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Rev Robert A. Lundy 

1145 The Alameda, Apt 9 

Belmont, Calif. 94002 

HAY 26 19&7 ._ 


Methodist Freb Church 


© stng unto H]f TLaxtJ a neb) mriQ.—Fsalm xcvi. 1. 

J3e fillfU tnitlj tf]f Spirit; sprakmg to goursclbrs in psalms anti l]umn3 
anil spiritual songs, singing antj making mrlotg m gour f^art to thf 
ILortJ. — Ephesiane v. IS, 19. 







[Entered at Stationers' Hall according to Act of Parliament.] 





BY a resiiiution of the Annual Assembly of 1884, it was decided t)i;it a hymn-book 
should lio prepared to replace the one which has been used by the United Methodist 
Froo Churches since 1800. and a Committee was appointed to give effect to the resolution. 
Several reasons made a new compilation desirable. The first was that, in recent yea is. 
many hymns have been published, whose fervour and poetic power have won tlio 
approval and acceptance of nearly all sections of the Cliristian Church. Other rea.'^ons 
wnre, the imperfect classification of the liymns in the book hitherto in use, and the fact 
that a considerable number of them had become obsolete, owing to their want of 
adaptation for public worship. 

To introduce into the new volume the principal hymns that have enriched the litera- 
ture and worship of the present day, and to avoid too large a compilation, it was nert-s- 
sary to consider well which of the hymns in the old collection should be omitted from 
the new. The Committee approached this part of its duty with no small anxiety, a'ld 
has endeavoured to execute it with the greatest care. The object kept continually in 
view was to omit no hynm that had become familiar by use, or that, by other asso. 
ciations, had endeared itself to our Churches. In a few cases hymns that otherwise 
would have been e.\chuted have on this account been retained. Archaic words or phra-ses 
in some of the hymns of the former book have been altered : and hynms that were too 
long have been sho; tened by the omission of one or two of the weaker verses, so that 
each hynm may be sung through without inconvenience. 

In the selection of new hymns the compilers have spared no effort in searching for the 
best, the most poetical, but before all, the most spiritual of the productions of the po,-ts 
of our own and other lands. No collection of hymns or sacred songs of any repute has 
escaped attention. 

The principle which guided the Committee in the compilation of the book was to fulfil 
in the highest degree the purpose and conditions of Divine worship, and to afford fitting* 
means for the outpouring of the in prayer, the up-lifting of the soul to nobler aims, 
holii-r aspirations and fuller consecration, and the realisation, through sacred song, of 
comiuunion and fellowship with God. 

Not less earnestly has the Committee endeavoured, in the inclusion of new hymns, to 
provide for the glad and grateful expression of praise. It is still, it will always be 'a 
good thing to give thanks unto the Lord." In all ages praise has been the universal lan- 
guage of the children of God, and He reveals Himself in response, when they draw nigh 
to Him with songs of thanksgiving. Thus, at the dedication of the temple, ' when they 
lifted up their voices,' ' the glory of the Lord filled the House of God ; ' and ' the great 
multitude which no man can number." with 'the voice of many waters,' sing the new 
song ' unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb for ever and ever.' 

The compilers have also striven, by the choiie of suitable hjrmns, and through the 
classification and arrangement of the whole book, to stimulate the manifestation of 
practical Christianity, and to supply a medium for the devout utterance of the varied 
emotions and experiences of the Christian life. Many hymns are comprised, that, to those 
who are afflicted, and to those in suffering and sorrow, will be full of consolation, and 
will be welcome ' as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land." 

!> ME FACE. 

An Evftiigelistii: section fi>r Mission Services, and a section for Travellers by Lam! ami 
Sea. as well as one adapted to Services for the Younff at times when the Sunday School 
Book cannot bo used, have been provided, as have also sections for other special services 
and occasions. Indices of first lines, of anthers' names and dates, of texts and subiocti 
Illustrated by the hymns, of hymns classified under one section but also suitable for 
others, or for use at special meetins^s or services, are appended to all but the cheaper 
editions. These indices make the contents of the book most easy of reference. 

The thanks of the Committee are sincerely tendered to the authors and also to tlic 
publishers whose names are given below, for permitting, either without charge, or \>y 
punhase, the insertion in this book of original or of copyright hynuis. Some hymns— 
the number is but small— that would also have been inserted, have had to be e.xi:lud<ii 
bocausn the riglit of publication could not be secured. The Committee has laboured 
diligently to ensure, as far as practicable, accuracy of versions and of authors' names 
and dates, and has had the advantage of passing this part of its woik under the revision 
of Mr. W. T. Brooke, who is one of the foremost authorities on hymnology. 

The compilers cannot e.xpeet to escape criticism ; but those who judge of the book from 
outside the pale of Methodism, and who may be disposed to object to the retention of 
some hymns which, in their opinion, might have been spared, are reminded that this is 
a Methodist hymnal, prepared for Methodists who hold, in the main, those views of 
Christian truth and practice expounded by John Wesley. 

From 'the thousand-voiced heart of the Church." the hymns comprised In this col- 
lection have sprung. Though they have originated from minds whose doctrinal beliefs 
are wide asunder, they are animated by a catholicity of thought and love for the great 
verities of the Christian religion that have rejoiced and cheered the members of tho 
Con\niittee in their work, and have also strengthened the hope and intensified tho prayer 
for the coming of that time when the whole Christian Church shall ' keep the unity of 
tho Spirit in the bond of peace." 


Richard chew 
andrew cuo.meie 
Alfred Jones 

April, 1S89. kirsop 

Marmaduke Miller 

John Myers 

Thomas Snape 

John Swann Withikgton 


Tho following authors and proprietors have given permission to insert copyright 
hymns : 

Key. VV. Ilnv Altken, 2.-8. 

Kcv. S. Baring-Gould. .WO, Oil. 

Mr. Arthur H. Bateman (for the late Mr. 
Ftonry BatemanI, 6'.i2. 

Rev. C. S. Bore (for Miss Jane M. Camp- 
bell), 800. 

Miss M. I'.ctham-Edwards, MO. 

Bishop R. n. Blckersteth, 12. 413, 437. 438. 
7:i'). 849. 8!tl. 

Rev. A. G. W. Blunt, R-lfi. 

Rev. Dr. Horatlus Bonar. 42, 52, 21G, 221, 

.'ni. 31.S. x^^. 406, C23, mc. ir,\. 

Mm. R. Baldwin Brown (for the late Rev. 

J. Baldwin Brown), 401. 
Rev. R. BrowTi-BorthwIck, 7.^3. 
Messrs. BnrnH and (Mtes (lor the late Rev. 

V. W. l'ab.T), 44, ■.17. 187, 273, 317. 3'20, 

r..34. r.78, .'■.8.'), 014, 789, 793. 

Mrs. Eli.saboth Rundle Charles, 01.5. 007. 
Mrs. B. K. Chater (for tho late Rev. F. W. 

Goadbv), 807. 
Mrs. Conder (for tho late Rev. G. W. 

Conderi, 174. 
Rev. George T. Coster, 800. 
Miss Frances E. Cox, 115, 100. ."Vlfi. 
Rev. Henry. J. Cummins (lor tho late Rev. 

J. J. Cummins). 219. 
Messrs. Curwon & Co. (for Mrs. M. E. 

Shelly). 94'2. 
Miss Sarah Doudney, 2C8. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Downton (for tho lato Rev. 

Henry Uownton), 084, 830. 
Rev. John Kllertnn. 78, "239, 2,'->2, ?54, 2W, 

280, 717, 707, 700, 886. 043, 1039. 
Miss E. K. S. Elliott. 'XH. 


Rev. Canon Furse (for the late Rev. J. S. 

B. Monsoll), (>2. 112, 1H.=>, 1'.I2. 203, 381. 

436. 532, 5.'j1, 506. C18, 636. 780, 834. 8o3. 

858, 863, 88;J. 
Miss Gaskell (for the late Rev. AV. Gaskell). 

630, 644. 
Mr. Thomas H. Gill, 3. 87. 966. 
Mrs. Klizabeth Ayton Godwin. 382. 
-Mr. Jolm B. Greenwood. 862. 
11. L. L , 285, 499, 509, 515. 521. 550. 
Kev. Newman Hall, 922. 
Rev. Dr. Haunay (for E. S. A.), 864. 914. 
Tlie late Miss M. V. G. Haverf,'.il (tor tlie 

late Miss F. R. Haverg:al), .54, 84. 12:., 336. 

414, 415, 426, 429. 504, 825, 831, 121. 
Mr. J. T. Hayes (for the late Dr. J. M. 

Neale, from ' Hymns of the Eastern 

Church ■), 90. 275, 568. 
Rev. J. Page Hopps, 502, 553. 845. 
Bishop VV. \V. How. 5.5, 94, 300. 325, 492. 

555, 638, 791, 839, 842. 843. 
Miss Genevieve S. Irons. 3'.)6. 
Kev. W. J. Irons, 3o5. 496. 787. 
Kev. Ebenezer E. Jenkins, 904. 
Kev. John Julian. 81. 
Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench & Co. (for the 

late Archbishop R. C. Trench). 513. 
Rev. K. K. Littledale, 838. 
Mrs. Lynch (for the late Kev. T. T. Lynch), 

48, 91, 129, 282. 536. 652. 664. 666, 670, 721, 

Dr. George Macdonald. 617. 
Mr. W. J. Mafchanis, 440. 
Mrs. Mary F. Maude, 430. 
Mr. Albert Midlaue, 147, 920. 
Rev. H. A. Mills (for the late Rev. Edward 

Caswall). 182, 288, 461. 

Messrs. Morgan 4 Scott (for Mi.s8 C. E. 

Clephane, lo3 (from ■ ^.icred Songs and 

Mr. C. E. Miidie, 444. 
Messrs. Thomas Nelson &Sons (for the late 

Rev. James I). Burns), 267. 449, 833. 
Rev. Dr. J. H. Newman, 190, 487. 
Messrs. Novello. Ewer & Co. (for the late 

Rev. S. Childs-ClaTke). 855; (for the late 

Dr. J. M. Neale). 1038 ; (for the late Dr. 

Wm. J. Irons), 1040. 
Me.ssrs. Olipliant, Anderson & Ferrier (for 

the late Kev. K. M. McCheyne), 512. 
Mr. W. H. Parker, 932. 
Kev. E. H. Plumptre, 840. 877. 
Rev. Francis Pott, 170. 
Archdeacon Sir George Prevost (for the 

late Rev. Isaac Williams), 332. 
Proprietors of Home Hynm Book, 270. 
Mrs. Punshon (for the late Rev. William 

Morley Punshon), 2.50. 
The late Mr. George Rawson. 2. 156. 15"., 

210. 278. 279, 280. 286. 287. 303. 086. .,8i. 

882. 885, 946. 
Mr. Frederick Sherlock, 9.57. 
Messrs. Smith, Elder & Co. (for the late 

Miss Anne Bronte). 306, 952. 
Rev. C. H. Spurgeon, 262. 
Rev. Samuel J. Stone, 13, .584. 828. 
Rev. T. A. Stowell. 92.5. 938 (and lor the late 

Rev. Hugh Stowell). 719. 929. 
Rev. Godlrey Thring. 70. 89, 93. 128. 157, 

19S. 235, 265. 276. 651. 658. 848, 878. 894. 
Rev. L. Tuttiett. 547. 
Rev. Henry Twells. 251. 
Miss Anna L. Waring, 217. 653. 
Rev. Benjamin Waugh. 462. 
Rev. Frederick \\ hitheld, 342. 46.1. 
The late Mr. William Whiting. 888. 

The following original hymns have been presented to the Committed : 

Rev. Edward Boaden. 876. 955. 958. | Rev. Alfred Jones, 837. 

Rev. Alfred Winlield. 850. 

Permission to use copyright hymns has been purchased from the following : 

Messrs. George Bell & Sons (for Miss A. A. 
Proctor), 186. 497, 665. 

Mr. W. Chatterton Di.x, 65, 308, 859, 889. 

Messrs. Longman & Co. (for Miss C. Wink- 
worth, from 'Lyra Germanica), 30. 75, 
193. 240. 821. 884. 

Messrs. J. Masters & Co. (for Mrs. Cecil 
F. Alexander), 122. 264. 917. 923, 926 (and 
for Dr. J. M. Neale), 755, 785, 865. 

Miss Annie Matheson, 935, 937. 
I'roprietors of Chorale Book (for Misa 

Catherine Winkworth), 283. 494. 
Messrs. Raphael Tuck & Sons (for Miss 

Annie Matheson). 215. 
Rev. Christopher Wordsworth (for the late 

Bishop Christopher Wordsworth), 74, 116. 

178, 231, 274, 586, 832. 

If any copyrights have been unintentionally infringed, the Committeo sincerely 
apologise, and will be glad to acknowledge its obligation to authors or proprietors in a 
future edition of this HyiunaL 


c.ov THF Fathki: 
His Nature and Perfections 
iris Works in Creation 
His I'rovidence .... 
His Mercy and Grace . 

The Lord Jesus Christ. 
His Divinity and Glory 
His Incarnation and Advent 
His Example and TeaL-liing 
His Passion and Death 
His Kesiirrection and Ascension 
His Intercession and Reijjn 

The Holy Spirit. 
His Rosonerating and Sanctify 

ing Grate 

His Work as Teacher and Com 




















Thk Holy Trinity 
Divine Worship. 

I'raise and Prayer 

The Lord's Day . 



The Holy Scriptures . 
The Gospel Message . 

Evangelistic Services. 
Invitation to the Sinner 
Exhortation to Repent 
Salvation through Faith . 
Rejoicing in Forgiveness . 

The Christian Life. 
C'ontrltion and Longing for God 
Faltli and Consecration 
Adoption and Sonship 
Love and Holiness 
Llglit. Guidance and Growth 

A miction and Resignation . 
Confllc:t and Courage . 
Watchfulness and Steadfastm 
Declension and Recovery . 



209- 2>i9 


.517— .5(10 
.5(;i— .580 


Prayer (See also Praj'er Meetings) 

Serrice and Giving 

Hope and Joy .... 

The Church of Christ 
Character, Unity .md FclUnv.ship 
Reception of Members. 
Recognition of Ministers . 
Prayer Meetings (See also Prayer) 


The Lord's Supper 


Watch-Night Service . 
Covenant Service .... 

Death, Resurrection and 

Heaven and the Life Here- 

Christian Missions , 

New Ykar 

Seasoks of the Year . 

Flower Service .... 

Harvest Thanksgiving 

Special Occasions. 


Laying Foundation and Me- 
morial Stones .... 
Opening Services .... 
Hospital Sunday and Renevolent 
Institutions .... 
Burial of the 

Travellers by Land and Sea . 
Parents and Family Worship 
Services for the Young • 
Private Devotion 
Temperance Services. 


Dismissal Hymns AND Doxologies 
Psalms and Canticles . . 9 

















1 fhron. xxlx 1017 

Isaiah xii 


I f^l 

,, XXV 




., xl 




„ lii 




.. liii 




.. Iv 




,. IX. & ix 




Lniiiontatioiis lii . 




Iliibakkuk iii 












Matthew v 

Komaii.s viii 

1 Cor. XV 





1 Cor. v.. Kom. vi., 1 Cor. X". . 
Kpliesiuns iii 




Revelation i. 4 iv 103J 


II' )8 




Te Deiini Laudainus .... loXJ | 







Uenedictiis .... 




Nun.; Dimittis .... 




Gloria in Kxcelsis .... 




The strain upraise .... 




Sing H.illelujah forth . 




Dies Ine 

10^0 1 








1042 ' 
















ex XXIX 

. 1014 



. 1015 



. 1016 


INDEX to Jind Hymns placed tender the several Sections of this Hymnal 
which are suitable for the various Seasons of the Tear, and for Special 

Ascension Day . 118-12'J. I'io. 980. 

Biijitiim : 70'.'. 7'-'2 7-'4. UO.'). 910. 

Bazaars : 178, 4'29, 638, t)45, 876. 

Bible Society Meetuujs and Bible Classes . 3, 

I'l. 28, 38, 144, 153-i55, 1!I6, 208. 290-30.5, 331, 

3a«, 486, 511. 815. 821, 984. 
Birthdays : 433, 954. See New Year, The. 
Chapel Anniversaries : 134, 160. 17U 173. 175. 

185. 200, 208. 21.3, 231, 232, 241-244, 240-249, 

3<K). 476, 480. 495. 515. 569, 573. 578. 587. 608, 

673. 67.-.. 858, 868. 870. 872. 873, 988, 995, 999. 

1000. 1010, 1012. 1033. 1039, 1041, 
Choir Anniversaries: 5, 170, 188, 200, 204, 

205, 220. 238, 514. 1006, 1013, 1015. 
Chrislvias 64-67, 70-81, 676. 926. 934, 1034- 

Church Afeetinc/s: 137, 222. 493, 504, 633, 673, 

r.77, 693-696. 698-703. 706, 713, 720. 
Covenant Services: 142, 198, 221, 288, 353,301, 

362, 399, 405. 424-427. 429-432, 435, 437, 440, 

454. 458, 640-642. 654, 657. 063. 6W. 690, 746-749. 
Easter: .50, 111117. 
Evangelical Alliance and Union Meetings : 

126, 303, 578. 647. 052, 662. 694, 695, 699, 701, 

703, 706, 720, 978. 
Evangelistic Sert ices : 38. 42, 48-.'Vl. 57, 58, 03. 

85, 92, 95-110, 129-159, 179-182, 194. 197. 209, 

221, 277, 297. 306-440. 442, 445, 452, 453, 463, 

466, 468. 473, 476, 487, 569, 573. .578, 587-589, 

592. 593, 603-613, 627, 628. 641, 657, 662, 668. 

673,675,681-683, 68.5, 705, 700, 713-710. 719, 

749, 762, 766, 770. 776, 780. 782. 796. 797, 799. 

80»J. 802. 807, 924. 
Eve>iinii : 36. 250-255, 209-289, 947. 
Ftouer Services . 17, 21, 112. 174, 178, 200. 215, 

516. 826, 834, 836, »3T, 846-850, 912, 922, 923. 

937, 1038. 
Foundation and Memorial Stones: 863-860. 
Funeral and Memorial Services ■ 115. .555. 

5.59, 750-758, 767, 779. 791-795, 800, 881-887, 

991, 1001, 1029. 
Co d Friday : 95-110, 190, 336. 353, 396. 410. 

44.3, 401, 408, 520, 917. 
Jlorvest Thanksiiivinii- 14, 17, 21, 116, 174, 

176. 178. 184, 195, 298, 340, (;()2, i:<m, 770, 814, 

826, 840-842, 851-860, 996, 1003. 
Home: 192, 200, 221, 2.58, 260, 201, 270. 282, 

304, 462, 510, 014, 905-911, 918, 920, 926, 930, 

9:53, 9:H, 941. il43. 
Hcs/aliits and Benevolent Societies: 87, 91, 

'.13, 94, 177, 045, 0.5O, 840, 877-88(1, 935. 
Lectures and Literary Sortelies: 3, 17, 18,23, 

4.5, 126, 176, 200, 303, 419, 462, 511, 513, 51.5, 

.016, 578, .581, .585, 602, 644, 050, 660, (i62, 664, 

066. 071. 717. 847. 848. 
Lonis IJuii. The: 230-255. 
Lords Sui>prr, The : 95110, 353, 468. 520, 523, 

725-737, 977, 1030. 
Luv'./tasis: 180, 197, 341, 46.5. 467. 409. 483, 

682, 083, 694, 7ol, 7o5, 706. 732, 738 741. 
M-ti(f<s: 861, 8412. 

Mi'iitOfrs, Services /or the Uexeplionof: 703-700 
Ministers. Meetimix of 144, 484. 480. .50-», 

520, .588, 6.38, 0;{' . 041. 044, W8, M9, 651-653. 

658, 06O, 662-664. 678. 707. 710. 

Ministers, Recognition oj : 476, 504, 616, 7ii8- 
711, 814, 815, 1021. 

Missions : 19, 49, 50, 56, 63, 72. 123. 124, 127, 
128, 131, 145, 164, 165. 169, 172, 188, 218. 2^i9, 
306, 307, 309, 312, 316, 322, 334. 489, 569, 651, 

662, 675, 676. 679. 804-822. 959. 997. 998. 1004. 
1005, 1023, 1024. 

Missionaries, Ministers and Friends, De- 
parture of: 696, 738, 822, 823, 970, 974, 977. 

Morning : 223, 256-268, 378, 470, 913. 

Nation. Thanksgivings and Prayers for the : 
41, 189, 193, 561, 578, 684, 808, 961-969, 993, 
998, 1000, 1003, 1008, 1015-1017, 1019. 

New Year. The: 3, 20, 33. 34, 490 494, 496, 
497, 499, 501, 502, 509, 515, 552. 674. 692, 744, 
745, 773, 774, 824-833. 

Opening Services of Chapel or School : 867- 

Organ Opening: "00, 875. 

Peace Meetings : 72, 79. 676. 811, 961, 962. 965. 

Prayer Meetings: 213. 244. 601. 617, 621-6;?7, 

663, 700,712-721. Sec Ev.niigelistic Spi'vicos. 
BevivcUs: 130, 132. 133, 137, 139, 140, 144, 14.., 

117, 155, 214, 364. 378. 388. 393. 515, 003-605, 

Sabbath Day. The : See Lords Day, The. 
Sea. For Those at: 89. 91. 438. 491, 500, 544, 

691. 888-904. 
Seasons of the Year : 826, 831-845. 
Sick Honm : 30, 32, 90, 120, 180, 210, 229, 271, 

271. 277, 503, 517-.560, 774, 776, 781, 797, 952, 

Social Meetings: 17, 21. 31. 200. 652. 653. 

660, 666. 
Sunday-school Anniversaries : 169, 562, 569. 

573, 662, 679, 858. 914. 916-920, 930, 931, 935- 

938, 940, 942, 982, 1038. 
Teachers' Meetings : 504, 644, 646, 052, 062, 

905-908, 910. 
Temperance Meetings: 014, 645, 062, 664, 

Thank Offerings : 336, 435. 439, 444. 638, 643, 

Watch Night Services .■ 12, 24, a5. 487. 510. 

521, 537, .587, 66.5, 742-745, 750, 751, 753-755. 

764, 708,771,81:!. 
Week Day Services: 221, 267, 436. 4."17, 502. 

.570, 601. 630, 644, 646. 648, 662, 658-661. 669- 

671. 717. 
Whitsuntide. 129, 130. 132-139. 144. 149, 154- 

159, 464, 932. 
Youmi, Services for the : 21. 29, 48, 51, 64, 07, 

73, 74, 82, 103, ilO, HI, 122, 125, 130. 134. 1.50, 

159, 174, 176, 178. 179, 182, 181, 180, 192, 191. 

195. 1!«7. 19M. •.'00. •'IK. 221,2'J3, 252, 25.5, 2.56. 

2.59, '.'.1 i ' • 1 ■.■;. '275. 277, 279-' •J.'fl. 

2w. -."'I ill I.,. ;n7, .331,333. :;;;'.i.:!i'.i, 

;«i,. ■;,.•< .M, liii.. iw;. 410, 419. 426. 4-j'.t. 4:;o. 

437, 440. 44'.p, 4.V.', 461. 466. 487. 491. 49J, .1.;, 
516. .5;{7, 541. .542. 545. 548. .562. 569, .57.;. .T.s, 
.584, 014, 618, 623, 6-27, 644. 65'2, 068. 6i;j, 6s.,, 
749, 751, 752, 770, 7/6, 782. 785. 790. 793. T'j'.i. 
805. 809. 811, 815, 824. 825. 831. 832. 83H. 8;!9, 
842, 843, 846, 846-8IK), 880, 912-944, 959 


(Boh tijc Jratljcr. 


-•- The whole earth is full of His glory. 
Isaiah vi. 3. 

ETERNAL Power, whose high abode 
Becomes the grandeur oi a God, 
Infinite lengths beyond tlie bounds 
Wliere stars revolve their little rounds ! 

2 Tlicp, while the first archangel sings, 
lie liides his face beliind his wings ; 
And ranks of shining thrones around 
Full worshipping, and spread the ground. 

;> Lord, what shall earth and ashes do? 
We would adore our Maker too ! 
From sin and dust to Tliee we cry, 
'I'he Great, the Holy, and the High. 

4 Earth from afiir hath heard Thy fame, 
.■\nd worms have learned to lisp Thy name ; 
I'.ut, 1 the glories of Thy mind 

Leave all our soaring thoughts behind ! 

5 God is in heaven, and men below ; 

I'.e .short our tunes, our words be few ! 
A solemn reverence checks our songs. 
And praise sits silent on our tongues. 

Isaac Watts. 1706. 

2 8.7. 8.7. 4.7 

Let them praise Thy great and terrible 
name ; for it is holy.— Vsahn .\ci.\. 3. 

n OD the Lord is King ! before Him, 
vl Earth, with all tliy nations, wait ! 
Wliere the cherubim adore Him, 

8itteth He in royal state : 
He is Holy : 

r.lessed, only Potentate ! 

2 God the L<ird is King of Glory ! 
Zion, tell the world His fame ; 
Ancient Israel, the story 
Of His faithfulness proclaim I 

He is Holy : 
II. ■ly is His awful iiuiiie : 

3 In old times when dangers darkened, 

WTien, invoked by priest and seer. 
To His people's cry He hearkened. 
Answered them in all their fear ; 

He is Holy : 
As they called, they found Him near. 

4 Laws divine to them were spoken 

From the pillar of the cloud ; 
Saiued precepts, quickly broken ! 
Fiercely then His vengeance flowed : 

He is Holy : 
To the dust their hearts were bowed. 

5 P.ut their Father, God, forgave them 

When they sought His face once more, 
Ever ready was to save them. 
Tenderly did He restore: 

He is Holy : 
We, too, will His grace implore. 

C God in Christ is all-forgiving, 
\Vait.s His mercy to fulfil ; 
Come, exalt Him, all the living ; 
Come, ascend His Zion still ! 

He is Holy : 
Worship at His holy hill ! 

Georje Raivson. lo.")7 

3 8.8.6. 8.8.6. 

Your life is hid ivith Christ in God. 
Colossians iii. 3. 

LORD GOD. by whom all change is 
By whom new things to birth are brought, 

In whom no change is known ! 
What«'er Tliou dost, whate'er Thou art. 
Thy people still in Thee have part; 
Still, still fhou art our own. 

2 Ancient of Days ! we dwell in Thee ; 
Out of Thine own eternity 

Our peace and joy are wrought ; 
Wp rest in our eternal God, 
And make secure and sweet abode 
With Thee, v ho changest not. 


3 Each sttndfiut promise we jiossess ; 
Thine everlasiiiif; truth we bluss, 

Thine everlasting love ; 
The unlailin? Helper close we clasp, 
The everlasting arms we grasp, 

Nor from the refuge move. 

4 Spirit who makest all things new. 
Thou leadest onward ; we pursue 

The heavenly march sublime. 
'Neath Tliv renewing tire we glow. 
And still from to strength we go, 

From height to height we oumb. 

6 Darkness and dread we leave behind, 
New light, new glory still we find. 

New realms divine possess : 
New births of grace new raptures bring ; 
Triumphant, the new song we sing. 

The great Renewer bless. 

6 To Thee we rise, in Thee we rest ; 
We stay at home, we go in quest, 

tSiill Thou art our abode. 
The r.apture swells, the wonder grows 
As full on us new life stiil flows 
From our uucluinging God. 

Thomas H. Gill. 18u9. 


(Jive thanks unto the Lord : for He 
is good. — Fsauii cxviii. 1. 

OGOD, of good the unfathomed Sea ! 
Who would not give his heart to Thee, 
Who would not love Thee with His might? 
Jeisus. Lover of iiiankiud ! 
Who would not hi.s wliole soul and mind, 
With all his strength, to Thee unite? 

2 Tliou shin'st with everlasting rays : 
Before the insullerable blaze 

Angels with both wings veil their eyes ; 
Yet, free as air Thy bounty streams 
On all Thy works ; Thy mercy's beams 

Diffusive, as Thy suii's, arise. 

3 A.stonished at Thy frowning brow, 
Eiirth, hell, and heaven's strong pillars 

Terrible ma,iesty is Thine ! | bow ; 

Who then can that vast love express. 
Which bows Thee down to me. who less 

Than nothing am, till Thou art miuo ! 

4 High throned on heaven's eternal liill, 
In number, weight, and measure stiil 

Thou sweetly orderest all that is : 
And yet Thou deign'st to come to me. 
And guide my steps, that I, with Thee 

Knibroued, may reign in endless bltsa. 

5 Fountain ofgooil, all Messing (lows 
From Thee : no want Thy fuini'ss knows : 

What but Tbyseir canst Thou doslrof 
Vet, H.'M-Hiilllclent. m Thou art. 
Thou dost desire my wfirthlcHs heart: 

ThiH, only this, doHt Thou require. 

C God, of good the unfathomed Sea ! 
Who would not give his heart to Thee, 
Who would not love Thee with his 
Jesus, Lover of mankind ! 
Who would not his whole soul and mind. 
With an bis sUength, to Thee unite ? 

John Scheffler. 1037. 
Tr. John Wesley. 173U. 

Aivale up, my glory.- 

4.4. fi. 4.4.6. 
-Psalm Ivii. 8. 

MV God, mv King, 
Thy praise I'll sing, 
Jly heart is all Thine own : 
"jNIy liigliest powers. 
My choicest hours, 

1 yield to Thee alone. 

2 My voice, awake. 
Thy part to take. 

My soul, the concert join ; 

Till all around 

Shall catch the .sound, 
And mix their hymns with mine. 

3 But man is weak 
Thy praise to speak ; 

Your God, ye angels, sing ; 

'Tis yours to sec. 

More near Ih.iu we. 
The glories of our King. 

4 His truth and grace 
Kill time and space. 

As lar:,'!- His lionours bo; 

Till Mil Iliat live 

Their hoiiiM,:;!' give. 
And praise my God with me. Amen. 
H. F. Lyte. 1834. 

O Who is like Thee, glorious in holiness, 
fearful in praises, doing wonders f 
Exodus XV. 11. 

OGOD, Thou bottomless abyss 1 
Thee to perfection who can know ? 
height imuionse ! What words sullico 
Thy countless attributes to show? 

2 Unfathomable deptlis Thou art ; 

< » plunge me in Thy mercy's sea ! 
Void of true wisdom is my heart : 
With lovo embrace, and cover nio ! 

3 While Thee, all-lnfmite, I set 

By faith befoio my ravished oyc. 
My weakness bends beneath the wi'ight ; 
O'erpowered I sink, I faint, I die ! 

4 Eternity Thy fountain was. 

Which, like Th<,-e. no beginning kncnv ; 
Thou wast ere time began his race. 
Ere glowed with stars the ethereal blu 


6 Greatness unspeakable i3 Thine, 

Greatness, wliose undiminished ray. 
When short-lived worlds are lost, shall 
When earth and heaven are lied away. 

G Unchangeable, all-perfect Lord, 
Essential life's unbounded sea. 
What lives and moves, lives by Thy word; 
Ic lives, and moves, and is from Thee. 
Ernst Lari'je. 1711. 
Tr. John WenUy. 1737. 


By the word of the Lord were the 
hcucens made.—V:ii}.ha x.xxiii. 6. 

THY hand, God, Thy forming skill. 
Firm fixed this universal chain ; 
Else empty barren d;irknesB still 
Had held its unmolested reign. 

2 Whate'er in earth, or sea, or sky. 

Or shuns or meets the wandering 
Escapes or strikes the searching eye. 
By Thee was to perfection brought. 

3 High is Thy power above all height, 

Whate er Thy will decrees is dune : 
Thy wisdom, equal to Thy migiit. 
Only to Thee, God, is known. 

4 Heaven's glory is Thy awful throne, 

Vet earth partakes Thy giacious sway : 
Vain man ! thy wisdom folly own, 
Lost is thy reason's feeble ray. 

f) What our dim eye could never see 
Is plain and naked to Thy sight : 
What thickest darkness veils, to Thee 
Shines clearly as the morning Ught. 

C In light Thou dwell'st ; light that no shade. 
No variation, ever knew: 
Heaven, earth, and hell, stand all 
And open to Thy piercing view. 

Ernst Lan;e. 1711. 
Tr. John Wesley. 1737. 


Thou art God alone. 
Psalm Ixxxvi. 10. 


flUIOU, true and only God, lead'st forth 
X The immortal armies of the sky ; 
I'liou laugh'st to scorn the gods of earth ; 
Thou thunderest, and amazed they fly : 

2 With downcast eye the angelic choir 

Appear before Thy awful face ; 
Trembling they strike the golden lyre. 
And tiu'ough heaven's vaidt resound Thy 

3 In earth, in heaven, in all Thou art ; 

The conscious creature feels Thy nod, 
Whose forming hand on every part 
Impressed the image of its God. 

i Thine, Lord, is wisdom. Thine alone : 
Justice and truth before Tli'^e stand : 
Yet, nearer to Thy sacred throne, 
ilercy withholds 'I'hy lilted hand. 

5 Each evening shows Thy tender love. 

Each rising morn Thy plent.;ous grace : 
Thy wakened wrath doth slowly move. 
Thy w illiug mercy flies apace J 

6 To Thy benign, indulgent care. 

Father, this light, this breath we owe ; 

And all we have, and all we are. 

From Thee, great Source of Being, flow. 

Ernst Lau'je. 1711. 

Tr. John Wesley. 1737. 

^ All that is in the heaven and in the 
earth is Thine. — 1 Chion. xxix. 11. 

PARENT of Good, Thy bounteous hand 
Incessant blessings down distils, 
And ail in air, or sea, or land. 
With plenteous food and gladness fills. 

2 All things in Thee live, move, and are, 

Thy 110 wer infused doth ail sustain ; 
Even those Thy daily favours share. 
Who thankless spurn Thy easy reign. 

3 Thy sun Thou bidd'st his genial ray 

Alike on all impartial pour: 
To all, who liate or bless 'i'hy sway. 
Thou bidd'st descend the fruitful shower. 

4 Yet while, at length, who scorned Thy 

Shall feel Thee a consuming fire. 
How s>veet the joys, the crown how bright, 
Of those who to Thy love aspire 1 

5 All creatures praise the eternal Name : 

Ye hosts that to His comt belong. 
Cherubic choirs, seraphic flames, 
Awake the everlasting song ! 

6 Thrice Holy ! Thine the kingdom is, 

The power onmipoteut is Thine ; 
And when created natuie dies. 
Thy never-ceasing glories shine. 

Ernst Ixini/e. 1711. 
Tr. JuUn Wesley. 1737. 


God is Light.— I John i. 5. 

8.G. 8.8.6. 

ETERNAL Light ! Eternal Light ! 
How pure the soid must be. 
When, placed within Thy searching sight, 
It shrinks not, but with calm delignt 
Can live, and look on Thee : 

2 The spirits that sun'ound Thy throne 
May bear the burning bliss : 
But that is surely theirs alone. 
Since they have never, never known 
A fallen world like this. 


S ! how shall I, whose native sphere 
Is dark, whose mind is dim, 
Before the IiieiVaVile appear. 
And on my naked spirit bear 
That uncreated beam t 

4 There is a wav for man to rise 

To that snbiime abode :— 
An offerinj; and a sacritice, 
A Holy Spirit's energies, 

An advocate with God :— 

5 These, these prepare us for the sight 

Of holiness above : 
The sons of ipnoranre and nipht 
Mav dwell in the Eternal Light, 

Through the Eternal Love. 

Thomas Binuey. d. 1871. 


Lord, Thou hast searched me, 
and knottn ?«e.— Psalm cxxxix. 1. 

IN all my vast concerns with Thee, 
In vain my soul would try 
To shun Thy presence. Lord, or flee 
The notice of Thine eye. 

2 Thy all-surrounding sisrht surveys 

My rising and my rest. 
My public walks, my private ways, 
The secrets of ray breast. 

3 My thoughts lie open to Thee, Lord, 

Before they're formed within ; 
And, ere my lips pronounce the word. 
Thou know'st the sense I mean. 

4 O wondrous knowledge, deep and high : 
Where can a creature hide ? 
Within Tliy circling arms I lie. 
Beset on every side. 

r. So let Thy grace surround me still, 
And like a bulwark prove. 
To guard my soul from every 1)1, 
Secured by sovereign love. Amen. 

Isaac Watts. 1719. 


7.r,. 7.G. n. 
Thou art the same, and Thy 
years shall have no end. — Psalm cii. 27. 

OGOD, the Roi-k of Ages, 
Wlio evi-rmore liast been. 
What time tlie tempest rages. 
Our (Iwi'jling-place .serono : 
P.elnrc Tliy first creations, 

() L'iril. tlie same ns now, 
To endless generations 
The Kverlasting Thou ! 

2 Our year.s are like the shadows 
On sunny hills that lie. 
Or t'r:i«»eH In the nio'ulowi 
Tli:it li;i..;.si.m but to die: 

A sleep, a dream, a story 
By strangers quickly told. 

An unreniaining glory 
Of things that soon are old. 

3 O Thon, who canst not shnnber. 

Whose light grows never pale. 
Teach us aright to number 

Our years before they fail. 
On us Thy mercy lighten. 

On us Thv goodness rest. 
And let Thy Spirit brighten 

The hearts Thyself hast blest. 

4 Lord, crown our faith's endeavour 

With beauty and with grace. 
Till clothed in light for ever. 

We see Thee face to face : 
A Joy no language measures ; 

A fountain brimming o'er ; 
An endless flow of pleasures ; 

An ocean without shore. Amen. 
Bishop E. H. Bickersteth. 1853. 

-| o 

J- O T],e Lord lie is God : there is none 
else beside Miin.—T>e\it. iv. 35. 

VONE else but Thee for evermore, 
iN One, All, we dread, believe, adore ; 
Great earth and heaven shall have their 

And, worn and old, shall pass away. 
But Thou remainest on Thy throne. 
Eternal, changeless, and alone '. 

2 None else we praise ! In every form. 
In peace of calm, and power of storm, 
In simple flower, and mystic star. 

In all around, and all afar. 

In grandeur, beauty, truth, but Thee 

None else we liear, none else we see. 

3 None else we love ! for sweeter grace 
That made anew a ruined race : 
The heirs of life, the lords of death. 
AVith earliest voice and latest breath. 
When days begin, when days are done, 
Bless we the l>alher for the Son. 

4 None else we trust : though flesli may fail, 
Or heart may sink when foes assail. 
Thou, by Thy Siiirit, art our stay. 

And pe.ace that shall not away : 
None else in life and death have wo. 
But we have all in all with Thee. 

5 Yea, none but Thee all worlds confess. 
And those redeemed ones numberless: 
Father, with Son :ind Spirit, One, 
Ami Mverniore beside Tliee none. 

or all that i.s. Im.s b.-en. shall be, 
We praise, love, trust none else but Thee I 
Samuel J. Stone. 1866. 



It is good to sing praises unto 
our God.— i'aalm exlvii. 1. 

PRAISK ye the Loi-l : 'tis good to raise 
Your hearts and voices in His praise : 
His nature and His works invite 
To make this duty our delight. 

2 Hefoi-med the stars, those heavenly flames; 
He counts theirnuinbers, calls their names 
His wisdom s vast, and knows no bound, 
A deep where all our thoughts are drowned 

3 Sing to the Lord ! exalt Him high, 
Who spreads His clouds along the sky; 
There He prepares the fruitful rain, 
Nor lets the drops descend in vain. 

4 He makes the grass the hills adorn, 
And clothes the smiling hills with corn ; 
'I'he beasts with food His hands supply. 
And the young ravens when they cry. 

5 What is the creature's skill or force ? 
The sprightly man, or warlike hors'j? 
Tlie piercing wit, the active limb? 
All are too mean delights for Him. 

6 But saints are lovely in His sight, 
He views His children with delight : 

He sees their hope. He knows their fear. 
He looks and loves His image there. 

Isaac Watts. 171'J. 


O come, let us sinn unto the Lord. 
Psalm xcv. 1. 

COME, sound His praise abroad. 
And hymns of glory sing ; 
Jehovah is tlie sovereign God, 
The universal King. 

2 He formed the deeps unknown : 
He gave tlie seas their bound ; 

The watery worlds are all His own. 
And all the solid ground. 

3 Come, worship at His throne ; 
Come, bow before the Lord : 

We are His works, and not our own ; 
He formed us by His word. 

4 To-day attend His voice, 
Nor dare provoke His rod : 

Come, as the people of His choice, 
And own your gracious G<>d. 

Isaac Walls. 1719. 


15 D. 
Whom have I in heaven but Thee I 
Psalm Ixxiii. 25. 

LORD of earth ! Thy forming hand 
Well this glorious frame hath 
planned ; 
Woods that wave and hills that tower, 
Ocean rolling in its power ; 
Yet, amid this scene so fair, 
Should I cease Thy smile to share, 
What were all its joys to me ? 
Whom have 1 on earth but Thee? 

Lord of heaven ! beyond our sight 
Rolls a world of purer light ; 
There, in love's eternal reign. 
Parted friends shall meet again ; 

that world is passmg fair : 

Y'et, sliouldst Tliou be .absent there, 
What were all its joys to me ? 
Whom have I in heaven but Thee? 

Lord of earth and heaven : my breast 
Seeks in Thee its only rest : 

1 was lost. Thy accents mild 
Homeward lured Thy wandering child : 
should once Thy smile divine 
Cease upon my soul to shine. 

What were heaven or earth to me ? 
Whom have I in each but TheeV 

Sir U. (Jraiit. d. \>C,^. 

Lift up your eyes on high, and be- 
hold ivho liath created these things. 

Isaiah .xl. 26. 

THE God of nature and of grace 
In all His works appears ; 
His goodness through the earth we trace. 
His grandeur in the spheres. 

2 Behold this fair and fertile globe, 

By Him in wisdom planned ; 
'Twas He who girded, like a robr. 
The ocean round the land. 

3 Lift to the firmament your eye ; 

Thither your path pursue ; 
His glory, boundless as the sky. 
O'erwhelnis the wondering view. 

4 He bows the heavens,— the mountains 

A highway for their God : 
He walks amidst the desert-land, 
'Tis Eden where He trod. 

5 Ihe forests in His strength rejoice ; 

Hark : on the evening breeze. 
As once of old, the Lord God's voico 
Is heard among the trees. 

6 In every stream His bounty flows. 

Diffusing joy and wealth ; 
In every breeze His Spirit blows, 
The breath of life and health. 

7 His blessings fall in plenteous showers 

Upon the hip of earth, 
Tliat teems with foliage, fruit, and flow ers. 
And rings with infant mirth. 

8 If God hath made this world so fair. 

Where sin and death abound ; 
How beautiful beyond compare 
Will Paradise be found i 

James Montgomery. 1819. 



The firmament showeth His handi- 
wurfi. — Psalm xix. 1. 

THE spacious firmament on hiarh. 
With all the blue ethereal sky. 
And spangled heavens, a shining frame, 
Their great Original proclaim. 

2 The unwearied sun, from day to day, 
Does his Creator's power display ; 
And publishes to every land 

The work of au Almighty hand. 

3 Soon as the evening shades prevail. 
The moon taltes up tlie tale ; 
And nightly to the listening earth 
Repeats the story of her birth : 

4 \\'hilst all the stars that round her burn. 
And all tiie plain't^ in their turn, 
(.'ontirm the ti'iiii^s as tiiey roll. 

And spread the truth from' pole to pole. 

5 What though in solemn silence all 
Move round this dark, terrestrial ball ; 
What thf.ugh no real voice nor sound 
Amid their radiant orbs be found ; 

6 In reason's ear they all rejoice, 
And utter forth a glorious voice ; 
For ever singing as they shine. 
The Hand that made us is divine. 

Joseph Addison. 1712. 


The heavens declare the glory 
of &od.— Psalm xix. 1. 

THE heavens declare Thy glory. Lord, 
In every star Thy wi.sdom shines ; 
But wlien our eyes behold Thy word, 
We read Thy name in fairer lines. 

2 The rolling sun, the changing light. 

And night and day. Thy power confess ; 
But the best volume Thou nast writ 
Reveals Thy justice and Thy grace. 

3 Sun, moon, and stars convey Thy praise 

Roimd tlie wliole earth, and never stand ; 
So when Thy trutli began its race. 
It touched, and glanced on every land. 

4 Nor shall Thy spreading gospel rest. 

Till tlirough the world Thy truth has 
run ; 
Till Christ has all the nations blest, 
That see the light or feel the sun. 

6 Groat Sun of Righteousness, arise, 

BlcKH the dark world with heavenly 
light : 
Tliy ifOHpel makes the simple wise ; 
Thy laws ans pur<!. Thy judgments right. 
Ixiac Watts. 1719. 


6.6. 6.6. 
The Lord reigneth ; let the earth 
nyotce.— Psalm xcvii. 1. 

THE Lord Jehovah reigns. 
His throne is built on high ; 
The garments He assumes 
Are light and majesty : 
His glories shine with beams so bright 
No mortal eye can bear the sight. 

1 The thunders of His hand 

Iveep the wide world in awe ; 
His wrath and justice stand 
Tn guard His holy law ; 
Ami where His love resolves to bless. 
His truth confirms and seals the grace. 

3 Through all His mighty works 

Surprising wisdom shines. 
Confounds the powers of hell. 

And breaks their dark designs 
Strong is His arm, and shall fulfil 
His great decrees, His sovereign will. 

4 And can this sovereign King 

Of glory condescend ? 
And will He write His name. 
My Father and my Friend ? 
I love Hib name, I love His word ; 
Join all my powers to praise the Lord ! 
Isaac Watts. 1719. 


^.very good gift . . . is from 
above.— James i. 17. 

HAPPY man whom God doth aid ! 
God our souls and bodies made; 
fJod on us, in gracious sliowers, 
I'liessings everv nioriient pours; 
riiiiipasses with angel-hand.s, 
I'.iils theiu b>'ai' us in their hands ; 
Parents, friends, 'twas God be.stowed, 
Life, and all, descend from God. 

2 He this flowery carpet spread. 
Made the cm Ih on wlii.-li we tread ; 
(Jn.i relVeslies in til" air. 

th tl 

Feeds us Willi llie food we eat, 
Clieers US by Mis light and heat, 
Makes His sun on us to shine; 
All our blessings are divine 1 

3 Give nim then, and ever give, 
Thanks lor all that we leceivo I 
Man we for his kindness love, 
How nnii'li more our God above ! 
W..rtliv TtioM. our heavenly Lord, 
To lie liononrecl and adored; 
Gdil of all-ereaiinggrace. 
Take the everlasting pralso ! Amen. 
Charles WckIci/. 17 



Great is the myslerii of godliness. 
1 Timotby iii. IG. 

FATHER, how wide Thy glory shines ! 
How high Thy wonders rise ! 
Known through the earth by thousand 
By thousands through the skies. 

2 Those mighty orbs proclaim Thy power, 

Their motions speak Thy skill ; 
And on the wings of every hour 
We read Thy patience still. 

3 Part of Thy name divinely stands 

On all Thy creatures writ; 
Tliey show the labour of Thy hands, 
Or imprcsa of Thy feet. 

4 But when we ^^ew Thy strange design 

To save rebellious worms. 
Where justice and compassion join 
In their divinest forms ; 

6 Here the whole Deity is known. 
Nor dares a creature guess 
Which of the glories brightest shone. 
The justice, or the grace. 

6 Now the full glories of the Lamb 

Adorn the heavenly plains ; 
Bright seraphs learn Immanuel's name, 
And try their choicest strains. 

7 may I bear some humble part 

In that immortal song ! 
Wonder and joy shall tune my heart. 
And love command my tongue. 

Isaac Watts. 1700. 


The invisible things of Him from 
the creation of the tvorld are 
clearly seen, being understood 
by the things that are made. 
Romans i. 20. 

THERE is a book who runs may read, 
Whicl) heavenly truth imparts ; 
And all the lore its scholars need. 
Pure eyes and Christian hearts. 

2 The works of God above, below. 

Within us, and around, 
Are pages in that book to show 
How God Himself is found. 

3 The glorious sky, embracing all. 

Is like the Maker's love, 
Wherewth encompassed, great and small 
In peace and order move. 

4 One name, above all glorious names. 

With its ten thousand tongues, 
The everlasting sea proclaims, 
Echoing angelic songs. 

5 The raging fire, the roaring wind, 
Thy boundless power display ; 
But in tlie gentler breeze we tind 
Thy Spirit's viewless way. 

e Thou, who hast given me eyes to see 
And love this sight so lair, 
Give me a heart to find out Thee, 
And read Thee everywhere. 

John Keble. 1827. 



He raVed the name of that place. 
Bt'thel.—Gtiueiis xxviii. I'J. 

QGOD of Bethel ! by whose hand 
Thy people still are fed ; 
Who, through this earthly pilgrimage, 
Hast all our fathers led : 

2 Our fei-vent prayers we now present 

Before Thy throne of grace ; 
God of our fathers ! be the God 
Of their succeeding race. 

3 Through each perplexing path of life 

Our wandering footstei)S guide ; 
Give us each day our daily bread. 
And raiment fit provide. 

4 snread Tliy covering wings around, 

Till all our wanderings cease; 
And at our Father's loved abode 
Our souls arrive in peace. 

5 Now. with the humble voice of prayer. 

Thy mercy we implore ; 
Then, with the grateful voice of praise. 
Thy goodness we'll adore. Amen. 

Philip Doddrid'ie. 1737. 
Alt. by J. Logan. 1781. 


/ ivill bless the Lord at all times ; 
His praise shall continually be 
in my mouth.— Fs&lm .xxxiv. 1. 

THROrCH all the changing scenes of 
In trouble and in joy. 
The praises of my God shall stiU 
My heart and tongue employ. 

2 mngnify the Lord with me. 

With me exalt His name : 
When in distress to Him I calleii. 
He to my rescue came. 

3 The hosts of God encamp around 

The dwellings of the just ; 
Deliverance He affords to all 
Who on His succour trust. 


i make but trial of His love ; 
Experience will decide 
How blest are they, and only tbey, 
Who in His truth contide ! 

5 Fear Him, ye saints, and you will tlien 
Have nothing else to fear ; 
Make you His service your delight. 
Your wants shall be His care. 

Tate and Brady. 1890. 



dive vs day by day 
our daily 6rt;ad. —Luko xi. 5. 

DAY by dav the manna fell : 
O to learn this 'es^-on well ! 
Still by constant niercy IWl. 
Give me. Lord, my daily bread. 

2 Bay by day— the promise reads- 
Daily strength for daily needs ; 
Cast foreboding fears away, 
Take the manna of to-day. 

3 Lord, my times are in Thy hand ; 

All my sanguine hopes have planned. 

To Thy wisdom I resign, 

And would make Thy purpose mine. 

4 Thou my daily task shalt give : 
Day by day to Thee I live : 
Sosha'U added years fidfil, 
Not my own— my Father's will. 

5 Kond ambition, whisper not ; 
Happy is my humble lot ; 
Anxious, busy cares away ! 

1 ui provided for to day. 

O to live exempt from care 
by the energy of jirayer ; 
Strong in faith, with mind subdued, 
Yet elate with gratitude ! 

Josiah Conder. 16M. 

5 His purposes will ripen fast, 
Unfolding every hour: 
The bud may have a bitter taste. 
But sweet" will be the flower. 

G Blind unbelief is sure to err, 
And scan His work in vain: 
God is His own interpreter. 
And Ho will make it plain. 

William Cuwjjer. 1 


God is our refuqe and strenf/th, 
a very present help in trouble.— ^a. xlvi. 1. 

on is the refuge of His .saints. 

When storms of sharp distresslnvade 
■e we can offer our complaints. 
Behold Hini present with His aid ! 



2 Let mountains from their seats bo hurled 

Down to the deep and buried there. 
Convulsions shake the solid world, 
' Our faith shall never yield to fear. 

3 Lond iiiav the troulib'il oci^an roar ; 

I III stirred pear., our snulsMbid.-; 

Whil(_- every nation, cvwy slion-. 
Trembles, and dreads the swelling tidi, 

■1 There is a. stream whose gentle flow 
I .Supplies the city of our God, 
I Life, love, and joy still gliding through, 
i And watering our divine abode. 

I 5 This sacred stream. Thy living word, 
I Thus all our rsiging fear controls : 
I Sweet peace Thy promises afford. 

And give new strength to f.iintingsou'j. 

, G Sion enjoys her Moiiarchs love, 

Secure against the threatening hour ; 

I Nor can her tirm foundation move. 

Built on His truthfulness and power. 

I Isaac Walls. 17 10. 

Thy vay is in the sea. 
Fsalm Ixxvii. I'.i. 

GOD moves in a mysterious way, 
]liii wonders to perform ; 
He plants His footsteps in the sea. 
And rides upon the storm. 

2 Deep in unfathomable mines 

or never-failing skill. 
He treasures up His bright designs. 
And works Hiii sovereign will. 

3 Ye fc.irful saints, fresh courage tike 

Till- clouds ye so much dread 
Au- big with mercy, and shall break 
In blessings on your head. 

4 Ju.lg.) not the Lord by feeble sense, 

I'Mt trust Him for His grace : 
Behind a frowning provldouco 
Hh tildes u dndllng facu. 


taste and see that the Lord 
is tjuod.—i'a. xxxiv. 8. ' 

TASTE and see that He is good. 
The King of heaven, who rcigus ou 
high 1 
His truth through ages firm hath stood. 
His mercy icachos to tho sky. 

2 Good in the sunshine and the shower. 
When summer skies arc bri„'lit and 
warm : 
Gooii, when the wintry tempests lowir. 
Amidst the whirlwind antl tho storm. 

'J t.TSte and .see that He Is good. 

The Lord of providence and grace ! 
He calms the surges and the lloud, 
And guards us from His holy place. 

4 Good, when Hb .smites, and when He heals, 

And when Jle t,'iv<;-s, or takes away : 
Good, wh«n His goodness He conceals, 
In sorrow's dark and cloudy day. 

5 taste and see that He is wise ! 

Who chastens sore with grief and pain ; 
Then bids the light in rise. 
To cheer the mourner's heart again. 

6 O teach us. Lord I to trust Thy love. 

To taste Thy goodness, and adore ! 
In clearer light fhy saints above 
Shall see and praise Thee evermore. 

T. R. Birks. 1874. 


8.6. 8.6. 4.4. 
Thy judfrments are rvjht. 
I'iAlv.i cxix. 75. 

WHATE'ER my God ordains is right, 
tV His will is ever just ; 
liowe'er He order now my cause. 
I will be still and tniit. 
lie is my God. 
Though dark my road. 
He holds me that I shall not fall. 
Wherefore to Him I leave it all. 

2 Whnte'er my God ordains is right, 

He never will deceive ; 
He leads nie by the proper path, 
AirI so to Him 1 cleave. 
And take content 
What He hath sent ; 
His hand can turn my griefs away, 
And patiently I wait His day. 

3 Whato'er my God ordains is right. 

He taketh thought for me, 
The Clip that my Physician gives 
No poi.soned draught can bo. 
But medicine due ; 
For God is true, 
And on that changeless truth I build, 
.\nd all my heart with hope is filled. 

4 Whate er my God ordains is right ; 

Though I the cup must d' ink 
That bitter seems to my faint heart, 
I will not fear nor sm-iuk ; 
Teai-s pass awav 
With dawn of day. 
Sweet comfort yet shall fill my heart. 
And pain and soitow all depart. 

5 What* er my God ordains is right ; 

iVly Light, my Life is He. 
Who cannot will me aught hut good ; 
I trust Him utterly ; 
For well 1 know. 
In .joy or woe. 
We soon shall see, as sunlight clear. 
How faithful was our Guardian here. 

6 Whate er my God oidains is right, 

H.-re will I take my stand T 
Though sorrow, need, or death make 

r..r II..' a .l.'M-it land, 
My l-'aili'-r's c.ire 
is round me there. 
He holds me that 1 shall not fall, 
And so to Him I leave it all. 

S. Rodigast. 
Tr. Catherine Winkworth. 

Ql S.M. 

*-'-»- /n all thy ways acknowle^i/e Him, 
and He shall direct thy i>aths. 
I'roverbs iii. 0. 

nOMMIT thou all thy griefs 
\J And ways into His 
To His sure truth and tender irare. 
Who earth and heaven commands. 

2 Who points the clouds their course, 
Whom winds and seas oljt-y, 

He shall direct thy wandering leet. 
He .shall prepare thy way. 

3 Thou on the Lord rely. 
Sii safe Shalt thou go on ; 

Fix on His wurk thy steadfast eye. 
So shall thy work be done. 

4 Xo profit canst thou gain 
by self-consuming care ; 

To Him commend thy cau.-.e, His oar 
.Attends the softest player. 

5 Thy everlasting truth. 
Father, Thy ceaseless love. 

Sees all Thy children's wants, and knows 
What best for each will prove. 

6 Thou everywhere hast sway. 
And all things serve Thy might ; 

Thy every act pui-e blessing is. 
Thy path unsullied light. 

7 When Thou arisest, Lord, 

What shall Thy work withstand ? 

\Vhateer Thy children want. Thou giv'st; 

Who, who shall stay Thy hand » 

Paul Usrhnrdt. Uh9. 
Tr. John. Wes;ey. l.SH. 


He hath done all things tcdl. 
Mark vii. 37. 

THOU doest all things weU. 
God only wise and true : 
My days and nights alternate tell 
Of mercies always new. 

2 With daily toil oppressed, 
I sink in welcome sleep ; 

Or wake in darknc.s.s and unrest. 
Vet patient vigil keep. 

3 Soon finds each fevered day. 
And ea<h chill night, its bourne ; 

Nor zeal need droop, nor hope decay. 
Ere rest, or light retain. 



4 But be the night-watch long. 
And sore the chastening rod. 

Thou art my health, my sun, my song. 
My glory, and my God : 

5 Thy smiling face lights mine ; 
If veiled it makes me sad : 

Kven tears in darkness, starlike, shine, 
And moruiiig lindi me glad. 

f. For weeping, wakeful eyes 
Instinctive look above. 
And catih, through openinT? in the skies. 
Thy beams, unslumbering Love ! 

7 Hours spent vnt\\ pain— and Thee hours have i.ever seemed : 

>'o ! those are lost, which but might be 
From earth for heaven redeemed. 

8 Its limit, its relief. 

Its hallowed issues, tell. 
That, though Thou cause Thy servant grief. 
Thou doest all things well ! 

IF. .If. Bunting. 1870. 


*^ '-' He mnketh me In lie doi'-n in ijreen 
jmstures. — I'salm .\.\iii. 2. 

THE Lord luy pasture shill prepare, 
And fei'd me witli a sh 'plierd s care ; 
His preseme shall my wants supply, 
.And guanl me with a watdiful eye ; 
My noonday walks He shall attend, 
And all my midnight hours defend. 

" When in the sultry ^lebe I faint. 
Or on the thirsty mountain 
To fertile vales and dewy meads 
.My weary, wandering steps He leads ; 
Where pc;iceful rivers, soft and slow. 
Amid the verdant landscape How. 

3 Though in the paths of death I tread. 
With gloomy horrors overspread, 
My steadfast heart shall fear no ill. 
For Thou, O Lord, art with me .still : 
Thy frlundly crook shall give me aid. 
.Vnd guide me through the dreadful shade. 

4 Though In a hare and rugged way. 
Through di-vio:is, lonely wilds I stray, 
Thy bounty shall my pains Iwguile ; 
The barren wild'-rness shall smile. 

With sudden green and h(!rb.ige crowned. 
And streams shall murmur nil mound. 

Joseiih AdUsjii. 1712. 

2 My soul He doth restore again ; 

.And me to walk doth make 
Within the paths of righteou.sness. 
Even for His own name's sake. 

3 Yea, though I walk in death's dark valo 

Yet will 1 fear no ill ; 
For Thou art with me, and Thy rod 
And staff me comfort still. 

4 My table Thou hast furnished 

In presence of my foes : 
My head Thou dost with oil anoint, 
And my cup ovei-flows. 

5 Goodness and mercy all my life 

Shall surely follow me ; 
And in God's house for evermore 
My dwelling-place shall be. 

Francis lious. lOIO. 



The Lord is my shejtherd, I shall 
not want.—l'a. xxiil. 1. 

riMIE UmlH my Shephenl, 111 not want : 
I. lie makes me down to lie 
lif pastures green; lie luadctb mo 
Tho ipiiet waters by. 

7 loill offer to Thee the sacrifire 
of thanksgiving.— PsAhn cxvi. 17. 

WHEN all Thy mercies, my God, 
My rising soul surveys. 
Transported with tho view, I'm lost 
In wonder, love, and praise. 

2 Unnumbered comforts on my soul 

Thy tender care bestowed, 
Before my infant heart conceived 
From whom those comforts flowed. 

3 To all my weak complaints and cries 

Thy mercy lent an ear. 
Ere yet my feeble tho\ightshad learned 
To form themselves in prayer. 

4 When in the slippery paths of youth 

With heedless steps I ran, 
Thine arm unseen conveyed mc safe, 
And led me up to man. 

5 Through hidden dangers, toils, and 

It gently cleared my way. 
And through the pleasing snares of vice. 
More to be feared than they. 

G Through every period of my life 
Thy goodness I'll pursue. 
And after death, in distant worlds, 
Tlie pleasing theme renew. 

7 Through all eternity to Thee 
A grateful song I'll raise ; 
But O, eternity's too short 
To utter all Thy praise ! Amf^n. 

Joseph Addisun. 1712. 

QR L.M. 

♦-'^ Ve are blessed of the Lord tuhirh 
made heaven and fuW/t.— I'salm cxv. 1,1. 

HOW do Thy mercies close me round I 
I'or evei- bo I'hy name adored I 
I blush in all things to abound ; 
The servant is above his I-ord. 


2 Iimrod to poverty and pain. 

A surioiitiic life mv Master led ; 
Ttic Soil cif CcmI, the Son of Man. 
He had nut where to lay His head. 

3 But ]o : a place He hath prepared 

For me, whom watchful angels keep ; 
Yea, He Himself becomes my {juard, 
He smooths my bed, and gives me sleep. 

4 Jesns protects ; my fears, be gone ! 

What can the Kock of Ages move? 
Safe in Thy arms I lay me down. 
Thy everlasting arms of love. 

.' While Thou art intimately nigh. 
Who, who shall violate my 
Sin, earth, and hell I now defy ; 
1 lean upon my Saviour's 

I rest beneath the Almighty's shade ; 
My griefs expire, my troubles cease : 
Thou, Lord, on whom my soul is stayed, 
Wilt keep me slill in perfect peace. 

7 Jle for Thine own Thou lov'st to take, 
In time and in eternity ; 
Tliou never, never wilt for.sake 
A helpless soul that ti-usts in Thee. 

Wesley. 1710. 

Qrr 7.6. 7.6. D. 

^ ' Although the fig-tree shall not 

n . . . yet I will rejoice in the Lord. 


. . yet s ivfctc #c^vnc n 
Habakkuk iii. 17, 18. 

QOMETIME.S a light surprises 
O Tlie L'lu-isti;!!! while he sings : 
It is the Lord, who rises 

With healing in His wings. 
When comforts are dechning, 

He grants the soul, agiiin, 
A season of clear shining. 

To cheer it after rain. 

2 In holy contemplation. 

We gladly then pursue 
The theme of Uod s salvation, 

.A.nd find it ever new : 
Set free from present sorrow 

We cheerfully caw say, 
E en let the unknown morrow 

bring with it what it may : 

3 It can bring with it nothing 

But He will bear us through ; 
Who gives tlie lilies clothing. 

Will clothe His people loo : 
Beneath the spreading heavens 

>'o creature but is fed : 
And He who feeds the ravens 

Will give His childien bread. 

I Though vine nor fig-tree neither, 
i heir wonted fruit should biar ; 
Though all the field should wither. 
Nor llock nor herd be there ; 

Yet God the same abiding, 
His praise shall tune my voice, 

P'or while in Him confiding, 
I cannot but rejoice. 

William Cov^per. 1779. 

qo CM. 

•-"^ The mercy of the Lord is from 
everlasting to everlasting.— i'i,-dh\\ ciii. 17. 

BEGIX, my soul, some heavenly theme, 
And wake my voice to sing 
The mighty works, or mightier name. 
Of our eternal King. 

2 Tell of His wondious faithfulness. 

And sound His power abroad : 
Sing the sweet promise of His giace. 
And the unchanging God. 

3 Proclaim salvation from the Lord, 

For wretched, dying men : 
His hand hath writ the sacred word 
With an immortal pen. 

4 Engr.aved as in eternal brass, 

'Ihe mighty promise shines ; 
Nor can the powers of darkness rase 
Those everlasting lines. 

5 His every word of grace is strong, 

As that which built the skies ; 
The voice that rolls the stars along 
Speaks all the promises. 

6 How would my fainting heart rejoice 

To know Thy favour sure ; 

I trust the all-creating voice. 

And faith desires no more. 

Isaac Watts. 1707. 


Like as a father pitidh his 

children, so the Lord pitieth them that 

fear Him.— I'sixhsi ciii. i;j. 

THE Lord, how wondrous are His ways : 
How firm His word, how large His 
grace ! 
Goodness and truth surround His throne. 
And thence He makes His mercy known, 

2 High as His mighty arm hath spread 
The starry heavens above our head. 
His bounteous iove exceeds our praise. 
Exceeds the highest hopes we raise. 

3 Nor half so far hath nature placed 
The rising morning from the west, . 
As His forgiving grace removes 

The daily guilt of those He loves. 


4 How slowly doth His wrath arise ! 
(Jn swifter winss salvation flies ; 
And it' He bids His anser burn. 
How soon His frowns to pity turn ! 

5 The mighty God, the wise and just. 
Knows tliat our frame is feeble dust ; 
And will no load on us iinpose 
lieyond the strength that He bestows. 

6 For His eternal love is sure 

To all the saints, and shall endure ; 
From ago to age His truth shall reign, 
Nor children's children hope in vain. 

Isaac Watts. 1719. 


/ wUl trust in the covert of Thy 
wings.— Psahn Ixi. 4. 

r.A.THER : beneath Thy sheltering wing 
In sweet security we rest, 
And fear no evil earth can bring. 
In life, iu death supremely blest. 

'2 I'or life is good, whose tidal flow 
Tlie motions of Thy will obeys ; 
And death is good, that makes us know 
Tlie Li.'"e divine, that all things sways. 

3 And good it is to bear the cross. 

And so Thy perfect peace to win : 

And nought is ill, nor brings us loss, 

Nor works us harm, save only sin. 

4 Redeemed from this we ask no more. 

But trust the love that saves to guide : 
The grace that yields so rich a store, 
Will grant us all we need beside. 

W. U. Burleigh. IStU. 


Blessed be Thou, Lord God of 

Israel uur father , for ever and ever. 

1 Chronicles xxix. 10. 

BLEST b(! our everlasting Lord, 
Our l':nhvr. God, and King! 
Thy sovereign goodness we record, 
Tliy glorious power we sing. 

2 By Thee the victory Is giveu ; 
The majesty divine. 
And strength, and might, and cartb and 

And all therein, are Tliine. 

3 The kingdom. Lord, is Tliine alone. 

Who dost riiy ri-lil niiiinlain. 
And. high on I'liiue ciei nal throne, 
U er men and angois reign. 

4 Riches, as secnieth (jtood to Thee, 

Tliou dost, and honour, give ; 
And kings tln-ir power and dignity 
Out of Thy liaiid receive. 

5 Thou hast on us the grace bestowed. 

Thy greatness to proclaim ; 
And therefore now we thank our God, 
And praise Thy glorious name. 

6 Thy glorious name and nature's i)0w er& 

Thou dost to us make known ; 
And all the Deity is ours. 
Through Thy incarnate Son. 

Charles We:.ley. 17G2. 


Mighty to save.— Is. Ixiii. 1. 

STRONG to save and bless. 
My rock and righteousness. 
Draw near to me : 
BloKsing and joy and might, 
Wibdoin and love and light. 
Arc all with Thee. 

2 Jly refuge and my rest. 
As on a father's breast, 

I lean on Thee : 
From faintness and from fear. 
When foes ami ill arc near, 

Deliver me. 

3 O answer me, my God ! 
Thy love is deep and broad. 

Thy grace is : 
Comfort my soul at last. 
Bring righteousness, and cast 

Away all lear. 

4 Descend, Thou mighty Love, 
Descend from heaven above. 

Fill Thou mv soul ; 
Heal every bruisui part. 
Bind up this broken heart. 

And make me whole. Amen. 

Horatius Bonar ISc.G. 


7.1). 7.0. 7.S 
magnijji thf Lord with me, 
and let lis aalt His name together. 
I'sjilm xxxiv. 3. 

(^ GOD Thou art, and good Thou dost, 
T 'I'hy mercies rtach to all, 
Chielly those who on Thee trust, 

And for Thy mercy call : 
New they every morning are; 
As fntlirrs when their children ery, 
UsThou (insi ill |,ily spare. 
And all our wauls supply. 

2 Mercy o er Tiiy works nresides ; 
'I'liy providence displayed. 
Still iirescrves. and still provides 
For .111 Thv hands have miiile ; 
Keeps Willi most , list iii;:uislie,l earo 

The im;iii wIk Thy love drp.iids; 

Watches every numbered hair. 
And ail bis steps attends. 


Who can soniid the depths unknov.-n 
Ot Thy redeeming prace? 
Grace, that °rave Thine only Son 

To save a mined race ! 
Millions of transj^iessors poor 
lho\i hast for Jesus sake forf^iven. 
Made Mu'in of Tliy favour sure. 
And snatched from hell to heaven. 

4 Millions more Thou ready art 

To save, and to forjjive ; 

Every soul and every heart 

Of man Thou wouldst receive: 
Father, now accept of mine, 
Which now, through Christ, I offer Theo ; 
Tell me now, in love divine. 

That Thou hast pardoned me ! Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1763. 

yl/1 c.^t. 

^ttt the depth of the riches both of 
the xvisdom and knowledge of God. 
Romans xi. 33. 

OGOI) : Thy power is wonderful, 
Tliy glory passing bright : 
Thy wisdom, with its deep on deep, 
A rapture to the sight. 

2 Yet more than all, and ever more, 

Should we Thy creatures bless- 
Most worshipful" of attributes— 
Thine awful holiness. 

3 There's not a craving in the mind. 

Thou dost not meet^end still ; 
There s not a wish the heart can have 
Which Thou dost not fulfil. 

4 Thy .justice is the gladdest thing 

Creation can behold ; 
Thv ti-nderness so meek, it wins 
The guilty to be bold. 

5 All things that have been, all that are. 

All things that can be dreamed. 
All possible creations, made. 
Kept faithful, or redeemed : 

C All these may draw upon Thy power, 
Thy mercy may command ; 
And "still outflows Thy silent sea. 
Immutable and grand. 

7 little heart of mine ! shall pain 
Or sorrow m.ake thee moan. 
When all thi.^ God is all for thee, 
A Father all thine own ? 

F. W. Faber. 1840. 

2 Sun of our life. Thy wak<'iiing ray 
Sheds on our path the glow of day : 
Star of our hope, Tliy softened light 
Cheers the long watches of the night. 

3 Our midnight is Thy smile withdrawn. 
Our noon-tide is Th.v gracious dawn. 
Our rainbow areh Thy mercy's sign, 
All, save the clouds of sin, are Thine! 

4 Lord of all life, below, above, 

\\hose light is truth, whose waimth is 

love ; 
Before Thy ever-blazins throne 
We ask no lustre of our own. 

5 Grant us Thy truth to make us free. 
And kindling hearts that bum for Thee, 
Till all Thy living altars claim 

One holy light, one heavenly flame. 

O'iver W. Holmes. 1848. 


The Lord Cod i? ct s^in and 
shield: the Lord vitl give 
iirare and glory. — Ps. Ixxxiv. 11. 

IOr.l) of all P.eing : throned afar, 
J Tliy glory flames from sun and star. 
Centre and soid of every sphere ; 
Yet to each loving heart how near ! 


love of God.— Jixde 21. 

riiHOU Grace divine, encircling all, 
1 A shoreless, boundless sea. 
Wherein at last our souls must fall ; 
O Love of God most free. 

2 When over dizzy heights we go, 

A soft hand blinds our eyes. 
And we are guided safe and slow ; 
O Love of God most wise. 

3 And tliough we turn ns from Thy face 

.•\nd wander wide and long. 
Thou holdst US still in kind embrace ; 
O Love of God most strong. 

4 The saddened heart, tie restless soul. 

The toil-worn frame and mind. 
Alike confess Thy sweet control, 
O Love of God most kind. 

r> But not alone Thy care we claim. 
Our wayward steps to win ; 
We know Thee by a dearer nam«, 
O Love of God within. 

G Anil filled and quickened by Thy breath. 
Our souls are strong and free. 
To rise o'er sin and fear and death, 
O Love of God: to Thee. 

Fliza Scudder. 18t'.4. 

j: • Great i-; the Lord, avd 

great!;/ to be prai.'^ed.—l Chronicles xvi. 

THOU, the great, etemal^Twd. 
Art high above our thought .' 
Worthy to be feared, adored. 

By all Thy hands have WTought 
None can with Thysflf comuare; 
Thy glory fills lx)th earth and sky ; 
We, and all Thy creatures, are 
As nothimr in Tliir.e eye. 


'1 01 Thy great unbounded power 
To Thee the praise we give, 
Iiiiiiiiti'ly great, and more 

I'liau hi-art can e'er conceive : 
When Thou wilt to work proceed. 
Thy purpose firm none can withstand. 
Frustrate the determined deed. 
Or stay tlie Alniiglity hand. 

3 Thou, God. art wise alone ; 
Thy counsel doth excel ; 
Wonderful Thy worlcs we own, 

Tliy ways unsearchable : 
Who can sound the mystery. 
Thy judgment s deep explain ? 
Thine, whose eyes in darkness see 
And search the heart of man ! 

Charles Wesley. 17C3. 



taste and see that the Lord is 
ooc;d.— Psahu xxxiv. 8. 

THE Lord is rich and merciful. 
The Lord is very kind ; 
come to Him, come now to Him, 
With a believiuK mind. 

His comforts they shall strengthen Hum 

Like flowing waters cool ; 
And He shall for thy spirit be 

A fountain ever fulL 

2 The Lord is glorious and strong. 

Our God is very high : 
trust in Him, trust now in Kim 

And have security. 
He shall be to thee like the sea. 

And thou shalt surely feel 
His wind, that bloweth healthily, 

Thy sicknesses to heaL 

3 The Lord is wonderful and wise. 

As all the ages tell ; 
learn of Him, learn now of Him, 

Then with thee it is well. 
And with His light thou shalt be blest. 

Therein to work and live : 
And He shall be to thee a rest 

When evening hours arrive. 

T. T. Lynch. 1855. 

f:ijc fortr |csu3 Onjrist. 



He is Lord o/ «,'?.— Acts x. ."^fi. 

ALL hall the power of .lesu's name, 
Let angels prostrate fall ; 
bring forth the royal diadem. 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

2 Crown Him. ve martyrs of 'ar God, 
Whc.ln.iu ilis altar call; 
Exlol tile .Sti'iii-of-.lesse's Kod, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

Ve chosen seed of Israel's race, 
A remnant weak and small : 

Hall Him who saves you by His giuce. 
And crown Uiiu Lord of aU. 

4 \i' Gentile sIninTH, iw't-r forget 
The wormwou.l and tlir ;:all ; 
Gn. spread vuiir tniiihi.-s .it Hi^foet, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

6 Lot every kindred, every tribe. 
On this terrestrial ball. 
Til Him all maie.sty ascribe. 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

C that with Ycindi'r .sacred throng, 
\\<- at His teet may lall. 
TiuTc Jiiiu Ilie everlasting song. 
And crown Him Lord of all. Amen. 
Edward Perronet. 1780. Alt. 
Last verse J. Rippon. 1787. 

6.ii 8. CO.! 
Unto Ilim that loved us . . .he 
glory and dominion fur ever and ever. 
Revelation i. 5, 0. 



fY heart and voice I raise. 
To spread Messiah's praise; 
Messiah's praise let all repeat— 
The universal Lord, 
Ky whose almighty word 
Creation rose In form completo. 

2 A ser\'ant's form He''wore, 
And in His body bore 

Our dreadful curse on Calvary: 

He like a victim stood. 

And poured His sacred Mood, 
To set the guilty captives free. 

3 Rut soon the Victor rose 
Triuniphaiilo'er Mis foes. 

And led Mie vaiii|uislieil host In chains , 
He threw tlieir empire down. 
His foes coinpelled to own, 

or all the great Messiah reigns. 


4 With mercy's mildest gi-aoe, 
Urt governs all our i-a<;e 

In wi-idoin, rijrhteousness, and love 
Who to Messiah lly 
Sliiill find redemption niffh, 

And all His great salvation prove. 

5 Hail, Saviour, Prince of Peace ! 
'I'll/ l^ingdom shall increase, 

Till iilUKe world Thy glory s«-e, 
Aiiil rigliteousness al)ound. 
As the great deep profound, 

And lill the earth witli purity ! Amen. 
Benjam in Rhodes. 1800. 

R-j 7.7. 7.7. D. 

^ -*- There is none other name under 
heaven given among men, whereby we must 
be saved.— Acta iv. 12. 

JESUS, lover of my soul, 
Lot me to Thy bosom fly. 
While the nearer waters roll, 

Wliile the tempest still is high ; 
Hide me. my Saviour, hide. 

Till the storm of life be past ; 
S;UV into the haven giiiile, 

receive my soul at last ! 

2 Other refuge have I none, 

H:ings my helpless soul on Thee ; 
Leave, ah I leave me not alone. 

Still support and comfort me: 
All my trust on Thee is stayed. 

All my help from Thee I bring ; 
Cover my defenceless head 

With the shadow of Thy wing. 

3 Thou, Christ, art all I want, 

.More than all in Thee I find : 
Raise the fallen, cheer the faint. 

Heal the sick, and lead the blind. 
Just and holy is Thy Name, 

1 am all unrighteousness ; 
False and full of sin I am. 

Thou art full of truth and grace. 

4 Plenteous grace with Thee is found, 

Grace to cover all my sin ; 
Let the healing streams abound. 

Make and keep me pure within. 
Thou of life the fountain art, 

Freely let me take of Thee : 
Spring Thou up within my heart, 

Kise to all eternity. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1742. 

3 I praise the God of grace ; 

1 trust His truth and ndght ; 
He calls me His, I CiiU Him ndne. 
My God, my joy, my light. 

4 In Him is only good, 
In me is only ill ; 

My ill but draws His goodness forth, 
.\nd me He loveth still. 

5 Tis He who s.aveth me. 
And freely pardon g;ves ; 

I love because He loveth me, 
1 live because He lives. 

C .My life with Him is hid. 
My death has passed away, 
lly clouds have rnelted into light, 
My midnight into day. 

Horatius Bonar. 1& 


Blessed be His nlorious name for 
eur.— Psaiui Ixxii. 19. 

T BLESS the Christ of God ; 
1 I rest on love divine : 
And with unfaltering lip and heait, 
1 call the Saviour mine. 

2 His cross dispels each doul t : 
1 bury in His tomb 
Each thought of unbelief and fear. 
Each lingering shade of gloom. 


God hath made that same Jesus, 
whom ye hace crucijied, both Lord and 
Christ.— Acts ii. 36. 

JESUS is our common Lord, 
He our loving Saviour is ; 
By His death to life restored. 
Misery we exchange for bliss ; 

2 Bliss to carnal minds unknown, 

O 'tis more than tongue can tell I 
Only to beUevers siiown. 
Glorious and unspeakable ; 

3 Chr st, our Brother and our Friend, 

Shows us His eternal love : 
Never shall our triumphs end. 
Till we take our seats above. 

4 Let us walk with Him in white. 

For our bridal day prepare. 
For our partnership in light. 
For our glorious meeting there ! 

Wesley. 1742. 

c ^ 7.6. 7.6. D. 

'-'^^ Though now .ve see Him not, yet 
belieiiitg, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable 
1 Peter i. 8. 

SAVIOUR, precious Saviour, ^ 
Whom yet unseen we love, 
O Name of nught and favour. 

All other names above : 
We worship Thee, we bless The«. 

To Thee alone we sing : 
We praise Thee, and confess Thee 
Our holy Lord and King ; 

2 P.ringer of s.alvation. 

Who wondrously hast wrought. 
Thyself the revelation 

Of love beyond our thought : 
We worship Thee, we bless Thee, " 

To Thee alone we sing : 
We praise Thee, and confess Thee 
Our gracious Lord and King ! 


3 In Thee all fulness dwelleth. 

All grace and power divine ; 
The ?r!orj-that excelleth, 

Son of God, is Thine : 
We woi-ship Thee, we bless Thee, 

To Thee alone we sing : 
We pia^so Th.-e, and confess Tlieo 

Our glorious Lord and King ! 

4 grant the ronsummation 

Of tins our song above, 
In endless adoration. 

And everlasting love: 
Tlien shall we praise and bless Thee, 

Where perfect praises ring. 
And evermore confess Thee 

Our Saviour and our King : Amen. 
Frances R. Havergal. 1870. 


7.6. 7.6. D. 
That was the true lir/ht, which 
Ivjhteth eyery wan that cometh into the 
world.— io\vo. i. 9. 

OONE with God the Father 
In majesty and might. 
The brightness of His glory, 

Eternal Light of liglit : 
O'er this our home of darkness 
Thy rays are streaming now ; 
The shadows flee before Thee, 
The woild's true Liglit art Thou. 

2 Yet, Lord, we see but darkly : 

heavenlj' Light,, 
Dispel these mists that sliroud ns. 

And hide Thee from our eyes ! 
We long to track the footprints 

That Thou Thyself hast trod ; 
We long to see the pathway 

That leads to Thee, our God. 

G O .Tesus, shine around us 

W:tli radiance of Thy grace ; 
O .lesus, turn upon us 

The brightness ofTliy fice. 
We need no star to g\ii(h: us, 

As on our wav we jiress, 
IfTh.MiThy lidit voii(lis;.iV>t. 
O tjuu of righteousness. Anieii. 

liishopW.W.Hoio. 1871. 


8.8. S.8. 8.i 
7'Aow art fairer than the children 
of men.— Vs. xlv. 2. 

"jyr Y heart Is full of Christ, and longs 
J»l Its glorious matter to declare ! 
Of Him 1 make my loftier songs, 

I cannot from liis praise forbear: 
My ready tongui! makes haste to sing 
The honours of my heavenly King. 

'.' Kain-r llinii all the rarth-born race, 

INTfcct III r-oiii.'liiicssTlKHiart ; 

K.-pIciiisheil an- Tliy ll)is with gnire. 

And full of love Thy lender heart. 

fiort ever bh-st ! we bow the knee. 

And ov.ii all fiiln>-KS d\v<a!H in Tlio'. 


3 Gird on Thy thigh the Spirit's sword, 

And take to Thee Thy power divine ; 
Stir up Thy strength, almighty Lord, 

All power and majesty are Thine ; 
Assert Thy worship and renown ; 
all-redeeming God, come down ! 

4 Come, and maintain Thy righteous cause. 

And let Thy glorious toil succeed ; 
Dispread the victory of Thy cross. 

Ride on, r."id prosper in Tliy deed ; 
Through earth triumphantly ride on, 
And reign in every heart alone. Amen. 
Wesley. 1743. 


R.S. 8 8. D. Anapa:stic. 
Ee .''haHfecl ff is fork like a 
she2>herd.—ls-j. xl. 11. 

THOU Shepherd of Israel, and mine, 
The joy and desire of my heart ; 
For closer lomniunion. I pino, 

I If.iig to reside wliere Thou art : 
The pa.sture I languish to find. 

Where all, wlio their Shepherd obey. 
Are fed, on Thy bosom reclined. 
And screened from the heat of the day. 

2 Ah ! show me that happiest place, 

Tlie place of Thy people's abode, 
Where snints in an ecstasy gaze, 

And hang on a crucified God : 
Tliy love for a siinier declare, 

thy passion and death on the tree ; 
Jly spirit to Calvary bear, 

To suffer and triumph with Thee. 

3 'Tis there, with the lamhs of Thy flock. 

There onlv I covet to rest. 
To lie at the foot of the rock. 

Or rise to be hid in Thy breast : 
"Tis there I would always abi^le. 

And never a moment depart ; 
Concealed in the cleft of Thy side, 

Eternallv held in Thy heart. 


Charles Wesley. 17C2. 

8.8. 8.8. P. Anarcrsfic. 
Thou shnlt make them drink nf 
the river of Thy pleasures.— Va. xxvi. 8. 

A FOUNTAIN of Life and of Grace 
In ("hri.«t, our Redeemer, wo see ; 
For us who Mis olTors embrace, 

For all. it is ojien and free : 
Jehovah'lf dnih invite 

To drink of His t)leaRurr'S unknown, 
The streams of immorlal delight. 
That flow from His heavenly throub. 

2 As soon as in Him wo believe. 
By faith of His Spirit we take; 
And, freely forgiven, receive 
The ineri.-y for Jesus'.'? sake ; 


Wp giiiii a piirp drop of His love. 

Tilt' iilf ut'iit'rnity know. 
Angelical liajipiness prow, 

And witness a heaven below. 

Charles Wesley. ITOi' 


having not seen, ye love. 
1 Peter i. 8. 

JKSUS, these eyes have never seen 
That radiant form of Thine ; 
T]ie veil of sense hangs dark between 
Thy blessed face and mine. 

2 I see Thee not, I hoar Thee not. 

Yet art Thou oft with ni<> ; 
And earth has ne'er so dear a spot, 
As where I meet with Thee. 

3 Like some bright dream, that conies 

When slumbers o'er me roll. 
Thine image ever tills my thought, 
And charms my ravished soul. 

4 Yea. though I have not seen, and still 

Must rest in faith alone, 
I love Thee, dearest Lord, and will, 
Unseen but not unknown. 

5 When death these mortal eyes shall seal. 

And still this throbbing heart. 
The rending veil shall Thee reveal. 
All-glorious as Thou art. 

Ray Palmer. 1840. 

fir\ 7.6. 7.6. D 

'-''-' There is a friend that slicketh 
closer than a brother.— Proverbs xviii. 'J4. 

JESUS. Friend unfailing. 
How dear Thou art to me ! 
Are cares or fears assailing ? 
I find my strength in Thee. 
Why should ray feet grow weary 

Uf this my pilgrim way ? 
Rough though the path and dreary. 
It ends in perfect day. 

2 What fills my soul with gladness? 

'T.s Thine abounding giace ; 
Where can I look, in sadness. 

But, Jesus, on Thy face? 
My all is Thy providing ; 

Thy love can ne'er grow cold ; 
In Thee, my refuge, hiding, 

No good wilt Thou withhold. 

Why should I droop in sorrow? 

Tliou'rt evt-r by my side : 
Why, trembling, dread the morrow ; 

Wliat ill can e'er bptidc'/ 
If 1 my cross have taken, 

Tis but to follow Thee ; 
If scorned, despised, forsaken, 

Nought severs Thee from me. 

4 For pvtfi-y tribulation. 
For Hvcry Aont distress. 
In ihrist I've full salvation, 

Sure help and quii^t rest. 
No fear of loes prevailing, 

I triumph. Lord, in Thee : 
.It-sus, Friend unfailing. 
How dear art Thou to me I 
From the German. Jr. Mrs. II. K. Browne. 


The Lord descended in a cloud . . . 
and proclaimed the name of t>ie Lord. 
E.xodus xxxiv. 5. 

GREAT God : to me the sight afford 
To him of old allowed : 
And let my faith behold its Lord 
Descending in a cloud. 

2 In that revealing Spirit cojjfje down, 

Thine attributes proclaiiw. 
And to my inmost soul make knov, n 
The glories of Thy Name. 

3 Jehovah, Christ, I Thee adore, 

Who gav'st my soul to be : 
Fountain of being, and of power. 
And great in majesty. 

4 The Lord, the mighty God, Tliou art ; 

But let me rather prove 
That name in-spoken to my heart. 
That favourite name of Love. 

5 Merciful God, Thyself proclaim 

In this polluted breast ; 
Mercy is Thy distmguished name. 
Which suits a sinner best. 

6 Our misery doth for pity call. 

Our sin implores Thy grace ; 
And Thou ai t merciful to all 
Uur lost apostate race. 

Charles Wesley. 17o3. 

an 7.6. 7 6, a 

^^ To whom shall u-e go ? Thou 

hast the words of eternal /(/"<?.— John vi. 03, 

ri Thee. dear, dear S:iviour, 
i My spirit tuii;s lor 
My peace is in Thy fa\our. 

My pillow on Thy bre.i-st ; 
Though all the world deceive me, 

I ktiow that I am Thine, 
And Thou wilt never leave mo, 

blessed Saviour mine ! 

2 In Thee my trust abidoth, 
<'n Ih'v my h«\»- rc!i<'s, 
O Thou whose lnvu iprnvideth 

Fur all l)encath the skies ; 
O Thou whose nsen-y fouiui le.e, 

From bond.nfe'c set me ire;-. 
And then for ever bound nie. 
With threefold cords to 


3 Mj- gri'jf is in the dulness 

With which this sluggish heart 
Doth open to the fulness 

Of all Thou wouldst impart : 
My joy is in Thy beauty 

Of holiness divine ! 
My comfort in tlie duty 

That binds my life to Thino ! 

4 Alas, that I should ever 

Have failetl in love to Thee, 
The only one who never 

Forgot or sliglited me ! 
for a heart to love Thee 

More truly as I ought. 
And nothing place above Thee 

In deed, or word, or thought. 

5 for that choicest blessing 

Of living in Thy love. 
And thus on earth possessing 

The peace of heaven above ; 
O frfr the bliss that by it 

The soul securely knows, 
Tlie holy calm and quiet 

Of faith's serene repose. 

J. S. B. Mvnsdl. 13G2. 


God also hath . . . given Him a 

navie which in abate every nunie. 

I'hilippiaus ii. y. 

TESU.S : the Name high over all, 
In hell, or earth, or s y : 
Angels and men before it fall. 
And devils fear and fly. 

2 Jesus ! the Name to sinners dear, 

The Name to sinners given ; 

It scatters all their guiity ft-ar. 

It turns their hell to heaven. 

3 Jesus the pri.'Joner's fetters breaks. 

And bruises Satan's head ; 
Tower into strengthless souls he speaks. 
And life into the dead. 

i tliat the world might taste and see 
'I'll.' His grace! 
Till! arms of love that compass me, 
Would all mankind embrace I 

5 Ills only righteousness I show. 
Ills saving truth prodalmi 
"Tis all my buslnes.s hero boloT7, 
i'M-ry • liehold the Lamb r 

C Happy, If with my latest breath 
1 m;.y l.iii ioi.sp ills nam<> ; 
rr.-.irh Him loa.l.aii.l cry in death. 
LeholU, behold tho Jjuiib ! " 

CharU's )y,!il<;,. i; 



Re hath sent me to heal the broken- 
hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives. 
Luke iv. 18. 

HAUK, the glad sound! the Saviour 
comes ! 
The Saviour promised long ! 
Let every heart i)rcpare a throne, 
And every voice a song. 

2 On Him the Spirit, largely poured. 

Exerts His sacred fire ; 
Wisdom, and might, and zeal, and love 
His holy breast inspire. 

3 He comes the prisoners to release, 

In Satan's bondage held ; 
The gates of brass before Him burst, 
Tiie iron fetters yield. 

4 He comes, from thickest films of vice. 

To clear tlv' mental ray, 
And on the eyi's oiii)res.scd with night. 
To pour celestial day. 

5 He comes the broken heart to bind. 

The bleeding soul to ciu'e, 
And with the treasures of His grace 
To enrich the humble poor. 

6 Our glad hosannas. Prince of Peace, 

Thy welcome shall proclaim, 
And heaven's eternal arches ring 
With Thy beloved name. 

Philip Doddridge. 1736. 

65 w 

7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 
hen they saw the star, tlie>i 
rejoiced with euccedin'/ ijreatjoy. 
Matthew ii. 10. 

A S with gladness men of oM 
A Dill Ihegiiiilhigstar bciiold. 
As with Joy lliey liaileil its light. 
Leading onward, beaming bright ; 
So, most gracious lx)nl, may we 
Evermore be led to Thee. 

2 .\s with jovful steps they sped, 
S:ivi,)ur, loThy lowly lied, 

'I here I,, I beiiil the ki Iiel'oro 

'riiee whom hiMveii MTiil earth adore: 
So may we with willing feet 
Ever seek the mercy-seat. 

3 As they ofTercd gifts r.iro 
At Thy cradle rmleaiid bare; 
So may we uilli holy joy, 
I'ure, and tiee iroiii sin s alloy, 
All our costliest treasines bring, 
Christ, to Theo, our llcaveuly king* 


4 Holy Ji'sus, every day 
Ker-p lis in the narrow way ; 
Ami, when earthly things are past, 
Bring our ransonieil souls at last 
Where they need no star to miide. 
Where no clouds Thy glory hide. 

5 In the heavenly country bright 
Ni'id thi'V no created light; 
Tliou. iis"l,i:,'lit, its Joy, its Crown. 
Thmi Irs Sim which goes not down ; 
'riii'if tor ^■\^■r may we sing 
Hallelujahs to our King. Amen. 

W. Chattcrton Dix. ISfiO. 


Waiting for the consolation of 
Jsrael.—Lnko 11. 25. 

COME, Thou long-expected Jesus, 
Born to set Tliy people free : 
From our sins and feai^s release us. 
Let us find our rest in Thee. 

2 Israel's strength and consolation, 
i Hope of all the earth Thou art ; 

The desire of every nation, 
Joy of every coutrite heart. 

3 Born, Thy people to deliver. 
Born a child, and yet a king ; 

Born, to reign in us for ever, 
Kow Thy gracious kingdom bring. 

4 By Thine ovra Eternal Spirit, 
"ivule in all our hearts alone ; 

By Thine all-sui!icieut merit, 
Kaise us to Thy glofious tliione. 

Wesley. 17i6. 

nrj Anupast.c. 

O / y>- sliulljind the babe urap]>ecl 
ut suaddUwj doihes, lying in a manger. 
Luke ii. 12. 

BRIGHTEST and best of the sons of the 
morning ! 
Dawn on our darkness, and lend us Thine 
aid ! 
Star of the East, the horizon adorning, 
Guide where our infant Kedeemer is laid. 

2 Cold on His cradle the dew-diops aie 

Low lies His head •vrith the beasts of the 

stall ; 
Angels adore Him in slumber reclining. 
Maker, and Monarch, and Saviour ot all. 

3 Say, shall we yield Him, in costly devotion 

Odours of Edom, and ott'erings divine? 
Gems of the mountains, and pearls of the 

MjTrh from the forest, or gold from the 

mine ? 

4 Vainly we offiT each ample oblation. 

Vainly with gifts would Hi.i favour 
secure ; 
Richer by far is the heart's adoration. 
Dearer to God are the prayers of the 

5 Brightest and best of the sons of the 

morning ! 
Dawn on our darkness, and lend us Thine 
aid : 
Star of the East, the horizon adorning. 
Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid ! 
Bi hop R. Hebe i: 1«11. 

OQ fi.G. fi.G. 8.8. 

^O The Lord, u'hom ye seek, sliall 
suddenly came to Hi^ <em^/e.— Maiachi iii. 1. 

JOIN all the glorious names 
Of wisdom, love, and power. 
That ever mortals knew. 
That angels ever bore ; 
All are too mean to speak His worth. 
Too mean to set oui- Saviour forth. 

2 Clothed with our mortal flesh. 

The Covenant-Angel stands. 
Holds, with the promises. 

Our pardon in His hands ; 
Commissioned from His Father's throne 
To make His grace to moitals known. 

3 Great Prophet of my God, 

My lips shall bless Thy name : 
By 'rhee the joyful news 

Of our salvation came ; 
The joyful news of sins forgiven. 
Of hell subdued, and peace with Heaven. 

4 Be Thou my Counsellor, 

My Pattern, Lord, and Guide : 
And" through this desert land 

btiO keep me near Thy side ; 
let me never run a.straj-. 
Nor follow the forbidden way ! 

5 I love my Shepherd's voice ; 

His watchful eye shall Keep 
My wandering soul among 
The thousands of His sheep ; 
He feeds His flock. He calls their names. 
Bears in His arms the tender lambs. 

6 Jesus, my great High Priest, 

Ottered His blood and died ! 
My guilty consciem.'e seeks 
^"o sacrifice beside; 
His powerful blood did once atone. 
And now it p;ead3 betore the tkioue. 

7 Thou almighty Lord, 

My Saviour and my King, 

Thy sceptic and Thy sword, 

Thy glorious reign I sing ; 

Thine is the power ; and liere I sit 

III willing bonds before Thy feel. 

Isaac Walti. 1709. 



6.6. 7.7. 7.7. 
At the name ofJesuo every kiiee 
sfiould boiv.—Vhii. ii. 10. 

[IGH above every name, 
.Jesus, the I .\M ! 
r.ows to Jesus every knee, 

Tlunf,'s in heaven, and earth, and hell ; 
Saints adore Him, demons flee. 

Fiends, and men, and angels feel ! 


2 He left Ilis throne above. 
Emptied of all but lovo : 

Whom the heavens cannot contain, 
r,c>d vouchsafed a worm to appear, 

Lord of Glory, Son of Man, 

Poor, and vile, and abject here. 

3 His own on earth He sought 
His own received Him not ; 

Ilim a siKii by all blasphemed. 
Outcast and despised of men. 

Him they all a madman deemed, 
Bcjid to scoff the Nazareue. 

4 Hall. Galilean King ! 
Thy humble state 1 sing, 

Kever shall my triumphs end ; 

Hail, derided Majesty ! 
Jesus, hail : the sinner's Friend, 

Friend of publicans,— and me. Amen. 
Wesley. 1739. 


8.7. 8.7. 8.7. 
/ u-ill 7iot leave you comfortless : 
J will come to you. — John xlv. 18. 

JESUS came— the heavens adoring- 
Game with peace Irom realms on 
high ; 
Jesus came for man's redemption, 

Lowiy came on earth to die ; 
Hallelujah ! hallelujah ! 
Came in deep humility. 

2 Je.sus comes again in mercy. 

When our hearts are bowed withcaro ; 
Josns comes again in answer 

To an earnest heart-felt prayer ; 
Hallelujah! hallelujah! 

Conies to save us from despair. 

3 .Ic8H8 comes to hearts rejoirin^r. 

r.rliiging news ol sins idr^rix ■ii ; 
Je.sus (onies in sounds (it ^ImiIii'-^.s, 

I..<3ading souls ri'decni' d to lii-avon ; 
Hallelujah ! hallelujah ! 

Now the gate ol death is riven. 

4 Jesu.H romoR in jov and Horruw, 

SliMUs alike oiii lio|M'H ihmI f.-ars ; 
,Ii":m i I iiiiie.^, wIimIc ii lieljills us. 

ClaiJH nui h<-arl.-', .ind diicH cmii tinrs ; 
ll.ill'liijah! haili'lujah ! 

I'hiiiirMig e CM our falling years. 

5 Jes\is comes on clouds triumphant. 
When the heavens shall pass away ; 
Jesus comes again in glory ; 

Let us then our homage pay ; 
Hallelujah ! ever singing. 
Till the dawn of endless day. Amen. 
Godfrey Thring. 1806. 



I am come that they miyht have life. 
Johnx. 10. 

THE Lord is come ! On Syrian soil, 
The child of poverty and toil ; 
The Man of sorrows, born to know 
Each \ arying shade of human woe : 
His joy. His glory, to fultil. 
In earth and heaver. His Father's will ; 
On lonely mount, by festive board. 
On bitter cross, despised, adored. 

2 The Lord is come ! Dull hearts to wake. 
He speaks, as never man yet spake, 
The truth which makes His servants 

The royal law of liberty. 
Though heaven and earth shall pass 

Uis living words our spirits stay. 
And from His treasures, new and old. 
The eternal mysteries unfold. 

3 Tlie Lord is come ! In Him we trace 
The of God's trutli and grace ; 
ThrougliuuL those words and acts Divine 
Gleams of the eternal splendour shine ; 
And from His inmost Spirit How, 

As from a height of sunlit snow. 

The rivers of perennial life. 

To heal and sweeten Nature's strife. 

4 The Lord is come ! In every heart. 
Where truth and mercy claim a part ; 
In every land where right is miglit. 
And deeds of darkness shun th<i light ; 
In every Church, where laitli and love 
Lift earthward thoughts to things above ; 
In every holy, happy homo. 

We bless Thee, Lord, that Thou hast 
come : Amen. 

Arthur P. Stanley, d. 1881. 


In His days shall the righteous 
fourish ; and abundance oj j'cace so lonj 
as the moon endureth,—V&. Ixxii. 7. 

IT came upon the midnight clear, 
That glorious Hoii..;ol old. 
FroMi angels bending n.;ir llm earth. 

To turn h linrim ni -nld 
■ I'lai (> i>n llic I'liiili, giinilw ill td men,' 

From lnavrn H allgrarioiis King; 
The woild in solemn stillneMs lay 
To hour the angels sing. 


2 Still tlirongh the cloven skies they come. 

With peineful wings unfurled. 
And still tlieir heavenly music floats 

O'er all the weary world ; 
Above its sad and lowly plains 

They bend on hovering wing. 
And ever «> er its Babel-sounds 

The blessed angels sing. 

3 Yet, with the woes of sin and strife. 

The world has suffered long ; 
Beneath the angel-strain have rolled 

Two thousand yeai-s of wrong ; 
And man, at war with man, hilars not 

The love-song which they bring ; 
hush the noise, ye men of strife. 

And hear the angels sing : 

4 And ye. beneath life's crushing load, 

Whose forms are bending low. 
Who toil along the climbing way. 

With painful steps and slow,— 
Look now : for glad and golden hours 

Come swiftly on the wing ; 
rest beside the weary road 

And hear the angels sing ! 

5 For lo : the days are hastening on, 

By prophet-bards foretold, 
\\ hen with the ever-circling years 

Comes round the age of gold : 
When peace shall over all the earth 

Its ancient splendours fling. 
And the whole world send back the song 

Which now the angels sing. 

E. U. Sears. 1839. 

rvq CM. 

• *-' And there ivere . . . shepherds abiding 

inthe field, keepinj watch over their flock 

b'j 7iijht.— Luke ii. 8. 

"WHILE shepherds watched their flocks 
\\ by night, 

All seated on the ground. 
The angel of the Lord came down, 

And glory shone around. 

2 ' Fear not ! ' said he, for sudden dread 

Had seized their troubled niinJ, 
* Glad tidings of gi-eat joy I bring 
To you and all mankind. 

3 ' To you, in David's town, this day. 

Is born of David's line, 
A Savioiir, who is Christ the Lord ; 
And this shall be the sign : 

. 4 ' The heavenly Babe you there shall find. 
To human view displayed. 
All meanly wrapped in swaddling bands, 
And in a manger laid. 

6 Thus spake the seraph ; and forthwith 
Appeared a shining throng 
Of angels praising God on 
Who thus addre.ssed their song : 

6 ' All glory be to God on high. 
And to the earth be peace ; 
Goodwill henceloith from heaven to 
Begin and never cease. Ameu. 

Sahum Tate. 1700. 


7 7. 7.7. 7.7. 
The shepherds retui-ned. qlarifying 
and 2>raisinj Gorf.— Luke ii 20. 

SIXG, sing, this blessed morn, 
Unto us a child is born. 
Unto us a Son is given, 
God Himself conies down from heaven; 
Sing, sing, this blessed moru, 
Jesus Christ to-day is born. 

2 God with us, IniraanueL 
Deigns for ever now to dwell, 
And on Adams fallen race 
Sheds the fulness of His grace ; 
Sing, O sing, this blessM mom, 
Jesus Christ to-day is born. 

3 God conies down that man may rise, 
Lifted far above the skies ; 

Christ is Son of Man that we 
Sons of God in Him may be ; 
Sing, sing, this blessM morn, 
Jesus to-day is born. 

4 renew us, Lord, we pray. 
With Thy Spirit day by day ; 
That we ever one may be 
With the Father and with Thee ; 
Sing, sing, this blessed morn, 
Jesus Christ to-day is born. 

5 Sing, sing, this blessi^d morn, 
Jesus Christ to-day is born ; 
Glory to the Father give. 
Praise the Son in whom we live ; 
Glory to the Spirit be. 

Godhead One, and Pei-sons Three. Amen. 
Bishop C. Wordsworth. 18<J2. 


SO.r.. 8 6.6. 
Unto us a child is bor«.— Isaiah ix. 6. 

A LL my heart this night rejoices, 
il As I hear, far and neiu-. 

Sweetest angel voices : 
' Christ is born : ' their choirs are singing, 
Till the air, everywhere, 

I(0W with joy is ringing. 

For it daAvns, the promised morrow 
Of His birth, who the earth 
Rescues from her sorrow 
God to wear our form descendeih ; 
Of lli.s gnice to our race. 
Here His Son He lendeth. 


3 H;irk ! a voice rmni yoiult^r manger, 
isolt and sweet, dolh entreat— 
' Flee from woe and danger ; 
Brethren, come ; from all that grieves 
You are freed ; all you need 
I will surely give you.' 

4 Ye who pine in weary sadness, 

Weep no more, tor the door 

Now is found of gladness : 

Clinir to Him, for He will guide you 

Where no cross, pain or loss, 

Can again betide you. 

5 Hither come, ye heavy-hearted, 
\\ iio for sin, deep within. 
Long and sore have smarted ; 
For I lie jMiisoned wounds you're feeling 
ililp is near, One is here 
Jlighty for their healing. 

6 Come then, let us hasten yonder ; 
Here let all, great and small, 
Kneel in awe and wonder. 
Love Him wlio with love is yearning; 
Hail Hie Star, that from far 
iJrighl with hope is burning. 

Paul Gerhdrdt. ICol. 
Tr. Catherine Winkworth. 1858. 


8.7. 8.7. D. 
A mnlfitude of the heavenly host 
praisinn 6W.— Luke ii. 13. 

HARK ! what mean those holy voices 
aweetly sounding through the 
skies / 
Lo : the angelic rejoices. 

Loudest hallelujahs ris(^ 
Listento till- wondrous story, 

Whicli tliey chant in hymns of joy : 
'Glory in tii.; highest, glory. 
Glory be to God most high I 

2 'Peace on earth, goodwill from heaven, 

Keachiiig far as man is found ; 
SoulH redeemed, and sins forgiven, 

Loud our golden liarps shall sound. 
Christ is boin, the great Anointed ! 

Heaven and earth His glory sing 1 
Glad receive whom God appointed 

Kor your frophot, I'riost, and King. 

3 ' Hiiaten, mortals, to adore Him, 

Vjir.tYU His name and taste His Joy, 
Till 111 lioaven ymi sing belore Him, 

Glory he to lloil most high ! ' 
L<;1 uh learn tin- wondrous story 
(If our great ICeileeiner's lilrtii, 
BpreiMl the brightness of His glory, 
Till It (JovoruU the earth. 

Juiia Caivuud. IJilO. 


10.10. 10.10. 10.10. 
Unto you is horn this day . . . 
a Saviour, which is Christ tlie Lord. 
Luke u. 11. 

CHRISTIANS, awake, salute the happy 
Whereon the Saviourof mankind was born. 
Rise to adore the mystery of love, 
Which hosts of angels chanted from above ; 
With them the joyful tidings tirst begun. 
Of God incarnato aud the Vii'gin's Son. 

2 Then to the watchful shepherds it was told. 
Who heard the angelii; herald's voice : 

I bring good tidings of a Saviour's birth 
To you and all the nations upon earth ; 
This day hath God fulfilled His promised 

This day is born a Saviour, Christ the 


3 He spake, anu straightway the celestial 


In hymnsof joy, unknown before, consiiiie ; 

The praises of redeeming love they sang. 

And heaven's whole orb with hallelujahs 

rang ; 
God's highest glory was their anthem still, upon earth, and unto men goodwill. 

4 To Bethlehem straight the eulig^ltened 

shepherils ran. 
To see the wonder God had wrought for 

man ; 
To all the joyful tidings they proclaim. 
The first apostles of the Saviour's name, 
Then to their Hocks, still praising God, 

And their glad hearts with holy rapture 


5 may we keep and ponder in our mind 
God's wondrous love iii saving lost man- 
kind ; 
Trace we the Babe, who hath retrieved 

our loss, 
From tlie poor manger to the bitter cross ; 
Tread in His ste|>s, assisted by His grace. 
Till man s first heavenly state again takes 

G Then may wo hope, the angelic ho.sts 
To sing, le.leemed. a glad tiiumplial song; 
lie that was horn upon llllsjoyiul day 
Aloiiml us all His glory shall display ; 
Saved by His love, inces.>iant we shall sing 
Ki.ernal praiso to heaven's almighty King. 
John liyruin. 1773. 



Let us now go even unto 
JJethleheiii.—Uiko ii. 15. 


OCOME, all ye faithful, joyful and 
O come ye, O come ye, to Bethlehem : 
Lorn upon eaith, behold the Kiuy of 
angula ! 

come, let us adore Him, 

O come, let us adore Him, 

come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord 1 

2 He, God of Ood, and Light of Light be- 


Comes to the world as a maiden's Child ; 

He, very God, begotten not created : 

() come, let us adore Him, 

U come, let us adore Him, 

come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord ! 

3 SiBg," choir of angels, raise your hymn of 

triumph ; 
Sing, ye that stand around the throne on 

high ; 
Glory to God, all glory in the highest ! 
O come, let us ailore Him, 
come, let us adore Him, 
come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord i 

4 Thou who didst dcigu to be born for us 

this morning. 
Glory to Tliee, U Jesus,Lord ! 
Word of the Eternal Father, now incarnate ! 
come, let us adore Him, 
O come, let us adore Ilim, 
come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord : 
From the Latin, ISth Century. 
Tr. John Ellcrton. 1871. 


7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 
Glory to God in the highest, and 
on earth, peace, good-will toward men. 
Luke ii. 14. 

HARK ! the herald-angels sing 
'Glory to the new-born King, 
Peace on earth, and mercy mild, 
Goil and sinners reconciled.' 
Joyful all ye nations rise. 
Join the triumphs of the skies ; 
With the angelic host proclaim, 
Christ is born in Bethlehem. 

Hark : the herald-angels sing 
Glorj' to the new-boru King. 

2 Veiled in flesh the Godhead see ; 
Hail the incarnate Deity ! 
Pleased as man with men to appear, 
Jesus, our Immanuel here. 
Mild He lays His glory by, 
Born that man no more may die. 
Bom to raise the sons of earth. 
Born to give them second birth. 
Hark : the herald-angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King. 

3 Come, Desire of Nations, come, 
Fix in us Thy humbh; home . 
Rise, the woman s conquering Seed, 
Bruise in us the Serpents head. 
Hail the heaven-born Briiice ot I'eaco, 
Hail the Sun of Righteousness ! 
Light and Ufe to all He brings, 
Kisen with healing in His wings. 
Hark 1 the herald-angels bing 
Glory to the new-born King. 

Charles Wesley. 1739. 


8.7. 8.7. 4.7. 
Behold, I bring you good tidings 
of great joy, which shall be to all people. 
Luke ii. 10. 

ANGELS from the realms of glory. 
Wing your flight o er all the eanh; 
Ye, who sang creations story, 
Now proclaim Messiah's birth : 

Come and worship. 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

2 Shepherds, in the field abiding, 

Watcliing o'er your flocks by night, 
God with man is now residing. 
Yonder shines the infant Light : 

Come and worship. 
Worship Christ, tlie new-born King. 

3 Sages, leave your contemplations, 

Brighter visions beam alar ; 

Seek the great Desire of Nations, 

Ye have seen His natal star : 

Come and worship. 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

i Saints, before the altar bending. 
Waiting long with hope and fear, 
Suddenly the Lord descending, 
In His temple shall appear : 

Come and worship, 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

5 Sinners, wrung with true repentance. 
Doomed for guilt to endless pains, 
Justice now repeals the se!itent!e, 
Mercy calls you, break youi- chains : 

Come and worship, 
Worslup Christ, the new-born King. 
Janu:^ Montgomery, liiy. 


6.5., 12 lines. 
Where/ore God also hath hi My 
exalted Him.— i'hilip. ii. y. 

H.\RK ! the voice eternal 
Rolled in majesty. 
Calling into being 

Kartn and sea and sky ; 
Hark : in countless numbers 

AH the angel-throng 
Hail Creation's morning 
With one burst of song. 
High in regal glory. 
Mid eternal light. 
Reign, O King Immortal, 
Holy, Inliiute. 



2 Brijrht the world and glorious, 
Calm both earth and sea, 


Kohle in its grandeur 


. Stood man's purity : 

Came the great transi,'ression. 


O-^ Grace is poure { into Thy lips. 
Psalm xlv. '. 

Came the saddening fall, 

Death and desolation 

Breathing over all. 

Still in regal glory. 

WHAT grace. Lord, and lieauty shone 
V > Aroimd Thy steps below ! 

'Mid eternal light. 

Reigned the King Inmiortal, 

AVhat patient love was seen in all 

Holy, Infinite. 

Thy life and death of woe I 

3 Long the nations waited, 

Through the troubled night, 
L'Mking, longing, yearning 
1 MP the promised light. 

2 For ever on Thy burdened heart 
A weight of sorrow hung ; 
Yet no ungentle, murmuring word 
Escaped Thy silent tongue. 

I'p.phets saw the morning 

breaking far away, 

3 Thy foes might hate, despise, revile. 

Lliustrels sang the splendour 

Thy friends unfaithful prove ; 

Uf that opening day ; 

Unwearied in forgiveness stiU, 
Thy heart could only love. 

Whilst in regal glory. 

■Mid eternal light. 

Reigned the King Immortal 
Holy, Hifinite. 

4 0. give us hearts to love like Thee, 

Like Thee, Lord, to grieve 

Far more for others' sins, than all 

4 Brightly dawned the Advent 

The WTongs that we receive. 

Of the new-born King, 

Joyously the watchers 

5 One with Thyself, may every eye. 

Heard the angels sing : 

In us. Thy brethren, see 

Sadly closed the evening gentleness and grace which spring 

Of His hallowed life, 

From union. Lord, with Thee. Amen. 

As the noontide darkness 

Sir E. Denny. \&9. 

Veiled the last dread strife. 

Lo : again in glory. 

'Mid eternal light, 

Keigns the King Immortal, 
Holy, Infinite. 

QQ L.M.D. 

'-' "-^ Lord, it is good for us to be here. 
Matthew xvii. 4. 

5 Lo ! again He cometh. 

T ORD, it is good for us to be 

JJ High on the mountain here with Thee, 

■ Robed in clouds oC light. 

As the Judge Eternal, 

Where stand revealed to mortjil gaze 

Ai nii'd witli power and might. 

The glorious saints of other days, 

Kiiiiou.s to llirt footstool 

Who once received, on Horeb's height, 

Citliri'Ml ilifii shall bo; 

The eternal laws of truth and right. 

I'.aitli ^li.iil yield hi!r treasures. 

Or caught the still small whisiicr, higher 

And, tlies.M. 

'J'hau storm, than earthquake", or than fire. 

Till 111'' trniii|H't, sounduLh. 

■Mid el.TiKil light, 

•J Lord, it is good for us to he 

Reign, Thou King Immortal, 

With Thee, and with Thy faithful three. 

Holy, Infinite. 

Here, where the Ajxistlcs heart of rock 

Is nerved against teniptMtitm s .-,hock ; 

Here, where the Son ol' Thunder learns 

C Jesus! Lord and Master, 

The thought that Ijreathes, the word that 

I'rophet, Briest, and King, 


To Thy feet triuiuphant 

ll.'ic, wlirre on eagle's >vings we move 

Hallowed praise we bring. 

W iili Him whose last, best creed is Love. 

Thine the pain and weeping. 

Thine the victory; 
Bower, and ijralse, and honour 
Be. Lord, to Thee. 
High in r.'gal glory. 
■Mid eicriml light. 

3 Lord, it is good for us to be 
Entranced, en wrapt, alone with Th.'.'. 
W;iUliing the glistening raiment glow 
Whili-r lliari lltTuions wliitest snow, 
Thi' Innii.'iii line.'ini<Mit^ that shine 

Reign, King Immortal, 

Irra.liauf witha light Divine; 

Till \\>- loo Chang"' fiom grace to grace, 

Holy, Infinite. Amen. 

John Jntian. ISHIi. 

Ca/.iiig on tlmi liansligured face. 


Lord, it is good for us to be 
Hore on the Holy Mount with Thoe ; 
W'liiMi .larkliiig in tlie depths of ni^lit, 
W'Ik'Ii diizzl'-d witli excess of liglit, 
\\f liDW before tlie heavenly Voice 
'I'liat l)ids bewildered souls rejoice : 
'i'hi)Uf,'h love wax cold, and faith be dim ; 
■ This is My Son I hear ye Him : ' 

Arthur P. Sianlf^. d. 1881. 

04_ 6.6. 8.6. 10.12. 

*-'^ In tvhovi are hid all the treasures 
0/ icisdoin and knotuled'je. —Colossians ii. 3. 

A MASTER, at Thy feet 
U I how in rapture sweet ! 
Before me, as in darkening glass. 
Some glorious outlines 
Of love, and truth, and holiness, and 

power ; 
I own them Thine, Christ, and bless Thee 
for this hour. 

2 f\dl of truth and grace. 
Smile of Jehovah's face ! 

tenderest heart of love untold ; 
Who may Thy jnaise unfold? 
Thee, Saviour, Lord of lords mui King of 

Well may adoring seraphs hymn with veil- 
ing wings. 

3 I have no words to bring 
Worthy of Thee, my King, 

And yet one anthem in Thy praise 
1 long, 1 long to raise ; 
The htai t is full, the eye entranced above, 
I5ut wortls all melt away in silent awe and 

4 IIow can the lip be dumb. 
The hand ,ill still and numb, 

\\ hen Thee the heart doth see and own 
ll>r Ldid ai.d Gnd alone V 
Tune for Thyself the music of my daj'S, 
And oi)en Thou my lips that I may show 
Thy praise. 

5 Yea, let my whole life be 
One anthem unto Thee, 

And let the praise of lip and life 
Out-ring all sin and strife. 
O Jesus, Master 1 be Thy name supreme, 
Kor heaven ami eartli, the one, the grand, 
eternal theme. Amen. 

Frances R. Havergal. d. 1S79. 

3 Lft grace our selfishness expel. 

Our farililincss rel'me ; 
And kindness in our bosoms dwell. 
As free and true as Thine. 

4 Kept peaceful in the midst of strife, 

Foigiviiig and toigiven ; 
may we lead the pilgiim's life. 
And follow Thee to Leaven. 

John H. Gumey. 18jl. 



/ have given you an example. 
John xiii. 15. 

LORD, as to Thy dear cross we flee. 
And plead to be forgiven. 
So let Thy life our pattein be. 
And form our souls for heaven. 

2 Help us, through good report and ill, 
Our daily cross to bear ; 
Like Thee, to do our Fathers will, 
Oiu- brethren's gj-iefs to share. 

I/ue suffer, ue shall also reii,n 
ivith Him.—i Tim. ii. 12. 

QAVIOUR of all, what hast Thou done, 
n What hast Thou suffered on tlie tree? 
Why didst Thou groan Thy mortal groan, 

( ihodient unto death for m« ? 
The mystery of Thy passion show. 
T he end of all Thy griefs below. 

2 Thy soil, for sin an offering made. 

Hath cleared this guilty soul of mine ; 
Thou hast forme a ransom j>aid. 

To change my human to divine. 
To cleanse from all iniquity. 
And make the sinner all like Thee. 

3 Pardon, and grace, and heaven to buy. 

My bleeding Sacrifice exi)ired ; 
Cut didst Thou not my Pattern die. 

That by Thy gloriou* si.irit fired. 
Faithful to di-ath I might endure. 
And make the crown by suffering sure ? 

4 Thou didst the meek example leave, 

'I'hat I might in Thy footsteps tread : 
Mi^'ht, like the Man of Sorrows, grieve. 

And groan and bow with Thee my head ; 
Thy dying in my body bear. 
And all Thy state of suffering share. 

5 Thy every suffering servant, Lord, 

Shall as his perfect Master be ; 
To aU Thy inward life restored. 

And outwardly conformed to Thee, 
Out of Thy grave the saint shali rise. 
And grasp, through death, the glorious 

6 This is the strait and royal way. 

That leads us to the courts above ; 
Here let me ever, ever stay. 

Till, on the wings of perfect love, 
I take my last triumphant tlight. 
From Calvarj's to Sions height. Amen. 
Charles Lesley. 174&. 


Forasmuch then as the children 

are partakers o/f,esh and blood, lie al o 

tiiinself likeuise took part of the same. 

Hebrews ii. 14. 

0: MEAN may seem this house of clay, 
Vet 'twas the Lord ^s abode ; 
Our feet may mourn tnis thoray way, 
Yet here Inimanuel trod. 



2 This fleshly robe the Lord did wear ; 

This watch the Lord did keep : 
These burdens soro the Lord di.l bear ; 
Tliese tears the Lord did wet'ii. 

3 Our very frailty brings us near 

Unto the Lord of heaven ; 
To every grief, to every tear 
Such glory strange is given. 

4 But not this fleshly robe alone 

Shall link us, Lord, to Thee ; 

Xot only in the tear and groau 

Shall the dear kindred be. 

5 We shall be reckoned for Thine own 

Because Thy heaven we share, 

Because we sing around Thy throne, 

And Thy bright raiment wear. 

C mighty grace, our life to live, 
To make our earth divine ! 
mighty grace, Thy heaven to give, 
And lift our life to Thine ! 

Thomas H. Gill. ISK 


He would have given thee living 
water.— John iv. 10. 

TESU.-5, the gift divine I know, 
M The gift divine I ask of Thee ; 
That living water now bestow, 

Thy Spirit and Thyself, on me : 
Thou, Lord, of life the fountain art, 
Now let me find Thee in my heart. 

2 Thee let me drink, and thirst no more 

For drops of tinitc liiippin^'s^; ; 
Spring up, O Well, in li(«aveiily i)ower, 

In .streams of pure, perfinni;il peace. 
In joy, that none can take away. 
In life, which shall for ever stay. 

3 Father, on me tho grnne bnstow, 

IIul/laiiKiblr lirfon. Tliv si-lit. 
Wh-ii.',. all til.' slnMiusnf ni.Trv fl<jw ; 

Mi-rcy, i'liy own supreme delij^ht, 
To me, for .lesu's sake, impart. 
And plant Thy nature in my hi-art. 

4 Thy Tnind throughout my life be shown. 

While listening to the mourner's cry, 
The widow's and the orphan's groan. 

On mercy's wings I swiftly lly. 
The poor and helphiss to relieve. 
My life, my all, for them to give. 

6 Thus may I show the Spirit witldn, 
Wliiih piirir.^s me from overv stain ; 
Uiispntt.-d from the w.irld uml sin, 

.My laith's Inti-gritv malntjiin ; 
The trulh of my rell:,'ir)n prove, 
Uy perfect purity and love. Amen. 
Charles Weslri/. 17(;2. 


And He arose, and rebuked the 

wind, and said unto the sea. Peace, be still. 

Mark iv. 39. 

FIERCE raged the tempest o'ertho deep, 
Watch did Thine anxious ser vaTUs keep. 
But Thou wast wrapped in guileless sleep, 
Calm and still. 

2 ' Save, Lord, we perish," was their cry : 
' save us in our agony 1 ' 

Thy word above the storm rose high,— 
' Peace, be still ! ' 

3 The wild winds hushed ; the angry deep 
Sank like a little child to sleep. 

The sullen billows ceased to leap, 
At Thy wiU. 

4 So, when our life is clouded o'er. 

And storm-winds drift us from the shore, 
Say, lest we sink to rise no more, 

' Peace, be still : ' Amen. 

Godfrey Thring. 1866. 

QH 8 5. 8.3. 

«^'-' Conu unto Me, all iie that labour 
and are heavy laden, and twill give you reit. 
Matthew xi. 28. 

ART thou weary, art thou languid. 
Art thou sore distresfif 
' Come to Me,' saith One, ' and coming, 
Be at rest ! ' 

2 Ilath He maiks to lead me to Him, 

If He 1m> my Cuide? 
' In His t'cct and liands are wound-prints, 
And His side.' 

3 Is there di.adem, as monarch. 

That His brow adorns? 
'Yea, a crown, in very surety, 
But of thorns ! ' 

4 If I find Him. If I follow. 

What His guerdon here? 
' Many a sorrow, many a labour, 
Many a tear.' 

r. If I still hold closely to Ilim, 
What liatli Heat last? 
• Sorrow vanquished, labour ended, 
Jordan past ! ' 

G If I ask Him to receive me, 
Will He say me nay? 
'Not till earth, and not till heaven 
Pass away ! ' 

7 Findincr, foUowlncr, keeping, struggling. 
Is lie sure to bless? 
' Saints, Apostles, Prophets, Martyrs, 
Answer. Yes I ' 
Slt-phrn of Saba. Hth Centurv. 
Tr. and alt. by J. M. Neale. 1862. 



Jesus went unto them walking 
o.i the sea.— Matthew xiv. 'Jj. 

OWIIEHK is He that tioit the sea? 
O, where is He that spake. 
And demons from their victims flee, 

The dead from slumber wake? 
The palsied in freedom strong, 

The dumb men talk and sing, 
And from blind eyes, benighted long, 
bright beams of moniing spring. 

2 O, wlicre is He that trod the sea ? 

'TisiPiily He can save; 
To tliousands hungering wearily, 

A Wo. .(Irons meal He gave : 
Full soon, celestially fed. 

Their jiienteous food they tak^ ; 
'Twas springtide when He blest the bread, 

Twas harvest when He brake 

3 0, where is He that trod the sea ? 

-My soul ! the Lord is here : 
Let all thy fears be hushed in thee ; 

And leap, and look, and hear. 
Thy utmost needs He'll satisfy : 

Art thou diseased or dumb ? 
Or dost thou in thy hunger cry? 

Lehold thy Helper come ! 

T. T. Lymh. IS-'w. 


Th'' Son of Man is come to seek 

and to save that irhich was lost. 

Lukexix. 10. 

JESUS, Thy far-extended fame 
My drooping soul exults to hear ; 
Thy name. Thy all-restoring name, 
Is music in a. sinners ear. 

2 Sinners of old Thou didst receive. 

With comfortable words and kind r 
Tli'-ir sorrows cheer, their wants relieve, 
Heal the diseased, and cure the blind. 

3 And art Thou not the Saviour still. 

In every place and age the same? 

H;ist Thou forgot Thy gracious skill, 

Or lost the virtue of Thy name? 

4 Faith in Thy changeless name I have. 

The good, the kind Physician, Thou 
Art able now our souls to save. 
Art willing to restore them now. 

6 Though eighteen hundred years are past 
Sini:e Thou didst in the Hesh appear. 
Thy tender mercies ever last ; 
And still lljy healing power is here ! 

6 Wouldst Thou the body's health restore. 
And liot regard the sin-sick soul? 
The sin-sick soul Thou lov'st much more, 
And surely Thou shalt make it whole. 

7 AU my disease, my every sin, 

ToTliee, O Jesus. I c..iilr>,s: 
In pardon, Lonl. my 'uic I.. i;in. 
And perfect it in holiness. 

8 token of Thine utmost good. 

Now, Saviour, now on me bestow ; 
And purge my conscience with Thy blood. 
And wash my nature white as snow. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 

QQ B.7. 8-7. 7.7. 

«^ ^ And now abiJeth faith, hope, 

charity, these thr^e ; but the greatest oflhtse 
is charity.— I Corinthians xiii. i;l 

I)LESSE;D Saviour, Thou hast taught us, 
) Taught us in Thy word divine. 
That our doings are but nothin^r 
If they be not linked with Thine ; 
If we be not bound to Thee 
With the bond of charity. 

2 Though with tongues of men and angels. 

Soaring may our voices rise ; 
Tliough we have the gift of knowledge, 
Understanding mysteiles : 
All will still as nothing be, 
If we have not charity. 

3 Though with faith, that even mountains 

At our word we may remove. 
Though our bodies to be burned 
Yield we, and possess not love. 
We have nothing till we be 
Bound with bonds of charity. 

4 Bind us with the bond that bindeth 

Human hearts to God above. 
Bind us with the bond uniting 
Rich and poor with heavcniv love. 
With the bond that binds to Thee, 
Never-failing charity. Anien. 

Godfrey Thring. 1860. 


// became Him. . . . to make the 
Captain of their salvation perfect through 
sufferings.— HehTcws ii. 10. 

THOU through suffering perfect mad\ 
On whom the bitter cross was laid ; 
In hours of sickness, grief, and pain, 
No sufferer turns to Thee in vain. 

2 The halt, the maimed, the sick, the hliid 
Sought not in vain Thy tendance kind , 
Now in Thy poor Thyself we see. 
And minister through them to Thep. 

3 loving Saviour, Thou canst cure 
The pains and woes Thon didst endure ; 
For all who need. Physician f,Teat, 
I Thy healing l>alju we suppliciit--^. 


4 But, ! far more, let each keen pain 
And hour of woe be hwavenly ^ain, 
Each stroke of Thy chastising rod 
Bring back the wanderer nearer God. 

5 O 1 heal the bruised heart within : 
O ! save our souls all sick with sin : 
Give life and health in bounteous store, 
That we may praise Thee evermore. Amen. 

Bishop W. W. How. 1871. 



8.7. 8.7. D. 
The Lord hath laid on Him the 
iniquity of us a^i.— Isaiah liil. 6. 

HAIL, Thou once despised Jesus ! 
Hail, Thoii Galilean King ! 
Who didst suffer to release us. 

Who didst free salvation bring. 
Hail, Thou universal Saviour ! 

Bearer of our sin and shame ! 
By Thy merits we iiiid favour ; 
Life is given through Thy name. 

Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, 

All our sins on Thee were laid ; 
By almighty Love anointed, 

Thou hast full atonement made : 
Every sin may be forgiven, 

Throuixh the virtue of Thy blood ; 
Opi-ncd is the gate of heaven. 

Peace is made twixt man and God. 

3 Jesus, hail! enthroned in glory, 

There for ever to abide : 
All the heavenly host adore Thee, 

Seated at Thy Father's side : 
There for sinners Thou art pleading, 

' Spare them yet another year ; ' 
Thou for saints art interceding. 

Till in gloi-y tlicy appear. 

4 Worship, honour, power, and blessing. 

Thou art worthy to receive ; 
Loudest praises without ceasing. 

Meet it is for us to give. 
Help, ye bright, angelic spirits ! 

Bring your sweetest, noblest l.nys, 
Help to sing the Saviour's merits, 
Hclji to chant Immanuel's praise. 
John Ilaktwell. 17C0. 


yJ vJ (l<„l f<„hid that I should gloru. 
save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Galatlans vl. 14. 

IN the Ooss of Christ I glory. 
Towering o'er the wrecks of time : 
All the light of snrred story 
Gathers r'nind its bead sobliine. 

2 When the woes of life o'ertake me, 

Hopes deceive and fears annoy, 

Never shall the Cross forsake me : 

Lo ! it glows with peace and joy. 

3 Wien the sun of bliss is beaming 

Light and love upon my way. 
From the Cross the radiance streaming 
Adds more lustre to the day. 

4 Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure, 

By the Cross are sanctified ; 
Peace is there that knows no measure, 
Joys that through all time abide. 

5 In the Cross of Christ I glory. 

Towering oer the wrpcks of time ; 
All the light of sacred story 
Gathers round its head sublime. 

Sir John Botcring. 1825. 


They crucified /fim.— John xix. 18. 

OCOME and mourn with me awhile ; 
come ye to the Saviour's side ; 
come, together let us mourn : 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified ! 

2 Have we no tears to shed for Him, 

While soldiers scotf, and Jews deride? 
Ah I look how patiently He hangs : 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified ! 

3 Seven times He spake, seven words of lovo; 

And all three hours His silence cried 
For mercy on the souls of men : 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified ! 

4 A broken heart, a fount of tears 

Ask, and they will not be denied ; 
A broken heart Love's cradle i ; ; 
Jesus, our Love, is crucified ! 

f) O Love of God ! Sin of man ! 

In this dread act your strength is tried 
And victory remains with Love ; 
For He, our Love, is crncitied ! 

F. W. Fabcr. 18-19. 


The righteousness which i.-i 
of God 6.i//ai<;t.— Phillppians Hi. 9. 

JESUS, Thy Blood and Righteousness 
My lieauty are, my glorious dress : 
'Midst tlaming worlds, in these arrayed. 
With joy shall I lift up my head. 

2 Bold shall I stand In that great dav : 
For who anirht to my charge shall lav ? 
Fully absolved through these I nni, " 
From sin and fear, from guilt and shame 

3 The holy, meek, unspotted binib. 
Who from the F.ather's bosom canie. 
Who died for me, ev.>n me, t.. atone, 
Now fur my l.nrd and God I own. 


4 LorcL, I belifcive Thy precious blood, 
Wliicli, at the ineivy-seat of God, 
I'or ever doth for sinners plead. 
l""or me, even for my sonl, was shed. 

5 Lord, I believe, were sinners more 
'I'liaii sands upon the ocean shore. 
Thou hast for all a ransom paid, 
For all a full atonement made. 

6 ^Vhen from the dust of death I rise. 
To claim my mansion in the skies, 
Even then, this shall be all my plea, 
Jesus hath lived, hath died lor me. 

Count Zin-end&rf. abt. 17."6. 
Tr. John Wesley. 1740. 

QQ . 

'-J '-' Behold and see if there be ami 
son-otv like unto My sorrow.— Lament, i. 12. 

ALL ye that pass by, 
To Jesus draw nigh : 
To you is it nothins that Jesus should die? 
Your ransom and peace. 
Your suretj' He is : 
Come, see if there ever was sorrow like His. 

2 For what you have done 
His blood nnist atone : 

The Father hath punished for you His dear 
The Lord, in the day 
Of His anger, did lay 
Your sins on the Lamb, and He bore them 

3 He answered for all : 
O come at His call. 

And low at His cross with astonishment fall : 

But lift up your eyes 

At Jesuss cries : 
Impassive, He sutlers ; immortal. He dies. 

