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Crist, Scott & Parshall, Cooperstown, N. Y. 


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To My Mother 


This Book Is 
Affectionately Dedicated by the Compiler. 


The name Merrill is said to be of French origin, 
although our ancestors of that name came, we believe, 
from England. BARZILLA was the son of David, 
who was the common ancestor of most, if not all, of 
the Merrills in this country. Barzilla came into the 
town of Fabius, Onondaga county, N". Y., from or 
near Stephentown, Rensselaer county, N. Y. and settled 
on a farm in the eastern part of the town. He was 
among the pioneers of Onondaga county, who lived 
in log houses, and cleared the timber for their farms, 
I understand that Barzilla lived on his farm till late 
in life, then being bereft of his life companion, he 
went to live for a time with his granddaughter in 
SpafTord, Onondaga county, after which he lived with 
his son Edward for some time. He came once with 
his son Edward to visit Heman and Anson in the 
town of Davton, Cattaraugus county: This visit is 
well remembered by Norman M. Allen and his wife. 


He returned to Fabius, and lived with his daughter 
Mary until his death in 1850. He lies buried in a 
small plot of ground near to the old Merrill house on 
the Merrill farm, on the side of a large hill. This 
plot has been sadly neglected and allowed to grow 
up to weeds and bushes. Not a vestige of fence re- 
mains, and cattle roaming over it have broken down 
manv headstones. The tenant burned the ground over 

6 Preface. 

last year, thus making a decided improvement in this, 
"God's Acre." In one corner is a low, white slab, 
leaning considerably. Upon it is written, "In mem- 
ory of David Merrill, who departed this life Dec. 1, 
1821. In the 86th year of his age." This man (Da- 
vid) was in his prime at the time of the Revolution- 
ary War. The second stone bore this inscription, "Bar- 
zilla Merrill, died April 14, 1850, aged 85 years and 
five months." The headstone belonging to his wife 
Electa had fallen and was broken. She also died in 
Eabius, August 4th, 1840. On the next stone in order 
was written, "In memory of Esther (daughter of Bar- 
zilla Merrill) wife of Alfred Negus, who departed this 
life April 13, 1829, aged 21 years, four months and 
fourteen days.' 

Then came a vacant place from which the body of 
Ruth (daughter of Barzilla Merrill) had been taken 
up and removed to the village cemetery. The last 
grave there was that of Edward (son of Barzilla). I 
would suggest that some interested descendant of Bar- 
zilla have a suitable fence placed about this burial 
place and see that the graves are well taken care of. 


At a reunion of the Merrill family, held at the 
home of William Merrill, Versailles, N. Y., 1905, it 
was decided that a genealogical record of the descend- 
ants of Barzilla Merrill, (Father of Heman Merrill) 
as far as practicable, be made and printed in the proper 
form, and I was selected to procure the proper data, 
and compile a book therefrom. It has been a pleasant 
task, and cheerfully accomplished, and as well as I 
was able. If errors appear, please remember it is hu- 
man to err, and divine to forgive. It is hereby respect- 
fully submitted to my kindred. 

Mary Thrasher, 
Dayton, K Y. 
January 21, 1907. 


BAEZILLA MERRILL, born November 17, 1764, and 
died April 11, 1850. 

ELECTA MERRILL, (his wife), bom May 3, 1770, 

and died August 4, 1840. 

Children of Barzilla and Electa Merrill 

1. Diantha Merrill, born September 17, 1788, 

She died October 21, 1868. 

2. Heman Merrill, born March 27, 1791. He 

died June 1, 1871. 

3. Aj\ t so^ Merrill, born April 8, 1793. He died 

January 27, 1870. 

4. Ira Merrill, born September 23, 1795. He 

died July 6, 1828. 

5. Silas Merrill, born November 27, 1797. He 

died December 28, 1827. 

6. Emma Merrill, born April 8, 1800. She 

died February 12, 1841. 

7. Ruth Merrill, born July 11, 1802. She died 

June 24, 1832. 


10 Merrill Genealogy. 

8. Edward Merrill, born July 19, 1805. He 

died October 12, 1852. 

9. Esther Merrill, born November 29, 1807. 

She died April 13, 1829. 

10. Mary Merrill, born September 18, 1810. 

She died June 7 ; 1896. 

11. David M. Merrill, born June 4, 1815. He 

died February 4, 1881. 


DIANTHA MEEEILL, daughter of Barzilla, was 
born September 17, 1788 ; married Luke Pierce. 
To them were born ten children, all in the Town of 
Fabius. One child not named died at four months 
of age. 

2. Caleb M., born April 9, 1811. 

3. Euretta E., born October 2, 1812, married 

William Densmore. 

4. Electa, born April 19, 1815, married Asel 


5. Washington S., born August 29, 1816, mar- 

ried Polly Brasted. 

6. Daniel S., born September 3, 1818, married 

Jerusha Colby. 

7. Barzilla, born June 10, 1820. Died. 

8. Lovina, born October 30, 1822, married Eli- 

jah Holliday. 

Merrill Genealogy. 11 

9. Polly, born September 24, 1824, married 

George Hibner, July 15, 1847. 

10. Silas L., born December 20, 1829, married 

Nancy Purinton. 

All this family are dead except Polly Hibner, aged 
82 years (1907). Her address is Plainville, Minn. 

Diantha Merrill died October 21, 1868, and her hus- 
band died on September 15, 1856. 

11. Caleb M. Pierce, born April 9, 1811, mar- 

ried Nancy Schermerhorn, December 31, 
1835. To them were born two children. 

1. Ira M., September 25, 1836, married Lo- 

rinda Davis, at Cuba, N". Y. He died Sep- 
tember 23, 1874. 

2. David J., February 18, 1842, married Lucy 

J. Coon at Dayton, N. Y., January 5, 1857. 
He died in Bradford, Pa. 
To them were born: 

1 Byron E., December 10, 1870, at Dayton, 

E". Y. Married Anna F. Hayes, Decem- 
ber 28, 1896, at Salamanca, K Y. 

2 Eva K, June 1, 1873, married Elmer T. 

Stevenson, December 7, 1896, at Brad- 
ford, Pa. To them was born : 
a Khea, September 11, 1897. 

3 Floyd B., born May 25, 1878. 

Caleb M. Pierce was married the second time to 
Ellen Merrill, widow of Ira Merrill (son of 

12 Merrill Genealogy. 

Anson) on May 27, 1858. Died August 18, 

Ellen Pierce adopted as a child Grace Darbee, 

daughter of Augustus Darbee, of Cottage, !N'. 

Y. Grace married Burt Perrin of Markham, 

K Y. Ellen died January 14, 1899. 
IX. Polly Pierce/ bom September 24, 1824, 

married George Hibner, July 15, 1847. To 

them was born: 
1. Electa, March 1, 1849, married William Saf- 
ford, September 13, 1866. 

