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Gc M. L. 





3 1833 01414 9352 



John F. Meslck 


Years were spent in gathering the facts of this family record. 
The archives of the early history of the State of New York, in 
the Capitol library, Albany, were consulted ; and on a map of 
the Livingston Manor, the Miibick house, the home of the 
original ancestor, was found on the Claverack creek. In Doc- 
umentary History of New York, Vol. 3, p. 404, Veil Miisig 
(ii is sounded e,) Mesig, a German Palatine, from Hunters- 
town, is named as a volunteer for an expedition against Can- 
ada, July 16, 1711. From this scrap the inference is drawn 
that the first emigrant of this family came from the Palatinate 
on the upper Rhine, of which Heidelbergh was the chief city. 
In 17 19, during the reign of Charles Philip, the Reformed 
Church, at the instigation of the Romanists, was assailed with 
furious persecution, and thousands of its members were driven 
into exile, Iea\ing their houses and lands to be occupied by 
their oppressors, and taking with them the few worldly goods 
that ihey could carry ; and were forced for conscience 
sake to become refugees in Germany, Holland, England and 
America. The nucleus of this genealogy was furnished by 
Thomas Mesick, of Guilderland, Albany County, in 1840, then 
aged 86, born in Claverack, and endowed with good memory. 
John I. Mesick, of West Ghent, supplied from documents and 
traditions family lines that could have been procured from no 
other source. Miss Kitiie Mesick, of Claverack, furnished a 
large share of the records of the Hendrick branch. The books 
of the Claverack and Linlithgo Reformed churches have sup- 
plied several names and dates. By extensive correspondence, 


pcated journeys and personal interviews, the compiler has 
.lUed up gaps and secured reliable data. What is here pre- 
sented would have been lost irrecoverably in a few short years 
had it not been sought out at this time. 

Ffitz Muzigh, the original ancestor of the Hendrick branch, 
was born in Germany in 1694, immigrated in 17 19, landed at 
Germantown and settled in the Northern part of Livingston 
Manor, on a life leased farm of 168 acres, 7 miles distant from 
the head of Warren street, Pludson, i^ miles from Glencoe 
Mills, and i^ miles East of the Post road, between Albany and 
New York. Tradition says that he brought all his property 
on a wheelbarrow ; proof of the sacrifices made for religious 
principle. Here he built a small but substantial log house 
(125 years old in 1SS3,) still standing and inhabited. This 
farm passed into the hands of Harry and Waller Decker, of 
Peter N. Decker and of Zachariah Ham, its owner at the last 
date. Ffitz Muzigh's name appears- in a list of freeholders 
made out in 1720. — Documentary History of Neiv York, 
Vol. 1, J>. 424. 

In the double door of this log house is a bullet hole which, 
tradition says, was made by a shot gun in the hands of Tories 
who attempted to rob and murder the old man, who was re- 
puted to have some money in his dwelling. The Tories took 
him three times to the cellar and hung him from the beam 
overhead to compel him to divulge the hiding place of his 
treasure ; but his neighbors rallied to his rescue, and the Tor- 
ies were alarmed and escaped. This fact indicates that he had 
survived the date 1776, and had reached his 85th year. 


FFITZ MUZIGH. Born 1694. Died after 1776. Mar- 
ried Maria Catherine Emigrated 17 19. His chil- 
dren were : 

A. HENURICK. Born 1715. Died April 3, 1809, 

B. JACOB. Born 1717. Died March 19, 1774. 

C. CATHERINE. Daughter married Jacob Young. 

D. THOMAS. Born 1734. Died July 26, 1782. 

Doubt hangs over this relation, on account of the wide 
space between the birth dates. Yet Thomas Mesick No. 3, 
son of Thomas Mesick No. 2, said in 1840 that his Grand 
Father was Fiet Mesick ; and the solution of this difficulty 
may be that Ffitz Muzigh had a second wife. 



No. 2. HENDRICK. Born 1715. Died April 3, 1S09, 
aged 95. Married Catherine Dedrick, who died Dec. 20, 1792, 
aged 65 years. He lived on the old homestead, of which he 
had a joint lease with his father, until his death. There he 
was buried, but his remains as well as those of his wife were re- 
interred in the grave yard of the Claverack Reformed Church. 
His name appears in a list of members of the Linlithgo Re- 
formed Church in 1755. He was in Consistory from 1753 to 
1767, and an Elder 1755. He received a Commission as 


Lieutenant of the Sixth Company in the Regiment of Militia 
for the Manor of Livingston from Cadwalader Colden, Jan. 25, 
1764. Children: 

A. PETER. Born Oct. 8, 1750. 

B. MARGARET. Born March 12, 1756. Married John 

C. SARAH. Born Jan. 3, 1759. Married Peter Harder ; 
no children. 

D. CATHERLVE. Born Oct. 24, 1762. Married 

Smith of Nassau. 

E. ELIZABETH. Born March 22, 1764. Married John 
Lasher of Johnstown, Montgomery County, New York. 

Hattie, daughter of Frederick Mesick No. 4, has in her 
possession the Will of Hendrick Mesick, in which he appoint.s 
John Young, his brother-in-law, and John Best, his son-in-law, 

^No. 3.) PETER. Son of Hendrick No. 2, was born it 
the old homestead near Glencoe .Mills, Oct. 8, 1750. He be- 
came a soldier in the Revolutionary Army, and fought in the 
battle of StiUwaier and in other battles of the war. At an 
early age he married Christina Moul, wlio was born at Red 
Hook, April 12th, 1754. She was an intellectual woman ; was 
quite a controversionalist, and was noted for her fine conver- 
sational gifts, being able at any time to entertain a room full 
of interested listeners. 

This aged couple lived together more than sixty years, and 
died upon the same day, November 27, 1834, and were bur- 
ied in the same grave. The following inscription appears upon 
their tombstone in Clavcrack Cemetery : 

"Hcncrvlli this stone two reverent forms are laiH, 

\Vlio all the ills of four-score ye.irs defied ; 
Happy in life, in death were undismayed ; 

They lived together and together died." 

(P^fl fca,wi,, X-v--— ^^ ~ C^Jl/^-^f-^.^ 



The house in which they lived and died was built for their. 
tefore the Revolution. It is a spacious and venerable man- 
sion, situated on the Columbia Turnpike, in Claverack, four 
miles east of Hudson, and is now the property and residence 
of Harriet E. Mesick, their grand-daughter. 

A. HENRY P. Born Aug. 28, 1776. Died Nov. 21, 1S49. 

B. JACOB P. Born Nov. 13, 1778. Died May 26, 1S60. 

C. PETER. Bom Dec if, 1780. Died March 30, 1820. 

D. FREDERICK. Born May 3, 1791. Died January 
15, 1862. 

E. JOHN P. Born Feb. 8, 1783. Died May 2, 1S43. 

F. CATHERINE. Born September 16, 1793. Died May 
30, 1862. 

G. JAMES. Born March 24, 178s. Died April 5, 1S56. 

(No. 3.) MARGARET. Daughter of Hendrick No. 

Bom March 12, 1756. Married John Best. Children ; 

EPHRAIM. E. JACOB. Died March, 1876, aged 93. F. 
HENRY. G. DAVID. H. ABRAM. His Daughter 
Sarah Catherine, married John Fellows. She was born July 
10, 1832. Their son Best Fellows was bom Nov. 20, i86o. 
I. Sarah. 

(No. 4.) Captain Henry P., son of Peter No. 3, born Aug. 
28, 1776. He resided at Kline Kill. First wife, Elizabeth 
Rundel, born February 8, 1780. Died December 10, 1S29. 
Second wife, Mary Nase, October 27, 1832. She died Nov. 
21, 1849. Children of first wife: 

A. WILLIAM R. Bom 1803. President of the Bank of 

B. Col. PETER FRANKLIN. Born 1806, of Kline Kill. 
Died 1879. 


■ (No. 4.) PETER. Son of Peter No. 3. Born December 
15, 1780. Married Sally Adams. Born December 10, 1780. 
Child : 

A. CHRISTINA. Born May 17, 1812. Never married. 
Died July, 1853, aged 43. 

(No. 4.) JOHN P., son of Peter No. 3. Bom Feb. 8, 1783. 
Married Susan Elsifer. No children. She died October 15, 
1863. He died May 2, 1843. 

(No. 4.) JACOB P., son of Peter No. 3. Born November 
17, 1778. He represented his district in Columbia County in 
the Assembly of 1827, and held various other offices of public 
trust. He married Elizabeth Nase, October 11, 1806. She 
was born at Dover, Dutchess county, Dec. 6, 1784. She died 
Feb. 15, 1850. He died in Claverack, May 26, 1S60. 

A. • ELIZABETH. Bom July 4, 1807. Died Aug., 1S07, 

B. FREDERICK N. Born February 27, 1S09. 

C. ABRAHAM J. Born September 20, 1811. 

D. JOHN. Born June 16, 1813., 

F. PETER. Born December 3, i8i6. 

(N. 4.) FREDERICK. Son of Peter No. 3. Born May 
3, 1791. Merchant in Hudson. Married first wife, Harriet 
Collins, March 3, 182 1, She died February 28, 1824. Mar- 
ried second wife, Joanna Latting, October 9, 1830. She died 
March 15, 1841. She was the mother of five daughters, as 
follows : 

A. JULIA D. SEYMOUR. Born November 4, 1831, 
Died March 9, i860. 

B. CATHERINE JORDAN. Born March 5, 1834. 
Married Stephen H. Webb, November 13, 1S67. Died July 
ij, 1871. 


C. ANNA LOUISA. Born January 13, 1841. Died 
November 20, 1875. 

D. HARRIET K Bom Au;;ust 11, 1838. Resides in 
Claverack on the homestead of her grandfather, Peter No. 3. 

E. MARY D. BLISS. Born January 30, 1841. Died 
November 20, 1875. 

He married third wife, Adahnc Jarvis Fuller, May 8, 1842. 
Her daughter is Mary Jarvis Fuller. He died January 15, 
1862, at the old homestead in Claverack. 