4 He dies to atone 

For sins not His own : 
Your debt He hath paid, and your work He 
hath done. 

Ye all may receive 

The peace He tlid li-ave, 
^Vho made intercession, ' >My Father, forgive 1' 

5 For you and for me 
He prayed on the tree : 

The prayer is accepted, the sinner is free. 

That sinner am I, 

Who on Jesus rely. 
And come for the pardon God cannot deny. 

6 My pardon I claim ; 
For a sinner 1 am, 

A sinner believing in Jesus's name. 

He purchased the grace 

\Vhich now I embrace : 
O Father, Thou know st He hath died in my 

7 His death is my plea ; 
My .\dvocate see, 
And hear the blood speak that h.ath answered 
for me. 
My ransom He was 
When He bled on the cross : 
And by losing His life Ho hath carried my 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


the Lamb 0/ Gi.d. 
John i. •_".<. 

BEHOLD the Saviour of mankind 
Nailed to the sham-jful tn^e ' 
How vast the love that Him iiu;;ined 
To bleed and die for thee : 

2 Hark, how He groans! while nature shakes. 

And earth's strong pillars bend ; 
The temiile's veil in sunder breaks. 
The solid mat bles rend. 

3 'Tis done : the precious ransom s paid ; 

' Receive My soul,' He cries : 
See where He bows His sacred head : 
He bows His head, and dies ! 

4 But soon He'll break death's envious chain 

And in lull giory shine : 
Lamb of God : was ever pain. 
Was ever love like Thine 't 

Samuel Wesley, Sen. 1739. 

1 Dl 8.8 
-LV^J- Herein is love. . . . God . . . 

sent His jon to be the propitiutU.<n Joi our 
sins.—l John iv. lu. 

p LOVE Divine : what hast Thou don^? 
» ' Tlie immortal God hath liieu tor me ! 
The Father's co-eternal Son 

Bore all my sins upon the tree : 
The inunortal God for me hatii luid : 
My Lord, my Love, is crucifud. 

2 Behold Him, all ye that pnss by. 

The bleeding Prince of Lite and Peace : 
Come, sinners, see your Maker dit^. 

And s;iy, was ever gri -f like His? 
Come, feel with me His O.nud applied : 
My Lord, my Love, is crucilied : 

3 Is crucified for me and you. 

To bring us rebels back to God : 
Believe, believe the record true. 

Ye all are bought with Je^u s blood ; 
Panioii lor all flows from His :<i<ic- ; 
My Lord, my Love, is cnuilicd. 

4 Then let us sit bene.ith His fross. 

And gladly citch llu; hcalim; ; 
All things for Him account but l"~^. 

And tfive up all out licarfs t'> H.mi ; 
Of nothing think or speak besid-;. 
My Lord, my Love, is crucitieil. 

Weslry. 1712. 


1 no 7.6. 7 3. D. 

±.\J^ When th'-ii had platted u 
crown of thorns, they put it upon His head. 
Matthew xxvii. 2'J. 

SACRED Head, once wounded, 
With grief and pain weighed down, 
How scoint'iilly surrounded 

With thorns, Tliiue only crown ! 
How pale art Thou with anguisli. 

With sore abuse and scorn ! 
How does that visage languish. 
Which once was bright as morn ! 

Lord of life and glory. 

What bliss till now was Thine ! 

1 read the womlrous story, 
I Joy to call Thee mine. 

Thy grief and Thy compassion 
Were all for sinners" gain ; 

Mine, mine was the transgression, 
But Thine the deadly pain. 

3 What language shall I borrow 

To praise Thee, Heavenly Friend, 
For this Thy dying soitdw. 

Thy pity without end? 
Lord, make me Thine lor ever, 

Nor let me faithless prove ; 
let me never, never, 

Abuse such dying love t 

4 Be near me. Lord, when dying, 

O show Thyself to me ; 
And, for my succour flying, 

Come, Lord, to set me free : 
Those eyes. n<-,w faith receiving, 

From Jesus shall not move ; 
For he who dies believing. 

Dies safely through Thy love. 
Bernard of Clair vaux, nth Cent., b)/ Paul 

OerhanlL lllh Cent. Tr. J. W. 

Alexander. 1849. 


n.7. 9.7. 9.9. 
Beioine with me ; for I have 
found my slieep which was, lost. —\M\ias xv. C. 

were ninety and nine that safely 

. lay 

In the shelter of the fold ; 
lint oii.^ was out on tli.- hills away. 

Far oir from HicKal".-> nl g.ild. 
Away on the innniitaiMs wild and bare, 
Away from the tender bheplicrd s can;. 

lord, Thou hast here Thy ninety and nine; 
Ar" they ni>l enough for Thee? 
Tut the Sheplicrd made answer :—' This of 
11 i>i « under -d away from Mo ; 
Vnd, altlioich the road Us rough and steep, 
J t,'» to thi; Uedort to llnd Aly sheep." 

3 But none of the ransomed ever knew 
How deep were the waters cros.sed ; 
Xor how dark was the night that the Lord 
passed through 
Ere He found His sheep that was lost. 
Out in the desert He heard its cry. 
Sick, and helpless, and rea^y to die. 

4 ' Lord, whence are those blood-droi)S all the 
That mark out the mountain s track?' 
' They wpre shed for one who had gone 
Ere the Shepherd could bring him back. 
' Lord, whence are Thy hands .•so rent ami 

torn ? ■ 
'They are pierced to-night by many a 

5 And all through the mountains thunder- 
And up from the rocky steep. 
There arose a cry to the gate of lieaven, 

■ Rejoice, 1 have found jMy slici'p : ' 
And the angels echoed around the throne. 
'Rejoice, for the Lord brings back lUs 

Elizabeth C. Clephane. 



7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 
A place called Gethsematie. 
Matthew xxvi. 3(5. 

GO to dark Gethsemane, 
Ve that feel the tempter"s power, 
Your Redeemer's couftict see : 

Watch with Him one bitter hour: 
Turn not from His griefs away : 
Learu of Jesus Christ to pray. 

2 Follow to the Judgment hall : 

View tlie Lord of Life arraigned. 
the wormwood and the gall : 

O the pangs His soul sustained ! 
Shun not sulfei ing. shame, or loss : 
Learn of Him to bear the cross. 

3 Calvary"s mournful mountain climb 
There, adoring at His feet, 
Mark that miracle of time, 

(Joil's own .sacrilice compbHe. 
' It is liiiishcd : " hear Him cry : 
Learn of Jesus Christ to die. 

4 Early hasten to tlie tomb, 

Where they laiil His breathir 
All is soluuili- anil gloom : 

Who h.ith laKe'i, Him away? 
("hrisi i^ risen . He s.^eks tli 
SavioiU", teach us how to ri; 
James Montgoiiui 

i clay ; 

skies ; 


TOR s^'- 

J-V>'«-/ It is not possible that the blood 
of bulls and oj' goats should take away sins. 
Hebrews x. 4. 

NOT all the blood of beasts, 
On Jewish altars slain. 
Could give the guilty conscience peace. 
Or wash away our stain. 

2 But Christ, the heavenly Lamb, 
T;ikt,s all our sins away ; 

A sacrifice of nobler name. 

And richer blood than they. 

3 My faith would lay her hand 
On that clear head of Thine, 

While like a penilt.'nt I stand. 
And there confess my sin. 

4 My soul looks back to see 
The burdens Thou didst bear 

When hanging on the nurse<l tree, 
And knows her guilt was there. 

5 Hflieving, we rejoice 

To see the curse remove ; 
We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice. 
And sing His bleeding love. 

Isaac Watts. 1709. 


Father, forgive them : for 
they know not ivhat they do.— Luiie xxiii. S4. 

WOULD Jesus have the sinner die! 
> V Why hangs He then ou yonder tree? 
What means that strange expiring cry? 

Sinners, He prays for you and me : 
' I'orgive them. Kather, forgive. 
They know not that by Me they live I' 

2 Adam, descended from above 

t)Mr loss of Eden to retrieve, 
Great (Jod of universal love, 

11 all the world through Thee may live, 
In us a iiuickening Spirit be, 
.\nd witness Thou hast died for me ! 

C Thou loving, all-atoning Lamb, 

Thee— by Thy painful agony. 
Thy bloody sweat. Thy grief and shame, 

thy cross, and passion on the tree. 
Thy precious death .and life— I pray. 
Take all, take all my sins away ! 

4 let me kiss Thy bleeding feet. 

Anil bathe and wash thoui with my 
tears : 
TLe story of Thy love repeat 

In every drooping sinner s ears ; 
Tuat all may hear the quickening sound. 
Since I, even I, have mercy found. 

5 let Thy love my heart constrain, 
Thy love for every sinner free ; 
That every fallen soul of man 

May taste the grace that found out me ; 
That all mankind with me may prove 
Thy sovereign, everlasting love. Amen. 
Wesley. 1741. 

1 07 ^^f- 

-*-*-'• Christ the power of Gorl. and the 
wisdom of God.— I Corinthians i. 'H. 

TTTHEN I survey the wondrous Cross 
VV On which the Prince of Glory died. 
My richest gain 1 count but loss. 
And pour contempt on all my pride. 

2 Forbid it. Lord, that I should boast. 

Save in the death of Christ, my God : 
All the vain things that charm me most, 
I sacrifice theni to His blood. 

3 See, from His head, His hands. His feet, 

Sorrow and love flow mingled down : 
Did e'er such love and soitow meet. 
Or thorns compose so rich a crown ? 

4 Were the whole realm of nature mine. 

That were a present far too small ; 
Love so amazing, so divine. 
Demands my soul, my liie. my all. 

Isaac Watts. 17u9. 

1 O In that day there shall be 
a fountain opened . . . for sin and for 
uncleanness. —Zechkriixh. xiii. 1. 

THERE is a fountain filled with blood 
Drawn from Immanuel's veins ; 
And sinners, plunged beneath that flood. 
Lose all theii guilty sUins. 

2 The dving thief rejoiced to see 

That fountain in his d.ay ; 

And tliere have I, as vile as he. 

Washed all my sins away. 

3 Dear dying Lamb. Thy precious blood 

Shall never lose its power. 
Till all the ransomed Church of God 
Be saved to sm no more. 

4 Eer since, by faith, I saw the stream 

Thy flowing wounds supply. 
Redeeming love has been my theme. 
And shall be till I die. 

5 Then, in a nobler, sweeter song, 

I'll sing Thy power to save : 
When iliis poor lisping, stammering 
Lies silent in the grave. 

William Coicper. 1772. 



c.if. With Chorvs. 
Who loved im, and gave. 
Himself for 7np.— Galatiaiis ii. 20. 

ALAS ! an<l did my Saviour bleed ? 
And did my Sovereign die? 
Did He devote tliat sacred head 
Kor sinners sucli as I >. 

Help iM ', do:ii- Saviour, Thee to ovm. 

And .-ver niithful lie; 
And w lien Til. >us:t test on Thy throne, 

O Lord, remember me. 

2 Was it for crimes that I had done 
He groaned upon the tree ? 
Amazing pity ! grace unknown ! 
And love beyond degree ! 

Well might the sun in darkness hide, 
.Vnd shut his glories in. 
When Christ, the great Redeemer died. 
For man the creature's sin. 

4 Thus might I hide my blushing face 

Whilst His dear Cross a])pears, 
Iiissolve my heart in thiuikfnlness. 
And melt my eyes to tears. 

5 P.ut drops of grief can ne'er repay 

The debt of love I owe ; 
Here, Lord, I give myself away, 
'Tis all that 1 can do. 
Isaac Watta. 1709. Chorus A"on. 


That Hock was Christ. 
1 Cor. X. 4. 

r) OrK of Ages, cleft for me, 
I Let me hide myself in Thee ; 
Let the water and tlie blood. 
From Thy wounded side which flowed. 
Be of sin the double cure. 
Cleanse me from its guilt and power. 

2 Not the labour of my hands 
Can fulfil Thy law's demands : 
Could my zeal no respite know. 
Could my tears for ever flow. 
All for sin could not atone; 
Thou must save, and Thou alone. 

.T Nntlilng In my h.and I bring. 
Simply to Thy Cross I eling ! 
Nikid, come to Thee for dress ; 
Helpless, look to Thee lor grace ; 
Foul, I to the fountain lly : 
Wash me. Saviour, or I die. 

4 Willie I draw this fleeting breath. 
When mine eyes shall close In deiith. 
When 1 soar to woihls unknown, 
Hen Thei! on Thy .Indu'inent llirone ; 
Hock of Ages, cleft lor mo. 
Let me hide myself In Thee. Amen. 

Avdiis'vfi M. Tnj>hif!,/. 177i'i. 



7.7. 7.7. With Halldujahs. 
He is not here : for He is 
risen, as Me said.— Matt, xx viii. C. 

CHRIST, the Lord, is risen todav. 
Halleluiah : 
Sons of men and angels say. 

Hallelujah ! 
Raise your joys and triumphs high, 

HaUelujah : 
Sing, ye heavens ; thou earth, reply. 
Hallelujah ! 

2 Love's redeeming work is done, 

Hallelujah ! 
Fought the fight, the battle won. 

Hallelujah i 
Lo I our Sun's eclipse is o'er. 

Hallelujah ! 
Lo ; Tie sets in blood no more. 

Hallelujah ! 

3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, 

Halleluj.'ili : 
Christ hath burst the gates of In 11, 

Hallelujah ! 
Death in vain forbids His rise, 

Halleluj.ah : 
Christ hath opened Paradise. 

Hallelivjah ! 

4 Lives again our gloiious King, 

Hallelujah ! 
Where, Death, is now fliv sting? 

Hallelujah : 
Dying once. He all doth save. 

Hallelujah ! 
Where's thy victory, boasting grave? 

Hallelujah I 

5 Soar we now, where Christ hath led, 

Halleluiah ! 
Following our exalted Head. 

Made like Him, like Him we rise. 

Hallelujah I 
Oms the rrosR, the grave, the sklos. 

Hallelujah ! 

King of glory! Soul of bliss! 

Hallelujah I 
Everlasting life is this, 

Thee to know. Thy power lo prove, 

Thus to sing, and thus to love?. 
HallelMjali I 
Charles Wes!e;i. 17;;a 



To this end Christ both died, 
and ruse, and revived, that He might be.Lonl 
both (ij the dead atul liuin'j.— Rom. xiv. a. 

AWAKE, glad soul ! awake, awake ! 
Thy Lord hath risen long ; 
Go to His ;rrave, and with theo take 
Both tuneful heart and song. 

2 Where life Is waking all around, 

Where love's sweet voices sing, 
Tlie tirst briglvt blossoms may bo fouud 
Of an eternal spring. 

3 The shade and gloom of life are fled 

This resurrec'iion day ; 
Henceforth in Christ are no more dead. 
The grave hath no more prey. 

4 In Christ we lire, in Christ we sleep. 

In Christ we wake and rise ; 
And the sad tears death makes us weep, 
lie wipes from all our eyes : 

5 And every bird, and every tree. 

And every opening flower. 
Proilaim His glorious victory, 
His resurrection power. 

C The folds are glad, the fields rejoice 

With venial verdure spread. 

The little hiUs lift up their voice 

And shout that death is dead. 

7 Then wake, glad heart! awake, awake 1 

And seek thy risen Lord. 

Joy in His resurrection take. 

And comfort iu His word. 

8 And let thy life through all its ways 

One long thanksgiving be. 
Its theme ot joy, its song of praise. 
Christ died and rose for me. 

/. S. B. Moiiseil. 16&L 

"I "1 O L.M.D. 

-•- -L «-» He rose again the third day 
according to the Scriptures.— 1 Cor. xv. 4. 

HE dies : the Friend of sinners dies ! 
Lo : Salem's daughters v.eep around : 
A solemn darkness veils the skies, 

A sudden trembling shakes the ground. 
Come. Sixiuts, and drop a tear or two 

On the dear bosom of your God : 

He sheds a thousand drops for yon, 

A thousand drops of richer blood. 

2 Hero s love and gnef beyond degree. 

The Lord of glory dies for man ! 
Bui. lo : what sudden joys 1 see : 

Jesus, the dead, revives again : 
The rising God forsakes the tomb. 

Tiie tomb in vain forbids His rise : 
Chf ruliii. legions guard Him home, 

And shout Him welcome to the likies i 


3 Freak off' your tears, ye saints, and tell 

How high your great Di;iiverer reigns; 
Sing how He spoiled the hosts of hell. 

And led the monster Death in cliains : 
.Say. ' Live for ever, wondrous King ! 

horn to redeem, and strong to save !' 
Thenaskthe monster. ' Wheies thy sting? 

And. ' Where s thy victory, twasting 
grave .' ' 
Imuc Watts. 1705. Alt. M. MaCan. 1760. 


Come, sec the place where the 
Lord ^aj/.— Matthew x.xviii. 0. 

VE humble souls that seek the Lord. 
JL Chase all your fears away ; 
And bow with pleasure down to see 
The place where Jesus lay. 

2 Thus low the Lord of Life was brought, 

Such wonders love can do ; 
Tlius i.old in death that bosom lay. 
Which throbbed and bled for you. 

3 Then raise your eyes, and tune your songs. 

The Saviour Uves again ; 
Not ail the bolts and bars of death 
The Conqueror could deia.n. 

4 High o'er the angelic bands \h- rears 

His once dishonoured head : 
And He through endless ages reigos. 
Who dwelt among the dead. 

5 With joy like His shall every saint 

His vacant tomb survey; 
Then with his ascending Lord 
To realms of endless day. 

I'h ilii) Doddridge. 1755. 


7.8. 7.8. 4. 
Why seek ye the living 
among the dead .?— Luke xxiv. 5. 

JESUS lives 1 no longer now 
Can thy terrors. Death, appal us: 
Jesus lives : by this wt- know 
Thou, gi-ave, canst not eiithial u.s. 

Hallelujah ! 

2 Jostis lives : henceforth is death 
But the gate of life imiuoiial : 

This shall calm our trembling breath, 
\\ hen we pass its gloomy portal. 

Hallelujah : 

S Jesus lives ! for us He died : 
Then, alone to Jesus living. 

Pure in heart may we abide. 
Praise to Him and glory giving. 

Hallelujah I 

4 Jesus livei ! our hearts know well 
bought from us His love shall sever; 
Life, nor death, nor powers of hell. 
Part us now from Christ for ever. 

>.:illelujah I 


6 Jesus lives ! to Him the throne 

2 It was a strange and dreadful strife. 

HiKh o'er heaven and earth is given : 

When Life and Death .ontended ; 

May we po wliere He is ^one, 

The victory remained with Life, 

Rest and reign with Him in heaven. 

The reign of Death was ended : 

Hallelujah ! 

Stript of power, no more he reigns. 
An empty form alone remains ; 

C. F: Gellert. 1757. 

Tr. Frances E. Cox. 1841. alt. 

His sting is lost for ever ! 

Hallelujah I 

3 So let us keep the festival 

-\-\ C\ 8.7. 8.7. D. 
J. J- U jfo^u is Christ risen from 

Whereto the Lord invites us ; 

Christ is Himself the joy of all, 

tU •Mid. and become i/ie Jirst/ruits of them 

The Sun that warms and lights us ; 

that slept.— i Corinthians xv. 20. 

By His grace He doth impart 
Eternal sunshine to the heart ; 


J I Hearts to lieaven and voices raise ; 

The night of sin is ended ! 

Hallelujah ! 

Sing to God a hymn of gladness, 

4 Tlien let US feast this E<aster day 

Sing to God a hymn of praise ; 
H.', wlio on the cross a victim 
For tlie world's salvation bled, 

1 111 the true Bread of heaven ! 

Till- word of grace hath purged away 
'i'lie old and wicked leaven : 

Jesus Christ, the King of glory, 
Now is risen from the dead. 

Christ alone our souls will feed. 

He is our Meat and Drink indeed. 

l-'aith lives upon no other ! 

2 Christ is risen, Chri-st the first-fruits 

Halleluiah 1 

Of the holy h.irvest Held, 

Martin Lather. IV.'L 

W hi ell will all its full abundance 

Tr. Richard Massie. 1854. 

.\t llis second coming yield: 

Tlien the golden ears of harvest 

Will their head.s before Him wave, 

Kipened by His glorious sunshine 
From the furrows of tlie grave. 

1 1 Q 
±±0 whUe He blessed them. He 

wa^ parted from them, and carried up into 

heaven.— Luke xxiv. 51. 

3 I'hiist is risen, we are risen ; 

Shed upon us heavenly grace, 
Kain, and dew, and gleams of glory 

TTAIL the day that sees Him ris« . 
n To His throne above the skies 1 

Kroni the brightness of Thy face ; 

Christ, awhile to mortals given. 

Tliat we, with our hearts in heaven, 

Re-ascends His native heaven. 

Ht-ii,' on earlh may fruiUul lie. 

And by angel-hands be gatbercd. 

2 There for Him high triumph waits : 

And bo ever, Lord, with Thee. 

Lift your heads, eti^rnal gates ! 

Wide unfold the radiant scene ! 

4 Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

Take the King of Glory in I 

(;l(iry be to God on high ; 

llalli-liiiali ' t(i till' Saviour, 

3 Circled round with angel powers, 

Who has uMiiicd the victo'rv ; 

Tlieii- triumiihaiit Lord and ours. 

Hallelujah :' to the Spirit, 

Coii.pieior over death and sin, 

l-'ouiit of love and sanctity ; 

Take the King of Glory in ! 

H,.llelujah ! Hallelujah ! 

To the Triune Majesty ! Amen. 

4 Him, though highest heaven receives, 

liUhop C. Wurdsivorth. 18U2. 

Still He loves the earth He leaves; 
'i'hough returning to His throne. 

Still He calls mankind His own. 

T T ry 8.7. 8.7. 7.8. 7.4. 
J--L 1 Christ being raised f rata 

5 See, He lifts His hands above ! 

See, He shows tin' prints of love 1 

tlui di'iid, dirtJi no more ; death hath no more 

Hark: His ^'nuious lips bi'stow 

duiatnwn over //jm.— Romans vi. U. 

blessings on His Church below. 

/ UlRIST JESUS lay in deatli's strong 
\J bands 

C Still for us His death He pleads ; 
I'revalent, He intercedes ; 

Kor our ofTenees given ; 

Ni-ar Himself prepares our place. 

Hut now at (Jods right hand He stands, 

Harbinger of human race. 

And brings us life from heaven: 

Wh.M.-loi.' let UH joyful be. 

7 Lord, though parted from our sight. 

And sing to God right thaniUuUy 

High above yon azuie hi'i;;lit. 

Loud aonjfs of UaUclujah ! 

(Jranl our hearts may thither lise, 

Hallelujah \ 


FoUowing Thee beyond the skies. 

HiFi ASCEYsrny. 

8 I'nere we shall with. Thee remain, 
Partners of Thine endless reign ; 
Tliore Tliy face unclouded see, 
Find our heaven of heavens in Thee. 
Charles Wesley. 1739. 


This Man, because He 

continueth ever, hath an imchangeable 

priesthood. — Hebrews vii. 'J4. 

ENTERED the holy place above. 
Covered with meritorious scars. 
The tokens of His dying love. 

Our -rreat High Priest in glory bears ; 
He iilcjads His passion on the tree, 
lie shows Himself to God for me. 

2 Before the throne my Saviour stands. 

My Friend and Advocate appears, 
My luiiiie is graven on His hands. 

And Him the Father always hears ; 
Whilo low at Jesu's cross I bow, 
He hears the blood of sprinkling now. 

3 This instant now I may receivo 

The answer of His powerful prayer ; 
Tliis instant now by Him I live. 

His prevalence with God declare ; 
And soon my spirit, in His hands, 
Shall stand wheremy Forerunner stands. 
Charles Wesley. 1762. 

1 on 7.7. 7.7. D. 

j.^^\j He wa^ taken up ; and a cloud 
received Him out of their sight.— Acts. i. 9. 

HE is gone— a clond of light 
Has received Him from our sight : 
High in heaven, where eye of men 
Follows not, nor angels' ken ; 
Through the veils of time and space, 
INissed into the holiest place ; 
All tho toil, the sorrow done. 
All the battle fought and won. 

'2 He is trone— towards their goal, 
Wiirid and Church must onward roll: 
K (I- bi'hind we leave the past ; 
F'li ward are our glances cast ; 
Still His words bi'fore us range 
'fhrongh the ages, as they change : 
Whciesoe'er the truth shall lead, 
He will give whate'er we need. 

3 He is gone— but we once more 
Shall behold Him as bef.ire; 
lu the heaven of heavens the same, 
.\s on earth He went and came. 
In the many mansions there. 
Place for us He will prepare : 
In that world, unseen, unknown, 
He aud we may yet be one. 

4 He is gone— but, not in vain. 
Wait, until He comes again ; 
He is risen. He is not hero. 
Far above this earthly si)here ; 
Evenuore in heart and mind. 
Where our peace in Him we And, 
To our own Eternal Friend, 
Thitherward let us ascend. Amen. 

Arthur P. Stanley. 1859. 

ini I..^L 

-•- ^ -L Lift up vour heads, ye 

gates; . . . and the King o/fJlm-y shall 
come 7rt.— Psalm xxiv. 9. 

OUR Lord is risen from the dead ! 
Our Jesus is srone up on high ! 
The powers cf hell are captive led. 
Dragged to the portals of the sky. 

2 There His triumphal chariot waits. 

And angels chant the solemn lij' : 

Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates, 

Ye everlasting doors, give way 1 

3 Loose all yoiir bars of massy light. 

And wide unfold the ethereal scene ; 
He claims these mansions as His right ; 
Receive the King of Glory in ! 

4 Who is this King of Glory ? Who? 

The Lord that all our foes o erc;inie. 

The world, sin, death, arid hell oerthvow I 

And Jesus is the Conqueror's name. 

5 Lo ! His triumphal chariot waits. 

Anil angels chant the solemn lay : 

Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gatos, 

i'e everlasting doors, give way ! 

6 Who is this King of Glory? Who ? 

The Loi-d, of glorious power possessed ; 
The King of saints, and angels too, 
God over all for ever blessed. 

\\\\-:ley. 17 n. 


to prvjiare a place for you. 
Joiin xiv. 2. 

THE golden gates are lifted up. 
The doors are opened wide. 
The King of Glory is gone in 
Unto His Father's side. 

2 Thou art gone up before ns. Lord, 

To make for us a pbice. 
That we may be where now Thoii art, 
Aud look upon Thy face. 

3 .\nd ever on our earthly jiath 

A gleam of glory lies.' 
A light still brenks bev.ond the cloud, 
Tliai veiled Thee iroui our eyes. 


4 Lift up our hearts, lift up our niiiuis : 

Let Tliy dear gmce he j,'iven, 
Tliat wiiile we wander here below, 
uur treasure bo in heaven. 

5 Tliit where Tliou art. at God's right hana, 

I 'ur hope, our lo\e may be ; 
bw.-ll Thou in us. that we may dwell 
Jr or evermore in Thee. 

-L;s. i.ti,Ui<\ Alexander. 1853. 



"1 QQ 6.6. f..6. 8 8. 

-*- '^ "-^ When He ascended up on 
high. He led aip/ivity capt rve, and gave gi/is 
untu >/tt;?i.— Epliesians iy. 8. 

/■ t on is gone up on higli, 
V 1 \\ itli a triumphant noise ; 
Tlie clari(ms of the sky 
Proi^laim the angelic Joys ! 
Join all on earth, rejoice and sing. 
Glory ascribe to glory s King. 

2 God in tlie flesh below, 

l-'or us He reigns above: 
Let all the nations know 
Our Jesu s conquering love ! 
Join all on earth, rejoice and sing, 
Gloiy ascribe to glory's King. 

3 All power to our great Lord 

Is by the Father given: 
Ly angel-hosts adored. 

He reigns supreme in heaven . 
J"in all on earth, rejoice and sing, 
(ilory ascribe to glory's King. 

4 High on His holy seat, 

Hf bears the righteous sway ; 
His foes, bpneath His feet, 
Shall sink and die away: 
Join all on t-arth, rejoice and sing. 
Glory ascribe to glory's King. 

b IHs foes and ours are one, 

Satan, the world, and sin ; 

But He shall tnad ni<-in .Inwn, 

And bring His I iicimn in : 

Join all on earth, rcioiic mid sing, 

Gloi-y ascribe to glory's King. 

Till all the earth, renewed 
In righteousness divine, 
With all the hosts of God, 
in one great clior\iH Join.— 
Join all on earth, rejoice and sing. 
Olory ascribe to giory s King. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1740. 

He shall reign for ever and 
ever.—Rov. xi. 15. 

IOOK. ye saints, the sight is glorious, 
i See the Man of sorrows now. 
From the fig'it returned victorious; 
Every knee to Him shall bow : 

Crown Him, crown Him, 
Crowns become the Victors brow. 

2 Crown the Saviour, angels, crown Ilim; 

Rich the trophies Jesus brings ; 

In the seat of power enthrone Him. 

While the vault of heaven rings : 

Crown Him. crown Him. 
Crown the Saviour, King of kings. 

3 Sinners in derision crowned Him. 

Mocking thu.s the Saviour's claim ; 
Saints and angels crowd around Him, 
Own His title, praise His name : 

Crown Him, crown Him, 
Spread abroad the Victor's fame. 

4 Hark ! those bursts of acclamation ! 

Hark I those loud triumphant chords 
J(>sus takes the highest station, 
O « luit Joy the sight alTords : 

Ciown Him, crowm Him, 
King of kings, and Lord of lords I Ann 
Thomas Kellii. I80y. 


fi..'>. 6.5. P. With Clionis. 
God also hath highly 
exaWe(iy/m.— Philipp'iaris ii. 9. 

nOLDEN h.arps are sounding. 
V.I Angel voices ring. 
Pearly gates are opened— 

OjiiMied for the King; 
Jesus. King of Glory, 

Jesus, King of Love, 
Ls gone uji in tiiiimiih 

To His throne above. 

All His work is ended. 

Joyfully we sing, 
Ji'.sus hath ascendctl ! 

Glory to our King.' 

2 He who came to save us. 

He who bled and died, 
Ji'ow is crowned with glory 

At His Kiither's side. 
Never more to sulTer, 

Never more to die; 
Jesus, King of Glory, 

Ka3 gone up on high ! 

Praying for His chhlren, 

In that blesused (ilace. 
Calling them to g ory. 

Sending them His'grace, 
His bright home preparing, 

Eaithiul ones, lor you; 
Jesus ever liveth, 

Ever loveMi too. 

l-'iuna s li. IlavergaT. I87fl 



One i.i iiovr Master, eiu^n 
CAcis^— Matthew xxiii. 8. 

TMMORTAI, Love, for ever full, 
1 For ever ttciwin? free, 
p'or ever sharpfi, for ever whole, 
A never-ebbing sea ! 

2 Our outward lips confess the Nam i 

All other nainns above ; 
Love only knowetli whence it canio. 
And coraprehendeth love. 

3 Blow, wnds of God, awake and b'.mv 

The mists of earth away : 
Shine out, Light Divine, and show 
How wide and far we stray ! 

4 We may not climb the heavenly steeps 

To bring the Lord Christ down ; 

In vain we search the lowst deeps, 

For llim no depths can drown. 

5 But warm, sweet, tender, even yet 

A present help is He ; 
And faith has still its Olivet, 
And love its Galilee. 

6 The healing of His seamless dress 

Is hy o ir beds of pain ; 
We touch Him in life's throng and press. 
And we are whole again. 

7 Through Him the first fond prayers are 

Our lips of childhood frame ; 
The last low wliispers of our dead 
Are burdened with His name. 

8 Lord and Master of us all I 

Wh.ate er our name or sign, 
We own Thy sway, we hear Thy call. 
We test our lives by Thine. 

John G. Whitfier. 1847. 

-| ory G.6. C.G 8.8 

J- ■^ ' God hath made that saine 
Jesus, whom ve h<ive crucified, both Lord 
and'Christ.— Acts il. 36. 

I) EJOICE, the Lord is King ! 
I Vour Lord and King adore. 
Mortals, give thanks, and sing. 
And triumph evermore ; 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

2 Jesus the Saviour reigns. 
The God of truth and love ; 
When He had purged our stains 
He took His s"eat above ; 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voic^. 
Rejoice, agiiin I say, rejoice. 

3 His kingdom cannot fail, 

ile ruli-.s ii'i;r earth a 'id heavon ; 
The Kcy.s .jf death and bell 
Are to our Jesus given : 
Lift up your heart, liit up your 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

4 He sits at Gods right hand. 

Till all His foes submit, 
And bow to His command. 

And fall beneath His feet : 
Lift up your, lift up your voiro. 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

5 He all His foes shall q^iell. 

Shall all our sins destroy, 
And every bosom swell 

With pure seraphic joy ; 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

6 Rejoice in glorious hope, 

Jesus the Judge shall eome. 
And take His servants up 
To their eternal home : 
We soon shall hear the archangel's voirn. 
The trump of God shall sound, 'Rejo c :' 
Charles W'esUi/. liij. 



On His head were miny 
crowns.— Revelation xix. 12. 

CROWX Him with many crowns. 
The I.anib upon His throne 
Hark l how the heavenly anthem drowns 
All music but its own : 
Awake, my soul, and sing 
or Him who died for thee, 
And hail Him as thy matchless King 
Through all eternity. 

2 Crown Him the Lord of Life, 
Who triumphed o'er the grave. 

And rose victorious in the strife 
For those He came to save ! 
His glories now we sing. 
Who died and rose on high, 

^Vho died eternal life to bring. 
And lives that death may die : 

3 Crown Him the Lord of Peat?, 
Whose power a sceptre sways 

From pole to pole, that wars may cease 
And all be love and praise .' 
His reign shall know no end ; 
And round His piercM feet 

Fair flowers of Paradise extend 
Their fragrance ever sweet. 

4 Crown Him the Lord of heaven. 
Enthroned in worlds above : 

Crown Him the King to whom is given 
The wondrous name of Love : 
All hail, Redeemer, hail : 
For Thou hast died for me ; 
Thy praise shall never, never fail 
Throughout eternity : Amen. 

Matthew Bridges. 1852, 
and Godfrey Thring. 188C 


®ljc fjolj ^}jir:t. 



lie dwellcth with you, 
and shall be in you.— John xlv. 17. 

n RACIOUS Spirit, dwell with me 1 
V I I myself would fjracious be ; 
And witli words that help and heal, 
Would Thy life in mine reveal ; 
And with actions bold and meek. 
Would for Christ, my Saviour, speak. 

2 Truthful Spirit, dwell with me 1 
I niys t!lf would truthful be ; 
And with wisdom kind and clear 
Let Thy life in mine appear ; 
And with actions brotherly 
Speak my Lord's sincerity. 

3 Tender Spirit, dwell with me / 
1 myself would tender be ; 
Shut my heart up like a flower 
In temptation's darksome hour; 
Open it when shines the Sun, 
And His love by fragrance own. 

4 Silent Spirit, dwell with me ! 
I myself would quiet be. 
Quiet as the blade 

Which through earth its way has made 
Silently, like morning light 
Tutting mists and chills to flight. 

5 Mighty Spirit, dwell with me ! 
1 myself would mighty be. 
Mighty, so as to prevail, 
Whr-ro, unaided, man must fall, 
Kver, by a mighty hope, 
I'ressing on and bearing up. 

6 Holy Spirit, dwell with me 1 
I myself would holy be ; 
Separate from siii.'l would 
CliooHi-, .iiiil clifiisli Mil things good ; 
And, wli:i1i'ViT I iMii li.i, 

(iive to llim who gave mo Thee. Anion. 
T. T. Lynch. 1855. 

-LOW Ye nJiall he hapHzed with 
(he Holy Ghost.— ActH 1. 5. 

LORD r.od, the Holy Ghost I 
In thlHac<'i;|.t,.'(l hour. 
As on ^h<^ (\:\y of r.-nlci', 
Di'Mi'i'tid In all Thy power. 

2 We meet with one accord 
In this Thy holy place. 

And wait the promise of our Lord, 
The Spirit of all grace. 

3 Like mighty rushing wind 
Upon the waves beneath. 

Move with one- impulse every mind. 
One soul, one feeling breathe. 

4 The young, the old Inspire 
^Vith wisdom from above. 

And give us hearts and tongues of fire 
To pray, and praise, and love. 

5 Spirit of Light ! Explore, 
And chase our gloom away. 

With lustre shining more and more 
Unto the perfect day. 

6 Spirit of Truth ! Be Thou 
In life and death our guide : 

Spirit of adoption ! Now 

May we be sanctified. Amen. 

James Montgomery. 1819. 


A^o man can say that Je'<ns 

is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost. 

1 Corinthians xii. 3. 

SPIRIT of Faith, come down. 
Reveal the things of Ood. 
And make to us the Godhead knowr 
And witness with the blood. 

2 'Tis Thine the blood to apply. 
And give us e.yes to see ; 

Who did for every sinner die, 
Hath surely died for mo. 

3 No man can truly say 
That .Tesus is the Lord, 

Unless Thou take the veil away. 
And breathe the living word. 

4 Then, only then, we feel 
Our interest in His blood. 

And cry, with joy unspoakaMe. 
Thou art my Lord, my God ! 

5 O that the world might know 
The all-atoning Lamb! 

Spirit of faith ! Descend, and show 
The virtue of His name. 

6 The grace which all may find. 
The s.iving power. Impart, 

And ti'Mtlfy to all mankind. 
And speak In every heart. 


7 Inspire the living faith. 
Whicll whosoe'er receivos. 

The witness in himself lie liatli, 
And consciously believes : 

8 The faith that conquers all, 
Aiitl doth the mountain move. 

And saves whoe'er on Jesus call. 

And perfects them in love. Amen. 
Mcskij. 171t). 


They ivere all filled with 
the Holy Ghost.— Acts ii. 4. 


riOME, Holy Spirit-, raise our sontfs, 
VJ To reach the wonders of the day 
When, with Thy fiery cloven tongues. 
Thou didst tliose glorious scenes display. 

2 'twas a most auspicious hour. 
Soason of grace and sweet delight, 
Wlit-n Thow didst come with mighty power. 
And light of truth divinely bright. 

2 By this the Mest disciples knew 

Their risen Head had entered heaven. 
Hud now obtained the promise due, 
Fully by God the Father given. 

4 Lnrd, we believe to us and ours 
The apostolic promise given ; 
We wait the Pentecostal powers, 
The Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. 

6 .Assembled here with one accord. 

Calmly we wait the promised grace, 
The purchiise of our dying Lord ; 
Come, Holy Ghost, and fill the place. 

6 If every one that asks may find. 
If stdl Thou dost on sinners fall, 
Come, as a mighty rushing wind ; 
Great grace be now upon us all. 

<7 Behold, to Thee our souls aspire, 
And languish Thy descent to meet ; 
KiU'lle in each the Uving fire. 
And fix in every heart Thy seat. Auien. 
First thixe verses. B. C. Brackenbuni. 17'.i'2. 
Remainder, Charles Wesley. 1742. 

3 Where is the mighty wind 

That shook the holy place. 
That gladdened every mind. 

And brightened every face. 
And whire the cloven tongut-s of flame 
That marked each follower of the Lamb? 

i There is no change m Thee, 

Lord God the Holy GLost, 
Thy glorious majesty 

Is as at Pentecost ! 
O may our loosened tongues proclaim. 
That Thou, our God, art still the same ! 

5 And may that living wave. 
That issues from on high. 
Whose golden watt-rs lave 
Thy throne eternally. 
Flow down in power on us to-day. 
And none shall go unblessed away ! 
William Pennefalher. d. 187.3. 



Wait for the promise 
of the Father.— Acts i. 

OLORD, ^s-ith one accord 
We gather round Thy throne. 
To hear Thy holy word. 
To worship Thee alone. 
Xort' send from heaven the Holy Ghost, 
Be this another Pentecost. 

2 We have no strength to meet 

The storms that round us lower; 
Keep Thou our trembling leet 
In every trying hour : 

More than victorious shall we be 

If girded with Thy panoply. 

If any man have not the 

Spirit of Christ, h". is none uf His. 

Romans viii. y. 

SPIRIT Divine, attend our prayers. 
And make this heuse Thy In. me ; 
Descend with all Thy gracious powers, 
come, great Spirit, come ! 

2 Come as the light, to us reveal 

Our emptiness and woe ; 
And lead us in those paths of life 
Where all the righteous go. 

3 Come as the fire, and purge our hearts 

Like sacrificial flame ; 
Let our whole soul an offering be 
To our Redeemer's name. 

4 Come as the dew, and sweetly bless 

This conseci-ated hour ; 
May barreimess rejoice to own 
Thy fertilizing power. 

5 Come as the dove, and spread Thy wings, 

T!iP wings of peaceful love : 
And let Thy Church on earth become 
Blest as the Church above. 

6 Come as the wind, with rushing sound, 

And Pentecostal grace ; 
That all of woman born may see 
The glory of Thy face 

7 Spirit Divine attend our pmvi^rs. 

Make a lost world Thy li.>iii.> ; 
Descend wth all Thy gracious powers, 
come, great Spirit, come : Amen. 
Andreio ReM. 1841. 

■ ^'-^ And thr:re a-'renred unfit 
them cloven tongues, like as o/jire, and if 
sat upon each of them.— Acts ii. o. 

WHEN God of old came down from 
In i)ower antl wrath lie came : 
Before His feet the clouds were rivi-ii. 
Half darkness and half flam<?. 

2 Dut wlien He came the second time, 
He came in power and love : 
Softer than pale at morning prime 
Hovered His Holy Dove. 

.3 The fires that rushed on Sinai down 
In sudden torrents dread. 
Now jirently liiht, a ffloiious crown, 
On every sainted head. 

4 .And, as on Israel's awe-struck ear 

The voice exceeding? loud, 
The tninip, that anjiels quake to hear. 
Thrilled from the deep, dark cloud : 

5 So, when the Spirit of our God 

Came down His flock to fmd, 
A voice from heaven was heard abroad, 
A rushing, mighty wind. 

6 It fills the Church of God ; it fills 

The sinful world around : 
Only in stulihorn hearts and wills 
No place for it is found. 

7 Come Lord ! come Wisdom, Love, and 

Power ! 
Open our ears to hear ; 
Let us not miss the accepted hour; 
Save, Lord, by love or fear ! Amen. 
John KMe. 1627. 


8.S. 8.8. 8.8. 
Yr are sanctified . . . bii 
the Spirit.— I Corinthians vi. 11. 

rmFATOR Spirit, by whose aid 

V I The world's foundations first were laid. 

Come, visit every humble mind : 

Come, pour Thy Joys on all mankind : 

From sin and sorrow set us free, 

And make Thy temples worthy Thee. 

2 Thou Strensrth of His .almtfjhty hand. 
Whose power does heaven and earth com- 
Thri..' li.ply Fount. 1hri(!e holy Fire, 
(iiir li.-:iits with heavenly love inspire: 
('(line, and Thy sacred unction bring. 
To saiKitlfy us while we sing. 

:i Plenteous of Kraco, descend from high, 
Rhrh in Thy sevenfold energy ; 
Give US Thyself, that we may see 
The Father and the Son by Thee : 
Make us eternal truth rerelve, 
And practise all that we beli<-vo. 

4 Immortal honour, endless fanif , 
Attend the .Almighty Father's name : 
The Saviour Son be glorified. 
Who for lost man's redemption died : 
And equal adoration be. 
Eternal Paraclete, to Thee ! Amen. 
From the Latin. Tr.John Driidm. l!)!).l. 


/ will pray the Father, an I 

He shall give you another Com/, rter. 

John xiv. 16. 

SPIRIT of Holiness, descend. 
Thy people wait for Thee : 
Thine ear in kind compassion leml. 
Let us Thy mercy see. 

2 Behold ! Thy weary Churches w.iit 

With wistful longing eyes ; 
Let us no more be desolate, 
bid Thy light arise ! 

3 Thy light, that on our souls hath shone 

Leads us in hope to Thee ; 
Let us not feel its rays alone. 
Alone Thy people be. 

4 bring our dearest friends to God, 

Remember those we love ; 
Fit them on earth for Thine abode. 
Fit them for joys above. 

5 Spirit of Holiness.'tis Thine 

To hear our feeble prayer ; 
Come, for we wait Thy power divine. 
Let us Thy mercy share ! Amen. 
S. F. Smith. 1843. 


When He, the Spirit of truth, 

is come. He will guide you into all truth. 

John xvi. 13. 

HOLY Spirit. Truth Divine ! 
Dawn upon this soul of mine ; 
Word of God, and inward Light, 
Wake my spirit, clear my sight. 

2 Holy Spirit, Love Divine ! 
Glow within this heart of mine. 
Kindle every high desire. 
Perish self in Thy pure fire 1 

3 Holy Spirit, Power Divine ! 

Fill and nerve this will of mine ; 
]5y Thee may I stronglv live. 
Bravely boar, and nobly strive ! 

4 Holy Spirit, Right Divine ! 

King, withiti iiiv ciHiscience reign ; 
Be my 1,1.1(1, :in(l I slwill be 
Fiiiufy bound, for ever free. 

5 Holy Spirit, Peace Divine ! 
Still this restless heart of mine. 
Speak to calm this tos-slng sea. 
Stayed in Thy tranquillity. 


6 Itoly Spirit. Joy Divine ! 
Gladden Thou this heart of mine ; 
In the desert ways 111 sing. 
Spring, Well, for ever spring ! 

Samuel Lonqfellou: 184G. 


Conwfrom the four toinds, 

breath, and breatlie upon these slain, that 

t/ie>i mail I i (■'•■— Ezeliiel xxxvii. 9. 

BREATHE upon this languid frame, 
Spiiit of heavenly might ! 
Laptize me with the vital iiame 
Of purity and light. 

2 Descend like heaven's self-kindled fire 

And burn my sin to dust : 
God of my righteousness, inspire 
My soul with hope and trust. 

3 Spring up within this barren heart. 

Well-spring of life divine ! 

Love to my feeble will impart : 

Light out of darkness shine. 

4 Light and Power ! Life and Love ! 

Of every good the source ! 
Blow, rushing Wind of God. above. 
And speed me on my course. 

b Then, heavenly Master, come wthin. 
My every tliought control ; 
Tliy work fulfil, the harbour win. 
Anchor, and keep my soul. Amen. 
Josiah Cornier. 1836. 

1 4.1 CM. 
-L -t-L God hath sent the Spirit of 

His Son into your hearts, crying, Abta, 
Father.— Giila-tiann iv. 6. 

WHY should the children of a King 
Go mourning all their days ? 
Great Comforter, descend and "bring 
The tokens of Thy grace. 

2 Dost Thou not dwell in all the saints. 

And seal the heirs of heaven r 
When wilt Thou banish my complaint.^, 
And show my sins forgiven? 

3 Assure my conscience of its part 

In the Redeemer s blood. 
And bear Thy witness with my heart. 
That I am born of God. 

4 Thou art the earnest of His love. 

The pledge of joys to come : 
May Thy blest wings, celestial Dove, 
Convey me safely home. Amen. 

Isaac Watts. 1709. 



Sow much more shall your 

heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them 

that ask Him .■'—Luke xi. 13. 

COME, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With all Thy quickening powers ; 
Kindle a. flame of sacred love 
In these cold hearts of ours. 

2 In vain we tune our formal songs. 

In vain we strive to rise, 
Hosannas languish on our tongues, 
And our devotion dies. 

3 Father, shall we ever live 

At this poor dying rate? 
Our love so faint, so cold to Thee, 
And Thine to us so great I 

t Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
U nil aii Thy quicKeuing powers ; 
C'>m«\ >liL'd abroad the Saviour's love. 
Aim! t.:.ii ti>.,iiil kindle ours. Amen. 
Isaac Watts. 1709. 

Ye sJiall receive pouter, 

after that the Holy Ghost is came upon yon. 

Acts i. 8. 

pOME, Holy Ghost, aU-quickening fire. 
VJ Come, and in me delight to rest. 
Drawn by the lure of strong desire. 
come and consecrate niy bieast ! 
T'^e temple of my soul prepare. 
And 6x Thy sacred presence there : 

2 If now Thy influence I feel. 

If now in Thee begin to live. 
Still to my heart Thyself reveal. 

Give me Thyself, for ever give ; 
A point my good, a drop my stoi e. 
Eager I ask, I pant for more. 

3 Eager for Thee I ask and pant ; 

So strong the principle di\nn(>. 
I Carries me out with sweet constra'iit. 

Till all my hallowed soul is Thine, 
Plunged in the Godhead's deepest se;i. 
And lost in Thine immensity. 

4 My peace, my life, my comfort Thou, 

My treasure, and my ail Thou art ; 
True witness of my sonship, now 

Engraving pardon on my he^irt. 
Seal of my sins in Christ forgiven. 
Earnest of love, and pledge of heaven. 

5 Come, then, my God, mark out Thine heir. 

Of heaven a larger earnest give ; 
With clearer light Thy witness bear. 

More sensibly vv ithin me live. 
Let all my powers Thine entnmce feel. 
And deeper stamp Thyself the seal. 

Weslcu. 1753. 



And God said. Let (here be light : 
and there ivas iuiht.—Goiiesis i. 3. 

Call forth tUi' 1 
Let tlii'iv 11, II 
And till tir il'.ii-: 
With jrlorious be 

•I'lestial Dove, 
ii.\- nature's night, 
. I nlv Love, 
' il be light, 

endless bliss. 

2 ■ Let there be light.' again conimaml. 

Ami light there in our hearts shall be ; 
We then through faith shall understand 

Thy groat mysterious Majesty, 
And, by the shining of Thy grace. 
Behold in Christ Thy glorious lace. 

3 Father of everlasting grace. 

Be mindful of Thy changeless word ; 
We worship toward that Holy Flac*;. 

In which Thou dost Thy name record. 
Dost make Thy gracious natiue known. 
That living Temple of Thy fciuu. 

4 Thou dost with sweet complacence see 

The Temple filled with light divine ; 
And art Thou not well pleased with me, 

Who, turning to that heavenly .Shrine, 
Through .Jesus to Thy throne apply. 
Through Jesus for acceptance ci-y ? 

5 With all who for redemption gioan. 

Father, in Jesu's name I pray ; 
And still we cry and wrestle on. 
Till mercy take our sins away: 
Hear from Thy dwelling-place in heaven. 
And now pronounce our sins forgiven. 
Charles Wesleij. 17(J2. 

1 A A L.^I. 
-L ^^^J- He .thaU baptize von with 

the Hnli/ Ghost, and with jire.—MAlt. iii. 11. 

FATHER, if justly still v.-e claim 
To us ancl ours the promise made, 
To us be graciously the same. 
And crown with living lire our head. 

2 Our claim admit, and from above 

Of holiness the Spirit shower. 

Of wise discernment, hmnblc love. 

And zeal, and unity, and power. 

3 The Spirit of convincing speech. 

Of jiowor demonstrative, impart ; 

Such as may every conscience reach, 

And sound the unbelieving heart : 

4 The Spirit of refining fire. 

Seari'liiiiu' the inmost of the mind. 
To piii-e nil lieree and foul desire, 
And hiudle life more pure and kind : 

5 The Spirit of faith. In this Thy day. 

To break the power of cancelled sin. 
Tread down its strength, o'ortum Its sway. 
And still tho conquest more than win. 

6 The Spirit breathe of inward life. 

Which in our hearts Thy laws may 
write ; 
Then grief expires, and pain, and .strife ; 
'Tis nature all, and all delight. Amen. 
Henry More. ItJOS. Alt. John Wexley. ITlil. 


He shall come down like rain 
upon the mown grass.— Psd.iin Ixxii. tl. 

ON all the earth Thy Spirit shower. 
The earth in righteousness rencv ; 
Thy kingdom come, and hells o'crpower. 
And to Thy sceptre all subdue. 

2 Like mighty winds or torrents fierce. 

Let it opposers all o'errun ; 
And every law of sin reverse. 
That faith and love may make all one. 

3 Yea, let Thy Spirit in every place 

Its richer energy declare ; 
While lovely tempers, fruits of grace. 
The kingdom of Thy Christ prepare. 

4 Grant this, holy God and true ! 

The ancient seers Thou didst inspire ; 
To us perform the promise due. 
Descend, and crown us now with fire 1 
Henry More. 1868. Alt. JoJin Wesley. 1701. 

146 ac 

God hath . . . given us the 
spirit of power, of love, ami nj a sound 
mind.— '2 Timotliy i. 7. 

T WANT the Spirit of power within. 
i Of love, and of a lieaMliful nnnd ; 
Of power, t(i eonijiier inbred sin ; 

Of love, to Thee and all mankind : 
Of health, that pain and death delies. 
Most vigorous when tho body dies. 

2 Wlieii shall I bear the inward v,.ice, 

Whii'li onlv railhtnl souls can hear? 
I'anlon. and i^eaee, and heavenly j.iy-;. 
Attend tlie promised Coniloiter; 

come, and righteousness diviiu", 

And Christ, and all with Christ, are mine. 

3 that the Comforter would come, 

Nor visit as a transient guest. 
But fix in me His cojistant home. 

And take possession of my broiist, 
And fix In me His loved abode, 
Tlie temple of indwelling God. 

4 r.iinn. Holv, niv heart Inspire ; 

Alle^l Pril 1 ;m,i hn, .1 :i.:ain : 

(', ine, aii.l Im|.:i ■ ,,..»• with lire, 

Nmi- Irl Tin l..ii,i.i ^ilis be Vain : 

1 rannol, in sin.-, loigiven; 
Whore is tho oarnesl of my heaven? 


Where the indubitable seal 

That ascertains tlie kingdom miue ? 
The powerful stamp I lonj; to feel. 

The signature of love divine : 
O shed it in my heart abroad, 
Fulness of love, of heaven, of God 
Charles Wesley. 



Lord, revive Thy tcork. 
Habakkuk iii. Z 

r) EVIVE Thy work. Lord, 
I Thy mighty arm make bare ; 
Speak witli the voice that wakes the dead, 
And make Thy people hear. 

2 Revive Thy work, Lord, 
Disturb this sleep of death ; 
Quicken the smouldering embers now, 
By Thine almighty breath. 

a Revive Thy work, Lord, 
Create soul-thirst for Thee : 
Aud hungering for the Bread of Life, 
may our spirits be. 

4 Revive Thy work, Lord, 
Exalt Thy precious name ; 

And, by the Holy Ghost, our love 
For Thee and Thine inflame. 

5 Revive Thy work, O Lord, 
And give refreshing showers ; 

The glory shall be all Thine own, 

The blessing, Lord, be ours. Amen. 
Albi-rt Midlane. ISol. 



8.7. 8.7. D. 
LikeioiS'; the Spirit also helpeth 
• inJirniilies.—Roii\a,ixs viii. 26. 

/ 10ME, Thou all-inspiring Spirit, 
\J Into every longing heart ; 
Eouglit for us by Jesus merit, 

Now Thy blissful self impart : 
Sign our uncontested pardon. 

Wash us in tlie atoning blood : 
Make our hearts a watered garden. 

Fill our spotless souls vrith. God. 

2 If Tliou gav'st the enlarged desire 

Which for Thee we ever feel. 
Now our panting sovUs inspire. 

Now our cancelled sin reveal: 
CLaim us for Thy habitation. 

Dwell within our hallowed breast i 
Seal us heirs of full salvation. 

Fitted for our heavenly rest. 

o Give us quietly to tarry. 

Till for all Thy glory meet, 
Waiting, like attentive Mary, 

Happy at the Saviour's feet : 
Keep us from the world unspotted, 

From all earthly passions free. 
Wholly to Tliy.self devoted. 

Fixed to live and die for Thee. 

■1 Wrestling on in mighty prayer. 

Lord, we will not let Thee" go. 

Till Thou all Thy mind declare. 

All Thy grace on us bestow : 

Peace, the seal of sin forgiven, 

Joy, and perfect love, impart, 

Present, everlasting heaven. 

All Thou hast, andall Thou art. An">n. 
Charles Wesley. 17or. 


6.6.4. 6.( 
Wait fur the jnomise oj the 
Father.— Acta i. 4. 

COME, Holy Ghost, in love. 
Shed on us from above 
Thine own bright ray : 
Divinely good Thou art. 
Thy sacred gifts impart 
To gladden each sad heart ; 
come to-day. 

Come, tenderest Friend, and best, 
Our most delightful Guest, 

With soothing power ; 
Rest which the weary know. 
Shade mid the noontide-glow. 
Peace when deep griefs o erllow ; 

Cheer us this hour. 

Come, Light serene and still. 
Our inmost bosoms fill. 

Dwell in each breast ; 
We know no dawn but Thine, 
Send forth Thy beams divine. 
On our dark souls to shine. 

And make us blest. 

4 Exalt our low desires. 
E.xtinguish passion's fires. 

Heal every wound ; 
Our stubborn spirits bend, 
Our icy coldness end. 
Our devious steps attend. 

While heavenward bound. 

5 Come, all the faithful bless ; 
Let all who Christ confess 

Ilis praise employ ; 
Give virtue's rich reward, 
Victorious death accord. 
And with our glorious Lord 
Eternal joy. Amen. 
King Robert II. of France, Wth Century. 
Tr. Ray I'almer. 1865. 



ne shall glorify Me. 
John xvi.'H. 

COME. Thou everlasting Spirit, 
lirlng to every thankful miiul 
Ail the Saviour's dying merit, 
All His suiTerings for niaiikin.l. 

•-> True Racorder of His passion, 
Now the living faith impart. 
Now reveal His great salvation, 
I'reach His gospel to our heart. 

3 Come. Thou witness of His dying. 

Come, Remembrancer divine ; 
Let us feel Thy power applying 
Christ to every soul— and mine. 

4 Let us groan Thine inward groaning. 

Look on Him we pierced, and grieve; 
All receive the grac;e atoning. 
All the sprinkled blood receive. Amen. 
\V(sky. 17-15. 


8.7. 8.7. 
Singing with grace in your 
hearts to the Lord.— Col. iii. 16. 

nOLY Ghost, inspire our praises, 
Shed abroad a Saviour's love ; 
While we chant th<i name of Jesus, 
Deign on every heart to move. 

•J Source of sweetest consolation. 
Breathe Thy peace on all below. 
Bless, bless this congregation. 
Bid our hearts with fervour glow. 

'J Hall, ye spirits, bright and glorious. 
High e,xalted round the throne ; 
Now with you we Join in chorus. 
And your Lord wo call our own. 

t God to UM His Son bath given ; 

Saints, your noble antnenis raise ; 
All on eaith, and all in heaven, 
Shout the (jreat Jehovah's praise. 

Josf2jh Hart. 1760. 


The Spirit also helpeth our 
ii\J\rrntliea.—\Um\a.\\^ vlll. M. 

/lOMK. Holy Spirit, calm our minds, 
V) And fit us to approach our God ; 
homovi! i-ach vain, each worldly thought. 
And l<-ud 118 to Thy blest abode. 

Hftitt Thou Imparted to our souls 
A living Hpark of hoaveidy flret 

(), kindle now the i«u:rcd (lamo. 
And make nn bum with pure desire t 

3 Impress upon our wan^Vrir.g hearts 

The love that Christ to sinners bore ; 
And give a new, a contrite heart, 
A heai-t the Saviour to adore. 

4 A brighter faith and hope impart, 

And let us now Thy glory see : 
0, soothe and cheer each burdened heart, 
And bid our spirits rest in Thee. AmcM 
John Stewart. 1S33. 


When the Comforter fs come, 
. . . He shall testify of Me.— John xv. 20. 

COME, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire. 
Let us Thine influence prove; 
Source of the old i)rophetic fire. 
Fountain of Light and Love. 

2 Come, Holy Ghost, for moved by Tlieo 

The prophets wrote and spoke ; 
Unlock the Truth, Thyself the Key, 
Unseal the .s.acred Book. 

3 Expand Thy wings, celestial Dove, 

Brood o er our nature's night ; 
On our disordered spirits move, 
And let there now bo light. 

4 God, througli Himself, we then shall know, 

If Thou within us shine ; 
And sound, with all Thy saints below. 
The depths of love divine. Amen. 

Wesley. 1740. 

1 R4 I'M- 
-L.<-J^ He shall give you another 
Comforter, that he may abide with you for 

ever.—Jolm xiv. 1(5. 

JESrS, we on the words depend, 
SiMikcn by Thee while present here, 
'The I'atlicr In .My name shall send 
The Holy Ghost, the Comforter." 

2 That promise made to Adam'.s race, 

Now. Lord, in us, even ns, fulfil. 

And give the Sjiirlt of Thy grace, 

To teach us all Thy perfect will : 

.3 That heavenly Teacher of mankind. 
That Guide infallible impart. 
To bring Thy sayings toour mind, 
Aiid write them on our faithful heart. 

4 He only can f he words apjily, 

Through which we endless life possess. 
And deal to each Ills leg icy. 
Our Lord's unutterrtbfe peace. 

.'j That peace of God, that peace of Thine, 

O ndght lie now to us bring In, 

And fill our souls with jiower divine. 

And make an end of fear and sin. 

The length and breadth of love reveal. 
The heiglit and depth of Deity ; 
And all the sons of {.'lory kitiJ, 
And cliaiigc and malcu us all lik*- Thee. 
Wedey. 1740. 


Tfte eternal Spirit.— Heh. 1.x. 14. 

ETF.RN.\L Spirit, by wliose powvr 
Are burst the bands of death. 
On our cold hearts Thy blessiii:<s shower, 
Revive them with Thy breath. 

2 Tis Thine to point the heavenly way, 

K:)i:h lising fear control. 
And. with a warm, enlivening ray, 
To melt the icy soul. 

3 Tis Thine to cheer us when distressed, 

To raise us when we fall. 
Til calm the doubting, troubled breast. 
And aid when sinners call. 

4 Tis Thine to bring God's sacred word. 

.\nd write it in each heart ; 

Tlieie its reviving tniths record, 

.\iid there its peace impart. 

G Almighty Spirit, visit thus 

our heart.s, and guide our ways : 
Pour down Tliy quickening graceon us, 
And tune our lips to praise. Amen. 
W. H. Bathurst. 18.'5l. 

1 SR S.M. 

-'-'-''-' Ye are the temple oj God, 
and the . . . Spirit of God dv:elleth in you. 
1 Corinthians iii. 16. 

C Now let me live in Thea 

My inner life of love ; 

So best shall I preparing be 

For perfect life above. Amen. 

Geot-ge Rawson. 187ii. 



"O'.V shall the mighty God. 
\\ hoiii heaven cannot contain, 
A temple and a tit abode 
Within me ever gain? 

2 Come, Spirit of the Lord ; 
Teacher and Heavenly Guide ; 

Le it according to Thy word. 
In my poor heart reside. 

3 Enter, Holy Ghost ! 
Pervade this soul of mine. 

In me renew Thj' Pentecost, 
Reveal Thy power divine. 

4 Make it my highest bliss 
Tliy blessed fruit to bear, 

Thy joy, love, peace, and gentleness, 
Goodness and faith to share. 

5 Let me in deepest fear 
Thy holiness to gi-ieve. 

Walk in the Spirit, even here 
Aii.i In the Spirit live. 

6.5. G.o. D. With Chorus. 
I ivill pour out Ml/ Spirit 
upon all Jtesh.—j6el ii. 28. 

HEAR us. Thou that Woodest 
er the watery deep, 
Waking all creation 

From Its jiriuial sleep ; 
Holy Spirit, breathing 
Breath of life divine, 
treat he into our spirits. 
Blending them with Thine. 
Light and life imnuirtal ! 

Hear us as we raise 
Hearts, as well as voices. 
Mingling prayer and praise. 

When the sun ariseth 

In a cloudless sky. 
Jlay we feel Thv presence. 

Holy Spirit, nigh ; 
Shed Thy radiance o'er us. 

Keep it cloudless stiil. 
Through the day before us. 

Perfecting Thy will. 

3 Wlien the fight is fiercest 

In the noontide heat. 
Bear us. Holy Spirit, 

To our Saviour's feet. 
There to find a refuge 

Till our work is done. 
There to fight the battle 

Till the battle's won. 

4 If the day be falling 

Sadly as it goes. 
Slowly in its sadness 

Sinking to its close. 
May Thy love in mercy 

Kindling, ere it die. 
Cast a ray of glory 

U er our evening sky. 

5 Morning, noon, and evening, 

Whensoe'er it be. 
Grant us, gracious Spirit, 

Quickening life in Thee ; 
Life, that gives us, living. 

Life of heavenly love. 
Life, that brings us. dying. 

Life from heaven above. AraerL 
Godfrey Thring. ISiTi 


Made jxii-fakers oJ the Holy 
Gho.<it.—Ueh. vi. 4. 

COME to our poor nature's night. 
With Thy blessed inward Gght, 
Holy Ghost, the Infinite. 
C'lUilorter Diviiie. 


•1 We are sinful— cleanse us, Lord. 

2 He came in semblance of a dove, 

Sick and faint— Thy strenfrth afford. 

With sheltering wings outspread 

Lost— until by Thee restored, 

The holy halm of peace and love 

Comforter Divine. 

On each to shed. 

3 Oi-phans are our souls, and poor, 

Give us from Thy lieavenly store 

3 He came in tongues of living flame 

Faith, love, Joy, for evermore, 

To teach, convince, subdue ; 

Comforter Divine. 

All-powerful as the wind He came— 

4 Like the dew Thy peace distil. 

As viewless too. 

Guide, subdue our wayward will. 

Things of Christ unfolding still. 
Comforter Divine. 

4 He came sweet influence to impart, 
A gracious, willing Guest. 

5 Gentle, awful, holy Guest, 

While He can find one humble heart 

Make Thy temple in each breast ; 

Wherein to rest. 

There Tliy presence be confessed, 

Comforter Divine. 

5 And His that gentle voice we hear. 

C With lis, for us, intercede, 

Soitasthc breath of even. 

And wiih voicei&ss groaniugs plead 

That checks each fault, that calms each 

Our unutterable need. 


Comforter Divine. 

And speaks of heaven. 

7 In us Abba, Father, cry ; 

Kiirnest of the biiss on high, 

6 And every virtue we possess, 

tieal of inuuortality. 

And every conquest won. 

Comfoiter Divine. 

And every thought of holiness^ 

Are Ills aloue. 

8 Search for us the depths of God ; 

Upwards, by the siarry road, 

Dear us to Thy hi'ch abode, 
Comlorter Divine. Amen. 

7 Spirit of purity and grace. 
Our weakness, pitying, see ; 

George liawson. 1853. 

make our hearts Thy dwelling-placo. 

And worthier Thee. 

1 RQ 
±OiJ The Comforter, wh ich is 

the Holy Uhost.—^ohn xiv. 20. 

8 iirniso the i.'ailier ; praise the Son 

AUIl hle.>*t Uedeemcr, ere He breathed 
V 7 lli.s tender last farewell. 

r.list .Spirit, praise to Thee ; 

All I'laisc Id Cud, the Tliice in One, 

A Guide, a Cninfortfr bequeathed 

The One in Three. Amen. 

With us to dwell. 

Harriet Aubcr. 18-J9. 

tijc froii 

r i; r i n i t ij. 

1 c\r\ n.i2. 12.10. 

± QVJ uoiy, hoi,/, ho!u. Lord (lad 
ALmi.jlity.-hiy. Iv. 8. 

3 Holy, Holy, Holy, though the darkness 
hide Thee, 

Though the eye of sinful man Thy gloiy 

TJOLY, Holy. Holy, Lord God Almighty ; 
li Grulefiilly adorluK. our Hong sliall 

may not see ; 
Only Thou art holy, there Is none beside 

riHe to J hen ; 
Holy. Holy, Ii(,iy. merciful and mighty. 

rerlecl in power, in love, and purity. 

<j.>"l In Tlire«i I'tfraons. lilesaud Trinity ! 

Holy. Holy, Holy, all the saints a<loro Thee, 

4 Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty ! 

< ii»tliigil<iwn ihinr golden cro«ii» around 

Ail Thy works shall praise iliy name in 

the gl.uMy Hoii ; 

earth and sky and sea; 

rij.TiililMi and seraphim faUlng down 

Holy, Holy, Holy ^rciful and mighty, 

l>elore The.... 

God In Throo I'eraons, lilessed Trinity. 

\\ lil"li wort, and art. and evermore hh i' 



Bishop R. Ilch^. 1827. 



Glory to God in the highest. 
Luke ii. 14. 

GLORY be to God on high, 
God whose glory fiU.s the sky ; 
I'l-ace on earth to man forgiven, 
Man, the well-beloved of heaven. 

2 Soverei^ Father, Heavenly King ! 
Thee we now presume to sing ; 
G!:id, Thine attributes confess, 
Glorious all, and numberless. 

3 Hail, by all Thy works adored : 
Hail, the everlasting Lord! 

Thee, with thankful hearts, we prove 
God of power, and God cf love. 

4 Christ our Lord and God we own, 
Christ, the Father's only Son, 
Lamb of God for siiuiers slain, 
Sa\ iour of olfending nmn. 

5 Cow Thine car, in men-y bow, 
Hear, the world s Atoiifmout, Thou : 
Jesus, in Thy name we pray. 

Take, taive our sins away. 

6 Powerful Advocate with God, 
Justify us by Thy blond ; 
Low Thine ear, in mercy bow, 
lli^ar, the world's Atoneiiient, Thou. 

7 Hear, for Thou, Christ, alone 
Art with Thy great Father one ; 
One the Holy Ghost with Thee ; 
One supreme, eternal Three. Amen. 

Wesley. 1739. 



Thou art worthy, Lord, 

to receive ylory and honour and xjowtr. 

Kevelatiou iv. 11. 

THOUSAND oracles divine 
Tueir common beams unite. 
Til il sinners may with angels join 
I'o worship God aright : 

2 To pi aise a Trinity adored 

By all the hosts above ; 
And one thrice-holy God and Lord 
Through endless ages Love. 

3 Triumphant host ! They never cease 

To laud and magnify 
The Triune God of Holiness 
Whose glory tills the sky : 

4 Whose glory to this earth extends, 

When God Himseli imparts, 
And tbe whole Trinity descends 
Into oui- faithful beans. 

5 Uy faith the upper choir we meet. 

And challenge them to sing 

Jehovah, on His shining seat, 

Our Maker and our King. 

6 But God iiuide flcsli Is wholly ours. 

And asks our nobler strain ; 
The Father of celestial powers. 
The Friend of earth-born man. 

7 'i'e seraphs, nearest to the throne. 

With rapturous amaze. 
On us. poor ransomed souls, look down 
For Heaven's superior praise. 

8 The King, whose glorious face ye see, 

l"or us His crown resigned ; 
That fulness of the Deity. 
He died for all mankind ! 

Chirlcs Wesley. 17G7. 

1 f^*^ CM. 

L U O Tlie Lm-d make His fare to 
slii7ie upon thee, and be ijrariours unto t/icc 
Numbers vL 25. 

COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
One God in Persons Three, 
Bring buck the heavenly blessing, lost 
By all mankind and me. 

2 Thy favour and Thy nature too. 

To me. to all restore ; 
Foricive, and after God renew. 
And keep us evermore. 

3 Eternal Sun of Righteousness, 
■" DispLiy Thy beams divine. 
And cause the glories of Thy face 

Upon my heart to shine. 

4 Light in Thy light may I see, 

ihy grace and mercy prove. 
Revived, and cheered, and blessed bvTlieei 
The God of pardoning love. 

5 Lift up Thy countenance serene. 

And let Thy happy child 
Behold, without a cloud between. 
The Godhead reconciled. 

6 That ^Il-comprising peace bestow 

Uii me, through grace forgiven ; 
The Joys of holiness below. 
And then the joys of heaven. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 17d2. 

1 R4. c.»L 

-I. Kj-u: When ye pray, say. Our 
Father which art in /i(rayt;(t.— Luke xL 2. 

FATHER of me, and all mankind. 
And all the hosts above. 
Let every ui.dei-sia.iiding mmd 
Unite to praise Thy love : 

2 To know Thy nature, and Thy name. 
One God in Persons 1 hree ; 
And glorify the great 1 AM, 
Thiough all eternity. 



3 Thy klnprloin come, with power and grace, 

To every heart of man : 
Thy peace, and joy, and righteousness. 
In all our bosoms reign. 

4 The rigliteousness that never ends. 

But makes an end of sin. 
The Joy that human thought transcends. 
Into our souls bring in : 

6 The ki!if:dom of established peace. 
Which can no more remove ; 
The perfect power of G<HUiness, 
The omnipotence of Love. Amen. 

Wedcy. 17G2. 


Who is like Thee, glorious 

in holiness, fear/iU in i)raises, doing 

toonders i— Exodus xv. 11. 

KAIL! Father. Son, and Holy Ghost, 
One God in Persons Three : 
Of Thee we make o\ir joyful boast. 
Our songs we make of Thee. 

2 Thou neither canst be felt nor seen, 

'1 hou art a Spirit pure ; 
Tliou from eternity hast been, 
And always shall endure. 

3 I'rosint alike in every place. 

Thy Godliciiu we adore ; 
I)(!y<)iid the l«iunds of time and space. 
Thou dwell'stTor evermore. 

4 In wisdom innnite Tlion art. 

Thine eve dc.tli all tliiii^rs see. 
And evry thon-iit i>(i:\r.iy licart 
1* luily known to 'Iheo. 

6 VVhateer Thou wilt, in earth below 

Thou doit. In heaven above ; 

Hut chielly we rcLlolce to know 

Ihe ainiljihty God of Uive. 

Thou lov gt whateer Thy hands liave 
made ; 
Thy Koodneag we rehearse. 
In shilling characters displayed 
Throughout our uulverae. 

7 Merry, with love, and endless grace. 

O'er all Thy works doth reign ; 
Hut most lliou dost delight to bless 
Thy favourite creature Man. 

8 Wherefore, let evr-ry creature give 
To Thee the pnilHi- Ueslgned ; 
But chielly. Lord, the tlianka receive, 
The hearts of nil mankind. Amen. 


Uolp, holy, holij, is the Lord 
0/ Hosts.— Isaiah vi. ?. 

TNFIXITE God, to Thee we raise 

JL Our hearts in solemn songs of ; 

By all Thy works on earth adored. 

We worship Thee, the common Lord, 

The everlasting Father own. 

And bow our souls before Thy throne. 

2 Thee all the choir of angels sings. 
The Lord of hosts, the King of kings ; 
Cherulis proclaim Thy praise aloud, 
And seraphs shout the Triune God, 
And, ' Holy, Holy, Holy,' cry, 

' Thy glory fills both earth and sky ! ' 

3 God of the patriarchal race. 

The ancient seers record Thy praise ; 
The goodly apostolic band. 
In highest joy and glory stand ; 
And all the saints and prophets Join 
To extol the Majesty Divine. 

4 Head of the martyrs" noble host. 

Of Thee they justly make their boast ; 
The Church, to earth's remotest bouu'ls. 
Her heavenly Founder's praise resounds, 
And strives, with those around Thy 

To hymn the mystic Three in One. 

5 Father of endless majesty. 

All might and love they render Thee ; 
Thy true and only Son adore. 
The same in dignity and power ; 
And God the Holy Ghost declare, 
The saints' eternal Comforter. 

Tc Dirnn. From the Latin. 
Tr. Wesley. 1717. 


t'huiteii Wesky. 1703. 

8.8. 8.8. 8.8. 
The whole earth is full of 
His glory.— iHniaU vi. 3. 

MESSIAH, Joy of every heart. 
Thou. Thou the King of glory art: 
The FathtT's everlasting Son, 
Thee, Thee we most delight to own ; 
For all our hopes on Thee depend. 
Whose glorious mercies never end. 

2 r.eiit to redeem a sinful race. 
Thou, Lord, with unexainjiled grace, 
Into a lower world didst come. 
And stoop to a poor virgin's womb; 
Whom all the heavens winnot contain, 
Our God, appeared a child of man 1 

3 When Thou li:idst rendered up Thy breath, 
And dvin^: diiiwn the sting ol death. 
Thou Uid.^t Iroin .'artli triuMipIiant, 
AihI ope the portMlsot' the skies, 

'I'liar ail who 1 1 Msl in Thee alone. 
Might follow and partake Thy throne. 


4 Spatf>(1 at God's right hand aKsiiii, 
T)i<iu 'I'lst i!i all His ffloiy loitrii ; 
Thou ci<jst. Thy Father's imnfjo, shine 
In all the ;tttribiites Divine ; 

And Thou in vengeance clad shalt come. 
To seal our everlasting doom. 

5 Wherefore we now for mercy pray ; 
Saviour, take our sins away ! 
l;eiore Thou as our Judge api>ear, 
In dreadful niajesty sevi^re. 
Appear, our Advocate with God. 
And save the purchase of Thy blood. 

6 Hallow, and make Thy servants meet. 
And with Thy saints in glory seat ; 
Sustain and bless us by Thy sway. 
And keep to that tremendous day. 
When ali Thy Church shall chaait abovi3 
The new eternal song of love. Amen. 

Te Deum. From tlie Latin. 

Tr. Wesley. 1717. 



That they way behold Mij 
glory.— John xvii. 21. 

SA'VIOUR, we now rejoice in hope 
That Thou at last wilt take us up ; 
With daily triumph we proclaim. 
And bless and magnify Thy name ; 
And wait Thy greatness to adore 
When time and death shall be no more. 

2 Till then with us vouchsafe to stay. 
And keep us pure from sin to-day ; 
Thy great coiiiirming gnce bestow, 
And guard us all our days below ; 
And ever mightily def'Mid, 

And save, save ns, to the end. 

3 Still let ns. Lord, with grace be blest, 
Who in Thy piardian mncy rest ; 
Extend Thy mercy's arms to me. 
The M-eakest soul that ti usts in Tliee ; 
And never let me lose Thy love. 

Till I, even I, am crowned above. Amen. 
Te Deum. From the Latin. 

Tr. Wesloj. 1717. 

~\aC\ fi.6. 8.8. 

J- vJ v-/ Both young men and maidens : 
old men and children ; let them praise the 
name of the Lord.— Vanhn cxiviii. 1-J, 13. 

YOUNG men and maidens, raise 
Your tuneful voices high ; 
Old men and c hildrcn, praise 
Till' Lord of earth and sky : 
Him Three in One. and One in Three, 
Extol to all eternity. 

2 The universal King 

Let all tlie world proclaim ; 
Let evrry creature sing 

llis attributes and name : 
Him Three in One, and One in Three, 
Extol to aU eternity. 

G In His great name al'nie 

All excellences ii.c t. 
Who sits upon the tliiiin<», 

And shall forever sit : 
Him Three in One. and Une in Thr-^o, 
Extol to all eternity. 

4 Glory to God belongs ; 
Glory to God be given. 
Above the noblest songs 
Of aU in earth or heaven : 
Him Three in One, and One in Throe, 
Extol to all eternity. Amen. 

Charles Wtsley. 17ii3. 


8..5. 8.5. 8.4. 3. 
Thou hast created uh thimjs. 
and for Thy pleasure they are and were 
crea/ec/.— Kevelation iv. 11. 

ANGEL voices ever singing 
Round Thy throne of light. 
Angel harps for ever ringing. 

Rest not day nor night : 
Thousands only live to bless Thee, 
And confess Thee, 
Lord of might ! 

2 Thou, who ait beyond the farthest 

Mortal eye can scan. 
Can it be that Thou regardest 

Songs of sinful man? 
Can we know that Thou art near us. 
And wilt hear us ? 
Yea. we can, 

3 Y'ea, we know that Thou rejoitest 

O'er each work of Thine : 
Thou didst ears, and hands, and voices. 

For Thy praise design ; 
Craftsman s art and miusic's measure 
For Thy pleasure 
.lUl combine. 

4 Id Thy house, gi-eat God, we offer 

Of Thine o^vn to Thee, 
And for Thine acceptance proffer 

All unworthily. 
Hearts, and niiiids, and hands, and voices. 
In our choicest 

5 Honour, glory, might, and merit. 

Thine shall ever be. 
Father. Son. and Uoi> Spirit, 

Ule.-,sed Trinitv : 
Of the best that Thou ha.«t given. 
Earth and luravcn 
Kendcr Thee : Amen. 
Francis Fu't. liVA. 


gtiiittc Morslrip. 



Know ye that the Lord He 
is God.— PsAhii c. 3. 

BEFORE .I.Miovah's awful throiio. 
Ye iintioiis'iow with sacred joy 
Know that the Lord is God nlone, 
He can create, and He destroy. 

2 His sovereiam power, without our aid. 

Made us of clay, and formed us men ; 
And when like wa nderinj? sheep we strayed. 
He brought us to His fold again. 

3 \V8*n crowd Thy gates with thankful songs. 

High ns the heavens onr voices raise : 
And earth, with lierten thousand tongues, 
^^hall fill Thy courts with sounding 

4 Wide as the world is Thy command ; 

Vast as eternity Thy love ; 
Firm as a rock Thy truth shall stand. 
When rolling years shall cease to move. 
/.■^anc Watts. 1719. 
Alt. J. Weski/. 1741. 


Surely the Lord is in this 
p?afe.— Genesis xxviii. 10. 


«-■ ^f^1k^• ft jnufiit nnhe laito 

the Lord, all i/e liiiuls.—l'sAhn c. 1. 

ALL neojile that on eai+h do dwell, 
Sing to the L<u'd with cheerful voice ; 
Him servo with mirth. His praiso forth 
flomo ye before Him and rejoice. 

2 Know that the lyord is God indeed ; 
Without our aid He did >is make; 
Wo ar- Ifis flock. He doth us feed. 
And for His slieeii Ho djth us take. 

8 O entor, then, HIm anion with praise. 
Atiproiicli with Joy Ills (Courts uiilo : 
I'rntKe, laud, and blivsH His name always, 
I'or II In ufuiiily HO to do. 

4 For wliy rThn I,nrd our God in good, 
HIh mercy !« for ever Miire ; 
liU truth at all times flrndy stood. 
Anil nliull froMi ago to age endure. 

William Kethe. l.V.O. 

LO ! God is here, let us adore. 
And own how dreadful is this placet 
Let all \\ ithin us feel His power. 

And silent bow before His face ; 
Who know His power, His grace who 

Serve Him with awe, with reverence love. 

2 Lo ! God is here ! Him day and night 

The united choirs of angels sing ; 

To Him, enthroned above all height. 

Heaven's host their noblest praises bring ; 
Disdain not. Lord, our meaner song. 
Who praise Thee with a stammering 

3 Gladly the toys of earth we leave, 

Wealth, pleasure, fame, for Thee alone; 

To Thee our will, soul, flesh, wo give; 
O take, O seal tliem for Thine own ! 

Thou art the (Jod, 'Ihou art the Lord ; 

Be 'ihou by all Thy works adored. 

4 Being of beings ! May our praise 

Thy courts with gr.ateful fragrance All, 
Still may we stand before Thy face. 

Still hear and do Thy sovereign will j 
To Thee may all our thoughts arise, 
Ceaseless, accepted sacrifice. 

5 As (lowers their opening leaves display, 

And glad drink in the solar tiro. 
So may wo catcli Tliy every ray, 

So may Thy inllueiice thus inspire ; 
Thou Beam of the eternal Beam, 
Thou purging Fire, Thou quickening 
Flame. Amen. 

Gerhardt Terstreqen. 1731. 
Tr. J. Wesley 1739. 

"I 74. 7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 

1- I rr. yi7 "niji 7,,nrA-.s' '■hnU praise 
Thee, Lord ; and Thy saints shall hh ss 
Thee.— Psahn cxlv. 10. 

ALL things praise Thee, Lord most high ; 
Ilinven and earth ;i!id sea and sky. 
All were for Thy glory made. 
That Thy greatness thus displayed 
Should all worship bring to Th'ef.; 
All things praise Thee : Lord, may wc. 


'2 All tilings praise Thee ; night to night 
,Siii),'s ill silent hymns of light ; 
All tliiiij,'s praise Thee ; iJiiy to d:\y 
I'haiiis I'hy power, in burning ray ; 
Tiiiii' iind spat^e are praising Thee. 
All things praise Thee : Lord, may wo. 

o All things praise Thee ; round her zones 
Kartli, with her ten thousand tones, 
Hulls a ceaseless choral strain; 
Koiiring wind and deep-voiced main, 
Kiistliiig leaf and humming bc-e. 
All things praise Thee : Lord, may we. 

4 All things praise Thee ; high and )ow, 
Ha in and dew and seven-hued bow, 
Crimson sunset, tleecy cloud, 
Rippling stream and tempest loud ; 
Summer, winter, all to Thee 

Glory render : Lord, may we. 

5 All things praise Thee ; Heaven's high 

Rin^s with melody divine ; 
Lowly bending at Thy feet, 
Hcraph and archangel meet ; 
This their highest bliss to be 
Ever praising : Lord, may we. 

6 All things praise Thee : Gracious Lord, 
Great Creator, Powerful Word, 
Omnipresent Spirit, now 

At Thy feet we humbly bow. 
Lift our hearts in praise to Thee ; 
AU tilings praise Thee : Lord, may Ave. 
G. W. Conder. d. lt)7L 


Praise waitethfor Thee, 
God, in 2ioH.— Psalm Ixv. 1. 

PRAISE, Lord, for Thee in Zion waits : 
Hraver shall besiege Thy temple-gat>js ; 
All tlesh shall to Thy throne repair. 
And liud, through Christ, salvation there. 

2 Our spirits faint ; our sins prevail ; 
Leave not our trembling hearts to fail ; 
Thou, that hearcst prayer, descend. 
And still be found the sinner's Friend. 

3 How blest Thy saints, how safely led. 
How STirely kept, how richly fed ! 
Saviour of all in earth and sea. 
How happy they who rest in Thee ! 

4 Thy hand sets fast the mighty hills. 
Thy voice the troubled ocean stills ; 
Evening and morning hynm Thy praise, 
And earth Thy bounty wide displays. 

5 The year is with Thy goodness crowned : 
Thy clouds drop wealth the world aroiuid ; 
Through Thee the deserts laugh and sing. 
And nature smiles, and owns her King. 

6 Lord, on our souls Thine influence pour. 
The moral waste williin restore ; 
let Thy love our spring-tide be. 
And make us all bearfruit to Thee. Amen. 
H. F. Lyte. 1834. 

-Arrn 1.1. 1.1. 

J. I \J give thanks unto the Lord ; 
for lie is tjooU : Jor Jlis mercy endureth for 
ever.— Psalm cxxxvl. 1. 

LET lis, with a gladsome mind. 
Praise the Lord, for He is kind ; 
For His mercies shall endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

2 Let us sound His name abroad, 
For of gods He is the God ; 
For His mercies .shall endure, 
Ever faithf id, ever sure. 

3 He, with all-commanding might, 
Filled the new-made world with light; 
For His mercies shall endure, 

Ever faithful, ever sure. » 

4 He the golden-tress6d sun 
Caused all day his course to run ; 
For His mercies shall endure. 
Ever faitliful, ever sure : 

5 And the moon to shine by night 
'Mong her spangled sisteis bright ; 
For Mis mercies shall endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

6 He His chosen race did bless, 
In the wasteful wilderness ; 
For His mercies shall endure, 
Ever faithful, ever suie. 

7 He hath, with a piteous eye. 
Looked upon our misery ; 
For His mercies shall endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

8 All things living He doth feed. 
His full hand supplies their need ; 
For His mercies shall endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

9 Let us, then, with gladsome mind, 
Praise the Lord, for He is kind ; 
For His mercies shall enduie. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

John Milton. 10'23. 


/ ioill sing praises unto my 
God while 1 have any being.— VsAlm cxlvi. 2. 

I'LL praise my Maker while I've breath ; 
And when my voii-e is lost in death, 
I'raise shall eniploy my nobler powers ; 
JIv days of praise shall ne'er be past. 
While life, and thought, and being Uist, 
Or immortality endures. 



2 Happy thi^ man whose hopes rely- 
On Israel's God ; He niarte the sky, 

Aii'l earth, and seas, with all their train ; 
His truth lor ever stands secure ; 
He saves the oppressed. He feeds the poor. 

And none shall find His promise vain. 

3 The Ix)rd pours eyesight on the blind ; 
The Lord supports the fainting mind : 

Hesends the lat)ounng conscience peace ; 
He helps the stranger in distress. 
The widow, and the fatherless, 

And grants the prisoner sweet release. 

4 I'll praise Him while He lends me breath ; 
And when my voice is lost in death. 

Praise sh.iU employ my nobler powers ; 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past. 
While life, and thought, and being last, 

Or immortality endures. Amen. 

Isaac Watts. 1719. 


lie that hath pitu vpon the 

poor lendeth unto the. Lord. 

Proverbs xix. 17. 

OT.ORD of heaven and earth and sea, 
To Thee all praise and glory lie ; 
How shall we show our love to Thee, 
Givorof all? 

2 The golden sunshine, vernal air, 

Sw eet llowers and fruitsThy love declare, 
\\here harvests ripen Thoii art there, 
Giverof all ! 

3 For peacefiil homes and healthful days. 
For all the blessings earth displays. 
We owe Thee thankfulness and praiso, 

Giver of all. 

4 Thou didst not spare Thine only Son, 
Hut gav'st Hiui fur a world umione, 
And e'en that sift Thou dost outrun, 

And give us all. 

5 Thou giv'st the Spirit's blessed dower. 
Spirit of life and love and power. 
And dost His sevenfold graces shower 

Upon us all. 

6 For souls redeemed, for sins fori;ivon, 
F'lr menn.sof gj-a<;eund hopes of hmven. 
Father, wlmt cjin to Thee be giver-. 

Who glvcst all : 

7 We Inite what on ourselves we Hi)riiil, 
Wo have HS treasure without end 
Wh.atever, l/.rd. to Th«e wo lend, 

Who glvest all. 

H Whatflvrr, Lord, we lend to Tliee, 

lloprild R thousandfold will be ; 

Thnn gindly will wn givo to Thee, 

Giver of all: 


9 To Thee, from whom we i\\\ derive 
Our life, our gifts, our power to give ; 
O, may we ever with Thee live, 
Giver of all 1 
Bishop C. Wordsivorfh. 1&6': 


I heard the voice ofmanij ano^h, 
. . . saying, . . . Worthy is the Lamb that 
w-a.s sZain.— Revelation v. 11, VI. 

pOME, let us Join our cheerful songs 
\J With angels round the throne ; 
Ten thousand thousandaretheir tongues, 
But all their joys are one. 

2 ' Worthy the Laiiib that died," they cry, 

' To be e.xalted thus : ' 
' Worthy the Lamb ! ' our hearts reply, 
' For ilc was slain for us.' 

3 Jesus is worthy to receive 

Honour and power divine ; 
And blessings, more than wo can give, 
Be, Lord, for ever Thine ! 

4 The whole creation join in one. 

To bless the sacred name 
Of 11 im that sits \ipon the throne. 
And to adore the Lamb. Amen. 

Isaac Watts. 1709. 


Unto Him that loved us . 

be glory and dominion for ever and ever. 
Revelation i. 5, 6. 

TESUS, Thou everlasting King. 
() Accept the tribute which we bring; 
Accept Thy well-deserved renown. 
And wear our praises as Thy crown. 

2 Let every act of worship be 

Like our espousals. Lord, to Thee ; 
Like that blest hour when from above 
We first received the pledge of love. 

3 Tlie gladness of that happy day, 
O may it over, ever sttiy ; 

Nor let our faith forsake its hold, 
Our hope decline, our love gi'ow cold. 

4 Each following moment as It flics, 
Incrciise Thv [uii'se, improve our joys, 
Till we are ral.sed to .sing Thy name. 
At the great sunpcr <if the Lamb. 

J.aar Walls. i:i;). 


Unto you therefore which 
believe He is jm'.ci<m.i.—\ I'ctcr il. 7. 

JESUS, I lovo Thy saving name, 
"TIs muKic to mine ear ; 
Fain would I soimd It out bo loud 
That earth and heaven might hear. 


1 Yi\s. Thim art precious to my soul, 
My tiaM^<|i(iit anil my trust ; 



lit sordid dust. 

S All that my largest thoughts can wish, 
In Thee doth richly meet ; 
Kot to mine eyps is light so dear, 
Nor friendship half so sweet. 

4 Thy grace still dwells within my heart 
And sheds its frag:rance there ; 
The noblest balm ot all its wounds. 
The cordial of its care. 

b I'll spoak the honour.? of Thy name 
With my last labouring breath ; 
And, dying, glory in Thy love. 
The antidote of death. 

Philip Doddridge. 1755. 


/ will love Thee, Lord, 
viy strength.— VsAhn xvlii. 1. 

JESU.S, the very thought of Thee 
With sweetness tills my breast ; 
But sweeter far Thy face to see. 
And in Thy presence rest. 

1 Xor voice can sing, nor heart can frame, 
Nor can the memory tind 
A sweeter sound than Thy blest name, 
O Saviour of mankind 1 

3 hope of eveiy contrite heart! 

Ojoy of all the meek : 
To those who fall, how kind Thou art. 
How good to those who seek ! 

4 But what to those who find ? Ah, tliis— 

Nor tongue nor pen can show ; 
The love of Jesus— what it is 
None but His loved ones know. 

5 Jesus, our only joy be Thorn, 

As Thou our crown wilt be ; 
Jesus, be Thou our glory now. 

And through eternity. Amen. 
Bernard of Clairvaux. Vllh Century. 
Tr. Edward Cus^vall. 1S49. 


TOO 7. D. 

J. O O wito shall not fear Thee. 
Lord, and glorify Thy name .?— Rev. xv. 4. 

WORSHIP, and thanks, and 

And strength ascribe to Jesus I 

Jesus alone 

Defends His own. 
When earth and hell oppress us. 
Jesus with joy we witness 
Almighty to deliver ; 

Our seals set to. 

That God is true. 
And reigns a King for ever. 

2 Omnipotent Redeemer, 

Our ran.somed souls adore Thee : 

Our Saviour Thou 

We find it now. 
And give Thee all the glory. 
We sing Thine arm unshortened. 
Brought through our sore temptation ; 

With heart and voice 

In Thee rejoice. 
The God of our salvation. 

3 Thine arm hath safely brought U3 

A way no more expected, 

Than wlieu Thy slieep 
Passed through the deep. 

By crystal walls protected : 
Thy glory was our rear-ward. 

Thine hand our lives did cover. 
And we, even we. 
Have passed the sea. 

And marched triumphant over. 

4 The world's and Satan's malice. 

Thou, Jesus, hast confounded ; 
And, by Thy grace. 
With songs of praise 
Our happy souls resounded : 
Accepting our deliverance. 
We triumph in Thy favour. 
And for the love 
\\'hich now we prove. 
Shall praise Thy name for ever. 

Charles Wesley. 1743. 

1 OA 5 6.5. 

-1- '-'^^ Lord, my God, Thou art 
very great ; Thou art clothed with ho.iour 
and majesty .—i'sa.lm civ. 1. 

WORSHIP the King, 
All glorious above ! 
gi atefully sing 

His power and His love ! 
Our Shield and Defender, 

Tlie Ancient of days. 
Pavilioned in splendour. 
And girded with praise. 

2 teU of His might, 

O sing of His grace. 
Whose robe is the light. 

Whose canopy, space ; 
His chariots of wTath, 

Deep thunder-clouds form, 
And dark is His j)alh 

On the wings of the storm. 

3 The earth, with its store 

Of wonders luitold, 

Almighty ; Thy power 

Hath foundea of old, 

Hath stablished it fast 

By a changeless decree, 
And round it hath cast, 
Like a mantle, the sea. 


4 Tliy bountiful care 

What tougue can reoite ? 
It breathes in the air, 

It shines in the liirht, 
It streams from the hillJ, 

It descends to tlie plain, 
And sweetly dJRtils 

In the dew and the rain. 

6 Frail children of dust, 

And feeble as frail. 
In Tliee do we trust, 

Nor find Thee to fail : 
Thy mercies how tender. 

How firm to the end. 
Our Maker, Defendi^r, 

Redeemer, and Friend ! 

C measureless might ! 

inellalile Love ! 

Wliilo angels delight 

To hvnm Thee above 
The humbler creation. 

Though feeble their l;;ys, 
With true adoration 
Shall lisp to Thy prai.-,e. Amen. 
Sir R. Grant. \oio. 

TQC 12.1). 12 

JLOO o worship the Lord in the 
beauty of holiness.— i'sahn xcvi. 9. 

TTTORSItlP the Lord in the beauty of 
IT holiness, 
15ow down before Him, His glory pro- 
claim ; 
Gold of obedience, ai^d of lowli- 
Bring, and adore Him, the Lord is His 
name : 

2 Low at His feet lay thy burden of careful- 
High on His heart He will bear it for 

Comfort thy sorrows, and answer thy 

Guiding lliy steps as may best for thee 


3 I'eiir not to enter His courts in thoslender- 

Of till! poor »(!iilth thou wouldst reckon 

OH thine ; 
Truth In its beauty, and love In itstender- 

Th.-.v^ are the ollerlngs to lay on His 


■I i Ihm... thnii'.'h \y bring them in trembling 
and bill i.ilhi.'.- ■-, 
He will aricpi ii.r the Name that IsdiNir; 
Mornings ol Joy give lor evenings of ti.ur- 
TniMt r.«r our trembling, and hope for 
our fear. 

5 Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. 
Cow down before liim, His glory p.o. 
claim ; 
Gold ol obedience, and incense of lowli- 
Bring, and adurc Him, the Lord is His 
name ! 

J. S. B. Mo,i:<rll. 1S37. 


Set your afftction on things 

MY God, I thank Thee, who hast made 
The earth so bright ; 
So full of splendour and of joy, 

lleauty and light ; 
So many glorious things are here, 
>;oble and right. 

2 I thank Thee, too, that Thou hast made 

Joy to abound ; 
So many gentle thoughts and deeds 

Circling us round ; 
That in the darkest spot of earth 

Some love is found. 

3 I thank Thee more that all our joy 

Is touched with p;iin; 
That shadows fall on brightest hours. 

That thorns remain ; 
So that earth's bliss may be our guide. 

And not our chain. 

4 I thank Thee. Lord, that Thou hast kept 

The bt^st in store ; 
We have enough, yet not too much. 

To long for more ; 
A yearning for a deeper peace 

Not known before. 

5 I thank Thee, Lord, that liere our souls, 

Though amply blest. 
Can lun-er find, although they seek. 

A (lerfect rest; 
Nor ever shall, until th<7 lean 

On Jesu's breast. 

AdJuide A. Procter. 1857. 

jLO I the di-pih or the riches 
both of the wixilmn itufl knowledge of (lod I 
Komans xi. 3;i. 

V God ! how wonderful Thou art, 
y majesty how bright ! 
llow bi-aiitilul Thy moivy-seat, 
lu depths of burnlLg iJght ! 

2 How dread are Thine eternal jrars, 
O evei ladling Loid : 
r.y prostrate spirits, day and night, 
Incessantly adored ! 



3 How beautiful, how beautiful 

The si^ht of Thee must be, 
Thine endless wisdom, boundless power, 
And awful purity ! 

4 how I fear Thee, living God ! 

With deepest, tenderest fears. 
And worship Thee with trembling hope, 
And penitential tears. 

5 Yet may I love Thee too, Lord ! 

Almighty as Thou art ; 
For Thou hast stooped to ask of me 
The love of my poor heart. 

6 Father of Jesus, Love's Reward ! 

What rapture will it be. 
Prostrate before Thy throne to lie, 
And gaze and gaze on Thee ! 

F. W. Faber. 1340. 


10.4. 10.4. 
Let everything that hath breath, 
2)rai^e the Xord.— Psalm cl. 6. 

LET aU the world in every corner sing 
My God and King 1 
The heavens are not too high, 
His may thither fly ; 
The earth is not too low, 
His praises there may grow. 
Let all the world in every corner sing 
My God and King ! 

2 Let all the world in every corner sing 

My God and King ! 
The Church with psalms must shout. 
No door can keep them out : 
But, above all, my heart 
JIust bear the longest part. 
Let all the world in every comer sing 

My God and King ! 

3 Let all the world in every corner sing 

My God and King ! 
The Father, with the Son, 
And Spirit. Three in One, 
One everlasting Lord, 
lie evermore adored ! 
Let all the world in every corner sing 

My God and King ; Amen. 
George Herbert, d. 1G3'2. alt. 


8.7. 8.7. 4.7. 
Praise ve the Lord from the 
heavens.— Ps. cxlviii. 1. 

PRAISE, my soul, the King of heaven, 
To His feet thy tribute bring ; 
Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven. 
Who like thee Uis praise should sing ? 

Hallelujah ! 
Praise the everlasting King 1 

2 Praise Ilim for His grace and favour 
To our fathers in distress : 
Praise Him, still the same for ever. 
Slow to chide, and swift to bless; 

Hallelujah ! 
Glorious in His faithfulness. 

3 Father-like, He tends and spares ua ; 
Well our feeble frame He knows ; 
In His hands He gently bears us. 
Rescues us from all our foes : 

Hallelujah ! 
Widely yet His mercy flows ! 

4 Angels in the height adore Him, 
They behold Him face to face : 
All His works bow down bifoie Him, 
Through the boundless realms of space : 

Hallelujah ! 
Praise with us the God of grace ! 
U. F. Lyte. 18&4. 


The second man is the 
Lord from heaven.— \ Corinthians xv. 47. 

PRAISE to the Holiest in the height. 
And in the depth be praise : 
In all His words most wonderful. 
Most sure in all His ways ! 

2 loving wisdom of our God ! 
When all was sin and shame, 
A second Adam to the fight 
And to the rescue came. 

3 wsest love ! that flesh and blood. 
Which did in Adam fail. 
Should strive afresh a<rainst their foe, 
Should strive and should prevaiL 

4 generous love ! that He, who smote 

In man for man the foe. 
The double a^ony in man 
For man should undergo ; 

5 And in the garden secretly. 

And on the cross on high. 
Should teach His brethren, and iuspiit 
To suffer and to die. 

6 Praise to the Holiest in the height, 

And in the depth be praise : 
In all His words most wonderful. 
Most sure in all His ways. Amen. 
J. U. Xewman. 1S04 


11.10. 11.10. Iambic. 
Sing/oiih the honour of 
His name ; make His2>raise glorious. 
Psalm Ixvi. 2. 

PRAISE ye Jehovah ! Praise the Lord 
most holy. 
Who rlieers the contrite, girds with 
streri;:tU the weak ; 
Praise Iluii who will with glory crown the 
And with salvation heautify the meek. 

2 Praise ye Jeliovah : For His lovingkind- 

And all the tender mercy Ho hath 

shown ; 
iT-.iise Him who pardons all our sin and 

And calls us sons, and takes us for His 


3 Piaise ye Jehovah ! Source of all our 

bles.sing : 
Before His gifts earth's richest boons 

wax dim ; 
Picstinij in Him, His peace and joy 

All things are ours, for we have all in 


4 Praise ye the Father ! God the Lord, who 

^;ave us. 
With full and perfect love. His only Son : ye the Son : who died Himself to 
save us ; 
Praise ye the Spirit ! Praise the Three 
in One! Amt-n. 

Ladi/ Mary C. Camiihdl. 1838. 


L.M. With Chorus. 
.7 praises to God, 
sing itraises.—Pmlra xlvii. C. 

SI NO to the Lord a Joyful song. 
Lift up your hearts, your voices raise ; 
'1(1 us His gracious gifts belong, 
To Him our songs of love and praise : 
For He Is Lord of heaven and eai#i, 

Whom angels servo and salntsiidore, 
The Father. Son, and Holy Cliosr, 
To whom be praise for eviMiiituo. 

2 For life and love, for rest and food. 

For daily Ik-Ij) and nightly care. 
Sing to the Lord, for He is good, 
And praise Ills name, for It Is fair : 

3 For strength to tliose who on Him wait. 

His truth to prove, His will to do. 
Praise ye our God, for He Is great, 
Trust in His name, for it is true: 

4 For joys untold that from above. 

<"hii;r those wlio love His swfft employ, 
Slug to our God, for He Is Love, 
F.xalt HI.H name, for It Is .Joy : 

5 For life below, with all its bliss. 

And for life, more pure and high. 
That nobler life which after this 
Shall ever shine, and never die ; 

Sing to the Lord of heaven and earth. 
Whom angels serve and saints adore, 
The Father, Son, and Holy, 
To whom be praise for evermore. 
/. S. B. Monsell. 18U2. 

-1 QO 

J.<~><D Rejoice . . . the Lord is at 
haiid.-Fhil iv. 4. 5. 

LIFT up vour heads, ye mighty gates, 
Behold the King of glory waits 1 
Tlie King of kings is drawng near. 
The Saviour of the world is her.- ; 
Life and salvation doth He bring, 
Wherefore rejoice and gladly sing ! 

2 The Lord is just, a helper tried, 
Mercy is ever at His side ; 

His kingly crown is holiness; 
His sceptre, pity in distress : 
The end of all our woe He brings. 
Wherefore the earth is glad and sings. 

3 0, blest the land, the city blest. 
Where Christ the ruler is contest ! 
O, happy hearts and happy homes. 

To whom tliis King in triumph comes I 
Tlie cloudless Sun of joy He is. 
Who bringeth pure delight and bliss. 

4 Fling wide the portals of your heart, 
Make it a temple set ai)art 

From earthly use. for heaven's employ, 
Ailorneil with prayer, and love, and joy ; 
So .sliall your Sovereign enter in, 
And new and nobler life begin. 

C Redeemer, come, we open wide 
Our heart to Thee ; here, Lord, abide ! 
Thine inner presence let us feel. 
Thy grice and love in us reveal. 
Thy Holy Spirit guide us on. 
Until the glorious goal is won ! Amen. 
George Weiszel. ic..'f">. 
Tr. Catherine Winkworth. 18.x>. 


Hitherto hath the Lord 
helfjed us.—\ Samuel vii. V2. 

riOMR, thou Fount of every blessing, 
V ) Tune my heart to slug Thy grace ; 
Streanis of mercy never ceasing 

Cill for songs of loudest praise : 
T Mih me. l/ird. the rapturous measures 

Snng by liandng hosts above; 
Bid mo tell the coinitless treasures 

l)f my Gods unchanging love. 


•1 U.-re I raise my Ebenezer, 

Hither by Thy help I'm come ; 
And I hope, by Thy good pleasure. 

Safely to arrive at home : 
Jesus sought me when a stranger, 

Wandering from the fold of God ; 
He, to save my soul from danger. 

Interposed His precious blood. 

3 0. to grace how great a debtor 
Daily I m constrained to be ! 
Let that grace break every fetter 

That withholds my heart from Thee : 
Proue to wander. Lord, I feel it. 
Prone to leave the God I love ; 
Saviour, take my heart and seal it. 
Seal it for Thy courts above. Amen. 
Robert Robinson. IToU. 

-] Qfr 7.7. 7.; 

J. C7 »-» give thnnks to the Lord 
of lords : for His mercy endureth for ever 
Psalm cxxxvi. 3. 

PRAISE, praise our heavenly King, 
Grateful haUelujahs sing , 
For His mercies aye endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

2 Praise Him, that His love appears 
Crowning our revolving years ; 

For His mercies aye endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

3 Praise Him. that the sun by day 
Pours on all his golden ray ; 

For His mercies aye endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

i l'ra;se Him, that the moon by night 
Gives the world her silver light ; 
For His miTcies aye endure. 
Ever faithftd, ever sure. 

5 Praise Him, that the stars appear 
Glittering in the mighty sphere ; 

For His mercies aye endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

6 Praise Him, that the rain-cloud drops 
Fatness on the ripening crops ; 

For His mercies aye endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

7 Praise Him, that the country round 
Kich with waving ears is found ; 

For His mercies aye endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

8 Praise Him, that the barns contain 
Precious stores of gathered grain ; 

For His mercies aye endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

9 Praise Him, that with Living Bread 
Our immortal souls are fed ; 

For H:s ni Toies aye endure. 
Ever faithlul, ever sure. 

10 Praise Him, tliat He giants in this 
Eaniest of eternal liliss ; 

For His mercies aye endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

11 Praise to our all-bounteous King, 
Praise for ever let us sing ; Him, ye angelic host, 
Fatlier, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen. 

ff. Trend. 1861. 

TOR 8-7.8.7. 

J- «-' <-' Let them praise the name 
of the Lon/.— Psalm cxlvUL 5. 

PRAISE the Lord, ye heavens, adoro 
Praise Him, angels, in the height ; 
Sun and moon, rejoice before Him ; 
I Praise Hiin, all ye stars of light. 

2 Praise the Lord, for He hath spoken, 
I Worlds His mighty voice obeyed ; 

I Laws which never shall be broken. 
For their guidance He hath made. 

; Praise the Lord, for He is glorious, 
Never shall His promise fail ; 
God hath made His saints victorious. 
Sin and death shall not prevaiL 

: Praise the God of our salvation. 

Hosts on high His power proclaim ; 
Heaven and earth, and all creation. 
Laud and magnify His name. Amen. 
Anon. 1801. 


Rejoice i;i the Lord. 
Phil. iv. i. 

COME, ye that love the Lord. 
And let your joys be known, 
Join in a song with sweet accord. 
While ye surround His throne. 

2 Let those refuse to sing 
Who never knew our God; 

But servants of the Heavenly King 
May speak their joys abroad. 

3 The God that rules on high. 
That ail the earth surveys. 

That rides upon the stormy sky. 
And calms the roaring seas : 

4 Tills mighty God is ours. 
Our Father and op.r Love ; 

He wiU send down His heavenly powers. 
To carry us above. 

5 There we shall see His face. 
And never, never sin, 

Tliere. from the rivers of His grace, 
Drink endless pleasures iii. 



6 Yea, and before we rise 
To that immortal state, 

The thoughts of such amazing bliss 
Should constant joys create. 

7 The men of grace have found 
Glory begun below ; 

Celestial fruit on earthly ground 
From fpith and hope may grow. 

8 Then let our songs alound. 
And every tear be dry ; 

We're niarcliiug through Immanuel's 
To fairer worlds on high. 

Isaac Watts. 1709. 

1 QQ 6.5. 6.5. D. 

-L ^ '-' / press toward the mark 
for the prize of the high, calimg of God 
in Christ /d.^ws.— Philippians iii. U. 

SAVIOUR, blessed .Saviour, 
Listen whilst wu sing, 
Hearts and voices raising 

Praises to our King; 
All we have to offer, 
AU we hope to be, 
Body, .soul, and spirit, 
All we yield to Thee. 

2 Nearer, ever nearer, 

Christ, we draw to Thee, 
Deep in adoration 

Bending low the knee : 
Thou, for oin- redemption, 

Cam'st on earth to die ; 
Tliou, that we might follow, 

Ilast gone up on high. 

3 Great, and ever greater. 

Are Thy mercies hero : 
True and everlasting 

Are tlie glories there ; 
Where no pain nor sorrow, 

Toil nor care, is known ; 
Where the angel-legions 

Circle round Thy throne. 

4 Clearer still, and clearer, 

iJawns the light from heaven. 
In our sadness bringing 

News of sins forgiven ; 
Life has lost its shadows, 

Pure the liglit within, 
Thou hast shrd Thy radiance 

On a world of sin. 

6 lirighter still, and brighter. 

Glows the western sun, 
Shedding all it.t gladness 

O or our work thufs done : 
Time will soon be over. 

Toll and sorrow ; 
Mav we, blcHsod .Saviour, 

Kind a rest at last ! 


6 Onward, ever onward, 

Journeying o'er the road 
Worn by saints before us, 

Journeying on to God ; 
Leaving all behind us, 

May we hasten on. 
Backward never looking 

Till the prize is won. 

7 Higher then, and higher. 

Bear the ransomed soul. 
Earthly toils forgotten, 

Saviour, to its goal ; 
Where, in joys unthought of, 

Saints with angels sing. 
Never weary, raising 

Praises to their King. Amen. 

Godfrey Thring. 1866. 

Sing iinto God, sing praises 
to his name.— Psalm Ixviii. 4. 

SING praise to God who reigns above, 
Tlie God of all creation, 
The God of power, the God of love. 

The God of our salvation ; 
With healing balm my soul He fills. 
And every faithless murnmr stills : 
To God all praise and glory 1 

2 The angel-host, King of kings, 

Thy praise for ever telling. 
In earth and sky all living things 

Beneath Thy shadow dwelling. 
Adore the wisdom which could span, 
And power which formed creation's plan : 

To God all praise and gloi-y 1 

3 What God's almighty power hath made, 

His gracious mercy keepeth ; 
By morning glow or evening sliade. 

His walchlul eve ni'cr sloopi'tli ; ' 
Williiii th." kiiiu'cimii .if His might, 
Lol all is Just and all is right: 

To God all piaise and glory ! 

4 The Lord is never far away ; 

But, tliroMgh .'ill grief ilistressing, 

(liir |.. .i.r. iihd.i.iy. iiiHl lilt'ssiiig; 

Ho leads His own, His chosen band : 
To Uod all praise and glory l 

5 When every e:irt.hly hope liiis flown 
Kroiii sorniw's sons and daughters. 
Our Kallier liom His heavenly throne 

Beholds the troubled waters ; 
Anil at Mis word the storm is stayed, 
\Viiichiuade His children's hearts afraid ; 
To God all praiso and glory I 


Then all my gladsome w;:y along 
I sing aloud Thy piaises. 
That ninn may hear the grateful song 

My voice unwearied raises : 
lie Joylul in the J,ord, my heiirt ! 
liotli soul and body bear your part : 
To God all praise and glory 1 Amen. 
J. J. Schiitz. d. 1690. 
Tr. Frances E. Cox. 18G4. 


^KJKJ B>j Him therefore let us 
offer the sacrifice n/praisf to God cont in ually. 
Hebrews xiii. 15. 

FOR the beauty of the earth. 
For the beauty of the skies. 
For the love which from our birth 
Over and around us lies. 
Father, unto Thee wh raise 
This, our sacrifice of praise. 

2 For the beauty of each hour 
Of the day and of the night. 

Hill and vale, and I ree and ttow.^r. 
Sun and moon, and stars of light ; 
Father, unto Tliee we raise 
This, our sacrifice of praise. 

3 For the joy of ear and eye, 

For the heart and mind's delight. 
For the mystic harmony 
Linking sense to sound and sight ; 
Father, unto Thee we raise 
This, our sacrifice of praise. 

4 For the joy of human love. 
Brother, sister, parent, child. 
Friends on earth, and friends above, 
For all gentle thoughts and mild ; 
Father, unto Thee we raise 

This, our sacrifice of praise. 

5 For each perfect gift of Thine 
To our race so freely given, 
Graces human and divine. 

Flowers of earth, and buds of heaven ; 
Father, unto Thee we raise 
This, our sacrifice of praise. 

6 For Thy Church that evermore 
Lifteth holy hands above. 
Offering up on every shore 

Its pure sacrifice of love ; 

Father, unto Thee we raise 

This, our sacrifice of praise. Amen. 


Folliott S. Piei-poiiH. 18U4. 

fi.C.l. (J.C.G.l. 
Glory to God in the highest. 
Luke ii. 14. 

GLORY to God on high ! 
Let praises fill the sky. 
Praise ye His name : 
Angels His name adore. 
Who all our sorrows bore. 
And saints cry evermore, 
Worthy the Lamb I 

2 All they around the throne 
Cheeifiilly join in one, 

Praising His name : 
We who have felt His blood 
Sealing our peace with God, 
Spread His ilear fame abroad ; 

Worthy the Lamb ! 

3 To Him our hearts we raise. 
None else shall have our praise ; 

Praise ye His name : 
Him our '-xalted Lord. 
Him as b -low ador.;d, 
We praise with one ao-nid. 

Worthy the Lamb ! 

4 Join all the ransomed race, 
Our Lord and God to blosii. 

Praise ye His name : 
In Him we will rejoice, 
.Making a cheerful 
And say with heart and voice, 

Worthy the Lamb ! 

5 Though we must change our place, 
Our souls will never cease 

Praising His name : 
To Him well tribute bring. 
Laud Him our gracious King, 
And, without ceasing, sing. 

Worthy the Lamb ! Amen. 

/. Allen. 1757. 


God, Thou art yny God. 
Psalm Ixiii. 1. 


GRE.4.T God, indulge my humble c'aim ; 
Be Thou my hope, my joy, my rest; 
The glories that compose Thy name 
Stand all engaged to make me olessed. 

2 Thou great and good, lliou just and wise. 

Thou art my Father and my God ; 
And I am Thine, by sacrod ties. 
Thy son. Thy servant, bought with blood. 

3 With heart., and eyes, and lifted hands. 

For Thee I long, to Tlife 1 look. 
As travellers in thirsty lands 
Pant for the cooling water-brook. 

4 Should I from Thee, my God. ieii.j\e. 

Life couid no lastins,' joy att'ord ; 
My peace, the ot pardoning love. 
My guard, the presence of my JiOrd. 

5 lU lift my hands. 111 raise my voice. 

While 1 have breath to pray or priiise ; 
This work shall make my heart rejoice, 
And nil the remnant of my days. 


Isaac Katts. i:C'J. 



God is lure. —1 John iv. 8. 

GOD is Love ; that anthem olden 
Sing the glorious orbs of liiiht, 
III theirlanguage, glad and goldeu, 
Speaking to us d.iy and night 

Their great story, 
God is Love, and God is Might. 

2 And tlie teeming earth rejoices 

In that message from above, 
With ten thousand thousand voices 
Telling back, from hill and grove, 

Her glad story. 
God is iMlght, and God is Love. 

3 Tlirough these anthems of creation, 

Mingling in harmonious strife. 

Christian songs of Christ s salvation, 

To the world with blessings rife, 

Tell their story, 
God is Love, and God is Life. 

4 Through that precious Love He souglit us. 

Wandering from His holy ways ; 
With that i)recious Life He bought us ; 
Then let all our future days 

Tell this story, 
Love is Life, our lives be praise. 

5 Gladsome is the theme, and glorious, 

I^raise to Christ our gracious Head ; 
Christ, the risen Christ, victorious. 
Death and hell hath captive led : 

Glory, glory : 
Love lives on, and Death is dead. 

C Up to Him let each aflPection 

Daily rise, and round Him move 
Our whole lives, one resurrection 
To the l-ife of life above ; 

Their glad story, 
God is Life, and God is Love. 

J. S. B. Monsell. 1807. 


/ will King unto the Lord as 
long as I Zive.— Psalm civ. 33. 

SON'OS of praise the angels sang, 
Heaven with hallelujahs raii;.^. 
When Jehovah's work begun. 
When He spake, and It was done. 

2 .Songs of praise awoke the morn. 
Whin the Triiice of I'eace was born ; 
Slings of praise arose when He 
Captive led captivity. 

3 Heaven and earth must pass away ; 
Songs of praise Hhall crown tliat day : 
God will make nnw heavens and earth ; 
SongH of praise shall hall their birth. 

4 And shall man alone lje ilunih 

'1 III that glorious kliigdotn loini-? 
Nil ;-the Chureh delights to 
Psalms and liynms and songs of praise. 


5 Saints below, with heart and voice, 
Still in songs of praise rejoice ; 
Learning here, by faith and love. 
Songs of praise to sing above. 

6 Borne upon their latest breath, 
Songs of praise shall conquer death ; 
Then, amidst eternal joy. 

Songs of praise tlieir powers employ. 
James Motitgoniery. 1819. 


C.6. 8.4. D. 
Fear not, Abram: Tarn thy 
shield. — Genesis xv. 1. 

THIi: God of Abraham praise, 
Who reigns enthroned above. 
Ancient of everlasting days, 
.\nd God of Love : 
Jehovah, Great 1 AM, 
l!y earth and heaven confcst ; 
I bow and bless the sacred name, 
l""or ever blest. 

2 The God of Abraham praise. 
At whose supreme command, 

From earth 1 rise, and seek the joys 
At His right hand : 
I all on earth forsake. 
Its wisdom, fame, and power ; 
And Him my only portion make, 
My shield and towor. 

3 The God of Abraham praise, 
Whose all-suriicieut grace 

Shall guide me all my happy days, 

In all His ways ; 

He calls a man His friend. 

He calls Hiuiself my God, 

And He shall save me to the end, 

Through Jesus blood. 

4 Ho by Himself hath sworn, 
1 on His oath depend ; 

I shall, on eagles' wings upborne, 
To heaven ascend ; 
I shall behold His face, 
I shall His imvver adore, 
And sing the wonder."* of His grace 
For evermore. Amen. 

Thomas Olivers. 1772. 

OfjR 6.6. 8.4. V. 

^:i\J\J I am the Lord God of 

Abraham. — Genesis xxviii. 13. 

rPHOUGH nature's strength de<!ay, 
L And earth and hell withstand, 
To Canaan's bounds 1 urge my way, 
At Ills command: 
Tli«; wati-ry dei^p I jiass, 
Willi Jesus in my view. 
And llirougii the bjirren wildemosa 
My way pursue. 


•J The goially land I see. 
With peace and plenty blest ; 
A land of sacred liberty 
And endless rest : 
There milk and honey flow, 
And oil and wine abouml. 
And trees of life for ever grow. 
With mercy crowned. 

3 Thpre dwells the Lord our King, 
The Lord our KiKhteousness, , 

Triumphant o er the world and sin, 
Thi' Prince of Peace : 
Oa Sion's sacred height. 
His kingdom still maintains. 
And, glorious with His saints in light, 
Por ever reigns. 

4 He keeps His ovra secure. 
He guards them by His side. 

Arrays in garments white and j.ure 
His spotless bride : 
With streams of sacred bliss. 
With groves of living jovs. 
With all the fruits of Paradisi,', 
ile still supplies. 

Thomas O'.ivers. 1772. 


The joy of the whole earth 
Mount iTjon.— Psalm xlviii. : 

Gl RE AT is the Lord our Oo.l, 
r And let Hi.s praise be great ; 
He makes His churches His abode, 
His most delightful seat. 

2 These temples of His grace. 
How beautiful they stand ! 

The honours of our native place, 
And bulwarks of our la. id. 

3 In Sion God is known 
A refuge in distress ; 

How bright has His salvation shone 
Through all her palaces ! 

•1 In every new distress 
We'll to His house repair ; 
We'll think upon His wondrous grace. 
And seek deliverance there. 

liaac Wafts. MVJ. 




Thou art ivorth>j, Lord. 
Rev. iv. 11. 

I>KFORE the gi-eat Three-One 
) SainLoall e.vulting stand, 
Aiid tf '1 the wonders He hath done. 
Through all their land : 
The listening spheres attend. 
And swell the growing fame. 
And sing, in songs which never end, 
The wondrous Name. 

2 The God who reigns on high 
The great archangels sing ; 
And ' Holy, holy, holy," cry, 
' Almighty King : 
Who wiis and is the same, 
And evermore shall be : 
Jyhovah, Father, Great I AM, 
We worship Thee.' 

o Before the Saviour's face 
The ransomed nations b<iw : 
Oerwholmed at His mIui ghty grace, 
For ever new: 
He shows His prints of love ; 
They kindle to a flame, 
And sound, through all the worlds above, 
The slaughtered Lamb. 

4 The whole triumphant host 
Give thanks to God on high ; 
' Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,* 
They ever cry : 
Hail, .Vbrahain's God, and mine ! 
I. join the heavenly lays. 
All might and majesty are Thhie, 
And endless praise. Amen. 

Thomas Olivers. 1772. 

A Name which is above 
every name. — PhiL ii. 9. 

HOW sweet the name of Jesus sounds 
In a believers ear ! 
It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, 
And drives away his tear. 

2 It makes the woumled spirit whole, 

.And calms the troubled ; 
'TIS manna to the hungry soul. 
And to the weary rest. 

3 Dear Name, the Rock on whi<h I bMild, 

My Shield and Hiding-piare ; 
My never-falling Treasury, Idled 
With boundless stores of grace. 

4 Jesus, my Shepherd, Brothnr, Friend, 

My Prophet, Priest, and King, 
My Lord, my Life, my Way, my End : 
Accept the praise 1 bring. 

5 Weak is the effort of my heart, 

.\nd cold my warmest thought; 
But, when I see Thee as Thou art, 
I'll praise Thee as I ought. 

6 Till then I would Thy love proclaim 

With every fleeting breath : 
And may the nnisic of Thy name 
Refresh my soul in death. Amen. 
John Xewton. 1770. 

QIC) 6.5. 6..5. P. AnajXRstic. 

^-L^ RijoiM and siu'i ji raise. 
Psalm .xcviii. 4. 

ITHTH gladness we worship, 
\V Rejoice as we si 1 g. 
Free hearts and free voices 
How blessed to brin^' : 



The old thfinkfn! story 
Shall scale Thine abod 

Thou King of all glory, 
Most bountiful God ! 

2 Thy right would we give Thee, 

True homage Thy due. 
And honour eternal. 

The universe through : 
With all Thy creation. 

Earth, heaven, and sea. 
In one ae(!damation 

We celebrate Thee. 

3 Renewed by Thy Spirit, 

Redeemed by Thy Son, 
Thy children revere Thee 

For all Thou hast done : 
Father : returning 

To love and to light. 
Thy children are yearning 

To praise Thee aright. 

4 Our souls mount aspiring 

To r(!:icli the Divine, 
Part<ikin(? Thv nature 

In Christ— even Thine I 
Asccndiui,' and soaring. 

With llini in accord, 
We triumph adorin;;, 

We joy in the Lord. 

5 We join with the angels, 

And so tli.Mi' is given 
From earth, llallelujali ! 

In answei' to heaven. 
Amen ! Be Thou glorious 

Below and above. 
Redeeming, victorious. 

And Iniinite Love ! Amen. 

George Rawson. 1876. 

Ql 1 SM- 

^■^■*--L Stand up and blfiss the Lord 
your 6'ot/.— XeheiUiah ix. b. . 

QTAN'Dui.a.i.l bloss the Lord, 
n \Vp...,p|.. „r His clK.ic; ; 
Stand up and bless tlm Lord your God, 
With heart and soul and voice. 

2 Though high above all praise, 
Alviveall blessing high, 

Who would not fear His holy narao, 
And laud and magnify? 

3 O for the living name 

From Mis own brought. 
To touch i>ur lips, our minds inspiro, 
And wing to Iniaven our Uiought ! 

i Thero, with benign rcganl. 
Our hyniUH Me didgns to hear : 
Though unnivealod to mortal sense 
Tlio Hplrlt feels Him near. 


5 God is our strength and song. 
And His salvation ours ; 

Then be His love in Christ proclaimed 
With all our rausomed powers. 

6 Stand up and bless the Lord, 
The Lord your God adore : 

Stand uj), and bless His glorious name. 
Henceforth for evermore. Amen. 
James Mojit'jonier)/. 1821. 

Ql Q S.S. 8.8. Anapcvstic. 

4^1.Zi T/f is nod is our God for 

ever and ever.—Psiihn xlviiL 14. 

THIS, this is the God we adore. 
Our faithful unchangeable Friend, 
Whose love is as great as His power, 
And neither knows measure nor end. 

2 'Tis Jesus, the First and the Last, 

Whose Spirit sliall guide us safe home ; 
We'll praise Him for all that is past. 
And trust Ilini for all that's to come. 
Josi-f.h Hart. 17o9. 

on Q L.M. 

'^ -■- ^-^ Tn all places where I record 
My Name, I will come unto thee, and I will 
bless <Ae6.— E,\odus xx. 2L 

JESUS, where'er Thv people meet. 
There they behold Thy mori:y-s'"at , 
Where'er they seek Thee, Thou art tonnd. 
And every place is hallowed ground. 

'? For Tliou, within no walls confined, 
Inhabitest the humble mind ; 
Such ever bring Thee where tliey come. 
And going, take Tiieo to their home. 

'A Dear Shepherd of Thy chosen few ! 
Thy former mercies here renew; 
Here to our w.aiting hearts proclaim 
Tlio sweetness of Thy saving name. 

4 Hi'r'> may we prove the power of pinyer 
To strengthen faith, and sweeten care. 
To teach our faint desires to rise. 
And bring all heaven before our eyes. 
William Cowjicr. laiX 


The love of God i." shi'd 
ahrond in our /icd r^s.— Romans v. 5. 

"i:)KINO of beings. God of love ! 
I ) To Tliee our hearts we raise : 
Thy all-sustaining power we prove. 
And gladly sing Thy praise. 


2 Thine, only Thine, we pant to be ; 
Our sacrifice receive ; 
Made, and preserved, and saved by Thee, 
To Thee ourselves we {jive. 

3 Heavenward our every wish aspires ; 
For all Thy mercies' store 
The sole return Thy love requires 
Is, that we ask for more. 

4 For more we ask ; we open then 
Our hearts to embrace Thy will ; 
Turn, and revive ns. Lord, again. 
With aU Thy fulness fill. 

5 Come, Holy Ghost, the Sa\iour's love 
Shed in our hearts abroad ! 
So shall we ever live, and move. 
And be, with Cluist, in God. Amen. 
Wesley. 1739. 


/ tvill bless the Lord at ail 
times.— Pa. xxxiv. 1. 

HOW shall we worship Thee, Lord? 
Wliat shall we bring 
To Thee, our King:, 
By children and by men adored ? 
More dear to Thee than prayer and praise 
Are loyal deeds and patient days. 

2 What can we ffive ? Thou dost desire 

A steadfast will 

Obedient still. 
And faithful work that does not tire : 
More dear to Thee than prayer and praise 
Are loyal deeds and patient days. 

3 How easy in the golden light 

Of summer hours. 

Among the flowers. 
To bless Thee for a world so bright ! 
More dear to Thee than prayer and praise 
Are loyal deeds and patient days. 

i When sorrow darkens all our sky, 

Life's blossoms lost 

In sudden frost. 
And all our coui-nge like to die, 
O : help us still Thy nnme to praise 
By loyal djeds and patient days. 

5 In life, in death, in .joy and pain. 
May we adore 
Thee more and mor.-. 
Till love turns all our loss to gain. 
And tunes the years to perfect praise 
In loyal deeds and patient days. Amen. 
Annie Matheson. 1884. 

QIC 7.5. 7.5. 7.5. 7.5. 8.b 

^ J- ^ Come vnfo Me, all ye that 
labour and are heavy laden, and I udll giv- 
you '-es^— Matthew xi. 28. 

WHEN the weary, seeking rest. 
To Thy goodness flee; 
\\'hen the heavy-laden cast 

All their load on Thee ; 
\\'hen the troubled, seeking peace. 

On Thy name shall call ; 
When the sinner, seeking life. 
At Thy feet shall fall : 
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry, 
In heaven, Thy dwelling place on high. 

2 When the worldling, sick at heart, 
Lifts his soul above ; 
^^■hen the prodigal looks back 

To his Father's love ; 
When the proud man in his pride 

Sloops to .seek Thy face ; 
When the burdened brings his guilt 
To Thy throne of grace : 
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry. 
In heaven. Thy dwelling-place on high. 

3 UTien the stranger asks a home, 
AU his toils to end ; 
When the hungry "'raveth food. 

And the poor a friend : 
AVhen the sailor on the wave 

Bows the fervent knee ; 
When the soldier on the field 
Lifts his heart to Thee : 
Hear then, in love, Lord, the cry. 
In heaven. Thy dwelling-place on high. 

4 WTien the man of toil and care 
In the city crowd. 
When the shepherd on the moor 

Names the name of God : 
^^^len the learned and the high. 

Tired of earthly fitme. 
Upon higher joys intent. 
Name the blessfed name : 
Hear then, in love. O Lord, the cry. 
In heaven. Thy dwelling place on high. 

5 When the child, with grave fresh lips. 
Youth, or maiden fair : 
Whnn the rtged, weak and grey. 

Seek Thy face in prayer ; 
When the widow w(=,6ps to Thee, 

S;id and lone and low ; 
When the orphan brings to Theo 
.All his orphan woe : 
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry. 
In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high. 

6 When creation, in her pangs. 
Heaves her lieavy groan : 
When Thy Salem's exiled sons 
Breathe their bitter moan ; 


^^^len Thy waiting, weeping Churcb, 

Loo Icing lor a home, 
Seudeth up her silent sigh, 
'CiJme, Lord Jesus, come! 
Hear then, in love, Lord, the cry. 
In heaven. Thy dweiling-pla';e on high. 

Horatias Bonar. 1857. 

r,-]rj C.M.D. 

^-L ' God is the strength of my 

heart, and mij porlion fur ever. 
Psalin Ix.Kiii. '2ii. 

MY heart is resting, my Ood.- 
I wiU give thanks ami smg ; 
My heart is at the secret source 

Of every precious thing. 
Now the frail vessel Thou hast made 

No hand but Thine shall fill ; 
The waters of the earth have failed, 
And I am thirsty still. 

2 I tliirst for springs of heavenly life. 

And here all day they rise : 
I seek the treasure of Thy love. 

And close at hand it lies. 
And a new song is in my mouth 

To longdoved music set; 
Glory to Thee for all the grace 

I have not tasted yet. 

3 Glory to Thee for strength withheld, 

For want and weakness known ; 
And feiir that sends me to Tliysi'if 

For what is most my own. 
I have a heritage of joy 

That yet I must not see ; 
The hand that bled to make it mine. 

Is keeping it for me. 

4 My heart is resting. O my God, 

My hi*art is in Tliy ciro ; 
I hear the voice of .joy and health 

Resounding every ivhere. 
' Thou art my portion,' .snith my soul. 

Ten thou.sand voices say ; 
The music of their glad Amen 

Will never die away. Amen. 

Anna L. Waring. 18.'2. 

Zj 1 TT/ja^ ifhaU I render unto 
the Lord for all His ben^itti louard me f 
Psalni cxvi. 12. 

\T^M.\T shall wo offer our good Lord, 

>T I'oor nothings I for His boundless 

grace ? 
Tain would we His great name record. 
And worthily set forth Ul.s praise. 

■: Cr'-at object of our growing love, 
To wliom our inoie than all wo owe, 
upon the Fountain from almve, 
And let It our full Bouls oorllow. 

3 So shall our lives Thy power proclaim, 
Tliy grace for every sinner free ; 
Till all mankind shall learn Thy name. 
Shall all stretch out their hands to Thee. 

i Open a door which earth and hell 

May strive to shut, but strive in vain: 
Let Thy word richly in us dwell, 
And let our gracious fruit remain. 

5 multiply the sower's seed ! 

And fruit we every hour shall bear. 
Throughout the world Thy Gospel .spread. 
Thy everlasting truth declare. 

