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Scottish House of Gourlay 


Rev. Charles Rogers, D.D., LL. D. 













Privately Printed 

The Impression consists of Sixty Copies. 


These " Memorials of the Scottish House of Gourlay " 
I have been enabled to produce, consequent on the 
cost of research having been defrayed by an honoured 
member of the sept. The inquiry has been conducted 
amjjly, and it is to be ho2:)ed that the result will prove 
interesting not only to the members of the Family, but 
also to those concerned in genealogical studies. 


EuiXBur.Gii, 6 Baknton Terhaie, 
Jidy 18SS. 





gourlay of klncraio, . .17 

Families at Largo, Falkland, and Kinu's Kettlk, 28 

Families at Dysart, Wkmyss, Scoonie, Elie, and 

Anstiiuther, ..... 29 

Family at Dunfermline, ..... 31 

Family at Kinghorn, . . .32 

Families in Cere.s, ...... 33 

Families at St Andri;ws, . . . . .37 


Families in Lanarkshire, ..... 45 

Families in Stirlingshire, . . . .46 

Families in Perthshire, ..... 48 


INDEX, ..... 




Jfamilics in the Soiitbcrn Countice. 

^jURING the sixteenth century the family of 
Gourhiy held the lands of Sutton Grange 

^^ in Yorkshire ; they also had possessions 
in Cumberland. William Gourlay of Sutton 
^^^ Grange, who was living about 1588, is described 

as "a valiant captaui m sundry martial services 
both at home and abroad."^ 

During the twelfth century, the family effected a 
settlement in Scotland. Ingelram de Gurley is described 
as having accomijanied William the Lion when that 
king in 1174 returned from his captivity in England. 
From King William he received lands in Lothian and 
Clydesdale.- He had a son Hugh, who in 1180 is a 
witness to a grant by Ingelram de Baliol to the Abbey 
of Arbroath.^ Hugh de Gurley possessed lands in the 
Lothiaus, also in Fife.^ 

' Foster's Visitations of Yorkshire, 168. ' Register of Aberbrothoc, 39. 

' Howe's History of Eugland, p. 153. * Chartulary of Newbottle. 

10 The House of G our lay. 

Ingelram de Gurley witnessed various charters during 
the reign of Alexander II. (1214-1249). He is one of 
four witnesses to a charter by which Sybald, son of 
Walter, grants to the monks of Cupar certain rents of 
the Mill of Lundyn ; the charter is undated, but is in 
the register followed by another dated in 1220.^ As 
" Ingeram de Gurle " he is witness to a charter by which 
Alan, constable of Lammermoor, grants to the church 
of Melrose a right of pasture." In 1245 Ingelrani de 
Gurley witnesses a grant by Hew of Malhewe to 
Thomas de Eoss of the lands of Eoss of Milnetor, 
Hallingshaw, and Bathstruth in Angus.^ 

Among those who in 1296 did homage to Edward I. 
were Matthew de Gurle, whose locality is not given ; 
Roger Gourlay and William de Gourlay, of the county 
of Edinburgh ; William de Gourlay of Balgally in 
Forfarshire ; and Adam de Gourlay, of the county of 
Roxburgh.^ On the 2d January 1303-4, Adam de 
Gourlay the homager, also Alan de Gourlay, were 
members of a jury appointed by Edward I. to deter- 
mine as to the succession to Sir Thomas de Chartres, 
who owned lands in the barony of Wilton, and had died 
in the year preceding at enmity with the King.^ 

In a mandate, dated 2d September 1296, whereby 
lands and goods are restored to certain ecclesiastical 

' Rental Book of Abbey of Cupar, I., ■* Ragman Roll. 

- Chartulary of Melrose. ^ ExcheijuerQ.R. Miscellanea, placita, 

' Register of Aberbrotlioc, 338. etc., No. Y' 

The House of Goiirlay. 11 

persons, is named Patrick of Gurleghe, i^arson of the 
church of Loghorward, in the shire of Edinburgh. ^ 

On the 2:3d December 1292, Edward I., as overlord 
of the Kingdom of Scotland, intimated to William do 
Soulis, envoy from Scotland, his remission to William 
de Lamberton of a fine of ten merks, in which he was 
amerced by an assize, at the instance of Hugh de Gurlay, 
in reference to a tenement in Linton.- Hugh de Gurlay 
was, on the 24th May 1297, invited by Edward I., 
along with the young Earl of Carrick, afterwards King 
Kobert I., and James the Steward of Scotland, and 
many others, to accompany him in his proposed expedi- 
tion to Flanders.^* In the account rendered by Eobert 
Peebles, Chamberlain of Scotland, in 1328, there is 
included a payment of one hundred shillings to Hugh 
de Gurlay, by the King's mandate, for a certain old 

On the 24th July 1314, Edward II. granted at York, 
under his own Privy Seal, protections and safe conducts 
to John de Gourlay and Symon de Gourlay, who were 
about to proceed to France, along with William de 
Umfraville, in quest of money for the ransom of Sir 
Ingelram de Umfraville, a prisoner with the Scots.^ Sir 
Ingelram was jirobably made captive at the battle of 

On the 30th March 1359, Patrick Gourlay, bailie of 

1 Rotuli Scotia-, vol. i., 1h, 26. -i Exclierincr Rolls, vol. i., 216. 

= Ihid., 14=. 5 Privy Seals (Tower), 8 Edward II., 

' Close Roll, 25 Edward I., ni. 27. file 4. 

12 The House of Gourlay. 

Haddington, rendered to the Chamberlain at Dundee 
his account for that burgh.' 

On the 26th October 13(35, " John GouHay, merchant 
of Scotland," received permission to enter England 
with four companions ; and at the same date William 
Gourlay, " merchant of Scotland," with four companions, 
had a similar licence. - 

In August 1534, Mr Norman Gourlaj^, apparently a 
native of the Lothians, was, along with David Stratoun, 
of the house of Lauriston, charged with heresy in the 
Abbey Church of Holyrood. At the trial, James V., 
then in his twenty-second year, Avas present, clothed in 
red. Condemned to perish at the stake, the prisoners 
were, on the 27th August, borne to Greenside Well, 
and there burned. The sjiot of execution was selected 
so that the flames might be witnessed by, and strike 
terror among, the people of Fifeshire. Xorman Gourlay 
had denied the existence of purgatory, and affirmed that 
the Pope was Antichrist.^ 

On the site of Melbourne Place, at Edinburgh, stood 
a large mansion known as Robert Gourlay 's house, and 
having over the principal entrance the legend : " O 
Lord in thd is al my traist, 1569." Eobert Gourlay, the 
original owner, was a messenger-at-arms connected with 
Holyrood Abbey, an office bestowed upon him by the 
commendator, Adam Bothwell, Bishop of Orkney. An 

> Excheijucr Kolls, vol. i., 620. ^ CalderwooJ's History of the Cliurcli, 

- Kotuli Scotia-, vol. i., 897, a/b. i., 104-107. 

The Hojise of Goicriay. 13 

elder of the church, he was, in May 1574, ordained to 
profess his repentance in St Giles' Church " for trans- 
porting wheat out of the countrie." ^ When, in 1581, 
about to suffer death, the Regent Morton was for two 
days detained in Eobert Gourlay's house under a strong 
guard ; - and there ensued those remarkable con- 
ferences between him and certain ministers, in which, 
while protesting his innocence of Darnley's murder, he 
admitted his foreknowledge of it. 

John, the eldest son of Robert Gourlay, erected a 
house at the foot of the alley which conducted to his 
father's mansion, and in this structure was the Bank of 
Scotland accommodated from its establishment in 1695 
till the year 1805. 

On the 8th August 1588, David Gourlay, described 
as a son of Robert Gourlay, merchant-burgess of Edin- 
burgh, entered into a contract of marriage with Marion, 
daughter of Robert Primrose, chirurgeon-burgess of 
Edinburgh. To this contract are named as approvers, 
on the part of David, his father and mother, Robert 
Gourlay and Helen Cuik, also his brother John. And 
he becomes bound to infeft his future wife in an annual- 
rent of £80 out of the lands of Elryk Myrick, in Balna- 
gowan, Wigtonshire.' 

On the 2d December 1627, David Gourlay, son of the 
deceased David Gourlay, merchant-burgess of Edin- 

' Caklenvood's History of the Church, - Ibid., iii., 5;)6. 

ii., 328. ' Register of Deeds, vol. .\xx., fol. .348. 

14 Tlie House of G our lay. 

burgh, granted an obligation to Allan Lockhart, brother- 
german to the laird of Cleghorn, for the sum of £1000.' 

