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Full text of "The Metropolitan Catholic almanac and laity's directory for the year of our Lord .."

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LIST OF rrEcxc cxltcro-y in iriclajwd. 

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Printar, SuivotypM, ami Ekuirovypm , 

ffaxton fiuiltinfti 

81. id. «iN( at Omm siTML 



The publication of tlie Catholic Almanac originally began in 
New York, where it was carried on for two years, and afterwards 
taken up in Baltimore by Mr. Myers, and after one year's compe- 
tition, was continued exclusirely till 185Y by Fielding Lucas, Jr., 
and his sons and successors Lucas Bros. New York, then, as 
Baltimore abandoned it, resumed the publication of the Almanac, 
and it was printed again in New York for 1859-60, by the house 
of Dunigan & Bro. ; but as Messrs. John Murphy & Co., of Balti- 
more, had also resumed the publication in 1859, the New York 
issue stopped, but unfortunately the Baltimore Almanac also 
stopped with 1861, and the Catholic public have been without 
their usual annual visitor during the last two years. 

The present publishers intend to make it permanent, and tnist 
that the Catholic hierarchy will sustain them. It is a matter of 
little pecuniary benefit to a publisher, and competition will merely 
produce the result of again depriving Catholics of the information 
of which the Almanac has been the medium. 

The preparation this year is difficult beyond precedent From 
some States beyond the lines of the United States forces we can 
get no returns, and in some Border States they are of course less 
fall and accurate. The interruption of a few has broken the routine, 
and some reports did not reach till after the first week in Decem- 

No effort has, however, been spared to make the Almanac as 
ample as possible, and it includes not only the d\ci<i^'&^ ^^ "^y^^ 
America, but a full list of the priests ill IreV»xii 

I>. & J. SADLIETX. & CO^^^^^^^- 



AstroDomical Phenomena, Feasts, Ac, 9 

Calendar for 1 864^ 19 

Ordofor 1864, 81 

Sketch of the Most Rev. F. P. Keorick, D.D., 43 

Rt. Rev. Andrew Byrne, D.D., 46 

Roman Register, 46 

' Generals of Religious Orders, 60 

The Catholic Church in the U. S., the Hierarchy, 61 


Diocese of Baltimore, 53 Diocese of Pittsburgh, 76 

Charleston, 61 Richmond, 80 

Erie,...' 62 Savannah, 81 

Philadelphia, 64 Wheeling, 81 

^ Vicariate Apostolic of Florida, 84 


Diocese of New York, 85 Diocese of Burlington, 110 

Albany, 91 Hartford, Ill 

Boston 97 Newark, 116 

Brooklyn, 101 Portland, 118 

Buifalo, 103 


Diocese of Cincinnati, 120 Diocese of Fort Wayne, 186 

Cleveland, 126 Louisville, 1 89 

Covington, 130 Saut-Sainte<Marie, . 146 

Detroit, 1?8 Vincennes, 148 


Diocese of St Louis 161 Diocese of Milwaukee, 167 

Alton, 155 Nashville, 176 

Chicago, 169 Santa Fe, 177 . 

Dubuque, 164 St. Paul, \ftC\^ 

I VicariAte ApoBtolic, East of the Rocky Mountains, Vi^^ 

' VJcAiiate ApoatoUe of NehrasksL, '^'^ 



Diocese of San Francisco, 188 Diocese of Monterey and Los 

Angeles, l! 

Diocese of Oregon City, 192 Diocese of Nesqualy, V 


Diocese of New Orleans, 195 Diocese of Mobile, 1* 

Galveston, 196 Natchez, l! 

Little Rock, 196 Natchitoches, V 

Obituary, 2< 

Alphabetical List of Archbishops, Bishops, and Priests in the United^ 
States, 2( 


Diocese of Quebec, 245 Diocese of Kingston, 2i 

Montreal, 250 Hamiltoo, 2i 

Three Rivers, ...... 254 Toronto, 2( 

St. Hyacinth, 256 Sandwich, 2i 

Ottawa, 259 


Diocese of Halifax, 270 Diocese of St. John,.\ 2 

St John's, N. F.,. . . 271 Arichat, 2' 

Charlottetown, .... 272 Harbor Grace, 2' 

Prefecture of St. Pierre, 2' 

Alphabetical List of Archbishops, Bishops, and Priests in British North 
America, 2' 


General Summary of the Catholic Church in England and Scotland, . . 21 

Cardinal, Archbishops, and Bishops in England and Scotland, 2! 

Summary of the Catholic ChtTrch of Ireland, 2! 

Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland, 21 

Alphabetical List of the Bishops, Parish Priests, Regulars, and Curates 
m Ireland, 2^ 


Colleges 4iid Adsdemief. 

St. John's College, Fordham, .•..;•..! 

fit. Francis Xavier's College, New York, : S 

Manhattan College, MaAhattanTille, K Y., 8 

Be La Salle Institute, N. Y 4 

Seton Hall College, South Orange, N. J. . • . . ... 
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass., . . . • . 6 

St. Joseph's Academy, Flushing, L. I., 7 

Eden Hall, near Torresdale, Philadelphia Co., Pa., .... 8 

Conzaga College, Washington, D. C 9 

8t Vincent's College, St. Vincent's P. 0., Westmoreland Ca, Pa., . 10 

St Louis University, St. Louis, Mo., 11 

Prospectus of the Academy of St Joseph, Carondelet, Mo., . . 12 

St Mary's Academy, Ind., 19 

St Mary's Academy, Hochelaga, S miles from Montreal, ... 14 
St Mary's Seminary, Perryville, Perry Co., Mo., . , , .15 

St Mary's Academy for Young Ladies, near Bryantown, Charles Co., Md, 16 

Broad Street Academy for Boys, Philadelphia, 17 

St Joseph's College, OtUwa, C. W., 18 

St Mary's College, Wilmington,' Del.,' 19 

St Frances' School for Colored Girls, Baltimore, .... 20 
Borromeo College, Baltimore Ca, Md. . . . * . . .20 

Yonng Ladies' Academy of Visitation, B. V. M., Geoi^getown, D. C, SO 
Educational Establishment for Young Ladies, Villa Maria, near Montreal,. 21 
Young Ladies' Academy of the Visitation, Washington, D. C, . . 21 
Academy of the Sisters of Kotre Dame, Rozbury, Mass., . . .22 
St Bonaventure's College, Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., • . 22 
Select Day and Boarding School of St. Francis de Sales, for Boys, 

Rozbury, Mass., 28 

Convent of Sisters of Mercy, Manchester, K. H., • , . . 23 

Academy of Immaculate Heart, Reading, Pa., 28 

Unirersity of Notr^ Dame, St Joseph, Mieh., • . . . • . .^. 

Manual Labor Sphool, Notre Di^ne, 24 

Uniyersity of St Mary's of the Lahe, Chicago, 25 

St Mary's Collejge, San PVancisco, « . ^ 

AcMd^mj ofMoantSt Vincent, N, Y., . • . % * * *© 
St VtDceni'B IntaMion t» the JnatiM. St. Lo«Ai,ll<^, » - ^ "^ 

ii Indeoc 

Cafholio Bookiellen and Publishers. 

Michmol O'Sulliyan, Albany, N. Y. , . , . i . . 9 
A. G. Peters A Brother, CinciimaU, Ohio, . * » . .89 

Bcnziger Brothers, Kew York, and Cincinnati, Ohio, • S4, 85, 86, 87 
J. Turgis, New York, . , . , . . , . 88, 89, 40 

James B. Kirker, New York, ••«.,... 41 

Patrick Donahoe, Boston, 42,48,44,45,46,47 

Patrick O'Shea, Now York, .... 48,49,50,51,52,58,54, 

Peter F. Cunningham, Philadelphia, 55, 56, 67 

Henry M'Grath, Phikdolphia, 58,59,60,61,62 

Patrick Fox, St. Lonis, Mo., 62 

Kreuzer Brothers, Baltimore, Md., . . . • • • .68 

G. Andre A Co., Phikdelphia, 68 

J. J. Kearney, Chicago, 64 

Francis Roarke Troy, N.Y., 65 

Wm. M. Christy, Philadelphia, 66 

F. X Stuppy, St Joseph, Mo., . .66 

H. Kramer, Cleveland, Ohio, ... .... .66 

Hofiinan Bros., Milwankie, Wis., .67 

J. Graham, Chicago, 68 

P. P. Cantwell, Trenton, N. J., . . , , . . . .68 

Mrs. Hickey, Boston, Mass., « - . • .68 

Mrs. J. Gnenter is Sisters, Boston, . • . . ; • .69 

Horstmann Broa A Co., Philadelphia, ' . .69 

D. <b J. Sadlier A Co., New York, 70,71,72 


Xiude and Xnsioal Instnimenti, 

Steinway and Sons, Pianos, ...... front eorer 

Patrick Lynch, Pianos, •■ . • . . • • • front 1 
Wm. Knahe and Co., Pianos, . . . ... , . " 6 

H. M. Morris, pianos, . . • centre 14 

Decker Brothers " "15 

7. C. lights <k Co., " "16 

. Mason and Hamlin, Cabin«t Organs, . . • • . " 12^18 

Henry Erben, Oigans, . , . • •' , ** 15 

Jardine and Son, " <" 16 

Alexander Mills, " ......" 17 

J. BnflfingtonJ ( " "17 

M£h3aF, •* "17 

^sadZ.LewlM,HarpB, . . . . . . • . . ** W 

^^rerDUMonMdCo.,MiuA9, •. . . . , ., ** \^ 

Index. iii 

, BelLk 

■nd G. R. Meneely, B«lli« . • ; ; Iwek eorer 

MnBtirCo., . k 4 • « . • . • front- % 
•ndCo.,BeU% • : * . . . .... . " S 

1 Bernhardt B«ll8, ..*.... cenfaro 21 

1, Herringt and Co., Belli, ...... * tS 


7 Line, . • . . . front 4 

3tt Broiheni aiid Ga, ....... centre 81 

10 Emigration Agency • • - • . • • ■ • " ^^ 


England Mutnal life Inenrance Co., • • • • fro^t *! 
armony Fire Insunuioe Co:, . . . . centre 37 

•id Insnrence Co., . . . • . . * . . " S8 

Saying Baakii eta, 

rrnfltsCd, . . . , . : . .' ' . . * 80 
enefidal Saying Fond, ...«.».. 39 

Dry Ooodi. 

I and Co., Clothing, etc., . • » . ..... freot 8 

Donoghne, Furnishing Goode . 1 . . . . back IS 

laaiAJ^Nil^eri^WallFapert «.. . . . .. cen^ S4 

elphia Bandage Inrtitiite . .': . .. ,. .« . .' '^'^82 

bt and Co., aothing, . . . . , . ' . . " 88 

laTi Hosiery Goods, . . .• , , , ^ ". St 

loGnigaa, Hosiery Goods ., . ^. '84 

r. Jones, Cerpets, « . . . . "«. iM 

Book8| Xniie, etft 

Tablet, ....... . . • • • beek . ^9 

ei'B Dictionary, ....,«.." 10 

sterns Dictionary, « . . . . , , "11 

Ditson, Mnsic, centre 10 

pleton and Co., English Grammar, ..... ** S 

r and Nichols, School Books "8 

, Phiney and Ca, Mathematical Seriet, etc, ^ « "» V 

iStXteFifaodOa, irathematicelSer!M,«te., « . ^' ^ 

iv Index. 

John G. Shea, ....*,..•. centre 7 

KftthanielJohnston, School Forniture, "8 

Robert Pa^n, School Furniture, "9 

.Arohitecture, Churoh Beooratioiii, etc 


Qiandelierfl, Gas Fixtures and Lampi ] , . back coyer 

Jeremiah (yRourke, Architect, centre 19 

James Murphy, Architect, . . , . • . . "19 

Geo. Morgan A Bros., Glass Staining, , "19 

William Gibson, Decorations, etc., • "20 

William T.CaYenaugh.£ngraTer, • . . '. . . " 19 

Scholz A Janaotzky, Artist Materials, "18 

Janes, Fowler, Eirtland A Co., Baptismal Fonts, ..••"! 
Geo. H. Kitchen 4( Co., Gas Fixtnres/ete., . ..." 20 

iltBi Winai, etc. 

Bordeaux Wliie Co., . • . * baokoorer. 

Gregory Redmond, Pure Wines, etc, centre 22 

WnkH.TeatonACo.,Wines,Braad!ea,6te., . ..." 21 
Franda Conway, Soap, Candles, etc., "21 

Claimi in Ireland, etc, Colleoted. 

0*G«rman A Wilson, CounseUors4bi-Iiaw, .... centre 28 
McAlliBteric Peters, " " . . i . " 28 

Keaglei, Fnrnaees, Booflng, Water-Heating Co., Freneh 
China Ware, etc, Xetallio Weather Stxip. 

Duncan ^ Sharpi Mangles, *. . , • . • . • evntrt 28 

Wilbur P. Stocking, Furnaces, etc.,. " 24 

Michael Cahill, Roofing SUte, ,.,..," 21 

Geo. H. Kitchin A Co., China Ware, : " 20 

Self- Adjusting Clothes- Wriqger, , front 6 

Water-Heating Co., . . , back 12 

Browsers MetaUio Weather Strip, , • , . •, • "12 


Page 63. — Omit Rev. H. Hoffman, and inBert his name on p. 56, at Hickory. 

Page 66. — Hanoock, Rev. M. Dausch. 

Page 66.— Ellicott's Mills, Rev. Thos. O'Neill 

Page 67. — Add under St Charles College, Rev. Julian Dujarrie. 

Page 8*7. — Omit Rev. Walter Quarter. 

Page 120. — Read Rev. R. Gilmour. 

In list of Council, for Rev. Jaer, read R Schmid. 
Page 121.— Blanchester) Clinton Co., attended from St Martin's. 

Caledonia, from Bellefontaine. 

St. Augustine's, for Kering, read Kdhring. 

St AloysiuB, for Joseph Witler, read D. B. Walker, and insert 
S. Boniface, Rev. Jos. Witler. 

St John Baptist, attended by Rev. G. Mittinger. 

Reading, add Rev. J. C. Albrinck, pastor. 

Bellefontaine, Rev. John Coveny. 

Berlin, Rev. L. Heime. 

Chillicothe, St. Mary's, Rev. T. Tiemey, Rev. M. Ahearn. 
Page 122.— -Columbus, read J. B. Hemsteger, and omit Rev. T. J. J. Cop- 

Dayton, insert Rev. J. F. Hahne, at Emanuel Church. 

Delaware, Rev. H. Fehling. 

Fryburg, Rev. F. X. Volm. 

Ironton, Rev. Phil. J. Donoho 
Page 128. — ^Madison ville, Rev. R. A. Gangloft 

New Boston, Rev. B. Schmid. 

Osborne, attended h'om Naaareth. 

Pine Grove Furnace, Rev. D. H. Winands, 

Pi^tu^ omit 8t Joseph's. 
Mige 124.SpTiDg&eld, St Eaphaer», Rev. D. Cogwu 

OmitSt Boniface, and at St B«niatd,B.eN.N^m.\>®X««^ 
Omit 8t Fafcrick'a, Perry Co. 
Union City, attended from GreenviWe 


Page 124. — Wilkesville, attended fi*om Chillicothe. 

YieoDa, CliDton Co., attended from Hillsborough. 
Add to Seminary, Rey. Joseph Fitzgerald, Rev. Michael Ken- 

Page 126. — St. Mar^s Boarding School, Rev. Fr. Courts Sup., Rev. X. 

Page 13T. — At Monterey, for St. Ann's, read Immaculate CJonception. 

Hailsboro, Marshall Co. ; Grovertown, and Hamlet, Starke 
Co. ; Bourbon, Inwood, Marshall Co. ; Etna Green, Kosci- 
osko Co., attended from Plymduth ; Brantwood, Starke Co., 
attended from. Valparaiso. 

Page 138.— Add the following : 

Curvetown and Lake Station, Cass Co. ; Idaville and Reming- 
ton, White Co. ; Goodland, Newton Co. ; Galveston, Walton, 
Royal Centre, Rosedale, Guken Settlement, Clymer, and 
Waverly, Cass Co. ; Nevada and Curtisville, Howard Co ; 
attended from Logansport, Indian Creek, and Pulaski, 
Pblaski Co. ; Miamisville, Miami Co. ; and Quincy, Howard 
Co. ; from Peru. 

Page 163.— Indian Creek, Rev. D. Phelan. 

Page 1T6. — Omit Very Rev. S. L. Montgomery. 


The kalends were the first day of each month among the BomanS) henee 
a calendar was a list of the months, beginning with their calends. 

The time which the sun takes to move aronnd the earth ^ye the first 
great measnre of time, the year. The real solar year contains 865 days, 
6 hoursy 48 minntes, 48 seconds. The common or civil year only 865 days. 
But for the neglect of these fractions Julius Caesar ordered an additional 
day to be given to every fourth year, introducing it after February 24th, 
in Latin seztilis ; hence these years are called Bissextile, or, in English, 
Leap Years. The Julian C^endar did not completely rectify the error, 
and Pope Gregory XIII., in 1682, ordered the days from October 5th to 
14th in that year to be suppressed, and the century year 1700, 1800, not 
to be regarded as leap years. This reform, called the Gregorian Calendar) 
Protestant countries refused for nearly two hundred years to accept, but, 
preferring darkness to light, retained the erroneous calendar. In New 
York, where the Butch used the correct calendar, the English, on captur- 
ing it, restored the erroneous form and retained it for a hundred years. 


657 Tth Year of the Julian Period. 
5624-5th Year of the World, according to the Jewish computation. 
2617 th Year since the Foundation of Rome. 
88-9th Year of the Independence of the United States. 
76-6th Year since the Adoption of the Federal Constitution. 
76th Year since the Erection of the Episcopal See of Baltimore. 
86th Year since the Holding of the First Provincial Council of Balti- 


Dominical Letters C.B. I Solar Ovcle S5 

Epact 22 I Boman* Indictlon 7 

Golden Number 8 { Sundays after Pentecost 37 

Lunar Cycle 8] 

Easter, being the commemoration of the Passover, which was regulated 
by a lunar year, varies every year. It is always the first Sunday after 
the first full moon after the twen^-first of March. This was established 
at the Council of Nice, various differences existing in different parts, many 
Bastem churches adopting other days, and the Church in Ireland in 
some years differing in its calculation from that of Rome. 

^ptaJUF0i^m» Snndajr Jan. 24 

AMb WedneBdaj-. .' JPeb. 10 

futer, Afareh87 

'stromig^e of St. Joseph Anril IT 

"^^^^ Kaye 

WhitBunday -^^^^S^ 

Trinity •^•^^^ 

Corpus Ohiteti .UKS'ifc 

Bacred Heart of Jeftwa 4"^ * 

FirstBunday ot A.d.^«J.t ^^^* 



MoBNiKO jan> Evnnwo Stabs. — YKunm will be Morning Star until July 
18th, then Evening Star the rest of the year. Mass will oe Morning Star 
until August 18th, then Evening Star the rest of the year. Jdpitkb wfil 
be Morning Star until February 15th, then Evenine Star until Novembtr 
80th, then it becomes a Morning Star. Satubn will be Morning Star until 
January 8th, than Evening Star until Ootober 18th, then Morning Star the 
rest of the year. 

MxBOURT will be brightest and visible about the 6th of January, 2tt& of 
April, 25th of August, and 19th of December, at which times it will ba 
Evening Star setting in the West soon after sunset It will be visible in 
the East just before sonriBa, abont February 21st| June 20th, and October 

JfRSting ias«* 

f fflslrxjis of ibliptijirn. 

1. The Circnmcision of our Lord — ^The Epiphany — ^The Annnticiation ef 
the B. y. Mary — ^The Ascension of our Lord — Gorpui Christi — ^The As- 
sumption of the B. y. Mary — ^AU Saints— 14 ativity of our Lord or Christ- 

N. B. Sundays and the feasts which fall on them, are not indndad in 
this enumeration. 

(In Bome Western Dioceses the Circumcision, Epiphany, Annuneiatioa, 
and Corpus Christi are not holidays of obligation.) 

N. B. This year the festival of the Annuneiation both as to the office 
and feriation, i. e. obligation of holiday, will be observed on April ^ in 
accordance with a decree of the Congregation of Bite% No, 8204, and 
approved by the Holy Father, March 11, 169a 

Fridays in Advehi Every day in Lent^ Sundays excepted. The Em« 
ber-Days (see below). The vigil of. Whitsunday or Pentecosty of the As- 
sumption, of All-@aints, and of Christmas. 

N. B. 1. When a yigil falls upon a Sunday, it is kept on thai 
Saturday preceding that Sunday. To fast, consists in abstaming from 
flesh-meat, and eating but one full meal in the day, not before 12 o'clock, 
X. Besides this, a collation, or about the one-fourth of a meal, is allowed 
in the evening. All who have completed their twenty first year are 
obliged to observe the £uits of the church, unless exempted for some legi- 
timate cause. 

2. In some dioceses the Friday of the Ember^days ii the only Friday in 
Advent on which there is an obligation to fast 

S. It has been directed by the sacred Congregation de Prcpagandm JPide* 

that the feast of SSw Peter and Paul be solemnly celebrated in the United 

Siatea^ on the Sunday immediately after the 29th of June, and it is tha 

wiab of the Siacted Congregi^tion that Ishe Bicd^o^ «iCtiQ>'E\> ^^ >pikM^ 

under their charge, to keep iatk on tbe ^%Qx4%y i^ne^A^dJak^ ^siu v^ t ww fc. 


TSDXJuavafCBa qxasfted to the tattbtcl. 11 

" AH PridaycL When Christmas falls on a Friday, abstinence is not of 
preeepi. Abstinence on Saturday has been dispensed with, for the faith- 
fnl of the United States, except when a fast falls on that day. Soldiers 
and aaUors in the service of the United States, even in barracks, garrisons, 
ete., are dispensed by an indult of Pope Pius IX, from the rale of absti- 
nence, except on six days in each year, viz. Ash Wednesday, Thursday, Fri- 
day, and Saturday in Holy Wee^ the Vigil of the Assumption, and Christ- 

The Ember-Days are the Wednesdays; Fridays, and Saturdays, which 
occur, Ist, in winter, inmiediately after the third Sunday of Advent ; 2d, 
in the spring, immediately after the first Sunday in Lent ; 8d, in the sum- 
mer, during Whitsun- week; 4th, in the autumn, immediately after the 
10th of September. They are days of fasting, and are of great antiquity 
in the church. The object of their observance is, to consecrate to God 
the four seasons of 4Jie year, by penance ; to obtain his blessing on the , 
fruits of the earth, and to beg of him worthy ministers of the Church. The 
ordination of Clergymen generally takes place^ in Catholic countries, on 



On the 18th of August, 1*792, his Holiness granted to all and 
each of the faithful of the Catholic communion, Uving in the xntirs* 
diocese of Baltimore, a plenary Indulgence to be gained by all, who hav- 
ing made a good confession and holy communion on the days mentioned 
below, shall visit the parish church, or any other : and if there be no 
church or chapel, shall devoutly recite five times Our Father^ Hail Mary 
and Qlory he to the Father, and fervently pray for the propagation of 
the Catholic faith, and the exaltation of the Church. 

These plenary Indulgences may be gained on the following days, F, J), 

From the vigil of Christmas, until the day of Epiphany, inclusively, 

From the first Sunday of Lent, to the second, inclusively. 

From Passion Sunday to Maundy Thursday, inclusively. 

From the Vespers of Holy Saturday to Low Sunday, inclusively. ' 

From the first Vespers of Whit-Sunday, until the last day of the Octave 
of Corpus Christi, indusively. 

On the feasts of the Purification, Annunciation, Assumption, Nativity, 
and Conception of the B. V. Mary, and during the whole Octaves of these 

On the feast of the Apostles SS. Peter and Paul, and during the whole 
Octave of the same feast. 

On the feast of St Michael, the Archangel, and during the whole Octave 
of the same feast 

On the feast of All-Saints, and during the whole Octave of the same. 
' By a decree of the Congregation of Indulgenees, published January 

g,^^^ J^ioeem iffSalUmon tban Included all the Btatea wMb ot «hA ^\*»N»»VV\J^ «^^ 



The Prayers and portions of the Holy Scriptures, of which the ICaas is 
composed, are, in part, unalterably the same, and partly different every 
day. Those that are fixed and invariable are contained in what is called 
the Ordinary of the i/oM, to be found at the beginning of the MissaL The 
parts that are changeable or proper — the Introits, Collects, Gradual, 
Tracts, Epistles, Gospels, Offertories, Secrets, Communions, and Post-com- 
munions — form the subsequent contents of the book. As the Prefaces are 
not so frequently subject to change, they follow each other in regular suc- 
cession in the ordinary of the Mass. 

If a double should fall on a Sunday, then the Mass of the double is said 
instead of that of the Sunday, unless it be a priyileged Sunday, such as 
the first Sunday of Advent, or Lent, Passion, Palm, Easter, Pentecost, and 
Trinity Sundays, which are never superseded ; or a Sunday of the second 
class, which cannot be superseded, except by doubles of the first class, as 
the 2d, 3d, and 4th of Advent, Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and Quinqna- 
gesima ; as also the 2d, Sd, and 4th of Lent. It must, however, be re- 
marked, that the Gospels for Sundays, thus superseded by doubles, are 
never omitted, but are recited at the end of the Mass, instead of St. John's 
Gospel ; and also, that a commemoration of the Sunday by its proper col- 
lect, secret, and post-communion, is always made immediately after the 
collect, (&c., of the festival. 

But as it sometimes happens that a double is transferred to some future 
vacant day, on account of some festival of higher rank intervening, then 
the difHoulty of finding out the day on which such transferred festival is 
celebrated, as^well as all other dimculties regarding the service, may be 
easiljT removed by consulting the following Dirbotory, as a guide to the 
morning, as well as to the evening service of the church. 

1. The Office of every day is either Double^ Semidouble^ Simple, or of 
the Feria, 

Of doubles (so-called because the Anthems are repeated entire, both 
before and after the Psalms at vespers), some are of the first class, marked 
thus in the calendar, douh. \8t cl, ; others of the second class, and are 
marked thus, dovh. 2 cl, ; others are greater doubles, marked, gr, do^. ; 
others common doubles, marked douh, 

2. Doubles are always kept on the day marked in the calendar, unless 
they fall on some Sunday of the first or second class, some privileged feria, 
or within certain octaves, which take place of the festivals; in which 
case they are transferred to the first day not marked either as a double or 
a semidouble. 

Doub. Ist cl, denotes a great solemnity ; doub. 2 cL, a lesser solemnity ; 
greater doub. marks the feast to be of higher rite than a common double ; 
doub. is the common and most general rank of saints ; semid. is less than 
a double ; simpl. shows the feast to be of the lowest rite ; fer. or feria day 
is a week day, having no feast ; great fer. are week-days in Lent, Advent, 
<&c. ; Yig. or vigil, is the eve of a ^reat solemnity. 
The Sundays of the 1st class, which take place of all doubles, are : 
The first Sunday of Advent, the first Sundayof Lent, Passion Sunday, 
Pslm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Low Sunday, Whit Sunday, Trinity Sun- 


The Sundays of the second class, "whicli taUa ipVa<ife» liX&o, cA «J\ ^Qxi\^<^ 
Bjroept those of the Arat class, and of -wbicb, ixi i\i«A. <i%aft, «. <aom\svwassw.« 
^on 18 made at ma^ and in both vespers, axe, ttie sft<iou^^\at^%5AlQx«^ 


of AdY6Dt; Septuagenma, Sexagesimal and Quinqaageuxna, ihe second, 
tliird, and ifoorth of Lent. 

The Ferias, which enjoy the same privileirea as Sundays of the first 
class, are, Ash Wednesday, All Holy Week, Whitsun-eye, the whole oe- 
tavea of Easter and Whitsuntide. 

In like manner, within the octaye of the Epiphany, no feast leas than a 
first class san be kept 

On aU other Sunoays of the year, if a double occur, it is kept with a 
commemoration of the Sunday at mass, and at yespers also, except the fol- 
lowing day be a feast of the first class. 

8. A semidouble (so called because only a part of the Anthem is said 
before each psalm at yespers) is marked in the calendar thus, temid.^ and 
occurring on any Sunday whatsoeyer, is put ofif to the first yacant day;/ 
that is, the first day on which there is neither double nor semidouble 
marked in the calendar. The same is to be obseryed of all semidoubles 
occurring within the octaye of Corpus Christi. 

4. Simples haye no mark in the calendar, and are neyer transferred ; 
but if they fall on Sunday, or on any other day, when the office cannot be 
^said of them, a commemoration is made of the first yespers, and at mass ; 
unless it be a feast of the first class ^on which no notice is taken of sim- 
ples) or of the second class, in which case a conunemoration of them is 
madie in the Lauds, and at a low, priyate mass only. 

6. The following ferias, called greater ferias, take place of all simples, 
of which there is only a commemoration made at mass ; yiz. the ferias of 
Adyent and of Lent, the ember days, and Tuesday in rogation week. A 
conomem oration is also made of the ferias of Adyent and of Lent at yes- 
pers and at mass, whateyer feast happens ; but, of the ember days and 
Tuesday in rogation week, only at mass. 

6. If a yi^il happen within the octaye, the mass is of the yigil, with a 
commemoration of the octaye, unless there be a double or a semidouble 
feast that day, in which case the mass is of the feast, with a commem(»*a- 
tion of the octaye and of the yigU. But if a yigil occur on a feast of the 
first class, there is no commemoration made of it 

If a festiyal, that has a yigil, fall on a Monday, the mass of the yigil is 
said on the foregoing Saturday, except the yigil of Chnstnuis and of the 

If a yigil happen in Adyent the mass is of the yigil, with a conunemo- 
ration of the feria, except the yigil of Christmas. 

If a yigil happen in Lent, or an ember day, the mass is of the feria, 
with a commemoration of the yigil. 

In the paschal time there is no office of yigil, except that of Ascension- 
eye, whicn, howeyer, is no fast 

7. When a double of the first or second class, which is a holiday of 
obligation, falling on any day, is to be transferred, the obligation of the 
holiday is seldom transferred, but the faithful are generally obliged to 
hear mass on the day marked in the calendar. 

8. When seyeral iestiyals haye been translated from their proper days, 
they are afterwards to be kept in this order : first, those that are doubles, 
ana then those that are semidoubles ; and among the doubles or semi- 
doubles, those whose proper days first occurred, are to be kept first ; there 
are, howeyer, some exceptions to this rule. 

0. CclU or Collect^ signifies the oration or prayer. Upon all doubles one 

eoUect^ secret or post-communion, only is said; exc«i^t \>1^«^ iaJlX Q\!^ «i%Q;&.- 

day, or within some octave, or upon some yi(^ or m V^i^ \!vcsi^ ^\ \a^ ^ 

Adwwt, or except it oeoura with some umple ; in a\\ ^YacStei <saa«^^i^^ ^ 

Jeet^ Ac, are suid; one of the double, the other ot ^e^xxxi^-^ > <i«i\*^^ ' 


10. UpoQ Saodayi and aU semidonblM, are laid three eoUeeti, aeereti^ 
and post-communioDB ; excepting Sundajs, which oecnr within an octaTfl^ 
«a;Jwhich are said two ooUecto, Ac. ; one of the Sunday, the other of the ■ 

11. The second and third collects, secrets, and post-commoniont to be 
«a«k<£h<^ndayB and semidonblee in the different seasons of the year, are 
specified in their proper places. 

ii H^frJJ^ii semidoubles occurring within octaves, or on rigils, Ao., the 
■tfeeaoQ Collect, secret, and post-commuoion are a oommemofation of the 
octave or rieU ; and the third of the B. Y. M., but within the oetayes of 
the blessed Virgin, the third is of the Holy Ghost 

18. On semidoubles in Advent, the second collect, secret, and post-com- 
munion, are the collect, Ag., of the foregoing Sunday ; the third of the 
blessed Virgin Mary. 

14. Upon simples and-ferias, three collects, <fec., are said; but, if the 
priest please he may say five or seven, to be taken out of the divers 
prayers in the €Ofnm<m, 

16. Upon week days, which have no proper office, nor any saint's day 
occurring thereon, the mass is of the foregoing Sunday. 

16. Upon days within octaves, when no proper mass is assigned, the 
mass is said as on the feast, with three collects, <&o. — N.B. The days with- 
in octaves are kept as semidoubles only. 

17. The collect of the B. V. M. within octaves on vigils and on semi- 
doubles within paschal time. Chant, O Lord, <fcc., is found in the votive 
mass of the blessed Virgin Mary ; from Advent to Christmas the collect 
of B. V. M. is, God, who toast pleased, read in the mass of the first Sun- 
day of Advent : from Christmas to Candlemas the collect of the blessed 
Virgin, God, who by the fruitful, as in the mass of the Circumcision. 

18 The collect of gen. suffr., or general suffrage, is the prayer of the 
suffrages of the saints, which begins thus : Preserve us, 1/ord, found in 
the ordinary of the mass. 

19. The collects for tiie Church and Pope are said in the mass of the 
first Sunday of Advent. The collect of the Pope is said on the anniver- 
sary days of his creation and coronation : the creation here signifies his 
election to the sovereign Pontificate. 

30. The word opt or optional, signifies that one is at liberty to recite 
any of the occasional collects or prayers, found towards the end of the 

21. The gosp^s assigned on Sundays are never omitted. "Wherefore if 
a double be kept on a Sunday, at the end of mass is read the gospel of the 
Bu-nday, instead of that of St John ; and the same is observed when a 
double or semidouble is kept upon one day in Lent, or on a vigil or ember 

22. Where a speciid prayer is ordered to be said in the mass by the 
Bi^op, it cannot be said in the place of the third i>rayer, which is noted 
€id lib. It must be said as the fourth. This prayer is omitted in all masses 
of the first class, and in Mgh masses of the second class, unless it be order- 
ed pro eaitsa ^avi, when it is said under t^e one conclusion. It may be 
said in private masses of the second class. 

It Mppean neeeBB^ry to ezplain the order, aa ^«A\. a,% V)ba \&.%an^«r^ in 
wAwh thMt paH of the pubUe liturgy of t^^ C»t\tf>>5kft C^MvSa. ^aSl^ 
Fhspers it reeited or anng. 

HOLT SACBnnCK 01* THS HA88. 15 

Our Faik&r, and Rail Mary, being Mid in nlence, the priest maViDg 
the sign of the Qroea, iotones aloud the Versiole, Detis in adjutorium meum 
ifUende ; to which tiie ohoir add the responsorv, Dcmiiu ad o/djuvandum me 
fettina, with ti^e Gloria Patri ; and when five Pnalme, with as many an- 
themfl, hare been snog, the Priest sings the little chapter. 

Then are sang the Hymnf with its Vertiele ana Besponaory, and the 
Magnificat, with its Anthem, followed by such Prayer* and Cwmmemora- 
HonM as are suitable to the day ; which, if it be neither a Double nor with- 
in the Octave of a Festival, are the common Gommemoratione or Suffraget, 
and are to be found after the vespers for Saturday. 

Everv double haa first and second veBpers: the Hrst are said on the eve 
of the Fesfiyal, and the second on the Festival itself. Hence it often hap- 
p«is that the vespers are not of the Sunday, but of some double that falls 
on the ensuing day. 

To find out the particular vespers for every Sunday and holiday through- 
out the year, consult the Directory at the day of the month on which such 
Sunday or Festival falls. 


All the external rites used in the celebration of the Holy Mysteries are 
intended for the instruction of the faithful The chief design of these rites 
is to oommemorate and to represent the passion and death of our Lord 
and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is plainly to be observed in the Altar and 
its ornaments, as also in the vestments which are worn by the Priest 

The Altar represents Mount Calvary, where the Redeemer of the 
world expired upon an ignominious cross. This very word Altar has 
relation to sacrince, which must necessarily be offered to God in that 
church in which his true faith is professed ; and hence this name of Altar 
is mentioned by St Paul — " We have an Altar," said he, " whereof they 
have no right to eat who serve the tabernacle." — Heb. xiiL 10. The Altar 
also represents the table on which our Blessed Saviour, the night befbre 
he suffered, celebrated his last supper with his disciples. 

The CaruUes are lighted during the Holy mysteries, through a motive of 
honour and respect They represent the light of faitii, and the fervour of 
charity, which the Gospel inculcates. They are also expressive of spiritual 
life and joy. " Throughout all the churches of the East^*" says St Jerome, 
** when the Gospel is to be read, though the sun shines, torches are used, 
not to chase away darkness, but for a sign of joy." 

The Crucifix is placed in the middle of the Altar, to represent to our 
minds the passion and death of Jesus Christ, which are chiefly to be con- 
sidered and piously meditated upon in this Holy Sacrifice. 

The Amieet a linen cloth which the Priest pulls over his head, and fastens 
round his neck, signifies the linen with which the Jews blindfolded our 
Saviour in mockery, when they smote him and buffeted him, saying: 
" Prophesy unto us, O Christ 1 who is he that struck you." — ^Matt xxvi 68. 

The Alo represents the white garment which Herod put upon Christ 
after he had despised and mocked him. — ^Luke xziii. 11. 

The Maniple that the Priest wears on his left arm, the Stole that hangs 
down from his neck, and the Girdle, figure the cords and fetters wUk 
which the a&oers of the Jews bound Christ, and \«^ \^ it^m q\3a ^^^^m^ 
(o another, — John xriiL 12-24, 
The C^Mubit, or npp^r garment, represents tVie p\iT^\* gj«m<WiX. ^Vv2 


the soldiers put upon JesoB Christ, and the heavy oro«8 that he earned on 
his blessed snoulders to Mount Calyary. 

As to the colours of the ornaments with which the Priest celebrates tiie 
Holy Mysteries, the White is used on the Festiyals of our Lord, of the 
blessed Virgin Mary, and of all the saints who are not martyrs. 

The Bed is used on Pentecost^ on the Inyention and Exaltation of the 
Cross, and on the Feasts of the Apostles and Martyrs. 

The Purple or Violet, which is the penitential colour, is used on all the 
Sundays and Ferias of Adyent, and during the whole of the peniten- 
tial time from Septuaeesima Sunday till Easter ; as also on all Vigils, 
Ember-days, and Rogation-days, when the Office is of them. 

The Oreen is used on all Sundays and Ferias from Trinity-Sunday to 
Advent exclusively, and from the Octaye of the Epiphany to Septuagesi- 
ma Sunday, exclusively, when the Office is of the Sunday ; but in Paschal 
time the White is used. 

The Black is used on Good Friday, and in Masses of Requiem for the 
dead, which may be said on any day that is not a Sunday or a Double, 
except from Palm Sunday to Low Sunday, and during the Octayes of 
Christmas, of the Epiphany, of Pentecost, and of Corpus Christi. 

1. On the Anniversary of the Consecration of a Bishop the solemn Vo- 
tive Mass of Consecration should be celebrated in the Cathedral Church. 
If the Anniversary fall on a Sunday of the 1st Class, within Holy Week, 
on Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, <bo, the Anniversary Mass should (for 
that year) be omitted. Should it occur upon a Sunday in Lent, the 
prayer for the Bishop must be said in the '^ Mass of the tinfle." Tlirough- 
outthe diocese, the commemoration of the same anniversary must be made 
by every priest with the ^ pray er "i)ew« ommwn/^dd/iwm*' in the Votive 
Mass of the Anniversary of the Consecration of a Bishop. This com- 
memoration, however, should be omitted when the Anniversary occurs on 
Festivals of the 1st Class, Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, or on any of 
the Sundays which admit only one prater at Mass. But on Sundays and 
Feasts of tiie 2d Class the commemoranon is made with one ending. 

2. The Mass for the Transfw of a Bishop must be celebrated in the 
Church over which he is last placed ; and throughout the diocese, the 
commemoration must be on the Anniversary of the Transfer. 

8. By an Apostolic Tndult, dated February 7, 1847, the Solemnity of the 
Immaculate Conception of the B. V. M., unless it fall on a Sunday, is to be 
t/ansferred to the following Sunday, on which the private, as well as the 
solemn Masses, are celebrated of the feast. It is also made the' Patronal 
Feast of the United States. The conomemorations proper to the day are 
to be observed according to the Rubrics. 


Jan. 7, Archbishop of New York. March 14, Bishop of Hartford. 

Jan. 9, Tr. of Bp. of Saut Saint Marie. March 14, Bishop of Charleston. 

Jan. 10, Bishop of Fort Wayne. March 19, Bishop of Milwaukee, 

Jsit, 14, Biabop of Vincennes. March 21, Bishop of Wheeling. 

March 6, Arebhiahop of N. Orleans. Marcii ^4, "B\a\io^ ol BQ«^\i. 

ifareli 12, Bishop of Monterey. Apn\ %%^ BisJkvoi^ ol ^at>i\wi^. 



April 88, Bishop of Erie. 
April 26, Bishop of Philadelphia. 
April 26, Bishop of Alton. 
Hay 8, Bishop of Chicago. 
Hay 3, Bishf^ of Natchez. 
Hay 7, Bishop of I>ubi](][ue. 
Hay 8, Bishop of NashTiUe. 

August 1 1, Tr. of Bishop of Boston. 
Sept. (, Bishop of Louisyille. 
Oct. 10, Bishop of Cley eland. 
Oct. 18, Archbishop of Cincinnati 
Oct 17, Bishop of Buffalo. 
Oct 80, Bishop of Brooklyn. 
Oct 80, Bishop of Newark. 

Hay 21, Trans, of Bishop of Albany. Oct 80, Bishop of Burlington. 
Jtdy 14, Tr. of Bishop of SavanniJL Nov. 1, Bishop of Covington. 
July 28, Archbishop of Oregon. Nov. 10, Bishop of Richmond. 

July 24, Bishop of St Paul's. Nov. 21, Bishop of Detroit. 

July 29, Translation of Archbishop Nov. 80, Bishop of Nachitoches. 

of San Francisco. Nov. 80, Archbishop of St Louis. 

By a decree of the con|?regation of the council, dated March 26, 1859, 
the precedence amongst Bishops of the same province is to be regulated 
according to the priority of the date of their obtaining possession of their 
Episcopal Sees, and not according to the date of their consecration. 




I^or tike Faeility of Referring to the Date of Letters^ mid for other purpotes. 

Abdon and Sennen, mm Jxxlj 80 

^gldiut, Ab Bept. 1 

Agatha, V. m Feb. 6 

Agues, V. m Jan. 21 

Alexins, o. Jnlf 17 

All Sidnta, Nov. 1 

AllBoula, " 3 1 

Aloyslns Oonzaga, a June 21 

Alphonsus Liguori, b. a Aug. 2 

Ambrose, B. o. D Dea T 

Anacletna, Pope, x %... Jnlj 18 

Andrew, Apostle Nov. 80 

Andrew Avellino, " 10 

Andrew Comini, b. o Feb. 4 

Anicetns, Pope, m April 17 

Ann, Mother of b. v. m July 26 

Anselm, b. o. d April 21 

Anthony, Ab Jan. IT 

Anthony of Padna, o June 18 

Antoninus, b. o Mav 10 

Apollinarla, B. M July 28 

Apolionia, v. u. Feb. 9 

Athanaslus, b. o. d May 2 

Angustine, b. o. b Aug. 28 

Bamabaa, Apostle, • June 11 

Bartholomew, Apostle, April 24 

Basil, B. 0. D June 14 

Benedict, Ab. a Mar. 21 

Bernard, Ab. d Aug. SO 

Bernardinns, o :. May 20 

Bibiana, v. ic Dec. 2 

BlaM, B. M Feb. 8 

Bonaventure, B. o. d July 14 

Boniibce, m May 14 

Bridget Widow, Oct. 8 

Bmno, o Oct 6 

Caletan, o Ang. 7 

CJallistM^ Pope, m Oct 14 

Camillns do LeJli^ c Jnly 18 

Cmaat0,M Jan. 19 

CMt»1mtr, a j^far. 4 

CtUhBTfae, r.u jj^^ 

^^"'^ *" * Nor. 22 I * ^ 3saxUni.eii,*. c^.^-- 

Cbaa. Borromeo, b. c Nov. 4 

Christmas Day, Deo. 26 

Chrysanthus and Daria, Oct 26 

Circamcision of our Lord, Jan. 1 

Clare, v Aug 12 

Clement Pope, m Nov. 28 

Clatus and Marcel pp. mm April 26 

Cornelius and Cyprian, ux Bept 16 

Cosmas and Damian, uu ^ 27 

Cyprian and Justina, MM " 26 

Cyriacus, &c mm Aug. 8 

Damasus, Pope, Dec 11 

Dldacns, c Nov. 18 

DionvBus, Ac, mm Oct 9 

Dominic, Aug. 4 

Dorothy, v. m Feb. 6 

Edward. King, o Oct 18 

Eliiabeth, Widow, July 8 

of Hungary, Widow... Nov. 19 

Epiphany of our Lord, Jan. 6 

Epiphany, Octave of ** 18 

Eusebius, b. m Dec. 16 

Eustachius, Ac., mm Bept 20 

Evaristus, Pope, m Oct 26 

Exalt of the Holy Cross Sep. 14 

Fabian and Sebastian, mm Jan . 80 

Faustinns and Jovita, mm Feb. 16 

Felix, p. M Mar.. 80 

Felix of Valols, o Nov. 20 

Fidelia, m April « 

Finding of Holy Cross, May 8 

Frances, Widow. Mar. 9 

Francis of Assisinm, o Oct 4 

** Stigmas of Sept 17 

** Borgia, o Oct flO 

*' Caracclolo, June 4 

" of Paula, o kv^ ^k 

" ofaa\eft,o.c ^«i. ^ 

" Xav\eT,o ^^^ 

Gabriel, Arch >!^«- 

George, M *g^ 




Oragoiy ThAnmAtonnui, b. o Nor. IT 

- VII. F. May 96 

Giurdlan AnffeU, Oct fi 

Hedwljiii, Widow, •» 17 

Heniy, EmperOTf o July 15 

HermeD«gild, m April 18 

HikrioD, ab Oct ft 

Hilarr, b. o Jan. 14 

Hyacinth, Ang. 16 

Ignatius,B.M F«b. 1 

** of Loyola, Jaly 81 

Innocents, Holy Deo. tS 

Innocents, Holy, Oct Jan. 4 

IrensuSiB. x June B8 

Isidore, b. c. d April 4 

James. Apostle. Jmy 86 

Jane Frances de Chantal Aug. 81 

Janaarius, ^cc^ mm Sept. 19 

Jerome, o.D ** 80 

»» JEmlllan, o Jaly 80 

John, Apostle and Evan., Dec. 87 

" BefLatgato, May « 

** Baptist, Behead, of; Aug. 19 

" »» Natiyrty of June 84 

•• •* Octave of, July 1 

" Cantlus Oct. 80 

" ChrysostoDo, B. o. D Jan. 97 

" of the Cross,© Nov. 94 

" ofQod,o Mar. 8 

" Lateran, Ded. of; Nov. 9 

** A. B. Faoundo, o Jane 18 

»* Francis Regis, " 18 

•* ofMatha,o Feb. 8 

•* Gualbert,A. o July 19 

** Nepomucen,M May 89 

** ana Paul, KM June 86 

Joseph. 0. Spouse of b. t. m Mar. 19 

*" Galaaanotius, o Aug. 87 

•* Cupertino, c... Sept. 18 

Juliana. Falconieri, ▼ June 19 

Lady of Mercy, Our B Sept. 84 

" adNlve8,0ur, Aug. 6 

Laurenoe,M ^ 10 

*' Justinian, B. Sept 6 

Lee the Great, p. a d April 11 

** Pope, o July 7 

Lewis, King, o Aug. 95 

Linus, Pope, M. Sept. 88 

Lucy, V. M Dec. 18 

Luke, Evangelist, Oct 18 

Magdalen, Mary, Pen July 99 

" ofPai«l,v May 87 

Marcellinus, dec mm June 9 

Marcellus, p. m Jan. 16 

Marcus, Ac. mm. June 18 

Margaret, Queen, Widow, "• 10 

Mark, Evangelist^ April 86 

" Pope. o... Oct 7 

Martha, V July 89 

Martin, b, o Nov. 11 

Martin, Pope, M *'• 39 

Martina, t. m Jan. 80 

"'^rtyrs, Forty, Mar. 10 

ary, i. v. of Mt Car July 16 

-Annunc. of Mar. 95 

■Assumption of;. Aug. 15 

■Octave, of. 


-Concept of Dec 

— Octave, of " 

-Espousals of, Jan. 

-Expeo. Del of. Dec 


-ffefp ofdbriai.W' , . . . . May 24 

NatlrUjr of, Sept 8 

Octave, ** 16 

—^'refentatloB of, Nov. 21 

'Purification of, Feb. 2 

- yJa/tatlon of July 2 

MaihiM, Aportle, Tab. 94 

Mathla8,Ap., leap year, •• 96 

MaUhew, Ap. end £▼«& lift il 

Michael, Aic ** 99 

Monica, Widow, Mur 4 

Nazarius, Ae. mm July 98 

Nereua, Ac mm. May 19 

Nicholas of Tolent Sept It 

— — — — of Myra, B. Dee. f 

Norbert,B.o Jane f 

Pantaleon^M Jvly 97 

Pasehal Baylon, Uaj IT 

Patrick, B.0 Mar. 17 

Paul, Conversion of; Jan. 95 

Oommemoratioa at, June 88 

First Hermit, o Jan. 16 

Paullnus, B. June 99 

Peter's Chains, Aag. 1 

Chair at Antloch, Feb. 98 

— Borne, Jan. 18 

Peter, Martyr, April99 

Peter of Alcantara, 0.... Oot It 

Celestinus, p. o Mey It 

Chrysologus, b. o. d Dea 4 

Damian,B. 0. D Feb. 98 

Nolasco,o Jan. 81 

— — and Paul, App June 9t 

Philip Benlti, Aug. 18 

Philip Neri,o May 26 

Philip and James App '* 1 

Plus 6th, Pope, 0... *• 6 

Pius, Pope, M July 11 

Placidus, <kc MM Oct 6 

Polyearp,B. M Jan. 96 

Prazedes, V July 91 

Primus and Felicianus, mm June t 

Raphael, Arch Oct 94 

Raymond of Pennaftnrt, ... Jan. 99 

Nonnatus, o Aug. 81 

Remigius, b. o Oct 1 

Romuald, Ab Feb. 7 

Rose of Lima, ▼ Aug. 80 

8abba^ Ab.^ Dec 5 

Saviour's Chirch, ded. of; Nov. 9 

Scholastica, V Feb. It 

Seven Brothers, mm July 10 

Silvester, Pope, o Dec 91 

Silverius, Pope, m June 90 

Simeon, B.M Feb. 18 

Simon and Jude, App Oct 88 

Soter and Cains, pp. mm April 89 

Stanislau s Kostka, o. Nov. 14 

Stanislaus, b. m May T 

Stephen, Proto-Martyr, Dec 96 

Octaveof. Jan. 9 

Finding of Bel Aug. 8 

Pope,M " 9 

^Klng. Sept 9 

Teresa, v 'Oct 16 

Thomas, Ap Dec 81 

of Aquin, o. d Mar. 7 

ofCant'ryB. M Dec 89 

o f Vil'nova, b. o Sept 99 

Tiburtius, Ac mm April 14 

Timothy, b. m Jan. 94 

Transflg. of our Lord, Aug. 8 

Ubaldus, b. May 16 

Valentine, m Feb. 14 

Venantius, M May 18 

Vincent of Paul, o July 19 

Ferrier, o April 5 

& AnaatBAVoi^ tm Jan. 99 

YitaliB,!^ kY^*& 

TituB, ModMta^ &o. liii 5u^^ \J» 

WenoeB\axia, u ^«v^ ^ 

WlUUm,Ab.o.. ^^^^"^^ 

ZepYiyrVuua, Pop©, ^ ^"^^ "^ 

l9$ MorUh. 

Jakuaby, 1864. 

81 I>ayi, 



S^iw York. WAiaVow. 



a. M, 

n. It. 

m iL 

B. M, 

0. B. H. B. 

Third Quarter. * 


3 55 mo. 

3 48 TOO. 

2 31 mo. 

2 19 mo. 

112 3 41 

Kew- Uoon..,. 


S 1 mo' 

2 49 mo. 

2 37 iDo. 

2 36 mo. 

912 7 19 

Kret Quarter.,. ] 


6 22 ev. ' 

6 10 er. 

6 58 er. 

6 46 ev. 

17^12 10 30 

Fall MootL.,_S 


5 la ev. : 

5 6eTf. 

4 54 ev. 

4 42 ev. 

3512 12 35 

Third Quarter. . I 


7 33 ey. 

7 21 ©V- 

7 9 ST. 

57 ev. 

Cy^Mfar /or 

Calendar for 

Calendar for 

Cakndar for 








PatLA., €ow»., 1?, 

Mahtlawu^ Viit- 

Carouma, Tbj*- 


State, MicHiaAS^ 

if^iaET, PjtssarL- 


iifim&KU, Gkobbia, 


WiMos^iTt, Iowa, 


MiasogBi, A^p 

Alauaha, lAli^ 


jlKd Obxqqii, 


, Cajjtobjtijl 















Q 1 










IL M. 






B. M. 



H. M. 

H- M. i R. IL 



a. M. 



T 30 

4 88 


7 35 

4 43 


7 19*4 49 


7 3 

5 5 




7 SO 

4 39 


7 35 

4 44 


7 19 

4 50 


7 3 

5 6 




7 30 

4 40 

1 14 

7 35 

4 45 

1 11 

7 19 

4 51 

1 9 

7 3 

5 7 

1 1 



7 SO 

4 41 

2 19 

7 35 

4 46 

2 16 

7 19 

4 63 

2 13 

7 3 

5 8 

3 3 



7 30 

4 41 

B S5 

7 S5 

4 46 

3 ^i: 

7 19 

4 62 

S 16 

7 3 

5 8 

3 4 



7 SO 

4 42 

4 33 

7 25 

4 47 

4 37 

7 19 

4 53 

4 23 

7 3 

5 9 

4 7 



7 SO 

4 43 

5 33 

7 SI5 

4 48 

6 29 

7 19 

4 54 

5 24 

7 35 10 

5 9 



7 30 

4 44>8eta 1 

7 25 

4 49 


7 19 

4 56 


7 3 5 11 




7 ao 

4 45 

5 41 

7 35 

4 50 

5 45 

7 19 

4 66 

6 48 

7 35 13 

6 59 



7 29 

4 46 

6 48 

7 24 

4 51 

6 Gl 

7 19 

4 67 

6 5£l 

7 3 

5 13 

7 1 



7 29 

4 47 

8 14 

7 34 

4 53 

8 15 

7 18 

4 58 

8 17 

7 2 

6 14 

B 31 



7 29 

4 49 

9 27 

7 24 

4 53 

9 27 

7 18 

4 59 

9 27 

7 3 

5 16 

9 29 



7 38 

4 49 

10 3S 

7 33 4 54 

10 37 

7 IS 


10 36 

T 3 

5 15 

10 33 



7 38 

4 50 

U 47 

7 23;4 55 

U 45 

7 17 

5 1 

U 43 

7 2 

5 16 

11 37 



7 27 

4 fi2 


7 22 4 57 


7 17 

5 S 


7 2 

5 17 




7 i7 

4 53 


7 2214 58 


7 16 

5 3 


7 2 

5 18 




7 26 

4 64 

1 57; 

7 214 59 

1 53 

7 16 

5 4 

1 49 

7 2 

5 19 

1 38 



7 25 

4 56 

2 61 

7 20 

5 1 

2 63 

7 16 

5 6 

2 48 

7 1 

5 19 

2 35 



7 25 

4 57 

3 54 

7 20 

5 3 

3 49 

7 IB 

5 7 

3 44 

7 1 

6 30 

3 30 



7 34 

4 58 

4 46 

7 19 

B 3 

4 41 

7 14 

5 8 

4 27' 

7 1 

5 21 

4 31 



7 33 

4 59 

5 33 

7 18 

B 4 

5 38 

7 14 

5 9 

5 23 

7 1 

5 31 

6 9 



7 3ai5 1 


7 18 

5 6 

6 10 

7 13 

5 10 

6 6 

7 1 

5 22 

5 53 



7 32 

5 3 


7 17 

5 6 


7 13 

5 1! 



5 33 




7 21 

5 S 

6 ii 

7 16 

5 7 

6 13 

7 U 

5 13 

6 16 


5 34 

6 33 



T 20 

5 4 

7 8 

7 16 

5 8 

7 9 

7 11 

5 13 

7 11 

6 59 

5 25 




7 19 

5 6 

8 5 

7 15 

5 9 

8 5 

7 10 

5 H 

8 6 

6 69 

5 se 



7 19 

5 7 

9 3 

7 14 

5 11 

9 3 

7 9 

5 15 

9 3 

6 58 

5 27 

9 3 



7 18 

6 8 

10 2 

7 13 

5 12 

10 1 

7 9 

5 16 


6 58 

5 28 

9 56 


Fr ' 

7 n 

5 S 

II 1 

7 13 

5 13 

10 59 

7 8 

5 17 

10 57 

6 68 

6 29 

10 51 



7 IS 

a n 


7 12' 5 15 


7 7 

5 19 

11 67 

6 57 

B 30 

11 48 



7 15l5 13 


7 J 2 '5 16 


7 7l5 20 

^mom.\^ ^t^ ^XVk*'^- 

2d MofM 




29 IkBy. 


Sun cm Merid. 



New Yobk^ 

OT noon aurk. 


H. If. 

H. H. 

n. K. 

a. jL 


H, M.' 

Nefw Moon.,.. 


I S6 ev. 

1 14 ey. 

1 a BY. 

50 ©T, ' 


13 13 SI 

First Quarter, , , 

14 8 40 mo. 

& S8 mo. 

8 16 mo. 

8 4 mo. 

9|12 14 BO 

Full Moon,,.,. 


11 er. 

5 0V, 

11 5S Baa 

11 41 lao. 


IS 14 19 

26 12 13 21 

Caltftdar for 

Cal^idar for 

Cahndar Jor 

Qikndar far 







Encjlawii, N.Yoru 

l*RlLi., COTtR.^ N. 

Maiiti.ajib» Tift- 

CAibi-iwA, Tms- 



State, MiemaAH, 

jKKilET, Pl:NS*Yt' 


!fxa&u, GitaiiaiA, 



WlflCOHBlJI, lowAi 

TANI4, Ohto, Ism- 


Alabama, Mrsi, 



AM A, AflU lUJKUlB^ 


Aflti Lgv»tu*A. 




























U. Jl. 

B* DU 



B. H. 



a. IL 

fl. M. 

n. M. 

H. It. 


7 14!5 14! 1 7 

7 10 

5 18 

1 4 

7 6 

5 22 


fl 56 

6 32 




1 125 15' 2 10 

7 9 

5 19 

S 6 

7 6 

5 23' 2 2 

6 55 

6 33! I 43 



7 lli5 ITJ » 6 

7 a 

5 20 


7 4 

5 24; 2 55 

6 54 5 34 

2 61 



1 10 5 18, 4 4 

7 7 

6 21 

3 59 

7 8 

5 25i 3 54 

6 54,5 35 

3 60 



7 9 

5 19 6 7 

7 e 

5 22 

B S 

7 2 

6 26! 4 58 

6 53 

5 36 

4 45 



7 85 21| 6 65 

7 5 

6 24 

5 51 

7 lj6 27 6 48 

6 52 

5 37 

5 ST 



7 7j5 22 W 

7 4 

5 25 


1 0^5 28 8^te, 

6 51 

5 38 




T 66 S?4| 7 1 

7 3 

5 2G 

7 2 

6 69,5 29 

7 3 

6 50 

5 39 

1 6 



7 5 6 25 8 IB 

7 2 

G 28 

R 15 

6 B8 5 30 

8 15 

6 49 

6 40 

8 14 



7 S,5 26; 9 27 


5 29 

9 Sii 

6 67 

5 31 

9 24 

6 48 

5 41 

9 20 



7 25 27110 36 

6 59 

5 30 

10 34 

6 66 

5 32 

10 31 

6 47 

5 42 

10 24 



7 1 

5 29|1I 44 

6 58 

6 32 

11 41 

6 66 

5 34 

11 38 

6 46 

5 43 

11 27 




5 3C 


6 56 

5 33 


6 54 

6 35|morii. 

tj 46 

5 44 




6 68 

5 31 


6 65 

5 34 


6 63 

5 36 


6 44 

5 4i. 




6 57 

5 SS 

1 48 

6 64 

5 35 

1 43 

6 61 

5 37 

1 39 

6 43 

5 46 

1 24 



6 55 

B 3a 

2 42 

6 53 

5 36 

2 37 

6 50 

5 38 

2 32 

6 42 

5 47 

2 18 



6 64 

B B4 

a Bl 

6 51 

5 37 

3 m 

6 49 

S 39 

3 21 

6 41 

5 47 

3 T 



(i 53 

S 3fi 

4 l.S 

6 60 

5 3B 

4 9 

6 48 

5 40 

4 4 

6 40 

5 48 

3 61 



a 51 

5 37 

4 &0 

6 49 

5 39 

4 47 

G 47 

5 41 

4 43 

6 S9 

6 49 

4 31 



6 49 

5 39 

5 24 

6 47 

5 41 

6 21 

6 45 

5 43 

5 19 

6 38 

5 60 

6 9 



6 48 

5 40 

5 66 

6 46 

6 4S 

5 53 

6 44 

5 4S 

5 51 

6 37 

6 51 

6 44 



6 47 

6 41 


6 44 

6 4a 


6 48 

5 44Tifleft. 1 

6 36 

6 51 




6 45 

5 43 

6 67 

6 43 

6 45 

e 57 

6 42 

5 46 

6 57 

6 35 

5 52 

6 67 



6 43 

6 44 

7 66 

6 41 

5 46 

7 63 

ti 40 

5 47 

7 64 

6 a4 

5 53 

7 61 



6 42 

5 45 

8 56 

6 39 

& 47 

8 53 

6 39 

5 48 

8 51 

S S3 

5 54 

8 46 


6 41 

5 46 

: S 66 

6 m 

5 48 

9 63 

6 38 

5 49 

9 61 

€ 32 

5 55 

9 4'i 



6 39 

5 47 

10 58 

6 37 

6 49 

10 54 

6 3G 

5 59 

10 51 

6 81 

5 56 

10 40 



fi 37 

5 48 


6 36 

5 49 

11 57 

6 34 

5 51 

11 53 

6 30 

6 66 

11 40 



e 3G& 43 


6 35 

5 50 


6 33 

5 52 


6 2& 

5 67 



Mabch, 1864. 

81 Da/ys. 

BOOTOW, iNmr YosM. 

WAia^lT, ; 


Son OD Mtdd, 


B. M. 

h: x. 

B. H. 

a. M. 

a IB, M. & 



I 8 as mo. 

8 16 ma 

8 4 mo. 

7 6S mo. 

1]12 13 3e 

New MooQ. . . i 

Till 15 ov/|ll 3 er.|10 51 ev. [ 

10 39 ev.l 

9,12 10 34 

Firat Quarter... 


> 1 23 mo. 1 11 rao.| 

59 moJ 

4T ma 

IT 12 8 20 

Full M(X>ti.,... 


\ 5 40 mo. 6 28 rno.[ 5 IG rao. 

6 4 ma 

25 12 6 54 

Third Quarter. . 


)^B 36 ©V. 5 24 ev. 5 13 ev. 

5 ev. 


Colmdar for 

CoJisnMr fofr 

OoZenciar /?r 

€aisnd(w for 







Ekslaub, N.Tobk 

Phila,» Comw., K. 

Mabtu^d, Vib- 

OABOtiwA, Tieif- 



JSS8«t. PSKNiTl' 


ireSiKV, GK>»aiA| 



WiBcoiraTiT, Iowa, 

TAHTA, Ohio, Indi- 

MllSOUItl, Aifp 

Alabama, Miia.. 


Arm Omsos. 

ana, ABU Lluhoii. 


A?iP L0t7IlIAl4J. 











8HD 1 Bdo 







H. M. 




r1fi« iata. 



ft. M. 

H, H. 

H. M. 

II. M, 

s< u. 

H. Ml. B. M. 

H. M. 



6 35 

a 60 

.1 2 

6 35 

6 50 


6 33!5 62 


6 386 fi7 




e S3 

6 51 


6 33 

5 61 

1 65 

6 31 

5 63 

1 40 

6 275 58 

1 36 



6 32 

& 63 

% 54 

e 32 

5 53 

2 60 

6 30 

5 54 

3 46 

6 2e|5 69 

2 31 



6 3fl 

5 54 

3 43 

6 30 

6 54 

3 40 

6 29 

5 55 

3 36 

6 255 69 

B 23 



6 29 

6 56 

4 28 

6 39 

6 65 

4 25 

6 2715 66 


6 24^6 

4 12 



% 27 

6 66 

5 6 

6 27 

5 66 

6 4 

6 26|6 6T 

5 2 

6 23 6 1' 

4 66 



6 26 

5 6S 


6 26 

5 58 


6 25 

6 68,Heta. 

6 22,6 1 




6 24 

5 60 


6 24 

5 69 


6 24 

6 59, 6 59 

6 2l'6 2 

6 66 



6 23 


8 14 

fi 23 


8 12 

8 22 

6 8 10 

6 S06 3 

8 4 



e 21 

6 ] 

9 23 

6 21 

6 1 

9 20 

6 20 

G 1! 9 17 

6 186 4 

g 9 



6 19 

S 2 

10 32 

S !9 

6 2jl0 28 

6 IS 

6 2 

10 24 

e n;6 4 

10 13 



6 IT 

6 3 

11 34 

e n 

e 311 30 

6 17 

0^ 3 

11 26 

6 166 5 

11 12 



6 16 

6 6 


6 15 

6 djuiorn 

6 16 

6' 4'mom, 

6 146 6 




a 14 

6 fi 


e 14 

e 5 


6 14 

6 5 


6 138 7 




S 12 

6 7 

1 24 

6 12 


1 20 

6 13 

6 6 

1 16 

a 116 8 




6 10 

e S 

2 10 

6 10 

6 T 

S 6 

6 11 

6 T 

2 1 

6 106 9 

I 47 



6 § 

d 9 

2 49 

6 9 

6 S 

2 46 

6 10 

6 8 

2 41 

6 9 6 10] 2 33 



6 T 

6 10 

3 26 

6 n 

6 9 

3 22 

6 8 

6 9 

3 18 

6 e 

6 11 

3 8 



6 5 

6 11 

3 BT 

6 6 

6 10 

3 54 

a 6 

6 10 

3 62 

6 6 

G 1] 

3 44 



6 3 

6 13 

4 25 

6 3 

6 12 

4 ^4 

6 6 

6 11 

4 22 

6 68 12 

4 IT 



6 2 

6 14 

4 63 

6 2 

6 13 

4 62 

e 3 

6 12 

4 61 

6 3 

6 13 

4 48 




6 15 



6 14 


6 2 

6 13 


6 2 

6 14 




5 59 

e 17 

6 48 

S 59 

6 15 

6 47 

6 1 

6 14 

6 45 

6 16 14 

6 40 



5 m 

6 18 

T 49 

5 58 

6 16 

T 46 

6 69 

6 16 


5 B9i6 15 

7 37 



5 55 

6 19 

S 62 

5 56 

6 17 

8 49 

5 61 

e 16 

8 45 

5 68'6 16 

8 35- 



5 53 


9 54 

6 55 

G 18', U 61 

5 66 

6 17 

1 9 46 

5 566 10 

9 34 

27 i 


5 52 

6 21 

10 56 

B 64 

6 19 

10 51 

5 54 


10 47 

5 656 IT 

10 33 



5 51 

6 23 

11 54 

5 52 

6 20 

11 60 

5 63 

8 19 

,11 45 

5 M6 17 

U 30 



5 49 

6 23 


5 61 

8 21 


^ 62 

6 20 


5 63!0 18 




5 4T 

6 SU 


6 49 

6 2*i 


5 50 

B 21 


6 5216 18 




6 46 

6 96 

1 3T 

6 4T 

22:1 1 33 

a 48 

•G aaJ. \ ■ja\t> ^^ V^V^ 

4th Month. 

Apbil, 1864. 

80 J^ayi; 

Bun OB Merid. 



N»w ToBt 


or oooD mark. 


.' H. M. 

n, m. 

H. IL 

«. u. 


U. K. & 

T^^W Moon , , , , 

S S 5 mo. 

a 53 too. 

8 41 mo. 

8 29 mo. 


12 S 45 

First Quarter,, . 13| 7 27 ey. 

7 12 ev. 

7 Q^. 

6 48 eT. 

9|12 1 26 

Full M 

>on , * . , . 2 

1 g 35 eT, 
8 11 50 ev. 

8 23 ©7. 
U 36 ev. 

8 11 ev. 

LI 26 ev, 


7 59 OT. 
11 14 ev. 



11 59 S4 

iaarter. - 2 

ill 57 40 


OaUendar fbr 

Calendar for 

Calendar for 

BOSTON; i;i;W 






PiitLA^ Conk., H, 

Martlaitd, YlB- 

Oaroliwa, Teii- 

StatRj MioaiUAN, 

JsSiJtiT, PB!fIf*Vl^ 

^miA^ KlMTUtmT, 

JfKSeAB, QlOfiflL^ 

WiBOOHSnf, lowA^ 

VAJW4, OmG, Iwjii- 

Miuouu, ^irD 







Sun 1 etm 













riMA. J aeti. 








M,». ' 


TL M. 

K. M. JL M. 

R. U. 


H. u. 

EL M. 



n. M. 



5 43 

6 ati 

3 21 

5 45 

6 24 

S 17 

5 46 

6 22 

2 14 

5 40 

6 90 

2 3 



5 41 

6 27 

S 1 

5 4a 

6 25 

2 BO 

5 44 6 23 

2 56 

5 47 

6 21 

a 49 



5 41} 

6 28 

S 36 

5 41 

6 26 

8 35 

5 4316 24 

3 33 

5 46 

a £2 

3 39 



6 38 

6 29 

4 11 

6 3!) 

6 27 

4 11 

5 41 Is as 

4 11 

5 45 

6 22 

4 10 



5 36 

6 30 


5 37 

6 23 4 45 

6 39|6 25 

4 46 

5 43 

6 23 

4 49 



5 34 

6 31 


5 35 

6 39|aeta. 

5 aae 36*et& 

5 42 

6 24 




6 32 

ti 32 

8 8; 

5 33 

6 30| 8 6 

5 37 

6 27' 8 2| 

5 40 

6 S4 

7 61 



6 30 

6 33 

9 16 

6 31 

8 31 9 12 

5 35 

6 28 

9 8 

6 89 

6 25 

S 55 



5 29 

6 34' 10 17 

5 30 

6 32 10 12 

6 33 

8 29 

10 8 

5 38 

6 26 

9 54 



6 27 

e 3511 12 

5 as 

6 33 

11 8 

5 SI 

6 SO 

11 S 

5 36 

6 26 

10 43 



5 26 

6 aeimora. 

6 26 

3 34 

11 68 

5 S9 

6 31 

11 53 

5 85 

6 37 

a 39 



5 24 

6 37j 2 

S 25 

S 35 


5 SB 

6 32 


a 34 

6 28 




5 23 

6 381 45 


6 36 


5 27 

6 33 


5 33 

6 23 




6 21 

6 39' 1 24 

5 22 

6 37 

1 20 

5 25 

6 34 

1 17 

5 32 

6 29 

1 6 



D 19 

B 40 

1 57 

5 21 

6 38 

1 64 

5 24 

6 35 

1 51 

5 31 

6 SO 

1 42 



5 17 

a 41 

2 26 

5 20 

6 S9 

2 24 

6 5S3 


2 22 

5 SO 

6 31 

2 le 



6 16 

6 42 

2 54 

5 18 

6 40 

2 53 

5 21 

6 S7 

a 52 

5 29 

6 31 

2 49 



fi 15 

G 43 

3 21 

5 16 

6 41 

a 21 

5 20 

6 38 

3 21 

5 38 

6 32 

3 20 



S 13 

6 44 

3 49 

5 15 

6 42 

3 49 

5 Id 

6 39 

3 50 

5 26 

6 S3 

3 m 



5 12 

r> 46 

4 15 

6 IS 

6 4A 

4 17 

B 17 

6 40 

4 18 

5 26 

6 33 

4 33 



5 10 

6 47 


5 ]] 

6 45 


6 15 

6 41 


5 24 

6 34 




Q e 

6 43 

7 46 

5 10 

6 46 

7 42 

6 14 

6 42 

7 38 

6 23 

6 35 

7 37 



5 6 

6 4B 

B 48 

5 9 

6 47 

8 44 

6 13 

6 43 

S 39 

5 32 

6 H5 

8 26 



& 4 

6 51 

9 48 

5 7 

6 481 9 43 

5 11 

6 44 

9 39 

5 21 

6 36 

9 24 



5 3 

6 52 

10 45 

5 6 

6 49110 40 

6 10 

6 46 

10 35; 

5 20 

^ 37 

10 21 



5 2 

6 bS 

U 35 

5 5 

6 50 U 31 

5 9 

6 46 

11 27 

6 19 

6 37 

11 14 



5 1 

6 H 


5 3 

6 51 


5 7 

6 41 


5 18 

6 38 




4 59 

6 5S 


5 2 

6 52 


5 6 

6 4B 


5 16 

6 39 




4 57 

6 57 

I 1 

5 1 

6 5S 


5 4 

6 49 


5 15 

6 39 




4 m 

6 fiS 

1 S7 


6 54 

1 35 

5 36 50 

1 33 

5 14 

6 40 

1 23 



I 1 


5«4 Mmuh. 

Mat, 1864 


31 JDa^; 


i. Bmtoh, 



uj B- »• 

B, M. 

B, U. 

n. iL &.[ II. 11. tk 

New Moon.,,. 

6 7 30 eir. 

7 18 ST. 

7 6 er. 

6 54 ev. 

1 U 68 6S 

First Quarter., .IS I 36 ev. 

I 24 OT. 

1 12 e¥. 

1 ev. 

9 11 66 14 

Full Moon..,.. 21 8 40 ma 

a 28 mo. 

8 16 mo. 

e 4 mo. 17111 66 11 

Third Quarter.. 38 4 57 rao. 

4 25 mo. 4 IS mo. 

4 1 rao. 2511 56 43 

£?isfeiwiar /or 

Cdkndar for 


Calmdar for 


M. YOfiKUlTri 






VuthA^ Coww,, N, 

CAftOtWA, Twt- 


' H 

Stati, Mjjcotgaw, 

j£BaBY, FE?firi¥L- 


KBfl&XK, QioitaiA, 



WlMIONSEM, low*, 

vAaiA, Ohio, I:*i>i- 


Alabama, Mius,, 
















Saa MwoL 













■Bti. [ rUes. 


H, JL 

EU H. 


K, M, 

H. M. 

H, M. 

n. it 

Q. u 

IL M. 

H* JL 

H, .M,: a. Ji. 

H. 31, 



4 54 

6 59 

2 10 

4 69 

6 66 

2 9 

6 2 

6 62 

!2 8 

5 IE 

6 41 

2 6 



4 53'7 O; 2 43 

4 58 

6 56 

2 43 

5 1 

6 53 

' 2 43 

6 12 

6 42 

2 44 



4 5liT 1 

3 16 

4 67 

6 57 

3 IS 


6 B4i 3 19| 

6 11 

6 43 

S 24 



4 BO 

7 2 

3 m 

4 66 

6 58 

3 64 

4 59j6 55' 3 56|S 10 

6 44 

4 4 



4 49 

t B 

aey. , 

4 55 

6 69 


4 fifi 

6 56Beta | 

5 10 

6 46 




4 4a 

7 4 


4 64 


7 65 

4 57 

6 56 

7 61 

5 9 

6 45 

7 38 



4 4T 

7 5 


4 63 

7 1 

8 55 

4 BO 

6 57 

8 61 

6 8 

6 46 

8 36 



4 46 

T 6 

9 63 

4 62 

7 2 

9 48 

4 65 

6 58 

9 44 

5 7 

6 46 

9 29 



4 45 

T T 

10 B9 

4 51 

7 3 

10 35 

4 54 

8 69 

10 30 

5 6 

6 47 

10 17 



4 44 

7 8 

U 19 

4 50 

7 4 

11 16 

4 53 


11 22, 

6 5 

6 48 





7 9 

11 && 

4 49 

7 5 

11 52 

4 62 

7 3 

11 49 

5 4 

6 48 

11 39 



4 42 

7 10 


4 48 

7 6 


4 61 

7 2 


5 3 

6 49 




4 41 

7 11 


4 47 

7 7^ 34 

4 50 

7 3 


5 2 

6 50 




4 40 

7 12 


4 46 

7 8 


4 49 

7 4 


5 2 

6 50 




4 39 

7 13 

1 23i 

4 4^ 

7 9 

1 21 

4 48^7 6 

1 20 

5 1 

6 51 

1 19 



4 38 

7 14 

I 49 

4 43 

7 10 

1 43 

4 47^7 6 

1 49 


6 52 

1 60 



4 37 

7 16 

3 16 

4 4g 

7 11 

2 17 

4 4G1 7 

2 18 


6 52 

2 22 



i 36 

7 16 

2 45 

4 41 

7 12 

3 48 

4 45 

7 7 

2 60 

4 69 

6 53 

a 57 



4 35 

7 17 

3 n 

4 40 

7 13 

3 20 

4 44 

7 8 

3 23 

4 68 

6 54 

3 m 



4 36 

7 18 

3 64 

4 39 

7 14 

3 63 


7 9 

4 2 

4 58 

6 54 

4 13 



4 34 

7 19 


4 38 

7 IB 


4 43 

7 10 


4 67 

6 55 




4 33 

7 20 

8 36 

4 37 

7 16 

8 31 

4 42 

7 10 

8 27 

4 57 

6 56 

8 13 



4 33 

7 21 

9 32 

4 30 

7 17 

9 27 

4 42 

7 11 

9 23 

4 66 

6 56 

9 a 



4 31 

7 22 

10 19 

4 35 

7 18 

10 le 

4 41 

7 12 

10 12 

4 56 

6 56 

10 a 



4 30 

7 23 

U 2 

4 36 

7 19 

10 59 

4 40 

7 IS 

10 67 

4 65 

6 57 

10 47 



4 29 

7 24 

U 39 

4 34 

7 20 

U 37 

4 40 

7 X4 

11 35 

4 65 

6 57 

li 28 



4 28 

7 9& 


4 33 

7 21 


4 39 

7 14 


4 54 

6 58 




4 28 

7 30 


4 33 

7 22 


4 38 7 15 


4 54 

6 58 



^ i 

4 2T 

7 27 


4 32 

7 23 


4 38;7 la 


4 63 

6 59 




4 26 

7 28 

1 18 

4 31 

7 24 

1 19 

4 377 16 

1 2U 

4 53 

6 59 

I 23 



4 261*? 28j 

1 51 

4 31j7 25,1 1 53 

4 mi M 

^ V ^b\4 ^^i 

\1 Vi 

\% % 

6th Month 


U N B, 18 6 4 

30 Daf^. 



New Tojut. 


^ . inn OS MCTid, 
GiiAiij-it»ii. aruoanmiii'li. 


n, M. 

11, M. 

iL a. 1 

U. M, D. 1 H. IL ft. 

Kew Moon , . * * 4J fl 56 mo. 

6 44 ma 

fl 32 mo. 

6 20 mo 

Ill 67 37 

First Quarter... 1 

I 1 4 BIO. 

6 62 mo. 

e 40 ma 

6 *28 mo. 

911 69 2 

Jull Mo 
Third g 

Km [r 

6 10 ev. 

fl 31 xiio. 

5 68 ev. 

9 10 ma 

5 46 mo. 
9 7 mo. 

5 34raa 17 12 41 
8 55 ma 26 12 3 24 

uarter. , S< 


Calendar for 









Knolajid^N. Yokk 

Fill LA., CONN.^ U. 

MiHt^AHD, Tm- 

Caaoli]**, Tes- 


StatBi MiOaiaAKf 

Jlt^STf IhsSHbYh- 


HEBSr, a»OB^u. 


Wjaqoitdii, low*, 

¥ASL4, Oma^ Isrpi- 


A LAB A HA, Mia. 


ASD Ossaoir* 








Bun Bun 













rliei Hits. 








11 M. 


IT. M. 

11. M. n.ii. 

B, M. 


n, u. 

lU It 

fU H, 1 B» M. 

B, K. 



4 25 

7 20 

2 27 

4 an 24 

2 29 

4 36 

7 18 

2 32 

4 53,1 1 

2 42 



4 24 

7 SO 

3 a 

4 3D 7 26 

3 11 

4 36 

7 19 

3 15 

4 537 1 

3 27 



4 24 

7 30 

3 51 

4 301 26 

3 66 

4 35 

7 19 


4 637 2 

4 13 



* 23 

7 31 


4 W1 26 


4 35 

7 20 


4 62,7 2 




4 S3 

7 32 

8 33 

4 29,7 27 

8 20 

4 35 

7 3t) 

S 24 

4 52;7 3 

8 10 


4 23 

7 33 

9 16 

4 2a 

7 21 

9 12 

4 34 

7 21 

9 S 

4 6217 3 

g 65 

7 - 


4 23 

7 33 

9 &4 

4 28 

7 2S 

9 50 

4 34 

7 21 

9 47 

4 52 7 4 




4 22 

7 34 

10 26 

4 23 

7 38 

10 24 

4 34 

7 22 

10 21 

4 637 4 

10 13 



4 2S 

7 36 

10 5G 

4 28 

7 29 

10 54 

4 34 

7 22 

10 52 

4 52 1 6 

10 41 

10 Pr , 

i 23 

7 35 

n 23 

4 28 

7 29 

11 22 

4 84 

7 23|ll 21 

4 62 

7 5 

U 19 

11 rE^ 

12 Is 

4 21 

7 36 

11 61 

4 28 

7 30 

11 51 

4 34 

7 24H1 60 

4 52 

7 6 

11 50 

4 22 

7 37 


4 28 

7 BO 


4 34 

7 25,mornJ 

4 62 

7 6 


13 M 

4 22 

7 31 


4 28 

7 31 


4 34 

1 35 


4 52 

7 7 


14 Tu 

4 S2 

7 38 


4 28 

7 31 


i 34 

1 26 


4 52 

7 7 



4 22 

7 38 

1 15 

4 28 

7 32 

1 11 

i 33 

7 27 

1 20 

4 52 

7 8 

1 28 



4 22 

7 38 

1 27 

4 28 

7 32 

1 B2 

4 33 

7 27 

1 37 

4 52 

7 e 

^ 1 62 



4 22 

7 39 

2 29 

4 28 

7 33 

2 33 

4 83 

7 28 

2 37 

4 52 

7 » 

2 49 



4 22 

7 39 

3 17 

4 28 

7 33 

a 21 

4 33 

7 28 

3 2G 

4 52 


3 40 



4 32 

7 39 


4 20 

7 34 


1 3S 

7 28 


4 52 

1 10 




4 23 

7 39 

8 16 

4 29 

7 S4 

8 11 

4 34 

7 28 

8 7 

4 62 

7 10 

7 59 



i 2S 

7 39 

8 59 

4 29 

1 34 

8 05 

4 34 

7 29 

8 62 

4 62 

1 10 

8 41 



4 23 

7 40 

9 40 

4 2» 

7 34 

9 37 

4 34 

7 29 

9 36 

4 52 

7 11 

9 27 



4 23 

7 40 

10 15 

4 29 

7 35 

10 14 

4 34 

7 20 

10 12 

4 52 

1 11 

10 8 



4 24 

7 40 

If) 48 

4 30 

7 35 

10 48 

4 35 

1 2J) 

10 48 

4 63 

1 11 

10 4T 



4 24 

7 40 

11 21 

4 30 

7 35 

11 22 

4 35 

1 29 

11 22 

4 l>3 

7 11 

11 25 



4 34 

7 40 

11 B3 

4 30 

7 35 

11 65 

4 36 

7 39 

11 67 

4 53 

1 11 




4 26 

7 40 


4 30 

7 35 


4 35 

7 20 


4 63 

•7 11 




4 26 

7 40 


4 31 

1 35 


4 36 

7 20 


4 64 

;> 11 

-0 43 



4 36 

7 40 

1 G 

4 31 

7 35 

1 10 

4 36 

7 29 

1 23 

4 54 

1 11 

1 24 



4 25 

7 40 

1 4tt 

4 31 

7 36 

1 62 

4 36 

7 2d 

1 56 

4 64 7 U 

1A Month. 