6 We all, in perfect love renewed. 

Shall know the greatness of Thy power. 
Stand in the temple of our God 
As pillars, and go out no more. 

A. G. Spanqenberg. IT.'il. 
Tr. John Wesley. 1742. 


8.7. 8.7. 4.7. 
Let my supplication come 
before Thee.— Psalm cxix. 170. 

JESUS, Loid of life and glcry. 
Bend from heaven Thy gniclous ear, 
While our waiting souls adoie Thee, 
Friend of helpless sinners, hear ; 

P.y Thy mercy, 
deliver us, good Lord. 

2 From the depths of nature's blindness. 

From the hardening power of sin. 
From all inalii'.e and unkindne.'ss, 
From the pride that lurks within, 

By Thy mercy. 
deliver us, good Lord. 

3 Wh«n temptation sorely presses. 

In the da.y ot Satan's power. 
In our times of deep distresses. 
In each dark and trying liour, 

By Thy mercy. 
deliver us. good Lord. 

4 When the world around is smiling, 

111 the time of wealth and e.ise. 

Fart lily joys our hearts beguiling. 

In the day of health and peace. 

By Thy mercy, 
O deliver us. good Lord. 

5 In the weary hours of sickness. 

Ill the timi's of grief and pain. 
When we feel our mortal w< akness. 
When the creature's help Is vain, 

liy Thy mercy. 
deliver us, good Lord. 

6 In the solemn hour of dyirg, 

III till' awful Judgmrnt. d;iy, 
Miiy our souls, on Thi'c ri'lyiiig. 
Find Tli'-e sf.ill our hope anil stay ; 

I'.y Thy men^y, 
O dtilivor 118, good Lord. Anion. 

J. J. Cwnmhis. 18S9. 



8.8.G. 8.S.(5. 
/ vAll sing tvith (he Spirit. 
1 Corinthians xiv. 15. 

JESUS. Tiiou soul of all our joys, 
Fur whom we now lilt up our voice, 
And all our strength exert. 
Vouchsafe the grace we humbly claim. 
Compose into a thankful frame. 
And tune Thy people's heart. 

2 While in the heavenly work we join, 
Thy glory be our whole design.— 

Thy glory, not our own : 
Still let us keep our end in view. 
And still the pleasing task pursue, 

To please our God alone. 

3 The secret pride, the subtle sin, 
let it never more steal :n. 

To oftend Thy glorious eyes. 
To desecrate our hallowed strain. 
And make our solemn service vaii 

And mar our sacrifice. 

4 Still let us on our guard be found, 
And watch against the power of sound, 

With sacred jealousy ; 
Lest, haply, sense should damp our zeal, 
Aiid music's charms bewitch and steal 

Our hearts away from Thee. 

5 Thee let us praise, our common Lord, 
And sweetly join with one accord 

Thy goodness to proclaim : 
Jesus. Thyself in us reveal. 
And all our faculties shall feel 

Thy harmonizing name. 

C Witli calmly-reverential joy, 
O let us all our lives employ 

In setting forth Thy love; 
And raise in death our triumph higher, 
And sing, with all the heavenly choir. 
That endless song ahove ! TLmen. 
Charles Wesley. 1749. 


/ ^l.^iU jyraise Thee, Lord, 
with my whole heart.— Psdlm ix. 1. 

FILL Thou my life, Lord my God, 
lu every part.with praise. 
That my whole being may proclaim 
Thy being and Thy ways. 

! Not for the lip of praise alone. 
Nor even the praising heart 
I ask, but for a life made up 
Of praise in every part : 

! Praise in the common words I speak. 
Life's (!ommon looks and tones. 
In intercoiu-se at liearth or boaid 
With my beloved on* s : 

4 Not in the temple crowd alone, 

Where holy voices chime ; 
But in the silent paths of earth, 
The quiet rooms of time. 

5 Fill every part of me with praise ; 

Let all my being speak 
Of Thee and of Ihy love, Lord : 
Pour though I be, and weak. 

Soshalt Thou, Lord, from me, even me, 
Receive the glory due. 
And so shall 1 begin on earth 
The song fur ever new. 

7 So shall no part of day or night 

From sactedness be free ; 

But all my life, iri every step. 

Be fellowship with Thee. 

Iloratius Bonar. IftJT. 

Buddimj up yoi(rstli(!> on 
your most holy j'aith.— J ude 20. 

COME. Wisdom, Power, and Grace 
Divine ! 
Come, Jesus, in Thy name to join 

A happy, chosen band ; 
Who fain would prove Thine utmost will. 
And all Thy righteous laws fulfil. 
In love's benign command. 

2 If pure essential Love Thou art, 
Tiiy nature into every heart. 

Thy loving self, inspire ; 
Bid all our simple souls be one. 
United in a bond unknown. 

Baptized with heavenly fire. 

3 Still may we to our centre tend. — 

To spread Thy praise our common end, 

To help each other on ; 
Companions through the wilderness. 
To share a moment's pain, and seize 

An everlasting crown. 

4 Supply what every member want.s ; 
To found the fellowship of saints. 

Thy Spirit, Lord, supply ; 
So shall we all Thy love receive. 
Together to Thy glory live, 

And to Thy glory die. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1767. 

QQQ 11.10. 11.10. ^nai-'as/ic. 

^^O We know thai all lhin>is 
work tojethcrjor good to ihtm that love God. 
Komans viii. is. 

BRIGHTLY. Father, when morning is, 
Shed o'er Thy children the beams of Thy 
Scattering the uight-clouds of sorrow and 
Lifting our spirits to glories above. 


2 Teach us, O Father, to work in the day- 

Soon, 0, too soon, is the night coming 

on : 
Help us, while earnestly, actively striving. 
To finish our work ere the daylight be 


3 Bravely, Father, in life's daily conflict, 

Help us, Thy soldiers, to ooinbateach ill. 
Crushing each foe that impedes our march 

Each impulse within us opposed to Thy 


4 Help us, O Father, in watching or waiting. 

Teach us in all things. Thy way is the 

best ; 
Guide us and keep us throughout our life's 

Lead us at last to the mansions of rest. 

6 Calmly, Father, as life's day is closing. 

Bring us in peace to Thy glorious home, 

Where care, and conflict, and labour, and 


Darkness, and sorrow, and sin cannot 

como. Amen. 

Juhn WeMhimj. b. 1838. 


Wc love llim, herrtnn.' Hn 
Jirst loved iis.—i John iv. I'J. 

MY God. I love Thee for Thyself. 
All creature things .above ; 
Thy glorious works. Thy ble.ss6d gifts 
I praise,- but Theo I love. 

2 Jly God, I seek Thee for Thyself, 

Jicsidi!s. I ask not aught ; 

If Th.-<-. Thyself. I do not find, 

All that I find is nought. 

3 If Thou dimicst me Thyself, 

\Vl,;.f'-r Thou trivost IMC. 
i:iii),lv:uid void. I iMiiu'uish still, 
AiKlgricvi; iinica.siii^^iy. 

4 Give mo to find, O gra(ir)us God, 

'I'liee, as my Una! end ; 
To Tlice in ioiist,uii;y of love 
Ktcrnally to tend. Anu^n. 

6'. B. Bubicr. d. mvx 


^li^Kj 77, c TmuI is good to all. 
I'salm cxJv. 9. 

SVVEKT Ih tlie memory of Thy grace, 
My God, my heavenly King; 
Let *«« to age Thy righteousness 
In HoiMidK of glory sing. 

2 God reigns on high, but not confines 

His goodness to the skies ; 
Through the whole earth His bounty 
And every want supplies. 

3 With longing eves the creatures wait 

On Thee for daily food ; 
Tliy liberal hand provides them meat. 
And fills their mouths with good. 

4 How kind are Thy compassions, Lord ! 

How slow Thine anger moves ! 
But soon He sends His pardoning word. 
To cheer the souls He loves. 

5 Creatures, with all their endless race. 

Thy power and proclaim ; 
But we, who taste Thy richer grace. 
Delight to bless Thy name. Amen. 

Isimc Watts. 17111. 


The A uthor of efernal 

siUvation unto all them that obey Him. 

Hebrews v. 9. 

THOU hidden Source of calm repose, 
Tliou all-sufflcient Love Divine, 
My help and refuge from my foes. 
Secure I am, if Thou art mine : 
And lo : from sin, and grief, and shaiae, 
I hide me, Jesus, in Thy Name. 

•2 Thy mighty Name s.alvation is, 
And keeps my happy soul above ; 
Comfort it brings, and power, and i)eace. 

And joy, and everlast>ing love ; 
To me, with Thy dear Name, are givcMi, 
Pardon, and holiness, and heaven. 

3 Jesus, niv all in all Thou .art ; 

Mv rrsl in toil, inv rase in pain. 
Tlie nirdicine of my Imikeii heart, ; 

In war my peare, in loss n>y gain. 
My smile beneath the tyrant's Jrowii, 
In shame, my glory and my crown ; 

■1 In 

i-lity power. 


1 Ai.iu -, .iu l.rsl liour. 

My lile ill liealli, my heaven in holl. 

Charles Wesley. Ui'X 


7.C.. 7.0. 7.7. 7.(5. 
Jlrhohl. U, that ke,p,th 
I^nui ttltall tirillicr nl.innbcr nor sleep. 
I'salm cxxi. 4. 

10 the hills I lift mine eyes. 
The eveilasf in(;r hills ; 

hence, in fresh supplios. 



Will llonni His helpallord? 

Hi^lp. while yet I ask, is given ; 
God comes dowy, the God and Lord 

That made both earth and heaven. 


'i Faitliful soul, pray alwavs, pray, 

And still in God contirfe ; 
IIo thy feelile-steps shall stay, 

Nor siiflor theo to"*de ; 
Lean on thy Redeemer s breast. 

He thy quiet spirit keeps, 
Rest in Uuii, securely rest. 

Thy Watchman never sleeps. 

3 Neither sin, nor earth, nor hell. 

Thy Keeper can surprise ; 
Careless slumbers cannot steal 

On His ull-seeing eyes ; 
He is Israel's sure defence ; 

Israel all His care shall prove, 
Kept by watchful providence, 

And ever-waking love. 

4 See the Lord, thy Keeper, stand 

Omnipotently near ; 
Lo I He holds thee by thy hand. 

And banishes thy fear. 
Shadows with His wings thy head. 

Guards from all impending harms ; 
Round thee and beneath are spread 

The everlasting arms. 

6 Christ shall bless thy going out, 

Shall bless thy coming in. 

Kindly compass thee about. 

Till thou art saved from sin ; 
Like thy spotless Master, thou, 

Filled with wisdom, love, and power. 
Holy, pure, and perfect, now, 
Henceforth, and evermore. 

Wesley. 1743. 


^^O Jn this vns manifested 
the love of God toward us.—l John iv. 9. 

WE love Thee. Lord, yet not alone, 
Because Thv bounteous hand 
Showers down Its rich and ceaseless gifts 

On ocean and on land ; 
Because Thou bidd'st the sun go forth 

Rejoicing in his might. 
And kindle earth to glowing life 
And beauty with his light. 

2 'Tis not alone because Thy names 

Of wisdom, power, and love. 
Are written on the earth beneath, 

The glorious skies above ; 
For these Thy gifts we praise Thee, Lord, 

Yet not for these alone. 
The incense of Thy children's love 

Arises to Thy throne. 

3 We love Thee. Lord, because when we 

Had erred and gone astray. 
Thou didst recall our wandering souls 

Into the heavenward way ; 
When helpless, hopeless, we were lost 

In sin and sorrow's night, 
Thou didst send forth a guiding ray 

Of Thy benignant Ught : 

Be<:ause, when we forsook Thy ways, 

Nor kept Thy holy will. 
Thou wast not the avenging Judge, 

But gracious Father still : 
Because we have forgot Thee, Lord, 

Yet Thou hast not forgot ; 
Because we have forsaken Thee, 

Yet Thou forsakest not : 

Because, Lord, Thou lovedst us 

With everlasting love ; 
Because Thy Son came down to die. 

That we might live above ; 
Because, when we were bound by sin. 

Thou gavest hopes of heaven ; 
Yes ; much we love, wiio niuc;h have sinned. 

And much have been forgiven. 

Julia A. Elliott. 1839. 


•^•^»^ To the Lord . . . belong 
mercies and forgivenesses.— DAinel ix. 9. 

LORD, have mercy when we pray 
Strength to seek a better way ; 
When our wakening thoughts begin 
First to loathe our cherished sin ; 
When our weary spirits fail. 
And our aching brows are pale : 
When our tears bedew Thy word. 
Then, then, have mercy. Lord ! 

2 Lord, have mercy when we lie 
On the restless bed, and sigh ; 
Sigh for death, yet fear it still. 
From the thought of former ill ; 
^\^len the dim advancing gloom 
Tells us that our hour is come ; 
When is loosed the silver cord. 
Then, O then, have mercy. Lord 1 

3 Lord, have mercy when we know 
First how vain this world below ! 
When our darker thoughts oppress. 
Doubts perplex and fears distress; 
MHien the earliest gleam is given 
Of Thy bright but distant heaven ; 
Then Thy fostering grace afford. 
Then, then, have mercy. Lord ! Ani»n. 

H. U. Milnian. 1817. 


^*-'W It is a good th ing to give 

thanks mtto the £ord.— Psaha xcii. 1. 

SWEET is the work, my God, my -Cinsj, 
To praise Thy name, give thanks and 
To show Thy love by morning light. 
And talk of aU Thy truth at night. 


2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest. 
No mortal cares distract my breast ; 
O may my heart in tune be found, 
Like David s harp of solemn sound ! 

3 My heart shall triumph in the Lord. 
And V)less His works, and bless His word : 
Thy works of grace how bright they shine ; 
How deep Thy counsels, how divine ! 

4 Then I shall share a glorious part, 
When grace hath well refined my heart. 
And fresh supplies of Joy arc shed, 
Like holy oil to cheer my 

6 Then shall I see, and hear, and know 
All 1 desired and wished below, 
And every power find sweet employ 
lu that eternal world of joy. 

Isaac Watts. 1719. 


7.0. 7.0. D. 
Call the Sabbath a delight, 
the holy of the Lord.— Isaiah Iviii. 13. 

ODA Y of rest and gladness, 
Oday of joy and light, 
O balm of caro and sadness, 

Mo^t beautiful, most bright! 
Tliou art a cooliiii; fountain 
111 lifi-'s dry. dieaiy -sand : 
From thee, liki; Pi-s^ah's mountain 
We view our promised liuid. 

•_' On thee, at the creation. 

The light first had its birth ; 
On thee, for our salvation, 

Clirist rose from depths of earth. 
On thee our Lord victorious 

The Si)int sent from heaven ; 
And tlius on thee most glorious 

A triple light was given. 

3 To-day on weary nations 

Th<' heuveiilv niaiiiia falls : 

Thesilvi ir (J calLs : 

When- C..:>i"M li-hi is-lmvim,' 

Willi 1)111.- tml liidiaiit beams 
And living wjitei Mowing 

With soul-refreshing streams. 

4 May wo new graces gaining 
Knuii tills our day of rest, 
Attiiin the rest remaining 

To spirits of the : 
Anil ih.Te our voice upraising 

To Katlier and to Son 
And Holy Ghost, lie praising 
Ever the Three In One. Amon. 
Bishoj) C. Wordsworth. 18U2. 


7.6. 7.6. 1). 
This is the day which the 
Lord hath made .■ we will rejoice and he 
glad in t7.— Psalm cxviii. 21. 

THE dawn of God's doar Sabbath 
Breaks o'er the earth again, 
As some sweet summer morning 

After a night of pain : 
It comes as cooling showers 
To some exhausted land ; 
As shade of clustered palm-trees 
Mid weary wastes of sand. 

2 O day, when earthly sorrow 

Is merged in heavenly joy. 
And trial changed to blessing 

'f hat foes may not destroy : 
^\'hen want is turned to fulness. 

And weariness to rest. 
And pain to wondrous rapture. 

Upon the Saviour's breast. 

G Lord, we would bring for offering. 

Though marred with earthly soil, 
A week of earnest labour, 

Of steady faithful toil ; 
Fair fruits of sell'-denial. 

Of strong deep love to Tl'oe, 
Fo.stered by Thine own Spirit 

In our humility. 

4 And we would bring our burden 

Of sinful thought and deed, 
111 Tliy pure presence kneeling. 

From bondage to be freed • 
Our heart s most bitter sorrow 

For all Thy work undone,— 
So many talents wasted. 

So few briglit laiuels won ! 

5 So bo it. Lord, for ever : 

may wo evermore. 
In Jesus holy presence. 

His blessed name adore : 
L'lM.ii lii.siM.;i.vful Sabbath. 

Williin lli.s ti'inplc walls. 
Type of tip' stiiiiilcss worship 

In Zions golden halls; 

6 So that, in joy and gladness. 

We readi that homo at last: 
When lif(^ .-< .;linir week of s<inow. 

And sill iiiMl -tiilV an^ : 
When:ui-. i Ii,.imI. I,;,v.' giitherod 

The fair \i\<r iiuji lor Tlioc, 
O Father. Lord, Hedeemer, 

Most Holy Trinity ! Amen. 

Mrs. Ada Cross. 1806. 


/ was in the Sjiirit on the 
Lord's (toi/.— liuv. i. 10. 

AGAIN' our we(!kly labours end. 
And we tho Sabbiiths cjill attend ; 
Improve, our souls, the siwred rest, 
And seek to bo for ever blost. 

2 This day let our devotions ris" 
To heaven, a gratelul sacritico ; 
And God that peace divine bestow, 
Wliicli none but they who feel it know. 

3 This lioly calm within the breast 
Prepares for that eternal rest. 
Which for the sons of God remains, 
The end of cares, the end of pains. 

4 In holy duties, let the day 
In holy pleasures pass away : 

How sweet the Sabbath thus to spend, 

III hope of tliat which ne'er shall end I 

/. Stennett. 17:52. 

Ao4: Ye shall keep the Sabbath 

there/ore ; for it is holy unto you. 
E.xodus xxxl. 14. 

In concert with the blest. 
Who, joyful, in harmonious lays 
Emi)loy an endless rest. 

2 Thus, Lord, while we remember Thee, 

We blest and pious grow ; 
By hjinns of praise we learn to bo 
Triumphant here below. 

3 On this glad day a brighter scene 

Of glory was displayed. 
By God, the eternal NVord, than wlien 
This universe was made. 

4 He rises, who mankind has bought. 

With grief and pain extreme ; 
'l^vas great to speak a world from nought ; 
Twas greater to redeem ! 

Samuel Wesley, jun. 1735. 


The rest of the Holy Sabbath. 
Exodus xvi. 23. 

HAIL, sacred day of earthly rest. 
From toil and trouble free ; 
Hail, day of light, that bringest light 
And joy to me. 

2 A holy stillness, breathing calm 

On all the world around. 
Uplifts my soul, O God, to Tliee 
Where rest is found. 

3 No sound of jarring strife is heard. 

As weekly labours cease : 
Ko voice, but those that sweetly sing 
Sweet songs of peace. 

4 All earthly things appear to fade, 

As, rising high and higher. 
The yearning voices strive to join 
The heavenly choir. 

5 For those who sing with saints below 
Glad songs of heavenly love, 
Shall sing, when songs on earth liave 
Witli saints above. 

G Accept, God, my hymn of praise 
That Thou this day hast given. 
Sweet foretaste of that endless day 
Of rest in heaven. Amen. 

Godfrey Thring. 1870. 


In Thee, Lord, do I put 
my trust.— Ps. Ixxi. 1. 

ON this, the holiest and best 
Of earth's dim days, the day of rest; 
0, let my happy portion be 
To find supreme delight in Thee— 
In Thee, my God, in Thee ! 

2 These precious hours I would improvo 
In fervent prayer, in sacred love ; 
From earth's delusive iileasurcs tlee, 
To find my every joy in Thee— 

In Thee, my God, in Thee ! 

3 Wien, humbly kneeling at Thy throne, 
With deep distress my guilt 1 own, 

O, let my contrite spirit see 
What boundless mercy dwells in Thee- 
In Thee, my God, in Thee ; 

4 When in Thy temple I adore. 

And truths unfathomed mines explore; 
Or trembling, praise the One In Three, 
Fresh glories let me ever see 
In Thee, my God, in Thee ! 

5 Thus on each day of holy rest. 
May 1 with heavenly joys be blest ; 
And in a bright eternity 

Have my undying bliss in Thee— 

In 'ihee, my God, in Thee ! Amen. 
Anon. 1872. 


The Sabbath of the Lord 
thy G'ud. —Exodus xx. 10. 

WELCOME, sweet day of rest. 
That saw the Lord arise ; 
Welcome to tliis reviving breast. 
And these rejoicing eyes. 

2 'Hie King Himself comes near, 
And feasts His saints to-day ; 

Here we may sit, and see Him here. 
And love, and praise, and piay. 

3 One day amidst the place 
Where Thou, my Lord, hast been, 

Is sweeter tlian ten thousand days 
Of pleasurable sin. 


i My willing soul would stay 
In such a frame as this, 
Ami sit and sing herself away 
To everlasting bliss. 

Isaac Watts. 


Sing aloud unto God our 
strength.— Paa,lm Ixxxi. 1. 

QIXG to the Lord, our might, 
U With holy fervour sing ; 
Let hf^arts and instruments unite 
To praise our Heavenly King. 

2 This is His holy house. 
And this His festal day. 

When Ho accepts the humblest vows 
That we sincerely pay. 

3 The Sabbath to our sires 
In mercy first was given ; 

The Church her Sabbath still requires 
To speed her on to heaven. 

4 We still, like them of old, 
Are in the wilderness ; 

And God is still as near His fold. 
To pity and to bless. 

5 Then let us open wide 
Our hearts for Him to fill ; 

And He that Israel then supplied. 
Will help His Israel still. 

//. F. Lyte. 1804. 

C This is the First of days : 
Send forth Thy quickening breath. 
And wake dead souls to love and praise 
O Vanquisher of Deatli ! Auien. 

John Ellirtun. 1*)7 


God is light.— 1 John i. 6. 


The first day of the week. 
1 Corinthians xvi. 2. 

THISisthediiyof Light: 
l>«-t there be light today ! 
Dayspring. rise iipcu our niglit. 
And its gloom away. 

2 Tlii.s is tlie day of Rest : 
(Jur failing strength renew; 

On weary brain and trouliled Itreast 
Send Thou Thy freshening dew. 

3 TliLs Is the day of Pea(^e : 
Thy peace our spirits fill ; 

r.hl Tlio\i the bhusts of discord ccxso, 
The waves of strife be still. 

4 This is the day of Prayer : 

bet earth to heaven draw near ; 
1,1ft up iiur hearts to Heek Tliee there 
Come down to meet us here. 

5 This Is the day of Itrcad— 

The I'.read which Thou wilt give ; 
T>i day for lis Thy tVast is sjiread. 
Thill hinigering souls may live, 

LIGHT of light, enlighten me. 
Now anew the day is dawning 
Sun of grace, the shadows flee, 
UriglitfU Thou my Sabbath morning; 
With Thy joyous sunshine blest, 
Happy is my day of rest ! 

2 Fount of all our joy and peace. 
To Thy living waters lead me ; 

Tlmu from earth my soul release. 
And wirli grace and mercy feed me ; Thy word that it may prove 

iJnr."^a 1 Liy «uiu LiKLL/ it may Jjiui 

Kich in fruits that Thou dost lo\ 

3 Kindle Thou the sacrifice 
That upon my lips is lying ; 

Clear the shadows from mine eyes, 
That, from every error flying. 

No strange fire may in me glow 
Which Thine altar doth not know. 

4 Let me with my heart to-day, 
Holy, Holy, Holy, singing, 

Kapt, awhile from earth away. 
All my soul to Thee up-springing. 
Have a foretaste inly given 
How they worship Thee in heaven. 

5 Rest in me and I in Thee, 
Build a Paradise within me ; 

O reveal Thyself to me, 
Blessi'd Lov.', wlio diedst to win me ; 
Fed from Thine exhausth^ss urn, 
I'ure and liriglit my lamp shall burn. 

6 Hence all care and vanity, 
I'or the day to God is lioly ; 

foine. Tlu.u glorious Majesty, 

N(iu^liM.i-(lay my soul shall move 
Sinii)ly resting in Thy love. Amen. 
Ji. S'hinolck. 1731. 
Tr. Catherine Winkuorth. 18o8. 

241 ,,„„, 


ts glad Jt'hen they said 
I luo me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. 
Psalm cxxii. 1. 

'OW pleased and l>lest was I 

'•""•I pl-'cry, 

Come, let us seek nui (;("! lii-day ; 
Ves. zeal, 
We haste to ZIon s hill. 
And tliero our vows and honours j»ay. 


2 Zion, thrice happy place, 
Aiiomed with wondrous grace, 

And walls of strength embrace thee round ; 
In thee our trihes appear, 
To pray, and praise, and hear 

The sacred gospel's joyful sound. 

3 There David's greater Son 
Has fixed His royal throne ; 

He sits for grace and judgment there : 

He bids the saints be glad. 

He makes the sinner sad. 
And humble souls rejoice with fear. 

4 May peace attend thy gate. 
And joy within thee wait. 

To bless the soul of every guest ! 

The man that seeks thy peace. 

And wishes thine increase, 
A thousand blessings on him rest ! 

.') My tongue repeats her vows. 

Peace to this sacred house ! 

For there my friends and kindred dwell ; 

And since my glorious God 

Makes thee His blest abode. 

My soul shall ever love thee well. 

Isaac Watts. 1719. 

OACy C.G. G.6. 8.8. 

^^^ A day in Thy courts is 
better than a thoicsand.— Psalm Ixxxiv. 10. 

LORD of the worlds above ! 
How pleasant and how fair 
The dwellings of Thy love. 
Thine earthly temples are : 
To Thine abode My heart aspires. 
With warm desires To see my God. 

2 happy souls that pray 

Where God delights to hear ! 
happy men that pay 

Their constant service there ! 
They praise Thee still ; And happy they 
Who love the way To Zion's hill. 

3 They go from strength to strength, 

Through this dark vale of tears, 
Till each o'ercomes at length. 

Till each in heaven appears : 
glorious seat ! Thou God, our King, 
Shalt thither bring Our willing feet. 

4 God is our Sun and Shield, 

Our Light and our Defence ; 
With gifts His hands are filled, 

We draw our blessings thence : 
He shall bestow Upon our race 
His saving grace, And glory too.. 

5 The Lori His people loves ; 

His hand no good withholds 

From those His heart approves. 

From holy, humble souls : 

Thrice happy he, Lord of Hosts, 

Whose bpirit trusts Alone in Thee ! 

Isaac M'atts. 1719. 

QAry 7.7. 7.7. D. 

^^i'~> How amiahle are Thy 
tabernacles, Lord of Husts.—Pa. Ixxxiv. L 

PLEASANT are Thy courts above 
In the land of light and love ; 
Pleasant are Thy courts below 
In this land of sin and woe : 
O, my spirit longs and faints 
For the converse of Thy saints. 
For the brightness of Thy face. 
For Thy fulness, God of grace. 

2 Happy birds that sing and fly 
Round Thy altars, Most High ; 
Happier souls that find a rest 
In a heavenly Father's breast ; 
Like the wandering dove tliat found 
No repose on earth around, 

They can to their ark repair. 
And enjoy it ever there. 

3 Happy souls, their praises flow 
In this vale of sin and woe ; 
Waters in the desert rise. 
Manna feeds them from the skies ; 
On they go from strength to strength, 
Till they reach Thy throne at length, 
At Thy feet adoring fall. 

Who liast led them safe through all. 

4 Lord, be mine this prize to win. 
Guide me through a world of sin, 
Keep me by Thy saving grace, 
t;ive me at Thy side a pkice ; 
Sun and Shield alike Tliou art. 
Guide and guard my erring heart ; 
Grace and glory flow from Thee ; 
Shower, shower them. Lord, on me. 

H. F. Lyte. 1831. 


Pray for the peace of 
Jerusalem.— Pssilm cxxii. 6. 

SWEET is the solemn voice that calls 
The Christian to the house of prayer; 
I love to stand within its walls. 
For Thou, Lord, art present there. 

2 I love to tread the hallowed courts. 

Where two or three for worship meet ; 
For thither Christ Himself resorts. 
And makes the little band conu)lete. 

3 'Tis sweet to raise the common song. 

To join in holy praise and love ; 
And imitate the blessM throng 
That mingle hearts and songs above. 

4 Within these waUs may peace abound, 

May all our hearts in one agree ; 
Where brethren nieet, where Christ l3 
May peace and concord ever be. 

H. F. Lute. 1834. 



There remaineth therefore 
a rest to the people o/Gorf.— Heb. iv. 9. 

LORD of the Sabbath, hear o»r vows, 
On this Thy day, in this Thy house ; 
And own as gratehil sacrifice, 
The songs which from the desert rise. 

2 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love, 
But there's a nobler lest above ; 

To that our labouring souls aspire. 
With ardent pangs of strong desire. 

3 Xo more fatigue, no more distress, 
Nor sin, nor hell, shall reacli the place ; 
>'o groans to mingle with tlie songs 
^^'hich warble from immortal tongues. 

4 Xo rude alarms of raging foes, 
No cares to break the long rejiose, 
No midnight shade, no clouded sun, 
But sacred, high, eternal noon. 

5 O long-expected day ! begin. 

Dawn on these realms of woe and sin ; 
Fain would we leave this weary road, 
And sleep in death, to rest with God. 
I'h Hip Doddridge. 1755. 


Lord, I have loved the 
habitation of Thy house.— Paahn xxvi. 8. 

HOW pleasant, how divinely fair, 
O Lord of Hosts, Thy dwellings are 1 
With strong desire my spirit faints 
To meet the assemblies of Thy saints. 

2 rslesr are the saints that sit on high. 
Around the throne of majesty ; 
Thy brightest glories shine above. 
And all their work is praise and love. 

3 Blest are the souls that find a place 
Within the temple of Thy grace ; 
Tlieri) they behold Thy gentle rays. 
And seek Thy face, and learn Thy praise. 

4 I'.li'st arc the men whose hearts are set 
'I'm liiid till- way to Slims gate ; 

(;i)d is ih.'irstrength, and through the road 
J liey lean upon their helper, God. 

G Cheerful they walk with growing strength. 
Till all shall meet in heaven at length, 
Till all before Thy face appear. 
And Join In nobler worship there. 

Isaac Watts. 171!). 


My house shall he railed the 
house o/j:>rai/«r.— Matthew xxl. 13. 

FAR from my thoughts, vain world, <le- 
.Make not the house of i)rayer thy mart j 
J»rd of the temple and the day. 
Drive the InlruKlve riowd .iway. 

2 Fain would I find a calm retreat 
From vain distractions near Thy feet. 
And, borne above all earthly care. 
Be joyful in Thy house of prayer. 

3 Lord ! in this blest and hallowed hour 
Reveal Thy presence and Thy power ; 
Show to my faith Thy hands and side, 
Jly Lord and God, the Crucified ! 

4 Or let mo, through the opening skies. 
Catch one bright of Paradis<! ; 
And realise, with raptured awe. 

The vision dying Stephen saw. 

5 But, if unworthy of such. ioy. 

Still shall Thy love my heart employ ; 
For, of Thy favoured children's fare, 
'Twere bliss the very crumbs to share. 

6 Yet never can my soul be fed 

With less than Thee, the Living Bread ; 
Thyself unto my soul impart. 
And with Thy presence fill my heart. 
Isaac Watts. 1709. 


The Lord God is a .'!vn and 
shield.— Vs&lm Ixxxiv. 11. 

GREAT God, attend, while Sion sings that from Thy pi esence springs ; 
To spend one day with Thee on eartli 
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 

2 Might I enjoy the meanest place 
Within Thy house, God of grace ; 
Not tents of case, nor thrones of power 
Should tempt my feet to leave Thy door. 

3 God is our sun. He makes our day ; 
God is our shield. He guards our way 
From all the assaults of hell and sin. 
From foes without, and foes within. 

4 All needful grace will God bestow. 
And crown that grace with glory too ; 
He gives us all things, and withholds 
No real good from upright souls. 

5 God, our King, whoso sovereign sway 
The glorious hosts of heaven obey. 
And devils at Thy presence flee. 

Blest is the man that trusts in Thi-e. 

L---aar Wafts. 1719. 

Nt-w therefore are we all 
here present before God.— Acts x. 33. 

IN Thy name, O Lord, assembling. 
Wo Thy people now tiraw near ; 
Teacli us t<> rejoice with trembling. 
Speak, and let Thy servants lirar — 

Hear with nieckncss. 
Hear Thy word with godly f.^ar. 


•1 While our days on earth are lergtheucd, 
May we give them. Lord, to Tlu3a ; 
Cheered by hope and daily strengthened. 
May we run, nor weary be 

Till Thy glory 
Without clouds in heaven we see. 

3 Thfn in worship, purer, sweeter. 
All Thy people shall adore ; 
Tasting' of enjoyment greater 
Far llian thought conceived before ; 

bull enjoyment. 
Full, unuuxed, and evermore. 

Thomas Kelly. 181.'i. 


It shall be a Sabbath of rest 
xmto yoM.— Leviticus xvi. 31. 

WE rose to-day with anthems sweet. 
To sing before the mercy-seat. 
And ere the darkness round us fell. 
We bade the grateful vespers sweU. 

2 Whate'er has risen from heart sincere, 
Each upward glance of filial fear. 
Each true resolve, each solemn vow, 
Jesus, our Lord ! accept them now. 

3 UTiate'er beneath Thy searching eyes 
Ha.s wrought to spoil our sacritice, 
'Mid this sweet stillness while we bow, 
Jesus, our Lord ! forgive us now : 

4 And teach us erring souls to win, 
And hide their multitude of sin ; 
To tread in Thy loug-suifering way. 
And grow more line Thee day by day. 

5 So as our Sabbaths hasten past. 

And rounding years bring nigh the last ; 
When sinks the sun behind the hill. 
When all the weary wheels stand still ; 

6 When by our bed the loved ones weep. 
And death -dews o er the forehead creep, 
And vain is help or hope from men ; 
Jesus, our Lord ! receive us then. 

W. M. Punshon. 1807. 


3 Saviour Christ, our woes disjiel ; 
For some are sick, and some are sad. 
And some have never loved Thee well. 
And some have lost the love they had ; 

\ .\nd .some have found the world is vain. 
Yet from the world they break not free ; 
.Vnd some have friendswhogive them pain, 
Yet have not sought a friend in Thee. 

5 Saviour Christ, Thou too art man ; 

Thou hast been troubled, to)npte<l. tried ; 
Thy kind but searching glance can .sian 
The very wounds that shame would hide ; 

6 Thy touch has still its ancient power ; 

No word from Thee can fruitless fall; 
Hear in this solemn evening hour. 
And in Thy mercy heal us all. Amen. 
Henry Twells. 1808. 


I will trust in the covert of 
Thy wings.— Psalm Ixi. 4. 

THE Lord be with us as we bend 
His blessing to receive ; 
His gift of peace upon us send, 
Before His courts we leave. 

2 The Lord be with lis as we walk 

Along our homeward road ; 
In silent thought, or friendly talk. 
Our hearts be still with God. 

3 The Lord be with us till the night 

Enfold our day of ; 
Be He of every heart the Liglit, 
Of every home the Guest. 

4 The Lord be with us through the houi-s 

Uf slumber calm and deep ; 
Protect our homes, renew our powers. 
And guard His people s sleep. Amen. 
Jolin EUerton. 1870. 

And at even, u'hen the sun 

did set, they brought unto Him all that were 

diseased.— yiark i. 32. 

AT even ero the sun was set, 
The sick, Lord, around Thee lay ; 
O, in what divers pains they met ! 
O, with what joy they went away ! 

2 Once more 'tis eventide, and we. 

Oppressed with various Ills, di-aw near ; 
What if Thy form we cannot see ? 
We know and feel that Thou art here. 


The end of the Sabbath. 
Matthew xxviii. 1. 

THE Sabbath-day has reached its clo 
Yet, Saviour, ere I seek repose. 
Grant me the peace Thy love bestows ; 
Smile on my evening hour. 

2 heavenly Comforter, sweet Gnesr : 
Hallow and calm my troubled hnust ; 
Wear}-, I come to Thee for rest ; 

Smile on my evening hour. 

3 Let not the Gospel seed remain 
Unfruitful, or be lost again ; 

Let heavenly dews descend like rain ; 
Smile on my evening hour. 



4 ! ever present, ever nij?h, 
Jesus, on Thee I fix mine eye ; 

Thou hear'st the contrite spirit's sigh ; 
Smile on my evening hour. 

5 My only Intercessor, Thou, 
Mingle Thy fragrant incense now 
With every prayer, and every vow ; 

Suiile on my evening hour. 

6 And, . when life's short course shall end, 
And death's dark shades around impend. 
My God. my everlasting Friend, 

Smile on "my evening hour. Amen. 

Charlotte Elliott. 18J6. 



A nd all the angels stood 

round about the throne . . . and worshipped 

C'oti.— Rev. vii. 11. 

OUK day of praise is done, 
The evening shadows fall ; 
But pass not from us with the sun. 
True Light that lightenest all. 

2 Around the throne on high, 
Where night c^m never be, 

The white-robed harpers of the sky 
liring ceaseless hymns to 'I'hee. 

3 Too faint our anthems liere, 
Too soon of praise we tire : 

But O, the strains how full and clear 
Of that eternal choir ! 

4 Yet. Lord, to Thy dear will 
If 'lliou attune the heart. 

We in Thine angels' music still 
May bear our lower part. 

6 'Tis Thine each soul to c-ilm. 
Kacti wayward thought riTlaJin, 
And make our life a daily psalm 
Of glory to Thy name. 

G A llttl<! wliiloaiid thi'U 

shall riiiiic III.- gliirioMS end ; 

And songs oT angrls and of men 

Ui perfect prai.sf shall bh^nd. 

John Elltrton. 18G8. 


10.10. 10.10. 
The Lord will bless His people 
with i>eace.—VsiiUn xxix. 11. 

SAVIOUR, again to Thy dear name we 
With one accord our parting hymn of 

praise ; 
Wo stand to bless Thoo ere our worship 

Then lowly knoellni; wait Thy word of 

2 Grant us Thy peace through this approach- 

ing night ; 
Turn Thou for us its darkness into light ; 
From harm and danger keep Thy children 
■ For dark and light are both alike to Thee. 

3 Grant us Thy peace upon our homeward 

way ; 
With Thee began, with Thee shall end the 

day : 
Guard Thou the lips fiom sin, the hearts 

from shame. 
That in this house have called upon Thy 


I Grant us Thy peace throughout our earthly 
Our biilni in sorrow, and our stay in strife ; 
Tlicn, when Thy voice shall bid our con- 
flict cease. 
Call us, Lord, to Thine eternal peace. 
John Ellerlon. 18G8. 


OR« i,M. 

^>^^ My voice shalt Thou hear in 
the morninij, O i,orti.— Psalm v. 3. 

AWAKE, my soul, and with tlie sun 
Thy daily stage of duty run ; 
Shake off dull sloth, and early rise 
To pay thy morning sacrifice. 

2 Thy precious time misspent redeem, 
F.ach present d.iy thy last esteem ; 
Improve thy talent with due care. 
Fur the great day thyself prepare. 

3 In all thy converse be sincere. 

In conscience as the noon-day clear ; 
Think how the all-seeing God s\irveys 
'J'hy secret thoughts, thy words.and ways. 

4 Waki', ami lift uji tlivsclf. mv heart. 
Ah.l Willi llir angrlsiak.- tliv part, 
Wlinail iii-ht lung nnwvariiMl sing 
High glory to the elcrnal King. 

5 Lord, I my vows to Thee renew; 
.Sialtcr my sins as morning dew I 
Guard my first springs of thought and 

And with Thyself my spirit fill. 

G liircct, control, suggest, this day. 
All 1 di'sign. or do, or say ; 
Thai all my powers, with all thelrmlght. 
In Thy sole glory may unit(!. Amnn. 
ISishop Ken. 10'J5. 


/ xoill sinij aloud of Thtj 
mercy in the moniinij. — Psaljii lix. 16. 

C10ME, my soul, thou be waking, 
/ Now is l)reakiiit,' 

O'.-r tlie earth another day ; 
Come to Him who made this .splendour, 
See tliou render 
All thy feeble strength can pay. 

2 Gladly hail the sun returning ; 

Keady burning 
Be the incense of thy powers ; 
For the night is safely ended, 

(Jiid hath tended 
Witli His care thy helpless hours. 

3 Pray that He may prosper ever 

Eacli endeavour. 
When thine aim is good and true ; 
But that He may ever thwart thee. 

And convert thee. 
When thou evil wouldst pursue. 

4 Think that He thy ways beholdeth. 

He unfoldeth 
Every fault that lurks within ; 
He the hidden shame glossed over 
Can discc ver. 
And discern each deed of sin. 

5 Mayest thou on life's last morrow. 

Free from sorrow. 
Pass away in slumber sweet ; 
And, released from death's dark sadness. 

Rise in gladness 
That far brighter Sun to greet. 

6 Our God's bounteous gifts abuse not, 

Light r(!fuse not. 

But His Spirits voice obey ; 

Thou with Him shalt dwell, beholding 

Liglit unfolding 

All thiiigs in unclouded day. 

Ilarou Von Canilz. Vth Century. 
Tr. U. J. Buckoll. 1841. 

The Father of lights, imth 
whura is no variableness. — James i. 17. 

I^ATHEPv Of lights, again these new-born 
Tliat flush the kindling east bespeak Thy 

praise ; 
Shine on our hearts, true Light of Life, 

that we 
May mirror bick Thy light and shine for 

2 God of the day ! teach us to walk in light 
With guileless hearts, as in our Fathers 

sight ; 
To hate the works of darkness, and to be 
True to ooi-selves, our fellow-man, and 


3 God of our time ! Thy latest gift— this 

We render back to Thee, and humbly lay 
Upon Thine altar : consecrate its hours. 
That we may work Thy will with all our 


4 God of our home ! we own Thee Master 

May all be ordered in Thy faith and fear ; 
Unseen but felt, O, may Thy presence 

The bond of peace, the pledge of joy and 


5 And when at last life's eventide shall 

And tlie night gathers round our earthly 

0. be Thy face unveiled, our morning star, 
Herald of dawn in sunnier climes afar. 


W. Hay Aitken. 1872. 

8.7. 8.7. 
The night is far spent, the 
day is at hand.— Romans xiii. 12. 

LO, the golden sun is shining: 
Let us, children of the day. 
Cast aside the works of darkness. 
Which have led our souls astray. 

2 May the morn, sweet calmness breathing, 

bring us peace and purity ; 
From our lips all falsehood banish. 
And our thoughts from sin set free. 

3 Ever, as the day glides onward, 

Let us keep oui- tongue from guile. 

Eyes from wandering, feet from sliding. 

Hands from aught that can defile. 

4 All day long an E}'e is o'er us, 

Which our every secret knows. 
Sees our every step before us. 
From first morn till evening's close. 

5 Lord, in holy adoration 

Fix our hearts and eyes on Thee, 
Till we taste Thy blest salvation. 
And unveiled Thy brightness see. 

6 Praise unending to the Father, 

To the Son and Spirit Klest, 
Still from age to age ascending. 
Be throughout all worlds addrest. 

Front the Latin. Tr. W. J. Cupeland. 1847. 

give thanks unto the Lord; 
for He is good.— Vsulm cxxx\i. 1. 

GIVE thanks to Him who made 
Moniing light and evening shade. 
Source and Giver of all good. 
Nightly sleep and daily food ; 
Quickener of our wearied powers, 
Guard of our unconscious hours. 

DiyiN£ WOESniF. 

2 give thanks to nature's King, 
Who made every breathing thing : 
His, our warm and sentient frame. 
His, the mind's immortal flame : 
O how dose the ties tliat bind 
Spirits to the Eternal niind ! 

a O give thanks with heart and lip. 
For we are His workmanship ; 
And all creatures are His care : 
Not a bird that cleaves the air 
Falls unnoticed ; but who can 
Speak the Father's love to man? 

4 give thanks to Him who came 
In a mortal, suffering frame- 
Temple of the Deity 
Came, for sinful man to die ; 
In the path Himself liath trod. 
Leading back His saints to God. 

Josiak Coiider. 18;^f 


The Lord's mercies . . . are 
new every mominci. — Lam. ili. 22, 1'A. 

(\ TI.MKLY happy, timely, 
I / Htsirts that with rising morn arise, 
Kycs that the beam celestial view, 
Which evermore makes all thingsnew. 

2 Xew, every morning, is the love. 
Our wakening and uprising prove ; 
Through sleep and darkness safely brought, 
Restored to life, and power, and thought. 

3 New mercies, each returning day, 
Hover around us while wo \n:\y ; 
Now perils past, new sins forgiven, 

New fli()n;4las of God, new hopes of 

4 If. on our daily course, our mind 
He set to Iiallow all we find. 

New tre.isures still, of countless price, 
God will provide for sacrifice. 

5 Old friends, old scenes will lovelier bo, 
As more of heaven in each wc see; 
Some siifleiiing gleam of love and praj'er 
Win dawn on every cross and care. 

f) The trivial round, the common task 
Will furnish all we ought to ask ; 
Koiirn to deny ourscives— a road 
To bring us, daily, nearer God. 

7 Seek wc no more,— content with these, 
Let pri'Hcnt rapture, comfort, ease, 
A» heaven shall bid them, come or go, — 
Tlie secret, this, of rest below. 

8 Only, O I/>rd, In Thy dear love, 
Kit IIH for perfect rest above ; 
And help us, this and every day, 
To live more nearly as we pray. Amen. 
John Krhle. 1H27. 


In the morning unll I dir-'ct 
my prayer unto Ttiee, and will Icok up. 
Psalm V. 3. 

QWEETLY the holy hymn 
O Breaks on the mornnig air : 
Before the world with smoke is iliin 
We meet to offer prayer. 

2 While flowers are wet with dews. 
Dew of our souls, descend ; 

Ere yet the s\m the day renews, 
Lord, Thy Spirit send ! 

3 Upon the battle-field, 
Bel'ore the light begins. 

We seek, O Lord, Thy sheltering shield, 
To guard us from oiu- sins. 

4 Ere yet our vessel sails 
Upon the stream of day. 

We plead, O Lord, for heavenly gales 
To speed us on our way. 

5 On the lone mountain side, 
Before the moi-ning's light. 
The Man of Sorrows wept and (-ried, 
And rose refreshed with luiglit. 

G hear us, then, for wo 
Are very weak and frail ; 
Wo make the Saviour's name our plea. 
And surely must prevail. 

C. II. Spnrgeon. ISM. 


He that foUoweth Me shnll 
not walk in darkness.— 3dhn viii. 12. 

JESUS, Lord of light and grace, 
Thou briglitness of the Fathin's l"a-o ; 
Thou fountain of eternal light. 
Whose beams disperse the shades of night. 

2 Come. Holy Sun of Heavenly lovo, 
Come in Thy radiance from above, 
And to our inward hearts convey 
The Holy Spirit's cloudless ray. 

3 So we the K.ather's help will claim 
And sing the Father's glorious Name, 
And His almighty grace imiiloie. 
That wo may stand, to fall no more. 

4 May He our actions deign to bless. 
And loose the bonds of wickedness ; 
From sudden falls our feel (lcrcn<l. 
And guide us safely to the end. 

5 May faith, deep-rooted in the soul, 
Subdue oui flesh, our minds cunt rol ; 
May guile dc^jiart, and discord cease, 
And all within be Joy and peace. 


\ hallowed thus be every day: 
Let meekiii'ss be our moiniii{,' ray, 
Our faith like noontide splendour glow, 
Our souls the twilight never know. Amen. 
hisliop Ambrose of Milan. 4th Century. 
Tr. John Chandler. 183/. 

nflA C.M.D. 

^VJ^r xhe thinos which are seen 
am tfiiaporal : but the thinos which are not 
seen are eternal.— 2 Corinthians iv. 18. 

THE roseate liues of early dawn. 
The brightness of the day, 
The crimson of the sunset sky, 

How fast they fade away ! 
0, for the pearly gates of heaven, 

0, for the golden floor, 
0. for the bun of Righteousness, 
That setteth nevermore ! 

2 The highest hopes we cherish here. 

How fast they tire and faint ; 
How many a spot defiles the robe 

That wraps an earthly saint ! 
0, for a heart that never sins, 

O, for a soul washed white, 
0, for a voice to praise our King, 

Nor weary day nor night. 

S n« re faith is ours, and heavenly hope, 
iUid grace to lead us higher ; 
But there are perfectness, and peace. 

Beyond our best desire. 
O, by Thy love, and anguish, Lord. 

And by Thy life laid down. 
Grant that we fall not from Thy gnice, 
Nor east away our crown. Amen. 
Mrs. Cecil F. Alexander. 1853. 

nnr. 7.6. 7.1;. d. 

^a(J'^ Xlie heavens declare the 
glory vj 6'ytZ.— Psalm xi.\. 1. 

THV love for all Thy creatures 
What tongue, O God, may tell? 
The morning, noon, and evening. 

Alike our praise compel ; 
The morning, noon, and evening. 

Whene'er they rise or fall. 
Unite to hymn Thy praises. 
Great Maker of them all. 

Behold ! the sun in splendour 

Hath lit his fires on high. 
The farther on his joiu-ney. 

The higher in the sky ; 
And when again he siuketh 

Beneath the western wave, 
A radiant crown of glory 

Shall kiniUe o'er his gi-avo. 

May we, to whom in mercy 
A liiighter light is gi>'en. 

The laither on our journey, 
'I'he nearer bi^ to heaven ; 

And when the shades of evening 
Shall lengthen o'er our heads. 

May rays of heavenly glory 
Illume our dying beds. 

4 .Shine I shine : Thou Sun Eternal, 
And cast a ray divine 
On those who hymn Thy praises. 

Both now and ever Thine ; 
I-'or then no cloud of evening 
Shall gather round the past. 
But Thou. Christ, shalt light us 
Safe Home,— safe Home at last. 

Godfrey Thriwj. 1879. 

(~)C\C\ Iambic. 

Zi\J\J When I aiiake, 1 am still 
ivith r/iec.— Psalm cxxxix. 18. 

STILL, still with Thee, when purple 
morning breaketh. 
When the bird waketh,and the shadows 
Fuirer than morning, lovelier than the 
Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am 
with Thee. 

•J Alone with Thee, amid the mystic shadows. 

The solemn hush of nature newlv born ; 

Alone with Thee, in breathless adoration. 

In the calm dew and freshness of the 


3 As in the dawning o'er the waveless 

The image of the moniing star doth 
So in this stillness Thou beholdest only 
Thine image in the waters of uiy breast. 

4 Still, still with Thee, as to each new-born 


A fresh and solenm splendour still is 
So doth this blessed consciousness, awak- 

Breathe, each day, nearness unto Thee 
and heaven. 

5 When sinks the soul, subdued by toil, to 

Its closing eye looks up to Thee in 

prayer ; 
Sv.eet the repose, beneath Thy wijigs o er- 

But sweeter still to wa!:e and find TLee 


6 So shall it be at last, in that bright morn- 

When the soul waketh, and life's shadows 

! in that hour, fairer than dayhght's 

Sh;ai rise the glorious thought, I am 

with Thee ! 


Harriet Bcechcr Stowe. b. 1814. 


With Thee is the fountain 
o/ii/e.— Psalm xxxvi. 9. 

STILL with Thee. my God, 
I would desire to be, 
By day, by night, at home, abroad, 
I would be still with Thee. 

2 With Thee, when da-vra comes in. 
And calls me back to care. 

Each day returning, to begin 

With Thee, my God, in prayer. 

3 With Thee, amid the crowd 
That tlirongs the busy mart. 

To hear Thy voice, 'mid clamour loud, 
Speak softly to my heart. 

4 With Thee, when day is done. 
And e\'euing calms the mind, 

The setting, as the rising sun. 

With Thee my heart would find. 

5 With Thee, when darkness brings 
The signal of repose, 

Calm in the shadow of Thy wings 
Mine eyelids I would close. 

6 With Thee, in Thee, by faith 
Abiding I would be. 

By day. by night, in life, in death. 
I would be still with Thee. Amen. 
James D. Burns. 1856. alt. 

268 Ti^'th 

7.6. 7.C. D. 
nkful tinto Him, and 
bU\ss Jlis 7i(jm«.— Psalm c. 4. 

FOR all Thv care we bless Thee, 
O Fathf r. God of might ! 
Forgoldi-n hours of morning. 

And (juii't liowrs of night: 
Thine is the arm that shields us 
When danger threatens nijfh. 
And Thine the hand that yields us 
Rich gilts of earth and sky. 

2 For all Thy love we bless Thee ; 

No inorial lips can «i>eak 
Thy comfort to the weary, 

'Ihy pltv for the weak : 
By Thee life s path is brightened 

With KunHliine and with song ; 
The heavy loads are lightened. 

The Iccblo hearts made strong. 

3 For all Tliy truth wo bless Tlieo ; 

Our human vows are fiail. 

IWit through tho strife of ages 

Thv word cnn nov«r fall ; 
Tho kingdoms shall bo broken, 

The mighty ones will full. 
The promise Thou hiiat spoken 
Shall trhimiili overall. 

4 teach us how to pr.nise Thee. 

And touch our lips with ttre ! 

Yea, let Thy Dove descending. 

Our hearts and minds inspire ; 
Thus toiling, watching, singing. 

We tread our desert way. 

And every hour is bringing 

Nearer the dawn of day. 

Sarah Doudney. 1871. 




/ rvill both lay me down 
injicace, aiid sieq;.— Psalm Iv. 8. 

LORY to Thee, my God. this night. 
For all the blessings of the light ; 

Beneath Thine own almighty wings 1 

2 Forgive me. Lord, for Thy dear .Son, 
The ills that I this day have done ; 
That with the world, myself, and Tliee, 
I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. 

3 may my soul on Thee repose. 

And may sweet sleep mine eyelids closr. 
Sleep that may me more vigorous make. 
To serve my God when I awake. 

4 Teach me to live, that I may dread 
The grave as little as my bed ; 
Teacli me to die, that so I may 
Rise glorious at the judgment day. 

5 If in the night I sleepless lie. 

My soul with heavenly thoughts supply ; 
Let no ill dreams disturb my rest. 
No powers of darkness me molest. 

6 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow. 
Praise Him. all creatures here below, 
I'raiso llim above, ye he.ivenly host. 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Bishop Ken. 101)3. 


So III' hriiirfcth thrm vnto 
their cksirtd /latr/i.— Psalm cvli. 30. 

FATHER of all. again we meet 
With Joy to worship at Thy fi>et : 
From home and loved ones parted long 
Once more wo join their evening song. 

2 Thy guiding hand, Lord, hath been 
With us in every changing scene. 
AikI now we bend before Thy throne, 
Tliy giiodness and Thy love to own. 


3 Tliiiii kiiowst the story of the past— 
Till' joys and sorrows that have cast 
Thyir lights and shadows on the way 
That we have journeyed day by day. 

4 Rut we would leave the past witli Thee, 
With all that Is, and all to be ; 

Thy tender care so lont; hath blest, 
We can but trust Thee for the rest. 

5 If some we loved have passed away 
Through death's dark vale to brighter 

We would not call them back again 
To share with us life's toil and pain : 

6 We know that they are safe with Thee, 
?'rom e\ery cloud of sorrow free, 
And, in a home of light and love, 

We all shall meet again above. 

H. P. H. 1881. 


Abide with us. 
-Luke xxiv. 29. 

ABIDE with me, falls the eventide ; 
The darkness deepens. Lord, with me 
abide : 
When other helpers fail, and comforts flee. 
Help of the helpless, abide with me. 

2 Swift to its close rbbs out life's little dav, 
Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass 

Change and decay in all around I see ; 

Thou who changest not, abide >vith me. 

3 Not a brief glance I beg, a passing word ; 
But as Thou dwellst with Thy disciples. 

FamOiar, condescending, patient, free. 
Come not to sojourn, but abide with me. 

4 I need Thy presence every passing liour ; 
What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's 

power ? 
Who like Thyself my guide and stay can 

Through cloud and sunshine. Lord, abide 

with nie. 

5 I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless. 
Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness. 
Where is Death's sting ? where. Grave, thy 

victory ? 

1 triumph still, if Thou abide with me. 

6 Reveal Thyself before my closing eyes. 
Shine through the gloom, and point me to 

the skies ; 
Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain 

shadows flee ; 
In life, in death, Lord, abide with me. 
H. F. Lyte. 1847. 

•^ ' •^ Thy faith/ulnesx every night. 
I'salm xcii. 2. 

SUN of my soul, Thou Saviour dear, 
It is not night if Thou be near; 
O may no earth-born cloud arise. 
To hide Thee from Thy servant's eyes. 

2 When the soft dews of kindly sleep 
My wearied eyelids gently sleep. 

Be my thought, how sweet to rest 
For ever on my Saviour's breast. 

3 Abide with me from mom till eve. 
For without Thee I cannot live ; 
Abide with me when night is nigh. 
For without Thee I dare not die. 

4 If some poor wandering child of Thino 
Have spm-ned to-day the voice Divine, 
Now, Lord, the gracioas work begin, 
Let him no more lie down in sin. 

5 Watch by the sick ; enrich the poor 
With blessings from Thy boundless store; 
Bo every mourner's sleep to-night, 
Like infant's slumbers, pure and light. 

6 Come near and bless us when we wake. 
Ere through the world our way we take ; 
Till in the ocean of Thy love 

We lose ourselves in heaven above. 

John Keble. 1820. 


In blessing I vtill bless thee. 
Genesis xxii. 17. 

SWEET Saviour ! bless us ere we go ; 
Thy word into our minds instil ; 
And make our lukewarm hearts to glow 

With lowly love and fervent will. 
Through life's long day and death s dark 

gentle Jesus ! be our light. 

2 The day is done, its hours have run. 

And Thou hast taken count of all. 
The scanty triumphs grace hath won. 

The broken vow, the frequent fall. 
Through life's long day and death's dark 

gentle Jesus ! be our light. 

3 Grant us, dear Lord ! from evil ways 

True absolution and release ; 
And bless us, more than in past days. 

With purity and inward peai-e. 
Through life's long day and death's dark 

gentle Jesus ! be our light. 


4 Do more than pardon ; give us joy, 

Sweet and sober liberty, 

And loving hearts without alloy 

That only long to be like Thee. 

Through life's long day and death's dark 

gentle Jesus : be our light. 

5 For all we love, the poor, the sad, 
The sinful, unto Thee we call ; 
let Thy mercy make us glad : 

Thou art om- Jesus, and our All. 
Through life's long day and death's dark 

O gentle Jesus ! be our light. Amen. 
F. W. Faber. 18(51. 

nrjA I 

■^ ' ^ The Lord shall be unto thee | 

an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory. 

Isaiah L\. 19. 

rPHE day is gently sinking to a close, 
J- Fainter and yet more faint tho sun- 
light glows ; 
O brightness of Thy Father's glory. Thou 
i;ti'rnal Light of Light, be witli us now ; 
^Vhpre Thou art present, darkness cannot 

Midniglit is glorious noon, Lord, with 

'2 Our ch.angeful lives are ebbing to an end. 
Onward to darkness and to death we tend ; 
Conqueror of the grave, be Thou our 

Te Thou our Light in death's dark oven- 
tide : 
Tlien in our mortal hour will be no gloom, 
Ko sting in death, no terror in the tomb. 

3 Thou, who in darkness walking didst 

V\)o\i tho waves, and Thy disciples cheer, 
L'oiiH', Lord, iu lonesome days, when 

Kloi'm.^i assail. 
And eartlily hopes and human succours 

\V'hen all is dark, may we behold Thee 

And hear Thy voice, ' Fear not, for It is L" 

4 Tho weary world is mouldering to d'>cay, 
Its glories wane, its pageants fade away ; 
la that last buusct, when the stars shall 

May we arise, awakened by Thy call, 
With Tlii-e, <> Lord, for over to abide 
lu that bletit day which has no uvuntide ! 
liiahop C. Wordsworth. ]»(/.'. 


7.6. 7.6. 8.J 
When thou liest doivn, 
thou Shalt not be a/raid.— ¥ro\'. ill. 24. 

THE day is past and over ; 
All thanks, Lord, to Thee ! 
We pray Thee now that sinless 
The hours of dark may be ; 
O Jesus, keep us in Thy sight. 
And save us through the coming night 

2 The joys of day are over ; 

We lift our hearts to Thee. 
And ask Thee that otfenceless 

The hours of dark may bo ; 
O Jesus, make their darkness liglit, 
And save us through the coming night 1 

3 The toils of day are ovex ; 

We raise oiu- hymn to Thee, 
And ask that free from peril 

The hours of dark may bo ; 
O .lesus, keep us in Thy sight. 
And guard us through the coming night 1 

4 Be Thou our soul s preserver. 

For Thou, God, dost know 
How many are the perils 
Awaiting us below ; 
O loving Jesus, hear our call. 
And guard and save us from them all ! 
An'atolius. 5th Centurv. 
Tr. J. M. Neale. 1862. 

276 And 

there shall be >io night 
there.— liov. x.xii. 5. 

THE radiant morn hath passed away, 
And spent too soon her golden store ; 
The shadows of departing day 
Creep on once more. 

2 Our life is but .an autumn day, 

lis glorious iiMdii how (juickly ; 
Lead us, O ("lirist, Tliou Living Way, 
Safe homo at last. 

3 ! by Thy soul-inspiring grace 
Uplift our hearts to realms on high; 
Help us to look to that bright place 

Beyond the sky ; 

4 Where light, and life, and joy, and peace 
In undivided enijUre reign. 

And thronging angels never ccaso 
Their deathless strain ; 

5 Wh.iv iinis ;in rlolhccl in sixitless wliiti^ 
Am! .v. i:(i,; 1i,hI,,u.s iievrrrall, 

Wh( 1.- rip. 11. l.i.niiil Liglit of light, 
Alt Loid of all. Anu'.n. 

(iodjrey Thring. 180G. 



The time of my departure 
is at hand.— 2 Timothy Iv. 6. 

THIS sweetly solemn thought 
Can cheer the evening hour, 
I'm nearer to my home to-<lay 
Than e'er 1 ve been before : 

2 Nearer the nightless day. 
Nor sun nor moon to shine ; 

NeariT the fountains pure and deep, 
Water of life divine : 

3 Nearer the pearly gates. 
The city pure as gold ; 

Nearer the presence of its King, 
To share His love untold : 

4 Nearer my Father's house. 
Wliere many mansions be ; 

Nearer the glorious great white throiio, 
>'earer the crystal sea : 

5 Nearer the vale of death. 
To lay my burden down ; 

To bear the palm and wear the cro«ni, 
And stand before the throne. 

J'hoebe Gary. d. 1871. 
And George GiU. 1878. 


At evening time it shall be 
light.— Zech. xiv. 7. 

AT evening time when day is done. 
Life s little day is near its close, 
And all the glare and heat are gone, 

And gentle dews foretell repose ; 
To crown my faith before the night, 
At evening time let there be light ! 

2 At evening time when labour's past ; 
Though storms and toUs have marred 
my day 
Mercy has tempered every blast. 
And love and hope have cheered the 

Now let the parting hour be bright, 
At evening time let there be light ! 

i God doth send light at evening time. 
And bid tlie fears, the doubtings flee ; 
I trust His promises sublime. 

His glory now is risen on me, 
His full salvation is in sight, 
At evening time, there now is light. 

Jnmes Montgomery. 1841. 
Alt. George Rawson. 1857. 


8.8.7. 8.8. 
Under the shadow of 
the Almighty.— Psa.lm xci. 1. 

IjlATHER, in high heaven dwelling, 
May our evening song be teUing, 
Of Thy mercy large and free ; 
Through the day Thy love has fed us. 
Through the day Thy care has led us, 
With divinest charity. 

2 This day's sins, 0. pardon. Saviour ! 
Evil thoughts, perverse behaviour. 

Envy, pride, and vanity ; 
From the world, the flesh, deliver. 
Save us now. and save us ever, 

Thou Lamb of Calvary ! 

3 From enticements of the devil. 
From the might of spirits evil. 

He our shield and panoply ; 
Let Thy power this night defend u.s. 
And a heavenly peace attend us. 

And angelic company. 

4 While the night dews are distilling. 
Holy Ghost, each heart be filling 

From Thine owa Infinity ! 
Softly let our eyes be closing. 
Loving souls on Thee reposing. 

Ever blessed Trinity ! Amen. 

George Raivson. 1857. 


6.G.4. C.C.ti.i. 
Notv let it please Thee to 
bless the house of Thy servant. 
2 Samuel vii. 29. 

FATHER of love and power. 
Guard Thou our evening hour, 
Shield with Thy might ; 
For all Thy care this day 
Our grateful thanks we pay. 
And to our Father pray. 
Bless us to-night 1 

2 Jesus Immanuel ! 

Come in Thy love to dwell 

In hearts contrite ; 
For many sins we grieve. 
But we Thy grace receive. 
And in Thy word believe ; 

Bless us to-night ! 

3 Spirit of Holiness, 
Gentle transfornung grace. 

Indwelling Light ; 
Soothe Thou each weary breast. 
Now let Thy peace possessed 
Calm us to perfect rest ; 

Bless us to-uight ! Amen. 

George Rawson. 1857. 


8.4. 8.4. S.8.8.4. 
There shall no evil befall thee. 
Psalm xci. 10. 

p OD that madest earth and heavei 

vJ Darkness and light ; 

Who the day for toil hast given. 

For rest the night ; 
Jlay Thine angel-guard defend us. 
Slumber sweet Thy mercy send us. 
Holy dreams and hopes attend us. 

This livelong night. 



2 When we in the morn awaken, 

Guide us Tliy way, 
Keep our love and truth unshaken 

In work and play ; 
In our daily task be near us, 
In temptation keep and hear us, 
And with holy counsel cheer us, 

The livelong day. 

3 Guard us waking, guard ns sleeping, 

And, when we die, 
^lay we in Thy rnighty keeping 

AU peaceful lie • 
When the last dread call shall wake us. 
Do not Thou, oiu' God, forsake us, 
Ijut to reign in glory take >is 
With Thee on high. Amen. 
First verse. Bishop R. Heher. \»-2<\. 
Third verse, Archbishop Whately. d. 1803. 


^'O^ 1 7ci!l be as the dew unto 
Jsru^L—Hosea, xiv. 5. 

HOW calmly the evening once more is 
As kiiul as a promise, as .still as aprayer ; 
O \\•il]^' I if the Lord, in Thy shelter be- 

May wf and our households continue to 
sliare ! 

2 The sky, like the kingdom of heaven, is 

open ! 
O enter, my soul, at the glorious gates ; 
The silence and smile of His love are the 

Who now for all comers invitingly waits. 

3 We come to be soothed with His merciful 

healing ; 
Th" <l>-ws of the night cure the wounds 

of the day; 

W.' .oiii,., o\ir life's worth and its brevity 

With thTinks for the past ; for the future 
we pray. 

4 L(-rd, save us from folly; Vw with us in 

sorrow ; 
Sustain us in work till the time of our 
When earth's day la over, may heavens to- 
Dawn on us, of homes long expected 
possessed. Amen. 

T. T. Lynch. 1855. 

Thou shttlt lie down, and 
none shuU make thee afraid.— Job xi. 19. 

VOW Gnd bo with us, for the night is 

IS .•l.Mii.g; 

Till- light Mnd.larknessareofllisdl.sposlng, 
And n.'iith His shadow wo to rust may 
yield lis. 

For Ho will shield u.s. 

2 Let evil thoughts and spirits flee before ns ; 
Till morning cometh, watch, Father, 

o'er ns ; 
In soul and body Thou from harm defend 

Thine angels send us. 

3 Let holy thoughts be ours when sleep o'er- 

takes us ; 
Our earliest thoughts be Thine when 

morning wakes us ; 
All day serve Thee ; in all that we are doing 
Thy praise pursuing. 

4 We have no refuge ; none on earth to aid us. 
Save Thee, Father, who Thine own hast 

made us ; 
But Thy dear presence will not leave them 

Who seek Thee only. 

5 Father, Thy name be praised, Thy king- 
dom given. 
Thy will be done on earth as 'tis in heaven ; 
Keep us in life, forgive our sins, deliver 
Us now and ever. Amen. 
Peter Herbert. K>th Century. 4th verse anon. 
Tr. Catherine Winkworth. 1858. 


Fear thou nnt,for Tarn 
ivith </iet'.— Isaiah xli. 10. 

SAVIOUR, breathe an evening ble.s.sing. 
Ere repose our spirits seal ; 
Sin and want we come confessing. 

Thou canst save, and Thou canst heal : 
Though destruction walk around us. 

Though the arrows past us fly. 
Angel-guards from Thee surroiuul us ; 
We are safe, for Thou art nigh ! 

2 Though the night 1h' daik and dre.ary. 
Darkness ciiunnt hide fniin TIk'O ; 
TlKMi Mil lie who, ii.vrr wcMi-y. 

Watrlicst wild-.' ■I'hy pi'Oph' be: 
Shnulil swill ilr:ithMiisnighlo'ertakeu.s, 

Anil our cducli become our tomb. 
May thr iiioin in heaven awake ns. 
Clad in light, and deathless bloom. 
James Edmeston. 1820. 


^ «_»«-' And the city had no need of the 

sun, . . . for the glory of God did lighten it, 

and the Lamb is the light thereof. 

Revelation xxt. 23. 

riiHl'^d.ay departs ; 
i. Omy souls and hearts 
Long for that better morrow, 
When Christ shall set His people free 
From every care and sorrow. 


'I The sunshine bright 

Is lost in night ; 
Lord, 'iTiyself unveiling, 
Shine on our souls with beams of love, 
All darkness there dispelling. 

3 Be Thou still nigh. 
With sleepless eye. 

While all around are sleeping. 
And angel-guards, at Thy command, 
Afar all danger keeping. 

4 The land above. 
Of peace and love. 

No earthly beams need brighten ; 
For all its borders Christ Himselt' 
Doth with His glory lighten. 

5 May we be there. 
That joy to share, 

(ilad hallelujahs singing. 
With all the ninsomed evermore 
Uur joyful praises bringing. 

6 Lord Jesus, Thou 
Our Refuge now. 

Forsake Thy servants never ; 

Uphold and guide, that we may stand 

Before Thy throne for ever. Anieu. 

J. A. Freylinghausen. nth Centum. 

Tr. H. L. L. 180-2. 

2 Thou hast on earth been often weary, 

IMty our weakness from above ; 
The darkness, then no longer dreary, 
Is but the shadow of Thy love. 

3 To Thy beloved, in their sleeping, 

Thou givest rest, sweet rest of heart; 
Lord ! take us to Thy holy keeping. 
And all Tky peace untold impart. 

George Rawson. 187i>. 


Peace be unto mu. 
Luke xxiv. 36. 

THOU who hast known the carewon 
The weary need of sleep's deep balm. 
Come, Saviour, ere we go to rest, 
And breathe around Thy perfect calm. 

2 Thy presenile gives us childlike trust. 

Gladness and hope without alloy. 
The faith that triumphs o'er the dust. 
And gleamiugs of eternal joy. 

3 Stand in our midst, dear Lord, and say, 

' Peace be to j'ou this evening hour ; ' 
Thi'u all the struggles of the day 
Vanish before Tuy loving power. 

4 Blest is the pilgrimage to heaven, 

A little nearer every night ; 
Christ to our earthly darkness given. 
Till in Hid glory there Is light. 

George Rawson. 1833. 

QOr? 9,8. 9.8. 

^O i So He givHh His beloved 
sleep. — Psalm cxxvii. 2. 

WE bless Thy name, O holy Jesus, 
For evening hours and silent night, 
For day's decline, that gently frees us 
From all the burdens of the light. 


The lifting tip of my han'ls 
as the evening sacrifice.— Vsalm cxli. 2. 

THE sun Is sinking fast, 
The daylight dies ; 
Let love awake, and pay 
Her evening sacrifice. 

2 As Christ upon the cross 

His head inclined. 
And to His Father's hands 
His parting soul resigned ; 

3 So now herself, my soul. 

Would wholly give 
Into His sacred" charge 
In whom all spirits live ; 

4 So now beneath His eye 

Would calmly rest. 
Without a wish or thought 
Abiding in the brea&t ; 

5 Save that His will be done. 

Whate'er betide. 
Dead to herself, and dead 
In Him to all beside. 

6 Thus would I live ; yet now 
Not I, but He, 
In all His power and love. 
Henceforth alive in me. 

7 One sacred Trinity. 
One Lord Disine ; 
May I be ever His, 
And He for ever mine ! Amen. 
Fro7n the Latin. 
Tr. Edward CasivaU. 1858. 


9.8. 9.8. 

r.'/e Lord shall reign for ever 
ami ei-er.— Exodus xv. 18. 

THE day Thou gavest. Lord, is ended. 
The darkness falls at Thy behest : 
To Thee our morning hymns ascended. 
Thy praise shall sanctify our rest. 


^Miile earth rolls onward into light, 
Through all the world her watch is keep- 
And rests not now by day or night. 

3 As o'er each continent and island 
The dawn leads on another day. 
The voice of prayer Is never silent. 
Nor dies the strain of praise away. 

4 The sun that bids ns rest is waking 

Our brethren neath the western sky. 

And hour by hour fresh lips are making 

Thy wondrous doings heard on high. 

5 So be it. Lord ; Thy throne shall never. 

Like earth's proud empires, pass away ; 
Thy kingdom stands, and grows for ever, 
Till all Thy creatures own Thy sway. 
JoJm Ellerton. 1870. 

Cljc S'JJHt :^cri|ititrc5. 


0, how love I Thy law ! 
Psalm cxix. 97. 

I RATHER of mercies, in Thy word 
What endless glory shiries ! 
For ever be Thy name adored 
For these celestial lines. 

2 Here may the ^vretched sons of want riches find ; 
Riches above what earth can grant, 
And lasting as the mind. 


3 Here the f:iii- Tree of Knowled 

And yii-lils a fice repast; 
Suliliiii.T sw.tIs tlian nature knows. 
Invite tlio longing ta.ste. 

4 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice 

.Siireads heavenly peace around ; 
Anu life and everlasting joys 
Attend the blissful sound. 

5 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord, 

He Thou for ever near I 
Teach me to love Thy sacred word. 
And view my Saviour there. Ainen. 
Anne Steele. 17(iO. 


Thy word i.t a lamp unto my 
/ee<.— Psalm cxix. 105. 

I' AMP (ifdur fcrt, wli.Tcby we trace 
J Our ii;illi whi'ii wiiui to stray ; 
Stream Inuii tlic immi oi Iwavenlygi-ace, 
J'.niok by till- irav.'lli r .s way : 

2 Bread of our nouls whereon we feed. 
True manna from on lilch ; 
Our jfulile and chart wherein wo read 
or realms beyond Uiu sky : 


3 Pillar of fire through watches dark. 

And radiant cloud by day ; 
When waves wouldwhelni our tossing bark, 
Our anchor and our stay : 

4 Word of the everlasting God, 

Will of His glorious Son, 
Without Thee how could earth be trod, 
Or heaven itself be won? 

5 Lord, grant us all aright to learn 

The wisdom it imparts ; 
And to Its heavenly teaching turn 
With simple, childlike hearts ! Amen. 
Bernard Barton 1820. 


Let (he ivonl nf Christ dmil 

n you richly in all wisdovi. 

Colossians ill. 16. 


WKLL in me richly, bless6d word, 

.So wise to tcai'li, so safe to guide ; 
luie as my counsellor from God, 
And evennore with me abide. 

2 I need thy light, for I am dark. 
And prone to go from Goil aatray ; 
Be thou a lamp (into my feet. 
To keep them in the narrow way. 

?. I iie(-d thee when the days ,are bright. 
And <;iilhly things look fair and gay, 
To iioiiit to 111 asurcs In the skies, cannot change or fade away. 

4 I need thee when my aching heart 
Is bowed with sorrow, pufn, or care ; 
Through thoe I may my Savioin's voice 
la tones of gentlest comfort, hear. 


5 I need thee when my foes witliout, 

And inward tiplitlngs try me sore, 
To tell nie of the blessed land 
Where conflict shall disturb no more. 

6 And when my happy home I reach, 

Aghidsoine psalai my voice shall raise ; 
And all thy teachings shall unite 
In the new song of thankful praise. 


^<JO A.U Scripture is given by 
iiispiration of God, and is profitable J or 
doctrine.— '1 Timothy iii. 10. 

INSPIRKR of the ancient seers. 
Who wrote from Thee the sacred page. 
The same through all succeeding years, 

To us, in our degenerate age. 
The Spirit of Thy word impart. 
And breathe the Life into our heart. 

2 While now Thine oracles we read. 

With earnest prayer and strong desire, 
let Thy Spirit from Thee proceed, 

Our souls to awaken and inspire, 
Our weakness heljt, our darkness I'hase, 
And guide us by the light of Grace ! 

3 Whene'er in error's paths we rove. 

The living God through sin forsake. 
Our conscience by Thy word reprove, 

Convince and bring the wanderers back. 
Deep wounded by Thy Spirit's sword. 
And then by GUead's balm restored. 

•i The sacred lessons of Thy grace. 

Transmitted through Thy word, repeat, 

And train us up in all Thy ways. 
To make us in Thy will complete, 

Kuliil Thy loves redeeming plan. 

And briny us to a perfect man. 

5 Furnished out of Thy treasury, 
O may we always ready stand 
To help the souls redeemed by Thee. 

In what their various states demand. 
To teach, convince, correct, reprove. 
And build them up in holiest love. Amen. 
Charles 'Wesley. 170'J. 


Onen Thou mine eyes, that I 
man beJiold wondrous things out of Thy law. 
Psalm cxix. 18. 

1? ATHER of all, in whom alone 
We live, and move, and breatlie. 
One bright celestial ray dart down. 
And cheer Thy sons beneath. 

•2 While in Thy word we search for Tliee, 
W'e search with trembling awe ! 
Open our eyes, and let us see 
The wonders of Thy law. 

3 Now let our comprehend 

The light that shines so clear ; 
Now the revealing Spirit send. 
And give us ears to hear. 

4 Before us make Thy goodness pass. 

Which here by faith wo know ; 
Let us in Jesus see Thy face. 
And die to all below. Amen. 

Wesley. 17. 


A prophet shall the Lord 

your God raii<e up unto you . . . like unto 

ine ; Him shall iie hear in all things. 

Acts iii. 22. 

flOME, Thou Prophet of the Lord, 
\J Thou great Interpreter divine. 
Explain Thine own transmitted word : 

To teach and to inspire is Thine ; 
Thou only canst Thyself reveal. 
Open the book, and loose the seal. 

2 Now, Jesus, now the veil remove. 
The folly of our darkened heart ; 
Unfold the wonders of Thy love. 

The knowledge of Thyself impart ; 
Our ear, our inmost soul we bow : 
Speak, Lord, Thy servants hearken now. 
Wesley. 1746. 


Thy testimonies also are my 

delight and my counsellors. 

Psalm cxix. 24. 

HOW precious is the book divine. 
By inspiration given ! 
Bright as a lamp its glories shine. 
To guide our souls to heaven. 

2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts. 

In this'dark v.ale of tears ; 
Life, light, and joy, it still imparts, 
And quells our rising fears. 

3 O'er all the strait and narrow way 

Its radiant beams are cast ; 

A light whose ever-cheering ray 

Grows brightest at the last. 

4 may its lamp, through all the night 

Of life, make plain our way ! 

Till we behold the clearer light 

Of an eternal day. Amen. 

John Fauxttt. ITSi. 


Exceedirig great andprtciuus 
promises.— '2 Peter i. 4. 

LET everlasting glories crowii 
Thy head, my Saviour and my Lord ; 
Thy hands have brought salvation down. 
And writ the blessing in Thy word. 


2 In vain the trembling conscience seeks 

Some solid ground to rest upon ; 
With long despair our spirit breaks, 
Till we apply to Christ aloue. 

3 How well Thy blessed truths agree ! 

How wise and holy Thy ooniniand ! 
Thy promises, how firm they be I 

How linn our hope and comfort stand ! 

4 Should all the forms that men devise 

Assault my faith with treacherous art, 
I'd call them vanity and lies, 
And bind the Gospel to my heart. 

Isaac Watts. 170Q. 


God nave the increase. 
1 Corinthians iii. G. 

OGOD, by whom the seed is given. 
By whom the harvest blest ; 
Whose word, like manna showered from 
Is planted in our breast : 

2 Preserve it from the passing feet, 

And plunderers of the air ; 

The sultry sun's intensor heat. 

And weeds of worldly care. 

3 Though buried deep, or thinly strown, 

Do Thou Thy grace supply ; 
The hope in earthly furrows sown 
Shall ripen in the sky. 

Bishop li. Ilehcr. 1827. 

AiJiJ God hath revealed thnn 

unto us bu His Hpirit.—l Cor. il. 10. 

OGOn, who didst Thv 
111 woiidn.usmodi^s 

ill unfold 

) saints of old, 

Wilt Thou not still Thy iicoijle hear? 

2 What though no answering voice is heard, 
Thine oracles, the written word, 
Counsel ajid guidani'e still Impart, 
Kespouslve to the upright heart. 

3 What though no more by dreams is shown. 
That future things to God are known, 
Knough the promises reveal ; 

Wisdom and love the rest conceal. 

4 Faith asks no signal from the Rkies, 
To show tliJit pravers accepted rise ; 
Our lYIest 1h hi the holy place. 

And answers from the throne of grace. 

5 No need of prophets to Inquire : 
The .Sun Is risen ; the stars retire ; 
The Coiiifortwr Is come, and sheds 
HIh holy unction on our heads. 


6 Lord, with this grace our hearts inspire. 
Answer our sacrifice by fire ; 
And by Thy mighty acts declare. 
Thou art the God who hearest prayer. 
Josiah Conder. 1836. 

Hod . . . hath . . . spoken 
unto us by His Son. — Heb. i. 1,2. 

OWORD of God Incarnate, 
O Wisdom from on high, 
O Truth unchanged, unchanging, 

O Light of our dark sky ; 
^^■e praise Thee for the radiance 
That from the hallowed page, 
A lantern to our footsteps, 
Shines on from age to age. 

2 The Church from Thee, her Master, 

Received the gift Divine ; 
And still that light she lifteth 

O'er all tlie earth to shine. 
It is the golden casket 

Where gems Of truth are stored ; 
It is the heaven-drawn picture 

Of Thee, the living Word. 

3 It floatcth like a bnnner 

r.eforc C.Mi.s host unfurled; 
It shinetli like a beacon the darkling world; 
It is the chart and compass. 

That, o'er life's surging sea, 
'iMiii mists and rocks and quicksands, 

Still guides, Christ, to Thee. 

4 make Thy Church, dear Saviour, 

A lamp of burnished gold, 
To bear before the nations 

Thy true light, as of old. 
O teach Thy wandering pilgrims 

Hy this their path to trace. 
Till, clouds and darkness ended. 

They see Thee face to face. Amen. 
Bishop W. \r. How. 1867. 


'-' ^ -•- Hob/ men o/ God spa ke 

as they loere moved by the Holy Ghost. 
2 Peter i. 21. 

SPIRIT of Truth, essential God. 
n Who didst Thy ancient saints Inspire, 
Shed ill their hearts Thy love abroad. 
And touch their hallowed lips with 

lire ; 

Our God from all eteniity. 

World without end, we worship Thee. 

2 Still we believe. Almighty Lord, 

Whose presonco fills both earth and 
The iiieaiiiiig of the written word 

Is by Thy inspiration given : 
Tlioii only dost Thyself explain 
Tho secret mind of God to man. 


Come, then, Divine Interpreter. 

'lilt! Scriptures to onr hfjirts apply ; 
And. tauf,'lit by Tliee, we (ioU revere, 

Him in Three Pers<jns magnily ; 
In eaeli the triune C!oil adore. 
Who was, and is for evermore. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1707. 


The entrance of Thii 
ivvrds giveth li'jht. —Vsaini cxix. 130. 

A GLORY gilds the sacred page, 
Majestic, like tlie sim ; 
It Kives a light to every age, 
It gives, but borrows none. I 

2 The Spirit breathes tipon the word, I 

And brings the truth to sight ; 1 

Precepts and promises afl'ord 
A sanctifying light. 

3 The hand that gave it still supplies 

The gracious light and heat ; 
His truths upon the nations rise. 
They rise, but never set. 

4 Let everlasting thanks be Thine, 

For such a l)right display 
As makes a world of darkness shino 
With beams of heavenly day. 

5 )Iy soul rejoiCHs to pursue 

The steps of Him I love. 
Till glory breaks upon my view 
In brighter worlds above. 

William Coivper. 1779. 

orvQ CM 

O VJO ^r^^t as though I had 

already aitai/ieti.— Philippians iii. 1'2. 

And grow it shall ; our glorious Sun 

More fervid rays atlord ; 
The Lord hath yet more light and truth 

To break forth from His word. 

4 The valleys passed, a.scending still. 

Our souls would higher climb. 
And look down from supernal heights 

On all the bygone time : 
Ujnvard we press ; the air is clear. 

And the sphere-music heard ; 
The Lord hath yet more light and truth 

To break forth from His word. 

5 O Fatlier, Son, and Spirit, send 

Us iiKTf^'.sH from above, 
Enlar>,">, oxpa::il ;ill christian souls 

To coiiipnli.'nd Tliy love; 
And make us all go on to know. 

With nobler powers conferred : 
Tlie Lord hath yet more light and truth 

To break forth from His word. Amen. 
George Rawsun. 1876. 



To our poor reach of mind. 

TE limit not the tnith of Ood 

By notions of our day and sect. 
Crude, partial, and confined : 
No, let a new and better hope 

Within our hearts be stirreJ : 

The Lord hath yet more light and 

To break forth from His word. 

2 Who dares to bind to h's dull sense 

The oracles of heaven. 
For all the nations, tongues, and climes. 

And all the ages given ? 
That universe, how much unknown ! 

That ocean, unexplored ! 
The Lord hath yet more light and truth 

To break forth from His woid. 

3 Darkling our great forefathers went 

The first steps of the way : 
'Twas but the dawning, yet to grow 
Into the perfect day : 

8.S.8.8. S.8 
His delight is in the law </ 
the Lord. — Psalm 1. 2. 

TV HEX quiet in my house I sit. 
\ I Thy hook be my comiiauion still ; 
My joy Thy sayings to repeat. 

Talk oer the re<X)rds of Thy will. 
And search the Oracles divine. 
Till every heart-felt word be mine. 

2 O may the gracious words divine 

Subject of all my converse be ; 
So will the Lord His follower join, 

An<i walk and talk Himself with me ; 
So shall my heart His presence prove. 
And burn with everlasting love. 

3 Oft as I lay me down to rest, 

may the reconciling word 
Sweetly compose ray weary breast ! 

While, on the bosom of my Lord, 
I sink in blissful dreams away. 
And visions of eternal day. 

4 Rising to sing my Saviours praise. 

Thee may I publish all day long : 
And let Thy precious word of grace 

Flow from my heart, and fill my tongue . 
Fill all my life with purest love. 
And join me to the Church above. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1702. 


Give me under<:tanding. at\d 
I shall keep Thy ia'<'.— Psalm cxix. 34. 

OPEX our eyes. Lord ! and show 
The wonders i)f Thy law ; 
Thyself reveal, and we shall know 
More than the prophets saw. 


2 Thy word is tiutb, each shining page 

Thy countless saints have sung ; 
Its promises, from age to age. 
From laud to land, have rung. 

3 Yet, Lord, we cannot hear aright. 

Until we know Thy voice ; 

Nor bear the glory of Thy light. 

Nor in Thy truth rejoice : 

4 We scan in vain the mystic roll. 

Sealed with the sevenfold ; 
Unless Thy Spirit touch our soul, 
And Thy great love reveal. 

5 That love alone the seal can break. 

Or fix our hearts on Thee : 
Or truths of heavenly wisctom take, 
And bid us come and see. 

6 hope of everlasting life ! 

welcome to the skies ! 
Message that calls from earth's poor strife, 
To peace that never dies. 

7 Such faith Divine, such hope we hail. 

The anchor of the soul, 
Reaching to that within the veil. 
Faith undefiled and whole. 

W. J. Irons. 187S. 

i;ije CSoapel Message. 


The glorious Gospel of the 
blessed t.'o(/.—l Timothy i. 11. 

OFOR a thousand tongues to sing 
My great Redeemer's praise ! 
The glories of my God and King, 
The triumphs of His grace ! 

2 My gracious Master, and my God, 

Assist me to proclaim, 
To spread through all the earth abroad 
The honours of Thy name. 

3 Jesus ! the name that charms our fear.s, 

That bids our sorrows cease ; 
'Tis music in the sinner s ears, 
'Tis life, and health, and peace. 

4 Ho breaks the power of cancelled sin. 

He sets the prisoner free ; 
His blood can make the foulest clean. 
His blood availed for mo. 

.'i H.' speaks, and, listeninif to His voice. 
New life the dead receive, 
Tlie mournful, broken hearts rejoice, 
The humble poor believe. 

C Hear Him, yo deaf; His praise, ye dumb, 
Your loo.'Sfncd tongues employ ; 
Yo blind, behold your Saviour come. 
And leal), >'e lame, for Joy. 

7 Look unto Him, ye nations ; own 
Your God, ye fallen race ; 
Look, anil be saved through faith ttlunc. 
Bo Justified by grace. 

;; Sen all your hIiih on .Icsiw laid : 
The Lamb of God was slain. 
His soul was i«nc(< an offering mado 
For every houI of man. 

Charles Wesley. 1739. 

•307 5-5- 5.5. 6.5. 6.5. 

'-''-' • Salvation to our God which 
siiteth u})on the throne, and vnto the Lamb. 
lievelation vii. 10. 

VE servants of God. 

1 Your Master proclaim, 

And publish abroad 

H Is wonderful name ; 
The name all-victorioua 

Of Jesus extol ; 
His kingdom is glorious. 

And rules over all. 

C God rulcth on high. 
Almighty to save; 

And still lie is nigh, 
His presc'ice we have ; 

TIk" f,'iv;it i-ivt,'atlon 

lli-^ tiiiiiii].li sli.iUsing, 

AsciiliiiiL; S.I l\;il inn 

3 ' Salvation to God 

Who sits on the throne. 
Let all cry aloud. 

And honour the Son : 
The praises of Jesus, 

The angels proclaim. 
Fall down on their faces. 

And worship the I,amb. 

Then let us adoi 

AlMlgivn lliin 

Ills right. 

All gl.irvMiJ.l iH 


All wisddiri Ml 

d might. 

All lin.ioiu-. -11111 


Willi MUg.'ls.-l, 

And thanks nev 

•r ceasing. 

For infinite lovo. Amen, 




OOQ 7.6. 7.6. D. 

\J\J<J Come vnto Me, all ye that 
labour and are henvij laden, and I will give 
you )-est. —Uatthew xi. 28. 

' pOME unto Me, ye weary, 
\J And I will Kive yon rest.' 
O ble.ss6d voice of Jesus, 

^Vllich conies to hearts oppressed ; 
It tells of benediction, 

Of pardon, grace, and peace, 
Of joy that hath no ending. 

Of lovo which cannot cease. 

5 Arise, God, maintain Thy cause I 
The fulness of the Gentiles call ; 
Lift up the standaid of Thy cross, 
And all shall own Thou diedst for all. 


Wesley. 1741. 

310 «., 

2 ' Come unto Me, dear children, 

And I will give you light.' 
O loving voice of Jesus, I 

WTilch conies to cheer the night : i 

Our hearts wern filled with sadness, I 

And we had lost our way. 
But Thou hast brought us gladness. 

And songs at break of day. 

3 ■ Come unto Me, ye fainting. 

And I will give you life." 
peaceful voice of Jesus, 

Which conies to end our strife ! 
The foe is stern and eager. 

The fight is fierce and long. 
Cut Thou hast made us mighty, 

iViul stronger than the strong. 

4 "And whosoever cometh 

I will not cast him out.' 
patient love of Jesus, 

Which drives away our doubt ; 
Wliich calls us very sinners. 

Unworthy though we be 
Of love so free and bound' 

To come, dear Lord, to Thee ! 

W. Chatterton Dix. if 07 


^JKJkJ God so loved the ivorld, that 

Jit gave His only begotten Son.— John iii. 16. 

il'"ATHER, whose everlasting love 
Thy only Son for sinners gave ; 
Whose grace to all did freely move. 
And sent Him do^vn the world to save : 

'J Help us Thy mercy to extol. 

Immense, unfathomed, unconfined ; 
To praise the Lamb who died for all. 
The general Saviour of mankind. 

3 Thy undistinguishing regard 

Was cast on Adam s fallen race ; 
For all Thou hast in Christ prepared 
Sufficient, .sovereign, saving grace. 

i The world He suffered to redeem. 

For all He hath the atonement made : 
For those that vriU. not come to Him, 
The ransom of His life was paid. 

every one that thirsteth, 
come ye to the ivuters.— Isaiah Iv. 1. 

HO : every one that thirsts draw nigh ; 
'Tis God invites the fallen race ; 
Mercy and free salvation buy, 
Buy wine, and milk, and gospel giace. 

2 Come to the living waters, come ! 

Sinners, obey your Maker's call ; 

Return, ye weary wanderers, home. 

And find My grace is free for all. 

3 See from the Rock a fountain rise ! 

For you in healing streams it rolls ; 
Money ye need not bring, nor price. 
Ye labouring, burdened, sin-sick souls. 

4 Nothing ye in exchange shall give ; 

Leave all you have and are behind ; 
Frankly the gift of God receive. 
Pardon and peace iu Jesus find. 

j Your willing ear and heart incline. 
My words believingly receive ; 
Quickened your soula, by faith divine. 
An everlasting life shall live. 

M'esley. 1740. 

O"] "I C.M.D. 

'-' -L -L 0/ His fulness have all we 
received, and grace for ^ace.— John i. 10. 

I HEARD the voice of Jesus say, 
• Come unto Me, and rest ; 
Lay down, poor \veary one, lay down 

Thy head upon My : ' 
I came to Jesus as 1 was. 

Weary, and worn, and sad ; 

I found in Him a resting-place. 

And He has made me glad. 

2 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

' Behold, I freely give 
The living water ;— thirsty one. 

Stoop down, and drink, and live : ' 
I came to Jesus, and I drank 

Of that life-giving stream ; 
My thirst wasquenched, my soul revived. 

And now I live in Him. 

3 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

' I am this dark world's light ; 
Look unto Me, thy mom shall rise. 

And all thy day be bright :' 
I looked to Jesus, and 1 found 

In Him, my Star, my Sun ; 
And in that Light of Life IU walk. 
Till travelling da5-s are done. 

Uoratius Bonar. 1857. 




The. Lord, the Lord God, 
merciful and ijracious.—Exodns xxxiv. G. 

THY ceaseless, unexhausted love, 
Uiiiiiented and iree, 
Delights our evil to remove, 
And help our misery. 

2 Tliou waitest to be gracious still, 

Thou (lost with sinners bear, siivt'd, we may Thy goodness feel, 
And all Thy grace declare. 

3 Thv goodness and Thy truth to me. 

To ev< ry soul abound ; 
A vast, unfathomable sea. 
Where all our thoughts are drowned. 

4 Its streams the whole creation reach. 

So plenteous is the store ; 
Enough for all, enough for each. 
Enough for evermore. 

5 Faithful, Lord, Thy mercies are ! 

A Kock tliat cannot move; 
A thousand promises declare 
Thy constancy of love. 

C Throughout the tmiverse it reigns. 
Unalterably sure ; 
Anil while the truth of Ood remains. 
The goodness must endure. 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 


Wc preach Christ crucified. 
1 Corinthians i. '.'3. 

JESUS, Thou all-redeeming Lord, 
Thy blessing wo implore : 
Open the door to preach Thy word. 
The great clfectual door. 

2 Gather the outcasts in, and savo 

From sin and Satan's power ; 

And let them now acceptance have. 

And know their gracious hour. 

3 Lover of souls ! Thon know'st to prize 

Wliat Thou hast bought so dear : 
Cotnf, tliiMi, and hi Thy people's eyes 
With all Thy wounds appear. 

4 Appear, as when of old eonfest 

The Hutfering .Son of (;od ; 
.\nd let tliem see TlKto in Thy vest, 
15ut newly dljit in blood. 

Til-' liMidn. 

s^ from their hc^artsr 

Tli.iu wli 

> lor Mil liMstdiiMl : 

Show Ih.-n 

th.. tokens of Thy lo\ 

Thy feet, 

Thy hands. Thy side. 

Thy f(M!t were nailed to yonder troo 
To trample down their sin ; 
Thy hands Htretcheil out they all may see 
To take Thy inurdororB in. 

7 Thy side an open fountain is 

Where all may freely go, 
And drink the living streams of bliss 
And wash them white as snow. 

8 Ready Thou art the blood to apply. 

And pi-o\c the record true ; 
And all Tliy wounds to sinners cry, 
• I sutfered this for you 1 ' 

Charles Wesley. 171'J. 


Thus saith the Lord, 

Let not the ivise man glory in his ivisdom. 

Jeremiah ix. 23. 

LET not the wise his wisdom boast ; 
The mif'lity glory in his might; 
The rich in flattering riches trust. 
Which take their everlasting llight. 

2 The rush of numerous years bears down 

The most gigantit; strength of man ; 
And where is all his wisdom gone. 
When dust he turns to dust again 1 

3 One only gift can .iustify 

Thr lio;i.sMng soul that knows his God ; 
Wh.'n .h'sus doth Ills blood apply, 
1 glory ill His spriuldcd blood. 

4 Tlie Lonl my Righteousness I praise; 

I triuni])!! in the love divine, 
The wisdom, wealth, and strength of grace, 
In Christ to endless ages mine. 

Charles Wesley. 1702. 


Xot by ivorks o/rif)hk'c»isncss 
which we have done, but according to Hi 
mercy He saved us. — Titus iii. 5. 

f OT what these hands have done 
Can .save this guilty soul ; 
Not what this toiling flesh has borne 
Can make my spirit whole. 


2 Not what I feel or do 

Can give me peace with God ; 
Not all my prayers, and sighs, and to 
Can bear my awfid load. 

3 Thy work alone, O Christ, 
Can case this weight of s'n ; 

Tliy blood alone, Liimb of God, 
Can give mo peace witliln. 

4 Thy love to nie, O (3od, 
Not niin.', () Lonl, toTh.-e, 

Can rid ine >>r this d;iik unrest. 
And set my spirit free. 

r> Thy grace alone, God, 
To me can pardon speak ; 
Thy |)ower alono, O Son of God, 
Can this soro bondago break. 


6 I bless the Christ of God, 
I rest on love divine; 
And witli unfaltering lip and heart, 
I call this Saviour mine. 

Horatius Bonar. 1857. 


CM. With Chorus. 
The Gospel ofvoiir salvation. 
Ephesians i. 13. 

SALV.VTIOX ! the joyful sound I 
What pleasure to our ears 1 
A sovereign balm for every wound, 
A cordial for our fears. 
Glory, honour, praise, and power 

Be unto the Lahib for ever I 

Jesus Christ is our Redeemer : 

Hallelu.iah l praise the Lord. 

Salvation ! let the echo fly 
The spacious earth around ; 

While all the armies of the sky 
Conspire to raise the sound. 

3 Salvation ! O Thou bleeding Lamb, 

To Thee the praise belongs ; 

Salvation shall inspire our hearts. 

And dwell upon our tongues. 

Isaac Watts. 1700. 
And W. W. Shirley. 1772. 


Ilis (jreat love wheretinth 
He loved us.— Ephesians ii. 4. 

TTTAS there ever kindest shepherd 
V V Half so gentle, half so sweet. 
As the Saviour who would have us 
Come and gather round His feet t 

2 There is welcome for the sinner ; 

And more graces for the good ; 

There is mercy with the Saviour, 

There is healing in His blood. 

3 There is plentiful redemption 

In the blood that has been shed ; 
There is Joy for all the members 
In the sorrows of the Head. 

4 For the love of God is broader 

Than the measures of man's mind ; 
And the heart ot the Eternal 
Is most wonderfully kind. 

5 If our love were but more simple. 

We should take Him at His word ; 
Ami our lives would be all sunshine 
In the sweetness of our Lord. 

F. W. Faber. 18i'J. 

(BtraitgcHsttc ^cr bites. 



Come ; for all thinos 
are now ready.— Luke xiv. 17. 

COME, sinners, to the Gospel feast, 
Let every soul be Jesus guest ; 
Ye need not one be left behind. 
For God hath bidden all mankind. 

Sent by my Lord, on you I call. 
The invitation is to all; 
Come all the world, come sinner thou. 
All things in Christ are ready now. 

Come, all ye souls by sin opprest. 
Ye restless wanderers after rest ; 
Ye poor, and maimed, and halt, and 

In Christ a hearty welcome find. 

4 My message as from God receive. 
Ye all may come to Chiist, and live ; 
O let His love your hearts constrain. 
Nor sulfer llim to die in vain ! 

His love is nughty to compel. 
His conquering love consent to feel ; 
Yield to His love's resistless power. 
And tight against your God no more. 

6 See Him set forth before your eyes. 
That precious bleeding sacrifice : 
His offered benefits embrace. 

And freely now be saved by grace. 

7 This is the time, no more delay. 
This is the acceptable day : 
Come in, this moment, at His call. 
And live for Him who died for all. 

Wesley. 1747. 



8.7. 8.7. 7.7. 
There shall be a fountain 
opeiKd to the house of David, . . . for sin 
and for undeamiess. —Zech. xiii. 1. 

COME to Calvary's holy mountain, 
Sinners ruined by the fall ; 
Here a puie and healing fountain 

Flows to you, to me, to all, 
In a full perpetual tide, 
Opened when the Saviour died. 

2 Come, in sorrow and contrition. 

Wounded, impotent, and blind ; 
Here the guilty free remission, 

Here the troubled peace may find ; 
Health this fountain will restore. 
He that drinks shall thirst no more. 

3 He that drinks shall live for ever, 

'Tis a soul-renewing flood ; 
God is faithful ; God will never 

Break His covenant in blood. 
Signed when our Redeemer died. 
Sealed when He was glorified. 

James Monhjomenj. 1819. 

OOfv 12.11. 12.11. 

0^\J Him that cometh to Me 

I will in no wise cast out.— John vi. 37. 

OCOME to the merciful Saviour who calls 
O come to the Lord who forgives and 
forgets ; 
Though dark be the fortune on earth that 
befalls you. 
There's a bright homo above where the 
sun never sets. 

2 U come then to Jesus, whoso arms are e.x- 
To fold His dear children in closest em- 
brace ; 
I) come, for your cxilo will sliortly bo 
And Jesus will show you His beautiful 
face ; 

;! Yes. come to the Saviour, whoso mercy 
grows brighter 
The longer you look at the depth of Hi.s 
love ; 
And fearnot ! 'tis Jesus! and life's cares 
grow Ugliter, 
As you tliink of the homo and the glory 

4 Have you sinned an none else in the world 
have before you? 
y\ie yi>u blacker than all other creatures 
in guilt? 
O feir not. and doubt not ! the mother who 
bore you 
I/jves you loss than tho Saviour whoso 
blooil you have spilt. 

5 come, then, to Jesus, and say how you 

love Him, 
And vow at His feet you will keep in 

His grace ; 
For one tear that is shed by a sinner cnn 

move Him, 
And yonr sins will drop off in His tender 


6 Come, come to His feet, and lay open your 

Of suffering and sorrow, of guilt and of 
shame ; 
For the pardon of sin is the crown of His 
And the joy of our Lord to be true to 
His name. 

F. W. Fuber. UvW. 


8.7. 8.7. 4. 
/ am not come to call tlce 
(jhteoas, but sinners to repentance. 
Matthew ix. 13. 

COME, ye sinners, poor and wntcliiMl, 
Weak and wounded, sick and sore ; 
Jesus ready stands to save you. 
Full of pity joined with power : 

He is able ; 
He is willing : doubt no more. 

2 Ho ! ye needy, come and welcome, 

God's free boimty glorify ; 
Tiiie belief and true repentance. 
Every grace that brings us nigli, 

Without money. 
Come to Jesus Christ and buy. 

3 Let not conscience make j'ou linger, 

Nor of fitness fondly dre.ani ; 
All the fitness He reouireth 
Is to feel j'our need of Hiin : 

This He gives you ; 
'Tis the Spirit's rising beam. 

4 Come, ye weary, heavy laden. 

Bruised and broken bv the r.iM ; 
If you tarry tillyouro bett- i. 
You will iir\ii((iiiic iit ah: 

Sinners Jesus camo to call. 

5 Agonizing ii\ the garden, 

Lo I your Saviour prostrate lies ; 
On the bloody tree behold Him ; 
Hear llim cry before He dies, 

■It is finished!' 
Finished, the great s.acrifice. 

C Saints and angels Joined In concert. 

Sing the praises of tho Lamb; 

While the blissful seats of heaven 

Sweetly echo with His nanm. 

Hallelujah ! 
Sinners here may sing tho same. 


Jo.teph Hart. 17.V.I. 



8,7. 8.7. D. 
Call the poor, the maimed, 
the lame, the blind.— Lnke xiv. 13. 

CALL them in ! ' the poor, the wretched. 
Sin-stained wanderers from the fold; 
Peace and pardon freely olfer. 

Can you wei^h their worth with gold? 
'Call them in ; ' the weak, the weary, 

Laden with the doom of sin ; 

iJid them come and rest in Jesus : 

He is waiting : ' call them in ! ' 

' Call them in ! ' the Jew, the Gentile ; 

Bid the stranger to the feast ; 
' Call them in ! ' the rich, the noble, 

From the highest to the least. 
Forth the Father runs to meet them. 

He hath all their sorrow.s seen ; 
Robe, and ring, and royal sandals 

Wait the lost ones : ' call them in : • 

' Call them in ! ' the broken-hearted. 

Cowering 'neath the brand of shame ; 
Speak love's message, low, and tender, 

■ 'Twas for sinners Jesus came.' 
See, the shadows lengthen round us. 

Soon the day-dawn will begin ; 
Can you leave them lost and lonely ? 

Christ is coming : ' call them in ! ' 

Mrs. A. Shipton. 1862. 


Thf: Spirit and the brills 
say, come.— Revelation xxii. 17. 

C10ME, ye weary sinners, come, 
I All who groan beneath your load ; 
Jesus calls His wanderers home. 
Hasten to your pardoning God. 

2 Come, ye guilty spirits oppressed. 
Answer to the Saviour's call ; 
' Come, and I will give you rest, 
Come, and I will save you all.' 

Jesus, full of truth and love. 
We Thy kindest word obey : 
Faithfullet Thy mercies prove, 
Take our load of guilt away. 

4 Fain we would on Thee rely, 

Cast on Thee our every care ; 
To Thine arms of mercy fly, 
Find our lasting quiet there. 

5 Burdened with a world of grief. 

Burdened with our sinful load. 
Burdened with this unbelief. 
Burdened with the wrath of God ; 

G Lo ! we come to Thee for ease. 
True and gracious as Thou art ; 
Now our groaning souls release. 
Write forgiveness on our heart. 


All things are rendu : rome 
unto the marriage.— Matthew xxii. 4. 

SINNERS, obey the Gospel word, 
Haste to the supper of my I/>rd, 
Be wise to know your gracious day. 
All things are ready, come away ! 

2 Ready the Father is to own 
And kiss His late-returning Son ; 
Ready your loving Saviour stand.s. 
And spreads for you His bleeding hand.s 

3 Ready the Spirit of His Love, 

Just now the hardest heart to move ; 
To apply and witness with the blood. 
And w ash and seal the sons of Goil : 

4 Ready for you the angels wait 
To triumph in your blest estate ; 
Tuning their liarps they long to praise 
The wonders of redeeming grace. 

5 The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Is ready, with tlieir shining host ; 
All heaven is ready to resound, 

' The dead's alive ! the lost is found ! 

6 Come, then, ye sinners, to your Lord, 
In Christ to Paradise restored ; 

His proffered benefits embrace. 
The plenitude of Gospel grace. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 

OOp;, 7.6. 7.6. p. 

O^CiU standeth be/ore the door. 
James v. 9. 

JESUS, Thou art standing 
Outside the fast-closed door. 
In lowly patience waiting 

To pass the threshold o'er : 
Shame on us. Christian brethren. 

His name and sign w ho bear ; 

O. shame : thrice shame upon us, 

To keep Him standing there. 

2 Jesus, Thou art knocking : 

.\nd !o 1 that hand is scarred, 
And thorns Thy brow encircle. 

And tears Thy lace have marred : 
O love that passeth knowledge. 

So patiently to wail! 
sin that hath no equal, 

bo fast to bar the gate ! 

3 Jesus, Thou art pleading 
In accents meek and low, 
' I died for you. My children. 

And will ye treat Me so ? ' 
Lord, with shame and sorrow 

We open now the door : 
Dear Saviour, enter, enter, 
And leave us never more. Amen. 
Bishop W. W. Il.vr. iSuT. 




7.7. 7.7. D. 
Why will ye die, hoiise of 
Israel /— Ezekiel xviii. 31. 

SI.VXERS, turn, why will j-e die ? 
God, your Maker, asks you why : 
God. who did your being give, 
Maile you with Himself to live ; 
He the fatal cause demands. 
Asks the work of His own hands, 
Why. ye thankless creatures, why 
WiU ye cross His love, and die? 

2 Sinners, turn, why will ye die ? 
God, ynur Saviour, asks you why : 
Goil, wild (lid your souls retrieve, 
lii.Ml llun.s.-iithat ye might live. 
Will you \^t Him die in vain? 
Ci'.K it'y ynur Lt)rd again? 

Why, ye ransomed sinners, why 
Will you slight His grace and die f 

3 Sinners, turn, why will ye die? 
God, the Spirit, asks you why : 
He who all your lives hath strove, 
Wooed you to embrace His love : 
WiU you not His grace receive? 
Will you still refuse to live ? 
Why, ye long-sought sinners, why 
WiU you grieve your God, and die ? 

Wesley. 1741. 

I.<:racl, return unto the 
Lord thy 6'0(i.— Hosea xiv. 1. 

WK.\RY souls that wander wide 
From the central point of bliss, 
Turn to .Jesus crucified, 

V\y to those dear wounds of His, 
Sink into the purple flood, 
Rise into the life of God. 

2 Find in Christ the way of peace, 

Peai:e unsiH-akiible, unknown ; 
By Mis pain He gives you, 

I.lfo by His expiring groan ; 
Uis.\ exalted by His fall. 
Find in Christ your all in alL 

3 believe the record true, 

God to you His Son hath given I 
Ve may now be happy too. 

Find on earth the life of heaven. 
Live the life of heaven above. 
All the life of glorious lovo. 

4 This the universal bliss, 

KUms liir I'virv smil designed ; 
Go,|-M .„,..„, I, .V „.,,his, 

Gods' I. ,1 111 In, ,11 i„;niklnd; 
Hl"st li, ( ,iM,i ilH moment be! 

Dl0.Mt to all elelimy : 

Weslej. 1717. 


S.M. With Chorus. 
The Master is come, and 
callethfor thee.— John xi. 28. 

I HEAR Thy welcome voice 
That calls me. Lord, to Thee, 
For cleansing in Thy precious blood 
That flowed on Calvary. 

I am coming. Lord, 
Coming now to Thee ! 
Wash me, cleanse me, in the blood 
That flowed on Calvary. 

2 Though coming weak and vile. 
Thou dost my strength assure ; 

Thou dost my vileness fully cleanse. 
Till spotless all and pure. 

3 'Tis .Tesus calls me on 

To perfect faith and love. 
To perfect hope, and peace, ami trust, 
For earth and heaven above. 

4 'Tis Jesus who confirms 
The blessed work within. 

By ?<i<iiug grace to welcomed grace. 
Where reigued the power of sin. 

5 And He the witness gives 
To loyal hearts and free. 

That every promise is fulfilled. 
If faith but brings the pkvi. 

All hail, atoning blood ! 
All hail, redeeming grace ! 
All hail, the gift of Christ our Lord, 
Our Strength and ! 
Mrs. L. Ilartsoitgh. 1874. 


7.6. 7.C. IX 
Behold, 7inw is the day of 
salvation.— 2 Corinthians vi. 2. 

TO-DAY Thy mercy calls us 
To wash away our sin. 
However great our trespass. 

Whatever we have been : 
However long from mercy 

Our hearts have turned away. 
Thy precious blood ciin cleanse us, 
And make us white to-day. 

2 To-day Thy gate is open. 

And all wlm enter in 
Shall tiiid 11 FuUiers welcome, 

And pardon lor their sin : 
The past shall be forgotten, 

A present joy be given, 
A future grace be promised. 

A glori 

rown in heaven. 

3 To-day our Father calls ua ; 
His Holy Spirit waits; 
The blessed angels gather 
Around the heavenly gates : 


No question will bo askerl us 
How often we have come ; 

Although we oft have wandered, 
It is our Father's home ! 

4 all-embracinfT mercy ! 
() ever-open door ! 
What should we do without Theo 

When heart and eye run o'i:r? 
When all things seem against us, 

'I'o drive us to despair, 
We know one gate is open. 
One car will Lear our prayer ! 

0. Allen. 18C.2. 


! ye, turn ye from your 
js ; for why mil ye die 

Turn ,. 

evil wa/s; ^„ ^ 

Ezekielxxxiii. 11. 

7.7. 7. 

WH.\T could your Redeemer do 
More than He hath done for you? 
To procuire your peace with God, 
Could He more than shed His blood ? 
After all His waste of love. 
All His drawings from above. 
Why will you your Loi-d deny ? 
Why will you resolve to die i 

2 Turn, He cries, ye sinners, turn ; 
By His life your God hath sworn. 
He would have you turn and live. 
He would all the world receive : 
li your death were His delight. 
Would He you to life invite? 
Would He a-sk. beseech, and cry, 
^\hy will you resolve to die ? 

3 .Sinners, turn, while God is near; 
D;ire not think Him insincere ; 
Now, evi'u now, your Saviour stands. 
All day loiii; Hi* spreads His hands, 
Vi i<s."' Ye will not happy be, 

No, ye will not come to Me ! 
Ml', who life to none deny : 
Why will you resolve to die?" 

Wesley. 1741. 

331 7.0. D. With Chorus. 
The glorious Gospel of Chriot. 
2 Corinthians iv. 4. 

TELL me the old, old story 
Of unseen things above, 
Of .Tesus and His glory. 

Of Jesus and His love. 
Tell me th( story simply. 

As to a little child. 
For I am weak and weary. 
And helpless and defiled. 
Tell me the old, old story 
Of Jesus and His love ! 

Tell me the story slowly, 
Tliat I may take it in ; 

Thi)t wonderful redemption, 
Cod's remedy for sin. 

Tell me the story often. 

For I forget so soon . 
The early dew of morning 

Ha.s passed away at noun. 

3 Tell me the story softly. 

With earnest tones and grave ; 
Remember, I'm the sinner 

Whom Jesus came to save. 
Ti-11 me the story always. 

If you would really Iw, 
111 any time of trouble, 

A comforter to me. 

4 Tell me the same old story. 

When you have cause to 
That this world's empty glory 

Is costing me too dear. 
Yes, and when that world's glory 

Is dawning on my soul. 
Tell me the old, old story, 

Christ Jesus makes thee whole. 

Katherine Hunkey. 


I flee unto Thee to hide me. 
Psalm cxliii. 9. 

LORD, in this Thy mercy's day. 
Ere it pass for aye away. 
On our knees we fall and pray. 

2 Holy Jesus, grant us tears. 

Fill us with heart-searching fears, 
Ere that day of doom appears. 

3 Lord, on us Thy Spirit pour. 
Kneeling lowly at the door, 
Ere it close for evermore. 

4 By Thy night of agony. 
By Thy supplicating cry. 
By Thy willingness to die, 

5 By Thy tears of bitter woe 
For Je"rus;Uem below. 

Let us not Thy love forego. 

6 Grant us 'neath Thy wings a place. 
Lest we lose this day of gra<;e. 
Ere we shall behold Thy face. 

7 On Thy love we rest alone. 

As that love shall then he kninvn 
By the pardoned round Thy throne. 
Isaac Williams. 1S42. alt. 


OOO He heard that it mis 

Jesus of A'azareth.—liarii x. 47. 

TT7H.\T means this eager, anxious throng, 
> V Which moves with busy haste along. 
Those wondrous gatherings day by day? 
Whatmeans this strange commotion, pray? 
In accents hushed the throng reply, 
' Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.' 


2 Who is this Jesus ? Why should He 
The city move so mightily? 

A passino: stransrer, has He skill 
To move the multitude at will ? 
A;:,'ain the >tirring tones reply, 
' Jesus of Nazareth passeth by." 

3 Jesus : 'tis He who once below 

Man's li way trod mid pain and woe; 
And burd.-ned ones, whereer He came, 
Krought out their sick, and deaf, an 

lame : 
The blind rejoiced to hear the cry, 
' Jesus of Nazareth passeth by." 

4 Again He comes ! from place to place 
His holy footprints we can trace. 

He pauseth at our threshold— nay. 
He enters— condescends to stay ; 
Shall we not gladly raise the cry? 
• Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.' 

5 Ho : all ye heavy-laden, come. 

Here s pardon, comfort, rest, and home; 
Ye wanderers from a Fathers face, 
lleturn, accept His proffered grace ; 
Ve tempted ones, there's refuge nigh, 
' Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.' 

C I!ut if you still His call refuse. 
And all His wondrous love abuse. 
Soon will He sadly from you turn, 
"i'our bitter prayer for pardon spurn : 
' Too late ! too late ! ' will be the cry, 
■Jesus of Nazareth has passed by." 

Etta Cam2)ben. 18C3. 

OO/I . 

«J»_>"a: Thehhnd receive their sight, 

and the lame walk, . . . and the poor have 
the gospel jireached to them.— xi. 5. 

VH neighbours and friends 
1 Of Jesus, draw near, 
His love condescends, 

Hy titles so dear. 
To call and Invite you 

His triumph to prove. 
And freely delii;ht you 

Hi Jesus's love, — 

2 The Shepherd who died 

His sheep to redeem ; 
On every side 

Are gathered to Him 
The wiary and burdened, 

Till' r.'iirnli.iif race ; 
And WMii 111 lie ipanloned 

Tliniugh Jesus 8 grace. 

3 The blind are restored 

Through Jesus's name ; 
They see their Lord, 

And follow the Lamb ; 
The halt they are walking, 

And running their race ; 
The dumb they are talking 

Of Jesus 8 grace. 

4 The deaf hear His voice, 

And comforting word ; 
It bids them rejoice 

In Jesus their Lord : 
' Thy sins are forgiven. 

Accepted thou art ; ' 
They listen, and heaven 

Springs up in their heart. 

5 The lepers from all 

Their spots are made clean ; 
The dead by His call 

Are raised from their sin ; 
In Jesus compassion 

The sick find a cure ; 
And gospel salvation 

Is preached to the poor. 

C To us and to them 

Is published the word : 
Then let us proclaim 

Oui life-giving Lord, 
WTio now is reviving 

Hiij work in our days. 
And mightily striving 

To save us by grace. 

7 Jesus, ride on. 

Till all are subdued ; 
Thy njercy make known. 

And sprinkle Thy blood ; 
Display Thy salvation. 

And teach the new song 
To every nation. 
And people, and tongue. 
Charles Weslc;/. 



His eves were as a flame 
o/ftre.-Rcv. 1. i4. 

THOU Son of God, whose flaming eyes 
Our inmost thoughts perceive, 
Accept the evening sacrifice. 
Which now to Thee wo give. 

2 We bow before Thy gracious throne, 
And think ourselves sincere ; 
Hut show us. Lord, is every ouo 
Thy real worshipper? 

." Is here a soul that knows Thee not. 
Nor feels his w.ant of Thee ? 
A Btninger to the blood which bought 
His pardon on the tree ? 

4 Oonvlnre him now of unbelief, 
His desperate state explain ; 
,And fill his heart with sacred grlot, 
And penitential pain. 


5 Speak with that voice which wakes the 
And bid the sleeper rise I 
And bid his guilty conscience dread 
The death that never dies. 

C Extort the cry. * What must be done 
To save a wretch like me ? 
How shall a trembling sinner shun 
That endless misery ? 

7 * I must this instant now begin 
Out of my sleep to awake ; 
And turn to God, and every sin 
Continually forsake : 

S ' I must for faith incessant cry. 
And wrestle. Lord, with Thee : 
I must be born again, or die 
To all eternity. 

Charles Wesley. 1767. 


6.6. 6.6. C.C. 
But first gave their own 
selves to the Lord.— 2 Corinthians viii. 5. 

I GAVE My life for thee. 
My precious blood I shed. 
That thou might st ransomed be, 
And quickened from the dead : 
I gave My life for thee ; 
AVhat hast thou given for Me 1 

2 I spent long years for thee, 

In weariness and woe, 
That an eternity 

Of joy thou mightest know : 
I spent long years for thee ; 
Hast thou spent one for Me ? 

3 My Father's home of light. 

My rainbow-circled throne, 
I left for earthly night. 

For wanderings sad and loue : 
I left it all for thee ; 
Hast thou left aught for Me ? 

4 I suffered much for thee. 

More than thy tongue can tell. 
Of bitterest agony. 

To rescue thee from hell : 
I sufl'ered much for thee ; 
What canst thou bear for Me ? 

6 And I have brought to thee, 
Down from My home above. 
Salvation full and free. 

My pardon and My love : 
Great gifts I brought to thee -, 
What hast thou brought to Me ? 

6 0, let thy life be given. 

Thy years for Me be spent, 
World-fetters all be riven. 

And joy with suffering blent : 
I gave Myself for thee ; 
Give thou thyself to Me. 

Frrniccs H. HaveraaJ. ls:/.>. 


As the Holt/ Ghost saith. To- 
day if ye iviXl hear His voice. 
Hebrews lii. 7. 

ODD not let the word depart. 
And close thine eyes against the light, 
Poor sinner, harden not thine heart ; 
Thou \ ould'st be saved ; why not to- 

To-morrow's sun may never rise 
To bless thy long-deluded sight ; 

This is the time, then be wise I 
Thou would'st be saved ; why not to- 
night ? 

Thy God in pity urges still. 

And wilt thou thus His love requite? 
U'^nounce at length thy stubborn will ; 

Thou would'st be saved ; why not to- 

4 The world has nothing left to give ; 
No new, no pure, no sure delight ; 
Try then the life which Christ will give ; 
Thou would St be saved ; why not to- 

5 His boundless love refuses none 

Who would to Him their souls unite : 
Then be the work of grace begun ; 
Thou would'st bo saved ; why not to- 

Mrs. Eliza Ann Reed. 1812. 

QQQ s.M. 

OOO Htm hath God exalted . . . to 
give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of 
sins.— Acts V. 31. 

OTHAT I could repent. 
With all my idols part. 
And to Thy gracious eyes present 
A humble contrite heart ; 

2 A heart with grief cpprest. 
For having grieved my God, 

A troubled hean, that cannot rest, 
TUl sprinkled with Thy blood. 

3 Jesus, on me bestow 
The penitent desire ; 

With true sincerity of woo 
My aching breast inspire : 

4 With softening pity look. 
And melt my hardness down ; 
Strike with Thy love's resistless stroke. 
And break this heart of stone : 
Charles Wesley. 17-19. 



Behold, T stand at the door, 
and Arnocfc.— Revelation iii. 20. 

KNOCKING ! knocking ! who is there ? 
Waiting, waiting, 0, how fair ! 
"Tis a Pilgrim, strange and kingly, 

Never such was seen before ; 

Ah, my soul, for such a wonder 

Wilt thou not undo the door ? 

2 Knocking ! knocking ! still He's there ! 
Waiting, waiting, wondi-ous fair 1 
But the door is hard to open, 

For the weeds and ivy-vine, 
With their dark and clinging tendrils. 

Ever round the hinges twine. 

3 Knockinsr | knockine !— what, still there I 
Waiting, waiting, grand and fair ! 
Yes, the pierct''d hand still knoi-keth, 

And beneath the crowned hair 

Beam the patient eyes, so tender, 

Of thy Saviour waiting there. 

Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stotve. 1867. 
Alt. P. P. Bliss. 1874. 


*~>^i^\J He found nothing but leaves. 
Mark xi. 13. 

NOTHING but leaves ! the Spirit grieves 
Over a wasted life ; 
O'er sins indulged while conscience slept, 
er vows and promises unkept ; 
And reaps, from years of strife, 
Nothing but leaves 1 

2 Nothing but leaves ! No gathered sheaves 
Of life's fair ripening grain : 
Wo sow our seeds ; lo, tares and woc^ds, 
Words, idle words for earnest deeds ; 
We reap, with toil and pain, 
Nothing but leaves ! 

3 Nothing but leaves ! Sad memory weaves 
No veil to hide the past : 
And iis we trace our weary way, 
Counting eacli lost and misspent day, 
Sadly we find at last. 
Nothing but leaves 1 

4 Ah ! who shall thus the Master moot. 

Bearing but withered leaves? 

Ah ! who shall at the Saviour's feet 

Before the awful Judgment-seat 

Lay down, for Kohh-n sheaves, 

Nothing but leaves V 

Mrs. M. S. Dana. 18C9. 



If any man hear My voice, 

and open the door, I will come i»i to him. 

Revelation iii. 20. 

COME, let us, who in Christ believe, 
Our common Saviour praise ; 
To Him with Joyful voices give 
The glory of His grace. 

2 He now stands knocking At the door 

Of every sinner's heart ; 
The worst need keep Him out no more. 
Or force Him to depart. 

3 Through grace we hearken to Thy voice. 

Yield to be saved from sin ; 
In sure and certain hope rejoice, 
That Thou wilt enter in. 

4 Come quickly in. Thou heavenly Guest, 

Nor ever hence remove ; 
But sup with us, and let the feast 
Be everlasting love. Amen. 

Wesley. 1741. 

342 D. 
Unto you . . . which believe. 
He is precious. — 1 Peter ii. 7. 

INKED Thee, precious Jesus, 
Fori uiii full of .sin; 
My soul i.s dark and iiuilty, 
My heart is di:ul within: 
I need the cloaiisiiij; fountain 

Where I can always flee, 
The blood of "most precious. 
The sinner's perfect plea. 

2 I need Thee, precious Jesus, 

For I am very poor ; 
A stranger and a pilgrim, 

I have no earthly store : 
I need the love of .lesiis 

To eheer iiie cii my way, 
To guide my doubting footsteps, 

To be my strength and stay. 

3 I need Thee, precious Jesus, 

I need a Iricnd lik.>Thee; 
A friend to so,,l h.. and pity, 

A fririhl I., raiv lor mo: 
I need til.' Ill-all of .Irsus 

To feel eaili an.xioiis care. 
To bear my every burden. 

And all my sorrow share. 

4 I need Thee, preiions .lesus, ,. 

And liojie lo see The,' soon, f 

Encircled uitli (he rainbow, ■ 

And sealed on 'I'liv throne : I 

There, Willi Thy blood-bouKlit children, 

.My Joy shall <'Vi'r be, , 

To siiii,' I'hy praise, ],oid Jesus, | 

To gaz-e, my Lord, on Thee. | 

P. WhiUleld. 1860, p 


Q4.Q CM. 

*-'^*^'-' ITaving a form of godlinfux, 
but denying the power thereof. 
2 Timothy iii. 5. 

J" ONG have I seemed to serve Thee, Lord, 
J With unavailing pain ; 
Fasted, and prayed, and read Thy word. 
And heard it prea<;hed in vain. 

2 Oft did I with the assembly join. 

And near Thine altar drew ; 
A form of godliness was mine, 
The power I never knew. 

3 I rested in the outward law, 

Nor knew its deep design, 
The length and breadth I never saw. 
And height, of love dl\'ine. 

4 To please Thee thus, at length I see, 

Vaiidy I hoped and strove ; 
For what are outward things to Theo, 
Unless they spring from love t 

I see the perfect law requires 
Truth in the inward parts. 

Our full consent, our whole 
Our undivided hearts. 

G But I of means have made my boast. 
Of means an idol made ; 
The spirit in the letter lost. 
The substance in the shade. 

7 WTiere am I now, or what my hope J 
Wliat can my weakness do? 
Jesus, to Thee my soul looks up, 
'Tis Thou must make it new. 

Wesley. 1740. 

OAA 7.7. \ 

•^ J^^^ Hide Thy face from my sins. 
Psalm U. 9. 

DEPTH of mercy, can there be 
Mercy still reserved for me 1 
Can my God His wrath forbear? 
Me, the chief of sinners, spare? 
I have long withstood His grace, 
Long provoked Him to His face, 
Would not hearken to His calls. 
Grieved Him by a thousand falls. 

2 I have spilt His precious blood, 
Trampled on the Son of God, 
FiUcd with pangs mispeakable, 
I, who yet am not in hell 1 
Whence to me this waste of love ? 
Ask my .Advocate above ; 

See the cause in Jesus face. 
Now before the throne of grace. 

3 Lo ! I cimiber still the ground : 
Lo I an Advocate is found : 

* Hasten not to cut him down. 
Let this barren soul alone : ' 

Jesus speaks, and pleads His blood; 
He disarms the wrath of God ! 
Now His tender mercies move, 
Justice lingers into love. 

4 Kindled His relentings are. 
Me He now delights to spare, 
Cries, ' How shall I give thi^e upT' 
Lets the lifted thunder drop : 
There for me the .Saviour stands, 
Shows His wounds, and spreads His hands ; 
God is love ! I know, I feel ; 
Jesus weeps, and loves me still 1 

Wesley. 1740. 


7.7. 7.7. With Chorus. 
Who loved me, and gave 
Himself for J>t«.— Galatians ii. 20. 

I AM coming to the cross, 
I am poor, and weak, and blind, 
I am Counting all but dross, 
I shall full salvation find. 

I am trusting, Lord, in Thee, 
Blessed Lamb of Calvary ; 
Humbly at Thy crcjss 1 bow. 
Save me, Jesus, save me now. 

2 Long my heart has sighed for Thee, 

Long lias evil reigned within, 
Jesus sweetly speaks to me, 
'I will cleanse thee from all sin." 

3 Here I give my all to Thee, 

Friends, and time, and earthly store, 
Soul and body Thine to be. 
Wholly Thine for evermore. 

4 In the promises I trust, 

I Now I know the blood applied ; 

I am prostrate in the dust, 
I \vith Christ am crucified. 

Jesus comes ! He fills my soul 1 

Perfected in Him I am, 
I am every whit made whole. 

Glory, glory to the Lamb ! 

Still Im trusting. Lord, in Tlice, 
BlessM Lamb of Calvary ; 
Humbly at Thy cross 1 bow, 
Jesus saves me, saves me now. 

IT. Macdonald. 1874. 

*->^^ He staggered not at the 

J^ronlise of Ovd through unbelief. 
Romans iv. 20. 

FATHER of Jesus Christ, my Lord, 
My Sa^iour, and my Head, 
I trust in Thee, whose powerful word 
Hath raised Him from the dead. 


'1 Thou know'st for my offence He diod, 
And nisu ivf^aiii for me, 
Kullv and fieoly justified, 
Tliat I might live to Thee. 

S Eternal life to all mankind 
Thou liast ia Jesus given ; 
And all who seek, in Him .shall find 
'i'he happiness of heaven. 

4 O God : Thy reiwrd I believe, 

In Abraham's footsteps tread. 
And wait, expecting to receive 
The Christ, the promised Seed. 

5 Faith in Thy power Thou seest I have, 

For Thou this faith hast wrought ; 

Dead souls Thou callest from their grave, 

And speakest worlds from nouglit. 

G In hope, against all human hope. 
Self-desperate, I believe ; 
Thy quickening word shall raise me up. 
Thou Shalt Thy Spirit give. 

7 The thing surpasses all my thought, 

I'.ut faithful is my Lord ; 
Tliiough unbelief I stagger not. 
For God Lath spoke the word. 

8 Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees. 

And looks to that alone ; 
Laughs at impossibilities. 
And cries, ' It shall be done ! ' 

Wesley. 1712. 



Lord, I believe ; help Thou 
mine unbelief.— Mu.rk. ix. HI. 

HOW sad our state by nature is ! 
Our sin, how deep its stain.s ! 
And Satan binds our captive minds 
Fast in his slavish chains. 

But ther(;s a v 

lii'.' nl'silNrrrign g 

Sounds floni 

I li.' . iri'.'il word. 

•Ho, yedi'spai 

III-; Miiiiris, come. 

And trust uj 

jii Liio Loid.' 

3 My soul obeys the Almighty's call, 

And runs to this relief; 
I would believe Thy promise. Lord, 
O help my unbelief! 

4 To the blest fountain of Thy blood. 

Incarnate Uod, I lly ; 
Hero let mo wash my spotted soul 
From sins of deepest dyo. 

6 A cuilty, weak, and hclpbiss soul. 
Into Thine arms I fall ; 
r.o Thou my strength and riichtoousnes 
My iiaviuur, and my all. Amen. 

Isaac Watts. 1709. 

U.5. G.5. D. 
They that knou> Thy name 
II put their trtLft in 2'Aee.— Psalm ix. 10. 

TESUS, I will trust Thee, 
O Trust Thee with my soul ; 
Guilty, lost, and helpless. 

Thou canst make me whole. 
There is none in heaven 

Or on earth like Thee : 
Thou hast died for sinners. 

Therefore, Lord, for me. 

2 Jesus, I may trust Thee, 

Name of matchless worth, 
Spoken by the angel 

At Thy wondrous birth. 
Written, and for ever. 

On Thy cross of shame ; 
SinnerSjPead and worship, 

Trusting in that name. 

3 Jesus, I must trust Thee, 

Pondering Thy ways. 
Full of love and mercy 

All Thine earthly days ; 
Sinners gathered round Thee, 

Lepers sought Thy face. 
None too vile or loathsome 

For a Savioiu- s grace. 

4 Jesus, I can trust Thee, 

Trust Thy written word, 
Though Thy voice of pity 

I have never heard : 
When Thy Spirit teaclieth, 

To my taste how sweet ! 
Only may I liearkon. 

Sitting at Thy feet. 