At Linhthgow, on the 17th May 1606, Gilbert 
Gourlay, in Redheuch, entered into a contract for the 
marriage of Jean Gourlay, daughter of his late brother 
Michael Gourlay, with Alexander Glen, son of the late 
John Glen of Inneraven, in Fife. A witness to the 
contract is Patrick Gourlay, portioner of Redheuch.^ 

James Gourlay, portioner of Dalkeith, granted in 
October 1638 an obligation toMr John Oswald, minister 
at Pencaitland, for 100 merks.^ 

John Gourlay of Rowlwood, in Roxburghshire, is 
named upon an inquest, expede on the 15th February 
1497-8/ At Jedburgh, on the 20th June 1640, John 
Gourlay of Rowlwood engaged in a contract with 
William Turnbull, in Hassendenebank, as to the pay- 
ment of an annual-rent out of his lands of Rowlwood.^ 

' Register of Deeds, Tol. XXX., fol. 348. Mlistorical Commissioners' Report, 

" IhiA. vii., Appendix 729. 

' Ihid. 5 Fife Register of Sasines, vol. 84. 


families in Jfifcsbirc. 


Hugh de Gourlay, grandson of Ingelram de Guvley, 
the original settler in Scotland, held lands in the 
Lothians, and in Fifeshire.' Dying early in the reign 
of Alexander II., he was in his lands succeeded by 
his son Hugh. This gentleman made a donation to 
the Monastery of Newbottle. In the charter or gift, 
he is designed "Hugo de Gourlay, filius Hugonis."- In 
1272 he is witness to a confirmation ))y Bishop William 
Wishart of St Andrews of the churches of Innerwyc 
and Lygerwod.' He died early in the reign of 
Alexander III., leaving two sons, William and Hugh. 

Hugh de Gourlay, the second son, became steward 
to the Earl of Dunbar. As witness to a donation to 
the monks of Coldingham in 12(51, he is designed 
"Hugo de Gourlay, senescallus comitis de Dunbar."* 

William de Gourlay, elder son of Hugh, succeeded 
to the family estates. He is named in a donation to 
the Monastery of Newbottle. He died prior to 1290, 
leaving a son William. 

William acquired lands in different localities. To 
the Monastery of Newbottle he granted certain lands 

' See supra. ^ Chartulary of Paisli-j-. 

'- Cliartulary of Newbottle, p. 94. ■• Wiits of Coldiiigliaiii, p. 58. 

18 The House of Gonrlay. 

lying- neai- Arthur's Ooii, in the county of StirHng. 
In the charter, which is dated 'id July 1293, he is 
designed " Willielmus de Gourlay, filius et haires 
Willielmi de Gourlay." ' He died in the reign of King 
Robert the Bruce, and was in his lands succeeded by 
his son Simon de Gourlay, who became coroner of 

Simon de Gourlay of Kincraig married Elizabeth, 
daughter and heiress of John Alderston of that ilk. 
In the year 1345 she conveyed the barony of Alderstt)n 
to her husband, reserving her liferent. Simon de 
Gourlay annexed the estate of Alderston to his barony 
of Kincraig. He had two sons, John and William. 
John, the elder son, died young and unmarried. 

William, the second son, succeeded to the family 
estate. He died towards the close of the reign of 
David II., leaving two sons, John and William. 

John of Kincraig, the elder son, married a daughter 
of Sir Walter Bickerton of Luffness or Aberlady, a 
notable baron in the reign of Robert III." Dying 
without surviving issue, he was succeeded by his 
brother William, who, being of extravagant habits, 
alienated a portion of the family estate. He was 
father of Alexander Gourlay, who in 1394 obtained a 
warrant from Robert III. " for recognoscing in his 
Majesty's hands, some acres of land in the barony of 
Kincraig, which his father had mortified to the church 

' Cliartulary of Newbottle, p. 96. - Nisbet's Heraldry, vol. i., p. 349. 

The House of G our lay. 19 

of St Monancc, without the consent of the Superior."^ 

Alexander Gourhxy married a daughter of 

Lauder of Balcomie,- by whom he had a son, John, 
who, on the 30th July 1431, was served heir to 
his father in the lands of Aklerston, Plewlands, 
Caponflat, and others, in the constabulary of Had- 
dington.^ In 1457, John Gourlay of Kincraig 
witnesses the rectification of the boundaries of King- 
horn, Wester and Easter; also in 14(5(5, the rectification 
of the lands of Gaytmilk (Goatmilk), in the parish 
of Kinglassie. He died in the reign of James II., and 
was succeeded by his son, John Gourlay, who in 1443 
married Elizabeth, daughter of James Abercrombie 
of Balcormo.* Upon his father's resignation, John 
Gourlay, on the 28 th April 1444, received from James, 
Bishop of St Andrews, a charter of the lands of 
Innergelly and others. He had two sons, John and 

Alexander, the second son, was by his brother John, 
on the 7th January 14(57, appointed bailie of his barony 
of Aklerston.^ 

John, the elder son, succeeded to Kincraig. As 
" John Gourlay of Kincraig," he is named on an 
inquest which, on the 19th May 1489, found that Sir 
Norman Leslie was heir of the late Sir David of 

1 Warrant in possession of the family. •'Marriage Contract in possession of 

■ Wood's East Neuk of Fife, pp. 37, the family. 

' Retour in possession of the family. '' Family Tapers. 

20 The House of Gourlay. 

Leslie, in the barony of Balinbreck.' He married 

Margaret, daughter of ■ INIonypenny of Pitmilly, 

and by her had a son, Alexander. 

On the 14th May 1491, Alexander Gourlay had 
confirmed to him a charter, whereby his grandfather, 
John Gourlay of Kincraig, conveyed to him the lands 
of Alderston and others.' On the 14th May 1492, he 
had a charter under the Great Seal of the lands of 
Alderston, Reddercraig, and others ; and in 1495 he 
had sasine of the lands of Kincraig.'* On the 7th July 
1511, James IV. granted to Alexander Gourlay of Kin- 
craig and his heirs, three-eighth parts of Uchtirmairnie, 
in the territory of Kennochy (Kennoway), which hauls 
were lately adjudged to be in the King's hands.* 

Alexander Gourlay of Kincraig married Helen, 
daughter of John Cockburn of Ormiston, by whom he 
had a son, William ; also a daughter, Margaret. 

Margaret Gourlay married Patrick Blackadder of 
Dnndaff ; they had, on the 13th April 1542, a charter 
of the lands of DundafF. 

William Gourlay had, on the 26th August 1538, a 
charter of half the lands of Kincraig, and of Auchter- 
mairnie and others, which he had resigned into the 
King's hands.^ By another charter under the Great 
Seal, dated the 12th June 1540, he and his wife, Janet 

' Fourth Report of Historical Cominis- ^ Excliequer Rolls, vol. x. 

sioners : Rothes Family Papers, app. 503. ■* Registerof the Great Seal, book xvii.> 

"- Register of the Great Seal, book xii., No. 5S. 

No. 370. ' Jhid , book xxvi. , No. 111. 

77/6' House of G our lay. 21 

Forman, received half the lands of Kincraig ; also the 
lands of Alderston, Caponflat, Plewlands, Pethdales, 
and others, in the constabulary of Haddington, which 
the King incorporated into the free barony of Kincraig/ 

William Gourlay of Kincraig married, secondly, 
Janet Kellie ; he died in or prior to 1560.^ 

In the barony of Kincraig, William Gourlay was 
succeeded by his son, Alexander. On the 6th August 
1579, James VI. confirmed a charter whereby William 
Lundy, of that ilk, granted to Alexander Gourlay half 
the lands of Kincraig.^ 

Alexander Gourlay of Kincraig married Janet, 
daughter of Thomas Scott of Abbotshall, who survived 
liini, and died before 1607. Of the marriage were 
born two sons, Thomas and William. William, the 
second son, married Elizabeth Balfour.* 

Dying about the year 1600, Alexander Gourlay was 
succeeded by Thomas, his eldest son. On the 17th 
July 1600, Thomas Gourlay had under the Great Seal 
confirmed to him the lands of Gordonshall, which he 
had purchased from John Borthwick of Balhouffie.^ 
Thomas Gourlay married Barbara, daughter of Robert 
Paterson of Dunmure. Under the Great Seal, he and 
his wife had, on the 15th February 1587, a charter of 
the lands and barony of Kincraig. 

'Register of the Great Seal, book MVood's East Nuke of Fife, p. 258. 
xxviii., No. 17. 

= Wood's East Neuk of Fife, p. 258. = Register of the Great Seal, book xlii., 

' Reg. Great Seal, book x.xxv., No. SO. No. 70. 

22 The House of Goitrlay. 

Thomas Gourlay of Kincraig died in February 1G27 ; 
and his testament-dative was, on the 14th of the follow- 
ing March, given up by David Brown of Finmonth 
as a creditor.^ 

By his wife, Barbara Paterson, Thomas Gourlay had 
a son, William. 

William Gourlay, son of Thomas Gourlay, married 
Jean, daughter of James Macgill of Nether Rankeillor ; 
their Marriage Contract is dated 1st April 1609. 
William predeceased his father, leaving a son, Thomas ; 
also a daughter, Janet, who married William Dudding- 
ston of Sandford." 