(No. 4.) CATHERINE, daughter of Peter No. 3. Bom 
September 16, 1793. Married to Abram Jordan, M. D., by 
Rev. John G. Gebhard. Dr. Jordan was bom in Hillsdale, 
Columbia County, N. Y. He was a physician of marked abil- 
ity, and practiced medicine about forty years in the town of 
Claverack, He died in that town October 21, 1855. His wife 
Catherine died in Claverack May 30, 1862, leaving children as 
follows : 

A. PETER M. JORDAN, Lawyer. Resides in the city 
of Hudson. 

B. WILLIAM A. JORDAN, Farmer. Resides in the 
town of Claverack. He married Caroline Jenkins. Children : 

(a) William A. Jordan, resides in Denver, Colorado. 

(b) Susan H., married to Rev. Arthur G. Rogers, Pastor 
of I St Universalist Church, in Hudson. 

(c) Mary H., unmarried. 

C. HENRY JORDAN. Married Anna \V. Everson. 
Children all unmarried, viz, : 

(a) Harrry, lives in Coxsackie, N. Y. 

(b) Catherine, " New York City. 

(c) Robert F., " Claverack, N. Y. 
td) Gilbert E., " . . - " " 
(e) Frank W., " " " 


D. ELIZABETH. Married Frederick A. Gifford of Hud- 
son, August 15, 1845. She died March 14, 1878. He is dead 
also. Leaving children, viz.: 

■ (a) Julian, who resides at Silver Islet, Canada West. 

(b) Elizabeth. Married to Henry A. Sibley, who resides at 
St. Paul, Minn. 

(c) Mary, who resides in Silver Islet, Ontario, Canada W. 

(d) Abram J. Married Jane, daughter of Augustus Mc- 
Kinstry, and resides in Hudson. 

(e) Elihu, Jr. Married iMatilda, daughter of R. E. An- 
drews, Esq., and resides in Hudson. 

(f) Albert E., resides in Ludington, Michigan. 

(g) Charles, resides in Hudson. 

E. JOHN JORDAN. Resides in Clavcrack, and has no 

F. LUCY JORDAN. Died in Claverack, December 5, 
1839, aged 8 years, 11 months and 13 days. 


(No. 5.) WM. R. MESICK, son of Capt. Henry P. No. 4. 
[By special request, this family record is omitted.] 

(No. 5.) ABRAM J., son of Jacob P., Esq., No. 4. Born 
September 20, 181 1. Married Margaret C. Schultz, January 
3, 1841. She was born March 25, 1816. 

A. ELIZABETH NASE. Born December 24, 1841. 
Harried Rev. E. D. Bates, July 24, 1S60. . Their daughter 
Nina, born August 19, 1S64. 


B. BENJAMIN S. Born March 6, 1848. Married Caro- 
line Lockwood, born September 21, 1856, on July 18, 1878. 

C. CATHARINE HANNA. Born June 3, 1851. 

(No. 5.) JOHN, son of Jacob P., Esq., No. 4. Born June 
16, 1813. Married Jane Sagendorph, October 19, 1849. She 
was born October 12, 1S20. Children : 

A. JACOB P. Born August 26, 1848. Married Jennie 
Miller, November 17, 1871. 

(a) Annie Miller Mesick, born December 14, 1873. 

(No. 5.) Coi. PETER FRANKLIN, son of Capt. Henry 
No. 4. Born Nov. 29, 1805. Married Maria Vosburgh, 
.Nov. 29, 1827. She was born Oct. 30, 1807. She died Nov. 
7,. 1865. He married his second wife, Sarah Link New, 
daughter of the adopted daughter of Sarah No. 3, and daugh- 
ter of Hendrick No. 2, who married Peter Harder ; and re- 
turned from Illinois, to which State her mother had moved. 
Married Dec. 26, 1866. She died June, 1S77. 

A. CATHERINE. Born March 7, 1831. Married War- 
ren Decker, Feb. 7, 1854. Resides in Kline Kill at her 
father's homestead. 

B. FRANKLIN. Born Dec. 28, 1830. Died Dec. 4, 1S57. 

C. HENRY P. Born Aug. 6, 1833. Married Charlotte 
Decker, Oct. 12, 1858. 

(a) Jesse D. Born July 16, 1858. Died Oct. 16, 1859. 

(b) Elizabeth .Maria. Born .\ug. 22, 1861. 

(c) Harriet .Schufelt. Born June 19, 1S65. 

(d) Peter Franklin. Born 1869. 

(e) John Decker. Born 1872. 


D. MARY ALIDA. Born May 13, 1838. Married John 
Decker, Nov. 30, 1S58. 

(a) Edward Salisbury. Born Jan. 18, 1862. 

(b) Mary Eugene. Born Dec. 25, 1863. 

E. JOHN P. Born April 19, 1841. Married Frances 
Payn, Sept. 18, 1862. She was born .March i:, 1844. 

(a) Catherine Maria. Born Oct. 30, 1865. 

F. S.\R.\H. Born June 2, 1829. Died Feb. 1832. 

G. EMILY. Born Dec. 6, 1835. Died March 21, 1836. 
Col. PETER F. .MESICK.. Died in 1879. He was Col. 

of the National Guards. His estate comprised 563 acres of 
tillable land in the town of Ghent, Columbia Co. 



(No. 2.) J.\COr>, son of Ffit/. Musi^h No. i. Born 1717. 
Died March 19, 1774, aged 57 years, i month, 28 days. He 
bought a farm ne.xt to Thomas Mesick No. 2, Nov. 6, 1763, 
from Killian Van Rensselaer of Albany, and sold 100 morgans 
of land to Thomas .Mesick No. 2, Oct. 21, 1750, for ^Soo, in 
Claverack. Children : 

A. HENDRICK. Born Jan. 28, 1750. 

B. JACOB. Born Nov. 24, 1751. 

C. JOH.N. Born Nov. 28, 1754. 

D. JACOB. Born Dec 19, 1762. 

£^' (Zjue^*^ ^- 


• In the Baptismal Register of the Livingston Manor Church, 
Jacob Mesick's name is spelled Mysic, Misich, and Mesick in 
three several entries ; showing the changes which it underwent. 

(No. 3.) JACOB, son of Jacob No. 2. He had two chil- 

A. JOHN, who married Elizabeth Krum. He was dis- 
tinguished by the name "Diker Hans." His house stands near 
the old Mesick grave yard in the town of Claverack. His wife 
was buried in Kinderhook. 

(a) John M. Mesick. 

(b) Margaret, who married Mott. 

(c) Elizabeth, married Garretson. 


(No. 3.) PETER. Married Helm. 

A. JACOB P. Moved to Berne, Albany county, N. Y. 

B. PETER. Born July 27, 1794. Died August 4, 1867. 
The town records of Berne show that Peter Mesick No. 3 was 
Overseer of Highways in 1803, 4, 10; Commissioner of High- 
ways 181 1 ; licensed to ket-p an Inn 1803, 4, 5, 6, 7 and iSoS. 

(No. 3.') HE.MRY, son of Jacob No. 2. Born in Claver- 
ack January 7, 1789. Married, in Utica, Louisa Rose, Aug. 
4, 1814. Born in Oneida county Jan. 14, 1796. Died in 
floward, Steuben county, August 8, 1864. He died in Bath, 
N. Y., September iS, 1851. 

A. NELLIE ELSIE. Born in Utica July 27, 1815. Mar- 
ried E. Borden July 4, 183 1. Died in Howard January S, 
1840. Children : 

(a) Jane, (b) Hannah, (c) Celia. (d) Emily. 


10, 1817. Died October 20, 1834. 

C. WILLIAM H. MESICK. Born in Hudson November 
25, 1819. Married Anna Page. Children : 

(a) Letitia. 

(b) Oel. Resides in Marango, Illinois. 

D. ABRAM \V. MESICK. Born in Kinderhook Novem- 
ber 3, 1S21. Married Jane Case. Children : 

(a) Warren, has two children. 

(b) Jennie, married a Dentist and Physician. Children : 

Charles, George and Mesick, reside in Clio, Mich. 

E. CHARLES S. MESICK. Born in Troy, N. Y., .Nov. 
2, 1823. Married Susan CoUiei, Sept. 3, 184S. She was born 
in Howard, N. Y., Feb. 20, 183:. Resides in Sandwich, Illi- 
nois, and is a Homoeopathic physician. 

(a) Louisa. Born in Howard, N. Y., June 20, 1849. .Mar- 
ried Ernest Mix at Rockford, 111., Dec 10, 1S63. Children: 
Charles, Ella and Henry. 

F. SIDNEY S. MESICK. Born in Danube, Herkimer 
County, N. Y., Jan 14, 1826. Married Nancy Bcneth, 1S50. 
Children : 

(a) Charles. 

(b) Ella. M.-irried Johnston ; one child. 

(c) Stella. 

(d) Angie. 

(e) Jennie. Resides in Howard, N. Y. 

March 16, 1S29. Married Sept. 5, 1847, Richard Collier, who 
resides in Hornellsville, N. Y. 

a Jennie. Married Charles Perkins, BufTalo, N. Y. 

b Flora. Married Frederick Hall ; one child, Bessie. 


H. GEORGE W. MESICK. Born in Howard, N. Y., 
March 24, 1831. Married Harriet Jerlida York, Sept. 16, 
1856, in Galena, 111. He died Nov. 11, 1878. 

(a) Harriet Jerlida York. Born July 8, 1835, in Brook- 
field, Madison County, New York. 

(b) Leander .\Iesick. Born Aug. 20, 1857, in Nora, Davis 
County, Illinois. 

(c) Rosabel. Born, Jan 21, 1S59, in Warren, Joe Davis 
County, Illinois. 

(d) Lillie. Born Jan. 6, 1861, in Warren. 

