
and farmer with his father. Children : 
Orkik Bell, born Sept. 8, 1871. 
Etta Estellk, born Nov. 14, 1872. 

MARY ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 1, 1840, is unmarried in 1878. 
SYLVESTER, born Feb. 1, 1842 ; is in 18*8 unmarried. 


JUDITH «, born Jan. 18, 1778, who died in Plattsburg, IS". Y., Aug. 4, 
1836, where the family have resided since they left Atkinson, and 
whei-e her children were born. She married Joseph Parker fi-om 
Parker. Newburyport, b. about 1780; and died in !N^ew Y^ork, Oct. 20, 1840. 
Children : 



MxVKY ELIZABETH ', born Aug. 18, 1812, who was a school-teacher iu 
Boston for 30 years, and still makes that place her residence in winters. 
]Srever married. 

SAEAH AlS'lS'^ born Jan. 8, 1815; died unmarried June 25, 1869. 


JAMES ^ born Feb. 22, 1786, who married May 21, 1818, Eelief, dan. of 
Thomas Dow, b. in Hampstead, 'N. IL, about 1796. Her father Avas 
son of Al^raham, son of John Dow. He settled on the homestead of his 
father in Atkinson, where he died 1826; and she died 1836. Children: 

JONATHAdST', born Apr. 14, 1819; married Jan. 31, 1844, Ehza, dau. of 
Jona. and Elizabeth (Coburn) Currier, of Pelham. N. H., b. Sept. 10, 1818, 
who now resides in Lowell. He died w^ithout issue, Apr. 9, 1846. 

CHAELBS AUGUSTUS ^ born Sept. 9, 1820; married (1) about 1842, 
Persis Howard, of Maiden, Mass., by whom had a son whom they called by 
his name,- who di0d aged about six weeks; and three other sons who all de- 
ceased very young. She died Apr. 17, 1852; and he m. (2) July 3, 1852, 
Sarah Paine, dau. of Asa and Isabella (Campbell) Wetherbee, b. in Charles- 
town, Mass., June '8, 1831, who in 1878 resides in the house where she Was 
born, viz. :. 'No. 16, "Walker Avenue, where their children Avere both born 
and where he died ISTov. 20, 1866. Chailes Augustus was a cabinet-maker 
and stair-buikler, and before he married his second wife. owned a house and 
did business upon Canton Street, Boston. He was also a musician, and was 
a leader for some years iu a band in Charlestown, called Poore's Quadrille 
Band. By his second wife he had two children : 

ALFRED, b. Feb. 20, 1853, v/bo fell from a train in motion on the Boston and 
Maine Eailroad, June 3, 1873, and died the next day after. He was a chair- 
finisher ; m. June 4, 1872, Addie, dau. of Jason and Elizabeth (Gating) Hoyt, 
b. in Charlestown,' Mass., Sept., 1852, who has since his decease m. a John 
Rich, bj' whom she has a son. Alfred's children were : 

Alice Florence, born in Chiu-lcstown, May 1, 1S72. 

CnAULES Alfked, born in Charlestown, Nov. 14, 1S73. 

EDWARD, born in Charlestown, Mar. 23, 1857, who is also a chair-finisher. 
Married Nov. 27, 18-78, Edith Floretta, dan. of Cj-rus E. and Anna Maria (Cross) 
Parker, h'. in rorllaud, Me., Jan. 17, 1860. Her father was b. in Bath, Jan. -30, 
1835, and her mother b. in Augusta, June 15, 1835. Mr. Poore (ni 1871») 
resides at No. 234 Bunker Hill St., and his mother is with him. 


BEN^JAMIX KIMBALL", born Jan. 1, 1823; marncd May 23, iai7, 
Sophia Page, dan. of James and Polly (Page) Noyes, b. in Atkinson, 
N. H., Jan. 20, ]826; resided in Atkinson when their children were born; 
removed to Ilavei-hill, Nov., 1868. lie is a shoe manufaetnrer, Kimball 
Block, Washington St., and resides (1878) ]S'o. 53 Cedar St.; bnilt his 
residence in 1869. Children: 

CHARLES HERBERT, b. Sept. 13, 1848. He is iu compaiij- with his father; 
unmarried in 1878. ' 

ELLEN RELIEF, b. June IG, 1850 ; m. June 16, 1870, Rufus Thipps, son of John 
and Abigail (Copps) Clement, b. in Amesbury (now Merrimac), M.ass., Oct. 17, 
1839, she being his second wife. He is a carriage manufacturer of the fnin of 
Clement. Clement & Smart in said Merrimac, where all her children were born ; residence 

in 1878 on Bear Hill St. He m. for bis first wife Sarah Jane lla.]^. Ellen 
Relief's cliildren are : 

Emma Jane, boni Oct. 25, 1871. 
Nkllie Sopuia, born July 15, 187G. 
 Peusis LoiTisu, born March 16,1878. 

PooRE, PERSIS HOWARD, born April 15, 1852, wno is in 1878 unmarried. 

Umi\ sou OF DAKIEL^ (p. 67), J0NATHA1^^ lOHI', JOHB'. 

^T\ AOT;EL^, born in Plaistow, July 22, 1743, who was a cooper by trade, 
J^f 'iiT^fl farmer, settled about three-quarters of a mile eastward of where 
he was born, and on the northerly side of the street; which street is 
on the southerly side of his father's homestead, and extends southeasterly 
by the station on the Boston & Maine Eailroad to Haverhill Market, and 
westward over Providence Hill, his land lying on both sides of this. street 
and on both sides of another street which leads from the first mentioned one 
up over the hill by the residence of his brother, Jona. Poore, to the church 
in Atkinson, the latter named street anciently called the road to Chester. 

This farm has for the last several years been occupied by the Thomas 
family; and, in the place of the old mansion, they have built a brick house. 
Besides land given by his father, he bought some of a Chaplin, a Somerby, 
and a Brown. 

He was married May 2, 1765, by Ecv. Gyles Merrill, to Sarah, daughter 
of Humphrey and Elizabeth (Little) Noyes, b. Feb. 3, 1744, iu Atkinson, a 
few rods west of the street mentioned above, that leads to the church. He 


died Dec. 28, 1790; and she married in the spring of 1796, Samuel Webster 
(being- his second Avife) , and settled on the southwest side of the town, near 

Salem, 1^. H. and Haverhill, Mass. ^ 

She outlived Mr. Webster, and died ^c^-y-^..^ fO^f'^ 

Sept. 15, 1831, aged most eighty-eight 

years. We here have an engraving of his signature made about the time 
of his decease. Children: 

1. Merrill, born Feb. 16, 1766 ; died unmarried June 5, 1849. 

2. Elizabeth, born Mar. 17, 1768 ; married Abijali Eaton. 

3. John, born Nov. 30, 17G9 ; died Dec. 8, 1769. - 

4. Jesse, born Dec. 13, 1771 ; died Sept. 19, 1778. 

5. Sally, born Jan. 27, 1775 ; married Peter Webster. 

6. Daniel, born April 3, 1777 ; died Sept. 16, f?78. 

7. Polly, born Jan. 8, 1779 ; married Ebeuezer Webster. 

8. Anna, born Nov. 21, 1780; married James Webster. 

9. Jesse, born Nov. 25, 1782 ; married Sally Bailey. 
10. Lydia, born Jan. 30, 1788 ; married Moses Webster. 

These childi-en who have posterity ai^e the following: 


ELIZABETH ^ born Mar. 17, 1768, who died where her sister Anna 
formerly had resided in Salem, IST. H., Jan. 3, 1830; m. Apr.' 8, 1790, 
Abijah, son of Tim., jr. and Abigail (Massey) Baton, b. in Haverhill, Mass., 
Aug. 16, 1759. He was a plater by trade; resided in Haverhill when their 
first child was born, in Atldnson, on the place of her parents, when their" 
other children were born; and, died with their daughter Betsey, 
Eaton, when her family resided near Hale's sawmill in Atkinson, Dec. 23, 
1833. Children: 
DAiSHEL^ born Feb. 24, 1792; married Sarah, dan. of Samuel and 
liydia (Bradley) Webster, b. in Salem, IST. H., June 10, 1794, who, Oct. 27, 
1859, m. Moses Foot in Groveland, Mass., (being his third wife), and died 
there Oct. 31, 1872. He was a silver plater; resided in Bradford, Yt., when 
their first child was born, and in Montreal, Canada, where he deceased July 
15,1837. Children: 





Van Tassel, 





SAIMUEL WEBSTER, b. June 2, 1814, wlio dicil in Donmavk, Ohio, Doc. 25, 
1872; was cii<ja<i;cd in ship-building. He m. in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., Mar. 13, 
1841, Susan Van Allen, daughter (as wc are infornieil) of William and JIary 
(Haskins) Wells, b. in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., Sept. 22, 1825 ; resided in Three 
Rivers, Canada when their first two children were born, and in Cleveland, Ohio 
until she died Dec. 2, ISGii. Mrs. Eaton's father deceased when she was 30ung, 
and her mother in. a John Obrien and had children by him, but all her Obrien 
posterity have deceased. Mr. Eaton m. one j'ear before his decease, Mrs. Vasliti 
r. (Ilaskins) Hall, who is now residing in Denmark. Children : 

Geokge Webstek, b. Doc. 25, 18U ; in. Sept. 15, 1863, Cunic Emily, dau. of Henry and 

Fauny (Dcgiiou) rcinpin, b. (as I am informed by her brotlier) in Goltcrkindcii, 

Canton of Basel, Switzerland, Feb. 6, 1846. llor parents came over to America in 

1854, now reside in Euclid, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. Her father was born in Gelter- 

kinden, June 24, 1817, and her mother born in the village of Bubendorf, about six 

miles from said G. Mrs. Eaton's father's father spelled his name John Jakol) 

Punipiu Forster — Forster was his title; his ancestors spelled their naine Pepin, and 

they were among those who ilcd from Paris, France, on the night of St. Bartholomew, 

in 1517. Mrs. Eaton's gi-andfalher, John Jakob, died at his residence in Gelterkinden, 

May 20, 1876, in his 95th year; and grandmother deceased about twenty-five years 

before, aged 62 years. Mr. Enton is a ship calker. Children all born in Cleveland, 

Ohio. Their residence in 1877 was No. 79 Woodbine St. and in 1878, 2;!2 Detroit 

St., that city. Children : — Samuel Wc+ster, b. July 12, 1864; d. July 29, 1865. 

Carrie Elizabeth, b. Feb. 21, 1867. George Samuel, b. Mar. 31, 1869. Susan Sarah, 

b. Sept. 7, 1871; d. Apr. 10, 1872. Alfred Harry, b. Feb. 17, 1873. Olive Sarah, b. 

June 22, 1875. Pearl Mary, b. Sept. 18, 1877. 

Olive, b. Apr. 20, 1844, named for her mother's maternal grandmother, who was Olive 

Shcpherdson; ra. Dec. 25, 1865, Charles Aaron, sou of Aaron and Louisa (Richey) 

Hitchcock, b. iu Checktowaga, Erie Co., N. Y., July 26, 1S42; an artist; now a.ssis- 

taut traiu-niaster (or the L. S. & M. S. Ky. Railroad, in the Union Passenger Station, 

Cleveland, O., in w'hich city their children were all born. Residence 81 Woodbine 

St. Children : — Charles Edwin, b. Jan. 21, 1867. - Emory Webster, b. June 27, 1871. 

Daisy Ella, b. Nov. 1, 1873; d. Feb. 16, 1875. Lily Maud, b. July 16, 1878. 

Anna Mahia, b. Sept. 30, 184G; m. (I) Dec. 12, 1863, Martin, son (as we have heard) of 

William and Zenitia (Tinknm) Van Tassel, b. iu Edinborough, Pa.; a tinsmith; by 

whom she had her children; m. (2) John Crawford, a physician. Her residence 

1877, No. 73 Stale St., west side, Cleveland, Ohio. Children : — Minnie Adelaide, b. 

in Cleveland, Nov. 9, 1865. Annie Maude, b. in Cleveland, May 16, 1870. 

Sauau Elizabeth, b. Jan. 9, 1S4S ; in. Oct. 11, 1866, Richard, son of John and Amelia 

Ann Parsons, b. in Southampton, England, May 6, 1844. He is a drnugist at 146 

Ontario St., and residence 187 Wade Ave., Cleveland, O. Children b. iu that city, 

viz : — Fredi-ic Jliltou, b. Jan. 26, 1868. Emery Samuel, b. July 23, 1870; d. Dec. 

23, 1870. Lilian Frances, b. Mar. 23, 1876. 

Lyuia Adelaide, b. May 14, 1854 : m. Oct. 24, 1870, Charles Tory, son of Freeman and 

Julia A. (Hogue) Dunn, b. in JUllbrook, Mercer Co., Pa., Nov. 19, 1849. He is 

manufacturer of a "Water Drawer;" resided in Cleveland, Ohio, when their child 

was born, and iu 1877, No. 4- Water St., Eaton Rapids, Eaton Co., Michigan; but is 

in 1878 iu Leslie, Mich. Child : — Blanche Inez, b. Aug. 13, 1871. 

Mauy Ei.len Josephine, b. Jan. 1, 1858; ni. Oct. 31, 1872, her step-mother's son, 

Wiuflckl Scott, son of Erastus and Vashti P. (Hoskins) Hall, b. in Lenox, Ashtabula 

Co., O., July 1, 1851, and resided in Denmark, that county, when her child was born. 

• Child : — Claude Henry, b. Mar. 6, 1874. 

DANIEL POORE, b. Sept. 2, 181G; m. Feb. 16, 1840, Lydia H., dau. of Joseph 
and Susan (Hill) Drew, b. iu Brookfield, N. H., June 9, 1813. lie has been iu 


Eaton. the lumber business ; resided in Methueu, Mass. wlien tbeiv son was Iwrn ; in 

Three Rivers and other places in Canada West ; next in Williamstown, where 
their daugliter was born, afterward in Glengur_y, West Canada. Children : 

Daniel Websteu, b. Deo. 23, 1841; m. Aug. 13, 1SG8, Mary Helen, daughter of James 
Keed and Margaret Frances (Homer) Mansfield, b. in Lj'nn, Mass., Dec. 22. 184S; 
employed in a shoo nianufactorj', and resided in 1877, No. 34 Broad St., Lynn. He 
was in Co. G, 50th Mass. llegt. of U. S. Vols. No children. 
Olive Hill, b. Feb 1, 1844; m. Oct. 29, 1863, James Albon, son of Abi Albon and Sarah 
Glines. Phillips (Goodwin) Glines, b. in Wolfboro, N. H., June 1, 1842 He purchased a 

place on Millvale St., in the East Pai'ish in Haverhill, 1873, where they reside, and is 
employed in a shoe manufirctory. He was in Co. G, Mass. 35th llegt. of U. S. Vols. 
Their children all b. in HavevhiU, viz. : — Edith Fi-ances, b. Aug. 14, 18C4. Herbert 
Lincoln, b. Mar. 14, 18G0, who d. Mar. 21, 1870. Effie Mabel, b. Apr. 28, 1872. 

BETSEY ^ b. Apr. 8. 1794, who died Aug. 26, 1853; m. Dec. 25, 1813, 
her 2d cousm, John Johnson, son of Maj. Joshua and Mehitable (Dow) 
Merrill and grandson of James and Molly (Emery) Merrill; his mother a 
daughter of Abraham and Susanna (Hoyt) Dow; consequently, he was a 
cousin to the wife of her mothei-'s cousin, James Poore. He was born in 
Salem, IST. H., Sept. 2, 1792; settled on the homestead with his father, which 
is on a street leading from Broadway over Sweet Hill, through what used to 
be the Wheeler neighborhood, to the upper meadows on Spicket River. 
Their farm was the middle one of the three which were made from a tract of 
land situated between a street on the east, and the Spicket on the Avest; 
owned anciently by the first John Johnson of old Haverhill, and afterward 
by his descendants. The farm on the east of this is owned by Daniel, son 
of Leonard Merrill, and the one on the west by the town of Salem. 

Mr. MerriU's father was adopted by one of these Johnsons (avIiosc name 

was John), and his wife, Hannah, dau. of Joshua Emery, was aunt to 

Joshua; and as they had no children as heirs to their property, they gave it 

to their said adopted Joshua. They resided there until her decease, all the 

time, excepting a few years when in Atkinson — north side of 

Providence Brook. After her decease, Mr. Merrill went to Grove- 

Mbruill. land, Mass., and m. Eliza, widow of Rev. Bryan Morse for her 

third husband; and died there Feb. 20, 1877. He was fond of 

music, used to play upon the clarionet, and Avrite poetry. Children: 

JOSHUA, b. Julj' 10, 1815 ; m. two danghters of Hosea and Frances (Bruce) 

Evans; (1) Hannah, b. in Woburn, Mass., Dec. 15, 1816, who died Aug. 1, 

1857 ; (2) Abigail B., b. in Dover, N. H., Nov. 15, 1823. He is a shoemaker ; 

has resided in Salem, Atkinson on Providence Hill, and Dover, N. H. — the 

last mentioned place was where his fourth and fifth children vfere born ; and 

Haverhill where his last child was born ; now (in 1878) residing on Winter St. 

Children : 



Mkkkii.l. Aiiisv K., boni Apr. 8, ].S3.<*; tlicd 1847. 

UiUAM li., born Oct. 25, 1839; (lied 1S47. 

I.KVKiiKir K., boni Aug. 14, 1843; died 1847. 

Gkougic liKADi.KY, b. Jiui. 28, 1844; ni. June 17, 18C8, ISoxa A., dau. of Abi-l and 
Abigail (Clay) Moi-rill, b. iu Fninliliu, N. H., Mar. 15, 1844. He i.s oniplojcd by llic 
Dowucr Oil Co., South Boston, where their cliildren were born; residence in 1879. at 
No. 150 M. St. Children : — llerbert George, b. Mar. 8, 1873. Annie liell, b. July 
20, 187G. 

Ellen Fbances, born Apr. 3, 1848; unmarried in 1878. 

Hannah Jane, born Apr. 8, 1855; unmarried in 1878. 

PHINEAS, b. Feb. 25, 1818, who was some j'cars in a clothing store in Bo.ston, 

and died Mar. 17, 1858; m. Aug., 1849, Almira Helen, dau. of Stephen and 

Susan (Hall) Cavcrly, b. Jane 29, 1827, who died Sept. 12, 1859. Only child : 

FuANCES Helen, b. iu Chelsea, Nov. 29, 1853, who, since the decease of her niotlicr, 

has resided with hor aunt Uuse. 

MEHITABLE DOW, b. Mar. 13, 1820 ; m. Feb. 13, 1845, Rufu.<? Trask, son of 
Slocomb. Eufiis and Betsey (Sargent) Slocomb, b. in Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 18, 1822. 

They resided iu Haverhill until Aug., 1847; East Thomaston, Me. till Apr., 
1851 ; returned to Haverhill, where their son was born, and since Feb., 1802, 
been in Cincinnati, O. He is a wholesale boot and shoe dealer ; resides No. 498 
Sixth St. ; formerly a druggist, dry goods trader, manufacturer of shoes and 
of gunpowder, etc. Children : 

Zkua Kuelle, born Mar. 10, 184G; died unmarried Nov. 24, 1869. 

Charles Pouteu, b. May 15, 1851 ; a hardware dealer, No. 19 East Pearl St., Cincinnati, 
O. ; m. Oct. 17, 187G, Hannah Arabella, dau. of Jedodiah and Mary B.(Wise) lleberd, 
b. iu Viucennes, Ind., Dec. 2, 1855. Child : — Mary Belle, b. Aug. 4, 1877. 

ELIZABETH EATON, b. May 9, 1824 ; m. May 9, 1844, Samuel, son of Samuel 
Husk. and Olive (Marston) Huse. He belonged to the line of Huses in Methucn, 

named Samuel ; and born on the old homestead just north of the village, where 
he resides Jan. 2, 1816. His maternal grandmother was a Poore, and of the 
descendants of Daniel Poore, the earlier of the name in Andover, Mass. Mr. 
Huse is a carpenter. Their only child is : 

Lizzie Fuanoes, born in Lawrence Sept. 8, 1848; unmarried in 1873. 

VARNHAM AYER, b. Jan. 20, 1828; m. June 12, 18G9, Sarah Maria, dau. of 

Meurili,. Jonatiian and Rutlieua (I?ailcy) Page. b. in north part of Salem, N. II., Jan. 5, 

1848. She belongs to the family of IJailej-s in our "Researches of Merrimack 

Valley" — see page 159 of that work. He is a farmer and resides (in 1877) on 

the homestead of his fatlier and grandfather. Child : 

Bessie Maud, born Jan. 7, 1873. 

JOHN JOHNSON, b. in Atkinson, Apr. 9, 1831 ; m. Annie Elizabeth, dau. of Abel 
Morrill, and an elder sister to his nephew's wife, b. in Franklin, N. II., July 8, 
1836; reside on the homestead with his brother, but have had no children. 

MARY BRIGHAM, b. Nov. 7, 1834, who m. Charles O., son of Philip Huntington, 
of Haverhill, but has no children ; and in 1876 resided with her sister Slocomb 
in Cincinnati. 



SALLY ', born July 10, 1796; m. (1) May 2, 1816, Samuel, son of Joseph 
and Sarah (Bailey) "Webster, b. Feb. 10, 1792, on JSTorth Broadway, in the 
West Parish of Haverhill, near where her grandfather Poore resided. 
Settled in that neighborhood, and died there Jnly 21, 1828. She had by him 
Joseph and Dennis. She m. (2) Mar. 18, 1832, John, son of Rev. K'athan- 
iel and Susanna (Currier) Bean of Warner, N. H., b. July 4, 1776. His 
mother and her sisters Anna, wife of Ephraim Merrill, and Dorothy, wife of 
Joshua Follansby, received by will from their father, Maj. I^athaniel 
Currier, of Amesbnry, his lands in Poplin and Warner, l!^. H. Mr. 
Bean. Bean was a farmer in Warner, where he died Nov. 17, 1863. She 
(in 1878) is residing in the village of said Warner, and had by Mr. 
Bean five more children. Mr. Bean had by a foi'mer wife, Miriam Petten- 
gill, who d. NoY. 6, 1829, a daughter Abigail, b. in 1799, and nine other 
children. Sally's children were: 

JOSEPH, b. Feb. 12, 1817, who has been a shoe-manufacturer, trader, etc., in 
Webstee. Salem, N. H., and a representative in the General Court of New Hampshire, 

from that town; m. (1) May 17, 1844, Isabella Emerj', dau. of Edward and 
Keziah (Foster) Hawle}% of Salisbury, N. FI.,b. in Baltimore, Vt., Dec. 1, 1825, 
■who died Dec. 1, 1850, by whom he had two children; m. (2) Sept. 3, 1851, 
Wealthy Jane, dau. of Leonard and Mehitable (Merrill) Emerson, b. in Salem, 
N. H., close bj' Haverhill, Apr. 3, 1828. Her mother was a sister to his aimt 
Betsey's husband. Children : 

Frances Isabella, boru May 1, 1845 ; died Aug. 22, 1849. 

RUELLA ILvwLKY, b. Apr. 22, 1850; m. June 6, 1878, Wm. Henry, son of Wm. and Jlary 
HiTCHiNGS. H. (Lane) Hitcliings, b. in Eeading, Mass., Nov. 13, 1853; a farmer; and resides with 

liis father in Salem, N. H. 
Isabella Prances, boru Mar. 16, 1858. 
Ida Florence, boru July 18, 1800. 

DENNIS, b. Aug. 7, 1821, who is a farmer in Wilmot, N. H., at the easterly side 
Webster. of the "Flat," north of Kearsarge Mountain ; m. June 3, 1846, Mary Elizabeth, 

dau. of James and Marj^ (Cass) Eowe, b. in Wilmot, N. H., May 12, 1825. 
Their only child : 

Mary Abby, born in Wilmot, Mar. 13, 1847; died unmarried Apr. 3, 1877. 

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, b. Feb. 2, 1833 ; m. ip Apr., 1868, Mary Eliza, dan. 
Bean. of Col. Timothj^ and Eliza (George) Robinson, of Warner, N. H. He is a 

machinist in Boston ; house at Medford, where his children were born, viz. : 
Sarah L., born June 4, 1809. 
Grace Darling, born April 3, 1875. 

EDWIN EATON, b. July 18, 1834, who is agent for a Sewing Machine Co., 
Chardon St., Boston, Mass. ; also inventor of a mode of lighting street lamps, 
which he calls the "Pneumatic Electric lighting sj'stem," which he has applied in 
Pi-Qvidence, and proposes (in 1879) to light Boston; m. abont 1868, Ellen 
Frances, dau. of Philip and Matilda (Chandler) Allen, of Taunton, Mass. 
Residence (1879) No. 1064 Washington St. No children. 

POSTERITY OF DANIKl/', OF ATKINSOX. 89 LEVERETT, b. Feb. 21, 1836, who W!is silver mining in bhiiio Toiritoiy in 1874. 

jMAUY, b. Sept. 8, 1837; m. J:in. 21, l.SOO, James, son of Joiin C. and Eliza 
EwiNs. (Whittiei) Ewins, of Salem, N. II., b. there Dec. 1, 1834, who died June 10, 

18G0 ; and she resides with his father. Her child : 
James, born in Salem, Nov. 25, 18G0. 

SARAH WEBSTER, born Oct. 9, 1839 ; died unmarried. 

ABIGAIL MASSEY', born Sept. 27, 1798; mamed in 1820, John, son 
of Jedediah and Hannah (Lowell) Pettcngill, b. Feb. 12, 179-4, at the 
house of his grandfather, John Lowell in Salem, I^. H. (close by Methuen), 
and when very young removed with his parents to live on Liberty St., 
Haverhill, Mass. His father born in Methnen; was of the stock of 
Pettengills who early settled in ]!^ewbury, and his mother was a descendant 
of Richard Bailey who lived in Rowley — see our Researches of Merrimaclc 
Valley, p. 131. They settled in a locality on the southwest border 
of Atkinson, anciently called "Jericho." Their farm is next west of 
where her grandmother lived after she married her second husband, and is 
about a mile north of where Mr. Pettengill was brought up. Their house is 
on the north side of the street which leads by the northerly side of Captain's 
Pond, and on the westerly side of a street running between their house and 
Mr. Webster's, up to the street where jNIrs. Pettengill's mother and grand- 
mother were born. He was a shoemaker and farmer; loved the sport of 
catching fish by hook, and pigeons by net; was one of the select- 
Pchkngill. men of the town. He died Feb. 20, 1877; same day her sister 
Betsey's husband deceased. Children : 
BENAIAH, b. Jan. 16, 1821 ; m. Nov. 4, 1847, Mehitable Dow, a dan. of 
Leonard Emerson, of Salem, a sister to his cousin Joseph Webster's wife, b. 
Aug. 6, 1821 ; a farmer and shoemaker ; resided in the north part of Methuen, 
Mass., until Apr. 20, 1858, when he removed to his farm on Sweet Hill, West 
Parish, in Haverhill. His home lot is opposite where his grandfather Jedediah 
Pettengill, raised his famii}', and it is a part of the farm which was first settled 
upon by Jolm Stewart. A few years after the Stewarts had left, Dea. Joseph 
Webster bought it, and here raised his large family of children, who, with the 
family of Mrs. Pettengill's great uncle, Isaiah Emerson (witli whom three of 
tiiem intermarried), have been the noted nuisicians of the iiarisli. His house is 
on the north ^idc of, and close to the street, and on the '-tip top" of the hill, 
about half a mile cast of tlie house where his wife was born. Children : 

Licvi'.iiETT E.MKiiSox, 1). Dec. '2o, 1849; ra. Doc. 31, 1SG9, Lucy Ann, dau. of George .ind 
Sophronia (Tuttlc) reltcugill, b. in UavorliiU, June G, 1848. Their grcat-gvandlalliers, 
Judediali and David Pettengill were half brothers. He is employed iu a shoc- 
raannfactory, and resided (in 1877) on Franklin St., Haverlnll. Children: — Charles 
Albert, b. in Haverhill, Aug. 2, 1871. Cailos Kdward, b. iu Haverhill, Dec. 2G, 
1873. George Beuaiah born in Haverhill, Dec. 8, 1878. 




Pettengili,. Eliza Janic, b. Jan. 4, 1852; m. June 9, 1873, Isaiah, only son of Isaiah and Sarah 

(Gai-dner) Woodbury, of Salem, N. H. ; settled near the station on the Lawrence & 
Manchester Railroad ; d. Jan. 2, 1879, leaving no children. 
Arthur Varxu.m Emerson, born Dec. 27, 1857. 
George Woodbury, born Aug. 9, 1860. 
John, born Apr. 19, 1862; died Sept. 9, 1864. 

HANNAH, b. Dec. 18, 1822; m. Oct. 22, 1841, her mother's cousin, James 
Eaton. Madison, son of Phineas and Elizabeth (Emerson) Eaton, a carriage builder, b. 

in Haverhill, Mass., Oct. 23, 1809. Resided in Nashua, N. H., where their 
children were born ; in Haverhill, Mass., until 1855 ; Roxbury, Mass., until spring 
of 1857; when they removed to Madison, Ind. He died in Dubois, 111., Oct. 17, 
1872. Children : 
Charles Maynard, b. Apr. 9, 1844; served in the 12th Wis. Regt., and was wounded 
at Vicksburg; unmarried 1878. He is empoyed by the 111. Central Railroad Co.; 
residence, Chicago. 
Panny Elizabeth, b. Dec. 13, 1847; m. John Crombie, son of Clark C. and Rebecca 
Cochran. (Crombie) Cochran, b. in New Boston, N. H., Feb. 7, 1843; was a member of Ells- 

worth Zouaves, also of Co. D, 134th 111. Regt. His father who resides In Lee 
Centre, Lee Co., 111., was sou of James Cochran, of New Boston, N. H., and his 
mother was dan. of James Crombie, of Dublin, N. H., who was a captain in the 
Revolutionary Army." He is a trader in Chicago, 111., where their children were 
born; residence, 1877, No. 1483 Prairie Avenue. Children: — James Harry b. Sept. 
16, 1868. George Sherman, b. Sept. 24, 1871. 

SARAH WEBSTER, b. Oct. 6, 1825 ; m. Varnum, son of Daniel R. Emerson, of 
Ejierson. West Parish of Haverhill ; resided on the homestead of his father, next to the 

residence of her mother's 2nd cousin Nancy, north side of Crystal Lake, until 
his decease ; and she now resides in the centre of the city. No children. 

ELIZABETH, b. Dec. 20, 1829 ; m. Nov. 7, 1850, John Milton, son of Deacon 
HopiaNS. Solomon and Sally (Temple) Hopkins, b. in Antrim, N. IL, Feb. 10, 1826. He 

is a retired trader ; residence No. 70 Concord St., Nashua, N. H., the city where 
he for several years was in active business. Children : 
Sarah Isabella, born July 29, 1853 ; died July 28, 1854. 
Lizzie Grace, born in Nashua, Sept. 4, 1856. 
Sarah Emma, born in Nashua, Peb. 5, 1860. 
Charles Albert, born Aug. 20, 1861; died Nov. 18, 1864. 

JOHN b. Dec. 9, 1833 ; m. Feb. 11, 1855, his 5th cousin on his father's maternal 

Pettengill. line of ancestiy, Henrietta Stowell, dau. of Woodburn and Eliza (Da_y) Nichols, 

b. in DeiT}', N. H., Oct. 8, 1837 ; resides on the homestead with his mother; a 

shoemaker, farmer, and noted for hunting woodcock with a dog and gun. 

Children : 

CAiiRiE, born June 7,' 1857; died Oct. 8, 1857. 
John Willie, born in Atkinson Jan. 17, 1860. 
Nettie Grace, born in Atkinson Aug. 25, 1866. 

EDWIN ', born Nov. 10, 1800, who died July 22, 1874; married July 27, 
1831, Abigail Partridge, dau. of EUery and Experience (Partridge) Allen, 
b. in Franklin, Mass., Apr. 29, 1810. Her father b. in Franklin, 1783, and 


niolluT in Ik'Hiiigluun, 178G. Mr. Eaton was a silvci-plattT, resided in 

INIontreal, Canada when their first child was horn; in \m lioy, Genessee Co., 

X. Y., where their other children were horn; and removed to Provi- 

Eaton. dcnei', li- T., July, 1848; and his widow was (in 1877) in that city. 


WILLIAM JEFFERSON, b. Oct. 7, 1835, who died in I'lovidt-Dce, Feb. 2, 18G9, 
was a book-keeper and clerk, and was married, but had no issue. 

EDWIN HERMAN, b. May 10, 1838, who has the trade of his father and grand- 
fatlier ; resides in Amesbuiy, Mass ; unmarried. 

LAURA ALLEN, b. Aui,'. G, 1840; m. in rrovidcncc, Oct. 13, 18")7, Darius, 
Whitfoud. son of Thomas and Rachel (Adams) Wlutford, b. Apr. 12, 1832, in I'owcasset, 
Mass. lie is a jeweller. Children : , 

FuEDDY HoWAUi), born Oct. 13, 1859; died Oct. 27, 1865. 
William Eaton, lioni M:iy 13, 1873; died July 4, 1874. 
HowAKD Eaton, born May 17, 18J5. 


SALLY «, horn Jan. 27, 1775, who died May 29, 1842; married Mar. 2.3, 
1801, Lt. Peter, son of Moses and INIary (Eaton) Webster, h. in 
naverhill, on Broadway, opposite West Meadow Ilill, Dec. 3, 1775. His 
mother akin to her sister Elizabeth's husband. He was a carpenter and 
farmer, occupying part of the land of his father and gi-andfather, and his 
house which he built in 1806 — raising the frame on the day of the great 
eclipse — was on the west side of Lake Street, which street extends from 
Scotland Hill, on Lowell Avenue, to North Broadway; and that 
WivBSTKH. part b}^ his house was laid out by the town in 1769. He died Sept. 
9, 1861. Children: 
HARRIET' born Jan. 7, 1803, who died Feb. 21, 1874; m. Nov. 10, 
1825, Moses, son of AVarren and Mary (Nichols) Haynes, of the West 
Parish of Haverhill, b. Mar. 8, 1799; settled in Ayers Yillage, in 
said parish, which village is on the line of Methuen, and near Salem, 
Hayuss. N. II.; residence on Broadway, the second one west of Crystal St. 
He was a shoe-manufacturer many years, and died Feb. 8, 1873. 

rillNEAS, b. Dec. 15, 182G ; a retired shoe-manufacturer in Avers Village, his 
native place; m. Dec. 15, 1853, Abby F., dau. of Samuel and Abigail (Foster) 
Smith, b. in Tyngsboio, Mass., Sept. 23, 1828. No issue. 
LOUISA, born May 20, 1829 ; died aged one year. 

THOMAS ALBERT, b. Apr. 27, 1831, who died Juno 25, 18G7, was a shoe- 
manufacturer in his native village; m. Nancy Woodburj', dau. of Oliver and 

92 jomsr poore and his fajmily. 

IIayjjes. Naiicj' B. (IIav,ivins) Lee, b. in Dorchestei-, N. H., Mar. 2, 1831, who since Mr. 

IIa3-nes' decease, ra. Rufus Goodwin, and resides in AyCrs Village. Children : 
Arthur Warkkn, born Dec. 23, 1855. 
Hai!RIet a., died aged fifteen years. 
Allison, born July 2-1, 1859. 
Orrilla J., died aged four and a half years. 

Fakny B., died aged lliree and a half" years. • 

Ida M., died aged three months. 

ALVIN, b. Mar. 13, 1833 ; m. Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Abiel and Hannah C. 
(Smith) Walker, b. in Concord, N. H., Dec. 25, 1836 ; resides in Avers Village ; 
in same business as his father and brothers. Children : 

Florence Ardella, born Sept. 14, 18G2. 

Georgiaxa JI., born 1SG4; died aged four years, seven months. 

BLANcnE Alzina, born Oct. 9, 18G9 ; died spring of 1878. 

LAURA ANN, b. Aug. 2, 1836 ; unmarried 1878 ; has taught school manj' years. 
HARRIET MANDANA, b. Sept. 15, 1838 ; died aged fifteen years. . 

DANIEL ISTOYES^ born Mar. 17, 1805, who died in Bolton, Mass., 
Dec. 7, 1873 ; was a blacksmith, and in early life carried on the business in 
his native parish; afterward resided in Hopldnton, Holliston and Wayland, 
and in each place he had one child born; married Apr. 26, 1832, Hannah 
Y/hitney, dan. of Abraham and Lydia (Hartshorn) Roberts, b. in 
Webster. Walpolc, Mass., Dec. 2, 1807; of late has resided in Stow, Mass. 

ISABELLA M., born Apr. 13, 1836 ; died Mar. 29, 1840. 
DANIEL, born July 10, 1838 ; died Sept. 4, 1840. 

ANNE FRANCES, b. in Wayland, Mass., July 9, 1842; m. June 19, 1868, 
Burnam. Sullivan Stearns, son of. Reuben and Roxauna (Warner) Burnam, b. in Bolton, 

Mass., Jan, 25, 1836 ; is a carpenter, and in 1878 resides in the centre of the 
town. Child : 

Alice IMAraA, born in Bolton, June 19, 1869. 

THOMAS', born Feb. 11, 1807; died at sea, Jan. 6, 1830; unmarried. 

FRANCIS", born Jan. 29, 1811; died unmarried, May 24, 1836. 

EDWIN ", born July 5, 1819 ; a shoemaker and farmer, who settled on 
the homestead and built over the house about two years before he deceased. 
After suffering several months with cancer in his stomach, he died July 28, 
1877. He married Anna Jane, dau. of James and Agnes (Anderson) 
Anderson, 1). in Windham, N. H., Apr. 19, 1826. Children : 

LUTIIERIA ANN, b. Feb.' 9, 1847 ; m. Alvah, son of Calvin and Abby (Merrill) 
Wasson. Wasson, an onlj' child and a nephew of the husband of her father's cousin Lydia. 

They reside with his parents in the north part of Methnen, on the east side of 
Spicket Hill, where he was born Oct. 13, 1847. Children; 



IIai; I5ai)(;ki!, l)oni June C, 18C8. 

Mabul Fuancks, boni July 21, 1870; dipd Nov. IG, 1871. 


SARAH FRANCES, bora Dec. 1, 18-19 ; died young. 

NANCY MORELLA, born Feb. 15, 1851 ; died young. 

"Webster. EDWI^ FRANCIS, b. Aug. 10, 1852; a carpenter; resides (.1878) on the home- 
stead, and is unmarried. 

EVELINE, b. Nov. 10, 1851; m. Forrest Calvin, son of Lntlicr and Elizabeth 
Nkwcomb. (Tilton) Nowcomb, b. in Haverhill, March 2, 1852 ; reside (l.STO) Beacon Street. 

He is employed in a shoe-maniil'actory. Their two children died in early infancy 
the last one born and died in Oct., 1878, aged eight days. 

SILAS MILTON, bom Apr. 27, 1859 ; died Jan. 24, 1875. 

Webster. HERBERT LINCOLN, born May 9, 18G5. 


POLLY ^ born Jan. 8, 1779, who died Feb. 16, 1837; married Ebonczcr, 
son of Ebenczcr and Rebecca (Baldwin) "Webster, of Pelham, for his 
second wife. He was b. in Pelham, K. H.. Mar. 7, 1773, and died there 
about 1830. His former wife was Mary Harris, by whom he 
Webster, had two soiis: Mark, who settled in Pelham, and John, who 
settled in Methuen. Polly's children were : 
JESSE", b. Aug. 27, 1812; married Catherine Y. Putnam, of Fort Hunter, 
Montgomery Co., N. Y., and resided there in 1818; perhaps deceased with- 
out children. 

MARY", born Sept. 6, 1815, who died May 16, 1857; married Kov. 19, 

1833, Harris, son of William and INIehitable (Jewett) AVhittier, b. in 

Methuen, fJune 16, 1807. Settled in the southwest part of that 

Whittier. town, where she deceased ; but since 1862 he has resided in West 

Parish of Haverhill. Children: 

MOSES WEBSTER, born Dec. 10, 1834; died Mar. 5, 1836. 

MARY CLARK, b. Apr. 29, 1807; m. Dec. 25, 1873, Volney Wilber, son of 
Fairbanks. Adam and Cynthia (Wilber) Fairbanks, b. in Ilyde Park, Vt., Nov. 11, 1823. 
He bonglit his farm in 1871, where he resides on Mamoulh Road, near Bridge 
St., Manchester, N. H. No children. 
JANE ELIZABETH, b. Ang. 15, 1838, who died Oct. 1, 1875 ; m. Nov. 21, 18C0, 
Magoon. Samuel Allen, son of Joseph Emerson and Betsej- (Fitts) Magoon, b. in Ivist 

Kingston, N. II., May 17, 1836, and settled in Haverhill, Mass. No issue. 
Since her decease he has married Delia B. AViggin. 
JULIA ANN, b. Dec. 30, 1841 ; unmarried, and resides with her sister Ellen A. 
Whittier. in Haverhill, Mass. 


ELLEN AUGUSTA, b. Oct. 24, 1844 ; m. Jan. 12, 1869, Wm. Jackson son of 
Batchklder. Ira and Claiissa (Manl}') Batcbelder, b. in Dorset, Vt., Oct. 30, 1845. He is 
an engraver, 102 Merrimaciv St., and residence 49 Portland St., Haverhill, Mass. 
Children : 

Daughteu, born March 22, 1877 ; deceased same day. 

Hauey Whittier, born Dec. IG, 1878. ^ 

SAEAH 'NJ, born Apr. 25, 1818, who died Oct. 27, 1857; married Dec. 

6, 1838, Gilman, son of Jonathan and Ahce (Webster) Stickney, b. when 

his father resided in Atkinson, N. H., Ang. 29, 1816. His mother was dan. 

of her grandmother's last husband. He has been a shoemaker and farmer. 

Since her decease he has married Ann M. Gage, of Pelham; sold 

Stickney. his place on Broadway and removed Ang., 1872, to his place on 

Liberty St., West Parish of Haverhill. Children : 

CHARLES HENRY b. Mar. 23, 1841, who, in Co. F, 50th Mass. Regt., was 

wounded in the battle at Port Hudson, Maj- 27, 1863, and died the 20th of 

the next month ; unm.arried. 

FRANK COTTLE, b. in Methuen, Mass., July 12, 1842, who was a trader in 
groceries awhile in Haverhill, Mass. Pie removed to Bridgeport, Conn, in 1868, 
where he is (in 1879) a dealer in field and garden seeds, fertilizers, flour, grain, 
etc., 119 State St., and resides No. 45 West Avenue. Married Dec. 2, 1869; 
Mrs. Laura Matilda Fisher, dan. of Alonzo and Lucretia (Stratton) Hayes, b. in 
Bridgeport, Oct. 15, 1839. Children: 

Pearl Frank, born Sept, 3; and died Nov. 1, 1870. 
Alice Webster, box'n in Bridgeport, Aug. 2, 1873. 

LYDIA', born Nov. 4. 1820; died unmarried, Mar. 23, 1841. 


A]<INA\ born JS'ov. 21, 1780; married Apr. 4, 1804, Lt. James, son of 
Capt. James and Mehitable (Rollins) Webster, akin to the hnsbands 
of her sisters and niece above, b. in Salem, IST. H., on the north side of 
Captain's Pond, near the corners of Atkinson, N. H., and Haverhill, Mass., 
Dec. 14, 1782. The farm where he was born was originally cleared up by 
his grandfather Benj. Rollins, who came up from ISTewbury, Mass., and 
bought the land, which consisted of fifty-five acres, in 1736, and when he 
died his daughter Mehitable had it. They settled a few rods west of where 
he was born, where most of their childi-en were born, and Apr. 6, 1824, 
removed on to the farm, southwest side of said pond, which he purchased of 
David son of Stephen Wheeler. It is the most westerly of the three farms 
made of the tract which had been owned by the Wheelers from the time the 


iirsl, caiiu^ up from Tlowley and bought, uext to Dea. Smith's farm, where 
Mrs. Webster's brother Jesse settled; and tlu'ir home lot is bounded, 
westerly by the street leading from Lavvi-ence over Providence lirook to 
Ilamjistead, which street separates the lands anciently owned by the 
Wheelers from the Johnson land; and this farm extends north beyond the 

street where they first resided; and the farm east of it, of late was 
WKBSTKit. owned by Daniel Emerson, lie died Jan. 30, 1857. She survived 

him until Jan. 21, 1862; he was a carpenter and farmei-. Children: 
CLARISSA ^ born Oct. 28, 1804, who died in N'orth Andover with hei- 
sister Sarah, Sept. 4, 1872; married (1) Apr. 17, 1828, Aaron, son of 
Jedcdiah Pettengill, of Haverhill, a brother to John, who mari-ied hei- cousin 
jVbigail M. Eaton, b. Feb. 27, 1803; resided in Salem on the south side of 
same street and about midway between the residences of their ])arents. He 

was drowned in said Captain's Pond, June 25, 1830, aged 20 

years. She married (2) Nov. 7, 1833, her 2nd cousin, Isaiah 
PETTENGiLL-Webster, on Broadway, in the West Parish in Haverhill. He had 
Webster, children by a former wife, and his son Wm. Wallace is married 

and has children; residence on the homestead of his father and 

grandfather. She had only one child, viz. : 

ALBERT, b. May 7, 1829, who was a seaman ; was in California in 1849, but has 
not been heard from since 1853 ; probably deceased without issue. 

DAl^IEL", born Sept. 12, 180G, who resided on the homestead; died 
unmarried, July 16, 1877. 

ROLLINS,^ born Dec. 31, 1808; resides (1878) on the homestead; 

NxiNCY,^ born Oct. 15, 1810, who died Oct. 22, 1875; married Wm. S., 
son of Sylvanus and Mary (Boynton) Hardy, of Groveland, b. Sept. 20, 
1820; settled on the homestead of his fatljei- in said Groveland, formerly the 

East Parish of Bradford, where he deceased Apr. 24, 1860, and she 
Haudy. a few years previous to her decease went home to her mother's, and 

after her decease, remained with her brothers. Her children were: 

OILMAN, born Feb. 11, 1849 ; died Sept. 1, 1849. 
LYDIA, ANN, born Apr. 17, 1851 ; died Ang. 19, 1852. 
GILBERT, born Oct. 10, 1853 ; died Aug. 22, 1854. 

JAMES NOTES, ^ born Oct. 17, 1812, who went to California with his 
brother Rollins; and soon after their return he died unmarried, Mar. 2, 1851. 

GEORGE HIRAM", born Sept. 12, 1814; died unmarried, Nov. 18, 1850. 


SAEAH^, born ISTov. 20, 1816; died youBg. 

SAKAH JA^E^, born Dee. 9, 1817; married Apr. 9, 1840, Joseph 

Brooks, son of Joseph and Mary Kimball (Allen) Swan, b. in I^^orth 

Andover, Mass., May 27, 1816, where they have resided. He has 

Swan, been an expressman, took his father's route to Salem, but after the 

railroad was built left teaming to that place. Children: 

SARAH JANE, b. Nov. 14, 1841 ; m. (1) Jan. 1, 1866, Frederick Pease, son of 

Howard. Solomon Wilkes and Charlotte (Pease) Howard, b. in West Bridgewater (now 

Cocheset), Mass., Aug. 6, 1842, who died in that place Jan. 24, 1872. He was 

a shoe-manufacturer. She m. (2) Jan. 28, 1873, Thomas Stillman, son of Josiah 

Winn. and Betsey (Wright) Winn (she being his third wife), b. in Tyngsborough, 

Mass., Mar. 19, 1822. He is an overseer in the Pemberton Mill, Lawrence, 

Mass., and resides (1876) at No. 14 Pemberton Corporation. He m. (1) 

Elizabeth A. Prescott. who d. without issue ; m. (2) Ellen Webster, by whom he 

had a son Albert. Mrs. Winn had by Mr. Howard one child, viz. : 

Frank Swan, born iu North Antlover, Feb. 4, 1867. 

MARY ELIZABETH, b. July 25, 1844 ; m. July, 1865, Abraham, son of Christo- 
Whitney. pher and Dolly (Brooks) Whitney, b. in Stow, Mass., Sept. 28, 1837, who is 
employed in a shoe-manufactory at Lynn, Mass. She deceased in Pittsfield, 
N. H., Feb. 28, 1874. He has married Eliza Whitcomb, by whom he had a 
daughter b. in 1877. Children of Mary E. are : 
Dolly Mabel, born in Lynn, July 4, 1S72. 
Louis Abraham, born in Plttsfleld, N. H., Jan. 29, 1874. 

ANN MARIA, born July 17, 1847 ; died Aug. 1, 1858. 

ALMIRA FRANCES, b. July 2, 1849 ; m. May 16, 1871, Samuel Richardson, son 
Knowland. of Richardson and Mary Holder (Bowden) Knowland, b. in Marblehead, Mass., 
June 2, 1845. Pie is emploj'ed in a shoe-manufactory in Lynn, Mass. Residence 
(1878) No. 59 Chestnut St. Child: 
Frances SLiry, born in Marblehead, Mar. 12, 1874. 

EPHRAIM'', born Jan. 16, 1819; in a shoe-manufactory in Boston; unm. 

OILMAN,^ born Apr. 2, 1821, who died in Salem, Mass., Jan. 21, 1866,. 

where he married June 23, 1851, Eliza, dau. of Jonathan and Sally 

Webster. (Smith) Perley, b. in Salem, Apr. 26, 1822, and died there l^ov. 

29, 1873. He was employed in the manufacture of shoes. Children : 

HORACE OILMAN, b. in South Danvers, Mass., Nov. 8, 1852 ; died Mar., 1859. 

CARRIE PERLEY, born in South Danvers (now Peabody), Mass., Dec. 11, 1858. 

She is a Compositor in the Office of the Salem Press, and, as it so happens, is now 

(Jan. 22, 1879) setting the type for this branch of our family. 

STEPHEIS; '^, born Oct. 5, 1825, who remains on the homestead, most of 
which he owns and cultivates. He also is (in 1878) unmarried. 

LYDIA MARIA, ^ born June 23, 1828, who d. unmarried, Aug. 24, 1846. 




JESSE'', bora Nov. 25, 1782, who some years i)revious to his marriage 
Ijought a farm on the southeast side of Captain's Pond, in the West 
Parish of Haverhill, about five and a half miles from the City Ilall, and 
near to Methuen on the southwest; it being partly in Salem, iS\ II., and 
running back very near to Atkinson, the house being about a dozen rods 
north of the street, on an elevation about ninety rods from the pond. It is 
southwest from, and in view of the old homestead of his grandfather, 
where his father Avas born; and in sight of where his mother last resided 

EESinEN'CE of the late Jesse Poore. pketdied in; the artist stanrlins in the street, and southeast of it. Since that 
time the large apple-tree on the \\'e^t eiilo of the lane, aiul the hii? hltick oak nurlh-west of it on the hno of Emerson's farm, 
have hecn rcmovoii ^ but an oak, which grew iVoni an acorn of tiio old tree, stands near where its parent stood. The iireseut. 
barn was built in 1830, tlie soiitli end of wliich is about one rod south of the front side of the old one, and the west side of it 
about one rod from the east end of the old one. 

and died; also nearly opposite where his sister Anna first resided after 
marriage. The house is the oldest on the street ; the west end of it was 
built first; the east end added some years after, and lastly a leanto was 
built upon the north side. There was a school kept in the westerly 
part of this house, about the year 1800. 

The highway on which this place is situated, has been named by the city. 
Liberty Street, but anciently the lower end of it (which at first had many 
short curves) was sometimes called by the name of " Pig-tail lane," and that 
part which extends by this place over to and beyond the Spickct, has been 



called Wheeler Street. It was laid out by the town as a public way from 
Old Spicket Path (now called Broadway) up to ]^. H. line, near the dwelling 
house of Benjamin Wheeler (place now owned by Leverett B. Emerson, 
whose father Leonard had it after Abner Wheeler), ISTov. 13, 1740, and 
about 1830 it Avas widened and somewhat straightened. This street was, 
however, settled upon up as far as this place, about ten years before. The 
Greenleafs of Newburyport owned much of the land both sides of it, had a 
house built near the lower end, where the late Samuel E. Greenleaf resided; 
next above, Ebenezer Bailey from Bradford (now Groveland) built where 
his grandson John (in 1878) resides. The next early settlements above 
Mr. Bailey's were upon Sweet Hill, viz. : on the south side of the street, by 
Humphrey Bailey from Bradford, who in a few years after removed to 
Hopkinton, N. H., and some years after it was bought by Jedediah Petten- 
gill; on the north side by John Stewart (as mentioned on a page above), 
which loea. Joseph Webster bought a few years after the Stewarts had left 
it, and there raised his large family. 

This farm where Mr. Poore resided as long as he lived, is the westerly part 
of what said Stewart owned, and the homestead of Dea. John Smith, which 
he purchased May 22, 1738— same day said Benj. Wheeler bought on 
the west side of it. Said Stewart, Smith and Wheeler came up from the 
upper part of Kowley, which is now Georgetown. The other residences on 
the street are more modern, viz.: one owned by Gilman Stickney was 
brought on to that place about 1840, and afterward owned some years by 
Jesse Atwood. The place at the entrance of the old Rose Meadow Way 
was owned by above said Dea. Smith, and given to his son John, who left 
it to his nephew, Capt. Jesse, son of Thomas Smith, who has of late sold 
out, and built near the church. The cottage in the valley between his house 
and the Pettengill places, was built about 1860, by Capt. Smith, to accom- 
modate his hired servants. Only the Ebenezer Bailey place remains in the 
family of the original settlers on this street, from Atwood's corner on 
Broadway, to the corner west of the 

Spicket River, a distance of about three ^^/^^tCi^^/^ 'f^v;:''^^^ 

miles. His signature. ^^y 

Besides being a farmer, he was a 
cordwainer, and taught all his sons the same trade. He was very quiet in 
all his actions during life. His complexion light, with blue eyes, rather 
below medium in stature, but passed a satisfactory examination when he 
Avas called to go into the army, in the war of 1812-5, and Avent to Ports- 
mouth, N. H., and stayed awhile to guard that port. 


He marrifd Apr. 1(3, 1817, a cousin to John Pettengill, Inisljand of his 
cklewt sister's danghter, Sally, daughter of AVoodbridge and Xabljy (Lowell) 
Bailey, b. on Broadway, in the easterly part of Ayers Village, in Haverhill, 
about three-quarters of a mile south of their residence — see her i)edigree, 
page 115 of our Historic-Genealogical Researches. He deceased July 19, 
18-17, and she remains (Jan. 27, 1879) on this place. Children: 

ALFRED ^ born Feb. 27, 1818; having never married, he now calls his 
birthplace home — which is near Ayers Village, a branch jx^st-ollice in 
Haverhill; but, as his opportunity of obtaining an education was limitt'd 
while in his teens to about ten weeks in the yearly winter seasons, at No. 9 
District School in that town, he was ])ermitted to attend Atkinson xVcademy 
awhile (during the last term John Kelly, Esq. Avas its Preceptor), and 
thereby having obtained a lai-ger desire for a more liberal education ; he has 
since been a wayfarer much of the time. He left home for the first time 
to be gone over the Sabbath, in the early jiart of 181:0, and attended the 
"Bradford Teachei's' Seminary," Avhich was opened the 4th of Dec, the 
previous year, by Benj. Greenleaf, Esq. (a native of said School District 
No. 9), the author of a series of mathematics, and foi-mer Principal of 
Bradford Academy; while in that school he went over various branches of 
education, becoming much interested in the natural sciences, and, in order 
to inform himself more fully in Anatomy and Phj^siology, obtained 
access to the library of George Cogswell, M.D. (a native of the town where 
said Alfred's father was born), who then had several students under instruc- 
tion in his profession, and became so intei-estcd that he attended the 
course of lectures in the medical dei)artment of Daitmouth College, in 181.j, 
and while there was favored with the exti-a attention given to botany (one 
of his favoi-ite studies) by Prof. Phelps, wdao took the class into the fields, 
Avhere the plants grew — the same method of gaining knowledge in different 
departments of Natural History adopted by the Essex Institute, of Salem, 
]\Iass. The Institute visit aboiit half a dozen places during the warm 
season each year, and print their jDroceedings on those excursions in 
their monthly Bulletin. 

In 184(3 he commenced an inquiry respecting his ancestry, and step by 
step obtained the direct line on his paternal and maternal side back to the 
first settler in America. Next came a desire to obtain all the descendants 
of each of those two ancestors, and afterward to trace l)ack to the first settle- 
ment in this country the lines of his two grandmothers, and all his great- 
grandmothers, and by so doing he has found, now, that he is akin to a vast 
number of the families bearing the names of the early settlers of Newbury 
and Rowley, and their descendants in other towns hi Merrimack Valley. 


About the middle of Jan., 1847, when in the East Parish of Bradford 
(incorporated in 1850 by the name of Groveland), he met Peter Parker (a 
brother of Dr. Cogswell's first wife) at his variety goods store on the 
corner by the church in that parish, who informed him that his (Peter's) 
employee Eben Jaques had suddenly deceased a few days previous, and 
asked said Alfred if he would come down and assist him in his business 
for awhile. He complied, and although at the time he did not expect to 
continue with him, remaiued there about ten years, and during the time 
boarded in the family of Dea. Ira and Julia (Poore) Hopkinson  — • Mrs. 
Hopkinson, as he afterward learned, being akin to him. 

While in Groveland, he collected materials for a minute history of the 
place, including a genealogy of the fiunilies who have resided there since 
the town of Bradford was settled. 

After leaving Groveland he continued his researches in regard to the 
history and genealogy of families in Bradford, Boxford, and other towns 
adjoining, and resided in the west part of Andover some months in 1864. 

The last day of Jan., 1865, he left home to spend a few weeks in Salem, 
Mass , in order to examine the Essex County records found in offices in the 
stone building built in 1841, on the corner of Federal and Washington 
Streets, at the northern end of the tunnel of the Eastern Railroad, inider the 
last-mentioned street; but finding such an extensive opportunity to acquire 
information from these records, and the library of the Essex Institute — of 
which institution he has made himself a life-member, and by associating with 
so many there found, who are interested in historical and genealogical ro 
searches and in scientific investigations, he has remained in the quiet old 
city until Feb. 19, 1879, and has, for most of the time, since returning from 
his mother's, Thanksgiving time in 1865, lodged on the premises of 
Matthew Adams Stickney, on the southwesterly side of Boston Street, not 
far from the big Elm tree standing in the street about midway betAveen " the 
Square " in Peabody, and the above said record building; and spent his days 
in studying the records in the Court House. But to complete his gene- 
alogies he has had occasion to visit all the towns in Essex County, and in the 
southern pai't of Rockingham County, and to make tours in other parts of 
Mass., ]^ew Hampshire, and other states, to examine records of counties, 
towns, churches, and families; also during this time he has visited Boston 
on several three months' Eastern Railroad tickets, to search the State 
Archives and other places in and about the city, doing his best that this 
genealogy might be as nearly perfect as possible. 

HARRIET ', born November 8, 1819; died September '2, 1824. 


ELIZABETH IIUSE", bsu-ii Oct. (5, 1821; married June 21, 1841, 
Bcnjaniin Emerson, son of Jesse and Sally (Weleh) Emery, b. in the north- 
west part of Atkinson, N. II., Apr. IG, 1818; remained awhile on the farm 
with his parents, removed to the market-place in Haverhill, Mass., in 1842; 
was a buteher and dealer in cattle, also a farmer, until Jan., 1871. After 
that time he was Street Commissioner of the city of Ilaverliill. For 
emeuy. most of the time they have resided on Pond Street or vicinity, 
eastward of the Soldiers' Monnment. Children: 

IIAIilllET FRANCES, born Sept. '20, 1843; m. May 17, 1868, a brother to the 
GuNES. husband of Olive, the clan, of lier 2d cousin, Tristram Gooilwin, son of Abi Alljou 

and Sarah P. (Goodwin) Glines, b. in Great Falls, N. H., Jan. 1, 1846; resi- 
dence (1876) No. 25 Pond Street, and (1879) No. 10 Warren St., Haverhill, 
Mass. He was formerly in a shoe-manutactor^^ but, since 1874, has been 
employed by George G. Davis, to sell meat and provisions, most of the time 
driving around in the suburbs of the cit^'. Children all bora in this cil^', viz. : 
William Cuexky, boru Juno 7, 1870. 
Frank Milton, boru Doc. 5, 1872. 

SUSAN PERLEY, born May 17, 1854 ; unmarried 1878. 

ALBERT EMERSON, born Dec. 21, 1857 ; a salesman in a grain store. 

AMOS BAILEY ^ born Sept. 2.5, 1824, who resides on the homestead of 
his father; married May 18, ISol, Lydia Jane, dau. of Isaiah and Esther 
(Merrill), Howe, from the north part of Methuen; a distant kin by way of 
the Merrill family, b. on Howe Street, Sept. 26, 1833. He was brought up 
to the same occupation as his father, but for about fifteen years was exten- 
sively engaged in butchering and supplying Ayers Village and the vicinity 
of West Parish, in Haverhill, North Methuen, Mass., and South 
PooRE. Salem, N. H., with meat and vegetables; since 1869, he has paid 
his attention to farming. Children: 

FRANK WILLARD, b. Mar. 14, 1855 ; at home with his father ; bee-culture 
being his present specialty. 

CHARLES BENSON, born Apr. 14, 1859, who died July 1, 18C0. 

EMMA ISABELLA, born Aug. 29, 18G1. 

ABBIE FRANCES, born Jan. 31, 1804, who died Dec. 14, 1864. 

TEA NOTES ^ born Aug. 25, 1827; married Jan. 1, 1852, Louisa Eaton, 
dau. of Warren and Eunice (Eaton) Webster, b. in Haverhill, on North 
Broadway, southwest of Long Hill (where the Marbles anciently resided), 
Sept. 27, 1829; and when two years old removed with her parents to reside 
in Salem, N. II., where her uncle James first settled. They are remotely 
akin by way of the Webster family. Her lather was brother to his aunt 



Ann's husband, and she is of the same family of Batons, into which his 
aunts EUzabetli, Sally and Lydia married, lie occupied a part of the 
homestead of his father, until May 10, 1864; sold out to his brother Amos 
B., and, occupied during about one year each, the j)laces where Samuel E. 
Greenleaf and Dea. Moses Webster formerly resided; bought the place on 
Lake Street, for many years occupied by the Stephen AVebster family — on 
the Boutheast side of "West Meadow, between the meadow and West 
Meadow Hill, and about equidistant from Broadway and Lowell Avenue; 
and removed on to said place. May, 10, 1866. He formerly followed the 
trade of his father, but of late has given his attention to farming and horti- 
culture — raising all kinds of vegetables and fruit for the market of Haver- 
hill. Children: 

"^ HARLAN BRONSON, b. Oct. 26, 1852 ; was for awhile salesman for a trader, and 

for some yeai's has been employed in Gale Brothers' Shoe-Manufactory ; is (in 
1878) unmarried. 

WALTER FORREST, b. May 29, 1854 ; is engaged with his father in raising 
vegetables, etc. ; unmarried in 1878. 

JOHN ALFRED, born Dec. 29, 1857 ; died Sept. 23, 1858. 

MARY LOUISA, born Feb. 4, 1860 ; also unmarried. 

MARTHA EDNA, born May 10, 1862. 

HENRY ALBERT, born June 23, 1865. 

OLIVE ROSELLA, bom Aug. 19, 1868. 


LYDIA ^, born Jan. 30, 1788, who deceased June 2, 1819; married Dec. 
29, 1812, Moses, son of Moses Webster, a brother to her sister 
Sally's husband, b. Jan. 29, 1792, who after her decease m. Elizabeth Currier, 
by whom he had a daughter Sarah. He settled on the homestead of his 
father on Broadway, which place is about three miles west from the City 
Kail ; built a new house in 1840, a few feet in rear of where the old one 
stood. The brick church which was built in 1828-9, stands about a dozeii 
rods east of it. Most of the lot where the church stands Avas taken from 
his homestead, and the remainder from the homestead of Joshua Webster. 
He was a pillar in the church, and chosen together with the Capt. Joseph 
Webster on Sweet Hill, deacons of it in Feb., 1827, and they held that office 
until their decease. His occupation was farming, and occasionally 
Webster, making ox-yokes. He departed this life, Sept. 20, 1858. Lydia's 
children were: 


MARY MARIA ^ born Apr. 12, 1814; died unmarried, Feb. 3, 18-16. 

WILLIAM HARRISON", born Aug. 22, 1815, who occupies the old 
homestead of his father and grandfather; married Nov. 2, 1818, Charlotte 
II., daughter of Isaac and Abigail (Iloyt) Spoiford, b. in Ilampstead, N. II., 
Oct. 27, 1819. He is a former. Children: 

HELEN Maria, born Feb. 13, ISSO; died Sept. 23, 1850. 

CLARA FRANCES, boru Mar. 24, 1851 ; unmarried in 1878. 

LYDIA POORE", born June 2, 1819; married June 11, 1844, Charles, 
son of James and Abigail (AVoodbury) Merrill, akin to her by the Merrill 
family, b. in the northwest corner of Mcthuen, Mass., Mar. 27, 1816; resides 
on the old homestead of his father and grandfather, which is on the easterly 
side of Spicket Hill, a short distance from South Salem and Ayers Yillages, 

adjoining the farm of her 2nd cousin Samuel Poore, and on the 
MERniLL. street leading from Lawrence to . Ilampstead. He is a farmer. 

Children : 

ISABEL MARIA, b. Sept. 12, 184G; m. Nov. 23, 1867, Orlow, son of Asa S., 
Austin. and Hannali P. (Ilackctt) Austin, b. in Salem, N. IL, Sept. 7, 1841, where 

tliey have resided. He is a hat and bonnet bleacher. Child : 
Hattie Flokexce, boru Jan. 23, ISCO. 

SARAH ALZENA, b. July 8, 1848; m. June 11, 18G9, John B.adger, son of 
Merrill. Philip Denson and Judith (Cogswell) Merrill, b. in Atkinson, N. H., Maj' 4, 

1846. The}' being akin to each other ; their grandfathers were half- 
brothers. They resided first in East Haverhill, Mass. ; afterward in C.andia, 
N. H. ; and Nevvfield, Me., where he was Pastor of the Freewill Baptist Churches ; 
and, since May 31, 1875, at Old Orchard, Me., where he has been temporarily 
engaged in trade, teaching school, and in 1879 is Postmaster. Children : 
Agnics Isabel, boru iu Haverhill, Mass., Apr. 21, 1870. 
Addie May, born iu NcwlicUl, Doc. 17, 1S74. 

HATTIE ANNA, born Oct. 19, 1850 ; unmarried ; in 1879 with her sister Sarah. 

CHARLES EDWIN, b. Feb. 22, 1855 ; residence in Salem, M.-iss. since Oct. 20, 
1874, and with W. C. Packard & Co., furniture dealers, corner of Essex and 
Crorabie Sts., opposite Mechanic Hall, since Apr. 10, 1876 ; is in 1878 nnm.arried. 

JOSEPH EUGENE, born May 19, 1858 ; a farmer on the Dea. Ingalls' farm. 


^AyD)^ SOI or MIEL' (I, 57), ]0NATEA1J^ IOH=, lOffl'. 

'f^ AYID % born in Pkiistow, July 24, 1745. Learned the trade of a 
MJ cooper when young, and all his sons and some of his grandsons 

* had the same trade. Settled on the Charles Johnson land his father 
owned in the northwestern part of Hampstead, about three-quarters of a 
mile from the line of Derry, and two and a half miles from the line of 
Chester; and added other lands to his estate. One of his farms (afterward 
owned by Hugh Mills) was in Derry. His 

homestead was on the main highway lead- e^/tyt/U^ tP^^^^*?-^ 

ing from Haverhill, Mass., by where his 

brothers Daniel and Jonathan settled in Atkinson, and through Chester, 
to Concord, K. H. The mansion is on the easterly side of the way, and 
not far from the railroad which Was built from liochester to JN^ashua, about 

lie was a Lieutenant in the militia; was in the Eevolutionaiy Army, and 
helped defeat Burgoyne. After the battle a British oiBcer Ipeing without 
money to purchase food for his son, who was hungry, gave to Mr. Poore 
his watch for some bread, and that watch is now possessed by his great- 
grandson Wm. AVallace Poore. 

He married June 8, 1769, Phebe, dau. of Capt. Jonathan and Susannah 
(Bartlett) Carleton, b. May 9, 1747, who died Aug. 1, 1816. Her fother 
was born Nov. 21, 1709; died Jan. 8, 1794; and her mother was born Feb. 
13, 1713, and died Nov. 4, 1803. Capt. Carleton had a brother David, but 
it seems he had no sons when he deceased. Among his daughters, besides 
Mrs. Poore, were the wives of Nathaniel Little, Amos Chase (who perhaps 
settled in Unity, N. H.), Isaac Noyes, and perhaps one married a Pettengill. 
Lieutenant Poore was of small stature, but very strong and athletic, and 
lived to a great age; died Mar. 20, 1834. Children: 

1. John, born Mar. 1, 1770 ; married Polly Calcf. 

2. Sarah, born Mar. 9, 1772 ; married Moses Green. 

3. David, born Sept. 5, 1773; married Betsey Sawyer. 

4. Phebe, born June 4, 1775 ; married Jonathan C. Little. 

5. Anna, born June 9, 1777 ; married Richard Sawyer. 


6. Mary, born Sept. 9, 1779, who foi- many ^'ours was a sclipol-teacher ; il. iiiiin., Jan. 9, 1808. 

7. Hannah, born July 13, 1781 ; died Mar. 26, 1787. 

8. Daniel, born Aug. 31, 1783 ; died unmarried, Mar. 14, 1824. 

9. Susannah Barllctt, born Aug. 24, 1788; died unmarried, Oct. 15, 18G2. 

Those wlio had posterity were: 


JOHjS^*', born Mar. 1, 1770, who removed to Cormth, Vt., when his son 
John C was about six months old, and i-eturned home about twelve 
j'cars after, and resided in the vicinity of his birthplace, occupying some ofliis 
father's land in Derry awhile, but died in Hampstead, May 20, 1845. He 
married June 25, 1795, Polly, dau. of Justice John and Lois (Calef) Calef, 
b. in Hamptead, June 27, 1765, who died Oct. 8, 1844. We learn from a 
manuscript genealogy of her family by M. A. Stickney, the noted antiquarian 
and numismatologist, of Salem, Mass., that her parents were cousins, viz.: 
her father was a son of John and Naomi (Eliot) Calef, and her mother was 
dau. of Dea. Wm. and Lois (Sawyer) Calef. Mrs. Poore's father. Judge 
Calef, was great in intellect as well as in statui'e; was five feet, eight and 
one-half inches in height, and of over 300 pounds in weight. Children: 

JOHN, CALEF", born Aug. 30, 1797, who learned the trade of a cooper; 
afterward was a cabinet-maker; and, since 1820 has been a carpenter in 
Derry, N. XL; resides in a house he built about the time he was first 
married, iipon the southeasterly side of the lower village, about one and a 
quarter miles east of the station on the Lawrence & Manchester Railroad; 
married (1) Nov. 28, 1822, Susan, dau. of Alexander and Susan (Stevens) 
Boyes, b. in Londonderry, Apr. 13, 1797, who died Apr. 16, 1851; married 
(2) Judith Corning. He was chosen Captain in the state militia, but since 
his early days has been inclined to live a quiet life. Children: 

LORENZO, b. July 22, 1824; m. June 17, 1846, Betsey, dau. of David and 
Betsey (Butrick) Fitch, b. in Billorica, Mass., June 26, 1826. He is a carpenter ; 
resided in Derry until April. 1847, and removed to Lynn, Mass; residence No. 
11, Lowell Street, that cit}-, since June, 1855. Children : 

FitANK Standley, born Sept. 2G, 1848; m. July 9, 1871, Julia Ann, dau. of Roswell and 
Nancy (Kent) Hill, b. in Cliarlcstown, Mass., Feb. 27, 1850; resides iu bis father's 
bouse; Is at work in a mill where picture frame moulding is done. Children: — 
Nellie Frances, b. Jan. 30, 1872. George Warren, b. Oct. 2, 1874. 
John Cai.kf, born May 28, 1S53 ; died Aug. 10, 1872. 
Lizzie Ellen, born Nov. 4, 1858 ; unmarried. 

GEORGE, b. Nov. 26, 1827; a carpenter. He left Ncwburyport for California, 
in the Brig Annah, Nov. 30, 1849, and has been iu Benicia, California, most of 
the time since 1850 ; is in 1878 unmarried. 



PooRB. WILLIAM WALLACE, b. Apr. 1, 1833; m. Dec. 27, 1859, Clara Ann, dau. of 

Leonard and Clarissa (Taylor) Brickett, b. in Derry, Sept. 14, 1835. His resi- 
dence has always been in Deny ; was brought up to same trade of his father, but 
went into the West India goods and grocery business, and continued four years ; 
then dealt in lumber, owning the ancient saw mill of his great-grandfather Robert 
Boyes, 1859-67 ; sold that, and in 1870 bought of Charles Adams same yeav, 
the old Joseph Gregg grain mill in the village, and has added a shingle and a 
cider mill, and manufactures and deals in meal, shingles, etc. He has held 
A'arious town offices, among them that of Selectman, 1864—7 ; was a Deputy 
Sheriff of his county, 1855-60 ; Representative from Derry in the New Hampshire 
Legislature, 1872-3, and a member of the convention for revising the State 
Constitution in 1876 ; postmaster, 1861-9. Children: 

Helen Wallace, born Nov. 14, 1861; a graduate of Pinkerton Academy. 

Edward Maiilon, boi'n Jan. 21, 1SC3; died Aug. 18, 1SG3. 

Clara Susan, born Apr. 21, 186G; died June 21, 1872. 

LlLLLVN Belle, born Apr. 11, 18G9. 

Alice Bertha, born Jan. 26, 1872. 

Fred Walton, born Oct. 31, 1874. 

JOHN, born and died same day. 

J0:N"ATHAN CARLET0:N'^ bom in Corinth, Jan. 12, 1801; married 
Mary, dau. of Caleb and Nancy (Cate) Hall, b. in Candia, ]S". H., Dec. 19, 
1800, who died July 29, 1849. He was a painter and wheelwright; resided 
in Candia until 1829, in ]3erry until about 1834, and Manchester, K. H., 
until his death, Nov. 24, 1849. Children: 

CHARLES, b. May 20, 1824 ; m. Sept. 5, 1845, Louisa Jane, dau. of Nathan and 
Mary (Eaton) George, b. in Weare, N. H., May 16, 1825 ; resided iu Manchester 
where their first child was born. Oil Mill Village, Weare, where two children 
were born, and since 1855 in the northeastern part of New Boston, N. H., where 
he bought his farm by the saw-mill, where he is employed winters, formerlj^ 
owned by Alexander Walker, and now by Solomon Dodge. He owns another 
farm by Oil Mill Village. Children : 

Ella Adelia, born Oct. 7, 1817; died July 13, 1818. 

Aravesta Emergene, b. Dec. 19, 1850; m. June 26, 1876, Edward Eugene, son of David 
Stevens. and Louisa (Webber; Stevens, b. iu Bedford, N. H., May 14, 1855 ; resides near her 

parents iu 1879. Cliild: — Lucian Eugene, born in New Boston, May 2, 1877. 
Alberta Avelma, b. May 21, 1854; m. May 21, 1872, John Fellows, son of William 
Vancb. Wlieeler and nelcu Isabella (Fellows) Vance, b. in Canaan, N. IL, Nov. II, 1851. 

He was a carpenter in the west village of Gofistown, N. H., 1877, and in 1879 iu Oil 
Mill Village. Children : — Winnowe Lillian, b. in New Boston, Aug. 9, 1S73. 
Charlie Willis, b. iu Goffstown, Jan. 17, 1876. Addie Louise, born at Oil Mill Village, 
Feb. 11, 1879. 
Allida Eulilee, born July 11, 1868. 



JOHN, born Jan. 20, 1826 ; died Sept. 15, 1846. 

ELIZA ANN, b. in Derry, Sept. 16, 1833 ; m. in Lawrence, Nov. 10, 1852, James 
Harvy, son of William and Abigail (Eastman) Keyser, b. in the northeastern 
part of Coventry, now Benton, N. II., Sept. 25, 1830. Tradition says that tlie 


KicYSKR. family came from Germany, and the name was spelled Keazar. Residence awhile 

in Stonehain and Lynn, Mass., Burlington and South Amboy, New Jersey, and 
since 18iJ7 have resided on the hoinestcatl of his father in Benton, as above; he 
is a shoemaker, a farmer, and also owns a saw-mill. Children : 

Lauua Ella, b. hi South Araboy, July 23, 1857; m. Mar. 13, 1875, Frederic Moses, son 
TvLBK. of Chark'.s and Dhiuna (Bishop) Tyler, b. in Benton, July 17, 1851 ; residence Benton, 

his farm adjoining her father's. Child: — Edna Willianiine, b. in Benton, Sept. 13, 
Keyskr. CnAULKS BiON, born Sept. 14, 1859. 

Nkllie Claua, born July 1, 1864; died Feb., 1866. 
Una Cklest, born Auj;. 23, I8G7. 
Lbona Vkstblla, boru Nov. 8, 1809. 


SARAH «, bom Mar. 9, 1772; married May 26, 170G, Moses, son of John 
and llachci (Roberts) Green, b. in Haverhill, Mass., Jnnc 21, 17G5. 
His father was blind the hist fourteen years of his Ufe, and lived to be ninety- 
seven years old. They settled on the homestead of his father, which is 
situated on the street leading from the City Hall, by the northwestern side 
of Kenoza lialce to Newton, 1^. H., and not far from Plaistow, 
GuKK.v. where he died Jan. 22, 1838; but she lived until Jan. 28, 1860. 
Children : 
SARAH POORE", born Sept. 18, 1797; married Sept., 1828, John, 
son of Joseph and Rhoda (Peasle) Chandler, b. in Amesbury, Mass., Dec. 
21, 1802; resided in Atkinson, N. H., where their first child was born, and 
in Plaistow, Avhere their other children were born. She died suddenly July, 
1865; and he died about 1871. Children: 

JOHN GREEN, b. Aug. 19, 1831, who died about 185G ; m. but no issue. 
Ciian-dlkr. MOSES FLINT, b. Dec. 8, 1833 ; ni. Mary Elizabeth Ryan, by whom he had one 
child. He is a travelliu<j; trader in boots and shoes, with Boston for head- 
quarters. Child : 

Ethel May, b. in Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 13, 18G4, who is with his cousin Mrs. Bradt. 

NICHOLAS WHITE, b. Doc. 10, 1835; m. Nov. 5, 1859, Ella Chastina, dau. of 
George and Harriet (George) Wilson, b. in Plaistow, N. II., Dec. 2G, 1839. 
Residence iu Plaistow when their first child was born, in South Lawrence, Mass., 
and in Port Jervis, Orange Co., N. Y. His farailj- (in 1878) reside No. 9 Grove 
St., on Mt. Washington in Haverhill, Mass. IIe,was employed in the grain store 
of Kunking Bros., Fleet St., in 1877, but before and since that j-ear has been 
employed on railroads, to run a locomotive. Children : 

Nellie Mahsh, born June 20, 1862 ; died Sept. 20, 1864. 

Lrnnie Louise, born in Lawrence Feb. 15, 1865. 

Elsie Cliffokd, born in Lawrence Nov. 7, 1867. 

Fkank Edson, born in Lawrence Sept. 11, 1869. 

Lottie Biuckett, boru iu Tort Jervis, Orange Co., N. Y., June 13, 1873. 



Chandler. TYLER KIMBALL, born Aug. 18, 1837; died in Plaistow, N. H. ; unmarried 
summer of 1871. 

AAEON ^ born Oct. 16, 1799, who died Feb. 20, 1843 without issue; 
Gkeen. married Mary, dau. of Beaj. Kimball, Esq., of Kingston, IST. H., 
who deceased Dec. 17, 1873, after she had married Moses Sanborn. 

MARY AJ^JS" S bom Mar. 4, 1806, who died at Hampton Falls, Is". H., 
Ang. 3, 1875; married (1) June 20, 1829, James, son of Joseph and Ann 
Morrison, b. in Londonderry, Ireland, about 1801, whose ancestors had 
lived in Scotland. He was a machinist, was called to IsTew Orleans, La. to 
construct some machinery about 1831; bought some real estate in that city; 
contemplated to reside there, but the climate west and south was very un- 
healthy for their children, and the family removed back to Massachusetts. 
He died suddenly while at the Hot Springs, Arkansas, about 150 miles 
up Red River, about 1836. She m. for a second husband, July 17, 1859, 
David Janvrin, who had by a former wife eight children. She 
resided in Haverhill, Providence, R. I., and Cincinnati, Ohio, when 
her first husband was living. Children : 

CECILIA GEEEN, b. Dee. 7, 1829 ; m. Nov. 27, 1854, Herman D., son of Daniel 
and Alida (Lansing) Bradt, b. in Scliaghticolie, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Mar. 30, 
1828. His ancestors on father's and mother's side came from Holland and 
resided at or near Amsterdam. lie is a commission merchant, dealing in dry 
goods and woollens. Their first and third children were born in Haverhill, their 
second in Cambridgeport ; and they have resided in Boston since 1861, residing 
some time at Mt. Pleasant, No. 74 Forest St., where they owned; afterward 
awhile at No. 27 same street, and in Feb., 1879 are at No. 3 Albany Avenue. 
Children : 
George Hekman, boi'n in Haverhill Dec. 19, 1855, who has been a clerk. 

Frank Clifford, born Sept. 22, 1857 ; died in Boston Mar. 21, 1861. 

Harry Lansing, born July 19, 1859 ; died in Haverhill Aug. 6, 1860. 

Charles Seymour, born in Boston Feb. 11, 1862; in the High School. 

Hauiette Frances, born in Boston Aug. 19, 1864. 

Robert Winchester, born iu Boston Nov. 5, 1866. 

Herbert Scuyler, born in Boston Aug. 16, 1868. 

Cecilia Catherine, born in Roxbury (now Boston Highlands), Sept. 8, 1870. 

Lucy Marun, born Oct. 19, 1872 ; died August 3, 1873. 

JAMES HENRY, b. in Haverliill, Nov. 8, 1831 ; is a carriage trimmer; m. Mar. 
Morrison. 18, 1856, Sophia Currier, dau. of William Howard and Mary Barnard (Patten) 
Nichols, b. in AVest Amesbury (now Merrimac), Mass., Nov. 11, 1833; resided 
on the homestead of his mother in Haverhill, where two children were born ; in 
the village with lier father when another was born ; removed to Roxbury, and 
resided No. 820 Shawmiit Ave. when their last sons were born ; was some 
time at No. 102 Marcella Street, and autumn of 1878 removed to No. 1 Silver 
Place. In time of the Rebellion he served his country in Co. H, 29th Regt. ; 




MoKiiisoN. ciitoroil a private, and was 1st Lieuteiiniit when the war closed ; was womuled in 
his right arm at the battle of llatciics Rnn. Children : 
CnAuucs Pkisci'-Y, who died very yoiin^. 
Fanny IIazki-tini';, born May 17, 1857, who has charj;e of Evans' business at No. 121 

Dudly SI. ; in 187S uninai'ricd. 
Alice, boni Mar. 30, 18G'J; in the fancy Koods store witli her sister. 
HitKMON JaMics, born in Roxbury (now Boston Higlilands), Dec. 19, 1870. 
AuTUUii Ilic.N'UY, born in lloxbury (now Boston Higlilands), April 5, 1872. 


DAVID", born Septcinbci- 5, 177o; married Betsey, dan. of llicliard 
and Betsey (Clark) Sawyer, of Southhampton, N. II., born Sept. 
1, 1782; settled in Corinth, Yt., a short distance west of the centre 
of the town; a farmer and manufacturer of cider-brandy. He died April 
26,1859. She died Feb. 4, 18G I. Children: 

PLANT SAWYER', born Jan. 18, 1803; died unniai-ried June, 27, 1816. 

SENECA', born Nov. 18, 1807; died Feb. 19, 1809. 

CIIASTINA ', born June 13, 1811; married June 7, 1835, Samuel Currier, 
son of Job and Polly (Currier) Clement, b. in Corinth, Yt., May 
Clkment. 13, 1809; settled on the homestead of his father, which is about 
two miles west of the centre of the town. Chiklren: 
ORSON CLARK, born May 22, 1838 ; unmavned in 1878. 

MARTIN VAN BUREN, b. Dec. 5, 1841, who died Sept. 30, 1863, the year after 

he entered Dartmontli College. 

BETSEY', born Jan. 16, 1814; died Mar. 12,* 1814. 


I311EBE^ born June 4, 1775; married in Londonderry Dec. 29, 1803, 
her cousin, Capt. Jonathan Carleton, son of Nathaniel and Mary 
(Carlton) Little, b. in Plaistow, June 29, 1769. He had married a Meribah 
Farnum Halo, by whom had a son Ebenezcr Hale, Avho resided in Boston 
and Haverhill; and a dau., Mary C, wdio m. Jesse Ayer. They settled 
near the centre of Hampstead, where she died Nov. 30, 1841; where he was 
a cooper by trade and farmer, and died Feb. 10, 1856. He was a captain 
of a military company many years and was one of the selectmen of the 
town. In a notice of him in a newspaper of the day, we learn that when 
he was about nine years of age, when his father was in the Revolutionary 



Army, he, with his brother I^athaniel, about two yeai's his junior, toot the 
sole care of a large farm, and performed all the work on the same. Voted 
at all the presidential elections, from the time when Washington was first 
chosen, until his decease, and attended all the annual town meetings in the 
town for fifty-six years, excepting four when he was ill. Regular in habits 
— for more than forty years in succession he rose every morning before the 
sun, read the scriptures every day. The sanctuary was his unfailing resort 
on the Sabbath, until prevented by infirmities of age. Although for a long 
course of years shut out by extreme deafness from ordinary social intercourse 
with his fellowmen and towards the close of life afilicted with cancer upon 
his face, which occasioned his death; yet he maintained till the last 
LiTTLK. a humble, resigned, and cheerful state of mind, daily perusing with 
increasing interest and delight the pages of his bible. Children : 
MERIBAn FAENUM HALE^ born Aug. 12, 1804, who died aged 
fourteen years. 

LINUS LEWIS CARLETON', born Sept. 27, 1806; married Jan. 22, 

1832, Abiah, dan. of Epli,raim and Ehoda (French) Tewksbnry, b. in 

Hampstead Apr. 25, 1807; resided in Portsmouth, N. H., where one child 

was born, and in Hampstead, on the old homestead of her father, where 

their other children were born. He is, bj trade, also a cooper. Children: 

EHODA ANN, b. Aug. 13, 1833, who died iu Manchester, N. II., Aug., 1861 ; 

m. Maj', 1858, Charles Butterfleld, son of Hugh and Elizabeth Happy (Boynton) 

Pettkngill. Pettengill, b. in Tyngsboro, Mass., Oct. 23, 1838, and now (1877) resides in 

Eaymond, N. H. A shoemaker and farmer, who has m. widow Arivilia W. 

Brown, a dau. of Daniel Robie, by whom he has a dau. Annie E., born 1866. 

Rhoda had but one child, viz. : 

Georgk Walduex, b. ia Salem, N. H., May 1, 1859, is a shoemaker, and resides (iu 
187S) iu Raymond, N. H. 

MARY AMANDA, b. July, 1836; m. Apr. 12, 1857, John William, son of 
Tabor. Pardon and Rosa Ann (Colby) Tabor, b. in Hampstead, Mar. 22, 1836. They 

reside iu Hampstead, near her father. He is a shoemaker. Children : 

Ida May, born Oct. 2, 1858; m. Feb. 24, 1878, Dvvelley Elgin, sou of George and 
Simpson. Emeline (BiitricU). Simpson, and is a farmer iu Pelham, N. H. 

Hknky VValtm!, born Aug. 9, 18C0. 

Maky Etta, born Mar. U, 1862. 

Edwakd Ellsworth, born Apr. 13, 18C3; died May 20, 1864. 

Annie Janett, born Apr. 27, 18G5. 

Fanny Maria, born Juno 27, 1867. 

Johnnie Ellsworth, born Mar. 18, 1869. 

Ellery Edward, born Jan. 16, 1873. 

Little. HENRY CURTIS, b. Jan. 17, 1838, who was in Co. E, 11th Regt. of New 
Hampshire Volunteers, and starvetl to death in the Rebel prison at Salisbury, 
S. C, Apr. 3, 1865 ; unmarried. 


Lrrn.ic. LINUS HALE, b. Sept. 2S, 1839; was in the army; unlil about 1875 rcsiilfil liy 

the Town House In Ilanipstead ; m. Dec. 1, 18G6, Try|)li(Mia, dau. of John luid 
Lucictia (Mooers) Jefferson, b. in Pembroke, Mar. 2, 184'). He is a carpen- 
ter; resides in 1878 No. 53 Portland St., Haverhill. Cliild: 
HEituKur Caulton, born Jan. 13, 1878. 

ADIN TAYLOR, b. Dec. 5, 1841, who died April 11, 1871 ; was in the army; 
m. Nov. 30, 18G9, Mary Eniiua, duu. of Edmon and Etneline (Ealy) Mooers, a 
cousin to Linus H.'s wile. She ni. Oliver Putnam, May 21, 1878. Adin's child : 
Adin Sidney, boru Oct. U, 1871. 

HANNAH MARIA, b. Aug. 28, 1843; unmarried 1878; resides with her sister 


ELIZABETH GIBBON, b. Feb. 17, 1848; m. Jan. 18, 1874, Samuel Stephen, 
Corliss. son of Stephen and Priscilla (Sanborn) Corliss, b. on Broadway, Haverhill, 

Nov. 14, 184 G. Residence (in 1879) No. 21 Lock St., Haverhill. He is a 
dealer in shoe-stiffeuiugs, etc., with G. W. D. Churchill. No children. 

WILLIAM ARTHUR, b. Jan. 7, 1851 ; m. Nov. 15, 187G, Sarah Lizzie, dau. of 
LiTTLit. Horace and I'ilizabeth Maria (Dearborn) Locke, b. in Winchester, Mass., Jan. 

19, 1854 ; reside in Ilanipstead Centre ; is a carpenter. Child : 
HoUACE Walter, b. Nov. 2, 1878. 

DAVID PILSBURY', born Nov. 1, 1808; married Sept. 3, 1833, Martha 
Ann, dau. of William and Mary Langdon (Holbrook) Ilam, b. in Ports- 
mouth, IS". H., Sept. 11, 1812. He was in the express and insurance busi- 
ness; resided in Portsmouth, where their first child was born; in Manchester, 
Portland, Mc., where their second child was born; ISTcAvburyport, ISIass., 
awhile; Hampstead, JS". II., where two children were born; and Epping, 
where their other four children were born, and where he died Dec. 8, 1872. 
Ilis widow has removed to Haverhill, Mass., and resided No. 8 Grove St., 
on Mt. Washington, in 1879. Children : 

ELLEN HARRIET, b. Nov. 2, 1834, who resided with her uncle, Ebenezcr Hale 
in Boston ; was a school-teacher, but died unmarried July 3, 1854. 

Little. ALBERT WILLIAM, b. Mar. 17, 183G, who resided corner of Lock and Duncan 

Sts., Haverhill, and was employed in a shoe-manufactory until Nov., 1878, when 
he goes to Sterling, Rice Co., Kansas; m. (1) Jan. 27, 1861, Maria Elizabeth, 
dau. of Francis H. and Betsey (Lyford) Blaokley, b. in Pelham, N. II., Sept. 8, 
1842, who died Sept., 1870, by whom had two children; m. (2) Nov. 15, 1876, 
Ella Vola, dau. of Avender and Laura A. (Wheeler) Corson, b. in Lebanon, Me., 
Dec. 30, 1853. Her mother's parents Thomas R. and Abigail (Little) Wheeler. 
Children : 

IIattik Bell, born hi Epphig, N. H., Apr. 25, 18G5. 

AuTUUK Waldo, born iu Uavjrliill, Apr. 30, 18G8. 

EBEN HALE, b. Feb. 6, 1839 ; m. two daughters of Hiram and Louis.a A. (Hoyt) 
Nichols: (1) Mary Eliza, b. iu Ilanipstead, Oct. 1, 1846, who died Mar. 24, 




Little. 1869; and (2) Ella Janette, b. Jan. 2, 1850, who died Oct. 27, 1871. He i.9 

employed in a sboc-mamifactory in Haverhill. His child born in Hampstead, viz : 

Jessie May, born Nov. 9, 18G7; resides with grandfather Nichols in Bradford, In 1878. 

MARTHA LOUISA, b. Apr. 8, 1843; m. Sept. 7, 1862, George Mclvin, son of 
Huntress. George and Lydia Jane (Dodge) Huntress, b. in Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 15, 
1839, where their children were born. Ho is a wheelwright; resides corner of 
North and Dearborn Sts., Portsmouth, N. II. Children: 

Ellen Louisa, born Nov. 3, 1SG3; died July 18, 1SC5.  ' 

Willie, born Julj' 29, ISGo; died same day. 

Jennie Dodge, born in Franklin, Mass., Oct. 6, 1868; died in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 

16, 1871. 
Albert Senteh, born July 3, 1873. 
Henry Webster, bora Jan. 20, 1878. 

JAY PLUMMER, b. Mar. 11, 1845, who was in the 11th N. H. Regt., and died Apr., 
1875 ; m. 1867, Rosa Wentworth, of Rumney, N. H. Child : 
Walter, who died young. 

EMMA PLACENTA, b. July 31, 1847; m. Ang. 26, 1867, James Henry, son of 
Robert and Sallie (Sinclair) Rowc, b. in Brentwood, N. H., Sept. 1, 1843, where 
both his parents were born and now reside ; residence at Crawley's Falls, in said 
Brentwood, where their children were born. He is a manufacturer of wheels and 
carriages. Children : 

Annie Isabelle, born July 26, 1868. 

Johnnie Melvin, born June 22, 1872. 

ANNA ISABEL, born July 18, 1849 ; died Aug. 23, 1852. 

FRANK HERBERT, b. Mar 20, 1852; m. Feb. 27, 1878, Carrie Maria, dan. of 
Little. Daniel and Martha A. (Card) Morrison, b. in Waltham, Mass., May 27, 1852. 

He is in a shoe-m.auufactory, and resides (in 1879) No. 16 Jackson St., Haverhill, 

WALTER LANGDON, b. Mar. 28, 1854 ; m. Oct. 8, 1876, Sarah, dau. of Daniel 
Coffin and Sarah (Bnrnham) Edgerly, b. in Epping, N. II., Nov. 26, 1854 ; 
resides with his mother, and is employed in a shoe-manufactory. Child : 
Guy Langdon, born Feb. 12, 1878. 

PHEBE^ born Mar. 23, 1811; married Sept. 6, 1829, Francis, son of 
Wybird and Elizabeth (Williams) Sawyer, b. in that part of Amesbury now 
called Merrimac, July 30, 180G, who died in Candia, N. IT., Nov. 7, 1813. 
He was a cooper in Portsmouth, ]^. H., where two of their children were 

born; removed to Hampstead, where their other children wei-e 
Sawyer, born, and she has been in Haverhill since 1869; in 1877 i-esided 

at No. 20 Green St.; in 1879 No. 71 Water St. Children: 

SAMUEL SMITH, born Sept. 12, 1830 ; died unmarried Feb. 7, 1852. 
ANNA ELIZABETH, born Aug. 14, 1832 ; died unmarried Dec. 31, 1853. 
HENRY LITTLE, born June 8, 1835 ; died Aug. 2, 1843. 


SAWYKit. IIATTIK COLBY, b. Apr. 10, lfi37; m. Aug. 14, 18C2, Daniel Long, son of 
Moses :iiul Miiria (Quimby) Sawyer, b. in Haverliill, June 27, 1837; a jeweller, 
and watch and clock maker; slioi) (in 1877) No. 119 Merrimack St. lie was in 
Co. II, 1st, and Co. E, lllli New Ilanipsliirc liegts. of Vols. lie had m. Helen 
Perry, Jan., 18.08, who d. in Aug., 1858; residence in Ilanipstead while three 
children were b. ; came to Haverhill, Apr., 1809, where he died June 22, 1878, 
and interred in Ilampstcad. Slie is still with lier mother. Children: 

Helkn Mawa, born June G, 18(J3. 

Annie Euzabeth, born July 12, 18G5; died Aug. 21, 1873. 

Frank Hicnuy Little, born Fob. 4, 1868. 

Mauy Little, born in Haverhill, Sept. 30, 1870. 

FuEDEUicK Olin, bom in Haverhill, Feb. 4, 1878. 

NATHANIEL HALE^ born Apr. 1, 1813; married Mar. 4, 1840, 
Almii'a, clan, of Ephraim Tcwlcsbury, a sister of his brother's wife, b. in 
Ilainpstead, June 21, 1814, who died Feb. 28, 1871; after which he went 

to reside in Lynn witli liis daughter, Mary P. Dow, wlicre ho died 
Little. Dcc. oO, 1877, and buricd in Hampstead, wliere their children were 

all born. He was, like his father, very hard of hearing-, some years 

before his decease. Children: 

Reynolds. MERIBAII, b. May 8, 1841 ; m. in 1872, Gardner B. Reynolds, of Boxford, Mass. ; 
lived in Lymi, Mass., where she deceased. Child : 
LoKENZO Theodore, born Feb. G, 1875; died young. 

FRANK HENRY, b. Oct. 19, 1843 ; m. May G, 1869, Helen Matilda, dan. of 
Little. John and Matilda V. (Atwood) Dow, b. in Atkinson, N. II., Mar. 27, 1847. 

They have resided in Hampstead, Haverhill, Atkinson, Ilampsteail awhile again, 
Lynn, where their fourth child was born; in Aug., 1875 removed to Danvers. 
He is a carpenter. In the time of the rebellion he was a member of Co. E, 11th 
N. II. Volunteers. Children : 

EitNEST Hale, born in Hampstead, Apr. IS, 1870. 

Frank Weston, born in Haverhill, Aug. 2G, 1872. 

Helen Josephine, born in Atkinson, Nov. 3, 1873. 

Jonathan Carleton, born Juno 29. 1875; died Aug. IS, same year. 

George Henry, born Nov. 28, 187G; died Aug. 29, 1877. 

Emma Louisa, born in Danvers, Mar. 24, 1878. 

JONATHAN CARLETON, b. Aug. 19, 1846; m. Lucy A. Sawyer, and d. in 
Atkinson, Mar. 5, 1874. His widow (in 1877) resided in L3'uu. Child : 
A SON, who died iu early infancy. 

Dow. MARY PHEBE, b. Sept. 1, 1852 ; m. Dec. 23, 1869, John Dow. jr., a brother of 

Frank Henry's wife, b. in Atkinson, Dec. 16, 1844. He is a clerk in a grocery 
store, and they have resided, since married, at No. 2 Hutchinson Court, Lynu, 

Children : 

Ethklyn May', born, June 29, 1872. 
John Carleton, born Dec. 21, 1874. 




AN:N"A'', born June 9, 1777; married Feb. 14, 1803, Kichard, son of 
Richard and Elizabetli (Claris) Sawyer, of Corinth, Yt., whose father 
came up from Southampton, N. H., in 1794; this son b. in Southampton, 
Dec. 14, 1776. He was a brother to her brother David's wife. Mr. 
Sawyer was a farmer; resided in Corinth until they removed to 
Sawyer. Vershire, Yt., in 1839. lie truly was a peacemaker among the 
children of men and died as peacefully as he had lived Mar. 28, 
1853. She died May 22, 1865. Children: 
^TOLUS', born Jan. 17, 1804; a farmer; d. unmarried July 26, 1850. 

BRYD0:N"E^ born June 23, 1805; a stone-cutter; d. unm. Apr. 10, 1831. 

BETSEY", born Sept. 26, 1808; died unmarried July 26, 1835. 

MOEEAU^ born Feb. 23, 1809; a cabinet-maker; d. unm. Oct. 29, 1828. 

MAYO GREENLBAF^ born Dec. 11, 1810, who died at Chelsea, Yt., 
Aug. 13, 1845; m. Mar. 20, 1837, Caroline Hanes, dau. of Moses and Eunice 
(iSToyes) Eastman, b. in Benton, IS". H., Dec. 31, 1810. He was a farmer; 
resided in several places, and Avas in Topsham when their first child was 
born, and in Yershire when their other child was born. His death was 
caused by an internal injury, received by the falling of a croAvded piazza, 
while witnessing a display of fireworks at Haverhill, K. H., July 4, 1844. 
His widow married Jonathan Coburn, by whom had a son, Mayo S., Avho is 
dead. She is (in 1878) with her son Brydone. Children : 

KICHARD, b. Dec. 26, 1839 ; m. Apr. 16, 1868, Mary Ann, dau. of Stephen and 
Elsie (Drury) Howland, b. in Landaff, N. H., Oct. 21, 1843. He is a farmer 
near Swift Water Village, in Bath, N. H. ; formerly in a lumber mill, and run a 
circular saw twenty j'ears. Children : 

Danna Forest, born Dec. 1, 1872; died Apr. 7, 1874. 
TuACY Ovid Mooke, bom iu Bath, Apr. 11, 1878. 

BRYDONE, born Feb. 26, 1844 ; is a farmer in Norlhlield, Mass. ; unmarried. 

MARY POORER born Feb. 15, 1814; married Feb. 1, 1838, Alfred 
Lathrop; settled in Yershire, Yt.; died without issue, June 5, 1848. Her 
widower m. Sarah Coburn, by whom had a daughter; and m. again after 
his second wife died. 

ANISTA^ born ISTov. 2, 1815; married May 23, 1839, Erastus Dicldnson, 
and died ISTov. 21, 1842, in Washington, Yt. Mr. Dickinson removed to 
Corinth; married Electa Boardman, by whom had some sons. Anna's child: 
JOSEPH LEONARD, born Feb., 1842 ; died unmarried May, 1862-. 


SUSAK POOEE", bom Apr. 5, 1817, who died May 22, 18G1; married 

Feb. 13, 1839, John, son of Alexander and Sarah (Eaton) Bragg, 1). in 

Straftbrd, Vt., Mar. 6, 1817; settled in Yershiro, where son Dana 

BuAGG. was born, and removed to Chelsea. Mr. Bragg has m. Iluldah 

Church, and resides (1878) in Thetford. Children: 

DANA, b. Dec. 1, 1841 ; ni. Aug. In, 18G2, his 2iul cousin, Eliz.n, Ann, d.aii. of 
John II. and Mary A. (Cloiigh) Bragg, b. in Strafford, Aug. 10, 1841. lie is a 
farmer; resides in Thetford, about 2^ miles from Post Mill Village. Besides a 
daughter who died very young, he has a son : 
JouN Albmjt, born iii Thclford, Jan. 9, 18G5. 

JOHN ALBERT, born Mar. 7, 1849 ; died Feb. 8, 1864. 
SUSAN, born May 3, 1851 ; died June 21, 1851. 

SARAH GREEI!^"', born Jan. 12, 1819; died unmarried Dec. 25, 18G4. 

CAROLIN"E ', born Feb. 11, 1821; married Feb. 9, 1854, Harries, son of 
John and Polly (Towle) Orr, b. in Corinth, Yt., Dee. 23, 1812, who m. (1) 
Nancy Carleton, by whom had two sons, one now living, married and 
Oi!u. has a son. Mr. Orr is a farmer, and settled on the homestead of 
her father in Yershire; the town, to the great dissatisfaction of the 
old I'esidents, of late has been changed to the name of Ely, by the 
managers of the copper mine. Her child : 

CAROLINE ANNA, b. July 3, 1859 ; m. Nov. 18, 1876, Charles Henry, son of 
SiACY. James and Eliza (Kenistern) Stacj', b. in Vershire, where he was a farmer ; d. of 

consumption, Mar. 18, 1878, aged only 22 years, 11 mouths, and 28 days. She 
has no children. 

JEREMIAH', SON OF BAIIEL' (p. 67), I0MTHA1^^ JOHN^ lOffl'. 

A^EREMIAH^ born in Plaistow, Oct. 31, 1747. He settled on the 
t)|f' homestead with his father where he continued until he died, Aug. 3, 
r 1811. He occupied the house and land adjoining, while his brother 
Jonathan owned the land on the northeast part of the farm, and brother 
Daniel had a farm more to the eastward of the original settlement of his 
father. He bought more land in the neighborhood, so that the three 
brothers, during the last quarter of the Christian century in which they 
lived, could show quite a quantity of real estate and children, upon the 
high and salubrious lands of the southern part of Atkinson, where they 


could from their delightful situation, overlook the villages in the valley of 
the Merrimack, and the beautiful Crystal Lake at the southwest, and Cap- 
tain's Pond more distant, where the boys could go a fishing on "'lection 
day," after they had planted their corn in the summer, and on days of 
leisure in the winter season. Among public offices held by him, Avas that of 
commanding the company of militia in Atkinson. 

Capt. Poore was married Oct. 11, 1770, by Rev. Edward Barnard, to Miss 
Mary, dan. of Samuel, jr. and Lydia (Webster) Hasseltine, born in Haver- 
hill, Mass., Jan. 25, 1750, and died Mar. 24, 1823. She was a descendant 
on her father's side, of John Hasseltine, who, with his brother Robert, were 
among the early settlers of Rowley, and before his decease came to Haver- 
hill. His descendants have owned 

land, from generation to generation, ^^^yy,,^^^ ^^^ ^^cCl-y 

on Xorth Broadway, by Long Hill ; /v 
and on her mother's side from Ste- 
phen, a son of John "Webster, one of the early settlers of Ipswich, and this 
family of Websters have resided in all parts of the West Parish of 
Haverhill, some of whom have intermarried, as we have seen, with Capt. 
Poore's brother Daniel's daughters. Children : 

1. Samuel, born June 18, 1771 ; married Betsej' Kent. 

2. Lucy, born January 16, 1774 ; married Moses Dole. 

3. Joseph, born January 25, 1777; died November 24, 1791. 

4. Jesse, born Jan. 27, 1779 ; died January 28, 1802. 

5. Jeremiah, born January 10, 1785 ; married first time, Sarah Putnam, then Nancy Chase, 

and lastly Hannah Kimball. 

6. Zelenda, born Jan. 23, 1792; married Jeremiah Walcott ; resided in Newport, N. H., 

and Auburn, N. Y. ; died about 18G5, without issue. 

Those of his children who had posterity were the following: 


SAMUEL «, born in Atkinson, June 18, 1771; married Feb. 6, 1798, 
Betsey, dau. of John and Alice (Little) Kent, b. in Hampstead, !N". H., 
Jan. 23, 1775, both of her parents being of the old Newbury families. He 
bought a farm in !N^ew Hampshire, on high land, partly in two towns, Orford 


and Picrmoiit. The house in Avhicli nil his children were horn is in Orford, 
and about one mile in a northern direction from Indian Pond, so that it was 
in a situation similar to his birth})lace. lie resided there from Mar., 1795 
until Nov. 1, 18G1, when he removed down to the south ])ai-t of the village, 
in Piermont, where he deceased Apr. 10, 18G4, retaining in a remai'kaljlo 
degree his faculties to a good old age, but his wife was taken from him by 
death Dec. 12, 1831. Children: 

JESSE ^ born July 2G, 1803; married Aug. 13, 1828, Mary, dan. of 
Josiah and Deborah (Dudley) Hook, b. in Kaymond, IST. H., Mar. 27, 1807. 
Settled with his father on the homestead at first, and removed to the village 
in Piermont in 1861, as above. Children: 

MAEY ELIZABETH, b. Apr. 10, 1830; m. Nov. 28, 1854, "William Ilazen. son 
Page. of Samuel and Eliza (Swasc}') Page, b. in Haverhill, N. II., Feb. 4, 1824. 

He is a trader in his native town, wliere both tlieir children were born, but tlio 
family in 1878 commenced occupying a farm in Piermont, nearly a mile from the 
store, though adjoining the one on which he was born. Children : 
CnAKi.ics PoOKK, born Oct. 2d, 1857. 
FuKD Willie, boni May 10, 18G1. 

ZELENDA WALCOTT, born June 23, 1834; died May 31, 1843. 

JOSEPH, b. Oct. 5, 1840; a trader with his brother-in-Law ; m. Jan. 16, 1873, 
PooKE. pjlizabctli Merrill, dau. of. George and Louisa Ricker (Lang) Swasey, and cousin 

to said Page above, b. in Newbury, Vt., Sept. 30, 1845. Child: 
Mauy Louisa, born Feb. 23, 1874. 

IRVIN, born Nov. 8, 1S4G ; is a farmer witli his father ; unm.irricd in 1877. 

ELIZA'', born Aug. G, 1810; married Tristram, son of Ephraim Cross, 
of Piermont. She died June 2, 18G0, without offspring. 

JEREMIAH ^ born Oct. 21, 1813; married Aug. 20, 1848, Betsey 
Emery, dau. of George and Xancy (Grcenlcaf) Andruss, born in Orford, 
Apr. 11, 1822, who died Feb. 7, 187G; m. (2) Jan. 30, 1878, widow Maria 
Culma, who is dau. of Charles and Ann Pannell, and born in London, Eng- 
land, Aug. 24, 1829. He was a farmer in Northville, La Salle Co., on Fox 
River, where he resided about nineteen years, (until 1855) when they re- 
moved to Somonauk, about five miles north of the fiirm, and in T)i\ Kalb 
Co., 111., where he now resides. He was a tradei- a short time. Children: 

JULIUS CICERO, born Nov. 21, 1849 ; died Nov. 10, 18G2. 

SAMUEL ELMER, born Sept. 18, 1851; a farmer ; unmarried. 

EUGENE FRANKLIN, born Apr. 18, 1857: died May 24, 1859. 

ELMER FRANKLIN, born Scj)!. 10, 1861 ; a school-teacher. 



LUCY^, born Jan. 16, 1774; married Mar. 1, 1801, Moses Dole, probably 
of the ISTewbury, Mass. stock, and perhaps a native of Atlrinson, 
]Sr. H. ; time of birth, Sept. 17, 1771 ; settled in Canaan, IST. H., where 
Dole, their children were born. She died Oct. 6, 1826. He died June 2, 
1828. Children: 
JOSEPH \ born Oct. 31, 1801 ; died about 1817. 

MAE¥^ born Oct. 28, 1803; married (1) Doctor Charles Plaistridge, 

Oct., 1824; m. (2) I^'ov. 29, 1829, Joseph, son of Edward and Hannah 

(Strong) Sawyer, b. in Orford, N". li., Oct. 11, 1785. His father b. in 

Hebron, Conn., 1742; and his mother b. 1751. Settled in Piermont, l!^. H., 

near the bridge which connects this town with the town of Bradford, "Vt., 

and where their children were born. He died July 4, 1858, having filled 

many places of public trust with honor as well as ability, in the town, 

county, and state. Intelligence of his death caused mourning not only in 

his affectionate family, but among his many and widespread acquaintances. 

He was a Justice of the Peace, Legislator, etc. See a notice of him at the 

time of his decease, in the newspapers in Bradford, Yt., ISTashua, Haverhill, 

Lebanon, and Concord, 1^. H., etc. She (in 1879) resides at jSTo. 

Sawyer. 212 Church St., Cambridge City, Lid., the place where she has 

been since Sept. 25, 1863. Children: 

MARY DOLE, b. Ang. 22, 1830; m. Oct. 23, 1856, John, son of James and 

Callaway. Matilda (Cooper) Callaway, in Indiana, where she was teaching ; b. in AVash- 

ington, Ind., Feb. 9, 1826. Their residence was in Milton, Ind. when five of 

their children were born, and since in Cambridge Cit3% that state. While in 

Milton he was a merchant. After his removal to Cambridge City was president 

of the First National Bank in that place. They in 1879 are residing on one of 

his farms just out of town. Children : 

Maiiy Dole, b. Sept. 30, 1857; m. July 22, 1874, James Harvy, son of Isaac and Sophia 
Clark. (Jackson) Clark, b. iu Cambridge City, Ind., May 5, 1850; reside on Main St., in said 

Cambridge City, and he keeps a meat market. Children: — Lillian Sophia, b. Dec. 
21, 1875. John Isaac, b. Mar. 31, 1877. Walter Earnest, b. Jan. 7, 1879. 
Callaway. Zella Sawyer, born Apr. 5, 1859, is in 1878 unmarried. 

Joseph John Gurney, born Dec. 30, 1860. 

PloraBell, hwins, born June 17, 18G5. 

Willie, j 

Kate Matilda, born April 2, 1871. 

Sawyer. ELIZABETH, born Aug. 12, 1832, is (in 1878) with her mother; unmarried; in 
Cambridge City, Ind. 
CATHARINE LUCY, b. Dec. 31, 1835, graduated No. 1 atZimball Union Acad- 
eraj', Mcriden, N. II., in 1855, assistant, and afterwards principal at Mount 



KniiiALL. ricasant High School, Nashua, N. II. ; m. Aug. 19, IS.'iC, Charles Ford, son of 

Lewis (of the Plainficld stock) and Lucy (Ford) Kimball, h. in I'icrinont, N. II., 
July 24, 18.']4, loarncd the trade of printer while educating hiuisolf at the Nashua 
Literary InstiluU', and at Madison University, N. Y. ; editor and i)nl)iislier of tiic 
North Missouri Herald, Trenton, Mo., at 20, and State Gazette at Brunswick, Mo., 
21-22 ; spent 1857-58 abroad ; appointed Secretary of the Building Coininission 
and Clerk of Northern Indiana States Prison, at Michigan City, Ind., 18C0-C1 
-62 ; appointed by Gov. O. P. Morton, Military Agent of the State of Indiana, 
for the Military Departments of the Tennessee, and of the' Gulf, with rank of 
major, with head-quarters at Vicksburg and New Orleans, 18G3-4 ; merchant at 
Cambridge Ind., and Boscobel, Wis., 1865-70 ; editor and joint proprietor of the 
Pontiac (Michigan) Gazette, from 1871 to the present; Secretary of the Jliclii- 
gan State Agricultural Society, 1873-77 ; postmaster of the City of Pontiac, 
1875 to the present, 1879. No children. Residence No. 17 Saginaw Avenue, 
Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan. 
ELEANOR MERRILL, b. Sept. 16, 1838; m. Dec. 27, 1870, Evan, son of Stephen 
Hughes. and Catherine (Trask) Hughes, b. in Union Co., Pa., Dec. 6, 1827. 

He is a farmer ; residence (in 1878) in Cambridge City, Ind. Child : 

RouERT, born Mar. 13, 1873. 
ISABELLA, born Dec. 9, 1840, who died in Dowagiac, Mich., May 12, 1877; m. 
ScuuTT. Sept. 3, 1802, Abram, son of Abraham and Electa (Bruce) Schutt, who m. Apr., 

1878, Ilattie Smith, and was in that year residing at Albion, Noble Co., Ind. 
Isabella's children : 

Ralpu, born in Elkhart, Aug. 31, 18fi3; died Mar. C, 1865. 

iJoHN Joseph, b. in TVashingtoii township, Wayne Co., Ind., Feb. 9, 18G7; resides with 
his uncle, Joseph E. Sawyer. 

FitED H., born in Dowagiac, Feb. 21, 1869. 

Caul F., born in Dowagiac, Sept, 23, 1871. 

Guy Abraham, born in Dowagiac, Nov. 10, 1874. 

Hallet, born July 7, 187G; died Jan., 1878. 

ZELENDA POORE, b. Jan. 10, 1844; m. Nov. 1, 1866, James, son of Thomas 
Nkwby. Newby, who was a captain in the armj', and had by a former wife a dau. Ettie, 

b. in Germantown, in 1862. He is a miller by trade, and now is superintendent 
of Richardson Mill. Residence No. 321 West North St., Indianapolis, Ind., 
where they have been since the autumn of 1876. Children : 
Thomas Franklin, born in Cambridge City, Ind., M;ir., 18G8. 
Nellie, l)orn Nov., 1872; died same month, aged tliree weelis. 
Cornelia Walcott, born in Cambridge City, Juiy 3, 1874. 

JOSEPH EDWARD, born in Picrraont, N. II., Jan. 1, 1847 ; removed to Michigan 
Sawyer. City, Ind., in 1862, thence in 1863 to Cambridge City, Ind., where he prepared 

himself for the Michigan University, in the schools of that city and Dublin in 
same state. He passed the Freshman year in the University, in the class of 
1869, but was unable, for want of means, to return, and the following year lie 
commenced the study of law with George C. Hazelton (now member of Congress) 
at Boscobel, Wisconsin. In 1868 he removed to Michigan, and entered the law 
office of Judge M. E. Crofoot, Pontiac, from which he was admitted to the bar, 
Sept. 29, 1869. He immediately entered upon a lucrative law practice in Pontiac. 



Sawvek. He lately associated with J. D. and F. D. Standish, of Detroit, under the finn 

name of Sawj-er, Standish & Co., with ofHee at 126 Jefferson Avenue, but he 
continues to reside in Pontiac, while he superintends the business of both ofHces. 
He has supported himself since the death of his father, when be was eleven j'ears 
of age. Although an ardent republican, he has given little personal attention to 
politics, and has never been an aspirant for office, but was in 1872 elected 
• Circuit Court Commissioner of his (Oakland) County, and has held the ofHco of 
United States Commissioner for the Eastern District of Michigan, since 1875. 

He is a prominent member of the fraternity of Freemasons, and has served 
with marked distinction, as Master of Pontiac Lodge, No. 21, and as Prelate of 
Pontiac Commandery, No. 2, K. T., which latter office he still holds. He is a 
communicant of the Church of England, member of the Vestry, and secretary' of 
Zion Church, Pontiac, since 1872. 

He married Oct. 17, 1877, Lizzie Victoria, dau. of George Henry and Jane 
(Flower) Satterlee, who was born in Bloomfield, Mich., July 31, 1856, but re- 
moved to Central Mine, Keweenaw County, on the northern peninsula of Michigan, 
when three j-ears of age, and resided there until 1875, when her father died, and 
she, with her mother and sisters, removed to Pontiac. Residence in 1879 is at 
53 Lawrence Street. Child : 

Lizzie Bell, "born in Pontiac, Aug. 8, 1878. 