81 I)ay$. 



lS[ww ToJti. 



. B. M. 

«. », 

B. M. 

K, It E 

. tt. K* ft. 

Kew Moon,.., 

3 7 39 ev. 

7 27 ©V. 

1 15 ev. 

7 3 BY. 

112 3 Se 

Bret Quarter,.. ll|ll T &v. 

10 55 6T. 

10 43 ©T. 

10 31 eT. 

9 12 4 68 


OOH* . m . . 1 

9 1 63 mo 
6 4 2 ey. 

1 40 mo. 
3 BO ©v. 

1 38 TOO. 
3 38 ev. 

1 16 mo. 1 
3 36 ev, a 

7 12 5 62 

Quarter.* 2 

512 13 












PttiLi^ CoFW., N. 

MABTi-4Ht>, Yre- 

Cakolijia, Tek- 



8T*TW, MlOHlOArt, 

jBHil«t, PfcNWiYL' 

aiSlA, Kl£»T(rCKT, 



Wis^oNflur, Iowa, 

VANiA, Ohio, Inth- 

HisuoirBi^ Airi» 

Alabama, Mibs., 



iND OailQOBE* 







Qdh Mooa 





Sua iMiMttL 

Sim 1 Bvti \ Moon 




U9tB. rifles, 








11. M. 

aeti. \ liiafl. 

a. M. 

a, H. 

K, M. 

fl. IL 

n. M. 

n. u. 

H, M. 

EL H. 

«. it 

H. M.j H. M. 



4 26 

7 40 

2 34 

4 31 

7 35 

2 39 

4 37 

7 29 

2 44 

4 55 

7 11 2 58 



4 26 

7 40 

3 25 

4 32 

7 35 

3 30 

4 37 

7 29| 3 34 

4 56 

,7 111 3 40 



4 2^ 

7 40 


4 32 

1 35 


4 3Si7 29isela. 

4 56 

7 11 Beta 



4 27 

7 39 

7 52 

4 33 

7 34 

7 48 

4 38 

7 2S1 7 44 

4 m 

'7 11 

7 S4 



4 38 

T 39 

8 27 

4 33 

7 34 

8 24 

4 39 

7 sel a 21 

4 61 

7 11 

8 12 



4 29 

7 39 

8 59 

4 34 

7 34 

8 56 

4 40 

7 28j 8 54 

4 57 

7 11 

8 4S 



4 29 

7 39 

D 27 

4 34 

7 34 


4 40 

7 S8 9 24 

4 58 

1 11 

9 20 



4 30 

7 38 

9 53 

4 35 

7 33 

'9 53 

4 41 

7 27 

9 52 

4 68 

7 10 

9 51 



4 31 

7 3e 

10 21 

4 36 

7 33 

10 31 

4 42 

7 27 

10 22 

4 59 

7 10 

10 23 



4 ai 

7 38 

10 48 

4 37 

7 33 

10 49 

4 42 

7 27 

10 50 


7 10 

10 54 



4 S2 

T 37 

U 15 

4 38 

7 32 

11 18 

4 43 

7 26 

11 20 


7 10 

11 20 



4 33 

7 37 

11 48 

4 39 

7 32 

U 61 


7 36 

U b4 

6 1 

7 9 




4 34 

7 36 


4 39 

7 31 


4 45 

7 25 


5 l 

7 9 




4 35 

7 36 


4 40 

7 31 


4 46 

7 35 


5 2 

7 9 




4 36 

7 35 


4 41 

7 30 1 10 

4 46 

7 24 

1 15 

5 3 

7 8 

1 28 



4 37 

1 34 

I 66| 

4 42 

7 39 

2 1 

4 47 

7 24 

2 6 

6 3 

7 8 

2 20 



4 38 

7 34 

2 64 

4 43 

7 29 

2 59 

4 48 

7 23 

3 4 

5 4 

7 8 

3 18 



4 3» 

7 33 riaea. 

4 43 

7 S8 


4 49 

7 23 


5 4 

7 7 




4 39 

7 32 

7 34 

4 44 

7 27 

7 31 

4 50 

7 22 

7 28 

5 6 

7 7 

7 19 



4 40 

7 32 

8 ]2 

4 46 

7 2T 

8 10 

4 60 

7 22 

8 8 

6 6 

7 6 

a 8 



4 4] 

7 3] 

8 48 

4 40 

7 26 

8 47 

4 51 

7 21 

8 47 

5 6 

7 6 

S 44 



4 42 

7 30 

9 23 

4 47 

7 25 

9 23 

4 m 

7 20 

9 23 

5 1 

7 5 

9 24 



4 43 

7 29 

9 58 

4 48 

7 24 

9 59 

4 53 

7 19 

10 1 

6 7 

7 5 

10 5 



4 44 

7 28 

10 31 

4 49 

7 23 10 33 

4 63 

7 18 

10 36 

5 8 

7 4 

10 43 



4 45 

7 27 

11 8 

4 49|7 22|11 U 

4 54 

7 11 

11 14 

5 8 

7 S 

n 25 



4 46 

7 26 

11 48 

4 507 22111 62 

4 56 

7 u\n 66 

5 9 

1 S 




4 47 

7 26 


4 5ll7 21 mom. 

4 66 

7 15;moni. 

6 10 

7 2 


28 Th 

4 48 

7 24 


4 62;i 20( 38 

4 56 

T 14 


5 11 

7 1 


29 Fr 

4 49 

7 33 

1 22 

4 631 19 1 27 

4 57 

7 14 

1 31 

5 11 


1 45 

30 Sa 

4 60 

7 32 

2 15 

4.54 7 18| 2 29 

4 6g|7 14 

2 M 

6 13 


2 m 


i 1 

4 6l) 

7 M 

3 9 

4 56 

7 n 

3 13 

4 59 

1 13 

^ \% 

H \i 

\^ ^"k 

i '^ -^^ 

Sth Manih. 



81 Day^ 



^%W TORS^ 


Sim an -Merid. 
or Booa inaffc. 


U. H. 

S> K. 

n. If. 

a. ir. 

». 1 H. K. fl. 

Few Moon, , , , 

2( 8 49 ma 

9 37 mo. 

9 25 mo. 

9 13 ma 

112 6 

Fifflt Quarter. . , 


) 1 13 ev. 1 

1 1 ev. 

49 ev. 

37 ©V, 

9 12 6 10 

Full McwQ._,. 


I a 63 mo. 

8 40 mo. 

8 28 mo. 

8 16 mo. 

L712 a 43 

TMrd Quarter, , 


i 1 *2fJ mo. 

1 8 mo. 

56 mo. 

44 mo. 

'26J12 1 44 

(7afend(*r ^ ■ 

Cakndca^ /or 

Cfjdendc^ for 

Cohmdaar for 






ui , 

Enolakd, N.YoiiK 

Phila.^ CiiJfx., N. 

hf4«TLAF&, Vll- 

Cakolbsa, TjtH* 



8tat^ MioffieuKi 

jHBaEV, PlN^taTt- 


NiaiEK, Gfi^BdlA, 



Wi»(:o«suf, Iowa, 

vjJTiA, Oiiio, Imit- 

MrwiouM, ijm 

Aladama, Miaa^ 






Aiii) IXfUiaiAXA. 


iaa 1 Son 



Sua Mma 









rtioi. uti. 



utL dseii 







a. M. 

EL M. 

EL It 

H. K, K. M. 

B. H. 

n. M, 

H. u. 

11. M. 

li. Jt 



4 52 

7 20 

4 6 

4 66 

7 16 4 10 


7 12 

4 23 

S 18 

6 58 

4 24 



4 631 19|i 


4 57 

7 Iftaete. 

a ] 

7 11 


5 14 

6 67 




4 64 

7 18 

7 29 

4 68 

7 14 7 2S 

5 2 

7 10 

7 26 


6 66 

7 21 



4 65 

7 16 

7 57 

4 B9 

7 13 

7 66 

5 2 

7 9 

7 56 

6 IB 

6 65 

7 63 



4 56 

7 16 

8 24 


7 12 

8 24 

5 3 

7 8 

e 25 

5 16 

r, 64 

8 35 



4 57 

7 U! 8 52 

5 1 

7 11 

8 53 

5 4 

7 7 

8 62 

5 16 

6 53 

8 fi6 



4 68 

7 13 9 19 

6 2 

7 10 

9 2) 

5 5 

7 6 

9 22' 

5 17 


9 28 



4 59 

7 111 9 48 

5 3 

1 9 

9 51 


7 4 

9 64' 

5 18 

6 51 

10 2 




7 10,10 32 

5 4 

7 8 

10 26 

5 7 

7 S 

10 as 

5 18 


10 39 



5 1 

1 9;u 

5 & 

7 e 

11 4 

5 8 

7 3 

11 8 

h 19 

G 49 

n 21 



5 2 

T Sll 46 

5 6 

7 6 

11 61 

5 9 


11 64 

6 20 

6 48 




5 3 

7 7 


6 77 3 


5 10 

6 69 


5 20 

6 47 




6 4 

7 6 


5 87 2 


5 11 

6 58 


5 21 

6 46 

1 U, 



5 67 4 

1 40 

6 97 

1 44 

6 12 

6 67 

1 49 

5 2ii 

6 45 

2 2* 



5 6|7 a 

2 49 

5 106 59 

2 52 

5 13 

6 66 

2 66 

6 22 

a 44 

3 8 



5 T'l I 

4 2 

5 llfi 58 

4 6 

5 14 

il 64 

4 8 

a 23 

6 43 

4 17 



6 8^7 


5 12 6 67 


5 15 

B 63 


5 24 

6 42 




5 9'6 68 

7 19 

5 13 

e bd 

7 19 

5 16 

6 52 

7 19 

5 24 

6 41 

7 18 



5 lOle 56 

7 55 

5 14 

6 54 

7 56 

5 17 

6 60 

7 57 

6 as 

6 40 




5 11^5 65 

8 31 

6 16 

B 53 

a 3^ 

6 18 


8 86 

5 25 

6 89 

8 41 



5 12:6 54 

B 8 

5 1(1 

6 6] 

9 11 

5 19 



5 27 

6 38 

9 23 



5 l-ije 52 

9 49 

5 ]7 

6 60 

9 53 

5 go 
B 21 

6 46 

9 67 

5 27 


10 S 



5 15^6 51 

10 33 

5 18 

e 49 

10 37 

6 45 

10 41 

6 28 

6 36 10 64 



5 16G 49 

11 19 

5 19 

6 47 

11 24 

5 21 

6 43 

U 29 

5 29 

6 36 

11 4^ 



5 17ft 4B 


5 SO 

G 45 


5 22 

6 49 


6 29 

6 34 

morn, f 



5 1S:6 46 


5 21 

6 43 


5 23 

6 41 


5 30 

6 33 




5 IBB 44 

1 6 

5 SS'S 41 

1 9 

5 24 

6 39 

1 H 

6 31 

6 32 

1 37^ 



5 S06 42 

3 1 

6 TA 


2 5 

5 26 

6 SB 

2 9 

5 32 

6 31 

2 2a > 



5 216 41 

S 58 

5 24 

6 88 

3 1 

5 26 

6 86 

3 4 

6 32 

6 n 

3 13 



6 22.6 3& 

3 54 

5 25 

ft S6 

3 57 

6 %1 

6 34 

3 59 

6 B3 

6 S8 

4 6' 

SJ W /j 23'& B7l 4 61 

S 26 

6 34 

4 52 

5 28 

B 33 

4 54 

5 34 

6 26 

4 69 

9th Month. 



, 1864 


80 Ikxys. 


1^mw TosK 


Bub flO Marld, 


«. M. 

n, X. ' 

n. Jf. 

H. M. 


a H. t. 

Ifew Moon 


1 24 mo. 

1 13moJ 

1 Omo. 

48 mo. 


[ 11 59 39 

Mrat Quarter, - . 


1 6 mo. 

54 mo. 

42 mo. 

30 mo. 

911 61 

Full Moou... .. 


4 2:r> ev. 

4 13 eir. 

4 lev. 

3 49 ev. 

17 11 54 12 

Third Quarter.. 


2 10 ev. 

1 68 ev. 

3 46 ev. 

1 34 ev. 

35 11 51 25 

New Moon, , , . 


6 59 ev. 

6 47 ev. 

6 35 ev. 

6 23 ev,.. 












Esouwro, RYoni 

Phila., Oowh., N. 

M4TlTl.i|*&| TtjL- 

Cabolwa, Tm- 





^xifiKS, GsonaiA, 



W1W0NSI3, !0WA^ 

VAiiiA, Ohio, Ikpt- 

MlliOlTEI, ATHi 

^LAVkux, ^m^ 

A»» OMOOlf. 







Mo&n 1 

8 110 























jA, -M, 


H. Jt 



B. u. 



EL H. 






5 24 

6 36 


5 27 

6 33 


5 39 

6 31 


5 35 

6 26 gets. 
6 34f 6 59 



& 26' 

G as 

6 66 

5 266 32 

6 56 

■> 306 30 

6 57 

5 35 



B 27 

6 38 

7 23 

5 29 

G 30 

7 25 

5 315 28 

7 26 

6 36 

6 22 

7 31 


« ' 

5 28 

6 31 

7 62 

5 30 

6 29 

7 65 

5 32 6 27 

7 57 

5 37 

6 21 

8 4 



fi 29 

6 SO 

8 24 

5 31 

6 27 

8 27 

5 33j6 25 

8 30 

5 37 

6 20 

8 40 



& 30 

6 23 

9 1 

5 32 

6 26 

9 4 

5 84^ 24 

9 8 

5 38 

6 19 

9 30 



5 31 

ti 26 

9 42 

5 S3 

6 24 

9 46 

5 35 6 n 

9 51 

5 38 

6 18 

10 4 



5 32 

$ 2^ 

10 31 

5 34 

a 23 

10 36 

5 35 

6 21 

10 40 

6 39 

6 16 

10 54 



5 33 

6 23 

11 37 

5 35 

6 21 

11 32 

5 36 

6 20 

11 36 

5 40 

6 15 

11 50 



3 34 

6 21 


6 36 

6 19| 


5 37 

6 18 


6 40 6 14 




5 35 

6 19 


5 3B 

6 18 


5 3a 

6 17 


5 41 6 12 





6 17 

I 38 

5 S7 

6 16 

1 41 

5 39 

6 U 

1 45 

5 42 6 11 

1 66 



5 37 

6 10 

2 50 

5 38 

6 14 

2 62 

5 40 

6 13 

2 65 

5 42 6 9 

3 ^ 



5 36 

6 14 

4 5 

^ 89 

6 12 4 6 

5 40 

6 12 

4 8 

5 43,6 8 

4 13 



5 39 

6 12 


5 40 

6 lOHsM. 

5 41 

6 10 


5 43 6 7 




5 40 

6 11 

6 26 

5 41 

6 e 

6 26 

5 42 

6 9 

6 28 

5 44I6 6 

6 32 • 



5 41 

6 9 

7 2 

5 42 

6 7 

7 6 

5 43 

6 7 

7 7 

5 45|6 6 

7 16 



5 42 

6 7 

f 43 

5 43 

6 e 

7 46 

5 44 

S 6 

7 49 

5 46|Q 4 




5 43 

6 5 

8 26 

r> 44 

8 4 

8 30 

5 44 

6 4 

8 34 

5 46!6 3 

8 47 



b 44 

6 4 

9 16 

& 45 

6 3 

9 20 

5 46 

6 2 

9 34 

6 47^6 2 

9 39 



§ 45 

6 2 

10 7 

5 46 

6 1 

10 11 

5 46 

6 1 

10 16 

6 47'6 

10 30 



5 48 



5 47 

5 59 

U 4 

5 47 

5 59 

11 9 

5 486 6& 

11 32 



^ i-f 

5 58 

11 57 

5 48 

6 57 


S 48 

5 57 


5 4S'6 57 




B 48 

5 66 


5 49 

5 56| 


5 49 

6 55 


6 496 55 




6 49 

6 64 


i> 50 

5 53 


5 50 

5 53 


6 506 64 

1 8 



5 50 

5 52 

1 49 

5 61 

5 52 

1 51 

f> 61 

5 62 

1 54 

5 505 63 

2 3 



5 51 

5 60 

2 46 

5 B2 

5 50 

9 48 

5 62 

5 61 

2 50 

6 6115 61 

3 66 



5 63 

5 49 

a 43 

5 53 

5 49 

3 44 

5 63 

5 49 

3 45 

6 52 5 50 3 48 



6 64 

5 46 

4 40 

6 64 

5 47 

4 40 

5 54 

5 47 

4 40 

5 52 5 48 4 40 



5 £5 

5 45 


5 55 

5 45 


5 65 

5 45 


,6 63 5 4.1 ab^. 

lO^A Month. 

OCTOBBB, 186 4. 

31 Days. 



Nmw Toml 



Sun on 
or noon 


M, A, 

IL M. 

H. M. 

n, M. 

D, Jf. 



Firal Quarter,,. 


\ 10 53 roo^ 

10 -41 mo, 10 29 mo.| 

10 17 mo. 


U 49 27 

Full Moon 


) 1 31 mo^ 

1 19 ma 

1 7 rao. 

65 mo. 


11 47 8 

Third Quarter,.. 


I 6 43 mo. 

6 31 mo. 

6 19 mo. 

6 7 mo. 


11 46 IT 

Kew Moon 


) 10 44 TOO. 

10 32 mo. ] 

to 20 mo. 

10 8 mo. 


11 44 e 

Oalmdoir for 

Ced^dar for 

Calendar for 

^ Calendar for 

B^llTOK; KEir 






EsoLAjrn, N,YfaT£ 

PuiLA.* €oifir., N, 

Maktlakd, Via- 

Cabolihj, Tek- 






3IK4BEE, GSOlfllAt 



Wiioofiars, Iowa* 





















O ' 















M. ¥. 

B, St. 

JI. K. 


n. 1*. 

n. li. 11, M, 

It. U. 



If. M. 



5 56 

5 43 

6 65 

6 66 

5 43 

5 B7 

5 6G5 44 

6 59 

6 54 

6 45 

6 f( 



5 57 

fi 42 

6 27 

5 57 

B 42 

6 30 

5 6T'6 42 

6 33 

6 55 

5 44 

6 41 



5 58 

5 40 

7 2 

n 5R 

5 41 

7 6 

5 58 5 41 

7 9 

5 55 

5 43 

7 20 



S 59 

5 39 

t 4a 

5 69 

5 39 

7 47 

5 596 391 7 Si! 

6 56 

6 42 8 3 



6 1 

5 SS 

a 2S 


5 37 

S 33 

6 015 38 8 37' 

a 66 

6 41 8 61 



G 2 

a 36 

9 20 

6 1 

B 36 

9 25 

6 16 37 9 29 

5 67 

5 40 9 43 



a 3 

6 34 

10 20 

6 2 

5 34 

10 24 


B 35 10 29 

6 5fl 

5 3810 41 



6 i 

5 33 

11 33 

6 3 

5 33 

11 27 

6 3 

5 Hn 31 

6 68 

6 37ill 43 



6 5 

5 3lraonL 

6 4 

5 31 


6 4 

5 82 


5 59 

5 36 mom. 



6 6 

B 29 


6 5 

5 29 


6 6 

6 31 



5 36 




6 8 

5 2B 

1 42 

6 6 

5 28 

1 44 

6 e 

5 30 

1 46 


6 34 

1 52 



G 9 

5 26 

2 54 

6 7 

5 26 

2 6a 

6 7 

5 29 

2 66 

6 1 

6 S3 

2 59 



6 10 

5 24 

4 6 

6 8 

5 35 

4 6 

8 5 27 

4 6 

6 2 

6 32 

4 G 



6 n 

B 22 


6 9 

D 23 


6 9 5 35 


6 2 

6 31 




6 12 

5 20 

5 34 

6 10 

5 22 

5 37 

6 10i6 24 

6 40 

6 3 

5 29 

6 4S 



6 IB 

5 19 

6 17 

6 11 

5 30 


G ll|6 22 

6 25 

6 4 

6 E8 

6 36 



6 14 

5 It 

7 4 

6 12 

5 19 

7 8 

l26 S(] 

7 12 

6 4 

5 26 

7 2B 



G 15 

B 16 

: 56 

fl 13 

5 17 

a 1 

6 l35 19 

8 5 

6 6 

5 2D 

8 19 



S 17 

5 14 

8 51 

6 14 

5 le 

8 55 

B I45 17 


6 6 

fi 24 

9 13 



6 IS 

5 13 

9 40 

5 15 

5 16 


6 I55 16 

9 64 

6 7 

5 23 

10 ? 



6 19 

5 11 

10 u 

6 16 

6 13 

10 47 

6 l65 15 

10 51 

6 a 

6 22 

U % 



G 21 

5 10 

11 40 

6 18 

5 12 

11 43 

6 l7!5 14 

11 40 

6 6 

5 21 

11 64 




5 8 


6 10 

5 10 


6 l8 

5 13 


6 9 

5 20 




e 23 

5 1 


6 20 

5 8 


s 19 

6 IS 


6 10 

5 19 




G 24i5 5 

1 34 

G 21 

5 T 

1 36 

6 20 

6 10 

1 36 

G 11 

5 18 

1 40 



6 2555 4 

2 30 

6 22 

6 C 

2 31 

6 2i 

5 9 

2 31 

6 n 

6 17 

2 3t 



e 27 

5 2 

3 28 

6 24 

5 4 

3 37 

6 Sg 

5 7 

3 26 

G 12 

5 16 

3 iS 



e 23 

5 1 

4 26 

6 25 

5 a 

4 25 

6 23 

5 6 

4 23 

6 13 

6 15 

4 10 



e 29 


5 24 

6 26 

5 2 

5 23 

6 24 

6 4 

5 30 

6 14 

5 14 

6 H 

31 L 


6 31 

4 58 


6 27 



e 25 

5 3 


6 14 

5 13 


If y 

4 6 

71 5 41 

6 281.4 59 

, 5 44l6 26 

5 2| 6 49 

6 15 

5 12 

6 1 

Uth Month. 



, 1864 


80 2>ay*. 






Sqd on Medd. 
or noon mark. 


J. H. IL 

a. ». 

H. Jf, 

H. H, 


Uh M. fl. 

Firat Quarter. . , 

6 T 9 ev. 

6 57 ev. 

e 45 ev. 

6 33 ev. 


U 43 42 

PiiUMoon 13| Q 49 (?v. 

37 CT. 

25 eT. 

13 ev. 

911 44 2 

Third Quarter, . 3 

1 2 32 roa 

3 SO mo. 

2 8 mo. 

1 66 ma 

17 11 45 16 

Hew Moon.,,.'ifi 2 33 mo. 

3 21 mo. 

2 9 mo. 

I srmo. 

2511 47 23 

CaJmdar for 

Cahfidar for 

(7afeR^ar /w 

Caienior /or 








PfllLA.^ OOKW,, N; 

Mastlaxtt, Yih- 




Stats, Michioax* 


KMSara, GltHlGJA, 



WiMJOiririrj Iowa, 

TAKiA, Ohio, Iitdi- 

Mbsousi, asi> 




AMU OKBaoif. 










Bun 1 Sou 



















IL M. 

H. M. 

H. M. 

H. M.H. 9L 

S. M. 

■. >L 

a. iL 

IL M. 

H. M, 

B. M. 

It M. 



6 33 

4 55 

6 26 

a 29 

4 59 

6 ao 

G 27 

5 1 

6 35 


6 11 

6 48 



6 34 

4 54 

7 17 

6 30 

4 58 

7 22 

G 23 


7 26 

e 17 

5 10 

7 40 



6 35 '4 63 

8 14 

6 SI 

4 57 

8 19 

6 39 

4 59 

8 23 

6 18 


a 36 



6 36|4 52 

9 17 

6 32 

4 ea 

9 30 

6 30 

4 58 

9 24 

G 19 

5 8 

9 36 



6 37:4 BOpO 22 

6 33 

4 55 

10 25 

G 31 

4 57 

10 28 

G 30 

5 8 

10 38 



6 394 4911 31 

6 35 

4 53 

U 35 

6 S2 

4 56 

il 35 

6 21 

5 7 

U U 



6 40l4 48 mora. 

6 3li 4 52 


6 33 

4 55!moni. 

6 22 

5 6 




6 4ll4 17 


6 Sb 

4 50 


6 3ft 

4 54 


6 23 

5 5 




6 43 

4 45 

1 60 

6 39 

i 49 

I 50 

G 36 

4 53 

1 50 

6 24 

5 4 

1 51 




4 44 

3 1 

6 40 

4 43 


6 37 

4 52 

2 59, 

G 25 

5 3 

2 56 



6 45 

4 43 

4 12 

6 41 

4 47 

4 1(1 


4 51 

4 8 

6 26 

5 3 

4 3 



6 47 

4 42 

5 22 

6 43 

4 46 

5 19 

6 40 

4 50 

5 16 

6 37 

5 3 

5 7 



6 48 

4 41 


6 44 

4 45 


6 41 

4 49 


G 28 

5 1 




6 49.i4 40 

6 42 

6 45 

4 44 

5 46 

6 43 

4 48 

6 51 

6 29 

5 1 

6 4 



6 5l'4 39{ 6 ^6 

6 47 

4 43 

6 40 

G 43 

4 47 

6 44 

6 BO 


6 53 



6 5254 3S[ 7 32 

6 49 

4 42 

7 36 

6 44 

4 4G 

7 40 

G 31 

4 59 

7 53 



6 5314 37l 8 31 

6 49 

4 41 

8 34 

6 45 

4 46 

8 38 

5 32 

4 59 

8 60 



6 B4k 36 

9 35 

6 60 

4 40 

9 38 

G 43 

4 45 

9 41 

6 33 

4 5S 

9 51 



6 55 4 36 

to 26 

6 51 

4 40 

10 29 

6 47 

4 44 

10 31 

6 34 

4 58 

10 38 



6 56 4 35;U 24| 

6 52 

4 39 

n 36 

6 48 

4 44 

U 37 

G 35 


11 29 



6 58,4 34 


6 54 

4 38 


G 49 

4 43 


6 36 

i 57 




6 59 

4 33 


6 55 

4 38 


6 50 

4 42 


Q 37 

4 56 





4 33 

1 18 

6 564 37 

1 18 

6 61 

4 42 

1 17 

6 38 

4 56 

1 17 



7 1 

4 n 

2 14 

6 57 

4 36 

2 13 

6 52 

4 41 

2 13 

6 39 

4 BG 

2 10 



7 3 

4 31 

3 14 

6 58 

4 36 

3 12 

6 63 

4 41 

3 10 

6 39 

4 55 

a 4 



7 4 

4 31 

4 12 

6 59 

4 35 

4 9 

6 54 

4 41 

4 7 

6 49 

4 55 

3 6B 



T 5 

4 30 

5 14 

7 04 34 

5 10 

6 55 

4 41 

5 7 

6 41 

4 65 

4 66 



7 6 

4 39 


7 1 4 34 


G 56 

4 40 


6 42 

4 65 




7 7 

4 2i^ 

5 9 

7 34 33 

5 14 

6 57 

4 40 

6 is: 


4 66 

5 32 



7 9|4 29 

S 6 

T .^.a.^ 

6 10 

6 53 

4 40 

, & VoU 4^A T:^\ ^ 1& 

Uth Month. 

Dbcekbbb, 1864. 

81 Doy^. 

fi^i] oD Medd. 



N"iw To». 



or nooa ra&rk. 


. >u n. 

B, >£. 

H. H, 

B. M. 

I>,| H. >l. B. 

First QriRrter... 


J 3 30 ma 

2 38 mo. 

2 26 mo. 

2 14 ma 


11 49 30 

JTull Moon 


\ 2 28 ma 

3 16 ma 

3 4 TOO. 

1 52 ma 

911 52 53 

Third Quarter.. 


^ 18 ma 

6 ma U 64 ev. | 

11 42eir. 

1711 56 41 

New MooQ. , , V 

2Bi4 37 ev. 

4 25 ©V. 

4 13 OT. 

4 ler. 

2513 11 












P(It]tA., OONF^ N. 

MiStLAND, Va- 

Caholisa, Tbm- 


J^RliKY, PwrSSTL- 

oisti, KjimjaEtj 






Wr&coNBiK, low*, 

TA.VLt, Outo^ Ijtm- 

M[BftOl^R^ AJ*» 

Al4ba«4, Mrti, 













Sim 8im 



















n M. 

tt* H. 

u, u. 


H. M. 



U. H. 



n. x. 



7 10 

4 29 

7 7 

7 fi 

4 34 

7 11 

a 59 

4 40 

7 25 

6 44 

4 66 

7 28 



7 11 

4 29 

8 14 

7 e 

4 34 

S 17 


4 39 

8 21 

6 45 

4 66 

6 31 



1 12 

4 28 

9 IS 

7 7 

4 34 

9 16 

7 14 39 

9 IS 

6 45 

4 66 

9 2& 



t 13 

4 28 

10 31 

7 8 

4 33 

lU 33 

7 24 39 

10 35 

6 4tt 

4 66 

10 39 



7 14 

4 2S 

U 40 

7 9 

4 33 

U 41 

7 3 4 3S 

11 41 

6 47 

4 66 

U 43 



7 16 

4 28 


7 10,4 33 


7 44 3H 


6 48 

4 65 




1 16 

4 28 


7 11 

4 33 


7 54 38 


6 48'4 S5 




1 17 

4 28 

1 58 

7 It 

4 33 

1 57 

7 6 

4 38 

1 65 

6 49i4 66! 1 50 



I J8 

4 2a 

3 6 

7 13 

4 33 

3 4 

7 7 

4 38 

3 1 

6 604 56] 2 64 



7 19 

4 28 

4 14 

7 14 

4 33 

4 IJ 

7 8 

4 38 

4 7 

6 51 

4 56 3 57 



7 20 

4 28 

6 4 

7 16 

4 33 

6 17 

7 9 

4 38 

5 13 

G 62 

4 56 5 



7 21 

4 28 


7 15 

4 33 


7 10 

4 39 


6 62 

4 56 riscfl. 



7 22 

4 28 

5 18 

7 U, 

4 33 

& 22 

7 10 

4 39 

5 27 

G 53 

4 56 

5 40 



7 22 

4 28 


7 17 

4 34 

6 10 

t n 

4 39 

6 S3 


4 56 

6 35 



T n 

4 28 

7 15 

7 17 

4 34 

7 18 

7 n 

4 39 

7 22 

G 64 

4 56 

7 32 



i 24 

4 38 

8 14 

7 18 

4 34 

8 17 

7 12 

4 39 

8 19 

e 65 

4 57 

8 23 



1 24 

4 m 

9 11 

7 18 

4 34 

9 13 

7 12 

4 40 

9 15 

S 65 

4 57 

9 21 



7 25 

4 29 

to 9 

7 19 

4 35 

10 10 

7 13 

4 40 

10 11 

6 564 67 

10 14 



7 36 

4 29 

11 G 

7 19 

4 35 

11 6 

7 13 

4 40 

11 6 

6 564 58 

a T 



7 26 

4 30 


7 26 

4 36 


7 14 

4 41 


6 57 4 68 

11 69 



7 26 

4 30 


7 20 

4 36 


7 14 

4 41 


6 57 4 68 




7 27 

4 31 


7 21 

4 37 


7 15 

4 42 


6 584 m 




7 37 

4 31 

I 57 

7 21 

4 37 

1 55 

7 16 

4 42 

1 53 

6 5tj!4 69 

1 4$ 



7 2S 

4 32 

2 57 

7 22 

4 38 

2 54 

7 16,4 43 

2 52 

6 59'5 D 

2 43 



7 28 

4 32 

3 m 

7 32 

4 38 

3 54 

7 164 43 

S 50 

6 695 3 39 



7 29 

4 33 

4 69 

1 23 

4 39 

4 B5 

7 n 

4 44 

4 61 

7 O'S 1 4 33 



7 29 

4 34 

a 58 

7 m 

4 39 

5 63 

7 17 

4 45 

5 49 

7 0I5 2 5 8* 



7 29 

4 34 


7 24 

4 40 


7 18 

4 45 


7 i;6 3 aeta 



7 29 

4 36 

6 58 

7 24 

4 40 

6 2 

7 18 

4 46 

6 6 

7 16 3 

6 17 



1 ao. 

4 36 

7 9 

7 25 

4 41 

7 12 

7 19 

4 47 

7 15 

7 26 4 

7 33 

? J^^M 37/ 8 SO 

7 25 

4 42 

S 22 

7 19 

S 48 

8 24 

7 2!5 6 

8 30 

JANUARY, 1864— FattT Moimt— 81 Datb. 


Daj of 

Oalsitdab or Fsasts. 













14 Than 














d.9el. Clreamciiion of our Lord. BoUdayofObli{faii&n>. oA pr. 

gl. or. pret and cornm, of Natiylty. In t vespb oonun. of follow- 

uuL pny. prop. 
Ootare of St Stephen. Oft as in feagt, leae. and pray. pr. Cknn. 

of Oct St John and Holy Innoc. 5n L. and M. Q\. Or. and Fre£ only 

of NatlT. Tesp. ft. ch. (it fol. com. prec and H. Innoe. 
a. Oct St J(^n Ap. and £y. Oft as in feast less. pr. Oom. H. In&oa 

in L. and M. 61. Or. Pref. of App. In 9 Ye^. oom. fol. 
d. Oct H. Innoeents. Oft as in feast, less. pr. Ts D^um after 9 leas. 

In M. 6L AUd. is said, and Y. LaudaU. Or. not said. Fret of 

Natir. In 9 Vesp. com. fol, and St Telesephoras, P. M. 
8. d. Yigll of Epiphany. Oft as in Gircnraeision, and pr. place. Oom. 

of Mart in L. and M. OI. 9 pray, of Mart 8 D6u$ qut saltUU^ no 

Or. Pref. of Nattr. Veep. fol. Doxology pr. thr. Oct 
d. 1 cL Epiphany of oar Lord. HdUd^ty of Ol>Uffation. Oft pr. OL 

Or. Pref. and Ck>mmun. pr. dnring Oct Yesp. of feast 
a. d. 9d daj of Oet Yesp. of same. 
8. d. 8d day of Oct Yesp. of same. 

8. d. 4th day of Oct Yesp. from chap, of Snnd. oom. of octave. 
S. d. 1st after Epiphany of the same, Incip. Ep. 1 to Odrinthians, 

com. of Oct in L. and M. in 2d Yesp. com. of S. Hyginns. 
S. d. 5th day of Oct com. of 8. M. in L. and M. Yesp. of same. 
8. d. 7th day of Oct Yesp. of foL as In 1st Yesp. of feast 
d. m. Oct of Epiphany. .M. pr. in 2d Yesp. com. of fol. and St 

Felix M. 
d. St Hilary, B.C.D. (hy. eh.) 9 less, and com. of St Felix in L. and 

M. Yesp. fr. ch. fol, (Ay, ch.) com. prec. and St Manms, Abh. 
d. St PauX Mrat mrmU. C. 9 less, and com. of St Maoros in L. and 

M. In 2 Yesp. com. foU 
s. d. St Maroellns, P. and M. Oft 1 Mart In M. 9d pr. Deua qui 

taZut^ 8d for Church or Pope. Yesp. fol. com. of Sunday, 
d. 2 cl. Feast of Holy name of Jesns. Oft pr. 9th lesson and com. of 

2d Sunday after Epiphany in L. and M. Cr. pref. of. Nat and Gosp. 

of Bund, at and in 2a Yesp. com. of fol. and St Paul and Sund. and 

S. Prisca M. 
gr. d. St Peter^s chair at Bome. Off. 0. P. 9 less, of St Prisca. Com. 

St Paul and St Prisca in L. and M. GL Cr. Pref App. In 9 Yesp. 

com. St Paul, and foL also St Marius, and comp. 
B. d. St Canute M. leasons of 1st Noct fix>m Sund. preoed. 9th Les- 
son and com. of S8. MM. in L. and M. Yesp. of foL com. of preced. 
d. 88. Fabian and Sebastian MM. in 8d Yesp. fh>m chap, of foL 

COOL of preoed. 
d. St Agnes Y.M. in 2d Yesp. (ps. pr.) com. of fol. 
s. d. SS. Yinoentius and Anastasius M.M. Ye^). of fol. coul of 

preoed. and St Emerentiana. 
gr. d. Espousals of B.Y. Mary. Off. prop. 9th lesson and com. of 8d 

Sunday after Spiphaoy and B.Y.M. in L. and M. In 2d Yesp. com. 

of Sunday. Double AUel. after Bw>edicamu9 domino^ after this at 

hours say Zaua tiM Domme. 
s. d. 2 ol. Septuagesima Sunday. Of the same. 8 tr. 1>&U8 qui a(dut 

8d pr. oh. or p. Yesp. of fol. com. of St Peter and Sunday, 
gr. d. Conversion of Bt Paul, Ap. Off. pr. oom. St. Peter in L. and 

M. In 2 Yesp. com. St Peter and fol. 
d. St Polycarp B.M. Yesp. from ch. of fol. com. of preoed. 
d. St John Cmysostom B.C.D. In 2 Yesp. com. of foL and St Agnes 

s. d. St Raymond of Pennafort C. (assigned from 28d). 9th lesson and 

com. of St. Agnes Secundo in L. and M. Yesp. of foL com. of prec 
d. St Francis de Sales, B.C. In 2 Yesp. com. or foL 
s. d. St Martina Y.M Yesp. from ch. of Sunday, com. of prec 
s. d. 2 oU S*rftgesima Sunday, of the same. Yesp. of foL com. of Sand. 


FEBRUARY, 1864— Secjokd Montb— 29 Days. 

Day of 

Calskdar of Feabtb. 

















83 Mond 










B d. St Icnatlns, B. M. Yesp. foL oom. preced. 

W d. 8 cl. (Bless candles 1>efore M. in purple) oft pr. pref of Nativity. 8 

Yesp. com. of foL and St Blaise, B. M. after compC A96 BegUM, 
d. St Anthony Abbot 0. (from Jan. 17.) 9th lesson and cobl of St M. 

in L. and M. in Yesp. from oh. of fol. oom. of preoed. 
d. St Andrew Corslni B. O. Veep. fh>m ch. of fbi. coul of preced. 
d. St Agatha Y M. Yesp. fh>m ch. of foU. (hy. oh.) com. of preoed. 

and St Dorothea, Y. M. 
d. St Titus, B. C. (aeHgnedfrom Jan. 4) 9 lea. and oom. of 8t Y. M. 

in L. and M. in 8 Yesp. eom. of Sunday, 
s. d. 2. cl. Quinqaagesima Sanday of the same. 8d. pr. a eunctia ; Sd. 

ad Jib. Yesp. of fol. com. of Sunday, 
d. St John d€ Matha^ G. Yesp. from chap, of fol. (hy. ch.) com. of St 

Apollonia, Y. M. 
d. St Timothy, G.B. (from Jan. 84.) 9. less, and eom. of St Y. M. in L. 

and M. Yesp. of same, 
feria. Ash- Wednesday. Blessing of ashes before Mass. Yesp. of foL 

oom. of feria. Pre£ of Lent till Passion Sunday, unices otherwise 

d. St Peter Nolasco. (from Jan. 81.) 9. lesson cohl of feria. in L. and M. 

Yesp. <^foI. oom. of preced. and feria. The fer. (Sosp. is read in the 

end of M. and 9 less, and com. fer. in L. and M. and Yesp. unless 

otherwise noted, thr. Lent 
gr. d. M. H. Passion of our Lord. 9. lesson and eom. of feria in L. and 

M. Yesp. com. of foL and fer. 
d. St Bomuald, Abb. C (from 7.) in 8, Yesp. ooul of foL and St. Yalen- 



s. d. 1 cL First Sunday of Lent of the same, com. of St Yal. in L. and 

M Yesp. of foL com. of Sund. and St Faustin,and Jorita M. M. 
4. St Schohistloa Y. (from 10th) com. of SS. MM. in L. and M. 8d. 

Yesp. com. of foL and fer. 
feria of the same. Yesp. of feria. 

feria (JSmbw-day) of same, in Yesp. com. of S. Simeon, M. 
feria of the same. (jom. of St. Simeon in L. and M. Yesp. of fol. com. 

of feria. 
gr. d. (Efnb6r'day) M. H. Crown of Thorns. Pref. <f« Oruee. In Yesp. 

eom. of feria. 
feria {Emhtr-day) of the same. Yesp. from ch. of Sund. 
s. d. 8. cL Second Sunday of Lent, of th9 same. Yesp. of foil. Cons. 

of St Paul and Sunday, 
d. Chair of St Peter at Antloch. 9. less, and com. of fer. and St 

Paul at L. and M. In Yesp. com. of Paul, fol. and fer. 
St Peter Damian, B. U. 9. less, and com. offer, in L. and M. In Yesp. 

com. of fer. 
feria of the same. Com. of Yigil of St Matthias in M. Yesp. of foL 

com. of feria. 
8 oL St Matthias, Ap. 9. less, and com. of fer. in L. and M. In 

Yesp. oom. of fol. and fer. 
gr. d. Spear and Nails. (In. pr. G. Cr. pref. de Cruet.) 9. less. cono. of 

fer. in L. aifd M. Yesp. of same, com. offer, 
feria of the same. Yesp. fh)m chap, of Sunday, 
s. d. 8 cL Third Sunday of Lent of the same. Yesp. of same, 
feria of the same. Yespers of same. 

HABGH, 1864— -Thikd Momtb— 81 Data. 


Galxndab of Fkabts. 





























88 Mond 

feria <^ the sune. Yeap. of ferla. 

feria of the aune. Yeap. of feria. 

feria of the aune. Yean, of fuL com. of feria and of St Laelas P. IL *^ 

gr, d. Five Woonda (GL Or^retde eruef). 9th leas, and com. of fur. 

and 8M in L and IL In 2 yesj>. com. of fol. and fer. 
a. d. St Cadmir (from yeat) 9th lesa. and oom. of feria in L. and M. 

Yesp. flrom ch. of Sanday. 
a. d. f cL Foarth Snndaj in Lent, of the same (flowen on altar, and 

mnalc). Yesp. of foL oom. of Band, and SS. Perpetaa and Feiidtaa 

d. St Tlinmaa Aqalnas CD. 9th lesa. and com. of fer. and S. M.M. in 

L. and M. 2 Yeap. from ch. of fol. com. of prec. and fer. 
d. St John of God. 9th leas, and com. of fer. in L. and M. Yesp. ftrom 

ch. <^foL com. of prec and fer. 
d. St Fnncea of Bome, W. 9th leaa. and oobl of fer. in L. and M. In 

2 Yeap. com. of foL and fer. 
a. d. SS. Forty Martyrs. 9th leas, and com. offer, in L. and BL Yesp. 

of fol. com. of prec. and fer. 
gr. d. M. Precioas blood of our Lord J. C. (Gl. Or. Pr^. de Cruc6.) 

9th less.- and com. of fer. in L. and Bi. In 2 Yeap. com. of foL and 

d. St GregoxT, P.D. 9th leaa. and cobl of fer. in L. and M. In 2 Yeap. 

com. of Sand. (J/Ur Ve^psrs eruci/taoea CMd p>ctttr€» are wiled,) 
s. d. 1 cL Paaaloa Sanday. The same. Yesp. of same, 
feria of the same. Yesp. feria. 
feria of the same. Yesp. feria. 
feria of the aame, Yeap. of fol. com. offer, 
d. St Patrick, B. G. 9th less, and com. of fer. in L. and M. Yesp. of 

foL com. of prec and fer. 
gr. d. Feast of Seven Dolore of B. Y. M. (PreC B. Y. IL) 9th leas. 

and com. of fer. in L. and M. Yesp. of Ibl. com. of prec and fer. 
d. 2 ol. St Joseph Sponse of B. Y. M. 9th less, and cool of fer. in L. 

and M. In 2 Yesp. com. of Sand, 
s. d. 1. cL Palm Sanday. (Meaeing and diHtribuHan ^ Palme hefwre 

Maee.) At end of P. M. Gospel of blessing of palms. Yesp. of 

feria. Monday of Holy Week. Yesp. fer. 

feria. Tuesday of Holy Week. Yesp. fer. 

feria. Wednesdayof Holy Week. Teneibrak 

d. 1 cL Maundy Thursday. All pr. Tenebrm. 

d. 1. cL Good Friday. All prop. Tenebrm. 

d.lcl. Holy Saturday. AU prop. Yesp. as in Miss, and Brev. Beffina 

CaUi. Gommanion may not be given at the Mass. 
d. 1 cl. with Oct Eastbb Sunday. All prop. Gl. Cr. Prefl J7an« 

igitur, prop, daring Oct Yespj;>rop. 
d. 1 cl. AS yesterday and prop. Yesp. of same, 
d. 1 cL prop. Yesp. of same, 
s. d. Of the Octave Yesp. of same, 
s. d. Of the Octave. Yesp. of a 


APBiL, 1864— Vouns KOOTB— SO &ats. 

Day of 

Cm.k?it>ai Of Fbasts. 














14 Scrim 






II. d. Of tbe OctATe, Tt'ipi. of Bftiins. c 

^ d. Of tbc Oct4v«. Ve*ji, dur^ from ch, tttl Buml^y. 

d, Low Sub day. Gl. Cr. i\et tf FMcltd thiu, TFttch Is nafd dalij^uji- 

!«■« otlifirHiifi Doted, till A^cn'iiilDrt diy. Vefrp, ToL crjm. Sund. 
d, a cl. {IMiday tifohligathm,) A onnii elation of B. V. M. ifr. SB?A , 

JfitrcA.) Off, pr. aa in Paftcli. Units Fret B. V. M. Id S Ve0pL«uta. 

d. 8t, Tini^pni: Fem^fv 0. Lwi^ 1 Xoct ftom jeftsF^j. Top. of fbL 

com. of prec 
gr. d. St. Gabrld, Arehuigfll (/r. ISflV JTOf^). Gl Cr. Ib S. Twp. 

ciim. of foL 
d, St. Benedict A bbot, C. O. St i< ilf a-rcA,) Vwp. ft. ch. of fol. (A**, «*. ) 
d* &t. FrEiiuls of PiiiiK C. {,y**.Brf lfi*t> Veip. Iruna cb, of foL (Ay. ck.) 
d, tiL laidt-re, U. D. (>, 4fA iim«.) CV. In I V«ip, com. of Siind. 
B. d, BflHind lifter K«tet-, of tlift iuun«. Y«fl[jL tif Eul. eotn. ^f £und.j 
d- Et, Leo, P. D. Cr. Ye^n, of awnfc 
fertn. of the ftauie. T^Bp, (jf fol. 
I. d, it ilerniongild, M. V**p. ftvm vK at ibl eom. of SS. Tlbottltw 

lUidCompi. ^M. 
Il d. Office of BleiBod Sfi«r&miti)t Stb leBi. {itciiimmt} and 00m. <if 

S8. MM. In L. oxidM, Yevpu of huofi, 
I^Ha nf thp iHanie. Vcftp, of fol. * 

a, d. Office of ImaiAcuIiiK] Conceptioiu Veip. of lol. (Km^ fif yitm. 

Bnnd. mnd t^t Anloettifl, P. M. 
d. 3 «l. 'J h]rd aftvr Euter, PAtroitftrc nf ^t Josiph, ^ii leeSiL. asod 

com. of Bund, utid 3. £t. In L, and M. {vi B. M. In X. Jd* on]j.J luS 

Yesp* ccfm^ of Bunrl, ;,^ . ^ 

fprift of the witu?. Vi'jip^ of feria. 
feilB of thig luune, Yf^sp. of ffirlfl, 
fcria of tbe sauie. Veep, of foL 
d. BL Anteltn, B^ B. Cr. In S Yeap. com. of fol. • 
s. d. BS. Suler iiQd Calnit MM. Vesp^ fioin cK of fbl. caoi, of prct 
i. d. Bt. Georgie^ M. Vesp. <if fol. Ciim. of l^nad. acid jir««. 
d. Fourth after Edater, Bt, Fidelia a BigtnoHnQti. 9th leKi. and oeOfi. 

of Snnd. In L. *ntl M. Y¥«p. of fol on re. of pnjc. and Bund. 

d. 9. cU Bt. Murkf Evin. (Ai^tm^ qf Sainti aflAr La^dM.) Q\ Cr. 
l^f. A pp. In S Veup, oorti. of m. 

e. d« B@. Ciettii Eind Miirc^ltliius, FF. MM, "^Bm. of tlio sat^stt. 
ferla. of the aame. Tsep. of foL coin, of St, Ytt«Jifi M. 

f. d. OUtoe of Blefised fiacranrLenL. Itb less^ 4iid 17001, of S, M* to L. and 
M> Y«jp. of foK com. of proc- 

d. Bt, Petar^ M. Vesp. flroin ck of fol. com. of pi^. 

d« Be CidiiitaB of Blatma, V. Tei<p. of fol. com. of preo. atid Simdi 

M4T, m i. i F d BM M Momh^l Dahl 


Oalekdar or Feasts. 


com. of Siind. In L. and M. Id 3 Vesp. coin, h;*/ fol. and Sued, 
d^ (Ro^tlon.) BL Atba&fliltiB, U.D. {LUiiny <^ &iiftte a/ter I^) Leafl. 
' "" ' " * " I. fer. la L. ua U. Last g:os[>. of ferlL 




1 N. frum Sunii. prtt Com. 
Vf?e.p. of fol. <5om. pHiCL 
d. Si cL (Rpgftttofl.) Finding of the CnM*. (i«ltt*iy o/ ai*w«* &n«r £.) 

Vf?e.p. of fol. oom. pHiCL 

Si cK (Rpgftttofl.) Findi „ 

fith IflU uid com. of ^._ Alexudcft P.M.f In L. ind M, Si pr. oi! 



15 BtTHD 


ia Wed 









Bo^ 111 a Y«ArL oom, uf fuL 
d. (E^og'itloD). FTiTi; <^ Avci^vion,, 8t Montcm »th les, com. of Vigil 

Lb L, BUd M. ad pr Di Kt«R. (Zrttafij^ qf ^ifUtf ^/E#r Z^). L«At 

Gt>flp, of Vigil. Vo&p. <jf fnL (Ao ixwi,) 
d, 1. cL AftC£Kcioif J>AT. Tref. and comm, through oet (4/1^^0^' 

/^ cuiMU« ea:'ifitrui«A«d^ Id £4 Veftp. ih^tD. uf tul 
gr. d. tit JoIk) b«ffir« the LaUh Qat«. Lea. 1 N. ^m Snnd. wlthitt 

oct corn. f<f fvtU la L. Kiiii M, 111 i Vt^&b. com, uf fol. aod ocC 
d. St. btinlalans, M. L. 1 K. ^mn t^r. ^ prce. com. of oct. in JU Wtd 

M, Veflp, of f<,il. com. of pree. tiudd. and oet 
gT* d. Sunday nfttr Asccnilon^ AppaTition of St. JdlahikelT Arclmngfll, 

9 Lea. oum. of Suod. uid oct. Id L. uid M. la t Veftp. oom. of 

fol. £^nnd. and ocL 
d. ]!jt Oiegorj KasiaMeii,.B-D* Com. oct, la L. iiiid M. V»p. from 

fib. of fuL com. of prtfC. a&d BB. Gt^rdliLiiUB A»d EplmacliiiK, M.M. 
d, St ADtoolniiB^ U*<J, 3 L«*. and eom. of oct aod 6S. uM. In L. 

aod M. Id 3. Veap ».jm. of rict 
lu d. of OctBTe, ^ or concid^, 8 cb. or p. Veiqi. of Ibl. u 1 Veop. of 

er^ d. Octavo of A(Kwriftl«n» In S VespL com. of foL 
d. IMita v., P.C. <from fitliO Com, for. in, L. and M, In 3 Vesp. oodl 

of /or. ^nd S. BoaifuDti M. 
a. ± Vigil uf Peiit«»»t (/iuf dcry). Com. of Bt Boatfiice In L. (onlj). 

VeApL of fiA. 
d< 1 cL WhitsuDday. At tlaree UymD V*ni Oitalor, Vesp. of Siune. 
d 1 oL. WbUmonday. Ve»p. of aamo« 
d. 1 cL Whltmesday. Vej^p. of fiuue. 
k d. Ember Vrnj {y^3si da^) of iLa ocUva^ In Ve«p^ eom. of St Pn- 

'd«ntiaiia M. 

dk of tbfn 4rctAi^«< CoQi. of B.Y.M. In Ll and M. VenpK of thfi ocL 
&, d £mb«r l>ay. {I^tiMt day) of the net Veap. of tie Oct 
Ja. d. Kmber Day,. {FaM day) of tiie oct ASlor Noaai tbe Paicbal 

ti[m« endL Yt^p^ of fol. wUb com. «f I at BandL >fUtr PenUeoflt, it 

BndofofflO«, ScU^ JifgifMX MSlU. AA.vchL 


dn. f. gL TiiDlty SnndBj. (lit BnndL aflar P«nteooet)L In f Tei^ oom. 

of fol, and Sund, 
d. Bt PA&eksa] of BftyloD (twm ITtb). Yoip^ of foL com. of pra«, 
gr. ^ Help of Cl3ii&tlaDi« In a Yeap. wtm, of foL andBt, Ut-baniis F,U, 
d, Bt, Ottgory Vil., PX, tEh Laa. and coeh. ofiuul St Uibajiiia P.M, 

L. and M, Yesp» of foL (no oomY. 
d. 1 cl. Coipua Chriftti Cr. and prcf^ of Kntjrlty through the act. 
I Hotblog of St El^utberiiuk Yeepi. of sam« com. of fol, aud B, Jvha 
I P. andM. 

a. d. of the octsTe. Com. of S. In L. and M. Yesp. of same. 
B.d.oftheoot 8d pr. O^nceoKe 8 for ch. or p. Veep, from ch. of Sand. 
I eom. of oct 
!b. d. Bond, within oct. 8 alter Fenteooet of the same. In S Vesp. 

com. of S. Felix P.M. 
a. d. of ootaye. Com. of St Felix in L. and M. 8 pr. OoneeJe, In 

Yeep. oum. of St Petronilla Y. 
0. d. of ootaye. Ck>m. S.Y. in L. and M. Yeep. of oet 


JUNE, 1864-<^ixni M omu 8 Dahl 

Dfty of 


f Than 




8, Wed 


















a. d. Of Oetare. Vesp. of IbL as In 1 Yeap. of t&t, eom. of St Mai^el- 

liniia and Comp. MM. 
d. Octave of Corpus Christl. Gobl of SS. Mil. in L. and M. In 8 

Vesp. {No e&m.) 
gr. d. Feast of the most Sacred Heart Pre£ de Oruce, In 8 Tesp^ 

eom. of fol. 
d. St Francis Garrsdolo, 0. In 8 Yeep. com. of Sunday. 

d. Third after Pentecost Vesp. of fol. com. of Sunday, 
d. St Norbert B. C. Vesp. Ax>m oh. of foL (Ay. cK) com. of pree. 
d. St Venantins, M. {/Hnn ISth May.) Vesp. from eh. of foL (Ay. dt) 

com. prec. 
d. St Peter Celestine, G. {from \Wh May.) Vesp. from di. of foL 

eom. of prec. and SS. Pri'ius and Felician. 
d. St Juhn Nepomueene, M. {from 9id. May.) 9th lees, (two in one) 

and com. of SS. MM. in L. and iL In 8 Vesp. com. of fol 
8. d. St Margaret, W. Vesp. of fol. com. of prec 
gr. d. St Barnabas, Ap. In 8 Vesp. coul of fuL Sand, and SS. BaaOides 

and Comp. MM. 
s. d. Fourth after Pentecost St John a factmdo, 0. 9th less, and 

com. of Sand, in L. and M. Veisp. from ch. of foL cool preo. and 

d. St Anthony of Padus, 0. Vesp. from ch. of fol. com.*of preo. 
d. St Basil, B. G. D. Gr. Vesp. from ch. of fol. cool of prec 
d. St Philip Neri, G. {from 26M May.) Vesp. from ch. of fol. com. 

of prec 
d. St John Francis Regis, G. In 8 Vesp. com. of foL 
s. d. (Anniv. of EUg. <if Pius JX.) St Norens Achilles Domitilea 

and PancratiUA, MM. C^om ISA Jray.) Dtus omnium. Vesp. 

from ch of fol. com. of prec and SS. Mark and Marcellinus, MM. 
s. d. St Uhaldus, M. {from le^ May.) 9th less, and codil of 88. MM. 

in L. and M. Vesp. of fol. com. of prec Snnd. and SS. Gervasins 

and Protasius, MM. 
d. Fifth after Pentecost St Juliana Falconieri, V. 9th less, and com. 

of Sund. and SS. MM in L. and M. In Vesp. com. of fol. and Bond. 
8. d. St Bernardine of Sienna {fr. 9(MA May). Vesp. of ful. com. of prec 
" AnfUv. of Coron. of Fiua JX) St Aloysios Gonzaga, G. 8pr. 

DetM omnium. In Vesp. com. of fol. and St Paulinas, B. O. 
a. d. St Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, V. (firom 87iA May.) 9th lasa. 

{iu)o in on4) and com. of SG. in L. and M. Vesp. of same, 
d. Vigil of Nativity of St John Baptist. {Ferial prayers atthehaurs,) 

Vesp. of foL 
d. 1 d. Nativity of St John Baptist In Vesp. com. of foL 
d. St William, Ahh. 0. Gom. of Oct in L. and M. Vesp. from ch.0f 

>1. com. of prec Sund. and Oct 
d. Sixth after Pentecost St John and Paul, MM. 9th leas, and com. 

of Sund. and Oct in L. and M. In S Vesp. com. of Sund. and Oct 
8. d. Of the Octave. Vesp. of fbL c<>m. or Oct 
d. (Vigil SS. App. Peter and Paul, ioUhatU fasC). St Irensena, B. M. 

9th less, homily of Yig. Gom. of Oct and Vig. in L. and M. Qoap. Vig. 

at the end of Mass. vesp. of fol. without com. 
d. 1 cL SS. FiTSB and PavL) App. Pref. App. thro* Oct Vesp. of 

d. Gom. of St Paul, Off. Pr. Vesp. from ch. of foL cool of SS. App. 

JULY, 1864— aumm lioin»-81 Dati. 



Calbmdab of Fkabts. 












18 Wed 
16 Frid 
16 Sat 

18 Mond 
98 Frid 
88 Sat 




28 Than 


80 Sat 



d. OetaTeofNattTitTofStJobnBapUstaa in feast Com.ofOetin 

L» nd M. Ye^ or foU ecnaa. of nree. only, 
d. 8.^ Yititation of the BleMed Yirgin. Hh leti. and cool of 8. 

Proeeisos and Comp. in L. and M. Veq^ of foL oool of pree. and 

d. a d. Serenth after Penteooet Of the most Piredoos Blood of oar 

Lord JesQS Christ 9th leas, and eom. of Sand, in L. and M. Pret 

de Oruee. To-day High Mass. of 88. Peter and PauL 2 pr» Most 

P. B. 8d Sahdaj. Laat 6oq>. of Sand. In 8 Yesp. com. of Sondaj. 
B. d. Of the Octave. Yesp. of same. 
B. d. Of the Octave. Yesp. of foL 

d. Oct of SS. Apostles. (Ms. pr.) In 3 Yesp. com. of foL 
s. d. St Leo, P. a {day auignsdftom iSthJune) {hy. ch.), Yeq>. 

tmm eh. of fol. com. of pree. 
s. d. St Elizaheth, W. Yesp. from ch. of fol. com. of prsc 
s. d. Office of Immacnlste Conception. Yesp. from cIl of foL eom. 

of pree. 
s. d. Eighth after Pentecost, of the same. In Yesp. com. of foL and 

St Pins, M. 
s. d. Seven Brothers, M. (ftrom yMterday.) 9th less, (two in one) and 

com. of 8. M. in L. and M. Yesp. ot foL com. of preo. and St Nabor 

and Felix, MM. 
d. St John Ooalbert, Abb. Com. of MM. in L. and M. In 3 Y«sp. 

com. of foL 
a. d. St Anadetns, P. M. Yeap. of foL com. of pree 
d. St Bonaventnre, B. D. In 2 Yesp. com. of foL 
s. d. St Henry Emperor, C. Yesp. of foL com. of pree. 
gr. d. Blessed Yirgin of Meant CarmeL (OiH pr.) In 8 Yesp. com. of 

a. d. Ninth after Pentecost of the same. Yeap. of fol. com. of Sand. 

and SS. Sjrmphoroza and Comp. M. 
d. St Camillas of LeUis, C. 8th less. com. of SS. MM. ia L. and M. 

Yesp. from ch. of foL (Ay. eh.) com. of pree 
d. St Yineent of Pant 0. Yesp. from cL of foL (hy. ch.) eom. of pree. 

and S. Bfargaret Y. M. 
d. St Jerome jSmilian. 0. Com. of S.Y. in L. and M. In 3 Yesp. 

com. of foL and St Praxedes, Y. M. 
a. d. Alexias, C. {from llth.) 9th less, and com. of Y. M. in L. and 

M. Yesp. of fol. com. et pree 
d. St Mary Magdalen, the Penitent Yesp. from ch. of fol. com. of 

pree. and St Liborias, B. C. 
d. (YigilofSt James) St ApolUnaris, M. 9th less, and com. of Yigil 

and S. C. in L. and M. Last Ch>Bp. of Yigil. In Yesp. com. of Sand. 

and St Christina. Y. and M. 
s. d. Tenth after Pentecost, of the same. Com. of Y.M. in L. and M. 

Yesp. of fol. (No com.) 
d. 3 d. St James, Ap. Com. of St Christopher in L. and Mi In 8 

Yesp. com. of foL 
gr. d. St Anne, Mother of B. Y. M. In 2 Yesp. com. of fol. and St 

Pantaloon, M. 
simple. St Pantaloon. M. Yeq».offoI. 
s. d. St Nazarins ana Comp., MM. Yesp. firom ch. of foU cooi. of 

pree. and St Felix and Comp., MBf. 
s. d. St Martha. Y. Com of 88. MM. in L. and M. Yesp. from ch. of 

fol. com. pree. and SS. Abdon and Sennen, MM. 
a. d. Office of Immaculate C^onception. Com. of SS. MM. in L. and M. 

Yesp. of fol. eom. of pree and Sanday. (1st in Aagast) 
d. Eleventh after Pentecost St Igoatina of Loyohs C. 9th leaa. and 

com. of Sand, in L. and M. Yeap. of foL com. of St Paal, pree 

Sanday and SS. Macchabees, MM. 




Day of 

^ CAiSMDJkB OF Feasts. 



4 Than 





18 Sat 



















fr. d. St Pet«f^ obalaa. tth lesa of S8. Maechab. eom. 8t Paul, 

andtheMM.ia:L.>aiMlM. Or. PmC Apfk. Ib 2 Teap. com. St Paul, 

and »t. St^en, P. M. * 

d. 8t Alpb4>n8iMlAHrydeLlgtuKl.B.a •(& kea. and com. of Bteplien 

in L. and M. In 2 Vesp. com. foL 
a. d. Finding of body of St. fttapten, Protomartyr. Yeip. of foL (dk 

Ay.) com. prec 
d. St I>ominlo, C. Yoq». of'fol. mm. of prea 
ipr. d. Bt Manr at NiTea. y«ap. of M. oom. of prea and St Xyatna 

and Comp., MIL 
gr. d. Tranafieuratioo of oorLord. ^th koa. and oflm. af 88. MM. !n 

L. aad M. In 2 Yeap. com. of Ibl. and -Sand, 
d. Twelfth after Feoteeodt (id A<ug.') 8t Oi^etan, G. ath kaL aod 

oom. of Snnd. in L. aod M. In 8 Veep. com. «f 8nnd. and fol. 
8. d. 88. Cyriaofw and Oornp., M M. In 8 Yeap. com. of St Komaaoi, M. 
Yiffil of 8t Lanrreaee, of theaame. (J^Mtp. from 'Noe. (^Sund. prte,) 

rerial prayers com. of St Eomanus, M. in !«. and M. vesp. of fol. 
d:2el. St Lauranoe, M. la 8 Yc^>. com. of 8S. Tibartiaa and 

Susanna^ MM. 
«. d. Of tlie Octivre. •th lesa. and cool fifl. MM.!in L. and M. Yeap. 

of fol. com. of Oct 
d. St Clara, Y. Com. of Oct in Land M. In 8 Yesp. oom. of Oct 

and 88. Hypolitaa and Oaasianiia, MM. 
Yiffil of Assumption. {Font day.) Of the Octave. Com. of SS. MM. 

IhL. MassofYigiL 8 pr. of Oct 8. of -88. M. Yesp. from ch. of ftiL 

com. of Bast4>ii»s, C. 
a d. Tbtrteentfa after Peataoaflt, (id Aug.) of the<aaa^e. Com. of Get 

and St Ba»aWiu in L. and M. Y«ap. of CM. {iTotom,) 
d. 1 cl. Assumption of B. Y. M. In 2 Veap. com. of fol. 
d. St Byaolntk, G. Com. of Oct in L. and M. Yesp. fhxn cb. of &>!. 

com. of prec Md Aaaump. 
d. Octave of St Laarence. Com. of Asmmp. Ia L. 4kQd M. In 2 Yeapu 

com. of Aasmnp. and 8t Agapltaa, M. 
8. d. Of the Octave «f Asanmp. 8th kea. and cono. cif 8. M.ta-L. and 

M. Yesjp.ofOct 
a. d. Of the Ootave «f the Aasamp. Y^esn. af fill, com- of Octava. 
d. St Bernard, Abb. O. Oam. of Oct In L. and M. Yesp. of foL com. 

of prec and Snuiay. 
gr. d. Fourteenth after PeDtaeaat ^tfa A«g ) St Joachino, G., Father 

ofaY. M. tthkakaadoom.of 8nnd.aad0ctlnL.andM. Jja8 

Yeep. com. of Oct Sandaf , and 8t Timodhjr aad.Gomp., MM. 
d. Octave of Assam^ion of j3. Y. M. 8thkM. i ' 

in L. and M. In 8 Veap. com. of foL 
d. (Vigil of St Bartholomew.) St FMUp Beaitlns, G. Less, of l.<it 

Noc from Sand, prec 8thkacandeom.Qf YigUinL. andM. X4i^ 

Gosp. of Vigil. Yesp. of foL com. of prec 
d. 3 d. St Bartholomew, Ap. In 8 Yasp. com. of fol. 
8. d. St Loais, B. G. Yesp. of fol. oam. at pvac and St Zephyrinna, 

P. M. 
d. St Jane Frances of Ghantal, W. (from Blat) Gopn. of 8. M. in L. 

and M. Yesp. flroqfi ch. of fqL 
d. 8t Joseph Gakacaattas, G. Ya^>. from ah. of •fid. com. of Simday 

and St Hermatns, M. 
d. Fifteenth after Penteceet (5th Angnat) St Aognsins, B. B. tth 

less, and oom. of Soad. .and 8. M. in L. and M. Yeap. of fuL com. of 

prec Snnd. andSt Sabino, M. 
gr. d. Beheading of 8t Jobo, Baptkt 8th ksa. and com. of S. M. in 

L. and M. In 2 V^p. com. of foL and 68. Felix and Gomp ., MM. 
d. 8t Bose of Lima. 9th less, and oom. of 88. MM. in L. and M. 

Yesp. fh)m ch. of fol. (Ay. cA.) 
d. St Baymnnd Nonatos. In 2 Yesp. com. of foL St Aegidlus and 12 

Brothers, MM. 

. and oom. of SSI Ifijf. 

r SEPTEMlRBi IMi-^Knmi llMniH--80 Djin.; 


Calivpak 0f Fkaat«. 










































^ d. Ofl|o« of BlfliMHl S&ertmeiit Sth leii. and «£»m, of St J^ldiiu 

ia L. ftod M. Veipt flK>m ch. otfol. (Ay cA.) com. of prw;. 
k 4 St Qtepbciiii B. C. Vcflp. frutn cti. uffotL cam. of »re& 
^ 4 OEQoe of Imau& CoDeepUos. Two, fraEn ck of Am. com, vt pna. 
L d. Stxta^Dt^ Aft^T TriAltj. (lit &q>t1 1 :£iH. bfgln Book of Job^ 

In » Vmp;. oofn. of fo!* 
1* d. St Lautquoa JoAtlDfiui, B. U (^, cl.) Ytip. ef nn», 
r«ria. of Uiin«. Y«p, offer, 
fisrlik of samA. V«aii. of fol. 
d. i el HfttMtf of a Y. U. 9tk leM. uul codi, «f St Adrian In E.. 

sod SI. (low.) In S Veaj>. com of Bt. Gnr^nlm, 
■. d. Hei^ond djif af QcUrv, Coin, of R M. in Jl nnd M. V«p. of JbL 

fiom. of OotflTe* 
i. d. St HIcbolu of TotnntlDa, a Com. of Oct tn L. and M. yi»|ik 

4>f fol com. of prec Sun^lpj, aod Sa. Protni in4 CiHitp., M^f. 
gr, d. Scvanteentli ahtf Pantecost (fd Bept) H^ly Nnma flf W«7. 

ith kn. and cool, of Stmd. and S3, MM, In L. and M« tu I Veip,. 

oom. of Oct 
i. d. Fifth day of DeUve. Twp. of Oct 
i. d. iljctb tlay of Octave, Ve*p, of tal cobcl of 0«t 
fr. d. KxjiluUoti of the IMy Crowk CotD. of O^ la L. aad HL In I 

Yosp. com. of OqL and St Nicum^^de, M. 
4 OcUre of NatMty of B. V. M. 9ib loeo. com. nf 8. M. 1o I^ and . 

M. In !: V«<p, oom, of fol aitiil S3, EuphAmla and! Compk. M^f. 
>. d. Otrntiltua and Cjplim, P. MM. im I««l and com. of iB. MH< In 

ti. and M. Vftap. of fol 
d* S^ipi««*fe^ of St Fmuols, 0. Vesp, of (bi. <x»n. of pre^. and Smidaf - 
gr. d. Etf btaejitb after ^Ahtseoat (M H«pt]< FOist of Boren Dolor* 

of B. V, M* Otb leftB. *nd com. of Bond. Ib T* *iid M, In 2 Taap. 

eoDL of fnL atid 3o inlay. 
d. BB. JaanRTluB u)d Comp., MM, I Hoc, begin Bn&k of Tobias ftom 

8. P. V4*«p fram ck of fol. oom. r^ pr?o. 
d, (Ti^l of SL MatLhf^w.) 8L Enatuchlna nnd Cddcnp., MM. Oth iHi. 

com, of Vigil Id L. and M, Last Qmg. of Vl^l. Veup. 0f fol com, 

of proo, 
d. t el. (Embtr-day^ .fii^fl) Bt Mnt^bew^ App. In S Tetp, oom. of 

Ibl aod dS, Manrfco and Comp^. MM. 
d. 8t Thomfls of YilUTit^vii, B, a fltli la** e^m, of SS, MM. la L. aad 

M. In 2 Vesp. com. of fut and 8t Thee I a, Y. M* 
C d^ (Embai-^dai^, friAi.) St Linus. P. M. fltti ^oaa. and ecnn. of f«r. 

and S. V . ^f . I n L and M. Last Qo^p, of ferla. VcBp. of fol , crm, of prer, 
gt* d, {iknli^-da^^ fust.) Ooi' Lady of Meref . In 3 Vnsp. com* of 

ad, 19tb aftpr Pentecost (^^^ Bept) of th« MUfm. Ye«p. of fol tarn, 

of Sandfly mi:] S8+ Cyrtan and Cofii}i., MM. 
d. BL Jcjfteph a f?tt|?ar<i«^, C (/rotn. I8£A.) flUi Irisn. (two la on*) and 

wjn, of 88. MM, In I... Rnd M. In i Vt?i»p. com. of fol 
t d, St. GiMToas and D»jtilfln, MM. Yeap. from eh. of fol eom. of pr«e, 
ji, d, St WenoesladJi, M. Veup. of fol. (no (wm.) 
d. 9 cl 8t Miehwjl. Arohaneel In t Y*j«t». nnm. of fol 
d. Bt Jeromo, CD. tn S Yea^ eom. of foL 


OCTOBER, 1864— Tkhth Moiitb--S1 Dati. 

Day of 



































































8. d. Bt Bemigiaa. B. G. (Ay. eh.) 1 Noet begin b. of £ather fr. 5th 

B. Sept Yesp. of foU eom. of Sunday and prec 
gr d. Twentieth after Pentecost. (Ist Oct.) Festiyal of Botarj of 

B. y. M. 9th less, and com. of Sunday in L. and M. In S Yesp. oom. 

offbl. and Sunday, 
d. Guardian Ancels. (From yeat) In 9 Yesp. com. of fol. 
d. St Francl^ C. In 2 Yesp. com. of fuL 
simple. 88. Pladdua and Comp., MM. In 1 and 3 less, begin Maeehab. 

from S. P. Yesp. of foL 
d. St Bruno, G inSYo8p.oom.offt>l.andSS.8ergIutandCompk,MM 
simple. St Mark, P. G. Com. of 8S. MM. tn L. and M. Yesp. of IbL 
d. 8t Bridget W. In 2 Yesp. oom. of Sunday. 
B. d. Twenty-first after Pentecost (dd Oct) In Yesp. eom. of IbL 
8. d. St Francis Bor^ C. (Ay. ah.) Yesp. from ch. of foL com. of prse. 
s. d. 6S. Dlonysius and Comp , MM. Yesp. of same, 
feria of same. Yesp. of fol. {ny. ch.) 
8. d. St Sdward, B. 0. Yesp. of fol. oom. of prec. 
d. St CallistuB, P. M. Yesp. from oh. of ful. (Ay. pr.) com. of pree. 
d. St Thereita, Y. Yesp. of fol. com. of prec and Sunday, 
gr. d. Twenty-second after Pentecost (SdOor.) Mat«mttyofB. Y.M. 

9th leas, and cool of Sand, in L. and M. In 8 Yesp. com. of Sand. 

and foL 
8. d. St Hedwig, W. Yesp. of fol (no com,) 
d. 8 d. St Luke, Erang. In 3 Yesp. cool of foL 
d. St Peter of Alcantara. (Ay. oA.) Vesp. from ch. of ftd com. of preo. 
d. St John Cantius. Yesp. com. of fol. and SS. Ursula and (k>mp., MM. 
simple. St Uilarion, Abb. 0. Com. of SS. MM. in L. and M. Yean. 

offol. ^ 

8. d. Office of Immaonlate Conception of R Y. M. Yesp. from ch. of 

Sanday and com. of prec, . 
8. d. Twenty-third after Pentecost (4th Oct) Yesp. of foL com. of 

gr. d. St Ba])hae1, Archangel In 2 Yesp. oom. of fol. 
simple. SS. Chrysanthus and Darius, MM. Yesp. fcr. from oh. of foi 
simple. St ETaristus, P. M. Yesp. offer, pr. of S. pr. 
Yifdl of SS. Simon and Jude, Apn. Ofll fer. leas, of YiglL Mass of 

Ylgil (at honrs fer. pr.) Yesp. of fol. 
d. 8 cL St Simon and Jude. In 8 Yesp. com. of foL 
8. d. Office of ImmaonUte Conception of B. Y. M. Yesp. from cb. of 

Sand. com. of prec 
8. a. Twenty-third after Pentecost (1st Nov.) 1 Noct and 8 R. from 

1 Snnd. Nov., remainder from 4 Sunday after Epiphany. Yesp. <^ 

YiffilofAllSaiatt. {Fa^t-day.) Off. fer. leas, of YigiL MassofYigiL 

Yesp. of foL 

KOTEMBER, 1864— Ecktsiitb Mo mu 10 Datb. 


Day of 

Gjllkmdar or Fxabts. 




















d.lel (Holiday i>f OMtqaUon.) Feastof All Saiaca. Yesp-of same. 

After -which say Ymd. of Dead and CompHne. 
6. d. All Souls. Oft of setond day of Oetare. After L. Mat. and L. 

of Dead. Mass of the dead as in Mia. Yeep. of Oct 
a. d. Third dinr of Oetare. Yeap. of foL com. of Oct and SS. Vitalia 

and Comp., MM. 
d. St Charlpa Borromeo, B. G. 9th leaa. and oom. of 88. MM. in L. 

and M. In 2 Yeap. eom of Oct 
a. d. Fifth day of Oct Yeap. fh>in ch. of fol. com of Oot 
a. d. Twenty-fonrth after Pentecoat (8d Nov.) 1 Noc. and 8 R. ftrom 

Srd Sand, of Nov., remainder from Gth Sand, after Epiphany. 

Yeap. of Sand. oom. of Oct 
a. d. Seventh dav of Octave. Yeep. of fol. oom. of SS. 4 Crowned MM. 
d. Octave of All Sainta. 9th leaa. and am. of SS. MM. in L. and M. 

Yeap. from ch. of fol. com. of prec and St Theodore, M. 
d. Dedication of Basilica of St Savinnr'a. 9th l^aa. and oom of S. M. 

in L. and M. In 9 Yeap. oom. of fol. and 88. Tryphoniaa and Comp., 

a. d. St Andrew Avellinaa, C. 9th lesa. and eom. of 88. MM. in L. 

and M. Yeap. of foL com. of prec. and St Menna, M. 
d. St Martin, C. P. 9th leaa. and com. of M. in L. and M. In S Yeap. 

COOL of foL 
a. d. St Martin, P. M. Yeap. of foL com. of Sand, and prec. 
gr. d. Twenty-flfth after Pentecoat (4th Nov.) Patronage of B. Y. M. 

9th leaa. com. of Sand. (6th after Epiphany) in L. and M. In 2 

Yeap. com. of Sand, and foL 
d. St. Sunialaas Kotaka, C. 1 Noc. begin Book of Oaee from Bund. 

pr. Yeap. from ch. of fol. com. of prec 
d. St Gertrade, Y. In 8 Yeap. com. of foL 
a. d. St Didacaa, G. (from 18tn) {hy. eh.) Yeap. of com. of prec 
a. d. St Gregory Thaamatargaa, ii. 0. Yeap. of fol. oom. of prec 
d. Dedication of BaaiUca of 88. Peter and Paul. Yeap. from ch. of fol. 

and St Pontanaa, M. 
d. St Elizabeth, Wid. In 1 Noct b<>gin Abdlna from feria 8 and 8. 

9th lesa. and com. of S. M. in !«. and M. Veap. from cb. of foL com. 

of prec and Snnday. 
d. Twentv-aixth after Pentecoat (6th Nov.) St Felix of Yaloia. 9th 

lesa. and com. of Sand. (94th) in L. and M. Yeap. of fol. com. of 

prec and Sand. 
n. d. Preaentation of B. Y. M. In 9 Yeap. com. of foL 
a. St Gticilia, Y. M. Yesp. from ch. of foL com. of prec and St 

Felicitaa, M. 
d. St Clement, P. M. 9tb lesa. com. of S. M. in L. and M. Yetp, 

from eh. of fol. oom. of St Chryaogonaa, M. 
d. St John of the Croaa, C. 1 Noct begin Book d Nahum from Mond. 

Habbacac from Taead. Sophoniaa from Wed. 9thleaa. com. of 8. M. 

in L. and M. Yesp. from ch. of fol. com. of prec 
d. St CathariQ<>, Y. M. 1 Noct begin Book of Aggena from Thara. 

Zachariaa of day for 9. 8. In 8 Yeap. oom. of foL and St Peter, B. M. 
a.d. Office of Inunaonlate Conception. 1 Noet begin Malachi firom fbr. 

9th leaa. and com. of 3. M. in L. and M. Yeap. fh>m ch. of Sund. 


d. 1 cL Firat Sunday of Advent. Yeap of the aamc 

feria. Yesp. f^r. com. of St Satarninaa, M. 

Yisil of St Andrew. Ofll of feria. MaaaofYlgll. 8pr. fur. 8ofB.M. 

Veap. of foL com. offer, 
d. 2 cL St Andrew, App. In 8 Yesp. oom. of fer. 


imCEMtBESEi, IBU^Twmurm Itonn— M Davl 

Day of 
















































































Calendar of Fkabtb. 

feria. Yesp. of foL com. of preo. 

8.d. (Fasl4iaf/.) St Bibtana, 7. M. Coin, offer, in L. and M. Yesp. 

of fol eom. Dfpreo. and fer. 
d. St Fnnoia Xavler, C. Com. of fw. in L. and M. In 8 Yesp. com. 

of Sandajr iwd St Bajrba, Y. M. 
d. 8 cL Second of A.dvent Com. of Y. M. in U and M. Yeap. of foL 

(Ajbf. olL) com. of Sandaj and St Sabh*, Abb. 0, 
d. St Peter Chryaologos, B. D. Com. of f«r. and 8. a in L. and M. 

Yeap. from ch. of foL com. of prec 
d. St Nicholas, B. C. Com. </|^r. in I., and M. 