Jesus, I do trust Thee, 

Trust without a doubt ; 
Whosoever cometh, 

Thou wilt not cast out ; 
Faithful is Thy promise. 

Precious is Thy blood ; 
These my soul's salvation, 

Thou my Saviour God. 
Mrs. .Mary Jane WalU, 

Q4.Q With Chorus. 

«->^C7 /If,/ strong Ji'ork, for a house 
of (U/ence.—l'sixUn xxxl. 2. 

OSAFE to the Rock that is higlior than I. 
My soul in lis conllicts and sorrows 
would lly: 
So sinful, so weary, Thine, Thine would I 

be ; 
Thou blest 'Uock of Ages," I'm hiding in 

Hiding In Thee, hiding in Thee, 
Thou blest 'Rock of Ages,' I'm hiding 
in Thee. 


2 In the calm of the noontide, in sorrow's 

lone hour, 

In times when temptation casts o'er me 
its power ; 

In tho tempests of life, on its wide, heav- 
ing sea, 

Thou blest ' Rock of Ages,' I'm hiding in 

3 How oft in the conflict, when pressed by 

the foo, 
I have fled to my Refuge and breathed out 

my woe ; 
IIow often when trials like sea billows roll. 
Have I hidden in Thee, O Thou Rock of my 


W. 0. Gushing. 


Look unto Me, and be ye 
saved, all the ends of the earth.— Isn. xlv. 22 

JESUS, to Thee I now can fly, 
Ou whom my help is laid ; 
Oppressed by sins, I lift my eye. 
And see the shadows fade. 

2 Believing on my Lord, I find 

A sure and present aid ; 
On Thee, O let my constant mind 
Be every moment stayed. 

3 Whate'er in me seems wse, or good. 

Or strong, I here disclaim ; 
I wash my garments in the blood 
Of the atoning Lamb. 

4 Jesus, my Strength, my Life, my Rest, 

On Thee will I depend. 
Till summoned to the marriage-feast, 
When faith in sight shall end. 

Wede'j. 1742. 


7.7. 7.7. With Chorus. 
Though He slay me, yet uill 
I trust in Him.— Job xiii. 15. 

Q IMPLY trusting every day, 

O Trusting through a stormy way ; 

Kven when my faith is small. 

Trusting Jesus, that is all. 

Trusting as the moments fly. 
Trusting as the days go by, 
I'rusting Him whate'er befall. 
Trusting Jesus, that is all. 

2 Brightly doth His Spirit shine 
Into this poor heart of mine ; 
While He leads I cannot fall. 
Trusting Jesus, that is all. 

3 Singing, if my way is clear ; 
Praying, if the path is drear; 
If in danger, for Him call ; 
Trusting Jesus, that is alL 

4 Trusting Him while life shall last, 
Trusting Him till earth is past. 
Till within the Jasper wall ; 
Trusting Jesus, that is all. 

E. Pane. 



0»J^ God also hath highly exalted 
.ffm.— Philippians ii. 9. 

LET earth and heaven agree, 
Angels and nieii be joined, 
To celebrate with nie 
The Saviour of mankind. 
To adore the all-atoning Lamb, 
And bless the sound of Jesu's name. 

2 Jesus, transporting sound ! 

The joy of earth and heaven ; 
Ko other help is found, 

No other name is given. 
By which we can salvation have ; 
But Jesus came the world to save. 

3 Jesus, harmonious name ! 

It charms the hosts above ; 
They evermore proclaim 

And wonder at His love ; 
'Tis all their happiness to gaze, 
Tis heaven to see our Jesu's face. 

4 His name the sinner hears, 

And is from sin set free ; 
'TIS music in his oars, 

"Tis life and \ictory : 
New songs do now his lips employ. 
And dances his glad heart for joy. 

5 Stung by the scorpion sin. 

My poor expiring soul 
The balmy sound drinks in. 
And is at once made whole : 
See there my Lord upon the tree I 
I hear, I feel. He died for me. 

6 unexampled love ! 

all-redeeming grace ! 
How swiftly didst Thou move 

To save a fallen race : 
Wliat f^hall I do to make it known. 
What Thou for all mankind hast done t 

7 for a trumpet-voice. 

On all the world to call ; 

To bid their hearts rejoice 

In Him who died for all ; 

For all my Lord was crucified ; 

For all, for all my Saviour died ! 

Charles TT, >''V. 1741. 


oOd MysoxdthirstethforGod, 
for the living God.— Psalm xlii. 2. 

I THIRST, Thou wounded Lamb of God, 
To wash me in Thy cleansing blood ; 
To dwell witliin Thy wounds: tlieu pain 
Is sweet, and life or death is gain. 

2 Take my poor heart, and let it be 
For ever closed to all but Thee : 

Seal Thou my breast, and let mo wear 
That pledge of love for ever there. 

3 How blest are they who still abide 
Close sheltered in Thy bleeding side ! 
Who life and strength from thence derive, 
And by Thee move, and in Thee live. 

4 What are our works but sin and death, 
Till Thou Thy quickening Spirit breathe ? 
Thou giv'st the power Tliy grace to move : 
O wondrous grace ! O boundless love ; 

5 How can it be. Thou heavenly King, 
That Thou should'st us to glory bring, 
Make slaves the partners of Thy throne 
DccKed with a never-fading crown t 

6 Hence our hearts melt, otir eyes o'crflow, 
Our words are lost ; nor will we know, 
Kor will we think of aught beside, 

My Lord, my Love is crucilied. 

7 Ah, Lord ! enlarge our scanty thought. 

To know the wonders Thou hast wrought ;' 
Unloose our stammering tongues, to tell 
Thy love immense, unsearchable. 

8 First-born of many brethren Thou 1 
To Thee, lo ! all our souls we bow ; 

To Thee our hearts and hands we give ; 
Thine may we die. Thine may we live ! 

Count Zinzendorf and John and Anna 
Nitzchinan. lAth Century. Tr. John 
Wesley. 1740. 


6.10. 10.6. 
Thanks be to God, rvhich 
giveih us the victory through our Lord 
Jesus Christ.— 1 Cor. xv. 57. 

BLKSSED bo Ood, our God, 
Who gave for u.s Hi.sw(!llbelov6d Son, 
Ills gift of gifts, all other gifts iu one, 
Ulessud bo Uod, our God I 

2 What will He not bestow 
Who freely gave this nnglity gift, imbought, 
Unni'-rltcd, unheeded, and unsought— 
What will lie not bestow y 

.*? Ho sparfcd mil Ills Son ! 
TIh this that sllenctm ea<;h rising fear, 
Ti.s thlH that bids the hard thought disap- 
He Hi)ari''d not His Son : 

4 Who shall condemn us now. 

Since Christ has died, and risen and gone 

For us to plead at the right hand of love, 
Who shall condemn us now ? 

5 'Tis God that justifies ! 

Who shall recall the pardon or the grace. 
Or who the broketi chain of guilt replace ? 
'Tis God that .justifies 1 

6 The victory is ours ! 

For us in might came forth the Mighty One, 
For us He fought the fight, the triumph won ; 
The victory is ours ! 

Hu ratius Bonar. 1857. 


O vJ ^ Go ye into all the world, 
and preach the Gospel to every creature. 
Mark xvi. 15. 

HARK ! the Gospel news is sounding, 
Christ hath suffered on the tree ; 
Streams of mercy are abounding, 
Grace for all is rich and free : 

Now, poor sinner. 
Look to Him who died for thfee. 

2 ! escape to yonder mountain, 

Now begin to watch and pray ; 

Christ invites you to the fountain. 

Come and wash your sins away : 

Do not tarry. 
Come to Jesus while you may. 

3 Grace is flowing like a river, 

Millions there have been supplied ; 
Still it flows as fresh as ever 
From the Saviour's wounded side : 

None need perish ; 
All may live, for Christ hath died. 

4 Christ alone shall be our portion. 

Soon wo liopc to meet abovti ; 

Then we'll bathe in the full ocean 

Of the great Redeemer's love : 

All His fulness 
We shall thou for ever prove. 

IF. Sanders. 1829. 


Joii shall be in heaven over 
one sinner that repenteth.—Luko xv. 7. 


■ribe the joys tJiat rise 
I I hi' courts of Paradise, 
.1 iviurn, 
.1 ;,'lory born 1 

2 WIMi |oy the Father doth approve 
The fruit of His eternal lovis ; 
The! Son with joy looks down, and aeee 
Tlio purchase of His agonies. 


3 The Spirit takes clelifjht to view 
The contrite soul He forms anew ; 
And saints and angels join to sing 
The growing empire of tlieir King. 

Isaac Watts. 1709. 


He that beheveth on the Son 

of God hath the untness in himself. 

1 John V. 10. 

row can a sinner know 
His sins on earth forgiven ? 
How can my gracious Saviour show 
My name inscribed in heaven i 


2 What we have felt and seen 
With coaftdence we tell. 

And publish to the sons of men 
The signs infallible. 

3 Vi'e who in Christ believe 
That He for us hath died, 

Wu all His unknown peace receive, 
And feel His blood applied. 

4 Exults our rising soul, 
Disburdened of her load. 

And swells unutterably full 
Of glory and of Uod. 

5 ^\■e by His Spirit prove 
And know the things of God, 

The tilings which freely of His love 
He hath on us bestowed. 

6 His Spirit to us He gave. 
And dwells in us, we know ; 
The witness in ourselves we have. 
And all its fruits we show. 

7 Our nature's turned, our mind 
Transiormed in all its powers ; 
And both the witnesses are joined. 
The Spirit of God with ours. 

Charles WesUy. 1749. 


7.C.7.6. 7.S.7.6. 
Hfy tongue shall sing aloud 
of Thy righteousness. — Psalm U. 14. 

LORD, and is Thine anger gone J 
And art Thou pacified ? 
After all that I have done, 

Dost Thou no longer chide ? 
Infinite Thy mercies are ; 
Bt-neath the weight I cannot move : 
O ! 'tis more than I can bear, 
The sense of pardoning love. 

2 Let it still my heart constrain, 

And all my passions sway ; 
Keep me, lest I turn again 

Out of the narrow way : 
Force my violence to be still. 
And captivate my every thought ; 
Charm, and melt, and change my will. 

And bring me down to nought. 

3 See my utter helple-ssness. 

And leave me not alone ; 
O preserve in perfect peace. 

And seal me for Thine own : 
More and more Thyself reveal. 
Thy presence let me always find : 
Comfort, and confirm, and heal 

My feeble, sin-sick mind. 

4 As the apple of an eye 

Thy weakest servant keep; 
Help me at Thy feet to lie. 

And there for ever wenp : 

Tears of joy mine eyes oVrfiow 

That I have any hope of heaven ; 

Much of love I ought to know. 

For 1 have much forgiven. 

Kesleif. 1742. 

QRQ Anapaestic. 

OOiZ/ I iviii love Thee, Lord, 

vvj strewjtk.— Psalm, xviii. 1. 

My Jesus, 1 love Thee, I know Thou art 
For Thee all the pleasures of sin I resign : 

If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now. 

2 I love Thee because Thou hast first lov6i 

And purchased my pardon on Calvary's 

tree ; 
I love Thee for wearing the thorns en Thy 

If ever I ioved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now. 

3 I wiU love Thee in life, I will love Thee in 

And praise Thee as long as Thou lendest 

me breath ; 
And say when the death-dew lies cold on 

my brow, 
If ever 1 loved Thee, my Jesus, Us now. 

4 In mansions of glory aiid endless delight, 
I'll ever adore Thee in the heaven of light ; 
And sing with the glittering crown on my 

If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now. 



8.8. 8.8. 8.8. 
Thaiiks be unto God for Hif< 
vvspeakablegi/t.—2 Corinthiaus ix. 15. 

■\VHAT am r, O Thou glorious God ! 
> > And what my father's house to Thee, 
That Thou such mercies hast bestowed 

On me, the chief of sinners, me ! 
I take the blessing from above, 
And wonder at Thy boundless love. 

2 Me in my blood Thy love passed by, 

And stopped my ruin to retrieve ; 
Wept o'er my soul Thy pitying eye, 

Tliy goodness yearned, andl whispered, 
' Live ! ' 
Dying, I heard the welcome sound, 
And pardon in Thy mercy found. 

3 Honour, and might, and thanks, and praise, 

I render to my pardoning God ; 
E.\tol the riches of Thy grace. 

And spread Thy saving name abroad— 
That only name to sinners given. 
Which lifts poor dying men to heaven. 

4 Jesus, I bless Thy gracious power. 

And all within me shouts Tliy name ; 
Thy name let every soul adore. 

Thy power let every tongue proclaim ; 
Thy grace let every sinner know. 
And find with me their heaven below. 

Charles Weshii. 1749. 


7.C. 7.G. With Chorus. 
Present your bodies a 
living socri^ce.— Romans .\ii. 1. 

MY body, soul, and spirit, 
Jesus, I give to Thee, 
A consecrated offering. 
Thine evermore to be. 
My all is on the altar, 
I'm waiting for tlie li'i>. 

2 Jesus, mighty Saviour ! 

I trust in Thy great name, 
I look for Thy salvation. 
Thy promise now I claim. 

3 let the fire descending now upon my soul. 
Consume my hunil)le oll'cring. 
And cleanse and make mo whole I 

4 0. bli.ssful self-surrender. 

To live, my Lord, by 'i'hoo ! 
Kow, Son of God, my .Saviour, 
Live out Thy life in mo. 

8 rmTlilno, O bli-ssi^d Jcnis 1 

WmhIumI by Tliy prerlous blood ; 
Now seal ino by Thy hpiiit, 
A sacril'ico to God. 

^[r3. James. 


10.7. 10.7. With Chorus. 
Lord, truly I am Thy 
servant.— Vsalm cxvi. 16. 

I AM Thine, Lord ; I have heard Thy 
And it told Thy love to me ; 
But I long to rise in the arms of faith. 
And be closer drawn to Thee. 

Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord 
To the cross where Thou hast died ; 

Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer, 
bless6d Lord, 
To Thy precious, bleeding side. 

2 Consecrate me now to Thy service. Lord, 

By the power of grace divine ; 
Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope. 
And my will be lost in Thine. 

3 0, the pure delight of a single hour 

Tliat before Tiiy throne I spend. 
When I kneel in prayer, and with Thee, my 
I commune as friend with friend. 

4 There are depths of love that I cannot know 

Till I cross the narrow sea ; 
There are heights of joy that I may not 
Till I rest in peace with Thee. 

Frances Jane Crosby, b. 1828. 

Whether we live . . . or 
die, we are the Lorci's.— Romans xiv. 8. 


God, I am Thine, 
What a comfort divine. 
What a blessing to know that my Josus is 
mine ! 
In the heavenly Lamb 
Thrice happy 1 am. 
And my heart it doth dance at the sound of 
His name. 

2 True pleasures abound 
In tlie rapturous sound. 
And whoever hatli found it, hath paradise 
found : 
My Jesus to know. 
And feel His blood flow, 
'Tis life overlastlng, 'tis heaven bolow. 

3 Yet onward I h.osto 
To the heavenly feast : 
That, that is the fulness ; but this Is tho 
tn.ste : 
And this I shall prove. 
Till with, joy I remove 
To tho heaven of heavens in Joaus's love. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 

fbe Clrrtsttan fife. 



O U 'i He shall come doivn Hire 
ram upon the mown grass.— Vs. bcxii. 6. 

LORD, I hear of showers of blessing 
Thou art scattering full and free ; 
Showers the thirsty land refreshing ; 
Let some droppings fall on nie— Even 

2 Pass me not, gracious Father, 

Sinful though my heart may be ; 
Thou might'st leave me, but the rather 
Let Thy mercy light on me— Even me. 

3 Pass me not, tender Saviour, 

Let me live and cling to Thee ; 
I am longing for Thy favour. 
Whilst Thou'rt calling, call forme— Even 

4 Pass me not, mighty Spirit ; 

Thou canst make the blind to see ; 
Witnesser of Jesus merit. 
Speak the word of power to me— Even 

5 Love of God, so pure and changeless ! 

Blood of Christ, so rich and free ! 
Grace of God, so strong and boundless ! 
Magnify it all in me— Even me. 

6 Pass me not — this lost one bringing, — 

Bind my heart, Lord, to Thee, 
While the streams of life are springing. 
Blessing others, bless me ! — Even me. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Codner. 18o0. 

OOD Is not My ivord like as a 
fire ? saith the Lord.— Jeremiah xxiii. 29. 

COME. Thou all- victorious Lord, 
Thy power to us make kno\vn ; 
Strike with the hammer of Tliy word, 
And break these hearts of stone ! 

2 that we all might now begin 
Our foolishness to mourn. 
And turn at once from every sin. 
And to our Saviour turn ! 

3 Give us ourselves and Thee to know. 

In this our gracious day ; 

Repentance unto life bestow, 

And take our sins away. 

4 Conclude us first in unljelief, 

And freely then ; 
Fill every soul with sacred grief, 
And then with sacred peace. 

5 Impoverish, Lord, and then relieve, 

And then enrich the poor: 
The knowledge of our sickness give. 
The knowledge of our cure. 

6 That blessfed sense of guilt impart, 

And then remove the load ; 
Trouble, and wash the troubled heart 
In the atoning blood. 

7 Our desperate state through sin declare. 

And speak our sins forgiven ; 
By perfect holiness prepare. 
And take us up to heaven. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1749. 


lam op2)re?sed ; 
undertake for ?/ie.— Isaiah xxxviii. 14. 

OPPRESSED with sin and woe, 
A burdened heart I bear ; 
Opposed by many a mighty foe. 
Yet will I not despair. 

2 With this polluted heart 
I dare to come to Thee, 

Holy and mighty though Thou art. 
For Thou wilt pardon me. 

3 I feel that I am weak. 
And prone to ever>' sin : 

But Thou who giv'st to those who seek. 
Wilt give me strength within. 

4 I need not fear my foes, 
I need not yield to care, 

I need not sink beneath my woes. 
For Thou wilt answer prayer. 

5 In my Redeemer's name, 
I give myself to Tlioe ; 

And ail unworthy as I am, 
My God will welcome me. 

Anne Bronte. 1847. 



Be not faithless, 
but beluving.— John xx. 27. 


fHEN shall Thj' love constrain, 
And force me to Thy breast? 
When shall my soul return again 
To her eternal rest ? 

2 Ah ! what avails my strife, 
My wanderinj? to and fro ? 

Thou hast the words of endless life ; 
Ah ! whither should I go ? 

3 Thy condescending grace 
To ine did freely move ; 

It calls me still to seek Thy face. 
And stoops to ask my love. 

4 Lord, at Thy feet I fall, 
I groan to be set free ; 

I fain would now obey the call. 
And give up all for Thee. 

5 To rescue me from woe. 

Thou didst with all things part ; 
Didst lead a suffering life below. 
To gain my worthless heart. 

C My worthless heart to gain. 
The God of all that breathe 
Was found in fashion as a man, 
And died a cursed death. 

7 And can I yet delay 
My little all to give. 

To tear my soul from earth away 
For Jesus to receive 1 

8 Nay, but I yield, I yield, 
I can hold out no more ; 

1 sink, by dying love compelled. 
And own Thee conqueror. 

Wesley. 1740. 

O^O 7 7 7 7 7 7 

OUO Who shall deliver me fnmi 
tlie body of this death .«— Romans vii. 24. 

Q AVIOUR. cast a pitying eye. 
n Rid my sins and sorrows end : 
Wliither should a sinner lly? 

Art not Thou the sinner's Krlond ? 
Rest in Theo I long to find. 
Wretched I, and iioor, and blind. 

2 Didst Thou ev<'r .see a soul 

M'ln- in n I ollielp Mimu mine? 

Th.Mi nliis.' ti, miik.^ me wlit)!.' : 

Then withliol<l the balm divine ; 
I'.ut if I do want Thee mr)st, 
Come, and seek, and save the lost. 

3 H;islo. (^h;lstl^ to mv relj.f. 

M- fn.m t,'iiilt ,i.Mrimii.l;,-etako; 
Kl. ..rmysiniUMlgri.'r. 

I "f Thy l'iV(; and mercy's sake ; 
Set. Miy h.'art at liberty. 
Show forth all Tliy power in mo. 


4 Jesus, on Thine only name 
For salvation I depend 1 
In Thy gracious hands I am. 

Save me, save me to the end ; 
Let the utmost grace be given. 
Save me quite from hell to heaven. 

Charles Wesley. 174U. 


Ask, and it shall be given you. 
Matthew vii. 7. 

OTHAT I could my Lord receive. 
Who did the world redeem ; 
Who gave His life that I might live 
A life concealed in Him 1 

2 that I could the blessing prove. 

My li(>art's extreme desire ; 
Live haiipy in my Saviours love. 
And in His arms e.\pire ! 

3 Mercy I ask to seal my peace. 

That, kept by mercy's power, 
I may from every evil cease. 
And never grieve Thee more. 

4 Now, If Thy gracious will it be. 

Even now, my sins remove ; 
And set my soul at liberty 
By Thy victorious love. 

5 In answer to ten thousand prayers. 

Thou pardoning God, descend : 
Number me with salvation's heirs, 
My sins and troubles end. 

6 Nothing I ask or want beside. 

Of all in earth or lieaven. 
But let me feel Thy blood applied. 
And live and die forgiven. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1707. 


Who will have all men to 
be saved.— 1 Timothy ii. 4. 

An ! whither should I go. 
Burdened, and siek, and faint? 
To whom should I my troubles show. 
And pour out my complaint ? 

2 My Saviour bids mo come : 
Ah ! why do I d(ilay? 

He calls the weary sinner homo. 
And yet from llim I stay 1 

3 What is it keeps me back. 
From which I cannot part, 

Which will not let my Saviour take 
I'ossession of my heart? 

4 Some evil thing unknown 
Must surely lurk within. 

Some idol, which I will not own, 
Some secret bosom-Hin. 


5 Jesus, the hindrance show. 
Which I have feared to see ; 

And l.^t me now consent to know 
What Iceeps me out of Thee. 

6 Searcher of hearts, in mine 
Thy trying power display ; 

Into its darkest corner shine, 
And take the veil away. 

7 I now believe, in Thee 
Compassion reigns alone ; 

According to my faith, to me 
let it, Lord, be done 1 

8 In me is all the bar. 

Which Thou would'st fain remove ; 
Remove it, and I shall declare 
That God is only Love. Amen. 

Wesley. 1741. 


7.7. 7.7. 
when wilt Thou come 
unto me .?— Ps. ci. 2. 

TVHV not now, my God, my God ? 
» V Ready if Thou always art, 
Make in me Thy mean abode. 

Take possession of my heart : 
If Tliou canst so greatly how. 
Friend of sinners, why not now ? 

2 God of love, in this my day. 
For Thyself to Thee I cry ; 
Dying, if Thou still delay. 
Must I not for ever die ? 
Enter now Thy poorest home ; 
Now, my utmost Saviour, come ! 
Charles Wesley. 




Can any hide himsel/ in 

secret 2)!''"'es that I shall not see him? saiih 

the Lortl.— Jeremiah xxiii. 24. 

. OD is in this and every place ; 
vJ But 0, how dark and void 
To me— 'tis one great wilderness — 

This earth without my God ! 

2 Empty of Him who all things tills, 

Till He His light impart, 
Till He His glorious self reveals. 
The veil is on my heart. 

3 Thou, who seest and know'st my grief, 

Thyself unseen, unknown. 
Pity my helpless unbelief, 
And take mo for Thine own. 

4 Regard me with a gracious eye. 

The long-sought blessing give, 
And bid me, at the point to die. 
Behold Thy face and live. 

5 Now, Jesus, now, the Father's love 
Shod in my heart abroad ; 
The middle wall of sin remove, 
And let me into God. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 

Qryq L.M. 

^ ' '-' The publican . . . smote 
upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to 
me a stnner.— Luke xviii. 13. 

WITH broken heart and contrite sigh, 
A trembling sinner. Lord, I cry ; 
Thy pardoning grace is rii'h and free ; 
God, be merciful to me : 

2 I smite upon my troubled breast. 
With deep and con.scious guilt opprest, 
Christ and His my only plea ; 

God, be merciful to me ! 

3 Far off I stand with tearful eyes. 
Nor dare uplift them to the skies ; 
But Thou dost all my anguish see ; 
God, be merciful to me ! 

4 Nor alms, nor deeds that I have done, 
Cati for a single sin atone ; 

To f alvary alone I flee ; 
God, be merciful to me ! 

5 And when, redeemed from sin and hell, 
With all the ransomed throng I dweU, 
My raptured song shall ever be, 

God has been merciful to me ! 

Cornelius Eivin. 1852. 


«-' ' ^- What thinos soever ye 
desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive 
them, and ye shall have fAem.— Mark xi. 24. 

I ASK the gift of righteousness, 
The sin-subduing power. 
Power to believe, and go in peace. 
And never grieve Thee more. 

2 I ask the blood-bought pardon sealed, 

The liberty from sin. 
The grace infused, the love revealed. 
The kingdom fixed \vithiu. 

3 Thou hear'st me for salvation pray, 

Thou seest my heart's desire : 
Made ready in Thy powerful day, 
Thy fulness I require. 

4 My longing soul cries out, opprest, 

Impatii'Ut to be freed : 
Nor can I, I*>rd, nor will I rest. 
Till I am saved indeed. 

5 Art Thou not able to convert? 

Art Thou not willing too. 
To change this old, rebellious beajrt, 
To conquer and renew ? 



6 Thou canst, Then wilt, I dare believe, 
So arm me with Thy power. 
That I to sin shall never cleave, 
Shall never feel it more. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1742. 


Surely He hath home our 
griefs, and carried our sorroivs.— Is. liii. 4- 

OTHOU who hast our sorrows borne. 
Help us to look on Thee and mourn. 
On Thee whom we have slain. 
Have pierced a thousand, thousand times. 
And, by reiterated crimes. 
Renewed Thy mortal pain. 

2 Vouchsafe us eyes of faith to see 
The Man transfixed on Calvary, 

To know Thee, who Thou art. 
The One Eternal God and True ! 
And let the sight affect, subdue. 

And break my stubborn heart. 

3 Lover of souls, to rescue mine. 
Reveal the charity divine. 

That suffered in my stead, 
That made Thy soul a sacrifice. 
And quenched in death those flaming eyes, 

And bowed that sacred head. 

4 The veil of unbelief remove. 
And by Thy manifested love. 

And by Thy sprinkled blood, 
Destroy the love of sin in me, 
And get Thyself the victory. 

And bring me back to God. 

5 Now let Thy dying love conatrain 
^ly soul to love its God again. 

Its God to glorify : 
And, lo ! I come Thy cross to share. 
Kcho Thy sacrificial prayer. 

And with my Saviour die I Amen. 
Wesley. \747. 


Give ear to my words, 
Lord ; consider my meditation.— Vs. v. 1. 

MY God, my God, to Theo I cry. 
Tlieo only would I know ; 
Thy purifying blood ajijily. 
And wash mo white as snow. 

2 Touch mo, and make tlio leper <le,iii, 

Purge my iniquity : 
Unless Thou wash my soul from sin, 
I have IK) part In Tlice. 

3 Hut art Thou not already mine f 

Answer, if mine Thou art ! 
Whisper wlthlti. Thou Love divine. 
And <'h<'cr iny drooping heart. 

agam i 
And bid the sinner live : 
The debt's discharged, the ransom's paid, 
Jly Father must forgive. 

5 Behold, for me the Victim bleeds, 

His wounds are opened wide : 
For me the blood of sprinkling pleads. 
And speaks me justified. 

6 why did I my Saviour leave. 

So soon unfaithful prove ; 
How could I Thy good Spirit grieve. 
And sin against Thy love? 

7 could I lose myself in Thee, 

Thy depth of mercy prove : 
Thou vast unfathomable sea 
Of unexhausted love ! 

8 I loathe myself when God I sno, 

And into nothing fall ; 

Content if Thou exalted be. 

And Christ be all in all. 

Wesley. 1740. 

rirjrr 8.8. 8.8. as. 

'^11 Blessed are they that nmurti : 
for they shall 6ecowi/t>r/erf.— Matthew v. 4. 

JESUS, if still the same Thou art, 
If all Thy promises are sure. 
Set up Thy kingdom in my heart. 

And make me rich, for I am poor : 
To me be all Thy treasures given. 
The kingdom of an inward heaven. 

2 Thou hast pronounced the mourners bl"..i ; 

And lo ! for Thee I ever mourn : 
I.'MiuKit, 11(1, I will not rest. 

Till Thou, my only Rest, return : 
Till Thou, the Prince of Peace,appc;!r, 
And I receive the Comforter. 

3 Where is Ihe blessedness bestowed 

On all Miat'hunger after Tliftr? 
I lmii;:i'r now, 1 tliirst for God; 

Sco the poor fainting sinner, see. 
And satisfy with endless peace, 
And fill mo with Thy righteousness. 

It siirh, 
iric piay 

4 Ah, Lord! ifTlion n 

Then hear Tliyscll' 
Hear in my lu'.irt 11 

Mark what my l.ilnmiing.soul would sa. 
Answer the <leep, unuttered groan. 
And show tliatTliou and I are one. 

5 Shine on Thy work, disperse the gloom, 

Light in Thy li-ht I then slinll see; 
Say to my soul, 'Thy light is eomo, 

Glory illvlno Is risen on theo : 
Tliy warfare's past ; thy mourning's o'er 
Look up, for thou shalt weep no more.' 


LorJ, I believe tho promise sure. 

And trust Thou wilt not long delay ; 
Hiin>,'iy, and sorrowful, and poor, 

Upon Thy word myself I stay ; 
Into Thy hands my all resign. 
And wait till all Thou art is mine. 

Wesleij. 1740. 


»-> ' O Unto you that fear My 
name shall the Sun of righteousness arise. 
Malachi iv. 2. 

DISCLOSE Thy lovely face. 
Quicken all my drooping powers ; 
Gasps my fainting soul for enice, 
.■Vs a thirsty land for showers ; 
Haste, my Lord, no more delay, 
Come, my Saviour, come away. 

2 Christ, whose glory fills the skies, 
Christ, the true, the only Light, 

Sun of righteousness,arise. 
Triumph o'er the shades of night; 

Bay spring from on high, be near; 

Day-star, in my heart appear ! 

o Dark and cheerless is the mom 
Unaccompanied by Thee ; 
Joyless is the day's return 

Till Thy mercy s beams I see ; 
Till Thou inward light impart. 
Glad my eyes and warm my heart. 

4 Visit then this soul of mine. 

Pierce the gloom of sin and gi-ief ; 
Fill nie. Radiancy Divine : 
Scatter all my unbelief ; 
More and more Thyself display. 
Shining to the perfect day. Amen. 

Wesley. 1740. 


And Jacob tvas left alone ; 

and there wrestled a man with him until 

the breaking of the doy.— Genesis xxxii. 24. 

pOME, Thou Traveller unknown, 
V Whom still I hold, but cannot see ! 
Mv company before is gone, 

And I am left alone with Thee : 
With Thee all night I mean to stay, 
And wrestle till the break of day. 

•2 I need not tell Thee who I am. 

My misery and sin declare ; 
Thyself hast called me by my name. 

Look on Thy hands, and read it there; 
But who. I ask Thee, who art Thou'/ 
Tell me Thy name, and tell me nov/. 

3 In vain Thou strngglest to get free, 
I never will unloose my hold : 
Alt Thou the Man that died for me? 

The secret of Thy love unfold ; 
Wrestling, I will not let Thee go. 
Till I Thy name, Thy nature know. 

4 Wilt Thou not yet to me reveal 

Thy new, unutterable name ? 
Tell me. I still be.seech Thee, tell ; 

To know it now resolved I am ; 
Wrestling, I will not let Thee go. 
Till I Thy name. Thy nature know. 

5 What though my shrinking flesh complain. 

And murmur to contend so long? 
I rise superior to my pain ; 

When I am weak, then I am strong ; 
And when my all of strength shall fail, 
I shall with the God-Man prevail. 

Charles Wesley. 1742. 


OOKJ I iffUl not let Thee go, 
except Thou bless 7>ie.— Genesis xxxii. 26. 

YIELD to me now. for I am weak, 
1 But confident in self-despair : 
Speak to my heart, in blessings speak ; 
Be conquered by my instant prayer : 
Speak, or Thou never hence shall move. 
And tell me if Thy name is Love. 

2 'Tis Love ! 'tis Love 1 Thou diedst for me, 

I hear Thy whisper in my heart ; 
The morning breaks, the shadows flee. 

Pure, universal love Thou art : 
To me, to all. Thy mercies move. 
Thy nature and Thy name is Love. 

3 Aly prayer hath power with God : the grace 

Unspeakable 1 now receive ; 
Through faith I see Tliee face to face ; 

I see Thee face to face, and live : 
In vain I have not wept and strove ; 
Thy nature and Thy name is Love. 

4 I know Thee, Saviour, who Thou art, 

Jesus, the feeble sinner's Friend ; 
Nor wilt Thou \vith the night depart. 

But stay and love me to the end : 
Thy mercies never shall remove. 
Thy nature and Thy name is Love. 

5 The Sun of Righteousness on me 

Hath risen with healing in His vrings : 
Withered my nature s strength, from Thee 

My soul its life and succour brings : 
My help is all laid up above. 
Thy natiu-e and Thy name is Love. 

6 Contented now upon my thigh 

I halt, till life's short journey end ; 
All helplessness, all weakness, I 

On Thee alone for strength depend ; 
Nor have I power from Theo to move. 
Thy nature and. Thy name is Love. 

7 Lame as I am, I take the prey ; 

Hell, earth, and sin, with ease o'ercome ; 
I leap for joy, pursue my way. 

And, as a bounding hart, fly home ; 
Through all et<^rnity to prove 
Thy nature and Thy name is Love. 

Charles Wesley. 1742. 


OQ-| 6.10. G. 10. 

OOX The foxes have holes, and 

the birds of the air have nests ; bat the Son 

o/man hath not where to lay His head. 

Matthew viii. 20. 

BIRDS have their quiet nest, 
Foxes theirholes, and man his peace- 
ful bed : 
All creatures have their rest, 
But Jesus had not where to lay His head. 

2 And yet lie came to give 

The weary and the heavy-laden rest ; 

To bid the sinner live. 
And soothe our griefs to slumber on His 


3 I who once made Him grieve, 

I who once bid His gentle spirit mourn ; 

\ hand essayed 1,o weave 
For His meek brow the cruel crown of thorn : 

4 why should I have peace ? 

Why— but for that imchanged, undying love, 

Which would not, could not cease. 
Until it made me heir of joys above ? 

5 Yos, but for pardoning grace, 
I feel I never should in glory see 

The brightness of that face. 
Which once was pale and agonized for me ! 

6 Let the birds seek their nest. 

Foxes their holes, and man his peaceful bed ; 

Come, Saviour, in my breast 
Deign to repose Thine oft-rejected head. 

7 Come ! give me rest, and take 

The only rest on earth Tliou lov'st, within 

A heart, that for Thy s:iko 
Lies bleeding, broken, penitent for sin. 

J. S. B. Monsell. 1837. 

382 ,,. 

8.4. 8.4. 8.8.8, 
im with vou (ilirai/, 
eon iintutheind o/ the world. 
Matthew xxviii. 20. 

MY Saviour, 'mid life's varied .scene, 
Vm Thou my stay; 
Guide nil', tliniii;,')! i:u:\\ perplexing jiath, 

■[,< piTl.Tl (hiy ; 
In wc<;ikii.>s and in sin I stand ; 
Still fiilli i-.ui r\ns\i Thy mighty hand, 
And follow at Tliy dear coniniiind. 

2 My Saviour, I have nought to bring 

Worlliy of Thee, 
A broken In-art Thou wilt not spurn, 

Accept of nio : 
I need Thy ngliteousness divine, 
I |ileud Thy pn>mis(!8 as mini!, 
I perish if I am nol Thini!. 

3 My Saviour, wilt Thou turn away 

From HMch aery? 
My Kefugc, will Tln)u me forget, 
And niu.stldiuV 

Faith trembles ; hut her glance so bright 
Has pierced thiough regions dark as n.ght, 
And entered into realms of light. 

4 My Saviour, 'mid heaven's glorious throng, 

I see Thee there. 
Pleading with all Thy matchless love 

And tender care : 
Not for the angel forms around. 
But for lost souls in fetters bound. 
That they may hear salvation's sound. 

5 My Saviour, thus I find my rest 

Alone with Thee ; 
Beneath Thy mng I have no fear 

Of what may be. 
Strengthened with Thy all-glorious might, 
I shall be conqueror in the light. 
Then give to Thee my crown of light. 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Godivin. 1865. 


Tt is God lohirh workefh 

in you both to wUl and to do of ITis good 

2>leasure.~Philip^iims ii. 13. 

FATHER, to Thee my soul I lift, 
My soul on Thee depends. 
Convinced that every perfect gift 
From Thee alone descends. 

2 Mercy and grace are Thine alone, 

And power and wisdom too ; 
Without the Spirit of Thy Son 
We nothing good can do. 

3 We cannot spe.ak one useful word, 

One holy tliought conceive. 

Unless in answer to our Lord, 

Thyself the blessing give. 

4 His blood demands the purchased grace ; 

His blood's availing plea 
Obtained the help for all our race, 
And sends it down to mo. 

5 Thou all our works in us hast wrought, 

Thr iir.iivc ol' every virtuous thought. 
And righteous word is Thine. 

6 From Thee, through Jesus, we receivo 

Tlie power on Thee to c;ill. 
In wlioin w(i are, and move, and live; 
Our (;(h1 i.s all in all! 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


Jesus of Nazareth passelh ly. 
Luke xviii. ;17. 

JESUS, if .still Thou art to-day 
As y(!sterday the samc\ 
I'rosent to heal, in me display 
• The virtue of Tliy Name. 


2 If still Thou goest about to do 

Tliy iiocily i.Toatiu-es good, 
On uie, tluit 1 Thy praise may show, 
be all Thy wonders showed. 

3 Now, Lord, to whom for help I rail, 

Thy miracles repeat : 
With pitying eyes behold me fall 
A leper at Thy feet. 

4 Thou seest me deaf to Thy command, 

Open, O Lord, mine ear ; 
Bid me stretch out my withered hand. 
And lift it up in prayer. 

6 Silent, alas ! Thou know'st how long. 
My voice I cannot raise ; 
But, : when Thou shalt loose my 
The dumb shall sing Thy praise. 

6 Blind from my birth to guilt and Thee, 

And daric I am within, 
The love of God I cannot see. 
The sinfulness of sin. 

7 But Thou, they say, art passing by, 

O let tue ttnd Thee near ; 

Jesus, in mercy, hear my cry, 

Thou Son of David, hear ! 

8 Behold me waiting in the way 

For Thee, the heavenly Ligiit : 
Command me to be brought, and say, 
' Sinner, receive thy sight.' Amen. 
Wesley. 1701. 


7.6. 7.6. 7.8. 7.8. 
ffe cried, saying. Lord, 
save me .'—Matthew xiv. 30. 

LAMB of God, for sinners slain, 
To Thee I feebly pray : 
Heal me of my grief and pain, 

take my sins away ! 
From this bondage. Lord, release. 
No longer let me be opprest : 
Jesus, Master, seal my peace. 
And take me to Thy breast ; 

2 Wilt Thou cast a sinner out. 

Who humbly comes to Thee ? 
No, my God, 1 cannot doubt. 

Thy mercy is for me : 
Let me then obtain the grace. 
And be of paradise possest : 
Jesus, Master, seal my peace. 

And take me to Thy breast ! 

3 Worldly good I do not want. 

Be that to others given ; 
Only for Thy love I pant. 

My all in earth and heaven ; 
This the cro\vn I fain would seize. 
The i,f>'^d wherewith I would be blest ; 
Jesus, Master, seal my peace. 

And take me to Thy breast 1 

4 This delight I fain would prove, 

And then resign my breath ; 

Join the happy few whose love 

Was mightier than death. 

Let it not my Lord displease. 

That I would die to be Thy guest : 

Jesus, Master, seal my peace, 

And take me to Thy breast ! Amen. 

Wesley. 1742. 


Wherewith shall T ronie 
before the Lord .?— Micah vi. 6. 

WHEREWITH, God, shall I draw near. 
And bow myself befoce Thy face* 
How in Thy purer eyes appear ? 
What shall I bring to gain Thy grace T 

2 Will gifts delight the Lord most high? 

Will multiplied oblations please. 
Thousands of rams His favour buy. 
Or slaughtered hecatombs appease ? 

3 Can these avert the wrath of God ? 

Can these wash out my guilty stain ? 
Rivers of oil, and seas of blood, 
Alas ! they all must flow in vain. 

4 Whoe'er to Thee themselves approve. 

Must take the path Thy word hath 
Justice pursue, and mercy love. 
And humbly walk by faith with God. 

5 But though my life henceforth be Thine, 

Present for past can ne'er atone ; 

Though I to Thee the whole resign, 

I only give Thee back Thine own. 

6 What have I then wherein to trust? 

I nothing have, I nothing am ; 
Excluded is my every boast. 
My glory swallowed up in shame. 

7 Guilty I stand before Thy face. 

On me I feel Thy wrath abide ; 
'Tis just the sentence should take place ; 
Tis just ;— but O Thy Son hath died ! 

8 Jesus, the Lamb of God, hath bled. 

He bore our sins upon the tree ; 
Beneath our curse He bowed His head ; 
Tis tinlshed ! He hath died for me : 

9 See where before the throne He stands, 

.■Vnd poui-s ilie all-prevailing pniyor ; 

Points to His side, and lii'ts His hands. 

And shows that I am graven there. 

10 He ever lives for me to pray. 

He prays that I with Him may reign ; 
Amen to what my Lord doth say : 
Jesus, Thou c;vu3t not pray in vain. 

Wesley. 1740. 




But will God indeed divell 
on the earth ?—l Kings viii. 27. 

■XTflTH glorious clouds encompassed 
W round, 

Whom angels dimly see, 
Will the Unsearchable be found, 

Or God appear to me ? 

2 Will He forsake His throne above. 

Himself to me impart? 
Answer, Thou Man of grief and love, 
And speak it to my heart ! 

3 In manifested love explain 

Tliy wonderful design ; 
What meant the suflering Son of JIan, 
The streaming blood divine ? 

4 Didst Thou not in our flesh appear. 

And live and die below. 
That I niay now perceive Thee near. 
And my Redeemer know ? 

5 Come then, and to my soul reveal 

The heights and depths of grace. 
The wounds whicl all my sorrows heal. 
That dear disfigured face. 

C Before my eyes of faith confest. 
Stand forth a slaughtered Lamb; 
And wrap me in Thy crimson vest. 
And tell me all Thy name. 

7 Jehovah in Thy person show, 

.Jehovah cruciliod ! 
And then the pardoning God I know. 
And feel the blood applied: 

8 I view the Lamb In His own light, 

Whom angels dimly see. 
And gaze, transported at the sight. 
To all eternity. 

Charles Wesley. 1707. 


The word preached did 
nrd profit (/leHi.— Hebrews iv. 2. 

LONG have I sat beneath the sound 
Of Thy salvation. Lord : 
but still how weak my faith is foiuul. 
And knowledge of Thy word ; 

2 My glorious Saviour and my God, 

How little art Thou known 

r.y all the Judgments of Thy rod, 

Or blessings of Thy throne. 

3 Uow cold and feeble la my love. 

How negligent my fear. 
How low my hope of joys above, 
How few airectiona there ! 

4 Great God ! Thy sovoroign power imp.irt 

To give Thy word succchs; 
Write I'hy salvation on my heart. 
And make me learn Thy grace. 

5 Show my forgetful feet the way 
That leads to Joys on high. 
Where knowledge gi-ows without decay, 
And love shall never die. Amen. 

Isaac Watts. 1709. 


My soul thirsteth for Thee. 
Psalm Ixlli. 1. 

MY spirit longs for Thee 
Within my troubled breast. 
Unworthy though I be 
Of so divine a guest. 

Of so divine a guest 
Unworthy though I be, 

Yet has my heart no rest 
Unless it come from Thee. 

3 Unless it come from Thee, 

In vain I look around ; 
In all that I can see 
No rest is to be found. 

4 No rest is to be found 

But in Thy blessfed love ; 
O let my wish be crowned. 
And send it from above ! Amen. 


John Byroni. 177.'?. 

8.8.6. 8.8.C. 
For what T woidd, 
that do I ?iy/.— Komans vii. l.";. 

QTILL, Loni, I languish for Thy graco 

D K.'vi-al Ihc licMUtiesofThyfaco, 
The midillc wall ri'move ; 

Ajipfar, and banish my complaint; 

Come, and supply my only want. 
Fill all my soul with love, 

2 conquer this rebellious will ! 
Willing Tliiiu art and ready still, 

Tliy hcl]! is .always nigh : 
Till' ha'nhu'ss from my heart remove. 
And give nic. Lord, give mo love, 

Or at Thy feet I die. 

.". To Thee I lift my mournful eye ; 
Whv am 1 thiis-.'-O tdl me why 

1 ranndl, love niv llod ? 
Thr liiiidranc.' iiuist' l.f all In me ; 
It caiiMdl. in my .Saviniu- be. 

Witness Mi;it streaming blood. 

4 It cost Thy blooil my heart to win. 
To buy me from the power of sin, 

And m.iki- mo love again ; 
('onic then, my Lord, Thy right assert, 
'J'aki' td Tliysi'lf my ransomed heart, 
Mor blfiMi, niir die in vain. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1749. 



7.7. 7.7. 
I'or to mc to live is Christ. 
Philippiaiis i. 21. 

lirilEX, niv Saviour, shall I be 
\ V Perfe.ily resigned to Thee ? 
Poor and vile in my own eye.s, 
Only in Thy wisdom wise : 

2 Only Thee content to know, 
Only serving Thee below. 
Only guided by Thy li^'ht. 
Only mighty in Thy might. 

3 So I may Thy Spirit know. 
Let Him as He listeth blow ; 
Let the manner be unknown, 
fcio I may v/ith Thee be one. 

4 Fully in my life express 
All the heights of holiness, 
Sweetly let my spirit prove 

All the depths of humble love. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1742. 


Thine heart u^as tender, 

and thou hast humbled thiiself bej'ore tin 

Lord.— 'I Kings xxii. 19. 

OFOR that tenderness of heart 
Which bows before the Lord, 
Acknowledgim; how Thou art. 
And trembles at Thy word : 

2 for those humble, contrite tears. 
Which from repentance flow. 
Tliat consciousness of guilt, which le;! 
Tiie long-suspended blow ; 

Z Saviour, to me in pity give 
The sensible distress. 
The pledge Thou wilt at last receive. 
And bid me die in peace : 

4 Wilt from the dreadful day remove. 
Before the evil come ; 
My spirit hide with saints above. 
My body in the tomb. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 17ti2 


T will put my Spirit 
within j/ow.— Ezekiel xx.wi. 27. 

OLOVE. I languish at Thy stay ! 
1 pine for Thee with lingeiing smart. 
Weary and faint tlirough long delay : 

When wilt Thou come into my heait, 
From sin and sorrow set me free. 
And swallow up my soul in Thee ? 

2 Come. Thou universal Good ! 

l;alm of the wounded conscience, come : 
The hungry, dying spirit s food. 

The weary, wandering pilgrim's home ; 
Haven to take the shipwrecked in. 
My everlasting rest from sin 1 

.'i Be Thou, Love, whate'er I want ; 

Support my feebleness of mind. 
Relieve the thirsty soul, the faint 

Revive, illuminate the blind. 
The mournful cheer, the drooping lead, 
And heal the sick, and raise the dead. 

i Come, my comfort and delight ! | 

My strength and health, ruy shield and 
My boast, and confidence, and might. 

My joy, my glory, and my crown. 
My gospel hope, my callings prize. 
My tree of life, my paradise. 

5 The secret of the Lord Thou art. 
The mystery so long unknown. 
Christ in a pure and perfect heart. 

The name inscribed in the white stone. 
The Life divine, the little leaven. 
My precious pearl, my present heaven. 
Wesley. 1712. 

qQ4_ 7.G. 7.8. 7.8. 7.1). 

<-' ^^ God hath made man 

upright.— Kcc\csiastes vii. 29. 

UPRIGHT, both in heart and wUl, 
We by our Uod were made ; 
But we tui-ned from good to ill. 
And o'er the creature strayed ; 
Multiplied our wandering thought. 
Which tii-st was fixed on God alone ; 
In ten thousand objects sought 
The bliss we lost in one. 

2 From our own inventions vain 
Of fancied happiness. 
Draw us to Thyself again. 

And bid our wanderings cease ; 
Jesus, speak our souls restored 
By Love's divine simplicity, 
lie-united to our Lord, 
And wholly lost in Thee ! Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 



I will love Thee, Lord, 
7ny strerigth. — Psalm xviii. 1. 

THOU hidden love of God, whose height. 
Whose depth uufathomed, no ma.» 
I see from far Thy beauteous light. 

Inly 1 sigh for Ihy repose ; 
My heart is pained, nor c;in it be 
At rest, till it bnds rest in Thee. 

2 Thy secret voice invites me still 

The sweetness of Thy yoke to prove ; 
And fain I would ; but tliough my will 

Seems fixed, yet wide my p.issions rove ; 
■i'et hindrances strew all the way ; 
I aim at Thee, yet from Thee stray. 

3 Tis mercy all that Thou hast brought 

My mind to seek her peace in Thee ; 
Vit while 1 seek, but find Theo not, 

iNo peace my wandering soul shall sec : 
when shall all my wanderings end. 
And all my steps to Thee-waid lend : 


4 Is there a thing beneath the sun 

That strives with Thee my heart to 
share / 
Ah, tear it thence, and reign alone, 

The Lord of every motion there ! 
Then shall my heart from earth be free, 
When it hath found repose in Thee. 

5 Each moment draw from earth away 

My heart, chat lowly waits Thy call ; 
Speak to my inmost soul, and say, 

' I am thy Love, thy God, thy All ! ' 
To feel Thy power, to hear Thy voice, 
To taste Thy love, be all my choice. 



Gerhardt Tersfeegen. 
Tr.J. Wesley. 

The cross of Christ. 
Galatians vi. 12. 


DRAWN to the cross which Thou 
^^'ith healing gifts for souls distressed, 
To find in Thee my Life, my Rest, 
Chri-st crucined, I come ! 

2 Stained with the sins which I have wrought 
In word and deed and secret thought, 
l'"i)r pardon wliicli Thy blood hath bought, 
Christ cruciliod, I come ! 

3 Weary of selfishness and pride, 

Kulse pleasures gone, vain hopes denied. 

Deep in Thy wounds my shame to hide, 

Christ crucified, I come ! 

4 Thou knowest all my griefs and fears, 
Tliy grace abused, my misspent years ; 
Vet now to Thee, for cleansing tears, 

Christ crucified, I come ! 

5 I woVild not, if I could, conceal 
Tli(! ills which only Thou canst hoal, 
So to the cross, where sinners kneel, 

Christ crucified, I come ! 

G Wash me, and take away each stain. 
Lit nolliiiig <il' niy sin remain ; 
I'or chiansint;, tliniigh It be through pain, crucified, I come ! 

7 To be what Thou wouldst have mo be. 
Accepted, sanctilied in Thee, 
Tluough what Thy grace shall work in me, 
Christ crucifled, I come ! 

Genevieee S- Irons. 1881. 


m said. It is finished : 

and He bowed His head, and gave %ip the 

(/host.— John xix. 30. 

JESUS, let Thy dying cry 
I'lerc'- to the bottom of my heart, 
lis evils cure, its wjints supply, 
And bid my unbelief deii.irt. 

2 Slay the dire root and seed of sin ; 

Prepare for Tliee the holiest place ; 
Then, essential Love, come in ! 
And fill Thy house with endless praise. 

3 Let me, according to Thy word. 

A tender, contrite heart receive, 
Wluch grieves at having grieved its Lord, 
And never can itself forgive ; 

i A lieart Thy joys and griefs to feel, 
A heart that cannot faithless prove, 
A heart where Christ alone may dwell. 
All praise, all meekness, and all love. 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 


As many as I love, I 
rebuke and c/iasfen.— Revelation iii. 19. 

OLET us our own works forsake, 
Ourselves, and all we have deny ; 
Thy (condescending counsel take. 
And come to Thee, pure gold to buy. 

2 might we, through Thy grace, attain 

The faith Tliou never wilt reprove. 
The faith that purges every stain. 
The faith that always works by love ! 

3 might we see, in this our day. 

The things belonging to our peace. 
And timely meet Thee in Thy way 
Of judgments, and our sins confess ! 

4 Thy fatherly chastisements own ; 

With filial awe revere Thy rod ; 
And turn, with zealous ha.ste, and run 
Into the outstretched arms of God. 

We.'iley. 1742. 


QQQ G.C.4. 6.t;.G.4. 

Oaa Behold the Lamb of Oud. 

wliich taketh away the sin of the world. 
John i. 29. 

MY faith looks up to Thee, 
Thou Lamb of Calvary, 
Saviour divine : 
Now hear me while I pray ; 
Take all my jfuilt away ; 
O lot me from this day 
He wholly Thine I 

2 May Thy rich grace impart 
Strength to my fainting heart, 

My zeal inspire : 
As Thou h.ast died for me, 
O may my love to Thoe, 
I'ure, warm, and changeless, be 

A living fire ! 


3 While life's dark maze I treart. 
And griefs around me spread, 

Be Thou my Guide : 
Bid darkness turn to day. 
Wipe sorrow's tears aw;iy, 
Nor let mo ever stray 

From Thee aside. 

4 When ends life's transient dream, 
When death's cold sullen stream 

Shall o'er me roll. 
Blest Saviour, then, in love. 
Fear and distrust remove ; 
O bear me safe above— 

A ransomed soul ! Amen. 

Ray Palmer. 1831. 


Looking unto Jesus the 

author and finisher of our faith. 

Hebrews xii. 2. 

AUTHOR of faith. Eternal Word, 
Whose Spirit breathes the active flame ; 
Faith, like its Finisher and Lord, 
To-day as yesterday the same : 

2 To Thee our humble hearts aspire, 

And ask the gift unspeakable ; 
Increase in us the kindled tire. 
In us the work of faith fulfil. 

3 By faith we know Thee strong to save ; 

Save us, a present Saviour Thou I 

Whate'er we hope, by faith we have, 

Future and past subsisting now. 

4 To him that in Thy name believes. 

Eternal life with Thee is given ; 
Into himself he all receives, 
Pardon, and holiness, and heaven. 

5 The things unknown to feeble sense, 

Unseen by reason's glimmering ray, 
W'ith strong, commanding evidence. 
Their heavenly origin display. 

6 Faith lends its realizing light. 

The clouds disperse, the shadows fly ; 
The invisible appears in sight. 
And God is seen by mortal eye. 

Wesley. 1740. 


Lord, increase our faith. 
Luke xvii. 5. 

THOU, who our faithless hearts canst 
And knowst each weakness there ; 
Poor, trembling, faint, with Thee we plead, 
O turn not from our prayer ! 

2 We cannot grasp from hour to hour 
Tho truths Thy Gospel saith ; 
Then aid us by ITay heavenly power. 
And so increase our faith : 

3 That we may trust Thy guardian care. 

When no kind hand we see; 
That wo may lift our souls in prayer 
Undoubtingly to Thee. 

4 Help us to gaze on things unseen 

By eyes of morUil sight ; 
To pierce through earth's dark veil, and 
Some beams of heavenly light. 

5 Thy glorious presence may we see, 

When earth's last tie is riven ; 
In faith then trust our soiUs to Thee, 
Till we awake in heaven. Amen. 

J. Baldwin Brown. 1859. 


6.4. 6.4. 6.6.4. 
Surely the Lord is in 
this 2>la/:e. —Geneais xxviii. 16. 

NEARER, my God, to Thee, 
Nearer to Thee ! 
E'en though it be a cross 

That raiseth me ; 

Still all my son^ shall be, 

Kearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee ! 

2 Though like the wanderer, 

The sun gone down. 
Darkness be over me. 

My rest a stone ; 
"V'et in my dreams I'd be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee ! 

3 There let the way ai)pear 

Steps unto heaven ; 
All that Thou sendest uie, 

In mercy given ; 
Angels to beckon me 
Neai-er, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee ! 

4 Then, with my waking thoughts 

Bright with Thy praise, 
Out of my stony griefs 

Bethel 111 raise ; 
So by my woes to be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Neai-er to Thee ; 

5 Or if on joyful wing 

Cleaving the sky. 
Sun, moon, and stai-s forgot, 

Upwards I fly ; 
Still all my song shall be, 
Neaaer, my God, to Thee, 

Neai'er to Thee ! Amen. 

Mrs. S.uah F. Adams. 1841. 


Have faith in God. 
JIark xi. 22. 

OFOR a faith that will not shrink. 
Though pressed by many a foe ; 
That will not tremble on the hi-iuk 
Of poverty or woe : 



2 That will not murmur nor complain 

lieneath the chastening rod. 
But in the hour of grief or pain 
Can lean upon its God : 

3 A faith that shines more bright and clear 

When tempests ni^e without ; 
That when in daiiL,vr knows no fear. 
In darkness feels no doubt : 

4 A faith that keeps the narrow way 

Till life's last spark is ned, 
And with a pure and heavenly ray 
Lights up the dying bed. 

5 Lord, give me such a faith as this, 

And then, whate'er may come, 
I taste e'en now the hallowed bliss 
Of an eternal home. Amen. 

W. H. Bathurst. 1831. 


8.8.t). 8.8.6. 
Perfect love casteth ovt/tar. 
1 John iv. 18. 

GLORIOUS hope of perfect love ! 
It lifts me up to things above. 
It bears on eagles' wings ; 
It gives my ravished soul a ta.ste. 
And makes me for some moments feast 
With Jesu's priests and kings. 

2 Rejoicing now in earnest hope, 

I stand, and from the mountain-top 

See all the land below ; 
Rivers of milk and honey rise, 
And all the fruits of Paradise 

In endless plenty grow. 

3 A land of corn, and wine, and oil, 
Favoured with God's peculiar smile. 

With every blessing blest; 
There dwells the Lord our Righteousness, 
And keeps His own in jierlect peace. 

And everlasting rest. 

4 O that I might at once go up ! 
No more on this side .Jordan stop, 

but now the land ; 
Tills moment end my legal years. 
Sorrows, and sins, and doubts, and fears, 

A howling wilderness. 

6 Now, O my .Toshua, bring me in ! 
Cast out Thy foes ; the Inbred sin, 

The carnal mind, remove ; 
The purchase of Tliy death divide ! 
And O : with all the sanctlfted 
Give me a lot of love ! Amen. 

WebUu- ITl'-'. 


If T wish Ihicvnl, thou 
hast iiti jxirt Willi ^lc.—^n\m xiU. 8. 

IJIOR over licre my rest shall he, 
J Close to Thy bleeding side ; 
This all my hope, and all my plea, 
For me the Saviour died 1 

2 My dying Saviour, and my God, 

Fountain for guilt and sin. 
Sprinkle me ever with Thy blood. 
And cleanse, and keep me clean. 

3 Wash me, and make me thus Thine own • 

Wash me. and mine Thou art ; 

Wash me, but not my feet alone, 

My hands, my head, my lieart. 

4 The atonement of Thy blood apply. 

Till faith to sight Improve ; 
Till hope In full fruition die. 
And all my soul be love. Amen. 

Wesley. 1740. 


^U O The Lord hath laid on 
Him the iniquity of us oZ/.— Isaiah liii. fi. 

I LAY my sins on Jesus, 
The spotless Lamb of God : 
He bears them all, and frees us 

From the accursed load. 
I bring my guilt to Jesus, 

To wash my crimson stains 
White In His blood most preciom, 
TIU not a spot remains. 

2 I lay my wants on Jesus, 

All fulness dwells In Him ; 
He heals all my diseases. 

He doth my soul redeem. 
I lay my griefs on Jesus, 

My burdens and my cares ; 
He lioni them all releases. 

He all my sorrows shares. 

3 I rest my soul on Jesus, 

This weary soul of mine ; 
His right hand me embraces, 

I on His breast recline. 
I love the name of Jesus. 

Iinmanuol, Christ, the Lord ; 
Like fragrance on the breezes. 

His name abroad is poured. 

4 I long to be like Jesus, 

Meek, loving, lowly, mild ; 
I long to be like Jesus, 

Tho Father s Holy Child. 
I long to be with Jesus. 

Anild the heavenly throng. 
To sing with saints His praises. 

To learn the angels' song. 

Iloratius Bonar. 1814. 

"iU ( Come, unto nu 

TUSTms [nni with. 
f) r,ul Ili:il ThA M(M Till 
O La 

-Matt, xi. 28. 


lie pica, 
is shed for 
conio to T 
ome 1 



2 Just as I am— and waiting not 
To rid my soul of one dark blot. 
To Thee, whose blood can cleanse each 

O Lamb of God, I come ! 


3 Just as I am— though tossed about 
With many a conflict, many a doubt, 
Fightings within, and fears without, 

Lamb of God, I come I 

4 Just as I am— Thou wilt receive. 

Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve ; 
Because Thy promise I believe, 
Lamb of God, I come ! 

5 Just as I am— Thy love unknown 
Has broken every barrier down ; 
Now to be Thine, yea, Thine alone, 

Lamb of God, I come ! 

6 Just as I am— of that free love 

The breadth, length, deptli, and height 

to prove. 
Here for a season, then above, 
Lamb of God, I come ! 

Charlotte Elliott. 183G. 

4fcUO ife xcalk by faith, not by 
sight.— 2 Cor. v. 7. 
TT/IE walk by faith, and not by sight ; 
> \ No gracious words we hear 
From Him who spoke as never man. 
But we believe Him rear. 

2 We may not touch His hands and side. 

Nor follow where He trod ; 
But in His promise we rejoice. 
And cry, ' My Lord and God ! ' 

3 Help Thou, Lord, our unbelief; 

And may our faith abound. 
To call on Thee when Thou art near. 
And seek where Thou art found : 

4 That when our life of faith is done. 

In realins of clearer light 
We may behold Thee as Thou art, 
With full and endless sight. Amen. 
H. At/ard. 1&14. 

A-DQ c-*^- 

^r W «-/ Thy commandment is 

exceeding broad. — Psalm cxix. 96. 

DEEPEN the wound Thy hands have 
In this weak, helpless soul. 
Till mercy, with its balmy aid. 
Descends to make me whole. 

2 The sharpness of Thy two-edged sword 

U : help me to endure ; 
Till bold to say, ily hallomng Lord 
Hath \TTOught a perfect cure. 

3 I see the exceeding broad comimand, 

Which all contains in one ; 
Enlarge my heart to understand 
The mystery unknown. 

4 that with all Thy saints I might, 

By sweet experience, prove « 

What is the length, and breadth, and 
And depth of perfect love ! Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 

^^■i-\y lie shall redeem Israel 
from all his iniquities.— Paaha cxxx. 8. 

FATHER, I dare believe 
'I'hee merciful and true ; 
Thou wilt my guilty soul forgive. 
My fallen soul renew. 

2 Come then for Jesu's sake. 
And bid my he«rt be clean ; 

An end of all my troubles make. 
An end of all my sin. 

3 I will, through grace, I will, 
I do. return to Thee ; 

Take, empty it, Lord, and till 
My heart with purity ! 

4 For power I feebly pray : 
Thy kingdom now restore. 

To-day, while it is called to-day, 
Aid I shall sin no more. 

5 I cannot wash my heart. 
But by believing Thee, 

And waiting for Thy blood to impart 
The spotless purity. 

G While at Thy cross I lie, 
Jesus, Thy grace bestow. 
Now Thy all-cleansing blood apply. 
And I am whit« as snow. Amen. 
Charles Wesleii. 1762. 


They which be of faith 

are blessed with faithful Abraham. 

Galatians iii. 9. 

ABRAHAM, when severely tried. 
His faith by his obedience showed ; 
He with the harsh command complied, 
And gave his Isaac back to God. 

2 His son the father offered up. 

Son of his age, his only son. 
Object of all his joy and hope. 
And less beloved than God alone. 

3 for a faith Uke his, that we 

The bright example may jinrsue ; 
M.iy gladly give up all to Thee, 
To whom our more than all is due. 

4 Now, Lord, to Thee our all we leave. 

Our willing soul Thy call obeys ; 
Pleasure, and wealth, and fame we give, 
Freedom, and life, to win Thy grace. 

5 Is there a thing life more dear, 

A thing from which we cannot part? 
We can : we now rejoice to tear 
The idol from our bleeding heart. 

6 Jesus, accept our sacrifice ; 

All things for Thee we count but loss ; 
Lo : at Thy word our Isaac dies. 
Dies on the altar of Thy cross. 


7 For what to Thee, O Lord, we give, 
A luindred-fold we here obtain; 
And soon with Thee shall all receive. 
And loss shall be eternal gain. 

Wesley. 1740. 


7.7. 7.7. D. 
ne leadeth me beside the 
still waters. — Psahn xxiii. 2. 

HAPPY soul that, free from harms. 
Rests within his Shepherd's arms ! 
Who his quiet sliall molest? 
Who shall violate his rest? 
Jesii.s dotli his spirit bear, 
Ji'sus tavc.s his every care ; 
He who found the wandering sheep, 
.h'sus, still delights to keep. 

2 that I might so believe. 
Steadfastly to Jesus cleave, 
On His only love rely. 
Smile at the destroyer nigh ; 
Free from sin and servile fear. 
Have my Jesus ever near, 

AU His care rejoice to prove. 
All His paradise of love ! 

3 Jesus, seek Thy wandering sheep, 
Bring me back, and lead, and keep ; 
Take on Thee my every care. 

Bear me, on Thy bosom bear ; 
Let me know my Shepherd's voice. 
More and more in Thee rejoice. 
More and more of Thee receive. 
Ever in Thy Spirit live : 

4 Live, till all Tliv life I know. 
Pcrr.M't tlinm-li my L.inl b.^low, 
Gladly tlirn Iniiii c-irtli rnii.iv.'. 
Gathered to the fold above. 

O that I at last may stand 
With the sheep at Thy right hand. 
Take the crown so freely given, 
Knter in by Thee to heaven ! Amen. 
Charles Wedey. 1749. 

41 o 10. 10. 

ruA-Kj Thou loilt keep him in 
IM-rjict peace, ivhose mind is stayed on Thee. 
Isaiah xxvi. 3. 

PEACE, perfect peace, in this dark world 
of sin? 
The blood of Jesus whispers peace within. 

2 Peiiee, perfect peace, by thronging duties 

pressed V 
To do the will of Jesus, this is rest. 

3 Peace, perfect peace, with sorrows surging 

On Jesus bosom no\ight but calm is founcL 

4 Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far 

away ? 
In .FfiHii's keeping wo are safe, and they. 

5 Peace, perfect peace, our future all un- 
Jesus we know, and He is on the throne. 

G Peace, perfect peace, death shadowing us 
and ours ? 
Jesus has vanquished death and all its 

7 It is enough: earth's struggles soon shall 
And Jesus call us to heaven's perfect 

Bisho2y E. H. Bickersteth. 1876. 

A-\ A 8.5. 8.3. 

J^-L j: Believe on the Lord Jesus 

Christ, and thou shall he saved. 
Acts xvi. 31. 

TAM trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, 
Trusting only Thee, 
Trusting Thee for full salvation, 
Great and free. 

2 I am trusting Thee for pardon, 

At Thy feet I bow. 
Vox Thy grace and tender mercy, 
Trusting now. 

3 I am trusting Thee for cleansing. 

In the crimson flood. 
Trusting Thee to make me holy, 
By Thy blood. 

4 I nm trusting Thee to guide me, 

'I'liou alone shalt lead, 
Km ry day and hour supplying 
All my need. 

f) I .-im trusting Thee for power. 
Thine can never fail ; 
Wolds winch Thou Thyself shaltgive mo 
Must prevail. 

G I am trusting Thee. Lord Jesus, 
Never let me fall ; 
I am trusting Thee I'm- ever. 
And for all. 

Franees R. Ilaven/al. 1874. 


Without Me ye can 
do nothing.— John xv. 

I COULD not do without Thoo. 
O Saviour of the lost! 
Whose wondrous love redeemed mo 

At, s\ieh tremendous cost; 
Thy ii;rliteousiiess, Thy pardon, 

'I'liy in-ei-jous lilood must bo 
My only hope and e<uiirort. 
My glory and my pl(!a. 

2 I could not do without Thee, 
I cannot stand alone, 
I )iav(f no strength or goodness. 
Ho wisdom of my own ; 


But Tliou, belovM Saviour, 

Art all in all to me. 
And perfect strength in weakness 

Is theirs who lean on Thee. 

3 I could not do without Thee, 

Jesus, Saviour dear ! 
E'en when my eyes are holden, 

1 know that Thou art near ; 
How dreary and how lonely 

This changeful life would bo 

Without the sweet communion. 

The secret rest with Thee. 

4 I cotild not do without Thee ; 

No other friend could read 
Th(! spirit's strange, deep longings, 

Interpreting its need ; 
No human heart could enter 

Each dim recess of mine. 
And soothe, and hush, and calm it, 

O blessfed Lord, but Thine. 

r. I could not do without Thee, 
For life is fleeting fast, 
And soon in solemn loneness 
The river must be passed ; 
I'.iit Thou wilt never leave me, 

.And tli(mj<h the waves roll high, 
I know Tliou wilt be with me, 
And whisper, 'It is 1." 

Frances R. UavergaZ. 1873. 

A.'\ f\ With Chorus. Trochaic. 
^ J- U God forbid that I should 
glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus 
Christ. — Galatiaus vi. 14. 

JESUS, keep me near the Cross ; 
There a precious fountain. 
Free to all, a healing stream. 
Flows from Calvary's mountain. 
In the Cross, in the Cross, 

Be my glory ever; 
Till my raptured soul shall find 
Rest beyond the river. 

2 Near the Cross, a trembling soul. 

Love and mercy found me ; 
There the bright and morning star 
Shed its beams around me. 

3 Near the Cross, Lamb of God ! 

Bring its scenes before me ; 

Make me walk from day to day 

With its shadow o er me. 

4 Near the Cros.s I'll watch and wait, 

Ilojiing, trusting ever. 
Till I reiK-h the golden strand. 
Just beyond the river. 

Frances Jane Crosby. 1874. 


7.7. 7.7. 
The life was the light of men. 
John i. 4. 

T IGHT of Life, seraphic fire. 
i J Love Divine ! Thyself impart ; 
Every fainting soul inspire, 
fchine in every drooping heart. 

2 Every mournful sinner chfler. 

Scatter all our guilty gloom. 
Son of God, appear, appear ! 
To Thy human temples come. 

3 Come in this accepted hour ; 

Bring Thy heavenly kingdom ir ; 
Fill us with the glorious power. 
Booting out the seeds of sin. 

4 Notliing more can we require. 

We will covet nothing less ; 
Be Thou all our heart's desire. 
All our joy, and all our peace. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1741). 

418 D. 
Looking unto Jesus, the 
author and finisher of our faith. 
Hebrews xii. 2. 

LOOKING unto Jesus 
With the eye of faith. 
Telling Him our troubles. 

Hearing what He saith,— 
Like the day-spring stealing 

Through the shades of night, 
Silently it turneth 
Darkness into light. 

2 Looking unto Jesus, 

In a sweet accord 
Knitteth the disciple 

To the absent Lord : 
To our soul's complainings 

Jesus giveth heed. 
Pouring out His fulness 

Over all our need. 

3 Looking unto Jesus, 

In the stormy day ; 
'Tis His gracious Spirit 

Cheers us on our way : 
Looking still to Jesus, 

When the storms retreat. 
He will be our shelter 

From the noontide heat. 

4 Looking unto Jesus 

From the bed of pain, 
As a suffering brother, 

Jesus will sustain. 
Looking still to Jesus, 

In the hour of death, 
Lo : the everlasting 

Arms are underneath. 

Jane Crewdson. d. 18C.i. 

A-\ Q L.M. 

^tXC/ TTappii ft the man that 

findetk wisdom.— Provcrhs iii. 13. 

HAPP'i' the man that finds the grnce, 
The blessing of God's chosen race, 
Tlie wisdom coming from above. 
The faith that sweetly works by love. 


2 Happy beyond description lie 

Who knows, the Saviour died for me, 
Tlie grift unspeakable obtains. 
And heavenly understanding gains. 

3 Wisdom divine ! Who tells the price 
Of Wisdom's costly merchandise ? 
Wisdom to silver we prefer. 

And gold is dross compared to her. 

4 Tier hands are filled with length of days, 
True riches, and immortal praise, 
Riches of Christ, on all bestowed. 
And honour that descends from God. 

5 To purest joys she all invites, 
Chaste, holy, spiritual delights ; 
Her ways are ways of pleasantness. 
And all her flowery paths are peace. 

Happy the man who wisdom gains. 
Thrice happy who his guest retains ! 
He owns, and shall for ever own. 
Wisdom, and Christ, and heavenare one. 
Wesley. 1747. 


There remaineih therefore 
a rest to the people o/ God.— Hebrews Iv. 9. 

LORD, I believe a rest remains 
To all Thy people known, 
A rest where pure enjoyment reigns. 
And Thou art loved alone ; 

2 A rest, where all our soul's desire 

Is lixed on things above ; 
Where fear, and sin, and grief expii-e, 
Cast out by perfect love. 

3 that I now the rest might know, 

Believe, and enter in ! 
Now, Saviour, now the power bestow. 
And let me cease from sin. 

4 Remove this hardness from my heart. 

This nnbcliff remove ; 
To ine till' rt;st of faith impart. 
The sabbath of Thy love. 

5 I would be Tliine, Tho>i know'st I would. 

And have Thee all my own ; 
Thee, O my all-s\iffl('ipiit Good I 
I want, and Thee alone. 

6 Thy name to me. Thy nat\ire gi-ant ; 

This, only this be given ; 
Nothing beside my God I w,ant. 
Nothing In earth or heaven. 

7 Come, my Savlotir, come away ! 

Into my soul descend ; 
No loiigi^r frf>m Thy (Teature stay, 
My Author and my End ! 

S Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
And seal me Thine abode ! 
I/'t all I am In Thee be lost. 
Let all be lost In God. Amen. 

Weslvy. 174l(. 

A01 c.M, 

J^^^ -'- Wensed are the pure i7i heart ; 
for they shall see God.— Matttew v. 8. 

OFOR a heart to praise my God, 
A heart from sin set free ; 
A heart that always feels Thy blo(»l 
So freely spilt for me ! 

2 A heart resigned, submissive, meek. 

My gi-eat Redeemer's throne. 
Where only Christ is heard to speak. 
Where Jesus reigns alone ; 

3 A humble, lowly, contrite heart, 

Believing, true, and clean ; 
Wiich neitlier life nor death can part 
From Him that dwells within ; 

4 A heart in every thought renewed. 

And full of love divine ; 
Perfect, and right, and pure, and good, 
A copy. Lord, of Thine 1 

5 Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart ; 

Come quicklj' from aliove. 
Write Thy new name u)>on my heart. 
Thy new, best name of love. Amen. 
Wesley. 1742. 


received the a^onewient.— Romans v. 11. 

By whom we have now 
I the 

HOLY Lamb, who Thee receive. 
Who in Thee begin to live. 
Day and night they cry to Thee, 
As Thou art, so let us be ! 

2 Jesus, see my panting breast ! 
See I long in Thee to rest I 
Gladly would I now be clean. 
Cleanse me now from every sin. 

3 Fix, fix my wavering mind ; 
To Thy cross my spirit bind ; 
E.arthly passions far remove, 
Swallow up my soid in love. 

4 Dust and ashes though we be, 
Full of sin and misery. 

Thine we are. Thou Son of God ! 
Take the purchase of Thy blood. 

r> Who in heart on Tliee believes. 
He the atonement now receives. 
He with jov beholds Thy face, 
Triumi)hs In Thy pardoning grace. 

r.oundloss wisdom, jiowcr divine, 
Love unspeakable, are Thine : 
Tralsc by all to Thee bo given. 
Sons of earth, and hosts of heaven I 

Anna Dober. n.'i.i. 
Tr. J. Wesley. 1740. 


/1QO L.M. 

t:^«-> Whosoever therefore shall be 
ashamed of Me . . . 0/ him also shall thcSmi 
of Man be aMam«d.— Mark viii. 38. 

LORD Jesus, shall it ever be, 
A mortal man ashamed of Thee ? 
t>»;oriied be the thought by rich and poor : 
My soul shall scorn it more and moro. 

2 Ashamed of Jesus ! Sooner far 
May evening blush to own a star. 
Ashamed of Jesus : Just as soon 
May midnight blush to think of noon. 

3 Ashamed of Jesus, that dear Friend. 
On whom my hopes of heaven depend : 
No ; when I blush, be this my shame. 
That 1 no more revere His name. 

4 A.shamed of Jesus ! Yes, I may, 
\Mien I've no guilt to wash away, 
No tears to wipe, no joys to crave. 
And no immortal soul to save. 

5 Till then, nor is this boasting vain, 
Till then I boast a Saviour slain ; 
And 0, may this my glory be, 
That Christ is not ashamed of me ! 

Joseph Grigg. 1765. 


Beye . . . follorversof 
God, as dear c/(i7rf>-en.— Ephesians v. 1. 

OLORD, Thy heavenly grace impart. 
And fl.\ my frail inconstant heart ; 
Henceforth my chief desire shall be 
To dedicate myself to Thee, 
To Thee, my God, to Thee. 

2 UTiateer pursuits my time employ. 
One thought shall till my soul with joy ; 
That silent, secret thought shall be. 
That all my hopes are fixed on Thee, 

On Thee, my God, on Thee. 

3 Thy glorious eye pervadeth space ; 
Thou'rt present. Lord, in every place ; 
And wheresoe'er ray lot may be, 
Stiil shall my spirit cleave to Thee, 

To Thee, my God, to Thee. 

4 Renouncing every sinful thing. 
Safe neath the coven of Thy wing. 

My sweetest tliought henceforth shaU be, 
That all I want 1 find in Thee, 
In Thee, my God, in Thee. 

From the French, abt. 1826. 
Tr. Lucy Wilson. 1829. 


/ ii'iV; put My law in their 
ward parts, and write it in their hearts. 
Jeremiah xxxi. 33. 

THE thing mv God doth hate 
That I no "more may do. 
Thy creatiire. Lord, again create, 
And all my soul renew. 

2 My soul shall then, like Thiuo, 
Abhor the thing unclean. 

And, sanctified by love divine, 
For ever cease from sin. 

3 That blessed law of Tliin<<, 
Jesus, to me impart ; 

The Spirit's law of life divine, 
O write it in my heart I 

4 Implant it deep within. 
Whence it may ne'er remove, 

The law of liberty from sin, 
The perfect law of love. 

r> Thy nattire be my law. 
Thy spotless sanctity. 
And sweetly every moment draw 
My happy soiil to Thee. 

6 Soul of my soul remain : 
Who didst for all fulfil. 
In me, O Lord, fulfil again 

Thy heavenly Father's will. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1762. 

AOfi 7.0.7 6. 

-:i:^JKj T7g iQ^g Him, because 

He first loved us.— I John iv. 19. 

IN full and glad surrender, 
1 give myself to Thee, 
Thine utterly and only. 
And evermore to be. 

2 Son of God who lov'st me, 

I will be Thine alone ; 
And all T have, and am. Lord, 
Shall henceforth be Thine own I 

3 Reign over me. Lord Jesus ! 

O make my heart Thv throne 1 
It shall be Thine, dear Saviour, 
It shall be Thine alone. 

4 come and reign. Lord Jesus ; 

Rule over everything ! 
And keep me always loyal. 
And true to Thee my King. Amen. 

Frances B. Havergal. d. 1879. 

427 D. 

Lo, tve have left all, inid 
have follotved Thee.—hiHTk x. 28. 

JESUS, I my cross have taken. 
All to leave, and follow Thee ; 
Destitute, despised, forsaken. 

Thou, from hence, my all shalt be : 
Perish every fond ambition. 

All I've sought, or hoped, or known ; 
Yet how rich is my condition, 
God and heaven are still my own ! 

2 Let the world 'lespise and leave me ; 
They have left my Saviour loo ; 
Human hearts and looks deceive me ; 
Thou art not, like them, untrue : 


And while Thou shalt smile upon me, 
God of wisdom, love, and mi^ht. 

Foes may hate, and friends may shun me : 
Show Thy face, and all is bright. 

3 Man may trouble and distress me, 

'Twill but drive me to Thy breast ; 
Life with trials hard may press me, 

Heaven will bring me sweeter rest : 
O 'tis not in grief to harm me. 

While Thy love is left to me ! 
O twere not in. joy to charm me. 

Were that joy unmixed with Thee ! 

4 Soul, then know thy full salvation ; 

Rise o'er sin, and fear, and care ; 
Joy to find in every station, 

Homothing still to do or bear: 
Think what Spirit dwells within theo ! 

What a Father's smile is thine ! 
What a Saviour died to win thee ! 

Child of Heaven ! shouldst thou repine ? 

5 Haste then on from grace to glory. 

Armed by faith, and winged by prayer, 
Heaven's eternal day's before thee. 

Clod's own hand shall guide thee there : 
Soon shall close thy earthly mission. 

Swift shall pass thy pilgrim days, 
Hope soon change to glad fruition. 

Faith to sight, and prayer to praise. 

II: F. Lyte. 18':4. 


ArrorJiitii to your faith 
be it unto i/o".— Matthew ix. 29. 


CO.MR, my God, the promise seal, 
This mountain, sin, remove ; 
Now in my ga.sping soul reveal 
The virtue of Thy love. 

2 I want Thy life, Thy purity, 

Tiiy ri^'!iti'ousni>ss brought In ; 
I ask, ili'siif, and trust in Tliee, 
'J'o 1)1! n^di-i'int-d from sin. 

3 Anger and sloth, desire and prldo, 

This nioiniint be subdued ; 

lie cast into the crimson tide 

or my Jl(!deemer's blood. 

4 Saviour, to Theo my soul looks up. 

My present Saviour Tliou ! 

In all Iho confidence of hope, 

I claim the blessing now. 

5 'Tin done ! Thou dost this moment save. 

With full salvation bless ; 
KediMnptlon through Thy blood I liave. 
And spotless love and peace. 

Charles Wesley. 17G2. 


Truhi 1 nm Thy servant. 
I'.salin cxvl. 10. 

TAKE my life, and let It be 
Consecrated, Lord, to Thoe ; 
Take my moments and my dnyH, 
Lot them How In coaseloss praise. 

2 Take my hands, and let tliem move 
At the impulse of Thy love ; 

Take my feet, and let them be 
Swift and beautiful for Thee. 

3 Take my voice, and let me sing 
Always, only for my King : 
Take my lips, and let them be 
Filled with messages from Thee. 

4 Take my silver and my gold. 
Not a mite would I withhold ; 
Take my intellect, and use 
Every power as Thou shalt choose. 

5 Take my will, and make it Thine, 
It shall be no longer mine ; 
Take my heart, it is Thine own, 
It shall be Thy royal throne. 

6 Take my love, my Lord, I pour 
At Thy feet its treasure-store ; 
Take myself, and I will be 
Ever, only, all for Thee. Amen. 

Frances R. Uavergal. 1878. 


7.7. 7.7. 
These ivere redeemed 
from among j/ie«.— Revelation xiv. 4. 

THINE for ever : God of love. 
Hear us from Thy throne above ; 
Thine for ever may we be, 
Here and in eternity. 

2 Thine for ever ! O how blest. 
They who find in Thee their rest ! 
Saviour, Guardian, Heavenly Friend, 
defend us to the end ! 

3 Thine for ever ! Lord of life. 
Shield us through our earthly strife : 
Thou the Life, the Truth, the Way, 
Guide us to the realms of day. 

4 Thine for ever ! Shepherd, keep 
These Thy frail and trembling sheep ; 
Sale alone beneath Thy care, 

Let us all Thy goodness share. 

5 Thine for ever ! Thou our guide. 
All our wants by Thee supplied ; 
All our sins by Thee forgiven, 
Lead us. Lord, from earth to heaven. 

Mrs. Mary F. Maude. 1847. 


My times are in Thy hand. 
Psalm xxxl. 15. 

I' ORD, it belongs not to my care, 
J Whether I dio or live ; 
To love and servo Theo Is my share, 
And this Thy grace must give. 

2 If life be long, I will bo glad, 
Thnt I may long obey ; 
If short, yet why should I bo sad 
To soar to endless day ? 


3 Cliiist leads me through no darker rooms 
Thau He went through before: 
He who into God's kingdom comes. 
Must enter by this door. 

Come, Lord, when grace hath made me 

Tliy blessed face to see ; 
For if Thy work on earth be sweet, 

What will Thy glory be? 

5 Then shall I end my sad complaints. 
And weary, sinful days : 
And join with the triumphant saints, 
Who sing Jehovah's praise. 

C My knowledge of that life is small, 
The eye of faith is dim ; 
But 'tis enough that Christ knows all. 
And I shall be with Him. 

Richard Baxter. 1681. 


Whether we live there/ore, 
tn die., we are the Lord's.— Konians xiv. 8. 

TESUS ! I live to Thee, 
V The loveliest and best; 
My life in Thee, Thy life in me, 
In Thy blest love I rest. 

2 Jesus ! I die to Thee, 
Whenever death shall comei 

To die in Thee is life to me. 
In my eternal home. 

3 Whether to live or die, 

I know not which is best ; 
To live in Thee is bliss to me. 
To die is endless rest. 

4 Living or dying. Lord, 
I ask but to be Thine ; 

My life in Thee, Thy life in me. 

Makes heaven for ever mine. Amen. 
Henry Harbaugh. 1850. 

2IQO 6.6. 6.6. 8.8. 

"XOvJ But first gave their own 
selves to the Lord. — 2 Corinthians viii. 5. 

GOD of my life, to Thee 
My cheerful soul I raise ! 
Thy goodness bade me be. 
And still prolongs my days ; 

1 see my natal hour return. 

And bless the day that I was born. 

2 A clod of living earth, 

I glorify Thy name. 
From whom alone my birth. 

And all my blessings came : 
Creating and preserving grace. 
Let all that is mthin me praise. 

3 Long as I live beneath. 

To Thee let me live I 
To Thee my every breath. 

In thanks and praises give : 
Whate er I have, whate'er I am. 
Shall magnify my Maker'u name. 

4 My soul, and all its powers. 

Thine, wholly Thine, shall be ; 
All, all my happy hours 

I consecrate to Thee : 
Me to Thine image now restore. 
And I shall praise Thee evermore. 

5 I wait Thy will to do. 

As angels do in heaven ; 
In Christ a creature new. 

Most graciously forgiven, 
I wait Thy perfect will to prove. 
All sanctified by spotless love. 

6 Then, when the work is done. 

The work of faith with power, 
Receive Thy favoured son. 
In death's triumphant hour ; 
Like Moses to Thy.self convey. 
And bear my raptured soul away. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1742. 


8.8. 8.8. Anapccstic. 

Thou art the God of my 
strength.— PsaXxa xliii. 2. 

TTf^-'^T now is my object and aim ? 
\ V What now is my hope and desire? 
To follow the heavenly Lamb, 
And after His image aspire : 

2 My hope is all centred in Tliee, 

I trust to recover Thy love. 

On earth Thy salvation to see. 

And then to enjoy it above. 

3 I thirst for a life-giving God, 

A God that on Calvary died ; 
A fountain of water and blood. 
Which gushed from Immanuel's side ! 

4 I gasp for the stream of Thy love. 

The spirit of rapture unknown. 
And then to re-drink it above. 
Eternally fresh from the throne. 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 


Let him deny himself, and 

take up his cross daily, and follow Me. 

Luke !X. 23. 

MASTER ! I own Thy lawful claim. 
Thine, wholly Thine, I long to be- 
Thou seest, at, I willing am, 

N\'here'er Thou goest, to follow Theo 
Myself in all things to deny, 
Thine, wholly Thine, to live and die. 

2 \Miate'er my sinful flesh requires. 
For Thee I cheerfully forego ; 
My covetous and vain desires. 

My hopes of happiness below. 
My senses' and my passions' food. 
And all my thirst for creature-good. 


3 Pleasure, and wealth, and praise no more 

Shall lead my captive soul astray ; 
My fond pursuits I all give o'er. 

Thee, only Thee, resolved to obey ; 
My own in all things to resign. 
And know no other vill but Thine. 

4 Wherefore to Thee I all resign ; 

Being Thou art, and Love, and Power, 
Thy only will be done, not mine ! 

Thee, Lord, let heaven and earth adore ! 
Flow back the rivers to the sea. 
And let our all be lost in Thee 1 Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1749. 

AOa CM. 

•± O U Tf I may but touch His 

garment, I shall be wTioie.— Matt. ix. 21. 

WHUN in the busy crowd of life 
Too often pressed and thronged. 
And in their rude and selfish strife 
Both overlooked and wronged; 

2 How sweet to know faith's lightest touch 
The watchful Saviour feels; 
And healing, in reply to such. 
Into the sufferer steals. 

;> Oft through the world we smoothly go. 
Hiding some secret care. 
Our nearest, dearest, may not know. 
Which God alone can share. 

4 We mingle with the busy throng. 

They pass unheeded by ; 
They bear us in their tide along. 
We commune with the sky. 

5 Saviour ! it is Thy people's bliss 

To feel Thy care for them ; 
And, while the crowd Thy mercy miss. 
To touch Thy garment's hem. 

fi Friends may misstake, or foes may sliglit, 
Tliyself not seem to see ; 
One touch of faith, however light, 
Will find its way to Theo. 

wlii'i) sorrow pleads. 

7 And Thou wi 

Gou.l cnllll- 

Th.i hiMlln- it s., son-lv Is, 

Tlic lailh, wliicli luMiccs it whob 
J. a. Ji. Monscll. 


8.7. 8.7. Iambic. 
God is faithful, who will 
not suffer you to he icnipli'd above that ye 
are able.—l Corinthians x. 13. 

MY Father and my Ood, behold 
Thy wayward child before Theo ; 
And to Thy will my spirit mould, 
I now with tears Implore Theo. 

•I Without Thee I In plenty plno. 
In tbrr.ngs of men iim lonely; 
With The(' all earth and heaven are mine, 
With Tlioo, ray Father, only. 

3 O search my bosom through and through. 

And strengthen my endeavour. 
And make me always think and do 
What pleases Thee for ever. 

4 My love, my life, my all control 

Henceforth by Calvai-j-'s story ; 
Stamp here Thy image on my soul. 
And fit me for Thy glory. Amen. 

Bishop E. H. Bicker steth. 1883. 


8.6. 8.6. 8.6. 1 
Rest in the Lord, and wait 
patiently for Him.— Psa,\m xxxvii. 7. 

With sin and sorrow worn, 
And conscience rankling with the smart 

Of pitiless self-scorn ; 
counting all beside but loss. 

Climb Calvary's lowly hill. 
And there beneath the bleeding Cross, 
Rest and be still. 

2 Rest in the Lord ; what time the storm 

Around thy pathway raves, 
Behold His calm majestic form 

Serenely walks the waves ; 
And hark ! that tranquil voice is heard 

Which winds and waves fulfil ; 
rest upon His changeless word ; 
Rest and be still. 

3 Rest in the Lord ; although the sands 

Of life are running low. 
Though clinging hearts and clasping hands 

May not detain thee now : 
His hand is on thee ; death's alarms 

Can never work thee ill : 
Rest on His everlasting arms ; 
Rest and be still. 

4 Rest in the Lord ; no conflicts more, 

The latest labour done ; 
Th« weary strife for ever o'er, 

Tlui crown for ever won. 
P.i^siile the crystal stream, that flows 

From Zion's heavenly hill. 
Rest in Eternal Love's repose ; 
Rest and bo still. 

Bishop E. H. Bickersteth. 1870. 


6.4. 6.4. 
Lord, what wilt Thou 
have me to do?— Acts ix. 6. 

a AVIOUR ! Thy dying love 

Nor sh 

In lov'. 
My he; 
Sonii' I 

II gavest me, 
Hid I aught withhold. 
Lord, from Thee ; 
my siui! would how, 
I. Iiillil its vow, 

g bring Theo now, 

Something for Thee. 

2 At tlio blest mercy-seat, 
Pleading for me. 
My feeble faith looks up, 
Jesus, to Theo : 


Help me the cross to bear, 
Thy womlrous love declari\ 
Some soil}; to raise, or prayer. 
Something for Thee. 

3 Give me a faithful heart, 

Likeness to Thee, 
That each floparting day 

Heni-el'orth may see 
Some work of love begun. 
Some deed of kindness donf^, 
Some wanderer sought and won. 

Something for Thee. 

4 All tliat I am and have. 

Thy gifts so free. 
In joy, in grief, through life, 

Lord, for Thee ! 
And when Thy face 1 see. 
My ransomed soul shall be, 
Through all eternity. 

Something for Thee. Amen. 
S. D. Phelps. 


Love the Lord your God 
vith all your heart.— Deut. -xiii. 3. 

MY heart, God, be wholly Thine, 
I would not keep it back from Thee ; 
Nor wish to shun the grace divine, 
Which asks this humble gift of me. 

i! take it now, and let Thy love 
For e^■ermore within me dwell ; 
And may Thy Spirit from above 
Teach me to serve my Master well. 

3 Afar be every thought of sin, 
.\far be every wish to stray ; 
Let truth and holiness begin 
To lead me up the heavenward way. 

I 4 Make this my only aim and care, 
To seek Thy piaise in all I do ; 
To consecrate each act with prayer, 
.\s I my daily work pursue. 

5 More like to Thee, my blessed Lord, 
I would be. as my days pass by. 
With patience, love, and wisdom stored, 
Keady to live, and fit to die. Amen. 
IV. J. Mathams. 1880. 



2 Father, Thine everlasting grace 

Our scanty thought surpa.ssis far. 
Thy heart still melts with tenderness, 

Thy arms of love still open are. 
Returning sinners to receive. 
That mercy they may taste and live. 

3 Love, Thou bottomless abyss. 

My sins are swallowt^d up in Thee ; 
Covered is tny unrighteousness. 

Nor spot of guilt remains on me, 
While Jesu's blood through earth and skicg. 
I Mercy, free, boundless mercy, cries : 

I i With faith I plunge me in this sea, 
I Here is my hope, my joy, my rest ; 

Hither, when hell assails. I flee, 
I 1 look into my Saviours breast ; 
I Away, sad doubt, and anxious fear ! 
I Mercy is all that's written there. 

5 Though waves and storms go o'er my head. 
Though strength, and health, and frieuds 
be gone. 
Though joys be withered all and dead. 
Though every comfort be withdrawn. 
On this my steadl'ast soul relies. 
Father. Thy mercy never dies. 

(j Fixed on this ground will I remain. 

Though my lieart fail, and flesh decay ; 
This anchor sliall my soul sustain, 

When earth's foundations melt away ; 
Mercy's full power I then shall prove. 
Loved with an everlasting love. 

John A. Kothe.. 1735. 
Tr. J. Wesley. 1740. 



8.8. 8.8. 8.8. 
yviio have fled for refuge 
to lay hold upon the hope set before us. 
Hebrews vi. 18. 

f OW I have found the ground wherein 
Sure my souls anchor may remain, 
The wounds of Jesus, for my sin. 

Ik'fore the world's foimdation slain ; 
Whose mercy shall unshaken stay. 
When heaven and earth are fled away. 


By one offering He hath 

perfected for ever them that are sanctified. 

Hebrews x. 14. 

ARISE, my soul, arise, 
Shake oft" thy guilty fears ; 
The bleeding sacrifice 
In my behalf appears ; 
Before the throne my Surety stands ; 
My name is written on liis hands. 

2 He ever lives above. 

For me to intercede. 
His all-redeeming love. 
His precious blood, to plead ; 
His blood atoned for all our race. 
And sprinkles now the throne of grace. 

3 Five bleeding wounds He bears. 

Received on Cilvary : 
They pour effectual prayers. 

They strongly sjieak for me ; 
' Forgive him. O for<ive.' they cry, 
' Nor let that ransoined sinner die :' 

4 The Father hears Him pray. 

His dear Anointed One ; 

He cannot turn away 

The presence of His Son ; 

His Spirit answers to the blood, 

And tells me I am born of G"?*L 



5 My God is reconciled, 

His pardoning voice I hear. 
He owns nie for His child, 
I ciin no longer fear. 
With confidence I now draw nigh, 
And, Father, Abba, Father, cry ; 

Wesley. 1742. 


In whom we have 7rdemi>tio7i 
tltrouyh His blood, the forgivenesn o/sins. 
Ephesians i. 7. 

AND can it be that I should gain 
An interest in the Saviour's Ijlood? 
Died He for ine, who caused His pain. 
For me, w lio Him to death pursued ? 
Amazing love I how can it be 
That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me I 

2 "Tis mystery all : The Immortal dies ! 

Wlio can explore His strange design ! 
In vain the first-born seraph tries 

To sound till- depths of Love Divine ! 
'Tis mercy all 1 let earth adore. 
Lot angel-minds enquire no more. 

3 He left His Father's throne above, 

!So free, so infinite His grace ! 
Kmptii-d Himself of all but love, 

An<l liled for Adam's helpless race : 
'Tis mercy all, immense and free. 
Fur, O my Gud, it found out me ! 

4 Long my imprisoned spirit lay 

Fast bound in sin ami nature's night ; 
Tliiiie eve dilfiisod a rjuickciiinir rav, 

I w,ikr,tli.Mlmii,'c(iun:iMic(l with' light; 
My cliaiiis IVll uiV. my lirart was free, 
I ruse, went furth, and followed Thee. 

6 No cocdenmation now I dread, 
.Jesus, and all in Him, is mine; 
Alive in Him, my living Head, 

And olothrd in righteousness divine. 
Told I approach tlie eternal throne. 
And claim the crown, thi-ough Chi-ist, my 


Wesley. 1739. 

Thou knowest that Hove Thee. 
John xxi. 16. 

I LI FT my heart to Thee, 
Saviour Divine, 
For Thou art all to me, 
And lam Thine. 
I8 there on earth a closer bond than this, 
That my belovbd's mine, and I am His .' 

2 Thine am I by all ties ; 
Hut clilerty Thine, 
That through Thy sacrifleo 
'I'hou, Lord, art mine. 
ByThinoown riordsof love, sosweetly wound 
Aiound me, I to Thee am closely bound. 

3 To Thee, Thou bleeding Lamb, 

I all things owe ; 
All that I have and am. 

And all I know. 
All that I have is now no longer mine. 
And 1 am not mine own. Lord, I am Thino. 

4 How can I, Lord, withhold 

Life's IJrightest hour 
From Thee, or gathered gold, 
Or any power ? 
WHiy should I keep one precious thing from 

When Thou hast given Thine own dear self 
for me 1 

5 I pray Thee, Saviour, keep 

Mb in Thy love. 
Until death's holy sleep 
Shall mo remove 
To that fair realm, where, sin and sorrow 

o er, 
Tliou and Thine own are one for evermore. 
C. E. Mudie. h. 1818. 

^t^v^ Thou hast delivered my 
soul from death, mine eyes from fears, and 
my feet from, fulling.— Fs&hii cxvi. 8. 


'Y soul, through my Redeemer's earn, 
. Saved from the second death I feel, 
My eyes from tears of dark despair, 
My feet from falling into hell. 

2 Wherefore to Tlim my foot shall run, 
Mv .'Vcs oil His perfections <ra/.e. 
My i-oni shall llv,' for (;od alone. 
And all within me shout His \<r: 


Charles Wesley. 17i)2. 

8.8.6. 8.8.6. 
I will not leave you 
comfortless .■ I nnll come to you. 
John xiv. 18. 

THOU great mysterious God unknown. 
Whose love hath gently led me on, 
Kven from my Infant days : 
Mine Inmost soul expose to view, 
Ami tell me. If 1 ever knew 
Thy justifying grace. 

2 If 1 have only known Thy fear. 
And rolloweii. with a heart sincere. 

Thy drawings from above ; 
Now. now the further grace bestow. 
And let my s))rinkled conscience know 

Thy sweet forgiving love. 

3 Short of Thy love I would not stop, 
A str.angcr to the gospel ho|ie, 

The sense of sm lorgi\ en ; 
I would not. Lord, my soul deceive. 
Without the inward witness live, 

'i'liat antopast of heaven. 


4 If now the witness were in me. 
Would He not testily of Tliee 

In Jesus reconciled? 
And should I not with faith draw nigh 
And boldly, Abba, Father, cry. 

And know myself Thy child ? 

5 Whateer obstructs Thy pardoning love 
Or sin. or righteousness, remove. 

Thy glory to display ; 
Mine heart of unbelief convince. 
And now absolve me from my sins, 

And take them all away. 

6 Father, in me reveal Thy Son, 

And to my inmost soul make known 

How merciful Thou art : 
The secret of Thy love reveal. 
And by Thine hallowing Spirit dwell 

Forever in my heart. Amen. 

Wesley. 1747. 


I am come, that thev might 

have life, and that they might have it more 

abundantly.— John x. 10. 

OGOD of our forefathers,hear. 
And make Thy faithful men;ies known : 
To Thee, through Jesus, we draw near. 

Thy suffering, well-belovM Son, 
In whom Thy smiling face we see. 
In whom Thou art well pleased with me. 

2 With solemn faith we offer up. 

And spread before Thy glorious eyes. 
That only ground of all our hope. 

That precious, bleeding Sacrifice, 
Which brings Thy grace on sinners down, 
And perfects all our souls in one. 

3 AiTPptance through His only name. 

Forgiveness in His blood, we have ; 
But more abundant life we claim 

Through Him, who died our souls to save. 
To sani;tify us b) His blood. 
And fill with all the life of Gud. 

4 Father, behold Thy dying Son ! 

And hear the blood that speaks above ; 
On us let all Thy grace be shown. 

Peace, righteousness, and joy, and love; 
Thy kingtlom come to every heart. 
And all Thou hast, and all Thou art. 

Wesley. 1745. 


-t^O Because ye are sons, God 

hath sent forth the Spirit of His Son into 

your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. 

Galatians Ir. 6. 

O OVERRIGX of all the worlds on high, 
O Allow my humble claim : 
Nor, while unworthy I draw near. 
Disdain a Father's name. 

2 My Father God ! how sweet the sound. 

How tender and how dear ! 
Not all the harmony of li'-aven 
Could so delight the ear. 

3 Come, Holy Spirit, seal the grace 

On my expanding heart ; 
And show that in Jehovah's love 
I share a filial part. 

4 Cheered by a witness so divine. 

Unwavering I believe ; 
And Abba, Father, humbly cry ; 
Nor can the sign deceive. 

Philip Doddridge. 1755. 

^t-^iyj Mil soul is even as a 

weaned child.— Psaha cxxxi. 2. 

AS helpless as a child who clings 
Fast to his father's arm. 
And Ciists his weakness on the strength 

That keeps him safe from harm ; 
So I. my Father, cling to Thee, 

And thus I every hour 
Would link my earthly feebleness 
To Thine almighty power. 

2 As trustful as a child who looks 

Up in his mother's face. 
And all his littls griefs and fears 

Forgets in her embrace ; 
So I to Thee, my Saviour, look, 

And in Thy face divine 
Can read the love that mil sustain 

As weak a faith as mine. 

3 A.'; loving as a child who sits 

C.iise by his parent's knee, 
And knows no want while he can have 

That sweet society ; 
So sitting at Thy feet, my heart 

Would all its love outpour, 
And pray that Thou wouldst teach me, 
To love Thee more and more. Ameu. 
James D. Bums. 1857. 



8.8. 8.8. 8 8. 
Fillrd with all the fulness of God. 
Kphesiaus iii. 19. 

JF.SUS, Tliy boundless love to me 
No thought can reach, no tongue de- 
clare : 
knit my thankful heart to Thee, 
,Viul reign without a rival there ! 
Thine wholly, Thine alone, I am ; 
L'c Thou alone mv constant flame 1 


2 grant that nothing in my soul 

May dwell, but Thy pure love alone 
may Thy love possess me whole, 

My joy, my treasure, and my crown ! 
Strange flames far from my heart remove ; 
My every act, word, thought, be love. 

3 Love, how cheering is Thy ray ! 

All pain before Thy presence flies, 
Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away. 

Where er Thy healing beams arise ; 
O Jesus, nothing may I see. 
Nothing desiie, or seek, but Thee ! 

4 Unwearied may I this pursue. 

Dauntless to the high prize aspire ; 
Hourly within my soul renew 

This holy flame, this heavenly fire ; 
And day and night be all my care, 
To guard the sacred treasure there. 

Paul Gerhardt. 1666. Tr. J. Wesley. 1739. 


r±<JJ. God so loved the world, 

that lie gave His only biijutlen Son. 
John iii. 16. 

MY Saviour, Thou Thy love to me 
In shame, in want, in pain, hast 
showed ; 
For me, on tlie accursM tree. 

Thou pouredst forth Thy guiltless blood ; 
Tiiy wounds upon my heart impress, 
Kor aught shall the loved stamp efface. 

i; .More hard than marble is my heart. 
And foul with sins of deepest stain ; 
l;ut Thou th<^ miphtv Saviour art. 

Nor ll.iwcil Tliv ilc'iiisin- blixnl in vain ; 
/h .soft. -11, liiclt tliis ro'-k, ami may 
'iliy blood wash all these staius uway 1 

3 that I, as a little child. 

May follow Thee, and never rest 
Till swec;tly Thou hast breathed Thy mild 

And lowly mind into my breast ! 
>iir ever may we parted be, 
'i ill I become one spirit with Thee. 

4 :. ; 111 let Thy love point out my way : 

JIow wondrous things Thy love hath 
wrought : 
f-;till lead me, lest I go astray ; 

Direct my word, inspire my thought ; 
.And If 1 fall, soon may I hear 
'i liy voice, and know that love is near. 

C In suffering b« Thy love my peace ; 
In wi-akhcss be Thy love my |iower; 
Aiid whrii tlir storms of llfr shall cease, 

.h'sus. In tli;il imiiorlant hour, 
JiMleiith as 111.' b.Tli.'u my guide. 
And save ino who for mo hast died. 

] 'nut Gerhard!. 166B. Tr. J. Wesley. 1739. 


8.7. 8.7. D. 
Being i-ooted and grounded 
in /ore.— Ephesians iii. 17. 

LOVE Divine, all loves excelling, 
Joy of heaven, to earth come down. 
Fix in us Thy humble dwelling. 

All Thy faithful mercies crown : 
Jesus, Thou art all compassion. 

Pure, unbounded love Thou art ; 
Visit us with Thy salvation. 
Enter every trembling heart. 

2 Come, almighty to deliver. 

Let us all Thy grace receive ; 
Suddenly return, and never. 

Never more Thy temples leave : 
Thee we would be always blessing. 

Serve Thee as Thy hosts above, 
Pray, and praise Thee, without ceasing, 

Glory in Thy perfect love. 

3 Finish, then. Thy new creation. 

Pure and spotless let us be. 
Let us see Thy great salvation. 

Perfectly restored in Thee ; 
Changed from glory into glorj'. 

Till in heaven we take our plac-^. 

Till we cast our crowns before Thee, 

Lost in wonder, love, and praise. 

Wesley, mi. 


10.10. 10.10. 4. 
To know the love of Christ, 
which passeth A:«oit;/ecZ(/e.— Ephesians iii. 19. 

IT passeth knowledge, that dear love of 

My Saviour, Jesus ! Yet this soul of mine 
Would of ' 

Thy love, in all its breadth and 

Its height and depth, and everlasting 

Know more and more. 

2 It passetli telling, that dear love of Thine, 
My Saviour, Jesus ! Yet these lips of mine 
Would fain proclaim tosiniiers farand near 
A love w hich can remove all guilty fear, 

And lovo beget. 

3 It passeth praises, that dear love of Thine, 
My Saviour, Jesus ! Vet this heart of mine 
Would sing that love, so full, so rich, so 

Which brings a rebel sinner, such as me, 
Nigh unto God. 

4 O, fill mn. S.Tvionr. Jesus, with Thv love ! 
Lead, I.Niii nil- I.. Ilu' livin- I'liunt ahove ; 
Thith.T nij..v 1. ill simpl.. laltli draw nigh. 
And ufViT io Mimtlier loiiiilain lly, 

Lut iinlo Thee. 

5_^nd then, when Jesus face to face I pee. 
When .It His lofty throne I bow the knee. 
Then of His lovo, in all its breadth .and 

Its lurglii, and depth, its everlasting 

My soul shall sing. 

Mary Shehelton. 1863. 



The love nf God is shed 

abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost 

xvtiich is given unto ws.— Romans v. 5. 

COME, Saviour, Jesus, from above ! 
Assist me with Thy heavenly grace ; 
Empty my heart of e<irthly love. 
And for Thyself prepare the place. 

2 O let Thy sacred presence fill, 

And set my loiiKinfi spirit free 1 
Which pants to have no other will. 
But day and night to feast on Thee. 

3 path with humble speed I'll seek, 

In which my Saviour's footsteps shine, 
Nor will I hear, nor will I speak. 
Of any other love but Thine. 

4 Henceforth may no profane delight 

Divide this consecrated soul ; 
Possess it Thou, who hast the right. 
As Lord and Master of the whole. 

5 Thee I can love, and Thee alone, 

With pure delight and inward bliss ; 
To know Thou tak'st me for Thine own, 
what a happiness is this 1 

G Nothing on earth do I desire. 

Cut Thy pure love within my breast ; 
This, only this, will I require. 
And freely give up all the rest. 
From the French of 
Madame Bourionon. IWO. 
Tr. J. Wtdey. 1736. 


G On me that faith divine bestow. 
Which doth the mountain move ; 
And all my spotless life shall show 
The omnipotence of love. Amen. 

Charks Wesley. 170'J. 

40U The greaffM of these is 

charity.— I Corinthians xiii. 13. 

HAPPY the heart where graces reign, 
Where love inspires the breast ; 
Love is the brightest of the train, 
And strengthens all the rest. 

2 Knowledge, alas ! 'tis all in vain. 

And all in vain our fear ; 
Our stubborn sins will fight and reign, 
If love be absent there. 

3 'Tis love that makes our cheerful feet 

In swift obedience move ; 
The devils know, and tremble too ; 
But Satan cannot love. 

4 This is the grace that lives and sings. 

When faith and hope shall cease : 
'Tis this shall strike our joyful strings 
In the sweet realm of bliss. 

5 When joined to that harmonious throng 

That tills the choirs above, 
Then shall we raise our noblest song. 
And every note be love. 

C Before we quite forsake our clay. 
Or leave this dark abode. 
The wings of love bear us away 
To see our gracious God. 

/setae Watts. ITOS. 

All thinqs are possible 
to him that believeth.—:>la.i\i ix. 23. 

G\ OD of eternal truth and grace, 
r Thy faithful promise seal. 
Thy word, Thy oath, to Abraham's race. 
In us, even us, fulfil. 

2 Let U3, to perfect love restored. 

Thy image here retrieve. 
And in the presence of our Lord, 
The life of angels live. 

3 That mighty faith on me bestow, 

A\Tiich cannot ask in vain. 
Which holds, and will not let Thee go, 
Till I my suit obtain ; 

4 Till Thou into my soul inspire 

The perfect love unknown. 
And tell my infinite desire, 
Whate'er ihou wilt, be done. 

5 But is it possible that I 

Should live and sin no more? 
Lord, if on Thee I dare rely. 
The faith shall bring the power. 


I know that my Redeemer 
liveth.— Job xix. 25. 

I KNOW that my Redeemer lives, 
And ever prays for me ; 
A token of His love He gives, 
A pledge of liberty. 

2 I find Him lifting up my head. 

He brings salvation near, 
His presence makes me free indeed, 
And He will soon appear. 

3 He wills that I should holy be. 

What can withstand His will ? 
The counsel of His grace in me 
He surely shaU fulfil. 

4 Jesus, I hang upon Thy Word ; 

I steadfast ly believe 
Thou wilt retiini and claim me. Lord, 
And to Thyself receive. 

5 Jo>'ful in hope, my spirit soai-s 

To meet Thee from al>ovc. 
Thy goodness thankfully adores ; 
And sure I taste Thy love. 



When God is mine, and I am His, 

Of paradise possest, 
I taste unutterable bli.«s, 

And everlasting reM. 

Charles Wesley. 1742. 


Whom have I in heaven 
but Thee ?~Fsa\Ta Ixxiii. 25. 

JESUS, all-atonins: I.amb. 
Thine, and only Thine, I am ; 
Taki^ my body, spirit, soul ; 
Only Thou possess the whole. 

2 Thou my one thing needful be ; 
Let me ever cleave to Tiiee : 
Let me choose the better part, 
Let me give Thee all my heart. 

S Fairer than the sons of men. 
Do not let me turn a^ain, 
Leave the fountain-head of bliss. 
Stoop to creatm-e-happiuess. 

4 Whom have I on earth below? 
Thee, and only Thee, I know : 
Whom have I in heaven but Thee? 
Thou art all in all to me. 

5 All my treasure is above, 
All my riches is Thy love ; 
Who the worth of love can tell ? 
Infinite, unsearchable ! 

Thou, Love, my portion art ; 
Lord, Thou know'st my simple heart ! 
Other comforts I desnise. 
Love be all my paradise. 

7 Nothing else can I rcquirf. 
Love nils up my whole dusire; 
All Thy other gifts remove, 
StUl Thou giv'st me all in love. 

Charles Wesley. 17 10. 

459've on the Lord ./>.sw.9 

Christ, and thou -halt be saved. 

Acts xvi. 31. 

TESUS hath died that I might live. 
V Might live to God alono ; 
In Him eternal life receive, 
And bu in Mpirit one. 

2 Saviour, I thank Thee for the grace, 

Thi- gift unspeakable ! 
And wait with arms of faith to embrace, 
And all Thy lovo to feel. 

3 My soul breaks out In strong desire 

Tho perfi-ct bliss to prove ; 
Wy longing heart is all on firo 
To bo dissolved in lovo. 

4 Give me Thyself; from every boast, 

P'rom every wish set Pn-e ; 
U;t all I am In Thee be lost ; 
tut gi ve Thyself to mo. 

5 Thy gifts, Lord ! can not suffice. 
Unless Thyself be given ; 
Thy presenile makes my paradise, 
And where Thou art is heaven. 

Charles Wesley. 1742. 


I shall be satisfied, when 
I awake, tvith Thy Hkeiiess.—Vsahn xvii. 15. 

JESUS, the all-restoring Word, 
My fallen spirit's hope. 
After Thy lovely likeness. Lord, 
Ah, when shall 1 wake up J 

2 Thou, my God, Thou only art 

The Life, the Truth, the Way : 
Quicken my soul, instruct my heart, 
My sinking footsteps stay. 

3 Of all Thou hast in earth below. 

In heaven above, to give, 
Give me Thy only love to know, 
In Thee to walk and live. 

4 Fill me with all the life of love. 

In mystic imion Join 
Me to Thyself, and let me prove 
The fellowship divine. 

5 Op"n the intercourse between 

-My longing soul and Thee, 
NtMcr to be broke oti" again 
To all eternity. Amen. 

Wesley. 1740. 


We love nim, bsrause He 
first loved us. — 1 John iv. 19. 


'Y God, I love Thee ; not because 
I hope for heaven thei-eby, 
N(ir yet because who love Thee not 
Are lost eternally. 

2 Thou. my Jesus, Thou didst mo 

Upon the Cross embrace : 
For me didst hear tho nails, and spear. 
And manifold disgrace, 

3 And griefs and toi-monts numberless. 

And sweat of agony ; 
Yea, death itself: and all for me 
Who was Thine enemy. 

4 Then why, O blessM Jesus Christ, 

Should I not love Thee well ? 
Not for tho sake of winning heaven. 
Nor of escaping hell ; 

fi Not from the hope of gaining aught, 
Not seeking a reward ; 
But as Thyself hast lov6d me, 
ever-loving Lord. 

C So would I love Tliee, Lord, 

And in Thy praise will sing ; 

Solely Ijccause Thou art my God. 

And my eternal King. Amen. 

Francis Xnvier. \e,th Century. 
Tr. Edward Casivall. 1849. 



To befiold the beauty of 
the Lord.— Psalm xxvii. 4. 


OW let us see Thy bpaiity. Lord, 
As we have seen before ; 

And by Thy beauty quii-keu us 
To love Thee and adore. 

2 'Tis easy when with simple mind 

Thy loveliness we see, 
To consecrate ourselves afresh 
To duty and to Thee. 

3 Our every feverish mood is i-ooled. 

And gone is every load. 
When we can lose the love of self. 
And find the love of God. 

4 'Tis by Thy loveliness we're won 

To home and Thee afjain, 
And as we are Thy children true 
We are more truly men. 

5 Lord, it is coming to ourselves 

When thus we come to Thee ; 
The bondage of Thy loveliness 
Is perfect liberty. 

C So now we come to ask again 
What Thou hast often jjiven. 
The vision of that loveliness 
Which is the life of heaven. 

Benjamin Waugh. IS 


VThere the Spirit of the 
Lord is, there is liberty.—^ Cor. iii. 17. 

OCOME, and dwell in me. 
Spirit of power within 1 
And bring the glorious liberty 
From sorrow, fear, and sin. 

2 The seed of sin's disease. 
Spirit of health, remove. 

Spirit of finished holiness. 
Spirit of perfect love. 

3 Hasten the joyful day, 
Which shall my sins consume. 

When old things shall be passed a^vay, 
And all things new become. 

4 I want the witness. Lord, 
Tli;\t all I do is right. 

According to Thy will and word. 
Well-pleasing in Thy sight : 

5 I ask no higher state ; 
Indulge me but in this. 

And soon or later then translate 
To my eternal bliss. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 


^^ ^ J^ He shall baptize youw th 
the Hulij Ohost and with /re.— Matt. 111. 11. 

MY God ! I know, I feel Thee mine. 
And will not quit niv claim. 
Till all 1 have is lost in Thine, 
And all renewed I am. 

2 I hold Thee wth a trembling hand. 

But will not let Thee go. 
Till steadfastly by faith I stand 
And all Thy goodness know. 

3 When shall I see the w.-jicome hour. 

That plants my God in me ! 
Spirit of health, and life, and powrr. 
And perfect liberty ! 

4 Jesus, Thine all-victorious love 

Shed in my heart abroad : 
Then shall my feet n» longer rove. 
Rooted and fixed in God. 

5 that In me the sacred fire 

Might now begin to glow. 
Burn up the dross of basi- desire. 
And make the mountains rtow : 

6 that it now from heaven might ;"ulJ, 

And all my sins consume : 
Come, Holy Ghost, for Thee I call, 
Siiirit of burning, come : 

7 Refining fire, go through my heart. 

Illuminate my soul ; 
Scatter Thy life" through every part. 
And sanctify the whole. 

8 My steadfast soul, from falling free. 

Shall then no longer move ; 
But Christ be all the world to nse. 
And all my heart be love. 

Wesley. 17:0. 


the depth of the riches 

both of the wiSikim and knioivledge of God I 

Romans xi. 33. 

WHAT shall I do my God to love, 
> V My loving God to praise ? 
The length, and bre;idth, and height to 
And depth of sovereign grace ? 

2 Tliy sovereign Erraee to all extei,ds. 

Immense and unconfiued ; 
From age to age it never ends ; 
It reaches all mankind. 

3 Throughout the world its breadth is 

Wide as infinity ! 
So wide, it never passed by one. 
Or it had passed by rne. 

4 My trespass was gro\m up to heaven ; 

But far above the skies. 
In Christ abundantly forgiven, 
I see Thy mercies rise : 



5 The ctepth of all-rodeeming love, 

What angel-tongue can tell? 
may I to the utmost prove 
The gift unspeakable ! 

6 Deeper than hell, it plucked me thence ; 

Deeper than inbred sin, 
Jesus's love my heart shall cleanse, 
When Jesus enters in. 

7 Assert Thy claim, maintain Thy right, 

Come quickly from above ; 
And sink me to perfection's height. 
The depth of humble love. Amen. 
Wesley. \:Vi. 


Thou Shalt call His name 

Jesus : for He shall save His peo/de from 

their sius.— Matthew i. "Jl. 

THERE is a name I love to hear, 
I love to speak its worth. 
It sounds like music in mine ear, 
The sweetest name on earth. 

2 It tells me of a Saviour's love. 

Who died to set me free : 
It tells me of His precious blood. 
The sinner's perfect plea. 

3 It tells of one whose loving heart 

Can feel my deepest woe, 

Who In my sorrow bears a part 

That none can bear below. 

4 Jesus ! the name I love so well. 

The name I love to hear ; 
No saint on earth its worth can tell, 
No heart conceive how dear. 

6 His name shall shed its fragrance still 
Along this thorny road ; 
Shall sweetly smooth the rugged hill 
That leads me up to God. 

6 And there, with all the blood-bought 
From sin and sorrow free, 
111 sing the new eternal song 
Of Jesu 8 love for mo. 

3 In darkness -willingly I strayed, 

I sought Thee, yet'from Thee I roved : 
Far wide my wandering thoughts were 
Thy creatures more than Thee I loved ; 
And now, if more at length I see, 
'Tis through Thy light, and comes from 

4 Give to mine eyes refreshing tears, 

Give to my heart chaste, hallowed fires. 
Give to my soul, with filial fears, 

Tlie love that all heaven's host inspires; 
That all my powers, with all their might. 
In Thy sole glory may unite. 

5 Thee will I love, my Joy, my crown. 

Thee \vill I love, my Lord, ray God ; 
Tliee will I love, beneath Thy frown. 

Or smile, Thy sceptre, or Thy rod : 
What though my flesh and heart decay. 
Thee shall I love in endless day ! 
Jolin Scheffler. 1657. Tr. J. Wesley. 1739. 



F. Whitfield. \m). 

I fill love Thee. O Lord, 

my streii'jth.— Fa-Aim xviil. 1. 

rpiIEK will Ilove, my strength, my tower, 
I Thee will I love, my Joy, my crown. 
Thee will I love with all my power. 
In all Thy works, and Thee alono ; 
Thee will I love, till the pure fire 
Fills my wlKjle soul with chaste desire. 

2 Ah, why did I so late Thee know. 

Then, lovelier than the sons of men '. 

Ah. why did I no sooner go 
To Thee, the only In pain ! 

Ashamed I sigh, and Inlv mourn. 

That 1 80 late to Thee did turn. 

8.7. 8.7. n. 
(^od forbid that I should gloru, 
save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Galatians vl. 14. 

SWEET the moments, rich in blessing. 
Which before the cross I sjjend : 
Life, and health, and peace possessing. 

From the sinner's djlng Friend : 
Here I'll sit. for ever viewing 

Mercy's streams, in streams of blood ; 
Precious drops ! my soul hcdcnving, 
riead and claim my peace with God. 

2 Truly blessM Is this station. 

Low before tlio cross to lie ; 
While I see divine compa.ssion 

Floating in His languid eye: 
Here it is I find my heaven. 

While upon the Lamb I gaze : 
Love I much? I've much forgiven, 

I'm a miracle of gi-aco ! 

3 Love and grief my heart dlvi,lli;g. 

With my tears His Icct III lutlie ; 
Constant, still, in faith aliiditig, 

Lifn deriving from Mis de.itli. 
^;ay 1 still enjoy tlii.s feiUing, 

In all mimhI to .Icsus go ; 
l'ri)vc M is Wdinxls each day more healing. 

And Himself inoredeeply know. Amen. 

J. Allen. 1757. and W. W. Shirlci/. 1774. 


For the love of Christ 
constraineth us.—l Cor. v. 14. 

OLOVE Divine, how sweet Thou art ! 
When shall I find my willing heait 
All taken up by Thee? 
I thirst, I faint, I (lie to prove 
The greatness of redeendng love. 
The love of Christ to mo 1 


2 Stronger His love than death or hell ; 
Its riches are unsearchable : 

The first-born sons of light 
Desire in vain its depths to see. 
They cannot reach the mystery. 

The length, and breadth, and height. 

3 God only knows the love of God : 
that it now were shed abroad 

In this poor stony heart ! 
For love I sigh, for love I pine ; 
This only portion. Lord, be mine. 

Be mine this better part ; 

4 that I could for ever sit 
With Mary at the Master's feet ! 

Be this my happy choice : 
My only care, delight, and bliss, 
My joy, my heaven on earth be this, 

To hear the Bridegrooms voice. 

6 O that with humhled Peter I 
Could weep, believe, and thrice reply, 

My faithfulness to prove, 
'Thou know'st, for all to Thee is known. 
Thou know'st, Lord, and Thou alone. 
Thou know St that Thee I love : ' 

6 that I could, with favoured John, 
Recline my weary head upon 

The great Redeemer s breast ! 
From care, and sin, and sorrow free, 
Give me, Lord, to find in Thee, 
My everlasting rest. Ameu. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


So panieth my soul 
after Thee, God.— Psalm xlii. 1. 

OGOD. my God, my all Thou art ! 
Ere shines the dawn of rising day, 
Thy sovereign light within my heart. 
Thy aU-euJiveuing power display. 

2 For Thee my thirsty soul doth pant, 
NS'hile in this desert land 1 live ; 
And hungry as 1 am, and faint. 
Thy love alone can comfort give. 

S In a dry land, behold, I place 

My whole desire on Thee, Lord ; 
And more I joy to gain Thy grace, 
Than all earth s treasures can atlbrd. 

4 More dear than life itself. Thy love 

My heart and tongue shall still employ; 
And to declare Thy praise will prove 
My peace, my glory, aitd my joy. 

5 In blessing Thee with grateful songs 

My happy life shall glide away ; 

The praise that to Thy name belongs 

Hourly with lifted hands I'll pay. 

6 Abundant sweetness, while I sing 

Thy love, my ravished heart o erflows ; 
SetMire in Thee, my God and King, 
Of glory that no period knows. 

7 My soul draws nigh and clravos to Thee ; 
Then let or earth or hell assail. 
Thy mighty hand shall set me free ; 
For whom Thou oav'st, he ne'er shall 

From the Spanish. 
Tr. J. Wesley. 173.5. 


Perferlinf) holinesx in 
the/ear o/ God.— 2 Corinthians vii. 1. 

JESUS, at Thy feet we wait. 
Till Thou Shalt bid us rise. 
Restored to our unsinning state. 
To love's sweet paradise. 

2 Saviour from sin, we Thee receive. 

From all indwelling sin. 
Thy blood, we steadfastly believe. 
Shall make us throughly clean. 

3 Since Thou wouldst have us free from sin, 

And pure as those above. 
Make haste to bring Thy nature in. 
And perfect us in love. 

4 The counsel of Thy love fulfil ; 

Come quickly, gracious Lord ! 
Be it according to Thy «ill. 
According to Thy word. 

5 According to our faith in Thee, 

Let it to us be done ; 
that we all Thy face might see, 
And know as we are known : 

6 that the perfect grace were given, 

Tlie love di [fused abroad : 
that our hearts were all a heaven. 
For ever filled with God : Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1719. 


// any man be in Christ, 
he is a new creature.— 2 Cor. v. 17. 

JESUS, source of calm repose. 
Thy like nor man i.or angel knows. 
Fairest among ten thousand fair; 
Even those whom deaths sad letters bound, 
Whom tlnckest darkness compassed round. 
Find light and life, if Thou appear. 

2 Lord over all, sent to fulfil 

Thy gracious Father's sovereign will. 
To Thy dread sceptre will I liow : 

With duteous reverence at Thy feet. 

Like humble .Mary, lo : I sit . 
Speak, Lord, Thy servant heareth now. 

3 Renew Thine image, Lord, in me, 
Lowly and gentle may 1 be ; 

No charms but these to Thee are dear : 
No anger may st Tliou ever find, 
No pride in my unruiHed mind. 
But faith, and heaven-born peace, be 



4 A patient, a victorious ininJ, 
Tliat lile and all things c;ists behind, 
Springs forth obedient to Thy call ; 
A heart that no desire can move. 
But still to adore, believe and love. 
Give me, my Lord, my Life, my All. 


/. A. Freylinghausen. 1704. 

Tr. J. Wesley. 1739. 


Search me, God, 
and know my heart.— Psalm cxxxix. 2,^. 

COME, Thou omnis<nent Son of Man, 
Disjilay Thy sifting power ; 
Come witli Thy Spirit's winnowing fan, 
• And throughly purge Thy floor. 

2 The chair of sin, the accursfed thing. 

Far from our souls be driven ; 
The wheat into Thy garner bring. 
And lay us up for heaven. 

3 Look through ns with Thy eyes of I'.amo, 

The (Clouds and darkness chase ; 
And tell me what by sin I am, 
And what I am by grace. 

i Whate'er offends Thy glorious eyes, 
Far from our hearts remove ; 
As dust before the whirlwind flies, 
Disperse it by Thy love. 

5 Then let us all Thy fulness know, 
From every sin set free ; 
Saved, to the utmost, saved below, 
And perfectly like Thee. Amen. 

Charles Wedey. 17-19. 


/ ivill not leave you com- 
fortless : I will come to you.— John xiv. 18. 

JOYFUL sound of gospel grace ! 
Christ shall in me appear; 
I, even 1, shall see His face, 
I shall be holy here. 

2 This heart shall be His constant home ; 
I hear His Spirits cry; 
• Surely,' He saith, * I quickly come" ; 
He saith, who c;innot lie. 

•1 The glorloug crown of righteousness 
'i'o mo reacheil out I view ; 
Conqueror through Him, I soon shall seize, 
And wear It as my duo. 

4 The promiKed land, from Pisgah's top, 
1 now exult to see ; 
My hope is full, () glorious hope ! 
Of Ininiortaliiy. 

:> With me I know, I feel, Thou art ; 
But this cannot snlltcc, 
Unlesa Thou plantest in my heart 
A constant paradise. 

6 Come, my God, Thyself reveal, 

Fill all this mighty void : 

Thou only canst my spirit fill : 

Come, my God, my God ! 

7 Fulfil, fulfil my large desires, 

Large as infinity ; 
Give, give me all my soul requires, 
All, all that is in Thee ! Amen. 

Wesley. 1742. 


^t ' *-^ He openeth the ears of men, and 
staleth their instruction.— J oh xxxiii. 16. 

OPRX, Lord, my inward ear. 
And bid my heart rejoice ; 
Bid my quiet spirit hear 

Thy kind and gentle voice ; 
Never in the whirlwind found. 

Or where earthquakes rock the place, 
Still and silent is the sound, 
The whisper of Thy grace. 

2 From the world of sin, and noise. 

And hurry, I withdraw : 
For the small and inward voice 

1 wait with humble awe; 
Silent am I now and still. 

Dare not in Thy presence move ; 
To niy waiting soul reveal 

The secret of Thy love. 

3 Thou didst undertake for me. 

For me to death wast sold ; 
Wisdom in a mystery 

Of Weeding love unfold ; 
Teach the lesson of Thy cross. 

Let me die with Thee to reign ; 
All things let me count but loss, 

So I nuvy Thee regain. 

4 Lord, my time is in Thy hand, 

My soul to Thee convert ; 
Thou canst make me understand, 

Though 1 am slow of heart ; 
Thine in whom I live and move. 

Thine the work, the praise is Thine, 
Thou art Wisdom, Power, and Love, 

And all Thou art is niinc;. 

Wesley. 1742. 


Thfy that be wise shall 

shine as the briqhtru-ss of thejirmament. 

Daniel xii. 3. 

JESU.^, the word of mercy give, 
And let it swiftly run ; 
And let Tliy ministers believe. 
And jiut salvation on. 

2 Clothed with the Spirit of Holiness, 

May all Thy people prove 
The pli'Mltude of gospel grace. 
The joy of perfect love. 

3 Jesus, let all Thy lovers shine 

Illustrious as the sun ; 
And, bright with borrowed rays divine. 
Their glorious circuit run : 


4 Ecj'ond tho reach of mortals spread 

Tlieir light where'er they go ; 
And heavenly intluences shed 
On all the world below. 

5 As giants miy they run their race, 

Exulting in their might ; 
As binning luminaries, chase 
The gloom of sin's dark night : 

6 As the bright Sun of Righteotisness, 

Tlieir healing wings dfisplay ; 

And let their lustre still increase 

Unto the perfect day. Amen. 

Charles }Vesle>/. 1749. 


Come unto Me, all m 
that iabour.— Matthew xi. 28. 

OTHAT my load of sin were gone ! 
O that I could at last submit 
At Jesus feet to lay it dowii. 
To lay my soul at Jesu's feet : 

2 Rest for my soul I long to find : 

Saviour of all, if mine Thou art, 
Give me Thy meek and lowly mind, 
And stamp Thine image on my heart. 

3 Break off the yoke of inbred sin, 

And fully set my spirit free ; 
I cannot rest till pure within, 
TiU I am whoUy lost in Thee. 

4 Fain would I learn of Thee, my God ; 

Thy light and easy burden prove, 
Tliy cross, all stained with hallowed blood. 
The labour of Thy dying love. 

o I would, but Thou must give the power, 
My heart from every sin release ; 
Bring near, bring near the joyful liour, 
And fill me with Thy perfect peace. 

Come, Lord, the drooping sinner cheer, 
Nor let Thy chariot-wheels delay ; 
Appear, in my poor heart appear '. 
My God, my Saviour, come away ! 

Charles Weslei/. 174-J. 


Teach me to do Thy will. 
Psalm cxliii. lu. 

OTHOU who hast Thy servants taught 
That not by wortls alone, 
But by the fruits of holiness 
The life of God is shown ; 

While in Thy house of prayer we meet. 
And call Thee God and Lord ; 

Give us a heart to foliow Thee, 
Obedient to Thy word. 

When we our voices lift in praise. 

Give Thou us grace to bring 
An ollering of unfeignM thanks. 

And with the spirit sing. 

4 And in the dangerous path of life 
Uphold us as we go; 
That with our lips and in our lives 
Thy glory we may show. Ani.-n. 

//. Al/mrd. iGr,7. 


• ^ Sent Him to bless you, in 
turning away everyone of you from his 
iniquities.— Acts iii. 2(5. 

SAVIOUR from sin, I wait to prove 
That Jesus is Thy healing name ; 
To lose, when perfected in love, 

Whate'er I have, or can, or am : 
I stay me on Thy faithful word. 
The servant shall be as his Lord. 

2 Answer that gracious end in me. 

For which Thy precious life was given ; 
Redeem from all iniquity ; 

Restore, and make me meet for heaven 
Unless Thou purge my every stain. 
Thy suffering and my faith are vain. 