JEREMIAH ^ bom Jan. 10, 1785; settled on the homestead of his father 
and grandfather; and he buih about 1830, a new house of brick, about 
two rods east of where the old one stood, which had been used by the 
former two generations, and was enabled to live in afiiuence until his decease 
Apr. 13, 1858. 

He married (1) in Dec, 1811, Miss Sarah, dau. of Oliver and Sarah 
(Lake) Putnam, b. in Hampstead, Aug. 9, 1789, and her parents were of 
families who have lived in the southern part of old Essex County. By her 
had his only child. She died Dec. 15, 1814. Man-ied (2) JSTancy Chase, of 
Haverhill; and (3) Hannah Kimball, of Salem, IsT. H., who survived him, 
and died Sept. 28, 1864, aged sixty-seven years. Child: 

JEREMIAH THORISTDIKE^ born Mar. 13, 1813; married in Lynn, 
Mass., ISTov. 28, 1839, Lucy, dau. of John D. and Abigail (Alley) Pecker, 
b. in Lynn, Feb. 24, 1820; resided in Lynn when three of their children 
were born, and removed on to the old homestead in 1856. His grandfathers 
having cleared off most of the boulders and made with them substantial 
stone fences around the sides and through the old farm, he can with ease 
use the machines operated by horse-power, to mow the grass and rake the 


hay, dig potatoes, etc., which weru invented about the; time he came to Uve 
here. Children: 

SARAH ABBY, boin Xov. 1, 1811 ; died Mar. 3, 1851. 

LUCY ELLEN, b. Sci)t. 3, 1844 ; m. Nov. 20, 1875, James Monioc, son of James 
Nesmith. and Maiy (Corning) Nosmith, b. in Londonderry, N. IL, June 18, 1832. lie is a. 

plumber ; resided in Washington, D. C. until July, 1878, and returned to 
Atkinson and resides in the village. 

PoOKK. ADIN EUGENE, b. May 22, 1849, who is on the farm with his father; m. autumn 
of 1871, Anne Elizabeth, dau. of Henry and Hannah (Knight) Noyos, who were 
natives of Atkinson, but resided in Cambridge, Mass. when siie was born Apr. 
25, 1852. She died July 28, 1872. Child : 

EvERKTT Henry, b. ou the homestead of his paternal aucestois in Atkinson, Apr. 15, 

ELIZA FRANCES, born Nov. 1, 1858: died May 5, 1859. 

%0H:N'^ born m Phaistow, E". H., July 8, 1752. Graduated at Harvard 
Jjjr College, in Mass., 1775; was a school teacher; married. (1) Kov. 2, 
' 1777, Sarah, dau. of John and Martha Folsom, b. in Stratham, N". 'H., 
Feb. 10, 1758, she being the first child of her father's second wife. He had 
by her, four children, and she died Aug. 3, 1784. He then, about that time, 
removed from his native state to Pennsylvania, and there folloAved his pro- 
fession of teaching, where he m. (2) one of his pupils, viz. : Miss Jane, a 
daughter of William and Elizabeth (Thompson) Neely, b. Mar., 17G7, 
who d. JNIay 15, 1827, and was interred in the church-yard in Solebury, with 
her father, an elder in the church, who died July 10, 1818, aged 76, and her 
mother, who died Feb. 15, 1854, in the 86th year of her age. 

Mr. Poore was the first principal of the young ladies' academy, established 
in Philadelphia in 1787, which was, as Ave are informed, the first institution 
of the sort for females, in the coinitry, and perhaps the first in the world. 
His pupils were from all parts of the United States, from the "West Indies, 
and from ISTova Scotia and Canada, lie retired IVom Philadelphia and 
settled in the vicinity of his wife's native ])lace; and his sons, with a few 
neighbors, in 1815, built for him an academy building, at a place called !N"ew 
Hope, Bucks Co., Pa., on the Delaware River, about twelve miles above 



Trenton, and where his family resided from about 1809, until the decease of 
his "wife; then he removed to Yorkhaven, York Co., Pa., and resided with 
his son, Charles M. Poore, until he died, Dec. 5, 1829, and was interred in 
Liverpool, York Co., Pa. 

In his earlier days he taught vocal music; and while he resided in Phila- 
delphia there were three sabbath schools in that city which were established 
by a society in 1791, and he taught the one 
that was located on Cherry St. While he ^^y^^j-v *^c^-0^ — > 

was in Solebury he was Ruling Elder of the 

Presbyterian Church. "We give an engraving of his signature to a letter, 

to his brother David. 

Hg had ten children; three died in early infancy, and the names of the 
others were: 

1. John Folsom, born iu Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 23, 1778, died unmarried in Maj^, 1858, and 

was buried in Green Mount Cemetery, iu Baltimore ; the city where he was many years 
a successful merchant ; an importer, and extensive dealer in hardware. After he 
retired from business he spent much of his time dispensing charities to the needy ; 
was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, and was highly respected. 

2. George, born Sept. 10, 1780 ; married Ann Porter. 

3. Charles Merrill, born July 14, 1782 ; married Elizabeth Eoberts. 

4. Ann, born July 23, 1784; married Alfred Mctcalf. 

5. Daniel, born Oct. 12, 1793 ; married Maria Merrick. 

6. Jane Neely, born Mar. 16, 1796, who married (1) Jan., 1832, Charles H. Bass, born in 

1783, who died Sept., 1835, by whom had a son Joseph, who died .aged sixteen months, 
and a son Charles who died aged seven years ; married (2) in 1852, Josiah Hart, who 
was born in 1782 and died in 1864. She is still alive in 1879 and residing in Lam- 
bertville, N. J. 

7. Hannah Delaplane, born Feb. 19, 1799 ; married Solomon H. Opdyke. 

Of his children who had posterity : 

&EOEGE", SOU OF JOHN' (p, 121), DAmL^ JOMTHiN', lOH', lOffl'. 

GEORGE", born September 10, 1780; was a merchant in Baltimore in 
company with his younger brother about six years, and removed to 
York Haven, Pa., in 1812, Avhere he deceased May 2, 1821; m. April, 1818, 



Miss Ann Porter, a native of the eastern part of Maryland, on the Atlantic, 
but we have not obtained her parentage. Children : 
JOHN FOLSOM ^ who deceased when young. 

CPIAELES AVILSON \ born in Yoi-k Haven, Pa., Jan 22, 1821 ; died 
May 2, 1871, and was buried in Fairmount cemetery in Newark, N. J., Avith 
his last three infant children; m. Jan. 1, 1846, Catherine, dan. of Gill)ert 
and Cathei'ine (Van Yorst) Dudley, of Patterson, N. J., b. in Newark, Nov. 
7, 1824, where all but the first of their children were born. Children: 

ANN MARIA LENIIART, b. in Patterson, Jan. 5, 1847; ni. Sept. 24, 1867, 
Cakter. Lewis Alfred Carter, of Madison, N. J. ; residence in 1879 is Dover, N. J. 

Child : 

CiiAULES FREDEniCK Teese, boru in Newark, N. J., July 19, IS'G. 

FRANCIS AUGUSTA, b. Feb. 13, 1848 ; m. Aug. 28, 18G6, John, son of Lewis and 

Walmsley. Laurahamma (Thompson) Walmslej', b. in Patterson, N. J., July 23, 1847. His 

father died in 1854, aged 44 years, and his mother is now married to her cousin 

Thomas Tiiompson. He is a b.aker, and in 1877 resides in Camden, N. J., at 

No. 14 Van Gard street. Children : 

Clara Josephine, born in Newark, January 15, 18G8. 

Laurahamma, b. in Irvington, N. J., Scpleniber 25, 18G9; died June 25, 1870. 

Kate Dudley, born February 2G, 1871; died August 2G, 1871. 

John, born in Easton, Pa., February i, 1872. 

William Dudley, born Deceniljer 9, 187-1 ; died August 9, 1876. 

FunD AsBURY, born in Easton, February 5, 187G. 

MARY DUDLEY, b. July 31, 1850; m. March 26, 1874, in Ilarrislmrgh, Pa., to 
Neff. James Polk, son of John C. and Anna M. (Stahl) Neff, b. in Carlisle, Pa., Nov. 

3, 1844. His father is a dentist. They reside in 1879 in said Carlisle, and he is 
a trader on Main street. Children : 

MARaAitETTA Staiil, born in Carlisle, August G, 1873. 
Sarah Fleming, born in Carlisle, Aug. 28, 1878. 

HENRIETTA JACOBS, born July 10, 1853 ; died August 12, 1854. 

JANE HART, born March 17, 1855. 

KATE FLEMING, born September 18, 1857. 

CHARLES WILSON, born July 8, 1860 ; died August 11, 1861. 

GEORGE PORTER, born January 21, 1862 ; died February 22, 1864. 

FRANK ASBURY, born November 16, 1864 ; died December 2, 1870. 


CHAKLES MEERILL°, born in Greenland, N. H., July 14, 1782; was 
a dealer in dry goods, commencing business, about 1805, at a place 
called Fells Point, in the eastern part of Baltimore; removed in 1812 to 


York Haven, a place on the Susquehanna river, about sixteen miles below 
llarrisburg, near York, York Co., Pa., where he resided until his death 
IsloY. 3, 1832, by cholera, after being sick but two days in Baltimore, to 
which place he had gone on business, and was buried in Green Mount Cem- 
eteiy, Baltimore. 

lie was postmaster, etc., in York Haven ; a man of sterling integrity, 
noted for his moral and religious principles; founder and conductor of the 
first sabbath school, and ruling elder of the First Presbyterian church in 
York, Pa. 

He married July 4, 1809, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Francis C. Roberts 
(a ship-master from England, by whom she had a daughter Henrietta 
who has married Edward Hall), a dau. of Geo. Leonard and Catherine 
(Snyder) Karg, who was born in Baltimore, Md., December 21, 1784, and 
died in Harrisburg, Mar. 15, 1858. Her parents came to this country from 
Brunswick, which place is on the Rhine in Germany. Their children, two 
of which were born in Baltimore, were : 

ELIZA JANE^, born May 12, 1810; died young. 

JAMES ^ born September 30, 1811; died October 1, 1811. 

WILLIAM", born October 9, 1812; died young. 

SARAH ANN^ born January 30, 1814; married June 5, 1845, in 
McConncllsville, Morgan Co., Ohio, (where her mother went to reside in 
1842), to Robert Jackson, son of Samuel and Sarah (Becket) Fleming, b. 
in Hanover, "Washington Co., Pa., ISTov. 16, 1803; settled in llarrisburg. Pa. 
A coach manufacturer thirty years. A notary-public twelve years, 
etc. He was a Ruling Elder of the First Presbyterian Church of 
Fleming, the Capital, and superintendent of a colored Sunday school where he 
and his wife labored for about twenty years. He died Dec. 2, 1874, 
and she and her son survive; owning and occupying College Block 
in N. Third St., in the place. Children : 
SARAH ELIZABETH, born January 25, 1847 ; who died in 1850. 
MARY FRANCES, born February 27, 1848 ; wlio died in 1852. 

SAMUEL WILSON, b. Dec. 11, 1849 ; was in Lafayette college about three years, 
but left when his father died, and took the appointment of Notary-public ; also 
is a stationer and job printer at No. 32 N. Third street, Harrisburg, Pa. ; m. Oct. 
7, 1875, Mary Malvina, dau. of Benj. F. and Lucetta (Dangler) Sausser, b. in 
Massillon, Ohio, Mar. 4, 1852. Children : 

LucuTTA, born December 16, 187G. 

EoBKRT Jackson, born February 3, 1878; died October 17, 1878. 


SUSAN WILSON; born November 12, 1815; man-ied January 13, 1859, 

William, son of George and Rebecca (Weiss) Kline, born in Carlisle, Pa., 

Api-il 28, 1798; was a lawyer in IIarrisl)urg, Pa., where he died 

Kline. April 22, 18G9. Slic died at the house of her sister Sarah Ann, A])r. 

17,1877. Her only child: 

SUSAN ELIZABETH, bora April 4, 18G0 ; is iu 1879 in Cadiz, Oliio, wilL lier 
aunt Frances Isabella. 

JANE NEELY^, born December 2, 1817; who, after a short siclmess, 
deceased April 7, 181:9, and was buried in the Fi'iends' cemetery near Penns- 
ville, Morgan Co., Ohio; m. in Harrison Co., Ohio, Dec. 15, 183(5, Josepli 
Wetherall, son of Casparus and Sarah (Kirk) Garretson, b. in SmithiicUl, 
Jeiiersou Co., Ohio, Dec. 1.5, 1810; who is a farmer and resides in 1879, in 

Wesley township, Washington Co:, Ohio, and has been married 
Gauuetson. twice since her decease; first, Sarah Ann England, by whom he 

had a soil Arthur, and lastly, Rebecca Updegraff. Jane N's 

children were: 

ELIZABETH SUSAN, b. in Smithfield, Nov. 21, 1837; m. Mar. 11, 1803, 

EwiNG. Thomas Benton, son of Tlioinas and IMary (Scales) Ewing, b. at Mt. Pleasant, 

Jefferson Co., Ohio, Apr. 8, 1821. He has been a school teacher, and since a 

dealer in grain; removed in 1867 to Rushville, Schuyler Co., 111., and in 1876 

removed to Bridgeport, Belmont Co., Ohio. Children : 

JosKPU Henry, born iu Rushville, July 9, 1871. 

SARAH ANN, b. in Tenn Township, Dec. 21, 1839; m. Nov. 16, 1869, Bcnj., 

Mabshall. son of Samuel and Mary (Leyde) Marshall, of Mouongahela, Pa., b. in 

Belmont Co., O., Mar. 8, 1835; was in Co. D, 85tli Pa. Regiment. He is a 

farmer owning 240 acres ; residing in Palmer Township, Washington Co., O. 

Children : 

David Alva, born in Wesley, September 3, 1870. 

Geouge Otto, born In Palmer, April 1, 1872. 

Mary Jake, born iu Palmer, September 23, 1873. 

Bertua Ann, born in Palmer, December 2, 1874. 

Ada Eetta, born in Palmer, September 12, 1876. 

Benjamin Frankun, born iu Palmer, November 20, 1878. 

CORNELIA, b. in Penn Township, Feb. 13, 1842 ; unm. in 1877 ; a school-teacher ; 
Garretson. been in Iowa since 1874 ; was, Feb., 1877, at Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa. 

CHARLES POORE, b. in Penn Township, Apr. 29, 1844 ; a successful coach builder 
in Rosevillc, Muskingum Co., Ohio ; m. Oct. 24, 1869, Lucy Almina Parthena 
Eudora, dau. of Ezra Bartlctt and Lucy Becket (Duvall) Bailey, b. in said 
Eoseville, Ohio, May 28, 1844. Children : 

Frank Bailey, boru Aug. 17, 1870; died Mar. 20, 1872, 

Bernice Williamette Jane, boru in Zauesvillc, Ohio, Apr. 12, 1873. 

Ezra Alonzo, boru in Plymouth, Wash. Co., Ohio, May li, 1875, and d. Sept. 15, 1875. 

Joseph Alfred, born in Koseville, Ohio, April 11, 1877. 



Gauuetsox\. lewis BERNARD, born Dec. 26, 1846 ; died Aug. 16, 1854. 

HENRIETTA FRANCES, born Feb. 11, 1849 ; died June 30, 1854. 

ELIZABETH MYERS ^ bom l^ov. 11, 1819; died young. 

FRANCES ISABELLA ^ born Dec. 29, 1820; m. while residing in 
McConnellsville, Ohio, Dec. 6, 1842, to Henry Stafford, son of Samuel and 
Lydia (Stafford) McFadden, b. in Coothill, Cavan Co., Ireland. Mr. 
McPadden, it is said, descended from the Scotch covenanters, and that his 
paternal grandparents were George and Isabel (Mcintosh) McFadden, and 
his maternal grandfather was Henry Stafford. His parents and grand- 
mother are bmled in Cadiz. He had a brother George who was a cotton 
dealer in Philadelphia and sis sisters, viz.: Sarah (the eldest), who died 
num.; Isabella, m. AVm. L. Sharp, of Steubenville, O.; Letitia, m. J. R. 
Hunter of Cadiz; Jane, in. Wm. Johnson M. D., of Marion, O. ; 
Margaret, m. Sam'l Craig of Cambridge, O.; and Mary m. Rev. 
•Hugh Forsythe, of Washington Co., Ohio. He came to America 
in 1822, when about eight years of age, with his parents and 
McFadden. grandmother Isabel; resided in Philadelphia, Pa., until 1831, and 
from thence removed to Cadiz, Harrison Co., Ohio, where all his 
children were born; he was a prominent dry goods merchant and 
dealer in wool for about fifty years before he retired from active 
business, in 1877. Residence in 1879 corner of Maine and "Warren 
streets; house built in 1862. Children: 

CHARLES POORE, born Oct. 20, 1843 ; was in Co. K, 69th Regt., O. V. I., and 
Co. F, 11th Regt., 0. V. C. ; died unmarried Oct. 7, 1866. 

ELIZABETH TIIEODOSIA, born Feb. 21, 1846 ; unmarried in 1878. 

HENRY HUNTER, b. Aug. 13, 1848, who was about eleven years a partner with 
his father in business, but since 1875 has been editor and part proprietor of the 
Steubenville, Ohio daily and weekly Gazette ; m. (1) Jan. 18, 1872, Sarah O. 
Craig, who d. Sept. 7, 1872 ; m. (2) Feb. 16, 1876, Emma Annette, dau. of John 
and Agnes (Vincent) Bcalle, b. in Cadiz, Ohio, Dec. 25, 1855. Child: 
CuAULES Paul, born in Steubenville, December 2, 1876. 

FRANCES LYDIA, twin to Henry H. ; m. Sept. 7, 1869, James Johnston, son of 
IIanna. James and Margaret (Fulton) Hanna, of Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio, b. in 

Short Creek, Harrison Co., Ohio, Oct. 7, 1847. As a defender of his country 
in time of the late Rebellion, he served in the 69th Regt., O. V. I., from its 
formation to the close of the war. He was promoted from the Captaincy of 
Companj' K, to Major of this Regt. At the battle of Mission Ridge this Regt. 
was one of the first to reach the summit. In this charge it was commanded by 
Major Hanna, who was highly complimented for his bravery and efCciency. lie 


IIanna. is a lawyer ; settled in Springfield. Residence in 1879 at No. 09 Limestone street. 

Children : 

FnANCics IsABKLi.A, bom in Cailiz, July 30, 1870. 
Hknky Claude, boru in Springflolcl, Apr. 10, IS'Ct. 

HENRIETTA ISABELLA", b. Apr. 28, 1851 ; m. Mar. 19, 1874, Charles "Wesley, 

KiNSET. son of Charles and lihoda (Boon) Kinsc^', 1). in Mooruiicld, Harrison Co., Oiiio, 

Aug. 14, 1850. He is an auctioneer and comniission merchant, in Oakhind, 

Alameda Co., Cal. Residence in 1879 at No. 832 Fourteenth street. Children: 

Chaulks Fkancis, born in OaUlanil, May 29, 187G. 

Elizabeth, born in OakUuul, February 14, 1870. 

McFadde.n. SAMUEL FLEMING, born June 29, 1853 ; a dealer in grain in Cadiz. 

JOHN FRANKLIN, born Nov. 6, 1855 ; a graduate of the Ohio State University, 
in 1878, and is in 1879 a student at law in Columbus, O. 

GEORGE EDWARD, born Nov. 10, 1858 ; bookkeeper in a dry goods house in 

CHARLES SJ^YDEE",born Apr. IG, 1823; left home in McConnellsville 
in the autumn of 1845, and went to reside in Independence, Jaclcson Co., 

Mo.; was a carpenter; m. Mar. 20, 1849, Catherine Hadly, of Inde- 
PooRE. pendence. He died suddenly with the clioleru. May 10, 1819; no 


GEORGE ALFRED \ born in West Hanover, Dauphin Co., Pa., Dec. 
14, 1825; moved to Ohio with his mother and sisters in 1839; in 1840, he 
set in to learn the printing business, at which he worked until 1848, residence 
then was in Independence, Mo.; left that place for Santa Fe, New 
Mexico, on a trading expedition; remained in New Mexico one year; left 
Santa Fe, May, 1849, for California; arrived there Sept., that year, in which 
state he kept a hotel and trading post at Green Yalley, El Dorado Co., 
from the winter of 1849 to summer of 1851 ; farmed and raised stock five 
miles south of Sacramento, from fall of 1851 to 1859; moved to Tehama 
Co., spring of 1859, and was engaged in farming, etc., nntil fall of 186G, 
when he removed to Vallejo, Solano Co., and went into the printing business 
again and started the pioneer newspaper of the place, viz.: "The Yallejo 
Recorder," commenced Feb. 23, 1867, and susi:)ended pul)lication May 18, 
1872. It was at first a weekly, merged into a semi-weekly, and abotit two 
years, at the last, was a daily. It was of consideral)le importance, being 
the leading Republican Daily in- the Third Congressional District. He 
married June 29, 1851, at White Oak Springs, El Dorado Co., Cal., Margaret 
Melvina, dau. of John M. and Esther (Passmore) Patchett, b. near Spring- 
field, 111., Jan. 19, 183G, who died at Red Blufi", Tehama Co., CaUfoniia, 


June 28, 1878. Her father was b. in England; came to America when 

nineteen years of age, and died in 1875 aged eighty-one years. Her mother 

was born in Cliester Co., Pa. Her parents removed from Philadelphia, Van 

Buren Co., Iowa, to White Oak Springs, in 1850. Mr. Poore is, in 1879, at 

Eed Bluff. Children: 

CHARLES McFADDEN, b. at White Oak Springs, Apr. 29, 1852, who is a 
printer at Reading, Shasta Co., Cal. ; unmarried. 

ESTHER ELIZABETH, born Dec. 10, 1853 ; died Sept. 15, 1858. 

JOHN FRANKLIN, born Jan. 8, 1856; died July 11, 1874. 

MARTHA ANN, born in Sacramento, Jan. 10, 1858. 

GEORGE ALFRED, born Apr. 19, 1860 ; died Jan. 14, 1862. 

GEORGE ALFRED, born Aug. 10, 1803 ; died Jan. 2, 1865. 

ALFRED FLEMING, born May 2, 1866 ; died Dec. 9, 1868. 

MARGARET ISABELLA, born in Vallejo, Feb. 28, 1869. 

MARY JENISON, born in Vallejo, Oct. 26, 1872. 

m', MUGHTEE OF JOHI' (MB 121), MmEL^ JOKATHAK', MI', JOffl'. 

ANN'', born in Greenland, N. H., July 23, 1784, and died in that place 
Apr, 10, 1859 ; married Apr. 11, 1815, Eev. Alfred, son of Aga and 
Mehitable (Upham) Metcalf, b. Jan. 2, 1777. He was settled in 
Metcalp. G-reenland the last twenty years of his life, and died there June 4, 
1837. Children: 
SOPHIA ADAMS ^ born in Stratham, N. H., Jan. 20, 1816; married 
Sept. 4, 1842, Eev. Joseph A. Adams, b. in Newmarket, N. H., May 17, 
1818, and died Aug. 27, 1860. She is in 1879 with her sister Clough, in 
Greenland. Mr. Adams joined the New England Conference of the Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church, about 1846; was stationed in Medford, 
Adams. "VValpolc, Watcrtowii, Lynn, Saugus, Boston, Salem, and Melrose. 
They had no children. 

SARAH A.^ born Dec. 4, 1817; died unmarried, Sept. 20, 1851. 

JOHN ALFRED^, born Nov. 22, 1819; died May 30, 1826. 

HARRIET WIGGINS born Oct. 1, 1821; married Doctor Greenleaf C. 
Clough, for his second wife, who died June 7, 1871, and she now resides in 
Greenland. Child : 

MARY METCALF, born July 10, 1861. 


MARTHA JANE ", born Aug. 7, 1823; manied Apr. 22, 181.^, Grcoiilcaf 

C, son ol" tSamucl and Nancy (Clark) (Jloiigh, b. in Sandown, N. II., Feb. 

9, 1821; graduated at the medical department of Bowdoin College, 1844; 

practised his profession in Salem, K. H., 1844-7, and in Greenland. 

Clouoii. She died Mar. 15, 1859, and he married her sister as above. Her 

children : 

ALFRED METCALF, b. in Salem, N. II., M;ii-. 31, 1817; is a fanner in Green- 
laud in 1S78 ; and then unmarried. 

EDWARD GREENLEAF, b. in Greenland, N. II., Apr. 2, 1852; m. Jan. 1879, 
Susie Emma, dan. of Alvah and Susan (Bnllinch) Biickman, b. in Woburn, 
Mass., Dec. 28, 1856. lie resides in Brighton (now part of I>oston) ; in tlie 
nursery business, in company with N. C. Strong. 

MAKY EOBINSON', born July 18, 182G; died unmarried about 1847. 

DAHKL', SOU OF lOni', (J. 121), DANIEL ^ lOMTHAN' lOnU', JOffl'. 

DANIEL^, born in Solebury, Pa., Oct. 12, 1793; has been a large part 
of his life an active Justice of the Peace of his county, performing 
the duties of Trial Justice, conveyancer of real estate, etc. He is in 1879 
with the wife of his youth enjoying their pleasant place of residence at 
Buckmanville, in the township of Upper Makefield, Bucks Co., Pa. His 
farm is the fifty acres that was given him by his grandfather, William Neely, 
and a part of the five hundred acres Elder Neely owned, and his house is 
within three hundred yards of where he was born. They have with them 
to work the farm, the family of one of their sons, and their eldest grandson. 
Maria, his wife, whom he married May 2, 1815, is a daughter of Robert 
and Hannah (McMasters) Merrick, b. in upper Makefield, Apr. 23, 1798. 
Children : 

ELIZA THOMPSON ^ born Sept. 17, 1816, who died in upper Make- 
field, Apr. 25, 1863; married Sept. 19, 1837, George F., son of Thomas and 
and Sarah (Cliton) Smith, of Fallsingtou, Bucks Co., Pa., b. Feb. 
Smith. 18, 1810. He was a mason by trade and farmer; died Oct. 6, 1858. 

ROBERT PITFIELD, b. in New Hope, May 31, 1838 ; is unmarried in 1879 and 
resides with his grandfather Roore. 

WILLIAM W., b. Nov. 23, 1839 ; died Oct. 8, 1858. 

MARTHA PURSELL, b. in Fallsington, Pa., which place is about three miles west 
of Trenton, N. J., Oct. 22, 1841 ; m. Jan. 1, 1874, Burroughs, son of John and 



Maetindell. Ellon (BuiTonglis) Martindell, of Trenton, N. J., b. in Lambertville, N. J., Doc. 
18, 1838, who had by a former wife, a son Milton, b. in Bnrlington in 1862. He 
is a baker ; they reside in 1879 at No. 319 Broad st., Trenton. Martha P's child : 
Lauua Smith, born in Trenton, Jan., 1874. 

THOMAS, b. in Fallsingtoh, Feb. 14, 1844 ; in. Agnes Stradling, dan. of James and 
Smith. Ehoyamond (Stradling) Thackara, b. in Miami Co., Sept. 28, 1843. He is a 

farmer at Casstown, Miami Co., Ohio. Child : 
James Hartley, born jSTov. 14, 1S71. 

EMMA MARIA, b. at Fallsiugton, Feb. 20, 1846; m. June 15, 1870, Alonzo 
GoDDARD. Deroaeh, son of Edmund and Ellen (Deroach) Goddard, b. in Bridgeton, Bucks 
Co., Pa., May 15, 1843. He is a ticket agent ou the railroad at Taylorsville, 
Bucks Co., Pa. Child : 

Ada Ellen, boi'n at Taylorsville, Apr. 14, 1872. 

Eakly. KATE SIMPSON b. Oct. 18, 1848 ; m. William, son of Eobert and Lucy Early, 
b. in Trenton, N. J., Maj' 21, 1856. He is a baker. She resided at Ocean 
Grove ; in 1879 is at Casstown, Ohio. Child : 

Flouencb, born in Yonkers, N. Y., September 23, 1S7G. 

DANIEL POORE, b. June 8, 1851 ; is a carpenter at Casstown in 1879 ; m. Flora 
Smith. Emma, dau. of John M. and Lncinda Hoffbrd, b. in Montgomery Co., Ohio, Jan. 

' 22, 1855. Child : Ella M. 

MAETHA MEKRICK', bora in E"ew Hope, Feb. 18, 1817; married 
Jiily 19, 1837, Brice Moore, son of Brice P. and Catherine (Moore) Pursell, 
b. at J^ockamixon, on the Delawai^e, in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 31, 1811, in 
the same house where his father and their four children were all born. His 
grandfather, John "Purscell," was a Protestant of some standing; came 
from Ireland to America about 1750; and father was a Justice of the Peace 
in Ills county, for thirty consecutive years. 

Mr. Pursell has been called to fill various places of trust; is a 

PuKSELL. fai'mer; and now resides at a place called Upper Black Eddy, in 

Bucks Co., Pa. Children : 

AUGUSTUS, b. May 3, 1839 ; m. Nov. 12, 1868, Eveline, widow of Sylvester 

Fribley (by whom had a son, David E., who died young), and daughter of David 

and Susanna (Arnot) Eilenberger, b. near the county seat in Monroe Co., Pa., 

Oct. 28, 1839, her father being of German and mother of Irish descent. He has 

been a dealer in lumber in Williamsport, Pa., and in 1878 a manufacturer of 

white lead kegs by machinery ; residence since Jan., 1877, in Bristol, Pa. Child : 

Jessie Martha, born hi Williamsport, Pcb. 23, 1874. 

HORATIO NELSON, b. Dec. 4, 1841, who was in Co. F, 31st Pa. Emergency 
Troops, and died unmarried Aug. 31, 1863, soon after returning from the army. 

HOWARD, b. Mar. 23, 1847; m. Feb. 22, 1869, Vestilla, dau. of James and 
Achsah (Lear) Smith, b. at Upper Black Eddy, Mar. 22, 1845, from whom he 
obtained a divorce, Jan. 19, 1876. He graduated at New York University Medi- 
cal College, in 1867 ; practised his profession in McKeen Co., Pa„ two years, 


PuRSKi.L. and then removed to Bristol, Bucks Co., and added to Iiis business tlie trade of 

drugs and medicines. Cliild : 

James Kvekictt, boru in Bristol, .Imie 12, 1870. 

STAGEY BROWN, b. Nov. 20, 1819 ; resides at Bristol ; is in his brother Howard's 
niiolhecary sliop, and in 1878 nnniarried. 

ROBERT ALPIIEUS", born Dec. ll5, 1829; is agent of the Pennsylvania 
Railroad Company; resides in 1879 at Riegclsville, Bucks Co., Pa., wlierc 
he has been in his present business since 18G6, and where his family has 
been since Api'. 1, 18G9. He married Dec. 14, 1854, Hannah, dan. of John 
and .Vbi (L)oane) Bennett, b. in upper Makefield, Dec. 4, 1833. Children: 
PooiiE. ELLA F., born Mar. 24, 185G ; died of Diphllioria, May 23, 18G3. 

INFANT daughter, born and died in Nov., 1858. 

WILLIAM WALLACE TREGO, born in upper Makelleld, Jan. 12, 18G0. 

OLIVIA, born in upper Makefield, Jan. 21, 1862. 

MARTHA PURSELL, born in upper Makefleld, Sept. 27, 1864. 

JOHN BENNETT, boru in Nockamixon, Bucks Co., May 6, 1867. 

DANIEL P., born Aug. 10, 1873; died of diphtheria, Feb. 17, 1877. 

LIZZIE T., boru Jan. 3, 1876 ; died of diphtheria, Feb. 19, 1877. 

MARY BERTHA, born in Ricgelsville, Feb. 27, 1-878. 

JOHN THADDEUS", twin to his brother Robert A.; remains on the 
place of Iiis birth to take care of his aged parents. The farm is easily tilled, 
no granite boulders being in the way, as is the case in New Hampshire, 
where his grandfather was brought up; but the wooden fences are not so 
enduring. He married Feb. 20, 18G1, Martha Rachel, dan. of Elias and 
Margaret (Search) Lefferts, b. in Northampton, Bucks Co., Pa., May 19, 
1836. Children: 

AUGUSTUS PURSELL, born Jan. 11, 1863. 

ELIAS LAFFERTS, born Apr. 3, 1864. 

JAMES WILSON, born May 13, 1870; died Sept. 29, 1870. 


HANNAH DELAPLANE«, born at No. 13 Callowhill, Philadelphia, 
Pa., Feb. 19, 1799; married about 1822 Solomon Hart, sou of Sam- 
uel and Jane (Hart) Opdyke, born at Opdyke Ferry in Hunterdon Co., N. 
J., Mar. 20, 1789. He was a carpenter by trade, resided in New Hope, 
on the Delaware, until after three children were born in New York 
City; and after their children were born, removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., 
where she died Jan. 11, 1859, and he died Mar. 11, 1870. Children: 


JOim POORE^, born in Isew Hope, Biiclis Co., Pa., IN'ovember 23, 
1822. He was a manufacturer of confectionery; married October 17, 1852, 
Amanda, daughter of Nathan and Fanny (Taylor) Morse, born at Ft. 
"Washington about ten miles from jSTew York City, Oct. 12, 1827. Her 
father was bom in Henniker, N. II., and her mother in New York City. 
He died in Brooklyn, E". Y., Feb. 10, 1862, and she was in 1878 residing in 
JSTew York City at No. 230 East 26th street, and in March, 1879, removed 
to No. 157i- East 125th street, the locality called Harlem. Children: 

EMMA EUGENIA, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., May 11, 1857 ; is in 1878 unmarried. 
WILLIAM RICHMOND, born July 13, 1850 ; died August 27, 1859. 

JANE ELIZA ' born September 5, 1825; married January 4, 1844, John 

Jay, son of James and Maria White, born in Albany, N. Y., about 1820; 

was a private watchman from the age of 18 years until about the time of his 

decease, when he was 54 years old; resided in New York until their third 

child was boi-n, and then removed to Brooklyn, where she died when 

WuiTE. she was about 35 years of age. They and their last child were buried 

in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Mr. White, after her decease, 

m. a widow, Maria (Potts) Ralston. Jane Eliza's children: 

WALTER HENRY, born January 3, 1845 ; m. Mary E. Stone ; is a practical 
engineer; resides in Norfolk, Va., and lias two children, viz. : Walter and Lulu. 

GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. about 1847 ; m. Anne Renan ; is a letter carrier in 
New York, and has had four children, one of which died in infancy. 

EMILIE LOVENIA, b. Apr. 11, 1849 ; m. William N., son of Always and Mary 
DoEBMUS. Doremus, whose parents were both born in France. He is a clothing cutter em- 
ployed in 1879 by Rhineskupt & Brother, corner of Green & Brown streets, New 
York, and resided in the spring of 1879, at 241 Gold street, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
then removed about April to corner of Ralph avenue and Marion streets. 
Children: John Always and William Henry. 
WniTE. CLARA DELAPLANE, b. June 30, 1851 ; m. Phil Smith ; resides in Brooklyn. 

JOHN JAY, who died when about two j-ears of age. 

HENRIETTA ROBERTS ', born October 19, 1827, and died in New 
York City May 2, 1872; married (1) in the Autumn of 1847, Henry La Rue, 
by whom she had a daughter who died in infancy; m. (2) about 1853, 
O'Hara. William O'Hara, a ship caulker, by whom she had two sons. 

JOHN, who died in early infancy. 

WILLIAM, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., about 1858 ; probably living in 1879. 

WILLIAM NEELY \ born at No. 137 Elizabeth street in New York 
City, January 1, 1830, was in Co. G, 139th Regt. of N. Y. Volunteers; m. 


(1) Feb. 12, 1850, Harriett Ciclney, daughter of Jeremiah B. and Cidney 

(Spear) Ells, b. in New York City at No. 7 Catherine street, Oct. 29, 1830. 

Ilcr father from New Canaan, Conn., and her mother from Philadelphia; m. 
(2) July 10, 1870, Mrs. Annie E., widow of llobert Mullen, who by 
Mr. Mullen had a daughter that died young. Mr. Opdyke learned 

Opdyke. the trade of a lock-smith, and many years subsequent to 1851 was a 
newspaper carrier; reside in 1879 at No. 112 Magnolia street, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Children: 

CIDNEY FRANCES, b. at No. 55 Ordiard street, New York, Aug. 5, 1851 ; m. 

Draught. in 1809, Ileury Draught, of Irish parents ; a policeman in New Yorl; ; residence 

ill 1879 at No. 46 Madison street, and they have three children. 

Opdyke. GEORGE WILLIAM, born at 55 Orchard street, New Y'ork, Oct. 2, 1852. 
JOSEPH NEELY, born at 55 Orchard street, New York, January 8, 1854. 
* ELIZA DELAPLANE, born at 55 Orchard street. New York, August 2G, 1856. 
JOHN J., born March 3, 1853 ; died March, 1876. 
CHARLES A., born in Brooklyn; died young. 
MARY L., born in Brooklyn ; died young. 

MARY ANN", born about 1835; died aged about two years. 

CIIxVRLES HENRY ^, born at No. 171 Delaney street. New York, Nov. 
18, 1838; was a painter until thirty years of age; afterward was letter car- 
rier, and in 1879 is one of the clerks in the New York post oflBce. His 
residence in 1879 is at No. 80 Magnolia street, Brooklyn; m. (1) April 
15, 1863, Rosalia Eugenia, daughter of Joseph and Celestina (Rodrigues) 
Felix, of Havana, »f the Isle of Cuba, by whom he had two children; she 
died May 29, 1869; m. (2) May 28, 1870, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas G. and Mary E. (Halpin) Mason, b. in New York, Dec. 12, 1850. 
Her father born in ISIanchester Eng., Dee. 25, 1825, and her mother born in 
Norwood, Eng., November, 1828. Children : 

FERMENIA DELAPLANE, born in Brooklyn, July 1864. 
CHARLES II., born June 25, 18G7 ; died July 3, 1869, 
CLARA EUGENIA, born in New Y'ork, April 13. 
TII03IAS GEORGE MASON, born in Brooklyn, May 21, 1873. 
HENRIETTA JANE, born May 31, 1875 ; died October 7, 1876. 
CHARLES HENRY, born August 4, 1877 ; died August 5, 1877. 
WILLIAM NEELY,-boru in Brooklyn, July 17, 1878. 

A TABLE of the names of The 
males in the ■first six generations 
of JOHN POORE, who have pos- 
terity Mving in 1880. 

["olin, born 


tl ill 1G15, the 
eai'Iiest of Iiis 
name ill America. 
By wife, Sarali, 
(i r e n born in 
NewLtury, Mass.; 
e i s lit <i f t li e ni 
married, butonly 
two sons li a V e • 
postej-ity living 
in ISSO, wlio bear 
liis surname. A 
dcscentiantof liis 
son John owns 
tlie iioraestead, 
whicli lias been 
owned by Iiis line 
fram 1S42, pp. 6- 

John, m. ["Jonathan, 

MaryTitcomb, S'Y' f'^%%f. 
only one son J f^,^'%' ^i" ff" 
bad posterity, i^"='i °^.^^% 
9-133 liomestead of 

• bis father and 


John, m. Ann 

Longfellow, a n d 
settled, on thje 
homestead, 12-66. 

Jonathan, 1737, m 
Sarah Dole, 13-49. 

Nathan. 1741, m. 
Katb. Knight, 49-56. 
Stephen, 1744. in. 
Hauuab Dole, 57-66. 

*Jona., m. Sawyer, 
and Kimball, G9-S3. 

[ Sam'l, 17C5, ni. Eunice Long, etc., 31. 
i Henry, m. Huse and Harrington, 41. 
1^ .Jona., 177S, m. Mary Lunt, etc., 48. 

Isaac, 17S3, ra. Eliz'li A. Spiller, they 
settled in Newburyport, 55. 

Dan'I, m. Anna 
Merrill, and settled 
ill old Haverhill,, 
Mass., afterward 
Plaistow, and now 
Atlduson.N. H.67- 

D.aniel, 1743, m, 
Sarah Noyes, 83-103. 

David, 174.5. ni. 
P. Carleton, 104-115. 

.Tereini.ah. 1747, ni. 

' Joshua, m. Han. (Merrill) Smith, 70, 

Jona., 1770, ra. Betsey Xoyes, 73. 

David, 1772, m. Polly Fellows, 79. 
. James, 17SG, m. Eelief Dow, 62. 

Jesse, 1782, m. Sally Bailey, and set- — (^V 
tied in Haverhill, 97. ' 

John, 1770, m. Polly Calef, 105. 
David, 1773, m. Betsey Sawyer, 109. 

I Samuel, 1771, m. Betsey Kent, U6. 
Jere.,17S5, m. Sarah Putnam, etc., 120. 

[■ George, 1780, m. Ann Porter, 122. 
J Chas. M., 1782, m. Eliz. Karg. 124. 
[ Daniel, 1793, m. Maria Merrick, 129. 

■^"^I; V- i^?',-'" ■! Clias. M., 1782, m. Eliz. Karg. 124. 
and Neely, 121-133, i ' ' 

Henry, m. rj3avid,m.Tam- 

Mary Holmes, ) ^zen, 138-155. 
338-155. *- 

Henry, m. 

Abigail Hale; 
settled ill the 
western part of 
Rowley, n o w 
where their 
three sons who 
had posteritj', 
Uved, 135-280. 

C ■Winiam,1763,ni.Eliz.Blanchard,140. 
ip.avid, l'^"'.™-^ Daniel, 17 , m. Polly Martin, 140. 
I Jane Martin, 139-y5. . , , ,„ ,.. ,. ^ . , ,,„ 

I Luther, 17 , m. Lydia Smith, 149. 


in. Eliza. Felt, 

Jere', m. Joan- 
na Carr, 169-174. 

Dan'I, m. Edna 
Plumnier, 171-190. 

Benj..m, Sarah 
Bradley, 190-199. 

Henry has no 

,g.g,g. sons, 157-158. 

Benjamin. 17f>0. m. 
Buth Poore, lGl-169. 

Beai., 1794, ni, Arnline E. Peabody, 
ancrresided in Boston, 167. 


Bailey, of Bradl'd, 
settled on thewest- 
em part of the 
lands owned by his 
ancestors, and in 
the upper part of 
Byaeld, 202-280. 

Sam uel, 

Scarl, and they 
have a numer- 
ous posterity, 

Joseph, m. 

ford, but no 
sons had pos- 
terity, 7-8. 

Note.— About twenty-eight In this table 
are alive in 1S8I1, all of the sixth generation, 
nine males and ei{jihteen females, among 
them live couples. 

iDavia, 174!). m, 
i Ab'l Carleton,175-90. 

rjohn, 1749, m, will. ^ 
Mart. Gage, 190-194. J 

I S.amuel, ]75.i. ni, 
LLu. Thomes, 194-99. 


Samuel, 1758, ni, 
Ann Bridges, and 
settler! in that part-f 
of Gofl>>town now ' 

Eliph',m. Eliz. 
Lltlle, and settled 
in Uan]pstead,etc., 


(■ Wm., m. Spofford and Dart, 170, 29.3. 
Paul. 17fi3. m, Rnth ,; David, 1794, m. Mebitahle Ch?se, 172. 
Noyes, 170-4, 293-6. ^ ^^^^^^ j__ ^ j^^.^^^ ^j j^^^^^ ^^^^ 

Daniel, 1776, m. Mary Poster, 183. 
David, 1780, m. Mary Carleton, 185. 

Vfm:, 1784, m. Dorcas Harriman, 191. 
John, 1793, m. Eliza Colby, 192. 

I Chas., m. Marshall, Lombard, etc., 
I and settled in Portland, Me., 197. 

John, 1785, m. Eliz. Mclntire, 206. 
Samuel, 1787, m. Jane Wells, 207. 
Job, m. Eebocca Knapp, etc., 210. 
Beiij., 1791, m. Martha IMcCurdy, 212. 
Jesse, 1796, m. Jane Hall, 214. 
Ira, 1798, m. Sally Upiiam, 215. 
Erie, 1800, m. Susan Saltmarsh, 216. 
Joseph, 1S05, m. Arria Siitcliell, 220. 

Moses, 17^, m, Sarah Lltlle, M2. 
Joseph, m. Betsey Whitney, etc., 224. 
Geo., 1789, m. Phebe U. Richards, 225. 
Thos.4., m. Hannah P. Sargent, 228. 
Noyes, m, Nancy Chamberlain, 232. 
[ Eben. P., 1805, m. Bet'li Hackett, 240. 

S Elijah, 1S05, ni. Sophia Bailey, 243. 
) Almon, ISOS, m. Susan Bailey, 244. 

r John, ni. Davenport and Clark, 245. 
I David, 179S, m. Abigail Hill, etc., 247. 
I Jas.n,lS02,m. Adeline Whitney ,248. 
I. Gardner D., m. Betbier Willey, 251. 

Joseph, 1793. m. Lucinda Reed, anJ 
lived on the homestead, 253. 

Wendell, m. Eliz. & Th. Weddel, 257. 
Alvan,.1803, m. Julia A. DeWitt, 266. 

i Clias. H., 1S08, m. Mattle L. Stark, 284. 
Pred.J.,lSl2,m. Eliz. J. Wheeler, 286. 

Alfred. 1826, m. Marlon N. Smith, and 
settled in Baltimore, Md., 2S9. 

Elliot 0„ 1817, m. M. A. Stuart, and 
resided in Baltimore, 290. 

Standish F., probably d. unmarried. 
John Henry, perhaps had no Issue. 

George, 1761, i 
Slary Little, andj 
BettledinGoffstown, 1 
221-241. I 

-Jesse, 1765,. m. 
Phe. Hedges, 241-44. 

.Job.m.Hobart antl 
Davenport, 245-252. 

Joseph, 1770, m. \ 
Han. Wood, 252-64. ' 

1-280. J 

John, 1775 
Han. Chute, 254- 

("Moses, 1774, m. 
Char. White, 283-88. 

John H., m, Jane S 
E. Taylor, 2SS-2S9. ( 

Dudley ,m. neb. H. 5 
O'Douiiell,2S9-290. ' 

Nathaniel P., 1790. S 
m. Mary Ford, 282. J 



i'ENRY^, bom December 13, 1650; settled at first on the south border 
of Ncwbui'y, and we find on the records of that town the births of 
seven of his eleven children. The land which he occupied was partly 
in the adjoining town of Rowley, and was given to him by his father 
in 1678, and it was about one mile in a south-westerly direction from his 
birth place. He sold the place to his brother Joseph Poore in 1693, and in 
the same year bought of John Pearson another one in the west jDart of 
Rowley where his other children were born, and which some of his descend- 
ants in 1879 occupy. This land is not so productive as that on Newbury 
Neck, but clearer from boulders, and much easier to till, and it seems to 
have been a healthy place for him; for he lived to be over ninety years of age. 
Among his transactions in real estate, and found on record, were, besides 
the sale of his first homestead and purchase of his last place, he sold a rate 
lot in Newbury to Jonathan and Nathan "VVheelcr in 1702; two acres in 
Rowley to Joseph Boynton, senior, m 1714 ; about five acres in Rowley to 
Acquilla Jewett in 1724; two lots in Rowley to Daniel Thurston of New- 
bury in 1726; a river lot in Newbury to Samuel and Elcazer Pcirce of New- 
bury in 1737 ; and deeded to his son Samuel his real estate January 14, 1728-9, 
including rights that should come to him by virtue of his *' going to ye 
Narraganset War;" and gave to his son Benjamin forty acres November 
4, 1829 — which he acknowledged March 27, 1740-1. And among family 
papers not in Registry of Deeds, we find he bought a one and one-quarter 
acre lot of Thomas Nelson in 1687; and nine and one-half acres of Ben- 
jamin Pearson, January 15, 1723—4. 

Among his public acts we observe that in the time of King Phillip's war 
he was pressed into the Army December 6, 1675; and, ii may be supposed 
by the reading of the deed to son Samuel, that he there did service for his 
country, lie was made a Freeman March 7, 1680-1 ; was chosen at various 
times one of the Tything men in Rowley, and filled oflSces that were neces- 
sary foi" the locality where he resided; Avas overseer of the will of Daniel 
Thurston, and at other times assisted in settling estates of deceased persons. 



Among the ancient papers which have been handed down in tlie family 
from generation to generation, we find a bond of his sons Benjamin and 
and Samuel, dated IN^ovember 5, 1737, in which they agree that yearly, Ben- 
jamin will half the time, and that Samuel will the other half keep their 
father during the remainder of his natural life. And a will made by him 
April 2, 1741, in which he names his son Benjamin who was to have the 
easterly part of his living; son Samuel who was to have all the rest of his 
real estate and be executor of the will; daughters Abigail, Mary, Hannah, 
Sarah, Elizabeth and Lydia, — the latter we may suppose was the widow of 
his son Jeremiah who had deceased; and grandson David Poore, who, wo 
suppose, was the son of Henry, who had deceased. But as there is no 
record of the settlement of his estate in the Registry of Probate, we suppose 
the family settled it privately. We here 
give a facsimile of his signature to a re- y/^ 

ceipt which he and his wife gave to her '^ ^^ ■ii/ ^J^ 

brother Thomas Hale, for what they 
received of her father's estate dated July 21, 1698. 

He married Sept. 12, 1679, Abigail, daughter of Thomas Hale, jr., born in 
ISTewbury, Apr. 8, 1662, who died it -seems, some time previous to 1729, as 
there is no mention of her in the deed to son Samuel that year. Her father 
was son of Thomas and Thomasin Hale, and born in England about 1633, 
and her mother Mary, a daughter of Richard and Alice (Bosworth) Hutchin- 
son, baptized in ^N'orth Mushham, Co. jS"otts, England, Dec. 28, 1630. Mrs. 
Poore therefore was a cousin to the father of Rebecca, wife of his nephew 
Jonathan Poore. Children: 

1. Abigail, I3. Sept. 9, 1680, whose intention of maiTii\ge to John Fislve, was Dec. 22, 1710, 

and previous to Apr. 15, 1746, had tnanied for her second husband Thomas Holt of 
Andovcr, but probably she left no posterity. 

2. Henry, born January 31, 1681 ; married Mary Holmes. See page 138. 

3. Jeremiah, b. Jan. 10, 1683 ; m. Apr. 27, 1709, Lydia, a daughter of Peter Cheney, and 

died a young man, as his widow liad married previous to Dec. 5, 1738, Samuel Plum- 
mer, and perhaps out-lived him and died very aged, as we are led to suppose by what 
may be learned from papers in the famil}^ 

4. Mary, born April 10, 1686, who died in infancy. 

niS SON ITENRT*. 137 

5. Mary, b. Sept. 20, 1C87; in. June 2, 1713, Abiali.iin Thurley, and perhaps out-lived liiiii, 

and before 1737 married a man by tiic name of Jlorrison. Slie perhaps Iiad a daughter 
Mary wlio m. a Joseph Woodman before 173G ; but we fmd no births of children on 
tlie records of either Rowley or Newbury, or settlement of Mr. TIiurle3''s estate in 
Essex Count}-, so we presume she had only one child. 

6. Hannah, b. July 19, 1692 ; m. (1) Sept. 30, 1714, Samuel, the youngest son of John and 

Mary (I'oore) Noyes, b. in Newburj', Essex Co., Mass., Feb. 5, 1C92, and died iu 
Abington, Plymouth Co., Mass. (where he and his elder brother settled) Nov. 
6, 1729, his father John was the eldest son of Dea. Nicholas and Sarah (Cutting) 
Noyes, of Newbury, from whom descended the other Noyeses, who have uitcrniarried 
with other branches of the family- mentioned on page eightj'-tbrce, etc. His mother 
Mary, no doubt, was of the stock of Daniel Poore, who settled in Andover. After 
Mr. Noyes deceased, and previous to Oct. 8, 1742, she m. (2) Jacob Reed, probably of 
Abington. Several of her posterity' by the name of Noyes, still reside in Abington, 
and we learn from the recorils of that town that she had by Mr. Noyes : 
I. Samuel, b. Sept. 19, 1715, who m. March 3, 173C-7, Rebecca Harden, and Iiad Nath.-niiel, b. 1738: 
died 1756. Samuel, b. 1739-40. Joseph, b. 1742. Nallian, b. 1747. II. Daniel, b. Oct. 7, 
1716, who died Nov. 11, 1780; m. (I) Nov. 24, 1743, Hannah Thayer, who died Jan. 17, 1749, 
by whom he had Ilannali and Elizal)eth, who botli died young. He ni. (2) Mercy Burrill of 
Weymoutli, Dec. 29, 1750, who d. Sept. 9, 17CG, by whom slie had Daniel, Mercy, Daniel and 
Sarali, wlio died unmarried. Ephraim, b. 1757, who m. Sarah DiliC; and the sixih of his 
eight children was Dea. Daniel Noyes, who was of the firm of Maynard and Noyes, the ink 
manufacturers, anti afterward treasurer of tlic Seminary in Andover, Mass., in wliich place he 
deceased iu 1852. Asa, Benjamin and Hannah, who all died young. Deborah, b. 17G2, and 
John died young. He m. (3) widow Mary Keed, by whom had Daniel, b. 1772, and Mercy, 
b. 1774. III. Mary, l>. July 10, 1718; m. Peter Nash, and had nine children. IV. John, 1). 
April 20, 1720. V. Benjamin, b. Dec. 20, 1721, who by his wife Mary had a son Jonathan, b. 
in Abington in 1746. VI. Abigail, b. Feb.vl3, 1723-4. VII. Jacob, b. Sept. 3, 1726; ra. Anne 
Whitmarsh, Jan. 24, 1754, and had Jacob, b. 1755, and Anne, b. 17G9. VIII. Ebenezer, b. 
Nov. 24, 1729; m. about Dec, 1756, Sarah White, of Weymouth, and had JIatthew, b. 1758; 
Benjamin, b. 17G2; Sarah, b. 1764; David, b. 1765; Molly, b. 1766; Betty, b. 17G8, and Han- 
nah, b. 1778. 

7. Sarah, b. Jan, IS, 1G93 ; m. (1) John Spofford, of Rowley, for his second wife, by whom 

she had three sons ; m. (2) in 1735, Ezekiel Hale of Newbury, and (3) iu 1741, Jere- 
miah Perley of Boxford ; her cliildren by John Spofford ; and were : 
I. Daniel, b. 1721; who m. Judith FoUansbee in 1741, by whom she had ten children, and among 
their descendants is Hon. Dr. Jeremiah Spofford of Groveland, aged in 1879 over fourscore 
and tea years, the author of a genealogy of his family of Spoffords, etc. II. Eliphalet, b. in 
1725, who ra. Lucy Peabody, and had seven children. III. William, b. about 1729; m. Abigail 
Perley, by whom he had three daughters and one sou, and died in the Army while in the French 
and Indian wars. 

8. Benjamin, born March 23, 1795-G ; m. Elizabeth Felt. See page 155. 

9. Elizabeth, b. April 9, 1698 ; m. (1) Edmund Jackson, May 24, 1718 ; settled in Abington, 

and porh.aps m. (2) a Noyes, and died previous to 1774. By the records of Abington, 

we learn that her children by Mr. Jackson were : 
1. Ileury, b. Oct. 15, 1710; died July 29, 1740. II. Edmund, b. Feb. 20, 1721; m. Silence Allen, 
Feb. 24, 1741-2, and had Samuel, b. 1743; Elizabeth, b. 1744; Susanna and Jlehitable, twins, 
b. 1748; Olive, b. 1750; Silence, b. 1752; Mary, b. 1754; Deborah, b. 1757; and Taniar, b. 1761, 
HI. Samuel, b. Sept. 20, 1723; died 1725. IV. Maiy, b. June 5, 1725; m. Lt. Ephraim Spooner, 
about Oct., 1752, and had Mary, who died young; Sarah, b. 1754; Mary,b. 1759; liulh, b. 1762; 



Ephraim, died young. V. Hanuah, b. Aug. 7, 1727 ; m. Samuel Green, Apr. 25, 1745, had Samuel, 
who died young; Hannali, b. 1747; Samuel, b. 1750; Mary, b. 1752; Joseph, b. Oct. 28, 1754. 
VI. Susanna, b. Sept. 18, 1729 ; m. Jacob Turrell, Jan. 4, 1753, and had Jacob, who died young; 
Susannah, b. 1754; Elizabeth, b. 1756; Jacob, who died young; Jacob, b. 1759; Molly, b. 17G2; 
Lemuel, b. 17G4 ; Ruth, b. 1768, and Oliver, b. 1772. VII. Samuel, b. Ang. 13, 1731 ; died Sept. 
G, 1731. VIII. Hcpzebah, b. Jan. 19, 1733 ; m. llobert Towusend, jr.. May 26, 1757, and had Jacob, 
b. Ang. 17, 1757, and Jeremiah, b. Dec. 28, 1758. IX. Jeremiah, b. Apr. 12, 1735; m. Eleanor 
Doty of Rochester, about Ang. 26, 1766, and had Cynthia, b. 1769; Clarissa, b. 1772; and 
Jeduthum, b. 1768. X. Michael, b. Apr. 29, 1738; m. Thankful Stanley, of Hauover, about 
Jan., 1759, and had Sarah, b. 1760, and Henry, b. May 1, 1762. 

10. Daniel, b. Oct. 5, 1700; who probabl3' died j'onng or unmarried, as he is not mentioned 

in the settlement of his father's estate. 

11. Samuel, bom April 28, 1706 ; married Elizabeth Searl. See page 199. 

12. Lydia, her birth not found on record ; but Henry Poore, father to the above children, 

mentions last in his will daughter Lydia, but we are inclined to suppose he meant his 
son Jeremiah's widow. 


jENRY^, born in Newbury, January 31, 1681, being the second child 
of his parents; married probably in the spring of 1703, to a Mary 
i^ Hohnes, of Newbury, as Ave find a record of their intention of mar- 
riage in both Rowley and Newbury, dated April 6, 1703. Probably she was 
a widow, and a daughter of Peter Cheney, for we find among the family 
papers a receipt of said Cheney, dated August 11, 1710, in which he called 
Henry Poor his son; and the receipt was for keeping a child of his said son 
a considerable time. So, taking into consideration the above circumstance, 
we conclude that Henry died about the time his third child was born. His 
children were: 

1. Joshua, b. in Eowley, Mar. 14, 1703-4 ; who no doubt died very young. 

2. Daniel, b. in Rowley, Nov. 12, 1706 ; who, we suppose, also died young. 
3.- David, b. about 1708 ; whose wife was Tamzeu in 1740. 

mm\ SOI OF HEMRY'* (lage 138) HEIRY^ JOHH". 

I AVID*, born in Rowley about 1708; whose parents were deceased Nov. 
11, 1722, at which time his grandfather, Henry Poore, bound him to 
Gershom Tenney, of Boston, to learn the trade of tailor, and to serve 



bis master five years; aiuT Aug. 28, 1728, was in Ivowloy, when lie dated a 
receipt he then gave his grandfather Poore, for personal jjiopcrty he received 
of his father's estate; and in 1744 gave receipt to his uncles, Benjamin and 
Samuel Poore, for all demands he had against them for his interest in the 
estates of his father Henry, and grandfather Henry Poore, at which time he 
was of Sudbury, Middlesex County, Mass., and called himself a tailor. 

"While in Middlesex County, and living in 
Sudbury, he bought of B. Parmenter, a house /Jf ^vtv-zJy /^^'^'T^^'C-. 
and forty acres of land, situated upon the ^ 

wegt side of Sudbury River, in the town of Sudbury, Aug. 1, 1740. Sold 
meadow to the manufiicturing company (one of the members of the 
company then being Eobert Hale, of Beverly), in 1740 and 1742. Sold to 
P, Goodenow a house and land on the west side of the liver in 1741; 
to M. Maynard, west meadow on the west side of the river in 1741 ; to J. 
Carter in 1741; to T. Bent in 1742 and 1743; to P. GJoodenow and F. Par- 
menter in 1745; and to D. Goodenow in Dec. 17ol. During this period 
from 1740 to 1751, his wife's name was Tamzen, or Tamasin. He moved to 
"Winchendon, Mass., about 1754, when his son David was about 14 or 10 
years of age; the place where he lived, we are informed, is in the north- 
western section of the town, where Albert Mann resides in 1878. The name 
and parentage of the mother of his children are as yet unknown; jierhaps 
she was the Tamasin who was living with him in Sudbury from 1740 to 1751. 
We understand that he had two or more children, viz. : 

1. David, who tradition says was born about 1740, and married Jane Martin. 

2. Benjamin, wlio perhaps was the one who was residini^ in New Salem, in llic western pait of 

Massacliusetts, about 1770 ; but upon applying to the elcrk ol" that town was inlbrnied 
that the records of the place were burnt a few years since, so tiiat we liavc not any 
records from that place. We hear from tradition that he settled somewhere in Ver- 
mont, perhaps he went thence from New Salom. I'robably he had no sons, for we 
have not discovered any by the name who trace their line back to him. 


v-J* AVID^, born perhaps in Sudbury, Mass., about 1740; but we find no 
\(\t record of his biith anywhere, and when aged from fourteen to six- 
^ \ teen years, left with his parents to reside in Winchendon, Mass., where 


he settled, and his eight children were born there. In the time of the American 
Revolution he Avas a brave soldier; continuing in the Army most of the 
time during the war, and was an officer in a company; at one time was a 
prisoner on Long Island, where he was confined about three years; but lived 
to be over threescore and ten years of age, when he died about the latter 
part of 1816. He m. (1) Miss Jane Martin, by whom he had his children. 
She died of a cancer in Winchendon, July 27, 1803; m. (2) a widow, Ellen 
Mathews, Oct. 7, 1803. Children: 

1. William, b. Feb. 27, 1763 ; m. Elizabeth Blanuhard and a widow Nurse. 

2. Daniel, whose intention of marriage to Polly Martin, of Westminster, was recorded IJ|C. 

1, 1798; resided in Winchendon, Mass., where eight children were born; and abont 
1825, we understand he left that place, and some say that he resided awhile in Keene, 
N. H., or in that vicinit}-, and afterward removed over into Vermont, and lived some- 
where on the east side of the Green mountains, but wc have not been able to find his 
descendants. His children were : 
1. Joseph, b. Dec. 15, 1799. II. Mary, b. Feb. 1, 1801. HI. Daniel, b. Nov. 13, 1803. IV. Plicbe, 

b. Jan. IG, 1806. V. Patience, b. Apr. 3-t, 1807. VI. Ilosea, b. June 4, 1809. VII. Ira, b. 

Nov. 21, 1811. VIII. Sally, b. Sept. 4, 1815. 

3. Luther, m. Lydia Smith. 

4. David, who probably never married ; but when considerably advanced in life joined a family 

of shakers in Ohio. 

5. Hannah, m. John Hayward. 

6. Lucy, m. an Ellis ; and we are informed that they lived in Broom, N. Y., and perhaps re- 

moved afterward West, as far as Ohio ; before they deceased, we hear that she had 
sons and daughters. 

7. Jane, m. Benjamin Berry, and we hear settled in Roylston, Mass., and perhaps she had 

about one and a half dozen children. 

8. Prudence, who was not capable of self care, died in Springfield, Vt., unm. 
Of these children whose posterity we have a fuller knowledge: 


WILLIAM «, born in Winchendon, Mass., February 27, 1763, was the 
first child of his parents; married (1) in 1792, Elizabeth, a daughter 
of Benjamin Blanchard, in Rutland, Yt. their first child was born in the 
west part of that town; removed to the western part of l^ew York state, 
and resided in Avon, Livingstone County, until all but their last child was 
born, and returned to Rutland, where she died Feb. 3, 1813, which was a 
few days after their eldest daughter's decease of the prevailing epidemic. 
Consequently he broke up housekeeping, and his other children — says his 


son Joshua, were early thrown out of then" nest, and began to scatter; two 
of the six sons iu tlicu- youth became preachers of the gospel, and the other 
four went to reside in "Chatauqua" County, N. Y.; finding the climate too 
cold Avent to the town of Windham, Portage Co., Oliio, aljout forty miles 
south of Cleveland, and their posterity now reside there and in other places 
in the Western states. 

Mr. Poore, after his wife died, went to visit his father in the place of his 
birth; became acquainted with his stepmother's widowed daughter, Mrs. 
Sally Nourse, had recorded on the town recoixls his intention of marriage 
to her Oct. 22, 1813; in due time they were married and undertook to take 
care of their aged parents, which they did to mutual satisfaction of all, and 
he died in the town of his birth Sept. 5, 1830. His children were: 

HANNAH^, born January 1, 1793; died unmarried February 3, 1813. 

AliANSON ', born January 20, 1796; who died in Hastings, Dekota Co., 
Minnesota, about 1878; had children — one, as we understand, named 
Edwin, who, they say, resides in 1879 in said Hastings. 

JOSHUA', born in Avon, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1797; married (1) October 11, 
1824, Kancy, daughter and sixth child of Dea. George and Abigail (Ray- 
mond) Coffin, b. in Winchendon, Mass., May 12, 1802; by whom he had his 
children. She died at Saratoga Sjn-ings, jS". Y., March, 1839; m. (2) June, 
1840, Miss Hannah, dan. of Isaac Mark, who died Apr. 9, 1875. Mr. Poore 
has met with many afflictions; but, he informs us that he received the evi- 
dence of his acceptance with God when about twelve years of age, no 
doubt, through the instrumentality of his pioits mother. Circumstances led 
him to join the Methodist Episcopal branch of the church June, 23, 1823; 
and he joined the New York conference May 9, 1825; that conference di- 
vided in 1832, and he fell into the Troy conference, and was in Feb., 1778, 
the oldest member but one of that body. He spent two years as agent of 
an Academy; four years Presiding Elder of Burlington district; ten years 
as President and in managing otherwise Troy Academy; and the rest of the 
time on circuits. His health has not permitted him to preach much of late, 
therefore, since Feb. 25, 18G8, has been living at North Yineland, N. J., 
where it is an agreeable place for his health, enjoying a peaceful evening tide. 
Children : 

WILLIAM GEORGE, b. in Bristol, VL, Sept. 30, 1825 ; who spent several 
years in New York City with R. C. Root ; died unmarried at Poultuey, Vt., Aug. 
1, 1856. 



PooRE. TRUMAN SEYMOUR, b. at Leicester, Vt., Jan. 30, 1829 ; who was a boy of 

unusual promise until twelve years of age, but when overtaxed with study be- 
came deranged and was in the Asylum at Brattleboro, Vt., two j'ears, and is in 
1878 with his relatives in Windham, Portage Co., Ohio ; but his mind is not 
much improved since he was taken with the malady. 

SILAS RENSON, b. in Wallingford, Vt., May 9, 1831 ; died Feb. 10, 1832. 

SILAS \ born July 16, 1799, who died at Union Yillage, Warren Co., 
Ohio, August 10, 1866; married April 16, 1827, in Charlotte, Yt., by his 
brother Joshua Poore, to Annis, dan. of Elam R. and Polly Hall. Her 
parents last resided in Stanstead, Ca., near Derby, Yt. She was born July 
1, 1806, and died March 29, 1850; by her he had fourteen children. He was 
a tTiiiner and a shoemaker. They resided when their first three children 
were born in Westfield, Chautauqua Co., IS". Y. When their dau. Ellen 
Ann died they were at the place called the "Trumbull Phalanx," in Trumbull 
Co., O. When their sons Newton G. and Wm. H., and dau. Lucy E. were 
born, they resided in Columbus, Warren Co., Pa. Children : 

FRANCES NANCY, born September 21, 1829 ; died of cholera July 5, 1849 ; num. 

SUSAN MARIA, born August 15, 1831 ; m. Geo. H. Vandivere, but died without 
issue 1853. 

HARRIET ELIZA, born December 2, 1832, who is in 1877 with her sister Mur- 
ray, and then unmarried. She m. Oct. 17, 1878, in Newport, Ky., Dr. Joseph 
Stephens. Lloyd, son of Aaron and Sarah (Hutchinson) Stephens, b. at South Lebanon, O., 
Aug. 20, 1838 ; graduated at the Medical college of Ohio at Cincinnati in 1859, 
and in particular, cures in a few days the Opium habit. His residence in 1879 is 
Lebanon, Warren Co., Ohio. 

THURZA lANTHE, b.' Nov. 27, 1834 ; m. Oct. 8, 1865, Orson Smith, son of 
Murray. Jonathan and Roselinda (Bascom) Murray, b. in Orwell, Vt., Sept. 23, 1806, 

whose parents came from Guilford, Conn., and Newport, N. H., and he by a 
former wife, Catherine M. Higgins, had nine children, b. in Vt., five of which 
have been married and have had children, viz. : Marsena, Charles, Rachel R., 
Roselinda and Ichabod H., two of which married into Mrs. Murray's family. 
Mr. Murray was brought up by Evangelical parents ; joined a Baptist Church ; 
edited and published the Vermont Telegraph, the Baptist paper of Vermont 
six years, commencing it in 1835 ; some influence caused him to depart from 
his religious education ; and he started another periodical which he named 
the Regenerator, at No. 29 Ann street, New York, Jan. 1, 1844, and six montiis 
after removed to a log cabin on the farm in Warren Co., Ohio, where they now 
reside, and continued it until March 1, 1856. Their residence is called Fruit Hills 
Farm, one mile below Foster's Crossings and twenty-six miles northeast of Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. We do not hear that Thurza lanthe has had any children. 

ELLEN ANN, born June 25, 1836 ; died August 1, 1847. 


Pooiiu. NEWTON GERARD, born Maj- 29, LS.mS; wlio lias been a farmer, shoemaker, 

iuicl latel}' a carpenter, but since Dec, 1877, has l)ocii perfecting his invention, 
viz.: an " Automatic Fire Alarm " ; residence in 187'J at Bird Ishmd, Renville 
Co., Minn. lie ni. Nov. 21, IHGl, Sarah Jane, dan. of Samuel E. and Mary 
(Clutch) Finney, b. in Franklin, Warren Co., O., Dec. 30, 1844. Children all 
born in Dakota Co., Minn., viz. : 

BvuoN Ei.LsvvoKrn, l)oru in Nininjjer, December 4, 18C2. 

Ida Lokk.v, Ijorn in Ninin^jer, August G, 1804. 

Mauy Annis, born in Niuingor, May 3, 180(1. 

Louis Gua.nt, born in Hampton, January 'J, 1871. 

WILLIAM HENRY, b. Fel). 10, 1840; ni. Ai)r. 26, 18G:5, Rachel R., dan. of 
Orson S. and Catherine M. (Iliggins) Murray, b. in Brandon, Vt., May 3, 
1839, she being a daughter of his sister's husband, as above, their first, third 
and fourth children b. at Foster's Crossings, while their second child was b. on an 
island in Miss. River, twcut3'-six miles below St. Louis. They reside in 1878 at 
Waverly, Ind. He is a dealer in dried sugar corn, in company with Peter Morn- 
ingstar. He formerl3- had for his partner Henry B. Kelley. Children : 

RoSEUNDA Iantuu, born June 2, 1804. 

Annis Mai;ia, borji May 8, 1809. 

Oi.ivi! PoKTiA, born January 7, 1871. 

Williaji Kklly, born September 4, 1S73; died April 19, 1875. 

Hk.nky, born and died December 31, 1870. 

LUCY ELIZABETH, b. June 28, 1843 ; m. May 9, 1867, in Lebanon, Warren 
Muukay. Co., Ohio, Ichabod II., another child of Orsou Smith Murray ; they reside at 

Foster's Crossings, where all their children were born. 
Ichabod, born December 9, 1870; died aged one week. 
LuCKKTiA B., born August 15, 1872. 
CaKI, Sciiurz, born October 27, 1874. 

HENRY HAMLIN VANAMRINGE, b. July 2, 1845; m. Feb. 20, 1871, at De 
PooRE. Soto, Jefferson Co., Mo., Caroline Augusta, dau. of Charles Henry and Jane 

Maria (Osborn) Hubbard, b. in Marengo, McIIenry Co., 111., July 28, 1844. 
Her father born in Rochester, N. Y., and went West at an early day; was a 
trader and nursery-man ; removed from Marengo to Lawson, Washington Co., 
Mo., in 1866, and died there with sraall-pox in Nov., 1872. Her mother was a 
native of Ohio, and in 1879 resides with her j'oungest daughter in St. Louis. 
Mr. I'oore is a farmer; moved to Lawrence, Kansas, in the spring of 1872, but 
upon the death of her father returned to Lawson and took charge of their farm ; 
removed thence to Warren Co., O., in Apr., 1876 ; remained there until Oct., 
1877, and removed to Renville Co., Minn., and took up a homestead near Bird 
Island, where they in 1879 reside. Children : 

Orson Biuney, born in Lawson, February 28, 1872. 

Irena Estella, born November 25, 1873 ; died Jauuary 17, 1876. 

Charles Delos, born in Lawson, February 15, 1870. 

WALLACE LUCIUS, born February 20, 1848 ; died July 27, 1849. 

EBENEZER BL AN"CHATiD ", born in a locality called Big Tree, in, 
he says, Livingstone Co., I^. Y., Nov. 4, 1802; brought up on a farm; 



taught school three years, when about 20 to 23 years of age; then learned 
the ti'ade of a carpenter, and at the age of sixty, says he, "I donned the 
armor of a warrier to put down the Rebellion," and served in the 15th In- 
dependent Ohio Volunteer Battery, but stood it only about six months. 
After he recovered his health, he went into the wilds of Michigan, took up 
a homestead and lived upon it long enough to prove his claim, and on 
the same he had to pass the ordeal of that terrible fire we read of, which 
happened in Michigan in 1871, which accounts for the loss of his eye-sight. 
He man-ied July 20, 1827, at North East, Erie Co., Pa., Lucinda, dau. of 
Perrin and Hannah (Utley) Eoss, b. Feb. 10, 1808, in Greenfield, Erie Co., 
Pa. Her grandfather Ross Avas a victim of the Wyoming massacre, which 
occurred about three months previous to the birth of her father. Pier 
mother was a native of Hebron, Conn. They resided when their first child 
was born, in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. ; third child in l^orth 
East; fourth, and sixth in Westfield, I^. Y. ; the ninth in Braceville, 
Trumbull Co., Ohio, and their tenth one was born in Windham, Portage Co., 
Ohio, and they reside in that county at Garrettsville in 1879. We learn 
since the above was put in type that Mr. Poore died Jan. 3, 1879, and his 
son-in-law Pike has furnished in the Vineland Independent of Feb. 13th, an 
extensive obituary notice of him. Children: 

■FRANCIS XAVIER, b. July 6, 1828; was one of the Hundied Day's men who 
served on Johnson's Island guarding piisoners ; but when John Morgan made his 
second raid they were sent to Kentucky to head him off, and were taken pris- 
oners at Keller's Bridge, when they had that bloody massacre. He m. June 26, 1850, 
Tirzah Loveland. He is a farmer and runs a steam threshing machine in the 
north part of Windham, Ohio. Children : 

Ammond B., born April 26, 1851 ; died November i, 1852. 

Akden, born May 19, 1853; died September 16, 1858. 

PEERIN, who died in early childhood. 




ELIZA HELEN, b. Nov. 26, 1832 ; m. Aug. 22, 1852, Isaac Hosea, son of Joseph 
C. and Julia (Brocknej') Ensign. He was a Hundred Day's man in the Army 
and taken prisoner at Keller's Bridge. He is an extensive farmer in the north 
part of Windham, O., in which town were born their children : 

liiENA Laura, b. Jan. 12, 1853; m. May 7, 1874, Milton John, son of Silas and Sarah 
Ann (Payn) Clark, b. in Nelson, 0., Apr. 8, 1852; is a carpenter; resides in Windham. 
Claka Vikginia, born January 18, 1857. 

SARAH MARIA, b. Sept. 21, 1834 ; m. Jan. 29, 1856, in Beaver, Pa., to Jemuel 
Woodruff, son of James and Oura (Woodruff) Pike, b. in Concord, Lake Co., O., 
June 27, 1828, who also was a Hundred Day's man in the Army; likewise was 
captured at Keller's Bridge with Fiances and Isaac H., and in that expedition 
his brother was lost. They reside in 1878, in Vineland, Cumberland Co., N. J. 
He is a lecturer on Geology and kindred sciences. Children : 


riKic. Liu.iK, born in Windham, O., December 10, 1858; died August 7, 18C1. 

KiniK LouKSA, born in Windham, O., Octoljcr 30, 186'1; graduated al Vinejand lligli 
School in 1879 ; an elocutionist and musician. 

DELOS, who died at the age of about two 3'c:irs. 

HARRIET LUCINDA, born February 9, 1839 ; unmarried in 1879 ; and at home. 

"WILLIAM HENRY, b. Apr. 23, 1841, wlio was in llic otii and 7lii Oiiio Regts., 
PoouB. was with Sliernian in his niarcli to tiio sea, etc., and was (hscliarged at tiie close 

of llic war. lie was wounded several times but not seriously. He m. Jan. 1, 
18GU, Thrcissa, dau. of John E. and Jeuiictta (Vronian) Willard, b. in Monroe, 
Mich., who died Mar. 10, 1878, aged 2G years. He resides in Homer, Midland 
Co., Mich., where all his children were born. Here was where his father and 
the others of the family took up their homesteads, and they hold them in 1879. 
They are situated up the river twenty-four miJcs from Saginaw. He and son 
Albert D. (in 1879), reside with his mother in Windham, O. Ciiildren : 

MiNA NoKA, born December IG, 1809; residence in 1879 witli lier aunt Sarali M. Pilie. 

Albert Dklos, born May 7, 1871. 

Sakah Eliza, born January 7, 1873; residence in 1879 with her aunt Eliza II. Ensign. 

LuuA JioNKUTT, boru December 13, 187G; adopted by her uncle Nelson G. and wife. 

ADEDINE Z., who died aged about one j'car. 

JEWETT BOYNTON, b. Oct. 24, 184G ; was in the 15th Independent Ohio Vol- 
unteer Battery, and stood it well through, as his fatlier says, though a slender 
shank boy of 16. Was in many important battles and never got a scratch ; but 
one night in July after thej'' had reached Atlanta, Ga., a tree was knocked over 
on to a tent, by a solid cannon ball striking it, and one of his legs was broken. 
He m. Dee. 24, 1868, Lorinda, dau. of Eli and Mary (Wilherstay) llartman, b. 
in Nelson, Portage Co. He is a mechanic ; owns a saw-mill, and manufactures 
cheese and butter boxes at Windham station, Portage Co., O. Children : 

LuELLA, born iu Windham, October 29, 1871. 

Peulie May, born in Windham, August 21, 1873. 

NELSON GORDON, b. Mar. 22, 1848 ; an overseer of a lumber factory ; m. Feb. 
9, 1871, Jane, dau. of George and Hannah (Swartz) Misner, in Southinglon, 
Trumbull Co., O., where her parents were residing in 1878 ; born in Southington. 
Reside at Windham Centre, where he owns a butter tub factory. No children, 
only his niece Nettie, as above mentioned. 

JULIA VIRGINIA, who deceased at about the age of three years. 

DAVID", born in Eiitland, Vt., July 19, 1803; joined the New York 
conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 182(3; was first stationed 
at Jefferson circuit one year, then at Durham, Sullivan, Catskill and Mar- 
bletown circuits two years each; then was transferred to Troy conference 
where he had stations in New York and Vermont; afterward went to Iowa 
and was two years each at Independence, Fayette and Cedar Falls ; returned 
East, and was one year each at Bennington, Vt., and East Hebron, !N. Y., 
and since been on the sujieranuated list. His earl}^ fields were very labori- 



ous. In most of Ms circuits, averaging from 20 to 28 appointments, all to be 
met once in four weeks, travelling over hills and mountains, foixling rugged 
streams and heavy snow drifts, subjected frequently to the uncongenial soci- 
ety of bears, wolves, panthers, rattlesnakes and copperheads. SulUvan cir- 
cuit the largest travelled had thirty-three appointments. He m. (1) 'Nov. 
20, 1825, Julia Ann, dau. of Sabastian and Elizabeth C. (UHne) Wether- 
wax, b. ISTov. 20, 1810, at West Sand Lake, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., the birth- 
place of both of her parents, who were of German descent. By her he 
had all his children. She died in Saratoga, IST. Y., Apr. 14, 1867; m. (2) 
widow of Alfred Ward of Poultney, with whom he lived but about five 
months before she died; m. (3) Apr. 13, 1871, Mrs. Sarah (Mitchell) Con- 
key of Cambridge, Washington Co., ]^. Y., and they are in 1879 residing 
at Round Lake, Saratoga Co., ]^. Y. His children: 

ELIZABETH CATHERINE, b. in Jefferson, N. Y., August 25, 1826, who died 
Aug. ]5, 1868 ; m. by Rev. E. Goss, Jan. 25, 1844, to William Augustus, son of 
Jokes. Augustus and Charity (Mattice) Jones, b. in Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., N. Y., 

Aug. 24, 1822. He is a farmer and dealer in cattle and hogs in Independence, 
Buchanan Co., Iowa, where he has been since 1855, and in 1879 resides on South 
street. Children : 

William Augustus, born and dietl about February 30, 1846. 

Mary Eugenia, bom September 13, 1847; died September 24, 1854. 

James M., born September 26, 1848; died April 30, 1850. 

Millard F., born Maj' 1, 1851; died September 11, 1854. 

AViLLiE r., who died Aii2;ust 2, 1855; > . , ^ ,. ,„„„ 

T,T XT , ,• , T ,,, ,o-o (twins born June 14, 1853. 

Willis H., who died June IG, ISoS; > ' 

Elizabeth Catherine, born September 12, 1855; died aged one day, 

Ellen Marion, born in Independence Sept. 9, 1856 ; a school-teacher ; in 1878 unmarried. 

touiSA Amelia, born June 21, 1859; died September 10, 1863. 

Lois Catherine, born in Independence March 21, 1862; at home in 1878 and then unni. 

CLARISSA MARGARET, b. in Windham, N. Y., June 10, 1828 ; m. Abram II. 
Fonda Fonda, a trader in Independence, Iowa, in 1879. _ We hear of two children : 

Julia Ann, b. about 1S54; m. (1) a man by the name of Holcomb, who in about a year 
died; m. (2) 1878 a physician from Pennsylvania named S. G. Wilson; reside in 
Indepciidence, Iowa. Child : — Clara Margaret, b. in Independence in 1879. 
Lettie, born about 1858; in 1878 uuinarried. 

PooRE. WILLIAM HENRY, b. in Monticello, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1830 ; graduated at Union 
College, Schenectady, N. Y. ; was teacher of common schools in Montgomery, 
Columbia, Schenectady and Saratoga counties, N. Y. Had charge of the depart- 
ment of Natural Science in Jacksonville Academy, N. Y., 1850-3; assistant 
principal of Fergusonville Academy 1853-4 ; principal of Troy Conference Acad- 
emy 1855-6, also in 1863 ; and principal of Fayette Academy in Fayette Co., 
Iowa, in 1857 and 1860. Since leaving teaching in 1863 has been in ti-ade and 
manufacture, and in 1879 is in company with his brother W. F. P. Agent of the 
Land Department of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe R. E. Co. Office room 
8 Hall Building, Troy, N. Y. He also was licensed as local preacher by the 


I'oouK. ]\[eUio(list Cliurch in 1851, and was supplying at Troy in 1878. In regard to his 

family record he writes me May 8, 1879, tliat "In Nov., LSGO, at Poultncy, Vt., 
I married Miss Louise Rice, second daugiiter and tiiird child of Aianson atnl 
Annis Rice, of that village. She died there in April, 1875, of Typhoid Pneu- 
monia. Two little boys Willie and Bonnie, whom she bore to mc in 1862 and 
1807, have been wailing in Heaven for me since their infancy. In Nov., 187G, I 
married Miss Louis Williams, second daughter and third child of John R. and 
Elizabeth T. Williams, of Poultncy above named. She is still Queen of the 
Ministration of love to me. We have one little rose bud, Annie Louise, now in 
beauty unfoUling her tin}- petals to the suns beam of our smile and the shower 
of our toil and trial. Little 

Lulu, was born on Sunday, August lltli, at Round Lake, Saratoga Co., N. Y." 

WESLEY CLARK, b. in Cairo, N. Y., Apr. 27, 1833 ; was a school-teacher until 
about 18G2, and since been a farmer ; commissioner of Highways, etc., and of late 
resided in White Creek, Washington Co., N. Y. lie m. (1) Oct. 15, 1856, Ellen 
Marion, dau. of Nathaniel and Sarah (Baker) Hanna, b. in White Creek, Wash- 
ington Co., N. 1'., Nov. 18, 1832, who died in Cambridge, N. Y., Aug. 5, ]8('.0 ; 
m. (2) Nov. 3, 1861, Margarette Ann, a sister to his first wife, b. in same town 
May 11, 1831, who died Jan. 6, 1874; m. (3) Jan. 21, 1875, Laura Maria Bent- 
ley, dau. of Carlos and Maria (Knox) Warner, b. in Salem, W;ishington Co., 
N. Y., May 19, 1840. Children : 

CuAKLKS A., born February 15, 1858, iu Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa; died aged one day. 

WiLUK Nathanikl, born in tlie village of Cambridge, N. Y., December 3, ISo'.l. 

Nelue Mahiom, born in Wliite Creek, N. Y., August 20, 18G5; died July IG, 1874. 

John Clakk, born in Wliite Creek, March 4, 18G8. 

JAMES ARMINIUS, b. in Pawlet, Vt., Nov. 11, 1836; was Lt. in Co. C, the 
27th Regt. of Iowa, where he served three years three months. He has been 
since Oct., 1873, Treasurer of Buchanan County, Iowa, with residence at Inde- 
pendence, Iowa, where he has resided since March, 1855, aud his house in 1879 
on the corner of Monroe and Chatham streets. He m. Apr. 30, 1859, Amelia 
Lucinda, dau. of Israel and Kezia B. (Fitch) Ilerrick, b. in Lima, Livingston 
Co., N. Y., Jan. 25, 1839. Children : 

Elizabeth Rebecca, born in Independence, Juno !), 18G6. 

Helen Louisa, born in Independence, January 20, 1871. 

Mauy Edna, born in Independence, May 20, 1875. 

David William, born in Independence, August 20, 1877. 

WILBER FISK, b. in Greenwich, N. Y., May 6, 1839 ; educated at the Fergusou- 
ville, Richmondvillc and Jonesville academies in New York, and finished at the 
Upper Iowa University. Entered the Armj' as private in Co. A, 2d N. Y. Vet. 
Cavalry, Aug. 21, 18G3 ; at the end of one year and a half in the service was 
promoted to Ordinance officer of the Fifth Brigade of Cavalrj' ; was with Gen. 
Stoneman in the Army of tlie Potomac about three months, then transferred to 
the Department of the gulf under Gen. Banks. Head Quarters New Orleans 
was in battles in La. and Ala. On his veay home from the Army he began the 
work of the gospel ministry, uniting with the West Va. Methodist conference in 
1866; was stationed at West Liberty and Dallas, left that conference and joined 
the Troy conference, and stationed at Fort Bennington and West Arlington, Vt. 


PooRE. Ill about four j'ears left the Methodist Church and work and joined the Hartwick 

Synod of the Lutheran Church ; was stationed for several years at West Sand 
Lake, and closes his ministerial labours at Poestenkill, N. Y., and has since 
been engaged in Western emigration ; now with his brother at Troy, and resides 
in 1879 at No. 22 William street. West Troy, N. Y. He m. at Bethlehem, N. Y., 
by Kev. J. L. Cook, June 11, 1862, to Catherine, dau. of Philip and Hannah 
(Hollenbeck) Giftbrd, b. in New Scotland, Albany Co., N. Y., Jan. 5, 1840. 
Child : 

James Edward, boru iu North White Creek, Wasliingtou Co., N. Y., Apr. 30, 18G3. 

MARY GRACE, b. in Amsterdam, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1845; m. William H. 
Hemstkeet. Heinstreet, a boatman ; resided iu 1877 in West Tro3% N. Y., and in 1879, at 
Jonesville, N. Y. Children : 

We hear of Josephine, Nellie and Ida, and probably she has others. 

MAETIIST ', born in the village of Eutland, Co. of Rutland, Yt., May 9, 

He married June 19, 1827, Louisa, Betts, born Jan. 9, 1802. She was 
the first white woman who settled in Dakota Co., and the first woman she 
PooRE. met was the chiefs squaw. He died I^ov. 20, 1877, and she is in 
1878 residing in Hastings, Minn. Children: 

ALBERT CHANCY, b. Mar. 25, 1829 ; m. May 22, 1851, Caroline Lackcry. He 
resides in 1878 in Knapp, Dunn Co., Wis. Children : 

Maktix Menetiio, born in April, 1852; m. Emily Chapin, born in 1857. 
McCray. Elizabeth Maiiy, b. May 27, 1854; m. Dec., 1871, Wm. McCray; reside in 1878 in Rush 

City, Chicago Co., Minn. Children : — Child b. July 20, 1873. Child b. iu 1876. 
Oscar Joseph, boru February 13, 1856. 
GAKD^'ER. Annette, born Jan. 28, 1858; m. Martin Gardner. Child: — Child born 1874. 

Albert Chancy, born May 2, 1862. 
Nellie D., born March 11, 1867. 
Howard Hamilton, born November 27, 1868. 

HANNAH ELIZABETH, b. July 13, 1830 ; who died Oct. 20, 1864 ; m. George 
Prbscott. Hemenwajf, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Messervy) Prescott, b. in Me. Jan. 

20, 1829. He in 1878 resides in Albert Lea, Minn. Children : 
Dills. Jessie Albertinb, b. Aug. 13, 1856; m. Sept. 6, 1873, Charles Henry Dills, b. Mar. 29, 

1845; who served in Co. C, 5th Minn. Eegt., three years, seven months. Residence 
In 1879 at Albert Lea. Children:— Lillie Adelade, b. May 26, 1874; John Clinton, 
b. Apr. 22, 1878. 
PitBscoTT. William, born September 13, 1858. 

Daniel, born January 18, 1861. 
Grace Elizabeth, born August 18, 1864. 

Poore. WILLIAM WALLACE, b. June 25, 1833 ; m. June 22, 1855, Sarah, dau. of Bealy 

and Sarah (Hecox) Stone, b. in Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1835 ; who died July 
29, 1875. He resides in 1878 at Hastings, Minn. Children : 
Otto Hamilton, born May 29, 1857. 
Oraella, born August 12, ISGl. 

PRUDBXCEJ, born May 23, 1807, who died about 1853; m. (1) a HoUis, 
by whom she had one child, and it is supposed it died m infancy; m. (2) a 



Gage, and the last place we hcai* ol" her residhijj in, was Potsdam, N. Y. 
Probably she has no posteiity living. 


LUTHEE", born in Winchondon, ])crhaps about 1770; married Sejitcm- 
ber 28, 1704, Lydia Smith, of his native place, by whom he had born 
there two children; after that time left his family in Winchendon, and not 
heard from until after the marriage of his son John M., when he called ni)on 
said son and told him that he had been in the state of Maine, married another 
woman and had children by her, but it is supposed that he never returned 
to reside with the second family. We have discovered nothing more con- 
cerning him or his pretended family in Maine. His children by wife Lydia 
were : 

MERCY', born February 7, 1795, who died in May, 1826; m. in 1815, 
Isaac, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Reed) Wyman, born in "Winchendon, 
Sept. 29, 1794, whose father was from Woburn, Mass. They settled in their 
Wyman. native place and after her decease he lived a widower, until his de- 
cease July 29, 1855. Children: 

LUCY, who died in early infancy. 

SYLVIA, b. Nov. 2, 1816; m. (1) Nov., 1837,.in Tewkslniiy, Mass., William 
Maynard, by whom she had her children. Mr. Maynard died about 1841. .and ra. 
(2) about 18G3, James Boyce, and in 1878 is residing in Reading. Ciiildren : 
William, b. Fclj., 1839; wlio enlisted hito the 2d Mass. Kegt., served Ihroiigli the war, 

has married and kept a livery stable near bis mother's residence in Reading, Mass. 
Mauy Ann, b. about 1841 ; is married and resides in 1878 iu Wilmiiigtou, Mass. 

SUREPTA, born about 1818 ; died young. 

SALLY, born about 1821 ; died young. 

SOPIIRONIA, b. July .11, 1823 ; m. June -7, 1842, Luke, son of Luther and Phebc 
 (Wyman) Hale, b. in Ilubbardston, Mass., Aug. 21, 1818, his father was born 
iu Leominster, Mass., Nov. 19, 176G, and his mother (the second wife of his 
father), was born in Chesterfield, N. H., in 1778. Mr. H.ale is a blacksmith in 
Winchendon, and they resided tliere after marriage until Apr., 1843, when tiioy 
removed to Templetou and resided until 1847, then returned to her native place. 
Children : 

Ella, b. in Templcton, July 20, 1845; m. Sept. 5, 18GG, Waylaiul Chester Perry Howard, 
from Orange, Mas.s. ; a machinist and resides in Winchen<lon. He is son of Stipluu 
Howard, b. in Wcndall, Mass., Sept. 12, 1842. His father was born in Sutton, Mass., 
Mar. 13, 17',)8, and was a carpenter in Orange, and his mother was born in Charles- 
town, N. H., Feb. 28, 1800. Children : — Niua E., born about 1808; died aged about 
two years; Coriune Davis ; Luke Hale; Florence Anice. 
John, b. Sept. 27, 1848; civil engiueer; residence in 1878 in Keokuk, Iowa. 










Waltkk, born May 8, 1852; also a civil engineer; in 1878 was in Wyandotte Co., 

DOUA, bora October 30, 1854; died February 12, 1855. 

Pi.ouA, born June 20, 1856; died September 21, 1856. 

EoLLO, born November C, 1857; a printer;' m. Apr. 19, 1879, Mary J., dau. of William 
and Charlotte J. (Nason) Flagg, born at Fitzwilliam, N. H., Apr. 12, 1858; residence 
at No. 15 Gold street, Worcester, Mass. 

Cora Lyman, born September 4, 18C0; m. June 4, 1879, Lucius Fairbanks, son of Henry 
L. Grabam. He is cashier of the New York and Norwich Steamboat Line; they re- 
side in Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1S79, at No. 24 Nassau street. 

JOHN" MARTIN ^ born August 19, 1796; married when about twenty- 
one years of age (as his intention of marriage on the Winchendon records 
is dated May 23, 1817), OUve, dau. of Jacob and Phebe (Howard) Wales, 
of AYinchendon, where their children were born ; went to New Jersey about 
1860; and resided in Hammonton and died about 1870. Children: 
JOHN MILTON, boni December 14, 1817; died September 11, 1819. 

McElwain. MARY BASS, b. Apr. 2, 1820; m. about the first of 1840 James McElwain, Jr ; 
resided in Hammonton, Atlantic Co., N. J. in 1878 ; site bad one child, a 
daugliter, that died unmarried aged about 21 j'ears. 

PHEBE HOWARD, b. Oct. 10, 1826 ; m. (1) in 1845, Henry N. Baldwin, of Tem- 
pleton, who died in Nov., 1849 ; m. (2) in Dec, 1852, Eli A., son of Levi and 
Stoudai!d. Freelove (Smith) Stoddard, and they in 1878 own a farm and reside on Chicopee 
street in the town by that name in Hampden Co., Mass., where they have resided 
since May, 18G0. Her first husband was a carpenter ; children beside the two by 
Mr. Stoddard who died young were : 
Baldwin. John Henry, born August 17, 1846; who in 1878 was at home unmarried. 

Mary Jane, born August 25, 1849; died September 18, 1850. 
Olive, born September 28, 1853 ; died April 4, 1867. 
Stoddard. Nellie Edna, born November 17, 1862 ; at home in 1878 ; unmarried. 


HANNAH*', born in Winchendon, Mass., April 28, 1766; m. (1) in that 
place March 6, 1787, John, son of Charles and Abigail (Hubbard) 
Haywood, born in the same place February 20, 1760; Charles his father born 
December 24, 1723, and Abigail his mother born April 5, 1731. He had 
previous to his marriage bought wild land in the north part of Springfield, 
Windsor Co., Yt., a town on Connecticut river and opposite Charlestown, 
N. H. ; cleared a part of it of its forests and built his house, which they 
occupied until he died Apr. 30, 1825. 

After she was seventy years of age she m. (2) Elder Lamson, of Windsor, 
Yt., a Baptist clergyman, who died in about one year after; and the last 




fiftoen to twenty years of her life slie resided with her daughter Nancy 

and died Oct. 24, 18G0, in Chestei-, Vt., aged over ninety-fonr 

iiAYWdoi). years, and retained her faculties to a remai'kable degree until the 

end of her life. Cliildren : 

NANCY", born Feb. 25, 1788; m. Nov. 1, 1807, E])hraiin, son of Ephraim 

and ISIary (Burnhani) Martin, (|)erha|)s second consin to her mother), b. in 

Lunenburg, INIass., May 10, 1777; his mother proljably from Essex, Mass. 

They resided in Weathersfield, Vt., when their three oldest children were 

born; and next removed back to the north ])art of the town where 

she was born, where one says he died July 2, 1835, and she died June 

12, 1801, while another says he died June 2, 18-42, and she died July 

26, 18G2. Children : 

DEXTER, b. May 13, 1809 ; who is a mecbauie and a farmer in North SpringCeld, 
Vt. ; in. Dec. 8, 1833, Charlotte, ilau. of Edmund Lee. Children: 
GitACiA Phii.kna, born September 4, 1835; unmarried in 1877. 

John Hi:*uy, b. 1, 1837; m. Nov. 7, 18G1, Emm.a, dau. of Nathaniel and Anna 

(Swift) Spaulding, b. in Cavindisli, Vt., Feb. 14, 1841. He is a farmer in Putney, 

Vt. Children: — Alice, b. Sept. 27, 18G4, Minnie, b. Apr. 26, 18C8, Lottie, b. Jan. 2, 

1873 ; died JIar. 8, 1879. 

Horace Haywood, li. Nov. 18, 1830; wlio was in Co. 9, 7th Vt. Kegt., and died at New 

Orleans, Oct. 4, 18G2. 
Lucy Ann, born March 23, 1844; unmarried in 1877. 
FiiKD Edmund, born May 26, 184G; died unmarried May 31, 18G9. 

FuANK Dextkk, a twin to F. E. ; is in 1878 unm. ; is a manufacturer of fancy wood boxes. 
Emma Jane, 1). Apr. 16, 1849; m. Mar. 14, 1877, Heury Morton, son of Heuben and Mary 
AuMSTUONG. (Butler) Armstrong, b. in Fletclier, Vt., May 10, 1848. 

Ella Mauia, b. Apr. 2, 1852; m. Apr. 5, 1876, Clarli Converse, sou of Elisha and Azuba 
rAUKEU. (Ball) Parker, b. in Springfield, Vt., Dec. 23, 1847. • 

JOHN HAYWARD, b. Feb. 13, 1811 ; who died in Brooklyn, N. Y., May 1, 1867, 
Martin. He ra. Elizabeth Boyd, and it is said liis children were Nancy, John D., James, 

Charles, David, Joseph, Edgar and Josephine ; and all but Joseph had married 
before 1877. 

NANCY PIIILENA, b. Feb. 6, 1813; m. May 19, 1844, James Spencer, son of 
Cook. Otis and Betse}' (Toby) Cook; a farmer; reside in N. SpringQeld, Vt., about 

three miles from Gassett's station, on the farm where he was born Dec. 3, 1814. 
Cliildreu : 

Francei.ia PniLENA, b. Apr. 1, 1846; ra. May 1, 1860, Horace Hall, son of Daniel and 
BuRBANK. Lydia (Hall) Burbank, b. in North Springlleld, April 25, 1844; a carpenter; they re- 

sided in Chester when their first child was born, and in Weatherstleld when her last 
one was born. She died Nov. 21, 1874. Mr. Burbank m. in May, 1877, Alice E. 
Page in Springfield, and was in Brockton, Mass., in 1878. Francelia P's childreu : 
Jennie Francelia, b. Aug. 20. 18G7, and Geo. Horace, b. Oct. 16, 18C9. 
Martin Si-encer, born October 21, 1848 : died January 4, 1851. 
Heruert Freeman, boi-n August 20, 1850; died January 23, 1851. 
Cook. Frank Ukrmon, born February 13, 1853; died February 15, 1873. 



lEA, b. Oct. 14, 1816; has been a ship-master; m. Jane S. ri03'd, a sister to 
Mjvrtin. his brother John H's wife, and is in the spring of 1879 in Florida. Children : 

Henry, married and resides in Brooklyn, N. Y., and has two or more children. 
Emma Jane, married Lorcn Stocknecht, and resides in 1879 in Michigan. 
WiLLER. ELizAaETii, married Willie Wilier and reside in Saratoga, N. Y., and is in the 

. spring of 1879 at Ft. Edwards. 
Catherine, unmarried in 1878. 
Ira, unmarried in 1878. 

HANNAH HAYWOOD, b. Apr. 18, 1820 ; m. May 15, 1844, Bailey Nathaniel, 
Fletchbr. son of Jonas and Lucinda (Sawtelle) Fletcher, b. in Chester, Vt., Sept. 1, 1821 ; 
lived in Vermont until her first and second children were born, in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
when their third and fourth were born, in Hadley, Michigan, when the fifth was 
born, and in Qnincy, 111., when the other two were born, and he entered Co. I, 
50th Regt. of Illinois, Dec. 5, 1864 ; taken sick and died in the hospital at 
Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 23, 1865, and she has returned to Vermont, and in 1878 
resides in her native place. Children : 

Martin Bailey, born in Manchester, May i, 18i5; died March 31, 1846. 

Nelson Edgar, b. in SpriugtieUl, Oct. 9, 184G; died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1848. 

Joel Conkling, b. May 15, 1849; locomotive engineer on the Philadelphia & Reading 

railroad; residence in 1878 in Catawissa, Columbia Co., Pa. ; m. Carrie Elvene, dau. of 

Alvin and Sarah (Bickford) Rainger, b. July 19, 1853. Her father who died about 

18G5, aged 38 years, was once a shoemaker in Worcester, Mass., and her mother died 

about 1863 aged 32 years. 

Catherine Jank, b. Sept. 15, 1851; m. in Springfield, Vt., Nov. 1, 1871, Geo. Catlin, 

Wood. son of Timothy and Hannah (Catlin) Wood, born in Fitchburg, Mass., Jan. 15, 1845; 

is a barber in Keene, N. H., where her son Harry Floyd was born Nov. 26, 1S77. 
Fletcher. George Franklin, born March 15, 1854; is a mechanic; and in 1878 is in Montreal, Ca. 

John Freemont, born November 4, 1856; a farmer in Springfield. 
Flora Agnes, born July 5, 1859 ; a school teacher. 
Willie Henry, born March 13, 1862. 

JONAS AMOS, b. Aug. 19, 1821 ; who was a ship carpenter and superintendent 
Martin. in Brooklyn water department; died at No. 73 Prince street, that city, May 21, 

1862. He was married Sept. 20, 1846, by Rev. R. Gilbert, to Marion, dau. of 
Matthew M. and Nancy (King) Betts, b. in Babylon, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1829. 
Her father was born in England in 1796, and came to America in 1799 ; and her 
mother was born in Moriches, on Long Island, N. Y., in 1802. In 1878 she re- 
sides at No. 104 N. Oxford street, Brooklyn, N. Y., the city where were born the 
following children : . 

George Washington, b. on Jay street Aug. 21, 1847; who is surveyor in the water de- 
partment, and resides in 1878 at No. 272 Tompkin avenue ; m. Oct. 13, 1869, Emma 
Francis, dau. of Gilbert and Mary A. (McCombs) DeRevere, b. on Duffleld street, 
Brooklyn, March 23, 1852. Children : — Emma Francis, b. at No. 129 Washington 
avenue, Sept. 18, 1874. George W., b. at No. 272 Tompkin avenue, June 25, 1876. 
Lewis Edgar, b. on York street, June 29, 1849; is a machinist; residence in 1878 at No. 
367 Yates avenue; m. in 1877 at South Manchester, Conn., Ella Malvina, dau. of 
Earl and Ann (Terhunc) Seaman, b. in Bridgeharapton, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1854. 
William Wallace, b. on York street June 25, 1851 ; graduate of the Wesleyan Univer- 
sity and Drew Theological Seminary; and in 1878 a student in Germany; unmarried. 
Matthew Betts, b. Sept. 5, 1853 ; a clerk in the New York Life Insurance Company in 
1878; unmarried. 



Martin. Myison Jonas, b. on York street, Sept. 12, 1855; nlso a elerk in said Insurance Co., and 

unmarried in 1878. 
Sadik Ei.izAKKTii, Ijorn January 5, 1838; ateaelicr; unmarried in 1878. 
Maky Janh, born at 73 I'rincc street, February 'J'>, ISCi'J; died Oetober, 18G2. 

DAVID HENRY, h. Fob. 29, 18-24 ; wlio was a policeinaii in ISrooklyn, N. Y., ami 
was inurdcri'il bj' a burglar; m. Nancy Elizabotli, dan. of Abel and Priscilla 
(Ilodskeins) Brown, b. in the soutlicrn [larL of SpringlioUl, Vt., Doc. 7, 1828 ; who 
resided in that i)lace in 1878. ('hildrcn : 

CliAKi.ns Hkxuy, b. Dec. 7, 1849; m. Nellie 15rund)le; residence in West Meriden, 

Conn., 1879. 
Hkkbkut Davii>, born August 14, 1851 ; ornamental printer. 

LiBBiB Anna, b. Jitly 2, 1854; m. Jan. 29, 1878, Ilira Ransom, son of Kansom P. and 
Beckwith. Emily L. (Parker) Beckwith, b. in Lempster, N. H., Sept. 28, 1852. He is an archi- 

tect and builder; residence in 1879 in Claremont, N. II. 

IMARY JANE, b. June 1, 1827; m. M.iy 1, 1850, AYin. son of Win. and Harriet 

McGuKN. (Howard) McGnrn, b. in Greenwich, Conn., Mar. 19, 1822. His father born in 

Bristol, England, came to America in 1820, and his mother b. in said Greenwich 

Feb. 7, 1788. Mr. McGuni is an assistant engineer of the Union Ferry Co., 

and resides in 1878 at No. 95 North Oxford street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Children : 

Frank Augustus, b. at No. 140 York street, Brooklyn, Jan. 29, 1851 ; m. Aug. 1, 1873, 

Harriet Almira, dau. of John and Dorothea (McAuly) Dias, b. at No. 137 Concord 

street, Sept. 22, 1850. Her parents both born in Barnsly, Ensland, came to America 

in 1840, and in 1878 were residing at No. 299 Adam street, Brooklyn. Frank A. is 

in the Produce Commission export business office, 37 Whitehall street, N. Y., and 

residence 109 Adam street, Brooklyn. Children : — Mabel Alma, b. No. 95 N. Oxford 

street, March 28, 1874. Wm. Dyas, b. 209 Adam street, Feb. 11, 187G. Maleta 

Eliece, b. Nov. 2, 1877. 

CiiAUi.KS Henuy, born February 8, 1854; died May 2G, 1S5S. 

Katie Jane, born at No. 15 Duffleld street, Fe!)ruary 5, ISGO. 

CATHERINE LUCIA, b. Dec. 17, 1830; m. Dec. 10, 18CG, Asa Twitchel, son of 
Fuller. James Hall and Betsey Elizabeth (Ayrcs) Fuller, b. in Chester, Vt., Oct. 25, 

1826. His parents in 1878 aged about fourscore, alive in Chester; Mr. Fuller 
enlisted into Co. II, 14tli Vt. Regt., Sept. 11, 1862, and was in the memorable 
battle at Gettysburgh, but neither he or his two brothers who were with him were 
hit by the balls of the enemy ; he is a carpenter and they reside in North Spring- 
field, Vt. Chihiren : 

WiLLiH Edwaud, born in Cliester September 20, 18G8. 
FuANK Herbert, born in North Springfield, May 29, 1872. 

JANE^, born Ajii-il 2G, 1790; died unmaiTied aged about 20 years. 

JOHN", born August 1, 1793; married October 13, 1813, Abigail Wade, 
born in Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass., August 10, 1793; who her parents 
were we have not discovered, but she had uncles named Edmund and Rich- 
ard Lee, and an aunt whose maiden name was Lee, who married an Amos 
Lockard. She died May 21, 1874; but he in June, 1879, is alive, and his 
son Martin 11. (the one with whom he resides), says his father, "is in good 




health and smart for one of his age." He has been a mechanic and served 
in that capacity in the Army. 

He resided in Vermont until 1821, when he went West and was in Erie 
Co., Pa., a few years, but was in Chautauqua Co., 'N. Y., when his seventh 

and eighth children were born. Of his eleven children five died 
Haywood, of scarlet fevcr or from the effects of that malady. His children 

have been: 

MAHALA, who died aged about nine months. 

JOHN FRANKLIN, born Feb. 2, 1815 ; was a carpenter ; died unmarried in North 
East, Pa., June 17, 1837. 

MARY ANN, born June 6, 1817 ; died unmarried March 24, 1841. 

SILA.S, born January 2, 1820 ; died October 3, 1840. 

EUNICE, born near Girard, Erie Co., Pa., Aug. 17, 1822 ; died unmarried in 

North East, Jan. 5, 1841. 

JANE, b. near Girard, Oct. 20, 1824 ; m. (1) in 1843, Averj' Levi Goodenough, 
Westbrook. who died in 1862 ; m. (2) in 1869, Wm. Westbrooiv, and in 1879 resides about 
three miles from Lapeer city. No children. 

Haywood. MARTIN HUBBARD, b. in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Jan. 18, 1827 ; is a farmer 
in Hadley, Lapeer Co., Mich. ; m. Mar. 23, 1859, Mary Emily Vandyne, b. in 
Northville, Wayne Co., Mich., Nov. 21, 1837. Children: 

Eda Luklla, born in Hiidley, July 2-1, ISGO. 

Artiiuu Elmur, born in Hadley, June 5, 1863. 

Edwin Martin, born in Hadley, July 8, 1867. 

CutLiio, born July 29, 1S7G; died September 2, 1877. 

AARON LELAND, b. in Chautauqua Co., Feb. 3, 1829 ; at the time of the Re- 
bellion was in the 16t!i Michigan Regt. ; m. (1) Dec. 25, 1853, Paulina Bates, 
who died Dec. 25, 1855 ; m. (2) Sept. 5, 1864, Ann Eliza Farrar, and in 1879 
resides in Hadley also, and has had by each wife one child : 

Medora, born December 4, 1854; married Wm. Bond, and have two children. 
Mary, born August 7, 1871. 

HARMON, b. June 26, 1831 ; who was a Veterinary Surgeon, and died June 19, 
1865 ; m. Nov. 12, 1850, Eliza French, who in 1879 resides about fifty miles 
northward of Hadle}', Mich. Children : 

John William, b. Nov. 8, 1851; m. Oct., liS72, Charlotte Hollenbeck, b. Aug. 15, 1852, 
and have Willie Henry, b. May 16, 1874, and Harmon George, b. Sept. 3, 1870. 
Webster. Mary Jane, b. Oct. 19, 1854; m. Oct. 10, 1872, Wm. Webster, a farmer; reside about 

fifty miles from Hadley, Mich., and have a son Oliver, b. Nov. 28, 1874. 
Haywood. PHEBE, born September 9, 1835 ; died September 21, 1840. 

GEORGE ELLIOT, born July 12, 1839 ; died September 16, 1840. 

HANKAH ', born July 4, 1797; married March 7, 1821, Enos, son of Silas 
and Elizabeth (Boynton) Biglow, born in Weathersfield, Yt., June 28, 1797. 



Ilis father went from Iloldcn, Mass., up into tlic wilds of "Vermont, and 

mai-i-ied a Avife he lound there in AVeathersfield. They settled in 

UiGLow. North Springfield where their ehildren were l)orn. He died Jidy 2, 
1835, and she died June 12, 18G4. Children : 

FRANKLIN HARVEY, h. June 25, 1822 ; in. (1) Sept. 4, IfilO, C.nthcriiic Vassar, 
dan. of Rev. A.iion and Deborah (Smith) I'cikins, h. in Warwick. N. Y., Ai>r. 
23, 1829. Her (atlior b. in P.iiilgvwater, Mass., May 5, 171)2, and alive in isT.S, 
and her mother b. in Marlborongh, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1797, l)^- whom he liad his 
chihlren, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., where she died Apr. 8, 18C0 ; m. (2) Jnly 16, 
1862, Frances Caroline, widow of Lennicl IX Branch (by whom she had no 
children), a dau. of George T. Spink, and b. in Wickford, R. I., Nov. 29, 1827. 
Residence in 1878 in New York City, and in 1879 on Plainfield Avenue, in the 
city of Plainfield, N. J. He is of the firm of Biglow & INIain, publisliers of 
Church and S. S. Music, 76 East 9tli street. New York. Children : 

AuTHUU FuANKi.ix, born in Brooklyn, June 29, 1850; in 1879 unmarried. 

Frkddie Peiskins, born Septembers. 1855; died September 15, 185G. 

Katr Elizabeth, born in Brooklyn, February 23, 1858; unmarried in 1878. 

ELIZABETH HAYWOOD, b. Oct. 26, 1824 ; m. Aug. 7, 1864, Hiram, son of 

Newton. Samuel and Olive (Belknap) Newton, b. in Orange, Vt., Sept. 22, 1810. He is 

a wheelwright and cabinet maker ; residence North Springfield. No children. 

NANCY HUBBARD, b. Oct. 1, 1827; in. in Brooklyn. May 3, 1860, William, son 

FI.ANDERS. of David and Sarah (Eastman) Flandei-s, b. at Salisbury Point in Salisbnry, 

Mass., Sept. 8, 1818. His grandmother Eastman's maiden name they say was 

Edna Hannah Poor, but not near akin to Mrs. Flanders. He retired from active 

business about 1869, and resides in 1879 on Front street, in Plainfield, N. J. 

 Cliildren : 

Fkances Elizabeth, born February 28, ISGl ; died July 2, 18G1. 
William Newell, born June G, 1863. 


^jENJAMm^ born in Eowley, March 23, 1695-6; settled in the town 
l^^l of his birth on the easterly part of the homestead of his father, 
Sl^W which, as we have mentioned, was given him by said parent just be- 
fore his decease, consisting of about forty acres besides some salt marsh sit- 
uated in Newbury. When the parish of Byfield Avas incorporated, about 
1702, consisting of a part of each, Newbury and EoAvley, his place fell into 
said parish. His transactions in real estate afterwards was the sale of said 
marsh to Timothy Jaekman in IT-IS, the buying of Daniel and John Morri- 
son about six acres in Rowley, which he sold said Jaekman in 1745, and 


sold to Nehemiah Noyes thirteen acres in Rowley and two acres in Bradford 
in 1752, and as one of a committee leased some land for Byfield Parish, in 
1741. He was one of the leading men of his neighborhood and held the 
important title of captain, as we find by the connty records. 

