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Full text of "Menard County honor book: an honorary roll of those who took part in the World War in behalf of the citizens of Menard County. Petersburg, Athens, Greenview, Tallula, Cantrall, Oakford, Atterbury, Fancy Prairie, Tice, Sweetwater in Illinois"

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An Honorary Roll of Those Who Took Part 

In the World War in Behalf of the 

Citizens of Menard County 

Petersburg, Athens, Greenview, Tallula, 

Cantrall, Oakford, Atterbury, Fancy 

Prairie, Tiee, Sweetwater 

in Illinois 



127 North Wells Street 



If on the pages within some criticism /* voiced regarding tin' irorl; of th< writers 
and compilers of this book, we crave the leniency of a gra< f ions pnhlie in tliis reward'. 

It has been our mm to build* a complete book, conliiining tin' record.^ and photo 
graphs of all the men of Menard County who entered the sewi<-c, and ire inin- *nav<d 
no time or energy to bring about this desired end. 

Our extensive notification work lias reached evcrii home in the county; it lias been 
distributed in impartial fairness between the various neir* sin r/x ; and- local agents 
dotted all over the county and in each community center bare ma<le it their basincs* 
to co-operate with us in the matter of explaining the //o.vo/,' i;o<)K. 

The splendid telephone system over thin count)/ has been brought to bear on the 
delinquent biographies and photographies in a manner Unit could xearcely leave any 
soldiers or sailors home in ignorance of the HONOR BOOK and its mission. 

All available lists in the county of men who hare entered the service have been'' 
exhausted, adding from time to time names not found on <mu of these /fsf.s as they 
have come to us directly from interested friends. These ire bare rcarlicl hi/ either 
advertising, telephone, telegraph or correspondence, many of Uiem reaching the extreme 
corner of the United States. 

The HONOR BOOK and RECORD will therefore be found more pa fed than <inn 
text noic in existence. 


It is our desire and we sincerely hope that this volume shall find appreciation in 
the hearts of its readers. Dedicated is this token of lore and liomaue to Menard 
County's heroes of nineteen hundred and seventeen and nineteen hundred and eighteen 
ichosc noble defense, of home and loved ones inspire the lore and gratitude too sincere 
and profound tn be coined Hi words and phrases. 

From field, industry, shop, and a sheltered home the t/onth of Menard County has 
anxivered America's call to arms. 

Such is Americanism! Menard County! Brave Menard! KJie has plaited her heroic 
part in the grim and ghastly game of war. 


A phrase we speak tenderly. The magic words "Company C!" On the street 
during hostilities "Company C" mentioned has proved the magnet, drawing a eroird about 
the speaker, listeners eager for the bit of information on the welfare of the Company 
on ichose activities the eyes of the whole community were centered. 

Not that the stories of the "Company C" boys have not been repeated orer and 
orcr again with variations in the stories in many of our county's fighting men : not thai 
we are forgetful of the heroes of other battle fronts and other division.*; bul because. 
so many of the boys were in "Company C" and together faced the horrors of modem 
warfare, suffering the loss of comrades on the field of battle, most of them mere lads, 
many leaving high school courses unfinished to lay their lives on the attar for their 
country's need. 

"Company C" has made a name for itself in the military annals of history a 
name that has made General Pershing, in naming over the honored divisions, add: 
"and the 33rd Division, 124th Machine Gun Battalion, Company C." 

Just is the pride in which we hold the men from the county that irent to make 
make up the illustrious "Company C." 

They are coming back! Two years after their debut into the military irorld irr 
no doubt will find the boyishness gone and in its place the rigor and determination 
of manhood a manhood crowned ivith victor}/ and success, bought at the expense of 
the precious lives f comrades and the battle scars of war. 

At home all know the achievement* of Menard County in the great war drire* thai 
have gone to finance the victorious men of the nation. 

While our boys were mobilizing and fighting Menard lias nere-r fallen xltor.t of 
doing her duty. She has satisfied each t/nota mapped out for lier by lite stale a/id 
National Committees, meeting every call for the xnpport of our .sn/J/Y/ *. an ! 
instances has more than met the obligation, .seemingly nnirilling to stop tJie giving 


(Address at the dedication of Gettysburg 
Cemetery, \ov. J'J. /x <;.,'.; 

Fourscore and seren vears auo our fathers 
brought forth on tlii* continent a new nation, 
conceived in liberty and dedicated in the prop 
ofiition that all men are created equal. 

\ow we are cnganed in a great civil war, 
testing whether that nation, or a UK other na- 
tion so conceived and so dedicated, can long 
endure. We are met on a (treat battle field 
of that war. We hare come tu dedicate a 
portion of that field as a final resting place 
of those who here gare their lires that that 
nation might live. It is altogetJier fitting and 
{trotter that we should do this. 

l'nt, in a larger name, ire cannot Dedicate 
ire cannot consecrate- ire cannot hallow this 
f/i-oiind. The brave men. lirimj and dead, who 
tttrufioled here have conxccrnted it, fur above 
our poor power to add or detract. The world 
idll little note, nor long remember what 
.vaii here, but it can nerer foraet what they 
did here. It is for 11* the lirin</, rather, to be 
dedicated here to the unfinished work which 
they icho fought here hare thus far *o nobli/ 
advanced. It is rather for UN to be here dedi 
cated to the great taxi; remaining before its 
that from these honored dead we take in- 
creased devotion to that cause for which then 
gave the last full measure of derotion that 
we here highly resolve that these dead shall 
not have died in vain that this nation, undo 
<!<>il. shall have a new birth of freedom and 
that government of the people, by the people, 
for the people shall not perish from the earth. 

Private William McKinley Adams of Fancy 
Prairie, parents deceased, born April 12. 1897. 
Entered service June SO, 1917. Sailed over- 
seas in December, 1917, where he was at- 
tached to Battery F, nth ( Co., Artillery, A. 
E. F. 

Private Harry Otis Adams, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Adorns, Greenview, born October 17. 
1895. Entered service May 11, J918, at Jef- 
ferson Barracks, Mo. 

Private Lee Adams, son of Mrs. Rohert 
lireakbill, Athens, born December 28, 1900- 
Entered service March 1, 1918. at Jefferson 
Barracks, transferred to 1 ',th Cavalry. Troop 
.'i, Laredo, Texas, later to Fort Sam Houston, 

Pi irate Clarence L. Atterbcrry, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. John Atterberry. Tallula. Born 
November 27, 1886. Entered service April ?,.. 
1918, at Fort Tolte-n, A". Y. ; transferred to 
Fort Sdhuyler, N. Y.. to Camp Grant, Rock- 

Corporal Lynxm L<H-C\I .-\tt( rlxTry, son nf 
Mr. and Mrs. Cynis A.tterl>erry nf .\ticrbcrni. 
Ixillt. deceased, horn \orcmlicr .11, 1891. En- 
to-cif service 'Mui/ .10. HUS.'nt Fort Thomas. 
A"//., transferred to Camp Gordon, Ga., to Camp 
Sheridan, Ala. liv/.s <itf<iclicd to Co. K, J f 5th 

I'riv-ate Homer B. Arnold, son of Mr. and 
Mm. J. Arnold, Petersburg, born December J 1 . 
1894. Entered service May 21st, 1918, at Jef- 
ferson Barracks, transferred to Camp George 
\\right, Washington, to Camp Dodge, la., to 
Camp Grant; Rock ford. \Vas attached to Co. 
If. I', tit, Infantry. 

Private James Otis Arnold, son of Mr. and 
!/r,v. /. Arnold, Petersburg, born August 26, 
1898. Entered service June 11, 1917, becom- 
ing part of Co. C, 12.'ith Machine Gun Bat 
talion. .3. in I Division, Bailing overseas May 
Hi, 1918, to join the- A. E. F. in France. 
I'rirate Arnold icas born in the old Mentor 
Graham home in the old deserted village of 
ffld Salem, a home in ichicfi Lincoln had 

Private George Allen of Greenview, born 
./unitary 13, 1891. Entered service Septem- 
ber 19. 1917, at Camp Dadae, la., transferred 
to Camp Dix, N. J., sailing overseas in Feb- 
ruary, 1918. Was attached to Co. E, 2J,th 
Engineers Corps, later taken into the Third 
A run/ of Occupation, A. E. /'. 

I'rirate Guy C. Armstrong, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. IT. //. Armstrong, Petersburg, born April 
.',, 1889. Entered service May 21, 1918. at 
Jefferson liar racks. Mo., transferred to Ft. 
(je<>. \V tight, \\ashingtan, later to Camp Dodge, 

I'rirate Fred Wm. Albrecht of Menard 
Count y, son of Mr. and Mrs. If. Albrecht of 
Ainsicorth, AYL>\ born December 5j 1895. En- 
tered service June 27, 1918; at Camp Wheeler, 
Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I,, to Camp 
Merritt. \. ./. Was attached to Co. E, 12th 

I'ricate John Lemuel Anderson, oj Menard 
County, son of Mr. ami Mrs. L. Anderson, Mid- 
dletuint, III., born June 13, 1896. Knter&l 
Hcrrice October I',. 19 It*, at I'eoria. ///.. trite re 
lie imn uttadtcd to Co. 2, Sec. B. 

William Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. John 
Allen, Oak-ford, born December 16, 1896. En- 
tered service September .' f , 19 IS, at Catni> 
Grant, Kockford, where he teas attached to 
the Motor Transportation Corps. 

Earl Allen, U. 8. N., son of Mr. and Jin. 
.loltu Allen, Oakford, lorn March 6. ISN? 
Entered service December k. 1911, at the 
(treat Lakes .\aral Training Station, Iran*- 
ferreil to the I . ,v. ,S. "Ohio,'' later to dutif 

n the I. ,S. ,V. "Ton Steuben," makiny fire 

i //> to I-' ranee. On January 17, 1919, tra* 
jnred in an acetylene gas explosion while at 

ork on the /*//> and taken to a nartil iio*- 

ital at Lirooklyn, A. Y. 

1'rirate xamiul A. Anderson, of Menard 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Anderson, 
Middldotni. 111., born July 22, J8V7. Kntcred 
nervice o<-tobcr I',, mix. 'at J'eoria, III., where 
lie iran attached tu Co. 2. $CC. li. 

.Iniin-K Xylrester Armstrong, ^on of Mr. 
mill .J//-.V. Robert Armstrong of Petersburg, 
tras lorn November 2' t th. 1895. He entered 
the service of the U. S. Aacj/ in April, 1918. 
Folio irin;/ his enlistment he icas sent in 
I ul U to the Great Lakes Training station. 
His training ira-s confined to the iri 
tt <*>f the navy. 

Hardin Masters Atterben-y. U. 8. #., son of 

Mr. and Mrs. Curds Alterberry, both deceased, 
horn .lulu .10, 181',. l-:ntcrc>! scrrice in April, 
1907, teas assigned to active service in Sep- 
tember. 19 m, on tJic I . S. N. "Illinois" as 
('arpenter'x Mate. Promotions followed and he 
iras tranNfcrral to different battleships. Was 
<ixxi(/n<--l to the I". >s'. ,V. "Brooklyn" in 1915, 
n-here In: icax iiromotcd to Chief Carpenter'* 
Mate. Was in the crew of the Atlantic Fleet 
Unit roitaged around the world and has seen 
xerrirc in foreign countries for the last four 
in nrs. 

I'riratc Carl John .t<-kernian. son of Mrs. 
Caroline Ackerman. drecnciew, born June 2!,. 
i:<<><;. Entered service August 5, 1918. 
A. Y. ll'a.s- attache I to 31st Co, 
Battalion, Recruit Camp. 

Robert 8. Armstrong, U. 8. N., son of Mr. 
and Mrs. R. Armstrong, Oakford, born August 
.'i, 1898. Entered service May 2, 1917, in, the 
/'. ,s'. Marines at J'aiis Island, S. C. Sailed 
overseas January 1, J91S, serriny in the 
Azores seven months. On account of the 
Joss of one eye. icas discharged. He was a- 
motor mechanic with the A. E. F. 

I'livate Isaac Neivton Biggs of Qreenview. 
xon of Mr. and Mrs. I. X. Biggs of Peoria, 
'torn May 21, 1898. Entered service July 25, 
/.'//?, in the Illinois National Guards, trans- 
ferred to Camp Logan, Texas, where he was 
absorbed into the Regular Army and assigned 
to Co. C, 123rd, Machine Gun Battalion. Sailed 
overseas from an eastern seaport in May, 1918. 
He participated in many battles, being wounded 
in the battle of Villas Brittoner. Was in the 
front lines .'~>> days during the Argonne For- 
est battle. Was held in reserve ten days on 
the St. Mihiel front for rest, entering the 
! ; >ibtinu again on November 10. Later taken 
into the Army of Occupation invading Ger- 

Lorcn Leonard Bast, son of Wm. A. Bast, 
Tallula, lorn December 26, 1895. Entered er 
ice Septemler 19, 1917, at Camp Dodyc, la. 
sailed from an eastern seaport in Auyust. 
1918. \Vas attached to Headquarters Com- 
Itaity, 3$9th Infantry, <J8th Division. I. /.. /'. 

Private Wm. Jenninys Bry<in Bast, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bast, Tallula. horn March, 8. 
1893. Entered service April .i. l'.)18. at / o/ / 
Totten, X. Y., transferred to Jersey ('it//. 
A". J., sailing overseas in Septemler, 1<J1S. 
\\'as attached to supply (Jompani/. 45th /,'<'/< 
rnent. U. K. Artillery, C. A. C., *A. I. / 

Private Jake Lynn Bast. U. S. ^Y.,, .son of 
Mrs. Anna Kollsch, Petersburg. Entered serv- 
ice in 1. S. Marines at Paris Island, S. C., 
transferred to Quantico, Va. Bailed overseas 
Septemler 13, 1918. Was attached to Com- 
pany E. 2nd Battery, ISth Regiment. \. /;. / 

Private Walter W. Bast, son of Mrs. Anna 
Xollsch, Petersburg. Entered service May 1, 
1918, at the Dunwoody Institute at Minne- 
apolis, later transferred to the Officers Train- 
iiif/ Camp, Itockford, III. 

Private Adam Wakefield Bast, son of Mr. 
find ^fr.<^. A. Bast. Talhilu, horn I)ec<inler 27. 
1890. Entered xrrrirc Auuuxt 10, /.''/>. at 
I'amii Wheeler. c,a 

Private Carl Curt Bast, son of Mr. airl Mrs. 
A. Kant, Tallula, born October 5. 1891. En- 
tered service April 3, 1918. at I'ort '/'often. 
\'. V., * (t Hint/ overscan in Atif/ust. /. l //N. Mas 
attached to nailery />. :,~th Artillery. A. /;. /'. 

Private Lewis Belwens. son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Wm. Behrenx. Greenricir. born March 1;{, /N.'M;. 
Entered service September 5. 1918. at Can>i> 
firant. JU. \\'ax attached to Replacement 
'/raining Trooft*. Co. >, 

Private Frank H. Behrens. son oj Mr. <uul 
Mrs. John Behrens, Greenview, born October 
!',. J891. Entered service June 27.. /. ( '/x, ai 
en nip \] heeler, da., transferred to Cainu Mills. 
L. [.. sailing overseas in September. 1918. 
U'.s- attached to Co. If. 112th Infantry. 28th 
DiritsioH, A. E. F. 

Harry Buxch. son of Mr. \\ in. Unwell. 

j born Mon-h u. 18 ( J~>. Entered 
June 2C>, 1918. at Canty \\liccler. Ga., 
later Transferred to Canrji Mills, L. /.. sail- 
iin/ (tctuhi'i- 1st overseas. Landed October 1<\th 
at lire*! and tras attache I to Haxe 1. Sec. I. 

A. i: / 

Prirale \nuut E. Utisch. son of ^^m. BuseJi 
(; <( i n rictr. born November SO, 1892. Entcrel 
net-face s< />/ < in her ',. 1918. at Camp firant. ///. 
II x nttacbi d to -' t th Co.. Infantnj. replace- 
ment and training t runny. 

S( meant 'Uxnnas /.'. liurklcy, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. J . (J. ll<K-l:lci/, I'clrrslnirg, Ltni'n Septem- 
ber 3, 1887. Married Minx Gertrude Eslell 
April 12. I'll,'. Fnlcreil service :'di' ..'/. 1918, 
<it .icficrxon isaraeks, M<>.. an<l transferred to 
/'/. 1 1conic \Vright, \Vash.. trlicrc he received 
promotion to Sergeant. \\as attached to Com- 
/'. 8?//( Jufantri/. I'jllt Division. 

t'li/itiiiu O. I'. lirittin. sun of Mr. and .I//'*. 
John lirittin. born January !',. /SN /. l-'.n, 
Icrcd Kcrricv ijt, February, 1918, at i'ort Me 
I lia-Non, Go,., attached to the Otis Organiza- 
tion, Unit W. Sailed overseas in May. 1918, 
r/.s a Lieutenant and since been pronioled t" 

I'rirate A. J. liradac, son of Mrs. Mary 
llratlac. l'(tershnrg, born April I.',. /.S9.J. /;- 
lered service September 5 J 1917, and /c.s at- 
tached to the Signal Corps Unit, Camp Dodge, 

Lawrence F. Bradac, V. S. A"., son of Mrs. 
Mary Bradac, Petersburg, lorn February 13. 
1897. Entered service April i>. l!)1l\. at Hie, 
Great Lakes Naval Training Station, trans- 
ferred to Neii) York and assigned to duty on 
the U. S. S. "Louisiana." 

Sergeant Frank James Hen net t. son of Mrs. 
Phronia Bennett, Athens, born January 9, 
1899. Entered scrrirc in the Medical Co/-/>.v 
March 1~>. MIX, at For1 Ifilen. Kanx., Haw 
I in* filial. Sub-dispensary. 

l'rit:ate Chan. Lexis Burns, son of Mrs. Al- 
mcda LSnriis, Greenview, born September 11, 
1895. Entered service July 2-'i, 1918, at Camp 
Custer Mich. Attached to 25J,th Ambulance 
/. <jr,th Minituru N</MCI</. l-' t th Division. 

Private Robert Alvln Burns, son of Mr*. Al 
inert a Burns, Grecncieic, born April 2H , 1892. 
Entered service April 29, 1918, at Camp 
\Custer, Mich., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I. 
failed overseas in July. Was attached to Com- 
pany B. 310th Engineers, 85th Division, A. 
/;. /'. Later transferred to Archangel, Russia. 

Corporal William J. Bailetf, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. B. C. Bailey, Oakford, born March 18. 
1898. Entered service December 13. 1911, at 
fcffcrson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Camp 
N< ricr, S. C., to Camp Merritt, JY. J. Sailed 
from Iloloken, A". J., April 3, 1918, on the 
Aeolus," irhichj on the night of the 25th, col- 
lided icith the "Huron," each transport re- 
turn iny to IloboJcen, X. J., where the men ice>- 
transferred to the "Manchuria," ichich sailed 
overseas, lundint/ at a French port May J3. 
Corporal Bailey was attached to Aero Replace 
mrnt Squadron, A. E. F. 

1'rivate Walter Burkoicxki of Menard County, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. V. Burkowski, Kopo- 
cincen, Poland, born September 7, 1888. En 
tered service September 19, 1917, at Camp 
liodye, loua. Was attached to Co. E, 312th 

Private Joseph I-'rtink Briescke, son of Mr. 
mid Mrs. J. II. Briescke, Contrail, born Sept. 
.'.'. 1S9~>. lettered service June 27, J918. (it 
('(imp wheeler, <;.. transferred to Camp Mills. 
to Cuiiin \lcrrilt. V. /.. to Camp Grant, 111 
Wax attached to Co, I/. 122nd Infantry, 

Private William J. Boesdorfer, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. John Jioesdorfer, Petersburg, lorn 
November 15, 1893. Entered service June 27, 
1918, at Camp Wheeler, (la., transfe,-ed. Sep- 
tember 21 to Camv Mills. /,. /., .vail in y over- 
seas October 26, 1918, landlny at lire*!, France, 
Xoveniber 8th. Was a Mechanic an I Motor 
Driver, attached to lutith Ammunition Train, 
Co. A, A. K. F. 

Private Herman Boesdorfer, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Boesdorfer, Petersburg, born Auyust 
12, 1892. Entered service -f line J7, 1918, at 
Camp Wheeler, Ga., transfer) el September 21st, 
to Camp Mills, L. I., sailiny overseas October 
26, 1918, landing at Brest, Frane< . \ovcmber 
8th., \\'us Mechanic and Motor It river at- 
tached to 100th Ammunition 'I'rain. Co. A, A. 
K. F. 

Marshall Arthur Beard. ( . >S'. A. xon of M.S. 

Alex Bradley, Petersburg, born June JO. /,s.';,s. 

Entered service at the <;>-et Lakes \aral 
Traininy Station. 

Private Willis Andrew Beard, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Irving II. Beard, Greenvieic, born 
Aitf/HNt II, 189H. Entered service January 15, 
f'.iix. in ilie Me Heal Unlisted Reserve Corps, 
and tcan calle,/ Auynxt ..'..'. 1918, to an Officers 
'Iraiii'iinj Catni>. irherc he (r.s- attached to 
I 'etcrinariun Company A'o. 1. 

I.exlie Beard, son of W. M. Bear/. Alter- 
lic.rri/. born December 22, 18U1. Lntci'c,! serv- 
ice May 30, 1918. at /'/. Thomas, Ki/., Iran* 
(erred to Cat/i/i (Inrdon. (!a.. to Camp Sheri- 
dan. Ala. H'.s altai-heil to the ',r t lli Infantrii. 

Claude Beauchamp, son of Wrn. Beauchamp, 
Greenmew, born October 5, 1895. Entered 
service June 21, 1918, at Sweeney Auto School. 
Kansas Ci1>/, graduated as a mechanic and 
;/</ transferred to Jacksonville, Fla., later 
to Gamj) Merritt, N. J., sailing in September, 
1918, overseas on the transport "Northern 
Pacific," landing in France, where he was at 
tached to the A. E. F. 

I'tivate Frank Bless, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Elliott Bless, Greenview, born August 7, 1893. 
Entered service June 28, 1918, at Camp Whee- 
ler, Ga. Was attached to Cook and Kakers' 
School at Camp Wheeler. 

I'rivate Tony Burnett of Athens, son of Mr. 
a nd .Mrs. J. B. Burnett, Litchfteld. Ky., born 
Mail 21. 1888. Entered service June 27, 19 18, 
at Camp Wheeler, Ga., where he received pro- 
motion to Chief Cook. 

I'rivate Garrett L). Baker, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. Baker, Oakford, born January 11, 1897. 
Entered service September 6, 1918, at Camp 
Forrest. Little, Ga., transferred to Hoboken. 
\. ./., sailing overseas November 9, 1.9/8. Was 
attached to Co. E. UGth Engineer ('orjix. I 
/;. F. 

fiiijHinil IJnifd Leslie llfixn. -ton of Mr. ami 
1/r.s-. />'. /,'. /.'/-f/.s-.s-, I'rtcrtihiiru. horn Sciilcinlic,' 
?rt. /!>o.l. Hntri-ril xci-ricr for special <lulu in 
tin' }!<'c]uiir<il Dcptnf iiK'it I of the Mr Service 
at J>ho<ni.r. \ri:. Jinic ..'N /.'/N, >r.v traii*- 
f erred to \~uticuiirer liurrucks. U>/.s/(., aii-l in 
\orcmbrr. /.'//N. ira.s- made Coriinrul. Attache I 
to .'8tlt, Xuundron, .Did ffetjhtirnt. 

\\'agoner ir. T. Beck man, van of Mr. ini'l 
J/'. (7. 7'. Beekman, I'ctn-Ninirg. born April 
73, .78,9.7. Entered service Man ''. 19/8. .erf 
cunip Shclhi/. .!/;>*. Acted as tnotor instruc- 
tor and irr/.s- jiromotert to the rank of UV/</ojjrr. 
O/ September 17, 1918, was transferred 1<> 
I'dnip .1//7/.V. f,. /., uniting overseas October ~>tli. 
Was attached to l.',7th Machine dun llattalion, 
.',8th IHr.. II<'(id<iit<irfc,-K Detachment. After 
Idndiin/ in England, later transferred to France 
a ml placed iii Co. C. 308th .17. (i. llattalion, 
18th Dirjxion, A. /.'. /'. He participate,! in flic 
h, 1 1 tie of the Anjonne Forest. 

I'rirate ffarri/ (i. liaske, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. H. HosJte. Creenrieic. born -lanndrit 21. 
1891. Entered service -June 27. 1918. at Camp 
Wheeler. Ga.. transferee to Carnp Mills. L. /.. 
later tt> Camp Grant. III. 

I'rirate Alonzo Orville Burnett, son oj Mr. 
and Mrs. Alrin Burnett. (Ircenvieic, born De- 
cember 27, 1890. Entered service June 27. 
1918, at Camp Wheeler. Ga., transferred to 
f'anip Mills, L. I., sailing overseas October 2H, 
1918. Was attached to 106th Ammunition 
Train. Co. A, A. E. F. 

Sergeant Charles Homer Boles, son of A. //. 
Holes. Oakford. born February 21, 1887. En- 
tered service December 1, 1917, at Jefferson 
Barracks. Mo., transferred to Camp Mac Ar- 
thur. Texas, to Hemstead, L. I., sailing over- 
seas, landing in England, and later transferred 
to France, where he icas attached to 826th 
Aero fiqiiadron. A. K. F. 

Sergeant Homer Bale, 22 years old. 
Born of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bale, both 
deceased. He entered service by enlist- 
ment in June, 1917, becoming a private in 
the 5th Illinois Infantry, Springfield. He 
was later absorbed with his unit into the 
l2-',lh Machine Gune Battalion at Camp Lo- 
gan, Houston, Texas, crossing to France 
with them m May of 1918. With the Co. 
C men he has seen some fierce fighting 
and has been steadily raised in rank from 
private to corporal, from corporal to ser- 
geant and has been notified of two dec- 
orations, which he shall receive for brav- 

Lniial /:. Hitnin-ll. r. N. V.. .yo?< of Mr. and 
E'lir. Bonne tt, Oakford, horn .lulu I'/. 
/.s'.'.7. Entered service Itrcewber 12, J917. at 
Hie (treat Lake* \aral Training Station, trans- 
ferred to Ilamnton Koadx. Va.. to Xeic York, 
to Philadelphia A'ar// Yards, irlierc he went on 
hoard ship, sailinn orrrxcti* August .27. 191S. 

Private Walter Christian Boeker, son of Mrs. 
Catherine Boeker, Petersburg, born December 
28, 1895. Entered service July SI, 1918, at 
Camp Wheeler, Go,., transferee to Camp Mills, 
L. I., to Camp Merritt. ^ 7 . J., to Camp Lee, 
Va., to Camp Grant. III. 

Major Edward Lanning Batterton, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Batterton, Athens, born 
February 19, 1870. Entered service twenty- 
five years ago, has seen service in A laska and 
in the Philippine Islands. Since the present 
trar he has been made Captain. Hailed in 
January, 1918, overseas, where he teas com- 
missioned Major. Was attached to r,th Army 
Corps., A. P. O. 712, A. E. F., Quartermasters' 

Abram Enrin Becker, U. S. X.. sun of Mr. 
and Mrs. C. D. Becker, Fancy Prairie, born 
Jitnr 28, 1893. Entered service in the r. S. 
Marines at Quantico. Va.. on June ?,S. 1918, 
this 'being his second enlistment in this 
branch of the service. Sailed overseas Octo- 
ber 1C>. 1918, where he iras attached to llth 
Regiment, Company I. 3rd Battalion. A. E. F. 

Prirate Kli'u I-lvcrctt Blanc, son of Mr. an'l 
Mrs. A. P. Blane, Greenview, born March l.' t , 
1887. Entered service in April. 1918, at Camp 
WJiceler, Ga., transferred to Cam/i l/iZ/x. L. I. 
Failed overseas in Norcmbcr. /.o/x. Was at 
tache'l to Headquarters Co., 115th Inf.. trans- 
ferred to Military Police duty,, A. E. /'. 

Priratc August C. Barnick, -Jr., x>m i,f Mr. 
'inti ]/>*. August Barnick, Petersburg, born 
^citteniber 28, JS92. Entered service May 1 
1918, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred 
in fort Oeo. Wright, Wash., later to Cami> 
l>odr;c. Iowa, and again to Camp Grant, in 
Was attached to Company E, l.',th Infantry. 

Prirate Arthur Roscoe Benson, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. James Benson. Petersburg, born Julji 
,19, 1892. Entered service September >,, 191S. 
ot Camp Grant, III. Was attached to Com- 
pany. H, 5th Infantry, Regiment, 161st Depot 

Private Raincy Harold Ben-ton, Non of Mi. 
find Mrs. James Benson. I'etersburg, born May 
.?',. 1896. Entered' service September 19, 1917, 
fit Camp Dodge, la., transferred to Camp Lo- 
t/an, Texas, to Camp Upton, A T . Y.. salinfj over- 
seas May 16. 1918. Was attached to Company 
J, 132nd Infantry, 33rd Division, A. E. F. 
Landed in France May 2',, 1918. Fought in 
tJie trenches, at Albert in June, with English 
and Australian troops. 

Private Russell Milton Bitncr. non nf M>. 
and Mrs. Taj/lor Bitner, Greenvieir, horn Feb 
ruary 25, 1898. Entered service Jintc 2"! , 1918, 
fit ('amp Robinson, Wis. 

<'l<iii>lr <<'h<ninin(j miner, s<i , : ( Mr. 
mnl Ui.s. Taylor Bitncr. Crrcnrior. t,rn Nov- 
ember, ?/. /x.'}. Entered KCrriec in -lulif. 1918. 
\\'n* uttarhrd to the Dixie nirittion, Co. A, 
lot; Ih Motor Section fit Camp Mills. I.. I., later 
sailing overseas to join tlie A. E. F. 

Private George Otto Boesdorfer, son of Mr 
find Mrs. John Boesdorfer, Petersburg, born 
July 19, 1890. Entered service October 1, 
in IK. at Cain/* I'orcxt . Little, (in., trannferre'1 
to Camp Cluster f Mich. Was attached to 3th 
1'rov. Recruit Co. 

Arthur Rudolph Brunsman of Greenview, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Brunsman of Peoria. 
bom September 18. 1894. Graduate of the 
American and Waggoner School of Osteopathy 
in June. 1916. Entered service in the med- 
ical department of the U. S. Navy in August, 
11117. In March, 1918, was appointed for over- 
seas optical service and was assigned as C. 
P. 0. in the U. S. Navy. April 1,, 1918, he 
was called, notified to transfer to the U. 8. S. 
l extol" for active duty via the receiving ship 
nt \orfolk, Va. Before the notification was 
re<-( i red, however, he icas called by the Men- 
ard county Board on April 3rd to Fort Tot- 
ten. \. )'., and was made acting Captain of 
men in his call. At Fort Totten he was as- 
*i<incd to the 1th Co., C. A. C., and later 
transferred to the 10th Co., for special duty. 
(in September 10, 1918, icas transferred again 
to the, Medical Department, serving in the hos- 
piial laboratory, later to Franklin Arsenal, 
1'hilarleljiliia. where he was civil service ex- 
aminer and in charge of hospital wards. 

Joint Harvey Bunch, U. 8. N., of Menem/ 
County, son of D. 8. Bunch of Chicago, born 
A !'</ nut 23, 1901. Entered service May 18, 
1918, at the Great Lakes Naval Training Sta- 
f ion as Second-class Seaman, transferred to 
Pensacola, Fla., where he was assigned as a 
Naval Air Mechanic,. 

Robert Homey er Bishop, born January 
:$. 1891, only son of James C. Bishop 
of Petersburg. He entered the service of 
the French government as an ambulance 
driver through the American Red Cross 
bureau, sailing July 23rd on the French 
liner ''Chicago." He landed in Bordeaux, 
France, near August 1st, 1917. Seven day? 
later he reached the firing line. When 
U. S. men in French service were given 
the option of allying themselves with 
their own forces, Bishop entered as l>. 
S". convoy auto driver and mechanic. He 
has been serving with his unit in French 
sectors almost continuously. 

Lieutenant Julian Hale Boyd, son of Mr. 
l 1/rx. (', . H". Boyd. Athens, born June 2, 

')',. Entered service November 1~>. 1911, in 
Ford Motor Company experimental depart- 
ment . Worked on derelojniient of Libe-ty Mo 
tors in Ford Plant until May 2.',, when he 
entered Ground School of Aviation, flnixhing 
-\nuust 17, 1918. Was transferred to Dallas. 
Texas. September 25th he was transferred to 
XoHtltcrn l-'icjd, (ia., ichere he received his 
om mission November 6, 1918. 

Private William Frederick Bolster, son of 
J. H. Bolster, Petersburg, born February 11, 
t896. Entered service September 5, 1918, at 
r *amp Grant, III., transferred to Camp Han- 
ock. Ga., where he teas attached to Company 
r v, Machine Gun Battalion. 

Private Garrett Henri/ Bolster, son of J. H 
Holster, Petersburg, born August 25, 189S. En 
tered service June 27, 1918, at Camp Wheeler. 
Go,., where he icas attached to Company M. 
122nd Infantry. Transferred to Camp Mills. 
L. I., sailing overseas in October, 1918, where 
he was attached to Company G, I'fJith Infan 
try, .!. E. F. 

Private O. Belton of Menard Count]/, son of 
.Mr. and Mrs. Marion Belton, both deceased, 
of Atterton, Ky., born July 3, 1891. Entered 
service June 27, 1918,, at Camp Wheeler. Ga. 
Sailed for overseas in October, 1918. Was 
attached to Company M, 122nd Infantry, 
,4. E. F. 

Stanley Jielians of Menard County, born in 
Russia in the year of 1890. Entered service 
June 1st, 1917. at Camp Loirden. Springfield. 
III., transferred to East St. Louis for guard 
fluty during the race riot, later transferred to 
Camp Logan, Texas, to Camp Merritt, N. J.. 
sailing overseas May %r>, 1918. Took part in 
St. Mihiel, Argonne Forest and Verdun bat- 
tles. Was attached to Battery A, 123rd Heavy 
Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Private James Merritt Bast, son of -John 
Bfist. Petersburg, born June 23, 189.' f . Entcrc'l 
service June 27, 1918. at Camp Wheeler. Ga. 
Was assigned to special duty. 

I'riraic Daniel Loin* ('til/alum of Grecnvieiv, 
wit of .]//x. N. ./. rin-ifi.. uf Chetopa, Kans., 

horn Jiiniifiri/ i) . 1887. Entered service Sep- 
tember ',. /<>ts. nl ('iimp (Irani. 111., trans- 
ferred ><j ('amp lluucnel;. (la. \\ us attached 
In i;t/i t.'oinjianii, droii}) I, \ltieliinc Gun Tr. 

I'rirtili r//f/.s-. Ennncit (W uf (>a1;for<l_, son 
f Mr. anil Mr*, (,'eo. II'. Cn.r, both deceased, 
mni October ?.'/. 1886. Enteretl serricc April 
.'>', l!>]8, at Cau\i> Doil</c, la., irlierc lie teas 
l tnrliril to Base Hospital Medical Detach- 

I'rirnlc Eilirttrit /'. Clau-xxcn. son of Mr. niul 
!//.s-. l-'rc-l f'lanssen. Petersburg, born Janu- 
'irii .>:>. IS.O.j. Entereil set-rice May 20, 191S* 
</t ('finip sJieriilini . Al., transferred to Camp 
\fcrri1f. A. !.. -vail in ft NOOII after for overseas 
xcrricc, lainJinfi <tt Brest, France, -where he 
f-rrc<I in reconstruction irork. Was attached 
In Conntami /.', 1st Hattalioii. 22H<1 Eni/ineers, 
I. E. F. 

Corporal Milan Allen Casei/, .s-oj? of Mrs. 
l.oui*n /'. (Jasei/, Athens, born September 7, 
/.SX7. Entered serrice March 1. /.9/8, at Co- 
luniiniH. Ohio, transferred to Washington, I). C., 
x<iilint/ orersetiN from an eastern port in May. 
\\'<IN attached to '/'/tli Compani/, 20th En- 
iniecrH. A. E. E., icliei'e he was promote^ to 

1. < t, ./nxcpli Cronan. sun of Mr. and Mrs. 
I. I', ('riiiifin . I'elcrxhini/. burn June X. /s .''/. 
Eiiterc'l service Mail SO, 1918, at Fort Tliontax. 
K)i., transferred to ('fini/i (lordnii. (la., to 
Cinnp slieritlan Aid. Was attached In Coin 
pany M. 9th 

Prirat<' lf//(il Woodford Caswcll, son of Mrs. 
C. Griffin, Petersburg, born March 16, 1901- 
K it I </<'</ xc.rricc in the U. S. Marines June 1, 
/.<>/x. at Paris Island, S. C., transferred to 
Santa Domingo City, Domingo Republic, ichere 
he urns assigned to duty as crew man on a 
provision vessel between New York and Santa 
Domingo City. 

Sergeant Harry Cratvford, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. f Win. Crawford, Greenview, born October 
%>>. 1892. Entered service January, 1913, at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Ft. 
Meatle, S. D., to Ft. Wingate, N. M.. to Ft. 
McDowell, Gal., to Manila, P. I., to Ft. Wm. 
VcKMey Jiizal. P. 1., to Ft. Mills. Correfjidw 
P. I., to Ft. Sheridan, III. Was attached to 
Q. M/. Corps, U. S. A. Sergeant Harry Crawford 
was discharged in 1917 and re-entered the 
service again. 

Private Leroy Conkey, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Joseph C-onkeiy, Tallula, born February 22, 
1897. Entered service September 6, 1918, at 
Camp Forrest Lytle, Ga., sailing overseas No- 
vember 1, 1918. to join the A. E. F. Returned 
to the United States January 2 J 1919. 

Private Henry A. Chesser, son of Mr. H. A. 
Chesser, Oakford, born July 12, 1893. Eniered 
service September 19, 1917, at Camp Dodge, 
la., transferred to Camp Logan, Tex., sailing 
overseas vi May. 1918. Was attached to Com- 
pany G, 132nd Infantry, 33rd Division, A. E. F. 

Gilbert Earl Cornelius, son of .I/?-. 
and Mrs. Geo. M. Cornelius, Petersburg, born 
October 25, 1893. Entered service April 3, 
1918, at Camp Nicholas, Neio Orleans, La. 
October 1, 1918, he was transferred to New- 
port News, Fa., sailing overseas October 20, 
1918. Was attached to Battery C, I t 5th Artil- 
lery, Reg. C. A. C.. A. E. F. 

Lieutenant Chaplain John Joseph Co noil ey of 
Menard County, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome 
Couollei/ of Cashel County, Tipperary, Ireland, 
hot h i.eeeaxed. Chaplain Conolley was born 
Januarj/ ii, ISlii. Was ordaincil priest June 21, 
1904. <i> 't nitric*, Ireland, sailing for the 
l niteil whiles September 21, 190$. Took 
charge of St. Peter's Catholic Church, Peters- 
burn. October 1. 1910. Entered service Octo- 
ner >.,. /.<>/,s'. at Officers' Training Camp, Camp 
Taylor. A".//., later transferred to Camp Grant, 
III., irlieie In teas commissioned First Lieu- 

Sergeant Edward SMpp Correia of Menard 
('on ii tit. son of Mrs. Merietta Correia. Sew 
York, born March If, 1892. Entered service in 
tJic Engineers Corp at Camp Forrest, Lutle, 
Oa.. transferred to Camp Sheridan, Ala. \\ as 
aitaeJied to Co. A, 209th Engineers. Received 
lirtnnotion to Corporal September ir,th. and 
l<noted to Sergeant November J,th. 

Lieutenant John J. Cobb of Menard County, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Cobb of Dyers, 
'I'enn., born October 31, 1893. Married Miss 
Mabel Terhnne of Petersburg June 1, 1915. 
Entered service September 5, 1917. at Camp 
Gordon. Ga.. transferred to Camp Upton, .V. Y. 
/'i mii'ite / to Corporal September 20. 1917; 
to Sergeant October 1, 1917; First-Sergeant 
\ovember 1, 1917. Sailed overseas April 29, 
1918. Was commissioned Second Lieutenant 
fnl!/ 18, 1918. Took part in the St. Mihiel 
drire, tras made Battalion Raiding* Officer, and 
served as such in Argonne Forest on the Ver- 
dun front. Wounded on the night of October 
.0. 191S. Returned to the United States Jan- 
nary 6, 1919, to Base Hospital, later trans- 
ferred to Camp Grant, III. Was attached to 
Company M. 328th Infantrj/, 82nd Division, 
A. /;. F. 

Lieutenant Orin Harry Grassland of Menard 
County, born January 6 S 189r>. Entered serv- 
ice September 19, 1911, at Camp Dodge, la. 
In April iras commissioned to 2nd Lieutenant 
and transferred to the Veterinary Corps. In 
I ii I it. 1918 married Miss Mabel G. Thompson 
of (tuinei/. Ul. On August 12, 1918, was pro- 
tuoted to 1st Lieutenant and entrained for 
Camp Mills. L. I., with the 338th Field Artil- 
lery. xs'/7i, Division; a few days later he sailed 
nrerseas. lieutenant Grassland teas attached 
to 1st Depot Division. A. E. F. 

Captain CJiexter Arthur Conyers, son of Mrs. 
Clara Cvnuerx, Petersburg, born June 18, 1881. 
l-.'ntered service in June, 1918, at Fort Riley, 
l\anx. K<iill orerseas October .', 1 . HUS. land- 
inn at Brest to join the A. E. F. Was at- 
tarJicd to De/i'if Burgeon's office. 

Private Robert Colhi/. adojitt'ii xon of the 
Henry Colby home, born Auouxt 11. lx<>.!. En- 
tered service Mai/ >(i. It) 18, at Fort (ieorye 
\\riyht. Wash., transferred to camjt Dodye, 
la., to Camp (.Irani, III. \\'ax attached to 
Comi>any F, 1 .',th Infant)-)/. 

Coriioral Edward J. Coady, xon of Mr. and 
Mrx. 'I'hnx. j. Coady, Qreenview, oorn -linn 5, 
1891). Enttered scrri<-e June ,'1, /.'/*, at 
Sweeney Auto School, Kanxax f'ilii. Mo., tians- 
f erred to Camp Sherman. Chillicothe, Ohio. 
assigned for duty on a trii> from Detroit to 
Baltimore. Md.; from there Iranxfcrred to 
Camp Mills, L. I., sailing orcrxnix Sf/itcml/rr 
1.1, 1918; landed at Liverpool, Kin/land. Later 
transferred to France. Attached to .',09 th Am- 
munition Train, Company A, x'tth Dirixion, 

A. i-:. F. 

I'riralc Lextfr Tracey Cnrni. son of Mr. <ind 
Mrs. C- W. Curry., Peterxlniry. horn September 
1, 1888. Entered service Hcitteutber /!, /W/7. 
at Camp Dodge, la., transferred \ovcmber 18th 
to Camp Pike. Ark., to Ciniu> M en-it t. A. ./.. 
xailinfj orcrfteax. irhere he served irith Com- 
pany' A. 2iitli Dirision. A. />'. /'. He iras later 
transferred, to the ~)th Arm// ('<>ri>x. Military 

Private Victor Carxon Curry, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. (\ II". Curry, Pctersburt/, born Feb- 
ruary J8. 1891. Entered scrr ire .lime 21. J918. 
at Camp Finixton. Kan*., transferred to Camp 
Joseph E. Jofinxton, l-'la.. into the Quarter- 
masters D c\}(\ rtm < nt: later to finnp \letritt, 
.V. ./.. sailintj orrrseas ir'ttli the IXtith Motor 
Trit<-]; company. A. /.'. /'. 