(ku. ch.) com. of feria. 
d. St Ambrose, B. D. Cosb. of &r. in L. ^d M. Yeap. of foL < 

Yeapi ftom Ah. lOf ^L 

offer, (only.) 
d. 1 al. Immaculate Conoeptton of B. Y. If. 


Yeap. <tf aanM eioin. of 
Yasp. of Oct eooL of fer. wid #t 

a,d. (Fast-day.) Second of Octavo. 

Melchiadis, P. M. 
8. d. Third of Octave. Oom. of fer. and S. IC in L. and M. Yc^ 

from eh. of fol. oom. of Ctt, 
a. d. Third of Advent All Maaae# of i;mmaenlata Ooneeption. Com. 

of Sand. X^aat Ooapel of Sunday. Yeap. of Im. Oonoep, oom. of flML 

and St Damasus, P. G. la priv. uf Sand. com. of fol and Oct 
i. d. St Damasaa, P. 0. (ttom yeat) Ckun. of fer. and Oot in L. md M. 

Yesp. of foL eom. of Oct and fer. 
d. StLoey, Y.M. Com. of Oot andfer. in L. and M. In8 Yeap. oom. 

of Oct. and fer. 
Y. iJSmb^-iiaiLjiiH.) 0£B«e of seventh day in Oet M«h of te 

8 pr. of Oct Yeap. as 1 of feast ooqk. of fer. 
d. Oct of Immaculate Oonoeptipn. Cqm. of fer. in L. and. K. In 8 

Yesp. oom. of foL and fer. 
a. d. {JPrnber-day, /i«&) St Ensebios. P. M. 8th leia. and ooqu af 

fer. in L. and M. Xftst Goep. offer. In 8 Yeap. oom. offer. 
(Embar-day, fcui.) OtL feiia. Mass pr. Yesp. feria fh>m ch. of 

9. 8 cL Fourth of Advent Yesp. of fol. com. ot Sand, and Adonai. 
gr. d. £3n>ectation of B. Y. M. iftnum yut,) In 8 Yesp. oom. of fer. 

Yigil of St Thomas. Office of feria. Ma«a of Yigil 3 pr. fer. Yea^ 

of fol. oom. offer, ant O Ckti4«. 
d. 8 cL St Thomas. Cqm. of fer. in L. and M. In Yeap. eon^ «f §m, 

Mt Oriens, 
feria. Yesp. feria. ant O Beaa. (doable.) 
feria. (Fast-day.) Yeap. feria Ant OjEHMnOMeftf^CdoaVIe). 
feria. {FaU-day.) Yigil of Nativity of Oar Lord. At L. and Howl. 

Off. aa in doabies. M. prop. Yespi of Nativity, 
d. 1 cL with Oct Nauvitt qf Cub Lord, or Cruuticab. 61. Gr. 

PreC Nativ. and Oommwi'io. prop. thr. Oct In 8 Yesp. com. fol. 
d. 8 cI. with Oot St Stephen, First Martyr. C;om. Oet in U and M. 

Yeap. of H^tiv. from ch. of St Stej>ben. Ck>m. fol. and NaUr. 
d. with Oct St John, Ap. £v. Com. OoUVm in L. and M. Ya^i 

of NatLv. fiiom ch. St John, copi. fol- fmd Octav«a. 
d. 8 cL' with Oct Holy Innocents. Com. Octaves in L. and IC Yeap. 

of Nat fkom ch. of Holy Innocents. Com. foL and Octaves. 
8. d. St Thomas of Canterbury, B. M. Ifirom yesL) Lesa. 1 Noet 

AMiUUK CQm.4 0ct#ve«inL.andM. Yeifk. of Ka|. tfToifUa fran 

oh. fol. com. prec. and 4 Octaves, 
a. d. OA Sund. within Oct Nat. as in feast Com. 4 OsL ,in L. and M. 

Drop. Dtim Medium. Yeap. a d. of Nat tsofn ch. of Bund. OfMO. 

lol. and 4 OotaveA 
d. St Sylvester, P. C. Com. 4 Octaves in L. and M. Yesp. of Clreani- 

cision without commemoration. 




"Hie See of Baltimore, first filled by the illustrioas Carroll, the nobi* 
eomer-stooe of the AmerieaD hierarehy, and by the saintly Keale, has 
always been oecnpied by prelates whose personal character won alike 
rerereoce and respect ; bat among that line which is so dear to GatboHcs 
none will obtain more endnring fame than the one so lately taken from 
amongst ns. The tabors of a great mind, stored with the treasures of 
eoelesiastieal learning, eoiisciotis of the wants of his time and country, mild, 
gentle, condescending, bnt inflexible in principle, have exercised and will 
.long continne to exert a most salutary influence. He was the ide«l of a 
eontroTersiaiist, nerer stooping to quibble, evasion, or sarcasm, winning bb 
hearer with the grace of a ^ Francis de Sales or a Fenelon. Hence his 
polemical writings were many and various, and in some cases Ms earlier 
studies resulted at least in elaborate treatises that will stand as proud 
monuments of our Catholic Literature. One of his earliest discussions, 
" Letters of Omicron to Omega,*' in reply to Rev. Dr. Blackburn, covered 
the whole doctrine of the Reall Presence, while Baptism and Justification 
were severally the subjects of separate treatises. But his great con- 
trovertial work was a series of letters on the Primacy addressed to Bi^op 
Hopkins of Termont, which became in successive editions the elaborate 
treatise on the Priraacj so justly admired. The whole field of Dogmatic 
Theology was treated in his Theologia Dogmatica^ and his Moral Theology, 
a work of still more practical value, g^ve the young levite add the 
laborious missioner a manual suited to tihe exigencies and new combinations 
arinn^ in a country^ so different from Europe. 

Archbishop Eenrick was one of the first in this eountry to take into ooito 
sideration the lamentable condition of the text of our English Bibles, which, 
altered by unskilful or unauthorized hands, had in different editions wide- 
ly departed from that noble translation of Rheiroe and Douay, used so 
profitably by the translators of King James, and redolent of the beat 
Bngliah age. And, not only this, but no new standard was adopted, they 
dimred so far from each other, that with the swarms of typographical 
errors the different Catholic Bibles corresponded neither with the Vi^^te, 
the Bheims and Douay, Dr. Challoner, nor anybody else. Arehbishop 
Kenrick, as the best remedy, devoted himself to a new and careful tranria- 
tion on the basis of the original Rhenish Douay as edited by Dr. Gffial- 
loner, and though but sHgfatly encouraged, and in fact discouraged by some, 
who were utteny unconscious of the evil wiiich he souf^t to remedy, con- 
tinued to issue successive volumes till he published at last the whole 'Kbie 
in a correct, faitbfbl English dress. The immense service thus rendered is 
not yet appreciated, but it will one day be the boast of our time. 

Archbishop Kenrick, as a man of learning, thus was a laborer in all the 
fields of ecclesiastical literature ; as a bishop, whether in Philadeli^ia or 
Baltimore, he was no less emfnent, and relisiou developed umler his 
guidance in a healthj^ spirit, and the fruh of a living Catholicity, estaMiih- 
ments of piety, learnmg and charity. 

Ha was born in Dublin, December 8, 1797, ai^d A^r 4nith|ng hU pre- 
limiiuuy studies, resolve^ tp deyote hf mseff tq the serriee qf l£a Att^r. 
Ifrom hts abilities he wai ol^gsen as Que who ^ras to have thf privilef^ of 
pQfMiiDg hii divinity studies «t Borne, wh«re b« panuft •^'^vii l«i^ iIw^dN^ 


College of the Propaganda, winning golden opinions from all by his pro- 
gress in sacred learning, and by his singular modesty. 

When Bishop Flaget earnestly appealed for a clergyman to direct his 
newly founded ecclediastical seminary, Dr. Eenrick was selected by a most 
happy choice, and proceeding to the scene of his labors, reached Kentucky 
iu September, 1821. The patriarch of the church in the Western States at 
jDnce appreciated the merit of this young priest, and in his eorrespondenee 
spoke of him as " remarkable for his piety, extensive acquirements, the quick- 
ness of his mind, and the natural eloquence with which he expressed him- 
self." His duties in the Seminary kept him in seclusion^ but iu the jubilee 
of 1826-'7 he attended Bishop Flaget in his pastoral visitations, preachiuff 
with fruit, and giving most sucoesuul public conferences on religion, which 
led to the polemical discussions that formed so important a part of his 

As a professor he was remarkable for the clear and lucid manner in 
which he developed the different points of sacred science to his piipils. 

His merit was soon to raise him to a position of honor and difficulty. 
The diocese of Philadelphia was at this time in a state which excited the 
utmost concern in tliose charged with the government of the church. An 
unworthy priest^ who ere long apostatized and lived for years reviling and 
libelling the spouse of Christ, had created a schism in the diocese, which, as 
often happens, outlived the immediate question that gave it birth, and by 
its everunanging forms involved bishop, clergy, seculars with regulars, ana 
even the laity in its strifes and bickeriufl;s. The Holy See resolved to ap- 
point a coadjutor to the Bishop of Philadelphia, and invest him with the 
administration of the diocese. The Church in America has seen no more 
critical moment, no more appalling task imposed upon a bishop. Dr. Ken- 
rick was selected, and it proved that the Spirit of God directed the choice. 
Consecrated by Bishop Flaget at Bardstown, in June 6, 1830, as Bishop of 
Arath, he proceeded to the city of Philadelphia, and cominenced his labor 
for peace, Christian progress, and Catholic edification. 

During his administration of the diocese as administrator, and later as 
bishop, he was the leader of his flock in all good works. 

The Cholera of 1832 saw him the devotea pastor ; and on all occasions 
the spiritual and temporal wants of his flock called forth various establish- 
ments, in the foundation of which he was mainly instrumental. It waa^ 
however, his affliction to see in 1844, many of the edifices reared by piel^ 
and zeal destroyed by an irreligious and fanatical mob. To raise from their 
ruins these establishments imposed on Dr. Eenrick new exertions and new 
saoriflces ; and the Christian bishop, who, amid the whirlwind of minister- 
kindled fanaticism, had breathed to his people only words of peace and 
forbearance, now without a word of recrimination, or one revengeful 
. thought, went patiently to work to^estore the labor of years thus ruthlessly 
destroyed by men who all the while boasted of liberality. 

During his episcopacy at Philadelphia, Bishop Kenrick introduced the 
Sisters of Charity in several parts, founded a Theological Seminary, a Peni- 
tent Asylum unaer the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, and aided the Jesuits 
and Augustinians to found collegiate establishments. 

In the Councils of Baltimore, Bishop Kenrick was an attentive ahd im- 
portant member, many of the Acts having emanated from him, and most of 
them coming from his pen. 

On the death of Archbishop Ecoleston, it was therefore easily conceived 

why he was translated to the Metropolitan See, in August^ 1851. The 

dioceses of the United States had now been divided into provinces under 

ifiSbteot Afebbubop$, and BaitSmore had oeased to be tiie Metropolitan. 

Se0 df the eomitryf bnt the Holy Bee app(Aiit«d Ax<^\A!^^ K«nrlcJt 


ApoBtolie Delegite to preside at a National Ck>nneil of all the ArchbiBhops 
and Bishope of the United States, and snbseqaently inreeted him with a 
''primacy of honor." This plenary ooancil, held in May, 1852, was the 
grandest Assembly of Cathohe prelates ever seen in the Western world, six 
Archbishops and 26 Bishops taldne part in the deliberations. 

8abseqiient to this great OoanoiT the Archbishop held provincial Coun- 
^Is and i>iocesan Synods, in all endeavoring to exalt the dignity and use- 
itiloees of the priesthood, and guard the flock from error. 

Baring his Episcopal career in Baltimore, many noble institutions grew 
m> under his auspices, such as the Infant Asylam, the Aged Woman's 
Hdme, St Agnes Asylum, Mount Hope, and the Convent of Sisters of Mercy. 

His life was that of the Saint and the scholar. He rose every mornine, 
winter and summer, at five o'clock, and said mass at six. He was then wil- 
ling to hear the confessions of all who came to him — as he spoke French, 
Italian, German, and Spanish. His confessional was surrounded with the 
natives of these countries. His mornings were devoted to study, and 
reeeiving the visits of all who called on him about business. Ever making 
oorr«ctions in his works already published, or engaged in writing new ones, 
he was always easy of access. The afternoon he devoted to reading his 
office, and to taking exercise. His evenings were spent in reading or writ- 
ing. He retired to bed at ten o'clock. The writer of this has known him 
to rise from his bed at night when called to attend one of his penitents, 
and be ready to say mass at the usual hour next morning. Humility and 
patience were strongly marked in his character — once he had severe surgi- 
cal operations performed on him without any one in the house knowing 
how much he suffered. He used often to say that though be had been a 
writer of Catholic works for more than thirty years, he had made only two 
hundred dollars by all his labors. A brief sketch like this cannot do 
justice to such a great and good man. It is to be hoped that a life of such 
a holy and noble man will one day be written. We know it will add 
lustre to the American hierarchy, and be read with delight by all who 
venerate the memory of Cheverus and Flaget. 

His life was one of constant labor, as a bishop, a Christian scholar, a mis- 
sionary. His departure was sudden. He retired to rest on the 6th of Jul}-, 
1868, in his usual health and cheerfulness, as it would seem, but in the 
morning was found a corpse. He was solemnly interred on the 11th with 
his predecessors in the s^e, the Archbishop of New York, the Archbishop 
of Cincinnati, the Bishops of Wheeling, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Erie, Lou- 
isville, (Joving|ton, Brooklyn, and Buffalo assisting, and the last named 
pronouncing his eulogy. 



Bishop Byrne, who for many years governed the diocese of IJttle Rock, 
was a most zealous and laborious bishop ; from his appointment to the 
new See erected in the State of Arkansas, he labored unceasingly to build up 
the Church in that remote and slowly progressing State. Catholics were 
few and scattered, and the Bishop founa but scanty resources to enable him 
to accomplish what he saw to be so necessary for the salvation of souls, 
and tiie edification of the faithful 

Be waa bom at Navan, in Ireland, December 5, 1802, of a r^^^^ctOkHV^ 
(Sunily, aad aher a primary coarse entered the dioee^n ^emWar^ lvyQL\A<«b^ 


at bif native pkoe by the Very Ber. Engeoe O'Beiny, Arokdeaooa of 

Wben tbe Rt Rev. Dr. England was created Bisbop of Oimrleeton in 
1830, the yonng levite was one of tboee wbo aecompaoied bim to Aineriea. 
Here Mr. Byrne was ordained by Bisbop England, and for seyeral years 
remained in bis diocese, in tbe duties ox a simple missioner and tbe more 
important functions of Yicar-Oeneral. About tbe year 1886, boweyer. be 
removed to tbe diocese of Kew York, and was employed at tbe Gatbedral 
and at St James' Cburch, of wbicb be was pastor. He wai also pastor of 
tbe Gburcb of tbe Nativity ; and on tbe 19tb of Marcb, 1841, opened that 
of St Andrew, tbe latter of wbicb be directed as pastor wben he was 
appointed Bishop of tbe newly erected See of little Book. He was eonse- 
crated in tbe Cathedral at New York, on the 10th of March, 1844, by 
the most Key. Archbishop, and proceeded to Arkansasw^ 

He lost no time in visiting bis native land to obtain priests^ vaoB, and 
catecbists, and promoted by every means in his power religion in every 
part of this immense territory. Again, in 1859, he re-visited Irelimd for Uie 
same purpose, and still further augmented the laborers in tbe vin^ard of 
Christ with a branch of the listers of Mercy, from Baggot-streei^ JLhiblin. 
" He said tbe extent, as to space, of his diocese was at least half of that of ill 
Europe put together ; that it would at some remote period be the aoat, not 
of one, but of six dioceses ; that in rome cases he had to travel, on his 
visitation from one mission to another, from 700 to 1000 miles ; and that 
whilst in 1842-48 the number of churches or chapels was in the whole but 
four, in 1862 there were seventeen, with fifty stations; that whilst tbe 
priests then were only four, they are now twenty-four, witii six ecclesiasti- 
cal students ; that whilflt there was then no religious institute, there are 
now four, with twelve schools and seminaries for both sexes ; and that 
whilst the Catholic population was but 5000, it now nnmbers upwards of 





Was bom at Sinigaglia, tbe ISth of May, 1792; reserved tajiette, the 8Srd 
December, 1889 ; published Cardinal Priest by the title of SS. Peter and 
Marcellinus, the 14th December, 1840; elected Pope the 16th of Jone^ 
1846.; crowned the 21st of same month and year. Oamiere Stffrett — ^The 
Hon. <Sc Y. Rev. Monsig. Talbot: address, the Vatican, Rome. 

Aeearding to tkeir ranJc of preetdenci, 


Cardinals created by Leo XIL 1 

" Gregory XVL 27 

" *• PiosIX. ■ 46 

" Vawuit 4 

Total 78 



nilrarban Biahopriet. 
Bocn. CrMtod. 

Sept. 6, 1792 

TteOwdiiMlBlalMi^luiTanotiUM; th«ir dloeeMS ue tli« eiz 

X Ifftttei, Marios, born at Pergolm, Bishop of Porto and 
SaaU lUfina, Sab-Dean of the Sacred College, and 
Arebpnest of the Patriarehal BasiUea of the T^tioan. 

t Patrui, Constantine, born at Sienna^ Bishop of Alba- Sept 4^ 1798 
no^ AiiohprieBt of the Patriarchal Liberian Basilica, 
Yiear-General of ESs Holiness, and Prefect of the Sa- 
ere4 Congregation of Priests and of the residence of 

8 Amat, Lonis, bom at Cagliari, Bishop of Palestrina, Jane 21, 1796 
Yioe-CSiancellor of Holv Chorch, Sommista of the 
Letters Apostolic, and Commendatory Abbot of St 
Lorenzo in Damaso, 

4 Cagiaao, Anthony Maria, born at Aqaioo, Bishop of Dea 11, 1797 
T^neacati, and Prefect of the Sacred Congr^ation of 
the Council, 

Andrea, Jerome de, bom at Naples, Prefect of the Sa- April 12, 1812 
ered Congregation of the Index, Commendatory Ab- 
bot and Ordinary of SS. Benedict and Scholastica at 
Sabiaeo; .created Cardinal by the title o| Santa 
Agneae fuori delle mura. 









With the years of their birth, Carditialitidl titles^ and their creation. 

Tbe JUle, to which a Cardinal Priest is named, is a church, generally 
Tery ancient, of which he is appointed saperior, with jarisdiction, right to 
a throne, and to Pontificalia in it The body of Cardinals thus represents 
the clergy of Rome, and as such elects its Bishop. The Cardinal Priest, 
theref<H>e, is a^id to be the titular, or priest of the title of a giyen church 
in Rome, and he only obtains this title by personally yisiting Rome. 

Born. Created. 

Altieri, Louis, born at Rome, created Cardinal by the July 17, 1S15 

title of Santa Maria del Portico, 
Angelis, Philip de, born at Ascoli, Archbishop and April 16, 1792 

Prince of Fermo, created Cardinal by the title of San 

Bernardo alle Terroe Diocleziane, 
Asquini, Fabius Mar^, born at Fagagna, Prefect of the Aug. 14, 1802 

Sacred Congr^ation of InduJgenoes luid Sacred 

Relics, created Cardinal by the title of S. Steiano al 

Monte CcbHo, 
Baluffif Cajetan, bora at Anoona, Archbiahop Bishop Mar. 2S, 1788 

of Imola, and created Cardinal by the tide of SS. 

Peter and Marcellinus, 
Barberini, Benedict, born at Rome, Arohpriest of the Cot 22, 1788 

Lateran Basilica, and created Cardinal by the title of 

Santa Maria in Trastevere, 
Ponald, Louis de, born at Milhaud, Archbishop of Ly- Oct 30, 1787 

ons, and Primate of the Oauls, created Carainal by 

the tittle of the Santissima Triniti al Monte Pincio^ 
Baraabo, Alexander, born at Folign«i Prefect of the Mar. 2, 1801 

Sacred Congrg. of Propaganda, 
Billiat Alexia bom in Cnapelle, in SaToy, ArohbishoplFeb. 28, 1788 

of Chamberry, v 










May 16, 
July 12. 

April 12, 1799 
Jane 10, 1798 

Feb. 20, 1788 

Oct 6, 1808 

Apr. 6, 

Jnne 19, 
Feb. 4, 

May 1, 1792 

Bedini, Gajetan, born at Sioigaelia^ Archbishop and 

Bishop of Yiterbo and JoBeaDeUa) 
Carafa, DomiDic, born at Naples, Archbishop of Beoe- 

yento, and created Cardinal by the title of Santa 

Maria degli Angeli, 
Clarelli, Nicholas, born at Rieti, and created Cardinal 

hj the tiile of S. Pietro in Vincoli, 
Corsi, Cosmus, born at Florence, Archbishop of Pisa, and 

created Cardinal by the title of S3. Giovanni e 

Cosenza, Joseph, born at Naples, is A.B. of Capua, and 

created Cardinal by the title of Santa Maria in Tras- 

Cnesta, Michael Garcia, bom at Mocotera, in the Dio- 
cese of Salamanca, Archbishop of Compostella, 
Celestine, Fred. Jno. Joseph, 
I>onnet, Ferdinand, born at Bourg-Argental, A.B. of Noy. 16, 

Bonrdeanx, and created Cardinalby the title of Santa 

Maria in Via, 
Figueredo, Peter de, bom at Fareiro, A.B. of Braga, 
Geissel, John, born at Giammeldingen, is A.B. of Co- 
Gousset, Thos., born at Monti^ny-les-cherlieuz, is A.B. 

of Rheims, and created Cardinal by the title of San 

Grasselini, Pro-legate of Boloena, 
Haulik, George, elected Arch bishop of Zagabrea. 
Lucciardi, Dominic, born at Sarzana, is Bishop of Sini- 

gaglia, and created Cardinal by the title of San 

Saoconi, Charles, born at Montalto, Archbishop of Niva. 
Mathieu, James, born at Paris, is A.B. of BesanQon, and 

created Cardinal by the title of San Silvestro iu 

Morichini, Charles Louis, born at Rome, Archbishop 

Bishop of Jesi, and created Cardinal by the title of 

S. Onoirio, 
Pecci, Joachim, born at Carpinto ; created Cardinal by 

the title of S. Grisogono, 
Panebianco, Anthony Mary, bom at Terranova, in the 

Diocese of Piazza,'in Sicily, of the order of Friars 

Pnente, Ferdinand de la, born at Cadiz, Archbishop of 

Quaglia, Angelo, bora at Cometo, Secretary of the Sa- 
cred Congregation of the Council, 
Riario-Sforza, Sixtus, bocn at Naples, is A. B. of Naples, 

and created Cardinal by the title of Santa Sabina. 
Reisach, Charles, late Archbishop of Munich, 
Rausoher, Joseph Othmar, Archbishop of Vienna, 
Schwartzenberg, Frederick, bom at Vienna, is Prince- 

Arolibishop of Pra^e, and created Cardinal by the 

title of St Auguslin, 
ScjtowaJd, John, bom at Bela, Is A, B. of Gran and Pri- 
msie of Hungary, created by the title o! t\ie Hc\^^ 
CroBB Id JenMem, 





Dec. 8, 

May 8, 
Jan. 20, 



Noy. 21, 1806 

Mar. 2, 
Aug. 14, 


Aug. 28, 1808 
Aug. 28, 1808 
Dec 6, 1810 

April 6, 


Kov. 1, 1786 


1861 i 

1844 ' 



1861 . 














Nov. 2, 








Stere^ Engelbert, born at Ophem, is A. B. of Mechlin, 

and created Cardinal by the title of San Bartolomeo 
^ nell* Isola, 
Tbeti, Anthony, bom at Rome, is Visitor Apostolic of Oct. 4, 

the Hospital of St. Michael, created Cardinal by the 

title of St. Pietro in Montorio, 
Vannicelli-Casoni, Louis, born at Amelia, is A.B. of Apr. 16, 

Ferrara, and created Cardinal by the title of Sante 

Villadicani, Francis of Paul, bom at Messina, and ere- Feb. 22, 

Ated Cardinal by the title of S. Alessio, 
Villecourt, Clement, late Bishop of La Rochelle, 
Wiseman, Nicholas, born at Seville, is A. B of West- Aug. 2, 

minster, and created Cardinal by the title of Santa 

C^nril de Mameda, y Brea, Archbishop of Toledo, ^ July 14, 
Anthony Mary Benedict Antonucci, bora at Subiaco, Sept 17, 

A. B. and B. of Ancona and Umara. 
Emmanuel G. Tarancon, A. B. of Seville. Mar. 20, 

Henry Orfei, bom at Orivie, B. of Coscena. Oct. 23, 

Joseph Milesius Pironi Ferretti, born at Ancona. Mar. 9, 1817 1858 

Emmanuel Benedict Rodriquez, bora at Villa Nouna Dec. 25, 1800 

Didaja, Patriarch of Lisbon, 


Antonelli, James, born at Sonnino, iq Secretary of State Apr. 2, 1806 
to His Holiness, Prefect of the Sacred Palaces, and 
created Cardinal by the title of Deacon of St. Agatha 
alia Suburra, 

Bofondi, Joseph, bora at Forli, is President of the Holy 
Congregation of the Census, and created Cardinal by 
the title of Deacon of S. Cesareo, 

Caterini, Prosper, born at Onano, created Cardinal by 
the title of Deacon of S. Maria della Scala, . 

Ciacchi, Louis, born at Pesaro, created Cardinal by the 
title of Deacon of San Angelo in Pescheria, 

Grassellini. Gaspare, born at Palermo, Pontifical Com- 
missary Extraordinary of the Four Legations and Pro- 
Legate of Bologna, 

Marini, Peter, born at Rome, is Prefect of the Economy 
of Propaganda, and President of the Reverenda Ca- 
mera aei Spogli, created Cardinal by the title of Dea- 
con of S. Niccola in Carcerer^ .^ 

Roberti, Robert, born at St. Giusto, created Cardinal 
by the title of Deacon of Santa Maria in Dominica, 

SaFelli, Dominick, 

iJgolini, Joseph, born at Macerata, created Cardinal by 
the title of^Deacon of S. Adriano al Foro Romano, 

Sylvcitre, Peter de, bora at Ray igo, Feb. 1 5, 

llertel» Theodol^ bora at St Allumiere, near Ciyita- Feb. 9, 

Oct. 24, 1796 

Oct 15, 1796 
Aug. 16, 1788 

Oct 6, 1794 

Dec. 23, 1788 

Sept 115, 1792 
Jan. 6, 1783 


















CardinaU who have died einee the puhlic€Uion of the last Almanac, 
Puuetti, Gaapard, bora at Jesi, 7 th Feb., 1780, and created Cj«ki^\ii«N^ \\. 
December, IS40; R ofViterbo; died Janual^i 1862. 


TorftnooB, Emnuuiiiel G., bora 20 Mar. 1782 ; Arakb. of Senile ; BftOM 
15 Mar. 18ft8; died in September, 1863. 
Cardinal Morlot^ Ap. of Pari% Dee., 1862. 


Soeifty of Jenu — ^Moet Rev. Father Beokz. 

DominicoM. — Moet Rev. Father A. V. Jandel. 

FrancUeant. — Most Rev. Father Raphael a Pontieolo. 

Oapuehifu. — ^Most Rev. Father Salvatore D'Oxziero. 

Auffuttiniam. — Most Rev. Father Panl Mioillel 

Canons Regular. — ^Most Rev. Father Cardo Izzi. 

Grand Cannelites. — ^Most Rev. Father Jerome Mary, Priori. 

Discalced Carmelites, — Most Rev. Father Natalie a S. Anna. 

Priests of the Mission. — Very Rev. J. B. Etienne. 

7%e Redlemptorists. — ^Father Nicholas Mauron. 

Passionists. — Most Rev. Father Anthony de S. Giaeomo. 

Bamabites. — Moet Rev. Father Francie Caecia. 

7%0a^tfM.—- Most Rev. Father Joseph M. Papardo del Pareo. 

Oratorians, St. PAaip ym.— Moet Rev. Father Charles Rossi. 

Missionary of the Preeiow Blood. — Most Rev. Father Giovanni Merlioi. 

Cistereians.'^Umt Rev. Father Abbott, D, Teobaldo Ceaari. 


glomes of % Inifetr ^iata 

iprises the Dioceses of Baltimore, Charleston, Erie, Philadelphia, Pitta-., 
rii, RiehmoDd, Sayannah, and WheeliDg|, with the Yieariate ApostotW ' 
last Florida, and extends over the District of Columbia, and the States 
tfarjland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, JNorth and South Caro- . 
t, Georgia, and the eastern section of Florida. 

^ a decree of the S. Cwig. of Propaganda, eonjirmed by Mis Holiness 
w IX. on the 26th /w/y, 1868, the prerogative of place is granted to the See 
Baltimore, so tliat in councilsj assemblies^ and meetings of every kind^ 
iedency is given to the Archbishop of Baltimore for the time being^ and the 
! of honor above any Archbishops of these Provinces that may be present^ 
iout regard to the order of promotion or consecration. 


Established 1789. 


it Rev. John Cabboll, D.D., eonsec Aug. 16, 1790. Died in 1816 

It Rev. Leonard Nkale, D.D., •* Dec. 7, 1800. " 1817 

It Rev. Ambbosb Mabschal, D.D., " Dec. 14, 1817. ** 1828 

It Rev. Jambs Whttfield, D.D., '* May 25, 1828. «* 1884 

It Rev. Samuel EocTjsTON, D.D., " Sept 14, 1884. ** 1861 

Bt Rev. Fbancis Patbick Ebnbick, D.D. trans. Aug. 19, 1861. '* 1893 



ihedral, comer of Cathedral and Mulberry streets. Residence of the 

Most Rev. Archbishop, adjoining the Cathedral, No. 106, N. Charles 

Very Rev. Henry B. Coskery, D.D., Administrator of the Diocese. 

Rev. Thomas Foley, D.D., Chancellor. 
St Patrick's, Fell's Point, corner of Broadway and Bank street — ^Rer. 

James Dolan, P. P. 
St Vincent de Paul's, Front near Fayette street — Rey. Henry Myers, 

P. P., Rev. John Dougherty. 
St Peter's, comer of Poppleton and Hollins sta — Rev. EdwardMiiCol- 

gan, P. P. ; Rev. John E. Hickey ; Rev. John S. Fol^, D. D. 
St John's, Elager and Valley streets — Rev. Bernard J. MoManus, P.P. ; 

Rev. Laurence Malloy. 
St Ignatius^ comer of Calvert and Madison streets— Rev. Anthony 

F. Giampi, S.J., and other Priests of Loyoln College. 
St Joseph^ corner of Barre and Howara streets— -Rey. Michael Slat- 

tery, P. P. ; Rey. Henry Hoflhian. 
Immaculate Conception, comer of Mosher and DiviAon Vttc^^W-^^-^, 

Joseph J. GimtiDuuu, C. M. ; Rey. James Piggott, a Vi. . 


St. Alphonsng' (GermaD), corner of Saratoga and Park Btareets— B«t. 

Robert Eleineidam, C.SS.R., Reeior, 
St MiohaeVsy corner of LomWd and Wolff Btr ee fc y B ar, jpaeph IL 

ClauM, C. SS. R., Rector, 
St. James' (German), Aisquith and Eager streets — attended frcnn Re- 

demptorist Convent of St Michael'^ 
Church of the Holy Cross (German), West and light streetiy Fedenl 

Hill— Rev. J. HeepeleiD, aS9.R. 
St Bridget's, Canton. Rev. James Gibbons, P. F^., who also atUat 

eyery Sunday. 
St Lawrence, Fort Areniie^ Locust Point 
St Mary's Chapel, Pennsylvania ATcnne ^kmlnary)— Re¥* AlaiiaaJ. 

CarmeUte Chapel, Aisqnith street — ^Rct. John Dougherty. 
Chapel of Visitation Convent comer of Park and Centre 
' tended from St Alpbonsns'. 

Mount Hope Chapel— attended from Immaculate Conoeptioa. 
«. St Frances* Chapel (colored Sisten of Providence)^ Riebmond 
"^ attended from St Ignatius. 
^ St Francis Xavier, corner of Calvert and Pleasant streets, for the ex- 
clusive use of colored people — attended by Jesuit Fathers of Loyola 
Baltimore Co., Mount Hope Retreat, six miles, Remterstown road — ^R«t J. 

Monahan, CLM. 
Baltimore Co., eight miles from the city, on the Bdair road — St Joseph's 

— attended once a month, 2d Sunday, from St Alphonsus'. 
Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., St Mary's — Rev. Michael Mtiller, CSSbB., 
who attends West Riyer, Kent Island, and Laurel Faetovy, Pi; QmA 
Bamesville, Montgomery Co., St Mary's— attended from Bonkyfl U sir- 

vice, 4th Sunday. 
Barton, Allegheny Co.,— —4th Sunday — ^Rev. R. Browne. 
Bloomington, ** St Mary's, 2d Sunday, '* " 
Blooming Rose, Allegh. Co. — Mountain Church— once in three montluL 
Beantown, Charles Co., St Peter'a— 1st and 8d Sundayfr— Rev. P. Lenagbaa. 'I 
Bohemia, Cecil Co., St Francis Xayier, 2d and 4th Sundays — Rey. Geoigs 

Villi^er, &J. 
Brookville, Montgomery Co. — attended from RockviUe^— 6th Sunday. 
Bryantown, Charles Co., St Mary's — Rev. John T. Gaitley. 
Carrolton Hall, Howard Co.— Rev. B. a Plot, of St Cfaarlea College. 
Clarksville, Howard Co., St Louis, Mass on the last Sunday of Hub monft 

—Rev. Hugh F. Griffin, of St Charles' College. 
Carrollton Manor, Frederick Co., St Joseph's, 2d Sunday*— Bey. If. TuffiBfi 

S. J., of Frederick city. 
Catonsville, Baltimore Co., St Agnes'— Rev. Lawrence McCauky, B. B. 

Convent of Mt DeStaea— Rev. Wm. D. Parsons, Cbaplain 
Cbbneck, Charlea Co., St Mary's, twice a month — attended ftum St 

Thomas' Manor. 
Cornwallis' Neck, Charles Co., St Charles BorromeO| twice a montfa^-ifc- 

tcDded from St Thomas' Manor. 
Conowingo, Cecil Ca, St Patrick^s^-attended by Rev. George ^etnlurasir. 
Cross Roaus^ Al^agh. .Co. — St Jamea— once in three monthsi on Susd^, 

and occasionally on a week day— Rev, 
Cumberland, Allegheny Co., St Patrick's— Rey. Ed. Btennaa. 

SS, Pater and Paul (GerA —Rey 

Veer Creek, Harford Co., St Mary'a— Sd and 5Wi^Tin&^a ci^«a month! 



DcBtoD, Oarolfai« Ga/ St EUinbetbt— attended from St Joemb'fl^ near 

Doreheater Ccl, St Mary'fr— attended from St Joseph'a, near Wye Milk. 
Dongboregan Manor, Howard Co^ St Mary*B— -Rev. Hugh F. Grifin, of St 

Gharlea' CoUege. 
Elkton, Ceeil Co., Immacolate Conoeption, let and 8d Sondaya — attended 

from Havre de Grace, 
lakridge Landing. Howard Co., St Aagnstine's (German and English)^ iBt 

SUBaay— attended from St Alpbonsas*. 
EIHeott's Mills, Howard Co., St Paura^Rev. Thomas A. Becket^ D.D., 

who also ooeasioirally attends Sykesville, a station. 
Eounitabnrg, Frederick Co., St. Joseph's— Rev. F. Bnrlando, CM., Superior 
of Sisters of Charity^Rey. H. Gandolfo, CM., Rev. James Rolando, CM. 
nfteen Mile Creek, Adefrheny Co., St Patrick's— Rev. 
Irederiok City, Frederick Co., St John's— Rev. Joseph CCallaghan, S.J., 
Rer. Bdward J. Sourin, S.J., Rev. M TuflFer, S.J. Visitation ConVent 
attended by the aame. 
ftoetb> o rg, AUeglieny Co., St Michael's— Rev. Michael dteilly. 
^ Cheo r ge UT w n Cross Roads, Kent Co., St Dennis — attended from Bohemia. 
' Oovanstown, Baltimore Co., St Mary's — Rev. Dwight E. Lyman. 
Hagerstown, Washington Co., St Mary's — ^Rev. Malachi Moran, O.S.K 
Hancock, Washington Co., St Peter's — ^By the same. 
Hickory P. O., Harford Co.. St Ignatius', Ist, 2d and 4th Sundays. 
Havre de Graces Harford Co., St Patrick's, 2d Sunday — Rev. George 

Hill Top, Charles Co., St Ignatius'— attended from St Thomas'. 
Lady^ Gbapd, St Mary's Co., St Aloysius — attended from Newtown. 
Leonaidtown, St Mary's Co., St Aloysius, do do 

Laurel Factory, Prince George's Co., St Marj's, twice a month — attended 

fnm Georgetown College. 
Lonaeoning, All€«heni Co., — attended from Cfonberland. 
Long Green, St John Evan., — service Ist^ 2d, 8d, $th, Sundays, Rev. Joseph 

& Birch, Greenwood P. O. Bait Co. 
libertj^ Frederick Co., St Peter's, 4th Stmday — attended from Frederick. 
Marlboro', Priaee George's Co., St Mary's — attended from St Dominic's, 

Waridnffton aty. 
M wfc a a ic r Town, Church building — attended from Mt St Mary's College. 
Moun^ Savage or Arnold's Settlement, Allegheny Co., St Ignatius' — ^Rev. 

Ridhard %owne. 
MonklOB, 4dt SsBday^—attended from Texas. 
Mt St Mary's, Frederick Co.— Rev. John McCaffrey, D.D., Pastor. 
Moore's Settlement, Washington Co., St. Thomas — from Hagerstown. 
IhFWfmt, Obarl^ Co., St Mary's— attended from St Thomas' Manor. 
Newtown, St Mary's Co., Su Francia Xavier'a— Rev. Joaeph Enders, S.J., 
ReiT. Jaa. Oottino, &J., and Rev. John R De Wolfi; SJ., who attend 
Leoondtown, Lady's Gbapel, St John's, St Joseph's, and Sacred Heart 
OaUandL AUegh. Oa, St PetM^s, 8d Sunday— attended from Cumberiand. 
^Unrille, Frepi Oo.^ St Mary's, 1st Sunday— attended from Fred'k city. 
■« .._ _ «. . ^ «. „ . -., , ... - • ttend- 

J Oharlea Co., St Joseph's— attended from St Thomas' Manor. 
FMiBtpOBi^ Oeoii Oo.— attended f^m Havre de Grace. 
% Mwl <w i i, Qneeft Amrt Oa, St Peter's— Rev. M. Saudew, ^3., ^<ii<^i^ 


Bockville, Montgomery Co., St Mary's — Rev.E. Didier, terrioe IstSandii; 

Rock Creek, " " St John's, " « " « 2d - 

St Rose*! " " u u u « 8d •* 

St Stephen's, near Eingsville, Bait Co. 4th Sunday,— Rer. J. S. Bireh. 

St Ignatius', Prince George's Co. — attended from AJezaudiia. 

Sacred Heart, St Mary's Co., twice a month from Newtown. 

St John's, *' " " " " \ 

St Joseph's ** •* " *' " 

St Inigoe's ** " Rev. B. Pacciarini, S.J., Rey. Bernard Tonk^ 

S.J., and Rer. Thomas ¥lnnegan, S. J. 
St Nicholas, St. Mary's Co:, attended from St Inigoe's. 
St George's, St Mary's Co., attended from St Inigoe's. 
Point L^kout, St Mary's Co., attended from St Inigoe's. 
St Thomas' Manor, Charles Co., St Tliomas' — Rev. Samnel Barber, SJ., 
Rev. Camillus Yicinanza, S. J., Rev. Peter McDermott, S.J„ who attend* 
also Pomfret, Cobneck, Cornwallis's Neck, Newport, and WlH Top 
Taneytown, Carroll Co., St Joseph's, 1st and 3 Sundays — Rev. John 01 
Gloyd, who visits also Calvert College, Union town, Finktborg uA 
Texas, Baltimore Co., St Joseph's — Rev. Wm. Mahony. 
WestmiuRter, Carroll Co., Christ Church — attended 2d and 4th Snndayi 

from Taneytown. 
Wye Mills, Talbot Co., St. Joseph**— Rev. M. Sanders, S.J. 
Whitemarsh, Prince George's Co., 1st and 3d Sundays — ^Rev. Ghazles 

Bague, S.J. 
Williamsport, Washington Co., St Augustine — ^attended from Hagentown. 
Zacliia, Charles Co., St. Ignatius — attended 2d and 4th San£iys fron 

Washington, D. C, St Patrick's, comer of F and Tenth sta. — Rev. Jafid 
A. Walter, P.P., and Rev. P. F. McCarthy. 
St Peter's, Capitol Hill— Rev. Francis E. Boyle, P.P^ and Eev. 

Thomas O'Neill 
St Matthew's, corner of H and Fifteenth sts., Rev. Charlea L Whiti^ 

D.D, Pastor, and Rev. John McNally. 
Mother of God (German)— Rev. M. Alig, P.P. 
St Dominic, on the Island— Rev. C. D. Bowling, O.S.D., Rev. Ik- 

minic Young, O.S.D., Rev. F. Cole, O.S.D. 
St Aloysius', Rev. Bernardino Wiget, S.J., Rev. Bernard Magm 
S J , Rev. Alexander L. Hitselberger, S.J., Rev. Aloysioa RoeooM 


Chapel of Visitation Convent, Rev. H. Hoban, S.J. 
Georgetown, D. C, Holy Trinity — Rev. Joseph Aschwanden, S. J., Bfl^* 
Alphonsus Charlier, S. J. 
Chapel of Visitation Convent, Rev. James Curley, S. J. 


Theologiedl Seminary of St. Sulpiee, St Mary's Univenity, 

Very Rev. J. Paul Dubreul, D.D., Superior. Rev. Stanislaus Fart^, IXIX 
Rev. Alphonsus Flammant, D.D., Rev. Paulinus F. Dissez, Rev. UrbwV 
Lequerrd, Rev. Chapon, Rev. Alexius J. Elder. Number of stndenta, U> 

This Institution, raised by the HoIt See to the rank of a Catholie V» 
veraty, haa the power of conferring degrees in the different departmaotiflt 
the ScienceMf upon suoh of the Studeuta, aud mvo^Msca <A \1^ Ba^nmbI 



a^lgy, as qnalify themselves to receive them by Competent Examinations. 
The Programme of Examination for the degrees in the faculty of Theology 
may be obtained from the Very Rev. Superior of the Seminary, President 
of St Mary's Univecpity. 

Mount St. Jfary's Theological Seminary, near Emmibsbur^, Md,, Very 
Rev. John MeCaffirey, D.D., President^ Rev. Henry McMurdie, Rev. Tho- 
mas A. Becker, D.D., Rev. H. XaupL 

SL Ckearles College, near Ellicott's Mills, Md., Petit Seminaire and ClasFi- 
eal Department of St Mary's University and Theological Seminary of St 
Snlpice, Baltimore. College Faculty— Rev. Oliver L. Jenkins, A.M., Pre- 
sident, Rev. P. P. Denis, Vice Fretident. Rev. J. R Randanne, Rev. J. 
B. Menu, Rev. H. M Chapuis, Rev G. E. Viger, Rev. S. Guilbaud, Rev. 
L. Rince, Rev. B. 8. Piot, Rev. H. F. Griffin, Frofestors. Students, 100. 

Novitiate of the Society of JesuSj Frederick, Md., Rev. Joseph O'Calla- 
ghan, S. J., Eeetor and Master of Novices. Rev. Felix Cicaterri. S. J., In- 
struetor of Zrd Probation, Rev. Thos. McDonough, S.J., Rev. James A. 
Ward, S.J., Rev. Edward McNerhany, B.J., Rev. John F. O^Neill, S.J., 
Rev. Francis McAtee, S.J., Rev. Joseph 0*Hagan, S.J., Rev. Daniel 
Swagers, aj.. Rev. Walter Hill, S.J.. Rev. Thos. H. Miles, S.J., Rev. 
Charles Fulmer, S.J., Rev. John McGill, S.J., Kev. Peter Manns, S J., Rev. 
Francis Huppens, S.J., Rev. Edward Sowrin, S J., Rev. Michael Tuffer, S.J. 

Convent and House of Studies of the Redernptoriste, Annapolis, Maryland. 
—Rev. Francis Xav. Seelos, C.SS.R., Rector . Rev. James Bradley, CSS R., 
Rev. Adrian Van de Braak, C.SS.R., Rev. Gerard Dielemans, C SS.R., Rev. 
Nicolas Jaekel, C.SS.R., Rev. Ferreoll Girardcy, C.SS.R., Rev. John Ger- 
demann, C.SS.R., Kev. Augnstin Freitag, C.SS.R., Rev. Michael Burke, 
C.SS.R., Rev. William Gross, C.SS.R., Kev. John Kuehn, C.8S.R., Rev. 
Henry Menrer, C.SS.R,, Rev. William Loewekamp, C.SS.R., Rev. Adam 
Petri, C.SS.R., Rev. Adam Gunkel, C.S8.R., Rev. Henry Dauenhauer, 
CSaR, Rev. Charles Hahn, C.SS.R., Rev. Frederick Schauer, C.SSR., 
Rev. Francis Xav. Schnuettgen, aSS.R., Rev. Peter Petit, C.SS.R., Rev. 
Timothy Enright, aSS.R., Rev. Alfred de Ham, C.SS.R., Rev, George 
Sniet, C.SS.R., Rev. Bernard Heskeroann, C.SS.R., Rev. Bernard Beck, 
C.S3.R. Number of Fathers, 25. Number of clerical students, 40 on an 
average. Number of Lay Brothers, 18 on an average. 

St, Alpkonnuf Convent of the Cotigregation of the Most Holy Redeemer^ 
comer ot Saratoga and Park streets, Baltimore, Very Rev. J. De Dycker, 
C.SSR. Provincial; Rev. Robert Kleineidam, C.SS.R., Rector; Rev. 
George Ruland, C.S3.R., Rev. Peter Cronenberg, C.SS.R., Rev. George 
Beranek, C.SSR., Rev. John Hespelein, C.SaR,, and eight lay-brothers. 

St MiekaeVs Convent of C.SS.R., Corner of Lombard and Wolff streets, 
Baltimore, Rev. Joseph M. Clauss, C.SS.R., Rector, Rev. Peter Zimmer, 
C.SS.R.» Rev. Michael Rosenbauer, C.SS.R., Rev. Joseph Wiesel, C.SS.R., 
Rev. William Wingerter, C SS.R., Rev. Adam Kreis, C.SS.R, and five Lay- 

Ckmvent and Novitiate of the Redemptorists, Cumberland, Md., Rev. 
Michael Muller, C.SS.R., Rector and Master of Novices ; Rev. Thaddeus 
An wander, C.SS.B., Rev. Joseph Wust, O.SS.R., Rev. Bernard Arant, CsaR., 
Rev. Frsneis Eberhardt,-C.SS.R ;. novices six, students nine. 

Dominican Residence, St Dominic's, Washington, Rev. J. A. Bokel, O.P., 
Bar. K. D. Young, O.P., Rev. C. D. Bowling, O.P., Rev. P. C. Coll, O.P., 
Bay. C. JB;gan, O.P. 




Carmelite Convent^ 62 Aisquiih street., Baltimore, Rev. Mother Antonjr 
Lynch, Prioress. 

Convent of the VtHtntiony Fayette street, GeorgetowD, D. C., Mother Mary 
Angela Harrison, Soperior. 

Oonvfmt of the Vieitation, corner Park and Centre streets, Baltimore, 
Mother Mary Paulina Millard, Superior. 

Convent of the Vieitatioti, Mt. De Sales^ near Catonsrille^ Md., Mother 
Mary Regina Neale, Superior. 

Convent of the Visitation, Frederick, Md., Mother Mary Elder, Superior. 

Convent of the VisitcUion, corner of 10th and 6 streets, Washington, 
D. C, Mother Mary de Sales O'Hara, Superior. 

Convent of the Immaeulaie Conception of the Sisters of Mercy, Poppleton 
street, Sister Mary Alphonsus Atkinson, Superior. 

8t. Joseph* 8 Sisterhood (Mother House of the Sisters of Charity in the 
U. S.), Emmitsburg, Md., Mother Ann Simeon Norris. Superior. 

School Sisters of Notre Dame, Eager street, Baltimore, near St James' 

Oblate Sisters of Providence (colored)^ Richmond street, Baltimore, Sister 
Mary 6. Thomas^ Superior. 


Georgetown College, Georgetown D. C, ReT. John Early, 8.J., Ber. 
James Tehan, S.J., Rev. Charles H. Stonestreet, S. J., Rev. Patrick l>uddy, 
8. J, Rev. James Curley, S.J., Rev. Joseph Durerney, S. J., Rev. Leonard 
Nota, S.J., Rev. Benedict Sestini, S.J., Rev. Aloysius Yarsi, S.J., Rev. 
Charles Cicaterri, S. J., Rev. Aloysius Janalick, S. J., Rev. John Guida, i<J^ 
Rev. James McGuigan, S.J., Rev. John Prendergast, 8J., Rev. Joseph 
Asehwanden, S.J., Rev. Alphonsus Cbarlier, S.J. 

Oonzaga College, Washington, D. C, Rev. Bernardino Wiget,SJ., Presi- 
dent, Rev. Henry Hoban, SJ., Rev. Daniel Lynch, S.J. 

Loyola College, Baltimore^ Md., V. Rev. Angelo M. Paresce, SJT., Pro- 
vincial of the Province of Maryland, Rev. Antony F. Clam pi, SJ., Presi- 
dent ; Rt. Rev. Michael O'Connor, S.J , Rev. Peter Miller, S. J., Rev. William 
F. Clarke, S.J., Rev. Patrick Forhan, aj.. Rev. Antony Van den Heuvel, 
8.J., Rev. James Major, S J., Rev. Charles King, S J., 

Mt St. Mary^s College, near Emmitsburg, Md., Rev. John MeCaffrey, 
D.D., FresidetU ; Rev. John McCloekey, Vice President, 

St, Joseph's Commnnity of Brothers of the Christian Schools^ Calvert 
Hall, corner of Saratoga and Little Sharp Streets. 

Rock Hill Academy, at Ellioott's Mills, Howard Co., Md., under the di- 
rection of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Brother Lucian, Principals 

Borromso CcUege, Pikesville, Bait Co. Rev. E. Q. S. Waldron, PreHmnt. 


Academies of the Visitation, Fayette street, Georgetown, D. C. — Park St, 
Baltimore — ^Mt De Sales, near Catonsville, Md. — ^Frederick, Md.— Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
St. JosepKs Academy, near Emmitsburg, Md. 
Academy of Notre Dame, Aisquith street, Baltimore. 
Academy of Sisters of Mercy, ro^pieton street, Baltimore. 
^eadehi^ of the Holy Cross, Gough street, Baltimore, under the dirtetioi 
oftJ/e Sisters of the Holy Cross. Sr. M. AipYkOuvaa^ \AT^tc«u. 



Male ParUh School of the Cathedraly at Calvert Hall, corner of Saratoga 
and Little Sharp sta.. Bait., under the charge of Brothers of the Christian 
Schools. I^umber of pupils 240. 

Female ParUh School of the Cathedral, at St Mary^s i^sylum, Frankliu 
St., under the charge of Sisters of Charity. Number of pupils 250. 

Male Parish School of St. Alphonsus' Church (GermanV in Saratoga st.j 
Bait., under the charge of Brothers of the Christian Schools. Number of 
pupils 800. 

Female Parish School of St. Alphonsus, under charge of school sisters of 
Notre Dam^ Number of scholars 800. 

Male Parish School of St Peter's, Poppleton st., Bait, under charge of 
Brothers of Christian Schools. Pupils 800. 

FemaU Parish School of St Peter's, conducted by Sisters of Mercy. Pu- 
pils 250. 

Male Parish School of St Vincent's, Front st. Bait, under charge of 
Brothers of the Christian Schools. Pupils 800. 

Femate Parish School of St Vincent's, under charge of the Sisters of 
Charity. Pupils 250. 

Male Parish School of St Patrick's Church, Bait, under the direction of 
the Brothers of the Holy Crot«8. Pupils 1 60. 

Female Parish School of St Patrick's, under the direction of the Sisters 
of the Holy Crof^ Pupils 150. 

St. Joseph's Male Parish School, 79 Barre st, Bait Pupils 150. 

St. JosepKs Female Parish School, 73 Barre st, under the charge of Sis- 
teis of Charity. Pupils 260. 

St. Miehaefs Male PaHsh School, Fell's Point Pupils 450. 

St. Miehaefs Female Parish School, under the charge of school-sieters of 
Notre-Dame. Pupils 888. 

St, Jamtti Male Parish School, Aisquith street Pupils 275. 

St Jximei Female Parish School, conducted by School Sisters of Notre 
Dame. Pupils 275. 

School for Girls, at Church of Immaculate Conception, under Sisters of 

School for Germcm children, Federal Hill, Baltimore. Pupils 170 boys, 
and 170 giris. 

St. Jolm's Female Parish School, under charge of the Sisters of Charity, 
Pupils 150. "^ 

School at St Joseph's, Bait. Co. (German and English.) Pupils — . 

School at St Augustine's, Elkridge Landing (German and English). 

School atS& Peter and Paul's, Cumberiand, German.— Pupils 170. 

BL Aloyci%uf Parish Schools, Washington, D. C. Number of pupils, 600. 

SL Mc^s Parish School, Washington, D. C. 100 pupils. 

St. MaUhcufs Inctitution for boys, 19th st, Washington. Pupils 160. 

8t. Matthevfs Academy, under charge of Sisters of Charity. Pupils 150. 

School for hoys, at Trinity Church, Georgetown, D. C. Pupils 200. 

School for girls, at St Joseph's, Emmitsburg, with 60 pupils. 

JBcnmfolcHi School for girU, at the Visitation Conyent, Georgetown, D.C. 
Pupils 125. 

Benevolent School for girls, at the Visitation Conyent, Frederick. Pu- 
pils 70. 

School for girls, at St Vincent's Asylum, Washington, conducted by 
8iiteis of Charity. PupHs 800. 

Sehnilfor tmaU bov», 14tb aod E streets, WasVmgton, D. C, xm^cc ^% 
ehoi^^e o/Sicten of the Holy Croaa, 



St, Marift Female Orphan Atylum, Franklin st, Bait, under the charge 
of the Slaters of Charity. Sister B^ry Anaoaria, Sister>serYant. Orphans 100. 

St. Vincenft Male Orphan Aeylum, Front st, Bait, under the charge of 
Brothers of the Christian Schools. Orphans 60. 

Orphans' HorM^ on Harford Arenue, near the city limits, under the 
charge of Brothers of the Holy Cross, who teach yarious trades to the boys. 
Number of orphans SO. 

Asylum for Small Boys, adjoining St Patrick's Church, Baltimore. 

8t. Anthontfs Orphan Aeylum^ Central Avenue, Bait, for Gerraau chil- 
dren. -Orphans, boys and girls, 100. 

St. Vincent's Female Asylum, 10th St., between F 4nd O, Washington, 
D. C, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Lncy Ignatius 
Gwynn, Sister-servant Orphans 116. 

St. Vincents Infant Asylum^ corner of Division andTownsend sts.. Bait, 
under the charge of Sisters of Charity. Sister Maria, Sifter-servant Num- 
ber of infants 60. 

St. JosepKs Male Orphan Asylum, 10th and F sts., Washington, D. C, 
under the charge of three Sisters of the Holy Cross. Sister M. of Cireom- 
cision. Directress. 

St. Ann*s Infant Asylum, Washington, D. C, under charge of the Sisters 
of Charity, corner of K street and Penn. Avenue. 

Baltimore Infirmary, connected with the Medical Department of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. This institution is under the care of Sisters of Cha- 
rity. Sister Ursula, Sister-servant. Average number of patients 160. 

Mount Hope InstittUion, for the insane and sick, in the north-western 
suburbs of Bait, belonging to and served by the Sisters of Charity. 

Mount Hope RetreeU, six miles from the city, on the Reisterstown Eoad, 
for the insane and sick, under the care of the Sisters of Charity. 

St. Agnes' Hospital, Lanvale Road, near Northern Avenue, under the 
care of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Mary Ann McAleer, Sister-servant 
The property occupied by this institution was purchased within this year 
by Charles M. Dougherty, Esq., and given to the Sisters of Charity for a 
free hospital for the sick poor. It already accommodates a considerable 
number of persons. It contains private rooms for pay patients. 

! There are many charitable and beneficent societies existing in the Tarions 
congregations. Also numerous pious sodalities of the Blessed Virgin, of 
the Rosary, Bona Mors, <bc., for per«ons of both sexes, are established in 
the diocese. 

The Confraternity of St. Peter was established by the late Most Rev. 
Archbishop of Baltimore in this diooese in Jnly, 1862. The following offi- 
cers were appointed by his Grace to direct the affairs of the Peter-Pence 
Association : — Very Rev. Henry B. Coskeiy, D.D. , President ; Rev. Edward 
McColgan, Vice-President; Rev. Thomas Foley, D.D., Secretary and IVsa- 
surer. The ciollections for the year, ending in July, hare amoauted to four 
thousand dollars. The clergy of the diocese can obtain books for eolleeton 
by applying to the Secretary. 

The annexed list contains the lecal titles of several institutions in this 
diocese. Persons in making their mst wills should be carefal to desigiuUe 
the object of their charity by the name : — 

The Protectors of St. Mary's Orphaline Female School in the city of Bal* 
titnore: 1818, cb. 71 ; 1829, ch. 148. 
Trugteea of the Omtholie Cat^hedral OhuTc\i oi '&i\\At!iOT«, \^1Q,^\. ^ijtft ' I 
^^^^. IS, 1806,48; 1810, 164; 1811, SI ; 1^V4,%\ l^.^A^'^*, \^^.V^^^ 
1^31, 45; 1837, 241 ; 1846, 884; 18^0, \4A. 


Trnsteet of St. Charles College, 18S9, eh. 50. 

The PresideDt and GomiGa of St Mary's College, 1880, 816. 

TheTnuteesof the Charitable Relief Society of Baltimore, 18»1, ch. U9, 
(formerly the Maria and Marthian Society,) 1828, 454; 1880, 93. 

The (jarmelite Siaters of Baltimore, 1831, cb. 28. See A. I., Ko. 222, 
folio 1*78, d^c. 

St. Vincent of Paul's Benevolent Aesoeiation, 1840, eh. 67. 

The Tnuftees of the Orphans' Home in Baltimore county, 1849, ch. 889. 

The TroBtees of the R. 0. Asylmn for Widows, in the city of Baltimore, 
1854, ch. 199. 

The Sisters of Mercy in the city of Baltimore, E. D., No. 2, fol. 447, Ac. 

The Youog Catholic's Friend Society, in the city of Baltimore, 29th Feb., 
1848, K D., No. 75, folio 289, d^c. 

The Clerical Beneyolent Association, in the city of Baltimore. 

St. Agnes' Hospital. 



Compriset the States of North mid South Cttrolina. 


Bt Rev. P. N. Lynch, D.D., consecrated March 14, 1858. 

Deceased Bishops. 

Rt. Rev. John England, D.D., 1st Bishop, consecrated September 21, 1820, 

died in 1842. 
Bt. Rev. WiLUAM Clanot, D.D., Ist Bishop of Coadjutor, transferred to 

Guiana, died in 1847. 
Rt Rev. Ignatius A. Reynolds, D.D., 2d Bishop, consecrated March 19, 
1844^ died in 1855. 

Charleston, a C, Finbar's Cathedral. 
Rt Rev. P. N. Lynch, D.D. 

Rev. T. .J. Sulhvan, Rev. J. A. Corcoran, D.D., Rev. L. Pillion, 
Rev. Felix J. Carr. 
Si Mary's, Rev. R. S. Baker; Rev. P. Bryan, D.D. 
St Patrick's, Rev. P. O'NeiL 
Abbeville, C. H., attended from Augusta, Ga. 
BairnewaU, C. H., St Andrew's, Rev. T. Berminghara. 
Beaufort, St Peter's, attended from the Cathedral, Charleston. 
BlackvUle, Rev. T. Bermingham. 
Camden, attended from Columbia, S. C. 
Cheraw, St Peter's, Rev. J. Cullinan. 
Chester, Rev. Alig. McNeall. 
Columbia, St Joseph's, Rev. J. J. (yConnell, Rev. L. J. O'Connell, Rev. 

Joseph P. O'Connell, D.D. 
Edgefield C. H., Rev. Timothy Bermingham. 
Port Johnson, attended from the Cathedral. 
FortSamter, " " " 

Greenville, attended from Columbia, S. C. 
OrMniteviUe, ^ev, T. BernuDgham, 

* Reprinted from Almanac of \%ft\. 


Hutchinson's Island, attended from Charleston, S. 0. 

Lancaster C. H. attended from Chester. 

Moultrieville, Sullivan's Island, St. John Baptist, Rer. J. A. Corooran, D.D. 

Newberry C. H., attended from Columbia, S. C. 

Orangeburg, 0. H., Rev. T Bermingham. 

Ridgeville, attended from Charleston. 

Summer vil I e, Charleston Diet, attended from Charleston, S. C 

Sumteryille, " " St Lawrence, attend'd from Colombia, S. C. 

UnionTille, attended from Chester. 

Vancluse C H., Rev. T. Bermingham. 

Walterboro', St Philip's, Rev. F. J. Carr. 

Winnsboro,' attended from Columbia. 

Yorkville, attended from Columbia. 


Charlotte, Mecklenburgh Co., St Peter's, Rev. Aug. F. MeNeall. 
Concord, attended from Ciiarlotte. 
Coalmiues, Chatham Co., Rev. Thomas Quigley. 
Edenton, Rev. Charles J. Croghan. 

Fayette ville, Cumberland Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Thos. Qnii<ley. 
Greenfield, Greenwood, Halifax, Scotland Neck, attended from Washing- 
ton, N. C. 
Newberu, Craven Co., St Paul's, Rev. Charles J. Croghan. 
Plymouth, attended from Washington. 

Raleigh, Wake Co., St John the Baptist, Rev. Thomas Quigley. 
St Joseph's, Gaston Co., Rev. Aug. F. NealL 
StMar^s, " " " 

SmithviUe, Brunswick Co., attended from Wilmington. 
Washington, Beaufort Co., St John Evangelist, Rev. C. J. Croghan. 
Wilmington, New Hanover Co., St Thomas, Rev. Thomas Murphy. 


Seminary of St. John the Baptist, Charleston. 

Convent atid Academy, Charleston, directed by Sisters of Our Lady of 
Mercy, Mother Teresa Barry, Superior. 

Convent and Academy of the JlraulineSy Columbia, Madame M. Baptiste 
Lynch, Lady Superior. 

Orphan Anylum and GirU Free School, Charleston, directed by the Sis- 
ters of Our Lady of Mercy. 

Male Orphan Asylum, Charleston. 


Churches 19 Academies for Young Ladies 2 

Stations. . .' 40 Orphan Asylums 2 

Clergymen 16 


Established 1853. 

Comprehends Mercer, Venango, Clarion, Jefferson, Clearfield, Cameron {vMst 
of it^) and Potter Counties, and all the rest of tlie State of Pennsylvania 
lyin^ to the North and West of them. 

FiEST Bishop. 

U Rev. MwHAKL O'OovmR, D.D., transferred Irom Y\V.\i^\«^vq.\'^^^,\wj!u 
retraaaferred to A'ttsburgh, Dec 20, IBSS. 

diocese of erie. 63 


Rt. Rev. Jofiin M. TouMa, eooMcraiad April 28, 1844, in St P«ter^s Catlie- 
dral, Cincinnati. 



Erie city, St. Patrick's, Fourth street 

The Bishop and Very Rev. John D. Coady, V.G. 
St Mary's 9th street Rev. Casimir Seitc, 0.8. B., Rer. Me'tnad JTeggle, 
O aB., Rev. Erhard Vanino, O.S.B. 
McKean Township, St Francis. Rev. F. J. Oberhofer, Erie, P. O, 
Green Township, St Boni^e. Rev. F. J. Oberhofer, Erie, P. O. 
Girard Village, St John's — attended from Erie, 3d Sunday. 
Corry, St Thomas, Rev. Thomas Lonergan, of Warren, Warrer Co. 
Union Mills, St Bridget's. Rev. Thomas Lonergan, of Warreu, Warren Co. 


Meadville, St Agatha's (German). Rev. A Reek. 

St Bride's. Rev. A. R GilibertL 
Mead Township, St Hippolytus. Rev. M. A T)e la Roc<]^ue. 
Randolph Township, St Pet*ir and Paul. Rev. David Soively. 
Titusville, St. Titus. Rev. M. A. Pe la Roeque. ^. 

Oil Creek, St Stephen's. Rev. Wm. H. Oram. 
Rome Township, Immaculate Heart of Mary. Rev. Wnx H. O im. 
Crossingville, St Phillip's. Rev. K. O'Branigan of Crossingville. 
Conneautville, St. Mary's. " " " " ** 

Summit top, St Mary's. " " 

Linesville, Albion Stations. " " « « 


Mercer, All Saints, two miles from town. Rev. J. J. Gallagher. 
8haron, St. Joseph's. Rev. F. J. Hartmann. 
West Greenville, St Michael's. Rev. F. J. Hartmann. 
Jamestown, Clarksville, West Salem Stations, by the same. 


Neilsburgh, St Bernard's. Rev. D. Snivel v. 
Oil City, a church to be built Rev David Snively. 
Cranberry Township, St Rose. Rev. John Koch, of Clarion. 
Franklin, church to De built Rev. D. Snively. 


Clarion, Immaculate Conception. Rev. John Koch. 

Farmington. B.:V. Help of Christians, Rev. John Koch, who attends several 

Stations amid the Iron Furnaces. 
Freyburgh, St. Michael's. Rev. Andrew Skopez. 
Knox, St. Joseph. Rev. 

Limestone, Arondell, St. Nicholas. Rev. S. G. Molinger. 
Redbank, St. Charles's, a ehapel, by the same. 


Brookville, Immaculate Conception. Rev. S. G. Molinger. 
Corsica, St Ann's. Rev. S. G. Molinger. 


ClearBeld, 8t Franeia, Rev. Thomas Tracy. 
Peon (p., Gram^JAQs, St JSooaveatura. Rev. T\iomaalT«LC^, 
Jordan, St Stdnulaui. «« <( «^ 


Frenchyille, St. Mary's. Bev. John Berbigier. 

MorrU tp., St. Sevenjuu. Rev. Charles Geyentaager, O.S.B. 


Genessee, St. Mary's. Rev. John L. Madigan, of SariweU. 
Coudersport, a Station, by the same. 


St. Maryetown, St. Mary's. *) Rev. Roman Hill, O.S.B. 

Williamsville, Holy Cross. f Rev. Gerard Pilz, O.S.B. • • 

Centreville, St. Ann's. [ Rev. Alhanasius Hintenaoh, O.S.B. 

Kersey, St. Michael's, disused. J Rev. Ferdinand Wolf, O.SJB. 


Shippen, attended from St. Marystown. 


Warren, St. Joseph's. Hev. Thomas Lonergan. 

Tideoute, church building, by the same. 

Youngdville, Pittsfield, Columbus, and several other Stations. 


Benedictine Monastery, St. Marystown, EJk Co. Prior: Rev. Romsn 
Hill, O.S.B., Rev. Gerard Pil«, O.8.B., Rev. Ferdinand Wolf, O.S.B., Rev. 
Athanasius Hintenach, O.S.B. Ten lay-brothers. 

Convent of 8t. Joseph and Academy of St. Benediet^ St. Marystown, con- 
ducted by Beaedictiue I^uns. The usual branches of solid ana refined edu- 
cation are taught. 

Acculemy of St. Josephs, 5th street, Erie, by Benedictine Knns. Sister 
Augustine Shortz, Directress. 

Academy of St, Ann's, Corsica, Jefferson County, by Sisters of St 
Joseph's. Sister Augusta Spencer, Directress. 

Ac€tdemy of St, JlippolyU, six miles east of Meadville, Pa. Sister Agnes 
Spencer, Directress. 


Churches built 3*7 Religious Communities of Men. ... 1 

" in progress 6 " " Women. 5 

Clergymen, Secular 17 Clerical Students 3 

" Regular 7 

Parochial schools are maintained at Erie, Union, Warren, Corry, St 
Marystown, Meadville, St. Hippolyte, Freyburgh, and other places. 




Comprises all that part of Pennsylvania lying east of the toestern Ihnit of 
Tioga, Centre, Mifflin^ Juniata, Franklin and Fulton Counties, and also the 
State of Delaware, 

Deceased Prelates. 
Rt Rev. Michael Eoan, D.D., O.S.F., consecrated October 28th, 1810; 
d/ed 1814. 
Bt. Rev, Henrt Conwell, D.D., consecrated. \n\%^^\ ^\^\3a.\^^ 
^/. Her, FnANcm P. Kevrick. D.D., consecrated mi\Mift^V\sL,\^V^ \\!t%3B!ajiaif 
ed to Baltimore in 1851 ; died July Stb, Ift^^. 


Bt. ReT. John Nepomucbne Niumakn, D.D., coiweorated March 28th, 1802 ; 
died January 6th, 1860. 

Prbsbnt Bishop. 
Rt. Rev. James Fredsbio Wood, D.D., Coadjutor cum jure aucoctaiook. 
Consecrated April 26th, 1867. 

Very Rev. Wm. CHara, I).D., V.G.. Rev. Hogh McLaughlin, 
Very Rev. Bernard Keenan, Very Rev. P. A. Stanton, Com. Gen. 

Very Rev. Charles J. H. Carter, 0.8. A., 

Rev. Felix J. Barbclin, S.J., Rev. William Lohmuian, C.SS.R., 

Rev. John Patk. Dunn, Rev. Peter M. Carbon, Sferetary fur 

Very Rev. John V. 0*Reilly, V.F., the Germans, 

Rev. Nicholas Cantwel), Rev. Augustin J. McConomy, Chaned" 

lor and Secretary, 



Cathedral of St. Peter and St Paul, Eighteenth street opposite Logan 

Square, near completion. 
Cathedral Chapel, Rt. Rev. James Frederick Wood, D.D., Rev. Augustin J. 

McConomy, Chaiieellcr and Secretary ; Rev. James O'Reilly, Rev. James 

A. Brehony, Rev. John Mcllvaine. 
St. John the Evangelist (thirteenth street), near Chestnut, Rev. John Patk. 

Dunn, Pastor ; Rev. Patrick R. O'Reilly, Rev. John Fitzmaurice. 
St. Mary's (Fourth street, above Spruce), Rev. George Strobel, Paster ; 

Rev. Charles McMonigle. 
St. Joseph's (Willing's alley, between Third and Fourth streeU), Rev. Felix 

J. Barbelin, 8.J., Superior ; Rev. Peter J. Blenkinsop, S.J., Rev. Francis 

Di Maria, S.J., Rev. Joseph Ardia, S.J., Rev. Alexis Jamison, S.J. 
St. Augustine's (Fourth street below Vine), Very Rev. Patrick A. Stanton, 

Com. Gen., O.S.A. Rev. Mark Crane, O.S.A., Rev. G. A. Meagher, O.S.A. 

Rev. Edward Donnellv, O.S. A. 
Chapel of Our Lady of^^ Consolation, used for the Archeonfratemity of St. 

Holy Trinity (comer Spruce and Sixth streets). Rev. Peter M. Carbon, 

Pastor and Secretary for the Germans. 
St. Michael's (Second street, near Master, Eensin^u), Rev. Thomas 

Eieran, Pastor ; Rev. Timothy Hannigan, Rev . Francis A. Sharkey. 

(Rev. John Quinn, absent.) 
St. Francis Xavier's (near Fairmount Water Works), Rev. James Magiim, 

Administrator ; Rev. Peter F. Sullivan. 
St Philip Neri's (Queen street, below Third), Rev. Nicholas Cantwell, 

Pastor ; Rev. Thomas Fox ; Rev. Thomas McGovem. 
St. Patrick's (Twentieth street, below Walnut), Very Rev. William O^ara, 

DJ).,V.G., Pastor; Rev. Peter P. McGrane ; Rev. James A. MiUer ; Rev. 

Thomas Marron. 
St Paul's (Christian street, between Ninth and Tenth), Rev. Patrick F. 

Sheridan, Pastor; Rev. Charles A. McFadden. 
St Peter's, German (Fifth and Franklin avenue). Rev. William Liihr- 

mann, C.SS,R., Superior; Rev. John B. Hotz, C.t5B.B..\ B.«^.\icyQM.\i^5^^ 

C.SaB. ; Rer, Joseph Wirth, C.S8.R. 
Cbareb of tbeAmimption (Spring Garden, a\)oy« 'E\«^wiX>R.^T^^^>'^^ 
Jter, Cbaries J. SL Carter, Pastor; B«y. Andr*^ ;i.^eSL%^«N ^' 
Aloymiu D. Filan. 


St Malachy's (Elerenth, above Blaster strett), Rev. John Kelly, Paator ; 

Rev. Tiiomaa O'Neil. 
St. Ann's (Port Richmond), Rer. Hugh McLaughlin, Pastor ; Rev. James 

Russell ; Rev. Hugh Garvey. 
St. Mary Magdalen de Paazi's, Italian (Mariot's street^ near Seventh)^ Rev. 

Cajetan Mariani, Pastor. 
St. Alphonsus' (Fourth and Reed streets), Rev. Anthony Grundner, 

O.8.B.V.M., Pastor. 
St Theresa's (Broad and Catharine streets), Rev. Hugh Lanej Pastor; 

Rev. William lAmbert 
Church of the Annunciation (Tenth and Dickerson streets)^ Rev. John 

MoAnany, Pastor. 
St Gregory's (near Cathedr^ Cemetery), Rev. William Eean, Pastor. 

(Blockley P.O.y 
St James' (West Hiiladelphia), Rev. Michael F. Martin, Pastor; Rev. 

Casper A Gerst 
St Bridget's (Falls of Schuylkill), vacant, 
St Dominic's (Holmesburg), Rev. Matthew McGrane, Pastor. 
Chapel of the Sacred Heart (Eden Hall), Rev. L. Musart, Chaplain. 
St Joachim's (Fraiikford), Rev. John McGovem, Pastor. 
St Vincent de Paul's (Germantown), Rev. Dennis Leyden, CM., Pastor ; 

Rev. JAmes Moret, CM. 
St Stephen's (Nicetown), Rev. Matthew Wm. Gibson, Pastor. 
St John the Baptist (Manayunk), Rev. Patrick A Nugent., Pastor. 
Immaculate Conception, German (Manayunk), Rev. Rudolph Konjier, 

Our Lady of Consolation (Chestnut Hill), Very Rev. P. K Moriarty, O.S.A., 

Rev. Wm. Harnett, O.S.A. 
Bustleton, visited monthly by Rev. John McGovern of Fran/kford. 
AU Saints, German (Bridesburg), Rev. Matthew M. Meurer, Pastor.' 
Tacony Chapel, Rev. M. M. Meurer, Pastor. 


St Thomas of Yillanova, Rev. Peter Crane, O.S. A., Piaor ; Rev. James D. 

Waldrou, O.a A., Depositarian ; Rev. £. M. Mullen, 0.S A. 
West Haverford, St Dennis', Rev. Peter Crane, O.S. A., Pastor. 
Chester, St Michael's, Rev. Arthur Peter Haviland, Pastor ; Rev. William 

F. Cook. 
Ivy Mills, St Thomas Apostle, Rev. Henry L. Wright, Pastor. 
Kelly ville, St Charles Borr., Rev. Joseph Balfe, D.D., Pastor. 
Media, Church of the Nativity B.V.M., visited twice a month by Rey. 

Henry L. Wr^ht of Ivy Mills. 


Westchester, St Agnes', Rev. John F. Prendergast, Pastor. 
Downingtown, St Joseph's, attended from Westchester every other Sunday. 
PhcBnixf ille, St Mary's, Rev. Philip A. CFarrell, Pastor. 
Parkesburg, Our Lady of Seven Dolors, Rev. Hugh McGarvey, Pastor. 

Attended every third Sunday. 
Doe Run, St Malacby's, attended every third Sunday by Rev. Hugh 

McGarvey of Parkesburg. 
Coatesville, once in six weeks from Parkesburg. 
Baker's Quarries, New Loudon, Oxford, Chroma Pits, Ore Banks^ Copper 
Mines, Boekrille, Mre statiouB attended from "Paxk^i^UT*, 
Xennett Square and HamiuertoxL attended b^ Bie^. 3,^ \li2«Jia.^l'&twAv 
^Jne, Del 



Norristown, * St Patrick*» (new church nearly completed^ Rev. Dennu 

CHaran, Pastor. 
Cooshohooken, St Matthew's, Rev. Richard Kinehao. 
PottstowD, St Aloysiua^ Rev. Thomas A. Kyle, Pastor. 


Lancaster City, St Mary's of the Assumption, Very Rev. Bernard Eeenan, 

Lancaster City, St Joseph's, German, Re«r. Anthony Sehwarze, Pastor. 
Columbia, St Peter's, Rev. Arthur MeGinnia. Pastor. 

Holy Trinity, German, atteuded from fiarrisburg by Rev. 
Charles Schaffroth. 
Safe Harbor, St Mary's, visited from Lancaster. 
Dramore, St. Catharine's, visited once every six weeks, by Rev. Hugh 

McGarvey, of Parkesburg. 
Elizabethtown, St Peter's, Kev. Hugh Magorien, Pastor. 


Haycock, St John the Baptist's, Rev. Francis L Neufeld, Pastor. (Buck- 

ville P. O.) 
Doylestown, Our Ladv of Mt Carmel, Rev. Francis Xavier George, Pastor. 
Durham Furnace, Tisited monthly from Haycock. 
New Hope, attended occasionally*. 
BristoJ^ St ^rk's^ Rev. Patrick McSwiggan, Pastor. 


Harrisburgh, St Patrick's, Rev. Pierce Maher, Pastor. 

Harrisburgh, St Anthony'ev German. 

Lykeostown, St Mary's, Help of Christians, yisited monthly by Rev. 
William McLoughlin, of Tremont 

Stony Creek, 

MidcQetown, Our Lady of Seven Dolors, yisited every Sunday from Eliza- 


Reading, St Peter's, ReT. Francis O'Connor, Pastor; Rev. James Power 

St Paul's, German, Rev. Charles J. Schrader, Pastor. 
Hamburg, St Mary's of the Rosary, visited from Reading. 
Meoslem, St Henry's, visited from Reading. 
Douglasville, St Paul's, yisited every other Sunday by Rev. T. A. Kyle^ of 

Churchville, Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Rey. Augustine Ballv, 

S.J., Superior. (Colebrookdale P. O., Washington Township, BerKs 

Rockland, attended from Churchville. 


York, St Patrick's, Rev. Sylvester Eagle, Pastor. 

York, Immaculate Conception, German, Rev, Joseph Hamm, Pastor. 

Btrasbnrgh, St John the Baptist (New Friedom F. O."^, attAndftd. \s^«&% ^ 

month trom York, 
DaUMBtown, 8t Joeepb'a, attended occasionally from^XotVu 
Fiandke, Jmmnoalals Heart of Mary, attended ayerv o\:ki« ^xsasAjs.! Vt« 
Ckmswago, '' "* 



Lebanon, St. Mary's, Rev. Emile Stenzel, Pastor. 

Culebrook Furnace, St Laurence's, visited monthly from Elizabethtown. 


Conewago, Church of the Sacred Heart, Key. John B. Gattani, S.J., 
Superior ; Rev. Simon P. Dompieri, S.J. ; Rev. F. Xavier De Neckere, 
S.J., and other Rev. Fatliers. (MoSherrvstown P. O.) 

Oxford, St Mary's, visited every other Friday from Conewago. 

Littlestown, St Aloysius', visited every other Sunday from Conewago. 

Gettysburg, St Francis Xavier's, Rev. , Pastor. 

MiilerstowD, Immaculate Conception, visited monthly from Gettysburg. 

Mountain, St. Ignatius Loyola's, visited monthly from Gettysburg. 

Bon agh town, St Joseph's, Rev. Basil Sborb, Pastor. (Square Cor 
ner P. O.) 

McSherrystown, Chapel of St Joseph, attended from Conewago. 

AVhitestown, visited oceasionally from Conewago. 


Chambersburg, Christ Church, Rev. Bernard McCollum, Pastor. 
Waynesborough, St Audrew, Apostle, visited every filth Sunday from 

Path Valley, St Mary, Refuge of Sinners* (Boylestown P. O.) 
Anderson 8 Valley, visited occasionally. 


Carlisle, St Patrick's, visited monthly from Chambersburg. 


Attended from Path Valley. 


Lewistown, All Saints, Rev. Paulinus M. Wenkmann, Pastor, O.S.BL 
McVeytown, Rev. Paulinus Wenkinann, Pastor. 


Easton, St Bernard's, Rev. Thomas Reardon, Pastor. 

St. Joseph's, German, Rev. John Baptist Frisch, Pastor. 
Freemansburg, attended from All entown. 
liethlehem, Nativity of our Lord, attended from Allentown. 
South Bethlehem, Church of the Holy Infancy, in course of erection. 
Berlinsville, St Nicholas', visited monthly from Allentown. 


Allentown, Immaculate Conception, Rev. Michael McEnroe, Pastor ; Rev 

Joseph Kaelin. 
Catasauqua, St. Laurence's, Rev. Edward McKee, Pastor. 

Annunciation of ^.V.M., German, visited every two weeks 
from Allen|iQwn. 
Trexlerstown, attended f^om Allentown. 
Ironton, attended once a month from Catasatiqua. 
Slatington, attended once a month from Catasauqu^ 


Maaob Chunk, Immaculate Conception, Rev. Michael J. Blacker, Pastor. 
^^esquehoniog, Sp. Patrick^ attended every oWict ^\nA«i^ t^t^jcsw Vi^xkoh 
^0^ver Meadows, 8t. Mary% visited every oV\\eT ^MtkSia^ t^oni'QAa^'V^Tk,^ 
ocJiport, St, Joaeph'B, Rev, Patrick C. ;Nuaan, PaaVor. 


• Penn Haven, , Tisited once s month from Rockpori. 

Summit Hill, St. Joseph's, Rev. James Kelly, Pastor. 
Pariyville, Holy Cross, attended from Manch Chunk. 
Pine Swamps. 


PottsTille, St Patrick's^ Rev. Nicholas J. Walsh, Pastor; Rev. Michael 

PottsTiUe, St John the Baptist's^ German, Rer. Francis Jot. Wachter, 

Minersville, St. Yinoent de Paurs, Rev. Miehael Malone, Pastor. 