(tf) Frederick Mesick. Born Aug. 31, 1S63, in Warren. 
(0 Ch.irles Mesick. Born .March 31, 1S66, in Nora, 111. 
(g) George W. Mesick, Jr. Born Sept. 15, 1869, in Nora, 

(h) Wm. Henry Mesick. Born Jan. 8, 1875, in Nora, III. 

I. ANNA MARIETTA MESICK. Born Nov. 31, 1833, 
in Howard, N. Y. Married Silas Norris. Died. Left one son. 

J. VIOLA (and lona, twins). Born in Howard, N. Y., 
Sept. 23, 1852. Married Hon. W. H. Palmer, Attorney, 
Sandwich, 111., Sept. 23, 1875. 

(a) J. Holland ralmcr. 

(b) Florence. 

K. ION A MESICK. Married i;. W. Trons, Sandwich, 
111., June 9, 1874. One child, lona. 

L. MAMIE. Born in Byion, Ogle County, Illinois, Jan. 

IS. ''^es. 

(No. 4.) PETER MESICK, son of Peter No. 3. Born July 
27, 1794. Died August 4, 1867. Married Sarah Reamer, Feb- 
ruary 6, 1819. She was born March 28, 1802. Died April 5, 
1861. He moved to Cayuga County, N. Y., in 183c, and to 
Rockford. 111., in 1854. 


A. CATHERINE. Born October 8, 1819. Died Sept. 

4, 1839. Married Chauncy Luce, January 14, 1839. 

B. HENRY P. Born Jan. 14, 1821. Died June 3, 1846. 

C. JACOB J. Born August 30, 1822. Married Ann E. 
Andrews. He died . His widow Mrs. E. A. Hicks, Kirk- 
land, DeKalb Co., 111. 

D. DAVID P. Born January 2, 1824. Married Susan 
A. Cram, Oct. 5, 1862. Resides in Rockford, 111. 

E. ANDREW. Born Feb. 21, 1826. Died Sept. 19, 

F. MARGARET. Born April 6, 1829. Died Oct. 21, 

G. SARAH. Born July 6, 1836. Married Daniel Cum- 
mings, Jan. 29,1852. Resides, New Milford, 111. 

H. JOSEPH. Born April 6, 1834. Died Dec. i, 1840. 

I. LYDIA. Born Dec. 9, 1S36. Married Biiel B. Cram, 
Sept. 5, 1S60. Resides in Rockford, 111. 

J. PF:TER, Jr. Born March 20, 1838. Marrii-d Martha 
W. Trahern, Sept, 6, 1859. 

K. CHAUNCEY L. Born April 8, 1840. Died Aug. 16, 

L. WILLIAM L. Born Jan. 29, 1842. Married Nellie 
Oyler. Resides in St. Louis, Missouri. 

M. CATHERINE R. Born Oct. 20, 1843. Married 

5. G. Batcman, Aug. 30, 1S62. Resides in Ellsworth, Wis. 

(No, 4.) JACOB P., son of Peter No. 3. Born Aug. 30, 
1784. Died Nov. 16, 1844. Residence Berne, N. Y'. He 
married Lavoisa Stafford, ist wife, July 4, 1S04. Born Nov. 
15, 17S7. Died March, 1829. 2d wife m.irried .\pril 10, 
1830, Mary Winne. Died Aug. 18, 1872. 


A. PETER I. MESICK. Born Oct. 1803. Married 
Phoebe Lewis, who was born i8oj, and died June, 1835. He 
removed to Ogden City, Weber County, Utah. 

(a) Hiram. Born May i, 1855. Married Caroline Lewis, 
Aug. 28, 1858. Children : 

Lavinia. Born Feb. 10, 186 1. 
Barney. Born April 4, 1863. 
Abram. Born Nov. 12, 187 1. 
Phoebe. Born June 13, 1874 

(b) Jacob Henry. Baptized March 2, 1829. Died. 

(c) Emily. Died. 

B. SAL1>IE. Born 1805. 

C. ELIZABETH. Born 1806. Died Dec. 20, 1849. 

D. HENRY J. Born Oct. 20, 1807. Married Catherine 
Ann Shaffer, January i, 1831. 

(a) Harriet. Bom Aug. 17, 1832. Married George Cady, 

Eben. John M. 

Sarah. Married A. I). Shadow. Their child Hattie, born 
Dec. 14, 1859. 

E. CATHERINE. Born July 15, 1809. Married Henry 
Lesvis, Sept. 15, 1832. 

F. CHRISTINA. Born Jan. 4, 1811. 

G. xMARY ANN. Born 1812. Married Allen 
Chase. Died 

(a) Jacob. (b) Job. (c) Catherine. (d) Phebe 
Tryphena. (e) Stewart, (f) Edward. 

H. PHEBE. Born Aug. 29, 1817. Married Reuben 

(a) Sidney, (b) Huldah. (c) Harry, (d) Ellen. 

L JANE. Born Sept. 15, 1822. Married Henry P. 
Winne, Oct. 23, 1842. 

(a) Jacob, (b) Emily. 


J. JACOB. Born March 4, 1S24. Married Hukh Beebe. 
K. JOHN. Born May 17, 1S27. Married Elizabeth 
Clute, April 11, 1849. Born Oct. i, 1828. 

(a) Jacob. Born Aug. 11, 1850. Married Elizabeth 

(b) James. Born May 27, 1853. Married .U.argaret 
Dowse June 7, 1873. Harry. Lottie. 

(c) William. Born August 10, i86o. Married Sarah Os- 
trander. Marietta, born January 17, 1S26. Peter Mesick, 
married Sarah Reamer. Their children, Margaret, born April 
5, 1S29, and Sarah, bom April 17, 1831. 

(d) Libbie. Born Dec 2, 1S63. 

(e) Minnie. Born Sept., 1865. 

L. JAMES W. Born Aug. 28, 1830. 

M. HANXAH. Born Feb. 18, 1832. Married Andrew 

1835. Married Hattie Brandow. 

(No. 4.) JACOB, son of J.icnb No. 3. Born Nov. 25, 
1760. Died in Schod.ic, July 2, 1824. Married ist wife, 
Alida Van Alystein, Feb. 3, 1785. She died May 6, 1790. 
Married 2d wife, Catharine Ostrander, Oct. iS, 179 . She 
was born Jan. 5, 1772. Died October 12, 184S. 

A. CATHERINE. Born Feb. 2, 1786. Married Tobias 
Folmsbee, April 26, 1815. He died 

(a) Hiram Folmsbee. Born .March 28, iSiG. Married 
Margaret Sprong. Their children : 

Mary, who married Tobias. 

Josephine, married Timothy Fuller. 

Jacob P'olmsbee. 

William, married Davenport. 


(b) Jacob Folmsbee, who manied Catherine Huyck. 

B. WILLIAM MESICK. Born Dec. 2, 1787. Died in 
Schodac, 1843, aged 56 years. Married Sarah Ostrander, 
May 28, 1831. She died . Children : 

(a) Alida, confectioner, 65 Madison Avenue, Albany. 

(b) Sarah, married George Anderson. Children : 
Samuel M. 

Sarah Jane, married Ten Eyck Mosier. 

George W. 


(c) Jacob Mesick, married Sarah Hamilton. Children : 
Kate. Libbie. Ida. 

(d) Marietta. 

. (e) Catherine. Baptized Aug. i6, 1S2S. Married New- 
man VValdron. 

(f) John Mesick. Born March 3, 183 1. Married Evelina 

C. ALIDA MESICK. Born Oct. 7, 1794- Married 
Henry Decker, June 19, 1814. Died May 15, 181 7. He died 
Oct. 18, 1820. Children: 

(a) Catherine. Born March 26, i Si 6. Died April 13, 1S3S. 

(b) John Crandall Decker. 

D. MARY. Born Jan. 10, 1797. Died Jan. 1, 1815. 

E. JACOB. Born Feb. 17, 1800. Died Feb. 4, 1825. 

F. HENRY. Born July 13, 1802. Married Gitty Houck, 
July 4, 1827. He died Nov. 26, 1870. No children. 

G. JANE ANN MESICK. Born Jan. lo, 181 1. Mar- 
ried David Traver at Schodac Depot. She had no children. 
Her husband had a daughter. (a) C. Josephine Traver, 
married Wm. Palmatier, Oct. 9, 1S60. She was born Sept. 
'3i '836, and he was born Nov. 13, 1S37. She died Sept. n, 


H. . JOHN H. MESICK. Born Nov. 17, 1S07. Died July 
6, 1S64. Married Elizabeth Van Hoesen, Oct. 31, 1827. 
Children : 

(a) Jacob B. Mesick. Bom June 21, 1830. Married 
Dorcas Roraback, June 12, 1S50. She was born Sept. 7, 1830. 
Resides in South Schodac. Children. 

DeWitt Mesick. Born Nov. 24, 1853. .Married Isabella 

Franklin. Born Feb. 3, 1857. 


Anna. Born April 6, 1859. 

Jerry \V. Born Sept. 22, 1S61. 

Eddie J. Born Aug. 3, 1S63. 

Marietta. Born Oct. 21, 1S65. 

Smith V. Born Aug. 11, 1S71. 


(No. 5.) JOHN M. MESICK, son of Diker Hans No. 4. 
Born Sept. 9, 1S15. Diod M.arch tS, 1S70, .-\gcd 54, at Cliat- 
ham Village. Married Maria Van Horn, Jan. 6, 1S42. She 
was born April 22, 1818. His second wife, Elizabeth Krum. 
Children : 

A. ANN.'V E. Born Nov. 4, 1842. Died 

B. JOHN ALBERT. Born Sept. 6, 1S44. 

C. MARY A. Born June 24, 1847. Married Daniel 
Tompkins, Dea 26, 1865. 

D. OAKLEY. Born July 14, 1849. 

E. HARRY DE WITT. Born Nov. 23, 1851. 

F. FRANK. Born Jan. 29, 1854. 

G. ANNA E. Born July 14, 1S56. 
H. CARRIE V. Born May 13, 1851. 


I. JENNIE. Born March 15, 1867. Died Dec 25 
His Widow, Mrs. Bristol, resides in Chatham Village. 

(No. 5.) JAMES W. MESICK, son of Jacob P. No. 4. 
Born Aug. 28, 1830. Resides in Guiklerland, Albany Co., 
N. Y. ist \yife, Gertrude Freligh. Born May 4, 1832. Mar- 
ried March 20, 1850. Died Sept. 14, 1833. 2d wife, Caro- 
line Dyer. Born June 29, 1836. Married Sept. i, 1853. 