From his grandfather, Thomas Gourlay of Kincraig, 
Thomas, son of William, had, on the 29th May 1612, a 
charter of "the sunny half of Kincraig."^ In 1631, 
Thomas succeeded to the barony. He was, as one of 
the Committee of Parliament in 1644, ardently attached 
to the cause of Charles I. At the Restoration, he, in 
reward of service, received the honour of knighthood. 
A member of the Archery Company of St Andrews, 
he was winner at the competition in 1642, and conse- 
quently had the privilege of attaching a silver medal, 
inscribed with his name and arms, to one of the Com- 
pany's silver arrows. The aiTow, with two others, 
bearing seventy-nine medals, is preserved at St 
Andrews in the Museum of the United College. As 

' St AnJrew's Com. Keg. ' Register of the Great Seal, book 

2 Wood's East Neuk of Fife, p. 258. xlvii., No. 104. 

The House of Go2crlay. 23 

" Sir Thomas Gourlay of Kiucraig, Knight," he had, on 
the 19th September 1653, sasine of a mansion and 
portion of ground at Elie.* He was a Commissioner of 
Supi:)ly for Fife and Kinross in 1655, 1656, and 1659/ 
He died about 1670. 

Sir Thomas Gourhay married Janet, daughter of 
Kobert Bruce of Pitlogie,^ by whom he had two sons, 
Thomas and John ; also two daughters, Jane and 

Jane, elder daughter, married, 26th June 1656, 
Eobert Lentrone, Provost of St Andrews, with issue a 
son, James, baptized 23d April 1657.* 

Margaret, second daughter, was baptized on the 12th 
March 1642.' She married, 28th December 1665, 
Nathaniel Spens of Lathallan ; " a sasine proceeding 
on their marriage contract is dated 3d November 1665.' 
On the 3d March 1670, she received, in liferent, a 
charter of the east half of the lands of Lathallan, on 
her husband's resignation.* She had a son, Thomas.^ 

John, younger son of Sir Thomas Gourlay, studied 
medicine, first at Edinburgh, and afterwards in Paris ; he 
thereafter practised as a physician at Ehe, in Fife. In 
1660 he married Margaret, daughter of Dr Sharp, 

' Fife Kegister of Sasines, vol. xviii., ^ Kilconquliar Parish Register, 

foj 3g^_ ' Fife Register of Sasines, new series, 

" Acta Pari. Scot, VI., Part ii., 847. vol. iii. 

' Fife Register of Sasines, vol. ix^ , fol. ^ Regi.ster of the Great Seal, book l.\v. 

168, 169. No. 88. 

■* Kilcoiiquhar Parish Register. ' ihid. 

' Ibid. 

24 The House of Goiirlay. 

physician in Edinburgh.' On the occasion of his 
marriage, he received from his father a small portion 
of the Alderston estate.- He died in 1607, leaving 
two daughters, Margaret and Helen. ^ 

Thomas, the elder son, died in 1661, predeceasing 
his father. He married, 24th July 1657, Margaret, 
daughter of William Forbes, younger of Rires, by whom 
he had three sons ; also a daughter, Margaret, who 
married first, her cousin, Thomas Spens of Lathallan ; 
and secondly, the Kev. Hew Kemp, minister at 

Of the three sons of Thomas Gourlay and Margaret 
Forbes, Arthur, born posthumously, and baptized 1st 
March 1662,* died young. 

Thomas, the eldest son, baptized 8th October 1658,^ 
succeeded his grandfather in the barony of Kincraig. 
Of remarkable strength, no one might venture to wrestle 
with him ; and when the mansion of Kincraig was 
being erected, and a lintel gave way, he sustained the 
weight on his shoulders till a support was provided." 
He died in April 1683, unmarried.' 

William Gourlay, second son of Thomas Gourlay and 
Margaret Forbes, was baptized 17th January 1660.* In 
1683 he succeeded his brother in the barony of Kincraig, 

' Wood's East Neuk of Fife, pp. 173, ^ Kilconquhar Parish Register. 

258. « Wood's East Neuk of Fife, p. 258. 

'- Fife Ri'g. of Sasines, new series, vol. i. 'Fife Register of Sasines, 27tli May 

' Wood's East Neuk of Fife, p. 528. 1685. 
* Kilcoiiijuhar Parish Register. * Kilconquhar Parish Register. 

The House of Gourlay. 25 

and died in December 1718.^ He married Jean, only 
child of John Lessells, Provost of Haddington. He 
had three sons — Thomas, William, and John ; also three 

Janet, the eldest daughter, married Captain Reid of 
the Dragoons, with issue a daughter, who married 
Ker of Cavers. 

Helen, second daughter, died unmarried. 

Jean, third daughter, married Dr John Scott of 

Of the sons, Thomas, the eldest, predeceased his 

William, second son, succeeded to Kincraig, and died 
in 1776.- He married a daughter of George Seton of 
Pitmedden (who died in 1792), with issue a son, George, 
and a daughter, Mary Anne. 

Mary Anne Gourlay married Dr Tait, surgeon in 
Elie, and died in 1776, without issue.'^ 

George Gourlay, younger of Kincraig, married in 
1757 Margaret, only child of William Robertson, of 
the family of Bedlay, Writer to the Signet. He pre- 
deceased his father, dying prior to the 14th January 
1774, when his testament-dative was given up by his 
son William, and his daughters Margaret and Mary.* 

William, only son of George Gourlay, succeeded to 

1 St Andrews Com. Reg., 14tli Novem- ^ Wood's East Neuk of Fife, p. 259. 

ber 1719. '' St Andrews Com. Keg., 14tb January 

= Ihkl., 24tli May 1777. 1774. 

26 The House of Gourlay. 

the barony of Kincraig on the death of his grandfather 
in 1776.^ In 1792 he died unmarried. 

John, third son of William Gourlay and Jean Lessells, 
settled in Haddington as a wine merchant. He married 
Elizabeth, daughter of David Plenderleath of Kailzie, 
by whom he had a son, William. This gentleman some 
time practised as a jjliysician in Madeira, and in 1792 
succeeded his cousin William in the barony of Kincraig. 
He died on the 18th November 1827, aged sixty-six. 
He is commemorated on a mural tablet at the family 
burying-place in Kilconquhar churchyard. 

William Gourlay of Kincraig married first, in 1787, 
Catherine, daughter of Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt, 
of America, by whom he had a son, John ; also four 

John Gourlay, who succeeded his father in the barony 
of Kincraig, died in December 1833 unmarried, and 
was in the lands succeeded by his cousin IMargaret 
Gourlay, daughter of George, and grand-daughter of 
William, of Kincraig. She died in 1846 unmarried, and 
was succeeded by her cousin, Catherine, eldest daughter 
of William Gourlay of Kincraig. 

Catherine Gouiiay, latterly of Kincraig, married, first. 
Captain Roden Douglas, Royal Navy, and, secondly, 
James Bean, of Madeira. She died in December 1864. 

Elizalieth, second daughter of William Gourlay of 
Kincraig, died unmarried. 

' St Andrews Com. Reg., 24th May 1777. 

TJie House of Gourlay. 27 

Gertrude, fourth claugliter, died unmarried. 
Jean Plenderleath, third daughter, married John 
Austin, General in the Portuguese service, and settled 
in Madeira. She died in 1823, leaving a son and three 

William Edmund Craufurd Austin, only son of 
General Austin and Jean Plenderleath Gourlay, born 
in 1821, succeeded his aunt, Catherine Gourlay, as 
proprietor of Kincraig, when he assumed the additional 
name of Gourlay. He is M.A., and Kector of Stanton 
St John, Oxfordshire. He married in 1SG3 Emily, 
daughter of Captain Frederick Blair, E.N., without 

Elizabeth Page, eldest daughter of General Austin, 
by his wife Jean Plenderleath Gourlay, died in 
1879 unmarried. 

Susan Arbuthnot Craufurd, second daughter, married 
the Eev. William Gorst Harrison, Rector of Easington, 
in the county of Durham, Avith issue a son, Gilbert 
Eliot, Lieutenant Pvoyal Navy; also nine daughters- 
Gertrude, Susan, Kathleen, Emily, Julia, Winifred, 
Eachel, Decima, and Beatrice. 

Anna Maria Margaret Catherine, third daughter, 
married Lieutenant William Charles Callow, who died 
in lsr)3. 

AVilliam Gourlay of Kincraig married secondly, in 
1822, Mary, only daughter of James Mackintosh (who 
died in 1879) ; she bad two daughters. Marion Bean, 
the elder daughter, died unmarried on the 27th February 

28 The House of Gourlay. 

1888. Helen, younger daughter, died unmarried on 
the 30th December 1845. 

The family arms, sable; an eagle displayed argent, 
armed and beaked gules. Crest : such another eagle 
issuing out of the torss. Motto : Profunda cernit. 

jfaniilics at Xaroo, jral[Uau&, an& Hvino's llxcttle. 