St Mary of Mt Carmel, German, attended from Pottsville. 
Tremont, Immaculate Conception, Rev. Wm. McLoughlin, Pastor. 
Port Carhon, St Stephen's, Rev. Daniel Magorien, Pastor. 
Tamaqua, St Jerome's, Rev. Patrick Quinn. 

Bt Clair, St Boniface's, Rev. Alphonsus Schedle, 0S.6.y.M., Pastor. 
Aehland, St Joseph's, Rev. Michael Sheridan, Pastor. 

St Maurice, Rev. John B. Bache. 
New Philadelphia, visited occasionally from Port Carbon. 
Middleport, visited occasionally from Port Carbon. 
Patterson, St Patrick's, attended monthly from Tamaqua. 

St Bartholomew's, attended monthly from Pottsville. 
Mahanoy City, St Canicns, Rev. Michael McEvoy. 
Tuscarora, St Raphael's, visited monthly from Tamaqua. 
Summit, (Catawissa R. R,,) visited monthly from Tamaqua. 
Heckshersville, St Kieran's^ Rev. John Scanlan, Pastor. 


Williamsport St Boniface, Rev. James A. Moshall, Pastor. 

Nippenoee Valley, Immaculate Conception, Rev. John Lenfert, Pastor. 

(Bastros P. O.) 
Mosquito Settlement, visited occasionally from Nippenose Valley. 
Cascade, St. Mary*s (Assumption), visited occasionally. 
Astonville, visited occasionally. 
Ralston, visited occasionally. - 


Bellefonte, St John the Evangelist, Rev. Bernard Manse:*, O.S.B., Pas- 
Snow Shoe, visited monthly from Bellefonte. 


Lockhaven, Immaculate Conception, Rev. John C. Gilligan, Pastor. 
Renova, attended once a month from Lockhaven. 
Heckla Furnace, visited occasionally. 
Sinnemahoning, visited monthly from Bellefonte. 


Mahoopeny, St Anthony of Padua, visited monthly from Dushore. 
Tunkhannock, attended monthly from St Joseph's, Susquehanna Co. 
Meshoppen, attended monthly n'om St Joseph s, Susquenanna Co. 


Dushore, St. Basil'S) Xavier Al. Eaier, Pastor. 
Forks of Lo^alBod^ vialted monthly from Duahore. 
Lsporiek riated occAaionally from Dushore. 


mitao, 8U Jotepb'B, Rev, Joseph Koch. (ChUlisqaac^ne Y. 0.> 


Shamokin, St. Edward's, attended monthly from Danyille. 
Trevorton, bt Patrick^ attended from Danyille. 

MONToua oouxrr. 
DanviDe, St Josepli'S) Rev. Edward Murray, Pastor. New church, St 
Hubert (German), in course of erection, Rev. Jos. KOch. 


Bloomsburg, St Golumkill's, attended monthly from Danvilla. 


Dry Valley, attended occasionally. 
Lewiflburg, attended occasionally. 


St Joseph's (P. O.), Church of the Holy Family, Very Rev. John V 
O'Reilly, V.F., Pastor ; Rev. Hugh Monahan, Rev. Jolm Monahan, ReT. 
John M. Cox. 

Silver Lake, St Augustine's, Rev. Hugh Monahan, Pastor. 

Great Bend, attended from St Joseph s. 

New Milford, attended from St Joseph's. 

Middletown, St Patrick's, attended irom St Joseph's^ 

Auburn, St Bonaventure, attended from St Joseph's. 

Fi-iendsville, St Francis Xavier's, attended from St Joseph's. 

Montrose, Holy Name of Mary, Rev. Hugh Mondliao, Pastor. 

Susquehanna, St John Nepomucen's, Very Rev. John V. d^ReUly, V.F^ 


Wilkesbarre, Immaculate Conception, Rev. Henry Fitzsimmons^ Pastor. 

" St Nicholas, German, Rev. Peter C. Nagel, Pastor. 

Nauticoke, attended monthly from Wilkesbarre, by Rev. Henry FitBum- 

Carboodale, St Rose of Lima, Rev. Francis Cnrew, Pastor. 
Archibald, St Thomas of Aquiu, Rev. John Loughran, Pastor. 
Scranton, St Vincent de Paul, Rev. Mosed Wbiity, Pastor; Rev. Thomiw 
P. Toner. 
" St Bonaventure's, attended by Rev. Peter C. Nagel, of Wilk* 

Dunmore, St Simon the Apostle, Rev. Edmund W. Fitzmaurice, Pastor. 
Pittston, St John the Evangelist, Rev. John Finnen, Pastor. 
Frenchtown, St. Mary's, Help of Christians, attended every alternate Sua* 

day from Hazlettfn. 
Hazleton, St Gabriel's, Rev. Michael L. Scanlan, Pastor; Rev. John Hngb 

Hurl's Farm, attended monthly from Archibald. 
White Haven, visited once a month from Rockport 
Moscow, St Catharine of Sienna, visited monthly from Dunmore. 
Providence, St Thaddeus, ApHOstle, attended from St Vincent's, Scrantofi. 
Eckley, Immaculate Conception, attended every alternate Sunday frmn 

Rockport, Carbon Co. 


Honeadale, 8t John Evangelist, Rev. 3o\inI>o\i«t\.y,'P«B*ftT, 

" St Mary Magdalen's, German, B.ey . ^ta.tve\% '^\JL^i^i^,'V«i^»t, 

Ha why, St PbUomen&% Rev. Michael ¥iian, YaaV^v. 
Cherry Ridge, visited monthly from St. 3oVu]^a»Uoii<»^A^ 


Mount Pleasant, St Juliana of Falconieri, Rev. Anthony Dellanaye, 

Pastor, (Rocklake P.O.) 
C3anaan, St Patriek'a, attended by Rev. John Doherty, of Honesdale. 
Eqninunc, Tisited monthly by Rev. Anthony Delanave. 
Staraoca, visited monthly by Rev. Anthony Delanave. 
Damascus, visited monthly by Rev. Anthony Delanave. 
South Pleasant Mounts viaited monthly by Rev. Anthony Di^lanave. 
Waymart, visited occasionally from Carbondale. « 


Ledgedale, attended monthly from Hawley, Wayne Co. 
Blooming Grove, attended monthly from Hawley, Wayne Co. ' 
Lackawaxen, attended monthly from Hawle}*, Wayne Co. 
Shohola, attended monthly from Hawley, Wayne Co. 
Mast Hope, attended monthly from Hawley, Wayne Co. 


Stroudsburg, attended monthly from St Joseph's, Easton. 

Oakland, attended from Easton. 

Pocono, fHtended from Easton. 

Tobyhanna, once a month from Danmore, Luzerne Co. 

Coulbaugh, once in three months from Dunmore, Luzerne Co 

Goldsborough, once in three months from Dunmore, Luzerne Co. 


Towanda, St Peter^s and St Paul's, Rev. Patrick Toner. 

Troy, St John Nepomucene's, attended from Blossburg. 

Kidgebury, St Mary's, visited monthly from Towanda. 

Athens^ Church of the Holy Ghost, attended from Towanda. 

Standing Stone, attended from Towanda. 

Overton, St Patrick's, visited every fourth Sunday from D'ushore. 

Sugar Ridge, St Philip's and St James', visited monthly from Dushore. 

Canton, visited from lilossburg. 

Soutii Mountain, visited from Blossburg. 

Wilmot, visited every six weeks from Dushore. 

Browntown, visited every two mouths from Dushore. 


Blossburg^ St, Andrews, Rev.. Florence McCarthy, Pastor. 

Tioga, St Louis, visited once a month from Blossburg. 

Weilsboro, visited occasionally from Blossburg. 

Union, Church of the Holy Cross, visited occasionally from Blossburg. 

Lawrenceviile, visited occasionally from Blossburg. 


Wilmington, St Peter's, Rev. Patrick R. O'Brien, Pastor. 

•* Immaculate Conception, Rev. Patrick Reilly, Pastor. 

Brandy wine, St Joseph's, Kev. John S. Walsh, Pastor. 
Coffee Bun, St Mar/s, attended monthly from St Joseph's, Brandy wine. 
Kew Castle, St Peter's, Rev. Matthias Cobbiu, Pastor. 
Delaware City, St Paul's, attended every other Sunday from New Castle. 
l(«wark, attended from New Castle. 

TAMlo^icai Seminary of 8L Charles Borromeo, S. ^. cot. ol \'e>>3Ki «* 
^Moe street^ PbiMelj^A. R^y, Maurice A. WalaU, B.ecV.oT au^ Vx^V^ 


of Moral Philosophy. Very Rev. William CyUmn, D.D., V.O., Prof«8ior 
of Moral Theology. Rev. John B. Byrne, Professor of 8aored Smptnre and 
English Literature. Rev. Domenico V. Doleetti, Professor of I>osmatie 
Theology. Rev. Peter P. McGrane, Spiritaal Direetor. Beni«rdl^ii- 
nieister, Professor of Gregorian Chant. Kumber of seminariaDSy 5i 
dumber of volumes in library, 9,000. 

Preparatcry Seminary of St. Charles Bcrromto^ Glen Riddle P. C, Aston 
Township, Delaware Co., Penn. This institution is intended for yovthi 
who manliest signs of vocation to the priesthood. They are instructed in 
'* The Humanities,'' and prepared for entering the Theological Seminary sf 
this Diocese. Rev. Jeremiah F. Shanahan, Rector, Rev. William P. Gifiei. 
Tutors, Messrs. Richard J. Banr, Joseph P. Murphy, and John W. Shant- 
han. Spiritual Director, Rev. Henry ll Wright. Number of students, 26. 

Five students from this diocese are in the American College in JRome, and 
one in the College of the Propaganda. 
( Anguslinian Monaxtery and College of St. Thonuu Villanova. 

Jiedempioriet Convent of St, Peter, Philadelphia, Rev. William JM^ 
mann, CSS.R., Superior; Rev. Messrs. Hotz, CSaR., Louis Bold, CJ9&R., 
Joseph Wirth, C.SS.R. There are also five lay brothers. 


St. Marife College^ Wilmington, Del. Rev. P. Reilly, President. Num- 
ber of scholars, 70 ; number of professors, 6. 

St. Joseph' t College^ Philadelphia. This institution, incorporated in 1852, 
is under the charge of the Rev. Jesuit Fathers of St Joseph's Church, Wil- 
ling's Alley, near the Philadelphia Exchange. Six professors attend to the 
classes of Greek, Latin, French, English, and Mathematics. Number of 
students, 120. Rev. J. S. Barbelin, President ; Rev. Peter J. Blenkinsop^ 
Treasurer ; Rev. AL Jamison, Religious Instructor. 

St. Josephs College^ Susquehanna Co., Penn. Very Rev. J. V. O'Reilly, 
V.F., President; Rev. Hugh Monahan, Vice-President and Treasurer; Rev. 
John Monahan, Professor of Latin and History ; Rev. John M. Cox. 



Academy of the Holy Child Jesue, No. 1135 Spring Garden street Motlicr 
Mary Xavier, Superior. Five professed sistew, and 8 postulants. . 

Academy of the Immaculate Heart of Mary^ Reading, Penn , under tie 
charge of the Sisters of the Inmiaculate Heart of Mary. Professed sistcn^ 
16; novices, 3; postulants, 2; boarders, 26; select school, '75. 

Academy of the Sisters of Notre Dame, N. E. cor. of Filbert and Juniper 
streets. Professed sisters, 10; 8 novices, and 133 pupils. Night school 
for female adults, attendance about three hundred. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, Eden Hall, (near) Toresdale. This inati- 
tution for young ladies is under the direction of the Ladies of the Saored 
Heart A Rev. Chaplain is permanently attached to the iustitotioi. I 
Terms — board and tuition, per annum, $180. Number of religious 80; 
pupils, 62. Madam Tucker, Superior. ^ 

Convent of St. Josephs, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia Co., Penn. This i^ 

stitution was commenced in August, 1858. It contains now, professed sit- 

ters, 9; noviceSf 12; and postulants, 3. The number of pupils in tfai 

academy is 25. Mother St. John, SupetiOT. 

S/. Joseph's Acad&fny, McSherry Blown, Xdaxaa Co.,'5cKa,,TxiA« ^^& 

reetion of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Proiesafc^ »a\.w%, \\% ofr^wi^W 

hoarding pupilB, 14; day acholars, 50. SatAx 14. >kii\»Vwi\XA,«»vkV«^^ 


Academy of SUtert of the Immaeulate Heart of Mary^ Suflquehanna Co., 
Peon. This institution Tras ojMDed in ISSt to afford the means of re- 
lifpooa instrnction to females. Frofetsed sisters, 18 ; noyices, 6; postulants, 
4;/>rphans, 8; pupils^ 15. Sister M. Jerome, Superior. 

House of the immaevlate Conception Industrial School of the Sisters of the 
Holy Cross, West Philadelphia, near Woodland Cemetery. The number <«f 
sisters in this institution is 14; number of boarding pupils, 60. There is 
also s day school attached to Uie institution, attended by 80 pupils, and a 
select day school attended by 60 pupils. Total taught in the institution, 
200 pupils. Sister Eusebia, Superior 

8L Patricias Accdemyy Twenty-first street, near Pine, under the care of 
the Sisters of St. Joseph. Sister Victoire, Superior. Number of pupils, 60. 

8t JosepKs Academy^ Prune street, above Fourth, conducted by Sisters 
of St. Joseph. There are 45 young ladies m the academy. Sister M. 
Agnes, Superior. 

St. Philip's Academy^ Front street, near Catharine, conducted by the 
Sisters of St. Joseph. Number of pupils, 40. Sister Euphemia, Superior. 

Christian Brothers' High School andAcademy^ 1421 North Second street 
Pupils, 128 ; profetoors, 7. 


Cathedral School^ for girls. Summer street, near Eighteenth, conducted 
by fiye sisters of St. Joseph. Sister Ignatia, Sup. 

St. Marjfs^ Phila. Boys' school, 120 pupils are taught by 2 lay teachers ; 
the girls* school on 6th street, near Spruce, has an attendance of about 120, 
under 3 sisters of St. Joseph. Sr. Euphemia, Superior. 

St. Johns, Phila., has schools for both sexes, taught in the basement of 
the church by 4 lay teachers. Attendance, 210. 

St. JosepKs, Phila. The boys' school kept in a building adjoining the church, 
and has about 200 pupils, taught by several brothers of the Holy Cross. 

The girls' school, ^on Prune street above Fob rth, has an attendance of 250 
children, taught by the Sisters of St. Joseph. It has a select school for 
young ladies annexed to it, and also a night school for female adults. 

Blessed Peter Clavei's school for colored children, i^ located in Lombard 
street, above 4th. It is under the direction of the Jesuit Fathers, and 
taught by colored Sisters of Providence. There is a night school for female 
adults. Sr. Alphonse, Superior. 

8t. Philip's, Phila. About 880 boys are taught in the basement of the 
church by 6 lay teachers. The girls' school is at St. Philip's Academy, on 
Front St. About 860 pupils are taught by 7 sisters of St. Joseph. 

8t. Patricias, Phila. (on Twentieth street), has an average attendance of 
840 boys, who are under four Isr leacheii). The girls' school numbers 400 
pupils, taught by 7 sisters of St. 'Joseph. 

Assumption, Phila. 160 boys taught by two Brothers of the Holy Cross. 
The girir school is conducted by two Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, and 
numbers 120 pupils. 

St, Pcfer*t, Phila. 613 boys are taught by five Brothers of the Christian 
schoola. The girls' school is under the charge of five Sisters of Notre Dame. 
Average attendance. 710 girls, 140 boys. 

8t, Alphonsus\ Phila. 80 boys and 120 girls are taught by three Sisters 
third order of St. Francis. 

8t, AugtuUn^t, Phil, baa an average attendance of ^lSQ\>o^i&, Vvv^goX* \»^ 
4 Brotben of the Holy Croaa. 

(^^^^ ^ the comwunity of the BrotheTs of tVe Tlo\^ Ctco^a, V 
^nOat^ who bare ebarge of 4 achoole. Brother Ed\?Md,I>vte<i\«t:^ 


The girk' lohool nomben 258 pupils taught by 4 Sisters of the Holy Crcm 

St. PauSB, Pliila. 250 boys. The girls' school nmnbera 850 ^piK 
under the ohai^e of 8 Sisters of the Holy Gross. A select school is alto 
taught by the sisters — number of pupils 50. 

St. Michaels, Phila. The boys are Uught by 4 Brothers of the Chris- 
tian Schools ; number of pupils, 463. 

(The Christian Brothers have a Convent near St MichaeVs Church, ant? 
liave charge of 3 parochial schools, and 1 high school and academy, and 
1617 pupils. Number of Brothera 19. Brother Fellow, Director.) 

The girls' school numbers 560 pupils, taught by 6 Sisters of St. JosepL 
Sr. Cecilia, Sup. 

St Ann's, Phila. 860 boys are taught by 4 Brothers of the Christiaa 
Schools. The girls' school numbers 528 pupils, taught by 11 Sisters of & 
Joseph. The Sisters also teach the Boys^ Primary Department^ numbering 
200 little boys. Sister M. Monica, Sup. 

Holy Trinity, Phila. About 2(i0 children, of both sexes, are taught by 
one male and one female lay teacher. 

St, Francis Xavier's, Phila. 100 children, under 1 male teacher. 

All SaitiU', Bridesburg, has a school (German) attended by 70 pupik^ 
tau&;ht by 1 male teacher. 

St Nicholas^ Wilkesbarre, 80 children. 

St. Vincent r. Scran ton, 160 children, two teachers. 

St, Thaddew*\ Providence, 70 children, one teacher. 

St. Marjfs, York, 110 children, one teacher. 

St, Fhilomeim\ Hawley,'100 children. 

St. Patrick^8, York, 46 children. 

St. Peter's, Columbia, 80 children. 

St. Peter's, 150 children, taught by six Sisters of Charity. 

St. Patrick's, Potts ville, 200 children, taught by six Sisters of St Jo3«pii 

St. Mary's, Lebanon, 70 children, one teacher. 

Blessed Sacrament, Churchville, 90 children, two teachers. j 

St Joseph's, Brandy wine, 136 children, three Sisters of St Joseph. 

St. Peter's and St, PauTs^ Reading, 220 children under charge of tht 
Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

St. Joseph's, Lancaster, has a school of 150 children under one teacher. , 

St. Simon's, Dunmore, 70 scholars. 

T&wanda, school of 60 children, one teacher. 

St. Boniface's, Williamsport, 50 to 60 children under one teacher. 

St. Denis', West Haverford, 50 children, under one teacher. 

Immaculate Conception, Wilkesbarre, 40 children, under one teacher. 

St. Vincents, Germantown, 70 children, one teacher. 

St. Mar^s, Nippenose, 

St. Bonifaces, St Clair, 

St. Joseph's, Ea<«ton, 

Sacred Heart, Conewago, 

About 90 girls attend the Academy of St. Joseph's, McSherry 

St. Mar}/s, AUentown, 50 children under one teacher. 

St, Nicholas 8, Honesdale, 80 children taught by one teacher. 

ASYLUMS, ifcc. 

77ie^oi4se of the Good Shepherd, Twenty-second street, between Wslnrf 

and Sansom. The object of this inadXiUtioTi ui \iO i&ot^ i^ T^treat to v» 

fortunate females who wish to reform. lt\ft coii^\xQ.\.fe^>a^ ^^^ T^Ck^<c3WK i 

tlie good Shepherd, of whom there are ^^, «tz. \^ v^ol<aaafe^ ^iXvoa '^SaMsai 

^professed lay siaters; 11 noricea; ^ out-door ^\atei», wv^ oti^ \«*fiSs 


" « 



U (( 



tt u 



u tt 



Academy of 



Inniftt-es in the Magdalen convent, number 26 ; in the Penitenta' depart- 
ment, 144. Mother Idsry of St. Boniface, Superior. 

St» Jo»eph*s Hospital, Girard avenue, between Sixteenth and Seventeeoth 
streets, under the charge of 9 Sisters of Charity. Number of patients 96 ; 
the Hospital can accommodate 200 patients— chapel attended from St. 
Malachy's. Sister Hilary, Sr. Servant 

St, JFraneU of Aninwa Hospital, comer of Fourth and Girard avenue, 
directed by the Sisters of the Third order of St. Francis ; Sibter Mary 
Clara, Superior. Pn^fessed Sisters 6 ; Postulants 2, and 25 patients. Cha- 
pel attended by the Redemptorist Fathers. 

Mother House of the Thira Order of St. Francis of Asiisium, Reed street, 
above Fifth. Professed Sisters 8 ; Novices 5, and one Postulant. Mother 
Mary Agnes, Superior. 

St. Peters Orphan Asylum, Wilmington, DeL under six Sisters of Cha- 
rity ; orphans 39. M. Kostka, Sr. Servant. 

St. Ann's Widowif Asylum, Second below Christian street, under the 
management of five Sisters of St. Joseph. Number of inmates 30. Sr. 
Hagdalen, Sup. 

St. JosepKs Female Orphan Asylum, comer of Spruce and Seventh sts., 
under 8 Sisters of Charity. Sr. Gonzaga, Sister-servant. Orphans 132. 

St. JohWs Male Orphan Asylum, on the Lancaster Turnpike, three miles 
from Philadelphia, under 14 Sisters of St. Joseph, Sr. Appolonia, Sup., Rev. 
Vm. Kean, Chaplain. Number of orphans 315. 

St. Vincents Hwne^ corner of 18th and Wood streets. Philadelphia. 80 
destitute children, from 18 months to 5 years old, are supported by public 
charity. Cared for by 6 Sisters of Charity. Sr. Mary Joseph, Sister-servaut. 

St. Vincents OrpJutn Asylum^ at Tacony, for Catholic German Orphans. 
There are at present in the institution, ^75 orphan children, under the care 
of 4 Sisters of Notre Dame, 3 Candidates and 8 Domestics. Sr. M. Gabriel, 
Snp. Rev. Mat. Meurer, Chaplain. There is also a day school taught by 
the Sisters, and attended by 12 children A*om Tacony. 


Secular Priests 140 Clerical Students in the Prepa- 

Priests of Religious Orders 26 ratory Seminary 26 

Total number of Priests 166 Colleges 3 

Churches built 165 HighSchool 1 

Stations attended 72 Academies 11 

Chapels 28 Parochial Schools 43 

li^cclesiasticallustitutions 4 Hospitals 2 

Clerical Students at Rome 6 Orphans' Asylums 4 

Clerical Students in St Charles' 
Seminary 54 


Established 1848. 
Comprises Allegheny^ Oreene, Washington, Fayette, Beaver, Butler, Law- 
rence, Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland, Cambria^ Blair, Somerset^ 
Huntingdon, and Bedford Counties in the Sta^e of Pennsylvania. 


Bt. B*f. M Dombneo, D.D., consecrated Dftc. ^, \%^^. 

Previous Bishop. 

fU ^, ^^^'^ O'OoifiroB, D.D., consecrated Anffaat 15, \%\'S^,\JtWi^^'^ 
to See of Erie and then to Pittsburgh again, reaigned ^a^. \%^^. 


TioAis onmua. 
Very Rey. R McMahon and Very ReT. J. O^Connor. 
Diocesan Secretary, — Rev. James Keogh, D.D. 
Secretary for the &0rman«.— Rev. John StiUel. 

bishop's council. { 

Rt. Rev. B. Wimmer, O.S.B., Very Rev. R McMahon, 

Very Rev. J. O'Connor, Very Rev. T. Heyden, < 

Very Rev. J. Dominio Tarlattini, Rev. J. M. Helmpraeoht^ C.SS.R., 

Passionist, Rev. J. A. Stillinger, 

Rev. Jaa. Bradley, Rev. R F. Garland, : 

^Rev. J. Stibiel, -^ Rev. James Eeogh, D.D. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., St. Paul's Caihedral, Rt Rev. M. Domene^ 
D.D., Very Rev. R McMahon, Rector, Re?. J. Hickey, Rev. J. Hol- 
land, Rev. W. Burke, Rev. J. Burnea. 
St. Patrick's, Rev. E. F. Garland, Rector. 

8t Philomena's, German, Rev. J. M. Helmpraecht, C.SS.R., Rector. 
St. Bridget's, Rev. J. Treacy. 
Holy Trinity, German, Rev. J. de Biere. 
St Mark's, Convent Chapel, attended from the GathedraL 
Mercy Hospital, attended from the Cathedral 
Allegheny, Allegheny Co., St Peter's, Rev. T. Mullen, Rector. 
St Mary's, German, Rev. J. Stihiel, Rector, Rev. J. Shell. 
St Joseph's Chapel, Troy Hill, Rev. F. Wolt 
Altoona, Blair Co., St John's, Rev. J. Tuigg. 

Immaculate Conception, German, Rev. G. Eircher, who also attendi 
the Germans of HoUidaysburg, Summit, and Wa^'ne. 
Beaver, Beaver Co., SS. Peter and Paul, Rev. J. Reid. 
Bedford, Bedford Co., St Thomas', V. Rev. Thomas Heyden. 
Birmingham, (Buchanan P. O.,) Allegheny Co., St John Baptist^ Rev. "W. 
Pollard, Rector. 
<* St Michael's, German, Rev. Luke Baudinelli, Rector, Ret 

James Hoffinigott, Passionists. 
" B. Paul of the Cross, Passionist Fathers. 

Blairsville, Indiana Co., SS. Simon and Jude, Rev. J. A. Stillinger, Reetff 
Braddock's Field, Allegheny Co., Rev. C. Nissoo. 
Brady's Bend, Armstrong Co., Rev. F. Walsh. 

Broad Top, (Powelton P. O.,) Huntingdon Co., Immaculate Conceptioii 
Rev. P. Hughes. 
* Brownsville. Fayette Co., Rev. P. Morgan. 

Butler, Butler Co., Rev. Celestine Engelbrecht O.S.B., Prior and Reetor 

Rev. Lambert Kettner, O.S.B., Rev. Leander Schnerr, O.S.B. 
Cameron's Bottom, (Strongstown P. O.,) Indiana Co., St Patrick's, Rev. i 

CarroUtown, Cambria Co., St Benedict's, Rev. Giles Christoph, O.S.K 

Rector, Rev. Isadore Walter, O.S.B. 
Chartier's Creek, Allegheny Co., St Philip's, Rev. M. Carroll, Temperanei 

Chest Springs, Cambria *Co., St Monica's, attended monthly from SI 

CJearSeld, Butler Co,, (Coylesville P.0.,\ St. John's, Rev. P. M. Doyii 
' St Mary\ GermAiif attended "by BeueoicVivuea itom'&MU«. 
ClearviJIe, Bedford Ck},, attended from "Bfedtot^. 

X>erry Towosbip^ Westmoreland Ck).,0\ttlAd^ oiVLftXi»\.^:«Kft^%B*Mi 
»o/zi St. Viacent'a Abbey. 


Donegal, Butler Oo^ St Joeepli'i, attended from Bntler. 

Ebensburg, Cambria Co^ St Patrick's, Key. M. J. Mitchell. 

East LibeHy, Allegheny Cia, 8& Peter aod Paul, Rev. I. Reiser. 

Etiiabeth, Allegheny Co., St. Miehael's, Rey. D. Kearney. 

Fairfield, Somerset Ca, Rey. P. Brown, Harman's Bottom. 

Florence, Westmoreland Co., St. Mary's, Rey. J. Haney, Johnstown. 

Freeport, Armstrong Ca, St Mary's, Rey. R. I^elan. 

Galhtan, Cambria Co., St Patriers, Rey. T. Ryan, Summit 

6Iea Connell, Cambria Co., St Lawrence*s, Benedictines of CarroUtown. 

Greensborg, Westmoreland Co., Most Holy Sacrament 

Hiraian's Bottom, Somerset Co., (West End P. O., Bedford Ca,)St John's, 

Rev. Patrick Brown. 
Hart's Sleeping Place, Cambria Co., Benedictines from CarroUtown. 
HoUidaysbnrg, Blair Co., St Mary's, Rey. John Walsh, Rector. 

" ** German Church, (being built,) Rev. G. Kiroher. 

Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co., Most Holy Trinity, Rev. S. Wall, (Powel- 

ton P. O.) 
Indiana, Indiana Co., St Bernard's, Rey. Placidus Pilz, O.S.B. 
Jefferson, Cambria Co>., (Witmore P. O.,) St Bartholomew's, Rev. J. Hackett 
Irwin's Station, Allegheny Co., attended from St Vincent's Abbey. 
Johnstown, Cambria Co., St John Gualbert's, Rev. P. M. Garvey, Rector. 

St Joseph's, German. — Immaculate Conception, German. — Rev. Thad- 

deus Heinzelmayer, Rev. Valentine Lobmayer, O.S B. 
Kilbuck, AH^heny Co., attended from St Mary's, Allegheny. 
Kittaning, Armstrong Co., St Mary's, Rev. J. Scanlon. 
latrobe, Westmoreland Co , Holy Family, Rev. Jerome Kearney. 
Lawrenoeville^ Allegheny Ca, St Mary's, Rev. A. P. Gibbs. 

" " German Church, (being built,) Rev. J. Tam- 

Ligonier, Westmoreland Co., Most Holy Trinity, attended A*om St Vin- 
cent's Abbey. 
Loretto, Cambria Co., St Mary's, Rev. T. S. Reynolds, Rector. 
HeKeeeport, St Peter's, Allegheny Co., Rev. F. Quinn. 
Hurrinsville, Butler Co., St Alphonsus', Rev. J. Bigham. 
Newcastle, Lawrence Co., St Mary's, Rev. J A. Canavin. 
Kew Derry, Westmoreland Co., St Martin's, Rev. Jerome Kearney, Latrobe. 
Kewry, Blair Co., St Patrick's, Rev. James Bradley, Rector. 
Pine Creek, Allegheny Co., Rev. C. Kloeker. 
Robinson Township, Allegheny Co., Our Lady Help of Christians, Rev. J. 

Schmitt, (Pittsburgh P. O ) 
Rochester, Beaver Co., attended from St Mary's, Allegheny. 
Bt Aagnstine, Cambria Co., St Augustine's, Rev. John Burns, Rector, 
fit Xayier^s Convent, Westmoreland Co., (St Vincent's P. O.,) Rev. A. 

Ordano, Chaplain. 
Saltsbnrg, Indfana Co., St Matthew's, attended from St Vincent's Abbey. 
Sand Patefa, Somerset Co., Rev. P. Brown, Frostburg, Md. 
Seminary Chapel, Glenwood, near Pittsburgh, Clergymen of the Seminary. 
Shade Valley, Huntingdon Co., Rev. S. Wall. 
Sharpsborg, Allegheny Co., St Joseph's, Rev. W. Nolan. 

" . " St Mary's (Gei'man), attended from St Philo- 

mena's, Pittsburgh. 
Sogar Creek, Armstrong Ca (Adams P.O.) St Patrick's, Rex. 3. Co^^,^^\.«t » 
Sammerliil^ CambHrn Co,, immaculate ConcepUon. B«t\^^\QXV(i^'& Vc^vov 


5^$,^*^ ^ ^^ -Aloysiiis; Rey. T. Ryan, Re^iVoT. 
iM Btl^ Attegbeny Co., Rev. W. Nolan. 


Temperanceville, Allegheny Ca, St jAmee^, Rev. K. Carroll. 

Tyrone, Blair Co., St Matthew'e, Rev. J. a Fsrrao. 

ifniontownf Fayette Co., St John's, Rev. P. Morgan. 

Upper Columbia, Washington Co., attended by Rev. D. Kearney, ElizabeiK 

Washin^n, Washington Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. P. M. Sheehao. 

Wayneeburg, Green Co., St Anne's, Rev. P. M. Slieehan. 

West Alexander, Washington Co., St James, Rev. P. M. Sheehan. ^ 

Wexford, Allegheny Co., St Alphonsus', Qerman clergyman from St 

Mary's, Allegheny, and Rev. T. O'Farrell. 
Wellesburg, Somerset Co., St Bridget's, Rev. P. Brown, Frostbnrg, Md. 
Williamsburg, Blair Co., Immaculale Conception, Pev. J. Walsh, UoUidaji- 

Williamsport Washington Co., attended from Brownsville. 
Youngstown, Westmoreland Co., St Yincenfs, Right Rev. Boniface Wim- 

mer, O.aB. 


8t. MichaePs Theologieal and Preparatorv Seminary^ Glenwood, near 
Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh P. O.), Very Rev. James O'Connor, President; 
Rev. James Eeogh, D.D., and Rev. Francis L. Tobin, Professors. 

St Vineenfa Setninary and College^ attached to St Vincent's Abbc^. 

St. Francis' Academy for Boys, Loretto, Cambria Co., under the direc- 
tion of the Franciscan Brothers, 98 pupils. 

St. Xavier's Academy for Young Ladies, near Latrobe, Westmoreland 
Co. (St. Vincent's P. O.), conducted by the Sisters of Mercy. Sr. M. Lignori 
M'Caffrey, Directress. 

St. Ahmwt' Academy for Young Ladies, Loretto, Cambria Co., Sr. M. 
Agnes McCaffrey, Directress. 


St. PauVs R, C. Orphan Asylum for small Boys, near Birmingham 
(Buchanan P. 0.), under the care of the Sisters of Mercy, Sr. M. Gertrude 
Blake, Superior 40 orphans. 

St. Paul's P. C\ Orphan Asylum for Girls, attached to St Mary's Conventk 
Webster street, Pittsburgh. Sr. M. Cephas Lennon, Superior. 70 orphanSb 

St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum (German), Troy Hill, near Allegheny City. 
Directed by the School Sist-ers of Notre Dame. Sr. M. Magdalen, ^Superior. 
60 orphans. 

The Mercy Hospital^ Pittsburgh, under the care of the Sisters of Merej. 
Sr. M. De Pazzi Russell, Superior. About 80 patients per month. 

House of Industry, Allegheny. Directed by the Sisters of Mercy. Si; 
M. Isadore Itsher, Superior. There is an Industrial Sewing School eoi* 
nected with this Institution. 

Orphan Asylum, at Cameron's Bottom, under the care of the Franeiseaa 
Brothers (Strongstown P. O.), Indiana Co., for larger boys. Bro. Gilei 
Carroll, Superior. 6 religious, 85 orphans. 


8t. Vincenfd Abbey of the Benedictine . , near Latrobe, Westmore- J 

land Co. (St Vincent's P. 0.>— Rt Rev. Bt^niface Wimmer, O.S.B., Abbot; 

Verjr Per, Rupert Seidenbusch ; Isidore Walter, O.S.B. ; Gallns EchardI; 

0,S.B.; Rev, Luke Wimmer, O.S.B.; B.ev. OiW^tMCk B^metseder; B»t.h 

Francis Cannon, O.S.B.; Rev. Alp\ionftoB.e\m\ftT, O.^I^.-^^^^^^WmbA^ 

^ngenfelder. O.S.B.I Rev. PauImTW WenV:mi«viv,OS>.^.\^w.^^^%fi* 

'oer, 0,8,B.; Rey, Camillus Maclsay, O.^.B.-, OtVolLc^,C>.%:fcA V^ 


tiu8 Tnieg, O.S.6. There are in the Abbey 14 elerieal BtDdentfl^ besides 
uoTiees, 84 scholasticfl, and 60 lay-brothers. 

The following Priories are attached to the Abbey: 

GarrolltoWD, Cambria Co., and Bntler, Butler Co. There are also 
honsies at Indiana, Indiana Co., Greensborg; and Johnstown. The names 
of the resident Fathers are given in the Clergy List 

Redemptoritt Convent at St. Philomena's ChtH-oh, Pittsburgh, Rev. J. M. 
Hehnpmecht, C.SS.R., Rector; Rer. Louis Dold, C.SS.R. ; Rer. Francis X. 
Tschenhens, C.SS.K. ; Rev. Peter Peter, C.SS.R. ; Rev. Nicholas Jaeckel, 

PiunonUi Momuten/f near Birmingham (Buchanan P. O. Allegheny Co.) 
~V. Rev. John Dominic Tarlattini, Superior; Rev. Anthony Calandri, 
Master of Norices ; Rey. John Baptist Baudinelli, Vice-Superior ; Rev. 
James Hooffzugott, Rev. Luke Baudinelli, Rev. Liberatus Brunelli, Rev. 
Vincent Naylor, Rev. Faustinus Sorgenti. There are four students, and 
fire choir novices, eight professed lay-brothers, and two lay-novicef>. 

Brothers of the Third Order of SL Francis.-^B.ey. M. J. Mitchell, Eccle- 
siastical Simerior. Principal House, St. Franois' Monastery, I^oretto, Cam- 
bria Co. Brother Laurence O'Donnell, Superior of the Order ; eighteen 
professed brothers, and three novices. Monastery at Cameron's Bottom, 
Indiana Co. Brother Giles Carroll, Superior ; and six professed brothers. 
House, Pittsburgh. Brother Bernardine Rogers, and eight professed bro- 

Sifters of Mercy, — Rey. T. Mullen, Ecclesiastical Superior. 

Mo^er House, St Xavier's, near Latrobe, Westmoreland Co. (St. Yin- 
sen t*s P. O.), 8r. M. Rose Hostetter, Superior. 

St. Mary's Convent, Webster street, Pittsburgh. Sr. Mary Neri Bowen, 

St. Mary's Convent, Hollidaysburgh. Sr. M. Elizabeth Strange, Superior. 

There are also under the care of the Sisters the educational and charita- 
ble instittHions already mentioned. There are one hundred sisters in the 
diocese, including the novices. A community has lately been sent from 
the Mother House to take charge of the StAnton Hospital, Washington, D.C. 

School Sixtera of Notre Dame (German), St. Philomena'4 Convent, Peiin 
street, Pittsburgh. Sr. Bomualda, Superior. 


The following day schools are under the care of the Sisters of Mercy:— 
Bt. Mary's, Webster street, Pittsburgh, 620 pupils; St. Patrick's, Pitts- 
burgh, 800 pupils; St. John's, Birmingham, 180 pupils; St. Peter's, Alle* 
gben^, 220 pupils ; St. Mary's (German), Allegheny, 800 pupils; St. Mary's, 
Holhdaysbnrgn, 800 pupils ; St. Mary's, Loretto, 60 pupils ; St. Mary's 
Academy, Webster street 80 pupils. 

There are besides : 

PrnsBUBGH. — 8t, Poatt* School for Boys. Directed by the Franciscan 
Brothers, 560 pupils. 

8i, PhiUmends (German) Sclvc^l for Boys, under the care of the Bro- 
thers of Our Lady. Brother Pra*- ,» Hessdorfer, Director ; 820 pupils. 

8t PhiloiMna's School for-QIrls. Directed by School Sisters of Notre 
Dmm; 300 pupils. .yc.S 

8L Bridaefsy Lay Teaehera. 

ffol^ TWfit^ (GertBMn), Lay Teachers. 

AMSJomENY.^Si. Pfier^s, Bovff SchooL tancht lay tVi^ Ytwitwi^BL "^t^ 
hm^lfiOpupih. "^ -^ 6 J 

Then sre tehooh Uaght by Jay teachers at the io\\oV\iiS ^\fi^^^'i 


Si, MichaeFa (German), Birmingham, Lawrenoeyille (Boglkli and Gre^ 
man), South Pittsburgh (German), East Liberty (German^ Butler (G^ 
man), Our Lady Help of OhrisUane, Robinson township, Allegheny County 
(German), filairsyille, Johnstown, Altoona, Jefferson, Latrobe, St Angmtbe; 


Secular Priests. 64 Religious Orders • 6 

Priests of Religioiu Orders 81 Educational Institationa. 6 

Churches. 87 Charitable Institutions % 


Ebtablishbd in 1821. 
Comprises Eastern Virginia and the Valley formed by the Alleghany and 
Blue Ridqe Mountains southward^ as Jar as Monroe County; leaving 
Monroe, 6iles, Montgomery, Floyd, and Carroll Counties to die toeet, at 
part of the Diocese of Wlieeling. 

Rt Rer. Jomr McGill, D.D., 8d Bishop, consecrated Not. 10, 1850. 

Rt Rey. Patrtok Kellt, D.D., 1st Bishop, consecrated in 1821 ; translated 

to Water ford and Lismore in 1832. 
Rt. Rey. Richard V. Whelan, D.D., 2d Bishop, conaecrated March 21, 
1841 ; translated to Wheeling, July 23, 1850. 

Richmond, Henrico Co., Cathedral, St Peter's. 

Rt Rey. John McGill, D.D., Rey. R. H. Andrews, ReT. Fr. McMul- 
len, Rey. John Hagan. Church and residence comer 8th and 
Grace streets. 
St Mary's (German), 4th and Marshall streets. Rey. Leonard Mayer, i 
O.S.B. ( 

St Patrick's, 25th street Rey. J. Teeling, I).l>. 
Fredericksburgh, Spottsylvania Co., St. Maiy's of the Immaculate Concep- 
tion, yisited from Richmond. 
Alexandria, St Mary's, Rev. P. P. Kroes, S.J., Rey. John Barrister, S J., 

Rey. Joseph Bixio, S.J. 
Fairfax Station, Fairfax Co., St Mary's. 

Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., St Joseph's, yisited from Harper's Ferry. 
Bath, Morgan Co., St Vincent de Paul, yisited from Harper's Ferry. 
Harper's Ferry, Jefferson Co., St. Peter's, Rey. M. Costello, D.D. 
Winchester, Frederick Co., St Patrick's, yisited monthly by Rey. Dr. Cos- 
Lynchburgh, Campbell Co., St Francis Xayier's, Rey. O. A. Sears. 
JMorfolk, Norfolk Co., St Mary's of the Immaculate Conception, Rey. M. 

O'Eeefe, Rey. Michael Farren. 
Old Point Comfort^ New Church, Rey. Tb. Ouellet, S.J. 
Portsmouth, Norfolk Co., St. Paul's, Rev. Joseph Plunkett 
Peberaburgh, Dinwiddie Co., St. Joseph's, Very Rey. Thomas Mulvej, V.G. 
StaantoDf Augusta Co.f St Francis of Assiaiam, Rey. Fr. Bixio. 
Cbarlottesvilley Lexington, Harri8on\>UTg,'^outv\AikIL*to^axl^Q^^l«c«MioI^ 
«re Tiaited from Staunton. 
fVarreDtoD, St John the Evangeliat, yiait^^ occw^oTXfiJ^^. 




8t, JosepNt Academy, Uiehmofi^ a boarding and day Bohool. 

8t Mar^s Academy , Norfolk, Sister Baptista, SiBter-servant. 

Parochial Schools at Richmond and Norfolk, by the Sisters of Charity. 
^ 8L Joeeph^s Orphan Asylvm, Richmond, under the Sisters of Chanty. 
Sister Blanche Rooney, Sister-servant. 

8i, Mair^% Orphan Aeyltan, Norfolk, tinder the care of the Sisters of 
Charityj^ Sister Baptista Dowd, Sister-seryant. 

8l Pineenfs Homitai, Norfrfk, Sister Bernard Boyle, Sister-servant 

The Infirmary of Bt, Francis de Sales, Brook avenue, Richmond, under 
the care of the Sisters of Charity. 


Established m 1850.4 
Comprises the State of Georgia. 
Rt. Rev. AuGUSTiNs Vkrot, D.D., consecrated April 26, 1868, Bishop of 
Danabe in part, and made Vicar Apostolic of Florida ; translated to this 
See in 1861. 

Deceased Prelates. 
Rt Rev. Fbanob X. Gartland, 1st Bishop, consecrated November 10, 

1850; died September 20, 1854. 
Rt Rev. John Barry, D.D., 2d Bishop, consecrated August 2, 185t ; 
died June 26, 1860. 


Savannah, Cathedral of St John Baptist Rt Rev. A. V^t, D.D., Rev. 

P. Whekn, V.G., Rev. T. F. (VNeil], Rev. J. F. O^Nefll, Jr., Rev. C. 


Augusta, Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Rev. G. Duggan, Rev. J. Eirby. 

Atlanta, Fulton Co., Church of the Immaculate Conception, Rev. Thomas 

Macon, Bibb Co., Church of the Assumption, Rev. William Hamilton. 
Columbus, Church of Sts. Philip and James, Rev. Michael Cullimore. 
Locust Grove, Taliaferro Co., Church of the Purifieation of the B. V. M., 
visited from Augusta. 

Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, Savannah. 
Convent of Our Lady of Msrcy, Augusta. 


Established 1850. 

Comprises that pari of Virginia which lies west of MaryUmd and the Allegheny 
Motmtams towards the northern pari of the State^ following afterwards the lines -. 
i^ Mmroe, Giles, Montgomery ^ Floyd and CarroU Counties, towards the ' 
9(mitkf as these counties ran in 1860. 

MU. JRer. Mk^amd V, Wheulv, D.D., IstBiahiop, coT\%ecsi«A^^^w<3a'K 
2841, Bishop of Richmond ; translated io%Vi«a\vi^ Vsi \%tjSi. 



Very Rev. Henbt F. Parks. 


IVheeliDg, St. James' Cathedral, 6th street, residence Hampden street, in 

rear of Cathedral, lit. Rev. Richard V. Whelan, Rev. John Sullivan. 

St. Alphonsos' (Qerman), Market street, centre Wheeling, residence in 

the rear of the Church, Rev. M. Kreusch. 
Chapel of St. Joseph, Wheeling Hospital, attended from the Cathedral 
Abingdon, Washington Co., attended monthly from Wytheville. 
Bethany, Brooke Oo., attended monthly from Wellsburg. 
Beverley, Upshur Co., attended monthly from "Weston. 
Braxton Court House, not attended at present 
Bridgeport, Harrison Co., attended monthly from Grafton. 
Bristol, on Tennessee Une^ttended from Wytheville. 
Buffalo, Putman Co., attended from Mason City. 
Cameron, Marshall Co., attended monthly^ from Moundsville, 
Charleston, Kanawha Co., attended occasionally from Mason City. 
Claysville, Wood Co., attended monthly from Parkersburg. 
Clarksburg, Harrison Co., attended monthly from Weston. 
Oornwallis, Ritchie Co., attended monthly from Parkersburg. 
Cranberry Summit, attended monthly from Grafton. 
Cripple Creek, attended monthly from Wytheville. 
Easton^s Sideling, Marshall Co., attended monthly from Moundsville. 
Eaton's Tunnel, Co., attended monthly from Parkersburg. 

Farmington, Marion Co., attended monthly from Moundsville. 
Fairmount, Marion Co., St. Peter's, attended 3d Sunday of each month from 

Glover's Gap, Wetzel Co., attended monthly from Moundsville. 
Grafton, Taylor Co., St. Augustine's, residence of Rev. Joseph Stinger, 

Mass Ist and 8d Sunday. 
Jeffersonville, Tazewell Co., Church of Immaculate Conception, attend^ 

every second month from Wytheville. 
Lee Creek, Wood Co., Church of Immaculate Conception, attended Ist 

Sunday of every month from Parkersburg. 
Lewisburg, Greenbriar Co., attended occasionally from Sweet Springs. 
Littleton, Wetzel Co., attended monthly from Moundsville — a church is in 

course of erection here. 
Mannington, Marion Co., attended monthly from Moundsville. 
Mason City, Mason Co., St Joseph's, Mass twice in the month, residence of 

Rev. Joseph Hoefflin^er. 
Morgan town, Mononealia Co., attended every 2d month from Grafton. 
Moundsville, Marshall Co., St. F. Xavier, residence of — Delahunty. 
I^ewburg, Preston Co., attended monthly from Grafton. 
New Cumberland, Hancock Co., attended monthly from Wellsburg. 
New Salem, Harrison Co., attended monthly from Parkersburg. 
Parkersburg, Wood Co., St Francis Xavier's. residence of Very Rev. Henry 

F. Parke, V.G., Mass 2d and 4th Sunday of each month. 
Pennsboro', Ritchie Co., attended monthly from Parkersburg. 
St Clare's, Doddridge Co., attended 2d Sunday of each month from Weston. 
Sand Fork, Lewis Co., Church just built, attended monthly from Weston. 
S& Joseph's, Marahall Co. (German Sett\emen\.\ ».Uwi^ft^ ^\Ja. ^\x\ida.Y ^^ 
each month from MottDdBviWe. Visited also\N\ij ^^Qtetxsvwi^Yvssfiu 
"ftJoaeph'B, Preston Co. (German Settlement^ atteiAea ^I^^xav^v^ \x<«!i 
Cht^ftoD. Visited Also by a German ptieet. 


Salt Works, Kanawha Co., visited occafiionally. 

Silver Run attended monthly from Parkersburg. 

Sprinkleville, attended monthly from Wellsburg. 

Summersville, I^icholas Co., St. John's, visited occasionally. 

Sweet Springs, Monroe Co., residence of Rev. John Walters, Mass twice a 

Ten Mile Church, Lewis Co., recently erected, unfinished, attended 4th 
Sunday from Weston. 

Toll-gate Depot, Doddridge Co., attended monthly from Parkersburg. 

Tunnelton, Preston Co., attended monthly from Grafton. 

XJnion, Monroe Co., visited occasionally from Sweet Springs. 

Valley Falls, attended monthly from Grafton. 

"Walker's Depot, Wood Co., attended monthly from Parkersburg. 

"Wellsburg, Brook Co., St. John's, residence of Rev. Stephen Huber, Mass 
1st and 3d Sunday. 

"West Colitmbia, Mason Co., attended monthly from Mason City. 

"West Liberty, Ohio Co., attended monthly from Wellsburg. 

"Weston, Lewis Co., St. Patrick's, residence of the Rev. Daniel O'Connor 
and Rev. John M'GiUL 

"West Union, Doddridge Co., St Patrick's, attended monthly from Parkers- 

Wytheville, Wythe Co., St. Mary's, residence of the Rev. James Heiden- 

"White Sulphur Springs, Greenbriar Co., visited occasionally from Sweet 

The Central Virginia Railroad, the Meadows in Greenbriar Co. and seve- 
ral other Stations in Kanawha Co., and along the Baltimore and Ohio 
and Parkersburg Railroad, are also attended occasionally. 


Convent of the Visitation^ with quite a large Community, Mother Mary 
Placida Fitzgerald, Superior. 

Academy of the Sisters of the Visitation, numbering over 120 pupils, of 
whom about 60 are boarders. 

Benevolent School^ in charge of the same Sisters, ever 120 pupils. 

Wheeling Hospital and Orphan Asyhim, in charge of the Sisters of St 
Joseph, Mother Mary Lmnaculate Feeny, Superior ; 6 professed sisters, 4 
novices, about a dozen orphans. Attached to the establishment is a 
Benevolent School for girls and small boys, attended by about 50 children. 

The Sisters having room in their Orphanage are willing to receive child- 
ren whose parents are willing to have them brought up with the Orphans. 
$100 per annimi, paid half yearly in advance, covers all, except books and 
clothing, or |9 a month, paid monthly. 

St. Vincenfs Boys* School attached to the Cathedral, numbering over 
110 pupils. 

St. Alphonsus* Boys* School, attached to German Church, numbering over 
120 pupils. 

" Girls* School, attached to same Church, in charge of the 

Sisters of ^t. Joseph, numbering over 100 children. 

At Parkersburg a spacious building has just been erected, to be placed 
ib charge of the Sisters of St. Joseph, for a Boarding and Day S<iIvcjqI. 
The number of children in the present mixed acliooV Te8t<i\ve& xl^^l^cX^ \^^. 

CaiJkoiie JSoys* and Girls* School, at Grafton, ^vitVi abowV ^<^ y^y^^- 
" at Mason City, " b^ '^ 
, !' ;; " at Weston. 

" in Marshall County ^^X^VXeo^^xife, 


Catholic Boy^ and Girls* School^ in Doddridee County Settlera«it 

" '* " at Benwood, near Wheeliog. 

Sunday Schools in most of the churchesL 

Two of the priests of the diocese are temporarily absent, Key. Henry 
Malone and Rev. Henry Hoffman. 


Churches 21 Orphan Aeylumk I 

Chapels 2 Students 6 

Stations, upwards of 40 Churches soon to be erected. . 5 

Clergymen 13 

Academies for Young Ladies. ... 2 
Other Schools 12 


ComprtMs jEast, Middle and Stmth Florida, 
The State of Florida, excepting that part whieh lies West of the Ap«* 
lachicola River, was erected into a Vicariate Apostolic by a Bull of His 
Holinessi bearing date January 9, 1 857. Now vacant. 

Former Yicar Apostolic. 

Rt. Rev. AuousTiN Yebot, D.D., consecrated April 26, 1858, Bishop of 

Danabe in part. 

St. Angustine, St. John's Co., church of St. Augustine, Yery Rev. Edmund 

Aubril, O.P.M., Yic. Gen., Pastor. 
Jacksonville, Duval Co., church of the Inunaoulate Conception. 
Middleburgh, or Black Creek, Duval Co. Attended from Jacksonville. 
Mandarin, Post Office, Duval Co. Attended from Josephstown. 
Josephstown, settlement of Mandarin, Duvnl Co., church of St. Joseph, 

Rev. John F. R. Chambon. Address Mandarin P. 0., Fla. 
Palatka, Putnam Co., St. Monica's, vacant Attended from Jacksonville or 

St. Angustine, the last Sunday of every month. 
Samsonville and Diego. Attended occasionally from Josephstot^n. 
Fernandina, Amelia Island, Nassau Co. Attended from Old Town. 
Femandina, Old Town, Rev. Emile Hillaire. 

St. John's Bar, or Mayport Mills, Duval Co. Attended from St. Augustine. 
Starke, Gainesville, and Newnansville, are attended from Femandina. 
Tallahassee, capital of Florida, church of St. Peter, 
Monticello, St. Mark, and Newport, visited from Tallahassee. 
Tampa, Hilsboro' Co. Church of St. Loais, in honor of Louis Cancer, who 

suffered martyrdom on the coast upwards of 800 years ago. Rev. * 

Charles A. Mailley. 
Cedar Key, termination of Florida railroad, and Manatee, visited from 

Key West Island, St. Mary, Star of the Sea. Rev. James O'Hara. 
Tortiigas Island, attended from Key "West. 
St. John's Beach, Diego, Mocassin Branch, &e., attended occasionally. 

PeJJcer's Creek, Roger's Settlement, attended from St. Augustine. 


^df. Augrustine*s Academy y Charlotte street. BtotViet* ol VJa^ ^^tm^^is. 
^bool8^5 Brothers: Brother Lucian, diiectox. /^wxnbeT o\ «\\i^«ox%^>ft 
ardei^ 10. 


8t. Ifar^a Convent^ St George street. 11 members. Mother Dgaori 
Major, Superior. I^nmber of pupils, 60 ; boarders^ 9. 

at AugtuHn^s Male Farish School, kept by the Brothers of the Chris- 
tian schools, 70 boys. 

8t Augustine's Female Farish School, kept by the Sisters of Mercy, 80 


Churches and Chapels 9 Convent 1 

Stations. 16 Academies 2 

Priests PVee Schools 2 

Clerical Students Eeligious Associations 3 

Thk Province includes the -Dioceses of New York, Albany, Boston, 
Brooklyn, Buffalo, Burlington, Hartford, Newark, and PorUand, and 
includes New England, New York, andWew Jersey. 


ISbtabushbd 1808. 

Comprises the City and County of New York^ and the Counties south of the 

forty-second degree north latitude, except those on Long Island. 

Most Bdv. JoHir Hughes, D.D., consecrated Bishop of Basileopolis and 
Coadjutor to the Bishop of New York, January 7, 1838, translated to 
the See of New York in 1842, created First Arcnbishop in 1860. 

Bl S H O P S . 
Bt. Rev. Luke Conoanen, O.S.D., First Bishop, consecrated April 24, 
' 1808, died in 1810. 
Rt. Rev. John Coknollt, O.SD.,- Second Bishop, consecrated November 

16, 1814, died in 1825. 
Rt Rev. John Dubois, D.D., Third Bishop, consecrated October 29, 1826, 

died in 1842. 

Very Rev. William Stauhs, Vicar General, 
Very Rev. Michael McCabron, Archdeacon. 
Rev. ThOhas S. Preston, Chancellor and Secretary, 

Council op the Archbishop. 
Rev. William Quinn, Rev. Jeremiah W. Cummings, D.D. 

Rev. Thomas S. Preston, Chancellor and Secretary, 
Chancery Office, 266 Mulberry street, third floor, open from 10 to 12 
A. M., where all applications for dispensations must be sent 



Cathedral of St. Patnck, Matt street, between Ptiucft wi^"S.Q\3^s,\.Q.xs..^^«v- 
<felK^, 263 Malberry street Most Rev. John Hughea, T).T>. ,^ «t^ '^'sm 
Wniiam Starrs, Vie. Gea. Rector, Rev. Francia lii<iS€WT\N>^<2i<i.^^'^»-^ ^ 
tbeAFobbubop, Rev. JE. Maguire, Rev. P. F.McaN?eeii«3,'v>.T>. 


St. Peter's, Barclay street. Residence, 16 Barclay street Rev. "William 
Quinn, Rev. P. Maguire, Rev. Jno. Shanahan. 

St. Andrew's, Duane street, corner City Hall Place. Residence, City Hall 
Place. Rev. Michael Curran, Jr., Rev. L. McKenna. 

St James', James street Residence, 23 Oliver street ReT. James Bren- 
nan, Rev. C. O'Callaghan. 

Transfiguration, Mott street, near Chatham. Residence, 80 Mott street. 
Rev. Thomas Treanor. 

St Teresa's, Rutgers and Henry streets, Rev. J. Boyce. 

St Mary's, corner Grand and Ridge streets. Residence, 11 Ridge street 
Very Rev. Michael McCarron, Rev. P. Ferrall. 

St Joseph's, Sixth Avenue, corner West Washington Place. I^esidence, 
West Washington Place. Rev. Thos. Farrell, Rev. Jer. Nobriga. 

Church of the Nativity, Second Avenue. Residence, 44 Second Avenue. 
Rev. George McCloskey, Rev. Wm. Everett 

St Bridget's, Avenue B, corner Eighth street Residence, 119 Avenue B. 
Rev. Thomas J. Mooney. 

Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, (German,) Third street Residence, 
153 Third street Rev. L. Petsch, C.SS.R., and Fathers of the Congre- 

St Alphonsus', (German,) Thompson street, Rev. Francis Klaholz, C.SS.R. 

St. Nicholas', (German,) Second street, near Avenue A. Rev. Felician 
Krebez, Rev. M. Maioor. 

St Ann's, Eighth street, between Broadway and Fourth Avenue. Resi- 
dence, 48 Fourth Avenue. Rev. Thomas S. Preston, Rev. R. L. Burt- 
sell, D.D. 

Church of the Immaculate Conception, East Fourteenth street Residence, 
243 East Fourteenth street Rev. W. P. Morrogh, D.D., Rev. C. A. 

St. Francis Xavier's, West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth Ave- 
nues. Residence, 49 West Fifteenth street Rev. J. Loyzance, S.J., Rev. 
W. Moylan, S.J., Rev. H. de Luynes, S.J., Rev. I. Daubresse, SJ^., Rev. 
P. Mignard, S.J. 

St Columba's, Twenty- fifth street, near Eighth Avenue. Residence, 215 
West Twenty-fifth street Rev. Michael McAleer, Rev. W. H. Neligan. 

St Stephen's, Twenty-eighth street, between Lexington and Third Ave- 
nues. Residence, 93 East Twenty-nirfth street Rev. J. W. Cummings, 
D.D., Rev. J. Orsenigo, Rev. J. Larkin. 

St Vincent de Paul's, (French,) Twenty-third street, near Sixth Avenue. 
Residence, 90 West Twenty-fourth" street Rev. Annet Lafont, S.P.M., 
Rev. L. Gambosville, S.P.M., Rev. C. B. GuiUemont S.P.M. 

St Michael's, Thirty-first street, near Eighth Avenue. Residence, 261 
West Thirty-first street. Rev. A. J. Donnelly, Rev. D. Teixoheira. 

St John the Baptist's, (German,) Thirtieth street, between Seventh and 
Eighth Avenues. Residence, 127 West Thirtieth street Rev. Augustine 

St Francis', (German,) Thirty-first street, between Sixth and Seventh Ave- 
nues. Residence, 89 West Thirty-first street Rev. Fred. Chas. Rudolph. 

Church of the Holy Cross, Forty-second street, between Eighth and Ninth 
Avenues. Residence, 195 West Forty-second street Rev. Patrick 
McCarty, Rev. P. Egan. 

St Gabriel's, Thirty-sixth street, near Second Avenue. Rev. Wm. H. 
St John the EvangeliaVa, Fiftieth street, TLeat T^VJa. kNe\i\3ie. '^^«Ivccl« 

McMahon. Rev. J. McEvoy, 
t Boniface's, (German ) Forty-second street aiiA ^eeoTi^ K^wsafc, li«»r 
<ieiiee. Second Avenue corner Eaat Torty-sevenV^i «X.t<b^\.. ^«^.^.1&v»iw 


Church of the Assumption, Ninth Avenue and Fiftieth streets Rev. M« 

Strehle. . ». 

Church of Si Paul, Kinth Avenue, between Fifty-ninth and Sixtieth streets. 

Rev. LT. Hecker, Rev. C. A. Walworth, Rev. A. F. Hewit, Rev. George 

Deshon, Rev. F. A. Baker, Rev. R. B. Tillotson, and Rev. A. Young, 

Congregation of Missionary Priests of St Paul. • 
St Lawrence's, Eighty^iburth street Rev. Walter J. Quarter, Rev. S. 

St. Paul's, Harlem, One Hundred and Seventeenth street Rev. George 

Church of the Annunciation, Manhattanville, Rev. M. Breen. 

Mortuary Chapel, Calvary Cemetery, Rev. T. Joyce. 
St Catharine's Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, corner of Houston and 

Mulberry streets. Chapel of the Immaculate Conception of B.V.M., 

Rev. Francis McNeirny. 
City Prisons, visited by Rev. Henry Da Ranquet, S. J., St Francis Xavier s. 
House of the Good Shepherd, Eighty-sixth street, near East River. 
Mount St Vincent, Mother House of the Sisters of Charity, Font Hill, 

Westchester Co., Rev. M Biretta. 
Male Orphan Asylum, Fiftieth street, attended frt)m St Francis Xavier's 

Female Orphan Asylum, Prince street, near CathedraL 
Ward's Island, attended from Yorkville. 

Blackwell's Island, Rev. Francis Marechal, S.J., Rev. Philip Chapin, SJ. 
Randall's Island, Rev. Louis Schneider, S.J. 
St Vincent's Hospital, 176 West Eleventh street, amnded from St Francis 

Xavier's College. 
Central Park Hospital of St Joseph, under the Sisters of Chanty, Rev. E. 
. McGlynn, D.D. 


Beekman, Dutchess Co., St. Denis', Rev. D. Sheehan, of Channingsville. 

Buttermilk Falls, Orange Co., St Thomas', Rev. F. Caro. 

Callicoon, Sullivan Co., attended by Rev. J. Raufeisen. 

Channingsville, Dutchess Co., St Mary's, Rev. Denis Shehan. 

Clifton, Richmond Co., (Staten Island,) St Mary's, Rev. John Lewis. 

Cold Spring, Putnam Co., Our Lady of Loretto, Rev. F. Caro. 

Croton Falls, St Joseph's, Rev. C. Slevin. 

Dobb's Ferry, Westchester Co., Rev. D. O'Connor. 

Dover Plaiufs, attended by Rev. C. Slevin, of Croton Falls. 

EUenville, twister Co., (church not dedicated,) Rev. Daniel Mugan, who also 
attends Bridgeville, Fallsborough, Mongaup Valley, Forrestburg, Liberty, 
Neversink, Claraville, Grahamville, Montieello, Parksvilie, and Lacaway. 

Fishkill, Dutchess Co., (Matteawan,) Rev. J. Coyle. 

Flag Quarries, Ulster Co., attended from Rondout 

Fordham, Westchester Co., Church of Our Ii«dy, Rev. P. McQuade, S J. 

French Settlement, Delaware Co., St Francis of Sales, Rev. Joseph Roescli, 
of Obernburg. 

Goshen, Orange Co., St John's, Rev. B. CCallaghan. 

Green Woods, Orange Co., Rev. John Quinn, of Piermont. 

Hastings, Westchester Co., St Matthew's, Rev. D. 0*CoittTi«t. 

Kaventraw, RoeklAod Co., St Peter's, Rev. P. MaVvotiex. 
Hyde Park, Dntebeaa Co., Rev. M. Scully. 
Kingston (ebnreb buUdiog), attended from Rondoiit. 


Melrose, Westchester Co., Immaonlate Gonoeptioa of B.y.lC., Rev. Caspar 

Metzler. ^ 

MiddletowD, Orange Ca (church in proeess of erection). Rev. B. O*0al- 

laghan, of Goshen. 
Monroe, occasionally visited by the Rey. John Qoinn, of Piermont 
Morrisania, Westchester Co., St. Augustine's, Rey. J. P. Woods. 
Mount Vernon, St Matthew's, Rev. E. J. Einsella, of Westchester. 
Newburgh, Orange Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. E. J. O'Reilly, Rev. M. Kaidor. 
New Bnghton, Richmond Co. (Btaten Island), St Peter^s, Rev. J. L. 

New Rochelle, Westchester Co., St Matthew's, Rev. Thomas McLov^in. 
Obernberg (P. O. Fremont Centre) Sullivan Co., Rev. Joseph Roesch. 
Peekskill, Rev. P. L. Madden, of Verplanck's. 
Piermont, Rockland Co., St. John's, Rev. John Quinn. 
Port Chester, Westchester Co., Our Lady of Mercy, Rev. M. Dowling. 
Port Jerns, Orange Co., Immaculate Conception of B.y.M., £^v. R. 

Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., St Peter's, Rev. M Riordan. 

(German Congregation). 
Rosendale, Ulster Co., St Peter's, Rev. Timothy OToole. 
Rossville, Richmond Co. (Staten Island), St Joseph's, Rev. J. Bany. 
Rondout, Ulster Co., St. Mary's, Rev. F. H. Farrelly. 
Rondout, St Peter's (German Congregation), Rev. J. Raufeisen. 
Sing Sing, Westchester Co., St Augustine's, Rev. W. MoClellan. 
Staatsburgh, Dutchess Co., St Mary's, attended from Poughkeepsie. 
Stony Hollow, Ulster Co., St John's, attended from Rondout 
Tarrytown, Westchester Co., St Teresa's, Rev. 

Throg's Neck, Westchester Co., Rev. Jeremiah Kineella, of Westchester. 
Tuckahoe, Westchester Co., Rev. T. McLoughlin, of New Rochelle. 
Verplanck's Point, Westchester Co., St Patrick's, Rev. P. L. Madden. 
Westchester, Westchester Co., St Raymond's, Rev. Jeremiah Kinseila. 
West Point, Orange Co., Rev. F. Caro. 
White Plains, Westchester Co., St John's, Rev. M. Dowling, of Fort 

Westboro', Sullivan Co., every third Sunday, Rev. Daniel Magan, of £1- 

Yonkers, Westchester Co., Immaculate Conception of B.V.M., Rev. Ed- 
ward Lynch. 


8t. John*8 College, Fordham, under the direction of the Fathers of the 
Society of Jesus. Very Rev. Remigius Tellier, S.J., Superior of the Mission; 
Rev. Ed. Doucet,S.J., President ; Rev. F. Achard, S.J. ; Rev. Ch. GresseUn, 
S.J. ; Rev. F. Belanger, S.J. ; Rev. F. Vignon, S.J. ; Rev. F. Monroe^ 8.J.; 
Rev. G. Laufhuber, S. J. ; Rev. J. M'Quaid, S. J. ; Rev. F. Vettw, a J. ; Rev. L. 
Jouin, S.J. ; Rev. M. Driscol, S.J. ; Rev. M. Nash, S.J. ; Rev. P. Tissot, 
S.J. ;JElev. G. Schemmel, S.J. ; Rev. Thomas Legouais, S.J. ; Rev. M. Bo- 
nayne, S. J, ; Rev. P. H. Dealy, S.J. 

College of 8t Drancis J^cwier, 49 West 16th street^ New York, under 

the direction of the Fathers of the Society of Jesus. Rev. Joseph Loyzanee, 

S.J., President; Rev. Henry Hudon, SJ. ; Rev. John Aubier, SJ.; Rev. 

Louis Schneider, S.J. ; Rev. John Cunningham. S.J. ; Rev. Theodore Sleek, 

HJ. ; Rev. Cbarl^ Charaux, S.J. ; Rev. Theodore Thiry, S.J. ; Rev. SiB 

Toucb^, 8.J,; College, University, and GrammaT qoto^mil ^^"gOQ^Sik 


Convent of the Hev, Fathers .fedemptorists, \1S% ^^ «taM«S5s »«« t^wii, 
r. Leopold FetBQ\ CSaR., Rector-, Rev.'Ei\xftWi^Qct«mB^^S&:»..\'WR 


Anthony Urban, C.SS.R. ; Rev. Fttincifl Klaholz, O.SS.R; Rev. Frederick 
Brandstaetter, G.S8.R. ; Rev. Charles Wensierski, and 6 lay brothers. 

CongregcUion of Missionary Priests of St Paid the Apostle. Rev. L T. 
Heeker, Superior; Rev. C. Walworth, Rev. A. F. Hewit, Rev. George 
Deshon, Rev. F. A. Baker, Rev. R. B. Tillottson, Rev. Alfred Young, (P. O. 
address^ St Paul's Chureh, 9th av. and 69th st., New York). Applica- 
tions for Missions should be made to the Superior during spring and summer 
for th^. ensuing autumn and winter. 

Mahhattcoh Colleae, Manhattan ville, under the direction of the Brothers 
of the Christian Schools, Brother Patrick, Superior. 

J)e la Salle Institute, 46, 48, 60, 2d st, New York, under the BroUiers of 
the Christian Schools, Brother Zachary, Superior. 

Convent and Academy of the Sacred Meart, Manhattanville, Madame 
Aloysia Hardey, Provincial and Superior. 264pupils. 

Convent and Academy of the Sacred Heart, 49 West 17 th street, New York, 
Madame Thompson,' Supr., 100 pupils. 

Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, cor. of Houston and Mulberry streets. 
New York. 

Convent of the Sisters of Notre Dame, 86th street, Sister Mary Anastasia', 
Supr., 9 sisters. 

Convent and Academy of the Sisters of Notre Dame, 159 Third street, 9 
sisters. Sister Mary Gabriels, Supr. 80 boarding pupils. 

Convent of the Oood Shepherd (86th street, near cast River, N. Y.) of 
the Sisters of Charity of our Lady of the Good Shepherd. Sister Mary 
Magdalen of Jesus, Supr. 12 professed choir sisters, 8 novices, 1 postu- 
lant, 12 professed lay sisters, 7 novices, 6 out-door sisters. 

Third Order of St. Teresa, composed of reformed penitents, who remain 
for life. 9 professed. It novices, 1 postulant, 110 penitents, 110 children 
of the preservation. 

MotJier Honse of the Sisters of Charity, Mount St Vincent, Font Hill, 
Westchester Co., Mother M. Jerome Ely, Superioress. The community 
numbers at present 823 members, 252 bemg professed, 60 novices, with 1 1 
aspirants. They direct 40 diflPerent establishments. 

Mount St. Vincents Academy, Font Hill. 200 pupils. 


St. Mar^s School, 229 East Broadway, undercharge of the Sisters of 
Charity. Sister Mary, Sister Servant. Pupils, 140. 

St. Peter's School, 16 Barclay street, under the charge of the Sisters of 
Charity. Sister Irene, Sister Servant Pupils, 100. 

St. Bridgets Academy, ^\h Tenth street, under the charge of the Sis- 
ters of Charity. Sister M. Sebastian, Sister Servant Pupils, 77. 

Academy c/ the Holy Cross, 201 West 42d street, under tiie charge of 
the Sisters of Charity. Sister M. Helena, Sister Servant Pupils, 1 14. 

8l Lawrences School, 86th street, Yorkville, under the charge of the 
Sisters of Charity. Sister M. Anastasia, Sister Sei*vant Pupils, 80. 

St. OabriePs Academy^ 147 East 86th street, under the charge of the Sis- 
ters of Chiirity. Sister M. Cornelia, Sister Servant Pupils, 82. 

St. Peter's School, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., under the charge of tJie Sisters 
of Charity. Sister M. Delphine, Sister Servant Pupils, 20. 

Si. Mar^s Academy, Rondout, N. Y., under the care of the Sistei-s of 
Charily. Sister Frances Borgia, Sister Servant Pupils, 50. 

St. Patrick^ s School, 71 Second street, NewbTirg^i,^."Y.,\m^«t Ooax^^Sk 
of ihs Patera of Charity. Sister M. Valeria, Sister ^x^wqXh '^^a^iSA,''l&. 

ifuiitui0o/3i. Vincent^ 24th street 



St. Alphonms^s School, Tompkins street 

St. Vincenfs Industrial School^ 201 42d street, N. Y., under the SUtersof 
Charity. Pupils, 83. 


St. Patricia 8t Boys by the Christian Brothers, 600 Girls by the Sisters d 

St. idarifs. Boys bv Christian Brothers, 1,800 Girls by Sisters of Charity. 

St. Joseph's, Boys by Christian Brothers, 600 Girls bj Sisters of Charity. 

St. Francis Xavier^s, Boys by Christian Brothers, Girls by Ladies of tiit: 
Sacred Heart. 

Manhattanville, Boys by Christian Brothers. 

St Peter's, 300 Girls by Sisters of Charity. Boys* School. 

iS^^. Bridgets, 717 Girls by Sisters of Charity. Boys' School by the Brothers. 

Transfiguration, 650 Girls by Sisters of Charity, Boys by Christian Bro- 

St. Jametf, 500 Girls under Sisters of Charity. 

St Lawrence* s, Yorkville, Sisters of Charity, 250 Girls. 

Sacred Heart Free School, Manhattan viUe. 

St. Catherine's, Girls' School, under the Sisters of Mercy. 

Most Holy Redeemer, Girls under the Sisters of Notre Dame. 

St. Alphonsus's, Girls' School, Sisters of Notre Dame. Boys' School. 

Ursuline Free School, Morrisania. 

St. Vincent de PauCs, 65 boys; School under lay teachers; 70 girls 
under Sisters of the Holj Cross. 

Nativity, Boys' and Girls' School. 

St. Columba*s, Boys' and Girls' School. 

Holy Cross, Male Parish School, and 320 girls under Sisters of Charity. 

St. Francis's, Male Parish School. 

St. John's, Male Parish SchooL 

St John Evangelist's, Male Parish School. 

St. Paul's, Harlem, Male Parish School. 

Wilbur, Ulster Co., 87 girls, under Sisters of Charity. 

St. Mary's, Yonkers, 200 girls under Sisters of Charity. 

St. Mary's, Rondout, 170 " " 

St. Peter's, Poughkeepsie, 250 " " 

St. Patricies, Newburgh, 200 '* 

Immactdate Conception, Male Parish School, and 600 girls under Sisters 
of Charity. 

St. Nichola^s, Male Parish School. 

St. Peter's, New Brighton, Male Parish School, and 140 girls'under Sis- 
ters of Charity. 


St. 'Patrick's Male Orphan Asylum, 6\st street, under Sisters of Charity. 
Sister M. Borromeo, Superior. Sisters, 600 orphans. 

St. Patricks Female Orphan Asylum, Prince street, under the Sbters of 
Charity, Sister Mary Frances, Superior ; Sisters, 886 orphans. 

St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum, 89th street^ Yorkville, under the Sisters of 

Notre Dame, Sister Mary Anastasia, Superior; 120 orphans. 

xS^ Vincenf 8 Hospital, 11th street and *ltVi avenue, under the Sisters of 

Charity, Sister Mary Angela, SuperioT. 6ft5 i^8A\fen\a^\itVTi%V)ci%\M^.'«3«wf. 

^oTise of Protection, under the Siatera oi "Jsietc^^^^- Ta.wssitfsii^te«ft\K 


8L Vincettf9 Orphan Asyltim (French), 146 "West 26th street, tinder the 
iters of the Holy Cross, Sister Mary of the Redemption, Superior ; 25 
phan girls, 16 boys. 

ffouse of the Holy Anpehy 84th street and 2d avenue, for girls ; directed 
r Sisters of Charity, Sister Domitilla, Superior ; 62 girls. 
House of Reception for Boyt^ 165 36th street, directed by the Christian 
•others. Brother Tillow, Superior ; about 230 boys received from May to 
icember, 1863. 

|3f" These two institutions are under the direction of the Society for 
e Protection of Destitute Roman Catholic children in the City of l^ew- 
ork ; President, L. S. Ives, LL.D., to whom all applications should be ad- 
'essed at his office, 25 Chambers street. 

St. Joseph* 8 U, 8. Military Hospital^ 194th street. New Tork, under the 
Bters of Charity, Sister Mary Ulrica, Sister-Servant ; 400 patients. 



■omprising that portion of the State of New York lying North o/42* North 
and East of the Eastern line of Gayuga, Tompkins, and Tioga counties. 


X Rev. John McClosket, D.D., Ist Bishop, consecrated Bishop of Axieren 
inpartibtis, and Coadjutor to the Bishop of New York, March 10, 1844, 
transferred to Albany, May 21, 1847. 

ery Rev. John J. Coneoy, vicar General. Rev. , Secretary 

and Chancellor. 


Ibany City. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Rt Rev. John 
McCloskey, O.D., Rev. Edgar P. Wadhams, Pastor, Rev. Oswald 
Moore O'Connor. 

St Joseph's, Very Rev. John J. Coni-oy V.6., Pastor, Rev. Ambrose 
O'Neill, Rev. James J. Slierry. 

St. Mary's, Rev. Thomas Doran, Pastor, Rev. Michael Gnth. 

St John's, Rev. Cornelius Fitzpatrick, Pastor, Rev. Joseph Butler, O.M.C. 

Holy Cross (German and French), Theodore Noethen, Pastor. 

St Patrick's, Rev. A. McGeough, Pastor. 

Chapel of the Sacred Heart, Rev. 

Chapel of Boys' Orphan Asylum, Rev. Eugene CarrolL 

St John^s Church (East) Albany, Rev. E. Bayard. 

msterdam, Montgomery Co., St. Mary's, Rev. M'l E. Clarke. 

nnsville, Oneida Co., attended from Florence. 

n twerp, Jefferson Co., St Michael's, attended from Carthage. 1 

bhens, Green Co., attended from Hudson. 

asable Forks, Clinton Co., Holy Name, attended by Rev. "W. Carroll, 


aldwinsville, Onondaga Co., St Mary*s, attended by Rev. Jas. Smith, 


illston, Saratoga Co., St Peter's, attended by B.ftv. Y^^x "^^^ymv. ^1 


^aJJ, Eenaeelaer Co., attended from MecbamceviWo. 


BeUeville, Lewis Go, attended from St. Mary's, GenstaUeTillA. 

Belfort, Levis Oa, attended from Groghan. 

Binghampton, Broome Co., St John's, Rev. James Hourigan. 

Blaokbrook, Clinton Co., attended by Rev. W. Carroll, Eeesevilte. 

Bleecker, Fulton Co., attended from St John's Ghnroh, Utica. 

Boonville, Oneida Co., attended from St Mary's, ConstaUeville. 

Brazier Falls, Franklin Co., Rev. John MoDermott 

Brushe's Mills, Franklin Co., attended from 

Buakirk's Brid^ Rensselaer Co., attended from Cambridge. 

Cadysyille, Clinton Co., St James^ attended by Rer. Kiobard Malony 

O.M.I., of Plattsburgh. 
ColoBse, Oswego Co., attended from Frandsoan Conyent, Syraensa 
Cambridge, Washington Co., St Mary's, Rev. T. A. Darragb, OaA. ^.W. 

Creek, Post Office.)" 
Camden, Oneida Co., attended from Florence. 
' Camillus, Onondaga Co., St Mary's, Rev. William McCallion. 
Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., attended from Amsterdttra. 
Canton, St Lawrence Co., from Pottsdam, Rer. P. McGlynn. 
Cape Vincent, Jefferson Co., St Lawrence, Rev. Louis Lapic 
Carthage, Jefferson Co., St James, Rev. Michael Barry. 
Catskill, Greene Co., JSt Patrick's, Rev. J. H. W. Maeyer, who attends 

Missions in Greene, Ulster, Delaware, and Schoharie counties. 
Cazenovia, Madison Co., St. James, Rev. P. Brady. 
Centreville, Clinton Co., St Ann's, attended from Champlain. 
Champlain, Clinton Co., St Mary's, Rev. O. La Salle. 
Chateaugay, Franklin Co., St Mary's, Rev. Edward de Pauw, OM.0, 
Chatham Centre, attended by Rev. M. Roche, of Coxsaokie. 
Chatham Four Comers, Columbia Co., attended from Hudson. 
Chazy, attended from Corbeau, Chester Co. 
Clayville, Oneida Co., attended from St Mary's, Clinton. 
Cleveland, Oswego Co., attended from 

Clinton, Oneida Co., St Mary's, Rev. O'Reilly. 

Clintonville, Clinton Co., attended from St Mary's, Keeseville. 

Coeymans, Albany Co., attended from Coxsackie. 

Cohoe^ Albany Co., St Bernard's, Rev. Thomas Kevenny, Past., and Rer. 

Philip Kevenny. Assistant 
Constantia, Otsego Co., St Patrick's, attended from Florence. 
Constableville, Lewis Co., St Mary's, Rev. William Howard. | 

" " St Michael's (German), Rev. Joseph Bnmne- 

man, O.MO. 
Cooperstown, Otsego Co., attended from Amsterdam. 
Corbeau, Clinton Co., St Joseph's, Rev. 
Cortlan<^ Cortland Co, St Mary's, attended by Rev. James McDemkotfti 


Coxsackie, Greene Co., Rev. M. Roche. 

Croghan, Lewis Co., ^t Stephen's, Rev. Clement Mutsaers, O.M.C. 
Crownpoint, Essex Co., attended from Port Henry. 
Daynesville, Lewis Co., attended from Croghan. 
Deerfield, Oneida Co., Holy Cross, attended from Newport 
Deposit, Broome Co., St Joseph's, Rev. James Sweeney. 
Durhamville, Oneida Co., attended from St. Peter's, Rome. 
Evans' Mills, Jefferson Co., attended from Cape Vincent 
Florence, Oneida Co., St Mary's, Rev^ John Luddon. 
Fonda, Montgomery Co.^ attended from Amsterdam. 
ForkB, Broome Co., atfended from 
Fort Abb, Wasbiogton Co., attended by Rev, li. ^<i ^o^iV^ qI ^\3c^<3wak.. 


Port CoTington, Franklin Ck>., attended from Hoganeburgh. 

Fort Edward, Washington Co., attended by Rev. J. Mnr^y, Glenn^s FaUa 

Fort Plain, Montgomery Co., attended from Amsterdam. 