To them were born: 

1 George M., October 1, 1867, married Meta 

Guetner, March 2, 1897. To them were 
born : 

a Lynn, March 5, 1888. 
b Paul, April 22, 1891. 
c George D., November 22, 1905. 

2 William L., born August 28, 1870, married 
Flora Meredith, May 9, 1894. To them 
was born: 

a Harold, June 5, 1897. 

3 Rose Ella, born August 6, 1876, died April 

26, 1877. 

4 Katherine, born March 24, 1879, married 

Marshall Humphrey, June 20, 1898. 
2 Ivan A., born December 23, 1854, married 
Erne Freer, October 20, 1873. To them 
was born: 

Merrill Genealogy. 13 


Ida May, June 1, 1875, died September 
12, 1887. 
Ivan died November 19, 1876. 
X. Silas L. Pierce, born December 20, 1829, 
married Nancy Purinton, October 9, 1857. 
To them was born : 
1. Dora, on October 9, 1861, married Forest 
L. Miller, June 16, 1880. To them were 

1 M. Alleen on October 16, 1884. 

2 Harry Pierce, on November 3, 1887. 
Silas L. Pierce died December 30, 1901. 

14 Merrill Genealogy. 

It is a most pleasant duty for me to write a few 
lines in memory of my grandfather, Heman Merrill, 
of his good life and genial ways, and of his intrinsic 
worth as a man. He was most highly esteemed (not 
only) by his relatives, but by all who had the pleasure 
of his acquaintance. Even as a child I felt how truly 
he loved his Creator and how faithfully he performed 
the duties he owed to Him, and I knew then he was 
a noble Christian gentleman. He loved his neighbor 
as himself, and in return he had the love and esteem 
of all his neighbors. He was a man of fine character- 
istics, affable and with kindly words for all. It can 
trul v be said of him that all that knew him were his 
friends. The peace which he had was the peace that 
passeth all understanding, and with him it never faded. 
A great mass of people who knew him relied upon 
his judgment, and when life closed with him it might 
well be said that he had fought the good fight and 
kept the faith. I loved him while living and I love 
now the memory of his great goodness to me, his 

grandchild. I remember his form — how it shook when 
he laughed, his nicely-formed features, his fine black 
eyes and heavy brows, and his silver hair. From my 
earliest recollection he had a kindly greeting for me. 
If he had faults I never knew them or heard of them. 
He seemed always to live for some good purpose. He 
was faithful, patient and gentle and an honest man. 
He was a most kind husband, a loving father and 
brother — and had a deep and abiding interest in the 

Merrill Genealogy. 15 

welfare of his grandchildren. They in return loved 
him and his death was a personal loss to each of them. 
He lived six years after the death of his wife. 
We need not mourn too much when good men die. 
In the annual reunions held by his relatives and 
friends he lives again and will be remembered until 
the name which he bore shall cease to be called on 
the earth. We need not say more of him, we cannot 
say less. If it be ours to enter into the rest that 
remains for the good and the true, we shall, I'm sure, 
meet him, whose life was a daily eulogy and th© 
perfection of his highest ideals. The good, not the 
evil that men do, lives after them, and the good alone 
are great. 



HEMAN MERRILL was born March 27, 1791, mar- 
ried Amelia Hawkins November 13, 1811, in the 
town of Fabius, Onondaga county, N. Y. He died 
June 1, 1871, at Dayton, N. Y. 

AMELIA MERRILL (his wife) was born December 
2, 1793, died January 16, 1865. LTnto them were 
born twelve children. 

1. Maryette M., born August 13, 1812, died June 

4, 1813. 

2. Juliette, born March 5, 1814. 

3. Leonard, born February 3, 1816. 

4. Barzilla, March 29, 1818. .. 

16 Merrill Genealogy. 

5. Emily, born March 1, 1820. 

6. Mercy, born June 4, 1822. 

7. Eliza, born August 16, 1824, died July 15, 


8. Huldah, born March 5, 1827. 

9. Silas, born July 28, 1830. 

10. Celestia, born September 19, 1832, died 

April 30, 1833. 

11. Edward, born May 28, 1834. 

12. Heman Resign, born February 2, 1836. 
He had two adopted children. 

Almira Divers Hurd, now living at Killbuck, Catt. 
Co., N. Y., who was a niece of Amelia Merrill 
(Heman's wife)., and 

Milo T). Cole, his grandson. 

I. Juliette Merrill, daughter of Heman and 
Amelia Merrill, was born March 5, 1814, at 
Fabius, Onondaga county, N". Y., married 
Samuel D. Cole, September 27, 1840. To 
this union was born one son: 
1. Milo D., born November 24, 1842, at Day- 
ton, X. Y., married Betsy E. Park of 
Leon, K Y., September 11, 1864. To this 
union were born five children: 
1 Juliette, born January 7, 1866, married 
P. J. Rickard of Findley Lake, "N, Y., 
Januarv 27, 1884. To them were born 
three children: 

a Grace Frances, born February 27, 1894. 

Mere ill Genealogy. 17 

b Rilla Eleanor, born September 9, 1900. 
c Josephine, born November 26, 1901. 

2 Grace Edith, born October 3, 1869. 

3 Eva M., born January 7, 1872, married 

John Morgan of Leon, N. Y., April 28, 
1890. They have one child. 
a Gladys Bell, born February 22, 1892. 

4 Clarence L., born February 24, 1875, mar- 

ried Mabel Hubbart, of Perrysburg, 
N. Y., October 5, 1904. They have 
two children. 

a Clara L., born September 12, 1905. 
b Nellie II., born November 12, 1906. 

5 Clara E., born February 24, 1875, married 

Stoddard. Unto them was born one 


a Harold Laverne, born January 22, 1907. 
II. Leonard Mere ill, son of Hem an and Amelia 
Merrill, was born February 3, 1816, at 
Fabius, Onondaga county, N. Y., married 
Eliza Judd, March 9, 1837, at Versailles, 
N. Y., the marriage ceremony was performed 
bv Rev. J. B. Preston. Leonard died Au- 
gust 9, 1899, at Perrysburg, N. Y., and 
Eliza died September 21, 1887, at Versailles, 
N. Y. She taught the first school in Ver- 
sailles. Unto them were born six children. 
1 Heman, born April 17, 1838, at Dayton, Catt. 

county, N. Y., married Charlotte J. Beebe, 

18 Merrill Genealogy. 

January 3, 1860. Charlotte died Septem- 
ber 13, 1877, at Perrysburg, K Y. Two 
children were born to Charlotte and 

1 Cora P., born July 15, 1864, married W. 

H. Parker of Eden, N". Y., October 24, 

2 Mary E., born January 21, 1867, married 

Lester W. Kevins of Buffalo, K Y., 
September 25, 1888. To them were 
born two children : 

a Florence M., born April 26, 1891, in 
Buffalo, N". Y. 

b Charlotte A., born May 28, 1895. 