He married for his wife Elizabeth Felt, who, we suppose, out-lived him, 
but we have not learned the exact time of the decease of either of them. 
He made his will June 19, 1758, which was proved Apr. 2, 1759; an en- 
graving of the signature we here give. At the time this will was presented 
to the court his widow Elizabeth -^ ' ^^ 

sent to the Judge of Probate saying : ^ (J) }Z^(^l7ll]fl/%y/xA 
" this may signefie y' I the subscriber J^ y ^ly/^ 

take up with the will of my husband ^ 

late of Rowley, deseased." He mentioned in this will as then living, son 
Jeremiah, who was named executor and to have the easterly part of the 
homestead; son Benjamin; son Henry, who was to have the westerly part of 
the homestead; dan. Abigail who had married, and dan. Elizabeth then un- 
married. Grandchildren, Anna and David Poor, the children of his son 
Daniel Poor, late of Rowley, deceased. Children: 

1. Jeremiah, b. Jime G, 1719 ; m. Joanna Carr. 

2. Abigail, b. June 6, 1721 ; m. Joseph Noj-es of Newbury; settled in Pembroke, N. II., on 

" Pembroke street," and his farm was just about five miles from Concord. She lived 
to be ninety-five j-^ears old, having had then seventy-five grandchildren, and she Las a 
grandchild who is in 1878 over ninety years of age, and from her and some of her 
uncle David's descendants we are informed that Abigail had the following children be- 
sides one son who died young, viz. : 
I. Benjamin, who, it is sui>posecl, was the first child ; m. a Thompson, who settled in Bow, N. H., 
and had eleven cliildren. II. John, who settled in Bow, and by wife Mollie had ten children 
who grew to manhood. III. Samuel, m. a Bradley from Haverhill, had nine children. IV. 
Aaron, who settled in Tunbridgc, Vt., and had by wife Beltie nine children. V. Enoch, born 
in April, 1751, and was the middle child in the order of birth who died in Lowell, Mass., in 
1842 ^ip. (1) Eunice Kinsman; and (2) Susan Parker; settled in Bow, near the Merrimack, 
and about six miles from Concord ; by Eunice he had 1, Betsey, who m. Jesse Frye, moved to 
Western New York and had about half a dozen children; 2, Eunice, who m. Amos Bartlett 
from Newburyport ; lived in Bath, N. H. ; had seven children of whom three are alive in 1878, 
viz. : Stephen, of Grinnell, Iowa, whose son Moses W., graduated from Dartmouth College in 
1857; Rev. Enoch of Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., Colorado, whose son Edgar graduated at 
Obcrlin Col., in 1868, and Julia; 8, Isaac, b. 1775; who m. his cousin Mary dau. of Samuel; 
settled in Picrmont, N. II., and had nine children, of whom Isaac was living in Trempeleau, 


Wis., iu 1878, !iiul Samuel N., who died in 1877 at Beaver Dam, Wis. ; 4, Enocli, 1>. about 1777, 
wlio was drowned at llookset, N. II.; 5, Lydia, m. Aaron Manning; settled in Ilarllund, Vt., 
and one of lier cliildren is Kev. Steplieii N. Manning of Kankalcee, III., and one settled near 
Buffalo, N. Y. ; (i, Susan, born about 1781; m. Moses Siu-gent of Bath, N. II.; Iiad .some 
dau;j;liters; 7, Stci)lien, born July 4, 1783; m. Sarali Abbot of Concord, N. II., wlio was in 1878 
in Ilartland, Vt. ; dud 1S7'J; had Susan who married Josepli Allen, wliose blind son has 
been a teacher in the South Boston Blind Asylum, Benjamin, wlio married his cousin Julia, 
dau. of Amos and Eunice Bartlet as above, and Steplien who died young; 8, Dorcas, b. 1785; 
died 1877; who ni. Benj. Abbot of Concord, N. II. ; had eight children, of whom Asa is alive 
in 1878; residence Union Grove, 111., and has a son Theodore S., a U. S. Surveyor; 9, Fanny, 
b. Sept. II, 1788 (my correspondent), who m. Jan. 23, 1808, Steplien, sou of Roger^ anil Bet- 
sey (Bartlet) Sargent, of Bath, N. II., who died Dec. 25, 1825, and lier son Roger M. says he 
was a desceudant of Wm. ' Sargent who came to Ipswich, Mass., iu 1G33, thence to Newbury 
iiiul Amesbury, through Philip', David^ Davitl-*. I'anny in 1878 is residing in Harrislown, 
111. Her children (1) Stephen E., b. Sept. 2, 1809, who m. lirst an Allbee who died in Cincinnati, 
O., and .second a daughter of his Slh cousin Elizabeth Cook (page 30), by wliom he had two 
children; (2) Fanny, b. Aug. 4, 1811; m. Benj. Moore of Mantna, O.: (3) Susan, b. Sept. 30, 
1813; died in Lowell, Mass., in 1838; (4) Aim K., born Nov. 22, 1815; m. Rev. Peter Warren 
who died in ISoG, and Dea. Jesse Hinliley who died in 1877; (5) Betsey, b. Dec. 27, 1817; in. 
Geo. W. Sawyer, and has sons Geo. W. and Stephen A.; (G) Roger Moses, b. Sept. 7, 1824; 
graduated at Dartmouth College 184G, Andovcr Theological Seminary 1849; m. Juno 5, 1850, 
Eliz:ibeth G., dau. of Abijah Spauldiug (see Spaulding Genealogy); residence in 1878 in Ilar- 
ristown. III. He lias had seven children, but only two are living, viz. : Howard M., b. July 
24, 1853; a pliysiciau ; and Clarence S., b. July 29, 1855; a graduate of Dartmouth College in 
187G, and of Yale Theological Seminary with honor in 1879. VI. Daniel, in. Abigail Ames, 
probably born in Andover, Mass. ; settled in Pcmbrolie, where he died about 1820, and she 
died about 1841 ; children we understand were twelve, and born perhaps in the following 
order, viz.: lj_ Betsey, wlio m. a Fife; 2, Daniel, who m. a Davis; settled in Newburyport, 
and probably some of his children settled in that place aud vicinity; 3, Nabljy, who m. Daniel 
Currier of Warner; 4, Peter, m. Eunice Meserve and settled in Pembroke; 5, Rebecca, m. a 
Bickford for his second wile and lived in Epsom; G, Joseph, b. in 1789, who died aged about 
50; m. Mchitable, dau. of James Chase; settled after their first three children were born on 
the homestead in Pembroke; liad cliildren (1) George, a conductor on the Concord & Nashua 
Itailroad; (2) Rebecca, b. iu Rowley, Mass., March 12, 181G; in. Uuel L. Cram see our " Re- 
searches," page 104 ; (3) Charles, who m. his cousin Hannah Chase ; (4) Joseph ; (5) Daniel ; 
(G) Jacob, a Imtcher; (7) Mary E., died unra. ; (8) Henry, who was accidentally shot aged 22 
years; 7, Jacob, who removed to Canada, had a family; 8, Sally, who m. a Wyinan in Chat- 
ham, N. II.; 9, Fanny, died unm.; 10, Nancy, m. a Badger of Warner; 11, Micajah, wlio set- 
tled iu Nashua, N. H. ; aud 12, Eliplialet, who died unm. VII. Moses, wlio was drowned; 
lived in Bow, and liad about five children. VIII. Nathan, whose wife was Sarah, had about 
seven sons aud one daughter. 

3. Daniel, b. June 29, 1723 ; m. lidnali riunior. 

4. Benjamin, b. Jan. G, 1727-8 ; m. Hannah Bradley. 

5. Henry, b. Jan. 23, 1731-2 ; m. May 20, 1751, Sarah Halo of Bradford, near the border of 

Kowley ; settled on the westerly part of the farm where he was born aud had : 


I. Hannah, b. Dec. 14, 1751; perhaps was the one by her name who married Moses Moody, Jr., 
May 28, 177.'>, but if she was married probably had no cliildren to leave posterity. 11. Daniel, 
b. June G, 1755, who was a carpenter; ra. Hanuah Goodrich June 5, 1789, who was b. Feb. 2-t, 
1755 ; settled in Rowley, where he died May 17, 1837, and she died Jan. 7, 1751 ; had 1, Alice, 
b. March IS, 1790; died unm in Sept., 1812; 2, Elien, b. July 31, 1791, who died June 8, 1870; 
ni. iu 181G Lorane O., dau. of John and Rhoda (Davis) Rogers, b. in Jay, Me., June 15, 1790, 
who died Nov. 21, 1878; resided in Newburyport, and after 1840 iu Georgetown, about half 
way between where he was boru and the "corner" where they died; children : (1) Loraue Hale, 
b in 1818; died June 2, 1833; (2) Eben Smith, b. Oct. 23, 1820; who was an artist in Boston; 
awhile in New York, where he was employed in the office of a marshal, and is in 1878 in a 
boot manufactory in Georgetown; m. (1) iu the spring of 1858, Rebecca M. Newcomb, a 
native of Boston, who died at the birth of their child, which also died about the same time; 
she deceased in 18G0; m. (2) Harriet, dau. of Jonathan and Lydia (ShawJ Hammond, who 
was b. iu Greenwich, N. Y., in 1838; (3) Augusta K., b. 1822; died aged about three years; 
3, Sarah, b. Jan. 28, 1794 ; who died childless Dec. 24, 1874 ; m. Aug. 10, 1843, Robert Adams ; 
. who died Aug. 2, 1855, aged G8 years; 4, Daniel, b. Dec. 4, 1795; who died Oct. 11, 1808; 5, 
Hannah, b. Nov. 11, 1808; who died Sept. 30, 1876; m. Sept. 11, 1844, Simeon Sanborn, who 
in 1878 remained on the homestead of her father. Hannah G., whom they adopted and resides 
with him i.s dau. of Henry Gray, and b. in Haverhill in 18G0. III. Moses, b. Feb. 9, 1758; 
who was a cooper by trade; m. twice; first, Hanuah Jaclvman, who died March 14, 1804; and 
second, his cousin Betsey Bale, who, after his decease m. Rev. John Keely, the aged and re- 
tired Baptist clergyman of Haverhill, Mass. He May 18, 1805, bouglit a farm containing 
about forty acres, formerly owned by the Kezer family, situated on Broadway, about one and a 
half miles westward of the City Hall in Haverhill, where he died in 1840, and was noted for 
raising peaches ; his orchard was in the forks of Broadway and Lowell Avenue, and opposite 
his dwelling house. Left no posterity. IV. Eliphalct, b. Feb. 11, 17G2; who was a school- 
teacher and died unmarried. V. Mary, b. Aug. 13, 17G4; who m. in 1805 for his second wife 
Dudley, the only son of Thomas and Hannah (Cooper) Lull, b. injhe house where the one 
stood that was burnt by the Indians at the time they killed the Goodrich girl ; situated about 
two and a quarter miles from Georgetown coruer. Mr. Lull was the only child of his parents 
who had posterity ; Hanuah and Martha their other children died unmarried ; and he has pos- 
terity only by Mary (as by his first wife .4nna Clements of Newburyport, he had no child to 
survive infancy) ; Mary had a daughter Ann Clements, and she vras the only child of her 
mother b. in the same house of her father's birth July 19, 1807, and died June 7, 1867 ; m. Nov. 
29, 1827, Gorham P., son of Oliver and Judith (Jackman) Tenney, b. Mar. 17, 1794; who died 
May 26, 1858 ; settled on the farm of his father and grandfather Oliver Tenney, where he and 
his father was born, which place is next easterly of where she and lier mother were born, and 
she had (1) Gorham Dudley, also the only child of his mother b. June 29, 1830; m. May 24, 
1857, Hattie Jane, dau. of Samuel and Lorine (Rogers) Larken, b. in the Nevifbury part of 
Byfield parish, Sept. 4, 1834; reside on the homestead of his father; is an extensive farmer, 
occupying also the farm of her mother and grandfather Lull, which are upon the southern 
side of the street; the houses on both these places having been built about a dozen rods from 
the street. The house on her mother's farm was taken down in Sept., 1875. They have two 
children, viz. : Ann Clemens, b. March G, 1859, and Hattie Florence, b. Feb. 2, 18G4. VI. Sarah, 
b. Aug. 10, 1770; who died unm. aged about 19 years. 
6. Elizabeth, whose birth is not ou the town record, but she was mentioned bj her father in 


his will uiid we presume she was the person who inarrietl May 23, 1758, Peter Osgood. 
7. Maiy, wiiose Ijirlh is not on record, and she was not mentioned in lier father's will, hnt as 
she is spoken of by more than one branch of her father's descendants and tiiey not 
acquainted with eacli other we suppose she must be one of his children and that she 
must have received her portion of his estate when she was married as they say to a 
Swett, and settled in Pembroke, N. II., and agreed not to aslv for it again. 


*iEREMIx\II^ born June G, 1719; settled in Rowley on the easterly part 
tf of his father's homestead given him by his father as we have learned 
41 from the will of his parent, and we do not find on record that he added 
to it; all we find of his trading in real estate Avas that of buying of his 
uncle Samuel Poore, some marsh in Newbur}', and Avith Benjamin Poore 
(probably his brother), selling seven and a half acres of marsh situated in 
Newbury, to Dr. Matthew Adams in 1751:. Ilis real estate when he died 
was forty-five acres, with buildings and half a pew in the Byfield church. 
In his will made Jan. G, 1774, and proved the 30th of the following August, 
he mentioned wife Joanna, daughters, Mary, Avife of Jonathan "Wheeler, and 
Mchitable, unm., and his last four sons all under age, to Avhom he gav^e his 
real estate. His Avidow made her Avill Dec. 22, 1781, Avhich Avas pi-oved 
Feb. 4, 1782; in which she mentioned the aboA'e said sons and her grand- 
children Molly and Jonathan, children of Jonathan Wheeler. The real 
estate was divided among the four sons Apr. 3, 1783; it Avas on both sides 
of the old road leading to !NeAvburyport, and about two miles northeasterly 
from the "corner" and the railroad junction and about a mile from the 
NcAvburyport branch of said railroad, bounded by lands of Thomas Lull, 
Henry Poore, Wm. LongfelloAV and John ^ ' r ft 

Searl. The building for dwelling consisted jOr^eA^iA-ak, /oQr- 
of two parts called the eastern house and 

the western house, and connected together by a porch; son Jeremiah had 
the eastern and Benj. the western house. He married Nov. 3, 1742, Joanna 
Carr'from Salisburj'. Chddren: 

1. Mary, b. Dec. 11, 1742 ; m. previous to 1774 Jonathan Wheeler; settled in Byfiehl, near 
her father, the place called Wheeler's corner, and had probably only two children. 


I. Molly, under 18; in 1781 died unmarried. II. Jonathan, under 21; Dec, 1781, who it is said m. 
his cousin Betsey, dau. of Kufus Wheeler, and had some children. 

2. Abigail, b. Jan. 18, 1745-6 ; died young. 

3. Moses, b. June 6, 1747, and as he is not mentioned in the wills of either of his parents 

we presume he died unmarried. 

4. Abigail, b. June, 1749 ; probably died unmarried. 

5. Meliitable, b. Maj' 18, 1762 ; who we hear was an eccentric maid and gave all her estate 

to her mother and brother Jerry in a will made Jan. 4, 1777, which was proved the 
third of the next month. 

6. Jeremiah, b. June 20, 1757 ; who, tradition says, had a remarkable memory ; could repeat 

the whole of his pastor's sermon after returning home from church, and was sought 
after for the particulars in past events which he retained long after they occurred. He 
occupied the homestead of his father, the part which his father gave him with the part 
which he bought of his brother Benjamin. He m. Apr. 30, 1782, Elizabeth Willet, 
who died Mar. 6, 1827, aged 75 j'ears. He died March, 1844. Their children were: 
I. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2, 1782; m. Mar. 1, 1810, Abiel, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Pearson) 
Pearson, (his mother a dau. of Benj. and Jane (Woodman) Pearson), b. in Byfleld parish, 
Mar. 24, 1787; settled on the Newbury side of the parish about a quarter of a mile south of 
the station on the Newbmyport and Georgetown railroad; she died Oct. C, 1839, and he died 
Dec. 25, 1871. Children:— 1, Elizabeth, b. Mar. 28, 1810; died num. Aug., 1841; 2, Jeremiah, 
b. Apr. 26, 1813; a seaman from the age of 19 to 1868; unm; 3, William, b. Sept. 17, 1818; 
ni. Laura, dau. of William and Jemima (Davis) Rogers, of the north part of Byfleld parish, b. 
Sept. 9, 1820; resides a few rods north of said Byfleld station, vs-here he built his house in 
1849; has been a shoemaker, iind since 18G0 afiirmer; children (1) Geo. Wm., b. Mar. 5, 1846; 
m. Aug. 8, 18G6, Maria Ella, dau. of Stephen and Jane (Dorckin) Woodman, b. in West New- 
bury, Nov. 19, 1850; resides in 1877 on the place of his grandfiither Pearson, south of tlie 
Station; shoemaker; no children; (2) Elijah, b. Oct. 10, 1847; also a shoemaker iu Byfleld 
parish; m. Dec. 25, 1875, Ellen, dau. of Joseph and Eunice (Gould) Floyd, b. in Byfleld, Dec. 
8, 1856, and have two children, viz. : Arthur DeEorest, b. May 6, 1S76, and Joseph Floyd, b. 
Feb. 2G, 1879; (3) Lyman, b. Apr. 17, 1850; m. May 1, 1872, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel 
and Mary Frances (Hill) Kogers, b. in Byfleld, Nov. 25, 1852 ; they also reside in Byfleld, and 
have a son Fred Dudley, b. Apr. 14, 1873; (4) Sarah Elizabeth, born Aug. 28, 1852; in 1878 
unm. ; (5) a son, b. Mar. 12, 1854 ; died aged 4 months, 12 days ; (6) Nathan Hale, b. Aug. 21, 
1856 ; and in 1878 unm. ; (7) a son, b. Oct. 10, 1858 ; died aged ten weeks ; 4, George, b. Mar. 
28, 1822; m. Charlotte Cooper, b. Feb. 11, 1830, in Canterbury, Kent Co., England, on the 
road leading to Dover, and about three miles from the market; they reside a few rods south 
of the Byfleld station, and built his house in 1874; children (1) James Lawrence, b. Aug. 3, 
1852; unm. in 1878; (2) LeForest Burton, b. Nov. 30, 1853; unm. in 1878; (3) Charles, d. young; 
(4) LaRoy,d. young; (5) Elizabeth Ann, b. Jan. 11,1861; (6) Augusta Jane, b. Nov. 20, 1862; (7) 
Georgianna, b. Oct. 3, 1864. II. Mehitable, b. Apr. 24, 1784; died unm. aged about 50 years. 
III. Enoch, b. Nov. 6, 1788; m. Sarah, dau. of David Chute; settled on the old homestead of 
his father in Eowley, where they say his earliest ancestor first lived; that part of the town 
incorporated iu 1838 by the name of Georgetown and for many years previous to incorporation 
had been called " New Rowley." He died without issue Nov. 26, 1855, makmg his will Apr. 


30, 1853; Sally his wife, his sister Elizabetli's sons Joremiali, Wm. ami George; and David C. 
son of James Teabody — the latter akin to his wife, were his legatees. Tlie old house on llio 
place was burnt in 1860, but a new one has been built there, and his aged widow is in 1878 
residing there. 

7. Benjamin, b. Apr. 13, 17G0 ; m. liis second cousin Rutli Poorc, and Ann Swctt. 

8. Paul, b. Fel). 23, 17G2; m. Riitli Noyes. 

9. Silas, b. Apr. 20, 170G; wlio died iinin. ; made his will Jan. 6, 1792, which was proved 

March 6, 1792, in which he mentions his brothers Jeremiah, Benjamin, and Paul. 
The sons who have posterity who bear the name were: t 


C\'0 El!^JAMI]Sr ^ born in Kowley, April 13, 17G0; a carpenter by trade, 
nj and built by contract many buildings, during his life of industry, in 
' Rowley and vicinity. He resided in Haverhill in the summer of 1784, 
when he sold his brother Jeremiah his share in his father's mansion. One 
or more of his children Avcre born in Haverhill, but previous to the birth of 
his son Benjamin returned to his native town, and in the spring of 1797 
bought of Wm. Bailey the house and about ten acres of land which had 
lately been owned by Moses Duty, situated on Warren street, and about 
one-third of a mile southwest of the church in Byfield, where he resided 
until after his last two children were born and in Jan., 1810, sold out to 
Jacob Perley, and in 1818 bought of said Perley a place near the head of 
Warren street next to the residence of Thomas Gage, Esq., and by the 
line of Rowley (which Gage place now occupied by the town of George- 
town for an almshouse) ; sold out to Mark Cheney in 1825, and last owned 
and died Mar. 22, 1839, on Warren street about one-third of a mile from 
Byfield church, and about three and one-half miles from Georgetown church; 
He m. (1) Aug. 19, 1784, his second cousin Ruth, a daughter of Dea. 
Joseph, son of Samuel Poore, b. in Rowley, Dec. 26, 1762, who died Sept. 
30, 1828. We here give an engrav-  - 

ing of their signatures to a re- ^^^.*^^*^^ ^f^c?^ 

ceipt for a portion of her father's ^;:^ 

estate Mar. 27, 1788. He m. (2) C^ ^^^cM^ J^OJT 

July 8, 1829, Ann Swett, his cousin 
fi-om Pembroke, who died Oct. 30, 1857. He made his will Feb. 28, 1839, 



which was proved June 2, 1840, in which he mentions as legatees, wife Ann; 
cliildren; Benjamin of Boston, Erie of Oswego, Betsey of Concord, and 
Mary Ann of ISTewbiiry ; and grandchildren, seven children of dau. Ora late 
wife of John Thompson. His children: 

1. Betsej', b. Feb. 22, 1786; m. Aaron Sliute. 

2. Ora, b. Aug. 24, 1787 ; m. John Thompson. 

3. Benjamin, b. Sept. 3, 1794 ; m. Aroline E. Peabody. 

4. Erie, b. Jan. 15, 1798 ; who m. Susan Markliam ; settled in Oswego, N. T., where he was 

street commissioner, etc. He had only one child whose name was William Erie, but 
he died aged about 19 years. His wife died about 1839 and he in 1854. 

5. Mary Ann, b. June 27, 1805 ; m. Seth J. Dole. 
Of these children who have posterity: 


BETSEY «, born in Haverhill, February 22, 1786; married December 15, 
1802, Aaron, son of John and Anna (Colby) Shute, b. in Concord, 
N. H., March 20, 1781; was a shoemaker, and when abont nineteen years 
of age went down to ilSTewbury, Mass., and worked in Byfield Parish with 
Dea. Benjamin Coleman one of the early wholesale shoe manufacturers; 
while there found his wife, bought a residence on Warren street where 
their children were born, sold out to his father-in-law Poore in 1827, 
returned to Concord, bought a place about two miles west of the 
capital now called Millville, and where Saint Paul's school is located. 
Shute. Sold out that place in 1860, and removed to the capital village 
and resided with their daughter nntil their decease. She died March 
7, 1861, and he died Feb. 22, 1874. His father and grandfather also 
lived to be over ninety years of age. Children : 
SAMUEL ADDISON, b. Sept. 24, 1803; m. Oct. 16, 1827, Ruth Whit- 
tier of Dover, IS". H., b. Oct. 28, 1803. He was a physician in Weare, 'N. 
H., and other places, and died in Champlain, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1836. She has 
married since a man by the name of Tarbelle, by whom she has two daughters 
and now resides in the state of Kentucky. Children: 

ADELAIDE MONTGOMERY, b. Mar. 4, 1829 ; who is an invalid and unmarried. 
MARIA ANTOINETTE, died Feb. 4, 1S31, aged 9 days. 

JULIA ANX, born January 29, 1812; married August 30, 1829, Samuel 

Lewis, son of Samuel and Sally (Lewis) Cun-ier, born in Concord, N". H., 

March 31, 1810, where they have resided, and in 1870 bought the 


CuRiuEit. place 'No. 45 Spring street, and in 1877 reside there. He has been 
ill the stone business. Children: 

SAMUEL ADDISON, b. June 7, 1841 ; m. Jan. 16, 1872, Mclvina James, dau. of 
David D. and Sarali Kennison, b. in Campton, N. II., May 16, 18-44; a 
carpenter, and have resided in Concord where their two children were born, viz. : 
IIklen FiiANCKS, boin .lunu 28, 1873. 
CiiAKLKS DusTiN, boi'ii .Inuuary 23, 187C. 

MARY SOPIIRONIA, born January 31, 1843 ; died July 7, 1859. 

ELLEN FRANCES, born October 2, 1845 ; died unmarried November 24, 1865. 

JULIA ADELAIDE, born April 21, 1850 ; died April It), 1852. 

AARON SIIUTE, b. Aug. VJ, 1851 ; who resides with his father; is a tailor in 

Concord ; ra. February, 1873, Sarah Frances, dau. of Josiah Dow ; wc in 1877 

hear of no children. 
JULIA ADELAIDE, born August 23, 1854 ; unmarried in May, 1877. 


OEA^ born August 24, 1787; married November 30, 1808, John, son of 
"William and Mary Prescott (Sanborn) Thompson, born in Sanboi-n- 
ton,*N. II., November 22, 1784. His father born in Sanl:)ornton, 1758, died 
1798; was son of William and Catherine (Munroe) Thompson, who lived 
and died in Sanbornton ; and his mother was daughter of Major William and 
Susannah Sanborn, b. in 1758, and died in 1834. Mr. Thompson Avas a 
soldier during the war of 1812-5, and was most of the time at Lake Cham- 
plain and vicinity. 

The}^ resided in Salisbury, Mass., a few years, whei-e their first child was 

born; then settled in Georgetown, her native place, where she died May 14, 

1834, and he married Mehitable Davis, who died before his decease. 

He was a shoe manufacture all his life excepting while he was a 
Thompson. ^ ° 

soldier, and died Mar. 7, 1858. Children: 

OTIS ^, born September 10, 1809 ; resided in the Byfield part of Rowley 
when his first child was born; in Newburyport when his second child was 
born; and Georgetown where his other children were born. He Avas 
brought up a shoemaker; also lived a while with his grandfather Poore and 
learned his trade. Has been one of the Sherift'^s Deputies since June 11, 
1845, and for the last ten yeai's been crier of the courts of the county of 
Essex. He m. Sept. 1, 1831, Louise Maria, daughter of Moses and Sarah 
(Pike) Stickney, b. in Rowley, Byfield parish, Aug. 22, 1812. Children: 


CAROLINE MATILDA, b. Jan. 22, 1833 ; m. Enoch Adams, son of CoL Daniel 
MouLTON. and Diadamia (Spoffoid) Moulton, of West Newbury, where they resided ; a 
farmer. She died Apr. 29, 1866, and he died Nov. 14, 1868. Child: 
Daniel Otis, born November 1, 1864; died February 15, 1806. 

SUSAN MARIA, b. Sept. 21, 1834; m. Oct. 9, 1853, William Nelson, son of 
Kimball. John and Sarah (Nelson) Kimball, b. in Georgetown, Feb. 19, 1832 ; a carpenter ; 

residence has been in Georgetown, house south part of the village. Children : 
Sahaii Maria, b. Feb. 2't, 1855; was in 1878 unmarried. 

"Walter Lewis, b. Mar. 1, 185G ; m. Mar. 27, 1879, Clara Newton, dau. of Thomas L. 
and Mary Gage (Day) Spoflbrd, b. in Boxford, Mass. (where lier parents were also 
born), Apr. 2, 1859. He is a salesman in a grocery store and resides in Georgetown. 
Annie Moulton, b. Nov. 14, 1S5S; was in 1878 unmarried. 
Hattie, b. Jan."l8, 1860; died Jan. 30, 1863. 

THO.MPSON. HARRIET ANN, born February 24, 1837; died unmarried October 17, 1869. 

ALBERT PARSONS, born January 26, 1839 ; died July 5, 1840. 

ALBERT PARSONS, born August 3, 1841 ; died June 5, 1842. 

SARAH ADELAIDE, born August 10, 1843 ; unmarried in 1878. 

GEORGE OTIS, born September 11, 184G ; died August 15, 1847. 

GEORGE OTIS, b. Nov. 25, 1848; m. Nov. 21, 1876, Estella Medora, dau. of 
Daniel and Abigail M. (Lougee) Libby, b. in Newfield, Me., Apr. 19, 1851. 
Her father a native of Newfield, and mother of Parsoufield ; residence in 1879 at 
No. 195 Essex street, Lynn ; formerly in the grocery business ; after in a shoe 
manufactory ; and in 1879 is agent to sell Singer's Sewing Machines. 

CLARA ELLEN, born September 17, 1850 ; unmarried in 1878. 

JOANNA ^ born April 22, 1813; married October 16, 1834, Edmund 
Chase, son of Paul and Sally (Chase) Tenney, born in that part of New- 
bury called Belleville, Jan. 26, 1808; a wheelwrig-ht; residence South 
Hampton, N. PI., where their last two children were born, but resided in 
Belleville when their first two children were born; in east part of 
Bradford near the chain Ferry where two more were born: at Georgfe- 

Tenney. '' JO 

town were one was born, and Newburyport where their sixth child 
was born. Children: 

CYRUS WINGATE, b. Jan. 16, 1836; m. July 3, 1860, Lydia Ann, dau. of 
Joshua and Nancy (Heard) Welch, b. in Effingham, N. H., Aug. 15, 1841. He 
is a shoemaker ; resided in South Hampton, N. H., when their first tliree children 
were born, and in West Peabodj' since Feb. 14, 1867. He served his country by 
enlisting into Company C, Sixth Rcgt. of N. H. Vols., Aug. 25, 1862, and was 
discharged June 4th, 1865. Children : 

George Herbert, born December 14, 1861. 

Etta Phoebe, ) 

Annie May, 5 ^^''"s : >^°™ ^ay 11, 1866. 

WlLLARD Heard, born May 29, 1868. 

ORA ANN, b. Nov. 27, 1837 ; m. Oct. 27, 1858, Wm. AVirt, son of Sam'l Proctor 
Cheever. and Ruth (Sisson) Cheever, b. in Lynn, Mass., Aug. 26, 1834 ; a shoemaker ; 



CuEEVEii. resided in Lynn, Mass., when their children were born, and in 1879 arc in Carter 

viliaw, in Newton, N. II. Children: 
Suj^ik May, boiu December 24, 18G2. 

Annie Makia, born February 4, 1865. 

SARAH ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 17, 1810; ni. Aug. 15, 1859, Suiilli Newell, son of 
Welch. Joshua and Naufy (Ilurd) Welch, b. in Eflinghani, Mar. 12, 1833; a carpenter 

in the upiior end of South Hampton, N. II. Their first child was born in 
I'laslow, N. H., and their other children in South Hampton. Children : 
Charlks Alonzo, born November 22, 18G0. 
Mauy Emily, boru 22, 1SG2; died February 2G, 1865. 
Fi;ank Edmund, born April 17, 1865. 
JiCNxiK UurH, boru Maix-li 15, ISG8. 
Wnxn:, boru December 3, 1870; died February 25, 1871. 

LuNDBERv. MARY EftHLY, b. Aug. 9, 1843 ; m. Aug. 9, 18G5, George Hunter Lundbciy, a 
teamster, b. in Bullville, Orange Co., N, Y. They have resided in Salisbury and 

vicinity, and in 1879 are in South Hampton, N. H. Children : 
Fi!EDi;i;iCK W., born May 3; died August 22, ISGG. Lyman, boru in SoiUli llauiptou, September 15, 1869. 
Jkssik Maud, born in Newburyport, January 14, 1871. 
John Robkkt, boru November 10, 1872; ilied September 7, 1873. 
Edmund Tenney, boru iu SouUi Hampton, December 20, 1873. 

ALICE LOUISA, b. Apr. 3, 1846 ; m. Sewall Alauson, son of Sewall and Sally 
Abbott. (Lock) Abbott, b. in Raymond, N. H., Jan. 28, 1840, who died Jan. 30, 1869, 

and she iu 1878 is residing in Newington, N. H. Children: 
Sewali. Everet, Ijorn iu Eppiug, N. H., April 17, 1805. 
AuTHUK Ebuoy, born in Chester, N. II., May 3, 1868. 

Tenney. JOHN OTIS, born July 25, 1848 ; died July 20, 1849. 

JOHN EDMUND, b. Aug. 15, 1851 ; m. Jan. 8, 1873, Mary Porter, dau. of Jon. 
and Hannah (Stone) Morrell, b. in that part of Amesburj' which in 1876 was in- 
corporated by the name of Merrimac, Mass., Dec. 20, 1853, and in 1879 reside 
there. Children : 

Eddie Elmep., boru November 5, 1873; died January 21, 1877. 
Willakd Stone, boru in Merrimac, September 8, 1876. 
Edith Ei.lignwood, born in Merrimac, Juue 24, 1879. 

SUSIE VALIRA, born July 9, 1856 ; died February 11, 1-859. 

ERIE^ born June 16, 1816; married (1) in May, 1844, Ann Wood, dan. 
of ISIichael and (Merrit) Todd, born in ISTcwbiiryport abont Api-il, 1819, who 
died October 13, 1850; married (2) November 29, 1851, Mary Jane, widow 
of Elbridge Morrill, and dan. of Silas Short. lie is employed in 
a boot and shoe mannfactory in Georgetown, and his only child is: 
CHARLES ERIE, b. Apr. 14, 1845, in Georgetown; went West Jan. 6, 1868; 
m. Sept. 12, 1868, Rose Ann McGann, b. in Chicago, 111., Sept. 25, 1851. Her 
parents came from Ireland about 1844 and were m. in Springfield, Mass. Mr. 
Thompson is a clerk in a shoe house in Aurora, Kane Co., 111., the city 




Thompson. where Lis children were all born; residence in 1879 at No. 55 South Fourth 
street. Children : 


Annie Wood, born July 7, 1870. 
EoSE Ella, boru June 9, 1872. 
Chakles Hknry, born May 2, 1874. 
Mary Jane, born August 30, 1876. 
Maggie, born November 3, 1878. 

SUSAN', born July 17, 1819* married Charles ITason, a printer; and 
about 1850-5 the proprietor of the Milford Mass. Journal, who has married 
since her decease Lucy Lougee, by whom he has one child; but Susan left 
no children. 

JOHIST H.^, born June 27, 1822; who has been in Aurora, 111., since 1851, 
where he is a manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes at No. 14 South 
Broadway; present residence No. 42 Lasalle street, where his house was 
built in 1856. He went West in 1844 ; was in Chicago, Michigan City, and 
St. Louis, until the spring of 1849, when he went over land to California 
and returned in about a year; m. (1) in the autumn of 1850, Valira Lewis, 
dan. of Dea. John Lewis and Joanna (Rogers) Plummer, b. in West New- 
bury, Mass., Jan. 23, 1823. She died June 3, 1856. He m. (2) Mar. 22, 
1857, Jennie Pike, dau. of Elijah and Eliza (Palmer) Watson, b. in 
Sutton, N. H., Dec. 30, 1830. Her father b. in Andover, N. H., Apr., 1803, 
and her mother b. in Kensington, N. II., 1806, but her grandparents were 
from Salem, Mass. Childi^en all born in Aurora, viz. : 

ALFRED ALONZO, born Juno 26, 1852 ; employed on a railroad until the spring 
of 1877, when he went to reside on his father's land in Florida ; unm. in 1878. 

ELNORA LEWIS, boru in May, 1854 ; died in infancy. 

ALBERT SUMNER, born April 6, 1856; a farmer; with his residence on his 
father's plantation in Waldo, Alachua Co., Fla. 

JENNIE STIMFSON, born July 25, 1858. 

JOHN, born April 6, 1862 ; died December 12, 1864. 

APOLINE EMILYS born January 29, 1826; married September 23, 
1847, Joseph Saunders, son of Henry and Hannah (Saunders) Hilliard, 
born in Georgetown, October 17, 1820; a shoemaker; always lived in 

Georgetown; house on North street, eastward of the Baptist 

Church. Children : 

HANNAH MARIA, b. Oct. 20, 1848 ; m. June 4, 1872, Charles Lyman, son of 
HuBUARD. George and Liucy (Nason) Hubbard, b. in Brookfleld, N.' H., June 8, 1843. Em- 
ployed in a shoe manufactory in Georgetown. No child but one adopted, viz. : 
— Eva Maud, a dau. of Lyman P. Wilds, b. Feb. 13, 1875. 
Hilliard. BENJAMIN ALONZO, b. Dec. 5, 1851 ; ni. Nov. 26, 1874, Sarah Frances, dan. 
of Oliver S. and Maria (Ferguson) Butler, b. in Peabody, Mass. ; they 
reside in Georgetown ; clerk in the post-ofHce. No children in 1877. 


IIiLUAitD. JOSEPH EIX5AR, horn May 27, 1854; bread trailer; unmarried in 1878. 
F1\ANK II., born April 20, 1859 ; clerk in bank ; also unmarried in 1878. 

ALFRED ALONZO', born September 4, 1829; went to California in 
1849, and died unniai-riod in November, 1851. 


BENJAMIN*', born September 3, 1794; who was an eminent dry goods 
mereliant in Boston, Mass., until his decease. His residence was No. 
6 Allen street. He married July 26, 1824, Aroline Emily, dan. ol" Jeremiah 
and Catherine (Kimball) Peabody, born in Salem, Mass., Feb. 15, 1807. 
Iler father was born in 1776 in Boxford, Mass., where his ancestors have 
resided from the settlement of the town; a son of Dea. Moses ^, son of 
John*, son of Ensign Diivid^, son of Capt. John^, a Representative to 
General Court from Boxford, son of Frances ^ who came to America in 
1635. Mrs. Poor's mother was from Bradford (see Peabody genealogy) ; 
she died July 12, 1856, and he died Jan. 19, 1864. Children: 

GEORGE FREDERICK', born August 8, 1825; who died unm. in 18.14. 
CHARLES AUGUSTUS ', born August 1, 1827"; mari-ied in San Fran- 
cisco, California, December 31, 1854, Frances Ann, dau. of William Gilinan 
and Mary (Brown) Badger, b. in Charlestown, !Mass., Oct. 5, 1833. Her 
father 1). in Salem and mother in Charlestown, Mass. He was a merchant 
in Ilonolula, Sandwich Islands, where his children were born, and died on a 
passage between Ilonolula and San Francisco, May 26, 1861. His widow 
returned to Mass. U. S., and she was in Maiden awhile; and in 1879 is in 
Everett, Mass. Children: 

IlENKY WILLIARI, b. Oct. 29, 1855; resides with his mother; is connected 

with tlie house of Morse, Siiepard & Co., Boston, in 1879, and unmarried. 
MARY AROLINE, liorn January 1, 1858 ; died in South Maiden, Oct. 25, 1865. 
ARTHUR CHARLES, Ijorn September 28, 18G0 ; died at Ilonolula, Jan. 25, 1860. 

KATHERINE EMILY ', born March 18, 1829; died unm. Mar. 30, 1846. 

ARTHUR HERBERT', born December 6, 1830, who died January 11, 
1862; married Januaiy 10, 1855, Harriet Leonard, dau. of Wm. A. F. and 
Abby C. (Ingall) Sproat, b. in Taunton, Apr. 16, 1833; settled in Boston. 
She and the children in 1879 reside at Hackensack, N. J. Children: 

KATE EVERETT, born in Boston, November 25, 1856 ; unmarried in 1878. 


PooRE. FRED AETHUR, b. in Rosbuiy, June 18, 1858 ; unm. ; resides witli his niotlier 

and is connected with Faullvuer Page & Co. in New York City. 

HENKY FEAKCIS ^ born September 21, 1832, who died September 16, 
1859; married Caroline, dan. of Wm. French; settled on the Sandwich 
Islands; in business with his brother Chailes A. from 1852 until his decease, 
and his family still reside there, and his widow has m. Alfred W. Bush. 

WILLIAM HENRY, born June, 1857 ; is employed in a bank. 

CHARLES BENJAMIN, born Marcli, 1859 ; is in tlie ice cream business. 

HELE:^^ FRANCIS', born October 3, 1834; died unm. Feb. 26, 1852, 
EDWARD ERIE^ born February 5, 1837; married January 17, 1860, 
Mary Wellington, dau. of Washington Jefferson and Cjaithia (Clark) 
Lane, born in West Cambridge, Mass., December 19, 1839. Resided in 
Boston at No. 27 Allen street, in 1864; since that time in Ilackensact, N. 
J., at which time he bought his house and had it modernized into an attract- 
ive villa situated on Terrace avenue upon a plot containing about two acres, 
and containing besides his own residence and buildings for his horses and 
carriages, a cottage which is occupied by the widow of his brother Arthur 
11. and her children. 

He is a dry goods commission merchant formerly of the firm of Denny, 
Jones and Poor, and in 1879 the firm is Denny, Poor & Co., his partners 
being Daniel Denny and James E. Dean; their place of business being 
Nos. 114 and 116 Worth street, New York, with branches at 268 Devon- 
•shire street, Boston, 222 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, 17 German street, 
Baltimore, and 233 Monroe street, Chicago. Children: 

ERIE EDWARD, born in West Cambridge, December 2, 1861. 

JAMES HARPER, born in Boston, December 17, 1862. 

CHARLES LANE, born January 18, 1866. 

FRANK BALLOU, born April 24, 1868. 

HELEN FRANCES, born March 27, 1870. 

EMILY CLARK, born September 3, 1873. 

HORACE FRANKLIN, born July 12, 1878. 

JAMES WILLIAM ^ born March 18, 1839; died June 21, 1846. 

ALBERT BENJAMIN ^ born May 18, 1841; died unm. July 1, 1869. 

GEORGE FREDERICK ^ born Sept. 23, 1845; died Nov. 11, 1862. 

HORACE FRANKLIN \ born March 24, 1848 ; married Sarah Jacobson, 
Jan. 5, 1871, and died without issue Jan. 29, 1872. His widow resides in 
1879 at Hackensack. 



MAEY ANN^, born June 27, 180,3; manii'd November 24, 1824, Seth 
Jewctt, son of Thomas and JVIai-y (Jewelt) Dole, l)()rn in Newlniry 
old town, September 10, 1802; was a maehinist; resided in the Newbury 
part of Byfield luitil April 17, 1840, when he removed to Lowell, Mass., 
thence to Concord, 'N. II., in Nov., 1848, wliere he was employed in 
DoLK. the Northern Tiaih'oad shops until he died March 14, 1850; and she 
resides in 1879 with her son Seth 11. Dole, in Concord, N. II. Children : 
ANN MARIA ', born June 7, 1820; married November 25, 1844, AViUiam 
Lane, son of Abraham Kimball and Eliza (Hood) Hood, his parents were 
cousins; born in Chelsea, Vt., September 17, 1817. He is a carpenter; 
resided in Salem, Mass., until three children were born, and since 
Hood. March, 1850, in Concord, N. II., and his residence in 1879 is at No. 
5 Rumford street. Children: 

WILLIAM EDWIN, born Jnly-l, 1849 ; m. Nov. 30, 1870, Ella Fiancilla, dan. of 
George and Lucinda (Sleei)er) Saltraarsh, born in Concord, Nov. 11, 1848. He 
is a tailor ; in partnership with his uncle J. T. Sleeper ; residence Essex street. 
Children : 

Hahky Rensselaer, born in Concord, August 22, 1S71. 
Aktuuk Edwin, born in Concord, February 9, 1875. 
Alice Ella, born in Concord, April 11, 1877. 
Edith, born iu Concord, September 14, 1878. 

EMILY MARINDA, born June 16, 1853 ; died aged 2 years. 
SUSAN ELLA, born May 14, 18.i5. 
SETH IJICHMOND, born April 16, 1857. 

MARY SMITH ", born November 0, 1827 ; a coatmalcer in Concord ; unm. 
EMILY MARINDA ^ born March 0, 1830; died July 30, 1840. 
HELEN RUTH', born January 31, 1834; married January 17, 1800, 
Joseph Taylor, son of Rev. Nehemiah D. and Charlotte (Taylor) Sleeper, 
born in Andover, N. H., Dec. 7, 1834. He is a merchant tailor; 
residence No. 51 Pleasant street. Concord, N. H. No children. 
SETH RICHMOND ^ born August 23, 1830; married May 14, 1801, 
Susan Rebecca, dau. of Lyman D. and Roccenia (Webster) Boynton, born 
in Concord, Nov. 19, 1838. Her mother from Vermont. He is salesman in 
Abbott Downing company carriage warehouse; formerly carriage trimmer. 
Residence on the homestead of his father No. 43 Pleasant street, 
Dole. Coucord, until he built his house No. 49 same street, in 1877, and in 
1879 resides there. Children: 

HELEN ROCCENIA, born M.ay 16, 1862. 
ARTHUR EDWARD, born December 8, 1864. 
WALTER STANLEY, born May 1, 1868. 
FRED LYMAN, born December 19, 1870. 


PA^L^ SON or reREIM^ CP. 159), BEUMffl', EEmY=, JOHlf.' 

I^AUL^, born in Rowley, February 24, 1762; was a soldier in the Rev- 
olutionary Army awhile; a shoemaker by trade; sold out his part of 
his father's real estate and settled on the northern border of Rowley, 
and not far southward of Glen Mills (which are situated on Mill River below 
where the Stickney family formerly owned grist and saw mills), on the 
highway leading from said Glen Mills to the village of Rowley; and when 
the IS'ewburyport turnpike was built in 1803-6, it was located southeast of 
and very near where his house is. He bought the land of Samuel Pearson 
in the spring of 1818, and died there Jan. 9, 1837, and his sons occupied it 
in 1879. 

He man'ied Sept. 21, 1781, Ruth, dau. of ]S"athaniel lS"oyes, and probably 
granddaughter of Nehemiah and Ann (Stickney) IS'oyes; we have not 
learned who her mother Avas; probably she died when she was a young in- 
fant, for her father was married in Linebrook parish to Mary Tenney, l^ov. 
27, 1760, and had six children by her, who were, to Ruth, said to have been 
half brothers and sisters, viz. : — Mary, Mehitable, Enoch, Jane who married 
a Todd, Betsey and Amos. Children : 

1. Sarah, b. Aug. 15, 1785 ; m. late in life Moses Pearson; settled near her father and died 

aged about 70 to 75 without issue. 

2. William, b. July 4, 1787 ; m. March 5, 1809, Sarah (Colman) Spofford, born Aug. 18, 1781, 

who died in Beverly with her dau. Sarah Jane, Feb. 6, 1859, after she had married 

Wm. Phipps who died in Salem soon after they had married. Mr. Poor resided in 

Linebrook parish, Ipswich, when their second child was born, and in Goffstown, N. H., 

when their last two children were born, but in the time of the war of 1812-5 he went 

to Connecticut, and has not been heard of since 1816. Children : 

I. Mary Ann Tenney, born Apr. 9, 1810; m. about 1828 Edward Pousland in Salem, by whom she 

had one child — a daughter, that died aged but a few days; and she died in 1829. II. Sarah 

Jane, b. Nov. 21, 1811 ; m. Dec. 14, 1831, John Lefavour, son of Jonathan and Mary (Lefavour) 

Dodge, born in Beverly, Feb. 14, 1812. He was a rope maker; resided in Salem when their 

only child was born ; in Charlestowii where he had charge of the manufacture of cordage in 

the Navy yard, and died Dec. 5, 1842. She returned to Beverly and there married (2) Oct. 18, 

]847, Robert, son of Robert and Mary (Webber) Remmonds, who was born in Beverly, Mar. 

11, 1811, and married first Abigail Dodge, her first husband's sister, by whom he had five 

children, three of which died young, and the other two are alive in 1878, viz : John Wm., who 

is married, and Mary Abby, who is in 1877 unmarried. 


Mr. Uciiimoiuls Is a carpont(U'; rosidence by the school-liovise on Sloiie slreot in Beverly In 
tlie house he built in 18G9. Iler eliiUlren, I, Cliarles Lefavour, 1). Sept. 10, 18:55; ni. Sept. 10, 
1802, Mary Ellen, duu. of Ueiij. F. and Elizabeth (Murray) Perkin.s, b. in Beverly July 31, 
1837. He is a salesman in a dry goods house, Boston, with his residence on Washington 
street, Beverly, in the house he built in ISGO; children; (1) Nellie Lefavour, b. July 23, 18G7; 
(2) Jennie Perkins, b. Auj;. 14, 1875; 2, Albert Gvvinn, b. Apr. 11, 184!); also in a dry goods 
store in Boston; unin. in 1878; 3, Robert Francis, b. Oct. 17, 1855; died Jan. 1, 1857. III. 
Hannah lOlizabi^th, b. Jan. 20, 181.'!; in. Nov. 18, 1833, James Sullivan, son of Thomas and 
Polly (llavell) Gwiini, 1) in Salem, Dec. 12, 1809; a rope maker; residence in 1878 at the west 
end of Warren street, Salem, where she died A|)r. 1, 1858, and he afterward married Catherine, 
widow of Edwin Allen. Hannah Elizabeth's children were : 1, Geo. Sullivan, b. In Salem, .Vug. 
10, 1834; was in battle at Bull Run and died after returning home Sept. 10, 18G3; 2, 
Sarah Elizabeth, b. in Salem, Aug. 25, 1S40, who died Apr. 5, 1877; ra. Sept. 1',), 1876, Wm., 
son of William and Elizabeth (Anderson) Kell, b. in the province of Nova Scotia, Dec. 23, 
1840; a shoe cutler and been in Salem since 18G2 ; by whom she had a child, viz.: Bessie 
Gwinn, b. Mar. 27, 1877; 3, Thomas, b. May, 1845; died Jan., 1849. IV. Alonzo Spofl'ord, b. 
May 1, 1815; died aged about two moutlis. See more in Appendix. 

3. David, born about 1790; died in infancy. 

4. David, b. F'eb. 8, 1794 ; m. Mehitable Chase. 

5. Silas, born Janiuxry 4, 1796 ; died unmarried. 

6. Lovinia, b. June, 1799; ra. 1835, John L., son of John and Sarah (Graves) Hub- 

bard, born in Gilmanton, N. H., or vicinit3' 1814; was a farmer; and at the time 
he died Dec. 20, 1872, they were residing in Peabody, Mass., and she soon after re- 
moved to Newburyport, and was residing there in 1873 ; by whom she liad two chil- 
I. John, b. in Newbury, Mass., Nov. 27, 1837; was a ship-master; and in Sept., 1878, was on the 
coast of Africa, but was drowned May 25, 1879. He ra. June 10, 1873, Maggie Ellen, dan. of 
Joshua and Sarah (Klinefelter) Ludwig, b. in Shrewsbury, York Co., Pa., Sept. 25, 1853; re- 
side in said Shrewsbury, where their daughter Julia Jenkins, was born, Mar. 23, 1875. II. 
George William, b. Dec, 1839, who died July, 1845. 

7. George J., b. May 20, 1801 ; m. Hannah L. Adams and Jones. 

8. Angelina, b. Mar. 27, 1807; ra. 1831, William, son of William and Mary Ann (Smith) 

Lunt, b. in Newbury, Sept. 4, 1806. He belongs to the family of Lnnts that have re- 
sided in Newbury and Newburyport from tlie e.arl}' settlement of Newbury, and his 
mother was a native of England. They resided near her father, where she died in 
the spring of 1854 ; and since her decease he has married twice, viz. : Anna Young, 
and his present (1878) wife is Mary Piper, and their residence is at No. 76 Prospect 
street, in Newburyport. Angelina's only child is : 

I. George Albert, b. Aug. 15, 1835; who is a farmer; has resided near his grandfather Poore's 
place since he was married, and bought in 18G7 his farm, where he resides in 1879, winch is 
about one-third of a mile from the turnpike, the house being on the southwest side of the 
street leading to the old village in Rowley. He ra. Mar. 8, 1858, Laura Ann, dau. of Stephen 


and Susan (Smith) Farnham, b. in Newburyport, June 1, 1838. Childi-en: 1, Angle Frances, 
b. Dec. 21, 1858 ; in 1878 unm. ; 2, Charles Albert, b. Jan. 29, 1861 ; 3, Ada Nelson, b. Aug. 24, 
1SG5; and i, Eva Farnham, b. Aug. 21, 1879. 

Of the sons who have posterity bearing the name are : 


DAYID*=, born Pebruarj 8, 1794; who is in 1879 on the homestead of 
his father, and has been a custom boot and shoemaker all his life; 
m. Mehitable, dau. of JSTathan and Sarah (Peavy) Chase, b. in l^ewbury, 
near Artichoak River Bridge in Sept., 1792; her mother who was her father's 
second wife was from Portsmouth, N. H. She died Jan. 8, 1866. He re- 
sided in early life in Byfield parish, near the church; his dau. Harriet A., 
was born on the ]!:«J"ewbury side, and all his other children were born on the 
Rowley pai't of the parish. Children: 

SARAH JAKE^, born July 10, 1817; married Thomas H. Page; resided 
in the East parish of Bradford, where she died March 29, 1841, without 
issue, and he died Jan. 2,- 1843. 

HARRIET ANK^ born May 2, 1821; who died in Berwick, Me., Mar. 

19, 1869; married January 26, 1843, N^athaniel son of N^athaniel and 

Abigail S. (Randlett) Gerrish, born in Acton, Me., January 17, 1822; who 

is a carpenter, and resided in Acton when their first eight children wei'e 

born; afterwards in Spring Vale and Sanford, York Co., Me.; in 

Rochester, N^. H., and Berwick, where she died. He has married 

since to Mrs. Louisa Whitehouse, in Berwick, January 28, 1871, and 

in 1879 he resides in I^^orth Berwick. Harriet Ann's children: 

GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. Apr. 22, 1844 ; a farmer ; m. Dec. 27, 1870, Eunice 
Shapleigh, dau. of Joshua and Esther (Ricker) Wentvvorth, born in Lebanon, 
Me., May 4, 1843 ; residence in 1879 in Berwicli. Children: 
Lizzie Dell, born in Berwick, Me., November 8, 1871. 
Pbrley George, born in Berwick, October 18, 1875. 

JOHN EDWIN, b. Apr. 15, 1846 ; a farmer ; m. July 3, 1869, Jennie Sarah, dau. 
of Zebulon and Eliza (Hanson) Gilman, born in Acton, Me., Sept. 27, 1840: 
residence in 1879 at Acton. 

WILLIAM SUMNER, born January 3, 1848 ; died January 3, 1862. 

MARY ABBIE, b. Dec. 21, 1849 ; m. (1) Dec. 8, 1866, Simon Otis Howard, who 
is dead ; m. (2) Mar. 18, 1875, Geo. Edward, son of Alfred M. and Harriet B. 
Tkask. (Davis) Trask, born in Farmington, N. H., Julj' 26, 1850; a shoemaker ; and 

in 1879 they reside on Piummer's Ridge in Milton, N. H. Child: 
Alice May, born in Milton, N. H., February 2, 1878. 

POSTKUiTY OP Paul''', of iiowley. 173 

LOVINA DAME, b. May 5, USol ; m. (1) at Roohester, N. 11., June G, 18G7, 
Win. Sniilli ; in. (2) at Barrin^lon, N. II., June 2G, 1870, James Granville, son 
.■Wentwortii- of Enoch and Mary !'• (Tvvomhly) Wentwortli, horn in Milton, N. II., bnt not 
near aldn to Geo. W's wife. Tiiey in 1879 reside on Plnnnner's Ridge. 

Geriush. MI<:inTAl]LE JANE, born October 13, 1853 ; died Noveralwr 4, 18CG. 

CHARLES FREMONT, b. Sept. 13, ]8r,G; in. Jan. 8, 187G, Nellie, (lau,i,dit('r 
of Daniel anil Sally Yeaton. Her mother was widow of a ISIasdell when she 
married her father. He is a shoem.alier ; resides in 1879 in Berwick, Me., close 
by Great Falls, N. II. Child : 

Chaulks Fukmont, born in Berwick, July 18, 1876. 

JOSEPH HENRY, b. Sept. 13,1858; ra. Sept. 12, 1877, Alnieda, dan. of John 
and Emily D. (Pinkham) Gould, b. in Berwick, Me., Jlar. 17, 1858. He is a 
carpenter ; residence in 1879 at the " corner " in Acton, Me. Child : 
Gkrtik May, bora in Acton, July 7, 1878. 

HATTIE ANN, born at Spring Vale, March 26, 18G1. 
NATHANIEL LINCOLN, born in Berwick, March 1, 18G5. 

DOLLY LEIGIITON"", bora March 5, 1824; died unm. July 13, 1844. 

SILAS', born December 27, 1826; married August 10, 1847, Henrietta, 
dan. of John and Mary (Glazier) Riithcford, b. in Ii)swich, Mass., in the 
spring of about 1830, who died Apr. 3, 1875; settled in said Ipswich where 
their children AVere bora, and where he died Nov., 1871. Children: 
HENRIETTA, born October 10, 1848 ; died young. 

MARIETTA, b. July 20, 1849 ; m. July 20, 1870, Eustice Perry, son of Ephraim 
and Lucj' (Smith) Grant, b. in Ipswich, Dec, 1848 ; a dealer in clams, and 
resides on summer street, Ipswich. 

DAVID HENRY, b. May 5, 1852 ; a stocking knitter in Ipswich ; in 1878 unm. 

CHARLES EDWIN, b. Apr. 28, 1855; m. Nov. 21, 1877, Annie E., daughter 
of John Lewis and Julia Ann (Bowen) Grant, a niece of his sister's husband, 
band, b. in Ipswich, Sept. 24, 18G0. He is a stocking knitter, and resides in 
1879 in Ipswich. 

HENRIETTA born February 28, 1858 ; died young. 

LYMAN LEE, born May 1, 1859 ; resides in Ipswich. 

SUSIE BELL, born May 6, 1862. 

LUCY SARAH, born May 23, 1865; died August, 1866. 

EVERETT PERRY, born January 3, 1868 ; died July 3, 1871. 

DAVID HENRY CLAY", born July 3, 1832; married June 9, 1854, 
Sarah Jane, dan. of John and Betsey (Dodge) Smith, ])orn in Ipswich, 
where they settled and died. He was in Company A, First Mass. Heavy 



Artillery at the time of the Rebellion. They had besides Dolly and Sarah 
who both died young: 

LOUISA JANE, b. June 12, 1855 ; m. Andrew Bennet, a shoe manufacturer in 
Dover, N. H., and has a daughter Judith born December, 1871. 

NELLIE SMITH, born January 22, 1861 ; died February 13, 1868. 


GEORGE J.^ born May 20, 1801; married (1) Hannah Lord Adams, 
of J^ewbury, by whom he had one child; married (2) Jmie 10, 1852, 
Susan, daughter of John Bond and Susan Peters (Keazer) Jones, born in 
Newburyport, February 3, 1824. He was a shoemaker; resided in ISTew- 
bury until his first wife died and since been on the homestead of his father 
by the turnpike, until he died May 4, 1879. Children : 

FRANCIS ^ born April, 1835; died unmarried April 26, 1872. 

GEORGE F.^, born April 11, 1854; mai-ried February 8, 1874, Ella 
Frances, daughter of Moses Richard and Dolly Ann (Cummings) Little- 
field, born in Rowley, March 2, 1856. He resides on the old homestead by 
the turnpike; a heel cutter in a shoe manufactory. Child: 
WILLIAM FRANCES, born in Rowley, August 3, 1877. 

Umi", SON OF BENliMIN' imj 155), HEMY^ lOHN,' 

^AISTIEL*, born in Rowley, June 29, 1723; settled in the place of his 
birth; and probably not far from the homestead, as he and his wife 
owned the covenant of the church in Byfield Parish, December 19, 
1745, but he died about six years after his marriage and we do not learu 
much of him either from records or tradition. His wife was Edna Plummer, 
and the date of their intention of marriage is Feb. 28, 1744. She was ap- 
pointed administratrix of his estate Oct. 28, 1751, and Feb. 28, 1754, she 
married Samuel Plummer, and it is said she had some children by her second 
husband. We have not discovered the date of the decease of Mr. Poore 
or his wife; his children were only two, viz: 

1. Anna, b. Feb. 7, 1746-7: married Aug. 1, 1769, Jeremiah Harriman, and had recorded on 
the Rowley records the following children : 


I. Lucy, b. May 25, 1770. II. Tolly, b. Jan. 8, 1773. III. Jeremiah, 1). Mar. 31, 1780. IV. Dan- 
iel, b. Jan. 29, 1783. V. Aime Poor, b. Feb. 9, 1787. 

2. David, b. Mar. 18, 1748-9 ; married Abigail Carleton. 


^■«k AVID '^ born in Rowley, March 18, 1748-9 ; was by trade a hou.gc- 
ytt Wright, and in his Uiter years was a farmer; always lived in the west- 
'-^ erly part of Rcrvvley; at first near the east side of Pentuclvct Pond 
and about a half mile northeasterly of the "corner," and the raih-oad junc- 
tion and on the southeast side of the Kewburyport branch of the railroad. 
This farm he bought of Abner Burbank the latter part of January, 1773, 
for one hundred and forty-six pounds, thirteen shillings, and four pence 
lawful money ; containing about twenty-nine acres, separated into two parts 
by the street, the northerly part was bounded as follows, viz.: "beginning 
at a stake and stones on the northerly side of Andover road to ye eastward 
of the dwelling house on said premises, which is a bound between this land 
and land belonging to the widow Abigail Perkins, thence running northerly 
upon said widow Perkins' land till it comes to Samuel Plumer's land, thence 
running westerly upon said Samuel Plumer's and the heirs of Thomas 
Plumer's land (late of said Rowley deceased), till it comes to the flume on 
the main brook that comes from Pentuckett Pond (so-called), and to a 
brook called Penn Brook; thence running southerly up said brook as the 
brook runs to the aforesaid Andover road; thence running easterly by said 
road to the first mentioned bound;" and that on the southerly side of the 
road leading to Andover was bounded commencing "near the northwest 
corner of the barn on said premises; then running easterly on the south- 
erly side of said road till it comes to Thomas Burpee's l^id; thence running 
southerly by said Burpee's land till it comes to a meadow belonging to John 
Pillsbury; thence running southerly upon said Pillsbury to Benjamin Wal- 
lingford's land; thence running westerly and northwesterly by said Walling- 
ford's to the aforesaid widow Perkins' land; thence northerl}'^ by said widoAvs 
land as ye fence now stands to a stake and stones against an orchai'd ; thence 
westerly in said orchard to a stake and stones; thence running northerly 


and easterly as the fence now stands till it comes to Andover road aforesaid; 
thence running easterly to the bound first mentioned, and also the privilege 
of the well and yard round the above-said widow Perkins' house, which 
privilege is now in partnership;" and on the twentieth day of August, 1778, 
he (and wife Abigail giving up her right of dower), sold this farm to 
Thomas Burpee, Jr., for five hundred pounds lawful money, and then esti- 
mated it to contain about thirty acres. Where he resided during the five 
or more years next after he sold out to Burpee we are not informed, perhaps 
he hired a house for his family and was in the army or worked at his trade; 
but on the thirteenth day of January, 1783, he bargained for a farm owned 
by Jonathan Tyler, then of Rowley, and John Tyler of Boxford, which they 
acknowledged Jan. 21, 1794, and paid for it the sum of foiu' hundred and 
fifteen pounds, consisting of two pieces, and laid on the line of Boxford. 
One piece, contained about sixty acres with a house and barn thereon, 
bounded " beginning at the northwest corner at a stake and stones at the 
line between Rowley and Boxford; thence running southerly on said line 
to another stake and stones by land belonging to the heirs of Dea. Carlton, 
late of Bradford deceased; thence running southwesterly by said land 
through a small corner of the town of Boxford to another stake and stones 
by the country road ; thence running southeasterly by said road till it comes 
to land belonging to Mr. John Smith, to a stake and stones ; thence running 
easterly by said Smith's land to a stake and stones; from thence running north- 
easterly across the brook on a straight line to the southwest corner of some 
land belonging to Thomas Stickney of Bradford, to a stake and stones, said 
line striking an ash tree near the brook; thence running northwesterly by 
said Stickney's land till it comes to a proprietor's road; thence southwesterly 
by said road to a stake and stones at ye corner of Stephen Hardy's land; 
thence northwest(S"ly by said Hardy's land to a stake and stones; thence 
northwesterly by said Hardy's land to another stake and stones; thence 
northwesterly by said Hardy's land to land of Benjamin Morse, to a stake 
and stones ; thence westerly by said Morse's land to the bounds first men- 
tioned." Second piece, containing about ten acres, bounded " beginning at 
the northeasterly corner of said land at the line between Rowley and Box- 
foi'd, by the aforesaid country road; thence on said line till it strikes the 


broot called groat meadow brook; thence northeasterly by said ))roolv till il 
comes to the country road before mentioned; thence on said road till it 
comes to the aforesaid line or bounds first mentioned," and same day he 
bought the above, he bought of said Thorn. Stickncy about fifteen acres ad- 
joining it, in that part of Rowley " called the three thousand acres, it being 
the fifth and sixth lotts on the letter S," and bounded by Stephen Hardy, 
proprietors' road, and Doctoi' Amos Spoflford; and about the same time he 
bought of John Smith about three-quarters of an acre next to his other on 
the road leading from Salem to Haverhill, and near Great Brook, and in the 
Spring of 1795 he bought a parcel of pasture land of about twenty-five 
acres, exclusive of the town road two rods wide laid out through it, which 
was bounded by Benjamin Jaques, Jeremiah Dodge, the road leading from 
Boxford to Haverhill, etc.5 and near S])offord's Mill Brook. He Avas a 
soldier in the Revolutionary Army and his widow was a ]iensioner the latter 
part of her life. He mariied Oct. 19, 177.3, Abigail, daughter of George ' 
and Abigail (Tyler) Carleton, b. in Boxford, Mar. 9, 1752-3, who died Jan. 
18, 1850, but he died Apr. 20, 1817, and at the request of his widow, son 
Daniel was appointed administrator, and by the inventory of his estate we 
learn that his real estate consisted of two-thirds of 138 acres of land, half 
a house and barn, and out buildings, including a cider mill, and one i^ew in 
the Baptist meeting house. Children : 

1. Betsej', bora August 14, 1774 ; married Amasa Fost^. 

2. Daniel, born February 24, 1776 ; married Mary Foster. 

3. David, born February 29, 1780 ; married Marj' Carleton. 

4. Abigail, born January 29, 1791 ; married Nathaniel Holmes. 

5. Deborah, born October 4, 1796 ; married Daniel Palmer and William Oliver. 

All of his children had posterity. 


BETSEY *', born August 14, 1774; married Amasa, son of Jonathan and 
Rebecca (Dorman) Foster, born in Boxford, May 8, 1771, their inten- 
tion of marriage dated October 1, 1792. He was a shocinaker and farmer; 
resided in Boxford when their first two children were born, then removed 
to the southeast corner of Weare, N. H., where he died March IG, 1829. 



He was much respected by all during life; was a teacher of music; 
held mauv town offices and was a member of the Leo^islature of New 

Foster. _" .... 

Hampshire, from Weare. She remained his widow until her decease 

December 25, 1866. Children : 
ALFRED', born March 20, 1793; settled in Bedford, IS". H., where he 
taught the public school. Clerk of the town from 1814 until his decease 
May 10, 1827, and in other ways was useful to the town and vicinity; civil 
engineer; fond of music; taught the art to the rising generation, and in 
the old church played the bass viol many years, and was the first superin- 
tendent of its sabbath school. In the county was at one time one of the 
Sherifl's deputies, and was chosen Register of Deeds, but did not live to 
take the office he was so well fitted to fill ; his diary kept from boyhood, 
and his records of the town being samples of neatness. He was postmaster 
of Bedford many years. In the militia he held offices from the time he was 
about twenty-five years of age until his death, when he was Major of his 
Regiment; was bui'ied under military orders, and the company where he 
was chosen ensign in 1819 erected to his memory in the cemetery a marble 
monmnent; thus he was greatly respected and beloved by the community 
as well as by his family to which he was a great loss. He married August 
28, 1817, Hannah Greely, dau. of Adams and Hannah (Underwood) Mer- 
rill, born in Falmouth, Me., Jan. 31, 1799, and when young removed with 
her parents to Bedford, I^. II., to reside. Her paternal grandparents died 
about 1805, her grandfiither, we are told, was James, son of James Merrill 
of said Falmouth. Her mother was daughter of Joseph Underwood. 
Children : 

EEBECCA McGregor, b. Dec. 27, 1818 ; was adopted by her uncle Rev. David 
McGregor, and resided vvitli him until she was married Aug. 9, 1839, to Ervin 
ToKBSBURT. Noyes, third son of Enoch and Mary (Skillius) Tnkesbury, born in Falmouth, 
Me., Oct. 14, 1812 ; graduated at the medical school in Brunswick, Me., in 1839 ; 
settled a pliysician in Falmouth, where their children were born ; where he died 
August 27, 1872. She in 1879 I'emaius there. Children: 

Chahles Danfoktii, b. Mar. 31,1840; who at the age of twenty-one went to Auburn 
where he learned the carriage trade ; bought shop and business which he carried on 
with increasing success till talking a partner who defrauded him of every dollar and 
broke up his business in 1869 ; then went to Portland and worked for a firm eighteen 
months; next was superintendent of the carriage department in the State Prison in 
Thomaston, until his health failed; subsequently was connected with the gas works 
in New York City, and hi Woodstock, Vt. ; and in 1877 returned to Maine, and in 
1879 resides on Blake street, and is employed in the carriage factory of J. H. 
McKenney & Co., in Lewiston. 

He m. Sept. 6, 1865, in Oxford, Me., Alice Sarah, third child of Orriu and Phebe 
W. (Garcelon) Jones, b. in Paris, Me., May 1, 1845, who is an accomplished musician ; 
is in 1879 the organist at the Hammond street Methodist Church. Children :— Alfred 



ruKKSUURY. Foster, b. in Auburn, Mc, July 21, 18CC. Fannie Ella, b. in Auburn, Oct. 29, 1807. 

Herbert Garci^lon, b. in Tlioinaston, Nov. 3, 1871. 

Alfiiici) Fostku, 1). Oct. 2, l,s41; died unni. Oct. 15, 18G2. 

EuviN MoGRK(i())!, b. July 2(i, 1845; m. Mar. 23, 187(i, at Cape Klizabetli, to Geor^rianna 
Eliza Brooks, dau. of Beuj. U. Dyer; a dry goods dealer 5;i7 street, Port- 
land, in 1878. No cliildren in 1877. 

Milton Lkuoy, b. Sept. 2, 1849; m. Sept. 1, 1873, Mary ,4delia, dau. of Jonathan and 
Kebeeca (Watei'house) Johnson, b. in Portland, Me., about 1852; residence in 1878 
at No. 145 Newbury street, wlierc their son was born, and follows steam boatiDg. 
Child: — Kodger Leroy, b. Nov. 19, 1877; died May 5, 1878. 

Fremont, b. July 22, 1850; died Dec. 23, 1858. 

Nelliic Wood, b. July 24, 18G0. 

CHARLES ADAMS, b. Dec. 6, 1820 ; m. Aug. 7, 1850, Rebecca Abbie, dau. of 
FosTEB. Jcbez and Rebecca (Downing), b. in Poland, Me., Aug. 28, 1829, 

where tliey reside in 1879. Children : 
Reed. Ada, b. in Falmouth, Aug. 22, 1851 ; m. Jan. 23, 1872, Geo. Lancaster, son of Alvin 

and Sarah A. (Spencer) Reed, b. in Machias, Me., Oct. 12, 1849; an accountant; resi- 
dence in 187'J at Mechanic FalKs, Me. Child: — Ethel Foster, b. at Mechanic Falls, 
. Me., May 15, 1878. 
FoSTEK. Ella, b. Nov. 1, 1854; died Aug. 8, 1855. 

Carrih, b. in Poland, Nov. 19, 18G6. 

HANNAH MERRILL, b. Jlay 21, 1822; died Sept. 18, 1827. 
DAVID McGregor, b. Nov. 1, 1821; in. at Steubenville, O., Aug. 12, 1852, 
Amanda Theressa Earl, b. hi New Brnnswick, N. J., May 12, 1832 ; residence 
in 1877 at No. 192 Washington street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: 

Emma, b. in Mt. Sterling, Ky., Sept. 20, 1854; ra. in Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 1874, to her 
Meuuill. cousin Horace Edward Merrill. 

Mary Elizabiotu, b. at Mt. Sterling, Dec. 17, 1856; died Aug. 23, 1857. 
Foster. Alfred, b. in Cincinnati, O., Oct. 27, 1859. 

Eltzabeth, b. in Cincinnati, Apr. 8, 1801; died Aug. 7, 1803. 
Fannie, b. in Cineiunati, July 7, 1864. 
LiLLLVN Earl, b. in Brooklyn, Nov. 16, 1873. 
Grace, b. in Brooklyn, Oct. 10, 1870. 

ELIZABETH AMELIA, b. July 21, 1827; m. Sept. 11, 1844, her second cousin 
Merrill. Samuel Noyes, son of Josei)h .and Lucy (Noyes) Merrill, b. in Falmouth, Mc., Aug. 

24, 1823. She died in Portland, Me., Oct. 28, 1872, and he died Oct. 2, 1877. 
Children : 

Horace Edward, b. in Falmouth, Nov. 14, 1846; a clerk in the Pacific Mail Steamship 
Go's office in New York ; married his cousin Emma, dau. of David M. Foster, as 
above; residence in 1877 at No. 48 Willow street, and in 1079 at No. 209 Ryerson 
street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Ella Susan, b. in Falmouth, Aug. 13, 1848; died Jan. 14, 1870; ra. Clement Phinney 
Blake. Blake, by whom she had one child, viz. : — Herman Willis, born seven days previous 

to her decease. 
Samuel Clinton, b. in Falmouth, Feb. 10, 1852; a bookkeeper; m. Oct. 7, 1874, Lizzie 
Helen, dau. of Henry P. and Amanda C. (Patterson) Dewey; b. in Lubec, Me., May 
Merrill. 7, 1853; they have a daughter Marian, born July 28, 1875, in Portland, Me., where 

they reside, and their house is in 1879 at No. 77 St. Lawrence street. 
David Foster, born October 9, 1853; died in Covington, Ky., March 15, 1850. 
LizaiE Rebecca, born in Falmouth, November 8, 1850; is in 1879 a student at the Nor- 
mal School in Oswego, N. Y. 



Merrill. KATiii; Ad.vms, born September 16, 1861 ; died June 29, 1863. 

Hknry Foster, born in Portland, February 15, 1864 ; is a booisbinder. 

SAMUEL PLUMMBR^ born in Boxford, March 2, 1795; by occnpation 

a wheelwright and carpenter; was a musician, and played a violin and 

bugle; also an expert in history, etc., and was sought after by his neighbors 

for instruction in his day. He married in 1817 Sarah, dau. of George and 

Sarah (Kelley) Little, born in West Goflfstown, N". H., E"ov. 9, 1796. 

Her father's parents were Moses and Mary (Stevens) Little, from 

Foster. !Newbury, Mass. Resided in the west pfirt of Goffstown and the 

east part of Weai-e, N. H. He died in Oil Mill Tillage Sept. 1, 

1838, and she died Oct. 7, 1841. Children: 

WILLIAM PARKER, b. Feb. 11, 1818; m. Oct., 1840, Susan Webster, dau. of 
Nathan and Susan (Webster) Call. He is a printer bjr trade, and in 1879 resides 
in Grafton, Vt. Children: 

Frank Pierce, born in Concord, N. H., Nov. 26, 1841 ; who is a pliysician in New Yorlc 
City; in 1879, residence No. 33 East 28tli street. He m. Oct. 18, 1869, Georgiana, 
dau. of Elias and Plioabe G. (Tuttle) Molleson, b. In New York City, Oct. 9, 1843. 
Cliildren : — Reginald Guy, b. in New York, Feb. 14, 1871. Madeline Church, b. in 
London, England, Aug. 19, 1873. Edith Cushman, b. in New York, Sept. 16, 1875; 
died Aug. 12, 1876. Hugh Molleson, b. in New York, Sept. 21, 1877. 
Eugene, born 1843; died aged two years. 
Fbed Govk, born May 12, 1848; who died aged about seventeen years. 

ELIZA ANN, bom April 10, 1820 ; died September 29, 1820. 

LYDIA ANN, b. Dec. 31, 1821, in East Weare, near the station on the New- 
Hampshire Central Railroad, called Raymond, which is about four miles from 
Oil Mill Village ; m. in Concord Nov. 20, 1840, Harrison, son of Christopher 
Simons. and Nanc}^ (Locke) Simons, born in South Weare, July 14, 1813. He is a man- 

ufacturer and dealer in meal, and a farmer. Their cliildren were born where 
they in 1879 reside in Oil Mill Village which is in the southeast corner of Weare. 
Children : 

Willie Frank, born May 5, 1842; general freight and ticket agent of the Northern 
Railroad office at Concord, N. 11. ; married Nov. 15, 1871, Lydia Ann, dau. of William 
H. and Martha (Gookin) Huntoon, b. in Salisbury, N. H., Jan. 3, 1844; residence 
in 1879 at No. 24 Green street. Child : —Grace Foster, born July 28, 1875. 
MoORK. Eliza Ann, b Feb. 27, 1844; m. Aug. 4, 1861, Abel Fletcher, son of Joseph and Martha 

(McQuestion) Moore, b. in Bedford, N. H., June 12, 1837; employed by the Concord 
railroad; residence in 1878 at No. 14 Rumford street, and in 1879 at No. 12 Tahanto 
street, Concord. Cliihlren: — Marietta, b. Aug. 25, 1S64. Lena May, b. Aug. 2, 
1868 ; died Mar. 30, 1871. Helen Frank, b. Oct. 20, 1872, on Railroad Square, Concord. 
Simons. Mary Ella, born July 12, 1846; unmarried in 1877. 

Claka Maria, born Sept. 2, 1848; m. Oct., 1872, John Gove, son of Sylvanus and 
Sumner. Orrisse (Gove) Sumner, born in Antrim, N. H., Aug. 18, 1843; residence in 1879 on 

South Auburn street, in Nashua, N. H., and then had no children. 
Simons. Sarah Nancy, born March 2, 1S52 ; unmarried in 1877. 

Nina Marion, born August 2, 1854; unmarried in 1877. 

Harry Hobson, born May 10, 1859 ; assists liis father on the farm, and in 1879 is driving 
the mail stage to Deering and South Weare. 


Foster. AN INFANT ; died aged a few days. 

GEORGE AMASA, born December 31, 1828; went to California and died num. 

AMASA '', who died in infancy. 

DAVID POORB ', born abont 1805; was a shoemaker and learned his 
sons that trade; resided in that jiart of Bradford, Mass., now South Grove- 
land, some years, and built a house on Parker street, near the old mill ; latei- 
in life was a machinist and lived in Lawrence; but not long before the 
Southern Kebelliou he and children went into that part of the country to 
reside, and he in 1878 is in Florence, S. C. He, as well as his father and 
brothers, is a musician, and he has been a leader of brass bands in New 
England and North Carolina. He m. Catherine Smith, of Bedford, N. H. 
Children : 

HORACE, who died unmaniod. 

HENRY HARRISON, b. in Menimack, N. H., about 1822; who in 1878 is in 
Magnolia, N. C. ; ni. May 21, 1849, Lydia A., daughter of James P. and Judith 
Connerly, b. in West Newbury, Mass., about 1832, and we understand by her he 
had a daughter 

Cei-ia, who went south with her father and is there married. 

GEORGE GLYNN, who married Hattie Kellogg from Castleton, Vt., but died 
without children. 

KATE, with her father in 1878 and then unmarried. 

JONATHAN', born March 30, 1809; married June 7, 1833, his cousin 
Mary, daughter of Daniel and Maiy (Foster) Poore, born February 11, 1812^ 
who died in Haverhill, October 16, 1869. He is a shoemaker; resided at 
Kimball's Corner, Bradford (now South Groveland), when their first two 
children were born; in Georgetown when their other children were born; 
returned to South Groveland in 1859, where they resided until they Avent 
to Ilavei-hill in 1865, and in 1879 he resides with his daughter Nelson. 
Children : 

MARTHA ROSINIA, born February 7, 1835 f died unmarried December 8, 1860. 

ALFRED HENRY, boru Jan. 23, 1837, who died in Haverhill May 28, 1866 ; m. 
in Dec, 186.5, Lydia A. Newcomb of Eastport, who has since married Simon 
Piper and gone to Stark, Me. No issue. 

CHARLES AMASA, b. July 20, 1839 ; m. Aug. 18, 1866, Abbie Smith, dau. of 
Charles and Maliuda (Tucker) Holt, born in West Aniesbury, May 15, 1847. 
He is a shoemaker ; resided since married in Haverhill on Orchard street, from 
April, 1874, to November, 1877, when the}' removed to No. 11 Pond street. He 
was in Co. I, 33rd Mass. Regt. of Vols. Children • 



Foster. Anna Woodbury, born November 27, 1S67 ; died January 13, 1868. 

Grace Amiiler, born AprH 6, 1869. 
LiNNiE Warren, born May 22, 1876.  

WILLIAM POOEE, b. Dec. 7, 1841 ; was in Co. E, 1st Mass. Artillery; m. June 
17, 1863, Cynthia Abigail, dau. of Amos Gale and Mary Page (Young) Towle, 
b. in Danville, N. II., Aug. 31, 1842. He is a carriage painter in Haverhill, 
Mass. ; resided on Mount Washington in the west part of the city when their 
son was born, and in 1879 resides on Haverhill street, east of the City Hall, in 
the cottage he built in 1877. Child : 
Clifton Morton, born February 23, 1877. 

FEANK MORTON, b. Nov. 2, 1843 ; who was iii Company F, 48th Mass. Regt. 
of Vols., when he died at Baton Rouge, La., March 13, 1863. He had married 
the August previous. Rose Sides of South Grov eland, but had no issue. 

MARY ANNA, born February 18, 1848 ; died April 27, 1861. 

HATTIE EMMA, b. Oct. 2, 1850; m. Oct.. 7, 1872, John Brown, son of Charles 
and Margaret (Brown) Nelson, born in Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 4, 1851. He 
is a printer ; resided in Haverhill, and since 1872 in Great Falls, N. H. Child : 
Effie May, born in Lynn, Mass., June 20, 1873. 

EMILY ^ bom February 12, 1815; married April 21, 1812, Ariel Parish, 
son of Jonathan and Mary (Andrews) Cheney, born in the Georgetown 
portion of old Rowley September 27, 1818. His father was very noted for 
collecting roots and herbs for the market. Resided in Georgetown when 

the first three of their children were born, and in l^orth Andover 

since January, 1846. He was a trader ten years and now is a stable 
Cheney, keeper in Machine Shop Village, at the end of the Lawrence Horse 

Railroad and near the station on the Essex branch of the Eastern 

Railroad. Children : 

HIRAM IRVING, b. July 25, 1843, who died unmarried April 6, 1867 ; death caused 
by small pox, at which time all the children then alive had the same disease. 

ALMIRA EMILY, born December 18, 1844 ; died November 11, 1845. 

ELIZA KIMBALL, born February 6, 1846 ; died November 21, 1850. 

GEORGE ARIEL, b. Dec. 14, 1848; m. Jan. 31, 1871, Jennie Woodside, dan. of 
Matthew and Sarah (.Johnson) Neil, born in Ayrshire Co., 

Scotland, Dec. 11, 1850, and came with her parents to America. He is in business 
with his father. Child : 

Mabel Jennie, boru in North Andover, April 27, 1872. 

CLARA ELIZA, born December 12, 1850 ; unmarried in 1878. 
EMMA ISABELLA, boru February 18, 1852 ; a school teacher; unm. in 1878. 
FRANK FOSTER, born December 29, 1853 ; died suddenly May 3, 1869. 
ADA MARION, born May 17, 1856 ; died May 15, 1863. 

HIRAM '^, who died in infancy. 



DANIEL «, born Fobruaiy 24, 177G, to wliom his father March 14, 180S, 
gave oiK'-lhird of all his land and one-half of his honse; always re- 
sided on the honu'stead where he was brouiiht no xnitil his decease July 9, 
1840. In early life he was a carpenter with his father and later was a shoe- 
maker, but added to his real estate and was also a farmer. 

He married in 1797 Mary, dau. of Dudley and Mary (Steele) Foster, 
boi-n in Andover, Mass., March 29, 1771; who died Dec. 31, 1850, but she 
was not near akin to his sister Betsey's husband. Children: 
lIE>fHY ', born November 13, 1797; died September 11, 1814. 

JULIA", born October 23, 1799; died February 18, 185G; married June 
5, 1823, Ira, son of Lieut. Silas and Hannah (Balch) Hopkinson, born in 
the East Parish of Bradford (now Groveland), April 3, 1798; (a second 
cousm to Daniel Hopkinson, who married her kin Sarah Poore, page 41, 
above). Settled in his native parish and in early life was a leather manu- 
facturer. Among the offices of trust he held, wei-e Deacon of the 
church, and Selectman and Treasurer of Bradford. He died May 
Hopkinson. 7, 1863, and some of his family live in the house v/^hich he built on 
Union street, and occupied after Oct. 12, 1852, nntil his decease. 
Children : 

DAPHNE MARIA, bom September 11, 1824; died September 9, 1832. 
HENRY POORE, born December 10, 1825 ; died June 21, 1833. 

JULIA POORE, born Nov. 13, 1827; m. June 28, 1867, Charles, son of Leonard 

HovEY. and Sally (Carletou) Ilovey, born in East Bradford, Nov. 22, 1811, who had bj' 

his fust wife Mary, dau. of Thom. Savory, four children, of which Edward E. 

and Geo. F. are living. The}' reside ou the homestead of her father. She has 

no issue. 

Hopkinson. SILAS II, who died November 10. 1830; J . , ^ , ,„,„ 

Tvr*T>priA 1 1- 1 A 1 iA 100-. Wtwins born October 1, 1827. 
MARIIIA, who died April 10, 1832; ) 

CHARLES HERBERT, b. Jan. 12, 1832 ; m. Aug. 1, 1871, Lucia Angeline, dau. 
of Henry and Abigail (Tebbets) Melloon, born in Newbury, Vt., Apr. 10, 1840. 
Her grandfather was Joseph Melloon of Etfingham, N. H., to which town her 
parents after her birth removed ; it being the native place of her father. 
^ He learned the trade of a shoemaker ; afterward employed in the manufacto- 

ries of that kind of goods. Of late years been civil engineer; Justice of tiie 
Peace, conveyancer of Real Estate, etc.. Treasurer, Selectman, Clerk of the 
town, and Postmaster. He bought in the summer of 1871 and before lie was 
married the house corner of Elm and Spring streets, near by the Methodist 
church in Groveland, where were born his children : 



HOPKINSON. Vivian, born October 26, 1872. 

Carlos Hurburt, boru January 27, 1874. 
Blanche An GELiNE, boru September 19, 1877. 

HENRY, born April 21, 1834 ; died October 25, 1834. 

DANIEL WEBSTER, born Marcli 4, 1837 ; died November 29, 1852. 

EDWARD EVERETT, b. Jan. 21, 1841 ; m. Aug. 8, 1860, Martha Ella, dau. of 
George Milton and Martha Tattle (Rarasdcll) Sargent, born in Groveland, June 
5, 1845. Her father's ancestors resided in Amesbury and mother's in Lynn, 
Mass. He is a shoemaker. Their first child was born in Groveland and their 
other child born in Lowell, and since January, 1866, they have resided on the 
homestead of his father in Groveland. Children : 
Sylvia Leonora, born January 26, 1861. 
George Archer, boru July 13, 1865. 

MARY ADELAIDE, born December 14, 1843 ; a school teacher and in 1878 unm. 

EDWAED ', born September 4, 1802; married June 2, 1831, Maria, dau. 
of John and Daraxa (Peabody) Bacon, born in Boxford August 18, 1814. 
Her grandfather was Wm. Bacon and her mother's father Ebenezer Peabody 
who died December 1, 1875. He was a shoemaker and farmer on the home- 
stead of his father and grandfather, which in 1879 consists of about seventy 
acres and it is about two miles westward of the " corner " in George- 
town, where he died January 6, 1878, about seven months after he 
had made his will, in which he mentioned as then living his wife and 
nine of their eleven children, five sons and four daughters. Childreu : 

GEORGE BACON, b. Aug. 30, 1831 ; m. Jan. 7, 1868, Ann, dau. of W"m. and 
Ann (Binner) Smirthwaite, born in Leeds, York Co., Old England, June 19, 
1844, where her grandfather Wm. Smirthwaite lived. Her father is a stuff 
packer by trade ; came to America when she was seven and one-half years of age ; 
resided in Lawrence until 1876, when the family in which are four more children 
living, removed to Germantown, Pa. He resided in Lawrence, Mass., when their 
first child was born, in Windham, N. H., when their second child was born, and 
came back to Georgetown Oct., 1873, where he is a carpenter. Children : 

George Edward, born May 7, 18G9. 

Charles Prbscott, boru November 17, 1872. 

PRESCOTT, b. Aug. 18, 1833 ; m. Nov. 26, 1857, Mehitable, dau. of Charles and 
Mehitable (Chase) Hills, born in Georgetown, Apr. 31, 1837, where they have 
resided. He is a dealer in meat and provisions at the corner. Children : 

Jane, who died December 17, 1858, > j^^,;„g . ^g^^ December U, 1858. 

Hbnry rRESCOTT, iu busiusss with his father, ) — 

MARIA ANNETTE, b. Oct. 6, 1835; m. Jan. 4, 1872, William Hanson, son of 
Luther and Phebe Sawyer (Ordway) Pearson, born in Newburyport Nov. 25, 
Pearson. 1843; a teamster ; residence in Haverhill when their child was born, and 

ford in 1879, and runs a job wagon. Child : 
Nellie May, born October 11, 1872. 




ELLEN MATILDA, h. Sept. 30, 1837; m. Dec. 25, 18G2, Thomas Paysoii, son 
MiLTOx. of John and ILiniet (Brown) Jlilton, born in Rowley, March 21, 183'); an ex- 

pressman ; resided in Salem two years, where he died Oct. 17, 1873, and she re- 
turned to Georgetown and resided until 1878 ; and is, in 1879, in Bradford. 
Children : 

Nellie, born in Rowley, OctoI)cr 24, 18G3. 

GuACK Gf.(!hisii, born in Salem, February 28, 1SG9. 

Kate roouE, l)oru December 28, 1872; died June 12, 1873. 

PooRK. JOHN ARNO, b. Dec. 8, 1839 ; at home, unmarried ; runs the farm for his mother. 

ALBION LUTHER, b. Dec. 7, 1842 ; m. June 18, 1868, Abby Brickett, dan. of 
Ebenezer and Susan D0II3' (Shaw) Sinionds, born in Haverhill, March 9, 1848; 
residence in Haverhill since married ; and since March, 1877, at No. 5 Fifth St. 
He is a shoe manufacture-contractor. Children : 

Harry Clifton, born June 2, 1SG9. 

Lottie Belle, born July 29, 1S75. 

MARY SUSAN, born March 2, 1845 ; resides in Haverhill, unmarried in 1878. 

KATE SPOFFORD, born December 12, 1847; died August 25, 1871. 

CHARLES EDWARD, b. Mar. 12, 1850 ; m. Mar. 26, 1873, Annie Estella, dan. 
of Henry Dustin and Sabrina (Carr) Griffin, born in South Groveland, Mass., 
Nov. 8, 1853. He is a shoe manufacture-contractor in S. G. 
Lawrenc&Custin, born in South Groveland, July 17, 187G. 

MYRON EUGENE, born July 4, 1852 ; died April 25, 1873. 

CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, b. Apr. 8, 1855 ; m. Nov. 8, 1876, Henry M., son 
EiLLAM. of Oliver P. and Catherine C. (Kimball) Killam, born in West Boxford, Dec. 6, 

1852 ; he is a carriage maker ; resides in Amesbury at No. 63 Main street. Child : 
Myron Edward, born in Salisbury, December 19, 1877. 

MYRA :N^0YES ', born April 3, 1807; died unmarried July 5, 1832. 

MARY", born February 11, 1812; married her cousin Jonathan, son of 
Amasa and Betsey (Poore) Foster, as above. 

MARTPIA^ born January 11, 1813; died unmarried June 25, 1830. 


DAVID ^ born February 29, 1780; was captain in the Mass. militia; 
married April 1, 1804, Mary, dau. of "Wm. Carleton, born in Pem- 
broke, N. H., December 20, 1783. Resided in Charlestown, Mass., excepting 
from 1813 to October, 1817, when they were in New York. He was a man- 
ufacturer of morocco in the firm of Poor, Mead & Fcrnald, and wishing- to 
improve he went to England and learnt the art of making bronze kids. His 
wife was a sister to Guy Carleton, the large manufacturer of morocco in 


Roxbiiry. David died January 18, 1843, and his wife died only four days 
subsequent. Her Aveight was about three hundred pounds and some of 
her children were gigantic in stature. Children: 

EICIIARD CARLETOI^^^ born January 7, 1805; died unmarried 
October 25, 1825. 

WILLIAM", born July 22, 1806; who weighed over three hundred 
jDounds; was a ship-master, and died on his way home from China, March 
8, 1848; unmarried. 

SAMUEL PLUMER", born May 10, 1808; who was a glass cutter until 
about twenty- five years of age; then a seaman and commanded a vessel; 
married July 29, 1842, Mercy Elizabeth, daughter of Crowell and Hannah 
(Atwood) Doane, born in Easthara, Mass., ^November 5, 1820. Resided in 
Charlestown, INIass., when their first child was born, and in Beverly until 
his death. He was in ISTew Orleans when he died May 8, 1857, and she 
married for her second husband Mar. 30, 1859, Jacob Crampsey, by whom 
she had sons Arthur, Henry, and Albert; she in 1879 is residing near the 
Episcopal Church on Bow street, Beverly. His children were: 
MARIETTA, born September 26, 1842; died June 15, 1843. 
WILLIAM HENRY, born May 18, 1844 ; who was in Co. K, 40th Mass. Eegt., 

wounded in battle at Cedar Creek, and died Mar. 4, 1864 ; unm. 
MARIETTA L., born March 24, 1848 ; married Dec. 7, 1870, Wm. Frank, son of 
LoitD. Cyrus W. and Eliza Ann (Sheldon) Lord, born in North Beverly, October 29, 

1846 ; in the provision business with his father awhile; in 1879 is a conductor 
on the elevated railroad in New York City. No issue in 1878. 

CHARLES' AUGUSTUS > . , , , „^ ,^^^ , , . ,,^„ 

-r, c- A n.TT7-r TT A Ti r> 1 o rMwT i twuis, born August 23, 1852 ; shoemaker ;unm. in 1878. 


JULIA, born December 13, 1854 ; died aged 4 years and 4 months. 

MARY ANN^ born April 3, 1810; man-ied April 29, 1856, IS'athaniel 
Henry, a farmer in Summit township, Pa., where they reside in 1877. He 
had children by a former wife but she has none. 

JAMES CARLETOI^^ born I^ovember 6, 1812, who ran one of the 
locomotive engines on the Boston & Lowell Railroad twenty-seven years 
previous to 1866; settled in Charlestown, where all their children were born, 
and where he died May 23, 1875. 

He married January 1, 1834, Ellen, daughter of John and Ellen (Bartol) 
Gibbs, born in Charlestown June 1, 1813, and in 1878 resides in her house 
Ko. 43 Lawrence street. Children : 


MARIA LOUISA, b. May 28, l.S3t; m. July .",(), is").!. Thomas Frank, son of 
Bamsay. Tlionias and Abigail (Tibbptts) Uanisay, born in Cliarloslown, May 10, IrtSO. 

His mother came from N\'olrl)oro, N. II. His father was a hotel keeiier, anil 
this son kept the mansion house in C'hariestown alioiit eigiit years irnnicd lately 
preceding his death Oct. 18, 18(J5, caused by a stab with a bayonet by a marine 
about twelve hours previous, and she in 1878 resides at No. 43 Lawrence street, 
Charlcslown. Child : 

Ellen Makia, born in ClKirlcslowii, OcIoIkm' 30, IS.'jo; died Decembers, 1855. 

PooKE. JAMES WILLIAM, b. Mar. 13, 1841 ; m. Oct. 13, 18G3, Abbie Rich, dau. of Levi 

and Susanna (Sinionds) Locks, born in Milton, Mass., Aug. 6, 1842. Residence 

in 1873 on Lexington street, in Charlestown ; he was engineers yeoman on board 

the U. S. Steam Frigate Susquehanna two years ; is in 1878 U. S. Ganger. Child : 

Epfih Laukie, boni iu Charlestown, November 9, 1864. 

HENRY", bom December 24, 1814; died January 22, 1816. 

SAEAIl CAKLETON ', born June 11, 1817; married August 30, 1848, 
Charles Spoflbrd, son of Amos Jewett and Lucy (Spoflbrd) Tenncy; 
employed in a jeweby manufactory; residence in 1879 in tlie bouse he bou/i'lit 
in 18G7, No. 28 Brighton cor. of Perkins street, Charlestown. Only child: 

AMOS JEWETT, b. June 28, 1850; who was a youth of promise and employed 
as a bookkeeper by John I Brown & sons, when he died July 25, 1870. Sec 
obituary notice of him in " The Chronicle," a Charleston newspaper, three days 
after his decease. 

DANIEL HENRY', born Jnly 2, 1820; died August 23, 1821. 

RICHARD DAVID", born July 14, 1827; married (1) in INIarch, 1848, 

Clara Ann, daughter of Caleb and Ann (Taylor) Hunt, born in Tewksl^ury, 

Mass., August IG, 1826; who died about 1870; married (2) February 13, 

1872, Mrs. Amelia AVorden. Mr. Poore during life has been in various kinds 

of business and resided in different parts of the country. He was a seaman 

when young, afterward learned the trade of a blacksmith; next em])loyed 

on railroads, and some of the time was engineer of a locomotive, and al'ler 

leaving that business was a hotel keeper, and about 1877 was in Portsmouth, 

Scioto Co., Ohio. He was residing in Hookset, N. H., when their first child 

was born; their second was born in Georgetown, Mass.; their third and , 

fourth children were born in Erie, Pa. Children: 

WILLIAM EDGAR, born Sept. 15, 1848 ; ra. May 13, 1874, Minnie E. Richmond 
of Ashtabula, O., where she deceased April 3, 1875. 

SAMUEL HENRY, born July G, 1850; m. Sept. 15, 1870, Mary Friezman ; resi- 
dence iu 1877 in Irvington, Pa. 


RICHARD NELSON, born August 4, 1853 ; died April 5, 1858. 

CLARA CARLETON, bom September 10, 1859 ; probably unmarried in 1878. 


ABIGAIL*^, born January 29, 1791; married I^atlianiel, son of Samuel 
and Ann (Cheney) Holmes, born in the West parish of Rowley, 
about 1775; who had by Sally Harriman, his first wife, six children. 
Holmes. He was a tanner; resided in Geoi-getown, near Groveland. He died 
February 20, 1849. She died February 2, 1860. Her children: 
DAVID POORER born January 24, 1820; married (1) March 13, 1853, 
Sarah, dau. of Ephraim and Sarah (Millikin) Woodman, born in Wilton, 
Me., August 17, 1824, who died Febi'uary 12, 1861. Her mother had mar- 
ried for her first husband a Richard Burnham, and her father had married 
a former wife; m. (2) June 23, 18G4, Martha S. Carr, from Hallowell, Me., 
and since his decease she has resided in North Anson, Me. He was a shoe 
manufacturer at the corner, in Georgetown, where his child was born, and 
where he deceased March 15, 1868. Child : 

FANNY WOODMAN, bom March 26, 1856. 

ALFRED FOSTER', born April 30, 1828; was a music teacher; mar- 
ried Abby L. Marvel] from Milford, JST. H., but he died without issue in Lynn, 
October 12, 1856. 


DEBORAH ^ born October 4, 1796; married (1) July 24, 1817, Daniel, 
son of John and Martha (Friend) Palmer, born in that part of 
Rowley, now Georgetown, October 17, 1793. He was a carpenter; settled 
in his native place where his children were born, and died February 5, 1845, 
and she married (2) Dea. Wm. Oliver of Maiden, in June, 1846, who de- 
ceased April, 1861 ; Dea. Oliver had a large family of children by a 
Palmer, former wife. She deceased February 29, 1876, not long after she 
had returned to Georgetown. Mrs. Oliver was authoress of poetry 
Oliveu. for newpapers of her day. Her children: 

ALISON HENRY', born September 29, 1818; married June 29,1843, 
Ruth Gould, daughter of Samuel Cheney and Lydia (Gould) Todd, bol'n in 
Topsfield, Mass., May 19, 1823. Resided in Georgetown when their first 





child was born, Korth Hampton, Mass., where two children were boi n, Sakin. 
Mas8., where their last child was I)(>rn, atid since May 19, I8G0, in 
Cliolsea; bonght their house where they have since resided No. 7G 
Orang'c street, in 1871. lie is a nnisician; a leader of church choirs; 
and in 1877 a tuner in jNIason aud llamlin' organ nianul'actory, 
Canibridgeport. Children : 

HELEN HOWARD, b. Sept. 26, 1845; in. Nov. 25, 1SC9, Pcrlcy Aiigiisttis, son 
of lleiij. F. .111(1 Lucy W. (Biirkev) Stone, boni in Roxbnry, Muss., Nov. IS, 
1847. Slioe inuiuU'iietnror ; resides in 1879 at No. 3 Summit Avenue, Huverliill, 
Mass. ; tlieir (irsteliild was born in Clielsca :uu\ liieolhci's in Havei'iiill. Cliildrcn : 
HiCRBURT Palmi:r, l)orn April 19, 1S71; died July 4, 1S72. 
Mabisi. Bai!KKI!, boi-u May 18, 1873. 
Amson Fkanklin, bom July 20, 1S7G. 
HOWAKD Pkkley, born Soptemboi- 2* 1878. 

Palmeu. henry NEWELL, b. Oct. 5, IS.'.O; ni. .Tunc IS, 187;>, Lizzie Caroline, dau. of 
Jolm .and Elizaliolii Jane (Clarke) Harvey, born in Chelsea, June 18, 1853 ; resi- 
dence at Chelsea; and in 1879 at Syracuse, N. Y., in the dry goods business. 
Child : 

Grace ErnELWYN, born December 20, 1S7C. 

MARY ISABELLA, b. May 11, 1852; m. Feb. 22, 1876, Charles Edward, son of 
Davison. Zebulon Woodbury and Abby (Kemp) Davison, Ijorn in Chelsea, Jan. 28, 1.S47 ; 

clerk of tiie Gas Company in Boston; resides 1879 on Orange street, Chelsea. 
Children : 

Joseph Edward, born January 24, 1877. 
Albert Henry, born June 1, 1879. 

WILLIAM ALISON, born October 3, 1862. 

NEWELL ALONZO', born June 11, 1820; drowned in Eowley River 
July 3, 1837. 

DANIEL WEBSTER', born June 18, 1826; married October 7, 1819, 
Abigail Bradstreet, daughter of Col. John aud Louisa (Adams) Kimball, 
born in Georgetown, February 24, 1832; a bookteeper ; they resided in 
their native i)lace until two children were born, and in East Boston whci-e 
their other children were born; and now their whole family including 
lildren and grandchild reside at No. 12 Paris street. Children: 
GEORGE ALBERT, born January 5, 1851 ; a bookiceeper ; unmarried in 1878. 
GEORGIANA, b. Sept. 18, 1853; in. Dec. 25, 1871, Freeman, son of Freeman 
Smith and Apphia Besent (Cook) Nickerson, born in East Boston, Feb. 12, 
1848; is financial clerk in the Union Mutual Life Insurance Company. Cliild : 
Louise Durmont, born November 22, 1873. 



1'almkr. CHARLES DANIEL, born October 17, 1855 ; clerk in North American Insurance 
Company ; unmarried in 1878. 
JOHN BENJAMIN, born June 30, 1857 ; unmarried in 1878. 


WILLIAM "WLRT', born September 4, 1834; died with typhoid fever 
unmarried August 4, 1858. 

EOSWELL NEWELL ^ born May 6, 1838; married December 7, 1865, 

Sarali Thankful, daughter of Elias and Thankful (Hideout) Colburn, born 

in HolUs, I>i. H., January 3, 1834; resided in Maiden when their 

children were born and came to his native place in 1871. Children: 

ELIZABETH JEWETT, born August 29, 1867. 

GRACE, bora July 3, 1870. 


(f^BI^JAMIlS'*, born in Eowley January 6, 1727-8; married June 1, 1749, 

Sarah Bradley, of Haverhill; settled upon the east side of Pecker 

street, and near where the First Baptist Church stands, on land he 

bought of Thomas Thompson, in September, 1750, and in 1757 bought more 

land of Peter Ingerfield. He was a cordwainer and died in the spring of 1764, 

and his wife married Abraham Sweatt, by whom she had Anna, Joseph, 

Moses and Daniel; she died July 1, 1815, and Mr. Sweatt died in 1867. 

Children : 

1. John, born December 7, 1749 ; married widow Martba Gage. 

.2. Sarah, born Dec. 1, 1751 ; who it is said settled in PeuibroIvC, N. H., and had for her hus- 
baud a Head or a Holt. 

3. Elizabeth, born September 25, 1753 ; died October 5, 1753. 

4. Rebecca, born Sept. 1, 1754; who wo have been informed married a Merrill, and settled 

in Methuen, Mass. 

5. Samuel, born about 1755 ; married Lucy Thomes. 

6. Benjamin, born November 20, 1759 ; probably died young. 

7. Elizabeth; born Feb. 18, 1762 ; who we hear married either a Head or a Holt, and settled 

perhaps in Pembroke or vicinity in New Hampshire. 

JOffl^ SON OF BENIAIIS' (page 190), BENMIN', HEffiY=, JOHI.' 
CJ¥OH]Sr\ born in Eowley, December 7, 1749; married April 10, 1781, 
fy widow Martha Gage, whose maiden name we are informed was Whit- 
ney or AVhiting, and born about 1755, and she had two sons and two 
daughters by Mr. Gage. 


He was a coopiT Ijy trade; resided on what is now called AVasliingtoii 
street, and a shoit distance westerly of the track of the Boston & Maine 
Kailroad in Haverhill, whei'e he died Febrnary 17, IS'M. Children: 

1. S:u';ili, licii'ii Ailjliisl, 0, 17S1 ; who prol);il>ly (lied young. 

2. ALiry, horn Decfuiltor '25, 17.S2 ; ilicil nnni;u'ri(Ml Murcli 7, 1876. 

3. William, h. Mar. IG, 1784; who was a carpenter in Ilavcihili and was ilrowntMl in the 

Meniuiac Kivci- July 12, 1S2G ; ni. May 28, 180G, Dorcas, ilau. of Josepii and Abigail 
(Chase) Ilarriuian, born in the West parish of Ilaverliill ; who died January 23, 1817. 
Cliiidren : 

I. Sarah Ki'iifii-k, b. Mar. 20, 1807; m. (1) Nov. 27, 1.SS4, Ira IIosuiii, Ijy whom slic had about nine 
cliiUU-cn, l)iit perhaps they all ilied uniiiarriod ; ni. (3) Oliver Herrick. SIk' died on Kent 
street, llavei-hill, about 1858. Among her ehildreii were: — Henry F., who died aj;ed about 
21 years, and George William, who was in the Mass 2d artillery, and died aged about is years. 
II. William Harriman, b. Nov. 25, 1808; who died in Lowell when about It years old. III. 
Mary Barton, b. Jan. IS, 181] ; m. Sept. 1, 1817, George Washington Clinmberlaiu, b. in Dana, 
Mass., Apr. 7, 1807 (who liad by a t'ormer wile Sarah S. Holland, four ehildren, and two of 
them, viz., Lucy and George, were alive in 1877). He is a retired trader; they resided in 
Boston until 1850, and were in 1877 in Waltham, near Beaver Brook station. Her children 
have been 1, Sarah Elizabeth, who resides with her parents; b. about lS4;t; 2, William, 
who died young; b. Jan. 9, 1851; 3, Mary Washington, who also died young; b. Mar. 18, 
1854. IV. Hannah Cookson, b. Feb. 1, 1S13; brought up by Edward Morse; m. (1) Nov. 15, 
1835, Henry Florence, son of William .and Susan (Curtis) McCarty, born in Roxbury about 
1805; who died Sept. 13, 1839, by whom she had a daughter; ra. (2) Jan. 15, 1840, John Col- 
lingill, a carpenter, born perhaps in Bridgeton, Me., about 181G; who while in Co. II, 22d 
Kegt. of Mass. Vols., was killed in battle at Yorktown, Apr., 1802; liy wliom she had a son; 
both her children were born in Haverhill, viz.: — Susan Curtis, b. Oct. 17, 183G; who has a 
daughter Ella G., b. about 1863, and Charles Henry, b. Dec. 28, 1842; a barber, and also unm. 
in 1878; residence in 1879 in Great Falls, N. H. 

4. Elizabetli, b. June 27, 1786; who died Sept. 23, 1871, in Il.-iverhill, where she always had 

residctl ; in. May 14, 180G, Robert Case, a native of Haverhill, whose mother's 
maiden name was Eunice Steward, a native of Salem, Mass. ; he was a shoemaker, 
and wliile on a visit with his kindred in Hamilton, Mass., in 1823, died there. 
Her children : 

1. Rebecca, b. Jan. 24, 1805; who in 1877 unm., and residing in the house she had owned many 
years opposite Primrose street and numbered 118 Winter street, but gave her estate to the 
Old Ladies' Home, and resides there in 1879. II. Wm., b. Feb. 8, 1808; who d. Nov. 1, 187S. 
ra. Mar. 20, 1837, Sarah, dau. of Moses and Mary (Gage) Emerson, born in the East parish of 
Haverhill Nov., 181G; and they settled on the land of her father, which is north of Groveland 
Bridge and about two miles east of the City Hall, and he had lint one child, viz. : Simeon 
Atwood Case, b. Jan. 22, 1838; who resides near his mother on the laud of his grandfather 
Einerson, and is a slvoemaker; m. Apr. 5, 1868, Belinda Basset, dau. of James Basset and 
Mary Elizabeth (Noyes) Tasker, born in East of llaveihill, May 4, 1844; lier mother 


being half-sister to Edward F. Noyes, Ex-governor of Oliio, and since U. S. Envoy Extraordi- 
nary and Minister Plenipotentiary to France. Children: (1), George, b. June 7, 1868; who 
died Sept. 25, 1878; death caused by being burnt; (2), Isabella, b. Aug. 8, 1870; (3), Florence, 
b. Sept. 25, 1872; (4), Charles, b. Feb. 15, 1875; (5), MiUard, b. Aug. 24, 1877. III. Nathan, 
b. about 1810; who went into the Western States and died about 1877; probably never 
married. IV. Ann, who was insane; died unm. about 1860. V. Elizabeth Ordway, born 
about Jan., 1817; unm. in 1879. VI. Mary, b. Feb. 28, 1823; m. Dec. 24, 1843, Albert Little, 
son of John and Mary (Kenniston) Dresser, born in Newfleld, Me., Dec. 13, 1814; a shoe, 
maker; resided in Stonehara, Mass., when their first two children were born, and Haverhill 
since; residence iu 1879 at No. 57 Winter and corner of Harrison street. Children: 1, 
Mariette, born May 28, 1844; m. Aug., 1868, Lewis Chadburn, son of James B. and Almira 
(Foss) Chamberlain, born in Lebanon, Me., Nov. 28, 1838; a shoemaker; residence iu 1879 
corner of Winter and Harrison streets; but when their child was born they resided in Balti- 
more, Md. Child: (1), George Frederick, b. Apr. 17, 1869; 2, John Albert, b. Oct. 4, 1845; 
a shoemaker; died unm. Nov. 19, 1877; 3, Nathan, b. Aug. 9, 1856; died aged 3 weeks; 4, 
- Augusta Rebecca, b. June 19, 1857, unm. in 1878; 5, Geo. McCIellon, b. Oct. 1, 1861. 

5. Harriet, a twin to Elizabeth, who was drowned when aged about five j'ears. 

6. Anne, b. Sept., 1789 ; m. Samuel Prime, bom in South Berwick, Me. ; who was a man of 

large stature, and a brother to Joseph Prime, who was a member of Congress. They 
resided in Haverhill and kept the Golden Ball Hotel there. Removed to Portland, Me., 
where he kept the Cumberland House, corner of Federal and Elm streets. She died, 
in Portland July 28, 1865, but he died in Albany, N. Y., some years previous. Her 
children were : 
I. Anne Kenrick, b. Jan. 24, 1809; whose surname after her mother had married was changed from 
Kenrick to Prime; m. William Davis from Bridgeton ; resided in Portland when her children 
were born, and removed to New York City to reside with her sou William. Her children we 
hear were: — 1, Anne Martha, who died young; 2, William, who they say kept a hotel 
by the station of the Hudson River Railroad; 3, Helen, and 4, Andrew, who died young. 
II. Charles White, who was a coach driver in New York City; died unm. III. Thomas Ap- 
pleton, who was a hack driver iu Portland, and probably died unmarried. 

7. John, born March 27, 1793 ; married Eliza Colby. 

Of the only son who had posterity who bear the name : 

10HI^ sou OF JOHI' (jap 190), BE1^JAII1^^ BEUIAIIN^ HEKIY^ JOH." 

JOHIvr^ born in Haverhill March 27, 1793; married November 2, 1826, 
Eliza, dan. of Stephen and Betsey (Harriman) Colby, born in ISTorth 
Haven, Me., March 27, 1800. She says her maternal grandfather Asa Har- 
riman, emigrated from the North parish of Haverhill with Col. Jonathan 
Buck of Haverhill, and helped settle a place now called Bucksport, on the 
eastern side of Penobscot Eiver, about twenty miles south of Bangor, Me., 
about ten years before she was born. 


He was a farmer; also very fond of trading horses from his youth during 
all the time until his decease. They resided in Bradfoid when their first and 
third children were born, and in Haverhill when their others were born, and 
in 1879 she resides west of the raili-oad, where he died May 28, 1872. 
Children : 

SAMUEL", born June 16, 1827; who has been in the emi)loy of the 
Boston & Maine Railroad Company since 1850, and seventeen years engineer 
of a locomotive. Residence in 1879 on the upper end of Washington 
street, about half a mile above the Boston & Maine Railroad track, where 
he has owned since 1855. He married Dec. 16, 1849, Caroline EUzal)oth, 
dau. of Benjamin and Betsey (Bradbury) Smith, born in Haverhill, April 
8, 1826. Her mother dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth (Lunt) Bradbury. 

ADELIZA, born January 26, 1854 ; died August 26, 1854. 
JULIA ISADORE, born August 30, 1855 ; unmarried in 1878. 

SUSAN^^ born October 16, 1828; with her mother, and unm. in 1878. 

HARRIET WEBSTER ^ born August 1, 1830; married October 16, 

1853, James Davis, son of Samuel C. and Betsey (Tngersoll) Foot, born in 

the East parish of Haverhill, February 20, 1822; residence in 1879 corner 

of Park and Clinton streets, in the centre of the town, where he in 

Foot. _ _ _ ' _ ' 

1872 built his house. He is employed in a shoe manufactory. Child: 
HATTIE INGERSOLL, horn in Haverhill, January 6, 1859 ; unmarried in 1878. 

MARGARET JANE ", born April 23, 1832; a dressmaker; num. in 1878. 

ELIZA AIN'X', born March 19, 1832; married Warren Westruck, son 

of Reul^en and Sarah (Ilaynes) Wells, born in Hill, N. II., March 9, 1838; 

a dealer in meat; resided in Haverhill when their children were born; 

Wells, in 1877 ou Ferry street in Bradford, and in 1879 on Main street. 

Haverhill. Children: 

OREANA, born February 5, 1858 ; unmarried in 1877. 

SARAH ELIZA, born May 1, 1860. 

CARA ALBERTOX, horn December 30, 1862. 

ASA COLBY", born May 20, 18.36; died unmarried January 20, 1865. 

CAROLINE', born January 25, 1839; married June 27, 1860, Charles 
Henry, son of Asaph and Harriet (Kimball) Hill, born in Haverhill, April 



8, 1833 ; who was Sergeant in Co. Gr, 50th Mass. Regt., commanded by Col. 

Messer of Haverhill; resided in their native place near Kenoza Lake. 
Hill. where she died Dec. 19, 1873, and he died February 26, 1876. 

Children : 

HENRY ELLSWORTH, born March 30, 1861 ; who went to reside with James 
W. Tuttle in Strafford, N. H. 

CARRIE HUDSON", born May 11, 1864, when her father was at Port Hudson; 
went to reside with Mr. Morrill, and in 1879 is with Calvin Noj'es in Byfield, 

CHARLES JUSTIN, born September 26, 1868 ; who went to Byfield to reside with 

his aunt Morse. 
ALICE GERTRUDE, born October 30, 1871 ; who was given to her aunt Morse. 

MARY W. S. ', born April 7, 1841; died August, 1841. 

JOHK FRANKLIN \ died October, 1843 ; } ^^^.^^^ ^^^^ ^^^, ^3^3^ 

JULIA FRANCES ^ died September, 1843; S 


AMUEL®, born in Haverhill, Mass., in 1755; who according to tradi- 
tion was one of the party who destroyed the tea in Boston harbor, in 
the beginning of the American Revolution; 'was a cordwainer; set- 
tled in Portland, Me., where his children were born, and where he died 
September 20, 1813. He married November 12, 1786, Lucy, dau. of Capt. 
Benjamin Thomes of Poi'tland, who died Dec. 29, 1849, aged 82 years. 

1. Sally, b. about 1788 ; m. James, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Low) Crocliett, and grandson 

of Samuel Crockett, born in Gorham, Me., 1786 ; settled in Portland, where ho died in 

1825 ; was a mason by trade. She died 1829. Children: 

I. Mary Aim, b. July 17, 1809; who in 1879 is in the Portland Old Ladies' Home; m. July 4, 1834, 

Edward, son of Reuben and Eunice (Freeman) Bradbury, b. in Standisla, Me., June 10, 18U; 

settled in Camden, Me., where he died October 29, 1857; was a baker by trade. Children : — 

1, Martha Abercrombie, b. July 23, 1835; m. a widower named Henry Coffin, a ship-master, 
who had children by a former wife, and she in 1879 resides in Portland, but has no children; 

2, Edward, b. Aug 24, 1837; who was in Co. K, Mass. 42d Regt. of Vols.; is a job printer, 
and located at 73 Hanover street, Boston, since 1868 : m. Apr. 26, 1864, Ellen Corey, dau. of 
Stillman and Mary (Ward) Roberts, b. in Portland, Apr. 26, 1841; resides in 1879 at Melrose, 
Mass., in the house he bought in 1872. Children: (1) Maybelle Ward, b. in Boston, May 7, 


18G5; (2) Nellie Roberts, b. in Cliailcstown, Aug. 1, 18G7; (3) Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 21, 
18G9; died in 1870; (4) Ednali, b. July 11, 1872; died July 30, 1873; (5) Ralph, b. in Melrose, 
July 21, 1874; (G) Jesse, b. in Melrose, Oct. 27, 1877. II. Martha, b. about 1811 ; ni. in 1833, 
William C. Poland, for his second wife, who after her decease married twice more ami had 
children by all his wives. Martha had about six children, but all excepting one named Harriet 
F., who was boru in 183G, died young. She m. first Samuel Knapp of Boston, and m. second 
Theodore W. Chafl'ce, and in 1879 resides in the State of Colorado, but she has no children. 
III. Harriet, b. Dec. 26, 1813; m. Dec. 29, 1831, Charles Henry, son of Ebenezer and Sarah 
(Dorset') Knox, b. in Portland, Me., Oct. 11, 1811; who in 1879 carries on the business of 
plain, ornamental, sign and decoration painting at No. 4 East Springfield street in Boston, and 
resides at 5G9 Dudley street, which is in the neighborhood of Upham's corner. Children: — 
1, Charles Henry, b. in Portland, Feb. 9, 1834, who was a cashier in a bank before going West, 
where he is in 1879 an agent for the Sycamore Marsh Harvester Manf'g. Co., and residing in 
Lincoln, Nebraska; m. first Nov. 2G, 1855, in Chicago, to Alma S. Smith, by whom he had one 
child; she died Sept. 7, 1859; m. second, June 10, 18G9, in Chicago, to a widow, Marcella C. 
St. Johnson. Children ; — (1) Haltie Estella, b. in Boston, Sept. 3, 1857 ; (2) Vincent Gilbert, 
b. in Chicago, Mar. 11, 1873; (3) a daughter, b. in Lincoln in 1879; 2, James Edward, b. Jan. 
29, 183G; died Oct. 4, 1837; 3, Geo Edward, b. June 12, 1839; died Sept. 2, 1842; 4, Martha 
Louisa, b. in Boston, Mass., Mar. 20, 1842; m. Dec..29, 1859, Gideon Dickenson, a dentist, 
and in 1879 they reside in Milford, Mass., and their ouly child is a dan. Maud, b. in Boston, 
Apr. 23, ISGG; 5, Albert Leonard, b. in Boston, Nov. 6, 1844; m. Nov. 19, 18G8, Ellen Hurlbart, 
dan. of Wra. and Mary E. (Tuttle) Souther, b. in Boston, Apr. 11, 1847; formerly in same 
business of his father, but in 1879 is a traveling salesman, and residing at No. 49 Hancock 
street, not far from his father's residence. Children born in Boston, viz. : — (1) Arthur Henry, 
b. May 26, 1870; (2) George, b. Oct. 5, 1872; G, James Crockett, b. in Boston, Mar. 19, 1849; 
is in same business of his father; m. Apr. 2G, 1877, Harriet Hawley (Souther), widow of John 
Beck, and sister to his brother Albert L's wife, b. Feb. 22, 1850, who had by Mr. Beck a sou 
Lewis H. Beck. They also reside at No. 49 Hancock st. Children : — (1) Irving, b. May 12, 
and died May 18, 1878; (2) Ethel, b. Aug. 21, 1879; 7, Frank, b. in Boston, Mar. 4, 1855; a 
manufacturer and dealer in heels, etc., for boots and shoes, at 227 Congress street, and in 1878 
num. IV. Leonard, b. Aug. 4, 1816; a coppersmith on Fore street; m. Frances Ellen, dan. 
of Koyal and Abigail (Sawyer) Talbot, b. in Portland, Feb. 19, 1817, and they have resided 
many 3'ears in their house on High street in their native city. Cliildren : — 1, James Poore, b. 
about 183G, who went to sea with his uncle Geo W. Talbot, and he was lost; 2, Ellen Maria, 
b. Apr. 25, 1838; ni. Sept. 20, 1858, Charles Franklin, son ot Franklin and Sophia (Cheney) 
Manning, b. in Portlaud, Aug. 12, 1835; reside in 1879 at Baltimore, Md., on Lanvale street, 
and has been a coal merchant many years. Children: — (1) Alma Crockett, b. in Portland, 
Aug. 2, 1859; (2) Francis T:ilbot, 1). Feb. 13, 186G; died Aug. 13, 18G7 ; (3) Charles Franklin, 
b. in Baltimore, Nov 1, 1SG9. V. Sarah Poore, b. May 10, about 1820; m. Albert Gallatin 
Lyon, in Boston, who died Oct. 23, 1859, and she in IHTO resides on P;iyson Avenue, not far 
from Upham's corner and her sister Harriet. Children: — 1, James Herbert, b. in Boston, 
July 28, 1853; is a fresco painter and unm. in 1878; 2, Mary Alma, 1). in Boston, Oct. 25, 1855; 
m. Oct. 10, 1878, Erviu Uufus, sou of Simeon and H:irriet (Storey) Horton, b. in Taunton, 
Mass., Nov. G, 1853; a bookkeeper; residence in 1879 on Payson Avenue; 3. Ella Josephine, 
b. in Boston, Nov. 15, 185G; unm. in 1878. VI. James, who died in California; unm. aged 
25 years. 