In the Revenue lieturns for 1486-1492, Thomas 
Gourlay is, under the " Quarter of Falkland," entered 
as tenant of the Mill of Aldhall.' 

In the rental of 1492-1500 of the "Quarter of Largo," 
James Gourlay appears as tenant of an eighth of 
Newton Rires.' Patrick Gourlay was subsequently 
tenant at Newton Ilires.^ 

In the rental of 1492-1500, John Gourlay is named 
as tenant of "a fourth of Kettle."* At Perth, on the 
29th September 1541, James V. granted in feu ferme 
to John Gourlay, son and heir of the late John Gourlay, 
a quarter of the land of Katill (Kettle).^ 

On the 23d January 1589, Walter Gourlay, portioner 
of King's Kettle, executed his will. He appointed his 
wife, Isobel Lummisdain, as his executrix, and provided 

' Excheqviev Rolls, vol. x. Newton Rires is now iucliuluJ in the 

- Ihid. estate of Cliarletoii. 

' Wood'.s East Neiik of Fife, ]i. 6.3. * Exchequer Rolls, vol. x. 

^ Register of the Great Seal, xxviii., 54S. 

The House of Gourlay. 29 

that in the event of her second marriage, Walter 
Heriot of Eamorgany (Ramornie), and j\Ir Thomas 
Lummisdain, "persoun of Kinkell," should become 
tutors to his eldest son/ 

On the 26th December 1605, Walter Gourlay, son 
and heir of the deceased Walter Gourlay, portioner of 
King's Kettle, obtained sasine of the fourth part of 
the lands of King's Kettle.^ 

families at 2)v'sart, Mcin\>65, Scoonie, lEIic, 
an& anstrutbcr. 

At Edinburgh, on the 14th April 1513, Eobert 
Gourlay, burgess of Dysart, and Grissel Wemyss, his 
spouse, had a charter of the lands of Hauch, on the 
resignation of Andrew Kynnynmonth.^ 

Magnus Gourlay, burgess of Wester Wemyss, granted, 
on the 31st August 1622, an obligation to Thomas 
Alexander of Drumeldrie, for £215.'' 

On the 3d February 1659, Thomas Gourlay, in 
Scoonie, and Christian Pittillok, his wife, had sasine 
in a tenement in the sea-town of Largo/ 

1 St Andrews Cora. Register. ^ Register of Deeds, vol. 350. 

- Fifeshire Register of Sasines. ■'' Fifeshire Register of Sasines, vol. 

^ Register of Great Seal, xviii., 152. xxi., fol. 23. 

00 Tlie Ho7ise of Goitrlay. 

Scions of the House of Goiirlay of Kincraig had 
settled at Elie, ia or prior to the seventeenth century. 
At the baptism of a chikl of George Gourhiy, in Elie, 
on the 12th June 1672, the laird of Kincraig was a 
witness.^ George Gourlay was captain of a coasting 
vessel, and owner of the eighth of " The Hopewell of 
Anstruther," and tenth of " The ]\Iargaret of Elie." 
He died in March 1776, when his "free gear" was 
valued at £2467, 6s. 8d. He bequeathed £100 for "a 
handsome burial stane to be placed abune his corps ; " 
and made provision that in the failure of his own 
children, his substance should be inherited by the 
children of his brother John, skipper or ship-captain 
in Anstruther.^ 

At Elie, on the west of Auchmuty's Wynd, and 
close to the sea, a large house of castellated form, 
and evidently built in the sixteenth century, was the 
property of the Kincraig family. It was probably 
used as a marine residence.' 

1 Elie Parish Register. = St Andrews Com. Reg., May 2, 1676. 

» Wood's East Neuk of Fife, p. 66. 

The House of G our lay. 31 

jfatnil^ at ©unfcrmlinc. 

To a Precept by Archbishop James Beaton of St 
Andrews, for the mduction of Sir Walter Stewart to 
the parish church of St Ninian's of Kirktown, dated 
at the Abbey of Dunfermline 10th November 1527, 
Alexander Gourlay is a witness.' 

At Tori-y, on the 7 th April 1542, a charter of sale 
was granted by Henry Stewart of Rossyth to Mar- 
garet Gourlay, lady of Torry, in liferent, and to 
Patrick Blacater, her son, in fee, of the lands of 
Dundufi", in the barony of Rossyth. One of the 
witnesses is James Gourlay. ' 

To a Precept of Sasine, dated at Dunfermline 3d 
March 15-44, Thomas Gourlay is a witness. Thomas 
Gourlay and his wife had, about the year 1555, a 
charter of feu ferme of the seventeenth part of Over 
Grange of South Ferry.^ 

Between the years 1555 and 1583, William Durie 
and Jeanne Gourlay, his wife, had a charter of feu 
ferme of a foui'th part of the lands of Newlands ; they 
had also a charter of the lands of Kelty.* On the 7th 
June 1566, Robert, Archdean of St Andrews, granted 
to William Durie and Jean Gourlay, his wife, in free 
tenement, a charter of the lands of Medo-end, in the 
regality of Dunfermline.' 

' Chartulary of Cambuskentutli, p. ■' Register of Dunfermline. 

157. •■ Ihid. 

- Register of Great Seal, xxviii., 178. * Register of Great Seal, xxxiii., 13. 

32 The House of G our lay. 

Jfamili? at Ikinobont. 

About the year 1555 John Gourlay of Kincraig 
received " an assedation " of the eighteenth part of Over 
Grange of Kinghorn Wester.^ 

On the 16th November 1619, Archibakl Gourlay, 
burgess of Kinghorn, executed his Will ; he appointed 
as his executrix his wife, Elspeth Glen." 

George Gourlay, skipper-burgess of Kinghorn, and 
his wife, Marion Cunningham, had in December 1646 
sasine of eighty merks out of tenements of land called 
Killeraik of Kinghorn.^ 

On the 18th June 1706, William Gourlay, burgess of 
Kinghorn, received from William Edmond an obligation 
for £70." 

^ Kegister of Dunfermline. * Register of Deeds, vol. cx.x.\ii., May 

- St Andrews Commissariot Register. 11, 1707. 
^ Fifesliire Re"ister of Sasines. 

The House of Gotirlay. 33 

IfamiUcs in Ceres. 

A brancli of the fomily of Kincraig settled in the 
parish of Ceres early in the seventeenth century. On 
the 18th May 1629, Thomas Mortoun at Pitscottie, 
a deacon of the parish church of Ceres, and his wife 
Margaret Gourlay, had a child baptized, one of the 
witnesses being Sir John Hope of Craighall.^ 

On the 7th October 1674, Thomas Gourlay, tenant 
in Baldirran, parish of Ceres, received sasine of an 
annual-rent of £80 out of the lands of Baltullie and the 
lands of Kirkland.^ His testament-dative was on the 
19th February 1683 given up by his widow, on behalf 
of Thomas Gourlay, their only son, — his free gear being 
valued at £959, Is. 8d.^ 

John Gourlay, farmer in Kinninmonth, parish of 
Ceres, died in December 1695. In his inventory, given 
up by his widow, his " free gear " is valued at £369.* 
John Gourlay married, in June 1674, Elizabeth Carstares, 
of the parish of Kilconquhar.^ His son John, farmer 
at Denhead in the parish of Ceres, died prior to the 
10th November 1723.'^ 

John Gourlay, farmer at Denhead, had by his wife, 

1 Ceres Parish Register. Carstares was a member of the handeJ 

''■ Fifeshire Register of Sasines. family of Carstares of Kilconquhar, to 

' St Andrews Com. Register. wliicli belonged the celebrated Principal 

4 7Ji(i. Carstares of Edinburgh. 

= Ceres Parish Register. Elizabeth " Ceres Parish Register. 

34 The House of Gourlay. 

Helen Black, an eldest son Robert, who was born 27th 
October 1704.^ He succeeded to his father's lease of 
Denhead farm, and on the 14th November 1737 received 
in feu the mill lands of Craigrothie.^ He married 
Barbara, daughter of William Beath, residing at Kilmuck, 
parish of Scoonie, and by her had four sons, William, 
John, Oliver, and David.* 

Oliver, the third son, was baptized on the ISth 
August 1740. Having some years engaged in legal 
pui'suits at Edinburgh, he returned to his native county. 
In April 1774 he had sasine of the lands of Newton 
Leys, Bonnybanks, Newbigging, and others, in the 
parish of Ceres ; and in April 1779 he obtained the 
lands of Balhilly, Craigrothie Mill, and the Mains of 

In acquiring these and other lands, Oliver Gourlay 
was led to believe that by a course of high farming he 
would attain opulence. Ardent in his enterprises, he 
in 1780 invited the Town Council of St Andrews to 
construct a superior road between their city and his 
estate, assuring them that thereby they " would eternize 
their names." * Impressed by his agricultural activities, 
capitalists extended to him a large credit, so that 
prior to 1803 he was enabled to purchase the estate 
of Kilmaron, near Cupar-Fife, of which the modern 

' Ceres Parish Register. ^ Ceres Parish Hegist-.T. 