Prirate Jume* Ci*CO, NOH of Mr. and Mrs. 
Ceo. Cisco, Athens, born Amnixt ',. I'.t nil. En- 
tered xerrirr \nril ..'7. /.''/N. at Jefferson liar- 
rackfi. Mo., transferred to l-'orf .-<///. Ul;la., to 
Cam/i I//-//X. /.. /.. xailiini ocrrxeiix in July, 
1918. \\'nx attnrht-d to inlh /'/'/,/ \rliUfry. 
<;/}, Hirixion. A. /.'. /'. 

Private William Wright Cisco, r. <?. A 7 ., son 
<>f Mr. 'i ml 1//.S-. Geo. Cisco, Athens, born May 
IS, 1898. Entered service in the U. "N. Marine* 
July 2, 1918, at Paris Inland. N. C. Sailed 
overseas in October, 1918. Was attached to 
ii'ith Company, nth Regiment. L. N. Marines. 
A. E. F. 

If oi/ Tiroinbley Carman, U. ,y. A., son of Mr. 
and Mrs. II. T. Carman, Petersburg, born \o- 
vcmber J, JS'JJ. Entered service irith the 
r. S. Marino*, in Any nut, 1918, at Paris 
Jxland, S'. C., irliare he became an cj-jicrt rifle- 

Private 'J'hontas Edicard Courtier iglit, son 
'/ Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Courtwright, Athens, 
horn December l.' t . 189 4. Entered service June 
^7. 1918, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., trans- 
ferred- to Fort George Wright, Wash., later to 
Catnjt l)od(i<: Ja. ll'r/.s- attached to Company E, 
xi tit Infantr if. 

I'rirate John Henry Court it: right, son of Mr. 
<ind Mrs. G. IF. Courtwrightj Athens^ born 
December ti f 1899. Entered service July 22, 
1918, at Jefferson Bar rack tt. Mo., later trans- 
ferred to Camp Taylor, Kit. 11 'as attached to 
litittalion A, 1st Regiment. Company 16. 

Private Julian T. Clayton, son of Mr. and 
l//-x. L. Clayton. Pci<-,-Nlnirn, born January 10, 
fx!>~,. Entered service April 3, 1918, at Fort 
lotlcii. A. )'.. transferred to Eustis, To., to 
<'<ini]i starart, \'a. sailaJ overseas November 
!'. ^.9^8. Was for three days at sea when the 
transport HV/.S ordered to return to the I'nitea 
N/(/^'.s. Pi irate Clayton icas tlien transferred 
l'i <'<nni> Kteirart and later to ('(unit Grant, 

i'ricate Everett Cooper, son of Mr. and Airs. 
Spencer Cooper, Greenview, born May 
It;. 1898. Entered service June 30, 1917, at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Camp 
Robinson. Win., to Camp Snelling. Minn., later 
to Ifaleigh. A. C. 

Private Denny Cooper, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
James Spencer Cooper, G-rccnvieu:, horn -July 3, 
189,1. Entered service May 28, 1918, at Camp 
Shelby, Miss., transferred to Camp Grant. III. 
Was attached to 139th Machine Gun Battalion. 

Private Andy Joseph Clark of Tallula, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Clark, both deceased, 
born April 19, 1896. Entered service June 27, 
1918. at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred on 
September 11. 1918, to Camp Mills, L. I., sail- 
ing overseas October 6, 1918. Was attached 
to 121st Infantry. Company M. A. E. F. 

Corporal Fred Elsworth Clark of Menard 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Clark of 
Rose Hill, born July 9, 1890- Entered service 
April 3. 1918, at Fort Totten. X. Y.. icherc 
he was attached to 2nd Company. C. A. ('. 
Made Corporal August 17, 1918: later trans- 
ferred to Camv Grant, IU. 

Sergeant Herbert Houghton Cheanci/. sun of 
Mrs. E. S. Cheaney, Petersburg, born October 
1. 1893. Entered service April 27, 1918, at 
Camp Dodge, la., transferred to Fort Ifilcii. 
Kan*., to Medical Corps, Field Hospital. Sailed 
overseas September 19. 1918, in charge of re- 
placement unit of ir>o men. Received commis- 
sion of Sergeant while icith the A. /;. /'. 

Prirate Harold Alters Cheaney. son of Dr. 
and Mrs. ./. I). Cheaney. fot iner deceased, 
I'ete/shiirf/. born October ~>, IS'Jt;. Entered 
serrice October I.'*. 11>18. ai the lira-He y Poly- 
technic Institute. 1'eoria, 111. 

Tot Cardiff. ('. N. A., of Oakford, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. L. ( 1 . Cardiff, Pleasant Hill, 
horn January <i. 18.98. Entered s< / -rice at the 
drcat Lakes \urul Training Station in Jan- 
nary. 1918, transferred to Hampton !{<.ads, 
\'a.. to the 1. S. N. "Alabama." Later assigned 
to duty on the I'. 8. S. '-Arizona.'' 

I'r irate Louis Parker Cardiff of Oakford, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cardiff, Pleasant 
Hill, born February 20, 18'J2. Entered serv- 
Ice April Hi, 1918, at Camp Dix, A. J '., later 
x<iilii></ oi:erxea*. \\'as attached to Company F, 
.tilth Infantry. A. E. /'. 

Private G. B. Cardiff of Oakford, son of 
Mr. anil Mrs. L. C. Cardiff, Pleasant Hill, born 
!>(<( nihcr ..'..'. /.SN.'K Kntcrel xerrice May 29, 
1918, at Camp Shelby, Miss. Was attaehed to 
i'i>itii>any II. l~>I*t Infantry, later transferred 
t Piorost (inard. 

Allen Whitney Cant rail. I . />'. A".., son of Mr. 
ami .l//.v. 7'. />'. Cant i all. Athens, born October 
7. 189'f. Entered service June 11. li>18. at the 
(Ireat La/.-cx \ur<il Training Station, trans- 
ferred and axni(/ned to acticc duty on the 
I . ,S. v. "Oklahoma/' sailinij overseas. The 
Oklahoma acted as one of the escort* of the 
ii'corf/e Washington" n-hcn President Wilson 
set oiit for the Peace Conference. Mtctim.i the 
(leort/e Washington" in mid-ocean tlicy re- 
turned to II rent iritft tfie distinguished ]>arty, 
the "Oklahoma" st<titin</ its return royayc to 
the t'niti'd states a feir days later. 

I'riratr fan} draliam <'(in1i-<tll. son of Mr. 
mill .I//-*. '/'. /;. fan trail. A tin us, horn .fnn< it. 
1898. Ijihred service Mail ,>.f>. 1918, at Jeffer- 
son iiarrar/.-s. \/,,., transferred to ('amp ./o- 
sepfi A'. .Johnson. I'ln.. and late,- to Camp 
Meade. Mil. \Ynx attacked to Motor Truck 11. 

Quartermaster Corps. 

J'rirate Roy Jnrin Cantrall, NOII of Mr. and 
I/ ex. '1'liotnu* Canli all. 'iic<. horn Ait</ust 1. 
/x.'/7. Kn1rre<l .vrricc in ('oniixiii 11 <J at Spring. 
field in June. I'.ni. transferred to Camp Lo- 
t/ait. VV.r.. Kf'ptciiilicr Hi. 1'Jll. ]\ds trans- 
ferred In the loth Ammunition Train, sent 
to Camji Meritt. \. ./.. miilun/ .for r<;>'sea* 
Mail i:>. 11)18, irhcrc, he iras nhnorheil in the 

A. /;. y. 

Myron Malhcir CantraU. L . N. X.. son of 
Mr. and Mr*. A. X. Cant rail, Athens. 6or 
April 11. 1898. Entered serri tri/h the L'. S. 
Marines at Paris Inland, transferred to (Juan- 
tico, Va., to Jersey City, A". J., sailing over- 
.s-r.s- \uvemler 1, 1918. Was attached to Com- 
pany A, 1st Regiment. A. /;. /'. 

1'rirate Ross Cantrall, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
A. \. Cantrall, Athens, lorn June 20, 1888. 
i:nt<-rrd service June 26, 1918, at Camp Tay- 
lor, l\;/. Failed overseas on or about Xovem 
her i, 1918. Was attached to Jjth Platoon. 
.r.'nil Hattcrii. l-'irld Artillrni. A. /,'. /'. 

Thomas Lee Cantrall, son of Mr. 

and I//.S-. .1. .\. fan frail. Athens., lorn /)r- 
<< mhir >:, tSU.;. Entered srrrice frefttrni h< r 
/.''. Hill, at camp Dodge. la., transferred to 
('amp I'il.-c. Ark., to Camp J.H;r. .V. /. Hailed 
orerxea.s in Aiianst, 1'jtS. Was attached to 
Conipanii M. .s',r,lh Infantnt. S7/// Division, 

A. /;. /-. 

Private !,> Cltnipool. .ton of Mr. and Mrs. 
Ed Clai/iiool. dm iir'nir. bum .\f<ir<-li 7. 1900. service !//</ I',. /;/.s. at Jefferson 
Rarracl-x, Mo., transferred t.u I't. Uliss, Tex., 
where he iras attached to the Mcdirul De- 

Private W. T. Clary, son of Mr. ami Airs. 
Frank Clary, PetervlMirg, born January 25, 
189 a. Entered service June 21, 19 IS. and icas 
transferred lu i<'<nni> Millx, L. I., ('amp Mer- 
ritt, N. J., Camp Lee. Va., Newport \eirx. Fa.. 
to Camp Grant, HI. 

Private Gibson Carter,, son of Mr. and M /*. 
Chas. C. Carter, Athens, born September (',. 
189^. Entered service in the Hth Illinois In- 
fantry in 1917, stationed at Camp Loirden, 
Springfield, transferred to Camp Logan, Tex., 
to an eastern seaport, sailing for overseas 
May 16 f 1918, u-hcre lie iras attached to Com- 
pany C, 1.1'ith Machine Gun Battalion. 33rd 
Division, A. E. F. 

Private James D. Carman, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Chas. Carman, Petersburg, born Febru- 
ary 25. 1892. Entered service April 3, 1918, at 
Ft. Totten. X. 1"., transferred to I't. Rchuyler, 
.V. y., sailing orerseax in October. \\as at- 
tached to the ."'///< IfegiiiK'nt. C. A. ('.. .1. 

/:. F. 

Private William Earl Conroi). son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Lyda Dodson. Petersburg, born January 
8, 189.'}. Entered service August 19, 1918 J at 
Camp Wheeler, Ga. Attached to Company T. 
If eceivin g Ca //</*. 

Paul A dair Clayton, V. 8. X., son of Mi. 
ami- Mrs. H". T. Clayton, Petersburg, born Au- 
gust i:>, 189.1. Entered scrrice February ju. 
1918, received call April nth, to the Great 
Lakes Naval Training Station, transferred to 
an eastern seai>urt, icheie he icas assigned to 
the r. *'. >S. 'Connecticut." Later transferred 
to the \arij Yards at Philadelphia. 

Corporal Albert Culver, sun of Mrs. Anna 
C ulcer, Athens, ~born June 18, 1890. Entered 
set vice June 27. 191J. at Cami) \\heeler, Ga., 
transferred to Camp Mills, L. I. Sailed over- 
seas October 28, 1918, landing at Brest, 
France, November 9th. ir.s attached to IJead- 
quarteis Company, 12(!th Ammunition Train, 
3 1st Division, A. E. I-\ 

Corporal Raymond Custer, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Chas. Custer of Petersburg, was 
born August 22nd, 1S92. lie entered the 
service September 1st, 1917, entereing the 
officers' training school at Fort Sheridan, 
III. Finishing his course there, he en- 
listed in Kansas City in the Coast Artil- 
lery Corps, and was sent to Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo., a month later he was 
transferred to Fortress Monroe, Va., still 
later to Neivport News, Va., sailing April 
2%nd, 1918 for overseas service. He was 
three months a student in a tractor schoo'l 
in France after which he was assigned 
to active service in Battery F, 60th C. A. 
C.. A. E. F., France. 

Private Walter Allen Culver, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. ./. E. Culver, Athens, born May 10, 1887. 
Enterel service June 15., 1918, at the Bradley 
Polytechnic, Mechanical Repair Department, 
transferred to Camp Hancock, Ga., to Camp 
Upton, X. Y., sailing October 3rd, landing in 
England, trhere he joined the A. E. F. 

Sergeant Roy Layman Campbell, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. T. Campbell. Athens, born August 
2. 189'). Entered service September 6. 1917, 
at Cfimp Dodge, la., where he was promoted 
to Corporal and assigned to a Machine Gun 
Company, 349th Infantry. Transferred to 
Kcllu /'/>/'/. 7V.7Y/.V. inter to Wilbur Wright 
I'icld. Ohio, irhcrc he icas assigned- to duty 
on the construction u-ork of the Liberty Motor. 
La'cr ira,s transferred to Ellington Field, 
Houston, Texas, tchcrr he was attached to 
the 23 2nd Squadron. Fur three months he 
irax inspector of the De Haveline aeroplane, 
atul has a rocord of 182 hours in the air. 

Priratc Isaac Carter, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
II'. G. Carter, Petersburg, born September 28, 
yx.s'.T. Entered service June 27, 1918., (it Camp 
Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Camp Mills. L. I. 
Sailed overseas in, October, 1918. Was at- 
tached to Company K, 121st Infantry, A. K. F. 

liobert Lee Conrey of Petersburg, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. E. C. Conrey, born April 13, 1890. 
Entered service June 21, 1918. at Sweeny 
Auto School, Kansas City, Mo., transferred to 
Kelly Field, Tex., where he was attached to 
the S69th Aero Squadron, Section. I, Sub-Sec- 
tion B, later transferred to Camp Funston, 

Private Calvin Arthur Cummings, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Cummings, Athens, 
born March 2, 1895. Entered service June 27, 
iv 18, at Camp Wheeler, Go., transferred to 
Camp Mills, L. I., salintj in October, 1918, 
overseas. Was attached to Company M, 122nd 
Infantry, 31st Division, A. E. F. 

Top-Sergeant Thomas Loyal Cook, son of 
Chas. E. and E. a. "Frechette" Cook, Green- 
vieic, born August 29. 1892. Entered service 
at Camp Grant, III., September .'/, 1918. Was 
'iftur-hed to 4th Company, Infantry, Head- 
quarters, replacement and training troops. 

Private Henry James Crotrdcr, son of Mrs. 
lielle Crowder, Athens, born December 19, 
/*!>.',. Entered service August 1st, at Camp 
Forrest, Lytle, Ga., transferred to Camp Sheri- 
dan. Ala. Was attached 1o Company F, 209th 
Engineers f 9th Division. 

lAeutenant Horace Leslie Campbell, only 
sou of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Campbell, 
born July 29th, 1893, at the Campbell home 
near Tallula. He enlisted the last of July, 
1911, in the U. S. aero service, entering the 
ground school of aviation, Columbus, Ohio. 
October 19th, training there and finishing 
his course in eight weeks. On Dec. 20th 

he was transferred to Love Field, Dallas, Texas, 'Where he entered the 
flying school. He was married, April 23, to Miss Bernice Grosboll, of 
Petersburg, retiirning to Love Field, where he instructed in the flying 
school two iveeks. He sailed for France from Camp Dick, May 22nd, 
landing in Ramorantin, France. He tt/as made tester and path-finder 
here: has received two decorations from the French government and 
fourteen citations for honors of varioiix kinds. Lieutenant Campbell is 
believed to have broken two world's records for altitude, once without 
easy gen. 

Earl McKinlci/ Clinc. I . N. A., of Mcnard 
Comity, son of Mr. anil .1/rx. 11'. //. ('line, 
born February .?_, 18<>:>. l-lntcrcd Ncrrk-c ./nn< 
J!>, 19 IS, at the Great Lake* \acal '/'raining 

fanicfi Jifi>l(jii Carman. I . ,y. A., of f'etcrs 
lir(/. HOII of Mr. anl J/r-s-. .lann'x 1. Carman, 
lintli dcccaKcd. hnni Aiigiixt X. I8'J.',. l-;ntcr<'<l 
xcrrii-c in Mail. 1<J1S, at tin- (jrcaf l.aktx 
\aral 'f'raiiihif/ Elation. In ./unc ira* Iran* 
fcrrcil 1<t Hampton Hoailx, \<i. I-' or NO me thin- 
lie ira* ]ilacnl on a torpt-ilo boat dcKfroi/rr 
Hint ira* aftftigiit'il to xcoiil dnlii along the 

George Courwright 

l.ii-ulemnit John AtV.soji Campbell of I'cters- 
!>nr<l. win of Mr. find Mrs. Ale.r Campbell of 
Minneapolis j Minn. Entered sercii-e /// April. 
7.077, in the Vctcrjiiaru Officers' Reserve Corps. 
<iiul iras ea/l(d ./line It;. 7.0/7. to ('It ieano. 
transferred l'> Camp I'obinson. U'/.s-.. and c/.v- 
xianed to dutit iritli the Sth l-'irlil \rtillern- 
I n \ovember, l'M~i, lie ira* transferred to 
('a in /I Wheeler, Ga. In April, 1918, tran 
ferretl to 7th A in in million Train. 7tli Divi- 
sion, Camp l/r.i riJnir. Texan. ii:Jiere he re- 
ceived hi* fJeiileiitnici/ in Juht. 1918. Ifiter 
Irnnsfvrrctl to an eaxtirn seaport. saiJint/ over- 
.s-f^/.s- in AHfinxt, where he ivas attached 
Veterinary I'ietd rnit \o. t, .1. /;. /'. Lieut- 
enant OampVell'Q grandfathers, .v irel! fix 
great- ffrandfatners , irrre Revolutionary War 

Private ffoi/ J. Coll in*, of Oa^ord, entc'ci 
xerriec Jnlu 7. 1!Ut>. at /'rkin. in Illinois " \a- 
titinal Guard*, Co. A. :,Hi Illinois Infant!'//. 
tranx~e,-)-eil in March. 1917. into the Ifct/uiar 
\nnu. entering Jefferson Barracks, Mo., at- 
fnehed 1o Co. A. 18th I . V. Infantry], laler 
transferred to Douf/las. Ariz., sailing orci-sca* 
irith General Prrxhinu's 20,000 Itcr/iilarx in 
.lime. 7.0/7. 7/w.s been in active dull/ a(J 
ironndcd three times irhilc in action. Latc>' 
talcoi into the Army of Occupation inrailnrj 

John Martina C'.'rreia. 1. N. .V.. of Mcnartl 
County, son- of .17r.s-. Mcrietta Correia of \cir 
York, born December 8* 1890. Entered serr- 
iee in Man, 1918. He received promotion to 
y/V.s-A r/c/.s-.s; Sailmakcr and .stationed at the 
ftrooklyn \ari/ Yards. He, irith his irife, 
headed the Third Liberty Loan Parade in 
\eir York CHy in the spring of 1918. Mr. Cor- 
reia has been associated with the great cir 
CIIKCS of the country for several years past 
and his wife is a star on the screen. 

I'rirnte Joseph Coi rf irrifih t. .S-OH of Mr. and, 
Mrs. \\'-m . Court irri>'ht. Athens, born Januarn 
/'/, -TN.o.J. Entered let-vice March .} 1 . /;</x. nt 
camp Dodfjc. In., transferred to Camp Mills. 
L. J.. xtiilini/ ore seas Mai/ ! , I!) 18. J/a* had 
vi.;- nionflm trcnth life and hax been irounded 
1 trice. \\'ax alta -lied to Coinpani/ ',>. T. H". /;.. 
1. /;. F. Latci iras appointed (Jerinaii Prison 

Private K. J. Doom, son of Mr. ami .l/r*. 
Jfobcrt Doom,, Athens, born February 3, 189~>. 
I'nicreil service in June^ 1917, at Camp Cu*- 
1c , Mich., transferred to Gamp Meade, Md., 
xiiiiing overseas in March, 1918. Was at- 
tarheii to Company C. Heavy Battalion, V. >S 
Tank Service. A. E. F. 

Private Granville Chase DuBois, son of 
C. O. DuBois, Athens, born December 28, 1891. 
Entered service June 1, 19 IK, at Omaha, Neb., 
transferred to Fort Logan, Colo., later to San 
Francisco, Cal., sailing for Fort Shater, Ha- 
iraii. Was attached, to Co. D, 2nd Infantry, 
returned on July 7, 1918, to San Francisco, 
Cal., and teas transferred to Camp Dodge, la., 
ichere he icas attached to Signal Section Head 
quarters Company. 

Sergeant Claud Dcckard. son of Mr. and Mrs. 
John Deckard, Fancy Prairie, born June 28. 
1891, Entered service December 12, 1917, at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Cami> 
Grant, III., to Scott Field, III., to Vamp Up- 
ton, N. T. Sailed overseas, landing at Liver- 
pool, England, August 1, 1918, where he was 
transferred to South Hampton. Returned to 
the United States November 18, 1918. 

Cecil M. Devault, U. S. N.. son of Mr. ami 
Mrs. W. H. Devault, Greenview, born March 
7, 1899. Entered service June 15, 1917,, in 
J .he U. S. Marines at Paris Island, S. C., trans 
f erred to Quantico, Va., where he was assigne-l 
to telescope rifle squad, and passed the exam- 
ination for expert rifleman and sharp-shooter. 
January 21, 1918, sailed overseas, landing at 
lirest. ichere he tca attached to 96th Co., 6th 
Reg., r. X. M. Corps. The 5th and 6th Ma- 
rine Corps were in the battle of Chateau 
Thierry and Belleau Woods. Cecil Devault icas 
gassed in the Belleau Woods battle on June 
/'/, 1918, and sent to Base Hospital, was rc- 
tm-ncd to /n'.s- regiment September 22nd, an<l 
on October 6th was iroun led at Grand Pre. 
France, being sent immediately to a Base Hos- 
l>H<il at La Mans, France. 

I'riratc Hoirard T. Daniel of Menard County, 
.sv ;/ uf Mr. inul Mrs. W. F. Daniel of Ashlmul. 
born October 2, ^89-^. Entered service June 
87, 1918. at Camp Wheeler, Ga. transferred to 
Camp Mills, L. I,, sailing overseas October 26. 
1918. Was attached to Co. C, 106th Ammuni- 
tion Train, 31st Dii\, A. E. F, 

Fred A'. Darin of Mcnard County, 
KH of Mr. and Mr*. L. Hayes of Campbell- 
riUe. Ki/.. lorn April 5. 1897. Entered serv- 
ice May 30, 1918, at Ft. Thomas, Ky., trans- 
ferred to \cu:port A>ir.s, Yd. \\'us attached to 
',o.~, th Headquarters Company. 

Corporal Otto Gco. Deiennan, son of Henri/ 
Deverman, Greenvieir, born March 11, 189-~>. 
Entered service June 21, 1918, at the Sweeny 
School for Mechanics, later transferred to 
Camp Men-it t, .V. /.. sailing overseas Septem- 
ber 28, 1918. Was attached to Motor Supply 
Train, Motor Truck Co. J.'/5. 428 Train, A. 
/:. F. 

Private Cleon Winfred Dallmann, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Fred Dallmann, Petersburg, born 
September 19, 1893. Entered service April 27. 
/;</s. at Camp Dodge, la. Was attached to 
Co. 18. 163rd Depot Brigade. 

Sergeant Eugene Robert Dcggc of Menard 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Degge 
of ^Chicago, both deceased, born October 26. 
1891. Entered service November l.'i, 1917, at 
Camp Joseph E. Johnson, Florida, transferred 
to Dorr Field, Fla. Was attached to Qu<tr- 
termasters Corps. 

/'little (;lias. D dwell, of Tallula, son 
nf C'/"/*. DoH-rll. OampbeUsvitte, !<!>., born Feb- 
ruary .'. ixn.'i. loitered service June 27, 1918, 
a! C(nni> \\'Jifflcr. <!<i.. transferred to Camp 
xhcllii/. Miss., to Camp Merritt, N. J. Suite! 
overseas in September. 1918. The steamer on 
irhich he sailed was compelled to return to 
the United States on account of sickness on 
board. Private Doircll iras later attached to 
7.'r/ .Company. 18th Hattaiion, Infantry. He- 
placement Troops, A. F. F. 

Corporal Clarence Dixon. son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Dixon, Petersburg, born April 30, 
1898. Entered service June 5, 1917. //*- 
ferred to an eastern port from where he sailed 
overseas. Was attached to Co. I. 8th III. Rev., 
A. E. F. 

Private Percy Davis, son of Mr. and I//*. 
Daniel Davis, Petersburg, born March ',. /x.'y?. 
Entered service June 2. 1912 (Regular Army) 
at Columbus Barracks, Ohio, transferred to 
Schofleld Barracks near Honolulu. When war 
with Germany was declared the four ycarx of 
his enlistment had been completed. He then 
re-enlisted for the duration of the war and in 
October, 1918, icas transferred to ' 
Ariz., on the Mexican border. 

James 8. I). Ran, son of Mr. and .]'! rs. Den- 
nie Ray, Petersburg, born September 22, 1895. 
Entered service April 29, 1918, at Camp GranU 
III., and transferred to an eastern port, where 
he sailed overseas September 1, 1918. Was at- 
tached to Co. B, 3 a nth U. 8. Infantry, A. 
E. F. 

Private A>if/ust Dixon, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
John Dixon, Petersburg, born April 1 ', . 189<;. 
Entered service .fiiJii :>',, 1917. RaiJr.-l over- 
seas to join the A. E. F. 

Private Hixjene Miller, .son of I//', and Mrs. 
./. .1. Miller, Petersburg, (>nm June .>o. /<s. ( '.'.. 
Entered service April 28, i.'/s. at cump Grant, 
III., transferred to nn eastern port, where he 
xdileil overscan. H'r/.v utttieJie'l to Co. B, -160th 
U. S. Infantry, A. E. F. 

Harrif Frankl.ini iHtQnoin. son of 
Mr. ami .1/r.s. .1. *S. DuQuoin, Greenvicw, born 
.\nynxl .!.>, 1890. Entered service May 10, 
1918, at Ft. Totten, N. Y. 

Sergeant Claude R. DuQuoin, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. A. 8. DuQuoin, Greenview, born Novem- 
ber :>.L, 1895. Entered service April 3. 1918, 
at Fort Totten, A T . Y., transferred to Camp 
Eustis, Fa., to Camp Stewart, Va., to Fort 
Ifmn-ock, N. J. TFas promoted to Sergeant 
full/ '>, 1918. 

I' i irate John L. Dennis, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Franklin Dennis , Greenview, born 
tK-toher 2.1. 1895. Entered service June 25, 
IDJ'S, fit \Ca,np Wheeler, Ga., transferred to 
CHHII> .Mill*. L. T.. sfiiliiir/ overseas in October, 
1918. liv/.v aitached to I0(>1h Ammunition 
Train, -Co. C. 31st Div. f A. E. F. 

f'niatr Mrrlc L. 7>r /.<?. .sou of Mr. and 
l/r*. John Franklin Dennis. Green-view, born 
\nfiiist 29, 1891. Entered service June 25, 
1!>18, at ('(Jinn Wheeler, da., transferred to 
f'nini> .l/'V/.v, /.. /.. Bailing overseas in Sep- 
tember, /y/x. il".s- uttiirJtf'l to an Infantry 
/frfii Himt, Co. 259, A. /;. /'. 

r/,,1*. /;dir. Drnnix. I . X. .V.. son of Ifr. 
and .l/.'-.s-. JuJui Franklin l><-,iiiiy, Grrrn rinr. 
horn J' 9. /.S'.''7. Entered service Jnli/ I.I. 
/.'/x. at I'in-ix Inland, 8. C. Sailed orcrseas 
nrlohcr 15, 1918. U'.s- attached to Co. H, 
1 1 ll> Itfti.. r. N. Marine*. A. E. F. 

Peter Delcois, son of Mr. and .l/r.<?. l-'ranl: 
Delcois, both deceased, born June .!<>, I no.]. 
Entered service in April, l'Jl>>. 

Private Michael Dan Daley of Atli'ii*. son 
<>( Mr. iiini Mrs. M. Daley, both decease'! . 
horn November lit, 189.'i. Entered xe.rrire -hinc 
27, 1918,, at Fort Thomas, Ky.. transferred 
to Camp Sheridan, Ala., to Camp Gordon, Ga. 
Was attached to Co. K, ) t 5th Inf. 

Private Thomas J. Dale}/ of Athens, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. M. Daley, both deceased, born 
Auc/ust 6, 1896. Entered service September 
1. 1918, at the Armour Institute. After com- 
jilethifj the course of instruction there he icas 
transfered to Camp Hancock. Ga., where he 
irnx attached to Co. F, 3rd Regiment. 

Private James Francis Daley of Athens, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. M. Daley, both deceased, 
born December 22, 1889. Entered service. 
September 5, 1918, at Camp Grant, III. Was 
attached to .',th Co., Headquarter*, Rep. and. 
Tr. Troops. 

Private Joxcjtli Mirliarl Dale?/, .so;/ of Mr. 
./'Jin Dali'ii of Mlinis, born Dcccniiier II, l^'J.i. 
Xiilrrctt service -I inn' 87, l'->tx. i ramp Whec- 
Irr. Ga., transferred to Camj> .l/f/7.v. /,. /., sail- 
inn overseas in October, ll'a* attached to Co. 
c, .;..",///, Machine Gun Battalion, A. E. F. 

P rit-ate Luther Dowell, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
A. Dowell. Atterberry, born July 14, 1895. En- 
tered sci-rice Man 30, 1918, at Fort Thomas, 
Ky., transferred to Camp Gordon, Ga., to Camp 
Sheridan. Ala., where he ivas attached to Co. 
II, .'/.'} th inf., later to Camp Gordon, Ga., 

Edgar Dowell 

Corporal Eugene Otis Dunlap of Menard 
County, son of John L. Dunlap of Como, Tenn., 
born November 13, 1889. Entered service July 
16, 1917, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., trans- 
ferred to Ft. Knelling, Minn., to Ft. Crook, 
Neb., later to Camp Funston, Kans., where he 
teas promoted to Corporal September 24, 1918. 
Was attached to Co. D, 41st Inf., 10th Div. 

Private William Amos Dowel of Tallula, son 
of Chas. Dowell, Campbellsville, Ky., born Oc- 
tober 24, 1890. Entered service May SO, 1918, 
at Ft. Thomas, Ky., transferred to Camp Sher- 
idan, Ala., to Camp Gordon, Ga. Was at- 
tached to Co. G, 45th Infantry. 

Private Lloyd Edward Dick of Menard 
County, son of Mrs. L. Miller of Havana., born 
February 28, 1897. Entered service Septem- 
ber 5, 1918, at Camp Grant, TIL, transferred 
to Camp Mac Arthur, Texas. 

Sergeant .Edison M. Darland, son of M >'. and 

l/r.v. /. 11'. Darland, Petei'xbui'g. l>orn Atignxt 
/'/. 1897. Entered service in !!>!'> dining the 
Mexican trouble. Sailed for France in .lime. 
1917. where he joined the A. /;. /'. Tool; part 
hi the St. Quentin and Cambrai battle* and 
irtiff iron tided on or about Norenilxr in. 1917. 

Private Jesse W. Darland,, son of J. IV. Dar- 
land, Petersburg, born September 27. J888. En- 
tered service September 19, 1917, at Camp 
Dodge, la., transferred to Camp Logan, Texas ; 
vailed overseas in 1918. Was attached to Co. 
F, 130th Regiment. 33rd Division. A. /;. /'. 

Private John Wesley Derry, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. El (I ridge Derry, Petersburg, born August 
25. 1888. Entered service October .'/, 1917. 
at Camp Funston, Kan., transfered to Camp 
^tnart. Va. Sailed overseas in April. 1918. 
ll'f/.s- attached to Co. D. J t th Infantry. A. /;. /'. 
Participated in the St. Mihiel and Argonnc 
Forest battles. Wounded in action July 1~>. 
1918. Later taken into the Army of Occupa- 
tion hi cading Germany. 

Earl Aldon Deny 

Private Clarence \ fir in an Uerry. son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Derry, Petersburg, born 
December 12, 1892. Entered service .lime 28. 
1918, at Catiij> Lctrix. Washington, transferred 

lo <'<nnf> Kfantfij. Cal.. to an raxlrrii xcti/tort. 
xai1'ntg orcrsens the latter part of July. /.'//N. 
Was attached to the Medical Department. 
I- if Id Ai-lillcrii. A. K. F. 

Cecil McKinley Edwards, U, 8. N., son of 
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Edwards, Greenvieic,, born 
February 5, 1895. Entered service June 22, 
1918, at the Great Lakes \~aval Training Sta- 

Carl F. Evers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred 
Evers, Petersburg. Entered sen-ice May 30th, 
1918, at Camp Taylor. Ky.. transferred to 
Camp Sheridan, Ala. \\as attached to Co. 
<!. mth Infantry. 

Private Frank Elmore, son of Mr. Wm. El- 
more, of Tif.e, born June 19* 1894. Entered 
service September 19, 1917, at Camp Dodge, 
foica, transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing 
overseas in August, 1918. Was attached to 
\iiiintlance Company 350, 313th Sanitary Train, 
88th Division, A. E. F. 

Private Arthur E. Brune William Engel, son 
df Mr. and Mrs. Carl Engel, Athens, born 
December 13, 1895. Entered service June 21, 
1918, at Camp Wheeler, Oa., transferred to 
Camp Mills. L. I. sailed for overseas October 
3, 1918. Was attached to Co. C, 325th Inf., 
A. I-L F. 

I'rivate Albert Janssen Eckoff, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Garrett Eckhoff, Petersburg, born 
February 6, 1893. Entered service September 
5, 1918, at Camp Grant, III. Was attached 
to 4th Co., Headquarters Inf., Replacement 
ami 1 raining Troops. 

Lieutenant Earl Whitney Eld ridge, son '>f 
Dr. and Mrs. 8. P. Eldridge, Greenvieir. born 
August 3, 1896. Entered service Xoremlx-r 23. 
1917, at the Ground School of Ariatioti. Aus- 
tin, Texas, transferred to Barron Field . 7V./o.v. 
I'ifi'ired Second Lieutenancy commission .lulu 
Si, 1918, later was transferred to t;ani<-n City. 
L. I. 

Corporal Richard R. Epperly, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Chas. Epperly, Tallula, born March 21. 
1892. Entered service May 29, 1918, at Camp 
Shelby., Miss., irhere he was promoted t<> cor- 
poral. Transferred to Camp Mills. L. I.. * i'ing 
overseas October 5, 1918, landed at Liverpool, 
England, and was transferred to France, irh< re 
he was attached to Co. H, 327th Inf.. s ;nd 
Div., A. E. F. 

Sergeant Willard Primm England, sun of Mr. 
and Mrs. W, H. England, Athens, born Novem- 
ber 23, 189 If. Entered service Apr// ti . 19 Hi. 
in C. A. C.* U, 8. Regulars, at Jefferson liar- 
racks. Mo., transferred to Fort Hancock, \. J., 
sailing overseas in September, 1918. \\'ax pro- 
moted to Sergeant on February l.' t , 19 J 9. \\ 'an 
attached to 7f,th Artillery, A. E. F. 

Private Thomas S. England, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. W. H. England. Athens, born October 28, 
1896. Entered service May 31, 1918, at Jef- 
ferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Camp 
Joseph E. Johnston, Fla.. to Cati> Merritt. A. 
./.. sailing overseas in September. 1918. irhere 
he was attached to Supply rmm>nni/. 3S2 
(juartersmasters Corps, A. E. F. 

Private Ernest Sampson Eden, son of Mr. 
ami Mrs. Henry Eden, Athens, born June 27. 
189.',. Entered sen-ire April .}. 19 IS. <it Foil 
Totten. A. Y.. transferred to l-:nst>*. \u.. to 
Camp Stewart, Newport. News, Va., tailing 
orcrxeas in October 1918. tl'a.s attached t'o 
Hntt<-ry <*. r.Oth Artillr,-,,. A. /,'. /'. 

Private John William Eden, son of -Mr. and 
Mrs. Henry Eden, Athens, born December 21. 
1887. Entered service June 27, 1!)1S. at Camp 
\Y heeler, Ga., transferred to Camp Mill.*. L. I., 
nailing overseas in October, 1[)ix. \\'as at- 
to Co. M, 330th Infantry A. E. F. 

Private Joseph Dillard Elliott, son of Mr. 
und Mrs. ir. R. Elliott. Greenview. born Sep- 
tember 27. 1888. Entered service May 10, 
1918, at @amp MacArtluir. '/i.r-as.. transferred 
to Camp Merritt, N. J. On August 13th 
xaiji'd overseas. After two days at sea the 
transport put back toivard the United States 
and on August 22nd sailed again for overseas. 
Private Elliott was attached to Co. ('. H-' f 1h 
Infantry, 7th Division A. E. F. 

Private Lee Emory Elliott, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. W. R. Elliott, Greenvieic, born April 17, 
1893. Entered service June 27. 1918, at Camp 
Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I. 
On October 27th sailed for overseas. Was at- 
tached to Co. B. Ammunition Train, 31st 
(Dixie) Division, A. E. F. 

Elmer Eckler, U. 8. N.. son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Arthur Eckler, Athens, born August 3, 
1892. Entered service April 10. 1917. at I'aris 
Island, 8. C.. transferred to Quantico. Fa., to 
New YorJc, sailing overseas in August, where 
fie took part in the fighting from March up 
to and including November 11. 1918. Was 
wounded and ordered to Base Hospital, later 
r< turning to his regiment. H'as attached to 
Co. 20, tth Regiment, 3rd Battalion, L. S. 
Marines, A. E. F. 

Private Herman Eckler, son of Mr. and !/. 
Arthur Eckler, Athens, born September 16. 
1895. Entered service Maji 28, /.o/s. at Camp 
Xhelby, Miss., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
Bailing overseas October 1, 1918. His diri*i<,n 
relieved the 2nd Division Marines in 1hc l<t*t 
attack in the Argonne Forest. 

Lieutenant Elton Derry Ennis, son of 1/r. 
and Mrs. I. S. Ennis, Greenvieiv, born Oct (fi- 
ler 26, 1897. Entered service January 16, 
1918, at Fort Wayne, Mich., transferred to 
{/round school of Aviation, U. of I., L'rbana 
finishing there May 11 1918. Transferred to 
Camp Dix, Texas, to Gerstner Fiel'l. La. Re- 
ceived commission August 26, 1918, ami H-.S- 
transferred to Call Field, Texas, to I'ost Field, 
Okla., and again to Taliafero filed, Texas. 

Bryan Keene Ennis, U. S. N., son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Geo. Ennis, Petersburg, born Novem- 
ber 10, 1896. Entered service July J t , 1918, 
in the Medical Department of the U. N. Navy 
at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. 
Was attached to Co. E, Gth Kcuiment. 

Harry Harris E still, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
A. E. Estill, Petersburg, born March 7, 189!,. 
Entered service June 5, 1918, at Camp Low- 
den, III., transferred to Camp Logan, Texas, in 
September, ivhere he was a member of Co. C, 
124th Machine Gun Battalion. Later he was 
transferred to the Veterinary Corps, Auxiliary 
Remount Depot 325. He was married 1<> Miss 
Freda Scantlin of Athens, August 18. 1917. 

Private Forest P. Fenton, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. E. J. Fenton. Greenview, entered service 
May 30, 1918, at Fort Thomas. Ky., transferred 
to \Camp Gordon, Ga., to Camp Sheridan, Ala., 
trhere he completed the course of instruction 
for first cook and was given his certificate 
Was attached to Co. G. -'t~>th Infantry. 

Private John Seneca Fenton, son of Mr. and 
.!/>.<?. E. J. Fenton. Greenview, entered service 
Man 20, 1918, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 
transferred to Fort Geo. Wright, Wash., and 
assigned to a machine gun company, later sent 
In (lamp Dodge, la., to Camp Grant, III. 

Private John W. Fenton, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Fenton, Greenview, born in 1891. 
Entered service June 28 S 1918. Sailed over- 
seas September 28, 1918. Was attached to 
Co. I, 325th Infantry, A. E. F. 

Musician Frank Arthur Feagans, son of Mt 
and Mrs. E. Feagans, Petersburg, born Sep- 
tember 22, 1879. Entered service in June, 
HH8. at Camp Taylor, Ky., transferred to 
Camp Robinson, Wis., to Camp Mills, L. I., 
Hailing ofcrseas in September. 1918. Was at- 
tached to 33 1st Field Artillery Rand, A. /;. F. 

Musician Joseph Rufus Feagans, son of Mr. 
<iu, i Mrs. /;. Feagans, Petersburg, born Sep- 
ti mhrr 3, J89 4. Entered service May 29, 1918, 
/I <'amp Shelby. Miss., transferred to Camp 
Mil I f<. L. /., sailing overseas October 7. 19 IS. 
\\'<ix allarltcd to Co. F. 328th Infantry. A. 
/:. F. 

Private Orville A. Ferry of Oakford. Entered 
service August SO, 1918, at Camp Upton, N. 
Y., where he was assigned to special duty. 

Robert Fitzgerrald, U. 8, N. } son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Daniel Fitzgerrald, Greenvieio, born March 
12, 1897. Entered service July 2, 1918, at 
the Great Lakes Naval Training Station., where 
he icas attached to Seaman Guard Company. 

Private Floyd Fry, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Chas. Fry, Petersburg, born May Ik, 1896. 
Entered service April 23, 1917, in Co. C, 124th 
Machine Gun Battalion, Camp Loivden, III., 
transferred to Camp Logan, Texas. Private 
Fry is credited as being the first boy in Me- 
nard to enter the servire ichen war icith Ger- 
many icas declared. 

Private James Henry Fruits, son of Mr. 
find Mrs. M. Y. Fruits. Petersburg, born Nov- 
ember 1> 1895. Entered service June 27, 1918, 
at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Camp 
Mills, L. I., to 'Camp Merritt, N. J.. and re- 
turned to Camp Mills, later to Camp Lee, Va. 
Was attached to Co. H. 62nd Infantry, 8th 

Private William H. Finley, son of Mr. and 
.U/-.S-. James Finley, Petersburg, born March 16, 
/x.'/rt. Entered service September 5, 1918, at 
Camp Grant, III. 

Robert Foid. f. X. \\, of Fancy Prairie. 
ton of Mrs. -loJin Ford, lorn in 1899. En- 
tered service Mai/ /S. 1918, at the Great Lai; en 
\aval Tntiniiifj Station. 

L. Frerichs, son of, Mr. and Mm. 
ThorMts Frerichs, Petersburg, born October 18, 
1891. Entered service June 27, 1918, at Camp 
Wheeler. Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
sailiny overseas in October, 1918. Was at- 
tached to Co. F, l. r )8th Infantry, A. E. F. 

I'rirale Ceo. Arkebauer Foxier. .SON of Mr 
and Mrs. J . P. Foster, Tallula, born October 
>'>', 189 -~>. Entered service in the Ordnance 
Dci>t., r. N. .1.^ July 2J. 1918, at Columbus 
Ha rracks, O., transferred to Chemical Warfare 
Service. Edaewood Arsenal, Edgewood, Md, 
\\'nx attached to Co. E. 1st Battalion. 