Heman Merrill was married the second time to 
Agnes M. Freeman, March 22, 1883 ; she died 
Februarv 28, 1905. 
2. Wilbur H. Merrill, second child of Leon- 
ard and Eliza Merrill, was born June 18, 
1840, at Dayton, Catt. County, 1ST. Y. He 
enlisted in 1861 as Private in Company 
H., 44th Regiment New York Volunteers 
— Infantry. He served three years, was 
in eight battles, was in the Army of the 
Potomac all the time. Served under Gen- 
erals McClellan, Burnside, Hooker, Meade 
and Grant.- When discharged in 1864, 
was Sergeant of Company H., 44th Eegi- 
ment. He was honorably discharged at 

Merrill Genealogy. 19 

Albany, 1S T . Y., October, 1864. He was 
married to Almira H. Wells of Dayton, 
]ST. Y., November 8, 1865, at Forestville, 
N. Y., by Rev. F. E. Miller. Unto them 
were born : 

Flora Bell, born October 27, 1867, at 
Versailles, X. Y., married Harvey B. 
Sanders at Perrysburg, N". Y., Novem- 
ber 6, 1886, and died March 19, 1904. 
Unto them were born : 

a Floyd W., born June 23, 1890, died 
August 28, 1892. 

b Alice born March 28, 1892. 

c William, born December 25, 1895. 

Rosa Nell, born May 16, 1871, at Perrys- 
burg, N. Y., married Frank Wells, 
June 14, 1905, at Perry sburg, N. Y., 
bv Rev. Patterson. 

Luther Wells, born June 8, 1875, at 
Perrysburg, N. Y., married Glenn 
Clough of Smiths Mills, N. Y., Janu- 
ary 1, 1900, at Forestville, K Y., by 
Rev. Heald. Unto them were born : 

a Gladys L., born October 1, 1900, at 
Perrysburg, !N~. Y. 

b Lucy G., born June 2, 1902, at Perrys- 
burg, K Y. 

c Alta L., bora February 13, 1906, at 
Perrysburg, ~N. Y. 

20 Merrill Genealogy. 

4 Ora Dell, born March 22, 1877, at Perrys- 
burg, X. Y., married Albert Stone of 
Smiths Mills, N". Y., at Forestville, 
X. Y., bv Rev. Heald. Unto them 
were born : 

a Wilbur Charles, born August 19, 1897, 
at Smiths Mills, K Y. 

b Adelbert Colon, born July 22, 1899, at 
Smiths Mills, K Y. 
Albert Stone, husband of Ora Dell, died Janu- 
ary 30, 1901 at Smiths Mills, K Y. 
4 Ora Dell Merrill Stone was married to 
Frank F. Nolte of Balltown, 1ST. Y., on 
March 1, 1904, at Cottage, K Y., by 
Eev. F. A. Mills. Unto them were born 
Merrill and Mervil on January 28, 1905, 
at Hanover, "N. Y. 
' c Merrill died March 24, 1905, at Han- 

d Mervill died March 26, 1905. 
e Harold D., born January 29, 1907. 
3. Jane Merrill was born at Dayton, Catt. 
County, K Y., on May 28, 1843. She 
married Alonzo Waterman of Perrysburg, 
X. Y., on October 2, 1866, at Silver Creek, 
X. Y., by Rev. David Mizener. Unto 
them were born : 
1 Alice, born on August 30, 1867, died Sep- 
tember 28, 1869. 

Merrill Genealogy. 21 

2 Harvey Allen, born July 22, 1870, at Han- 

over, Chautauqua County, 1ST. Y. 

3 Clara born August 24, 1876, at Greenfield, 

Erie County, Pa. 
4. Adelbert A. Merrill was born at Davton, 
N. Y., July 29, 1845, married Malvina 
Hugaboom, March 9, 1869, at Forestville, 
N. Y, by Rev. M. Clark. They have two 
children : 

1 Ida M., born February 10, 1872, married 

Charlie Bennett, November 10, 1895, at 
Gowanda, N. Y. To them were born: 
a Florence M., born on September 13, 

b Henry N., born on February 20, 1900. 
. c Bertha P., born on September 15, 1902. 
d John, born on January 4, 1905. 

2 Nettie E., born November 21, 1873, mar- 

ried William C. Dabolt, December 28, 

1892, at Gowanda, N. Y. There were 

born to them: 
a Clifford L., born on February 2, 1894. 
b Carmie T., born on August 4, 1896. 
5. Maryette A. Merrill was born at Davton, 
N. Y., July 15, 1847, married George Van 
Vlack at Forestville, N. Y., November 8, 

1865, by Rev. F. E. Miller. To them 

were born: 

1 Bertie H., born September 23, 1866, at 

22 Merriix Genealogy. 

Gasconade, Mo. He died at Versailles, 
1ST. Y., September 11, 1868. 

2 Clayton K., bom February 20, 1870, at 

Brant, Erie County, ~N. Y., married 
Eva Gardner of Harvey, 111., June 9, 
1892. To them were born: 
a Mildred B., Junior, born September 14, 

b Ruby M., born April 17, 1895. 

3 Herbert J., born May 29, 1874, at Perrys- 

burg, N". Y., married Ivalo Dague, at 
Atlantic, Iowa, December 26, 1900, by 
Rev. Humphrey. There were born to 

a Gerald W., born January 9, 1903. 
b Nina Mervl, born October 19, 1905. 

4 Mildred B., senior, was born at Versail- 

les, N. Y., April 1, 1879, married Rob- 
ert McCoy, July 23, 1897, at Silver 
Creek, 1ST. Y., by Rev. J. Bates. To 
them were born: 

a Paul, born February 19, 1906. 

b Maryette A., born February 7, 1907. 

5 Lynn R., born April 17, 1883, at Perrys- 

burg, N. Y. 

6 Hall G., born January 5, 1885, at Perrys- 

burg, 28". Y. 
6. William W. Merrill was born at Dayton, 
Catt. County, N. Y., April 4, 1851, mar- 

Merrill Genealogy. 23 

riecl Harriett M. Remington on July 3, 
1871, at Versailles, 1ST. Y. To them were 
born : 

1 Seth W., born October 2, 1872, married 

Maud E. Mulkins, December 24, 1891, 
at Irving, ~N. Y. To them were born : 

a Morris, born December 17, 1892. 

b Harriett, born October 6, 1895. 

c Harry W., born May 21, 1902. 

2 Alva L., was born on May 30, 1875, at 

Perry sburg, X. Y., married Delia B? 
Hawley, April 28, 1894, at Perry sburg, 
N\ Y., and to them were born: 

a Lerov, Mav 24, 1897. 

b Yiola K, August 12, 1900. 

3 Clifford was born March 13, 1876, and 

died Eebruarv 7, 1880. 

4 Bertie was born December 11, 1882 and 

died December 29, 1882. 

5 Leroy was born June 9, 1890, and died 

May 28, 1895. 