2. Benjamin, who died unmarried. 

3. Samuel, who died aged about 18 years. 

4. Nancy, b. Oct. 31, 1798 ; m. Aug. 19, 1819, Charles Chase, b. in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 

2, 1794. We are unable to learn the name of his father, but they say his mother was 
Abigail Tappan, and after Mr. Chase died she married a man by the name of Baker. 
Charles was a master mariner, and they resided in Portland, when their children were 
born. He died in Camanche, Iowa, Jan. 27, 1864, and she died at Winchester, Va., 
Jan. 1, 1879. Children: 

I. Ellen, b. Aug. 7, 1820; died Oct. 8, 1820. II. Ellen Edge worth, b. in Portland, June 21, 1823; 
m. Aug. 26, 1849, Thomas Wm. Jefferson, son of Robert and- Nancy (Johnson) Long, b. in 
Winchester, Va., Oct. 12, 1824. He is a lawj'er in Camanche, Iowa, where she died Mar. 16, 
1878. Children: — !, Mary Ella, b. in New Manchester, West Va., Feb. 16, 1850; m. Apr. 4, 
1872, Isaac Frost Duell, b. in Schoharie, N. Y., in 1842, and they have: (1) Ellen Agnes, b. 
Jan. 22, li379; (2; Nannie Georgiana, b. in New Manchester, Aug. 12, 1852; 3, Charles Robert, 
b. in Camanche, Iowa, Aug. 17, 1855; 4, William McQuigg, b. in Camanche, Aug. 19, 1857; 
5, Carrie Brent, b. in Camanche, Nov. 8, 1860. III. Aurelia Tappan, b. July 9, 1825; unm. in 
1878; residence in Camanche. IV. Julia Poore, b. June 8, 1827, who resides in 1879 at Win- 
chester, Va. ; unm. V. Mary Baker, b. Apr. 26, 1830; m. Dec. 14, 1854, Geo. Frederick, son 
of Godfrey Miller, who is a druggist in Winchester in 1879. Children : — 1, Charles Chase, b. 
Mar. 1, 1856, who is in business with his father; 2, Godfrey Otto, b. Feb. 16, 1859; 3, Nannie 
Chase, b. Nov. 18, 1861, who died Nov. 29, 1864; 4, Geo. Clarence, b. Apr. 21, 1865; 5, Maiy 
Adler, b. Jan. 14, 1868. VI. Geo. Wm. Frost, b. June 26, 1833; m. Dec. 5, 1855, Elizabeth 
Agnes, dau. of Samuel Ridenour, b. in Charlestown, Jefferson Co., W. Va., June 15, 1833; 
a retired dry goods dealer, and in 1879 resides in Shepherdstown, same Co., W. Va. Children : — 
1, Hunter R., b. Oct. 16, 1S56, who was killed in a tornado, June 3, 1860; 2, Mary Bell, b. Feb. 
22, 1859; 3, Kate Ridenour, b. Apr. 20, 1862; 4, Geo. Miller, b. Dec. 30, 1864; 5, Charles 
Boyd, b. Aug. 20, 1867 ; 6, Fannie Chaplieu, b. May 20, 1870 ; 7, Minnie Andrew, b. Mar. 28, 1873. 

5. Emily, b. about 1802 ; whose first child was born about 1822, and m. about 1838, when she 

was about 16 years of age, a mariner about four years her senior, who some say was 
a native of England ; resided in Boston a while, then removed to a place on the south 
shore of Massachusetts Bay, where his master's family resided ; where they in 1879 
still reside, her husband being a retired wealthy shipmaster, and some of their chil- 
dren intermarried with those who move in what the world call good societj'. They 
have had about seven children : — Helen, b. about 1841 ; Geo. H., who was a mariner 
in 1865 ; Almatia Josephine, Amelia C, Abraham T. S., Joseph N., and E. Gertrude, 
who was born about 1864, and perhaps their last child. 

Two of their sons are married and in the West — perhaps Dexter, Iowa ; and one 
son is a machinist in Boston ; unm. in 1878 ; one daughter has intermarried with the 
Tower family, and resides in 1879 in the town where her parents are ; and two daughters 
are at home and unmarried. 

She married about 1825 to John Pascall, some say a native of Venice, Italy, and 


resided in Portland until :ill llicir children were born, and where six of them died, then 

removed from Maine across the continent to California, wiien; lie and two more children 

died. Her other children we understand were born in the following order, viz. : 

II. Elizabeth, who m. John Leopold, ami liail three or more children; the first two died young, 

and Emma Josephine, born Oct. 25, 1S48. III. Lucy, who m. Manuel Enos and had about 

two children, but they both died young. IV. Ellen, who m. Leonard, son of Henj. and Sarah 

Uoss, b. in Porlland, where their children ware born. She deceased about 1872. Children : — 

1, Ella Gertrude, b. June 30, 1854; died Jan. 2, 1873; 2, Joshua Green, b. Feb. 19, 1850; 3, 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. Aug, 29, 1861; 4, BenJ. Franklin, b. Feb. 8, 1800; 5, Leonard Paskell, b. 

Nov. 22, 1871. V. Sarah, who married, but died without issue. VL Madeline, who died 

unm. VII. John S., who died in California uum., and VIII aud IX, a son and a daughter, 

twins, who died unmarried. 

6. John, who ra. Agnes Roberts, but had no children. 

7. Charles, b. Sept. 10, 1808 ; m. Angeline Marshall, Elizabeth Tyron, Elizabeth Lombard, 

and Sophia Pierce. 

The only son who had posterity was: 


CHARLES", born m Portland September 10, 1808 ; a ship rigger; resided 
in his native place until October 3, 1878, when he removed to Yarmouth, 
and resides there in 1879. 

He married (1) about 1830, Angelina Marshall of Portsmouth, by whom 
he had one child. She died about 1835 ; married (2) Elizabeth Tryon from 
Pownal, but had no children by her; married (3) March 3, 1840, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Rev. Richard and Eunice (Sawyer) Lombard, born in Oxford, a 
frontiertown in the west side of Maine, Nov. 9, 1818, by whom he had his 
other eight children; she died Aug. 12, 1873; m. (4) Sept. 2,1878, Sophia 
Pierce. Children : 

GEORGIAN A AUGUSTA ^ born September 1, 1831; married Septem- 
ber 11, 1854, Elias Smith, son of Charles and Joanna (Tuttle) "Wilson, born 
in Freeport, Me., May 14, 1833. His paternal gi-andparents were David and 
Mary (Soul) Wilson, said David born in Kittery, Me., Dec. 12, 1760, and 
Mary, born in Freeport, Me., Apr. 22, 1760, while his maternal grand- 
parents were John and Abigail (BroAvn) Tuttle, and they were both 
WiLso.v. natives of North Yarmouth, Me. He was in Co. G. 25th Mo. Tols. 
They settled in Freeport, Me., where she deceased Dec. 20, 1867, and 
he has since married her half-sister. Her child: 

IVORY SMITH, born iu Freeport, Jnlj' 18, 1859 ; who is a sash and blind maker ; 
m. Sept. 24, 1879, widow Georgianna Torry. 


BENJAMIjST", born Decembei- 25, 1840; a rigger, and has been in busi- 
ness with his father in Portland; has bought a house on Chebeague Island, 
situated in Casco Bay, and belonging to the town of Cumberland, where 
his wife was born, and resides thei-e in 1879. 

He married September 29, 1873, Lucy Ellen, daughter of Henry and 
PooRE. Rachel (Hill) Mansfield, and born on Chebeague Island, March 18, 
1850. Child: 

FREDERICK WILMOT, born in Portland, Jane 20, 1874. 

CHARLES HEjSTRY ', born iSTovember 6, 1842 ; is a seaman ; married 
March about 1867, Annie Alberta, daughter of Jasper I. and Betsey P. 
(Goodhue) Harris, born in Gloucester, Mass., about 1844; her father was 
commander of vessels on the coast, in which stone from Annisquam was 
shipped, and his children were born there. Mr. Poore resided in Cape Eliz- 
abeth when their first child was born, and in 1879 are in Portland. Children : 

ADDIE AYER, bom January 6, 1868 ; died August 4, 1879. 
FLORA, born in Portland, May 7, 1869. 

l^AISTCY ELLENS born November 26, 1844; married March 4, 1867, 
Elias S. Wilson, the widower of Georgiana A., and they in 1879 reside in 

South Freeport, and he is a ship carpenter and joiner by trade. Her 
Wilson, children, the first of which were born in Portland, the others in 


ELIZA POTTER, born January 20, 1868. 

IDELLA. AUGUSTA, born February 23, 1870. 

HARRY EARLE, born February 4, 1872. 

ALMEDA, died July 14, 1874; ), . , ti i^ lor,, 
' .r ' ' I twins ; born July 14, 1874. 

ALMATIA, died August 1, 1874 ; ) "' 

LIZZIE LEONA, born July 5, 1875. 

MELVILLE LOMBARD, born December 22, 1877. 

SAMUEL MELVILLE", born March 3, 1847; who went to California 
about 1868, and has not been heard from of late. 

MARY ELIZABETH', born June 23, 1849; married Aug. 5, 1873, James 

Roscoe, son of Thomas and Eliza (Hudson) Johnston, born in Washington, 

Me., May 3, 1834. He had by a former wife a son Francis Haynes, 

Johnston, b. Dec. 25, 1864. Mr. Johnston's father was born in Bristol, Me., 

and mother born in Charleston, Mass. He is a trader in Great Falls, 

N. H., and his residence in Berwick, Me., in 1879. Children: 


Johnston. WILTON EVEUKTT, born in Wcstficld, Mass., May 19, 1«7C. 
A DAUGHTER, born in AlUeboro', Mass., April 16, 1879. 

ALMATIA SMITH", the same name of the eldest daughter of lier Jinut 

Emily, born October 30, 1851; married April 23, 1874, Martin Anderson, 

son of Samuel and Rebecca (lirewei-) Dillin^-hain, born in Freeport, Me., 

Dillingham. Maicli JO, 18.")0; is a trader, and in 1879, resides at Ko. 2 Spruce 

street in Portland. Child: 

SAMUEL CLARK, born in Portland, Me., Marcli 16, 1876. 

IMOCtEXE", born February 24, 1857; a hairdresser in Portland; unm. 
in 1878. 

ADA LEOXA", born November 15, 1850; is unmarried in 1878, and re- 
sides with her sister Johnston. 

SAMEL ^ SON OF HENRY ^ (pap 135), JUHK.' 

^^AlVIUEL^, born in Rowley, April 28, 1706; according to a record in 
p^H one branch of the faniil}^ and probably it is correct, but I do not di.s- 
%^^ cover liis birth on the records of Newbury or Rowley, where his 
father resided. By trade he was a honsewright, and he owned land given 
him by his father, and bought according to deeds handed down l)y his de- 
scendants, but not recorded; of Eliphalet Paysou four acres in 1735; of 
John Plumer six acres in 1736; and of David Pearson nine acres in 1737; 
all we find of his transaction recorded is a sale of half a piece of salt marsh 
to his cousin Jeremiah Poore in 1741. 

Probably he was a quiet sort of a man for we do not discover that he held 
many public trusts; the only ones on record are two executive town offices, 
viz., those of constable in 1730^0, and Ilog Reeve in 1731; the lattei- ac- 
cording to custom, from time immemoi'ial conferred upon newly married 
men; but, if he had lived beyond middle age perhaps he would have been 
called to fill important places. 

He perhaps died of a fever or some other acute disease as he made his 
will September 14, 1748, and died the 21st of same month — only one week 
after. In his will he mentions all his children, excepting one that died 


young; his wife, and his father-in-law John Sari, whom he appointed exec- 

In the inventory of his estate we learn that he had in his homestead about 
sixty acres, two and one-half acres of fresh meadow near, and six acres of 
salt marsh in Hewbury, half of which real estate he gave to each of his 
sons Joseph and Bliphalet, and he owned a pew in the upper meeting house 
in Rowley. 

He married N^ovember 10, 1730, Elizabeth, the daughter of John Searl, 
who was born January 20, 1712, and after he deceased she married George 
Little, and went to JSTew Boston to reside, and died May 28, 1779. Children: 

1. Elizabeth, born August 15, 1731 ; died March 3, 1737. 

2. Hepzibah, b. July 16, 1733; m. Maj^ 24, 1756, Benjamin Little; lived awhile in the west 

parish of Haverhill, Mass., at the lower end of Crystal Lake, then settled in Hamp- 
stead, N. H., where their children were born, but probably died in Bradford, Vermont. 
Children : 

I. Joshua, b. Mar. 19, 1758, wiio died Aug. 3, 1759. II. Levi, b. May 24, 1760, who died Sept. 5, 
17G6. III. Ezekiel, b. July 28, 17G2; a graduate of Harvard College; a school-teacher in 
Boston many years; author of an arithmetic entitled the "Usher"; ra. May 24, 1801, Mehit- 
able Emery, by whom he had one child, who died in infancy, and a dau. Anne Poore, b. Nov. 
21, 1806, who died Dec. 8, 1S4G ; m. Rev. Jesse, son of Deacon Wm. and Elizabeth (Little) 
Page, b. in Atkinson, N. H., Feb. 23, 1805; a graduate of Dartmouth and Andover, who is 
still living in 1879 at Atkinson retired. See his pedegree in our liesearches of Merrimack 
Valley, pp. 77-149. Children : — Mary Ann, b. Nov. 30, 1840; unm. in 1860; Wm. Little, died 
young; Daniel Emery, died young; and Jessie Francis, died young. IV. Moses, b. Feb. 7, 
1765; died July 8, 17G6. V. Mary, b. May 2, 1769; m. July 17, 1789, Nathaniel Merrill of 
Atkinson, N. H., whose father James Merrill was brother to Ann, who m. Daniel ■• Poore, 
p. 68; resided in Atkinson until one child was born; removed to Bradford, Vt., and tliere 
lived in a locality called Goshen. Mr. Merrill died and she m. Wm. Wood, a widower, of 
Canaan, with children. Slie had her children by Merrill, viz., Mary Emery, b. Nov. 14, 1793, 
who in 18G1 was num. ; 2, Mehitable Emery, b. about 1796; m. Zenas Whittier of Orange, N. 
H., where she died about 1856; had (1) Nathaniel, who was living in Lawrence, Mass., in 
1861, then unm.; (2) Zenas, who ra. a Sargent; lived in Lawrence, Mass., and kept a shoe 
store in 1861; (3) Merrill, who went to California; (4) Ruth E., unm. at Lawrence, Mass., in 
1861; (5) Lucy E., m. in 1860, Lemuel Copp, of Flsherville, N. H., and resided in Manchester, 
"^ N. H., in 1861; 3, Ezekiel Little, b. in Bradford, Vt., Apr, 14, 1802; m. Serepta, dau. of John 
and Eliza (Hews) Currier, b. in Canaan, N. H., Oct. 3, 1814. He is a hatter by trade, and they 
reside in Canaan where two children were born, and removed to Franklin, N. H., where thej 
were in 1861. Children : — Eliza Hews, b. Nov. 29, 1842; was a school-teacher, and unm. in 
1860; (2) Oliver Hews, b. Mar. 11, 1845; (3) Mary E., died young; (4) Emma Frances, b. 
July 9, 1851. 

3. Joseph, b. Aug. 24, 1737 ; married Margaret Bailey. 


4. Sarah, h. Oct. 18, 174:); in. Joshua Copp ; seltled in Hatiipstcail, N. II., wliere we fiiicl re 

corded eleven of their ehildroii whicii wo give wilii some information regarding them 

obtained from their son Geo. W's (hiu. Louisa, jiz. : 
I. Molly, b. July 15, 1759, wlio m. a Batclu'ldcT ; settled in Corinth, Vt., where tliey had about 
a dozen children, and then emigrated to the State of Pennsylvania. II. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 14, 
17G1, who perhaps married a Crague of Burlington. Vt., wliere she died, leaving about six 
children. III. Moses, b. I-'eb. 2-.', ITfir, : m. Anna Bnller of Warren, N. IT.; resided in I'icr- 
mont, N. II., unlil their ehlest two children Kichard and Moses were born, and removed to 
Stanstead, Ca., where were born about live more children, most of whom settled in that town. 
rV. Eliphalet, b. Feb. 23, 1765; married and had two children, b. in Kandolph, Vt. ; after- 
wards left his family and perhaps married a second wife. V. Sarah, b. Mar. 25, 17G7 ; m. 
Joseph Merrill of Warrcu, N. II., where they settled and had more than a dozen children. 
Among them were born perhaps in the following order: 1, Joseph, who was an Orthoilox 
Congregational clergyman ; settled in Dracut, Mass. ; 2, Stephen, who was a trader in Boston 
and had a large family; 3, Lemuel, who m. in Dracut Eliza Baker; went to Savannah, Ga., 
where he was a lawyer; 4, Joshua, also went to Savannah: 5, Wm., m. a French Canadian in 
Montre;il; 6, Anson, settleil iu Plymouth, N. 11; 7, Caleb, ra. an Eastman in Salisbury, N. H., 
and was a trader; 8, Jlary, m. a Preston who was a trader in 'Warren; 9, Sarah, m. first 
Amos Burton in Pierniont, N. II., where he died, and she went to Le.\ington, Mich., and m. 
again; 10, Hannah, m. Hazen Kimball in Kingston, N. H. ; a wheelwright, and settled in 
Franklin, N. H. ; 11, Susan, m. Doct. Jesse Little and settled in Warren, and had a son Wm. 
who has been a distinguished lawyer in Manchester, N. II. VI. Joshua, b. Feb. 25, 1769; m. 
Betsey Alirams ; settled in Warren, N. II. , where their children were born, and removed to 
Northumberland, N. II., where he died aged 80 years. His children were 1, John, settled at 
Grand Isle by New York State; 2, George, m. an Abbott in Warren, N. H. ; 3, Joshua, m. 
Mary Pillsbury ; had five children, and removed from Warren into a Southern State ; 4, Betsey, 
died unm. ; 5, Nathaniel, m. Hannah Glines; was a farmer in Humney, N. H. ; 6, Thomas, 
probably died num.; 7, Sally, died young; 8, James, was a tailor; m. but loft no children; 
9, Mary Ann, who died young. VII. Susanna, b. Mar. 27, 1771, who perhaps m. a Crague. 
VIII. Mehitable, b. May, 1773; m. Lamson, son of Nicholas Elliot from Boscawen ; settled 
in Landaff, N. H., but left no children. IX. George Washington, b. Aug. 26, 1776, 
who died Dec. 9, 1822; m. Mary Abrams (a sister to Joshua's wife), b. in Amesbury, Mass., 
Feb. 2, 1775, who died Oct. 6, 1860, iu Warren, N. H., where their children were born, viz.: 
1, Joseph, who m. Hannah Brown and was a farmer in Nashua, N. H. ; 2, Wm., who died 
young; 3, Louisa, b. in Warren, N. H., Oct. 1, 1804, who m. her kin John Poore of LaudatT — 
see page 79; 4, Nancy, m. Aaron Goodwin of Warren, and has children; 5, George, who m. 
a wife from Nova Scotia and settled in Cambridgeport, Mass. ; 6, Benjamin, m. Emily Currier, 
but he died without issue. X. Benjamin Little, b. Sept. 12, 1780, who died aged about IS 
years. XI. Nathaniel Peabody, b. Jan. 23, 1783, who settled in Vermont State. XII. 
William, not recorded in Hampstead; m. Eleanor Convers; settled and was a trader in Ran- 
dolph, Vt, ; probably robbed and killed while on his return home from the South, leaving two 

5. Eliphalet, born March 18. 1746-7 ; married Elizabeth Little. 



JOSEPH \ SOU OF SAIIEL^ (jagE 199), HEMY=, lOHM.' 

[OSBPH*, born in Eowley, "Angust 24, 1737; settled on the homestead 
of his father which was the western part of the land which had been 
owned by his ancestors; building his house about one and a half 
miles from the junction of the railroad; half of the land had been given him 
by his father and the other half he bought of his brother Eliphalet of 
Hampstead, Apr. 4, 1767, paying him one hundred and twenty pounds, 
lawful money, described as follows : " the one half in quanty & quality of 
the real estate given to us by the last will of our hon*^ father late of Rowley 
deceas*^ lying in liowley in the County of Essex lading on both sides of 
the road leading from Rowley to Bradford & Boxford in the parish of 
Byfield & is by estimation one hundred acres be the same more or less & 
is bounded as foUoweth beginning at a white oak tree which stand in the 
wall by the road afores*^ being a corner bound between s'^ Poors land & the 
land now belonging to Mica Caltou which he purchased of John Plumer 
late of Rowley now removed to Pownalboro running northerly from the 
bound first mentioned till it comes to a stake & stones by the side of an 
Island then running westerly across a brook to a stake & stones by the side 
of an Island then running westerl}^ across a brook to a stake & stones 
then running northerly to a stake & stones which is a corner bound between 
s"* Poors land & s** Caltons land also a south-east bound of Daniel Pearsons 
land then running between the upland of s'^ Pearson & meadow of s" 
Poor northerly a cross a brook to a stake & stones by the side of the upland 
of s'' Pearson & swamp of s*^ Poor then running easterly to a stake & stones 
in the side of a swamp which is a conier bound between s*^ Poor & Oliver 
Tenny & the widoAV Sayer wich land the s'^ Tenny & s*^ Sawyer pur- 
chased of the heirs of Joseph Swett late of Rowley dec'^ then running 
southerly to a white oak tree tanding upon the side of a swamp which is a 
corner bound between s"^ Poors land & s'^ Sawyers land & between Thomas 
Luis ju"^ land he bought of the heirs of Samuel Walingford late of 
Rowley dec** then running easterly to a stake & stones which is a corner 
bound between s"* Poors land & Oliver Tennys land he bought of the heirs 
of ISTehemiah ISToyes late of. Rowley deceased then running southerly to 


tlu' road afoivs'' Ukmi beg'iiinin;^ at a whiti; oak tree on the southerly .side of 
the road al'ores'\ it bein<^ a corner I>()und between s'' Poors & s'' Calton run- 
ning sonthei'ly to a stake & stones which is a corner boniid l)etwecn s'' 
Poor & s'' Calton & Asa Herriman then runnin<^ easterly to a stump, noilh- 
easterly to fFohn Tennys land tiien running northerly to a stake and stones 
by s'^ John Tenny land, then running easterly- as tiie i'enee now stands be- 
tween s'' Poor & said John Tenny till it comes to the road that leadeth to 
John Tennys dwelling honse then running to the road afores'' northerly. 
Also one full quarter in quantity & quality of a certain parcel of fresh 
meadow laying in the town afoi-es"* in the West parish & is bounded as fol- 
loweth beginning at a great rock near the Crane Bi'ook so called and run- 
ning by the bi'ook northerly till it conies to an ash tree at the mouth of a 
little brook then running easterly by the little bi'ook til it comes to a fence 
then running as the fence now stands to a stake & stones by the upland 
then running westerly by the upland til it comes to the bound first mentioned. 
Also one full quaiter in quantity and quality of a certain parcel of salt 
marsh laying in Xewbuiy in the county afores'' on the southerly side of 
the river Parker so called and neai" the Oyster Point so called & is by esti- 
mation ten acres be the same more or less & is bounded as folio weth north- 
erly on the aforesaid river & easterly by stakes on John Poors & John 
Peai'sons marsh & southerly on marsh belonging to the heirs of Joseph 
Goodridge late of Xewbury dec'' & westerly on a creek til it comes to the 
river afores*^.'' And he added to his real estate, mz. : He bought of Timothy 
Jackman one-half of ten acres of salt marsh near by Oyster Point in 1757; 
of Daniel Pearson about four and one-half acres of upland and meadow 
bounded by Miclia Calton and his own land in 1773; of Samuel Harriman 
about eleven acres of woodland in the West parish in Rowley, on the 
northerly side of the road leading fi'om the church to Samuel Kezers in 
1774, and sold it again to John Palmer in 1788; of Oliver Tenney about 
four and one-half acres on the east side of Plummer's Brook by land of 
Amos Carlton, said Poor and land formerly owned by Mr. John Palmer 
&c. in 1776; of Samuel Johnson about two acres of salt marsh in Row- 
ley in 1781; of Timothy Jackman 3d one acre of salt marsh in Rowley 
by Shad Creek, and next to said Poors marsh in 1782; of Timothy 

204 jOHisr POORE aistd his family. 

Jackman Jr. one acre next to land of Henry Poor and land of said Jo- 
seph Poor in 1782; of his son-in-law, Benjamin Poore, about twelve and 
one-half acres on the easterly side of Andover road, and by land of Henry, 
Jeremiah and Moses Poore in 1788; of Moses Hazen one and three-quarter 
acres of salt marsh in 1789; of Joseph Goodridge about two acres of 
Thatch island in Parker river in 1792 ; of Timothy Jaclanan about fourteen 
acres in the middle commons in Rowley, on range of lots numbered H, and 
next to said Poor's land in 1791; and he sold about ten acres of woodland 
to Thomas Lull, Jr., in 1770; about five acres of marsh on the south side of 
Parker river to Jonathan Wheeler in 1785; and about five acres of marsh 
on the south side of said liver to Israel Adams, Jr., in 1795. He also 
owned 140 acres of land in Goffstown on the north side of Piscataquag 
river, lot JSTo. 3, in the range on the north side of said river, bounded north- 
erly by J^o. 2, and southerly by No. 4, which he bought of Daniel Pearson 
of Weare, N. H., in the summer of 1782. He when young was a cord- 
wainer, but probably did not work at his trade in after life; for, he had a 
large farm and was called upon to fill many public trusts,. as that of select- 
man, etc., in town; settling estates of deceased persons, being guardian of 
many minor children; was in the Army at Lake George, when the country 
was fighting the French and Lidians, in 1757, and at times his life barely 
saved — once the savages striped him of all his 

clothes. In time of the American Revolution ^/Ae/^ yorry f^ ^'^ 
was at the head of a com]^»ny that marched / ^ 

from Byfield to Cambridge, Apr. 20, and we here give a facsimile of his 
signature on the pay roll dated Dec. 2, 1775. 

He was an officer in Byfield parish and a deacon of its church, and while 
at a Divine service Feb. 18, 1795, had a shock of paralysis and died the 
same day. 

He m. Apr. 22, 1756, Margaret, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth 
(Boynton) Bailey, born in the south part of the East parish of Bradford 
(and not far from his birthplace), Jan. 28, 1738. She was aldn to the fami- 
lies of "Webster, Trumball and Holstead. See our Researches of Merrimack 
Valley, pages 76-92, for her pedigree. She died Jan. 28, 1818. Childi-en: 

1. Elizabeth, born March 16, 1757; died unmarried March 29, 1777. 


2. Samuel, lioni Dcfciiiber 13, 1758; rnaniod Ann Bridges. 

3. George, horn January 22, 17G1 ; man-ied Jlaiy LiUle. 

4. llulh, born December 2G, 1762 ; married her second cousin Benjamin Poore. 

5. Jesse, born February 3, 17G5 ; married Phcbe Iletlges. 

G. Job, born October 22, 17G7; married Sally Ilobert and Patty Davenport. 

7. Joseph, married Hannah Wood. 

8. John, married Hannah Chute. 


AMUEL ^ bom in Eowley, December 13, 17.58, when that part of the 
town was called ]New Rowley, and in 1838 incorporated with the 
name of Georgetown. lie was a Revolutionary soldier, and with Gen. 
Gates at Saratoga, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1777, when they took Gen. Bnrgoyne. 

He settled in what Avas originally Goffstown, N. II., and his farm was 
in the southwcstei'ly part of the town made in 1822 from a portion of 
Dunbarton, Goffstown, and ancient ^^_^^ 
Chester, and called by the name of ^C/^^^'i-^^^/ ^^^cy^c>^- 

Hooksett. We here give his signatui-e to a letter to his brother Joseph 
dated Goffstown, Sept. 9, 1796. 

He married October 21, 1781, Anna Bi-idges of Rowley, bom February 
1, 1762; they lived together a long time; he died August 21, 1841; she 
survived him until aged over 91 years, and died April 21, 1853. Children: 

1. John, boi'n April 26, 1785; married Elizabeth Mclntire. 

2. Samuel, born April 19, 1787; married Jane Wells. 

3. Job, born July 22, 1789 ; married IJcbecca Knapp. 

4. Benjamin, born August 12, 1791 ; married Martha McCurdy. 

5. Peggy, born December 6, 1794 ; died January 16, 1795. 

6. Jesse, born August IG, 1796 ; married Jane Hall. 

7. Ira, born October 10, 1798 ; married Sallj' Upham. 

8. Erie, born November 21, 1800; married Susan Saltmarsh. 

9. Asa, born January 29, 1803 ; died September 14, 1806. 
10. Joseph, born November 9, 1805 ; married Arria Mitchell. 

Of his children the following have posterity: 



JOHM^ sou OF SAIUEL'' (pap 205), JOSEPH \ SAIUEL^ EEMY^, JOHN'. 

JOHI^s, i^oj.jj ^pj,ii 26, 1785; married February 5, 1815, Elizabeth, dan. 
of Hugh and Tabitha (Chandler) Mclntire, of Eandolph, Yt., boru 
in Merrimack, ^N". H., December 7, 1791. Her father of the Scotch Irish 
stock, who came from the ISTorth of Ireland. Resided in Berlin, Vt., twelve 
years, where their children were born; in Middlesex, Vt., from 1828 to 1857, 
Avhen they removed to Moretown, that state, and lived near the bridge which 
connects it with Waterbury, where he died Jan. 29, 1865, and she, three 
days later, Feb. 1, 1865. Among the public olEces held by him was that of 
Major in the Regiment of Militia. Children: 

MARY ANIST^ born l^!'ovember 25, 1815; died unmarried Aug. 18, 1839. 

BUSHROD WASHINGTON ^ born January 15, 1818; married Septem- 
ber 25, 1841, Joanna Philippa, daughter of Alvin and Clara (Fassett) 
Walker, born in Fairfax, Yt., July 28, 1820. He is a lawyer, Ex-Judge, 
and Register in Bankruptcy. Resided in Morrisville, Yt., four years; in 
Johnson, Yt., one year; Lowell, Mass., from 1816 to June 1852, when he 
removed to Dubuque, Dubuque Co., Iowa, and his family removed in May 
1853, and purchased in May 1856 house I^o. 1111 Bluff street, where ho re- 
sides in 1879. Children: 

WILLARD ASHLEY, bora July 10, 1848 ; m. April 18, 1872, Martha Ella, dau. 
of Matthew and Joyce E. (Day) Scott, b. in Dubuque, Aug. 20, 1848. He is a 
machinist; residence in 1879, No. 1111 Bluff street. Children r 
Carrik Luella, born March 15, 1873 ; died May 21, 1875. 
Louie May Bell, born in Dubuque, Sept. 21, 1876. 

ALVIN BRAINARD, born in Fairfax, Vt., July 9, 1852 ; unmarried in 1878 ; is 
a graduate of Hamilton College, 1875, and the Medical Department of the Uni- 
versity of the City of New York, iu 1879, and practices his profession in Dyers- 
yille, Iowa, in 1879. 

CLARA ELIZABETH, born Sept. 1, 1855 ; unmarried in 1878 ; school teacher. 

JOHN CHANDLER, born May 29, 1862. 

CHAISTDLER', born July 3, 1820; commenced the study of medicine 
about 1845, and since about that time has practiced dentistry, and has re- 
sided in Dat)uque, Iowa, since 1856; is unmarried in 1878. 

MARIA", born November 3, 1822; who also is unmarried, and in 1879 
resides in Moretown, Yt., on the homestead left her by the will of her 



SAMUEL", born April 9, 1787; married August o, 1810, Jane, daughk-r 
of Silas and Mary (Taggart) Wells, born in Goffstown, March 25, 
179G. Her grandfather, Aaron Wells, removed from Amesbnry, Mass., 
where his children were all born, to the I^ortheast corner of Goffstown, 
when this son Silas was a young child. Her mother was daughter of John 
Taggart. He is a farmer in the Northeast part of Goffstown, house al)()ut 
twelve rods from Manchester, and most of his farm is within the pi-esent 
bounds of Manchester; it is about three miles in a southwesterly direction 
from Avhere he was born, and it is a part of the land formerly owned by his 
grandfather Poore. Both of them are alive in 1879, and retain their facul- 
ties to a remarkable degree. Children : 

SAMUEL', born Jannary 5, 1817; married September 17, 1843, Olive 
Linfield, daughter of John and Olive (Linfield) White, born in Thetford, 
Vt., October 8, 1816. Her parents both natives of Kandolph,Mass. They 
resided in Williamstown until four of their children were born, and removed 
to Boston, Mass., Feb. 21, 1854, where their other child was born. He has 
been a manufacturer of sofas and chairs, and occupied store No. 19 Charles- 
town street, Boston, for twenty years. He has retired from business; 
bought house No. 18 Cross street, in East Somerville, Mass., Avhere they 
have resided from 1870 to 1879. Children : 

MARY VIANNA, bom Jul}- 21, 1844; who married her father's cousin, Joseph 
Augustus Poore. 

JOHN SAMUEL, born July 25, 1846; was a miner several 3'ears, and worked in 
California, Arizona, New Mexico and Old Mexico, but came home in March, 
1878, and in 1879 is a dealer in glass and stone ware, and is unmarried. 

OLIVE ANN AUGUSTA, l>orn January 26, 1849 ; m. May 13, 1869, Eugene, son 
Snkll. of Alvin and Anna (Holhrook) Snoll, b. in llolbrook, Mass., Feb. 7, 1847; re- 

side on tlie homestead of his fatlier (liis motlier being of tiie same family- of her 
mother). He is agent etc. for Thomas White, a shoe manufacturer. Children: 
Hattik Augusta, b. in Holbrook, June 19, 1870. 
Ei.JiEK Alvin, b. in llolbrook, .lul}' 13, 1S74. 

DANIEL LOUIS, born February 17, 1851 ; m. Dec. 4, 1875, Georgianna, dan. of 
PooRE. George Ensign and Estlier Carleton (Call) Hubbard, b. in North Collins, Eric 

Co., N. Y., March 18, 1851 ; reside iu 1879, at No. 22 Pinkney street, Somer- 
ville, and is Clerk for the New York and New England Railroad. Child : 
BKiniiA Pearl, b. at No. 18 Cross street, Somerville, July 4, 1878. 

RUTH LINFIELD, born March 1, 1855 ; died August 19, 1855. 


ASA^ born JSTovember 12, 1818; married ISTovember 22, 1841, Lydia 
Eaton, daughter of Barak and Mary (Eaton) Kimball, born in Wells, Me., 
April 23, 1820; residence since Feb. 1843, in Thetford, Yt.; a shoemaker, 
by trade, and since 1867, been a farmer; is a Justice of the. Peace; and was 
from 1855 to 1867 Town Clerk of Thetford. Children: 

ANNA BRIDGES, bom September 1, 1842 ; unmaiTied, and with her father in 
1878, her mother being an invalid. 

JANE WELLS, b. May 21, 1844; m. Oct. 18, 1865, Henry Albert, son of Hiram 
Sloak. Brunson and Anna Groves (Tyler) Sloan, b. in Thetford, June 21, 1836; re- 

sided in Manchester, N. H., seven years, and went to Chicago, 111., Oct. 31, 
1872, where he is a dealer in fish, oysters, game, etc. ; store in 1879 at No. 86 
Adams street. He was a wheelwright previous to 1861, when he entered the 
army and staid through the war. No children. 

JULIA ANN \ born December 7, 1820; who died in the Insane Hospital in 

Concord, June 19, 1851 ; married November 7, 1839, Alvah, son of Aaron 

and Phebe Russell, of Francestown, N. H.; b. Aug. 13, 1814, who 

EossELL. was in the "Western States after he broke up house-keeping; lived 

in Thetford where their children were born, viz.: 

JULIA ANN, b. Nov. 30, 1840 ; who was adopted by Eev. John Adams, and had 
the name of Adams added by her adopted father ; m. in Hillsboro centre, 
N. H., Feb. 11, 1862, to George Washington, son of John and Susan (Eastman) 
Sweat. Sweat, born Nov. 26, 1838. They reside in Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa; a hard- 

ware dealer and agent for the Buckeye Reaper and Mower. No children, except 
an adopted daughter Clara C, b. 1867. 

MARY JANE, born September 20, 1843 ; died 1849. 

IRAD^ born September 2, 1822; married May 4, 1847, Fanny Wood- 
bury, daughter of Nathaniel and Judith (Coggin) George, born in Goifs- 
town, January 13, 1829 ; lived in Manchester, where he was in the 
PooKE. confectionary business, etc., until he went to live with his father to 
take care of his farm in 1862. Children: 

FANNY MARIA, b. Apr. 15, 1850; m. July 20, 1873, Herbert Joseph, son of 
Marsh. Joseph and Hannah (Page) Marsh, b. in Gilmanton, N. H. ; residence in 1879 

is Manchester ; a grocer. Child : 
Lillian Addib, born February 13, 187G; died January 1877. 

EMMA JANE, b. Aug. 11, 1852 ; m. July 19, 1870, Albert Francis, son of James 
BiCHARDS. and Mary (Holmes) Richards, born in Manchester, Oct. 24, 1848 ; a machinist 
in Concord, N. H. Child : 

Louis Erteix, born iu Goffstown, September 11, 1871. 

PooRE. TILON MITCHELL, born March 13, 1856 ; a farmer ; at home unmarried in 1877. 

FLORA MAY, born November 15, 1858 ; a school-teacher ; unmarried in 1878. 


rooiiE. ELLA AUGUSTA, born May 15, 1801 ; uninarried in 1878. 

FRANK lEAD, born July 20, 18G4. 
CORA ETTA, born February 27, 1867. 

JANE 7, born September 11, 1825; married April 5, 1818, John Dole, 
son of Isaac and Ircna (Dole), Pike, born in Haverhill, N. II., February 

14, 1822; a farmer. He was adojjted by Ethan Brock of Newbury, 
Tike. Yt., whei'c they I'esided until 18G1, when they removed to the east 

part of said Haverhill. Children: 

IDA ANN, b. Jan. 11, 1849 ; m. Apr. 10, 1SG6, George Eaton, son of Benjamin, 
LIatuu. Jr., and Jerusliia (Cutting) Hatcli, b. in Hanover, N. H., Jan. 2, 1845. His 

parents both natives of Hanover ; father born July 18, 1820, and mother born in 
1825. He was First Sergeant in Co. K., Second California Cavalry. Is a grad- 
uate of the Electic Medical Institute, of renusylvania, and in practice of his 
profession. Resided in Haverhill and Tiermont, N. II., until May, 1877, when 
they removed to Grantham, N. IL, where they reside in 1879. Children : 

Eknkst Woodman, b. Feb. 10, 18G7; d. same year. 

Julia Levina b. in Haverhill, Sept. 17, 1868. 

JoiiK Bunjamin, b. ill Piermoiit, Oct. 31, 187G. 

GeokGk Louis, b. in Grautham, May 2, 1878. 

Noka Louisa, boru in llaverliU August 22, 1872. 

John Bknjamin, born in Pienuoiit October 31, 187fi. 

Geouge Louis, born In Grantham May 2, 1878. 

Pike. JOHN DOLE, born July 7, 1850 ; who died August 19, 1872 ; accidentally killed. 

SAMUEL POORE, born January 21, 1852 ; m. Nov. 22, 1877, Janett W., dau. of 
James and Elizabeth (Hood) Hart, b. in Lowell, Mass., April 15, 1854 ; resi- 
dence in 1879, No. 5 Sutlblk street, and a dealer in provisions, No. 5 Liberty 
Sq., Lowell. Child : 

Ned Samuel, b. Feb 4, 1870; d Aug. 20, 1879. 

LOUISA JANE, b. 31, 1854; m. Nov. 17, 1875, George Anderson, son of 
Perkins. Thomas and Hannah (McCoy) Perkins, bom in Dunbarton, N. H., June 19, 

1844 ; a farmer in GofTston. Child : 
EvERLiN Ethan, born November 11, 187G. 

ETHAN BROCK, born September 28, 1855 ; died June 21, 1875. 

Pike. IRENA DOLE, born October 5, 1858 ; unmarried in 1878. 

JULIAN ADAM, born August 11, 1860. 

MARY EMMA, born September 10, 1862. 

EPHRAIM BARNABAS, born July 17, 1864 ; a clerk for his brother. 

DANIEL lilTTLE', born October 15, 1827; who was a school-teacher; 
died unmarried April 25, 1853. 

LOUISA HARYELL", born May 18, 1834; married at Manchester, 

210 jonisr pooke and his pamilt. 

August 7, 1860, J-Ieiiry Blaisdell, son of Moses and Elizabeth (Stearns) 

Gould, born in Danbury, IST. H., October 1, 1838; resided with her father 

when their first child was born, and after 1866 owned and resided in 

their house Ifo. 248 Laurel sti-eet, in Manchester; and was a ma- 

GOULD. ' ' 

chinist, but sold and bought ISTov. 14, 1878, at Candia, IST. H., where 
they reside in 1879, and is a farmer. Children: 

ELMER ARTHUR, bom in GoflFstowu, August 14, 1862. 

ALICE EVELINE, bom iu Manchester, N. H., July 17, 1867. 


JOB^, born July 22, 1789; married January 1, 1813, Rebecca, daughter 
of Oliver and Abigail (Allard) Knapp, born in Franconia, IST. H., May 
2, 1792; who died January 29, 1836; married (2) in 1837 ]\Iercy, daughter 
of Bradbury Smith, born 1803, who survives him. He resided in Fi-anconia 
until May 1, 1841, and Avhile there was a superintendent in the Iron Foundry 
owned largely by residents of Salem, Mass. Among important otEces con- 
ferred upon him was that of a Deacon of the Freewill Baptist Church. He 
removed from Franconia to Stewartstown. He died Feb. 7, 1871. Cbildren : 
AN^^A BRIDGES ^ born October 15,1813; married August 26, 1830, 
James Harvey, son of Simon and Philinda (Knights) Oakes, born in Fi-an- 
conia, !N". H., August 6, 1809; was a shoemaker; settled at first in the town 
of his birth where most of her children were bom. She died April 14, 1845, 
and Mr. Oakes married about 1849 widow Eunice Gale of Lisbon, who by 
Mr. Gale had a daughter Anna born January 31, 1850, who married Charles 
Chessman Aug. 6, 1873, and resides in Guildhall, Vt., and a son 
Fred born Sept. 22, 1858, who is with his stepfather's son Calvin in 
Cakes. 'New Yoi'k; unm. in 1879. Mr. Oakes's wife died in the insane 
hospital at Concord, 1^. H., a short time previous to his decease, and 
he died Aug. 19, 1868. Anna B. had the following nine children: — 
SIMON, born and died same daj' in November, 1831. 

ISAAC POORE, bom December 31, 1832 ; died unmarried March 27, 185.5. 
EDGAR AUGUSTUS, born November 24, 183-1 ; died unmarried Mar. 31, 1868. 

JOHN NORRIS, b. Apr. 22, 1837, who has been a trader and in 1879 is a hotel 
Iceeper in Franconia; m. Nov. 28, 1861, Mercj' A., daughter of Moody Priest, 
bom in Franconia, Oct. 19, 1840. Children: 

Helen, born iu Franconia January 31, 1863. 

Lizzie, born November 15, 1S61, who was burned to death in Waterford, Vt., July 1, 1865. 

James Hakvey, boru iu Franconia, May 10, 1871. 


Oakks. JAMES AUGUSTUS, b. Aug. 6, 1839, wlio served his co\intiy :it tlie time of the 

Southern Ucbclliou in a New York Regiineiit; in. (1) Mar. 10, 18G5, Jane, <hiu. 
of John and Jane Fulton, born in N. Y. City Dec. 4, 1846 ; her fatiier from Isle 
of Man and mother from Scotland; by her had one child; she died Mar. .17, 
18G8 ; m. (2) Josephine, dan. of Wni. and Sarah (Harrison) C'argill, b. in N. Y. 
City Feb. 3, 1851 ; her parents from Maine. Their residence in 187U at 508 W. 
20th street. New York, in which city he has lived since about 1858 ; was awhile 
a dealer in ice, but since been in tlie pickle business. Children : 

Jan'k Augusta, born Doc. Ifl, ISG5. 

JosKPniNK Cakgill, boi-u August 29, 1874. 

Flouenck Isabel, bom September G, 1870. 

GEO. A., b. April 17, 1841 ; ra. we understand Anna Rhodes of Ilopkinton, 
Mass., and resides In 1879 in Woodstock, 111., and has living two children, viz. : 
Minnie, born ui New York, August 15, 1865. 
Clara F., born July 20, 1806. 

CALVIN, b. in Stewartstown, April 19, 1843 ; left home at the age of 17, and went 
to Boston, afterward was in Nashua, N. 11. Enlisted April, 1861, in Co. E, 1st 
N. II. Regt. of Vols., and was honorably discharged at Concord. Went to New 
Y^ork City, and has been in the ice business most of the time since 1862, in firm 
of Oakes Bro's & Co. in 1879, with office 518 West 21st St., and his residence 
No. 159 9lli Avenue. He m. Nov. 26, 1870, Martha Emma, dau. of George W. 
and Harriett (Taylor) Cogswell, b. in Landatf, N. H., Dec. 26, 1849. Children: 

John Calvin, boru in New York, Oct. 29, 1871. 

Charles Edgar, boni April 6, 1875; died June 19, 1875. 

Mary Ella, born in New York, July 26, 1870. 

Frank Burciiaud, born in New YoiK, Aug. 22, 1878. 

IRA, b. April 14, 1845, who was in Co. II, 8th N. II. Regt., when he died Oct. 31, 
1862, of wounds received in battle at Labadieville, La., four da3-s previous. 

ERIE, a twin to Ira, b. in Stewartstown, and also in the army with Ira and received 
wounds in battle at Port Hudson ; m. Nov. 19, 1868, Sarah Ellen, dau. of George 
W. Cogswell and sister to Calvin's wife born Sept. 16, 1842. He resides in 
Lisbon, N. H., and is in 1879 a trader and manufacturer of spool and bobbin 
stock. Child : 

Ira, born in New York June 8, 1871. 

Etta May, born in Franconia September 10, 1872; died February 26, 1876. 

ASA^ born February 15, 1815; died April 5, 1815. 

HAREIET", born June 13, 1817; married October 22, 1840, Abel Childs 

Cushman, who died Sept. 16, 1863, and she in 1879 resides in Bath, IN". Y. 

She has no children excepting an adopted daughter named Mary Ardelle, 

born in Goffstown, Oct. 30. 1851, wlio married July 20, 1871, Fi-ank 

Henri Greisingei- a machinist. They have resided in Bath and liave 

Cushman. ° ' ■' 

two children : Mary Harriet, b. Feb. 5, 1876, and Ina Ethel, b. Mar. 


ISAAC COLE', bom February 26, 1819; died February 3, 1823. 

MAEIA SMITH', born July 12, 1823; married October 30, 1841, Edwin 

"Wallace, son of Ebenezer and Abigail (Corkins) Gaskill, born in Waterford, 

Yt., August 9, 1820. He was a boot maker; resided in various places 

Gaskill. and died in Stewartstown July 2, 1864, and she in 1879 resides in 

Simsbury, Conn. Children: 

EUGENE CUSHMAN, born July 26, 1842 ; died February 14, 1848. 
REBECCA ANN, born in Stewartstown May 26, 1846, who in 1879 is a dress- 
maker in New York City. 
FREDERICK EUGENE, born Februaay 3, 1849 ; died March 15, 1852. 
ADA ESTELL, born in Colebrook September 22, 1850; married September 7, 
1868, in Manchester, N. H., to Geo. Dallas Colbj'- ; has had two daughters, one 
died }'0ung and the other is 

Ina Adelaide, born in Manchester, N. H., May 21, 1871. 

CHARLES BAILEY, born December 10, 1853 ; died February 14, 1855. 

LUCY REBECCA ^ born May 18, 1827; died August 28, 1831. 

JOHIST CALYHS"'^, born July 28, 1835; was a school-teacher in early 
life and occasionally later; -was a dealer in ice in ISTew York City and 
afterward in the shoe business in Manchester, !N^. H. ; next went into the 
Army and was in Co. I, 2d. lUevr York Regt., and Co. I, 1st ]!!^. H. Heavy 
Artillery, and since has been a farmer in Stewartsto^vn, l!^. H. Among 

public oiSces held by him are those of selectman, school committee, 

etc., in the town, and he has for many years been a Justice of the 
PooHE. Peace in the County. He m. July 22, 1864, Emma Jane, dau. of 

John and Ruth (Crawford) Corser, born in Colebrook, I^. H., ]!!^'ov. 

22,1845. Children: 

ORMAND JOB, born in Stewartstown, June 20, 1866. 
HATTIE MARIA, born in Stewartstown, July 22, 1871. 

BENIMN," SOU OF SilUEL' (page 205), JOSEPH ^ SAIUEt^ HEMY=, lOEK.' 

BENJAMm^ born August 12, 1791; married February 28, 1823, 
Martha, daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth (Fulton) McCurdy, born 
in Dunbarton, N. II., November 29, 1800. She says her grandfather John 
McCurdy, came from the north of Ireland and settled in the south part of 
Dunbarton, and his wife's name was Mary Scoby. Her grandfather John 
Fulton's wife was Martha Hall, and her great-grandfather Hall resided on 
the north side of Beaver Pond in Derry. 


They settled at first in the Avcst part of Goirstown, near New Boston line; 
removed in the spring of 1854 to the northeast part of Deny, N. II.; .iinl 
in tlie autumn of 18G8 removed to Goffstown Centre, where he died June' 
1, 1874, and his widow is in 1879 tliere still. He was in t\u'. Army at the 
time of the war of 1812; Capt. of the militia in Concord, Vt., and Deacon 
of the Congregational Church of Goffstown. Children: 

EMELINE', born October 25, 1824; married February 25, 1847, Eobert 
Clark, son of Samuel and Mary (McAllister) Dow, born in Goffstown, May 
18, 1821. He was Captain of Co. H, 3d Regt. N. II. Yols.; occu]ia- 
Dow. tion, machinist, etc., residence in Manchester, since May, 1852, except- 
ing 1862-7, when it was in Derry. Children: 

ELIZABETH EMELINE, b. in the Goffstown part of Mancbester, Feb. 6, 1848 ; 
ScoLLAY. m. Jnne 10, 18G9, .John Pearson, son of Joseph and Evalena (Mahan) Scollaj-, 

b. in Waltham, Mass., Dec. 25, 1847; a mechanic and worker on wood; resi- 
dence at No. 25 Forrest street, Lawrence, Mass., where he has been since Lis 
honse was built in 1874. Children : 

IlATriK Ella, born iu Goffstown, August 5, 1871. 
Akthuu Lincoln, born August 11, 1875. 
Lizzie Evalina, born Mu}' 1, 1877. 

Dow. FRANK JOHNSON, b. Apr. 23, 1850 ; who was on steam and horse railroads, 

and of late was a conductor on the horse railroad ; went West April 23, 1878, 
and was killed by the Indians in Comanche Co., Kansas, Sept. 15, 1878; never 

MARTHA IDA, born March 4, 1852 ; unmarried in 1876. 

MARY ELLA, born December 22, 1854 ; unmarried in 1876. 

HATTIE EVA, born May 24, 1857; died October 16, 1857. 

NETTIE EVA, born October 18, 1859. 

HARRY ROBERT, b. Feb. 5, 1863 ; who when about six years of age had his 
left hand crushed by the steam cars in Lawrence, Mass. 

JOim McCURDY^ born July 4, 1826; married September 25, 1850, 

Eliza, daughter of Capt. Gihnan and Mary (Pickett) Perley; his second 

cousin born in Georgetown, November 15, 1828. He is a shoe manufacturer; 

been in Haverhill, Mass., since 1852; was "when in the Army ordei-]y 

Serofeant in Co. F, 50th Reo-t. of jSIass. Yolunteei's, was in the battle 


at Port Hudson, etc. ; in 1879 is a Justice of the Peace ; residence at 
No. 18 Park street, which he has owned since 1861. Child: 

JOHN FREDDIE, born May 22, 1857 ; died September 2, 1857. 

MATTHEWS born October 8, 1828; married Almira M., daughter of 
Capt. George Pearl of Boxford, where his Avidow died Sept. 29, 1878. He 



was a provision dealer in l^ortli Anclover 1854-18G8, and an innkeeper in 
Thornton, 1^. H., he died in Boxford December 3, 1869. No issue. 

ELIZABETH ' born May 20, 1831; with her mother; unmarried in 1878. 

aSIARK"^, born March 3, 1835; a school teacher; was Capt. of Co. A, 
Fifth and First Yet. Regts. of Volunteers from West Virginia, also one of 
the staff of Gen. Milroy in the Army of the Shenandoah. "Was a member 
of the Board of Regents of the West Va. University, 1866-9; married 
Adelaide Mariah, daughter of Hiram and Abigail (Emerson) Davis, born 
in New London, N. II., Jan. 5, 1838; residence at Ceredo, Wayne Co., 
West Virginia, some years, and where he took an active part in oi'ganizing 
the Congregational Church in 1874, and was one of the Deacons, and Super- 
intendent of the Sunday school, and in 1879 resides in Huntington, Cabell 
Co., West Virginia. Child: 

LILLIA CARTER, born in Ceredo, May 14, 1867, died July 20, 1868. 

LUKE ^, born June 28, 1843 ; a shoe manufacturer with his brother John 
M., in Haverhill; he also served his country to put down the slaveholder's 
Rebellion in the 28th Mass. Heavy Artillery commanded by Captain Noyes; 
ujimarried in 1879. 


JESSE ^ born August 16, 1796; who died May 7, 1836; married Jane, 
daughter of Daniel and Betsey (Allison) Hall, and granddaughter of 
John and Jane (Barr) Hall, all of Manchester, born in Manchester, October 
13, 1806. She after his decease married Enoch Ela, by whom she has a 
daughter Mary Jane, and in 1879 resides in the southwest part of Goffstown 
close to the line of Manchester. Mr. Poore was a farmer; resided in Goffs- 
town, now a part of Manchester. • Children: 

CHARLES H.^ born October 9, 1833; died unm. Dec. 19, 1858. .. 

HARRIS JESSE ^ born February 23, 1836; married June 17, 1869, 

Lizzie Rogers, daughter of Joshua Phippen and Mary Ellery (Rogers) 

Trask, born in Hampden, Me. Has resided in Manchester since he was 

married; was in the grocery business until 1875, and was in 1877 undertaker. 

Residence corner of Hanover and Maple streets, which he bought in 1875. 


MARY ROGERS, born May 11, 1872 ; died April 14, 1877. 



IKA", born October 10, 1798; who died about 1852; mari-ied Sully, dau. 
of Ei)hraiiii and Hannah (Cushnian) Upham, who was born in ^lon- 
tagne, Mass., Feb. 3, 180G. ller mother died when she was a young child 
and her father removed to Bow where she was brought up. We understand 
that Ephraim the father was born in Newton, Mass., in 1778, and Hannah 
the mother born in Greenfield, Mass., in 1771. They resided in Ilooksett, 
N. H., about four years, then removed to Providence, R. I., when there he 
was superintendent of the Blackstone Canal two or three years. He left 
his family about 1842 and went to Texas, where he married another woman,' 
by whom he had several children, some of whom died in infancy. We give 
the names of two born in San Antonio, Texas, viz.: David L. Moriill, per- 
haps resides in Texas; Fred B. Stai'k, who deceased young. He at one 
time it is said owned a plantation with eight or nine slaves. After his 
death his wife married Alanson Wood, in Hennicker, N. H., with whom she 
lived about a dozen years; he died and she in 1879 I'esides in Bow, N. H. 

BENNING NOTES', born in Ilooksett, N. H., Dec. 28, 1827; since 
the age of twenty-one he has been an artist, a photographer; resided in 
Manciiester until 18G5, and from that time until ]87i) been in Franklin, 
N. H. He m. Jan. 13, 1853, Eunice Mai'ia, dau. of Reuben and Sally (Man) 
Roberts, born in Oiford, N. 11., June 6, 1833. Her parents were both 
natives of Orford. Children: 

JOHN OSCAR, b. in Manchester, N. H., Jan. 27, 1854; m. Dec. 25, 1877, 
Gertrude Wainwright, b. in Boston, Aug. 22, 1859 ; was a concUictor on the 
Metropolitan Horse Railroad 1878-9, and in the summer of 1879 resides in 
Franklin, N. II., and is a carriage painter. Child : 
CuAULES Oscar, boru in Bosloii, June 30, 1878. 

SARAH LIZZIE, b. in Manchester, N. II., Jan. 19, 185G ; num. in 1879. 

JOHN RIDER", born Oct. 28, 1829; went to California, and was when 
last heard from at a place called Kelsey, in Eldorado County, married, and 
four of his six children were then living. They are all sons. 

SULLIVAN KNOX', born in Providence, R. I., December 23, 1831; 
who was in California in 1852-3, and since returning East has resided in 
Haverhill and Amesbury, Mass., Auburn, N. H., Woburn, Mass., Nashua, 
N. II., and Boston, Mass. He is in the laundry business. Residence in 
1879 at No. 2 Walnut Court, at the Highlands. He married April 29, 1857, 


Alecia Melvine, dan. of Ealph and Sophia (Webster) Fox, born in Dracut, 
Mass., August 9, 1834. Children : 

CLARA BELL, born in Auburn, N. H., February 28, 1859 ; unmarried in 1877. 

ALBERT LORENZO, born April G, 1862 ; died May 3, 1865. 

NELLIE, born in Woburn, July 26, 1866. 

MAUD ALECIA, born in Boston, June 17, 1872. 

RALPH EVERETT, born in Boston, January 22, 1876. 

CAROLINE N'OYES \ born in Hooksett, June 22, 1833, and brought 
up by Benjamin ISToyes; married Bj^ron Marvin, son of Alexander and 
Betsey (Kunhale) Cunningham, born in Manchester, N. H., 
CtratNiKGHAM. Jan. 13, 1836; is in the laundry business; residence in 1879 at 
102 Lenox street, Boston. Children: 
FRED ALEXANDER, born in Boston, February 14, 1866. 
GRACE FENNO, born in Boston, November 9, 1867. 
BLANCHE MARVIN, born in Boston, June 19, 1870. 
CAROLINE GERTRUDE, born in Boston, March 22, 1872. 

GEORGE McGILYERY^, born in Hooksett Dec. 25, 1838; who was 
among the early ones who enrolled to defend our glorious Union; enlisted 
Sept. 3, 1861, and served in Co. C, of the 5th Regt. of IS". H. Vols; married 
Jan. 22, 1868, Marietta, daughter of his stepfather Alanson Wood, 
PooKE. born in Henniker, Feb. 9, 1848. He is a farmer; i-esides in 1879 in 
the west part of Henniker, N. H. Children: 
CORA BELL, born in Henniker, April 28, 1871. 
ALMA LENORA, born in Henniker, April 16, 1876. 


ERHil*', born November 21, 1800; was a member of the New Hampshire 
Legislature as well as County Commissioner and in town offices; 
married April 14, 1825, Susan, dau. of Edward A. and Sally (Storey) Salt- 
marsh, born in Goffstown, July 9, 1808. Her Mher son of Thomas and 
Betsey (Abbot) Saltmarsh, and her mother daughter of Nehemiah and Lucy 
(Allen) Storey, of Manchester, Mass. Settled next west of his father's 
farm in Hooksett, where he died Jan. 28, 1874, and she is in 1879, on the 
place. Children: 

ERIE -', born March 20, 1826; married November 6, 1851, in Hyde Park, 


Penn., Margaret, daughter of Philip Adain and Catherine (Iloysradt) Sil- 
veinail born in Ancram, Cohimbia Co., N. Y., Aug. 15, 1830. Her mother 
of Dutch ancestry, liesided in Ilook.sctt, east, and not far I'roni his father's 
place, until their children were born, and in 1879 are in the village of the 
town. lie went out in Co. A, 7th Kegt. of N^. PI. Volunteers, Jan. 14, 
1802. Only five men in his company of 101 came home and he was one of 
those five. He was in the Army foiu' years, was always on duty thei'e ex- 
cepting when he received a thirty day's furlough to come home and visit 
his family; jjarticipated in all the battles of the Seventh Kegiment, was a 
bold soldier and took the Rebel Flag at Ft. Fisher, was commissioned 
Corporal and advanced step by step to First Lieutenant before he left the 
sei'vice. Gov. Nat. Head l^efore and since the Rebellion, has employed him 
for his brick burner. Children: 

ERIE ADAM, born August 29, 1852 ; formerly a f|uarryman ; m. July 4, 1878, 
Alice May, dau. of Otis M. anil Mary E. (Orilvvay) Brown, b. in Contoocook, a 
locality in the northern part of Ilopkinton, N. 11., Mar. 9, 1S57, and Aug. 5, 

1878, went to reside in reterborough, N. H., and is employed on the raUroad. 

ALONZO OILMAN, born June 17, 1854; a farmer in New Boston ; m. July 4, 

1879, his third cousin Maria Josephine, daughter of Joseph J. Poore of GofFstown. 

CHARLES FREMONT, born June 21, 185G; a quarryman ; m. Aug. 3, 1879, 
Mary Jane, dau. of Daniel and Armandia Jane (I'lescott) .Sanborn, b. in Grafton, 
N. H., Feb. 8, 18G0, and in 1879 resides in the village of llooksett. 

JAMES BUCHANAN, born December 5, 1858 ; clerk in a railroad office at Chicago 
in 1879. 

ELLSWORTH HENRY, born December 23, 18G1. 

SARAH FRANCES, born March 10, 186G ; died August 13, 1867. 

GEORGE FRANCIS, born August 13, 1868. 

CASSIE VIOLA, born June 13, 1871. 

IRA HERBERT ADAMS, born April 2, 1875. 

PERRY', l)orn January 15, 1828; married May 13, 1852, Caroline M., 
daughter of Ebenezer and INIartha (Iliggins) Chipman, b. in Wellfleet, Mass., 
October 11, 1825. Her mother from Castine, Me. They were in London- 
derry, N. H., until June 18, 1863, where he Avas overseer of repairs on the 
railroad; since then been in Charlestown, Mass., in the grocery business, 
etc. Residence in 1879 at 'No. 125 Bartlett street, and dealer in plain and 
fancy crackers. Childi'en: 

EMMA CAROLINE, born May 8, 1853 ; unmarried in 1878. 

ADDIE MAY, born January 1, 1857; unmarried in 1878. 


MAEGAEET', born November 11, 1829; married June 9, 1853, Alonzo 
Melvin, son of Enoch and Joanna (Boody) Caswell, born in Northwood, 
jS". pi., April 26, 1832. Have resided in Manchester, IST. H., where their 
children were born; formerly overseer in a Bag Mill, now steam and gas 

fitter; residence in 1879 at No. 107 Merrimack street; was in the 
Caswell. First JST. H. Flying Artillery three years, leaving the camp January, 

1862. Children: 

IMOGENE MELISSA, b. Feb. 2, 1854 ; m. Jan. 18, 1872, Charles Elwyn, son 
Atkins. of Thomas and Sophia (Osgood) Atkins, b. in Bangor, Me., Oct. 2, 1848 ; 

a macliinist ; residence 78 Middle street, Manchester. Children: 
H^vRUY Llkwellwyn, born July 20, 1872. 
Arlettie Gertuude, born July 21, 1877 ; died August 2, 1878. 

IRVIjST EUGENE, born April 30, 1856. 
Caswell. ANNA CELESTIA, born January 12, 1860. 
ALONZO EDWIN, born July 10, 1861. 
FEED MELVIN, born December 13, 1872. 

ALOISTZO', born December 3, 1831; overseer of repairs on the Great 

Falls and Conway Eailroad, and resided in Union Village in Wakefield, !N. 

H., from his marriage June 7, 1857, until his decease February 13, 1864; 

death caused by coming in contact with a bridge in Eochester, "N. H., while 

on a train; his wife Julia Ann, dan. of Seth and Miriam (Woodbury) 

Morgan, born in Bow, N. H., June 11, 1835. Her mother is dan. of 

Pooi-.E. Hezidiah AVoodbury, senior; and it is said that this Hezidiah Wood- 

buiy came from England; if so, he was not near akin to Gov. Levi 

Woodbury. She has married James S. Eliot, a wheelwright, and 

resides (1877) on Mill street, in Concord, IST. H. Alonzo's children : 

CHARLES LOREN, a painter; born August 1, 1858. 

IRVIN ALONZO, born May 31, 1860. 

GILMAN ', born August 15, 1833; married (1) October 4, 1856, Almira, 
daughter of Henry and Abigail (Welch) Whitehouse, born in South Ber- 
wick, Me., May 20, 1838; who died May 26, 1867; married (2) Susan Ann, 
dan. of Josiah and Tabitha (Leavitt) Prescott, born in Warren, IST. H., 
June 6, 1835, died May 4, 1872; married (3), 1878, Mary Ann, dan. of 
Joseph and Mary Ann (Draper) Priest, born in Nottingham, I^. H., ISTov. 
12, 1839. He left home when 21 years of age, and was until 1878 em- 
ployed by the Eastern Eailroad Company, and lately overseer of a section 
of repairs on the Great Falls and Conway branch. He resided at Great 


Falls in Summcrsworth until hv removed to Revere, Mass., Oct. 24, 1HG4, 

where he still (1879) resides, and is a dealer in butter, eggs, etc. Children: 

FRANK OILMAN, born November 6, 1857 ; employed on the Eastern Raih-oad 
in 1879, anil then unmarried. 

SAMMIE, born May 18, 1867 ; died August 11, 1867. 

BENNIE FERRY, born March 31, 1872. 

SALLY', born Sei)tember 21, 1835; who died in Bow, N". H., March 23, 
1860; mariied Dee. 30, 1852, Rufus, son of Ilezidiah and Hannah (Ham- 
mond) AVoodbury, a cousin to her brother Alonzo's wife and a cousin to 
her sister Lucy's husband. His father was son of Hezidiah and Hepzil)ah 
(Colby) Woodbury, of Duul)arton. Since her decease Mr. Woodl)ury has 
married Harriet Quimby of Bow, and in 1879 is a watchman em- 
ployed by the Concoi'd railroad company; I'esides in Hooksett, 
WooDBuuv. and has had by her four children. Those living are Sarah Hattic, 
b. 1865, Bertha Maybell, b. 1870, Charles Rufus, b. 1878. Sally's 
children were two sons, the last one still-born and one living: 

GEORGE DAVIS, born in Bow, N. H., Sept. 28, 1853; m. Oct. 3, 1872, Ida 
Elizabeth, dau. of Bradley and Sarah Elizabeth (Page) Merrill, born in Bow, 
N. H., Mar. 26, 1855; a teamster; has resided in Duiibarton, Hooksett, and 
Manchester, where he is (June, 1877). Children: 

Sauah Estklla, bom in Duiibarton, March 31, 1873. 
GUACE Bisi.LR, born in Iloolisett, March 17, 1875. 
Flokence Maod, born in Manchester, January 21, 1877. 

ANNA^ born September 12, 1837; died February 23, 1842. 

SAMUEL", born June 7, 1839; who died unmarried in Anderson Prison: 
went out in Co. H, New Hampshire 2d Regt. of Volunteers, and while in t' 3 
battle at Bull Run was not wounded, although a man was shot down on 
each side of him, and two bullets passed through his clothes. 

SUSAN" FRANCES ', born October 25, 1841; married July 5, 1863, 

Augustus Frank, son of Benjamin Franklin and Nancy Maria (S])inncy) 

Garvin, born in Londonderry, N. XL, Feb. 24, 1842; residence in 1879 

Garvin, at Rcvcrc, Mass., aud is clerk in a wholesale shoe store in Boston, 

Mass. Children : 

GEORGIETTA, born in Charlostown, Mass., August 26, 1865. 

LUCY ', born October 24, 1843 ; married May 7, 1868, Moses Norris, son 
of Nathaniel and Ilepzibah (Woodbury) Colby, born in Dunbai'ton, N. H., 
April 18, 1845; a piper in Manchester N. H., where their children were 


CoLBv. born ; residence in 1877 at IS^o. 50 Orange street, and in 1879 at I^o. 
93 Middle street. Children: 

NORRIS POOR, born November 17, 1871. 
EDWARD HENRY, bom February 27, 1875. 
A SON, born July 21, 1878. 

LYDIA ANI^^, born February 13, 1846; married December 15, 1867, 
Henry Irwin, son of Enoch Caswell, a brother to her sister Margaret's 
husband born in Manchester. He is employed by the Amoskeag 
Caswell. Corporation; been in Manchester since their marriage; in 1877 re- 
sided at No. 12 Stark street. Children: 
ARTHUR HENRY, born June 7, 1869. 
EDITH BLANCHE, born June 6, 1876. 

FRANK PIERCER born April 29, 1849; married two daughters of 
William and Betsey Ann (Dow) Hardy; married (1) September 7,1870, 
Sarah Betsey, who was born in Hooksett, March 20, 1850, and died October, 
1874; married (2) in 1875, Arvilla A., born in 1854, who died July 5, 1876; 
and married (3) Hattie Estelle daughter of John and Catherine (Chandler) 
Stark, born in Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 24, 1852. He resides in 1879 on the 
homestead with his mother, and has by each wife one child, viz. : 

CORA MAY, bom in Hooksett, July 30, 1872. 

HATTIE BELL, born in Hooksett, November 7, 1875. 

THOMAS FLOYD, born in Hooksett, December 23, 1877. 

JOSEPH", SON OF SAIUEL' (WJ 205), ]OSPH^ SAfflm^ HEffiY^ JOHI'. 

JOSEPH*', born November 9, 1805; married Dec, about 1832, Arria, 
daughter of Nathaniel and Alice (Parker) Mitchell, born in Hamp- 
stead, N. H., January 8, 1804; her parents natives of Bradford (now 
Groveland, Mass.), and they akin by way of their Bailey ancestors. He is 
a farmer; resided on the homestead of his father until 1853, when he re- 
moved to Manchester and resided on Orange and Bridge sti'eets, and since 
about 1871 has resided on his farm in Manchester, about two and a quarter 
miles south of the City Ilall. Children : 

SILENA WINTER ^ born April 8, 1884; married about 1860, to 
Samuel Alexander, son of James and Mary (Alexander) Haskett, born in 
Hooksett, January 26, 1831; settled on the homestead of her father. He 


liASKKTT. was accidentally killed by a circular saw at N^esqually in Washing- 
ton Ton-itory, Oct. 1(3, 1864, and she died Dec. 4, 1872. Child: 

LENNA FRANCES, born in MancliL'stur, Fob. 1859, who is in 1879 with 
her grandparents ; uninariiud. 

JULIETTE S.,' born February 17, 1838; died September 15, 1841. 

JOSEPH AUGUSTUS ^ born June 26, 1840; who resided on llie liome- 
stead of his father and grandfather, in the south-west i)art of llooksett, 
Jintil 1866, and since that time near his falher, in the south part of ]\Ian- 
ehester; a farmer; married Sei)teml)er 1.'5, 1871, Mary Yianna, dan. of his 
cousin Samuel Poor, Jr., of Boston, born July 21, 1844. Childi-en: 

CHARLES MARSHALL, born October 4, 1872. 

JOSEPH LEWIS, born August 18, 1874. 

A SON, born about 1878 ; died same day 

FRANK PIERCE", born April 28, 1848; died July 8, 1848. 


At EORGE^ born in Rowley, January 22, 1761; settled in the northeast 
\TJf part of GofFstown, N. II., at first, about a half mile southwestward 
from the residence of his brother Samuel ; afterward, on the Taggard 
farm, and on one or two other places, all of them in that portion of the 
town which was in 1822 incorporated into Hooksett; and here was where 
about two-thirds of his children were born; then he removed to that part 
of the town called GofFstown Centre, built a house where his other children 
were born; and before his decease built a house on the plains on the south 
side of Piscataquag River about one mile southeast of the centre. Portions 
of the farm is on both sides of said river. It was sold to the county of 
Hillsborough in 1849 by his son Noyes; the county owned it about twenty 
years; and after the buildings had been destroyed by fire it was sold, and 
in 1879 it is owned by Bcnj. B. Burpee. 

He married December 11, 1783, Mary, dau. of Moses and Polly (Stevens) 
Little, born June 5, 1764. She was a sister to Geoi-ge Little, whose dau. 



Sarah married Samuel P. Foster (p. 180), they being akin to the other 
Littles, who have intermarried with difF- y;? j_^ 

erent branches of our family. Lt. Poore "y^^^/^^ ^ric^C^J^ 

died Apr. 20, 1833, and Mrs. Poore after ^ ^ 

living to be over eighty-five years of age, died Sept. 16, 1849. We give 
his signatiire to a letter he wrote to his brother Joseph dated Goffstown, 
May 5, 1804. Children : 

1. Moses, born April 10, 1785 ; married Sarah Little. 

2. Joseph, born February 23, 1787 ; married Betsey "Whitney and Lydia Hobson. 

3. George, born January 10, 1789 ; married Phebe R. Eichards. 

4. Thomas Little, born April 27, 1791 ; married Hannah Sargent. 

5. Stephen, born August 9, 1793 ; died August 24, 1796. 

6. No^-es, born June 21, 1795 ; married Nancy Chamberlain. 

7. Lydia, born August 8, 1797 ; married David L. Morril and Nathaniel Goodhue. - 

8. Polly, born November 12, 1799 ; married David Worthley. 

9. David Morrill t . , ^ „„ ,„„„ ( died November 17, 1803. 

T Tir 11 ^ twins, born January 26, 1803 ; < -it t> i 

10. Jane Wallace J j ' ' ( married Isaac Parker. 

11. Ebenezer Parsons, born September 29, 1805 ; married Bethiah Hackett. 

12. Betsey, born October 5, 1808 ; died unmarried July 12, 1828. 

Nine of these children had posterity: 

10SES^ sou OF SEORGE^ (Pge 221), JOSEPH ^ SAI^EL^ HEmT=, lOEK'. 

MOSES'', born in Goffstown, April 10, 1785; settled in his native town 
on the plain about a half mile from his father until 1836, then sold 
his farm and went and resided at the " Centre ;" was a farmer and a trader 
and was called upon by the town to be selectman, etc., by the church to be 

He m. Sarah, dau. of John and Sarah (Chase) Little, born in Goffstown, 
Mar. 31, 1791, and some akin to him. Some say that'her father was born 
in Ilampstead, and a son of Joseph Little who died in 1811 ; and that her 
mother was a native of Kingstown, IS". H. She deceased Sept. 24, 1841, 
and he also died same year on the 10th of October. Children: 

MARY ANI^T', born August 28, 1811; m. (1) April 24, 1832, Ira, son 
of John Richards; he died Jan. 13, 1835; m. (2) May 29, 1839, Charles, 
son of Wm. and Jane (Cochran) Stinson, b. in Dunbarton, N. H., Apr. 18, 
1800. His grandfather "Wm. Stinson when young came with his parents 


from Londonderry, Ireland, amon<^ tlic first settlers of Dunbarton. By his 
former wife Susan Cochran (who was his cousin and also (•()usii\ to INIary 
Ann's father), he has three children, viz.: Jane, Letitia, and Susan, who liave 
all been mai'i-ied. 

They settled on the old homestead of his grandfather Stinson, where they 
resided mitil they i-emovcd to West Goft'stown, where Mr. Stinson died 
Aug. 8, 1878. Iler children : 

ELIZABETH ANN, born August 4, 1833 ; died unmarried September 14, 185G. 

MARY ANN, born Aug. 1, 1841; m. Sept. 13, 1866, Charles Alfred, son of George 
PiLLSBUKY. Alfred and Margaret (Carleton) Pillsbury, b. in Warner, N. II., Dec. 3, 1842, 
and brought up in Concord, N. II., where his father is in 1877 Mayor of the 
City, his uncle in 1879 is Governor of Minnesota ; graduated at Uartmoutli 
College in 18G3 ; is in 1879 a member of the Minnesota Senate'and Cliairman of 
the finance comTnittco ; residence in ]\Iinneapolis, Min., where he is a manufact- 
urer of Hour in the firm of C. A. Pillsbury & Co., and they grind over 2,000,000 
bushels of wheat per year. Children : 

Gkoiigk Alfkkd, boru October, 1871 ; died January, 1872. 

Maicoaukt Cai:lkton, boru July IS, 1870. 

CuAUi.Ks Stinson ) 

, „ < twins, born Dec. 6, 1878; tbeir weight at birth twenty-one pounds. 

John Sakgknt, 3 ' ' ' " .' r 

HARRIET LITTLER born July 20, 1815; married Abram T. Melvin; 
resided in Goffstown when their child was born. He has been in California 
since about 1850. She and dau. resides in 1879 at 381 Merrimac 
street, Lowell, Mass. Child: 

MARIETTA, born November , 1838; a teacher of Elocution, and the Latin, 
Greek and German Languages in the High School in Lo^vell, and unmarried in 

ALONZO ", who was drowned when aged 14 years. 

SARAH ELIZABETH ^ born March 5, 1828; married Wm. Cochran 

Stinson, a brother to her sister's husband, born in Dunbarton, Apr. 
Stinson. ' ' ' ^ 

17, 1806; reside on the homestead of his grandfather. Children: 

SARAH JANE, born Sept. 25, 1847; m. Sept. 13, 1870, Marcus Morton, son of 
Holmes. Charles and Louisa (Pope) Holmes, b. in Dunbarton,. Apr. 10, 1844 ; reside in 

1879 at No. 49 East 26th street, Chicago, 111. Formerly connected with lumber 
business and now practicing law. Children : 
Mauy, born Ai];,'ust 2, 1871; died Marcli 6, 1874. 
Kate, born in Holmes Co., Miss., Jan. 27, 1874. 
Kaul, born in Cliiciigo, 111., November 28, 1878. 

Stinson. WILLIAM HENRY, born July 21, 1851 ; unmarried in 1879; on the old homo- 
stead in Dunbarton, where he has been Selectman, Treasurer, and Superintendent 
of schools. 


Stinson. HATTIE, bom about 1853 ; died j'oung. 

CHARLES COCHRAN, bom August 9, 1860. 


JOSEPH «, born Febi-uary 23, 1787; married (1) about 1810, Betsey, 
daughter of Elnathan and Lucy (Allen) Whitney, born in Manchester, 
Mass., Aug. 21, 1786, by whom he had his children. She died April 20, 
1843, aged 56; m. (2) widow Lydia Hobson, who died Sept. 22, 1871, 
aged 77 years, 10 months. He settled in Goffstown about one mile 
eastward of the Centre Village, where he died Dec. 18, 1863. Children : 
G-EOEGE \ born about 1812, who died Nov. 24, 1835, m. Phebe Eussell 
of Merrimack who is in 1877 widow of Henry B. Stearns. He had no issue. 

MARY L \ born about 1815, died June 6, 1818. 

HARRIET JAN'S \ born April , 1818; died Nov. 13, 1843; unm. 

JOSEPH JACKSON ^ born March 11, 1820; m. Feb. 24, 1842, Lucy 
"Whitney, dau. of Caleb and Polly (Whitney) Martin and granddaughter 
of Elnathan Whitney, she being his cousin and a cousin to his cousin David 
M's wife; b. in Goifstown June 4, 1820; g farmer on the homestead of his 
father; an invalid. Children: 

GEORGE ALLEN, b. Dec. 21, 1842 ; died ]\Iarch 9, 1851. 

MARY ELIZABETH, bom August 30, 1844 ; unmarried in 1877. 

WILLIAM HENRY, b. Oct. 14, 1846 ; m. Nov. 26, 1868, Lorenda Ladd, dau. of 
Wm. Palmer and Sally Marshall (Ladd) Webster, b. in Manchester, Oct. 8, 1840 ; 
resides in 1877 with his father a farmer. Children : 

Nellie Mauia, born December 8, 1874. 

Frank Henky, born November 11, 1876. 

CLARA FRANCES, b. Sept. 14, 1848 ; m. Dec. 28, 1871, Charles Henry, son of 
Shedd. George Madison and Hannah (Emerson) Sbedd, b. in New Boston June 26, 1850 ; 

residence on the farm of his father near the centre of the town. Children : 
Annie May, born December 6, 1872. 
Nellie Alice, born September 14, 1874. . 
. Albert Edwakd, born August 23, 1876. 
George Arthur, born December 5, 1878. 

PooKE. SON, bom September 23, 1855 ; died September 29, 1855. 

MARIA JOSEPHINE, born March 23, 1858 ; married in 1879 "her 3d cousin 
Alonzo G., son of Erie Poore, page 217. 

BYRON LINCOLN, born April 13, 1860 ; died October 3, 1862. 


MARTHA ANN ', born August 3, 1822, who died uiira. June 23, 1874. 


GEOEGE«, was bom in Goffstown, January 10, 178!); married (1) 
February 20, 1812, Phebe liussell, daug-hter of Elipbalet and Sally 
(Butterfield) Eichards, and granddaughter of Benjamin Kichards Avhose 
Avife was an Eaton. She was born in the AVest YiUage of Goiistown May 
9, 1787, and died March 18, 1864; m. (2) about fouj^ years previous to his 
decease Elizabeth, widow of John L. Sprout who survives him. He settled 
in Goifstown Centre where he was a farmer, also a trader several yeai-s. 
In public business he was major in the militia; selectman, clerk and treasurer 
in the town; also Justice of the Peace and Quorum; and after living more 
than fourscore years deceased May 26, 1870. Children: 

ELVIliA', born December 18, 1812, who died November 14, 1855; m. 
September 15, 1840, John, son of Deacon Samuel Leach, who has been 
married twice since her decease. She resided in Laconia about ten years 
previous to her decease. Her only child : 

JOHN IIUSSELL, b. iu Duiibartorj November, 1841, who died unm. ; was in tlie 
Regular Army of the U. S. previous to the Rebellion ; an orderly Seargent in 
the 5'Jth Regt. of New Yorlc in 18G2 and was liilled in action at Antietam. 

GEORGE RUSSELL', born July 15, 1814; died October 14, 1822. 

ELIPIIALET RICHARDS', born October 2, 1818; m. (1) Rebecca* 
Barron, dan. of Capt. John and Elizabeth F. (Barron) Greer, who died 
Aug. 31, 1853, by whom he had four children; m. (2) Eliza Flora, dau. of 
Deacon Daniel and Asenath (Teel) Upton, born in Wilmot, N. H., July 20, 
1830, by whom he has had three children. He is a trader and has resided 
in his native town, excepting some over three years in Dunbarton where his 
first child was born, and in 1879 is at West Goffstown Village Avhere he 
has been two years. Children: 

VIOLA REBECCA, b. Dec. 21, 1842; m. Nov. 6, 1860, David Rollins, son of 

Benjamin and Sarah (Cram) Leach, b. in Goffstown April 9, 1839 ; resided in 

Wearc where one cliild was born, Goffstown where another one was born, and 

Leach. since April, 1865, has been in Litclifield, and in 1879 a farmer, but formerly a 

travelling trader. Children : 

CiiAiiLKs Willis, born January 18, 1SC2. 

GnoROE Bknjamin, born November 8, 18G3; died November 24, 1878. 

Edith Rkbecca, born August 24, 18U9. 

Edmau Louise, born July 4, 1871. 



Leach. Arthur David, born November 11, 1872. 

Ernest Clinton, born Juno 16, 1874. 
Ethel Viola, born September 22, 1878. 

CYRUS WILLEY, b. Sept. 14, 1846 ; m. Feb. 22, 1870, Juliette Caroline, dau. of 
Wm. P. and Eliza (Wagner) Johnson, b. in Fort Covington, Franklin Co., N. Y., 
PooRB. May 21, 1846. He is a farmer; residence, 1879, Goffstovvu. Children: 

Grace Eliza, born in Manchester April 24, 1872. 
Albert Henry, born in Goffstown O ctober 30, 1877. 

ELVIRA JANE, b. Mar. 5, 1850, who was married to John E. Bnckham of Lon- 
donderry, Warren J. Ayer of Goffstown, by whom she had a child, and Henry 
H. Parker of iitchfield, who died Apr. 21, 1878. She lived only a short time 
witli each. She resides at Manchester in 1879. Child : 
IvALPii Eugene, who died aged a few weelis. 

- A DAUGHTER, b. Oct. 16, 1851 ; died Oct. 19, 1851. 

Fletcher. CARRIE ASENATH, b. Sept. 13, 1859 ; m. Fred Byron Fletcher, but he died 
Nov. 1, 1878. Her child: 

Fred Byron Kisndrick, born April 13, 1878; died January 1(3, 1879. 

PooRE. SAMUEL UPTON, born September 19, 1862 ; died February 14, 1863. 
HERBERT ]?LlPHALET, born April 16, 1868. 

DAVID MORRILL ^ born March 2, 1820, who died March 29, 1850; m. 
April 5, 1842, Mary, dau. of Ehiathan and Lydia (Stiekney) Whitney, born 
in Goffstown April 13, 1820, who after his decease m. in 1860 Samuel Teel, 
an uncle to Mr. Poore's brother Eliphalet R's second wife, and resides in 
Goffstown Centre. He was a farmer in Goffstown. Children : 

DARWIN MILTON, b. March 7, 1843 ; who enlisted in the N. H. Heavy Artillery, 
Co. B., commanded by Capt. Geo. T. Thyng, Aug. 17, 1863, and remained until 
Sept. 11, 1865, when discharged at the close of the war; m. Feb. 15, 1866, 
Carrie Frances, dau. of Nathaniel and Frances (Jones) Hadley, born in Goffstown 
July 14, 1842. Residence No. 85 Blodget street, Manchester, N. H., and in 
the grocery business in company with Rowell 1139 Elm street, in 1879. Children : 
Fr.ED Harvhy, born April 18, 18G7. 
" Gertrude May, born August 20, 18G9. 

BiiRTHA Frances, born October 16, 1875. 

CHARLES BYRON, b. Feb. 19, 1845 ; m. Mary Jane, dau. of Richard and Mary 
Gatley, b. in England. He was a grocer in Manchester ; died in Goffstown 
Centre, Feb. 28, 1875, and she removed to Portland, Me., and died Aug. 12, 
1877. Children : 

Frank Morrill, born September 28, 1870; died January 1, 1877. 

CiiARLUs Oscar, born in Goflstown March 31, 1873. 

FRANK HARVEY, born May 4, 1847 ; died January 16, 1866. 

DAVID MORRILL, b. July 8, 1849 ; m. Dec. 27, 1870, Viola Bethia, dau. of 
Clifford S. and Bethia (Cross) Worthen, b. in Palermo, Me., July 8, 1849 ; a 


PooKK. tnulcr; resitled in Manclicstor until M:iy, 1877, and removed to GofTstown, 

and is employed in llie pni^M- mill at the Centre Village in 1879. Child : 
Walteu EitNKST, boni May 15, 1873. 

ALFRED', born May 21, 1822; married (1) Belinda Bond, danghtcr of 
John and Lydia (Bond) Swcetser, born in Saiigns, Mass., Jnly 0, 1820, who 
died Dec. 29, 1874; married (2) Octol)er o, 187G, Mary Lane, Avidow of 
"\Vm. E. Green, a chin, of John and Mary (Morgan) Cnrrier, born in IIop- 
kinton, K. II., June IG, 1833, and who had two children by Mr. Green but 
both died young. His residence has always been Goflstown; fonnerly a 
trader, but now gives his attention to farming. His })laees of trust have 
been the higher town offices, member of ,the New Hampshire Constitutional 
Convention in 1876, Col. in the militia, etc. Children: 

GEORGE BRADFORD, b. June 30, 1844; in. (1) Jan. 6, 18G7, Bertha Duley, 
adopted daughter of her uncle Joseph and his wife Lucy Davis and dan. of 
Ebenezer and Judith (Langsford) Duley, born in Gloucester, Mass., Jan. 2G, 181G, 
who died May 19, 1872; ra. (2) April 25, 1874, Josie Antoinette, dan. of 
Benjamin and Sar.ali N. (Davis) Greer and a niece of his uncle Eliphalet's wife, 
b. in Goff'stown April 22, 1852. He is a trader at the old stand of his father 
and grandfather at Goffstown Centre where he resides in 1879, and is j)ost-master. 
Children : 

Mal'D Geutrude, boni in Goflstown October 17, 18G7. 

Eva BEUxnA, born ui Lynn, M;is.s., October 24, 18G9; died September 12, 1872. 

ALVAII CURTIS, born April 9, 184(5 ; died unmarried, August 14, 1871. 

EDGAR WALLACE, b. Jnly 27, 1848 ; m. Oct. 6, 1870, Victoria Ellen Greer, a 
sister of his brother Geo. B's second v.ife, b. in Goffstown Centre, Mny 19, 1850. 
He is a dealer in meat and provisions ; resided at Hastings, Dakota Co., Min- 
nesota, from April, 1876, until August 8, 1877, when they removed to Minneap- 
olis, Hennepin Co., Minn., and in 1879 is in .Sauk Centre, Steai-ns Co., Minn. 
Children : 

Clarence, boni September 27, 1872, and died same day. 

Wallace Edgar, born in Sauk Centre July 28, 1879. 

ALFRED WILLIS, b. Sept. 11, 1852; m. May 9, 187G, Mary Lizzie, dau. of 
Isaac Bates and Mary Burgess (Bates) Tozer, born in West Waterville, Me., 
Dec. 25, 1853. He has been in Hastings, Minn., since Apr. 30, 1873. A fanner 
and trader. No children in 1878. 

DANIEL LITTLE, born October 28, 1854; died unmarried. May 11, 1875. 

LYDIA EMMA, b. May 31, 1857; m. Oct. 21, 1875, Rev. Wm. Stevens, son of 
John and Mary (Toms) Tucker, b. in Plymouth, England, Aug. G, 1844 ; com- 
menced his education in London ; came to America in 1870 ; finished his educa- 
tion iit Newton Theological Seminary in Mass., was a minister for the Baptist 
Church in Hopkinton, N. II., four years ; left that denomination June 1, 1879. 
Entered tiie Protestant Episcopal Church and immediately located at Wolfboro', 
Tucker. N. II. Children: 

228 jornsr pookb and his family. 

Tucker Alfred Hovey, born in Hopkiuton January 26, 1877. 

Mauy Emma, boru in Hopklutou November 29, 1878. 

PooKE. BELINDA MAY, bom December 29, 1861. 

BEADFORD^ born July 6, 1826; died February 12, 1844. 

PHEBE JAN'E^ born September 15, 1831; married (1) June 18, 1854, 
Horace, son of Poster and Eachel (Andrews) Jones, born in Hillsboro', IST. 
H., Sept. 23, 1830; a teacher of penmanship in his younger days and a 
farmer, who died May 2, 1864. She m. (2) July 15, 1871, William Davis, 
son of Peter and Susan (Jones) Hojokins, b. in 'New Boston, Nov. 9, 1833; 
a farmer and owner of a saw-mill, resides in Goffstown where all her children 
were boru, viz. : 
Jones. JENNY EOSENA FRANCES, born July 1, 1857; died unmarried Aug. 3, 1876. 

GEORGE FRANK, born October 2, 1860. 

HORACE ALFRED, born May 29, 1864. 
Hopkins. MARY BELINDA, born November 15, 1874. 

LORA EVELINE, born July 23, 1876. 


THOISIAS LITTLE «, born April 27, 1791; married February 17, 1816, 
Hannah Page, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Richards) Sargent, 
born in GofFstown, May 17, 1797; has been a farmer; resided in their native 
place until six children were born, in Thornton where their other four 
children Avere born, and since in Bethlehem, in Dunbarton about a mile north 
of Goffstown Centre Village and a mile south of Page's corner. She died 
in Thornton July 26, 1868, and he is in 1879 with his sou Benjamin Henry 
in Bath, IST. H. Children : 

SARAH SOPHIA ^ born February 2, 1817; married September 1, 1840, 
Reuben, an adopted child of his grandfather Page Philbrook and son of 
Nathan and Sarah (Sanborn) Philbrook, born in Sanbornton, N. H., 
Sept. 14, 1814; a blacksmith; resided in Thornton, N. H., when their first 

and second children were born, in Bethlehem when their third 
PniLBKooK. child was born, and removed to Tilton where she died Nov. 15, 

1877. Children: 

LIZBETH SARAH, b. July 1, 1841 ; m. Nov. 25, 1863, Alonzo, son of John S. and 

Clark. Sarah Isabella (Sargent) Clark, b. in Topsham, Vt., April 10, 1837. He was a 

trader ; resided in Manchester, N. H., where their child was born ; removed to 


Clakk. Cambridgcport, Mass., vvliere ho diod Rlar. 15, 1873, and shu is in 1879 in Tilton, 

N. H. Child : • 

Hakom) I'nii.iiiiooK, born in Muiiclu'slci', Jumiary 3, 1870. 

ruii.iiiiook-. DANIEL MORRISON, b. Nov. 11, 1843; was a member of Co. II, 15th Rcgt. 
of N. II. Vols. ; ni. Nov. 27, 1871, Sarah Taylor, dan. of Samuel D. and Lydia 
(Taylor) Morrison, 1). in Franklin, N. II., Feb. 13, 1848. He is iu 1879 a 
farmer in Franklin. CliiUlron : 

Eva Anna, bom April 14, 1872; tlU^d October 2G, 1872. 

Flohisnce LiznETii, born in Franklin, January 30, 1877. 

Mabkl Tayi.oi!, born in Franklin, October 15, 1878. 

MARY ANNAH, born January 13, 1852; m. May 28, 1879, William Frank, son 
Floyd. of Henry and Mary Floyd, born in Salem, N. H., Sept. 28, 1852 ; a mechanic, 

residence in 1879 in Palmer, Mass. 

DANIEL 'WENTAVOETII ', born August 4, 1818; married about 181.5 
in Boston to Sarah, dau. of Thomas and Priscilla (Cousins) Fletcher, born 
in Kcnncbunkport, Me., March 4, 1822; was a shoemaker by trade; resided 
in Boston, Mass., and other pUices in the vicinitj^, and in June, 18(36, at the 
time many famiUes were burnt out of home he lost everything he had and 
came near losing his life. He died about 1870 after suffering with a disease 
in his left lower extremity for over fourteen years. His widow in 1879 re- 
sides at No. 5 Hamilton Court in Charlestown. Children: 
CHARLES, born in 1847 ; died iu 1849. 

HARRIET ELIZABETH, b. in East Boston, Aug. 9, 1849 ; m. Geo. Hazen, son 
Caui.eton. of Hazeii K. and Mary (Blunt) Carleton, b. in Andover about 1848. Her 
residence in 1879 is at No. 5 Hamilton Court, Charlestown. Children : 
, Frank Heni-.y, Ijorn in Andover Augnst 20, 1868. 
Geouge Wasuington, born in Charlestown November 20, 1872. 

GEORGE STEPHEN, born in Somervillo June 2, 1851 ; clerk No. 540 Main street 
PooRB. Charlestown, and unmarried in 1.S79. 

FRANK PIERCE, born in 1854 ; died in 1866. 

MAEY LITTLER born February 14, 1820; married September 31, 1845, 
Stevens Merrill, son of Leonard and Nancy H. (Ilolmans) George, born 
in Plymoutli, N. H., February 12, 1823, who Avas a salesman. He died 
October, 15, 1860, and his widow has resided at No. 127 Pearl street, and 
in 1879 is at No. 297 Manchester street, Manchester, N. H. Children: 

ROSIE POORE, born in Charleston, July 22, 1847 ; m. Nov. 18, 18G9, Zechariah 
Stuakt. Butterfield, son of Nathan M. and Julia D. (Dolliver) Stuart, b. in East Vassal- 

boro', Me., Oct. 29, 1836. He was iu Cincinnati, O., when the Southern Re- 
bellion broke out ; but came to Lowell, ]\Iass., and enlisted in the 7th Mass. 
Light Artillery, May 1861, and was in the field three years ; returned home and 
enlisted in the ISth N. II., and served during the war. He is a mason by 
trade, and in 1879 resides iu Manchester, at No. 23 Russell street Children: 


Stuakt. Alice May, born in Manchester, December 7, 1870. 

Saka Loui^i, born in Manchester, September 20, 1876. 

Geoiige. MARY ANNA, b. in Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 25, 1849 ; cashier in a fhy goods 
store in 1879, and then unmaiTied. 

HANNAH ISABELLA, born in GoflFslown, Mar. 5, 1859 ; died Feb. 2, 1861. 

BEN'JAMII^ HEXRY^ born March 28, 1822; married (1) March 13, 
1818, Mary Helen, daughter of Anthony and Ruth (Aldrich) Colcord, born 
m Thornton, February 1, 1821, by whom he had two children. She died 
June 16, 1851; m. (2) Sept. 6, 1851, Jane Andreas, widow of James Bean 
and dau. of Francis and Anna (Jasseman) Aldrich, b. in Lisbon, N. H., 
Mar. 22, 1821. She had by Mr. Beau, a son Jerome who was in Co. D, 
13th ]^. H. Regt., and a daughter who died young — she not near akin to his 
first wife. He is a farmer; resided in Bethlehem, ]^. H., until Feb., 1870, 
in Haverhill, E". H., until March, 1872, and since in Bath, IST. H., and is at 
the village in 1879. Children: 

EDWARD COLCORD, b. June 20, 1850; a farmer; m. Feb. 10, 1875, Emily 
Poonn. Minot, dau. of Jonathan and Betsej' (Chamberlin) "Weeks, born in Bath, Feb. 

10, 1853 ; reside about one and a half miles north of the village. Child : 
Phineas Chamberlin, born in Bath, Dec. 14, 1877. 

MARY HELEN, b. May 16, 1854 ; m. Feb. 13, 1873, Horace Topliff, son of 
Weeks. Dudley Child and Lucy (Topliff) Weeks, a cousin to Edward C's wife ; b. in Bath, 

N. H., Nov. 17, 1832; a farmer in Bath three miles north of the village. 
Children : 

Nora ToPLifP, born December 15, 1875. 
Horace, born June 3, 1877. 
Maud, born February 13, 1879. 

ABBIE ANNA, b. Aug. 5, 1855 ; m. Apr. 2, 1879, Harvey Adrian, son of John 
Sargent. and Mary (Tucker) Sargent, born in Haverhill, N. H., Apr. 28, 1851 ; is a 

farmer and in 1879 in Bath, N. H. 
PooRE. HENRY HAMPTON, born April 23, 1865. 

THOMAS WALL ACE ^ born June 6, 1821; married November 17, 
1814, Susan Jane, widow of Silas Patee (by whom she had a daughter 
Susan Jane) daughter of Il^athaniel and Mary (Allen) Rollins, born in 
Deerfleld, ]^. H., June 1, 1812; resided in Thornton, N. H., when their first 
child was born, in Kaneville, Kane Co., 111., when their second child was 
born, at Batavia, same county, when their last child was born, and re- 
moved to Geneva, Kane Co., Feb., 1853, where he is a wholesale hardware 
dealer and resides in the house he built in 1853 on the corner of Peyton 
and Third streets. He served his country three years and eight months in 
Co. D, 52 Regt. of 111. Children: 


TooiiK. JIARY ALMA, born September 21, 1845; died in Camptoii, 111., Nov. 10, 1847. 

GEORGE FRANKLIN, b. Jan. 3, 1849; m. Aug. 10, 1874, ul iMunkfort. 
Marshall Co., Kansas (where his family now (1879) reside) Emma Lsabella, dan. 
of Francis B. and Isabelle (Fineli) Taylor, born in Mechanicsburg, CIianii)ai<2;n 
Co., Ohio, Ma\' 6, ISjiG. He is a clerk in a hardware store. They resided in 
Beattie, same county, Kansas, in 1876. Child : 
GucniGE IInKBicur, born April 20, 1870. 

MARY HANNAH, b. Aug. 17, 1852; m. Aug. 19, 1869, Edgar George Graves, 
GuAVES. from Montpelier, Vt., who died at Geneva, 111., Oct. 8, 1870, and she was a 

widow with her parents in 1877. Child : 

Susan Alma, boru July 10, 1870; died October 24, 1870. 

IIxlN^AIT TIICIIARDS ", born March 10, 1826; married (1) David, son 
of John Bojnton, who died January, 184:0; mari'ied (2) Feljruary G, 1811), 
to Timon Marshall, son of Jei'cmiah and Clarissa (Marshall) Morse, born 

in N'ewbury, N. II., Oct. 26, 1821; resided in Manchester, N. H., when 
Morse, their children were born, and since Oct. 12, 1874, in Francestown, 

N. H. He is a mechanic and farmer. Children: 

WILL CLARENCE, b. May 5, 1851 ; m. Sept. 17, 1874, Hannah Matihla, dan. 
of Jeremiah and Elvira (Dean) Russell, born in Danbury, N. II., Nov. 10, 1853. 
He is book-keeper in the clothing house of Plumer, Chandler & Co., Manchester, 
N. IL, and resides in that city at 342 Park street. Children : 

Caurie Louise, born Felirnary 23, 1877. 

Pi-U.MER EuviNG, born December 4, 1878. 

CARRIE JOSEPHINE, born March 21, 1857; died October 1, 1863. 

STEPHEN FKANKLIN", born April 27, 1828; died July 31, 1829. 

LYDIA ROSIN A", born October 7, 1830; died 1846. 

CAR0LI:N'E KIMBALL ', born September 7, 1833 ; married December, 
1859, Gardner, son of Amos and Tryphena (Banistei-) Parmenter, born in 
Antrim, N. H., 1814. He had before been mai-ried twice and has one son 
living-. Pie has resided in Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co., 111., since 1852; a 
fanner; and in the furniture business since 1867. She has no issue. 

ENOCH WILSON', born May 22, 1840; served his country for the full 
term of three years in Co. H, 14th Eegt. N. H. Vols.; married Apr. 28, 
1861, Carrie, daughter of Eliphalet and Sarah F. (Mclntire) Page, born in 
Canaan, N. II., Sept. 8, 1838. They went from Chicago, 111., to Kansas, in 
1872, and in 1879 are in Myrtle, Phillips Co., Ks. He is a fai-iner (nvniiig 
two claims or 320 acres with 125 acres of it under the jjlough, and post- 
master. Children: 


PooEE. IDA FIELD, born in Dunbarton, N. H., August 3, 1862. 

FRANK WILSON, born in Newbury, N. H., October 25, 1867. 
FEED COREY, born in Charlestown, Mass., March 5, 1869. 
ARTHUR, born in New Yorls City, April 10, 1873 ; died in infancy. 
FAITH HIBBARD, born in Myrtle, Ks., October 8, 1878. 


NOTES", born in Goffstown, ]^. H., Jane 21, 1795; was a man of ster- 
ling character, one of the leading business men in that section of 
the state, a farmer, and in the lumber business for nearly forty years; at 
first settled about one mile south-easterly from GoflFstown Centre, and before 
his decease had purchased several farms adjoining, including the last home- 
stead of his father, and sold IS'ov. 7, 1849, about three hundred acres of his 
land (including all of the homestead of his father) to the county of Hills- 
borough. April 1, 1850, he removed from the farm in GoffstoAvn to Piscat- 
aquag Village in Bedford, where he had purchased a lot and built a house, 
which he occupied until his death, July 6, 1855. 

The pubhc offices he held were iu the miUtia, captain; town, selectman, 
etc.; county, Justice of the Peace; state, a member of 'New Hampshire 
Legislature seven years, viz. : Representative from GoiFstown, 1834, 1835, 
1842, 1843; from Bedford in 1853, and senator 1847, 1848. And at the 
time he represented Bedford in the Ijcgislature, a portion of the towns of 
Bedford and Gojffstown was annexed ^ J y-^ ^—L 

to the city of Manchester, and conse- C^^^^ra^^^^-t^e^ Z^/f^-^t:^''''^ — 
quently he became a citizen of Man- i^ 

Chester, until his decease. We give his signature to a letter to his son, 
August 13, 1853. 

Pie married April 3, 1817, ]S"ancy, daughter of Joseph and Hannah 
(Kennedy) Chamberlain, born in Cavendish, Yt., Sept. 1, 1799, who after 
his decease resided iu Manchester until May, 1860, then with her daughter 
in Newport, IST. H., until her death May 2, 1862. Children: 

Hx4LREIS0]Sr', born June 1, 1818; died October 18, 1825. 

NANCY FRANCES', born July 22, 1819; married (1) June 12, 1838, 
John Little of Newport, N. H. He died March 7, 1841 ; married (2) May 
5, 1842, "William Butler, son of Caleb and Hannah (Butler) Johnson, b. in 
Pelham, N. XL, Dec. 4, 1818; business at first overseer in the fiictory, then 


a mannfaetnrer. Now a trader and capitalist. They resided in Manchester 
nntil Fel)ruary, 1817, then in Noi-tlifield, N. II., nntil April 1, 1850, 
then in INIanchcstcr nntil March, 1851), then in Xcwport, X. II., nntil 
Johnson. Jnnc, 1801, then retnrned to Manchester, and now in 1879 resides 
in house No. 12G Lowell street, that city, which he pnrchased in 
1871. Children: 
WILLIAM NOYES, b. in Manchester Feb. 20, 184^; m. Apr. 24, 187.3, .Julia 
Maria, dau. of Thomas Pratt and Asenatli lliddle (Mcriierson) rierce, b. in 
Manchester Oct. 28, 1844 ; resided in Manchester, N. IL, nearly three years 
after marriage, representing that cit}' in tli6 Slate Legislature in 1874. lie re- 
moved to Nashua in March, 187G, and is one of the proprietors of the Nasiuia 
Card & Glazed Paper Comiiany ; residence house No. 18 Orange Sq., Nashua. 
Child : 

Waky Pikuce, born in Nashua, N. II., April 18, 1878. 

NANCY POOIIE, b. Nov. 11, 1846 ; died July 22, 1849. 

FRANKLIN POORE, b. in Northfield, N. II., Feb. 17, 1849; graduated from 
Dartmouth College in 1870. Is in the dry goods business in M.anchestcr, 
N. II., in 1879 at No. 45 Hanover street, and resides in his house No. 
142 Myrtle street; m. Oct. 5, 1871, I'^vel^n, dau. of Charles and Eliza .Jane 
(Barr) Clieney, b. in Manchester, Mar. 30, 1854, who died June 22, 1878. 
Children : 

Bertua Evelyn, born in Mancliester, January 28, 1873., boi'u September 21, 1871; died April 21, 1875. 

GEORGE PERRY% b. in Manchester, Nov. G, 1851, who graduated .at Cornell 
University, New Y'ork, in 1873 ; and since his return from a tour in Europe has 
been with his uncle Franklin N. Poore ; ni. June 5, 1879, Maria Adclaid Goodnow, 
dau. of Jona. R. and I^jineline (Stearns) Ellis, b. in Keene, N. H., Mar. 12, 1855 ; 
residence in 1879 at No. 30 Harris street in Cambridge, Mass. 

JOHN MILTON, b. in Manchester Sept. 21, 1854, who was in D.artmouth College 
two years, but his taste for business was so great that he left school and was 
associated with his father until 1877, and is in 1879 station agent of the Fitch- 
burg Railroad Co. at Watcrtown, Mass. Married Oct. 5, 1874, Nellie Mary, 
dau. of William M. and Lucinda E. (Emery) Plummer, born in Lewiston, Me., 
Nov. 19, 1853. Children: 

Milton PLrAnrEit, born in Mancliester, N. II., January 19, 1S7G. 
HKUisEur WiLLLVM. boru in Watertowu, Mass., February 9, 1879. 

MARY NOYES, boru July 23, 1857 ; died August 13, 1858. 

FRANKLIJ^ NOTES', born in Goffstown, N. H., January 23, 1821; 
was with his fixther in fiirming' and in the lumber business until October, 
1818; then Treasurer of the Manchester and North Wcare Railroad 
Company until March 20, 1852, then Clerk and Auditor of several Railroad 
Corporations in Massachnsetts; has been Treasurer of the Vermont and 



Massachusetts Railroad Company since March 24, 18G4, and a director for 
several years. Trustee of several estates, etc. The public offices held were 
Clerk of the town of Goffstown, a Justice of the Peace for the County of 
Suffolk, and Alderman of the City of Somerville. 

He married (1) June 13, 1858, Susan Maria, dan. of Jonas B. and 
Asenath (Ladd) Bowman, b. in Piscataquag Village, Bedford (now 7th 
ward of Manchester), Api-il 17, 1824, who died Oct. 21, 1866; m. (2) Aug. 
26, 1869, Ellen Elizabeth, dan. of Charles Wm. and Mary (Pope) Goodwin, 
born in Kennebunk Port, Me., Dec. 31, 1832. He i-esided in Goffs- 
towji until April 1, 1850, then in Manchester, N. H., and came to 
PoouE. reside in Boston, Mass., Mar. 22, 1852, and removed to Somerville, 
Sept. 10, 1871, and resides at l^o. 30 Chester street, where he purchased 
July 12, 1871; with office at 17 State sti-eet, Boston. Children: 
NANCIE MAMA, bora in Boston, October 4, 1S66. 
MARY NOTES, bom in Boston, July 12, 1870. 


LYDIA^ born August 8, 1797; married (1) August 3, 1824, at Pem- 
broke, K. H., David Lawrence Moi-ril, A. M., M. D., L.L. D., and it 
was the first year he was elected Governor of the State of 'New Hampshire. 
He was born in Epping, IST. H., June 10, 1772, and married for his first wife 
Jane Wallace, who deceased without issue the 14th of December, 1823, 
aged 53 years. 

Gov. Morrifs father Rev. Samuel Morrill was born in "Wilmington, Mass., 
Apr. 21, 1744; graduated at Harvard College in 1766; settled in Epping, 
N. H., and died Sept. 21, 1785, and his mother Ann was dau. of David 
Lawrence, Esq., a wealthy farmer in Epping, IS". H., who died in 1790, and 
she married for another husband Timothy Johnson, M. D., in 1788. His 
grandfather Rev. Isaac Morrill, born May 20, 1718, was pastor of the church 
in Wilmington, Mass., fifty-three years, had a large family of children and 
died Aug. 17, 1793. In 1785, the year his father died, he Avent to Wil- 
mington to pursue the languages with his grandfather Morrill till 1787, 
then returned to Epping and lived with his grandfather Lawi'ence till 1790, 
when he entered Phillips Exeter Academy and remained about one year; 
studied medicine with his step-father Johnson, practiced that profession 
awhile with his uncle Isaac Mori-ill of IS'atick, Mass., and removed to Epsom, 
N. H., in 1793; the next year removed to Epping and took care of his 


grandmother Lawrence, but returned to Epsom and tlie practice of his pro- 
fession in 17!)G. lie the samt; time was interested in the study of Divinity 
and was with Rev. Jesse Kemingion of Candia; was licensed to preaeli in 
1801, and tlie next year was oi'dained and settled over the Presbyterian 
Congregational Churcli in Goffstown, where he remained until 1811, ■when 
at his recjuest on account of ill health he was dismissed from the pastorate. 
And during the time he was in the gospel ministiy he was in the New 
Hampshire Legislature commencing to represent Goflt'stown in 1808, and was 
speaker of the house in 1816, the same year he was elected Senator in the 
Congress of the United States; after serving his term of six years i-eturned 
home, and the following* year was in the Xew Hampshire Senate where he 
was President of that body in 1823. Afterwards he was Governor of the 
State three years. He was a member and officer of several medical societies 
also during his useful life connected with vai-ious religious organizations. 
They resided in Goffstown until their first three children were boi-n, 
and from 1831 in Concord where he died Jan. 28, 1819. She m. (2) 
Aug. 29, 1853, ISTathaniel Goodhue, a trader in Salem and Chelsea, 
MoRRiL. Mass., who had by a former wife sevei-al children. Mr. Goodhue 
died May 23, 1877, aged 85 years, and Oct. 1, 1877, she left Chelsea 
and went to reside with her son Wm. Henry in Marlboro', Pitt 
County, Jf. C, where she resides in 1879. Her children: 
DAVID LAWRENCE', born June 25, 1825; died June 10, 1826. 

DAVID LAWRENCE ^ born June 2, 1827; graduated at Dartmouth 

College in 1847; read Law with Judge Ii-a Perley and practiced his jirofes- 

sion in Winchendon, West Brookfield and Worcester, Mass. In time of the 

Rebellion was Assistant U. S. Marshall. In 1866 settled in Burlington, Iowa, 

been a Civil Engineer for railroads in Iowa, Kansas, etc. He married 

September 17, 1851, at Concord, Margarette Jane, dan. of Paul and Lydia 

(Cogswell) Wentworth, born in Sandwich, N. H., May 19, 1825, who died 

at Leavenworth, Kansas, Feb. 1, 1877, where he has resided since 1873. 

Their first child was born in Concord, N. H., second and third in AVest 

Brookfield, Mass., and their fourth child born in Worcester, Mass. Children : 

LYDIA COGSWELL WENTWORTH, born September 9, 1852 ; m. May 13, 1872, 

at Reil Oak, Iowa, where they are in 1879 residing, to Tliomas Hamilton, son of 

Lee. Hon. Thomas and Nancy (Wilson) Lee, born in Cadiz, O., July 28, 1843. His 

father was b. at Washington, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 30, 179G; d. at Cadiz, 

O., Nov. 1, 1854, and his mother b. at Stenl)enville, O., Oct. .5, 1798 ; resides in 

1879 at Monmouth, 111. He served his country in time of the Rebellion three 

years, in Co. E., 144th N. Y. Vols. He is a trader in Red Oak, Iowa. Child : 

M.vuGAitETTE Wentwouth, boru at Red Oak December II, 1877; died Feb. 28, 1878. 


MoRRiL. ANNA LAWRENCE, bora December 15, 1855 ; died Jaly 30, 1856. 

DAVID LAWRENCE, bom March 15, 1868 ; engaged in Mercantile pursuits in 

1878 at Dallas, Texas ; but in 1879, is in Leavenworth again, and unmarried. 
PAUL WENTWORTH, born July 3, 1865 ; died September 23, 1865. 

SAMUEL', bom August 26, 1829; graduated M. D. at Harvard Uni- 
versity in 1852; practiced his profession in East JSTorthwood, I^. H., awhile, 
and removed in 1853 to Marlboro', Pitt County, IS". C, where all his children 
were born; married at ]!!^orthwood, IST. H., Mar. 25, 1856, Sai-ah Elizabeth, 
dan. of Joel B. and Olive (Jenness) Virgin, born in the east part of 
N^orthwood January 24, 1835. Children : 

LAWRENCE VIRGIN, born August 18, 1858 ; is in 1878 a student of Law. 

VENETIA POORE, born May 18, 1860. 

WILLIAM FREDERIC, born July 12, 1862. 

JENNESS, born April 2, 1865. 

OLIVE LYDIA, born June 28, 1868 ; died June 20, 1871. 

ANNA LAWRENCE, born December 3, 1870. 

DAVID SAMUEL, born February 22, 1873. 

LLOYD GORDON, born July 6, 1877 ; died Nov. 8, 1879. 

WILLIAM HEISTRT ^ born January 27, 1832, who was with Tripp and 
later with Tower in the business of printing in Concord, l!f. H., from 181:7 
to 1853, and edited the Crusader; was in Boston and vicinity from 1853 to 
July, 1857, and was connected with George J. Styles & Co., an electrotyping 
firm; was in ISTew York awhile; went to I^orth Carolina, where he studied 
medicine with his brother Samuel M., and graduated M. D. at Harvard 
University in 1860 ; continued to practice his profession until he was com- 
missioned Captain in the 27th Eegt. of the IS". C. Lifantry in Apr., 1861, 
and appointed in 1862 to the Gen. Staff as Captain and A. C. S., in which 
position he served during the war mostly on the staff of Brig. Gen. J. R. 
Cooke. Purchased a farm near Marlboro', Pitt Co., N. C, in 1866, and" culti- 
vated it till 1871. Then he engaged in company with others in general 
merchandising and cotton shipping at said Marlboro' until his health failed, 
when he retired to his farm in 1876. He was appointed Justice of the 
Peace for the County of Pitt in 1878. 