A. JAMES E. MESICK. Born Oct. 10, 1851, by ist 

B. ABRAM. Born Nov. i, 1855. 

C. AARON. Born Nov. 3, 1856. 

D. GEORGE. Born Jan. 3, I S63. 

E. KATIE. Born Aug. 28, 1864. 

F. JOHN. Born Sept. i, 1866. 

G. CHARLES. Born Jan. 12, 1870. 
H. FRANK. Born Nov. 27, 1872. 



(No. 2.) THOMAS MESICK, son of File No. i. Born 
January, 1734. Died July 26, 17S2. Married ist wife, Mar- 
garet Clough, 1753. 2d wife, Mary Michel, named in Bap- 
tismal Register of Reformed Church of Claverack, and in his 
will probated June 23, T784. After his death the wheat crop 
failed. He resided on a farm 2^ miles southwest of^West 
Ghent, and owned by Cornelius Hardick, 18S3, not far from 
the iron bridge on the Hudson and Kinderhook turnpike. He 


built a house, 1762, on this farm. His children are mentioned 
in his will : 




D. THOM-A-S. Born Oct. i, 1754. Died Dec. 20, 1841. 

E. CATHERINE. Married Stephanus Miller. 
T. ROSIENA. Married Peter Wesimer. 

G. MARY. Born 1755. Married Frederick Mesick. 
Died 1770. 


(No. 3.) HENDRICK, son of Thomas .Mesick No. 2. 
Marned Mary Van Decar. His will dates .Nfarch 31, 180?, 
which gives the names of his children : 

A. THO.MAS, called Diker Tome, on account of his large 
size. He is father of Richard H. Mesick, M. D., of Mellen- 
ville. / 

B. HENRY, ancestor of the Troy family. ^ . t ] ^ 

c. JOHN. 

D. RULII'F, never married. 

E. I'ETICR H., born Dec. 17, 1786. 


G. DIRICK or RICHARD, married Maria Barnes. 

I. MARY, married Henry Helm. 

J. LANE, married Peter Helm. ^ 

K. BETSY, never married. 

(No. 3.L/FIET MESICK, son of Thomas No. 2. Mar- 
ried Catherine Krum. Died Sept. 11, 181 4. She died March 

22, 1836. They are buried in the LeggcL grave yard near the 
homestead of Thomas Mesick No. 2. 

A. ELIZABETH. Born April 4, 1782. Married David 
Tipple. Died July 23, 1S14, aged 32. 

B. MARY. Born Sept. 4, 1783. Married Harry Groat. 

C. ROSANNA. Born Oct. 16, 1785. Married John Van 

D. MARTIN. Born April i, 1788. Buried at Kinder- 

E. THOMAS F. Born July 20, 1791. Married Eliza- 
beth Moul. 

F. CATHERINE. Born May 27, 1794. 

(No. 3.) JOHN MESICK, son of Thomas No. 2. Born 
Dec. 24, 1749. Died Dec. 6, 1834, aged 84 years, 11 months 
and 12 days. He was called Kline Hans on account of his 
small size. Married Catherine Wesimer, Aug. 21, 1785. She 
died March 11, 1S41. 

A. THOMAS I. Born May 20, 17S6. Married Betsy 
Skinkle. Me diud in D.mulie, Herkimer County, N. Y. 

B. PETER I. Born May t6, 1792. Married Charlotte 
Blunt. Died in Chalh.-im Four Corners, July 8, 1S73. 

C. JOHN I. Born Sept., 1796. Married Catherine Van 
Valkenburgh, Sept. 5, 1821. She died Feb. 17, 1S71. She 
was born April 3, 1796. He resides in West Ghent, ne.xt to 
the parsonage of the Reformed Church. 

(a) Catherine Van Valkenburgh, was born Sept. 26, 1838, 
Married Alexander New. Their children : 
Harriet. Mary. 

D. MARIA. Born April 22, iSoo. Married Henry S. 
Skinkle. She died 45 years ago. Moved to Indiana. 


(No. 3.) THOMAS MESICK, son of Thomas No. 2. 
Born Oct. I, 1754. Died Dec 20, 1S41, in Guilderland, 
Albany County, N. Y. ist wife, Rachel Clow, married Oct. 
18, 1775. She died Sept. 17, 1784. 

A. THOMAS. Born July 17, 1776. He settled in Green- 

B. WILLIAM. Born Sept. 14, 177S. 

C. CHRISTINA. Born May 8, 17S4. 

2d wife, Mary Wesimer, daughter of Peter Wesimer. Mar- 
ried Jan. 8, 17S6. She died July 9, 1805. 

D. PETER T. MESICK. Born Nov. 6, 17S6. 

E. MARY LOUISA. Born Sept. 9, 17S8. Died Oct. 
IS, 1842. 

F. JOHN. Born Kay 13, 1791. 

G. HENRY T. Born Dec. 28, 1793. 
H. JACOB. Born Sept. 27, 1 79S. 

I. GEORGE. Born Jan. 26, iSoi. 

J. STEPHEN. Born April 24, 1S03. 3d wife, Jennie 
Van Lieuven, widow of Burhans of Bellilehem. Married Oct. 
22, 1806. Slie died Nov. 19, 1S39. 

(No. 3.) ROSIKNA, daughter of Mesick No. 2. 
Married Peter Wesimer, a graduate of a German Universily, 
who removed from Claverack to Delhi, Delaware County, and 
from thence to Palatine Bridge in Montgomery County, where 
he died. 

A. GEORGE WESIMER. Born July 7, 1766. Married, 
1796, Maria Vender, born Sept. 22, 1777. 

(a) Christina Wesimer. Born June, 7 1797. Married 
James Hughes, had 9 children, and 4 living in 1S79. 


(b) Peter Wesimer. Bom Feb. 2, 1799. Married Eliza 
Post, had 5 children, 4 living in N. Y. City. Married 2d wife, 
Sarah Bassett, June 6, 1870. Had 2 children, i living. 

(c) George Wesimer. Born Feb. 2, 1801. Married Sarah 

John Wesimer. Born 1852. John and George reside in 
Delhi Village. 

(d) Catherine Wesimer. Born April 16, 1803. Married 
John P. Allen. Had 3 children, i living. 

(e) Maria Wesimer. Born March 14, 1805. Married 
Thomas G. Riissel. 4 children, 2 living in Delhi, N. Y. 

(f) John L. Wesimer. Born May 7, 1S07. Married Susan 
Basset, 1852, Unadilla, Otsego County, N. Y. 

(g) Anna Wesimer. Born July 10, 1809. Married John 
P. Allen ; his second wife. 

(h) Elizabeth Wesimer. Born July 5, 181 1. Married 
Wm. Borden. 8 children, 7 living, Niles Valley, Tioga Co., 
N. Y. 

(i) Samuel Wesimer. Born Feb. 14, 1814. Married 
Marietta Frisbee. Had 5 children, 4 living. 

(j) Rebecca Wesimer. Born April 16, 18 16. 

(k) William Wesimer. Born June 6, 1S20. Married 
Gertrude Kittle, Walttr, N. Y. 

B. MARY WESIMER. Married Thomas Mesick No. 3. 


(No. 4.) THOMAS, son of Thomas Mesick No. 3. Born 
July 17, 1776. Died March 3, 1856. ist wife, Betsy Smith. 
Married Jan S, 1799. She died April 3, 1S09. 


A. THOMAS. Born Aug. lo, 1801. Married Betsy 
Ellsworth and removed to Black River, Jefferson County, N. Y. 

B. JOHN. Born Oct. 5, 1805. Died July 21, 1852. 

C. ELIZABETH. Born June 16, 1808. Married John 
Sutherland. 2d wife, Sally Link, born Oct. 3^ 1785?. Died 
May i8, 1845. They had six children. 

D. CATHERLN'E. Born June 14, 181 1. Died July 14, 

E. ZACHARIAH. Born April 18, 1816. Married Eliz- 
abeth Dedrick, Nov. 3, 1832. 

F. RACHEL. Born April 18, 1816. Married James 
PhiUips. Died April 16, 1864. 

G. SUSANNAH. Born Sept. 10, 1819. Married George 

(a) Thomas. Resides at Sandlake. 

(b) Charles. 

H. MARY. Born Oct. 9, 1822. Married Absalom Ded- 

I. STEPHEN. Born Sept. 30, 1S29. Died in Mexican 

(No. 4.) WILLLA.M, son of Thomas Mesick No 3. Born 
Sept. 4, 1 7 98. Died April 21, 1834. Married Elizabeth 

A. WILLL\M. Married Lucy Underhill and had 5 chil- 

B. ELIZA. Married Underhill. Had 3 children. 

C. JANE MARIA. Married Frederick Clapp. Had 2 

(a) Rev. \Vm. S. Clapp. Married daughter of Daniel 
Drew. Fredtrick married 2d wife, Mrs. C. D. Kelly. 


(No. 4.) CHRISTINA, daughter of Thomas iMesick No. 
3. Born May 8, 1784. Died Jan. 16, 1865. Married Henry 
Van Den Bergh, March 4, 1802. He died July 9, 1S59. 

A. BARENT. Born Jan. 23, 1805. Died May 25, 1834. 
Not married. 

B. JOHN. Born Aug. 28, 1808. Married Mary Miller, 
Feb. 17, 1830. They had twins, (a) Henry, (b) Elizabeth 
Frances, 10 years old 1878. 