6 Maud P., was born November 15, 1885, at 

Perrysburg, N". Y., married Benjamin 
A. Harvey, April 4, 1904, at Versailles, 
Catt. County, N. Y. They have two 

a Howard B., born March 1, 1905. 
b Elbert Wallace, born Feb. 22, 1907. 
I IT. Barzilla Merrill, son of Heman and 

24 Merrill Genealogy. 

Amelia Merrill, was born in what is now 
Dayton, N". Y., then included within the town 
of Perry, March 29, 1818. He married 
Euba Cole, February 28, 1839. To them 
were born: 

1.-2. Eber and Achsah who died in infancy. 

3. JS T ancy, born October 12, 1843. 

4. Alva, born March 8, 1845. He enlisted in 

the war of the Rebellion, July 28, 1862. 
He was killed in the battle of Chancellors- 
ville, Va., May 3, 1863, aged 18 years. 
He served nine months. 

5. Irving was born October 20, 1850, married 

Eva Shults of West Perrysburg, N". Y., 
October 3, 1871. To them were born three 
children : 

1 Alice, April 10, 1873, in Cottage, K Y., 

married Johnson DeRemer of Nashville, 
N. Y., October IS, 1891. To them were 

a Elton, Avho died at the age of four and 
one-half months. 

b Ruth, born February 18, 1906. 

2 Alva, born at Cottage, August 25, 1877, 

married Maud Bassinger, February 15, 
1903. To this union was born: 
a Neva, born April 28, 1906. 

3 Lee L., born at Cottage, !N". Y., January 

8, 1886. 

Merrill Genealogy. 25 

Barzilla enlisted in Company K., 154th Regi- 
ment New York Volunteers. August 30, 
1862. He too was killed at the battle of 
Chancellorsville, Va., on May 2, 1863, aged 
45 vears. 


Ruba C, widow of Barzilla, died November 1, 
1897, aged 81 years. 

IV. Emily Merrill, daughter of Heman, was 
born March 1, 1820, in what is now the 
town of Dayton, Cattaraugus County, N. Y. 
In April, 1837, she was married to Charles 
Park at Dayton, N. Y. Six children were 
born to them in New York State. 

1. Avery, born June 7, 1838. He was mar- 
ried to Sarah Bliss Spencer Stillman, De- 
cember 18, 1867. Unto them were born: 

1 Earl W., born July 18, 1869. He died 

July 18, 1871. 

2 Charles E., born June 11, 1871. He mar- 

ried Mary Kelsey, January 25, 1898. 

3 Emily N., born February 14, 1873. She 

married John Wood September 17, 

4 Ida B., born August 20, 1874. She mar- 

ried Wilber I. Dibble, June 28, 1893. 

5 Edith M., born November 6, 1880. She 

married Delton C. Rand, April 18, 

26 Merbiix Genealogy. 

6 Mary A., born July 19, 1883. Died Sep- 

tember 6, 1883. 

7 Pearl S., born August 11, 1887. 

8 Sarah S., born September 17, 1893. Died 

December 13, 1893. 

2. Walter, born October 6, 1840. He was ac- 

cidentally shot and killed by his cousin, 
Porter, June 13, 1860. Walter, Avery 
and Porter were together on their way to 
mill with their first wheat on the occasion 
of the accident and had firearms with them 
intending to shoot prairie chickens. 

3. Franklin, born April 6, 1843. Married 

Amanda Ayers and unto them were born: 

1 Fred, born on October 28, 1872. 

2 Minnie, born on September 17, 1875. 

3 Chauncey, born on October 23, 1880. 

4 Prank G., born on September 1, 1885. 

5 Allen, born on March 12, 1887. 

4. Amelia, born February 7, 1846, married A. 

M. Fancher. To them were born four 

1 Mary A., born September 21, 1864, died 

October 1866. 

2 Emily A., born March 4, 1866, died July, 


3 Lura M., born March 21, 1872, married 

Dell Hill, March 21, 1893, died Janu- 
ary 23. 1904. 

Merrill Genealogy. 27 

4 .Frances, born December 10, 1878, married 
Arthur Mapson, August 5, 1896, and 
died November 20, 1905. 
Amelia died in 1879 at the age of thirty-three. 

5. Mary, born September 12, 1848, married 

To them were born : 

1 Emma, born April 20, 1876, died July 25, 


2 Cora, born March 5, 1875. Married Byron, 

Shannon, November 10, 1892. 

6. Judson, born October 1, 1853, married Jem 

nie Hodgman, January 1, 1874. To them 
were born : 
1 Louie, born August 11, 1888. 

7. Merrill, born November 14, 1855, died the 

following December, at Rosendale, Wis. 

8. Marshall, born November 14, 1855, died the 

following February, at the same place. 

9. Heman, born March 14, 1856, in Martin 

County, Minn., near Winnebago City. 

10. Otis, born June 11, 1862, at the same place. 
Emily Merrill Park, died May 24, 190C, and 

her husband Charles, died February 27, 1901. 
This family left New York State in July, 1854, 
for Wisconsin. Thev settled there on a farm near 
Rosendale and remained there until August, 1858y 
when they again moved, to Martin County, Minnesota. 
This journey took them six weeks, as they made it 

28 Merrill Genealogy. 

with ox teams and were hindered much by wet weather, 
some days making no progress whatever. They took 
with them thirty-eight head of cattle, including thir- 
teen yoke of oxen. It was while making this journey 
that Avery met with an adventure which nearly cost 
him his life. Just after crossing the Mississippi 
river they came up with a man, an a old timer," gold 
hunter, he had been in California in 1849 and had 
not lost his passion for gold hunting and at this very 
time was on a new quest. He persuaded Avery to ac- 
company him on his trip northward in search of the 
precious ore. Their search was in vain and they were 
obliged to return without any valuable addition to 
their property and Avery was destined to lose what 
little personal property he had with him which was a 
small bundle of clothes. The river they had to cross 
was very much swollen; they thought they could ford 
the stream but the wagon turned completely over. 
Avery could not swim. After floundering about for 
a while he got hold of a tree and his companion who 
could swim got to the wagon and secured a rope with 
which he got Avery and the horse and the wagon to 
land. This was Avery's first and last gold hunt. All 
that was in the wagon was lost so Avery's small bundle 
of clothes were gone and he was going to a new country 
with no wearing apparel, save what he had on which 
did not include a coat as he was in his shirt sleeves. 
Soon after this Avery learned that his parents had not 
arrived at this point so he waited for them and on the 

Merrill Genealogy. 29 

28th day of August this sturdy pioneer group arrived 
at the site of what is now Winnebago City. 

They commenced their new life about six miles from 
there in a shanty made of logs. Many were the hard- 
ships they were called upon to endure and many cold 
days in winter Emily Parke has cooked dinner then 
carried it afoot across the prairie to the river where 
the men were cutting timber and then returned over 
the same path to the shanty. 