Private Henry Primm Graham, .so;?- of Mr. 
and Sirs. J. S. Graham, Athens, born Novem- 
ber 25, 1895. Entered service June 27. 1918, 
nt Camp Wheeler, Ga.j transferred to Camp 
.I////*. L. I. Sailed October 3. 1918, on Uic 
tranx]>ort "ArizoW to join the .1. /;. /'. in 
France. On November 8th he arrived at 
Sair</n>/ near Verdun, where his outfit took 
flic ' i>ioee of the 82nd Division at the front, 
lie n-as one of sixteen men selected from his 
Com pan it for review before President 
and General Pershino on Christmas Day. 

Gale Gumm, U. 8. A 7 ., son of J. H. Gumm, 
Grecnvieir, born March l.'i, 1898. Entered 
no-rice July 5, 1918, at the Great Lakes Xaral 
Training Station. 

Charles Leonard Gallop, born Fehniari/ ..'/', 
1X92. Entered service September ]!), /.'/?, at 
/'or/ Dodrje, la., transferred to Camp T'ike. 
\rk.. to Fort Bliss Texas. Wfts attached to 
the 15th Ammunition Train. 

f'rirafe Horace Grunxtaff, of Petersburg, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. ir. M. Granstaff (latter de- 
ceased), "born September 2J, /88?. Entered 
service June 15, 1918, in the Ordnance De- 
partment, fith Trench Motor Hattalion. Sailed 
orerxcas to join the A. E. F. on or about the 
t.ltJi of October. 1918. 

Prirate Florin //. Gaine*. son of Mr. mid 
.1/r.v. C. P. Gaines, born June .10, l$<>0. En- 
tered, xcrriec. June 21. 1918. at (^(Dii ]> \riiee1er. 
Ga., transferred to Camp .l/i7/.v, L. /.. xailinu 
October 6, 1918, for France, landing at Brest 
October 19. Was attached to Co. R_. .r> !nd 
Machine dun Battalion, A. E. F. 

Private Lamont Gist of Petersourg, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. B. Gist, Wheatland, Mo., born 
.\in-il 9, 1895. Entered service May 2.' tj 1918, 
"t camp Shelby, Miss., transferred to Camp 
Mills, L. I., sailing overseas October 5, 1918. 
H'a.s attached to Co. A, USth Field Sif/nal 
liatinlion, A. K. F. 

Robert Irving Glenn, son of l/r.s\ Martha 
Bennett, Athens, born Feb. 10. 1897. Entered 
service September 6, 1918. at Camp Forrest, 
Lytle, Ga., transferred to Camp Custer, Mich., 
-where he was promoted to Acting Kuppli/ Ser- 
geant. Was attached to 1,7th Provisional Re- 
cruit Company, Engineer Replacement I Hit. 

I ', -irate, f.airrcnce D. Gurnsey, son of Mr. 
fill//. Mrs. Wm. Gurnsey, Oak-ford, born April 
]fi, 1893. Entered service September k, 1918, 
at Camp Grant, III., transferred to Camp Han- 
cook, Ga. i 

Corporal lien jam in II. Gut/gel, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Wm. Gndgel, Athene, born December 
.11, 1889. Entered service icith the U. is. 
Marines, in April, 1017, at Port Royal, S. C., 
transferred to Wellington, D. C., where he 
rrrcired discharge, later entering the service 
again at Fort Tot ten, JY. r., transferred to 
Fort Schuyler, X. Y., where he icas promoted 
to Corporal anil transferred to Camp Mill.-;. 
L. I., sailing overseas to join the A. H. F. in 
September, 1918. 

I') i rut i Mrin GHIcixnn. NOII, nj Mr. and 
/-*. /,. /,'. GilkiHt/n. Green view, born Feb- 
>8, 189/,. Entered service June 27, 1918, 
uf cnniii \\'hceler, (la., transferred to Camp 
.I//77.S-. L. I., sailing overseas September 15, 
1918, landing at Brest, October ', , irliere he 
irus assigned to Co. M, 328th Infantry, Slst 
Division, A. E. F. 

Oorporal Claude Letter Garner . son f>f ./cx*r 
Garner, Tallula, born February 11, 1896. En 
tered service January 1~>, 191*. at Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo., transferred to ('amp stotson- 
frurg, Philippine Islands. On Fein-nary 1-1 . 
1911., lie teas returned to the i'nited State* 
find transferred to Fort tiilL Okla.. to Camp 
Mills. L. I., nailing overseas Ocloiio- .>,s\ 7.9 /K. 
landing \ovemfrer 9th at Brest, irln-.rc lie was 
promoted to Corporal, failed January 9. 1919. 
for the United States, landing at fa nip Will.*. 
L. J. Was attached to Batter >/ D. 2nd Field 
Artillery. A. E. F 

Private Richard Ward Godfri/. xott of Mr. 
and Mrs. Geo. Godfry, Greenvietr, from October 
9, 1893. Entered service June J.',. 1!>18. t<il; 
ing course in Gunsmithing in tlie Bradlei/ 
Polytechnic Institute. Peoria. later transferred 
to Camp Hancock. Ga.. and again to Camp 
Upton, A T . Y.. sailing oversea s October .7. 19 IK. 
landing at Liverpool, ^.n gland. Crossed the 
English Channel to France and iras attached 
to 2nd Companii. 7th Battalion. 1st Regiment, 
A. E. F. 

Private Red E. Godlicii of Greenview. son 
of Mr. and Mr.*, flarrii Godfrey, froth deceased, 
Ixirn May 3. 1X88. Entered xrrrirr in Jinn . 
1917. Railed overseas in Reptemfrcr. Was at- 
tached to 106th Engineers, Co. It. A. E. E. 

Private Charles f'. GoOdpasture of Menard 
County, son of Mrs. Kate Goodpastnre of Me- 
diapolis. fa., from Deeemfrer 1. 1887. Entered 
service September 20, 1917, at Camp Dodge. 
Ton-a, transferred to Camp Codu. .Y. M., to 
Camp Dix, N. J. Sailed overseas, ichere he 
was attached to Co. A. 1 1 ',th Machine Gun 
Battalion, A. E. F. 

Clarence Le< (Jiio'ljxixtnrc. ,so of Mrx. Kate 
Goodpastnre. Mediapoli*. In., horn March /-.'. 
1883. Entered the service and received train- 
ing at Fort Hcrcvcn, Ga. 

('o>'i>oral Hen /'. Gooti)ntf<tnre, sun of Mr. 
'nn/ ]/r.s. T. J. Goodpaature, Petersbwrg f l>ont 
\oreinber ?. IS9~>. l-:nferetl service May 20. 
I'.nx. at Jefferson liamn-JcN. Mo., transferred 
to Ft. Cico. Wrialit, ]\'anlii)it/toii . to Gamp 
Itii'hje. luira. n-Jicre he u'a.s promoted to Cor- 
poral on October i',, 1318. Was attached to 
I ',1h Jnfantrii. Co. <i. Sltli Division. 

I'rinitc Aixjiixt \\iUinin Goettiny. son of -Mr. 
mul Mrs. August Gocttiiu/, Nr., Petersburg, 
horn March 5, 1895. Entered service May 30, 
1918, at Fort Thomas, Ky., transferred to 
Camp Gordon, Ga., to Camp Sheridan, Ala.. 
(trul returned to r<nnp dor/Ion. Gn., trhere li<: 
irrifi attached to Co. G. ',~>th lirfan tri/. 

Private William Albert Goettitw, son of Mr. 
(Did Mrs. August Goetting, Petersburg, ~born 
.\in-il 9, 1893. Entered service August 20, 
1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred to 
Camp Taylor, Ky. Was attached to 2nd Co., 
U. S. Infantry. 

Pi-irate Carl Albert Gerries, son of John G. 
Gen/ex of Petersburg, born Sept. (i, 1887 : 
uit '-red, sen-ice Mail 30, 1918. at Camp Sheri- 
dan. Ala., transferred to Camp Gordon, Ga. 

Sergeant /Ian// Paul Gcrtlex, .so of Mr. 
and Mrs. John 'G. Gcrtlcx. Petersburg, born 
May 20, 189/ t ; entered sen-ire Ajn-iJ >,. mix. 
at Fort Totten, N. Y., -where he ico.s mafic 
Sergeant on June 5. 1918. 

I'rivaf.c h'ndolph L. dim of Mcnnnl 
*<> of Mr. and Mr*. <;. I>. (,'rint. horn .//// J ! 
1895. Entered service September J!>, 1917, at 
('amp Dodye, la., sailing overseas in \injiisl 
l18. Was attached to 88th Division, A. I / 

lieutenant Ralph l-;iirood (iarrctt. son of 
Mrs. /;. a. (larretl. AtJicnx. Iran Sri,i c nil,cr 'i 
txxii. Entered service in the I nlversity Red 
Cross Ambulance Corps, later transferred to 
1st Training Camp, Fort Sheridan, III., ir/iere 
he received commission to Second Lieutenant 
on Anr/nxf 10. 1917. Was transfers! to Camp 
Grant Anuuxl- .2!)th t irhere he iras (iltacherf to 
if, ixi Depot Brigade. 

Kerf/cant l-;diriir:l deon/r (idrrcll, NOH of 
Mrs. E. (',. dan eft, AfJioi*. horn Jiilij jx 1H!>1. 
Entered sc: rice r/.s- a X/;rr/ Metal Worker in 
Quartermaster Corps Mai/ ?o. in 17. Cd/icd 
September mtli to Camp Grant. TIL. irhere he 
>ras assif/nc'I to dutii a* <i motor fire truck 
drirer. later to tin-smith in the Sheet Mcial 
Department, later to Lnyinecr /. Cainit innini- 
ing station. Promoted October 1st to Sergeant. 

I'riratc John Louis Griffin of J'ete.rshiirtj. 
sow of Mr. and ^[rs. Alex Griffin. Pekin, bom 
September 21, 1887. Entered service January 
1. 1917, at Portsmouth. Ohio, and transferred 
to Cleveland, to Del Rio, Texas, to San An- 
tonio. Texas, to Eagle Pass. Te.j-a*. xailinf/ 
orerseas in June, 1917. Was attached to Head 
(/narters Co.. 126th Infantry, A. E. /'. 

J'rirate <llenti (Irei'ii irald , NOII of Mr. and 
}frs. Jesse Greemoald. Petersburg, horn Dei-cm . 
her 20. IS'J.'i. Entere I scrrice June 27, 1918. 
at Camp Wheeler. Ga.. transferred lo Camp 
Shelby, Miss., to Camp Gordon. Ga., later to 
Camp Grant, III. 

('(-}><ir<il Hcnrii N. Graham, *'* ' :f .I/''. '/ 
1/r.s-. Fred Graham. Grccnricir, Itoni Nr/>/. //, 
J89.'i; entered service Dec. 7, 1917, at Fort 
N'/W Houston, Texas, sailiny soon after for 
overseas to join the A. E. F. 

C. Graham, I'. &. \.. xo of Mr. ami 
1/r.s. Fred (Irahnm, Greenvietr, born Man ;?S. 
1899: entered service March 2.7. 19^8. fit the 
Great Lakes Naval Training Station, trans- 
ferred to .Yetf.oorf , R. /. 

Corjiorfil Santlij (). Graham, soil of Mr. <nt<l 
Mrs. Fred Graham, Greenview, born Marc'i 
2fi, 1893: entered service December 7. 1917. 
at Jefferson Barracks. Mo., transfered to 
Camp Grant, III., sailing overseas July 12, 
1918, landing in Kriscoe, England, Auaust 1st, 
u-here he was attached to the A. E. F. 

John Gumm 

I'rivate Max Grimsley, son of Mr .and Mrs. 
James Grimslci/, Greenview, born August 27, 
7898. Entered service February 1, 1918, at 
Jefferson Barracks^ Mo., transferred to Ft. 
Myer, Va. Was attached to Quartermaster 

Corporal Art Inn- K. Grandfituff, only son 
of Sheriff and Mrs. Harry Grandstaff, was 
born in Petersburg, February 1st, 1901. 
He enlisted July //.//. He received //;.s 
of whom have made their names bright 
military training with the Co. C boys, all 
in fame by their bravery on the battle 
fields of France. 

1'rivate Hubert L. (lii/fin, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Oeo. Griffin, Tallula, born September 5, 
1895. Entered service September 19, 1917, at 
Cinnit l)<t<lfjr. la. HV/.s altaclictl to Co. I, 
Infantry, 87th Division. 

Private 7,om.s Abrani. Gl(lrn, non of 
Mrs. Andy Gaddy of Greenview, all his 
life a resident of Menard County. He 
was born Feb. 2.5, 1895 in Petersburg. He 
entered service March 1st, 1918, being sent 
to Jefferson Barracks, Mo. From here 
he was sent to Fort Totten, N. Y., sailing 
May 10th for overseas service. Here he 
became instructor in mechanics in the 
auto school at Limof/es, France, attached 
to 5J f th Prov. Rept. Unit, O. N. T. Center, 
A. E. F., France. 

t' finite Hoy Kills Horn, son of Mr. and .I//-* 
U'//( /' Horn, (li-rcncicir, burn in . \ nguxt. 189. 'i. 
Full-red xcrvice June SO, 1917, at Jefferson 
Itarrackx Mo., transfers! to Camp Sparta, 
ir/x . to /'/. Duelling. Minn., to Cami> Greene, 
V r.. Inter Bailing for France to join the 

(. /:. r. 

linn'!/ ffigctihotham. U. N. A., aliux Harry 
smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. lliggen- 
Ixrtliam. Oakford. born September n, 1893. 
lief ore the I nited States entered the war with 
fin-many he had served tiro four-near terms 
in \aral service, volunteering at the dose, for 
in, ii- mure nears of service. After many inter- 
rnting experience* in foreign waters, was sta- 
tioned in the \aval 'J' raining Station, Mare 
lulu ml. Gal. 

Private Uri/ai Higgenbotnam, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. ./. n. Hiffgenbptham, Oakfnrd, born Feb. 
in. 1897. Entered srrrir-f August 13, 1917, at 
Jefferson Ban-arkx. Mo., in the Mechanical De- 
liurtment of the Air Service, later transferred 
to Kelly Fiel/, Texas, sailing overseas from 
Mineola., L. /.. October 13, 1917. ^pending 
Minn' time in various English cam its he sailed 
Mail 29, 1918, for Dunkirk. France, where he 
w/.v attached to the Rue de Cappele airdrome. 
In September he .trns returned to England, and 
attached- to Fort Junction, Sussex, where he 
i iinnhtcil up to , an-l including \orembcr 11. 

Henri/ CJ. Holler, r. 8. N:. son of Mr. and 
Mr*. Oeo. Hallcr, Petersburg, born September 
/?. 1893. Entered service April 12, 1918. and 
railed Awll ..' ', . 1918. to the Great Lakes ^a- 
ral -'/'raining Station, later transferred to 
Officer* Training School. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 
In '<'i>tember transferred to Camp Perry. Ohio, 
as a member of the Competing Rifle Team, 
where he ao/nJtted himself to the credit of 
tlir tram, winning screral medals. After three 
irerku tras returned lo Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 

P rir air Frank Iferschcl Hicks, son of Mrs. 
Iflchnnl llntirr*. \lhcnx. born Aurjiixt C. 1*9.1 
Filtered xerriee at Fort t Brown, Brownsville 
Texas, transferred to Camp Logan. Texas, -s-"" 
ing overseas, landing in England, later trans- 
ferred to France. Took part in the s7. Mihiel 
'i:r' \n/nnc Forest battles. Wan attached t>. 
Battery \. 1 i'iih Field ArtiUerv, I. E. F. 

Sergeant Chas. Earnest Hitchcock, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hitchcock, Tallula, born 
May 2> t , 1896. Entered service May 21, 1918, 
at Ft. George Wright, Wash., transferred to 
('ami* Dodge, la., where he was promoted to 
Sergeant in December, 1918. Was attached to 
Co., 1\ srth Infantry. 

Private Arthur B. Hollis, son of Mrs. Mar- 
garet Hollis, Petersburg, born July k, 188S- 
Entered service June 21, 1918 J at Camp 
Wheeler, transferring to Camp Mills, L. I., 
sailing overseas a few iceeks later. Was at- 
tached to Co. M. 102nd Infantry, 26th Divi- 
sion, A. E. F. 

Private Harry P. Hill, son of Mrs. Jake Hill 
Petersburg, born November 27, 1892. Entered 
service June 27, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, Oa. 
Was attached to Co. M, 12 1st Infantry. Sep- 
tember 28> 1918, sailed overseas, where he 
was attached to Co. E, 328th Inf.. A. E. F. 

Private Einil Alcin Henrikson, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. E. Henrikson. Athens, born July 1, 
1887. Entered service. June 15, 191$. at Brad- 
leu Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, III., trans- 
ferred to Camp Sherman, Ohio, to Camp Mills, 
L. I., sailing oversea* in September, 1918. H .s 
attached to 8J,th Dirixion, 3>6th Machine (Jun 
ttattaliun. ,C". It, A. E. i\ 

Private Arthur Clyde Horch. son i>f Mr. <in<l 
.)//*. M. Horch. Athens, born ./<ni iiri/ 29. 189.' t . 
Entered Ntn-ric<' SfiitciniiiT .;. /. ( >/s, at Camp 
Grant, III., irherr he tra.s a**'njnc<l to 

Corporal Boy 1 Kdirard Hodyen of Menard 
County, son of Mr. Am UN Hodyen, Spring field, 
born Ainil Hi* /*.'/. filtered service May 10, 
1918. at Camp Me Arthur, Texas, transferred 
to Camp Merrilf. \. J.. sailing overseas Au- 
gust .?, 19 IS. Was mafic Corporal in \ovem- 
ber, ami atlaelml In ('<>. If. .',i;tlt Infantry. 7th 
Division, .1. /:. /'. 

Private Fred Henry Haught, poster son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J Janssen, Petersburg, 
born March 27, ^896. Entered service Sep- 
tember 19, Jtill. at Camp Dodge, la., trans- 
ferred to an eastern port, sailing overseas in 
August, 1918. \Vas attached to 31.} Sanitary 
Train, SBOth Amhulance Co.. SS1h IHrixion, 

A. /;. / 

Priratc Carl G. Keyen, son of Louis Heyen, 
Atteruerry. lorn August 20, 1895. Entered 
xercict- June .>!'.. 1918, at Camp Wheeler. Ga., 
transferred to Camp Mitts, L. I., September 
26th, sailing overseas October 27th. ^Yas on 
the Atlantic twelve days. On arrival in France 
lie was stationed at a camp close to Bordeaux. 
Was attache I to Co. E t Motor Sec., 106th Am 
munition Train. A. E. F. 

Private Steve Henley, of Menard County, en- 
tcied service June 27, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, 
<;<i.. transferred September 15th to Camp Mills, 
/>. /.. sailing overseas in October, 1918. Was 
attached to 12.',th Infantry, Co. H, 31st- Divi- 
sion, A. E. F. 

Private Albert H. Haynes, son of Mr. and 
l/y.s. Kdward Haynes, Creenvieir, born Janu- 
ary 2, 1898. Entered service September 2, 
1917. Was attached to the Ulst Infantry, 
Go. /;. A. E. F. 

Pi irate Walter tf off man. NOII of Mr. 
>-nd Mrs. A. Hoffman. Pcterxbnr<i, hum April 
Hi, 1895. Entered service .1 inie r, . t'.tlti, at 
<'<imi> Wheeler, (la., transferred to <'<nni> Mills, 
L. I., tailiny o m .sY-r/.s- in October. //, i,,,,k 
,'xu t in. the Art/on nc l-'urext battle. \\'a* at- 
lae/ie'l to I'.'ilh Infant ni X'nd I >i ri.^i^u { 

/:. r. 

Prirate Arthur 11. Hinrichs, son of Mr. and 
>//*. //. Hinrichs, Petersburg, lorn March 23, 
189.1. Entered service May 30, 11)18, at Camp 
(Jordan, Qa., ichere he was assif/nea" to Co. G, 

'i-'ith Infantry. 

Henry R. Hinrichs, son of Mr. and 
'//*. H. Hinrichs, 1'eterslmry, born January 18, 
IS92. Entered service June 27, 1918, and iras 
axxiyned to the 159th Depot Briaade at Camp 
\Vhceler, Qa., later iras transferred to Camp 
Merritt, N. J., to Camp Lee, Va,., to Camp 
Tat/lor. Ktj. 

Ralph H. lloiif/hton, I . ,s'. .V., .sow of Mr. and 
Mrs. Chas. 11'. llouyMon, Petersburg, born May 
17, 1895. Entered service December 11, 1917, 
at the Great Lakes \aral Trainin;/ Station. 
In March, 1918, tea* to Phila- 
delphia, Pa., later to Wilmington, Del. \\as 
assigned to the L. ,y. N. \aixi tin." sailing in 
June, 1918. reaching the Knylixh. Channel on 
or about Julij 1st. The \of>atin" tras use 'I 
as a transport in the Eitylisli. Channel, be- 
tween Southampton, Kni/lan /, ami France, 
in a I,- i IK/ the triiix at nil/lit irithont illinnhiat ion . 

Lieutenant James Frank Houylitan . .soy/ of 
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Hauahton, J'etcrtsbury, 
born October 2'j, 1893. Entered service Sep- 
tember '), 1917, at Camp Dodfje, Ja. In Janu- 
ary, 1918, entered the Officers' Training Camp, 
irhere he received commission lo Seeom/ Lieu- 
tenant: transferred to Camp Pike, Ark., to 
('a tn p McArthur, Texas, and later to <'ami> 
SlieHii/. l/'/.s-x., irhere. in addition to command 
of hi* i-oin iianii . tra* a/>i>oin1c<l Jndt/c \<l/'o- 
eate of the' Ootirt \lartiul. 

Private James 1]~. Hudson of Menard County, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Hudson of Paris, III., 
iioni i^cptem bcr 2, J89R. Entered service May 
28, IIUS, an I transferred to an eastern port, 
irliere Jn> xtiiled orerseas September l.'f, 1918. 
U'r/.s- gassed October 'Jill, while assigned to 
dii hi iri/li nnirttinc gun troojts of the A. E. F. 

Sergeant fi rover Clinton Hudson, son of Mr. 
and. Mrs. C. W. Hudson,, Tallula, born October 
/./. /#X9. Entered service July 23, 1918, at 
<:<imii Pike, Ark., irJierc lie received 7m- pro- 
motion t<> Sergeant. 

Prirate Ollie Lee Holland of Athens. son 
nf Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Holland, lorn May 10, 
/,S'.90. Entered service June .'/. 1917, at Camp 
Lotrden. Springfield, transferred to East St. 
Louis, to ,Camp Lof/an. Texas, where he n:as 
nil ached to. the Heart/ Field Artillery. Dis- 
charged Xorember 2',.' 1017, re-enlisting Sep- 
tember /.'/, J918, at Camp Grant. III., where 
he teas attached to >iitli Co.. Depot Hrif/ade. 

Private Raymond Eugene Holland, son of 
Mrs. Rebecca Holland, Athens, born June IS, 
189.',. Entered service May 22, 1918, at Jeffer- 
son Barracks, Mo., transferred to Fort George 
Wright, Wash., to Camp Dodge, la., and later 
to Camp Grant, III. Was attached to Co. A, 
Intelligence School, 19th Division. 

Prirate Homer Lee Hunt, son of l[r. and 
1 ///> Joshua Hunt. Pcterslmrg. born Octobei 
l.l IK'J'i. Entered r/-no<? -!/.'/ 101h, 1918. 
'it ./effcisoii Barrack*. Mo., transferred to 
Ciinip \h-.\rthnr. T<:rti. to ('(imp Merrill. \ 
./ sailing on-rscas August 1. n>in. where hf 
,nix attached to Co. L, ',1th Inf.. \. E. F 
I. ntcr tnlccn into tltc \rmi/ of Occupation in 

Private Carre ft Hubert Hunt, son of Mr 
and Mrs. Joahva limit, Petersburg, burn xc/> 
it- m her 26, 1898. Entered service September 5. 
mis. at ('amp Forrest, Lytle, Oa., transferred 
t .\ir])ort Xeics, !>/.. suilinu overseas, where 
he teas attached to \.>.2n<i i-jitf/inccr*. <>tfi cas- 
ual Cu., A. E. /'. 

/'/irate Harold Allen Hall, ('. #. .A ... son of 
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hall, Athens, bom \ortin- 
her 2'i, 18'J(>. Entered service !/.</ 1, 1918. in 
the U. 8. Marines at Paris Island. N. C., later 
transferred to Newport, R. 1. II >/.s attached 
to 98th Co., Marine Barrac-k*. \arai 

Private Ralph Clary Hudspeth, son of Mr. 
and, Mrs. Monroe Hudspeth, Petersburg, born 
May 22, J89.',. Entered service June <>! . 1918, 
at Camp Wheeler, Ga. Sailed overseas in Oc- 
tober. Was attached to Co.. /', J.iOtli !(<'</i- 
ment, A. E. F. 

Sergeant Robert Franklyn Hndspeth, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hudspeth, Petersburg, 
born July 14, 1895. Entered service March 21, 
1916, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred 
to Fort Brown, Brownsville, Texas, to Fort 
Sam Houston, Texas. Sailed overseas Septem- 
ber 15, 1911, and iras attached to Jr<l I'. S. 
Cavalry, Machine (Jnn Troops, A. E. /'. 

Private Orville Gcorf/c II n-lxiictli . NO// o/' Mr. 
and Mrs. Monroe ///r/.s/u /// . Petersburg, /"/" 
x<i>lcmber 30, 1898. Entered service -fi/m ./. 
inn. in -1th Illinois Infantry, liccainc one of 
Mir illustrious Companii (' inni. x<nlin<i over- 
xra.s- Man /;, l<)18. ll'f/.s altiiclu-:/ In l>',tli 
Machine (Inn Battalion, S&rd Itirixinn. A. /:. /'. 

Private George Hardin Hudspeth. son of Mr. 
ind MI-K. J>i/tii /{udspeth, Petersburg, born No- 
vember 30, 1805. Entered service April 27, 
1918, at ('<i>m> Doflyc, la., transferred to Camp 
Mills, L. I. Hailed overseas August 25. 1918. 
\Vtis attached i<> Co. M , 3~>2nd Inf., A. E. F. 

Prirate Henry Payton Hibbs, a on of \Vil- 
' in in Hibbs, Athens, born June Id, 1892. En- 
f cred service April 2, 1918. at Ft. Washington. 
ittached to 5th Co., C. A. C., transferred to 
Washington. D. C., later to Ft. Washington., 
Md. 'Sailed overseas October 21, 1918 : landed 
it Liverpool, England, later transferred to 
France. Was attached to 2nd Army Artillery 
Headquarters Troops, A. E. F. Returned to 
"nltcd States January '/. 1919, to Camp Mer- 
itt. _V. ./. 

Private John Franklyn Hibbs, son of Wil- 
iam Hibbs, Athens, born March 1, 1890. En 
lered service April 2, 1918, at Fort Hunt, Va., 
ransferred to Ft. Washington, Md., attached 
o 5th Co., C. A. G.. transferred to Washing- 
ton, D. C., later returned to Ft. Washington, 
\fd.. sailing overseas October 27, 1918: landed 
it Liverpool, England; later transferred to 
Trance. Was attached, to 2nd Army Artillery, 
headquarters Co., A. E. F. Returned to I'nited 
January 21 3 1919. 

Private Adam Hibbs, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
John Elias Hibbs, Athens, born December 6, 
'893. Entered service May 20, 1918, at Jeffer- 
son Barracks. Mo., transferred to Ft. George 
>V right, Wash., assigned to Co. G, l.' t th In- 
antry. In September, 1918, he icas transferred 
l o Camp Dodge, la., and later to Cami> Grant, 
'II.. for guard duty. 

Francis Elmer Hughes of Petersburg, born 
\u(jnst 19, 1886. Entered service April J. 
1918, at Fort Totten, N. Y., sailing <>rr/ 
Mai, 10, 1918, with Battery B, 58th Artillery 
''t'f/imin i . c. A. C., Inter transferred to Jlead- 
quarters Co.. A. E. F. 

1'riratc difford Hadsall, son uf Mr. anil \lrs. 
('. /'. Hadsall, Petersburg, born March 9, 1896. 
/;///' red service June 4, 1917. irith Co. C. 12J,th 
Machine dun Italtalion. 

Private Harold Hadsall, son of Mr. ami 
Mrs. O. P. Hadsall. Petersburg, born March 25, 
189.' f . Entered service June 6. 1918. in Co. <". 
155th Infantry, 39th Division, at Camp Tay- 
lor, Ky., sailing from Camp Men-it t. \. J., for 
overseas duty in August, 1918. where he was 
attached to lfi2nd Infantry, A. K. /'. 

Lero/t Hadsall. son of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. 
Hadsall. Petersburg, bom Itcrcmhcr 10. 1891. 
Entered service June '/. H)J7. in the 5th Illi- 
nois National (li/ar<lx. mnslc/cd into tne U. S. 
Army August 5, 1917, assigned to Co. C, 12Jfth 
Machine Gun Battalion. J.ird- Division, as a 
mechanic at Canrp Loirden, Springfield, trans- 
ferred to Cainp Logan, Texas, xaile?! orerseas 
May 16, 1918. to join the A. /;. /'. 

Private Louis Hurwitz of Petersburg, son 
f Mr. and Mrs. Georue Hurwitz, Mason City, 
born April 1, 1887. Entered service September 
.',, 1918, at Camp Grant, III. 

I'rivate Earl Jackson Hoff of Menard 
county, son of Mr. and 1/r.v. John Hoff of 
Jackson. Minn., (both deceased), born March 
.'.'*. 1897. Entered service September 6. 1918, 
at Camp Forrest, Lytle, Ga., where he was 
attainted- tn .>nd Provisional Engineers Re- 
,-niiling Co.. Inter transferred to Camp Custer, 


Private N/r//>// llnjnmnd of Petersburg, son 
of Mr. <ni(l Mrs. I'liltr. Hopwood, born Sep- 
tember 3, 1 *:>). !; n I (>(<! service June 27, 1918, 
at Camp ir/cr/rr, f,'c/._. transferred to Camp 
Mills, /,. /.. Nailhu/ orcrscas October k, 1918. 
M r/.s- <iH<H-tic<l to .}>l1li Infantry, X-'m/ IHri- 
sionj Co. L\ A. E. F. 

I'rirntr Edward II. Jlouf/hton. I . K. A., son 
of Mr. and Mr*. Chas. W. Houfjhton. Peters- 
iiiiry, born June 28. 1896. Entered service in 
the U. S. Marine* Aufjust 1, 1918. at Paris 
fsland. 8. C., -transferred to Machine Gun 
School at Vtica. X. Y. 

Priratc Jacob llofiny, son of Mrs. Louisa 
Hofing. Petersburg, born March 3. 1883. En- 
tered *er$ice June 27. 1918, at Camp Wheeler, 
Ga.. where he was attached to 22nrl Co., Provi- 
sional J'cf/intent, 31st Division. 

Private Paul Bone Hartley, only son 
of County Clerk Albert W. Hartley, of 
Petersburg, born August lst } 1895, gradu- 
ated from the Petersburg Harris High 
School. Graduated from the American 
8chool of Osteopathy, KirJcsville, in 191 f . 
and entered the hospital at that school as 
an interne the following year. He entered 
service May SOth, 19J8, in Fort Thomas, 
Ky., transferred to Camp Gordon, Ga. } to 
Camp Sheridan, Alabama, where he was at- 
tached to the >i5th U. S. Infantry, Machine 
Gun Co., transferred to the regimental hos- 
pital, and later transferred to the base hos- 
pital, at Camp Sheridan. 

Clarence Hunt,, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
II n ill, I'drrsbury,, born November 26, 
1898. Vntcrc I service June 12, 1917, at Camp 
Loirtlcn, Springfield, transferred to Camp Lo- 
r/an. Texas. Was attached to Co. C, 12-^tfi 
Machine Gun Battalion, later transferred to 
Co. F, 30t* r nf. Cv Cody, Denning, N. M. 

Eric Lrtt\i Hii</li.c*. I . x. \.. of petcrxiurg, 
.SON (,f Mr. Perrii Hitt/hes, born Dcei )ii'ie l >.,', 
/s.vs. Entered service April I-',. /.'/;. <it, iit< 
(it-eat Ln1;<K \aral Traininu xfalion, trans- 
ferred In netire dutn on 1hc L'. >S. S. "Mon- 
IIIHU." a:nl Infer lu'thc I . *. N. " /.(rl<ni I ia." 

Willie Hughes 

I'rirute Willis Hardin Hiifjliex of 
.so of Mr. and Mr*. Austin Hughes, loth de- 
ceased, born September 17. 1889. Entered serv- 
ice April 27, 1918. at CamiJ Dodge, la., trans- 
ferred to Camn Traris, Texas, later to Camp 
Mills, L. I., sailing overseas June 18, 1918. 
Was attached to Co. B, 358th Inf.. A. E. /'. 

I'rimie Marslmll Lucltiii Jfntnil. HOH of Dr 
('has. Ilamil, Greenview, born April 2?. ./89S. 
\\'(is a fjra'luate of the Green view High School. 
find of the Mechanical Department of the 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria. Entered. 
service April 27, 1918, at Camp Dodge, la., 
transferred to Camp Travis, Texas, later to 
Camp Mills. L. J., sailing overseas June 29, 
1918. Was attached to 3',.Jth Co.. Field Artil- 
lery, 90th Division; later taken into the Third 
Army of Occupation, A. E. F. 

Private Earl Clay Hawkins, MI of Mr. <IH<I 
Mrtf. Henrt/ Hawkins, Petersburg, born Octonn 
7, 189',. Entered service .lime .'N. t918, <H 
Camp Wheeler, Qa. Was attached to the Sup 
ply Co., Receiving Camp, Quartermasters for^x 

Joe Hall 

7'lionihfion Henry. U. ,S'. A".. of Fancy J'rai- 

rie. xoa of Mr. and Mr*. Jloirard Henry of 

Collins, Ark., born Kejttcmbcr 30 J 1808. ' Fn- 

trred xervice March 1. 1918, at Cape May. \. 

./. 'l'Jioini)Non flcinn iras discharged on De- 

..'.'. 11)18, and Jias re-enlisted for four 

years of service. He is stationed at Xen- 

\<>,i; e&pecting to be assigned to the i . >s. .^. 

/.-rnridf/e." icliich is to sail for Cliin<i at 

ly date. 

I'riratc William Arthur Henry of Fancy 

l'r<nnc. son of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Henry of 

.\t.lile Connti/. I ml., born January -J, 189.' f . En- 

xrrrjce June 20. 1917, at Springfield, III., 

'i-rrcd to Jefferson Barracks, Mo., on 

March J. 1918, to Ft. Totten, X. Y., to Ft. 

FI-IUI iiler. A', y. Sailed overseas May 9, 1918. 

II f/.s- nttaehel to 'iStli Artillery, Co. C. A. E. F. 

ite Henry icas in action on the front close 

to Metz. 

I'riratc Henri/ \\ . l^aiicx. xon of '//. ami 
MI-N. #. T. I$a(t(x. I-' a tie a I'rairie. hoi n -/aim- 
arn //, /N .'*.'. Entered NCI rice in ./a/iiiar.n. ]!>1X. 
On FelirnariJ .->3. I H 1 K , (rc/.s called In Co/inn IHIX. 
Ohio, and pineal in Co. A. ',.>ii'l Fnyinen-x. 
dint transferred la Washington, J). ('. to <'<nni> 
Merritt, N. ./.. Bailing overseas from lloho/,-e.n . 
Mini .>>.. f.t.18. On Mail .SO. /.'/N. l(in<lc<l <it 
Jirest, France, from irlicrc he irax .vent Id 
xoiitlieni J-' ranee, un<i Irunsfcj-i-ctl to ',.'inl Co. 
20th Engineer H, A. E. F. 

J'rirule Oriit Cecil Ixhiiuiel. -so;/ of Mi. <iii<l 
I//-.S-. A Her, Ixlninicl, Oakfor'l. liorn March .", . 
1901. Entered service Aitfmxt 13. 1011. at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo.. Irdnxferrci^ to Kelly 
l-'iel<l. Texas, to M-incola. />. f.. xailiny over- 
seas October 13, 1917. Participated in the N/. 
Mihiel, Verdun an<] Aryoinie Forest hat Hex. 
\Yas attached to Air Kerrice, A. E. F. 

Cor)>oral Claire Ircy of Menaid Count/I. NOH 
of Mr. '/ l//'.s. J'Jil I IT)!, hoi n June /?, /X.'N; 
Enlerc'l Hrrrirc in Hie ~ t h Hlint.iK liifanlri/ 'it 
X l> ri n <J field . June .11, 1D1H. mi'J iniixiered into 
Hie federal scrriee tlie xainc <l<ii/; Iraiixferrca' 
to Fort flam Houston, Tc.rax. -Inlii 1*1, rc- 
uiainhnj there S mvntTis, irlien lie ira* re- 
I'trneil to Fort Fhaiflan. 111., uiul nnixlcrert 
out Jannani ?>;. 191";. ]'e-en1c<cl llic service 
lull/ 25. 1917. at Camp Lof/ait, 'Ic-rax. Idler 
transferred to Co. D, 108th \ ami <niit\on Train. 
He was injnrctl March 1 .', l>>j the orer/i<riiif/ 
nf his truck. Xaile-l for France from Camj> 
Merritt, A". J.. Maj/ :>:>, 1918, landing at Liver- 
pool, England. Later transferred to Ftance. 
irliere he teas axsifined to 1lie li'iiiling of am 
munition to both French and American fight- 
ing men in the St. Mill irl and \raonn e Forest 
lattlcs. Was attaelied 1o 108th Ammunition 
Train, A. E. F. 

Corporal Howard Everett Iveij of Menard 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ivey, born 
January 16, 1898. Corporal Howard Jvcij lia* 
the inii</ne e.riterienee of heiin/ the constant 
companion of his brother, entering the service 
irith him the name <!aij>, making the transfer 
at the nani( lime and sailing with him on the 
same date. He also was attached to the 108th 
Ammunition Train, A. E. F. 

Barker Harvey Jiilil, r. #. -V.. son of Mr. 
inn! Mrs. James Jnhl, Petersburg, born Octo- 
ber 2.' fi 1896. Entered service August 10. 1918, 
at the Great Lakes .YaroZ Training Station. 

Prirate -Jerry Jucrgcns, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
J'rcd Juergens, Petersburg, born April 16, 1888. 
Entered service June 27, 1918, at Camp 
Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
nailing overseas October 7, 1918. Was at- 
tached to 122nd Machine Gun Company, 31st 
Division, A. E. F. 

Private Henry Frederick Janseti, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. J. Janssen, Petersburg, born De- 
cember 20. 189%. Entered service August 20, 
1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga. Was attached te 
Co. I. Receiving Camv. 

Private George JoJin Janssen, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. J. Janssen, Petersburg, born Decem- 
ber 31, 1890. Entered service May 30, 1918, 
at Fort Thomas Ky., transferred to Camp Gor- 
don, Ga., to Camp Sheridan, Ala. Was at- 
tached to Co. B, Military Police, 9th Regiment. 

Corporal Gerhard B. Janssen, son of Mr. 
fitl Mrs. Janssen, Tice, born September IS. 
189.1. Entered service May 30, 1918, at Ft. 
Thomas, Ky., transferred to Camp Gordon. Ga.. 
to Camp Sheridan, Ala., and returned to Camu 
Gordon, Ga... where he icas attached to Co. M. 
'i-ith Infantry. 

Sergeant Leroy A. Jour*. xon uf August H. 
Jones, Greenview, lorn March ,;. />.'*;. En- 
tered sci-rii; xi-iili'mbcr J'j. 1'JH. at Camp 
Dodge, la. In February, lui*. received pro- 
motion to Sergeant ami ini* ti'anxfi'r, 
Camp Mill". L. I., sniliii;/ <>rer*<ax August 
1918. Was attached to <'<>. II. .UJth /;//< 
Dii-ision. A. K F. 

Lieutenant Thomas K. Jonc*. -so// of Mr. aiirl 
Mrs. //. A'. Jon's. AtJuH*. burn January ./. 
1$U.~>. Entered (terrier D<cc,i,l><,-, lUll, at 
Camp Grecnleaf, Ga. ll'.v attache*! to \ 
inary Company, Xo. /. 

Private Willie T. Jon<*. son of Mr. an-1 Mis. 
Melvin Jonr.<<. born Junnarii 10. J^'.'n. L'ntercd 
service Man 2'.). 191S. zt Caini> Shelby, Miss., 
where he i'v/.y assinneil to Co. L. i~>2n<! Jn- 
fantri/. Seiitcmber Hi, 1'JlS. he -a* trans- 
ferred to Camp Mill*. L. I., an I on October 
C>th sailed orerxcas, lamlhuj in England; later 
transferred to France. irJiere he wax assigned 
to Co. If. J.nth Infantry, 8?;^/ IHrition. A. 
E. F. 

Edicard Leo Johnson, I', s. 5.. xon of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. H. Johnson. Greenvieir, born Janu- 
ary 12, 1'JOl. Entered service July 12, I'.U*, 
at the Great Lakes Xaval Training Station, 
transferred to fjiant Park for War Exposition 
guard duty: later to Philadelphia. 

Private Harinaii A. Johnxon. son of Mrs. 
Mary Johnson. Grci'ii ri< n-. born April !',. 188'J. 
Entered serricc Jinn' ><>, 1918. at Camp 7 '/.'/ 
lor, Ky., transferred to I . ,v. Debarkation Hos- 
pital So. .'.. Fox Hills. Statrn Island, .V. Y. 

Coritoral Albert T. Johnson, son of Mr. and 
i/rx. Andrea- Johnson, Petersburg, born Janu- 
arji 10, 189'i. Entered service October 30, 
I'.i'n at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred 
to Channtc Field, III., to Officers' Training 
camp. Camp Grant, III. Was attached to Avi- 
ation Section of Signal Corps. 

VfV.s- Alrin Johnxon. I . . A., xon of Nels 
I'. Johnxon. (ireenvieir. born Aiit/nst H, 1892. 
loitered service June 7. 1917. fit the Great 
Lakes Xaval Train-in <j station, transferred to 
I'liiladrlpltia \ari/ Yards, and axxif/ncd to the 
! . 8. 8. "Misaourt." 

Corporal Olaf Edvard Johnson, son of \ c/.s 
/'. Johnson, (ireenricir, born M<I>I .?-. 1896. 
loitered service March 3, 1918. at Jefferson 
Itfirracks. Mo., transferred to Ft. Totten. A. Y. 
sailed overseas in Man. 1918. Was attached 
to Center Detachment, Q. d- T.. Center Ao. 1. 
A. E. F. Was truck and tractor driver. Fin- 
ished course in American Motor School at Li- 
iioiirne, France, and iras later unpointed in- 
structor in the school. 

Si rifcant '\r-irt /;. Johnson. *on of .Yf/.s- 
Johnson, Grcenrieir, born February 1, 189~>. 
i:nt(>-e<r. service September 19, 1911, at Camp 
Itodiic. la. Sailed overseas April 11. /fl/x. 
Was dtttiched to Co. /;, ,U7 Infantry, 8>n I 
IHrision. A. E. F. Was wounded August 8th 
irliilc on the Lorraine front, December ',th 
inis returned to the T'nited States and 
transferred to Camp Cnster, Mich. 