^ Fifeshire Register of Sasines. ■* Fifeshire Register of Sasiues. 

'' St Andrews Town Council Reconis. 

The House oj Gourlay. 35 

rental was upwards of £3000.^ But Mr Gourlay failcl 
in his agricultural adventures, and disposing of his 
lands, he retired from public concerns. He died on 
the 10th October 1S19 in his eightieth year.- 

Oliver Gourlay married in 1774 Janet, only daughter 
of Thomas Fleming, tenant in Nether Friarton ; she 
died 10th October 1827 at the age of seventy- 
three.^ Of the marriage were born two sons, Robert 
Fleming and Thomas ; also five daughters, Catharine, 
Barbara, Janet, Helen, and Margaret.* 

Robert Fleming Gourlay, the elder son, was born on 
the 24th March 1778.' After studying for several 
sessions at the University of St Andrews, he began a 
political career by printing a pamphlet on Reform, and 
covertly distributing copies throughout the county. 
As his opinions were extreme, and his mode of pro- 
pagating them obnoxious, it was determined to charge 
him with sedition. From this difficulty Mr Gourlay 
made an escape by removing to England and there 
renting a small farm at Deptford in Kent. Subsequently 
emigrating to Canada, he there acquired a large tract 
of land, on which he endeavoured to induce his country- 
men to make settlements. On the resources of Canada 
he published a work in three volumes ; also a number 
of pamphlets. Returning from America, he made a 

' Parliamentary Keturns — Lands and ' Tombstone Inscription in Ceres 

Heritages, 1874. churchyard. 

- Tombstone Inscription in Ceres ■* IHd. 

churchyard. '^ Ceres Parish Register. 

3t) The House of Goiirlay. 

progress throughout Great Britain setting forth his 
views on public affairs, more especially on emigration. 
Having experienced some inattention at the hands of 
Henry, afterwards Lord Brougham, he in the lobby of 
the House of Commons attacked him with a horsewhip?, 
an escapade which led to his being sent to prison. 
During a long career he committed many other 
extravagances ; but in private life he was generous, 
humane, and circumspect. He died on the 1st August 
1863, at the age of eighty-five. In the family burying- 
ground at Ceres, he has been careful to denote his 
descent from " Ingelramus Gourlay, who came from 
England with Prince William about the year 1174." 

Robert Fleming Gourlay was twice mai'ried, but his 
race is extinct in the male line. 

The House of Goiirlay. 37 

Jfanulico at St an&rc\vcn 

William Gourlay, one of the collectors of customs at 
St Andrews, rendered his account on the 14th Juno 
1403, also on the 8th July 1404, and on the 22d March 

David Gourlay of Southfield, parish of Largo, died 
on the 8th October 1627." By his second wife, Christian 
Eamsay, he had two sons, Alexander and Robert. 

Alexander, the elder son, succeeded his father 
in the lands of Southfield, which, on the 29th July 
1630, he sold to his brother Eobert.^ On the 13tli 
June 1628, he, on a charter from Archbishop John 
Spottiswood of St Andrews, had sasine of half the 
lands of PolduflF, otherwise called Smiddiegreen, in 
the lordship of Byrehills (Boarhills).* From Smiddie- 
green he, prior to 1636, removed to the farm of 
Lamboletham, which he took on lease/ On the 10th 
June 1645 he had sasine of a tenement of land at 

Alexander Gourlay married Susannah Jardine, by 
whom he had three sons, Alexander, James, and David ; 
also three daughters, Margaret, Marjory, and Janet. 

1 KxchequerEolls, vol. iii., p. 571. ■* Fifeshire Register of Sasines, vol. 

- .St Andrews Com. Register. vii., fol. 257. 

' Rff'ister of Deeds, vol. 470. ^ St Andrews Parish Registej-. 

^ Fifesliire Register of Sasines, vol. xv. 

38 The House of Gourlay. 

At the baptism of Alexander, the eklest son, on the 
27th September 16'29, the Archdean of St Andrews 
was a witness.' 

To Thomas Gourlay, advocate in St Andrews, and 
his wife, INIargaret Clephane, Sir Alexander Drummond 
of Gibliston granted a bond for 500 merks ; it is dated 
at St Aiidrews 5th November 1629." 

On the 29th June 1649, David Gourlay, son and 
heir of the late David Gourlay, citizen of St Andrews, 
obtained sasine on a precept from Chancery, as heir 
to his father, in nine acres and two roods of arable 
land in the neighbourhood of the burgh.^ 

To Walter Gourlay and his wife, Bessie Watson, at 
St Andrews, was baptized, on the 18th April 1628, a 
son, Robert.* Robert settled as a trader in his 
native city. He manned Margaret Dishart, by whom 
he had three sons, William, James, and John.® 

John, the third and youngest son, was baptized on 
the 27th August 1667." Conducting business as a 
manufacturer in St Andrews, he attained a measure of 
opulence. By his wife, Agnes Miller, he had a son, 

Robert Gourlay, son of John Gourlay and Agnes 
Miller, was born on the 28th September 1707. Obtain- 
ing a share of, and ultimately succeeding to, his father's 

' St Andrews Parisli Register. * St Andrews Parish Register. 

- Register of Deeds, vol. 498. ^ Ihid. 

^ Fifeshire Register of Sasines, vol. xi., ^ Hid. 
fol. 122. 

The House of Gourlay. 39 

business, he was, prior to 1748, elected Deacon of his 
craft. He also became clerk to the Kirk Session of St 
Leonard's parish.' He died on the 18th February 1791 
at the age of eighty-four. - 

liobert Gourlay married Anna Brown, by whom he 
had three sons, John, Robert, and Charles.* Robert, 
second son, born 30th May 1751, settled in St Andrews 
as a merchant, and was in 1792 elected Convener of the 
Incorporated Trades.* He died at St Andrews on the 
1st of September 1811 at the age of sixty.^ By his wife, 
Agnes Liddell, he had six sons — Robert, John, Charles, 
John Brown, Thomas, and James ; also two daughters." 

Agnes Cree, elder daughter, born 29tli November 
1786, married in 1807 Alexander Kay, with issue. 

Anne, younger daughter, born 4th March 1796, 
married Francis Hamilton, with issue. 

Of the sons, Robert, born 18th January 1789, married 
Janet Marshall, of Chapelton, Lanarkshire ; he died in 
1852, without issue. John died in infancy. Charles, 
born 1st December 1792, died in 1863 unmarried. 

John Brown, born 12th September 1799, settled in 
Glasgow, and there died in 1878. By his wife, Sarah 
Langlands, who died in 1887, he had three sons and 
four daughters — (1.) Robert, eldest son, born in 1825, is a 

• St Andrews Parislx Register. ' St Andrews Parish Register. 

2 St .\ndrews Deatlis' Register. On liis * Ibid. 
tombstone in St Andrews churchyard, the ° St Andrews Deaths' Register. Tomb- 
sculptor has erroneously described his stone Inscription. 
age as fifty-four. ° St Andrews Parish Register. 

40 The House of Gourlay. 

merchant in Glasgow ; he married his cousin Agnes 
Gourlay, with issue two sons, John, Ijorn 27th May 
1867, and Eobert James, born 26th February 1873 ; 
also four daughters, Jane, Sarah, Agnes (deceased), and 
Annie : (2.) William, second son, born in 1827, settled in 
London, married Margaret Finlay, without issue : (3.) 
John, third son, born in 1836, is a chartered accountant 
in Glasgow; he married Elizabeth Nash, only daughter of 
the Rev. Andrew Murray, with issue seven sons — John 
George, born in 1870, died in infancy ; Andrew JNIurray, 
born in 1871; WiUiam Robert, born in 1874; Charles 
Aikman, born in 1877 ; Henry, born in 1880 ; James 
Nash, born in 1881 ; John Brown, born in 1884, died in 
infancy ; also two daughters — Elizabeth Nasli, born in 
1872, died in infancy ; and Sarah Langlands, born in 1876. 

Of the four daughters of John Brown Goui'lay, 
Margaret, born in 1829, and Sarah, born in 1834 
are unmarried. Agnes, third daughter, born in 1838, 
married Charles B. Aikman, solicitor in Glasgow, 
without issue. Isabella, fourth daughter, born in 1842, 
married Thomas Clark, Largs, with issue a son. 

Thomas, fifth son of Robert Gourlay and Agnes 
Liddell, born 16th October 1802, died young and 

James, youngest son of Robert Gourlay, born at St 
Andrews on the 3d June 1804, was one of the leading- 
accountants in Gla.sgow. After retiring from business, 
he in 1855 accepted an agency for the Bank of Scotland 
at Laurieston in the same city. A magistrate of 

The House of Gonrlay. 41 

Glasgow, lie was a chief promoter of the Loch Katrine 
Water Scheme. He died in May 1877. In 1830 he 
married Jeanie Cleland (who died in September 1870), 
with issue, one son and four daugliters. 