3 Didst Thou not in the flesh appear. 

Sin to condenm, and man to sa\ e. 
That perfect love might cast out f. ar. 

That I Thy mind in me niiglit liavo. 
In holiness show I'ortli Tl.y prai>;% 
And serve Thee all my spotless days 1 

4 Didst Thou not die that I might live 

No longer to myself, but Tlie-\ 
Jlight body, soul, and spirit give 

'I'o Run who gave Himseli' for me ? 
Coiae then, my Master, and my (j""1. 
Take the dear purchase of 'I'hy blood. 

5 Thy own peculiar servant claim, 

For Thy own truth and mercy's sake ; 
Hallow in me Thy glorious name ; 

Me for Thine own this moment take, 
And change and throughly purify ; 
Thine only may I live and die. Amen. 
Wesley. 1742. 


tsed are they that mourn ; 
for they shall be comforted.— Hatthew v. 4. 

BLESSED are the humble souls that see 
Their emptiness and poverty ; 
Treasures of grace to them are given, 
And crowns of joy laid up in heaven. 

2 Blessed are the men of broken heart. 
Who mourn for sin with inward smart ; 
The blood of Chri.-^t divinely Hows, 

A healing balm for all their woes. 

3 Ble:-sed are tlie souls that pant for grace, 
Huiig.r and tiiiist lor righteousness ; 
Thev siiall be well supplied and fed. 
With living streams, and living bread. 

4 Blessed are the pure, whose hearts aro 

From the defiling power of sin ; 
With endless pleasure they shall see 
The God of spotless purity. 



5 Blessed are the sufferers, who partake 
Of pain anu shame for Jesus sake ; 
Thi'ir souls shall triumph in the Lord ; 
Glory and joy are their reward. 

6 Tliese are the men, the pious race. 
Who seek the God of Jacob's face ; 
These shall enjoy the blissful sight, 
And dwell in everlasting light. 

Isaac Watts. 1719. 


Blessed are the jwor in spirit : 
for theirs is the kinydom of heaven. 
Matthew v. 3. 

SAVIOUR, on me the want hpstow. 
Which all that feel shall surely know 
Tlioir sins on earth forgiven ; 
Give nie to prove the kingdom mine, 
And ta.ste, in holiness divine. 
The happiness of heaven. 

2 Meeken my Bonl, Tliou heavenly Lamb, 
That I in the new earth may claim 

My hundred-fold reward ; 
My rich inheritance possess. 
Co-heir with the great Prince of Peace, 

Co-partner with my Lord. 

3 Me with that restless thirst inspire, 
Tliat sacred, Infinite desire. 

And feast my hungry lieart ; 
Less than Thyself cannot suffice. 
My soul for all Thy fulness cries. 

For all Thou hast, and art. 

4 Mercy who show shall mercy find ; 
Thy pitiful and tender mind 

be. Lord, on me bestowed ; 
So shall 1 still the blessing gaiD 
And to etenial life retain 

The mercy of my God. 

5 Jesus, the crowning grace impart ; 
P.1l"«s me with purity of heart. 

That, now beliolding Thee, 
I .soon may view Tliy open face. 
On all Thy glorious beauties gaze. 

And God for over see 1 

Called to sustain the hallowed cross. 
And suffer for Thy rigiiteous cause. 

Pronounce me doubly blest ; 
And let Thy gloriou.- Spirit, Lord, 
A.s.suro me of my great reward. 

In heaven's ct<;rnal feast. Amen. 
Churks Wesley, nn'. 


That ve might be partakers 
of His /lo/i/KJAS.- Hebrews xli. H). 

WHAT is our calling's glorlouB hop 
I'.ut Inward hohnossr 
For this to Je.suH 1 look up, 
I calmly wait for this. 

2 I wait till He shall touch me clean. 

Shall life and power impart. 
Give me the faith that casts out sin, 
And purifies the heart. 

3 This is the dear redeeming grace. 

For every sinner free ; 
Surely it shall on me take place, 
The chief of sinners, me. 

4 From all iniquity, from all. 

He shall my soul redeem ; 
In Jesus I believe, and shall 
Believe myself to Him. 

5 When Jesus makes my heart His homo, 

My sin shall all depart ; 
And. lo! He saith, I quickly come, 
To fill and rule thy heart ! 

C Be It according to Thy word ! 
Redeem me from all sin ; 
My heart would now receive Thee, Lord, 
Come in, my Lord, come in ! Amen. 
Wesley. 1742. 

7.7. 7.: 
Let this mind be in you, 
which was also in Christ Jesus. 
Philippians ii. 5. 

TESUS, shaU I never be 
u Firmly grounded upon Thee? 
Never by Thy work abide. 
Never in Thy wounds reside ? 


2 Plant, and root, and fix in me 
.Kh the mind that was in Thee ; 
Settled peace I then shall find ; 
Jesu's is a quiet mind. 

3 Anger I no more shall feel, 
Always even, always still. 
Meekly on my God reclined ; 
Jesu 8 is a gentle mind. 

4 I shall suffer and fulfil 

All my Father's gracious will. 
Be in all alike resigned ; 
Jesu's is apatietit mind. 

5 When 'tis deeply rooted hero. 
Perfect love sliall cast out fear ; 
Fear doili S(;rvile spirits bind ; 
Jesu's is a nuble mind. 

f, When I foel it fixed M'lthln, 
I sliall have no power to sin ; 
How shall sin an entrance find? 
.Icsu's is a spotless mind. 

7 I shall nothing know beside 
.Ic'sus, and Him crucified ; 
Perfectly to Hlin bo jollied ; 
Jesu's Is a loving mind. 

6 1 shall fully be restored 
Til llic image ol my Lord, 
\\ iliiessing to all mankind, 
.li-su's Is ti perfect mind. 

Wesley, nil 




7.6. 7.6. 7.8. 7.6. 
There shall he fhoivers of 
b/esiiny.— Ezekiel xxxiv. 26. 

S, who climb Thy holy hill. 
A general blessing make. 
Let the world our inrtuence feel, 

Our gospel grace partake : 

Grace to help in lime of need. 

Pour out on sinners from above. 

All Thy Spirit's fulness shed 

In showers of heavenly love. 

2 Make our souls a fertile field 
Which God delights to bless ; 
Let us in due season yield 

The fruits of righteousness : 
Make us trees of paradise, 
Which more and more Thy praise may 
Deeper sink, and higher rise. 
And to perfection grow. Amen. 
Charles Wesle'j. 1702. 


You7' life is hid with Christ 
in God.— Col. iii. 3. 

JESUS, my life ! Thyself apply. 
Thy hoiy Spirit breathe ; 
My vile atfections crucify. 
Conform me to Thy death. 

2 Conqueror of hell, and earth, and sin, 

Still with Thy rebel strive : 
Enter my soul, and work within. 
And kill, and make alive. 

3 More of Thy life, and more, I have, 

As the old Adam dies : 
Bury me, Savioiur, in Thy grave. 
That I with Thee may rise. 

4 Reign in me. Lord, Thy foes control. 

Who would not own Thy sway ; 
Diffuse Thine image through my soul, 
Shine to the perfect day. 

5 Scatter the last remains of sin, 

And seal me Thine abode ; 
make me glorious all within, 
A temple built by God ! Amen. 

M'esley. 1740. 


I urill put My Spirit within 
i/oM.— Ezek. xxxvi. 27. 

GOD of all power, and truth, and grace. 
Which shall from age to age endure. 
Whose word, when heaven and earth shall 
Remains and stands for ever sure : 

2 That I Thy mercy may proclaim. 

That all mankind Thy truth may see. 
Hallow Thy great and glorious name. 
And perfect holiness in me. 

3 Thy sanctifying Spirit pour, 

To quench my thiisi and make mo 
clean ; 
Now, Father, let the gracious shower 
Descend, and make me pure from sin. 

4 Purge me from every sinful blot ; 

My idols all be cast aside ; 
Cleanse me from every sinful thought. 
From all the fiith of self and pride. 

.'. Give me a new, a perfect heart. 

From doubt, and fear, and sorrow free ; 
The mind which was in Christ impart. 
And let my spirit cleave to Thee. 

6 that I now, from sin released. 

Thy word may to the utmost prove, 
Enter into the promised rest. 
The Canaan of Thy perfect love ! Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1742. 




^O / He led them forth 

by the right ita)/.— Psalm evil. 7. 

LEAD, kindly Light, amid the encircling 

Lead Thou me on : 
The night is dark, and I am far from home, 

Lead Thou me on : 
Keep Thou my feet ; I do not ask to see 
The distant scene ; one step enough for me. 

2 I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou 

Sliouidst lead me on : 
I loved to choose and see my path ; but 
Lead Thou me on : 
I loved the garish day, and spite of fears. 
Pride ruled my will : remember not past 

3 So long Thy power hath blest me, sure it 


Will lead me on. 
O'er moor and fen, o'er crag and torrent, 

The night is gone, 
And with the morn those angel faces 

WTiich I have loved long since, and lost 

/. H. Keutnan. 1833. 


Walk in the light, as 
He is in the LvjM.—X John i. 7. 

WALK in the light : so shalt thou j^ow 
VV That fellowship of love 
His Spirit only can bestow, 
Who reigns in light above. 


2 Walk in the li^ht ! and thou shalt find 

Thy heart made truly His, 
^Vho dwells in cloudless light enshrined, 
In whom no darkness is. 

3 Walk in the light ! and thou shalt own 

Thy darkness passed away. 
Because that Lij^ht hath on thee shone. 
In wliich is perfect day. 

4 Walk in the light ! and e'en the tomb 

No fearful shade shall wear ; 
Glory shall chase away its -iloom. 
For Christ hath conquered there. 

5 Walk in the light ! and thine shall be 

X path, though thorny, bright : 
For God, by grace, shall dwell iu theo, 
And God Himself is Light. 

Bernard Barton. 1826. 

4.QQ 8.7. 8.7. D. 

■triJo' The people that walked in 
darkness have seen a great light.— Is. ix. 2. 

LIGHT of those whose dreary dwelling 
Borders on the shades of death, 
Come, and by Thy love revealing, 

DLssipate the clouds beneath : 
The new heaven and earth's Creator, 

In our deepest darkness rise. 

Scattering all the night of nature, 

Pouring eyesight on our eyes. 

2 Still we wait for Tliine appearing ; 

Life and joy Thy beams impart. 
Chasing all our fears, and cheering 

Every poor benighted heart : 
Come and manifest the favour 

God hath for our ransomed race ; 
Come, Thou universal Saviour, 

Come, and bring the gospel grace. 

3 Save us in Thy great compassion, 

Thou mild, pacific Prince ! 
Give the knowledge of salvation. 

Give the pardon of our sins : 
By Thy allivsforing ni'-rit 

Every liiudrn.Ml s.iul release; 
Every wi'ary, wandering spirit 

Guide into Thy perfect peace. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1710. 

AQCi 8.7. 8.7. 4.7. 

^^<jyj In the daytime also He 
led tliem with a rloiid, and all the night with 
alightnfflre.— Ixxvill. U. 
n UIDE me. O Thou great .Tehovah, 
VT Pilgrim through thi.s barren land ; 
I am weak, hut Tlioii art mighty. 
Hold mo with Thy powerful hand : 

Bread of heaven. 
Feed me till I want no more. 

•J n|..Mi Thou the crystal fountain, 

Wh ■nil' 111" healing streams do (low; 
Let tlir licry .•iDiidy )p|llar 
Le;id ini' all niv journey through : 

Strong deliverer. 
Bo Thou 8tUl my help .and shield. 

3 When I tread the verge of Jordan, 
Bid my anxious fears subside ; 
Death of death, and hell's destruction. 
Land me safe on Canaan's side : 

Songs of praises 
I w ill ever give to Thee. Amen. 

Fro)n t'if. WeWi of W. Williams. 
Tr. W. and P. Williams. 1771. 

1 L.M. With Chorus 

^ He leadeth me beside the 
still waters. — Psalm xxiii. 2. 


HE leadeth me ! blessfed thought, 
O words with heavenly comfort fraught I 
Whate er I do, where'er I bo. 
Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me. 
Ho leadeth me ! He leadeth me ! 
By His own hand He leadeth me ! 
His faithful follower I would be. 
For by His hand He leadeth me. 

2 Sometimes 'mid scenes of deepest gloom. 
Sometimes where Eden's bowers bloom. 
By waters calm, o'er troubled sea. 

Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me. 

3 Lord. I would clasp Thy hand iu mine, 
Nor ever murmur or repine ; 
Content, whatever lot I see, 

Since 'tis my God that leadeth me. 

4 And when my task on earth is done. 
When, by Thy grace, the victory's won. 
E'en death's cold wave I will not flee, 
Since God through Jordan leadeth me. 

J. 11. Gilmore. 18G2. 


7.7. 7.7. 7. 
Narrow is the way which 
leadeth unto ii/t-.— Matthew vii. 14. 

LORD, Thy children guide and keep. 
As with feeble steps they press 
On the pathway rough and steep. 

Through this weary wilderness. 
Holy Jesus, day by day. 
Lead us in the narrow way. 

2 There are stony ways to tread : 

Give the strength we sorely Imk : 
There are tangled paths to thr<!aa ; 

Light us, lest we miss the track. 
Holv Jesus, day by day. 
Lead us in the narrow way. 

3 There are s;mdy wastes that lie 

("old and sunless, vast and drear, 
Where the fe.ble faint and die; 

(irant us gr.aceto persevere. 
Holv Jesus, day by day, 
Leaii us in the narrow way. 

4 There are soft and llowerv glades. 

Decked with gol.len rnilte.l tr.-es. 
Suiuiv slopes and scented shndes ; 

Keep us, Lord, from slotlitul ease. 
Holy .losus, day by day, us in the narrow way. 


6 Upward still to purer heights. 

Onward yet to scenes more blest, 
CiUiuer regions, clearer lifjhts. 

Till we reach the promised rest. 
Holy Jesus, day by day, 
Lead us in the narrow way. Amen. 
Bishop ir. W. Uow. 1804. 

A Leader and Commander 
to the ptoplc—lHAhih Iv. 4. 

rtAPTAIX of Israel's host, and Guide 
\J Of all that seek the land above, 
Beneath Thy shadow we abide. 

The cloud of Thy protecting love : 
Our strength. Thy grace ; our rule. Thy 

word ; 
Oia- end, the glory of the Lord. 


2 By Thine unerring Spirit led, 

We shall not in the desert stray ; 
We sh;ill not full direction need. 

Nor miss our providential way • 
As far from danger as from fear, 
While love, almighty love is near. 

Charles Wesley. 1719. 


rSiiU^: Casting all nour care upon 
Him; for He careth /or you.— I Peter v. 7. 

IF thou but suffer God to guide thee. 
And hope in Him through all thy w.iys. 
He'll give thee strength, whate'er beiido 
And bear thee through the evil days ; 
Who trust in God's unchanging love, 
Build on the Rock that nought c<in move. 

2 Only be still, and wait His leisure 

In cheerful hope, with heart content 
To take whate'er thy Father's pleasure 
And all-discerning love hath sent : 
Nor doubt our inmost wants are known 
To Him who chose us for His owu. 

3 Nor think, amid the heat of trial. 

That God hath cast thee off unheard, 
That he whose hopes meet no denial 
Must surely be of God preferred ; 
Time passes and much change doth 

And sets a bound to everything. 

4 All are alike before the Highest ; 

'Tis easy to our God. we know. 
To raise thee up, though low thou liest. 
To make the rich man poor and low ; 
True wonders still by Him are wrought. 
Who setteth up and brings to nought. 

". Sing. pray, and keep His ways unswerving. 
So do thine own part faithfully, 
And trust His word, though undeserving. 
Thou yet Shalt find it true for thee : 
God never yet forsook at need 
The soul thai, trusted Him indeed. 

George Knimarck. V'>r,X 
Tr. Catherine Winkivorth. lS.o. 


8.6.6. 8.8.6. 
Except the Lord bvild the 
house, they lahotir in vain that build it. 
Psalm cxxvii. 1. 

E.XfRPT the Lord conduct the plan. 
The best concerted schemes are vain. 
And never can succeed ; 
We spend our wretched strength for 

nought ; 
But if our works in Thee be wrought, 
They shall be blest indeed. 

2 Lord, if Tliou didst Thyself inspiro 
()ur souls with this intense de.-iire 

Thy goodness to proclaim; 
Thy glory if we now intend, 
let our deed l)egin and end 

Complete in Jesu's name ! 

3 In Jesu's name behold we meet., 
Far from an evil world retreat. 

And all its sinful ways ; 
One only thing resolved to know. 
And mould our useful lives below 

By reason and by grace. 

4 Now, Jesus, now Thy love impart, 
To govern each devoted heart. 

And fit us for Thy will : 
Deep founded in the truth of grace. 
Build up Thy rising Church, and plsu-e 

The city on the hill. 

5 let our faith and love abound ; 
let our lives to all around 

With purest lustre shine ; 
Tliat all around our works may see, 
And give the glory. Lord, to Thee, 

The heavenly Light Divine. Amen. 
Charles Wesiey. 1767. 


He knoiceth the way that I take. 
Job xxiu. 10. 

FATHER of love, our Guide and Friend, 
lead us gently on. 
Until life's trial-time shall end. 
And heavenly peace be won. 

2 We know not what the path may be, 

.\s yet by us untrod ; 
But we can trust our all to Thee, » 

. Our Father and our God. 

3 If called, like Abraham's cLi'.d, to climb 

The hill of sacrifice. 
Some angel may be there in time ; 
Deliverance shall arise : 

4 Or, if some darker lot be good, 

I) teach us to endure 
The sorrow, pain, or solitude. 
That makes the spirit pure. 

.5 Christ by no flowery pathway came. 
And we. His followers here. 
Must d.i Thy will and praise Thy name. 
In hope, and love, and fear. 


6 And till in heaven we sinless bow, 
And faultless anthems raise, 
Frtther, Son, and Spirit, now 
Accept our feeble praise. Amen. 

TT. J. Irons. 184U. 


rxc/ I jje led them on safely, so 

that they feared not.—^s. ixxviii. 53. 

I DO not ask, Ix)rd, that life may be 
A pleasant road : 
I do not ask that Thou wouldst take from 

Aught of its load. 

2 I do not ask that flowers should always 


Beneath my feet ; 
I know too well the poison and the sting 
Of things too sweet. 

3 Foronethingonly, Lord, dear Lord, Iplead: 

Lead me aright, 
Though strength should falter, and though 
heart should bleed. 

Through Peace to Light. 

4 I do not ask, Lord, that Thou shouldst 


Full radiance here ; 
Give but a ray of peace, that I may tread 
Without a fear. 

5 I do not ask my cross to understand, 

My way to see ; 
Bett-er in darkness just to feel Thy hand 
And follow Thee. 

6 Joy is liko restless day : but peace divine 

J-lke quiet night ; 
Leadme, Lord, till perfect day shall shine 
Through I'eace to Light. 

Adelaide A. Procter, d. 1864. 


I am the way, the truth, 
and tlielife.—Johii xiv. (J. 

JE.SUS, my Truth, my Way, 
My sure, unerring Light, 
On Theo mv feeble steps I stay, 

Which Thou wilt guide aright. 

2 My Wisdom and my Gnlde, 
My Counsellor Thou art ; 

never let me leave Thy side. 
Or from Thy paths depart ! 

3 I lift my eyes to Thee, 

Thou gracious, bleeding Lamb, 
That 1 may now onllghtenetl be, 
And never put to shame. 

4 Nevi-r will I remove 

Out of Thy haiid.s my canso ; 
But rest in Thy redeeming love, 
AikI hang upon Tliy cross. 

5 Teach me the happy art 
In all things to depend 

On Thee ; never, Lord, depart, 
But love me to the end ! 

6 make me all like Thee, 
Before I hence remove : 

Settle, confirm, and stablish me, 
And build me up in love. 

7 Let me Thy witness live. 
When sin is all destroyed ; 

.\nd then my spotless sout-receive. 

And take me home to God. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1749. 

For Thy 7iaine's sake, 
lead me and guide me.—Pssdm xxxi. 3. 

TESUS, still lead on. 

V Till our rest be won : 
And, although the way be cheerless, 
We will follow, calm and fearless ; 

Guide us by Thy hand 

To our Fatherland. 

2 If the way be drear, 
If the foe be near. 

Let not faithless fears o'ert.:ike us. 
Let not love and hope forsake us, 

For, through many a foe, 

To our home we go. 

3 When we seek relief 
From a long-felt grief. 

When oppressed by new temptations, 
Lord, increixse and perfect patience; 

Show us that bright shore 

Where we weep no more. 

4 ^Vllen sweet earth and skiea 
Fade before our eyes ; 

When through death we look to heaven, 
And our sins are all forg.ven. 

From Thy bright abodo, 

Call us home to God. 

5 Jesus, still lead on. 
Till o>ir rest be won ; 

Heavenly Leader, still direct us. 
Still support, oonsolo, protect us, 
Till we safely sUnd 
In our Fatherland. Amen. 

Count y.inzetidorf. aht. 17.')0. 
Tr. II. L. L. b. 1813. 

/ am the Lord thv Ood . . . 
tvhich Uttdeth </ife. -Isaiah xlvill. 17. 

IEAD us, heavenly Father, lead us 
J () er the worlds tempestuous sea ; 
Guard us, guide us, keep us. feed us. 
For wo have no help but Thee ; 
Yet possessing 
Every blessing. 
If our God our Father be. 


2 Saviour, breathe forgiveness o'er us ; 

Ail our weakness Thou dost know ; 
Thou didst tread this earth before us, 
Thou didst feel its keenest woe ; 

Lone and dreary, 

Faint and weary. 
Through the desert Thou didst go. 

3 Spirit of our God, descending. 

Fill our hearts with heavenly Joy ; 
Love with every passion blending, 
Pleasure tliat can never cloy ; 
Tlius provided. 
Pardoned, guided. 
Nothing can our peace destroy. Amen. 
James Ednieston. 1820. 


10.10. 10.10. 
Give ear, Shepherd of Israel, 
Thou that leadest Joseph like a flock. 
Psalm Ixxx. 1. 

LEAD us. Father : in the paths of peace ; 
Wittiout Thy guiding hand we go 
And doubts appal, and sorrows still 
Increase : 
Lead us through Christ, the true and 
living way. 

2 Lead us, O Father ! In the paths of truth ; 

Untielped by Thee, in error's maze we 
^\^lile passion stains, and folly dims cm- 

And age comes on vmcheered by faith 
and hope. 

3 Lead us, 6 Father : in the paths of right ; 

Blindly we stumble when we walkalone ; 
Involved in sliadows of a darksome night. 
Only with Thee we journey safely on. 

4 Lead us, Father ! to Thy heavenly rest. 

However rough and steep the path may 
Tlu-ough joy or sorrow, as Thou deemest 
Until our lives are perfected in Thee. 

W. H. Burleigh. lSu8. 

cnO ll-ll- ll-l^l- Anapccstic. 

«J VJ Zi jje leadeth me in the 
paths of righteousjiess for His name's sake. 
Psalui xxiii. 3. 

OLEAD me, my Father ; lead Thou, lest 
I stray ; 
lead Thou me onward where Thou wilt 

each day ! 
All passion be silent, all self-will be still ; 
And meekly my spirit ask only Thy wilL 

2 'Mid life's sweetest pleasures. Lord, keep 

me Thine own ; 
Lest I should forget Thee, or duty disown : 
When sorrow o orwhelms me, and gone is 

the liglii. 
Then shine on me. Father, make Thou my 

way bright. 

3 When thought is a burden, when work is 

a care, 
thon let me cherish the sweetness of 

prayer : 
When sliadows are falling, when earth's 

day is past, 
lead me, my Father, to sunshine at last. 
/. Page Hopps. 1873. 


8.8.8. 4. 
Thy right hand upholdeth me. 
Psalm Ixiii. 8. 

LEANING on Thee, my Guide, my Friend, 
My gracious Saviour, I am blest ; 
Though weary. Thou dost condescend 
To be my Rest. 

2 Leaning on Thee, this darkened room 

Is elieered by a celestial ray ; 
Thy pitying smile dispels the gloom. 
Turns night to day. 

3 Leaning on Thee, with childlike faith 

To Tliee the future I conti Je ; 
Each step of life's untrodden path 
Thy love will guide. 

4 Leaning on Thee, I breathe no moan, 

Tiiough faint with languor, parched with 
Thy will as now becomes mine own, 
Thy will is sweet. 

5 Leaning on Thee, 'midst torturing pain 

With patience Thou my soul dost fill ; 
Thou whisperest, ' What aid 1 sustain V 
Then I am stilL 

G Leaning on Thee, I do not dread 
The havoc slow disease may make : 
Thou, who for me Thy blood hast shed, 
Wilt ne'er forsake. 

7 Leaning on Thee, though faint and weak, 

Too weak another voice to hear. 
Thy heavenly accents comfort sp«ak, 
' Be of good cheer ; ' 

8 Le;ining on Thee, no fear alarms ; 

Calmly 1 stand on death's darK brink ; 
I feel the everlasting arms, 
I cannot sink. 

Charlotte Elliott. IS^. 


504 Speak, Lord ; for Thy 

servant heareth. — 1 Samuel iii. 9. 

LORD, speak to me, that I may speak 
In living echoes of Thy toni; ; 
As Thou hast sought, so let nie seek 
Thy en-ing children. lost and lone. 

2 lead me. Lord, that I may lead 

The wandering and the wavei-ing feet ; 

i'eed me, Lord, that I may feed 

Thy hungering ones with manna sweet. 

3 strengthen me, that while I stand 

Firm on the rock and strong in Thee, 

1 may stretch out a loving hand 

To wrestlers with the troubled sea. 

4 teach me. Lord, that I may teach 

The precious things Thou dost impart ; 
And wing ray words, that they may reach 
The hidden depths of many a heart. 

6 give Thine own sweet rest to me. 

That 1 may speak with soothing power 
A word in season, as from Thee, 
To weary ones, in needful hour. 

6 fill me with Thy fulness, Lord, 

Until my very heart o'erflow 
In kindling thought and glowing word, 
Thy love to tell. Thy praise to show. 

7 use me, Lord, use even me. 

Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where, 
Until Thy blessed face I .see. 
Thy rest. Thy joy. Thy glory share. 

Frances II. Haii'ryal. 187'.'. 


Behold, Cnil is my salvation. 
Isaiah xii. 2. 

INTO Thy gracious hands I fall, 
And with the arms of faith embrace; 

King of Glory, hear my call, 

raise me, heal nie, by Thy grace ! 

2 Now righteous through Thy wounds 1 am. 

No condemnation now I dread ; 

1 taste salvation in Thy name. 
Alive in Thee, my living Head. 

3 Still let Tliy wisdom bo my guide. 

Nor tiike Thy light from me iiwuy ; 
Still with mi! let Thy grace aMde, 
That I from Thee may nevi'r stray. 

4 Let Thy word richly in me dwell ; 

Thy peaix' and love my portion be ; 
My .|oy to endure and do Thy will, 
Tin perfect I am found in Thee. 

6 Arm me with Thy whole armour. Lord, 
Support my weakness with Thy might ; 
Gird on my thigh Thy conquering sword, 
And Hhield me iu the threatening fight. 

6 From faith to faith, from grace to grace, 

So in Thy strength shall I go on. 

Till heaven and earth flee from Thy face. 

And glory end what grace begun. Amen. 

W. C. Dessler. W.rl. 

Tr. J. Wesley. 17311. 


n 8.8.8. 4. 

^ They that know Thy name 
ivUlput their trust in Thee.—l'a. ix. 10. 

WE cannot always trace the way 
Where Thou, our gracious Lord, dost 
But we can always surely say 
That Thou art love. 

2 When fear its gloomy cloud will fling 

O'er earth— our souls to heaven above. 
As to their sanctuary, spring; 
For Thou art love. 

3 When mystery shrouds our darkened iinth, 

We'll check our di-ead, our douiiu 
reprove ; 
In this our soul sweet comfort hath. 
That Thou art love. 

4 Yes, Thou art love ; and truth like this 

CiUi every gloomy thoiight remove, 
And turn all tears, all woes to bliss ; 
Our God is love. 

Sir John Bowring. 1821. 


If ye then be risen with 

Christ, seek'thiise thinc/s which are above. 

Colossians ill. 1. 

yE laithful souls, who Jesus know. 
If risen indeed with Him ye are, 
Superior to the joys below, 
His resurrection's power declare. 

2 Your faith by holy tenii)ers provi\ 

By actions show your sins i'i.r:;i\ ni. 
And seek the glorious Hunt's :ili<>\ •. 
And follow Christ, your Head, to h-.iven, 

3 There your exalted Saviour see. 

Seated at God s right hand again. 
In all His Father's majesty. 
In everlasting pomp to roign. 

4 To Him continually aspire. 

Contending for ycmr native place, 
And onmlate the angel-choir, 
And only live to love and praise. 

5 For who by faith your Lord receive, 

Ve nothing seek or want beside, 

Di'iid to tho world and s"in ye live, 

Vour creature-love is crucified. 

6 Your real life, with Christ concealed, 

l)eep In tho Father's bosom lies ; 
And, glorious as your Head revealed, 
Ve soon shall meet Him in the skies. 
Charles Wesley. 17G2. 



6.4. 6.4. 
lie shall choose our inheritance 
fvr MS.— Psalm xlvii. 4. 

THOU, Lord, my path shaltchoos'\ 
And my Guide be. 
\\ liat shall I fear to lose 
While I have Thoe? 
This be my portion blest, 
Uu my Redeomei's breast, 
111 peaceful trust to rest , 
He cares for me. 

2 This lightens every cross, 

Cheers every ill ; 
Suffer I grief or loss, 

It is Thy wll. 
One who makes no mistake 
Chooseoh the way I take ; 
He, who can ne er forsake. 

Holds my hand still. 

3 Sweet words of peace and love 

Christ whispers me ; 
Bearing my soul above 

Life's troubled sea. 
This be my portion blest. 
On my Redeemer's breast, 
In peaceful trust to rest ; 

He cares for me. 

4 Christ died my love to win, 

Christ is my tower ; 
He will be with me in 

Each trying liour. 
He niiikes the wounded whole, 
He will my heart console. 
He will uphold my soul 

By His own power. 

5 To Thee, the only wise. 

Whatever be, 
I will lift up mine eyes. 

Joyful in Thoe. 
This be my portion blest, 
On my Redeemer's breast. 
In paacelul trust to rest ; 

He cares for me. 

From the German. Ano)i. 


Lead me in a p'.ain puih. 
Psalm xxvii. 11. 

'E leads iis on 

By patlLs we did not know ; 
Upward He leads us though our steps be 

Though oft we faint and falter on the way. 
Though storms and darkness oft obscure 
the day. 
Yet when the clouds are gone. 
We know He leads us on. 

2 He leads us on 
Through all the unqtiiet years ; 
Past all our dream-land hopes, aad doubts, 
and feai's. 

He guides our steps through all the tangled 

Of losses, .sorrows, and o'erclouded days ; 

We know His will is done. 

And still He leads us on. 

3 And He. at last, 
After the weary strife. 
After the restless fever we call life. 
After the dreariness, the aching pain. 
The wayward struggles which have proved 
in vain. 
After our toils are past, 
Will give us rest at last. 

Count Zinzeaihrrf. abt. 17.50. 
Tr. H. L L. b. 1813. 



All things work togcfhiir 

/or good to them thai love God. 

Romans viii. 23. 

GOD of my life, whose gracious power 
Through varied deaths my soul hath 
Or turned aside the fatal liour. 
Or lilted up my sinking head ; 

2 In all my ways Thy hand I own. 

Tliy ruling Providence I see : 
Assist ine still my course to run. 
And siill direct my paths to Thee. 

3 Oft hath the sea confessed Thy power. 

And given me back at Thy commaud ; 
It could not, Lord, my life devour. 
Safe in the hollow of Thine hand. 

4 Oft from the margin of the grave 

Tliou, Lord, hast lifted up my head ; 
Sudden, I found Thee near to save. 
The sickness owned Thy touch, and fled. 

5 Wliither, O whither should I fly. 

But to my loving Saviours breast? 
Secure within Tliine ;irms to lie. 
And safe beneath Thy wings to rest. 

6 Enlarge my heart to make Thee rooiu. 

Enter, and in me ever stay ; 
The crooked then shall straight become ; 
The darkness shall be lost in day. 


Wesley. 1740. 


All thinas are vottrs. 
1 Cor. iii. -Jl. 


E bless Thee, Lord, for a"J this common 

Can gi vv of rest and joy amidst its strife ; 
For earth and trees and sea and clouds 

and springs ; 
For work, and all the lessons tha t it brings ; 


2 For Pisgah gleams of newer, fairer truth. 
Which ever ripening still renews our 

youth ; 
For fellowship with noble Souls and wise. 
Whose hearts beat time to music of the 


3 For each achievement human toil can 

reach ; 
For all that patriots win, and poets teach : 
For the old light that gleams on history's 

For tlie new hope that shines on each new 


4 May we to these our lights he ever true, 
Find hope and strength and joy for ever 

To heavenly visions still obedient prove. 
The Eternal Law, writ by the Almiglity 

Love ; Amen. 

/. M. White. 1883. 


7.7. 7.7. 7. 
Hnw much oicest fhoti 
unto viij Lord .?— Luke xvi. 5. 

"TIJIIF-X this passing world is done, 
\V When has sunk yon glaring Ml 
When wo stand with Christ on high. 
Looking o'er life's history. 
Then, Lord, shall I fully know, 
Not till then, how much I owe. 

2 When I stand before the throne. 
Dressed in beauty not my own, 
When I see Thee as Thou art, 
Love Thee with unsinning heart, 
Then, Lord, shall I fully know, 
Not till then, how much 1 owe. 

3 Chosen not for good in me. 
Wakened up Iroio wrath to flee, 
IliiMi-n in the Saviour's side, 
r.y the Spirit sanctilied. 

Teach nie. Lord, on earth to show. 
By my love, how much I owe. 

4 When the praise of heaven I hoar 
Loud as thmiders to the ear, 
Loud ii8 many waters' noise. 
Sweet as harp's melodious voice, 
Then, Lord, shall I fully know. 
Not till then, how much I owe. 

H. M. McQieyHC. 1837. 



Oorllines'' with fontetitment 
is (jrcat gain.— I Timothy vi. li. 

SOME murmur when their sky is clear 
And wholly bright to view, 
If one small speck ot dark ap)iear 
In their great heaven of blue. 

2 And some with thankful love are lillcd, 
If l)ut one streak of light. 
One ray of God's good mercy gild 
The darkness of their night. 
11 V 

3 In palaces are hearts that ask. 

In discontent and pride. 
Why life is such a dreary task. 
And all good things denied. 

4 And hearts in poorest huts admire 

How Love has in their aid, 
The Love that never seems to tire, 
Such rich provision made. 

Archbishop R. C. Trench. 1839. 


7.6. 7.6. 7.7. 7.G. 
Lrf cvervthin.q that hath 
breath -praiie the Lord.— Psalm cl. 6. 

MEET and right it is to sing. 
In every time and place. 
Glory to our heavenly King, 

The God of Truth and Grace : 
Join we then with sweet accord, 

All in one thanksgiving join, 
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 
Eternal praise bo Thine ! 

2 Thee, the first-horn sons of light, 

In choral symphonies. 
Praise by day, day without night. 

And never, never cease : 
Angels and archangels, all 

Praise the mystic Three in One, 
Sing, and stop, and gaze, and fall 

O'erwhelmed before Thy throne. 

3 Vying with that happy choir, 

Who chant Thy praise above, 
We on eagles' wings aspire. 

The wings of faith and love : 
Thee they sing, with glory crowned, 

We extol the slauglitered Lamb; 
Lower though our voices sound, 

Our subject is the same. 

4 Father, God, Thv love we praise. 

Which gave Thy Son to die ; 
Jesus, full of truth and giuce. 

Alike we glorify; 
Spirit, Comforter divine. 

Praise by all to Thee be given, 
Till we in full chorus join, 
And earth is turned to heaven. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


If any man be in Christ, 
he is a new creature.— 2 Cor. v. 17. 

WE praise and bless Thee, gracioua 
Our Saviour, kind and true. 
For all tlic old things pas.sod away. 
For all Thou hast made now. 

New hopes, new purposes, desires. 
And joys. Thy grace has given ; 

Old ties are broken from the earth, 
New ties attach to heaven. 


3 But yet, how much m\ist Ix- (i.stroyed, 

.Hov much renewed must be. 

Ere wi? can fully stand complete 

In llkuuess, Lord, to Thee : 

4 Thou, only Thou, must carry on 

The work Thou hast bsKun ; 
Of Thine own strength Thou must im- 
In Thine own ways to run. 

5 Ah ! leave us not ; from day to day 

kevive, restore again ; 
Our feeble steps do Thou direct. 
Our enemies restrain. 

6 So shall we faultless stand at last. 

Before Thy Father's throne ; 
The blessedness for ever ours. 
The glory all Thine own. Amen. 

C. J. F. Sfitta. d. 1S50. 
Tr. E. L. L. b. 16 1^. 


Every day will I ble-^s Thee. 
Psalm cxlv. 2. 

FOR thousand, thousand mercies new, 
At dawn or vesper hour ; 
The early and the latter dew. 

The sunshine and the flower ; 
For lounls of ever-springing bliss. 

For hope's unclouded ray ; 
For life's thrice blessed sympathies, 
We bless Thee day by day. 

2 For fond affection's richest love. 

For household tones of mirth. 
For melodies that hourly pour 

From hearts of indred birth ; 
For many a fire-side thrill of love. 

For many a joyous lay ; 
For peace that emblems peace above. 

We bless Thee day by day. 

3 For untold sympathy that dwells 

Enshrined in love's fond breast : 
For springs that sorrow most reveals. 

Thrice hallowed and thrice blest ; 
For waves of blessMness that steep 

Our lot in radiant day ; 
For happiness unknown and deep. 

We bless Thee day by day. 

4 For hope of better things above, 
Through Him who died for all ; 
For love divine— eternal love. 

That raised us from our fall ; 
For all the Christian's holy dower. 

His anchor, hop«, and stay ; 
For all. our God of love and power. 
We bless Thee day by day. 

Mrs. Ser:;eant. 



In Thee is my trust. 
i'salm cxli. 8. 

THOU to whose all-searching sight 
The darkness shineth as the light. 
Search, prove my heart, it pants for Thee; 
burst these bonds, and set it free I 

2 Wash out its stains, refine its dross, 
Nail my affections to the cross ; 
Hallow each thought : let all within 
Be clean, as Thou, my Lord, art clean. 

3 If in this darksome wild I stray. 

Be Thou my Light, be Thou my Way ; 

No foes, no violence I fear, 

No fraud, while Thou, my God, art near. 

4 When rising floods ray soul o'erflow. 
When sinks my heart in waves of woe, 
Jesus, Thy timely aid impart. 

And raise my head, and cheer my heart. 

5 Saviour, where'er Thy steps I see. 
Dauntless, untired, 1 follow Thee 1 
O let Thy hand support me still. 
And lead me to Thy holy hill ! 

6 If rough and thorny be the way. 
My strength proportion to my day : 
Till toil, and grief, and pain shall ctMse, 
Where all is calm, and joy, and pcai;e. 

Count Zineendorf. abt. 17W. 
Tr. J. Wesley. 1739. 

O-J-O My soul thirs'eth for God, 

for tlie living 6r'od.— Psalm xlii. 2. 

THOU Lamb of God, Thou Pmce of Peace, 
For Thee my thirsty soul doth pin.-. 
My longing heart implores Thy grace ; 
make me in Thy likeness shine : 

2 With fraudless, even, humble mind, 

Thy will in all things may I see ; 
In love be every wish resigned, 
Auii hallowed my whole heart to Thee. 

3 When pain o'er my weak flesh prevails. 

With lamb-like patience arm my breast; 
When grief my wounded soul assails. 
In lowly meekness may I rest. 

4 Close by Thy side still may I keen, 

Howe'er life's various current now; 

With steadfast eye mark every step. 

And follow Thee where'er Thou go. 

.3 Thou, Lord, the dreadful fight hast won. 
Alone Thou hast the winepress tr ••. . 
In me Thv strengthenini: g- h.o be s, .iwn, 
may i conquer tUroui^h Thy bio. id ! 


6 So when on Zion Thou shalt stand. 

And all heaven's host adore their King, 
Shall I be found at Thy right hand, 
And free from jiaiu Thy glories sing. 

C. F. Rkhter. 1700. Tr. J. Wesley. 1739. 


Old of the depths have 
I cried unto TAee.— I'salm cxxx. 1. 

OUT of the deep, out of the deep, 
God, I make my moan ; 
WTien I by night, awaked from sleep, 
Do watch with Thee alone. 

2 Be not extreme, be not extreme 

To mark what is amiss ; 
Forgiveness doth Thee well beseem, 
Lord, be Thou loured in this. 

3 My soul doth wait, my goul doth wait 

Till darkness wear away ; 
My soul doth flee, I ^y, to Thee 
Before the breaking day. 

4 Trust in the Lord,trust in the Lord, 

Thougli yet tliy dawn be dim ; 
He will thee save from out the grave, 
Kedemption is with Ilim. 




Jesun, Thou Son of David, 
have mercy on we.— Mark x. 47. 

ITTHEN our heads are bowed with woe, 
VV When our bitter tears o'erflow, 
When we mo\irn the lost, the dear, 
Jesus, Sou of David, hear ! 

2 Thou our throbbing flesh hast worn ; 
Thou our mortal grief hast borne ; 
Thou hast shed the hiuuan tear ; 
Jesus, Son of David, hear ! 

3 Thou hast bowed the dying head ; 
Thou the blood of life hast shed ; 
Thou hast filled a mortal bier; 
Jesus, Sun of David, hear ! 

4 When the heart Is sad within. 
With the thought or all its sin ; 
\Vhi!ii the spirit shrinks with fear, 
Jesus, Sou of David, hear ! 

I) Tlioii the shftino, tlie grief hnst known ; 
'J'liougli the bins were not Thine own, 
'i'hou hast deigned their load to bear I 
Jt'sua, Son of David, hear I Amen. 

;/. n. Milman. ia'J7. 

11.10. 11.10. 10.10. 
Lord, Thou knoivest all things. 
John xxi. 17. 

THOU knowest. Lord, the weariness and 
Of the sad heart that comes to Thee for 
rest ; 
Cares of to-day, and burdens for to-morrow, 
Blessings implored, and sins to be con- 
fessed ; 
We come before Thee at Thy gracious 

And lay them at Thy feet : Thou knowest, 

2 Thou knowest all the past ; how long and 
On the dark mountains the lost wanderer 
strayed ; 
How tlie Good Shepherd followed, and ho\\ 
He bore it home, upon His shouldens 
laid ; 
And healed the bleeding wounds, ana 

soothed the pain, 
And broufflit back life, and hope, and 
strength again. 

Z Thou knowest all the present, each temp- 
Each toilsomeduty, each forebodingfcar; 
All to each one assigned of tribulation. 

Or to belovM ones than self more dear ; 
All pensive memories, as we journey on, 
Longings for vanished smiles, and voices 

4 Thou knowest all the future ; gleams of 

By stormy clouds too quickly overcast ; 
Hours of sweet fellowship and parting sad- 
And the dark river to be crossed at last. 
1 what could hope and confidence aH'ord 
To tiead that path, but this, Thou knowest, 

5 Thou knowest— not alone as God all 

knowing — 
As man, our mortal weakness Thou hast 

proved ; 
On earth with purest sympathies o'erflow- 

Saviour, Thou hast wept, and Tliou 

ha-st loved ; 
And love and sorrow still to Thee may 

And lind a hiding-place, a rest, a homo. 

t) Therefore we come, Tliy gentle call obiy- 
And lay our sins and sorrows at Thy 
feet ; 
On everlasting strength our weakness 
Clothed in Thy robo of righteousness 

(•|ilet.i. ; 

Tlieii, Using and refreshed, we leave Thy 


And follow on to know as we are known. 
//. L. L. 1859. 



Lord, remember me. 
Luke xxiii. 42. 

OTHOU from whom all goodness flows, 
I lift my soul to Thee ; 
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes, 
Good Lord, remember nie. 

2 When on my aching, burdened heart 

My sins lie heavily. 
Thy pardon speak, new peace impart. 
Good Lord, remember me. 

3 When trials sore obstruct my way. 

And ills I cannot flee, 
let my strength be as my day 
Good Lord, remember mc. 

4 When worn with pain, disease, and pief, 

This feeble body see ; 
Grant patience, rest, and kind relief. 
Good Lord, remember me. 

5 If, for Thy sake, upon my name 

Shame and i eproach shall be. 
All hail reproach, and welcome shame. 
Good Lord, remember me. 

6 When, in the solemn hour of death, 

I wait Thy Just decree. 
Be this the prayer of my last breath. 
Good Lord, remember me. 

7 And when before Thy throne I stand. 

And lift mv soul to Thee, 
Then with the saints at Tliy right hand. 
Good Lurd, remember me. Aineu. 
T. Raweis. 1790, a«r« 

Thomas CotUrill. 1819. 


'-' •^ '-' We have not an h igh priest 
rchich cannot be lonched with thejeeling of 
our infirmities.— Hebrews iv. 15. 

TTTITH joy we meditate the grace 
V V Of our High Priest above ; 
His heart is made of tenderness, 
And ever yearns with love. 

2 Touched with a sympathy within, 

He knows our feeble frame ; 
He knows what sore temptations mean. 
For He hath felt the same. 

3 He in the days of feeble flesh 

Poured out His cries and tears ; 
And, though exalted, feels afresh 
What every member bears. 

4 He'll never quench the smoking flax. 

But raise it to a flame ; 
The bruised reed He never breaks, 
Ji'or scorns the meanest name. 

5 Then let our humble faith address 

His mercy and His power ; 
We shall obtain delivering grace 
lu the distresising hour. 

Isaac Walts. 170'J. 


I will deliver him, and 
honour him. — Psalm xci. 15. 

THEE, Jesus, full of truth and grace, 
Thee, Saviour, we adore. 
Thee in artlictions furnace praise. 
And magnify Thy power. 

2 Thy power, in human weakness shown. 

Shall make us all entire ; 
We now Thy guardian presf^nce own, 
And walk un burned in tire. 

3 Thee, Son of Stan, by faith we see. 

And glory in our Guide ; 
Surrounded and upheld by Thee, 
The tiery test abide. 

4 The fire our graces shall refliie. 

Till, moulded from above. 

We bear the character divine. 

The stamp of perfect love. 

Chanes Wesley. 1719. 


I know thy uvrks, a>ul 
tribulation, and poverty.— ii.i--v . ii. 0. 

MY sufferings all to Thee are known. 
Tempted in every point like nu- ; 
Regard my grief, regard Tliy own, 
Jesus, remember Calvary. 

2 Art Thou not touched with human woe T 

Hath pity left the Son of M.m? 
Dost Thou not all my sorrows know. 
And claim a share in all my paiu t 

3 Have I not heard, have I not known. 

That Thou, the everliisting Lurd, 
Whom heaven and earth their .M^iKer own. 
Art always faithful to Thy word ? 

4 Thou wilt not break a bruisM reed. 

Or quench the smallest spark of gi-ace. 
Till through the soul Thy power is spread. 
Thy all-victorious righteousness. 

5 The day of small and feeble things 

I know Thou never wilt despise; 
I know with healing in His wings. 
The Sun of Kighteousness shall rise. 

6 With labour faint Thoii wilt not fail. 

Or, wearied, give the sinner o'er. 

Till in this earth Thy jiulgnients dwell. 

And, born of God, 1 siu no more. 

Wesley. 1740. 


Comfort ye, comfort ye 
My I'COple, sdith your f/oU.— Isaiah xl. 1. 

COMFORT, ye ministers of grace. 
Comfort My people, saith your God ; 
Ye soon shall see His smiling face. 
His golden sceptre, not His rod ; 
And own, when now the cloud s removed. 
He only chastened whom He lovt-d. 



2 Who sow in tears, in joy shall reap ; 

The Lord shall comfort all that mourn ; 
Who now go on their way ami weep, 

With joy they doubtless shall return. 
And bring their sheaves with vast increase. 
And have their fruit to holiness. 

Weiley. 1742. 

8.8. 8.8. 8.8. 
'Weep with them that weep. 
Romans xii. 15. 

IET God. who comforts the distrest, 
J Let Israel's Consolation hear : 
Hear, Holy Ghost, our joint request. 

And show Thyself the Comforter, 
And swell the unutterable gi-oan. 
And breathe our wishes to the Tlironc. 

2 We weep for those that weep below. 

And burdened, for the aftlieted sigh ; 
The various forms of human woe 

Excite our softest sympathy. 
Fill every heart with mournful care, 
And draw out all our souls in prayer. 

3 We wrestle for the ruined race, 

By sin eternally undone, 
Unless Thou magnify Thy grace. 

And make Thy richest mercy known. 
And make Thy vanquished rebels ftnd 
I'ardon in Christ for all mankind. 

4 Father of everlasting Love, 

To every soul Thy Son reveal. 
Our guilt and sufierings to remove. 

Our deep, original wound to heal; 
And bill the fallen race arise. 
And turn our earth to I'anidise. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1758. 


U^O uohi fast the confidence 
aitd the rejoicinq of the ho(r:Jirm unto the 
end. — Hebrews lii. 6. 
flAST on the fidelity 
vj Of my redeeming Lord, 
I shall His salvation see. 
According to His word: 
Credence to His word I give ; 
My Saviour in distresses pa«t 
Will not now His servant leave, 
But bring me through at last 

2 Better than my boding fears 
To me Thou oft hast proved, 
Oft ob.served my sili-nt tears. 

Ami challenged Thy belove,! : 
Meri-y to my rescue Hew, 
A'ld death ungrasped his fainting prey, 
Palii before i'hy face withdrew, 

ihy face withdrev 
V tied away. 

And sorrow 

3 Now as yesterday the sanie, 
In all my troubles nigh, 
Jesus, on Thy word and naino 

I HU:ii(ith»t\y rely : 
Sure as now the grief I feel, 
Tim pioiiilHed joy 1 srir)n bhall have, 
Saved again, to sinnors tell 
Thy power and will tu gave. 

4 To Thy blessed will resigned, 
And stayed on that alone, 
I Thy perfect strength shall ftnd. 

Thy faithful mercies own : 
Compassed round with songs of praise, 
Wy all to my Redeemer give. 
Spread Thy miracles of grace, 
And to Thy glory live. 

Charles Wesley. 1707. 


7.6. 7.6 7.7. 7.G. 
An sorrowful, yet alway 
rejoicing.— •! Corinthians vL 10. 

FATHER, in the name I pray 
Of Thy incarnate love ; 
Humbly ask, that as my day 

My suffering strength may prove : 
When my sorrows most increase, 

Let Thy strongest joys be given ; 
Jesus, come with my distress, 
And agony is heaven. 

2 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
For good remember me ; 
Me, whom Thou hast caused to trust 

For more than life on Thee : 
With me in the tire remain. 

Till like burnished gold I shine, 
Meet, through consecrated pain. 
To see the Face Divine. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. IICI. 

KOf) L.M. 

v^OW Take My yoke upon you, 
and learn of Me ; fur I am meek ayid lowly 
in /ifa/Y.— Matthew xi. 29. 

ETERNAL Beam of Light Divine, 
Fountain of unexhausted love. 
In whom the Father's glories shine, 
Through earth beneath, and heaven 
above ; 

2 Jesus, the weary wanderer's rest. 

Give mo Thy easy yoke to bear. 
With steadfast patience arm my hraast. 
With spotless love, and lowly fear. 

3 Thankful I take the cup from Thee, 

PivpMr.d MM.l mingled bv Thy skill, 
Thoui;h liittiT to the taste it bo, 
PowerfLil the wounded soul to heal. 

4 Be Thou. Rock of Ages, nigh ! 

So shall each nuirmuring thought be 
And grief, and fear, and care, shall fly, 
As clouds bcloie the mid-day sun. 

h Speak to my warring passions. • Peace ! ' 
,s.ay to my trembling heart. ' Bo still I' 
Thy power my strength and fortress is. 
For all things servo Thy sovereign will. 

6 death ! where Is thy sting? Where now 
Thy boasted victory. O grave? 
Who shall contend with God t or who 
Can hurt whom God delights to save ? 
w-- eu. i7;;u. 



Tnist in the Lord with 
all thine /ieart.— Proverbs iii 5. 

"\UHEN we cannot see our wa)', 
\ \ Let us trust and still obey ; 
He who bids us forward go, 
Cannot fail the way to show. 

2 Though the sea be deep and wide. 
Though a passage seem denied, 
Fearless, let us still proceed. 
Since the Lord vouchsafes to lead. 

3 Though it be the gloom of night, 
Though we see no ray of light. 
Since the Lord Himself is there, 
'Tis not meet that we should fear. 

4 Night with Him is never night, 
Where He is, there all is light ; 
When He calls us, why delay '! 
They are happy who obey. 

5 Be it onrs, then, while we're here. 
Him to follow without fear ; 
Where He calls us, there to go ; 
What He bids us, that to do. 

Thomas Kelly. 1815. 


Fear not ; for I am with thee. 
Isaiah xliii. 5. 

TTTE walk on earth, and to its ways 
V V Our time and thoughts are given, 
Yet, amid all its busiest days. 
Our hearts may be in heaven. 

2 Nothing so lightens the dull load 

Life's urgent claims impose. 
As close communion with our God ; 
It is our best repose. 

3 When vexed with iUs which we despair 

To baffle or control. 
The lifting of the heart in prayer 
Sheds sunshine on the soul. 

4 Wlien disappointed in the love 

We leaned on too sec;ure. 
What joy it is to loo:< above. 
And feel one Friend is sure. 

5 When, wearied with life's ebb and flow, 

We for ' still waters ' sigh ; 
how it sweetens change below 
To think of rest on high ! 

6 Thus we in peace our souls possess. 

Though all around be fear. 
Full of the blessed consciousness 
That heaven is sure and near. 

7 Dark clouds may o'er us threatening 

We can sing on, and smile ; 
The sunshine of the cloudless land 
Lies round us all the while. 

8 We can bear any cross, or grief. 
If, with their gloom, be given 
This one sweet secret of relief, 
To keep our thoughts in heaven. 

J. S. B. Monsell. 1807. 

Be merciful unto me, God. 
Psalm Ivii. I. 

GOD ! be merciful to me ; 
For my spirit trusts in Thee, 
And to Thee, her refuge, spring.< ; 
Pe the shadow of Thy wings 
Round my trembling spirit ca-st. 
Till this storm is overpast. 

2 From the waterfloods that roll 
Deep and deeper round my soul 
Take me, my Saviour, take. 
For Thy loving-kindness' sake : 
If Thy truth from me depart. 
That rebuke will break my heart. 

3 Foes Increase, they close nie round ; 
Friend nor comforter is found ; 
Sore temptations now assail; 
Hope and strength and courage fail : 
Turn not from 'Thy servant's grief. 
Hasten, Lord, to my relief. 

4 Poor and sorrowful am I ; 
Set me, my God. on high ; 
Wonders Thou for me hast wrought ; 
Nigh to death my soul is brought : 
Save me. Lord, in mercy save. 

Lest I sink below the grave. 

5 Hark ! He hears me from on high, 
• Child of sorrow, it is I ! 

Thou Shalt strive and weep no more. 
Come and see My happy shore. 
Kest and live and love with ile, 
I am thine eternity." 

James Montgomery. 1853. 


The unll of the Lord be done. 
Acts xxi. 14 

T WORSHIP Thee, sweet WiU of God ! 
1 And all rhy ways adore. 
And every day I live I seem 
To love Thee more and more. 

2 Man's weakness waiting upon God 

Its end can never miss. 
For man on earth no work can do 
More angellike than this. 

3 He always wins who sides with God. 

To him no chance is lost ; 
God's will is sweetest to him when 
It triumphs at his cost. 

4 111 that He blesses is our good. 

All unblest good is ill ; 
And all is right that seems most wronij 



6 \\'h'^n obstacles and tnals seem 
Like prison walls to be, 
I do the little I can do, 
And leave the rest to Thee. 

C I have no cares, O blessed Will ! 
For all my cares are Thine ; 
1 live in triumph, Lord ! for Thou 
Hast made Thy triumphs mine. 

F. W. Faber. 1849. 

ROR 8.S.8.4. 

00«J My Father, . . . not 

as I will, but as Thou Wi7<.— Matt. xxvi. 39. 

MY God, my Father, while I stray 
Far from my home, on life s rough 

teach me from my heart to say, 

Thy will be done ! 

2 Though dark my path and sad my lot, 
Lt!t ine be still and nuirmur not. 

Or breathe the priyer Divinely taught, 
Thy will be done ! 

3 What though in lonely grief I sigh 
For friends beloved, no longer nigh, 
Submissive still would I reply, 

Thy will be done 1 

4 ir Tliou shouldst call me to resign 
Wlint most I i)rize, it ne'er was mine, 

1 only yield Thee what is Thine ; 

Thy will be done I 

5 Should grief or sickness waste away 
.My life in premature decay. 

My Father ! .still I strive to say. 
Thy will be done 1 

6 Let but my fainting heart bo blost 
With Thy sweet Spirit for its giinst. 
My (Jod. to Thee I leave the rest ; 

Thy will be done ! 

7 Ri-new my will from day to day ; 
I'.l'Mid it with Thine and take away 
All that now makes it hard to say. 

Thy will be done 1 

8 Tlmn, whon on earth I bn\athp no moro 
'I'he prayer, oft lni.\i(l with tears beloro, 
I'll sing upon a happier shore. 

Thy will bo done ! Amen. 

Charlotte Elliott. 1836. 


O O U / „„•« i,rin{r the blind 

by a way that theu knew no^— Isaiah xlii. 16. 

MOUXTAIXS. by the darkness hidden. 
Are iiH real as In the day ; 
15(!. then, unbelief forbidden 

In a dri'ary hour to say, 

■ Oo<l hath loft us ; 
O why hath He gone away f ' 

2 ^Vllen He folds the cloud about Him, 

Firm within it stands His throne ; 
Wherefore should His children doubt Him, 
Those to whom His love is known J 

God is with us. 
We are never left alone. 

3 Travellers at night, by fleeing. 

Cannot run into the day ; 
God can lead the blind and seeing, 
On Him wait and for Him stay ; 

Be not fearful. 
They who cannot sing can pray. 

4 Calm and blest is our composure, 

When the secret is possest. 
That our God, in full disclosure. 
Hath to us His heart exprest : 

Thou. Saviour, 
Hast been given to make us blest. 

5 Time and space, Lord, that show Theo 

Oft in power, veiling good. 
Are too vast for us to know Thee 
As our trembling spirits would : 
Hut in Jesus, yes, in Jesus, 
Father, Thou art understood. 

T. T. Lynch. 1855. 


My times are in Thy hand. 
Psalm xxxi. 15. 


'Y times are in Thy hand ; 
My God, I wish them there ; 
My life, my soul, my all I leave 
Entirely to Thy care. 

2 My times are in Thy hand. 
Whatever they may be ; 

Pleasing or painful, dark or bright. 
As best may seem to Thee. 

3 My times are in Thy hand. 
Why should I doubt or fear? 

A Father's hand will never cause 
His child a needless tear. 

4 My times are In Thy hand, 
Jesus I he crucitied ! 

The hand my many sins have pierced 
Is now my guard and guide. 

5 My times are in Thy hand, 
I'll always trust to Thee, 

Till I possess the promised land. 
And all Thy glory see. 

W. F. Lloyd. 1833. 


There the wicked rease 
from troubling ; and thi're the weary 
be at rest.— Job 111. 17. 

niRN the world my heart Is rending 
With Its heaviest storm of caro, 
My glad thoughts, to God ascending, 
Find a refuge from despair. 


2 Tli'^rp s a hand of mercy near me, 

Thinigh the waves of trouble roar ; 
TLiTcs ati hour of rest to cheer ine, 
When the toils of life are o'er. 

3 Happy hour! when saints are gaining 

Tiiat briglit crown they longed to wear, 
Not one spot of sin remaining. 
Not one pang of earthly care. 

4 to rest in peace for ever : 

Joined with happy souls above, 
Where no foe my heart can sever 
From the Saviour whom I love. • 

5 This the hope that shall sustain me 

Till life's pilgrimage be past ,- 
Fears iiuiy vex, and troubles pain me, 
1 shaA reach my home at last. 


Sir John Boicring. 

8.8.6. 8.S.6. 
Not mil wVl, but Thine, bi dont. 
Luke xxii. 4'2. 

• p ATHER I Thy will, not mine, be done ; 
J. So prayed on earth Thy suffering Sou ; 

So, in His Name I pray : 
The spirit faints, the flesh is weak, 
Thy help in iigony I seek, 

O take this cup away ! 

2 If such be not Thy sovereign will. 
Thy wiser purpose tiien fulfil ; 

My wishes I resign ; 
Into Tby hands my soul commend. 
On Thee for life or death depend ; 

Thy will be done, not mine. Amen. 
James Montgomery. 18il. 


/ satu that if was from 
the hand of God. — Ecclesiastes ii. 24. 

TT is Thy hand, my God : 
1 My sorrow conies from Thee ; 
t bow beneath Thy chastening rod, 
I know Thou lovest me. 

2 I would not murmur. Lord, 
Before Thee I am dumb : 

Lest I should breathe one murmuring word, 
To Thee for help I come. 

3 My God, Thy name is Love, 
A Father's hand is Thine ; 

With tearful eyes 1 look above. 
And cry, ' Thy will be mine ! " 

4 I know Thy will is right. 
Though it may seem severe : 

Thy path is still unsullied light. 
Though dark it may appear. 

5 Jesus for me hath died, 

Thy Son Thou didst not spare ; 
His piercM hands, His bleeding side, 
Thy love for me declare. 

6 Hero my poor heart can rest ; 
My God, it cleaves to Thee ; 
Thy will is love. Thine end is bl.-st ; 
All work for good to me. 

Jamet G. Deck. 1855. 


Thy iciU hn done. 
Matthew .\xvi. 42. 

FATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss 
Thy sovereign will denies, 
Accepted at Thy throne of grace, 
Let this petition rise. 

2 Give me a calm, a thankful heart, 

From every nuirmur free ; 
The blessin^is of Thy grace impart, 
And Uiake me live to Thee. 

3 Let the sweet sense that Thou art mine, 

My life and death attend : 
Thy presence through my journey shine, 
And crown my journey s end. Amen. 
Anne Steele. 1760. 


We mwt throuqh mrich 

tribulation enter into the kingdom of God. 

Acts xiv. 22. 

ODEEM not they are blest alone. 
Whose lives a peaceful tenor keep ; 
The Power who pities man has shown 
A blessing for the eyes that weep. 

2 The light of smiles shall fill again 

The lids that overflow with tears, 
And weary hours of woe and pain 
Are of happier years. 

3 There is a day of sunny rest. 

For every dark and troubled night ; 

And grief mav bide an evening gu^st. 

But joy shall come with early light. 

4 For God has marked each sorrowing hour, 

And numbered every secret tear ; 
And Heaven s long age of love and power 
Grows out of all we suffer here. 

W. Cullen Bryant. 183G. 

11.10. 11.10. Iambic. 
Come down ere my child die. 
John iv. 49. 

ONE touch from Thee, the Healer of 
One little touch would make our brother 
whole ; 
And yet Thou comest not ; blessed Jesus, 
Send a swift arrow to our waiting soul ! 

Full many a message have we sent, and 
That Ihou wouldst haste Thy coming, 
gracious Lord : 
Each message was received and heard and 
And yet we welcome no responsive word. 



3 We know that Thou art blessing, whilst 

withholding : 
We know that Thou art near us, though 

apart : 
And tliough we list no answer, Thou art 

Our poor petitions to Thy smitten heart. 

4 A bright and glorious answer Is preparing. 

Hid in the heights of love, the di'ptlis of 
grace ; 
We know that Thou, the Risen, still art 
Our cause as Thine, within the Holy 

5 And so we trust our pleadings to Thy 

So at Thy feet we lay our burden down, 
Content to bear the earthly cross with 
Till at Thy feet we cast the heavenly 

Jane Creiodson. d. 18G3. 


stand still, and see the 
salvation uf God.— Exodus xiv. 13. 

PEACE ! doubting heart ; my God's I am ; 
Who formed nie man, forliids my fear ; 
The Lord hath called me l)y my name ; 

The Lord ever near ; 
Jlis blood for me did once atone. 
And still He loves and guards His own. 

2 When passing through the watery deep, 

I ask in faith His promised aid. 
The waves an awful distance keep. 

And shrink from my devoted head ; 
Fearless their violence I dare ; 
They cannot harm, for God is there. 

3 Still nigh me, my Saviour, stand ! 

And guard in tierce temptation's hour ; 
Hide in the hollow of Thy hand. 

Show fortli in me Thy saving power. 
Still be Thy arms my sure defence. 
Nor earth nor hell shall pluck me thence. 

i When darkness intercepts the .skies. 
And .sorrow's waves around me roll, 
Wlien liigli tlie storms of passion rise. 

And half o'erwlielm my sinking soul, 
My soul a sudden calm shall feel. 
And hear a whisper, ' Peace, bo alill ! ' 

6 Though In aflilction's furnace tried. 

Unhurt on snares and death Ml tread ; 
ThoiiKh sin usi^.iil, and hell, tlirown wide. 

Pour all its tlaiiies upon my head. 
Like Moses bush. III mount the higher, 
And flourish unconsumed in fire. 

1!Vn',,/. 17;J9. 

1 ")'i 


7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 
Be in subjection unto the 
Father of spirits, and h've.— Heb. xii. 9. 

QUIET, Lord, my fi-oward heart ; 
Make me teachable and mild. 
Upright, simple, free from art ; 

Make me as a weanfed child, 
V'rom distrust and envy free. 
Pleased with all that pleases Thee. 

2 What Thou shalt to-day provide, 

Let me as a child receive ; 
What to-morrow may betide, 

Calmly to Thy wisdom leave ; 
'Tis enough that Thou wilt care, 
Why should I the burden bear 1 

3 As a little clilld relies 

On a care beyond his own. 
Knows he's neither strong nor wise, 

Fears to stir a step alone ; 
Let me thus with Thee abide. 
As my Father, Guard, and Guide. 

4 Thus preserved from Satan's wiles. 

Safe from dangers, free from fears. 
May I live upon Thy smiles. 

Till the promised hour appears. 
When the sons of God shall prove 
All their Father's boundless love. Amen. 
John Newton. 1779. 

^AC\ 6.r.. G.5. D. 

«-^ ^^ Our light affliction, which is 

but for a moment, tvorketh for us a far more 

exceeding and eternal weight of glory. 

1 Corinthians iv. 17. 

OLET him, whose sorrow 
No relief can find. 
Trust in God, and borrow 

Eiise for heait and mind. 
Where the mourner weeping 

Sheds the secret tear, 
God His watch is keeping. 
Though none else bo near. 

2 God will never leave thoc. 

All thy wants He knows. 
Feels the pains that grieve thee. 

Sees thy cares and woes. 
Kaise thine eyes to heaven 

When thy spirits auail. 
When, by tempests driven. 

Heart and courage fall. 

3 When in grlof we languish. 

He will dry the tear. 
Wild His children's anguish 

Soothes with suc<;our near. 
All our woe and sadness. 

In this world below. 
Balance not the gladnesa 

We in heaven shall know. 


4 Jesus, holy Saviour ! 
In the reaiiiis aliove, 
Crowu us with Thy favour, 

Fill us with Thy love. 
On Tliy truth relying 
In the mortal strife, 
Lord, receive us dying 
To eternal life. Amen. 

U. S. Oswald, d. 18.34. 
Tr. Frances E. Cox. 1841. 

6.5. 6.5. D. 
// we suffer, tve shall also 

O^ I If ive suffer 

reign with Him.— 2 Timothy ii. 12. 

SOMETIME o'er our pathway 
Passing clouds must fall ; 
Sometime pain and sorrow 

Come to eiioh and alL 
God our Father sends us 

Ever what is best ; 

We in faith and patience 

Find our only retit. 

'-> If the cup be bitter, 

It is meant to heal. 
And our kind Redeemer 

Pities what we feel. 
What are all our troubles? 

What our greatest loss It 
When we think of Jesus 

Dying on the cross. 

3 Then our great Example 
We must learn to find. 
When our Father calls u.s, 

yielding heart and mind ; 
So, through Joy and sorrow. 

By His Spirit led. 
We shall rise in glory. 
With our Koyal Head. 

L. Tuttiett. 1863. 

JX^O 8.8. 8.8. 8 8. 

^^O ^11 thinqs work together 

for gnod to them that love God.— Kom. viii. 28. 

GOD sendeth sun, He sendeth shower; 
.41ike they're neeilful for the flower ; 
And joys and tears alike are sent 
To give the soul fit nourishment ; 
As comes to nie, or cloud or sun. 
Father, Thy will, not mine, be done. 

2 Can loving children e'er reprove. 

With murmurs, those they trust and love : 

Creator ! I would ever be 

A trusting, loving child to Thee ; 

As comes to me. or cloud or sun. 

Father, Thy will, not nune, be done. 

3 O ne'er will I at life repine 1 
Enough that Thou hast made it mine ; 
When falls the shadow cold of death, 

I yet will sing with parting breath, 
A.s comes to me, or cloud or sun. 
Father, Thy will, not mine, be done. 

Mrs. Sarah F. Adams. 1811. 

RAQ 11.10. 11.6. 

«-'^^ m that frustrth in the l.nrd. 
mercy shall cm} puss him about. 
Psalm xxxii. 10. 

STILL will we trust, though earth seem 
dark and dreary. 
And the heart faint beneath His chasten- 
ing rod. 
Though rough and steep our jjathway. 
Worn and weary. 
Still will we trust in God. 

2 Our eyes see dimly till by faith anointed. 

And our blind choosing brings us grief 
and pain ; 
Tlirongh Him alone, who hath our way 
We find our peace again. 

3 Choose for us, God, nor let our weak pre- 

Cheat our poor souls of good Thou hast 
designed : 
Choose for us, God; Thy wisdom is un- 
And we are fools and blind. 

4 So from our sky the night shall furl her 

And day pour through her 
golden gates ; 
Our rough path leads to flower-enamelled 
Where joy our coming waits. 

5 Let us press on : in patient self-denial. 

Accept the hardship, shi'ink not from the 
Our guerdon lies beyond the hour of trial. 
Our crown beyond the cross. 

W. U. Burleigh. 18CS. 

Return unto thy rest, 
my sou^— Psalm cxvi. 7. 

BE still, my soul : the Lord is on thy 
Bear patiently thy cross of grief and 
Leave to thy God to order and provide ; 

In everv change He faithful will remain. 
Be still, my soul : thy best, thy heavenly 

Through thorny ways leads to a joyful end. 

2 Be still, my soul : thy God doth undertake 
To guide the future as He has the past. 
Thy hope, thy confidence, let nothing 
" shake ; 

All now mysterious shall be bright at 
Be stili, my soul : the waves and winds 

shall know 
His voice who ruled them while He dwelt 



3 Be still, my soiil : when dearest friends 

And all is darkened in the vale of tears, 
Then thou shalt belter know His love, His 
Who comes to soothe thy sorrow and thy 
Be still, my soul: thy Jesus can repay 
Prom His own fulness all He takes away. 

4 De still, my soul : the hour ishasteninofon 

When we shall be for ever with the 
Lord ; 
When disappointment, grief, and fear are 
Sorrow forgot, love's purest joys re- 
Be still, my soul : when change and tears 

are past. 
All safe and blessed we shall meet at last. 
H. I.. L. h. 1813. 

PLRl 8.7 8.7. 

UyJJ- lam thy sk ield, andthu 

exceeding great reward.— Genesis xv. 1. 

THOU art near, yes, Lord, I feel it. 
Thou art near where'er I move. 
And though sense would fain conceal it, 
Faith still whispers it to love. 

2 Am I weak? Thine arm will lend me 

Safe through every danger, Lonl ; 
Am 1 hungry? Thou wilt feed me 
With the manna of Thy Word. 

3 Am I thirsting? Thou wilt guide me 

Where refreshing waters now : 
Faint or feeble? Thou'lt provide mo 
Grace for every want I know. 

4 Am I fearful ? Thou wilt take me 

Underneath Thy wings, mv Gml ! 

Am I faithless? Thou wilt liiake me 

Bow beneath Thy chastening ro,l. 

fi Am I drooping? Thou art ni^ar me. 
Near to bear me on my way ; 
Am I pleading? Thou wilt liear me. 
Hear and answer when I pray. 

C Tlien, my soul, since God doth love thee, 
Faint not, droop not, do not fear ; 
Though His heaven is high above thee. 
Ho Himself is ever near. 

J. S. B. Monsell 1872. 

FoUnwers of (hem who 
throufjh faith ami patience inherit the 
j»ro»/ii.s*s.— llebrews vi. \'L 

"IT rE ask not that our path tov' always 
» bright. 

But for Thine aid to walk therein aright ; 
That Thou, O \jot(X '. through all Its devious 

Wilt give tiH strength snfHcient to our day. 
For this, for this we pray : 


2 Xot for the tteeting joys that earth he- 


Not for exemption from its many woes; 

But that, come joy or woe, come good or 

With child-like faith we trust Thy guid- 
ance still, 
And do Thy holy will. 

3 Teach us, dear Lord, to find the latent 


That sorrow yields when rightly under- 
stood ; 

And for the frequent joy that crowns our 

Help us, with grateful hearts, our hymns 
to raise 
Of thankfulness and praise. 

4 Thou knowest all our needs, and wilt 

supply ; 
No veil of darkness hides us from Thine 

eye ; 
Nor vainly from the depths on Thee we 

Thy tender love, that breaks the tempter's 

Folds and encircles all. 

5 Through sorrow and through loss, by toil 

and prayer. 
Saints won the starry crowns which now 

they wear. 
And by the bitter ministry of pain. 
Grievous and harsh, but oh ! not felt in 

Found their eternal gain. 

6 If it be ours, like them, to suffer loss. 
Give grace, as unto them, to bear our 

Till, victors over each besetting sin. 
We, too. Thy perfect peace shall enter in, 
And crowns of glory win. 

W. JI. Burleigh. 1SC3. 


In Iheniqht Ilia sono i^hrill 
be ivith )nc.—l\. xlii. 8. 


"II^E praise Thee oft for hours of bliss, 
r V For days of quiet rest ; 
But ! iiow si'ldom do we feel 
That pain and tears are best. 

2 Wo praise Thee for the shining sun, 

For kind and gladsome ways : 
When shall wo learn, O Lord, to sing 
Through weary nights and days? 

3 Wo praise Thee when om- p.ith Is plain 

And smootli lien"alli our leet ; 
But fain wi.nlii lenrn to welcome pain, 
And call the bitter sweet. 

4 Teach Thou our weak and wandering 

hea rts 
Aright to read Thy way. 
That Thou with loving hand dost trace 
Our history every day. 


5 Then every thomy crown of car© 

Worn well in patience now. 
Shall grow a {jlorious diadem 
Upon the faithful brow ; 

6 And sorrow's face shall be unveiled, 

And we at last shall see 
H<fr i-yes are eyes of tenderness, 
Her speech but echoes Thee. 

J. Page Hopps. 1873. 




In all thy xvays acknowledge 
Him, and IJe shall direct thy paths. 
Proverbs iii. 6. 

IVE to the winds thy fears ; 
Hope, and be undismayed ; 
God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears, 
God shall lift up thy head. 

2 Through waves, and clouds, and storms. 
He gently clears thy way ; 

Wait thou His time, so shall this night 
aoou end in joyous day. 

3 Still heavy is thy heart ? 
Still sink thy spirits down? 

Cast otr the weight, let fear depart. 
Bid every care begone. 

4 What though thou rulest not ? 
Yet heaven and earth, and hell 

Proclaim, God sitteth on the throne, 
And ruleth all things well : 

5 Leave to His sovereign sway 
To (rhoose and to command ; 

So shalt thou wondering own His way. 
How wise, how strong His hand. 

C Far, far above thy thought 
His counsel shall appear, 
\\ hen fully He the work hath wrought 
That caused thy needless fear. 

7 Thou seest our weakness. Lord, 
Our hearts are known to Thee ; 

lilt thou up the sinking hand, 
Confirm the feeble knee : 

8 Let us in life and death 
Thy steadlast truth declare. 

And publish with our latest breath 

Thy love and guardian care. Amen. 
Paul Gerhardt. HViO. 
Tr. J. Wesky. 1730. 



It is I; be not a/raid. 
John vi. 20. 

TX^HEN the dark waves round us roll, 
'V .\nd we look in vain for aid. 
Speak, Lord, to the trembling soul, 
' It is I ; be not afraid." 

2 WTien we dimly trace Thy form 
In mysterious clouds arrayed. 
Be the ei'hoes of the storm, 
' It is I ; be not afraid.' 

3 When our brightest hopes depart, 
When our fairest visiom; fade, 
Whisper to the fainting heart, 
' It is I ; be not afraid.' 

i When we weep beside the bier 

Where some well-loved form is laid, 
may then the mourner hear, 
' It is I ; be not afraid.' 

5 When with wearing, hopeless pain. 

Sinks the spirit sore dismayed. 
Breathe Thou then the comfort-strain, 
' It is I ; be not afraid.' 

6 When we feel the end is near. 

Passing into death's dark shade. 

May the voice be strong and clear, 

' it is I; be not afraid.' Amen. 

Bishop W. W. How. 1854. 


Whom the Lord loveth 
He chastoieth.— Hebrews xii. 6. 

"ITrHEX gladness gilds our prosperous 
\V day. 

And hope is bv fruition crowned, 
' Lord," with thankful hearts we say, 

' How doth Thy love to us abound : 

2 But is that love less truly shown. 

Wlien earthly joys lie cold and dead. 
And hopes have faded one by one. 
Leaving sad memories in their stead? 

3 God knows the discipline we need. 

Nor sorro-.v sends for sorrows sake ; 
And though our stricken hearts may 
His mercy will not let them break. 

4 tfach us to discern the good 

Thou sendest in the guise of ill : 
Since all Thou dost, if understood, 
Interpreteth Thy lo\-ing will. 

5 For pain is not the end of pain. 

Not seldom trial comes to bless. 
And work for us abundant gain. 
The peaceful fruits of righteousness. 

6 Then let us not, with anxious thought. 

Ask of to-morrow's joys or woes. 

But. hv His word and Spirit taught. 

Accept as best what God bestows. 

W. H. Burleigh. 18GS. 

557 S.: 
In all pvints tempted like 
IN we ace.— Hebrews iv. 15. 

■\"\''HKN gathering clouds around I 
yy view"; 

And days are dark and friends are few. 
On Him I lean, who, not in vain 
Experienced every human pain. 
He sees my wants, allays my fears. 
And counts and Ueosures up my tears. 


2 If aught should tempt my soul to stray 
From heavenly wsdom's narrow way, 
To fly the good I would pursue, 

Or do the sin I would not do ; 

Still He, who felt temptation's power, 

Shall guard rae in that dangerous hour. 

3 If wounded love my bosom swell, 
Deceived by those I pri;;ed too well, 
He shall His pitying aid bestow, 
Who felt on earth severer woe ; 

At once betrayed, denied, or fled. 
By those who shared His daily bread. 

4 If vexing thoughts within me rise. 
And, sore dismayed, my spirit dies ; 
Still He, who once vouchsafed to bear 
The sickening anguish of despair. 
Shall sweetly soothe, shall gently dry. 
The throbbing heart, the streaming eye. 

5 When sorrowing o'er some stone I bend. 
Which covers what was once a friend, 
And from his hand, his voice, his smile. 
Divides me for a little while ; 

Thou, Saviour, mark'.st the te.ars I shod. 
For Thou didst weep o'er Lazarus dead. 

6 And ! when I have safely past 
Through every conflict but the last ; 
Still, still unchanging, watch beside 
]My dying bed, for Thou hast died : 
Then point to realms of cloudless day. 
And wipe the latest tear away. Amen. 

Sir R. Grant. 1812. 



He shall come down like 

rain upon the mourn grass : as showers that 

water the ear<A.— Psalm Ixxii. (J. 

nOME. let us to the Lord our God 
^ ' With contrite hearts return : 
Our God is gracious, nor will leave 
The desolate to mourn. 

2 His voice commands the tempest forth, 

And stills the stormy wave: 
And though His arm be strong to smite, 
'Tis also strong to save. 

3 Long hath the night of sorrow reigned ; 

The dawn shall bring us light ; 
God shall appear, and we shall rise 
With gladness in His sight. 

4 Our hearts, If Cod we seek to know. 

Shall know Him and rejoice : 

His coming like the morn shall bo. 

Like morning songs His voice. 

6 As dew upon the fonder herb, 
Dimising fn.L:ran<:c nnind ; 
As showers Ihiit nslwr In the spring. 
And cheer the thirsty ground : 

C So shall His presence bless our 80u1b, 
And shed a ir)yful light ; 
Th;it hallowed jnorn shiill chase away 
The sorrows of the night. 

/. Morrison. 1781. 


kJ>U<J Their works do folloro 
^/tem.— Revelation xiv. 13. 

WITH silence only as their benediction, 
God's angels come. 
Where, in the shadow of a great affliction, 
The soul sits dumb. 

2 Yet would we say what every heart ap- 


Our Father's will. 
Calling to Him the dear ones whom He 

Is mercy still. 

3 Not upon us or ours the solemn angel 

Hath evil wrought ; 

The funeral anthem is a glad evangel; 

The good die not 1 

4 God calls our loved ones, but we lose not 


What He has given ; 
They live on earth in thought and deed, as 

As in His heaven. 

/. G. Whittier. 1847. 

PL^n 8.8.6. 8.8.C. 

<J\J\J The ransomed of the Lord 
shall return, and cotne to Zioii with songs. 
Isaiah xxxv. 10. 

COME on, mv p.artners in distress. 
My comrades through the wilderness, 
Who still your bodies feel ; 
A while forget your griefs and fears. 
And look bevond this vale of tears, 
To that celestial hill. 

2 Beyond the bounds of time and space, 
Look forward to that heavenly place. 

The saints' secure abode ; 
On faith's strong eagle-pinions rise. 
And force your passage to the skies, 

And scale the mount of God. 

3 Who suffer with our Master here, 
We sh:ill before His face appear, 

And by His side sit down ; 
To patient faith the prize is sure, 
Ana all thnt to the end endure 

The cross, shall wear the crown. 

4 Thrice blessM. bliss-inspiring hope ! 
It lifts the fainting spirits up. 

It brings to 11 f« the dead ; 
Our coiillicts here shall soon be past, 
.\iul you and I ascenii at last. 

Triumphant with our Head. 

■I Tliat great mysterious Deity 
We soon with open face shuil see ; 

The beatific sight 
Shall fill heaven's sounding courts with 

And wide diffiiso the golden blazo 
Of everlasting light. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 



3 Stand up ! stand up for Jesus : 

Stand in His strength alone; 

f^a-X 8.7. 8.7. 7. 
yJ\J-i- God is our refuge a ml 
strength.— I'Hiihn xlvi. 1. 

The arm of Uesh will fail you ; 
Ye dare not trust your own : 

Put on the gospel armour. 

And, watching unto prayer, 

A SAFE stronghold our God is still, 
A A trusty sliield and weapon ; 

Where duty calls, or danger, 

Be never wanting there. 

Hell help us clear from all the ill 
That hath us now o'ertaken. 

4 Stand up ! stand up for Jesus ! 

The ancient prince of hell 

The strife will not be long ; 

Hath risen with purpose fell : 
Strong mail of craft and power 
He weareth in this liour ; 

This day the noise of battle. 
The next the victor's song : 
To him that overcometh, 

On earth is not his fellow. 

A crown of life shall be ; 

He with the King of Glory 

2 With force of arms we nothing fnii, 

Shall reign eternally. 

Full soon were we dovvn-riddeu ; 

G. Duffield. 1858. 

But for us fights the proper Man, 

Whom God Himself hath bidden. 

Ask y?, Who is this same? 
Ch-ist Jesus is His name. 
The Lord Sabaoilis Son ; 
He, and no other one, 


<-JVJO Put on the whole armovr 
of 6orf.— Ephesians vl. 11. 

Shall conquer in the battle. 

QOLDIERS of Christ, arise. 
kJ And put your arniour on, 

Strong in the strength which God supplies 
Through His eternal Son : 
Strong in the Lord of Hosts, 
And iu His mighty power. 

Who in the strength of Jesus trusts 
Is more than conqueror. 

1 3 And were this world all devils o'er. 

And watching to devour us. 

We lay it not to heart so sore ; 

Not they can overpower us. 

And let the prince of ill 

Look grim as e'er he will, 

He harms us not a whit ; 

For why? his doom i.s writ ; 
A word shall quiclUy slay him. 

2 Stand then in His great might. 
With all His strength endued ; 

But take, to arm you for the light. 
Tlie panoply of God : 
That having all things done. 
And all your conflicts passed. 

Ye may o'ercome through Christ alone, 
And stand entire at last. 

4 God's word, for all their craft and force, 

One moment will not linger. 
But, spite of hell, shall have its course ; 

"SU written by His finger. 
And, though they take our life. 
Goods, honour, children, wile, 

Yet is their profit small ; 
These things shall vanish all. 
The city of God remaineth. 

3 Stand then against your foes, 
In close and tlrm array ; 
Legions of enemies oppose 

Martin Luther. 1.-21. 

Throughout the evil day : 

Tr. Thomas Carlyle. lb;U. 

But meet the sous of night. 

And mock their vain design, 

Clad in the arms of heavenly light. 

P:CQ 7.U.7.C. U. 
OlJZi Asa good soldier of 

Jesus Christ.— 2 Timothy ii. 3. 

Of righteousness divine. 

4 Leave no unguarded place. 
No weakness of tlie soul, 

QTAXD up ! stand up for Jesus : 
U Ye soldiers of tlie cross ; 
Lift high His royal banner, 

It must not suffer loss : 
From victorv unto victory, 

His army shall He lead. 

Take every virtue, every grace, 

And fortify the whole: 

In bteadtast union joined. 

To battle all proceed ; 
But arm yourselves with all the mind 

That was in Christ, your Htad. 

Till every foe is vanquished. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 

And Chj-ist is Lord indeed. 

2 Stand up ! stand up for Jesus ! 

RC/1 S.M.D. 

OD^ Ahove all, taVing the 

The trumi)et-cai: obey : 

Forth to the mighty conflic-t. 

shield of fa Uh.-Ei-Ucsmns vi. 16. 

In this His glorious dav : 

Ye that are His, now serve Him, 

QAINTS, above all, lay hoJd 
O On laiths vi.;torioi!s vl,„.|,l ; 

Against unnumbered foes : 

Let courage rise with danger. 

And strength to stj-ength nppnse. 

Armed with that adamant and gold. 

Be sure to win the field : 


If faith surround your heart, 
Satan shall be subdued, 
Repelled his every tiery dart. 

And quenched with Jesus blood. 

2 To keep your armour bright. 
Attend with constant care. 

Still walking in your Captain's sight, 
And watching unto prayer : 
Ready for all alarms. 
Steadfastly set your face. 

And always exercise your arms, 
Aud use your every grace. 

3 Pray, without ceasing pray, 
Vour Captain gives the word ; 

His summons cheerfully obey, 

And call upon the Lord : 

To God your every want 

In instant prayer display ; 
Pray always ; pray, and never faint ; 

Pray, without i:easing pray ! 

4 From strength to strength go on. 
Wrestle, and fight, and pray, 

Tiead all the powers of darkness down. 
And win the well-fought day : 
Still let the Spirit cry 
In all His soldiers, ' Come,' 

Till Christ Mie Lord descend from high, 
And take the conquerors homo. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


Fight the qond fiaht of faith. 
1 Timothy vt. l:>. 

AM I a soldier of the cross, 
A foUowerof the Lamb? 
Ami sh:ill I fear to own His cause, 
Or blush to speak His name? 

2 Must I he carried to the skies, 

On llDwiM-y bedsof easi? 
Wliilf^ others fought to win the prizfl. 
And sailed through troubled seas? 

3 Are there no foes for me to face ? 

Must I not stem the (loodV 
Is this vile world a friend to grace, 
To help mo on to God ? 

4 Sure I must fight If I would roign ; 

Increase my courage, Lord : 
I'll b>'ar the toil, endure the pain, 
Supported by Thy word. 

5 Thy saints in .ill this gltnious war 

Shall conilifl- lljMimh lli.-v <Un; 
They see th.- tiiuiupli Iidmi .ifir. 
And seize it wiili their eye. 

I When that Illustrious day shall rise, 
And all Thine armies shine 
In robes of victory through the skies, 
The glory shall be Thine. 

J sitae Watts. 1721. 


Lool:ing unto Jesits. 
Hebrews xii. 2. 

FIGHT the good fight with aU thy might 
Christ is thy strength, in Christ thy 
right ; 
Lay hold on life, and it shall be 
Thy joy aud crown eternally. 

2 Run the straight race, through God's good 

Lift up thine eyes, and seek His face; 
Life with its way before us lies, 
Christ is the way, and Christ the prize, 

3 Cast care aside, upon thy Guide 
Lean, and His mercy will provide ; 
Lean, and the trusting soul shall prove 
Christ is its life, and Christ its love. 

4 Faint not, nor fear. His arm is near. 
He changeth not, and thou art dear ; 
Only believe, and thou shalt see 
That Christ is all in all to thee. 

J. S. B. Monsell. 18G3. 




He teachefh mv hands to war. 
Psahn xvlii. 34. 

I QUIP me for the war. 
And teach my hands to fight, 
My simple upriglit heart prepare. 
And guide my words aright ; 
Control my every thought, 
My whole of sin ren\ove ; 
Let all my works in Thee be wrought, 
Let all be wrought in love. 

2 O arn me with the mind. 

Meek Lamb ! which was in The? ; 
And lot my knowing zeal be Joined 

With perfect charity ; 

With calm and tempered zeal 

L.'t me enforce Thy call. 
And vindicate Thy gracioiis will, 

Which offers life to all. 

3 O do not let me trust 
in anv arm but 'I'liino I 

Humble, () limiiblo to 1 be dust. 

This stulilxMu soul of mine! 

A feeble tiling of nought. 

With lowly shame I own. 
The help which upon earth is wrought. 

Thou dost itallalono. 

4 O may I love like Thee ! 

In all Thy footsteps tread ; 
Thou hatc'st all iiii.iuity. 

r.ut iiulliing Tlioii madi!. 

O ni.'iy I Irani Mn- ait 

With II kii^hS U> i-.'provn ! 

To li.ite till- sin witli all my heart, 

iiut btill the sinner love. Aincn. 
Wesley. 1741. 


f^CQ D. 

«J U O neth ou faithful unto 
dtath, and I will yice thee a croio-n of life. 
Revelation ii. 10. 

CHRISTIAN ! dost thou see them 
On the holy ground, 
How the troops of Midian 

Prowl and prowl around? 
Christian : up and smite them. 

Counting gain but loss ; 
Smite them by the merit 
Of the Holy Cross. 

2 Christian! dost thou /ee/ them. 

Haw they work within. 
Striving, tempting, luring, 

Goading into sin ? 
Christian ! never tremble ; 

Never yield to fear; 
Smite tbom by the virtue 

Of almighty prayer. 

3 Christian ! dost thou hear them, 

How they speak thee fair ; 
' Always fast and vigil ? 

Always watch and prayer? ' 
Christian ! answer boldly : 

' While I breathe I pray. 
Peace shall follow battle. 

Night shall end in day.' 

i ' Well I know thy troubles, 

My servant true ! 
Thou art very weary ; 

1 was weary too. 

But that toil shall make thee 

Some day all Mine own ; 
And the end of sorrow 
Shall be near My throne." 

Andrew of Crete, ilh Century. 
Tr. J. M. Neale. 1862. 


6..5. 6.5. D. With Chorus. 
Quit you like men, be strumj. 
1 Corinthians xvi. 13. 

ONWAPn, Christian soldiers, 
M;\rili'ng as to war. 
With the of Jesus 

Going on before : 
Christ the Royal Master 
Leads against the foe ; 
Forward into battle. 
See, His banners go ! 

Onward, Christian soldiers, 
Marching as to war, 

With the Cross of Jesus 
Going on before. 

2 At the sign of triumph's host doth floe: 
On then, Christian soldiers, 

On to victory : 
Hell's foundations quiver 

.Vt the shout of pra'se ; 
Brothers, lift your voices. 

Loud your anthems raise. 

3 Like a mighty army 

Moves the Church of God; 
Brothers, we are treading 

Where the saints have trod 
We are not divided, 

All one body we. 
One in hope, in doctrine, 

One in charity. 

4 Crowns and thrones may perish. 

Kingdoms rise and wane. 
But the Church of Jesus 

Constant will remain : 
Gates of hell can never 

'Gainst that Ch\xrch prevail ; 
We have Christ s own promise, 

And that cannot falL 

5 Onward, then, ye people. 
Join our happy throng. 
Blend with ours your voices 

In the triumph song ; 
Glory, praise, and honour 

Unto Christ the King ; 
This through countless ages 
Men and angels^fling. 

S. Baring-Gould. 


8.8.6. 8.8.6. 
If any man walk in the 
day he stumbleth no<.— John xl. 9. 

ARE there not in the labourer's day 
Twelve hours, in which he safely 

His calling's work pursue? 
Though sin and Satan still are near. 
Nor sin nor Satan <:an I fear. 
With Jesus in my view. 

2 Not all the powers of hell can fright 
A soul that walks with Christ in light. 

He walks and cannot fall ; 
Clearly he sees, and \vins his way. 
Shining unto the perfect day. 
And more than conquers all. 

3 Light of the world ! Thy T>eams I bless ; 
On Thee, bright Sun of Righteousness,- 

My faith hath nxed its eye; 
Guided by Thee, through all I go. 
Nor fear the ruin spread Iwlow, 

For Thou art always nigh. 

i Ten thousand snares my paths beset ; 
Yet will I, Ix>rd, the work complete, 

Which Thou to me hast given ; 
Regardless of the pains I feel. 
Close by the gates of death and hell, 
I urge my way to heaven. 

Charles Wesiei/. 1749. 



In the Lord shall all the 

seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory. 

Isaiah xlv. 25. 

LORD, can it be that I should prove 
Fur ever faithful to Thy love, 
From sin for ever cease? 
I thank Thee for the blessed hope ; 
It lifts my drooping spirits up. 
It gives me back my peace. 

2 In Thee, Lord, I put my trust, 
Mighty, and merciful, and jtist ; 

Thy sacred word is passed ; 
And I, who dare Tliy word receive. 
Without committing sin shall live, 

Shall live to God at last. 

3 I rest in Thine almighty power; 
The name of Jesus is a tower 

That hides my life above ; 
Thou canst. Thou wilt my Helper bf>, 
My confidence is all in Thee, 

The faithful God of Love. 

4 Wliile still to Thee for help I call, - 
Thou wilt not suffer me to fall. 

Thou canst not let me sin ; 
And Thou shalt give me power to pray, 
Till all my sins are purged away. 

And all Thy mind brought in. 

5 ^^'he^efore, in never-ceasing prayer. 
My soul to Tliy continual care 

I faithfully commend ; 
AssuriHl that Thou through life shalt save 
And show Thyself beyond the grave 

My everlasting Friend. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


King of king!>, and 
Lord o//ords.— Revelation xix. 16. 

JESUS, the Conqueror, reigns, 
In glorious strength arrayed, 
His kingdom over all nutintaiiis. 
And bids the earth be glad. 
Ye sons of men, rejoice 
In .b-su's mighty love. 
Lift up your heart, lift up your voico. 
To Hiia who rules above. 

2 ExfoHTis kingly nower, 
^ Kiss the pxalted Son, 
^Vi1o died, and lives to die no mors, 
Iligli on His Fathers throne; 
Our Advocate witli CJoil, 
lie undertakes our <"au8P, 
And spreads through all the earth abriMil, 
The victory of His cross. 

.1 Urge on your rapid courfi«. 
Ye blood-hesprinklod bands : 

Tl>o heavenly kingdom suffers force, 
Tis Hi-i/ed by violent hands ; 
Bee tlien- tlio starry irown 
Tliat glitters througli the skies ! 

Satan, tlm wtirld, and sin, trend down. 
And take the glorious prize. 

4 Through much distress and pain. 
Through many a conflict here, 

Th: ough blood, ye must the entrance gain ; 

Yet, disdain to fear ! 

' Courage I ' your Captain cries. 

Who all your toil foreknew ; 
' Toil ye shall have ; yet all despise, 

I have o'ercome for you.' 

5 The world cannot withstand 
Its ancient Conqueror, 

The world must sink beneath the hrtnd 

Which arms us for the war ; 

This is our victory ! 

Before our faith they fall ; 
Jesus hath died for you and me ; 

Believe, and conquer all. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 

Rrrq f. r,. nWies. 

^ I ^ Speak unto the children 

of Israel, that they go forward.— ¥.\. xiv. 15. 

FORWARD ! be our wat^'hword. 
Steps and voices joined ; 
Seek the things before us, 

Not a look behind ; 
Burns the fiery pillar 

.\t our army's head ; 
Who shall dream of shrinking, 
By our Captain led? 
Forward through the desert. 
Through the toil atid figi t, 
Jordan flows before us, 
Zion beams with lighi I 

2 Forward, when in childhood 
r.uils tlK' infant mind ; 
All throii^'li youth and manhood, 

Not a tiioiight behind ; 
Speed through realms of nature. 

Climb the steps of grace ; 
Faint not, till in glory 
Gleams our Father's face. 
Forward, .all the lifetime. 

Climb from height to height, 
Till the head be hoary. 
Till the eve be light ! 

.3 Glories upon glories 

Hath our God prepared. 
By the souls that love Him 

One day to he shared ; 
Eye hath not beheld them, hath never heard ; 
Nor of these hath uttered 
Tliought or speech a word : 
Forward, marching Ka.stwn'il 
Where the heaven is bright, 
Till the veil be lifted. 
Till our faith be sight ! 

4 Far o'er yon horizon 
Rise the eity t.<)wers. 
Where our Cod abideth, t 
That fair home is ou the streets with \\\n 
Shine the gates with go 



flows the pfladdeiiing river 

Slieddiiifj joys untold. 

Thither, onward thither, 

In the Spirit's mifrht; 

Pilgrims to your country. 

Forward into light : 

II. Al/ord. 


The Captain o/ their salvation. 
Hebrews ii. 10. 


7.7. 7.7. 
Endure hardness as a 
good soldier 0/ Jesus Christ.— 2 Timothy ii. 3. 

MUCH in sorrow, oft in woe. 
Onward, Christians, onward go. 
Fight the tight, maintain the strife, 
Strengthened with the Bread of Life. 

2 Onward, Christians, onward go ; 
Join the war, and face the foe ; 
Faint not I much doth yet remain ; 
Dreary is the long campaign. 

3 Shrink not. Christians! will ye yield, 
Will ye quit the painful field ? 

Will ye llee in danger's hour? 
Know ye not your Captains power? 

4 Let your drooping hearts be glad ; 
March, in heavenly armour clad ; 
Fi^ht, nor think the battle long ; 
Suon shall victory tune your song. 

5 Lot not sorrow dim your eye. 
Soon shall every tear be dry ; 
Let not woe your course impede ; 
Great your strength, if great your need. 

6 Onward then to battle move ; 

More than conquerors ye shall prove ; 
Though opposed by many a foe, 
Christian soldiers, onward go. 

H. Kirke White. 1806. 
Completed bu Frances 6. Colquhoim. 1827. 


/ have fought a good 
fight.— 'i Timothy iv. 7. 

' T THE good fight have fought,' 
1 when shall I declare ! 
The victorj' by my Saviour got, 
I long with Paul to share. 

2 may I triiunph so. 
When all my warfare's past ; 

And, dying, find my latest foe 
Under my feet at last : 

3 This blessed word be mine, 
Just as the port is gained, 

• Kept by the pow er of grace divine, 
1 have the faith maintained.' 

4 The Apostles of my Lord, 
To whom it first was given. 

They could not speak a greater word. 
Nor all the saints in heaven. 

Charles Wesley. 170'J 

JESUS, my King, to Thee I bow, 
Enli.sted under Thy command ; 
Captain of my salvation.Thou 
Shalt lead me to the promised land. 

2 Thou hast a great deliverance wrought. 

The stall' from off my shoulder bi oke. 
Out of the house of bondage brought. 
And freed me from the Egyptian yoke. 

3 O'er the barren wilderness. 

To Canaan's bound.s Thou liabt me led ; 
Thou bidd'st me now the land pos.ses3, 
And on Thy milk and honey feed. 

4 I see an open door of hope, 

Ligions of sin in vain oppose : 
Bold 1 with Thee, my Head, march up. 
And triumph o'er a world of foes. 

5 My Lord in my behalf appears ; 

Captain, Thy strength-inspiring eye 
Scatters my doubts, dispels my fears, 
And makes the host of aliens tly. 

6 Who can before my Captain stand ? 

Who is so great a King as mine ? 
High over all is Thy right hand. 
And might and majesty are Thine ! 

Wesley. 1742. 

Rrrrr l.m, 

^11 Then that tvait upon the 

Lord shall renew their strength. 
Lsaiah xL 31. 

AWAKE, our souls : away, our fears ! 
Let every trembling thought be gone ; 
Awake '. and run the heavenly nice, 
And put a cheerful courage ou. 

2 True 'tis a strait and thorny road, 

And mortal spirits tire and faint ; 
Bv.t they ibrget the mighty God 
That feeds the strength of every saint— 

3 The mighty God, whose matchless ^ower 

Is ever new and ever young ; 
And firm endures, while endless yeajs 
Their everlasting circles run. 

4 From Thee, the ever-flowing Spring, 

Our souls shall drink a fresh supply ; 

While such as trust their native strength 

Shall melt away, and droop, and die. 

5 Swift as the eagle cuts the air. 

We'll mount aloft to Thine abode ; 
On wings of love our souls shall fly. 
>or tire, while ou the heavenly road. 
Isaac Watts. ITi'J. 



8.8. 8.8. 8.8. 
The faith tvhich ivas 
once delivered unto the saints.— 3\idi6 3. 

FAITH of our fathers, living still 
In spite of dun!,'eon, fire, and sword : 
how our hearts beat liigh with joy 

ANTiene'er we hear that glorious word, 
Faith of our fathers ! holy faith ! 
We will be true to thee till death. 

2 Our fathers, chained in prisons dark. 

Were still in heart and con.seience free : 
How sweet would be their children's fate, 

If they, like them, could die for thee I 
Faith of our fathers ! holy faith ! 
We will be true to thee till death. 

3 Faith of our fathers ; God's great power 

Shall soon .all nations win for thee ; 
And throUjjh tlio truth that comes from 

Mankind shall then indeed be free. 
Faith of our fathers ! holy faith ! 
We will be true to thee till death. 

4 Faith of our fathers, we will love 

I'.olh IVi.-uii and foe i)i all our strife : 
And iJi'.-aih thee too, as love knows how, 

Hv kindly words and virtuous life : 
Faith of ou"r fathers ! holy faith ! 
We will be true to thee till death. 

F. W. Faber. 18C2. 



There shall no evil be/all thee. 
Psalm xci. 10. 

AWAY, my needless fears. 
And doubts no longer mine ; 
A ray of heavenly light appears, 
A messenger divine. 

2 Thrice comfortable hope. 
That calms my stormy breast ; 

My Father's hand prepares the cup, 
And what He wills is best. 

3 If what I wish Is good, 
And suits tlie will divine; 

r.y earth and bell in vain withstood, 
I know it sliall be mine. 

4 Slill let them counsel take 
To frustrate His decree ; 

They cannot keep a blessing back, 
liy Heaven dttsigned for nie. 

5 Here then I doubt no more, 
liut in His i.l.Msur.' rrM. 

Whose wisdom, lovi^.and trnlli.and po\vi-i 
Kngago to make mo blu.->t. 

6 To acconiplish His design 
The creatures all agree ; 

Aiid all the attributes divine 
Are now at work for mo. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 

7.6. 7.6. 7.7. 7.6. 
The Eternal God is thy 
Ee/uge.— Dent, xxxiii. 27. 

VrONE is like Jeshurun's God, 
IN So great, so strong, so high, 
Lo ! He spreads His wings abroad, 

He rides upon the sky. 
Israel is His first-born son ; 

tJod, the Almighty God, is thine ; 
See Him to thy help come down. 

The excellence divine. 

2 Thee, the great Jehovah deigns 

To succour and defend ; 
Thee, the Eternal God sustains. 

Thy Maker and thy Friend : 
Israel, what hast thou to dread ? 

Safe from all Impending harms, 
Round thee and beneath are spread 

The Everlasting Arms. 

3 God is thine ; disdain to fear 

The enemy within ; 
God shall in thy flesh appear, 

And make an end of sin ; 
God the man of sin shall sl.aj'. 

Fill thee with triumphant .joy ; 
God shall thrust him out, and say, 

' Destroy them all, destroy ! ' 

4 All the struggle then is o'er. 

And wars and fightings cease, 
Israel then shall sin no more. 

But dwell in perfect peace ; 
All his enemies are gone ; 

Sin shall h.ave in him no part; 
Israel now shall dwell alone. 

With Jesus in his heart. 

6 Blest, Israel, art tliou ; 
What people is like thee? 
Saved from sin, by Jesus, now 
Thou art, and still shalt bo ; 
Jesus is thy seven-fold shield, 
Jesus is thy flaming swoid ; 
Earth, and hell, and sin, shall yield 
To God s ahnighty word. 

Wesley. 1742. 

He that helieveth on Him 
is not condemned.— Jotin Hi. 18. 

QURROUNDED by a host of foes, 
n Slormed by a host of foes within. 
Nor swift to flee, nor strong to oppose. 

Single against hell, earth, and sin. 
Single, yet undismayed, I am ; 
I dare believe in Jesu's name. 

2 Whnt though a thousand hosts engage, 
A tliousiind worlds, my soul to sliaket 

I liave a sliield shall quell their rage. 
And drive the alien armies back ; 

Portrayi'd It bears a bleeding Lamb; 

I dare believe in Jesu's name. 


3 Me to retrieve from Satan's hands. 

Me from this evil world to free, 
To pur^e my sins, and loose my bands. 

And save from all iniquity. 
My Lord and God from heaven lie came ; 
I dare believe in Jesus name. 

4 Salvation in His name there is, 

Salvation from sin, death, and hell, 
Salvation Into glorious bliss. 

How great salvation, wlio can tell ! 
But all He hath for mine 1 claim ; 
1 dare believe in Jesus name. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


7.6. 7.6. 7.8. 7.6. 
By grace are ye saitd 
through /aitli.—Ei>hesia,uii ii. 8. 

SON of God, if Thy free grace 
Again hath raised me up. 
Called me still to seek Thy face. 
And given me back my hope ; 
Still Thy timely help afford, 
And all Thy loving-kindness show : 
Keep me, keep me, gracious Li^rd, 
And never let me go ! 

2 By me, my Saviour, staml, 

In sore temptation's hour. 
Save me with Thine outstretched hand. 

And show forth all Thy power ; 
be mindful of Thy word, 
Thy all-sufficient grace bestow : 
Keep me, keep me, gjjicious Lord, 

And never let me go ! 

3 Give me. Lord, a holy fear, 

And fix it in my heart. 
That I may from evil near 

With timely r^re depart ; 
Sin be more than hell abhorred. 
Till Thou destroy the tyrant foe : 
Keep me. keep me, gracious Lord, 

And never let me go ! 

4 Never let me leave Thy breast. 

From Thee, my Saviour, stray ; 
Thou art my Support and Rest, 

My true and living Way : 
My exeeedins gieat Reward. 
In heaven above, and earth below : 
Keep me, keep me. gracious Lord, 
And never let me go ! Amen. 

Wesley. 1742. 

2, and fixed, and sure, 
His Sion cannot move; 

His faithful people stand secure 
In Jesu's guardian love. 

3 As round Jerusalem 
The hilly bulwarks rise. 

So God protects and covi-rs them 
From all their encuiit^s. 

4 On every side He stands. 
And for His Israel cares : 

And safe In His ainughty hands 
Their souls for ever bears. 

5 But let them still abide 

In Thee, all-gracioii.s Lord, 
Tin every soul is sanctified, 
And perfectly restored. 

6 The men of heart sincere 
Continue to defend ; 

And do them good, and save them here, 
And love them to the end. Ameu. 
Wesley. 1743. 


6.4. 6.4. 
Destitute, afflicted, tormented : 
of ichorn the world teas not worthy. 
Hebrews xi. 37, 38. 


Theii that trust in the Lord 
shall be as Mount Zio»i.— Psalm cxxv. 1. 

^THO in the Lord confide, 

And feel His sprinkled blood, 
In storms and hurricanes abide, 
Firm as the mount of God. 


THKIR names are names of kings 
(»f heavenlv line ; 
The bliss of earthly things 
They did resign. 

2 Chieftains they were, who warred 

With sword and shield ; 
Victors for God the Lord 
Oji foughteu field. 

3 Sad were their days on eai th, 

'Mid hate and scom, 
A life of plea-sure "s dearth, 
A death forlorn ; 

4 Yet blest that end in woe. 

And those sad days; 

Only man's blame below ; 

Above— God's praise. 

5 A city of great name 

Is built for them. 
Of glorious golden fame- 
Jerusalem ! 

6 Redeemed -with precious blood 

From death and sin. 
Sons of the Triune God, 
They enter iii. 

7 So doth the life of pain 

In glory close ; 
Lord God, may we attain 
Their grand repose ! Amen. 

Samuel J. Stone. 184Jo 



Clouds and darkness are 
round about Htm: riijhteousness and judg- 
ment are the habitation of His throne. 
Psalm xuvii. 2. 

OIT is hard to work for God, 
To rise and take His part 
Upon this battle-field of earth, 
And not sometimes lose heart ! 

2 He hides Him«!elf so wondrously, 

As though there were no God : 
He is least seen when aU the powers 
Of ill are most abroad. 

3 Or He deserts us at the hour 

The fight is all but lost ; 
And seems to leave ns to ourselves 
Just wheu we need Him most. 

4 It is not so, but so it looks ; 

And wo lose courage then ; 
And doubts will come if God hath kept 
His promises to men. 

5 Ah ! God is other than we think ; 

His ways are far above, 
Far beyond reason's height, <Tiid reached 
Only by childlike love. 

C Thrice blest Is he to whom Is given 
The instinct that ran tell 
That God Is nn the field when He 
Is most invisible. 

7 For right is right, since God is God ; 
.\nd right the day must win ; 
To doubt wipuld be disloyally, 
To falter would be sin. 

F. W. Fuher. 1802. 


Ct CM. 

Without Me ye can do nothina. 
John XV. 5. 

THE Galilean fishers toil 
All night, and nothing take; 
But Jesus comos— a wondrous spoil 
Is lifted from the lake ; 

2 Lord, when our labours are In vain. 
And vain the help of mnn, 
When fruitleHS Is our care and pain, 
Come, blessid Jesus, then 1 

S The night Is dark, the surges fill 
The hark, the wild winds roar ; 
I5ut Jesiis comes : and nil is still — 
The ship is at the shore ; 

4 O T.ord. when storms around us howl, 
.And all Is dark and drear. 
In all the tempests of the aoul, 
U lilesH^d Jesus, hear ! 

r, A frail one, thrice denying Thee, 
Saw mercy In Thine eyes ; 
The penitent upon the tree 
VVa» homo to Paradise ; 

6 In hours of sin and deep distress, 

O show us. Lord, Thy face ! 
In penitential loneliness, 
give us, Jesus, grace 1 

7 The faithful few retire In fear, 

To their closed upper room ; 

But suddenly, with joyful cheer. 

They see their Master come ; 

8 Lord, come to us, unloose our bands. 

And bid our terrors cense ; 

Lift over us Thy blessM hands, 

Speuk, holy Jesus, peace ! 

9 In days when faith will scarce be found. 

And wolves be in the fold. 
When sin and sorrow will abound. 
And charity wax cold ; 

10 Then hear Thy saints, who to Thee pray 
To bring them to their home ; 
Hear, when the Bride and Spirit say, 
' Come, blessM Josus, come !' Amen. 
Bishop C. Wordsivorth. 1862. 


Continue in jn-ayer, and 
watch in the same with thanksgiving. 
Colossians iv. 2. 

HARK ! 'tis the watchman's cry, 
Wake, brethren, wake 1 
Jesus our Lord is nigh ; 

Wake, brethren, wake ! 

Sleeji is for sons of night ; 

Ve are children of the light ; 

Yours is the glory bright : 

Wake, brethren, wake 1 

2 Call to each waking band. 

Watch, brethren, watch : 
Clear is our Lord's command, 

Watch, brethren, watch ! 
P.e ye as men that wait 
Always at the Masters gate, 
Ken though He tarry late: 

Watch, bretliron, watch 1 

3 Heed we the Master's call, 

Work, brethren, work ! 
There s room enough for all ; 

Work, brethren, work ! 
This vineyard of the Lord 
Constant labour will afford ; 
Yours Is a sure reward : 

Work, brethren, work : 

4 Hear wo the Saviour's voice. 

Pray, brethren, prav ! 

Would ye His heart iwlolco? 

Pray, brethren, pray 1 


Sin calls for constant fear ; 
Weakness needs the strong One wnr ; 
Long as ye struggle here, 
Pray, brethren, pray ! 

5 Sound DOW the final chonl. 
Praise, brethren, praise ! 
Thrico holy is our Lord, 

Praise, brethren, praise ! 
What more befits the tuiigues, 
Soon to Join the angels' songs. 
While heaven the note prolongs? 
Praise, brethren, praise ! 

Anon. 18.'.'.i. 

O O O Keep the charge of the Lord, 
that ye die no<.— Leviticus viii. 0-3. 

A CHARGE to keep I have, 
A God to glorily, 
A never-dying soul to save, 
And fit it for the sky. 

1' To serve the present age, 
Wy calling to fulfil ; 
may It all my powers engage 
To do mj Matiter's will : 

3 Arm me with Jealous care. 
As in Thy sight to live ; 

And O ! Thy servant. Lord, prepare 
A strict account to give. 

4 Help me to watch and pray. 
And on Thyself rely. 

Assured, if I my trust betray, 
I shall for ever die. 

Charles Wesley. 1702 


Ye are the salt of the earth. 
Matthew v. 13. 

AH, Lord ! with trembling I confess, 
A gracious soul may fall from grace : 
The salt may lose its seasoning power, 
And never, never find It more. 

Lest this my fearful case should be. 
Each moment knit my soul to Thee ; 
And lead me to the mount above. 
Through the low vale of humble lovo. 

Charles Wesley. 170-'. 


O C7 W Walk in the fear of our 
God, because of the rejrroach of the heathen. 
Nehemiah v. 9. 

WATCHED by the world's malignant eye. 
Who load us with reproach and shame. 
As servants of the Lord Most High, 
As zealous for Hi.-* glorious name. 
We ought in all His paths to move, 
With holy fear a:id humble love. 


2 That wisdom. Lord, on ua bestow, 

Prom every evil to depart ; 

To stop the mouth of every foe, 

While, upright both In life and heart. 
The proofs of godly fear we give. 
And show them how the Christians live. 
Charles Wesley. 1702. 

8.8.6. 8.8 6. 
The fear of the Lord, 
that is ivisdom.— Job xxviil. CS. 

I)E it my only wisdom here. 
) To serve the Lord witli filial fear. 
With loving gratitude ; 
Superior sense may 1 di.splay, 
Py sliunning every evil way. 
And walking in the good. 

may I still fiom sin depart ! 
A wise and understanding heart, 

Jesus, to me be given ; 
And let me through Thy Spirit know. 
To glorify my God below. 

And find my way to heaven. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1762. 


Watch and pray. 
Mark xiii, 33. 

CHRISTIAN ! seek not yet repose. 
Cast thy dreams of ease away. 
Thou art lu the midst of foes ; 

Watch and pray. 

'J Principalities and powers, 

Mustering their unseen array, 
Wait for thy unguarded houi s ; 

Watch and jray. 

3 Gird thy heavenly armour on, 
Wear'lt ever liiglit and day. 
Ambushed lies the evil one ; 

Watch and pray. 

i Hear the victors who o'eicame ; 

Still they mark each warrior's way ; 
All with one sweet voice exclaim. 

Wdtciiand piuy. 

5 Hear, above all, hear thy Lord, 

Him thou lovest to obey ; 
Hide within thy heart His word. 

Watch and pray. 

6 Watch, as If on that alone. 

Hung the issue of the day : 
I'ray that help may be sent down : 

Watch and pray. 
Charlotte Elliott. Ib^.y. 


Awale. thou (hat steepest 
and Christ tfhall give thee li'jht. 
Kpheaians v. 14. 

I RACIOUS Redeemer ! shake 
This slumber from my soul ; 
Say to me now, ' Awake, awake : 
And Christ shall make ihw whde. 



2 Lay to Thy mighty hand ; 
Alarm iiic in this hour. 

And make me tuUy understand 
The thunder of Thy power. 

3 Give me on Thee X<^ call. 
Always to watih ami ijray, 

Lest I into temptation fall. 
And cast my shield away. 

4 For each assault prepared 
And ready may I be, 

For ever standing on my guard, 
And looking up to Thee. 

.') O do Thou always war a 
My soul of evil near! 
When to the right or left I turn. 
Thy voice still let me hear : 

6 ' Come back 1 this is the way. 
Come back ! and walk herein : 

O may 1 hearken and obey. 
And shun the paths of sin I 

7 Myself I cannot save. 
Myself I cannot keep. 

But strength in Thee I surely have. 
Whose eyelids never sleep : 

8 My sotil to Thee alone 
Now therefore I commend ; 

Thou, Jesus, love me as Thy own. 
And love me to the end. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1741*. 


Keep me as the apj'le of the eye. 
I'salm xvii. 8. 

PIERCE, fill me with a humble fear ; 
My utter helplessness reveal ! 
Satan and sin an; always near, 
Tlieo may I always nearer feel. 

2 that to Thee my constant mind 

Might with an even ilatne aspire. 
Pride in Its earliest motions Hrid, 
And mark the risings of desire I 

3 that my tender soul might fly 

The first abhorred approach of ill ; 
Quick, as the apple of an eye. 
The slightest touch of slu to feel ! 

4 Till Thou anew my soul create. 

Still may I strive, and watch, ami iir.i; 
Humbly and confidently wait. 
And long to see the perfect day. Aun'i 
)ycsley. Ki2. 


dod ri'hnm I serve . . . 
with pure consricnce.—i Timothy 1. 3. 

T WANT a principle within. 
1 Of Jealous, godly fear, 
A Bensiblllty or sin, 
A pain to feel it near. 

2 I want the first approach to feel 

Of pride, or fond desire ; 
To catch the wandering of my will, 
And quench the kindling fire. 

3 That I from Thee no more may part. 

No more Thy goodness grieve. 
The filial awe, the fleshly heart. 
The tender conscience, give. 

4 Quick as the apple of an eye, 

O God, my con.«cience make I 
Awake my soul, when sin is nigh. 
And keep it still awake. 

5 If to the right or left I stray. 

That moment. Lord, reprove ; 

And let me weep my life away. 

For having grieved Thy love. 

C may the least omission pain 
My well-instructed soul. 
And drive me to the blood again, 
Which makes the wounded whole ! 
Charles Wesley. 1749. 


8.8.6. 8.8.C. 
The Lord hear thee in 
the day of trouble.— Vaahn xx. 1. 

HELP, Lord, to whom for help I fly. 
And still my tempted soul stand by. 
Throughout the evil day ; 
The sacred watchfulness imiiart. 
And keej) the issues of my heart, 
And stir me up to pray. 

2 TMy soul with Thy whole armour arm ; 
In ench nppriiacli of sin alarm, 

And show Hie danger near ; 
Surriiund. sustain, and strengthen me. 
And till v/itli godly .jealousy. 

And sanctifying fear. 

3 Whene'er my careless hands hang down, 
O let me .see Thy gathering frown. 

And feel Thy watiiing eye ; 
And starting, cry, from ruin's brink. 
Save. Jesus, or I yield. I sink, 

save me, or I die ! 

4 If n<'nr the pit I rashly stray, 
I'.etor.' 1 wholly fall away. 

The keen conviction dartj 
Ifec'all me by that pitying look. 
That kind, upbraiding glance, which broke 
Unfaithful Peter's heart. 

In me Thino utmost mercy show. 
And make me like Thyself below. 

Unblamable in grace ; 
Ready prepared, and fitted here, 
Ly perfect holiness to appear 

Piefore Thy glorious m:e>. Amen. 

Charles Weslcu- 1749. 


RQry s.M.D. 

^ '-' ' Let this mind he in you, 

which ivas also in Christ Jesus.— I'hil. ii. 5. 

JESUS, my strength, my hope, 
On Thee I cast my care. 
With humble confidence look up. 

And know Tliou hear'st my prayer. 
Give me on Thee to wait. 
Till I can all things do. 
On Thee, almighty to create. 
Almighty to renew. 

2 I want a sober mind, 
A self-renouncing will. 

That tramples down and casts behind 

The baits of pleasing ill ; 

A soul inured to pain. 

To hardship, grief, and loss, 
Bold to take up, firm to sustain 

The consecrated cross. 

3 I want a godly fear, 

A quick discerning eye, 
Tliat looks to Thee when sin is near, 

And sees the Tempter rly ; 

A spirit still prepared. 

And armed with jealous care, 
For ever standing on its guard. 

And watching unto prayer. 

4 I want a heart to pray. 
To pray and never cease. 

Never to murmur at Thy stay. 

Or wish my sutTerirgs less. 

This blessing, above all. 

Always to pray. I -want. 
Out of the deep on Thee to call. 

And never, never faint. 

5 I rest upon Thy word ; 
The promise is for me ; 

My succour .and salvation. Lord, 
Shall surely come from Thee; 
I'.ut let me still aV)ide, 
Nor from my hope remove. 

Till Thou my patient spirit guide 
Into Thy perfect love. Amen. 

Wesley. 1712. 


Neither shall any plnck 
them out of My hand.— io\\i\ x. 28. 

CLOUDS and darkness round about 
For a season veil Thy face, 
Still I trust, and cannot doubt Thee, 

Jesus, full of truth and gnu-e ; 
Resting on Thy words I stand. 
None shall pluck me from Thy hand. 

2 0, rebuke me not in anger ! 

Suffer not my faith to fail : 
Let not pain, temptation, languor. 

O'er my strutrgling heart prevail : 
Holding fast Thy word I stand. 
None shall pluck me from. Thy hand. 

In my heart Thy word.s I cherish. 
Though (mseen Thou still art rie^r 

Since Thy sheep shall never jM-rish, 
What have I to do with ? 

Tr\isling in Thy word i stand. 

None shall pluck me from Thy hand. 
Chailotte Elliutt. IHM. 


<JkJ U jje restoreth my snvl : lie 
hade/h me in the paths oj rightMusness fur 
His name's sake.—VsaXm xxiii. 3. 

JESUS, Shepherd of the sheep, 
Pity my un.settled soul : 
Guide, ami nourish me, and keep. 

Till Thy love shall make me whole ; 
Give me perfect soundness, give, 
JIake me steadfastly believe. 

2 I ,am never at one stay. 

Changing every hour I am ; 
But 'lliou art as yesterday. 

Now and evermore the same ; 
Constancy to me impart, 
Stablish with Thy grace my heart. 

3 Lay Thy weighty cross on me. 

All my unbelief control; 
Till the rebel cease to be. 

Keep him down within my soul ; 
That 1 never more may move. 
Root and ground me fast in love. 

4 Give me faith to hold me up. 

Walking over life's rough sea, 
Holy, purifying hope. 

Still my soul's sure anchor be : 
That I may be always Thine. 
Perfect me in love divine. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


Th is is the way, walk 
ye in t^— Isaiah xxx. 21. 

JESUS, my Saviour, Brother. Friend, 
On whom I cast my every care, 
On whom for all thimrs I depend. 
Inspire, and then accrpt, my prayer. 

2 If I have tasted of Thy grace. 

The grace that sun- salvation brings, 
If with me now Thy Spirit stays. 
And hovering hides me in His wngs ; 

3 Still let Him with my weakness stay, 

Nor for a moment s space depart. 
Evil and dancer turn away. 
And keep till He renews my heart. 

4 Wh^n to the right or left I stray. 

His voice behind me may I hear. 

' Return, and walk, in Christ thy wny ; 

Fly back to Christ, for sin is near.' 

5 Jesns, I f.ain would walk in Thee. 

From nature's every path retreat ; 
Thou art my Way, rny Leader Im^, 
And spt upon the lock my f'^' t. 


Uphold me, Scaviour, or I fall ; 

reach me out Thy gracioas huml : 
Only on Thee for help I call ; 

Only by faith in Thee I stand. Anion. 
^Yesley. 174-.'. 


Bki-sed sfialt thou be when 

thou comeKt in. and. . . when thou gueiil out. 

Deuteronomy xxviii. G. 

THOU, Lord, hast blest my going out ; 
O bless my coming in ! 
Compass my weakness round about. 
And keep me safe from sin. 

2 Still hide me in Thy fiecret placp. 

Thy tabernacle spread ; 
Shelter me with preserving grace. 
And screen ray naked head. 

3 To Thee for refuge may I run 

From sin's alluring snare : 

Rejidy its first approach to shun. 

And watching unto prayer. 

4 that I never, never more 

Might from Thy ways depart ! 
Here let me give my wanderings o'er. 
By giving Thee my heart. 

5 Fi.x my new heart on things above. 

And then from earth release : 
I ask not life, but let me love, 
And lay me down in peace. Anion. 
Charles Wesley. 1740. 


Let us run with patience the 
race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus. 
Hebrews xii. 1, 2. 

BEHOLT* what witnesses unseen 
Encompass us around I 
Men once, like us, with suffering tried. 
But now with glory crowned. 

2 Let us, with zeal like theirs inspired. 

Pursue the Christian race, 
And, freed from each encumbering weight, 
Their holy footsteps trace. 

3 Behold a Witness nobler still, 

Who trod afTlictions path ! 
Jesu.s. at once the Finish<T 
And Author of our faith. 

4 Ho. for the .joy before Him set, 

So generous was His love, 
Endured the, dosjiised the shame. 
And now Ho reigns above. 

5 If He tlie scorn of wicked men 

With patience did sustain, 
Becomes It those for whom Ho died 
To murmur or complain? 

6 Tiien lot our hearts no more despond. 

Our liaiids In' weak no more ; 
Still l.'t MS trust our F.athor s love. 
His wisdom still adore. 
Anon. 1745. and W. Cameron. 1781. 


RO'^ CM. 

UWO Enoch walked icith God. 
Genesis v. 22. 

OFOR a closer walk with God, 
A cahn and heavenly frame ; 
A light, to shine upon the road 
That leads me to the Lamb ! 

2 Where is tlie blessedness I knew 
\V hen first I saw the Lord ? 
Where is the soul-refreshing view 
Of Jesus and His word? 

o What peaceful hours I once enjoyed ! 
How sweet their memory still ! 
But they have left an aching void 
The world can never fill. 

4 Return, holy Dove, return. 

Sweet messenger of rest ! 
I hate the sins that made Thee mourn, 
That drove Thee from my 

5 The dearest idol I have known, 

Whate'er that idol be, 
Help me to tear it from Thy throne, 
And worship only Thee. 

6 So shall my walk be close with God; 

Calm and serene my frame ; 
So purer light shall mark the road 
That leads me to the Lamb. 


William Cowper. mi. 

\JyJ^^ Ilefurn unto Me, and I 

will return unto i,ou. —Malachi iii. 7. 

ILT Thou return to mo, Lord, 
If I return to Thee ? 
O heavenly truth ! O gracious word : 
My hope and refuge be. 

2 Since from Thy side I dared to roam, 

My soul has found no rest ; 
Chastised and contrite, back I conio, 
To seek It in Thy breast. 

3 And dost Thou say Thou wilt rccuive. 

And call me still Thy own ? 

My spirit, hear, accept, believe. 

And molt, my heart of stone. 

4 Again that gracious word to me, 

O speak that word again ! 
My guilt Is pardoned— can it bo? 
And loosed my every chain? 

G No. blessid Lord ! not every chain, 
Not every bond, rninovo : 
Let one. at least, unloosed remain, 
The bond of grateful love 1 Amen. 


Behold, God iti viy salvntion. 
Isaiah xii. 2. 

DROOPING soul, shake off thy fears 
Fearful soul, be strong, bo bold ; 
Tarry till the Lord appears. 
Never, never quit thy hold ! 

2 Murmur not at His delay. 

Dare not set thy God a time. 
Calmly for His coming stay, 
Leave it, leave it all to Him. 

3 Every one that seeks shall find, 

EveiT^ one that asks shall have 
Christ, the Saviour of mankind, 
Willing, able, all to save. 

4 I shall His salvation see. 

I in faith on Jesus call ; 
I from sin shall be set fre<^. 
Perfectly set free from ail. 

5 Lord, my time is in Thine hand, 

Weak and helpless as I am. 
Surely Thou canst make me stand ; 
I believe in Jesus name : 

C Saviour in teuiptiition Thou, 
Thou hast saved me heretofore. 
Thou from sin dost save me now. 
Thou Shalt save me evermore. 

Wesley. 1742. 


There is forgiveness luith Thee. 
Psalm cxxx. 4. 

O'TIS enough, my God, my God : 
Here let me give my wanderings o'er. 
No longer trample on Thy blood. 

And grieve Thy gentleness no more ; 
No more Thy lingering anger move. 
Or sin against Thy light and love. 

2 Lord, if mercy is with Thee, 
Now let it all on me bo shown ; 

On me, the chief of sinnei-s, me. 
Who humbly for Thy mercy groan ; 

Me to Thy Father's grace re.<!tore. 

Nor let me ever grieve Thee more 1 

S Fountain of unexhausted love. 
Of infinite compassions, hear ! 
My Saviour and my Prince above, 
•^^Once more in my behalf appear ; 
K?fentaJi^'«. faith, and pardon give, 
U let me turn agiiin and live : Amen. 
Wesley. 1741. 


I xoUl heal their backsliditiy ; 
I will love them freely.— Hosej, .\iv. 4. 

JESUS, Friend of sinners, hear, 
Yet once again I pray ; 
From my debt of sin set clear. 
For I have nought to pay : 

Speak, speak the kind release, 
A poor backsliding soul restore ; 
Love nie freely, seal my peace. 
And bid me sin no more. 

2 Though my sins as mountains rise, 

And swell and reach to heaven, 
Mercy is above the skies, 

I may be still forgiven : 
Infinite my sins' increase, 
But greater is Thy mercy's store ; 
Love me freely, seal my peace. 

And bid me sin no more. 

3 Sin's deceitfulness hath spread 

A hardness o er my heart ; 
But if Thou Thy Spirit shed. 

This hardness shall d<^part : 
Shed Thy love. Thy tenderness. 
And let me feel Thy softening p'jwer ; 
Love me freely, seal my peai;e, 

And bid me sin no more. 

4 For this only thing I pray. 

And this wUl 1 require. 
Take the power of sin away. 
Fill me with chaste desire : 
Perfect me in holiness. 
Thine image to my soul restore ; 
Love me freely, seal my peace. 
And bid me sin no more. Am^n. 
Wesley. 17i2. 

b U O As the hart panteth after 
the ivater-brooks, so panteth nm boid after 
Thee. God.— ¥ xlii. 1. 

AS paTits the hart for cooling streams. 
When heated in the chase. 
So longs my soul, God, for Thee, 
And Thy refreshing grace. 

2 For Thee, my God, the living God, 

My thirsty soul doth pine : 
when shall 1 behold Thy face. 
Thou Majesty divine? 

3 I sigh whene'er my nmsing thou-hts 

Those happy days present. 
When I, with troops of pious friends. 
Thy temple did trequent : 

4 When I advanced, ^^^th songs of praise, | 

My solemn vows to pay : 
And led the joyful, s;iered throng 
That kept the festal day. 

5 Why restless, why cast down, my soul! 

Hope still, and thou shalt sin^ 
The praise of Him who is thy G(.«J, 
Thy health's eternal spring. 

6 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

The God whoni we adore. 
Be glory, as it was, is now. 
And shall be evermore. Amen. 

Tate and Brady. 1G96. 


Lord, save us : we perish. 
Mattliew viii. 25. 

QAVIOUR. Prince of Isrners nee ! 
O See nic from Thy lofty throne ; 
Give the sweet releiitinir trnn-e. 

Soften now tliis lieai t of stone. 
Stone to flesh, O God, convert : 
Ciist a look, and break my heart. 

2 i;y Thy Spirit. Lord, reprove. 

All my inmost sins reveal ; 
Sin.s a^'ainst Thy lif,'lit and love, 

LH iur SIM', ami let me feel ; 
Sins that criiciriL-d my God. 
Spilt a^j'ain Thy precious blood. 

S Jesus, seek Thy wandering sheep, 

.Make me restless to return ; 

l;id me look on Thee, and weep, 

Bitterly as Peter mourn 
Till I say, by gr.ace restored. 
'^ow. Thou knowst I love Thee, Loid I 

4 Might I in Thy sight appear. 

As the Publican distrest ; 
Stand, not daring to draw n^ar. 

Smite on my unworthy ; 
Groan the simier's only plea, 
' God. be merciful to me 1 ' 

5 Ah ! give me. Lord, the tender heart. 
That trembles at the approach of siu : 
A godly fear of sin impart. 

Implant, and root it deep within. 
That 1 may dread Tliy grac.ious power. 
And never dare otfeud Thee more. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 



t-alo ; 

6 remembiT i 


Show inc th.' 

V\ lien iiiy ■^nxii^th and .spirit fail ; 
Give my gasping .soul to see 
Jesus crucilicd lor me. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1719. 

O-IQ S.8. 

'-'-'- vy Where .iin abounded, ip-tue 
did much more abound.— KoinnnH v. 20. 

WEARY of wan<l(^ring from my God, 
And now Miad«' « illing to return, 
Ihear. and bow me to the rod ; 

KorTlii'c, nut wiiljoui lioi"', 1 mourn; 
I h.iv.'aii Ailvn,-atcalM,vc, 
A Kriend b.'lor.' tlir throne oflovc. 