I-' rank ridicurd Johnson. ( . X. X., of Mc- 
intril Count if. son of Mr. and Mr*. \. Johnson. 
Green ricir. born f)etober .>'.>, 1SS.L Entered 
service Man .',. inn', at Port Royal, S. C.: 
franxferre'l to (Juan-tana 1110 nan. Cuba, trhere 
lie iras attached to Co. rts. r. x. Marine 

Wagoner John (forydon Jolinxon. .so;/ >,f }lr. 
and Mrs. Joe Johnson, Athens, born .U HIT/I .'/;. 
1898. Entered service at Si>ringfieiti in 'I rooi> 
l>. Illinois National Guards. June 20. inn,. 
sent to Mexican border, Camp liroirn, liron-nx- 
rille, Texas. Was discharged ami ie-enn*tc> 
again at Camp Logan. 'I e.i-ax. Bailing orerxeaN 
front Hoboken, N. J.. in !/<///, /.v/s. 11 f/.s- At- 
tached to Supply Co., I. >'it'li i'ieid Artillery,*,, 
A. /;. F. 

Harry Hobert Johnson, I . X. A., son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Joe Johnson* Athens, horn Man /.7, 
1896. Entered service April id. 1917. in the 
I '. X. Navy, at the Great Lakes Naval Train- 
in!/ station, later transferred to the 7>'/-oo/r///// 
.\avii Yards, where he was assigned to dn1n 
on the U. S. 8. "Tenadores." (This vessel ira.* 
grounded on the coast of France on Decent her 
28, 1918). At a French seaport Harm Hubert 
Johnson was transferred to the U. 8. ''Huron." 
returning to the United States January 20, 
1919; later transferred to Bay Ridge Barracks, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

James Henry Johnston, R2C, L~. X. A., *on 
of Rev. J. M. Johnston, Petersburg/, horn s'r// 
teniber 11, ISO.'i. Entered service ltceem,bei 
l.> f , 1911, at the Great Lakes 'Naval Training 
Station, transferred and assigned to UK "I 
8. S. President Lincoln." which teas torpc 
doed 250 miles out from France on a rdnrn 
trip. Boat sank in 27 minutes, 2? men Ion1 . 
the remaining 693 men remained afloat 20 
hours on rafts and boats until pickr I >ti> \>u 
destroyers and returned to France. Penman 
James Henry Johnston returned to L'nilc<l 
States June 12, 1918, anil teas traiisfcrrcil to 
Provost Guwd auty in A'eir Y-orb until ,sv/)- 
t ember j 1918, when he was assigned to UK 
U. S. 8. "Absoraka;" made two trips to France, 
reluming December nth, when he was assifjnc<l 
to a Naval detachment at Ellis Island. 

Carl John JoJinson^ U. S. N., son of Mr. <v<7 
Mrs. S. G. Johnson. Petersburg, born October 
l.' f , 1895. Entered service April, 17. 1'.)1X. at 
the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, iranx 
f erred to Navy Yards, Haii>i f >u Roads. Va.. 
ichere he was assigned to the I'. S'. S. "Illi- 
nois." transferred to U. 8. Navy Yards, J'liila- 
delphia, Pa., and assigned to active <lulii on 
the U. S. S. "Leviathan." In France he >ra* 
transferred to the U. X. .S'. "Corona.'' trliich 
vessel did convoy duty off French shores. Marie 
one voyage to the Azores, and later to Her 
rnudti. returning to New York anil .\CH- i.on 
don, Conn. 

f'rirutc William Itoji -lorilon. .so// of Mr. and 
Mr*. i;<lir. Jordon, Athens, born J-nlii I .' . 189(i. 
Hntcrcd service in September, 1918, u1 tin 
Armour Institute, Chicago, in Motor \lce!i(inic 
Department,, transferred to Ft. Benjamin llai- 
rison, Ind., ichere he was attached to Co. c 
93rd Engineers. 

]\'illi<nn Arthur -lolinxton. I'. S. A"., son of 
Her. ./. M. Johnston. retci'xhnra. horn Oetolier 
.'?. JX'.H',. Lnti/i"/ service at tile a real Ldki'i 
\ural. 'I'raiiriinf Station w.s- a irii'elexH operator 
\lnij ,n, J!)ll. Conijdcted hits i-i.nrxe there 
/ire/iaratori/ to <'nl cfiinj Ifarrurtl. irlnn In Jell 
n rictim of tJx: /ircrdilinf/ cpi<len>i< 4 . inflnenzn, 
a ml iritN ron/i i/i'il In the liox/iit<il fur nine 


Corporal Elza Killion Jones, son of Mr. ami 

I//-.V. H'. !. ./one*. I'etcrxlniri/. born \oreniher 
10, 1887. Enta-cil Ncrvicc \laij >:>, IVls. at 
L'ainit l>od(/e. loira. transferred to ('(tinjt !////.*>. 
L. I., Niiilinf/ overseas .!/////./ /.:. mis. \\'<i* 
<il/acl>e<I to Co, 1. .t.-,/nt Infantr]/, Sth Diri- 
v/o//, .1. /;. /'. Later taken into the Anna 
n f Oeenyation inrailimj (let-many. 

I'rirate Ifoirard Stanley Jones, son of Mrs. 
I'annic Richnnlxon , drecn ri< /r. horn Septem- 
her >,. 18<),>. Hatereil xci-riec. March 31, 1918, 
at camp Dodyc., la., transferred to Camp Mills, 
L. /., nail in fi overseas in Man. lf)18, where he 
/tai tieifHiteil in nuinii battle*. Was attached 
to Co. (}. Infantry, J.~,t1i Division, A. 

I'rivate Herlerl stunh'i/ Jordon. son of Mr. 
and Mrs. E. IT. Jordan. Athens, horn Septern- 
lier 10, IX I).',. Entered service Man 2.9, 1918, 
at Caini> slielh.ii. l/m-. sailed oremed* in Sep- 
tember. HUH. \Vtln at fuelled to Co. L, 151st 
Infantr >/. A. 7,'. /'. 

Priratc I'.lnni- Montgomery f\ine<iid. f . N. A.. 
*o;i of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Kincaid, (irccnview, 
born August l.'i. 189.1. Entered service on or 
about April i> 3 1911, at the Philadelphia Navy 
Yards, ichere he boarded the. ' Kansas." He 
tea* billeted on this < -exxel unlit April 29th, 
irht-n tn. HV/.S transferred to tin: "Henderson" 
sailing for France, landing at Chotslion. Camp 
'/'/(c.sce. Elmer Kincaid was attached 1o the >>tli 
Uegiment, Marines, and icas in the Chateau- 
Tit terry brittle. The (itfi Jfeginient tras one of 
the regiments that stopped, the German drive 
fit that historic spot. He tra.s there until July 
;~>tlt, and he is sure the Boche would have gone 
on toward Paris had not the Marines stopped 
them at that point. On July ~>th he was taken 
out for a few days rest and was billeted at 
a little town on the Manie River; from there 

h> treat into the trenches again at a point close to Soissons, over 
the tup again on July 19th, and through the town of Uiei-zir, irhieft 
tu> to that time had been held by the Germans. From here a rush- 
order nuKle these Marines entrain and they were rushed to a point 
just opposite Metz, where after all, they were not used, but were in- 
stead !<ent on to a point close to St. Mihiel. Here they fought again 
for Chalons, where they were with the French on the Chami>a<jn< 
front in the stiff fighting which lasted ten days. Later they irere 
use I in the big final battle on the Verdun front, where, after going 
through all that he, Elmer Kincaid, icas wounded and taken to tin 
liase Hospital Xa. s. A. E. F. 

Lawrence Edgar Kincaid^ U. S. X.. son of 
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kincaid, Athens, born An 
gust 29, 1896. Entered service Julu 18, 1918, 
at the Great Lakes \aval Training elation. 

Private Claude Kincaid, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
A. E. Kincaid, Greenview, born June 15, 1896. 
Entered service in Anril. 1917: icas stationed 
at the Presidio, Fan I'rancisco, Cal., in the 
Ambulance Corps. 

Private Oliver Hobcrt Kincaid, .so// of Mr. 
an<l Mrs. Sain Kincaid. Athene, born June HI, 
1898. Entered service in ^firing of IH18 at 
Camp tihelbi/, Mixs., transferred to <'<inii> l. 
gan. 7'rj-o.s. H>/.s attached l linttei-i) li. llth 
i. ,S. rielil Artilleri/. 

I'ricalc Tliomax Kellij of Petersburg, unit of 
Mr. ami Mrx. Thoina* Kelt}/, both deceased, 
horn June 28, IK '.Hi. Entered service in Mail. 
1911, /// the l>',th Machine Gun Battalion, 
.j.jnl Dirixion. Co. C. 

lloicard r. Knotoles. ( . S. X., son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Hugh Kaoirles, born May 13, 1891. En- 
tered service Mai/ 25, J918. at the Great Lakes 
\<ir<il Train-illy Station. \Yas attached to A ri- 
ot Ion It ranch. 

Priratc Frederick 3'. Kopp, son of Mr. 
l\oin>, Athens, burn March 20, 1890. Entered 

S!ei>1eiiihcr 19. 1917. at Camp Dodge. 
loira. transferred to Camp Pike, Ark., to Camp 
l>i.r, \. J.. to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing over- 
seas in August. \\'as attache/I to Co. E, 312th Slth Division. A. E. F. 

Second Lieutenant Fdu-ard II. Klnej, son of 
Mr. an<l Mrs. l^hranl Kiny. Athens, born July 
x. 189.'i. Littered service December 15, 1911. 
Callctl to act ire iliity a.s- Flying Cadet at School 
of Military Aeronautics. ( rbana. III., Febru- 
ary 9. 1918. transferred to Dallas, Texas, 
Aviation Concentration Camp. April 12, 1918. 
Transferred to Air Service Flying School at 
'laillor i'ieJl, Ala.,, on Ma,/ ', . 1918. Commis- 
sioned xepi<-mbcr .26, J918, and transferred to 
Comport Instructors School at Brooks Field. 
7"r.y.s. an October ~> , 1918. Transferred to 
llarron Field. Te.ras, \ocemher 21, 1918, U'herc 
lie inxli -in -ted in the Aviation Branch of the 
m rvice. 

Xecitiid IJeiitetiant .Icfferxon J. King, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. /-,',-/ irar / Kinu. Athens, born Au- 
!/ii*t JO. IS'.U. Lntered serriec November 26, 
I nil. ('ailed' to act Ice dnti/ as Flying Cadet 
nt school of .Military Aeronautic*. Austin, Tex., 
on December 1 '.) . 1911. Transferred to Dallas, 
Ti.i-a*. l-'ebrnarii 19. I'.Hs. to Air Serrice Fly- 
inu school tit Barren Field, Texas, on April t>, 
/.'//S. and coiiunixxioned .//// .10, 1918. Was 
axxiyne i to liarroii l-'ield ax instructor. In- 
structed in Dual, I'rlinanj Solo. Acrobatic and 
I'oriiiaiioit ulnae* of /l/ilng, and later appointed 
stage (-'oni niander of f'/iniaru Solo, and a 
inettilicr of Hie, Hoard of Instruction at this 

Private Frank A. Kinner, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Kinner, Petersburg, born September 
23, 1886. Entered service August 20, 1918, at 
Camp Wheeler, Ga. On December 19., 1918, he 
icas transferred to Camp Taylor, Ky. 

Alfred Warren Kinner, U. 8. A'.., son of Mr. 
and Mrs. E. B. Kinner, Petersburg, born Janu- 
ary 23, 1899. Entered service in June. 1918, 
at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, 
later teas assigned to one of the battleships 
and stationed at Portsmouth. \'u. Made one 
voyage to France and one to Scotland. 

Private Henry George Kreis, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Carl Kreis, Athens, born May 30, 1893. 
Entered service May 29, 1918. at Camp Shelby, 
Miss., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I. Sailed 
overseas October 6. 1918. Was attached to 
Co. H, 327th Infantry, 82nd Division, A. /;. /'. 

Private Fred H. Kaiser, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Henry Kaiser, Greenview, born May 11, 1895. 
Entered service June 2 If, 1918,, at Camp 
Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
to Camp Merritt f N. J., sailing for France No- 
vember 1, 1918. Was attached to 8th Co.. 13th 
Battalion, M. P.. A. E. F. 

Joseph Krzywacki. 

Lieutenant Leigh Combs Levering, .son of 
If. ^f. Levering, Petersbwrg, born- \orember 
:,. 1890.. Lieutenant Lcreriny has had four 
iiearff of naval service, from 1913 to 1!>n, re- 
enlisting June 1st, ID 11. in the llth Xew 
York Engineers, sail'in;/ tvcrscas. where, as 
mi Fnyincer with tircntu men under /'/* com- 
mand, he constructed a railroad in the Cam- 
i>i-<ii Rector during the firxt Cainbrai dricc. 
ir<trking under hear;/ shell lire. Later he icatt 
attached to the JnfO,ntry, ennnnixxio itC'l I-' if* I 
Lieutenant for brarern <n/d made instructor 
in mill tarn tactic* in the .1 nn-r'n-an Candidate, 
l, La.nyrcn. 

Sergeant William Hiitcherxou Levering, son 
f Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Lcreriny. Petersburg, 
l>rn Keptemler 1. 1S99. l-lntcretl acrr-icc June 
1, 1917, in the :,(h Illinois Infantry at Spring- 
fielil. Promote*? to Corporal at Cami> Logan, 
'I'e.i-ax. where lie trux attached to l>',th Ma 
,-/i!ne (Inn IfattaHon. Mail Hi. 1918, nailed 
overseas. \\'at< i>r<.moted to Sergeant in 

I', irate \\ illium I' re-' crick Lueht, *on of Mr. 
not Mrs. Fred I/. It. Lnvht. I'eter.^bury, born 
netoher 31. 18H.',. l-.'ntere-l xerriee June 27, 
1918, at Cami) Wheeler, (la., attached to Co. 
I .! '/ . 106th ftanitarn Train, transferred to 
ctntii) Mills L. I., September 21. 1918. On 
Norember 7, 19 ix, /ra,v .vent t-' Camp Merritt. 
\. /.. irJtere he irun transferreil to Co. K. 
Caxualtf/ Jiattulion, and on Xoremher 12th 
nailed overseas on the I'. S. 8. "Liberator," 
landing at Kordeau.i-. France. Xoremher 2C>. 
1918. 'where he iras attached to Rase Hos- 
ititnl to 1 /. Headquarters, liean Deseet. Hospital 
Center, Rase Section, No. 2. A. E. F. 

Sergeant Marshall Mathew Lounsberry oj 
Menard County, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Louns- 
berrtf, both deceased, born January 1. 1888. 
Filtered service April 3, 1918, at Ft. Wright. 
Fixln'm Island. A 7 . Y.. where he was attached 
to 3rd Co., C. A. C. L. I. S. It was re- 
ported that Sergeant M. M. Lounsbernj was 
missing in action, but this was an error. 

Elmer H. Lundberg 

Private Homer Lynch, son of Mrs. Lnla 
Lynch, Athens, born September 2.;. /s.0.7. /-,'H- 
tered- service June 21, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, 
(in., transferred to Camp 'Mills, L.'l.. Ntiilin;/ 
nre, -seas October J<;, 1918. Was attached to 
.;/*/ Diriffiun. Co. (S, l^',t!i Infantry. A. 11. F. 

Private Henry Lynch, son of Mis. Lulu 
Lynch, Athens, born February .i. JN.VJ. En- 
tered service September .',. HUH. at Camp 
<;i<int, III., transferred to Camp Hancock, Ga.. 
fa ('amp Joseph E. Johnson. (Ja.. ninl later was 
returned tci Camp (i runt, 111. 

Private Hubert Lynch, son of Mrs. Lulu 
Lynch, Athens, born July 1\, IS 99. Entered 
service April 20, 1918, at Jefferson r.arrnd;*, 
Mo., transferred to Norfolk, Va., to Greenville. 
8. C., to Camp Jackson., Columbia., S. C. 

Sergeant Harry Lynch, son of Mrs. Lulu 
launch, Athens, born November 11, 1881). En- 
tered service Auanst 1.',, 1917. at Camp Tay- 
lor, Ky.. where he was promoted to Serf/eant. 
In August, 1918, icas tranxferrcil to Camp 
Sherman, Ohio, to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing 
overseas September ,L 1918. Wan attache i to 
309th Engineers, Co. B, 8J f th Division, A. !:. F. 

Pi-irate Milan Alkire Lundf/nist <>f Mcnani 


County, son of Mi-, and Mm. Matt 

both deceased, born July 2.' t , 1881. Entere'i 

xerrice May 20, 1018, at Camp Sheridan, Ala. 

Attacltetl to 22nd Engineer COII>H.. transferred 

to Detachment Me/Heal Department, Hax:- Hos- 


Lt-xlle / Lee. son of .!//. Mhi-i-t L<e. Oak- 
ford, lorn September /}. J887. Entered serv- 
Ice in 1909 in the Artillery at Fort Ward. 
\Vaxhington. win ic l>< nrrccd for three i/ears. 
March 2H . 191*. cntm-d I lie xerrirc again at 
i't. PcrcrcH. Gfi. 

l Hardy West on Lee, son of Mrs. 
Albert Lee. Oakford. born December 26, 1892. 
I'.nti'rcd service July /<, 1918, at Camp Dodge, 
la., where lie wax attached to Co. 9. 3rd 

Corporal Eniway L\ xon of Mrs. Albert 
Lee, OaJifonl. born September 9, 1895. En- 
tered sere-ice A aril 23, 1918. at Camp Dodge, 
1'iini. transfcrrctl to Camp Mills, L. I., sail- 
iinj Auyunt 20. 1918, overseas. Was attached 
in Co. D. 313th Engineers, 88th Division, A. 
/;. /' Was to .I//** Kvalena M'einer 
'./' llarana, Ai>ril 7. /.V/N. 

Private OrMe I. Lee, son of Mrs. William 
NAv/f/f/s. Oakford. born July ?.. ^89^. Entered 
sen/ice December 13. 1917 . at Jefferson Bar 
riH-kf;. Mo., transferred to Camp Hancock, Go., 
to Camp Greene. X. C., to \eic York, sailing 
July IT), 1918, for overseas, landing in Eng- 
l n<l. Was attached to 16th Co.. -' t th Jiegi 
n/ nit. Air Service Meeh., A. /;. /'. 

T Crna Edgar Lonnsbery. T. S. A'., son of 
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lovnsbery, Oakford, born 
November .',, 1896. Enteral xrrrire July 19, 
1918, at the Great Lakes \eral Training Sta- 
tion and transfer-re -1 to I\ eirport yeirs, Va,., 
where he iras assigned to dntit aboard a f. S. 

I'n/itdin l.i c in [tirirkxtni fuming. *on of Mr. 
iitt'l Mrs. C. U. lAining, /'eta sli-urg. ln.r.i March 
30, 1871!. Entered service -fin 11111,11 26, I'.UX. 
in the Signal O/Jieers' Reserve ''r/*x. ami f/.s- 
xigncd ia duty on tin- staff of t!ie \\nr Credits 
Board. \\dsli int/l_on . I). ('., re.ceiring ftix com- 
inixion <is Ca/rtain in Utis dcixii'l IIKII t. \orem- 
ber in. J'.IIS. irds transferred lo Cdmi> ./< si/ili 

/;. Johnson, rid., ichere In- served in tin- \ioi in- 
Transport Corps. 

Captain Harris Laning, r. X. .V.. son of Mr. and Mrs. C. 1>. 
Laniny, Petersburg, born October 18. 1X7.1. Appointed \dnil Cddct. 
entering Annapolis October 19, 1891. Gradual r<l .June 7, It'.i.l. airi 
wan assigned to duti/ on the "Philadelphia." In 'April'. /N.'/7. irti* 
orderi'ij to AnnapoUx and coin inixxioncil ' {: nxi</>i" .full/ 1. 18!>1. Aftrr 
(mixing to nearly err/// ronntr// in //if world lie iro.s- xcnt to tin 
Inited States in July, 1900, and assigned to duty at the \aral .\<-dii- 
enn/ in the Department of English and Law. On Xoremlier in. limn. 
commissioned a Lieutenant, Junior grade. In the summer of 1 !><>', 
carried the Japanese peace envoys to Russo-Japanese iicn<<> confer- 
ence at Portsmouth, \eir Hampshire. In October. I'.itl.'i. Iranxferre i 
to AV/ro/ Academn and assigned to duty in the Department of Ordi- 
nance and Gunnery. During the next ttco years, in addition to 
regular duties, was Captain of the V. H. Navy Kifie Tea-ni . irhich. 
in, 1907, in competition with J f 7 other teams representing I lie Army. 
Xary, and National Guard of the various states, iron the \d1ional 
Ififle Match. In September, 1907, was assigned to duty as \arigator 
on the "Nebraska," and served on board that xJiii> for the ne.rt 
thrcr years, during irhich time the ship made the famoii* cruise of 
'the battleships around the icorld." On July 8, 1908. he irns com- 
missioned a. Lieutenant Commander. On July 6, 1910, n:as designed 
to duty at the U. /s. Xaual Academy as Officer in Charge of I'hyxieal 
Training and Athletics, performing these duties until in the xummer 
of .1912,, when he iras made Captain of the United States Rifle Team, 
irhich competed and icon first place in the Olympic Ga men Itcld in 
Stockholm. Sweden, this year. On the return to the Xaral Academy ' 
was made head of the Department of Navigation, which position u-d* 
held until the following summer, when he teas ordered to the com- 
mand of the destroyer "Cassin." While in command of the "fv/xx///" 
participated in operations against Mexico in 191.',. 

In the summer of 1914 promoted to the rank of Commander and j 
ordered to command the Reserve Destroyer "Flotilla," I. N. Atlantic 
Fleet that took part in the suppression of the rebellion in NO/I Do- 
mingo, . having charge nf the early operation.* in the Monte Crixlo 
nrorince. In October, 1916, assigned to duti/ in the \ari/ Depart- : 
ment at Washington, in the office of the Chief of \ardl <>IH ration*. 
Shortly after the outbreak of the war irith German n /r.s- transferred^ 1 
to duty in the Bureau of Navigation and placed in charge of Officer.*' 
Personnel Division. In September. 1918, icas commissioned Assistant 
Chief, Bureau of Navigation, irhicJi position lie noir occupies. 

I' i irate Fred M. Lux of Menard County, son 
of Mrs. Miiri/ Lu.r. born .fanudrii in. IX'.xt. 
Entered service \ln// $5, /. ( //x. at <>////// sli,lbi/. 
l/i.s-.v.. transferred in Cdm/i Mill*. /,. /.. sailing 
orcrscas October r, . I 1 .) /s. Was attached to 
\lcdicdl Department. Office of Chief Burgeon. 

Renjainin Wilson Lal;e, son of Mr. and 1/r*. 
M'. />'. Luke, Fane n I'rairir. born March 1'J, 

Entered service -!une .->?'.. /Jy/8. f/f O0W/J 
U 'heeler, Oct.. transferred to Canij> Mills. L. I. 
xailinu orcrvea* on or about October Hi, /.'>/,S, 
ia,idiiuj at sonthaniirtan. Englandj October .> / 
1918;' later transferred to I-' ranee. \\~ci* at 
tacheri to 329th Infantry. Headquarters (;roit]>. 
8Srd Division, Classification Camp, A. K. F. 

Lieutenant Latrrcnce James Law son, son of 
J)r. and Mrs. J. 11'. Lawson, Petersburg, born 
Mai/ 31, /N.'MI. In the midst of his tiiird year 
in the incilieal dcnaitincnt of the University of 
Chicago he entered service January 1, 1918, in 
the Medical Ifeserre and iras allowed to com 
i>h-lc hi* <-o a me to receive commission of 1st 

Corporal I'rn/awin Hurrixon Luck, son of 
Mr. ami J//.s. 11'. I/. Lii'.-l;, Talliila, born Sep- 
/r, !,<! /, /s. '..'. Entered xercice September 18, 
r.> n , at Camp Dodfje. la., transferred to Camp 
d<,, -'1.011. Ca., irlu're lie ira* promoted to Cor 
horal, to Camii 1////.V. L. 1.. xailino: overseas in 
Man. 11)18. irliere lit- i>arti<-ipated in the St. 
Mihiel drive ami An/onni' forest battle. Was 
iroiinded ichilr ne'.tr \'rr:lun from artillery fire. 
\\'<i* uttnclied to <'. /;. 301th Engineers. 82nd 
iHrixinn. A. K. F. 

I'unl Timothy Lynn. *on of Mr. and 
Mrs. T. T. Lynn. I'<-tcrxhur<j, born January 7, 
ixn:>. iintcicii service *<'i>tctber .',, 1918, at 
camji (haul. ///*., irliere lie received promo- 
tion to Corporal. Later irus promoted to the 
rank of ^erneant. Was attached to Co. C, 
\ln1<, i- Transport I nit. 

I'riKitc (icrliard Lcffer*. son of Mr. and 
Mi's.' II. Lrfferx. Mlienx. born November 27, 
IS91. serricc l<citteiiiber ',. /.'/S. a\ 
Camp (Irani. III*-., and transferred to Catni> 
ilancock, Oa. 

Private Carl Albert Lenz, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Otto F. Lienz, of Petersburg, was 
born May 2nd, 1890. He entered service 
April 8, 1918, entering the Instrument re- 
pair department of the air service, Brad- 
ley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, III., for 
training. Finishing there, he took train- 
ing in Camp Jackson, South Carolina, 
Camp Merritt, N. J., sailing loirh the J.Wth 
division, Battery B, Field Artillery, on 
July 16th. 

Miss Pauline Marbolil. duuylttcr of Mr. <in<l 
Mrs. Harmon J. Marbol/l, (Jreenvieic, born 
March 26, 189.',, graduated from (jreciirieir 
High School in June of V.n,>. and gra<l-nated 
from the University of Illinois, class of I'.il, 
Entered the United State* Xaval service at 
Washington, D. C., July 26, 1918, and /< 
assigned to duty in the h'cyis tar's Office, lin 
reau of Navigation, later to the C. 8. S. 'Tri- 
ton." Miss Marbold passed the c.rn initial /'/./ 
for First Claxs Yeoman December 1, /.''/N. 

Sergeant William, Edicard Messci smith, son 
of Clinton Messermith, Fancy Prairie, born 
February 8, 1886. Entered service April .',. 
1917, at Ft. Sill, Okla., transferred to Ft. 
McPherson, Ga., to Xew York, sailing over- 
seas in July, 1918. Was attached to Co. B, 
U. S. Infantry, A. E. F. in France on the 
Champaign front ivith Co. />', l$2nd liegiment, 
36th Division. William E. Messersnnth -irnx 

I'rirate Thomas .l///rr*. NOII of Mrs. Li.uisa 
\l>/crx. Atltm*. lorn May J'J. /x!/. Entered 
service June .>.>. ion. in Co. jr. o'M ///. /ufaw- 
////. c* Camp Loirdcn, Springfield, transferred 
In l-'.itxt St. Lonix <ltiring the race riot, July 
/.'/?'; Inter transferred t<j Camp Logan. 
Tc.nix. fij Camp Men-ill. IV. ./., Bailing Mail 28, 
//'/N. t/rri-N<'(in. irlu're lie jra.s nttacJieil- In ItSrd 
I'ichl Artiih'f!/, JJr<l Division, A. E. F. 

I'rirati: J/nnn i <'. Myers, son of Mrs. Louisa 
Myers, Athens, lorn August 11, 1895. En- 
tcrctl service at Camp Shelby, Miss., trans- 
ferred to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing overseas 
a ml teas attached to Co. E J ll.ith Engineer's, 
,;srh I )i fix ion. A. E. F. 

1'rirate \Villiant McKiuley Meyredy of Me- 
mird County, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Me- 
!/i'cdy of Virginia, born August 11, 189~>. 
Entered service June 27, 1918, at Camp Whee- 
ler, Ga., transferred September 18th to Camp 
Mills, L. I., mailing overseas on or about Sep- 
tember 26th. 

Joe A. Margcr, U. S. #., of Menard County, 
born March 2J* 1900. Entered service July 
1C, 1918, at the Great Lakes Naval Training 
station. i .\ji 

Corporal Karl Messersmith, son of Mr. and 
rs. ('. Messersmith, Fancy J'rairie, born Feb- 
imii j, 1897. Entered- service May, 1918, 
Camp Joseph E. Johnston, Flo,., transferred 
> Camp Hill, Va. Sailed overseas June 28, 
/,S. \Vas attached to Co. 62, Motor Truck 
, A. E. F. 

Sherman li. Mount. xon of i/r.s. /;. 

Mount. Pctcrshnry, barn Mini /.;, ix'.i'/. /'- 
/rrr</ service December 10, 1913, at Jefferson 
Kin-rack*, Ma., transferred to Hie I'liilihiihn 
Ixlaii'ix, irhere he tea* aftacjied to Coast Ar- 
tillery CHI-JIN., ri'erired disc'liaryc, and MV/.S 
called hurl; in1o tin- scrrire offer the declar- 
ation of irur ifith dcriiianii, xnilini/ orerxeas in 
February, 1918. Was attached to Co. I, 35th 
A. E. F. 

Private Charlcx \\'in. Mil/nun o'J Mcna/rd 
County, son of Mrs. R. E. Hitter of Decatur, 
born July 19, 189%. Entered service Septem- 
ber 22, 1917, at Camp Dodye, Iowa, transferred 
to Camp Cody, N. M.., to Camp Dine, X. / 
Sailed overseas in September, 1918. Was at- 
tached to Co. B, 126th Machine Gun Battalion, 
A. E. F. 

Private JJoi/tl Mitrlirll of f'rti'i'xbitri/. .so;/ of 
Mr. and Mrs. E. ft. Mitclicll. botli d< ceased, 
born June 7. 789.0. Entered service in the 
5th III. Infantry, May If). /.'>/?.. Inter bccnin- a member of the J.!',tJi Machine dun Bat 
talion, Co. C, 33rd Dirixion. A. ]:. /'. 

Priraic ./r.<.sr Tltoiiiax Mooth/. xmi of Mr. 
aii'l 1/r.v. Jeff Mood n. Pclcrxbiirt/. honi l-'cbrn 
ani If). IRV'i. Entered scrricc ./line . ; 7. /. f */s. 
at Camp \Yhceler, da., tranftfcrrc'l lo l-'ort M c 
PJicrson, (fa., nerritifi ax nrixoii i/nard in n 
prixnn irJicrr i:>,00f> derinan narnl in-ixoncrx 
irerc interned. 

Hoirard. Byron Morgan, L. .V. \ ., son of 
Mr. and Mrs* W. A. [joinixben it. (takford. born 
\niiuvt 20, 189G. Entered service '// Ilia drrnf 
Lakes Naval Training MaHon and transferred 
to Newport Xeirx. \ <i.. irhcrc lie irtix 
to duty on board a ( . 8. tianx)>ort. 

I'riru/r i'.iliianl A. \lalioiH'i/, x<jn of \li. mill 
!//x. -/. Mnhoinii. 'I'lillnlii , born January 23, 
/xx.'. /-.'ntcK'ii aervict sci>t<-min / :,. /!/>,. /// 
Cut, ni amnt. /7/.s-.. tranxfrrrcd to rump Ilini- 
<<><];. (in., irhrri lie M - x ultarlird In <l Ma- 

i-liiiic (inn Cotnpanit. 

Priratr i::ru \laif of Mciinril Conn 1 1/. KOII of 
Mr. inn/ l/;-x. .luiiu'x Man. l-'.ut i-rcil xcrrirc -hilii 
! ', . /.'/x. (// ('limit Gordon, (in., frnuxfri-ml 1o 
\cii- ./r/'.vr//. x<iiliii</ orcrxi'dx. irlirrt' /" '" x 
iiltdclnil to ('u. 1\. '.',>:, tli Infant rii. H.!n<l Divi- 
sion. .1. /:. F.- 

cnrixirul Curl -I. Mniixou, xon of Mr. and 
.l//-x. Mutlictr Miinsiiii, (Jreenvieic, born April 
.s. /SN.-I. l-:n1 ('!('<! .srrr/cc in April. 1918. M'.s 
muni tieittember 10. 1918, and entered into a 
l-'irlil xi</nal Battalion at Camp Gutter, Mich.. 
transferred to Camp Mi<>. M<I.. to lieavy tank 
tervice, later to Camp Colt, Penn., to Camp 
fobyhanna, Penn.. xailiin/ orerseas, where he 
took part in the Argonne Forest battle. 

Private Frank Morrix. non of Mr. and Mrs. 
\u<lr<'i<- Morria. Petcr^hnrij. born April 16. 
1893. Kntcrnl service -/mn- 27, J91S. at Camp 
\\ h<'<-lc>-, (la., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
xailinfF orerseas in October., 1918. Was at- 
lached to Co. /-'. tilth Infantry. \. /;. /'. 

I'ri rut,' i:,iiil ]l nun inn "f Prlcrxhury. En- 
!<,<<{ service June ..'7. uus. <it ('amp Wind,,, 
an., transferred to camp Mill*, f.. f.. saiiin</ 
Overseas /'''''"'"'' '- s '- M"(/.s- atta<-]n-d to .;/*/ 
Dirixion. A. /;. F. 

I'rirule Lcora K<ln:ard Marl in, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. E. Martin, Crccn r?Y //-. horn \or- 
ember 21, 1802. Entered service May .:<>, 1917, 
at Fort Thomas, Ky., transferred to ('a>nn 
Gordon, (ja., to Gamp Sheridan. Ma. UV/.s- at- 
tached to Co. l\. .' t :,iJi infantrit. ami assigned 
to Military Police <////.</. 

Wagoner L. KOI/ Massci/ son of Mr. deorf/e 
H. Masscji, Tallula, born March ir>. ixu. 1 ,. En- 
tered serricc Man ,2.9., 1918, at Camp Khelbn, 
Miss. On Kc/>l<'inhrr /?/// iras transferred t<> 
Camp Mills, L. I., xailiti<i urrrseas October 1C>. 
Was attached to 150th Ambulance ConijKinj/. 
113th Sanitary Train, 38th Division. After 
the armistice iras sic/ tied the 38tli Dirixioti 
was broken njt tnnl nsed for replacement troops 
and he H-OS transferred to 10th J'. K. Tnfan- 
trn, ^fc(lic<ll Department, 27th Dirision. A. 
E. F. 

Private I'iclmrd Meier of J'clcrxhnrfj. xon 
of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Meier cf Ifk-hard ('it)t. 
Tenn.j born March 15, 1897. En t ere I xcrricc, 
Man 17. 1917. Railed overseas May in. 1918. 
Was attached to Co. C, 2',1lt Machine Gun 
llattalion. A. E. E. 

Kerf/cant William T. Meier, son of .l//'.s. Mary 
Meier, Petersburg, born September JO, 1889. 
Entered service April 3, 1918. at l-'oit Totten, 
\. Y., transferred June 5th to* l-'ort Schuyler, 
\ . Y., where he teas promoted t ( .> Sergeant. 
September 23 sailed overseas and iras attached 
to U,th Artillcri!. lint tern A, C. .!. <".. .1. E. /'. 

Seryeant .lame.* xliclliii .l/i/rx. Jr., xon of 
Mr. a nil Mrs. Jani<x ,S. Miles, J'cterxhiir(/. born 
,/nne 5, /XN,K. Entered service Aii;/nst Ik, 

llni/ln Cliarlex Mlniii M oiitaonierii, ton of 
Mr. and Mr*, suinm'l M onti/oinerii, I'ctcrxbnrft. 
hunt- -fill// .:. /x.')/. \\'a* inful Secretary }. M. 

('. A.. Kaunas ('it!/. Entere-l .svrr/Yr .In fie 1 ~> . 
/.'*/,s. uf Indianapolis, transferred t C<IIHI> 
Tai/lor. unit irax as$i<jned to the l-'idd Aitil- 

I'rirate Hubert i'JU* \l onlfjonierii, son of 
Mr. int'l .!//*. Arthur Montgomery, Greenrieic. 
born Aininxt 2. 1893, Enhred Hcrriee June 
27, 1918, at Camp \VIu-elcr. (in., to Camp 
J////.V. L. I., xuilillf/ orry.s-ra.s- October ..'?///. Janil- 
in;/ at ttrest, later stationed, at Lellnnc. 
France. \Vas attached to Headquarters Coin- 
ixinn. JijtitJi Ammunition Train. Motor Hatta- 
lion, .)/.s-r lUrixion. A. E. /'. Hubert Montgom- 
ery iras married in An</iint. 19 H>, to Mis** 
/>///// ani;ison of Sweetwater. Hi* grandfather 
M nithjonicrti ir<is a veteran of the Civil \\'nr. 
having xerred in the War of the Rebellion. 
I UK grandfather, Jesse Pond, xerred as a .vo/- 
dir~r 'in the Revolution under General Gcorf/e' 

J'rirate William Harrison Jfontfjomern. son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Clias. E. irontfionieri/, Green- 
rinr. born Auc/ust 13. 1892. Entered service 
as an ambulance driver May 29. 1917. at Jef- 
ferson Jiarracks, ^fo.. transferred to Camp 
Dodye, Iowa, to an eastern port, sailina over- 
.*'* .\nyitxt 13th. Was attached to Ambulance 
Vompany S')2 S 88th Division, A. E. F. 

John Alexander Montgomery, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Grecn- 
miew. born December 9 } 1893. Entered service 
September ' 14, 1918, at Camp Grant, III., 
transferred to Camp Taylor, Ky. Was at- 
tin-Jicd to 17th Observation Battery, later 
trnnxfcrred to an Officers' Training Camp. 

Priraic Elmer Lcrou Montgomery, son of Mr. 
d Mrs. Robert Montgomery, born April 17, 
Entered service at Camp Wheeler, (;., 
transferred to Camp Taylor, Ky. 

L. Nelson Mattinulii of Menard f'onnli/. NOII 
of Mr. and Mrs. C7i*. MatUn</li/, l-'ancii J'iai- 
rle. Entered scrricc Anf/ust ]<>, /.'>/?, <it the 
Great Lakes yaval Traininy Station, trans- 
ferred to the Philadelphia .V ar// Yards the 
latter vart of 1911, sailed from New York on 
the I. S'. . IfaiK-od;." lie ha* made several 
ron u<l trips oversea*. 

I'riralc Hi- nan Miller of Menard Conn 1 1/, xon 
of J/r. and Mrs. Frank Miller of Uiddletown, 
III., lorn September 2.' t , 1901. Enterl 8< 
Mai/ ',, 1917, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., trans- 
ferred to Arizona, later to l'an<-oni'cr Bar- 
racks, Vancouver, Wash., to Ft. \\'in. Reward, 
Alaska, where he' served for ten ntontlts. Later 
he icas transferred to Ft. Lawton. Wash.. 1o 
Camp Dodge, Java. Was attached- to Co. If. 
l ',11 1 Infantry. 

Fred Aufjusl Muttera of Menanl Count.//, sun 
of Mr. and *//*. John A. M tit (era of Hitriny- 
fleld, horn Jainiciri/ 30, 1897. Entered service 
October 1~), 1918. at the Bradle.u Polytechnic 
Institute, Peoria. Ills., where he was attached 
to Co. A, Auto Repair Service. 

Harry H. Mathews. 

Lii'iil, nant Orvillc Elii Martin of I 1 - 
Count >/. son of Mr. an'l Mrs. /.'. .)/. Martin 
of Miildlctoini. lorn Frlriuirv .' 1 , 1891. Kn- 
1<r<'d Hen-ice June 21. /.'>/?. in (jHarlcrniax- 
I<TN Corps at Camp (li-ant. III. Itcccircd pro- 
motion to Corporal, later to Xcrycant. linrinu 
cJiarac of the men and teams <_/ ticnionnl 
l>ei>ot. On October 11. 7.0 1R. wax promoted to 
Second Lieutenant and tranxf<rre<l to camp 
D evens. Mass. 

Ei'erett H. MI-CIK . *on of Mi', anil Mrs. 
Thomas McCue, Oakfora'. bom December 2%, 
lS9.' f . Entered service *<i>t< mber 4, 1918, at 
Camp Grant, III., where in iras attached to 
, iiirn Conii>aii!/, Jnftintrii /{(-placement un< 
'I rain in f/ Troops Unit. 

j'rirate Jack McDonald, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. C. H. McDonald, born January 25, 1897. 
Entered service October 10. 1918, at Camp 
(1 rant. II!.. ami ii-as transferred to the Bclle- 
riilc. ///.. Exemption Board. 

I'riratc Archie Ediranl McDonald, son of 
Mr. aii'l. Mr*. E. McDonald. Athen*. born 
October 21, 1893, Entered Signal Service in 
June, 1917, at Camp Custer, Mich., iransferred 
to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing overseas in July. 
\\'as attached to Co. B. 310th Field Sifjnal 
Corps, 85th Dirision. A. K. /'. I'rirate Mc- 
Donald had two months active duty in tht HI. 
Mihiel Sector. 

1',-ivate Herman Hetrich McDonald, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. E. McDonald, Athens, horn No- 
vember 10, 189-}. Entered service June 1, 
1917, at Camp Loirden, ^prim/field, trans fared 
to East St. Louis, 111., on race riot ilttty, later 
transferred to Camp Loyan, Texas, to Camp 
Mcrritt. A". ./., nailing overseas Mai/ .1.',. lOJb. 
'look part in tin St. M iltic-1 , Ar<jonnc l-'orcxt 
and Verdun battles. U'a.s- a flat-lied to Batlerij 
I. l : >.;rd ncld Artillery. A. E. /'. 

I'rivatc l/oxr l/c/v imifi/ of Mcnard Count//. 
HOII- of Mr. ami .}[>*. It. McKinnci/. born Ot-to 
'/'/ .so, 1888. Enterc</ service \/<ir<-h I',. 1918, 
at Ft. Ofjk-tltoi'iic. (in., an'l transferred to 
i.iliji'iroo/l. Mil. 

I'riratf: \\'/n. McQuarter, son of Mrs. Ma<j- 
<// McQuartcr, Greenview, born December 14. 
1895. Knfi-red xcrrice April 3. IV IS, <il /V 
Tut ten, \. Y. 

I' / i vote Lee Earl McDougall, son of Mr. 
OIK} Mrs. IF. T. McDougall, Petersburg, born 
.full/ 11, 189~>. Entered service May 2r>. j'.i 
at Leredo, Texan. Was attached to Co. /; 
37 th Infantry. 

Private- John Elmer HacAtte, son of . 
and Mrs. Lafayette MacAtte, Greenxiew, born 
March .',. 1899. Entered service April 6. 1918, 
at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to 
Camp Meyer, Va., to 'Washington, Barracks, 
to Camp Mills, L. /., sailing overseas to join 
the A. E. .F. 

Private Joseph R. MacAtte, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Lafayette MacAtte, Greenview, born March 
2<>. 1897. Entered service August \, 1917, at 
Houston. Texas, transferred to Camp Mills, L. 
/.. sailina overseas to join the A. E. /'. 

.l/o//;o l-'rinikliiii- M <(,>>< in ti. I . N. A'., .so// o/ 
/'. //. McQuhiH, Athens, born August 1. /X.'M;. 
Kntcml service October 25, 1918, at 1lic <!i<t 
I.(ik(x \~arul Trainiinj Utalioii. HV/ 
to A rialion D<'l>L. I - N. A . 