C. STEPHEN. Born Jan. 15, 1838. Died Oct. 20, 1838. 

D. RACHEL ANN. Born Jan. 17, 1815. Married Jas. 
Dunn VanVechten. (a) Frances, (b) Mary. Resides on 
Daisy Farm, Cas'.leton. 

E. CATHERINE MARY JANE. Born Aug. 22, 1823. 
Died Sept. 7, 1824. 

— (No. 4.) PETER T, son of Thomas Mesick No. 3. Born 
Nov. 6, 1786. Died at Catskill, N. Y., May 17, i88o. Mar- 
ried .\nna Fryer of Guilderland, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1812. She 
was born Oct. 24, 1794. Died Jan. 26, 1874. 

A. JOHN F. MESICK. Born June 28, 1S13. The com- 
piler of this Genealogy. He was educated in the classical 
school of Catskill, graduated from Rutgers' College 1834, and 
from the Theological Seminary of the Reformed (Dutch) 
Church in New Brunswick in 1837, and settled in the ministry 
in Rochester, Ulster County, N. Y., in 1837, in Harrisburg, 
Penn'a, in 1840, and in Somerville, Somerset County, New 
Jersey, in 1855, and retired from his pastoral charge April r 
1882, to Blawenburgh, Somerset County, New Jersey. 

B. THOMAS. Born Dec 25, 1S15. 

C. PETER. Born April S, 1823. Died Oct. 3, 1S26. 
.D. STEPHEN. Born July 22, 1821. Died March 17 


pril \A 


E. MARY. Born April 6, 1826. 

F. ANNA MARY. Born Nov. 12, 1828. Died Aug. 5, 

(No. 4.) MARY LOUISA, daughter of Thomas Mesick 
No. 3. Born Sept. 9, 17S8. Died Oct. 15, 1842. Married 
Frederick Van Worraer. 

A. MARY ANN. Married Daniel Winne. (a) Ben- 
jamin, (b) Bogert. (c) Mary Louisa. Resides in Buffalo. 

B. FREDERICK. Married Hannah Grant, (a) Hun- 
gerford. (b) Morton. 

C. ANNA RACHEL. Married Albert D. Sweeny. 

D. CAROLINE. Married Charles E. Hungerford, had i 

E. DAVID W. Resides in California. 

F. CATHERINE. .Married Edward Rockwell, had 4 

G. PETER. Married Laura Loucks. No children. 

H. E.MILY. Married Rufus H. White. Had 4 children. 
L Jane. Married Eliakim Ford. Had 5 children : 

(a) Eliakim Ford, married Jennie Kusscl. 

(b) Mary, (c) Frederick, (d) riulip. (e) George. 

(No. 4-) JOHN, son of Thomas No. 3. Born May 13, 
1791. Died Nov. 7, i860. Married Sarah Truax, July 14, 
1818. She died Aug. 10, 1857. Born May 12, 1791. 

A.' MARGARET. Born March 19, 18 18. Married Jacob 
Clute, Nov. 25, 1869. 

B. THOMAS L Born Dec. 24, 1815. Married Louisa 
Bennie, Nov. 12, 1839. Resides in Philadelphix 

(a) Kate. Married Lansing Angle, Schenectady, N. Y. 

(b) Helena. Mairied Yates Ousterkirk, Schenectady, N.Y. 


D. JOHN. Born Sept. 4, 1812. Married Elizabeth Ved- 
der, Aug 13, 1845. (a) Anna May. (b) Van Ness, (c) 
Edwin, (d) Emily. Resides in Waterloo, Iowa. 
■ K ANGELINA. Born Nov. 13, 1828. 

F. STEPHEN. Born Jan. 21, 1824. Died in California 
March 25, 1867. 

G. MARIA JANE. Born Sept. i, 1826. Married Nich- 
olas H. Swartz, May 8, 1850. 

(a) Sarah L. Born July i, 1851. Married William G. 
Schamerhorn, Oct 16, 1874. 

(b) Edward H. Resides in Schenectady. 

H. EMILY. Born April 6, 1834. Married Baron Van 
Batz, a German, Nov. 27, 1868. Resides in Washington, D. C. 

I. CAROLINE. Born March 13, 1831. Married Jacob 
M. Swartz of West Troy, Dec 28, 1S63. (a) Minnie. 

J. ANNA. Born Sept. 22, 1822. Married Cornelius 
Hicks Jan. i, 1848. Resides in Newionville, N. Y. (a) Sa- 
rah M. (b) Melinda, died 

K. MARIA JANE. Born Dec. 13, 181 1. Died March 
13, 1825- 

(No. 4.) HENRY T., son of Thomas Mcsick No. 3. Born 
Dec. 28, 1793. Died in Albany, June 3, 18S3. ist wife Mar- 
garet McElroy, Married Sept. 1S18. 

A. JANE. Born June 24, 1819. Married John A. Bard- 
well June 23, 1842. He died 

(a) Margaret Louisa, died (b) Jennie, died 

B.. CAROLINE CECELIA Born Sept. 23, 1822. Mar- 
ried Azel Backus Hamilton Sept. i, 1846. (a) MargareL 
(b) Henry T. (c) Frank. 

C. MARGARET. Married Rev. Benjamin F. Romaine, 
She was born Oct 22, 1824. Married Sept, 16, 1847. Both 


died in Columbus, Ohio. She died Dec. 17, 1868. He died 
Jan. 1874- 

(a) Addle, ^b) Frank, (c) Worthington. (d) Ham 
ilton. (e) Henry, (f) George, died (g) Adriance, 

Married Corwin F. Palmer. 

D. CORDELIA. Born April 6, 1S27. ist husband. Hen 
ry A. Newman. Married June 7, 1S49. He died Oct. 3 
1849. Second husband Charles L. Wood. Married April 25 
1854. (a) Henrietta, (b) Charles. 

E. HENRIETTA. Born Oct. 11, 1830. Married Ha 
mer Bostwick, M. D., June 4, 1S67. la) Oviedo. He died 

F. CATHERINE. Born Feb. 20, 1S33. Married Rev. 
\Vm. L. Patterson, Oct. 10, 1866. She died at West Point 
N. Y., January 7, 1874. 

G. MARY ELIZA. Born August 23, 1835. Married 
John G. Lockwood, August 26, 1S56. (a) Minnie, (c) Car- 
oline. He died 

H. ADRIAXNA. Born April 6, 183S. Died September 
6, T840. 

L HENRY T. MESICK, M. D. Born September 19, 
1841. Died . Second wife, Eliza McElroy, married 

(No. 4.) JACOB, son of Ttiomas No. 3. Born September 
27, 179S. Died December 23, iSCi. First wife, Elizabeth 
Smith. .Married March 4, iS;o. She was born November Ja; 
1796. She died January i, 1S47. Second wife, Rachel Sager. 

A. RACHEL. Born January 4, 1822. Died April 19, 
1843. Married Martin J. Blessing. 

B. THOMAS. Born December 29, 1S23. Married C. 
Barbara Ogsburg. 

C. MARIA. Born May i, 1829. Married Conrad A. 
Crounse. She died 

(a) Rachel (b) DeWitt. (c) Philip, (d) Schuyler. 



D. JANE. Bom , Died January 9, 1S51. Child- 
ren by second wife : 

E. PETER. Born June 25, 1832. Married December 
23, 1848. Magdalena Hallenbeck, born March 15, 1849. 

(a) Abraham. Born March 13, 1S49. Married Hattie 
Packer, February 3, 1870. Eddie, died June 25. '872. Perlee. 

(b) Jane Elizabeth. Born Dec 14, '850. Died Septem- 
ber 24, 1852. 

(c) Charles Edward. Married Alice M. Truax. Henry 

(d) Frank. Born July 29, 1859. 

(e) Isaac Henry. Barn September 26, 1862. 

(No. 4.) GEORGE. Son of Thomas Mesick No. 3. Born 
January 26, iSoi. Resides in Berne, Albany Co., N. Y. 



C. MARIA. Married Charles Mills. Had three sons. 

D. JANE ANN. Married Thomas Beebc. six 

E. MARGARET. .Married H. H. Burbanks, Knowers- 

ville, Albany Co. 

(No. 4.) STEBHEN. Son of Thomas Mesick No. 3. Born 
April 24, 1803. Died March I, 1 8s4- Married Maria Loucks. 
His widow married second husband, David Blake. She died 


. A. STEPHEN. Born January i, 1S37. Married Carolme 
DuBois, born July 31, 1841. (a) Mabel Mary. Born July 
26, 1868. 

B. JANE MARIA. Married Gearge Barton. Resides in 
Toronto, (a) Henry, (b) Jennie, (c) Minnie. 



- C. JOHN. Married Sophia Kirkpatrick. (a) Edward 
(b) Regina and (C) Almira, twins. 

D. EL1Z.\BETH. Married Alfred Fairman. Resides in 
Baltimore, Md She died in 1874. (a) Francis, (b) William. 

E. PETER. Married Sarah Elizabeth Dobbs. (a) Maud. 
Died (b) Harry. Died (c) Nettie. 

(No. 4.) PETER H. Son of Hendrick Mesick No. 3. Born 
December 17, 1786. Died December 23, 1S77. Married 
Magdalen Truax. Born May 14, 1805. Died Oct. 23, 1877. 

A. CHRISTIN.^. Born Feb. 25, 1S24. Married Lewis 
Tice, April i, 1843. 

B. MARIA. Born March 19, 1826. Married Wm. Av- 
ery, Hudson. 

(a) Elizabeth. Married Way. (b) Charles. Married Patlon. 
(c) Edith. Married John . (d) Philip. Married 

(e) Mattie. Married Wm. W. Johnson, (f) Arthur. 

C. W.\I. H. .MESICK. Born June 22. 1S29. Married 
Mary G. Miller, Sept. 11, 1853. Born February 14, 1835. 
Resides Warren Street, Hudson. 