2 O .lesuB, full of trutli and grace. 
More lull of grace than I of sin ; 
■i et once again I seek Thy face ; 

open Thine arms and take me in, 
Atid freely my ha<k.slidings heal. 
And love the faithless sinner still. 

'3 Thou know'stlhe way to bring me back, 

My fallen spirit to restore ; 
O : for 'i'hy truth and mercy s sake, 

Korglvc, and bid me sin no more ; 
The ruins of mv soul rejmir. 
And make my heart a house of prayer. 

4 Give to mine "ves refreshing tears. 
And kindle ujv rclcntings now ; 
Fill my whole soul with lilial li'ar.><. 

To Thy swecl yoke my si)iril bow ; 
li.iiil by Thy grace, u bend or break, 
The Iron Kinow in my neck. 
Ve7-ily Thou art a God 
that hidfst Thyself.— UAiah xlv. 15. 

THOU God unsearchable, unknown, 
Who .still conceal'st Thyself from mo, 
Hear an apostate siiirit groan. 

Hroke oil", and banished far from Thee ; 
But conscious of my fall I mourn. 
And fain I would to I'liee return. 

2 Send forth one ray of heavenly light. 

or gospel hope, of humble fear. 
To guide me through the gulf of night. 

My poor desponding soul to cheer, 
Till Tliou my unbeliel remove. 
And show me all Thy glorious lovo. 

3 A hiddfii God Indeed Thou art ; 

Thy absenie 1 this moment feel; 
Vet nuist 1 own it from my heart, 

t'oiiiealed. Thou art a Saviour still ; 
And though Tliy lace^l cannot see, 
1 know Thine eye is I'lxed on me. 

4 My Saviour Thou, not .vet revealed. 

Yet will I Thee my Saviour call. 
Adore Thy hand, from sin witldield ; 

Thy hand shall save nie from my lall : 
Now, Lord, t Inoughout my darkness shine, 
A)id .show Thyself lor ever mine. Anun. 
Charles Wesley. 1161. 


Lord, that I mat/ receive 
my .si(//i<.— Luke xviii. 41. 

"\y HEN. gracious Lord, when shall it be 
» V That I shall find my all in Thee if 
The fidness of Thy pronuse prove ; 
The seal of Thine eternal Love* 

2 Tlii'e, oidy Thee. I fain would fuid. 
And i-ast the world and flesh behiu'l ; 
Thou, only Thou, to me bo given. 
Of all luou hast in earth or heaven. 

a Whom man forsakes Thou wilt not leave, 
K<'ad\ the outcast to receive; 
Though all my siid'ulness I jwn. 
And ail my faults to Thee are known. 

4 Ah, wlinefore did I ever doubt ! 
Thou wilt In nowise cast me out, 
A hidplcss soul that comes to Thee, 
VV ith oidy sin and misery. 

6 Lord. I am sick,— my sickness cure ; 
I want.— do Thou enrich the poor; 
I'ndcr Thy ndghty hand 1 stoop, 
O lift the abject sinner up 1 


6 Lord, I am blind,— be Thou my sight ; 

Lord, I am weak,— be Thou my might ; 

A helper to the helpless lie. 

And let me find my all in Theo. Am^n. 

Wesley. 17 C^. 


Tlii'D rebelled, and vexed 
His Holy i/n/-t(.— Isaiah Ixiii. 10. 

STAY, Thou insulted Spirit, stay. 
Thoii<?h I have done Thee such despite, 
Nor east the sinner quite away, 
Kor take Thine everlasting llight. 

2 Tli<>uj<h I have steeled mystubbfjrn heart. 

And still shook off my guilty fears. 
And vexed, and urged Thee to depart, 
For many long rebellious yeai-s : 

3 Though I have most unfaithful been, 

Of all whoe er Thy grace received ; 
Ten thousand times Thy goodness seem. 
Ten thousand times Thy goodness 
grieved : 

4 Vet, O! the chief of sinners spare. 

In honour ot my great High Friest ; 
Nor in Thy righteous anger swear 
To exclude me from Thy people's rest. 

5 Now, Lord, my wearj- soul release. 

Upraise me with Thy gracious hand. 
And guide into Thy perfect peace. 
And biing me to the promised land. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


C.^ A CM. 

VJ J-^n / dwell in the huih and 
holy j'lace, with himalso that is of a contrite 
' and humble sj;tri<.— Isaiah Ivii. 15. 

1'HY home is with the humble. Lord ; 
The simplest are the best : 
'1 hy lodging is in child-like hearts ; 
Thou makest there Thy rest. 

2 Dear Comforter ! Eternal Love '. 

If Thou wilt stay with me, 
Of lowly thoughts and simple ways 
1 U build a house for Thee. 

3 Thy sweetness hath betrayed Thee, Lord ! 

Great Spirit 1 It is Thou ! 
Deeper and deeper in my heart 
I teel Thee rsstiug now. 

4 Who made this beating heart of mine 

But Thou, my heavenly Guest? 

Let no one have it then, but Thee, 

And let it be Thy Amen. 

F. W. Faber. 1802. 


JJlee unto Thee to hide me. 
I'jaim cxliii. 9. 

SHOW me myself, O holy Lord; 
Help me to look within ; 
1 will not turn me from the sight 
Of all my sin. 

2 Just as it is in Thy pure eyes 

Would I behold my heart. 
Bring every hidden spot to light, 
Nor shrink tho smart. 

3 Not mine, the purity of heart 

'I'hat shall at last see God ; 
Not mine, the following in tho steps 
The .Saviour trod : 

4 Not mine, the life I thought to live 

When first I took His name ; 
Mine, but the right to weep and grievt 
Over my shame. 

5 Yet, Lord ; I thank Thee for the sight 

Thou ha.*?! v.yuchsafed to nie ; 
And humbled to the dust, I shrink 
Closer to Thee. 

6 Unworthy, faithless as it is, 

O let my spirit hide 
Its weakness and its penitence 
In Thy dear side ! 

7 And if Thy love will not disown 

So frail a heart as mine. 
Chasten and cleanse it as Thou wilt. 
But keep it Thine. Amen. 



Hf tvill be very gracious 

unto thee at the voice of thy cry. 

Isaiah xxx. I'J. 

LORD, that I may le;.rn of Thee, 
Give me true simplicity ; 
\\eaii my soul, and keep it low, 
Willing I'hee alone to know. 

2 Let me my reeds aside. 

All that feeds my knowing pride ; 
Not to man, but God submit. 
Lay my reasonings at Thy feet. 

3 Of my boasted wisdom spoiled, 
Docile, helpless as a child ; 
only seeing in Thy light. 
only walking in Thy might. 

4 Then infuse the teaching grace, 
Spirit of truth and righteousness ; 
Knowledge, love divine, impart. 
Life eternal, to my heart. Amen. 

Charles Wes'ey. 1762 



Blessed are the poor in 

spirit : for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

Matthew v. 3. 

OUR Father, hear our longing prayer, 
And help this prayer to flow. 
That humble thoughts, which are Thy care. 
May live in us aud grow. 

2 For lowly hearts shall understai'.d 

The peace, the calm delight 
Of dwelling in Thy heavenly land, 
A pleasure in Thy sight. 

3 Give us humility, that so 

Thy reign may come within. 
And when Thy children homeward go. 
We too may enter in. 

4 Hear us, our Saviour ! ours Thou art, 

Though we are not like Thee ; 
(;ive us Thy Spirit in a heart 
Large, lowly, trusting, free. Amen. 
George Macdonald. 1857. 


Be clothed with humility. 
1 Peter v. 5. 


LORD, if Thou Thy grace impait. 
Poor in spirit, meek in heart, 
I shall as my Master be 
Rooted in humility. 

2 Simple, teachable, and mild. 
Humble as a little child. 

Pleased with what the Lord providi^s, 
AVcaned from all the world besides. 

3 Father, fix our souls on Thee, 
Every evil let us flee, 
Always h:ippy in Thy love, 
Looking for our rest above. 

4 that all might seek and find 
Every good in Christ combined : 
O that all might Him adore. 
Trust Him, praise Him evermore 



Christ is all, and in all. 
Colossians iii. 11. 

REST of the weary, 
Joy of the sad, 
Hope of the dreary. 
Light of the glad, 
Uome of the stranger. 
Strength to the end. 
Refuge frimi dang<-r. 
Saviour and Friend : 

2 Bosom where lying. 

Love rests its hciid ; 
Peace of the dying. 

Life of the dead. 
Path of the lowly. 

Prize at the end. 
Breath of the holy. 

Saviour and Friend ! 

3 When my feet stumhlo, 

I to Thco cry ; 
Crown of the humble, 

Cross of the high ; 
When my steps wander 

Over ma bend. 
Truer and fonder, 

Saviour and Fi iond : 

4 Ever confessing 

Thoe, I win ralso 
Unto Thee blessing. 

Glory, and imiisc ; 
All my endeavour. 

World without end. 
Thine to be ever. 

Saviour and Friend ! Amen. 
J. S. D. Monsell. 18;;7. 

yj^yj Qne thing is need ful : ati^ 
Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall 
not be taken away from her.—h\xV.c x. 42. 

AS Jesus sought His wandering shcop. 
With weary toil opprest. 
He came to Martha's lowly roof, 
A loved and honoured guest. 

2 BlessM art them, whose threshold poor 

Those holy feet have trod. 

To wait on so divine a Guest, 

And to receive thy God ! 

3 While Martha serves with busy IVct, 

In reverential m<iod, 
Meek Mary sits beside the Judge, 
And feeds on heavenly food. 

4 Yea, Martha soon herself shill sit. 

The eternal w<»r<l to hear. 
And shall forgot ttie festal board. 
To feast on holier cheer. 

5 Sole rest of all who come to 
< I or all our works preside, 


Til It we may have in Thee at last 
■J ho part that shall abide. Amen. 

From the Latin, liisii. 
Tr. Isaac WiUwins. \So'.). 


{"See also Prayer-Meetings.) 


I will therefore that men 
pray everywhere.— I Timothy ii. 8. 

ttOME, my soul, thy suit prepare, 
' Jwiua loves to answer prayer; 
He Himself has bid thco pray. 
Therefore will not aay thee, nay. 


2 Thou art roming to a Kin^r, 
l^trge petitions with thee bring ; 
For His grace and power are such. 
None can ever ask too much. 

3 With my burden I begin, 
Loril, remove this load of sin ; 
Let Tliy blood, for sinners spilt. 
Set my conscience free from guilt. 

4 Lord, I come to Thee for rest, 
T;ike possession of inv breast ; 

There Thy blood-bought right maintain, 
And without a rival reign. 

5 While I am a pilgrim here, 
L-^t Thy love my spirit cheer ; 

As my Guide, my Guard, my Friend, 
Lead me to my journey's end. 

6 Show me what I have to do, 
Eveiy hour my strength renew ; 
Let me live a life of faith. 

Let me die Thy people's death. Amen. 
John Newton. 1779. 


If tee con/esx our sins. 

He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. 

1 John 1. 9. 

LORD, when we bend before Thy throne. 
And our confessions pour. 
Teach us to feel the sins we own. 
And hate what we deplore. 

2 Our broken spirit pitying see ; 

True penitence impart ; 
Then let a Idndlmg glance from Thea 
lieam hope upon the heai i. 

3 When we disclose our wants in prayer, 

May we our wills resign : 
Let not a thought our bosoms share, 
WTiich is not wholly Thine. 

4 May faith each weak petition fill, 

And waft it to the skies. 
And teach our hearts 'tis goodness still 
That grants it or denies. Amen. 

Joseph D. Carlyle. 180'.'. 


Thou desirest truth in 
the inward parts.— Psa,\m li. 6. 

HELP me, my God, to speak 
True words to Thee each day ; 
True let my voice be when I praise. 
And trustful when I pray. 

2 Thy words are true to me ; 
Let mine to Thee be true. 

The sp.eech of my whole heart and soul, 
However low and few : 

3 True words of grief for sin. 
Of longing to be free. 

Of groaning for delivenince. 
And likeness. Lord, to Thee : 

4 True words of faith and hope. 
Of godly joy and grief; 
Lord, I believe, O hear my cry. 

Help Thou my unbelief. Amen. 
Iloratius lionar. 1857 


Unto Thee lift Tvp mine 
fi'f-' — I'salm cxxiii. 1. 

T WOULD commune with Thee, my God, 
1 E en to Thy seat I come : 
I leave iny joys. I leave my sins, 
And seek in Thee my honie. 

2 I stand upon the mount of God, 

With sunlight in my soul ; 
I hear the storms in vales beneath, 
1 hear the thunders roll ; 

3 But I am calm with Thee, my God, 

Beneath these glorious skies ; 

And to the height on which I stand 

Nor storms nor clouds can rise. 

4 this is life : this Is Jov ! 

My God, to find Thee so : 
Thy face to see. Thy voice to hear. 
And all Thy love to know r 

G. B. Bubier. IS'A. 

The Spirit also helpeth 
i7\firmities.—RoiDAns viii. 26. 

JESUS, Thou sovereign Lord of all. 
The same through one et'-mal day, 

Attend Thy feeblest followers call, i 

.\nd instruct us how to pray ! I 

Pour out the supplicating grace, I 

And stir us up to seek Tliy face. | 

2 We cannot think a gracious thought, j 

We cannot feel a good desire. ■ 

Till Thou.whocall'dst a world from nought, I 

The power into our hearts inspire ; 
And then we in Thy Spirit groan. 
And then we give thee back Thine own. 

3 Jesus, regard the Joint complaint 

Of all Thy tempted followers here; 
And now supply the common want. 

And send us down the Comforter ; 
The spirit of ceaseless prayer impart. 
And fix Thy Agent in our heart. 

4 To he!p our soul's iiifnmity. 

To heal Thy sin-sick people's car?. 
To urge our God-commanding plea. 

And make our hearts a house of prayer. 
The promised Intercessor give. 
And let us now Thyself receive. 

j Come in Thy pleading Spirit down. 
To us who for Thy coming stay ; 
Of all Thy gifts we ask but one. 

We ask the constant power to pray : 
Indulge us. Lord, in this request. 
Thou canst not then deny the rest. Amen. 
Charles Weslet/. 1749. 



The hour of i^raijer. 
Acts iii. 1. 

MY God, is any hour so sweet, 
From blush of morn to evLiiing star, 
As that which calls me to Thy feet, 
The hour of prayer ? 

2 Blest is that tranquil hour of morn. 

And blest that solemn hour of eve. 
When, on the winjjs of prayer upborne. 
The world I leave. 

3 For then a Day-spring: shines on me. 

Brighter than morn's ethereal glow ; 
And richer dews descend from Thee 
Than earth can know. 

4 Then is my strength by Thee renewed ; 

Then are my sins by Thee forgiV(in ; 
Then dost Thou cheer my solitude 
With hope of heaven. 

5 No words can tell what sweet relief 

Here for my every want I find. 
What strength for warfare, balm for grief ! 
What peace of mind ! 

6 Hushed is each doubt, gone every fear, 

My spirit seems in heaven to stay ; 
And e en the penitential tear 
Is wiped away. 

7 Lord, till I reach yon blissful shore, 

No privilege so dear shall bo. 
As thus my inmost .soul to pour 
lu prayer to Thee. 

Charlotte Elliott. IS.'JO. 


Praying always with all 
prayer. — Eph. vi. 18. 

PRAYER is the soul's sincere desire, 
Uttered or unexpre.s.sed ; 
The motion ol a hidden liie. 
That trembles in the bi'east. 

2 I'r.ayer is the burden of a sigh, 

The falling of a tear. 
The upward glancing of th(> eye, 
When none but God is near. 

3 I'rayer is the simplest form of speech 

That infant lips can try ; 
I'rayer the subllmest strains that reach 
Tlio Majesty on high. 

4 I'layer is the Christian's vital breatli. 

The Christian's native air ; 
IBs watchword at the gates of death, 
Jlu enters heaven with prayer. 

5 Prayer Is tlie contrite sinner's voice, 

H' turning from hla ways ; 
\\ hilii ahttolH In their songs rejoice, 
Anil cry. Behold, ho prays : 

C The saints in prayer appear as one, 
In word, and deed, and mind ; 
While with the Father and the Son 
Their fellowship they find. 

7 Nor prayer is made on earth alone. 

The Holy Spirit pleads ; 
And Jesus on the eternal throne 
For sinners i)itercedes. 

8 Thou by whom we come to God, 

The Life, the Truth, the Way, 
The path of prayer Tliyself hast trod ; 
Lord, teach us how to pray ! Amen. 
James Montgoincry. 1819. 


Let us . . . come boldly 
unto the throne of grace.— lleb. iv. 16. 

APPROACH, my soul, the mercy, 
Wliere Jesus answers prayer; 
There humbly fall before His feet. 
For none can perish there. 

2 Thy promise Is my only plea. 

With this I venture nigh ; 
Thou callest burdened souls to Thee, 
And such, Lord, am I. 

3 Bowed down beneath a load of sin. 

By sorrow sore opprest. 
By war without, and fears within, 
I come to Thee for rest. 

4 Be Thou my shield and hiding place, 

That, sheltered near Thy side, 
I may my fierce accuser face. 
And tell him Thou hast died. 

5 0, wondrous love ! to bleed and die, 

To boar the cross and shame. 
That guilty sinners, such as I, 
Alight plead Thy graciouu name. 

6 ' Poor tempest-toss6d soul, be still, 

My promised grace receive :' 
Tis ,lesus speaks, 1 must, I will, 
1 can, I do believe. 

John ^'eivton. 1779. 


^J^^^J I will never leave thee, 

nor forsake i/itff.— Hebrews xili. 5. 

LUKI), we know that Tliou art near us, 
Tliuugli Thou seem St to hide Thy 
fao; ; 
And are sure that Thou dost hear us, 
Though no answer wo embrace. 

2 Not one promise shall miscarry ; 

Not one blessing come too late ; 

Thougli the vi.ilou long may tarry. 

Give us patience. Lord, to wait. 

3 While withholding, Thou art giving 

In Thine own rtppolntod way ; 
And while waiting we're receiving 
Blessings suited to our day. 


4 the wondrous loving-kindness, 

Planning, working out of sight ! 

Bearing with us in our blindness, 

Out of darkness bringing light ; 

5 Weaving blessings out of trials, 

Out of grief evolving bliss : 
Answering prayer by wise denials 
When Thy children aisk amiss. 

C And when faith shall end in vision. 
And when prayer is lost in praise ; 
Then shall love, in full fruition, 
Justil'y Thy secret ways. 

Jane C'rewclson. d. 18(53 


Th". cares of this world . . . 
choke the wo/'tZ.— Mark iv. 19. 

OGOD ! who know'st how frail we are. 
How soon the thought ofgooddeiiarts ; 
We pray that Thou wouldst feed the ioiiiit 
Of holy yearning in our hearts. 

2 Let not the choking (;ares of earth 

Their precious springs of life o'ergrow ; 
But, ever guarded by Thy love, 
Still purer niay their waters How. 

3 To Thee, with sweeter hope and trust. 

He every day our spirits given ; 
And may we, while we walk on earth. 
Walk more a:* citizens of heaven. Amen. 
W. Umktll. d. lrf»i. 


Lord, help nie.—M;itt. xv. 2.'.. 

OHELP us. Lord, each hour of need, 
Tliy heavenly succour give ; 
Help us in thought and word and deed, 
Each hour, on earth, we live. 

2 help us, when our spirits bleed 

With contrite anguish sore; 
And when our hearts are cold and dead, 
O help us. Lord, the more. 

3 help us, through the prayer of faith. 

More firmly to believe ; 
For still the more Thy servant hath. 
The more shall he receive. 

4 help us. Saviour, from on high. 

We know no help but Thee ; 
help us so to live and die. 
As I'hine in Heaven to be. Amen. 

//. //. Milman. 1827. 


The mercy of the Lord is 
from everlastimj to everlasting. — ^a. ciii. 17. 

OLORD, turn not Thy face away 
From them that lowly lie. 
Lamenting sore their sinful life. 
With tears and bitter cry. 

2 Thy mercy-gates are open wide 

To them that mourn their sin ; 
shut them not against us, J-ord, 
But let us enter in. 

3 We need not to confess our fault. 

For surely Thou canst tell ; 
What we have done, and what we are 
Thou knowest very well. 

4 ^^'herefore, to beg and to entreat, 

With tears we come to Thee. 
As children that have done amiss 
Fall at their father's kuee. 

5 And need we then, O Lord, repeat 

The blessing which we crave. 
When Thou know, before we speak. 
The thing that we would have 1 

6 Mercy, Lord, mercy we ask, 

This is the total sum ; 
For mercy. Lord, is all our prayer ; 
O let Thy mercy come ! Amen. 

Jo}in Markant. i".r.O. 
Alt. by Bishop Utber. Uj7. 


We ought also to love 
one uiunher.— 1 John iv. 11. 

A THOU, our Saviour, Brother. Friend, 
\) Behold a cloud of incense rise ! 
The prayers of saints to heaven ascend, 
Urateful, accepted sa*:rifice. 

2 Regard our praj'ers for Siou's, 

Shed in our hearts Thy love abroad ; 
Thy gilts abundantly increase ; 
Enlarge, and fill us all with God. 

3 Before Thy sheep, great Shepherd, go. 

And guide into Thy perfect will ; 
Cause us Thy hallowed name to know, 
The work of faith in us fulfil. 

4 Help us to make our calling sure ; 

let :i-s all be saints indeed. 
And pure as Thou Thyself art pure. 
Conformed in all things to our Head. 

5 Take the dear purchase of Thy bloo<l ; 

Thy blood shall wash us while as snow ; 
Present us sanctified to Uod, 
And perfected in love below. 

G From all iniquity redeem. 

Cleanse bv the water and the word. 
And free from every spot of blame. 
And make the servant as his Lord. Ameo. 
Charles WtsUy. 1749. 

r>ryA 8S. 8.8. 8.8. 

Xj(jrk The Lord said unto Mos.s 
. . . Let .[le alone.— Exodua xxxii. 9, 10. 

WONDROUS power of faithful prayer. 
What tongue c;m tell the almi^-niy 
gi~ace ? 
God 8 hands or bound or open are. 

As Moses or Elijah prays . 
Let Moses In the spirit groan. 
And God cries out, ' Let Me alone I 


2 • Let Me alone, that all My wrath 

May rise the wicked to consume ! 
While justice hears thy praying faith, 

It cannot seal the sinner's doom ; 
My Son is in My servant's prayer. 
And Jesus forces Me to spare.' 

3 blessed word of gospel grace ! 

Which now we for our Israel plead, 
A faithless and backsliding race. 

Whom Thou hast out of Egypt freed : 
O do not then in wrath chastise, 
Xor let Thy whole displeasure rise ! 

4 Father 1 we ask in Jesu's name ; 

In Jesu's power and spirit pray ; 
Divert Thy vengeful thundei's aim, 

turn Thy threatening wrath away ! 
Onr guilt and punishment remove, 
And 'magnify Thy pardoning love. 

5 Father, regard Thy pleading Son ! 

Accept His all-availing prayer, 
And send a peaceful answer down. 

In honour of our Spokesman there ; blood proclaims our sins forgiven. 
And speaks Thy rebels up to heaven. 


Wesleii. 1747. 


We have not an High 
Priest which cannot be touched ivifh the feel- 
ing of our «^7-wi<i'es.— Hebrews iv. 1,"). 

THERE is no sorrow. Lord, too slight 
To bring in prayer to Thee : 
There is no burdening care too light 
To wake Thy sympathy. 

2 Thou, who hast trod the thorny road, 

Wilt share each small distress ; 
The love which bore the greater load 
Will not refuse the less. 

3 Thi-rc is no secret sigh we breathe 

Hut meets Thine ear divine ; 
And every cross grows light beneath 
The shadow. Lord, of 'J'hine. 

4 Life's ills without, sin's strife within, 

The heart would overflow, 
But for that love which died for sin, 
That love which wept with woe. 

Jane Crewdson. d. 18G3. 


Lord, tearh us to pray. 
Luke xl. 1. 

"WHEN cold our hearts, and far from 
\ \ Thee 

Our wandering snirlts stray, 
And thonghta and lips move heavily, 

Lord, teucli us how to pray 1 

2 Too vile to venture near Thy throne, 
Too poor to turn away ; 
Our only voice Thy Spirit's groan, 
Lord, teach ua how to pray ! 

3 We know not how to seek Tliy face. 

Unless Thou lead the way; 
We have no -words, unless Thy grace 
Lord, teach us how to pray. 

4 Here every thought and fond desire 

We on Thy altar lay ; 
And when our souls have caught Tly Are. 
Lord, teach us how to pray ! .tmui . 
J. S. D. Monsell. 183.. 


yjyJ I Where two or three arc 
gathered together in My name, tliere ani I in 
the midst of i/if;?n.— Matthew xviii. '20. 

FATHER of omnipresent grace ! 
We seem agreed to seek Thy face ; 
r.ut every soul assembled hero 
r>>th naked in Thy sight appear ; 
Thou know'st who only bows the knee, 
And' who in heart approaches Thee. 

2 Thy Spirit hath the difference made 
Betwixt the living and the dead ; 
Thou now dost into some inspire 
The pure, benevolent desire ; 

O that even now Thy powerful call 
May quicken and convert us all 1 

3 The sinners suddenly convince, 
O'erwhelmed beneath their load of sins ; 
To-day, while it is called to-day, 
Awake, and stir them up to pray, 
Their dire captivity to own. 

And from their burdened conscience groan. 

4 Then, then acknowledge and set free 
The people bought, O Lord, by Thee, 
The sheep for whom their Shepherd bled, 
For whom we in Thy Spirit plead ; 

Li't all in Thee redemotlon hnd. 
And not a soul be left behind. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1707. 




All things come of Thee, 

and of Thine own have we given Thee. 

1 Chronicles xxix. 14. 

\JE give Then but Thine own, 
Whatc'er the gilt may be, 
All that we have is Thine alone, 
A trust, Lord, from lliee. 

2 May we Thy bounties thus 
As stewards tnie receive ; 

And gladly, as Thou blossost us. 
To Thee our first-fruits give. 

3 1 lionrts are br\iiscd and dead. 
And homes are bare and cold ; 

And lambK, for whom the Shepherd bled. 
Are straying from tho fold. 


i To comfort and to bless. 

To liuU a balm for woe, 

To tend the lone and fatherless, 

Is angel's work below. 

5 The captive to release. 
To God the lost to bring. 

To teach the way of life and peace. 
It is a Christ-like thing. 

6 And we believe Thy word. 
Though dim our faith may be ; 

Whate'er for Thine we do, Lord, 
We do it unto Thee. 

W. W. How. 1854. 


The Son of man came vot 

to be ministered unto, but to minister. 

Mark x. 45. 

SERVANT of all, to toll for man 
Thou didst not. Lord, ; 
Thy majesty did not disdain 
To be employed for us. 

2 Thy bright example I pursue. 

To Thee in all things rise ; 
May all I think, or speak, or do, 
Be one great sacritice. 

3 Careless through outward cares I go. 

From all distraction free ; 
My hands are but engaged below, 
My heart is still with Thee. 

4 As done for Thee, do Thou receive 

Each humble work of mine ; 
Worth to my meanest labour give, 
By joiidng it to Thine. Amen. 

Wesley. 1739. 


Gijd hath . . . called us 
unto holiness.—! Thess. iv. 7. 

OGOD, what offering shall I give 
To Thee, the Lord of earth and skies ? 
My spirit, soul, and flesh receive, 

A holy, living saoriflce ; 
Small as it is, 'tis all my store ; 
More shouldst Thou have, if I had more. 

2 Now then, my God, Thou hast my soul. 

No longer mine, but Thine 1 am ; 
Guard Thou Thine own, possess it whole, 

Cheer it with hope, with love iiiHame : 
Thou hast my spirit, there display 
Thy glory to the perfect day. 

3 Thou hast my flesh, Thy hallowed shrine, 

Devoted solely to Thy will ; 
Here let Thy liglit for ever shine. 

This house still iei Thy presence fill ; 
O Source of Life, live, dwell, and move 
In me, till all my life be love ! 

4 never In these veils of shame. 

Sad fruits of sin, my glorying be ! 
Clothe with salvation, through Thy nanif 

My soul, and let me put on Thee ; 
Be living faith my costly dress. 
And my t)est robe Thy righteousness. 

5 Send down Thy lik«in<»s8 from above. 

And let this my adorning be ; 
Clothe me with wisdom, patience, love. 

With lowliness and purity. 
Than gold and pearls more precious far. 
And brighter than the morning star. 

6 Lord, arm me with Thy Spirit's might. 

Since I am called by Tliy great name ; 
In Thee let all my thoughts unite. 

Of all my works be Thou the aim ; 
Thy love attend me all my days. 
And my sole business bo Thy praise. 

Joachim Lange. abt. \im. 
Tr. J. Wesley. I'i'J. 


Whatsoever ve do, do it 
heartilii. as to the Lord.— Col ill. 23. 


OD of almighty love ! 
By whose sullicient grace 

I lift my heart to tilings alxjve. 
Ami hmnbly seek Thy face. 

2 Through Jesus Christ the Just, 
My faint desires receive ; 

And let me in Thy goodness trust, 
And to Thy glory live. 

3 Whate'er I say or do. 
Thy glory be my aim ; 

My ort'erings all be offered through 
The evor-blessed Name. 

4 Jesus, my single eye 
Be fl.xed on Thee alone ; 

Thy name be praised on earth, on hii;h ; 
Thy will by all be done. 

5 Spirit of Faith, inspire 
My consecrated heart ; 

Fill me with pure, celestial fire. 

With all Thou hast and art. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 17 

Glorify God in your body, 
and in your spirit, whi :h are God's. 
1 Corinthians vi. 2(). 

FATHER. Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Une in Three, and Three in One, 
As by the celestial host. 

Let Thy will on earth be done -. 
Praise by all to Thee be given. 
Glorious Lord of earth and heaven ! 

2 Vilest of the sinful race, 

Lo : I answer to T)iy call ; 
Meanest vessel of Thy grace, 

Grace divinely free" for all, 
Lo : I come to do Thy will, 
AU Thy counsel to fulfiL 

3 If a sinner stich as I 

May to Thy great glory live. 
All my actions sanctify. 

All my words and thoughts receive ; 
Claim me for Thy service, claim 
AU I have and a.l 1 am. 



4 Take my soul and body's powers ; 

Take my memory, mind, and will, 
All my goods, and all my hours. 

All I know, and all I feel, 
All I think, or speak, or do ; 
Take my heart ;— but make it new. 

5 Now, God, Thine own I am. 

Now I give Thee ba(;k Thine own ; 
Freedom, friends, and health, and fame, 

Consecrate to Thee alone ; 
Thine I live, thrice happy I : 
Happier still if Thine I die. 

6 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

One in Three, and three in One, 
As by the celestial host. 

Let Thy will on earth bo done ; 
Praise by all to Thee be given. 
Glorious Lord of earth and heaven ! 

Wesley. 1745. 


Trust in the Lord and do good. 
Psalm xxxvii. 3. 

FATHER, into Thy hands alone 
I have my all restored ; 
My all, Thy property I own, 
Tlie steward of the Lord. 

2 Hereafter, none can take away 

My life, or goods, or fame ; 
Ready at Thy demand to lay 
Them down 1 always am. 

3 Confiding in Thy only love. 

Through Jesus strengthening me, 
I wait Thy faithfulness to prove, 
And give back all to Theo. 

4 Determined all Thy will to obey, 

Thy blessings I restore ; 
Give, Lord, or take Thy gifts away, 
1 praise Thee evermore. 

yVesley. 174.j. 


Be strong . . . and work : 

/or I am with you, sailh the Lordof IhMs. 

Haggai il. 4. 

rnnoiGH lowly here our lot may bo, 
X High work havo we to do ; 
In faith and trust to follow Him 
Whoso lot wa.s lowly too. 

2 Our ilaj'H of darkness w« may boar, 

Strong in a I'.illn'rs love, 

Le.iiilng on His .almighty arm, 

And fixed o\ir hopes above. 

3 Our lives enrlihed with gentle thoughts 

And loving deeds may be, 
A Btroarn that Htlll the nobler grows 
Th(! tiHaror to the sea. 

4 To duty firm, to conscience true, 

However tried and pressed, 
In God's clear sight high work we do, 
If we but do our best. 

5 Thus may we make the lowliest lot 

With rays of glory bright : 
Thus may we turn a crown of thorns 
Into a crown of light. 

W. Gaskell. d. ISSl. 

D4fcD The barrel i 

not, neither did the cruse of oil fail. 
1 Kings xvii. 16. 

IS thy cruse of comfort wasting? 
Ha.ste its scanty drops to share. 
And through all the years of famine 
Thou Shalt still have drops to spare. 

2 Love divine will fill thy storehouse. 

Or thy handful still renew ; 

Scanty fare for one will often 

Make a royal feast for two : 

3 For the heart grows rich in giving ; 

All its wealth is living grain ; 
Seeds which mildew in the garner, 
Scattered, fill with gold the plain. 

4 Is thy burden hard and heavy? 

Do thy steps drag wearily? 
H''lp to bear thy brother's burden ; 
God will bear both it and the/». 

6 Numb and weary on the mountains. 
Wouldst thou sleep amidst tlie snow ? 
Chafe that frozen form beside thee. 
And together both shall glow. 

6 Art thou stricken in life's b.attle ? 

Miiny wounded round thee moan ; 

Lavish on their wounds thy balsams, 

A nd that balm shall heal thine own. 

7 Is thy heart a well left empty? 

None but God its.void ciili fill ; 

Niilhing but a ceaseless fountain 

Can its ceaseless longings still. 

8 Is thy heart a living power? 

Self-entwined, its strength sinks low ; 
It vAii only live In loving. 
And by serving love will grow. 

Elisabeth Rundle Charles. 1858. 


Go work today in Afu vineyard. 
Matthew xxl. 28. 

C^ 0. Labour on : spend, and be spent. 
I Thy Joy to do the Father's will : 
It Is the way the Master went ; 
.Should not the servant tread It still ? 

Go. labour on : whate'er thy lot ; 

Thy rarthly loss Is heavenly gain : 
Mun heed thee, love thee, praise theo not, 

The Master praises : what are men ? 


3 Go, labour on : enough while here 

If He shall praise thee, if Ho deign 
Thy willing heart to mark and chuer ; 
No toil for Him sliall be iu vain. 

4 Go, labour on : your hands are weak, 

Your knees are faint, your soul cast 
down ; 
Yet falter not ; the prize you seek 
Is near, — a kingdom and a crown ! 

5 Toil on, faint not, keep watcli and pray ; 

Be wise the erring soul to win ; 
Go forth into the worlds highway, 
Compel the wanderer to come in. 

6 Toil on, and in thy toil rejoir.-e : 

For work comes rest, for exile home ; 
Soon shalt thou hear the bridegroom's 
The midnight peal, ' Behold I come ! ' 
Horatlus Bonar. 1857. 


One is your Master, 

even Christ ; and all ye are brethren. 

Matthew xxiii. 8. 

OUR Friend, our Brother, and our Lord, 
What may Thy service be ? 
Nor name, nor form, nor ritual word, 
But simply following Thee. 

2 Thou judgest us ; Thy purity 

Doth all our lusts condenm ; 
The love that draws us nearer Thee 
Is hot with wrath to them. 

3 Our thoughts lie open to Thy sight ; 

And, naked to Thy glance. 

Our secret siiis are in the light 

t)f Thy pure countenance. 

4 Yet weak and blinded though we be. 

Thou dost our service own ; 
We bring our varying gilts to Thee, 
And Thou rejectest none. 

5 Apart from Thee all gain is loss, 

.All labour vainly done : 
The solemn shadow of Thy Cross 
Is better than the sun. 

6 Alone, O Love ineffable ! 

Thy saving name is given ; 
To turn aside from Thee is hell. 
To walk with Thee is heaven. 

7 We faintly hear, we dimly see. 

In diflfering phrase we pray ; 
But dim or clear, we own in Thee 
The Light, the Truth, the Way ! 

J. G. Whittier. 1817. 



Ye are not your ou-n, 

for ye are bought tvith a price. 

i Corinthians vi. 19, -.'O. 

FORTH in Thy name. O Lord, I go 
My daily labour to pursue. 
Thee, only Thee resolved to know, 
In all I think, or speak, or do. 

2 The task Thy wisdotn hath aaslgned, 

O let me cheerfully fulhl : 
In all my works Thy presenre find. 
And prove Thy good and i«;rfect wllL 

3 Thee may I set at my right hand, 

Wliosc eyes my inmost Kub.stancesee; 
And labour on at Thy command. 
And offer all my works to Thee. 

4 Give me to bear Thy easy yoke. 

And every nxoment watdi and pray. 
And still to things eternal look. 
And hasten to Thy glorious »lay. 

5 For Thee delightfully employ 

\\hate'er Thy bouiiteous grace hath 
And run my course with even joy. 
And closely walk with Thee to heaven. 


Charles Wesley. 1749. 

8.8. 8.8. 8.8. 
The meek vnll He guide 
in jud'Jment.—Vsil^m xxv. 9. 

I)EHOLD the senant of the Lord ! 
) 1 wait Thy guiding evr- to frel. 
To hear and keep Thy every word. 
To prove and do Thy perfect will. 
Joyful from my own works to cease, 
Giad to fulfil all rigliteousness. 

2 Me If Thy grace vouchsafe to use. 

Meanest of all Thy creatures, me. 
The deed, the time, the maimer choose, 

Let all my fruit be lound of Thee : 
Let all my works in Thee 1><- wrought. 
By Thee to full perfection brought. 

3 My every weak, though good design, 

U'errule. or change, as senms Thee meet ; 
Jesus, let all my work be Tliine ! 

Thy work. O Lord, is all complete. 
And ple.i-sing in Thy Father s sight : 
Thou only hast done all things right. 

4 Here then, to Thee Thy own I leave : 

Mould as Thou wilt thy passive clay. 
But let me all Thy stamp receive. 

But let me all Thy words ob>^y. 
Serve with a single heart and eye. 
And to Thy glory live and die. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1749. 


B'j love seme one another. 
Galatians v. 13. 

COMR, let us arise, 
.Vnd i>rnss to tlie skies ; 
The summons ob<'y. 
My friends, my belovW, and hasten away. 

2 The Master of all 
For our service doth call. 
And deigns to approve. 
With smiles of acceptance, our lal>oiir of lova 


3 His burden who bear. 
We alone can declare, 
How easy His yoke, 

While to love and good worlvs we each other 
provoke ; 

4 By word and by deed. 
The bodies in need. 
The souls to relieve. 

And freely as Jesus hath given to give. 

5 Then let us attend 
Our heavenly Friend, 

In His members distrest. 
By want, or affliction, or sickness opprcst ; 

6 The prisoner relieve, 
The stranger receive, 
Supply all their wants, 

And spend and be spent in assisting His 

7 Thus while we bestow 
Our moments below. 
Ourselves we forsake. 

And refuge in Jesus's righteousness take. 

8 His passion alone 

The foundation we own ; 
And pardon wo claim. 
And eternal redemption, in Jesus's name. 
Charles We^le:). 171'J. 


^ *-* -■- / have given you an 
example, that ye should do as I have done 
to (/tiit.— John xiii. 15. 

OGOn of mercy, God of might, 
In love and pity infinite. 
Teach us. as ever in Thy sight, 
To live our life to Thee. 

2 And Thou, who cam'st on earth to die, 
Thiit fallen man might live tlicreljy, 

O Ijimt us. for to Tli<;e we cry. 
In hope, O Lord, to Thee. 

3 Teach us the le.sson Thou h.ast ta.ught. 
To f.-el for those Thy blood hath bought. 
Tliat every word, and (li;od, and Ihouglit 

May work a work for Thco. 

4 Tor all our brethren, far and wide, 
Sin.;.( Thou, () Lord, for all ha-,t, di, .1 : 
Tliun teach us, wlialso<;cr lu'tidi', 

To love tlicin all in Thee. 

6 In sickness, sorrow, want, or r-.w-. 
Wii.ato'er it be, 'tis ours to Bharc ; 
May wo, where help is needed, tin : » 
Give liolp as unto Thee. 

C And may Thy Holv Spirit move 
All those who live, to lUv In Uw. 
Till Thou Rhiill greet In In-nven al>ovi> 
All tlioso who give to Thci-. Atn.-n. 
Godfrey Thring. 187;i. 


If any man serve Me, him. 
icill My Father honour. — John xii. 2(5. 

DISMISS me not Thy service, Lord, 
But train mo for Thy will, 
For even I, in fields so broad. 

Some duties may fulfil ; 

And I will ask for no reward, 

Except to serve Thee still. 

2 How many serve, how many more 

May to the service come 1 
To tend the vines, the grapes to store, 

Tho)i dost appoint for some : 
Thou hait Thy young men at the 

Thy little ones at home. 

3 All works are good, and each is best 

As most it pleases Thee, 
Each worker pleases when the rest 

He serves in charity ; 
And neithei man nor work unblest. 

Wilt Thou permit to be. 

4 Our Ma-stei all the work hath done 

He asks of us to-day. 
Sharing His service, every one 

Share too His Sonship may ; 
Lord, I wotild serve and be a son : 

Dismiss me not, I pray. Amen. 

T. T. Lynch. 1855. 


yJUO Your Father Inwweth 
what things ye have need o/.— Matt. vi. 8. 

IJ1ATHER, I know that all my life 
Is iiortioned out for me. 
The changes that will surely come, 

I do not fear to see ; 
I ask Thee for a present mind 
Intent on pleasing Thee. 

2 I ask Thee for a thoughtful love. 

Through constant w.-itching wise. 
To meet the glad with .joyful smiles, 

And wipe the weeping eyes ; 
A hrart at leisure from itself, 

To soothe and sympathise. 

;! I would not have the restless will 
That hurries to and fro. 
That seeks for some great thing to do. 

Or secret thlijg to know ; 

1 would bo treated as a child, 

And guided where I go. 

•1 I ask Then for tlin fbiilv strength. 

To noiir Hill ^ • .1-llird, 

A iniiiil h. I M (ii ..iiiward life, 
Whilo U. . |.iii .11 I liN .side. 

('ont<-iif fo iiil ,1, liii.l.' r-paco. 
If Thou l)c gloriliod. 

5 In aervlro which Thy love appoints, 

There are no bonds for mo ; 
My secret, heart is taught th" truth 

That makes Thy childien fr-e ; 
A lite of self-renouncing lovo 

Is one of liberty. 

Anna L. Waring. 18.50. 



'"-''^^^ / beseech you there/ore. 
brethren, by the mercus aj God, that ye pre- 
sent your bodies a living aacri/ice. 
Roraaus xii. 1. 

GOD of all-redeoniing gracf. 
By Thy paidoniii^' love compelled, 
Up to Thee our souls we raise, 
Up to Thee our bodies yield : 

2 Thou our sacrifice receive. 

Acceptable through Thy Son, 
While to TLee alone we live. 
While we die to Thee alone. 

3 Meet it is, and just, and right, 

That we should be wholly Thine, 
In Thy only will delight. 
In Thy blessed service join. 

4 that every work and word 

Might proclaim how good Thou art ! 
Holiness unto the Lord 
Still be written on our heart. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1745. 

f\RR D. 

VJU^J Th is is the xvill of God. 
even your sanctijication.—l Thess. iv. 3. 

HOLY Lamb, who Thee confess, 
Followers of Thy holiness, 
Thee thoy ever ■ eep in view, 
Ever ask, ' What shall we do ? ' 
Governed bv Thy only will. 
All Thy words wo would fulfil. 
Would in all Thy footsteps go. 
Walk as Jesus walked below. 

2 ^\^lile Thou didst on earth appear, 
Servant to Thy servants here, 
JlindfiU of Thy place above. 

All Thy life was prayer and love ; 
Such our whole employment be. 
Works of faith and charity ; 
Works of love on man bestowed. 
Secret intercourse with God. 

3 Early in the temple met. 

Let us still our Saviour greet ; 
Nightly to the mount repair, 
.loin our praying Pattern there ; 
Tliere by wrestling faith obtain 
Power to work for God again. 
Power His image to retrieve. 
Power, like Thee, our Lord, to live. 

4 Vessels, instruments of grace. 
Pass we thus our hapi)y days, 
"Twixt the mount and multitude. 
Doing or receiving good ; 

Glad to pray and labour on. 
Till our earthly course is run. 
Till we, on the sacred tree. 
Bow the head and die like Thee. 

Charles Wesley. 1767. 


Thy will be done in earth, 
as it is in /jeaien.— Matthew vl. 10. 

TESUS, the Life, the Truth, the Way, 
'} In whom I now believe. 
As taught by Thee, in faith 1 pray. 
Expecting to receive. 

2 Thy will by me on earth be done, 

As by the choirs above. 
Who always see Thee on Thy throne. 
And glory in Thy love. 

3 I ask in confidence the grace. 

That I may do Thy will. 
As angels, who behold Thy face, 
And all Thy words fulfil. 

4 WhenThouthe work of faith hast wrought, 

I shall be pure withui. 
Nor sin in deed, or word, or thought ; 
For angels never sin. 

I . 

5 From Thee no more shall I depart, 

Ko more unfaitlil'ui prove, 
But love Thee with a constant heart ; 
For angels always love. 

6 The graces of my second birth 

To me shall all be given ; 
And I shall do Thy will on earth. 
As angels do in heaven. 

WesUy. lUZ 


Te are CJirisfs.—l Cor. lii. 23. 

LET Him to whom we now belong 
His sovereign right assert. 
And take up every thankful song. 
And every loving heart. 

2 He justly claims us for His o^vn, 

Who bought u« with a price : 
The Chri.stian lives to Christ aloue. 
To Christ alone he dies. 

3 Jesus, Thine owni at last receive. 

Fulfil our hoart's desire, 

And let u.s to Thy glory live, 

-And in Thy cause expire. 

4 Our souls and bodies we resign ; 

With joy we render Thee 
Our all, no longer ours, but Thine 
To all eternity. Amen. 

Wcsky. 174.5. 


7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 
There are six days in uh ich 
men ought to uvrk.—Luiie xiil. 14. 

TYOriK is sweet, for God has blest 
>\ Honest work Mitl) quiet rest. 
Rest below, and rest above. 
In the mansions of His love. 
When il;e work of iife is di»ne. 
When the battle's fought and won. 


2 Work ye then while yet 'tis day. 
Work, ye Christians, while ye may, 
Work lor all that's great and good, 
forking for your daily food, 
Working whilst the golden hours. 
Health, and strength, and youth are yours 

3 Working not alone for gold. 

Nor for work that's bought and sold, 
Not the work that worketh strife, 
liut the working of a life, 
Careless both of good or ill, 
If ye can but do His will : 

4 Working ere the day is gone. 
Working till vour work is done. 
Not as trafticKers at marts, 
Put as fitteth honest hearts. 
Working till your spirits rest 
With the spirits of the blest. 

6 Praise to God, the Father, Son, 
Holy Siiirit, Three in One, 
Who to man beneath the heaven 
Happiiir-ss in work has given ; 
And, wlii'ii work on earth is o'er. 
Rest with Him for evermore. Amen. 

Godfrey Thring. 1879. 


Not slothful in business. 
Romans xii. 11. 

SUMMONED my labour to renew, 
And glad to act my part. 
Lord, in Thy name my work I do. 
And with a single heart. 

2 End of my every action Thou, 

In all tilings Thee I see; 
Accejit my hallowed labour now, 
1 do it unto Theo. 

3 Whate'er the Father views as Thine, 

He views with gracious eyes ; 
Jesus, thi.s mean oblation join 
To Thy great sacrifice. 

4 Stamped with an infinite desert. 

My work He tlieii shall own ; 
Will nleased with me, when mine Thou art, 
Aud I His favoured son. 

Wesley. 17.T.I. 


\J\J\J Let ,/5 not he weary in tviul- 
doing : for in due seasun xoe shall re.iip, if 
wefainl no<.— Galatians vl. 9. 

TEACH mo to live ! 'Tis easier far to die, 
Gently and silently to pa-ss awuy, 
On earth'n long night to close the heavy 
And waken In tlio glorious realms of day. 

Teach me that harder lesson how to live 
To servo Theo In the darkest jiatlis of 
Ann mr for conflict now, fresh vigour give. 
And make in« muro than conqueror in 


3 Teach me to live Thy purpose to fulfil: 

Bright for Thy glory let my taper shine; 
Each day renew, remould the stubborn 

will ; 

Closer round Thee my heart's affections 

4 Teach me to live for self and sin no more. 

But use the time remaining to me Vft ; 
Not mine own pleasure seeking as before. 
Wasting no precious hours In vain 

5 Teach me to live ! No idler let me be. 

But in Thy service hand aud heart 
Prepareil to do Thy bidding cheerfully, 
Be this my highest and my holiest .ioy. 

6 Teach me to live, my daily cross to bear. 

Nor nun-mur though I bend beneath its 

load ; 
Only be with me, let me feel Thee near ; 
Thy smile sheds gladness on the daik- 

ened road. 

7 Teach me to live and find my life in Thee, 

Looking from eaith and earthly things 

away ; 
Let me not falter, but untiringly 
Press on, and gain new strength and 

power each day. 

8 Teach me to live 1 with kindly words for 

Wearing no cold repulsive brow of 

Waiting with cheerful patience till Tliy call 
ununons my s 
Lome. Amen. 

1 patience 
Summons my spirit to its heavenly 
le. Amen. 
Ellen Elizabeth Burman. ISiJO. 



In Thy lir/ht shall we see light. 
Psalm xxxvi. 9. 

TEACH me, my God and King, 
In all things Thee lo see , 
And what 1 do in anything. 
To do It as for Thee. 

2 A man that looks on glass. 
On It may stay his eye ; 

Or If he pleaseth, through It pass, 
And then the heaven espy. 

3 All may of Theo partake : 
Nothing can be so mean, 

Whidi with this tincture, /or Thy sake. 
Will not grow bright and clean. 

4 A sorv.'int with this clause 
.Makrsdin.lgciy divine; 

Who sw.-eps :i loom, as for Tliy laws, 
Malie.s iliat and the action fine, 

5 This is the famous stone 
Tliat turiieth all to gold : 

For t hat which God dotli touch and own, 
Cannot fen- less bo told. 

George Herbert. 1632. all. 



In the morning sow thi; seed. 
Ecclesiastes xi. ti. 

QOW In the morn thy seed. 
O At evu hold not thy hand ; 
To doubt and fear give thou no lieod, 
Broadcast it o or the land. 

2 Beside all waters sow, 

The highway furrows stock ; 
Drop it where thorns and thistles grow, 
Scatter it on the rock. 

3 The good, the fruitful ground, 
E.xpect not here or there ; 

O'er hill and dale by plots 'tis found,— 
Go forth, then, everywhere. 

4 Thou know'st not which may thrive. 
Tilt late or early sown : 

Gract" keeps the precious germs alive. 
When and wherever strewn. 

5 And duly shall appear. 

In verdure, beauty, strength. 

The tender blade, the stalk, the ear. 

And the lull corn at langlh. 

C Thou canst not toil in vain- 
Cold, heat, and moist, and dry 
Shall foster and mature the grain, 
For garners in the sky. 

7 Thence, when the glorious end, 
The day of God, is come. 
The angel reapers shall descend. 
And heaven cry, ' Harvest home. 

James Montgomrrij. 1832. 


/ am come to send fire 
on the ear«/i.— Luke xii. 49. 

OTIIOU who earnest from above. 
The pure celestial fire to impart, 
Kindle a flame of sacred love 
On the mean altar of my heart. 

2 There let it for Thy glory burn, 

With inextinguishable blaze ; 
And trembling to its source return. 
In humble prayer and fervent praise. 

3 Jesus, confirm my heart's desire 

To work, and speak, and think for Thee ; 
Still let me guard the holy fire, 
And still stir up Thy gift in me. 

4 Ready for aU Thy perfect will. 

My acts of faith and love repeat. 

Till death Thy endless mercies seal, 

And make the sacrifice complete. 

Charles Wesley, l:^'i. 


We may boldly say. The 
Lord is my helper.— Hebrews xiii. 6. 

SAY not. my soul, ' From whence 
Can God relieve my care i ' 
Remember that Omnipotence 
Has servants everywhere. 

2 Cod's help is always auro. 
His methods seldom guessed ; 

Delay will make our pleasure pure. 
SurprLse will give it zest. 

3 His wisdom is sublime. 
His heart profoundly kind ; 

God never is before His time. 
And never is behind. 

4 Hast thou assumed a load. 
Which few will share with thee. 

And art thou carrying it for God, 
And shall He fail to see ? 

5 Be comforted at heart. 
Thou art not left alone ; 

Now, thou the Lord s companion art ; 

Soon, thou wilt share His throne. 

T. T. Lynch. iaj.'>. 


8.7. 8.7. 
Take therefore no thought 
for the »iorro!<;.— Matthew vi. 34. 

ONE by one the sands are flowing, 
One by one the moments fall ; 
Some are coming, some are going ; 
Do not strive to grasp them alL 

2 One by one thy duties wait thee. 

Let thy whole strength go to each. 
Let no future dreams elate thee. 
Learn thou first what thesecan teach. 

3 One by one, bright gifts from heaven, 

Joys are sent thee here below ; 
Take them readily when given. 
Ready, too, to let them go. 

4 One by one thy griefs shall meet thee. 

Do not fear an arm^d band ; 
One will fade as others greet thee ; 
Shadows passing through the land. 

5 Do not look on life's long sorrow ; 

See how small each nmment's pain ; 
God will help thee for to-morrow. 
So each day liegin again. 

6 Everj" hour that fleets so slowly 

Has its task to do or bear : 
Luminous the crown, and holy. 
When each gem is set with care. 

7 Do not linger with regretting. 

Or for passing hours despond ; 
Nor, the daily toil forgetting. 
Look too eagerly beyond. 

8 Hours are golden links. Gods token, 

Re;iching heaven ; but one by one 
Take them, lest the chain be broken. 
Ere the pilgrimage be done. 

Adelaide A. Procter, d. 1864. 


7 6. 7.6. 
Thou Shalt love thy neighbour 
as thyself.— Lev. xix. 18. 

OLORD, Thou art not fickle ; 
Our hope is not in vain ; 
Th'> harvest for the sickle 
\\ lu ripen yet aj;ain. 



2 But though enough be given 

For all the world to eat, 
Sin with Thy love has striven 
Its bounty to defeat. 

3 Were men to one another 

As kind as God to all, 
Then no man on his brother 
For help would vainly caU. 

4 On none for idle wasting 

Would honest labour frown ; 
And none, to riches hasting, 
Would tread his neighbour down. 

b Xo man enough possesses 
Until he has to spare ; 
Possession no man blesses 
While self is all his care. 

G For blessings on our labour, 
O then, in hope we pray. 
When love unto our neighbour 
Is ripening every day. 

T. T. Lynch. 1855. 



They that are Christ's 
have crucified thefiesh.—Gnl. v. 24. 

NEVER further than Thy cross ; 
Never higher than Thy feet ; 
Here earth s precious things seem dross ; 
Here earth's bitter things gi-ow sweet. 

2 Gazing thus our sin we see, 

Lc:irii Tliy love while gazing thus ; 
Sin uliiili laid the cross on Thee, 
Love wliiuh bore the cress for us. 

3 Here wc learn to serve and give, 

And, rejoicing, self deny; 
Here we gather love to live. 
Hero we gather faith to die. 

4 Symbols of our liberty 

And our service here unite ; 
Captives by Thy cross set free, 
Soldiers of Thy cross we fight. 

5 Pressing onwards as wo can, 

Still to this our hearts must tend ; 
Where our earliest hopes began, 
There our last a.splrings end : 

C Till amid the hosts of light. 

We iti Tli<*»> redeemed complete, 
Tinoiigli Tliy cross made pure and wliite. 
Cast our crowns before Thy feet. 
Elisabeth UunUle Charles. 1859. 


Who then is willing to 
'cerate h is si-rvice Ih is day unto the Lord ? 
1 CliroiilcloB xxix. r>. 

TOHI), in the strength of grace, 
J With a glad heart and free, 
Mysi-ir, my residue of days, 
I (•■! secrato to Thee. 

2 Thy ransomed .servant, t 
Restore to Thee Thy own ; 
And, from this moment, live or die 
To serve my God alone. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


7.6. 7.6. 
Lo, I come to do Thy will, 
God.— Heb. x. 9. 

I' O ! I come with joy to do 
J The Master's blessfed will ; 
Him in outward works pursue, 
.And serve His pleasure still : 
F.aithful to my Lord's commands, 

1 still would choose the better part, 
Serve with careful Martha's hands 

And loving Mary's heart. 

2 Careful without care I am. 

Nor feel my happy toil, 
Kept in peace by Jesu's name, 

Supported by His smile : 
.Toyful thus my faith to show, 
I r.ud His service my reward; 
Every work I do below, 

I do it to the Lord. 

3 Thou, Lord, in tender love. 

Dost all my burdens bear ! 
Lift my heart to things above. 

And fix it ever there : 
Calm on tumult's wheel I sit, 
'Midst busy multitudes alone. 
Sweetly waiting at Thv feet, 

Till all Thy will be done. 

4 Thou, O Lord, my portion art. 

Before I hence remove ! 
Now my treasure and my heart 

Are all laid up above : 
Far above all earthly things, 
Wliile yet my hands are here employed, 
Sees my soul the King of kings. 

And freely talks with God. 

5 O that all the art might know 

oniving thus to Thee I 
Find their heaven begun below. 

And here Thy glory see : 
Walk in all the works prepared 
liy Thee to exercise their grace. 
Till they gain their full reward. 
And see Thy glorious face. Amen. 
Wesley. 1747. 



O.C.C.6. 8.8. 
//(' pnniclh it, that it may 
bring forth more /ri<i<.— John xv. 2. 

^FT when of God wo ask 
For fuller, happier life. 
He sets us some new task. 
Involving care and strife : 
Is this the boon for which wo sought ? 
Has prayer new trouble on us brought ? 


2 Tliis Is Indeed the boon. 

Though strange to us it seems ; 
Wi- pierce the rock, and soon 

The blessing on us streams : 
For when we are the most athirst, 
Tlien the clear waters ou us burst. 

3 We toil aa in a field 

Wherein, to us unknown, 
A treasure lies concealed. 

Which may be all our own : 
And shall we of the toil comphiin. 
That speedUy will bring such gain ? 

4 We dig the wells of life. 

And God the water gives ; 

We win our way by strife. 

Then He within us lives : 

And only war could make us meet 

For peace so sacred and so sweet. 

T. T. Lynch. ISO 


671 10. 
It is good for ns to be here. 
Mark Ix. 6. 

STAY. Master, stay upon this heavenly 
A little longer let us linger still ; 
With all the mighty ones of old beside, 
Near to the awful Presence still abide ; 
Before the throne of light we trembling 

And catch a glimpse into the spirit-land. 

2 Stay, Master, stay ; we breathe a purer 

This life is not the life that waits us there : 
Thoughts, reelings, flashes, glimpses come 

and go ; 
We cannot speak them, nay, we do not 

know ; 
^\'rapt in this cloud of light we seem to be 
The thing we fain would grow— eterually. 

3 Ko ! saith the Lord, the hour is past, we 

Our home, our life, our duties lie below. 
While here we kneel upon the mount of 

The plough lies waiting in the furrow 

there : 
Here we sought God that we might know 

His will; 
There we must do it, serve Him, seek Him 


i If man aspires to reach the throne of God, 
O'er the dull plains of earth must lie the 

road : 
He who best does his lowly duty here. 
Shall mount the highest in a nobler sphere : 
At God's o%vn feet our spirits seek their 

And he is nearest Him who serves Him 


S. Grer/. 1- 


7.7. 4.4. 7. D. 
In the time of trouble He 
s/in.'l hide me in His i>avHion.—Vi. x.xvli. >. 

HEAD of Thv Church triui.iphant. 
We joyfully adore Thee ; 
Till Thou appear. 
Thy members here 
Shall sing like those in glory: 
We lift our hearts and voices 
With blest anticipation. 
And cry aloud. 
And give to God 
The praise of our salvation. 

2 \Miilc in afilictions furtiace. 

And passing through the fire. 
Thy love we praise, 
Wh:ch knows our days. 

And ever brings us uigher : 
We clap our hands exulting 

In Thine almighty favour ; 
The love divine 
Which made us Thine 

Shall keep us Thine for ever. 

3 Thou dost conduct Thy people 

Through torrents of temptation. 
Nor will we fear. 
While Thou art near, 

TliP fire of tribulation : 
The world with sin and Satan 

lu vain our march oiipuses. 
Through Thee we shall 
Break through them all. 

And sing the song of Moses. 

4 By faith we see the glory 

To which Thou shalt restore us. 

The cross despise 

For that high prize 
Which Thou hast set before us : 
And if Thou count us worthy, 
We each, as dying Steplien, 

Shall see Thee stand 

At God's right hand. 
To take us up to hea^ e.:. 

H\.sV(/. 17i9. 

orrq CM. 

\J t y~} OfiL-hom (he irholefamdu 

in heaven and earth is na>ntd.—Eph. iii. li 

H.APPY the souls to Jesus joined, 
And saved by grace alone. 
Walking in all His ways, they lind 
Their heaven on earth begmi. 

2 Tlie Church triumphant in Thy love. 

Their mighty joys we know ; 
They sing the Lamb in hpnns above. 
And we in hymns below. 

3 Thee, in Thy glorious realm they pnib?. 

And bow before Thy throne. 
We. in the kingdom of Thy >;i ace ; 
The kii.gdoms are but oi.e. 


4 The holy to the holiest leads, 
From thence our spirits rise, 
And he that in Thy statutes ti'eads, 
Shall meet Thee in the skies. 

Wesley. 1747. 


t) / 4: Happy is he that hath the 
God of Jacob for his help.— ¥%aXm cxlvi. 5. 

GOD of my life, through all my dnys, 
Jly grateful powers shall sound Thy 
praise ; 
My song shall wake with opening light, 
And cheer the dark and silent night. 

2 When anxious cares would break my 

And griefs would tear my thrnbliing 

Tliy tuneful praises, raised on high. 
Shall check the murmur and the sigh. 

3 WTien death o'er nature shall prevnil. 
And all the powers of language fail, 

Joy through my swimming eyes shall 

And mean the thanks I cannot speak. 

4 But O, when that last conflict's o'er, 
And I am chained to earth no more. 
With what glad accents shall I rise 
To join tlie music of the skies 1 

5 Soon shall I learn the exalted strains 
Wliicli echo through the heavenly plains ; 
And emulate, with .joy unknown. 

The glowing seraphs round the throne. 

6 The cheerful tribute will I give. 
Long as a deathle.ts soul shall live: 
A work so sweet, a theme so high. 
Demands and crowns eternity. 

Philip Doddridge. 17.">5. 


The mercy of the Lord. 
Psalm ciii. 17. 

ALL thanks be to God, 
Who scatters abroad. 
Throughout every place, 
Ry the least of His servants, His savour of 
grace : 
Who the victory gave, 
Tlie praise let Ilim have. 
Kor the work He hath done ; 
All honour and glory to Josus alone I 

2 Our conriuering Lord 
Hath prosjiorcd His word. 
Hath made It i)revall. 
And miglitllv sliak.'ii the kingdom of lirll : 
Hisiinii Me hath barrd. 
And a p>'n|)l(' prepared 
Ills glory to show, 
And witness the t>ower of His passion 


3 He hath opened a door 
To the penitent poor. 
And rescued from sin, 

Hath admitted the sinners and publicans in : 
They have heard the glad sound. 
They have liberty found. 
Through the blood of the Lamb, 

And plentiful pardon in Jesus's name. 

4 And shall we not sing 
Our Saviour "nd King? 
Thy witnesses, we 

With rapture ascribe our salvation to Thoe : 

Thou, Jesus, hast blessed 

And believers Increased, 

Who thankfully own, 
We are freely forgiven through mercy alone. 

5 His Spirit revives 
His work in our lives, 
Ilis wonders of grace. 

So mightily wrought in the primitive days : 
that all men might know 
His tokens below, 
Our Saviour confess. 
And embrace the glad tidings of pardon r.nd 
peace. Amen. 

Wesley. 1749. 

676 rt. Annpocstic. 
Glory to God in the hi(jhe.''t. 
Luke ii. 14. 

ALL glory to God in tlie sky. 
And peace upon earth be restored : 
O .lesus, exalted on high, 

.Appear our omnipotent Lord ! 
Who, meanly in Bethlehem born, 

IMdst stoop to redeem a lost race, 
Once more to Thy creatures return. 
And reign in Thy kingdom of grace ! 

2 When Thou in our flesh didst appear. 

All nature acknowledged Tliy birth ; 
Arose the a<'ceptable year. 

And hravi-n was opened on earth : 
Receiving its Lnrd from above. 

The world was united to bless 
The Giver of concord and love. 

The Prince and the Author of peace. 

3 wouldst Thou again bo made known, 

Au'ain in Thy Spirit drscciid, 
AiKlset up, in rach ol'Tliiiic mvii, 

A kingdom tliat n.'v.-r shall en. I : 
Thou only art able lo birss. 

.An.l Mi:'ikr tli.'^lad ii;ilions obey. 


whole world to Thy 

4 Come then to Thy servants again. 

Who long Thy appearing to know. 
Thy quiet and peaceable roigu 

In mercy establish below: 
All sorrow before Thee shall fly, 

And anger and hntred be o'er; 
And envy atid malice shall die, 

And dls<;ord alllict us no more. 

Jini'E AND JOY. 

5 No horrid alarum of wmp 

tjhall break our eternal repose, 
No sound of the trumpet is there. 
Where Jesus's Spirit o'erHows : 
Appeased by the charms of Thy qtacc, 

We all shall in amity join, 
And kindly each other embrace. 
And love with a passion like Thine. 
Charles Wesley. 17 It!. 



6.6.9. B.C, 9. 
I will rome again, and 
receive you unto Myself.— Jo\in xiv. 3. 

row happy are we 
Who in Jesus agree 
To expect His return from above I 
We sit under our Vine, 
And delightfully join 
In the praise of His excellent love. 

2 How pleasant and sweet. 

In His name when we meet, 
Is His fruit to our spiritual taste ! 

We are banqueting here. 

On angelical cheer. 
And the joys that eternally last. 

3 Invited by Him, 

We drink of the stream 
Ever flowng in bliss from the tlirone ; 

Who in Jesus believe. 

We the Spirit receive 
That proceeds from the Father and Si in. 

4 The unspeakable grace 
He obtained for our race. 

And the spirit of fiiith He imparts ; 

Then, then we conceive 

How in heaven they live. 
By the kingdom of God in our hearts. 

5 We remember the word 
Of our crucified Lord, 

\Mien He went to prepare us a place : 

' I will come in that day. 

And transport you away. 
And admit to a sight of My face." 

6 With earnest desire 
After Thee we aspire. 

And long Thy appearing to see ; 

Till our souls Thou receive 

In Thy presence to live. 
And be perfectly happy in Thee. 

Charles Wesley. 17r.7. 

2 With us no melancholy void. 
No puriod lingers unemployt-d, 

Or unimproved, below'; 
Our weariness of life is gon'f. 
Who live to serve our God alone. 

And only Thee to know. 

3 The winter's night, and suminor'a day. 
Glide imperceptibly away. 

Too short to sing Thy praise ; 
Too few we tind the happy Imurs, 
And haste to join those heavenly pow.;r3 

In everlasting lays. 

4 With all wlio chant Thy name on high, 
And 'Holy. Holy, Holy,' cry, 

A bright harmonious throng; 
We long Tliy praises to repeat, 
And restless sing, around Thy seat. 

The new, eternal song. 

Charles Wt^^lcy. 1749. 



Happii art thou, Tsrael. 
Deut. xxxiii. 29. 

HOW happy, gracious Lord ! are wc 
Divinely drawn to follow Thee, 
WTiose hours divided are 
Betwixt the mount and multitude ; 
Our day is spent in doing good. 
Our night in praise and prayer. 

5..i, 5.5. 
Pejoice evermore. 
1 Thessalonians v. 16. 

TET all men rejoice, 
i By Jesus restored ; 
We lift up our voice. 

And call Him our Lord ; 
His joy is to us. 

And free us from thrall. 
From all that oppress us, 
He rescues us all. 

2 Him Prophet, and King, 

And Priest we proclaim. 
We triumph and sing 

Of Jesus's name ; 
Poor sinners He teaches 

To show forth His praise. 
And tell of the ri<.-bes 

Of Jesus's grace. 

3 No matter how dull 

The scholar whom He 
Takes into His school. 

And gives him to see ; 
A wonderful fashion 

Of teaching He hath. 
And wnse to salvation 

He makes us through faith. 

4 Tlie wavfaring men. 

Though fools, shall not str.iy, 
His method so plain. 

So easy the way ; 
Tht' simplest bt'IievfT 

His promise may prove. 
And drink of the river 

Of Jesus's love. 

5 Poor outcasts of m'-n. 

Whose souls were despised. 
And left with disdain. 

By Jesus are prized : 
His'gracious creation 

In us He makes known. 
And brings us silvatioii. 

And calls us His owni. 

Charles Wesley. 




G.U. S.8. 
He is. faithful and just 
toforijive us our sins. — 1 John i. 9. 

VE ransomed sinners, hear, 

1 The prisoners of the Lord, 

And wait till Christ appear, 

According to His word : 

Rejoice in hope, rejoice with mc. 

We shall from all our sins be free. 

2 In God we put our trust ; 

If we our sins confess, 
Faithful He is, and just. 
From all unrighteousness 
To cleanse us all, both you and me ; 
We shall from all our sins be free. 

3 Surely in us the hope 

or glory shall appear; 
Sinners, your heads lift up, 

And see redemption near : 
Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, 
We shall from all our sins be free. 

4 Who Jesu's sufTerings share, 

My fellow-prisoners now, 
Ye soon the crown shall wear 

On your triumphant brow : 
Rojoice in hope, rejoice with me. 
We shall from all our sins bo free. 

5 The word of God is sure, 

And never can remove. 
We shall in heart be pure, 

And perfected in love : 
Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me. 
We shall from all our sins be free. 

6 Then let us gladly bring 

Our sacrifice of praise. 
Let us give thanks, and sing. 

And glory in His grace : 
Rejoice in hope, rejoice with mc. 
We shall from all our sins be free. 

Wesley. 174: 


Tn all these thinns tve are 

more than conquerors, through Ilim that 

loved U.S.— Romans viii. 37. 

WHEN I can read my title clear 
VV To mansions in tlie skies, 
I bid farewell to every fear. 
And wipe my weeping eyes. 

2 Should eartli against my soul engage, 

And hellish darts be hurled. 

Then I can smile at Satan's rage. 

And face a frowning world. 

3 Let cares like a wild delude come, 

And storms of sorrow fall, 
May I but safely reach my homo. 
My God, my heaven, my all. 

4 There shall I bathe my weary soul 

In seas of heavenly ri'st. 

And not a wave of trouble roll 

Across my peaceful breast 

Isaac Walts. 1700. 


5.5. 5.5. fi.5. 6.i 
I tc ill praise TJiee . . . 
with my ivhole /tea r(.— Psalm ix. 1. 

OWHAT shall I do 
My Saviour to praise. 
So faithful and true. 

So plenteous in grace, 
So strong to deliver, 
So good to redeem 
The weakest believer 
That hangs upon Him I 

2 How happy the man 

Whose heart is set free. 
The people that can 

Be joyful in Thee ! 
Their jov is to walk in 

The light of Thy fice. 
And still they are talking 

Of Jesus's grace. 

3 Their daily delight 

Shall be in Thy name ; 
They shall as their right 

Thy righteousness claim : 
Thy righteousness wearing. 

And cleansed by Thy blood, 
Bold shall they appear in 

The presence of God. 

4 For Thou art their boast. 

Their glory and power ; 
And I also trust 

To see the glad hour. 
My souls new creation, 

A life from the dead. 
The day of salvation, 

That lifts up my head. 

5 For Jesus, my Lord, 

Is now my Defence ; 
I trust in His word, 

None plucks me from thence ; 
Since I have found favour, 

He all things will do ; 
My King and luy Saviour 

Shall make me anew. 

6 Yes, Lord, I shall see 

The bliss of Thine own. 
Thy scent to mo 

Shall sodii 111' made known; 
For siiiTdw :ii](l siKhiess 

1 joy shall rci'eive. 
And share in the gladness 

Of all that believe. 


Wesleii. 1742. 

.'■)..'). 5.5. 0.5. 6.i 
Sinoinij u-ith grace in 
your hearts to the Lord.— Col. ill. IG. 

Look down from above; 
Assist us to sing 

Thy mercy and love ; 
So sweetly o erilowing, 

So plenteous the store, 
Thou still art bestowing, 
And giving us more. 


2 God of our life, 

We ballow Thy name ; 

bob We also joy in God throuoh 
our Lord Jesa.'i— Hoiuaus v. 11. 

Our business and strife 

Is Thee to proclaim ; 

Accept our thanksgiving 

"IVTY God, the spring of all my joys, 
M The life of my delights. 

For creating grace ; 

The living, the livinj' 
Shall show forth Tliy praise. 

The glory of my bi ightest days. 

And comfort of my nights : 

3 Our Father and Lord, 

2 In darkest shades, if Thou appear. 

Almii?htv art Thou ; 

My dawning is Iwgim: 

I'rcservcd hy Tliy word. 

Thou art my souls bright morning star. 

We worsliip Thee now ; 

And Thou my rising sun. 

The bountiful Donor 

Of all we enjoy ; 

3 The opening heavens around meshlno 

Our tongues to Thine honour, 

With iM-.ims of sacred bliss. 

And lives we employ. 

If Jesus shows His mercy mine. 

And whispers I am His. 

4 But : above aU, 

Tliy kindness we praise, 

4 My soul would leave this heavy clay 

From sin and from thrall 

At that transpoiting word ; 

Which saves the lost race ; 

Run up with joy the shining way, 
To see and praise my Lord. 

Thy Son Thou given 

The world to redeem, 

And bring us to heaven. 

5 Fearless of hell and ghastly death. 

Whose trust is in Hiin. 

Id break through every foe ; 

The wings of love, and arms of faith 

5 Wherefore of Thy love 
We sing and re.joice, 
With angels above 

Would bear me conqueror though. 
Isaac M'atts. lTu9. 

We lift up our voice ; 

Thy love each believer 

Shall gladly adore, 
For ever and ever. 

O ^ '--^ In quietness and in confidence 

When time is no more. 

shall be your strength.— IseLiah xx.x. 15. 

VTedey. 1742. 

TV rY Father, it is good for me 
lu To trust and not to trace. 

And wait with deep humility 

For Thy revealing grace. 

CtOA 7.C.7.6. D. 
OOtfc I xom sing of mercy and 

2 Lord, when Thy way is in the sea. 

judgment.— VsiAhn ci. 1. 

And sti-ange to mortal sense, 

IV r Y song shall be of mercy ; 
iVl Come, ye who love the Lord, 

I love Thee in the mystery, 
I trust Thy providence. 

Who know that He is gracious. 

3 I cannot see the secret things 

Who trust His faithful word ; 

In th s mv dark abode ; • 

Tell out His words with gladness. 

I niay not reach with earthly wings 

With me exalt His name. 

The heights and depths of God. 

Whose love enduresi for ever, 

To endless years the same. 

4 So, faith and patience, wait awhile : 

Not doubting, not in fear; 

2 JMy song shall be of Judgment ; 
Ye who His chastenings feel, 
faint not, nor be weary. 
He wounds that He may heal ; 

For soon in heaven my Father s smile 

Shall render all things clear. 

5 Then Thou shalt end time's short ec!l|«e. 

Yea. bless the hand that smiteth, 

Its dim uncertain night ; 

.\nd in your grief confess 

Bring in the grand apocalypse. 
Reveal the perfect light. all His ways are wisdom. 

And truth, and righteousness. 

George Hawson. 1676. 

3 Of mercy and of judgment 

To Tliee, Lord, we sing ; 
Father. Son. and Spirit, 

687 The peace of God wh ich passr^h "" 

great eternal King : 
For only Thou art holy, 

allunderstan im;.— Philippians iv 7. 

For Thou art Lord alone ; 

"IVE bless Thee for Thy peace. Gwi. 
TT Deep as the unfathomed sea. 

And mercy still and judgment 

Are pillars of Thy throne. 

Which faUs like sunshine on the road 

Henry Downton. 1851. 

Of those who trust in Tht-e. 




2 We ask not, F'ather, for ropo-e 

Which comes from outward rest, 
If we may have throuj^h all life's woes 
Thy peace within our breast ; 

3 That peace which suffers and is strong, 

Trusts where it cannot see, 
Deems not the trial-way too long, 
But leaves the end witli Thoe ; 

4 That peace which flows serene and deep, 

A river in the soul 
Whose banks a living verdure keep, 
God's sunshine o'er the whole. 

5 Father, give our hearts this peace, 

W'hate'ei- the outward be. 
Till all life's discipline shall cease, 
And we go home to Thee. Amen. 


6.4. 6.4. 6.6.4. 
Enoch walked with God : 
and he was not ; for God took him. 
Genesis v. 24. 
\T7-ALKING with Thee, my God, 
W Saviour benign. 
Daily confer on me 

Converse divine ; 
Jesus! in Thee restored, 
Brother and holy Lord, 
Let it be mine. 

2 Walking with Thee, my God, 

Like as a child 
Leans on his father's strength, 

Crossing the wild. 
And by the way is taught 
Lessons of holy thought. 

Faith undefiled. 

3 Darkness and earthly mists 

How do they Hee 
Far underneath my feet, 

WalkiiiLC with Thee ! 
Pure is tlml n|.p-r air. 
Cloud li'ss I la- i.r.i^iK'ct there, 

Walking with Thee ! 

4 Walking in reverence, 

Humbly with Tiieo. 
Yet from all abject fear 

Lovingly fn^e ; 
E'en as a friend with friend. 
Cheered to the journey's end, 

Walking with Thee ! 

6 Then Thy companions hero 

Walking with Tlu-o 
Rise to a higher life— 

Soul liberty ; 
Tfie;/ are not here to lovo, 
But to the home abovo 

Taken by Thee. 

6 Gently translated, they 
FaBS out of sight; 
Gone ! as the morning stars 

Fleo with the night ; 
Taken to endless day 1 
bo may I fade away 

Into Tby light. Amen. 

George liawaon. 1876. 


Turn you to the stronghold, 
ye prisoners of hope.— Zech. ix. 12. 

PRISONERS of hope, arise, 
.Vnd see your Lord appear ; 
Lo ! on the wings of love He flies. 
And brings redemption near. 

2 Redemption in His blood 
He calls you to receive ; 

' Look unto Me, the pardoning God ; 
Believe,' He cries, ' believe '. ' 

3 The reconciling word 
We thankfully embrace ; 

Rejoice in our redeeming Lord, 
A blood-besprinkled race. 

4 We yield to be set free ; 
Thy counsel we approve ; 

Salvation, praise, ascribe to Thee, 
And glory in Thy love. 

5 Jesus, to Thee we look, 

TiU saved from sin's remains ; 
Reject the inbred tyrant's yoke, 
And cast away his chains. 

6 Our nature shall no more 
O'er us dominion have ; 

By faith we apprehend the power 
Which shall for ever save. 


Charles Wesley. 1749. 

10.10. 10.10. Ui.lO. 
The Lord is my portion, 
saith my soui.— Lamentations iii. 24. 

LONG did I toil, and knew no earthlv 
Far did I rove, and found no certain 
At last I sought them in His sheltering 
Who opes His arms, and bids the weary 

With Him I found a home, a rest divine; 
And I since then am His, and He is mine. 

2 The good I have is from Ills stores sup- 

The ill is only Ho deems the best ; 
With Him as Friend I'm rich, with nought 
And i)()or without Him, though of all 
Changes may come ; I t^ke, or I resign ; 
Content while I am His, while He is mine. 

3 Whate'er may change, in Him no change 

is seen ; 
A glorious sun, that wanes not, nor do- 
dines ; 
Above till! clouds and storms He walks 
And sweetly on His people's darkness 
All may depart ; I ft-ot not nor repine. 
While 1 my Saviour's am, while lie is mine. 


4 While here, alas ! I know but half His love. 
But half discern Him, and but half 
adore ; 
But when I meet Him in the realms above, 
I hope to love Him better, praise Him 
And feel, and tell, amid the choir divine, 
How fully I am His, and He is mine. 

U. F. Lyte. 1833. 


I am continually with Thee. 
Psalm Ixxiii. 23. 

OTHOU by long experience tried, 
Xear whom no grief can long abide, 
My Lord I how full of sweet content 
My years of pilgrimage are spent. 

2 AH scenes alike engaging prove 

T<i souls impressed with sacred love ; 
Where'er they dwell, they dwell with 

In heaven, in earth, or on the sea. 

3 To me remains nor place nor time ; 
My country is in every clime ; 

I can be calm and free from care 
Un any shore, since God is there. 

4 While place we seek or place we shun, 
The soul finds happiness in none : 
But with my God to guide my way, 
'Tis equal joy to go or stay. 

6 Could I be cast where Thou art not. 
That were, indeed, a dreadful lot ; 
But regions none remote I call, 
Secure of finding God in all. 

6 Then let me to His throne repair. 
And never be a stranger there ; 
Then love divine shall be my guard, 
And peace and safety my rewaid. 

Madame Guion. d. 1717. 
Tr. William Cowper. 1780. 

692 , 


am com/i a light into the world. 
John xli. 46. 

LIGHT of the world ! whose kind and 
gentle care 

Is Joy and rest ; 
Whose counsels and commands sogn'aclous 

Wisest and best : 
Shine on my path, dear Lord, and guard 

the way. 
Lest my poor heart, forgetting, go astray. 

2 Lord of my life : my souls most pure 

Its hope and peace ; 
let not the faith Thy loving words Insp're 

Falter, or cease ; 
But be to me, true Friend, my chief de- 
And safely guide, that every step be right. 

3 My blessed Lord ! what bliss to feel Thee 


Faithful and true : 
To trust in Thee, witLout one doubt or 

Thv >vill to do ; 
And all the while to know that Thou, 

our Friend. 
Art blessing us, and wilt bless to the end. 

4 And then, 0, then ! when sorrow's night 

Is o'er. 

Life's daylight come. 
And we are safe within heaven's golden 

At home ! at home : 
How ftill of elad rejoicing will we raise, 
Saviour, to Thee, our everlasting praise. 

Henry Bateman. 1W52. 

re €hnvch oi Cljrtst. 




Who redeemeth th>i lije 
from di'stract ion.— V^ni cm. 4. 

AND are we yet alive. 
And see each other's face? 
Glory and praise to Jesus give 
For His redeeming giace ! 

2 Preserved by power divine 
To full salvation here. 
Again In Jesus praise we .join. 
And in His sight appear. 

• 3 \A"h;%t troubles have we seen. 

What conflicts have we 
Fightings without, and fears within, 

:iin";e we assembled last ; 

4 But oiit of all the Lord 

H.ifll broilLTht "s by Ilis love ; 
Aud >rill He doth His h.'M' atTord. 
And hides our life above. 

r. Then let us make our boast 

Of His redeeming power. 

Whirli saves us to the utfermost. 

Till we can sin no more. 



6 Let US take np the cross. 
Till we the ciown obtain ; 
And gladly reckon all things loss, 
tjo we may Jesus gain. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


Wherefore comfort your- 
selves together, and edify one another. 
1 Thessalonians v. 11. 

ALL praise to our redeeming Lord, 
Who joins us by His grace. 
And bids us, each to each restored. 
Together seek His face. 

2 He bids us build ench other up, 

And, gathered into one. 
To our higli callings glorious hope 
We hand in hand go on. 

3 The gift which He on one bestows, 

We all delight to prove ; 
The grace tlirougli every vessel flows, 
In purest streams of love. 

4 Even now we think and speak the same. 

And cordially agree ; 
Concentred all, through Jesu's name. 
In perfect harmony. 

5 We all partake the Joy of one. 

The common peace we feel ; 
A peace to sensual minds unknown, 
A joy unspeakable. 

6 And if our fellowship below 

In Jesus be so sweet. 
What heights of rapture shall we know 
When round His throne we meet : 

Wesley. 1747. 


6.6. 6.6. S 
Behold, how rjood and how 
pleasant it is for brethren to dwell togethi 
in unity.— l'sa.\n\ cxxxiii. 1. 

r>KHOLD. how good a thing 
) It is to dwell in peace ; 
How pleasing to our King, 
This fruit of righteousnes.s ; 
When brethren all in t)ne agree. 
Who knows the Joys of unity! 

2 Wien all nri^ sweetly Joined, 

True iMl'idwers of tlie Lamb, 
The sane' in lieart and mind, 
And think and speak the same ; 
And all in love tocether dwell ; 
* Tho comfort is unspeakable. 

3 Where unity takes place, 

The J. .VS of heaven we prnv.!; 
This is llie gc>s|)Pl graei-. 
The unction from ahove, 
Tho Spirit on all hBlJevers slied, 
D''8<;oieling awilt from Christ our Hc.i 

4 Where unity is foiimi, 

The sweet anoiutiiig grace 
Extends to all around, 

And consecrates the place ; 
To every waiting soul it comes. 
And fills it with divine perfumes. 

5 Grace every morning new, 

And every night, we feel ; 
The soft, refreshing dew 

That faUs on Hermon's hill ; 
On Sion it doth sweetly fall ; 
The grace of one descends on all. 

6 Even now our Lord doth pour 

The blessing from above, 
A kindly gracious shower 

Of heart-reviving love. 
The former and the latter rain. 
The love of God and love of man. 

7 The riches of His grace 

In fellowship are given 
To .Sions chosen race. 
The citizens of heaven : 
He fills them with the choicest store, 
He gives them life for evermore. 

Wesley. 1742 


The grace of our Lord 
Jesus Christ be xviih your ."pir it. —G-a\. vi. 18. 

AND let our bodies part. 
To different climes repair; 
Inseparably joined in heart 
The friends of Jesus are. 

2 Jesus, the Corner-stone, 
Did first our hearts unite. 

And still He keeps our spirits one, 
Who walk with Him in white. 

3 let us still proceed 
In Jesu's work below ; 

And, following our triumphant Head, 
To farther conquests go ! 

4 The vineyard of their Lord 
Before His labourers lies ; 

And, lo ! we see the vast reward 
Which waits us in tho skies. 

5 let our heart and mind 
Continually ascend, 

That haven of repose to find 
Whore all oui' labours end ! 

C Where all o\ir toils are o'er. 
Our sufl'erings and our pain ; 
Who meet on that eternal shore 
Shall never part again. 

7 O happy, happy place, 
Where saints and angels meet ! 

There we shall see each otlier's face, 
And all our brethn-n greet. 

8 The Clnirrli of the first-horn, 
W.. shall with them bo blest, 

And, erowiied with endless Joy, return 
To our utui iial rest. 

Charles Wesley. 1719. 



lam the Good Shepherd, 
and know My s/ieep.— John x. 14. 

JESUS, great Shepherd of the sheep, 
To Tliee for help we fly ; 
Thy little flock in safety keep, 
Kor.O ! the wolf is nigh. 

2 He comes, of deadly malice full, 

To scatter, tear, and slay ; 
He seizes every straggling soul 
As his own lawful prey. 

3 Us into Thy protection take. 

And gather with 'I'liy arm ; 

Unless the fold wo first forsake. 

The wolf can never harm. 

4 We laugh to scorn his cruel power, 

While by our Shepherds side : 
Tlie sheep he never can devour, 
Uidess he first divide. 

5 do not suffer him to part 

The souls that here agree ! 
r.ut make us of one mind and lieart, 
And keep us one in Thee. 

C Together let us sweetly live. 
Together let us die ; 
And each a starry crown receive. 
And reign above the sky. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


\J^<J Be ye all of one mind, . . . 

be pitiful, be courteous.— 1 Peter iiL 8. 

JESUS. Lord, we look to Thee, 
Let us in Thy name agree : 
Show Thyself the Prince of Peace, 
Bid our jars for ever cease. 

2 By Thy reconciling love. 
Every stumbling-block remove ; 
Each to each >mite, endear. 
Come, and spread Thy banner here ! 

3 Make ns of one heart and mind. 
Courteous, pitiful, and kind. 
Lowly, meek, in thought and word, 
Altogether like our Lord. 

4 Lot us for each other care. 
Each the other's burden bear. 
To Thy Church the pattern give. 
Show how true believers live. 

5 Free from anger and from pride. 
Let us thus in God abide ; 

All the depths of lore express. 
All the heights of holiness. 

6 Let us then with joy remove 
To the family above ; 

On the wings of angels fly. 
Show how true believers die. Amen. 
Charles Wf.-leii. 1749. 


By one Spirit are ire nil 
baptized into one body.—l Cor. xll. 1,1. 

JESUS, united by Thy grace. 
And each to each endeared. 
With confidence we seek Thy fac«, 
And know our prayer is heard. 

2 Still let us own our common Lord, 

Anil bear Thine e.asy yoke ; 

A band of love, a threefold cord. 

Which never can be broke. 

3 Make us into one spirit drink ; 

Baptize into Thy name ; 
And let us always kindly think. 
And sweetly speak the same. 

4 Touched by the loadstone of Thy love. 

Let all our hearts agree ; 
And ever towards eacli other move, 
And ever move towards TIkc. 

5 To Thee inseparably Joined, 

Let all our spirits cleave ; 

Tiiay we all the loving ndnd 

That was in Thee receive ! 

6 This is the bond of perfectness. 

Thy spotless charity ; 
O let us, still we pray, po.«sess 
The mind that was in Thee ! Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1742. 

700 s.M, 

I \J\J Where trco or three are 
gathered together in My name, there am I in 
the midst ofthem.—Ua,tt. xviii. "JU. 

TESUS, we look to Thee. 
V Thy promised presence claim ; 
Thou in the midst of us shall be, 
Assembled in Thy name : 

2 Thy name salvation is. 
Which here we come to prove : 

Thy name is life, and health, and peace. 
And everlasting love. 

3 Not in the name of pride 
Or selfishness we meet ; 

From nature s paths we turn aside, 
And worldly thoughts forget. 

4 We meet, the grace to take 
Which Thou hast freely given ; 

Wo meet on earth for Thy dear sako 
That we may meet in heaven. 

r> Present we know Thou art ; 
But. O, Thyself reveal ! 
Now, Lord, let every bounding heart 
The mighty comfort feeL 

6 O ma.y Thy quickening voice 
The death of sin remove. 
And bid our inmost souls rx-joice 
In hope of perfect love : Amen. 

Charles Weslei/. 174D. 



7.7. 7.7. 
We . . . are one hndy in Christ. 
Romans xii. 5. 

PARTXERS of a glorious hope. 
Lift your hearts and voices up ; 
Jointly let I'S rise, and sing 
Christ our Prophet, Priest, and King. 

2 Monuments of Jesu's grace, 
Speak we by our lives His praise ; 
Walk in Him we have received ; 
Show we not in vain believed. 

3 While we walk with God in light, 
God our hearts doth still unite ; 
Dearest fellowship we prove. 
Fellowship in Jesu's love. 

4 Sweetly each, with each combined. 
In the bonds of duty joined, 
Feels the cleansing blood applied. 
Daily feels that Christ hath died. 

6 Still, Lord, our faith increase. 
Cleanse from all unrighteousness : 
Thee the unholy cannot see ; 
Make, make us meet for Thee I 

6 Every vile affection kill ; 
Root out every seed of ill ; 
Utterly abolish sin ; 

Write Thy law of love within. 

7 Hence may all our actions flow ; 
Ix)ve the proof that Christ we know ; 
Mtitual love the token be, 

Lord, that we belong to Thee. 

8 Love, Thine image, love impart ! 
Stamp it on our face and heart ! 
Only love to us be given ! 

Lord, we ask no other heaven. Amen. 
Wesley. 1746. 


One Lord, one faith, 
one 6a;v<iTOi.— Ephesians iv. 5. 

BUILD us in one body xip. 
Called in one high calling's hope ; 
One the Spirit whom we claim. 
One the pure baptismal flame : 

2 One the faith, the common Lord, 
One the Father lives adored. 
Over, through, and in us all, 
God incomprehensible. 

8 Steadfast let us cleave to Theo ; 
Love the mystic union be. 
Union to the world unknown. 
Joined to God in spirit one : 

4 Wait wo till the Spouse shall co!nn. 
Till tl]" Lai. lb shall t:ike us lioiri.-, 
K'lr Ills hravi'ii tli.' I'.rid"- ipn-pmo, 
Si'lemiiizo our nuiillals there. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 



IicUlput My Spirit 
within you.— Ezekiel xxxvi. 27. 

TTXCHANGEABLE. almighty Lord, 
U Our souls upon Thy truth we stay ; 
Accomplish now Thy faithful word. 
And give, give us all one way : 

2 let us all join hand in hand. 

Who seek redemption in Thy blood, 
Fast in one mind and spirit stand, 
And build the temple of our God ! 

3 Thou only canst our wills control. 

Our wild, unr\ily passions bind. 
Tame the old Adam in our soul. 
And make us of one heart and mind. 

4 Speak but the reconciling word. 

The winds shall cease, the waves subside 
We all shall praise our common Lord, 
Our Jesus, and Him crucified. 

5 Giver of peace and unity. 

Send down Thy mild, pacific Dove : 
We all shall then in one agree, 
And breathe the spirit of Thy love. 

6 let us tnke a softer mould. 

Blended and gathered unto Thee ; 

Under one Shepherd make one fold, 

Where all is love and harmony : 

7 Regard Thine own eternal prayer, 

And send a peaceful answer down ; 
To us Thy Father's name declare ; 
Unite and perfect us in one ! 

8 So shall the world believe and know 

That God hath sent Thee from above. 
When Thou art seen in us below, 
And every soul displays Thy love. 

Wesley. 1742. 

rjrvA c.M. 

' '^ j: Come in, thou blessed of 
the i-oni.— Genesis xxiv. 31. 

riOME in. thou blessed of the Lord, 
\l Stranger nor foe art thou ; 
We welcome theo with warm accord. 
Our friend, our brother now. 

2 The hand of fellowship, the heart 

Of love, we offer thee ; 
Leaving the world, thou dost but part 
From lies and vanity. 

3 Till' cnp of blessing which we bless, 

The l^'uvcnly bn^ad we break. 
Our Saviours blood and righteousness, 
Freely with us partake. 

4 In weal or woe. in joy or care. 

Thy portion shall be ours ; 
Christians their mutual burdens bear, 
'i'h(!y lend their mutual jiowers. 


b C'ltiie with IIS : wu will ilo thee good, 
As God to us hatli done ; 
Stand but in Him, as those have stood, 
Whose faith the victory won. 

6 And whon. by turns, we pass away. 
As star by star irrows dim. 
May ft^K'li. tiaiLshited into day, 
lie lost and t'oiiiid in Him. Amen. 
James Montgomery. is;u. 

rrrvR 5.5. 5.5. 6.3. G.5. 

f \JkJ Christ the power of flod, 
and the wisdom of God.—l Corinthians i. 2*. 

A LL thanks to the Lamb, 
A Who gives us ti> meet ; 
His love we proclaim. 

His praises repeat ; 
We own Him our Jesus, 

Continually near 
To pardon and bless us, 

And perfect us here. 

2 In Him we have peace. 

In Him we have power, 
Pnvserved by His f;rai-e 

Throughout the durk hour. 
In all our tei.iptations 

Ho keeps us to prove 
His utmost salvation. 

His fulness of love. 

3 what shall we do 

Our Saviour to love ? 
To make us anew. 

Come. Lord, from above. 
The fruit of Thy passion. 

Thy holiness, ^ve. 
Give us the .salvation 

Of all that believe. 

i Come, Jesus, and loose 

The stammerer's tongue, 
And teach even us 

The spiritual sonsr: 
Let us without ceasing 

Give thanks for Thy grace, 
And glory, and blessing. 

And honour, and 

5 Pronounce the glad word. 

And bid us be free ; 

Ah ! hast Thou not. Lord, 

A blessing for me ? 
The peace Thou hast given 

This moment impart. 
And open Thy heaven, 
O Love, in ray heart. Amen. 

Charles ires/ey. 1749. 


Search me, God, and Itiow 
viy heart: try vie. and knoic my thoughts. 
Psalm c.xxxix. 23. 

TRV us, O God, and search the ground 
Of every sinful heart, 
Whatp'er of sin in us is found, 
bid it aU depart ! 

2 When to the right or left we stray. 

Leave us not comfoi th-sH ; 
But guide our feet into the wsiy 
Of everlasting peace. 

3 Help us to help each other. Lord, 

Kach otlinr's to bcir. 

Let each his friendly aid atturd. 

And feel his brother s care. 

4 Help us to build each other up, 

Our little stock improve ; 
Increase our faith, confirm our hope. 
And perfect us in love. 

5 Up into Thee, our living Head. 

I<et us in all things grow. 
Till Thou hast made us free indeed, 
And spotless here below. 

6 Then, when the mighty work is \*Tought, 

keceive Thy ready bride ; 
Give us in heaven a happy lot 
With all the sanctified. Amen. 

Cfiarles Wes:ey. 1742. 




I vy f The (fr/'atext of these is charily. 

1 Corinthians xiii. 13. 

GIVE me the faith which can remove 
And sink the mountain to a plain ; 
Give me the child-like praying love. 

Which longs to build Thy house again ; 
Thy love let it my heart o'erpower. 
And all my simple soul devour. 

2 I want an even, strong desire, 

I want a calmly fervent zeal. 
To save poor souls out of the fire. 

To snatch them from the verge of hell. 
And turn them to a pardoning Gfxl. 
And quench the brands in Jesu's blood. 

3 I would the precious time redeem. 

And longer live for this alone. 
To spend, and to be spent, for them 

Who have not yet my Saviour known ; 
Fully on these my mission prove. 
And only breathe, to breathe Thy love. 

4 My talents, gifts and graces. Lord, 

Into Thy bles-s.-d hands receive : 
And let me live to preach Thy word. 

And let me to Thy glory live ; 
My every sacred moment spend 
In publishing the sinner's Friend. 

5 Enlarge, inlanie, and fill my heart 

With boundle.-;s charity divine ; 
So shall I all my strength exert. 

.And love them with a zeal like Thine ; 
And lead them to Thy oj>en side. 
The sheep for whomtheii- Shepherd died. 
Charles Weslev. 1749. 



The Shepherd and Bishop 
of your souls. ~\ Poter ii. 25. 

OLOKD and Bishop of our souls, 
We bow the lowly knee, 
And pray that .strength he sent to those 
Who minister for Thee. 

O ! give them solemn, fe.arless words 

Wliich may amuse the old; 
Give triciwiui,' love, that they may draw 

The lambs within Thy fold. 

3 Give lips that burn with heavenly fire, 

From pride and error free ; 
And earnest hearts to plead witli those 
Who never plead with Thee. 

4 And grant them, too, a patient zeal, 

A zeal that will not slack ; 
Nor shun to bear with wayward sheep. 
And bring the wanderer back. 

That when at length their work is o'er. 

And rest in heaven is won ; 
Each faithful servant may receive 
Thy welcome word—' Well done.' 

John P. Jlobson. 1881. 



7 irill also clothe her priests 
with salvation.— I'udhn c.xxxii. 16. 

LORD, pour Thy Spirit I'rom on high. 
And Thine ordained servants bless, 
And grace and gifts to each supply, 
.\nd clothe them all with righteousness. 

2 Within Thy temple when they stand. 

To teach the truth as taught by 'I'hoe, 
Like shining stars in Thy right hand, 
Let all Thy Church's pastors bo. 

3 True wi.sdom, firmness, love impart. 

And zeal and meekness from above, 
To V)ear Thy people in their heart, 
And love the souls whom Thou dost love : 

4 To love, and pray, and never faint, 

I'.y day and night their guard to keep. 
To warn the sinner, form the saint, 
To feed Thy lambs, and tend Thy sheep. 

So. when their work is fini.shed here, 

They may in hope their charge resign; 
So, when their Ma.ster shall appear. 
They may with crowns of glory shine. 

James Montgomery. 1833. 
J'rnyer irns mode without 
rea.nng of the C/mrch vnto (Jud/or him. 
Acts xil. 5. 

TORn of the Chureh, we hnmhly pray 
i For tliose who guide us in Thy way. 
And speak Thy holy word ; 
With love divine their hearts inspire. 
And touch their lips with hallr)wed lire. 
And Jieedful sirongth alford. 


2 Help them to preach the truth of God, 
liedemiitinn thnnigh the Saviour's blood; 

Nor h-t till- Spirit cease 
On all ihc Clinnh His gifts to .shower; 
To them a messenger of power. 

To us, of lite and peace. 

3 So may they live to Thee alone ; 

Then hear the welcome word, " Well done : ' 
And tike their crown above ; 

Knter into their Master's joy. 

And all eternity employ 

In praise, and bliss, and love. Amen. 
Edtoard Osier. 183G. 


Ilereive him . . . with all 
firZati7i«ss.— Philippians ii. 29. 


''E bid thee welcome in the name 
or Jesus our exalted Head. 
Come as a servant : so He came ; 
And we receive thee in His 

2 Come as a shepherd : guard and keep 

This fold from hell and earth and sin. 
Nourish the lambs, and feed the sheep. 
The wounded heal, the lost bring in. 

3 Come as a watchman : take thy stand 

Upon thy tower amidst the sky, 
And when the sword comes on the land, 
Call us to fight, or warn to lly. 

4 Come as an angel : hence to guido 

A band of pilgrims on their way, 
That, safely walking at thy side, 
We fail not, faint not, turn, nor stray. 

5 Come as a teacher: sent from God, 

Charged His whole couns.'l to declare. 
Lift o'er our ranks tlii* inopliet s nul. 
While we uphold thy hands with prayer. 

6 Come as a messenger of peace. 

Filled with the Spirit, fired with love; 
Live to behold our large increase, 
And die to meet us all above. 

James Montgomery. 1853. 


(See also I'rayer.J 



Tt is good for vie to draw 
near to (lnd.~Vmt.Un IxxiiL 28. 

WHAT v.arious hindrances we meet 
In coming to a mercy-seat I 
■Vet who that knows the worth of prayer 
But wishes to bo often there f 

Pr.ayer m.akes the darkened clotid with- 
Prayer climbs the Ladder J.acob saw, 
Civc's exercise to fartb and love, 
liiiiigs every blessing from above. 


3 P-straiiiii!^' pnxycr, we cease to fiylit : 
fniyer makes the Christian s armour 

bright ; 
And Satan trembles when he sees 
The weakest Siunt upon his knees. 

4 While Moses stood with arms sproad wide, 
Sni'cess was found on Israels side; 

I'.ut when, throuuh weariness, they failed, 
That moment Amalek prevailed. 

5 Have you no words? ah ! think again ; 
Words tlow apace when you cDiiiiilain, 
And fill your fellow-creature's ear 
With the sad tale of all your care : 

6 Were half the breath thus vaiidy spent, 
To heaven in supplication sent. 

Your cheerful son;; would oftener be. 
Hear what the Lord hath done for me. 

William Cvwper. 1779. 


He breathed on them, 

and saith unto th'-m. Receive ye the IloUj 

ahost.—}o\m-x.-x.. '11. 

SEF, Jesus, Thy disciples see ! 
The promised blessing give; 
Met in Thy name, we look to Thee, 
Expecting to receive. 

2 Thee we expect, our faithful Lord, 

Who in Thy name are joined ; 
We wait, according to Thy word, 
Thee in the midst to find. 

3 With us Thou art assembled here ; 

But, 0, Thyself ! 
Son of the living God, appear ! 
Let us Thy presence fuel. 

4 Bre.ithe on us. Lord, in this our day. 

And these dry bones shall live ; 
Speak peace into our hearts, and say, 
■ The Holy Ghost receive : ' 

5 Whom now we seek, may we meet ! 

Jesus, the Crucified, 
Show us Thy blce<iing hnnds and feet, 
Thou who for us hast died. 

6 Cause us the record to receive. 

Speak, and the tokens show ; 
' O be not faithless, but believe 
In Me, who died for you !' 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 

3 Swift to my rescue < •oni<*. 
Thy own this moment seize ; 

Gather my wandering spirit liome 
And keep in perfect peace. 

4 Suffered no more tu rove 
O'er all the earth abroad. 

Arrest the prisoner of Thy love. 
And shut me up in C.i»\. .Vrnen. 
Charles Wi.'.lry. 1749. 


The Lord talked u-ith von 
/ace <o /ace.— Deuteronomy v. 4. 

TALK with us. Lord, Thysself reveal. 
While here o'er earth \m- rove ; 
Speak to our hearts, and let us feel 
The kindling of Thy lovo. 

2 Witli Thee conversing, we forget 

All time, and toil, and care ; 
Labour is rest, and pain is sweet, 
If Thou, my God, art here. 

3 Here then, my God, vouchsafe to stay. 

And bid my heart rejoice ; 
My bounding heart shall own Thy sway 
And echo to Thy voice. 

4 Thou rallest me to seek Thy face; 

Tis all I wish to seek : 
To attend the whispers of Thy grace, 
And hear Thee inly speak. 

5 Let this my every hour employ, 

Till I Tliy glory see ; 
Enter into my Master's joy. 
And find n.y heaven in Thee. Amen. 
Wesley. 1740. 


Pray uithout rfosing. 
1 Thessaloniaus v. 17. 


The Spirit itsel/muketh 
intercession for tw.— komans viii. 'JG. 

THE praying Spirit breathe. 
The watching power impart. 
From all entanglements beneath 
Call oflf my anxious heart. 

2 My feeble mind sustain. 
By worldly thougiits opprest ; 
Appear, and bid me turn agaiu 
To my eternal rest. 

SHEPHERD Divine, our wants relieve, 
In this our evil day. 
To all Thy tempted followers give 
The power to watch and pray. 

2 Long as our fiery trials last. 

Long as the we bear, 
let our souls on Thee be cast 
In never-ceasing prayer. 

3 The Spirit of interceding grace 

Give us in faith to claim. 
To wrestle till we see Thy face. 
And know Thy hidden name. 

4 Till Tliou Thy perfect love impart. 

Till Thou Thyself bestow. 
Be this the cry of every heart, 
' I will not let Thee go ; 

5 ' I will not let Thee go. unless 

Thou tell Thy name to me. 
With all Thy gre;it salvation bless. 
And umke me all like Thee. 


6 Thon let me on the mountain-top 
lieluild Thy op.Mi face. 
Where faith in sight is swallowed up, 
And prayer in endless praise. Amen. 
Charles Wvdey. 1749. 


7)0 all in the name of the 
Lord /tiif.-'.— Colossians iii. 17. 

BEHOLD us, Lord, a little space 
From daily tasks set free. 
And met within Thy holy place, 
To rest awhile with Thee. 

; Around us rolls the ceaseless tide 

Of business, toil, and care ; 

And scarcely can we turn aside 

For one brief hour of prayer. 

3 Yet these are not the only walls 

Wherein Thou mayst be sought ; 

On homeliest work Thy blessinjc fu-Hs, 

In truth and patience wrought. 

4 Thine is the loom, the forge, the mart, 

The wealth of laud and sea ; 

The worlds of srience and of art, 

Revealed and ruled by Theo. 

5 Then let us prove our heavenly birth 

In all we do and know ; 
And claim the kingdom of tlio earth 
For Thee, and not Thy foe. 

6 Work shall be prayer, if all be wrought 

As Thou wouldst have it done ; 
And prayer, by Thee inspired and taught. 
Itself with work be one. 

John Ellerion. 1870. 


7.7. 7.7. 7.7. 
Not forsaking the o.'?se?nh/i?ij/ 
of ourselves together.— Hehrev/s x. 25. 

IF 'tis sweet to mingle where 
Cliristians m<!et for social prayer, 
If 'lis swi'.-t with theiu to raise 
Songs of holy joy and praise. 
Passing sweet that state must bo 
Where they meet eternally. 

2 Saviour, may these meetings prove 
Treparations for above ; 
While we worship in this place, 
May wc go from grace to grace, 
Till we each, in hts degree. 
Meet for endless glory bo. Amen. 

Ingram Cobbin. 1828. 


There J will meet with thee, 
and 1 will commune with thee from above 
the ni€rfj/-w;a<.— Exodus xxv. 22. 

1?R0M every stormy wind that blows. 
1 From every swelling tide of woes, 
TliiTo is a C4ilm, a sure retreat, 
'Tis found benonth the mercy-seat. 

2 There is a place where Jesus sheds 
The oil of gladness on our heads ; 

A place than all beside more sweet, 
It is the blood-stained mercy-seat. 

3 There is a spot where spirits blend. 
Where friend iiolrls fellowship with friend ; 
Though sundered far, by faith they meet 
Around one common mercy-seat. 

4 Ah ! whither could we flee for aid. 
When tempted, desolate, dismayed? 
Or how the hosts of hell defeat. 
Had sulfering saints no mercy -seat ? 

5 There, there, on eagle-wing we soar, 
And time and sense soeni all no more. 
And heaven comes down our souls to greet. 
And glory crowns the mercy-seat. 

Hugh Stoivell. 1832. 


Pray for the peace of 
Jcrusali:m.—VSii\,\in cx.xii. 6. 

■V[OT for a favourite form or name, 
IN But for immortal souls we care ; 
Bless, Saviour, our Jerusalem, 
That millions may her blessings share. 

2 Prosper our Church ; our so\ils renew; 
Our lang\iid, fainting spirits raise ; 
Revive surrounding Churches too, 
And spread throughout the earth Thy 
praise. Amen. 



I Zil. The Lord is my strength 
and sung.— Vsuhxi cxviii. 14. 

"Vrow liave we met that wo may ask 
iN KiMTuit('<i vi-our lor the task 

Of living MS wf would ; 
For we won Id live by that same word 
Which all the honouVed men have heard 

Who by their faith have stood. 

2 Tlirough God alone ran man be strong ; 
To comrort us II. ■ giivc tins song. 

In .li'sus Clirist wc stand : 
Heath held Him in His gloomy prison. 
He broke the chains luid has arisen. 

To rule the deathless land. 

3 An ii-.ner light, an imier calm. 

Have tliey wlio trust His .■haiui)ion arm, 

And hraiintid.. His will; 
For tilings an- .is llii-y appear. 
In death is lilr, in troubl.' <li....r. 

So faith Is comiucror still. 

4 Thtis wotild we live : and therefore prny 
For strength renewed, that wo may say. 

Our life, it upward tends ; 
If wi' who sing must somi'timns sigh- 
Yet lit'"'. lH-<;lniiing with a cry. 

In Hallelujah ends. 

T. r. Lynch. 1855. 



rjcyc) CM. 

I -^ •^ / loill establish My covenant 
betiLvtn Me aiul thee and thy seed after thee. 
Gcuesis xvii. 7. 


|UR children, Lord, in faith and prayer 
now devote to Thee ; 
L<-t tlierii Thy covenant mercies share, 
And Thy salvation see. 

2 Such helpless babes Thou didst embrace 

While dwelling here below ; 

To us and ours, God of grace, 

The same compassion show. 

3 In early days their hearts secure 

From worldly snares, we pray. 
And let them to the end endure 
In every righteous way. Amen. 


Suffer the little children 
to come unto .Ve.— Mark .\. U. 

BEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stand 
With all-engaging channs ; 
Hark how He calls the tender lambs. 
And folds them in His arms ! 

2 ■ rormit them to approach," He cries, 

' Nor scorn their humble name : 
F<ir 'twas to bless such souls as these, 
The Lord of angels catue.' 

3 We bring them. Lord, in thankful hands, 

.•Vnd yield them up to Thee ; 
Jiiyful that we ourselves are Thine, 
thine let our offspring be. Amen. 
Philip Doddridge. 1755. 




This do in rememhravr 
o/A/e.— Lukexxii. VJ. 

Of such is the kingdom 
0/ Cod. -Mark X. U. 

TO Thee, God, in heaven. 
These little ones we hi ing. 
Giving to Thee whnt Thou hast given. 
Our dearest offering. 

2 To Thee, God, whose face 
Their angels do behold, 

We bring them, praying that Thy grace 
May keep ; Thine arms enfold. 

3 To Thee, who children blest 
And suffered them to come. 

To Thee, who took them to Thy breast. 
We bring these infants home. 

J. Freeman Clarke. 1814. 

ACCORDrNG to Thy gracious word, 
In meek humility. 
Tliis will I do. my dying bird, 
1 will remember Thee. 

2 Thy body broken for my sake 

Mv bread from heaven shall be ; 
Thy testamental cup I take. 
And thus remember Thee. 

3 Gethsemane can I forget? 

Or there Thy conflict see. 

Thine agony and bloody sweat, 

And not remeuiber Thee t 

4 When to the cross I turn my eyes. 

And rest on Calvary, 
O Lamb of God, my sacrifice ! 
1 must renienil-)er Thee : 

5 Remember Thee, and all Tliy pains. 

And all Thy love to me ; 
Y<-M. while a breath, a pulse remains 
Will I remember "Thee. 

And when these failing lips grow dumb, 
And mind and memory flee. 
When Thou siialt in Thy kingdom come. 
Jesus, remember me. Amen. 

James Montgomery. 18'Jo. 



Take, eat: this is Mii hi>d;i, 
which is broken for yuu.—l Cor. xi. 24. 

JESUS, we thus obey 
Thv last and kindest word ; 
And. in Thme own appointed way. 
We come to meet Thee, Lord. 

2 Thus we rememt«cr Thee ; 
And Uke this bread and wine 

As Thine own dying lepny. 
And our redemption-sign. 

3 Thv presence mak>>s the feast; 
Now let our spirits feel 

The glory not t<> be expressed. 
The joy unspeakable. 

4 With high and lieavenly bliss 
Thou dost ..ur spirits cheer ; 

Thy house of b;in.|ueting is this. 
And Thou ha-st broitjht us here. 

5 Now let our soiils b.- f«d 
With manna from above, 

.\nd over \is Thy banner spn'ad 
Of everlasting l<>ve. Amen. 

Charhs HV<!'/-i/. 1745. 


ryory s.m. 

1^1 This cuji is the Xew 

Testament in My blood. ~l Cor. xi. 25. 

COME, all who truly bear 
The name of Christ yimr Lord, 
His last mysterious supper share, 
And keep His kindest word. 

2 Hereby your faith approve 
In Jesus crucified : 

' In memory of My dyinj; love. 
Do this,' He said,— and died. 

3 The badge and token this. 
The sure contirming seal. 

That He is ours, and we are His, 
The servants of His will ; 

4 His dear, peculiar ones, 
The purcliase of His blood ; 

His blood which once for ail atones, 
And brings us now to God. 

5 Then let us still profess 

Our Master's honoured name; 
btand forth His faithful, 
True followers of the Lamb. 

6 In proof tliat such we are. 
His sayiiii^s we receive. 

And tlius to all mankind declare 
We do in Chrut believe. 

Wesley. 1745. 


Ilis great love, wherewith 
lie loved w.s.— Ephesians ii. 4. 

IN memory of the Saviour's love, 
We keep the sacred feast, 
Wl\ere every liumble, contrite heart 
Is made a welcome guest. 

2 V.y nutli we take the Broad of Life 

With wliicli our souls are fed, 
The cup in token of His blood 
That was for sinners shed. 

3 Under His banner thus we sinff 

Tlie wonders of His love ; 

Ami thus anticipate by faith 

Tlie heavenly feast al)ove. 

Thvmas Cotlcrill. 1810. alt. 


Drink the ritp of the Lord. 
1 Corinthians x. 21. 

1 Ksns, at whoso supremo command 
') We now anproaeh to Ood, 
Di'fdii- us in Thy vesture stand. 
Thy vesture dli>pod In blood 1 

2 Obcrdlent to Thy gnu'lous word, 
W« hrixik the liallowed broad, 
Comniomorato Thee, our clying Lord, 
And trust on Thee to feed. 

3 The tokens of Thy dying love 

O let us all receive ! 
And feel the quickening Spii'it move, 
And sensibly believe. 

4 The cup of blessing, blessed by Thee, 

Let it Thy blood impart ; 
The bread Thy mystic body be. 
And cheer each languid heart. 

5 The Living Bread, sent do wnfromheavei 

In us vouchsafe to be : 
Thy flesh for all the world is given. 
And all may live by Thee. 

G Now, Lord, on us Thy bestow. 
And let us drink Thy blood, 
Till all our souls are filled below 
With all the life of God. Amen. 

Wesley. 1742. 


Christ our Passover. 
1 Corinthians v. 7. 

TET all who truly bear 
J The bleeding Saviour's name. 
Their faithful hearts with us prepare. 
And eat tlie Paschal Lamb. 

2 This Eucharistic feast 
Our every want supplies ; 

And still we by His de.'ith are blessed. 
And share His sacrifice. 

3 Who thus our faith employ. 
His sufferings to record. 

Even now we mournfully enjoy 
Conununion with our Lonl. 

4 We too with Him are dead. 
And shall with Him arise ; 

The cross on which He bows His lu'ad 
Shall lift us to the skies. 

Wesley. 1745. 


ThetnlilrorVn' Lord. 
Malachi i. VI. 

MY God, and is Thy table spread. 
And does Thy cup with love o'crflow ? 
Thither bo all Thy children led. 
And let them all its sweetness know. 

2 Mail : saered feast, which Josua makes, 

Kirh haijquet of Ills fiesh and blood; 
Thrice happy he, who here i^rtakes 
Tliat sacred stream, that heavenly food. 

3 Why are these emblems still in vain 

Before unwilling hearts displayed? 
Was not for you the victim slain? 
Are you forbid the children's bread i; 

4 O let Thy table honoured be. 

And furnished well with Joyful guests ; 
Ami may encli sold salvation see. 
That hor« Its sacred pledges tastes. 

Philip Doddrid(je. 1755 alt. 



Rejoice in the Lord alway. 
I'hilippians iv. 4. 

JESUS. Thou Jov of loving hearts ! 
Thou Fount of life : Thou Light of inon : 
From the best bliss that earth imparts, 
We turn uiiftlled to Thee ayain. 

2 Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood ; 

Thou savest those that on Thee c;ill ; 

To them that seek Thee, Thou art good, 

To them that find Thee, All ill all ; 

3 We taste Thee, O Thou Living Broad, 

And long to least upon Thee sliil, 
We drink of Th-^e, the Fountain-lleud, 
And thirst our souls from Thee to till. 

4 Our restless spirits yearn for Thee, 

Where'er our changeful lot is cast; 
Glad, when Thy gracious smile we see. 
Blest, when our faith can hold Thee fast. 

5 Jesus, ever with us stay ! 

Make all our moments calm and bright ; 
Chase the dark night ol' sin away, 
Shed o'er the world Thy holy light. 

Bernard of Clairvaiix. VUh Centuni. 
Tr. Hay Palmer. livSil. 


I <~->^ Is it not the communion of 
the biuud of Christ f . . . Is it not the cum.- 
viuniun of the body of Christ ?—l Cor. x. 1(5. 

OHOLY Jesus, Prince of Peace ! 
Thy peace be with us gathering 
round Thy board, 
Here where the presence of an unseen Lord 
Waits to be gracious, charged with lull 
To every heavy-laden soul. 
Which here remembers Thee. 

2 Once more as in that upper room, 
Thou who didst love Thine own unto the 


Thou whose dear voice to every sorrowing 

Spoke the great promise through the deep- 
ening gloom. 
Thou bidstus. Master of the 
To-day remember Thee. 

3 .Vnd e'en as in our hands we take 

Tills broken bread, this precious cup of love. 
Thy dying testament, which from above 
Thou deignest ever new and fresh to make, 
A fount of grace and life to all ; 
We do remember Thee. 

4 When stung by thoughts of sin and 

We scarce can dare to meet our Fathers 

Through these Thy signs we know that not 

But pardoning love is ours, as in Thy name 
We now present ourselves, and here, 

Christ, remember Thee. 

.5 Ours is the bond of love divine. 
Which knits us each to all and all to each. 
That love whose ever-lengthening cord* uin 

From the white choir around Thy heavenly 
To those who come in faith to-day 
Here to remember Thee. 

6 Thy banquet over, as we go 
Strong in the strength of thisi;<;lestlal meat, 
To tread the path of lite with tinner feet. 
To work the works which Thou hast bid us 
Abide with us. O Lord, that still 
We may remember Thee : Amen. 

It. Droiun-Borthwick. 1«70. 


My flesh is meat indeed, 

and lily blood is drink indeed. 

John vi. oJ. 

OJKSUS Christ, the holy One : 
I long to be with Thee ; 
O .lesus Christ, the lowly One ! 
Come and abide with me. 

2 Now, while the symbols of Thy love 

iiel'oie Thy saints are set. 
And Tliou. descending from alx)ve. 
Their yearning hearts hast met ; 

3 Come, and o'ershadow wth Thy power 

This lonely heart of mine ; 
And feed me in this solemn hour 
With Thine own bread and wine. 

4 My ' meat indeed," my ' drink indeed' 

Art Thou, my gracious Lord ; 
Help Thou my soul by faith to feed 
On this Thy precious word ; 

5 Till, nourished, strengthened, satisfied. 

My glad anil thankful heart 
Forgets the things Tliou hast denied, 
in those Thou dost impart. Amen. 
Jane £. 6iubj. b. ISIL 


Ye do shew the Lords lUuth 
till He come.—l Corinthians xi. 26. 

TILL He come I ' 0, let the words 
IJnger on the trembling chords; 
Let the • little while ' between 
In their golden light be seen : 
Let us think how heaven and hou:3 
Lie beyond that ' till He come.' 

When the weary ones we love 
Enter on their rest al»>ve. 
Seems the earth so ptM>r and vast, 
All our life-joy overcast ? 
Hush : be every murmur dumb : 
It is only • till He coiue." 



S Clmuis and conflicts round us press : 
Would we have one sorrow lessV 
All the sharpness of the cross. 
All that tells the world is loss, 
Death, and darkness, and the tomb 
Only whisper, • till lie come.' 

4 See, the feast of love is spread ! 
Drink the wine and break the broad : 
Sweet memorials, till the Lord 
(mU us round His heavenly board ; 
tSiinie from earth, from glory some, 
tjevered only ' till He come.' 

Uishup E. U. Bickcrsteth. 1858. 

ryqc^ CM 

i <<J yj But ivhen the Comforter 

iiiuiae, . . . He shall testify of Jife. 
John XV. L'G. 

COME, Holy Ghost, Thine influence 
And realize the sipn ; 
Thy life infuse into the bread, 
Thy power into the wine. 

ElTectual let the tokens prove. 
And made, by heavenly art. 

Fit channels to convey Thy love 
To every faithful heart. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1745. 


Our own God shall hless 
I'salm Lwii. 0. 

KOW in partins;. Father, bless us ; 
Saviom-, still Thy peace bestow ; 
Giucious Comforter ! be with us. 
As we fnim this table go : 

Kless us, bless us. 
Father, Sou, and Spirit, now. 

i;iess us here, while still as .strangers 

Onward to our home we move ; 
llless us with eternal blessinjjs 
In our Fathers house above : 

Ever, ever, 
Dwelling in the light of love. 
Iluratius Uuiiar. 





lie ye all of one mind . . . 
love as brethren.— I Peter ill. 8. 

pLEST be the tie that binds 
J^ Our h<artH in Christian lovo 1 
The fellowship of kin<ircd luiuda 
Is like to that above. 

2 r.eforo our Father's throne 
We jHjur our ardent prayers ; 
Our fiNirs, uur hojit^u, our aims are ono, 
Uur oumfortit uud uur cures. 

3 We share our mutual woes. 
Our mutual burdens bear. 

And often for each other flows 
The sympathising tear. 

4 When we asunder part. 
It gives us inward pain ; 

But we shall still be joined in heart. 
And hope to meet again. 

5 This glorious hope revives 
Our courage b> the way, 

^^■llile each in e.xpeclation lives, 
And longs to seo the day. 

6 From sorrow, toil, and pain, 
And sin, we shall be free. 

And perfect love and friendship reign 
Through all eternity. 

John Fawcett. 178"2. 

739 8.8. 
Then shall ye alxo n2>}>ear 
with llim in glory. — Colossians iii. 4. 

COME, all whoe'er have set 
Your faces Sion-ward, 
In Jesus let us meet. 
And praise o\ir common Lord ; 
In Jesus let us still go on. 
Till all appear before His throne. 

2 Nearer, and nearer still. 

We to our country come, 
To that celestial hill. 
The weary pilgrim's homo. 
The new Jerusalem above. 
The seat of everlasting love. 

3 The ransomed sons of God, 

All earthly things we scorn. 
And to our high abode 

With songs of praise return ; 
From strength to strength we still proceed, 
\\'.th crowns of joy upon our head. 

4 The peace and joy of faith 

Kael) moment may we feel ; 
Uedeemed from sin and wrath. 

From earth, and d<'alh, and hell. 
We to our Father's house repair. 
To meet our elder Brother there. 

& Our Brother, Saviour, Head, 
Our all in all, is He ; 
Anil in His steps who tread, 
\\\' soon His face shall seo ; 
Shall seo Him with our glorious fiiends. 
And theu in heaven our journey ends. 
Charles WcsUy. 1749. 

Your love-feasts.— J iiilo 12. K.V. 

(10ME, and let us sweetly Join, 
J Christ to praise in liymns divine ; 
Give wo all, with ono accord. 
Glory tu uur uoinniun Lord ; 


"i Hands, and hearts, and voices raise ; 
Sintj as in the ancient days ; 
Antedate the joys above ; 
Cilebrate the feast of love. 

3 Strive we, in affection strive, 
Let the purer Hanie revive, 
Such as in tlio martyrs glowed, 
Dying champions for their God. 

4 We, like them, may live and love ; 
Called we are their joys to prove. 
Saved with them from future wrath. 
Partners of like precious faith. 

.'> Sing we then in Jesu's name. 
Now as yesterday the same, 
One in every time and place, 
Kiill, for all, of truth and grace. 

6 We for Christ, our Master, stand 
Lights in a benighted land ; 
We our dying Lord confess, 
We are Jesu's witnesses. 

7 Witnesses that Chri-st hath died. 
Wo with Him are crucified : 

Christ hatli burst the bands of death, 
We His quickening Spirit breathe. 

8 Christ is now gone up on high, 
Thither all our wishes fly : 
Sits at God s right hand above ; 
There with Him we reign in love ! 

WeiUy. 1740. 

Made us sit together in 
heavenly /;iaces.— Ephesians ii. 6. 

riOME, let us ascend, 

\J My companion and friend. 
To a taste of the banquet above ; 

If thy heart be as mine. 

If for Jesus it pine. 
Come up into the chariot of love. 

2 Who in Jesus confide. 
We are bold to outride 

The storms of atlliction beneath ; 

With the prophet we soar 

To the heavenly shore, 
And outfly all the arrows of death. 

3 By faith we are come 

To our permanent home ; 

Ey hope we the rapture improve ; 
By love we stiil rise, 
And look down on the skies, 

For the heaven of heavens is love. 

4 Who on earth can conceive 
How happy we live, 

In the palace of God, the great Kiny 
What a concert of praise. 
When our Jesus's grace 

The whole heavenly company sing ! 

5 What a rapturous song. 
When the glorified throng 

In the spirit of harmony join ; 
Join all the glad ilioirs. 
Hearts, voices, and lyres. 

And the burden is, 'Meicy divine I 

* Hallelujah,' they cry, 
■To the King of the »ky, 

To the great everla-sting I .V.M ; 
To the Lamb that was siain. 
And liveth again. 

Hallelujah to God and the Lamb 1 

7 * Our foreheads proclaim 

His ineffable name ; 

Our bodies His glory display: 

A day without night 

We feast in His siglit. 

And eternity seems as a day.' 

Wesley. 17 


n AS) 

' ^^ Call to renutnbrance the 

/ormer tZ<tj/s.— Hebrews x. 32. 

ACROSS the sky the shades of night 
This winters eve are fleeting : 
We come to 'i'hee the Life and Light, 

In solemn worship meeting ; 
And as the year's hist hours go by 
We lift to Thee our earnest cry. 
Once more Thy love enlreatiiig. 

2 Before Thee, Lord, subdued we bow. 

To Thee our piayei-s addressing ; 
Recounting all Thy mercies now. 

And all our sins confessing ; 
Beseeching Thee, this coming ye;ir, 
To hold us in Tliy faith and fear. 

And crown us with Thy blessing. 

3 And while we kneel, we lift oureyea 

To dear ones gone before tis. 
Safe housed with Thee in I'aradise, 

Their spirits hovering o er us ; 
And beg of Thee, when life is past. 
To re-unite us all, at last, 

Ajid to our lost restore us. 

4 We gather up, in this brief hour. 

The memory of Thy mercies : 
Thy wondrous goodness, love, and power. 

Our grateful song rehe;irses ; 
For Thou hast been our Strength and Stay 
In many a dark and dreary day 

C»f sorrow and reverses. 

5 In many an hour, when fear and dread 

Like evil spells have bound us. 
And clouds were gathering overhead. 

Thy Providence hath found us ; 
In many a night when waves ran high, 
Thv gnuious Presence drawing nigh 

Hath made aU calm around us. 


6 Then, () y:ioat Go.l, in years to conio, 
Whatever late betide us, 
Riicht onward through our journey home 

i'.e Tliou at hand to guide us ; 
^'or leave us till, at close of life, 
bafe from all perils, toil, and strife, 
Heaven shall unfold and hide us. 

James Hantilton. h. 1«1'J. 



In the niqht Hi--^ sonrj 
shall be ivith 77'ie.— Psalm .xlii. 8. 

JOIN all ye sons of grace, 
The holy joy jirolong. 
And shout to the Redeemer's praise 
A solenm midnight song. 

2 Blessing, and thanks, and love, and might 

r.e to our Jesus given. 
Who turns our daikness into light. 
Who turns our hell to heaven. 

3 Thither our faithful souls He leads, 

'I'liither He bids us rise. 
With crowns of joy upon our heads, 
'io meet Him in the skies. 

Wedi':/. 1749. 


I ^^ / pre.'^s fmcdrd the mark 
for the prize of the hi;ih calliiu/ of (lod in 
Christ Jesus.— I'hilippians iii. U. 

C10ME, let us anew 
,' Our journey pursue. 
With vigour arise. 
And press to our permanent placo in the 

2 Of lieavenly birth. 
Though wandering on earth 
This is not our pla<e ; 

But strangers and pilgrims ourselves we 

3 At Jesus's call, 

We gave uj) our all ; 

And still we forego 

For Jesus s sake, our enjoyments below. 

4 No longing we find 

For the country behind ; 
Hut onvN'ard we move. 
And still we are seeking a country above : 

5 A country of Joy, 
Without any alloy, 
We thither repair; 

Our hearts and our treasure already are 

C Wo march hand in hand 
To Immanuers land ; 
No inattnr what cheer 
Wo meet with on earth ; for eternity's near. 

7 The rougher our way, 
The shorter our stay ; 
The leiniMislH that rise 
Shall gloriously Lurry our souls to thoskhss. 


8 The fiercer the blast, 
The sooner 'tis pa,st ; 
The troubles that come, 
Shall come to our rescue, and hasten us 

Charles Wesley. 174'J. 
Ye know neither the dnu 
nor the hour nherein the Sonof Mancomclh. 
Matthew xxv. 13. 

COME, let us anew 
Our journey pursue. 
Roll round with the year. 
And never stand still till the Master appear. 

2 His adorable will 
Let us gladly fultil. 

And our talents improve. 
By the patience of hope and the labour of 

3 Our life is a dream ; 
Our time, as a stream 
Glides swiftly away : 

And the fugitive moment refuses to stay, 

4 The arrow is flown. 
The moment is gone; 
The millennial year 

Rushes on to our view, and eternity's here. 

5 that each in the day 
Of His coming may say, 

'I hivve fought my way through : 
I have finished the work Thou didst giv e me 
to do.' 

C O that each from his Lord 
May receive the glad word. 
Well and faithfully done ; 
Enter into my joy, and sit down on My 

Charles Wesley. 1750. 



Come and let unjoin 
ourselves to the Lord ina])erpetual covei 
Jeremiah 1. 5. 

COME, let us use the grace divine. 
And all. with one accord. 
In a perpetual covenant join 
Ourselves to r 

i Christ the Lord : 

2 Give up ourselves, through Jcsu's power, 

His name to glorify ; 
And promise, in tliis sacred hour. 
For God to live and die. 

3 The covenant we this moment make, 

Be ever kept In mind ; 
Wo will no more our God forsake. 
Or cast His words behind. 

4 We never will throw olT His U-ixr, 

Wlio hears our solemn vr)w ; 
And If Thou art well i)lcased to hear, 
Come down and meet us now. 


b Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Let all our hearts receive ; 
Pn'sent with the celestial host, 
The peaceful answer give. 

6 To each the covenant blood apply, 
'.Vhich takes our sins away ; 
And rojrister our names on hi;,'h. 
And keep us to that day. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 


Their sins and iniquities 
will I remember no more.— Hebrews x. 17. 

FORGIVE us. for Thy mercy's sake. 
Our nuiltitude of sins forgive. 
And for Thine own pos.session take. 

And bid us to Thy jrlory live ; 
Live in Thy sight, and gladly prove 
Our faith by our obedient love. 

2 The covenant of forgiveness seal. 

And all Thy mighty wonders show: 
Our inbred enemies expel. 

And conquering them to conquer go, 
Till all of pride and wrath be slain, 
And not one evil thought remain. 

3 O put it in our inward parts. 

The living law of perfect love ! 
Write the new precept in our hearts. 

We shall not then from Thee remove. 
Who in Thy glorious image shine, 
Thy people, and for ever Thine. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1749. 

3 In pity for the soul Thou lovst. 

Now bid my hateful sin fxpiro ; 
L*;t mo desire what Tliou aj-iimi st, 

Thou dost approve what 1 d.sirc ; 
And Thou " ilt deign to call ni- Thine, 
And I will aarc to call TUeo mine. 

4 This day the covenant I sign. 

The bond of sure and promised peace ; 
Nor can I doubt its ix)wer divine. 

Since sealed with Jesus blood it is ; 
That blood I trust, that blood alon.-. 
And make the covenant peace mine own. 

5 But, that my faith no wore may know 

Or change, or interval, or end, 
Help me in all Thy paths to go. 