French Creek, or Clayton, Jefferson Co. 

Fulton, Oswego Ca, Rev. James Smith. 

Oalway, Saratoga Co., attended from St Peter^s, Saratoga Springs. 

Glenn's Falls, Warren Co., St. Mary's, Rev. John Murphy. 

" *• (FrenchJ attended by Priest of Whitehall. 

Oranyille, Washington Co., attended by Priest of Whitehall. 
Oreene, Chenango Co., attended firom Norwich. 
Oreenbnsh, Rensselaer Co., East Albany, Rev. £. Bayard. 
Oreenfield, Columbia Co., attended from Coxsackie. 
Hamilton, Madison Co., attended from Norwich. 
Sarrisburgh, Lewis Co., St Patrick's, attended from Carthag^. 
Hogansbui^h, Franklin Co., St Mary's, Rev. Joseph de Luca. 
Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer Co., Imm. Concept., attended from Cambridge. 

Hudson, Columbia Co., St Mary's, Rev. James S. CSullivan. 
Johnstown, Montgomery Co., attended from Amsterdam. 
Jordan, Onondaga Co., St Patrick's, attended from Camillas. 

Keeseville, Essex Co., Imm. Concept, Rev. William Carroll. 

^ ** St John the Baptist, Rev. A. Labarbanchon. 

Lafargeville, Jefferson Ca, St Jbhn's, Rev. 

liansingburgh, Rensselaer Co., St John the Bap., Rev Thoe. Galberry,OS.A. 

Lebanon Springs, Columbia Co., St Mary's, attended from Coxsackie. 

Le Rajsville, Jefferson Co., attended from T. 

Lewisbngh, Lewis Co., attended from Carthage. 

Little Falls, Herkimer Co., St Mary's, Rev. B. F. M'Loughlin. 

Lowville, Lewis Co., attended from Crogan. 

McConnellsville, Oneida Co., attended fromFlorenoe. 

Malden,^ Columbia Co., attended from Coxsackie. 

Malone, Franklin Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Edward Yancampenhoudt 

Manlius, Onondaga Co., St Mary's (German,) Rev. M. Ramsauer, O.S.B. ' 

Massena, St Lawrence Co., attended from Wadington. 

Mechanicsville, Saratoga Co., St Mary's, Rev. Louis M. Edge, OS. A. 

Minerva, Essex Ca, attended from Glenn's Falla 

Mohawk, Herkimer Co., attended from Little Falls. 

Montague, Lewis Co., attended from Carthage. 

Morehouseville, Hamilton Co., Immaculate Conception, attended by Rev. 
J. W. Herbst, of Newport 

Mossy Hill, Columbia Co., attended frooa Coxsackie. 

Nassau, Rensselaer Co., attended from St Mary's. 

Newport, Herkimer Co., Rev. J. W. Herbst 

North White Creek, St. Mary's, Rev. J. A. Darragh, OS. A. 

North Bay, Oneida Co., attended from Florence. 

Norwich, Chenango Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Jas. McDermott 

Ogdensburgh, St Lawrence Co., St Mary's, Rev. James Mackey. 
" " (French,) Rev. G. B. Lemercier. 

Oneida, Madison Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Wm. F. Sheehan. 

Oswego, Oswego Co., St Paul's, Rev. Michael Kelly. 
" " St Mary's, Rev. Joseph Guerdet 

Oxford, Ohenanffo Co., attended from Norwich. 

Pern Village, CUnton Co., attended from Eeesevilj^ by Rev. W. Carroll. 

Phosnix, Onondaga Co., attended from Baldwinsvme. 

Plattaburgh, Clinton Co., St John Baptist, RefV. B.kViaTd"ilL«\Qiii^,^^&^. 
** " at. Peter's, (French,) Rev. Pexft GcT«i\«t,^*&\«t\ 

Bev. Pere Chevalier, 


Pompey, Onondaga Co., attended from Cazenovia. 
Port Henry, Essex Co., attended from 

Port Kent, Essex Co., Immac. Concep., atttended by Rev. W. Carroll, 

Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., St. , Re\r. Patrick McOlynn, Pastor. 

Radford, Clinton Co., St Joseph's, Rev. F. M. C. Sallazo, M.L 
Redwood, Jefferson Co., St. Francis Xavier's, attended from Carthage. 
Rome, Oneida Co., St. Peter's, Rev. "Wm. Beecham. 

" " St Joseph's, (German,) Rev. Pins Kotterer, O.M.O. 

Rosiere, Jefferson Co., (German and French,) Rev. Louis Lapie. 
Rossie, Jefferson Co., St Patrick's, attended from Carthage. 
Rouse^s Point, Clinton Co., attended from 
Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson Co., attended from Watertown. 
Sandy Hill, Washington Co., St Mary's, attended from Glenn's Falls. 
Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co., St. Peter's, Rev. D. CulL 
Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co., attended from Mechanicsville. 
Schenectady, Schenectady Co , St John's, Rev. ,D. P. Falvey, Pastor. 
Schuylerville, Saratoga Co., Church of the Visitation, Rev. H. B. Finnegaa 
Sharon Springs, Schoharie Co., attended from Amsterdam. 
Sherburn, Chenango Co., St Malachy's, attended from Norwich. 
Skaneateles, Onondaga Co., St Mary's of the Lake, attended from Camillna 
Solon, Cortland Co., attended from Norwich. 
South Sand Lake, Rensselear Co., attended by Rev. T. Noethens, of the 

Holy Cross, Albany. 
Split Rock, Onondaga Co., attended from Syracuse. 
Spruker's Basin, Montgomery Co., attended from Amsterdam. 
Sterlingville, Jefferson Co., attended from Carthage. 
Summit, Broome Co. 

Syracuse, Onondaga Co., St. Mary's, Rev. James O'Hara, Pastor. 
" " " St John's, Rev. John McMenomy, Pastor. 

" " " Franciscan Convent, Very Rev. F. Leopold 

Moezygemba, O.M.C., Commissary General; 
Rev. Norbert StoUer, Pastor, O.Sl.C, of the 
Church of the Assumption. 
Salina, Onondaga Co., St John's, Rev. M. Sheehan, Pastor. 
Taburgh, Oneida Co., attended from Florence. 
Ticonderoga, Essex Co., 

Troy (East), Rensselaer Co., St Mary's, Rev. Peter Havermans, Pastor. 
Rev. Clement Mutsaers, O.M,C., assistant 
" St Joseph's, Rev. Aug J. Thebaud, S.J., 
Rev. J. B. Merret S.J., Rev. J. Praohenskf. 
" " " St Peter's, Rev. James Kevenny, Pastor. 

Rev, P. M. Delany, O.M.C., assistant 
" " " New Church on the hill, attended from St 

Troy (West), Albany Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Wm. Fennelly, Pastor. 

" an Sfc^ Bridget's, Rev. Wm. Cullinan. 

Truxton, Onondaga Co., attended from Cazenovia. 
Union Village, Washington Co., attended from Cambridge. 
Upper Lisle, Broome Co. 
Utica, Oneida Co., St. John's Church, Rev. Thomas Daly, Pastor, Rev. F. J. 

^urcell, assistant. 

** " " St iToseph's (German), Rev. Alphonsus Zoeller, O.M.C., 

'' " St Patrick's, Rev. P. Cara\\«t,'Paa\.QT. 
Union Falls, CliDton Co., attended lromlmma<svi\a.\.ftOoTi<iftV\AQTi,'^^^a««^%» 


Valette, Columbia Co., atteoded from Cozsackie. 

VeroDa, Oneida Co., attended from Oneida. 

Vienna, Oneida Co., attended from Oneida. 

Wadington, St. Lawrence Co., St. Mary's, Rev. Henry Herf kins, Pastor. 

Waterford, Saratoga Co., St. Mary's, Rev. Michael J. Collins, O.S.A. 

Watertown, Jefferson Co., St Patrick's, Rev. James Hogan. 

" ** Rev. Luke Harny attends Missions. 

" " St. Marj's (French), attended by the Rev. Louia 

Lapic, of Cape Vincent. 
WaterviUe, Oneida Co., St Bernard's, attended from St. Mary's^ Clinton. 

Westport, Essex Co., St , attended from Port Henry. 

Whitehall, "Washington Co., St. Mary's, Rev. Louis Desroches, Pastor. 


Augustinian House, Lansingburgh, R^. Thomas Galberry, O.S.A., Su- 
perior. Rev. Michael Collins, O.S.A. 

Convent of Minor Conventuals of St. Francis of Assislum, in Syracuse, 
Very Rev. F. Leopold B. M. Moczygemba, D.D., Commissary General and 
Visitor of the Sisters of the Third Order of St Francis of Assisium ; Rev. 
P. Norbertus Stoller, Superior; Rev. Anthony Rossadowski, Master of 
Kovices ; Rev. F. Ladislaus M. Korten, Rev. F. Bonaventura Corney, Rev. 
F. Francis Neubauer. Two professed brothers and five novices. 

Convent of the Minor Conventuals of St. Francis of Assisium at Utica, 
liev. F. Alphonsus Zoeller, Superior; Rev. Oderic Vogt, Re\r. Joseph But- 
ler, Rev. yatrick Delaney, Rev. Bernard Teutenberg, Rev. Frederick 

Hospice and Church, of Rome, Rev. F. Pius Kotterer, O.M.C. 

Convent of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate^ Plattsburgh, Rev. Pierre 
G-rinier, CM. I., Superior. 

Convent of the Sacred Heart, Kenwood, Albany, Madam Henretty, Su- • 

Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, East Albany, Sister , Superior. 

Convent of Sisters of Third Order of St. Francis (German), Utica, 
(Mother Bernardina Dorn, Superior. Religious, 7. 

Convent of Sisters of Third Order of St. Francis (German), Syracuse, 
Mother Antonia M. Eulenstein; Sister Clementina Rouchel, Mistress of 
S"ovice8. Religious, 8. 

Convent of the Sisters of the Tliird Order of St Francis, at Rome, 
yfother Alphonse Donnelly, Superioress. 

Hospital, Troy, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. 


Asyhtm for boys, at Albany, under Christian Brothers, Br. Victorneaii, 
Superior. 105 boys. 

Asylum for girls at Albany, under Sisters of Charity, Sister Aloysia, 
Superior. 110 girls. 

Asylum for hoys at Troy, under Christian Brothers, Brother CeciMan, 
Superior. 102 boys. 

Asylum for girls at Troy, under Sisters of Charily, Sister Mary Agnes, 
Superior. 70 girls. 

As^him /or doys at Utica, under Chrifltian Brot\iexa, ^xo>3cie« ^w^^vcv, 
'aperlor. 68 bays. 


Asylum for girU at Utioa, under Sisten of Charity, SiBter Perpetua^ 
Superior. 98 girla. 


Albany, Ladies of Sacred Hearty M. Henretty, Superior. 40 boarder?. 

City Bouse^ Albany, Ladiea of Sacred Hearty Sr. Alicia, Superior. — 

Albany, Christian Brothers, Brother Urbin, Superior. 70 pupils. 

Troy, (Airistian Brothers, Brother Edward, Superior. 180 pupila 

St. JohfCt Church, Utica, 5 Christian Brothers, Brother Juatin, SuperiiA 
400 pupils. 


Cathedral^ Albany, 4 Sisters of St Joseph, Sr. Xavier, Superior. 270 girk 

Cathedral^ Albany, 2 Christian Brothers. 170 boys. 

St Mar^9, Albany, 5 Sisters of Charity, &r. litory Austin, Superioa 
200 girls. 

8t Martft, Albany, Mr. John Moloney, aseistimt. 150 boys. 

St. Jo9eph*», Albany, Ladies of Sacred Heart, Madame Alicia, Superior. 
160 girls. 

St. Jo8eph*8 Albany, 8 Christian Brothers. 260 boy& 

St. JohfLBf Albany, 2 Christian Brothers, and two assistants. 870 Boya 

St. Johvi^y Albany, 6 Sisters of Charity, Sr. Mary Felix, Supenor. 
450 girls. ' . -^ 

Holy Cross, iJbany, 2 Sisters of St. Jos^h (German and f^n^b) ^ 
200 girls. " ^ 

Holy Cross, Albany, Mr. Singer. 170 boys. 

{JE<ist) Albany, Sisters of Mercy. Boys and girls. 

St. Peter's, Troy. 

St. Mari/s, Troy, Christian Brothers. 800 boys. 

St. Mary^s, Troy, 6 Sisters of Charity, Sr. Agutha, Superior. 800 girls. 

St. Joseph^s, 8 Sisters of St. Joseph. 450 boys aod girls. 

St. Bernar<ts, Cohoes, 7 Sisters of St. Joseph, Sr. Gonzaga, Superior. 600 
boys and girls. 

■ St. Peter's, Saratoga Springs, 5 Sisters of St. Joseph, Sr. Leona, Superior. 
350 boys and girls. 

St. Peter's, Platsburgh, Gray Sisters, girls. 

SL Peter's, Utica, 4 Sisters of Charity. 880 girls. 

St. Peter's, Ulica, Christian Brothers, boys. 

St. Joseph's, Utica (German), Third Order of St. Francis, Sister C^n 

Spang, Superior. 

Si. Pairiclds, Syracuyse, Third order of St Francis, Sister Rose M, 0*NeilL 

St. Mar^s, Syracuse, 8 Sisters of Charity. 250 girls. 

Assumption, Syracuse, Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis^ Mother 
Antonia, Superior. 

St. Peter's, Syracuse and Salina, 6 Sisters of St Joseph, St Cecilia 
Superior. 450 boys and girls. 

St. Peter's, Oswego, 6 Sisters of St Joseph, Sr. Dominic, Superior 40 
boys and girls. 

St. Peter's, Binghampton, 7 Sisters of St Joseph, Sr. Angela, Superior. 
£^0 boya and girla. 
Note. — The lists of schools giyen above, m<i\a^^ tiiA:j V>[^'CM^\aiQ!^hf .. 
tie Brothers of the Christian ScViooAa, an^i ^i&\,et^ ^l CJ^tvV^* \m^ i 


sehools for boys are taught by competent teachers in the parishes above 
named ; and proyision is made for the education of children of both sexes 
at all the churches in Albany city, Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Hudson, 
Cohoes, Schenectady, Binghampton, Lansingburgh, Deposit, Manlius, 
Crogan, and some other places in the Diocese. 


77ie Society for tlie Propagation of the Faith is established at the Cathe- 
dral and St John's Church, and St Joseph's, Albany ; St Peter^s, Rome ; 
and St John's, Greenbush. 

Areh'Confraiernitv. — ^The Arch-Confratemi^ of the Immaculate Heart 
of Mary is established at the Cathedral and St John's, Utica. 250 members. 

8L vineenfs Charitable Society for the support of the Orphans, has sub- 
Beribers in all the churches in Albany. 

7%e Confraternity of the Living Rosary, and other religious societies, are 
established in nearly all the churches in the diocese. 

The Congregation of St. Vincent of Paul is organized at the Cathedral, 
St. Mary's, and St Joseph's, and at St John's, Utica ; and St Bernard's, 

Purgatorial Society, St Joseph's Church. Albany, 


Churches 118 Academy for boys 8 

Chapels 8 Academy for girts 1 

Stations, about 50 Orphan Asylums 6 

Priests on the mission 85 Parochial schools under secular 

Ecclesiastical students 18 teachers. 15 



Comprises the State of Massachusetts, 

Present Bishop. 

^t BxY. John Bsenasd Fitzfatbiok, D.D., consecrated March 24, 1844 

Dbobasbd Prelates. 

Kt Rev. John B. CflEVJiBrs, consecrated Nov. 1, 1810; translated to Mon- 
tanban, and thence to Bordeaux: died Cardinal Archbishop of Bordeaux 
in 1886. 

Rt Rev. Bbiediot Fenwiok, consecrated Noyember 1, 1825 ; died August 
11, 1846. 

ViGAB-GjBNxaAL— -Very Rer. John J. Williams, Y. G. 

DiANGXLLOB AND SEORSTABT<^Rey. Jaxis A Healt, Chancellor and Secre- 
tary. / 

Bostoiv CBthedral Chapel, 

Ber, JameaA. Healy, Rey Hilary Tucker, Hev. K.'iJL^w^V^'^i^- 
A. 8. Healy, Rev. B. CyReiUy, lUv. John H. Ooxn^SL. 


St James*. Very Rev. John J. Williams, V. G,, Rev. D. J. Canny, B«r. 

Joseph Coyle, Rev. P. V. Moyce. 
St. Mary's, Rev. Robert W. Brady, aj, Rev. L. Vigilanti, S.J., Rel 

J. B. Emig, S.J., Rev. D. O'Kane, S.J. 
St. Patrick's, Rev. Thomas Lynch. / 
Church of the Most Holy Triuity, Rev. Ernest Reiter, S.J, Rev. J.B. 

Meurer, S. J. 
St Vincent's, Rev. W. Moran, Rev. John MoShane. 
St. John Baptist, ) Rev. George T. Haskins, Rev. J. Sheehan, B« 
St Stephen's, ) Geo.H. Brennan. 
St Joseph's, Rev. P. T. O'Reilly. 

Immaculate Conception, Rev. John Bapst, S.J., Rev. John Mc£lrtg|; ^ 
S.J., Rev. Edward H. Welch, S.J., Rev. Robert Fulton, SJ., E«ft 
Richard J. Whyte, S.J. 
S.S. Peter and Paul, Rev. P. F. Lyndon. Rev. Robert Byrne, R«t 

Antonio Molinarl, Rev. P. McCahill. 
Gate of Heaven, attended from S.S. Peter and PauL 
St Augustines', i» « u «< u . <t 

Moat Holy Redeemer, Rev. James Fitton. 
Charlestown, St Mary's, Rev. F. Emilian Gerb. d'Azzano, O.S.F., BeV. 
Michael A. Ribaudi, .O.S.F. 
St Francis of Sales, Rev. Geoi^e A. Hamilton, Rev. Francis Eeniif. 
Chelsea, St, Rose', Rev. Patrick Strain, Rev. John Conlin. 
Lynti, St Mary's, attended from Chelsea. 
Nahant, Church about to be built 
Roxbury, St Joseph's, Rev. P. O'Bierne, Rev. W. J. Denin, Rev. Johl 

Bedham, St Maiy's, attended from St Joseph's, Roxbury. 
S. Dedham, St. Catharine's, attended from St Joseph's, Roxbury. 
Roxbury, Chapel of the Angel Guardian, church about to be' built, Rew 

George F. Haskins, Rev. James Griffin. 
Brookline, Assumption, Rev. J. M. Finotti. : 

Brighton, Church building, attended from Brookline. i 

Canton, St Mary's, Rev. John Fiattelly. 't 

S tough ton. Immaculate Conception, attended from Canton. ? 

Milton, St. Gregory's, Rev. Thomas McNulty. 
Dorchester, attended from Milton. 

Salem, Inmi. Conception, Rev. M. Hartney. 

" St James', Rev. T. H. Shahan, Rev. C. Rainoni 
Marblehead, Star of the Sea, attended from St James', Salem. 
North Danvers, Visitation B. V M., attended from St James', Salem. 
Gloucester, St. Ann's, Rev. Luigi Acquarone. 
Rockport, St. Joachim's, attended from Gloucester. 
Newburyport, St Mary's, Rev. Henry Lennon, Rev. W. J. Daley. 
Amesbury, church to be built, attended from Newburyport 
Haverhill, St Gregory's, Rev. John T. McDonnell, O.S.D. 
Lawrence, Immac. Conception, Rev. J. D. Taaflfe, O.S.D., Rev. Barthoto^ 

mew Stack, Rev. C. Foley. 
Lawrence, St Mary's, Rev. A. A. Mullen, O.S.A., Rev. Michael GallagM 

O.S.A., Rev. Edward A. Daly, O.S.A. 
Andover, St Augustine's, attended from St Mary's, Lawrence. 
Old Cambridge, St Peter's, Rev. M. P. Dougherty. 
East Cambridge, St John's, Rev. J. W. Donahoe. 
Woburn, St Charles', Rev. John McCartliy. 
South ReadiDg, St Mary's, attended from St Charles', Wobum. 
Waeertown, St. Patrick^s, Rev. Bernard ¥\oo^. 


Waltham, St Mary's, Rer. Patrick Flood. 
Maiden, Imm. Conoeptdon, Rev. Thomas Scally. 
Lowell, St Peter's, Rev. P. Crudden, Rev. Antonio Romana. 
St Patrick's, Rev. John O'Brien, Rev. J. BertoldL 
Chelmsford, St John the Evangelist, attended from St Patrick's, Low- 
Worcester, St John's, Rev John Boyce, Rev. John Qualey. 

" St Ann's, Rev. John J. Power. 

Millburgh, St Bridget's, attended from St Ann's, Worcester. 
Grafton, St PhilUp's, " '' " " « 

Fitchbnrg, St. Bernard's, Rev. Edward Turpin. 
Templeton, St Martin's, attended fi*om Fitchbnrg. 
LeoDoinster, St Leo, attended from Fitchburg. 
Groton, St. Mary's, (not dedicated) attended fi'om Fitchburg, 
Winehendon, St Edward's, (not dedicated) attended from Fitchburg. 
Milford, St Mary's, Rev. P. Cuddihy, Rev. T. Barry. 
Hopkinton, St Malachy's, attended from Milford. 
Medway, chapel not yet dedicated, attended from Milford. 
Saxonville, St George's, Rev. John Walsh, Rev. George MoMahon. 
Marlboro', Imm. Ck>nception, attended from Saxonville. 
l^atick, St Patrick's, attended from Saxonville. 
Clinton, St John's, Rev, James Quinn. 
West Boylston, St Luke's, attended from Clinton. 
Blsckstone, St Paul's, Rev. Edward J. Sheridan. 
TJxbridge, St. Mary's, attended from Blackstone. 
Webster, St. Lewis, Rev. James Quan. 
^uth Bridge, St Peter's, attended from Webster. 
Barre, St Joseph's, attended from Webster. 
Oxford, St Roch's, attended from Webster. 
C^nincey, St John's, Rev. Wm. Halley. 

St Mary's,' " 
Randolph, St Mary's, Rev. A. L. Roche, Rev. T. H. Bannon. 
-Abington, church not dedicated, attended from Randolph. 
"Weymouth, St Francis Xavier, attended from Randolph. 
Taunton, St. Mary's, Rev. Daniel Hecirne, Rev. Joseph McPhillips. 
Bquanbity, Holy Family, not dedicated, attended from Taunton. 
IFall River, St Mary's, Rev. Edward Murphy, 
^ttleboro', St. Mary's, attended by Rev. Philip Gillick, of the diocese of 

^ew Bedford, St Mary's, Rev. Joseph P. Tallon, 
Nantucket, church not dedicated, attended from New Bedford. 

fiandwich, St. Peter's, Rev. William Moran. 

South Bridgwater, St Thomas Aquinas, Rev. Lawrence McMahon. 

last Bridgwater, church not dedicated, attended fi'om South Bridg- 

North Bridgwater, St Patrick's, Rev. T. B. McNulty. 

Kojpth Easton, St Mary*s, attended from North Bridgewater. 

CMeopee, Most Holy Name of Jesus, Rev. Wul A. Blenkinsop. 

'Vire, St William's, Rev. Patrick Healy. 

llwmdyke, St Ann's, attended from Ware. 

^onson, church building, attended from Ware. 

Springfield, St Michaels, Rev. M. P. Gallagher. 

l^estfield, St Mary's, Rev. M. X. Carrol. 

^oljoke, St Jerome's, Rev. James F. Sullivan, Rev. James Tracy. 

Northampton, St Mary's, attended from Holyoke. 

^ttefieldV St Joseph's, Rev. JSdward H. PupcelL 


North Adams, St Francis, Rev Charles Lynch. 

North Lee, St MaiVs, Rev. Peter Eagan, Rev. Thomas (ySolliyaii. 

Great Barrington, St Peter's, attended from North Lee. 

Leicester, St Polycarp's, attended from the College of the Holy Cross. 

Spencer, St Mary's, attended from the College of the Holy Croat. 


Boston College, in Harrison avenue, Boston, will be open to receive seb^ 
lars next year. 

College of the Holy Cro89, at Worcester, Rev. James Claris, S J., Pwir 
dent; Rev. John B. Gaffney, S.J., Vice-President: Rev. Thomas Sheai^ 
S.J., Professor of Logic, Metaphysics and Ethics ; Rev. Francis Gabitofl, 
S.J., Prof, of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics; Rev. James C. Mocre, 
S.J., Prof: bf French : Rev. Charles Kelly, S.J., Chaplain, Prol of Rh^ 
toric ; Mr. Peter P. Fitzpatrick, S. J., Prol of Poetiy and of French; Mr. 
Edwd. McGurk, S.J., Prol of Latin, Greek and Arithmetic; Mr. Miehad 
Byrnes, S.J., Prof, of Latin, Greek, French and Mathematics ; Mr. Woi. 
Scanlan, S.J., Prol of Latin, Greek and Arithmetic; Mr. Frands O'Nal, 
S.J., Prol of Latin and Greek; Mr. James McDononeh, S.J., Prol d 
Arithmetic and preft. of discipline ; Mr. Wm* Allewortn, S.J., AflmBt.<iiit 
prefect of discipline ; Mr. Michael Norton, A«M., Prol of English, Q»- 
man and Mathematics. Number of students, October llth,l86S, 71. 

St, Mar^s Inetitute for Boys, Endicott street, Boston, 500 pupils» I 
teachers. i 

House of the Angel Ottardian, Roxbury, 800 boys, 4 teachers, 8 prefeslij 

of disciphne. Rev. George F. Haskins, Rector. 

Select School for Boys, Roxbury, Rev. George F. Haskins, Rector, B. Wi 
Whicher, A.M., Precentor; 80 pupils. 

St. Vincenfs Orphan Asylum for Girls, Camden street, Boston, 2J 
children, under the care of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Ann Al«[ 
Schorb, Sister-servant, 

Academy of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Berkley street, Boston. 1 

Academy and Free School of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Lancaster sM 
Boston. Select School, 6 teachers, 80 scholars ; Free School, 8 teaebcif 
700 scholars. Superior, Sister Alphonse Marie. 

Boxbury Convent, Boarding School, on Dedham Turnpike, ^stan i 
Notre Dame, 40 pupils. Superior, Sister Mary Aloysius. 

Parish of SS. Peter and Paul, S. Boston. Parochial School fw €^ 
Sisters of Notre Dame, 14 teachers, 800 pupils. 

Church of Gate of Heaven, 1 teachers, 260 pupils. 

Church of the Holy Redeemer, East Boston. Parochial S^ioolfar M 
Sisters of Notre Dame, 10 teachers, 650 pupils. Superior, Sistef I 
Honoree. 1 

(German) Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Suflfolk street Boston. A 
rochial School for Boys, under lay teachers, 162 pupils. J 

Parochial School for Girls, under sisters of N. Dame, 168 pupila. < 

St. Josephs Parochial School for Girls, Roxbury, Sisters of Notre J)t0k 
121 pupils. ] 

SL Patricks Parochial School for Girls, Lowell, Academy, 72 boardMl 
and select scholars. Free School, 400 scholars, 18 teachers. 
jParochial School far Boys, at Ch\uQh. of the Immaculate Canotptifl 
Zawrenoe, 7 teachers. ^ 

-ParochifU School for Oirls, at tihe C3a»Td[i ol ^VkU^wt^ 
Sisters of N. Dame, 8 teaehera. 


roehial School, SL Jamais Church, Salem, Boy^ School, 800 pupils. 
" " « " ". Gvrls' " 150 pupils. 

irch Jmm. Ooneeptioti, Salem, Boys' School, 260 papiU. 
" ** CHrl^ " eOpupilfl. 

rney ffoapUal, South Boston, under the oare of the Sisters of Charity. 
ioU CTutriiy School, High street, Boston, under the direction of Mrs. 


dies 92 Colleges 2 

els 4 Orphan Asylums 2 

chee not dedicated 5 Hospitals 1 

ymen on the Mission 84 


Established 1853. 
Comprises Long Island, m the State of ^ew York, 

, Ber. John Loughun, B.D., 1st Bishop, oonseorated OeL 80, 1863. 

dyn, N. Y., Cathedral, Jay street^ residence 188 Jay street 
Rev. John Loughlin, D.D. 

py Rev. John F. Turner, Via Gen. ; Rev. Joseph Giraud, Rev. Fran- 
is J. Freel, D.D. - 

lul's, corner of Court and Congress streets. Rev. Robert J. Maguire, 
r. John R. McDonald, Rev. P. Dalton. 

iption of the B. V. Mary, comer of York and Jay streets. Rev. Wil- 
li Keegan, Rev. Thomas Farrell. 

itricVs, corner of Kent and Willoughby av., Rev. Peter C. Fagan, 
r. John Andrew Casella. 

eter and Paul, Second street, between Second and Third av.. Rev. 
Tester Malone, Rev. Joseph N. Campbell. 

Larles Borromeo, Sidney Place and Livingston street. Rev. C. C. Pise, 
>., Rev. David O'MuUane. 

riinity (German), ^Montrose avenue. Rev. Michael M^, Rev. John 
iptmann. Rev. Anthony Arnold. 

seph^s, Pacific street^ near Vanderbilt av., Rev. Patrick 0*Neil. 
»ry*8, Star. of the Sea, cor. Court and Luqueer streets, Rev. Eugene 
sidy. Rev. Thcmias Taaffe. 

tter^s, comer Hicks and Warren streets. Rev. Joseph Franscioli, Rev. 
bur J. Dorris. 

hn's, 31st street, near 6th avenue. Rev. H. Maguire. 
eaUte Conieeption B. Y. M., Leonard and Remsen sts.. Rev. Andrew 

oufaoe (German), Bridge and Willoughby sts., Rev. John Hummel. 
aedict, (German,) Herkimer st., near Ralph av.. Rev. F. Klosterbaaur, 

•aois, (German,) Putnam avenue, attended from Holy TtiiaV:^. 
ktlon of the B, V.M„ Ewen street. Rev. TimotYxy O'Ywt^W, ^^^. 
pfBPti Oe^POWBJM. 

^<^Me^giDebevci8eBtreet,nea,T'DeK9S!b av..Ke^.3<AMilAwSK.«tta.^ 
mt^t, £iam§iree$, Rev, John Brady. 


St. Vincent de PauVs, North 6th street^ near 6th, Rev. Bernard McGorrisL 

St. Anne's, cor. Front and Gold ets., Rev. Bartholomew Gleeson. 

Annunciation B.V.M., (German,) cor. N. 5th and 'yth streets. 

Astoria, Queens Co., B. V. of Mount Carmel, Rev. James Phelan. 

Cold Spring, Queens Co., attended by Rev. Jeremiah J. Crowley, of Pena- 

East New York, St. Mai achy 's. Rev. P. Creighton. 

St. Michael's (German), Rev. M. J. Decker. 
Flatbush, Kings Co., Holy Cross, Rev. F. T. McLoughlin. 
Flushing, Queens Co., St. Michael's, Rev. James CBeime. 
Fort Hamilton, St. Patrick's, Rev. John Tanzer. 

Foster's Meadow, St. Boniface (German), attended from Strattonport. 
Glen Cove, Queens Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. James McEnroe. 
Green port, church not dedicated, attended once a month from Sag Harbor. 
Islip, Suffolk Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. J. J. Crowley. 
Jamaica, Queens Co.. St Monica's, Rev. Anthony Farley. 
Hicksville, Queens Co., St Ignatius', Rev. Gaspar MiUler. 
Laurel Hill, Queens Co., attended from Winfield. 
Manhasset, Queens Co., St Mary's, Rev. J. A. Strain. 
Middle Village, Queens Co., St. Margaret's, Rev. J. M. Decker. 
Patchogue, Suffolk Co., not dedicated, once a month from Islip. 
River Head, church not dedicated, attended once in six weeks froa ^ 

Sag Harbor. t 

Rockaway, St. Mary's, Star of the Sea, attended from Jamaica every Sub* 

day during the Sunmier months, and once a month during the rr — " 

der of the year. 
Sag Harbor, St Andrew's, by Rev. Joseph Brunemann, O.S.F. 
Smithtown, St Michael's, once a month from Islip. 
Southold, Suffolk Co., once a month from Sag Harbor. 
Southampton, Hermitage, Cutchogue, Mattatuck, and other stations, 

casionally from Sag Harbor. W* 

Strattonport, St Fidelis, Rev. Joseph Huber. '^ 

Westbury, Queens Co., St. Bridget's, Rev. James McEnroe. V'E 

Winfield, Queens Co., B. V. M. Help of Christians, Rev. Ignatius Thel S 

Goetz. % 

Yaphauk, attended every six weeks from Sag Harbor. 


Convent and Academy of the Visitation, corner of Johnson and Pearl iki J 
Brooklyn, Mother M. Clotilda Smith, Superior ; 12 professed, 5 novice^ ' • 
' 4 lay sisters, 2 out-sisters, 13 boarders, 115 day scholars. 

St. Francis of Assisium's Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Willoughby 
Avenue, between Glasson avenue and Graham street, Motjher Mary Vi* 
cent, Superior; Y professed, 1 novices, 8 postulants, 4 lay sisters. 

Convent of the Nwis of the Order of St Dominic, Montrone avenue aui 
Graham street. Mother Mary Joseph Wiltzlhofer, Superior; Select Femak 
School, attached to the Church of the Holy Trinity. 

Convent and Boarding School of the Sisters of St Joseph, Fluahioft 

Queens Co., Mother Mary Augustine, Superior ; 13 professed, 18 noviee^'j L 

postuianta, 32 pupils. ♦ \, 

St. Mary's Academy for Yowngf Iicwiies, Grand street, near Graham atr64 \ 

under the charge of the Sisters oi S>t, 5Qae\>\i\ ^^ \iw?^>\a. ^ il 

S^, Joseph's Academy f<yr Foiwig Ladies, ^^:^o^vVkTV\T^%^w«^^■^lw^j8^ 

-E X)., under the charge of the ^istera o^ ^^ 3o««v\i*, \^^ v^^^ . ^ 

^ale Orphan Asylum, (tenipor«ry\ <iOTii«c ol i«5 Mi^<ai«^^*— ^ 


Fknale Orphan Afylutn^ corner of CJioton and Congress streets ; 484 
iris under charge of the Sisters of Charity ; Sister Constantia, Sr.-Ser- 

Industrial Sckooly attached to the Female Orphan Asylum, in which 80 
rphans are steadily employed. 

Monastery and Academy of theBrolhern of tlie Third Order of St. Francis, 
2 East Baltic street, Brother Paul, Superior; 10 professed, 2 novices, 
20 pupils. 

The Confraternity of the Rosary is established in nearly all the churches 
I the Diocese. 

^ There are thirteen Conferences of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the 
sity of Brooklyn. 

Parish School, Cathedra], 600 boys, under the charge of the Brothers of 
•he Christian Schools. 

Parish School, St. l^auFs, 380 boys, under the charge of the Brothei-s of 
lie Third Order of SU Francis; 400 girls under the charge of the Sisters 
f Charity. 

Parish School, Assumption of the B. V. M., 400 boys and 460 girls. 

Parish School, St. Patrick's, 200 boys, 850 girls under Sisters of Mercy. 

Parish School, SS. Peter and Paul, 360 boys, 360 girls, under charge of 
t Joseph. 

Parish School, Holy Trinity, 500 boys, 600 girls, under the charge of 

te NuDS of the Order of St. Dominic. 

Parish ScJiool, St. Joseph's, 420 boys, under the charge of the Brothei*s 

' the Third Order of St. Francis ; girls, 300. 

Parish School, St M»ry's, Star of the Sea, 180 boys, 250 girls, under the 

arge of the Sisters of Charity. 

Parish School, St. Peter's, 412 girls, under Sisters of Charity. 

Parish School, St John's, 80 boys, 120 girls. 

Parish School, Immaculate Conception of the B. Y. M., 180 boys, 180 

"Is, under the charge of the Sisters of St Joseph. 

Parish School, Our Lady of Mercy, 290 boys, under Brothers of St Fran- 

, 200 girls. 

St. MichaeVs, Flushing, 150 boys, 200 Girls under Sisters of St Joseph. 

PTinfield, Laurel Hill and Blissville, 200 children. * 


arches 44 Ecclesiastical Students 22 

tioDS 15 Religious Communities 7 

ests 48 Orphan Asylums 2 


Established 1847. 

^nprises the Coimties of 4SWe, Niagara, Orleans, Genesee, Monroe, Living- 
ton, Ontario, W^^ne, Oayiiga, Chatauque, Wymning, CaWaraoigua, Ste^ - 
*€n, Ohemvng, Hoffa, Tompkins, Seneca, Allegany, and Gates, in tlve State 

JBiS H O P . 
Jhiiar, CM,, D.D., Ut Bishop, consecraUA. 0<it. Vl, \%vn 


Council op the Bishop. 
Very Rer. Francis O'Farrell, V.G. Rev. James Early, 

Very Rev. M. O'Brien, V.G. Rev. Martin Kavanagh, 

Very Rev. F. N. Bestor, Very Rev. Wm. Gleeson. 

Rev. M. 0*Conner, 

Buffalo, Erie Co., St. Joseph's Cathedral 
Rt. Rev. John Timon, D.D. 
Very Rev. F. O'Farrell, V.G.; Rev. P. Parker, D J). ; Bev. ITL 

Leddy, Rev. John M*Evoy, Rev. Joseph M. Long. 
St Lewis (German), Rev. F. A. Gerber. 

St. Mary's, " Rev. Lonis Claessens, C.aS.R., Snp.; Ect. 
Charles Knenzer, C.SS.R.; Rev. Michael DanBob, C.SS.R.; Ber. 
v Lonis Ewald, C.SS.R. 
Immaculate Conception, Rev. Thomas Gleeson. 
St Boniface (German), Rev. John Zarvistowski. 
St Peter's (French), Very Rev. F. K. Seeter, V.G., for the Freaeli ind 
=^ St. Michael's (German), Rev. J. Durthaller, 8.J., Rev. M. Haeriflft 

S J.J Rev. C. Hottman, S.J., Rev. C. Bengs, S.J. 
Si Bridget's, Rev. Martin O'Connor. 

Holy Angels, Rev. A. Garin, O.M.L, Rev. P. Goopman, O.M.L 
St Patrick's, Rev. F. Sisto da Gagliano, O.S.F., Rev. Samuel da Frm ! 
O.SF. ^J 

St Ann's (German), Rev. Bernard Fritch, S.J., Rev. G. Foertach, SJ. J 
Holy Cross Cemetery, Rev. Thomas Hjnes. 
Chapel at the Hospital, Rev. M. Hoenng. 

'* St Vincent's Asylum, attended from the Cathedral. 

** " Convent of the Good Shepherd, attended fir* * 

the Cathedral 
" " Asylum for Widows and Foundlings, Rev. I 

St Francis Xavier's, Blackrock, Father Foertsch, S. J. 
Addison, Steuben Co., St Catharine's, frame church, attended firom Greoi 

Akron, Erie Co., St Teresa, frame church, attended from Buffalo. 
Alden, " Holy Name, frame church, Rev. Mr. Arent 

Aurora, *' , attended from Springbrook. 

Albion, Orleans Co., St Joseph's, brick ohurcl^ Rev. J. Castaldi 
Allegany, St. Nicholas, frame church, Very Rev. Pamfilo de Magliana 
Andover, Steuben Co., St John*s, frame church, attended from Greenwood. 
Angelica, Allegany Co., St James, " ** " 

Arcade, Wyoming Co., attended from Java. 
Attica, Genesee Co., St Vincent's, frame church, attended from Spriajl 
brook. "^ 

Auburn, Cayuga, Co., Holy Family, frame church. Very Rev. J. MKikv. 
Aurora, " St. Agnes, frame church, attended from Springport 

Avon, Livingston Co., St Agnes, frame church, Rev. P. Bradl^. 
Batavia, Genesee Co., St Joseph, stone church. Rev. Thomas danniinglii* 
Bath, Steuben Co., St Mary's, frame church, Rev. M. Steger. 
Belfast, AUegany Co., attended from AUegany. 

Bennington, Wyoming Co., St. JoBepVi'a, iraifte <^\»<^, «XXh ts^xa. ajMvii ■ ^ 

Berlin, Genesee Co., St. Bridget's, iraTue <i^i\tte\\, «x\Aii^<A\T«ml5iNA!^« 

^/rdsai^ Steuben Co., attended froDiHoTiie\\aV\W^. _ ,^^, .,«J 

Bloom^eld, OnUxio Co., St. BiiageVB,itam«iaV\iT<^,^'fc^.^^aa^^ 


)ort^ Monroe Co., Nativity B. V.M., 4)rick church, Rey. Richard J. 

laigua, Ontario Co., St. Mary's, bnck oharch. Rev. Joseph M*Eeona. 
, Wyoming Co., attended from Portageville. 

sbnrg, Cattaraugus Co., St Pacificus, frame church, attended from 

lionroe Co., attended from Seottsville. 
Wyoming Co., St. Mary's, frame church, Rev. Louis Miller. 
jnif Cattaraugus Co., attended from Allegany. 
Wayne Co., St. JohnX frame church. Rev. John Constant. ' 

reek, Allegany Co., attended from Portageville. 
Springs, Rev. P. Lee. 
, Erie Co., St Martin's, Rev. G. Pax. 
5, Steuben Co., St Mary's, Rev. Peter Colgan. 
Alleghany Co., St Bridget's, attended from Alleghany. 
Lie, St Patricias and St Michaers, Rev. Serg de Stehoulepnikoff, for 

k, Rev. John Baptist Baudinelli, Sup. 
Erie Co., SS. Mary's and Michael's, Rev. George Pax. 
St Peter's and St. Paul's, Ver^ Rev. Martin Kavanagh. 
Seville, Cattaraugus Co., St Philip Neri, Rev. James Touhey. 
le, Erie Co., St Joseph's, attended from St Mary's. 
Erie Co., St Vincent de Paul, frame church, attended from Spring- 

^ille, Chemung Co., attended from Oswego, 
rt, Monroe Co., " Palmyra, 

nia, Chatauque Co. *^ Dunkirk, 

e, Allegany Co., " Hornellsville. 

0, Livingston Co., " Mt Morris. 

if Ontario Co., St Francis de Sales, brick church, Rev. Jamep 

Hollow, Cayuga Co., attended from Springport 
, Monroe Co., St Andrew's frame church, Rev. James Maurice, 
rood, Steuben Co., St Mary's, Rev. Arthur M'Connell. 
rg, Erie Co., SS. Peter and Paul, attended from Eden. 
>nd8point, Yates Co., St. Gabriel, frame church, attended from 

bonroe Co., attended from Brockport 
isville, Steuben Co., St Ann's, Rev. M Creedon. 
bon, Orleans Co., attended from Medina. 
Tomkins Co., St Luke, frame church, Rev. Bernard McC(k>1. 
>wn, Chatauque Co., Rev. Patrick Burns. 
Wyoming Co., St Patrick's, Rev, Nicholas Burns, 
n, Chemung Co., St Mary's of the Lake, frame church, attended 

«r, Erie Co., Assumption, Rev. Henry Feldman. 
>n, Niagara Co., St Petei^s, attended from New Lane. 
', Genesee Co., St Francis', attended from Batavia. Germans at- 
>d from St Mary's, Buffalo, 
ivin^ton Co., St Rose, Rev. F. Gregg. 

rt, Niagara Co., St John Baptist, Very Rev. William Gleeson. 
le, Wayne Co., attended from Palmyra. 
Wayne Co., St MichaeVB, frame church, Kev. 3obii CJOTA\AX^.« 
h ** attended from Palmyra. 

Erie Co,, 88. Philip and James, frame cbutcV^ ftXJwjai^^^ Vtow 



M'Lane, TomkioB Co., attended from Ithaoa. 

Medina, Orleans Co., St. Mar/s, stone church. Rev. John O'Mara. 

Montezuma, Cayuga Co., attended from Auburn. 

Mount Morris, Livingston Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Daniel Moor^ 

Mumfordville, Monroe Co., St. Patrick's, frame cburob, attended from 

Newark, Wayne Co., attended from Lyons. ' 

New Fane, Rev. Hugh MulhoUand. 
Korthbush, Erie Co., St John's, brick church, attended from St Mary's, 

Niagara Falls, Niag^a Co., St Mary's of the Cataract, stone church. Rev. 

P. J. Cannon. 
Kunda, Allegany Co., Holy Angels, frame church, att from Portageville. 
Oakfield, Genesee Co., attended from Batavia. 
Glean, Cattaraugus Co., St Mary of the Angels, frame church, attended 

from Allegany. 
Ovid, Seneca Co., Holy Cross, frame church, attended from "Waterloo. 
Owego, Tioga Co., St Patrick's, " Rev. Francis Clarke. 
Palmyra, Wayne Co., St. Ann's, " R^v. William Casey. 
Pembroke, Genesee Co., attended from Spnngbrook. 
Pendleton, Niagara Co., Good Shepherd, Rev. Michael Shinebeck. 
Pennyan, Seneca Co., St Michael's, Rev. D. English. 
Perkinsville, Steuben Co., Annunciation, frame church, Rev. B. Gruber. 
Perry, Wyoming Co., attended from Portageville. 
Pike, Allegany Co., ** " 

Phelps, attended from Clifton. 
Portageville, Wyoming Co., Assumption B.V,M., frame chup h, Tev. 

John Law ton. 
Port Byron, Cayuga Co., Rev. Francis Albinger. 
Randolph, Cattaraugus Co., attended from Jamestcwn. 
Rochester, Monroe Co., St Patrick's, stone church. Very Rev. M. O'Brien, 
and Rev. Edward Quigley. 
St. Mary's, brick church, Rev. James Early. 
St Joseph's (German), Rev. L. Holzer, C.8S.R., Superior. 
St Peter's (German), frame church, Rev. J. Sadler. 
St. Mary's (French), Rev. de Reggie. 
Immaculate Conception, Rev. Peter Bede. 
St Bridget's, Rev. William F. Payne. 
Sacred Heart Chapel, attended from St Mary's (French). 
Chapel of St Mary's Hospital. 

" * Convent of Mercy attended from St. Joseph's. 

Rushford, Allegany Co., attended from Portageville. 
Rushville, Ontario Co., attended from Vienna. 
Sandy Hill, Steuben Co., St Mary's, frame church, attended from Per 

Scio, Allegany Co., St. James, frame church, attended from Allegany. 
Scipio Centre, Cayuga Co., attended from Springport 
Scotsville, Monroe Co., Assumption, brick cnurch. Rev. Jos. O'Donohue. 
Seneca Falls, Seneca Co., St Thomas, ** Rev. E. McGowan. 

Sheldon, Wyoming Co., St Cecilia, frame church. Rev. Mr. Wagner. 
Silver Creet, Chatauque Co., attended from Dunkirk. 
South Alden. Erie Co., St Augustine's, frame church, attended from 
Somerset, OrJeane Co., St. Ignatius, fram^ <i\iMT<i\i, «L\.\.fttv^%^ \t^\& "&«« 
Sputb Valley, Cattaraugus Co., attended irom MXe^wv^j. 


Spencer Port, Monroe Go.» attended from Brookport. 

Springbrook, Erie Co., St. John^s, frame church, Bev.Thomas Hined. 

Springport, Cayuga Co., St. Michael's, frame church, Eev. John Touhey. 

Springyille, Ene Co., St. Aloysius, frame church, attended from Eden. 

Suspension Bridge, Niagara Co., brick church, Rev. Charles D. McMullen. 

Tonawanda, Erie Co., Sacred Heart, frame church, Rev. F. H. Ulrich, 

Transit, „ Assumption, frame church. 

Trumansburg, Tomkins Co., attended from Ithac& 

Victor, Ontario Co., attended from Palmyra. ■\' 

Villanova, Chatauque Co., attended from Dunkirk. 

Waterloo, Seneca Oo., St. Mary's, Rev. T. Heenan. 

Warsaw, Wyoming Co., attended from Portageville. 

Wavcrly, Tioga Co., St. James, frame church, attended from Owego. 

Westfield, CfaAtauque, attended from Jamestown. 

Westport, Cayugu Co., St. James, frame church, attended from Auburn. 

Williamsville, Erie Co., SS. Peter and Paul, frame church, Rev. A. 

Youngstown, Niagara Co., St. Bernard's, frame church, attended from 

New Fane. 


Diocesan Seminary, at the Rt. Rev. Bishop's house, whole number of 
Seminarists, and at other Seminaries, 21. 

Ecclesiastical Seminary of our Lady of Angels, Suspension Bridge, 
Niagara Co., under the charge of the Rev. Fathers of the Congregation of 
the Missions, Very Rev. J. Asmuth, CM., Pres. 

Franciscan College and Convent, Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., Very 
Rev. Pamfilo da MagUano, O.S.F, Gustos Provincial; Rev. Giacomo da 
Gombitelli, O.S.F., Guardian and Vice President ; Rev. Father Celans, Rev. 
Bonaventura da Trento, O.S.F, Rev. Vincent Hayes, O.SF, Rev. Jerome 
Collin, 0.S F, Rev. Leoneda Saraceno, O.S.F., Rev. Andrew Pfeifer, O.S.F., 
Kev. Joachim da Montefegatesio, O.S.F. Five professed scholastics, four 
professed laj^-brothers, 12 Tertians, Students over 70. Postulants wishing to 
be received into the Order must apply to the Superior, Very Rev. Pamfilo 
da MagUano. 

8t. ElizahethkS Academy^ Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y.," under the 
Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, Sister Seraphina, Superioress. 

St, JosepKs College, Buffalo, imder care of Christian Brothers and cler- 
gymen for the Classics ; 150 boys. 

St Mary^s Convent of the Redemptorist, Buffalo, Rev. Louis Claesseus, Sup. 
Rev. Charles Kuenzer, Rev. Michael Dausch, Rev. Lewis Ewald, and five 

St. JosepKs Convent, Bedemptorisi, Rochester, Rev. Lawrence Holzer, 
Supr., Rev. Charles Stiessberger, Rev. W. Wayrich, Rev. B. Klaphake. 
The Redemptorist Fathers have charge of the following German stations : 
Auburn, Webster, Brockport^ Scottsville, Lyons, Seneca Falls, Geneva, Wa- 
terloo, Canandaigua, Corning, Elmira, Mount Morris. 

^^. Jfary^s iS^^r^a^ (Passionist), Dunkirk, Rev. John Baudinelli, Rector; 
Bev. Thos. Stefanini, Rev. Andrew McGur^an, Rev. Frederick Lang, Rev. 
Martin Meagher, Rev. Charles Lang, Rev. William Geagan, Rev. Basil Kea- 
ting, and several lay-brothers. 

Community of the Missionary Ohlates of Mary Immaculate — GKuxtV. oj 
the Holy Anpefs, Buffalo, Rev. A. Garrin, SupetioT. 

Academy of Si. Patrick, Rochester, under the charge ol VXi^ ^T'^SJo.^'t^ ^ 
the CbrtBiiaa Schools, Brother Rudolphus, SuperioT *, ij^^\\\A^n'^^'^* 

Aeademsi of the Sacred Heart, Rochester, Madam "SLeniife^^^'^vv^^^v^rc. 
wted by six others ; pupils, 60 


Academy of the jmmacitlate Conception of our Lady of Mertv, Rochester. 
Mother Mary Baptista Coleman, Superior, assisted by four processed sisters, 
ODe choir novice, and one lay postulant. Attached to tnis GoDvent is a 
house of mercy, where young girls of good character, out of situations, 
receive instruction. 

Academy of 8t. Pcttnck^ Rochester, under the charge of the Sisters of 
Charity; pupils, 64. 

St. Mary's Academy, Canandaigua, under the Sisters of St. Joseph's; 
pnpils, 25. 

8t. Mar'ifs Academy ^ Dunkirk, under the Sisters of St Joseph; pupils, 85. 

Academy of St. Vincent, Buffalo, under the Sisters of Chanty ; pupils, 76. 

Academy at Allegany, under the Franciscan Sisters, 50pupilsr 

Academy at Eden, under the Franciscan Sisters, 70 pupils. 

St. Joseph's Academy of our Lady of Mercy, Buffalo, under the Sisters of 
Mercy, Sister Philomena, Superior; pupils, 160. 

Accldemy of Orey Sisters, 70 pupils. 


St. Josephs School, Cathedral, for Boys, under Christian Brothers ; pupils, 

St. Josephs School for Girls, Buffalo, under the Sisters of Charity, 
Sister Robertina Lenahan, Sister-Servant; pupils, 150. 

St. Louis (German), Buffalo, under a secular teacher ; pupils, 800. 

St. Mary's (German), Male, Buffalo, under secular teachers, and Sisters 
of St. Frances ; pupils, 550. 

St. Mary's (German), Female, Buffalo, under the Sisters of Notre Dame ; 
pupils, 540. 

Immaculate Conception^ Female, Buffalo, under Sisters of St. Joseph's ; 
pupils, 100. 

Immaculate Con/:eption, Male, Buffalo, under a secular teacher ; pupils 100. 

St. Bonifaces (German), Male, Buffalo, under a secular teacher; pupils, 

St. MiehaeVs (German), Male, Buffalo, under a secular teacher ; pupils, 

St. Peter's (French), Male, Buffalo, under a secular teacher ; pupils, 100. 

St. Ann's (German), Male, Buffalo, under a secular teacher; pupils, 180. 

St. Bridget's, Buffalo, under the Sisters of Mercy ; pupils, 200. 
[ Holy Angels, " " Grey Sisters; " 150. 

St. Patricks, Female, Buffalo, under Madam Norton ; pupils, 60. 

St. Patrick's, Male^ Buffalo, under a secular teacher ; pupils, 70. 

St. Francis Xaviei^s, Blackrock (German), Male, under a secular teacher; 
pupils, 100. 

Batavia, under a secular teacher; pupils, about 120. 

Male and Female^ Canandaigua, under the Sisters of St. Joseph ; pupils, 

Male and Female^ Corning, under secular teachers; pupils, 160. 

St. John's Male and Female, Lockport, under secular teachers ; pupils^ 
800. Dunkirk, under Sisters of St Joseph ; pupils, 120. 

Sisters of St. Mary, Lockport ; ISO pupils. 

St, Patricias Fe^nale, Rochester, under Sisters of Charity ; pupils, 160. 
M. Jfar/s Fetnale, Rochester, under Sisters of Mercy ; pupils, 200. 
Sf. Joseph's Female^ Rochester, under ^Valeia ot "SoXx^ DaoLe -^ pupils, 

Sif. Joseph's Male, Rochester, 4 BroOieTS oi li/Let^i^ ', Y^^^i^a, ^^, 
^^. -Peter's Female, under Sisters ol ;Notte'Dwne-, ^V^^.'iftKi- 


8t, Petei'it Male, under secular teachers ; pupils, 200. 
Seneca Falls, under a secular teacher ; pupils, 100. 
Perkinsville, under Sisters of Notre Dame ; pupils, 1*70. 
There are schools attached to all the German, and most of the other 
churches in the Diocese. 


SL Joseph'* Bovi^ Orphan Asylum^ Buffalo, directed by the Rev. Thomas 
Hynes, is situated on a large farm near the city boundaries, purchased by 
the Rt Rev. Bishop. The Sisters of St. Joseph, eight in number, have 
charge of the Orphans' School and domestic affairs of the establishment. 
There were received into the Asylum during the year, 180 — average num- 
ber, 160. 

St Vincents Female Asylum, Buffalo, under the charge of ten Sisters of 
Charity, Sister Robertina Lenahan, Sister-servant ; orphans 99. 

St. Mary^s Asylum for Widows, Foundlings, and Infants, Buffalo. Or- 
phans under the charge of six Sisters of Chanty, Sister Rosaline Brown, lis- 
ter-servant; infant orphans, and foundllDgs 40 ; widows 20. 

Deaf and Dumb Asylums, Buffalo, under the charge of four Sisters of 
St Joseph ; pupils 8. ^ . 

St. Marifs Orphan Asylum (German), Batavia street, Buffalo, under the 
care of 7 Sisters of Notre Dame, Sister Mary Stanislaus, Sup'r ; orphans 80. 

Magdalen Asylum, under the charge of eight Sisters of Our Lady of the 
Good Shepherd, Mother Mary of St Jerome, Superior. There is also an 
Itidnstrial School for reclaimmg young truant girls. Total niunber of in- 
mates Y8. 

St. Mary's Orphan Asylum^ Canandaigua, under the care of the Sbters 
of St Joseph ; orphans 14. 

St. Mary's Orphan Asylum, Dunkirk, under the care of the Sisters of St. 
Joseph, Sister Agnes Spencer, Superior. 

St. Patricias Asylum, Rochester, under the charge of seven Sisters of 
Charity, Sister Beatrice Duffy, Sister-servant ; orphans TO. 

T%e Providence Lunatic Asylum, under the charge of the Sisters of Chari- 
ty. Wonderful cures have been wrought on the inmates of this charitable 
and well appointed institution. 


^- Charity Hospital, Buffalo, under the charge of thirteen Sisters of Charity, 
Sister Louisa, Sister-servant The number of patients for a year is about 
750. The average number is 170. The Hospital can accommodate 200 
patients. Every person applying is admitted, without distinction of na- 
tion or religion. Thousands, especially of the poor, are benefited by the 
advice given, and medicines administered from this charitable Institution, 

St Mcpri/s Lying-in Hospital, Buffalo, under the charge of six Sisters of 
Charity, Sister Rosaline Brown, Sister-servant The number of this class 
of patients during the year averages about 150. No kind of human suffer- 
ing needs the Christian helping hand more than the one this institution re- 
ceives,*^ and, owing to the great works of Mercy performed, God has won- 
derfully blessed the institution. 

St Mart/s Hospital, Rochester, under the charge of five Sisters of Charity, 
Sister Heirome O'Brien, Sister-servant^ This Hospital has already re- 
lieved much sufferings and administered to the'waiit»oi\Xift«v.^wA\tv«ft.V 
leas poor. -4 ^erflg^e number of patients 120. 

ArcbooDA-atemitieB of the Immaculate Heartland ol >i>[i^^^^'^«s£^^ 
md of St, Peter and St Joseph's, Buffalo and eVaeNvVetft. 



Priests of Religious Orders, Ac . . 30 Clerical Students 14 

Secular Priests 76 Male Religious Institutions 9 

Priests engaged in Missions 98 Female " " .... 17 

Priests otherwise engaged 8 Literary Institutions for Boys . . 2 

Churches 138 " " Girls.. 9 

Stations. 80 Charitable Institutions U 

Eecle&iagtieal Institutions 2 Catholic Population 200,000 


Established 1863. 
Comprises the State of Vermont, 


Right Rev. Louis de Goesbbiand, D.D., 1st Bishop, consecrated October 

30, 1863. 


Burlington, St. Mary's Cathedral. Rev. Jerome M. Cloarec, Rev. George 
N. Caissy, Rev. Dennis Ryan. 
St. Joseph's, Rev. Herv6 Cardinal 

Albany, attended from St. Johnsbury. 

St. Charles*, Bellows' Falls, Windham Co., attended from Brattleboro*. 

St. Francis of Sales, East Bennington^ Bennington Co., Rev. William Fitz- 

Our Lady of Good Help, Brandon, Addison Co., attended from East Rut- 

St. Michael's, Brattleboro', Windham Co., Rev. Cha& O'Reilly. 

Castleton, Rutland Co., attended from West Rutland. 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Charlotte, Chittenden Co., attended from 

St. Jerome's, Dorset, Bennington Co., attended from East Bennington. 

Eden, Lamoille Co., attended from Fairfield. 

Fail-fax, Franklin Co., attended from St. Alban's. 

St. Patrick's, Fairfield, Franklin Co., Rev. Joseph Duglu^. 

Our Lady of Seven Dolors, Fairhaven, Rutland Co., attended from West 

St. Rose of Lima, Grand Isle, Grand Isle Co., attended from St Joseph's, 

Highgate, Franklin Co. 

St. James the Greater, Island Pond, Essex Co., attended from Compton, 
Canada East. 

Johnson, Lamoille Co., attended from St. Alban's. 

Lowell, Orange Co., attended from Fairfield. 

Ludlow, Windsor Co., attended from Brattleboro'. N 

Assumption of the B. V. M., MiddleSbury, Addison Co., Rev. Francis Pi- 

St. Ann's, Milton, Chittenden Co., attended from St Albans. 
St Augustine's, Montpelier, Washington Co., Rev. Z. Druon. 
St Patrick's, Moretown, Washington Co., atten^ift^ itoxn. "^o\i\:^^\e5. 
St. John the Evangeliat, Northfield, WaBhin^n. Oo., itom ^o\i\^^\^^, 
^ J^aul's, OrwelJ, AdiSbBon Co., attended Irom "ML\d^e\wxT^. 


Holy Name of Mary, FroctorsyiUe, Windsor Ck>., attended from Brattle-^ 

St. Alphonans Ligaori, Pittsford, Rutland Co., attended from East Rutland. 
Randmph (church building), Orange Co., attended from Montpelier. 
St Peter's, East Rutland, Rutland Co., Rev. Chas. Boylan. 
Our Lady of Rosary, Richmond, Chittenden Co., attenaed from Burlington. 
St. Bridget's, West Rutland, Rutland Co., Very Rev. Thomas Lynch, V.G. 
Sheldon, Franklin Co., attended from St. Albans. 
St. Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., Our Lady of Victories, Rev. Stanislaua 

Shoreham, Addison Co., atteoded from Middlebury. 
Immaculate Conception, St Alban's, Franklin Co., Rev. Francis Clavier. 
Swanton Falls, Franklin Co,, Rev. J. L. Cam. 

St Thomas', Underbill Centre, Chittenden Co., attended from Burlington. 
St. Peter's, Vergennes, Addison Co., attended from Middlebury. 
Waterbury, Washington Co , attended from Montpelier 
White River Junction, Windsor Co., attended from Brattleboro' 
Williston, Chittenden Co., visited from Burlington. 
Windsor, Windsor Co., attended from Brattleboro*. 


Orphan Asylttm and Academy of St Joseph, Burlington, Sisters of Pro- 
vidence, 9 sisters, 150 pupils, and 70 orphans. Sister Therese of Jesus, 


Secular Priests 14 Clerical Students 10 

Number of Churches 85 Average number of pupils in 

In process of erection — Cathedral Free Schools 800 

of Immaculate Conception. . . Catholic population 26,000 

Stations 80 


Established 1844. 

Embracing the States of Rhode Itland and Connecticut, 


Rt Rev. Fbanoib P. MoFarland, D.D., 8d Bishop, consecrated March 14, 


Preceding Bishops. 
Rt Rev. William Tyler, D.D., Ist Bishop, consecrated March 17, 1844; 

died June 18, 1849. 
Rt. Rev. Bernabd O^Reillt, D.D., 2d Bishop, consecrated November 10, 
1850; perished at sea in January, 1856. 

Very Rev. William 0*Rbilly, Vicar General, 

Rev. Hugh Carmodt, B.D., Chancellor and Secretary, 


Cathedral 6f SS. Peter 'And Paul 

Rt Rev, F. P. MoFarl&nd, D.D. 

Ber. Hugh Carmodj, D.D., Pastor; Rev. "PatnOs. ^. Q?\>^^«t 
High Mmb at lOi A. M. Vespers at S o'o\o4i^ Y.U. 


St. Patrick*8, Rev. Pfttrick Lambe. 

8t Joseph's, Rev. Peter Kelly, Pastor, Rev. Hugh Mallon. 

Immaculate Conception, Rev. Edward J. Gooney, Pastor, Rev. JaSw 

St. Bernard's, Rev. Daniel Mullen. 

St. Mary's, Rev. John Quinn, D.D. 

St Catharine's Chapel, attended from Cathedral. 

St. Aloysius' Chapel Orphan Asylum, attended from St. Bernard's. 
Albion, Providence Co., attended from Valley Falls every second Sunday. 
Bristol, Bristol Co., attended from -Warren, Mass., every Sunday. 
Cranston, St. Anne's, Rev. Michael Lynch. 
Crompton, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Rev. James P. Gibson. 
Greenwich, Holy Name of Jesus, attended from Phoenizville. Mass every 

second Sunday. 
Greenville, Providence Co., St Philip Neri, Rev. Philip Gilliek. 
Ilarrisville, Providence Co., St Patrick's, Rev. William E. DuflFy. ^ 
Manville, attended from Valley Falls. 
Newport, Newport Co., Our Lady of the Isle, Very Rev. William O'Reilly, 

V.G., Rev. M. O'Reilly. 
Pawtucket, Providence Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. Patrick G. 

Del any. 
Phoenixville, SS. Peter and Paul, Rev. M. A. Wallace, LL.D. 
Valley Falls, St Patrick's, Rev. Richard O'Gorman. 
Wakefield, St Francis', attended from Westerly. Mass once a month. 
Warren, Bristol Co., St Mary's, Rev. Michael MoCallioo. 
Wickford, attended from Pbcenixville. 
Woousocket, Cumberland Co., St Charles Borromeo, Rev. M. MeCabe. 


Baltic, New London Co., attended from Willimantic. Mass every Sunday. 

Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., St James', Rev. Thos. J. Synnott 

East Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., St Mary's, Rev. Francis J. Lenihan. 

Birmingham, New Haven Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. John Sheridan. 

Bran ford, Immaculate Conception, Rev. Thomas Qainn. 

Bristol, Hartford Co., St Joseph's, attended from New Britain. Moss every 
second Sunday, 

Broadbrook, Tolland Co., church not dedicated, attended from Thompsonville. 

Brookfield, Fairfield Co., attended from Newtown. 

Cheshire, New Haven Co., St Bridget's, Rev. Thomas Drea. 

Chester, New Haven Co., St Joseph's, attended from Colchester. Mass 
once a month. 

Clinton, New Haven Co., attended from Branford. 

Colchester, New London Co., church not dedicated. Rev. P. Creighton, 

Coldbrook, Litchfield Co., attended from Winsted. 

CoUiusville, Hartford Co., St Patrick's, Rev. John Fagan. 

Cornwall, Litchfield Co., St Bridget's, attended from Falls Village. Mass 
once a month. 

Danbary, Fairfield Co , St Peter's, Rev. Ambrose Manahan, D.D. 

Danielsonville, Windham Co., no church, attended from Moosup. Mass 
every second Sunday. 
FairSeld, Fair&eld Co., St. Thomfts Aqyun«A, «\>\«ii^«^ tcom St. Jameif, 

Falls Village, Litchfield Co., St. PatricVB,'Re^.^o\vxiCiwi<3t^. ^ 

""armingtoD, EArtford CJo., attended oiic© a mouVix itom 1&«^ "©tSmkb., 


GosheD, Litchfield Co., St Colambkille, attended from Falls Yillage. Mass 

onee a month. 
Greenwich, Fairfield Co., St. Mary's, attended from Stamford. 
Guilford, New Haven Co., St. George's, attended from Branford. 
Haddam, Middlesex Co., attended from Colchester. 
Hampden, New Haven Co., Our Lady of Mount Carmel, attended from 

Hartford, Hartford Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. James Hughes, Pastor, Bey. 

John CFarrell. 

St. Peter's, Rev. John Lynch, Pastor, Rev. P. Grace. 
Jewett City, New London Co., attended every second Sunday from Moosup. 
Litchfield, Litchfield Co., church not dedicated, attended from Winsted 
Lyme, New London Co., attended from Branford. 
Madison, New Haven Co., attended once a month from Branford. 
Manchester, Hartford Co., St. Mary's, attended from Rockville. Mass 

every second Snnday. 
Meriden, New Haven Co., St Rose of Lima, Rev. Thomas Walsh. 
Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., attended from Colchester. 
Middletown, Middlesex Co., St John's, Rev. James Lynch. 
Milford, New Haven Co., St Mary's, attended from East Bridgeport 
Moodus, Middlesex Co., attended from Colchester. Mass once a month. 
Moosup, "Windham Co., All Hallows, Rev. James Quinn. 
Mystic, New London Co., attended from Westerly, 
l^augatuck. New Haven Co., St Anne's, attended from Waterbury. Mass 

every Sunday. ^ 

Kew Britain, Hartford Co., St. Mary's, Rev. Luke Daly. 
New Canaan, Fairfield Co., attended once a month from Norwalk. 
New London, New London Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. P. A. Gaynor. 
New Hartford, Hartford Co., attended from Colliusville. 
New Haven, New Haven Co., St Mary's, Rev. E. J. O'Brien. 
St Patrick's, Rev. Matthew Hart 

St John's, Rev. John Smith, Pastor, Rev. Joseph O'Brien. 
New Fairfield, Fairfield Co., attended from Danbury. 
New Milford, Litchfield Co., church not dedicated, attended from New- 
Newtown, Fairfield Co., St. Rose of Lima, Rev. James Daly. 
Norfolk, Litchfield Co., church not dedicated, attended once a month from 

North Canaan, Litchfield Co., attended once a month from Falls Village. 
Norwalk, Fairfield Co., St Mary's, Rev. P. A. Smith. 
Norwich, New London Co., St Mary's, Rev. Daniel Kelly. 
Plainville, Hartford Co., attended once a month from New Britain. 
Plymouth, attended from Waterbury. 
Poquonock, attended twice a month from Windsor Locks. 
Putnam, church not dedicated, attended from Harrisville. Mass every 

second Sunday. 
Redding Ridge, Fairfield Co., attended from Danbury. 
Bidgefield, Fairfield Co., attended from Danbury. 
Rockville, Tolland Co., St Bernard's, Rev. Hugh J. O'Reilly. 
Saybrook, Middlesex Co., attended from Branford. 
Seymour, New Haven Co., St Augustine's, attended from Birmingham. 

Mass every Sunday. 
Sharon, Litchfield Co., attended once a montih iromi Y«K\& "^'-^^.^i^. 
Stafford, Tolland Co., attended once a montVi iroTOi "Ro<^Vi!^^. 
Stamford, FairBeld Co., St. John's, Rev. Jameft H- O'^ftVW. 
BtonwgtoD, New London Co., St Mary's, atteiided ^Tom^^\.€tM- 



Stratford, New Haven Co., attended from K Bridgeport. 

Southington, Hartford Co , St. Thomas's, attended every second Sunday 

from Cheshire. 
Tariffville, Hartford Co., St. Paul's, attended from CoUinsville. Masa every 

second Sunday. 
Terryville, Litchfield Co., attended from "Waterbury. Mass every second 

Thompsonville, Hartford Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. Bemai-d TuUy. 
Wallingford, New Haven Co., The Most Holy Trinity, attended from 

Waterbury, New Haven Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. Thomas P. 

Hendricken, Pastor, Rev. James F. Campbell, Rev. Michael B. Roddan. 
"Watertown, Litcfifield Co., attended from Waterbury. 
Westerly, New London Co., St Michael's, Rev. P. Sherry. 
Weetport, Fairfield Co., Assumption, attended twice a month from Nor- 

Winsted, Litchfield Co., St. Joseph's* Rev. Philip Sheridan. 
Windsor Locks, Hartford Co., St Mary's, Rev. James Smyth. 
Willimantic, Windham Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Florimond de Bruycker. 
Walcotville, Litchfield Co., church not dedicated, attended from Winsted, 
Woodbury, New Haven Co., attended every second Sunday from Water- 


8t. Francis Xavier's Convent and Academt/ of the Sisters of Mercy^ Pro- 
vidence. Sister M. Angela Fitzgerald, Superior. 2Y religious ; 80 pupils. 

Convent and Academy of the Sisters of Mercy ^ Hartford. Sister Pauline 
Maher, Superior. 13 religious ; 50 pupils. 

Convent and Academy of the Sisters of Mercy, New Haven. Sister M. 
Stanislaus Spain, Superior. 18 religious; 60 pupils. 

Convent of the Sisters of Mercy^ Newport, R. L Sister M. Patricia 
Whelan, Superior. 6 religious. 

Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Pawtacket, R. I. Sister M. Camilla 
Purcell, Superior. 6 religious. 

St, Aloysiv^s Orphan Asylum, Providence, R. L Sister M. Paula Lom- 
bard, Superior. 102 boys' and 100 girls. 

Female Orphan Asylum, Hartford, Conn., directed by Sisters of Mercy. 
Orphans, 50. 

Fetnale Orphan Asylum^ New Haven, Conn., directed by Sisters of Mercy. 
Orphans, 60. 


Cathedral, Providence, boys 300, girls 400, Sunday School 1000. 
Immaculate Conception, Providence, boys 150, girls 200, Sunday School 
St. Patrick's, Providence, boys 40, girls 180, Sunday school 300. 
Pawtucket, Rhode Island, boys 100, girls 200, Sunday school 400. 
Woonsocket, " boys 120, girls 160, Sunday school 250. 

Newport " boys 130, girls 120, Sunday school, 300. 

St Mary's, New Haven, Conn., boys 250, girls 330, Sunday school 600. 
St. Patrick's ** boys 300, girls 400, Sunday school 600. 

Mart ford, Coan., 8t. Patrick's, boys 300, gYvVs S50, Bvxivday school 800. 

" £fL Peter's, boys 160, girla \ftO, ^\m^a.N wiV\<wi\ ^Wi. 
Waterbury, Conn., boys 800, girls 450, SundaN sft\iooV %Qft. 
jyew Britain, Conn., boys 100, girU 1^0, ^vxuda^ ftcVvo^X^Vift. 


Wallingibrd, foniL, boys 60, girls 60, Sunday school 120. 

Meriden, Gonn^ boys 60, girls 70, Sunday school 200. 

Middletown, Conn., boys 120, girls 100, Sunday school 850. 

Portland, Cona, boys 40, girls 60. 

Stamford, Conn., boys 60, girls YO, Sunday School 175. 

Besides the places here named there are lai^e and flourishing Sunday 
Schools attached to all the regular con^egations, and efiforts are being 
[nade to establish Catholic Day Schools wnereyer practicable. 

Religious Confraternities, — ^The Societies of St, Vincent dePaul, Purgato- 
rian, Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, and Scapular, are established in all the 
larger congregations. ' 


^ular Priests 60 Chapels 8 

Priests in the Mission 57 Stations 40 

Priests otherwise engaged.. 8 Female Relieious Institutions 6 

Priests ordained since last Orphan Asylums 3 

Report 8 Male Free Schools 17 

Priests deceased since last Male pupils ; 2,580 

Report 4 Female Free Schools 17 

lurches 72 Female pupils 8,505 

Churches built since last Re- Sunday Schools 100 

port 7 Catholic population 110,000 



Comprises the State of New Jersey, 


It. Rev. James Roosevelt Bayley, D.D., consecrated October 80, 1858. 
Vicar General. — Very Rev. Patrick Moran. 
'Chancellor and Secretary. — Rev. G. H. Doane. 

Bishop's Council. 
iTery Rev. Patrick Moran, Rev. B. J. McQuaid, 

lev. John Kelly, Rev. Oswald Moosmuller, O.S.B., .' 

lev. D. Senee, Rev. John Rogers, 

Rev. G. H. Doane, Secretary, 

Tewark, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rt. Rev. James Roosevelt Bayley, D.D., 
Rev. G. H. Doane, Rev. E. M Hickey, Rev. J. Dally. 
St. John's, Very Rev. P. Moran, V. G., Rev. James Moran. 
St. Mary's, (German,) Rev. Utho Huber, Prior, O.S.B., Rev. Oswald 

Moosmuller, O.S.B., Rev. Benno Hegel e, O.S.B., two lay brothers. 
St. James', Rev. J. M. Gervais. 
St Peter's, German, Rev. God fried Preith. 

StJoeepb's, Warren, corner Hudson. CVia\>A ^>c^oo\15>wva^Vi^ 
Served on Sunday by a Priest from the CaUifi^sA, 


St. Pius' School House, East Newark, (building.) 
Absecom, Atlantic Co., St. Nicholas of Tolentino, attended by the Augi»- 

tinians, from Philadelphia. 
Andover, Sussex Co., attended from Newton. 
Baskenridge, Somerset Co., St. James', attended by the Chaplain of St. 

Elizabeth's Academy, Madison. 
Belleville, Rev. J. Hogan. 

Belvidere, Warren Co., attended from Philipsburg. 

Bergen Point, Bergen Co., St. Mary's, (Stella Maris,) attended from Pas- 
Zionist Monastery, West Hoboken. 
Beverly, Burlington Co., St. Joseph's, attended from Burlington. 
Bloomneld, Essex Co., Church of the Immaculate Conception, attended 

from Belleville. 
Boon ton, Morris Co., Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Rev. D. Castet 
Bordentown, Burlington Co., St Marj's, Rev. Joseph Biggio. 
Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., attendea from Millville. 
Burlington, Burlington Co., St Paul's, Rev. Joseph D. Bowles. 
Camden, Camden Co., Church of the Immaculate Conception, Rev. Patriok 

Cape Island, St Mary's Star of the Sea, attended from Millville. 
Clinton, Hunterdon Co., attended from New Hampton. 
Dennis Creek, Cape May Co., attended from Millville. 
Dover, Morris Co., St MaiVs, Rev. John Callan. 
Elizabeth, Essex Co., St Mary's, Rev. Isaac P. Howell. 
Elizabeth, Essex Co., St Michael's, (German,) Rev. H. Lemke. 
Elizabethport, Essex Co., St Patrick's, Rev. A. Wirzfeld. 
English Neighborhood, Hudson Co., attended from West Hoboken. 
Fort Lee, Bergen Co., Church of the Madonna, Rev. Patrick Corrigan. 
Franklin Furnace, Sussex Co., attended from Newton. 
Flemington, Hunterdon Co., St Mary Magialen de Pazzi, attended from 

Freehold, Monmouth Co., St Rose of Lima, attended from Princeton. 
Gloucester City, Camden Co., St Mary's, Rev. James Daly. 
Greenville, Hudson Co., St. Paul's, attended from West Hoboken. 
Hackensack, Bergen Co., attended from Fort Lee. 
Hackettstown, Warren Co., attended from Dover. 
Hoboken, Hudson Co., Our Lady of Grace, Rev. Anthony Cauvin, Rev. 

Titus Joslin. 
Hudson City, St Joseph's, Rev. Aloysius Yenuta. 

Jersey City, Hudson Co., St Peter's, Rev. John Kelly, Rev. Patrick 
St Mary's, Rev. D. Senez, Rev. I. Daconeilio. 
Keyport, Monmouth Co., St Joseph's, attended from South Amboy. 
Lambertville, Hunterdon Co., St John Evangelist, Rev. James Callan. 
Long Branch, St. Mary's, attended from Red Bank. 
Lodi, Bergen Co., St Francis of Sales, attended from Paterson. 
Macopin, Passaic Co., St Joseph's, attended from Boonton. 
Madison, Morris Co., St Vincent's, Rev. M. A. Madden. 
Mendham, Morris Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Francis Lasoo. 
Morristown, Morris Co., Assumption B. V. M., Rev. Lawrence Hoey. 
Millville, Cumberland Co., S. Mary Magdalene, Rev. Anthony Haymann. 
Mount Holly, Burlington Co., St. Mary's, attended from Burlington. 
Mooreatown, Bnrliagton Co., attended from 0:\ow<i^'teT. 
J^ew Brunswick, Middlesex Co^ St. Petet'a, Ugn. AoVvi ^jo^ys^, ^*^."%. 


jw Hampton, Hnnierdon Co., St. Ann's, Rev. C. Rolland. 

swtoD, Sussex Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Edward J. McCosker. 

*ange, Essex Co, St. John's, Rev. James McKay. 

iford Furnace, Warren Co., New Church building, attended from New 


iiteraon, Passaic Co., St John Baptist, Rev. William McNulty. 

St Boniface, (German), Rev. J. J. Schandel. 
erth Amboy, Middlesex Co., St Mary's, Rev. J. W. Cornell, 
hilipsburg, Warren Co., St Philip and St James', Rev. Cornelius O'Reilly, 
lainfield, Essex Co., St Mary's, Rev. T. Eieran. 

ort Elizabeth, Cumberland Co., St Elizabeth's, attended from Mellville. 
leasant Mills, Atlantic Co., Assumption, B. V. M., attended from Camden, 

and by a German Priest from St Peter's church, Philadelphia, 
'rinceton, St. Paul's, Rev. J. J. O'Donnell. 

"rogress, Burlington Co., attended from St Peter's Church, Philadelphia, 
led Bank, Monmouth Co., Rev. Thomas Killen. 
lahway, Essex Co., St Mary's, Rev. Thomas Quinn. 
laritan, Somerset Co., St Bernard's, attended from Plainfield. 
ialem, Salem Co., St. Maiy's, Rev. Cornelius Cannon, 
kiotch Plains, Essex Co., St Joseph's (German), attended from St Mary's, 

iouth Amboy, Middlesex Co., St Mary's, Rev. John A. Kelly. 
Springfield, Essex Co., St Rose of Lima, attended from Madison, 
kmmit, St. Teresa, new church building, attended from Madison. 
Stanhope, Sussex Co., attended from Dover. 
Swedesborough, Gloucester Co., attended from Salem, 
rrenton, Mercer Co., St John Baptist, Rev. Anthony Smith. 

St Francis of Assisium (German), Rev. J. G. Gmeiner. 
Wawayanda, Sussex Co., attended from Newton. 
West Hoboken, Hudson Co., Our Lady of Mercy, Rev. Father Victor, and 

the other Passionist Fathers of the Community. 
31ie Rev. Nicholas Balleis, who resides at North Hobokao, attends the 

Germans in that vicinity. 
Whippany, Morris Co., Our Lady of Mercy, attended from Madison. 
Woodbury, Gloucester Co., attended from Gloucester City. 


Seton Hall College, South Orange, Rev. B. J. McQuaid, President, Rev. 
Jenry Brann, D. D., Vice-President 

Mother House of St. Mizabeth, Novitiate of Sisters of Charity, Mother M. 
Cavier. The Sisters have charge of St Elizabeth's Academy, Rev. Francis 
••aeco, Chaplain. 

St Michaels Retreat (Passionists), West Hoboken, N. J., Very Rev. 
\ Gaudentius Ros»i, First Provincial ConsuUor; Rev. Victor Carunchio, 
Ucior ; Rev. Stanislaus Pare^k, Rev. Faustinus Sergente, Rev. Timothy 
'acetti. Rev. Eusebius Lotis, Rev. Vitalian Lilla, Rev. Nilus Mastrojanni, 
nd several lay brothers. 

Benedictine Priory y Newark, Rev. Utto Huber, O.S.B., Prior ; Rev. Oswald 
loosmueller, O S.B., Rev. Benno Hegele, O.S.B., and 2 lay brothers. 

Benedictine Nunnery of St, Scholaetica, Newark ; seven Reli^loxjA -^Vv^ 
irect a Select School, and St Mary's Pariah ScbooV, "iiol^et 'B}^!\%%«t\'fc^ 

Orphan Mtfium, for boys, South Orange, under ttxe c\^«cg;^ oi >i>Di^ ^\%\«^^ 
CtiBn'tjr, who also teach the Gills' Parochial BchooV a\. VNv^ C^VX\<i^^« 



Sister Mary Catharine, Sister-senrant The Asyliim has been moved from 
^Newark, to a farm near South Orange. 