(a) Charles W. Born October 5, 1854. Married Annie 
W. Bowson. Resides 704 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

(b) Louisa. Born October ig, 1S57. (c) Eugene. Born 
M.arch 28, 1S61. Died Se[)tember 8, 1S62. (d) .Milton. 
Born March 21, 1S65. Died October 29, 1866. 

D. PETER ELLSWORTH. Born June 16, 1830. Re- 
sides in Mellenville. cLlll'T^ 

E. PHILIP. Born April 15, 1834^ Resides in Chicago. 

F. JACOB SYLv'Esfl:Rf'^&rn August 10, 1S36. Mar- 
ried Phcbe Ward. Born January i, 1841, and died January 
5, 1S73. (a) Frederick Henry. Born June 3, 186 1. (b) 
Amos Jacob. Born May 25, 1S63. (c) Edie Louisa. Born 


August 7, 1865. (d) Mittie Phebe. Born August 16, 1869. 
Second wifi. (e) Jacob, (b) William. (g) Alice Maria. 
Born July 2, 1878. Resides at Clinton Junction, Rock County, 

G. CARRIE MESICK. Born August 21, 1843. Mar- 
ried Newton Schufelt, April 6, 1867. Resides in Mellenville. 

H. JANE ANN. Married Leonard Winslow. Born 
October 21, i84[. Died May 5, 1878. (a) William. Re- 
sides in Hudson. 

I. EDG.\R MESICK. Born January 2, 1847- Married 
Jennie Graham. She was born in Hudson uf English parent- 
age about 1855. 

(a) Frank. Born Peccmbcr 30, 1S69. 

(b) George. Born January 2, 1S74. 

(No. 4.) RICHARD MESICK, son of Hendrick No. 3. 
Born Aprd 6, 1770. Married Maria Barnes of England 1797. 
She died March 31, 1847- 

A. M.^RIA MESICK. First husband, John Price. Mar- 
ried second time and moved West, and died 1S62. 

(a) Edward Bricc. Died in Chicago. 

(b) Wm. Price. Moved to New Jersey. 

(c) Virgil Price. Resides in New York city. 

B. LANE MESICK. Born I-'cbruary S, 1806. Died, 
1870. Married John Smith. Died in Turin, Ixwis Co., N. Y. 

(a) Mortimer Smith, Oneida village, .M.adison County, 
N. Y. 

(b) Philip Smith, Texas. 

(c) Henry Smith, lawyer, Grand and Crosby streets, N. Y. 

(d) Maria Smith. Married. Died in Turin. 

C. MARGARET MESICK. Born April 6, 1806. Died 
March, 1868. Married Gould. Died Lyndonville, Orleans 
County, N. Y. 


(a) Homer Gould. Married, (b) Walter. Married, (c) 
Ethalinda. Married Phelps, Albion, Orleans Co. She died 

D. CATHERINE MESICK. Born June 7. 1S08. Died 
April, 1877. Married John Van Vorst, Troy, N. Y. 

(a) Sylvester Van Vorst. (b) Edward. 

(c) Elizabeth, married John Miller, Utica Mills, N. V. 

(d) Catherine Maria. Married John Davis. Died Lewis 
Co., N. Y. She married second time. 

(e) Lucinda Van Vorst. Married John Chadwick, Troy 
N. Y. '■ 

(f) Sarah Van Vorst. Married John Frost, Albany, N. Y. 

E. LAVIMIA MESICK. Born January 5, iSoo. Died 
May 7, 1856, Married John Malia, Williamsburgh, N; Y. 

(a) George P., married and resides in Chicago. 

(b) Francis. .Married Thos. Pool, Utica, N. Y. Had two 

F. CHRISTINA MESICK. Born March 18, 1813. Died 
May ,1853. Married Henry Cole, died. 

(a) Jacob. Married Died 

(b) James Cole. Killed in Civil War. 

(c) Charles Cole. Married. Resides in Albany. 

0. HARRIET MESICK. Born October 20, iSiC. Mar- 
ried 4 times. First husband, Age, second husband, Metaline. 
(a) John Metaline. Third husband, David Slu-^rp; fourili hus- 
band, Peter Van Wormer. 

H. HENRY B. MESICK. Born March 30, 1S04. Died 
May , 1864. Married Christina Merrit. 

(a) Richard Mesick. Died in infancy. 

(b) Martha Cooly. Born November 24, 1829. Married 
Wm. Cain, resides Madison avenue, N.Y. Had four children. 

(c) Mary W. Mesick. Born January 20, 1831. Died Sep- 
tember , 1S54. 

(d) Walter Cooly. Born 1836. Died 1840. 


I. PETER MESICK. Born April iS, 1810. Died April 


J. ROBERT G. MESICK. Bom Jan. 20, 1821. Mar- 
ried Mary Jane Bloodgood, Jan. 16, 1825. Died Oct. 30, 

(No. 4.) HENRY, son of Hendrick No. 3. Born 1795. 
Died 1840. Married Betsy in MellenviUe. 

' "a. PETER WILLIAM. Born 1814. Married Nancy 
Jane Haywood. 

■•= (a) Theodore Mesick. Married Elizabeth Jackson. The- 

(b) Addison Mesick. Married 

., B. HEXRY ME5ICK. Born May 27, 1S22. Married 
Emeline ^^+eTnKm, March 6, 1845. / 

V(a) Wm. E. Born Dec. 26, 1824. '^Married Elizabeth 
Mary and Ada. 

•■ (b^ Samuel W. ^orn July 3, 1852. Married Lizzie Bart- 
ley. ^Robert^Henrv|ss^ Graced S.Wry f)-v 

(c) Charles W. Born June 18, 1858. 

(d) ', Mary Elizabeth. Born 6,1848. Died April 29, 

;i-.'(e)' "Tobias. Born Sept. 10, 1856. Died Dec. 13, 1856. 
Montrose, Pa. 

E. MARIA. Married John Bowman. Both dead. 

F. MAGDALEN. Is 2d wife to . Resides 
704 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

G. CHRISTINA. Married Wm. Park, Corning, Steuben 
Co., N. Y. She died 

H. SOPHIA. Married Samuel Wright, Great Bend, ^ 

Susquehanna Co., N. Y. ^ O / 


:. I. ANALINDA. Married Wright. Resides 12 miles 
from Corning. 

:- ^o. 4.) THO.MAS (Diker Tome) son of Hendrick No. 
3. Married Rebecca Decker June 14, 17 88. 

A. ELIZABETH. Born Sep. 28, 1799. Died 
Married John Harder, Binghampton, N. Y. (a) Thomas. 
'(b) Jacob, (c) Cornelius Failing. (d) Elizabeth. (e) 
Richard Henry. 

B. RICHBRD H. MESICK, M. D., Mellenville. Prac- 
ticed as physician 50 years. Died about i8So'. 1st wife La- 
vinia Dedrick. Died March 18, 1854. Aged 24 years. 2d 
wife Mary Palmer, (a) Cyrus Mesick. 

(b) Sarah Louisa. Married George Delamaler. Hattie. 
Henry. Andrew. 

(c) Catharine Mesick. Married Augustus Lasher. Ada. 
Harry. Mary. Grace. 

(Xo. 4.) MARTLV, son of Fiel Mesick No. 3. Born 
April I, 178S. 'Nlarried Christina Van ValkenburghFek^ 
iSii. She was born March 5, 1790.' 'Ifc died at Chatham. 

II. M.arricd Sallic Dean/ u- ^ 
181 7. Resides f'tjuntain 

A. FIET. Born Dec. 31, 181 1. Jil.arncd^ Sallic^ Dean,/ 
March i, 1838. Born Dec 31, 1817' 
Green, Hancock Co., 111. 

B. BARENT. Born Feb. 7. 1S14. .Married Cyntkia 
Coons. Born Feb. 6, 18x4. Resides in Valatie, Columbia 
Co., N. Y. ^ 

C. MARTIN. " ^Marrie d, Cuctinnn V,3D Vnllionburcjh or 
-^'-iiln-n T-Tr'T^°i: .Moved west, (a) Charles. ,{b) 

Martin. CCy^,A/U^<- (U^i^—U^-C^ SL^ , '^^^^7?^ ^ Ji, ■''^i/or 

D. JAMES MESICK. Born N<^^;?^,/fs'"i^^'M/ryt-d^ ''-9(yS" 
Martha Jane Ham. Born July 30, 1821. <^ .^'^■^'^^^'"^^ 

(a) Sarah Born Tan 15, iS^^. ^ ' ^^^ ' ^ V'~ 

A-t:? ¥r.t':^"-^^ cSZi:^^^^^^ ^.' X ^^ ^ ^ 


.;: (bj' Nelson H. Mesick, M. D. Born Oct. -9, 1845.^ 
PracucesLmedicine.yGlencoe Mills, ColumbiaEounty, N Y. f--- -i-^ Y^"^ • 
. (c) Ophelia. ^:<^Oct,4riS49- '^' • '^'^ ^^ A'^'^'^^ 

(d) James Wirit^if^Born" April 24, 1852. Died July 10, ^ 

E-. JOHN ADAMS MESICK. Bom June 13, 1823. 

ist wife.- Married Ruth C. Beebe Dec, 18, 1849. Born 
Oct. 26, 1833. Resides at Fountain Green, 111. 

(a) John Calvin. Born Oct. 18, 1852. 

2d wife, Leonora Albright Nov. 24, 1857. Born Jan. 20, 

(b) Frederick A. Mesick. Born Feb. 22, i860. 

(c) Martin F. Born Aug. 31, 1861. Died Feb. 20, 1862. 

(d) Carrie E. Born April 19, 1863. 

(e) Charles. Born Aug. 24, 1872. ^ 

(f) Ralph. Born Feb. 9, 1868. ifjZj., tin Jl—y^ ^ 
-, F. THOMAS. Married Helen Schultz Oct. i, 1844. 