Chester Mrltnlv of Menard 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chan. McDole, 
barn June 2:7, 1891. lint cred service Septem- 
ber .',. 1918. at C<nni> (Irani. Ilia. Was at- 
tached to 26th Compani/. in 1st l>ei>ot liriyade, 
later attached to Evacnalinn ll<>xi>ital I nit 37. 

I'rirale Omar It. McCicr. sun af Mi. ami 
Mrs. \]' ill in in- If. Mcflc< . l-'niic/i I'rairie. born 
t(']ifcmber 28, 1893. Entered service Felt run 
.'/. 't'.nx. at' Camp Sherman, Ohio, where he 
irtis attach' <l In .',2nd Kin/incer*. transferred 
to Waxliinutun, D. C.. later to an eastern sea- 
ixnf-, where lie lioardnl th< I . N. ,s r . -'Presi- 
ili-nt Lincoln" (irhicli iran tor/ic turd and /i 
mi il* return trip to flic I nited States). Pri- 
VOte \\<-C,cc landed -in /-'ranee Man 31. 1918. 
n- here he iras transferred to the ',.ird Co.. 20th. 

J'rivate Charles Taylor McCaffery, ( . N'. N... 
so/( of Mr. and Mrs. James McCaffery, Peters- 
burg. l)orn September .',. 1S88. Entered sOrv- 
ice in the V. S. Marines June 19, 1917. at 
I'ai-ix Island^ S. C.. transferred to Quantico, 
\'a., sailing overseas October 17, 1917, where 
lie teas attached to a Headquarters Company 
irith the A. E. /'. Pi irate McCaffery icas 
n~<i a tided ichile in action. 

Private James Henry McMullin of Menard 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McMullin, 
liorn May 25, 189.',. Entered service April 27, 
1918, at Camp Dodge, Iowa, transferred to 
Camp Travis. Texas, sailing overseas on or 
about June .7.7. 1918. He participated in the 
Verdun and st. Mihiel battles. Was attached 
to Co. A, 3~i9th Infantrv, !)0th Division, A. 
K. F. Later taken into the Army of Occu- 
pation in fading (Jet-many. 

I'rirate Carl Henri/ \i<x. .soy/ of Mr*. John 
Xclxon. I'cterxiiurg. horn August / :, . /x. '(,_>. En- 
tered service Se/>tcinb<r /.'. I'j/s. at Camp 
Dodge, la., fraiiKfcrred to Ft. Des Moines. to 
Cfinip (,'nint. III. \\'ax attached 1o Hit Medical 

Private Elmer Harold \eibert, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. A. ( . \eibert. Athens., born July 
29, 1899. Entered service June 1st, 1917, at 
Camp Loicden, Spi 'inyfn 1<I. tran^f erred to East 
St. Louis for f/iiard duti/ during the race riot. 
later transferred to Camp Logan, Texas, to 
Camp Merritt, X. /., sailing oversea* May 2.7. 
19/8. Took part in the ,S7. Mihicl. Artjonne 
Forest and Verdun drives. Was attached to 
Batten/ A, 123rd Ih-nrii field Artillery, A. 
E. F. 

Private August Edward Noll, son of Mrs 
Katif \oU. Athni*. born March. JH02. /-'/'- 
tcred service April 29. 1918, at Camp Dix, 
X. J., transferred to Camp Lee. Va., sailing 
overseas June 15th. Was attached to 1 ',7th 
Infanh-i/. 'jlHi Division, A. E. F. 

Private Edward Ration of Menard County, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. 8. Mason of Springfield, 
born October .',, 1889. Entered service March 
I'/. 1918, at Camp Oglethorpe, (;.. transferred 

to Kdgfirood Arsenal. Edgcivood, Md.. win 
lie oceanic foreman of an engineering 

Corporal Arthur A. \eJxon. xon of Peters 
\elxn. (Ireenrieir. Ijorn \n</nxt .'7, /S.'i.,'. I'.il- 
tcred nerri<-c in -Inni'. I'.in. Herring in l-'ort 
sill. (tl;fn. 

Arthur 8. Nichols. U. S. N., of Athens, son 
of Mr. and Mr*. John Nichols, both deceased, 
born, July ,'.. ) . JS'Ji;. Entered service May 27, 
/.''/7, <-aIle<l June 30th, to naval base at New- 
/>ort \eirs. Va., where he teas assigned to 
actjrc ,iuti/ on t1i>' I . ,s. A-'. "Virginia." 

Ensign. Carl Kerhardt Nusbaum, U. S. U., 
son of Mi: and Mrs. C. Ifusbauin, Petersburg, 
born Marcli 22, 189C,. Entered service June 
23, 1917, at the Great Lakes Xaval Training 
^ t nt ion. transferred for dutii at Naval Hospi- 
tal. Paris Island, S. C. Commissioned Mail 
.',. 1918. Trained at Annapolis, transferred for 
<lnt if to Receiving Ship at Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sailed August 2<> f 1918. on the British S. #. 
-Khiva" for London, England, transferred and 
uKxigncd- to duty at liordeaux, France, later 
returning to the United State on board the 
liattleship "Oklahoma." Ensign Nusbaum mar- 
ried .1/7.S-S- Harmicn Dancnbaum of Miliraukec, 
Mai/ If,. 

Corporal Oliver T. Neely, son of Mrs. Adolph 
liurgman, Petersburg, born February 6, 1893 
filtered 'serrice in March, 1916. at Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo., transferred to El Paso, Texas, 
to Fort Bliss, Texas, to Camp MacArthur. 
Ti'.rti*. sailing overseas in August, 1918, to join 
Hit- A. /:. /'.' 

Private Don Daniel yeely of Petersburg, 
xon of Mi: and .l/.'-.s-. Win. X. Neety, of Havana, 
III, born October 22, 1893. Entered service 

\iiril r, . mi*, nt ('amp Dodge, la. Sailed 
<,rrrscax August 1H . 1918, landed in England 

\itgnxl .'8. '1918. 'Jl'>/x attached to Co. C, 
352nd fnfanlrij. SSth Division, A. E. F. 

Lmi i^ NetC, "'Hi of Mr. and 1/cx. 
./. c. \f/r, I'ctrrxliiirg. horn Aiiguxt J~>. 1897. 
\lhcrt L. \ ' /' "-".s niarric-l to -l/(.s-x (lludii* 
Beverly L<,rtn of \'irdcn. III., July 1. t1f 
L'ntcrol service Octoln'r ~>, 1918. at the Ini- 

rt'i-siti/ <>f Illinois iiini n-ax transferred to tin 

nfjii-'ix Training Camii. lnl<r itasxing tin ex- 
amination (or entry into tin \iioiiaiiHcdl !)<- 
j,artnn-nt of tin' I . X. .1. 

/'il rah' Hi i I I'. \ltin<j <>J Mt'iniril 
x<m u( Mr. und Mr*. Ucitri/ .\oltinu. Entered 
service June 21, 19ix, <it Gamy H7/rr/cr, Oct., 
trtiiiHfcrml in (Jump I////*. /,. /.. sail'iiit/ o /(.-/- 
xfv/.s- October 9th, land in;/ in liK.^t Qctobei 
..'/*/. \\'na attached to l,'.3r<l J nfun I rij. into 
to .IfllfJi Infanlrif. A. I-l. /'. 

Byron H. Nolting. 

Nathan B. Newcomer. 

Clarence E. Neaville, U. $. A., of Mctiuni 
County, son of Mr. and J/r.s-. E. /'. Xeaville, 
born November 16, 1892. Entered service June 
6 1917, at the Great Lakes A'arc/7 Trainin;/ 
Station, transferred to RorJiester, X. 1'., Nov- 
ember 7, 1918. 

Private Paul Nelson, only son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Oscar Nelson, Petersburg, was 
born May 9th, 1901. He entered service 
July 2, 1917, with Co. C, 5th Illinois Inf., 
Camp Lowden, Springfield, trained rrith the 
com/Hint/ r/.s- it tras absorbed hi the 12.'fth 
Machine (Jitn Battalion, 33rd Division, 
aaili>i(j for /-Vance Man 16. 1918. 

Lieutenant Loran h'. On- of Menard County, 
KOII of Mr. and l/rx. A. R. Orr, born Janu- 
nrii 1.!. 1883. Entered xcrrice in the Med- 
ical ifc*errc cot-it* in Min/, 1911, called 
into actice Ncrricc Aui/UNt 2i>, lit 17, at Fort 
Itenjamin Harrison, Indiana. Lieutenant Orr 
served in flu- follotriny: l-'idd and Base Hos- 
pital ami Medical Itejiartment 33rd Field Ar- 
tiller.H. at Cum it <lr<ntt. lirifjudc Hospital of 
Ii'ilxt \rtillerii Hrii/ude at Cuinp Robinson. 
\\ /x., (tin! xtiri/co/i for the Infantry Officers' 
Trainiui/ School at Cami> C, rant . Lieut. Orr i. 
a .i/fiidnate of tin- l\c,,l;uk Colleye of Physi- 
'/(//;. s- ainl Sitruconx in year 

r, irate Samuel I). Ortman, son of Mr. and 
1//-.S-. John Ortman, Petersburg/, born March 2-4. 
1K<>.{. Filtered service and teas attached to 
lleadaiiartcrx ( 1 oin]>anu. 3 : >~> Infantry,, 82nd 
IHri^ion. A. /v. /'. Hailed o-rcrsi-ax from JIo- 
boken, \. /"., (><-tol,er > t . 19 is. 

Huyler Gcorf/e Harrison Uxborne, son of Mr. 
ami Mrs. B. Oxbome. horn M<ni r>. 1895. En- 
tered xn-vicp in Co. <', ~>1h Regiment Infantry, 
Illinois National d'uardx. August 14, 1917, at 
('</ini> Loirtlen. Springfield, transferred to Co. 
C. 12.' t th Machine (inn llattalion, September 
1.1. 1917, to <'(iini> Loi.tan. Houston, Texas. In 
./aniian/. /.';/,s'. /r.s- transferred to Co. F, 130th 
Regiment, Inpmtni. J" !/""//. 1918, was 
made Automatic h'ifleman. sailing overseas May 
',. 19 IX. to join the .1. /;. F. Later he was 
taJcen into the Army of Occupation. 33rd Divi- 
sion, invudinfj Ln.reinheifi. dennanu. His 
</i and father, Jidfje Milton Hrt/ant Harrison, 
/rr/.s- ile/nit ii xheri/f of \lcnartl County during 
Hie Ciril War. 

I' r irate Claire Ltjnn Olxon, xon of Mr. an I 
Mr*, tfenri/ Olxon. l-'anci> Prairie, born Decem- 
lier 22. 1H!>.!. I'.nlcreil xcrrii-e June >1, 1918. 
at Camjt \V1tccler, (la., transferred Kepteiulier 
istli to Ca>Ji>> .Mil In. L. I.. ftaiUna overseas 
\ or ember 17th. Iani1in</ at South Hampton. 
. transferred to France ami mo red for- 
to the front line trenches, where hi* 
I-UN ordered to <jo over tlie top at 
the ele'r<nth hour on the eleventh day of Xo- 
rcmlier. lit 18. Thin order icas to have been 
carried oui hail nut the annixtice heen signed. 

lie ( rN attache, i to Co. K. iu.>n,i Infantry, 
i. /;. /'. 

Corporal Fred \\'iUiam Ofken. son of Mr. 
anil i/.'-.s. Ifichtird Otl n. Tullulu, born March 
>c,. IS'.ir,. Hntercd xerriec Mai/ 30, 1918, at 
I'ort 'I'homa*. l\/i.. transferred to Camp Gor- 
don. \'tlanta. <!n. On June 9th, /. f >/8. ir<ix 
tranxferreil to Cami> ^heritlan. Montgomery, 
Ma. U'r/x attached to C-o. M. !,~>th I . N. Lu- 
fantri/. U'^.s iiromoted to Corporal 

Private Hoberi ft. Ottensmeyer, of Menani 
County, son of Mr. und l//.y. Ue-nrj/ nUe.nx- 
nu'i/ei- of \\drrenton. M<>.. boi n \lurch 1, 1891.- 
Enteretl service June 27, /.'//N. (// CIDHJI \\ hee- 
ler. <!<!.. tr<mxf<-i-<'tl to C<niii> Mill.*. I.. I., xttil- 
in;/ f>/-f/'.sf.s- /// October. l'J18. H'a. 
to Co. li, J28th Infuntnj, A. E. /'. 

Earl Pond. 

Private H. Wayne Power, son of Mr. un>l 
Mrs. J. M. Power, Petersburg, born December 
2(>, 1888. Entered service April 26, 19 jf.s-. nt 
(Jamp Funston, Kas., transferred to Can<i> 
Mills, L. I., sailing overseas June >. I9ix: 
Was attached to the 89th Division. He /'.-, 
under constant shell fire until the signing of 
the armistice. Later taken into the Army of 
Occupation invarting Gcnnani/. 

sergeant Yern Anderson Power. NOII of Mi. 
tint/ .l/r.s-. ./. M. 1'otri')-, 1'ctersbiirfl. lorn Jiilii 
12. 189',. Mix* Mil>lre<l Mc.\<in/ ot 
Terrill, In., December 31> 1917. Kntcrcil 'serr 
ice Mai/ U5j 19 ix. at Camp Dodge, la., trains 
f erred to Camp l/c/r/.s-. Washington, D. C:. 
irliere lie attemleil the Kteam Tractor School 
for three months, receiving promotion lo Ser 
!/e<nit at tin- i ml of tJic coinxc. 

f'riralc i'ninl;luii I't'rkiiiN. son of Mr. and 
1//--S-. /'. .1. I'crkin*. Athena, lorn September 
.;n, is'ji',. Entered servict ./tun ',. I'.ni . <ii 

l\nxf St. J.nitix, irherc In trust called to run 
,it <hitu, lair,- transferred tu Camp Logan, 
Ti-.nif;. to C(nni> Merritt, X. J., sailing over- 
seas Mail .'x. in is. Participated in three 
'/rcat i, attics, u'w.s attadn'il to Fieltl Artil- 
Icr//. He'i'laiiarte. .* I'oinittmy, A. /.'. F. 

Lieutenant Paul W. Power, son of Mr. 
a nd Mrs. George C. Power of Petersburg, 
entered the first Officers' Training Camp 
<il f-'ort Sheridan, III.. in May. 1917, going 
t Fort Sheridan from Ltattle Creek, 
Michigan, where he had resided since 
lun-ini/ tin- University of Illinois in I9l.' f . 
He was commissioned second lieutenant in 
A ng. 1911 and assigned to the Machine 
<ittn Co. of the 331th Infantry, leaving 
for France late in July, 1917, where he 
x(ur service in the second line trenches 
on the Toul sector. He was promoted 
to the rank of First Lieutenant in Sep- 
1e in her, 191$, and has been recommended 
for transfer to the regular army by his 
colonel. lAeutenant Power was born 
April 5th, 18'J.' f . 

Roland M. Power, second son 
of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Power of 
Petersburg, was born at Petersburg, 
March 18th, JB.9S. He joined the United 
States regulars in June, 1911, and was as- 
signed to the l.'itli r. #. Cavalry. Fort 
Clark, Texas. He was transfewed to 
the 16th U. S. Cavalry, Fort Brown, Texas, 
July 1916, where he has since been sta- 
tioned. He has seen active service in 
patrol duty on the Mexican border. His 
enlistment expires June 8th, M22. 

Midshipman Kent H. Power, youngest 
son of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Power, 
entered the U. 8. Naval Academy at An- 
naitolis, Md., by appointment of Congress- 
man Henry T. Rainey in June, 1917. At 
///.s graduation in June, 1920, he will be 
coinniissioned an Ensign in the U. K. Navy. 
II r was born September 22, 1899, in Peters, 
bur a, III. 

t'oiliorul Hurry Alriii J'crkinft, son of J/r. 
ul .1/r.s. .!. H. Perkins, Athens, horn Aiiguxt 
. /x.vx. i-;ntcrc,i service -lime ',, t'jn. at 

'.iixt ,S/. Louis., VDhere hi /ru.s cullcil to race 
ial tint)!, ti'tnixfcircl to t'<iii> Logan. 

Mcrrilt, \. ./... sailing arcrxcaN Man 
1918. Tool: i>art in (tic St, Miliicl. Ar- 
Forest and Verdun battles. HV/.s- at- 
rd to Battery A. Hcarn l-'icltl Artillery, 

Frank Allen Peters, U. 8. 'N., -von of Mrs. 
JJfi Reep, Petersburg, born June 11. l&'j:',. 
Entered service July 1, 1917, at the (jrr<n 
Lakes Naval Train hifj Station. 

Private Geo. Wm. Power, son of II . It. 
I'oirer of Athens, born May 16, 1897. J-ln- 
levctl service Sept. 6, 1918, at Gamp Forrest. 
Lytle, Ga. Was attached to 9th Provisional 
Recruit Co., Engineers, Replacement Troops. 

Private William Palmer, son of Mr. and 
1/r.s-. \\illiam Palmer, Fancy Prairie, born 
Julit ',. 1892. Entered service August, 191",. 
at Camp Logan, Texas, where Tie was attached 
to the 108th Ammunition Train, S3d Division, 
later sailing overseas, where he was in action 
irith this Division at the front. 

Private William M. Perce, U. S. N., son of 
Mrs. John Perce, Greenview, born July 27, 
1895. Entered service in the U. 8. Marines 
.June IG, 1911, at Paris Island, /S. C., and was 
transferred to Quantico, Va., sailing overseas 
October 17th. Private Perce has been in France 
for one year and two months and was on 
active duty when the armistice was signed. He 
was later taken into the Army of Occupation 
in ratling Luxemburg, Germany. Was attached 
in Headquarters Co., 6th Regiment, A. }'.. F. 

Private Harry Vincent Pond, son of Mr. </ 
Mrs. T. F. Pond, Greenview, born Ma it ,.'?. 
l$9<i. (irtniuafe of Agricultural College, \\'i- 
nona Lake, Ind. Entered service May 10. 1917. 
culled Jiil.n .',, 1917. Entered First Illinois 
('(iviiJi-i/. transferred to Camp Logan, Texas, 
attached to Headquarters Company, 122nd Field 
Artillery, J3rd Division. Later transferred to 
Camp Merritt, N. J.. sailing overseas May 27, 
1918, landing at Liverpool, England. Trans- 
ferred to France, where he took part in fierce 
fighting and was wounded October 2nd from an 
exploding shell dropped from a German aero- 

William I'0'->r. ( . K. \.. of Menayil CHIDI tit. 
.von of Mr. an<l Wr.s. Cliiiinirrii I'oor, Vemii 
J'arh'. 111. Entered xcrriee .\/>fil ?. 1 !> 11 . <it 
tin- (ireat Lake* \ u i'n I Training Station. In 
i ran transferred to the <'nxt coast, 
Jir irttx axxiyned to aetire <lu1i/ on flic 
I. ,S. &. -Henderson." 

1/nhrrl L. J'rimni. .so/ of * T. B. 
I'riiinii. Tnllulti. lorn -fnli/ Hi. /S.s.s 1 . En t<Tc<l 
farvice -/nnr .'7. J'.ils, ill C(iini> l-'uHxton. Kas. 
llr/.s iittai-Iicil to Co. C, tiOth hifajitri/, Regi- 
int'tit 10, 10th Division. \\'<i.y itroinotc I to 
Srrt/raiit \orcibcr Hitli , 1918. 

/;////<", L. Primm , r. >S. A., ton of Mr. <n\<l 
Mr*. X. O. Print m. Athens, &orn May >.',, 1888. 
i:>itrrc<J service July 18, 1918, at the Great 
L<ih-r* \aral Train in (/ Station. 

(,<'>rue Clanni-c l'liilli]>x of 1'uncji I'rairie, 
son >->f Air. anil 1/rx. dt.-or'jc I'liiUipS, both 
ilt ( -i <ix<-i1, ijortt Jnlii 21, 188<t. Entered service 
A n</ nut 1. 7.07.S'. ut HijraciiKc. .A'. Y. Was as- 
xiuiit'd to >'Jth Connxiny, ,s//i Battalion, Syra- 
cuse Recrxitinf/ Xttitioti. Later tca trans- 
ferred to H.'iJrd Fire and (luard Company. 
Columbus, Ohio. 

I'riralr I\'obert llrnre I'll illipx, son of Mr. 

and Mr*, -feff I'liilUnx, l'et< r*l>nr</, born fan- 

ntir.n 25, IK'.I'I. Filtered set riec Ai>ril'.>. 1918, 

at Fort Totlen. \. Y.. Inter transferred to 

' A,'//*//*. 1 '/., ('a 111 n tftcirart. \ a., nailinfj 

flS in (ti-tolier. /!'/N. H'"-s attnelied to 

i ('. -,ntli l,'<!/iin<nt, C. A. C., A. F. F. 

I'rirate I'n ii I J-'rederirl; O/.s-rj/, -so;/ of Ml. (Hi 'I 
Mrs. Chas. Olscn . I'etrrxbnrt/. l'>ni iK-toh' 
1895. Entered K<:>-ricc Man 21, /.''/N. fit Jef- 
fcrxon Jiarracks, Mo., transferred io San in 
<'!/o. Cnl.. later to Camp Kearney, irliere in 
trax attached tu Co. /.. 21st Infantry. 

Corporal Carl I mjiixl /v/r/xo/j. *on of Mr. 
ami Mr*. .\n<m*t I'cferxon. 1'clcrslmri/, lorn 
Dec. 6, 189. ' t . Entered service April ',. 1918. 
at Fort Totten, X. }'., trams fcrrnl to Forl 
Schuyler, N. Y. J'ronioled to Corporal Jmn 
~>th, sailed overseas September 23r<l anil iru* 
aliached to 7.',th Artillery. Baticiti A. A. '!:. /'. 

I'l'til I'iCK'Clllt, KIJH of Ml. UIKl 

.1/r.s-. Albert Piercall. Athens, lorn December 
Jti. 1891. Entered service June 1, 191',, a1 
('amp Low den, Rpriny field, transferred to East 
t. Louis, to Camp Lrxjan, Texas. Finishe'l 
roin-xe in Veterinary tfitrrjcrij. Married .l//.vx 
Lottie Corly of Houston, Texas, June 9, ./''/>'. 
Was attached to Veterinary C f 'i>*. Auxiliary. 
Remount Deyot J.?J. 

Private William '\inijtj of Talliila. son. 

of Mr. and Mrs. IT. .1. l']i.ipjx. born -Inln 18, 
1896. Entered service June 27, 1918, at Cam]> 
\\']>c(ler, Qa. 

J'riralc Inland \'i,-f/il I'ralt, NOII of Mr. and 
-1/r.s. ,/. Pratt, Atterberry, lorn \or<'mh<r .',. 
/x.''.7. Entered service June .?7. mis. at camp 
\\ I/icler, Oa., transferred 1o Camp Mill*. I.. /.. 
ii'as assigned: to transport for orerxe'ix irlicn 
an attack of influenza made lii-y i<".un\ to 
Holoken necessary. On recovery ira.* trans- 
ferred to Camp Merritt. A". J.. to camp Lee, 
^'a.. to Camp Crant, III. Was attach,,] in 
:>th Provisional Battalion, Infantry Ifeplace- 
m cut and Training Troops. 

Corjtoral William Wallace Rice, Jr., son of 
Mr. mid Mrs. W. H'. Ifk-r. Nr., Greenview, 
born Ain/nsl 25, /x.r',. Entered service May 
SO, /.'>/x. (il Furl Thomas, Kit., transferred to 
cami> Gordon Ga., to Camp Khcridan, Ala. 
Ifeceired promotion to Corporal .\uunst ,.''/ 
/;//x. ]\'Itilc on a fitrlonf/h Corporal Rice n-ns 
married l<> .Miss Bernice Lynn, of Mason City, 
mi September l' f , 1918. 

lieutenant b'aliili siicara Reiiiny, son of .1/r-s. 
''has. Rcdin<i. J'ctcrsbvrg, born February 2.'i, 
IK'.i.',. Ktitcrcd service \]>ril 27, 1918, at Camjt 
l>od(/c, la. August 26, 1918, teas coinwix- 

lAnih mint Itnnald \\udc Rilcy, son of Mi. 
nii/f Mrs. II. II. Ifilct/. (irccnricir, born Mai/ 87, 
/X.'M;. Entered service December Hi, 1917. at 
Fort Wayne, Mich., and transferred to Ground 
xditfol of A riation, U. of /.., Urbana^ Febru- 
arif >.',. /.'>/x. Completed the course May 11, 
and transferred to Dallas, Texas. Entered 
Fli/nn School at Taj/lor Field, Ala., May ,',Utli. 
Kcceired connnixsion to Second Lieutenant De- 
cember 20, 1918. 

Ker</e<inl William M. Kosenthiel of A then*, 
born October ?. J8'.)'i, parents deceased. Fn 
Irred service March :?.i, 1918. at Rantoul. ill., 
transferred to Lanf/ley Field, to Hampton 
Ifoads, irJicre lie was attached to 83rd Aero 
Sa.nadro)i, Mechanical Department. 

I'rirate \rllnir Hccckwati Robertson, son of 
l//x. l.ncii Ri,l>crtxon. l'ct<rsbura, born Aittjnxl 
I*. /X.'M;. \\<ix ti i/radnnie of Harris Hinh 
School i;i I'.il.S and rcci'ircd Iris diploma from 
Ihe I nirersitn of Illinois in /.')/X. Entered 
serricc October //. /.'>/X. at I'eoria, III. ll'-s 
allaclicd to the electrical dci>art men t of M c- 
clianical School. 

Lieutenant -hnnes Clinton L'usscll of Menard 

niintj/. xon of Mr. and ,1/r.s-. Catherine Rus- 

xell. ('arli/le. III., lorn Jannarif .> > . {883. En- merrier, in August, /. f '/X. at Fort Riley, 

Kan. Was attached to Medical Corps, Co. ~>' t . 

Ktlgar h'olnnann, son of Mr. 
anil Mrs. H. H. Rohmann, Tallula, l)orn May 
12. 18.9',. Entered service Reytembcr C>. 1918, 
at Camj) Forrest, da., and assigned to 13th 
Casual Company, 2nd Battalion', later trans- 
ferred to Camp Custer, Mien. 

1'riralc Henri/ Rudolph Rotherl. son of Mrs. 
Catherine Rothert, Petersburg, born Sept. 7, 
IfWf). Entered service May ho, 1918, at Fort 
Thomas, Ky., transferred to Camp Cordon, 
fla.. to Camp Sheridan. Ala., returned to 
Gordon, Ga. Was attached to Co. G, 
Infantry. 9th Division. 

I'rivatc John Lee Rebbe, Jr., son of Mr. 
and Mrs. J. L. Rebbe, Sr., Petersburg, born 
October 8. 18f)'/. Entered service August 20, 
/.'i/x. at Camp Wheeler, Ga. Was attached 
to Headquarters Detachment. 

f'rirale KOI/ Hair I ings, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
\atlKin ifairlings, Petersburg, born March 2J I} 
I88Q. Entered service July 23, 1917, at Jef- 
ferson Hat-racks. Mo., transferred to Ft. Tot- 
ten. X. Y., sailing overseas in June. 1918. 
ir* nttaelicd to Co. B, 6th Signal Battalion, 
.1. /;. /'. 

rriratc Gcortje Dewcy Ray, son of Mr. nn<l 
Mrx. A. Kaii. Tallula, born February It, 1899. 
Kntcrcd service June S, 1918, at Jefferson 
I'arrurkx. .l/o., transferred to Camp Joseph E. 
.lohnston. .JnclcHonrillr. Fla.. to .\cicport A 7 eu;.y. 
\'fi. Sailed Auynst 1st, 1918. Was 
<itlfifhrd to Field Remount Squadron No. S10, 
1. /.'. /'. Tic has taken part in the Verdun 
und >S/. Mihicl batllc*. 

I'rivatc Oral Ray of Oakford J son of Mr. 
mid. Mrs. E. Ray, ChandlerviUc. horn August 
'.:. /.9.9//. Entered service May 2r>, 1918, at 
Camp Shelby, Miss., discharged June 9, 1918. 
On Auf/ust 29, 1918, again entered the serv- 
ice at Syracuse, N. Y., later transferred to 
/'/. Mlamn, /.'. I., to Camp Grant, III. Was 
to Co. Cj .7.9/7? Ammunition Train. 

I'rirntc Ciu-l Andrew Rodemer of Menard 
Count if. son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rodemer, 
1894. horn January 1C>. Entered service Au- 
f/ust 20, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga. Was 
attached to Co. K, Receiving Camp. 

I'rivatc William Rodemer, son of Mr. and 
l/r.<*. Carl Rodemer, Athens, born July 8, 1895. 
l-:ni<'red serice June 27, 1918, at Camp Whee- 
ler. Ga., to Camp Mills, L. I. Sailed overseas 
September 29, 1918. Was attached to 121st 
Infantry, Co. K, SJst Division, A. E. F. 

Private Carl Ernest William Reimer, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Reimer, Tallula, born July 1, 
1890. Entered service May 30, 1918, at Fort 
Thomas, Ky., transferred to Camp Gordon, Ga., 
to Camp Sheridan, Ala. Was attached to Co. 
G, 45th Infantry, 9th Division. 

I'riratc 11 illiam Wallace, I'ei'd. *o of Mrs. 
Sarah, l\cc<l, !'(/< I'shur;/, born i'clirnary 13, 
1880. Entered service July ..'.'. /.'/x. in 11" 
Medical Corps at Springfield) and teas sc 
to Jeffcrxon ilarracks, Mo., later trannferc I 
to Camp Merrill, A. ./., sailing overseas Octo- 
ber 18, 1918. 11 'an a nurse /,( n convalescent, 
h ospi t a I in Fru ce. 

Private Ixuiic \cir1on l'cc</, ar,n of .1/r.s. 
Xtn-fih l\ccd, I'clrrt<hnr</. horn ,/nn IHHII 25, /N.''.;. 
i; literal service April 1st, 1918, at Camp Dodf/c. 
loirn. Later transferred to WMpple Barracks. 
I'rescott, Arizona. 

1'rirale Carl Thomas Ifo</crs. sun uf Mr. ami 
.l/r.v. Thomas J'ofjcrs. Anicn*. born M air 22, 
18!>x. Kiitcrcil service June 1.I. 1918. at Jeffer- 
son Barracks, -Mo., transferred to Camp Tay- 
lor, Kn. Wax a/taclic'l to natter a C. (ilh Regi- 
ment, a Motorcyclist in a Telegraphic L'nit. 

I'rirale Haniucl \eirton Roycrs. son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Chas. Ifoijcrx, born November 13, 
1893. Entered scrrice May 20, 1918, at Jeffer- 
son Barracks, Mo., transferred to Fort (leorge 
\\'ri(/ht, Wash., to Camp Dodoc, la., on S'ep- 
Icnibcr .>:,, 7.''/,s'., where he icas attached to 
Company F, l',1h Infantry. 

f'ornoral .Jaiinx Krrrclt Honcrx, KOII of Mr. 
anil Mrs. Thomas I'ot/rr*. Alln'ii*. hum -luly J, 
/S.'f. F.iitd'cil .merrier, in June. /.'/?, at Camp 
Lou'ilcn. ^nrhif/ficld. transferred to /;. si. Louis, 
to Camp L!/an, Tc.ras. to Camp I'plon, \. Y. 
Hailed overseas \lril ..'/, ]<>IS. Was attached 
to Co. I. HiSth Military 1'olicc. .l-inl Division. 
A. /:. F. 

Sergeant \\'m. I/. ./,'</<*.)/. .s-o/i. of Mr. and 
Mrs. IT. ). Hamxaii, 1'eterxbnrg. born August 
it;, 1S89. Fntered service March 1, mis, at 
Chann/e Field. I'antonl. III., in Che Telephone 
iiirixiiin <>f tin' signal CHI-JIN, later transferred 

In l.anglei/ Field, \ a., irhere IK ira* promoted 
to Cor/ioral Mail 1. mis. ami t<, sergeant Oc- 
tober id. tuts. 

Warren A. Ram nay, I . S. A., son of Mr. and 
1//-.S. H". i . Ramsay, Petersburg, born April 28., 
U'I. Entered- xerviev at tlie Great Lakes Na- 
/ Training Station in July, I'Jit;, transferred 
ll assigned tu dntt/ <j>i h<Kinl tin: ( . >v. ,s'. 
orth nnk:,in." inti-f ia UK- l . N. N. "Ari- 
a," Hut in .\itfjnst, f.tis. trttx; i>ro)notc>l t'> 

<'<>ri>oral Wallace U. Ramxaij, (son of Mr. 
and I//-.S-. IT. Y. Ifainmii/, I'etci'Nb my, born S'ep- 
/nibcr gs, 1 8!>.i. Entered service May l!,, 
inn, at NiH-iiif/firlti, in the Sth Illinois In- 
fnnfr/i, transferred Au<fitst 5 to the Regular 
Ann}/. In September he r</.s transferred to 
Camp Lotjan. 7V.rr;.s-. irlierc he teas, attached 
t<> Co. C. I'.'ilh Machine Gun Battalion, 33rd 
Di'-ixinn, ami iril/i them nailed overseas May 
in. t'Jis. He received ins Corinn-al promotion 
<ifter laiitliiiff in France- He icith the other 
1'ninpanij ('. boys have seen some fierce fighting 
i:ii -I hare iic'jiti tctl tltcninel re* nnlih/. 

Corporal .fa men M. Ifuggles, noil of Mrx. 
Mae Ruggles, horn October 3rd y 18'.).). in 
Kilbourne. Entered service April .ird, 1918, 
at Fort Totten, X. Y.. in the Radio Sta- 
tion. lOtli Co. lie ir as a telegrapher in the 
C. I', d- N/. L. utation in Petersburg prior 
to ///.s- military career. He became an in- 
structor in the Signal Corps departjnent 
irhile at Totten. He ira.* diHcJtarged from 
service l><c<-mh<'r ^',th from Camp (Irani, 
Rockford, ill. 

/;'. AO.N// KohiiiNini, r. S. A r ., of Mcnard 
d, it n Iji. .so// of William 7'. I'oltinxon of Fall* 
of Rough, A"//., bor.i- ito-rmiit',- i',. /,s?x. /;- 

/r;r</ service September 10, 18!)9. scrriiu/ three 
Hear*, ami iriiN promoted to a Master Gunner. 
/.'. .\.s7(. IfoltiiiNon re-entered the xcrrice .\pril 
t2, /.'US', iiinl //-u.s- called June 12. I'.ilx. t<> 
the (; real !.al;ex \aral Training Station. IraiiK- 
ferred to Hampton IfoaUn. I </.. ami on .lulu 
ixth lie ira* assigned to active duly on the 
I'. X. X. "Arifttona." On \ngiiNt ,!8th he irax 
promoted In Sei-oitd r/^.s-.s- I'iremnn and on 
Iftei nilier i:,th to Firat- Clan* Fireman. The 
I'. X. ,v. |;/:o//</" irax assigned to dutu /" 
French and llmjU^h trnler*. 

Corporal Paul Garland Rainey, 
Field Artillery, Ordnance Department} 
89tJi Division, trained at Camp Funston] 
Kansas, Major General Leonard Wood] 
Commanding. He was born in Petersburg] 
Aug. 29th, 1889, to Mr. and Mrs. Francis A\ 
Rainey. He was in civil service sioj 
months on the Mexican border as repai* 
mechanic in the government motor shop$ 
and was one of the truck drivers sent into 

old Mexico to brii g home the government equipment. lie enlisted in 
service June 28th, 1917, was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas, where he trained 
three months in the medical department. In September he ivas trans- 
ferred to this department, S'fi Field Artillery, 89th division, Camp Funsi 
ton Kansas, later, on Jan. 1st, 1918, he was transferred to the Ordna, re 
Department, S'fi Field Artillery, also, on that date was made corporal. 
He sailed June 28, 1918, landing at Liverpool, Eng. and was sent tm e- 
diatelv to France He is driver and repair man on artillery tracto ~s. 
He is a son of the American Revolution by right of lineal descent frt m 
Lieutenant Colonel Louis Burioell, who was County Lieutenant oj 
Meeklenburg, Va., and commanded tht militia of that county in servi<m 
during the revolution. The 89th division was taken into the army oi 

Carl J. T. Richards, son of Mrs. Martha J\ 
Richards, Petersburg, born May 22, 1889. Em 
tered service September 11, 1918, at Bradlej 
Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, III. 

Private John Reinders, Jr., son of Jol 
Reinders, Sr., Athens, born November 15, 18 f 
Entered service September J t at Camp Ot 
III. Was attached to 161st Depot Bt ' 
3rd Co., Infantry Replacement and Trninii 

Private Rudy Reinders, son of John Rt 
ders, Athens, born Juli/ 12, 1894. Entt 
service June 27, 1918, at (;<nni> \\ heeler, ( 
transferred to an eastern seaport, sailinfi 01 
seas October 28, 1918, landiny at Brest, Frt 
November 11 : later transferee to Laval, Frc 
Was attached to 106th Sanitary Train, 121 
/'/>/,/ lliixitilnl. A. E. F. 

Private Harry Mitchell Rathsack, son of Mr. 
(in (I Mrs. R. Rathsack, Greenvieir. born October 
17. 1891. Was a senior stmlfitt in the Louis- 
ville Dental College when he entered service 
January l, 1918, in the Medical Department. 
Called in April, sent to Fort Oglethorpc. Ga.. 
transferred to Camp Merritt, X. J. 

Sergeant John Herman Renz, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. W. F. Renz, Athens, born October 
18, 1887. Entered service April 3, 1918, at 
Ft. Totten. A'. Y., transferred to Ft. Hamil- 
ton, later to Camp Mills, L. 1., sailing over- 
seas September 25, 1918. Was attached to 
48th Anti- Air craft, 6th Sector. June 1st, 1918. 
teas promoted to Corporal and on July 1. 1918. 
promoted to Sergeant* Returned to the United 
States January 10, 1919, at Camp Merritt, 
JN . J. 

Private Jay Thomas Roberts, son of Mr. 
ninl Mrs. G. C. Roberts, Greenview, born March 
30, 1893. Entered service June 27, 1918, at 
Camp Taylor, Ky. attached to 87th Co., loth 
Battalion. Private Roberts married Miss 
Francelia Meers of Greenvicw. June 22, 1918. 

Private Rollin G. Simmons of Menard County, 
son of William Simmons of Litchfield, Ky., 
born June 16, 1893. Entered service June 27, 
in is. at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred to 
('ami> Mills, L. I., sailing overseas October 15. 
1918, landing in France October 29. 1918. Was 
attached to 122nd Infantry, M. G. Co., 31st 
inrixion, A. E. F. 

/'/ irate \\'illiain Franeix N/o//. >>J Mi- 
ami .V/-.S. II'. A. Xtoit. Tice, born \orenilier .", , 
189:1. Entered service in t/ie I . U. \larine* l>< 
remher It. Hill, at f'arifi lxl<ni<l. N. ('.. irlterc 
lie if an attached in tlic 1','Jtli Ih'ill Companii. 
>ni'l transferred to (Ju'intifii. \ .. in I In- l.islft 
Ifcphieement I'.ut lotion. On March IS, 1918, 
.tailed oi'crscas, landina fh< loiter part of 
March. He entered ihc firnt-line //r//r/jr.s- .May 
/, /.'//N. IIIK! int.* f/tiffxed dnrhlfj the second hdt 
tie of ilia Marne. an June /<;//(. anil lal.-ni to a 
lta,sc Hospital, ichere he remained for fire 
niotitltx. Jan nan/ 9, 1919, trax relumed to the 
(Jniterl Ftutrx. iandiin/ at \eir/n>/t News, Va., 
with the :!.!.',i<l Caxnal Co., and transferred to 
Qnatttico, Ya. 

Oscar Charles Xtacklioi<si'_, t . x. N. 
of I'aiieu Prairie, born July 31. 18'.) l. Entered 
service in the U. 8. Marines, at Ft. Totten, 
\. )'.. transferred to Camp Merritt, \. ./.. sail- 
ing ocerxcas Sevtember Ixt. iclierc he was at- 
taelied to the Hearij Artillcri/, irith the A. 

I'rirate David Frank fttout, son of Mr. and 
.1/r.y. Isaac Stout, Tallnla, horn September 8, 
181).!. Entered service May 30. 1918. at Jeffer- 
son Barracks,, Mo., transferred to Ft. Gcorye 
\Vriyht, Wash., to Camp Do'ifjc. In., to ('amp 
Crant. Ills. \\'ax attached to Co. If. 1'itli 

I'rirate John Louis Schmidt, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Henry Schmidt, Athens, born Jannari/ 11, 
1888. Entered service September 5, /.''/N. at 
Camp Grant, III.,, transferred to Camit Han- 
cock, (la., to Camp Johnson, (la. U'r/.s- attached 
to ,>0th f'rorisional 

\Inxieian William /'. ^fkoeneirciNN. xun of 
Mi', and MJ-S. A. \\' . Schoenetceiss, <' reen ricir . 
born December 29. 1SU.S. Entered xerricr Nr/'- 
leniner /X, 19 IS. at Catnn Doduc. la., tranx- 
ferral lo f'amp /'//,T. Arlc., to Camp l>i.r. N. /. 
Sailed nrerseas. irJtcre lie irax tittiitliel In l/cad- 
i/nartcfK ('a.. .',',i;tti Itifnnln/ Hand. I. /;. /'. 

I' rir ate II ni tnn n John fratoi lux. son of Mr. 
ami Mrs. lleitrn Xutoriiis. I'l'tri-sliid-;/, born 
* iiicmiit r .'.'. i^'.m. Entered service September 
.;. /.<</*, at Camp (Irani, 111., transferred tu 
eastern i>ort, mii/hiy \oremoer Jo, nilS, to 

join tin: A. /;. r. 

I'riratv Ceor<je Kdirard Ktoitt, son of Mr. 
and Mrs S'. If >/<>/. Athens, born Mau 30, 
IHUO. Filtered scrricc May 21, J91X. at .Icffcr- 
.so;i. Barracks. \lo., to fort C,<or<je 
\\ri</hl. Wash., to Camp Dodye, la. \\<is at- 
larli<--l to l',lli Infant, -it. Co. (i. La1< 
ft rrcd to (Jaunt Crant, 111. 

f'riratc Homer 8. 8app, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
li. sapp. Oakford, born September 27, 1891. 
Entered service Mai/ 30, HUH, at Fort Thomas, 
K!/., IraiiKfrrrrd to Cainii Cordon, da., to <'"//</; 
Sheridan, Ala. \\'na attached to Co. h'_. 'i~,th 

Corporal Herman John Pc-iUny, Jr.. of Men 
ard County, xon of Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. 
s>-iliiifl, 8r.. born September 7, ^892. Entered 
xf,-i;ire April 3. 1918, at Ft. Tottcn. A. i'.. 
a- here he reveircd ]>ioinotion to Corporai, and 
tf<infei -red (o c<n,n> Kustia, \'a., to Ft. Man- 
roe, 1 "., irherc he spent six weeks in a tractor 
a id tmlo Ni-hool. xailcl orci-nea* from Cam" 
Rtetcart \u. October 7, 1018. Wax attached 
to .;oth \rtillerii. Mattery A. 38th Brigade, 

c. i. c. ir.s tixKii/Hctl to d nt n at Kt. Nazairre, 
l-'raner. latn- transferred to Ordnance Depart- 

mint, A. /v. F.., at liordiaii.r. 