Orphan Asylum, for girls, Newark, under the charge of the Sisten of 
Chanty ; Sister Mary Josephine, Sister-servant. 

Orphan Asylum, for girls, Paterson, under the charge of the Sist^v of 
Charity, who also teach the Parochial School ; Sister Mary Joseph, Siste^ 
servant There is also an Asylum for Boys. 

House of the Sitters of Charity, attached to St. Peter's Church, Jeney 
City; they direct a Select School, and the Girls' Parochial School; Sister. 
Ann Elizabeth, Sister-servant 

House of the Sisters of Charity, attached to St Mary^B Church, Jersej 
City. The Sisters have charge of the Schools of the Parish, and tos 
Orphan Asylum ; Sister Basilia, Sister-servant 

House of iJi£ Sisters of Charity, attached to St John^s Church, Trentco, 
The Sisters have charge of the Schools of the Parish ; Sister Mary Yiiif 
cent, Sister-servant 

Convent of Sisters of Notre Dame, Trenton. They have charge of the 
German Parochial Schools ; Sister Mary Zita, Superior. 

House of Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, attached to Our Lady's Church, 
Hoboken ; Superior, Sister Antonia. 

Catholic Institute, New street, Newark, built for the use of the Toong 
Men's Catholic Association. Bev. E. M. Hickey, President It compisei 
a Library, a Lecture Hall, a Reading Boom, a Book Store, a Ball Courts 
a Gymnasium, a Billiard Room and Music Room. . 

There are Parochial Schools connected with St Patrick's Cathedral, , 
St John's Church, St Mary's Church, St James', St Peter's Chuidi, 
Newark, a large one at Madison, and most of the churches of the Diocesa 

There are Rosary Societies, in most of the parishes. The Confraternity 
of the Bona Mors is established at Hoboken. Thei^ are Conferences ii 
St Vincent de Paul at St Patrick's Cathedral, Newark, at Jersey City, 
and at Trenton. The Association of the Propagation of the Faith is es- 
tablished in tlip Diocese, and numbers about 86 Decades. 


Established 1855. 
Comprises Maine and New Hampshire, 


Rt Rev. D. W. Bacon, D.D., First Bishop, consecrated April 22, ISlJfi. 
Vicar Genial. Very Rev. Eugene Miiller. 



Portland, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Rt. Rev. D. W. Baoon, 
V.R, Very Rev. Eug. Miiller, V.G., Rev. J. A. De Rose. 
Sh Dominick's Church, Very Rev. EiM^ftUft MxiUar, V.G. 
Auffueta, St Mary% Rev. Charles Egaa. 
Bangor, St Jobn% Rev. Henry GiWen. 
St MichaeVB, Rev. ^ — 

BiocaasE OF Portland. 119 

Jath, St Mary's, Rev. C. J. O'Callaghan. 

fenedicta^ St. Benedict, Rer. Daniel W. Murphy. * 

^I/ast, att^ded from Rockland. 

''Uiuwiok, attended from Bath. 

ddeford, Immaculate Conception, Rev. Eug. Vetromile. 

^m, Immaculate Ck>nception, and St. Ann's (Indidn), Rev. F. Imasso. 

eiryfield, attended from Ellsworth. 

mariscotta, St Patrick's, attended from Whitefield. 

jt Machias, St MarVs, Rev. 

itport^ St Joseph's, Rev. Matthew Murphy. 

sworth, Rev. John Madden. , 

^nkford, attended from Ellsworth. 

rdner, (new church,) Rev. C. Egan. 

llowell, attended from Augusta. 

ilton, St Mary's, Rev. Daniel W*. Murphy. 

iantowu, St Ann's, attended from Ellsworth. 

mebunk, attended from Biddeford. 

riaton, St John's, Rev. Michael Lucey. 

tee, attended from Eastport. 

shias. Rev. 

r Castle, St Patrick's, attended from Whitefield. 

town, St. Mary's and St Ann's, Rev. J. B. Nycolin. 

ibroke, (new church,) Rev. F. Imasso. 

lisant Point, attended from Pembroke. 

imond, attended from Augusta. 

inatoD, attended from Pembroke. 

Uand, St David's, Rev. Andrew Barron. 

\ attended from Biddeford. 

wbegan, attended from Augusta. 

maston, attended from Rockland. 

ioott, attended from Pembroke. 

^erville, St Francis of Sales, Rev. Ch. Egan. % 

itefield, St Dennis', Rev. 


remont, St Mary's, vacant 

cord, attended from iN'ashua. 

imbia, attended from Lancaster. 

er, St. Aloysius', Rev. John Brady. 

ber, Rev. Bernard O'Hara. 

at Falls, St Michael's, Rev. Jas. A. T. Durnin. 

.ne, attended from Claremont 

.caster. Rev. Isidore Noiseux. 

lehester, St. Ann's, Rev. William McDonald. 

iiua, Inunaculate (Conception, Rev. John 0*DonnelI. 

V Market, attended frx>m Exeter. 

tsmouth, St Mary's, Rev. Patrick Oanavan. 

ihester, attended from Great Falls. 

non Falls, St Mary's, attended from Great Falls. 

lie Indian Missions are under the charge of Rev. Eugene Yetro- 


Convent and Academy of Sisiers of Mercy ^ in MaucYv^W, "S^«^ "Q^KOi^- 

•e, 3f. Frmnoee X Warae, Superior. 

here exist Catiwlh Schools m several of the Mw\on« Wi^ ii^'w Q'e^^ 

I progreee of erection. 



Cimrclies 42 Indian Missions ^ 4 

Clergymen 24 Catholic Population, about. ..40,000 

CoDvent 1 

^t f robiua of (Kinnnnati. 

It embraces the dioceses of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Covington, Detroit, 
Fort TVayne, Louisville, Saut Sainte Marie, and Yincennes. These dioceM 
coutain Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky. 


The Diocese of Ciruiinnati comprises that part of the State of Ohio l^nf 
south of 40^ 41', being the counties south of the Northern litie of Mercer, 
Allen, Hardin, Marion, Knox, Coshocton, Tuscarawas, Harri9on, ad 
Jefferson counties. 


Most Rev. JoHw Baptist Furoell, D.D., consecrated Oct. 13, 1833, 
lit. Rev. S. H. RdsECRANs, D.D., Bishop of Pompeiopolis and Auxiliai] 
Bishop of Cincinnati. 

^ Previotts Bishop. 

Rt. Rev. Edward Fknwick, D.D., O.P., consecrated 1822, died 1832. 


Rt. Rev. S. H. Rosecrans, D.D., Rev. Otto Jair, 0-8.F. 

Very Rev. E. T. Collins, . B. Hengehold, 

Edward Purcell, C H. Borgess, 

Jos. Ferneding, Chancellor. 


Cincinnati, St Peter*s Cathedral, Most Rev. J. B. Purcell, D.D., Rt BiKi 
S. H. Rosecrans, D.D., V. Rev. E. T. Collins, V.O., V. Rev. E. P» 
cell, V.G., Rev. C. H. Borgess, Rev. W. J. Hally. 
St. Francis Xavier's, Rev. Charles Driscol, S.J., Kev. John De Bliedi 
S.J., Rev. F. Acmal, S.J., Rev. H. Baselmans, S.J., Rev. P. i 
Nogues, S. J , Rev. W. Schmidt, S.J., Rev. Jos. Zealand, SJ^ Bii 
A. O'Neill, 8. J. 
St Thomas's, attended from St Xavier's. 
-St Patrick's, Rev. Richard GUmoxe, B.w. F. Cubero. O.S.D. 
Holy Trinity's (German), Rev. B.Uftii^ftVc^^^BjeH.i. ^^634^.8*^ 
Rich, Broering. _ « > ^ «,.*• 

St Mary's (German), Rev. J. B.m\5m«.^Ti,^«^.^«t\M«^.\S*% 


St John's (German), Superior Rev. Otto Jair, O.S.F., Rev. Anselm 
Koch, Rev. Uhaldns Wehersinke, 

St. Paul's (German), V. Rev. Jos. Femeding, V.G., Rev. Herman Fer- 
neding, Rev. Geo. Steinlage. 

St. Joseph's (German), Engb. Stehle, Rev. J. W. Brammer. 

St Phaomen's (German), Rev. G. H. Kuhr, D.D., Rev. A. Thoebe. 

St. Michael's (German), Rev. M. Deselaers. 

St Angnstine's (German), Rev. B. J. Menge, Rev. H. Kering. 

St. Francis' (German), V. Rev. Eusebius Schmidt, O.S.F., Gustos, Rev. 
Francis Holzer, O.S.F., Superior, Rev. Anthony Becker, O.S.F., Rev. 
l4Tike Gottbehoede, O.S.F., Rpv. Accursius Beine, O.S.F. 

St. Anthony's (German), Rev. H. Boecker, Rev. Herman Johanning. 

All Saints', Rev. James Callaghan. 

Immaculate Conception, Rev. B. Gelss. 

Holy Angels', Rev. E. P. Corcoran. 

St. Francis of Sales', Rev. J. J. Mengc 

St. Peter's, Lickrun, attended from St. John's, Cincinnati 

St Clement's, St Bernard, Rev. Nicholas Wachter. 

St. Aloysius', Ludlow, Rev. Joseph Witler. 

St. James', Mt Airy, Rev. J. C. Kraemer. 

St John Baptist's, Dry Ridge, attended from Mt Pleasant 

Our Lady of Victories', Delhi, Rev. B. Bruening. 

St. Vincent of Paul's, Sedamsville, Rev. D. X. McLeod. 

SS. Peter and Paul's, Reading, Rev. J. H. Stuckenberg. 

St. Gabriel's, Glendale, Rev. W. M. Carey, who also attends Chester 
and Mason. 

St. Mary's, Mt Pleasant, Rev. Gustave Miettinger. 

St. John Baptist's, Chapel of Mt St Mary's Seminary, Rev. Michael 

Chapel of the Sisters of Charity, attended from the Cathedral. 

Chapel of the Sisters of Notre Dame, attended by a Jesuit Father, also 
from the Cathedral. 

Chapel of the Sisters of Mercy, attended from the CathedraL 

Chapel of St Mary's Hospital, attended from St Augustine's, 
rcher's Settlement, Monroe Co., St Michael's, attended from Enoch, 
rnheim, Brown Co., St Mary's, attended from New Richmond, 
thens, Athens Co., attended from Wilkesville. 
elair, Belmont Co., St Mary's, attended by Rev. J. H. Jacquet 

ellefontaine, Logan Co., St. Joseph's^ Rev. Heime. 

erlin. Shelby Co., St Michael's, Rev. A. M. Meyer, 
olivar, Tuscarawas Co., St Martin's, attended from Canal Dover, 
remen, Fairfield Co., Church of the S. Heart attended from Lancaster. 
aUfomia, Hamilton Co., attended from All Saints', Cincinnati 
alifornia, Madison Co., attended from Springfield. 

^al Dover, Tuscarawas Co., St , Rev. Helms. 

ftrthagena, Mercer Co., a congregation of colored people. Rev. John Van- 
den Brook, C.PP.S., Rev. Bernard Dickmann, CPP.S., who also attend 
8t Philothea's. 

Bdarville, Greene Co., attended from Xenia. 
bapel Hill, Perry Co., St Francis', Rev. Joseph Brogard. 
^auncey, Athens Co., Church of the Seven Dolors, attended from Logan, 
lillicotne, Ross Co., St Mary's, Rev. M. Kennedy. 

•« « St, Peter^B, (German), Rev. Edw. lAftb, O.^.'S. 

releviJIe^ Pickaway, Co., St. Joseph's, Rev. John Dviffy. 
jtoa Townsbip, Perry Co., St. Dominic^B, attendea \>^ «k T>OTaMivi«a- 
Father. ^ 


Columbu8, Franklin Co., Holy Cross Chnrch, (German), Rev. B. Hem- 
" " St. Patrick's, Rev. Edw. Fitzgerald, Rev. T. J. J. 

Coppinger, Rev. John B Murray. 
Coshocton, Coshocton Co., St. George's, Rev. Francis Andres. 
Curnminsville, St. Aloysens, Rev. D. B. Walker. 
Danville, Knox Co., St. Luke's, attended from Ml Vernon. 
Dayton, Montgomery Co., Emanuel's Church (German), Rev. Charles Hahne^ 
" " St. Joseph's, Rev. D. J. Kelly. 

« ** St Mary's (German), Rev. John Schiff. 

" " Holy Trinity (German), Rev. J. F. Goetz. 

/ Deavertown, Morgan Ca, St. Barnabas', attended from Chapel HilL 
Degraff, Logan Co., attended from BeUefontaine. 
Dele ware, Deleware Co., St Mary's, Rev. — Fehlings. 
Dogherty's Settlement, Monroe Co., attended from Enoch. 
Dresden, Muskingum Co., St Matthew's, attended from Coshocton. 
Egypt, Auglaize Ca, St Joseph's, Rev. J. D. Cruce Wittmer, PP.8, 
Enoch, Noble Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. D. J. Klneber. 
Fayetteville, Brown Co., St Patrick's, Rev. C. Daly. 
Fairfield, ten miles from Dayton, SS. Philip and JannariuE^, attended from 

Nazareth, by Rev. Mr. Maucfere. 
Foster's Crossing, Highland Co., St Killion's, attended fr^m Milford. 
Fox's Settlement, Washington Co., attended from Enoch. 
Franklin, Coshocton Co., St Nicholas', attended from Coshocton. 
Fryburg, Auglaize Co., St. John Evangelisf , attended by priests PP.S. 
Gallipolis, Gallia Co., St Louis', attended from Pomeroy. 
Georgetown, Brown Co., attended from New Richmond. 
Good Hope, Hocking Co., Our Lady of Good Hope, attended from Lan- 
Greenfield, Highland Co., St. Bineen's, attended from Hillsborougb. 
Greeneville, Darise Co., St Charles', Rev. Charles Schelhamer. 
Greenwood, near Minster, St Mary's, Rev. P. Wilholmy, CPP.S., Rev. P. 
Renther, CPP.S., Rev. H. Drees, CPP.S., who also attend St Mary's 
Chapel and St. Francis Assisium's. 
Groveport, Franklin Co., attended from St Patrick's, Columbus. 
Hamilton, Butler Co., St Stephen's, Rev. Fr. da Paula Kolb, O.S.F. 

St Mary's, Rev. A. O. Walker, who also attendB ' 
Eaton and Somerville. 
Hanging Rock, attended from Iron ton. 

Harrison, St John's, Hamilton Co., attended from St John's, Cincinnati 
Heckla Furnace, attended from Ironton. 
Himmelgarten, Mercer Co., St Joseph's and St Mary's, Rev. J. M. Al- < 
brecht, CPP.S., Rev. Ethard Glueck, CPP.S., who also attend St ^ 
Joseph's, St Henry's, and St. Wendelin's. 
Hillsborough, Highliind Co., St Mary's, Rev. M. CDonoghoe. 
Jacksonville, Darke Co., St Remi's, Rev. C Brisard. 
Jacksonville, Meigs Co., Church of the Holy Name, attended from Wilket- 

Jackson Township, Perry Co., attended by the Dominicans. 
Ironton, Lawrence Co., St. Lawrence's, Rev. Phil J. Donogho. 
Kenton, Hardin Co., Rev. P. Henneberj. 

KiJbnck, Coabocton Co., SS. Mary and Elizabeth|s, attended from CoahoctoB. 
Zanoaster, FairBeld Co., St Mary's, R.ev. B.fenT^ ljfflk%^. 
Larne, Marion Co., attended from BeWftionXAm^. 
^^ebanoD, Warren Co., attended from BiVioT^ 
iverpooJ, M&diaon Co., attended from ^^Ym^^ft\^« 

BiociSB 01* cmcmKATi. 123 

JaiToll Co., St Franof^, attended from Margns. 

Hocking Co., St. JoHn Baptist's, Rev. CK F. Hone. 

, Madison Co., Si,t John Evangelist's, attended from Springfield. 

ottom, Meigs Co., attended from Poraeroy. 

id, Clermont Co., attended from Milford. 

iville, Hamilton Co., St. MichaeFs, Rev. — Gangloff. 

, Carroll Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. Peter JanuariasWeissen- 


rtein, Mercer Co., Priests PP.S. 

a, Washington Co., St. Mary's, Rev. M. J. D. Ryan, who also attends 

'Oral stations on H. <fe C. R. R. 

Marion Ca, a brick church* bnilding, attended from Bellefon- 

:ly's Settlement, St. Clement's, attended from St. James's, Newark. 
)reek, Morgan Co., attended from Marietta, 
burg, St. Michael's, Rev. M. Mauclere. 
;own, St Mary's, Rev. Thos. J. Boulger. 
j^ Madison Co., attended from Springfield. "^ 
, Clermont Co., St. Andrew's, Rev. J. B. O'Donohoe. 
)urg, Holmes Co., attended from Mt Eaton, 
burg, Monroe Co., St. John's, attended from Enoch. 
, Auglaize Co., St Augustine's, Very Rev. Andrew Kunkler, C.PP.S., 
V. Andrew Stiefvater, C.PP.S. 
r Creek, St. Peter's, vacant. 

% Warren Co., St Malachy's, attended from Milford. 
on. Holmes Co., St Genevieve's, Rev. J. M. Guy. 
mon, Knox Co., St. Vincent's, Rev. Julius Brent 
ehington, Hamilton Co., attended from All Saints^ Cineinnati. 
9n, Holmes Co., attended from Mt Eaton, 
bh, near Dayton, Rev — Courtes, Rev. M. Mauclere. 
:, Licking Co., St Francis Sales', Rev. Fred. Bender, who also attends 
ler stations. 

>ston, Clermont Co., St. Louis', attended from St Philomena, Cler- 
nt Co. 

iris, attended from Middletown. 

pt, Shelby Co., SS. Peter and Paul's, attended from Sidney, 
ichmond, Clermont Co., St. Peter^s, Rev. C. Wiese. 
vn, Hamilton co., attended from All Saints, Cincinnati 
, Butler CO., St. Mary's, attended from Middletown. 
9, attended from Dayton. 

urg, SS. Peter's and Paul's, attended from Fryburg. 
•ove Furnace, Lawrence co., St. Mary's, Rev. D. HWienands. 
Miami CO., St Mary's, Rev. J. N. Thisse. 

" St Joseph's, Rev. M *A. Meyer. 

" St Boniface, Rev. — Behman. 

urg, attended from Springfield, 
t Valley, Madison co., attended from Columbus, 
y, Meigs co., Church of the S. Heart, Rev. J. F. Kalenberg, who 
attends St John Baptist's, and other stations, 
reek, Scioto co.. Holy Trinity's, attended from Portsmouth, 
outb, Scioto CO., Church of the Nativity, Rev. F. Karge, O.S.F. 

Church of the Redeemer, Rev. James J. O'Douo^^o^ ^Vq %\vi 
attends 'Washington, Junior FurnaceB, "Bxifeu^^ ^*va\i«k wA 
Brown oo,, St. MichaeVa, attended from New "RiCiVMaioii^ 
lark CO., attended from Xenia. 


Sidney, Shelby co., Holy Angels*, Jlev. L. F. D'Arcy. 
Soinmerford, Madison co., attended from Springfield. 
Springfield, Clark co., St Raphaers, Rev. M. Howard, Rev. B. Eeleher. 

" St Bernard^ (German) attended from Nazareth. 

" St Boniface, Rev. Wm. Deiters. 

Spring Valley, Greene co., attended from Xenia. 
Steubenville, Jefferson co., St. Peter's, Rev. E. Thienpont 
Somerset, Perry co.. Holy Trinity's, Rev. J. F. Jarboe. 
South Charleston, Clark co., attended from Xenia. 
Stockport, St James', attended from Marietta. 
Stone Lick, Clermont co., St Philomena^s, Rev. Louis Navaron. 
St. John's, Mercer co.. Rev. B. Ansterman, C.PP.S., Rev. Anthony Capedai^ 

C.PP.S., who also attend St Sebastian's. 
St Joseph's, Perry co.. Rev. M. D. Lilly, Prior O.S.D., Rev. S. Byrne, CaD, 

Rev. G. A. Wilson, O.8.D., Rev. J. N. Edelen, O.S.D., Rev. J. Jl 

Sheridan, Rev. D. H. Noon. 
St Mary's, Noble co., Rev. J. M. Jacquet, Rev. Francis X Button. 
St Martin's, Brown co., Rev. C. Gacon, Rev. W. Cheymol. 
St Peter's and St Anthony's, Mercer co., attended fi:t)m Maryshome, Ind. , 

" Scioto CO., Rev. J. Schreiber. 
St Patrick's, Perry co , attended by the Dominican Fathers. 
St Xavier's, eight miles from Chillicothe, and attended from there. 
Syracuse, Meigs co., attended from Pomeroy. 
Tippecanoe, Miami co., St John Baptist's, attended from Piqua. 
Taylorstown, Franklin co., attended from Columbus. 
Taylorsville, Muskingnm co., St Anne's, attended from Zanesville. 
Tremont^ Clark co., attended from Springfield. 
Troy, Miami co.,St Patrick's, attended from Piqua. 
Union City, Darke co., attended from Piqua j 

Union Township, Washington co., St Joseph's, attended from Marietta. 
Urban a. Champaign co., St. Mary's, Rev. Jas. F. Kearney, who also atteodll 

Mechanicsburg, Woodstock, Milford Centre, Marysville, Paris^ Werf 

Liberty and Mac-a-cheek. 
Vera Cruz, Brown co., Church of the Holy Trinity, Rev. Barthol'w Schmidt 
Wapnkoneta, Auglaize co., St. Joseph's, Rev. Jos. Dwenger, C.PP.S, 

Rev. Andrew Herbstrit, C.PP.S., Rev. Engb. Ruff, CPP.S., Rev. • 

Volm, who also attend St Mary's, Freiburg, New Rhine, and sevenl 

other stations. 
Washington, Fayette co., attended from Xenia. 
Waynesburg, Warren co., attended from Xenia. 
West Union, Brown co., attended from Fayettveille. 
West Jefferson, Madison co., attended from Springfield. 
Wills Creek, Coshocton co., St Ann's, attended from Coshocton. 

'' St. Joseph's, attended from Enoch. 

Wilkesville, Vinton co;, St Michael's, Rev. T. Tiemey. 
Wilmington, attended from Hillsboro'. 
Worthington, Franklin co., attended from Columbus. 
Xenia, Gieene co., St. Bridget's, Rev. Thomas Blake. 
Yellow Springs, Clark co., St Paul's, attended from Springfield. 
Zanesville, Muskingum co., St Thomas', Rev. F. J. Dunn, O.S.D., Be?. I 
H. Lynch, O.S.D. 

" St Nicholas' (German), Rev. J. J. Ranch, • 

7%eoloffical Seminary, Mt St. Mary^a oi t\ift NT ^\^ tvwa C^^vm^ ^ 
r>aniel O'Eegan, Preaident; Rev. lF.Pa\>\ac\i,I>.^«\ ^«^.l>.^>^!ai*» 


Seminary of the Society of the Freeious Blood at Carthagena. Rev. 
3hn Yanden Brook and Rev. B. Dickmann. C.PP.S. 

St Xavter's College, Cincinnati. Rev. J. Schultz, S.J., President; Rev. 
. Garesche, S.J., Vice-President; Rev. P. Demeester, S.J., Rev. Jos. Fas- 
re, S.J., Rev. P. J. Arnoudt, S.J., Rev. F. X. Weninger, S.J. 

J)ominiean Convent of 8t. Joseph's, Perry County, (P.O. St. Joseph's,) 
^rior Rev. M. D. Lilly, O.P., Sul^pri&r Rev. Stephen Byrne, O.P., Novice- 
taster Rev. J. A. Sheridan, O.P., Procurator Rev. H. D. Noon, O.P., Rev. 
. M. P. Heaney, O.P., Rev. J. A. Rotchford, O.P., Rev. H. P. Ralph, O. P., 
iev. J. H. Slinger, O.P., Rev. T. R. Fallon, O.P., Rev. T. Cady, O.P., with 

professed novices, 5 postulants and 9 lay brothers. 

77ie Catholic Gymnasium of St. Panels Assisiwn, directed by the Fran- 
iscan Fathers in Cincinnati. 

Commercial College of the Catholic Institvie, Cincinnati Professor B. 
L Entrup, Principal 

St. Marjfs Boarding School, Nazareth, near Dayton. Rev. Louis Meyer, 
luperior ; Rev, M. Mauclere. 

Young Ladief^ Literafy Institute, 6th street, Cincinnati, directed by the 
isters of Notre Dame. Sister Louisa, Superior. 

Mount St. Vincenfs Academy for Young Ladies^ near Cincinnati, directed 
y the Sisters of Charity. Mother Josephine Harvey, Superior. 

Ml. Notre I>am£ Young Ladies' Boarding School, near Reading. Sister 
fary Hyacinth, Superior. 

Young Ladies* Academy of the Ursuline Nuns, St. Martin's, near Fayett- 
ille. Brown co.. Sister Julia Chatfield, of the Assumption, Superior. 

St. Marjfs Female Academy^ Somerset, Perry co., directed by the nuns of 
t Dominic 

St. Joseph's Boarding, Day and Free School, Dayton, directed by the 
igters of Charity. 

Boarding School of Maria-Huelf Minister, Auglaize co., directed by the 
(iBters of the Precious Blood. 


Sncinnati — 

CathedrcU School for Boys under the Christian Brothers. Number 

of pupils 260. 

Cathedral School for Girls, under the Sisters of Charity. Number 

of pupils 220. 

Holy Trinit}fs School for Boys and Girls. Pupils 627. 

St. Mary's " " " " 800. 

St. John's " Girls ** " 715. 

St. PauCs " . " " " 755. 

St. Philomena's " " " " 420. 

St. Joseph's " " " •' 700. 

St. Augustine's '* " " " 558. 

St. Frande " Boys " « 800. 

StPatrick^s " " " " 260. 

Holy Angeie " " " " 70. 

All Saints' " « " '* ftO. 

* W€ regret that a fall and aatisfactonr report of the Schools ©ai\iiot\>e ^^vfeti, e^v^^AvsW^ 
»««o ^^*wliarela g09d example is ao much needed to induce oxketa ^J0 e^\AJ^A\wi 


8t Jamei^ ML Airy, School for Boys. PnpUs 76. 

Bt. Joseph's " •* " " 66. 

8t. Aloysius\ Ludlow " u a -^fjQ 

'. OurLady of Victories^ Delhi, School for Boys* Papils 140. 

St Martfs, Mt Pleawnt •* " •* 60. 

Sisters of Notre Boms " Oirls " 730. 

Sisters of Mercy " " " 800. 

Arnheim Sunday School for Boys and Girls, Pupils 80. 

Berlin School for Boys aaid Girls, " 126. 

Columlms, Holy Cross School, for Boys mid Girls " 400. 

Columbus, StPatriek's " " ** *' 814. 

Baytm, St Joseph's " " " *< 180. 

• -^ffyp^ Convent School, Pupils 80. 

Enoch, School for Boys and Girls, Pupils 60. 

" St Joseph* s School for Boys and Girls, Papils 80. 

" St John's School " " " 80. 

Ironton, St John's ** " " " 120. 

" Sunday School Pupils ^ 160. 

Mariastein, Convent School, Pupils 60. 

Minster " " " 180. 

New Richmond, School for Boys and Girls. Pupils 66. 

Fiqua, St Mary's " " •* « 80. 

Pine Grove, St Mari/s School for Boys and Girls, Pupils 127. 

" LicTcrun " " " " 40. 

Portsmouth Sunday School, Pupils 70. 

Ripley School for !Boys and GirU, Pupils 70. 
St Manfs School, Noble eo.,for Boys and Girls. 

Urbana, School for Boys and Girls, Pupils 50. 
Union Township, School for Boys and Girls. 

Xenia, St, Bridget's School for Boys arid Girls, Pupils 140. 
Zanesville, St Thomas " " " 

" St Nicholas " 


Established 1847. 
Comprises that part of the State of Ohio lying North of AO^ 40'. 

Rt. Rev. Amedeus Rappk, consecrated October 10, 1847. 

Vicars General : — Very Rev. A. Caron, Very Rev. J. Lubr, Veiy Be 
Conlan. Chancellors : — The Vicars General and the Rev. F. Safaua. 
Secretary : Very Rev. A. Caron. 


Cleveland, St. John the EvaogeUst, 'Rt. "Rev. Km^^evxa^^c^^^^i.'^^"' 
Rev. A. Caron, Rev. — Tboipe, aii^l^ftv.ia^Uti^QXi-j. ^QSmi^^ 
10, Vespers at 8, Beneaietiou oi t\ieTS\ee»^^^^<stM$iftT5.\.^*k,. 


St Patrick's, Bridge street^ Very Rev. J. Conlan, J. W. Conlan. High 
Mass at 10, Vespers at 3. 

St. Bridget's, attended from the cathedral. 

Immaculate ConceptioD attended from the seminary. 

St Peter's^odge street, Very Rev. J. Luhr,High Mass at 10, Vespers at 3. 

St Joseph's, Kmgsman street High Mass at 10, Vespers at 3. Rev. 

St Mary's, Columbus street, Rev. Father Falk. High Mass at 10, Ves- 
pers at 3. 

Ursuline convent, attended from the Cathedral, Girls* Asylum from 
the Seminary, and Boys' Asylum from St Patrick's. 
Acron, Sunmiit County, St Vmcenrs, Rev. M Scanlon. 

do. do. St. Joseph's, Rev. Peter Donnenhoffer. 

Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co. (church not dedicated) Rev. J. Ti*acy. 
Avon, Lorain Co., Trinity church, attended from French Creek. 
Alliance, Stark Co., St Patrick, attended from Hudson. 
Bethlehem, attended from Massillon. 
Bellevue, church not dedicated, Rev. J. Momshurt 
Bigspring, Seneca Co., St Peter's, attended from New ReigeL 
Berwick, do. do. St Nicolas, attended from Findley. 
£erea, Cuyahoga Co., (church not dedicated) attended from Olmstead. 
Bucyrus, Crawford County, (church not dedicated) attended from Upper 

Canton, Stark Co., St John the B., Rev.H. Lindersmith. 

do. do. St Peter's, Rev. A. Ullmann. 

Clide, St Patrick, attended from Bellevue. 
Clarksville, Fulton Co., attended from Defiance. 
CTonneaut, Ashtabula Co., attended from Ashtabula. 
C3rawfordville, Crawford Co., attended from New Reigel. 
CrosliDe, Crawford Co., attended from Mansfield. 

Defiance, Defiance Co., St John theEv., Rev. J. Hceffeland Rev J. Carol!. 
Ddphos, Van Wert Co., (church not dedicated) Rev. J. Vetterhull. 
Delaware, Defiance Co., attended from Defiance. 
Duneannon, Columbiana Co., St John, Rev. G. Peters. 
Dojlestown, "Wayne Co., St Michael, attended from Fulton. 
iSnclid, Cayahoga Co., St. Patrick, attended from the Seminary, 
^dley, Hancock Co., church not dedicated. 
Premont, Sandusky Co., St. Mary, Rev. Michael O'NeiL 
do. do. St. Joseph, German church, not dedicated. Rev. Z. 

Port Jennings, Putnam Co., Rev. John. Goebbles. 
Prench Settlement, Wayne Co., attended from Fulton. 
French Settlement, German township, attended from Defiance. 
French Creek, Lorain Co., St J. Bap., Rev. J. HaskspiU and Rev. L. Smith. 
Gallion, Crawford Co., attended from Shelby. 
Glendolff, Putnam Co., St Peter's, Rev. Father Austin with two priests of 

the Most Precious Blood. 
Breensburgb, Sandusky Co., St Peter's, Rev. F. Angley. 
Hudson, Summit Co., church not dedicated. Rev. P. Brown. 
Barrisburgh, Stark Co., Sacred Heart of Mary, attended from Louisville, 
independence, Cuyahoga Co., St. Michael, attended from Newburgh. 
tUyna, Lorain Co., Rev. F. Sullivan. 
Kelly's Island, Erie Co., attended from Sandusky City. 
^DgBvilJe, Lake Co., attended from Parisville. 
au, Allen Co., cburoh not dedicated, Rev. S Mxitphy. 
tUBvW^ Stark Co., St. Louis, Rev. G. HoiTeii and B.e^. O. "EwViW- 


La Prairie, Sandusky Co. St Mary, attended from Port Clioton. 
' Liverpool, Medina Co., St Martin, Rev. L. Dolweok. 

do. do. St Mary, attended from Liverpool. 

East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., attended from Snmmitvilla 
Laporte, Lorain Co., St John, Rev. Thomas Hally. 

Liberty, St Sebastian, attended from Greenburgb. 
Mansfield, Richmond Co., church not dedicated. Rev. Jam«s Molony. 
Massillon, Stark Co., St Mary's, (German) Rev. N. Roupp. 

do. do. (English church not dedicated) Rev. S. Thie. 

Muoroeville, Huron Co., church not dedicated. Rev. H. Able. 
Maumee City, Lucas Co,, St Joseph, Rev. F. Hamdne. 
Middletown,^ood Co., St Mary's, attended from Perrysburgh. 
Kapoleon, Henry Co., church not dedicated, attended from Provideno< 
New Washington, Crawford Co., Rev. A. Dam back. 
Newburg, Cuyahoga Co., church not dedicated, Rev. J. Kuln. 
New Cleveland, Putnam Co., St Peter's, attended from Glendolff, 
Newberlin, Stark Co., attended from Canton. 
Norwalk, Huron Co., St Peter's, Rev. X. Obermuller. 
Norwalk, Huron Co., St Patrick's, Rev. John Quin. 
Olmstead, Cuyahoga Co., Church not dedicated, Rev. L. Filiere. 
Othovile, Van Wert Co., attended from Fort Jennings. 
Popular Ridge, attended from Defiance. 
Perue, Huron Co., St Alphonse, Rev. Monganham. 
Plainsville, Lake Co., church not dedicated, Rev. C. Coquerele. 
Port Clinton, Ottoway Co., St. Mary's, Rev. Father Varfe. 

Providence, Henry Co., St Patrick's, Rev. ^ Pitz, 

Rockport, Cuyahoga Co,, St Mary's, attended from Olmstead. 

Rockport, Cuyahoga Co., church not dedicated, attended from ^evba 

Rome, Seneca Co., church not dedicated, attended from Findley. 

Randolff, Portage Co., church not dedicated, Rev. Y. Hunsper. 

Rogatown, attended from Grafton. 

Ravana, Portage Co., attended from Hudson. 

Riviere aux Toussaiuts, Ottoway Co., church not dedicated, attended f 

Sandusky City, Erie Co., Holy Angels, Rev. R. Sidley. 

St Peter's, Rev. N. Moes. 
Shefiield, Lorain Co., St Theresa, attended from French Or^ek. 

Shelby Settlement, Richville Co., St , Rev. Father Arnold. 

Sherman, Huron Co., St Sebastian, attended from Thompson. 
Sunamitville, Columbiana Co., St John, Rev. D. Tighe. 
Texas, Lucas Co., attended from Toledo. 
Tiffin, Seneca Co. St. Joseph's, Rev. J. Behn. 
St. Mary's, Rev. M. Haley. 
Toledo, Lucas Co., St Francis of Sales, Rev. F. Boff. 

St Aloysius, Rev. Ch. Evrard. 

French Church not dedicated Rev. — . Rev. Rouchey. 

St Patrick's, Rev. E. Hannon. 

the chapels of the Ursuline?, and the Gray SistcSt^, attended by 1 
— Rouchey, 
Tompson, Seneca Co., St Michael, Rev. Father Aloysius and Ft 

Jacob, PP.S. 
Thompson, Lake Co., attended from Ashtabula. 
Vermillion, Lorain Co., attended iroTO-^'j™. 
Upper Sandusky, Crawford Co. , attended ^xom^e^ ^cw^tSu 
Vtica, Crawford Co., attended from IS evi^aftVm^Vftv^ 


7'oodville, WoodyOle Co., church not dedicated, attended from Greens- 

Voolf Creek, Seneca Co., St. Michael, Rev. Father Patrick, P.Pi»., as- 

BiBted by two priests of the same order, 
^ikniugton, attended from Grafton. 

STooster, Wayne Co., church not dedicated, Rev. 8. Gallagher. 
P^eUsville, Columbiana Co., attended from Summitville. 
iToongstown, Mahoning Co., chnroh not dedicated, Rev. K O'Callaghan. 


8l Manfs EeeUiiastical Seminary, Cleyeland, Superior, Rev. F. Salaun, 
Professor, Rev. Ed. Martin, Seminarians, 22. 

Petit Seminary, Superior, Rev. F. Salaun ; Assistant^ Rev. R Martin. 
k Professor, Rev. — Quin. Number of Scholars, 25. 

Christian Brothert^ directing the Cathedral, and St. Peter's Schools. 
Brother Litz, Superior ; 6 religious. Thev conduct also a Pay and a Free 
School on the west side; in all, they teacn 1200 children. 

ITrsuline Academy, Mother of the Annunciation, Superior ; SO Religious ; 
novices. Pupils in the Academy, 50 ; day school, 160 ; free school, 260. 
^e same religious conduct also the free school of the Immaculate Con- 
eption, and that of St. Bridget's, pupils in each, 100 ; in the west side of 
Cleveland they teach 300 children of the St. Mary's Church, and 350 ut St. 

St. Peter's Female School, is directed by a pious Lady ; pupils, 200 ; St. 
>8eph'8, also by same teacher, 300. 

Ursuline Academy, Toledo, Mother S. Alphons, Superior, 12 religious; 6 
Jvices. Pupils in the Academy, 20, in the St. Francis of Sales, and St. * 
loysus Congregations, day school, 100; free schools, 250; SL Patrick's 

Tiffin, Seneca Co., the Ursulines have a pay school, 60 ; free schools, 200. 
indusky, the Ladies of the Sacred Heart of Mary, conduct free 
hools; H. Angels Church, 200, in St Joseph's, ^00. At New Reigel, the 
sters of Pretiosissimi Sanguinis conduct a boarding school, 20 pupils, 
free school, 200. 

Boarding and Day School, by the same, at Thomson, also at Glendolff, 
all 60 Sisters, and 200 pupils. 
St. Vinceiifs Asylum, in the west side, under the charge of the Sisters 

Charity, of the order of St. Augwstin ; Mother Sup. ? S. Augustin, 
li^ious25; novices 10; orphan boys, 100. 

St. Mari/s Orphan Asylum, under the charge of pious Ladies ; Matron, 
iss L. Boucher, 30 Ladies ; 160 orphans. 

Hospital and Orphan Asylums at Toledo, under the charge of the Grey 
sters ; 12 religious ; 60 orphans. 

Orphan Asylum at Thomson, under the charge of the Sisters Pretiosissimi 
mguinis, orphans, 20. There is in Cleveland a Hospital in the course of 
ostruction, to be under the charge of the Sisters o^ Charity. 
The most part of the congregation in the Diocese have established the 
itholic Schools. 


iiiTehe&. 110 Female Academies 6 

ergym^n VO Catholic SohooU ^ 

de Religiom Institntioza. , . 6 Orphan Asyluma. ^ 

P*{^ " " 10 CathoUc Populatiou ni,<J3^ 

to Aeaaeajjr, 2 




Comprises that part of Kentucky lying East of the Kentucky River, annd of 
the loestern limit of Carroll^ Owen, Ftavklin, Woodford, Jeasamine, Oaf' 
rard^ Mock Castle, Laurel, and Whitley Countiei. 


Right Rev. Gkobgb ALOYsiud' Garrell, D.D., let Bishop, conseerated 

November Ist, 1863. 

ViOAR General : Very Rev. Thomas R. Batler. 

Covington, St. Mary's Cathedral, 8th street, between Greenup and SeoU^ 
Very Rev. T. R. Butler, Pastor; Rev. Lambert D. Willie, and Rev. 
"William D*Arcy, Assistants. 
Church of the Mother of God, 6th street, German, Rev. F. KQhr, 

Pastor; Rev. Anton Rutter. 
St John the Evangelist, Rev. AndreW Michel], Pastor (German). 
St Joseph's, 12th street, German, Very Rev. Odillo Vandengreen, 
Prior, 0.aB., Pastor; Rev. F. GabrierBlunmi,O.S.B., Rev. Gregory 
Bauer, O.S.B., Rev. F. Columban Scbmitbauer, O.S.B., and 4 lap 
brothers. * 

, Alexandria, Campbell Co., St. Mary's, Assumption, attended from Four Mile. 
Ashland, Boyd Co., brick church, school iu charge of the Sisters of 3L 

Francis, resident priest. Rev. Lambert Young. 
Augusta, Bracken Co., Church of St. Augustine, lar^e bric'k church, att 

from St. Joseph's Church, Covington , by Benedictine Fathers. 
Bethel, Bath Co., attended twice a ^^ear from Lexington. 
Boonsborough, Madison Co., attended twice a year m>m LexingtoiL 
Brookville, attached to Augusta Mission. 

Carlysle, Nicholas Co., frame church, attended from Lexington. 
Crittenden, Grant Co., attended from Cathedral, Rev. L. D. Willie. 
CaiTolton, Carroll Co., brick church of St John the Evahgelist, with re- 
sidence and school houses for boys and girls, in charge of the Sisters of 

St. Francis, Pastor 

Cynthiana, Harrison Co., attended from Paris once a month, by Rev. £ 

H. Brandts, new church building. 
Davis, Mason Co., attended from Maysville. 
Elizaville, Fleming Co., attended from Maysville. 
Falmouth, Pendleton Co., St Francis Xavier, brick church, Rev. EL tt 

Flemraingburg, Flemmuig Co., brick church, twice a month from May^ 

Florence, Boone Co., frame church, once a month from Cathedral, Ber. 

L. D, Willie. 
Poster's Landing, attended from Four Mile once a month. 
Pour Mile, Campbell Co., Church of St Joseph, with residence and iehogl 
lious^ laree new stone church building. Rev. , Paator, BWfioa 

Urree Sundays of the month. 
f^k/brt, Feanklin Co., Charch of t\ie Goo^^ViftV^w^VY^TwATOwt tnd 

sehoo/ house, Rev. James M. Lancaster, "PaaViT. 
^^lyetowD, Scott Co,, attended once a moTiViiltom^\>.^\wMA»»^if«»i^ 


GaiTofl Ca, occasionally from Garroliton. 

itown, Maeon Oa, occasionally from Maysville. 

rough, flaming Co., " from MaysviUe. 

idenee, Kent Co., once a month from Cathedral, Rev. W. lyArcy. 

)ini, 6t Francis of Assissinm, brick church, residence and school- 

9, Rev. Francis Grome, Pastor. 

Um, Payette Co., St. Peter's Church, residence and boys* academy, 

Adrien Egglemeers, Pastor. 

jk. Mason Co., attended from Maysville. 

lie, Mason Co., St Patrick's Church, Rev. Peter M'Mahon, Pastor, 

ence and school 

t. Bracken Co., attended from Augusta. 

Sterling, Montgomery Co., frame church, attended from Lexington. 

a, Mason Co., from Maysville. 

St John, Campbell Co, Church of St. John the Baptist, stone church 

school house, attended from St Joseph's Church, Covington, by 

idietine Fathers. 

B Station, Kenton Co., on Central Kentucky Railroad, Church of St 

idiet, attended by Benedictine Fathers of St Joseph's Church, 


rt, Campbell Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. Patrick Gilfoyle, 

>r, schools and residence. 

Corpus Christi Church, German, Rev. John Toll, Pastor, schools 

St Stephen's Church, German, Rev. Clement Schevd, Pastor, 
schools and residence. 
isvUle, Jessamine Co., attended from Lexington, Rev. J. Mackey. 
ibert;^ Carroll Co., from Carrollton. 
rille, Bath Co., Kev. J. Mackey. 
rarg, Boone Co., occasionally by Benedictine Fathers. 
$ourbon Co., Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin, brick 
eh, residence and school, Rev. R H. Brandt, Pastor, 
r, Owslev Co., Rev. J. Mackey, occasionally. 
Plains, Fleming Co., from Maysville, occasionally. (^ 

md,*Madison Co., Rev. J. Mackey. 
ville, Madison Co., Rev. J. Mackey. 
Mason Co. occasionally from Maysville. 
ume, Fleming Co., " " 

me, Pendleton Co., new frame church, once a month from Four Mile. 
1 Camp, Estill Co., log church. Rev. J. Mackey. 
) Mile, Campbell Co., church of St. Peter, school house, once a month 
Four Mile. 

Fleming Co., from Maysville. 
>urg, Lewis Co., from Maysville. 
^ Boone Co., L. D. Willie. 
lee, Woodford Co., Rev. J. Mackey. 
w, Gallatin Co., from Carrollton, once a month. 
Sulphur, Scott Co., St Pius Church, Rev. H. Coopmans, Pastor, 
nstown. Grant Co., Rev. L. D. Willie, 
ester, Clarke Co., Rev. J. Mackey. 
1, Boone Co., Rev. L. D. Willie. 

k>vington, Eisonomy, Church of St Ann, brick chnTcili «xA «^q^, 
. William D*Arejr, 

«««w CaUe^e, White Sulphur, P.O., Scott Co., uo^ <i\c»fc^- 


Sf. Catherines Female Academy and Boarding School, Lenngton, coa 
ducted by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Music, Drawing, Embroidery, 
with all other usual branches of fe.tiale education, are oarefnlly taoghi 
Usual number of pupils about one hundred, a fourth of whom are ooarden 

Academy of La Sallettey 'Ith street, Covington, conducted by the Sisten 
of Charity of Nazareth. Boarding and Select Day School, in which all the 
usual branches of female education are carefully taught Sr. Glare Gardiotf, 

Academy of the Benedictine Nuns, 12th street Covington. 

Convent of tfie Benedictine Nuns at St. Joseph's Church, 12th strte^ 
Covington. Mother Alexia Lechner, Superior. 

Academy of the Mother of God (German), conducted by the Sisters of St 
Francis, 6th street, Covington. 

Boarding and Day School at Frankfort, Kentucky, conducted by the 
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Sister Frances Gardiner, Superior. 

Academy and Boarding School of the Immaculate ConeeptioHj Newport) 
conducted by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, all usual branches of Ur 
male education carefully taught Sister Helena Toomey, Superior. 

Academy and Boarding School for Girls, Ashland, conducted by the Sis- 
ters of St. Francis, all usual branches of female education are taught. 

Academy and Day School for Girls, at Carrollton, conducted by Sisten 
of St. Francis. 

Select Academy and Day School for Girls, St Stephen's Church, New- 
port, conducted by Sisters of St. Francis. 

Day School for Girh of Cathedral, Scott st, Covington. 

Day School for Boys of Cathedral, 5th st, Covington. 
^ St. John's Academy for Boys, Walnut st, Lexington, Ky. 

Day School for Boys and Girls, at St John Evangelist, Louisburg. 

Day School for Boys, Mother of God's Church, 6th st, Covington. 

Day School for Boys atid Girls, St. Joseph's Church, 12th st. 

Day School for Boys and Girls, Corpus Christi Church, Newport 

Day School for Boys and Girls^ Immaculate Conception, Newport 

Day School for Boys and Girls, St Francis of Assisium, Jamestown. 

Day Scfioolfor Boys and Girls, St John the Baptist, St. John's Hill. 

Classical School for Boys, attached to St Joseph's Church, CoYingtoo, 
conducted by the Benedictine Fathei's. 

Day Schools for Boys and Girls, St. . Patrick's, Maysville,* Fonr Mile, 
Twelve Mile, and Carrollton. 

Hospital and Orphan Asylum, Seventh st, Covington, in the charge of 
the Sisters of the Poor. 

DIOCESB 07 DBTBOrr. 133 



Compriteg tlie lower peninsula of the State of Michigan, 


Bt. Bev. Petbr Paul Lefevere, B.D., AdmiDistrator, coDseorated Bishop 
of Zela, in part, and Coadjutor of Detroit, Nov. 21, 1841. 

yioars general. 
Very Bev. P. Kindekenb, Very Rev. P. Hennakrt, Very Rev. J. Dk Neve, 
now President of American College, Louvain, Belgium. 

Council of the Bishop. 
Very Bev. P. Kindekens, V.G. Rev. L. Kilroy, 

Very Bev. P. Hennaert, V.G. Rev. J. Kindekens, 

Rev. J. Hennessey, Bev. B. Soffers. 

Bev. F. Majerius, C.SS.R. 

Secretary — Bev. J. Hennessey. 

Detroit, Wayne Co., Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, 
Bt Bev. Peter Paul Lefevere, D.D. 
Bev. P. Hennaert, Bev. G. Limpens. 

Chapel for Hollanders and Belgians, Rev. B. G. Soffers, Chaplain. 

St. Ann's, Rev. B. G. Soffers, Rev. J. Frere. 

Most Holy Trinity, Rev. F. J. Peters, Rev. F. Blyenbergh. 

St. Mary's, Rev. F. Van Emstede, C.SS.R., Bev. F. Majerius, C.SS.B., 
Bev. Julius Euenzer. 

St. Josej^h's, Bev. A. Durst, Rev. J. Friedland. 

St. Patrick's, Rev. J. Hennessy. 
St Anthony, Wayne Co., St Anthony's, attended from Detroit. 
Adrian, Lenawee Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev, P. Kindekens, V.G. 
Albion, Calhoun Co., attended from Marshall. 
Alpine, Kent Co., attended from Grand Rapid& 
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., St. Thomas, Rev. J. T. Stephen. 
Assumption, Wayne Co., Assumption B.V.M., Rev. A. Van Dendriesche. 
Bay City, Saginaw Co., St. Joseph's, Rev. H. J. H. Schutjes. 
Berlin, Ottawa Co., attended from Town Wright 
Bertrand, St. Joseph Co., attended from Niles. 

Battlecreek, Calhoun Co., Church being built, attended fromMarshalL 
Birmingham. Oakland Co., attended from Pontiac. 
Blissfield, Lenawee Co., attended from Monroe. 
Blue Bush, Monroe Co., attended from Stony Creek. 
Bowne, Kent Co., attended from Grattan. 
Brest, Monroe Co., attended from Monroe. 
Brighton, Livingston Co., attended from Tuscola. 
Bi-ockway, St. Clair Co., attended from Port Huron. 
Burchville, " " " St Francis Xavier, attended from Port Huron. 
Bunker Hill, Ingham Co., attended from Dexter. 
Brush Creek, Van Buren Co., attended from Niles. 
Caledonia, Kent Co., " ** Grand Rapids. 

Cascade, Kent Co., new church, attended from Grattan. 
Centreline, Wayne Co., St Clement, Bev. M. Meuffela. * 
Cheeaniok, Lapeer Co^ attended from Flint 
Clarkaton, Oakland Co., " <* Pontiao. 


Clayton, Lenaweo Co., attended from Adrian. 

Clay Banks, Oceana Co., " " Town Wright 

Clinton, Lenawee Co., Rev. Ed. Van Lanwe. 

Coldwater, Branch Co., St. Charles, attended from Hillsdale. 

Cloliimbus, St. Clair Co., St. Philip Beniti, " " Port Huron. 

Coruniia, Shiawasse Co., Annunciation, B.V.M., R^. Lewis Van D« 

Croton, Newaygo Co., attended from Town Wright 
Charlotte, Eaton Co., " " Marshall. 

Davis, Kent Co., " " Grattan. 

Dearborn, Wayne Co., St. John's, attended from TpsilantL 
Deerfield, Livingston Co., " " Tuscola. 

Decatur, Van Buren Co., attended from Kalamazoo. 
Dexter, Washtenaw Co., St Joseph's, Rev. T. Van Gennip. 
Dorr, Alleghany Co., from Great Rapids. 
Ecorse, Wayne Co., from Wyandotte. 

Emmett^ St Clair Co., Our Lady of Mt Carmel, attended from PertHuroi. 
Fentonville, Genesee Co., church being built, attended from Coranna. 
Fish Creek, Mount Calm Co., from Ionia. 
Flat Rock, Monroe Co., fi-om Stony Creek. 
Flint, Genesee Co., St. Michael's, Rev. Charles L. DeCeuninck. 
Flushing, " " attended from Flint. 
Forrestville, Sanilac Co., Church being built, Rev. P. Kluck. 
Freedom, Washtenaw Co., new brick Church, attended from Clinton.; 
Gaines, Genesee Co., Lansing and Linden attended from Coruona. 
Genesee, " " attended from Flint • 
German Settlement, Kent Co., attended from Grand Rapid& 
Grand Rapids, Kent Co., St Andrews, Rev. J. Kindekins. 

Immaculate Conception, Rev. F. Algayer. 
Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., attended from Town Wright 
Grandville, Kent Co., attended from Grand Rapids. 
Grass Lake, Jackson Co., attended from Dexter. 
Grattan, Kent Co., St Patrick, Rev. Mr. Rievers. 
Greenfield, Wayne Co.j St. Lawrence, Rev. Ch. Chambille. 
Green Oak, Livingston Co., attended from Ann Arbor. 
Grosse Point, Wayne Co., St Paul's, Rev. F. De Broux. 
Hackett's Settlement and Lyons, Ionia Co., from Ionia 
HUlsdale, Hillsdale Co., Rev. Ch. Ryckaert 
Huron River, Wayne Co., attended from Newport 
Ida, Monroe Co., attended from Monroe. 
Indian Settlement, Kent Co., attended from Town Wright 
Jonesville, Hillsdale Co., attended from Hillsdale. 
Jackson, Jackson Co., St John's, Rev. C. Moutard. 
Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., St Augustine, Rev. J. A. Lebel. 
Lapeer, Lapeer Co., attended from Flint 
Lexington, Sanilac Co., attended from Port Huron. 
Lima, Washtenaw " " ** Dexter. . 

Lodi, ** *' " " Ann Arbor. 

Manchester, Washtenaw Co., from Clinton. 
Manistee, Manistee Co., attended from Town Wright 
Marshall, Calhoun Co!, Immaculate Conception, Rev. P. Koopmans. 
Medina, Lenawee Co., attended from Adrian. 
Mendoa, St Joseph's Co., St Martin, attended from Hillsdale. 
Milan, Monroe Co., attended from CUnion. 
Monroe, Monroe Co., St Mary's, Rev. ^. 3oo^. 

" " St Michaers, Rev. B. ^e\im\^X.a:vft\. 


ft Clemens, ICaeomb Ga, St Peter's, BeT. H. Van Bentergbem. 

laddy Greek, Monroe Co., attended from Monroe. 

llnskegon, Muskegon Ca, Muskegon Dams, and Newaygo, attended from 

Town Wriffht 
few Bedford, Calhonn Co., attended from Marshall. 
Newport, Monroe Co., Bey. Gilbert Gerard. 
Niles, Cass Co., Rev. J. Cappon. 

^oribfield, Washtenaw Ga, St Bridget's, Bev. G. Wallace, 
^tisco, Ionia Co., and Pewamo, attended from Ionia. 
Otter Creek, Monroe Co., attended from Monroe. 

Ovid, Clinton Co., and Owasso, SbiawasDee Co., attended from Coranna. 
Palmyra, Hillsdale Co., attended from Hillsdale. 
Paw Waw, Van Buren Co., " " Kalamazoo. 

Pent Water and Fere Marquette, Mason Co., attended from Town Wright 
Pinkney, Livingston Co., (church being built,) attended from Dexter. 
Piainfield, Kent Co., attended from Grattan. 

Pleasant, Ottawa Co., Most Holy Trinity, attended from Town Wright 
Polkton, " " attended from Muskegon. 
Pontiae, Oakland Co., St. Vincent of Paul, Rev. It Wicaert 
Port Huron, St Clair Co., St Stephen's, Rev. L. Kilroy. 
Port Sanilac, Sanilac Co., attended from Port Huron. 
Pntnam, Livingston Co., " " Dexter. 

Ransville, Kent C9, " " Grattan. 

Eledford, Wayne Co., St Mary's, attended from Greenfield, 
[liver Rouge, Wayne Co., Holy Cross, attended fro n Wyandotte, 
[loyal Oak, Oakland Co., attended from Centreline, 
^inaw City, Saginaw Co., St Andrew's, Rev. R. Vanderheyden. 
Saginaw East, " " attended from Saginaw. 
3and Creek, Kent Co., attended from Grand Rapids, 
toranac, Ionia Co., attended from Ionia. 
Mlver Creek, Cass Co., Rev. J. Baroux. 
5t Clair, St Clair Co., St Clair, attended from Newport 
)t John's, Clinton Co., and Vernon, Shiawasse Co., attended fromCorunna. 
^i. Joseph's, Berrien Co., St Louis', attended from Niles. 
3tony Creek, Monroe Co., St Patrick's, Rev. D. Callaert 
3wan Creek, Monroe Co., St Charles', attended from Monroe. 
Swan Creek, St Clair Co., St John's, Rev. T. BuybC. 
i^yl van, Washtenaw Co., and Unadilla, Livingston Co., attended from Dexter, 
recumoeh, Lenawee Co., attended from Clinton. 
Town Wright, Ottawa Co., Rev. L. Schreiner. 
Trenton, Wayne Co., attended ftrom Wyandotte. 
Tuscola, Taseola Co.,* from Saginaw City. 
Vienna, Monroe Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Charles Tliomas. 
Watson, Allegan Co., attended from Kalamazoo. 
Wayne, Wayne Co., attended from YpsilantL 
Westphalia, Clinton Co., St Peter's, Rev. George Godez. 
White Lake, Oakland Co., attended from Pontiae. 

Williamsburg, St Clair Co., St Rose of Lima, attended from' Port Hmron. 
WoodbuU, Shiawassee Co., attended from Corunna. 
Wyandotte, Wayne Co., St Charles', Rev. C. L. de Preiter. 
Yankee Springs, Barry Co., attended from Kalamazoo. 
Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Ca, Bev. Ed. Vanpaemel. 


BroeAert ojT the Christian SchooU, Detroit. "BtijtVw 'Sjws^'sos ''b^v 
f / brothen direct Bohooh at Cathedral, St. A.UTi\ ^t. lfi.iLT^'%. 


ServanU of the Immaculate Heart of Mary^ Monroe, Monroe Co., Miel., 
Sister Mary Joseph, Superior. 

Young Ladiei Academy and Select School andParieh ^hooie^ at AdrUDj 
and St. Joseph's, Detroit. 

Jiedemptorist Convent, 98 Croghan street, Detroit. Rer. Franeie N. "ViB 
Emstede, C.SS.R., Rev. Theodore Majeros, C.SS.R., Rer. Jnlins Kuenar, 
C.SS.R., 8 lay brothers. 

School Sisters of Notre Dame, St Antoine street, Detroit, Sister Mny 
Salesia, Supr. ; 4 sisters, 2 candidates. They oondaot a Female Orphn 
Asylum for German children. 

Sisters of CJiarity, St Mary's Hospital and Insane Asylum, Sister M. *te 
" " " St Vincent's Select and Free School and Orphan -Aa}- 
lum, Sister M. Alice, Sup'r. 

Academy for Young Ladies^ Select Schools, Free School, and Orphan Asy^ 
lum, conducted by the Ladies of the Sacred Heart Mad. Eugenie Dei- 


Clergymen 65 Academies for Boys 1 

Churches 64 " for Girls I 


Ebtablishbd 1867. 
Comprises all north of and including Fountain, Montgomery, Boone, Hamil- 
ton, Madi807i, Delaware, Randolph, and Warren Counties, Indiana, 

Rt. Rev. John H. Luebs, D.D., 1st Bishop, consecrated January lO, 1868 


Very Rev. Julian Benoit, V. G. Very Rev. R Sorin. Rev. Jos. Weutz. 
Jos. A. Stephan, Secretary. 

Fort Wayne, Allen Co., Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Rt Rev. 
J. H. Luere, D.D., Very Rev. Julian Benoit^ Vicar General, Pastor, 
Rev. P.J. Madden, D.D. 
Mother of God (German), Rev. Joseph Weutz, Pastor. 
Attica, Fountain Co., St Francis, Rev. Joseph Rademacher, Pastor. 
Areola, Allen Co., attended from Fort Wayne, church building. 
Avilla, Noble Co., St Mary's, Rev. John Wemhoff, Pastor. 
Anderson, Madison Co., " John McMahon, '* . 

Besancon, Allen Co., St Aloysius, Rev. Louis Grevin, ** 
Brookston, White Co., attended from Crawfordsville. 
Blufton, Wells Co., " Decatur. 

Blue River, Noble Co., " Avilla. 

Bourbon, Marshall *' " Plymouth. 

Bristol, Elkheart ** " Goshen. 

Calumet^ Porter Co., St Patrick's, attended from Laporte. 
Camden, Jay Co,, attended from Decatur. 
Calatnet Station, Lake Co., attended irom "Ixake^ C;i«^ 
Carh'Ble, 8t Joseph'B Co., " \a ^otVaI 

Calnmbia City, WhitUy Co., St. Mary'a, aUend^^ttom^^^^EkiMWu 
^^penter'3 Station, Newton Co., ** \ic^T«^a<^K 


(Soero^ Hamilton Ca, attended from Pern. 

Chalmers, White •* " Cpawfordsville. ' 

Crown Poinr, Lake Co^ " Turkey Creek. 

Cedar Lake, Lake « " West Creek. 

CoyingtOD, Fountain Co., church building, attended from Attica. 

Crawfordaville, Montgomery Co., St Bernard's, Key. Charles Maugin. 

Deoatnr, Adams Co., St. Mary's, Rev. Julius Becks. 

Delphi, Carroll " St Joseph's, " August Oechtering. 

Mkheart, Elkheart Co., attended from Mishawaka. 

Frankfort, Clinton " " Delphi 

Francisville, White " " Michigan City. 

Goshen, Elkheart " St John's, Rev. F. Wm. Holz, Pastor. 
' Grovertown, Marshall Co., attended from Plymouth. 

Hanna, Laporte Co., attended from Valparaiso. 

Harrison Township, Cass Co., St Elizabeth's, attended from Logansport 

Hartford, Blackford. Co, attended from Decatur. 

Hesse Cassel, Allen Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Henry Schaefer. 

Hobart, Porter Co., attended from Yalparaiso. 

Huntington, Huntington Co., St. Mary's, Rev. Jaoob Mayer. 

Jonesboro, Grant Co., attended from Legro. 

Independence, Warren Co., attended from Attica. * 

Kokomo, Howard Co., St Patrick's, attended from Peru. 

Kent, Newton Co., church building " • Logansport 

Kendallville, Koble Co., attended from Avilla. 

Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., St Mary's, (new church building) Rev. Geo. A. 
Hamilton, Pastor. Rev. E. B. Kilroy. 
** f " St Boniface, Rev. F. Deipenbrock, Pastor, and 

Rev. Jos. A. Stephan, for the time being. Post 
Chaplain U. S. Hospitals, Nashville, Tenn. 

Lebanon, Boone Co., St Charles' Bor., attended from Ci awfordsville. 

La Croix, Stark Co., St Martin's, " Laporte. 

Laporte, Laporte Co., Nativity B. V., Rev. Francis Lawler. 
•* " St Joseph's, Rev. Martin Scherer. 

Lowell, Lake Co., attended from Turkey Creek. 
■ Lowell, St Joseph's Co., Rev. J. Le Moniere,C.SS.C. 

Legro, Wabash Co., St Patrick's, Rev. John Ryan. 

Leo, Allen Co., St Mary's, attended from New France. 

Ligonier, Noble Co., church building, attended from Goshen. 

Lc^ansport^ Cass Co., St. Vincent de Paul, Rev. Jos. B. Force. 

Lake Station, Porter Co., St Joseph's, attended from Turkey Creek. 

■ Miller's Station, Lake Co^, attended from Laporte. 

Mishawaka, St Joseph's Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Henry Eoenig. 

Michigan City, Laporte Co., St Ambrose, Rev. George Steiner. 
«* «• " Joseph's, " " 

Marion, Grant Co., attended from Legro. 

Monticello, White Co., attended from Logansport 

Morgan, Laporte Co., " Plymouth. 

Mansfield, Warren Co., ** Attica. 

Mnncietown, Delaware Co., " Anderson. 

Monterey, Pulaski Co., St Ann's, attended from Plymouth. 

Madeira ville, Stark Co , attended fr>om Michigan City. 

Millersburg, IQobleCo., " Goshen. 

New France, Allen Co., St. Vincent de PauVa, Key. A-M^^tX. k^-WOi. 

New Bavfu, Allen Co., 8t John Baptist, Rev. 'W o\t^Mi% ^vfe^ 

Jifix Settlement, Whitley Co., St Catharine^a, attend^ Iwm '^^ssJ^u«^^^ 



Notro Dnme du Lac, St. Joseph's Co., Saored Heart of Jesoa, Bev. A. Grt^ 

ger, C.S.S.C., Pastor. 
Nobleville, Hamilton Co., attended from Peru. 
Oxford, Benton Co., church building, attended from La&yette. 
Peru, Miami Co., St. Charles Borromeo, Rev. Bernard Kroeger. 
Plymouth, Marshall Co., St. Michael's, Rev.^ Gabriel Volkert. 
Pine Station, Lake Co., attended from Laporte. 
Pulaski Co., Lower Settlement, attended from Logansport. 
Percetown, Eosciosko Co., church building, attended from Laporte. 
Pleasant Grove, FUlton Co., St Ann's, attended from Logansport. 
Pleasant Township, Allen Co., St. Aloysius, attended from Heese CasseL* 
Reynolds, White Co., attended from Logansport 
Roanoke, Huntington Co., attended from Huntington. 
Kock Creek, Carroll Co., " Delphi 

Rensselaer, Jasper " ** Michigan City. 

South Bend, St Joseph's Co., St Patrick's, Rev. P. Carroll, C.S.S.C. 
San Pierre, Starke Co., St. John's, from Michigan City. 
St. John's, Lake Co , St John Evangelist^ Rev. B. Rachor. 
Sugar Creek, Carroll Co., attended from Delphi. 
State Line, Warren Co., attended from Attica. 

St Mai-y's Home, Jay Co., St Joseph'^, Rev. Englebert RnflF, C.P'P.S. 
Stark, Porter Co., attended from Plymouth. 
Terre Coupee, St. Joseph's Co., attended from La Porte. 
Thornton, Boone Co., attended from Crawfordsville. 
ToUeston, Lake Co., attended from Turkey Creek. 
Turkey Creek, Merrillsville P.O., Lake Co., Sts. Peter and Paul, new cLurch 

building, Rev. Paul Mary Wehrle. 
Union, Randolph Co., church building, attended from Anderson. 
Valparaiso, Porter Co., St Paul's, Rev. Michael O'Reilly. 
Warsaw, Kosciosko Co., attended from La Porte. 
Waterloo City, De Kalb Co., attended from Goshen. 
Wabash, Wabash Co., attended from Le Gro. 
Winchester, Randolph Co., attended from Anderson. 
Winamac, Pulaski Co., church building, attended from Logansport 
Williarasport, Warren Co., attended from Attica. 
Westpoint, Tippecanoe Co., attended from Attica. 
West Creek, Brunswick P.O., Lake Co., St Anthony's, Rev. Martin Kink. 


Congregation of Holy Cross, Notre Dame, St Joseph's Co., Indiana ; Y&tv 
Rev. E. Sorin, C.S.C., Superior; Rev. A. Granger, C.S.C.» Master of Non- 
ces, novitiate of St Aloysius ; Rev. L. J. Letourneau, Master of Novices ; 
Rev. P. Dillon. C.S.C, Rev. J. Dillon, C.S.C., Rev. Wm. Corby. C.S.C., Rev. 
Thomas Carroll, C.S.C., Rev. J. A. Carriere, C.S.C., Rev. Paul E. GUleB, 
C.S.C, Rev. P. Cooney, C.S.C, Rev. A. Lemonier, C.S.O., ReT. P. Lemonier, 
CS.C, besides 12 scholastics and novices; 73 professed lay brothers^ 51 
novices, and 1 1 postulants, having charge of the University of Notre Disme^ 
the Manual Labor School, and Day Schools at Lowell, Fort Wayne, Ind. ; 
Alton, III ; Cincinnati and Springfield, Ohio ; Philadelphia and Baltimore. 
St. Augustine's Academy, Fori Wayne, Sisters of Providence, 160 papik. 

Sister Vincent, Superior. 
S/. J/arys J^e/nale Institute, (German) Fort Wayne, 120 pupils. Sistff 
Cathai'iaej Superior. 
,^/ffnalitis* Academy^ Lafayette, S'lBterBoiPto^. ^v«teT'S5i%«ii^'esaE!^ttw». 
^oor Sisiers of St. Frands, Hesse GaaseV. ^\aVeTBii^ft%w^^\iV«w«* 
'^bnvent Sisters of Precims Blood, St. Uaij'ft Uom^ i«5 ^. 




Seenlar Trieflto 29 Religions loBtitutions 5 

Priests of BeligiouB Orders lY CoUej^es 1 

epical Stadents 8 Female Literary Institutions 5 

Cbnrohes .60 Parish Schools 83 

Chapels 6 Catholic Population, about 80,000 

Churches^ now being erected. ... II 



Comprises Kentucky West of the KefUttcky^ and Carroll, Owen, Franklin, 
Woodford, Jessamine, Garrard, Rock Castle, Laurel arid Whitley ' 

Deceased Ain) Former Prelates. 

BL "Rev, Bbnsdiot Joseph Flaoet, D.D., consecrated Bishop of Bardstown, 

November 4, 1810; died in 1850. 
Bt. Bev. John B. David, D.D, consecrated Bishop of Mauricastro, and 

Coadjutor of Bardstown, August 15, 1819; died in 1841. 
Bt. Bev. Gut Ignatius Chabrat, D.D., consecrated Biehop of Bolina, and 

Coadjutor of Bardstown, July 20, 1834; resigned in 1847. 

Present Bishop. 

Bt Bev. Martin John Spalding, D.D., 2d Bishop, consecrated Sept. 10, 
1848, Bishop of Lengone, and Coadjutor to the Bishop of Louisville. 

viSabs general. 

V. Bev. D. A. Deparcq. V. Bev. B. J. Spalding, D.D. 

V. Bev. F. Chambige, D.D. 


Very Bev. D. A. Deparcq, V. G. 'Bev. Jt H. Hutchins, 

Very Bev. B. J. Spalding, D,D., V. G. Bev J. E. Bokel, O.S.D. 

Very Bev. Francis Chambige, V. G. Bev. John 8. Verdi n, S.J. 

Bev. E. J. Durbin, Bev. A. Degauquier, 

Bev. James Elliott, Bev. P. J. Lavialle, 

Bev. W. 8. Coomes, Bev. M. M. Coghlan. 

Chancellor — Bev. M. Bonchet. 

Cansuliors for Courts — Very Bev. F. Chambige and Bev. James Elliott 

Secretary — Bev. David Bussell. 

Louisville, Jefferson Ca, Cathedral of th« AaaumpUoTi. 

Very Rev. 3. J. Spalding, D.D., Vic Gen. audUecWt \'^c^ .^v^qsmSl 
Boaebet, mnd Rev. H. Brady. There are tXiteft xe^a^T '^wa^'^ «• 
SaadMjB MndHolydaya at 6i, 8, and 10 km. vn waHi\xict»«>s^^**^'^ 


8^, and 10^ a.m. in the winter; Sermons at 8 and 10 
Maesee; Vespers 8^ p.m. in summer, and 8 p.m in winter. 
St Boniface (Germnni Green street, residence adjoining ; Key. Diony- 
sius Abarth, O.S.F. ; Rev. Father Venantius, O.S.f. High Man 
at 10 A.M. and 10^ a.m. ; Vespers at 2 and 2^ p.m. 
Immaculate Conception (German), corner of 8th and Grayson street^ 
residence adjoining ; Rev. F. X. Van Deutekom, and Rev. £ngelb«rt 
Bacbmann. High Mass at 10 and 10| a.m. : Vespers 2^ and 8 p.k 
St Martin's (German), Shelby street, residence adjoining ; Uev. I.eaii- 
der Streber, O.S F., and Rev. Martin Beyhurst High Mass at ]0 
and ]0| A.M. ; Vespers at 8 and 8i p.m. 
St Patrick's Chapel, 18th street, residence adjoining; Rev. ThomM 
Joyce, and Rev. Wm. Wiseman. High Mass at 9 and 9^ a.m. ; Yefr 
pers at 8 p.m. 
St Peter's Church (German), 1 6th street, beyond Kentucky, attended 
by the Rev. Franciscan Fathers Conventuiil. High Mass at 9 and 
9^ A.M. ; Vespers at 8 p.m. 
St John's Church, Walnut and Clay streets ; Rev. L. Bax, and Ret. 
Alphonsus Coenen. High Mass at 10 and 10^ a.m. ; Vespers «(8 and 
H PM. ..-•;.•. 

Chapel of the Seven Sorrows, 8th street, attached to the Convent of 
the Good Shepherd. Moss said daily by Rev. H. Bi ady , of th« 
Chapel of St Aloysius, 4th street Mass said occasionally by one of 

the clergy from the Cathedral. 
Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, St. Vincent's Orphan Asjlam, 

Rev. W. S. Coomes. 
Notre Dame du Port (Portland), Rev. Hugo Peythieii, who resides at 
the church, and is Chaplain of Cedar Grove Academy. 
Bardstown, Nelson Co., St. Joseph's, Rev. John S. Veidin, S.J., Rcv. 

Charles Truyens^ S.J., Rev. The. DeLeew, S.J. 
Bacon Creek, attended from Bowling Green — new tliapel building. 
Bear Creek, Grayson Co., St Augustine's, Rev. J. B. Vnndomergei 
Bedford, Trimble Co., attended from Madis^i, Indiana 
Bell's Coal MineSj Crittenden Co., attended from tiic bac. Heart, Union Co. 
Belmont Furnace, BuUit Co., attended occasionally from New Haven. 
Bethlehem Convent, Hardin Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. A. Degaa* 

quier. Chaplain and Director. 
Bowling Green, Warren Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Jos. De Vries, and Ret. 

Leopold Walterspiel. * 
Big Run, Jeflferson Co., St Andrew's, attended by Rev. Franciscan Fathen, 

from St Peter's, in the city. 
Brandenburg, Meade Co., attended from Flint Island. 
Chicago, Marion Co., new church, Rev. F. Wuyts, once a week. 
Clear Creek, Hardin Co., St Clare's, attended monthly from Nov 

Clifty, Grayson Co., St Paul's, Rev. J. B. Vandemergel. 
Cloverport^ Breckenridge Co., new brick church, Rev. Patrick Cassidy, 

once a month, from Hardinsbxirg. 
Dycusburg, Crittenden Co., Rev. E. J. Durbin. 
Efizabethtown, Harden Co., St James', Rev. A. Degauquier. 
BmiDenee, Henry Co., attended from Shelbyville. 
FsirSeld, Nelson Co., St MichaeYa, B.ev. 3aA.m\\o^ 
^^t hlandf Meade Co., St Teresa's, B.ev.Pa\.T\c\LU<i^\Oa<i\%a, 
JmnkUn, Simpeon Co., station attended from ^oyrVYt\^<atT<iw\» ■ 
^^fl*em«a^ JToiion Co., residence of t\ie Ir^vV^^^* ^Ma«^«^%wAKi 


Qftrdioabiirg^ Breokenridge Co., St Bomtuld's, Rev. John A. Barrett^ who 

nddes heni 
EUurTodsbnrg, new church, St Peter^s, attended monthly by the Dominican 

Faihen m>m St Roee. 
HftwesTille, Hancock Co., new church of stone, attended monthly from St. 

HandenoD, Henderson Co., a new brick church, attended once a month 

from S. Heart 
Hiokmao, Fulton Co., Rev. Michael Power, once a month. New church. 
Hodgenaville, La Rue Co., Our Lady of Mercy, Rev. F. De Meulder, and 

from New Haven, once a month. 
Holy*Cro88, Marion Co., Holy Cross, Rev. Francis Wuyts. 
Soly Mary's, Marion Co., Holy Mary, Very Rev. D. A. Duparcq, Rev. A. 

A. And, and Rev. James. P. Lacoste. 
The Rev. Robert A. Abell, retired from the active exercise of the holy 

ministry in consequence of ftge and infirmities, resides near the church, 

and preaches occasionally, 
{[^y's Furnace, Caldwell Co., station, attended by Rev. E. J. Durbin. 
ijebanon, Marion Co., St AugtiBtine's, Rev. PatricK Cassidy. 
ijewis* Bottom, Hancock Co., St Columba's, attended from St Lawrence, 

once a month. 
jODg Lick, Breckenridge Co., St Anthony's, Rev. Patrick Cassidy, once a 

iiOretto Ctmvent, Marion Co., Seven Sorrows, Rev. Francis Wuyts. 
d^adisonville, Hopkins Co., station, attended by Rev. E. J. Duroin. 
J an ton, Washington Co., Holy Rof»ary, attended from St Rose, 
filton, Trimble Co., station, attended from Madison, Indiana, 
lorganfield. Union Co., attended from the Sacred Heart 
dount Merino, Breckenridge Co , Guardian Angels, Rev. P. Nicholas, once 

a month, 
doaut Washington, BuUit Co., St F. Xavier's, Rev. James Elliott, from 

Nazareth Convent^ Nelson Co., St Vincent of Paul's, Rev. Peter De Fraine. 
Jew Haven, Nelson Co., St Catherine's, Rev. Francis De Meulder, and 

Rev. M. Walterspiel. 
*3'olin, Grayson Co., St lienedict's, Rev. J. B. Yandemergel, once a month. 
>wensboro', Daviess Co., St Stephen's, Rev. Eugene O'Callaghan. Every 

Sunday and Holyday. New brick church completed, 
'aducah, McCracken Co., St F. de Sales, Rev. Michael Power, who also 

attends Smithland, Hickman, Colmnbus, and other adjoining Missions. 
?anther Creek, Daviess Co., St Alphonsus, Rev. Ivo Schacht 
iaywick, Marion Co., St F. Xavier's, Rev. Joseph T. Elder. 
Xed Mills, Larue Co., station attended from Bowling Green ; new clinpel 

kicred Heart of Jesus, Union Co , Sacred Heart, Rev. E. J. Durbin, Rev. 

William Dunn. , 
M. Ambrose, Union Co., St Ambrose, attended monthly from the Sacred 

It, Bernard, Adair Co., Rev. P. J. Lacoste, once a month. 
)t John Chrysostom's, new church, Adair Co., Rev. J. B. Hutchins, once a 

month. ^ 
§t Catherine of Sienna's Chapel, Washington Co., attended from St. Rq«a« 
St Charles, Marion Co., Rev. John B. HuUshins (^t.l^at^^%^\»5Gwaii^.^^ 
3/L FrsDok of 8ale8, Tstylor Co., Rev. P. J. Lacoste, oi\<se «kXawi\Xi. 
t Qregorfa, Deuterille, Neleon Co., attended twice amoTwVJKi ^i^^«s.^ 
Ih R-aiim irom Niusaveth. 


St Jerome's, Graves Co., Rev. Wm. Bourke. (P. O. Fancy Farm.) 

St Ignatius, Hardin Co., station, attended by Rev. A. Degauqnier, onee a 

month. (P. O. Elizabeth to wo.) 
St. John the Baptist's, Hardin Co., station, attended by Rev. A, Degao- 

qiiier, once a month. 
St. John the Baptist, Bullitt Co., attended by Rev. Peter De Fraine. 
St John the Evangelist, McCracken Co., station, attended from Padncth 

twice a month. 
St lAwrence, Daviess Co., brick church, Rev. M. M. Coghlan and B«t. 

Martin Flynn. 
St Martin's, Meade Co., frame Church, attended by Rev. 0. J. Coom« 

(P. 0. Garnettsville.) • 

St Mary's College and Chapel, Rev. J. Lavialle, Rev. Terence J. Disney, 

llev. John A. Vial a. 
St Mary of the Woods, Daviess Co., attended by Rev« Martin Flynn. 
St Patrick's, Meade Co., attended by Kev. C. J. Coomet. 
St Rose's, Washington Co., attended by the Dominican Fathers, 'whosere* 

sidence is here. Mass every Sunday and Uolyday. A fine new chimb 

of stone. • 
St Raphael's, Panther Creek, Daviess Co., Rev. Ivo Schaclit The charck, 

which had been burnt, has been rebuilt, with schools for the children, 

both here and at St Alphonso's, where the pastor resides. 
St Thomas, Nelson Co., Rev. John F. Reed. 
St Vincent, Nelson Co., Rev. Francis Wnyts. A neat brick church hai 

been built 
St Anthony's, Long lick, attended by Rev. P. Cassidy, onee a month. 
Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co., station, attended occasionally by Rev. T. Joyea 
Shelby ville, Shelby Co., new church. Rev. Michael D. Lawler. 
Sraithlaud, new chapel purchased, attended from Paduoah. 
Springfield, Washington Co., St Dominic's, attended from St Rose. A 

new church has been erected at Thompsonville, a few miles north of 

Sunimerville, Green Co., station, attended occasionally by Rev. J. & 

Hutch ins. 
Sunfish Creek, Edmundson Co., St J. the Evangelist, Rev. J. B. Viade- 

mergel, once a month. 
Taylorsville, Spencer Co., All Saints, Rev. M. D. Lawler. 
Thompsonville, Church of the Assumption, attended twice a month from 

St Rose. 
XJniontown, Union Co., a spacious new church has been nearly complete^ 

Rev. E. J. Durbin and Rev. Wm. Dunn. 

St Thomas' Preparatory Seminary^ near Bardstown, Very ReT. Franeil- 
Chambige, Superior; Rev. E. O'Driscol, Rev. M. Chazal, Rev. J. F. Reed, 
and Rev. James Martin, D.D. (P. O. Bardstown.) Number of popilfl^ 
about 40. 

Abbey of our Lady of Latrappe^ New Haven, Nelson Co.. Rt. Rev. Marn 
Benedict, Abbot ; Rev. Emanuel, Prior ; Maria, Jerome, Eathymiua, Fanli- 
nus, Joseph, Theotime, 8imon, Jerome, Nicholas, and the Rev. John B. Mon- 
tariol, and Philip McSweeny, not of the order. 

Dominican Convent of St Jiose, near Springfield, Very Rev. J. A. Wil- 
son, Prior; Rev. J. Meagher, O.P., Rev. M. A. O'Brien, O.P., Rev. J. P. 
I 7\imer, O.P. Rev. B. V. Gary, OP., Rev. F. J. Fannt, O.P.. Rev. R A 
^ Bmdy, O, R, Rev. T. J. Ryan, O.P. VI Proieaaed lioNv^a and Puttnlaiiii 


Isj brothers 8. MissioDS attended from St Rose-— MantoD, Springfield, 
Hurodflburg, ThompsonTille, besides several stations. 