He married in Concord, JS". H., Oct. 22, 1851, Emma Osgood, dan. of 
David D. and Elizabeth B. (Stevens) Piske, born in Concord, April 13, 
1831. She was a granddaughter of Wm. Fiske of Concord, N'. H., and her 
mother's mother was an Osgood of Amesbury, Mass. But she died in 


Boston, So])t. 5, 1855, and he remains without a wife. His first child was 
born in Concord, N. II., and lasst one born in East Lexington, Mass. 
Chikh'cn : 

EDA BRADLEY, born March 15, 1853 ; died July 20, 1853. 

EMMA ELIZABETH, b. Sept. 1, 1854 ; ra. at Marlboro', N. C, June 5, 1876, 
Easton. William Bernard, son of John S.' and Mary E. (Moyc) Easton, born in Green- 

ville, Pitt County, N. C, June 4, 1855. He is a clerk, and they in 1879 reside 
in Marlboro'. Child : 

Eda Bkadley, born Sept. IG, 1878; died Oct. 26, 1879. 


POLLY «, born :N"overabcr 12, 1799; married Apr. 24, 1821, Col. David, 
son of Timothy and Lydia (Eaton) Woilhlcy, b. Aprd 27, 1798; settled 
on the homestead in the southeast corner of Goflstown, where he was born, 
which is near Bedford and Manchester, where he died May 25, 1875, and 
she resides there in 1879. Ilis grandfather Jonathan "VVorthley 
ran away from home in England and came to America when about 
WoKTHLEY. 11 years of age, and died in Weare, N. H., about 1800, aged 101 
years. Col. Worthley's mother married for her first husband 
l^athaniel Davidson, by whom she had five children. Children: 

MARY ELIZABETH ^ born November 14, 1824; married January 19, 
1847, Joseph, son of John and Sally (Moore) Dnnlap, l)orn in Goflstowii, 
Jan. 29, 1815; resided in Goflstown until 1857, and in 1879 in Manchestei-, 

N. H., where he owns corner of Harrison and Chestnut streets. He 
DuNLAP. is in the lumber business and owns in sawmills at Candia, Goflstown, 

and Auburn, N. H. Children: 

FRANK, born June 26, 1851 ; died July 18, 1851. 

MARY JOSEPHINE, born June 9, 1856 ; died October 9, 1857. 

JOHN ALVIN, born in Manchester, October 15, 1858. 

LYDIA JANE^ born November 10, 1827; died December 5, 1827. 

GEORGE POORER, born August 16, 1829; died December 24, 1834. 

GEORGE FRANCIS \ born January 10, 1836; married Lucy Hutchinson 
of Carlisle, who died July 18, 1861, and married Sarah Frances, a sister 
to his first wife. May 27, 1862, but has no children. He resides Avith his 
mother on the homestead. 



EMILY A^N^ born February 7, 1838; married :N"ovember 12, 1861, 
"William Clinton, son of N'athaniel D. and Leafy (Worthley) Richardson, 
and grandson of Amos Richardson, who came from Methnen or vicinity to 
Goffstown; born in Goffstown October 17, 1830. They are blood akin. 
He is in tlie express business. Resided in Gofistown 1861-3, and 
KiciiAKDsoN. since that time in Manchester. His house and where he has re- 
sided since 1866, is l^o. 181 Merrimack street. Only one child: 
ANNA MAY, boru in INIancbester, June 5, 1865. 

DAYID ALYIN^born April 1, 1842; enlisted in Co. A., 10th X H. 
Regt. as a private, was promoted to First Lieutenant and afterwards to 
Adjutant of his regt., and returned home in June after the close of the war; 
married June, 1867, Emma L., daughter of Geo. H. Dorr. Her mother 
was a Worthley, and akin to him. His death Nov. 10, 1869, caused by a 
fall on the 12th of June previous, and his widow is in 1878 at Manchester. 
IS^o issue. 


JAN"E WALLACE 8, a twin to David M.; born January 26, 1803; mar- 
ried April 1821, Isaac, son of Wm. and Kaljby (Parker) Parker, of 
Bedford, N. H., born June 23, 1794, in the old hotel in Squog at the coi-ner 
of Landing Road and Mast Road; his parents cousins before marriage. 

He was a farmer, and resided in that part of Goffstown which Avas formerly 

a part of ]S^ew Boston, wlien their children were born; retired to Manchester 

in 1853, where they resided until death — he Mar. 13, 1855, and she Aug. 

16, 1869 — both interred in the old burying place of the Parker's in 

Paiuchr. Scfuog, which locality was formerly a part of Bedford, but now 

belonging to the city of Manchester, IN^. H. Children: 

EDWARD", born May 20, 1823, who in the early days of gold discovery 
on the Pacific Cjast went thence over laud to California, but soon retiu'ued 
east and settled in the northern part of Illinois at Manchester, ki the north- 
west part of Boone Co., (so named by a man from England), and his 
place of residence where all his claildren were born is about four miles south- 
west from Hunter, Boone Co., and about ninety miles northwesterly from 
Chicago. When he left home in Goffstown, IST. H., May 4, 1846, he went 
on railroad by way of Boston to Albany, thence on the Erie Canal to 
Buffalo, then b}'' steamboat to Chicago, arriving there when he was twenty- 
three years old, and as there were no railroads west of Buffalo or stages 
west of Chicago in those days, he rode with a farmer to Rdlscoe, and 


immediately came back a few miles; bought of the United States 160 acres 
where he has sinee occupied aud IVoui tiuie to time has been adding to it, 
and iu 1879 owns abcnit six hundred acres of land. 

He mari-icd February 3, 1849, Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac and Christina 
(Tilapaugh) Stockwell, born in Brantford, Canada West, May 21, 1832. 
The family removing from Canada to Boone Co., 111., in 1845. Her father 
born in Conn., near N. Y. state, in 1793; was a soldier in the war of 1812-."), 
and in many battles near the line of Canada, and a U. S. pensioner when he 
died in 1877; and her mother was born in Schenectady, I^. Y., in 1797, and 
died iu 1873. Children: 

AVILLIAM LEWIS, born February 18, 1850 ; died December 24, 1858. 
BYRON LUCIAN, born September 7, 1851 : m. Feb. '2(], 1879, Susie, dau. of 
James Jackson and Agnes (Sandes) Duro, born [jrobably in Wis. in 1859. lie 
is a farmer in Clay Count}', Iowa. 
ELLEN, born Mar. 21, 1855; m. Feb. 11, 1875, Jolm Vielcers, but died in Cale- 
donia, 111., Jan. 29, 187G, without issue. 
MARIA, b. Sept. 29, 1856; m. May 26, 1875, Serrel, son of Dr. James and 
BuRLiNGAME. Prudeucc (Muley) Eurlingame, b. Jan. 31, 1854; a farmer iu Manchester, her 
native place. Child : 

Pbaul Ellen, born Mar, 25, 1878. 

JANE POORE, born April 5, 1859 ; died same day of birth. 
Pauker. CHARLES, born May 6, 1860. 
GEORGE, born July 20, 1862. 
COMMODORE PERRY, born October 26, 1865. 
WILLIE, born September 19, 1870 ; died same daj* of birth. 
EDWARD, born March 7, 1873. 

ABIGxVIL", born March 2G, 182G; married December 30, 1819, John 
Sullivan, son of William and Susan (Cook) Wiggin, born in Fairlee, Yt., 

Sept. 9, 1809; was a hatter and furrier in ISIanchestei-, j^. H., many 
WiGciN. years; retired to Lyndon, Yt., in 187(5, and .in 1879 they call 

Manchester again their home. Children : 

WILLIAM EDWARD, b. Dec. 14, 1850, in Manchester, where he continued the 
business of his father awhile ; but is iu the railroad business in 1879, and resides 
at Hannibal, Mo. Married June 15, 1S73, Lucy Parker, dau. of Charles and 
Sarah E. (Plumer) Hanson, born iu Sandwich, N. H., Dec. 14, 1851. No 
children in 1879. 

EUGENE PARKER, l)orn April 15, 1856 ; died September 10, 1858. 

BETSEY POORE", born May G, 1829; married March 21, 1837, her 
fourth cousin viz.: Abraham, son of James and Isabella (Mitchell) 


Mitchell, born in Hooksett, ^. H., Feb. 26, 1824 (see our Eesearclies of 

Merrimack Valley); his parents not near akin. He was connected with 

the Illinois Central Railroad from its commencement until 1875, when he 

was general superintendent — excepting when he was General 

Superintendent of the Great "Western Railroad. In 1879 he is 

General Manager of the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Raihvay, 

Mitchell, the main line and its branches being about nine hundred miles in 

length. Their residence is at 'No. 5340 Cornell Avenue, in Hyde 

Park, a city on the shore of Lake Michigan, and next to Chicago? 

111. Children: 

JENNIE POORE, born iu West Urbana, Ma}' 21, 1858 ; died July 30, 1858. 

ARTHUR PARKER, bom in Mancliester, N. H., Julj' 7, 1859, who, in 1879, is a 
student in tlie law department of the University of Michigan. 

EUGENE POORE, bom at Du Quoin, 111., Oct. 12, 1860, entered Brown University, 
Providence, R. I., in 1879. 

BESSIE BELLE, bom in Du Quoin Dec. 9, 1862 ; died in Hyde Park Jan. 24, 1875. 

GEORGE RALPH, bom at Centralia, IU., March 3, 1866, is in 1879, in the high 
school at home preparing for college. 

LEWIS HARRIS ^ born April 13, 1836; married June 14, 1858, Mary 
Ellen, daughter of Joseph and Ann (Clogston) McDoel, born at Shirley 
Hill, in Goffstown, K. H., July 22, 1838. ' He went from Manchester to 
Indiana in 1858, to Centralia, 111. in 1866, where he was City Clerk 1869, 
Mayor 1872; in jS"ov., 1872 removed to Dubuque, Iowa, and in 1879 
resides at the corner of Arlington and High Streets. His business 
Parker. since 1858 has been railroading, i-n the employ of the 111. Central 
since 1866 as agent and train master, and now is agent at Du- 
buque. Children : 

HARRY McDOEL, bom Aug. 8, 1859 ; railroad clerk at Kansas City, Mo. 
LEWIS WALLACE, bom Aug. 14, 1868. 
JOSEPH WILLIAM, born March 21, 1872 ; died Aug. 4, 1872. 


EBENBZER PEARSONS born Sept. 29, 1805; a wheelwright by trade; 
married Oct. 3, 1828, Bethiah, daughter of Stephen and Eliza (Ring) 
Hackett, born in Hooksett, June 30, 1805, and left their native place three 
days after their marriage and went to the north-east part of the state of New 


York and settled on a new farm in "Westville, Fniiikliii (Jo., whei-c tlicy 
lived until his death, Dec. 30, 1833, and about two years after his decease 
his widow married James Slason, by whom she had a son, whom they 
named William N., born Aug. 7, 183(3. Mr. Slason died July 14, 1854, and 
she survives him. Mr. Poorc's only child was: 

GEORGE PEARSON', born in Westville, Feb. 19, 1832; a carpenter 
and joiner by trade; married Oct, 7, 1855, at Fort Covington, to Keziah 
Ann, daughter of John Taylor and Elvira Pamelia (Garvin) Mathews, born 
in Hyde Park, Lamoille Co., Yt., Sept. 19, 1834. Her parents both natives 
of Hyde Park. Their children all born in AVestville, where he is a farmer 
in 1879 and resides near the centre of the town. Children: 

ELIZA JANE, b. July 31, 1856; m. May 12, 1875, John, son of Jeffrey and 
HuTCHiNS. H.iniet C. (Merrick) Hiitcbins, b. in Constable, Franklin Co., N. Y., Oct. 10, 
1854 ; is a farmer in Constable. Children : 
, Stella Kezh, born iu Constable, Sept. 20, 1876. 

Howard, born in Constable, March i, 1878. 

PooRE. AVILLIAM JOHN, born Sept. 9, 1858; a miller, and unm. in 1879. 

OSCAR GEORGE, born Nov. 26, 18C0. 

FRANK HARRISON, born Feb. 14, 1865. 

BERTHA MAY, born Nov. 17, 1872. 

FRED EBEN, born Feb. 9, 1875. ' 


cWeSSE^ born in Rowley, Feb. 3, 17G5, who was a resident of Boxford 
IT in 1790; afterward emigrated to Vermont and settled in the south 
r part of Berlin, not far from the capital town of the state, where he 
ever lived until he died Oct. 1, 1845, He was a farmer, and his I'csidence 
was about one-half of a mile southward from the pond. We here give an 
engraving of his signature to a letter, dated Berlin, June 17, 1793; which 
was probably the first time his father heard from him after he had married. 
In this letter he says " we wos 11 days on our ^ / ^^ 

Journey and we found all things as we left them r/^/-^^ (J^ ^^ 
we turned our oxen and loads vary well we ^ €^ 

maid a bout 3»hundred wait of shuger and we have cleard and soaid a bout 
nine akcrs with wheat." 



He married Phebe Hedges, who, says tradition, was daughter of David 
and Hannah (Shaw) Hedges, and born somewhere in Connecticut; and, 
according to gravestone, died May 28, 1825, aged 49 years 3 months. "We 
are also informed that her father was in the Kevolutionary army; marched 
under ^'^rnold through the wilderness of Maine, at the storming of Quebec, 
taken prisoner, but was afterward exchanged. Children : 

1. Ezoa, born April 22,1797 ; married Theodore Strong. 

2. Jesse, born Aug. 8, 1799, wlio went to parts unknown, and has not been heard from since 

1825 ; probably never married. 

3. Elijah, born April 1, 1805 ; married Sophia Bailey. 

4. Almon, born May 12, 1808 ; married Susan Bailey. 

Of these children who had posterity: 


If^ZOA'', born April 22, 1797; married Dec. 5, 1822, Theodore, the eldest 
J sou of I^athan and Millie (White) Strong, born in Bolton, Conn., 
Apr. 30, 1797, whose parents removed to Berlin, Vt. in 1812. Mr. 
Strong was a farmer, and they settled in the westerly part of Berlin, 
Strong, ou Dog River, where their children were all born. She died Sept. 7, 
1860, and he died Apr. 11, 1868, after he had married a second wife, 
Octa L., dau. of Russel Strong, who sui-vived him. Ezoa's children: 
STEPHEN ', born Nov. 21, 1823, who died May 16, 1825. 

ADELINE EZOA^ born Dec. 19, 1825; married Jan. 23, 1844, Anson, 
son of Frederick and Hannah (Slader) Stebbius, born in Acworth, N. H., 
Dec. 12, 1819. They settled in Berlin, Yt., whei-e he Avas a farmer. She 
died Nov. 19, 1846. After her decease he married her sister and a third 
wife — Mrs. Mary (Cheney) Norton, by Avhom had a son, Fred 
Stubbins. Anson, both of whom are alive in 1879, but he died Apr. 3, 1874. 
Adeline E's only child : 

EDWIN STRONG, b. May 19, 1845 ; a trader in Nortbfield ; m. May 19, 1875, 
Carrie Hortense, dau. of Doet. Asa H. and Josephine (Foster) Hayes, b. in 
Barton, Wisconsin, May 15, 1855. Child : 

Anson Hayes, boni in Northfield, Vt., June 10, 1879. 

EMILY MARIAN born Aug. 11, 1828, married Jan. 12, 1848, her 
sister's Avidower, Ansou Stebbius, and died June 19, 1849, leamng one child: 
GEORGE ANSON, born April 28, 1849, who died Feb. 10, 1863. 


HALSEY ",bovn Dec. 24, 1831; died Dec. 1, 1832. 

JULIA WHITER born Dec. 8, 1833; married Jan. 13, 1856, Stephen, 
son of Lorenzo Black, of Berlin, and died without issue, July 8, 18G1. 

MARIA ^, born Oct. 8, 183G; died Dec. 30, 1836. 


ELIJAH*', born Apr. 1, 1805; married Apr. 4, 1826, Sophia, daughter of 
Joshua and Sally (Chase) Bailey, of Berlin, Yt., where he was a 
farmer until 1844, when he removed to the state of New York, and lived 
on ]\acket River, in Parishville, St. Lawrence Co.; from thence removed to 
Norwood, where his wife resides in 1879. In 1861 enlisted in Co. 
G, N. Y. 92nd Regt. of Vols., but the southern rebels took him a 
PooRE. prisoner in the battle .at Fair Oaks, carried him to Richmond and 
he has never been heard from since; consequently, Ave suppose he 
has deceased. Children: 
ELIJAH BAILEY", born Sept. 27, 1827; married Jan. 1, 1852, Louisa, 
daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Putney) Coffee, born in Lisbon, N. Y., 
Apr. 17, 1834. He enlisted Sept., 1864, in Co. H, 1st N. Y". Light Artillery, 
and served till close of the war. He was a farmer when in New York 
state, and since he went west has been a butcher. Since 1870 been in 
Epworth, Dubuque Co., Iowa, Children : 

ELLEN ELZINA, born July 14, 1854; died unmarried Jan. 4, 1877. 
JVIARY HULDAII, born in Parisbville, N. Y., May 11, 1856. 
WARREN BAILEY, born in Stocl^holm, N. Y., April 20, 1858. 
CHARLES ELIJAH, born in Stockiiolm, N. Y., April 19, 1861. 
LUNETTIE LOUISA, born in Parisbville, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1867. 
ALICE AMELIA, born in Epwortb, Iowa, Nov. 15, 1876. 

ELZINA SOPHIA ^ born Sept. 8, 1829; married Nov. 26, 1847, Timothy 
C. Brown. She died without issue March 20, 1850. 

WILLIAM RENOLDA^ born Dec. 26, 1833; died May 21, 1845. 

SAMUEL CHASE ^, born Aug. 23, 1836; went south in 1857; supposed 
deceased; unmarried. 

HARRIET NYE", born July 14, 1838; married Sept. 10, 1861, Lewis 
son of George and Sophia Plancette McEwen, born in Canada Sept. 29, 
1839; residence in 1879 at Norwood, N. Y. Children: 


McEwEN. GEORGE BAILEY, born in Hopkinton, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1864. 
MINNIE SOPHIA, born in Hopkinton, May 28, 1867. 
THERON RINOLDO, born in Potsdam, June 20, 1875. 

SAEAH MAEIA", born Mar. 4, 1841; married Feb. 1, 1869, Edwin E. 
AvEKY. Avery, and reside in 1879 in IS'orwood, IST. Y. We do not learn of 
any Children. 


ALMOK«, born May 12, 1808; married Mar. 26, 1838, Susan, daughter 
of Joshua and Ehoda (Allen) Bailey (a niece of his brother Elijah's 
wife), born in Barre, Yt., Feb. 14, 1820. Settled on the homestead of his 
father. He has been an invalid many years and confined to his bed since 
1866. Children: 

SUSAN M^ born July 24, 1839; died Dec. 3, 1844. 

MARY JAN'S ^ born Nov. 13, 1840; died unmarried Aug. 1, 1861. 

EHODA MUEILLA^ born Jan. 3, 1843; married March 12, 1864, 
Martin Day; died without issue Oct. 18, 1865. 

ELLEN MAEIA ^ born Apr. 25, 1846; married Nov. 14, 1864, Joshua, 
son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Benjamin) Bailey (but not very near 
Bailey, akin to her), born in Berlin, Vt., Dec. 16, 1842. He is a farmer in 
Williamstown, Vt., where their children were all born, viz. : 
BERTIE EBENEZER, born July 5, 1866. 
BLANCHE BELL, born April 24, 1869. 
FRANK ALMON, born Jan. 16, 1873. 
LUTHER JOSHUA, born July 4, 1874. 

JESSE ALMON ^ born Dec. 5, 1848; married March 12, 1873, Abbie 
PooHE. Serepta, daughter of Ira and Abbie (Wales) Holden, born in Barre, 
Yt., Feb. 19, 1856. He is a farmer in Williamstown, Yt. 

LEYI BAILEY', born June 7, 1853; at home, unmarried in 1879. 

BEETHA EZOA^ born Dec. 12, 1856; at home, unmarried in 1879. 


]0B^ SON OF JOSEPn' (page 202), samel ' henry % joun'. 
C|jfOB^, born in Rowley, Mass., October 22, 17G7; was a farmer in Berlin, 

fVt., where all his children were bora and where, after being afilictcd 
some years with the hopeless disease of paralysis he deceased, we 
understand, October 7, 1851. 

We give his signature to a paper in which he acknowledged the receipt 
of the sum of thirty pounds as part of his portion of his father's estate 
dated January 3, 1794. He married (1) Sally, dan. of James and Hannah 
(Cummings) Hobart, who deceased October 12, 1811, 

in the 38th year of her age; married (2) in 1812, ^ /^ ^' (yt^"^ 
Mrs. Patty (Bixby) Davenport, who by her former 

husband Thomas Davenport had three daughters. She died Mar. 14, 1845, 
aged seventy-four years. Mr. Poore's children were: 

1. John, born May 31, 179G ; manied Fanny Davenport and Susan Clark. 

2. David, born April 24, 1798 ; married Abigail Hill and Clarissa Carpenter. 

3. Betsej', born April 7, 1800 ; unmarried in 1879. 

4. James H., born May 14, 1802 ; married Adeline Whitney. 

5. Sarah, born August 26, 1804 ; married Elijah H. Covell. * 
C. Cynthia, born August 31, 1806; married Julius Phelps. 

7. Moses, born May 13, 1808 ; married Eunice Gerley of Berlin ; resides in the northwesterly 

part of Williamstown, Vt. ; has no children. 

8. A dauglitcr born in 1810, who died young. 

9. Gardner Davenport, born January 17, 1813 ; married Bethia Willey. 

Of these children who have posterity living: 

JOHN", SON OF JOB° (jage 245), JOSEPH* SiM^EL^ HEURY', lOHH.' 

JOHN®, born May 31, 1796; was a farmer; resided in the northwestern 
section of "Williamstown, Vt., where he died May 8, 1843; and John 
Adams in 1879 occupies his farm. 

Among the offices of trust and honor which he was called to fill were 
those of Colonel in the Militia, town Representative in the Vermont State 
Legislature, and Deacon of the Congregational Church. 

lie m. (1) about 1818, Fanny, daughter of Thomas and Patty (Bixliy) 
Davenport (his step-mother's dau.), born in Williamstown, Mar. 5, 1800, 



who died January 12, 1832; m. (2) May 15, 1832, Susan, dau. of John and 
Susanna (Hazen) Clark, born in Wilhamstown, February 27, 1798, who 
survives him and resides with her son John H. in Wolcott. Children : 
LOUISA FIDELIA ^ born Sept. 10, 1819; died unmarried Jan. 3, 1875. 

SARAH SOPHIA ^ born October 16, 1821; died unm. July 30, 1877. 

PATTY CAROLESTE^ born April 27, 1824; married April 10, 1845, 
Asa S. Simonds; a farmer; residence Wilhamstown. Only child: 
JOHN ASA, bom July 19, 1860 ; died August 10, 1864. 

AN INFANT SON"^ born December 10, 1827; died aged twelve days. 

FANNIE AD ALINE ^, born June 80, 1829; married March 7, 1855, 
James, son of James and Polly (Reed) Hopkins, born in "Wilhamstown, 
May , 1826; was a farmer; died April 5, 1865, and she deceased Aug. 
28, 1870. Children: 

HopioNS. FANNIE CAROLINE, bom in Williamstown September 13, 1856 ; unm. in 1879. 
ALICE C, born in May, 1859 ; died in May, 1860. 

GEORGE "WILSON, born in Wolcott, Vt., July 20, 1861 ; a printer in the Freeman 
Office in Montpelier at some time, and at Minneapolis, Minn, in 1879, and then 

MARTHA EMELINE ', born November 12, 1833, who died August 5, 
1863; married May, 1857, Samuel Agee, a physician; settled at Peach 
Creek, Panola Co., Miss. Children: 
Ageis. JAMES, born March 9, 1858 ; died June 3, 1863. 

MARTHA SUSAN, bom February 7, 1860 ; died January 23, 1863. 

MARY JANE^, born November 24, 1835; married her cousin Stephen 
H. Covell. 

JOHN HAZEN ^ born February 2, 1838; served his country in Co. G, 
10th Yt. Vol. Regt., from August, 1862, until July, 1865, and now carries 
a ball in his body which he received while in the service. He is a farmer 
in Wolcott. Married October 28, 1867, Mercy Maria, daughter of 
PooRE. Nathan and Martha E. (Giffin) Hines, born in Hardwick, Yt., June 
28, 1841, but departed this hfe March 28, 1878. Children: 
JOHN ASA, born September 19, 1869. 
MARTHA ELIZA, born April 28, 1871. 
GEORGE EDWARD, born March 27, 1874. 


BETSY ANN'S born May 15, 1810, who died A])ril 18, 1868; mnn-ied 
November IG, 1863, John Niitlmu lliiies, a brother to the wife of John II., 
born in Hard wick. Settled in Wolcott. Children: 
HiNKS. HERBERT LEVI, born September 20, 18G4. 

ALFRED JOHN, born December 17, 18G7. 

GEORGE LYMAN ', born January 4, 1843; was a soldier in the same 
company with his brother John II., from August, 1862, until September, 1865; 
died unmarried July 25, 1870, from the effects of wounds and exposure 
while in the army. 

UW, SON OF lOB^ (page 245), JOSEPH ^ SAMUEL ^ EEHRY^ MN'. 

DAVID °, boi-n April 24, 1798 ; when first married settled in "Worcester, 
Vt., on a farm, Avhere he built a house and resided until his decease 
January 2, 1863, and all his children excepting Mrs. Ilaselton were born 
on that farm. 

Among public offices held by him was that of a Deacon of the church. 

He m. (1) March 20, 1822, Abigail, dau. of Ralph and Mary (Jones) 
Hill, of Berlin, born in Ashby, Mass., February 19, 1800, and came with 
her parents to Vermont when about twelve years of age. Her jiarents were 
married April 7, 1777, and perhaps they were born in Billerica or vicinity. 
She deceased July 25, 1851, and Deacon Poore.m. (2) March 24, 1853, Miss 
Clarissa Car])enter from Randolph, Vt., who died April 10, 1865. Children: 

JULIUS LYMAN', born February 10, 1823; married April 12, 1849, 
Sibyl Anne, daughter of Franklin and Pamela (Brown) Johnson, born in 
said Worcester May 19, 1827. He is a farmer. Settled near the homestead 
of his father where he built a house and in which all his children were born. 
He served his country in the time of the Rebellion in Co. E, 8th Vt. Regt, 
of Vols., and was wounded in battle at Cedar Creek. Children: 

FLORENCE VIOLA, born April 9, 1850; married December 23, 1874, John 
Cavii:. Charles, son of George and Sabra (Williams) Cave, born in Isle of Wight, 

England, October 4, 1843 ; came to America in 1859 ; is a printer and in 1878 
resides on South street, opposite Pleasant, in Plymouth, Mass. Children: 
Olivk Eliza, born in Berlin, Vt., Octolser 26, 1875. 
Flouence Viola, born in Plymoutli, Mass., June 6, 1877. 

PooRK. WILFRED HENRY, born August 6, 1851 ; a farmer in Worcester; unm. in 1878. 

THERESA JULIETTE, born Jan. 12, 1855 ; m. Oct. 28, 1873, Lorenzo Janes, 
Pgarcb. son of Alonzo and Thirza (Dwinell) Pearce, born in Calais, Vt., Nov. 7, 1833 ; 

a trader ; resides in 1880 on Barra St., Montpelier, Vt. Children : 


PEAncE. Cora Mabel, born in Montpelicr, January 1, 1877. 

Silas Wright, born in Montpelier, June IG, 1878. 

MABEL ANNETTE, born May 27, 1856 ; was in 1878 unm. and a compositor in 
PooRE. the Argus and Patriot office at Montpelier, Vt. 

OLIVE ELMIRA, born August 28, 1859 ; unmarried in 1877 and a compositor 

residing in Plj'mouth, Mass. 
EDWIN JOHNSON, born and died August 10, 1861. 
WALLACE EDWIN, born February 14, 1864. 
ESTHER JANE, born August 3, 1866. 

SAEAH COE^ELIA \ born N"ovember 2, 1824; died unm. Apr. 12, 1843. 

MARY ELMIRA', born March 20, 1827; died April 19, 1844. 

GEORGE HOBERT', bora Feb. 29, 1832, who was in Co. B, 8th 
Vermont Regt., and was killed in battle at ISTew Orleans, August 26, 
1862. lie had mai-ried Ellen Richardson of West Fairlee or vicinity, Vt., 
and his only child : 

GEORGE was born in Worcester, Vt., September 8, 1862. 

LORA ANJST', born in Berlin, December 5, 1834; married Feb. 18, 1862, 
George Washington, son of Luther and Polly Ladd (Smith) 
Haseltox. Ilaselton, born in Hudson, Sept. 12, 1832. He is a farmer; resi- 
dence in 1880 at Hudson, IST. H. Chiklren: 

ARTHUR WILFRED, born in Hudson, Apr. 22, 1863. 
ALICE MARY, born in Hudson, Dec. 22, 1864. 

DAVID BRAINARD', born December 8, 1837; was in the second 
Vermont Battery, and returned home unharmed; is a carpenter; residence 
in 1878 in Wolcott; m. October 8, 1865, Lucy B., dan. of John and Hannah 
(Bracket) Hawes, born in Morristown, Vt., 1845. Child: 
PooRE. CARROL FREDERICK, born June 16, 1867 ; died November 23, 1874. 

ABIGAIL HARRIET ^ born June 28, 1843; married Jan. 26, 1867, 
Frederick Simons, born in Alexandria, JST. H., Dec. 25, 1839; a 
Slmons. moulder; residence in 1880 at Bethany, Conn. We do not hear of 
any children. 


JAMES HOB ART ^ born May 14, 1802; married E'ovember 2, 1827, 
Adeline, daughter of Elijah and Hannah (Woods) Whitney, born in 


Williamstown, Yt., April 5, T808, who died August 9, 1849; was a farmer; 
resided in Willianistown until all but their j^oungcst child were born, then 
removed to Walden, Yt., and there resided mil 11 his decease January 4, 
1850. Children : 

HARRIET", born July 26, 1828; died unmarried July 9, 1855. 

FAN'NIE FLORELLA', born January 20, 1830; an attendant in the 
Insane Hospital in Middletown, Conn., in Jan., 1880, and then unmarried; 
contemplates going to Dakota the following June. 

HANNAH WHITNEY', born June 27, 1832, who died July 2, 1859; 
married Nov. 2, 1852, at Brookfield, Yt., John Franklin, son of Simon D. 
and Lodema (Frink) Stratton, born in Berlin, Yt., Sept. 30, 1826, who since 
her decease married Sarah K. Aver}^, b. iu'Wolcot, in 1838, by whom has 
had b. in Wolcot,>George A., who d. young, Ida F., b. 1864, Rosalie A., b. 
1869, Inez M. b., 1871, and since he removed to Craftsbury, Albert E., b. 
1878, and is in 1880 a farmer in Craftsbury, Yt. His parents were both 1). 
in Ilolden, Mass. His second wife's father, George Avery, b. in Bridge- 
water, Yt., and her mother, Abigail (Bailey), b. in Bath, N. H. Hannah's 
children : 

MARY ADELINE, born in Wolcot, Vt., Jan. 16, 1854; m. Sept., 1879, Francis 
Cochran. ^VilIie, son of Wm. O. and Diana AV. (Bridges) Cochran, b. in Craftsbury, Mar. 

23, 1856 ; his father b. in Bradford and mother b. in Waterbur}', Vt. He is in 
1880 a farmer in Craftsbury. 

JAMES FRANKLIN, born in Hardwick, Vt., December 27, 1855 ; an unmarried 
farmer in 1879. 

MARY ADELINE", born August 24, 1834; died unm. Feb. 29, 1852. 

DARIUS^, born December 7, 1836; a farmer in AVilliamstoAvn ; Yt., has 
been several years with his uncle Moses, and unmarried in 1879. 

CAROLINE BETSEY ', born January 11, 1839; died unm. Aug. 8, 1854. 

JAMES HARRISON ^ born Mai-ch 23, 1841; an adopted child of Ruel 
Covell of Randolph, was in Co. I, 9th Regt. of Yt. Yols.; is a carpenter 
and joiner, residence in 1879 at St. Johnsbury, Yt. 

He married January 9, 1871, Elizabeth Yiola, daughter of Winthrop 

and Jane (Cilley) Gatchell, a widow of Edward M. Bradley (by whom she 

had two children Adda M., who died young, and JNIinnie Jane, born 

PooKE. Feb. 5, 1868), l)orn in Sunapee, N. II., Oct. 14, 1849, and her parents 

both born in Weare, N. II. Children: 



JAMES EDWARD, born in Barre, Vt., January 5, 1873. 
HATTIE MAY, born May 28, 1876 ; died August 11, 1877. 
CARRIE ISABELLA, born in St. Jolmsbury, Vt., Sept. 3, 1878. 

EMELmE CYJ^THIA', born August 14, 1843; married Aug. 8, 1866, 
at Brookiield, Yt., John, son of Joseph and Phyle (Flint) Bow- 
ditch, b. in Randolph in 1821; is a farmer; resided in Brookfield 
BowDiTCH. until their first child was born and since 1868, in Jefferson, Union 
Co., Dakota Territory. Children: 
MARY INES, born in Brookfield, May 19, 1867. 
HATTIE MAYBELLE, born in Jefferson, September 12, 1872. 
EDGAR JAMES, born in Jefferson, Mar., 1875. 
CLARENCE ELBERT, bom in Jefferson, Jan. 8, 1878. 

SARAH CORN ELI A ^ born September 5, 1845; died September 1, 1852. 


SARAHS, boj.j^ August 26, 1804; married Oct. 27, 1829, Elijah Hubbard, 
son of Ruel and Nancy (Hubbard) Covell, of Cabot, Yt., and grandson 
of Philip and Mercy (Fox) Covell, of Glastenbury, Conn., born in Berlin, 
Yt., July 9, 1802, and is a farmer in the southeast portion of Bei'lin, and 
has been a Representative in the Yerraont Legislature from his place 
Covell. of residence in 1850 and 1851; one of the selectmen of Berlin from 
1856 to 1858. Children: 
STEPHEN HOLLISTER ', born February 2, 1831 ; who has filled some 
of the highest oflTices of the town where he resides, and represented that 
place in the Yermont Legislature in 1872 and 1873, but on account of ill 
health does not serve the town in 1879; married January 26, 1864, his 
cousin Mary Jane, daughter of Colonel John Poore, and resides on the 
homestead of his father in Berlin where all his children were born. Children : 

NETTIE JOSEPHINE, ) ■^^. ^^^.^ ^j ,5 ^865. 

HATTIE G., who died same day of birth, i 

ELMER HOLLISTER, born June 24, 1868 ; died July 10, 1870. 

ARTHUR ELLSWORTH, born August 22, 1870. 

ALICE BERTHA, born May 23, 1773. 

EDWIN" ELIJAH', born August 16, 1834; a farmer in Berlin and un- 
married in 1877. 



CYNTHIA ^ born August 31, 1808; married March 25, 1830, Juliu?:, 
son of Joel and Elizabeth (Loveland) i'helps, born in Berlin, Yt., ' 
August 28, 1801; resided in Hard wick, Yt., after their third child was born, 
until Jiine, 1852, Avhen they undertook to reside west; but after a stay in 
Rockford, 111., of al)Out one year, returned east and settled in their 
PnKLPs. native town about one-half mile from Montpelier, where he died 
September 1, 1875, and where she in 1879 resides. ChiUlren : 
JOHiSr FRANKLIN ", born November 21, 1833 ; was a Sergeant in Co. 
E, 8th Yt. Regt. of Yols., and in 1879 is a farmer on the homestead of his 
father; mai-ried March 31, 1875, Sibyl Jane, daughter of Chester B. and 
Sibyl (Drake) Nye^ born in Cincinnati, O., April 30, 1845. Children: 
WILLIAM BURTON, born in Beilin, February 6, 1876. 
EDWARD CLARENCE, born in Berlin, Feb. 28, 1878. 

JUSTIN JULIUS ^ born April 8, 1835; was in Co. G, 10th Yt. Regt.; 
married (1) Nancy, daughter of Ebenezer and Melinda Clark, born in 
Brookfield, Yt., who died; married (2) October, 1866, in Bangor, Michigan, 
Mary Elizabeth, Avidow of a Root; a daughter of William and Mary Dean, 
born in said Bangor, 1817. He is a fi^rmer, and resides in 1880 at Hartford, 
Yan Bureft Co., Mich. Child: 

FLORENCE M., born in Brookfield, March 4, 1862. 

BETSEY EMELINE", born November 10, 1836; died October 11, 1867. 
CAROLINE MAKIA ', born June 10, 1813; died April 10, 1816. 


GARDNER DAYENPORT", born January 17, 1813; resides in 1879 
on the homestead of his father which is in the easterly part of Berlin 
near to and on the eastern side of the pond; married February 5, 1810, 
Bethier, daughter of Benjamin and Clarissa (Ilymes) Willey, born in 
Middlesex, Yt., June 18, 1820. He died in a fit of epilepsy, June 16, 1879. 

SARAH ^ born December 2, 1813; married Oct. 22, 1863, Paschal 
Whitney, son of Saliin and Almira (Richardson) Currier, b. in Lawrence- 
ville, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1812; a foriner in Berlin. No issue in 1878. 


CHAUNCEY GARDNEK^ born February 5, 1846; married March 1, 
1877, Ella, daughter of Columbus Fuller and Sarah Emehne (Bailey) 
House, born in Berlin, Mar. 3, 1856. He is a farmer in Berlin. Children: 
DELL ESTELLA, born in Berlin, December 21, 1877. 

LUCmA^ born April 13, 1848; died unmarried Sept. 5, 1874. 

EDMUND JESSE ^ born December 8, 1849; married in Barre, March 
31, 1872, Annis M., daughter of Ransom and Annis (Eastman) Dickey, of 
Orange, Vt., born in Orange, Nov, 18, 1849. She d. Feb. 11, 1874; m. (2) 
May 16, 1877, Hattie Lucy, dan. of Lyman A. and Mary A. (Jeflfards) 
"Works, b. in Williamstown, Mar. 30, 1858. He is a farmer; residence in 
1879 in the northwesterly part of Williamstown, Vt. Child: 

GARDNER DICKEY, born in Williamstown, December U, 1872. 
FREDDIE LYMAN, born in Williamstown, Sept. 12, 1878. 

ED WEST JESSE", a twin to Edmund Jesse; died Aug. 27, 1852. 
EDWm J0H:N'', born September 18, 1853; died December 3, 1859- 


^OSEPH^born in Rowley, December 23, 3770; settled on the home- 
stead of his father; the old red house is still standing in 1880; 
* situated on the northerly side of Jewett street, which is the old road 
leading from the church in Byfield to 
'New Rowley, and the barn is on the 

opposite side of the street. He was a ^^ 
farmer and died July 10, 1843. 

We give his signature to a letter of l^ovember 19, 1804, addressed to his 
brother Jesse Poor, Berlin, Orange County, Vermont. 

He married June 1, 1797, Hannah, his cousin, a daughter of Thomas 
and Alice (Bailey) Wood, born in Bradford, January 24, 1774 (see our 
Researches of MerrimacJc Valley, pp. 92 and 95). Her paternal grand- 
mother was Mehitable Stickney (see Stickney Genealogy, p. 57). She died 
ISTovember 15, 1843. Children: 


1. Joscpli, born April 18, 1798; married Liiciiula Uucd. 

2. JMyra, born March 8, 1800 ; married Samuel Tliurlow, and settled near ber birthplace. IFc 

was a trader and diinl November 23, 1855, ai^ed Ct years, and she died June 7, 18GG. 
They had no cliihlren and their property was given to her brother Joseph's childreu. 

3. Sophia, boru August 10, 1803, who died unmarried June 23, 1866. 

Of their children only one has posterity : 


JOSEPH ^ born April 18, 1798; settled on the old homestead of his 
father and grandfathers; and about the time he was married built a 
new house which is twenty-eight rods northwesterly from where he was 
born, and it is on the fork of North and Jewett streets, it fronts North 
street, which leads to the "corner" in Georgetown. He was a farmer and 
died August 4, 1865. 

He married January 21, 1835, Lucinda, daughter of William and Lttcinda 
(Convers) Reed, born in Newburyport, April 27, 1802. Children: 

SARAH SOPHIA ^ born November 15, 1835; married December 18, 
1866, Gorham Parsons, son of Robert and Mehitable Lord (Dole) Jewett, 
boru in Georgetown, January 21, 1833. They reside on the* homestead 
of her parents. He was employed to deliver the semi-weekly 
Newbury port Herald to subscribers in his vicinity from 1852 until 
1878, when the paper was turned into a weekly jiaper; since which 
time he has been a farmer and lumber dealer. Children: 
GORHAM PARSONS, born in Georgetown August 2, 1871. 
FRED IRA, born in Georgetown May 5, 1875. 

SAMUEL THURLOW", born September 23, 1812; married March 19, 

1866, Lowelor Stanwood, daughter of Enoch and Caroline (Perkins) 

Adams, born in Georgetown, July 26, 1817; resides on the homestead of 

his aunt Myra on North street, twenty-nine rods westward of his father's 

house, where he was born. "Was a trader in groceries, etc., in 

Haverhill, on the north side of Merrimack street, near Main street, 

PooRB. and afterwards for a time at his residence; in 1880 is a farmer and 

dealer in liunber. The town where he has always resided has made 

him one of its selectmen, etc. Children: 

MYRA THURLOW, born in Georgetown, January 12, 1867. 
PAMELA, born in Georgetown, October 17, 1868. 

254 JOHisr POORE and his family. 

PooRE. ELIZABETH ANN, born in Georgetown, March 24, 1870. 

SAMUEL, born in Georgetown, March 8, 1872. 

IDA, born in Georgetown, December 20, 1873. 

STELLA, born in Georgetown, January 21, 1876 ; died April 20, 1877. 

LENA, born in Georgetown, April 20, 1878; took a premium at the show of 26 
handsome babies in the town, December 25, 1879. 

JOSEPH', born October 3, 1846; died October 3, 1848. 

JOSEPH BAILEY ^ born Jnne 7, 1850; married October 28, 1874, 
Mary Ellen, daughter of Joseph P. and Margaret P. (Hobson) Janes, born 
in Topsfield, Mass., ISTovember 10, 1857. He was in trade with his brother 
Saranel, in Haverhill, and since 1873 has been a variety goods dealer in 
Topsfield, the town which is in the centre of Essex County. Children: 

CHARLES PEESCOTT, born in Topsfield, October 27, 1875. 

WILLIAM BAILEY, born in Topsfield, November 3, 1877. 

HELEN, born in Topsfield, April 13, 1879. 

ALVIN CLIFTON ^ born December 2, 1852; married October 25, 1874, 
Emma Jane, daughter of Benjamin P. and Emily Ann (Swift) Paine, born 
in Uxbridge, Mass., December 18, 1853. He is a farmer and lumber dealer 
and resides in the western half of a double house situated between where 
he was born and the house where his brother Samuel lives, and twenty rods 
from his mother. Children : 

ANNIE JOSEPHINE, born in Georgetown, June 1-6, 1875. 

FLORENCE MABEL, born in Georgetown, Angust 31, 1877. 

JOSEPH BAILEY, born in Georgetown, March 26, 1880 ; died July 1, 1880. 

]m\ SON or iGSEPH^ (page 202), samel ^ henry', IOHN.' 

JOHisr ^ born in Eowley, Mass., Nov. 26, 1775; was by trade a cord- 
wainer; married Nov. 30, 1797, Hannah, daughter of Dea. James and 
Mehitable (Thurston) Chute, who was born in said town Aug. 21, 
1780; and as four of his elder brothers left the pine jjlain where they were 
born, and settled on a harder but newer and more fertile soil in a more 
northern part of New England, he tried his fortune in Salisbury, New 
Hampshire, about thirty miles in a northerly direction from where his 


brothers Samuel und George settled, but stayed there only from Mar., 1708 
until Aug., 1799; then returned to Mass. and resided in Eeading (where 
his wife's uncle Daniel Chute then lived) then, in Jan., 1801, bought of 
Rev. Ehjah Parish, in By field, a place a few rods easterly of the church in 
that ixuish with the house in Newbury on the northerly side of the street, 
and six acres of the land on the ojipositc side of the way. They occupied 
the house until 181G (the year when there were several frosts every month, 
so that but a little corn in New England ripened), thou they i-esolvcd to go 
west — having disposed of part of their place to Benj. Colman in 1805, and 
the house in 1813 to her father, who in Sept., 1816 sold it to Joseph Hale, 
Jr., who had married Mrs. Poore's sister Eunice — which house Eunice in 
Jan., 1829 sold to Doctor Martin Root who occupies it in 1880, 

They with seven children started on their long journey in the autumn of 
1816, and when they were tarrying in Pittsburgh, Alleghany Co., in the 
western part of Pa., he wrote to his brother on the homestead, of which 
letter we give some extracts and a fac-simile of his signature, dated at 
Pittsburgh, Feb. 12, 1817, the postage of which was 25 cents, addressed to 
"Mr. Joseph Poor, By field, Mass., Newburyport post ofRce." He says 
"Possibly you may think it strange that I have not written you before this 
— but the sequel of my letter will furnish you with an explanation ... on 
the Avhole we had a prosperous journey and have enjoyed our usual health 
since we have Been hence — on our arrival however Ave found the City full 
of Yankee Horses and Chariots selling at auction through the streets . . 
as my waggon would live without Eating I thought I had better let it stand 
by Awhile than to give it to the Crier for selling. But to my astonishment 
the emigrants Continued to flock in from the northward in troops till about 
the first of January and kepte the City glutted with Horses and Cariages 
so you see I have Been completely frustrated in my expectation of Raising 
Money from my team . . . this is the fifth week since the rivers have been 
passable on the ice a thing scarcely known in the annals of this Country .... 
Many of my friends and acquaintances thought me giddy by mounting on 
the airey Castles of my own building — or intoxicated with visionary scenes 
of Grandeur — but their Conceptions of the Country — of me — and of my 
designs arid Expectations were alike puerile for — surely no undertaking of 


my life was ever more premeditated or more evidently A point of duty 
otherwise I should never have Done violence to the finest feelings of human 
nature in breaking away from my old connections^ — but we thought it best 
nor have we seen cause to repent of it — but on the contrary much cause of 
gratitude to the great disposer of all events who has preserved us thus far. 
I often think of our Mother in her forlorn situation and of the care wliich 
devolves uj^on you in consequence of it — and in particular upon my beloved 
sister — but I am satisfied that all is done for her which can be done — and 
have only to hope and pray that you both may be rewarded for your care, 
in those durable Eiches that will never fade . . . Tell father Chute I shall 
write him in a few days . . . With High consideration I Eemain as ever 

Your afiectionate 

.J^X. t^^T^ylC:^^^ 

"While in Pittsburgh their son John was born, and when that child was 
about two months old they went down the Ohio on a flat boat, following the 
crooked course on the southern border of the state of Ohio, by Cincinnati, 
where Mrs. Poore's brothers Daniel and James Chute had resided about ten 
years, and when they got as far as Madison in Jefferson Co., which is on 
the southeastern border of Indiana, they landed and remained awhile and 
he bought some land in the wilds about forty miles westward of Madison, 
built a rough log cabin to live in and removed on to the place Oct. 2, 1819; 
but he died Dec. 9, 1819 after being sick only about four hours, leaving his 
widow to care for their large family of children in the dense wood, three 
miles from nearest neighbors, and in a country a vast distance from her 
kindred and old acquaintances. 

Nevertheless she chose to remain there, although her friends at the east 
offered to give her money to pay the expenses if she would come back to 
Massachusetts. So, Col. Jere. Collman, of IS^ewburyport, the enterprising 
man of the Eastern Stage Company, who was the husband of her sister 
Mary, helped her to one hundred dollars to pay for the land, and she with 
one son of about sixteen years of age and her elder daughters (the eldest 
son having been left east to finish learning his trade) co-operating, attacked 


the forest and raised corn for bread, and her nncommon wisdom and enei'gy 
with an exceedingly qniet and amiable disposition accompanied also with 
l)iety, enaljled her to succeed in rearing a family which she could look upon 
with pleasure, and her children and the grandchildren who enjoyed her 
company rise up and call her blessed. 

Ever after the decease of Mr. Poore — more than half a century, she 
remained his widow and after her son Alvan married, she resided with her 
daughter Susannah to the end of her life — about forty years, and was a 
great help in bringing up her very large family of children — retaining her 
])hy.sical and mental faculties in an uncommon degree until her decease, 
Jan. 30, 1872, after becoming a nonogenarian. Children: 

1. Amanclii, born Oct. 12, 1798; died Feb. 5, 1799. 

2. Wendell, born Dec. 27, 1799, who married Elizabeth AVeddell and Thirza GutUree. 

3. Amanda, born Oct. 15, 1801 ; married Moses B. Pearson. 

4. Alvan, born July 31, 1803 ; married Julia A Zaring. 

- 5. Hannah A., born Nov. 17, 1804 ; married Jonathan Prosser. 

6. Betsey Chute, born Jan. 6, 1807 ; married in 1826, Walter Wright, and died at Green 

Castle, Ind., in just two years after marriage, leaving a dau. Hulda E., who survived 
her mother six weeks, and died in Sei^t., 1828. 

7. Mchitablc T., born Nov. 25, 1809 ; married William Merrill. 

8. Susannah, born Dec. 15, 1811 ; married Tlionias J. Brooks. 

9. Harriet, born Aug. 27, 1815 ; married William H. Houghton. 

10. John, born Feb. 1, 1818, who was a farmer in Siskiyou, Cal., and unmarried when heard 

from in 1863 — at which time he was on the eve of starting for a distant part of Oregon 
prospecting for gold. 

11. Amelia P., born Aug. 21, 1820 ; married John De Witt. 

Of these children who have posterity: — 


WENDELL «, born in Keading, Mass., Dec. 27, 1799; went west Sept., 
1818; is a retired octogenarian, but for a long period served the com- 
munit}' in filling many public offices of important trust. Among them he 
Avas collector of public revenue in 1839, Coroner from 1810 to 1812; the next 
two years High Sherift' — all in Jackson Co., Indiana. In 1851 he removed 
to liiuggold Co., Iowa, where he was Postmaster of Redding and was 



elected a School Fund Commissioner in 1855, and served in that office about 
three years. In 1862 was appointed to fill the place of Judge Keller when 
he went into the army; and at the next annual election was chosen for a 
full term, the office being for county business and for Probating estates of 
deceased persons; and while acting as Judge, the Legislature passed a 
law making the comity Judge eligible tothe office of county Recorder, and 
he was elected to that office and acted some three years; then he retired 
from public life — though his fellow citizens continued to urge him to take 
offices — and has since resided on his farm near Mormontown, which place 
of residence is in the westerly part of Ringgold County, Iowa, and within 
about one mile of the boundary line between Ringgold and Taylor Counties. 

He reared an unusual large family of children, and one trait in them 
which we may mention is that they are all singers and some are good pei- 
formers on musical instruments; they were by two daughters of Daniel and 
Mary (Walling) Weddel, of East Tennessee. He married (1) Feb. 21, 1822, 
Elizabeth, born in Hawkins Co., Tenn., Apr. 25, 1801, by whom had ten 
children. She died June 13, 1840; married (2) :Nov. 10, 1810, Thirza, wid. 
of Samuel Guthrie (who had by Mr. Guthrie four daughters, Ruth, born 
1830, Sarah E., b. 1831, Leannah, b. 1831, and Mary ' A., b. 1830, who 
were all m. but are deceased), born Jan. 22, 1811. These wives' parents 
were natives of America, their father b. in said East Tennessee and mother 
in Virginia, and they had besides Elizabeth and Thirza, sons Alfred, Hiram 
C, John D., and daughters Millicent, Louisiana, Mary A., Hester A., 
Amanda and Alzira, and after their children were born they removed to 
Jackson Co., Ind., where they deceased. Mr. Poore had by his last wife 
(and she is the only child of her parents alive in 1880) six children more. 

At the time his children were born he resided on AVhite River in the 
westerly part of Jackson Co., Ind., and about ten miles west of Brownstown, 
the county seat of Jackson Co. After coming to Ringgold Co. he owned 
410 acres of land which he bought of government, and resided some eight 
miles west of Mount Ayr, the seat of that county; but it was more land 
than he could easily manage after his boys left, so he gave portions of it to 
some of them and sold the rest and bought about 1865, the place near Mor- 
montown, where he resides in 1880. Children: 

SAMUEL MILLER', b. Nov. 17, 1822; m. Dec, 22, 1841, Julia Ann, 
dau. of Adam and Mary M. (Klepper) Winningar, from East Tennessee; 
b. in Hawkins Co., Tenn., Oct. 27, 1824. He is a farmer and in 1880 resides 
in Fi-eetown, Jackson Co., Ind. At the time the southern portion of our 



couiilry rcbdlecl he fought for the Union in Co. G, 145th Intl. Regt. All 
their chilchx'n were ])orn in Jackson Co. Children; 

JAMES HARRISON, b. Mar. 27, 1843, wlio was a soldier, time of the soulliern 
rebellion, serving his country in Co. H, 120th Ind. Regt. of Vol. He is in 1880, 
a farmer in Morinontown, Iowa; ni. Ang. 17, 18G2, Harriet, a tlaii. of Edwanl 
and Rachel (BcUville) McCain, b. in Belmont Co., Ohio, Feb. 15, 1843. Children : 
Chaulotte v., born near Freetown in Jackson Co., Intl., July 23, 18G4. 
Jacob C, born near Freetown in Jackson Co., Ind., Oct. 22, 1866. 
Jennik J., born in Hinggokl Co., Iowa, June 9, 1872. 
CliAiiLKS E., born in Taylor Co., Iowa, Dec. 1, 1874. 
BiiNJAMi.N, l)orii in Taylor Co., Iowa, July 12, 1877. 
John 11., born in Taylor Co., Iowa, Oct. 10, 1879. 

ZuiK. HARRIET, b. May 26, 1845 ; in. William son of John and Mary (Scott) Zikc, b. 

in Kentucky ; who was in Co. H, 120th Regt. of Ind. He is a farmer and tliey 
reside in 1880 at Redding, Ringgold Co., Iowa. Child: 
Anna, born in Freetown, May 15, 1863. 

WENDELL, b. June 28, 1847, was in Co. H, 120th Regt. of Ind.; is a farmer ; 

PooisE. m. Feb. 17, 1867, Sarah Eveline, dan. of Colman II. and Mary (Smith) White, 

b. at Buffalo, Brown Co., Ind., Feb. 23, 1849 ; residence was near Freetown, 

Jackson Co., Ind., when their children were born ; resided in 1879 at Crossville, 

White Co., 111. Cliildren : 

Isaac Richard, born Apr. 16, 1868; ilicd July 5, 1870. 
Makgarette, born May 28, 1869. 
James Wendell, born Feb. 16, 1873. 
HiGLAND IIarvel, born May 28, 1877. 

SARAH ELIZABETH, b. July 24, 1849 ; m. Feb. 25, 1867, Thomas Jefferson, son 
Sutton. of Hezekiah Applegate and Phebe (Clagenbaur) Sutton, b. in Scott Co., Ind., 

Dec. 30, 1844; is a farmer. Residence in 1880 at Mormontown, Taylor Co., 
Iowa. Tliere were no children in 1879. 

WuiTE. MARTHA, b, Jan. 24, 1852 ; m. Oct. 27, 1867, Joseph Nelson White, a brotiicr to 
her brother Wendell's wife, b. in Buffalo, Brown Co., Ind., Sept. 21, 1844. He 
is in 1879 a farmer in Freetown, Ind. Children : 

Salustas Eveline, born near Houston, in Jackson Co., Ind., Dec. 20, 1868. 

Coleman Sebron, born near Houston, Mar. 4, 1871. 

Mary Louisa, born near Freetown, Sept. 3, 1876. 

SALUSTAS, b. Oct. 4, 1854 ; m. Dec. 23, 1870, David Thompson, b. in Belmont 
Thompson. Co., Ohio, Jan. 6, 1847 ; who was in the 145th Regt. of Ind. Is in 1880 a fai°mer 
in Medora, Jackson Co., Ind. Children: 
Annie, born Aug. 16, 1871. 
Manda, born Dec. 17, 1873. 
Denzil Miller, born Dec. 17, 1878. 

PoORE. MARGARET MARIA, b. Sept. 14, 1857; unmarried in 1879. 
RICHARD ACTON, b. July 8, 1861. 
DANIEL S., b. Apr. 8, 1866. 


PooKE. EPHRAIM, b. Sept. 11, 1868. 

FRANCIS, b. Oct. 26,. 1870. 

JAMES HAEEISON'^ bom Feb. 15, 1824; died Mcar. 11, 1824. 

JOHN^ bora Sept. 23, 1825; m. Oct. 29, 1843, Martha Jane, dau. of 
James and Elizabeth (Smith) Rood, b. in Ehzabethtown, Hardin Co., Ky., 
Feb. 6, 1826. He was a cooper by trade, and died Mar. 17, 1866 in Medora, 
Jackson Co., Ind., where his widow was residing in 1878. Children: 
THIRZA, b. Aug. 5, 1844; d. unmarried Sept. 13, 1865. 

ELIZA, b. July 26, 1847, in Bethany, Brown Co., Ind. ; m. Oct. 10, 1865, at 
Butler. Medora, William, son of William and Lucinda ( ) Butler, b. Feb. 4, 

1837, in Ewing, Jackson Co., Ind. ; is a farmer, and they in 1880 reside in 
Children : 

Mary Etta, born in Ewing, Aug. 20, 18G8. 
John, boni iu Ewing, Eub. 18, 1871. 
Catharine, born in Ewing, Oct. 7, 1873. 
Ann, born iu Ewing, Mar. 16, 1876. 

ELIZABETH, b. in Mooney, Ind., Nov. 28, 1849, who was married about 1870, 
and died in Washington Co., Ind. about 1874, leaving one child. 

MINERVA ANN, b. in Mooney, June 15, 1853 ; m. in Ewing, May 30, 1870, 
S-APP. John, son of Benj. and Sophia (Foster)" Sapp, b. Oct. 13, 1829, in Dearborn 

Co., Ind. A farmer in 1878 at Cedar Grove, Franklin Co., Ind. Children : 
Mary Ann, born in Cedar Grove, Nov. 10, 1872. 
Dennis, born in Cedar Grove, June 27, 1874. 
^ KosKLLA, born in Cedar Grove, July 19; 1876. 

PooRE. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, b. Aug. 10, 1855 ; d. Sept. 17, 1872. 

ROBERT WEEMS, b. in Medora, Aug. 20, 1857. 

JOAN McCLELLAN, b. in Columbus, Bart. Co., Ind., Aug. 1, 1862. 

HA^N'AH', b. Sept. 23, 1825; a twin to John; m. Aug. 27, 1846, John 
DeWitt, the widower of her aunt Amelia P. Poore. He was a farmer, died 

I^ov. 20, 1879, and she resides in 1880, about twelve miles east of 
DeWitt. Salem and near New Philadelphia, Washington Co., Ind. Her 

children : 

LAURA VANTREES, b. Sept. 13, 1847 ; m. Oct. 14, 1868, James Henderson, 
Gillespie. son of Thomas and Nancy (Gardner) Gillespie ; residence in 1880, in Scott Co., 
Ind. Children : 

Alganety, born Oct. 21, 18G9. 
Harley, born Apr. 16, 1871. 
Mary, born Dec. 8, 1872. 
John, born Oct. 8, 1874. 
Herman, born Nov. 17, 1875. 


DkWitt. MARY, born Oct. IG, 1849. 

ALBERT MARSTON, born Jan. 4, 1852. 

JOHN MARSHALL, born Nov. 20, 1854. 

GEORGE CLARENCE, born Mar. 1, 1857. 

MELVIN CRAWFORD, born Sept. 24, 1859 ; died Feb. 19, 1861. 

ELIZABETH ELLEN, born Dec. 25, 1861. 

LILLY BELL, who died Aug. 15, 1868 ) ,^^.^ ^^^ ^^^^ 


ELIZA HOWES', b. Oct. 31, 1828; m. Aug. 17, 1843, Nathaniel 
Holmes, son of John and Lydia (Holmes) DeWitt, b. near New Philadel- 
phia, Washington Co., Ind., Mar. 3, 1821. Mr. DeAVitt was a hrothoi- to 
her sister Hannah's husband and uncle Alvan's wife. He was a trader, 
lived in the states of Ind., Iowa and Mo., when theii- hvrge family of children 
were born ; died at St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. 17, 1875, and she in 1879 i-esides 
in Allendale, Worth Co., Mo., where she, with her family, has resided since 
18G9. Children: 

A DAUGHTER, died in early infanc}'. 

NANCY JANE, b. in New Pliiladelphia, Washingion Co., Ind., June 17, 1845, 
was a school teacher about fourteen years in Iowa and Mo., then Jan. 8, 1S79, 
Campbell. m. William Henry, son of Alfred and Mariah (Blades) Campbell, b. in Slielby- 
ville, Shelby Co., Ind., about sixt}' miles westward of Indi.anapolis, Nov. 25, 
1842. He is Circuit Clerk and Recorder of Worth Co., Mo., and in 1880 resides 
at Grant City. 

LUCINDA, b. in New Philadelphia, Oct. 14, 1847; m. Sept. 9, 1877, Joseph 
Marshall. Ulysses, son of Jacob S. and Sarah A. (Marshall) Marshall, b. in Clarington, 
Monroe Co., Ohio, Feb. 16, 1851 ; is a farmer, residence in 1880, Allendale, Mo. 
Children : 

Maud Eliza, bora near Allendale, Augr. 9, 1878 ; died Sept. 6, 1879. 
Ulysses Alvan, born in Allendale, Jan. 9, 1880. 

MARY ELLEN, b. near Clear Spring, Jackson Co., Ind., Nov. 26, 1848 ; m. Jan. 
Morgan. 3, 18(57, William Henry, son of Thomas II. and Elizabeth C. (Noble) Morgan; 

b. in Madison Co., lud., Aug. 8, 1840 ; is a farmer ; and residence in 1880 at 
Coffeyville, Mont. Co., Kansas. He was a sergeant in Co. C, 51st Mo. 
Infantry, where he served his country from Feb. 15, 1805, until Aug. 15, 
1865. Children : 

Thomas Hamilton, born in Grant City, Worth Co., May 22, 18G8. 

William Alvin, born in Grant City, Oct. 12, 1869. 

Emma Bull, bom in Grant City, Sept. 4, 1871 ; died Sept. 21, 1872. 

NuLLiu May, born in Alb:iuy, Gentry Co., Mo., June 28, 1874; died Mar. 23, 1876. 

Mauy Fanny, born near CoUeyville, Feb. 3, 1877. 

Hugh Wallack, born near Coffeyville, May 8, 1879. 




EMILY BROOKS, b. near Clear Spring, Oct. 28, 1851 ; has been a schoolteacher; 
SiBMiLLER. ru. Nov. 8, 1868, Israel Francis, son of George and Barbara (Plasterer) Siemiller, 
b. in Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Pa., Apr. 5, 1841. His parents of German 
origin ; his father born about 1805, came from Germany when about eleven j-ears 
of age, and settled in Lancaster Co., Pa., and his mother was a native of Pa., 
and b. Nov. 2, 1809. He is a farmer ; residence in 1880 in Grant City, Worth 
Co., Mo. He has served his country by enlisting July 6, 1861, at Platteville, 
in Co. D, 4th Iowa ; discharged Sept. 4, 1864, at Jonesborough, Georgia, and 
enlisted Feb. 15, 1865, in Co. C, 61st Mo. Eegt. of Infantrj-, where he was a 
Lt., and remained until mustered out Aug. 15, 1865, after the war closed, and he 
has since been six 3'ears a Deputy Sheriff of Worth Co., Township Collector, 
etc. Child : 

Israel Koscob, born June 24, 1879, at Honey Grove, about six miles north of Grant 

LYDIA, b. Aug. 9, 1854, near Decatur, Decatur Co., Iowa; m. Apr. 18, 1872, 

Schooler. Benjamin Harrison, son of Charles and Mehitable (Barber) Schooler, b. near 

Caledonia, Ringgold Co., Iowa, Nov. 23, 1852 ; and in 1880 resides in Villisca, 

Mont. Co., Iowa. She died in Grant Citj', Mo., Feb. 22, 1876, leaving one child : 

Bertha Ellen, born near Allendale, Mo., Feb. 21, 1873. 

ALVAN IL, b. May 10, 1857, near Mt. Ayr, Ringgold Co , Iowa; a school teacher, 
DEWriT. residence in 1880 at home, and unmarried. 

SAMIRA ANN, b. Oct. 16, 1859, near Mt. Ayr ; also a teacher, and in 1879 unm. 

HARLEY PRISCILLA, b. Oct. 4, 1862, near Grant City ; also a teacher. 

JENNIE DANE, b. near Mt. Ayr, Apr. 29, 1865. 

ULA AMELIA, b. in Grant City, June 26, 1868. 

WENDELL MARSTON, b. near Allendale, Feb. 11, 1871. 

ALYIIST ', b. Jan. 29, 1831 ; was a school teacher 24 years ; m. Aug. 9, 

1853, EUzabeth Ellen, dau. of Wm. and Mary (Thompson) Robinson, b. in 

Washington Co., Ind., Mar. 9, 1832. All their nine children were born near 

Beach Grove, and they w.ere residing in 1877 at New Philadelphia, 

PoouE. all in said Washington Co., bnt in 1879 they resided in Freedonia, 

Wilson Co., Kansas. Children: 

MARGARET ALICE, b. June 14, 1855 ; unmarried 1879 ; is a school teacher. 

ANN ELIZA, b. July 7, 1857 ; died Jan. 16, 1866. 

WILLIAM CLAUDA, b. Nov. 2, 1859. 

ROBERT ANDERSON, b. Apr. 6, 1861. 

WENDELL MORTON, b, Aug. 10, 1863 ; d. June 10, 1872. 

HANNAH ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 9, 1867. 

MARY ETTA, b. June 7, 1869. 

ALVIN EUSTACE, b. July 30, 1872. 

JOHN KNOX, b. May 9, 1875. 


MARTHA REYNOLDS', b. July 15, 1833; m. Sept. 5, 1854, Levi, son 
cf Levi and Sarah (Baker) Giflbnl, h. in Orange Co., Intl., Mar. 1, 1830; 

joined (he Methodisst Episcopal Church in his 12lh year. Educated 

at the Ind. Asl)ury University; joined the Ind. Conl'erence in 1852, 
Gii.if()Ki>. and is still in 1880 in tlie service of the M. E. Church. She d. 

June 7, 18G3, near Paoli in Orange Co., and he has m. her cousin, 

Lydia A. DeAVitt. Children: 

LEORA ANN, born in Ilardensburgh, Wasli. Co., Ind., July 5, 1855. 
WILLIAM KING, born in Gentryville, Spencer Co., Ind., Aug. 22, 1857. 
SARAH ELISABpyni, born in Fredericksburg, Wasii. Co., Ind., Jan. 3, 1860. 

CHARLES WILEY, born Mar. 4, and died July 5, 1863 ; buried vvilli its niotiier 

at Little Orleans. 

MARY", twin to Martha R.; died Aug. 12, 1833. 

LEWIS HARRISON"', b. Oct. 16, 1835; ni. July 27, 1858, Susan Roberts, 
Poouu. an orphan from Williamsport, 111.; residence in 1879 at Marshall- 
town, six miles from Mt. Ayr, Ringgold Co., Iowa. Childi-en: 

MARTHA JANIi, b. Aug. 12, 1859 ; m. Feb., 1877, Abner, son of John and Dicy 

GoUiday, b. in Wis. Children: 
ELIZABETH FRANCES, b. in Marsli.alltown, July 25, 1864. 
SAMUEL ROSECRANS, b. in Marshalltown, Oct. 16, 186G ; d. in 1867. 
EUPHRATES, b. near Mormgntown, Dec. 5, 1868. 
ELENORA, b. Mormontovvn, Jan. 11, 1870. 
MARY, b. Apr. 17, 1872. 
A child ; died young. 
A child ; died young. 

DANIEL WEDDELL', b. May 2, X830, who served his country in Co. 
G, 29th Iowa Regt., and in 1864' he received from Gov. Stone, of Iowa, a 
Captain's Commission. He m. in Allendale, Mo., Mar. 2, 1857, Mary 
Louisa, dau. of Mahlon Fox and Catharine (Boyer) Warford, b. in Roch- 
ester, N. Y"., July 17, 1839. Her feather b. in N. J. in 1802 and mother in 
Germany in 1810, and they were m. in Toledo, Ohio, in 1830. Residence 
in 1879 is Defiance, Worth Co., Mo. Children : 

HENRY McCARTHEY, b. at Mt. Ayr, Ringgold Co., Iowa, Dec. 19, 1857. 
MAHLON AVENDELL, b. in Savannah, Andrew Co., Mo., Mar. 9, 1859. 
ELIZABETH CATHARINE, b. at Mt. Ayr, June 5, 1862. 
ELMER BROOKS, b. in Guilford, Nodaway Co., Mo., Mar. 18, 1864. 

264 joiiisr pooKE and iirs family. 

PoouE. GEORGE GRANT, b. in Movmontown, Taylor Co., Iowa, Nov. 5, 1868. 

JAMES ROLLA, b. in Defiance, Wortli Co., Mo., Aug. 29, 1874. 

THOMAS BROOKS ^. k Aug. 4, 1841; m. Apr. 11, 1861, Mary Emma, 
of "Washington Co., Pa., dau. of John and Rebecca (Hare?) McFarland; 
was a farmer; but went into Co. G, 29th Regt. of Iowa, and died in the 
hospital at Memphis, Tenn., Mar. 16, 1863, and liis widow in 1865 m. a 
soldier who served with him in the same company, viz. ; Chaney L. Jones, 
and the family in 1880 reside in Kansas- His son : 

THOMAS BROOKS, b. in Ringgold Co., Iowa, Mar. 26, 1863. 

LYDIA^ who died Aug. 22, 1844 > ^^^.^^ ^^^ 

SUSAN ^ who died July 10, 1845 3 ' "^ ' 

AM^Vl^DA EVELINE ^ b. June 14, 1846; m. in Mt. Ayr, Iowa, May 
12, 1864, George, son of Elisha and Mary (Rose) Stacy, b. in Lake 
Stacy. Co., O., June 24, 1836. He is a farmer near Mormontown, Iowa in 
1880, and has been in Ringgold Co. since Sept., 1863. Children : 

HATTIE MAY, b. Apr. 2, 1865. 

BYRON, b. Dec. 13, 1866. 

LUELLA, b. Nov. 25, 1868. 

MARY LAVINA, b. Feb. 13, 1871. 

LEANNAH, b. July 7, 1874. 

GEORGE FRANKLIN, b. Sept. 21, 1876. 

ELLEN^OR GRAHAM ', b. N'ov. 14, 1848; m. July 4, 1866, Socrates 
Williams, of Fulton Co., 111., son of John and Mary (Williams) Williams, 
b. Feb. 10, 1846, in Buchanan Co., Mo., about seventeen miles southeast 
from St. Joseph; in 1863 enlisted in Co. B, 9th Regt. of Iowa, and 
served until the war ended. Pie is a farmer in Ringgold Co., Iowa, 
Williams, where their children were born, and in 1880 they reside about one 
mile northwest of her father and about three miles southwest from 
her sister Amanda Eveline. Children : 
EFFIE A., b. May 30, 1867 ; d. Mar. 10, 1872. 
CALFEE, b. May 27, 1869. 
Williams. IONA, b. Aug. 3, 1872. 

SEDALIA, b. Oct. 24, 1877. 

MEHITABLE MERRILL ^ b. Mar. 1, 1853; m. Aug. 20, 1868, James 


Riley, son of Absalom mikI Elizabeth (Ileiulrick) Sevreiis, 1). in Fulton Co., 
111., Aug. 10, 1847 (his father b. in leaver Co., O., July 8, 1827, 
and his mother b. in Butler Co., ()., Mai-. 10, 1827, and tlioy i-e- 
Skvi:k.ns. moved to Taylor Co., Iowa in 18G7). Their lirst six ehildren all 
b. in Kingg'old Co., and he is in 1880 a farmer four miles from 
Mormontown. Children: 

LEO THEODORE, b. July 28, 1869. 

EMMA DELIA, b. Oct. 12, 1870; d. .Juno 8, 1871. 

INEZ PARULTA, b. Apr. 4, 1872. 

BERTIA, b. Dec. 24, 1874 ; d. June 8, 1875. 

EVA ELLEN, b. Mar. 5, 187G. 

EDITH MAY, b. Mar. 20, 1878. 


AMANDA °, born Oct. l.'S, 1801; m. in Madison, Ind., Sept. 21, 1819, 
Moses Badger, sou of Moses B. Pearson, b. in Newburyport, Mass., 
May 1, 1798, who d. at Cave in Rock, Hardin Co., 111., Nov. 20, 
Pkakson. 1851, by whom she had eight children, but the first seven died 
before them. She died at Cincinnati, Hamiltc;n Co., O., Nov. 15, 
18G2. Children: 
EDWARD AUGUSTUS', b. Aug. 20, 1820; d. unmarried, aged 25. 

AMANDA' and THOMAS ', both died young. 

OSCAR WASHINGTON ^ b. Dec. 22, 1822; m. Jane Enos, by whom 
had one child, but it d. young, and he d. May 20, 181:9, about a year sub- 
sequent to his wife's decease. 

SARAH ELIZABETH", b. about 1824; dieabout 1825. 

JAMES C.^ and JULIETTE A.^ both died young. 

ALONZO BADGER', b. in Cincinnati, O., Nov. 3, 1828; m. (1) Aug. 
23, 1854, at St. Louis, Mo., Martha Elizabeth, dan. of William and, Sarah 
(Fowler) Lenzey, b. in London, England, Feb. 9, 1835. Iler lather also b. 
in London, May 11, 1790. She d. Mar. IG, 18GG; ra. (2) Dec. 29, 1867, 
Eliza Caroline, dan. of Thomas and Mary Ann (Waters) Shcrwin, also b. 
in London, Old England, Dec. 6, 184G. Children all born in St. Louis, Mo., 
where he has i-esided since 18 . He is a manufacturer of scales for weigh- 


ing, and his counting room in 1869 was at 'No. 816 jSTorth Main street, and 
residence 717 Locust street, and in 1880 his place of business is Is^o. 411 
Morgan street, and his residence is at No. 1724 same street. Children: 

WILLIS ALONZO STANLEY, b. Oct. 13, 1855. 

ALVIN LENZEY, b. Nov. 4, 1858. 

MIGNONA ALVA, born Julj^ 14, 1861 ; married Nov. 28, 1877, Wm. Tibnon 
Wriston, born in Johnson Co., Mo., Oct. 11, 1855 ; he is a farmer, and they re- 
side in 1880 near Dadeville, in Dade Co., Mo. Children : 

Elizaseth Jane, born iu Johnson Co., Mo., October 17, 1878. 

Annie Lulie, born in Dade Co.,*Mo., March , 1880. 

CORA AMANDA, b. Dec. 15, 1863. 

MARTHA P:LIZABETH, b. Jan. 27, 1866 ; d. Apr. 27, 1866. 

ROBERT WATERS, born November 21, 1871 ; died young. 


ALYAISI"*', born July 31, 1803; was in early life a shoemaker, afterward, 
for about ten years, a cooper, and in the latter part of life a fai-mer; 
but we are informed that his active mind did not permit him to use all his 
energies on these vocations. Being a constant readei-, a deep thinker, as 
well as a man of ability and uprightness of character and sterling worth, 
and earnestly devoted to Christianity, he was resorted to for his opinion in 
important matters. And possessed of superior oratorial powers was called 
upon frequently to deliver Fourth of July orations, and we are informed by 
one of his sons that during the five years he lived in Iowa he was engaged 
in preaching the gospel. His life was one of an exemplary christian, and 
his death was that of the righteous. 

He married Sept. 26, 1833, Julia Ann, the widow of Eli Zaring (who by 
Mr. Zaring had a son Eli, who died of yellow fever in Donaldsonville, La., 
about 18.50, in his 22nd year, nnm.). She was daughter of John and Lydia, 
(Holmes) DeWitt, born in New York City, Nov. 27, 1812. After their 
marriage they resided in Indiana over two-score years; the first seven of 
their children were born in "Washington County, and the eighth in Pike 
County, and in tl^e autumn of 1856 they removed to Iowa and settled in a 
locality in the southwest part of Ringgold Co., on the west fork of Grand 
River, now called Redding, which is about fifteen miles from Mt. Ayr. He 
died Jan. 29, 1862, and she survived him until July 25, 1875. Children: 

LYDIA AMANDA^, born October 29, 1834; died unm. May 29, 1857. 


JOHN MARSHALL ^ born near New Pliiladelphia, August 4, 183G; 
served his country in the tune of the Southern KebelUon in Co. G, 29 Rcgt. 
of Iowa; is a farmer and owns IGO acres of land; also taught school in 
early life; in 1880 is residing about four miles southwest of Mount Ayr, 
Iowa; married April 11, 18G7, Mary Jane, dau. of Samuel and Milly EUzabeth 
(Parks) Baird, born near Newcastle, Putnam Co., Ind., Oct. 12, ISiO. 
Their children were all born in Ringgold Co., viz.: 

EUGENE WASHINGTON, bora near Reddiug, February 22, 1868. 

MILLY BELL, born near Redding, May 4, 1871. 

MARY EMMA, born near Redding, October 5, 1873. 

WILLIE WALTER, born near Mount Ayr, July 13, 1876. 

ELMER ROY, born near Mount Ayr, March 30, 1879. 

ISABELLA", born July 17, 1810; man-ied January 1, 18G0, Absalom, 
son of John and Martha (Moore) Baird, an uncle to John M's wife, born 
in Putnam Co., Ind., Dec. 3, 1831, and has resided in Ringgold Co. since 
185G. He is a farmer; residence in 1880 about ten miles southwest of Mt. 
Ayr, and three miles northeast of Redding, and all their children were born 
in Ringgold Co., on the farm they have occupied since the autumn of 

18G0. Said farm consisted at first of 130 acres of rough prairie, 
Baird. but now it is enlarged to 335 acres and under good cultivation. 

Children : 

WILLIAM ALVAN, born May 23, 1861. 

IDA ROSELA, born June 21, 1862. 

JOHN ELMER, born July 4, 1863. 

RUFUS IIARTLY, born June 15, 1865 ; died April 23, 1877. 

JULIA BELLE, born January 26, 1867. 

EMMA ALICE, born October 29, 1869. 

SAMUEL CARLE, born June 10,. 1871. 

EUTHA MAY, born April 29, 1873. 

JAMES CLAUD, born May 3, 1875. 

CHARLES LEO, born May 5, 1877. 

ALYAN MANSFIELD ^b. near New Philadelphia, Sept. 22, 1842; served 
his country also in Co. Gr, 29th Iowa, three years; taught school a number 
of years after the war, was engaged in mercantile business in 1877 and 
1878, elected Treasurer of Ringgold Co. in 1879, and in the spring of 1880 


has been elected Treasurer. of the incorporated town of Mt. Ayr also; and 
resides in that place in May, 1880, but owns a farm near Redding. He 

married Oct. 6, 1878, Venelia, dau. of Wm. F. and Margaret P. 
PooRE. (Box) Crouch, born near Sullivan, in Moultrie Co., 111., June 27, 

1859. Child: 

ORPHA, born near Redding, Ringgold Co , Iowa, July 11, 18^9. 

A^N" MARIA ^, born Sept. 16, 1844; married Aug. 13, 1861, Daniel 
Carroll, son of John and Rhoda Abarr, born in 111., Feb. 15, 

1828. He is a farmer, and they reside in 1880 about one mile south- 
west of Redding, Iowa, on the homestead her father owned when he 
Abaku. first came to Iowa where were born most of their following named 

CORDELIA ANN, bom June 14, 1862. 

SILAS WILSON, born August 17, 1863. 

EDWARD CURTIS, bom November 9, 1864. 

MARY EMMA, bora September 12, 1866. 

MILLAGE LESTER, bora November 27, 1867. 

ADDIE MAY, bom May 17, 1869 ; died September 5, 1870. 

ALICE BELLE, born October 29, 1870. 

LEANDER HARLAN, born January 12, 1872. 

EFFIE ESTELLA, born December 13, 1873. 

JOHN ALVAN, born April 26, 1875. 

RALPH DAY, bom November 28, 1879. 

RILLA, born March 17, 1880. 

DAOTEL WEBSTER^ born in Canton, Oct. 28, 1846, and when he was 
about four years of age the family removed into Pike County; continued 
at home until about the age of twenty-one, excepting when he enlisted in 
Co. A, 46th Regt. of Iowa, for 100 days. About the year 1867 he went to 
Grant City, Worth Co., Mo., and attended school until August, 1869, when 
on the fifteenth of that month he married Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of 
Harmon and Mary Ann (Brothers) Williams, who was born in Sparta, 
Stark Co., O., Feb. 6, 1846. 

He is a farmer; lived on a farm near Allendale, in the eastern jDart of 
Worth Co., Mo., until March 2, 1876, when he removed to Harrison Co., 
and i-esided about four years, then sold out February^ 1880, and re- 
moved on to Alvan M's last farm about one mile south of Redding, in 


PooitE. Ringgold Co., Iowa, near where liis father resided whcu he first cauie 
to that County. Children : 

LILLIE, boni in AlliuKliilo, June 5, 1870. 
MARY ANNA, ))orn in Ailendiile, June 1, 1872. 
SUSIE EUITII, bom in Allendale, March 27, 1875. 

CLINTON" ELLSWORTH", born Ai)nl 7, 1819; a fanner; unmarried in 
1880 and resides with his brother John M., near Mt. Ayr. 

SUSiVN EMMA", born July 25, 1852; married February 8, 1877, John 
son of Abraham and Martha (Freed) Walters, born in South Toledo, 
Dec. 21, 1845. lie is a farmer and resides in 1880 about a mile west of Cal- 
edonia, and in the eastern part of Ringgold Co., Iowa. 

WESLEY AMES", born N'ovembcr 21, 1858; unmarried in 1880, and 
then residing near Villisca, Montgomery Co., Iowa. 


HANNAH ADAMS ^ born Nov. 17, 1804; m. Oct. 24, 1826, Jonathan, 
sou of Abraham and Anna (Briggs) Prosser, born in Milo, Ontario 
Co., N. Y., Aug. 24, 1802. He was a self-made anan; practised nicdicine 
about twenty-five years, was also a local preacher of the Methodist Church 
that length of time. He after being an invalid about ten years, died Nov. 
6, 1857. She has lived with her daughter Mary Amelia since 1801. 
Prosser. Her Children were born in Oilcans, Orange Co., Ind., and her 
husband died in that i)lace. Children : 
MARIA ANTOINETTE', born Sept. 26, 1827; m. in 1845, George 
DeWitt, from New York City, lived in Washington Co., Ind.. l)ut 
deWitt. died without issue June 2, 1846. Her widower afterwards married; 
had one son, and has since deceased. 

MARTHA ANN", b. Sept. 15, 1829; m. Jan. 15, 1852, Giles Willi ford, 
son of Wm. C. and Phebe (King) Smith, b. in Richmond, Wayne Co., Ind., 
Apr. 3, 1830. His parents in 1878 resided in Martinsville, Ind. His father 
who was born in Indiana, Sept. 14, 1809, is a clergyman of the INIotliodist 
Church, and author of a work relating to the early life of Indiana, cut it ltd 
Indiana Miscellany, and mother born in New York state in 1807. Her 
husband was formerly a printer, but has of late been engaged in selling 



Smith, agricultural implements, and they have resided in Orange, Owen, 
Floyd, Marion, Cass and Miami Counties, in Ind., and in 1880 are in 
Peru, Miami Co. Children: 

LORA MARIE, bona in Orleans, Ind., Dec. 1, 1852 ; tx music teacher; unmarried 
in 1877. She married March 26, 1879, Cornelius Foster, son of Michael and 
Maria (Bickel) Kircher, born near North Manchester, Wabash Co., Ind., Dec. 
25, 1847 ; is a farmer and in 1880 they reside in his native place. 

MARTHA, born in Gosport, Ind., Jan. 15, 1855 ; a school teacher residing winter 
of 1877-8 in Denver, Ind., and in 1880 is at home and is unmarried. She writes 
poetry for local newspapers. 

WILLIFORD, born Dec. 9, 1856 ; died aged one day. 

CARLISLE PROSSER, born Feb. 21, 1862 ; died Sept. 20, 1873. 

EVA, born Feb. 26, 1864 ; died same day of birth. 

INDIA, born Apr. 1, 1865 ; died Sept. 11, 1865. 

MARY DANIELS, born in Adamsboro', Cass Co., Ind., Sept. 16, 1866. 

BENJAMHN" RUSH', born June 30,1831; was a civil engineer; m. 
Margaret Murry, but died without issue, Oct. 5, 1859. 

DAVID BRADLEY ^ born Oct. 25, 1833; died Sept. 4, 1835. 

ABRAHAM EDWIN^ b. Aug. 14, 1836; m. Dec. 31, 1857, Elizabeth, 
dan. of Suer Suerson and Elizabeth (Davidson) Ulven, born in the province 
of Bergen, IM^orway, Oct. 23, 1835. Came with her parents to America 
when about two years of age, and resided in Chicago from 1836 to 1840; 
afterwards in Lafayette Co., "Wisconsin, where her mother died. Her 
brother Andrew was in the army and died in Andersonville Prison, and her 
sisters are Mrs. Martha Jewell, Mrs. Urena Cole and Mrs. Annie Babcock, 
of Elysian, Minn. 

He is a farmer, and since the birth of their first child he has resided in 
Elysian, Le Sueur Co., Minn. He was in Co. H, 2nd Regt. of 
PitossER. Minn. Volunteers, and was one of Sherman's bummers on his 
march from the sea, joining Sherman at Goldsboro', IN^. C. Children: 
MARY LOUISA, born in LeRoy, Blue Earth Co., Minn., Feb. 4, 1859. 
EMMA ANNA, born June 28, 1860. 
HANNAH URENA, born Oct. 21, 1861. 
MARTHA EDNA, born Dec. 24, 1864. 
CORA FRANCES, born Oct. 9, 1866. 
CHARLES AVILFORD, born Mar. 23, 1869. 


ruo.ssKR. AMELIA I5KLLE, 1)oin Fob. 10, 1871. 
ANDREW KUSII, l)om Nov. 27, 1872. 

ELOISE , horn Oct. 14, 1871 ; diud November 6, 1874. 

FLORENCE ELIZABETH, l)oni M:u-. G, 1876. 
LILLIAN DINAH, l.oiii JuniKuy 7, 1878. 

SUSAN ELTZABETir, born Kov. 8, 1838; died Feb. 19, 1839. 

WILLIAM HENRY", bom Apr. 17, 1810; died July 27, 1854. 

MAEY AMELIA", boi-ii Jan. 8, 1843; m. May 9, 1801, AVm., son of 
William and liebccca Maize (Davies) Danielis, b. in Hamilton, Butler Co., 
Oiiio, Oct. 25, 1837. His fiither perhaps b. in Canandaigua, N. Y., and 
mother was b. \n Hamilton Co., Ohio. He is a farmer; residence near Pei'u, 
Miami Co., Ind., when their eldest four children were born, and near Hunt- 
ington, Huntington Co., Ind., when their next two children were born; 
went to Huntington Co. in 1871, and into the town of Huntington 
Danibls. after dau. Mary A. was born, and in 1880 reside on their farm near 
said Huntington. Children: 

MAY, born April 4, 18G2. 

WILLIAM, born June 30, 1863. 

LOUIS WORDEN, born April 23, 1865 ; died aged six days. 

MARTHA ELLEN, born Oct. 29, 1807. 

THOMAS EDWIN, born Jnne 19, 1872. 

MARY AMELIA, born M.iy 1, 1874. 


MEHITABEL THURSTON^, b. Nov. 25, 1809; m. at the house of her 
uncle Daniel Chute, Mar. 3, 1831, to William Stanley, son of Jacob 
and Annie (Stanley) Merrell, b. in Durham, Green Co., N. Y., Jan. 9, 
1798. Several in his line of ancestors have borne the name of Jacob, and 
his grandfather had that name. The maiden name of his grandmother was 
Manly. She belonged to East Hartford. His mother was of a family of 
Stanleys of Tolland, Conn. Jacob and Annie resided awhile in West 
Hartford, where he and his father were born, but they removed to Dui'ham, 
N. Y., before this son was born; lived there six years, then removed to 
Oneida Co., and lived about seven miles from Utica, N. Y. Their sons were 


Jacob Manly, who lived and died on a farm about seven miles from the 
homestead and about nine miles from Rome, ]^. Y. William Stanley, who 
has been permanently settled in Cincinnati since 1828, and been with his 
brother in the wholesale drug business, being importers and manufacturers, 
and in 1880 their place of business is at jS^o. 5 West Fifth street and he 
resides at No. 508 John St., where he has resided since 1873; Hiram, who 
occupies the homestead of his father; Ashbel Stanley, who has been in Co. 
with William Stanley most of his life. Their daughters were Anne, Mary, 
Lodema, and Diantha. Doctor Mei-rell is a graduate of Hamilton College, 
N. Y. He afterward received the degree of M. D. but never devoted him- 
self to the practice of medicine. He has been President of the Eclectic 
Medical College of Cincinnati for twenty-five years and is well known to 
the medical fraternity, as the first to discover and bring to the notice of the 
profession the active principle of many of the botanical remedies now in 
use, among which are the now celebrated Podophyllin, Leptandrin, etc. 
Has also an extensive reputation as a botanist, especially in the branch 

of medicinal plants. Was a member of the City Council of Cin- 
MEiiHELL. cinnati for several years. Six members of their family are graduates 

of Hughes High School of Cincinnati. Children: 

STANLEY ^ b. Apr. 5, 1832; m. (1) Jan. 11, 1857, Kate Hawley, b. in 
Covington, Ky., 1837, who died the next day after the birth of her children; 
m. (2) Apr. 11, 1861, Adaline, dau. of Hercules and Mary Murphy, born in 
Ripley, O., July 4, 1834. He is a druggist, and resided in Covington, Ky., 
when his first two children were born, and has since resided in Ripley, Ohio, 
where his other children were born. Children: 

MARIA, born Dec. 17, 1857 ; unmarried in 1879. 

KATE SARAH, twin to Maria ; died in June, 1858. 

"WILLIAM HERCULES, born May 7, 1867. . 

MEHITABEL, born Dec. 31, 1875. 

MARIA', b. July 5, 1834; m. Apr. 17, 1856, Doctor Samuel Edmistin, 
son of John and Mary (Cowan) Martin, b. in West Granville, Mercer Co., 
Pa., June 18, 1826. His parents were Scotch Irish and second cousins; 
and his father was b. in the northerly part of Ireland, May 1, 1794. Came 
to America in 1812; resided in Philadelphia awhile, and was in the western 
part of Pa. when he married his wife, who was born near Reading, Pa. in 
1800. They came to reside with son Samuel about 1863; the mother died 
Mar. 1, 1864, and father lived until Mar. 31, 1876. 


Dr. Martin is a graduate of the Eclectic Medical College, ol" Cincinnati 

in 1853; practised his profession in Kelloggsville, Ohio, two j'^cars, and in 

1854 removed to Topeka, Kansas, where they have resided until 1880, and 

their house was built by him and is located at No. 136 Topeka Avenue, 

corner of Fifth sti-eet. He was surgeon when the militia was called out to 

repel Price's thi'eatened invasion of Kansas, and was with them when his 

younger brother was killed in the battle that probably saved Kansas 

Martin, from devastation, and he brought the dead body over the border, that 

he might bur}^ it in loyal Kansas and not in rebel Missouri. Children: 

MARY ESTELLE, boni in Topeka, July 17, 18G1. 

WILLIAM WALLACE, born in Topeka, March 19, 1868; died Sept. 6, 1870. 
JOHN MILO, born in Topeka, ,Jnne .% 1871. 
MABfiL RAY, born in Topeka, Jan. 21, 1875. 

SAKAII ANNE", b. Mar. 18, 1836; m. Apr. 7, 1859, Oliver Coughlin, 
son of Archibald and Annie (Coughlin) McCall, b. in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
Aug. 20, 1831. His parents emigrated from Newark, N. J. to Cincinnati 
in 1809. He has been with Damaiin & Co., wholesale grocers since 1858. 
He is also an architect. Kesidence Portsmouth, Ohio, where all their 
children were born. Their house where they reside, on the N. E. 
McCall. corner of Second and Union Sts., they have owned since 1872. 

OLIVER CLIFFORD, born Apr. 6, 18G1 ; died June 5, 18G4. 
ANNIE MERRELL, born July 30, 1865. 
LOUIS DAMARIN, born Jan. 5. 1869. 

WILLIAM HENRY ^ born Apr. 13, 1838; was a druggist; died unm. 
Aug. 20, 1863. 

AMANDxV", b. Jan. 15, 1811, who is a music teacher; m. Oct. 17, 1867, 
Charles Perry, son of John P. and Edetha M. (Jennings) Dodds, b. in 
Dayton, 0., Oct. 9, 1842, who died in Osage City, Osage Co., Kansas, July 
23, 1875. He was coal dealer, in the Real Estate and Insurance business, 
and owned their house where they lived at the south end of Sixth street. 
During his long illness she took up the Insurance business and had 
Dodds. the agency transferred to her and has since carried on the business 
and remained a widow to 1880. Children: 

EDITH MABEL, born in Carbondale, Osage Co., Kansas, Dec. 20, L869. 
EMMA ESTELLE, born in Osage City, Sept. 9, 1871. 


ALBEET \ b. Feb. 18, 1843, who was in the army through the war of 
the southern rebelUon, first in Co. K, 2nd Ohio Regt. of Infantry, and after- 
wards in Co. H, 1st Light Artillery, where he rose from 2nd Lt. to Captain ; 
was wounded in the foot in the battle at Coal Arbor, Va., June 1, 1864. 
He commenced the study of medicine while in Cincinnati; removed to St. 
Louis Dec. 5,-1871, where he graduated from the American Medical College, 
and is in 1880 Prof, of chemistry, etc., in the Eclectic College there, as 
well as a practising physician, and resides at 2346 Chestnut street. 

He m. Aug. 30, 1865, Emma Myra, dau. of Andrew S. and Anna M. 

(Roberts) Mooney, b. in Cincinnati, Feb. 26, 1844, who graduated with him 

from the Hughes High School in Cincinnati in 1861. Pier father 

mkurell. was a native of New York City; and mother of Bridgeton, JST. J. 

No children in 1879. 

GEORGE ^ b. Feb. 19, 1845; m. Apr. 10, 1866, Cora, dau. of Samuel B. 
and Rachel (Carey) Spear, b. iu Cincinnati, O., Nov. 22, 1846. He is a 
manufacturing chemist and wholesale druggist in company with his father 
in Cincinnati, O., with residence at Albion Place, Mt. Auburn, a subutb 
of Cincinnati. Children: 

CHARLES GEORGE, bom in Cincinnati, Aug. 2, 1867. 

ALICE WALTON, laorn in Cincinnati, Dec. 2, 1868. 

STANLEY WILSON, born in Cincinnati, Dec. 26, 1876. 

ANNA SPEAR, born in Cincinnati, July 14, 1879. 

AMELIA ^ born Mar. 3, 1847; unmarried in 1879. 

HERMAN", born June 30, 1849; an attorney at law in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Room No. 16 N. E. corner of Main and Fifth streets, and master commis- 
sioner of the Common Pleas and Superior Courts, and unmarried in 1879. 

EMMA \ born Sept. 16, 1851 ; unmarried in 1879. 

EVA^, born Dec. 10, 1856; unmarried in 1879. 


SUSANNAH ^, born Dec. 15, 1811, who was a school teacher from about 
fifteen years of age until she married at Orleans, Ind., Aug. 5, 1830, 
Thomas Jefierson, son of Daniel and Bathsheba (Daken) Brooks, and 
grandson of Job and Lucy (Hoar) Brooks; b. in Lincoln, Middlesex Co., 


Mass., Dec. 29, 1805, by whom she had one child Ijoni in Oi-an^^c Co., six 
miles cast of Oi-lcaiis, tlirec born at Mt. Pleasant, Martin Co., Ind., and re- 
moved to a place near Loogootee in the same county, Avhere her last nine 
were born, and died there Jan. 12, 187-1. The family occupying the same 
farm for thirty-five years. 

Mr. Brooks hus been an enterprising man, commencing at the age of 
eighteen years as a flat-boat-man on the AVhite Kiver, afterward was a 

trader and pork packer, etc., and after 18G5 was a farmer. Since his 

wife's decease, has retired from farming and resides with his children. 
Brooks, and some of them occupy his land. Among the public offices held 

by him was that of County Commissioner, of which he took an 

active part. Children: 

EMILY", b. May 6, 1832; m. Dec. 20, 1855, John Crook Love, son of 
Milton and Margaret (Smith) Campbell, b. near Statesvillc, Iredell Co., 
N. C, Oct. 27, 1828; studied medicine at Louisville and pi-actiscd the pro- 
fession in Loogootee, Ind., until the southern rebellion, when he with 
musket entered Co. B, 80th Regt. of Ind., but after a battle at Perry ville was 
called to take care of the wounded in the 21st artillery from Ind., 
CAMniKM,. and subsequently commissioned an assistant surgeon. In 1880 is a 
physician in Loogootee, where their children were all born, viz.: 
HARLEM ANDERSON, born Oct. 10, 1857, who is iu 1880 a blacksmith iu Mon- 
tague Co., Texas, and then unmarried. 
IDA, born Oct. 13, 1859 ; a school-teacher; unmarried in 1879. 
EUGENIA, born July 4, 18G1 ; a school teacher and also unm. in 1879, 
MARY, born December 23, 1863. 
SUSAN BROOKS, born Jan. 22, 1867. 
ETHEL, born Dec. 22, 1869. 
JOHN MILTON, born Feb. 24, 1873. 

DANIEL ^ born Dec. 15, 1833; died Feb. 23, 1838. 

LEWIS \ b. Oct. 30, 1835 at Mt. Pleasant ; defended his country in time 
of rebellion, entered Co. C, 14th Ind. Regt., where he was advanced to the 
office of captain, and was afterward Col. of the 80th Ind. Regt. of Infantry. 
After the war closed was a trader until 1872, then commenced fai-ming and 
owns 1100 acres of land in town two (2) range four (4) Avhich is about 
seven miles southeast of Loogootee in Martin Co., Ind., and besides farming 
has been Treasurer of Martin Co., Ind. from Oct., 1878. In 1880 resides 


at Wilclwood Farm. He m. in Loogootee, June 18, 1856, Amanda Melvina, 
dau. of James Andrew and Henrietta Hester (Riney) Crooks, b. 
Brooks, near Washington in Daviess Co., Ind., June 24, 1838, and both of 
her parents were natives of Washington Co., Ky. Children : 

THOMAS JEFFERSON, born in Loogootee, Apr. 22, 1857; in 1880 is principal 
of Shoals Academy, and unmarried. 

MARY HESTER, born Sept. 17, 1858 ; died Apr. 10, 1859. 
SUSAN, born in Loogootee, Oct. 26, 18G0 ; unmarried 1879. 
ANNA, born in Loogootee, Nov. 12, 1862. 

^ , . ^ ^^,^^ . > twins, born in Loooootee, Maj' 25, 1865. 
AMANDA MALVINA, ^ ' o ' j ' 

MAY, born about eight miles southwest of Shoals, at White River Farm in Lost 
River township, May 1, 1867. 

EMMA, born at Loogootee, May 25, 1869. 

WILLIAM FRANCIS, born at Loogootee, Aug. 5, 1871. 

HORACE GREELEY, born at Wildwood Farm in Columbia Township, five miles 
southwest of Shoals and seven miles southeast of Loogootee, Apr. 26, 1873. 

DANIEL, born at said Wildwood Farm, Aug. 13, 1876. 

HAREIET", born Aug. 28, 1837; died Aug. 25, 1852. 

THOMAS JEFFERSON ', born Apr. 12, 1839; m. Sept. 6, 1860; enhsted 
in Co. B, 80th Ind. Regt., where he was promoted from a piivate to captain, 
but died Feb. 27, 1863, sixteen days after reaching home, from the effects 
of wounds received while fighting Bragg at Perryville, and a fever. 

He m. Sept. 6, 1860, Elizabeth Jane, dau. of Robert and Eliza (Gi-aham) 
Carnahan, b. in Washington, Daviess Co., Ind. 18 , and he was a 

trader in Loogootee. Only child : 

LEWIS, born at Loogootee, May 30, 1862. 

SUSAN \ b. Jan. 1, 1841 ; in. Sept. 15, 1859, Sandford Lee, son of John 

and Martha (Hargrave) ISTiblack, b. in Dubois Co., Ind., about sis miles 

north of Jasper, Mar. 21, 1836. He is a brother of Wm. E. 

Niblack, who is a Judge of the Supreme Court of Ind. and ex- 

NiBLACK. member of Congress. Residence in Wheatland, Knox County, 

where he is a dry goods dealer in 1880. Children : 

EMMA, born in Wheatland, Aug. IS, 1860. She is a school teacher. 
JOHN HARGRAVE, born in Wheatland, Oct. 5, 1863. 
WILLIAM EUSTACE, born near Loogootee, Jan. 30, 1866. 


Niui.ACK. GRACE BROOKS, born in Wheatliiiul, Fel). 7, 18G8. 
EARL 8TIMS0N, born in Wheiithuul, Mar. 29, 1870. 
EDITH, born July 18, 1872 ; died Aug. 17, 1873. 
HERMAN GROSVENOR, born in "Wheatland, July 17, 1874. 
SUSAN, born Dec. 12, 1876 ; died Sept. 20, 1877. 
DAUGHTER, born in Wheatland, Feb. 2G, 1879. 

CYRUS SMITH', born May 1, 1843; died Mar. 25, 1844. 

MARY CHUTE", born May 21, 1845; died Oct. 17, 1855. 

HANNAH ELIZABETH', born Sept. 26, 1847; died Aug. 10, 1873. 

EUSTACE ADAMS', b. Mar. 6, 1850; m. Mar. 3, 1874, Martba Eunice, 

dan. of Josiali and Mary (Robertson) Trueblood, b. near Springvillej 

Lawrence Co., Ind., Feb. 11, 1853, and deceased Ang. 25, 1877, near Loo- 

gootee, where their children were born. He is a farmer, and 

Brooks, since his wife's decease has been in Texas with his sister's son. 

Children : 

SHIRLEY DAKEN, born Jan. 12, 1875. 
GRACE NIBLACK, born Jan. 26, 1877. 

HORACE ^ born Jnne 5, 1852; died Aug. 15, 1854. 

SEYMOUR WALDO', b. Feb. 27, 1855; a ftirmer near Loogootee; m. 
INIar. 9, 1875, Mary Elizabeth, dan. of Philip Wesley and Hannah Newton 
(Golden) Crecelius, b. in Crawford Co., Ind., Mar. 22, 1858. Children: 

ONAS WILBER, born near Loogootee, Dec. 5, 1876. 

A SON born near Loogootee March 29, 1880. 

GRACE', b. Mar. 18, 1857; nnm. in 1879 and makes herself useful by 
teaching one of the public schools in Loogootee. 


HARRIET °, boi-n Ang. 27, 1815; m. Mar. 17, 1836, William Ililleary, 
son of William and Celia Ann (McKay) Houghton, b. at Stone 
Lick, three miles from Ohio River and five miles from the city of Maysville, 
Mason Co., Ky., Apr. 18, 1809, but removed when ten years of age to 
reside in Daviess Co., Ind. He is grandson of Aai-on Houghton, who 



removed from 'New Jersey to Kentucky in 1788, Avlien their son William 
was in his seventh year; and great grandson of Col. Joab Houghton, of 
]S"ew Jersey state. His mother was b. in Frederick Co., Maryland, ]S"ov. 4, 
1781, and her mother was a Hilleary belonging to Maryland. He is a 

farmer, and in 1880 they reside at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Ind., 
Houghton, but their children were b. in Bar township, Daviess Co., Ind. 

Their children were: 

SILAS \ born Dec. 24, 1836; died Aug. 3, 1830. 

AARON', born May 3, 1838; died Jan. 25, 1842; death caused by the 
kick of a horse. 

WILLIAM ^ b. Oct. 28, 1839; served his coimtry in Co. , 14th Ind. 
Eegt. of Vols. Entered a private, was Lt. at battle of Winchester, Capt. 
at the battle of Antietam, and Gen. Kimball had him promoted to Major 
after the battle of Fredericksburg. Since the war, was a trader at Loo- 
gootee, and now owns a farm and steam mills, also is an Internal Revenue 
Officer, and in 1880 resides in Wheatland, Knox Co., Ind. 

He m. Jan. 6, 1870, Kissie Eunice, dau. of John J. and Minerva J. 
(Daviess) Reinhart, b. at Dover Hill, Martin Co., Ind., Nov. 12, 1847. ISTo 
children in 1879. 

JOHN ', born May 29, 1841; died Oct. 4, 1848. 

JANETTE^ b. Feb. 25, 1843; m. Feb. 11, 1869, Lemuel Levi, son of 
James and Sarah Ann (Proctor) Dilley, b. in Halbert township, Martin Co., 
Ind., Oct. 22, 1839. His paternal ancestor was Scotch; came over to Mary- 
land in its early settlement; his father b. in Va., and mother b. in Mercer 
Co., Ky. He was in Co. D, 22nd 111. Regt., and lost his right arm near 
Murfreesboro', Tenn. He has been educated at the state university 
Dilley. of Ind., and is an attorney at law; residence on a farm near Loogoo- 
tee, Martin Co., Ind. Children : 

ALBERT MERRILL, born Nov. 23, 1869 ; died Dec. 12, 1869. 
ELMER ENNIS, boru in Feb. 5, 1871. 

KENNER KENT, born in Dec. 8, 1873. 

WILLIAM HOUGHTON, born in Sept. 6, 1875. 

ADRIAN AARON, born in Dec. , 1877. 

EULA born in Oct. 24, 1879. 


WALTEK RALEIGH', born Oct. 3, 1845; served his country in Co. F, 
];i7th Incl. Kegt.; married Dec. 23, 1878, Alice :Margarct, dan. of Geo. W. 
and Margaret A. (Cliesliii-e) iSTeely, born iu Kings Cove, Jackson Co., Ala., 
Oct. 21), 18.")9. Her jjarcnts natives of tlie wcslei-n part of Xorth Carolina, 
her fixther of Rowan and mother of Davie connties. He is a scliuol teacher 
and author of Houghton Wall Chart of United States Histoiy Literature 
and Geography the size of which is Gx8 feet; residence Bloomington. Child: 
CAUL KOY, born in Bloomington, October 1, 1871). 

EUGENE", b. Aug. 27, 1847; was in Co. E, 18th Regt. of Ind.; went 
to Texas in 1873, and in 1880 is a dry goods trader in Farmersville, Collin 

Co., Texas; m. July 13, 1876, Effie L., dan. of Joseph and 
Houghton. Martha E. (Prather) Raymond, b. in Jeffersonville, Clark Co., 

Ind., Sept. 27, 1858. Children: 

ESTELLE RAYMOND, born Aug. 2, 1877 ; died May 22, 1879. 

BONAM ROY, born in Farmersville, Texas, Oct. 2G, 1879. 

HILLEARY QUINCY', born June 16, 1855; is in 1877 a meml)er of 
Lidiana State University, then unmarried. He graduates in 1880 and is a 
Student of Law. 

HATTIE ', born Feb. 18, 1857; unmarried in 1879. She is a member of 
the Indiana State University of the class to graduate in 1882. 


AMELIxV PARISH ^ born Aug. 21, 1820; m. Jan. 1, 1839, John, son 
of John and Lydia (Holmes) DeWitt, b. in IST. Y. City, May 14, 
1815, a brother to Alvan's wife. Settled in Washington Co., Ind., where 
all her children were born. She died June 24, 1846, and Mr. 
DiwiTT. DeWitt m. afterward her brother Wendelfs daughter Hannah. 
CHARLES HOLMES', b. Oct. 27, 1839, Avho was in Co. , GGth Regt. 
of Ind. Since been a farmer in Mo., and he is in 1880 in Iowa, and nnm. 

HANNAH xVMELIA", b. Oct. 12, 1841; m. (1) Jan. 17, 1861, James 
Huston, son of James and Sally (Huston) Tucker, b. one mile east of New 
Philadelphia, Washington Co., Ind., Aug. 17, 1838. He died in his 
country's service at CoUinsville, Tenn., Oct. 29, 1863, in Co. B, 66th Regt. 
of Ind.; by him slie had one child. She m. (2) Oct. 4, 1872, James, 


Tucker, son of John and Mary (Gardner) Weir, b. two miles east of l^ew 
Philadelphia, Ind., where they in 1880 reside. His jDareuts were 
m. in South Carolina, and removed to Washington Co., Ind. in 18 . 
Children : 

VIRGIL EMMET, bom in Jackson Co., Ind., Nov. 25, 1861. 

ERASTUS, bom July 21, 1873. 

CORA ALICE, bom Mar. 18, 1875. 

EDWARD bom May 18, 1877. 

LYDIA bom 187 . 

LYDIA^ b. Dec. 17, 1843; m. Aug. 8, 1863, Eev. Levi Gifford, whose 
father and grandfather bore the name Levi. The latter it is said was a 
native of England, and came over to ISTorth Carolina before 1776. He is 
the widower of her cousin Martha R. Poore (p. 263) . They have been in 
m. since the autumn of 1869, and in 1880 he is travelling in the southern 
El. Conference. He is also practising medicine, and they reside in Benton, 
Franklin Co., 111. Children: 

MARTHA AMELIA, bom in Washington Co., Ind., Nov. 30, 1864. 

LOWELLA, bom in Orange Co., Ind., Mar. 16, 1867. 

CHARLES BURTON, b. in Winterrowd, 111., Oct. 15, 1870 ; d. Sept. 19, 1871. 

ISAAC LEVI, born in Bellair, Jasper Co., 111., Feb. 8, 1873. 

JACOB, bom in Claremont, 111., Sept. 19, 1875 ; died Mar. 10, 1876. 

LAIJRA BELL, bom in Sumner, Lawrence Co., 111., Jan. 22, 1878. 

ALYAN^ born June, 1846; died in 1850. 


fLIPHALET*, born in Rowley, Mass., Mar. 18, 1746-7;. a spirit of enter- 
prize seized him in his teens, consequently we find him residing in the 
granite state spring of 1767 — as we learn from an instrument found 
among other papers handed down in the line of the family who have always 
occupied the homestead of his father and grandfather situated in that part 
of Rowley now called Geoi-getown, a copy of which we here insert viz.: 
"Know All men By these Presents that I Eliphalet Poor of Hampstead In 
the Prouince of the New Hamshire Cordwainer haue quit All the Husbandry 


tols and the pew in West parish Meeting House in Rowley Which Avas my 

Ilononred farthe Pooi-s Late of Kowley Decesd Xow posesed By my 

Brother Joseph Poor of Kowley in the County of Essex mid prouince of 

the Masechusets Bay in new England yeo- /7 // • y 

man I Do By these presents for Ever quit '^tiy/i^/^U^^<^ /y^^,y^r:^ 

Claim the aboue mentioned premises In / 

AVitness where of I haue set my hand this sixth day of April in the year 


He about that time also sold the real estate which was given to him by 
his lather; and about three years after he bought real estate in Hampstead. 
On the records of said Hampstead, ]S^. H., we find recorded the births of 
his first eight children ; but it seems that when Ruth the eiglith child was 
about two years of age he sold to Jacob Brown, of I^ewbury all his land 
in Hampstead, and removed to Hojikuiton, the town on high lands Ave^t 
of Concord the capital of New Hampshire; resided there awhile — perhaps 
when his other children were born, and while there conducted the grist mill 
at Contoocook Village; next removed from Hopkinton to Dunbarton, where 
we suppose his wife died. While in Dunbarton he lived at the place sub- 
sequently occupied by his grandnephew Thomas L. Poore (page 228). 
After the decease of his wife he returned to Hopkinton, and there resided 
the remainder of his days with his daughter Sally, who had married Mr. 
Emerson ; he died Oct. 19, 1827, after attaining the age of an Octogenarian. 

We learn from aged people now remaining in Hopkinton, who remember 
him, that he was a tall, gentlemanly appearing man. Among the offices of 
importance held by him while residing in Hampstead, was that of a select- 
man. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army and he is styled Captain 
by those in Dunbarton who have recollections of him. 

He married May 8, 1769, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Sarah 
(FoUansbee) Little, born in said Hampstead, May 19, 1752. Her parents 
were of the old l^ewbury families and her paternal ancestors Avere of the 
family of Littles to Avhich several belonged Avho have intermarried Avith our 
family. Children : 

1. Lydia, b. Feb. 16, 1770; m. Moses, son of Dea. Abel Kimball, of Hopkinton, l)iit d. 
about 1804 without issue. Her widower afterward m. Jane Moore, l)y whom liad sons 


Horace M. and George W., who both died young, and a daughter whom they named 
Lydia Poore b. in 1808, who is the wife of Isaac Story, and they resided in 1878 ou 
the homestead of her father which is about one mile below the village, but she has no 

2. Samuel, b, June 18, 1772, who we understand was a seaman, and died with consumption 
' 3. Moses, b. Aug. 2G, 1774 ; m. Charlotte White. 

4. Sarah, b. Jan. 5, 1777 ; m. Bodwell Emerson, of Hopkinton, whose earl}' ancestors re- 

sided in Haverhill, Mass. She had only one child, viz. : Daniel, who we hear m. a 
Plumer, and had two or more daughters. His wife died and he removed to Biddeford, 
Maine, where he probably died about 1855. Probably the daughters of Daniel never 
married, arid only one if any is alive in 1880, and that one's name we understand is 
Mary and born about 1850. 

5. Mary, b. Feb. 10, 1779, who m. Hon. John Harris, one of the Judges of the Court in 

New Hampshire. Thej' resided in Hopkinton, where she died Feb. 6, 1843, aged 64, 

and he died Apr. 23, 1845, aged 74. She had the following children : 

I. George who was a cripple; d. unm. Feb. 17, 1849, aged 47 years. 11. Catherine, who d. Feb. 
16, 1843, aged 39 years; m. a distant kin — Timothy Wiggin, sou of Maj. William and Eliza, 
(Wiggin) Little, b. Feb. 9, 1805, and d. Apr. 12, 18G3. We understand that Maj. Little re- 
moved from Atliinson, N. H. to Hopliintoa, thence to Salisbury, afterward resided in Norwich, 
Vermont, but returned to Hopliinton, where he d. Feb. 23, 18G2, aged SO years, and his widow 
died Apr. 20, 1868, aged 85 years. Mr. Little was a trader, settled in Hopliinton, where 
Catherine died. He m. for his second wife, Mary L. Britton, by whom had two children, and 
had removed to Manchester before he died. Catherine had the following children, viz. : 1. 
Mary Poore, who d. aged about 18 months. 2. Lizzie Wiggin, who d. unm. July 6, 1854, aged 
20 years. III. Elizabetli, who d. unm. Oct. 31, 1850, aged 42 years. IV. Ann, who d. unm. 
Aug. 1, 1832, aged 21 years. , 

6. Elizabeth, b. Mar, 30, 1781, who lived to the age of maturity, but we do not learn that 

she ever was married. 

7. John Henrj', b. Aug. 25, 1783 ; m. Jane Etting Taylor. 

8. Euth, b. Nov. 8, 1785 ; m. Francis D. Eandall, who we are informed was of Deerfield, 

N. H. ; a school teacher ; and at one time was Register of Deeds of Rockingham Co. ; 

also was a music teacher. Ruth had only one child, viz. : 
I. Helen Melvin, b. Feb. 3, 1811; m. David Marston Dearborn, b. Feb. 11, 1810. He was a brother 
to Andrew P. Dearborn. They resided in Coucord, and in Hopkinton, where most of the 
family is buried. Slie died July 7, 1859, and he died Nov. 9, 1865. Children : 1. Helen Eliza- 
beth, b. May 20, 1836; d. Sept. 18, 1837. 2. Horace Francis, b. Aug. 23, 1839; d. Feb. 26, 
1841. 3. Alfred Randall, b. Feb. 22, 1845; d. Mar., 1846. 4. Frederick, perhaps the youngest, 
and the only one who lived to the age of maturity, and we hear that lie has married a wife 
named Wallace, and about 1877 was with her father and lived at Squogg in Manchester, N. H. 

9. Dudley, b. July 4, 1790 ; m. Deborah O'Donnel. 

10. Nathaniel Peabody (perhaps born before Dudley) ; m. Mary Ford;:and was a resident of 
Cincinnati, Ohio for awhile, and by the directory of that citj' we learn that he was one 


of the proprietors of the "Sun" in 18.57 anil resided at 19 West 4th street; in 1858 
Librarian of Ohio School Library, with residence at 52 W. 9tli St. ; 1861 Librarian of 
Public Library. We liear that ho had two .-^ons, viz. : Standish F., who was a clerk 
for Adams & Co. in Cincinnati awhile, and died num., and John Henry who was in 
1858 assistant librarian with his father, and two or three daughters, perhaps their 
names were Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary. 
11. Abigail, b. about 1796; m. in her G3d year Win. E. Mayhew, Senior, of Baltimore, for 
his last wife. lie died Apr. 12, 1866, and she survived him about three years. 

fOSES^ born in Hampstead, N. H., Aug. 26, 1774; was an eminent 
merchant and resided in Boston nntil 1810, where six of his children 
were born ; then he removed to Baltimore, Md., and resided about 
ten years, and after all his children were born removed to Washington, 
D. C, and lived the remainder of his life. At the time of his death was in 
the employ of the United States government, in the Navy Department. 

He married IN'ov. 26, 1801, Charlotte, dan. of Calvin and Mary (Lucas) 
White, born in Boston June 26, 1782. Mrs. Poore was a descendant of 
Peregrine White of the Pilgrim Fathers. He died Oct. 14, 1852, and she 
died JS'ov. 13, 1863. Children: 

1. Charles, born in 1802 ; died in infancy. 

2. Mary White, born Jan. 1, 1804, whose residence in 1880 is in Washington, D. C, at No. 

1903 F street, N. W. ; m. Sept. 5, 1822, Charles Smith, son of Daniel and Rachel 
(Loomis) Fowler, born in Tyringham, Mass., in 1798 ; was a broker, and afterward a 
merchant, in company with her sister Charlotte Ann's husband, and died in 1861. She 
has no posterity. She had a son, Geo. P., b. May 25, 1830, but he d. Sept. 18, 1831. 