Corporal Fred I/. Tallin, ftoii of Mr. and 
l/,v II |/. Xiihm. I'clcrxliiiru. horn \orrmbe 
;:,. JSKfi. l-;nK',-< i xrrricc June //. /.''/>'. at 
Caiuii Tairlor h'n. \\'ax an instructor in Itat- 
/'/// /:. :/// Regiment, l'i>ld Artill<'ii/. i . N. A. 

Private Ernest Lee Sowers, s<m uf Mr. ami 
Mrs. W. R. Sowers, Tallula, born August 4, 
fKH'.t. grandson of Captain D. W. Sowers, Civil 
\\'nr Veteran. Private Sowers entered service 
April 10, 1917, at Jefferson Barrack*, Mo., re- 
jected on account of physical disability, and 
in September, 1918, was called for service 
af/ain. On October 1st was assigned 1o the 
Shurtlcff Collcye at Alton. 

Private Edward John Sullivan, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Jerry Sullivan, Petersburg, born Sep- 
tember 23, 1897. Entered service September 
23, 1917, at Camp Lowden, Springfield, trans- 
ferred to an eastern port, sailing overseas May 
JG, 1918, Was attached to Company C, 12>,th 
Machine Gun Battalion, 33rd Division, A. E. F. 

Private Percy Herbert Seese, son of Mr. and 
I//*. Chas. Seese, Petersburg, born June '.>. 
1896. Entered service October U t , 1918, at the 
Itradley Poly technical Institute, Peoria. IU. 

Fred El&on Shaw, U. S. N., son of Mr. nn-i 
Mrs. James E. Shaw, Athens, born February 
-'/, 1897.' Entered service July 17. 19 18, at -the 
Great Lakes Naval Training Station an a me 
chanic. Was attached- to 1he J.'iffi Regiment. 

Private Charles Sinclair of Menard County, 
HOII. of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sinclair of Chan- 
dlerville, born June 3. 1898. Entered service 
Auyust 5, 1916, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 
transferred to Fort Hancock, N. J. lV</ic at- 
tached to Quartermaster Corps. 

Freil II ill in in S chafer, son of Mi. ami Mr*. 
H. G. Schafer, Petersburg, born -Inlii ..'/. isito. 
Entered service May 30, 191*. at <////> dor- 
don, Ga., transferred to Cami> xlicridun. Ala., 
returned to Camp Gordon, Ga.. irh< r< lie inis 
attached to Co. E. tsth Infantry. 

George P. Schafer, son of Mr. and Mm. H. 
W. Schafer, Tallula, born June 10, 18<)2. En- 
tered service May 30, 1918, at Fort Tltoman, 
Ky., transferred to Camp Gordon, Ga., to Camp 
Sheridan, Ala., where he completed tin- 
/'", 1'irst Cook. 

Private Joe Stankovich. son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Geo. Stankovich. Athens, bom November 10, 
1899. i'.ntcri'il service June l. Kill, at Camp 
Lowden, Springfield, was called to E. St. Louis 
on riot duty, transferred to Cami) Logan, Tex., 
to Camp Merritt, N. J., sailing for overseas. 
He participated in the St. Mihiel, the Argonne 
and Verdun battles. Was attached to 123rd 
Field Artillery, A. E. F. 

Corporal Leslie A. Smi-ter, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. I. E. Smiser, Peterson*;/, born November 
11, 1900. Entered into National Guards, Co. 
C, 5th Illinois Infantry, at Springfield in June, 
1917; later absorbed into Co. C. t.'!,th Machine 
(lun Battalion, 33rd Division, lit Nr// 
n' as transferred to Houston. T<'.r<ix_, to 
I Upton, N. Y., from te ///>// /toint In 
or>,-xvas to join the A. /:. /'. 

Private Marshall Greenleaf Kt>(inl<liit<j, .sou 
of Mr. and Mrs. If. S. Spaulding, O'/rr/M/r/r. 
born Oi-ioitr,- >0, 1891. Entered service Mu 
28, 1918, at Camp Kliilhi/. Miss., transferred 
to Camp Upton, N. Y., sailing overseas Octo- 
ber (i, 1918, landing in England, transferred to 
Le Mans, J-'rnncc. \\'as returned to the United- 
sttilrti, landing at Camp Merritt, N. J., Decem- 
ber 16, li>18, later transferred to Ft. Harrison, 
hul. \Yan attacJtrd to Battery F, 13!)tli Field 
Artillery, -JUth Dirixiun. A. /.' / . 

Private Ralph K. Si>anldi,/f/. son of Mr. and 
Mrs. If. 8. spauldin;/. dreenrieir. born ./iinc 19, 
IX'.XJ. Entered service -Inne ', . mil. at Jeffer- 
son liarrarkN. Mo., transfer, <,! to Ft. ////**. 
Te.ras. to Camp linker. Utlrr In reeeired X/H> 
eiai training at the I ///< / i<-nn I ni rei -sity. \\'asli- 
InfftOU, U. C. Sailed orerseas Se/itrmber <> . 
1H17. luiKliny in l-Jii(jl<iit<l. lati'i 1 1 mi. *i'(i <<! in 
France. HV/.s alttn-liril t<> <'u. l>. ';/ I . N. 

Engineers, 1st .!///(// ro///.v. .1. /;. / .. inter 
taken into the Army of Oentiinti'in inrinliny 

I'ricate Henry 11. Smith. HUH of l//.v. Minnie 
Kmith, Petersburg, lorn June 29, 1887. En- 
tered service April 3, 1918. at Fort 'ratten. 
Y. Y. } transferred to Fort Xrltnylcr. A. ).. 
to Camp EiiHtix, \ a., to C<nnj> Xteirar<l, \ n. 
Sailed October 1, 191$, for ore,'*cax ; Ian e,d at 
lircst. Wax attached to ~>atli Artillery r i. 
C'., .1. E. F. 

Private Herman II. Kmith. son of Mrs. Min- 
nie Smith; Petersburg, born March 1, 1870. 
Entered service June 27. 1'JH. at Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo., transferred to Fort Itilcii. /\M//.S., 
to Camp Merritt. ,V. /., xfiilin</ in Oetoljer. 
1918, for overseas. \\as attached to Ambu- 
lance Co. 18. A. E. F. 

Private John Th-omcis frinitlt, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. S. M. Smith, Petersburg, born October 
2t>, 1889. Entered service Anyuxt .'<). 1918, 
ut Cant/' \Vfieelcr, Go,., transferred to Camp 
Taylor, Ky. Altaeheil to Co. 3, Replacement 

T /tin tenant JIarry \Villiani t<mitli. *on of Mr. 
anil I//-.N-. ,/. (.'. Smith. l'et< rxlm r<J . born \lay 
12. 1883. Entered service in Sentemher, 1916. 
at Fort Omaha. Xeb.. trans ferrcl to san nieyo. 
Cat., to Toronto, ran., irhere lie fini^heil a 
flyiiiy course in Hie Fn</lixli Royal Flyiny 
Corps, receiving his Second-Lieutenancy com- 
mission. Later lie tcaa transferred t - Tallia- 
fcrro Field. Te.i-a*. irhere he finished in the 
Scout Plane School and reeeii-ed /MX Fir8t-Lieu- 
tenaney commission. \\ux retained as instruc- 
tor in Scout School serrier for nereral months, 
transferred in ,/nne. /.'*/,x, from air xerrie, to 
\Vasfiiny1on. />. C. 

Glen Shipley, U. S. N., son of Mr. and Mrs. 
C. IF. Shipley, Petersburg, born December 19, 
1894. Entered service in April, 1917, at the 
Philadelphia \ai;>/ Yards, where he was later 
assif/ncd to the U. S. S. "DeKalb." Sailed in 
I mn- with General Pershing's First Division to 
I'rancc. Glen Shipley has made thirteen round 
trips across the Atlantic in the past twenty 

Corporal Paul Donald Shipley, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. C. IF. Shipley, Petersburg, born 
Marrli .11, /,S'.<>7. Entered service June 5, 1918, 
at Camp Grant, III., transferred to Camp Mc- 
Artlnir. 'J'<'.j-as. irhcrc Jte iras attached to 1st 
Co.. 12th Battalion, Infantry Replacement 

Musician Roy Emory Sampson of Menard 
<'>,n nt a. son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Sampson, 
Middletown, born September 27, ^890. Entered 
srrrice June 21, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, Qa., 
transferred to Camp Jackson, S. C., tchere he 
iras assigned to 116th Field Artillery Band, 
IHrision; transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
to Camp Merritt, N. J., to Camp Lee, 
Va., to Gamp Grant, III. 

I'riratc Shelby Sampson, son of J/r. and Mrs. 
I>. 1. Sampson, Tice, born January 28, 189S. 
i: n it-red service at Camp Taylor, Ky., later 
transferred to Camp Sheridan, Ala. Was at- 
Itn-ln-d to Infantry, Camp I'tiliHc* 

Robert Samuel. 

I'ri/iitc Ifiiyli Arthur N/w/r of Fauci/ J'rutrte, 
son of -fames /;. Shan: of \onnal. III., born No- 
vembcr 13, 189.',. i-;nt<r>'d service .lime li t , 
1918, at Valparaiso, /ml., transferred to In- 
dtanapolia, Ind.. 10 rort Leavenworth, Kans., 
later to Camp .\fcad<: Mil., where Tie wax at- 
tached to Company .1.. .}rd Trnininv Battalion, 
signal Corps. 

William Seipel 

Oorjuirul (liiti /'. nniHforil r,f Mciidnl County, 
son of Mi: and Mrs. D. B. Sanford, born Jan- 
uary 26; .1891. Entered service September 19, 
19111, at ('dm i> t)od</c, la., where he was as- 
signed to Co. C, 313 Field Signal Battalion, 
88th Division. August 17, 1918, sailed from 
Hoboken } .A". J., for overseas, landing at Liver- 
pool August 31st; later transferred to La- 
Havre, France. 

Frank G. Shineman. 

I' i irate John Chauncey Showalter of Menard 
Connti/. NI,II. of Mi: (iixj'_][rs. W. A. Showalter. 
born March ll l} 1892. Entered service June 6, 
mix. at Camp Wheeler, Oa., transferred to 
Camp Mills, L. /., sailinj overseas in October, 
1918. Was attached to Co. K, J t th Infantry 
Regiment, A. E. F. 

Corporal Ear] l"r/n/.s Smith,, .son of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. G. Smith. I'ctcrsburg. born May ! t , 
1892. Knlt-ml service M(ni ._>j, ^9/8, in the 
Tanl: Cori> ua an electrician. Sailed for 
France in Annual, in is. and iras attached to 
Battery .I',:,. (',. C. Tank Corps, A. E. /'. 

Corporal Robi-fl IHirnx Smith., sun of Mr. and 
I/*'*. /. G. Smith, Petersburg, born September 
.-'/. 1894. Entered service July 18, 1917, at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Camp 
Pardon, Ga. Sailed for France in August. 1917. 
\ttnched to 17th Regiment, Railway Engineers, 
Co. E, A. E. F. 

1'aul Everett Sittton of Petersburg), son of 
I'cr. and Mrtt. /;. //. button, former deceased* 
born September 29, 1899. Entered service in 
tin- Medical Corns June 30, 1918. at Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo., transferred to Camp Crane, Pa. 
Bailed overseas August 31st, landing in Sep- 
tember, 1918. Acted as nurse in the American 
/'ii/ Cros.f Military Hospital No. 1, Paris, 
France. His uncle, Dallas Sutton, was an 
officer of high rank in the Union Army during 
tin- f'iril War. 

Prirate William G. Sutton, son of Mr. and 
1/rs. Charles N. Sutton, Petersburg, born March 
I /x.o.j. Entered service June 27, 1918, at 
Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred September 15, 
/.'/.y. to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing overseas 
October 4th. Was attached to Company B. 

'.th.. Infantry, 82nd Division, A. E. F. 

icorgc Herman S chafer, son of Mr. anil Mrs. 
H. G. Schafer, Petersburg, born November 15, 
IUD'I. Entered service June 27, 1918, at Camp 
WJieeler, Ga. In September, 1918, sailed from 
Camp Merritt, N. J., for overseas service. TFas 
attached to 106th Engineer Corps. Co. A. 31st 
Division, A. E. F. 

l-lrcrctt ) . Vchneiilrr. IJ. S'. N., xon of Mr. 
and !/>*. Rebecca, Schneider, Athens, burn l-'cb- 
rnarn ,>7, 1890. Entered service A ]nil 2X, J!U8, 
at the Great Lakes Naval Training elation. 
\Vati attached to a Hand Company. 

Lieutenant David C. Smart, nun of J/r. and Mia. Win. C. 8 
Grecnview, born February 2 '/ , 1883. Entered service in IVO.> in tht 
Signal Corps, Electrical Department t of the I . N. A.., xerring 
years in Alaska, and the Philippines irilh I lie rani;* of I'rirali . <'>- 
j)oral and Sergeant. He ?/;as- dixeharyid a ml riril govcrnmenm 
service of the Philippines, returning to the United States in March, 
1908. On October 17, 1917. entered the service at St. Paul, Minn., 
inn! teas commissioned Lieutenant in the Engineering Corps, ainl as- 
signed to duty for Jfuxsian Ifailiran .sn '-rice. Bailing \<ii'em(>er is. /.''/?,j 
fr-om Man Francisco, Cul.. for orcr-icax ; Jias .seen service in \!n<li- 
vostok, Russia, Nagasaki. Japan, Harbin Manelnnia. cliina. ami iritfil 
the A. E. F. in Liberia.} Jlis unit arrireil in IfiiNxia Iteecmbi , I',. 
1911. and after four days Ihc lioJslieriks foreeil them to retire, mid 
they sailed for Nagasaki, Japan, proceeding mi to llailiin. Manch aria, 
China. From May 1st to October U, l' ( .H8. Lieut. Ktiiarl Inn .led 
continuously over the Trans-Siberian If. If., betireen Vladivostok and 
the Lake Baikal District, assigned In dntij in eiinneelinn irifli the 
telegraph and telephone lines. While at Harbin, (,'liina. tin nnil irilh 
Headquarters were molested at all time* by (lie Bolsheviks, and all 
fighting seemed to be curried on direclli/ along flic Trans-SilteriM 
railiraj/ lines All Bolshevik leader*, when captured, ircrc lined up 
and shot, no questions being asked. 7'///.s n-ax rexoi-led to on aeeonni' 
of the cruelty to Czech prisoners, such as the cutting off of car*,, nosem 
arms, legs, the cutting of the tongue and the Damping out of the 
eyes. On October 12, 1918, Lieut. Xniart became ill irith pneumonm 
and was transferred to Kan Francisco. CaL, arririiig then .Jamin,-,, X, 

I'riratc Ifichanl lloyt Kanford, son of Mr. } 
and Mrs. l>. U. xanford. Tallnla, born Decem- 
ber >1, 1887. Entered service Mai/ 2n. I '.UK, at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Ft. 
George Wright, Wash., to Camp Dodge. la., 
to Camp (Irani. III. M'r/* attached to Co. % 
14th Infantry, 19th Division. 

Walter Joseph Shea, U. S. N., of Menard 
County, son of Mr. and Mra. Michael Shea of 
Springfield, born April 9. 1896. Entered serv- 
ice in May, 1918, at the Great Lakes Naval 
Ti'uininfj Station. 

furl /,'. stith, U. S. N., son of Mr. and Mrs. 
0. l>. xtith, Springfield, born July 27, 1887. 
!: n It-red service April .', , i'.)18, and was assigned 
in the Naval Intelligence Department with a 
:-<itiii(j of Chief Petty Officer. 

I'liratc Carroll Lee Stone, son of Mr. and 
1//-.S-. Lee C. Xtonc, Greenvieir, born November 
in. {895. Entereil service June 27, 1918, at 
Cntnp \VJtcrlcr, Ga.. transferred September 19, 
1<>1$, to Cfinip Mill*, L. I. On October 5th he 
irax confined to the hospital with influenza, 
irhidi later developed into pneumonia, recover- 
inn Jic /r.s- transferred to Camp Mcrritt, A". /. 
lu'tcr t<> Camp Lee, Va., to Camp Grant, III. 
\\'as attached to 12-'ith Infantry, Co. A. 

Clarence Turner. 

I'rirule If. -1. Thompson of Menard County, 
*<>n of Mrs. L. B. Thompson of Louisville, Ky.. 
horn June 25, 1889. Entered service at Ft. 
Loyan, Colo., transferred to Camp McArthur, 
Texas, to Camp Merritt, N. J., sailing overseas 
September 28., 1918. Was attached to Co. L, 
7th Inf.. A. E. F. 

Private Gilbert Henry Thurman of Menard 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thur- 
man of Sheridan, Ind., born June 22, 1890. 
Entered service June 26'., 1918, at Camp Tay- 
lor, Ky. Attached to 1st Regimental infantry, 
159th D. B. 

Luther P. Turner. U. S. N., son of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. 0. Turner, Tice, born December IS, 
1896* Entered service June 16> 1917, and was 
transferred to San Francisco, Cal., later to 
Key West, Fla., where he was assigned to 
active service on the L 7 . 8. S. "Dolphin." 

J'rivate (Chester Bergen Terhune, son of ^fr. 
and Mrs. Samuel H. Terhune, Petersburg, I 
September 10, 1893. Entered service June 
1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred 
Washington, 1). C., -Inly .!~>t]i. //-//err he watt 
signed to Co. F, 60J t th Engineers, the "Seat 
light Division." Sailed overseas Auf/ust 11. 
1918, and on arrival in France receiv<<l / 
course of instruction and was transferrcl 1 
the 29th Engineers. A. E. F.; with this tunt 
he ir as ordered to the front to take charue of 
telephone communication work in the 1> out- 
line trenches. 

Private Edward Tackett of Menard County, 
son of M. L. Tackett, Mound Valley, Kana., 
born December 12, 1894- Entered service as 
a Motor Mechanic at Kelly Field, Texas, March 
9, 1918. Was attached to ' f srd Balloon <V>m- 
panij, transfered to Newport News, Va.. ir'ie 
he ^cas assigned to 25th Balloon Company, til- 
ing overseas June 29th; landed at Br^ 
I-' ranee, July 13th. Was stationed at I '^o 
tine until November 15th, when his unit was 
ordered to Belleau Woods, where they were 
to keep the Germans under observation until 
were out of France. 

Glenn Bowman Thompson, son of Mr. and 
1/r.s-. A'. .1. Thompson, born December 5, 1895. 
Entered service August 6, 1917, at Jefferson 
liarracks, Mo., transferred to Kelly Field; Tex., 
1<> <'<iii> Mills, L. I. Sailed December J,, 1917, 
for overseas service. 

Sergeant Charles Fletcher Terry, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Chas. E. Terry, Petersburg, born Au- 
gust 11, 1894. Entered service in July, 1911, 
at Camp Logan, Texas, transferred to Fort 
Riley, Kans., to Fort Leavenworth, Kans., to 
Camp Merritt, N. .J.. still later to Bush Ter- 
minal, Sew York, inhere he teas promoted to 
Corporal. Was attached to the 409th Bakery 
Company, later transferred to Camp Upton, 
N. Y., where he iras promoted to Sergeant in 
February, 1919. 

Private Chester Loraine Terry, son, of Mr. 
find Mrs. Chas. E. Terry, Petersburg, born July 
8, 1898. Entered service October 10, 1917, in 
the Aviation Branch of the U. 8. Army at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Kelly 
Field, Texas, to Ft. Omaha, Neb., and still 
later to Ft. Monroe, Va. Was attached to the 
29th Balloon Company. 

Private Chas Robert Terry, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. T. E. Terry, Tice, born December 9, 1895. 
Entered service May 21, 1918, at Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo., transferred to Camp Grant, III. 
Attached to Headquarters Co., Hth Infantry. 

Private George M. Taapken, son of Mr. and 
Mrs Garrett Taapken, born May 6, 189%. En- 
tered service June 27, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, 
Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing 
October f t th lor France, landing October tS, 
1918. Was attached to Co. T, JOlth Infantry. 
17th Division, A. E. F. 

Private Joe H. Taapken, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Garrett Taapken, Petersburg, born January 1. 
1887. Entered service August 20, 1918, at 
Camp Wheeler, Ga., where he was attached to 
Quartermaster Corps. 

Private John M. Toohey, son of Airs, Bat hum 
McNabb, Petersburg,, born July 20, 1892. /,/< 
tered service June 27, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, 
Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. J.. -s Hin<i 
for France October, 1918. Was attached to 
Co. B, 121st Infantry, 81st Division, later 
transferred to Co. M, 330th Infantry, to Co. I, 
326th Infantry, A. E. F. 

Private Hugh E. Toohey, son of Mrs. Barbara 
McNabb, Petersburg, born November 28, Jx.9.'/ 
Entered service April 3, 1918, at Fort Toil<- 
3f. Y., assigned to 4th Recruit Detachment, Jn 
ter transferred to 58th Headquarters, C. A. C 
Sailed for France in May, 1918, where he wa 
transferred to 5^th C. A. C., A. E. F. 

Private Gerhard Harry Theilen, .v>;/ of MI 
and Mrs. Borchart Theilen, Petersburg, born 
November 11, 189%. Entered service August^ 
20, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga. Was attacJ 
to Quartermaster Corps (Sub. Depot). 

Private Benjamin Henry Theilen, son of M 
and Mrs. Borchart Theilen, Petersburg, born 
'September 6, 1893. Entered service June ._'?, 
1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferre ' / 
Camp Mills, L. I., sailing October 30, I'.tJl 
for France. Was attached to Co. M, I22n 
Infantry, A. E. F. 

Harry Edicard Trigg, son of John B. Trigt 
Petersburg, born October ! t , 1888. 
service August 1, 1918, at Camp Jackson, N. ('., 
irJicrc he fas attached to the Base 

(.'lasses Thomas, son t.*f Mr. <m<l Mrs. /. //. 
Thomas, Oakford., torn October 2. 188t>. l-'.n- 
te.i-fii service September in. in r, . at ctimp 
Dodge, la., transferred to fv/////> Lof/ati. Tea., 
milling overseas in June, in IK. \\'ti* at tin-tied 
to Co. A, 108th Militant I'olice. .1. /;. /'! 

Private Ira Cecil Thomas, .son of Mr. and 
r.v. /. H. Thomas, Oakford. born October >?, 
Entered service An</n*t I. mis. at C(iin/t 
I-' or rest, Lytle, Gfi.. sailing orci-nctix October 
20, 1918, where lie <r.s attached to <:<imuii 
Company. No. 1, Transport Corps, A. E. /'. 

I'rivate H. O. Tholen of Greenview, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Tholen, born December 
22, 1890. Entered service June 27, 1918, at 
c<n,it> Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, 
L. I., sailing overseas in October, 1918. Was 
nttaclied to Co. H, 726th Infantrv, 82nd Divi- 
sion, A. E. F. 

Private Byron Anderson Tice, second 
son of Mr. and Mrs. B. I. Tice of Tice, 
was born March 27th, 1900. He enlisted 
February 8th, 1917, in the Marine Corps, 
training in Fort Royal, South Carolina. 
Later he icas transferred to Guateauma, 
Cuba, leaving two months later for Port 
Au Prince, Haiti, where he is seeing serv- 
i<-c in the 63rd Co., Marine Corps. 

Lieutenant Harold Isaac Tice, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. B. I. Tice of Tice, born 
November 18th, 1892. He entered the U. 
kS*. coast artillery service April 3rd, 1918, 
beinv sent to Fort George Wright, N. Y. 
In August he was transferred to Fort- 
ress Monroe, Fa., where he received his 
commission as Second Lieutenant Decem- 
>>< r 'ith, 1918. Lieutenant Tice was the 
miperintendent of the Winona Hiyh School 
before entering service. 

Lieutenant Erbie Oliver Thomas, son of A- 
h. Thomas, Oakford, lorn July 15, 1895. En- 
iered service January 15* 1915, at Jefferson 
Harracks, Mo. Was assigned to Second Infan- 
try and transferred to Schofleld Barracks, Eon- 
lula, Hawaii, on March H,, 1915. Promoted 
to Corporal May 1, 1911, promoted to Ser- 
; eant December 6, 1911, and to Second Lieu- 
tenant August 26, 1918. Sailed from Hono- 
lula October 1, 1918, and on reaching the 
United States wan transferred to Camp Grant, 

Samuel A. Thompson, V. 8. N., son of Mrs. 
Jeanette Thompson, Petersburg, born August 
12, 1890. Entered service June 15, 1918, at the 
Great Lakes Naval Training Station, where 
he was made Ohiet Petty Officer on September 
28, 1918. 

Private George 8. Ulery of Petersburg, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ulery. born September 
2S, 1887. Entered service August 20, 1918, at 
Camp Wheeler, Ga., later transferred to Camp 
Taylor, Ky. Was attached to an Infantry 

Sergeant Ernest Russell Ulery, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Isaac Ulery, Greenview, born Janu- 
ary 16, 1896. Entered service July 2, 1917, at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Fort 
Snelling, Minn., to Fort Sheridan, III., to Camp 
Ouster, Mich., later to Camp Sherman, Ohio, 
where he was attached to a Machine Gun 
Company, 40th Infantry. 

Private Charles Joseph Votsmier of Menarrl 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Votsmier, 
born March 1, 1896. Entvil service -I inn ..',. 
1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga. Was ordered over- 
seas in September, suffered an attack of in- 
fluenza and was held and transferred to Camp 
Lee, Va., to Camp Taylor, Ky. Was attached 
to 62nd Infantry. 

Corporal Hilo F. Vogt, son of Mrs. Robt. 
Woolridge, Petersburg, born October 1, 1897. 
Entered service June 5, 1917, in the 5th Regi- 
ment, 33rd Division, Co. C, at Camp Logan, 
Texas. Was promoted to Corporal and Ma- 
chine Gun Instructor. His company was part 
of the 124th Machine Gun Battalion. 

Private Earnest Miles Vogt, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Vogt, Petersburg, born June 21, 
1894. Entered service September 4, 1918, at 
Camp Grant, III., transferred to Camp Han- 
cock, Ga., where he was attached to Co. K, 
2nd Group, M. P. D. Machine Gun Training 

Private William Harold Von Osdol, Jr., son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Von Osdol, Greenvietc, 
born March 25, 1895. Entered service June 27, 
1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred to 
Camp Mills, L. I. Sailed for France in Sep- 
tember. Was attached to 106th Military Po- 
lice, A. E. F. 

Private Cecil Varney, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
F. Varney, Fancy Prairie, born June 23, 1890. 
Entered service June 26, 1918 f at Camp 
Wheeler, Ga. On September 20, 1918, he was 
transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing in 
October for overseas service. Was attached to 
Co. L, 124th Infantry. A. E. F. 

Private Frankly n E. Wilson, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. E. C. Wilson, Petersburg, born April 9, 
1895. Entered service June 29, 19 IS, at Camp 
Wheeler, Oa., where he was attached to Co. M, 
12J f th Inf., 31st Division; later transferred 
to Camp Taylor. Kit. 

Sergeant Lawrence Williams of Athens, born 
August Ik, 1887. Entered service May 20, 
1918, at Jefferson Baracks, Mo., transferred to 
Fort Bliss, Texas, to Camp Jackson, S. C. Was 
promoted to Sergeant August' 1, 1918. 

Private John Edward Wiseman, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Labert Wiseman, Petersburg, born 
April 16, 1893. Entered service June 27, 1918, 
at Camp Wheeler, Oa., transferred to Camp 
Merritt, N. J., sailing October 20, 1918, for 
overseas, landing at Liverpool, England, No- 
vember 1st. Was attached tu >,(itjth Casual 
Company, A. E. F. 

Corporal Herschel Carlin West, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Frank West, Greenvieic, born May 
15, 1897. Entered service June 2, 1918, at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to El Paso, 
Texas, June 16th. Was attached to Machine 
Gun Company, 3rd U. -S'. Infantry. 

Private Archie Woodland, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Henry Woodland, Athens, lorn Juli/ .>n. 
1892. Entered service June 1. 1918, at Camp 
Loicden. Springfield, transferred to /:. Rt. Louis 
at the time of the race riot. Reptrmber N. 1917, 
was transferred to Camp Logan, TC.I-HX. later 
to Ran Antonio, Texas, to Miami, Ari:. \\'as 
tu Cu. H. tend ' 

tr ^~' ^-^^^ * 

Private Herman Wilms, son 0} Mr. and Mrs. 
\\ in. L. Wilms, Petersburg, born January 27, 
1886. Kntercd service May 15, 1918, at Lewis 
Institute, Chicago, for training in special elec- 
trical work, transferred to Camp Meade, M<1., 
Bailing overseas a few iceeks later. Was at- 
i<i<-ln:ii to .(12th i'ichi Artillery, A. E. /'. 

Private Bennett Engle Willis, son of Mr. 

innl. 1//.S-. II'. 7'.- Willis. Petersburg, horn Janu- 
'i,'i/ 29, 1895. Entered service February 25, 
1918, at Chanute Field, III, transferred to 
l.mnilci/ I-'icI'l. ]'(i.. ichere- he was assigned to 
.it n UN iiNxriiiiilrr -jf acroitlanc* : transferred 
tn I'ratt Institute. X'. Y., into aeroplane motor 
i-on xt ruction department, later to Air Service 
sdiniti. St. Paul, Minn., ichere he was assigned 
UN instructor; later transferred to Camp Grant, 

Private Chas. Allen Whitehurst, son of Mrs. 
Muni E. Whitehurst, Petersburg, horn Noveni- 
ber ::>, 1893. Entered service April 4, 1918, at 
/'fjrt Totten, :V. Y., transferred to Camp Stew- 
<irt. \a., to Camp Eustis, Va.. sailing on or 
"h'nit October 15th for overseas. Was at- 
tnclicfl to Battery E, >,Gth Reyiment C. A. G., 
A. E. F. 

Private Albert David Wells of Fancy Prairie, 
if Mr. John Wells of Curran, III., born 
.fun nary 20. 1889. Entered service May 20, 
/.'I/N. at Jefferson Barracks^ Mo., transferred 
in ft. Wright. Wash., to Camp Dodge, Iowa, 
tn camp Grant. III. Was attached to the U f th 
I n i an try. 

Stanford R. Wilkinson. U. 8. -V.. son of Mr. 

nut! 1/c.v. r/Kf.s. \VilkiiiHon. (i rccn rifir . hrn 
Al/ril .10. 1888. Entered service in the U. S. 
Marine (lr])x June 2J t , 1918, at Pari* Jxlanfl, 
I ' . trviiHfrrre.d to Portsmouth, N. II. 

Sergeant William Wertheim of Athens, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Wertheim, both de- 
ceased,. Entered service April S, 1918 at 
Ft. Totten, N. Y. 

Private Carl Wilhelm, son of Mrs. Emelia 
Wilhelm, Greenview, born November J fj 1888. 
Entered service June 24, 1918, at Camp Tay- 
lor, Ky., transferred to Camp Sheridan, Ala., 
to Camp Gordon, Go. Was attached to Co. A, 
45th Infantry. 

Private Stanley Thomas Wasilewski of Ath- 
ens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wasilewski, 
born April 28, 1899. Entered service July 9, 
1918, at Camp Taylor, Ky., transferred to 
Camp Merritt, N. J., sailing overseas in Oc- 
tober. Was attached to 12th Battery, 2nd 
Regiment, A. E. F. 

Private Otto A. Winkelman, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. A. Winkelman, Atterberry, born October 
17, 1895. Entered service June 27, 1918. at 
Camp Wheeler, Ga. transferred to Catnu Mills. 
L. J., sailing overseas October 17th. Was 
thirty hours at sea when taken ill with in- 
fluenza, and icas returned to ('a in it Merrill. 
N. J., later transferred to Camp Lee, Va., to 
Camp Grant, III. Was attached to Co. M, 
122nd Infantry, Slst Division. 

Private Ira Samuel Woodruff, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. H. Woodruff, Greenview, born De- 
cember 22, 1887. Entered service January 2, 
1918, at Camp Lewis, Wash., transferred to 
Camp Merritt, N. J. Sailed overseas in July, 
1918. Took part in the Argonne battle, later 
transferred from the front-line trenches in 
France to the Flanders front in Belgium. Was 
attached to 91st Division, 36Sr<l Infantry, Co. 
F., A. E. F. 

Private Harry H. Wohler, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Wohler, Greenview, born February 
22, 1896. Entered service June 21, 1918, at 
Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Cami> Mills, 
L. I. Sailed overseas October 9. J918. Was 
attached to Co. C, 32%th Machine Gun Bat- 
talion, A. E. F. 

Private John Emmett Weatherby, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. 8. Weatherby, Petersburg, born 
June 29, 1892. Entered service June 27, 19 18. 
at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Camp 
Mills, L. I., sailing September 29, 1918, for 
overseas. Was attached to Co. I, 110th Inf., 
.'sth Division, A. E. F* 

Paul Fernuson Watkina of Menard County, 
son of Mrs. Geo. B. Watkins, Chicago, born 
October 28, 1895. Entered service April 27, 
1918, at Camp Dodge, La., transferred to an 
eastern port and sailed for overseas in Sep- 
tember. He was attached to Go. R, 352nd 
U. S. Infantry. A. E. F. 

Private John Hobert Watkins of Menard 
County, son of W. R. Watkins, born February 
! t , 1897. Entered service September 5, 1918, 
at Camp Grant, III., where he was attached to 
~>th Co., Infantry Replacement and Training 

Private Abraham Lincoln Watkins, son of 
Mrs. Margaret Watkins, Petersburg, born Janu- 
ary 28, 1890. Entered service September 19, 
1917. at Camp Dodge, la., transferred to Camp 
Pike, Ark. Sailed overseas June 19, 1918. 
Attached to Ordnance, Company I, Overseas 
Cavalry. Was wounded in action August 17, 

Lieu1< 'iidii f Joiirx \\' (inn o Hi, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Win. \\'anolh. Tallula. born January 30, 
1898. Entered xerriec June 26, 191C>. at Jeffer- 
son Ban-ac/.-N. \i,,.. transferred to /'/. Ring- 
gold, Tej't*. Served on the Mej-if-an border 
until sometime in October, 1917, when he 
sailed for orrrxea*. irliere In lian been in act- 
ive service. Lieutenant \\nnnoth is Kdcond 
Lieutenant in tlic I . ,<?. Army, with the Army 
of Occupation itiradint/ (let- many. 

Private Louis Fred. WaJilbrink. son of Mrs. 
Emma Wahlbrink, Greenrien-, born June 19, 
1890. Entered service June 21, 1918, at Camp 
Wheeler, Qa. 3 transferred to Camp Mills, L. I. 
Sailed overseas in October, \\'a* attached to 
Co. d, 121st Inf., A. E. F. 

Private Henry Georfje Weidhuner, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Carl Weidhinicr. Qreenview, born 
October 9, 1895. Entered service June 27, 1918, 
at Camp Wheeler, Ga. Sailed overseas from an 
eastern port October 23. 1918. \\'as attached 
to Co. M, 126th Infantri/, A. /:. I'. Ret, inn' i 
to United States January ?j>, 1919, and trans- 
ferred to Camp Grant, 111. 

Private Calvin J. Whitney, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. C. J. Whitney, Athens, born May 1, 18 9 a. 
Entered service May 26, 1918. at Camp Shelby, 
Miss., transferred to Camp Millx. L. I., vail- 
ing overseas October 3 t 1918. Hnrmitr <.,* boar<i 
the transport Private Whitnci/ became ill icith 
influenza and was held in a' military ho*f>ital 
at Portsmouth, England. Sailed for United 
States December 21st, and was confined to 
Base Hospital, Camp Merritt. ,\ . ./.. for treat- 
ment. Was attached to Co. /). r.;,s/// ^fachinc 
Gun Battalion, 38th Division. A. E. F. 

fieryeant Frank li. \VJiitiirii, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. C. J. Wliitncir. AUicnK. born June 30, 
1890. Entered .s-frr/Y-r December /.;. /.V/7, at 
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., Iransfcrred tu Camp 
Custer, Mich.. Idler to Cam a Hiuirn. liroinix- 
ville, Texas, to Axhland. \'<i., tu \Vaxliinfiton. 
D. C. 

Sergeant Rudolph Wernsing, son of Mrs. 
Henry Wernsing, Greenvicw, born March 10, 
189.'i. Entered service in March, 1911, at 
Camp Logan, Texas, 12J,th Machine Gun Bat- 
talion, transferred to Aviation, Kelli/ Field, 
Texas, where he was made Top-Sergeant, trans- 
ferring to Officers' Training Camp, Camp Mac- 
Arthur, Texas; made Private to enable him to 
go through the school. Was in line for com- 
mission when the Armistice was signed. 

Lieutenant Harry Wernsing, son of Mr*. 
Henry Wernsing, Greenview, born November 
30, 1885. Entered service May IS, 19lt, at 
Officers' Training Camp, Fort Sheridan, 111., 
transferred to Camp Grant as Second Lieu- 
tenant, later promoted to 1st Lieutenant, an I 
sailed overseas September 9. 1918. In l-'i-tnu-e 
Lieutenant Wernsing ^vas attached to the ' t uth 
Infantry. Later returned to the UnHi ,v 
landing in New York, January 16, 1<>H). 

Leafie Ellen Williamson, '\ursc. daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs Newton Williamson, Petersburg, 
born August 18, 1888. On April 1, 191J t , en- 
tered the Springfield lloxinlnl .s- a student 
nurse, graduating in June, 1917. After taking 
the State examiiKilioim in Chicago she joined 
the Otis Hospital 1'nii in Springfield for serv- 
ice overseas. The I nit left Springfield in April, 
191S, arriving in Lira-pool in May, Mixs Wil- 
liamson was with flic A. .V. C. Hospital. Unit 
W, Camp Hospital \<j. ',o, A. E. F., Liver- 
pool, England. 

Private Jame* (hncr Williamson of Menara 
County, son of Mr. and Mr*. Adam Battcrton 
of Svringfield, born December 16, 180.',. En- 
tered service Mai/ >. 1918, at Camp Shelby, 
-}fif>s.. transferred t<> ('ami. Mill*, L. I. Sailed 
orerseas in October. li)18. Was attached to 
151st Infantry, Machine Gun Company, 38th 
Division, A. E. F. 

!>oral Murry i'Jsnort li Williamson, son of 
I). W. Williamson. I'eh-r^nn-g. norn March 16, 
1890. Entered service -rune* .>' t . 1'jjx. <tt the 
^irrcney Auto Fdiool. Katisas f'itij. Mo., later 
li<in*ferred to Crimp ./on<']ili /;. .lolntxlon, Jack- 
xoiirille, Fla. fcuili'il orrrxcax Ki-pfritibr)- J.I, 
1918, where he iras nUadird to Motor 
Train J t 23, Motor Truck Co. 112. A. E. F. 

Fireman William Herbert Woodrum, U. 8. N., 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Woodrum. Peters- 
burg, born March 21, 1898. Entered service 
July HO, 1918, at the Great Lakes Naval Train- 
ing Station. 

Private Elmer Woodrum of Menard County, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Woodrum of At- 
kinson, torn August 5, 1897. Entered service 
August S, 1918, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 
later transferred to an eastern seaport from 
where he sailed overseas to join the A. E. F. 

Private Nathan B. Woodrum of Menard 
County, nan of Mr. <nul 1/r.v. Thomas Woorl- 
rum of Atkinson, born November 3, 1895. En- 
tered service June 27, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, 
Ga., later transferred to New York } sailing 
overseas in September, 1918, to join the A. 
E. F. 

Fireman Luther J. Woodrum, U. S. N., son of 
Mr. and Mrs. William Woodrum, Petersburg, 
born March 10, 1898. Entered service July SO, 
1918, at the Great Lakes Naval Training Sta- 
tion., and assigned motorcyclist for officers' 

Gale Wade, U. S. N.. son of Mrs. Margaret 
Wade, Athens, born April 12, 1897. Entered 
service April 7, 1917, at the Great Lakes Na- 
val Training Station, transferred and assigned 
to active duty on the U. S. S. "Wyoming." 
Saw service in foreign icaters for thirteen 
months* The U. S. S. "Wyoming" served in 
the Sixth Battle Squadron in the British 
Grand Fleet and. in the North Sea. was pres- 
ent at the surrender of the German Highseas 
Fleet on November 21, 1918. Later the "Wyo- 
ming" met President Wilson in mid-ocean and 
escorted his ship the "George. Washington" 
into Brest. 

Henrietta White, daughter of Mrs. Henry 
White, Petersburg, born November 3rd. 1895. 
Entered service as Red Cross nurse in March, 
1918, and called in July to Camp Custer t 
Mich.\ Sailed overseas from New York Sep- 
tember 25, 1918. Was attached to Medical 
Unit, Base Hospital 63, and later transferred 
to Field Hospital Corps^ Unit 1,6, with the 
A. E. F. 

Private Hollo A. White of Petersburg, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. White, both deceased, 
born August l.' t , 188G. Entered service June 9, 
1917, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred 
to Fort Riley, Kan., to Camp Funston, Kan., 
to New York, sailing overseas June l t , 1918. 
Was attached to Ambulance Section, Headquar- 
ters Company, 314th Sanitary Train, 89 Divi- 
sion Medical Department, A. E. F. 

Private Claire Curtis White, son of Mr. and 
1/r.s. C. White, Petersburg, born August 18, 
189' t . Entered service May 29, 1918, 'at Camp 
Shelby. Hattiesburg, Miss., transferred to Camp 
Mills, L. I. Sailed overseas October 10, 1918. 
Was attached to Machine Gun Company, 1019* 
Infantry, A. E. F. 

Private William D. White of Menard County, 
ft on, of Mr. and Mrs. C. White, Petersburg, born 
December 26, 1897. Entered service in August, 
1917, at Northwestern University, transferred 
to Camp Vail, N. J. Was attached to Co. A., 
l>.lt Field Signal Unit. 

Charles F. Wagner 

G. W. Woodcock 

Private L. Werle of Mcnanl ('mini it. \oj/ <>{ 
Mr. and Mrs. Linus Werle, both net-eaneil, horn 
Juli/ 28, 1895. Entered service June .11. J'.il^, 
n1 xiceeriey Auto School, transfer! cil to (.'////> 
Joxi/th E. Jackson, Jacksonville, Flu. i<ail<n 
overseas September 1, 1918. Was attached 1<> 
Army Reserve Material Unitj A. E. F. 

J'rirate J. Earnest Winkhart, son / 
Mrs. Hermena Winkhart of Petersburg, 
born Julj i loth, 1895. Entered service in 
the Fifth Illinois Infantry, National 
Guards, June nth, 1911. Was transferred 
September 16th to Camp Logan, Houston, 
Texas, where the guards were absorbed 
into the regulars and became the Co. C, 
12'fth Machine Gun Battalion. They sailed 
for France May 16th, 1918. Corporal Wink- 
hart has seen six months of active serv- 
ice on the French front. 

Private Nelson /,r.s-/r/- West, non f Mr* 
Laura West, Petersburg, born June 9th. 1887t 
Entered service May 30, 1918, at Ft. Thomas . 
Ky., transferred to Camp Gordon, da., and 
later to Camp Sheridan. Ala., where he n- 
attached to Co. G A .',5th Infantry. 