And now, :is e er, my voice attend. 
And gladden me with answers mild. 
And commune. Father, with Thy child. 
W. .V. Bunting. l«l'l. 



The Lord if very pitiful, 
and of tender m«rcy.— James v. 11. 

OGOD : how often hath Thine car 
To me in willing mercy bowed ; 
While worshipping Thine altar near, 
Lowlv 1 wept, and strongly vowed ; 
Rut ah : the feebleness of man. 
Have I not vowed and wept in vain? 

2 Return, Lord of hosts ! return. 

Behold Thy servant in distress ; 

My faithlessness again I mourn ; 

Again forgive my faithlessness ; 
And to Thine arms my spirit take. 
And bless me for the Saviours sake. 

My heart is fixed. Cod 
. . I will sing and give praise.— Vs. Ivii. 7. 

HAPPY day that fixed my choice 
On Thee, my Saviour, and i:iy God ! 
Well may this srlowing heart rejoice. 
And tell its raptures all abroad. 

2 happ:r bond, that seals my vows 

To Him who merits all my love : 
Let cheerful anthems till Hi-* house. 
While to that sacred shrine 1 move. 

3 Tis done, the grsat transaction s done ; 

1 am my Lord's, and He i.s mine : 
He drew me. and I followed on, 
Charmed to confess the voice divine. 

4 Now rest, my long-divided heart ; 

Fixed on this blissful centre, rest ; 
Nor ever once from Christ depart. 
In Him of every good pos.sest. 

5 High heaven that heard the solemn vow. 

That vow renewed shall daily hear. 
Till in life's latest hour 1 bow. 
And bless, in death, a bond so dear. 
PhUip DodJridije. ll'jo. 

gcatiTt ilesurrcrtion antJ BfuUamcnt. 


A thovsand years in Thy 

sight are but as yesterday when it is past. 

Psalm xc. 4. 

OGOD ! our help in ages past. 
Our hope for years to come. 
Our shelter from the stormy bUst, 
And our eternal home ; 

2 Under the shadow of Thy throne, 

Still may we dwell secure ; 
Sutticient is Thine arm alone. 
And our defence is sure. 

3 Before the hills in order stood. 

Or earth received her frame. 
From everlasting Thou art God, 
To endless years the same 



4 A thousand ages, in Thj' sight, 

Are like an evening gone, 
Short as the watch that ends the night, 
Before the rising sun. 

5 The busy trilips of flesh and Wood, 

With all their cares and fears. 
Are carried downward by the Hood, 
And lost in following years. 

6 Time, like an ever-rolling stream, 

Bears all its sons away ; 
They Hy forgotten, as a dream 
Dies at the opening day. 

7 God ! our help in agfis past. 

Our hope for years to come : 
Be Thou our guard while life shall last. 
And our eternal home. Amen. 

Isaac M'atts. 1719. 


We spend our years ns a 
tale that is toW.— Psalm xc. 9. 

A FEW more years shall roll, 
A few more s'-asous come. 
And we sliai: be witli those that rest 
Asleep witliin the tomb: 
Then, O my Lord, prejiare 
My soul for that gvat (hiy ; 
wash mo in Tliy precious blood. 
And take my sins away. 

2 A few more suns shall set 
O'er these darK hills of time. 

And wo sliall be where suns are not, 
A far serener clime : 
Then, U my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that blest day ; me in Thy precious blood. 
And take my sins away. 

3 A few more storms shall beat 
On this wild ro(;i<y shore. 

And we shall !"• wli. n; tempests cease, 
Ami sur-cs swell no nujre : 
Then, O my Lor<i, jireparo 
My soul for that calm day ; 

w^ash me in Thy precious blood. 
And take my sins away. 

4 A few more stnifrgles hero, 

A few more toils, a lew monaear.s. 
And we shall weep no more : 
Then, O my L'Uil, prei>aro 
My soul for that briglit day ; 

wash me in Thy j.recions blood. 
And take my sins away. 

5 A few more Sabbaths hero 
Shall che«!r us on our way. 

And we shall roach the endless rest, 
The otiTual Sabbath-day : 
1 hen, () my I/>rd, j)reparo 
My Houl for that sweet day : 

O wash mo in Thy precious blood. 
And take my bIuh away. 

'Tis but a little while 
And He shall come again, 
Who died that we might live, who liv 
That we with Him may reign: 
Tlien, my Lord, i>repare 
My soul for that glad day ; 
wash me in Thy precious blood. 
And take my sins away. Amen. 
Horat i us Bona r. is.'ii 


The grass luitherefh, 
Hiefluwer fadeth.— IsM.ih xl 7. 

THE morning flowers display their 
And gay their silken leaves unfoid. 
As careless of the noontide heats, 
As fearless of the evening cold. 

2 Nipt by the wind's unkindly blast. 

Parched by the sun's directer ray, 
The momentary glories waste. 
The short-lived beauties die away. 

3 So blooms the human face divine. 

When y(uith its pride of beauty 
shows ; 
Fa'rer than spring the colours shim". 
And sweeter than the virgin rose. 

4 Or worn by slowly-rolling years. 

Or broke by sickness in a day. 
The fading glory disappears. 
The short-lived beauties die away. 

5 Yet these, new rising from the tomb, 

With lustre brighter far shall shine ; 
Revive with ever-during bloom, 
Safe from disea^s and decline. 

6 Let sickness blast, and death devour. 

If heaven must recompense our pains ; 
Perish the grass, and fade the llower. 
If firm the word of God remains. 


Samuel tt'esiey, Jun. 17'2 

Thou turnest man io 
dtstruclion. —I'sixhii .\c. 3. 

THEE wo adore, eternal Name ! 
And humbly own to 'i'liee. 
How re(!l)lc is our mortal frame, 
What dying worms wo be. 

2 Our wasting lives grow shorter still, 

As days and months increasi' ; 

And every beating pulse we tell 

Leaves but the number loss. 

3 The year rolls round, and steals away 

The bn^ath that first it gave ; 
Whate'er we do, where'er we bo. 
Wo are travolllng to the grave. 

4 Dangers stand thick through all the 

To push us to the tomb; 
And A(!rco diseases wait around, 
To hurry mortals Lome. 


6 Great God ! on what a slender tlin^ad 

Hang everbisting things ; 
The eternal states of all the d<;ad 
Upon life's feeble strings. 

C Infinite Joy, or endless woe, 
Attends on every breath ; 
And yet how unconcerned we go 
Upon the brink of death. 

7 Waken, Lord : our drowsy sense, 

'I'o walk this dangerous road ; 
Ami if our souls be hurried hence. 
May they be found with God. Anion. 
Isaac Watts. 1709. 


So leach us to number our 

liuijs. that we may apply our hearts unto 

wisdom. — Psaiui xc. 12. 

ALMIGHTY Maker of my frame. 
Teach me the nieasuie of my days, 
Teach nie to know how frail I am. 
And spend the remnant to Thy praise. 

2 My davs are shorter than a span ; 

A liitle point my life appears ; 
How frail, at best, is dying man ! 
How vain are all his hopes and fears ! 

3 Vain his ambition, noise, and show ; 

Vain are the cares which rack his mind ; 
He heaps up treasures mixed with woe. 
And dies, and leaves them all behind. 

4 be a nobler portion mine ; 

My God, I bow before Thy throne ; 
Eai th s lleeting treasures 1 resign 
And Hx my hopes on Thee alone. 

A7ine Steele, 17G0. 

rrjrc 7.6. 7.6. d. 

'«-''-' Here have loe no continuing 
city, but we seek one to come.— Hob. xiii. 11. 

BRIEF life is here our portioir. 
Brief sorrow, short-lived care ; 
The life that knows no ending. 

The tearless life is there. 
O happy retribution ! 

Short toil, eternal rest ; 
For mortals and for sinners 
A mansion with the blest ; 

2 And now we fight the battle. 

And then shall wear the crown 
Of full and everlasting 

And passionless renown ; 
But He, whom now we trust in, 

Shall then be seen and known ; 
And they that know and see Him 

Shall have Him for their own. 

3 The morning shall awaken. 

The shadows shall deaiy, 

And each true-hearted servant 

Shall shine as does the day. 

There God, our King and Portion, 

In fulness of His grace. 
Shall we behold for ever. 

And worsliip face to face. 

4 sweet and blessW country. 

The home of Gods eli^ct 1 
O sweet and blessed country, 

That eager hearts expect ! 
Jesus, in mercy bring us 

To that dear land of rest ; 
Who art, with God the Father 

And Spirit, ever blest. Amen. 

Bernard of Cluny. V2th Century. 
Tr. J. M. i\eale. IsCl. 


death, where is thy sting f 
1 Corinthians xv. bo. 

IT is not death to die. 
To leave this weary road. 
And midst the brotherhood on high, 
To be at home with God. 

2 It is not death to close 

The eye long dimmed by tears. 
And wake in glorious repose 
To spend eternal years. 

3 It is not death to bear 

The wrench that sets us free 
From dungeon-chain, to breathe theair 
Of boundless liberty. 

4 It is not death to fling 
Aside this m.irtal dust, 

And rise on strong .-xulting wing. 
To live amoi.g the just. 

5 Jesus, Thou Prince of Life, 
Thy chosen cannot die : 

Like Thee they conquer in the strife. 
To reign with Thee on high. 

C. H. A. Malan. 1826. 
Tr. G. W. Bethune. lt»7. 


Why weepest thou t 
John XX. 13. 

TTTHY should our tears in sorrow flow, 
VV When God recalls His own. 
And bids them leave a world of woe 
For an immortal crown? 

2 Say, is not death a gain to those 

Whose Ufe to God was given? 
Gladly on earth their eyes they close, 
To open them in heaven. 

3 Their toils are past, their work is done, 

.Viid they are fully blest ; 
They fought the fight, the victory won. 
And entered into rest. 

4 Then let our sorrows cease to flow, 

God has recalled His own ; 

But let our hearts, in every woe, 

Still say, ■ Thy will be done." 

0. P. 1826. 



fi.6. 8.6. 8.1 
r win comfi aqnin, and 
receive yon unto Afi/self— John xiv. 3. 

FRIRXD after friend depart."?: 
Wholiath not a friend? 
There is no union here of hearts, 
That fmd.s not here an end ; 
Were this frail world our only rest, 
Living or dyinar, none were blest. 

2 Beyond the flight of time, 
R<'yo!id this vale of death, 

There surely is some blessed clime 

Where life is not a breath : 
Nor life s affections transient fire. 
Whose sparks fly upward to expire. 

3 There is a world above. 
Where partina: is unknown ; 

A whole ctei'nity of love, 

Formed for the good alone ; 
And faith behold.s the dying here 
Translated to that glorious sphere. 

4 Thus star by star declines, 
Till all are passed away. 

As morning high and higher shines. 

To pure and perfect day ; 
Nor sink those stars in empty night, 
Thev hide themselves in heaven's own 


James Montgomery. 1824. 


8.8.f). 8.8.1 
Tf is appointed unto me7i 
once to (iic— Hebrews ix. 27. 

AND am I only born to die? 
And must I suddenly comply 
With n;iture's stern decree? aftiT (liNith for me remains? 
Cclrstial ii>v, or dreadful pains, 
■Jo all eternity. 

2 How then ought I on earth to live, 
While Cod prolongs the kind rejirievo. 

And props the house of clay ! 
Ikly sole concern, my single care. 
To watch, anil tremble, and prepare, 

Against the fatal day. 

3 No room for Ttiirth or trifling here. 
For worldly hope, or worldly fear, 

If I ill' HO soon is gone ; 
If now the .Iiidge is at the door. 
And all mankind must stand before 

The inexorable throne. 

4 Nothing is worth a thought beneath, 
lint how I may esi'ai)e tlie death 

That never, never dies ; 
How iri.iki' mini own election sure, 
Ami, whi'u I fail on earth, secuio 

A maimlon in the skies. 

5 .Tesus, vouchsafe a pitying r.ay ; 

l> Thou my (iuide, he Tho\i my Way 

To glorious happiness : 
Ah, write the pardon on my heart, 
And whcnsoe'cr I hence depart, 

J,i't me depart in [leace. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 170.3. 


/ am noinq the way of all 
the earth.— Joshna, xxiii. 14. 

P.\SS a few swiftly-fleeting years, 
.4nd all that now in bodies live 
Shall quit, like me, the vale of tears, 
Their righteous sentence to receive. 

2 But all, before they hence remove. 

May mansions for themselves prepare 
In that eternal house above : 
And, my God, shall I be there? 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 

ryo-i L.M. 

' '-' J- I am a stranrjer with Thee, 
and a sojourner.— -Psalm xxxix. 12. 

Q HRINKING from the cold hand of death, 
n I too shall gather np my feet. 
Shall soon ^^sign this fleeting breath. 
And die, my father's God to meet. 

2 Numbered among Thy people, I 

Exiiect with Joy Thy face to see : 
Because Thou didst for sinners die, 
Jesus, in death remember me. 

3 that without a lingering groan 

I may the welcome won! rer'eive ; 
My body with my charge lay down. 
And cease at once to work and live ! 

Charles Wesley. 1762. 
The time of the dead, that 
they should be jiulijed.—liev. xi. 18. 

n RRAT Goil, what do I see and hear 1 
vT The end of things created ! 
Behold th<> .Judge of man appear, 

On clouds of glory seated 1 
The trnnipi-'t sounds, the graves restore 
The licad, which they contained before: 

Prejiare, my soul, to meet Him. 

2 The dna<l in Hin'st shall first arise, 

At till' last trumpet s soundiiiir. 
Ca\iu'hL up to meet Jlini in the s i^'s, 

Withjoy tli.'ir J.ord snrn.un.lin- ; 
No gloomy fears their souls dismay ; 
His i)rcsence sheds eternal day 

On those prepared to meet ilim. 

3 r.ut sinners, filled with guilty fears, 

Behold His wrath prevailing; 
For they shall rise, and find their tears 

And sighs are unavailing; 
The day of gr.ace is past and gone, 
Tn'mlilingtlicy st.and before His throne, 

All uniirepared to moot Him. 

4 God, what do I see and hoar ! 

The end of things created ! 
Behold the .Judge of man nfipear, 

On clouds of glory seated ! 
Low at His cross, I view the day 
When heaven and earth shall p.ass away. 

And thus prepare to moot Him. 
/;. Itiiigivaldt. 1.58.5. Tr. Anon. 1802. 
I.ant three verses by W. B. Collyer. 1812. 




/ UO The earth also and the 
XL'crks that are therein sUuH bt burned up. 
•I Peter iii. 10. 

STAND the omnipotent decree ! 
Jehovah's will be done ! 
Nature's end we wait to see, 
And hear her final groan : 
Let this earth dissolve, and hlond 
In death the wicked and the just. 
Let those ponderous orbs descend. 
And grind us into dust : 

2 Rests secure tlie righteous man: 

At his Kedoenier's beck 
Sure to emerge, and rise agiiin. 

And mount above the wreck : 
Lo ! the heavenly spirit towers. 
Like flame, o'er nature's f-ineral pyre. 
Triumphs in immortal powers. 

And claps his wings of fire. 

3 Nothing hath the just to lose. 

By worlds on worlds destroyed ; 
Far beneath his feet he views. 

With smiles, the flaming void ; 
Sees the universe renewed, 
The grand millennial reign begun ; 
Shouts, with all the sons of God, 

Around the eternal throne. 

4 Resting In this glorious hope 

To be at last restored, 
"i'ield we now our bodies up 

To earthquake, plague, or sword ; 
Listening for the call divine. 
The latest trumpet of the seven. 
Boon our soul and dust shall join. 
And both fly up to heaven. 

Charles Wesleij. 1756. 


• ^^^ Blessed are theu tchich 
are called unto the marrio'/e !<ui>}>er oj the 
Z,a)/i6.— Revelation xix. 9. 

YE virgin souls, arise. 
With all the dead awake 1 
Unto salvation wise. 
Oil in your vessels take ; 
Upstarting at the midnight cry, 
' Behold the heavenly Bridegroom nigh : ' 

2 He comes. He comes, to call 

The nations to His bar, 
And raise to glory all 

Who lit for glory are; 
Made ready for your full reward. 
Go forth with joy to meet your Lord. 

3 Go, meet Him in the sky. 

Your everlasting Friend ; 
Your Head to glorify. 

With all His saints ascend ; 
Ye pure in heart, obtain the grace 
To see, without a veil. His face : 

4 Ye that have here received 

The unction from above. 
And in His Spirit lived. 

Obedient to His love. 
Jesus shall claitn you for His l)rido ; 
Rejoice with all the sanctified : 

5 The everlasting doors 

Shall soon the saints receive, 
Al)Ove yon angel powers. 

In glorious joy to live : 
Far from a world of grief and sin, 
With God eternally shut in. 

6 Then let us wait to hear 

The ti-uiiipt't s wdrome sound ; 
To see our Lord appear. 
Watching let us be found ; 
When Jesus doth the heavens 1k>w. 
Be found— as. Lord, Thou liud'st us now. 
Charles Wesleii. 174U. 

7R^ 1..M. 

/ VJ<-» The trum])et shall sound, 
aud the deaii shall be raised incorrujjt lie. 
1 Corinthians xv. 52. 


While twice ten thousand thunders roar. 
Tear up the graves, and cleave the ground. 
And make the greedy sea restore. 

2 The greedy sea shall >ield her dead. 

The earth no more her slain conceal ; 
Siimers shall lift their guilty head. 
And shrink to see a yawning hell. 

3 But we, who now our Lord confess. 

And faithful to the end endure. 

Shall stand in Jesus righteousness. 

Stand, as the Rock of Ages, sure. 

4 We, while the stars from heaven shall fall. 

And mouutaius are on inuui.iaii.a 
Shall stand unmovetl amidst them all, 
And calmly see a burning world. 

5 The earth, and all the works therein, 

Dissolve, by raging flaiues destroyed; 
While we survey the awful scene. 
And mount above the fiery void. 

6 By faith we now transcend the skies. 

And on that ruined world look uowu ; 
Cy love above all height we ii.'^e. 
And share the everlasting throne. 

Charles HVj/fj/. 1749. 


8.7, 8.7. 4.7. 
Behold. He mmeth trith 
clouds ; and evr'j ei/e sJiall see Him. 
Revelation i. 7. 

LO : He comes with clouds descending. 
Once for favoured sinners slain : 
Thous;)nd. thousand saints attending 
Swell the triimiph of llii tiaJa; 

Hallehyah ! 
God appears on earth to reign. 


2 Evorv eve slmll now behold Him 
R..Ip,mI ill (ireniUul iiKijfsty : 
Those wlio set at iioiiLrht anil sold Ilini, 
Pierced and nail.-d Him to the tree, 

Deeply wailiiifi, 
Shall the true .Messiah see. 

The dear tokens of His passion 
Still His dazzliiiK bodv bears ; 

Cause of endless rxuliiition 
To His raiisiiiiird \v(ii>liii)pers : 

With what rapture 
Gaze we on those glorious scars. 

4 Yea. Amen ! let all adore Thee, 
Hi^'h on Thy eternal throne ; 
Saviour, take the power and glorv. 
Claim the kingdom for Thine own ! 

.lah : Jehovah : 
Everlasting God ! come down. Amen. 
Charles Wcslrij. 1758. 


CI OD of the living, in whose eves 
T Unveiled Thy whole creation lies ! 
All souls are Thine : we must not say 
That those are dead who pass away ; 
From this our world of sense set free, 
Our dead are living unto Thee. 

2 Released from earthly toil and strife, 
With is hidden still their life ; 
Thine are their thoughts, their work?, 

their powi-rs. 
All Thiuc", and j'et most truly ours ; 
For wi^ll we know, whereVr they bo, 
Our di^ad are living unto Thee. 

;{ Xot spilt like water on the ground, 
-Vot wrapped in dreamless sleep profound, 
Xot wandering in unknown despair, 
Heyond Tliy voice, Thine arm. Thy care ; 
Not left to lie like fallen tree; 
Not dead, but living unto Thee. 

4 riiv word is true. Thy will is just ; 
To Thi-,. wr l.avr them, Lord, in trust; 
And tii'vss Til... (■.,]■ tiie love which gavo 
Thy Siiii to lill a liuman grave, 
'I'liat none inighi fear that world to see 
Where all are living unto Thee. 

.') O I'.reather into man of breath, 
() Hol.h'r of the keys of death, 
O giih'kener of th.- life within, 
.Save IIS from death, the death of sin ; 
That body, soul, and snirit he 
For ever living unto Thee ! Amen. 

John Elln-ton. IKfi?. 

U >-> Prrparr to mcft thy God. 
Amos iv. 12, 

riMlOU God of glorious nia|estv ! 

i To Thee, against myself, to Thee, 

A son of earth, I cry ; 
A half awakened child of man ; 
All Ix-ir of ondlesa bliss or jiain ; 

A sinner born to die. 

2 Lo : on a narrow neck of land, 
'Twixt two unbounded seas 1 stand, 

Secure, insensible ; 
A point of time, a moment's space, 
Uemoves me to that heavenly place 

Or shuts me up in hell. 

3 God ! mine inmost soul convert. 
And deeply on my thoughtful heart 

Eternal things impress ; 
Give me to feel their solemn weight. 
Ami tremble on the brink of fate. 

And wake to righteousness. 

4 Before me place, in dread array. 
The pomp of that tremendous day. 

When Thou with clouds shall come, 
To judge the nations at Thy bar ; 
And tell me. Lord, shall I be there. 

To meet a joyful doom ? 

.') Be this my one great business here, 
With serious industrv and fear 

Eternal iiliss to (Uisure : 

And suliiT all Thy ritzlitenus will. 
Anil to the cud endure. 

C Then, Saviour, then, my soul receive 
Transported from this vale to live 

And reign with Thee above ; 
Where faith is sweetly lost in sight. 
And hope in full supreme delight. 
And everlasting love. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 1719. 

7RQ SM. 

I yJ-^ We viiist all appear hr/nre 

the judgment seat of Christ.— I Cor. v. 10. 

THOU Judge of quick and dead, 
Before whose bar severe, 
With holy joy, or guilty dread, 
We all shall soon appear 1 

2 Our ea\itimicd souls prepnre tlial ticiiii'ii.l.ius .lay ; 
And lill us now with watchful care, 
And stir us up to pray: 

,? To pray, and wait the hour, 
That awful hour unknown. 
When, robed in majesty and power. 
Thou Shalt from heaven come down. 

4 The immortal Son of man, 
■\\, iu.lLT.' the huiii.-m raiv. 
With ail lliv Kiiln Ts.laz/.ling tr.ain. 
With all Thy glorious grace. 

.I To damp our earthly joys. 
To iiiircase our gracious foars. 
For ever let the Archangel's voice 
Be Rounding Iti our ears ; 


P The solemn midnight cry, 
• Ve (load, the Judge is come ! 
Arise, and meet Him in the slcy, 
And meet your instant doom ! 

7 may we thus be found 
Obedient to His word. 

Attentive to tlie trumpets sound. 
And looking for our Lord : 

8 may we thus ensure 
A lot among tlie blest ; 

And watch a moment to secure 
An everlasting rest ! 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 


The harvest vs the end of 
the ivoWti.— Matthew xiii. 39. 

THIS is the field, the world b.-low. 
In which the sowers cat)ie t<i sow. 
Jesus the wheat, Satan the tiires. 
For so the word of truth declares ; 
And soon the reaping time will come. 
And angels shout the harvest home. 

2 Most awful truth ! and is it so, 

Must all the world that harvest know. 
Is every man or wheat or tare ? 
Then lor that harvest prepare ! 
For soon the reaping time will come, 
And angels shout the harvest home. 

3 To love my sins, a saint to appear. 
To grow with wheat, yet be a tare. 
May serve me while I live below. 
Where tares and wheat together grow ; 
But soon the reaping timewill conie, 
And angels shout the harvest home. 

But all who truly righteous be 
Their Father's kingdom then shall see, 
And shine like suns for ever there ; 
He that hath ears, now let him hear ; 
For soon the reaping time will come. 
And angels shout the harvest home. 

Joseph ninchsliffe. 1787. 


7.6. 7.r.. 7.7. 7.6. 
At midnight there was a era 
made. Behold the bridegroom cometh. 
Matthew xxv. B. 

HE.\RKE\ to the solemn voice. 
The awi'ul midnight cry ! 
Waiting souls, rejoice, rejoice, 

.And see the Bridegroom nigh : 
Lo ! He comes to keep His word. 

Light and joy His looks impart ; 
Go ye forth to meet your Lord, 
And meet Him in your h-art. 

2 Ye who faint beneath the load 

Of sin, your heads lift up -, 
See your great Kcdeeming God. 

He comes, and bids you hope : 
In the midnight of youi grief, 

Jesus doth His mourners <heer ; 
Lo : He brings you sure relief ; 

Believe, and feel Him here. 

3 Ye whose loins are girt, stand forth. 

Whose lamps are burning biight. 
Worthy in your Saviour's worth. 

To walk with Him in white ; 
Jesus bids your heart.s be clean. 

Bids you all His promise prove ; 
Jesus comes to out sin. 

And perfect you in love. 

4 Wait we all in patient hope. 

Tin Christ, the Judge, shall come ; 
We shall soon be all caught up 

To meet the general doom : 
In an hour to us unknown. 

As a thief in deepest night. 
Cluist shall suddenly come down. 

With all His saints in light. 

5 Happy he whom Christ shall find 

Wati.hing to .see Him come : 
Mim the Judge of all mankind 

Shall bear triumphant home : 
VVTio can answer to His word .' 

\V^ich of you dares meet His day ? 
' Rise, and come t<> judgment : —Lord. 

We rise, and come away. 

Wesley. 1712. 


7.7. 7.7. 
Where shall the ungodly 
and the sinner appear ! — 1 Peter iv. 18. 

WHEX thy life is fled. 
When the death-shades oer thee 
\\'hen is finished thy career. 
Sinner, where wilt thou appear? 

2 When the world hii.<? pa.^^sed away. 
When draws near tlie judgment-day. 
When the awful trump siiall sound. 
Say. 0. where wilt thou be found ; 

3 \\Tien the Judge descends in light. 
Clothed in majesty aTid might. 
When the wicked quail with fear. 
Where. O where, wilt thou appear? 

4 WTiat shall soothe thy bursting heart. 
When the saints and thou must juirt » 
When the good with joy are crowned, 
Suiner, where wilt thou be found ? 

5 ^Vllile the Holy Ghost is nigh. 
Qui. kly to the Saviour fly ; 

The I .-"hall peace thy spirit cheer. 
Then in heaven shait thou appear. 

S. F.Smith. IftlO. 


peahen aittr tljc ^ifc hereafter. 

rirjri S.R. 8.8. 8.8. 

i I O p,iin with patience the rare 
that is stU before us, looking unto Jesus. 
Hebrews xii. 1, 2. 

LEADER of faithful souls, and Guide 
Of all that travel to the sky, 
Comp, nnd with us. even us, ab;d>\ 

Who would on Thee alone rely ; 
On Thee alone our spirits stay, 
While held in life s uneven way. 

2 Stranerers and pilgrims here below. 

This earth, we know, is not our place ; 
But hasten through the vale of woe. 

And, restless to behold Thy face, 
Swift to our heavenly country move, 
Our everlasting liome above. 

3 We have no biding city here. 

But seek a city out of sight ; 
Thither our steady course we steer, 

.Aspiring to the plains of light, 
Jerusalem, the saints' abode. 
Whose founder is the living God. 

4 Patient the appointed race to run. 

This weary world we cast behind ; 
From strength to strength we travel on. 

The New .Jerusalem to find ; 
Our lahoiu- this, our only aim. 
To find the New Jerusalem. 

5 Through Thee, who all our sins hast 


Freely and graciously forgiven, 
With songs to Siou we return. 

Contending for our native heaven ; 
That palace of our glorious King, 
We find it nearer while we sing. 

C liaised by the breath of love Divine, 
We urge our way with strength re- 
TIi'» Church of the (Irst-born to join, 

\\i; lr:ivel to the mount of (!od, 
WI1 h joy upon our lii-ad:* arls", 
And meet our Captain in t\u- skies. 


W/frr f am, there ahnU 
ye he al!io.--,\n\\\\ xiv. .1 

AS when the wearv traveller pitltis 
Thft height of some o>rlookin/ hill. 
His heart revives, if. cross the plains, 
He aet-M Ills home, though Ktill, 

2 While ho surveys the mnch-lovcd .\<>A, 
\h^ sllghtH th" Hi.are that lies l.,:Usccn ; 
His prust futlgueti arc now for-'it. 
liucauHR hl8.iourney'8 end is »e.ii. 

3 Thus, when the Christian pilgrim views. 

By faith, his mansion in the skies. 
The sight his fainting strength renews. 
And wings his speed to reach the prize. 

4 The thought of home his spirit cheers ; 

No more he grieves for troubles 
Nor any future trials fears. 
So he may safe arrive at last. 

5 Tis there, he saj's, I am to dwell 

With Jesus, in the realms of day ; 

Then I shall bid niy cares farewell. 

And He will wipe my tears away. 

6 Jesus, on Thee our hope depend.?, 

To lead us on to Thine abode ; 
Assured our home will make amends 
For all our toil while on the road. 

John Newlon. 1779. 


8.8. a.a. p. Anapctslir. 
I saw a neir heaven and 
a new faW/i.— Revelation xxi. 1. 

AWAY with our sorrow and fear : 
W<> soon shall recover our honic. 
The citv ol .saints sliall appear. 

The (lay of eternity C(Uue : 
From earth we shall quickly remove. 

And mount to our native abode. 
The houise of our Father above. 
The palace of angels and God. 

2 Our mourning is all at an end. 

When, raised by the life-giving won; 
We see the new city descend. 

Adorned as a bride for her Lord : 
The city so holy and clean, 

No sorrow can breathe in the air, 
No gloom of alllictlon or sin, 

No shadow of evil is there. 

3 By faith we alrcadv behold 

'Thai lovely Jcnisal. ■Ml here; 
Her u:ilLs;nv.,li:is|MT;,ndgo;d. 

As ei'vstal liei- liuiUlings are clear : 
Inunovablv founded in grace, 

She Stands, as she ever hath stood. 
And brightly her Builder displays. 

And flames with the glory of God. 

■1 .No need of the sun in that day. 

Which never is followed liy'night. 
Wliere Ji^sus's beaulles display 

A pure Mild a pornianent ligiit : 
The i,Minli IS their l.i^litand their Sun 

And, lo : by reileetion they shine. 
Willi .lesiis iiieil'ihlvone, 
And bright in cfriilgen<'e divine i 

Cliarlcs V/h^i'i/. 17-14. 



So shall we ever be with 
^/le Lord.— IThessaloiiians iv. 17. 

' LI OR ever with the Lord ! ' 

T Amen ; so let it be ! 

Life from tlie (I<^!id is in that word, 

Tis immortality. 

H.'re in the body pent. 

Absent from Him I roam. 
Yet nightly pitch my moving tent 

A days march nearer home. 

2 5Iy Father's house on high. 
Home of my soul, how near. 

At times, to faith's foreseeing eye. 

Thy golden gates appear ! 

Ah : then mv spirit faints 

To reach the land I love, 
The briglit inheritance of saints, 

Jerusalem above. 

3 ' For ever with the Lord ! ' 
Father, if 'tis Thy will. 

The promise of that faithful v.-ord, 

Even here to me fulfil. 

Be Thou at my right hand. 

Then can I never fail. 
Uphold Thou me, and I shall stand. 

Fight, and I must prevail. 

4 So when my latest breath 
Shall rend the veil in twain, 

r.y death I shall escape from death. 

And life eternal gain. 

Knowing as I am known. 

How shall I love that word, 
And oft repeat before the throne, 

' For ever with the Lord : ' 

James Montgomery. 1835. 


' / ' Be thou faithful unto death, 
and I will give thee a crown of life. 
Revelation ii. 10. 

THOU, Lord, on whom I still depend. 
Shalt keep me faithful to the end : 
I trust Thy truth, and love, and power. 
Shall save me to the latest hour; 
And, when I lay this body down. 
Reward with an immortal crown. 

2 .Tesus, in Thy great Name I go 
To conquer death, my final loo ; 
And when 1 quit this cumbrous clay, 
And soar on angels' wings away. 

My so\U the second death delies. 
And reigns eternal in the skies. 

3 Eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard. 
What Christ hath for His saints preparetl. 
Who conquer through their Saviours 

Who sink into perfection's height. 
.Anil trample death beneath their feet, 
\,.,\ .jr]:^,\]y iii.> their Lord to meet. 

Dost thou desire to know and see 
What thy mysterious name Hhall be? 
Contending for thy home, 
Thy latest foe in death o'ercome ; 
Till then thou searcheat out in vain. 
What only conquest can explain. 

Charles Wesley. 1702. 

/ I O We which have believed 

do enter into res<.— Hebrews Iv. 3. 


A ! WHERE shall rest be found, 
\> Rest for the weary soul : 
'Twere vain the ocean depths to sound 
Or pierce to either polo. 

2 The world can never give 
The b!iss for which we sigh ; 

'Tls not the whole of life to live. 
Nor ail of death to die. 

3 Beyond this vale of tears 
There is a life above. 

Unmeasured by the flight of years ; 
And all that life is love. 

i Here would we end our quest ; 
Alone are found in Thee 
The life of perfect love— the rest 
Of iirimortality. 

James Montgomery. 1819. 


Blessed are the dead which 
die in tli*- i-urtZ.— Revelation ,xiv. 13. 

HE.\R what the voice from heaven 
For all the pious dead : 
Sweet is the savour of their names. 
And soft their dying bed. 

2 They die in Jesus, and are blest : 

How calm their slumbers are ! 
From sutferiugs and from tears re- 
And freed from every snare ; 

3 Till that illustrious morning come. 

\Vhen all Thy saints shall 
And, decked in full immortal bloom. 
Attend Thee to the skies. 

4 Their ton<:ues, great Prince of IJfe, 

shall j"in 
With thiir recovered breath. 
And all the immortal host ascribe 
Their victory to Thy death. 

Isaac Waits. 1709. 

ry Q /^ Irregular. 

I 0\J Father, T will that they aU>, 
wliom Thou hast oivti Me, be with Me where 
I am.— John xvii. 21. 

SOON and for ever. 
Such promise our trust. 
Though ashes to ashes. 
Anil dust be to ilust. 


Suon and for ever 

Our union shall be 
Made perfect, our glorious 

Redeemer, in Thee ; 
When the sins and the sorrows 

Of time shall be o*er. 
Its pangs and its partings 

Reineuibered. no more ; 
Where life cannot fail and wher 

Death cannot sever, 
Christians with Clirist shall be 

Soon and for ever. 

2 Soon and for ever 

The breaiting of day 
Sliall chase all the night-clouds 

or sorrow away; 
Soon and for ever 

\\\''\\ see as we're seen. 
And know the deep meaning 

Of things thut have hw.n, 
Wliore iiglitiiigs without U3 

And conflicts within 
Shall weary no more in 

The warfare witli sin, 
Where tears, and where feai.s, and 

Death shall ho never. 
Christians with Christ shall he 

Soon and for ever. 

3 Soon and for ever 

The work sliall lie done. 
The warlare accomplished, 

The victory won ; 
Soon and for ever 

The soldier lay down 
The sword for a harji, and 

His cross for a crown ; 
Then drool) not in sonow, 

I)cspond not in fear, 
A Kim '"'IS to-morrow 

Is hri^'liteningand near, 
When— lilessed reward for each 

Faithful endeavour — 
Christians with t:hrist shall ho 

Soon and for ever. 

J. S. B. Monsill. 1S37. 


11.10. 11.10. 
iriitdd see Jesus. 
John .\ii. 21. 

' "\\7E would see Jesus: ' lor the shadows 

W length(!n 

Across the little lan(Is(^'lpo of our life ; 
' We would see Jesus,' our weak faith to 

For the weariness, the fmal strife. 

'2 ' We would see Jesus : ' for life's liand hath 
With Its dark touch, upon both heart 
and brow ; 
And Miou^h our souls liavo many a billow 

Olhcis are rising In the distance now. 

3 ' We would see Jesus : ' the great rock 

Whereon our feet were set by sovereign 
grace ; 
Not life, nor death, M'ith all their agitation, 
Can thence remove us if we see His face. 

4 ' Wo would see Jesus : ' other lights are 

Which for long years we have rejoiced to 

see ; 
The blessings of our pilgrimage are failing, 
We would not mourn them, for we go t<i 


5 ' We would see Jesus : ' yet the spirit 

Round the dear objects it has loved so 

And earth from earth can scarce unclasp 

its lingers. 
Our love to Thee makes not this love less 


tJ ' Wo would see Jesus : ' sense is all too 
And li(a\eu appeal's too dim, too far 
away ; 
We would see Thee, to gain a sweet re- 
That Thou hast promised our great debt 
to pay. 

7 ' We would see Jesus : ' this is all we're 
needing ; 
Strength, Joy, and willingness come with 
the sight : 
'We would see Jesus," dying, risen, plead- 
Then welcome day, and farewell mortal 
night I 
^W7i. Christian Treasury. 1854. 

ryOQ CM. 

I (D.t^ Thine eries . . . shnll 

hihuld Ihc land that, is very Jar off. 
Isaiah xxxiii. 17. 

IlIIiaiK is a land of pure delight, 
Where saints immortal roigu ; 
Infmile day excludes the night. 
And pleasures banish pain. 

2 Th<M-e everlasting spring abides. 

And neviT-witheiing llowers : 

De;ilh, liUe a iiaridw sea. divides 

This heavenly laud from ours. 

3 Sweet fields beyond the swelling Hood 

Stand ilicssed in living green : 

So to the Jews old Canaan stood, 

Whilo Jordan rolled between. 

4 I'ut timoroiiH mortals start and shrink 

'I'o cross this narrow sea; 
Anil linger, shivering on the brink, 
And fear to launch away. 

5 t) could we make our doubts remove, 

TIkisi; glooiny thoughts that rise. 
And see ilii- Caniian that we lovo. 
With uubeclouded eyes 1 


6 Could we but climb where Mosea stood, 
And view the laiidscajie o'er. 
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold 
Should fright us from the shore. 

Isaac Watts. 1700. 


The Lord said, I xvill 
give it you. — Numbers x. 'J9. 

ON Jordan's stormy banks I stand, 
And cait a wistful eye 
Td Canaan's fair and happy land. 
Where my possessions lie. 

2 0, the transporting, rapturous scene 

That rises to my sight : 
Sweet fields arrayed in living green. 
And rivers of delight. 

3 There generous fruits tliat never fail, 

On trees immortal grow ; 
There rocks and hills, and brooks, and 
With milk and honey flow. 

4 All o'er those wide extended plains 

Shines one eternal day ; 
There God. the Sun, for ever reigns. 
And scactei-s night away. 

5 No chilling wind, or poisonous breath, 

Can reach that healthful shore ; 
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, 
Are felt and feared no more. 

6 When shall I reach that happy place. 

And be for ever blest? 
When shall I see my Father's face. 
And in His bosom rest? 

Samuel Stennett. 1787. 


That great ri/y, the holy 
Jerusalem.— Hevelixtion xxi. 10. 

JERUSALEM ! my happy home ! 
Name ever dear to me ! 
When shall my labours have an end. 
In joy, and peace, and thee V 

2 Wh?n shall these eyes thy heaven-built 

And pearly gates behold ; 
Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong. 
And streets of shining gold ? 

3 There happier bowers than Eden's bloom. 

Nor sin nor sorrow know : 
Blest seats! through rude and stormy 
I onward press to you. 

i 0, when, thou city of my Ood. 
Shall I thy courts ascend, 
WTiere congregations ne'er break up, 
And Sabbaths have no end ? 

5 Why should I shrink from pain or woe, 
Or feel at death dismay? 
I've Canaan's goodly land in view, 
And realms of endless day. 

C Apostles, martyrs, prophets, thero 
Around my Saviour stiind : 
And soon my friends in Christ bclo«r 
Will join the glorious band. 

7 Jerusalem : my happy homo ! 
I My soul still pants for thee ; 

I Then shall my labours have an end, 
When 1 thy joys shall see. 

B. 1801. 

ryOR 7.ii.7.G. U. 

I <JyJ J saw the holy city, new 

Jerusalem . . . preiiared as a bride adorned 
/or her /tiw>ba?i(i.— Kevelation xxi. 2. 

1 EKUSALKM the gold.-n. 
»J With niiU and liun.-y l.less.d ; 
Lemath tliy ciniliniplallon 

Sink heart and voice oppressetl: 
The home of fad<-less splendour, 

ur flowers that have no thorn : 
Whore they shall dwell as children 

Who here as chiles niouru. 

2 Jerusalem, the only. 

That look St from heaven below ; 
In thee is all my glory ; 

In me is all my woe : 
I strive to win that glory, 

1 toll to gain that light ; 
Send hope l>efore to grasp it, 

Till hope is lost in sight. 

3 Jerusalem! exulting, 

Un that securest shore, 
I hope thee, wish thee, sing thee, 

And love thee evermore : 
O happy, holy city. 

The portion of the blest ; 
True vision of true beauty. 

Sweet balm of all distressed \ 

4 Thou hast no shore, fair ocean ! 

Thou hast no time, bright day I 
Dear founUiin of refreshment 

To pilgrims far away : 
Upon the Kock of .Ages 

They mise thy holy tower ; 
Thine is the victor's laurel. 

And thine the golden do\.'er. 

5 The Lamb is all thy splendour, 

The Crucified thy pniise ; 
His laud and benediiiion 

Thy ransomed people 
And He w hom now we trust in 

Shall then be seen and known ; 
And thev that know and see Hiui 

Shall iiave Him for their ow n. 

C sweet and blessfed country. 

When shall I see thy fare ? 

O sweet and blessed country. 

When shall 1 win thy grace? 
Exult, O dust and ashes : 

The Lord shall be thy part ; 
His only. His for ever, 
Thou Shalt be. and thou art. 

Bernard v/Clun>i, l-'//i aniiiry. 
Tr. J. il .X'ule. laoL 


rTQ^Ci fi.(i.r..r,. 

f <-^^ Hi', showed me that great 
citii, the holji Jerusalem . . . having the 
glory «/ r;od.— Revelation xxi. 10, 11. 

JERUSALEM on hish 
fj My song and city is. 
My home whene'er I die. 
The centre of my bliss. 

O happy place ! 

When shall I ho. 

:My (Jod, with Thee, 
To seo Thy face? 

2 Thy walls, sweet city ! thine, 

\Vith pearls are garnisiied ; 
Thy gates with praises shine. 
Thy streets with gold are spread. 

3 There dwells my Lord, my King, 

Judged here unfit to live ; 
There angels to Him sing. 
And h)wly homage give. 

4 Tli«^ patriarchs of old 

Tli'-ic from their travels cease ; 
Till- pniphets there behold 
Tlmir longed-for Prince of pcai;o. 

5 The Lamb's apostles there 

I miglit with joy behold ; 
The harpers I might hear 
Harping on harps of gold. 

6 Xo tears from any eyes 

Drop in that holy choir ; 
But death itself there dies. 
And sighs themselves expire. 

7 Sweet place ; sweet place alone I 

The court of God most high, 
The heaven of heavens, the throne 
Of spotless majesty ! 

Samuel Grossman. lOfil. 


ire sJiall all bs changed. 
1 Corinthians xv. 


NO sorrow, and no sighing, 
U world of pea<-e undying 1 
There; shall true life begin, 
No curse, no pain, no sin, 
Aliove, around, within ; 
We shall be changed. 

2 Transformed, from light to light, 

Klni,, -ni.'cloglnry'.- Iiright ; 

Ti ■<■ than angi'ls knew 

orpirfiul, pure, aiKl true, 
For all things shall be new ; 
We shall bo changed. 

3 Kti-mal life, with Ood, 

' CbriHl's loy ' In spheres untrod ; 
Wh.'ti shall time's shadows (ly. 
And morniiig 1111 the sky. 
When shall the l>ord draw nigh. 
And we be changed ? 


Wp sh'ill be like our Lord, 
Our nature all restored. 
In llim who is our Head, 
The first-born from the dead. 
By Him to glory led : 

The same, yet changed. 

W. J. Irons. 1873. 

8.8. 8.8. D. Anapo'stic. 
I xvonld not livf at way. 
Job vii. 16. 

OWHR.V shall we sweetly remove ? 
O when shall we enter "our rest'/ 
Return to the Sion above. 

The mother of spirits distressed ; 
That city of God the King, 

Where sori-ow and death are no more ; 
But saints our Immanuel sing. 
And cherub and seraph adore? 

2 Not all the archangels can tell 

The joys of that lioliest place, 
Wliere Jesus is pleased to reveal 

The light of His heavenly face ; 
When caught in the rapturous flarm". 

The sight beatific thev prove. 
And walk in the light of the Lamb, 

Enjoying the beams of His love. 

3 Thou know'st, in the spirit of prayer. 

We hope Thy appearing to see. 
Resigned to the burden we bear. 

But longing to triumph with Thee ; 
'Tis good at Thy word to be here, 

'Tis better in Thee to be gone, 
And see Thee in glory appear. 

And rise to a sh^re in Thy throne. 

4 To mourn for Thy coming is sweet, 

To weep at Thy longer delay ; 
Rut Thou, whom we hasten to meirt, 

Shalt chase all our sorrows aw.ay. 
The te:ivs shall bf wiped from our eyes. 

When Ihee we behold in the cloud. 
And eeho the joys of the skies, 

.'Vnd shout to ilie trumpet of God. 

Charles Wesley. 1744. 

CM. With Chorus. 
The Paradi.'>e of God. 
Revelation ii. 7. 


PARADISE ! Paradise ! 
Who doth not crave for rest? 
Who would not seek the haiipy land 
Where they that loved are blest ; 
Wheri; loyal liearts, and true. 

Stand ever in the light, 
All rapture throngh and through, 
In (Joils most holy sight? 

(t Paradise ! O Paradise ! 

The world Is growing old ; 
Who would not be at rest and free 

Where love is never cold ? 

Paradise ! Paradise ! 
"Pis weary waiting here : 

1 long to be wjiere .Tesus Is, 
To feel, to Seo Him near. 


4 Paradise ! Paradise ! 

I want to sin no more ; 
I want to be as pure on earth 
As on Thy spotless shore. 

5 Paradise ! Paradise ! 

I greatly long to see 
The special place my dearest Lord 
Is destininfj lor me. 

F. W. 1-aher. 1861. 


There xhciU in no wise 

enter into it anything that defileth. 

Kevelation xxi. "27. 

THERE is no night in licaven ; 
In that blest world above 
Work never can bring weariness, 
For work itself is love. 

2 There is no grief in heaven ; 
For life is one glad day. 

And tears are of those former things 
Which all have passed away. 

3 There is no sin in heaven ; 
Behold that blessed throng, 

All holy is their spotless robe ! 
All holy is their song 1 

4 There is no death in heaven ; 
For they who gain that shore 

Have won their immortality. 
And they can die no more. 

5 Lord Jesiis, be our Guide ; 
lead us safely on, 

Till night, and grief, and sin, and death 
Are past, and heaven is won ! 

F. Minden Knollis. d. lSi;3. 
LaM verse John Ellerlon. 

We . . . are compassed about 
ti'itJi so great a rloud of witnesses. 
Hebrews xii. 1. 

FOR all the saints, who from their 
labours rest. 
Who Thee by faith before the world con- 
Thy name, Jesus, be for ever blest. 
Hallelujah ! 

2 Thou wast their rock, their fortress, and 

their might ; 

Thou. Lord, their Captain in the well- 
fought fight : 

Thou, in the darkness drear, their one true 
light. I 

HallelujiUi ! | 

3 may Thy soldiers, faithful, true, and 

bold ! ; 

Fight as the saints, who nobly fought of J 

And win with them the victor's crown of i 

gold. I 

Hallelujah ! ' 

i O blest communion, fellowship divine ! 
We feebly struggle, they in glory »liine ; 
Yet all are one in Tliee. for all are Thine. 
Hallelujah ! 

5 And, when the strife is fierce, the warfare 

Steals on the ear the distant triumph-song. 
And hearts are brave again, and arms are 


Hallelujah ! 

6 The golden evening brightens In the wesr : 
Soon, soon to faithful warriors cometh 

Sweet is the calm of Paradise the ble.<!t. 
Hallelujah ! 

7 But lo I there breaks a yet more glorious 

day ; 
The saints triumphant rise in bright array ; 
The King of glory pa.sses on His way. 
Hallelujah 1 

8 From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's 

laithest coast. 
Through gates of pearl streams in the 

countless host. 
Singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 
Hallelujah ! Amen. 

Bishop K. W. How. 1807. 


• ^ -^ What are these which are 
arraijcd in ivhile rofies ? and whence came 
they .'—Revelation vii. 13. 
"HAT are these arrayed in white. 
Brighter than the noon day sun ? 
Foremost of the sons of light, 
Nearest the eternal throne? 
These are they that bore the cross. 

Nobly for their Master stood ; 

Sufferers in His righteous cause. 

Follow ers of the dying God. 

2 Out of great distress they came. 

Washed their robes by faith below 
In the blood of yonder Lamb, 

Blood that washes white as snow : 
Therefore are they next the throne. 

Serve their Maker 'lay and night ; 
God resides among His own. 

God doth in His saints delight. 

3 More than conquerors at last. 

Here they find their trials o er : 
They have all their sufferings past. 

Hunger now and tlii.-st no uiuie : 
No excessive heat they feel 

From the sun s din-cter ray ; 
In a milder clime tbt-y dwetl, 

Region of eternal day. 

4 He that on the throne doth reign. 

Them th>' binib shall always feed, 
With the tree of life sustain. 

To the living fountains lead : 
He shall all their soriows chase. 

All their wants at once remove. 
Wipe the tears from every fae*. 
Fill up every soul with love. 

l!Vv7,-.,. 1745. 



Tlie voice ofmami angels 
round about the (/iro/if.— Revelation v. 11. 

HARK ! hark ! my soul ! angelic songs 
are swelling, 
O'er earth's green fields, and ocean's 
wave-beat shore ; 
How sweet the truth those blessed strains 
are telling. 
Of that new life when sin shall be no 
Angels of Jesus, Angels of light, 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of 
the night ! 

2 Onward \\o go, for still we hear them 

Com''. Weary souls, for Jesus bids you 

come ! 
And, through the dark its echoes sweetly 

The music of the Gospel leads us home. 

3 Rest comes at length ; though life be long 

and dreary. 
The day must dawn, the darksome night 

be past ; 
All journeys end in welcomes to the weary. 
And Heaven, the heart s true home, will 

come at last. 

4 Cheer up, my 3oul ! faith's moonbeams 

softly glisten 
Upon the breast of life's most troubled 

sea ; 
And it will cheer thy drooping heart to 

To those bravo songs which angels mean 

for thee. 

5 Angels, sing on ! your faithful watches 

Sing us sweet fragments of the songs 
aliove ; 
While we toil on, and soothe ourselves 
witli wei'iiiiig, 
Till liics long night shall break in end- 
less love. 

F. W. Faber. 1801. 


Of ir/iinii the whole familji 

in hcavrii ind earth ii naiimi. 

Kphesians iii. 15. 

/"lOMK, let us Join our friends abov. 
\J That have obtained the prize. 
And on the eagle wings of lovo 
To Joys celestial rise. 

2 Li't all the saints terrestrial sing. 

With those to glory gone; 
For all the servants of our King, 
In earth and heaven, are one. 

3 One family we dwell in Him, 

One Church above, beneatli. 
Though now divided by th« stream. 
The narrow stream of dt^ath. 

4 One army of the living God, 

To His conmiand we bow; 
Part of His host have crossed the flood, 
And part are crossing now. 

5 Ten thousand to their endless home 

This solemn moment fly ; 
And we are to the margin come, 
And we expect to die. 

(J His militant embodied host. 
With wishful looks we stand. 
And long to see that happy coast. 
And reach the heavenly land. 

7 Our old companions in distress 

We haste again to see. 
And eager long lor our release 
And full felicity. 

8 E'en now bv faith we join our hands 

With thos(_- w h.i went before ; 
And greet the lildnd-bespriukled bands 
On the eternal shore. 

9 Our spirits too shall quickly Join, 

Like theirs with glory crowned ; 
And shout to see our Captain's sign. 
To hear His trumpet sound. 

10 that we now might grasp our Guide ! 
O that the word were given ! 
Come, Lord of hosts, the waves divide, 
And land us all in heaven ! Amen. 
y\'esley. 1759. 

nQ^ G.6.7.7. 7.7. 

I Cf<^ I will give thee a cromi 
of ii/e.— Revelation ii. 10. 

AGAIN we lift our voice. 
And shout our sohunn Joys; 
Cause of highest raptures this. 

Raptures that shall never fail. 
See a so\il escaped to 
Keep the Christian Festival. 

2 Our friend is gone before 
To that eclrsMal shore ; 

He hath l.-ft his niat.-s behind. 
He hath ..II th.' st.irnis outnido. 

Found the nsi we toil to tiiid, 
I.4inded in the arms of God. 

3 And shall we mourn to see 
(lur tcllow iirl.sonrr free, 

Fn'c> Ironi .umI -liefs, and fears. 

In thr hMV.-n of th-, skies? 
Can we wee]) to see the tears 

wiped for ever from his eyes? 

4 No, dear eomjianlon. no; 
Wegladly l.'t Mieego, 

From asud'ering Clnmh bene.iih 
To a reigning Clmich ■.\\»^\^• ; 

Thou hMsl nior.' than .•oiMiuenM ile.ith, 

Thou art crowned with life and love. 

Weslei/. 1719. 



Awake, awnke, jtut on Thii 
strenijth, arm of the i^ord. —Isaiali li. 9. 

A RM of the Lord, awake, awako ! 
li. Thine own itnmorUil strength put on ; 
With terror clothed, hell's kingdom shake, 
And cast Thy foes with fury down. 

2 As in the ancient days appear ; 

The sacred annals speak Thy fame ; 
Be now omnipotently near. 
To endless ages still the same. 

3 Thy arm, Lord, is not shortened now, 

It wants nut now the power to save ; 
Still present with Thy people. Thou 
Shalt bear them through life s parted 

4 r.y death and hell pursued in vain. 

To Thee the ransomed seed shall come ; 
Shoutintc, their heavenly Sion gain. 
And pass through death triumphant 

5 The pain of life shall there be o'er. 

The anguish and distracting care, 
There sighing grief shall weep no more, 
And sin shall never enter there. 

6 Where pure, essential joy is found, 

The Lord's redeemed their heads shall 
With everlasting gladness crowned. 
And tilled with love, and lost in praise. 
Charles M'ealeij. 1739. 



They shall walk tcilh Me 
in wliite : J'v'r they are worthy.— Kev. iii. 4. 

OW !IAT a mighty change 
Shall Jesus sutl'erers know ! 
While o'er the happy plains they range, 
Ii^capable of woe. 

2 No ill-requited love 

Shall there our sjiirits wound. 
Xo base ingratitude above. 
No sin in heaven is found. 

3 No slightest touch of pain. 
Nor sorrow s least alloy, 

Can violate our rest, or stain 
Our purity of joy. 

4 In that eternal day 

No clouds nor tempests rise ; 
There gushing tears are wiped away 
For ever from our eyes. 

Charles Wenley. 1749. 


I iy(D A house not made xinth 
hands, eleniai in the heavens.— 2 Cor. v. 1. 

HOW weak the thoughts, and vain. 
Of self-deluding men : 
Men, who. fixed to earth alone. 

Think their houses shall endure. 
Fondly call their lands their own. 
To their distant heus secure. 

2 How haiipy then are we 
Who build, O Ix)rd, on Thee ! 

What can our foundation shock? 

Though the shattered eartJi remove, 
Stands our city on a rock. 

On the Rock of heavenly Love. 

3 A house we call our own. 
Which cannot be o'erthrown ; 

In the general ruin sure. 

Storms and c-irthquakes it defies ; 
Built immovably secure. 

Built eternal in the skies. 

4 High on Immanuel's land 
We see the fabric stand ; 

From a tottering world remove. 
To our steadfiust mansion there ; 

Our inheritance above 
Cannot pass from heir to heir. 

5 High on Thy great white throne, 
King 3f siiints : come down ; 

In the New Jerusalem 

Now triumphantly descend ; 
Let the final trump proclaim 
Joys begun, which ne'er shall end. 

Charles Wesley. 17J0. 

There the weary be at rest. 
Job iii. 17. 

MY rest is in heaven, my rest is not Iitc ; 
Then why should I uiunuur when 
trials are liear? 
Be hushed, my dark spirit, the worst tliat 

can come, 
But shortens my journey, and hastens mo 

2 It is not for me to be seeking my bliss, 
And building my home in a region like 

this ; 
I look for a city which hands have not 

I pant for a country by sin undefiled. 

3 The thorn and the thistle around me may 

I would not lie down upon roses behiw ; 
I ask not my portion, I seek not my r. sf. 
Till 1 find them for ever in Jesuss br. iist. 

4 Afflictions may damp me, they caniait 

One glimpse of His love turns them all 

into joy ; 
And the bitterest tears, if He smile but on 

Like dew in the sunshine, grow diamond 

and gem. 

5 Let doubt then, or danger my progres.s 

They only make heaven more sweet at the 

close ; 
Come jov, or come sorrow, whateer may 

One hour with my God will make up for 




6 A scrip on my hack, and a staff in my hand , 
I march on in haste through an enemy's 

The road may he rough, but it cannot be 

And I'll smooth it with hope, and choer it 
vith song. 

H. F. Lyie. 18:!3. 



Clothed icith white robes, 
and palms in their /la/ids.— Rev. vii. 9. 

(^ I'VE me the wings of faith to rise 
T Within the veil, and see 
The snints above, how great their. joys, 
IIow blight their glories be. 

2 Once they weri mourning here below. 
And poured out cries and tears ; 
They wrestled hard as we do now. 
With sins, and doubts, and fears. 

?> I ask them whence their victory came ; 
They, with united breath, 
Asi-ribe their conquest to the Lamb, 
Their triumph to His death. 

4 They marked the footsteps that He trod. 

His zeal inspired their breast. 
And following their incarnate God, 
Possess the promised rest. 

5 Our glorious Le.ader el.aims our prai:;6 

For His own pattern given : 
While tlie long clo\id of witnesses 
Show the same path to heaven. 

Isaac Walts. i;i)0. 


<~J\J J- Ilnppv art thou, Israel 

. . . iieople saved by the Lord. 
Deuteronomy xxxiii. 29. 

now happy is the pilgrim's lot ! 
How free from every atixiousthought. 
Krotii worMlv hope and fear ! 
fniinned t.i II. ilhrr court Udrcell, (lis.l:iiiis()u earth to dwell. 
He iiiily .sojourns here. 

2 This happiness in part is mine, 
Already saved from low design. 

From (n'ery creature-love : 
r.lest with the scorn of finite good, 
My soul is lisrhtened of its load. 

And .S(M!ks the things above. 

.3 Nothing on earth I call my own : 
A strang<-r, to tlie world unknown, 

1 all their goods : 
I tra.tiiii1e on their whr)le delight. 
And seek a country out of sight, 

A country in tiie skies. 

4 Tliere Is my house and portion fa!r. 
My tn-asuL' nnd inv In art are there, 

An<l my abiding borne; 
For Tne my elder tm^tbren stay. 
And angels beckon me away. 

And Jesus bids IM- coMie. 


5 I come. Thy servant. Lord, replies, 
I come to meet Thee in the skies. 
And claim my heavenly rest. 
Now let the pilgrim's .iourney end. 
Now, my Saviour, Brother, Friend ! 
Receive me to Thy breast. Amen. 
Wesley. 1747. 

pr\Q C.M.T). 

O W ^11 Blessed is h e ?f'7i ose tra7is- 
girssion is forgiven, whose sin is covered. 
Psalm xxxii. 1. 

now happy every child of grace. 
Who knows his sins forgiven ! 
This earth, he cries, is not my place, 

1 seek my pl.ace in heaven, 
A country far from mortal sight ; 

Yet, O ! by faith I see 
The land of rest, the saints' delight. 
The heaven prepared for me. 

2 To that Jerusalem above 

Witli singing I repair; 
While in the ilesh my hope and love. 

My heart and soul are there : 
There mv exalteii Saviour stands. 

My merciful High I'riest, 
And still ext<'nds Mis woiuided hands 

To take me to His breast. 

3 what a blessed hope is ours ! 

While here on earth we stay. 
We more 1 ban taste t he heavcidy powers, 

And antedate that ilay : 
We feel the resurrection near, 

(bu- life in Christ concealed. 
Anil with His glorioiis presence here 

Our earthen vessels filled. 

4 O would He more of heaven bestow, 

And let the vessel break. 
And let o\ir ransomed spirits go 

To gras)i tlie t!od we seek I 
In r:i]iturous awo on Him to gaze. 

Who bought the sight for mo; 
And sliout, aiui wonder nt His grace, 

Through all eternity. 

Charles V.'esley. 17.'')9. 

Or\0 C.6.8.C.0.f 

'--'»-'«-' Ye are come xinto . , . 
the heavenly yc»M."!a/e?w.— Hebrews xii. 22. 

TKRtlSALKM divine, 

f) \\\u'U shall I call thoomine? 
And to thy holy hill attain. 

Where weary jiilgrinis lest; 

And in thy glories blest. 
With God Messiah ever reign? 

2 There saints and angels Join 

In I'eIloNVshil).livine, 

And rapture swells the solemn lay; 
While all with one accord 
Adore their glorious Lord, 

And sbo it Itis praise in endless day. 


a May i liiit liiid the ^race 
To lill an huruble plai-e 

In that inheritance above ; 
My tuneful voice I'll raise 
In songs of loudest praise. 

To spread Thy fame, redeeming Lovo. 

4 Mysterious Deity, 
Who ne'er Ijesan to ho. 
To sound Thy endless praise be ndiiu 1 
Keign, truo Messiah, reign ! 
Thy kingdonj shall remain, 
When stars and sun no more shall shine. 
Benjamin Rhoiles. 1806. 

(Kljristian fissions. 


7.6. 7.6. D. 
He shi^ll have dominion 
also from sea to sea. — Psalm Ixxii. 8. 

HAIL to tte Lord's .Vnointed ! 
Grwit David's greater Son; 
Hail in the time appointed. 
His reiifii on earth begim. 
He comes to break oppression, 

To set the captive free, 
To take away transgression, 
And rule in equity. 

2 He shall come down like showers 

Upon the fruitful earth ; 
Love, joy, and hope, like flowers. 

Spring in His path to bii th ; 
Before Him on the mountains 

Shall peace, tho herald, gi) ; 
And righteousness, in fountains. 

From hill to valley flow. 

5 Arabia's desert ranger 

To Him shall bow the knee ; 
The Ethiopian strarcrer 

His glory come to see : 
With otterings of devotion. 

Ships from the isles shall meet. 
To pour the wealth of oceau 

In tribute at His feet. 

4 Kings shall fall down before Him, 

And gold and incense bring ; 
All nations shall adore Him, 

His praise all people sing : 
For He shall have dominiou 

O'er river, sea, and shore, 
Far as the eagle's pinion, 

Ur dove s light wing, ain soar. 

5 For Him shall prayer unceasing 

And ilaily vows ascend ; 
His kingdom still increa.sing, 

A kingdom without end. 
The mountain dew shall nourish 

A seed in weakness sown. 
Whose fruit shall spread and flourish. 

And shake like Lebanon. 

6 O'er every foe victorious. 

He on His throne shall rest : 
From age to age more glorious, 
All blessing and all blest. 

The tide of time shall never 

His covenant remove ; 
His name shall stiind for ever. 

His great, best nanie of Love. 

James Montjomery. 1822. 


All nations shaJl serve Hi. 
Psalm Lxxii. 11. 

FROM Greenland's icy mountains. 
From India's coral strand. 
Where Afric s sunny fountains 
KoU down their golden sand ; 
From many an ancient river. 
From many a palmy plain, 
Tluy call us to deliver 
Their laud from errors chain. 

2 AVhat though the spicy breezes 

blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle ; 
Thouy:h every prospect pleases, 

And only man is vile : 
In vain, with lavish kindness. 

The gifts of God are strewn ; 
The heathen, in his blindness, 

Mows down to wooi". and stone. 

Shall we, whose souls are lighted 

With wisdom from on high. 
Shall we to men benighted 

The lamp of life deny 1 
Salvation : O Salvation! 

The joyful sound pri>claim. 
Till each remotest nation 

Has learned Messiah's name. 

4 Waft, waft, ye winds. His stujy ; 
And you. ye watei-s, roll. 
Till, like a sea of glory. 

It spreads from p<jle to pole ; 
Till, o'er nur ransomed nature. 

The Uimb for sinners slaiu, 
Redi'eiiier, King, Creator! 
lu bliss returns to reign. Amen. 
Bi.-^hopR. IJ,h,r. 1819. 


806 D. 
Hallelujah ! for the Lord 
God omnipotent rei(jm-tli.—Rev. xix. 6. 

HARK ! the song of jubilee, 
Loud as miglity tkuiider"s roar, 
Or the fulness of the sea 

When it breaks upon the shore r 
Hallelujah ! for the Lord 

God omnipotent shall reign ; 
Hallelujah ! let the word 
Echo round the earth and main. 

2 Hallelujah ! Hark ! the sound 

From' the depths unto the skies, 
Wakes above, beneath, around, 

All creation's h.armonies : 
See Jehovah's banner furli'd, 

Sheathed His sword ; He speaks— 
'tis done. 
And the kingdoms of this world 

Are the kingdoms of His Son. 

3 He shall reign from pole to pole 

Witli illimitable sway ; 
]\i' shall reign when like a scroll 

V liT heavens have passed away : 

Tlicii the end ; beneath His rod 

Mans last enemy shall fall ; 
Hallelujah ! Christ in God, 

God in Christ is All in all ! Amen. 
Juiiics Montgomery. 1819. 


Then shall thou cause tlie 

trumpet of the jubilee to sound. 

Leviticus xxv. 9. 

BLOW ye the trumpet, blow 
The gladly solenm sound ; 
Let all the nations know. 
To earth's remotest bound. 
The year of jubilee is come ; 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, homo. 

2 Jesus, our great High Priest, 

Hath full atonement made ; 
■Ye weary spirits rest. 

Ye mournful souls, bo glad : 
The year of jubilee Is come ; 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, homo. 

3 Kxtol the Lamb of God, 

Th.! all-atoning Lamb, 
Re<lemi.tioii In His blood 

Tliroiigliont the world ))roclaim. 
Tli<- year of Jubilee is come; 
Ri'tuni, ye ransomed sinners, homo. 

4 Ye slaves of sin and hell, 

Your liberty receive. 
Ami .safe in Je.sus dwell. 
And blest In .lesiis live. 
Tlie year of Jubilee is come; 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, homo. 

.0 Ye who have sold for nought 
Your heritage above, 
Sh.ill have it bac:k uiibought, 
TlK^girtof .lesuH love. 
The yi«ir of jubilee is come ; 
Return, yu nuisomed sinners, homo. 

6 The gospel trumpet hear. 

The news of heavenly grace. 

And, saved from earth, appear 

Before your Saviour's face. 

The year of jubilee is come ; 

Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

Charles Wesley. 1750. 


He shall come doivti like 
rain upon the moivn gras'^.—Panhn Ixxii. 6. 

(1 RRAT God, whose universal sway 
I The known and unknown worlds obey. 
Now give the kingdom to Thy Son, 
Extend His power, exalt His throne. 

2 The sceptre well becomes His hands ; 
All heaven submits to His commands ; 
His justice shall avenge the poor. 
And pride and rage prevail no more. 

3 With power He vindicates the just. 
And treads the oppressor in the dust ; 
His worship and His fear shall last 
Till the full round of time is past. 

4 As rain on meadows newly mown. 
So sliall He send His influence down ; 
His grace on fainting souls distils. 
Like heavenly dew on thirsty hills. 

5 The heathen lands that lie beneath 
The shades of overspreading death. 
Revive at His tirst ilawniiig light. 
And deserts blossom at the siglit. 

6 The saints shall flourish in His days, 
Arrayed in rol)es of joy and praise ; 
Peace, like a river, from His throne 
Shall tlow to nations yet unknown. 

Isaac Watts. 1709. 



He shall reign for ever and ever. 
Revelation xi. 15. 

JESUS shall reign where'er the sun 
Doth his successive journeys run ; 
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore. 
Till suns shall rise and set no more. 

2 For Him shall endless prayer bo made. 
And praises throng to crown Ilish(^;ul ; 
His name like sweet purlume shall rise 
With every morning sacritice. 

3 People and realms of every tongue 
Dwell on His love with swc^etesi .song, 
And infant-voices shall proclaim 
Hosannas to His sacred name. 

4 Blessings aboimd where'er He reigns ; 
The prKsoner leaps to lose his chains ; 
The weary tind eternal rest. 

And all the .sons of want are blest. 

5 Where Ho displays His healing power, 
Death and the curse are known no more ; 
In Him the tribes of Adam boast 
More blessings than their father lost. 


6 L"'^ every creature rise, and bring 
Its prratefnl honours to our King ; 
Autcels descend with songs again, 
An'i earth repeat its louil Amen. 

Isaac Watts. 1719. 

Pin L^f 

O J- W jn every place incense shall 
be offered unto Mn name, and a pure 
o^eringr.— Malachi i. 11. 

OTHOU, to whom in ancient time. 
The lyre of Hebrew bards was strung: 
Whom Ivintrs adored in songs sublime. 
And propliets praised with glowing 
tongue ; 

2 Xot now on Zioii's height alone. 

Thy favoured worshippers may dwell, 
Nor where at sultry noon Thy Son 
Sat weary by the patriarch's well ; 

3 From every place below the skies, 

The grateful song, the, fervent prayer. 
The incense of the heart may rise 
To heaven, and find acceptance there. 

4 To Thee shall <age with snowy hair. 

And strength i»nd beauty bend the knee ; 
And childhood li.sp, with reverent air, 
Its praises and its prayers to Thee. 

.T Thou, to whom, in ancient ti:ne, 

The lyre of prophet bards was strung, 
To Thee at last, in every clime. 
Shall temples rise, and praise be sung. 
John Fierpoint. 1840. 

p-l -I CM. 

*-> -L -L The monntain of the 

Lord's Aoitse.— Isaiah ii. 2. 

BEHOLD ! The mountain of the Lord, 
In latter days, shaU rise 
On mountain tops, above the hills, 
And draw the wondering eyes. 

2 To this the .joyful nations round. 

All tribes and tongues shall flow ; 
Up to the hill of God, they'll say. 
And to His house we'll go. 

3 The beam that shines from Zion's hill 

Shall lighten every land ; 
The King who reigns in .Salem's towers 
Shall all the world command. 

4 No strife shall vex Messiah's reign. 

Or mar the peaceful years ; 
To ploughshares men shall beat their 
To pruning-hooks their spears. 

5 No longer hosts encountering hosts 

Their crowds of slain deplore ; 
They hang the trumpet in the hall. 
And study war no more. 

6 Come, then ! 0, come from every land. 
To worship at His shrine : 
And. walking In the light of God, 
With holy beauties hliiue 

Jlkhaet iJruce. 1768. 

Ql O 

«_> J. zii That Thy wav may he 

knownupon earth, Thu saviiuj health among 
all nations.— Ps^lm Ixvii. 2. 

ARISE. IjOtA, and shine 
In all Thy saving might. 
And prosper each design 
To spread Thy glorious light ; 
Let healing streams of men yellow, 
That all the earth Thy truth may know. 

2 bring the nations near. 

That they may sing Thy praise ; 
Let all the peDfiie hear 
And learn Thy holy ways ; 
Reign, Mighty Gi«d, assert 'Vliy cause, 
And govern by Thy righteous laws. 

3 Put forth Thy glorious power ; 

The nations then shall see. 
And earth present her store. 
In converts born to Thee : 
God, our own God, His Church shall bless. 
And earth be filled with righteousness. 

4 To God. the Father, Son, 

And Sjiirit ever Hlest, 
Eternal Three in One, 
All worship be addres.sed ; 
Join, all on e;irth. rejoi..e and sing. 
All glory give to God our King. Amen. 
W. Hum. 1813. ait. 

O -L O ;)raf se the Lord, 

all ye naiions.—VsnUn cxvii. 1. 

FROM all that dwell below the skies. 
Let the Creator's praise arise ; 
Let the Redeemer s name be sung. 
Through every land, by every tongue. 

2 Eternal are Thy meri;ies, Lord, 
Eternal truth attends Thy word : 

Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore. 
Till suns shall rise and set no more. 

3 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow ; 
Praise Him, all creattires here below; 
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host ; 
Praise Father. Son, and Holy Ghost : 

Isaac Watts. 1719. Amen. 

Doxology by Bishop Ken. It".u3. 

ol4 prai/ tie . . . the Lord of the 
harvest, that fie u-ill send forth /-(h.v/r'ii 
into His /I'lrve-N-r— Matthew ix. 38. 

LORD of the harvest, hear 
Thy needy servants' try : 
Answer our faith s eifectual prajer. 
And aU our wante supply. 



2 On Thee we humbly wait, 
Our wants are in Thy view ; 

The harvest, truly, Lord, Is great. 
The labourers are few. 

3 Convert, and send forth more 
Into Thy Church abroad ; 

And let them speak Thy word of power, 
As workers with their God. 

4 Give the pure Gospel word. 
The word of general grace ; 

Thee let them preach, the common Lord, 
The Saviour of our race. 

5 let them spread Thy name, 
Their mission fully prove, 

Thy iiiiiversal grace proclaim, 
" Thy all-redeeming love ! 

G On all mankind, forgiven, 
Empower them still to call : 
And tell each creature under heaven, 
That Thou hast died for all. Amen. 
Wesley. 174-'. 



Hoio beautiful upon the 

mountains are the feet of him that hringelh 

good tidings.— IsnvaXx lii. 7. 

row beauteous are their feet 
Who stand on Sion's hill ; 
Who bring salvation in their tongues, 
And words of peace reveal : 


2 Unw rapturous is their voice ! 
How sweet the tidings are '. 

'Sion, behold thy Saviour King; 
He reigns and triumphs here. 

3 How favoured are our ears. 
That hear tliejovlul sound. 

Which kings and in-..iihets waited fur. 
And sought, but never found : 

4 How blessfed are our eyes. 
That see this heavenly light ! 

Prophets and kings desired long, 
liut died without the sight. 

5 The watchmen Join their voice. 
And tuneful not"s employ ; 

Jerusalem breaks forth in songs, 
And deserts learn tho joy. 

li The Lord nuikcs b.ire His arm 
Through Mil tli.^.'iUthal.roMd: 
Let all th.- ii;iii.)iis ii,.w ImOioM 
Their S.iViour and tlieir God. 

Isaac Walls. 170'.l 


To iH-'iuh the (trre/itnblc 
yrar uj the J.<>r<l—L\iko iv. 19. 

O'ER the gloomy hills of darkness, 
l>ook, my soul, be still, and ga^se ; 
All the promises do travail 
With a glorious day of gnaco ; 

bless<kl .jubilee! 
Let thy glorious morning dawn. 

2 Let the Indian, let the negro, 

Let the rude barbarian see 
That divine and glorious conquest 
Once obtained on Calvary ; 

Let the Gospel 
Loud resound from pole to pole. 

3 Kingdoms wide, that sit in darkness. 

Grant them. Lord, Thy glorious light, 
And from eastern coast to we-stern 
Let the morning chase the uight. 

And Redemption, 
Freely purchased, win the day. 

4 Fly abroad, thou mighty Gospel, 

Win and ccmqner, never cease ; 
So Immanuel s fair dominions 
Shall extend and still increase. 

Till the kingdoms 
Of the world are all His own. 

W. WUliams. 1759. 


So shall He sprinkle many 
Tiaiiows.— Isaiah lii. 15. 

SAVIOUR, sprinkle many nations. 
Fruitful let Thy sorrows be ; 
By Thy pains and consolations 

Draw the Gentiles unto Thee : 
Of Thy Cross the wondrous story 

Be to all the nations told ; 

Let them see Thee in Thy glory. 

And Thy mercy manifold. 

2 Far and wide, though all unknowing, 

I'ants for Thee each mortal breast ; 
Human tears for Thee are flowing. 

Human liearts in Thee would rest : 
Tliiisting as for dews of even, 

.\s I lie licw-mown grass for rain. 
Thee they seek, as God of heaven. 

Thee as Man for sinners slain. 

3 Saviour, lo, tho isles are waiting, 

Stretrhcd the hand, and strained tho 
For Thy Spirit, new-creating. 

Love's pure flami- and wisdom'slight. 
Give the word, and of the preacher 

Speed the foot and touch the tongue. 
Till oil earth liy every creature 
Glory to tho Lamb bo sung. Amen. 
I A. C. Coxe. 18ol. 


/ iim rome to sendjire 
on the earth.— Luko xii. 49. 

SKK how great a flame as|)irrs, 
Ki tidied by a snark of grace I 
.Jesu's love the nations fires, 

Si'ts the kiiigdi>nis on a blaze ; 

To hring fire ou earth Ho came. 

Kindled in some hearts it is, 

that all might catch the flame, 

All partake the glorious bliss ! 

CUE 1ST I AK MrssroNS. 

2 When He first tlie work begun. 

Small and feeble was His day ; 
Now the word doth swiftly run, 

Now it wins it« widening way : 
More and more it spieads and grows, 

Ever mighty to prevail, 
Sin's rtrongholds it now o'erthrovvs, 

Shakes the trembling gates of hell. 

3 Sons of God, your Saviour praise ! 

He the door hath opened wide ; 
He liath given the word of grace, 

Jesus word is glorified : 
Jesus, mighty to redeem. 

He alone the work hath wrought ; 
Worthy is the woik of Him. 

Him who spake a world from nought. 

4 Saw ye not the cloud arise. 

Little as a human hand ? 
Now it spreads along the skies. 

Hangs o'er all the thirsty land : 
Lo 1 the promise of a shower 

Drops already from above ; 
But the Lord wiil shortly pour 

All the Spirit of His Love. 

Charles Wesley. 1749. 



All the ends of the earth 

shall see the saivatian of our God. 

Isaiah lii. 10. 

"VES ! we trust the day is breaking : 
J- Joyful times are near at hand ; 
God, the nughty God, is speaking 

l'.y His word in every land: 
When He chooses. 

Darkness flees at His command. 

2 Let us hail the joyful season ; 

Let us hail the rising ray ; 
When the Lord appears, there's reason 
To expect a glorious day : 

At His presence 
Gloom and darkness flee away. 

3 While the foe becomes more daring. 

While he enters. like a Mood, 
God the iSaviour is preparing 
Means to spread His truth abroad : 

Every language 
Soon shall tell the love of God. 

4 Oh. tis pleasant, 'tis reviving 

To our hearts, to hear each day 
Joyful news from far arriving. 
How the Gosjwl wins its way ; 

Those enlight<'ning, 
ViTio in death and darkness lay. 

5 God of Jacob, high and glorious ! 

Let Thy people see Thy hand ; 
Let the Gospel be victorious 
Through the world, iu every land : 

And the idols 
Perish, Lord, at Thy command. Amen. 
Thomus Kelly. 1809. 

Let there be lioM.—Gow. 1. 3. 

rriiOU, whose almighty woni, 
JL (.'liaos and darkuet^s heard. 

And took their flight. 
Hear us, we humbly pray ; 
And where the gospel s day 
Sheds not its glorious ray, 

Let there be light. 

2 Thou who didst come to bring 
On Thy redeeming wing. 

Healing and sight. 
Health to the sick in mind. 
Sight to the inly blind, 
O now, to all mankind. 

Let there be light. 

3 Spirit of truth and love. 
Life giving, holy Dov.', 

Speed forth Thy flight ; 
Move on the water s face. 
Bearing the lamp of grace. 
And in earth's place 

Let there be light. 

4 Blessed and holy Tluee ! 
I Glorious Trinity ! 

I Wisdom ! Ix)ve ! Might I 

I Boundless a.s ocean's tide 

j KoUing iu fullest i>ride. 

I Through the world far and wide, 

I Let there be light. Amen. 

I John Marriott. 1813. 


7.7. 7.7. 
This gospel of the kingdom 
shall be preached in all the xcorld. 
Matthew xxiv. 14. 

SPREAD, spread, thou mighty 
Spread the kingdom of the Lord ; 
\\ heresoe'er His breath given 
Life to beings meant for heaven. 

2 Tell them how the Father's will 
Jlade the w^rld and keeps it still ; 
How He sent His Son to save 

All who help and comfort crave. 

3 Tell of our Redeemer's love. 
Who for ever doth remove. 
By His holy sacrifice. 

All the guilt that on us lies. 

4 Tell them of the Spirit given 
Now to guide us up to lu-avcn ; 
Strong and holy, just and true. 
Working both to will and do. 

5 Word of life most pure and strong, 
Lo : for thee the nations lone ; 
Spread till, from its dreary night. 
All the world awakes to light. 

G L'p 1 the ripening fields ye see. 
Mighty shall the harvest Ih>; 
But the reapers still are few. 
Great the work they have to do. 


7 Lord of harvest, let there be 
Joy and strength to work for Thee ; 
Let the nations far and near 
See Thy lig)it and learu Thy fear. 

J. F. Bahnmaier. d. 1841. 
Tr. Catherine Winkworth. Ib58. ' 

Departure of Missionaries. 


O ^ ^ liecommended to the grace 
of God for the iwrk ivhich they /uyilled. 
Acts xiv. 26. 

SPEED Thy servants, Saviour, speed 
Thou art Lord of winds and waves ; 
Tliey were bound, but Thou hast freed 
^'ow thfiy go to froo the slaves ; 

lie Thou with them : 
'Tis Thine arm alone that saves. 

2 Friends and home and all forsaking, 

Li lid, tliey go at Thy command. 
As tlH'ir slay Thy promise taking, 
Wliili' tiny traverse sea and laud : 

O U' with them ! 
Lead them safely by the hand. 

3 When they reach tlio land of strangers, 

Ar]<l the prospect dark appears. 
Nolliing aeon but toils and dangers, 
Nothing fi-lt but (loubts and fcar.s, 

He Thou with tliein ; 
Hear their sighs, and count their tears. 

4 Wii(!re no fruit appears to cheer them, 

And they seem to toil in vain, 
Tli'M, in meri-y. Lord, draw near tlieni, 
Then Mielr sinking hopes sustain: 

Tlius sui.p..rtcd. 
Let their zeal revive again. 

5 In the midst of opposition. 

Let them trust Lord, in Thee ; 

When success attends their mission. 

Let Thy servants humbler be ; 

Never leave them. 
Till Thy face in heaven they see :— 

6 There to reap in joy for ever 

Fruit that grows from seed here sown ; 
There to be with Him who never 
Ceases to preserve His own ; 

And with gladness 
Give the praise to Him alone. Amen. 
Thomas Kelly. 18-'0. 


Go ye therefore, and teach 
all ?ja<ions.— Matthew xxviii. 19. 

GO, messenger of peace and love. 
To nations plunged in shades of 
night ; 
Like angels sent from fields above, 
Be thine to shed celestial light. 

2 Go, to the hungry food impart. 

To paths of peace the wanderer guide ; 
And lead the thirsty, panting heart 
Where streams of living water glide. 

3 On barren rock and desert Isle, 

Go, bid the Kose of Sharon bloom ; 
Till arid wastes around thee smile. 
Bright with the dews of morning's 

4 From nqrth to south, from east to west, 

Messiah yet shall reign supreme ; 

His name, by every tongue contest; 

His praise, the universal theme. 

5 Then faint not in the day of toil. 

When liarvest waits the rea|nr's hand ; 
Go, u'atlier in the glorious spoil. 
And joyous in His presence stand. 

C Thy love a rich reward shall find 

From ilim who sits enthroned on high; 
For they who turn the erring mind 
Shall shine like stars above the sky. 
Balfour. 1828. 

IXchi ^car. 


give thanks vnto the Lord, 
fur lie is (/oo(/.— Psalm cvli. 1. 

SIN'O to the Great Jehovah s praise 
All praise to Him belongs : 
Wlio kindly lengthens out our days, 
Jjoinuuds our choicest songs. 

2 His providence has brought us through 
Another varied year: 
\V« all with vows and anthems now, 
Before our God ajipear. 

3 Father, Thy mercies past we own, 

Thy still continued care ; 
To Thee presenting, through Thy Son. 
Whatc'er we have or are. 

4 Our lips and lives shall gladly show 

The wonders of Thy love. 
While on In Jesii's steps we go 
To see Thy lace above. 

Our residue of days or hours 
Tliliie, wholly Tliine, shall lie; 
And all our consecrated powers 
A sacrifice to Thee : 

iV"£ir YEAIi. 

C Till Jesus In the clouds appear 
To saints on earth forgiven. 
And bring the grand sabbatic year, 
The Jubilee of heaven. 

Charles Wesley. 1750. 


e.T). 6.5. D. With Chorus. 
Fear not ; for I am xmth thee. 
Isaiah xli. 10. 

QTAXDING at the portal 
O Of the opening year. 
Words of comfort meet us, 

Hushing every fear, 
Spoken through the silence 

By our Father's voice. 
Tender, strong, and faithful, 
Making us re.joice. 
Onward, then, and fear not. 

Children of the day : 
For His word shall never, 
Never pass away I 

2 ' I, the Lord, am with thee, 

Be thou not afraid : 
I will help and strengthen, 

Be thou not dismayed 1 
Yea, I will uphold thee 

With My own right hand ; 
Thou art called and chosen 

In My sight to stand.' 

3 For the year before us, 

0, what rich supplies ! 
For the pour and niedy 

Living streama shall rise ; 
For the sad and sinful 

Shall His grace abound, 
For the faint and feeble 

Perfect strength be found. 

4 He will never fail us. 

He will not forsake ; 
His eternal covenant 

He will never break ! 
Resting on His promise. 

What have we to fear? 
Gnd is all-snfflcient 

For the coming year. 

Frances R. Uavergal. 1S7:!. 


Thuu crownest the year 
U'ith Thu goodness.— i^Sdhii Ixv. 11. 

ETERNAL Source of every joy, 
Well may Thy praise our lips employ. 
While in Thy temple we appear. 
Whose goodness crowns the ciicling year. 

2 The flowery spring, at Thy command. 
Embalms the air and paints the land; 
The summer rays with vigour shin-', 
To raise the corn and cheer the \ me. 

3 Thy hand in autumn rii'hly pours 
Through all our coasts redundant stores ; 
And winters, softened uy Thy care; 

No more a face of horror wear. 

4 Seasons, and months, and weeks, and dayi 
Demand successive songs of praise : 
Still be the cheerful hinuiige paid 

With opening light, and evening shade. 

5 Here In Thy house shall Incense rise, 
A.s circling Sabbaths bless our eyes ; 
Still will we make Thy merii«f> known 
Around Thy board, and round our own. 

6 O may our more harmonious tongues 
In worlds unknown pursue the songs ; 
And in brighter courts adore. 
Where days and years revolve no more. 



Philip Doddridj/e. 1755. 

Lord, let it alone this year also. 
Luke xiii. 8. 

THE Lord of earth and sky, 
The God of ages, praise ; 
Who reigns enthroned on high, 
Ancient of endless days -. 
Who lengthens out our trial here, 
And spares us yet another year. 

2 Barren and withered trees. 

We cumb-^red long the ground ; 
No fruit of holiness 

On our dead souls was foiuid ; 
Yet doth He us In meicy si>are 
Another and another year. 

3 WHien justice bared the sword. 

To cut the tig-tree down. 

The pity of our Lord 

Cried, ' Let it still alone ; 

Our gracious God inclines His e:.r, 

And spares us yet another 

4 Jesus, Tliy speaking blood 

From God obtained the gnu-e, 
■ Who iherefort hath bestowed 

On us a longer spaee ; 
Thou didst in our l>eh!ilf appear, 
And, lo, we see another year : 

5 Then dig ah<iut our root. 

Break up the fallow ground, 
And let our gracious fruit 
To Tliy ereat praise alx^ind ; 
O let us all Thy praise declare. 
And fruit unto perfection b«'ar ! Aineo. 
Wesley. 1749. 

O ^ O But let U3. who are of the 
day. be sober, putting on the brea^ftplate of 
faith and love : and for an helnut, the hope 
of saltation.— I Thess. v. 8. 

THE old years long campaign is oer : 
Behold a new begun ; 
Not yet is cl'>.-ied the holy war. 

Not yet the triumph won. 
Not yet the end, not .vet i-'jose ; 

We hear our Captain say, 
' Go forth again to meet your foes. 
Ye children of the day 1 



1 ' Go forth, firm faith in every heart, 

Brifjht hope on eveiy holm : 
Througli that shail pierce no tiery dart, 

And this no fear o erwhehn. 
Go in the spirit and the might 

Of Him who led the way ; 
Close with the legions of the night, 

Ye children of the day.' 

3 So fortli we go to meet the strife, 

We will not fear nor fly ; 
We lo\ e the holy warrior's life, 

Jtis death we hope to die. 
We slumber not, that charge in view. 

Toil on while toil ye may, 
Then night shall be no night to you, 

Ve children of the day. 

4 Lord God, our Glory, Three in One, 

Thine own sustain, defend ; 
And give, ihoiighdim this earthly .sun. 

Thy true light to the end ; 
Till morning tread the darkness down. 

And night be swept away. 
And infinite sweet triumph crown 

The children of the day. Amen. 

Samuel J. Stone. 1872. 


And nnw. Lord, what wait 
Ifur ? My hope is in 2'Aee.— Psalm x.xxi.x. 7. 

THE year is gone beyond recall, 
With all its hopes and fears. 
With all its bright and gladdening smiles, 
With all its mournful tears. 

2 Thy thankful people praise Thee, Lord, 

l'"or i;ountless gifts received ; 
And i)ray for grace to keep the Faith 
Which saints of old believed. 

3 To Thee we come, gracious Lord, 

The new-born year to bless ; 

Defend our land from pestilence ; 

Give peace and plenteousness. 

4 Knigive this nation's many sins ; 

Till" growth of viri> restrain ; 
And help us all with sin to strive. 
And crowns of life to gain. 

5 Krom evil deeds that stain the past 

We now d'sire to llee ; 
And ])ray that future years may all 
lie spent, good Lord, for Thee. 

6 O rather, let Thy watchful eye 

Still look on us In love, we may praise Thee, year by year, 
\\ ith angel-lioals above. Amen. 

Meuiix Ilreciarij. 
Tr. Francis J'ott. 1««1. Ail. 



2 Lo ! our sins on Thee we cast, 

Thee, our pertVet Sacrifice, 
And, forgetting all the past, 
I'ress towards our glorious prize. 

3 Dark the future ; let Thy light 

Guide us. Bright and Morning Star; 
Fierce our foes, and hard the fight ; 
Arm us, Saviour, for the war. 

4 In our weakness and distress. 

Rock of Strength, be Thou our stay : 
In the pathless wilderness 
Be our true and living way. 

5 Who of us death's awful road 

In the coming year shall tread ? 
With Thy rod and staff, God, 
Comfort Thou his dying bed. 

6 Keep us faithful, keep us pure. 

Keep us evermore Thine own : 
Help, help us to endure ; 
Fit us for the promised crown. 

7 So within Thy palace gate 

We shall praise, on golden strings 
Thee, the only Potentate, 
Lord of lords, and King of kings ! 

Henry Downton. 1843. 


For TIni vanif'/! fake lead 
ntr and guide j/id.— Psalm xxxi. 

I.^Olt Thy iiien-y and Thy grace 
Constant through nnothot ye 
II(!ar our auug of thunkfulrioss, 
JoHus, our Redeemer, Lear 1 

/ am still with Thee. 
Psalm cxxxix. 18. 

ANOTHER year is dawning, 
Dear Master, let it be. 
In working or in waiting. 
Another year with Thoo : 

2 Another of leaning 

Upon Thy loving breast. 
Of ever-deepening trustfulness, 
01 quiet, happy rest : 

3 Another year of mercies. 

Of lalthnilness and grace; 
Another year of gladness 
In the shining of Thy face : 

4 Another year of progre.S3, 

Another year of praise, 
Aniithtrr year of proving 
Thy presence all the days : 

5 Another year of service, 

or wilm-ss for Thy love ; 
Another yeiir of training 
For holier work above. 

I') Annther year is dawning, 
Dear Master, let it be. 
On larth, or in hciaveu 

Another year for Thee 1 Amen. 
Frances R. Hnvi nidi. a. l.'<7:i 



God i.s* mij defence, and 
the God of my i/ierc;/.— I'ealm lix. 17. 

ANOTHER year has now bcfe'iin 
With silent paoe its course to run ; 
Our hearts and voices let us raise 
To God, in prayer and songs of praise. 

2 Father. Thy bounteous love we bless, 
For fjilts and mercies Jiumberless ; 
For life a)i(l lieallh, for grace and peace, 
For hope of joys that never cease. 

S Son of God, in faith and fear 
I'l'ach us to walk as strangers here. 
With hearts in heaven, that we may come 
To where Thou art, our Fathers home. 

4 Grant us, Comforter, Thy grace. 
And speed us on our earthly race, 
In body, spirit, and in soul. 
Right onward to the heavenly goal. 

5 Thou, Lord, who makest all tilings now, 
^'ive us hearts both piin^ and true ; 
That we, as jewels, ever Thine, 

In New Jerusalem may shine. 

6 Blest Three in One, to Thee we pray, 
Defend and guide us on our way ; 
That we at last with joy may see 
The new year of eternity. Amen. 

Bishop C. Wurd'^ivorth. 1802. 


»j «j vj Thou. ih nil ffti iilc me unth 
Thy counsel, and afteruaril na:iie me to 
ylory.—l'siLlm Ixxiii. 24. 

AT Tliy feet, our God and Father, 
Who hast blessed us all our days, 
^^ e with grateful hearts would gather, 

To begin the year with praise ; 
Praise for light so brightly shining 
On our steps from lieaven above ; 
Praise for mercies daily twining 
Hound us golden cords uf love. 

2 Jesus, for Thy love most tender. 

On the cross for sinners slioun. 
We would Thee, and surrender 

All our hearts to be Thine own. 
With so a Friend provi.iid. 

We upon our way would go. 
Sure of being safely guided. 

Guarded well from every foe. 

3 Every day will be the brighter. 

When Thy gracious fa.e we see ; 
Every burden will be lighter. 

When we know it comes from Thee. 
Spread Thy love"s broad banner o er us. 

Give us strength to serve and wait, 
TUl Thy glory break before us. 

Through the city s open gate. Amen. 
Janies D. Burns. 1857. 

kasons of tijc ^car. 



Thou vi.titest the earth, 
and ivaterest j7.— Psalm l.w. 9. 

THE springtide hour brings leaf and 
With songs of life and love ; 
And many a lay wears out the day 
In many a leafy grove : 

2 Bird, flower, and iree seem to agree 

Their choicest gifts to bring ; 
But this poor heart bears not its part, 
In it there is no spring. 

3 Dews fall apace, the dews of grace, 

Upon this soul of sin ; 
And love divine delights to shine 
Upon the waste within : 

4 Yet year by year fruits, flowers, appear. 

And bii'ds their praises sing : 
But this poor heart bears not its part. 
Its winter has no spring. 

5 Lord, let Thy love, fresh from above. 

Soft as the south wind blow ; 
Call forth its bloom, wake its iKTfuine. 
And bid its spices flow : 

6 And when Thy voice makes earth rejoice. 

And the hills laugh and sing. 
Lord, this heart to bear its part. 
And join the praise of spring. Amen. 
J. S. B. Monsai. 18 7. 


8.8. 8.8.8.S. 
The earth is full of the 
goodness of ttu Lord.— Psalm xxxiii. 5. 

THOU art. O God, the life and light 
Of all this wondrous world we s<-e ; 
Its glow by day, its smile by night, 

.Km but reflections caugh. from Thee : 
Where'er we turn. Thy glories shine. 
And all things fair and bright are Thine. 

2 When day with farewell beam delays 
Among the opejiing clouds of even. 
And we can almost tliiiik we gaze 

Through golden vistas into heaven. 
Those hues ti«at make the sun s decline 
So soa, so radiant. Lord, are Tliiue. 


3 \Vlien Slight with wings of starry gloom 

O'ershatlows all the earth and skies, 
Like some dark beauteous bird whose 

Is sparkling with unnuTnhered eyes, 
TliMt sacred gloom, those fires divine, 
Si> grand, so c-juntless, Lord, are Thine. 

4 When youthful spring around us breathes, 

Tiiy Spirit warms her fragrant sigh. 
Ami every flower the summer wreathes 

Is lioru beneath that kindling eye, 
Whrie'er we turn. Thy glories shine. 
And all things lair and bright are Thine. 
T. Moore. 1817. 

OOr:' Irregular. 

*-''-'*-' The, flou'ers appear on the 
earth ; the time of the sinyintj of birds is come. 
Song of Solomon ii. 12. 

"L^ OR all Thy love and goodness, so bounti- 
i lul and free. 

Thy nauK!, Lord, be adored .' 
On the wings of joyous praise our hearts 
soar up to Thee; 

Glory to the Lord ! 

2 The springtime breaks all round about, 

waking from winter's night ; 

Thy name. Lord, be adored ! 
The sunshine, like God's love, pours down 
in floods of golden light ; 

Glory to the Lord ! 

3 A voice of joy is in all the earth, a voice is 

in all the air ; 

Thy name. Lord, be adored ! 
All nature singeth aloud to God ; there is 
gladuess everywhere ; 

Glory to the Lord ! 

I The flowers are strewn in field and copse, 
on th.niill and on the plain; 
Thy nanii', Lord, be ad n rod ! 
Tin- soft air stirs in tlic tender leaves, that 
clothe fill! trf<!S again ; 
Gluiy to the Lord ! 

'> The works of Thy hands are very fair ; and 
for all Thy bounteous love, 

Tiiy name, Lonl, bo ailorc^d ! 
liut what, if this world i.s so fair, is the 
lieltir Land above? 
Glory to the Lord ! 

i O, to awake from death s short sleep, like 
the flowers from thiiir wintry grave ! 
'I'liy name, Lord, bo adored ! 
And to rise ;ill glorious in the day wh(ui 
Christ shall (^ome to save; 
Glory to the Lord ! 

.' O, to dwell In that hajjpy land, whore the 
lioart cannot chi'oscr but sing ! 
'J'hy name, Lmd, bo adored ! 
And wliontho life of the blessed ouch Is a 
buautiful Htidloss spring ; 

Glory to the Lord I Amen. 
Mrs. Frances.!. Douglas, d. 1829. 
And Bishop W. W. How. 1871. 
2:1' » 

QOr? CM. 

(DO I Thmi. mnkest it .foft luith 
showers; Thou Ues.'iest the springing thereof. 
Psalm Ixv. 10. 

THE voices of the spring. Lord, 
Are wakened by Thy breath ; 
The winters cold is past and gone, 
Life triumphs over death. 

2 Tliy life, through nature throbbing, stirs 

The pulses of the earth ; 
The meadows laugh beneath Thy smile, 
Tliou givest beauty birth. 

3 The birds, those feathered minstrels, 1< arn 

Their nuisic. Lord, from Thee ; 
Ail nature's chords, touched by Thy hand. 
Resound with melody. 

4 The odours of the flowers arise 

Like incense to Thy throne ; 
Thy goodness makes Thy creatures glad, 
'i'hy light for them is sown. 

5 Thrice holy Lord of earth and sky, 

How beautiful art Thou ! 
What grace nuist on Thy servants rest, 
Who in Thy presence bow ! 

6 0, let Thy love fill all my soul ! 

Put in my heart Thy peace ; 
My footsteps guide to Thy loved home. 
Where praises never cease. Amen. 

Alfred Jones. 1887. 

OqO 6.5. 5.5. p. 

'OyJKJ I will . . . pour you out a 
blessiiPj that there shall not be room enough 
to receive i(.— Malachi iii. 10. 

O.SING to the Lord, 
Whose bountiful hand 
Again doth accord 

His gifts to the land. 
His clouds have shed down 
Their plenteonsness hero ; 
His goodness shall crown 
The hopes of the year ; 

2 In the clefts of the hills 

The founts He hath burst, 
And pourcth their rills 

riin)ugli valleys athirst ; 
The river of God 

The pastures hath blest, 
'\'\h\ dry, withered sod 

In greenness is dressed. 

3 And every fold 

Shall teem with its sheep, 
Willi harvests of gold 

The lields shall be djep ; 
The- v.ales shall r.^|oieo 

With laughter and song. 
Anil m.iu H grateful volee 

The iiiusic prolong. 


4 So, too, may Ho pour, 
The Last and the First, 
His graces in store 
On spirits athirst. 
Till when the fcreat day 
Of harvest hath come, 
Ho takes us away 
To garner at home. Amon. 

R. F. Lillledule. 1807 



6.5. 6.5. D. 

Truly the light is sweet, 

and a }'!eas'itii thing it is for the eyes to 
bc/iold the sun. — Eccles. xi. 7. 

SUMMER suns are glowing 
Over land and sea, 
Happy light is tiowing 

IWjmitifuland free. 
Everything rejoices 

In "the mellow rays. 
All earth's thou.sand voices 
Swell the psalm of praise. 

2 God's free mercy streameth 
Over all the world, 

And His banner gleameth 

Everywhere unfurled. 
I'iro;iil and deep and glorious 

As tlie heaven above, 
Sliin.s in might victorious, 

Hi.s eternal Love. 

3 Lord, upon our blindness 
Thy pure radiani;e pour; 

For Thy loving-kindness 
.M:ikes us love Thee more. 

Anil when clouds are drifting 
l;a I k. across our sky. 

Then, the veil uplifting, 
I'ather, be Thou nigh. 

i We will never doubt Thee, 
Tliough Thou veil Thy light : 
Life is dark without Thee ; 

Dcatli with Thee is bright. 
Liglil of Light : shine o er us 

On our pilgrim way. 
Go Thou still before us 
To the endless day. Amen. 

Bishop \V. }y. IIow. 1S7L 


G fi.lO. 6.6.10. 
The mercy of the Lord is 
J'ruiii everlasting to everlustiti'j.—Vs. ciii. 17. 

OLORD of heaven and earth. 
Who givest joy and mirth. 
Open our lips to show Thy wondrous praise : 
C)ur hearts are dull iwid cold. 
We leiive Thy love untold ; 
give us strength our anthems glad to raise 1 

2 Each month we bow or reap. 
Each liour we toil or sli-eii. 

Thou life and joy. and rhou alone : 
O grant to eai-h and all 
W hen death's dark shadows fall. 
To stand true workers round our M;i.-.ter'g 
throne ; 

3 So, life's long task-work o'er. 
Set free for evermore. 

We shall sit down .at Thy great harvest-feast ; 
Reaper and .sower met. 
The burning heat forget. 
And taste God's love, the greatest as the 

4 Yea, Lord, Thou too dost claim 
The Sower s my.stic name : 

Thou sendest forth Thy reapeis to tlieir 
lield ; 
O be it theirs to bear 
The full corn in the ear, 
When Thy true seed its hundredfold shall 
yield : 

5 Root out the evil tares. 
Earth's vexing griefs and cares, 

Bind the hot b:a.sts that witherand destroy ; 
And when the hour is come 
To bring the full sheaves home. men and angels share Thy harvest Jn.r. 
E. 11. Plumplre. mvi. 



Sei'dtime and harvest . . . 
shall not cease.— Genesis viii. •J2. 

11 OUXTAIX of mercy, God of love. 
How rich Thy bounties are : 
The changing sea.sons, as they move. 
Proclaim Tliy con.stant aire. 

2 When in the bosom of the earth 

The sower hid the grain. 
Thy goo<lness wrought its secret birth. 
And sent the early r.iin. 

3 The spring's sweet influence. Lord, was 

The plants in beauty grew ; 
Thou gav'st refulgent suns to shine, 
And soft refreshing dew. 

4 These various mercies from above 

.Matured the swelling grain ; 
A vellow harvest crowns Thy love, 
And plenty fills the plain. 

5 Seed-time and harvest. Lord, alone 

Thou dost on man bestow ; 
Let us not then forget to own 
From whom our blessings llow. 

6 Fotuitain of love ! our praise in Thine ; 

To Thee our songs we 11 nii.->e, 
Anil all created nature join 
In sweet, harmonious praise. 

Alice Flotoerd^'o. \'^\\. 



*^^i^'^ lie . . . qave 7is rain from 
heaven and fruitful seasons.— Acts xiv. 17. 

THE year is swiftly waning, 
The summer days are past ; 
And life, brief life, is speeding. 
The end is nearing fast. 

3 The ever-changing seasons 
In silence come and go ; 
But Thou, Eternal Father, 
No time or change canst know. 

3 pour Thy grace upon us, 

Tlult we may worthier be, 
Eacli year that passes o'er us. 
To dwell in heaven with Thee. 

4 Heboid the bending orchards 

With bounteous fruit are crowned ; 
Lord, in our hearts more richly 
Let heavenly fruit abound. 

5 0, by each mercy sent us. 

And by each grief and pain, 

By bles.sing.s like the sunsliiue. 

And sorrows like the raui,— 

6 Our ban-en hearts make fruitful 

With every goodly grace. 
That we Thy name may hallow. 
And sec at last Thy face. Anion. 
Bishop W. W. How. LS71. 



Thou hast made . . . winter 
Psalm Ixxiv. 17. 

WINTER reigneth o'er the lan<l, 

>V Freezing with its icy bicilli ; 

Dead and bare the tall trees stiiiiil. 

All is chill and drear as deaili. 

'I Vet it .s<'eiiu'th but a day 

Siiii-c ilic suiciiii.-r llowers wi're here, 
Sirii'i- thry stuck.'d tlie balmy liay, 
yiiice tlicy reaped tlie golden ear. 

3 Sunny days are past and gone : 

So the years go. speeding fast, 
Onward ever, each new one, 
Swifter speeding than the last. 

4 Life is waning; life is brief; 

Di-ath, li.:e winter, stanileth nigh : one, like the fiilling leaf. 
Soon .shall fade, and fall, and die. 

U I'.nt the 8lee))lng earth slinll wake. 

And the (lowers shall burst in bloom. 
And all nature rising break 
Clorious from its wintry tomb. 

So, thesalnis ficin ^lumli. r l.L st, 
KisingslKili au;ii . ,mmI m, , 
Aiid Mur II. -sh J]. li..| ■ iiill >■ 1, 
Till there l.rcMks iIm- .ihII.' ., spring. 
liislwp ir. IK. How. 1871. 

'--'^t-rc The end of all thinr;s is at 
hand: he ye therefore sober, and watch unto 
prayer. — 1 Peter iv. 7. 

THE tide of time is rolling on, 
And now another year has gone ; 
The end of all things soon will coiue, 
O may it bring us to our home. 

2 All things around us fade and die ; 
All earthl}' hopes are vanity ; 

O let our re,stless hearts be stayed 
On Him whose glories never fade : 

3 Lord of lovo ! let not the past 
Rise up against us at the last", 

Shepherd of our souls ! be near 
To guide us through the coming year. 

4 Keep us from every evil way, 
Guard and protect us day by day. 
Preserve us from the sinners doom. 
And save us from the wrath to come. 

5 And when our spirits take their flight. 
Grant they may live 'mid saints in light ; 
O guide them to the realms above, 
M'here all is joy, and peace, and love ! 

6 To Thee. O Father. Son, to Thee. 
To Thee, Blest Spirit, glory be ; 
As over was in ages past. 

And shall be still while ages last. 



7.7. 7.7. 
He giveth snow like wool : 
lie scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes. 
Psalm cxlvii. 10. 

COLD and cheerless, dark and drear, 
Wintry days and nights api)iMr ; 
Put they all in order stand. 
This is still Gods goodly land. 

2 Wind, and ice, and shrouding snow, 
At Thy bidding come and go ; 
Clouds obscure, or planets shine. 
But they serve Thee, and are Thine. 

3 Flowers have faded from the plain, 
But their mother-roots remain ; 

In the chilly earth they lie. 
Waiting for the warmer sky. 

4 l^eaves, and flowers, and golden grain, 
Cod will bring all back ag.iin ; 

They shall conio in beauty drest, 
'J'his is but their time of rest. 

5 Tlii-e wo jiraise, then, P'ather dear, 
KoM fur winter, dark and drear; 
All things lie within Thy mind, 
KVer loving, ever kind. 

J. rage IIoj>j>s. 1860. 


JFbtocr ^ertrirc 

846 Si>ecial. 
Bring an offerimj, and come 
into His omrts.— Psalm xcvL 8. 

HERE. Lord, we offer Thee all that is 
Bloom from the garden, and flowers from 
the field ; 
Gifts for the stricken ones, knowing Thou 
More for the love than the wealth that 
we yield. 

2 Send, Lord, by these to the sick and the 

Speak to their hearts with a message of 

pt^ace ; 
Comfort the sad. who in weakness are lyin?. 
Grant the departing a gentle 

3 Raise, Lord, to health again those who 

have sickened. 
Fair be their lives as the roses in bloom : 
Give of Thy gi-ace to the souls Thou hast 

Gladness for sorrow, and brightness for 


4 We, Lord, like flowers, must bloom and 

must wither. 
We, like these blos.soms, must fade and 
must die ; 
Gather us, Lord, to Thy bosom for ever. 
Grant us a place in I'hy home in the skv. 
A. G. W. Blunt, b. 18-J7. 


He hath made everything 
beautiful i;i its time.— Kcclas. iii. 11. 

GOD might have made the earth bring 
Enough for great and small. 
The oak tree and the cedar tree, 
Without a flower at all. 

2 He might have made enough— enough 

For every want of ours. 
For food ami medicine and toil. 
And yet have made no flowei-s. 

3 Then wherefore, wherefore had they 

All dyed with rainbow liglit. 
All fashioned with supreunst grace, 
Upspringing day and night .' 

on the mountains high, 
And in the silent wilderness. 
Where no man passeth by ? 

5 Our outward life requires them not, 
Then wlierefore had tliey birth ? 
To minister delight to man, 
And beautify the earth. 


6 To wliisper ho])e. to comfort man, 
Whene er his faith is dim ; 
For He who careth for the flowers 
Will care much more for hin>. 

Mrs. Mary Howitt. d. 1888. 

Q4.Q 8.M. 

'^^^'-' Mountains and all hills ; 
fruitful tree.-', and all cedars : . . . young 
nun, and mnideyis ; old men, and chilitien: 
let them j/rai.-'e the Name of the Lord. 
Psalm cxlvui. 9, 12, 13. 

1 REAT Giver of aU good. 
To Thee our thanks we yield. 
For all the beauties of the wood. 
Of hill, and dale, and field. 

2 Ten thousand various flowers 
To Tliee sweet ollerings bear. 

And joyous birds in woodland bowers 
Sing forth Thy tender care. 

3 The fields on every side. 
The trees on every hill, 

Tlie glorious sun, the rolling tide 
Proclaim Thy wonders still. 

4 But trees, and fields, and .skies 
Still praise a God unknown ; 

For gratitude and love can rise 
From living hearts alone. 

5 These living hearts of ours 
Thy holy Name would bless; 

The blo.s.soms of a thou.saml flowers 
Would please the Saviour less. 

6 While earth itself decays. 
Our souls can never die ; 

0, tune them all to sing Thy praise 
In better songs ou high. Anien. 
Asa Fitz. 1.><V1. 
AU. by Godfrey Thring. ls:<J. 

Q/1 Q 11.11. 11.11. AnaiKEstic 

O^ *^ Allth ings come of Thee, 
and of Thine own have we i;iven Thee. 
1 Cluonicles xxix. 14. 

THIXE, Lord, are the blossoms of forest 
and field. 
And the loveliest gems which the gardens 

The heath of the uplands, the ferns of the 

And the flowers that gladden thedweUings 
of men. 
2 Thy wisdom and love hid the seed in the 
And watched o'er its growth from its secret 

Once mantled with snows from the wintry 

Till the call of the springtide was heard at 



3 Thine, L<ird. were the dewsaiid tlic showers 

of heaven. 
So eagerly longed for, so lovingly given ; 
The breath of the morning, the sunshine of 

The sweetness of May, and the glory of 


4 Thou in beauty no tongue can 


The beauty and glory of holiness ; 

But the flowers are glimpses of Thee and 

And in them bright gleams of Thy good- 
ness shine. 

5 We meet in Thy temple to worship and 


But we think of Thy suffering children to- 
day : 

Grant, Lord, that these giftsof Thy bounty 
may shed 

The glow of Thy smiles on their weary bed. 

6 We offer Thee, Lord, in these fruits and 

No fabric of man's, no fashion of ours ; 
But Thy need in Thy needy ones here we 

And now of Thine own have we given 


Bishoi) E. n. Bicker steth. 1883. 


8.S S.8. S.i 
sing praises unto the Lurd. 
Psalm Ixviii. 32. 

WIIEX buds appear in early spring. 
And flowers their light and sweet- 
ness bring ; 
When meads are clothed in freshest green, 
And beauty everywhere is seen, 
Let songs ascend to God above, 
Kor all His wisdom, power, and love. 

2 When rosy summer throws her light, 

A nd makes the landscape fair and bright ; 
When woods their richest hues display. 
And song-birds tune their cheerful lay ; 
Let praise be given to God above. 
For these sweet tokens of His love. 

3 And when the golden corn is high, 
And harvest time is drawing nigh ; 
When ripe and mellow fruit is si-cii, 
Amid tlie foliage briirlit and green ; 
Let songs ascend tn (J'kI mIiovc, 
For all His tender can' and love. 

4 And when, O God, our course is run, 
And all our earthly work is done ; 
Matured and i)erfect may we be, 
Prepared by gi-ace Thy face to see ; 
Then songs shall rise to God above. 
And endless praise for all His love. 

Alfred Wiitfleld. 1888. 

Earliest i^lT£inUs0ibitt0. 

Ql^l 7.7. 7.7. D. 

^UKJd. T!i exj joy before Th ee ac- 
cvrdinrj to thejoij in /ui/TC*;.— Isaiah ix. 3. 

COMK, ye thankful people, come, the song of harvest-lionio ; 
All is safely gathered in, 
l.yi- thf winter stnrni.s licgin : 
Cud (,ui- .Mak.Tdntli provide 
For our wauls to be sujipiied ; 
Come to God s own temple, come, 
Itiiise the song of harvest-home. 

2 We ourselves are God's own field, 
Fruit unto His praise to yield; 
Wlirat and tail's tu^jctli.-r sown, 
I'ntoj.iy or s.MTow grown: 
First the bladr, and tlicn the ear, 
'llii'U tlie full rnvu .shall .iiipear; 
(iniMl. n li:irvcsl |..,rd, tliat we 
Whol.'Honie grain anil pure may bo. 

3 For tlu! Lonl our God shall (-ome. 
Anil shall take His harvest homo ; 
From Ills field shall in that day 
All oireiK'es purge away ; 

(iivc Mis .iiigrlH charge at last 
In the tire till' tai.'S to cast; 
But tin; fruitlul cars to storo 
Id His garner everinoro. 

4 Then, thou Church triumphant, come, 
Raise tlie song of harvesthoiiie ; 
All are safely gathered in. 
I'rce fioni sorrow, t'ri'c tix)in sin ; 
Tliere for ever i)iuilled, 
In Gods garner to abide ; 
Come, ten thousand angels, come. 
Raise the glorious harvest-home. 

;/. Atford. 1844. 


O <w>.<a The vdHeiis also are covered 
over with corn ; tlicii shout for joy, they also 
.>ini;/.-l'salui Ixv. IX 

THE God of harvest praise. 
In loud thanksgivings raise 
Hand, luart, an. I voice : 
The valleys laugh and sing. 
Forests Miiil iMountains ring. 
The plains their tribute bring. 
The streams rejoice. 

2 Garilen and orchard ground 
Autuiiinal fruits have crowned. 

The vintage glows : 
Here jiN-nlv pmiis lier liorn ; 
There the lull tiile of corn, 
Swayed by the breath of morn, 

The land o'ertlows. 


8 Tlie wiiiil. the rain, the sun, 

Tlioii' Ki'iiiitl work have done : 

W. midst tlicii be fed? 
Man, to tliy liil»Mir bow, 
'J hr\ist in tlit^ siiklc now, 
Heap where th(.'ii once diilst plough, 

God sends tliee bread. 

4 A few seeds scattered wide 
God's hand liatli niultiiilicd : 

Here tliou ni.iyst luid 
Christ's miracle renewed ; 
With self-producing food 
He feeds a inuititiide, 

He feeds mankiud. 

f. Tlio God of harvest praise ; 
Hands, hearts, and voices raise 

With one accord : 
From field to garner throng. 
Bearing your siieaves along ; 
And in your harvest song 
Bless ye the Lord ! 

James Montgomery. 1810. 


7.6. 7.6. D. 
He reserveth nnto us fh" 
i2>iK>inted iiet>l:s of . . . Iairv:st. 
Jeremiah v. 24. 

SING to the Lord of harvest. 
Sing songs of love and praise ; 
With .joyful hearts and voices 

■^'nur hallelujahs raise : 
By Him the rolling seasons 

"in truitful order move. 

Sing to the Lord of harvest 

A song of happy love. 

2 By Him the clouds drop fatness, 

The deserts bloom and spring, 
The hills leap up in gladness, 

The valleys laugh and sing : 
He lilleth with His fulness 

All things with large increase. 
He crowns the year with goodness, 

With plenty and with peace. 

3 Heap on His sacred altar 

The gifts His goodness gave. 
The golden sheaves of harvest. 

The souls He died to save : 
Your hearts lay down before Him, 

When at His feet ye fall. 
And with j'our lives adore Him, 

Who gave His life for all. 

/. S. B. Monsell. 187i 


The husbandman waiieth 

for the precious fruit of the earth. 

James v. 7. 

GREAT God, as seasons disappear. 
And changes mark the rolling year. 
Thy favour still has crowned our days. 
And we would celebrate Thy praise. 

2 The harvest-song would we repeat ; 
Thou givest us the finest wheat; 
The joys of harvest we have known ; 
The praise, Lord, is all Thine own. 

3 Our tables spread, our gamers Rtore(l, 
O give us hearts to bless Thee, l^)rd ; 
Korbid it. Source of light and U>v<; 

That hearts and lives should barren prove. 

4 Another harvest comes apace : 
Kijien our spirits by Tliy grace, 
That we may lalmly meet the blow 
The sickle gives to lay us low : 

5 That so, when angel-reapers come 
To gather sheaves to Thy b.est home. 
Our spirits may be borne on high 

To Thy safe garner iu the sky. Amen. 
Udmund liulcher. d. 18--'2. 


ITe . . . shall . . . come again 
with rejoicing, bringing his .'^heaves with 
him. — Psalm cxxvi. 6. 

n KE.\T Giver of all good, to Thee again 
VJ Wi; humbly now present, in joyous 
Our Harvest-tide thanksgiving. 

2 To Thee, in whom we live and move, wo 

To praise Thee for the sheaves brought 
safelv home. 
With Harvest-tide thanksgiving. 

3 Thou dost prepare our corn, and year by 

Before Thine altar, Lord, will we appear 
With Harvest-tide thank.sgiving. 

4 Thine was the former and the latter rain. 
Enriching earth, and calling forth again 

The Harvest-tide thanksgiving. 

5 Thou openest wide, great God, Thy boun- 

teous hand. 
And far and wide ascends from all the 
Glad Harvest-tide thanksgiving. 

Ci Thon finest all that live with plenteous- 
ness ; 
They, in i-etum. Thy sacred narao all 
In Harvest-tide thanksgiving. 

7 Thy clouds drop fatness on the teeming 

ejirth ; 
Accept these festal songs of reverent 
This Harvest-tide thanksgiving. 

8 The year is crowned with goodness. Lord, 

by Thee : 
Then meet it is that we should otfer Thee 
The Harvest-tide thanksgiving. 


9 On every side, the little hills rejoice. 

Oil every side sounds forth the grateful 
Of Harvest-tide thanksgiving. 

10 The valleys thick with corn do laugh and 

sing ; 
Let all. wlin sow and reap, together bring 
Their Harvest-tide thaiik.sgiving. 
S. Childs-Clarke. ]8(;3. 


So shall Thine angels issue forth ; 
The tares be burnt ; the just of earth, 
To wind and storm exposed no more. 
Be gathered to their Father's store. 

4 Daily, Lord, our prayer Is said, 
As Tliou hast taught, for daily bread ; 
But not alone our bodies feed. 
Supply our fainting spirits" need ; 
O Bread of Life, from day to day. 
Be Thou their Comfort, Food, and Stnv. 
Joseph Anstice. 183G. all. 

The earth is sati^Zsd with 
the fruit of Thy ivorks.—¥sn\m civ. 13. 

T ORD of the harvest ! Thee we hail ; 

I J Thine ancient promise doth not fail, 
Tlie varying seasons haste their round. 
With goodness all our years are crowned : 

Our thanks we pay 
This holy day ; 
let our hearts in tune be found ! 

•J If spring doth wake the song of mirth, 

II Slimmer warms the fruitful earth ; 
\". lii'U winter sweeps the naked plain, 
Ur autumn yields its ripened grain ; 

Still do we sing 
To Thee, our King; 
Through all the changes Thou dost re'igii. 

; I'.ut chiefly when Thy liberal hand 
Scatters new plenty o'er the land. 
When sounds of music fill the air. 
As homeward all their treasures bear; 

We too will raise 

Our hymn of praise, 
I'lir we Thy common bounties share. 

; Lord of the harvest, all Is Thine ! 
The rains tliat fall, the suns that shine, 
The seed once hidden in the ground. 
The skill that makes our fruits abound. 
New. every year, 
Tliy gifts appear ; 
New praises from our lips shall sound. 
Jvlni II. Gurneij. Irt.M. 

OrvrT 8.8. 8.8. H. 8. 

^^ I The harvest is the end of 
lltc world : and the reapers are the augrls. 
Matthew xili. 39. 

LOKD of the harvest, once again 
We tliank Theo for the ripened 
grain ; ' 

For criiiis. safe carried, sent to cheer I 
'I liy servants tliniugh anollirr y<ar ; 
For sweet and licily tliuuglils siipi)liod 
liy seed-time, and by harv<'st-tide. 

'.' The bare dry grain. In autumn sown, 
its robe of vernal green puts on ; 
Clad from Its wintry grave It springs, 
I 'ri-sli giiniislied by tlie King of kiiit;s ; 
So, I^)rd, to those who sleeti in Theo 
Shall new and glorious bodies bo. 

3 Nor vainly of Thy word we nsk 
A lesson from the reaper a tusk : 


7.6. 7. C. I 
The fields . . . are white 
already to harvest.— John iv. 35. 

I ORD of the living harvest, 
J That whitens o'er the plain, 
Where angels soon shall gather 

Their sheaves of golden grain ; 
Accept these hands to labour, 

Tliese hearts to trust and love. 
And deign with th.<im to hasten 
Thy kingdom from above. 

2 As labourers in Thy vineyard, 

Send us out. Christ, to be 
Content to bear the burden 

Of weary days for Thee; 
We ask no other wages. 

When Thou shalt ciiU us home, 
But to have shared the travail 

Which makes Thy kingdom come. 

3 Come down. Tliou Holy Spirit ! 

And till our souls with light, 
Clothe us in spotless raiment, 

In linen el.-:, 11 Mild white; 
Within Thy sa,-n',i temple 

r.<> with us, \\iii>r(' we stand. 
And sanctify Thy people 

Throughout this happy land. 

i Be witli us, God the Father! 
r.e with us, God the .Son! 
And Coil, the Hdlv Spirit! 
(I I'.lcsscd Tlircc in One I 
Make us a Hoval Trirsthood, 

TlH'c rightly, 
And lill us with Thy fulness, 
Now, and for evermore. Amen. 

J. S. D. Monsell. 1872. 

QRQ 8.7. 8.7. D. Iambic 

OvJC? We have thought of Thy 
loving kindHess, God.— l's:i\in xlviii. ".). 

niO Thee, Lord, our hearts we raise 
JL In hymns of adoration. 
To Thee bring sacrifice of praise 

W ith shouts of exultation ; 
Brit;lit mill's of cnid Ih.- tii'lds adnni. 

TIk' liills with joy :irc ringing. 
The vallrys stand so thl.k with corn 

That even they are singing. 

2 Anil now, on this our festal day. 
Thy bounteous Hand cotifessiiig. 
Upon Thine altar, Lonl, wn lii.> 

he Urst-fruits of Thy blessing ; 


By Thee the souls of men are fed 
With gifts of pacy supuriial, 

Tliou. who dost give us earthly bread, 
Give us the Bread Eternal. 

3 We bear the burden of the day, 

And often toil seems dreary ; 
But labour ends with sunset ray. 

And rest comes for the weary ; 
May we, the angel-rcaping oer. 

Stand at the last accepted, 
Christ's golden sheaves for evermore 

To garners bright elected. 

4 0, blessod is that land of G(>d, 

Whore saints abide for ever ; 
Where golden fields spread far and broad. 

Where flows the crystal river: 
The strains of all its holy throng 

With ours to-day are blending ; 
Thrice blessed is that harvest-song 

Which never hath an ending. 

W. Chatterton Dix. 1S67. 

QCjn 7.6. 7.6. D. With Chorus. 

OUVJ jse . . .fiUeth thee with 
thejiiiest of the wheat.— y&a.iui cxlvii. 14. 

:rE plough the fields, and scatter 
T The good seed on the land. 
But it is fed and watered 
By God s almighty baud ; 


He send.s the snow In winter. 

The warmth to swell tin- grain, 
The breezes, and the sunshinu, 

And soft, refreshing lain. 

All good gifts around ws 
Are sent from heaven abovf : 
Then thank the Lord, U thank the 
For all His love ! 

He only is the Maker 

Of all things near and far ; 
He paints tlie wayside Hower, 

He lights the evening star : 
The winds and waves obey Him, 

By Him the birds are fed ; 
Much more to us His children 

He gives our daily bread. 

We thank Thee, then. O Father. 

For ml things bright and <,'.>od. 
The seed-time and the harvest. 

Our life, our health, our food ; 
Aci.ept the gifts we otter 

Fur all Thy love imparts. 
And, what Thou most desiifst. 

Our humble, thankful hearts. 
Matthias Claudius. 18iX). alt. 
Tr. Jane M. Campbell lt>i/l. 

^pcnal ©uastons. 


O b X jind God blessed them. 
Genesis i. 28. 

rrilE voice that breathed o'er Eden, 
1 That earliest wedding day. 
The primal marriage blessing. 
It hath not passed away : 

2 Still in the pure espousal 

Of Christian man and maid. 
The Holy Three ai e witli us. 
The threefold grace is said. 

3 For dower of blessed children. 

For love and faith's sweet sake. 
For high mysterious union 
\S'hich nought on earth may break ; 

4 Be present, losing Father, 

To give away this. bride. 
As Eve Thou gavst to Adam, 
Out of his own pierced iide ; 

5 Be present, holy Saviour, 

To join their loving hands. 
As Thou didst binil two natures 
In Thine t-ternal bands ; 

6 Be present, gracious Spirit, 

To bless them as they kneel. 
As Thou for Christ, the Bridegroom. 
The heavenly spouse dost si-al. 

7 spread Thy pure wing o'er them. 

Let no ill power find place. 
When (Uiward through life s journey. 
The hallowed path they tmce, 

8 To cast their crowns before Tliee, 

In perfect sacrifue. 
Till to the home of gl.idness 
With Christ's own bride they rise. 

John Keble. liiT. 

7 6.7.6. D. 
.4 nd both Jes^ts teas calUd, 
and his disi iiilfs, to the 
John ii. 2. 


/"<ROW\ with Thy benediction 
\J This silcrament of love ; 
And make this haUowed union 

Foretaste of heaven above : 
Let pure and perfect gladness. 

Let pure and perfect rest. 
And peace, knows no sadness. 

Thy pre-sence. Lord, 

SFJECiAL occasio:n-s. 

2 As once in Eden's springtime, 

As Dnce at Cana's feast. 
So consecrate this bridal, 

Be Thou its Guest and Priest : 
With sunshine wreathe the altar. 

Chase every cloud away. 
Nor let their voices falter 

Who plight their troth to-day. 

3 God bless the bride and Tiride^room, 

Aiid till with Joy their life ; 
Keep them, tlirough all it-' cIih: „''"S, 

True husband, faithful wife: 
If Thou wilt smile upon thein. 

They shall not need the suu : 
This thought their hearts rejoicing— 

Henceforth, not twain but one. 

i With Thy great love befriend them. 

The love that casts out fear ; 

And make a rainbow round them 

For every falling tear : 
Till, all their sheaves well-garnered. 
Heaven's harvest-home they raise, 
Where love, that knows no ending, 
Inspires more perfect praise. Amen. 
Juhn B. Greenwood. 18«3. 



Or;Q 6.j. (i.5. P. 

^ ^ ^ / have set my affection to 

tlie house of my God. — 1 Chronicies xxix. 3. 

nURIST Is the Foundation 
yj Of the we raiso ; 
lie its walls salvation. 

And;:tew:iys praise: 
May its tliresli.,1.1 lowly 

To the Lord lie dear; 
May tlie li.^arts lie holy 

That shall worship here. 

2 On tlie Rock of Ages, 

Kestiiig broad and deep, 
When life's tempest rages. 

Here let pa-ssion sleep ; 
Here may prayers and praises 

Never cease to rise, 
Till through tliey raise us 

Nearer to the sliiea. 

3 Hero the vow l>e se.iled 

I'.y Thv Siiiiii, I,oi,l : 
Here llie sick be heulfd, 

And thir hisl n^stored : 
Here tlie bmki ii-liearted 

Thy lorgiviiessiirove; 
Here the ft lends long parted 

He reslori'd to lovo. 

i Here may every token 
Of Tliy i)re»Knce be; 
Hero may cliains bo broken, 
Prlsouors horo set fn^o ; 

Here may light iUumiuo 

Every soul of Thine, 
Lifting up the human 

Into the divine. 

5 Here may God the Father, 
Christ tlie Saviour— Son, 
With the Holy Spirit, 

Be adored as One ; 
Till the whole creation 
At Tliy footstool faU, 
And In adoration 
Own Thee Lord of all! Amen. 
J. S. B. \lonsell. 1805. 


Except the Lord build the 

house, they labour in vain that build it. 

Psalm cxxvii. 1. 

1^ XCEPT the Lord the temple build, 
J In vain their toil the workmen yield ; 
Except the Lord shall guard the boiuids. 
In vain the watchman's voice resounds. 

2 Lord, the Master-builder Thou, 
Make us Thy fellow-workers now ; 
Builders of souls here may we be, 
And living slirines bo raised for Tliee. 

3 Give to our teachers words of tire. 
To kindle every high desire ; 

.Vnd form in all the constant mind 
To serve their God and serve mankind. 

4 W.itch Thou within, lest we should spoil 
Tiiy work, or fail in earnest toil ; 

May Thine abiding uresunce ktM'p 

Our hearts from strife, oursouls from sleep. 

5 Thus may we train. In Thy blest will, 
Voung ardent souls to serve Thee still, 
To bear, in bright and eager bands. 

The torch that leaves our drooping hands. 
E. i>. A. 1S87. 



The alnni iif L,'han«n sliall 

ctinie unto tlic , l/o- Jir !rti\ tUf inn, l.rr, <ind 

the box ti)[i,tlur. In h,,uilij'i/ the iilmr ,>/ My 

sanctuary.— laaiXli Ix. 13. 

OLORD of hosts, whose glory nils 
Tlie bounds of the eternal liills. 
Who yet vouchsafes, in Christian lauds. 
To dwell in temples made with hamU; 

2 Grant that all we, who hero to-day 
Jiejoicingthis foundation lay. 
May be in very deed Thine own, 
BuilL on the precious Coruer-btono. 

3 The heads that guide endue witli skill, 
The hanils that work preserve from ill. 
That we who these foundations lay, 
Jlay raise the topstono in its day. 

4 Both now and ever. Lord, inotret 

'lllelr,n|.l.'ol Tluil.>oWnel..,.t: 

B.'Thou Ml them, and they in Ihee, 
O cver-bles.'ied Tjinity ! Amen. 

J. M Ncale. IK II. 



We shall be satx^ed with 
the goodness u/ Thy house.— ^Anhii Ixv. 4. 

THIS stone to Thee in faith we lay ; 
To Thee this temple. Lord, we build ; 
Thy power and goodness here display. 
And be it with Thy presence tilled. 

2 Here, when Thy people seek Thy face, 

And dying sinners pray to live. 
Hear Thou, in heaven. Thy dwelling-place. 
And when Thou hearest, forgive : 

3 Here, when Thy messengers proclaim 

The blessed Gospel of Thy tjou. 
Still by the power of His great name 
lie mighty signs and wonders done. 

4 Uosanna : to their heavenly King, 

When children's voices raise that song; 
Hosanna : let their angels sing. 
And heaven with earth the strain pro- 

5 But will Indeed Jehovah deign 

Here to abide, no transient guest? 
Here will the worlds Redeemer reign? 
And here the Holy Spirit rest ? 

That glory never hence depart ; 

Yet choose not, Lord, this house alone, 
Thy kingdom come to every heart, 
lu every bosom fix Thy throne. Aiuen. 
James Montgomery. 18:22. 



7.6. 7.6. U. 
Bthold, heaven and the 
uaven o/ lieaiens cannot contain Thee. 
2 Chroiiicles vi. 18. 

OTHOU whose hand has brought us 
Unto this joyful day. 
Accept our glad thanksgivings, 

And listen as we pray ; 
And may our preparation 
For this day's servi<e be 
With one accord to otter 
Ourselves, Lord, to Thee. 

2 For this new house we pniise Thee, 

Reared by Thine own couuuaud, 
For every generous bosom. 

And every willing hand ; 
And now within Thy temple 

Thy glory let us see. 
For all its strength and beauty 

Are uotlung without fheo. 

3 And oft as here we gather, 

.\nd hearts in worship blend, 
May truth reveal its power. 

And fervent prayer ascend ; 
Ileie may the busy to.ler 

Kise to the things above ; 
The young, the old, be str:^ngthened, 

And all men learn Thy love. 

4 And as the years roll over, 

And stiong atfections twine, 
And tender memories gaihur 

.Vbout tins sacred shrine. 
May tliis, its chief dlstinctioD, 

Its giory ever be. 
That multitudes within it 

Have found their way to Theo. 