G. EDWARD DORR. Born Sept. 5, 1825, in Chatham. 
Resides at Valley Falls. Married Sarah A. Madison .^pril 20, ^, ^ 

iSs^^Died June 8, 1879. , t^ fyj ^j^^^g^^^i^-^^^^^ 

(a) Nellie Z. Born Dec. 20, iS6(^^^\I^2- ,// J '.. '^^^ ''/•'? '■* 
Van Alstyne Feb. 10, 1852. Resides in Chatham Centre, il''- ^. "/'///J-^^ 

(No. 4.) THOMAS F. MESICK, son of Fiet No. 3. 
Born July 30, 1791. Died Dec. 7, 1861. Resided in 

ist wife, Elizabeth Moul. Born Sept. 8, 1794. Died April 
19, 1856. 2d wife, Catharine Sharp. Married May 28, 1857-. 
She survives him. Married Jeremiah Strcver, since deceased. 
She resides in Philmont, Columbia Co. 

A. PHILIP. Born Dec. 26, 1814: Married Dorcas 
Vosburgh. Resides in Ghent. 



■ B; CATHARINE. Born Dea lo 1816. Married Wm. 

C. MARIA. Born April 6, 1819. Married States D. 
Tompkins. He. died . She died Sept. 9, 1856 and 
left 5 children. 

D. MARTIN. Born Jan. 23, 1821. Died June 12, 1866. 
Married Eliza Finder. 

(a) Thomas. Died Nov. 25, 1S63, aged 20 years. 

(b) Mary Jane. Married George K. Kettle of West Ghent. 

E. ABIGAIL. Born Feb. 19, 1823. Died Sept. 4, 1824. 

F. PETER OSTRANDER. Bom March 22, 1826. 
Married Elizabeth H. Ham of Co.xsackie, N. Y. Resides in 
Albany, 708 Broadway. 

G. FREDERICK. Born April 11, 1830. Married 
Catherine Vosburgh. Resides in Ghent. 

H. ABIGAIL. Born Sept. 15, 1833. Married John G. 
Shufelt. Resides in Chatham. 

(a) Mary Louisa. Born Feb. 12, 1854. 

(b) Elizabeth. Born Oct 21, 1855. Died Aug. 9, 1855. 

(c) Elizabeth H. Born May iS, 1857. 

(d) Margaret M. Born May 18, 1S60. 

(e) David Franklin Shufelt. Born Aug. 11, 1861. 

(f) Harry Ham. Born Oct. 25, 1S67. 

(g) Alma Hamilton. Born Jan. 17, 1875. 

L MARGARET NASE MESICK. Born Dec. 31, 1S37. 
Died Oct. 8, liiGS. Married Henry D. B. Van Beuren March 
14, 1867. 

(a) Margaret. Born May iS, i860. 

(b) David Franklin. Born .Aug. 11, 1S61. 

(No. 4.) PETER J. MESICK, son of John No. 3. He 
moved to Chatham 1837. Died July 8, 1873, ^g^^ 7i years. 
Married Charlotte Blunt. Born 1810. 


A. CATHARINE. Born July 20, 1841. Married John 
C. Gaul Jan. i, 1844. Born Dec 18, 1817. Resides in 

(a) Ellen. Born Oct. 9. 1844. Married Cyrus Lasher 
Dec 4, 1862. Born Feb. 17, 1841. John G. Lasher. Born 
April 3, 1868. Frank T. Born July 19, 1870. 

(b) Lottie. Born Oct. 30, I848. Married George Vin- 
cent July 2, 1867. Born . Mabel Vincent. Bom 
March 8, 1874. 

(c) Peter M. Born Sept. 17, 1851. Married Lucy Broad 
Dec 3, 1873. Born May 16, 1852. John C. Gaul. Born 
April 8, 1876. Nellie B. Gaul. Born Oct. 21, 1877. 

(d) Cnra. Born Sept. 7, 1857. Married Webster Lasher 
Jan. I, 1877. Born July 24, 1855. Howard M. Born Oct. 
20, 1877. 

B. COL. JOHN H. MESICK. Hotel proprietor, Albion 
Hotel, Saratoga. Born March 15, 1823. Married Margaret 
Miller July i, 1846. Born Dec. 25, 1829. 

(a) Otto Beaumont. Born Aug. 3, 1855. 

C. CHARLOTTE. Born April 21, 1827. Married 
Samuel Bailey Beaumont August 11, 1827. Born M.irch 20, 
1827. He died 

D. THOMAS P. Born Aug. 28, 1833. Married Mary E. 
Deyo Oct. 15, 1856. Resides in University Place, N. Y. 

(a) Eva. Born July i, 1S66. 

(b) Arthur. Born Sept. 23, 1868. 

(No. 4.) JOAKIM, son of Hendrick No. 3. (Jehoiakim) 
Born June 23, 1789. Died March 9, 1852. Married Christina 
Helm March 28, 1813. Born Sept. 8, 1790. Died March 
28, 1853. 

A. JONAS. Born March i, 1850. Imbecile. Resides 
in Hudson. 


B. MARIA. Born Dec 10, 1818. Married Henry Heald 
April 9, 1838. He died . She died March 28, 1857. 

(a) Charles Heald. Born June 28, 1S47. He resides at 
Fair Haven, Conn. 

(b) Henry Heald. Born Feb. 2, 1842. Married Grace 
Downs July 17, 1S67. Carrie. Born July 18, 1869. Resides in 
Birmingham, Conn. 

(c) Mary Jane Heald. Born Oct. 26, r85i. Married Wm. 
\V. Johnson Oct. 27, 1S70. Born Dec. 12, 1843. Resides at 
Fair Haven, Conn. .Alice R.idcliff, born March 30, 1872. 
Henry, born July 8, 1S76. 

C. ALEXANDER MEStCK. Born July, 1828. Mar- 
ried Mary Squires. Resides in New Haven, Conn. 

(a) Ida. Born July 17, 1855. 

(b) Martha. Born September 10, 1S57. Married Rufus 
H. Johnson, Oct. 27, 1875. Born July 17, 1850. 

(c) William H. Born July 21, i860. 

(No. 4.) THOMAS I. MESICK, son of John No. 3. 
Born May 20, 17S6. Died .March t6, 1S68, in Danube, Her- 
kimer Co., N. Y. Married Elizabeth Skinkle, Feb. 24, iSii. 
Born Oct. 19, 1791. 

A. CATHl'.RINK. Born July 4, 1812. Married John S. 
Billinger, March 24, 1S41. 

(a) Libbie. 

(b) Stewart, resides in Little Falls, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

B. HELEN. Born .March 7, 1816. Married Peter Free- 
man, Feb., 1840. 

(a) Elizabeth, (b) Jane. 

(c) John W., resides in Mohawk, Herkimer Co., N .Y. 

C. JOHN WM. Born March 5, 1814. Married Angelina 
Spoor, June, 1844. 

(a) Elijah, resides in Sodus, Wayne Co., N. Y. 


D. PETER A. Bom Oct. 4, 181 S. Married Elizabeth 
Snell, Oct. 13, 1853. Born March 12, iSzr. 

(a) May. Born May 9, 1857. Married Charles Staley, 
Dec 17, 1878. Resides Sharon, Ulster Co.. N. Y. 

(b) Luther. Born July 24, 1854. 

(c) Cyrus. Born May 28, 1S60. Married Maggie McCoy, 
Oct. 25, 1876. 

(d) Ruda Elma. Born Nov. i, 1S78. 

Peter A. Mesick resides Ames Montgomery Co., N. Y. 

E. MARY. Born Dec. 28, 1820. Muiricd Win. Zinn, 
Oct. 21, 1847. She died Oct 16, 1872. 

(a) Ella, (b) Romeyn. 

F. ELIZABETH. Born Sept. 9, 182^ Married Capt. 
W. Fox, Mr.rch 16, 1855. 

(a) Ida. (b) Allie. (c) Nettie, (d) Otto. 

G. CATALINA. Born July 5. 1S25. Married John S. 
Miller, Nov. 18, 1845. 

H. HENRY. Boru May 4, 1827. Married Nancy Bill- 
inger, Feb. 2, 1854, 

(a) Irving, (b) Eddie. Resides at Meriden. N. Y. 

I. CORNELIA. Married Wni. Zinn, Oct. 7, 1S73. She 
was born July 7, 1829. 

J. RACHEL. Born Jan. 26, 1863. Married Lyman 
Hake, July 3, 1S73. 

K. ELIJAH. Born April 29, 1836. Married Sarah 
Hake, Jan. 1859. 

(a) Otto, (b) Jennie. Resides Pokagan, Cass County, 



(No. so BARENT MESICK, son of Manin No. 4, Vala- 
tie, N. Y. Born Feb. 7, 1814. ' Mrilried Cynthia Coons Nov. 

9. 1830. . L ^^. 'y,/f>'/, v/1^ u, /^,^.- i^^-'"-' 

A, CHARLES A. Born Nov. 25, 1838./. Mirricd S.uah 
J. Clapper. Born June 28, 1841, in December, 1S60. U.Cu^ / ^ i' I ^ 

(a) Cynthia E. Mesick. Born Sept 30, 1S61. 

(b) Clarence (and Charles, twins). Born March 18, 1S66. 

Died Aug. 25, 1866. a a ■ 

(c) Charles. Died Aug. 10, 1 866. '^^^^^V^*^;;^'"^ "/"^"^T" 

(d) Anna J. Mesick. Born July 9, 1867./^, \tli^'//io ^OLsid^ 2., 

(e) Allie A. Born Oct 11, 1870. Died Aug i, 1871. 

(f) Harold C. Born Marchpo, 1875. 

C. MARTIN. M)[rn'^dT^Vebb, Aug. 12, 1863. 

(a) May Louisa. Born April 9, 1864. 

(b) Edward. Born Jan. 21, 1S6S. 

(c) Ernest Gray. Born March 21, 1872. 

(d) Martin Ervine. June 12, 1874. 