In August of 1802, occurred the terrible Indian 
Massacre when the community where Emily Parke and 
her family lived, became alarmed. They, with all the 
settlers, left their homes and formed a camp a few 
miles from Winnebago at Wizards Grove. Avery had 
just finished cutting ten acres of wheat with a scythe. 
They could not take much with them in their flight 
but they did take their cattle and turned their hogs 
loose. A few hours after reaching the camp they 
found Heman missing, it was by that time getting dark. 
What terror filled this mother's heart for fear her six- 
year-old son had been captured by the Indians and 
perhaps already had met with some terrible fate. He 
was soon found on a farm adjoining the camp much 
interested in watching the farmer feed the hogs. They 
all remained in camp for three weeks, then returned 
to their homes to find that they had lost all their crops, 
upon which they had spent such hard and unceasing 
labor, but better times were now in store for our pio- 
neers and as each season came and went they were 

30 Merrill Genealogy. 

enabled to add new comforts and conveniences and the 
hardships became less. 

Emily Parke was ever to be found ministering to 
the needs of others and her advice and help were es- 
pecially sought after in sickness. It was an oft repeat- 
ed injunction "Go for Grandma Parke" as they called 
her, she was an authority in the sick room and had 
sympathy and cheer for all. Four of the sons are 
farming now, where they first settled in Martin Coun- 
ty, Minnesota and Mary (the daughter) resides in 
Winnebago City, in the same state. 

V. Mebcy Merrill, daughter of Heman, born 
June 21, 1822, married Orsman Markham, 
February 14, 1841. To them were born four 
children : 

1. Ann Eliza, died when about two years of 


2. Solon, born April 22, 1842, in Dayton, 

N. Y. He married Elizabeth Ann Gregg 
of Washington County, Arkansas, Novem- 
ber 26, 1868. To them were born two 
children : 

1 Viola Maria, born August 22, 1869, in 

Bourbon Co., Kan., married A. L. East, 
November 5, 1901. 

2 Lily May, born August 12, 1872, at the 

same place. Married C. D. Anderson, 
Februarv 2, 1897. To them were born: 

a Wilma G. born September 10, 1899. 

b C. D. Jr., born December 5, 1903. 

Merrill Genealogy. 31 

3. Eugene, born July 2, 184-4, married Sarah 

Jane Tee, of Jackson County, 111., October 
22, 1865. They have three children: 

1 Annettie, bom October 28, 1866, married 

James Howell, December 23, 1886. 
Thev have four children : 

a Eugene, born January 30, 1888. 

b Mary, born January 10, 1890. 

c Merrill, born October 19, 1897. 

d Theresa Jane, January 19, 1904. 

2 Edward J., born September 25, 1868, mar- 

ried Maude Busby, May 25, 1891. They 
have five children : 

a Hazel, born June 23, 1897. 
b Gladvs, born Januarv 12, 18 — . 
c Oscar, born September 10, 1899. 
d Ola, born May 6, 1902. 
e Rachael, born May 6, 1905. 

3 Emma, born February 3, 1871, married to 

W. J. Horton, March 28, 1902. He 
died May 1, 1904. They had no chil- 
dren. She lives in New York City. 

4. Henry J. Markham, born May 4, 1850, mar- 

ried Emma Myers, December 29, 1870. To 
them were born: 

1 Charles A., born February 9, 1877, died 

February 2, 1881. 

2 Reginald M., born April 26, 1880. 

32 Merrill Genealogy. 

3 Henry R, born August 14, 1883, died 
February 20, 1889. 
VI. Huldah Merrill, daughter of Heman and 
Amelia Merrill, was born March 5, 1827, at 
Perrysburg, N. Y., now Dayton, N. Y. 
She married Norman M. Allen, March 7, 
1848. To them were born five children: 
1. Mary A. F., born April 20, 1849, married 
W. S. Thrasher at Dayton, N. Y., on No- 
vember 16, 1869, by Sylvester Cowles Pas- 
tor of the Presbyterian church at Gowanda 
N. Y. To them were born ten children : 

1 Norman S., born August 3, 1870, married 

Leva Wallace June 30, 1894. 
They have one child : 

a Carl Norman, born October 21, 1906. 

2 Alice M., born March 16, 1872, married 

James E. Bixby, August 31, 1889. To 
this union have been born five children: 

a Oscar W., June 19, 1890. 

b Mary H., born April 3, 1893. (Died 
July 21, 1899.) 

e Henry Scott, January 14, 1898. 

d Lois, born December 8, 1901. 

e Dorothy, born May 1, 1906. 

3 Flora L., born May 4, 1874. 

4 Ward J., born March 19, 1877. (He died 

June 6, 1880, at Dayton, N. Y.) 

5 Allen S., born September 22, 1878. (Died 

May 20, 1898, at Fredonia, N. Y.) 

Merrill Genealogy. 33 

6 Louis L., bom October 11, 1880. 

7 Gertrude L., born November 29, 1882. 

s Amy Amelia, born December 11, 1884. 

9 Ned L., born November 16, 1886. 

10 DeWitt K, born July 10, 1888. 

2. Kate C. E., was bom July 27, 1853, married 

William W. Brand July 27, 1871. Of 
their children three died in infancy, one 
was born and died April 7, 1887, one of 
these children was named: 

1 Henry, born January 5, 1878, and died Au- 

gust 11, 1878, and another named: 

2 Hem an was born November 26, 1881, and 

died September 16, 1882. Two chil- 
dren still survive named Huldah and 

:! Huldah born July 17, 1879, married Lewis 
Stewart March 30, 1898. 
Thev have three children : 

a Katie, born June 25, 1899. 

' b Mary, born September 29, 1902. 

c William, born February 21, 1905. 

4 Hovt was born Mav 6, 1883, married 
Pearl Bobbins, November 1, 1903. 

3. Milton was bom June 15, 1856, (he died 

in infancy). 

1. Carlton W., was born January 5, 18 5 S. 

5. Hoyt M., was born October 23, 1863, and 

34 Merrill Genealogy. 

was married to Bell E. Howland August 
1883. (She died May 10, 1889.) 

Hoyt Allen married the second time to Nellie 
L. Smith, February 27, 1890. To this 
union was born one son: 

1 Norman Boyd, May 2, 1891. 

Hoyt Allen died October 12, 1892. 

VII. Silas H. Merrill, son of Heman and 
Amelia Merrill, born in what is now Dayton, 
N. Y.j July 28, 1830, and was married to 
Maria J. Marshall of North East, Pa., Sep- 
tember 23, 1851. To them were born two 
children : 

1. Ara N., born November 30, 1852, married 
Hortie Greenman of North East, Pa., 
January 12, 1874. To them were born 
one son, to whom was given the name o* 
his grandfather, Silas: 

1 Silas was born at Dayton, N. Y., November 

14, 1874, he now resides at Bradford, 

Ara N., was married the second time to Addie 
C. Baker of North East, Pa., and to this 
marriage was born two children: 

2 Ara Jr., born at Dunkirk, N. Y., April 

18, 1887. 