J8t Joiteph*9 College^ Bardstown, Rev. John S. Verdin, 8.J., Rev. Charles 
Trajens, SJ., Rev. Theodore De Leeiiw, S J. 

In eoDsequenoe of the war the college has been temporarily suspended, 
having been used for more than a year as a militar}' hospital. 

SL Marf^t College^ Lebanon, Marion Co., Rev. J P. Lavialle, President ; 
Rev. Terence J. Disney, Rev. J. A. Viala. 125 boarders. 

Brothers of the Chriitian Instruction of the Saered Heart of Jesus and 
Mary, from Puy, France ; they are five m number, and rei^de at the St. 
Thomas' Orphan Asylum, where they have charge of more than ninety 
orphan boys, whom they are successfully training to learning, industry, 
and piety. They have a farm adjoining the Asylum, and they teach the 
boys the various trades. Brother David, Superior. 

House of tlie Xaverien Brothers, Green street. No. 624^ Louisville, Ky., 
Brother Paul, Superior. Brothers in the community', 18. They direct till 
the male Parochial Schools of the city proper — those attached to the 
uathedral, St. John's, St. Patrick's, St. Boniface's, St Martin's, and the Ini- 
naculate Conception. ITiey have nearly two thousand boys under their 
charge. Next year they will have a new residence in the centre of the city. 

Mother House and Academy of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, near 
^rdstown. Mother Columba CaiToli, Superior. Religious 50, boarders 170. 

The Sisters also conduct the following : 

1. 'J^resentation Female Acadefny, Louisville. Sister Frances Xavia, 
&ter-Servant — ^pupils, about 100. 

2. St. Fraricetf Female Academy, Owensboro*, 75 pupils; Sister Isabella 
)rury, Sister-Hervant 

3. St. Vincents Female Academy, near Morganfield, 100 pupils. Sister 
Slizabeth Suttle, Sister-Servant. 

4. Bethlehem Day-School, Bardstown, 45 pupils. Sister Alice Drury, 
lister-Servant — 60 pupils. 

6. Cathedral Free-School^ Louisville, 200 pupils. Sister Mary Lawrence, 

6. SL Patricks Free-School, Louisville, 250 pupils. Sister Rosalie Uuff, 

7. St, JohrCa Fret-School^ Louisville, 250 pupils. Sister Pelagia, Sister- 

Bowling Oreen. — ^A new academy was commenced in this flourishing city 
Q August, 1863, by the Sisters of Nazareth, under most encouraging aus- 
ices. Sister Constantia Robinson, Sister-Servant. 

Padueah — A flourishing academy, with more than 150 pupils; esta- 
lished two years ago. Sister Martha Drury, of Nazareth, Sister-Servant. 

Notre Dame du Port, Free-School, at Portland, attended by the Sisters 
f Cedar Grove Academy — 100 pupils. 

Sisters of Loretio, Mother House and Academy, Marion Co., Mother Ber- 
indes Downes, Mother Superior of the Society. Sisters 60, pupils 75. 

The Sisters of Loretto have also : 

1. Convent and Academy of Calvary, near Lebanon, Sister Bertha 
k>wle8, Superior. Sisters 18, pupils over lOO. 

5. Bethlehem Convent and Academy, near Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, 
lister Liberata; 20 Sisters, nearly 100 pupils. 

8. Cedar Orove Convent and Academy^ Portland, Ky. Sister Bridget 
IpaldiQg, Superior. Sisters, 18; pupils, 50. 

J>ominiean Convent and Academy of J3t. Cafharine of Sienna^ Washing- 
on Co. (P. O. S| ringfield.) Mother Mary Imelda, SuperioT. B.^\\^\v>vl«^ 
SO; pupils^ nearly 20a 


Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of IM Chad Shepherd, on Eighth street 
This is the Provincial House for a lar^e portiou of the United Stat«& 
Tlicy have erected another large new building during the last year. Mo- 
ther Mary Iguatiu Ward, Provincial. The number of the Sisters is 84; of 
Magdalenes who have taken vows, or are preparing to do'so, 35 ; of Peni- 
tents, 45 ; including tlie Class of Preservation. Connected with the Mo- 
nastery is a large Parochial School for girls, with more than 100 

urstdine Convent and Academy, Louisville, Mother Salesia Reitmeier, 
Su}>erior. "Die number of sisters, including novices, is 18, having trebled 
in the last four years. Spacious buildings wore erected last year, and a nev 
one is now in progress. Number of boarders, about 40; day soholai^ 

The Female School of the Cw^gregation of SL Martin, is directed by 
these Sisters. Number of scholai*s, 250. 

School Sisters of Notre Dame, reside near St Boniface, Green street, and 
attend the lai*ge parochial school for girls, attached. About 350 girls are 
taught in these schools, by three Sisters. Their Mother House is at Mil- 
waukie, Wisconsin. They are 4 in number; Sister Xavia, Superior. 


St. Tlioma^ Male Orphan Asylutn, near Bardstown, Brother David, Su- 
perior. Number of orphans, 95. 

St. Joseph's Male Orplian Asylum (German), Louisville, directed by the 
Reverend German Clergymen of the city, dumber of orphans, 40. The 
Board of Trustees have latel}' purchased a new house for this Asylum, on 
the corner of Green and Preston streets. 

St. Vincent^s Female Orphan Asylutn, Louisville, 140 orphans^ under the 
Sisters of Charity. Sister Julia Hobba, Sister-servant 

St. Joseph's Injimiary^ Louisville, under the Sisters of Charity, 16 to 30 
patients. Sister Mary Agnes McDermott^ Sister-servant Eight sisters; 
average number of patients, 25. 

In Louisville there are four Conferences of St Vincent de Paul, esta- 
blished at the Cathedral and at the Chapels of St John the Evangelist and 
St Patrick. The members labor with great zeal, and are doing much 
good. Dr. John C. Metcalfe is the President of the Society, which nniuben 
nearly 400 members. 

A beautiful Lady Chapel has lately been completed in the rear of the 
Cathedral, chiefly for the use of the Sodalities of young men and youug 
women, who number together nearly 400. The chapel is 65 by 80 feet; 
and is handsomely finished in the Gothic style, with the ceiling painted in 
fresco, and decorated with emblems of the Virgin selected chiefly from the 
Litany of Loretto. It was solemnly blessed on the 18th of August, 186S, 
by the Right Rev. Dr. Le Fdvre, Bishop of Detroit, the Right Rev. Dr. Ti- 
mon. Bishop of Buffalo, preaching to a large audience in the Cathedral on 
the interesting occasion. Under the chapel there is a lofty and spacious 
room of the same dimensions, intended for a library and Keading 

The Sodalities for young men and young women, as well as for boya and 

girls, at the Cathedral, are in a highly fluurishing condition, and they 

afford. TUQch edifioatiou. There are sunilar Sodalities at St Patridk*s and 

St. John's, 

There is Hkewiae in the Cathedral a co\\^e^«.\Ao\i, Vv>(X\ Vk<^ v^c^obatioB 

of the Bishop, a Catholic Institute for ptouioXim^ \\\«twt^ <SQ^\nx« 

youug men, who have a library aoid debsA^ xoom. 


There are also Parocliial Schools for boys and girls established in all the 
CoDsregations of the dtj, in which about three thousand children receive 
tiie benefita of a sound dhristian education. 


I. General Remarks. * 

1. Within the city limits, includiDg Portland, there are eight churches, 
bendea four chapels. Of these, five, including the spacious cathedral, 
hare been built under the administration of the present bishop; while 
oihen have been considerably enlarged, as St Boniface and Notre Dame 
da Port. During the present year, notwithstanding the troubles of the 
country, a beautiftd new Lady Chapel, chiefly for the use of the Sodalities, 
has been added to the Cathedral, having under it a commodious library 
and reading room ; while the churches of Sr. Martin and the Immaculate 
Conception are in process of enlargement, the former to triple its foi-mer 
capacity, the church of St <[ohn is receiving a new front, and a new par- 
sonage is erecting at St. Patrick's. These are encouraging indications of 
progress in the midst of difficulties. 

2. Parochial Schools are attached to all the churches; in fact, in many 
caseS) the erection of the school preceded that of the church, or rather one 
story of the school was temporarily used as a church until the congrega- 
tion could be fully organized. The idea was, to reach the parents through 
the children, and to rear these up in the discipline of the Lord, with a 
fiew to the solid and permanent stability of religion. At present there 
are sixteen parochial schools in the city, besides four of a higher grade. 
These, with a^single exception, in the small congregation of St Peter's, are 
all taught by Religions Brothers and Sisters, who have thus under literary 
and religious training more than three thousand children in twenty schools, 
not far from the number regularly attending the Public City Schools, 
which latter. Catholics, by a singular injustice, are nevertheless heavily 
taxed to support — and this in a country calling itself free I It is, how- 
ever, believed that ere loner, the innate sense of justice in the American 
mind and heart will cause this iniquity to disappear, and to accord sirrr- 
ple justice to Catholics, who ask nothing more. The most effectual means 
of bringing about this result, is for them to provide respectable schools 
for themselves; schools which, in all their appointments, may compare 
favorably with the Public Schools. This has been already we\\ nigh ac- 
eomplifihed in Louisville. 

3. The number of religious women in the Six Communities established 
in the diocese has also greatly increased. The total number does not now 
fall far short of Jive hundred, besides about a hundred more, belonging 
to the two Diocesan Communities of Loretto and Nazareth, who are at- 
tached to institutions in other dioceses. Six hundred Christian Virgins, 
heroines of Divine charity, present an evidence of singular vitality in the 
diocese founded by the Venerable Flctget, assisted by such holy men as 
David, NerinckXf and others. 

4 In all new church and school buildings, the rule of not incurring 
debts, except light ones easily manageable, has been rigidly adhered to. 
Not only is the Cathedral entirely fiee of debt, but no other church, 
tcfaool, or establishment of the city or diocese is encumbered with a serious 
liability. The' debts of all of them might be easily discharged in a yeav 
<»r two by a moderate effort 

S.ByB diocesan regulation, the children of aW i\vft ^«ns^^^ \«^ ^wvxxvj, 
fifr£nt commuDioD, reeeive instruction and prepare tet Wi\ii««Bvo\i ^^'^ 
imes a jreMr. *^ ^ 


II. Rboafitulation. 

Stoalar PrieBts 61 Female Academies 16 

Priests of Religious Orders 24 Colleges 8 

Priests engaged on Missions. ... 65 Male Parochial Schools in Lonis- 

Priests otherwise employed ... 10 ville 8 

Chmrches built 80 Female ditto 8 

Churches building ; . . . 5 Select Schools 4 

Stations, more than 150 Orphan Asylums for boys. I 

Preparatory Seminary 1 Ditto for girls * 

Clerical Students 25 Infirmary 

Male Religious Institutions, .... 6 Baptisms for one year, about 3,590 

Brothers 24 Esumated Catholic Popula- 

Religious Women 500 tion '. 70,000 

Female Religious Institutions. . 6 • 


Established 1867. 

Conyprises the Nortliern Peninsula of the State of Mxehigan and the aJS^aeai 



Right Rev. Fredebio Babaga, D.D., first Bishop; consecrated Bishop d 
Amyzouia, in par t.^ November 1, 1853 ; created Bishop of Sa{it-SaiDt«' 
Marie, January 9, 1857. 



Beaver Harbor, on Beaver Island, in Lake Michigan, Church of the H(^ 

Cross, Rev. Patrick Bernard Murray. 
Clinton, or CliflF Mine, Houghton Co.-, attended every second Sunday by 

the Rev. John Brown. 
Copper Harbor, Houghton Co., attended occasionally by the Rev. Jobi ;, 

Brown. • 

Eagle Harbor, Houghton Co., Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, B«r. \ 

John Browo. 
Garden Island, in Lake Michi^n, Immaculate Conception of the "SkmA 

Virgin Mary, attended from Beaver Harbor by the Rev. P. B. Mvmy. 
Hancock, Portage Lake, Houghton Co., St Ann's Church, Rer. Edward 

Jacker, Rev. James Sweeney. 
Houghton, Portage Lake, Houghton Co., Church of St Ignatius Loyoli^ 

attended every Sunday from Hancock 
Indian Reserve, Sugar Island, Chippewa Co., Church of St Joseph, iittended 

once a mouth from Saut-Sainte- Marie. 
Keweenaw Point District, visited and alteiid^ ooftaaionally by the Bev. X 
Brown, \ 

L*A.D8e, Houghton Co., Church of the WLO«.tlioVs'& waft ol^«na,^tef.^ 
rard TerhoBt 


[acldDae, MicbilimackiDao Co., St Ann's Ohnrch, attended everj second 

Sunday by the BdY. A. Piret 
Uple Grove, Ontonagan Co^ St. Martin's Church, attended by the Key. 

Marquette, Marquette Co., St Peter's Church, Rev. Sebastian Duroo. 
linoesota Mine, Ontonagan Co., St Patrick's Church, Rev. Martin Fox. 
Nebraska Mine, Ontonagan Co., attended by |he Rev. M. Fox. 
^egaunee, Marquette Co., Church of St. Paul, Rev. Honoratus Bourion. 
Norwich Mine, Ontonagan Co., Church of St Francis Xavier, attended 

occasionally by the. Rev. M. Fox. 
)iitonagan V illage, Ontonagan Co., St Patrick's Church, attended by the 

Rev. M. Fox. 
^oint St Ignace, Michilimackinac Co., Church of St Ignatius Loyola, Rev. 

Andrew Piret 
lie neighboring Bishops have ceded to Bishop Baraga, jurisdiction over 

their Indian Missions bordering on Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. 


tear River, Emmett Co., St Francis Xavier's Church, attended from Little 
Traverse by th« Rev. S. Zom. 

!ro88 Village, or La Croix, £mm«t Co., Church of the Holy Cross, Indian 
Mission, Rev. Nicholas Louis Sifferath. 

^canville, Sheboygan Co., Church of the Bles^sed Virgin Mary, attended 
occasionally from Little Traverse by the Rev. S^ Zom. 
agletown, Grand Traverse Co., St Mary's Church, Indian Mission, Very 
Rev. Ignatius Mrak, Vicar-GeneraL (Stations without churches attended 
from. Eagletown: 1. Carp River, or Leiand; 2. Frankfort or Betsie 
River ;^ 8. Glen Harbour, or Sleeping Bear; 4. Manitou Islands ; 5. Ma- 
pleton; 6. Northport, 7. North Unity; 8. Old Mission; 9. The Nar- 
rows; 10. Traverse City.) 

ittle Traverse, Emmet Co., Church of the Holy Infancy of Jesus, Indian 
Mission, Rev. Seraphin Zorn. 

iddle Village, Emmet Co., Church of St Ignatius Loyola, attended every 
third Sunday from Cross Village. 

leboygan Village, Sheboygan Co., Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
attended once a month from Little Traverse. 


ftd River, or Swamp River, Lapointe Co., Lake Superior,. attended once a 

month by the Rev. John Chebul. 

ty field, Lapointe Co., Lake Superior, Christ Church, Rev. John Chebul. 

ipointe, Lapointe Co.,<^Lake Superior, St Joseph's Church, attended every 

second Sunday from Bayfield. 

iperior, Fond du Lac, La]ke Superior, attended occasionally from Bayfield. 


J^ Mar^i Ursuline Convent and Boarding School^ Mother M&r^ Ma^- 
Hen Stehlin, Superior, 

Sebaols at SautSainie-Maiie, Maokinao, Point- St. lgtia.<», Cxci^ft"^*^*^^ , 
ftivTravene, OardeaJUmnd, Sheboygan, EagUtowii,!!^^^^^^'^'^'"''?^'^ 
Jeliff, etc, eto. 



Secular Priests 16 Male Free Schools 

Chnrches 82 Pupils, about i 

Stations 18 Female Free Schools 

Clerical Students T Pupils, about 4 

Female Religious Institution.. 1 Catholic Population, about. . 14^( 


B8TABLI8HXD 1884. 

CwnprUes the southern pari of Indiana lying south of Fountain, Mm 
go?nery, Boone^ Hamilton, Madison^ Delaware^ Randolph, and Wan 

Deceased and Former Prelates. 

Rt Rev. SmoN G-abbtel Bbut6, 1st Bishop, consecrated in 1884; died 181 
Rt. Rev. Celestinx dx la Hailandiebx, 2d Bishop, consecrated Augost 1 

1889; resigned. 
Rt. Rev. John Stxpbsn Bazin, 8d Bishop, consecrated 184*7 ; died W 

Present Bishop. 
Rt Rev. Maubioe de St. Palais, consecrated Jan. 14, 1849. 



Vincennes, Knox Co., Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier. 
Right Rev. Maurice de la Palais. 
Rev. K Audran, Rev. John Contin. 

St. John the Baptist (German), Rev. A. Mertz. 
Augusta, Marion Co., attended from Indianapolis. 
Aurora, Dearborn Co., attended from Pipe Creek. 
Brookville,%Franklin Co., St. MichaeFs, attended from St. Peter^s, sanie C 
Blue Grass, Vanderburg Co., attended from Etonsville. 
Buena Vista, Jennings Co., St. James's, Rev. John Holtz. 
Cambridge, Wayne Qo., attended from Richmond. 
CanneltoD, Perry Co., St Patrick's (English), St MichaeFs (German), Bi 

P. Wagoner. 
Cassidy's Settlement, Perry Co., attended from Leopold. 
Charleston, Clark Co., attended from Jeffersonville. 
Celestine, Dubois Co., St. Celestin's, Rev. Joseph Meister. 
Columbus, Bartholomew Co , St. Bartholomew's, att from IndianapoliiL 
Connersville, Fayette Co., Rev. H. Peters. 
Derby, Perry Co., St Mary's, attended from Leopold. 
Enochsburg, Franklin Co., St John's, Rev. L. Oesterling, O.S.F. 
Evansville, Vanderburg Co , Assumption, Rev. P. McDermott 

" " Holy Trinity (German), Francis KutaasL 

Faux-Chenal, Knox Co., St. Rose, attended from Vmcennes. 
Ferdinand, Dubois Co., St Ferdinand's, Rev. Chrysostpm Foffa, OAB. 
Fulduh, Spencer Co., attended ti'om St Meinrad. 
Franklin, Johnson Qo., attended from Lidianapolis. 
Oreenoaatle, Futu&m Co., Rev. Joseph O. Begley. 
Oreearille, Floyd Co., attended icom^t. doa^^V^^ Claxk Co., 


^reoifield, Haneook Co., attended from Cambridge City. 
Qreeowood, Johnson Co., attended from Indianapolis. 
Hagentown, Wayne Co., attended from Richmond. 
HenryTille, Clark Co., attended from Seymour. 
Hantmburg, I^nbois Co., attended from Ferdinand. 
Indianapolis^ Marion Co., St John's, Key. A. Bessonies, Rev. P. Gonesse, 
" " Immaculate Conception (German), Rev. S. Siegrist 

Indian Kentnck, Ripley Co., attended from Madison. 

Jteper, Dubois Co., St Joseph's, Rev. U. Christen, O S.B. 

Jefferson ville, Clark Co., Rev. N. G. Ostlengenberg. 

Knobs, Floyd Co., Assumption, Rev. G. Gintt 

Knightstown, Henry Co., attended from Cambridge. 

LoDesville, Harrison Co., St Mary's, Rev. A. Munscbina. 

laarel, Franklin Co., attended from Connersville. 

Leopold, Perry Co., St Augustine's, Rev. John Dion. 

Loogootee, Martin Co., St John's, Rev. John Mougin. 

Madison, Jefferson Co., St Michael's, Very Rev. II. Dupontavice, II. Doyle. 
" ** St Mary's (German), Rev. L. Brandt 

*• (north) " St Patrick's, attended from Madison. 

Vaekenzie's Cross Roads, Dearborn Co., St John's, attended from St 
Joseph's, same Co. 

HeLaughlin's Settlement, "Warwick Co., attended from St Meinrad's. 

Hariahelp, Spencer Co., attended from St Meinrad's. 

Martinsville, Morgan Co., St Columban's, attended from Greencastle. 

Kile's Settlement, Martin Co., St Joseph's, attended from Loogootee. 

Ulller^s Settlement, Harrison Co., attended from Lanesville. 

Montezuma, Vigo Co., attended from Terre Haute. 

Mt Pleasant, Martin Co., St. Martin's, attended from Loogootee. 

Mount Vernon, Posey Co., visited from Vincennes. 

Mu'hausen, Decatur Co., St Boniface, vacant 

Napoleon, Ripley Co., St. Maurice's, visited from Mulhausen. 

New Alsace, Dearborn Co., St Patrick's Rev. R. Weiuzoepflen. 

New Albany, Assumption, Rev. G. Guegueo. 

Annunciation (German), Rev. E. Faller. 
New Beny, Green Co., visited from Washington. 
New Castle, Henry Co., attended from Richmond. 
Oil Creek, Perry Co., St. Francis of Sales, visited from Leopold. 
Oldenburg, Franklin Co., Holy Family, Rev. F. J. Rudolph, 
h'pe Creek, Ripley Co., St Nicholas, Rev. J. Klein, (Spades P.O.) 
E^etersburg, Pifee Co., visited from Wdshington. 
)ueref s Prairie, Enoz Co., St. Thomas, attended from Vincennes. 
Richmond, Wayne Co., St Andrew's (German),Rev. Seppo. 

St Mary's, Rev. J. M Villars. 
Etockport, Spencer Cf>., attended from Troy. 
Elushville, Rush Co., attended from Connersville. 
kipio, Jenning's Co., St Patrick's, attended from Buena Vista, 
^em, Washington Co., visited from Seymour. 
teymoar, JackM>n Co., Rev. P. Doyle, 
it Ann's, Jennings Co., Rev. Missi (North Vernon P.O.). 
Springfield, Franklin Ck>., St. Anthony's, visited from Oldenburg. 
It Bernard's, Harrison Co., visited from the Knobs. 
it Catherine's, Jennings Co., attended from Buena Vista. 
3t James,' Gibson Co., Rev. F. Peppersack (Haubstaat P.O.). 
it. Joseph's, Clark Co., Rev. J. Michael, 
it Joseph's, Crawford Co., attended from Leopold. 
^ Joaeph'iy Dearbom Cq,, Rev. A. Schiedeler (St. Leo P.O.Y 


St Joseph's, Vanderbupg Co., Rev. J. B. MetL 

St Mary's, Daviess Co., attended from Loogootee. 

ISt. Mary of the Rocks, vacant. 

St Mary of the Woods, Vigo Co., Very Rev. J. Corbe. 

St Magdalen s, Ripley Co., visited from St Ann's. 

St Peter's, Franklin Co., Rev. Ottiscar, O.S.F. 

St Peter's, Daviess Co., Rev. B. Piers (Montgomery Station P.O.). 

St Patrick's, Daviess Co., attended from St Peter's. 

St Philip's, Posey Co., attended from St Joseph's. 

St Vincent Shelby Co., Rev. J. B. Gilly (Presoott P.O.) 

St "Wendel's, Posey Co., Rev. J. Kaufmanu. 

Terre Haute, Vigo Co., St Joseph's, Rev. B. O'Conner, O.aB., Rev. M. 

McCarthy, O.S.B., Rev. F. Mundwiller, O.S.B. 
Troy, Perry Co., St Pius, Rev. F. Hundt 
North Veruon, Jenniiig's Co., attended from St Ann's. 
Washington, Daviess Co., St Simon's, Rev. J. B. Chass^. 
Wolf Creek, Franklin Co., St Philomena's, visited from St Mary of theRoclo. 
Yorkville, Dearborn Co., St Martin's, visited from New Alsace. 


St. CJiarle!^ Seminary at Vincennes, Rev. J. Guegnen, Superior. 

St. AfeinrcuTi Benedictine Convent^ Rev. Isidore Uobi, Supr. ; Ber. 
Bede O'Connor, Rev. Chrysostom Foffa, Rev. Wolfgang Schlumpf, Eef. 
Martin Marty, Rev.^Fintan Mandeviler, Rev. Benedict Bninet^ Rev. Man- 
rad McCarthy, Rev. Henry Hug, Rev. Fidelia Maute, and several kj 


St. Mar\ffi Institute, at St. Mary's, Vigo Co., Sister Marv Cecilia, Sup. 

Sinters of the Third Order of St, Francis at Oldenburg, Imnklin Co., Sister 
Antonia, Superior. 

St. Vincent's Male Orphan Asylwtn, near Vincennes, Sister Mary Joachim 
(Sister of Providence), Superior. 

St. Mari/s Female Orphan Asylum at Vincennes, Sister St. Felix (Sister of 
Providence), Superior. 


Secular Priests 44 Clerical Students. 16 

Religious. 11 Male Religious Institutions 1 

Churches 82 Female ** " 8 

Chapels 8 Orphan Asylums 2 

Ecclesiastical Institution 1 Catholic Population from 50 to 60,000 


froMuct d ^t f ouis* 

roiB Proyince compriBes the Dioceses of St Louis, Alton, Ohicngo, 
ibuqne, Milwankie, Nashville, Santa F4 St. Paul, the Vicariates Apos- 
ie of Kansas, and the Indian Territory and Nebraska, and embraces 
Mouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New 
adeoy and the Indian Territory. 


Established 1826. 
Comprises the State of Missouri, 


it Rev. Peter Bichabd Kenkick, consecrated Nov. 30, 1841, Bishop of 

>ra8a and Coadjutor to Rt Rev. Bishop Roeati (first Bishop of St 

xmis); became Bishop of St. Louis in 1843; created Archbishop in 


ry Rev. Joseph Melcheb, Vtear Chneral, 

r. P. J. Rtan, Secretary. 

Louis, Cathedral of St Louis, Walnut street, between Second and 

Third. Residence adjoining. Rev. F. M. Kielty, Rector, Rev. P. 

R. Donnelly, Rev. D. Phelan. 
Stb Mary's, (German,) Third and Cedar, residence adjoining. Very 

Rev. J. Melcher, V.G., Rev. H. Muhlsiepen. 
St Francis Xavier, Ninth and Green streets, residence adjoining. 

Rev. M. Corbett, a J., Rev. F. Sautois, S.J., Rev. J. Coghlan, S.J. 
Bt Patrick's, Sixth and Biddle streets, residence adjoining, Rev. W. 

Wheeler, Rev. C. Zeigler. 
St. Michael's, Jefferson street, residence adjoining, Rev. P. O'Brien. ^ 
Holy Trinity, (German,) New Bremen street. Rev. J. Doblener, Rev. 

R Brinkhoff. 
St Vincent de Paul, Decatar street, residence adjoining, Rev. K M. 

Smyth, CM., Rev. T. Burke, CM., Rev. J. G. Uhland, CM., and 

Rev. H. Coope, CM., Pastors for the Germans. 
St John's, Chesnut and Sixteenth streets, residence adjoining, Rev. P. 

Ring, Rev. C. Smyth. 
Sts. Peter and Paul, (German,) Seventh street^ residence adjoining, 

Rev. G. GoUer, Rev. J. boetzkes. 
St Bridget's, Pratt Avenue, residence adjoining, Rev. W. Walsh, Rev. 

R Berry. 
St Joseph's, (German,) Eleventh and Biddle streets, residence adjoin- 
ing, Rev. Jos. Weber, S.J., Rev. P. Tschieder, S.J., Rev. F. X. Wip- 

pern, S.J. 
St John Nepomucene, (Bohemian,) Rosatti street, Rev. J.Tro\«ck. 
St Lawrence OTooJe^ Fourteenth and O^FbHool &\.t«c^ T«6kj\«i\!(a^ ^^- 

JoiDJDif, Rer. /. Eenry, Rev. M. Flannery. 
JjauBaeulate CoticeptioD, Eighth -and Chesaut ftireela, "Ksai^esi^aife ^.^v^vs^* 
£ag^ Mev. P. Feehau, Rew. J. O'Brien. 


St. Liborius, (German,) New Bremen Btreet» Rev. S. Schweitofl^ Rev. 

G. V. Brunner. 
St. Malachy, Clark and Summit Avenues, reeidence adjoining, 'Rev. ]£ 

To bin, Rev. J. Cummings. 
Annunciation, Sixth street, near Chouteau Avenue, residence adjoin* 
ing. Rev. P. J. Rjan, Rev. M. Welby, (who attends the Sisteri' 
Assumption, Sydney street, residence adjoining, Rev. M. Riordan. 
Calvary Cemetery, Rev. E. Saulnier. l 

Church of Holy Cross, near Calvary Cemetery (in course of erectioB^ ■ 
Apple Creek, Cape Girardeau, St Joseph's, Rev. J. Becker. 
Armagh, Franklin Co., St. Patrick's, Rev, F. P. Gallagher. 
Barrens, Perry Co.j St Mary's, Rev. P. McMenomy, CM. and others of the 

Benton, Scott Co., St Mary's, attended from New Hamburgh. 
Boonville, Cooper Co., Rev. B. Hilner. 
Bridgetown, St Louis Co., Rev. F. Cleary. 
BrueVs Station, Pettis Co., vacant 
Brush Creek, Ralls Co., attended from St Paul's. 
Carondelet, St. Louis Co , St Mary and St Joseph, Rev. MoFauL 

" St Boniface (German), Rev. E. Schindel. 

Central Township, St Louis Co., St Manin, Rev. F. Cleary. 
Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Co., St Vincent's, Rev. F. Guidry,*C.M 

and other priests of the Congregation. 
Cliillicothe, Livingstone Co., Rev. J. Hogan. 
Cheltenham, St James near St. Louis, Rev. M. Welky. 
Dardennes, St. Charles Co., St Peter's, Rev. N. Staudinger. 
Dallas, Bollinger Co. (Holland Congregation). 
Dog and Allan Prairies, St. Charles Co., Rev. C. Tintrop. 
Downpatrick, Franklin Co., St Columbkille, attended from Armagh. 
Edina, Knox Co., St Joseph's, Rev. B. McMenomy. 
English Grove, Holt Co., visited from St Joseph. 
Florissant Road, St Louis Co., St Ann's, Rev. A. Van. Hulst, S.J. 
Fredericktown, Madison Co., St. Michael's, Rev. L. Tucker. 
Gasconade, Gasconade Co., Sacred Heart, visited from Westphalia. 
Hannibal, Marion Co., Rev. E. Ledwith. 

Al&rr Settlement Cole Co., St Francis Xavier, Rev. F. Helias, S.J. (Taos P.O.) 
immaculate Conception, St Charles Co., attended monthly from St Charl* 
Independence, Jackson Co., Rev. D. Kennedy. 
Indian Bottom, Osage Co., St Thomas', attended from Westphalia. 
Indian Creek, Monroe Ca, St Stephen's, vacant 
Jackson, Cape Girardeau Co., visited from Cape Girardeau. 
Jefferson City, Cole Co., St. Peter's, Rev. J. Meller. 
Kansas, Jackson Co., St John Francis Regis, Rev. B. Donnelly. 
Kirkwood, St. Louis Co., St Peter's, Rev. J. Vandersander. 
Lafourche a Duclos, St Genevieve Co., Rev.'J. Anselm. 
La Grange, Lewis Co., attended from St. MarysviUe. 
Lexington, Lafayette Co., Rev. E. Hamell. 
Liberty, Clay Co., Rev. D. Kennedy. 

little Cana<^, St. Genevieve Co., St. Ann's, Rev. J. Anselm. 
k Louisiana, Pike Co., attended from Millwood. 
f Marshall, Saline Co., attended from Lexington. 
Marthasville, Warren Co., vacant. 

Mem'mao, JefferBoa Co., As8umptioTi,Uev.'H^'&toOKSa*%Wi. 
Millwood, Lincoln Co., Rev. E. 0'B.egat\, 
^ew Madrid, Now Madrid Co., Bt. JoYoi Ba^XX^^. nwswdXk 


Tew Hamburgh, Sodit €k>.. Bey. J. Tuerk. 

loniteaa Creek, Moniteau Co., Assumption, vacant 

hw Westphalia, Osage Co., St Joseph's, Rev. J. Goeldlio, &J., Rev. H. 

Van Mierlo, B.J., Rev. W. Niederkorn, S.J. 
^ew Offenfafurgh, St Genevieve Co., Rev. T. J. Stein. 
!7orth Santa Fe, Clarke Co., (Manchester P. 0.,) Rev. J. Murphy. 
)ld Mines, Wasliington Co., St Joachim, Rev. J. Fo]^ Rev. L. Smyth. 
Ihir Lady of Dolors, Franklin Co., visited monthly. 
EV>rtage auz Sioux, St Charles Co., St Franeis', attended from St Charles. 
Potosi, Washington Co., attended from Old Mines. 
Keed Settlement, Gasconade Co., St Blichael's, vacant 
Kichwood, Washington Co., St Stephen's, attended from Old Mines. 
Jt Charles, St Charles Co , St Charles*, Rev. P. J. Vorhaegen, SJ., Rev. 
M Oakley, aJ., Rev. J. Setters, S. J. 
St.Peter's, (German,) Rev. C. Wapelhorst. 
tiriere aux Vases, St. Genevieve Co., Rev. F. X. Weiss, 
(t Joseph's, Buchanan Co., St Joseph, Rev. J. Hennessy, Rev. K Tu iker. 
it Joseph's, Franklin Co., attended monthly. 
Jt Paul's, Ralls Co. Rev. P. Cronin. 
(t Peter and Paul, St Charles Co., attended bimonthly. 
►t Peter's, St Charles Co., vacant 
4 Genevieve, St Genevieve Co., Rev. P. L. Henderick. 
it Marysville, Clark Co., (P. O. St Patrick,) Rev. J. Murphy, 
libley, Jackson Co., attenaed frcnn Independence. 
*aos, Osage Co., St Francis Xavier, attended from Harr Settlement 
iilly, attended from St Marysville. 
'ywappity, Bolton, Scott Co., attended from Benton, 
f ashmgton, Franklin Co., St Francis Borgia, Rev. M Seisl, S.J., Rev J. 

Peuckert, S.J., 
iTeston, Piatt Co., Holy Trinity, vacant 


TJieological Seminary, Cape Girardeau, Rev. J. McGill, CM., President, 
;ev. J. R McGerry, CM, Rev. F. Alizeri, CM, Rev. J. T. Landry, CM., 
^v. M. O'Regan, C M 14 Seminarists. 

St, Marifs Preparatory Seminary, Barrens, Perry Co., Rev. P. McMenonw, 
LM., President, Rev. S. B.Tomatore, CM, Rev. F. Barbier, CM., Rev. D. 
[cOarthy, CM, Rev. J. Kelly, CM., Rev. J. Molony, CM, Rev. D. Ken- 
ick, CM, Rev. R. Fitsgerald, CM., Rev. A. Meyer, CM 80 Students. 

Scholatticate and Noviciate of Congregation of the Miesion, adjoining St. 
'incent's Church, St. Louis, Very Rev. S. V. Ryan, V.CM, Rev. J. J. Quig- 
f, CM, Director of Novices, Rev. T. Burke, CM, Procurator, Rev. S. 
javazeri, CM, 12 students, 8 novicea 

St. Stanielaics* Noviciate of Society of Jesus, Florissant, Rev. I. J. Bou- 
reaux, S.J., Master of Novices, Rev. J. Panken, S.J., Rev. F. X. Horst- 
lann, S.J., J. F. Van Assche, S.J., Rev. Wm. F. Boex, S.J. 

St. Louis University, St Louis, Rev. F. Coosemans, S. J., V. Provincial, 
lev. T. 0*Neil, S.J., President, Rev. Jos. E. Keller, S.J., Socius, Rev. F. 
Terreydt, S.J., Rev. F. Boudreaux, S.J.,. Minister, Rev. A. Levisse, SJ., Rev. 
'. Roes, S.J., Procurator, Rev. F. X. Tehan, S.J., Rev. J. H. Lunemann, S.J., 
lev. P. Colleton, 8.J., Rev. F. Stuntebeck, S.J., Rev. A.y«i.xv ^viV^V'^^^ 
lev. P. J- Deaamet, 8.J., Rev. Jas. Halpin, S.J., R©^. 3o&. Qc.^«tm«ft.,%.^., 
*sr. K R Nuasbaum, S J. 

Cofwent and Academy of the Sacred HeaTt,^\. 'Lo\iv%.'^«.eiL«av^^^^^'^ 
^^f>**^*»^<^ndAeadetny of t?ie Sacred Htari^ BU C\iaT\ft%, ^«^^«^^'^'^^ 



~ Convent and Academy of the Sacred ffeart, St Joseph, Madame Bojle, 
Lady Superior. 

Convent and Academy of the Visitcttion, St. Louis, Mother Yinceotia 
Marotte, Superior. 

Convent and Academy of the Sisters of Zoretto, Florissant, Mother Eliza- 
beth Hayden, Superior. 

Convent and Academy of the Loretto Sisters, Cape Girardeau, Mother 
Rosa Monarch, Superior. 

Ursidine Convent and Academy, St. Louis, Mother Aloysia Winkler, 

Convent and Academy of Sisters of St, Joseph, Carondelet, Mother St. 
John, Superior. 

Convent and Academy of Sisters of St. Joseph, Weston, Mother Euphra* 
sia, Superior. 

Convent and Academy of Sisters of St Joseph, St Genevieve, Mother 
Gonzaga, Superior. 

Convent and Day School of Loretto Sisters, 10th <fe Morgan sts., StLouis, 
Superior, Motlier Ferdiuand. 

College of the Christian Brothers, St Louis, Bro. Ambrose, Superior. 

Monastery of the Franciscans, near Stringtown, St. Louis Co., Rev. 
Father Servatius Altmicks, O.S.F., Friar. 

St. Louis ffoMpital, St Louis, conducted by the Sisters of Charity. 
Sister Mary Alexius, Sister Servant 

Orphan Asylum of St. Fhilomena, St. Louis, conducted by the Sisters of 
Chanty, Sister Florence O'Hara, Sister Servant 

St. Mary's Female Orphan Asylum, St. Louis, conducted by the Sisters 
of Charity, Sister Theodore, Sister Servant 

Biddle Infant Asylum, and Lying-in Hospital, St Louis, conducted by 
the Sisters of Charity, Sister Catherine, Sister Servant 

St. Vincenfs Institute for the Insane, St. Louis, conducted by the Sisters 
of Charity, Sister Julia, Sister Servant 

House of the Angel Guardian for Females, St. Louis, conducted by the 
Sisters of Charity, Sister Mary Joseph, Sister Servant 

Mulanphtf Orphan Asylum, for females, St. Louis, conducted by the 
Ladies of the Sacred Heart 

Male Orphan Asylum, St. Louis, conducted by the Sisters of St Joseph, 
Sister Felicity, Sister Servant 

St. VinoenCs German Male and Fnnale Orphan Asylum, St Louis, con- 
ducted by the Sisters of St Joseph. 

HcUf Orphan Asylum, St Louis, conducted by the Sisters of St Josepb, 
Sister Benedicta, Superior. 

Feniaie School of St. Vincent, conducted by the Sisters of Charity, Sister 
Lucina, Sister Servant 

Day School attached to Ursuline Convent. 

House of the Good Shepherd, St Louis, to which is attached the house of 
the third order of St Teresa for penitents. Sister Mary of the Sacred 
,fleart, Superior. 

St. JosepKs Convent, House of Protection and Industrial School, St 
Louis, conducted by the Sisters of Mercy. Mother M De Pazzi, Superior. 

Le Salle Institute, Reformatory for Boys, Carondelet, Mo., coodacted by 
the Christian Brothers, Brother Polycarp, Superior, Rev. M. St Cyr, 
Oan^ent of the Garmelite Nwi» at C\«j "^orov \i«w ^ Iaiub^ Eer. 
Mother Oabtiel of the Immaculate Ooiwieptioii»^u^«v«t» 


PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS, (male and female.) 

Cathedral — about 400 pupils, conducted by Christiau Brothers and Sis- 
ters of Charity for Female School. 

8t PtUriclcs — 660 — by Christian Brothers and Sisters of Charity. 

8t, Vincenfa, 600, by Christian Brothers and Sisters of St Joseph. 

8t. Marias, 800, by a secular teacher for boys, and 3 sisters of Notre 

8L Lawrence, 426, by Christian Brothers and Sisters of St. Joseph. 

8t. Franda Xavier, 630, by teachers under the direction of the Jesuit 

St Peter and Pavly 700, by two secular teachers and 6 sisters of Notre 

SL JosepKif 600, by 2 seculars and 4 sisters of Notre Dame. 

St. John'^y 400, by Christian Brothers and Sisters of St. Joseph. 

St. MichaeVs, 200, by secular teachers. 

St Liboriu8, 180, by secular teachers and sisters of Notre Dame. 

Holy Trinity, 160, by secular teacher and Franciscan Sisters. 

7^he Society of St. Vincent de Paid has an upper Council at St Lonis, and 
Conferences are attached to nearly all the City Churches. Numerous 
other sodalities exist in the City and Country parishes^ which it is not neces- 
sary to enumerate. 


Clergymen 130 Churches 76 

Seminaries 2 Asylums 16 

Academies 7 Colleges 4 

Hospitals 2 Schools 42 


Comprises thai part of the State of Illinois lying south of the northern 
limits of the Counties of Adams, Brovm^ Cass, Menard, Sangamon, Macon, 
Moultrie, Douglas, [Coles having been divided,^ and Edgar. It includes the 
same territory as the former Diocese of Quincy, the See having been trans- 
ferred to Alton, by a decree of January 9th, 1857. 


Rt. Rev. Henry Daioan Junokeb, D.D., 1st Bishop, consecrated April 26th 

Vicar-General : Very Rev. H. Sohaefbbmeieb. 

Council of the Bishop : Very Rev. H. Sohakfermkier, Rev. P. C 

Chancellor and Secretary : Rev. J. Janbsen. 


Alioiv Madban co.. Cathedral of SS. Peter and 'Pa\x\,'E\,.^w.'^^.^xa^^«> 

Bev, J. Janssen, Rev. J. "VaViey. 
" " " 8t Marfa of the ImmactiVate Con^ic^vVwi, VJ^^^rsaw 

Ber. Fr. Oetrop. 


Assumption, Christian co., Rev. F. Dutour. 

BaldwinsviUe, Edgar co., St. Aloysiue', attended from MarshalL 

Beardstown, Cass co., St Alexius , Rev. R. Heimerling. 

Belleville, St Clair co., St Peter's, Rev. P. J. Baltes, Rev. A. Pinkers. 

Bethalto, Madison co., attended from Alton. 

Black Jack, near Troy, Madison co., attended from CoUinsville. 

Bloomfield, Adams co., attended from Quincy. 

Breese, Shoal Creek Station, P.O., Clinton co., St Dominions) Rev. Aug. 

Bruxelles, News P.O., Calhoun co., Imm. Conception, Rev. C. Raphael. 
Cairo, Alexander co., St. Patrick's, Rev. L. Lambert. 
Cahokia, St Clair co.. Holy Family, Rev. P. Doutreligne, CM. 
Campoint, Adams co., attended from Mt Sterling. 
Carlinsville, Macoupin co., Rev. F. Schreiber. 
Carlyle, Clinton co., St Mary's, Rev. 01. Sieghardt 
Carrolton, Green co., church building, attended from Jerseyville. 
Centralia, Marion co., vacant. 

Centreville Station, St. Clair co., ^hurcb building, attended from Cahokia. 
Charleston, Coles co., attended from Paris. 
Chester, Randolph co.. Help of Christians, Rev. F. Chmelicek. 
Coffee, or Rochester, Wabnsh co., St. Augustin's, attended from Mt. CarmeL 
CoUinsville, Madison co., St. Paul's, vacant 
Columbia, Monroe co., Imm. Conception, Rev. W. Koenig. 
Damiansville, Clinton co., St Damian's, Rev. Aug. Berger. 
Decatur, Macon co.. Rev. A. Vogt. 

Dolan Settlement, White co., attended from Mt St John. 
Edwardsville, Madison co., Imm. Conception, vacant 
Effingham, Effingham co., St Anthony's, attended by Rev. Raynerius 

Dickneite, O.S.F., from Teutopolis. 
Evansviile, Randolph co., attenaed from Chester. 

FayettevUle, St Clair co., StPancratius', vacant, attended from Maskontah. 
Freeburg, St Clair co., St Joseph's, Rev. Theo. Elshoff. 
French Village, St Clair co., St. Philip's, Rev. Jos. Petit 
Green Creek, Effingham co.. Help of Christians, attended by Rev. Damianua 

Hennewig, O.S.F., from Teutopolis. 
Griggsville, Pike co., attended from Pittsfield. 

Hanover, or Germantown, Clinton co., St Henry's, Rev. H. Frohboese. 
Hardin, Calhoun co., St. Michael's, attended from Bruxelles. 
Highland, Madison co., St Paul's, Rev. P. Peters. 
Illinoistown, St Clair co., St. Partick's, Rev. J. Brennan. 
Jacksonville, Morgan co.. Rev. P. J. O'Halloran. 
Jerseyville, Jersey co., St, Francis', Rev. A. Laurent. 
Jonesboro, Anna P.O., Union co., attended from Cairo, vacant 
Kaskaskia, Randolph co., Inun. Conception, Rev. J. A. Jacque. 
Lebanon, Clinton co., attended from Carlyle, church building. 
Litchfield, Montgomery co.. Rev. Charles Gonant 
London City, Fayette co., attended from Teutopolis. 

Madonnavifle, Monroe City P.O., Monroe co., St. Mail's, Rev. L. Hinssen. 
Marine, Madison co., attended from Edwardsville. 
Marshall, Clark co., St. Patrick's, Rev. H. Hoven. 
liaskoutah, St. Clair co.. Childhood of Jesus, Rev. P. Rosendahl. 
(dtooD, Coles CO., Jmm, Concept., Rev. Th. Fr. Mangan. 
ilistad^ St Clair CO., St James', Rev.BaTV\i.^«t\.ft\^. 
ant City, Alexander co., attended irom C».\to, NWi«k\\\.. 
■» Carmel, TFabash co., Our Lady oi ^\.. Ca.Tiae\,^w.^.l&x%Rsai<8c. 
t Stirling, Brown co., St. Patrick's, B.ev. B. B\TMi\w». 


Mt St. Jobn, near McLeansboro, Hamilton co., Key. B. Hermann. 

Neoga, Cumberland co., attended from Teutopolis. 

New Berlin, Carter P.O., Sangamon co., attended firom Springfield. 

Newton, Jasper co., attended from St. Marie. 

0*Hara'8 Settlement, Ruma P.O., Randolph co., St. Patrick's^ Rev. Fr. 

Olive, Lawrence co., attended from Olney. 
Olney, Richland oo., Rev. Thorn. Walsh. 

Paderbom, Floraville, P.O., St. Clair co., St. Michael's, Rev. P. Rnstemeier. 
Pana, Christian co., attended from Shelbyville. 
Paris, Edgar co., vacant. 

Pittsfield, Pike co., St. Mary's, Rev. Claud. Carel. 
Pond Settlement, GaUatin co., attended from Shawneetown. 
Prairie du Long, Hecker P.O., St. Clair co., St Augustin's, Rev. J. Tunnel. 
Prairie du Rocher, Monroe co., St. Philip's, vacant. 
Quincy, Adams co., St. Boniface, Very Rev. H. Schaefermeier. 
" " St. Lawrence, Rev. P. McGirr. 

" " St. Francis Solanus, Franciscan Fathers: Very Rev. 

Ferd, Bergmeyer, O.S.F., Praeses; Rev. Capistranus 
Zwinge, O.S.F., Rev. Mauritius ELlostermann, O.S.F., 
Rev. Anselmus Mueller, O.S.F. 
Red Bud, Randolph co., St. John Baptist, Rev. John F. Mohr. 
Ridgely, Madison co., attended from Alton. 
Shawneetown, Gallatin co., Rev. J. Larmer. 
Shelbyville, Shelby co., Rev. Th. Cussack. 

Springfield, Sangamon co., Imm. Conception, Rev. J. Fitagibbon, Rev. J. "W. 
Zabel, D.D. 
" " St. John Baptist, Rev. W. Busch. 

St. Anthony's, near Quincy, Adams co., attended by the Francisean Fathers 

from Qmncy. 
St. Francisville, Lawrence co., St. Francis Xavier, attended from Mt. Car- ^ 

St. Joseph's, Calhoun co., church building, attended from Bruxellea 
St. Liborius, Mud Creek P.O., St. Clair co.'. Rev. Aug. Brickwedde. 
St. Marie, Jasper co., St. Mary's, Rev. J. Sandrock. 
St. Peter's, Jasper co.. attenaed from St. Marie. 
Stringtown, Richland co., St. Joseph's, attended from St. Marie. 
Sugar Creek, Sangamon co., St. William's, attended from Springfield. 
Teutopolis, Effingham co., St. Francis Seraph. Franciscan Fathers : Very 

Rev. Mathias Hiltermann, O.S.F., Commissarius, Very Rev. Killian 

Schlosser, O.S.F., Guardian, Rev. Damian Hennewig, O.S.F. , Rev. 

Heribert Hoffman, O.S.F., Rev. Raynerius Dickneite, O.S.F, Rev. 

Eugenius Puers, O.S.F., Rev. Aloysius Wiewer, O.S.F. 
Taylorsville, Christian co., St. Mary's, attended from Assumption. 
Tiptown, Monroe co., St. Patrick's, attended from Red Bud. 
Vandalia, Fayette CO., attended from Centralia. 

Waterloo, Monroe co., SS. Peter et Francis Seraph, Rev. P. Limacher. 
Westwoods, Fieldon P.O., Jersey co., attended from Jerseyville. 
Winchester, Scott co., Rev. M. Clifford. 


Adams co., Liberty; Alexander co., Caledoma,\3mV3 ^^t^nsts. <ift.^"^«ist- 

BaiUee; Caaa co., Chandleraville, Virginia*, Clark, co., C«aVX%^xv^\ ^«:^^^^. 

Xenl»; Clinton oo,, Trenton ; Coles CO., Okow •, "R^^^it <iQ., ^^wA^v^^ 

mingbAm CO., Wataon; Fayette co., Wiudsof, Qt«\\«.V:m <i».> 'SjjS?^^^ 


Green co., Greenfield, Rockbridge, Whitehall : Jersey co., Delhi, Grafton, 
Jersey Jjauding ; Macoupin co., Brighton, Bunkerhill, Nil wood, Shipmaon, 
Virden ; Marion co., Odin, Salem, Sandoval ; Menard co., Petersburg, Rob- 
inson's Mills ; Montgomery co., Butler, Gillespie, Hillsboro ; Morgan co., 
Meredoeia, Waverly ; Scott co., Naples ; St Clair co., O'Fallon ; Wa^ne 
CO., Fairfield ; White co., Carmi 


St. Teresa! 8 GonverU of the Franciscan Fathers. A community of re. 
formed Franciscans of the stricter observance, have, since 1868, established 
a Convent at Teutopolis, Effingham co., 111. They form a branch of the 
Westphalian Province of this Order. The community consists of 1 Fathers. 
Very Rev. Mathias Hiltermann, Superior. 

St Francis Solanos, Residence of Franciscan Fathers at Quincy, founded 
1 860. The community numbers 4 Fathers, Very Rev. P. Ferdinand Berg- 
meyer, Praeses. 

St. Jo8€ph*s Fcclesiastical College at Teutopolis, Effingham co., IlIinoiB. 
This College is under the direction of the Franciscan Fathers, wherein 
boys will find all the opportunities to prepare themselves for the holy 
priesthood. Therewith is, at present, also connected, the Seminary of the 
Diocese. The Rev. Fathers will spare no pains to give to the pupils 
entrusted to them a good and solid education. Rev. Herib. Hoffman, Su- 
perior. The Poor Sisters of St. Francis have the care of the whole 
management of the house and of the infirmary. 

St. Joseph* s Ursuline Convent and Younff Ladies* Academy at Springfield, 
Illinois. This house was established 22d August, 1857. Mother Mary 
Joseph Woulfe, Superior. The course of instruction embraces all the 
branches usually taught in such institutes. Connected with the Academy 
is a Day and Parochial School. 
^ UrstUine Convent, Female Acad&tny^ Boarding and Day School, Alton, 
Illinois. <rhis institute was founded in the yei^r 1860. Mother Josephine 
Bruiding, Superior. Besides their Academy and Boardine School, in 
which the higher branches of a finished education are taught^ the nuns 
conduct the parish schools of the congregations at Alton. 

Young Ladiet^ Academy of the Jmmuculate Conception at Belleville, St 
Clair CO., Illinois. This institution, under the direction of the Poor School 
Sisters of Notre Dame, was opened on the 5th of October, 1859. Sister 
Jerome, Superior. The course of instruction embraces all the branches 
usually taught in such institutions. Connected with the Academy is the 
Pariah School of the congregation at Belleville. 

Convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph . at St. Marie, Jasper co., Illinois. 
This institute was founded in the year 1861. Connected with this Acade- 
my for young ladies is the Free School of the Township, and the Parochial 

The Sisters of Loretto have commenced, last September, a School in 
Cairo, Illinois, with the intention to erect, as soon as possible, a fine Insti- 
tute, wherein all the families of Southern Illinois will nave .an opportunity 
to give to their daughters, near at home, a thorough education, as will be 
given in any such institute. 

2%e Parochial Schools for the boys at Alton and Springfield, are con- 
lucted by the Brothers of the Holy Cross 

7%<^ I'arish Schools for the girls in (^wiucy aud Teutopolis, are held by 
: Mie Poor School Sisters of Notre Dame. 

Also, nearly all the congregaiioas, -wYietft "PeaxoT^ «c^ T«aftMv\|^ Vw^ 
He/r own Parochial Schools. 



Established 1844. 

Comprising Illinois, North of the Gouniiea of Adams, Brown, CasSy Menard, 
tiangamon, Macon, Moultrie, Coles and Edgar. 

Deceased and Fobmeb Pbbi^tes. 

It Rev. Wm. Quarter, D.D., Ist Bishop, cons. March 10, 1844, died 1848. 
it Rev. James O. Vandeyelde, D.D., 2d Bishop, consecrated in 1848 ; 

transferred to Natchez in 1853; died 1855. 

It Rev. Antsont O'Regan, D.D., 3d Bishop, consecrated July 26, 1854; 

transferred to Dora in 1858. 

Present Bishop. 

It Rev. Jambs Duggan, D.D., consecrated Bishop of Antigone, and Co- 
r adjutor to the Archbishop of St Louis, May 3, 1857 ; transferred to Chi- 
cago, January 21st^ 1859. Residence, corner of Michigan Avenue and 
Madison street 

Vioar-General — ^Very Rev. D. Dunn, D.D., 
tev. John McMulJen, D.D., Chancellor ; Rev. Thaddeus J. Butler, D.D., 

Council of the Bishop. 

'^ery Rev, D. Dunn, V.G., D.D. Rev. John McMullen, D.D. 

''ery Rev. A. Damen, S.J. Rev. Thaddeus J. Butler, D.D. 

Lev. Patrick Terry. Rev. Joseph P. Roles. 


hicago, Cathedral of the Holy Name, corner of Wolcott and Superior 

streets ; residence Cass street. Rev. Joseph P. Roles, Rev. Thos. Mo 

Givern. High Mass at 10| ; Vespers, 3. 
St. Mary's, corner of Wabash Avenue and Madison street ; residence 

corner of Michigan Avenue and Madison street, Rev. Thomas Halli- 

gan. Rev. Max Albrecht High Mass, 10^ ; Vespers, 8. 
* St. Patrick's, corner Desplain and Adams* street. Very Rev. D. Dunn, 

V.G., D.D., Rev. Francis Keenan. Rev. John Dowd. High Mass, lOi; 

Vespers, 3. 
Holy Family, corner of Twelfth and May streets ; residence Twelfth 

Etreetj Very Rev. A. Damen, S.J., Rev. D. Niederkorn, S.J., Rev. F. 

Smarius, S.J., Rev. Jas. Converse, S.J., Rev. Th. Kuhlman, S.J., Rev. 

B. Masselis, S.J., Rev. Michael Lawlor, S.J., Rev. J. Van Goch, S.J. 

High Mass, 10^; Vespers, 3. 
St Peter's, corner of Clark and Polk streets; residence Clark st. Rev. 

J. B. Mdger, Rev. Fr. Slechter High Mass, 10 ; Vespers, 2i. 
Immaculal^ Conception, comer of Franklin and Schiller streets ; resi- 
dence Franklin street. Rev. Thaddeus J. Butler, D.D. High Mass, 

lOi ; Vespers, 8. 
St Michael's, (organized in 1863, under the RedemptotiatA ft\xv<5.<^ \^^V\ 

North Avenue ; residence Church street, B.%v Qteot^^ ^o«M3a>^^.'$^^^.^ 
Bev. Albert Scbaeffer, C.SS.R., Rev. 3aco\> 'Sa^ftV C»S^^. ^Nsfi^ 
Maae, 10; Vespen, 3, 


St. Jo8epb*s, comer Cass street and Chicago .Ayenue ; residence Chi- 
cago Avenue, Rev. Lewis Maria Fink, O.S.R, Rer. Corbinian Maria 
Gastbihl, O.S.B. High Mass, 10; Vespers, 2i. 
St Bridget's, Bridgeport ; residence near Churcb, Rev. John Grogan. 

High Mass, 10 J ; Vespers, 8. j 

St John's, corner Clark and Old streets ; residence Old street. Rev. 

John Waldron. High Mass, 10^ ; Vespers, 8. ^ 

St James', Carville; residence near Church, Rey. Thomas Kelly. 

High Mass, 10^ ; Vespers, 8. 
St Francis' Assisium, corner Mather and Clinton stareets ; residenee 
Mather street. Rev. Ferdinand Kalvalage. High Mass, 10 ; Y» 
pers, 2i. 
St Columbkille's, corner Paulina and Indiana streets ; residence Indi- 
ana street, Rev. Tl^omas C. Bourk. High Mass, 10^ ; Vespers, 3. 
. St Louis, Sherman street ; attended from the Bishop's house. High 
Mass, lOi; Vespers, 3. 
Amboy, Lee Co , St Patrick's, Rev. Michael J. Clarke. 
Apple River, Joe Daviess Co., Rev. Peter Corcoran. 
Aurora, Kane Co., Sacred Heart, Rev. Michael CSuUivan. 
" " ** (German Church), Rev. Mr. Westcamp. 

Black Partridge, Woodford Co., St Mary's, Rev. Thos. Fraunhofer. 
Bloomington, McLean Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Thomas Kennedy and Rev. P. 

Bourbonnais Grove, Kankakee Co., Kotre Dame, Rev. P. Ducronz. 
Champaign City, Champaign Co., St MaiVs, Rev. Thomas Ryan. 
Dekalb, Dekalb Co., St Mary's, Rev. J. Murray. 
Dixon, Lee Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Louis Lightner, D.D. 
Dunleith, Joe Daviess Co., St. Thomas, Very Rev. Thoa L. Power, O.S.D. 
Elgin, Kane Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. Andraw Eustace. 
Freeport, Stephenson Co.. St Mary's, Rev. Thomas 0*Gara. 

" " " (German Church), Rev. Ig. Balluff. 

Galena, Joe Daviess Co., St. Michael's, Rev. "W. Power, Rev. J. Ealkenny. 

« " " " St Mary's (German), Rev. Mr. Bally. 

Galesburgh, Knox Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. James Power. 
Gross Point, Cook Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Mr. Blessinger. 
Hartland and Woodstock, McHenry Co., Rev. Terence Fitzimmona 
Heniy, Marshall Co., St Mary's, Rev. Henry Kdhne. 
Joliet, Will Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Patrick Farrelly. 

" " " St John Baptist (German), Rev. Charles Klimin. 
Kankakee, Kankakee Co., St Rose, Rev. Jacob Cotd. 
Kickapoo, St Mary's, Rev. Theodore Vanderpoel. 
Lacon, Marshall Co., St Mary's, Rev. Michael Duggan. 
Lasalle, Lasalle Co., St. PatncVs, Rev. Mark Anthony, CM., Rev. Edward 

Hennessy, CM., Rev. Mr. Gleeson, CM 
L'Erable, Iroquois Co., St. John Baptist, Rev. J. Cot^ 
Lincoln, Logan Co., St Patrick's, Rev. Mr. Martini 
Lockport, Will Co., St. Denis, Rev. Michael Hurley. 
McHenry, McHenry Co., St. John Baptist, Rev. Hermann liermann. 

" ** " St Patrick's, Rev. J. Prendergast 

Macomb, McDonough Co., St Stephen's, Rev. Philip ^brecht 
Meehan's Settlement, Lake Co., St Michael's, Rev. Patrick O'Dwyer. 
Mendota, Lasalle Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. Thomafl OTar 
MotHb, Grundy Co., St Patrick^s, Rev. "Mic^vaAli^c^xia. 
JBfapervUle, Dupage Co,, St RaphaeV'a, B.e^. Yett^x'SSa^et. 
Ifauvoo, Hancock Co., St. Simon and St. PftUx, ^«^. C3^^««2fcSKBB^ 


"Sew Straebtii^h, Cook Co., St. Joseph's, Rer. Mr. Nich. 

Ottawa, Lasalle Co., St Columba, Rev. Patrick Terry, Rev. Toner, Rev. J. 

Peoria, Peoria Co., St. Mary's, Rev. Abraham J. Ryan, Rev. Jer. Murphy. 

" «* " St. Patrick's, Rev. John Macken, Rev. P. McQuire. 

** " " (German Church,) Rev. Mr. Boers. 

Peru (German), attended from Lasalle by Rev. Mr. Kallamer, CM. 
Petites Isles, St George, Rev. Mr. Paradis. 
Rockford, Winnebago Co., St James, Rev. John P. Donelan. 
Rock Island, Rock Island Co., Rev. P. T. McEHherne. 
St Charles, Kane Co., St Patrick's, Rev. P. J. R. Murphy. 
St Marie, St Mary's, Rev. M Gauthier, D.D. 
^Sterling, — Co., St Patrick's, Rev. John Daly. 

Waukegan, Lake Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. Michael Donohue.) 
Willmington, Will Co., St Rose of Lima, Rev. Barth. Lonergan. 


Athens, Cook Co., St Patrick's, attended regularly from Lockport 
Arlington, " " from Mendota. 

Ainsworth station. Cook Co., St Patrick's, " from St. James, Chicago. 
Babcock's Grove, Dupage Co., Immaculate Conception, attended from St. 

Belvidere, Boone Co., St Patrick's, twice a month, from Rockford. 
Batavia, Kane Co., Holy Cross, re^larly from Aurora. 
Barrens, Kane Co., St Mary's, twice a month, from Elgin. 
Blue Island, Cook Co., attended regularly from St. Joseph's, Chicago. 
Bromfield, Peoria Co., St Joseph's, attended regularly from Peoria. 
Bristol Station, occasionally from Aurora. 
Buffalo Grove, Lake Co., Immaculate Conception, once a month, from 

Council Hill, Joe Daviess Co., occasionally from Galena. 
Cass, Dupage Co., St. Patrick's, attended from Naperville. 
Cherry Valley, Winnebago Co.; attended occasionally from Rockford, 

Crystal Lake, McHenry Co., St. Joseph's, attended from Hartland. 
Camping Grove, " attended occasionally from Laoon. 

Chillicothe, " " «« 

Chuton, DeWitt Co., attended regularly from Bloomington. 
Canton, Fulton Co., once a month from Galesburgh. 
Danville, Vermillion Co., St Patrick's, once a month from Champaign. 
Dwyer's Settlement, Lake Co., attended from McHenry. 
D wight, Livingston Co., St Patrick's, attended from Wilmington. 
East Grove, attended from Amboy. 
Eagle Town, Lasalle Co., attended from Ottawa. 
Fulton, Whiteside Co., attended regularly from Sterling. 
Fremont Centre, Lake Co., St James', once a month, from> McHenry. 
Fountain Green, Hancock Co., ** from Nauvoo. 

Geneseo, Henry Co., attended from Rock Island. 
Geneva, Kane Co., attended regularly from St Charles. 
Hampton, Rock Island, attended occasionally from Rock Island. 
Harlem Station, Cook Co., ** from St Columbkill^ Ghi<ia.^<:i« 

Hennepin, Putnam Co., St Anthony's, attended iromB-ettr^. 
Homer, Laealle Co., atteDded regularly from AuxoTa. 

Insb Orore, St^beneon Co., St Patrick's, atieiidedTe%\]\«i\3 icQai.^^^«^^ 
Kertsbw^tb, Mercer Co., attended oocaMLonaai/ from &o<^\^«a.^ 



Kewanee, Henry Co., St Maiy\ attended regularly from Lacon. 

Lodi, Kane Co., St Mai^s, attended regularly from Dekalb. 

Lane, Ogle Co., St. Patrick's, " Dixon. 

Manteno, St Joseph's, ^ " Petites Mefi. 

Mill Creek, Lake Co., St Patrick's, twice a month from Waukegan. 

Murray's Settlement, Lake Co., attended from McHenry. 

Milton, Dupage Co., St Stephen's, ** Naperville. 

May town, St Mary's, " Amboy. 

^toline, Rock Island Co., ^ *' Eock Island. 

Minook, Grundy Co., St. Michael's, " Morris. 

Momenee, Kankakee Co., St Patrick's, " Petites Isles. 

Monmouth, Warren Co., once a month from Galesburgh. 

Marengo, McHenry Co., attended from Elgin. 

New Dublin, Stephenson Co., St Mary's, attended regularly from Freeport 

New Trier, St Henry, attended from Freeport 

Oregon, attendea regularly from Dixon. 

Oquaka, Anderson Co., attended from Nauvoo. 

Pekin, Tazewell Co, " Peoria. 

Paxton, " Champaign City. 

Polo, ** Dixon. 

Princetown, Bureau Co., once a month from Mendota. 

Perkin's Grove, Lee Co., attended from Aurora. 

Rock Island Junction, Cook Co., attended occasionally from St James* 

Richville, Cook Co., attended regularly from St Joseph's, Chicago. 
Richmond, McHenry Co., attended regularly from McHenry. 
Rosehill, Cook Co., St. Henry's, attended from St. Michael's, Chicago. 
Sheffield, attended regularly from McHenry. 

Sagganah and Summit, Cook Co., ** *' Lockport 

Sommac, Dekalb Co., *' " Mendota. 

Sycamore, Dekalb Co., St Mary's, " " Dekalb. 

Seneca, Lasalle Co., St. Joseph's, " " Morris. 

St Augustine, Fulton Co., once a month from Macomb, 
Tiskilwanee, attended regularly from McHenry. 

Toulon, Stark Co., " " Lacon. 

Tennessee, McDonough Co., St Mary's, attended regularly from Macomb. 
Twelve Mile Grove, Will Co., attended regularly from Wilmington. 
Vinegar Hill, Joe Daviess Co., ** " Sinsinawa MA 

Warsaw, Hancock Co., attended regularly from Macomb. 


University of St. Mary of the Lake, Chicago, President, Rev. John 
McMuUen, D.D. ; Vice-President, Rev. James McGovern, D.D. 

Theological D^artmeiU, Rector, Rev. James MoGovern, D.D. ; Eev. 
John McMullen, D.D. ; Rev. Thaddeus J. Butler, D.D. 
Medical Department, Daniel Brainard, M.D., President 
Xaift Department, Principal, Hon. Henry Booth. Number of students, 
J^edemptarist Convent, Chicago, Church street, R. F. George Boesoh, 
Superior, C.SSM., R. F. Albert ScVvcBSfex, C^^.B., R. F. Jacob Nagel, 
C.8S.B., and 2 professed Lay Brothetft. 
Convent and Academy of St Frauds XamcT ol ^^ ^\aN«t^ ^l^«c«^> 
'^ioago. Mother Francis de Sales, BuperVoxeaft. 


8t Mar}f% OirU Free School, conducted by the Sisters of Mercy. 

St. JohiVs S^eet and Free School, conducted by Sistert of Mercy. 

Chicago Mercy ffoepital, condncted by the Sisters of. Mercy ; Directress, 
Sister Borromeo. 

St. Man/e Female Orphan Aeylum, Chicago, conducted by Sisters of 

Sisters of Notre Dame (Germ.), Sister S. M. Joachima, Superior. 288 
girls (scholars) under their charge. Two secular teachers teach 272 boys. 
Number of the pupils, 610. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, Chicago, Madam M. J. Gallway ; religions 

Holv Family Free and Select Schools, conducted by Religions of the 
Sacred Heart. 

Holy Family Free and Select Schools, for boys, conducted by the Lay 
Brothers of Society of Jesus. 

Holy Name Free and Select Schools, nnder the direction of the Sisters of 

St. Patricias Free and Select School, for boys, under the direction of the 
Christian Brothers. 

St. Fatriclt^s Free and Select Schools, for girls, directed by Sisters of 

St. JosepKs Parochial Schools, free and select, pupils, 800. Sister M. 

St. MichaeVs Parochial Schools, " " 

Chicago Reform and Industrial School, situated in Bridgeport, ^and 
chartered by the last Legislature, conducted by the Christian Brothers. 

Magdalen Asylum, Chicago, under the direction of the Sisters of the Good 
hepherd. Religious, 10 ; peuiteats, 80. 
Academy' for Young Ladies, Morris, Grundy Co., by the Sisters of the 

Holy Cross. 

Parochial Free and Select Schools, " a a u 

St. Joseph'' s Convent of Mercy, Ottawa, Lasalle Co. 

St. Joseph's Schools, " " . directress, 

Parochial Free Schools, Lasalle, under the direction of the Christian 

Parochial Free and Select Schools, Lasalle, for girls, by the Sisters of 

Parochial School, Bourbonnais Grove, under the direction of the Sisters 
of the Congregation. 

Peoria Parochial Free and Select Schools, directed by the Sisters of St 

Oalena Parochial Free arid Select Schools, by the Sisters of the Domini- 
can Order. 


Secular Priests. 76 University 1 

Priests of Religious Orders 16 Academies for Young Ladies. . . 6 

Churches 112 Hospital 1 

Clerical Students 40 Orphan Asylums 2 

Seminary 1 Reform School 1 

Convents 18 Magdalen Asylum 1 

Total number of Priests. 91 



Established 1837. 

Rt Bey. Matbias. Loi&ab, D.D., oons. July 28, 18S7 ; died Feb. 19^ 1858. 

Present Bishop. 
Rt ReY. Clbmsmt Smtth, D.D^, conseoirated May d, 1857. 

Dubuque, Dubuque Co., St Raphaers CathedraL 
Right Rev. Clement Smyth, D.D. 
Rev. Daniel Molony, Rev. M. Flavin. 
St. Patrick's Church, Rev. Francis Walsh. 
Holy Trinity (German), Rev. John Fendrick, and Rev. A. Cortei- 

St. Joseph's Church, Very Rev. T. J. Donaghoe, V. G. 
St. Catharine's, attended from St. Donatus. 
St. Donatus (Ger.) Rev.Michael Flammang. 
St. Theresa, Rev. Denis Brennan. 
St Joseph Calasanetius, attended from Dubuque. 
St William's, 
Ad el, Dallas Co., St Eugenie, attended from Des Moines. 
Albia, Monroe Co., St Agatha, Rev. T. Cliflford. 
Augusta, Des Moines Co., St. Louis, attended from Burlington* 
Banxton Settlement, Dubuque Co., Rev. A. Bennett 
Belleview, Jackson Co., St. Andrew, Rev. D. Brennan. 
Burlington, Des Moines Co., St Paul's, Rev. James B. Donelan. 

" " *\ (German), Rev. Bernard Herderer. 

Cascade, Dubuque Co , St Martin's, Rev. James Cunningham. 
Castle Grove, Jones Co., St Aloysius, attended from Cascade. 
Cedar Falls, Black Hawk Co., St Helena, Rev. John Shields. 
Centre Grove, Clinton Co., St Francis de Sales, attended from De Wittt 
Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Rev. Herman Uhlenbrook. 
Chariton, Lucas Co., St Anne, ^ " " 

Cherry Mount, Alamakee Co., St Pius, attended from McGregor. 
Churchville, Madison Co., St Lambert's, attended from Iowa City. 
Colesburgh, Delaware Co., St Ephrem, " " Holy Cross. 

Council Blufis, Pottowattomie Co., St Francis Xavier, attended ^m Si 

John's, Nebraska. 
Davenpoii;, Scott Co., St Anthony's, Very Rev. A. M. Pelamomgues, V. C^- 
St. Margaret's, Rev. A. Trevis, and Rev. H. Gosgrove. 
St Germanus (Ger.) Rev. Anthony Niermai^ 
Decorah, Winnishiek Co., St Benedict's, Rev. Clement Lowry. 
Dodge ville, Desmoines Co., St MatheVs, attended from Burlington* 
Pe Witt Clinton Co., St Simon's, Rev. James Scallon. 
Dyersville, Dubuque Co., attended from New Vienna. 
Bddyville, Wapello Co., St Gregonr, attended from Ottumwa. 
E/Jrader, Clayton Co., Nativity of B. V. M., Rev. Michael O'Beirne. 
J^ Bacbaa&n Co., St Frederick s, attendft^^omlii^^^wv^cQ5s.%. 
Fiiir Field, Jefferson Co., St EUzabet\i, " 0\x.\im^«.. 

fanas, Alamakee Co., St, Cavaiii " ^«xiw^. 


; Atkinson, Winniehiek Co., St Clemen t^s^ attended from Old Mission, 
i Desmoines, Polk Co., St. Ambrose, Very Rev. John Brazil, V. G. 
i Madison, Lee Co., St. Joseph's (Ger.) Very Rev. A. Hattenberger, and 
ey. M. MieheL 

. Dodge, Webster Co., Corpus Christi, Rev. John Marsh. 
Qoyilla, Clayton Co., St. Bridget's, attended from Mkader. 
ry-Oweo, Jackson Co., St. Patrick's^ Rev. Michael Kinsella^ 
tertville. Black Hawk Co., attended from Cedar Falls, 
loevin, Dubuque Co., Holy Cross, Rev. Michael Lynch, 
i^e Town, Monroe Co., Rev. Timothy Clifford, 
tenbnrg, Clayton Co., St Bridget's (German), Rev. Conrad Sohulte. 
ipendeace, Buchanan Co , Holy Name, Rev. John Gt)sker. 
a City, Johnson Co., Visitation, Rev. W. Emonds. 
" " German Church, Rev. — Noovack. 

1 Valley, Linn Co., St. Elizabeth (Ger.) Rev. George Snider, 
kuk, Lee Co., St John's, Rev. Louis DecaiUy. 

" " Visitation Convent, Rev. B. Cannon, 
caster, Keokuk Co., St Cunegunda, attended from Georgetown. 
sing, Alamakee Co., St. Agatha's; attended from Wexford. 
Dlair, Scott Co., St Clare, " " Davenport 

ns, Clinton Co., St Ireneus, Rev. Fred. Jean. 

" St Boniface (Ger.) Rev. Aloysius Meiss. 

lona, Clayton Co., St. Richard, attended from McGregor. 
mt Pleasanti, Henry Co., Rev. James Slattery. 
Jre^ors, Clayton Co., Rev. Richard Nagle. 
icatine, Muscatine Co., St Mathias, Rev. Philip Laurent 

V Burn, and other missions around, Marion Co., St uEgidius, attended 
cm Georgetown. 

v^ London, Henry Co., St Henry's, attended from Mount Pleasant 

^n, Jasper Co , St Mark, " " Desmoines. 

v^ Melleray, Dubuque Co., St. Bernard's, Rev. Bernard McCaffery. 

V Wine, Dubuque Co., St Boniface (Ger.) Rev. James Orth. 
onnel's Settlement, Dubuque Co., St. David, Rev. Andrew Bennett 
Man's Creek, Johnson Co., St. Michael's, Rev. P. Sullivan. 
MiBsioc, Winneshiek Co., Seven Dolors, Rev. Frederick Hannasch. 
aloosa, Mahaska Co., attended from Ottumwa. 

nmwa, Wapello Co., Visitation, Rev. John KreckeL 

t Louisa, Louisa Co., attended from Muscatine. 

ula, Jackson Co., St James, attended from Belleview. 

Agnes, Clark Co., attended from Fort Dodge. ^ 

Angeline, Boone Co., " " " 

Caroline, Hardin " ** *» '* 

Cyprian, Alamakee " " ** Waukon. 

Pintan, " " " "Wexford. 

Lawrence, Jackson ** ** ** Garryowen. 

Luke, Winneshiek Co., (Ger.) Rev. F. Hannasch. 

Malachy, Muscatine Co., attended from Muscatine. 

Rose, Chickasaw Co., " " Old Mission. 

Qx City, Woodbury Co., " " St John's, Nebraska 

■ace Creek, Jackson Co., St Nicholas (Ger.) attended from Belleview. 

;ar Creek, Clinton Co., (Ger.) attended from Lyons. 

Jnut Grove, Scott " Rev. H. Cosgrove. 

fit Pointi Lee Co., St Philip'a, (Ger.) Rev. G.Reff^. 

xford, Alamakee Co., St. George, Rev. Mathiaa HannoTi. 

Jioii, ' " Rev. Clement Lovry. 



Abbey of our Lady of La Trappe, New Melleray, is sitaated about 12 
miles south-west of Dubuque. At present there are six priests, five other 
choir religious, and forty-eight lay brothers. The Fathers attend to the 
spiritual wants of all around, and also keep a free school for the children 
of their locality. Right Rev. Epbrem McDonnel, Abbot ; Very Rev. B. 
McCaffery, Prior ; Rev. Palladius Cosgrove, Sub-Prior ; Rev. John Baptiit 
Hogan, Master of Novices; Rev. P. Mohan, Rev. B. Madigan, Sacristan; 
Brother M. Bernard, Procurator. 

St. JoaepKa Academy, conducted by the Sisters of Charity of the RV.M., 
near Dubuque, Very Rev. T. J. Donaghoe, V. G., 60 Sisters, and \t 

Convent of the Visitation of the B. F., Keokuk, 24 Sisters, and fifty 

Sisters of Notre Dame^ Eeokuk, 6 Sisters, and nearly three hundred 
children, who receive gratuitous education. 

In Dubuque City, eight schools, conducted by the Sisters of Charity of 
B. V. * 

In Davenport, two select and five free Schools are conducted by mem- 
bers of the same community. 

In Burlington, three schools by the same Sisters of Charity. 

In Muscatine, three schools by the same Sisters of Charity. 

In Iowa City, five schools by the same Sisters of Charity. 

In Fort Dodge, two schools by the same Sisters of Charity. 

In Fort Madison, three schools by Sisters of Notre Dame. 

In West Point, three schools by Sisters of Notre Dame. 

In New Wine, three schools by Sisters of St. Francis. 


Secular Priests 48 

Priests of Religious Orders 6 

Priests ordained since last report, 9 

Churches 76 

Built since last report. 7 

Now being erected. ... 6 

Chapels 8 

Stations 86 

Ecclesiastical Institution 1 

Clerical Students 23 


Convents or Religious Communi- 
ties of females 16 

Male and female free schools al- 
most in each district where 
there is a resident Priest 

Sunday Schools in all cities .... 

Charitable Associations 10 

Catholic Population 79,0M 







ev. John Martin Henni, preseut Bishop, consecrated March 19, 1844* 

I Generals — Very Rev. Martin Eundig, Very Rev. Lucius Galtier. 

Secretary — Rev. Michael Heiss. 
lELLORS — Very Rev. M. Kundig, Rev. Stanislaus La Lumiere, S. J., 
Rev. P. Donaghoe, Rev. J. Conrad*. 


kukee, St. John's Cathedral, cor. of Jackson and Oneida streets. Rt. 
Rev. J. M. Henni, D.D., Very Rev. M. Kundig, Rev. P. Donaghoe. • 
St. Mary's, corner of Main and Biddle streets, Rev. L. Batz. 
St. Guirs, corner of Second and Sycamore streets. 

" Rev. Stanislaus P. La Lumiere, S.J., Superior and 

Pastor ; Rev. Ignatius Maes, S. J., Assistant Pastor ; Rev. 
James Hayes, S.J. 
Holy Trinity, corner of Park and Greenhueh streets. Rev. J. 

St. Joseph's, corner of Eleventh and Lisbon streets, Rev. J. Holz- 

hauer. Rev. L. Hackhofer. 
St. Peter's, Martin and Jackson streets (Bohemian), Rev. F. Zas- 

St. Mary's of the Holy Angels, corner of Milwaukee and Enapp 
streets. Rev. F. X. Erautbauer. 
itown, Sheboygan Co., St. Patrick's, attended from Cascade, 
on, Washington Co., St. Anthony's, Rev. C. Rehrl. 

St. Peter and Paul, Rev. C. Rehrl. 
y, Green Co., St Francis of Sales, attended by Rev. F. H. Sulli- 

I River, St. Croix Co., St. Joseph's, Rev. N. Steble. 

jtown, Outagamie Co., St. Mark's, Rev. L. Dael. 

rd, Fond du Lac Co., St. Martin's, Rev. M. PickeL 

rn, " St. Mathias*, attended from Barton. 

5^alets, Pepin Co., St. Henry's, attended by Rev. B. Smeddink. 

n, Washington Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. J. Rindl. 

Jettlement, Brown Co., Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Very Rev. E. 

Jins, O.S.C. 

i Road, Milwaukee Co., St. Matthias', Rev. A. Kieser. 

;, Rock Co., St. Thomas', Rev. J. H. Herman. 

jr Dam, Dodge Co., St. Peter's ) ^ ^ jy g 

St. Patrick's, [ ^®^' *' ^® ^®^^®- 
im, Ozaukee Co., Holy Cross, Rev. J. A. Arnold. 

" St. Mary*s» Rev. F. Fusseder. 

n, Lafayette Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. S. Mazzuchelli, O.P. 
I, Marquette Co., St. Joseph's, attended by Rev. E. Gray, 
oo, Sauk Co., St. Michael, visited from Sac City, 
jville, Columbia Co., St Pius, Rev. J. Doyle. 
tgton, Racine Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. "NL "WV&\>aM«t. 
on, Kenosha Co., St Patrick's, Rev. H. J. Albert. 
eJ4 Waukesha Co,, St Dominic's, attended by B.ev. A-O'Ciowvqt. 


Buchanan, Outagamie Co., Holy Angel Guardians, attended by Rev. L 

Buchanan, La Cropse Co., St. Joseph, attended from La Crosse. 

Buffalo, Marquette Co., St. Andrew, attended by Rev. A. Fagan. 

Caledonia, Racine Co., St. Louis, attended from New Coin. 

" *• Holy Family, attended by F. Uhlemyer. 

.Cascade, Sheboygan Co., St Mary's, Rev. P. Bradley. 

Cassville, Grant Co., St. Charles, attended bj Rev. H. Nuyts, C.S.O. 

Cedarsburgh, Ozaukee Co., St. Francis Borgia, Rev. DougheHy. 