Agnes, the eldest daughter, born 15th December 
1833, married, in 1859, her cousin, Robert Gourlav, 
with issue. 

Jane, second daughter, born in February 1836, died 
ill 1886, unmarried. 

Annie, third daughter, born 26th April 1838, 
married, in 1861, Henry Shaw Macpherson, merchant 
in Glasgow, with issue. 

Helen, ft)urth and youngest daughter, born 6th April 
1843, is unmarried. 

Robert, only son of James Gourlay and Jeanie Cleland, 
born 13th July 1840, is manager of the Bank of Scot- 
land, Glasgow, and a magistrate of the County of 
Lanark. He married in INLarch 1868, INIary Brown 
Hastings Moffat, Gateside, Kirkconnel, Dumfriesshire, 
Avho died 17th December 1877. Of the marriage 
were born three sons: James, born 1869; Robert 
Cleland, born 1871 ; Francis Nicholson Moffat, born 
1872; also two daughters, Agnes Jessie and INIary 
Moffiit, both of whom died in infancy. 


Jfaiiulice in lauavli^birc. 

On the 19th July 157G, James VI. confiniied a charter 
whereby, on the 3(1 May 1561, ]\Ir Arthur Hamilton, 
provost of the Collegiate Church of Hamilton, granted 
to Robert Gourlaw, familiar servitor of James, Duke of 
Chatelherault, a tenement of land, with houses, hedges, 
fruit-trees, etc., in the town of Hamilton, — also ten acres 
of land in Hamilton-hauch, in the barony of Hamilton.' 

William Gourlie, the eminent botanist, was born at 
Glasgow in March 1815, and died on the 24th June 

Robert Gourlaw, a native of Lanarkshire, was, on 
the 31st March 1602, ordained minister of Tillicoultry; 
he died in 1713.' 

1 Register of Great Seal, xxxiv., 636. = Fasti Eccl. Scot., ii., 740. 

46 The HoiLsc of Gourlay. 

Jfamilics in StirlinoiJbii-c. 

At Clackmannan, on the 13th June looO, Robert 
Gourlay, provost of Stirling, rendered to the chamber- 
lain his accounts for that burgh/ 

John Gourlay is, on the 28th February 1388-9, named 
as a landowner at Stirling.^ 

At Perth, on the 20th March 14G5-6, John Gourla)% 
one of the bailies of Stirling, rendered his account for 
that burgh. ^ 

On the 25th September 1479, John Gourlay is named 
as possessing lands at Stirling/ 

The late David Gurlay, owner of " two riggis," is 
named in a charter subscribed at Stirling on the 7tli 
February 1525-6/ 

On the 3d March 1642, a charter under the Great 
Seal was granted to Eobert Gourlay in Patrickstown of 
Lecky, in life-rent, and to Robert Gourlay, younger, his 
son, of the lands of Offerance of Lecky, commonly 
called Schyrgartoun, in the Stewartry of Menteith, on 
the resignation of Alexander Lecky of that Ilk." 

In the year 1666 Robert Gourlay of Little Kerse 
is named ; also his wife Bethia, daughter of Walter 
Graham of Meiklewood." 

1 Exchequer Rolls, i., 266. * Stirling Burgli Records. 

2 Stirling Burgli Charters, r- 23. ^ Stirling Burgh Charters, n\ 193, 194. 

3 Exchequer Rolls, iii., 637. * Register of the Great Seal, Ivii., 13. 

' Stirlingshire Com. l!eg., vol. vii. 

Tlie House of Goiirlay. 47 

On the 2d July 1G70, Robert Gourlay, eldest son of 
Robert Gourlay of Little Kersc, called Sliirgarton, is 
named in a sasine, with reference to the lands of Kip- 
darroch in the parish of Gargunnock.^ 

On the IGth and 21st November 1768, David Gourlay 
of Kijidarroch received a disposition of the lands ol 
Easter and Wester Callichat.- 

On the 9th May 1761, Mr James Gourlay, Preacher 
of the Gospel, son of Archibald Gourlay of Birkhill, 
near Stirling, granted a disposition of these lands 
in favour of George Muschet, merchant, Stirling.^ 
Licensed by the Presbytery of Glasgow on the 2d 
August 1758, he was ordained minister of Tillicoultry 
on the 25th September 1765. In 1772 he demitted 
his charge, and went to America/ 

Hugh Gourlay, licensed by the Presbytery of Stirling 
on the 26th April 1760, was ordained minister of 
Balfron on the 25th September of the same year. He 
died on the 11th January 1787, aged fifty-five. He 
married, first, Margaret Lauder ; secondly, 30th July 
1782, Elizabeth Colquhoun, with issue. 

' Stirlingshire Kegister of Sasines, 2d * Stirlingshire Register of Sasines, 2d 

series, vol. iv., fol. 186. series, vol. xxiv., fol. 465. 

- Ihid., vol. xxiii., fol. 175. * Fasti Eccl. Scot., ii., 741. 

48 The House oj Gojirlay. 

families in pcrtbebirc. 

On the 19tli December 1521, John BlackadJer, fiar 
of TuUiallan, and Mr Patrick Blaekadder, Arehdean of 
Glasgow, granted a charter to Alexander Livingston 
of Dunipace, and Alison Gourlay, his spouse, in life- 
rent, and to INIr Alexander Livingston, their son, 
heritably, of the lands of the Overtouu of TuUiallan.^ 

To a charter, granted on the 1st October 1527, by 
Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird, to the Abbey of 
Cambuskenneth, of an annual-rent of fourteen merks, 
from the lands of Arngrosk (Arngask), Alexander 
Gourlay is a witness." 

By the Regent Mary of Guise was, on the 7th 
August 1546, confirmed a charter, whereby William, 
Lord Crichtou of Sanquhar, granted to Thomas Gour- 
law of Ballendene, the fourth part of Ballendene, in the 
barony of Balledgarno, and shire of Perth. ^ On the 8th 
June 1556, the Queen Regent confirmed a charter, in 
which I'homas Gourlaw of Ballendene grants to Alex- 
ander Gourlaw, his son, the fourth part of Ballendene.^ 

At Culross, on the 18th June 1620, Gilbert Gourlay 
of Wester Gi'ange, in the Lordship of Culross, gave in 
loan to John Gaw of Maw the sum of 3000 merks, 
for which he received an annual-rent out of the lands 

' Register of the Great Seal, xxii., 42. ^Register of the Great Sial, .xxix., 370. 

- Register of Cambuskenneth, p. 38. ■* Ihid., xxx. , 491. 

The House of Gourlay. 49 

of Wester Eothe Wallis.^ On the 31st May 1637, 
Gilbert Gourlay of Wester Grange received from 
Andrew Brand, maltster-burgess of Culross, a bond 
for two hundred marks.' In 1(346 Gilbert Gourlay of 
Wester Grange was placed on the Committee of War 
for Perthshire.^ 

On the 28th April 1724, Archibald Gourlay received 
a disposition from William Govan, of the lands of 
Wester Carse of Boquhaple, in the parish of Kincar- 

Robert Gourlay of Wester Boquhaple had, on the 
12th February 1743, a charter of the lands of Brae in 

' Register of Deeds, vol. 310. •< Register of tlie Great Seal, xc , 

^ Ibid., vol. 506. 122. 

s Acta Pari. Scot., vol. vi., Pt. 1, y. 622. ^ y^^y^ xcvii., 288 


; i j A > 


Jfamilics in tbe mortbcni Counties. 

Henry de Gorlay was, on the 2.3th SeiDtember 
1286, appointed on an inquest to inquire into the 
boundaries of certain pasture lands in the barony 
of Panmure/ And as Henry de Gorlay, knight, 
he is put on a commission, appointed on the 14th 
October 1286.' 

William de Gourlay de Balgally did homage to 
Edward I. at Berwick in 1296.^ 

In 1328, William Gourlay is one of the witnesses to 
a charter, whereby Walter de Schaklock granted to 
Henry de Koss a third part of the lands of Inieney, 
near Montrose/ 

Sir John Gourlay, monk of Aberbrothock, is witness 
to a citation by John of Eglyntoun, Prior of Blantyre, 
dated at St Andrews, 28th January 1392; he is also 
witness to a sentence of excommunication against 
Robert, bishop of Dunkeld, on the 25th February 
of the same year.- 

' Haiieiaa Charter, 43, B. 9. tlianedom of Tannadice, the other in the 

= Register of Aberbrothock, 383. parish of Monitieth (Jervise's "Angus 

^Ragman Roll, 126; Prynne, 654; and Mearns," p. 313). 