(No. 5.) FIET MESICK, Son of Martin No. 4. Born 
Dec. 31, 1811. Married Sallie Dean, ist wife, March i, 1838. 
Born Dec, 31, 18x7. Died March 27, 1S45. ^<!^<^^ ^yyii-,'^l 

A. CHRISTINA. Born July 3, 1840. 

B. ANN. Born April 2, 1842. 

C. SAMUEL. D. SALLIE, (Twins.) Born March 20, 
1845. 2d wife, Jane Callender, married Jan. 21, 1846. 

E. LODEMA. Born Nov. 6, 1848. 

F. DORA ANN. Born Aug. 15, 1852, Died Oct. 1869. 


(No. 5.) CHRISTINA MESICK, daughter of Peter H. 
Mesick No. 4. Born Feb. 25, 1824. Married Lewis Tice, 
April I, 1843. Born April 27, 1822. Resides in New Haven, 
Conn.> • 

A. SARAH TICE. Born Dec. 4, 1846. Married Geo. 
Morrison July 18, 1S66. 

(a) Marelta Morrison. Born July 9,' 1S69. 

(b) Nathaniel. • Bom Dec 21, 1868. 

(c) Lottie. Born Nov. 16, 1872. 

B. MARTHA TICE. Born July. 3, 1847. Died May 9, 
1848. '■ 

C. SANFORD G. Born Aug. 11, 1851. Married Grade. 
A. Ailing, June 17, 1873. 

(a) Eddie Eugene Tice. Born Feb. 10, 1874. 

D. ANNIE R. Born Oct. 17, 1854. Married Wilfred F. 
Spang, Dec. 24, 1870. 

(a) Ida Maud. Born Oct. 31, 187 1. 

(b) Wilfred F. Born Dec. 14, 1874. 

E. GEORGE S. Born Oct. 17, 1854. 

F. 'CARRIE. Born Feb. 8, 1857. Died July 17, i860. 
G.' ELLSWORTH. Born Dec. 13, 1859. 

H.- MYRA. Born Sept. 14, 1862. 
I.v LEWLS. Born Sept. 14, 1864. 

(No. 5.)' TH9.^^A^-^IESI^^^,5onof MartinNo. 4. Born 
Jan. 23, 1821. Married Helen Shultz, Oct. i, 1S44. Bom 
July 13, 1821. 2r~ 

A. MARY F. Born Aug. 21, 1845. Married Frank C. 
Maxon, Nov. 24, 1874. Born June 15, 1838. 

(a) Frank C. Born July 11, 1877. 

B. CATHERINE ANN. Born Aug. 9, 1849. Married 
Daniel H. Angell, Oct. i, 1867. Born Jan. i, 1848. 



.(a) Amy H. Born March 28, 1869. Died Aug. 

(b) John Manton. Born July 6, 1871. , * ^^ 

(c) Effie Bertie. Born June. ^..^^^-^T^^'^;^^^ 
C. MARTIN T. Born Sept. 9, 1842. Marrfed Elizabeth 

McDowell Nov. 16, 1875. 

(a)fThomas H. Born gpt. .0. x876^ /^ fefe^:.: 

rVo!^ JOHN H. flESICK. '^ Born June 6, 1S53. n.. '^^-^^.x-^ 

(No.^S.) ZECI^ARIAH, son of Thomas No. 4. Born 
April 25, 1 81 3. Married Elizabeth Dedrick Nov. 3, 1832. 

A. THOMAS. Born Dec. 7, 1833. Married Martha Be- 
dell March i, 1853. 

B. JOHN MARTIN. Born June 27, 1838. Married 
Elizabeth Phillips Dec. i, 1S5S. 

C. WILLIAM HENRY. Born October 11, 1855. Died 
January 28, 1S40. 

D. STEPHEN HENRY. Born April 25, 1842. Mar- 
ried Eva M. Barnes Nov. 26, 1863. He resides at Schodac 

(No. 5.) PHILIP, son of Thomas F. Mesick No. 4, 
Ghent, Born Dec. 12, 1S14. Married Dorcas Vosburgh 
Feb. 19, 1835. 

A. THOMAS. Born Dec. 26, 1837. 

B. ALIDA Born March 28, 1839. Married George T. 
Snyder Oct. 19, 1857. Born Oct. 22, 1S36. 

(a) Eldora. Born Sept. 18, 1859. 

(b) Abram. Born Nov. 20, 1864. 

C. ELIZABETH. Born July 27, 1842. Married 
Stufflebeam. Born Aug. 17, 1841. 

D. ABRAM. Born Jan. 7, 1863. 

E. STAATS. Born July 17, 1848. Married Jennie Cra- 
per Feb. 15, 1871. Born May 28, 1852. 


(a) Elizabeth. Born Jan. 5, 1872. 

(b) Mary and (c) Martin, twins. Born April 4, 1873. 
(d) David Craper. Born March 2, 1877. 

F. CHARLES. Born Nov. 27, 1852. 

(No. 5.) FREDERICK, son of Thomas F. Mesick No. 4. 
Born April ii, 1830. Resides in Ghent. First wife Catharine 
Vosburgh. Born Feb. 22, 1830. Married Oct. 4, 1851. 

A. DEWITT. Born August 5, 1S52. 

B. AGNEZ. Born January 18, 1858. 

C. CLARENCE LETSON. Born Nov. 20, 1863. 

D. PETER VOSBURGH. Born Oct. i, 1S65. Second 
wife Anna Kelly. Born June 8, 1848. Married Dec. 24, 1S67. 

E. MARY. Born August 5, 1869. 

F. ALICE. Born February 15, 1S75. 

(No. s.) ROBERT G. MESICK, son of Richard i\o. 4. 
Born Jan. 20, 1821. Married Mary Jane Bloodgood March 
16, 1825. She died Oct.. 30, 1863. 

A. SARAH J. MESICK. Born Oct. 27, 1841. 

B. CAROLINE M. Born Jan. 30, 1846. 

C. EUGENIA A. Born March 29, 1848. 

D. MARY C. Born March 30, 1850. Died Feb. 25, 

E. MARY E. FOOT. Born August 11, 1852. 

F. IDA L. Born Oct. 17, 1854. 

G. ROBERTA. Born Sept. 20, 1857. Narasota, Texas. 
H. WALTER L. Born July 6, 186 1. 

I. VANINA. Born Dec 8, 1862. 

(No. 5.) CATHARINE, daughter of F. Mesick, 
No. 4. Born Dec. 10, 1816. Married Wm. \V. Ostrander 
April 12, 1S38. Born April 6, 1818. 



A. THOMAS M. OSTRANDER. Born March 28, 1839. 

B. WILLIAM H. Born April 21, 1841. Married Mel- 
vina Smith Feb. 2, 1S76. 

(a) Mildred. Born Nov, 20, 1876. 

C. MARY E. Born Feb. 27, 1S43. Married Charles S. 
Davenport Feb. 20, 1865. Born Feb. 20, 1845. 

(a) Carrie. Born June 23, 1870. 

(b) James L. Born Oct. 19, 1872.' 

(c) Kittie. Born Sept. 5, 1877. 

D. FREDERICK .M. Born Dec. 25, 1847. Married 
Priscilla G. Hits April 27, 1870. 

(a) John H. Ostrander. Born Nov. 12, 1871. 

E. PETER M. Born August 15, 1S52. 

F. FRANK. Born Nov. 15. 1855. 

G. EDWARD 0. Born April 17, 1859. 

(No. 5.) Rev. John/iF. .\1ESICK, son of Peter"7No. 4. 
Born June 2S, 1S13. Klarried Jane L. R. Perrine, who was 
born Oct. 25, 1S18, in Philadelphia Sept. 5, 1839. 

A. WM. PERRI.N'E MESSICK. Born in Philadelphia 

June 5, 1840. Lawyer. Married Sally Kay Dec. 13, 

1866. She was born April 29, 1849. 

(a) Hutchison Kay. 13orn Dec. 5, 1S67. 

(b) William. Born Jan. 28, 1S76. 

(c) Margarite Garret. Born Sept. 16, 1S78. Died Aug. 
17, 18S0. 

B. ANNA MARY NfESICK. Born March 19, 1S46. 
Married John Kunkel Gross April 26, 1874. Born June 15, 
1845. Resides in York, Pennsylvania. 

(a) Elisie Kunkel. Born March 20, 1875. 

(b) John Hcndrick Mesick. Born Feb. 15, 1S77. 

(c) Jennie LaRue Perrine. Born Feb. 15, 1S77. (Twins.) 

(d) Margaretta Allison. Rom Aug. 19, 1881. 



(No. 6.) THOMAS, son of Zachariah Mesick No. 5. Born 
^2-^.V2--Dea 7, 1833. Married Martha \. Bedell March 1853. 

A. WM. Z. Born March 12. 1855. 

B. CARRIE. Born June 16, 1867. 

C. ELIZA. Born Aug. II, 1862. 

D. EDWARD S. Born Nov. 10, 1S60. 

E. MARY E. Born Jan. 24, i874._ 

^^2e.^ - /.^-^-^^^ .^ -^.w,^,^ ^ ^ 

'^^^u 7r 


Rev. John W. Messick, D.l)., of Georgetown, Sussex Coun- 
ty, Delaware, reports that that State is full of families, who 
spell the name as he does, that is with SS, who are of an inde- 
pendent origin, and separate extraction. A score of names 
with the same spelling is found in the Philadelphia City Direc- 
tory. Rev. John F. Messick, Dixon, Webster County, Ken- 
tucky, leports that his grandfather, George Messick, came 
from England to Rockingham Co., Virginia ; moved thence 
to Kentucky ; and had twelve sons and two daughters, the 
progenitors of a numerous posterity settled in Kentucky, 
Illinois and Missouri. 

XoTE, — On the tomb stone of Jacob, son of Ffilz Muzigh, 
(see page 3) appears the following : 

"Here lies the body of Jacob Meiic*. 
who departed this hfe the 19th day of 
March, 1774, aged 57 years, I month & 
28 days. / 

Behold and see as you pass by ; 
As yoj are now, k) once » as I ; 
As I am now you soon will be. 
Prepare for death and follow me." 


^7 02214 50.