Miss JIci'Hir.iin \\'arnsing, dan</ht</ of Mr. 
and Mrs. George Warnsing, Petersburg, h<'. 
June 30, ISO-l. Graduated from Petersburg 
Ifif/h- School, class of 1912, and received di- 
)>loin,i from Ilir \ationdl I'tirl: Srm iii'ir//, Wash- 
ington, D. C. in inj',. Entered service fi# 
Second Class Yeoman in the U. 8. Navy Julyl 
>(',. /.'/x. nl Washington, and M-M* assigned* 
to the l>'<'</ixti(tr'x Office, lliirran of \<in'<i<i, 
tion. Promoted to First Class Yeoman D-<'m 
ber 1, 1918. .l//*x Warnxinft had served -^ 
('Jniirman of the Surgical Dressing Department} 
branch of the Red Cross, for innni/ ntonthsl 
prior to her enlistment. 

Private Cassius Cornell Yoiccll of Peters- 
burg, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Yowell, 
both deceased, born September 19, 1897. En- 
tered service June 21, 1918, at the Rahe Auto 
School, Kansas City. Finishing his course 
there he icas made instructor and transferred 
to the Ground School of Aviation, Kelly Field, 

friratc William Wallace Yatcs of Mcnard 
County, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Yatcs, 
Loami, III., born January 8, 1892. Entered 
service June 15, 1918, at Rahe Auto and Trac- 
tor School, Kansas City, ^fo.. where he be- 
came instructor and was transferred to Fort 
Bliss, Texas. 

Private Walter Acton Zook, son of Mr. and 
Ur.s-. Prank Zoolc, Athens,, born May 20, 1X9<'>. 
Entered service June 27, 1918, at Camp Whee- 
ler, Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., sail- 
ing overseas October 16. 1918. Was attached 
to Co. D, 167th Infantry, .',2nd Division (Rain- 
bow Dirision), A. E. F., later taken into the 
Army of Occupation invading Germany. 

Private Travis Lee Zirkle, sojt of Mr. ana" 
Mr*.' T. L. Zirklc, Tallnla. born August 26. 
1897. Entered service April 1st, 1917, at Jef- 
ferson Barracks, Mo., transferred to Fort D. A. 
Russell, Wyoming, and later to Fort Bliss, 
Texas. Was attached to Military Police, 15th 
Cavalry Division. 

Entrained for Camp WadsicortJi, S. C., on November llth, 1918, and rcttirnf'l i 
Menard County on November 12, 1918: Otto Hchafcr, Tallula; Earl Rayburn, Greenvicw : 
Thomas Parks, Petersburg; Ralph Denton, Greenview; Herman Ackerman, Athens; and 
George Rogers, Athens. 

Private William Eldon Buracker, son of 
Mrs. Flora Buracker, Tallula, born March 21, 
1893. Entered service August 1, 1918, at Camp 
Wheeler, Oa., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
to Camp Merritt. X. J. 

Corporal Bernard B. Burackcr, son of Mrs. 
Flora Buracker, Tallula, born August 8, 1898. 
Entered Regular Army in 1915 at Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo., transferred to Douglas, Ariz., 
tchere he remained until the start of the Mex- 
ican trouble. Was attached to 7th Cavalry, 
Troop K. Followed Major-General Frederick 
Funston into Mexico, was wounded in an en- 
counter icith the Mexicans and returned to 
Columbus, N. M., where he recovered. Was 
attached- to Truck \Co. 10, '-Quartermasters 
Corps, later transferred to Ft. Sam Houston, 
Tex., where he was attached to Truck Co. 68, 
transferred to Camp Merritt, N. J., sailiny 
overseas in April, 1918, where' he was attached 
to Truck Co. D. 3rd Division, A. E. F. Has 
been in action on six battle fronts, gassed 
...v n nitti tic Third .-.nnrj 

of Occupation invading Germany. 

Jacob Leonard Buracker, U. S. N., son of 
Mrs. Flora Buracker, Tallula, born June 6, 
1896. Entered service April IS, 1917, at Great 
Lakes Naval Training Station, transferred to 
San Diego, Gal., where he was assigned to 
active d-uty on the U. S. 8. "San Diego." Made 
five round trips to France. 

Corporal Benjamin Franklyn Bailey, of '//- 
htla, son of Mr. and Mrs. Logan Bailey of 
Marsaittes, in., born January 6, 189f t . En 
tered service August 5, 1916, at Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo. Transferred to New York, later 
to New Jersey, sailing overseas, where he was 
attached to Battalion A, Wth Reg., C. A. C., 
A. E. F. Returned from France early in Feb- 
mary, 1919. Stationed at Camp Austin and 
later at Ft. Monroe. 

Private John Luther Bailey of Tallula, son 
nf Mr. and Mrs. Logan Bailey of Marsaillea, 
in., born in October, 1882. Entered service 
in 1918 c.t Camp Douglas, Utah, transferred 
to Camp Funston, Kans. Sailed overseas to 
join the A. E. F. 

Private Thomas June Barnsback, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Thomas P. Barnsback, Athens, born 
\oretnber ?., 1895. Entered service June 27-, 
J918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga., transferred to 
?amp Mills, L. I., sailing overseas in October, 
1918, where he was attached to Co. E, 102nd 
Infantry, A. E. F. 

Thomas Francis Birch, U. S. N., son of Mrs. 
Mary Birch, Petersburg, born October 2%, 1895. 
Entered service February 26, 1918, at the 
Great Lakes Naval Training Station, trans* 
fcrrrd to an eastern seaport, tcherc he wa 
UHX\<IH.C<I to the battlchip "Kansas." 

Thomas D. Basso. U. S. N., son of Mr. and 
James #a, j Athens, born October 15, 1888. 
Entered service April 27, 1918, at the Great 
Lakes Naval Training Station. 

Private Leon Turner Clark, of Athens, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clark, both deceased, 
born Maj/ 11. 1889. Entered service Maij 2$, 
1918. at Camp Shelby, Miss., transferred to 
Camp Uptvn, X. Y., sailing overseas October 6, 
1918, ichere he wan absorbed into the A. E. F. 

Private James Wm. Cheaney, son of Mrs. 
E. S. Cheaney, Petersburg, born May 2, 1895. 
Entered service May 25, 1918, at Camp Dodge, 
fowa, transferred to Fort Barrancas, Pensa- 
cola, Fla., to Camp Grant III. Was attached 
to 80th Division., Infantry, Company 15. 

Private Joseph I. Eades, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Geo. Eades, Petersburg, born April !), 1897. 
Entered service September 0, 1918, at Camp 
Forrest, Lytle, Oa., transferred to Camp Mer- 
ritt, N. J. Sailed' overseas, where he was 
absorbed into the A. E. F. 

Private Newton F. Fenton, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Fenton, Greenview, born January 7, 
189 J t . Entered service at Camp Dodge, loiva, 
September 19, 1917, where he was attached 
to Headquarters Company, 3. '/9th Infantry. 

Corporal Clark Fisher, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
David Fisher, Athens, born February 2, 1880. 
Entered service February 17, 1901, in the 15th 
Cavalry of Regular Army, spent two years in 
the Philippines, transferred to the Presidio, 
San Francisco, Gal., and was discharged Feb- 
ruary lJ t , re-enlisting in August, 1918, at Fort 
Logan, Colo., transferred to Fort MacArthur, 
pal., where he was attached to Battery G, 2nd 
Regiment. Was promoted to Corporal in De- 
cember, 1918. 

George Hall of Menard County, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. W r . J. Hall, born November J f . 1890. 
Entered service June 27, 1918, at Camp 
Wheeler, Ga., transferred, September 15th to 
Camp Mills, L. I., sailing overseas October S, 
1918, ichere he was attached to Co. B, 121st 
Infantry, 3 1st Division; later he teas trans- 
ferred to Go. I, 326th Infantry, 82nd Division, 
A. E. F. 

Private Charles Ralph Hunter of Athens, 
parents of Wallingsford, Ky., born April 17, 
1892. Entered service June 27, 1918, at Camp 
Gordon, Ga. 

Sergeant James W. Hughes, son of Mrs. 
Nancy E. Hughes, Greenview, born May Ik, 
1895. Entered service May 21, 1918, at Jeffer- 
son Barracks, Mo. t later transferred to Camp 
Dodge f la. 

Roy Jones, son of Mr. and .!/. H'. J.. 
Jones, Petersburg, born April 5, 1889. EH 
tered service August 5, 1918. at HHwuite, N. 
Y., transferred to Vancouver, Wash., to At- 
lanta, Gn., to Shamokin, J'a., to Svirport 
Yrir.s, T'a. Later transferred to the Army 
Supply Base, Norfolk, Va., and attached to 
the 328th Fire and Guard Cvmpany, 55th l'>u 

Private William Thomas Kelly of Menard 
f-<intv f son - of Mrs. Nora Kelly. Rock Creek, 
horn March 11, 1889. Entered service June 27, 
1918, at Cam D \\'hcelcr, Ga. 
transferred to Ft. Washington, Md. Attached 

Corporal Chester Lee Mandcl, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Edw. Mandel, Athens, born Novem- 
ber 15, 1897. Entered service June 6, 1917, 
at Camp, Springfield, and was trans- 
ferred to St. Louis, to Houston, Texas, to New 
Jersey, sailing overseas in May, 1918. Was 
attached to Battery A, 123rd Heavy Field Ar- 
tillery, A. E. F. 

Private Carl F. Marquard, son of Mr. and 
Mrx. //. Marquard, Greenvicw, born October 11, 
1892. Entered serriec June 21, 191.8, at Camp 
Wheeler, (ia., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
tailing overseas October 9th. Was attached 
in Co. A, l.tnth Machine Gun Co., A. E. F. 

Private Clyde McKinney, son of Mr. and 
.!//. Wm. -MeKinney, Petersburg, born March 
23, ISin. Entered service June 10. 1917, at 
Cantp 8outHwiok t transferred to Camp Logan, 
Texas, on -September 15, 1917, where he was 
attached to Co. C, 12th Machine Gun liatta- 
lion. .l.lrd IHrixion. In Mai/ he iras transferred 
to Camp I pton, <Y. V., sailing on the U. S. 8. 
Mrtunf Vernon" for overseas to join the A. 
/,'. /'., trhere he was taken to the front and 
assigned to active duty in a signal unit. Pri- 
vate Clyde McKinncy's grandfather and great 
grandfather fought in the Ciril War. 

Corporal Jarvis 0. Xeely, son of Mrs. Adolph 
Ituryman, Petersburg, born Hcptchibcr 12, 1896. 
loitered service in June, 1917, in Co. C, 5th 
in.. U. M. Infantry, transferred to Houston, 
7'r.m.v. irhcrc he iras attached to Co. C, 

Machine dun llattalion. Hailed for overseas 
in Mai/, .1918. to join the A. K. F. 

f'orporal l-'loyd //. \eely, son of Mrs. Adolph 
linrgman, Petersburg, born October 18, 189}. 
Entered service in June, 1917, in Co. C, tth 
Illinois. U. &. Infantry, transferred to Hous- 
ton, 7V./-O.V. irhcre he was attached to Co. C, 
12',1h Machine Gun Battalion, Co. F., 130th 
I . ,y. Infantry. Sailed overseas in May, 1918. 
to join the A. E. F, 

I'rirate Henry Sotting of Menard County, 
.von of .Mr. and Mrs. Henry bolting, born 
December 10, 1896. Entered service Septem- 
ber r>, 1917, at Camp Forrest, Lytle, Ga.. 
tranxfcrred to Camp Custer, Mich. Was at 
taeJicd to 9th Provisional Recruit Co.. En 
gin cent Replacement. 

Private Robert Everett Rathsack, son of Mr. 
an/I Mrs. R. Rathsack, Greenview, born August 
',, 1893. Entered service June 26, 1918, at 
Kircent'y Auto School, Kansas City, Mo., trans- 
ferred to Camp Wheeler, Ga., to Camp Mills, 
L. I., nailing overseas October 6, 1918, land- 
ing at Brent, France. Was attached to Co. A, 
/.'x//i Machine Gun Battalion, 35th Division. 
Was in St. Mihiel sector with the A. E. F. 

I'rirate Win. Ifeimer. son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Carl Reimer. Athens.. Entered service June 27, 
1918. at Camp Wheeler, Ga., u:as transferred 
to CUHIV Mills. Y. V. 

I'rirate Thomas h'ogers of Menard County, 
son of W. M. Rogers, Finley, Ky., born May Si, 
1887. Entered service July 2-',, 1917. in Co. C. 
\afionul (iuardu, ."itJi Illinois Infantry, at Camp 
Logan, Texas. In September, 1917. became a 
unit in Co. C, 124th Machine Gun Battalion, 
SSrd Division. In May, 1918, sailed overseas. 
lie has participated in many of the decisive 
battles of the war. 

Corporal Franois Eugene Rollings of Menard 
County, son of L. S. Rollings, Tremont, III., 
born November 9, 1895. Entered service Apr,l 
2,9, 1918, at Camp Dodge, lotca, transferred- to 
Camp Mills, L. I., sailing overseas July 1, 1918. 
Was attached to 404th Telegraph Battalion. 
I. K. F. 

Private Edward- Charles Schnermeycr of 
Menard County, born February !,, 1889. En- 
tered service May SO, 1918, at Ft. Thomas, Ky.. 
transferred to Camp Sheridan, Ala., to Camp 
Gordon, Ga.j where he teas attaches! to Co. G, 
',:,th Infantry. 

Private Jerry Joe Simmering, von of Mr. 
and Mrs. Joe Simmering, Grfewriew, born 
March 19, 1893. Entered service September 4< 
1918, at Camp Grant, III., transferred to Camp 
Hancock, Ga. Was attached to Co. K, 2nd 
Group, Machine Gun Training Crew. 

Sergeant Harry Gerhard Seipel, L'. S. \., son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Seipel, Athens, born July 
8, 1889. Entered service in the L. S. Marines 
in 191 2, was stationed at Norfolk, Ya. t later 
on the battleship ''Ohio." In the year of 1913 
he was assigned to Haiti and Mexico. He was 
promoted to Corporal and discharged at Nor- 
folk, Va., in 1916. Re-enlisting in September, 
1917, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred 
to Handy Hook, N. J., to the Ordnance. De- 
partment, where he was promoted to Sergeant. 

Private John Adelbcrt Spaulding, son of Mr. 
and Mrs, H. S. Spaulding, Greenvieic, born 
February 4, 1888. Entered service May Jo. 
1918, at Ft. Thomas, Ky., transferred to Camp 
Gordon, Ga., to Camp Sheridan, Ala., later re- 
turned to Camp Gordon, Ga.. where he was 
attached to Co. G, 45th U. S. Infantry, otli 

Wagoner Edmund D. Tenncll, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. T. Tennell t Athens, born July tit, 1889. 
Entered service September 19, 1917. at Camp 
Funston, Kans. Sailed overseas Mareh 3rd. 
W r as attached to 4th Platoon, Co. C, 5Kth I . S. 
Engineers, A. E. F. 

Thomas Leo Toohey, son of Mrs. Barbara 
McNabb, Petersburg, born October 12, 1897. 
Entered service May 23, 1917, in Co. C. .ith 
Illinois Infantry. 

. Private James Cleveland Wade of Athens, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wade, both deceased, 
born August 14, 1887. Entered service April 
27. 1918, at Camp Dodge, loica, transferred to 
Camp Travis, Texas, sailing overseas in June. 
1918. Was attached to Co. A, .{.->7th Tnfrin 
try, 90th Division, A. E. F. Was reported 
missing in action September 12th, 1918, and 
up to and including February 20th, 1919, he 
has not been found. 

Private Fred Whymcr. son of Mrs. Anna 
Whymer, Athens, born March 4, 1893. En- 
tered service in May. 1918. at Jefferson Hnr 
racks, JTo., transferred to Camp MacArthnr. 
Texas, to Camp Merritt, "Y. J., sailing over- 
seas in August, 1918. Was attached to Head- 
quarters, 56th Infantry, 7th Division, A. E. F. 

Lieutenant Richard Ellis Valentine of Men- 
ard County, son of Mr. and- Mrs. /,'. B. Valen- 
tine-New Castle, Ky., lorn August .11, 1880. 
Entered service October 13, 1918, called A'o- 
vetnber 1, 1918, to Fwt lliley, Kans., where 
he was attached to Medical Officers' Training 

Private James R. Neff, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Ed Neff of Peter -sburg, was born 
December llth, 189. 'i. Entered service May 
10, 1918, going to Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 
He received military training in Camp Mc- 
Arthur, JVaco, Texas, Camp Merritt, JY. J., 
sailing for France with Co. H, 47th Inf.. 
4th Division, in August. He icas put int f > 
^ immediately on reaching France. 

I'rivatc. Guy Emerson- Kinner of Athens, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kinner, born Sep- 
tember R, 1895. Entered service in December 
1917, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., transferred 
to Camp Custer, Mich., to Ellington Field 
Texas. Graduated from an Aviation Training 
School and transferred to Carruthers Field, 

In /ftemorian 

Valiant soldiers and sailors have gone from their homes in Menard County and 
have entered the Ch'eat War with hopes high, to have them, blasted and the hearts of 
their loved ones crushed by death. 

To the homes in Menard County thus boiced . undei- the weight of sorroic, this is 
the message of hope and comfort . that has been . written for them: 

"Out of the clouds of grief brought about by the touch of the angel of death comes 
the knoirled'ge that without such sacrifices this war was not to be won by the forces of 
right. Written into the glorious histories of the world's great war ic ill be the stories 
of the valiant dead whose deeds of bravery and heroism have made glorious the vic- 
tories of that war for righteousness." 

That is the consoling message to soften the bleeding hearts of the mothers and 
the wives; that is the consciousness of duty well done, a debt to home and country 
paid in full, and to all the allied nations who crowned, them with the laurels of a fight 
icell done, n victory gloriously won. 

This is the splendid tribute paid to the memory of honored dead a tribute not due 
to any other body' of men. 

Flags have been at half mast. Death has demanded these loved ones from within 
our borders. We shall always remember that the homes of these honored onds will con- 
tinue to be desolate throughout the years to come. 





Private William H. Barnick, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. August Barnick, Petersburg, born August 
19, 1890. Killed in action September 26, 1918. 
Entered service April 27, 1918, at Camp Dodge, 
Jowa; transferred to Camp Travis , Texas. 
After six weeks training sailed overseas, land- 
ing June 21, 1918. Private William H. Bar- 
nick was buried in the Military Cemetery at 
Neuemberg, Lorraine. He was attached to the 
359th Infantry, Co. H, A. E. F. 

Mrs. August Barnick, Gold Ktar Mother of 
William H. Barnick. 


Ptovate Dave D. Bushong of Athens, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Oarrett Bushong, born August 
23, 1898; died at the home of his parents 
October 26, 1918, from an attack of pneu- 
monia. In June, 1917, entered service at 
Camp Logan, Texas, until discharged Jan u or it 
25, 1918. 

Mrs. Garrett Bushong, Gold Star Mother 
of Dale D. Bushong. 



Private Clarence Clelan Bailey of 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Logan Bailey of Mai 
sailles, III., born August 21, 1890; died in July 
of 1918 at Camp Cody, N. M. Entered service 
in 1918 at Camp Dodge, la., transferred to 
Camp Cody, X. M., and it was here whilr on 
the rifle range that he icas struck by lightning 
and killed. 

Mrs. Logan Bailey, Gold Star Mother <>f 
Clarence Clelan Bailey. 


Private William Homer Clemens of Green- 
view, son o/ Mr. John and Mrs. Sarah Anna 
Clemens, both deceased, born November 9, 1896 ; 
died. October 16, 1918, at Camp Mills, L. 1. 
Entered service June 26', 1918, at Camp Whee- 
/</. Ga., Co. 1, 124th Infantry, 31st Division. 
(hi September 20, 1918, he was transferred 
to Camp Mills, L. I., where he fell a victim 
to the prevailing epidemic, influenza. 


Mrs. Sarah Ann Clemens, Gold Star Mother 
of William Homer Clemens. 


Private William T. Courtwright, son t)f Mr. 
ami. Mrs. Willis P. Courtwright, Tallula, born 
./uli/ It. 1886; died in France November ~>, 
1918. of wounds received while in action. En- 
tered service May IS, 1918, at Jefferson Bar- 
racks. Mo., transferred to Camp MacArthur, 
Texas, to Camp Merritt, N. J. On August 
intJi. nailed overseas. Was attached to the 
:l',th Infantry, 1th Division, Co. D, A. E. F. 

Mrs. Willis P. Courtwright, Gold Star Mother 
f William T. Courticright. 


George Veerin Daniels, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
George Daniels, Tallula, born October .' f , 1900; 
died at West Point on January 4, 1919. En- 
tered West Point November 1, 1918. After an 
attack of influenza pneumonia developed, which 
caused his death. He was confined to the 
hospital at West Point. 

Mrs. George Daniels, Gold Star Mother of 
George V. Daniels. 


Wagoner Homer Edwards, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Henry C. Edwards, Petersburg, born May 
19, 1890; died October 10, 1918, at Base Hos- 
pital. Camp Mills, L. I. Entered service May 
29, 1918. at Camp Shelby, Miss., transferred 
to Motor Truck branch of the service, and 
on August Ixt he was transferred to Clinton- 
rillr. \\ '/*.. to v</nip and assemble motor trucks 
and drive them to the Atlantic Coast for ship- 
ment overseas. Later was appointed Chief 
Wagoner and detailed to Camp Mills, L. I. 
It iras li'hile here awaiting his embarkation 
for motor service overseas that he was stricken 
ir iih the prevailing epidemic, influenza, which 
developed into pneumonia and his death. 

Mrs. H. C. Edwards, Gold Star Mother of 
Homer Edwards. 


Harry Paul Orotbott, U. N. A'., son of Mr. 
(itnl Mrs. Peter Grosboll, Petersburg, born Man 
23, 1891. Entered service May 27, 1918, at 
Great Lakes Xaval Training Station, trans 
ferred to Philadelphia and was assigned to the 
I . X. >S'. "Minneapolis." Died October ii t , 1918, 
on board the IJ. ,V. .V. "Comfort," Brookli/f. 
A. >'. 

Mrs. Peter Grosboll, Gold Ktar mother of 
Harry P. Grosboll. 


I' i irate Everett Hugh Gumm of Oakford, 
son of Mrs. Matilda Hohimer of Francesville, 
I ml., born October 23, 1896; died on board 
the U. 8. fl. "Coronia" October 10, 1918. En- 
tered service June 27, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, 
Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., sailing 
September 29, 1918, on board the "Coronia" 
for overseas, 'the death of < /<'< r,v 
cduffed by bronchial pneumonia. He was buried 
at sea. Private Gumm icas attached to Co. I, 
12 1st Infantry, A. E. F. 

Mrs. Matilda Hohime^ Gold Star Mother of 
Everett H. Gumm. 


Corporal Harry L. Goodpasture of Peters- 
burg, son of Mrs. Kate Goodpasture, Med-l- 
apolis, Iowa, born January 17, 189 J f ; died in 
France April 10, 1918. Entered service in 
Regular Army in 1913 at Jefferson Barracks, 
Mo., transferred to San Francisco, Cal., sail- 
ing on the U. S. S. ''Sherman" to the Philip- 
pine Islands, where he served three years. 
Arrived in United States in December, id id. 
May 23, 1917, reported at Fort Sheridan, III., 
for training, and was transferred to Ft. Ham- 
ilton, L. I., N. Y. Received promotion to 
Corporal July 7, 1917, transferred to Fort 
Adams, sailing overseas August 7, 1918. Was 
attached to 62nd Artillery, C. A. C., A. E. F. 
Was attached to Battery L, 52nd Artillery, 
tchen he was killed by a locomotive. 

Mrs. Kate Goodpasture, Gold Star Mother 
of Harry L. Goodpasture. 


Henry Homer, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
/muter, Petersburg, born November 
J7. 189:',; died in France November ~>> 1918. 
<// iroundx reccired while in action. Entered 
xrrrict' .lunc ^ts. 1918. at Camp Taylor, Ky., 
ti-anxf, rrcd to Camp Beauregard, La., later to 
( 1 amp Merritt. A*. J., sailing overseas in August, 
1918. Transferred from Company M, 155th 
Infantry, to Company C, 35 5th Infantry, A. 
i:. /'. 

Mrs. Tlunnn* Umncr, Gold Star Mother of 
Hi-nry Homer. 


Private Harry Hildebrand, son of Mr. and 
1//-.S-. Bernhard, Hildebrand, Qreeiiview, born 
June 21, 1892 j died October 18, 1918. En- 
tered service May SO, 1918, at Ft. Thomas, 
Ky. An attack of influenza ichich developed 
into pneumonia was the cause of his death. 

Mrs. Iternhard Hildebrand, Gold Star Mother 
of Harry and Carl W. Hildebrand. 


Private Carl W. Hildebrand, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Bernard Hildebrand, Qreenvieic, born 
March 6, 1894; died at Winchester, England, 
January 30, 1919. Entered service June 27, 
1918, at Gamp Wheeler, Ga., transferred to 
Camp Mills, L. I. s sailing overseas October 16, 
1918. Attached to Co. K, 12J^th Infantry, 31st 
Division, A. E. F. Landing in England he was 
taken to a hospital at Southampton. An at- 
tack of influenza had developed into a serious 
case of pneumonia. Later he was transferred 
to Winchester, England. 


Sergeant Curtis Lyman Hodgen of Menarrl 
County, son of Mr. and* Mrs. Amos Hodgen, 
latter deceased, of Springfield, born August IS, 
1895; died October 21, 1918. Sergeant Hodgen 
had served four years in the Medical Depart- 
ment of the U. #. Xavy, receiving his dis- 
charge at the end of this time, and in October, 
1917, entered service in U. 8. Army at Camp 
Travis, Texas, where he was placed in the 
Medical Department of the U. S. A. 

Mrs. Amos Hodgen, Gold Star Mother of 
Curtis L. Hodgen. 

George White Kirby 


Mrs. .fames H. Kirby. Gold Star .Mother of 
forge Kirby, 


Private William Dawson Kenyan, son of 
Mr. and J/r.s. Gilbert Kenyan, Athens, born 
May l. 1900; died June 16, 1918. Entered 
service May 1$, 1918, a.t Jefferson Barracks,, 
J/o., later transferred to Industrial Mechan- 
ical Training (School, Valparaiso, Jnd. 

Mrs. Gilbert M. Kenyan, Gold Star Mother 
of William D. Kenyon. 


Private Hugh McDougal of Petersburg, son 
of Mi: and Mrs. Geo. W. McDougal of 8tut- 
ijart. Ark., born April IS, 1894; died October 
4, 1918, in France, of pneumonia. Entered 
service July it, 1917* at Ft. Logan H. Roots, 
Ark., transferred to Camp Beauregard, La., 
sailing overseas August 30, 1918. Was at- 
tached to 114th Ammunition Train, 39th Divi 
sion, A. E. F. 

Mrs. Geo. W. McDougal, Gold Star Mother 
f Hugh McDougal. 


Private Walter August Nies, son of Mrs. 
August Nies, Petersburg, born October 25, 1894; 
died October 26, 1918, in France, of pneumo- 
nia.* Entered service June 27, 1918, at Camp 
Wheeler, Ga., transferred to Camp Mills, L. I., 
sailing overseas October 7, 1918. He was at- 
tached to 122nd Infantry, Machine Gun Co., 
A. E. F. 

Mrs. August Nies, Gold Star Mother of Wel- 
ter A. Nies. 


Jerry Owen, U. 8. N., of Menard County, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Owen, Petersburg, 
born December 24, 1893; died of influenza 
December 22, 1918, at the City Hospital, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Entered service at Springfield and 
icas sent to an eastern port, where he went 
aboard the V. S. 8. "New Jersey," transferred 
to 17. ,S'. 8. "Rhode Island." later to Boston 
in the Recruiting Service of the U. 8. Ship- 
ping Board. At Boston he completed his 
course in navigation. At the time of his death 
he was held in the (Jharlestown, 8. C. Navy 
Yards in readiness to serve in the capacity 
of Desk Officer in the U. 8. Merchant Marines. 

Mrs. Joseph Owen, Gold Star Mother of 
Jerry Owen. 


I'ricate I'aul S. Randall, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Samuel Randall, Athens, born. September 
21, 1895; (tied December k, 1918. Entered 
serrice May 10. 19 1X, at Jefferson Barracks, 
Mo., transferred (a Camp Mac Arthur, Texas, 
remaining there for fire months and trans- 
ferred to an eastern port for overseas duty. 
He sailed front Camp Merritt, A'. J., on or 
aliotit the 1st of October* 1'JIX, a member .of 
the 3'ith Co.. S. A. R. D.. Camp MacArthur 
Casual. I pon his arrival overseas he ica* 
transferred to Co. K, lt>2nd Infantry, A. E. F. 
\\ it ft this company he icent into action at 
the front, where, on November Tth, he was 
xc re rely wounded. 

Mrs. Samuel Randall, Gold Star Mother of 
Paul S. Randall. 

Sergeant Lawrence J. Rayburn, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Edacin 8. Rayburn, Oreenview, born 
February 17, 1890: died August 27. 1918. En- 
tered service April 27, 1918, at Camp Dodge, 
loir a. transferred to Camp Travis, Texas. 
tailed from a Xew York port on the 8. 8. 
"Olympia" for overseas service June 6, 1918, 
In nd ing at La Havre, France, -June 23, 1918. 
lie and Lieutenant Graham had leaped upon 
the parapet of a trench and were busily en- 
gaged throwing hand grenades into the Ger- 
man trench, when the premature explosion of 
a grenade which Lieutenant Graham was in 
the act of throwing killed both of them. He 
u-as stationed near Ront O'Mousson on the 
xt. Mihiel front at the time of his death. 

Mrs. Edwin S. Rayburn, Gold Star Mother 
of Lawrence J. Rayburn. 


Private Herman Scantlin, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Thomas Scantlin, Athens, born February 
>' t . 1888; died April 18. 1918, at Base Hos- 
pital. Ft. Totten, N. Y. Entered service April 
>>'. 1!H8, at Ft. Totten, N. Y., where he was 
stricken with the prevailing epidemic, influ- 
enza, which developed into pneumonia. Pri- 
vate Herman Kcantlin was married to Misx 
Mae Hall April 20, 1911. He was attached 
to the !tth Recruit Detachment. 

Mrs. Thomas Kcantlin, Gold Star Mother of 

lleninin Scantlin. 


William E. Xmoot. U. 8. N., son of Mr. and 
M /'>'. Edicaril I]. 8moot f Petersburg born April 
.',ii. ixi>:>; died <it the U. 8. Naval Hospital 
nt Creat Lake* \aral Training Station Octo- 
>>er 1. 1918. After ixixxiny through the pub- 
lic Hrhoolx at ('urtix he entered the Petersburg 
II ii/Jt School, graduating in 1913. He entered 
the xtuie I'nirerxitt/ at' I rbana the same year. 
irhere he cnmiileted tin four-near agricultural 
ctiiirxe. graduating in 1917. He then returned 
mid tottk charge of his father's farm near 
f'urtis. irhieh he conducted successfully. He 
entered the Great Lakes \aval Training Sta- 
tion on or about June 30, 1918, to prepare 
for orcrxcas xcrrice. and tra* stricken with the 
nrecuUlng epidemic, influenza, which developed 
into inicumonia. 

Mrs. Edward E. Smoot, Gold Star Mother of 
William E. Smoot. 


Private Alva Lee Sampson, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. D. A. Sampson, Tice, born September 19, 
1890: died September 29th, 1918, at Park 
Avenue Hospital, Chicago. Entered service 
August 15th, at Lewis Institute, Chicago, as a 

Jfrs, D. A. Sampson, Gold Star Mother of 
Alva Lee Sampson. 


Private Paul Rutledge Terhune, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. C. L. Terhune, Petersburg, born 
November 9, 1896; died October 6, 1918, at 
Camp Grant, Rockford, III. Entered service 
September 4, 1918, at Camp Grant, III. Was 
a member of the bth Company. Headquarters 
Replacement and Training Troops. 

Mrs. C. L. Terhune, Gold Star Mother of 
Paul R. Terhune. 


Private Charles Cavalier Weatherby, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Weatherby, Petersburg, 
born January 11, 1888; died October 19, 1918, 
at Camp Mills, L. I. Entered service June 
27, 1918, at Camp Wheeler, Ga., assigned to 
duty in Co. L, 12}th Infantry, 31st Division. 
Transferred! September 19th to Camp Mills. 
L. I. 

Mrs. S. F. Weatherby, Gold Star Mother of 
Chas. C. Weatherby. 


George Theodore Watkins 

Mrs. George B. Watkins f Gold Star Mother 
of George Theodore Watkins. 


Isaac Woodell 

Mis. Isaac Woodell, Gold Star .Hot he, f 
John Fullerton Woodell. 

John M. Smoot, Chairman of the Local Exemption Board of Menard County, Illinois, 
born in Menard County on May lJ t , 1860. He is a son of William C. and Catherine 
M moot, pioneer residents of Menard County, both of whom, departed- this life in 1905. 
John M. Smoot graduated from Eureka College in the spring of 1882, was married in 
December of the same year to Minnie F. Brooks of McLean County, Illinois. Three* 
children were born, namely, Mabel I. Laning, Katie E. DuQuoin and Harold L. Smoot 
all surviving and all residents of Petersburg. 

After his graduation he read law in the office of the Hon. N. If. Branson, now 
deceased, and was admitted to the bar in 1885, removing almost immediately to Kansas, 
where he practiced his profession for some eight years, returning to Illinois in 1895. 
He has been engaged in the practice of his profession at Petersburg since his return. 

He was State's Attorney of Menard Count!/ for two successive terms, being elected 
in 189(i, and re-elected in 1900. He was a director of the First National Bank of 
Petersburg for ten years, voluntarily retiring from the directorate at the beginning of 

John M. Smoot belongs to the Christian Church and is a teacher of, the men's class 
in its Sunday School. He is a Democrat in politics, believes the English language suf- 
ficiently virile and expressive to enable any good Amercian to express his opinions or 
desires, ami thinks there is room in the United States for but one flag, and that "Old 

Speaking as ivell for the other members <of the Local Board as for himself, he 
desires to express the board's ad^niration for the splendid eager patriotism of our boys 
to enter the military and naval service of our country in the mightiest and most san- 
guinary conflict in all history, a war tchich ice entered to procure a permanent peace 
and to "make right the law of the world." 

Christian C. Juhl, Secretary of the Local Board of Menard County, rendering his 
services gratuitously to his Government during the war with Germany, was born July 
17, 1867, in Lengetwed, North Schlesicig, a part of Denmark, ichich was torn from the 
mother country after the u:ar of 186J t in the characteristic fashion of the Central Powers 
at the very beginning of Germany's conquest for world domination. 

He was the youngest son of H. C. M. and Marie Juhl. Was reared on. the farm; 
attended the public schools in Denmark in ichich was taught both Danish and German. 
Being dissatisfied with the imperialistic form of government, and of democratic con- 
victions, decided to go to America, arriving in Menard County in April, 1883, at the age 
of 15. Devoted his time to farming, removing to Nebraska in the Fall of 1887. He 
was naturalized at Lexington, Nebraska, February .',, 1889. 

He entered as a student of the Omaha Business College in March, 1889, graduating 
from that institution with the Class of 1890, July 16th. After graduation he was 
offered a position as assistant instructor of that college, which he declined, prefering 
to get into active business, accepting a position of bookkeeper in a general store. After 
two years of this service he entered, at Omaha, the employ of the Metropolitan Life 
Insurance Company of New York. After eleven months of this service was promoted 
to assistant superintendent, serving as such for two years, and promoted again to 

superintendent and general manager for Des Moines, Iowa, and subsequently at LaFay- 
ette, 2nd.. Columbus, Ind., and Mans ft eld, Ohio. After eight years' continuous service 
he resigned in June, 1901, on account of ill health, to go back to the farm. 

He was married to Minn Hattie \\atkins of Petersburg, III., May 11, 1899. One 
child was born, a daughter, Mildred, now a student at Word Belmont. 

Mr. Jnhl is a Republican in politico and first, last, and all the time an American. 
In speaking of his experience with the Local Hoard he desires to say that in the con 
duct of its business it has repeatedly merited the commendation- of the District Board 
at Springfield, due largely to the patriotism and willing submission to our young men 
to serve their Gorernment. Credit must also be given to the staunch support of those 
///jo remained at home, evidenced by the fact that every drive for the Red Cross or the 
I'nitcd War Work icas carried over the top in record time, unsurpassed by any count)/ 
in the State an enviable distinction to acquire in the gigantic struggle for world 

Dr. II. 1'. Moulton, medical member of the Local Hoard of Menard County, was 
born on a farm near Maquoketa, Jackson County, Iowa, December 7, 1873, son of Thos. 
./. and Lovina (Goleman) Moulton, former a native of New York, the latter of Ontario 

Dr. Moulton acquired his preliminary education in the public schools of Jackson 
County, Iowa, graduated from the Maquoketa High School, entering the University 
of Iowa as a student in the medical department for two years. Entering the Chicago 
Homeopathic Medical College, from which institution he was gradhiated with the class 
of 1899* and following the completion of his course there, he came to Petersburg, where 
he located for practice. 

On March 18, 1902, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Catherine Kriegh, 
daughter of E. M, and) Helen (Pyatt) Kriegh of Springfield. There are two children. 
Helen, age IS, and Horace, age 10. 

Dr. Moulton was coroner of Menard County from 1912 to 1916, and is Vice Presi- 
dent of the Central Illinois Homeopathic Medical Society an well as a member of the 
School Board, and a director of the Old Salem Chautauqua Association. 

Together with the other very efficient members of the Local Bard he has carried 
out his duties and desires to say that it icas a fine bunch of boys that came before the 
Board, and it was with pleasure that he learned to know no many Menard County people 
whom otherwise he would perhaps never have known. 

The Local Board ivishes to express their deep appreciation of the assistance given 
by Drs. Epling, Newcomer anil Scott, who proved at all times ready and- willing to 
render their services. 


Top row reading from left to right, Verna J. Trees, Powell Stanley, Melvln C. 
Parrish, Vigil Bradshaw, Elza R. Bradshaw, Bottow row: Frank B. Coady 
Homer P. Hardin, Earner Austin, Paul E. Fenton, Geo. S. Baker. 

Horace Potter William B, Worthington^ Harris Potter 



June 28 Archduke Frederick Ferdinand 
and wife assassinated in Sarajevo. 

July 28 Austria-Hungary declares war 
on Serbia. 

Aug. 1 Germany declares war on Rua 
sia; general mobilization follows. 

Aug. 3 Germany declares war on 

Aug. 4 State of war between Great 
Britain and Germany is declared; 
Germany declares war on Belgium. 

Aug. 8 Germans capture Liege. 

Aug 20 German troops enter Brussels. 

Aug. 23 Japan declares war on Ger- 
many; Russians victorious in Blast 

Sept. 5 England, France and Russia 
sign compact not to conclude peace 

Sept. 6 Allies win battle of Marne. 

Sept. 7 Germans retreat from the 
Marne; capture Maubeuge. 

Sept. 7-10 Germans retreat to the 

Sept. 15 First battle of Soissons fought. 

Sept. 18 Germans bombard Rheims and 
damage cathedral. 

Sept. 19 Battle of Aisne develops into 
continuous trench fighting. 

Sept. 22 British cruisers Cressy, Abou- 
kir and Hogue torpedoed and sunk in 
the North Sea, 

Oct. 29 Turkey begins war on Russia. 

Xov. 7 Tsingtao captured by Japanese. 

Xov. 9 German cruiser, Emden, de- 

Dec. 8 German cruisers sunk near Falk- 
land Islands by British fleet. 

Jan. 1 British battleship Formidable 

Jan. 11 Heavy fighting northeast e f 

Jan. 24 British -win naval battle in 
North Sea, sinking the German cruis- 
er, Bluecher, and damaging two other 

Feb. 11 Germans evacuate Lodz. 

Feb. 19 British and French fleets bom- 
bard Dardanelles forts. 

March 18 British battleships, Irresist- 
ible and Ocean, and French battleship 

Bouveti sunk in Pardanelles Strait. 
April 23 Germans force way across 
Ypres canal at Steenstraate and Het 

May 2 Austro^-Hungarian and German 
forces repulse Russians along the en- 
tire front of Malatow. Gorlice, Gromik 
and north of these places in West Ga- 

May 7 Liner Lusitania torpedoed and 
sunk by German submarine. 

May. 23 Italy formally declares -war on 
Austria and orders mobilization of 

July 3 Tolmino falls into hands of Ita- 

Aug. 6 British land at Suvla Bay, Gal- 

Sept. 5 Grand Duke Nicholas sent to 
the Caucasus. 

Sept. 8 Russians atop Germans at Tar- 

Sept. 20 Austrians and Germans begin 
drive on Serbia. 

Sept. 25-30 Battle of Champagne. 

Oct. 9-10 Austro-Germans capture Bel- 

Oct. 12 Edith Cavell executed by Ger- 

Oct. 13 Bulgaria declares war on Ser- 

Nov. 7 Italian liner, Ancona, sunk. 

Nov. 22 British victory near Bagdad. 

Dec. 8-9 Allies' defeated in Macedonia. 

Dec. 15 Sir John Douglas Haig suc- 
ceeds Sir John French. 

Dec. 30 Liner Persia sunk in Mediter- 


Jan. 8 British troops at Kut-el-Amara 

Jan. 9 British evacuate Gallipoli penin- 

Jan. 13 Cetinje, capital of Montenegro, 
captured by Austrians. 

Feb. 21 Germans, under crown prii c 
begin attack on Verdun defenses. 

Feb. 26 Germans capture Fort Douau- 
mont; French transport, La Provence, 

March 16 Admiral von Tirpitz resigns. 

March 24 Sussex torpedoed and sunk. 

April 18 President Wilson sends final 
note to Germany. 

April 19 President Wilson explains dip- 
lomatic situation in speech before Con- 
gress in joint session. 

June 3 Germans assail British at Ypres; 
Russians under Gen. Brussiloff begin 
successful offensive. 

June 5 Lord Kitchener lost with cruis- 
er Hampshire. 

June 6 Italians stop enemy in Trentino. 

July 1 Battle of Somme begins. 

July 27 British take Delvillc wood; 
Serbs begin attack on Bulgars in 

Aug. 2 French take Fleury. 

Aug. 3 Sir Roger Casement executed 
for treason. 

Aug. 9 Italians take Goritz by assault. 

Aug. 27 Italy declares war against Ger- 

Aug. 28 Roumania declares war against 
Austria- Hungary. 

Sept. 15 British take Flers, Martinpu- 
ich and Courcelette; French reach out- 
skirts of Rancourt. 

Sept. 17 French take Vermandovillers 
and Berny. 

Sept. 28 Venizelos proclaims provisional 
government in Greece; to aid allies. 

Nov. 3 French reoccupy Fort Vaux. 

Nov. 13 British win battle of Ancre. 

Nov. 25 Venizelist provisional govern- 
ment in Greece declares war on Ger- 

Dec. 3 Battle of Argesu won by Ger- 

Dec. 5 British cabinet resigns. 

Dec. 10 New British cabinet formed 
with David Lloyd George at its head. 

Dec. 11 Italian battleship Regina Mar- 
gherita sunk. 

Dec. 12 Germany proposes peace nego- 

Dec. 15 French recapture Vacherau- 
ville, Louvemont and Fort Hardau- 

Dec. 18 President Wilson sends note to 
belligerent nations asking them to 
make known their peace terms and to 
neutral nations suggesting that they 
support America's action. 

Dec. 28 Germany replies to President 
Wilson saying a direct exchange of 
views would be best way to bring 
about peace; gives no terms. 