Palgrave, 196. There are two consider- * Register of Aberbrothock, 339. 

able estates called Balgally, Balgillie, or ^ Register of Cambuskenueth, pp. 99, 

Balgillo, in the County of Forfar, one 100, 105. 

of which is situated within the jiarish and 

64 The House of Goiirlay. 

On the Gth November 1516, James Gurlay (Goiirlay) 
rented from the Abbot of Cupar three acres and three 
roods of land.' In 1558, William Gourlay was tenant 
of Causey end, on the lauds of the Abbey. ^ 

On the 26th January 1600, William Gourlay, 
described as portioner of Calseyend of Cupar, sold 
to Charles Bell for ^2000, four acres of land at 

At Dundee, on the 12th November 1602, Thomas 
Gourlay of Dargo granted to Patrick Cadzow, portioner 
at Litf, a bond for fifty- five marks.* Thomas Gourlay 
is, in November 1613, named as meal-maker at 
Invergowrie, in a bond granted by him for 5U0 

In May 1628, Walter Gourlay, maltster-burgess of 
Dundee, executed his Will. To his elder son, James, 
he bequeathed a third part of his estate ; and he 
provided legacies to his son John, and his daughters, 
Margaret, Jean, and Catherine. His will was confirmed 
at Brechin in June 1628, when his "free gear" was 
estimated at £2886, 13s. 4d.' 

James Gourlay, brother of Walter, died at Dundee 
in February 1631 ; his testament-dative was given up 
by Katherine Alexander, his relict, in name of Walter 
Gourlay their son." 

' Rental Book of Abbey of Cujiar, vol. ' Register of Deeds, 

i., pp. 291, 292, 31-2. ^ Ibid. 

= /itrf.,voI. ii.jpp. 74, 75, 170, 183, 213. ** Brechin Com. Register. 

3 Register of Deeds. ' Ihid. 

The House of Gourlay. 55 

Patrick Gourlay in Bervie, died in INlay IG-lO, leaving 
a son, Thomas/ 

In fortifying the place against the approach of 
Cromwell, the Magistrates of Dundee removed a 
tenement belonging to David Gourlay, a burgess, who, 
failing to obtain compensation, presented a comjolaint 
to Parliament. On the '23d June 1649, the Estates 
ordained the ]\Iagistrates to pay to their petitioner 
the sum of a thousand merks." 

Patrick Gourlay, Town Clerk of Dundee, died in 
January 1667, at the age of forty-seven. To his 
memory was reared, in the burying-ground, a monu- 
ment bearing a commendatory inscription, partly in 
Latin verse.^ 

James Goui-lay, glover in Dundee, had a son William, 
who, graduating at the University of St Andrews in 
1736, was, in October 1742, licensed to preach. On 
the 6th March 1752, he was ordained minister of Flisk, 
Fifeshire. He died on the 16th October 17^0, at the 
age of seventy. In the living of Flisk he was succeeded 
by his son William, who died on the 2d ]\Iarch 1810, 
at the age of sixty-one.* 

John Gourlay, a native of Brechin, studied at King's 
College, Aberdeen, and in July 1790 was ordained 
assistant minister of Arbuthnot. He was translated 

' Brechin Com. Register. ^ Monuments and Monumental Inscrip- 

2 Acta Pari. Scot., vi., I'artii., p. 483. tions in Scotlaml, vol, ii., p. 215. 
'■ Fasti Ecd. Scot., ii., 494. 

56 The House of Gourlay. 

to the parish of Lintrathen in 1813, and from thence 
in 1819 to that of Cortachy. He died on the 27th 
INIarch 1826. By his wife, Sarah Anne Hunter, he had 
a son, WiUiam.^ 

On the 5th May 1540, in an account of money 
belonging to the Cathedral of Aberdeen, there apj^ears 
a balance of 6s. 8d., resting in the hands of Sir John 

' Fasti Eccl. Scot., iii., 756, 767. - Chartulavy of Aberdeen. 



Abep.crombie, Elizabeth, 19. 

James, 19. 

Aikmau, Charles B., 40. 

Alan, Constable of Lammermoor, 10. 

AlderstOD, bailie of the barony of, 19. 

barony of, IS. 

estate of, 18, 24. 

lands of, 19, 20, 21. 

Elizabeth, 18. 

John, of that ilk, 18. 

Aldhall, mill of, 28. 
Ale.xander II., 10, 17. 

III., 17. 

Katherine, 54. 

Thomas, 29. 

Anstruther, families at, 29. 
Arbroath, Abbey of, 9. 
Arngrosk (Arngask), lands of, 48. 
Arthur's Oon, lands of, 18. 
Auchtermarnie, lands of, 20. 
Austin, William Edmund Craufnrd, 

Elizabeth Page, 27. 

General John, 27. 

Susan Arbuthnot Craufnrd, 27. 


B.iLFOUR, Elizabeth, 21. 
Balhilly, lands of, 34. 
Balinbreck, barony of, 20. 

Baliol, Ingelram de, 9. 

Balledgarno, barony of, 48. 

Ballendene, lands of, 48. 

B.altnllie, lands of, 33. 

Bathstruth, lands of, 10. 

Bean, James, 26. 

Beaton, James, Archbishop of St 

Andrews, 30. 
Beath, Barbara, 33. 

William, 33. 

Bedlay, family of, 25. 

Bell, Charles, 54. 

Bickerton, Sir Walter, daughter of, 18. 

Blacater, Patrick, 31. 

Black, Helen, 33. 

Blackadder, John, 48. 

Patrick, of DundalF, 20. 

Jlr Patrick, Archdean of Glasgow, 

Blair, Emily, 27. 

Captain Frederick, 27. 

Bonnybanks, lands of, 34. 
Boquhaple, lands of Wester Carse of, 

Borthwick, John, 21. 
Bothwell, Adam, Bishop of Orknev 

Brougham, Henry Lord, 36. 
Brown, Anna, 39. 

David, 22. 

Bruce, Janet, 23. 

King Robert the, 18. 

Robert, 23. 



Cadzow, Patrick, 54. 

Callichat, Easter aud Wester, lands of, 

Callow, Lieutenant William Charles, 

Cambuskenneth, Abbey of, 48. 
Caiironfiatt (Caponfiatt), 19, 21. 
Carrick, Earl of, 11. 
Carstares, Elizabeth, 33. 
Ceres, families in, 33. 
Charles I., 22. 
Chartres, Sir Thomas de, 10. 
Chatelherault, James, Duke of, 45. 
Clark, Francis, 40. 
Cleland, Jane, 41. 
Clephane, Margaret, 38. 
Cockburn, Helen, 20. 

John, of Ormiston, 20. 

CoUlingham, Monks of, 17. 
Colquhoun, Elizabeth, 47. 
Cortlandt, Catheriue, 26. 

Colonel Philip Van, 26. 

Craigrothie-Mill, lands of, 33, 34. 
Crichtou, William, I^ord of Samjulmr, 

Cromwell (Oliver), 55. 
Cuik, Helen, 13. 
Culross, lordship of, 48. 
Cunningham, Marion, 32. 
Cupar, Abbot of, 54. 
Monks of, 10. 

David II., 18. 

Dishart, Margaret, 38. 

Douglas, Captain Poden, 26. 

Drummond, Sir Alexander, 38. 

Duddingston, William, 22. 

Dunbar, Earl of, 17. 

Duudaff CDunduff), lauds of, 20, 31. 

Dunfermline, Abbey of, 31. 

family at, 30. 

Duukeld, Robert, Bishop of, 53. 
Dury (Durie), William, 31. 
Dysart, families at, 29. 


Edmond, William, 32. 
Edward I., 10, 11, 53. 

II., 11. 

Eglyntoun, John of, 53. 

Elie, families at, 29. 

Elryk Myrick in Baluagowan, 13. 


Falkland, families at, 28. 
Fifeshire, families in, 17. 
Findlay, Margaret, 40. 
Fleming, Janet, 35. 

Thomas, 35. 

Forbes, Margaret, 24. 

William, 24. 

Forniau, Janet, 20, 21. 


Gaw, John, of Maw, 48. 

Gaytmilk (Goatmilk), lands of, 

Glen, Alexander, 14. 

Elspeth, 32. 

John, 14. 

Gordonshall, lands of, 21. 
Govan, William, 49. 
Gourlay, Adam de, 10. 

Agnes Cree, 39. 

Agnes, 40, 41. 

Agnes Jessie, 41. 

Alan de, 10. 



Gourlay, Alexander, IS, 19, 20, 21, 37, 

Alison, 48. 

Andrew Murray, 40 

Anna, 40. 

■ Anne, 39. 

Annie, 41. 

Archibald, 32, 47, 49. 

Arthur, 24. 

Barbara, 35. 

Catherine, 26, 27, 35, 54. 

Charles, 39. 

Charles Aikraan, 40. 

Darid, 13, 33, 37, 38, 46, 47 


Elizabeth, 26. 