3 Mildred born at Dunkirk, N, Y., April 

28, 1889. 











Merrill Genealogy. 35 

These two children now (1907) reside at North 

East, Pa. 

2. Mattie L, was born October 10, 1854 and 

was married to Marcus J. Rhodes of JSTorth- 

ville, Pa., October 10, 1872. To them 

were born five children: 

1 Maria B., born May 25, 1876, married 

Truman E. Strickland of Dayton, N". 
Y., May 23, 1894. To them were born 
four children: 

a Irwin M., born May 23, 1896. 

b Lewis E., born June 26, 1897, died at 

Dayton, K Y., Sept. 24, 1897. 
c Mattie B., born June 20, 1899. 
d Lester T., born September 11, 1901. 

2 Merrill H., was born December 27, 1879, 

married Bertha Wolf of Fairplain, N. 
Y, February 27, 1897. 

3 Sarah A., bom June 15, 1883, married 

Clayton Grantier of Cottage, N. Y., 
February 12, 1901. To them were born : 

a Florence M., born March 18, 1902. 

b Bertha L, born September 7, 1904. 

4 Silas A., born April 22, 1886, married 

Laura Wolf at Fairplain, N". Y., Sep- 
tember 3, 1905. 
* Mattie I. Rhodes died at Dayton, !N". Y., 
April 22, 1899. 

Silas H. Merrill met death in the Ashtabula 

36 Merrill Genealogy. 

disaster at Ashtabula, Ohio, December 29, 
1876, and his body lies with the unrecognized 
dead at that place. 
VIII. Edward Merrill, son of Heman and 
Amelia Merrill, was born in Perrysburg, 
now Dayton, N. Y., May 28, 1833. He was 
married to Margaret M. Marshall of North 
East, Pa., December 6, 1854. To them were 
born five children. One died in infancy. Of 
the others : 

2. Marshall H., born February 23, 1856, in 

North East, Pa., married E. May Blais- 
dell, April 12, 1882. To this union was 

1 Dora, born at Conneaut, O., April 8, 1888. 
Marshall died in Conneaut, O., April 16, 1898. 

3. Mary I., was bom August 30, 1857, in 

North East, Pa., married Frank L. Blais- 
dell, September 3, 18^4. To them has 
been born five children : 

1 David J., born May 12, 1886. 

2 Edward M., bom December 26, 1888. 

3 Jennie A., born February 7, 1891. 

4 Robert A., born December 18, 1892. 

5 Flora M., born November 23, 1894. 

4. Jennie M., daughter of Edward and Mar- 

garet Merrill, was born February 4, 
1864, in North East, Pa. 

5. George, son of Edward and Margaret Mer- 

Merrill Genealogy. 37 

rill, was born December 6, 1866, married 
Abbie E. Lattin of Cattaraugus, N. Y., 
June 6, 1894. To them have been born 
two children: 

1 Lucile L., June 4, 1898. 

2 Laura Irene, February 7, 1901. 

IX. IIeman Resign Merrill, youngest child of 
Heman and Amelia Merrill, was born Feb- 
ruary 2, 1836, in the town of Dayton, Coun- 
ty of Cattaraugus, and State of New York. 
He was married to Lydia Day, April 1, 1855. 
Unto them were born: 

1. Lewis N"., born April 10, 1856, married 

Eliza Cain, August 1883. 

Unto them were born: 

1 Lewis I)., born November 5, 1883, mar- 

ried Georgia Bates, October, 1904. 

2 Melville E., was born January 2, 1889. 

3 Ethel M., was born July 13, 1890. 

2. Elmer C, was born September 2, 1857, mar- 

ried Rose H. Dewey, July 4, 1881. Unto 
them were born: 

1 A] dean, born August 14, 1885. 

2 Clarence D., born August 26, 1888. 

3 Ethel R., born December 10, 1891. 

4 Hortie L., born May 2, 1901. 

3. Josephine was born March 14, 1859. She 

was married to Wilber J. Hurd, Novem- 
ber 22, 1881. Unto them were born: 

38 Merrill Genealogy. 

1 Merritt M., born April 28, 1884, married 

Eetta Mattoon, July 3, 1906. 

2 Floyd, born October 22, 1887. 

3 Kay, born January 14, 1890. 

4 Ward, born October 14, 1892. 

4. Scott B.. born Sept. 5th, 1862. 

5. Rose A., born Nov. 10th, 1868. | 

6. Laura C, born Aug. 24th, 1870. 

ANSON" C. MERRILL, third child of Barzilla, born 
April 15, 1793, married Bethany Elms, January 
1, 1816. Their oldest child Mary Ann was born 
June 7, 1817. When she was about one year old 
they came from what was then called the "far east" 
(Onondaga County) and settled on the farm owned 
by his grandson, William Merrill about one mile 
southwest of Dayton. The team they moved with 
consisted of an ox and a cow yoked together and 
hitched to a cart, which he himself had made. They 
came through what is now the thriving village of 
Gowanda and what then was composed of only two 
log buildings. In order to get from Gowanda to 
the place where he settled, he had to cut a road 
through the trees. The wild animals were very 
numerous in that vicinity. Some were bears, wolves, 
wildcats and deer. Braving all the hardships of 
a pioneer life, they lived and died in this place in 
the town now called Davton on lot 30. Unto them 
were bom four boys and four girls. They were a 













Merrill Genealogy. 39 

highly respected family. Only one daughter sur- 
vives them, Euth Eedfield of Eden, N". Y. They 

have nine grandchildren. Anson died January 27, 
1870. His wife died February 26, 1880. 

These are the names of his children: 

1. Mary Ann, 4. Euth, 7. David. 

2. Electa, 5. Ira the 2nd. 8. Albert, 

3. Ira, 6. Esther M. 

I. Mary Ann Merrill married Darius Mark- 

Unto them were bom ten children: 

1. Electa, born January 11, 183 — , married 

James Fluker, May 1855, and died May 
25, 1890. To them were born two chil- 

1 Willis G., born August 27, 1859, married 

Elsie L. Matteson, January 26, 1881. 
To them a daughter was born and died 
March 29, 1889. 

2 Anna E., born February 9, 1860, at Ville- 

novia, Chautauqua County, N". Y., mar- 
ried Willis J. Fluker of Warsaw, Wyo- 
ming County, N. Y., January 6, 1885. 
To them were born two sons : 

a Ernest J., born March 11, 1888. 

b Floyd E., born March 12, 1891. 

2. Ellen C, born April 6, 1839, married David 

T. Mills, July 3, 1856. To them was born 
one child: 

40 Merriix Genealogy. 

1 Merrill C, born on December 21, 1857, 

married Emma J. Shaw, March 14, 

1877. To them were born two children: 

a lone B., born March IS, 1879, married 

Axel E. Theltberg, July 3, 1905. 
b Jessie O., born November 26, 1885, 
died June 27, 1902. 