Dec. 29 Scandinavian countries express 
sympathy with President Wilson's 

Dec. 30 Allies make joint reply to Ger- 
many's peace proposal rejecting it as 
a war maneuver. 


Jan. 9 British battleship Cornwallis 

Jan. 10 Allies make joint reply to Pres- 
ident Wilson and give their peace 

Jan. 11 German government issues note 
commenting- on entente's reply of Dec. 

Jan. 17 British advance on both sides 
of Ancre creek. 

Jan. 22 President Wilson addresses 
United States Senate on subject of 
world peace and the establishment of 
a league of nations. 

Jan. 31 Ambassador Count von Bern- 
storff hands note to Secretary Lan- 
sing in Washington announcing the 
inauguration by Germany of an unre- 
stricted submarine warfare on Feb. 

1; Germany proclaims boundaries of 
blockade zones. 

Feb. 1 Germany begins unrestricted 
submarine warfare. 

Feb. 3 President Wilson orders that 
Ambassador Count von Bernstorff be 
handed his passports, directs the with- 
drawal of Ambassador James W. Ger- 
ard and all American consuls from 
Germany and announces his action in 
a speech before Congress; suggests to 
neutral countries that they follow 
America's example. 

Feb. 3 American steamer Housatonic 
torpedoed and sunk. 

Feb. 8 Germany detains Ambassador 
Gerard in Berlin; liner California tor- 
pedoed and sunk with loss of forty- 
one lives. 

Feb. 13 Ambassador Bernstorff sails 
for Germany via Halifax and Nor- 

Feb. 15 Germans under crown prince 
take a mile and a half of French 
trenches between Reims and Verdun. 

Feb. 17 British troops capture enemy 
positions along a front of two miles 
on both sides of the Ancre. 

Feb. 25 "Hindenburg retreat" from 
Somme sector in full progress; Brit- 
ish win at Sannaiyat on the Tigris; 
British take Serre and Butte de War- 

Feb. 27 British take Gonnecourt. 

Feb. 28 The Associated Press reveals 
German plot to bring Mexico and 
Japan in alliance against the Unit^i 
States; letter from the German sec- 
retary of foreign affairs, Dr. Alfred 
Zimmerman, to the German minister 
to Mexico suggesting the plan be pub- 

March 3 Foreign Secretary Zimmerman 
admits authenticity of letter to Ger- 
man minister to Mexico suggesting 
alliance against the United States. 

March 4 'Filibuster by Senator LaFol- 
lette and others prevents passage by 
Senate of bill giving president power 
to arm ships; president rebukes Sen- 
ate for its lack of power to legislate. 

March 5 President Wilson inaugurated 
for second term in office; outline? 
American policy for foreign relations. 

March 10 Belgian relief steamer, Stor- 
stad, torpedoed. 

March 12 French capture Hill 185 In 
Champagne: State Department 1 n 
Washington gives formal notice of 
arming of American ships; American 
steamer, Algonquin, sunk without 
warning by German submarine; China 
breaks relations with Germany. 

March 15 Extra session o f United 
States senate ends; Czar Nicholas IT 
of Russia abdicates throne for him- 
self and his son. 

March 21 President Wilson calls extra 
session of Congress to begin April " 
instead of April 16: "state of war" 
admitted to exist. 

March 25 President Wilson calls part 
of National Guard in the East into 
the national service for policing pur- 

March 26 British defeat large force of 
Turks at Gaza, Palestine; President 
Wilson calls into federal service 20.- 
000 guardsmen In eighteen central 
states; . 

April 2 Special session 'of American 
Congress opens; president in address 
asks that existence of a state of war 
with Germany be declared. 
April 4 Senate passes war resolution; 
Germans attack Russians on Stokhod 
river; American steamship Missourian 
sunk in Mediterranean. 
April 5 British and Russian armies 

join in Mesopotamia. 

April 6 House passes war resolution; 
president signs resolution and issues 
war proclamation; all American na- 
val forces mobilized; German vessels 
in American ports seized; German- 
blow up their auxiliary cruiser, Cor- 
moran, at Guam. 
April 7 Cuba and Panama declare war 

on Germany. 

April 8 Austria - Hungary announces 
break in relations with the United 

April 9 Canadians take Vimy Ridge n> 
great British offensive north and sou t'i 
of Arras. 
April 10 Brazil breaks off relations 

with Germany. 

April 15 Great French offensive be- 
tween Soissons and Reims begins: 
President Wilson issues proclamation 
warning traitors; British transports. 
Cameronia and Arcadian, sunk with 
heavy loss of life. 

April 18 Germans driven out of six vil- 
lages between Soissons and Reims. 
April 22 British mission arrives in 
Washington; "United States Day" cel- 
ebrated in Paris. 

April 28 Senate and house pass army 
draft bill; Secretary McAdoo an- 
nounces that bond issue will be called 
"Liberty Loan of 1917." 
May 4 American destroyers arrive in 
British waters and begin patrol work; 
Russian council of workmen and sol- 
diers declares for peace without an- 
nexations or indemnities, but sustain > 
provisional government; British trans- 
port, Transylvania, sunk with loss of 
413 lives. 

May 7 War Department in Washington 
announces that nine regiments of en- 
gineers are to be organized and sent 
to France. 

May 20 German plot for world domi- 
nation laid bare in Washington; two 
Chicago nurses killed by gun acci- 
dent on ship bound for Europe; British 
gain another mile near Bullecourt. 
May 25 German aircraft raid England, 
killing seventy-six persons and injur- 
ing 174; President Wilson designates 
June 18-25 as Red Cross week. 
June 5 Military registration day under 
selective draft law in the United 
States; approximately 10,000.000 men 

June 7 British begin great offensive a' 
Messines, storming Wytschaote Ridge 
and exploding great mines. 
June 8 Gen. Per.shing, with his staT 
and clerical force, reaches London: 
force of 100 American aviatorr, reach 

June 10 British gain more groun " 
around Messines In Tpres region. 

June 12 : King Constantino of Greece 
. forced to abdicate his throne. 
June 13 Gen. Pershing lands in France; 
German airplanes raid London, kill- 
ing 157 persons and wounding 430. 
June 17 Two Zeppelins raid British 
coast; one burned; Londoners demand 
reprisals for air raids; Germans at- 
tack French positions on the Chemin 
des Dames. 
June 20 Canadians capture trenches 

before Lens. 

June 27 American troops arrive in 

France; French cruiser, Kleber, sunk 

by mine; Baron Moncheur of Belgian 

mission received in House. 

June 29 Greece severs relations with 

Germany and her allies. 
June 30 Russians open new offensive 
in Galicia; eighty-seven German ships 
seized in American ports turned over 
to shipping board for operation. 
July 1 Russian attack on eighteen-mile 
front in Galicia; heavy fighting around 
Avocourt hill. 
July 14 Chancellor von Bethmann-Holl- 

weg resigns. 

July 14 George Michaelis becomes Ger- 
man chancellor. 
July 22 Germans capture Tarnopol; 

Siam declares war on Germany. 
July 24 President Wilson accepts res- 
ignation of Gen. Goethals from ship- 
ping board; many units of Russian 
army refuse to fight, while the Ger- 
mans swept ahead. 

Ju! - r 27 German airplanes raid Har- 
Vvichi; United States shipping board 
July 28 More American troops arrive 

in France. 

July 31 British drive in Flanders be- 
gun, extending from Warneton to Dix- 

Aug. 6 Kerensky forms new cabinet. 
Aug. 10 British drive Germans back on 
a two-mile front between Frezenberg 
and Ypres-Menin road; British take 
Westhoek ridge. 

Aug. 14 China declares war on Ger- 
many and Austria-Hungary. 
Aug. 15 Pope's peace appeal is pub- 
lished; Canadians cature Hill 70, dom- 
inating Lens. 

Aug. 16 British and French gain on 
nine-mile front, east and north of 
Ypres; British take Langemarck. 
Aug. 20 French attack on both sides of 
Meuse in Verdun region, taking Avo- 
court wood, Le Mort Homme, Corbeaux 
wood. Cumieres, Talou ridge, Hills 240 
and 244, Mormont farm and 4,000 pris- 
oners; fight witnessed by American 

Aug. 21 Canadians take 2,000 yards of 

German trenches in outskirts of Lens. 

Aug. 24 Italians take Monte Santo; 

French take Hill 304, near Verdun. 
Aug. 27 General embargo on exports 
beginning Aug. 30 proclaimed by the 
president; full aid to Russia pledged 
by President Wilson; reply of United 
States to Pope's peace note sent. 
Aug. 28 Canadian conscription bill 

Sept.. 3 Riga captured by the Germans; 

Fen. 27 Arthur J. Balfour, British sec- 
retary for foreign affairs, makes ad- 
dress in House of Commons in reply 
to Chancellor von Hertling,; Japan 
wishes to intervene in Siberia with 
American help. 

P'eb. 28 Russians beginning- to resist 
German advance near Luga and 
Pskov; allied ambassadors leave Pe- 

March 1 Americans in Toul sector re- 
pulse heavy German raid, killing 
many of the enemy; abdication of 
King Ferdinand said to have been de- 
manded by central powers as price 
of peace. 

March 2 Germans capture Kiev in the 
Ukraine; Germans occupy Aland isl- 
ands; Russian delegation at Brest- 
Latovsk accepts German peace> terms; 
Japan considers taking speedy action 
in Serbia. 

March 3 German airmen bomb various 
parts of Petrograd, killing a number 
of civilians; Berlin announces cessa- 
tion of military movements in Great 
Russia on account of signing of peace 
treaty; Sweden reported to have pro- 
tested to Germany against occupa- 
tion of Aland islands; Premier Cle- 
menceau praises American .troops in 
sector where they repelled the Ger- 
man raid. 

March 7 Finland and Germany sign 
peace treaty; German airplanes raid 
London, killing eleven persons. 

March 8 Wolff bureau announces that 
Germany has acquired a direct free 
trade route via Russia to Persia and 
Afghanistan; Leon Trotzky resigns as 
Russian foreign minister; Spain signs 
commercial treaty with the United 
States enabling American expedition 
in France to get needed supplies. 

March. 12 Zeppelins and airplanes raid 
Yorkshire and neighboring counties 
in England; Turks enter Erzerum. 

March 13 Odessa occupied by the Ger- 
mans; announcement is made that Cap- 
tain Archibald Roosevelt . has .been 
wounded and has been awarded war 
cross by French for bravery and 
coolness under heavy fire. 

March 15 -Hindenberg and Ludendorff 
threaten big offensive on .west front 
if allies are not responsive to peace 
overtures; Minister Morris protests to 
Gen. Mannerheim in Finland against 
arrest of Americans by Germans; 
maximalists reported to have mur- 
dered 150 Japanese at Blagoyest- 
chensk, Siberia; explosion in munition 
factory near Paris kills thirty per- 

March 16 Germans make strong attack 
on American lines north of Toul. but 
are defeated; Gen. von Gallwitz placed 
in command of new German army 
group in front of American sector; 
split between bolsheviki and social 
revolutionaries in Russia widening; 
United States army men to be made 
up of men with experience at French 
front; American Red Cross mission to 
Roumania arrives safely in Moscow. 

March 17 Heavy German attacks on 
French in the Bezonvaux repulsed; 

British repel raids near Zonnebeke and 
Cambrai; British aviators carry out 
strong bombing raids at Kaiserlau- 
tern, Bavaria, and elsewhere; Germans 
threaten Dutch with "U" raids if 
ships are turned over to allies. 

March 18 'Entente prime and foreign 
ministers after meeting of war coun- 
cil in London issue statement de- 
nouncing German peace terms forced 
upon Russia; Dutch government of- 
fers compromise agreement on ship 
question; lively shelling on American 
front in France; Mannheim bombed by 
British airmen. 

March 20 The United States and Britain 
requisition all Dutch ships in their 
waters; total tonnage taken about 

March 21 Germans begin heavy of- 
fensive along British front from the 
Oise to the Scarpe, a distance of fifty 
miles; British bombard Ostend from 
the sea; four German destroyers and 
torpedo boats sunk by British and 
French destroyers off Dunkirque; 
Americans smash German first and 
second line defenses at Luneville. 

March 24 Germans capture Chauny, 
Ham, Peronne and the heights of 
Monchy and cross the River Somme; 
British line after a retreat of about 
fifteen miles holds fast; Americans 
reported to be assisting the British; 
bombardment of Paris with long range 
guns continues. 

March 27 British recapture Morlan- 
court and Chipilly, but lose Albert; 
allied armies hold at most places; 
French troops give ground and lose 
Montdidier, but repulse all attacks in 
the regions of Lassigny and Noyon; 
Germans make brief attack on Ameri- 
can sector without success; Premier 
Lloyd George asks United States to 
hasten troops to France. 

March 29- Germans advance slowly in 
the direction of Amiens; British hold 
their positions in Arras region and 
French resist attacks in the Montdi- 
dier district; long-range gun kills 
seventy-five persons in Paris church; 
Gen. Pershing places American forces 
at the disposal of Gen. Foch; offer 

March 30 American troops march to 
front to take part in great battle; 
Germans attack French between More- 
uil and Lassigny on a thirty-five mile 
front, but gain only minor advantages; 
no progress made by Teutons else- 
where; British firmly resisting strong 
attacks in the region of Boirey and 
Boyelles and north of the Somme. 

April 4 Germans take Mailly-Reineval 
and Morisel from French, but fail to 
capture Grivesnes;- Germans launch 
strong attack on British front between 
Somme and Avre rivers and advance 
slightly near Hamel; Germans attack 
Americans holding sector on Meuse 
heights, south of Verdun, but are re- 
pulsed; Robert P. Praeger, pro-Ger- 
man lynched at Collinsville, 111. 

April 5 British attack Germans near 
Hebuterne, taking 200 prisoners; Ger- 

mans attack north and south of Der- 
mancourt, southwest of Albert, and 
press British line back slightly; French 
resist successfully attacks by fifteen 
German divisions north of Montdidier 
and improve their position in the re- 
gions of Mailly-Raineval and Can- 
tigny; small force of Japanese troops 
landed at Vladivostok to protect life 
and property. 

April 7 Two German raids on Ameri- 
can trenches northwest of Toul re- 
pulsed, with enemy casualties; British 
retake positions on the west side of 
the Ancre river, north of Albert. 
April 19 Germans stopped at all points; 
Italian troops to be in west front line, 
it is announced in Rome and Wash- 
ington; Finish and German troops in- 
vade Russia. 

April 20 Twelve hundred German shock 
troops attack Americans near Renners 
forest and take village of Seicheprey 
from them; all the lost ground re- 
covered by counter-attack; German 
raid near St. Mihiel easily repulsed by 
Americans; lull on British and French 
front, except northeast of Ypres, 
where a German drive is halted. 
April 23 British and Frenchi attack 
Zeebrugge and Ostend and sink five 
old cruisers in harbor channels to 
bottle up "U" boat bases; Germans at- 
tack at Dranoutre on the Flanders 
front, but are repulsed; another at- 
tack northwest of Albert also re- 
pulsed; German bombardment between 
the Somme and the Avre becomes vio- 
lent; Uraguay and Argentina expected 
to declare war on Germany. 
April 25 Germans occupy part of Mont 
Kemmel after heavy fighting; British 
recapture Villers-Bretonneux; French 
forced out of Hangard, but hold 
ground in vicinity. 

April 27 British and French stop all 
attacks by enemy; French re-occupy 
Locre, after being forced back; Ger- 
mans try to take Voormezeele but 
fail; movement in Austria-Hungary 
to force Emperor Charles to abdicate; 
counter-revolution in Petrograd to re- 
store Czarism reported. 
April 28 Hard fighting continues about 
Locre and Voormezeele; -British with- 
draw over the Steenbach river east of 
Ypres; Germans take Hill 60; violent 
bombardments from Villers - Breton- 
neux to the Luce river and in regions 
west of Noyon; Holland makes con- 
cessions to Germany and crisis is less 
acute; Kars occupied by Turks. 
April 29 British positions from Meteren 
to Zillebeke heavily attacked, but are 
unshaken; attacks on Belgian front 
also repulsed; Germans fail in attacks 
on Scherpenberg and Mont Rouge; 
presence of American troops on line 
defending Amiens and Paris an- 
nounced; day described as a disastrous 
one for the Germans. 

April 30 Germans recapture Locre; 
fighting on both the French and Brit- 
ish fronts confined chiefly to artillery 
engagements; Gavrilo Prinzip, who 
killed Archduke Francis Ferdinand 
and his wife In Serajevo, Bosnia, dies 

in prison from .tuberculosis; German 
white guards take Viborg; American 
troops win fight near Villers-Breton- 
neux, east of Amiens. 

May 1 Bohemian troops fighting in 
Italian 'array against Austria; Ger- 
mans preparing for new assault 
against British and French on west- 
ern front; British take 5,241 prison- 
ers in April. 

May 7 Nicaragua declares war on Ger- 
many; British cabinet crisis caused 
by letter written by Gen. Maurice; 
operations on western front confined 
chiefly to bombardments; Aviator Hall 
of Jowa missing inside German lines; 
American troops arriving on French 
front in force. 

May 9 Three German divisions defeated 
in La Clytte-Voormezeele sector by 
allied artillery fire; .Premier Lloyd 
George sustained in the British House 
: of Commons by a vote of 293 to 106; 
man landed from German submarine 
on coast of Ireland arrested; Lieut. 
Rene Fonck shoots down six German 
planes in one day. 

May 10 Old cruiser Vindictive sunk by 
the British at entrance to Ostend har- 
bor, blocking the channel; British re- 
capture trench northwest of Albert; 
French .take Grivesnes park and 258 
prisoners; American heavy guns cause 
fires in villages of Cantigny and Mes- 
nil-St. Georges, west of Montdidier; 
Italians capture dominating position 
of Monte Corno. 

May 11 Americans shelled by Germans 
near Apremont and Farroy; Germans 
repulsed by French in the Bois la 
Caune; Turkey reported to be exter- 
minating Greeks; regiment of Ameri- 
can National army parades before 
King George in London; French cap- 
ture- height north of Kemmel with 
100 prisoners. 

May 12 German attack on new French 
position northwest of OrviHers-Sorel 
, repulsed with severe loss to enemy; 
Gen. Foch not to use American army 
until it becomes a complete and pow- 
erful force, said to be decision of war 
committee;: Emperors William and 
Charles hold conference at German 
army headquarters. 

May 16 Both allied and German avi- 
ators unusually active on western 
front; Gen. Pershing's first official 
communique on operations issued by 
War Department in Washington. 

May 17 Announcement made that 
American troops have joined the Brit- 
ish in Picardy; Sinn Fein leaders ar- 
rested and discovery of German plot 
in Ireland proclaimed; British cap- 
ture German post at Merris; French 
penetrate German positions at Canny- 
sur-Matz and take forty prisoners; 
boshevik troops drive Turks from 

May 19 Maj. Raoul Lufbery, American 
ace aviator, killed in aerial fight; Au- 
stralian troops take Ville-sur-Ancre. 
with 380 Germans and twenty ma- 
chine guns; French war office an- 
nounces advance of twelve miles by 
Italian and French forces on western 

Macedonian line, May 15 to 17; five 
Herman raiding airplanes brought 
down in England. 

May 22 German positions and canton- 
ments in Gerechamp wood bombarded 
with gas shells by Americans; oper- 
ations by both allies and Germans on 
west front confined chiefly to artillery 
actions and raids. 

May 23 Troopship Moldavia torpedoed 
with loss of fifty-three American sol- 
diers; many bombarding expeditions 
carried out by the allies on German 
lines of communication; Mrs. Rose 
Pastor Stokes found guilty under spy 
law in Kansas City, Mo.; all men of 
draft age must engage in useful work, 
new order by the president. 

May 27 Germans begin second great 
offensive, taking the Chemin des 
Dames from the French and crossing 
the Aisne; also attack British divi- 
sions at Berry-au-Bac, forcing the 
troops on the left to fall back; French 
repulse Germans on Lys battle front; 
Americans rout three German raiding 
parties, west of Montdidier; President 
Wilson appears before Congress and 
asks for additional revenue legisla- 

May 31 Germans reach Chateau Thierry 
and other points on the Marne, where 
they are halted by the French; at- 
tacks near Blerancourt and Neuilly St. 
Front broken up; Americans in 
Woevre region destroy advanced en- 
emy positions; submarine sinks United 
States transport, President Lincoln, 
westbound from European port. 

June 2 French resist successfully 
strong enemy attacks north of . the 
Ourcq and the Marne and recapture 
several small villages, including Long- 
pont, Corey and Troesnes; halt Ger- 
mans at Chateau Thierrjy; German 
submarines off coast of United States 
sink several American vessels. 

June 3 Ten American ships sunk on 
Atlantic coast by German submarines 
between about May 26 and June 3: 
German progress on western front 
stopped at all points by allies; fight- 
ing continues on allied left flank be- 
tween the Marne and the Oise. 

June 4 Germans take Pernant, but 
make little progress elsewhere; Gen. 
Pershing reports that Americans 
brigaded with French troops helped 
to repulse Germans at Chateau Thier- 
ry, Veuilly-la-Poterie and Jaulgonne; 
most of survivors of the liner Caro- 
lina reach the American coast; French 
tank steamer, Radioleine, saved from 
submarine by American destroyer off 
coast of Maryland. 

June 6 American marines gain two 
miles on two and a half mile front 
and take 100 prisoners, near Venuilly, 
northwest of Chateau Thierry; take 
Hill 142 near Torcy and enter Torcy 
Itself; Germans repeatedly thrown 
back in attempting to cross the Oise 
river, south of Noyon. 

June 7 French and Americans complete 
capture of Vilny, Veuilly-la-Poterie, 
Bussaires, Torcy, Belleau and the 
heights southeast of Haute Vesnee; 

Americans in second battle, northwest 
of Chateau Thierry, advance nearly 
two and a half miles on a six-mile 
front and take 300 prisoners; French 
recapture Hill 204; seven persons ar- 
rested in New York for plotting 
against the United States. 

June 8 Losses around Chateau Thierry 
admitted by Germans; French carry 
their lines to Dammard and east of 
Chezy; Americans build 629 ships in 
five months; United States Senate told 
that Gen. Pershing personally led the 
American attack at Cantigny. 

June 11 French indict severe defeat on 
Germans on a front of seven miles 
between Rubescourt and St. Maur, 
taking 1,000 prisoners; French recap- 
lure Belleau; German attacks against 
Chevincourt repulsed; Americans com- 
plete capture of Belleau wood, taking 
300 prisoners and several machine 
guns and mortars; Russian cadets ap- 
peal to the United States for inter- 
vention; Russian ambassador in Paris 
also gives reasons why allies should 
intervene in the east. 

June 14 No infantry action anywhere 
on the French front; the latest Ger- 
man offensive pronounced a costly 
failure, the gains of territory not com- 
pensating for the heavy losses sus- 
tained; President Wilson replies to 
President Poincare's message of con- 
gratulation and says that men and 
material will be sent until the forces 
of freedom are made overwhelming. 

June 15 Austrians begin offensive 
against Italians along 100-mile front, 
crossing the Piave in several places 
and obtaining other small successes. 
no battles of importance on western 

June 19 Austrians claim advance 
across Fossalta canal, but Italians say 
gain there and elsewhere on the front 
is insignificant; allies get complete 
mastery in the air on Italian front; 
German defeat before Reims complete; 
American patrols raid German trench- 
es at Chateau Thierry and bring back 

June 21 Austrian cabinet resigns; 150.- 
000 workers on strike in Vienna; Ita- 
lians gain along whole line; Austrian 
losses placed at more than 120,000 
men; Americans make several success- 
ful minor attacks on north side of 
Belleau wood; United States gunboat. 
Schurz. formerly the Geier, sunk in 
collision off the coast of North Caro- 

June 22 Austrian offensive on Italian 
front comes to a disastrous close; 
Czecho-Slovak prisoners taken by Au- 
strians executed as traitors. 

June 24 Losses of Austrians on Piave 
front described as enormous; 40,000 
prisoners taken by the Italians; posi- 
tion on western front unchanged. 

June 25 Foreign Secretary Richard von 
Kuehlmann and Chancellor Count von 
Hertling give Germany's war aims; 
Italian attacks in mountain regions 
result in gain of ground; Austrian 
loss placed at 250,000; Americans take 

more than 200 prisoners northwest of 
Belleau wood. 

June 26 In batile, beginning June 25, 
Americans kill 700 Germans and cap- 
ture more than 250 out of 1,200 on a 
ridge north of the Bois de Belleau; 
Italians advance a. mi<le in Monte 
Grappa sector; Alexander Kerensky. 
former Russian leader, appears before 
labor conference in London. 

Jine 29 Germans reported to be aid- 
ing" bolsheviki in Russia; Frem-h re- 
pulse German attempts to retake 
ground at Villers-Cotterets; pope says 
special prayers for peace; Congress 
passes bills appropriating $21,000,000,- 
tOO for war purposes; Italians capture 
Monte di Val Bella from the Austri- 
ans, taking more than 800 prisoners. 

Jure 30 Germans reported to be mass- 
irg in front of American lines in Cha- 
ttau Thierry region; French take 
riige between Mosley and Passy-en- 
VUols, northwest of Chateau Thierry; 
new prices for wheat fixed in the 
Urited States; Italians take the whole 
of Val Bella. Rosso and Echele moun- 
tains, with 2,000 prisoners. 

July 1 American troops capture village 
of Vaux, west of Chateau Thierry, 
with more than 300 prisoners, includ- 
ing five officers; complete unit of 220.- 
000 Americans guarding road to Paris, 
it is announced; United States trans- 
por., Covington, torpedoed and sunk. 

July 1 President Wilson announces that 
there were 1,019,115 American sol- 
diers in France July 1; Germans make 
counter attack near Vawx and Hill 204 
but lose heavily, one regiment being 
nearly annihilated by the Americans; 
French troops make successful attack 
north of Mouline-sous-Toutvent; Brit- 
ish lose ground taken by them north 
of Albert; Italians win victory in 
Monte Grappa region; Gen. Otto von 
Butlow placed in supreme command 
of Austro-Hungarian troops on Italian 

July 7 Germany to send three army 
corjs to Italian front; population on 
Murman coast of Russia joins with 
the entente; Vice- Admiral von Ca- 
pell* tells the reichstag that the "U" 
boats are gaining and will win. 

July 12 French capture Castel and 
other strong positions near the west 
bank of the Avre; British make suc- 
cessful raids on the Flanders front 
near Vieux Berquin and Merris; Ital- 
ians and French consolidate their new 
positions in Albania. 

July 13 War department in Washing- 
ton announces formation of three army 
corps in France; President Wilson 
given authority by Congress to take 
over telegraph wires; Italians an- 
nounce that they are attacking Aus- 
trians north of the Semenl river in 

July 14 Twenty-four nations to boy- 
cott German trade, declares Lord 
Robert Cecil; British forces occupy 
Kem on the Murman coast, Russia; 
Italians and French continue the ad- 
vance In Albania; Baatile day ob- 

served in many American cities; 
Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt killed, in 
aerial battle. 

July 15 Germans begin big offensive 
from Chateau Thierry on the west to 
Main de Massiges, farther east, along 
;t .sixty-n\e mile front, crossing the 
Marne at various places but being 
checked at nearly all points; Amer- 
icans in the Chateau region retire a 
short distance but by a strong coun- 
ter attack drive the enemy back 
across the Marne with heavy losses; 
German attack practically a failure, 
only a few local gains being made; 
American and British troops occupy 
the whole of the Murman coast. 

July 17 Battle continues violently on 
both sides of Reims; Germans make 
a few insignificant gains but in the 
main are repulsed everywhere; Amer- 
icans more than hold their own; M. 
Duval, director of the Bonnet Rouge 
in Paris, executed for treason. 

July 18 Gen. Foch delivers heavy coun- 
ter attack against the western side of 
the German salient along a line from 
the Marne to the Aisne; takes Ger- 
mans by surprise and captures more 
than a score of towns and many 
heavy cannon; Americans take part 
in drive and with the French advance 
six miles; cavalry and many tanks 
used in the battle. 

July 19 United States cruiser San 
Diego sunk off Fire island with the 
loss of six lives; French and Amer- 
icans continue offensive between the 
Aisne and the Marne, taking 17,000 
prisoners and 360 guns; Germans 
hurry up reserves to stop the allied 
smash; Scottish troops capture Me- 
teren in Bailleul sector. 

July 21 Germans driven out of Cha- 
teau Thierry by French and Ameri- 
cans; enemy retreats to the north; 
allies advance to a line marked by 
La Croix, Grisolles and Epieds; sub- 
marine sinks four coal barges and a 
tug off coast of Massachusetts. 

July 22 Reserve divisions sent by 
Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria to the 
Marne front; Germans blow up muni- 
tions depots; British troops aid the 
French left in the Reims sector; Ger- 
man counterattacks all repulsed. 

July 24 Americana take Bpieds and 
advance toward Fere-en-Tardenois; 
strike of munition workers begun in 
Birmingham, England; latest peace 

.. "feeler" emanating from Germany as 
given in the Berlin Vorwaerts ig- 
nored in Washington. 

July 29 Allies advance to within ten 
miles of Fismes on the Vesle river; 
take Grand Rozy and Cugny by storm; 
Americans take Seringesret-Nesle, 
Sergy and Roncheres; Turkey reported 
to have broken relations with Ger- 

July 30 Prussian guards try to retake 
Sergy, but are defeated by the Amer- 
icans, who advance two miles in spite 
of counterattacks; Germans defeated 
in attempts to capture St. Euphraise; 
Australian troops take Merris; Pre- 

inier von Htissarek says Austria is 
ready for an honorable peace; Field 
.Marshal Herman von Eichhorn, Ger- 
man military dictator of the Ukraine, 
assassinated at Kiev. 

July 31 American troops occupy part 
of Men mere wood and advance north 
from Sergy and east from Seringes- 
-t-Nesle; temporary lull in general al- 
lied advance; Marquis of Lansdowne 
writes another "peace" letter to his 
supporters; Emperor William says 
hardest struggle is now on. 
Aug. 2 Allies capture Soissons, cross 
the Crise and progress widely north 
of the Ourcq; they also take Gous- 
saincourt, Villers-Agron, Ville-en-Tar- 
denois, Gueux and Thilloy; German 
crown prince's army in full retreat 
everywhere; American troops advance 
with the French five miles north of 

Aug. 4 Americans take whole of Fis- 
mes, driving Germans beyond the 
Vesle river; British troops advance in 
Picardy; Germans evacuate Albert. 
Aug. 5 American patrols cross Vesle 
river at various places; repulse all 
counterattacks on Fismes; tank 
steamer Luz Blanca sunk by subma- 
rine off Nova Scotia. 

Aug. 10 French recapture Montdidier; 
British and American troops capture 

Aug. 12 French troops drive close to 
Lassigny; German papers admit de- 
feat; British advance south of the 
Somme; Crown Prince Rupprecht's 
line hardens; Germans attack Ameri- 
cans north of Fismes, but are repulsed. 
Aug. 16 French take most of the Bois 
des Loges; Gen. Ludendorff seeking 
more men. 

Aug. 22 British capture Albert with 
1,400 prisoners; French announce cap- 
ture of 200 guns in three days; Ger- 
mans make violent attacks on Amer- 
ican front along the Vesle river. 
Aug. 23 Gen. Byng advances on six- 
mile front from southeast of Albert 
to the vicinity of Grandcourt; British 
take Achiet-le-Grand and Gomiecourt; 
Gen. Mangin drives the Germans 
across the valley of the Ailette; Sen- 
ator Lodge demands a dictated peace. 
Aug. 24 Americans advance to the 
Soissons-Reims road; British announce 
capture of Bray and Thiepval. 
Aug. 29 Noyon captured by French 
troops under Gen, Humbert after 
heavy fighting; Bapaume taken by 
the British; Americans and French 
with the assistance of numerous tanks 
drive Germans from Juvigny. 
Aug. 30 French occupy Mont St. Sime- 
on near Noyon; they also cross the 
Canal du Nord northwest of Noyon; 
Gen Haig captures Hendecourt and 
other places east of Bapaume; Aus- 
tralians storm Mt. St. Quentin. 
Aug. 31 Americans hold gain at Ju- 
vigny; French victorious in vicinity 
nf Soissons. 

Sept. 4 Germans retreat on Vesle front 
before Americans and French; French 
northeast of Noyen; four persons 

killed by bomb explosion at the Chi- 
cago postoffice. 

Sept. 6 Germans driven back on ninety- 
mile front; French capture Ham and 
Chauny; Americans reach the Aisne 
heights and make progress in the re- 
gion of Villers-en-Prayers and Revil 
Ion; British advance east of Neuve 
Chapelle and northwest of Armen- 

Sept. 7 Allies advance on fifty-mil* 
front from Harincourt wood to th^ 
Chemin des Dames; Americans read 
the Aisne in the vicinity of Vieil Arcy; 
German armies suffer from desertions. 
Sept. 9 Germans stiffen defense on theft* 
old lines; throw in new divisions 1o 
check American advance n the St. 
Gobain massif; heavy rains slow i.p 
advance of allies. 

Sept. 1.1 British reach Epehy, south ;*f 
Pozieres; heavy fighting east and 
north of Feronne; announcement made 
that American troops have landed at 
Archangel in northern Russia. 
Sept. 12 Gen. Pershing attacks St. 
Mihiel salient after heavy artillfery 
preparation; takes many towns anl a 
large number of prisoners; advances 
five miles at some points; French oc- 
cupy town of St. Mihiel; British im- 
prove their positions east of Peroine. 
Sept. 13 American troops wipe out re- 
mainder of St. Mihiel salient, forjini? 
Germans back on Wo tan line; &en. 
Pershing's guns within range of Metz. 
Sept. 15 American lines pushed berond 
Vilcey and Norroy; French repulse 
violent counterattacks south of the 
Oise, and gain half a mile on the 
Chemin des Dames; Austria appeals 
for a general peace; French and Ser- 
bians pierce Bulgarian front for a 
width of ten miles. 

Sept. 16 President Wilson rejects Aus- 
trian peace overture; German airmen 
bomb Paris; artillery active on Amer- 
ican Lorraine front. 

Sept. 17 Allies continue their success- 
ful offensive in Macedonia; Germans 
rush up heavy reserves to oppose the 

Sept. 18 British and French pierce 
Hindenburg line on a twenty-two mil 
front, taking ten towns and 6.000 pris- 
oners in St. Quentin sector; Bulgarian 
resistance on Macedonian front weak- 

Sept. 20 French repulse five violent 
German attacks east of Moisy farm 
and north of Allemant; British take 

Sept. 21 French capture Benay and re- 
pulse counterattack at Castres; Brit- 
ish again advance east of Epehy and 
near Hargicourt. 

Sept. 26 Gen. Pershing's first army 
smashes its way seven miles deep into 
the German lines over a front of 
twenty miles from the Mouse we^t 
ward through the Argonne forest, rap- 
turing twelve towns, 5,000 prisoners 
and twenty large guns; Varennes. 
Montblainville, Vauquois and Cheppy 
taken by storm; French attack from 
Auberive eastward to Main Massiges; 

Serbians capture Veles; U. S. S. Tampa 
sunk off English coast with. all hands. 

Sept. 28 Americans repulse German 
counterblows north of Dannevoux; 
American line extended to Brieulles and 
Bxermont; French capture Fort Mal- 
maison; Belgians begin offensive in 
the Dixmude-Ypres area and with the 
British take Houthulst forest; Ital- 
ians take Krusheve, twenty miles 
north of Monastir; Germans said to 
be rushing troops to help Bulgarians. 

Oct. 2 Germans begin wide retreat 
near Lille; Americans cut off for two 
days in advanced position between 
Cambrai and St. Quentin rescued; 
heavy German artillery fire on Amer- 
ican front between Aisne and the 
Meuse; whole of St. Quentin taken 
by the French. 

Oct. 4 American troops resume offensive 
west of the Meuse, advancing their 
lines from one to three miles, taking 
Hill 240 and the villages of Gesnes, 
Fleville, Chehery and La Forges, at- 
taining all their objectives; Gen. 
Haig's forces within eight miles of 

Oct. 5 Germans hurriedly evacuating 
Lille and beginning a movement to 
abandon the Belgian coast region; 
British troops enter Lens; coal mines 
found to have been flooded; Germans 
retreat on a twenty-eight-mile front, 
north of Reims; French take Fort 
Brimont; Americans northwest of Ver- 
dun push on in spite of strong Ger- 
man resistance; Austria makes new 
peace proposal; panic on Berlin 

Oct. 6 Germany sends appeal for peace; 
Germans fire Bruges docks and with- 
draw stores from Ghent; fighting by 
Americans, west of the Meuse, de- 
clared to be bloodiest in their experi- 
ence, the Germans using their best 
troops against them; Gen. Gouraud's 
troops reach the Suippe, driving the 
Germans back eight miles; American 
Polish legion accepted by French. 

Oct. 7 Americans win hot battle for 
possession of north end of Argonne 
forest and drive Germans from the 
heights west of the Aire valley, in- 
cluding Hills 240, 244 and 269; drive 
Germans out of Chatel Chehery and 
capture St. Btienne; allies pass the 
Suippe and Arnes rivers; British cap- 
ture Blache St. Vaast and Oppy, east 
of Arras; French marines enter Beirut. 

Oct. 9 Americans reach southern out- 
skirts of Sivry and enter Chaune 
wood; penetrate German main lines 
west of the Meuse, between Cunel and 
Romagne; British, - American lines 
sweeping through twenty-mile gap, 
between Cambrai and St. Quentin, al- 
most to the line of the Selle and 
Sambre rivers; Cambrai fully occu- 
pied, Canadian troops being the first 
to enter; Maretz, Busigny and Bohain 
also captured. 

Oct. 11 Germans compelled to abandon 
their positions north of the Suippe 
and the Arnes on a front of thirty- 
seven miles; French enter Lanauville; 

Haig's forces close in on Douai; Ar- 
gonne forest completely cleared of 
Germans by the American troops. 

Oct. 12 Germans fall back on Cham- 
pagne front, from Laon to the Ar- 
gonne; French drive forward on a 
front of seventy-five miles from La 
Fere to the Argonne; vast quantities 
of ammunition captured by Americans 
and British in Bohain region; Ger- 
many accepts peace terms laid down 
by President Wilson Jan. 8; Washing- 
ton finde flaws in reply. 

Oct. 13 Americans advance on both 
sides of the Meuse, taking all their 
objectives; Laon taken by the French 
without a fight; La Fere is also taken 
and the great forest of St. Gobain is 
occupied; British take suburbs of 

Oct. 14 President Wilson replies to 
Germany, declaring that there will be 
no peace while enemy pursues policy 
of sinking passenger ships at sea and 
of pursuing a course of wanton de- 
struction on land; French, British and 
Belgian troops take many villages in 
Belgium, with 7,000 prisoners; Ameri- 
can troops advance beyond Cunel and 
Romagne, west of the Meuse and 
farther west reach St. Georges and 
Landres-et-St. Georges. 

Oct. 15 American troops hit the Ger- 
man line north of Verdun, taking St. 
Juvin and Hill 299, west of Banthe- 
ville; left wing crosses Aire river and 
approaches Granpre; in Flanders the 
British advance to the vicinity of 
Courtrai; capture Gullenghem and 
Heule and advance to suburbs of 

Oct. 16 Americans capture Grandpre; 
Germans continue their great retreat 
from northern Belgium; Polish na- 
tional army recognized by Britain. 

Oct. 23 Americans advance on fifteen- 
mile front, taking Brieulles, Tamla 
farm and other places north of Ban- 
theville; President Wilson sends an- 
other reply to the Germans, demand- 
ing dictated peace. 

Oct. 24 Americans attack east of the 
Meuse and reach the Freya position; 
British drive Germans back along 
whole front between the Sambre and 
the Meuse; Germany promises to re- 
turn art treasures taken in Belgium. 

Oct. 27 Gen. Ludendorff resigns as 
first quartermaster-general of German 
army; French gain five miles on Serre 
front and take ten towns; Italian 
forces cross the Piave and take 9,000 
Austrians and fifty guns. 

Oct. 28 Austria again urgently asks 
for peace; French continue drive be- 
yond the Oise; German administration 
moves from Brussels. 

Oct. 30 New German note seeks to 
hasten decision on armistice terms; 
Czechs take over rule of Prague; Ita- 
lians capture Vittorio and drive the 
Austrians back along the Piave, from 
the mountains to the sea; taking of 
33,000 Austrians in drive announced. 

Oct. 31 Turkey makes full surrender; 
Austrian collapse on Italian front; 

troops abandon everything in wild 
tiight to escape; Gen. Pershing's forces 
occupy Bellejoyeuse farm; Belgians 
renew attack in direction of Ghent. 

Nov. 1 Armistice terms given to Aus- 
tria; Americans advance four miles 
in new drive east of -the Argonne; 
British get grip on Valenciennes; al- 
lies in Belgium take nineteen towns 
and gain ten miles; Americans cap- 
ture Landres-et-St. Georges, Remon- 
ville, Clery le Grand and other towns, 
with 2,000 prisoners. 

Xov. 2 British take Valenciennes; 
Americans break through the Freya 
line and take Champigneulle, Buzancy, 
Fosse, Baricourt and Doulcon; lose 
contact with foe. 

Nov. 3 Italians capture Trent and 
Udine; whole Austrian front smashed; 
German forces east of the Meuse in 
full retreat; American troops take 
many more small towns; Belgians 
push to within five miles of Ghent. 

Nov. 4 Austria makes complete sur- 
render; Americans advance toward Se- 
dan, reaching Stenay; British in ad- 
vance between the Scheldt and the 
Oise-Sambre canal and with the 
French co-operating take 10,000 pris- 
oners and 200 guns. 

Nov. 5 German armies on western front 
retreat everywhere, losing hundreds 
of guns and thousands of prisoners; 
French take Guise and Marie; allied 
troops on three sides of Ghent. 

Nov. 6 French win on 100-mile front. 
taking Vervins, Montcornet and Re- 
thel; Americans enter Sedan; cros^ 
the Meuse river; Germans give up 
Ghent; Germans seeking truce reach 
French line*. 

Nov. 7 Passage of German peace en- 
voys to. French headquarters ar- 
ranged; allied armies drive along 
whole front. 

Nov. 8 British, French and American 
armies press forward along whole of 
long line, from extreme north to east 
of the Meuse; scores of towns taken; 
German plenipotentiaries arrive at 
Marshal Foch's headquarters and are 
given armistice terms fixed by the 
allied war council with time limit for 
acceptance, fixed for 11 o'clock Mon- 
day morning, Nov. 11; German social- 
ists demand abdication of Emperor 
William; revolution in Berlin; Ba- 
varia deposes king and ' proclaims a 

Nov. 9 Chancellor Prince Maximilian 
of Germany announces that kaiser 
and crown prince have decided to re- 
nounce the throne; Deputy Ebert made 
imperial chancellor; Americans gain 
on both sides of the Meuse; French 
capture Hirson. 

Nov. 10 First and 2d American armies 
advance along the Moselle and the 
Meuse on a front of about seventy- 
one miles; capture Stenay and nu- 
merous fortified positions in Lorraine; 
Gen. Gouraud makes official entry 
into Sedan; Emperor William take 
refuge in Holland. 

Nov. 11 German envoys sign armistice 
terms and fighting ceases at 11 a. m. 
all along the line; President Wilson 
announces to Congress that "the war- 
thus comes to an end"; great peace 
celebration held in all the allied coun- 
tries, with scenes of unparalleled en-