Elizabeth Nash, 40. 

Francis Nicholson Moffat, 41. 

George, 25, 26, 30, 32. 

Gertrude, 27. 

Gilbert, 14, 48, 49. 

Helen, 24, 25, 28, 35, 41. 

Henry, 40. 

Henry de, 53. 

Hugh de, 17. 

Hugh, 17, 47. 

Ingelram (Ingeram, lugelramus) 

de, 9, 10, 17, 36. 

Isabella, 40. 

James, 14, 28, 31, 37, 38, 39, 40, 

41, 54, 55. 

James, 47. 

James Nash, 40. 

Jane, 23, 40, 41. 

Janet, 22, 25, 31, 35, 37. 

Jean (Jeanne), 14, 25, 31, 54. 

Jean Plenderleath, 27. 

John de, 11. 

John, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 23, 

25, 26, 28, 32, 33, 38, 39, 40, 46, 
54, 55. 

Sir John, 53. 

John Brown, 39, 40. 

Gourlay, John George, 40. 

Magnus, 29. 

Margaret, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 33, 

35, 37, 40, 54. 

T.ady Margaret of Torry, 31. 

Marjory, 37. 

Mary, 25. 

JIary Anne, 25. 

Mary Bean, 27. 

Mary Moffat, 41. 

Michael, 14. 

Norman, 12. 

Oliver, 33, 34, 35. 

Patrick, 11, 14, 55. 

Robert, 12, 13, 29, 33, 37, 33, 

39, 40, 41, 45, 46, 47, 49. 

Robert Cleland, 41. 

Robert Fleming, 35, 36. 

Robert James, 40. 

Roger, 10. 

Sarah, 40. 

Sarah Langlands, 40. 

Simon (Symon) de, 11, 18. 

Thomas, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 

29, 31, 33, 35, 38, 39, 40, 48, 54,' 

Sir Thomas, knight, 23. 

Walter, 28, 29, 38, 54. 

William, 9, 12, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 

24, 25, 26, 27, 32, 33, 37, 38, 40, 45^ 
53, 54, 55, 56. 

William de, 10, 17, 18, 53. 

William Robert, 40. 

Graham, Bethia, 46. 

Walter, 46. 

Gurla (Gourlay), Sir John, 56. 
Gurlay (Gourlay), Hughde, 11. 

James, 54. 

Gurle Matthew de, 10. 

Gurleghe Patrick, 11. 

Gurley Hugh de, 9, 17. 

Guise, Mary of (Regent), 48. 



Hallingshaw, lands of, 10. 
Hamilton, Mr Arthur, 45. 

Francis, 39. 

■ town and barony of, 45. 

Harrison, Anna Maria Margaret Cath- 
erine (Kathleen), 27. 

■ Beatrice, 27. 

Decima, 27. 

Emily, 27. 

Gertrude, 27. 

Lieutenant Gilbert Eliot, 27. 

Julia, 27. 

■ Rachel, 27. 

Susan, 27. 

Rev. William Gorst, 27. 

Winifred, 27. 

Hassendenebank, lands of, 14. 
Hauch, lands of, 29. 
Heriot, Walter, 29. 
Holyrood Abbey, 12. 

Abbey, church of, 12. 

Abbey, Commendator of, 12. 

Hope, Sir John, 33. 
Hunter, Sarah Anne, 56. 

lNiF,>fEY, lands of, 53. 
Inneraven in Fife, 14. 
lunergelly, lands of, 19. 
Innerwic, church of, 17. 


J.AMES II., 19. 

IV., 20. 

v., 12, 23. 

VI., 21, 45. 

the Steward of Scotland, 11. 

Jardine, Susmuah, 37. 


Katill (Kettle), lands of, 2S. 

Kay, Ale.xander, 39. 

Keithock, lands of, 54. 

Kellie, Janet, 21. 

Kelty, lands of, 31. 

Kemp, Rev. Hew, 24. 

Kennochy (Keniioway), territory ol, 20. 

Ker, , of Cavers, 52. 

Kilconquhar, churchyard of, 26. 
Killoraik of Kinghorn, lands of, 

Kilmaron, lands of, 34. 
Kincraig, b.arony of, 18, 21, 24, 26. 

Gourlay of, 17. 

laird of, 30. 

lands of, 20, 21. 

Kinghorn, Wester and Easter, the 

boundaries of, 19. 

family at, 32. 

King's Kettle, families at, 28. 

lands of, 29. 

Kipdarrocli, lands of, 47. 
Kirkland, lands of, 33. 
Kynuynmonth, Andrew, 29. 

Lambekton, William de, 11. 
Lanarkshire, families in, 45. 
Langlands, Sarah, 39. 
Largo, families at, 28. 
Lathallan, lands of, 23. 

Lauder, , of Balcomie, 19. 

Margaret, 47. 

Lecky, Alexander, 46. 
Lentrone, James, 23. 

Robert, 23. 

Leslie, Sir Norman, 19. 
Leslie, Sir David of, 19, 20. 
Lessells, Jean, 25, 26. 
John, 25. 



Liddell, Agnes, 30, 40. 
Livingston, Alexander, 4S. 
Lockhart, Allan, 14. 
Lnffnes.?, 18. 
Lummisdain, Isobel, 28. 

Thomas, 29. 

Lundy, William, 21. 
Lundyn, mill of, 10. 
Lygerwood, church of, 17. 

Macgill, James, 22. 
Jean, 22. 

Mackintosh, James, 27. 

Mary, 27. 

Macpherson, Henry Shaw, 41. 
Malheive, Hew of, 10. 
Marshall, Jauet, 39. 
Medo-end, lands of, 31. 
Melrose, church of, 10. 
Menteith, lands of Brae of, 49. 

Stewartry of, 46. 

Miller, Agnes, 38. 

Moffat, Mary Brown Hastings, 41. 

Monypenny, , of Pitmilly, 20. 

Margaret, 20. 

Mortoun, Tliomas, 33. 
Murray, Rev. Andrew, 40. 

Sir Andrew, of Balvaird, 48. 

Elizabeth Nash, 40. 

Muschet, George, 47. 


NEWBificrNG, lands of, 34. 
Newbottle, monastery of, 17. 
Newlands, lands of, 31. 
Newton- Leys, lands of, 34. 
Northern Counties, families in the 

Offer.ince of Lecky or Schyrgartoun, 

lands of, 46. 
Oswald, John, 14. 

Panmure, barony of, 53. 
Paterson, Barbara, 21, 22. 

Robert, 21. 

Peebles, Robert, Chamberlain of Scot- 
laud, 11. 
Perthshire, families in, 48. 
Pethdales, lands of, 21. 
Pittillok, Christian, 29. 
Plenderleath, David, 26. 

Elizabeth, 26. 

Plewlands, lands of, 19, 21. 
Polduff, lands of, 37. 
Primrose, Marion, 13. 
Robert, 13. 


Ram.say, Christian, 37. 
Reddercraig, lands of, 20. 
Redheuch, 14. 
Raid, Captain, 25. 
Rires, Newton, 28. 
Robert L, 11. 

IIL, 18. 

Robertson, Margaret, 25. 

William, 25. 

Ross of Milnetor, lands of, 10. 
Ross, Henry de, 53. 

Thomas de, 10. 

Rossyth, barony of, 31. 
liowhvood, lands of, 14. 


St ANDREW.S, Arclibishop of (John 
Spottiswood), 37. 



St Andrews, Archdean of (Robert), 31. 

• Archdean of, 38. 

Bishoii of (James), 19. 

Bishop of (William), 17. 

families at, 37. 

Schaklock, Walter de, 53. 
Scoonie, families at, 27. 
Scotstarvet, the Mains of, 34. 
Scott, Janet, 21. 

Dr John, 25. 

. ■ Thomas, 21. 

Seton, George, 25. 
Sharp, Margaret, 23. 

Dr, 23. 

Smiddiegreen, lands of, 37. 
Soulis, William de, 11. 

South Ferry, lands of Over Grange of, 

Southfield, lands of, 37. 
Spens, Nathaniel, 23. 

Thomas, 23, 24. 

Stanton, Rector of, 27. 
Stewart, Henry, 31. 

Sir Walter, 30. 

Stirlingshire, families in, 46. 

Stratoun, David, 12. 

Sutton Grange in Yorkshire, 9. 

Sybald, son of Walter, 10. 


Tait, Dr, 25. 

Tulliallan, lands of Overtoun of, 

Turnbull, William, 14. 

UcHTiRMAiRNiE, lands of, 20. 
Umfraville, Sir Ingelram de, 11. 
William dc, 11. 


Wallis, lands of Wester Rothe, 49. 
Watson, Bessie, 38. 
Wemyss, families at, 29. 

Grissel, 29. 

William the Lion, 9. 
Wilton, the barony of, 10. 

Pnnkdbij M'Faelane & Er.skine, Edinburgh. 


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