Emma J. Mills died June 30, 1899. 
Merrill C. Mills was married the second 
time to Bessie E. Hnlbnrt, October 9, 
1901. To them was born: 
a Doris L, born August 11, 1903. 

3. Matilda died 

when a young child. 

4. Euth A., bom April 11, 1841, married 

Chas. 1ST. Wright, January 11, 1863. To 
them were born : 

1 Ithamer, born October 8, 1863, died July 

12, 1902. 

2 Xellie V., born April 1, 1865, died May 

29, 1865. 

3 Frank L., born February 1, 1867. 

4 Flora, born September 27, 1868, died De- 

cember 23, 1878. 

5 Cora, born September 27, 1868. 

6 Bert C, bom June 18, 1870. 

7 Ellen, born January 29, 1873. 

8 Amy, born July 11, 1874. 

9 Gertrude, born April 26, 1876. 

Mebbiix Genealogy. 41 

10 Mabel, born May 28, 1877. 

11 Harvey, born March 8, 1881. 

12 Homer, born March 8, 1881, died Novem- 

ber 9, 1883. 

13 Jackson, born February 24, 1885, died 

November 26, 1887. 
Chas. Wright died June 7, 1900. 

5. Emma born March 23, 1842, married Wil- 
liam W. Remington, June 1G, 1861. To 
them were born eight children : 
1 Ida born June 3, 1862, married Walter B. 
Waite, on May 26, 1878. Ten chil- 
dren were born to them : 
a Angie O., born January 16, 1879, mar- 
ried William II. Ileidell, July 3, 

b Ray W., born September 5, 1880, mar- 
ried Ad die E. Scott, September 20, 
190.1. They have one child: 

Ida Lucile, born December 22, 1905. 

c Leigh, born December 28, 1881. 

d Glenn, born June 14, 1883. 

e Hattie M., born February 8, 1885, died 
Aug. 24, 1886. 

f Arthur H., born May 12, 1886, mar- 
ried Bessie M. Taylor March 10, 

g Ella H., % born April 14, 1888. 

h George B., born August 12, 1889. 

42 Merrill Genealogy. 

1 Emma L., born August 11, 1893. 
j Effie M., born Mav 13, 1898. 

2 Norton, born January 4, 1864, died Au- 

gust 7, 1864. 

3 George, born August 20, 1865, died April 

24, 1893. 

4 Frank, born July 24, 1867, married Jessie 

E. Vickery of Salamanca, 1ST. Y., April 
20, 1893. To them were born five chil- 
dren : 

a Carey V., born January 25, 1894. 
b Coralyn, born September 5, 1895. 
c Arthur B., born June 12, 1897. 
d M. Jay, born February 8, 1902. 
e Carl A., born May 21, 1904, died Sep- 
tember 25, 1904. 

5 Newell, born December 25, 1870, died De- 

cember 25, 1871. 

6 Millie, born May 22, 1874, married Sel- 

den M. Clark, March 21, 1891. To 

them were born: 
a Homer L., born December 20, 1891, 

died May 1, 1905. 
b Averna L., born September 10, 1898. 

7 Adelbert, born April 24, 1876, married 

Hattie Howell, December 7, 1897. To 
them were born three children: 

a Geneva M., born April 27, 1899. 

b E. Eernice, born September 19, 1901. 

Merrill Genealogy. 43 

c Bertha E., born October 31, 1903. 
8 William, born December 12, 1892. 

6. Augusta, born January 20, 1816, married 

Garrett P. Remington, July 14, 1861, 
died March 11, 1907. 

7. Mary, born 1847, married A. 

J. Edick, February, 1869. They have 
one child: 

1 Clarence J., born March 11, 1877. 
Mary died July 4, 1885, aged 38 years. 

8. Harvey, born May 8, 1851, at Markham, N. 

Y., married Rose A. Hall at Villenova, 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y., December 24, 1879. 
To them were born three children: 

1 Myrl R., November 28, 1881, at Markham, 

Catt. Co., ~N. Y., married Rose Blanch 
Jolls at Buffalo, N. Y. September 7, 
1904. To them was born: 
a Irma Rose, June 5, 1906, at Silver 
Creek, K Y. 

2 Lola A., April 10, 1884, at Markham, 

Catt. Co., K Y., died November 26, 


3 Sarah E., born December 21, 1889, at 

Markham, Catt. Co., E". Y., 

9. Hannah, born died when 

nine years of age. 

10. Homer, born died 

when nearly five years of age. 

44 Merrill Genealogy. 

II. Electa, second daughter of Anson C. Mer- 
rill, born April 5, 1819, died August 16, 


ITL Ira Merrill, born May 17, 1821, died 
March 23, 1823. 

IV. Ruth Merrill born September 8, 1824, at 
Dayton, N. Y. Married Homer J. Redfield, 
at Dayton, X. Y., by Nelson Welch, J. P., 
September 17, 1844. To them were born in 
Eden, 1ST. Y. 

1. Merrill C, born December 26, 1848, mar- 

ried to Ella M. Ansley at Eden, N. Y., 
January 18, 1882, by Rev. Thos. Green. 
To them were born at Eden, 1ST. Y. 

1 Mabel H., born on February 4, 1884. 

2 Mary R., born on June 9, 1886. 

2. Florence M., born . mar- 

ried Newton McLaury at Eden, N. Y., 
August 28, 1878, by Rev. Ward Piatt. To 
them was born: 

1 Burten, born November 21, 1879, married 
Jessie DeWitt at Hornell, N. Y., June 
24, 1901. To them was born: 
a Marion R., born on February 25, 1902, 

at Canaseraga, N. Y. 
b Olive B., born November 16, 1881. 

3. Newton McLaury died at Eden, N. Y^., 

March 20, 1884. 

V. Ira the Second, born February 2, 1827, mar- 

Merrill Genealogy. 45 

ried Ellen Darby, November 14, 1850, at 
Dayton, N. Y., died November 30, 1852. 
Ellen Merrill married C. M. Pierce May 27, 
1859, she died January 14, 1899. She adopt- 
ed a child, a niece, Grace Darbee, daughter 
of Augustus Darbee. Grace was born De- 
cember 25, 1867, married Bert Perrin of 
Dayton, 1ST. Y., September 26, 1893. 

VI. Esther M., born May 2, 1829, married Alex- 
ander Hunt, October , she died in 
Hamburg, 1ST. Y., April 23, 1853. 

VII. David, born April 5, 1831, married Mar- 
garet McMillen, April 7, 1853. He died 
May 7, 1874. To them was born one son: 

1. Albert M., born on June 15, 1854, mar- 
ried Emma W. Davis. They have one 
child named Lucia Esther. 

VIII. Albert J., born July 23, 1833, married 
Nancy B. Blakely, December 31, 1857. To 
them were born: 

1. Willie, born on August 17, 1859, married 

Hattie Dutton, February 28, 1900. To 
them was born : 

1 Albert, Jr., born March 22, 1904. 

2 Ruth, born April 15, 1907. 

2. Esma Corene, born July 25, 1867, died Sep- 

tember 14, 1868. 