3. Charlotte Ann, born February 28, 1805 ; married John F. Webb. 

4. George Harris, born Sept. 17, 1806 ; was a merchant ; died unman'ied in Hudson, N. Y., 

May 9, 1852. 

5. Charles Henry, born June 9, 1808 ; married Maltie Lindsay Stark. 

6. William A., born July 15, 1809 ; married Harriet Lovell, a dan. of the Surgeon General 

of the U. S. Army; was a broker, but died in Baltimore without issue; aged 44 

7. Frederick James, born July 15, 1812 ; married Elizabeth J. Wheeler. 

8. John Kirkland, born Aug. 18, 1814; died unmarried aged about 22 ye.ars. 

9. Elizabeth Jane, born June 27, 1817 ; married Arthur W. Fletcher. 


10. Ellen Frances, born about 1820 ; married Maxwell Woodliull. 
Of these children who have posterity: 


CHAELOTTE ANN 6, born Febrnary 28, 1805, an artist; married Sep- 
tember 5, 1822, John Freeman, son of Col. John and Elizabeth 
(Curtis) Webb, born in Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Conn., in March, 1798. 
His father was an officer in the Revolutionary Army. 

Mr. Webb was a wholesale dealer in crockery ware in Washington, D. C, 
where he deceased January 12, 1875, and she still resides in 1880 at 
Webb. ISTo. 1814 G Street, northwcst. Children: 

WILLIAM BENNING^ born in Washington, September 17, 1825; a 
graduate of Columbia College; resides at No. 1918 F. street, jST. W., and 
in the practice of Law at No. 406 Fifth street, N. W. He is author of the 
Corporation LaAVS of the city of Washington, D. C. 

He married October 31, 1856, Emily Munroe, daughter of Henry and 
Emily (Munroe) Randall, born in Washington, D. C., 18 . Children: 

HENRY RANDALL, born in Washington, July 18, 1857 ; a student in Harvard 
College ra 1880. 

FRANCES CHARLOTTE, born October 1, 1858 ; died July 10, 1860. 

JOHN SIDNEY, born in Washington, January 26, 1860 ; a student in Harvard 
College also in 1880. 

CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH ^ born September 7, 1827; unm. in 1880. 


CHARLES HENRYS, born in Cambridge, Mass., June 9, 1808; been 
in the U. S. Navy since he was a young boy. He was appointed 
midshipman from Massachusetts, March 1, 1823, commissioned a Lieutenant 
December 31, 1833, Commander September 14, 1855, Commodore January 2, 
1863, Rear Admiral Sept. 20, 1868. Commanded the North Atlantic Squad- 
ron Aug. 19, 1869, and retired June 9, 1870. His residence in 1880 is 
Washington, D. C, at No. 2030 G street, N. W. 

He married May 13, 1835, Mattie Lindsay, daughter of Dr. Robert Boling 
and Mattie (Lindsay) Stark, born in Norfolk, Va., in 1818, who deceased 
January 15, 1875. Children: 

RICHARD LOWNDES Shorn in Norfolk, Va., Oct. 2, 1836; married 
January 3, 1866, Sally Magee, dau. of Abraham and Sallie M. (Chevalie) 


Warwick, boi-ii in Eicliraond, Va., May 2, 1844. In 187G he was General 
Asrent of Freisrlit of the Baltimore Steam Packet Co., and then resided 
at jSTo. 205 Driiid Hill Avenue, in Baltimore, Md.; in 1S80 resides at No. IG 
McCulloh street, and is engaged in same business. Children: 

SALLY AVARWICK, bom in Richmond, Va., Nov. 21, 18G6. 

MATTIE LINDSAY, born in Baltimore, Md., Jan. 28, 18G8. 

POWHATAN BOLING, born Baltimore, Dec. 2, 1870, died Dec. 6, 1871. 

ALICE', born February 6, 1842, and died July 31, 1843. 

CHAKLES HENRY", born in Norfolk, Ya., March 24, 1&14; was in 
the U. S. Navy in the time of the Rebellion. Residence, 1880, at Skane- 
ateles, Onondaga Co., N. Y. He married Sept. 27, 1871, Cornelia Tyler, 
dau. of Cornelius T. and Caroline A. (Redfield) Longstreet, born in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., Dec, 1S19. Children: 

CHARLES LONGSTREET, born in Skaneateles, October 1, 1873. 

MATTIE LINDSAY, born in Skaneateles, November 6, 1875. 

CALLIE MARIA, born in Skaneateles, March 22, 1880. 

ALICE ', born at the Washington Navy yard in 1846 ; died in 1850. 

MATTIE LINDSAY^', born at the Navy Yard in Washington October 
28, 1847; m. Oct. 8, 1868, David Kindleberger. lie is a Med- 
KiNDLEBEUGER. ical luspcctor in the U. S. Navy. She since 1876 has residde 
in Washington. Children: 
CHARLES POOR, born in San Francisco, Cal.. November 1, 1870. 
EVERT80N CROSBY, born in Washington, D. C, October 31, 1875. 

CHARLOTTE', born at Norfolk, Ya., January 16, 1850; man-ied Dec. 

21, 1868, Joseph Maxwell, son of Robert C. Wright; but she died Dec. 11, 

1869, five days after the birth of her son, and he has married again, and in 

1880 resides in Rio de Janeiro. His father Avho was a prominent 

vvniGHT. coffee merchant died in Baltimore in January, 1880, and mother in 

same place in December, 1869. Child : 

ROBERT MAXWELL, torn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 6, 1869, and 

resides in 1880 with his aunt, Miss Elsie Wright, in Baltimore, Md. 

ELIZABETH LINDSAY', born in Norfolk, Ya., April 28, 1852; 
married June 15, 1871, Theodore Frelinghuysen, son of Thomas and Ellen 
(Spencer) Jewell, born in Georgetown, D. C, Aug. 5, 1841. He is 



Jeweli,. Lt. Commandei- in the U. S. l!favy and resides in 1880 in "Washing- 
ton, D. C. Child: 

CHARLES THEODORE, born at Annapolis, Md., February 26, 1872-. 

AI^OTE CUN:NINGHAM', born at the Norfolk ]^avy Yard, December 

1, 1856; married January , 1878, Charles Carroll, son of Richard aild 

Caroline (Piercy) Glover, born in Georgia, 'Noy. 24, 1816. He is a 

Glovbk. Banker of the firm of Eiggs & Co., Washington, D. C. In 1880 

they reside at JSTo. 20 Lafayette Sqr. Child : 

ELIZABETH LINDSAY, bora in Wasliingtou, Nov. 20, 1878. 


FREDERICK JAMES ^ born iji Baltimore, Md., July 15, 1812, settled 
in Port Gibson, Claiborne Co., Miss., where he held the otBces of 
Clerk of the Courts of that County, Col. of the Regt. of militia, etc., and 
died May 28, 1850. 

He married June 4, 1837, Elizabeth Jane, dan. of James and Jane 
(Foster) Wheeler, born in Cynthiaua, Ky., July 5, 1817, and since 1852 has 
resided in Hillsborough, Ohio. Children : 

FREDERICK WHEELER', born in Grand Gulf, Miss., Jidy 27, 1810. 
Served his country as Lieut, in the 21th Ohio Battery Light Artillery during 
the war of the Southern Rebellion. He in 1880 is a clerk in the Pension 
Office in Washinsfton and was then unmarried. 


ELLA F. \ born in Port Gibson, July 17, 1812; died August 27, 1843. 

JOJIN CALDWELL', born in Port Gibson October 27, 1844; was also 
in the 24th Ohio Battery Light Artillery; graduated at the Law Depart- 
ment of Columbia College of Washington ; practices Law at 'No. 416 Fifth 
street, IS". W., and unmarried in 1880. 

MART FOWLER", born in Port Gibson, May 28, 1847; married April 

7, 1875, Samuel Francis, son of Rev. Samuel and Anne J. (Russell) Steel, 

born in Hillsboro', O., July 5, 1837. Residence in 1880 No. 53 Wal- 

Steel. nut street, Hillsboro', Highland Co., Ohio ; where he has been Judge 

of the Court of Common Pleas since 1872. Children: 

ELIZABETH RUSSELL, bom in Hillsboro", February 21, 1876. 
EDITH McLEAN, born in Hillsboro', February 8, 1878. 

ELIZABETH FLETCHER', born in Port Gibson Jan. 21, 1849; died 
May 29, 1863. 



I7^LTZABr]'riI JANi]'', Inn-n ia lialtimorc, Juno 27, 1817; mamcd in 
_J January, 1845), Artluu- Wi'llington, son of Timothy and Anne (Cliad- 
wick) Fletcher, born in I'ortland, Me., Mareli 2i, 1811. lie; was a clerk in 
the employ of the U. S., and in {hv Department ol" tlie Interior at the time 
of his decease, Apr. 14, 1874, and her place of residence in 1880 
Flutciiuk. is jSTo. 100'? F street, iST. AV., Washington, in which house she has 
resided many years. Children: 
ROBERT SCilENOK", born September 23, 1849; has been in the 8th 
Regt. of the U. S. Infantry where he held the office of Lieutenant. In 1876 
was clerk for the commissioners of the Centennial Exhibition at Phila- 
delphia, Pa. In 1880 is a salesman travelling for D. Landretli & Sons, 
seedsmen, and resides at ISTo. 5 West Penn Sqr., Philadelphia. lie married 
June 21, 1871, Mary Ellen, dan. of Wm. and Mary Jane (Fisk) Gurney, 
born in New York City, June 25, 1848. No children in 1879. 

ELLEN WOODIIULL', born September 21, 1850; m. Jan. 14, 1874, 
John, son of James and Margaret (Gibson) Cassels, born in Boston, Mass., 
Jnly 29, 1835. He by a former wife, Annie P. Sewall, has a son, John 
Clyde, born Ft;!). 19, 1871. Ilis parents were natives of Carnwath in the 
County of Lanarkshire, Scotland; James, born in 1810, and Margaret in 1812. 
They were married m the same parish in 1832 and came to America in 1833. 
He was a stone cutter and afterwards a contractor and builder of iniblic 
works and i-ailroads, and died at Montreal, Ca., in 1852, and she died in the 
same place in 1854. 

Mr. Cassels learned the trade of printer; served his country in the Army 
at the time of the Rebellion from 1861 to 1865, entering as a private in Co. 
B, 12th Pennsylvania Vols., next was an officer in the 11th Pa. Cavalry, 

and afterward served upon the staft' of Maj. Gen. B. F. Butler 
Cassels. until the eml of the war as Lieutenant-Colonel. Their residence 

in 1880 is No. 1401 K street, Washington, D. C. Children: 

ARTHUR FLETCHER, born in Wasliiiiglon, Feb. 2, 1875. 

MARGARET GIBSON, born in Washington, Marcli 19, 187G. 

ELSIE MARY, born in Wasliington, Maicli 11, 1S79. 

GRACE AVEBSTER', born May 2, 1854, is an artist; and Mrs. Fowler 
says " my sister Charlotte Ann and niece Mrs. Edes arc very nice artists 
in Oil and AVater Color drawings, having adorned tlieir parlors with many 
pretty specimens of their talent in painting pictures, and decorating orna- 


mental jars and vases in the Ceramic art;" married October 26, 1875, 
Benjamin Long Edes, a son of Robert C and Elizabetli (Edes) Long, born 
in 'New York City 18 , and has added to his name the maiden name 

of his mother, who was dan. of Benjamin Edes. They have since 
Edks. marriage always resided in "Washington. He belongs to the U. S. 
Navy and holds the office of Lieutenant. Children: 
ELIZABETH, born in Washington, September 30, 1876. 
GRACE FLETCHER, born in Washington, June 17, 1878. 


ELLEN FRAISTCES^ born in Baltimore, and in 1880 resides in Wash- 
ington, D. C, at jSTo. 2033 G street, N. W.; married Maxwell Wood- 
hull, who was accidentally killed at the time an ovation was given to Gen. 
Benjamin F. Butler. He was in the U. S. Navy. She has : 

JOHlf H.,* SOlf or ELIPEALET* (Page 280), SAIUEL', HEfflY', JOHN.' 
Cjj[OHN HENRY ^ born in Hampstead, N. H., August 25, 1783; settled 
in Baltimore, Md., where he married August 8, 1815, Jane Etting, 
dau. of Robert and Frances (Etting) Taylor, born in Baltimore^ Dec. 
31, 1793. He died May 22, 1856, but his widow was alive in 1876. Children : 

1. Frances Jane, born September 18,1816; married June 10, 1844, William E. Maj'hew of 

Charlemont, Mass., a nephew of her aunt Abigail's husband. He was a merchant in 
Baltimore, where he died August 80, 1S65, and she was in 1876 residing in said Balti- 
more, at No. 47 McCulloh street, but has no posterity. 

2. Cornelia, born October 7, 1817; married November 15, 1848, Col. Brantz Mayer, who is 

a retired paymaster in the Ai-my, and in 1876 resided at No. 16 McCulloh street. 

Children : 

I. Cornelia, boi-n September 6, 1849 ; unmarried in 1876. II. Jane, born February 27, 1851. III. 
Fanny Mayhew, born April 27, 1854 ; died May 20, 1864. 

3. Kate Taylor, born June 30, 1819 ; who was unmarried and residing with her sister Frances 

J., in 1876. 

4. John Henry, born October 20, 1821, who died unmarried in Cincinnati, 0., November 22, 


5. Isabella, born April 16, 1822 ; died August , 1823. 

6. Robert Taylor, born August 11, 1824 ; died June , 1825. 

7. Alfred, born April 16, 1826 ; married Marion N. Smith. 


8. Virginia, born August 10, 1828 ; was in 1876 residing with her sister Frances Jane, and 
tlicu unmarried. 

His only son who has posterity : 


ALFEED*', born in Baltimore, April 16,1826; was a wholesale dealer 
in coal; resided in Alexandria, Va., where his eldest two children 
wore born, and removed to Baltimore, Md., March 4, 1857, and resided there 
until his decease in the spring of 1873. 

He married in 1853, Marion Noble, dan. of Benjamin P. and Sally A. E. 
(Blincoe) Smith, born in Middlebury, or perhaps Middlebui-gh, Loudomi 
Co., Ya., Sept. 8, 1833, and in 1876 was residing at JiTo. 9 McCuUoh street, 
Baltimore, and at that time she gave us the following record of their 
children : 

MARION SMITHS born July 25, 1854; married John, son of Anderson 
H. and Sally (Rowan) Armistecad, born in Lynchburgh, Ya,, Sept. 8, 1833 ; 
residence in Baltimore, Md., in 1876. Children: 
MARION P , died in inf-iucy. 

HELEN, born April 8, 1876. 

ALFRED", born November 17, 1855. 

FRxiNCES YIRGINIA", born March 6, 1858. 

JOHN M.', died aged seven years. 

NANNIE EDWARDS', born March 3, 1862. 

IDA LEE ', born September 28, 1863. 

FRANK MAYHEW ', died aged two and a half years. 

LILLIE JOHNSON ^ born August 11, 1867. 

ALICE MAUD", born July 9, 1869. 

HENRY TAYLOR", born April 16, 1871. 


fUDLEY^ born in Hopkinton, N. H., July 9, 1790; settled in Balti- 
more, Md., where he died July 3, 1860. He married about 1814, 
^ Deborah Hibernia, daughter- of Col. John and Sarah Chew (Elliot) 

O'Donnell. As liis wife possessed considerable estate he was not inclined 
to engage in much active business. Children: 



1. Sarah Eliza, born March 11, 1815, who deceased before 1876 ; married Elias, son of Elias 

and Mary (Thomas) EUicott. Children : 

I. Sarah M., born about 1838; married September 10, 1SG7, Henry Tracy, sou of Hezekiali and 
Martha Arnold, born in Troy, ST. Y., April 4, 1838, and in 1876 resided at New Brighton, on 
Staten Island, N. Y. Children:!. Lillian E., born July 9, 18G8. 2. Marie, born. about Mar., 
1870. 3. Tracy, born about July, 1872. 4. Mary Louisa, born April 23, 187G. 11. Adelaide 
Victoria, who was with lier sister Sarah Eliza, in 1S7C, and then unm. III. llenr}', who died 
young. IV. Margaret Jenkins, born about 1845; married December 15, 1868, Doctor Alfred 
A. WoodhuU, a surgeon in the U. S. Array, and they were in 1876 residing in the Savannah 
Barracks. V. Mary Louisa, who died unm. previous to 1876. 

2. Elliot O'Doiinell, born April 10, 1817 ; married Mary A. Steuart. 

3. Elizabeth Hibernia, born November 22, 1817 ; unmarried in 1876. 

4. Charles Walsh, who died a few years old. 

5. Mary Armstrong, born about 1823 ; married a German, named Herman Grooscors, who 

deceased previous to 1876, and that year she was residing at No. 24 South Republican 
street, in Baltimore. Children : 
I. Dudley Henry, born about 1856. II. Edward DeVos, born about 18G0. III. Agnes, born about 
1865 ; died young. 

6. Maria Louisa, born about 1825 ; died unmarried. 

His only son who lias posterity: 


ELLIOT O'DONI^ELL % born April 10, 1817, who in 1876 resided at 
ISTo. 23 Cai-rolton Avenue (formerly Kepublicau street), in Baltimore, 
his native city. He formerly was a trader, and since been a clerk of a Gas 

Ho married about 1850 Mary A., daughter of Henry H., and Ann Eliza 
(Berry) Steuart, born in Colchester, Fairfax Co., Va., July 23, 1830, 

HE:N"EY DUDLEY', born September 23, 1852; Avho was unm. in 1876. 

MAEY STEUAET", born October, about 1855; died young. 

Al^N BERRY", born February 10, 1858; unmarried in 1876. 

CHARLES ELLIOT ', born January 1, 1868. 

Note.— Tlie author of the foregoing genealogy of his family has endeavored to obtain all the informa- 
tion required to make the .same full and complete, but if any discover errors or omissions which may be 
considered either important or slight, lie earnestly solicits them to send him facts to make it all right. 
Also in future, to send him the changes that may occur in their family or the families of their near or more 
remote kindred — marriages, births, deaths, removals, and any other important information for future 
generations to know, and thereby have the materials ready for an appendix to be printed some time hence, 
by the permanent association of the family, to be organized at the social gathering the first Wednesday in 
September, 1881, at Newburyport, Mass. 



Piige 8. John and Maiy Clarke's fourth child was Jiulah, and the}' had for their nintii chiUl 

Joiia., born Sept. 17, 1691 ; coiiscquentl}' their tenth child was Joseph, and the eleventh was 


P. 12. Eben F. Stone, elected Representative to Congress, November 2, 1880. 

P. 20. James E., son of Ruth B. ; m. (2) in Jan., 1880, Emma llall of Phihidelphia and in 

April following was residing at No. 15 liowdoin street, Boston. 

P. 24. Malcolm Wilson's mother was from Isle of AVlglit. 

P. 27. Andrew C. Wright died Jannarv 8, 1879. 

P. 28. Joiin W. Butler of Woodville died January 27, 1880. 

P. 30. Ellen A. Babb has dan. Gertrude born August 18, 1879. 

P. 32. Ira R. Proctor, died December 2G, 1878. 

P. 33. Justin E. Code's son Justin E. died September 15, 1879, son Nelson E. died Sei)t. 11, 

1879, and son Roy born June 27, 1880. 

P. 34. Geo II Pluraer had a son George Otis born September 26, 1879. 

P. 35 (and 45). Belleville should be BcUville. Charles Howard Poore, ra. Nov. 3, 1880, 

Fannie Damon, dan. of Frank C. and Olive E. (Damon) Swan, b. in Haverhill, May 22, 1859. 

1'. 37. Charles L. Poore of Indian Territory lost his onl}' son Br^'ce bj" death and afterward lie 

died — botli deceased previous to June, 1880. 

P. 44. Charlotte D's son Henry O. furnishes us in June, 1880, the following record of his 

mother's famil}-, viz.: Charlotte Davon|)ort^, born June 11, 1824; married April 15, 1842, 

Oliver Harf, son of Jona. and Mary (Adams) Downing, born in Newington, N. H., October 

19, 1815. Both his parents were natives of Newington. He is a carpenter and resides in 

1880 in Roxl)ury, Mass. Children: 

1. Henry Oliver, born in Boston, January 27, 1843; served his country at the time of the 
rebellion in Co. F, 38th Mass. Regt. of Volunteers; resides in 1880 in Canton, Mass; is a 
carpenter and architect, also is a correspondent of the Declham Transcript. He married March 
15, 1872, Mary Eliza, daughter of Joel and Salome (Ricker) Gaj-, born in Roxbiuy, by whom 
he liad one child whose name is Charlotte Abigail, born in Boston, January 28, 1874 ; and June 
14, 1874, his wife died. 

2. Georgiana, born April 9, 1844 ; married April, 1872, Robert Bent, but she died July 23, 
1878, without issue. 

3. Charles Franklin, born November 11, 1846; married October 27, 1878, Lydia, dan. of 
AVm. and Sarah (Burnette) Lock, born in Boston, September 20, 1850. He is a carpenter, 
resides in Canton and has one child, viz. : Georgiana, born June 1, 1879. 

4. Jonatlian, now called John, born Februarj- 20, 1849 ; resides in Canton and is num. in 1880. 

5. Mary Harrington, born August IG, 1851 ; died January 18, 1854. 
C. Albert, born December 8, 1855 ; died December 29, 1855. 

7. Martha Eliza, born Decemlier 1, 1857; married August 10, 1879, Herbert, son of Albert 
and Sarah (Glover) Bent. He is an inspector of sugar in the Boston Custom House. Resi- 
dence in 1880 No. street. Cliild : — I^dward , born in Boston, December 25, 1879. 
P. 48. John Poore, d. Dec. 1, 1880. Mrs. Canney, his sister, died same week. Thomas lluse, 
died December 24, 1879. 

P. 51. George W. Clark, died January 13, 1880. 

P. 54. Charles E. Bayley, died of Yellow Fever at the West Indies in 1880. 
P. 60. John A. PriTice, a teacher in Texas in ISSO. He married June 30, 1880, Emma 
Feigusou, dan. of Wm. Alex, and Kate (Ferguson) Webster, bom in Washington, D. C, Dec. 


292 jOHisr POORE and his family. 

9, 1859. Her father, grandfather George "Webster and great-grandfather Wm. Webster were 
all born in Prince George's Co., Md. lie has left Texas and they reside in Washington. 
P. 60. Daniel B. Lord, Rep. Mass. Legislature, 1880. 
P. 60. Susan S., w. of J. E. Prince, died May 18, 1880. 
P. 62. Helen M. ; married Blr. Wheeler January 29, 1861. 
P. 70. Joshua Poore, was by trade a cooper. 
P. 71. L. Wilson was a superior edge-tool maker. 
P. 72. J. M. Wilson, born in 1829 ; Consul since 1871. 

P. 7.3. Ehna L. Lowd ; married October 30, 1879, Geo. Freeman, son of Freeman and Caroline 
(Cliamberlain) Gilkey, born in Houlton, Me., September 6, 1847. He is a lumber dealer ; 
resides in a house he owns on Church street in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 
P. 76. Ellius Albert, in 1880, appointed teacher of the high school in Groveland, Mass. 
P. 76. Lowe E., son of Caroline Pulsifer ; died March 4, 1879. 
P. 77. Adeline Tower, died March 5, 1880. 
P. 80. Jeremiah Poore, died January 18, 1800. 
P. 80. Sarah, wife of Joseph, died June 3, 1880. 
P. 85. Anna M. Van Tassel, in March, 1879, resided at Chicago. 
P. 88. Samuel Webster's house is in Atkinson. 
P. 89. Leverett Bean was heard from in 1880. 
P. 90. Varnum Emerson, died September 7, 1864, aged 44. 
P. 90. John Pettengill's son Barton Cox, born October 10, 1879. 

P. 92. Arthur W. Ilaynes, m. Oct. 30, 1880, Annie, d. of Joseph H. and Charlotte (Kimball) 
Warner, b. in Houlton, Me., September 30, 1862. 

P. 93. Eveline's husband, Forrest Calvin Newcomb, was born in Haverhill. March 2, 1852. 
P. 96. Joseph B. Swan d. Feb. 27, 1880. Thomas S. AVinn died spring of 1880. 
P. 96. Sanmel R. Kuowland, resided 59 Chestnut street. Son Wm. Holder b. May 16, 1880. 
P. 101. Lulu Bell, dau. of Flarriet Frances, born November 12, 1879, died March 20, 1880. 
P. 103. Charles Edwin Merrill married in 1879 Ida Florence, dau. of Robert A. and Sarah A. 
(Skidmore) Phippeu, born in Salem, Mass., Feb. 25, 1857. Residence in 1880 at the corner 
of Upton antl Osborn streets, and he is now in the employ of Chamberlain & Harris, grocers, 
on Front street, by the west side of Derby Sqr., Salem. Child : -Charles Edwin, botn in Salem, 
January 4, 1880. 

P. 107. Laura Ella Tyler has for her second child Stella Celest, born February 22, 1878. 
P. 112. Phebe, died April 27, 1880, and Hattie C. at that time resides at No. 73 Water street. 
P. 113. Mcrebah and son Lorenzo T. both died in Bradford and were buried in Boxford. 
P. 115. Dana in 1880 owns a place in Vershire and resides upon it. 
P. 119. Charles Ford Kimball was born in Piermont, N. H. 
P. 119. James Newby's mother's name is Rebecca. 
P. 125. Eliz. S. Ewing in 1879 at Smithfield, O. 

P. 125. Benj. Marshall was born at Warwick Station. His grandparents were Germans. 
P. 125. Cornelia resided in 1879 at Dallas Centre. 
P. 137. Jeremiah Spofford, died September 16, 1880. 

P. 151. John II. Martin was born Feb. 13, 1811, and died May 1, 1867. We learn July, 
1879, from his sister Blary Jane, that he married Elizabeth, dau. of James and Azuba (Chadsey) 
Boyd, of New York. Her father born in New York November 13, 1784, and mother born in 
Maine, Sept. 25, 1788. They settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., where their children were born, and 
when their fourth one was born they were residing on the corner of Concord and Stanton 
streets. Children : 

I. Nancy Philena, born February 15, 1836; married Wm. Stephen, son of Stephen and Mar- 
garet A. (Reid) Conover, born in Hightstown, N. J., May 81, 1830. His father born in same 
place April 17, 1801, and mother born in Perrineville, N. J., Jan. 28, 1808. Children: the 
first three born in Brooklyn and last three in Monroe, Middlesex Co., N. J., are the following: 

I. John Stephen, born Jan. 27, 1857. 2. Wm. Francis, born November 25, 1858. 3. Alice 
Elizabeth, born Nov. 20, 1862. 4. Henry Martin, born March 18, 1867. 5. Albert Garland, 
born Sept. 9, 1868. 6. Archie Reid, born Nov. 7, 1870. 

II. John Dexter, born Jan. 15, 1838; married (1) Georgiana, dau. of Joseph and Hester 
(Keeney) Thompson, whose father was from Maine and mother of New York ; by whom he 


liad two cliildroii ; in. (2) Elizabeth, <laii. of IJiMiianl and Bridget (Ileany) Campbell, lioni in 

New Briinswiciv, N. J., whoso paients were born in Ireland; by wlioni he had thrc(! children. 

All his ehildren born in liroolvlyn. 

1. John Franklin, born July 27, 18G1. 2. Charlotte Emily, born Jnly 1, 18G7. 3. May, born 

May 20,1872. 4. AVni. Henry, born Sept. 25, 1873. 5. Albert Demewith, born Aug. 11), l.s7rj. 

111. James Ephraim, born Feb. 10, 1840; married Cliarlotte, dan. of Sanniel C. and Ann L. 

(Van WaK) Bowne, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. Her father born in Frecliold, N. J., and mother 

in Rockland Co., N. Y. Ciiildren : 

1. May Warren, born in Brooklyn, Dec. 28, 18G5. 2. Ella Louise, born in Tappantown, N. Y., 

Oct. 3, 18C8. 3. Geo. Boyd, born in Tappantown, Ai)r. 4, 1871. 4. Henry Dearborn, born 

in Tap|)antown, Feb. 27, 1875. 

IV^. David Boyd, born corner of Concord and Stanton streets, Brooklyn, July 28, 1843 ; m. 

Louisa, dan. of Rene Joseph and Mary (Stiles) Marcett, born at No. 94 Orchard street, New 

York, Fell. 23, 1842. Children born in Brooklyn, viz. : 

1. Mary Elizabeth, born at No. 410 Hudson Avenue, March 16, 1872. 2. Josephine Estell, 

born at 202 Navy street, Aug. 2, 1874. 

V. Charles Smith, born Aug. 11, 1845 ; married Martha Shield, a native of Brooklyn, but her 
parents were born in Ireland. Their children both born in Brooklyn, N. Y., viz. : 

1. William Henry. 2. Thomas Smith. 

VI. Joseph Thompson, born November 3, 1848 ;. unm. in 1880. 

VII. \Vm. Edger, born Oct. 24, 1850; married Phebc Domitille, dan. of Peter M. and Sarah 
A. (Conklin) Beam, born in Brooklvn. Her father born in New Jersey and motlier on Long 
Island. Child: Wm. Edgcr. 

VIII. Josephine, born Oct. 21, 1854; married Henry P. Stamford, born in Philadelphia, Pa., 
where bot^h his parents were born. Children : 

1. Amey Newel. 2. Nelly. 3. Albert Andre. 4. Wm. Bo3-d. The first two born in Brook- 
lyn and last two in Tajipantown. 

P. 154. Slartin II. in his letter of June 10, 1880, says in regard to his father that said father 
the day previous came home from Lapeer walking twelve miles when about 87 years of age. 
P. 164. Geo. Otis died May 1, 1880, without children. Sarah Adelaide, died jiine 11,, 
unm. ; on account of his infirmity, Otis, their father, has been obliged to retire from his duties 
in Court. 

P. 167. Kate E., married Sept. 23, 1879, Frederick Jacobson, Jr., and resides in Glyndon, Clay 
Co., Blinn., corner of Eglon Avenue and County road. He is son of Frederick and Sarah II. 
(Aikens) Jacobson, born in Norfolk, N. Y. He is a dealer in drugs, has one store in Glyndon 
and another in Casselton, Dakota. 

P. 168. Caroline Paakainlaula, who was the wife of Henry Francis, in her communication of 
Aug. 4, 1879, says that she is the eldest child of Wm. and Lydia (Panio) French, born Slareh 
3, bS30. Her father was born in Grafton, Vt., Feb. 18, 1794, was a merchant; trading largely 
with China, and died Nov. 20, 1851. Her mother whom he married in May, 1855, was a dan. 
of Kalehua, a Hawaiian native girl, and she (Caroline's grandniolher) became the wife of 
Thomas Hunt, a native of Providence, II. I. Caroline P. says she married Mv. Poore, ]\Iarch 
13, 1856, and after remaining a widow about fifteen years married Alfied White Bush, Feb. 1, 
1873, a dealer in groceries, and has by him two children: Wm. JIcFarlane Kepahuna, born 
June 15, 1874, and Lola Kahailiopna, born May 5, 1877. In regard to her ehildren by Mr. 
Poore she gives the following record of names, etc., the fust child is Henry French Keliiaunohn, 
born in Honolulu, June 8, 1857; is a receiving teller in the bank of C. R. Bishop & Co., 
where he has l)een six years, and unmarried, and second child Charles Benjamin Kaoleiohu, 
born in Honolulu, March 1, 1859; is employed in the hardware store of Dellingham & Co., 
where he has been five years and is unmarried. 

P. 109. Ella, dan. of Ann Maria; married Dee. 23, 1879, John, son of Samuel C. and 
Mary A. Brooks, and resided on Essex street in Concord, N. II., in 1880. 

P. 170. AVilliam, son of Paul Poore after arriving in Connecticut became acquainted with a 
family by the name of Dart, and in the autumn of 1810 they left New Haven, Conu., and went 
to the State of Pennsylvania. 
The company consisted of Levi Dart, his wife and their two children and Levi's sister Ritty 



Ann Dart. When they had proceeded on their journey as far as Ontario County, N. Y., Wm. 
and Ritty Ann were married Dec. 16, 1816, at Cananduigua, and they arrived at Titusville, 
then called Oil Creek, Venango Co., Pa., in January, 1817. 

We have not been able to learn the names of her parents, only that her mother's given name 
was Thankful; Eitty Ann was born iu Huntington, Conn., April 10, 1790; her father died 
when she was about seven years of age and her mother deceased when this child was about 
fourteen years old, and afterward she was brought up by strangers. 

Mr. Poore, in the spring of 1817, bought a farm of 106 acres in Allegheny township, Pa., 
where they resided until about 1865, when he sold out and removed to the state of Ohio and 
lived in Kingsville, Ashtabula County, where she died in about one year from the time they 
went there and he died in the same place Dee. 13, 1876. Children : 

I. Alonzo, born Jan. 25, 1818 ; is a farmer; married Jan. 25, 1844, Elizabeth Henry, dau. of 
Samuel and Rebecca ( ) Henderson, born iu April 12, 

1818. They reside in 1879 at Shamburgh, Venango Co., Pa. Children : 

1. Cornelius Lorenzo, born May 13, 1845 ; married March 20, 1867, Sarah Maria, dau. of Wm. 
and Margaret Goodban, born in Franklin, Kvie Co., Pa., Oct. 25, 1844. He is a Lawyer; ed- 
ucated at Edeuboro', Pa., residence at 312 Jefferson street, in Burlington, Iowa; has four 
children, the first two of which were born in Venango Co., Pa., and the others in their present 
place of residence, viz. : Fred Lee, born Jan. 8, 1868. Cora E., born Feb. 15, 1870. Elizabeth, 
born 5, 1876, and Wm. Ro\', born Sept. 25, 1879. 

2. Mary Jane, born April 11, 1847; married April 29, 1879, William Mathson ; residence in 
1880 at Shamburgh, Pa. 

3. George Wilber, born June 17, 1850 ; died Sept. 5, 1852. 

4. Wm. Boyd, born June 8, 1852 ; married April 1, 1879, Ellen Nash. 

IL Caroline, born Oct. 16, 1819 ; married Oct. 17, 1844, Robert, son of James and Rhuhama 
(Prather) Green, born in Allegheny, Pa., March 3, 1801. His parents both born in West 
Moreland Co., Pa. He is a farmer and resides in 1880 at Amboy, Ashtabula Co., O. Mr. 
Green by his former wife Sylva Barnes had five sons, viz. : Luther, James, Philo, Joseph M. 
and Robert. Caroline has had only one child, viz. : 
1. Sylva Ann, but it died when onlj' ten months old. 

HI. Pomeroy, born Oct. 12, 1821 ; married Nov. 15, 1849, Sarah, dau. of Thomas and Sarah 
(Swasick) Jewell, born in Middlesex, Mercer Co., Pa., Dec. 24, 1824. He is a mechanic and 
also has a farm ou the shore of the lake situated about five miles west of Comeout ; residence 
in 1879 at Amboy, 0. Children all born in Vernango Co., viz. : 

1. Alice Ann, born January 29, 1851 ; at home and unmarried in 1879. 

2. Albert Pierce, born Sept. 1, 1852; married June 20, 1876, Jane, dan. of Charles and 
Abigail (Reynolds) Cross, born in Ashtabula Co., O., June 16, 1859. He is a farmer ; resi- 
dence at Ashtabula Co., O., where their two children were born, viz. : Nina May, born Nov. 1, 
1877. Sarah Abigail, born Feb. 19, 1879. 

3. Wm. Silas, born Nov. 20, 1855 ; at home in 1879 and then unmarried. 

4. Thomas Luther, born Aug. 27, 1857; married Feb. 23, 1874, in Erie Co., Pa , Augusta 
Etta, dau. of Marvin C. and Rhoda (Jones) Anderson, born in Saratoga Co., N. Y., April 23, 
18 . He is a farmer with residence in 1880 at Kingsville, Ohio. 

5. Laura Jane, born March 30, 1862; married in Erie Co., Pa., June 12, 1879, Lucian, sou 
of and Jane (Slater) Curtis, born in Ashtabula Co., O., June 10, 1857. He is a 
blacksmith, with residence at Tranquillity, Appanoose Co., Iowa. 

IV. Josiah Burdett, born Oct. 15, 1823 ; learned the carpenter's trade when with his father, 
and from about 1850 until 1878 was a manufacturer of lumber, contractor and builder of barges, 
houses, etc., and in 1878 turned his attention to silver mining. Organized the Black Diamond 
Silver Mining Company at San Juan Co., Colorado. His residence is Pittsburgh, Pa., where 
all of his childi-en were born, and in 1879 his office was No. 127 6th avenue. He'married in 
Pittsburgh, Nov. 21, 1848, Agnes, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Little) Reed, born in 
Beaver Co., Pa., Nov. 23, 1828. Her father was born in Inverness, Scotland, March 25, 1781 ; 
came to America about 1802, and her mother was born in Beaver Co., Pa., Sept. 20, 1792, and 
the3' were married in 1817. Josiah B's children are : 
1. AVm. Joseph, born Sept. 3, 1849 ; married Feb. 4, 1874, Augusta M., dau. of Wm. and 


Sarah (liockliani) Wessol, born in 18 . Her parents were married in Aliofilicny 

City about 185.'!, her fatiier born on the Rhine in Germany, May 21, 1818, and came to America 
in is I'J ; lier mother was born Feb. 8, 182:?. Wm. J. is a macliinist at Porter, IJeil & C'o.'.s Lo- 
comotive AVorks in rittsbnrgli, witli residence in 1880 on 43rd .street near A. V. Railroad ; two 
children born in I'iltsburgh, viz. : William Wessel, born in , 18 . Josiali 

Bnrdelt, boi'M January 5, 1880. 

2. Alice Elizalieth, born July IG, 1851. 

3. Roneauda Ann, born July 15, 1853; married Sept. 23, 1874, Geo. Albert, son of Charles 
T. and Lydia Moke, born in Pittsburgh, Pa., March 25, 1849. His fatiier was born in Bavaria, 
Germany, April 16, 1815, and mother born in Erie, Pa., Nov. 27, 1824. Mr. Moke is a teller 
in Lawrence Bank and the^' reside in 1880 on Forty Third street; thrive children all born in 
Pittsburgh, viz. : Alice Lee, born August 4, 1874. Charles Theodore, born Feb. 14, 1876. 
Josiah Burdett, born March 3, 1878. 

4. Mclzena Jane, born Sept. 7, 1857; married Aug. 22, 1878, Edward, son of Dongald anil 
Isabella (McCall) Munn, born in Pittsburgh, Nov. 3, 1851. His parents born in Scotland, 
viz.: father about 1815, came to America about 1848; and mother about 1822, and came to 
America about 1823. Mr. Munn is a draughtsman at Porter, Bell & Go's Locomotive Works, 
with house No. 27 Forty Fourth st. in Pittsburgh. Child : Florence Isabella, b. Aug. 19, 1879. 

5. Harvey Le Iloj-, born Sept. 19, 1859 • a bolt maker at the bridge works. 

V. Augusta Ann, born Oct. 17, 1825 ; married Dec. 27, 1848, John A. Bell, but died without 

VI. Levi, born Aug. 24, 1827; married Nov. 4, 1862, Hannah Elizabeth, dau. of Wilson and 
Isal)ella (McMaster) Russell, born at French Creek, in Venango Co., Pa., March 18, 1837. 
Her parents born in the same County, her father at French Creek, May 23, 1803 ; mother at 
Sugar Creek, and they were married Jul\' 1, 1830. Levi is a farmer and in 1880 they reside in 
Orangeville, Stephenson Co., III. Children: first three born in Allegheny Co., Pa., and the 
others in Kiugsville, Ohio, viz. : 1. George Edgar, born July 31, 1864. 2. Charles Gilbert, 
l)arn June 4. 1866. 

3. Annie Isabell, born March 25, 1868. 

4. Berlheuia White, born January 3, 1870. 

5. Nellie May, born Noveml)er 14, 1875. 

VII. Nancy, born Jaiuiary 13, 1830 ; married Oct. 4, 1870, Richard Henderson, son of Parrj' 
and Martha (Henderson) Watson, born in the southwest part of W^arren Co., Pa. He is a 
cousin to Nancy's brother Alonzo's wife. They reside in 1879 at Titusville, Crawford Co., Pa., 
but she has no children. 

VIII. Jane Lovisa, l)orn January 25, 1832; married Januarj' 1, 1852, Henry, son of Patrick 
and Mary (Brigdenbaugh) Gillen, born in York Co., Pa., about one mile from Liverpool, Pa., 
Dec. 17, 1817. His father was born in Sligo, Ireland, and mother born in said York Co., and 
both of them resided in that county until their decease. Marj', in February, 1852 and Patrick, 
in March, 1854. Mr. Gillen is a plasterer and they reside in 1880 at No. 154 West 5th street, 
in Erie, Pa. Children all born on that street, viz. : 

1. Adelaide Maria, born October 30, 1852 : died July 26, 1853. 

2. Lucy Anna, born February 22, 1854 ; died same day of its birth. 

3. Ilattie Alice, born Marcl/lS, 1855 ; unmarried in 1879. 

4. Nellie May, born June 9, 1858; married Jan. 6, 1876, Zachary Taylor, son of George and 
Cynthia (Burt) Brindley, born in Boston, Erie Co., N. Y., Sept. 2, 1849. His father was born 
in England. lie is in the express business and in 1880 they resided at No. 152 and next to 
her father on West 5th street. No children previous to 1880. 

5. Florence Lillian, born July 22, 1871. 

IX. Lydia Maria, born March 9, 1834; married (1) June 26, 1856, Geo. Henry Jones, by 
whom she had one child; married (2) Jan. 17, 1867, Jehu Parke, son of W^ra. an<l Margaret 
(Alcorn) Henderson, and a cousin to Alonzo's wife born in Warren Co., Pa. Residence in 1880 
at North Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., O. Child : 

1. Anna Delight, who died unm. Aug. 17, 1879, at the age of twenty years, five months, 
eleven days, after a lingering sickness. 

X. Huldali, born April 23, 1837 ; died aged about eleven years. 

296 joiTisr pooRE and his familt. 

p. 180. Susan, the wife of Nathan Call, was daughter of Stephen Webster, who came in early 
life from Haverhill, Mass., and settled in Concord, N. H. 

P. 181. Henry Harrison, son of D. P. Foster, says Oct. 3, 1879, that his father was born in 
Weare, N. H., Feb. 16, 1801, and his mother, born in Bedford, N. H., was a dau. of Adam 
Smith. Children of D. P. and C. have been : 

I. Horace Williams, b. at Goffstown, April 29, 1824 ; died at Lawrence aged about 25 ; unm. 

II. Henry Harrison, born at Merrimack, N. H., April 27, 1826 ; enlisted in a corapan}' com- 
manded by J. P. L. Westcott and afterward was in the 40th Regt. of New York. Subsequently 
was a Major, etc.,. now news Editor of the Daily Review of Wilmington, N. C. ; m. Lydia, dau. 
of James P. and Judith (Stickney) Conner!}', born in Newburj- ; by whom he had one child, a 
dau., Cecilia Spofford, who has married Benj. McDowell Watts, and in 1880 resides at Spartan- 
burg, S. C. He is freight agent on the Macon and Brunswick railroad. 

III. George Glynn, born in Merrimack, April 24, 1828 ; was a musician and travelled esten- 
sivel}' throughout the country in that profession ; married Hattie Kelly of Castleton, Vt., but 
died leaving no children, and his widow has married a widower with sis children. 

IV. Catherine Louisa, died in infancy. 

V. Kate, born in Merrimack, N. H., is unmarried, and resides in 1879 with her father, at 
Florence, S. C. 

P. 193. Julia Isadore ; married January 4, 1880, Chatles S. Kendrick, a dealer in sole leather 
and in July, 1880, they reside on Mt. Washington in Haverhill, corner of Washington and 
Shepherd streets. He is a son of Woodman and Harriet M. (Kuowles) Kendrick, and born in 
Kingston, N. H., Nov. 10, 1856. 

P. 198. Mary Elizabeth says August, 1879, that she was married to James Hose Johnston, 
from Washington, Me., in 1874, and her address was Berwick, Me. Her children are: 

1. Wilton Everett, born in Westfield, Mass., May 19, 1875. 

2. Ethel, born in Attleboro', Mass., April 16, 1879. 

P. 208. Jane W., dau. of Asa, we hear practises painting in oil, flowers and landscapes. 

P. 216. Geo. McGilver}', the youngest son of Ira's first wife we understand was born a jcar 

or more after her husband had left the family, consequently we cannot consider him blood akin 

to our family. 

P. 225. Rebecca B., first wife of Eliphalet R., was born August 27, 1821. 

P. 231. Geo. Herbert, onlv child of Geo. F. ; died at Frankfort, Marshall Co., Kan., January 

29, 1880. 

P. 235. Thomas H. Lee has been City Recorder of Red Oak from 1876 to 1880, and Dep. 

Treasurer of Montgomery Co., Iowa, 1878-80. His son John Morril, born August 1, 1880. 

P. 239. Edward Parker's wife's father Isaac (as their granddaughter Maria says) was born in 

Jefferson Co., near Philadelphia, N. Y., March 26, 1793, and mother Christian, born near said 

Philadelphia, Sept. 17, 1796, and both of these parents died in Beaverton, Boone Co., 111. 

Maria says Edward her father lives five miles northwest of Poplar Grove and two miles 

southeast of Hunter. 

P. 239. Byron Lucian's wife is Susan Jane, dau. of James J. and Jane (Jackson) Duroe, and 

born in Vernon Co., Wisconsin, Aug. 18, 1859. His post-office in Februarj^, 1880, was Sioux 

Rapid3,Buena Vista Co. In July, 1880, he is on his own farm in Hiirdland, Clay Co., Iowa. 

P. 239. Ellen Emmaretta (says Mrs. Burlingham) was the name of her elder sister when written 

out in full. Her husband was John Steel Vickers who was born Oct. 1, 1850, and Ellen E. had 

one child which they named Geo. Edward, born Jan. 20, 1876 ; but died Feb. 2, 1876. 

P. 239. Maria says her husband is Serrel Judson, son of Dr. James J. and Prudence S. (Mules) 

Burlingame, born in the township of Manchester (same place where she was born) Jan. 31, 

1854, and their only child Pearl Ellen, was born in said Manchester, March 23, .1878. 

P. 246. Susan, second wife of John, died March 15, 1880. 

P. 253. Samuel T. had a son Eben. born July 14, 1880. 

P. 259. James H's second child is Jacob Calvin, fourth, Charles Edward, sixth, John Reuben. 

P. 259. Harriet, married July 22, 1860, Wm., son of John and Susan (Scott) Zike, born in 

German}', Sept. 15, 1833, and came to America when ten years of age. They have seven 

children ; the first five born in Jackson Co., Ind., and last two in Ringgold Co., Iowa, viz. : 

I. Atnie Bell, born Feb. 11, 1862. 


II. SaniDcl Miller, born December 5, 1863. III. Martha Aroliiie, born Oct. 17, I'iCC. IV. 

Ilallie Florence, born March 20, 1H09. V. Jacob Wendell, born July 1, 1872. VI. Thoiuas 

William, born October 10, 1875. VII. Mary Ada, born February 17, 1878. 

I'. 260. Martha .lane, widow of John, has niarrietl again since his decease. 

I'. 260. James II. Gilles[)ie is a farmer. 

1'. 261. ]Mary Ellen ; Mrs. Morgan died in February, 1880. 

1\ 263. Leora Ann Gilford ; married July 18, 1878, Francis Davis, and in 1880 resides in 

Hunter Cil^', Si)encer Co. 

P. 263. Lewis Ilurrisou's scvenlli and eighth chiUb'en were still-born. 

P. 264. Amanda Eveline Stacy has for her seventh and eighth chihlren, twins, Walter 

Alexander and Rebecca Maud, born near Delphi, Ringgold Co., June 3, 1879. 

P. 265. Moses Badger Pearson's mother was Sarah, dan. of Ebenezer Morrison of Ncwburv- 

port. Amanda tlied in 1832 instead of thirty years later. Iler son Alonzo li's first wife was 

Martha E. Lewzey. His second wife died March 28, 1S71, and he has married (3) Jan. 11, 

1872, Libbie E., dan. of Samuel D. and Elizabeth (Davis) Blake, born in Wilmiuuton, 111., 

May 19, 1842. Her father born in New Jersey and mother in North Carolina. Alonzo B's 

residence has been in St. Louis since 1852 ; and he is the inventor of iini)()rtant improvements 

in scales and beams. In regard to his public life he served in the Mexican war one year, from 

May 1846, to May 1847, as corporal in Co. B, Louisville Legion Ky. Volunteers, and on his 

return from iMexieo he was elected captain of the company with which he had served. 

P. 271-2. Wm. S. Merrell, died on the morning of September 4, 1880, in his 83rd jear. 

P. 283. Moses Poore, was also an auctioneer. 

Blank pages are inserted on which to continae family records and additions shiiilar to the aljove. 


liifliuliiic: Uie Given Nunics of those of liis Descendants, l)ear'm;; any Siiniaiiic, wlio have Posterity alive 
in ISSO; and all Sons living in IHSO, beariui; his Surname, who were born after 1805; and Daugh- 
ters living iu 1880, born after 1835. 

AuBRKViATiONs. — h, for born ; cl, danghter and died ; /(, husband ; m, married ; r, residence and resident ; 
s, sou; w, wife; also, besides many in common use, many names are contracted: Ab'l, for Abigail; 
Ade., Adelaide, etc.; Atk'n, Atkinson; Bait., Baltimore; Bet., Betsey; Bins., Boston; Camh.. Cam- 
bridge; (V«/., Goflstown; i/ai)7, Haverhill; i/ooA., Hooksett; JVejo/*., Newbury ; Port'd, Portland; 
Mow,, Kovvley, etc. 

ABARH, Daniel O., h. of Ann M. Poore, 2C8. 
ABIiOT, 201, 210, Anne A., w. of B. p. Wilson, 75. 

Asa, s. of Beuj., r. Union Grove, 111., 157. 

Benjamin, li of Dorcas Noyes, 157. 

Sarah, w. of .Stephen Noyes, 157. 

Sevvall A., li. of Alice L. Teuney, 1(15. 
ABRAMS, 7!). Betsey, w. of Josh. I'opp, 201. 

Mary, 1775, w. of Geo. W. Copp, 201. 

Abinr/ton, Mass., v. Green, .Jackson, Naslu Noye.'^, Spooner, 
T('nvnseM(l. Tnvrill, l;J7-8. jtcton. Me., v. Gerrish, \rl-'.i. 
Acwiirtli, N. II., r. G'wen, 22, Stebbins, 2-12. Adamsbor- 
outjh, Ind., r. SnHtl),270. 

ADAMS, 11, 48-0, 51, 91, 106, 128, 158-9, 174, 189, 
204, 208, 245, 21)1. 
Aaron, 1793, h. of Hannah Prince, 58-9. 
Anna B., 1817, m. W. H. Worden, 59. 
Eliz. T., 1819, m. Geo. W. Sonierl)y, 59. 
Lowelor S., 1847, w. of Sam. T. Poore, 253. 
Martha A., 1S4G, ni. Sam. Merrill, 59. 
Mary A., 1815, m. John II. Dennis. 58. 

A(;KK, 24(). AlKENS, 29:?. ALCOKN, 295. 

ALDUICII, Jane A., w. of Ben. 11. Poore, 230. 

Albany, N. Y., 2:iS, r. Prime, 11)2. Somerby, 5i). Wliito. 132, 
M'K, Y. Moriran, 2(U. Albert Lee, Minn., r. Prescott aiicl 
Dills, 148. Albion, liul., r. Sclnitt, 111). Alexamlria, X. II., 
Y. Simons, 218. Va., r. Marsh, 83. Poorv, 2s;t. Ahjoma, 
Wis., V. Crossftt, 73. Allegheny. Pa., r. (irocn antl Poore, 
2'.il-.'). Allendale. Mo., Y. Vk'WM ami IMarshall, 2IU-3, 
Poore, 2e8-:l. Alton. X. Y., r. Obtrom. 32. 

ALBEE, 157. ALEXANDER, 220. ALLARD, 210. 

ALLEY, 120. ALLISON, 214. 
ALLEN, 88, 9(5, 216, 224, 230, 244. 

Abigail P., w. of Edwin Eaton, 90. 

Joseph, h. of Susan Noyes, 157. 

Silence, w. of-Edn)uud Jackson, 137-8. 
AMl'.LER, Jas. B., h. of Eliza J. Stickney, 41. 
AMES, Abigail, w. of Daniel Noyes, 157. 

Ambrnj, O., Y. Green, 294. Ameliasburqh, Ca., r. Coltman, 24. 
Amherst, K. II., v. Spillcr, 5."). Amesburi/, Mass., r. Abranis, 
201. Cliandler, 107. (Jlenient, 8:i. Colby, 39. Currier, 88. 
Katon,91. 111. I(, 181. Killani,18.5. Morrill, 1(15. OsRood, 
23(1. S.irgent, ir)7,181. Sawyer, 112. Wells. 207. Amster- 
dam, IIol., Y. I'.radt anil Lansing, lOS. N. Y., Y. Poore, 148. 

ANDERSON, 19, CO, 171. 

Anna Jane, w. of Edwin Webster, 92. 

An;;usta, E., w. of Tho. L. Poore, 294. 
ANDREW-S, 55, 97, 182, 228. ANDRUSS, 117. 
ANSON, 30. 

Aneriim, K. T.. r. .Silvernait. 217. Andersonrilte, 210. Ando- 
ver. Mass., 7.i, 100, 17.3, r. Ames, l.'t7. i>la<-kbnrn, 4<». 
Carletou, 229. Foster, 183. Noves. 137. Poore. 3, i:, 
34,137. jV. //.. r. TiUon, 70-1. Watson, KiO. Aunaiwlis, 
Md., Y. of Jewell, 280, I'oorc. A ntietam, 'ZIS. wliei-e l.eacli 
was killed, 225. Antrim, X. II., y. Hopkins, 90. Par- 
nienter. 231. Snmner, ISO. Appletmi, Minn., Y. .'ilieild, 2S. 
Arizona Ter., r. Bavtlett, l.T. Arlint/ton, r<.,r. Poore. 147. 

ARCHER, 13. ARIS, 21. AlINOT, 130. 
ARMSTRONG, Henry M , h. of Em. J. Martin, 151. 
ARNOLD, Henry T., h. of Sarah M. Ellicolt, 290. 

Army AND Mll.lT.\liV, liislier officers. Brooks, 275-0. Cassels, 
287. Colman, 2.3li. Cook. 29. Cowdin, 39. Dow, 213. 
Emery, 101. Foster. 17S, 298. llaiina, 120. llonuliton, 
27S. Little, 109, 282. Morril, 230. Jlonlton, 104. .N.dton, 
21. Peabodv. 107. Pearson, 297. Poore, 13, 57, 10.">, 110. 
l.iO, 185, 201. 20:;, 213. 211. 223, 227, 232, 213, 281, 280. Kowell. 
30. Stieknev, 44. Stone, 12. Webb, 284. Wilson, 71. 
Wortldey, 237. 

ARTisrs, see Desi.sners, Mnsicians, etc. 

AUTMOHS, etc.. Adams, 58. Biglow, 155. Cook. 33. Down- 
ing, 291. Foster. 290. Ilonghton, 279. Kimliall, 119, 
Little. 200. McFadden, 120. Merrill, 80. M<Mril. 2.30. 
Miurav, 112. Nason, 100. Palmer, 1,S8. Pike, 111. Poore, 
100, 12'7, 282. Smith. 209. 270. Thrasher. 00. Webb. 284. 

ACTHOKS referred to in this work. Coffin. 5. Cushnian. 3. 
03. Peabodv. 107. Poore, Alfred*s researches of Merri. 
mac Vallev.'SO, 99, 201, 240, etc. Spalding, 157. Spollord, 
1.37. Stickney, 44, 103. 

Ashhn. Mass-, Y. Hill, 217. Ashtalmla. O., r. Poore, li^7, 2!U. 
Ash. Co.. Cross and t nrtis. 294. Allien-'', Me., r. Locke. .53. 
Atl.inson, X II , Y. (.handler, 107. Dole, 118. Emery. 74. 
(ireenongh. 75. Knight, 75. Little. 113, 283. Merrill. 08, 
70,84,80. Noves,70. 78, 80-1,83. Pago200. Pettengill. 89. 
Poore, 07-71, 78-9, 82-4, ll.i-121. Web.-ter, 84,202. Atlanta, 
Ga., Poore, 115. Attleboro\Mass., v. .Johnston. 199. Aubnm, 
Me., V. Judkins, 19. Tnkesbnry, 178. X. II., Stickney, 44. 
Aug\lsta, Me., r. Cross, 82. ^"arorrt. III., r. Thompson. 
105-0. Avon, X. Y., r. Poore. Ar/ers Vithifie. Mass., r. 
H.aynes, 91-2. I'oore, 99-10!. .ja-'ii. Dow, ir3. Eaton, 84. 

ATKINS, Chas. E., h. of Imo. E. Caswell, 218. 
ATKINSON, 67. AT WOOD, 9,h, 113, 18G. 
AVERV, 249. Edwin E., h. ol Sarah M. Poore, 244. 

Eugene, h. of Harriet A. Butler, 25. 
AYER, 109, 226. AYRES, I.-.3. 

Daniel, 1804, h. of Betsey II. Noyes, 81. 

Win., s. of Daniel, r. Ilampstead, 81. 
BABB, Tho. E., h. of Elleu A. Cook, 30, 291. 
BABCOCK, 270. 
BABSON, Clarissa C, m. C. A. and S. Smith, 63. 

Edith, m. John L. Babson, 62. 

David W., s. of Jos., r. Pigeon Cove, 63. 

Helen M., m. Roscoe Wheeler, 62, 292. 

Jos., h. of Maria Woodbury, 62. 




Margaret, m. Nath. Woodbui-y, 62. 

Mary M., m. John J. Poole, 63. 

Siisamia, m. Fred. D. Cliflbrd, 63. 
Babylon. JV. Y., v. of Betts, 152. 
B.iCON. Maria, w. of tdw. Poore, 184. 
liAUGER, Frauds A., vv. of Chas. A. Poore, 167. 
BAIRD, Aljsa., li. of Isabella Poore, 267. 

Mary J., w. of Jolin M. Poore, 267. 
BAILEY, 20, 41, 51, 87-8, 98-9, 161, 204, 249, 252. 

Clias. E., h. of Eoxa. Cook, 54. 

Harriet A., w. of Hermon Noyes, 81. • 

John L., h. of Cliarlotte Clark, 51. 

Josh., h. of Ellen M. Poore, 244. 

Juditli S., w. of John N. Cook, 53. 

Lucy A. P. E., w. of C. P. Garretsoii, 125. 

Mary J., w. of Sidney F. Newman, 63. 

Sopliia, w. of Elijah Poore, 243. 

Susan, w. of Almon Poore, 244. 
BAKER, 56, 97, 147, 196, 263. 

Eliza, w. of Lemuel Merrill, 201. 
BALCH, 183. BALL, 151. 

BALDWIN, 93, Henry N., h. of Phebe H. Poore, 
150. BANISTER, 231. BANKS, 21, 147. 
189. BARNARD, 116. BARNES, 294. BARR, 
214, 233. BARUON, 225. BARSTOW, 15. 
Baltimore, Md., KiS, r. Armesteead, 289. Chamberliiin, ]!)2. 

Dennis, ."iS. Grooscors, 2'JO. Karg, 124. Manniiif;, 195. 

Mayer, 28S. Mayhow. 283. Poore, 122-4, 2S2-90. Tiivlor, 

288. Wilson. 72. Wright, 285. Banc/or. "ile.. r. Anson, 

30. Atliins, 218. Blood, 16. Butler, 20. Conlidge, 20. 

Deny, 20. Dole, 1(;-18. Ilslev, 13. J/»c7i., r. Dean, 251. 

Barnslaj. Enc/., r. Dias, 1.53. liarr, Tnd., r. Holigliton, 278. 

Bam, Vt., 252, r. Bailey, 244. Paiue, 58. Poore, 250. 

Barrinc/ton, N. H., 173. Barton, Wis., r. Hayes, 242. 
BARRETT, 27, Georgie, w. of Ed. C. Clark, 28. 
BART LETT, 9, 15, 33, 71, 104, 157. 

Amos, h. of Eunice Noyes, 156. 

Enoch, s. of Amos, r. Colorado Springs, 156. 

Julia, w. of Ben. Noyes, 157. 

Stephen, s. of Amos, r. Grinnell, 156. 
BARKY, 22. BARTOL, 186. BASCOM, 142. 

B.VTTY, 47. 
BATCH ELDER, 39, John, h. of Sarah Poore, 9. 

AYm J., h. of Ellen A. Whittier, 94. 
BATES, 227, Pauline, w. of A. L. Haywood, 154. 
BEALLE, Emma A., w. of Hen. H. McFadden, 126. 
BEAM, Phebe D., w. of VVm. E. Martin, 293. 
BEAN, 230, Ben. F., s. of John, r. Medford, 88. 

John, second h. of Sally Eaton, 88, 292. 

Mary, m. James Evvins, 89. 
BECK, 195. BECKET, 124. BECKHAM, 295. 
BECKWITH, Hira R., h. of Lib. A. Martin, 153. 
BELKNAP, 54, 68, 155. 

Roselvina, m. John S. Rowell, 36. 

Rosiua E., m. Mark Jewett, 36. 

Wm. A., h. of Ruth L. Poore, 36. 

"Wm. H., s. of W. A., r. Exeter, 37. 
BELL, 42, 295. BELLVILLE, 259. 

Batavia. III., v. Poore, 230. Bath. Me., r. Parker, 82. ST. B., 
r. Bailey, 219. Bartlett, 1.50. Poore, 228, 230. Sargent, 30, 
157. Sawyer, 114. Synionds, 79. Weeks, 230. N. Y.. r. 
Cu.-hman. 211. Baton Rouge, where died Foster, 182. 
Willey, 29. Bavaria, Ger., r. Moke, 295. Beach Grove, 
Irul.. r. Poore, 202. Beallsville, Pa., r. Hill, 71. Beatlie, 
Ka., 231. Jleaiier Co., O., r. Sevrens, 205. Pa., r. Little 
and Reed, 294. Beaver Dam, Wis., v. Noves, 157. Beaver- 
town. III., r. Stoidtwell,293. Beilford,.N. H.. 07, r. Bow-,234. Foster, 178. Moore, 180. Parker, 238. Poore, 
232. Smith, 181. Stevens, 180. Worthlv,237. Bellaire. III., 
V. Gifl'ord,280. Belliiiffham, llass., r. Partridge, 90. Belle- 
vUle. Ca., r. Ham, Irelimd and Richardson, 24. Bellvitle, 
(itt Newburyport, Mass.), r. Duttou, 45. Merrill, 35. 

Belmont Co., O., r. McCain & Thompson, 2.59. Belolt, Wis., 
r. Kendall, 70. Benicia. Cat., v. I'oore, 105. Bennington, 
Vt., r. Poore, 145. Benton, N. H., r. EastnKin, 114. Key- 
ser, lOG-7. III., Gifford, 2S0. Bergen, Nor., r. Ulven, 270. 
Berlin, Vt., r. Bailey, 243-4. Black, 243. Covel, 250. 
Currier, 251. Gerley, 245. Hill, 247. Plielps,251. Poore. 
20ii, 241-52. Stebbins, 242. Stratton, 249. Strong, 242. 
Berwick, iffe., i: Gerrish, 172. Gould, 173. . Johnston, 198. 
Poore. 218. Bethany. Conn., r. Simons, 248. Ind.. y. 
Bntler, 200. Bethlehem, N. H., r. Philbrook, 22S. Poore, 
228, 230. N. Y., r. Pooro. 148. Beverly, Mass.. r. Dodge, 
170. Hale, 139. Lord, ISO. Poore, 170, ISO. Eemmonds, 

Benefactors, 29, 65, 80, 123, 249. 

BEMIS, Fr. E., h. of Harriet Kettell, 39. 


BENNETT, Andrew, h. of L. A. Poore, 174. 

Hanuah, w. of R. A. Poore, 131. 
BENT, 139, Herbert, h of iM E. Downing, 291. 
BERRY, Ann E., w. of Henry H. Stewart'^ 290. 

Benj. h. of Jane Poore, 140. 
BETTS, Louisa, w. of Martin Poore, 148. 

Marion, w. of Jonas A. Martin, 152. 
BICKEL, 270. BICKFORD, 26, 152. 
BIULOW, Enos, li. of Haunali Haywood, 154. 

Franklin H., s. of Enos, r. Plaiufteld, 165. 

Nancy H., d. of Enos, m. Wm. Fianders, 155. 
BIGUES, 64. BINNER, 184. BISHOP, 11, 107, 293. 
BIXBY, Patty, w. of Job Poore, 245. 

Biddeford Me., r. Emerson, 2S2. Cook, 53. Big Tree, N. T., 
r. Poore. 143. Billerica, Mass., r. Fitch, 105. Hill and 
Jones, 247. Bird Island, r. Poore, 143. 

BLACK, 243. BLACKMAN, 58. J3LADES, 201. 
BLAISDELL, 15, 173. 

BLACKBURN, Mary, w. of Geo A. Stickney, 46. 

BLACKLEY, Maria E., w. of Albert W. Little, 111. 

BLAIR, L.-inra A., w. of Moody C. Dole, 18. 

BLAKE, Clement P., h. of Ella S. Merrill, 179. 
Libbie E., vv. of Alonzo B. Pearson, 297. 
Lydia J., w. of Samuel P. Butler, 19. 

BLANCHARD, Eliz., w. of VVm. Poore, 140. 

BLINCOE, 289. BLUNT, 229. and DEAF. 55, .58, CO, 107, 110, 113, 120, 144. 

BLOM, Mary E., w. of Fred. S. Kittell, 39. 

BLOOD, Horace W., h. of Olive M. Dole, 16. 

Bloomjielfl, Mich., v. S.itterlee, 120. Bioomington, Ind., r, 
Houghton, 27S-9. Blue Rapidi, Ka., v. llktyt. ^Z. Bolton. 
Ct)7*)i , r. Strong, 242. il/aA'6-.,Bnrnam,92. BoonviUe,N. Y., 
i: Solton. 21. Boscawen, N. H., r. Elliot, 201. Boscobel, 
Wis., V. Kimball. 119. Boston, Mass.. 21, 100, 191, 194, 219, 
238, r. Adams, 58, 12S. Allen, 167. Babson, 63. Beniis, 
39. Bradbury, 194. Bradt, 108. Butler, 2.;. Cassels, 287. 
Ch.audler,107. Clark, ,59. Clongh, 129. Cook. .30. Coolidge, 
20. Crowley, 22. Dennis, 58. Dodge, 171. Dole, 18. 
Downing, 44, 291. Fitzemever, 61. Gilman,50. Griswold, 
42. Hatch, 48. Hopkins, 22. Howard, 18. Tenuey, 138. 
Kettell, 38. Little, 200. Lock. 291. Merrill, .59, Morril, 
236-7. Morrison, 108-9. Nickerson, 189. Oakes, 211. 
Prince, 68. Pond, 21. Poore, 8, 37, US, 49, 82. 138, 158, 
167-8, 207, 215, 229, 234, 283. Pressey, 69. Kowell, 36. 
Shattuck, 47. Sliedd, 27. Smith, 106. Snowdon, 38-9. 
Somei-by, 59. Stickney, 46. Van Wart, 59. Wainwright, 
215. Webster, 96. Williams, 38. A^. K, r. Brindley, 295. 
Bow, Jf. H., r. Morgan, 218. Noyes, 156-7. Quimby, 219. 
Thompson, 166. Upham, 215. Woodbury, 219. Bowdoin- 
ham. Me., r. Sparks. 22. Boxford, Mass., 100, 176-7. 202, r. 
Bticon, 184. Carleton, 177. Foster, 177, ISO. Hale, 12. 
Killam, 185. Peabodj', 107. Pe.arl.213. Perley, 137. Poore, 
214, 241. Keynolds, 113. Spoflford, 164. Tyler, 176. 

BOARDMAN, 114, Jona., h. of Rebecca Moody. 12. 
BOND, 227. BOODY, 218. BOON, 127. BOSS, 

122. BOSWORTH, 136. BOWDEN, 96. 

BOWEN, 173. BOYCE, 149. BOYER, 263. 
BORBRIDGE, Sam'l W., h. of Isabel G. Butler, 23. 
BOWDITCH, John, h. ot Emeline C. Poore, 250. 
BOWMAN, Susan M., w. of Frank'n N. Poore, 234. 
BOWNE, Charlotte, w. of James E. Martin, 293. 



ROX, Miiriraict P., w. of Win. F. Crouch, 208. 
BO VI), EliziibcUi, w. of .loliii li. Murliu,151. 

Jane S., \v. of Irii Marlin, Ifii. 
BOYICS. lOi;, Susan, w. of .Jolni C. Poore, 105. 
BOYNTON, 115, 110, 1^5, 151, 204, 2;!1. 

Su>an l;., w. of Solli K. DoU', Kli). 

bi;a(;ki;t. 248. Bii.vni'oKi), 72. iJradley, 

(;s, 78.84, 15i;, 24!). Bli.VUSLEV, 74. BKANCII, 

niiAOBruY, 5.!, i;);i. [155. 

Wvuuiud, li. of Jiulitli Moody, 12. 

Kiiw., h. of Mary .V. Cmckett, 194. 

Edw., s. of Edw., 1-. iM<'li'ose, 1!)4. 
BliADLEY, Saiah, w. of lien.'' Pooic, of Ilav'l, 100. 
BKADT, llcrnian D., li. of C^'ci. G. Morrison, 108. 
BKAGG, Joliii, h. of Susan P. Sawyer, 115. 

Dana, s. of John, r. TliolforU, 115, 2'J2. 

Kli/.a .v., \v. of Dana, 115. 
BKA.MBLE, Nellie, w. of Charles II. Martin, 15;>. 
BUAV, George L., s. of Stephen P., r. Newb't, GG. 

Helen A., ni. A. S., Go. 

Isaac, li. of Sarah I). Poore, G5-6. 

Isaac A., s. of Isaac, r. Newburyport, C5. 

Steplion P., s. of Isaac, r. Newburyport, G5. 

Stephen P., s. of Stephen P.,r. Newburyport, GG. 
Sracffillc, O., V. of Ponre, IH. JJnufford, ^f(lss., 7r>, 202. r. 

I'.aik'S', 118. 3111. Carlelim, I7ii. Foster. ISl. Ilalc, Li?- 

Hanlv.'.ir). Il.ii),l(«).183. Hovcv, IS:!. Kimball, 

lii7. ■»liUoti, 1S>. .Nichols, \li. Pasc 172. Parkci-, 100. 

Pearson, Isi. Perlev. :i'(. Poore, S.">. 100. 19:1. Tcniicy, 

1114. Wooc\.2.i2. )7..'lls,r.liiitleranaClai-k,2ii. Cochian, 

2H). Eaton, 84. Elliot. 17. Little, 200. Wiggiii. 26. 

Jlrandun, Ci., r. Mun-ay, 143. Brant/ord, Ca., r. SlockwuU, 


BRICKETT, Clara A., w. of Win. W. Poore, lOG. 

Emma C, w. of Win. Aver, 81. 
BRIDGES, 249. Anna, w.'of Sam. ''Poore, of Hook., 
BKIDGDEN15AUGH, 295. [205. 

BRIGGS, 2G9, Silas P., h. of Sarah J. Stlckney, 45. 
BRINDLEY, Z. T., h. of Nellie M. Gilleu, 295. 
BUITTON, Mary L., 2nd w. of T. W. Little, 282. 

Brentioood, JV. /7.. r. Rowe, 112. lioweU. 3*). Brever, Me., 
r. Burr, 17. Dole, 17-8. Bridgchampton, A^. Y.. v. Seanum, 
152. Bridgeport, Conn., r. ilayes anil Stickney, 04. O., r. 
Ewing, I2.i. lU'idgeion, j\fe., r. Davis, 102. N. J., r. 
Koljerts. 274. /'«.," r. Uoililai-il, 130. Brtdyewater, Mass., 
Ho\varcl, 0(i. PerUins, !;').=>. I't.. v. Avery, 240. Hriyhtoii, 
Mass., r. C'lougli, 120. Filzeinever, Ul. Hilliaid, SO. C'n., 
r. Butler, 23-4, 31-2. Ivetclmm, 32. Kines. 23. Lyon, 31. 
ftlc.Mastei-s, 24. Pi-oetoi-, Snnth. Squici-, Wells and "Wi-iglit, 
32. Bristol, ;17e., r. .loliuston. 19S. Pa., r. Pmsell, 130-1. 
JSng'd, r. MeGin-il, l.i3. Brockton, Mass., r. Uili-I>ank, I.tI. 
Brocki-ille, Co., v. Holmes, 23. Brookficld, Iirass.. r. Morril, 
235. A'. //., r. Di-ew. S5. Hubbard. lli«. r«.. r. Uowilitcli, 
Clark and Stratton, 240-51. Brnothjn. N. }'., 20. 53, r. 
Ream, 203- Biglow. 155. Bowno, 203. Coiiover. 2il2. 
Dennis, 58. Dias, 153. Doiemns, 132. l' Ictflier, 152., l.V). llill,71. JU-Gurn. 1.53. Martin, 
151-2, 202. Menili, 170. 0|ulvke. 131-3. Peikins. 1.55. 
Shield, 203. Smith, 132. Stamioi-d, 203. Broome, N. Y., 
r. Ellis, 140. Brownstuiun, Ind., 253. 

BROCK, 209. BROCKNEY, 144. 

BROOKS, 9G, Emily, m. .lohn C. L. Campbell, 275. 

Eustace A., s. of Thomas .1., r. Te.\as, 277. 

•lohn, h. of Susan E. Hood, 29;i. 

Lewis, s. of T. J., r. Loogootee, 275. 

Seymour W., s. of T. J., i'. Loogootee, 277. 

Susan, m. Sandford L, NibUud;, 27G. 

'I'ho. ,J., h. of Susanna Toore, 274. 

'I'bo. .1., s. of Tho. J., r. Loogootee, 276. 
BliorilERS, Mary A., w. of Harmon Williams, 2G8. 
BROWN, 3G, 53, 55, 72, 74, 83, 110, 1G7, 182, 185, 
187, 243, 247, 281. 

Alice M., w. of Erie A. Poore, 217. 

Apphia, w. of .lohn P. Butler, 2G. 

Clara J., w. of Abraham Ililliard, 80. 

Hannah, w. of ,Iom. Copp., 201. 

Minnie S., w. of Albeit F. Griswold, 42. 

Nancy E., w. of David H. Marlin, 153. 

Win., h. of Ann Poore, 11. 

Will. O., h. of Martha A. Slickiicv, 41. 
BlUHUC, 8G. 119. BUCHANAN, 72. BUCK, 192. 

UUCKHAM, 22G. BliLKlNCH. 129. Bl'MP. 27. 

BUiNNEL, 21). P.UI{1!ECK, 15. 44. lUUtJOV.NE, 

104,205. BURNETTE, 291. BURI'LE, 175, 221. 

RUSH, 1G8, 293. 
liUCKMAN, Susie E., w. of Edw. G. Cloiigli, 129. 
lUIKliANK, 175, Horace IL, h. of Fr. P Cook, 151. 
BCRGESS, 24. Eben, h. of Mary \V. liuller, 27. -^ 

I.izetle A., w. of David \V. Ba'bson, G3. 
BURl.lNGAME, Surrel, h. of Maria Pirker, 239,290. 
liUKMlA.M, etc., 112, 151, 1,S8. 

Sullivan S., h. of Anne F. Webster, 92. 
BUUR, Elma C, w. of Geo. E. Dole, 17. 
BURRILL, Mercy, w. of Uauiel Noyes, 137. 

Frances M., w. of Geo. II. NoUon, 21. 
BUKT, 295, Martha L., w. of Win. F. Butler, 38. " 
BURTON, Amos, h. of Sarah JMerrill, 201. 
BUSWELL, h. of Amelia Dole, 13. 
BUTLER. 13, 17, 151, IGG, 2:^2, 287-8. 

Abigail S., 1823, in. J. R. Clark, 27. 

Adaiade L., 1840, m. Reuben Laird, 24. 

Alice J., 1851, in. J. T. Cutler, 211. 

Alvira A., in. Wm. H. Coltman, 24. 

Andrew O , s. of Henry, r. Chicago, 25. 

Ann E., 1827, m. W. IL Williams', 22. 

Anna, 17G5, w. of Moses Copp, 201. 

Betsey, 1795, in. Moses Cook, 29. 

Caroline A., 1823, m. D. W. Walt, 25. 

Caroline L., 1825, m. Henry E. Shedd, 27. 

Charles A., 1809, s. of Sani'l P., r. Iloulton, 19. 

Clara R , 185G, m. Elbridge T. Pond, 21. 

Eliz. .'V., 1819, in. Andrew C. Wright. 20. 

Elvira E., 1849, m. Etlwy S. Irelaml, 24. 

EmmaM., 1859, m. Wm". Murdoek, 25 

Frances A., 1842, m. .lames Hopkirk, 23. 

Frances E., 1819, m. P. Ham and R. Ricliardson,24. 

Geo. C, 1849, s. of Geo. L., r. St. Albons, 26. 

Geo. L., 1817, s. of John P., r. Bradford, 26. 

Hannah J., 1810, in. Edw. Foster, 20. 

Harriet A., 1857, in. Eugene Avery, 25. 

Harriet E., 1835, in. Ira R. Proctor, 32. 

Harriet M. M., 1842, m. Henry S. Draper, 21. 

Henry, 1788. s. of John, r. Canada, 23. 

Isabel G., 1847, in. S. W. Borbridge, 23. 

Jane P., 1829, lu. Dudley L. Clark, 28. 

John, 1758, h. of Sarah Poore, 14-33. 

John, 1833, s. of Wm., r. Colfax, !!2. 

John H., 1840, s. of Thos. O., r. Boston, 23. 

John P., 1791, s. of John, r. Camptou. 26. 

John W., 1831, s. of John P.. 28, 291. 

Lydia H., 1802, ni. Newton JIarsh. 33. 

Lydia, F. IL, 1842, m. Geo. F. Whitucy. 19. 

Mary, 1792, in. Diadate Wilier. 29. 

Marv A., 1821, m. Rob. IT. Noltou. 21. 

Mar'v A., 184G, tu: Danicd E. Wharlf. 20. 

Mary E.,1S44. m. Wilmot R. Squier, 32. 

Mary W., 1821, in. Eben. Burgess, 27. 

Melissa, 1845, m. George 11. G.ay, 21. 

Miron A., 1816, son of Henry, r. Brighton, 24. 

Pitkin, G., 1828, s. of Henry, "r. Norway Ridge, 25. 

Robert J., 1853, s. of Thomas 0., r. Ottawa, 23. 



Kuth, 1796, 111. Francis Durgin, 31. 
Kuth B., 1814, m. J. S. Coolldge, 20. 
Samuel P., 1787, s. of Johu, r. Monraoutli, 19. 
Samuel S., 1815, s. of Samuel P., r. Dedham, 20. 
Sarah, 1785, m. Henry Dole, 16. 
Sarah F., w. of Benjamin A. Hilliard, 166. 
Sarali J., 1839, m. James Kiues, 23. 
Sarah M., 1842, m. M. P. Ketchum, 32. 
Sarali N , 1820, iii. Wm. McDole, 27. 
Sarah P., 1808, ni. Rufus N. Judkins, 19. 
Thomas H., 1845, s. of Thomas O., r. Chicago, 23. 
Thomas O., 1812, s. of Henry, r. Ottawa, 23. 
Wm., 1800, s. of John, r. Brighton, Ca., 31. 
Wm., 1837, h. of Eliza Poore, 260. 
Wm. C, 1848, s. of Wm., r. Brighton, Ca., 32. 
Wm. P., 1837, s of Jolin P., r. Franconia, 28. 
Zoa A., 1825, m. Capt. Thomas Hopkins, 21. 
Butler Co., O., r. of Hendiiok, 2S5. 

BUTRICK, 105, 110. BUTTERFIELD, 225. 

Bijfield parish, Mass.,, r^. Ifil. 20i, r. Dole. 1(;9. Floyd, 
H)0. Jlorsc, Ji)l. Kove.^, l\^o. Pearson, IGO. Plummer, 
40. Poore, 3i, isn," 17-2, 174, 203, 255. Sogers, 100. 
Tlionipson, 103. Wheeler, 15U. 

CALDWELL, 15, CO. CALEF, 71. Polly, w. of 

John Poore, 105. CALLAWAY, 118. 
CALL, 207, Susan W., w. of Wm. P. Foster, 180. 

Cahot, ("«., r. of Covel,2.50. C'arfte, 0., r. Hanna. 127. Kline, 
12.1. Lee, 215. McFadilen, 138. Calais, Me., v. Poore, 41. 
Stickney, 45, 47. Vt., r. Pearce, 247. Caledonia, lo., r. 
Schooler, 2ii2. Walters, 2St). Camanche, Jo., r. Chase, 190. 
Cambridge, Mass., v. 189, 204, r. Bradt, 108. Clark, 220. 
Copp, 201. Griswold, 42. Johnson. 233. Noyes, 121. 
Poore, 108, 184. Snowdon, 38. N. T., r. Conkey. 140. 
Poore, 147. O., r. Craig, 136. Camb. City, Ind., r. Calla- 
ivay, Clark, Hnghes, Newbv and Sawyer, 118-9. Camden, 
iWe.. r. Bradbiu-y, 104. iV. X, r. Walmsley, 123. Campton, 
JV. fl"., r. Bartlett, 15. Bhiiv, IS. Butler, '].5-33. Clark, 17- 
S. Cook, 17-8, 30, 33. Cutter, 20. Dole, 17-9, 30. Durgin, 
31. Hodgdon, 17. Kinnisou, 103. Little, 15. Marsh, 33. 
JIei-rill,4G. Noyes, 44. Pulsirer,40. Smith. 31. Stickney, 
17, 44, 47. WiUey, 20. 7i/., r. Poore. 231. Canaan, N^. H., 
r. Currier. 200. Ijole.HS. Page, 231. V.ance. 100. Canan- 
rfn«SM(7,iV. r.,r. Daniels, 271. Poore,294. Candia.N.H., 
235, 237, r. Gould, 210. Hall, 108. Merrill, 103. Sawyer, 
112. Canton, Mass., y. Downing, 44, 201. il/e., r. Stickuey, 
45. In't., r. Poore, 208. Canterbury, Eng., r. Coo^'>er, 160. 
Cape Ann, 02. Cape Breton Is.. 34. Captaiji's Pond, on 
the south-east side of the farms of Jesse Poore and others, 
89-110. Carlisle. Pa., i: Hell. US. Carroll, N. H., r.liul- 
ler, 28. Carrying-Place, r. Butler, 23. Cnsselton, Vak., 
293. Casstown, O., r. Smitli,130. Castine, il/e.,r. Higgina, 
217. Castleton. 17., r. Kelly or Kellegg. 181, 290. Cata- 
wassa. Pa., r. Fletcher, 152. Cave in Rock, III., r. Pearson, 
205. Cavendish, Vt., r. Chamberlaid, 232. SpaUling, 151. 

CAMPBELL, 82, Eliz., w. of Jolin D. Martin, 293. 

Johu C. L , 1828, h. of Emily Brooks, 275. 

Wm. IL, h. of Nancy J. DeWitt, 261. 
CANNY, 60. CANTON, 54. CARD, 112. CAREY, 

274. CARPENTER, 57, 247. CARSON, 47. CA- 
SEY, 65. CATE. 106. CATING, 82. CATLIN, 152. 
CAHGILL, Josephine, w. of Jas. A. Cakes, 211. 
CARLETON, 109, 115, 176-7, 183, 185, 202-3, 223. 

Ab"l, 1753, w. of Dav. Poore, of Row., 177. 

Geo. H., h. of Harriet E. Pooi-e, 229. 

Mary, 1783, w. of David" Poore, of Row., 185. 

Phebe. 1747, w. of Dav.^ Poore, of Hamp., 104. 
CARNAHAN, Eliz. J., 1840, w. of Tlio. J. Brooks, 
CARR, 185, 188. [276. 

Joanna, w. of JerC* Poore, of Rowley, 159. 
CARTER, 26, 57, 139. 

Lewis Alfred, !i. of Ann M. L. Poore, 123. 
CASE, Mary, 1823, m. A. L. Dresser, 192. 

Jiobert, h. of Elizabeth Poore, 191. 

Simeon A., 1838, s. of Wm., r. Haverhill, 191. 

Wm., 1808, s. of Rob., r. Hav'l, 191. 
CASSELS, John, 1835, h. of Ellen W. Fletcher, 287. 
Casualties. Sec also Blind, Deaf, Deaths, Fires, 

Indians, Murders, Prisoners, Soldiers, 36, 49, 72, 

79, 84, 145, 213, 229, 244-6, 279. 
CASWELL, 52. Alon. M., h. of Marg't Poore, 218. 

Henry I., h of Lydia A. Poore, 220. 

Imogene M., ra. Chas. E. Atkins. 218. 
CAVE, John C, h. of Flor. V Poore, 247. 
CAVERLY, Almira H., w. of Phin. Merrill, 87. 

Cedar Creek. 185, 247. Cedar Falls. lo.. r. Poore, 145. Cedar 
Grove. Ind., r. Sapp, 200. Centralia, III., v. Parker, 240. 
Central Mine, Mich., r. Satterlee, 120. Ceredo. W. Va., r. 
Poore, 214. Champlain. N. Y.. v. Shute, 162. Charlestown, 
Mass., 50, r. Badger and Brown, 107. Carleton. 129. 
Dodge, 170. Garvin, 219. Gitibs. 180. Hill, 105. Hoyt, 

82. Hudson, 198. Morse, 65. Poore. 82. 1S5, 186, 217, 239, 
2!2. Rinnsav. 187. Tcnney.187. Westcott, 40. Wetherby, 

83. A^. /f., Howard. 149. (T. To, r. Redenour,190. Char- 
lotte, n.. r. Hall, 142. Chatham. N. H., r. W,\man, 1.57. 
Chebeague Is., Me., r. M.Tnsrield and Poore, 198. Check- 
towaga. N. Y., r. Hitchcock, 85. Chelsea. Mass., r. Eerais, 
39. Butler, 20. Chirk. 28, 59. Davison, Goodhue. Harvey, 
Palmer .and Stone. 189. Vt., r. Bragg, 115. Hood. 109. 
Chester. iV. J., 07, 83, 104, 205, r. Abbot, 105. Chase. Clark. 
Kent, Morse, Unilerhill, Webster. Wilson and Wood. 71-0. 
Vt.. r. Burbank, Fletcher and Haywood, 151-2. Chcfter- 

field. N. H., r. Wyman. 149. Chicago, 111., 21, 168, r. But- 
ler, 23, 26. Cochran, 90. Cook, 33. Dole, 17. E.-iton, 90. 
Holmes, 233. Hopkins, 22. Knox, 195. McAroy, 20. 
McGann, 165. Mitchell, 240. Nolton, 21. Pariier, 238. 
Poore, 217, 231. Sloan, 208. Thompson, liiG. Ulveu, 270. 
Chicopee, Mass.. v. Stoddard, 150. China, 292. 


83. CHAPMAN, 58, 76. 
CHAFFEE, Theo. W., h. of Harriet F. Poland, 195. 
CHAMBERLAIN-LIN, 16, 47, 73, 230, 292. 

Geo. W., 1807, h. of Mary B. Poore, 191. 

Lewis C., 1838, h. of Mariette Dresser, 192. 

Nancy, 1799, w. of Noves Poore, 232. 
CHANDLER, 20G, 220, John, h. of S. P. Green, 107. 

Moses F., 1833, s. of John, r. Boston, 107. 

Nicholas W., s. of John, r. Hav'l, 107. 
CHAPIN, Emily, w. of Martin M. Poore, 148. 
CHASE, 35, 38, 76, 104, 120, 164, 184, 191, 222, 243. 

Chas., 1794, h. of Nancy Poore, 196. 

Ellen E., 1824, m. Tlio. W. J. Long, 196. 

Geo. W. F., s. of Chas., r. Shepherdstown, 196. 

Hannah, w. of Chas. Noyes, 157. 

Mai-y B., 1830, m. Geo. F. Miller, 196. 

Mehit. w., of Joseph Noyes, 157. 

Mehit., 1792, w. of David^ Poore, 172. 
CHEEVER, Wm. W., 1834, h. of Ora A.Tenney, 164. 
CHENEY, 136, 138, 161, 188, 195, 242. 

Ariel P., 1818, h. of Emily Foster, 182. 

Evelyn, 1854, w. of Frauklin P. Johnson, 233. 

Geo. A., 1848, s. of A. P., r. N. And., 182. 

284. CHUItCH, 29, 115. CHURCHILL, 111. 

CILLEY, 249. 
CHIPMAN, Caroline M., w. of Perry Poore, 217. 
CHOATE, Geo. A., 1831, h. of Harriet K. Tiltou, 40. 
CHUTE, 160, 255-6, 271. 

Hannah, 1780, w. of John Poore, 254. 
Cincinnati. O., 112. 256, 272, r. Allbee, 157. Emerson, 70-7. 

Foster, 179, Huntington, 87. McCall, 273. Merrel 1,273-4. 

Mooney. 274. Morrison, 108. Nye, 251. Pearson, 265. 

Poore, J282, 2SS-9. Prince, 01. Sloconib, 87. Spear. 274. 

Stuart, 229. Claremont, N. E., r. Bccknith, 153. Smith,- 

20. i«., r. Gifford, 280. 

Civil Enginkicks. Abbot, 157. George, 64. Hale, 
149-50. Haskell, 54. Hopkinson, 183. Martin, 
152. Morril, 135. Poore, 68 (two). Prosser, 
270. White, 132. 



CLAGENBAUR, 2r.!). CLAN IN, 52. CLAY, 87. 
CLAliK,-K, 7, 51, 73. 77, lOit, 114, 129, ICH, 189. 

Aloiizo, 1837, li. or Lizlict.h S I'hilbrook, 228. 

Amos, 1700, h. of Uol). 1>. Iiii;:ills, 60-2. 

Amos. 1813, s. of Amos, r. Givoiie, Me., 60. 

Anna 1'., 1824. m. Henry A. Liuuli r, 51. 

Charlotte, 1817, in. .lolni L. liailey, 51. 

DmlU'V L., 1830, h. of .luni' 1'. liutler, 28. 

Kllen A., 1842, m. Wni. It. .lolin.son, 50. 

Ellen S., 182G, m. Aaron A. Sarsont, 51. 

Geo. W., 1830, s. of Amos, r. Newl)'t, 52, 291. 

Isaac S., 1835, li. of Mary C. Dennis, 59. 

,Ias 11., 1850, h. of Mary 1). Callaway, 118. 

Jane, 1815, w. of Goo. L. lintler, 2(i. 

John, ICuO, h. of Mary I'oore, 8, 291. 

John 11., 1828, h. of Abij;. S. Butler, 27. 

Milton J., 1852, h. of Irena L. Ensign, 144. 

Moses G., 1820, h. of Louisa 1". SymonU.s, 78. 

Nancy, \v. of Jns. J. Phelps, 251. 

Noah's., 1830, h. of Belinda McKeen, 73. 

Ophelia A., w. of Andrew J. Tiltou, 40. 

Susan, 1798, w. of John Poore, 246, 29G. 
CLEMENT-S, etc., 07, 83, 158. 

Kufus P.. 1839, h. of Ellen U. Poore, 83. 

Samuel C, 1809, h. of Chastina Poore, 100. 
Cluroymk.n. Adams, 128, 208. Babb, 30. Bar- 
nard, IIG. Bean, 88. Brown, 11. Elliot, 17. 

Giflbrd, 203, 280. Goss, 140. Keely, 158. Kiiies, 

23. Lamson, 150. Manning, 157. Merrill, 83, 

103, 201. Metcalf, 128. Morril and Morrill — 

three generations, 234-5. Morse, 80. Page. 1:00. 

Parisli, 255. Parldiurst, 20. Pierce, 30. Poore, 

141— Presiding lOlder, 145, 147— two, 200. Prince, 

57. Prosser, 209. Remington, 235. Smith, 209. 

Steel, 286. Slickncy, 47. Tucker, 227. Warren, 

Clekks and RkoisthhS, of cnnnlies, 37, 261, 282, 

280. Toiviift and cities, 37, 178, 183, 208, 210, 290. 
CLIEFOKI), Fred. D., li. of Susanna Babson. 63. 
CLITOE, 129. CLOGSTdN, 240. CI-UTCII, 143. 
CLOUGli, 79, 115. Edw. G.,s. of G. C, r. Brmhton, 

Greenleaf C, h. of H. W. and M. J. Metcalf, 128-9. 
COBURN, 82, 114. 
COCHRAN, 222. Fr. W., li. of Mary A. Str.atton, 

249. John C, h. of Fanny E. Eaton, 90. 
COFFEE, Lonisa, 1834, w. of Elijah B. Poore, 243. 
COFFIN, 5, 37, 39, 194. 
COGGIN, 208. 

Nancy, 1802, vv. of Rev. Josli. Poore, 141. 
COGSWELL, 99, 103, 235. 

Martha E., 1849, w. of Calvin Oaks, 211. 

Sarah E., 1842. w. of Erie Oakes, 211. 
COLBUUN, Sarah T., w. of Roswell W. Palmer, 190. 
COLBY, 51, 53, 110, 162, 219. 

Alice A., 1850, m. Fr. E. Cutter, 39. 

Eliza, 1800, w. of John Poore. 192. 

Geo. ])., hus of Ada E. Gaskill, 212. 

John W. S., 1820, h. of Mary A. Tilton, 39. 

Moses N., 1845, h. of Lnev Poore, 219. 
COLCORl), Mary II., 1821. w. of Ben. II. Poore, 230. 
COLE, 18, 270. COLEMAN, 102, 170, 255-0. [191. 
COLLINGILL, John, 1810, h. of Hannah C. Poore, 
COLLINS, Hannah B., 1829, w. of John Prince, 00. 
COLTMAN, Kliz.. ISIO, w. of \Vm. Bnller, 31. 

Geo. IL, s. of Wm. II , r. Kent Co., Ca., 24. 

Harriet A., 1814, w. of Miron A. Bnller, 24. 

Tho. G., s. of Wm. IL, r. Murray, Ca., 24. 

Wm. H., 1816, h. of Alvira A. Butler, 24. [290. 

CONNERLY, Lydia, w. of Henry IL Foster, 181, 
CONKEY, 140. COXKLI.V, 293. CO.NOVER, Wm. 

S., 1830, h. of Nancy P. Martin, 292.. 
CONVERS, 253, Eleanor, w. of Wm. Copp, 201. 

Clereldiul, r).,s,'i. Ill, r. MnAniy,l.'0. E.'iloii. Dunn, llitrlirnck, 
PiirMHis !\w\ Van Tassel. 85. C'liiitim, I'li.. (!:i. Coa. 
Arhor. yit..i'\. Ciirliesi't, ;1f«»s., r. llow.ovl, yil. f'i'feii- 
rille, Kas., v. lIiM-itan. 'iCU. Cohaaselt, Muss., r, .smith. 19 !, 
Culliorne, Ca., v. Uiilk'i', :i3. Colchester, Vt , r. Klliiil. 171 
(Vi., Sti'uan, 'JIW. Ciilelirouk. N.ll, r. Cosscr. 21'J. llur- 
vev, 20. Colfax, dil., r. Unller, »i. Cvllins. X. Y.. v. 
lIiiLib:niI,'.'07. Ci'lleiisrillt; Teim., hiiMil Hi, Hi). Colormlo 
Sprinf/s. CuL, r. B;ntU'tI, l.'>i;. Columbia, Intl., r. Ilrooks* 
27(i. Columbus, hid., r. I'liore. 200. O., \: JIi-l''ail<l<,Mi. 127. 
yvt., r. I*»iore, 112. Comeout, Pa., r. Poore. 2!)t. Contpton, 
fVi., r. ISntler, 2.i. Concoril. jl/ass.. r. Wrijjlit, 2U. .\. II., 
1114, 118, l.V^-7, 211.2S1. V. Al>l)ot, ir>7. l!rooks.29:i. Carter, 
.57. (Jnrrier, lli2-;f. Dearborn, 2S2. Dole, li;9. Elliot, 
•21.S. Fisk, 2;!(!. lloocl, 1(19. Juilkins, 19. Moore, 180. 
Hlonil,2;r)-7. 0:iki's,2in. I'illsljnrv, 22:!. Ri(^har(ls, 208. 
.Siiltmarsii, 109. Slinle, li!2. SlMicni», ISO. .Sleeper, ll!9. 
Sniilli, :ll. .stickney, 40. \V.'ilUer. 92. Webster. 291). O., 
r. IMke, 141. I'l., r. i*oore, 21:!. Consccnn. Cu.,v. Knller.31. 21. Walt .-nnl Weeks, 2."). CunsUMe. X. )'.. r. 
Ilntehins, 211. Contoocnok, X. II. — part of Mopkinton, 
2S1. Coulhill. Ire., r. aicl''„Milen, lie. Coriiilli. It., r. 
Bitchcklei-. 2U1. t'leniment, 109. Dii-khiMin, III. Flan- 
ders, 27. Orr, ll.'>. I'oore, 105-«. Sawyer. 109, 114. Tap- 
lin, 20. Cornwatli, AVo^, r. Cassels, 2S7. Cofiiujton, Kif., 
Y. Emerson, 7.'). llau ley, 272. Mcrrell, 27J. Merrill, 179. 

COOK-E, 17-18, 29, 33, 118, 189, 230, 239. 

Alfred, 1821, li. of Eliz. Poore, 34. 

Alniira I)., 1830, ni. (ieo. Pierce, 30. 

Eben B. 18L'4, h. of Louisa Marsh, 33. [157. 

Eliz., 1828, m. S. E. Sargent anil G. II. Anson, 30, 

Ellen A., 1S3S, m. Tho. E. Babb, 30. 

Francelia P., ni. Horace 11. Burbank, 151. 

Harriet, 1817, m. John Pole, 29. 

Jame.s S. 1814, h. of Nancy P. Martin, 151. 

Jere., 1830, s. of Wm.', r. Biddeforil, 53. 

Joel, 1833, s. of Wm.', r. New York, 53. 

John N., ISOS. s. of Wm.^ r. Newbnryport, 53. 

Joseph, 1818, h. of Sally," d. of Mos. Cook. 30. 

Justin E , 1847, s. of Eben. B., r. Indep., lo., 33, 

Mary A., 1819, ni. Henry Dole, 17, 30. [291. 

JIos'cs, 1792, li. of Betsey,' d. of J. Butler, 29. 

Roxanna, 1810, ni. John T. Loring, 54. 

Roxanna E., 1837, m. Chas. E. Bay ley, 54. 

Rufus,' 1810, s. of Wm., r. Newbnryport, 54. 

Sally, 1820, d. of Moses, m. Jos. (^ook, 30. 

S.irah E., 1S28, m. Wm. IL Haskell, of Newb't, 53. 

Sarah M., 1839, ni. Chas. E. PUnnmer, of N., 55. 

Wm., 1770, h. of Cath., d. of Nathan^ Poore, 52. 

Wm., 1799, s. of Wm. and Catli,". r. Newb't, 53. 

Wm., 1837, .s. of Wm. jr.', r. Ilalowell, 53. 
COOLIDGE, Jas. E, s. of Jas. S., r. Boston, 20, 291. 

James S., 1809, li. of Ruth B. Bnller, 20. 

Lunian B., 1852, s. of Jas. S., r. Walthani, 20. 

Mary E., 1844, ni. Melville C. Parkliurst, 20. 

Ruth B., 1856, m. George L. Smith, 20. [100. 

COOPER, 118, 158, t^iarlof.e. w. of Geo. Pearson, 

COPELANl), 17. CORKINS, 212. 
COPP, S3. Eliph.,^ 1705, s. of Josh., r. Randolph, 201. 

Eliz.,^ 1701, prob. m. a Craguc, 201. 

Geo.,s. of Joshua,* r. Warren, N. IL. 201. 

Geo., s. of Geo. W.,° r. Cambridge, 201- 

Geo. W.,^ 1776. s. of Joshua, r. Warren, 201. 

John, s. of Joslui ',» r. Grand Isle, 201. 

Joseph, s. of Geo. W.,'r. Nashua. 201. 

Joshua. 1740, li. of Sarah^ Poore, 201. 

Joshua. ■" 1709, s. of Josh., r. Warren, 201. 

Joslnia,'' s. of Josh., jr.. r. Warren. 201. 

Lemuel, h. of Lucy E. Whittier, 200. 

Louisa," 1804, w. of John' Poore of L., 79, 201. 



Mehitabel, 1773, m. Lamson Elliot, 201. 

Molly, 1759, m. a Batclielder, 201. 

Moses, 1763, s. of Josh., r. Stanstead, etc., 201. 

Nancy, d. of Geo. W., m. Aaron Goodwin, 201. 

Natlianiel, s. of Josh., jr., r. Eumuey, 201. 

Uath. P..'* 1783, s. of Josh., r. Vt., 201. 
 Sarah, 17C7, d. of Josh., m. Jos. Merrill, 201. 

Susanna, 1771, d. of Josli., prob. m. a Crague, 201. 

Wm.,* s. of Josh., r. Randolph, Vt., 201. 
CORLISS, Sam. S., h. of Eliz. G. Little, 111. . 
CORSER, Emma J., w. of John C. Poore of S., 212. 
CORSON, Ella V., w. of Albert W. Little, 111. 
CORNING, 105, 121. COUGHLIN, 273. COUS- 
INS, 229. 
COVELL, 24fi, 249. 

Elijah H., 1802, h. of Sarah Poore, 250. 

Stephen H., s. of Elijah II., r. Berlin, 250. 
COWAN, 272. CRAGUE, 201. CRAIG, 126. CRAM, 

225, Ruel L., h. of Rebecca' Noyes, 157. 
CRAMPSEY, Jacob, m. wid. of S. P. Poore, 186. 
CRAWFORD, 212, John, h. of Anna M. Eaton, 85. 
CRECELINS, Mary E., w. of Seym. W. Brooks, 277. 
CROCKETT, Ellen M., m. Chas. F. Manning, 195. 

Harriet, 1813, m. Chas. H. Knox, 195. 

James, 1786, h. of Sally Poore of P., 194. 

Leonard, 1816, s. of Jas., r. Portland, 195. 

Martha, 1811, m. Wni. C. Poland, 195. 

Mary A., 1809, m. Edw. Bradbury, 194. 

Sarah P., 1820, m. Albert G. Lyon, 195. 
CROOKS, Amanda M., w. of Lewis Brooks, 276. 
CROSS, 48, 82, 117, 226. 

Harriet H., 1801, w. of John Stickney, 45. 

Jane, 1859, w. of Albert P. Poore, 294. [73. 

CROSSETT, Bellvidiere A., w. of Selwin A. Lowd, 

CROUCH, Venelia, w. of Alvan M.' Poore, 268. - 
CROWLEY, Mary S., w. of Robert N. Hopkins, 22. 

Craftslmry, !'<., r.Cochi-an and Stratton, 249. Crnmaclc. Ca., 
V. W.llt. 2.). Crawford Co., Ind., Crecelins, 277. Craio- 
leys Foils, N. H.. r. Kowe, 112. Crosuville, 111., v. Pooie. 
259. Croydon, N. B.. r. Elliot, 17. Powers, 40. Cri/stal 
Lake, in Haverhill, 75. 90, 116, 200. Cuba, W. I., Whei-e 
died N. P. Cooli, 6:i. J. E. Prince, 60. B. Tlirasher, 66. 
Cynthiana, Ky., r. Wheelei-, 286. 

CULMA, 117. CUMMINGS, 43, 174, 245. [216. 

CUNNINGHAM, Bvron M., h. of Cara. N. Poore, 
CURRIER, 34, 62, 55, 07, 82, 88, 102, 109, 201. 

Aaron S., s. of Sara. L., r. Concord, 163. 

Mary L., 2nd w. of Alfred Poore of Goff'n, 227. 

Paschal W., 1842, h. of Sarah Poore, 251. 

Sam. A., 1841, s. of Sam. L., r. Concord, 163. 

Sam. L., 1810, h. of Julia A. Shute, 162. 
. Serepta, 1814, \v. of Ezek'l L. Merrill, 200. 
CURTIS, 191, 284, Lucian, h. of Laura J. Poore, 294. 
CUSHMAN, 63, 211, 215. CUTTING, 137, 209. 
. CUTTER, Francis E., h. of Alice A. Colljy, 39. 

John T., 1846, h. of Alice J. Butler, 26. 
PADE, Lillie L., w. of Frank E. Haskell, 54. 
DAKEN, 274. DALIE, 18. DAMARIN, 273. 
BANKORTH, 38. 63. DANGLER, 124. [271. 

DANIELS, 47, Wm., 1837, h. of Mary A. Prosser, 
DART, Rittv A., 2nd w. of Wm. Poore, 170, 293. 
DAA'ENPORT, F:inny, w. of John Poore, 245. 
DAVIDSON, 45, 270, Mary A., 1803, w. of Wm. 

Cook, 53. 
DAVIS, 18, 41, 53, 62, 76, 101, 157-8, 160, 163, 172, 

227, 297, Ade. M., w. of M. Poore, 214. 

Amos, 1833, h. of Mary E. Judkins, 19. 

Francis, h. of Leora A. Gifford,297. 

Chas. M., 1853, h. of Ada Westcott, 40. 
Wm., h. of Anne K. Poore, 192. 

DAVISON, Chas. E., h. of Mary I. Palmer, 189. 

DAVIESS, 271, 278 DAY, 90, 164, 206. DAY- 
TON, 26. 

Dadeville, Ifo., r. Wriston, 206. Dallas, Tex., r. Morrel, 236. 
TV. Va., Poore, 147. Daiton, Mass.,y\ Stickney, 47. Dana, 
Mass., r. Clianilterlain, 191, Danbury, N. H., r. Gonld, 
210. Russell, 231. Danrers, Mass., V\tt\c,lVi. Danville, 
N. H., r. Towle, 182. Davenport, lo., r. Butler, 26. Davie 
Co., N. C, r. Chesliire, 279. Daries Co., Ind., r. Hough- 
ton, 277. Z>oj/io7i, 7o., r. Dodds, 26. Dearborn Co., Ind., 
r. Sapp., 260. Decatur, lo., r. De Witt. 262. Dedham, 
Mass., r. Cook, 29. Draper, Gay, and Pond, 21. Deerfield, 
iV. fi'., 2S2, r. Abbot. 75. Rollins, 230. Tilton, 39. Deer- 
ing, N. H., ISO. Deer Is., Me., r. Eaton, 36. Defiance, 
Mo., \: Poore. 263. Delphi, lo., r. Stacy, 297. Denmark, 
O., r. of Hall, 85. Derby, Vt.. 142. Derri/, N. H., 72, 
104, r. Brickett, 106. Dow, 213. Gresg, 106. Hall, 212. 
Hill, 71. Johnson, 72. Kent, 74. Nichols, 90. Poore, 
10.5-6, 212-3. Warner, 71. Wilson, 71, 74-6. De Sofa, 
Mo., V. Poore, 143. Detroit, Mich, r. Sawyer, 120. Dexter, 
V. of two Smiths, 19S. 

Deaf persons, 5, 60, 110, 120. 

Deacons, 11, 13, 26, 52, 70 (two), 102 (two), 122, 

142 (two), 166, 167, 183, 200, 204, 210, 213, 222, 

225, 245, 247, 254, 281. 
Deaths, casual and of uncommon cause. (See 

also Murders and Soldiers.) By Accident, 57, 74, 

82, 114, 157, 192, 209, 210, 218, 221, 238, 278, 288. 

Cancer, 110. Cholera, 124, 127, 142. Diphtheria, 

33, 59 (two), 131 (three). Drowning or atsea, 16, 

20 (two), 21, 46, 48. 50 (live), 51, 53, 57, 60 (two), 

61, 65, 66, 71, 95, 157, 171, 189, 191-2, 196, 223. 

Scarlet Fever, 154 (five). UmaU pox, 143, 182. 

Starved 171 rebel prisons, 110, 219. Various, 6-7, 

15, 22, 25, 49, 57, 60, 76, 95, 107, 182, 196, 204, 

243, 251, 256. 
DEAN, 45, 168, 231, Mary E., w. of J. J.Phelps, 251. 
DEARBORN, 111, David M., h. of Helen M. Ran- 
dall, 282. [282. 

Frederick, s. of Dav. M., r. Manchester, N. II., 
DEERING, Hattie L., 1848, w. of Chas. H. Dole, 18. 
DEGNON, 85. DEMERITT, Alma V., w. of Rntiis 

E. Hilliard, 80. DENNISON, 29, 62. DENNY, 

168. DERBY, 42. DeREVEEE, Emma F., w. 

of Geo. Martin, 152. DeROACH, 130. Dn- 

EOCHMENT, 80. DERRY, Emma J., w. of 

James E. Coolidge, 20. 
DENNIS, Geo. W., s. of J. H., r. Woburn, 58. 

Henry W., s. of J. H., r. New York, 58. 

John H., 1813, h. of Mary A. Adams, 58. 

Mary C, 1838, m. Isaac S. Clark, 59. 

Theo. T., 1842, s. of J. C, r. Boston, 69. 
DESiGNKiiS, Painters, etc. Batehelder, 94. Bcck- 

with, 153. Butler. 23. Downing, 291. Durgin, 

31. Edcs, 284. Foster, 182, Hitchcock, ^85. 

Knox, 195. Lyon, 196. McCall, 273 Munn, 295. 

Poore, 158, 215, 296. Sloan, 208. Webb, 2S4. 

Wright, 27. 
DEWEY, Lizzie H., w. of Sam. C. Merrill, 179. 
DeWITT, 269, Emily B., m. Israel F. Siemiller, 262. 

Hannah A., va. J. H. Tucker and J. Weir, 279. 

John, h. of Amelia P. and Hannah Poore, 279, 260 

Julia A., 1812, w. of Alvan Poore, 266. 

Laura V., 1847, m. Jas. H. Gillespie, 260. 

Lucinda, 1847, m. Jos. U. Mar.shall, 261. 

Lydia, 1843, m. Levi Giflbrd, 280. 

Lydia, 1854, m. Ben. H. Schooler, 262. 

Mary E., 1848, m. Wm. H. Morgan, 261, 297. 

Nancy J., 1845, m. Wm. H. Campbell, 261. 

Nath'l II., 1821, h. of Eliza H. Poore, 261. 



DIAS, Harriet A., 1850, w. of Fr. A. McGiirn, 153. 
DICKKY, Aimis M., 181!), w. of Edm. J. rooic, 252. 
DICKINSON, 111, Giileoii, h. of Mai-t-liii L. Kiiox, 
DIKK, .Sat-ali, \v. of Kpliraim Noyes, 1^7. [195. 

DlLl.KV, 1,1'imu'l 1.., h. of Janeltc Iloiiuliton, L'78. 
DUJJNGIIAiM, L"J:!, Martin A., !i. of Aim. S. Tooro, 
1)11, I>S, C'lia.s.II., li.of Jessie A. ProscoU, 14S. [11)!). 
DDANi;, i:U, Mei-cy K., vv. of Sam. V. I'oore, 180. 
DODDS, Clias. I'., Ii. of Amuiida Merrell, 27^. 
DOIXJE, 34, lOG, 112, 173, 177. 

Clias. L., s. of John L., r. Beverly, 171. 

.loliii L., 1812, li. of Sarah J. Poore, 170. 
DOLE, U, 47, (Ki, 20!), 2.-.:!. 

Abigail, 178!), 111. John \V. Kimball, 13. 

AImrt,^ Kich.-, Will ', ancestors of Henry, 14. 

Albert, ISO!), s. of Henry, r. Bangor, 10. 

Aliiiira, 1S13, ui. Jos. Hodgdou, 17. 

Amelia, m. A. Buswell, 13. 

Anna L., 177(i, in. Jos. Hale, 13. 

Ann M., 1820, m. Wm. L. Hood, 109. 

Betty, 1774, m. Ben. Ilsley, 13. 

Charles Henry, 1847, s. of Ira, r. Brewer, Me., 18. 

Daniel, 1787, settled in iNIaine, 13. 

Ediimiid', 1784, s. of Henry, r. Bangor, 13. 

Edm., 1820, s. of Henry, r. Liniington, 18. 

Erastus, 1822, s. of Henry, r. Campton, 18. 

Eunice, 1778, d. of Henry, m. Seaman Fogg, 13. 

Geo. E., 1848, s. of John, r. Bangor, Me., 17. 

Haiinali, 1751, w. of Stephen^ Poore, 57. 

Helen U., 1834, in. Jos. T. Sleeper, 10!). 

Henry, 1748, li. of Anna, d. of John-" Poore, 13, IG. 

lleury, 1780, h. of Sarah' Butler, 10-19. 

Henry, 1811, s. of Henry', r. Limerick, 17. 

lr,i, 1810, s. of Henry', r. Brewer, 17. 

Ira E., 1849, s. of Irii", r. Brewer, 18. 

James A., 1843, s. of Albert, r. Bangor, 16. 

John, the father of Stephen Poore's wife, 59. 

John, 1814, s. of Henry', r. Bangor, 17. 

Lnther, 1810, s. of Henry', r. Limerick, 16. 

Martha P., 1841, d. of Lu., m. John C. Hayes, 10. 

Mary, 1803, d. of Moses, m. Jos. Sawver, 118. 

Mary F., 1843, d. of Silas', in. Sam A. Howard, 18. 

Moody C, 1853, s. of Erastus, r. Camptou, IS. 

Moses, h. of Lucv, d. of Jer. Poore, 118. 

Olive M., 1848, d. of Alb. m. Ilora. W. Blood, 16. 

Pliebe, d. of Henry and Anna^ m. David Hill, 13. 

Sarah, 1739, w. of Jona" Poore of Newbury, 14. 

Seth J., 1802, h. of Mary A. Poore, 109. 

Seth R., 1830, s. of Seth J., r. Concord, N. H., 109. 

Silas, 1818, .s. of Hen.' r. Koxburv, 18. 

Wm. B., 1841, s. of Albert, r. Bangor, 16. 
DOUEMUS, Wm. N., h. of Einilie L. White, 132. 
DORMAN, 177. DOHR, 238. DORSETT, 195. 
DOW, 80, 220, Eliz. E., m. John P. Scollay, 213. 

Helen M., 1847, w. of Fr. H. Little, 113. 

John, 1844, h. of Mary P. Little, 113. 

Josepliinc 0., 1852, w. of Frank W. .Tudkins, 19. 

Robert C, 1821, h. of Emelinc Poore, 213. 

Sarah F., w. of Aaron S. Currier, 103. [291. 

DOWNING, 70, 179, Clias. F., s. of O. H., r. Canton, 

Henry 0., s. of O. H., r. Canton, 291. 

Martha E., d. of H., in. Herbeit Bent, 291. 

Oliver II., 1815, h. of Cliarl. D. Poore, 44, 291. 

Dojntltlson, La,. 2G6. Dorchester, Afass., 9*2, v. of Bl.icknian, fiS. 
Pond, 21. Urann, .59. N. II., r. Lee, Dorset. Vt., r. Batch- 
filler 91. Dover, Ind., v. Kcililiart, 278. Me., r. Dow, IP. 
N. H.. r. IJetinet, 171. Evans, 8*J. Jiidkins, 19. Merrill, 
8G. Ross, 4U. Whittler, 102. JV. J'., Carter 123. Dowagiac, 

Mick., r. Sc-lmtt, 119. Drac.nt, Mass., r. Baker, 201. 
Cook, ;H. Kox,21(1. JMenill, 201. I'iuritc, ;10. SvkcH. 77. 
Dublin, /jKMiy. A'. //.. r. Cromljie, 90. Dubois. III., r. lialun 
90. JJ. Co. JniL, r.'SiUhik.'i'U. JJulmi/ue. /vwii,r.l'j\]iKr, 
210. Poore. ami Scott. 2«(i. Dunburton, A'. II., 20.'), r. 
Coll)y, 219. Holmes, 22:J. Johnson, 72. Leacli, 225. 
MeCniUy, 212. Perkins, 209. Poore, 2i'.. 2iS, 2:12. 2sl. 
Scoljv. 212. Stinson, 222-3. Woodlnny, 219. Dunhirh. 
N. v., r. liri.swold, 42. Du Quoin. 111., r. Alitcliell, 210. 
Durliam, iV. Y., r. lHenell,27I. Bi/ersville, /oioa, r. Poore, 

DRAKE, 251. DRURY, 114. [21. 

DUAl'KK, 218, Henry S., h. of Harriet M. M. Butler. 
DRAUGHT, Henry, h. of Cidney F. Opdyke, 133. 
DRESSKU, 13, Alijert L., h. of Mary Case, 192. 

Marietta, d. of A. L., m. Low. Cliadlmrn, 192. 
DREW, Lydia 11., 1813, w. of Daniel P. Katon, 85. 
DUU.MMOND, Emma H., w. of Jas. A. Dole, IC. 
DUDLEY, 117, Cath., w. of Clias. W. Poore, 123. 
DUELL, Isaac F., li. of Mary E. Long, 190. 
DULEY, Bertha, 1840, w. of Geo. B. Poore, 227. 
DUNLAl', Joseph, h. of iMary E. Worthley, 237. 
DUNN, Chas. T., Ii. of Lvdia A. Eaton, 85. 
DUNNING, Elijah, h. of Harriet A. Dntton, 4.5. 
DURGIN, Francis, h. of Ruth Bntler, 31. 

Harrison, 1828, s. of Fr., r. Vineland, N. J., 31. 

Susan F., 1820, m. Wm. A. Smith, of Campton, 31. 