5 Lord God '. our fathers' lieljier, 

Uur joy and hope and slay. 
Grant now a gracious earnest 

Of many a coniing day : 
Our yearning hearts Thou knowest, 

We wait before Thy throne, 
come, and by Thy presence 

Make thia new house Ihine own ! 


F. W. Goadby. 1880. 

/ will glorify the house 
of iny glory. — Isaiah Ix. 7. 

BE with us, gracious Lord, to-day ; 
This house we dedicate to Thee ; 
0, hear Thy servants as they j)ray, 
And let Thine ear attentive be. 

2 Within these vails let holy peace. 

Let love and truth be always found ; 
May burdened hearts find sweet releiuse. 
And souls with richest grace be crowi.i d. 

3 May here be heard the suppliant's sigh, 

The weary enter into rest ; 
Here may the contrite to Thee cry, 
And waiting souls be richiy blest. 

4 Here, when the Gospel sound is hejird. 

And here proclaimed the saving .Name. 
May hearts be quickened, moved, aud 
And souls be kindled into flame. 

5 Here may the dead be made to live. 

The dumb to sing, the d'-af to hear ; 
And do Tliou to the humble give 
I'ardon and peace instea J of fear. 

6 Make this, Lord, Thine own alwde ; 

Thy presence in these courts be given ; 
Be this, indeed, the house of God. 
And this in truth the gate of heaven. 


Oby A'l Thine oim. 

1 Chronicles xxix. 10. 

ALL things are Thine : no gift have we. 
Lord of all gifts : to otter Ihee ; 
And hence with grateful hearts to-day, 
Tliine own belore I'hy feel we lay. 

2 Thy will was in the builders' thought ; 
I'liy hand unseen amidst us wrought ; 
Through mortal motive, scheme and plan, 
Thy wise eternal purpose nin. 


3 No lack Thy perfect fulnoss knew ; 
From liuinan needs and lonjiinjrs grew 
Tliis house of prayer, this home of rest, 
Where Thy great name shall be confessed. 

4 In weakness and in want we call 

On Thee lor whom the heavens are small : 
Thy glory is Thy children's good. 
Thy joy Thy tender Fatherhood. 

5 O Father ! deign these walls to hless ; 
Fill with Thy love their emptiness : 
And let their door a gateway be 

To lead us from ourselves to Thee. .Amen. 
J. G. WJiitfier. 1S47. 

O /U And 0/ Zionit shall he 
said, This and that man was horn in her. 
Psalm Ixxxvii. 5. 

GRE.\T God, Thy watchful care we bless, 
Which guards these sacred courts in 
peace ; 
Nor dare tumultuous foes invade. 
To fill Thy worshippers with dread. 

2 And will the great eternal fiod 
On earth establish His abode ? 

And will He, from His radiant throne. 
Avow our temples for His own ? 

3 We bring the tribute of our praise, 
And sing that condescemliiig grace, 
Which to our notes will lend an ear, 
And call such sinful mortals near. 

4 These walls we to Thy honour, 
Long may they echo to Thy praise ; 
And Thou, desrcuding, filfthe place 
With choicest tokens of Thy grace. 

5 Here let the great Redeemer reign. 
With all the virtues of His train ; 
While power divine His word attends 
To conquer foes, and cheer His friends. 

6 And in the great decisive daj'. 
When God the nations shall survey. 
May it before the world appear, 
That crowds were born to glory here. 

l'hi!ii> DoddrUhj,: 17.,:.. alt. 

Orj-i CM. 

v-* I -I- That Thine eyes may he 

Ojien upon this hcvse dai/ andni'jht. 
'I Chronicles vi.'ao. 

OTHOU, whose own vast temple stands 
I'.uilt over earth and sea. 
Accept the walls that human hands 
Have raised to worship Thee. 

2 Lord, from Thine lnn)ost glory send. 
Within these courts to abidi;. 
The pnaco that dwelleth, withotit end. 
Srrenely by Thy side. 

8 May erring minds that worsliip liero 
Iti) taught the better way ; 
AthI they who mourn, and they who fear, 
Be atrciigthened as they pray. 

4 May faith grow firm, and love grow warm, 
.And puie dt- votion rise ; 
While, round these hallowed walls, the 
Of earth-born passion dies. Amen. 

^Y. Cullen Bryant. 1S3.'). 



The glory of the Lord 
filled tlie house.— 2 Chronicles vii. 1. 

LIGHT up this house with glory. Lord ; 
Enter, and claim Thine own ; 
Receive the homage of our souls. 
Erect Thy temple-throne. 

'2 We rear no altar, Thou hast died ; 
We deck no i.riestly shrine : 
What need have we of creature-aid? 
The power to save is Thine. 

3 We ask no bright shekinah-cloud 

To glorify the place : 
Give, Lord, the subs.,4nce of that sign, 
A plenitude of grace. 

4 No rushing, mighty wind, we ask ; 

No tongues of tlame desire ; 
Grant us the Spirits quickening light, 
His purifying fire. 

5 Light up this house with glory, Lord ; 

The glory of that love 
Which forms and saves a Church below. 
And makes a heaven above. Amen. 
Joh>i, Harris. 1S59. 



Teaching them to ohserve 

all tilings ic/ia/.iocver I have commaiided 

v/oi/.— Matthew xxviii. iiO. 

^^ RKAT Shepherd of Thy people, hear ; 
T Thy presenc'fi now disi>lay : 
As Thou hast given a place forf^nyer. 
So give us hearts to pray. 

2 Show us some token of Thy lovo 

Our feeble hope to 
Anil iiour Thy blessing from above, 
That w(! may render praise. 

3 Within these walls let holy peace, 

And love, and concord dwell ; 
Here give the troubled conscience case. 
The wounded spirit heal. 

4 The hearing car, the watchful eyo, 

The contrite heart bestow. 
And shine vipon us fnnii on high, 
To make our graces grow. 

!j ^fav we In faith receive Thy word, 
111 faith address our prayers. 
Anil ill the lUPsiMice of the Lord 
Unbosom all our cares. 

And mav the gosjirl's invful sound, 
Knforc.'il hy grace divin.', 
Awak.'U many sinners roiiii.l, 
And bend llicir wills to Thino. Amen. 
John Newton. 177U. 



J have halloioed this hoitse 
which thou hast built.— I Kings ix. 3. 

LORD of hosts, to Thee we raise 
Hero a house of prayer and praise ; 
Thou Thy people's hearts prepare. 
Here to meet for praise and prayer. 

2 Let Thy children here be fed 

With Thy word, the heavenly bread ; 
Here, with richest mercy blest, 
May the weary soul find rest. 

3 Here to Thee a temple stand. 
While the sea shall gird the land ; 
Here reveal Thy mercy sure. 
While the sun and moon endui-e. 

4 Halleluiah ! earth and sky 
To the joyful sound reply ; 
Hallelujah ! hence as(;end 

irayer and praise till time shall end. 

James Montyomery. 1825. 

Opening of an Organ. 

07 R CM. 

KJ I ><J Praise Him tvilh stringed 

instruments and organs. — Psalm cl. 4. 

ALL nature s works His praise declare, 
To whom they all belong ; 
There is a voice in every star, 
In every breeze a song. 

2 Swefit music fills the world abroad 

With strains of love and power : 
The stormy sea sings praise to God, 
The thunder and the shower. 

3 To God the tribes of ocean cry. 

And birds upon the wing : 
To God the powers that dwell on high 
Their tuneful tribute bring. 

4 Like them, let man the throne surround. 

With them loud chorus raise. 
While instrumcirts oftoftier sound 
Assist his feeble praise. 

5 Great God, to Thee we consecrate 

Our voices and our skill : 

We bid the pealing organ wait 

To speak alone Thy will. 

O teach its rich and swelling notes 
To lift our souls oii high. 
And while the music round us floats. 
Let earth-born passions die. Amen. 
JI. Ware, jun. d. 1,S4.X 

Opening of a Bazaar. 


The wise and their works are 
in the hand oj Cod.— Ecclesiastes ix. 1. 

THOU God of glory, truth, and love. 
Lord over all beneath, above ! 
Our thoughts and hearts to Th<'e we raise. 
And with our lips proclaim 'Ihy praise. 

2 Creation rose at Thy command. 
The seas, the floods, the solid land ; 
And at Thy wisdom's high l)ehest. 

In beauteous robes Thy works were drest. 

3 Thy goodness doth to men impart 
The fount of every useful art. 

The skilful hand, the inventive thoiitrht. 
By which new forms of grace are wrought. 

4 Behold, Lord, before Thee stand 

Our works of thought, of heart, and liaud; 
We humbly bring them to Thy throne. 
And render back with joy Thine own. 

Edward Boaden. 1S69. 


Q'jty C.M.U. 

OII They . . brought unto Him 
all thai were diseased ; . . . and a^ muriy as 
touched were madf. perfectly whole. 
Matthew xiv. 35, 3*5. 

THINE arm, O Lord, in days of old. 
Was strong to heal and save : 
It triumphed o'er disease and death. 

O'er darkness and the grave. 
To Thee they went, the blind, the dumb. 

The palsied and the lame. 
The leper with his tainii-a life. 
The sick with fevered frame. 

2 And lo ! Thy touch brought life and health, 

Gave speech, and strength, and sight ; 
And youth renewed, and frenzy '-aimed 

Owned Thee, the Lord of light : 
And now, Lord, be near to Dless, 

Almighty as of yore. 
In crowded stre 't. by re-tless couch. 

As by Genuesareth's shore. 

3 Be Thou our great Deliverer still. 

Thou Lord of life and death : 
Restore and quicken, soothe and bless. 

With Thine almighty breath : 
To hands that work, and eyes that see. wisdoms heavenly lure. 
That whole and sick, :»nd""rakiinil . ■strong, 
ilay praise Thee evermore.. Aiuer. 

E. JI. Flumptre. ISOS. 


/ ji'a? sick, and ije visited me. 
Matthew xxv. 36. 

THOU to whom the sick and dying 
Ever camo, nor came in vain, 
Still with healing words replyhig 
To the wearied cry of pain ; 
Hear us, Jesu.s, as we meet 
Suppluints at Thy mercy-seat. 

2 Every care, and every sorrow, 
Be it great, or be it small. 
Yesterday, to-day, to-morrow. 
When, where'er it may befall. 
Lay we humbly at Thy feet. 
Suppliants at Thy mercy-seat. 

5 Still the weary, sick, and dying 

Need a brother's, sister's care-; 
On Thy higher help relying 

May we now their burden share, 
Bringing all our offerings meet. 
Suppliants at Thy mercy-seat. 

4 Jlay e:tch child of Thine be willing, 
\Villing boih in hand and heart; 
All th(^ law of love fuinUing, 
Ever <onifort to impart, 
Kver bringing offerings meet. 
Suppliant to Thy mercy-seat. 

6 So may, sin, and sadness, 

To Thvhraliiigi"'"-'''- yield, 
Till the sick and sad in gladness. 
Rescued, ransomed, cleansid, healed. 
One in Thee together meet, 
Pardoned at Thy judgment-seat. 

Godfrey Th ring. 1 80(5. 

6 Do Thou, Lord, o\ir alms accept, 

And with Thy blessing speed ; 

Bless us in giving; greatly bless 

Our gifts to them that need. 

7 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God whom we adore. 
Be glory, as it was, is now. 
And shall be evermore. Amen. 
Fh dip Doddridge. 1755. alt. 



Inasmuch as ye have, done 

it unto one of the least of these Mij brethren, 

ye have done it unto Me.— Matt. xxv. 40. 

FOUNT of good, to own Thy lovo 
Our lliaiiklul hearts incline ; 
What can w.- render, Lord, to Thee, 
\S'lien all the worlds are Thine 'i 

2 But Thou hast needy brethren here, 

Partakers of Thy grace ; names Thou wilt Thyself coufoss 
Before the Father's face. 

3 In fach .sad accent of distress 

Thy pleading voice is heard ; 
In them Thou may'st be clothed and fed, 
And visited, and cheered. 

4 II. -1 

•II, Lord, Thy yoke to wear. 
With Joy I,, do Thy will; 

And love : 

irrleiis gladly bear, 
iweel law fulDl. 

Thy face wltli revi-rence and with lovo 
Wi' In Thy poor would see ; 

And whilr' we inlidster to them, 
Would do it as to Thee. 

7.5. 7.5. 
Ye have the poor vnth 
you always.— Mark xiv. 7. 

THINE are all the gifts, God 1 
Thine the broken bread : 
Let the naked feet be shod. 
And the starving fed. 

2 Let Thy children, by Tliy grace, 

Give as thev aboinid. 
Till the poor have breathing-space. 
And the lost are found. 

3 Wiser than the miser's hoards 

Is the giver's choice ; 
Sweeter than the song of birds 
Is the thankful voice. 

4 Welcome smiles on fanes sad 

As the flowers of spring ; 

Let the tender hearts be glad 

With the joy they bring. 

J. G. Whit tier. 1847. 



7.7. 7.7. U. 
Blrssed are the dead 
hich die in the Lord.— Rev. xiv. i;!. 

HARK ! a voice divides the s!cy— 
Happy are the faithful dead ! 
In the Lord who sweetly die. 

(lUi all their toils are freed, 
Tlieiri the Spirit hath declared 

r.lcst, unutterably blest: 
Jesus is their great Heward, 

Jesus is their endless Rest. 

2 Followed by their works, they go 

Where th.'ir Ilea.! hath gone before; 
Reconciled by gra<-e below, 

Gnice hath ope 1 mercy's dOOr: 

.lustilied through fnith alone, 

Here tliey knew llH'ir sins forgiven ; 

Hallowi'd, ami made meet for heaven 

3 Who can now lament the lot 

Of a .saint in Christ deceased ? 
Let the world, who know us not. 

When from llesli tlic spirii freed. 

filorlals cry, 'A man Is dead !' 
Angels sing. ' A child is born !' 


4 Bom into the world above. 

They our happy brother greet ; 
Bear him to tlie thione of love. 

Place him at the Saviour's feet : 
Je.sus smiles, and says, ' Well done, 

Good and faithful servant thou ; 
Enter, and receive thy crown ; 

Keign with Me triumphant now.' 

5 Angels catch the approving sound. 

How, and bless the just award ; 
Hail the heir with glory crowned, 

Now rejoicing with his Lord ; 
Fuller joys ordained to know. 

Waiting for the general doom. 
When the archangel's trump shall blow, 

' Itise, ye dead, to judgment come ! " 
Wesky. 1742. 


7.7. 7.7. 
They . . rest from their 
labours; and their uurks do/olloxv them. 
Kevelaiiou xiv. 13. 

LO ! a voice from heaven hath said. 
Henceforth blessfed are the dead 
Hying in their risen Lord, 
Trusting His redeeming word. 

2 P.IessM ! for their work is done ; 
Home they went at set of sun ; 
Tliey were weary, it was best 
To lie down and take their rest. 

3 Blessed ones ! they calmly sleep. 
Leaving us to wake and weep. 
Still to bear our fleshly pains, 
Sins and doubts and spirit-chains. 

4 Ploss6d ! they have done with tears. 
Sickness, darkness, death, and fears ; 
And the souls long conflict past, 
\ii.tory is theirs at last. 

5 Theirs is the eternal peace, 
(irowing with divine increase; 
Theirs— eternal rest above, 
Kest in the Eternal Love. 

6 ruvelling in the Light of Light, 
They possess the Infinite ; 
Every mystery unsealed. 

And the glory aU revealed. 

George Hawson. 1876. 

poo 8.7. 8.7. D. Iambic. 

OiD*J) There remaineth there/ore 
a rest to the people o/ God.— Hebrews iv. 9. 

THE journey done, the rest begun. 
The day of death now ended ; 
To life above, on wings of love. 
The freed one hath a.scended : 
What we do weep, the Christ doth keep. 

He died that He might save it ; 
The body trust we to the dust. 
The soul to God \\ ho gave it. 

2 Our tears must fall at loss of all 
That time cannot restore us ; 
But to the skies well lift our eyes. 
And think of what's before us ; 

There, safe above, with Him whose lovo 

For all its want providelh. 
The spirit blest, in changeless rest 

Of Paradise, abideth. 

3 Your muffled chime, ye bells of time. 

King out with chastened gladness ; 
The happy soul needs not your toll. 

As if it dwelt in sadness: 
Toll lor the dead who, living, tread 

Earth's sinful ways, hard-heart< il ; 
But a bright chime, ye tells of time. 

King out for Christ s departed. 

4 Their warfare o'er, now never more 

Shall sin or sorrow grieve them; 
Against that day, not far away. 

In quiet earth we leave them : 
What we do weep, the Christ doth keep. 

He died that He might save it ; 
The body trust we to the dust. 

The soul to God who gave it. 

J. S. B. Monsell. 1872. 


00*1 The Lord gave, aiid the Lord 
hath taken uicay ; blessed be the name of the 
Lord.— Job i. 21. 

CHRIST will gather in His own 
To the place where He is gone. 
Where their heart and tri'asure lie, 
^\ here our life is hid on high. 

2 Day by day the Voice saith, 'Come, 
Enter thine eternal home : ' 
Asking not if we can spare 

This dear soul it summons there. 

3 Had He asked us, well we know 
We should cry, ' O, spare this blow ! 
"\'ea, with streaming tears should pray, 
' Lord, we love him, let him stay ! 

4 But the I/)kI doth nought amiss. 
And since He hath ordered this, 
We have nought to do but still 
Kest in silence on His will. 

6 Many a heart no longer here. 
Ah ! to us was al! too di-ar ; 
Yet, Love, 'tis Thou dost call, 
Thou wilt be our .VU in all. 

Bohemian Brethren. I'V^l. 
Tr. Catherine Winkuorlh. ISM. 

OOD Him that overcometh H-itl 

1 make a pillar in the temple oj my God. 

Kevelation iii. 12. 

CAPTAIN and Saviour of the host 
Of Christian chivalry. 
We bless Thee for our comrade tnio 
Now summoned up to Tine. 

2 We bless Thee for his every stop. 

In faithful following Thee : 
And for his good fight fought so well. 
And crowned with victorj-. 


o We thank Thee that the wayworn i 
The sleep in Jesus blest : 
The piirified and ransomed soul 
Hath entered into rest. 

4 We bless Thee that his humble love 
Hath met with such regard ; 
We bless Thee for his blessedness, 
And for his rich reu-ard. 

Geonje Rawson. 1857. 

QQC 7.7. 7; 7. 8. 

O O Q Tnto Thine hand I 

commit my spirit.— V&sAm. xxxi. 5. 

NOW the labourer's task is o'er ; 
Now the battle day is past ; 
Now upon the farther shore 
Land's the voyaj^er at last. 
Father, in Thy srauious keeping 
Leave we now thy servant sleeping. 

2 There the tears of earth are dried ; 

Thero its hidden things are clear; 
There the work of life is tried 

By a juster Judge than here. 
Father, in Thy gracious keeiiing 
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping. 

3 There the Shepherd bringing homo 

Many a lamb forlorn and strayed, 
Shelters each, no more to nrxm. 

Where the wolf can ne'er invade. 
Father, in Thy gracious keeping 
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping. 

4 There the penitents who turn 

To the Cress their dying eyes, 
All the love of Jesus loam 

.\t His feet in Paradise. 
Father, in Thy gracious keeping 
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping. 

5 There no more the powers of hell 

Can prevail to mar their peace ; 
Christ the Lord shall guard them well, 

He who died for their release. 
Father, in Thy gracious keeping 
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping. 

6 ' Earth to earth, and dust to dust,' 

Calmly now the words we say. 
Left behind, we wait in trust 

Till the resurrection-day. 
Father, in Thy gra(-ious keeping 
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping. 

John Ellerton. 1871. 

Q Q ry 8. 8. 8. 8. 1). Aruipacst ic. 

OO I To die is gain. 

Philippians i. 21. 

REJOICE for a brother deceased, 
Our loss is his infinite gain ; 
A soul out of prison released, 

.\nd free from his bodily chain : 
With songs let us follow his fliglit, 

And mount with his spirit above. 
Escaped to the mansions of liglit. 
And lodged in the Eden of love. 

2 Our brother th« haven hath gained. 

Out-flying the tempest and wind ; 
His rest he hath sooner obtained. 

And left his companions behind, 
Still tossed on a sea of distress. 

Hard toiling to make the blest shore, 
W'hiTc all is assurance and peace. 

And .sorrow and sin are no more. 

S There all the ship's company meet. 

Who sailed with the Saviour beiK^atli ; 
With shouting each other thev greet. 

And tri\unpli o'er trouble and death : 
Til." vovni,oM.f lifi''s lit an end. 
■fill' niortal Mtlliction is past: 
Tlir agr that in heaven tliey spend. 
For ever and ever shall last. 

Charles Wesley. 1744. 

l^rahcllcra liy Jfanti antr ^ta. 

He maketh the .ttonn a calm, 
so that the jcKir.i thereof are still. 
I'salm cvii. 29. 

ETF.RNAL Father, strong to save, 
Wlioso arm dotli bind tho restless 
^Vho bidd'st the mighty oirean deep 
Its own appointed limits keep ; 
O hear us when wo cry to Then 
For those in peril on tho sea. 

2 O Saviour, whose almighty word 
Thi! winds and waves submissive heard. 
Who walk^dst on tho foaming de-p, 
And calm amid its rage didst sloop ; 


O he;ir us when wi> cry to Tlieo 
For those in peril on tho sea. 

3 O sacred Spirit, who didst brood 
Upon the chaos dark and rude. 
Who b.aii'st its angry ttunult cease. 
And (,'.ivi'st light, and life, and peace; 
() licir us when we ciy to Theo 

For lhos<' in peril on the sea. 

4 O Trinity of love and power. 

Our brethren shield In d.anger's hour. 
From rock and tiitnpi'st, fire anil foe, 
I'rotect them wheresoe'er thev go ; 
And ever let there rise to Thee 
Glad hymns of praiso from land and si 
William Wliiliiui. !«:) 



Be o/good cheer : it is I ; 
be not a/raid.— Mark vi. 50. 

ON tho waters dark and drear, 
Jesus, ,Saviour, Thou art near, 
With our ship where'er it roam. 
As with loving friends at lioiue. 

2 Thou hast walked the heaving wave, 
TliDU art mighty still to save ; 
With one gentle word of peace 
Thou canst bid the tempest cease. 

3 S.ifely from the boisterous main 
Bring us back to port again ; 

Ii; our haven we shall be, 
J us LIS, if we have but Thee. 

4 Only by Thy power and lovo 
Kit iis for the port above ; 
Still the deadly storm within. 
Gusts of passion, waves of sin. 

5 So, when breaks the glorious dawn 
Of the resurrection morn. 

When the night of toil is o>r, 
We shall see Thee on the shore. 

C Holy Father, Holy Son, 
Holy Spirit, Three in One, 
Praise imeiiding unto Thee, 
Now and evermore shall be. Amen. 
W. Chatterton Dix. 1870. 


Tho\i rxilest the raping 
of the stfa.— Psalm l.x.xxix. 9. 

LORD of the sea ! afar from land 
We still within Thy presence stand ; 
Now grant us grace to worship Thee, 
And keep our Sabbath on the sea. 

2 Be banished care, be vanquished fear ; 
0\ir hearts into calm waters steer ; 
So may they rest although we roam. 
And on the deep be still at home : 

r. I'e calm without and calm within. 
And all our worship free froni sin ; 
And as of Thee Thy servants hear, 
O let us feel that Thou art near : 

4 Thy blessing, gracious Lord, we crave ; 
TiiDU oft didst sail the Hebrew wave ; 
S;iil with us now that, joyful, wo 
May keep our Sabbath on the sea. 

5 Thine is the sea. as Thine the land ; 
U'.- still within Thy presence stand ; 
In Thy blest Spirit s light may we 
Kind mercy 3 gate upon the sea. Amen. 

George T. Coster. 1884. 

2 Jesus, Saviour, at whose voice 

The tempest sank to i>erre<-t rest. 
Bid Thou the fearful he;irt rejoice. 
And cleanse and calm the troubled 

3 Holy Ghost, beneath whose power 

The ocean woke to life and light. 
Command Thy blessing in this hour. 
Thy fostering warmth. Thy quickening 

4 Great God of our salvation. Thee 

We love, we worship, we adore ; 
Our Refuge on times changeful sea. 
Our Joy on heaven's eternal shore. 

Bishop E. H. Bicker steth. 1870. 




Which stilleth the noise 

of the seas, the noise of their leaves. 

Psalm Ixv. 7. 

ALMIGHTY Father, hear our cry. 
.\s o er the trackless deep we roam. 
Be Thou our haven always nigh. 
On homeless waters Tliou our home. 

When the waves thereof 
arise, Th •u stillest </ieni.— Psaha Ixxxix. 9. 

G\ KE.\T Ituler of the land and sea. 
r Almighty God, we come to Thee, 
Able to succour and to save 
F"roin perils of the wind and wave : 
Keep by Thy mighty hand, keep 
The dwellers on the homeless deep ! 

2 Smooth the rough ocean's troubled face, 
And bid the hurricane give place 

To the soft breeze that wafts the barque 
Safely alike through light and diirk: 
Keep by Thy mighty hand. O keep 
The dwellers on the homeless deep : 

3 In storm or battle, with Thine arm. 
Shield Thou the mariner from harm. 
From foes without, from ills within. 
From deeds and words and thoughts of sin: 
Keep by Thy mighty hand. O keep 

The dwellei-s on the homeless deep ! 

4 Son of God. in days of ill. 

Say to each sorrow, ' Peace, be still ; ' 
In houi-s of weakness be Thou nigh. 
Heal Thou the sickness, hear the cry : 
Keep by Thy mighty hand, O keep 
The dwellers ou the homeless deep ! 

5 When hidden is each guiding star. 
Flash out the lieacon's light afar ; 
From mist and ruck and shoal and spray 
Proteit the sailor on his way : 

Keep by Thy mighty hand. O keep 
The dwellers on the homeless deep : 

6 Good Pilot of the awful main. 

Let us not plead Thy love ii\ v.aln; 
Jesus, draw near with kindly aid, 
Sav, • It is I, be not afraid : ' 
Keep by Thy mighty hand, O keep 
The dwellers on the homeless deep ! 

Horatius Bonar. 186&. 



C.G. 6.C.8.8. 
Trust thou in the Lord : 
He is their help and iheir shield. 
Psalin cxv. 9. 

FATHER, who art alone 
Our helper and our stay, 
0, hear us ! as we plead 
For loved ones far away ; 
And sliicKi with Thine Almighty hand 
Our waiiderors by sea and land. 

2 For Thou, our Father-God, 

Art present everywhere. 
And beudest low Thine car 

To i."U('h the faintest prayer; 
Waitintr rich blessings to bestow 
On all Thy children here below. 

3 0, comp;)ss with Thy love 

The daily tliey tread ! 
And iiiav iliv lit^lit and truth 

Uiiou tlmir licarls be shed ; 
That, o]if in all tliiiiRs with Thy will, 
Heavens peace and joy their souls may fill. 

4 Guard them from every harm, 

When dangers shall assail. 
And teach them that Thy power 

Can never, never fail ; 
We cannot with our loved ones be, 
liuL trust them. Father, unto Theo. 

6 We all arc travellers here 
Alont,' life's various road, 

Moi'tiiJi,' and parting oft 
Till w.' sliall mount to God; 
At hninr at last, witli those we love, 
Within Uic Fatherland above. 

E. J. 1S85. 


O C7 ^ Who ftrf the conjidfiir,' of 
all the ends of the earth, and of them that an 
ajar ujf' upon the .sea.— I'salm Ixv. j. 

MIGHTY God, Creator, Kiiif?. 
Will) ruh'st over sea and land. 
And dust the oci-an deeps siiNtaiii 

Within the hoUdw of Thine hand ; 
O hear us as we cry to Thco 
For those who traverse land and sea, 
That they may now and ever bo 
Safe in Thy holy keeping. 

2 And Thou who cam st on earth to breathe 

Tiie breath of peace o'er heath and hill, 
Didst walk upon the angry wave. 

Anil bid the troubled sea be still ; 
() licar us as we cry to Thee 
iMir those who traverse land and 8(.'a, 
That they may now and ever bo 
.Safe In Thy holy keeping. 

3 Wherever danger threatens, then, 

O Holy .Spirit, be Thou there. 
And bleat h.^ Into.'acli livmbling 

.1 pov 
all wl 

With those who lrav< rs<' l.iiiil and sea. 
liotli now and i-verniore may be 

Safe in Thy holy keejilng. Amen. 
Godfrei/ Thrino. 1871). 


The sea is His, and lie 
made it.— Psalm xcv. 5. 

LORD of the wide-extended main, 
Whose power the wind, the sea, con- 
Whose hand doth earth and heaven sustain, 
Whose Spirit leads believing souls : 

2 For Thee we leave our native shore. 

We whom Thy love delights to keep, 
In other climes Thy works explore, 
And see Thy wonders in the deep. 

3 'Tis here Thine unknown paths we tr.nco. 

Wliicli dark to human eyes appear : 
While through the mighty waves we pass, 
Faith only sees that God is here. 

■1 Throughout the deep Thy footsteps .shine, 
We own Thy way is in the sea, 
Oerawed by majesty divine. 
And lost in Thy immensity. 

5 Thy wisdom here we learn to adore. 
Thine everlasting truth we prove ; 
Amazing heights of boundless power. 
Unfathomable depths of love. 

Wesley. 17;?0. 


8.8. 8.8. 8.8. 
The Lord ovr Cod shall 
deliver us. — 2 Chronicles xxxii. 11. 

NOW weigh the anchor, hoist the sail. 
Launch out upon the pathless deej), 
Resolved, however veers the gale, 

The destined port in mind to keep ; 
Through all the dangers of the way, 
Deliver us, good Lord, we pray. 

2 When tempests mingle sea and sky. 

And winds like lions rage and rend. 
Ships o'er the mountain-waters fly. 

Or down unfathoined depths descend. 
Though skill avail not, strength decay. 
Deliver us. good Lord, we pray. 

3 If lightnings from embattled cloinls 

Strike, or a spark in secret nurst. 
From stem to siern. o'cn- masts and shrouds 

Like doomsday's conflagration burst,. 
Amid the tire Thy jiower display. 
Deliver us, good Lord, wo pray. 

4 Through yielding planks, should ocean 


Rude entrance, flooding all below, 
Speak, ore we loiinder in the surge, 

' Thus far, nor farther shall ye go ; 
lI(?ro, ye promi w aves, your fury stay : ' 
Deliver us, good Lord, wo pray. 

r> with cordag(! snapt, and canvas riven. 
Through straits thick-strowii wiili idi k 

Along sonic giilf-streani darkly driven, 

Fast wedged inidst icebergs at tln^ i")le. 
Or on low breakers cast away, 
J>eliv( r us, good Lord, we pray. 


Save, or wo perish ; calms or storms, 
By day, b> night, at htmio, afar, 

Death walks the waves in all his forms. 
And shi>ots liis darts from evrry star ; 

Want, pain, and woe man's path waylay. 

beliver us, good Lord, we pray. Amen. 
James Montgomei-y. 1803. 


In His hand are the deep 
j'lacts of the earth.— Vsalm xcv. 4. 

HOW are Thy servants blest, Lord ! 
How sure is their defence '. 
Eternal Wisdom is their guide, 
Their help Omnipotence. 

2 In foreign realms, and lands remote, 
Supported by Thy care. 
Through burning climes they pass unhurt. 
And breathe in tainted air. 

3 When by the dreadful tempest borne. 

High on the broken wave. 
They know Thou art not slow to hear, 
Nor impotent to save. 

4 The storm is laid, the winds retire. 

Obedient to Thy will ; 
The sea. that roars at Thy command. 
At Thy command is still. 

5 In midst of dangers, fears, and deaths, 

Thy goodness we'll adore ; 
We'll praise Thee for Thy mercies past. 
And humbly hope for more. 

C Our life, while Thou preserv'st that life. 
Thy sacriiice shall be ; 
And death, when death shall be our lot. 
Shall join oir souls to Tbee. 

Joseph Addison. 1712. 

QQQ s.iL 

vj o/ «_> The Lord on high is mightier 
than t)ie noise of many waters. 
Psalm xciii. 4. 

OGOD, whose love is near. 
Although it seem to stay. 
Be with us through our voyage here, 
And smooth the ocean way. 

2 Though on a foreign sea, 
We sail not far from hinue ; 

And nearer to the port of peace 
We every moment come. 

3 When loud the surges rise. 
And calms deLiy to be, 

The storm is blest and kind the waves 
rUat drive us neiirer Thee. 

4 .\nd when the winds are hushed. 
And on the deep is peace. 

And we behold the land where lies 
Our haven of release : 

5 With soft and i^entle winds 
O waft us.>mo..lh along; 

While fastened deep within the veil, 
Hope is our anclior strong. 

6 Wait till all tempests flee, 
Wait thy appointed hour ! 

Wait till the Master of thy soul 
Reveal His love with power. 

7 Tarry His leisure then ! 
Although He seem to stay : 

For heaven s harbourage with Him 
All storms shall overpay. 

Au<justu.f M. Toplddu. 1770. 
And 8. A. Brooke. 1S81. 


The wind and the 
sea obej/ i/iwi.— Mark iv. 41. 

OLORD, be with us when we s.ul 
Upon the lonely deep. 
Our guard when on the silent deck 
The nightly watch we keep. 

2 We need not fear, though all around, 
I 'Mid rising winds, we hear 

The multitude of waters surge ; 
For Thou. God. art near. 

3 The calm, the breeze, the gale, the storm. 

The ocean and the land. 
All, all are Thine, and held within 
The hollow of Thine hand. 

4 As when on blue Gennesaret 

Rose high the angry wave. 
And Thy disciples quailed in dread, 
One word of Thine could save ; 

5 So when the fiercer storms arise. 

From man's unbridled will. 
Be Thou, Lord, present in our hearts 
To whisper, ' Peace, be still ! ' 

C Acioss this troubled tide of life 
Thyself our Pilot be. 
Until we reach that better land. 
The land that knows no sea. 

7 To Thee the Father. Thee the Son. 

Whom earth and heaven adore, 

Thee, Spirit, moving on the deep. 

Be praise for evermore. Amen. 

Eauard A. Dayman, b. 1807. 

y UU These see the works of 

the Lord, and His u-ouders in the deep. 
Psalm cvli. 24. 

LORD, whom winds and seas obey. 
Guide us through the waur>' way 
In the hollow of Thy hand 
Hide, and bring us safe to land. 


2 .lesiis, lei our faithful mind 
Rest, on Theft alone reclined ; 
V.very anxious thought repress, 
Keep our souls in perfect peace. 

" Keep the souls whom now we leave, them to each other cleave, 
I'd them walk on life's rough sea, 
I 'id them come by faith to Thee. 

4 Snve, till al! these tempests end. 
All who on Thy love depeml ; 
Waft our happy spirits o er. 
Land us on the heavenly shore. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 1872." 

3 Thus our hearts the hope will cherish. 
While to heaven we lift our eyes ; 
Thou wilt save us ere we perish, 

Thou wilt hear our faintest cries : 
And, though mast and sail be riven, 

Life's short voyage soon is o'er : 
Safely moored in heaven's wide haven. 
Storms and tempests vex no more. 
G. W. Betlmne. 1847. 



lie . . . rehriked the wind, 

and said unto the sea. Peace, be still. 

Mark iv. 3U. 

THE billows swell, the winds are high; 
Clouds overcast my wintry sky ; 
Out of the depths to Thee I call. 
My fears are great, rny strength is small. 

2 Lord ! the pilot's part perform. 

And guide and guard me through the 

storm ; 
Defend me from each threatening ill : 
Control the M'aves ; say ' Peace, be still. 

3 Amid the roaring of the sea, 

My soul still hangs her hope on Thee ; 
Thy constant love. Thy faithful care. 
Is all that saves me from despair. 

4 Though tempest-tossed and half a wreck. 
My haven through the floods I seek ; 
Le"t neither winJ.s nor stormy main 
Force back my shattered bark again. 

William Cowper. 1779. 


8.7. 8.7. D. 
lie ims in the hinder 
jmrt of (he ship, a.sleej) on a 2nllow. 
Mark iv. ;;8. 

TOSSKD upon life's raging billow, 
.Sweet it is, O Lord, to know 
Tliou hast i)res.sed a sailor's pillow, 

.\mi1 canst feel a sailors woe : 
Never slumbering, never sleeping. 

Though the night be dark iind drear, 
Thou the faithful watch art keeping, 
' AH Is well ! ■ Tliy constant cheer. 

2 And though loud the wind is howling. 
Kierco though Hash tlio liglitnings red. 
Though tlie storm-clouds ilark are scowl- 
O'er thfl sailor's anxious head : 
Thou canst i^lui the raging ocean, 

All iff) noisuan<l tumult still, 
Hush the billows' wild ( onimotlon, 
At the bidding of Thy will. 

12.12. 12.12. 
Lord, save us : ire perish. 
Matthew viii. 25. 

WHEN through the torn sail the wild 
tempest is streaming. 
When o er the dark wave the red lightning 

is gleaming. 
Nor hope lends a ray the poor seaman to 

We fly to o\ir Maker :— ' Save, Lord, or we 

2 Jesus, once tossed on the breast of the 

Aro\is(!d by the cry of despair from Thy 

Now seated in glory, the mariner cherish. 
Who cries in his danger, ' Save, Lord, or 

wo perish.' 

3 .\nd, O ! when the whirlwind of passion is 

When sin in our hearts its wild warfare is 

Arise in Thy grace, Thy rcdeemM to 

cherish ; 
Rebuke the destroyer :—' Save, Lord, or 

we perish." Amen. 

Bishop R. Heber. 1827. 

'-fyj^t Wh 1/ air ye far fid, 

U ye of little faith .'—Matthew viii. 26. 

WHILE lone upon the furious waves, 
Where danger fiercely rides. 
There is a Hand, unseen, that .saves, 
And through the ocean guides. 

2 Almighty Lord of land and sea, 

beneath Thine eye wo sail : 
And if our lio(ie be fixed on Theo, 
Our hearts cjin never quail. 

3 Though tempests shako the angry deep, 

And tliuniler's voice a)ipal ; 
SareiKt we wake, and calmly sleep. 
Our Father governs all. 

4 Still prove Tliyself through all the way, 
'I'bi' (luanlian and the Friend ; 
Cheer wilh Thy presence every day. 
And every night defend. Amen. 

Kbenezer K. Jenkins. 1870. 


parents antr yamilij Morsljip. 


7.7. 7.7. 
As obedient children. 
1 Peter i. 14. 

GOD of mercy, hear our pmyer 
For the cliildren Thou hast given ; 
Let them all Thy blessings share. 
Grace on earth, and bliss in heaven ! 

2 In the morning of their days 

May their hearts be drawn to Thee ; 
Let them learn to lisp Thy praise 
In their earliest infancy. 

3 Cleanse their souls from every stain. 

Through the Saviours precious Wood : 
Let them all be born again. 
And be reconciled to God. 

4 For this mercy. Lord, we cry ; 

Bend Tliine ever-gracious ear ; 
While on Thee our souls rely. 
Hear oiu' prayer, in mercy hear ! 

Thomas Hastings. 1834. 
. 8.8. 8.8. 


T and the children ichich 
God hath given me. — Hebrews ii. 13. 

CAPTAIX of our salvation, take 
The souls we here present to Thee, 
And fie for Thy great service make 

These heirs of immortality ; 
And let them in Thine image rise. 
And then transplant to Paradise. 

2 Unspotted from the world and pure. 

Preserve tliem for Thy glorious cause. 
Accustomed daily to endure 

The welcome burden of Thy cross ; 
Inured to toil and patient pnin. 
Till all Thy perfect mind they gain. 

3 Our sons henceforth he wholly Thine, 

.\nd serve and love Thee all their days ; 
Infuse the principle divine 

In all who here expect Thy grace ; 
Let each im.prove the grace bestowed, 
Kise every child a man of GoU ! 

4 Train up Thy hardy soldiers. Lord. 

In all their Captain's steps to tread : 
Or send them to proclaim Thy word. 

Thy Gos;iel through the world to spread. 
Freely as they receive to give. 
And preach the de;itli by which we live ! 
Charles Wesley. 1763. 


As for me and my house, 
u-e tviil serve the Li/rd.— Joshua xxiv. 15. 

pOME, Father. Son. and Holy Gho.=!t. 
\J To whom we for our children cry ; 
The good desired and wanted most. 
Out of Thy richest grace supply ; 

Tlie sacred discipline be given. 

To train and bring them up for heaven. 

2 Answer on them the end of all 

Our cares, and pains, and studies h»re ; 
On them, recovered from their fall. 

Stamped with the humble character. 
Raised by the nurture of the Lord, 
To all their Paradise restored. 

3 Error and ignorance remove. 

Their blindness buth of ht-urt and mind ; 
Give tliem the wisdom froni above. 

Spotless, and peaceable, and kind ; 
In knowledge pure their minds renew. 
And store with thoughts divinely true. 

4 Unite the pair so oft disjoined, 

Knowledge and vifcil piety ; 
Learning and holiness combined. 

And truth and love. 1. 1 all men see. 
In those whom up to Thee we give. 
Thine, wholly Thine, to die and live. 

.5 Father ! accept them through Thy Son, 
And ever by Thy Spiiit guide; 
Thy wisdom in their lives be shown. 
Thy name confe.S8ed and glorified ; 
Thv power and love diffused abroad. 
Till all the earth is filled with God. 

Charles Weslcj. Vfj. 

QfiR c.M. 

UKJi^ Train vp a ch ihl in the 

tiay he shuu'd i/o.— Proverbs xxii. 6. 

GOD only wise, almightv. good. 
Send forth Thy truth and light. 
To point us out the narrow road. 
And guide our steps aright : 

2 To steer our dangerous course between 

The rocks on either hand : 
.\nd fix us in the golden mean. 
And bring our charge to land. 

3 Made apt, by Thy suflicient grace, 

To teach as taught by Th<'e. 
We come to train in all Thy ways 
Our rising progeny : 

4 Their selfish will in time subdue. 

And mortify their pride ; 
And lend their youth a sacred clue 
To lind the Crucified. 

5 We would in every step look up. 

By Thy example Uaught 
To alarm their fear, excite their hope. 
And rectify their thought. 

6 We would persuade their hearts to ol>cy. 

With mildest zeal proceed : 
And never take the harsher way, 
\\ hen love will do the deed. 


7 For this we ask, in faith sinccro, 

The wisdom from above, 
To touch their hearts with filial fear, 
And pure, ingenuous love : 

8 To watch their will, to sense inclined ; 

Withhold their hurtful food ; 
And gently bend their tender mind. 
And draw their souls to God. 

Charles Wesley. 1707. 


CfyjCf J 11,111 walk within my 
house with a perfect heart.— ¥sa\m ci. 2. 

HOW shall I walk my God to 
And spread content and happiness 
O'er all beneath my care? 
A pattern to my household give, 
And as a guardian angel live. 
As Jesus messenger J 

2 The opposite extremes I see. 
Remissness and severity. 

And know not how to shun 
The precipice on either hand. 
While in the narrow path I stand, 

And dread to venture on. 

3 Shall I, through indolence supine. 
Neglect, betray my charge divine. 

My delegated power ? 
The souls I from my Lord receive. 
Of each I an account must give. 

At that tremendou.s hour. 

4 Lord over all, .and God most high 1 
Jesus, to Thee for help I fly. 

For constant power and grace : 
That, taught by Thy good Spirit and led, 
I may with confidence proceed. 

And all Thy footsteps trace. 

5 teach me my first lesson now ! 
And, while to Thy sweet yoke I bow. 

Thy easy service prove. 
Lowly and meek in heart, I soo 
The art of governing like Thee 

Is governing by love. 

Charles Wesley. 1767. 


The Angel which redeemed 

me from all evil, bless the lads. 

Genesis xlviii. 16. 

THE great redeeming Angel, Thee, 
C) Jesus, we confess ! 
Do Thou our great Deliverer be. 
And all our offspring bless. 

2 Early discipled to the Lord, 

May they be tauglit of Thee : 
And, made to know and trust Thy word. 
Wise to salvation be. 

3 Thou who hast borne our sins away. 

Our children's sins remove ; 
And bring them through their evil day, 
To sing Thy praise above. 

4 Partakers of our nature, make 

Partakers of Thy giaoe ; 
And then the heirs of glory take 
To dwell before Thy face. Amen. 

Charles Wesley. 17()2. 


Thou Shalt see thy 
children's children. — Psalm cxxviii. 6. 

IN this glad hour, when children meet. 
And homo with them their children 
Our hearts with one affection beat. 
One song of praise our voices sing. 

2 For all the faithful, loved and dear. 

Whom Thou so kindly, Lord, hast given, 
For those who still are with ns here, 
And those who wait for us in heaven ; 

3 For every past and present joy. 

For honoin-, competence, and health. 
For hopes which time may not destroy 
Our soul's imperishable wealth. 

4 For all, accept our humble praise : 

Still bless us, Father, by Thy love ; 
And when are closed our mortal day.s. 
Unite us in one home above. Anien. 
H. Ware, Jun. d. 1843. 

^erbiccs for tlje youtt0. 

Jlymnt suit able for Children's Services will be found in all jiarfs of 
this llymnuh See Special Index. 

Ql Q With Chorus. Iambic. 
'-'-'-^ Hejoice in the l.otd alivay. 
Philippians iv. 4. 

A GLADSOME hymn of praise wo sing, 
And thanklully wo gathiT, 
To bless tho love of f;od above. 
Our everlasting Father. 

In Him rejoice with lieart and voice. 
Whose glory fadeth never. 

Whose providence is our defence. 
Who lives and loves for over. 

2 From shades of night. He calls tho light. 

And from the sod the llower ; 
From every cloud His blessings break. 
In sunshine, or in shower. 

3 Full In His sight His children stand. 

Py His strong arm defended ; 
And He, whoso wisdom guides the world, 
Our footsteps hath attended. 

4 For nothing falls iniknown to Him, — 

Or care, or Joy, or sorrow ; 
And lie whose mercy ruled tho past, 
Will bo our stay to-morrow. 


5 Then i)raise the Lord with one accord, 
To His great name \i\\p, glory. 
And of His never-changing lovo 
Kepeat tlie wondrous story. 

A. N. Blatch/ord. 


7.7. 7.7. n. 
/ laid me down and slept ; 
1 awaked; for the Lord sustained me. 
Psalin iii. 5. 

GOD of mercy and of love. 
Listen from the heaven above, 
While to Thee my voice I raise 
In a morning hymu of praise : 
It was 'I'liinc almighty arm 
K^pt nil- all night long from harm ; 
It is only, Lord, by Thee 
That another morn I see. 

2 Lo ! the happy light of day 
Drives the shadows all away ; 
Lo ! it brings again to sight 

All things beautiful and blight : 
White clouds sailing in the air. 
Little flowers so fresli and fair, 
Greenest fields, and rippling sucanis. 
Glitter in the morning beams 

3 Father, keep me all day long 
From all hurtful things and wrong; 
Make me an obedient child, 

Make me loving, gentle, mild : 
Hark : the birds are singing gay ; 
Let me sing, as well as they, 
Praise to Him who is above 
For His mercies and His lore. Amen. 

Ql 4. C.M.U. 

<y -i-^^ Young men, and maidens ; 
old men, and children; let them praise the 
name of the Lord. — Psalm cxlviii. 11, 13. 

OLORD of all, we bring to Thee 
Our sacriiicD of piaise. 
To Thee with glad and thankful hearts 

Our festal hymn we raise ; 
We are but children here on earth, 

And Thou art high above, 
But yet we dare to come to Thee, 
Because Thy name is Love. 

2 We pi-aise Thee now for life, and health, 

And earthly happiness. 
For all the sacred human love 

That still our lives doth bless. 
For Thy dear Son whom Thou hast sent. 

Whose kind and tender voice 
Bids the young children come to Tliee, 

And in Thy love rejoice. 

3 \Miat shall we render Thee, O Lord ? 

What tribute shall we bring ? 
let us give our hearts, our lives. 

In thankful offering. 
Although we are but children, yet 

Thou dost our service ask, 
And each in Thy great work may find 

His own appointed task. 

4 make us watchful, lest by sin 

Our h(!arts b<- overUjrne ; 
make us true in word and work. 

Tliough all the world should scorn ; 
make us willing here to serve. 

In lowliness and love, 
For Him who in a servant's form 

Came dow n from heaven alxjve. 

5 The night of sin wane at last, 

The n)oni of joy begin. 
When Christ in every human heart 

His royal throne must wm ; 
O let us give Him now in youth 

Our ardour and our strength. 
Work for His glorious kingdom here. 

And share His Joy at length : 

C Already breaks the e.arly dawn 
Of that great day of God ; 
Already sounds the Master's voice 

Through all the earth abroad. 
Then cast the «orks of night away. 

Gird on the anus of light. 
And on the side of Christ our King 
Stand ready for the fight. 

E.S.A. 18S7 

915 re 

are of Ood, little children. 
1 John iv. 4. 

COME, let us Jointhehostsabove, 
Now in our youngest days ; 
Remember our Creator's love. 
And lisp our Father s praise, 

2 His majesty will not despise 

The day of feeble things ; 
Grateful the songs of children rise, 
And please the King of kings. 

3 He loves to be remembered thus. 

And honoured for His grace ; 
Out of the mouths of babes like us. 
His wisdom perfects praise. 

4 Glory to God, and praise, and power, 

Honnur and thanks be given : 
Children and cherubim adore 
The Lord of eanh and heaven. 

Charles Wesley. 17G3. 

Q 1 /^ 6.5. 6.5. D. With Chorus. 

iJ J-KJ Who is th is King of glory f 
The Lord of hosts. He i-tthe King of glory. 
Psalm xxiv. 10. 

JESUS, King of glory. 
Throned alwve the sky, 
Jesus, tender Saviour, 

Hear Thy children cry: 

Paruon our transgressions. 

Cleanse us from our siu ; 

By Thy Spirit help us 

HeaveiUy life to win. 

Je-sus, King of glory, 

Throned aliove tlie sky. 
Jesus, tender S;»viour. 
Hear Thy children crv. 


2 On tliis .",ny of frlndripss, 

I'.i'tuiing low the knee 
In Thine earthly temple. 

Lord, we worship Thea ;-- 
Celebrate Thy goodness, 

Mercy, graee, and truth; 
All Thy loving guidance 

Of our heedless youth ; 

3 For the little children 

Wlio liMvccciin.- to ■j-hee; 
Fortlie gliid, bright spirits 

Who Thy glory see : 
For the loved ones resting 

In Thy dear embrace; 
For the pure and holy 

Who behold Thy face ; 

4 For Thy faithful servants 

Who have entered in : 
For Thy fearless soldiers 

Who have conquered sin ; 
For the countless legions 

Who have followed Thee, 
Heedless of the danger. 

On to victory. 

5 Help us ever steadfast 

In the faith to be ; 
In Tliy Church's conflicts 

Fighting valiantly: 
Loving Savioiir, strengthen 

These weak h«arts of ours. 
Through Thy cross to conquer 

Crafty evil powers. 

C When the shadows lengthen, 
Show us, Lord, Thy way ; 
Through the d:irknoss lead us 

To the heavenly day : 
When our lonrse is linished, 

Knde.lall the strife. 
Grant us witli the (aithful 
Palms and crowns of life. Amen. 
W. If. Davison, b. IS-j;. 


When they were come to the. 
place, irhirh is called Calvani, there then 
crucified Him.— Luke x.xiii. 33. 

THKRK is a green hill far away 
Without a city wall, 
Whi-ro the dear I,ord was crucified, 
Who died to save us all. 

2 We may not know, we nannot tell iiains He had to bear, 
I'.ut we believe it was for us 
He hung and snllcred there. 

3 He died that wo might be forgiven, 

lie died to make us good, 
Tli:il wi! might go at last to heaven, 
.^aved by His prcMMous blood. 

4 There was no otlier good enough 

To pav the nrico ofaln ; 
He only could unlock the gate 
Of licaven, and let us in. 

5 dearly, dearly has He loved. 
And we must love Him too, 
And trust in His redeeming blood. 
And try His M'orks to do. 

il/rs. Cecil F. Alexander. 1818. 


Difclling in the light 
which no man can approach unto. 
1 Timothy vi. 16. 

ABOVE the clear blue sky. 
Beyond our feeble sight. 
The God of glory dwells on high. 
In everlasting light. 
Around His glorious throne 
The holy angels stand ; 
In songs of praise their King they o\\-n. 
Or Hy at His command. 

2 And we may praise Him too, 
And serve Him here below ; 

He stoops to mark «hat children do. 
Their inmost thoughts to know ; 
And though He reigns above, 
M'herc angels ceaseless praise. 

Ho will accept our humble love, 
And lead us in His ways. 

3 O, mav we humbly seek 
To do His holy wiil. 

And try with thankful hearts, and meek. 

To sing His praises still ; 

And then for Jesu's sake. 

Who came for us to die, 
Our happy spirits He will take 

To praise Him in the sky. 

Mrs. M. Bourdillon. 1849. 

Out of the mouth of babes 
I sucklinns TliDH hast i^erfected praise^ 
Matthew xxL 16. 

ABOVK the clear blue sky. 
In heaven's bright abode. 
The ;MigeI-host on high 
Sing imiises to their God : 
They love to sing 
To (Jod their King 

2 But God from infant toi 


On eartli reeeivi'lh i.i 

W.. then-ure rlul s, 


In sweet aee.inl will I 

.lise : 


We to,, will sing 


Hallclu.jah ! 

3 blessM Lord, Thy truth 
To \is Thy babes impart. 
And tench us in our youth 
'In know Thee .as Thou art. 
Ihillelu.lah ! 
Then shall we sing 
To God our King 
Hallelujah I 


4 O, may Thy holy word 

SiJioaJ all the world around ; 
And all with one accord 
Uplift the joyful sound, 
HallelujaJi : 
All then shall sin{; 
To God their Kinj; 
Hallelujah ! Ainrn. 

JohnChundkr. 1S41. 

QOrv 7.6.7.G. D. Siberia!. 

iU Zi\J They brought youDii 
children to Him, that He fhould touch them. 
Marie X. 13. 

THERE'S a Friend for little chUdi-en, 
Above the bright blue sky, 
A Friend who never changes, 
Whoso love will never die : 
Unlike our friends by nature, 

Who change with changing years, 
This Friend is always worthy 
Of that dear name He bears. 

2 There's a rest for little children, 

Above the bright blue sky, 
Who love the blessed Saviour, 

And to His Father cry ; 
A rest from every trouble. 

From sin and danger free, 
Where every little pilgrim 

Shall rest" eternally. 

3 There's a home for little children. 

Above the bright blue sky, 
AVhere Jesus reigns in glory, 

A home of peace and joy. 
Ko home on earth is like it. 

Nor can with it c .mpare ; 
For every one is happy, 

Nor could be happier, there. 

4 There's a crown for little children, 

Above the bright blue sky. 
And all who look for Jesus 

Shall wear it by-and-by ; 
A crown of brightest glory. 

Which He will then bestow 
On those who love the Saviour, 

Aud walk with Uini below. 

5 There's a song for little children, 

Above the bright blue sky, 
A song that will not v.cary. 

Though sung contiimally, 
A song which even angels 

Can never, never sing ; 
They know not Christ as Saviour, 

l!ut woi-ship Him as King. 

G There's a robe for little children, 

Above the bright blue sky. 

And a harp of sweetest music, 

.•Vnd palms of victory. 
.\11. all above is treasured, 

Aud found in Christ alone : 
lO'iie, dear little children. 
That ail may be your own. 

An„rf Midi'jtie. ISi'.T. 


C7 -CI X Thech ildren crying in 

the temple, and xayhvi, J/nsaitva to the 
Son o/ />a«i(/.— Matthew xxi. 15. 

LORD. Thy children lowly bending 
Dow before Thy Throne ; 
I'laise from youthful lips a-scending 

\\'ilt Thou deign to own? 
Wilt Thou hear us while we bless Thee, 
And confess Thee 
God alone ? 

2 While the heavens declare Thy glory 

To the listening earth. 
While the angels sing the story 

Of creation's birth. 
Wilt Thou hear our child-notes swelling 
Gladly telling 
Jesu's worth? 

3 Yes, Thou wilt ; for Thou dost love us, 

Cam St for us to die ; 
Bending from Thy throne above us 

With a pitying eye, 
Well we know that Thou art near us. 
And wilt hear us 
When we cry. 

4 Then our humble praises bringing. 

We will seek Thy face. 
Hymns with grateful voices singing 

In this hallowed place, 
W'6 will dare to come before Thee, 
And adore Thee, 
Lord of grace. 



Consider the lilies of 
the field. —Uatthevf vi. 28. 

I KNOW who makes the daisies. 
And paints them starry bright ; 
I know who clothes the lilies. 

So swi-et, and soft, and white : 
And surely needful raiment 

He will for me provide. 

Who know Him as my Jesus, 

And in His love conlide. 

I know who feeds the sparrow, 

.And robin, red and gay : 
1 know who makes the skylark 

Soar uj) to greet the day : 
And me much more He cares for. 

And feeds with daily bread. 
Whom He has taught to love Hiin, 

Aud trust what He ha^i said. 

The daisy and the lily 

Obev Hill mII tliey i-an : 
The robin and the skylark 

Fullil His perfect plan: 
And I, to whom are given 

.\ heart, and niind. and will. 
Jliist try to serve Him b«tier. 

Aud all His laws lullil. 


4 The daisies, they must perish, 
The lark and robin die ; 
But I shall live for ever. 

Above the bright blue sky : 
Dear Jesus, Thou wilt help me 
To love Thee more and more. 
Until in heaven I see Thee, 
Am like Thee, and adore. 

C. Newman Hall. 1878. 

QOQ Special. 

<J .iiiKj God saw every th ing that 
He had made, and, behuld, it tvas very good. 
Genesis 1. 31. 

ALL things bright and beautiful. 
All creatures, great and small, 
All things wise and wonderful. 
The Lord God made them all. 

2 Each little flower that opens, 

Each little bird that sings. 

Ho made their glowing colours, 

He made their tiny wings. 

3 The purple-headed mountain, 

The river running by, 
Th^^ sunset, and the morning 
That brightens up the sky ; 

4 The cold vnnd in the winter, 

The pleasant summer sun, 

Th.- ripe fruits in the garden. 

He made them every one. 

5 The tall trees in the greenwood, 

Tlio meadows where we play, 
The rushes by the water 
We gather every day ; 

6 He gave us eyes to see them. 

And lips that we might tell 
How great is God Almighty 
U ho has made all things weH. 
Mrs. Cecil F. Alexander. 1848. 


C..1. 12 lines 
Who is on the Lord's side ? 
Exodus xx.\ii. 26. 

WHO is on the Lord's side? 
\Vh(. will serve the King? 

Who will he Ills li.-lp.TS 

()th<T lives to 1.1 in- y 
Uli.) will l.:,v.' th,' worlds side? 

Who will fa. ■(•111.' fo.-V 
Who I.SOI1 th.- I.nid s side? 

Who will for 
I'.y TllJ' (all of r.:y. 

Hy Thy grace divine. 
We are rxi the I/jnl'.s side, 

SaviuU' , we are Thine ! 

2 Not for weight of glory, 
N>t for crown and palm. 
Enter wo the army, 

Ralso the warrior's psalm ; 
r.ut for lovo that clalmoth 
Lives for whom Ho died, 
Ho whom .leBMH nM'ncth 
Muit be on HIh Hide. 

By Thy love constraining, 

By 'Thy grace divine. 
We are on the Lord's side, 

Saviour, we are Thine ! 

Jesus, Thou hast bought us, 

Not with gold or gem. 
But with Thine own life-blood. 

For Thy diadem. 
With Thy blessing filling 

Each who comes to Thee. 
Thou hast made us willing, 

Thou hast made us free. 
By Thy grand redemption, 

By Thy grace divine, 
We are on the Lord's side, 

yaviour, we are Thine ! 

Frances R. Havergal. 1877. 

QOR 7.6. 7.6. D. 

iJ ^<.J Heniember now thy Creator 

in the days of thy j/ok</i.— Ecclesiastcs xii. 1. 

P EMEMBER thy Creator 
J Vi In childhood's happy days, 
Ho from the mouths of infants 

Knows how to perfei't i)rais'3. 
The Lord took little chililr.-u 

Within His kind enibraco. 
And they who seek Him early 

Shall surely find His face. 

2 Reinembor thy Creator 

In youth's re.joicing years ; 
Ere yet thy steps have entered 

Life's shadowed vale of tears : 
Thus save thy heart from sorrows 

That sadden after days. 
Ami keep thy feet from straying 

In sin's destructive ways. 

3 Remember thy Creator 

In manhood's active ^irime, 
And render to His service 

The first-fruits of thy time. 
Seek til fiM.l (by treasure 

In Ihin-stliat must decay, 
But lay uji in heaven 

Which shall not pass away. 

4 Remember thy Creator 

In :ige's eventide. 
They n(!'er shall bo forsaken 

Who in His love confide : 
Thy failing heart He'll strengthen, 

thy weary spirit cheep ; 
With Jlim, in il.-ath's dark valley 

No evil shalt thou fear. 

f) Remember thv Creator 

What. •'.T thy ii.'.mI may be, 
In'ss or in s.nrow 

H.- will r.MM.'nib.T Ih.'c ; 
Will guide thee with His counsel, 

Ui.lL.ld thee by His gr.w. 
Then take thee to His glory 
With Joy to see His face. 

T. A. Stowell. 1887. 




- Unto you is burn this day 
in the city <>/ IJmid, a Haviuur. 
Luke ii. 11. 

ONCE, in royal David's city. 
Stood a lowly cattle shed, 
Where a mother laid her baby. 
In a manger for His t)ed : 
Mary was that mother mild, 
Jesus Christ her little child. 

2 He came down to earth from heaven, 

Who is God and Lord of all, 
And His shelter was a stable. 
And His cradle was a stall : 
With the poor and mean and lowly 
Lived on earth our Saviour holy. 

3 And through all His wondrous childhood 

He would honour, and obey. 
Love, and watch the lowly mother 

In whose gentle arms He lay : 
Christian children all must bo 
Mild, obedient, good as He. 

4 For He is our childhood's pattern, 

Day by day like us He grew. 
He was little, weak, and helpless, 

'J'ears and smiles like us He knew : 
And He feeleth for our sadness. 
And He shareth in our gladness. 

5 And our eyes at last shall see Him, 

Tliiough His own redeeming love. 
For that child, so dear and gentle, 

Is our Lord in heaven above : 
And He leads His children on 
To the place where He is gone. 

6 Not in that poor lowly stable, 

With the oxen standing by. 
We shall see Him, but in heaven. 
Set at God's right hand on high ; 
When like stars His children 

All in white shall wait around. 
Mrs. Cecil F. Alexander. 1848. 



Hold up my goings in Thy 
2'aths, that my footsteps sliji not. 
Psalm xvu. 5. 

r»K Thoumy Guardian and my Guide, 
) And hear me when I call ; 
L^'t not my slippery footsteps slide, 
And hold me lest I fall. 

2 The world, the flesh, and Satan dwell 

Around the path I tread : 
O save me from the snares of hell, 
Thou Quickener of the dead. 

3 .And if I tempted am to sin. 

And outward things are strong. 
Do Thoti. Lord, keep watch within. 
And save my soul from wrong. 

4 Still let me ever watch and pray. 

And feel that I am frail : 
That if the tempter cross my -way, 
Yet he may not prevail. 

6 Then In the last and loneliest hour 
1 shall have no alarms. 
But underneath me feel in power 
Thine everlasting arms. 

Isaac Williams. 18 


We will remevib'.r the name 
of the Lord our G'tuZ.— Psalm xx. 7. 

OLORD, while life and hope are young, 
And all are kind to me. 
While strains of pleasure fill my tongue. 
Let me remember Thee. 

2 Where'er my wayward footsteps turn, 

Whateer mine eyes may see. 
May I Thy power. Thy love discern. 
And thus remember Thee. 

3 And when to man s estate I grow. 

Though rich or poor 1 be. 
May all my feelings heavenward flow 
And I remember Thue. 

4 And 0, when evil days shall f;ill. 

And health and comfort flee, 
Jlidst sorrow's cloud and suffering's 
May I remember Thee. 

5 And thus, till life itself shall end. 

And 1 from sin am free. 
Creator, Father, Guardian, Friend, 
May I remember Thee. Ameu. 


6.5. 6.5. D. 
He shall gather the lambs 
L-illi His arm, and carry them in His bosom. 
Isaiah xl. 11. 

JF.Sl^S is our Shepherd, 
Wiping every tear; 
FoM'mI in His bosom. 

Wnat have we to fear? 
Oniv let us toUow 

Whither He doth lead. 
To the thirsty desert. 
Or the dewy mead. 

2 Jesus is our Shepherd, 

Well we know His voice. 
How its gentlest whisper 

Makes our heart rejoice ; 
Even when He chideth. 

Tender is its tone : 
None but He shall guide us, 

We are His alone. 

3 Jesus is our Shepherd : 

Fit the sheep He bled, 
Everv lamb is sprinkled 

With the blood He shed ; 
Then on each He sctteth 

His own secret sign : 
'They that have My Spirit. 

These,' saith He, ' are Mine.' 


4 Jesns is our ShfjiliPnl ; 
Guarded by His iirm, 
Tho\igh the wolves may raven, 

None can do us harm ; 
Wlien we tread death's valley, 

Dark with fearful gloom. 
We will fear no evil. 
Victors o'er the tomb. 

Hugh SI well. 18-10. 


iJ «JV^ jje took them vp in IIU 
arms, . . . mid blessed <7ic/u.— Mark x. 16. 

n RACIOUS Saviour, gentle Shepherd, 
vJ Little ones are dear to Thee ; 
Gathered with Thine arms, and carried 

In Thy bosom may we be ; 
Sweetly, fondly, safely tended : 

From all want and danger free. 

2 Tender Shepherd, never leave us 

From Thy fold to go astray ; 
By Thy look of love directed. 

May we walk the narrow way ; 
Thus direct us, and protect us, 

Lest we fall an easy prey. 

3 Let Thy holy word instruct us. 

Guide us daily by its light ; 
Let Thy love and grace constrain us 

To approve whate'er is right, 
Tiiko Thine easy yoke, and wear it, 

Strengthened by Thy heavenly might. 

Taught to lisp the hnlv prai-^ies 

Which on earth Thy' cbildnMi sin-:, 
Both with lips and hcart.s uufriunrd. 
May we our Ihank-otl'eriiigs bring ; 
Then with all the saints in glory. 
Join to praise the Shepherd-King. 
^atie Leeson. 18-1'.'. Alt. b;/ John Kel/te is.";. 


Heur, Lord, and have 
mercy vpon mo'.— Psalm xxx. 10. 

Lend a listening ear; 
When we bow before Tliee, 
Children's hear. 
2 Though Thou art so holy. 
Heaven's Almighty King, 
Thou wilt stoop to listen 
When Thy jiraiso wo sing. 


3 We are little 

Weak and apt tn .- 

Savi<.nr. gnl.h-and 

III the hcavriily w 

•p us 

4 Save us, I/ird, from sinniMjj 
Watch u» day by day ; 
Help us now to love Thee ; 
Take our bins u>vay. 
6 Strengthen uh for duty. 
While on I'urtli we live; 
May we to Thy .s.-rvico 
Our best talents glvo. 


6 Then when Jesus calls us 
To our heavenly home. 
We would gladly answer, 
' Saviom-, Lord, we come.' 

Anon. 1817. 

6.5. 6.5 
The Spirit a'fo hrlpeth 
our iiifirmities.—Ronvdns viii. 26. 

HOLY Spirit ! hear iis ; 
Help us while we sing ; 
Breathe into the music 
Of the praise we bring. 

2 Holy Spirit ! pronijit us 

When we kneel to pray ; 

Nearer come, and teach us 

What we ought to say. 

3 Holy Spirit '. shine Thou 

On the Book we read ; 
Gild its holy pages 
With the light wo need. 

i Holy Spirit ! give us 
Each a lowly mind ; 
Make us more like Jesus, 
Gentle, pure and kind. 

5 Holy Spirit ! brighten 

Little deeds of toil ; 
And our pl.ayful pastimes 
Let no folly spoil. 

6 Holy Spirit ! keep us 

Safe from sins which lio 

Hidden by some pleasure. 

From our youthful eye. 

7 Holy Spirit ! help ns 

Daily by Thy might, 
What is wrong to con<picr. 
And to choose the right. Anien. 
W. II. Parker. lS8i). 


Our Father which art in 
tieavefi.— Matthew vi. 9. 


THK child leans on its parent's breast, 
L<'avcs llicrc its cares, and is at rest; 
The bird sits singing by his uest, 

And tells aloud 
His trust in God, and so is blest 
'Neath every cloud. 

2 He has no store, he sows no seed ; 
Yi't sings aloud, and doth not heed ; 
I'.y (lowing stream or grassy mead 

He sings to shame 

Men, who forget, in fear of need, 

A Father's Name. 

3 The heart that trusts for ever sings. 
And feels as light as it had wings ; 
A well of peai;e within it springs ; 

Gome good or 111, 
Whato'cr to-diiy, to-morrow brings, 
Itis His will ! 

J.suac WmUuiDt. 1K42. 



Th>i Holy Child Jfsua. 
irhom Thou hast anointed.— KkiU iv. 27. 

rrilEKE <-anie a little Child to earth 
\. Long ago ; 

Ami till! angels of God proclainicil His 
High and low. 

2 Out on the night, so calm and still, 
Tlif'ir song was heard : 
For they knew that the Child on IJethle- 
heins hill 
Was Christ the Lord. 

." Far away in a goodly land, 
Fair and bright. 
Children with crowns of glory stand, 
Kobed in white, 

4 In white more pure than the spotless snow ; 

And their tongnes unite 
In the iisahn which the angels sang long 

' ""On that still night. 

5 They sing how the Lord of that world so 

A Child was Nirn, 
And that they might airownof glory wear 
\\ ore a crown of thorn ; 

G And in mortal weakness, in want and pain, 
Came forth to die, 
That the children of earth might for ever 
With Him on high. 

7 He has put on His kingly apparel now, 

In that goodly land; 
And He leads to where fountains of water 
That chosen hand ; 

8 And for evermore, in their robes most fair 

And undefiled. 
TUose ransomed chililren His praise declare 
Who was once a Child. 

Emily E. S. Elliott. 1873. 


/ lore them that love Me. 
Proverbs viii. 17. 

DEAR Master, what can children do? 
The angels <;anie from heaven almv e 
To comfort Thee ; may children too 
Give Thee their love ? 

2 No more, as on that night of shame. 

Art Thou in dark Gethsemane. 
Where, worshipping, an angel came 
To strengthen Thee. 

3 l>ut Thou hast taiight us that Thou art 

8till present in the crowded street. 
In every lonely, suffering heart 
That there we meet. 

4 And not one simple, loving dried. 

That lessens gloom, or lightens jiain. 
Or answers some unspoken need. 
Is done in vaiu : 

5 Since every passing joy we make. 

For men and women that we .seo. 
If it is ottered for Thy sake. 
Is given to Thee. 

6 God, our Master, help us then 

To bless the weary and the sad. 
And, comforting our fellow-men. 
To make Thee glad. Amen. 

Annie Mathcson. 1SS4. 


7.7. 8.8.7. 
I must he about .Vi/ 
Father's bu*iHf>s.— Luke ii. 49. 

OWHAT can little hands do 
To please the King of lit a ven? 
The little hands some work may try 
To help the poor in misery: 
Such grace to mine be given ! 

2 O what can little lips do 

To please the King of heaven ? 
nie little lips can and pray. 
And gentle words of kindness say : 

Such grace to mine be given : 

3 what can little hearts do 

To please the King of heavi-n ? 
Our hearts, if God His Spirit send. 
Can love and trust their .'Navionr-Friond ; 

Such grace to mine be given : 

4 Though small is all that we can do 
To please the King of htaven ; 

When hearts and hands and lips unite 
To serve the Saviour with delight. 
Then perfect grace is given. 

Mrs. Hinsdale. 


Behold the fouls o/th, 
air.— Matt. vi. 20. 

LITTLE birds that all day long 
Carol In every tree. 
What is the secret of your soug. 

The meaning of your glee 

You are so very, verj- glad : 

How loving God nuist be ! 

2 flowers that blossom r>und my feet. 

It hlls my heart to see 
Vour smiling faces, 'vben you meet 

God's wind upon the lea : 
You .seem to laugh for happiness ; 

How loving God must be : 

3 And all day long our heart.s rejoiee, 

i;i>d cares for y<ni and me : 
We are but children, yet our voice 

.\Iav praise Him inerrily : 
And we cjjn sir.i like all the hird^ 

How lov.ngGod must Ih> ! 



4 Gods men and women sometimes look 
Les* lull of joy tli<iu we, 
Y -t H' their sutlering uature took 

As of Man, and He 
ruurud out His life to lieal them all : 
How loving God must be ! 

Annie Mathesori. 1880. 

QOQ 6.5. 6.5. D. 

XjOkD j}fan goeth forth unto h is 
work and to his labour until the evening. 
Psalm civ. 23. 

■\TTHILE the sun is shining 
W lirightly in the sky, 
Ere his rays declining 

Tell that night is nigh ; 
Ere the shadows falling 

Lengthen on tliy way. 
Hark ! a voice is calling. 

Work while it is day. 

2 Work for God in heaven ; 

Seek the Saviour's face. 
Plead to be forgiven. 

Strive to grow in grace ; 
Watch against temptation, 

Watcli and fight and pray : 
Each in his own station 

Work while it is day. 

3 Work, but not in sadness. 

For our Lord above ; 
He will make it gladness 

With His smile of love : 
When that Lord returning 

Knockoth at the gate, 
Let your lights be burning. 

Be like men who wait. 

4 Happy then the meeting. 

When we see His face ; 
Welcome then the greeting 

From the throne of grace : 
' Good and faithful servants 

Of My Father blest. 
Now your work is ended, 

I'^nler into rest.' 

T. A. Stowell. ISCO. 

3 Our Saviour is good ; but no words can 

The depths of His love or the heights of 

His grace : 
He bids us come to Him, then let us obey. 
And march to the land of the blest, march 

away ; 

4 Come, children, don't tarry, for Jesus now 

His arms opened wide, and His merciful 

Extended to touch you, and bless you for 

aye ; 
Then march to the land of the blest, march 





11.11. 11.11. Anapicstic. 
The Lord i.i among them. 
Psalm Ixviii. 17. 

THKRR is out of sight tlio fair land of 
the blest. 
Which Jesus has made for His followers' 

rest ; 
Ho calls us to como, and invites \is to 

Then m.inrh to the land of the blest, march 
away 1 

'2 Ko Norniw is felt, for our Saviour is (here, 
Tis sinless and Joyful, a land, 0, how 

fair : 
Where darkness is lost In all-glorious 

day ; 
Then march to the land of the blest, march 

away I 

It is God which worketh 

in you both to ivill and to do of His good 

j;teasu7-(;.— Phiiippians ii. lo. 

GOD make my life a little light 
Within the world to glow ; 
A little (lame that burnetii bright. 
Wherever I may go. 

2 God make my life a little flower, 
That giveth joy to all. 
Content to bloom in native bower. 
Although the place be small. 

3 God make mv life 


That helpi'lli others I 

And makes the sin 

little song 
he sad, 

■ glad. 

4 God make my life a little staff. 

Whereon the weak may rest. 
That so what health and strength I Im 
May servo my neighbours best. 

5 God make my life a little hymn 

Of tenderness and praise. 
Of faith, that never waxeth dim. 
In all His wondrous ways. Amen. 
M. ISct ham- Edwards. 1S7'2 



6.5. (1.; 

A'lvn the riviht sha'l he 
light about wt.— Psalm cxxxix. 11. 

[OW the day Is over. 
Night is drawing nigh ; 
Shadows of the evening 
Steal across the sky. 

2 Jesus, grant the we.ary 

t^alm an<l sweet repose ; 
With Thy tenderest blessing 
May our eyelids close. 

3 Grant to little children 

Visions brU'ht of Tlioo ; 
Guard the sailors tosning 
On the deep blue hv-b.. 


4 Comfort every sufferer 
Watching late in pain : 
Those who plan some evil 
From their sin restrain. 

I. Thioiigh the long night watches. 

May Thine angels spread 

Their white wings above me. 

Watching round my bed. 

When the morning wakens, 
Then may I arise. 
Pure, and fresh, and sinless, 
In Thy holy eyes. 

7 Glory to the Father, 
Glory to the Son, 
And to Thee, bleat Spirit, 
Whilst all ages run. Amen. 

S. Baring-Gould. 1865. 


The blessing of the Lord, 
it niaketh ric/i.— Proverbs x. 22. 

1:iATHER. let Thy benediction. 
' Gently falling as the dew, 
And Thy ever gracious presence 
Bless us all our joui-uey through ; 

May we ever 
Keep the end of life in view. 

2 Young in years, we need the wisdom 
Which c;xn only come from Thee : 
In the morn of our existence 
Let us Thy salvation see ; 

Changed in spirit. 
Then shall we Thy children be. 

a When temptations shall assail us, 
When we falter by the way, 
Let Thine arm of strength defend us. 
Saviour, hear us when we pray ; 

Thou art mighty, 
Be Thou then our Rock and Stay. 

4 Praise and blessing, power and glory. 
Will we render. Lord, to Thee ; 
For the news of Thy salvation 
Shall extend from sea to sea ; 

All the nations 
Joyfully shall worship Thee. Amen. 
Mrs. J/. E. Shetlii. 1844. 

•J For life, and health, and shelter 

From harm throughout the day. 
The kindness of our teachers, 

The gladness of our pLay ; 
For all the dear affection 

Of parents, brothers, friends. 
To Thee our thanks we render. 

Who these, and all things, sends. 

3 But these, Lord, can show us 

Thy goodness but in part : 
Thy love would lead us onward 

To know Thee as Thou art : 
Thy Son came down from heaven 

To take away our sin. 
Thy Spirit dwells among us 

To make us clean within. 

4 For this, Lord, we bless Thee, 

For this we thank Tliee most — 
The cleansing of the sinful. 

The saving of the lost : 
The Teacher ever present. 

The Friend for ever nigh. 
The home prepared by Jesus 

For us beyond ihu sky. 

5 Lord, gather all Thy children 

To meut Thee there at last. 
When earthly tasks are ended. 

And earthly days are past; 
With all our dejir ones round us 

In that eternal home. 
Where death no more shall part us. 

And night shall never come : Amen. 
John Ellerton. 1S50. 


Speak. Lord: for Th II 
vant heareth.—l Samuel ill. 9. 


The shadows of the 
eveniJig are stretched o«^— Jeremiah vi. 4. 

ri'HE hours of day are over. 
I The evening calls us home ; 
Once more to Thee. Father, 

With thankful hearts we come ; 
For all Thy countless blessings 

We pi-ai^e Thy holy Name. 
And own Thy love unchanging, 

Tluough days and yeiirs the same. 

MASTER, speak : Thy servant heareth. 
Waiting for Thy gracious word. 
Ltjnging for Thy voice that cheerelh ; 
Master ! let it now be heard. 
I am listening. Lord, for Thee ; 
What hast Thou to say to me ? 

2 Speak to me by name, O Master, 

Let me know it is to me : 
Speak, that I may follow*r. 
With a step more firm and free. 
Where the Shepherd leads the Hock. 
In the sliadow of the Rock. 

3 Master, speak : thoush least and lowest, 
j Let me not unheard depart : 

I Master, speak : for 0. Thou knowest 
All the yearning of my heart : 
Knowest all its tniest ufed : 
Speak : and make me blest ii:di-fd. 

4 Master, spe.ak ! and make me rejidy. 

When Thy voice is truly heard. 
With obedience glad and steady 
Still to follow every w.inl. 
I am listenina. Lord, for Th-^e ; 
Maitar, speak. 0. speak to me : Amen. 
Fran.(.< R. Hut>r.r.U. 1874. 


Iriiiate gchotioti. 


Go forth info the i>lain, 

a)id I will then- talk with thee. 

Ezekicl iii. 22. 

i? AR from the woild, O Lord, I flee ; 
From strife and tumult far; 
From scenes where Satan wages still 
His most successful war. 

2 The calm retreat, the silent shade. 
With prayer and praise a^ree ; 
.•\nd seem by Thy sweet bounty made 
For those who follow Thee. 

V, There, If Thy spirit touch the soul. 
And grace her mean abode, 
with what peace, and joy, and love, 
She communes with her God ! 

4 There, like the nightingale, she pours 

Her solitary lays ; 
Nor asks a witness of her song, 
Kor thirsts for human praise. 

5 Author and Guardian of my life 1 

Sweet source of light divine ! 

And, all harmonious names in one. 

My Saviour ! Thou art mine. 

6 \\\y\X, thanks I owe Thee, and what lovf 

.V boundless, endless store, 
Sliall echo through the realms above. 
When time shall be no more ! 

William CoiV2)er. 1779. 

I will not leave pou. cimi/nrttrss : 
I will come to j/o?t.— John xiv. 18. 

IN the dark and cloudy day. 
When earth's riches "llee iiway. 
And the last hope will not stay, 
My Saviour, comfort me. 

2 When the hoard of many years 
Like a fleet cloiid disaiipears. 
And the future's full of fears, 
My Saviour, comfort mo. 

.? When the serret idol's gone 
That my poor lieart yearned npon- 
iJesolate, bi'reft, alone. 

My Saviour, comfort rno. 

4 Thou who wast bo sorely tried. 
In the darkness rrurillcd. 

liid mo In Thy lovo conflde ; 
My Saviour, comfort me. 

5 Tomfort me. I am cast down, 

TIh my Heavenly Kathpr's frown ; 
1 deserve It all, I own : 

My Saviour, coinfo 


6 In these hours of sad distress 
L^t me know He loves no less. 
Bid me trust His faithfulness : 

My Saviour, comfort me. 

7 Not unduly let me grieve. 
Meekly the kind stripes receive, 
Let me humbly still believe : 

My Saviour, comfort me. 

8 So, it shall bo good for mo 
Much alHicted now to be. 
If Thou wilt but tenderly. 

My Saviour, comfort mo. Amen. 
George liawson. 18.'>7. Anapxsiic. 
Behold, He that keepeth 
Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. 
Psalm cx.\i. 4. 

INSPIUER and Hearer of prayer. 
Thou Shepherd and Guardian of 
My all to Thy covenant care 
I, sleeping and waking, resign. 

2 If Thou art my shield and my sun, 

The night is no darkness to me. 
And, fast as my moments roll on. 
They bring mg but nearer to Thee. 

3 Thy ministering spirits descend. 

To watch while Thy saints are asleep; 
By diiy and by night they attend. 
The heirs of salvation to keen. 

4 Their service no interval knows, 

Their fervour is still on the wing ; 
And, while they protect my repose, 
They chant to thepraise of my King. 

5 I too, at the season ordained 

Their chonis for ever shall join ; 

And love, and adore without end. 

Their faithful Creator and mine. 

Augustus M. Toplaibj. 1770. 

948 . 

hen thou prayest, enter 
into thy inner c/iam6er.— Matt. vi. fi. 

FATHER of Jesus Christ, my Lord, 
I humbly .seek Thy face. 
Encouraged by the Sa'viour's word 
To ask Thy pardoning grace. 

2 Entering into my closet, I 

The busy world e,xclude. 

In secret |)rayer for nien;y cry. 

And groan to be renewed. 

3 Far from the paths of men, toTluio 

I aoli-mnly retire ; 
See, Thou who dost In secret sop, 
And gnmt my heart's deslro. 


4 Thy grace I lanvcuish to receive. 

The Si)irit of love and power, 
Blameless before Thy face to live, 
To live and sin no more. 

5 Fain would I all Thy (goodness feel, 

And know my sins forpiveii, 
And do on oarth Thy perfect will. 
As unguis do in heaven. 

G Father, glorify Thy Son, 
.•\nd grant what 1 require ; 
Fur Jesu's sake the gift send down. 
And answer me by fire. 

7 Kindle tlio tlaine of love within, 
Which may to heaven ascend, 
And now the work of grace begin. 
Which shall in glory end. Ami-n. 
Wesleti. i:U 


/ give myself xinto praijer. 
Psalm cix. 4. 

T GIVE myself to prayer ; 
i Lord, give Thyself to me. 
And let the time of my request 
Tliy time of answer be. 

2 My thoughts are like the reeds, 
krA tremble as they grow. 

In the sad current of a life 
That darkly runs and slow. 

3 I am as if asleep. 

Vet conscious that I dream ; 
Like one who vainly strives to wake 
And free himself, I seem. 

4 The loud distressful cry 
With which I call on Thee, 

Shall wake me. Lord, to lind that Thou 
Canst give me liberty. 

5 I give myself to prayer ; 
Lord, give Thyself to me : 

And in the time of my distress, 
O haste and succour me : 

t; Tlien be my heart, my world, 
Ui-hallowed nnto Thee, 
And Thy pervading glory. Lonl, 
let me feel and see ! .Amen. 

T. T. Lynch. 185".. 

8.8. 8.8. 8.H. 
Hfy soul waitethfor the Lord 
Lore than they that watch for the murniny. 
Psalm cxx.x. 6. 

Li ATHER, to Thee I lift mine eyes, 

J. My longing eyes, and restless heart ; 

Before the morning watch I rise, 

And wait to taste how good Thou art. 
To obtain the grace I humbly claim. 
The saving power of Jesu"s name. 

This sluml)er from my soul, shake ! 

Warned liy Thy Spirit's inward cull; 
Let me to righteousness awake. 

And pray that I no more may fall. 
Or give to sin or Satan place. 
But walk in ;ill Thy righteous ways. 


3 wouldst Thou, Lord, Thy servant guard 

'Gainst every known or secret foe ; 
A mind for all assault.s prepared, 

A 3ot)er, vigilant mind bestow, 
Ever apprised of danger nigh. 
And when to fight, and when to fly. 

4 O never suffer me to sleep 

Secure within the verge of hell I 
But still my watchHil spirit keep 

In lowly awe and loving zeal ; 
And bless me with a godly fear. 
And plant that guardian-angel here. 

5 Attended by the sacred dread. 

And wise from evil to ilepart. 
Let me from strength to strength proceed. 

And rise to purity of heart ; 
Through all the paths of duty move. 
From humble faith to perfect love. Amen. 
Charles Wesley. 174'J. 

QR-| 7.C. 7.CD. 

"-^ *-* -•- Hear my prayer, I.urd ; 
give ear tu jay siiitpUcations.—ys. cxliii. 1. 

I'M kneeling at the threshold. 
Aweary, taint, and sore ; 
I'm waiting for the dawning, 

The opening of the door ; 
I'm waiting till the Master 

Shall bid me rise arid come 

To the glory of His presence. 

The gladness of His home. 

2 A weary path I've travelled, 

'Mid darkness, storm, and strife. 
And bearing many a burden. 

Contending for my life ; 
But now the morn is breaking, 

My toil will soon be o'er. 
I'm kneeling at the threshold. 

ily hand is on the door. 

3 Methinks I hear the voices 

Of the blessed as they stind, 
Swi-ct singing in the sunshine 
Of that unclouded land : 

would that 1 were with them. 
Amid the shining throng. 

Uniting in their worship, 
Kejoicing in their song ! 

4 The friends that started with me 

Have entered long ago; 
Ah : one by one they left me. 

To struggle with the foe ; 
Their pilgrimage was shorter, 

Their triumph sooner won ; 
How lovingly they'll hail me. 

When once my work is done ! 

r> With them the blessed angels. 
That know nor grief nor sin. 

1 see them at the port ils. 
Prepared to let me in : 

Lord, I wait Thy piea-sure. 
Thy time and way are best ; 

I'm wasted, worn, and weuryj 
My Father, bid me rest. Amen, 
ir. L. Atfxaiid^-r. rt. li«;4. 




As ye are partakers of the 

ufferings, so shall ye be also of the 

consolation.— 2 Corinthians i 7. 

I HOPED that with the brave and 
My portioned task mis^ht lie ; 
To toil amid the busy tlirong, 

Witii purpose pure and high ; 
But t;ort has fixed another part, 

And He lias fixed it well ; 
I said so with my breaking heart. 
When first this trouble fell. 

These weary hours will not be lost. 

These days of misery, 
These nights of darkness, anguish- 

Can I but turn to Thee : 
With secret labour to sustain 

In patience every blow. 
To gather fortitude from pain, 

And holiness from woe. 

3 If Thou shouldst bring me back to life, 
iMoro humble I should be. 
More wise, more strengthened for the 
More apt to lean on Thee : 
Should death be standing at the gate. 

Thus should I keep my vow ; 
But, Lord ! whatever be my fate, 
let me serve Thee now ! Amen. 
Anne Bronte. 1817. 


When I TPmernber these 

things, I pour out viij soul in me. 

Fsalm xlii. 4. 

THOUSANDS, Lord of hosts ! this 
Around Thine altar meet ; 
And tens of thousands throng to pay 
Their homage at Thy feet. 

2 They see Thy power and glory there, 
.\s I have seen tliem too ; 
Thi-y read, they hear, they Join in 

3 They sing Thy deeds, as I have sung. 

In sweut and solenin lays ; 
Were I among lliem, my glad tougiio 
Might learn new themes of jiraise. 

4 For Thou art in their midst to teach, 

Ulicii UM Thy name they <:,U1 ; 
Ami I lion lih'ssiiigs, Lord, for each 
llubl Ijl'jssMigi, Lonl, for all. 

6 I, of such fellowship bereft, 
In spirit turn to Thee ; 
bant Thou not a blasting loft, 
A blessing. Lord, for in»» 

2' ■■2 

6 Tlie dew lies thick on all the ground ; 

.Shall my poor fleece be dry? 
The manna rains from heaven arotmd 
Shall I of hunger die t 

7 Behold Thy prisoner ; loose my bands, 

If 'tis Thy gracious will ; 
If not, contented in Thy hands, 
Behold Thy prisoner stiU. 

8 I may not to Thy courts repair ; 

Vet here Thou surely art; 
Lord : consecrate a house of prayer 
In my surrendered heart. 

9 To faith reveal the things unseen ; 

To iiope, |he .joys untold ; 
Let love, without a veil between. 
The glory now behold. 

10 make Thy face on me to shino. 
That doubt and fear may cease ! 
Lift up Thy countenance benign 
On me,— and give me peace. Amen. 
James Montgomery. iy,'i2. 


fl r,.!l. 6.0.! 
0, how great is Thy goodness. 
Psalm xxxi. 19. 

AWAY with our fsars ! 
The glad morning appears, 
Whtm an heir of salvation was born ! 
Krom Jehovah I came, 
For His glory I am. 
And to Him I with singing return, 

2 Thee, Jesus, alone. 
The Fountain I own, 

Of my life and felicity here ; 

And cheerfully sing 

My Redeemer and King, 
Till His sign in the heavens appear. 

3 With thanks I rejoice 
In Thy fatherly choice 

Of my state and cnndition below ; 
If of ii:n-('nts 1 c;inie 
Who honoured Thy name, 

'Twas Thy wisdom appointed it so 

4 I sing of Thy grace, 
From my earliest days. 

Ever near to allure and defend ; 

Hitherto Thou hast been 

My I'resei ver from sin. 
And 1 trust Thou wilt »'8V0 to the <Miil 

r> the Infinite cares. 

And temptations, and snares. 
Thy hand hath conducted mo lliiougli 

() tin; blessings bestowed 

ly a boimtllul Cod, 
And the mercies eternally new ! 

What a mercy Is this. 
What n heaven of bliss. 

How unapeakulilv h;ippy am II 
Gathered Into the fold. 
With Thy people «nrolled. 

With Thy peop.e to llv« and to die ! 


7 thf" goodness of God, 
Employing a clod 

His tribiit« of glory to raise ! 
His standard to bear, 
And with triumph declare 

His unspeakable riches of gi-ace ' 

8 the fathomless love. 
That has deijjned to approve 

And pros[)er the work of my hands : 

With my pjistoral crook 

I went over the brook. 
And, behold, I am spread into bands : 

9 Who, I ask in amaze. 
Hath begotten me these? 

And imjuire from what quarter they 
came » 
My full heart it replies, 
They are born from the skies. 

And gives glory to God and the Lamb. 

lU All honour and praise 

To the Father ol gmce, 
To the Spirit, and Son, 1 return : 

The business pursue. 

Hi; hath made me to do. 
And rejoice that I ever wits \h>ti\. 

11 In a rapture of Joy 
My life 1 employ. 

The God of my life to proclaim ; 

Tis worth living lor Una, 

To administer buss 
And salvation in Jesus's nnme. 

12 My remnant of days 
I spend in His p^^i^>e, 

Who died the whole world to rei'r:em : 

Be they many or few. 

My days are His due. 
And tliey all are devoted to Him. 

Charles Wedey 1719. 

i^cmperattce ^erhices. 


Lord, what will Thou have 
me to do .?— Acts ix. t>. 


HERE, Lord, assembled in Thy name. 
Thy work to do. Thy help we claim. 
And piay for grace that we may be 
Inspired by purest love to Thee. 

2 Not might, nor power. Thyself hast s:\iii 
Can vice destroy, or virtue spread ; 
Thy Spirit, Lord, this work must do. 
Who only can our hearts renew. 

3 Come then, to us reveal Thy love, 
And pour the Spirit from above. 
That we, with holy motives, may 
The impulse of His will obey. 

4 O : touch our lips that we may speak 
To guard the tempted, help the wt-aK, 
And guide the wandering to retrace 
Their steps, and seek a bather's la> e. 

5 With Christ-like sympathy may we 
The sorrows oi our brethren see. 
Who, captive led by love of diiuk, 
beneath a load of evil sink. 

6 With ready hands and willing feet, 

liy methods wise and actions mi-ci,. i 

Guidea by Thi-e, O may we run 
To seek and save the erring one : 

7 And while sobriety we teach. 

Let us the heart and conscience reach. i 

And by a power through Christ bestowed ! 

Make sober men Thy sons, U God. I 

Amen. I 

Edward Boad^n. 1889. I 

- / must work the works of 
Him that sent Me, while it is daij. 
John ix. 4. 

riHRISTIA^, work for Jesus. 
Vj W ho on earth for th^e 
Laboured, wearied, sutlercd. 
Died upoii the tree. 

2 Work with eye that rangetli 
Over sins great deep : 
Where lie thousands drifii g, 
Kocked to latal sleep. 

S Work with hands that Jesus 
Maketh strong to bring 
Souls to Him, their Saviour. 
Trustfully to clii g. 

4 Work with feet untiring. 

i;y the Master led. 
Help to free the drunkards 
J-rom their bondage dnad. 

5 Work with lips so fervid 

That thy words may prove 
Thou hast brought a nieso;w<e 
From the God of love. 

C Work with heart that burneth 
Humbly at His leet ; 
Priceless gems to oiler. 
For His ciowu made meet. 

Work with prayer unceasing. 

Biirne on failh s strong wiu^ 
Earnestly beseeching 

Trophies lor the Kmg. 

5. 6.5. 


8 Work while str.^nsth enduretb, 
Vntil death draw near; 
Thi'ii thy Lord's sw'^pt wolcome 
Thou in heaven shilt hear. 

M. Ilaslock. If SI. 

QCry 8.8.6. 8.8.n. 

»^^ ' When Hehadfasiedfortu 
d'lys andfortu niqhtx. He was nfiorward 
an h>ingred.—'SU\tX\\e\v\v. 1. 

OTHOU who on the mountain lipi;;hts. 
For forty days and forty iiiy:ht.s, 
Didst keep a solemn fnst : 
<^rant ns such abstinence to know, 
Tliat we may daily titter grow 
For Thy blest coiirts at last. 
? .«;trong drink makes many to offend, 
We therefore on Thine arm depend 

To help us to abstain ; 
f'lnfirin our good resolves, we pray, 
Tliat we may boldly, day by day, 
From its dread power refrain. 

3 Vouchsafe to us Thy strengtheninf» 

grace : 
Help us, dear Lord, in every place 

To put our trust in Thee ; 
So shall we confidently stand, 
Assured that Thy protecting hand 

Will make the tempter flee. 

4 Wo sing with all the ransomed host, 
• To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 

Re glory evermore ; ' 
Our thankfiil hearts shall daily raise 
A joyful strain of grateful praise, 
Unceasingly adore. Amen. 

Frederick Sherlock. 1870. 
QCO .s.M. 

C v-» C_) Wine if: a mnrVer. 

Prov. x.\. 1. 
pKHOLD, O Lord our Ood, 
J) A ff)(! within Thy gates 
Thy goodly heritage despoils, 
Thy Zi'on desolates. 

2 This raging.guileful foe 
A.ssumes a friend's, 

Knsnares Thy watchmen, and deceives 
The simple and the wise. 

3 Through wine and through strong 

Trophet and priest have erred : 
Guides, eoiin.sellors have gone astray. 
And preachers of Thy word. 

4 The young. Thy Church's hope. 
So greatly loved by Thee. 

Are by his wiles betrayed, and led 
Into captivity. 

5 Thy Church. O Ood, 
Tills mocker to assail. 

To drive him forth lieyon.l her walls. 
And o'er his rage pr(!Vnll. 

C Come forth Thyself, appear 

Thy Hervants' zeal to own ; 

And let the foe be everywhern 

And utterly oerlhrown. Amen. 
Eiiivard lln,i,l,n. isC. 

Q R Q r^.n. 10. -p. VrUJi Cuin/s. 

cy^Jcf Ofhera save n-ith fear, 

pitUinr) fitem out ofthejire. — Jude 2:5. 

T) KSCUE the perishing, 
I Care for the dying. 
Siiat<'h them in jiity from sin and the grave, 
Weep o'er the erring one. 
Lift up the fallen. 
Tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save. 
Rescue the perishing. 
Care for the <iying ; 
Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save. 

2 Tho\igh they are slighting Him, 
Still He is waiting. 

Waiting the penitent child to receive. 

riead wifli them earnestly. 

Plead with them gently 
He will forgive if they ordy believe. 

3 Dovm in the human heart. 
Crushed by the tempter. 

Feelings lie buried that grace can restore ; 

Tonehed by a lovir.g heart. 

Wakened by kindness. 
Chords were broken will vibrate once 

4 Rescue the perishing ; 
Duty demands it. 

Strength for thy labour the Lord will pro- 
vide : 
Pack to the narrow way, 
Patiently win them. 
Tell th(! poor wanderer a Saviour has died. 
Frances Jane Crosby, b. IS'J,".. 

QRC) 8. 

i^ VJKJ Bear ve one another's 

bnrdrns, and sn/idfil the law of Christ. 
(Jalatians vi. 'J. 

OTIIOU whose chosen place of birth 
\Vas 'mid tho liumblest scenes oi 
Who didst all .scorn and pain enduro, 
To save the lost and bless the poor ; 
Our duty in Thy lifo we s<'o. 
And pray for grace to follow Thee. 

2 Thou who hast taught us by Thy word. 
The servants not above hi.s lord. 
Give us th(> courage which we need 
To foll.iw The.' in word ami deed; 
The highest honour that we crave 
P.e this, the lost to seek and save. 

.". Where'er the wine-cup's deadly blight 
lias shrouded hearts In sorrow's night, 
Our eyi's to all Its evils ope, 
Pivjiji-,. our souls with faith and hope. 
And may our charitv extend 
As Thine, alike to f.'.ean.l friend. 

1 Whene'er a tempted brother falls. 
Make quick our ear to hear his I'alK. 
.Make swift our feet to reach the -,i/n|, 
Make trne our hearts to leave him not. 
Make sliong and willing . verv hand, 
To lillliini iiiiand help him stand. 

\V. .V. J'rtrr.nn. 


Ilattoital ^tnmns. 


O.G.4. 6.G.6.4. 
Rirjliteoustu'ss exaUefh 
a n((^l(/n.— Proverbs xiv. 34. 

GOD t)loss our native land ! 
May heaven's protecting hand 
Still guard our shore ; 
May peace her power extend, ' 

Foe be transformed to friend. 
And Britain's power depend 
On war no more. 

2 O Lord, our monarch bless 

Witli strength and righteousness : 

Lon-^ may she rc'igu I 
Ilir liiMit inspire and move 
With \\ isdom from above ; 
And in a nation's love 

Her throne maintain. 

3 May just and righteous laws 
Uphold the public cause, 

And blfss our isle ! 
Hoiiif of til." i.ntve and free. 
Tilt' iHiidof ]il)erty! 
We pray that still on thee 

Kind heaven may smile. 

4 And not this land alone, 
lUit be Thy mercies known 

From shore to shore. 
Lord, niake.tiii- nations see 
That men sliould brothers be. 
And form one family. 

Tile wide world o'er : Amen. 

W. E. Hickson. 1855. 

O^Q 8.8.6. 8.8.C. 

^ U .^ irAeu ffe giveth quietness, 

whii tht-n can make trouble / — Job xxxiv. 2'^. 

\ .NATION God delights to bless. 
■A. I'an all our raging foes distress, 

Or hurt whom they surround r 
ni<i from the general scourge we are, 
Nor see the bloody waste of war. 

Nor hear the trumpets sound. 

2 might we. Lord '. the grace improve, 
liy laliouriii;,' lor thi- rest of love, 

Till' soul-.oinposini.' power ! 
r.l>'ss us with tli:it inti'rnal peace. 
And all the units of righteousness. 
Till time shall be no more. Amen. 
Charles Wesfey. 17C2. 

2 Not by their might was safety wrought. 

Nor victory by their sword ; 
Kilt Tliou didst guard the chos.Mi rate 
Who Thy great Name adon d. 

3 God of liosta ! their God and ours ; 

<»ur only Lord and King; 
Let tliat right arm which fought for tln'in 
To us salvation bring. 

4 To Thee the glory we II ascribe, 

l;y wlioni the conquest came. 
And. in triumphant songs of pralso, 
\Sill celebrate Thy Name. Amen. 

Edward O.sUr. 18;!6. 



Our fathers have fold us, 

what UHirk Thnu did.-'t in their da, .s. 

I'salni xliv. 1. 

GREAT God of hosts, our ears have 
Our fathers oft have told. 
What wonders Thou hiist done for them, 
Thy glorious deeds of old. 

Blessed be the Lord, that 

hath given rest unto His iieuple. 

1 Kings viii. 56. 

T ORD. while for all mankind we pray. 
U Of every clime and coast, 
O hear us for our native land, 
The land we love the most. 

2 Our fathers .sepulchres are hero 

And here our kindred dwell : 
Oiu children, too-, how should we lovo 
Another laml so well? 

3 O guard our shores from every foe. 

With peace our borders bless ; 
With prosperous times our cities crown, 
Our fields with plent<ousness. 

4 Unite us in the sacred love 

Of knowkilge, truth, and Thee; 
And let our hills and valleys shout 
The songs of liberty. 

5 Here may religion, pure and mild. 

Upon our Sabbiiths smile ; 

And piity and virtue reign. 

And bless our native isle. 

G Lord of the nations, thus to Thea 
(tiir country we commend ; 
He Thou her Refuge and her Trust, 
iler everlasting Friend. Amen. 

/. R. Wrt/urd. lS3r. 

8.6. 8.G. 8.8. 
The Prince of Peace. 
Isaiah ix. 6. 
milROUGH c.iuiiries of sin and wofl 
i Hath str. an..-d the ci imson flood. 
Wliile man, in concert with the foe. 

Hath shed his brothers blood: 
Now lift Tliy banner. Prince of Peaen, 
And let the cruel war-cry 

In vain, mid clamours loud and rude. 

Thy servants set-k n-pose. 
See. day by day, the stiife renewed. 

And brethren turned to foes : 
Then lift Thy burner. Prince of Peace, 
Make wrongs among Thy Mibjectsi-ease. 



S still to the heavens the weak will pour 
Their K)ud unanswered cry ; 
Still wealth doth heap its secret store. 

And waiit loigotten lie : 
Lift high Thy banner. Prince of Pence, 
Let hatred die, and love increase. 

4 Thy gospel. Lord, is grace and love ; 
U send it all abroad. 
Till every heart suhniissive prove, 

And bless the reignint; G kI : 
Come lift Thy banner. Prii.cH of Peace, 
And give the weary world release. 

John H. nurnerj. 18;18. 


8 7. 8.7. 8.8.7. 
Our fathers trusted in Thee. 
Psalm x.'cli. 4. 

WE come unto our fathers' God ; 
Their llock is our Jjalvation ; 
The Eternal Arms, their dear ahmlc. 

We make our habitation : 
We bring Thee, Lord, the jiraise tlH\v 

brought ; 
We seek Thee as Thy saints have souglit 
In every generation 

2 Unto Thy people we belong. 

Elect, redeemed, renewuil ; 
We join the d pilgrim thrnn? 

Witli Thine own strength enilui<l : 
Our liands their task divine oss:iy : 
Uur fi-et pursue the heavenly way 

Their sleadla.-t Icet pursued. 

3 T;i<' Fire Divine, tlieir steps that led, 

still goctli bri-ht Im'I,,!-!' us ; 
Tiie Heavenly Siliii-ld, around them spread, 

Is still higli holden o er us: 
Thegrac" those -innois that subdued, 
The strength tliose weaklings tJiat re- 

Doth vanquish, doth restore us. 

4 The cleaving sins that brouglit them low 

Are still our souls i)iipr('s.sini,' ; 
The tears from their eyes did l!ow 

l-'all l;i-t, our slianie ciinlessiiig ; 
As with I'lier'. Lord, pn-vailed tlieir ery, 
.So our sln>ng piayr ascends on high, 

,\nd brin-elh down Thy lilessiiig. 

5 Th. ir jirecious tilings on U8 bestowed 

■file same dear Lord discover; 
The |(pv wherewitli their souls oerflowed 

MaUe.Miiir },'l,i,| heiiits run over: 
llieii inv i>| love in us doth burn : 
As ye:iined their hearts, our liearts do 

After the Heavenly Lover. 
C Tlieir Joy unto their Lord we bring; 

'I'lieir sung to us descendeth : 
Till) .Spirit will) in tli»in did smg 

To US Ilia music lendeth : • 

Ills song in them, in us. is one ; 
We raise it high, we send it on. 

The song that never endeth. 
7 Vo saints to come, take up the strain. 

The same sweet theme endeavour ! 
Unbroken be the golden chain; 

Keep on the song for over : 


Safe in the same dear dwelling-place, 
Rich with the same eternal giace. 
Bless the same boundless Giver. 

Thomas U. Gill. 1809. 

Q^ry Special. 

*^ " ' And pray unto the Lord fin- 
it : for in the jieace thereof hall //« have 
2iecice. — Jeremiah xxix. 7. 

OW pray we for our country. 
That Engl.-vnd long may bo 
The holy and the happy. 

And the gloriously free. 
Who blesseth her is blessed ! 
So peace be in her walls ; 
nd joy in all her 
Her cottages aiK 

Bishop A. C. Coxc. 1S48. 

Q(^Q CM-D. 

iyxJO T.ord, correct me, but 

with judgment.— Je.remhih x. 04. 

f\ RE AT King of nations, hear our I'.ayer, 

VI Wliile at Thy feet we fall, 
I And humbly, with united cry. 

To Thee for mercy call. 
! The guilt is ours, but grace is Thine ; 
I (), turn us not away. 

But hear us from Thy lofty throne, 
I And help us when we pray. 

I 2 Our fathers' sins were manifold, 
I .Villi ours no less, we own : 

■V'et w(uidrously from ago to age 

Thy goodness hath been shown : 
\A'heii dangers, like a stormy sea. 

Beset our country round. 
To Thee we looked, to Thee wo cried. 
And help in Thee was found. 

With one consent we meekly bow 

Bene:itli Ttiv chastening hiiiid. 
And, iioiuiMi; iV.rtli coiilessioii ne .■!, 

With piiying eye behold our need, 

As thus we lift our prayer, 
' Correct us with Thy judgments. Lord : 

Then let Thy mercy spare.' Amen. 

John H. Gurney. 18:i8. 

QOQ 6.0.4. 0.1). 0.4. 

C/ O t/ ,.) ,1,; aU the people shouted, 

and said, dud stive the king— I Sam. x. '2i. 

GOD save our gracious Queen, 
Long live our noble yuech, 
God save the Queen. 
Send her victorious. 
Hapjiy and glorious. 
Long to reign over us, 
God save the Queen. 
2 Thy choicest gift.8 in store. 
On her bo ))leased to pour, 

Long may she niign. 
May she defend our laws. 
And ever give us cause 
To sing with heart and voice, 
(iod save the Queen. 

Henry Carey, d. 174.".. 


Qismissal 'JJumna antJ goiologies. 


Ye are nil one in Christ Jenui 
Galiitians ili. 28. 

BLEST bo the dear uniting love. 
That will not let us part : 
Our bodies may far otf remove, 
We stiil are one in heart. 

2 Joined in one spirit to onr Head, 

Where He appoints we go ; 
And still in Jfsu's footsteps tread, 
And show His praise below. 

3 nay we ever walk in Him, 

And nothing know beside ; 
Nolhinf^ desire, nothing esteem. 
Hut Jesus Cnieified. 

4 Closer and closer let us cleave 

To His beloved embrace ; 

Expect His fulness to receive. 

And grace to answer grace. 

6 Partakers ofthe Saviour's gracp. 
The same in mind and heart. 
Nor joy. nor grief, nor time, norplace, 
Nor life, nor death can part. 

6 But let us hasten to the day 
Which shall our flesh restore, 
When death shall all be done away. 
And bodies part no more. 

Kesley. 1742. 


6.C. G.6. 8.1 
The things rchich nv not 
seen are eternal.— •> Corinthians iv. 18. 

JESUS, accept the praise 
That to Thy name belongs i 
Matter of all our lays, 
Subject of ail our songs ; 
Through Thee we now together came. 
And part exulting in Thy name. 

2 In flesh we part awhile. 

But still in spirit joined. 
To embrace the happy toil 
Thou hivst to each assigned ; 
And while we do Thy blessed will. 
We bear our heaven about us still. 

3 let U8 thus go on 

In all Thy plea^sant ways. 
And, armed with patience, run 

With joy the appointeil race ; 
Keep us, and every seeking soid. 
Till all attain the heavenly goal. 

4 There we shall meet again. 

When all our toils are o or, 
And death, and grief, and pain. 

And parting are no m-^re ; 
We shall with all our brethren rise. 
And soar with them above the skifS. 

5 Then let us wait tl-.e .sound 
That shall our souls relciiwe ; 
And labour to 1>« found 
Of Him in spotless peace. 
In perfect holiness re. ^e wed. 
Adorned with Christ, and meet for Hod. 
iresi'-j/. 1747. 


Tour life is hid ivith 
Christ in rJoti.— Colos.sians iii 3. 
/ ' OD of all consolation : ta;co 
' 7 The glory of Thy grace : 
Tiiy gifts to Thee we render bark 
In ceaseless songs of praise. 

2 Through Thee we now together cam« 

In singleness of heart ; 
We met. Jesus, in Thy name. 
And in Thy name we part. 

3 We part in body, not in mind ; 

Our minds continue one : 
And. each to each in Jesus joined. 
We hand in band go uu. 

4 Our life is hid with Christ in God ; 

Our life shall soon appear. 

And shed His glory all abroad 

In all His .nembers here. 

5 Onr souls are in His mighty hand, 

.•Vnd He shall keep them still : 
And you and 1 shall surely sUnd 
With Hun on Sion s hill. 

e Him eye to eye wp there shall see. 
Our face like His shall shine ; 
what a glorious company. 
When SJiiuts and angels join '. 

7 what a joyful meeting th' re : 

In robes of white arrayed . 
Palms in our hands we all shall b-nr 
And crowns upon our head. 

8 Then let us lawfully contend. 
And light our passage through 

Bear in our faithful minds the 
And keep the prize in view. 


•i ti. 8 (( 

Standfast in one spirit. 
Philippians i. 27. 

LORD, we Thy wUl obey. 
And in Ihy pleasure f:<t ; 
We. only we. can s;iy, 
•Whatever is. is best; 
Joyful to meet, willing to pnrt. 
Convinced we still are one i.i liearl 
2 Hereby we sweetly know 

Our love (iroceeds Iroui fhee. 
We let eai-h other go. 
From every creacai-e free. 
And erv. in answer to Ihy cill. 
• Thou art, Christ, our All ni all. 


3 Our Saviour, Brother, Friend, 

Our Counsellor Divine ! 
Tliy cliosen ones depend 

On no support but Tliine ; 
Our everlasting Comforter ! 
We cannot want, if Thou art here. 

4 Still let us, gracious Lord, 

Sit loose to all below ; 

And to Thy love restored. 

No other portion linow ; 

Stand fast in glorious liberty. 

And live and die wrapt up in Tliee. 

Wesley. 174'J. 

3 So whene'er the signal's given. 
Us from earth to call away. 
Borne on angels' wings to heaven, 
Olad the summons to obey, 

May we ever 
Reign with Christ in endless day. 

Anon. Shau'bury Collectiun. 1773. 


Thou art worthy, Lord. 
Revelation iv. 1 1. 


Departure of Friends. 

6.t). 8.4. 
Being recommended by 
the brethren unto the grace of God. 
Acts XV. 40. 

WITH the sweet word of peace 
We bid our brelliren go ; 
Peace, as a river, to increase 
And ceaseless flow. 

2 With the calm word of prayer 

We eiiniestly commend 
Our brethren to Thy watchfiil care, 
l-:iernal Friend ! 

S With the dear word of love 
We icive om- brief farewell : 
Our love below, and Thine above. 
With them .shall dwell. 

4 With the strong word of faith 
We stay oursrlves on Thee ; 

That Thnii, O Lord, in life and death 
Their help shall be. 

5 Then the bright word of hope 
.Shall on our parting gleam. 

And tell of joys beyond the scope 
Of earth-born dream. 

C Farewell ! In hope, and love. 

In faith, and pe.ace, and prayer; 
Till II'' whose home is ours above 
Unite us there. 

George Watson, b. ISlil 


975 4.7. 
He lifted tip //w hand.s, 
and blessed //iwi.— Luke xxiv. CO. 

TOIil) ! us with Thy blessing, 
i Fill our liiMits uitli joy and peace; 
Let us ;ill. Thy love pus-iissing. 
Triumph in redcitming grace ; 

O refresh us 
Travelling through this wilderness. 

2 Tlianks we give, and adoration. 
For Thy gospdH Joyful sound ; 
Let the fruits of Thy salvation 
In our hearts and lives ab-iuiid ; 

Kver falthtul 
To the truth may we he found. 

WORSHIP, honour, glory, blessing. 
Lord, we offer unto Thee ; 
Young ami old. Thy praise confessing, 
lu glad homage bend the knee. 

2 As the saints in heaven adore Thee, 
We would bow before Thy throne ; 
As Thine angels serve before Thee, 
So on earth Thy will be done. Amen. 
Edward Osier. IS'M. 
Je.'ius . . . stood in the midst, 
and saitli . . . Peace be unto you. 
John XX. 19. 

I)ART in peace ! Christ's life was peace. 
Let us live our life in Him ; 
Part ill peace I Christ's death was peace ; 
Lit us die our death in Him. 

2 Part in pe.aee ! Christ promise gave 
Of a life beyond the grave. 
Where all mortal partings cease; 
Holy brethren, part in peace ! 

Mrs. Sarah F. Adams. 1841. 


^ I '^ The grace of the Lord 

Jesus (^/irist . . . he with you all. 
•1 Corinthians xiii. 14. 

M.\^' the grace of Christ our Saviour, 
And the Fathers liouiidless love. 
With the Holy .Spirits favour. 
Rest upon us IVoin above ! 

2 Thus may we abide In union 
With each other in the Lord ; 
And possess, in sweet communion, 
Joys which earth can ne'er afford. 

Jolm Newton. 1779. 


BK]ircsi-iit at our tabic, ; 
He here and eviiiywhere adori'd ; 
Thy creatures bless, ami grant that wo 
May feast In Paradise with Thee. 

JohnCennick. 1741. 


\VV. Ihimk Th.'e, Lord, for this our food 

V> llNl re because of .b'sus lllood ; ' 

L.'t mai.M.'. to our souls l.e given, 
'J'lu! brcrjui ol Lite .sent down from heaven 
John Cenniik. 1741. 




THf!RE is no portion of the OKI Testament Scriptures so helpful to the strengthening 
of the spiritual life as the Boole of Psalms. Many of these inspired songs wero 
expressly written for use in public worship. There is little doubt that some of thi^ni 
were sung by Chiist Himself, and by His apostles. Through succeeding ages the psalms 
have also been sung by devout Christians of every land ; and it is a matter for thanklui- 
ness that, during tlie last few years, their use has become general in public worship. 

As the psalms were not written in regular metres, they require to be pointed for 
chanting. Good chanting is little more than good reading with a musical tone; and 
after .-ioMie pnictice, congregations will find no greater ditficulty in chanting a psalm 
thin ill singing a metrical hynni. In reading the psalms, even well-educated persons do 
nut alu;iys;isize the same words, or group together the same parts of a sentence ; 
so, in i-iianting. Iliere are scaicely two collections of ' Psalms and Canticles' which are 
point.'d exactly alike. For this reason, the Hymn-book Committee di-emed it best that 
the psalms they had selected should be pointed by persons of the highest authority. 
Arrangements were therefore made with the eminent lirm of Novello, Kwer, & Co., by 
wliich the Connnittee received permission to use the pointing adopted in ' The Bibie 
Psalter.' The psalms, in this copyright work, \wre poi!ited for chanting by the Rev. J. 
Trontbeck, D.D., Minor Canon of Westminster, on the same principle as that adopted 
in ' The Cathedral Psalter, which was prepared by S. Flood Jones, M. A., Precentor of 
Westminster; James Turle, late Organist of Westminster: J. Stainer. Mus. Doc, 
Organist of St. Paul's; Joseph Harnby, Precentor of Eton ; and Dr. Tnmtbeck. Higher 
authority than this there is none. In the musical edition of the ' Psalms and Canticles' 
the Preface to 'The Bible Psalter —which contains various important directions in 
relation to chanting — will be published. The following explanation of the principal 
marks employed is all that at present need be given : 

1. The words, from the commencement of each verse and half-verse up to the accented 
syllable, are called the Recitation. On reaching the accented syllable, and beginning 
with it, the niunic of the chant conmiences. 

2. An a.sterisk ( ♦ ) Is a direction to take breath. Other stops, such as comma and 
semi-coiim ( , ; ), nmst be aitended to as in good reading. 

.3. l'> /■/ 1 (lin-its the choir to repeat the second half of a double chant at the verse to 
which it i.s prefixed. 

4. Sometimes the first bar contains an accented astiMisk ( « ), with a word m\^■ 
accented) following it. In this case the first bar must be regarded as beginning with a 
minim rest, e.!/.— 

Rdctt. a tempo. 

How long will ye \ ^ 
love vanity ) 

It will be found to be a sufficient observanie of the minim rest. In practice, totikp 
breiithatthe asterisk which followi* the Recitation, and to pronounce the next v.i.rd 
quickly, without dwelling on it. 

gS" At the end of each Psalm may he sung: 

Glory be to the F4ther, | and • to the | Son : And | to the | Holy | Ghost : 
As It was In the beginning » Is now, and | ever | shall be : w{5rld without | end. 1 

A- I -men. 


iBi/ permitsdon of Novello, Ewee. & Co., the Pointing in this Collection 
is the same as in ' The Bible Psalter.'^ 





BLESSKD is the inau that walketh not in 
the counsel of the ungodly * nor stand- 
eth in the | way of | sinners : nor sitteth 
In the I seat | of the | scornful. 

2 But his delight is in tlie \&\v | of the | Lord : 

and in His lilw doth he | medi ■ tate | 
d:iy and | ni^ht. 

3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the 

rivers of water ♦ that briufjeth forth 
Ids friiit I in his | seiisou : his leaf also 
shall not wither * and whatso(5ver 
he I doeth I shall | prosper. 

4 The ungodly | are not | so : but are like 

the chilfr which the | wind | dri • veth 
a- I -way. 

5 Theiefore the ungodly shall not stilnd | 

in the | judgment : nor sinnei-s in the 
cr^ngre- 1 -gat ion | of the | righteous. 

6 For the Lord knoweth the wily | of the I 
ri-hteous : but the wdy of the uu- | 

godiy I shall ! perish. 


Psalm VIII. 

OLORD our Lonl ♦ how excellent is Tliy 
inline in I all the | earth : who hast s^t 
Thy I glo • ry a- I -bove the | heavens. 

2 Out of the mouths of baljes and sucklings Thou ordained strength ♦ Ix-caiise | 
ol Thine | eneinie-s : that Thou iniyhtest 
sMUilu' lene-niy land -the a- 1 -venger. 

3 When I consider Thy heavens ♦ the work | 

of Thy ' lingers : the moon and the stars | 
which Thou , hast or- I -dained : 

4 What is man, that Tln5u art | mindful • 

of I hin) : and the son of ruin | that 
Thou I visit • est | him? 

b For Thou hiust made him a little l<5wer | 
than th-; | angels : and h:ist crowned | 
him with | giory • and I honour. 

Thou niadest him to have dominion over 
the w.'.rks J of Thy | hands : Thou hast 
piit I ail things I under ■ his | feet : 

7 .-111 I sheep and | oxen : yt!a and the | 

beasts I of the | field ; 

8 The fowl of the air, and the 1 of the ( 

sea : and whatsoever passeth through 
the I paths \ of the | seiis. 

9 t- }>t- 1 O L<5rd I our | Lord : how excellent 

I.s Tiiy I name in | all the | earth I 

PRESERVE I me O | God : for in ThtJe ] do 
I ! put my I trust. 

2 I have said unto the Lord » Thrtu I art 

my I Lord : I h;ive no | good be- 1 -yond | 

3 As for the s-lints are | in the : eirth : 

they are the excellent ♦ in whom is I 
all I my de- | -li^ht. 

4 Their sorrows shall be multiplied ♦ that 

hasten after an- | -other f god : their 
drink offerings of will I not 
offer ♦ nor take tip their | uamtw | 
into • my | lips. 

5 The Lord is the portion of mine inlierit- 

ance « and | of my | cup : ThiJu main- | 
tainest i my | lot. 

6 The lines are fallen unto m^ in | pleji.s.iiit | 

places : y<ia I | have a | goodly | heri- 

7 I wiFl bless the L(5rd who hath | given • 

me I coniKsel : I'ny reins also iustriict 
me I iu the | night 1 se.i.soiis. 

8 I have set the L6\\l | always • be- I -fore 

nie : beciiuse He is at my right I | 
shall I )iot be I nioVi-d. 

9 Therefore my is glad * ilnd my | 

glory • re- | -joiieth : my flesh | also • 
shall I in | hope. 

10 For Thou wilt not l&ive my | soul in | 

lii'll : neither wnlt Thou suffi-r Thine 
Holv I One to | see cor- | -ruplion. 

11 (2i>t.] Thou wilt sh4w me the | pith of I 

life : in Thy presence is fulness oi joy » 
at Thy right liind there aie | plea^surei • 
for I ever- . -more. 

of I 

984 I'SAL.M .\IX. 

THE heavens decl;lre the 1 glory 
God : and the firmament 1 sheweth 
His I handy- 1 -work. 

2 Dav unto day | utter • eth | speech : and 

night unto | night i sheweth | know- 

3 There is n<5 j speech nor | Ungiiage : whcie 

their \ voice | is not I he;ird. 

4 Their line is gone out through all ttie 

earth * and their words to the (ml I of 
the I worlii : in them halh lie ;««5t a | 
taber • nacle 1 for the | sun 

F 8 ALMS. 

5 Wliiili is as a bridegroom (■oiiiing | out 
(it • liis I chamber : and rt'joiccth as a 
striJng I man to | run a | race. 

ij His going forth is from the end of the 
li.aven ♦ and his circuit liiito the I ends 
of I it : and there is nothing hid I froni 
tlio I heat there- | -of. 

7 Tlie law of the Lord is perfect i con- | 

verting • the | soul : the testimony of 
the Lord is sure » | making | wise the | 

8 Tlie statutes of the Lord are r'ght » re- i 

Joicing ■ the I heart: the comnandment 
of tljo L<5rd is 1 pure, en- I -lightening • 
the I eyes. 

9 Th." fear of the Lord is clean ♦ en- | 

during- for I ever : the judgments ol' 
tlie Lord are true * and | righteou.s I 
alto- I -gether. 

10 More to be desired are they than gold ♦ 

y^a than | much fine | gold : sweeter 
also than h<5ney | and the | honey- | | 
comb. ( 

11 Moreover by them is Thy | servant i I 

warned : and in keeping of them | | 
there is | great re- | -ward. 

12 Who can tender- | -stand his | errors : 

clednse Thou | me from | secret I faults. 

13 Keep back Thy servant also from pre- 

sumptuous sins » let theni not liave 
domfiiioii I over | me : then shall I lie 
u). right * and I shall be innocent | 
from the | great trans- | -greSKioii. 
U Let the wonls of my month, and the 
iiii'ditation of my iieart * be acc('q)t- 
able I in Tliy | sight : () ]/nd my I 
strength and | my re- | -deemer. 

3 Who shall a-s.end into tlie htll | of the 1 

Lord : or who shall stand | in liis | 
holy I place? 

4 He that hath clean hAnds and a | pure | 

lieart : who hath not lifted up his soul 
unto vanity * nor | sworn I — do- 1 -ceit- 
6 He shall receive the blessing I from the | 
Lord : and righteousness fr(5ni the | God 
of I his sal- I -vation. 

6 This is the generation of | them that | seek 

Him : thilt | seek Thy I face | Jacob. 

7 Lift up your heads, (1 ye gates * and be 

ye lil't uji, ye ever- | -lasting | doors ; 
;in.l the King of | glory | shall come | in 

8 Who is this | King of | glory : The Lord 

strong ;uid mighty ♦ tlie Lord | mighty 1 

9 Litt up your heads, ye gates » even lift 

them uji, ye ('n'er- | -lastiiin I doors: and 
the Kfiig of I glory | shall come | in. 
10 Wh(5 is this | King of | glory : The Lord ol 
hi5sts I He • is the | King of | glory. 


rs.vLM XXV. 




THK L('.rd I is my | sheph.'.id : 1' | sliall | 
not I want. 
'2 He niaketh me to lie di'iwn in | green | 

pastures : He leadeth md be- 1 -side the | 

still I waters. 
lb' re- I storeth myl soul : }\o Icadeth me 

in I lie jiatlis (if righteousness * I for 

His I n.inies | sake. 
4 Ve;i, tlionuh I walk through the valley of 

the shMduw of d.Mth * r will I leiirno | 

evil : for Thou art with me » Thv rod 

:ind Thy I stiilf. lli.-y | eonit'ort I me. 
.' Ilioii [.reparest ti table 1m I'oie me » in 

III • piesence I of mine | enemies : Thou 

.MM II lit est my head with oil i my | cup | 

iiiiiiieth I over. 
G .Siiieiy goodness and mercy shall follow 

me * all tho diiys I ot my | life : and I 

will dwdll in tho | house • of tho 1 Lord 

for I ever. 




HK earth Is the I/.nrs and thi 

dwell there- | -in. 
•I For He h!ith fi'>imded It up- | -on thi 
BoiiM : and eKLIbllshod I It up- | -on th 

NTO I Thee O | Lord : d(5 I i lift | up my 

2 O my Uod, I trust in Thee « let me not 

be a- I -shamed : let not mine ijiiemies 
triumph | over | me. 

3 Yea, let none that wait on Th<^e | lie :i- 

shamed : let them be ashamed # \\hu\ 
trans- 1 -gress with- | -out | cause. 

4 Sh^w me Thy I ways | Lord : tdach I - 

me 1 Thy I paths. 

5 LeMil mo in Thy trrtth and | te.aeh | me 

for Thou art the God of niy salvation * 
on TlK^e do I | wait I all the | day. 
Kemember, O Lord, Thy tender mercies « 
and Thy | loving- 1 -kindnesses : for tli«') 
liavo I been | ever • of | olil. 

7 Remember not the sins of my yrtuth nor 

my trans- I -grcssions : according to 'l'li.\ 
mercy remembei- Thou mo » for Thy 
goodness' | .sake I Lord. 

8 Good and rtpright I is the I Lord : Deie 

fete will Jle teach | siiineis i in tne 

9 All the paths of the Liird are | mercy 

and I truth : unto such us ktVp His 
cove • naiit I and His | testimonies. 

10 What man is M that I fcareth • tlie 

Lord : him shall He t^ach in tho | w,'i> 
thai I He shall | choose. 
U His s(')ul shall | dwell at I ease : And his I 
seed • shall In- | -herit • the I e;irtli. 

12 The se.-ret of tho L(5rd is with | tliem 

that I fear Him : and U6 will | shew | 
them His 1 covenant. 

13 Let Integrity and rtpright- | -ness pre- i 

serve! me : Kr I I wait | on | Thee. 

11 Redeem I'srael | O 1 God : out of | all ! 

his I trfnibles. 



Psalm xxvil. 

THE Lord Is my light and my salvation « 
wlioiii I shitU I I fear : the Lord Is the 
streuijth of ray lile * of wh(5m | shall 1 1 , 
be a- I -fiaid ? ' 

2 Whftii the wicked, even mine enemies and 

my foes * came upon me to ^at I up 
my I flesh : tli^y I stumbled 1 and | fell. 

3 Though an host should encamp against 

me * my hAirt I shall not j fear : 
though war sliould rise against me * 
In 1 this will | I be | confident. 

4 One thing have I desired of the Lord « 

thAt will I I seek | after : that I may I 
dwell in the house of the 1-ord all the 
days of my life * to behold the beauty 
of the Lord * 3,nd to en- j -quire | in 
His I temple. 

5 For in the time of trouble He shall htde 

mo in I His pa- | -vilion : in the secret 
of His tabernacle shall He hide me ♦ 
He shall s6t me | up up- | -on a I roi;k. 

6 And now shall mine head be lifted up ♦ 

above mine Enemies | roimd a- | -bout 
me : therefore will I oft'er in Hi3j.aber- 
nacle sacrifices of jov * 1 will sing, yea, 
I will sfng I praises | unto • the | Lord. 

7 Hear, O L<ird, when I cry' | with my 1 

voice : have mercy ilso up- | -ou • me 
and I answer i me. 

8 When Thou saidst, S^ek | ye My | face : 

my heart said unto Th6e, Thy | face 
Lord 1 will I I seek. 

9 Hide not Thy face far from mo * put not 

Thy servant a- i -way in 1 anger : Thou 
luist been my help « leave mo not, 
neither forsake me ♦ | God of | my 
sal- I -vation. 

10 When my fdther and my | mother • for- | 

sake me : then the | Lord will : take 
me I up. 

11 Te;U:li mo Thy i way | Lord : and lead 

me in a plain path be- | -cause | of 
mine | enemies. 

12 Deliver ine not over unto the wfU | of 

mine | enemies : for false witnesses are 
risen up against me « and | such as I 
breathe out | cruelty. 

13 I had fainted ♦ unless I had believed to 

see the i;«5odness | of the | Lord : In the | 
land I of the i living. 

14 Wait on the Lord, be of good courage ♦ 

and H& shall | strengthen • thino I 
heart : wiit, I | say, | ou the | Lord. I 

5 I acknowledged my sin unto Thee * and 

mjne iniquity I have I • not | hid : I Haid, 
I will confess my tranhgre««ion» uiit<j 
the Lord * and Thou forg&vest the Ui- | 
iqui ■ ty I of my | sin. 

6 For this shall every one that is godly pray 

unto Thee » In a time when Thuu | 
mayest • be 1 found : surely in the 
floods of great wat»<rs ♦ th^y shall , not 
come I nigh ■ unto i him. 

7 Thou art my hiding place » Thou shalt 

pr»s6rve | me from i trouble : Thou 
Shalt compass me abdut with i Fongs | 
of de- t -liverance. 

8 I will instruct thee and teach thee In the 

wAy which | thou shalt j go : I* will I 
guide thee | with Mine i eye. 

9 Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule » 

which have ni5 I under- | -standing : 
whose mouth must be held in with l>il 
and bridle ♦ lest they | come | near • 
unto i thee. 

10 Many soitows shall b^ I to the | wicked : 

but he that trusteth in the Lord » 
m^rcy shall i cxunpass I him a- | -bnut. 

11 Vipt.] Be glad iu the L<5rd and re- | -jon e 

ye I righteous : and shout for joy, all 
y6 that are i upri^'ht ; in | heart. 




PSALM xxxir. 

BLESSED is he whose transgression I is 
for- I -given : whose | sin | is | covered. 
■J Bles.sed is the man unto whom the lx>rd 
impdt*th I not in- | -iquity : and In 
whoso I spirit • there i is no | guile. 

3 When 1 kept silence * my b(5ne.s waxed I 

oid : through my rearing | all the | day | 

4 For day and night Thy hind was | heavy • 

up- I -on me : my moisture is ttirned I 
into • the I drought of | summer. 

T WILL bless the L<5rd at | all I times : His 

1 pnUse shall continually | be | in my I 

2 My soul shall make her b.' I in the , 

Lord : the humble shall h6ir there- | -of I 
and be | gla J. 

3 magnify the | Lord with | me : and let 

us ex- I -alt His I name to- I -gether. 

4 I sought the L<5rd i and H« | heaid me : 

and delivered | me from | all my ( 

5 They looked unto Him | and were | light- 

ened : &iul their ' faces • were | uul a- I 

6 This poor man cried and the | Lord | 

heanl him : and sdved him ; out of i nil 
his I troubles. 

7 The angel of the Lord encampeth n'und 

about I them that | fear Him : and | — 
do- i -liver • eth ' theni. 

8 taste and s^ that tin- ! I>ord is I t.'o<Ki : 

blessed Is the | man that | ti-usitih • in I 

9 fear the L<5rd I ye His | s;unt6 : for there 

is no I want to | them that I fear Him. 

10 TliP young lions do ISek and | sufTer j 

hunger : but they that se«k the L<5rd 
shall I not want | any • gi>od i thing. 

11 Come, ye children, h&irken ; unto me : 

I will t^ach you the ! fiar i of the | 

12 W man is h^ th