3. Minnie, born July 23, 1871, married Clyde 

46 Merrill Genealogy. 

Innman, January 25, 1892. To them was 

1 Merrill B., born January 26, 1900. 

2 Burdette, born March 28, 1904. 
Minnie died April 4, 1904. 

4. Freddie, born November 24, 1873, died 
May 13, 1875. 
Nancy Merrill died January 28, 1874. 
Albert J., married the second time Sarah B. 
Sherman of Collins, N. Y., September 19, 
1878. Albert died November 25, 1884. 


SILAS MERETLL, son of Barzilla, born November 
27, 1797, married Lucinda Morey. To them were 

1. Polly married George Wallace. Most of 
their lives were spent in the town of Fabius. 
Their children were: 

1 Warren, address Pierceton, Ind. 

2 Wilson, married Rozella Clark. Address 

Fabius, Onondaga County, N. Y. 

3 Judith, married James Barnard. They 

have four children. Address Fabius, N. 

4 Mary, married Giles Hackett. They have 

two children. Address Ballina, Madi- 
son County, N. Y. 

Merrill Genealogy. 47 

5 Edward, married Stella Cummings. They 
have one son. Address Apulia, Onon- 
daga County, N. Y. 

2. Mary, married William Stearns. Said to 

have lived at Fonda, 1ST. Y. 

3. Ira, married Elizabeth Conkey. 

4. Silas, lived in Appleton, Wis. Was mar- 

ried three times had no children. 
Silas Merrill died December 28, 1827. 


EMMA MEERILL, daughter of Barzilla, born April 
8, 1800, married Milo Lewis. Their children were: 

1. Lucia, married Ileman Yale — became a widow, 

married the second time a — Stuart. 

2. Emma, died December 19, 1849. 
Emma Merrill died Feb. 12, 1841. 


RUTH MERRILL, daughter of Barzilla, born July 
11, 1802, maried Dr. H. K. Webster. To them was 

1. Ruth, married Riley Graves. They had 
one child. Address Winnetka, Cook 
County, 111. 
Ruth Merrill died June 24, 1832. 

48 Merrill Genealogy. 


EDWARD MERRILL, son of Barzilla, was born 
July 19, 1805. He was married to Helen Conklin. 
To them was born one son : 

1. William H., born mar- 

ried Mary F. Morehouse on Dec. 22, 1858. 
To them was born one son : 
1 Edward S., born on July 6, 1860, married 
Mary C. Ferris on November 15, 1882. 
She was born January 20, 1862. They 
have had seven children : 
a Edward Ferris, born February 24, 1884. 
b Robert Sherman, born April 24, 1886. 
Albert Bacon, born December 10, 1888. 
d Mary Grace, born February 8, 1891. 
Laura Amelia, born May 11, 1892, died 
August 20, 1892. 
f William Henry, born October 2, 1893. 
g Charles Lockwood born August 20, 1895. 


MARY MERRILL, daughter of Barzilla, born Sep- 
tember IS, 1810, married Albert G. Bacon, Jan- 
13, 1831. They always resided in Fabius. The 
earlier years of their married life being spent on 
a farm and the later years in the village of 

'J o 

Fabius. They were noted for their hospitality, 

Merrill Genealogy. 49 

their home being open to old and young, stranger 
and friend. No children were given to them. 
They lived together about sixty years. 
Mary Merrill died June 7, 1896. 


DAVIT) MEERILL son of Barzilla, was bom June 
4, 181 5, and died February 4, 1881, at North East, 
Pa. He married Deborah Wallis, October 17, 1838, 
who was born April 22, 1820. Their family con- 
sisted of: 

1. Wallis E., born November 12, 1841. He 

was drowned March 19, 1847. 

2. Maria J., born August 8, 1843, married By- 

ron Bramer, October 5, 1864 and are now 
living at 545 Cedar street, Syracuse, N. Y. 

3. Edward W., born September 20, 1850, 

married Amanda Wolf, January 17, 1872. 
Thev are now living at Frontier Farm, 
Erie, Pa. To them was born : 
1 Nellie M., born on September 18, 1872, 
married Lafey G. French, January 17, 
1894. To them were born: 
a Puth G., born May 11, 1895. 
b Helen N., born October 5, 1896. 
c Edward M., born July 27, 1899. 
d Florence E., born April 18, 1^02. 
All living at North East, Erie Countv, Pa. 

5'0 Merrill Genealogy. 

4. Evangeline A., born May 16, 1855, married 
Frank II. Perkins in 1882. They are 
now living at Delray, Mich. 

Deborah W., died March 15, 1907. 

Amy Merrill (or Ama, as their records gave it) 
was a sister of Barzilla the first, was born 
April 16, 1769, married Thaddens Beach 
about 1793, was mother of eight children. 
Her son Hiram born in 1802, married Pollv 
Sprague. To them were born two children. 
Only one lived to grow up — Calvin Beach — 
three of his daughters are living on the Beach 
farm near Fabius, N. Y. The oldest daugh- 
ter is Mary L. Beach, her address is New 
Woodstock, IsT. Y., R. F. D. 

Clavin Beach died in 1903. 


It seems that John Merrill and Nathaniel Merrill, 
brothers,- first came to this country in 1633 from Salis- 
bury, Wilt County, England, to Ipswich, Mass., and 
established themselves in the town of Newbury, Mass., 
in 1634, as charter members of the town. It is claimed 
that thev were descended from the Hueenot familv 
of De Merle, who escaped to England after the St. 
Bartholomew Massacre in August, 1572. This family 
of De Merle belong; to the Auversrne nobility and had 
its ancestral estate near Place de Dombes in that 
Province: John Merrill died Sept. 12, 1673, and by 
his wife Elizabeth, who died July 14, 1682, had only 
one child, Hannah, born in England and married to 
Stephen Swett, May 24, 1647, and died April 4, 1662. 
Nathaniel Merrill of Newbury, was born about 1610, 
f and died Mar. 16, 1654, he married Susannah Wilter- 
ton. Their children were John, born in 1635, Na- 
thaniel, born in 1638, Abraham, Susannah, Daniel, 
born August 20, 1642, and Abel, born Feb. 20, 1644. 
In my judgment by looking through the records of 
the various towns in Massachusetts, to which the sev- 
eral branches of the familv moved, the connection be- 
tween Barzilla Merrill and his father, David, mav be 
traced to one or the other of these Merrill brothers, 
and it would not be a hopeless task to fill in the inter- 
val of one hundred years, if any person desired to 
do so. 

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