Wm. B., 1833, s. of Fr., r. Concord, N. H., 31. 
DUKOE, Susie J., w. of Bvron L. Parker, 239, 296. 
DUHRELL, 31. DUTY, 101. 

DUTCH, Susan E , 1817, w. of Robert C. Stickney, 47. 
DUTTON, Geo. N.. s. of Stephen T., r. Pitts., 40. 

Harriet A . , d. of Stephen T., m. Elijah Dunning, 45. 

Stephen T., h. of Sarah Stickney, 45. 
DUVALL, 125. DWINELL, 247. [179. 

DYER, 00, Geor'anna E. B., w. of E. M. Tukesbury, 
EALY. 111. ECKSTEIN, 01. 

EARLE, 30, Amanda T., w. of David M. Foster, 179. 
EARLY, Wm., 1850, h. of Kate S. Sinitli, 130. 
EASTMAN, 26, 100, 155, 201, 208, 252. 

Caroline IL, w. of Mayo G. Sawyer, 114. 

Josiah C, 1811, h. of Anne A. Wilson, 71. 

Mary B., 1844, m. I,avoisier Hill. 71. 
EASTON, Wm. B., 1855. h. of Emma E. Morril, 237. 
EATON, 18, 30, 30, 95, 101-2, 100, 115, 208, 225. 237. 

Abigail M.', d. of Abigail, ra. John Pettengill, 89. 

Abijah, 1759, h. of Eliz. «, d. of Dan. Poore, 84-91. 

Anna M., 1840, m. Marten Van Tassel, 85. 

Betsey, 1794, m. John J. Merrill, 80. 

Daniel, 1792, s. of Aliijah, r. Montreal, 84. 

Dan. P., 1810, s. of Daniel, r. Canada, 86. 

Dan W., 1841, s. of Dan. P., r. Lynn, 86. 

Edwin, 1800, .s. of Abijah, r. Le Roy, etc., 91. 

Fannv E., 1847, m. John C. Cochran, 90. 

Geo. W., 1841, s. of Sam. W., r. Cleveland, 85. 

James M., 1809, h. of Hannah Pettengill, 90. [91. 

Laura A., 1840, d. of Edwin, in. Darius Wliitford, 

Laura A , 1845, w. of Ben. F. Stickney, 47. [85. 

Lvdia A., 1854, d. of Sam. W., m. Chas. T. Dunn, 

Mary E. J., d. of Sam. W., m. Win. S. Hall, 85. 

Olive, d. of Sam. W., m. C. A. Uitclicock, 85. 

Olive H., d. of Daniel P., m. Jas. A. Glines, 86. 

Sallv, 17!I0, d. of Abijah, m. Samuel Webster and 
John Bean, 88. [85. 

Sarah K., 1848, d. of Sam. W., in. Rich. Parsons, 

Sam. W., 1814, 8. of Daniel, r. Cleveland, 85. 
EDES, Ben. L., h. of Grace W. Fletcher, 288. 
EDGERLY, Sarah, w. of Walter L. Little, 112. 
EDSON, Sally Dean's first husband, 45. 



EILENBERGER, Eveline, w. of Aug. Pursell, 130. 

Eastham. Mass., r. Doane, ISC. East Kingston, N. H , r. 
Maroon, 93. Easton. Mass., 38. r. Prince, (il. Ma., r. 
VVIuirff. 30. Pa., r. Walmsley, 123. Eastport, Me., 181, r., 30. Eaton Rapids, Mich., r.T)m\n,e,i. Edenboro', 
Pa., V. Van Tassel, 8,5. Pouie, 291. Effingham, N. H., r. 
McUoon, is:i. Welch, l(il-5. Etizabethiown, ICy.,v. llnoil, 
2U0. Elloughtoii, ftsjr., r. of Richurd-on, 2t. Ellsworth, 
N. U., 40. Elg, Vt., r. On-, 115. Etysian, Minn., v. Bab- 
cock anil Pi-osser, 270. England, v. Holmes, Hiimplirey, 
and Staley, 23. 

ELA, 81, 214. ELKINS, 45. ELLERBECK, 23. 
ELLICOTT, Elias, li. of Sarah E. Poore, 290. 
Margaret J., d. of Elias, m. A. A. Woodliull, 290. 
Sarali M., d. of Elias, ra. Heu. T. Aruold, 290. 
ELLIOT, 31, 40, 105, 218, 289, 

Lamsoii, li, of Meliitabel Copp, 201. 

Lester II., 1835, li. of Phebe E. Hodgdon, 17. 

ELLIS, husband of Lucy Poore, 140. 

Maria A. G., vv. of Geo. P. Johnson, 233. 
ELLS, Harriet C, 1830, w. of \Vm. N. Opdyke, 133. 
EMERSON, 70, 90, 95, 97-8, 214, 224, 281-2. 
Adelfred L , s. of Add. W., r. Haverhill, 77. 
Adeline, 1833, d. of Sam., m. J. H. Tower, 77, 292. 
Adolphus AV., 1831, s. of Sara., r. Cincinnati, 76. 
Albert, 1827, s. of Sam., r. Haverhill, 75, 292. 
Bodwcll, h. of Sarah, d. of Eliph. Poore, 282. 
Caroline, 1829, d. of Sara., m. H. Pnlsifer, 76, 292. 
Daniel, s. of Bodwell, r. Hoplunton, etc., 282. 
Lowe, 1837, s. of Sam., r. Cincinnati, 77. 
Mary, d. of Daniel, of Hopl^inton, 282. 
Mary A., 1828, d. of Sam., m. T. J. Emerson, 76. 
Mehit. 1)., 1821, w. ofBenaiah Pettengill, 89. [78. 
Nancy J., 1839, d. of Sam., ni. Wra, S. Meserve, 
Samuel, 1802, h. of Nancy Wilson, 75-8. 
Sarah, 1816, w. of Wm. Case, of Hav'l, 191. [101. 
EMERY, 86, 233, Ben. E., 1818, h. of Eliz. H. Poore, 
Harriet F., 1843, d. of B. E., m. T. G. Gliues, 101. 
Mehitabel, w. of Ezeluel Little, 200. 
Ehoda, 1798, w. of Ben. Wilson, jr., 74. 
ENGLAND, 125; ENOS, 197, 265. ' 
ENSIGN, 145, Irena L., m. Milton J. Clark, 144. 

Isaac H., h. of Eliza H. Poore, 144. 
Enterprising, Eccentric, etc. Bnck, 192. Butler, 20-1. 
Colmaii, 102, ■i.iO. Dodds, 27.1. Emei-son, 75. 77. Foster, 
178. Hai-rini;m, 103. Murray, 112. Oakes. 210. Parker, 
238. Pike, 209. Pillsburr, 223. Poore, 1.39-145. Sil.-is' 
as well as liis uncle Daviil joined the Shakers. 119, 160, 107- 
8, 170, 185, 192-4, 200-8, 215, 232, 250-7, 260, '280, '291. Worth- 
ley, -237. 
a)»m«, jV. H., r. of Abbot, 165. Bdgerly,113. Lawrence, 234. 
Ullle, 111. Jlorrill, 234. Eiison. N. H., v. Morrill, -234-5 
Kpicorth, lama, r. Poore, 243. Erie, Pa., r. of Bell, Koreter 
andGriswokl,42. Poore, 387. Eriiestown. Ca., r. Ham,24. 
Esperance. N. Y., r. Nolton, 21. Essex, Mass., r. Bnrnham, 
151. Euclid, O., V. Pempin, 85. Ererett, Mass.. r. Poore, 
107. Ewlng, Ind.,\: Butler and Poore, 200. Exeter, N. H., 
r. Belknap, .Jewell and Rowell, 36-7. 
Executive Officers of U. S., 235. State, 192, 234. County, 
28, 51, 103, 103, 178, '210, 257, -262, 275. roion, 9, 20, 26, 199. 

ERWIN, Sophia, 1846, w. of John W. Butler, 28. 
ETTING, 288. EUSTIS, 48. EVERETT, 49. 
EVANS, Han'h and Abi'l, \vs. of Josh. Merrill, 86. 
EWING, Tho. B., h. of Eliz. S. Garretsou, 125, 292. 
EWINS, James, h. of Mary Bean, 89. 
FAIRBANKS, 93. FARRAGUT, 22. [171. 

FAKNHAM, etc., 28, Laura A., w. of Geo. A. Lunt, 
FARRAIi, 19, 38, Ann E.. w. of Aaron L. Haywood, 
FASSETT, 206. FAULKNER, 168. FEARS, 63. [154. 
FELIX. Rosalia B., w. of Chas. IL Opdyke, 133. 
FEI>LOVVS, 106, Polly, \v. of Dav." Poore, 79. 
FELT, Eliz., vv. of Beu.^ Poore of Rowley, 156. 

FERGUSON, 166, 292. FERNALD, 185. 
FIFE, 157. FILL, 15. FINCH, 231. 
FINNEY, Sarah J., w. of Newton G. Poore, 143. 
FISHER, 77, 94. FITTS, 93. [236, 

FISKE. 136, 287, Emma 0., w. of W. II. Morril, 
FITCH, 147, Betsey, w. of Lorenzo Poore, 105. , 
FITZEMEYEK, Al'bert, h. of Jose. F. Prince, 61. 
FLAGG, Mary J., w. of Rollo Hale, 150. 
FLANDERS, HoseaB.,h. of Ella A. and Ann M. 

Wm., h. of Nancy H. Bigiow, 155. [McDolc, 27. 
FLEMING, Rob. J., li. of Sarali A. Poore, 124. 

Sam W., 1849, s. of R. J., r. Harrisburg, 124. 
FLETCHER, 226, Arthur \V., h. of Eliz. J. Poore, 

Bailey N.. 1821, h. of Hau. H. Martin, 152. [287. 

Cath. J., 1851, d. of B. N., m. Geo. C. Wood, 152. 

Ellen W., 1850. d. of A. \V.,m. John Cassels, 287. 

Grace W., 1854, d. of A. W.. m. Ben. L. Edes, 287. 

Joel C , 1849, s. of B. N., r. Catawissa, Pa., 152. 

Robert S., 1849, s. of A. W., r. Phila., Pa , 287. 

Sarah, 1822, w. of Dan. W. Poore of Charl., 229. 
FLINT. 35, 250. FLOWER, 120. FLUKER, 66, 
FLOYD, Ellen, w. of Elijah Pearson, 160. 

Wm. F., 18.52, h. of Mary A. Philbrook, 229. 
Fairfax, Vt.-, r. Walker. 200. Fairlee, I't., r. Wiggin, 239, 

Fa,ir Oaks, Va., 243. Falmouth, Me., r. Merrill. Tukesbnry, 

178-9. Til,conib,5.). KiZ-fi/ij/toK, Pa., r. Smith; 129-30. Far- 

mersville, Tex., r. Houghton, 279. Farmington, N. II., r. 

Trask, 172. Fayette, Iowa, r. Pooi-e, 145. 
FIRES, 65, 75, 144, 158, 101, 2-21, 229. 

Fisherville. N. H., r. Copp, 200. Fitchburg, iltos., r. Wood, 
152. FitzwiUiam, N. II., r. Fhigg. 150. Folly Cove, in G., 
Mass.. r. Wooilbnry, 62-5. Fond du Lnc, Wis., r. Scolield, 
27. Ft. Bennington, r. Poore, 147. Ft. Covington, N. }'., 
241, r. .Johnson, -226. Ft Edward, N. T.. r., Wdler. 1.5-2. 
Ft. Erie, X. Lyon, 31. Ft. Fisher, N. C, 317. Ft. Gibson, 
Ind. Ter., v. Poore, 37. Ft. Hunter, .V. Y., v. We\>sler. 93. 
Ft. Wash'n, N. Y., r. Morse, 132. Foster's. C7-os.Hngs, O., v. 
Murray and Poore, 142-3. Fox River, r. Lowd, 73. 
Poore, 117. 

FOGG, 17, Seaman, h. of Eunice Dole, 13. 
FOLLANSBEE, 45, 88, 137, 281. 
FOLSOM, Sarah, 1758, w. of John^ Poore, 121. 
FONDA, Abrain II., Ii. of Clarissa M. Poore, 146. 

Julia A., m. a Holcomb and a Wilson, 146. 
FOO'l'-E, 84, Lydia M., w. of Joel Cook, 54. 

James D., h. of Harriet W. Poore, 193. 

Sarah G., 1817, w. of Rufus Cook, 54. 
FORBES, Samuel, 1815, h. of Sarah Stickney, 44. 
FORD, 119, Mary, w. of N.ath. P. Poore, 282. 
FORSTER, Wra. T., h. of Abby J. Griswold, 42. 
FORSYTH, 126. FOSS, 28, 31, 192. 
FOSTER, 7, 70, 73, 91, 181, 222, 242, 260, 286. 

Ada, 1851, d. of Chas. A., ra. Geo. L. Reed, 178. 

Alfred, 1793, s. of Amasa, r. Bedford, 179. 

Araasa, 1771, h. of Betsey Poore, 177. 

Cecilia S., d. of Henry H., m. Ben. M. Watts, 296. 

Charles A., 1820, s. of Alfr(-d, r. Poland, 179. 

Charles A., 1839, s. of Jona. r. Hav'l, 181. 

Dav. M., 1824, s. of Alf., r. Brooklyn, 179. 

Dav. P., 1801, s. of Amasa, r. Grove'd, etc. ,181, 296. 

Eliz. A., 1827, d. of Alf., m. S. N. Merrill, 179. 

Emily, 1815, d. of Araasa, m. A. P. Cheney, 182. 

Erania, 1854, d. of D. M., ra. H. E. Merrill, 179. 

Ephraim, h. of Abigail, d. of Jos' Poore, 8. 

Frank W, 1841, s. of Wra. P., r. New York, ISO. 

Ilattie E., 1850, d. of Jona., m. J. B. Nelson, 182. 

Henry IL, 1826, s. of Dav. P., r. Wil'ii., N. C , 181. 

Jona, 1809, h. of his co. Mary Poore, 181, 185. 

Lydia A., 1821, d. of Sara P., va. H. Simons, ISO. 

Mary, 1771, w. of Daniel" Poore of Rowley, 1S3. 

Rebec. M., 1818, d. of Alf., m. E. N. Tukcsbury, 178. 



Siim. V. 1795, s. of Araasa, r. Oil M. Village, 180. 

Wni. R, 1818, s. of Sara. P., r. Gnifloii, ISO. 

Win. P., 1811, s. of Joualhan, r. llavtirhill, 182. 
FOWLKli, L'G3, 2rt3. 

VOX. L'.-,0, Alecia M., w. of SuUi. K. Poore, 210. 
KKKKl). 2(;a. PliKKMAN, Ul-l. I'T.inLEV . . 
FIMK.M), LSS, PIUEZMAN. 187. l''lilMlC, 249. 
FUK.N'CII, 110, Caroline, w. of Ilcuiy T. I'oore. lOS. 

Kliza, w. of llarnian Haywood, 154. [2U;i. 

FKOST, CO. Goo. N., h. of Eli/.abclli A. Poorc, 35, 
FliVK, .k'.sse, li of Betsey, d. of Enoch Noyes, I.jG. 
FLILEEU, Asa T., h. of Catlierine L. Maiti'n, 153. 
I'TETON, 12(), 212, Jane, w. of J. A. Oakes, 211. 

I^rtiuaslnwii, X. II., r. Morse, 2:U. llussell. 208. Franconia, 
A'. II.. V. ISnrt ami nutler, 2t5. Kn:)i)|i, Oakes and r«M,re, 
210. Fruakfort, Kas., v. Poore, 2;>1. 2n[. Franklin. 
r. K:ituii, UU. Foster. 20. Gowcn ami n<)i)kins, 22. lluii- 
tro>s. IIJ. J\'. //., r. Currier, 2U0. Kimhiill, 201. Morrill. 
87. Morns ;iml I'hilhrook, 229. Pooio, 21.">. "., r. Fimu'v, 
14.1. Pa., r. (iooilhiin.iSl. Frederic!: Co.. Mil., r. ofMc-.. 
Kay, 277. FreUerickxlmrg, Intl., r. Ciifl'ord, 2(i3. I 'rt., 278. 
Freedom. If. II. .v. Meserve.78. Fredonia.Ks., v. Poore, 2t)2. 
Freelmld, N. J., r. Bowne, 293. Frennout, jV. //., r. I'rcs- 
ton,73. i^rce/wrt. JV/c, r. Wilson. 19S-9. Freetown, Ind. 
r. Poo]'e,2r)8. Frencli Creek, v. Russell, 29J. Fulton Co.. 111.. 
r. Williams, 204. 

GAGE, 12, 35, 94, 140, Uil, 191. 

Martha, 1755, w. of John I'oore, of Ilav'l, 190. 
GAEE, 1U2, 210. Clista A., w. of Alex II. Poore, 43. 
G.MU'EEON, 178, IlarrietP., w.ofL.C. Judkiu.s, 19. 
GAKUNEIi, 90, 2G0, 280. 

Martin, h. of Annette Poore, 14S. 
GAUEANl), 41. GATE, Gl. GATES, 205. GAY, 

i\Iarv E.,\v. of II.O. Dowiiiiia:, 291. GAYLOKI), 21. 
GAUUETSON, Chas P., s. of ,J. W., \: Koseville, 125. 

Eliz. S., 1,S37, 111. Tho. B. Ewing, 125. 

Joseph W., li. of Jane N. Poore, 125. 

Sarah A., 1839, m. Bcnianiin Marshall, 125. " 
GAltVIN', 241, Ang. P., li. of Susan F. Poorc 219. 
GASKIEL, Ada E., 1850, ni. Geo. D. Colby, 212. 

Edwin W., 1820, h. of Maria S. Poore, 212. 
GATCUELL, Eliz. V., w. of Jas. II. Poorc, 249. 
GATLEY, Mary J., w. of Chas. B. Poore, 22G. 

GalreAton, Tex., v. Thrasher, fifi. Gardiner, Me., r. Jw}k\nf^. 
19, Williams 22. Gardner, Mas^., v. I*arker, ;U. Garretfs- 
rille, ().. y. I'oore, 111. Gclterldnden. Sicitz., r. Penipiu. 8.i. 
Genera, .^irit::..v. \ViIs(m.2t. //^., GravesamI Poore. 2:llVl. 
Gentri/rilie, In,/., v. IJiflbril, 2ii3. Georqetotvn, Masr,., 20.'), 
r. Ailiims, 'iVi. ('Iionev, ISi. Foster, 181. Gooilrich, 1,")S. 
Hill, 181. llillianl. IGll. Ilolme.^, 188. Ilubliard, IfiS. 
Kimball. 104, 189. Lull, 158. Milton. 18j. Palmer, 188. 
I>erley,2i:i. Poore, 108. 181, 187, 20"n 2.W-4. 28. Smith and 
Stewart, 98. Sticknev, lfi:i. Tenney, l.'iS, 181. Thompson, 
V,.\. lli.5. Wheeler. 98, l!j9. D. C. Jewell, 28.5. German- 
toicn, r. of Newbv.. 119. Smilhwaite, 1S4. Gettysburnh, 
Pa., Fuller. IM. Ketlell, 39. 

GEORGE, 81, 107, Fanny W., w. of Irad. Poore, 208. 

Lonisc J., w. of Chas. Poore, of N. Boston, 106. 

Kosie Uf, d. of S. M., ni. Zach. B. Stuart, 229. 

Stevens, M., h. of Marv L , d. of T. M. Poore, 229. 
GEULEY, 245. GIBBS, 27, Ellen, w. of J. C. 
Poore, 185. Gibson, 287. GIFFIN, 24G. GIL- 
BEIIT, 152. 
GElilllSU, Chas. P., s. of Nat., r. Berwick, 173. 

Geo. W., 1844, .s. of Nat., r. Berwick, 172. 

John E., 184fi, s. of Nat., r. Acton, 172. 

Jo.s. II., 1858, s. of Nat., r. Aeton, 173. [173. 

Lovina 1)., in. Win. SniiHi and J. G. Wentworth. 

Mary A., m. S. O. Howard and G. E. Trask, 172. 

Nathaniel, 1822, li. of Harriet A. Poore, 172. 
GIFFOIil), Cath., w. of Wilbcr F. Poorc, 148. 

Leora A., d. of Levi, ni. Fr. Davis, 297. [280. 

Levi, h. of Martha K. J'oore, and L. Do Witt, 2G3. 

GIEKEY, Geo. F., h. of Elnia L. Lowd, 73, 292. 

GIM.EN, Henry, 1817, h. of Jane L. I'oore, 295. 
Nellie M., d. of 11., Ml. Ziicli. T. Brindlcv, 295. 

GlEEESl'IE, Jas. 11., h. of Lau. V. Du Witt, 2G0, 

OILMAN, Jennie S., w. of Jolni E. Gerrish, 172. 
Mary S., 1854, w. of Isaac Poore, 50. 

GLAZIEU, 173. GLODE, 40. 

GLEN, Isabel, 1814, w. of Tho. O. Butler, 23. 

GLINES, Haniiali, w. of Nat. ('opi>, of Uumney, 201. 
James A., 1842, h. of Olive II. Eaton, 80. 
Trist. 0., 184G, h. of Harriet F. Enierv, 101, 202. 

GLOVEl!, 291, Chas. C, h. of Annie C. i'oore, 286. 

Cilmuntown, jV. II., r. Hubbard, 171. Slarsh, 2ns. Girard, 
Pa., r. liajM'ooil, 1.5t. Glasf/mo. Scot'., r. Ilupkirk, 2;). 
Glastenhttry. Cunn.. v. Coveil, 2.J0. Gleiigury, Ca.. r. 
Eaton, 8^. Glens Fall.t, A^ )'.. r. (ilen, 2;i. Gloucester, 
Mass.. r. Uaha.m, Cyl. Clifford. e.'J. Ilcnuison. 29. IJulev, 
227. Harris. 198. Pooled:!. Smith, «3. Wheeler, «2, C4. 
Woodbury, 01. GUjudon, 71/inK., r. Jaoobson,29:i. Gode- 
rich, Ca.. r. Sqiiier. Ai. Goffstown. N. II.. 2.'il-5, r. Uow, 
2i:i. Dualap, 2^7. George, 208. Greer, 227. llaillev, 22(i. 
Hopkins, 228., 223. Little, ISO. 221-2. McUocI, 
210. Martin, 221. Melvin, 223. Morril, 2!."). Parker. 238. 
Perkins. 209. Poore, 170.207,21:1,221,221-7,233-4. llieh- 
ariH.2-.'5. Uicbanlson.2:i8. Saltm:n-sh,2]li. Sarj-ent. 228. 
Sroll.iv,2i:i. Stnison.223. Vanee, 100. Wells, 207. Whit- 
ney, 22il. Worililev,2:'.7. GohUboro'. N. C.IIO. Gorltam, 
jl/c, r. Crockett, 191. Doeriuff, IS. Libby,27. Parkliurst, 
20. Gossport, Ind.. r. Suiilli, 270. 

GODDARD, Alonzo D., h. of Emma M. Smith, 130. 
GODFREY, G, Peter, h. of Hannah Poore, 10. 
60. GOODENOW, 139, 154. GOODHUE, 198, 
235. GOOKIN, 180. GOSS, 146. 
GOLLIDAY, Abner, h. of Martha J. Poore, 263. 
GOODBAN, Sarah JI., w. of Corne. L. Poorc, 294. 
GOODRICH, 203-4, Hannah, w. of Dan. ^ Poore, 158. 
GOODWIN, 48, 80, 92, 101. 
Aaron, h. of Naiiev Copp, 201. 
Ellen E., 1832, 2nci w. of Fr. N. Poorc, 234. 
Mary A., 1836, w. of Geo. H. Stickney, 40. 
GOULD, 34, 36, 160, 188. 
Almeda, 1858, w. of Jos. H. Gerrish, 173. 
Anseuctle B., 1828, w. of Geo. AY. Dennis, 58. 
Henry B., 1838, h. of Louisa H. Poore, 210. 
GOVE, 79, 180, Enuice A., w. of Edm. Dole, 18. 
GOWEN, Chas. R., li. of Kiite M. Williams, 22. 
GiiADUATKS. CoUcf/e. Babb, 30. Bartlett, 15G, 
Brigss, 45. Chase, 38. Cook, 33. Dilley, 278. 
Elliot, 17. Emerson, 75. Haskell, 54. Hough- 
ton, 278-9. Johnson, 233 (three). Kinib.all, 
119. Little, 200. MeFadden, 127. Martin, 152. 
Mitchell, 240 (three). Morril, 235. Pase, 200. 
Pierce, 30. Pillsbury, 223. Poore, 121. Sar- 
gent, 157. Sawyer. 119. Squier, 32. Stickney, 
47. Webb, 284 (three). AVebster, 74. Wilson, 
72. Professional. Babb, 30. Clougb, 129. 
Flanders" 27. Martin, 152. Jlerrcll, 272. Mitch- 
ell, 240. Morrel,33G(two). l'age,200. Poore, 
2S6, 294. Pursell, 130. Sargent. 157. Sawyer, 
118. Stevens, 142. Stickney, 47. Tuckcr,227. 
Tukesbury, 178. Wilson, 72. Iliiih SchooJ. 
Fleminu:, 124. Ilodgdon, 17. Merrell,'272. Pike, 
145. Poore, 35, lOG, 294. [158. 

GRAFFAM, 19. GRAVES, 171, 231. GRAY, 54, 
GRAHAM, 276, Lucius F., h. of Cora L. Hale, 150. 
GRANT, Eustace P., li. of Marietta Poore, 173. 

Ainiic E., 18(i0, w. of Charles E. I'oore, 173. 
GREEN, 227, Mary A'., in. Jas. Morrison, 108. 
Moses, 1765, h. of Sarah", d. of Dav. Poore. 107. 
Kob., 1801, h. of Caroiiue', d. of Wm. Poorc, 294. 



Sam., li. of Hannah^ d. of Edm. Jackson, 138. 

Snrali 1"., 1797, d. of Moses, m. J. Chandler, 107. 
GKEENLEAF, 9S-9, 102, 117. GREGG, 71, lOG. 
GUEENOUGH, Hannah, 1794-, w. of Sam. Poore, 35. 

Sarah A., 1832, w. of Albei't Emerson, 75. 
GREER, Josie A., w. of Geo. B. I'oore, 227. 

Rebecca B., w. of Eliplialet R. Poore, 225. 

Victoria E , w. of Edgai- W. Poore, 227. 
GRIPli~IN, Annie E., w. of Charles E. Poore, 185. 
GRIFFITH. Sarah .J., w. of Walt. II. Hopkin.son, 42. 
GRISWOLD, Ahby J., 1838, m. AVm. T. Forster, 42. 

Albert, h. of A. II Poore and A. J. Hopkinsou, 42. 

Albert F., s. of Albert, r. Erie, Pa., 42. 

Ann E., d. of Albert, m. F. L. Shcpard, 42. 

Maria W.. d. of Albert, m. Calvin B. Hoj-t, 43. 
GKOOSCORS, Hei'rnan, h. of Mary A. Poore, 290. 
GROOT, 61. GUTHRIE, 258. GUY, 44. 
(iURNEY, Mary E., w. of Rob. S. Fletcher, 287. 
GWINN, Jas. S., h. of Hannah E. Poore, 171. 

Sarah E., 1840, m. AVilliam Kell, 171. 

Gra/fon, Mass,, v. Glode .iml Powers. 40. N. H., r. Snnborn, 
217. (■■<., r. Foster, ISO. French, 293. Grand Guir, Miss., 
r. Poore, 286. Grand Isle, r. Cojip, 201. Grant, lo., i-. 
Lowd, 73. Grant Citi/, Mo., r. DeWiit, Schooler and 
Sieniiller, 2G2. Morg.iu, 2G1. Poore. 208. Grantham, 
N. a., r. Hntch. 209. Great Falls, N. H., 17:3, r. Collingill, 
191. Foster. 183. Johnson. 19S. Nelson, 182. Prince, 01, 
Green Castle, 2nd., r. AVriglit, 257. Greece, ilfe., r. Clark, 
PettenKill and Pierce, .50. Greenfield, Mass., r. Cushman. 
21.5. N. Y,, r. Nolton. 21. I'a., r. Koss, lU. Greenland, 
N. n,, r. Clough and Metcalf, 12S-9. Poore, 123. Green- 
leafs Bend, I. Ter.. v. Poore, 37. Green Valley, Cal., r, 
Poore, 127. Greenville, /V. C, r. Easton, 237. Greenwich, 
Conn., Y. Howard and Mr-,Garn, 153. N. Y., v. Hammond. 
158. Pof)re. 117. Grinnell, lo., r. Noyes, 15G. Groveland, 
Mass., 98, 18S, 191, 230, 293, r. Foot, St. Foster, 181-2. 
Gi-ifliu, 185. Hardy. 95. Hopkinson, 41-3, 100. 183-4. 
Hovev,183. jMerrillanil iMorse, 80. INlitchell. 220. Parker, 
100, 230. Poore, ICO. 185. Sarsent, 18i. Spofifortl, 137. 
Guildhall, Vt,, r. Chessman, 210. Guilford, Conn., r. 
Bascom and Murray. 143. Mo., r. Poore, 263. 

HACKETT, 103, Bethiah, w. of Eben. P. Poore, 240. 
HADLEY, 127, Carrie F., w. of Darwin M. Poore, 

226. [139, 158, 255. 

HALE, 5, 7, 10-14, 34, 50, 63, 73, 83, 109, 111, 137, 

Abigail, 1662, w. of tlen.^ Poore, sen., 136. 

Cora L., 1860, m. Lncins F. Graham, 150. 

Ella, 1845, m. W. C. P. Howard, 149. 

Joseph, 1776, li. of Anna L. Dole, 13. 

Luke, 1818, h. of Sophronia Wyman, 149. 

Rebecca, 1683, w. of Jona. Poore, 11. 

Rollo, 1857, s. of Luke, r. Worcester, 150. 

Sarah, w. of Henry* Poore, of Rowley. 157. 
HALL, 17, 66, 78, 85, 87, 124, 151, 212. 

Aunis, 1806, w. of Silas Poore of Ohio, 142. 

Jane, 1806, w. of Jesse Poore of Goft'., 214. 

Margaret K., 1811, w. of Isaac A. Bray of N., 65. 

Mary, 1800, w. of Jona C. Poore of Candia, 106. 

Winfield S., 1851, h. of Mary E. J. Eaton, 85. [219. 
HAM, Martha, 1797, w. of George Prince, 61. 

Martha A., 1812, w. of David P. Little, 111. 

Mary E., 1846, d. of Philip, ni. Mai. Wilson, 24. 

Philip, 1800, h. of Frances E. Butler, 24. 
HANNA, Ellen M.. 1st w. of Wesley C. Poore, 147. 

James J., h. of Frances L. McFadden, 126. 

Mariiaret A., 2nd w. of Wesley C. Poore, 147. 

HANSON, 28, 172, Lucy P., w. of Wm. E. Wiggin, 

HARDEN, Rebecca, w. of Sam. Noyes, 137. [239. 

HARDY, 23, 95, 176, Sarah B. and Arvilla A., wives 

of Frank P. Poore, 220. 

HARE, 264. HARGRAVE, 276. HARRIDEN, 62. 

HARKIMAN, 20, 174, 188, 192, 203, Dorcas, w. of 

Wm. Poore of Haverhill, 191. [43. 

HARRINGTON, 41, Chas. H., h. of Mary A. Poore, 

Chas. H., 1844, s. of Chas. II., r. Woburu, 43. 
HARRIS, 60, 71, 93, 292. 

Abby L., 1845, w. of George L. Bray, 66. 

Annie A., 1844, w. of Charles H. Poore, 198. 
HARRISON, 60, 211. HARTSHORN, 92. [209. 

HART, 16, 122, 131, JanettW., w. of Sam'l P. Pike, 
HARIMAN, Lorinda, w. of Jewett B. Poore, 145. 
HARVEY, 34, Lizzie C, w. of Henry N. Palmer, 

Marion M., w. of Selden C. Willey, 29. [189. 

HASELTINE-TON, etc., 74, 76, 116, 119. 

George W., 1832, h. of Lora A. Poore, 248. [54. 
HASKELL, Ellen J., d. of W. H., m. Jos. George, 

Frank E., s. of Wm. II., of Lake Charles, La., 54. 

Wm. II., 1822, h. of Sarah E. Cook, 53. 
IIASKETT, Samuel A., h. of Silena W. Poore, 220. 
HATCH, 48, George E., 1845, h. of Ida A. Pike, 209. 
HAWES, Lucy B., 1845, w. of David B. Poore, 248. 
IIAWLEY, Isa. E., \v. of Joseph Webster, 88. 

Kate, 1837, w. of Stanley Merrcll, 272. 
HAYDEN, 38. HAZEN, 204, 246. 
HAYES, 34, Carrie 11., w. of Edwin S. Stebbins, 242. 

John C, 1840, h. of Martha P. Dole, 16. 

Mary J., 1822, w. of Ira Dole of Brewer, 17. 
HAYNES, 59, 193, Alvin, s. of Moses, r. Hav'l, 92. 

Arthur W., s. of Thoma.s A., r. Haverhill, 292. 

Laura M., 1839, w. of Frank C. Siickney, 94. 

Moses, 1799, h. of Harriet Webster, 91. 

Phineas, 1826, s. of Moses, r. Ilaverliill, 91. 

Thomas A., 1831, s. of Moses, r. Haverhill, 91. 
HAYWOOD, Aaron L., s. of John^ r. Iladley, 154. 

Hannah', d. of John, m. Enos Biglow, 154. 

Harmon, s. of John', r. Michigan, 154. 

John, 1760, h. of Hannah « Poore, 1.50, 293. 

John', s. of John and Hannah, r. Chatauqua, 153. 

John W., s. of Ilarmou, of Hadley, 154. 

Martin H., s. of John', r. Hadley, 154. 

Mary J., d. of Harmon, m. Wra. Webster, 154. 

Medora, d. of Aaron L., in. Wm. Bond, 154. [151. 

Nancy, d. of John and Hannah ^ m. Eph. Martin, 

Hackensach, N. J,, r. Poore, 168. Uaddam, Conn., r. Marsh, 
33. Hadley, Mich., r. Fletchei'. 153. Haywood, l.i4. Ilal- 
bert, Ind., r. DiUey, 278. Halifax, 63. Mass., r. Se.-irs, 73. 
Hallowell, Me., r. Carr, 188. Cook, 53. Hammonton, N. J., 
V, McElwain and Poore, 150. Hamilton, Mass , r. Case, 191. 
0.,Y. Daniels and Davies, 271. Hampden, Me,, r. Trask, 
214. Hampstead, N, H., 68, 74, 95. v, Ayer, 81. Urickelt, 
81. Calef,105. Copp,201. D(iw,83. Eastman, 71. Kent, 
116. Little, 109-13, 200, 281. Mitchell, 230. Nichols. 111. 
Poore, 104, 202. 280-1. Putnam. 130. Sawyer, 113. Smith, 
70. Spofford,103. Tahoranil Tewksliury, 110. Hampton, 
V. Poore, 143. Hampton Falls, N, H., r. Morrison, 108. 
Hannibal, Mo., r. Wiggin, 239. Hanoeer. MaM., v, Stanley, 
138. A^. H., r. Hatch, 209. Pa., r. Fleming, 134. Hardens- 
burgh, Ind., r. Gifford, 263. ,Hardwick, I't., r, Cochran, 
249. Hines, 246-7. Phelps, 251. Harrisbnrgh, I'a., r. 
Fleming, Kline and Poore, 123-5. Harrison Co., Mo , r. 
Poores, 368. Ilarristown, III., r. Sargent, 157. Hartford, 
CoH?!., r. Manion, 73. Manly and Merrell. 271. Mich., v. 
Plielps,2.51. Harlland. Vt.,r. Manning and Noyes, 1.57. 
Hastings, Minn., r. Poore. 142, 148, 227. Hastings Co. Ca., 
r. Coltman, Ham and VanCot, 24. Hatch's Itun, 109. 
HarerhilhMass., 67, 83-4, S8, 91, 104, 177, r. ol' Atwood, 98. 
Bailey, 81, 98-9. Balclielder, 94. Bradley, 68, 156, 190. 
Bradt, 108. Buck, 192. Case, 191. Chamberlain, 192. 
Cliandler, 107. Chase, 120. Churchill, 111. Collingill, 191- 
Corliss, 111. Dresser, 193. Dunning, 45. 'Eaton, S4, 90. 
Emerson. 75-8, 90, 193, 2S2. Emery, 111. Foot, 103. Foster, 
181-2. Glines, 86, 101. Goodwin. 92. Gray, 158. Green, 
107. Greenleaf. 99. Harriman, 191-2. llaseltine, 76, 116. 
Hayues, 91. Hill, 193. Hosum, 191. Huutiugton, 87. 



Jennoss, 75. Johnson. 8(i. Kocly, iriS. Kcni]rirk, 2;i(!. 
Kc7.c\\ iryti. I.iuiir, lll-:i, aiO, McCuHv, IDI. Ma^'oon, 
!i:i. Marlilp, 101. .McTi-ii:.X(;-7, lo:!. IMi'scivu, 7H. Mi'sser, 
1!U. iMiinison. 1(«. ISliM>c. lit, ml. Newcmil), IB. Novcb, 
IW. I':i;,'i>, ".'). rc:irsoii,7.'). IHl. I'llUMiL'ill. .v.l.m. O.'l. Pomo, 
:>r,. (i7-.s. 8:i, 07-lOJ. li'J, l.'in, Kil-a. l.-^r., luii-i, il.!, 2fi:i-t. 
I'rinie, I'.ii. Uowi-ll, :iii. Sawyer, (I'.l. I12-l:i. Simiiinl.*, 
Sliiconil].>i7. .Sniilli.TO. 08, 111;!. Stewart, 118. Stirkncv, 111. 
Stone, 1811. Tasker, nil. Towit, 77. Webster, 71, 88, 111. 
Sil-0. 118, inl-j, nil, iim. Wi'lls, 111.1. Wiiiiti.T, ii:;. Wils.m, 
71. Wiiigali-. 7a. Ihiierliill. X. /l.r. VAKUi.iii. Klaiic). 
eis, 27. Il.itch. 21111. I'aKe, 117. rike, 28, 2U'J. I'oni-e, 2.10. 
S.ait,'ent,2:ill. Sawyer, 118. Ilaniiiii, Cuba, r. Felix, 133. 
Jlinrl:in-^ Co., Tmu.y r. W'liniiiiyer, 2.j8. 

IIKAI), l;)0, 217. UKANY, 21)3. IIEzVUD, 104. 
IIECOX, 14.S. IlKBEliU, lliuinah A.. IS."..",, w. of 
Cliai-ltis 1>. Sliicdinl), 87. HEDGES, riiclic, 177i;, 
\v. of Jc8si' i'ooiv, of Berlin, 212. IlEMSTKEE'l', 
Will. II., li. of Mai-v t;., ilaii. of Kcv. David 
I'oore, 148. llENliEKSON, Eliz. II., w. of 
Aloiizo I'oorc, of Sliamliuri;li, 2i)4. IIENDHK'K, 
2G->. III';UON,47. IIEW.S, 200. IIEUliICK, i:»l, 
Amelia 1..., 18o!), w. of James A. I'ooru, of Imle- 
pcMidfiicc, 147. 

Hvbron. Conn., r. Sawvcr and Utlev. 144. A'. }'., r. I'onre, 
11.^. Heiimhn-, .V Jl , v. Moise, 'liH, roore auil Woiid, 
21.5-1. lli'jklstnwii. A'. J., r. Couovcr, 292. li'M, N. II., v. 
Wells, llli. liaishoro\ X, 11 , y. .Jones, ir.S. Jlenill. .''ill., 211.8. v.. I'.iore, 2S(i. Iliiighmn. Mass.. r. Heal. ./J. 

IIIGGINS, 40, 142, 217. IlII.ijEBIiAND, 37. 
KIEL, 1(!0, I'JS. Abi'l, w. of Dav." Pooie, of W., 247. 

Clias. IE, 18:!3. li. of Caroline Poore, 1113. 

David, h. of I'helje," d. of Ileiiry Dole, 13. 

.lulia A., 1850, w. of Fr. S. I'oore, of Eynii, 105 

Eavoisier, 1834, h. of Mary B. Eastman, 71. 

Eydia IE, 1813, w. of Daniel P. Ealon, 8,",. 
IIIEEEAliY, an anceslorof Wni. H. ITonyliton, 278. 
IIIEEIAUD, Abni., s. of K. K., r. Eynn,\sO. 

P.en. A., 16.")1, s. of Jos. S., r Georgetown, lOG. 

Gervis E., 1850, s. of H. K., r. Biigliton, SO. 

Ilannali M., d. of J. S., m. Chas. L. Ilnbbard, IGC. 

Joseph S., Ii. of Arolinc E. 'I'honipsoii, IGC. 

Knfns E., s. of Rnl'us K., r. Eynn, SO. 

Kiifus K., li. of Mary E., d. of Dav.'^ Poore, 80. 
IIIEI.S, Gl, Mehit., w.of Prescott Poore. of G., 1S4. 
IIINES, Jolin, N.,li. of Betsev A., d. of J. Poove,2t7. 

Merev M., I,s41, w. of Joliii II. Pooi-e, of W., 240. 
IlIMCEEY, 40, liaeliel L., w. of John II. Jndkins, 19. 
HI rc'lICOCK. Chas. A., h. of Olive Eaton, 85. 
HOAli, 274. IIOBSON, 224, 254. 
HOBAU T, Sally, w. of Jolj.i* Poore, of Berlin, 245. 
IIODGDOX, 15. 18. 80. 

I<;zekiel IE, 1808, 2nd h. of Almira Dole, 17. 

Harriet A., 1850, d. of E. II., m. J. C. Eittle, 17. 

Jose|ili. 180G, 1st h. of Almiia Dole, 17. 

Plielie E.,1848,d.ofE. IE, 111. E.H. Elliot. 17. [47. 

Sarah O., 1843. d. of Jos., m. \V. II. Slieknev, 17, 

Adeline, 1813, w. of Natliaii Poore, 55. IIOE- 

E'OKD, Flora E., 1855, w. of Daniel P. Smith, 

130. I10GUE.85. IIOEBROOK, 111.207. IIOE- 

COMB, 14G. HOLLAND, mi. HOLDEN. Alibie, 

S., 1S5G, w. of Jesse A. Poore, of Williamstown, 

Vt., 244. IIOLkENBECK, 148, Charlotte. 1852, 

w. of John W. Ilavwood, 154. IIOLLIS, 14S. 
IIOEAIANS, 220. II(.)LSTEEI), 204. 
HOLJIES. 13G, 208, 2G1, 2GC, 270. 

David P., 1820, s. of Nat., r. Georire'n, 188. 

M.-ireiis M., IS44, li. of Sarah J. Slinson, 223. 

Mary, w. of Henry-'' Poore, of Kowley, 138. 

Mary E. B.. 1S57, w. of Koliert J. Butler, 23. 

Kat., 1775, li. of Aiiigail Poore, 188. 

HOLT, 13G, mo, AhbieS.. w. ofClias A. Foster, 181. 
110.ME1{,8G. HOOK. 34, Mary,w. of Jesse Poore, 117. 
HOOD, 200, Siisaii E., 1855, in. John Brooks, 2'J3. 

Win. E , 1841), s. of Wm. L., r. Concord, IG'J. 

Win. E., 1817, h. of Anna M. Dole, IGO. 
HOPKINS, Jas. 1S2G, h. of Fannie A. Poore, 24G. 

Joliii M., 1S2G. h of Eliz. Pettcngill, UO. 

liob. N., 184(;, s, of Thomas, r. Chiejigo, 22. 

Thomas, 1802, h. of Zna A. Butler. 21. [228. 

Wm. D., 1833, h. of P!iebe J., d. of Geo. Poore, 

Wm. S , 1851, s. of Thomas, r. Boston, 22. [42. 
HOI'KINSON, 10, 100. Abi'l J., m. Alb. Griswolil, 

Chas. IE, 1832, s. of Ira, r. Groveland 183. 

Chas. W., 1817, s. of Dan., r. Groveland, 41. 

Daniel, 1783, h. of Sarah, d. of Hen. Poore, 41. 

Edw. E., 1841, s. of Ira, r. Groveland, 184. 

Ira, 17118, h. of Julia, d. of Edw. Poore, 183. 

liuth A., 1848, d. of W. II., m. Win. H. Kiidiloek, 42. 

Walter II., 1821, d. of Dan., r. Groveland, 42. 
HOl'KlUK, Jas., 183G, h. of Fr. A. Butler, 23. 
IIOHTON, Ervin 1!., h. of Mary A. Eyon, 1U5. 
HOSKINS, 85, Hannah, w. of l.saac Poore, of N., 5G. 

HOSUM. Ira, 1st h. of Sarah K. Poore, 101. [279. 
HOUGHTON, Eugene, s. of W. II., r. Farmville, 

Janette, d. of Wm. IE. m. Lemuel L. Dilley, 278. 

Walter K., s. of Wm. IE, r. Bloomingion, 278. 

Wm., s. of Wm H . r. Wheatland, 278. [277. 

Wm. H., 1800, h. of Harriet, iL of John Poore, 
HOUSE, Ella, w. of Chancey G. Poore, of Berlin, 
HOVEY, 183. HOYSRADI\ 217. [2.52. 

HOWAlil). 42. 150, 153. 172. W. C. P., h. of Ella 

Fred P., 1842, h. of Sarah J. Swan, 9G. [Hale. 1411. 

Sam. A., I83G, h. of Mary F. Dole, 18. 
HOWE, Lvdia J., 1833, w. of Amos B. Poore. 101. 
HOWE.VND, Mary A., w. of Bich. Sawyer, 114. 
HOYT, 8G, 103, 111. 

Addie, 1852, w. of Alfred Poore, of Charl., 82. 

Calvin B., h. of Maria W. (iriswold, 43. 

Uolliroolc, Mass.. v. Siiell. 207 Iluhlcn. Mass , BiL'elow. l.W. 
Filnk and Strattoii.2 !l. Me., r. Mann. l,s. llollis.X. II , 
r. Colbnrn, UK). Ilallislon, Mass., r. Webster. 92. I/u/i/- 
head. Enfj., r. Priti-liett, .^ill. Homer, Mich. y v. I'oorc, ll.'>. 
Jlonetj Crow, r. Sieniiller, 2f:2. Havolutu. S. L. r. I'oore, 
II17-8, 2113. llnnl-seH. X. II , r. n.ndiell. 21(1 Hardv .end 
Ilaskett. 220. Noves, l.i7. I'oore, 187, 20.i-22. Woodburv, 
219. Ilophii^tnii. Mass.. r. li\w<\u<',1\l. Webster, 92. X. II., 
98, 217, r. or llrown. 217. Currier, 111. De.irborn. 2S2. 
Harris, 282. Kiniliall, 281. Little, 282. Poore. 2S1, 2SSI. 
Tneker, 227 A'. I'., r. Me Ewen. 214. Hot Springs. Ark., 
108. Ilimahlon, Mich . r Foster, 42. Iloiilton, Me., v. Bul- 
ler, 11). Gillci>y,21i2. Ilul.banlstnii, .Mass., r. Hale, 149. 
Iluitsnn. X. II.. r. Il.iseltnn, 218. A'. )'.. r. Pocn'e. 283. 
Hun, ICiHi.y. HiebardsoM.21. //Hll^■l■./«., r. l'arker.2.'(8.29(!. 
Iliintrr t'iti/, liai.. v. I>a\ is,21l7. Iluitliiiaton,('onn.,v. Dart, 
2111. /)»;.. r. Daniels, 271. IC. )»., r. i'ome, 2U. ' llvrif. 
lancl,Io.,\-. Parker, 21i(;. Ili/ric I'aiic, III. iSliteliell, 2in. 
Mass., V. Cutter, ;!li. /'«.. r. i'oore. 21(1. J7 , r. Fairlianks, 
113. Garvin and Matlieww, 241. 

HUBBAKD, 150, 2.50. 
Caroline A., 1844, w. of Henry II. V. Poore, 143. 
Cliarles L., 1813, h. of Ilaimah M. Ililliard, 1G6. 
Georgiana. w. of Daniel L. Poore of Soiii., 207. 
John, IS37, s. of John L , r. Slrrewsbury, 171. 
Joliu E., 1814, h. of Eoviiiia Poore, 171. 
HUDSON, 198. HUGHES, 24, Evan, 1827. Ii. of 
Eleanor M. Sawyer, 119. IIUMPHliEYS, 23. 
HUNKING, 107. HUNT. 13. 293, Clara A., 182G, 
w. of liiehard I). Poore, 1S7. IIUNTEU, 12G. 
HUNTINGTON. 87. IIUNTOON, Lvdia A, 1844, 
w. of Willie F. Simons, 180. HUNTRESS, Geo. 
M., 1839, h. of Martha L.Eitlle, 112. HURD, 1G5. 



HUSTON, 270. 

HUSE, Abi'l J., 1774, w. of Henr3' « Poore, 41. 

Sam. 1816, h. of Eliz. E. Merrill, 87. 

Tliomas, 1813, li. of Harriet Poore, 48, 291. 
HUTCHINS, John, 1854, b. of Eliza J. Poore, 241. 
HUTCHINSON, 13G, 142, 237. HYMES, 251. 
ILSLEY, 7, 10, Ben., h. of Betty Dole, 13. 

Elisha, li. of Ilaimali', d. of John Poore, 7. 

Isaac, b. of Abigail^, d. of John Poore, 8. 
Indians, 18, 37, 135, 137, 148, 158, 204, 213. 
Innkkicpehs, see Public Houses. 
iNVENTons, etc , Bean, 88. Dole, 16. Merrell, 272. 

Pearson, 297. Poore, 143. Stephens, 142. 
INGALLS, 74, 103, 167. 

Micajah, h. of Aune, d. of Nathan Poore, 50. 

Kebecca P., 1795, d. of Mich., m. Amos Clark, 50. 
IRELAND, Elwy S., h. of Elvira E. Butler, 24. [37. 

Independence, Iowa. y. Cook, 33. Fonrla. Jones. Poore, \A^ilsoD, 
1-15-7. Mo., r. llndiey iiml Poore, 127. Indianapolis. lad. 
2G1, I". Ncwby, 119. Indian Pond, 117. loica Hill, Cal.. r. 
BuLler, .32. Ipswich, Mass., 5, r. ol Brown. 72. Dresser, 13. 
Urant, ITS. Jewelt, 30. Lord, (iO. M.ircli, 72. Poore, 170, 
173. liiiMierortl, 173. Sargent, 157. SmiLh, 173. ypiller, 
,55. Snlt'in,::o. Wills, 5!J. Ireland, G. L., r. Andurson, 
19. Barry, 22. Borbridge, 23. (Jrowley, 22. Martin, 272. 
Taggart, 19. Irvington, Pa., v. Poo}'C, is7. Island Pond, 
68. Isle of Wight, Eng., r. Cave, 247. Iverness, Scot., r. 
Eeed, 294. 

JACKMAN, 39, 155, 158, 203-4. 
JACKSON, 118, 239, 296. 

Edmund, h. of Eliz., 1698, d. of Heu.= Poore, 137. 

Edm., 1721, s. of Edni., r. Abington, 137. 

Haunali, 1727, d. of Edm., m. Sam. Green, 138. 

Hepzibah, d. of Edm., m. Rob. Townsend, 138. 

Jere., 1735, s. of Edm., r. Abington, 138. 

Marj', 1725, d. of Edm., m. Epli. Spooner, 137. 

Michael, s. of Edm., r. Aliington, 138. 

Susanna, d. of Edm., m. Jacob. Turrell, 138. 
JACOBSON, 168, Ered., h. of Kate E. Poore, 293. 
JANES, Mary E., 1857, w. of Jos. B. Poore, 254. 
JANVRIN, 46, 108. JAQUES, 11, 37, 100, 177. 
75, 236. JEFFERSON, Trvphena, 1845. w. of 
Linus H. Little, 111. JENNINGS, 34, 273. 
JEWELL, 56, 270. 

Adelaide F., 1847, w. of Wm. H. Belknap, 37. 

Sarah. 1824, w. of Pomeroy Poore, 294. 

Tlieo. F., 1844, h. of Eliz. L. Poore, 285. 
JEWETT, 8, 11, 14, 93, 135, 169. 

Gorham P., 1833, h. of Sarah S. Poore, 253. 

Mark, 1826, h. of Rosina E. Belknap, 36. 
JOHNSON, 19, 27, 41, 65, 68, 73, 86, 95, 104, 126, 

182, 196, 203, 234. 

Bessie P., 1846, w. of Justin E. Cook, 33. 

Frank P., 1849, s. of Wm. B., r. Manchester, 233. 

Geo. P. 1851, s. of Wm. B. r. Camb. 233. 

John M., 1854, s. of Wm. B., r. Water,, 233. 

Juliette C, 1846, w. of Cy. W. Poore, 226. 

Mary A., 1852, w. of M. L. Tuksbury, 179. 

Sibvl, A., 1827, \\. of Julius L. Poore, 247. 

Susan A., 1833, w. of Joseph G. Wilson, 72. [232. 

Wm. B . 1818, h. of Nancy F., d. of Noyes Poore, 

Wni. H,, 1829, h. of Ellen A., Clark, 50. 

Wm. N. 1843, s. of Wm. B., r. Nashua, 233. 
JOHNSTON, Jas.. K. h. of Mary E. Poore, 198. 
JONKS, 77, 168, 22G, 228, 247, 264, 294-5. 

Alice S., 1845, w. of Chas. D. Tu.kesbury, 178. 

Horace, 1830, h. of Phebe J. Poore, 228. 

Oliver O., 1842, h. of Mary P. Moore, 52. 

Susan, 1824, w. of Geo. J. Poore, 174. 
Wm. A., 1822, h. of Eliz. C. Poore, 146. 

JUDKINS. 44, Chas. E., s. of Ruf. N., r. Lisbon, 19. 
Frank \V., 1854, s. of John H., of C, 19. 
Geo. C, 1852, s. of Rufus N., 19, 
John H„ 1830, s, of Rufus N., r. Concord, 19. 
Leonard C, 1841, s. of Rufus N., 19. 
Mary E., 1837, d. of R. N., m. Amos Davis, 19. 
Rufus N,, ISOO, U, of Sarah P. Butler, 19. 

Jackson Co., Ind., r. DeWitt. 261. Poore, 257-9. Tur.kcr, 
280. Zike, 297. j>/o,, Wriston, 2(;6. Jamesville, Wis.,.v. 
Bntler, 25. Ja;/, Me., v. Rogers, 158. Jefferson, A'. J., 145. 
Ba/j. rer,, r. Bo\v( [itch, 250, Jeffersonville, Ind.. r, Ray- 
mond. 279, Jericho, 89. Jessup, loica, r. Cook, 33. John- 
son, r^., Poore, 20G. Co. jlfo.. r. Wriston, 266. Johnson^a 
Is., 144. JonesborOt Ga., r. 262. Jonesviile, K. T., v. Hem- 
street, 148. 

Justices, see Lawyers. 

KALEHU.A, gr. mother of Hen. F. Poore's w. 293. 
KARG, Eliz., w. of Chas. M. Poore of Y. H., 124. 
KEELY, 158. KEENEY, 292. KELL, Wm., 1840, h. 

of Sarali E. Gwin, 171. KELLER, 258. KELLEY, 

,59, 99, 143, 180, 296. KEMP, 189. KENISTERN, 

115. KENNEDY, 232. KENNEY,48. KENNES- 

TON, 31. KENNISON, Melviua J., w. of Sam. A. 

Currier, 163. 
KENDALL, Ben. C, 1828, h. of Ann E. McKeen, 73. 

John G., 1810, h. of Mary, d. of Geo. Poore, 70. 
KENDRICK, 30, Chas. S., h. of Julia I. Poore, 296. 
KENT, 56, 74, 105, Betsy, w. of Sam.<= Poore, 116. 
KE TCHUM, Maitland P., h. of Sarah M. Bntler, 32. 
KETTELL, Abi'l S., 1832, m. W. W. Snowdon, 33. 

Eliz. S , 1830, m. Marlborough Williams, 38. 

Fred S., 1833, s. of James, r. Maplewood, 39. 

Harriet, 1835, m P. E. Bemis, 39. 

James, 1793, h. of Harriet Slickney, 38. 
KEYZER, KEZER, etc , 158, 174, 203. 

James H,, 1830, h. of Eliza A. Poore, 106. 

Laura E, 1857, m. Fred M. Tyler, 107. 

Kaneville, III., r. Poore, 230. KanlcaJ:ee. III., r. M.inning. 1.57. 
Kansas City, Mo., r. Parkei-, 210, Keene. N. H.. r, Ellis 
233, Poore. 140, Wood, 152. Kellers Brulge, Pike and 
Poore, in fight at, 141, Kelloggsrille, O.. r, Maithi, 273. 
Kelsey, Cal..\\ Poore, 215. Kennebunl-port, Me., r, Fletcher, 
229, Goodwin, 40, 234. A'e/losftia/je, 107, 194. Kensington, 
N. n.. r. Fellows. Hilliard, and Poore, 79. Palniev, lii6. 
Kent Co., Ca., r, Coltman, 24, Keotuh. Iowa. v. Hale, 149. 
Kilbourn City, Wis., r. ilc Aroy, 20, Kibnallocl:, Ire., r. 
Casey, 65, Kings Cove. Ala., r. Neelv^279. Kingston, N. 77,, 
r. Chase, 222. Kimball, 201, Knowles, 296, Smith, SO, 
C«., r.Biiller, Richardson, 32. Smith, 23, Kingsville, 0., 
r. Henderson, 295. Poore, 291-5. Knapp, Wis., r. Poore, 

KIDDER, Adel.aide H,, 1849, w. of S. P. Bray, 66. 
KILLAM, 65, Hen. M,, h, of Charlotte E, Poore, 185. 
KIMBALL, 19, 69, 108, 120, 167, 185, 193, 278, 281. 

Abi'l B,, 1832, \v. of Dan, W. Palmer, 189. 

Chas. F., h. of Cath. L. Sawyer, 119, 292. 

Hazen, h. of Hannah Merrill, of W.. 201. 

John W., h, of Abigail", d. of Hen. Dole, 13. 

Lvdia E,, 1820, w. of Asa Poore, of Thet., 208. 

Walter L., 1856, s. of Wm. N., r. Geo'town, 164. 

Wm. N,, 1832, h. of Susan M, Tliompson, 164. 
KINDLEBERGER, Dav.. h. of Mattie L. Poore, 285. 
KINES, Jas., 1840, h. of Sarah J. Butler, 23. 
KING, 152. 269. KENNEY, 68. 
KINSEY, Chas, W,, h. of Henri, I. McFadden, 127. 
KINSMAN, Eunice, w. of Enoch Noyes, 156. 
KIRCHER, Cornel P,, h. of Lora M. Smith, 270. 
KIliK, Jos. W., Garretson's mother, 125. 
KLINE, Wm., 1798, h. of Susan W. Poore, 125. 



KNAPP. 10.-., Hobocca, w. of Job." Poorc, orF.,L'10. 
KNHillT, 11, 30, (i7, 75, 121. 

Ihumali, 17'.)!), w. of .lohii Poor-, of N'cwl)., 31. 
K;illi., 17-14, w. of Niitliiui Pooro oC Nt-wb't., 49. 
Mariii E., l,s;;7, w. of l.owc Kiihtsdh, 77. 
l\I:irv P., ISoCi, w. of Alf. Pooro of Nowb., 30. 
KNIIlilT.S. L'U). KNOWl.K.s, •.".!(;. KlINIIALE, 21G. 
KN'OWLANI), Sain. K. li. ul .\bii. F. F. Swan, 94, 
I'lli'. [04. 

KNOWLTON, Abigail, 1823, w. of .J. K. Woodbury, 
KNOX, 147. All)ert L., s. of Clias. II., r. Boston, 195. 
Cliarlcs II., 1811, li. o1' Ilan-iet ("rocker, IDC. 
Cliarlc's II., 1834, .s. of Charles 11., r. Lincoln, 195. 
James C, 1849, s. of Charles II., r. liostoii, 195. 
Martha L., 1842, tl.of C. II., ni.Gid. Dickenson, 195. 
L.VCKEY, Caroline, w. of Albert C. Poore of Knap|>, 
148. LADI), CO, 224, 2J4. LAKE, 120. LAKE, 
MAN, 59. LAMBERT, 11. LAM SON, l,-.0. 
LANDEK, Henry A., 1820, h. of Anna P. Chuk- 
61. LANKOlil), 35, Liiuinda, 1845, w. of 
George E. Poore of Newb't, 55. LANDHETll, 

287. LANE, 35. (U, Mary \V., 1839, w. of Edw. 
E. Poore of Ilack'k. li;8. LANG, 117. LANGS- 
FOin), 227. LAN.^ING, IDS. LAKKIN, Ihittio 
J., 1834, \v. of GorluiMi 1). Tennev. 158. LAli- 
UABEE, (iO. LaKUE, 132. L.VtIIAM, j:arv 
L., w. of James M. Wilson, 72. LATIIRUP, 
70,114. LAWRENCE, 32, 234. LAWSON, 32. 

Ldbmlierillc. 7-a., 211. Lnconui, N. K., r. Cook, 29. Leach, 
•22.i. Lnfaycttc Co., in.i., r. of rrc)sser,270. Lake Charles, 
La., r. (r(!orKO and UaskcU. .'it. Lake Co., O , r. 8tacy28t. 
Lake Villat/e, X. IL, r. Davis, 40. Lamherlnlle, N. J., v. 
Hart, Vil. iMartinilcll, 13u. Lanark, JF.s., r. iMi-Keen, 74. 
Lancaster Co., Pa., v. .Sieniillor, 2(!2. Landaff', A'. H., r. 
Clai-k, 7.'*, Cogswell, 211. Elliot, 2(a. Ilowlanil, Hi. 
Poore. 78, 201. Synioncls, 7S-!t. LanesviUe, Muas.^ r. 
Woodbury, (U. Lapeer, Micli.,Y. Ilav\vo0'l,154. Lawrence, 
Mass., o.">, 9.i. 10:!, r. of Cliamllci-, 1U7. Foster, 181. Iliisc, 
87. l"oorc,lS4. Smirtluvaitc, 181. Whittier,20l>. 
Winn, 9!:. I^awrencerUle^ N. 5'., r. Curriei", 251. Lawson, 
Mo., r. Poorc, 143. 

Lawyuks, Bell, 42. Biigss, 45. Butler, 20. 
Calef, 105. Cook, 33.""l)illey, 278. Hanna, 
220. Harris, 282. Ilazelton, 119. Holmes, 
223. Honghton, 279 Hiise, 49. Kline, 125. 
Little, 20ir Long, 190. McFaddeii. 127. Mer- 
rell, 274. Merrill. 201. Mitchell, 240. Morril, 
235-0 (two;. Nibhick, 270. Paddock, 58. Per- 
ley, 235. Poore, 35, 200, 257-S, 280, 294. Sar- 
gent, 30, 51. Sawver, 120. Squier, 32. Steel, 

288. Webb, 284. Wilson, 24, 72. 

LEAC^II, David R , 1839, li. of Viola K. Poore, 225. 

LEAR, 130. LEARNED, 31. LAVITT, 218. 

LEE, 153, CharloUe, w of Dexter JIartin, 151. 
Nancy W.. w. of Thomas A. Ilaynes of Ilav'I, 92. 
Thon'ias IL, h. of L. C. W. Morrill, 235, 29G. 


LEFFERTS, Jlartha R., w. of John T. Poorc, 131. 

Lkgislatous, Batly, 47. Bntler, 20. Covell, father, 
andson,250. Eastman, 71. Foster, 178. Haskell, 
54. Johnson, 233. Lord, 292. Morril, State 
and U. S., 234. Niblack, 270. Pillsbury, 223. 
Poore, 100, 210, 227, 232, 234, 245. Sa"rgent, 
51. Sawver, lis. Stickney, 45, 47. Stone, 12, 
291. Webster, 88. Wilson, 72. 

LEIGH, Emma J., 1844. w. of John II. Butler, 23. 

LEOPOLD, Ellen, d.of Joint, m. Leonard Ross, 197. 
John, h. of Elii^abeth Paseall of Portland, 197. 

LEWIS, 202. And. P., 1843, h. of Marv S. Poore, 50. 

Li; WZEV, Martha E., w. of Alonzo B" Pearson, 205. 

LEYDE, 125. LIBBY, 18, 27, 164. LINDSAY, 284. 

LIN FIELD, 207. [222, 232, 282, 294. 

LIT ILE, 15. 17, 20, 40. .50, 78, 81, 83, 104, I II, 200, 

Aden T., 1841, s. of Linus L. C , r. Il;iin|isM, 111. 

Albert W., 1830, s. of David P., r. Sterling, HI. 

Anne P., 1800, d. of E/.ekiel, m. Jesse Page, 2iiO. 

lienjamin, b. of Ilepz. d. ol Sainncl^ Poorc, 20n. 

David P.', 1808. s. of Jonalban C, r. Eppin:.'. 111. 

Ebenczer II., 1839, s of David I", r. llav'l. 111, 

Eliz.. 1752, w. of Elipli.' Poore ol' llainp'd, 2sl. 

Kli/,.(;.,lS48,d. of L.L.C.'iii. Sam. S.Corliss. III. 

Emma P., 1847, d. of D. P., m. Jas. H. Rowc, 1 12. 

Ezekiel', 1702, s. of Bcnjaniin, r. Boston, 200. 

F'lank II. , 1843, s. of Natlianl II.,' r. Danvcrs. 1 13. 

Frank 11., 1852, s. of David P.,' r. Haverhill, 112. 

Jesse, h. of Susan, d.of Jose|>li Men ill of W., 201. 

Jona. C, I709,h.of Phcbe", d. of Dav. Poorc, 109. 

Linus II. ," 1839, s. of L. L. C, r. Haverhill, 111. 

Linus L. (;..' 180G, s. of Jona. C, r. IIamp'<l, 110. 

Mar. L., 181:!, cl. of Dav. P.,m.G.M. Ilnntrcss, 112. 

Mary, 1701, vv. of (ieorge Poorc of Gipll'stown, 221. 

Murv", 1709, d.of Ben., m. Nat. Merrill of A., 20i>. 

Marv A», d. of L.L.C., in. J. W. Tabor of IL,110. 

Mary P.*, 1852. d. of Nat. H.,m. John Dow of L., 1 13. 

Nat. II.', 1813, s. of Jona. C, r. Ilampstcad, 113. 

Phebe', 1811, d. of Jona. C., m. Fr. Sawver, 112. 

R. xV.", 1833. d. of L. L. C, m. (;. B. Pettengill. 1 10. 

Sarah, 1744, w. of Jona.* Poore of Atkinson, 09. 

Sarah, 1790, w. of Samuel P. Foster of Gofl'.. 180 

AValtcr L., 1854, s. of David P.', r. Haverhill, 112. 

Wm.', s. of Jesse, r. Manchester. N. II. . 201. 

"Wm. A.,lS51,s. of L.L.Cr. Ilampstcad, N. Il.,lll, 
LITTLEFIELD, Ella F., 1850, w. of Geo. F. Poore. 

Learenworth, Ks., r. Morril, 235. Lebailon, Mc, r. Chaniljcr- 

lain, 192. Corson, 111. Wcniwoith, 172. Lee, 111., v. 

Cociu'nn, 90. Leeds, A'u//., r. SnnrUnvaito, ISt. Leicester, 

17., r. Poorc. 112. Lempster, N. 11.. v. Beckwitli, 1.5::. 

I^enox, O.. V. ll;ill. 85. Leominster, Ma.^s., r. Hale, 149. 

Xc/irjy, i\l/H/t.. r. Prosser. 270. xV. 1'., r. Eaton, 91. Acv/iV, 

Mich., V. Dunn, 85. Lewi.-^ton. Me.,r. Davis, 19. Plnnnner, 

2;i:i. TnkesbiM-y. 178. Lexington, Mass.,?Si, v. Morril. 237. 

Mieh.,'2<il. /,lc6e?irtM, Gcr., r. Fllzenieycr,(il. Lima, N. 1"., 

r. Ilerriek, 147. Limerick, Me., r. Dole, 1(^7. Ilalc, IB. 

Hayes. l(;-7. Hodgilon, 17. 47. McDonald, 10. Pliil|>ot, 

1(!. Limington. Me., v. Dole and Gove. IS. Lincoln, III., 

r. Bntler. 23. Mass.. r. Brooks, 274. Neb., r. Knox, Il!.'>. 

jV. //., Ilussell, 28." Liinebrook Parish, .Mass., nmslly in 

Ipswicli, and some in Kowlev. r. Poore. 170. Liaboii. 3/c., 

r.Iadkins, 19. A' //.. r. Aldrirh, 230 C.ile. 210. Oakcs, 

211. A', r., r. Coiree,243. Litchfiehl. Conn.,r.Kcm\i\\\, 10. 

Markcs2(>. ,il/e., r. IJiUIcr, 20. I'erkins. 19. Richardson, 

20. A'. ;/., r. Leach. 22.i. March. 72. Parker. 22(1. Little 

Orleans, v. Gifford, 2(i3. Licerponl, Entj., 50. Pa., 122. 

/.oiirfon. C«..r. Wilson, 24. Eng.. I!abl>,':lO. Foster, 180. 

Jennings, 34. Lewzcy, 2!i5. P.annell, 117. Tucker. 227. 

Lonilonderry, Ire., 73. r. MorrNon. 108. A'. 17., 07. 109, r. 

IJoves, lo.'i. Garvin, 219. Nesnnlh, 121. Poorc. 217. 

Long Hill, in Hav'l. 7S. 101, 110. Loogootee, Iml.. r. Brooks, ^ 

Campbell. Dillcy. Houghton, and 'Nibl;tck, 275-S. Lost W 

Pirer, Ind.. v. Brook, 27*1. L'>udon. .V. //.. r. Ea>tnian. 71. 

Louisrille. Kg., r. PZnterson, 77. I.oicelt. Mass., 39, 82. J.'t7. 

191. r. Cook, 33. Dole. 109. Gale. 43. Goulfl. 58. Grisivold, 

42. Hart, 209. Hookinson. 184. Mclvin,22.i. Sovcs, l.iti. 

Pd;e, 209. Poore. 20li. .Stuart. 229. Wright. 20-7." £«//rc, 

Mc, r. Dewey. 179. Lnnenburg. Mast., v. Martin. 151. 

Lgine. A'. //.. r. I,athaui. 72. Lgnchbnrg, Va., r. Arini^t^-ad. 

289. Lyndon. lY., r. Wiggin 2:i9. /,;/;iii, 3/rtS.N-.. 77, H'.l. ISS, 

r. Adams, 12s. Ambler ami llrown, 41. Dow. 11;,. Katou, 

811. llilliard. 80. Keyser. Iii7. Little. 113. JIan.-llcld. 8(>. 

Nelson. 1.S2. Poorc, 105. 227. lianisUcU, 1S4. lt;iyiiolds, 

113. Tilton,40. Whitney, 91). 

LoNOKViTY, see old people. 

LOCKAKD. 153. [187. 

LOCK-E, 105, 180. Abbie R., w. of Jas. W. Poore, 

Ellen B., 183C, w. of Jerc. Cook of Biddclbrd, 53. 

I>vdia. w. of Charles F. Downing of Canton. 201. 

Matilda D., 1845, w. of Wm. Cook of Hall'l, 53. 



Sarah L., 1854, w. of Wm. A. Little of Hamp'd, Ul. 
LOMBARD, Eliz., w. of Clias. Poore of Port'd, 197. 
LONG, 2S8, Eunice, ITCS, w. of Samuel i= Poore, 34. 

Mary E., 1850, cl. of T. W. J., m. I. F. Duell, 196. 

Thomas W J., 1824, h. of Ellea E. Chase, 196. 
LONGFELLOW, 159, Ann, 1715, w. of Johu Poore, 
of Newbury, 13. LONGSTKEET, Cornelia T., 
1849, w. of Chas. 11. Poore of Skaneateles, 285. 
LOOMIS, 283. LORETH, 37. LOUGEE, 164, 
166. LOVELL, 283. LOVETT, 37. LOW, 
35 38 194. 
LOKU', (u', Daniel B., h. of Hannah Prince, 60, 292. 

Win. F., h. of Marietta L. Poore, 186. 
LORING, John T., 1809, h. of Roxa. Cook, 54. 

Martha, 1783, w. of Henry Poore of Boston, 41. 
LOVELAND, 251, Tirzali, w. of F. X. Poore, 144. 
LOWD, Elma L., d. of Gil., m. G. F. Gillvey, 73, 292. 

Gilnian, 1820, h. of Nancie M. Keen, 73. 

Sehvin A., 1850, s. of Gilmau, r. Oniro, 73. 
LOWELL and Lowle, 11, 14, 45, 60, 89, 99. 
LUCAS, Mary, w. of Calvin White, 283. 
LUDWIG, Magc;ie E., w. of John Hubbard, 171. 
LULL, 159, 202,"204. 

Ann C, 1807, d. of Dud., m. Gor. P. Tenney. 158. 

Dudley, h. of Mary °, d. of Henry Poore, 158. 

Thomas, h. of Hannah^, d. of Josepli Poore, 8. 
LUNDBERY, George H., h. of Mary E. Tenney, 165. 
LUNT, 34, 39, 193. 

George A., 1835, s. of Wra., r. Rowley, 171. 

Mary, 1787, w. of Joua.", Poore of Newb't, 48. 

Wm., 1806, h. of Auge.^ d. of Paul Poore, 171. 
LY'ON, 31, Albert G., h. of Sarah P. Crockett, 195. 

Clarissa D., 1822, w. of Silas Dole, 18. 

Martlia A., 1832, w. of John Butler, 31. 

Mary A., 1855, d. of A.G., m. Ervin R. Horton, 195. 
LYONS, Eliz., w. of Johu Coltman of Ca., 24. 

MCALLISTER, Mary, w. of Samuel Dow of G., 213. 
McAROY, Wm., gr. s. of Sam. P. Butler, 20. 
McAULY, Dorothea, w. of John Dias, 153. 
McCAIN, Harriet, w. of James H. Poore, 259. 
McCALL, Oliver C, h. of Sarah A. Merrell, 273. 
McCARTY, Henry F., h. of Hannah C. Poore, 191. 
McCOMBS, Mary A., w. of G. DeRevere, 152. 
McCOY, Hannah, w. of Tliomas Perldns, 209. 
McCRAY, Wra., h. of Eliz. M. Poore, 148. 
McCURDY, Martlia, w. of Benjamin Poore, 212. 
McDOEL, Mary E., w. of Lewi's H. Parker, 240. 
McDOLE, A. M., d. of Wra., m. Hos. B. Flanders, 27. 

Wm., 1821, h. of Sarah N. Butler, 27. 
^cDONALD, Mary, w. of Joseph Babson, 62. 
• Miriam, 1814, w. of Albert Dole of Bangor, 16. 
McELWAIN, James, h. of Mary B. Poorer 150. 
McEWEN, Lewis, h. of Harriet N. Poore, 243. 
McFADDEN, Fr , L.,d,of U.S., m. Jas.J. Hanna,126. 

Henrietta L, d. of H. S., m. Chas. W. Kinsey, 127. 

Hcnrv H., s. of Henry S , r. Steubensville, 126. 

Henry S., h. of Frances L, d. of C. M. Poore, 126. 
McFAULAND, Mary E.,w. of Thomas B. Poore, 264. 
McGANN, Rose A., w. of Clias. E. Thompson, 165. 
McGIiEGOR, 30, Rev. David, 178. 
McGURN, Fr. A., 1851, s. of Wra., r. Brooklyn, 153. 

Win., 1822, h. of Mary J. Martin, 153. 
McINTIRE, 231, Eliz., w. of John Poore, 206. 
McINTOSH, Isabel, w. of George McFadden, 126. 
McKAY, Cclia A., w. of Wm. Houghton, 277. 
McKEEN, Ann E., 1828, m. B. C. Kendall, 73. 

Belinda, 1830, m. Noah S. Clark, 73. 

John, 1790, h. of Judith Wilson, 72-4. 

Josepli, 1832, s. of John, r. Oraro, 74. 

Luciuda W., 1824, m. A. B. Morrill, 73. 

Mary, 1822, m. James W. Preston, 73. 

Nancy, 1820, m. Oilman Lowd, 73. 
McKENNEY, J. H. & Co., of Lewiston, 178. [24. 
McMASTERS, 129, 295, Reb. A., w. of T. G.Coltmau, 
Mcpherson, Aseu. R., w. of T. p. pierce, 233. 
McQUARRlE, Anna B., w. of J. Woodbury, 64. 
McQUESTION, Martha, w. of Joseph Moore, 180. 
MAGOON, 93. MAIIAN, 213. MAIN, 1,55. MANLY, 
94, 271. MANION, Kate, w. of George O. 
Preston, 73. MANN, 139, 215, Abbie £.,"1848, 
w. of Charles H. Dole, 18. 
MANNING, Aaron, h. of Lydia Noyes, 157. 

Charles F., h. of Ellen M. Crockett, 195. 

Stephen N., s. of Aaron, r. Kankakee, 157. 
MANSFIELD, L. E., w. of Ben.' Poore, of P. 198. 

Mai-y H., 1848, w. of Daniel W. Eaton, 86. 
MARBLE, 101. MARK, 141. MARKIIAM, 162. 
MARCETT, Louisa, w. of David B. Martin, 293. 
MARKS, Phebe H., w. of Andrew O. Butler, 25. 
MARSH, Herbert J., h. of Fanny M. Poore, 208. 

Jonathan A., h. of Margaret E. Wilson, 72. 

Louisa, 1824, d. of Newton, m. Eben B. Cook, 33. 

Newton, 1802, h. of Lydia H. Butler, 33. 
MARSHALL, 231, Ange., w. of Charles Poore, 197. 

Benjamin, li. of Sarah A. Garretson, 125, 292. 

Joseph U., 1851, h. of Liicinda DeAVitt, 261. 
MARSTON, 27, 87. MARVELL, 188. 
MARTIN, 37, Cath. L., 1830, m. Asa T. Fuller, 153. 

Chas. II., 1849, s. of David IL, r. W. Meriden, 153. 

Chas. S., 1845, s. of John H., r. Brooklyn. 293. 

David B., 1843, s. of John IL, r. Brooklyn, 293. 

David H., 1824, s. of Ephraim, r. Brooldyn, 153. 

Dexter, 1809, s. of Ephraim, r. Springfield, 151. 

Eliz., d. of Ira, m. Willie AViller, 152. 

Ella M., d. of Dexter, m. Clark C. Parker, 151. 

Eraraa J.,d. of Dex., m. Hen. M.Armstrong, 151. 

Emma J., d. of Ira, m. L. Stocknecht, 152. 

Ephraim, 1777, h. of Nancy Haywood, 151. 

Geo. W., 1847, s. of Jonas A., r. Brooklyn, 152. 

Hannah H , d. of Eph., m. B. N. Fletcher, 152. 

Henry, s. of Ira, r. Brooklyn, 152. 

Ira, 1816, s. of Ephraim, r.'Florida, 152. 

Jas. E., 1840, s. of John H., r. Brooklyn, etc., 293. 

Jane, w. of David" Poore of Winchester, 140. 

John D., 1838, s. of John H., r. Brooklyn, 293. 

Johu H.*, 1811, s. of Eph., r. Brooklyn, 151, 292. 

John H., 1837, s. of Dexter, r. Putney, Vt., 1851. 

Jonas A., 1821, s. of Ephraim, r. Brooklyn, 152. 

Josephine, d. of John H., m. H. P. Stamford, 293. 

Lewis E., s. of Jonas A., r. Brooklyn, 152. 

LibbieA.,d.ofDavidH.,m. H. R. Beckwith, 153. 

Lucy W., 1820, w. of Jos. J. Poore of Goff., 224. 

Mary J., 1827, d. of Eph., ra. Wm. McGurn, 153. 

Nancy P., 1813, d. of Eph., m. Jas. S. Cook, 151. 

Nancy P., d. of John H.», m. AVm. S. Conover, 292. 

Polly, w. of Daniel'^ Poore of Winchester, 140. 

Sam. E., 1826, h. of Maria Merrell, 272. 

Wm. E., 1850, s. of John H., r. Brooklyn, 293. 
MARTINDELL, Bur., h. of Martha P. SmTth, 130. 
MASON, Mary E., w. of Chas. H. Opdyke, 133. 
MASSEY, 84. MATHEWS, 39, 140, Keziali A., 

1834, w. of Geo. P. Poore, of Westville. 241. 
MATHSON, Wm., h. of Mary J., d. of Aloii. Poore, 
294. MATTICE, 146. MAYER, Brantz, h. of 



Cornelia, d. olMolm II. l\nn\; 288. MAYIIKW, 
2S3, L',s«. 
MAVNAKl), 137, 131). Miiry A.,(l. of Win., M!». 
W'ni., h. of Sylvi.'i \V>in:in, 1 111. 
Wni., 183'J, s. of VVni. r. Reiulinj;, Mas.n., MO. 

McConuetlii-illc. O.. r. of roorc, 1-21-7. M<u-Ui,i.i. ,1A:., i-. Ili'c.l- 
170. MddiHon, lud.j 'i.VJ, r. Hiitnii. 5)0. MattUon Co., v. 
Morgiin, L'Cl. Mad Hirer, ni Caiiintoii. N. H., IS. i'.). Mai/- 
noHa, A'. C, v. Foster. I1<1. xUaldiii. ^Vius'., r. Clark. i7-'s. 
Howaril,!?.'. Oiivoi-, iss. I'ouie, Ili7. MancheUcr. Enr/., 
r. Ci-ossley 1111(1 I,einh,i:i. Ma^.m. l;!:l. /«., v. liiirliuKainn. 
lind I'ai'ker. 'i'.'a. -i'M't. A[ass., w A IIcm and Stcirv. '21(1. .V. //., 
1.'),'2''3, '2:i8, r. Akiiis, 'Jls. Caswell. 21.'*. 22ii. 'CIkmu'v. 2:i:!. 
Clark, 7.1. •22S. Colby, '219. (JmiluUKhain. 211;. l)n\v,211. 
Fairliauks, n.i. (Joorjjc, iiQ. (iaskill, 212. fioiil.l, 21(1. 
Hall, 214. .Johnson, 'iiW. Koiulall, 7:1. Lillli'. -2(11. 
MfKccn. 7S. Mitchell. 210,, raikei-. -221;, 2:!K, 
aw. retteiigill.llO. I'ieixe.'iiB. I'oore.lOU, 212. -2-211-1,212. 
I'l-cslon, 7:i. Kiuh.i«ls,30S. Uichai-ilson, 2;i8. Sloan, 208. 
.Stiiai-t, 229. VVcbstur. 2-24. Wiggin,2:W. Wooillini-y, 219. 
Afanlius, N. y.. 2.i. Manton, O., v. Moore. lo7. Muiiteicood, 
Mass., 1-. Keltoll, ;!9. Mtrhtcheird, Mus.t., r. Knovvlaiid, 
9(1. I'iert-e, ;i(l. Marengo, III., v. llnhbai-'l, 113. Marlon, <)., 
r. .Johnscni. l-2(i. .l/iiWftoco. iV. t'., r. Moiril, -i.!."!-);. A'. K, 
r. .Smith, l.'j.'). Marskalttoion, Iowa, r. Poore, 2li;S. Martins- 
ville, Ind., r, Smith. Miissackti.-<etts, North bouiul.-u-y 
established, (17. Masslllon, O., r. .Saiisser. ItO. flfar/inirns, 
Me., v. Uurgess, t>3. Matiaima,Mass.,i\ii;\.y,-l\. Aftti/srllle. 

MiccinNics, FINK. See vvatcliiiiakei-s, elc. 
MEAD, 185. MEANS, 21. 

MELLOON. Lncia A.,w. of Clias. II. IIopkinson,183. 
MKLVIN, Alirain T., li. of Harriet L. Poore, 223. 
MEKUELL, aiiciLMitIv M(.-n-ill, 27-1. 

Albert, 1843, s. of Win. S., r. St. Louis, 274. 

Amanda, J841, d.of W. S., m. P. Dodd.s, 273. 

George, 184.5. s. of W. S., r. Cincinnati, 274. 

Maria, 1834, d. of W. S., m. Samnel B. Martin, 272. 

Sarah A., 1830, in. Oliver C. McCall, 273. 

Stanley, 1832, s. of Win. S., r. Ripley, ()., 272. 

Will. S.. 17;)8, h. of Mehitabel T. Pobre, 271-4. 
MEKKICK, 241, Maria, 17'.)8,w. ofDaniel Poore, 129. 
MEHliILL, 29, 35, 40, 55, 04, G7, 71, 83, 88, 92, 101, 
190, 200, 274. 

Ann, 1719, w. of Daniel Poore of Plaistow, (18. 

Anson, s. of Joseph, r. Plymouth, N. H., 201. 

Caleb, s. of .Joseph, r. Salisbury, N. II., 201. 

Charle.s, 181(5, h. of Lvdia P. Webster, 103. [292. 

Charles E., 1855, s. of Chas., r. Salem, Mass., 103, 

Eliz. E., 1824, d. of .lolin J., m. Samnel llnse, 87. 

Ella S., 1848, d. of Samnel N.. m. C. P. Blake. 179. 

Ezek. L., 1802, .s. of Nat., r. Franklin, N. H., 200. 

George B.. 1844, s. of .Toshna'' of II., r. Boston. 87. 

Hannah, 1702, w. of Joshna Poore of Atk'ii, 70. 

Hannah ^ d, of Joseph, m. llaz. Kimball, 201. 

Hannah G., 1799, w. of Alfred Foster of Bed., 178. 

Horace E., 1846, h. of Emma Foster, 179. [219. 

Ida E., 1855, w. of George D. Woodbury of M., 

Isabel M., 1846, d. of Charles, m. Orlo Austin, 103. 

John B., 184G, h. of Sarah A. Merrill. 103. 

John J., 1792, h. of Betsey, d. of Abijah Eaton, 86. 

John J., 1831, s. of .John J., r. Salem, N. II., 87. 

Joseph, h. of Sarah*, d. of Joshua Copp, 201. 

Joseph", -s. of Joseph, r. Draciit, Mass., 201. 

Josluia^, s. of Joseph, r. Savannah. 201. 

Joshua^, s. of John .!., r. Ilaverliill, etc., 86. 

Lemuel", s. of Joseph, r. Savannah, 201. 

Mary", d. of Joseph, m. a Preston, 201. 

Mary E., 1838, w. of J. P. Stickiiev of Hostoii, 46. 

Mehit. 1).", 1820. d. of J. J., m. K. T. Slocomb, 87. 

Mehit. E", 1796, d. of Nat., m. Z. Whittier, 200. 

Nat. of- Bradford, Vt., Ii. of Mary'' Little, 200. 

Phineas", s. of John J., r. Chelsea, 87. 

Samuel, 1824, h. of Martha A." Adams, 59. 

Samuel A.'',lS47,.s.ofSaiii.,r.Hyde Park, Mass. ,.59. 

Samnel C, 1852, .s. of Samnel N., r. Portland, 179. 

Samnel N., 1823, li. of Eli-/.al)etli A. Fo.sler, 179. 

Sarah", d.of Jos. of Warren, 111. A. Burton, etc.. 201. 

Sarah A.,d. of Cliarlesof Met., in.J.B. .Merrill, 102. 

.Stephen", s. of Jos. of Warren, r. Boston, 201. 

Siis.-in", d. of Jos. of Warren, 111. J. l-itlle, 201. 

Variiiim .\., s of John J., r. Salem. N. H., 87. 

Win.", s. of Jos. of Warren, r. .Monlreal, 201. 
MEKKir, 165. AlESSEK, 194. MKSKUVEY, 148. 
MlvSEUVE, Eunice, \v. of Peter Noyes, 157. 

Win. S,, h. of N. J,, d. of S. Enier.son, r. II., 78. 
METCALF, Alfred, 1777, li. of Ann Poore, 128. 

Hariaett W., d. of Alf., in. Green. C. Cloiigh. 128. 

Martha J., d. of All"., also m. G. C. Clongli, 128. 

Mechanic.^hurf/h, (>., r. of Taylor, 231. Meilford, Mas»., r, 
Ad.'inis, I2S, ]Vis., r. Averv. 2,^. MeAitra, Intl.. r. I'ooro 
and Thoiiiiisoii, 2,'i9-t>0. tMelroae. Ma^s.. v, Adams, 1-28. 
Uradliury. 191-5. Memiihis. Y'eji/f., r. I'oore. 2(11. iMerfdilh, 
X. II , r. Wright. •2(1. Meritlen, A'. H., 118, r. .Slicdd, 27. 
Men-imac. Mas^., 112. M;-. Merrimark, A'. //., 221. r. 
Foster. ISl. iMc-lntii-c. -2(11;. M' rri/'s Creek. '.'>. Metlmen, 
jWia.s-.. 91. 97. 101, r. Diiiining, l.i. Katoii, 811. Howe. lol. 
Lowell. 4.% 89. Men-iU, 101, 19(1. I'ettengill. (9. Uii-hard- 
.son,2:i8. Stii-kney. 91. Wasson, 9-2. Wi-bster and Whit- 
tier. 9.1. Mexir.o, Me., r. IJntler, 20, Mi<-hif/iin Citij. Intl.. 
r. Ivimball ami 8a\vyer, 119. MiltUebiirt/h. A'. )',. r, .loues. 

1411. Miihlhlmni Mithlle.iex, 'I'a , r, .lewcll, 291. 

('(.. r. I'ooie. -ior.. Willey, -2.11. MitltUe.lon, C,t., r. CoU- 
man, 21. Mit/tllelomn. Conn., r. I'oore. 219. Milftirtl, .V, //., 
188, r. Howard, 18, riorec. 30, Milllirtiok. I'ti.. r. Iliiiiii, 
8,1, Milo,K. r„ r. Prosser, 2119, .l/Woo. /»'/,, r. CallaHav, 
118. Mtiss., r. I.yon, 18. I.oek. Is7. N. II., r. Ham. HI. 
TrasU. 172. Milivtiukee, IHs., r. Stark, 220. Minnetipt.tis^ 
.V/«».. r. linller, 20. llo|ikins, 24(1. I'oore, 327. Mifsion- 
ary liidge, Tenn,, 12G. 

Mir.rrAiiY Officeiss, see Army, etc. 

Mixing, copper, 115. Gold, etc., 207. Iron, 210. 

Silver, 294. 
MILLER, 12, George F., h. of Maiv B. Chase, 196. 
MILEIKIN, 188. MILLS. 104. [185. 

MILTON, Thomas P., 1835, h. of Ellen M. Poore, 
MLsNER, Jane, w. of Nelson G Poore, 145. 
MITCHELL, 63. 146, 239. 

Abraham, 1824, h. of Betsey P. Parker, 230. 

Arria, 1804. w. of Jos." Poore of Man.. 220. [295. 
MOKE, Geo. A., h. of Roneauda A., d. of J. B. Poore, 
MOLLESON, Georgiana, \v. of Frank P. Fosier, 
MONROE, 163, 284^ [180. 

MOODY, 158, Abigail, 1746, m. Geo. Stanwood, 12. 

Hannali, 1750, in. Joseph Woodinan, 12. 

Judith, 1744, in. Wyinond Bradbury, 12. 

Moses, 1748, s. of Win., in. P. Tappan, 12. 

Rebecca, 1742, m. .Tona. Boardniaii, 12. 

Sarah, 1761. m. Ebeii Stone, 12. 

Thomas, 1703, h. of Ri-beeca I'oore, II. 

William, 1709, h. of Judith Poore, 12. 
JIOONEY. Emma M.. 1844, w. of A. Merrell, 274. 
MOOUE, 44, 75, 130, 237, 267, 281. 

Abel F., 1837. h. of Eliza A. Simons. 180. 

Annie M., 1S3S, in. Jas. II. Stanley. 52. 

Frederick, 1811, h. of Anna P. Pritchett, 52. 

Mary P., 1846, m. Oliver O. Jones, 52. 

Sara"li, 1822, vv. of Joseph Poore of Ken'ton, SO. 
MOORES, 111, Jona., h. of Mary'-', d. of J. Poore, 8. 

Mary E., w. of Aden T. Little, 111. 
MOUGAN, 144, 227. Jnlla A., w. of Alon. Poore, 218. 

Win. II.. 184(1, h. of Miirv E. DeWilt, 261. 
MOIIXING.SIWI!. in Co. with W. 11. Poore, 14.!. 
MOKKIL, and MOKRILL, etc., 73. 165, 194. 

David L., 1772, h. of Lydia, d. of Geo.* I'oore, 231. 
David L., 1827, s. of 1). L., r. Leaven'h, Ks., 235. 



EmmaE., 1854, d. of TV. H.,m. W. B. Eaton. 237. 
Lydia C. W., d. of D. L. jr., m. Tho. H. ].ee, 235. 
Mai-y P., 1853, v,'. of John E. Tenney, 165. 
Roxa. A., 184i, w. of Geo. B. Merrill, 87. 
Sam., 1829, s. of D. L., r. Marlboro', N. C, 236. 
Wm. H., 1832, s. of D. L., r. Marlboro', 236. 

MORRISON, 137, 155, 297. 

Carrie M., 1852, w. of Fr. H. Little, of Hav'l, 112. 
Cecilia G., 1829, d. of Jas., m. H. D. Bradt, 108. 
James, 1801, b. of Mary A. Green, of Hav'l, 108. 
Jas. II., 1831, s. of Jas., r. Roxbury, 108. 
Sarah T., 1848, w. of D. M. Philbrook, 229. 

MOUSE and MOSS, 9-10, 63, 86, 1G7, 176, 191, 194. 
Amanda, 1827, w. of J. P. Opdyke, 132. 
Anthony S., 1823, h. of Helen A. Bray, 65. 
Joseph, h. of Eliz.', d. of John Poore, 9. 
Timou M.,2nd h. of H. E.^d. of Tho. L. Poore, 231. 
Will C, 1851, s. of Timon M., r. Manchester, 231. 

MOULTON, 34, 164. MOYE, 237. MULES, 296. 
MULEY, 239. MULLEN, 133. 

MUNN, Edw., 1851, h. of Mclzena J. Poore, 295. 

MURDOCK, Wm., h. of Emma M. Butler, 25. 

MURPHY, Adaline, w. of Stan. Merrell, 272. 

MURRAY, 142, 171, 270. 

Ichabod IL, h. of Lucy E., d. of Silas Poore, 143. 
Rachel R., w. of Wm. H. Poore of Ind., 143. 

Mobile, Ala., 22. Movmouth, III., r. Lcc, 235. Me., r. Hop- 
kins, 22. Judkins, li). Wlirivff, 20. Monroe, Me., r.L,e\\!S< 
56. jl/jc7t., r. Will.-iril 145. A^. r., r. Conover, 292. Montague 
Co., re:c.. r. Brooks, 277. C;impbell, 275. it/ass., r Upliam, 
215. Montgomery, N.Y..Y.M<:i)o^e,'n. Poore, 14B. Mon- 
tour, Iowa. r. Fl.aiiders, 27 Montpelier. Vt., 23, 248,, r. 
Graves, 231. Hopkins, 24G. Pearce, 247. Montreal, Ca., 
r. Eaton, SI, 91. Cassels, 2K7. Flecclier, 152. Merrill, 201. 
Prootor, 32. Mooney, Ind.. r. Poore, 2fi0. Moorejield, O., 
r. Kinsey, 127. Moose Is., Me., 5B. Jt/oreJowii, Ft., r. Poore, 
20(5. Moriches, If. Y., r. King, 152. Mormontown, lo., v. 
Poore, 258-9, 203-4. Sevrens, 2;;5. Sutton, 259. Morris- 
to7on, Vt.. r. Il.awes, 218. Morrisville. Vt., r. Poore, 200. 
2l/"osco!o, jVc, r. Pierce. 17-S. 0.,r. Wagner, 77. Monlton- 
bo7-o\ jV. //.. r. Brown. 20. Mount Sterling, Ky., r. Fostei', 
179. Mur/reesborouf/h, Ten., 278. Murray. Ca.. r. Butler 
and CoItman,24. Aluslcham, North Eng., v. Hutchinson, 
130. Myrtle, Ks., r. Pooi e, 2:;i-2. 

Municipal officeus, higher, of cities and towns 
("see also Clerks, Executives, Treasurers, etc.). 
Covin, 250 (two). Dole, 16. Emerv,101. Eoster, 
178. Hopkinson,41, 183. Little," 109. Martin, 
152. Merrell. 272. Parker, 240. Parkhurst, 
20. Pettengiil, 89. Pillsburv, 223. Poore, 6, 
9, 10, 12, 13, 35, 106, 204, 212, 222, 225, 234, 253, 
281. Siemiller, 262. Stinson, 223. 

Murders, 34, 110, 144, 153, 187, 201, 213. 

Musicians (see also teachers), Emerson, 76, 89. 
Foster, 178, 180-1, 296. Holmes, 188. Pike, 
145. Palmer, 189. Poore, 82, 258. Tukesbury, 
178. Webster, 89. 

NASH, Ellen, w. of Wm. B. Poore of Pa., 294. 
Peter, h. of Mary, 1718, d. of Samuel Noyes, 137. 

NASON, 19, 150, 166. 

Nations from which families came. Cuba, 133. 
England, 5, 23 (Ave), 24 (three), 30, 34,38, 50,74, 
(two), 85, 117, 133 (two), 136 (three), 138, 152, 
(two) lob, (three). 160, 171, 184. 196, 227, 237, 
247, 272, 283, 293 (four), 295. France, 85. Ger- 
many, 61, 107, 124 (two), 130, 146, 262 (two), 
263,295,296. Holland, 108 (two). Ireland (some 
Scotch Irish), 19 (two), 22, 23, 65, 71 (two), 73 
(two), 108, 126, 130 (two), 133, 165, 206, 212, 223, 
272 (two), 294, 295. Italv, 196. NewBrunswick, 
19,20,59. Norway, 270 (two). Nova Scotia, 35. 

Sandwich Islands, 293. Scotland, 23, 62, 182, 
278, 287, 295 (two). Switzerland, 85 (two). 

Nashua. N. 77"., 104. 118-9, 157, r.Copp. 201, Eaton and Hopkins, 
90. Johnson, 233. Oakes, 211. Snniner, ISO. Nashrille, 
Tenn.,lo2, Naticlc, AIa^s.,i\MorTill,'2:ji. Navarino.N. Y., 
V. JIarks, 25. Nelson, O., r. Clark, 144. Nesqualhj, Wash. 
Ter., r. Haskelt, 221. Nevada City, Cul.. r. Sargent. .51. 
Newark. N. J., v. Anson, 30. McCall. 273. Poore, 123. 
New Boston, N. II., 213, 238, r. Cochran, 90. Hopkins, 228. 
Little, 200. Poore, 106. Shedd, 224. Stevens, 103. New 
Brighton, N. Y., v. Arnold. 290. New Brunswick, N. J., 
r. Campbell, 293. Earl, 179. Newbury, Mass., 13, 35. 45, 
99, 155, 199.203, r. of Ad.ams, 58, 174. Bartlett, 9,15. Brown, 
11, 281. Butler, 14. Clark, 7. Connerlv, 296. Cook, 34. 
Dole, 14, 16. 57, 118, 162, 109. Dummer. 13. Button, 45. 
Godfrey, 10. Goodrich. 203. Hale, 5, U, 136. Holmes, 138. 
Hubbard, 171. Ilsley. 7. Jaqucs, etc.. 11. .37. Kent, 116. 
Knight, 11,34,30, 49. Lander, 51. Bavkin, 1.58. Little, 40, 
106,116.180.281. Long. 34. Longfellow, 13. Lowell, 11. 
Lunt, 171. Merrill, 68. Moody. 11-2. Moores. 8. Morse, 9. 
Kewnian,03. Noyes, 34, 55, 137,1.56. Pettengiil, 37, ,S!). Pierce, 
11,135. Plumnier, 5, 13, 34, 40. Poore, .5-16, 34-7, 62, 67, 135, 
138,172,255. Eollins,'J4. S.argent,157. Sewall. 13. Spencer, 
37. Stickney.37,40, 44-7. Stone, 12. Thmiow,35. Thurston, 
6, 1.35. Titcomb, 8. Travers, 7. Wallingford, 7. Wood- 
man, 36. iS'. 77., r. Morse, 231. Poore, 232. Vt., r. Brock, 
209. Hatch, 209. McDole. 27. Melloon, 183. Pike. 209. 
Swasey, 117. Newbury Ned;, south of Parker River, e!>rly 
settlers. Hale, Plummer, Poore and Thurston, 5, 10, .34, 
135. Newburyport, Mass., 34-5, 55. 68, 100, 170. 175, 253. 255, 
r. Adams, 58. Bartlctt,155. Bayley,64. Bray. 05. Brown, 
41. Butler, 14. Choate. 40. Clark. 50-1. Colby, 39. Col- 
man, 265. Cook, 3:^-4, 52-3. Cutter, 39. Davidson, 53. 
Dresser, 13. Farnhani, 172. Foote, 54. Greenleaf, 98. 
Greenough, 35. Hodgkins, IS. Haskell, 53-4. Iloskins, 
53. Hubbard, 171. Huse, 41, 48-9. Johnsou, 50. Jones, 
52,174. Kidder, 66. Landford, .55. Lewis, 50. Little, 111. 
Loring, 64. Lundbery, 105. Lunt, 171. Merrill, 35. Moody, 
05. Moore, 25. Morse, 63. Morss, 05. Newman, 65. 
Noyes, 13. Parker, 81. Pearson, 35, 184. Perkins, 62. 
Poore, 34-5, 48-9, 53, 55, 57, 70, 158. Porter, 51. Prince. ^8. 
Sargent, 61. Stickney, 37, 44. Stockman, 52. Swain, .56. 
Tenney. 164. Thompson, 163. Tillon, 39. Todd, 165. 
Wallace, 13. Wcstcott, 40. Winkley, 34. Wood, 65. 
Woodbury, 61. Wyatt, 29. N'eto Castle, Ind.. 267. Pa.. 
31. Newfield, Me., r. Dresser, 192. Libby, 164. Merrill, 
103. iV««77ope. Pa., r. Opdyke. l,il-2. Poore. 121. Smith, 
129. Newington. N. II., r. Abbot, 165. Downing, 291. 
A'^ew io)i(7o)i. A'. 77., r. Ad!ims. 49. D.avis,214. New Man- 
chester, W. Va., V. Long, 196. New Market. N. H.. i: 
Prince, 61. New Milford, Pa., v. Prince, 60. New Orleans, 
La.. 22, 119. 147, 151. 24S, r. Morrison. 108. Neto Phila- 
delphia, Ind., V. DeWitt, 260-1. Poore, 267. Tucker, 279. 
Newport, Ky..U2. A^. 77, r. Johnson, 233. New Potcley,BO-w 
Georgetown, 205. New Salem, Mass., r. Poore, 139. A'eio 
Scotland, N. 1", r. Gifl'ord, 148. Newton. Mass., r. tipham, 
215. A'. 77.. 107. r. Cheever. 165. A^«c ro»-7; ca?/. 17, 211-3, 
r. Bovd, 292. Butler, 23. Cargill. 211. Cook, 53. Davis, 
193. Dennis, 68. DeWitt, 266, 279. Dr.aught, 133. E.arl, 
30. Foster, 20, 180. Caskill, 212. Gurney,2S7. Hopkins, 
21-2. Huse, 49. Leigh, 23. Long, 288. Martin, 153. 
Molleson, 180. Moonej-, 274. Morril, 236. JIurray, 143. 
Nolton,21. Oakes, 211. Opdvke, 131-4. Poore, 1.58. 185, 
232. Tukesbury, 178. White, 132-3. Niagara Falls, N. T., 
r. Hoyt, 43. Nininger, Minn., r. Pooi-e, 143. 

NEELY, 129, Alice M , w. of Wal. R. Houghton, 279. 

Jane, 1767, 2nd wife of John Poore of Pa., 121. 
NEFF, Jas. P., h. of Mary D., d. of C. W. Poore, 123. 
NEIL, Jennie W., w. of George A. Cheney, 182. 
NELSON, 135, 164, John B., h. of II. E. Foster, 182. 
NESMITH, Jas. M., li. of Lucy E. Poore, 121. 
NEVINS, Lizzie, w. of Luman B Coolidge, 20. 
NEWBY, James, h. of Zeleii. P. Sawyer, 119, 292. 
NEWCOMB, 158, F. C.,h. of Eve. Webster, 93, 292. 
NEWMAN, 15, 62, John, h. of Henri. Woodbury, 63. 

Sidney F., 1843, s. of John, r. Newbury, 63. 
NEWTON, Hiram, h. of Elizabeth H. Biglow, 155. 
NIBLACK, Sanford L., h. of Susan Brooks, 276. 
NICHOLS, 91, Henrietta S., w. of J. Pettengiil, 90. 

Mary E. and Ella J., wives of E. II. Little", 111. 

Sophia C, w. of James II. Morrison, 108. 
NICKERSON, Freem., h. of Georgiana Palmer, 189. 



NORLE, 2(;i. NOUTIIICNl), 10. NORTON, 242. 
NOI/roN, (ico. 11., s ol' Uol). 11., 1-. Cliicaso, 111., 21. 
l,;insiiin li., s. of llobcM-l II.. r. ("liic:m(). 21. 
Wol). H., Ii. of .Mary .\ . il. ol' Sam. P. Uutlur, 21. 
Nt)UKSl';, Ul. NUlTElt, 1(1, (U. 
NOYKS, 13, 18, ;!0. 4i;, 4'.i, CK, 7:), 81, 104, 114, )5i;, 
17i), lyi-2, 11)4, 202, 214, 2Ui. 
Aai-oii*, s. i>f Joseph, 1-. 'riiiibrklyo, Vt., 15(). 
Ahiu'ail. 17',)'.t, w. of Charles SlieUiiey of Camp., 44. 
Aiiiie E.. 18.")2, .w. of Adiii E. I'oore of Atk'ii, 121. 
lien., 1721. .s. of Saiii'l, r. Abiii^Itoii, Mass., 137. 
Ueiijamiir', s. of .losepli, r. \^n\y, N. 11., l">t;. 
IJetsey, 1773, w. of .loiiathaii I'ooro of I.aiul., 78. 
Hetscy, il. of Enoch of Bow, m. Jesse Ei'ye, loG. 
. Belsey, il. of Daniel of I'cmbroke, m. a Fife, 157. 
ISetsey II., d. of Jos. of Atk'ii, m. Dan. Ayer, 81. 
Cliailes, s. of Joseph", m. Hannah Cliase, 157. 
Daniel, 1711!, s. of Samuel, r. AbiuKton, 137. 
Daniel, s. of Joseph, r I'embroke, 157. 
Daniel, s. of Ephraim. r. IJoston. etc., 137. 
Daniel, s. of Daniel of P., r. Xewlnu-yport, 157. 
Dorcas, d. of Enoch of 15., ni. Ben Abbot, 157. 
Eben, 172!), s. of Samnel, r. Abington, 137. 
Enoch*, 1751, s. of Joseph, r. Bow, N. H , 156. 
Ephi-aini, 1757, s. of Daniel, r. Abington, 137. 
Eunice, d. of Enoch*, m. Amos Bai-tlett, 156. 
Fanny'*, 178S, d. of Enoch, m. Stc. Sargent, 157. 
Geo.,"s. of Joseph", cond. on C. & N. R. R., 157. 
Goo. C, 1847, h. of Eliz. J.», d. of J. Poore, 55. 
Geo. L., 1.S55, h. of Mary E. Pluniracr, 34. 
Hermon", 1835, s. of Samuel, r. Atkinson, 81. 
Isaac", s. of Enoch, r. Pierniont, 156. 
Isaac', s. of Isaac, v. Trcmpelean, 156. 
Jacob'', 1726, s. of Samnel. r. Al)ington, 137. 
Jacob", s. of Daniel of I'enib., r. Canada, 157. 
James H., 1S2'J. li. of Eliza'*, d. of Geo. Poore, 70. 
John*, .s. of Joseph of Pemb., r. Bow, N. H., 156. 
Joseph, h of Abigail \ d. of Benjamin Poore, 156. 
Joseph, h. of Betsey", d. of Jonathan Poore, 80. 
Joseph", s. of Daniel of Pemb., r. Peral)., 157. 

I,y<lia. dau. of Enoch* of Bow,ni. A. Manning. 157. 

Mary", 1718, d. of S;unnel. m. Peter Nash, 137. 

Mary. 1807, w. of Samnel ' of Atkinson, 81. 

Micajah", s. of Daniel of Pemb., r. Nashua, 157. 

Moses*, s. of Jos. of Peml)., r. Bow, N. II., 157. 

Nabbv", d. of Dan. of P., m. Daniel Currier, 157. 

Nancy ", d. of Dan. of P.. m. a Badger of \V., 157. 

Nathan*, s. of Jos. of Pembroke, 157. 

Peter", s. of Daniel of Pembroke, r. P., 157. 

Rebecca", d. ol Daniel of P., m. a Bickford, l."u. 

Rel)ecca, d. of Joseph" of P., m. R. E. Cram, 157. 

Ruth, w. of Paul Poore of Rowley. 170. 

Sally", d. of Dan. of Pemb., m. a Wyman. 157. 

Sani., 161)2, h. of Hannah ^ d. of Henry Poore, 137. 

Samuel'', 1715, s. of Samnel, r. Abington, 137. 

Sam.*, s. of Jos. of Pembroke, m. a Bradley, 157. 

Sam.', s. of Jos. of .Vtkinson. r. Atkinson. 81. 

Sarah, w. of Dan.*, s. of Dan. Poore of Alk'n, S3. 

Sophia P., 1826, w. of Benj. K. Poore of II., 83. 

Stephen", s. of Enoch of Bow, r. Hart.. Vt., 157. 

Susan", 1781, d. of Encx'h, m. Moses Sargent, 157. 

Susan', d. of Stephen, in. Joseph Allen, 157. 
NYE, Sibyl J., 1845, w. of John F.' Phelps, 25rl. 

Nohlehoro', Me., t. ICiriwItoM.nt. Kohle Lake. Ark., r. Priiit^e, 
(il. Xor.kamixnii. l*a., r. Poore and Pin-.^ell. 1:J0-1. Nor- 
fulk, l-a..v. Poore an. I Sl;iike, iSl-ll. White. i:i'2. jV. >'., 
J:li;olisoll. 20:!. Xorlh .Iditms, jl/(KS.. r. Whitelieail, 74. 
Xortlinmplon, il/'n.s'.i., r. Pnliner. 181). Pa., v. I.efl'evts, 1:^1, 
Xorth .indurei-f Mass., v. Cheney, 182. Howard, Dij. 

Pierce, TO. Poore, 214. .Swan, !)fi. Wi-li«tcr, <).-t. A or/ft 
Ji.,!t. I'll., r. llavwooil, fit. KoKS, 1 1 1. Surthjhlil, M(wii . r. 
S;iwver. HI. ;V. //.. r. .Io)Misoii,-2.i;t. ft., v. fiuM>i»^,iti. 
X'irili MiiiicUesUT, Iwl , v. Kin'liin-.'27(>. Siirlhumberluiul, 
N. II , r. ('unii. lux. .\,}illirilh: III , r. Poore. IIT. >l/iWi., 
r VmihIvm.', l:.l, .V(.rr/i"v,.«/, .V. //..r. Caswell. '^IH. .I.,liii- 
son. Ill' Morrill,"::. M.inil mikI Vir^'ili. i'n. Xorth Yiir- 
monlh. Mr., r. I'.M.wn ami TnUle, IDi. Xuru-au Ilul'ie, 
H7<.. r. Itullcr. 'J.'i. A'ori/o/i, Cod/i.. r. .Silliiway. .Vi. It, 
r. hilMe,v;s-2. Xcrwuuil. /'ik/.. r. n;:l|iin. l:a. ynltinijhum, 
N. II., r. I'riesr, 218. Xumitbcrff. Oi-r., r. Wil.-oii. 7-2. 

OAKES. CALVIN, s. of J. H., r. New York, 211. 
Erie, 1845, s. of J. II., r. Lisbon, 211. 
(ieorge A.. 1.S41, s. Of J. II., r. Woodstock. 211. 
Janus A.. 1830. s. of J. II., r. New Y'ork, 211. 
James 11., 1801), h. of Anna B. P<Jori-. 210. 
John N., 1837, s. of J. H., r. Franconi;i. 210. 
O'BHIEN, 16, 85. ODELL, 65. O'DONNELL, 
Diliorah, w. of Dudley I'oore, 281). OIIAKA, 
AVm. 2nd, h. of Hi nrietta R. Opdyke, 132. 
OLIVER, 188. ORDWAY, 184, 217. 
Ori'iCKiiS, see Army and Military, Clergy. Clerks, 
Deacons, Executive. Legislators, .Municipal, 
Treasurers, U. S. Oflicers. 
Old I'KOPI.K, Bean, 88. Butler, 15. Clanin, 52. 
Copi). 201. Emerson, 75. Foster, 178, 183. 
Goodhne, 235. Green, 107. Hail. 122. ll:iy- 
wood, 151. . Jakob. 85. Little, 101). 282 (two). 
Merrill, 86. Morril, 235. Neely, 121. Noycs, 
l:-,6. Petteii'iill. 81). Poori', 68, 61), 84. 1)1). 1 17, 
122, 12U, 135, 141-5, 158, 1113-4, 205-7, 210, 213, 
222, 224-5, 228, 245, 257-8, 281, 284. Sargent, 
li7. Shute, 162. Slason, 240. Spoflbrd, 137, 
292. Websler, 84, 95. Wilson, 71. Wingate, 
75. Woodbury, 62. Wortlily, 237. 
OPDYKE. Chas. IL,s. of Sol. 11., r. Brooklyn, 133. 
(_'idney F.,d. of \Vm. N., ui. Henry Dranglit, 133. 
Henrietta R., d of S. II., in. Wm. () llara, 132. 
Jane E., d. of S. 11., ui. John J. White, 132. 
John P., s. of S. IL, r. New York, 132. 
Solomon H., 1789, h. of llannaii I). Poore, 131. 
Wm. N., s. of S. IL, r. Brooklyn, 133. 
ORR, Caroline A., d. of Harris, in. C. II. Stacy, 115. 

Harris, h. of Caroline Saw\er, 115. 
O'SBORN. 47, 143. OSTROM, 32. OSGOOD, 81, 
1511. 218, 236, Janelte, w. of George Poore. 35. 
OTIS, 34, Sarah, 1793, w. of Henry Butler, 23. 
OnldnmL Cah. r. ICiii'PV. 1'27. Ocean Grore. X. ./.. r JI:ntcn- 
ili-ll. l:iii. Otiileushiiri/li. X. Y.. r. W lis and K Ion. 8ii. 
(il Cv.k. /•'« , r. Poore, '291. (M Mill liUnr/e. X. //.. r. 
KotcT. IM). Poore ami Vani-e. loi;. Simons. Isii. Ol'l Or- 
chnnl. .Me., r. Merrill. 10:i. Omro. Wix..r. I,.i«d nnd Me- 
ki'eii,72-t. Oneitia Cu , X . y, r. Meii ull. 271. Onoiidtii/a. 
X. }'., r. Kotcluini, 32. Opilyke Firry. X ./., r. Opdyke, 
l:ll. Oranric Mass., r. Ilowaid. UII. .V. H . r. Worse, il. 
WhittiiT, -2110. ^^ ./..P-.d)!!, :10. (>. Co.. /Hrf., r. (jifford, 
•2SU. n , r. l)ii-kcv,-2.")2. (h-am/erilk; III., r. Poore. 211.). 
(irford. X. II.. r. AiiiMns, 117. l oore. 111! Koherls, 21.i. 
S.iWver. lis. Orleans, Iml., r. Ilvooks. 27."i. Pro^scr and 
Smith. aiSI. 0;-omoc((), .V. «.. r. Whitiuy, in. Orinll. II., 
r. Miirr:iv,142. Osai/e Cili/,Ks.,r. Doilds. 27S. Oahkosll, 
(Pis, 7:i."r. Avery, i'i. (i'lkey. iM. Osicc;io. X. Y.. mi. 
1711. Ottawa, Ca., r. ISorl.vidge anil Hopkirk. -23. Oxjoril. 
Mass., r. Bahb, 30, Me.. 178, i. of Louihard. lU". 

PACKARD, C. E. Mcrril. employed by, 103. 
PADDOCK, Abby L.. \v. of Henry W. Dennis, 58. 
PAGE, 37. 67, 70, 75, 83, 151, 168. 172, 208, 219. 

Carrie. 1838, w. of Enoch \V. Poore, 231. 

Jesse, 1805. h. of Anne P. Little. 200. 

Sarah M., 1848, w. of Varnuin A. Merrill, 87. 

Wm IL, 1824. h.ofMary E..d. of Jesse I oore. 117. 
PAINE. 58, Ktnm:i J . w. of Alvin C. Poore. 254. 
PALKER, Elizabeth C, w. of John M. Stickney, 47. 



PALMER, 10, 46, 166, 203. 

Alison H., 1818, s. of Daniel, r. Chelsea, 188. 

Daniel, 1793, h. of Deborah Poore, 188. 

Daniel W., 1826, s. of Daniel, r. East Boston, 189. 

Georgi., 1853, d. of Dan. W., m. F. Niclcerson, 189. 

Helen H., 1815, d. of Al. H., m. Per. A. Stone, 189. 

Henry N., 1850, s. of Albert II., r. Syracuse, 189. 

Mary I., 1852, d. of Al. H., m. C. E. Davison, 189. 

Ko.swellN., 1838, s. of Daniel, r. Georgetown, 190. 
PANIO, Lydia, w. of Wm. French, 293. 
PANNELL, Maria, \v. of Jeremiah Poore of S., 117. 
PAlilSH, Rev. Elijah, 255. PARKS, 207. 
PARKER, 81, 100, 153, 220, 23G. 

Abigail, 1826, d. of Isaac, m. John S. Wiggin, 239. 

Betsey P., 1839, d. of Isaac, m. Abr. Mitchell, 239. 

Byron L., s. of Edw., r. Hurdland, 239, 296. 

Clark C, 1817, h. of Ella M. Martin, 151. 

Edith F., 1860, w. of Edw. Poore of Charl'n, 82. 

Edward, 1823, s. of Isaac, r. Hunter, 238. 

Eliza, 18-16, w. of Frank W Smith, 31. 

Isaac, 1794, h. of Jane W.<^, d. of Geo. Poore, 238. 

Lewis II., 1836, s. of Isaac, r. Dubuque, 240. 

Maria, 1856, d. of Edw., m. S. Burlingame, 239. 

Susan, w. of Enoch Noyes of Bow, 156. 
PAEKHURST, Melville C, h. of Mary E. Coolidge, 
20. PARMENTER, 139, 231. PARSONS, 
Richard, 1844, h. of Sarah E. Eaton, 85. PART- 
RIDGE, 90. PASSMORE, 127. 
PASCALL, Eliz., d. of John, m. John Leopold, 197. 

Ellen, d. of John, m. Leonard Ross, 197. 

John, h. of Emdj", d. of Samuel Poore of P., 196. 
PATCHETT, Maraaret M., w. of George A. Poore, 
127. PA-1'EE,'"230. PATTEN, 108. PATTER- 
SON, 55, 179. PAUL, 81. PAYNE, 38, 144. 
PAYSON, 199. 
Palatina, III., r. Nolton, 21. Palermo, Me., r. Worthen, 22G, 

Palmer, Afass., v. Floyd, 229. 0..v. Marshall, 12.5. Pal 

mt/ra, W^s., r. Butler, 25. Panama. iV. Y., r. Knight, 77, 
P'aoli, Intl., r. Giffonl, 263. Paris. Me., r. Jones, 17S, 

Parishville. N. Y., r. Poore, 243, Parlcer River, 5, 13, 34 
Parsoiisfiekl, Me., r. Longee, 1(54. Patterson, N. J., y 

Pierce, 30. Dudley, Poore and VValmsley, 1-23. 

l^ATKNTS, see Inventors, etc. 

PEABODY, 137, 161, 184, Aroline E., 1807, w. of 

Benjamin Poore of Boston, 167, PEACH, Eliza 

A,, 1827, w. of N. W. Prince, 60, PEARL, 213, 

PEARSON, 12, 52, 55, 57, 75-6, 135, 170, 199, 202-4. 

Abiel, 1787, h. of Eliz,, d. of Jeremiah Poore, 160. 

Alonzo B., 1828, s. of M. B., r. St. Louis, 2G5, 297. 

Alonzo C, 1843, h,of Mary J., d. of C.L. Poore, 35. 

Elijah, 1847, s. of Wm., r. Byfield, 100. 

Eunice, 1831, w. of George \V. Prince, 60. 

George, 1822, s. of Abiel, r.-Byfleld, 160. 

George W,, 1846, s, of Wm., r. Byfield, 160. 

Lyman, 1850, s. of Wm,, r. Byfield, 160. 

MiguonaA., d. of Alon. B., m. W.T. Wriston, 266. 

Mo's. B., 1798, h. of Amaiida'=, d. of J. Poore, 265. 

Wm., 1818, s. of Abiel, r. Byfield, 160. [184. 

Wm. H., 1843, h, of Maria A., d. of Edw. Poore, 
PEASE, 96. PEASLE, 107. PEAVY, 172. 
PECKER, Lucy, w. of Jere. T. Poore of A., 120. 
PEMPIN, Carrie E,, w. of George W. Eaton, 85. 
PERKINS, 12, 37, 52, 175, 253, • 

Catharine V,, 1829, w of Franklin H. Biglow, 155, 

George A., 1841, h, of Louisa J. Pike, 209. 

llann'ah W., 1855, w. of George C. JndUins, 19. 

Mary E,, 1837, w. of Chas, L. Dodge of Bow, 171. 
PERI.EY, 137, 161, 213, 235. 

Eliza, 1822, w. of Gilniaa Webster, 90. 

Ruby A., 1833, w. of George Poore of Hav'l, 35. 
PERRY, 16, 30, 113. 
PETTENGILL, 37, 48, 52, 88, 95, 98-9, 104, 

Albert, s. of Aaron, went to California, 95. 

Benaiah, 1831, s. of John, r. Haverliill, 89. 

Charles B., 18.38, h. of Rhoda A. Little, 110. 

Elizabeth, d. of John, m. John M, HopUins, 90. 

Hannah, d, of John, m. .Tames M. Eaton, 90. 

John, 1794, h. of Abigail M. Eaton, 89. 

John, 1S33, s. of John, r. Atkinson, 90, 292. 

Leverett E., 1849, s, of Benaiah, r. Haverhill, 89. 

Lucy A., 1848, w. of Leverett E. of H., 89, 

Olive H., 1812, w. of Amos Clarke of G , 50. [43. 
PHAGINS, Ann W., w. of Alex. L. Poore of Bos., 
PHELPS, 99, John F,, s. of Julius, r. Berlin, Vt., 251. 

Julius, h. of Cynthia, d. of Job' Poore, 251. 

Justin J., 1835, s. of Julius, r. Hart'd, Mich., 151. 
PHILBROOK, Dan. M., s. of Ren., r. Franklin, 229. 

Lizbeth S., 1841, m, Alonzo Clark, 228, 

Mary A,, 1852, m. W. F. Flovd, 229. [228. 

Reuben, 1814, h. of Sarah S,', d, of T. L. Poore, 
PIIILPOT, Hannah, w. of Luther Dole, 16. 
PHIPPIN, 292. PHIPPS, 170. 

Physicians and Dicxtlsts. Agee, 246. Burlin- 
game, 239. Butler, 32. Campbell, 275. Carter, 
57. Clough, 128-9. Cogswell, 99, 100, Craw- 
ford, 85. Dickenson, 195. "Eastman, 71. Flanders, 
27. Foster, 180, Giflbrd, 280. Hatch, 209. 
Hayes, 242. Haywood, 154. John.son, 234. 
Kindleberger, 285. Little, 201. Lovell, 283. 
Martin, 273, Merrell, 271-4, Morril and Mor- 
rill, 234-0 (three). Ostrum, 32. Parker, 31. 
Pierce, 50. Poore, 206 (two). Prosser, 269. 
Pursell, 130. Root, 255, Sargent, 157, Shute, 
162. Smith, 31, Spofi'ord, 137, Stark, 284. 
Stephens, 142. Tukesbury, 178. Wilson, 146, 
WoodhuU, 290. 

Penhody. Mass., 100, r. Butler, 16G. Daniels. 47. Htibbaril, 
171. Tenney, 104. Webster, 90. Peach Creeh. Miss., r. 
Aaee, 240. Pelham, N. H., r. Blackley. 111. Cun-ier, 82. 
Ga£;e, 94. Johnson, 233, Simpson, 110. Webster, 93, 
Wilson, 71. Pembroke. N. B.,iM,\-.C?L\\aton.li3. Cram, 
157. Head and Holt, 190. Jefferson, 111. Noye.'i, 150-9. 
Swett, 159, 101. Pemicjewassett. N. H., 31. Pennsrille, O., 
r. Garretson, 125. Pentuchet Pond in Georgetown, Mass., 
175-0. Perrinenlle. n: J.,r. lle'K\.i'J-2. Perry, AZ. Perry- 
town, 6.^. Perryville. 275-C. Peru, Ind., r. Daniels and 
Sniitli, 270. Peterboi-o', iV. H., r. Poore, 217. Ca., r. Wilson, 
24. Philadelphia, Pa., 108, v. t'letcher, 2S7. McFadden, 126. 
M.irtiii.nJ. Nelson, IS2. Poorc,121. Stamford, 293. Iowa, 
r. Patchett, 12S. JV". Y., r, Stockwell and Tilapaiigh, 290. 

PICKKTT, 213. PIERCY, 286. PINKHAM, 173. 
PIERCE orPuirce, etc., 37, 49-50, 72, 135, 197. 

Andora E., 18.53, w. of Ira E. Dole, 18. 

Benj., 1700, Ii. of Mary", d. of Jona. Poore, 11. 

Betsey P., 1831, w. of Ira E. Dole of Br., 17. 

George, 1832, li. of Almira D. Cook, 30. 

Julia M., 1844, w. of W. N. Johnson, 233. 

Lorenzo J., 1833, h. of Ther. J. Poore, 247. 
PIKE, 28, 145, 163. 

Ida A., 1849, m. George E. Hatch, 209. 

Jomuel W., 1828, h. of Sarah M. Poore, 144. 

John D., 1822, h. of Jane Poore, 209. 

Louisa J., 1854, ra. George A. Perkins, 209. 

Samuel P., 1852, s. of John D., r. Lowell, 209. 
PILLS BURY, 40, 54, 175. 

Charles A., 1842, h. of Mary A. Stinson, 223. 

Mary, w. of Joshua^, s. of Joshua Copp, 201. 
118. PLASTERER, 262. 



PLUMMER, 5, !), 10, 11. i:"., :!."), 57, l:iO, 171-5, 199, 

20:;, L';ii, :>:',<.). 2.s2. 

Chavk's K., ls;!,s. li. of Sarali M. Cook, 55. 

Fanny M., w. ol' Fred. SUckiioy (if Newl).. 40. 

Gcoi-i;c II., I.s4f<, s. of Silas. i-."Ncuiiiii-y, 34, 291. 

Mary K., 1.S51. d. of .Silas, ill. Geo. I.. Noycs, 34. 

Ncll'lo M., If53, w. of .loliii W. .loliiisoii. 2;i3. 

.Silas, LSIC,, h. of llamiali", d. of .Joliii I'oore, 34. 

Valira I... lN'-'3, w. ol .1. II. Tlioiiipson, ICi;. 
riA'Ml'TON, ElliMi .1,, w. of C. 11. llarriiiinoii, 43. 
rOLANU, 19.">. liar. F., in. Kiiapp and CliallVf, 11)5. 

Win. V.., Ii. of Marllia', d. of .laiiu's Ciocki'tt, 195. 
rOiNl), Elbrid^c T , h. of Clara li. Ilntlcr, 21. 
I'OOLE. .lolin .1.. li. of Mary M. Uabsoii, 03. 

Picrmont.X. //., r. r.urton aiulCopp. -W- Il:itcli,-2(19. Noyes, 
l.'i >. r;igi! anil I'oovo, 117. S;t\vyuv. lls-;>. Pit/eon Cove, 
Maxs.. r. Ilalisini, ClllVmil, I'doIo anil .Smith, (i-i-:i. JHke 
Co., Intl., r. I'oore, 2:;(). Piitshur(fh, Pa., r. Moke ami 
Mnnn,2!).'>. Poorc, '2.')l>. 21-4. I'ittifjiHd, MaifS , v . Dunning 
anil imiton, 45-:;. Wliitinjr. 9.'i. llaiiilttid, N. //.. r. Kim- 
ball, nil. IV. J., r. Uiglow, l.')5. Plai-tmo. N. II., 7.i, 107, 
r. Aver, si. ( handler, lOT-S. I'oore, (17. S:i. 10 1. Welch, 
ins. Wilson, 107. PIdllirille. Io.,iai. Pluttsburp. N. Y., 
SI. I'luDi htinid ill Aitrf'Uri/, etc., Mass., (1. Pti/riwuih, 
Mass., r. l,!ivo anil I'oore, 247-8. N. II., r. Clark, 27-.f. 
Culler. 2(1. Klanilers, 27. Georse, 2211. BIi-Dole, 27. 
Merrill, 2U1. r«., Tiriggs, .1.5. Kn<7.,iiT. PocslcnJiill,N. Y., 
r. Pooi-e, IIS. I'idni Uiolmut, 'Md., CO. Poland, Me., v. 
.lolinson. 1711. I'nisil'er, 7(1. Waterman, 179. Poutmc, 
Mich., r. Sawyer, 111)-2U. 

I'OOR-E, 1-3, G, 7, (18, 79, 87, 137, 1.55, 21«, 29fi. 
Al)liie A.», 1855, d. of 15. H., m. II. A. Sar^'cnt, 230. 
Abbic B. (Sinioiuls), 1S48, w. of Alliion L., 185. 
Abbic K. (Lock), 1842, w. of James Wm., 187. 
Abbie S. (lloldeii), 1850, w. of ,losse A.. 244. 
Abigail, KiC)!, d, of .Tolni ', in, Isaac llslcy, 8, 
Abiiiail, 1(180, (1. of lk•n,^ in. Fisk and liolt, 13(1. 
Abi^iail (Hale), 10C2, w, of Henry-, 130. 
Abigail, 1(195, d. of ,lo,scpli ", m, Ejili, Foster, 8. 
Al)ii>ail, 1721, d. of I5en.'', m. Joseph Noyes, 150. 
Abigail (Carleton), 1753, w. of Dav.' of Row., 177. 
Abigail, 1781, d. of Jonathan^ of Atkinson, 09. 
Abigail, 1791, d, of David », ni. N. Holmes, 188. 
Abigail (Hill), 1800, w. of David" of \V., 247. 
Abigail II., 1.S03, d. of Henry ", in. .\. Griswold. 42. 
Abigail II., 1843, d. of Dav." m. Fred. Simons, 248. 
AljigailJ. (lluse), w. of Ileiirv" of Boston, etc., 41. 
Ad.iL., 1.S59, d. of ("liarles of Portland, 199. 
Adelaide M. (Davis), w. of Mark, 214. 
Adeline (llodgkins), 1813, w. of Natlian, 55. 
Adeline (Wliitney), w. of Jas. H. of W., Vt., 249. 
Addie (lloyt), 1852, w. of Alf. of Cliarlestown, 82. 
Addie JI., 1857, d. of Perry of rliarlestovvn, 217. 
Aden E.. 1849, s. of Jeremiah T., r. .\lkinson, 121. 
Agnes (Reed), 1848, w, of Josiali 1'.. of l'itt,s'g,294. 
Alanson, 1790, s, of Wm., r. llaslings. 141. 
Alberta A., 1854, m John F. Vaiice,"lO(;. 
Albert C, 1829, s. of Martin, r. Knapp, 148. 
Albert ('., 1802, s. of Albert C. of Knapp, 148. 
Albert D., 1871, s. of Wm. II. of Homer, 145. 
Albert II., 1877, s. of Cyrus W. of Golf., 220, 
Albert P., 1852, s. of ronieroy, r. Aslitabnla, 294. 
Albion L., 1842, s. of Edwin, r. Haverhill, 185. 
Alex.- L., 1812, s. of Henry", r. Boston, 43. 
Alex. L.. 1848, s. of Alex. L.' of Boston, 43. 
Alecia M. (Fox), 1834, w. of Sullivan K. of B., 210. 
Alfred', 1818, s. of Jesse of Ilaverldll, 99. 
Alfred', 1SL'2, .s. of George, r. Gotlstown, 227. 
Alfred", 182i;, s. of .loIin II,, r. !!allimore, 289, 
Alfred », 18:!0, s. of Sanuiel, r, Newbury, 30, 
Alfred «, 1853, s. of Charles A., r. Cliarlestown, 82. 
Alfred', 1855, s. of Alfred, r. Baltimore, 289. 

Alfred W.», 1852, .s. of Alf. of G., r. Hasting.s, 227. 
Alfred W.». 180G, s. of Alfred of Newbury, 30 
Alice, said to be sister to John ', in. Geo. IJttlo, 1.^ 
Alice \., 1851, d. of Pomeroy of Amboy, 294. 
Alice A., 1870, d. of Elijah B. of Epw., 243. 
Alice B., 1872, d. of Wm. W. of Deny, 100. 
Alice E., 1851, d. of Josiali li. of Pittsbnrgli. 295. 
Alice F., 1872, d. of Allred of Cliarlestown. S2. 
Alice M., 1809, d. of Alfred of Baltimore, 289. 
Alice M. (Brown), 1S57. w. of Erie A., 217. 
Allida E , 1808, (1. of Cliarles of X. Bos., 100. 
Almatia, gr. d. of Saiii.\ in. Jos. II. Sinitli, 190. 
Alma. S., d.of Chas.of 1'., in.M.A. Dillingham. 199. 
Almira (Whilehoiise), 1838, w. of Gilinan, 218. 
Almoii, 1808, s. of Jesse*, r. Berlin, 244. 
Alonzo, 181S, s. of Will., r. Shambiirgh, 294. 
Alon/.o, 1831, s. of Erie, r. Wakclield, 2!,s, 
Alonzo G., 1854. s. of Erie, of llooksett, 217. 
Alvan, 1803, s. of John-', r. Iiid. anil Iowa. 2(;6. 
Alvan M., 1842, s. of Alvan", r. Mt. Ayr. 207. 
Alvin, 1831, s. of Wendell, r, Fredonia, 202. 
Alvin B., 1852, .s. of Bushrod W., r. Dyersville, 20G. 
Alvin C, 1852, s. of Josiph, r. Georgetown. 254. 
Alvin E., 1872, s. of Alvin of Fi'edonia, 2(12. 
Amanda, 1801, d. of John', m. Moses Pearson, 205. 
Amanda E., 1840, d. of Wend., m. Geo. Stacy, 204. 
Amelia E. (Herriek), 1839, w. of James A , 147. 
AmeliaP,, 1820, d, of John ■% ni, John DcWilt, 279, 
Amos B., 1824, s. of Jesse", r. Haverhill. 101. 
Annette, 1858, d. of A. C, in. Martin (ianliier. 148. 
Angelina, 1.S07, d. of Paul*, ni. Win. I.nnt, 171. 
Angelina (Marshall), w, of Chas. of Porllaiid, 197. 
Ann, 1708, d. of Jonathan^, in. Win. Brown. 11. 
Ann, 1784, d, of John*, ni. Alfred Metcalf. 128. 
Ann B., 1858, d. of Elliot O. of Baltimore. 290. 
Ann E., 1843. d.of George, in. Harrison Tilton, 71. 
Ann (I-on^fellow), 1715, w. of John of Newb., 13. 
Ann (Merrill), 1719, vv. of Dan.^ of Atkinson, OS. 
Ann M.. 1844, d. of Alvan", in. T>. C. Abarr, 208. 
Ann M. E., d. of Chas. W.', m. Lewis .A.Carter, 123. 
Ann (Porter), 1790, w. of Geo. ofYork Haven. 123. 
Ann (Smirthwaite), w. of Geo. B of (ieorg'n. 184. 
Ann W. (I'hagins), w. of Alex. L.' of Boston. 43. 
Anna, 1747,d.of l)an.''of ( Jere. Ilarriman. 174 
Anna, 1749, d, of John-' of N., in. Hen. Dole, 13, 10. 
Anna, 1708, d. of Jona.* of A., in. Ben. Wilson, 71. 
Anna, 1777, d. of Dav.*of 11., m. Rich. .Sawyer, 1 14. 
Anna, 1780, d.of Dan.* of A., m Jas, Webster, 94. 
Anna (Bridges), 1702, w. of Sam.* of Hoid<.. 205. 
Anna B.,isi3, d.of Job"orF., in. Jas. II. (lakes. 210 
Anna B., 1842, d. of Asa of Thclford, Vt.. 208. 
Aiiiie,'70, d.of Na.*, in. M. Ingalls, T. I'ritchet, 50. 
Anne, 1772, d.of Jona.* of N., in. Ben. Slickney,44. 
Anne, 1789, d. of John of IL, in. Sam. Prime, 192. 
Anne E. (Noyes), 1852. w. of Aden E.. 121. [148. 
Annette, 1858, d. of All). C, m. Martin Gardner, 
Annie A. (Harris), w. of Charles H., 198. 
Annie ('., 185(;, d. of Chas. II., m. C.(\ Glover, 280. 
Annie E. (Grant), w, of Chas, E. of Ipswich, 173. 
Annie E. (Grillln), w. of Charles E. of Grov.. 185. 
Annie I., 1808, d. of Levi of Orangeville, 295. 
Annie J., 1875, d. of Alvin C. of Georgetown, 254. 
Annis (Uall), w. of Silas of War. Co'T, 142 .[143. 
.Annis n., IS09, d of Win. H. of Fos. Crossings, 
Annis M. (Dickey). 1849. w. of Edin. J. of W., 252. 
Aravesta E.. d. of Chas.", in. Edw. E. Stevens. lOG. 
Arolinc E.(Peabodv). 1807, w. of Ben. "of Bos., 107. 
Arria (Mitchell), 1804, w. of Jos. of M., 220. 
Arthur XL, 1830, s. of Ben.", r. Bostou, 107. 



POOR AND POOEE (continued). 

Arvilla A. (Hardy), w. of Frank P. of Hook., 220. 
Asa, 1S18, s. of Sam.** of Hook., r. Thet., Vt., 208. 
Augusta E. (Anderson), w. of Tho. L. of K., 29-t. 
Augusta M. (Wessel),\v. of Wm. J. of Pitts'g, 295. 
Augustus P., 18G3, s. of John T. of Buck., 131. 
Belinda B. (Sweetser), 1820, ^v. of Alf. of G., 227. 
Belinda M., 1801, d. of Alf. of Goff., 22S. 
Benjamin, IfiSG, s. of Henry 2, r. llowley, 155. 
Benjamiu, 1728, s. of Bon.^ r. Haverbil'i, 190. 
Benjamin, 1745, s. of David'', r. New Salem, 139. 
Benjamin, 17G0, s. of Jeremiah'', r. Rowley, 161. 
Benjamiu, 1791, s. of Samuel^, r. Golfstown, 212. 
Benjamin, 1794, s. of Ben.* of R., r. Boston, 167. 
Benjamin, 1840, s. of Charles of Portland, 198. 
Benj., 1877, s. of Jas. H. of Mormontown, 259. 
Benj. H., 1822, s. of Thom. L., r. Bethlehem, 230. 
Benj. K., 1823, s. of James, r. Haverhill, 83. 
Bennie P., 1872, s. of Gilraau of Revere, 219. 
BenningN., 1827, s. of Ira, r. Franklin, 215. 
Bertha (Duley), 1846, w. of Geo. B. of G., 227. 
Bertha E., 1856, d. of Almou of Berlin, 244. 
Bertha F., 1875, d. of Darwin M. of Man'r, 22G. 
Bertha M., 1872, d. of Geo. P. of Westville, 241. 
BertheniaAV., 1870, d. of Levi of Orangeville, 295. 
Bethiah (Ilackett), 1805, w.of Eben. P. of W., 240. 
Bethier (Willey), 1820, w. of Gard. D. of B., 251. 
Betsey, 1707. d.of Jona.^^of N.,m.Wni. Stickney, 37 
Betsey, 1774, d. of David*, nr. Amasa Foster, 177. 
Betsey, 1775, d. of Jona.» of Atk'n, m. J. Noyes, 80 
Betsey, 17SG, d. of Ben.* of Row., m. A. SImte, 102. 
Betsey, 1804, d. of Jona.o, m. D. W. Symouds, 79. 
Betsey A., 1840, d. of J. H., m. John N. Hines, 247. 
Betsey E. (Andruss), 1822, w. of J.'of Som., 117. 
Betsey (Fitch), 1826, w. of Loreno of Lynn, 105. 
Betsey (Kent), 1775, w.of Samuel of Orford, 116. 
Betsey (Noyes), 1773, w. of Jona.'' of Landaff, 78. 
. Betsey (Sawyer), w. of David" of Corinth, 109. 
Betsey (Whitney), 1780, w. of Jos.« of Goff.. 224. 
Bushrod W., 1818, s. of John", r. Dulnique, 200. 
Byron E., 1862, s. of Newton G. of B. Is., 143. 
Callie M., 1880, d. of Chas. H. jr. of Skan., 285. 
Caroline, 1819, d. of Wm., m. Rob. Green. 294. 
Caroline, 1839, d. of John", m. Chas. H. Hill, 193. 
Caroline A. (Hubljard), w. of Hen. H. V., 143. 
Caroline E. (Smith), 182G, w.of Sam. of Hav'l, 193. 
Caroline (Lackery), w. of Albert C. of Kuapp, 148. 
Caroline M. (Chipman), w. of Perry of C, 217. 
Caroline N., d. of Ira, m. By. M. Cunningham, 216. 
Caroline (Freucli), w. of Hen. F. of S. Is., 108. 
Carrie A., 1859, d. of Eliphalet R. of Goff., 226. 
Carrie F. (Iladley), w. of Darwin M. of G., 226. 
Carrie I., 1878, d. of Jas. H. of St. Johnsbury, 250. 
Carrie (Page), vv. of Enoch of Mvrtle, Ks., 231. 
Cassie V., 1871, d. of Erie of Hooksett, 217. 
Catherine, 1773, d. of Natlian, m. Wm. Cook, 52. 
Catherine (Sutton), 1820, w. of Edwin of B., 35. 
Cath. (Dudley), 1824, w. of Chas. W. of N., 123. 
Catli. E. (Williams), w. of Daniel W.' of R., 208. 
Cath. (Gifford), 1840, w. of Wilber F., 148. 
Chandler', 1820, s. of J., r. Dubuque, 206. 
Charles, 1808, s. of Sam.* of P., r. Portland, 197. 
Charles", 1824, s. of Jona. C, r. N. Bo%., 106. 
Charles A., 1820, s. of Jas.«, r. Charlestown, 82. 
Charles A., 1827, s. of Ben.", r. S. Islands, 167. 
Charles A., 1852, s. of Sam. P.' of Beverly, 186. 
Charles A., 1853, s. of Alex. L., r. Boston, 43. 
Charles A., 1873, s. of Alfred of Charlestown, 82. 

Cliarles B., 1845, s. of David M., r. Goffstown, 226. 
Clias. B. K., 1859, s. of Hen. F. of S. Is., 168, 293. 
Chas. D., 1876, s. of Hen. H. V. of Renville, 143. 
Chas. E., 1850, s. of Edward, r. S. Groveland, 185. 
Charles E., 1855, s. of Silas, r. Ipswich, 173. 
Charles E., 1801, s. of Elijah B. of Stockholm, 243. 
Charles E., 1868, s. of Elliot O. of Baltimore, 290. 
Chas. E., 1874, s. of Jas. H. ol Moi-mout'n. 259, 296. 
Charles F., 1850, s. of Erie of Hooksett, 217. 
Charles G., 1800, s. of Levi of Orangeville, 295. 
Charles H., 1808, s. of Moses, r. Washington, 284. 
Charles H., 1842, s. of Charles, r. Portland, 198. 
Cluis. H., 1844, s. of Chas. II., r. Skaneatelcs, 285. 
Charles II., 1848, s. of Benjamin K. of Hav'l, 83. 
Charles II., 1854, s. of George, r. Hav'l, 35, 291. 
Charles L., 1824, s. of John, r. Newburyport, 35. 
Charles L., 1858, s. of Alonzo, r. Concord, 218. 
Chas. L., 186G, s. of Edw. E. of Hackensack, 108. 
Cliarles L., 1873, s. of Chas. U. of Skauealeles, 285. 
Charles M., 1782, s. of John, r. York Haven, 123. 
Charles M., 1852, s. of Geo. A. of California, 128. 
Chas. IVI.,1872, s. of Joseph A. of Manchester, 221. 
Charles O., 1873, s. of Chas. B. of Goffstown, 226. 
Charles O., 1878, s. of John 0. of Franklin, 215. 
Chas. P., 1872, s. of Geo. B. of Georgetown, 184. 
Charles P., 1875, s. of Jos. B. of Topsfield, 254. 
Charles W., 1821, s. of George, r. Newark, 123. 
Charles W., 1859, s. of Charles L., r. Newb't, 35. 
Charlotte', d. of Chas. H., m. J. M. Wright, 285. 
Charlotte A., 1805, d. of Mos., m. J. F. Webb, 284. 
Charlotte D , d. of II., m. O. H Downing, 44, 291. 
Charlotte D., 1864, d. of J. H. of Mormonl'n, 259. 
Charlotte E., 1855, d. of E., m. H. M. Killam, 185. 
Charlotte (Smith), w. of George' of Atkinson, 70. 
Charlotte (White), 1797, w. of Moses* of B., 283. 
Chastina, 1811, d. of Dav.", m. S G. Clement, 109. 
Chaunccy G., 1840, s. of Gard. D., r. Berlin, 252. 
Clara A. (Brickett), 1835, w. of Wm. W., 106. 
Clara A. (Hunt), w. of Richard D. of Georg'n, 187. 
Clara B., 1859, d. of Sullivan K. of Boston, 210. 
Clara C, 1859, d. of Rich. D. of Georgetown, 188. 
Clara E , 1855, d. of Bush. W. of Dubuque, 200. 
Clara E., 1875, d. of Alex. L. jr. of Boston, 43. 
Clara F., 1848, d. of Jos. J., m. C. H. Shedd, 224. 
Clarissa M., 1828, d. of Dav.', ra. A. H. Fonda, 146. 
Clinton E., 1849, s. of Alvan' of Ind., etc., 209. 
Clista A. (Gale), 1850, w. of Alex. L., jr., 43. 
CoraE., 1867, d. of Irad of Goffstown, 209. 
Cora E., 1870, d. of Cornelius L. of Burl., 294. 
Cora M., 1872, d. of Fr. P. of Hooksett, 220. 
Cornelia, 1817, d. of John H., m. B. Mayer, 288. 
Cornelia T. (Longstreet), w. of Chas. H., 285. 
Cornelius L., s. of Alonzo, r. Burlington, 294. 
Cynthia, 1S06, d. of Job*, ra. Julius Phelps, 251. 
Cyrus W., 1846, s. of Eliph. R., r. Goffstown, 226. 
Daniel', 1024, patriarch of And'r tribe, 5, 137. 
Daniel, 1716, s. of Jonathan^, r. Atkinson, 67. 
Daniel, 1723, s. of Benjamin", r. Rowley, 174. 
Daniel, 1743, s. of Daniel'', r. Atkinson, 83. 
Daniel, 1755, s. of Henry", r. Rowley, 158. 
Daniel, 1765, s. of David *, r. Winchendon, 140. 
Daniel, 1770, s. of David*, r. Rowley, 183. 
Daniel, 1793, s. of John*, r. Buck., iPa., 129. 
Daniel, 1803, s. of Daniel" of Winchendon, 140. 
Daniel L., 1851, s. of Sam.' of B., r. Som'lle, 207. 
Daniel S., 1800, s. of Sam M.' of Freetown, 2.59. 
Daniel W., 1818, s. of Thomas L., r. Charl'n, 229. 
Daniel W., 1839, s. of Wendell", r. Defiance, 263. 



Daniel W., ISlC, s. of Alviiii", \: AlMale, 2G8, 
Darius, IHoC, s. of .las. II. of Williaiiistown, 249. 
])ar\viii M., IS43, s. oC David A[.', r. iMaiii-li'r, 2L'(;. 
David, irOH, .s. of llciir.v-', r. Winc-ln'iiilmi, i;!8. 
David, 1740, s. of David', i-. Wiiicliciuloii, l;l'.». 
])avid, 1745, s. of Daidtd', i-. llaniiistead, 104. 
David, 174'J, s. of Daiiitd', v. Ilowluy, 17"). 
David, 1772, ,s. of Joiiatlian *, r. KciisiiiLltoii, 70. 
David, 1773, s. of David'' of II., r. Coriiitli, 109. 
Daviil, 1780, s. of David* of It., r. Cliaii'ii, 185. 
David, 1794, .s. of Uaul-', r. Uowlcy, 172. 
David, 1798, s. of Jol)-'' of licrlin, r. Wor'r, 247. 
David, 1803, .s. of \Vjii.° of U., r. Uouiid Lalio, 145. 
David I!., 1837, s. of David, r. 'Wolcott, Vt., 248. 
David IL, 1852, s. of Silas, r. Ipswicli, 173. 
David II. C, 1832, s. of David, r. Ipswicli, 173. 
David 1,. M., s. of Ini of Ilookset, etc., 215. 
David M., 1820, s. of Gi;oi-sc, r. Gollstowii, 22G. 
David M., 1849, s. of David M., r. GoUstowii, 22G. 
David S., 1817, s. of Isaac of Nc\vl)iii'vport, 56. 
David W., 1877, s.of Jas. A. of liidopciidciicc, 147. 
Dcl)or;di, 179(;, dan. of David, in. Dan. Palincr, 188. 
Dchoi-ah II. (O'Donncll), w. of Dudley, 289. 
Dell E. 1877, d. of (.'liauiicey G. of KeVlin, 252. 
Dolly N., 1797, d. of .lona., m. M. 13. Synioiicls, 78. 
Dora ¥., 1872, d. of Fran. A. of Newl)Ui\vport, 55. 
Dorcas (Ilarrinian), w. of Wni. of Haverhill, 191. 
Diidlcy, 1790, s. of Kliplialet, r. Baltimore, 289 
Ebenezer, 1791, s. of Dani(d, r. Georgetown, 158. 
Elieiiezer, 1880, s. of Sam. T. of Georgetown, 29l!. 
Eben. 15., 1802, s. of Wni., r. N. Y. and Oliio, 143. 
Eben. P., 1805, .s. of Geo.^ of G., r. Westvillc, 240. 
Eben. S., 1820, s. of Eben., r. Georgetown, 158. 
Edgar W., 1848, s. of Alfred, r. Sank Centre, 227. 
Edith F. ( I'arker), w. of Edw. of Charlestown, 82. 
Eclni. .1., 1849, s. of G. D., r. Williamstown, 252. 
Edna (I'Uimmor), w. of Daniel'' of liowley, 174. 
Edward, 1802, s. of Daniel <^, r. Kowlcy, 1S4. 
Edward, 1857, s. of Charles A., r. Cliarleston, 82. 
Edwaril C, 1850, s. of Benjamin II., r. liatli, 230. 
Edward E., 1837, s. of Ben.", r. Ilacken.saek, 1(;8. 
Edwin, s. of Alanson, r. Hastings, Minn.. 141. 
Edwin, 1824, s. of Sanniel, r. Newbury, 35. 
Edwin, 1847, s.. of Edwin, r. Bradford. 35. 
Ellie L., 18(;4, d. of James W. of Charleston, 187. 
Elenora, 1870, d. of Lewis II.' of 51., 2(13. 
Ellas L., 18G4. s. of J. T. of Upper JIake, 131. 

Elijah, 1805, s. of .Jesse, r. Berlin, etc., 243 

Elijah 15., 1827, s. of Elijah, r. E|>worth, 243. 
Eliphalet, 1747, s.of Sam., r. llampslead. etc., 280. 
Eliphalet 11., s. of George, r. Gollslown, 225. 
Eli/.a, 1832, d of George, m. James II. Noyes, 70. 
Eliza, d. of John of Mrdora, m. Win. Butler, 2(10. 
Eliza A., 1832, d. of John, m. \V. \V. Wells, 193. 
Eliza A., 1833, d. of J. C, in. J. II. Keyser, lOl). 
Eliza (C()ll)v), 1800, w. of John" of IlaVl, 192. 
Eliza F. (Upton), 2iid. w. of Elipli. K. of (!., 225. 
Eliza H., 1828, il. of Wend., m. N. II. DeWitt, 2lil. 
Eliza U., 1832, d. of Ebeu. IV. m. I. II. Ensign, 144. 
Eliza J., 185(;, d. of George 1' , in. ,1. lluieliins, 241. 
Eliza T , 18ir>, d. of Daniel, m. G. F. Smilli, 129. 
Elizabelli. d. of .lolin ', perhaps >ii. a Jackson. 7. 
lOlizabeth, 1()74, d. of .lolin'-, m Josejih Morse, 9. 
Elizabeth, d. of Henry", in. Edm. Jackson, 137. 
Eliz , d. of Ben '■', perhaps in. Peter Osgooil, 158. 
Eliz., d. of Ben.'' of Hav'l, perhaps m. a llead, 190. 
Elizabeth, 17(18, d. of Daniel ', in. A. Eaton, 84. 
Elizabeth, 1782, d. of Jere.'', m. A. Bearson, 100. 
Elizabeth, 178U, d. of John, ni. U. CJase, 191. 

Elizabeth, d. of John of Medora, iii. 200. 

Elizabeth, d. of Corn. L. of Burlington, Iowa, 294. 
Elizabeth A., d. of Charles E., m. (i. N. Frost, 35. 
Elizabeth .A., d. of Samuel T. of Georgetown, 254. 
Elizabelh A. (Siiiller), w. id' Isaac". 55. 
Elizabeth ( liianclianl), w. of Win. of Unllaiid. 1 10. 
Elizabelh (;., d. of David, in. Wm. \. Jones, llii. 
Elizabeth C, d. of Daniel W.' of Dellanee, 2113. 
Eliz. E. (Uobinson), w. of Alvin of Freedonia, 202. 
Elizabeth (Eustace), w. of Jona ol Newb., 48. 
Elizabeth F., d. of Lewis II. ' of M., 2113. 
Elizai)etli (Felt), w. of Benjamin •' of liowley, 15G. 
Elizabelh II., d. of Jesse, m. B. E. Emery, liil. 
Elizabeth 11. (lleiulerson), w. of Alonzo, 294. 
Eliz. J., d. of Jlcjses, in. Arthur W. Fletcher, 287. 
Elizabelh J , d. of John, m. George O. Noyes. 55. 
Elizabelli J. (Wliecler), w. of F'rederick J., 280. 
Elizabeth (Karg), 1784, w. of Charles M., 124. 
Elizabeth L., d. of Chas. II., in. T. F. Jewell. 280. 
Eliz. (Little), w. of Eliph.-' of llaiiip.. etc., 281. 
Eliz. (Lombard), w. of Charles of I'orlland, 197. 
Eliz. M., d. of Albert C, in. Win. McCray, 148. 
Elizabeth M. (Swasey), w. of Jose|ili of 11., 117. 
Elizabelli (.Mclnlire), w. (d' Joliii'^ of Berlin, 200. 
Elizabeth R., d. of James A. of Independence, 147. 
Elizabeth (Sawyer^, w. of Jona.'of .Atkinson, 09. 
Elizabeth (Searle), w. of SamuePof Rowley, 200. 
Elizabeth V. (Gatchell), w. of Jas. H. of St. j., 249. 
Elizabeth (Weddell). w. of Wendell", 2.58. 
Elizabeth (Willett), w. of Jere.^ of Rowley, 100. 
Ella A., 1801, d. of Irad of Goffslown, 209." 
Ella (House), w. of Chaunecv G. of Berlin, 252. 
Ellenor G., d. of Wendell', lii. S. Williams, 204. 
Ellen E. (Goodwill), 2nd w. of F'raiiklin N., 234. 
Ellen F. , d. of Moses, m. M. Woodlmll. 288. 
Ellen ((iibbs), w of James C. of Charl'ii, 180. 
Ellen M., d. of Edw\, m. Thomas P. Milton, 185. 
Ellen M., d. of Jona., iii. J. M. Viiial, 49. 
Ellen AL, d. of Almoii, m. .loslina Bailey, 244. 
Ellen M. (llaniia), w. of Wesley C, 147. 
lOllen (Nash), w. of Wm. B., 294. 
Ellen R., d. of B K., m. R. P. Clement, S3. ['248. 
Ellen (Riehardson), w. of Geo. H. of Wor , Vl., 
Elliot ()., s. of Dudley, r. Baltimore, 290. 
Ellsworth IL, s. of Eiie of Ilooksett. 217. 
Elmer B., 1804, s. of Daniel W.' of Del'., 203. 
Elmer F., 1801, s. of Jeremiah of S.. 117. 
Elmer R , 1879, s. of John M.' of Ml. Ayr, 2C7. 
Elvira J., d. of Eliphalet U of tJotlVtown, 220. 
Einelino, 1824, d. of Ben., m. Rob. C. Dow, 213. 
Emeline C, d. of Jas. H., m. J. Bowiliteh. 250. 
Einilv, 1802, d. of Samuel, in. John Paseall. 196. 
Emily C, 1873, d. of Edward E. of Hack., 108. 
Eniilv (Chapiii), w. of Martin M., 148. 
Emily M. (Weeks), w. of Edward C;., 230. 
Eiiiina C , 1853. d. of I'erry of C 217. 
Emma I., 1801, d. of Amos B. of Haverhill, 101. 
Emma I. (Tavlor), w. of Geo F. of Beatlie, 231. 
Einiiia J., 18.52, d. of Irad. m. A. F. Hichards, 208. 
Eiiinia .). ((.'orser), w. of John C, 212. 
Emilia J. (Paine), w. of A. C. of Georgetown, 254. 
Enoch W., 1840, s. of Thomas L., r.'Myrtle. 231. 
Epliraiin, 1808, s. of Samuel .M.of Freetown. 200. 
Erie, 1800, s. of Samuel'', r. Ilooksett, 210. 
Erie, 1820, s. of Erie", r. Ilooksett. 210. 
Erie A., 1852, s. of Erie', r. P., 217. 
Erie E.. 1801. s. of Edw. E. of Ilai-kensaek. 108. 
Esther J., 1800. d. of Julius L. of Wor'r, 248. 
Eugene W., 1808, s. of John M.' of Mt. Ayr, 267. 



POOE AND POORE {continued). 

Eunice (Long), w. of Samuel of Newburj-, 34. 
Eunice M. (Uoberts), w. of Beiiniiig N., 215. 
Euplirates, d. of Lewis H.' of M., 2G3. 
Everett H., 1S72, s. of Aden E. of Atldnson, 121. 
Ezoa, d. of Jesse ^, ra. Theodore Strong, 242. 
Faitli H., 1878, d. of Enocli W. of Myrtle, 232. 
l\innie D. (Swan), w. of Clias. H., r. Hav'l, 35, 291. 
Fanny, 17i)3, d. of Steplien", m. B. Thraslier, 6G. 
Fanny A., d. of John, m. James Hopkins, 246. 
Fanny (Davenpoi't), 1800, w. of John, 245. 
Fanny M., d. of Irad, m. Herbert J. IMarsIi, 208. 
Fanny W. (Geo]-!;e), w. of Irad of G., 208. 
Flora, 1869, d. of Charles H. of Portland, 198. 
Flora M., 1858, d. of Irad of Goffstown, 208. 
Florence M., 1877, d. of Alvin C. of Georae'n, 254. 
Florence V., 1850, d. of J. L., m. J. C. Cave, 247. 
Frances A., d. of Charles W., m. J. Walmsly, 123. 
Frances A. (Badaer), w. of Charles A., 1C7. 
Frances I., d. of Chas. M., m. H. S. McFadden, 12G. 
Frances V , d. of Alfred of Baltimore, 289. 
Francis, s. of Samuel M. of Freetown, 2G0. 
Francis A., s. of Nathan, r. Newburvport, 55. 
Francis X., s. of Eben. B., r. W. Co'., O., 144. 
Frank B., s. of Edward E. of Hackcnsack, 168. 
Frank G., s. of Gilman of Revere, 219. 
Frank H., s. of Win. H. of Goifstown, 224. 
Frank H., s. of George P. of Westville, 241. 
l^rank H., s. of Joseph of Kensington, 80. 
Frank I., 1864, s. of Irad of Goffstown, 209. 
Frank P., 1840, s. of Erie«, r. Hooksett, 230. 
Frank S., s. of Lorenzo, r. Lynn, 105. 
Frank W., 1855. s. of Amos B. of Haverliill, 101. 
Frank W., s. of Enoch W. of Myrtle, 232. 
Franklin N., s. of Noyes, r. Somerville, 233. 
F-red A., 1858, s. of Arthur H. of Boston, 168. 
Fred C, 18C9, s. of Enoch W. of Myrtle, 232. 
Fred. E., 1875, s. of George P. of Westville, 241. 
Fred H., 1807, s of DarwTn M. of G,, 226. 
Fred L., 1SC8, s. of Cornelius L. of B., 294. 
Fred W., 1874, s. of Wm. W. of Derry, 106. 
Frederick J., s. of Moses, v. Port Gibson, 286.. 
Frederick W., s. of F. J., r. Washington, 286. 
Frederick W., 1874, s. of Ben. of Clieb. Is., 198. 
Freddie L., 1878, s. of Edmund J. of Will , 252. 
Gai-dner D., 1813, s. of Job"", r. Berlin, 251. 
Gardner 1)., 1872, s. of Edmund J. of Will., 252. 
George, 1761, s. of Jos.-*, r. Goffstown, 221. 
George, 1780, s. of John, r. York Haven, 122. 
George, 1789, s. of George, r. Goffstown, 225. 
George, 1799, s. of Joslina, r. Atkinson, 70. 
George, 1825, s. of Samuel, r. Haverhill, 35. 
George, 1827, s. of John C. of Derry, 105. 
George, 1802, s. of Geo. H. of Wor., Vt., 248. 
George A . 1825, s. of Charles M., r. Cal., 127. 
Geo. B., I83I, s. of Edward, r. Georgetown, 184. 
George K., 1844, s. of Alfred, r. Goffstown, 227. 
Geo. E., 1844, s. of Nathan, r. Newbnryport, 55. 
George E., 1864, s. of Levi of 0., 295 
Geo. E., 1869, s. of George B. of Georgetown, 184. 
Geo. E., 1874, s. of John II. of Wolcott, 246. 
Geo. F , 1849, s. of Thorn. W , r. Beattie, 231, 296. 
George F., 1854, s. of George J., r. Rowley, 174. 
George F., 1868, s. of Erie of Hooksett, 217. 
George F., 1870, s. of George E of N., 55. 
George G., 1868, s. of Daniel W.' of Defiance, 264. 
Geo. II., 1832, s. of David, r. Worcester, Vt., 248. 
George J., 1801, s. of Paul, r. Rowley, 174. 

George M., 1838, s. of Ira's w., r. Heu'r, 216. 
George 0., 1868, s. of George of Haverhill, 35. 
George P., 1832, s. of Eben. P., r. Westville, 241. 
Geo. S., 1851, s. of Daniel W. of Charlestowu, 229. 
George W., 1827, s. of George, r. Atkinson, 70. 
George W., 1874, s. of Frank S. of Lynn, 105. 
Gcorgiana A., d. of Charles, m. E. S. Wilson, 197. 
Georgi. (Hubbard), w. orD. L. of Somerville, 207. 
Gertrude May, 1869, d. of Darwin M. of Man., 226. 
Gertrude (Waiuwright), w. of Benuing N., 215. 
Gilman, 1833, s. of Erie, r. Revere, 218. 
Grace E., 1872, d. of Cyrus W. of Goffstown, 220^ 
Hannah, 1649, d. of John', m. E. Ilsley, 7. 
Hannah, 1677, d. of John'^, m. P. Godfrey, 10. 
Hannah, 1692, d. of Henry ^ m. Sam. Noyes, 137. 
Hannah, 1098, d. of Joseph =, m. Tliomas Lull, 8. 
Hannah, 1751, d. of Henry", ra. M. Moody, 158. 
Hannah, 1766, d. of David ^, m. J. Haywood, 150. 
Hannah, j772, d. of Stephen^, m. J. Prince, 57. 
Hannah, 1818, d. of John'', m. S- Plum'r, 34. 
Hannah, 1825, d. of AVendell, m. J. DeWitt, 260. 
Hannah A., 1804, d. of JohuS ra. J. Prosser, 269. 
Hannah (Bennett), w. of Robert A ,131. 
Hannah (Chute), 1780, w. of John^ 254. [191. 
Hannah C, d. of Wm., m. II. F. McCarty, etc., 
Hannah (Dole), w. of Steplien^ of Newbury, 57. 
Hannah D., d. of John=, m. S. II. Opdyke, 131. 
Hannah K., d. of Wm., ra. J. S. Gwinn, 171. 
Hannah E., d. of Martin, m. G. II. Prescott, 148. 
Hannah E. (Russell), w. of Levi of 0., 295. 
Hannah E., d. of Alvin of Frecdonia, 262. 
Hannah (Goodrich), w. of Daniel ■• of Row., 158. 
Hannah (Greenough), w. of Samuel of N., 35. 
Hannah (Hoskins), w. of Isaac of N., 56. 
H \nnah (Knight), w. of John of N., 34. 
Hannah (Jlerrill), w. of Joshua of Atkinson, 70. 
Hannah P. (Sargent), w. of Tho. L. of Gotl'n, 228. 
Hannah R.,d. of Tho. L., m.T. M. Morse, etc., 231. 
Hannah W., d. of James 11., m. J. F. Slratton, 249. 
Hannah (Wood), 1774, w. of Jos. of Georae'n, 252. 
Harlan B., IS52, s. of Ira N. of Haverhill, 102. 
Harriet, 1813. d. of Jona., ra. Thomas Iluse, 48. 
Harriet, d. of Jolm^ m. W. H Houghton, 277. 
Harriet, 1817, d. of Job, ra. A. C. Cushnutn, 211. 
Harriot, 1845, d. of Samuel M., m. Wm. Zike, 259. 
Harriet A., d. of David, ra. Nathaniel Gerrisli, 172. 
Harriet E., d. of Silas, m. J. Stevens, 142. 
Harriet E., d. of Dan. W., m. G. H. Carleton. 229. 
Harriet L., 1839, d. of Eben. B. of Ohio, 145. 
Harriet L., d. of Moses, m. A. T. Melvin, 223. 
Harriet L. (.Sproat), w. of Arthur H., 167. 
Harriet (McCain), w. of Jas. H. of Morni., 259. 
Harriet N., d. of Elijah, m. L. McEwen, 243. 
Harriet W., d. of John, m. J. D. Foot, IfiS. 
Harris J., s. of Jesse of Goff., r. Manch'r, 214. 
Harry C, 1809, s. of Albiou L., of Haverhill, 185. 
Harvey L., s. of Josiah B. of Pittsburgh, 295. 
Hattie'B., d. of Frank P. of Hooksett, 220. 
Hattie E. (Stark), w. of Prank P. of 11., 220. 
Hattie M., d. of Joliu C. of Stcw'town, 212. 
Helen, 1879, d. of Joseph B. of Topsfield, 254. 
Helen F., 1870, d. of Edward E. of Hack'k, 168. 
Helen L., 1871, d. of Jas. A. of Independence, 147. 
Helen W., 1801, d. of Wm. W. of Derry, 100. 
Ilenilctta (Rutheford), w of Silas, 173. 
Henry, 1050, s. of Jolm', r. Rowlev, 135. 
Henry, 16S1, s. of Henry '•=, r. Rowley, 138. 
Henry, 1732, s. of Benjamin^, r. Rowley, 157. 
Henry, 1769, s. of Jonathan *, r. Boston, 41. 



Ilcury A., ISf,r>, s. of Ira N. of TIavciliill, 102. 
Jh'in-y 1)., 185L', s. of 101lii)t (). ol' Italliiiioif, i;;)0. 
Iliury v.. s. of IJi'lijaiiiiii ", i-. IIdihiIiiIii, K'.s. 2i»;{. 
lli'iu'y F. K., s. of liciiry F. of lloiioliihi, L".)3. 
Henry II., s. of Ik-iijaiiiiu II. of liLtlileluin, L';!0. 
Henry U.V., s. of Silas, r. Ui nvillc Co., Minn., 113. 
Henry M., s. of Danic 1 W.' of Dellanco, 2U3. 
Henry 1'., ISj.S, s. of I'rescolt of G , 184. 
Henry 'P., .s. of Alfred of ISalliniore, 289. 
Henry W., s. of Cliarles A. of UoiioUiln, KIT. 
Ilepziliali, 0. of Sanintl'',*in. IJenJuuiin I.iltle, 200. 
Herbert F., s. of Elililialet K. of (JoUVlown, 22(;. 
Iligland II., s. of Wendrll of Fri'eLown, 2.">!). 
Horace F., .s. of Edward F. of Ilacken.sack, IfiS. 
Ho.sea, 1800, s. of Daniel" of Wineliendon, HO. 
Howard II., s. of Albert C. of Knapp, U8. 
Ida, 1873, d. of Sanuiel T. of Heor:;etc>wn, 254. 
Ida F., 18(;2, d. of Enoch W. of MyrtU', 232. 
Ida h., 18i;3, d. of Alfred of I'.altimore, 2S1). 
Ida L., 18(;4, d. of Newton (J. of I'.ird Island, 143. 
Imogene, 18.">7, d. of Charles of Tortland, 11)9. 
Ira, 1798, s. of Samnel'', r. IlooUsett, etc., 215. 
Ira, 1811, s. of Daniil of Wineliendon, 140. 
Ira II. A., 1875, .s of Erie of Ilooksett, 217. 
IraN., 1S27, s. of Jesse, r. Haverhill, 101. 
Irad, 1822, s. of SannicI, r. Golfstown, 208. 
Irvin, 184c;, s. of Jesse, r. I'ierinont, 117. 
Irvin A., 18G0, s. of Alonzo, r. Concord, 218. 
Isaac, 1783, s. of Nathan °, r. Newburyport, 55. 
Isaac, 1825, s. of Isaac'', r. Newburyport, 5(). 
Isaac, 1852, s. of Isaac', r. Ncwbuiyport, 5(i. 
Isabella, (I. of Alvan^ m. Absalom baird, 2G7. 
Isabella (i. (Silloway), w. of Francis .'\., 55. 
Jacob C, s. of Jas. II. of Mormontown, 259, 29G. 
James, 178(i, s. of Jonathan", r. Atkinson, 82. 
James A., 183C, s. of David, r. Independence, 147. 
James B., 1858, s. of Erie of Hooksett, 217. 
James C, 1812, s. of David, r. Charleston, 18(5. 
James E., ISG3, s. of Wilber F. of W. Troy, 148. 
James E., s. of James II. of St. Jolinsbnry, 250. 
James H., 1802, s. of Job% r. Willianistown, 248. 
James II., 1841, s. of Jas. II., r. St. JohnsI)., 249. 
James II., 1843, s. of S. M., r. Mormontown, 259. 
James H., 18G2, s. of Edw. 15. of Ilackeusack, 1G8. 
James K., 1874, s. of Daniel W.'of Defiance, 2G4. 
James \V., 1841, s. of Jas. C, r. Charlestown, 187. 
James W., 1873, s. of Wendell of Freetown, 259. 
Jane, 1777, d. of David ^ of W., m. Ben. Berry, 140. 
Jane, 1825, d. of Samuel", in. J. I). Pike. 209. 
Jane A. (Aldrich), w. of Ben.iamiii IL. 230. 
Jane (Cross), w. of Albert P. of Aslitu. (Jo., 294. 
Jane E. (Taylor), w. of John II. of B., 288. 
Jane II., 1855, d. of Charles W. of Newark, 123. 
Jane (Hall), vv. of Jesse" of (Joll'stown, 214. 
Jaue L., d. of Wm., m. Henry Gillen, 295. 
Jane (Martin), w. of David ^ of W., 140. 
Jane (Misner), w. of Nelson G. of W., 145. 
Jane (Neely), w. of Jolm^ of Pa., 121. 
Jane N., d. of Chas. M., m. J. W. Garrctson, 125. 
Jane W., d. of George *, in. Isaac Parker, 238. 
Jane (Wells), w. of Samuel" of Golfstown, 207. 
Jane W., d. of Asa, m. Henry A. Sloan, 208. 
Jeunette (Osgood), w. of George of Ilav'l, 35. 
Jennie .1., 1872, d. of Jas. II. of Mormontown, 259. 
Jeri'iniali, 1719, s. of Benjninin^, r. Howlcy, 159. 
Jeremiah, 1747, s. of Daniel'', r. Atkinson, 115. 
Jeremiah, 1757, s. of Jeremiah^, r. Uowley, IGO. 
Jeremiah, 1785, s. of Jeremiah', r. Atkinson, 120. 
Jeremiah, 1813, s. of Samuel, r. Som'k, 117. 

Jeremiah T., 1813, .s. of Jcrciniali °, r. Atk'n, 120. 
Jesse, 17(!5, s. of Joseph *, r. Berlin, 241. 
Jesse, 1782, s. of Daniel^, r. H.iverhill, 97. 
Jesse, 1791), s. of .SanineP, r. (Jolfstown, 214. 
Jesse, 1799, s. of Jesse of Berlin, 212. 
Jesse, 1803, s. of .Sanuiel, r Piermont, 117. 
Jesse A., 1848, s. of Alnion, r Willianistown, 244. 
Jewett B., s. of Eben. B., r. I'ortage Co., 145. 
Joanna (Carr), w. of Jeremiah'' of Kowiey, 159. 
Joanna P. (Walker), w. of li. W. of Dnbuque, 200. 
Joan M., d. of John' of Medora, 2(;0. 
Job, 1707, s. of Joseph'', r. Berlin, 245. 
Job, 1789, s. of SanuieP, r. Franconia, 210. 
John ', 1GI5, the patriarch, r. Newbury, 5-8. 
John, 1G42, s. of John ', r. Newbury, 9. 
John, 1711, s. of Jonathan', r. Newbury, 12. 
John, 1719, s. of Benjamin ', r. IIav<'rlii"ll, 190. 
John, 1752, s. of Daniel^, r. Pennsylvania, 121. 
John, 1771), s. of David '', r. Ilampstead, 105. 
John, 1775, s. of Joseph^, r. in Western .States, 254. 
John, 1785, s. of .Samuel* of (Jotl'., r. Berlin, 20G. 
Jolin, 1793, a. of John' of II., r. Haverhill, 192. 
John, 1791, s. of Sanuiel " of N:, r. Newbury, 34. 
John, 179i;, s. of Job ^, r. Willianistown, 245. 
John, 1801, s. of Jonathan " of J.and'f, r. I,., 79. 
John. 1812, s. of Isaac", r. Newburyport, .55. 
John. 1825, s. of Wendell", r. Medora, 2C0. 
John A., 1839, s. of Edward of Georgetown, 185. 
John Asa, s. of .lohn II. of Wolcott, 24G. 
John B., s. of Itobert A. of Hiegelsville, 131. 
John C, s. of John", r. Derry. 105. 
John C, s. of Job", r. Stewardstown. 212. 
John C, 1844, s. of Fred. J., r. Washington, 280. 
John C, I8G2, s. of Bnslirod W. of Dubuque, 200. 
John C, s. of Weslev C. of White Creek, 147. 
John H., s. of Eliplialet', r. ISaltiuKue, 288. 
John H., s. of Nathaniel P. of Ciueiiinati, 283. 
John H., s. of John " of W., r. Wolcott, 240. 
John K., s. of Alvin', of Freedonia, 2G2. 
John L., s. of Alfred of Newbury, 3G. 
Jolin M., s. of Luther", r. Wineliendon, 1.50. 
John M., s. of Ben " of Goilslown, r. Hav'l, 213. 
John M., s. of .\lvin", r. Mt. Ayr., 2G7. 
John O., s. of Beiuiing N., r. Franklin, 215. 
John 11., 1829, s. of Ira", r. California, 215. [290. 
John K., 1879, s. of Jas. H. of Mormontown, 259, 
John S., s. of Sam.' of B., r. Somerville, 207. 
John T., .s. of Dan.", r. Upper Makelield, 131. 
Jonathan, 1G78, s. of John", r. Newbury, 10. 
Jonathan, 1737, s. of John*, r. Newbury, 13. 
Jonathan, 1742, s. of Daniel*, r. Atkinson, 09. 
Jonallian,i^l770, s. of Jona.° of A., r. Landall', 78. 
Jonathan, 1778, s. of Jona.* of N., r. Newbury, 48. 
Jonathan C, s. of John of II., r. Caiidia, etc., 100. 
Joseph, 10.53, s. of the patriarch, r. Newbury, 7. 
Joseph, 1737, s. of SaiiiueP, r. liowley, 202. 
Joseph, 1770, s. of Joseph'', r. Rowley, 2.52. 
Joseph, 1787, s. of George ', r. Goffstown, 224. 
Joseph, 1798, s. of Joseph*, r. Georgetown, 2.53. 
Joseph, 1799, s. of Daniel" of Winchcndon, 140. 
Joseph, 1805, s. of Samuel "•, r. Manchester, 220. 
Joseph, 1814, s. of David, r. Kensington, 80. 
- Joseph, 1840, s. of Jesse, r. Haverhill. N. H., 117. 
Joseph -•Vug., 1840, s. of Jos.", r. Manchester, 221. 
Jose]ili 1!., 1850, s. of Joseph, r. Topslield. 2."4. 
Joseph II., 1859, s. of Alex. E. of Boston, 43. 
Joseph J., 1820, s. of Jos." of G.. r. GoO'stown. 224. 
Joseph L., 1874, s. of Jos. A. of Manchester, 221. 
Joshua, 1705, s. of Joua.', r. Atkinson, 70, 292. 



POOR AND POORE {continued). 

Joshua, 1707, s. of Wm., r. N. Vineland, 141. 
Josie A. (Greer), 2n& w. of Geo. B. of Gofl"., 227. 
Judith, 1681, d. of Johu -, m. Henry West, 10. 
Judith, 1708, d. of Joseph', ra. R. Stuart, 8. 
Judith, 1718, d. of Jonathan 3, m. Wm. Moody, 12. 
Judith, 1778, d. of Jonathan^, m. J. Parker, 81. 
Julia, 1799, d. of Daniel", ni. Ira Hopldnson, 183. 
Julia A. (Wetherwax), w. of Rev. David, 146. 
Julia A. (DeWitt), w. of Alvan«, of Ind., 266. 
Julia A., d. of Samuel « of G., m. A. Russell, 208. 
Julia A. (Winningar) , w. of Sam. M. of Free'u, 258. 
Julia A. (Morgan), w. of Alonzo of W., 218. 
Julia A. (Hill), w. of Frank S. of L., 105. [296. 
Julia I., d. of Sam. of H., m. C. S. Kendrick, 193, 
Juliette C. (Johnson), w. of Cy. W. of Goff'n, 226. 
Julius L., s. of David, r. Worcester, Vt., 2-17. 
Kate E., d. of Arthur'H., m. F. Jacobsou, 167, 293. 
Kate F., 1857, d. of Charles W. of Newark, 123. 
Katherine (Knight), w. of Nathan °, of Newli't, 49. 
Kezia A. (Matliews), w. of George P. of W., 241. 
Laura J., d. of Pomeroy, m. Lucian Curtis, 294. 
Laura M. B. (Warner), w. of Wesley C, 147. 
Lawrence D., s. of Cliarles E. of S. Grove'd, 185. 
Lena, 1878, d. of Samuel T. of Georgetown, 254. 
Levi, 1827, s. of Wm., r. Orangeville, 0., 295. 
Levi B , 1853, s. of Almon of Berlin, 244. 
Lewis H., s. of Wendell", r. Marshalltown, 263. 
Lillian B., d. of Wm. W. of Derry, 106. 
LiUie, 1870, d. of Daniel W.' of Redding, 269. 
Lillie J., s. of Alfred of Baltimore, 289. 
Lizzie E., d. of Lorenzo of Lynn, 105. 
Lizzie R. (Trask), w. of Harris J. of M., 214. 
Lora A., d. of David, m. Geo. W. Haseltine, 248- 
Lorane O. (Rogers), w. of Eben. of G., 158. 
LorendaL. (Webster), w. of Wm. H. of Goff., 224. 
Lorenzo, s. of John C., r. Lynn, 105. 
Lorinda (Plartman), w. of Jewett B., 145. 
Lottie B., d. of Albian L. of Haverhill, 185. 
Louie M. B., d. of Willard A. of Dubuque, 206. 
Louis G., s. of Newton G. of Bird Island, 14b. 
Louisa (Betts), w. of Martin of Dakota Co., 148. 
Louisa (Coftee), w. of Elijah B. of Epworth, 243. 
Louisa (Copp), w. of Johu of Landaff, 79, 201. 
Louisa E. (Webster), w. of Ira N. of Hav'l, 101. 
Louisa H., d. of Sam. of G, ni. H. B. Gould, 210. 
Louisa J., d. of David H. C, m. And. Bennett, 174. 
Louisa J. (George), w. of Charles of N. Bos., 106. 
Louise (Rice), w. of Wm. H. of Troy, 147. 
Lovinia, d. of Paul, m. J. L. Hubbard, 171. 
Lowelor S. (Adams), w. of Samuel TL, 253. 
Lucinda (Landford), w. of Geo. E. of N., 55. 
Lucinda (Reed), w. of Jos." of Georgetown, 253. 
Lucinda (Ross), w. of Eben. B. of Oliio, 144. 
Lucy, d. of Jere.* of A., m. Moses Dole, 118. 
Lucy, d. of David » of W., m. an Ellis, 140. 
Lucy, d. of Erie, m. Moses N. Colby, 219. 
Lucy B. (Hawes), w. of David B. of W. Vt., 248. 
Lucv E., d. of Silas, m. Ichabod H. Murray, 143. 
Lucy E., d. of Jere. T., m. J. M. Nesraith, 121. 
Lucy E. (Mansfield), w. of Ben. of C. Is., 198. 
Lucy (Pecker), w. of Jeremiah T. of A., 120. 
Lucy (Thomes), w. of Samuel ° of Portland, 194. 
Lucv W. (Martin), w. of Joseph J. of Gofl:'., 224. 
Lueila, d. of Jewett B. of Ohio, 145. 
Luke, s. of Ben." of GofFstown, r. Haverhill, 214. 
Lulu, d. of Wm. 11. of Troy, 147. 
Lunettie L., d. of Elijah B. of Parishville, 243. 

Lura J., d. of Wm. H. of Homer, 145. 
Luther, s. of David ^, r. Wiuchendon, etc., 149. 
Lydia, 1656, d. of John', m. Penuel Titcomb, 8. 
Lydia, 1704, d. of Josepli ^ m. S. Wallingford, 8. 
Lydia, 1788, d. of Daniel °, m. M. Webster, 102. 
Lydia, 1797, d. of George ^ m. D. L. Jlorril, 234. 
Lydia (Smith), w. of Luther of W., 149. 
Lydia A., d. of Erie , ni. H. I. Caswell, 220. 
Lydia E. (Kimball), w. of Asa of T., 208. 
Lydia E., d. of Alfred, m. Wm. S. Tucker, 227. 
Lydia J. (Howe), w. of Amos B. of Haverhill, 101. 
Lyman L , 1859, s. of Silas of Ipswich, 173. 
Mabel A., 1866, d. of Julius L. of W., 248. 
Mahlou W., s. ol Daniel W.' of Defiance, 263. 
Margaret, d. of Erie, m. Alonzo M. Caswell, 218. 
Margaret, d. of Wendell of Freetown, 259. 
Margaret A., d. of Alvin of Freedonia, 262. 
Margaret A. (Hanna), w. of Wesley C, 147. 
Margaret (Bailev.) w. of Jos."" of Rowley, 204. 
Margaret I., d. of Geo. A. of California,"l28. 
Margaret M., d. of Samuel M. of Freetown, 259. 
Margaret M. (Pachett), w. of Geo. A. of V., 127. 
Margaret (Silvernail), w. of Eric of H., 217. 
JIaria A., d. of Edward, m. W. H. Pearson, 184. 
Maria (Bacon), w. of Edward of G., 184. 
Maria J., d. of Jo.s. J,, m. Alonzo G. Poore, 224. 
Maria (Merrick), w. of Daniel of Buck., 129. 
Maria S., 1823, d. of Job", m. Edwiu Gaskill, 212. 
Marietta, d. of Silas of L, m. E. P. Grant, 173. 
Marietta L., d. of Samuel P., m. Wm. F. Lord, 186. 
Marietta (Wood), w. of Geo. M. of Hen., 216. 
Marion N. (Smith), w. of Alfred of B., 289. 
Marion S., d. of Alfred, m. John Armstead, 289. 
Mark, s. of Ben." of GoS"n, r. West Va., 214. 
Martha, w. of John» of Haverhill, 190. 
Martha, d. of Samuel M.', m. Jos. N. "White, 259. 
Martha A., d. of George A., of California, 128. 
Martha E. (Scott), w. of Willard A. of D., 206. 
Martha E., d. of Ira N. of Haverhill, 102. 
Martha E., d. of John H. of Wolcott, 246. 
Martha J. (Rood), w. of John' of Medora, 260, 297. 
Martha J., d. of Lewis H., m. Ab. GoUiday, 263. 
Martha (Loring), w. of Henrv" of Boston, 41. 
Martha (McCurdy), w. of Ben." of Goft-n, 212. 
Martha M., d. of Daniel", m. B. M. Pursell, 130. 
Martha P., d. of Robert A. of Ricg'ville, 131. 
Martha R., d. of Wendell", m. Levi Giftbrd, 263. 
Martha R. (Leiferts), w. of JohuT., 131. 
Martin, s. of Wra., r. Dakota Co., Minn., 148. 
Martin M., s. of Albert C. of Knapp, 148. 
Mary, 1654, d. of John' m. John Clark, 8. 
Mary, 1669, d. of John', m. Samuel West, 9. 
Mary, 1687, d. of Henry-, m. A. Thurley, 137. 
Mary, 1G92, d. of Jos.'-", m. Jona. IMoores, 8. 
Mary, 1706, d. of Jona.^, m. Benj. Pierce, 11. 
Mary, 1737, d. of Ben.^, perhaps m. a Swett, 159. 
Mary, 1742, d. of Jere.^, m. Jona. Wheeler, 159. 
Mary, 1764, d. of Henry", ra. Dudley Lull, 158. 
Mary, 1779, d. of Eliph.", m. John Harris, 282. 
Mary, 1801, d. of Daniel" of Win'don, 140. [185. 
Mary, 1812, d. of Daniel" of G , m. Jona. Foster, 
Mary, 1828, d. of Geo. of A., m. John G. Kendall. 
Mary, d. of Lewis H.', of Marshalltown, 263. [70. 
Mary A., d. of Henry", m. C. H. Harrington, 43. 
Mary A., d. of Ben.S of Row., ra. S. J. Dole, 169. 
Mary A., d. of Moses", ra. Chas. Stinson, 222. 
Mary A., d. of Dudley'*, m. H. Grooscors, 290. 
Mary A., d. of Alex L. of Boston, 43. 
Mary A., d. of Newton G. of B. Islaud, 143. 



Mary A., (I. of Daniol W.' of lloddiiis;, 2(:9. 
Maiy A. (I'ricsi), w. of liiliiiuii of 1{ , 218. 
Mary A. (Sluuarl,), w. of Klliol O., 21)0. 
Mary A. (Tliuiiow), w. of diaries I,, of N., 3.5. 
JIary 15., il. of .1. M., in. .laiiios McKhvaiii, 1.50. 
Mary 1!., d. of Win. of llavM, in. G. W. Cliamlin, 
Mary li., d. of UobiMt A. i>f liic-<-lsviIk', lai. [11)1. 
Mary (Cark'toii), w. of David" of Cliarl'n, 1S5. 
Mary (Cliciicy), w. of Ik'iiry^ of Honicv, l;!8. 
Mary 1)., d. of Clias. \V. of N., m. ,1. 1'. 'Nolf, 123. 
Mary K., d. of David of K., m. K. K. llillard, SO. 
Mary E., d. of Josseof I'ior'l, iii. \V. 11. Pago, 117. 
Mary K., tl. of Joseph J. of Golfstowii, 224. [2'JG. 
Jlaiy E., d. of flias. of V.. in. J. R. Joliiislon, IDS, 
Mary E., d. of Alvin' of Froodonia, 2(;2. 
Mary E., d. of John M.' of Ml. Ayr, 2i;7. 
Mary E , tl. of James A. of Indepeiideneo, 147. 
Mary E. (Jane.*), w. of Jos. 15. of Ucor.,254. [204. 
Mary E. (Mc-Farland), w. of Tlio. IS of King Co., 
Mary F., d. of Fred. J., ni. Samuel F. Sleel, 28G. 
Mary (Ford) w. of Nath'l V. of (^ineiniiall, 2S2. 
Mary (Foster), w. of DaiL^of Howley, l.S:!. [148. 
Mary G.,d. of I)av. of K. L., in. W. 11. llempstreet, 
Mary II., d. of Tho. W. m. Ed^ar (i. Graves, 231. 
Mary 11., d. of Ikii. II., m. Horace T. Weeks, 230. 
Mary II., d. of Elijaii 1!. of I'arishville, 243. 
Mary 11. ((^olcord), w. of B. II. of lielli'hem, 230. 
Mary (Hall), w. of Jona. 0. of Candia, IOC 
Mary (Hasseltinc). w. of Jere.^ of Atkinson, 116. 
Mary (Hook), w. of Jesse of rierniont. 117. 
Mary J.,d. of John^of W., m. Step. II. Covel. 240. 
Mary J., d. of Chas. L., m. Alonzo 0. Pearson. 35. 
Mary J., d. of Alonzool S., m. Wm. Mathson, 2U4. 
Mary J., d. of John of Landafl', 79. 
Mary J., d. of Geo. A. of California, 128. 
Mary J. (13aird), w. of John M. of Iowa, 2G7. 
Mary J. (Gatley), \v. of Chas. 15. of Gofl-n, 22G. 
Mary J. (Sanborn), w. of Chas F. of II., 217. 
Mary L., d. of Tho. E. of G., m. S. M. George, 229. 
Mary L., d. of IraN. of Haverhill, 102. 
Mary L., d. of Joseph of Haverhill, N. II., 117. 
Mary L. (Tozer). w. of A. W. of Hastings, 227. 
Mary I.. (Warford), w. of Daniel W. of l)ef., 2G3. 
Mary (Little), w. of George* of Goffstown, 221. 
Mary (Lunt), w. of Jona. « of N., 48. 
Mary N., d. of Franklin N. of Somerville, 234. 
Mary P. (Knight), w. of Alfred of Newbury, 36. 
Mary S., il. of Eilward of Georgetown, 185. 
Mary S., d. of Isaac', in. Andrew P. Lewis, 56. 
Mary S. (Gilman), w. of Isaac" of N., 5G. 
Mary (Titcomb), w. of John- of Newburv, 9. 
Mary V., d. of Sam., m. J6s. A. of Man'r, 207, 221. 
Mary W. (Lane), w. of Ed. E. of llackeiisack, IGS. 
Mary (Wallinsford), w. of Joseph^ of Newbury. 7. 
Mary (Whitney), w. of David M. of Goffstown, 226. 
Mattie L. (Sta'rk), w. of Charles II. of W., 284. 
Mattie L., d. of Chas. IL, m. D. Kiiidleberger, 285. 
Mattie L., d. of Richard L. of ISallimore, 285. 
Mattie L., d. of Charles II. of Skaneat<des, 285. 
Maud A., d. of Sullivan K. of Boston, 216. 
Maud G., d. of George B. of Goffstown, 227. 
Mehitable (Chase), w. of David « of Rowley, 172. 
Mehitable (Hills), w. of Proscott of G , 184. 
Mehitabel M.. d. of Wend.«, m. Jas. Sevreiis. 2G4. 
Mehitabel T., d. of John", in. W. S. Merrell. 271. 
Melzena J., d. of Jo.siah B., m. Edw. Munn, 295. 
Mercy, d. of Luther, m. Isaac Wymaii, 149. 
Mercy E. (Doane"), w. of Sam. P. of Beverly, 18G. 
Mercy M. (Hines), w. of John II. of Wolcott, 24G. 

Micajali I., s. of Homy", r. Boston, 43. 
Mdly B., d. of John M. of Mt. Ayr, 267. 
Mina N., d. of Win. H. of Homer, 145. 
Minerva A., d. of John, m. John Sapp, 260. 
Jloses, s. of Eliphalef', r. Boston, etc., 283, 297. 
Moses, s. of George', r. Golfstowii, 222. 
Moses, s. of Jol), r. WiUiainstown, 245. 
Myra T., d. of Sam. T. of Geor;;eto\vij, 253. 
Naiicie M., d. of Franklin N. of .Somerville, 234. 
Nancy,d.ol'.Sam.^of I'ortland, in. Chas. Chase, 196. 
Nancy (Collin), \v. of Joshua of N. Viiieland, 141. 
Nancy (Chaniberlaiu), w. of Noyes of Gull'., 232. 
Nancy E., d. of Chas. of P., in. Elias S. Wilson, 198. 
Nancy F., d. of Noyes, m. Win. B. Jolin>on, 232. 
Nancy (Titcomb). w. of John of Newlmryport, 65. 
Nannie E., il. of Alfred of Baltimore, 289. 
Nathan, s. of John'', r. Ninvburyport, 49. 
Nathan, s. of Isaac", r. Newbuiyport, 55. 
Nathan, s. of Nathan ', r. Newbuiyport, 5ft. 
Nathaniel P., s. of Eliplialet, r. Ciiiciiiiiati, 282. 
Nellie, 1866, d. of Sullivan K. of Boston, 216. 
Nellie D.. <1. of Albert C. of Kiiaii]), 148. 
Nellie F.. d. of Frank S. of Lynn, 105. 
Nellie M., d. of Levi of Orangeville, 295. 
Nellie M., d. of Wm IL of GotlVtown, 224. 
Nelson (;., s. of Eben 15 , r. Wiiulliam, ().. 145. 
Newton G., s. of Silas, r. Bird Island, 143. 
Nina M., d. of Albert P. of Ashtabula, 294. 
Noyes, s. of George", r. GolTstown, etc., 232. [207. 
Olive A. A., d. of Sam.' of B., in. Eugene Suell, 
Olive E., d. of Julius L. of AVoicester, 248. 
Olive L. (White), w. of Samuel' of B., etc., 207. 
Olive P., d. of Wm. IL, of Foster's Crossings, 143. 
Olive K., d. of Ira N. of Haverhill, 102. 
Olive (Wales), w. of J. M. of Winchendon, 150. 
Olivia, (I. of Robert A. of Uiegelsville, 131. [163. 
Ora, d. of Ben.* of Rowley, m. John Thompson, 
Oraella, d. of Wm. W. of Hastings, 148. 
Ormantl J., s. of John C. of Stewartstown, 212. 
Orpha, d. of Alvan M. of Mt Avr, 268. 
Orson B., s. of Henry IL V. of Kenville Co., 143. 
Oscar (L, s. of George P. of Westville, 241. 
Oscar J., s. of All)ert C. of Kiiapp, 148. 
Otto IL, s. of Wm. W. of Hastings, Minn., 148. 
Pamela, d. of Samuel T. of Georgetown, 253. 
Patience, d. of Daniel of Winchendon. 140. 
Patty (Bixby), 2nd w. of Jol)* of Berlin, 245. 
Paul, s. of Jeremiah'', r. Rowley. 170. 
Perlie M., d. of Jewett B. of Portage (;o., 145. 
Perry, s. of Erie* of Hook., r. Charlestown, 217. 
Persis IL, d. of Benjamin K. of Haverhill, 83. 
Phebe, d. of David *, m. Jonathan C. Little, 109. 
Phebe, d. of Daniel « of Wincliendon, 140. 
Phebe (Carleton), w. of David* of llamp'd, 104. 
Phebe (Hedges), w. of Jesse of Berlin, 242. 
Phebe IL, d. of John M., ni. Bald, and Stod., 150. 
Phebe J., m. 11. Jones and W. D. Hopkins, 228. 
Phebe K. (Richards), w. of Geo." of GolTn, 225. 
Phiiieas C, 1877, s. of Edw. C. of Bath, 230. 
Polly, d. of Dan." of jVlk'n, m. Eben. Webster, 93. 
Polly, d. of Geo.' of Goff., m. Dav. Wortliley, 237. 
Polly (Calef), w. of John' of Ilampstead, io5. 
Polly (Fellows), w. of David" of Ken'n, 79. 
Polly (Martin), w. of Daniel "of Winchendon, 140. 
Ponieroy, s. of Wm.", r. Amboy, O., 294. 
Prescott, s. of Eilw., r. Georgetown, 184. 
Prudence, d. of Win., in. Ilollis iiud Gage, 148. 
L'achel R. (Murray), w. of Wm. H. of F's C, 143. 
Ralph E., s. of Sullivan K. of Bostou, 216. 



POOR AND POOEE (continued). 

Rebecca, d. of Joua.^, m. Tho. Mood}', 11. 
Rebecca, d. of Beu.^of Haverhill, m. a Merrill, 190. 
Rebecca B. (Greer), w. of Eliph. R. of G., 225, 
Rebecca (Hale), w. of Joiia.^, 11. [296. 

Rebecca (Knapp), w. of Job' of Frauconia, 210. 
Relief (Dow), w. of James of Atkinsou, 82. 
Richard A., s. of Samuel M.' of Freetown, 259. 
Richard D., s. of David'^, r. Georgetown, etc., 187. 
Richard L., s. of Chas. H., of Wasli'n, 284. 
Ritty A. (Dart) w. of AVm.« of Penn., 293-5. 
Robert A., s. of Y)an.'^ r. Riegelsville, 131. 
Robert A. s. of Alvin' of Freedouia, 2G2. 
Robert W., s. of John' of Medora, 2G0. 
Roneauda A.,d. of Josi. B., m. Geo. A. Moke, 295. 
Roselinda I., 1864, d. of Wm. H. of Fos's C, 143. 
Rub}' A. (Perley), w. of George of Haverhill, 35. 
Ruth, d. of Jos.'' Ml. her2ud co."Ben.° of Row., IGl. 
Ruth, d. of Eliph.,'' m. Francis D. Randall, 282. 
Ruth L., d. of Samuel", m. Wm. A. Belknap, 36. 
Ruth (Noves), w. of Paul" of RoWley, 170. 
Sally, d. of Dan.= of Atk'n, m. P. Webster, 91. 
Sally, d. of Samuel'=of Porfd, m. J. Crockett, 194. 
Sally, d. of Dauiel," of Wiuchendon, 140. 
Sally, d. of Erie,i= m. Rufus Woodbur}% 219. 
Sally (Bailey), w. of Jesse' of Haverliill, 99. 
Sally (Hobart), w. of Job' of Berlin, 245. 
Sally (Moore), w. of Jos. ot Kensington, 80, 292. 
Sally (Upham), w. of Ira of IlookSett, 215. 
Sally W., d. of Richard L. of Baltimore, 285. 
Sally M. (Warwick), w. of Richard L. of B., 285. 
Salustas, d. of Sam. M.,' m. Dav. Thompson, 259. 
Samuel', 1620, pat. of Ind. Hill, Newb. tribe, Iv. 
Samuel, 1706, s. of Henry, = r. Rowley, 199. 
Samuel, 1755, s. of Bon.'' of Hav'l, r. Porfd, 194. 
Samuel, 1758, s. of Jos.,'' r. Hooksett, 205. 
Samuel, 1765, s. of Jona.', r. Newbury, 34. 
Samuel, 1771, s. of Jere.% r. Orford, 116. 
Samuel, 1787, s. of Sam.°, r. Goflstown, 207. 
Saranel, 1796, s. of Sam.", r. Newbury, 35.' 
Samuel, 1815, g. s. of Jona.°, r. Methuen, 69. 
Samuel, 1817, s. of Sam.", r. Boston, etc., 207. 
Samuel, 1827, s. of John", r. Haverhill, 193. 
Samuel, 1872, s. of Sara. T. of Georgetown, 254. 
Samuel C, s. of Elijah of Berlin, Vt., 243. 
Samuel E., s. of Jere., r. Sonionauk, 117. 
Samuel II., s. of Richard D., r. Irviugton, 187. 
Samuel H., s. of Samuel P., r. Beyerly, 186. 
Samuel M., s. of Wendell, r. Freetown, 258. 
Samuel M., s. of Charles of Portland, 198. 
Samuel P., s. of Dav." of Charl'u, r. Bev'Iy, 186. 
Samuel T., s. of Joseph", r. Georgetown, 253, 296. 
Sarah, the first mother of this tribe, 7. 
Sarah, second d. of the tribe, ra. John Sawyer, 8. 
Sarah, d. of John ^ m. John Bachelour, 9. 
Sarah, d. of lien.-, m. John SpoBord, etc., 137.' 
Sarah, d. of Sara.^ of Row , m. Joshua Copp, 201. 
Sarah, d of Ben.'' of Haverhill, m. H , 190. 

Sarah, d of Jonathan* of N., m. John Butler, 14. 
Sarah, d.of Dav.^of Hamp'd,m. lEoses Green, 107. 
Sarah, d. of Eliph.-" of H., m. Bod. Emersou, 282. 
Sarah, 1st ^y. of Wm. of Ipswich, etc , 170. 
Saralr, d. of Hen." of B., m. Daniel Ilopkinson, 41. 
Sarah, d. of Job * of Berlin, m. E. H. Covel, 250. 
Sarah, d. of G. D. of Berlin, m. P. W. Currier, 251. 
Sarah A., d. of Chas. M., m. Rob. J. Fleming, 124. 
Sarah A., d. of Albert P. of Ashtabula, 294. 
Sarah B. (Hardy), w. of Frank P. of Hook't, 220. 

Sarah (Bradley), w. of Ben." of Haverhill, 190. 
Sarah 1)., d. of S., m. I. Bray and T. Moody, Co. 
Sarah (Dole), w. of Jonathan ° of Newbury, 14. 
Sarah E., d. of Dudley, m. Ellas Ellicott, 290. 
Sarah E., d. of Moses", m. Wm. C. Stiuson, 223. 
Sarah E., d. of Samuel M., m. Tho. J. Sutton, 259. 
Sarah E., d. of Wm. H. of Homer, 145. 
Sarah E. (White), w. of Wendell ^ 259. 
Sarah (Fletcher), w. of Daniel W. of Charl'n, 229. 
Sarah (Folsom), w. of John* of Penn., 121. 
Sarah (Hale), w. of Henry* of Rowley, 157. 
Sarah J., m. J. L. Dodge and R. Remmonds, 170. 
Sarah J. (Smith), w. of D. H. C. of Ipswich, 173. 
Sarah (Jewell), w. of Poraeroy of Ambov, 294. 
Sarah J. (Finnej^, w. of Newton G. of B.'is., 143. 
Sarah K., d. of John of Hav'l, m. Ira Hosum, 191. 
Sarah L., 1850, d. of Benning N. of Franklin, 215. 
Sarah (Little), w. of Jonatliau'' of Atkinson, 69. 
Sarah (Little), w. of Moses" of Goffstown, 222. 
Sarah M., d. of Eben. B., m. J. W. Pike, 144. 
Sarah M., d. of Elijah, m. Edwin E. Avery, 244. 
Sarah M. (Goodban), w. of Cornelius L. of B., 294. 
Sarah (Moore), w. of Jos. of Kensington, 80, 292. 
Sarah (Noyes), w. of Daniel^ of Atkinson, 83. 
Sarah P. (Wetherby), w. of Charles A. of C, 83. 
Sarah (Putnam), w. of Jeremiah" of Atk'n, 120. 
Sarah S., d-. of Thomas L., m. R. Philbrook, 228. 
Sarah S.,d. of Joseph "of G.,m. G. P. Jewett, 253. 
Sarah (Stone), w. of Wm. W. of Hast., Minn., 148. 
Sibyl A. (Johnson), w. of Julius L. of W., 247. 
Silas, 1799, s. of Wm", r. War. Co., Pa., etc., 142. 
SiLas, 1826, s. of David" of R., r. Ipswich, 173. 
Silena W., d. of Jos.", m. S. A. Haskctt, 220. 
Sophia (Bailey), w. of Elijah of Berlin, 243. 
Sophia P. (Noyes), w. of Ben. K. of Hav'l, 83. 
Standish F., s. of Nathaniel P. of Cincinnati, 283. 
Stephen, 1744, s. of John'', r. Newbury, 57. 
Sullivan K., s. of Ira", r. Boston, 215. 
Susan, d. of John" of Haverhill, 193. 
Susan A. (Prescott), w. of Oilman of R., 218. 
Susan (Bailey), w. of Almon" of B., 244. 
Susan (Boyes), w. of John C. of Derry, 105. 
Susan (Clark), w. of John" of W. Vt., 246, 296. 
Susan E., d. of Alvan", m. John Walters, 269. 
Susan F., d. of Erie", ra. A. F. Garvin, 219. 
Susan (Jones), 1824, w. ot George J. Poore, 174. 
Susan J. (Rollins), w. of T. W. of Genewi, 230. 
Susan M. (Bowman), w. of Fr. N. of Some'lle, 234. 
Susan (Roberts), w. of Lewis H. of M., 263. 
Susan (Saltmarsh), w. of Erie" of Hooksett. 210. 
Susan W., d. of Chas. M., ra. Wra. Kline, 125. 
Susannah, d. of John'=', m. Tho. J. Brooks, 274. 
Susie B., 1862, d. of Silas of Ipswich, 173. 
Susie E., d. of Daniel W. of Redding, etc., 269. 
Tabitha, d. of Stephen", m. John W'bodbury, 61. 
Tamzen, w. of David** of Sudbury, 139. 
Theresa J., d. of Julius L., m. Lo. J. Pearce, 247. 
Thirza (Weddel), w. of Wendell", 258. 
Thomas, a brother to Daniel ' of Andover, iv. 
Thomas B., s. of Wendell", r. Ringgold Co., 264. 
Thomas B., s. of Thomas B.' of Ringgold Co., 204. 
Thomas F., s. of Frank P. of Hooksett, 220. 
Thomas L., s. of Geo.', r. Goffstown, etc., 228, 281. 
Thomas L., s. of Pomeroy ', r. Kingsville, 204. 
Thomas S., s. of Isaac", r. Newburyport, 56. 
Thomas W., s. of Thomas L.", r. Geneva, 111., 230. 
Threissa (Willard), ^v. of Wm. H. of Homer, 145. 
Thurza I., d. of Silas, m. O. S. Murray, 142. 
Tilon M., s. of Irad of Goffstown, 20S. 



Vunelia (CroiiclO, w. of Alvnii M.', 2GS. 

Victoria K. (Gixh r). w. ot Kil^'ai- \V., 227. 

Vicil.i 15., (\V(>illicii).u-. ofUav. JI.,ji-.,orG.,22G. 

Viola U., d. ol Kliph. U., in. I)av. 1{. Loach, 225. 

Wallace K., s. of .Iiilius I.., of Worcester, 248. 

Wallace K., s. of Ktltjar W. of Colfslowii, 227. 

Walter K , .s. of Uav! M., jr., of Goll'stowii, 227. 

Walter F., s. of Ira N. of "llaverliill, 102. 

Walter II., s. of Alex L. of Hostoii, 48. 

Warren B., s. of Hlijali 15. of Stockliolm, etc., 243. 

AVendell, s. of .loliii^, r. .JacUsoii Co., Iiiil., 257. 

AVeiulell, s. of Sum. M.', r. Crossville, III,, 2.';!). 

Wesley A., s. of Alvaii" of Indiana and Iowa, 2liD. 

Wesley C;., s. ot David', r. White Creek, 147. 

Wilber F., s. of David', r. West Troy, N. Y 147. 

WillVeil [I., s. of .Inliiis L. of Worcester, 247. 

Willard A., s. of linslirod W., r. Dnbiiqiie, 20(j. 

William, 17G:!, s. of David*, r. lUltland, 140. 

William, 17S4, s. of .Iohn% r. Haverhill, I'.U. 

William, 1787, S. of I'auP, r. Ips., etc., 170, 2y3-5. 

William, 1880, .s. of Jona.", r. Neubnryport, 49. 

William B., s. of Alonzo of Shambnrsli, Pa., 294. 

William B., s. of Joseph B. of Topslleld. 254. 

William C, s. of Alviii' of Freedonia, 2(12. 

AVilliamK.,s. ofKichardD., r. Ashtabnla,etc., 187. 

AVm. F., I,s77, .s. of Ueor^e F. of Rowley, 174. 

AVdliam II., s. of David, r. Troy, N. Y., 14G. 

Wdliani 11., s. of .Silas, r. Foster's I'rossiiig, 143. 

William II., s. of Eben. B., r. Homer, Midi'., 145. 

William Il.,s. of lI.F.(|)iigelG8).seeH.F. K.,293. 

William II., s. of ,lose|)h J., r. Uotfstown, 224. 

William .1., s. of ,)osiah B , r. Pittsburgh, 294. 

William J., s. of Georije P. of Westville'; N.Y.,241. 

Wm. 1!., s. of Cornel. L. of Burlington, Iowa, 294. 

William S., s. of P<nnerov of Ainl)oy, O., 2114. 

William W., s. of .lohn C, r. Derry, N. 11., lOG. W., s. of Martin, r. II.istinj;s, Mum., 148. 

William \V., s. of Wm. .1. of Pittsb'urah, Pa., 295. 

William W. T., s. of Rob. A. of Kiegelsville, 131. 

Willie N., s. or Wesley C. of White Creek, 147. 

Willie W.. s. of John M.' of Mt. Ayr, 2G7. 
POPE, G7, 223, 234. POUTKR, 51, 295, Ann, w. of 
George Poore" of Baltimore, etc. .123. POTTER, 
Laura A., w. of C. W. Hopkinson, 41. POTTS, 
24, 132. POUSLAND. 170. POWERS. Esther, 
1811, vv. of Sticknev, 40. PRATIIER, 
279,294. PRAY, 4G. [148. 

PUESCOTT, 217, Geo. II., h. of Hannah E. Poore, 

Jessie A., d. of G. H., m. Charles H. Dills, 148. 

.Snsan A , w. of Oilman Poore of Revere, 218. 
PRICSSEV, CoriK'lia P., w. of Theo. C. Dennis, 59. 
PKKS fON. 201. Geo. ()., s. of J. W. of Mancli'r, 73. 

J:imes W., 1823, h. of Mary McKeen, 73. [218. 
PRIEST, Mary A., 3rd w. of Gilinan Poore of Rev., 

Mercy A., w. of John N. Oakes, 210. 
PRIME, Samuel, h. of Anne^ d. of J. Poore. 102. 
PRINCE, Ella 1)., d. of Geo. W., ni. W. C. Smith, GO. 

George ', 1800, s. of John, r. New Market, Gl. 

Geor;;e B., 1852, s. of John'*, r. Salem, GO. 

George W., 1821, s. of John', r. Salem, GO. 

Hannah, d. of John, sen., m. Aaron .Adams, 58. 

Hannah M., 1827, d. of John', in. Dan. B. Lord. CO. 

John, 17113, h. of Hannah^, d. of Ste. Poore, 57. 

John', 1797, s. of John, r. Salem, 59. 

John, 1819. s. of John, jr.', r. Salem. 60. 

John A.. 1851, s. of John", r. Wash'n, GO. 292. 

Joseph E., 1828, s of John ', r. Salem, GO, 29.'. 

Josephine F.. d. of .1. E.", m. A. Fitzemcyer, Gl. 

Kate M., d. ol George ', lu. George K. Groot, Gl. 

Nathaniel W., 1823, 8. of John', r. N. Milford, GO. 
Wm., 1835, s. ot John', r. N. Easton, Gl. [52. 
PHrrCllETT, Anna P.', d. of Tlio. ti., ni. F. Moore, 
Tlio.G., h. of Ainie", 1770, d. of Nathan Poore, 50. 
PmsoNEus OK w,m, 7, GO, 110, 140, 144, 219, 242, 270. 
PROCTOR, 278, Ini R., h. of Har't E. Butler, 32, 201. 
PlioDioins, 105, ICO, 185-G, 223. 
PROSSER, Abraham K., s. of Jona.. r. Ely.sian, 270. 
Jonathan, h. ol Hannah .\.", d. of John Poore. 2G9. 
Mary A., d. of Jonathan, m. Wm. Daniels, 271. 
Martha A., d. of Jonathan, m. Giles W. Sniitli, 2G9. 
Puui.iu llousics kept by Butler, 19, 23. Davis, 192. 
Dunning, 45. l)utton, 45. Goweu, 22. Haskell, 
54. Leigh, 23. Oakcs, 210. Parker, 238. Poore, 
13,79,127,187,214. Prime, 192. Ramsay, 187. 
Whitney, 20. 
PULSIFEK, 4t, Haley, h. of Caroline Einer.son, 76. 
Pliebe, w. of Benjamin Stickney of Campton. 46. 
PUIiSELL, Augustus, s. of Brice, r. Bristol, 130. 
Brice M., h. of Martha M. Poore, 130. 
Howard, s. of Brice M., r. Bristol, Pa., 1.30. 
PUTNAM, 93, 111, Sarah, w. of Jeremiah Poore of 
Atkinson, N. H., 120. PUTNEY, 243. 

Poplar Ororc^ 20!;. Poplin, X. Jf., 83. J^ort Uibson, Miss., r. 
I'ooro, -isu. Port Ilastinfis, v. McQiiarric, <U. Port Hud- 
son, Im., iti army at. Hill, 101 Oukes, 211. I'onrL'. 2l;i. 
.siickiK'v, 91. Port Jcrris, X. 1'., r. Chamller, 107. I'ort- 
land. Mi:.. 4li. 01, r. IJraclliiny, 131. Chase, 13:;. Coriiii. 131. 
Crockutt, 134-5. CniBs, 45 Davis, 192, Uillingluim, )i)9. 
Dunning ami Dulton, 45. Dyer, 173. Kilgeworlh, ISIJ. 
FleLdiei, 2S7. IIall..U5, llslev, 13. Johnson, 173. Knox, 
135. Lilllc, 111. MMnnin^'. 135. Merrill. 179. Parker, Si. 
Pascall, 131;. Pooie, 134-9. Prime, 132. Uoberts, 134. 
Koss, 1!I7. Tliomes, 134. Tliraslier. IK. Tnkcsbnry, 178. 
Williams, 22. Wihoii. 138. Porlsmoalh. X. //.. 71, 3S, r. 
Dolloclimont,80. ll:im,lll. Ilimtresi-, 112. I.aigliton, IC. 
l.onu". .S4. Pcavv. 172. Sawver, 112. .Smart, ct. O., Mc- 
01111,273. Poiive', 1S7. Post Mill Mllnge, )«., r. Bragg, 11.5. 
Potsiliim, X. y.,r. Gage, 143. McK\von.244. Pou(/khepsiey 
X r., . . . Poullnen, rt..y.t>> Vuow.lil. \V:ii-il, 1 lli. 
Wil!i;inis, 147. I'otctmlf Me., 137. Pownalboroufjh, Me., 
202. J'resquc Isle, Me., r. ol WliarlT anil Whimcy, 20. Ca., 
V. Butler, 31. Prince OtorgiCs Co.. Md., r. Wetjslcr, 232. 
Providence, It. I., ti. r. E:iton, 91. Hunt, 233. Munison, 
lOS. Poore, 215. Providence Hill, etc.,'n\ Atkinson, (i7-S. 
83. 8R. !)5. Prussia, v. Canton, 51. Putnam Co., i/irf., r. 
Bairil,2(i7. Piilnet/. 17. r. Mavtin, 131. 

QUARLES, GO. QUIMBY, 113, 219. 

QUINCY, Mary, w. of James Kettell of Saco, 38. 

Quebec. Ca., D. Hedges ;il llic storming of. 242. Quincy, 
Mass., r. Clark, 73. True, 51. III., r. Hetelier. 1.52. 

llAlLROAUS, 6, 71, 75, 82-3, 90, 9:;, 100. 104. Ho, ISO, 131. 2:fc?. 
Agent of the land department of l*oore, 14(i. Jiuilder 
o/, Casscis, 287. CiHi Kngineer of, Morril,2;i5. Conduct- 
ors, litMer, 2S (two). Dow. 213. Soycs, 157. Poore, 215. 
Engineers of Locomotives, Firemen, and others employed on. 
Brown, 41. Butler, 23. Dole, li;9. Fleti-lier. 152. Har- 
rington. 43. Moore, ISO. Pearson, 35. Poore, ISC, 187. 
193. 207-19 (six). Tiiompson, lliO. Whan, 20. General 
managers, train masters, etc.. Foster, 23(;. Hitchcock, 85. 
Mitchell, 240. Paiker,240. Wiggin,233. Secretaries. etc., 
Noltou, 21. Parker, 210. Station masters. Goililartl, 130. 
.Johnson, 233. .Tudkius, 13. I'oore, 131. Suuons, ISO. 
Treasurers, Blood. Ht. Poore. 2.'J3-4. 

RAINGEU, Carrie E., w. of Joel C. Fletcher, 1.52. 

RALSTON, 132. RAMSAY, 187. RAMSDELL, 184. 

RANDALL, 48, Gl. 
Einilv M., w. of Wm. B. Webb, 284. 
Francis D., h. of Rnth\ d. of E. Poore, 282. 
Helen M., d. of F. D., m. David .\I. Dearborn, 282. 

141, Ellie L.. w. of Eugene Houghton of P., 279. 

nandolph, I7.,2(»;. 217, r. I!owilitch,2.")0. Co|i|>.2lll. Covell, 
213. il/</.ss.. r. Linlhlil ami White, 207. Italc l.otts,nr:inta 
in NewUui-y, 10. Raiimond, X. II.. r. Abbott, l'i5. Hook, 
117 Pettcngill.llO- iri-i., r. Johnson. 3!. Heading, Mass., 
r. Bachelour, 3. Uoycc, 143. Cliutc, '255. MuyuurU, 243, 



Poore, 255, 257. Pa., Cowan, 27-3. lied Bluff, Cat, r. Poore, 
127. Bedding. lo., v. Alxirr, 208. Baird, 267. Poore, 257. 
2!;i)-8. Zike. 259. Red Oak, lo., r. Lee, 235. lied Hirer, r. 
liiitler, 21. Moivison, 108. Renville Co., Minn., r. Poore, 
143. Revere, Mass.. r. Uarviu antl Poore, 219. Rhine. Ger., 
r. Wessel, 293. Richmond, Va., r. Poore, 243. Warwick, 
285. Itid.. T. Smith, 2(i9. Riegelsritte, Pa'., r. Poore, 131. 
Ringgold Co.. lo., r. Baird, 2(!7. Poore, 257-9, 04-9. Sev- 
reus, 205. Stacy, 204, 297. Zike, 259, 297. WiDiams. 204. 
Rio tie Janeiro, Bra., r. Wright, 285. Ripley, O., r. JUerrell 
and Murphy, 272. 

REDFIELD, 285. REED, REID, etc., 47, 137, 149, 
Agnes, \v. of Josiali B. Pooi-e, 294. [246, 292. 

Geoi-ge L., 1849, li. of Ada Foster, 179. 
Luciuda, w. of Joseph Pooi-e of Georget'n, 253. 
REINHART, Kissie E., w. of Win. Houghton, 278. 

REMMONDS, Robert, h. of Sarah J. Poore, 170. 
REN AN, Anne, w. of George W. White, 132. 
REYNOLDS, 113, 292, 294^ RHINESKUPT, 132. 
RHODES, 211. RICH, 82. RICHEY, 85. RICE, 
21, Louisa, w. of Wm. H. Poore, 147. 
RICHARDS, 222, 228. 

AUiert F., h. of Emma J., d. of Irad Poore, 208. 
Pliebe R., w. of George Poore of Goffstovvii, 225. 
RICHARDSON, 31, 41. 251. [248. 

Ellen, w. of George II. Poore of Worcester, Vt., 
Emeline, w. of Samuel S. Butler of Dedham, 20. 
Robert, h. of Fi-ances E., d. of Henry Butler, 24. 
Wm. C, h. of Emily A. Worthley, 238. 
RICHMOND, 187. Rl'CKER, 172, 291. RIDENOUR, 
Elizaljeth A., w. of George W. F. Chase of 
Shepherdstown, Va., 19G. RIDEOUT, 190. 
RIGGS, 286. RINEY, 27G. RING, 240. ROB- 
ROBERTS, 107, 124, 274. [BINS, 22, 46. 
Ellen C, V!. of Edward Bradbury of Boston, 194. 
Eunice M., w. of Bcuning N. Poore, 215. 
Hannah W., w. of Daniel N. Webster, 92. 
Susan, w. of Lewis H. Poore of Mar'town, 263. 
Eliza. E., w. of Alviu Poore of Frecdouia, 262. 
EOGEliS, 158, 16G, 214. 
Laura, w. of Wm. Pearson of Byflcld, 160. 
Lorane 0., w. of Eben. Poore of Georgetown, 158. 
Mary E., w. of Lyman Pearson of Byflcld, 160. 
ROLFE, 14, 48, 54. ROLLINS, 94, Susan J., w. of 
Thomas W. Poore of Batavia, etc., 230. ROOD, 
Martha J., ^v. of .lolin Poore of Mcdora, 260. 
ROOT, 141,251,255. KOSE, 264. ROUNDY, 61. 
ROSS, Gl, Leonard, h. of Ellen Paskell, 197. 
Lucinda, w. of Eben. B. Poore of Ohio, 144. 
Sarah A., w. of George N. Dutton, 46. 
ROWAN, 289. ROWE, 70. 88, .James IL, h. of Emma 
P. Little, 112. ROWELL, 27, 226, .John S., h. 
of Rosclvina Belknap, 3G. ]{UDDOCK, Wm. 
II., h. of Ruth' A. Ho|)kinson, 42. [Butler, 28. 
RUSSELL, 224, 286. Alyira F., w. of Win. F. 
Alvah, li. of Julia A. Poore, 208. 
Hannah E., w. of Levi Poore, 295. 
Hannah M., w. of Will C. Morse, 231. 
Julia A., d. of Alvah, m. George W. Sweat, 208. 
RUTHEFOUD, Henrietta, w. of Silas Poore, 173. 
RYAN, Mary E., w. of Moses F. Chandler, 107. 
Itocheiter, N. IT.. 104, 218, r. Gprrish. 173. Ross, 40. 2V. y., 
r. llul)l)ard, 143. Stone, 148. Waiford. 262. Mass.. \: 
Dotv, 138. Rockfnrd. III., r. Plielps. 251. Rocldngham Co., 
N. il., 100. Rockland Co, If. 3'., 293. Rockland. Me., 22. 
Rock-port. Mass.,iii-.i. Itnscoe. /ll..2:iS. Rose Mead oioioay, 
75. Roserille, O.. r. Bailey. 125. Round Lake. N. Y., r. 
Poore, 14(^7. Rowan Co.. N. C, r. Neely, 279. tiowlei/, 
Mass., 6-11, 99, 137, KiO-l, 10.3, 170-7, 202, r. Bridges, 205. 
Chute, 254. Clark, 8. Harriiiian, 174. Haseltine, 116. 

Holmes, lf8. .Tewett, 36. Littlefield, 174. Lull, 8, 158. 
Luiit, 171. Milton, lff5. Noyes, 1.57, 202. Palmer, 188, 202. 
Plumnier. 175. Poore, 13.5-9, 155-01, 170, 174-7, 199-205, 231 
241, 245, 2.52, 234, 280-1. Stickney, 163. Smith, 98. Spofford, 
137. Stewart, 8, 98. Swett, 202. Tyler, 170. Underbill, 
76. Walliugl'ord, 202. Wheeler, 95. 98. Roxbury, Mass., 
r. Br.adt. 108. Carletou, ISO. Dole, 18. Downing, 291. 
Eaton, 90. Gay, 291. Howard, is. McCarty, 191. Morri- 
son, 108. Poore, 1S8. Stone, 1S9. Roijlston. Vt., r. Eaton, 
47. Poore, 35. Mass., r. Berry, 140. Sumney. If. H., r. 
Copp. 201. Taylor, 31. Wentworth, 1J2. Rnsh.ll,Eng., 
iii. Rush Citti. Minn., r. McCrav, 113. Rushcille, III, r. 
Ewing, 135. Rutland, l-'i., r. Blancliard, ItO. Hodges, 32. 
Poore, 140, 148, 514. Proctor, 32. Ryegate, Vt., r. McDole, 27. 

ST. CLAIU, Lovinia, w. of B. E. Burgess, 63. 
ST. JOHNSON, Marcella C. w. ofC. H. Knox, 195. 
SALTMARSH, Ella F., w. of Wm. E. Hood, 1G9. 

Susan, 1808, w. of Erie Poore, 216. 
SANBORN, 78, 80, 108, 111, 158, 163, 228. 

Maiy J., w. of Charles F. Poore of Hook., 217. 
SAPP, John, li. of Minerva A., d. of John Poore, 260. 
SARGENT, 87, 200, 228. 

Aaron A., h. of Ellen S. Clark, 51. 

Ann K., 1815, m. P. Warren and J. Hinkley, 157. 

Betsey, IS17, m. George W. Sawyer, 157. 

Fanny, 1811, ra. Ben. Moore, 157. 

Hannah P., w. of Thomas L. Poore, 228. 

Harvey A., h. of Abbie A. Poore, 230. 

Martha E., w. of Edw. E. Hopkinson, 184. 

Moses, h. of Susan Noyes, 157. 

Roger M., s. of Stephen, r. Harristown, 157. 

Stephen, h. of Fanny Noyes, 157. 

Stephen E., 1809. s. of Stephen, 30, 157. 

SATTEULEE, Lizzie. V.. w. of Joseph E. Sawyer of 

Pontiac, 120. SAUNDERS, 42, 166. SAUSSER, 

Mary M., w. of Samuel W. Fleming, 124. 


SAWYER, 67, 105, 113, 195, 197, 202. 

Betsey, 1782, w. of David « Poore of Corinth, 109. 

Caroline, 1821, d of Ricliard, m. Harris Orr, 115. 

Cath. L., 1835,d. of Jos., m. Chas. F. Kimball, 118. 

Daniel L., h. of Hattie C. Sawyer, 113. 

Eleanor M., d. of Joseph, m. Evan Hughes, 119. 

Eliz., w. of Jonathan ^ Poore of Atkinson, 69. 

Praiicis, 1S06, h. of Phebe Little, 112, 292. 

Hattie C., d. of 1<y., m. Daniel L. as above, 113. 

Isabella, 1840, d. of Joseph, m. Abram Schutt, 119. 

John, 4645, h. of Sarah, d. of John ' Poore, 8- 

Joseph, 1785, h. of Mary', d. of Moses Dole, 118. 

Joseph E.'', s. of Joseph, r. Pontiac, Mich., 119. 

Mary D.^ d. of Joseph, ra. John Callaway, 118. 

Mayo G., s. of Richard, r. Topsham, etc., 114. 

Richard, 1776, h. of Annie'*, d. of David Poore, 114. 

Richard, s.-of Mayo G., r. Bath, N. II., 114. 

Susan P.', d. of Kichanl, m. John Bragg, 115. 

Zelenda P., d. of Joseph, m. James Newby, 119. 

Saco. Me., r. Kettell, 38. Sacramento City, Cal., v. of Poore, 
127-S. Saginaw. Mich., r. Poore. 143. St. Albans. Vt., r. 
I'utler, 26. St. Catherine. Ca., r. Wilson, 24. St. George's 
Ban. l^e., 23. St. Johns, Ca., r. Borbridge, 22-3. N. B., r. 
Soutlierland, 19. St. Johnsbury, Vt.. r. Paddock, 58. 
Poore, 210-50. St. Joseph, Mo., r. DeWitt, 201. St. Louis, 
jl/o., r. Pearson, 263. Poore, 113. Thompson. 106. Wilson, 
72. Salem, Mass., iv, 5, 6, 177, 210, r. Adams, 128. Canney, 
liO. Collins, 60. Goodhue, 235. Gwiim, 171. Hood, 169. 
Kell, 171. Lord, 60. Merrill, 103. Milton, 185. Palmer, 
106, 189. Peabody, 167. P» ich, 60. Pearson. 60. Perley, 
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Smitli.OO. Standlev,37. Steward. 191. Stickney, 100,105. 
Watson, 100. Webster, 96, 101. West, 9-10. iV". H., 84,91,97, 
111,10:!. Austin, 10.3. Clouiih, 129. Eaton, 84. Emerson, SS-9. 
Kuiiis.89. Floyd, 229. Kimball, 120. Lowell. 89. Merrill, 
80. Page, 87. Pettengill, 110. Rollins. 94. Webster, 34, 
88.94. Wheeler, 94. Woodbnrv. 90. iV. r., r. Griswohi, 
42. Warner, 147. Ind., r. DoWitt, 100. Salisburij. Conn., 
r. Weblj, 284. JSni;., iii. Mass., 7, r. Can-, 159.  i'landcrs, 




I.Vi.'.'i. Lmiilbeiy.ldS. Thompson, 1B3. If.fT., 
r. K:istnian, JOl. Uiintonn. 18(). Kiltie, '2S!. I'oore, i'li. 
S.C.r. l.iuK', lin. Sun Anliinio, rar., r. l»o()i-c,21!). Son- 
borntviiy y, II., V. riiill)r<»uk. 228. TlKHiipstiii, IC't. San- 
dotftt, X. 11., V. { louirli, 12;i. Sandwich Ivlnmls, r. Freni-'h, 
JIiMil, K:ilolni:i, I'.uiio iiiiil Pimivc, 1I17-8, 29,1. Sandwich, 
J\'. //., r. ISrinvii.Ni. Iliiii.<iiii, 2:i'.). WcnUvoith. 2:i.>. San- 
ford, Mc, V. i_ifrrif>h. 172. San Francisco, Cat., 107, r. 
KinilU;l>crgei\ 28.'i. Wil.son. 72. San ,/uaii Co., Col., r. 
roiiro. 294] .Santa Clara, Cat. r. LoriiiK. fil. .sViw((i J'e, 
y. Mex , r. Pnore, 127. .Saratoga. N. Y.. 205. r. Brigj;s, 4.'>. 
roorc. Ill, ll«. .SUckiioy, 45. Wilier, 152. S. Co., N. 1'., 
r. Aiiiler.-^mi, 291. .Sarum, Entj., iii. SaUfius, Mass., r. 
A'lains. 12ti. Kcltcll. :i«. Swectsci-, 227. .SVim*, Minn., r. 
I'ciorc, 227. SamiiiKih, Oa.,r. Merrill, 201. Westrolt. 40. 
Wiiiiilluill. 2!)U. M,:. r. I'liorc. 2«:i. .Schai/hlicokc, X. Y., 
r. lir:uU, 108. .Schcnectadi/. X. J'., r. Glen. 2 l. Til:l|i:nisli. 
23',). Schoharie. X. Y., r. U:ijroril, 21. .Scituate., 19. 
r. Wailc, 15.i. Scott Co., Ind., v. LJlllcspie. 200. Sutton, 259, 

SCALES, 125. SCIlliOKDICli, 3!). 

SCHOUl.Ell, Bciijamiii II., Ii. of Lydia DeWitt, 2G2. 

SciiooL.s, see GraiUiates. Musitiians. etc., HI, 258. 

TE.iciiK'iS. Allen, l.i7. Brooks. 27(^7. ltntler,20.28. Camp- 
bell. 275. Cheiiev, 182. Cook. 33. DeWitt, 2'il-2 (live). 
DoiliLs, 273. Dole. 13, 17. (two). Emerson, 75-7 anil 202 
(lour). Kwing, 125. Fletcher. 1,52. Foster. 178 (two). 
(Jarretson. 125. llilliaril. .-^O. Iloilsilon. 17. llolnics, 1S8. 
Ii..ugliton. 279. Jones. Ill), 228. Lander. .51. Litlle, 111, 
200. Lonj;, 31(t\vo). Martin, 1.5r!. Melvin, 223. Merrell, 
27:-4. Merrill, 10:!, 179. 200. -Niblack. T.a. Pagv. 200. 
Parker.82. l>ike.U5. I'illsl)ury.223. Prince, liO. Poore, 
711-80 (three). 82. 117, 121, 111, U'l. 117, 158, 20li, 208, 209, 212, 
2(12 (Hvo), 2l>7. 271. Kan.lall, 2.S2. Sawyer, 118. .Smith, 
270 (two). SticUney, 4U. stinson, 22.i". Webster, 74. 
Wrijtht. 27. 

SCIIUTT, Abiain, li. of Isabella Sawyer, 119. 


SCOKIELU, Marv E., w. of Cliaiies C. Slieikl, 27. 

SCOLE.VY, 31, .John P., h. of Eliz. E. Dow, 213. 

SCOTT, 251), Martlia E., w. of Willaal A. Poorc, 206. 

SEAMAN, Ella M , w. of Lewis E. Martin, 152. 

SEABURY,53. SEARCH, 131. S EARL, 1.V,), Eliz., 
w.of SaimK'PPoore,200. SEAR.S,72. SELLEM, 
33. SEVEKAN'CE, 80. SEV'RKNS, .James K., h. 
of Mehilable RL, tl. of Wendell Pooi-e, 2G5. 
SEWALL, iii, 13, 287. SEWAliD, 00. SEY- 
M0UR,2I. SHARP, 12(!. SIIATTUCK, GeoiRi- 
ana F., w. of Charles O. Stickney, 47. SH.AW, 
158, 185, 242. 

SHEDl), Charles C . s. of Ileniv E . r. Appleton, 27. 
Chailes IL, 18.30. h. of Clara F Poorc, 221. 
Henry E., 1831, li. of Cai-oline L. Butler, 27. 

SHELDON, 18G. SHEl'ARI), 1117, F. L., h. of Ann 
E.Giiswokl, 42. SUEPHEKDSOX, 85. SHER- 
IDAN, 77. SHERMAN. 145,270. SHERWIN, 
Eliz. C.,w. of Alonzo B. Pearson, 2G5. SHIELD, 
Martha, w. of Charles S. Martin, 203. SHORT, 

SnUTE, 36, A.aron, 17S1, h. of Betsey Poore, 1G2. 
Jnlla .\., 1812, d. of A., ni. Samuel L. Currier, 1G2. 

Shamhurqh, P(T.,r. Math.son,294. Poore. 294. Sharon, Conn., 
r. Notion. 21. SUclbijrille. Ind.. r. (,':inipbell, 201. Shcp- 
herdstowii, }K fa., r. Chase. 19 ;. Shcrbrool:, Ca.,v.Kini!», 
23. Shoals. Ind.. r. Brooks, 27il. Short Creek. O., r. Ilanna. 
)2(i. Shrewsburif, Pa., r. Hubbard, 171. Simcoe. Co., v. 
Coltman, 31. Sioux Itapid.^, In., r. Parker. 290. .Simsbury, 
Co»?f.., r. Gaskill. 212. Sisbinou, Cal.,v. Pooi'e.257. Skan- 
ealeles, X. 1'., r. Poore, 285. Slir/o, Ire., r. Cillcn, 295. 
SmitUJield, O., v. Garret.son, 125. 

SIEMILLER. Israel F., h. of Emilv B. BeWitt, 2G2. 
SILLOWAY. Isa. G., w. of Frauels A. Poore. 55. 
SILVERNAIL, Maiij^t, w. of Erie Poore of n.,217. 
SIMONDS. 187, Abbv B.,w. of Albi. L. Poore. 185. 
SIMONS, Clara M., d. of liar., in. J. G. Sumner, 180. 

Eliza A., d. of Har., in. Abel F. Moore, 180. 

Fred., h. of Abil IL, d. of Dav.« Poore of W., 248. 

Harrison, h. of Lyilla A., d. of Sam. 1'. Foster, 180. 

Willie F., s. of Harrison, r. Concord, N. II., l.'<0. 
SIMPSON, Dwellev E., h. of Ma M. Tabor. 110. 
202. SKILLINS, 17