Center, Outagamie Co., St. Edward's, visit^ by Rev. L. DaeL 

Centreville, Manitowoo Co., St. Francis, Rev. W. Bernard. 

Chilton, Calumet Co., St. Augustine's, Rev. Hugh McMahon. 

Chippewa, Chippewa Co., St MarVs, Rev. J. B. Smeddink. 

CUy tontown, Crawford Co., St. Philip's, attended by Rev. Patrick Murphy. 

Clynian, Dodge Co., Holy Assumption, attended by Dr. Norris. 

" " St Isidore (German), attended by Rev. M. De Be«kft 

Cooperstown, Manitowoc Co., Holy Family, attended by Rev. J. Mally. 

Cross Plains, Dane Co., St Mary's. ) ^ . Fo^klep 
u St. Francis, ] *^®^- ^ ^oecKier. 

Darlington, La Fayette Co., St Leo's, Rev. P. CNeil. 

Del a van, Walworth Co., St Andrew's, Rev. H. J. Roche. 

Deerfield, Dane Co., St Anne, attended from Fitchburg. 

Delona, Sauk Co., All Saints, attended by Rev. P. Montague. 

Dekora, Columbia Co., St Kiernan's, attended from Portage City. 

Depere, Brown Co., St. Francis Xavier, attended from the Bay. 

Duck Creek, Outagamie Co., St. John Baptist (vacant). 

East Troy, Walworth Co., St lliaddeus. Rev. L Kenny. " 

Eaton, Manitowoc Co., St Gregory Naz., Rev. A. Oschwald. 

Eagle Centre, Waukesha Co., St Teresa, attended by Rev. L. Kenny. 

Elk Grove, La Fayette Co., St. Ambrose, visited frt)m Franklin. 

** St. Rosa, attended by Rev. M. B. Fortune, O.P. 

Elra Grove, Waukesha Co., Church of the Visitation B. V. M., Rev. A. 

Eagle Point, Chippewa Co., StPeter's, regularly attended by Rev. B. Smed- 

Egerton, Rock Co., St. Joseph's, attended from Fitchburg. 

Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., St Patrick's, attended by J. B. Smeddink. 

Elba, Dodge Co., St Columkill, Rev. E. McGuerk. 

Eden, Fond du Lac Co., Holy Ascension, attended by Rev. J. Colton. 

Erin, St Croix Co., St Patrick's, attended from Hudson. 

Erin, Washington Co., St. Patrick's, attended by Rev. F. Ileman. 

Farmington, Washington Co., St John of God, visited from New Bargk 
" " St Peter's, visited from New Burgh. 

Fitchburg, Dane Co., Holy Mother of Consolation, Rev. Wm. O'OonneiL 

Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co., St Louis, Rev. J. C. Perrodin. 
" ** St Patrick's, Rev. J. Colton. 

Forrestown Creek, Fond du Lac Co., St Virgilius, Rev. M. Spierings. 

Fountain City, Buffalo Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. Jos^-Kleiben 

French Creek, Manitowoc Co., St Anne's, attended by Rev. J. Maly. 

Freedom, Outagamie Co., St. Nicholas, attended by E. Spierings. 

Franklin, Sauk Co., St Luke's, attended from Sac City. 

Franklin, Milwaukee Co., St Martin's, Rev. P. CFarrelL 

" <* Sacred HeatVA ol 5 ca>a^& «a.d Mary, Rev. J. JaoiM 

Fox Lake, Dodge Co., Immaculate CoT\<ieit>V\oTi,'^«^.^.^xM«ii. 
^redoDia, Ozaukee Co.. St l^fic\\o\aB\^e^. J-UeViW^T^. ^ ^ ^^ 
Mother of Doloit, «X\Aud.^^\Ji ^«^,^^MbA. 



GermaniowD, Waehington Co., St Boniface, Rev. G Strickner. 
Granville, Milwaukee Co, St. Michaers, attended by Rev. W. Dongherty. 
Granville, Milwaukee Co., St. Martin's ) .xx^„ j^j k« tj_ -u -or^:^ 
^ St Catherine's \ *<*«°^^^ by Rev. M. Weisa, 

Greenfield, Milwaukee Co., St Mary's, attended by Rev. P. CFarrel). 

** ' " Holy Sacrament, attended by Rev. A. Eiesej:. 

Geneva, "Walworth Co., St Francis of Sales, Rev. J. Stehle. 
Genesee, Watkesha Co., St Paul's, attended by Rev. R. F. Pettit 

Grafton, Ozaukee Co., St Joseph's ) t> xkt a* 

" St Francis Xavier'sf^^^-^-^*^"- 
Green Bay, Brown Co., St John's, Rev. A- David. 

" " St Mary's, (German), Rev. F. X. Pfaller. 

Grand Rapids, Wood Co., Holy Cross, Rev. M. Hens, O M.C. 
Honey Creek, Sauk Co., St. Mary's of Loretto, attended from Sac city. 
Hudson, St Croix Co., St. James, Rev. N. Stehle. 
Hudson, Walworth Co., St. Kilian's» attended by Rev. J. Stehle. 
Herman, Dodge Co., St John's, attended by Rev. Deisenreider. 
Hartford, Washington Co., St Lawrence, Rev. Deisenreider. 
Hazel Green, Grant Co., St. Francis, visited by the Dominican Fathers, 
Herman, Sheboygan Co., St Joseph's, visited by Rev. W. Bernard. 

« " St Fidelis, 

Highland, Iowa Co., St Philip's, Rev. Thomas McDonnell. 

« " St Michael's, Rev. F. X. Weinhart. 

Holstein, Calumet Co., St Anne's, attended from Calvary. 
Holland Town, Brown Co., St Francis Xavier, Rev. J. Luytelaar. 
Horicon, Dodge Co., St Malaehy's, attended from Beaver £>am. 
Jackson, Ozaukee Co., St. Augustine's, attended by Rev. W. Storr. 

•* " Immaculate Conception, attended by Rev. W. 

" •* Dougherty. 

Janes ville. Rock Co, St Cuthbert, Rev. J. Conroy, Rev. W. Kerrigan. 
Jefferson, Jefferson Co , St John the Baptist ) t> ^ Beiter 

** ** St Lawrence's ) ' * 

Jefferson, Monroe Co., Nativity of the B. V., attended from La Crosse. 
lionton, Sauk Co., St Fridolin, attended by Rev. P. Montague. 
Kenosha, Kenosha Co., St Mark's, Rev. G. Riordan. 
»* " St George's, Rev. F. Welter. 

Keewany, Kewaunee Co., Holy Rosary, Rev. Charles Elex. 
Keshena, Showano Co., St Michael's Mission of the Menomonee Tribe, 

Rev. A. Mignault. 
Kewaskee, Washington Co., St. Bridget's, attended by Rev. C. Rehrl 
Kildare, Juneau Co., St. Bridget, Rev. P. Montague. 
Kilbam City, Columbia Co, St Cecilia's, attended from Portage City. 

Laketown, Milwaukee Co., St James, attended from New Coin. 

Lake Five, Waukesha Co., St Columban, attended from Monchess. 

La Cote St Marie, St Mary's ad Fontem, Marquette Co., attended by Rev. 

La Crosee, La Crosse Co., St Mary's, Rev. M M. Marco. 
La Pointe, La Pointe Co., St Joseph's. 

Liberty Pole, Bad Axe Co., St. James, attended by Rev. P. Murphy. 
I^ncaster, Grant Co., St Clement's, attended by Kev. H. Nuyta. 
lima, Sheboygan Co., St Rosa's, visited from Sheboygan. 
Little Chute, Outagamie Co., St. John Nep., Rev. "E. §p\ct\ii^. 
Lornam, Dodge Co., 8t Andrew's, attended by Rev. 3. "Pig^l^X. 
Uidaa, Juneau Co,, St, MarySf visited by B^v. P. Monla^xx^. 


Maquon, Ozaukee Co., St James, attended by Rev. W. Starr. 
Mozzomanie, Dane Co., Wisconsin, St. Barnabas, Rev. P. Walsh. 
Meuomonee, Dane Co., St. Francis (Assisium), attended by Rev. B. Smeddiflk. 
Mttnooionee, Grant Co., Immaculate Conception, attended by Rev. H. J. 

Moutello, Marquette Co., Getbsemani, Rev. A. Feygan. 
Houston, Juneau Co., St Patrick's, Rev. P. Montague. 
Madison, Dane Co., St Raphael's, Rev. F. Etschmann. ^ 

" " Holy Redeemer's Church (German), Rev. M. OW 

Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co., St Boniface, Rev. P. J. Yoissen. 
Manitowoc Rapids, Manitowoc Co., Holy Maiernity, Rev. P. J. Yoissen. ' , 
Maple Grove, « " St Patrick's, Rev. S. Self. h 

Mapletown, Waukesha Co., St. Catherine's, .Rev. M. Hobbs. 
Marshfield, Fond duLac Co., Holy Cross, Very Rev. G. Haas, O.M.C.,ind 

other Fathers. ^ 

Marathon, Marathon Co., St Mary's Nativity, Rev. Jos. Lutz. 
Marytown, Calumet Co., Visitation of B.V.M., Rev. Bonav. Frey, O.M.C. 
Manasha, Winnfibacjo Co., St Charles Borromeo, Rev. W. Wilkins. 
Maysville, Dodge Co., St Mary's, attended from Teresa. 
Menomena, Waukesha Co., St James', Rev. A. O'Connor. 
" *• " St Anthony's, Rev. M." Weiss. 

Meemu, Manitowoc Co., St. Isidore's, attended by Rev. W. Bernard. 
Mifflein, Grant Co., St John Baptist, attended by H. Yerhoeff, O.M.C. 
Mihiot, Manitowoc Co., Inv. of Holy Cross, attended by Rev. R Ym ^ 

Mineral Point, Iowa Co., Rev. Francis McGann. 
Milford, Jefferson Co., St. Mai achy 's, Rev. F. Strocker. 
Monches, Waukesha Co., St Johi^^s, Rev. F. Tiernan. jj 

Monroe, Green Co., St Victor^s, Rqv. F. R^SulliVan. 
Moscade, Grant Co., St Bartholomew, attended "By Rev. F. X. Weinhart. 
Mount Hope, Grant Co., St Lawrence O' Toole, attended by Rev. W.d ^ 

Mitchell, Sheboygan Co., St Francis Regis, attended by Rev. P. Bradley. 
New Berlin, Waukesha Co., St Yalerius, attended by Rev. J. Jansen. 
New Burg, Washington Co., Holy Trinity, Rev. F. Zuber. 
New Coein, Milwaukee Co., St Stephen's, Rev. M. Mimderer. 
New Diggings, Lafuyette Co., St Augustine's, attended by Rev. S. JU^ 3 

zuchelli, A.P. 
New Franklin, Brown Co., St Killian's, attended by Rev. F. PfuUer. 
New London, Waupaca Co., St. Francis, attended by the Rev. Tbooif 

Newton, Manitowoc Co., St. Peter's, attended by Rev. P. J. Yaissoin. 
Neosho, Dodge Co., St Matthew's, attended by the Rev. J. ReindL 
New Lisbon, Juneau Co., St Paul's, visited by Rev. P. Montague. 
Nojoshing, Milwaukie Co., St Francis of Sales, Rev. M. Heiss, Rev. 

Oak Creek, Milwaukie Co., St. Matthew's, Rev. R O'Connor. 
Occonto, Occonto Co., St Peter's, Rev. R. De Goey. 
Occonomowoc, Waukesha Co., St. Jerome's, visited by Rev. M. Hobbs. 
Ottowa, Waukesha Co., St Bruno's, attended by Rev. Max. De Beeke. 
Osceala, Fond du Lac Co., St Matthew's, visited from Forresttown. 
' GsMosA, Winnebago Co., {St. Petei'B,^^^. Thomas Keenan. 

" *' '* St. Mary's ^GtwmawV'R.ftN.TViQYMA^'ftttQan. T 

Paris, Kenosha. Co., St John BapUat, T^^uYaiV^ V^sAA^ Vj ^^^,^V^ 


^atchgrove, Grant Co., St. John's, visited from Potosi. 

^errj, Dane Co., St. Salvator's, attended by Rev. A. Foeckler. 

i*ewaukee, Wai^esba Co., SS. Peter and Paul, attended by the Rev. M. 

*latterville, Grant Co., St. Mary's, Rev. M. Retzer. 
i*ljmouth, Sheboygan Co., St. John's, visited by Rev. Haider. 
*ortage City, Columbia Co., Immaculate Conception, Rev. J. Doyle. 
*oto8i. Grant Co., St. Thomas', Rev. H. Nuyts, O.S.a, Rev. W. C Verhoef. 

" " " St Andrew's, Rev. H. J. Muckerheide. 

*ort Washington, Ozaukee Co., St. Mary's, Rev. F. X. Sailer. 
*ottertown. Rock Co., St. Michael's, attended by the Rev. William O'Connel. 
*oygan, Winnebago Co., St. Thomas, visited by Rev. Thomas Keenan. 
Vairie du Chien, Crawford Co., St. Gabriel's, Very Rev. L. Galtier. 
tacine, Racine Co., St Patrick's, Rev. G. W. Mathews. 

" " St Mary's, Rev. F. Ulhemeyer. 
tandall, Lafayette Co., St Pius V., attended by the Rev. P. O'Neil. 
Lichfield, Washington Co., St. Hubert's, attended regularly by Rev. G. 
" " St Augustine's, attended regularly by Rev. 

G. Strickner. 
" " Holy Maternity, attended regularly by Rev. 

G. Strickner. 
Lipon, Fond du Lac Co., St Patrick's, Rev. E. Gray. 
Lidgeway, Iowa Co., St. Bridget's, attended by Rev. H. McGann. 
iobinsonville. Brown Co., St. Joseph's, (vacant) 

k)siere, Dora Co., St Hubert, attended by the Fathers of the Holy 

U)xbury, Dane Co., St Norbert's, Rev. A. Inama, P. Praem. 
Rubicon, Dodge Co., St Bartholomew's, attended occasionally, 
priogfield, Dane Co., St Martin's, Rev. E. Heuzler. 

" ** ** St Peter's, " " 

ac City, Sauk Co., St. Aloysius, Rev. A. M. Schedle. 
ackville, Ozaukee Co., St Finbar's, attended by P. Bradly. 

** ** ** Immaculate Conception, attended by Rev. W. 

chlesing, Manitowoc Co., St Peter's, visited from Chilton, 
eneca, Crawford Co., St. Mark's, attended from Utica. 
txtonville, Richland C«., Nativity of the B.V., Rev. F. Weinhart 
chleissingerville, Washington Co., St Peter's, Rev. M. Deisenrieder. 
faeboygan, Sheboygan Co., St. Magdalene's, Rev. M. Haider, 
hydei-sville, Atagamie Co., St. Peter's, attended by Rev. E. Spierings. 
hullsburg, Lafayette Co., St Mathew's, Rev. J. J. Kir.selia. 
liver Creek, Sheboygan Co., St. Mary's, attended from Cascade, 
insinawa, Grant Co., St Dominic, Very Rev. T. L. Power, O.S.D., Rev. 
M. B. Fortune, O S.D., Rev. Joseph Poelking, O.S.D., Rev. F. Kendeler. 
omerset, St. Croix Co., St Joseph's, visited by Rev. J. B.^Smeddink. 
pringvale, Fond du Lac Co., Holy Mary Help of Christians, visited bv Rev. 
E. Gray. 

tevers Point, Portage Co., St. Stephen's, Rev. L. Lux. 
»tockbridge, Calumet Co., St. Catherine's, attended by Rev. M. McMa- 


Inllivan, Wankesha Co., St Mary's, attended by Rev. M. De Beek^. 
un Prairie, Dane Co., St Joseph's, Rev. F. Permadingex, 0;^.C 

" " St. Patrick's, " " *^ 

'ajcheJdab, Calumet Co., St John the Baptist, ReY. ¥. CaJxiekTiilYCL^. 
reea. Dodge Co,,8t Teresa, Rev, J. Pickel. 


Tnimbell, Pierce Co., St. Edward's, attended by Bey. J. B. Smeddis 
Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., St. Luke's, Rev. E. Van Steenwyk. 
Trampeleau Valley, Trampeleau Co., St. Magnus, attended firom Few 

Utica, Crawford Co., St. James*, Rev. P. Murphy. 
Vermont, Dane Co., St. Simon, attended by Rev. P. Walsh. 
Waterford, Bacine Co., St Thomas Aquin, Rev. M. Heias. 
Watertown, Jefferson Co., St. Bernard, Rev. J. H. Norria. 

" " St. Henry's, Rev. Max De Beeke. 
Waupun, Dodge Co., St. Joseph's, visited by Rev. Jos. Smith. 
"Waukesha, Waukesha Co., St. Joseph's, Rev. P. F. Petit. 
Westfield, Sauk Co., St. Alphonsus, attended by Rev. Weinhart. 
Westbend, Washington Co., Holy Angels, Rev. J. Reindl. 

" ** " St. Mathias', visited bv Rev. M. Deisenn 

Wilmot, Kenosha Co., Holy Name of Jesus, attendee^ by Rev. J. Albera 
Wheatland, Kenosha Co., St Alphonsus, Rev. J. H. Karphage. 
Whitewater, Walworth Co., St Patrick's, Rev. R. Dunphy. 
Willow Springs, Lafayette County, Holy Assumption, attended by B< 

Wilson, Sheboygan Co., St. George's, Rev. M. Siebold. 
Woodville, Calumet Co., St Jolm Baptist's, visited by the Rev. J. 

Womandy, Buffalo Co., St Boniface's, attended from Fountain City. 
Wyosina, Columbia Co., St Augustine's, attended from Elba. 


Regularly visited by Clergymen, and Churches being in course of 

struction in the most of mem. 
Adams C, Quincy, Neery, Prairie, and Warledah. 
Bad Axe Co., Morrison, Wrightstown. 
Brown Co., Pine River, De Bellaw, Bad Axe. 
Buffalo Co., Buffalo City, Mandara. 
Chippawa Co., Flambeau, Courtes Oreilles. 
Calumet Co., Brothertown, Holstein, Harrison. 
Clarke Co., Neilsville. 

Columbia Co., Columbus, Ostego, Marcello, Prairie. 
Crawford Co., Seneca, Poydtown, Bluffs. 
Dane Co., Westport, Cottage Groves. 
Dodge Co., Lebanon, Iron Ridge, Lamira. 
Door Co., Sturgen Bay, New Brussels, Leopold Village, Potowatd 

Washington, Harbor Island. 
Eau Claire Co., Pleasant Valley, Adams Settlement 
Fond du Lac Co., Rosendale, Taycheedah, Marshville, Eldorado, New-Q 

Grant Co., Beetown, Baskobel, Liberty, Waterloo. 
Green Co., New Glarus, Broad Head, Adams. 
Jackson Co., Garden valley, Black River Falls, iPine HilL 
Jefferson Co., Concord, Pearlunawee. 
Iowa Co., Arina, Dodgeville. 
Juneau Co., Germantown, Necedar. 
Kenosha Co., Bristol, Dover. , 
Keewanee Co., Deeksville, Ahnepee, Bed River. 
La Crosse Co., Boswickvalley, Chipmunk, Cooley. 
JjAfayette Co., Yellow Stone, Gratioh, Wyota. 
MarathoR Co,, Wausau, Mesatee, KikO^W^Ti. 


rqti«tte Oa, Kingston, Marquette, 
nroe Co., Tomah, Sparta, Tunnel City. 
soDto Co., Stiles, Menomenee, PensauKee, Peshtigo. 
bayamie Co., Ellington, Greenville, Ne^r Lebanon, StevensviUe. 
>in Co., Durand, Pepin. 

rce Co., Prescott, Osceola, Erin, French Settlement 
k Co., Portland, Eagle River. 

•tage Co., Du Pays Point, Stockton, Prairie Settlement. 
sine Co., Rochester, Yorkville. 

thbmd Co., Center, Pine Creek, Little Baraboo, Melancton Creek, 

ck Co., Sugar Creek, Fulton, Edgarton, Spring Valley. 
ik Co., Baraboo Bluff, Marble Quarry, Sugar Grove, Westford, Ironton. 
dboygan Co., Rhine. 
Croix Co., St. Cr6ix FaUs. 
ftnopleaa Ca, Galesville, Montoville. 
iukesha Co., Delafield, Mugwanyo. 
fMipaea Co., FarmingtoD, St Lawrence, Caledonia. 

" ** Weeyevriya, Pigeon Rivers, 

anshara Co., Wautomee, Oasis, Saxeville. 
[nnebago Co., Black Wolf, Willow Creek, Buttes de Mortes. 
The Lake Superior Missions, in La Point and Douglas Counties, are 
iced by the Ordinary of Milwaukee under the more immediate care and 
risdiction of the Bishop of Sault St. Marie, ahd are regularly visited by 
Btors of St. Joseph's Church in La Point. The Stations are : Superior 
ty. Fond du Lac, Swamp River, in Douglas Co. 


J)ominioan Oonvent^ Sinsinnawa Mound, Grant Co., Rev. J. A. Rooney, 
P., Prest. ; Rev. T. L, Power, O.P., Rev. O. Poelking, O.J.P., Rev. J. D. 
i«ehy, O.P., ; Rev. B. J. Hallisy, with novices and brothers. 
Captichin Convent of Cavalry, (P. O. Dotyville,) Fond du Lac. Very 
»v. Franciscus Haas, O.M. Cap., Guardian; Rev. Bonaventura Frey, 
M. Cap. Vic, Rev. Daniel Siherer, O.M. Cap., Rev. Leo Gamhe, O.M. Cap., 
jv. Fr. Solanus Fedderman, M. Cap., Rev. Jr. Pacificus Berleman, O M. 
ID., Rev. Fr. Ivo, Prass, O.M. Cap,, clerics, lay brothers and candidates. 
botue of the Third Order of St. Francis Seraph, Nojoshing, Milwaukee 
>., attached to the Ecclesiastical Seminary— 4 Brothers. 
ffonvent of the School Sieters • of Notre Dame, Mother House and Novi- 
Ite, Milwaukee, corner of Milwaukee and Knapp streets. Sister Marj 
iroline, Mother Superioress. Religious 45, novices 40, postulants 50. 
^Convent of the Sisters of the Dominican Order^ at Racine. This is the 
other House and Noviciate, with 6 professed sisters, 8 novices, and 9 
indidates. Sister M. Benedicite, Superioress. 

House of the Sisters of the Third Order of St Francis Seraph^ at No- 
shing, near Milwaukee. Professed sisters 19, novices T, postulants 5. 
Bter Antonia, Superioress. 

Eotise of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Dominie^ at Benton, La- 
yette Co. Sisters 17, novices 9. Sister M. Joanna, Sup. 


Eeelesiasiical Seminary of St. Francis of Scdes, No^o^YAng, ii««c^VA\7«Ql- 
•a Bev. Jl Heisg, Rector; Rev, J. Salzmann, B.D., PtoQvn.\ ^^^. ^. 


Gernbauer, Rev. K. Flascb, Rev. G. L. Willard, Mr. Const Ries, Frofessoit 
Number of students 93, of wbom 27 are theologians. 

Sinsinnawa Mouiid College, under the care of Fathers of the Order of 
St. Dominic. Very Rev. T. L. Power, O.P., Pres. ; Rev. J. D. Sheehy, 
O.P., Rev. M. B. Fortune, O.B., Rev. J. Poelking, O.P., Rev. F. Rendeler, 
J. F. Aylward, D.D., with others, Professors. 

St Aloysiui* Academy y Milwaukee. This school is conducted by Fatben 
of the Society of Jesus. The Latin and also German languages are tau^t; 
the average number of pupils is 100. Rev. James M. Hayes, S.J. Pm; 
Mr. John Sowe, S.J., ana Mr. J. F. Himmele, S.J., Teachers. 

St. Mary's Institute^ under the charge of School Sisters, corner of Ifit 
waukee and Knapp streets. This is a boarding school for young ladifl^ 
numbering 62. Directress, Sister Mary Frances Seraphina. 

;Si^. JoaepKs Select School^ Milwaukee, between Van Buren and Biddb 
streets. Under the direction of the Sisters of Charity. Pupils, 106. 

Santa Clara Female Academy^ Benton, Lafayette Co. Under the direo- 
tion of the Dominican Sisters. Pupils, 112. 

Female Academy of St. Catharine of Sienne, at Racine. Under ftl 
charge of the Dominican Sisters. Sister Thomasina, O.S.I)., DirectreA 
Boarders, 16; day-scholars, 47. 

Day School of St. Mari/s of the Holy Angels, corner Milwaukee ill F 
Knapp streets, Milwaukee. Conducted by the School Sisters of Notre Dim k 
Sisters employed in teaching, 6; pupils, 180. Sister Mary Theopliil% 
Superior. * ' 

St. Mary's (German and English) Parish School^ Milwaukee. Condnetai 
by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Sister Mary Emmerentia, Sup.-; # 
ters 4, pupils SCO. 

St. Joseph's Parish School, Milwaukee, Sister Mary Bartholomew, Sopi; b 
sister 5, pupils 400. 

Holy Trinity Parish School, Milwaukee, for girls. Sister M. Benedifltl p 
Sup. ; sisters 8, pupils 266. 

St. Anthony's Parish School, West Granville. Sister M. Antonia, 8«pt 
sisters 3, pupils 120. * f 

St. Henry's Parish School, Watertown. Sister Superior, Mary Hyjw 
litia; sisters 2, pupils 100. 

St. Bernards Parish School^ Watertown. Sister Superior, M. Jacobt) * 
sisters 3, pupils 250. ^ 

Holy Trinity Parish School, Kenosha. Sister Superior, WinnebaUv ^ 
sisters 3, pupils 120. ' * 

St. Cecilia's Parish School, Mount CarmeL Sister Superior, M P* * 
Foreria ; sisters 4, pupils 130, boarders 18. 

Holy Cross Parish School, Town Belgium. Sister Superior, M! Lii 
rentia; sisters 3, pupils 100. 

St. Mary's Parish School, Sheboygan. Sister Superior, M. Ulrika ; « 
ters 3, pupils 100. 

Parish School^ at Burlington. Sister Superior, M. J. Calasanctia ; sistrt 
3, pupils 140. 

St. Mary's Parish School^ at Beaver Dam. Sister Superior, M. Colettj 
sisters 3, pupils 180. 

St, Mary's Parish School^ at Green Bay. Sister Superior, M. Bnm»i 
Bisters S, pupils 90. 
S^. Tere8o^8 Day School, Port 'Waa\v\w%toT\, Osaukee Co. Conducted b] 
Domiuican Siaten, Directress, lister l&.aT\«k^Ra.^Tasw\^«.\ Y^mV& ^2,0. ' 

xSf. jSosa's M'ee School, under tVio c\i»t%e ol \\v<ii^\%N.wc% ^l<3(i%svV:^,«i(>^^\ 
ir«tifree, on Fan Buren, near B\Ad\e fttteeV.. "Pwv^n^. ^ ^ . 
/% A^nes School, at Barton, \?a8ViViit&V.oTL ^o., Vit I^hvAa \««Am ^i 


ij pupils. Conducted by ladies of the Society of St Agnes. Pupils, 


'Hiere are also male teachers attached to every English- German school 

the city, teaching both the English and German languages. 


8i. Mary^s Hb^pital^ on North Point Avenue, of Milwaukee, under the 
targe of Daughters of Charity, Sister Mary Vincent, Sister Servant. 
8t. MmiliafCs Male Orphan Asylum^ Nojoshing, Milwaukee Co., under 
e xare of Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis Seraph., Sister Mary, 
irectress; orphans 41. 

8t. Jio8a^8 Female Orphan Asyluin, on Jackson, near Biddle street^ con- 
icted by Daughters of Charity, Sister Frances Agnes, Sister Servant ; 
phans 98. 

Connected with this Asylum is also : 

St. Joseph's Asylum, at Milwaukee, near St. Mary's Hospital (a new 
id fine Duilding), likewise managed by the Daughters of Charity, and 
ntaining smaller orphan girls to the number of 28. 
St, Mary's Orphan Asylvm, with a day school, at Elm Grove, Town 
''anatoga, under the direction of 9 School Sisters of Kotre Dame, Sister M. 
Eichomia, Superior ; orphans 82. 

St, John's Orphan Societyy consisting of members of the Cathedral and 
w Gall's Churches in behalf of female orphans. 

St, Mmelian^s Orphan Society^ formea by members of the German 
burcbes in the City of Milwaukee in behalf of male orphans. 
St. Vincent of Paid Association, for the relief of the poor, with two 

88, Mary and Martha Society^ held monthly by ladies of different con- 
Pegations, for the benefit of the poor. 
Young Ladiet^ Altar Society^ of the Cathedral congregation. » 
Milwaukee Temperance Society, with library and reading-roouL 


hurches^built 249 Male Academies 3 

" building 24 Female ** 6 

rivate Chapels 10 Religious Communities 7 

lerg^en 1 38 Charitable Institutions 5 

solesiastical Seminary 1 Catholic population, about. .220,000 

ollege 1 




Comprises the Slate of Tennessee. 

Dbcbased Prelate. 

Right ReT. Righabd Piub Milis, D.D., 1st Bishop, conseerftted September | 
16th, 1888; died Febrnary 2lBt, 1860. 

Present Bishop. 
Bight Key. James Whklan, D.D., conseorated May 8th, 1869. 


Very Rev. S. L. Montgomery, O.S.D .Very Rev. R V. Brown. 


Very Rev. 8. L. Montgomery, O.S.D., V.G., Very Rev. H. V. Brown, V.G^ 
Rev. L. Hoste, Rev. J. M. lyArco, Chancellor and Secretary. 


Nashville, Davidson Co., Cathedral of Seven Dolors. 
Rt. Rev. James Whelan, D.D. 

V.G., Very Rev. H. V. Brown, V.G., Rev. J. M D*Arco. 

Cathedral and Episcopal Residence, corner Cedar and Summer ft& 

There are three Masses on Sundays and Holy days, at 6, 8, 10|a.m., 

in Summer, and at 6i, 8, and lOj A.M., in Winter. Vespers al 

8 p.m. 

Church of the Assumption of B.V. (German), corner of Vine ani 

Monroe streets, Rev. J A Bergrath, Pastor. High Mass on Sao- 

days and Holydays, at 10^ a.m. ; Vespers at 8 p.m. 

St. John the Evangelist (Edgefield), Rev. R. Gangloff. ' 

Clarksville, Montgomery Co., St. Mary's, Rev. A. Orengo. (P.O.; Paradii^ 

Humphreys Co.) 
Gallatin, Sumner Co., Rev. L. Hoste. 

Gallatin Tunnel, Sumner Co , Rev. L. Hoste. (P.-O. Gallatin.) 
Springfield, Robertson Co., St. Michael's, and several Regular Stationi^ 

Rev. L. Hoste. 
Humphreys Co., St Patrick's, Rev. A. Orengo. 
Pulaski, Giles Co., Attended from Nashville. 
Franklin, Williamson Co., " « " 

Columbia, Maury Co., ** " " 

Lebanon, Wilson Co., " " *\ 

Mount Pleasant* Maury Co., " " **' 

Shelbyville, Bedford Co., St. Joseph's, 



Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., SS. Peter and Paul, Mr. Malis and Bergrath. 1 
Knoxville, Knox Co., Immaculate Conception, " " "' 

Wartzburgf Morgan Co., " " 

Joneahoro\ Washington Co., *i « . u 




Memphis, Shelby Co., SS. Peter and Paul, Rev. S. A. Clarl»on, O.S.D., Pas- 
tor, Rev. J. V. Daly, O.S.D., Rev. J. V. Edelen, O.aD., Rev. P. V. 
Keogh, O.S.D., German Congregation, Rev. 

Grand Junction, Fayette Co., and several Stations, attended by the Rev. 
Fathers of Memphis. 


SL Cecilia's Female Academy, Mount Yernon, near Nashville, under the 
charge of Sisters of the Order of St Dominic, Sr. Columba Dittoe, SupV. 

St.- Atha/MLsiwi School for Boys, under the direction of two Brothers, 71 
Cedar street. 

8t Agathds School for Oirlt, attached to the Cathedral. 

Day School for Boys and Oirls, attached to Oerman Church, Kashville. 

Hospital of the State of Tennessee, under the charge of the Sisters of 
Charity, Sister Alice, Sister-servant 

Day School for Boys and Girls, in Chattanooga. 
" " ** " " in Knoxville. 

St. Agnei Female Academy, a flourishing institution under the charge of 
the Sisters of the Order of St Dominic, Memphis. Average number of 
boarders 100 ; number of Sisters 17 ; Sister Ajin Hanlon, Superior. 

St Peter's Orphan Asylum, near Memphis, under the charge of the Do- 
minican Sisters, Sister Helen Whelan, Superior. 

Free School for Boys and Girls, in Memphis. 

Various pious Sodalities of the 6.Y. of the Sacred Heart, the Living 
Rosary, Altar Societies, and also Sunday Schools for children of both sexes, 
aie establifihed in the various churches of the diocese. 



Comprises the Territory of New Mexico. 

Rt Rev. J. £. Lamt, D.D., 1st Bishop, consecrated Kovember 24, I860, 

Bishop's Coitn-cil. 

Very Rev. Jos. Profectus Machebeuf Very Rev. Peter Eguillon. 

Rev. JuaD de Jesus Trujillon. 
Rev. J. B. Sidpointe, Secretary, 

Santa Fe, Cathedral of San Francisco de Assis. 
Rt Rev. J. B. Lamy, D.D. 
Very Rev. Joseph Profectus Machebeuf, V.G. 

** Peter Eguillon, Rector. * 

Rev. Peter Martin, Assistant 

Rev. John Raverdie, ** 

Nnestra Se&ora del Rosario, attended by the clergy of the Cathedral. 
Ka. Sefiora de Gdhdalupe, San Miguel, att^^ed by the same. 
Oratorio del Convento de N. Sefiora de la Luz, attended by t]hft^\«t%3 



Santa Fe Co., Agah Fria, San Isidro, attended from Santa Fei ^ 
Oaliateo, N. Senora de los Remediosi ** ** 

Pecofl, ** " Angeles, " " 

Placer de Dolores, " Santo Domingo. 

Placer de San Francisco, " " 

La Oienega, San Joe6, attended from Santa Fe. 
Teenque, San Dieeo (Pueblo Indians), attended from Santa Fe. 
Rio Tesnqne, San Isidro, •• ** 

Albi^nin, Santa Rosa, Rey. Ramon Salazar. 

Kl Rito^ fine ehnroh, attended from Albiquin. 

San Joan Nepomnceno, ** " 

Los Ancones, and Servieta, attended from Albiqnin. 


Albaqnerque, San Felipe de Neri, Rer. Joseph M. Coadert 

Los RanehoB de Albaq.t San Jose, attended from Albaquerqae. 

£1 Rancbo, N. Sefiora del Carmen, " *< 

Lalameda, Natividad N. Sefiora, " ** 

San Antonio, San Antonio, ** *< 

Los BareloB, San Jose» ** *' 

Los Ranehos de Atrisco, San Jos^, ** r . " 

Arroyo Hondo, N. Sefiora de Dolores, Rer. Thomas Hayea 

Arroyo Seco, Santa Trinidad, attended fronL Arroyo Honda 

San Antonio, San Antonio, " *^ 

Rio Colorado, ohnrch built, " ** 

LaOoetiUa. " - «• 

La Culebra, 

Anton Chico, new church building, Rey. John B. Fayet i 

Caperito, attended ff om Anton Chico. 

LosValles, " " 

Belen, N. Sefiora de Helen, Rey. Engenio Panlet. 

Sabinal, San Joan Nepomuceno, attended from Belen. 

El Saural, 

LosChayes, " « 

Bernalillo, K Sefiora de los Dolores, fine new church, Rey. Jose Fialon. 

Sandia, San Antonio, (Indian) attended from Bernalilla 

San Jose, Santa Familia *' ** 

Los Algodones, church building, ** " 

El Tegon, Placitas, " ** 

Cevoyeta, N. Sefiora de Dolores, Rey. Rafael Chayes. 

Cubero, church built, attended from Ceyoyeta. 

La Liguna (Pueblo Indians), ** " 

Acoma, attended from Ceyoyeta. 

Zufii, " 

Los Conejos, new church building, Rey. Miguel Tigil. 

San Antonio, attended frt>m Los Conejos. 

San Francisco, " " >: 

La Cneya, " . " 

Isleta, San Augustin (Pueblo Indians), yacant, attended fr«m Belen. 

Las Padillas, San Jose, attended from La Isleta. 

Pajarito, ** Albuquerque. 

LasLunas, * " Belen. 

Jemes, Santiago (Pueblo Indians), Rey. Nicholas Valencia. 

M Cafion de Jemes, N. Sefiora de Guadalupe, attended from Jem«L 

San Isidio^ attended from JWes. ^ 

iSmt (Paeblo IndianBl " « ■ 


egas, Asancion de N. Sefiora, Key. T. Frandsoo Pinard. 
MMote, attended from Los Vegas. 
o, Rev. M. JnveDceaTL 
tn de Alamos, attended from Sapello. 
olondrinas, " '* 

a del Tecolote, " 

Mora, Santa Gertrude, Rev. Damaso T&ladrid. 
lera, G-uadalupita, attended from Los Vegas, 
utonia, Agua Negra " ** 

mo, stone church building, vacant. 
L, ^ureh building, attended from Mausado. 
[)n, « a 

ue, La Cienega, " ^ " 

ies, San Lorenzo (Pueblo Indians)^ Rev. Tafoya. 
mo, San Juan Nepomo., attended from Picuiies. 
Barbara, " " 

rampas, San Jose, " ** 

isal, Rio del Pueblo, " " 

Cruz de la Cafiada, Rev. Juan de Jesus Trujillo. 
nctuario del Sr. de Escipula, attended from Santa Cruz, 
►e, San Francisco (Indian), ** " 

:emado, San Antonio, ** " 

^chas, N. Sefiora " " 

Domingo (Puebla Indians), Rev. Juan de Jesus Lujan. 
Blanca, ISf. Sefiora de Guadalupe, attended from Santo Domingo, 
ro, Santa Rosa, " »* 

'elipe (Pueblo Indians), " •* 

iti, San Bonaventura (Pueblo Indians), " " 

Clara, ** Rev. Ramon Medina, 

ose de Chama^ attended irom Santa Clara. 
,anchitos, " " '' 

Idefonso (Pueblo Indians), ** 

que, " " 

nan de los Caballeros, Rev. Jose Eulogio Otiz. 
Dlita, N. Sefiora de la Soledad, attended from San Juan. 
Ua, K Sefiora de Guadalupe, " " 

ibudo, San Antonio, " ** 

ita, " ** 

liguel del Bado, Rev. Juan Guerin. 
ose, El Pueblo, attended from San Miguel, 
irtecito, La Cuesta, ** " 

lacitas del Rio Pecos, and Bemal, att. from San MigueL 
ro, San Miguel, Rev. Juan Augustin Truchard, Pastor ; Rev. Benito 
*nard, Assistant. 

lOrenzo (church building), attended from Socorra 
Ua, la JoUita, « " «* 

o, Valverde, San Antonio, (church building,) attended from Socorro. 
San Fernando, Rev. Gabriel Ressel. 
[ieronimo, (Pueblo Indians,) attended from Taos, 
ncho, San Francisco, " " 

nchito, Los Luceros, " w* 

, Nativedad de Na. Sefiora, Rev. J. B. Bailidre. 
let de los Pinos, San Jose, attended from Tome, 
icia, Sangre de Cristo, ** " 

:>)lorado. La Peralta^ " " 

rdcei^ AkzoDOf JSev. Manuel ChaTesT 


Dofiand, attended from Laa Cnicet. 

TucsoD, (church bailding,^ attended from Las Cmoea. 

San Javier, (Pima Indians,) yery fine briok church, attended from Las Crnees. 

Tubao, and The Minee, '* " 


Preparatory Seminary of San FrancUeo. 6 seminarians. 

San Miguel College^ nnoer the direction of 6 brothers of the Christiaa 
Doctrine, Brother Uilarien, Director. About 130 pupils. 

BoyB^ School^ Santa Fe. 

Convent of Our Lady of Lights Santa Fe, under the direction of the Sis- 
ters of Loretto. This' institution was opened January let, 1858. Sister 
Magdalen Hayden, Mother Superior. This academy has over forty boarden^ 
and a good number of day scholars. Young ladies are taught aU^the 
branches which constitute a good education, with music, and the English, 
Spanish, and French languages. Pupils, 120. 

Confratemitiei of the Bltised Sacrament of Our Lady of Carmen of Bof 
iario, established in most of the parishes. 


Churches 24 Clerical Students 

*' building 2 College 

Chapels 68 Convent 

Oratorios and Private Chapels. . 15 Academy 

Stations 26 Catholic populaf n, Mexicans. 75,000 

Priests 29 Indians. ..85,000 

Ecclesiastical Institution 1 


Established in 1850. 

Comprises the State of Minnesota and Dakota Territory, east of the Missami 


Deceased PbelItb. 
Bt Bey. Joseph CBsnN, D.D., cons. January 26, 1851 ; Died Feb. 22, 1851 

Peesent Bishop. 
Bt Bev. Thomas L. Grace, D.D., consecrated July 24, 1869. 


V. Bev. Augustin Bayoux ; V. Bey. Demetrius Marogna, O.S.B. 

Council op the Bishop. 
V. Bey. Augustin Bayoux, Bey. John McDermott, 

Y. Bey. Demetrius Marogna, Bey. A. Oster, Secretary. 


Cathedral of St Paul St Paul, comer Sixth and St Peter sta. Kt Bey. 

Thomas L. Grace, D.D., Very Bey. A. Bayoux, V.G., Bey. A. Qiter, 

Rev- L, E. Caillet, Bey. John Ireland. Mass at 7 and 10| for the 

EDgliah speiUdng congregation, and ft\> ^ o'c^oek Cor the Freneh eon- 

gregaiion, Yasp«rs at 8^ p.m. 


Assumption Church (Gennan), Ninth street, between St. Peter and 
Vine streete, Rev. Clement Staub, O.S.B., Rev. Eberhard Gahr, 
O.S.6. Mass at 7 and 10 a.m. Vespers at 3 p.m. 
St Anthony Falls, Hennepin Co., St Anthony of Padaa, Rev. John 

St Anthony, Church of St. Boniface (German), visited frona St, Paul. 
Anoka, Anoka Co., visited from St Anthony. 
Augusta, Sterns Co., St. Augustin, visited from St. Cloud. 
Austin, Mower Co., visited fromFteston. 
Belle Paine, Scott Co., St Martin's, visited from New Prague. 
Belle Prairie, Benton Co., visited from Crow Wing. 
Bear Valley, Wabashaw Co., visited from Wabashaw. 
Bell Creek, Goodhue Co., visited from Wabashaw. 
Bell Wood, Dakota Co., visited from Hastings. 
Benton, Carver Co., St Bernard, visited Trom Wakonia. 
Brownsville, Houston Co., Church of St visited from Caledonia. 

Byrnsville, Dakota Co., Church of St. John, visited from Mendota. ^ 

Buroak Spring, Goodhue Co., visited from Wabashaw, 
Cahill Settlement, Hennepin Co., St Patrick's, visited from St Anthony. 
Caledonia, Houston Co., Church of St Rev. Edward Essing. 

Cedar Grove, Anoka Co., visited from St. Anthony. 
Cedar Lake, Dakota Co., visited from New Prague. 

Centerville, Ramsey Co., Church of St visited from Little Canada. 

Chaska, Carver Co., Guardian Angels, visited from Wakonia. 
Clary Settlement, Scott Co., Church of St visited from Mendota. 

Cleveland, Le Sueur Co., visited from Mankato. 
Chatfield, Fillmore Co., visited from Preston. 
St Cloud, Stearns Co., St Clotilda, Very Rev. Othmar Wirz, O.S.B., Rev. 

Mathew Stiirenburg, O.S.B., Rev. Anscharius M. Frauendorfor, O.S.B. 
Considine Ridge, Winona Co., visited from Winona. 
Cotton Wood, Brown Co., visited from Mankato. ^ 

Crow Wing, Todd Go., St Francis Xavier, Rev. Francis Pierz. 
Dayton, Hennepin Co., St Isidore, visited from St Michael's. 
Derynane, Le Sueur Co., St John's, visited from New Prague. 
East Prairie, Rice Co., visited from Faribault 
Elba, Winona Co., visited from Winona. 
Fort Ridgley, Renville Co., visited from Mankato. 
Fort Ripley, Todd Co., visited from Crow Wing. 
Frontenac, Goodhue Co., visited from Wabashaw. 
Faribault, Rice Co., Inmiaculate Conception, Rev. G. Keller. 
Forest City, Meeker Co., visited from St Cloud. 
Flamburg, Hennepin Co., visited from St. Michael's. 
Fraukford, Mower Co., visited from Preston. 
Frankfort, Wright Co., visited from St Michael's. 
Glencoe, McLeod Co., visited from Wakonia. 
Gessen Land, Sibley Co., visited from Henderson. 
Green Wood, Hennepin Co., visited from St Michael's. 
Holy Cross, Steams Co., visited from Richmond. 
Hazel Wood, Rice Co., visited from New Treves. 
Hastings, Dakota Co., Guardian Angels, Rev. F. Hurth. 
Hay Creek, Goodhue Co., visited from Wabashaw. 
Helvetia, Carver Co., visited from Wakonia. 
High Forest, Olmstead Co., visited from Winona. 
High Land, Wabashaw Co., visited from Wabashuw. 
H<H>ab, Houston Co., visited from Caledonia. 
Holmea' MiJJ^ Carver Co., visited from Wakonia. 


Henderson, Sibley Co., Rev. Theodore Venn. 

Indian Creek, Waboshaw Co., visited from Wabaahaw. 

Inver Grove, Dakota Co., visited from Hastings. 

Jordan, Scott Co., visited from New Prague. 

Jacobi Settlement, Stearns Co., visited from Richmond. 

JeflFerson, Winona Co., visited from Winona. 

Lansing, Mower Co., visited from Preston. 

Lacresceut, Houston Co., visited from Caledonia. 

Lake City, Wabashaw, visited from Wabashaw. 

Lakeville, Dakota Co., visited from Hastings. 

Lake Elysion, Waseca Co., visited frt>m Faribanlt. 

Lakeland, Washington Co., visited from Stillwater. 

Lemoil, Winona Co., visited from Winona. 

Le Saeur, Le Sueur Co., visited from Henderson. 

Lexington, Le Sueur Co., visited from New Prague. 

Little Canada, St John's, Ramsey Co., Rev. Jos. GoifTon. 

Little Falls, Morrison Co., visited from Crow Wing. 

Mankato, Blue Earth Co., St Philip, Rev. V. Sommerieson. 

Malone Settlement, Washington Co., visited from Stillwater. 

Maple Grove, Hennepin Co., visited from St Anthony. ] 

Marine Mills, Washington Co., visited from Stillwater. 

Marysville, Wright Co., visited from St Michael's. 

Marysburch, Le Sueur Co., St. Patrick, visited from Mankato. 
• Mazeppa, Wabashaw Co., visited from Wabashaw. 

Mendota, Dakota Co., St. Peter, Rev. C. Robert 

Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., visited from St Anthony. 

Middle Lake, Nicollet Co., visited from Mancato. 

Minnesota Lake, Blue Earth Co., visited from Mankato. 

Minneiska, Wabashaw Co., visited from Wabashaw. 

Medicine Lake, Hennepin Co., St Francis, visited from St Micbaera 

New Haven, Olmstead Co., visited from Winona. 

New Prague, St Wenceslaus, Scott Co., Rev. P. Maly, P. O. Helena. 

New Ulm, Blue Earth, visited from Mankato. 

New Treves, Dakota Co., Patronage B. V., Rev. Pius Bayer, P. O., H^s** 

New Park, St Bridget's, Olmstead Co., visited from Winona. 

New Market, Scott Co., St Nicholas, visited from New Town. 

New Munic, Stearns Co., Immaculate Conception, visited from Rich- 

Oak Spring, Goodhue Co., visited from Wabashaw. 

Owatona, Steel Co., visited from Faribault 

Preston, Fillmore Co., Rev. J. Morris. 

Palestine, Hennepin Co., Inunaculate Conception, visited from St MichaeTs. 

Pelltown, Wabashaw Co., visited from Wabashaw. 

Pleasant Grove, Olmsted Co., St Bridget's, visited from Winona. 

Pine Island, Goodhue Co., visited from Wabashaw. 

Red Wing, Goodhue Co., visited from Wabashaw. 

Riceford, Houston Co., visited from Caledonia. 

Richmond, Stearns Co., SS. Peter and Paul, Rev. Bruno M. Rieas, O.S.B. 

Rochester, Olmsted Co., visited from Winona. 

Rolling Stone, Winona Co., visited from Winona, 

Rosemont, Dakota Co., visited from Hastings. 

Rushiby, Chicago Co., visited from Stillwater. 

Balem, Olmstead Co., visited fr^m Wino^ia. 

Sand Prairie^ Wabashaw Co., visited from Wabashaw 
Shakopee, Scott Co., St Mary'a, Roy. 0. "VJlttoajv, O.^.E. 


Spring Lake, Dakota Co., yisited from Hastings. 

Springmoiuit^ Garrer Ga, yisited from Wakonia. 

Btillwater, Washington Co., St. MichaeFsi Bey. Thomas Morray. 

Smirise, Chicago Ca, yisited from Stillwater. 

Swan Lake, Nicollet Co., yisited from Maokato. 

Shieldsville, Rice Ca, *• Faribault 

Silyer Lake, Waseca Co., " '* 

St Mary'a^ Scott Co., Purification B. V., yisited from Shakopee. ^' 

« " St Joseph's^ - New Prague. 

St John's, Le Sueur Co., «« " 

St Henry, " « " " 

St Anthony's Falls, St Anthony's, Key. John MoDermott 
St. Joseph, Stearns Co., St ^Joseph's, Key. Benedict Heindl, O.S.R, Bey. 

Meinulph Stuckenkemper, (Clinton P.O.) 
St. Martin, Steams Co., yisited from Bichmond. 
St Thomas, Le Sueur Co., yisited from New Prague. 
St Vendelinus, Stearns Co., " St. Cloud. 

St Victoria, Caryer Co., ** Wakonia. 

St Benedict, Scott Co., " New Prague. 

St Bernard, Carver Co., " Wakonia. 

St. Boniface, Hennepin Co., '* St Michael's. 
St Michael's, Wright Co., St Michael's, Bey. Magnus M. Mayr, O.aB, 
St John Eyang., Sibley Co., yisited from Henderson. 
St. Joseph, Scott Co., yisited from Shakopee. 
St Scholastica, Le Sueur Co., visited from New Prague. 
St Mary, Waseca Co., Nativity B.V., visited from Faribault 
St Peter, Nicollet Co., St. Peter's, visited from Henderson. 
Taylor's Falls, Chicago Co., visited from Stillwater. 
Wabashaw, Wabashaw Co., St Felix, Bev. F. Tissot 
Wakonia, Carver Co., St Joseph's, Rev. Geoi^e Scherer, O.S.B. 
Watertown, Carver Co., St Patrick's, visited frdm Wakonia. 
Webster, Bice Ca, Annunciation B.V., viated fr^m New Prague. 
West Albany, Wabashaw Co., visited from Wabashaw. 
West Newton, Nicollet Co., yisited from Mankata 
White Water, Winona Co., visited from Winona. 
Winona, Winona Co., St Thomas', Bey. M Prendergast 

'^ ''St Joseph's, (German,) visited from Caledonia. 

Wizard Grove, Faribault Co., visited from Mankato. 
Washington Lake, Sibley Co., " Henderson. 

Woodstock, Waseca Co., visited from Faribault 
Wheatland, Bice Co., visited from Faribault 
Young America, Carver Co., yisited from Wakonia. 
Tiicatan, Houston Co., yisited from Caledonia. 


Chippeway Indians, near Mille Lacs, Leach Lake, and Cass Lake, under 
charge of Bev. Francis Pierz. 

Mission of Chippeways, near Sandy Lake, Upper Mississippi, Bev. An- 
thony Gaess. 

Mission of Half-Breeds and Chippeways, at Pembina and St Joseph's, 
Bed Biver of the North. Bey. Pere Andrd, Bev. Pdre Germaine. 

Mission of Fond du Lac, near Superior City, attended by Bev. John 
Cebul, of Bayfield. 

Mission, North shore of Lake Superior, Grand Portage, attended by tha 
Jesoit Fathers at Fort William. 

184 piocqesB of bt. faul. 


Preparatory Seminary^ St PanL 9 Beminariana. 

St, Clond^s Independent Priorv of the Order of St. Benedict^ Steams Co^ 
Mionesota, Diocese of St Paul. Very Rev. Ottmar Win, O.S.B., Prior; 
Bev. Benedict Heindl, O.S.B., Rev. Clemens Staub, O.S.B., Rev. Demetriiu 
Marogna, O.S B., Rev. Bruno Riess, O.S.B., Rev. Oorneliiis WittmaDn, 
O.S.B., Rev. Eberhard Gahr, O.S.B., Rev. Anscharius Fronenhofer, CS-B^ 
Rev. George Scherer, O.S.U., Rev. Mainulph Stuckenkemper, O.S.B., BeT. 
Matthew Sturenburg, O.S.B. 2 clerical students and 12 lay brothers. 

Nuns of St. Benedict, St. Joseph** Convent and Academy, at St Joseph, 
Stearns Co. Sr. Willibalda, Ivioress. 10 nans, 4 novices, and 2 postu- 

Si. Gertrude's Convent and Academy, at Shakopee. Sr. Maria Clara 
Vogel, Prioress. 

Sisters of St. Jb<epA have charge of the following institutions: 

St. Joseph's Academy, for young ladies, St Paul. A fine stone edifice 
has been just completed. Sister Stanislaus, Superior. 8 professed sisters, 
*l novices. - 

St. Mar^t Female Academy, St Anthony Falls. Sister Mary Rosalia, 
Superior. 4 sisters. Sisters nave charge also of the Parish scnools, 200 

St, Joseph's Hospital, St Paul Sister Mary Alphonse, Superior. 7 
> St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum. 48 orphans. 

Cathedral Free Sehools,^St Paul 850 children. 

German Free Schools, attached to the Church of the Assumption, 160 

There are schools attached to most of the churches where there ii a 
resident clergyman. 

St. Vincent of Paul Association. Two Conferences in St Paul, tad 
one Conference in St Anthony. 

Several pious and charitable associations. 


Secular Priests 23 Male Religions Institutions S 

Priests of Religious Orders 12 Female " " 6 

Number of Churches and Chapels. 58 Hospital 1 

Theological Students, Secular. .. 6 Orphan Asylum 1 

" " Religious. 7 Other Charitable Institutions... 8 

Students in Preparatory Semin'y 9 




Rt Rev. J. B. Mqeos, S.J., D.D., consecrated Bishop of Messenia, in part,, 
March 2S, 1851. 



Leavenworth City, Church of the Immaculate Conception. Rt Rev. J. B. 
Miege, S.J., D.D., Rev. Theodore Heimann, Rev. F. X. De Coen, 
St. Joseph's Church, (German,) Rev. Antony Kuhls. 
Atchison, Atchison Co., SS. Peter and Paul's, Very Rev. Augustine Wirth, 

O.S.B., Prior. 
The following places are attended from Atchison: Monroyiu, Mooney 

Creek, in Atchison Co. ; Ell wood, Belmont, Palermo, Wolf River, Troy, 

and Iowa Point, in Doniphan Co. 
Big Springs, Douglas Co., St. Peter's, attended from Topeka. 
Bull Creek, Johnson Co., St. Columbkirs, attended from Lawrence. 
Burlington, Cofifey Co., attended from St. Boniface. 
Chapman's Creek, Dickison Co., attended from St. Mary's Mission. 
Doniphan, Doniphan Co., St. John's, visited from Atchison. 
Fort Leavenworth, attended from Leavenworth City. 
Port Riley, Riley Co., attended from St Mary's Mission. 
Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., attended from the Osage Mission. 
Holton, Jackson Co., attended from Seneca. 
Humbolt, Allen Co., attended from St. Boniface. 
Indianola, Shawnee Co., attended from Topeka. 
Indian Mill, Jefferson Co., attended from Topeka. 
Junction City, Riley Co., attended from St. Mary's Mission. 
Lawrence, Douglas Co., St. John the Evangelist, Rev. Sebastian Favre. 
Le Roy, Coffey Co., attended from St Boniface. 
Marysville, Marshall Co., attended from Seneca. 
Middle Creek, Miami Co., attended from Lawrence. 
Mission Creek, Potawotomie Reserve, Church of the Seven Dolors, attended 

from St. Mary's Mission. 
Ogden, Riley Co., attended from St Mary's Mission. 
Olathe, Johnson Co., attended from Lawrence. 
Osage Indian Mission, Neosho Co., St Francis de Hieronymo, Rev. John 

Schoenmakers, S.J., Superior; Rev. Paul Ponziglione, S.J., Rev. Adrian 

Hoecken, S. J. The Indian villages are visited monthly. 
Osaukee, Jefferson Co., St. Mary Magdalen, attended from Topeka. 
Ossawatomie City, Miami Co., attended from Lawrence. 
Owl Creek, Allen Co., visited from St. Boniface. 
Peola, Miami Co., Trinity, attended from Lawrence. 
Potawotomie Creek, Anderson Co., St Boniface, Rev. Aloysius Mayers. 
Potawotomie Mission, Potawotomie Co., St Mary'8,*Rev. John Fr. DleU^ 

8. J., Superior; Rev. M. Gailland, S.J., Rev. Aug."D\x'ifi.Qx\Afcx^^.;i.^'S*<s^. 

A. Idugueiif S.J. 



Prairie City, Douglas Co., Church of the Annunciation,' attended from 

Rock Creek, Potawotomie Co., attended from St Mary*B ^fisMon. 
Sauterelle Falls, Jefferson Co., St John the Baptist, attended from To* 

Seneca, Nemaha Co., St Mary's, Rev. John Meurs. 
St Benedict's Settlement, Doniphan Co., attended from Atchison. 
St Bridget's, Marshall Co., attended from Seneca. 
St Joseph's, Nemaha Co., attended from Seneca. 
St Patrick's Settlement, Anderson Co., attended from St Boniface. 
St. Patrick's, Marshall Co., visited from Seneca. 

St. Patrick's Settlement, Atchison Co., St Patrick's, visited from Atchison. 
St Thomas', Doniphan Co., (frame church,) attended from Atchison. 
Settlement on the Republican, visited from Seneca. 
Settlement on the Yerdegris, visited from St Boniface. 
Shunganon Creek, St Joseph's Chapel, visited from St Mary's Mission. 
Tecumaeh, Shawnee Co., visited from Topeka. 

Topeka, Shawnee Co., Ctfurch of the Assumption, Rev. James Defourl 
Twin Mounds, Douglas Co., St Henry's, attended from Topeka. 
Wabaunsee, Chase Co., attended from St Mary's Mission. 
Wea Creek, Miami Co., attended from Lawrence. 
"Wyandott, Wyandott Co., St Mary's, attended from Kansas City. 
110, Osage Co., attended ifrom Topeka. 


Benedictine Priory, Atchison City, Very Rev. Augustine Wirth, O.S.R, 
Prior; Rev. Thomas Bartl, O.S.B.,Rev. Emanuel Hartig, O.S.B., Timothy 
M. Luber, O.S.B., Bernard M. Lesker, O.S B., and 4 lay brothers. 

Residence of the Society of Jesus, St. Mary's, Rev. J. F. Diels, S.J., Snp. 
" " ** " St Francis de Hieronymo, Rev. J. 

Schoenmakers, S. J., Sup. 

St. Benedict's College^ Atchison City, under the charge of the Fathers of 
the Order of St Benedict, Very Rev. Augustine Wirth, O.S.B., iW- 

Academy for Young Ladies^ at Leavenworth City, conducted by the Sis- 
ters of Charity, Mother Mary Vincent Karney, Sup. Number of boards 
60, professed sisters 22, novices 3, postulants 4. Ine same sisters also con- 
duct a day school, which is attended by 300 pupils ; they have also tiM 
charge of the Hospital and Female Orphan Asylum. 

Convent of the Ladies of the Sacred Heart, at St. Mary's Mission, Mad. 
Lucille Mataeron, Sup. ..^ 

Convent of the Sisters of Loretto, at St Francis « IBeronymo, Mother 
Concordia, Sup. 

Benedictine Nunnery, Atchison, under the Benedictine Sisters, opened 
Dec, 1 863, for boarding and day scholars. I 

Potawotomie Indian Manual Labor School, at St Mary's Mission. The 
male department is under the charge of the Fathers of the Society of 
Jesus and 8 lay brothers ; the number of Indian boys at this boarding | 
school is 1 25. The female department is conducted by the Ladies of the 
Sacred Heart ; number of Indian girls boarding, 100. 

Osage Indian Manual Labor School, Male Department under the charge 
of the Fathers of the Society of Jesus and 9 lay brothers ; 105 Indian boys^ 
hoarders. The female department is conducted by the Sisters of Loretto; 
number of Indian girls, 95. I 



Seeular Priests 6 Male Sunday schools, ayerage 

Priests of BeUgious Orders. ... 10 nmnber of pimik 550 

Ohurohes 25 Female ** * ' 480 

Stations 86 Catholic Libraries 2 

Kale Religions InstiUitionB. ... 4 Number of yolumes 1200 

female " " .... 4 Hospital 1 

Clerical students 4 OrphanAsylum 1 

College 1 Charitable Institution 1 

Average number of students .... 430 Other Catholic Institutions. ... t 
Female ** ** .. 410 




VTas established in 1851, under Rt Rev. J. B. Mkios, S.J., D.D., and go- 
verned at present by Rt. Rev. J. M. O'Gosuax, D.D., Vicar Apostolic- 
Consecrated May 8th, 1859. 


Omaha City, Church of St Philomena, Rt Rev. Jaa. BL 0*Go«nan, D.D., 
Rev, R. J. Lawrence^ Pastor. 

Columbus, Platte Co., Rev. Wm. Kelly, 

Nebrasks City, Otoe Co., Rev. Emanuel Hartig, O.aS. 

Plattesmputh, Caas Co., Rev. J. Daxater, 

Forest City, St Helena, West Point, and Salt Creek Settlement, all at- 
tended ^om PJattesmouth. 

St Patrick's Settlement, St John^s, Rev. R. J, Ryan. 

Fort Kearney, attended from Col«imbns. 

Fort Randall, attended from St John'e. 

Sioux City, Iowa, attended from St John's. 

Punko Neoraska, attended from St John's, 

Cottonwood Springs, attended from Columbus. 

Rule, Richardson Ca, «nd Brownsville, Nemaha Co., attended from Ne- 
braska city. 

The Indian Mission of the Rocky Mountains, attended by the Jesuit Fa- 
thei-s. Rev. J, Drorger, S.J., Superior. 

Council Blu£&« Iowa, attended from Omaha city. 


rhe Kale and Female School of St Philip Neri numbers one hundred 

children. Rev. R. J. Lawrence, President 
A Convent, nearly finished, will be ready by 1st of May, to commence 

tiieir school for the fenules, boarders, and externs. 
At Nebraska City, St Benedict's school for males and females. Rev. E. 

Hartig, President 


|r0bmte d San #antista* 

This Provinoe comprises the Diocese of San Francisco, that of Montenj, 
and Los Angeles, and the Vicariate Apostolic of Marysville, and embraecf 
the State of California, and all the Territory East to the Bio Colorado 

FiEST Bishop. 

Rt, Rev. Francis Garcia Diego y Moreno, O.S.F., consecrated Oct 4, 
1840, Bishop of both Californias, and died in Santa Barbara, April 80, 1846. 



Comprises the portions of CcUifortiia and Nevada Territoryt lying between 
the Padfie Ocean and the Colorado River , and between the 87^ 8' iind 89^ 
2fort1iem Laiitude, 


Most Rev. JosKPH S. Alkmant, O.S.D., consecrated Bishop of Monterey, 
June 30, 1850, translated to this See, July 29, 1863. 


St. Mary's Cathedral, corner of California and Dupont streets, Most 
Rev. Joseph S. Alemaoy, D.D. 
Very Rev. James Croke,v.G., Rector; Rev. John Hodges, Pra 
Secretary of Archbishop ; Rev. Thomas Fagan, and Rev. Sa- 
muel Doberty, Assistant Pastors. 
St. Francis Mission, Rev. Jno. J. Prendergast, Pastor; Rev. Thomas | 

Cushing, Assistant Pastor. 
St Francis of Assisium, Vallejo street, Rev. James S. Cotter, Pastor; 
Rev. James Cassin, and Rev. Thomas Cian, Assistant Pastors. Ss^ 
mon in Spanish at 8^ o'clock. 
St. Patrick's, Market St., Rev. Peter J. Grey, P&stor; Rev. Michael 

King, Assistant Pastor. 
St. Ignatius, Market st., Very Rev. N. Congiato, S.J., and others of 

the same Society. 
Notre Dame des Victoires, Bush st., Rev. John MoUnier, Pastor ; 

Rev. M. Reynaut, Assistant Pastor. Sermon in French. 
St. Boniface, Sutter st., Rev. Sebastian Wolfe, Pastor ; Rev. Andrew 

Andolshek, Assistant. 
St. Joseph's, coraer of Tenth and Howard sts.. Rev. Hugh P. Galli- 

gher, Pastor. 
St Bridget's, corner of Vanness and Pacific sts.. Very Rev. Francis & 
Villarasa, O.P., Pastor ; Rev. A. H. Aerden, O.P., Asaiatast Pas- 
tor. Church in progress of construction. 
Angels, Calaveras Co., St. Michael's, attended from San Andw***. 
Auburn, Placer Co., St Theresa, " Sacramento. 

Aurora, Esmeralda, N. T., attended from Columbia. 

SeoeciB, Solano Co , St. Dominic's, Rev. Vincent Vinyes, O.P., and otha«. 
JBi^ Oak Flat, Tuolumne Co., Mouut CatuiQ\, «XXA\v^<^<i ^\&.^g;»GkAnL 


Bodega, Sonoma Co., St Teresa, attended from Tomales. 

Butte C^ty Amador Co., St. Martin's, attended from Volcano. 

Campo Seco, (St. James) Calaveras Co., attended from San Andres. * 

Chinese Camp, Tnolumne Co., St Francis Xavier, attended from Sonora. 

Coloma, El Dorado Co., St John Baptiste, attended from Placerville. 

Columbia, Tuolmnne Co., St Ann's, Rev. Terence J. Smith, Pastor ; Rev. 
Edward Sanchez, Assistant 

CoulterviUe, Mariposa Co., attended from Sonora. 

Drytown, Ainador Co., attended from Volcano. 

Folsom, Sacramento Co., St. John Baptiste, attended from Sacramento. 

George Town, El Dorado Co., St James* " " Placervil.e. 

Ctnxnj Flat, El Dorado Co., Immaculate Conception, attended from Pla- 

Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., St John Baptiste, attended from Tomales. 

Jackson, Ajnador Co., attended from Volcano. 

James Town, Tuolumne Co., St. James, attended from Sonora. 

Jeffersonville, Calaveras Co., Most Holy Rosary, attended from Columbia. 

Knight's Ferry, San Joaquin Co., St Joseph's, attended from Stockton. 

Lagrange, Stanislaus Co., St. Louis, " '' " 

Mariposa, Mariposa Co., St Joseph's " " Sonora. 

Martinez, Contra Costa Co., St Catherine's, " " Benecin. 

Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras Co., " " Volcano. 

Murphy's, Calaveras Co., attended from San Andres. 

Napa, Sonoma Co., St John Baptiste, Rev. P. L Deyaert, Pastor. 

Oakland, Alameda Co., St. Mary's, Rev. John Quinn, Pastor, and Rev. 6a- 
bril Serrano, Assistant Pastor. 

Petaluma, Sonoma Co., St Vincent's, attended from S. Rafael. 

Pilarcitos, or Half Moon Bay, San Mateo Co., Nuestra Senora del Pilar, at- 
tended from St Denis, Redwood City. 

Placerville, El Dorado Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. James Largan, Pastor. 

Redwoods, San Mateo Co., St Denis, Rev. Denis F. Derapsey, Pastor. 

Sacramento, Sacramento Co., St Rose's, Rev. Joseph A. Gallagher, Pastor, 
and Rev. Richard Brennan, Assistant Pastor. 

San Andres, Calaveras Co., St Andrew, Rev. M J. Izquierdo, Pastor. 

San Jose Mission, Alameda Co., St. Joseph's, Rev. Julian Federy, Pnstor. 

San Jose's, Pueblo, Santa Clara Co., St Joseph's, Rev. D. Kenny, S.J., Pas*- 
tor; Rev. Anthony Goetz, S.J., Rev. Charles Messea, S.J., Assistant Pas 

San Rafael, Marin»Co., San Rafael's, Rev. Louis Lootens, Pastor. 

San Ramon, Alameda Co., St Raymond's, attended from Oakland. 

Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., St Clare, Rev. M. L. Acolti, S.J., Pastor. 

Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., St. Rose's, attended from Tomales. 

Sonoma, Sonoma Co., St. Francis SolaDo, attended from Napa. 

Sonora, Tuolumne Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. Louis A. Auger, Pastor. 

Stockton, San Joaquin Co., St Mary's, Rev. James Motter, D.D., Pastor ; 
Rev. Maurice McGrath, Assistant. 

Suisan, Solano Co., attended from Napa. 

Tomales, Marin Co., The Assumption, Rev. Patrick Walsh, Pastor. 

Vallejo, Solano Co., St Vincent Fener, attended from Benecia. 

Volcano, Amador Co., St Bridget's, Rev. James Byi'ne, Pastor. 

Diocesan Seminary of 8t. TTiomaa Aquinas^ Rev. John J. Prendergast, 
President Students 10, and in Colleges in Europe, IL 
St. Marifs College, Rev. John F. Harrington, Predd^nl, ^vuoA)^^ ^^ ^Vx^-* 


Female Orphan Aiylunty directed by the Sisters of Ghftrity, Sister Fnn- 
ces McEonis, Superioress, assisted by twelve Sisters. Orphans, 8fi0, si- 
tached there is a free school, in all 800 pupils. 

Mount St. Joseph's, Silver Terrace In/ant Asylum, conducted by the S* 
ters of Charity. Rev. John Maginnis, Director. 

Presentation Convent, and Free^ School^ Powell street. Mother Mary 
Theresa Comerford, Superioress, assisted by 10 Sisters professed, and 6 no* 
vices. Children attending the school, 700. 

Hospital and Mercy House, conducted by the Sisters of Mercy, corner of 
Bryant and First streets. Mother Mary B. BuaseU, Superioress, assisted by 
20 professed Sisters, and 4 novices. 

St, Ros^s School for Girls, corner of Fourth and Brannan streets^ eott> 
ducted by 6 Sisters of St. Dominic Number of pupils, 200. 

Magdalen Asylum, corner of Polk and Grove streets, conducted by the 
Sisters of Mercy. 

Free School for Boys, attached to St Mary's Cathedral, comer of Call- 
fomia and Dupont streets, conducted by the Franciscan Brothers, Brother 
John McMahon, Principal Pupils, 300. 

Free School for Boys, attached to the church of St. Francis, Vallqo si 
Number of pupils, 200. 

Free School for Boys, attached to St. Patrick's, Market street. Fupiki 

St. Ignatius School, Market street, conducted by the Fathers of the So- 
ciety of Jesus, Very Bev. Nicholas Congiato, S.J., Rector. Pupils, 860. 

German Free School for Boys, attached to St Boniface Church, Satta 
street. Pupils, 60. 

French School for Boys, attached to the French Church Notre Dame dil 
Victoires, Bush street Pupils, 30. 

Male Orphan Asylum, San Raphael, Marin Co., directed by Rev. Louis 
Lootens. Orphans, 88. 

Santa Clara College, directed by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus, Very 
Rev B. Villiger, S.J., President Students, 76. 

Dominica Convent, Benecia, Very Rev. F. S. Villarasa, O.P., Superior, 
Rev. Vincent Vinyes, O.P., Subprior, Rev. Thomas CNeil, O.P., Rev. Lows 
Daniel, O.P., Rev. Patrick Callaghan, 6 professed students, and 6 lay* 

St Catherine's Convent and Female Academy, Benecia, under the care of 
the Sisters of St Dominic; 20 professed Sisters, and 8 novices. 

Convent and French Academy of Notre Dame, Pueblo^ of San Jose, con- 
ducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame, Sister Mary Cornelia, Superioress, 
assisted by 20 professed Sisters; and 6 novices. 

Free School for Boys at Oakland, attached to St Mary's Church. Nonif 
ber of pupils, 60. 

Free iichool for Boys at Sacramento, attached to St Rosens Church. Po- 
pils, 100. 

Free School for Girls at Sacramento, under the charge of Sisters of Mercy. 
Number of pupils, 250. 

Free School for Girls at Pueblo of San Jose, conducted by the Sisters of . 
L Notre Dame. Number of pupils, 76. 

' Free School attached to St Ann's Church, Columbia, Tuolumne Co. 
Number of pupils, 76. 

Free School for Boys at Sonora. Number of pupils, 60. 

Free School at Placerville. Number of pupils, 66. 

Free School at Stockton, San Joaquin Co., attached to St. Mary'sChveh. 
Number of pupils, CO. 
.^^e School at San Andre, pst b\iilLt\>^ ^« IS^^^n. 'dvfthael J. Lqnitfda 

BIOCESB or HOinXBKT Ain> 1,08 AXGBLXS. 101 



Former Prelate. 

). Rer. Joseph Sadoo Albmany, . D.D., O.S.D., first Bishop, consecrated 
June 80th, 1850, transferred to San Francisco July 29th, 1853. 

Present Bishop. 

Rt Rev. Thaddeus Amat, CM., D.D., consecrated March 12th, 1854. 


»9 Angeles, Los Angeles Co., Na. Sa. de los Angeles, (Our Lady of Angels,) 
Rt Rev. Thaddens Amat, D.D., Rev. Francis Mora, Rector, and Rev. 
Joseph Mnt, Assistant. 

n Gabriel, Los. Aogeles Co., Rev. Ciprian Rubio, Pastor, 
n Jos^, (Chapel,) Los Angeles Co., attended from San Gabriel. 
, Nicholas, (Chapel,) Los Angeles Co., attended from San Gabriel, 
n Fernando, Los Angeles Co., attended from Los Angeles. 
Dta Ana, Los Angeles Co., San Antonio de Padua, Rev. Anthoi^ Bor- 
^tta, Pastor. 

Q Juan Capifttrano, Los Angeles Co., Rev. Michael Duran, Pastor. 
Di Diego, San Diego Co., Immaculate Conception, (vacant,) attended oc- 
casionally from San Juan Capistrano. 

II Luis Rey, San Diego Co., attended from San Juan Capistrano. 
la, (Indian settlement,) San Diego Co., San Antonio de Padua, attended 
rom San Juan Capistrano. 

ropa, San Bernardino Co., San Salvador, Rev. Peter Verdaguer, Pastor, 
laiia, Tulare Co., Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, (Cnapel,) Rev. 
Daniel Dade, Pastor; Rev. Vincent Riera, Assistant. 
ita Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., Na. Sa. de los Dolores, Rev. James Vila, 
Pastor ; Rev. Joachim Bot, Assistant 

neguita, Santa Barbara Co., St. Francis Xavier, (Chapel,) attended from 
ianta Barbara. 

ntecito, Santa Barbara Co., Our Lady of Mount Carmel, (Chapel,) 
attended from Santa. Barbara. 

»ion of Santa Barbara, Convent of the Rev. Franciscan Fathers^ Very 
lev. Jose Ma. de Jesus Gonzales, Superior. 
I Buenaventura, Santa Barbara Co., Rev. John Comapla, Pastor. 
ita Ynes, Santa Barbara Co., Rev. John Basso, PajBtor. 
Purisima, Santa Barbara Co., attended from Santa Luis. 
I Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Co., Rev. Michael Racca, Pastor. 
I Miguel, San Luis Obispo Co., attended from San Luis Obispo, 
nterey, Monterey Co., St Charles Borromeo, Rev. John Cornelias, Pastor 
melo Mission, Monterey Co., attended from Monterey. 
I Antonio, Monterey Co., Rev. Doroteo Ambris, Pastor. 
Soledad, Monterey Co., attended from San Antonio. 
I Juan Bautista, Monterey Co., Rev. Anthony Ubach, Pastor. 
Martin, (Chapel,) Santa Clara Co , attended from San Juan. B&ut&&Vah. 
ita Cru^ Santa Cinz Co., Rev. Angel Casanova, Pa&tor. 


Immaoulaie Heart of Mary, in Pajaro Yale, Santa Cnu Oa, Rev. Appoli* 
narios RuBsell, Pastor. 


College of our Lady of Ghiadalupe, at Santa Ynes; about 16 pnpils. 

Convent of the Minor Older of St. FVancit, in the Mission of Santa Bu- 
bara. ' 

Charitable Institution of Los Angeles, conducted by the Daughter! if 
Charity, Sister Soholastica, Sister Servant 200 pupils, 60 boarders. 

The Noviciate of the Daughters of Charity is annexed to the aboye inBfr 

County Hospital^ at Los Angeles, conducted by the Daughters of Charitj. 

St, Vincents Institution^ at Cienguita, near Santa Barbara, condactM 
by the Daughters of Charity, Sister Polycarp, Sister Servant. Avenga 
number of pupils, 26 boarders. 

Asylum and Academy, at San Juan Bautista, conducted by the DaughteB 
of Charity, Sister Phileta, Sister Servant. 120 pupils, 80 b carders. 

Academy far Young Ladies, at Santa Cruz, conducted by the Daughten 
of Charity, Sister Corsina, Sister Servant 150 pupils, 20 boarders. 


Secular Priests on the Mission.. 18 Male Religions Institutions 1 

Priests of Religions Ordei-s 4 Female " ** I 

Total number of Priests 22 College 1 

Churches 21 Average number of pupils MO 

" in ruins 8 Hospital 1 

Chapels 6 Orphan Asylums * 

Clerical Students abroad 6 Free Schools • 

|robintc of #rtpii Citg, 

The Province of Oregon City comprises the Sees of Oregon City aa^ 
Kesqnaly in the United States, and Vancouver's Island in Britiflk 


Established 1846. 

Comprises the State of Oregon and the West of Idaho Thritory, from Sn^ 
River to the Rocky Mountains, between the forty-second and forty^oA 
degree of latitude, 

AncnBISHOP. j 

Most Rev, Franols Korbeut Blaucuct, D.D., first Archbishop, eoimerateil 1 
July 25, 1:^46. 



rtland. Immaculate Conception, Most Rey. F. N. Blanchet, Rev. John F. 

Kerens, Pastor; Rev. Charles Tiernay, Assistant; Rev. Mr. Goens, Sec- 

'etary ; Rev. Lewis Piette, Chaplain of the Convent. 

^on City, Sacred Heart, attended from Portland. 

After a residence of fourteen years in Oregon City, the town decreasing 

population every year, the Archbishop thought proper to go and reside 

Portland, where there is a large and very reputable Catholic congrega- 

iL This was done in the middle of August, 1862. There letters ought 

be addressed to the Archbishop.) 

waukee, Molala, Hillboro, Astoria, Mount Rainier, St Helen, Columbia 

k>ttom, Cascades, attended from Portland. 

nch Prairie, St Louis, Very Rev. Bartholomy Delorme, V.G., Pastor; 

Rev. Lebas, Assistant 

St Paul, Rev. John F. Malo, Pastor. 

em, St. Andrew's, (a new church to be blessed in December next,) Rev. 

leopold Dieleman, Pastor. 

vallis, St. Mary's Church ; Albany, Fort Flosking, Lancaster, Eugene 

ity, Sentiam, attended from Salem. ^ 

(land, Roseburg, Canonville, in the Interior; Scottsburg, Umpqua 

Jity, Empire City, Port Orford, and mouth of Rogue River, on the 

*acific coast, attended from Portland. 

ksonville, St. Joseph's, Rev. F. X. Blanchet, Pastor. 

:by ville, Waldo, Allen Gulch, Althouse, attended from Jacksonville. 

nhill Co., (Indian Reservation,) St Michael's Church, Rev. A. T. Cro- 
quet, Pastor. 
" St. Patrick's Church, Lafayette, Dayton, Siletz, Indian Reser- 
vation, attended from St. Michael. 

les City, St Peter's, Rev. Gustave Adolphe Vermeersch, Pastor. 

ian Reservation of^Warm Spring, attended from Dalles. 

I the John Day, ) 
bum, on Powder River, >■ attended from • 

ion City, Granite City, on the John Day, ] 

rence, on Salmon River, ) 

inock City, Placerville, Centreville, Hoggem, Fort Boise, on Boise 

liver, attended by Rev. A. Z. Poulin, Rev. Toussaint Mespli6. Father 

'oulin is building a church at Bannock City. 

^ous Reservation, on UmaliUa, attended from 


SSf. Mari/i Academy fqr Toung Ladies, at Portland, under the direction 
the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Opened in Kovem- 
;, 1859. Sister Mary of the Seven Dolors, Supr. 12 sisters, boarders 
day scholars ^8, little orphan boys 16. 

^t Marffe Academy^ in town, at the Parish, 2 sisters. Day School, at- 
ded by 70 little boys and 46 little girls. 

SRf. Manft Academy, at St PauL 8 sisters, boarders 20, day scholars 10. 
5S(L Marif% Academy for Young Ladies, at Salem. Building 60 x 80, two 
-ies, opened in September last, 6 sisters, attended by 80 scholars. 
^. Mary's Academy, at Dalles City, to be opened in January, 1864. 
^iu Sister^ School, between 400 and 600 children every year. 
khoolfor Boys, at St Paul. 
" " at 8t Louh. 



Priests 12 Female Academies S 

Churches 10 Male ** I 


Established in 1850. 
Compriaet Washington Territory <u organized in 1853. 


Bt. Key. Augustin Magloire Alex. Blanchet, ooDseorated Bishop d 
Walla Walla, September 27, 1846; translated to Nesqaally, Hay t( 


Very Rev. J. B. A. Brouillet. 


Vancouver, St Augustin, and St James's Cathedral, Rt Rev. A. M. i 
Blanchet, Very Rev. J. B. A. Brouillet, V.G., Rev. Paul A. Mans, Eer. 
David Joseph Halde. n 

Stcilacoom, Imm. Concep., Rev. C. Vary. 1 

Cowlitz, St Fr. Xavier, Olympia, St MichaeFs, attended from Steilacooft 
Seattle, Port Townsend, Whatcom, Semiamo, attended from Steilacoom. 
Walla Walla city. Rev. Aegid. Junger. _, 

On the Walla Walla river, St Rosa, Rev. Aegid Junger. " 
Colville, St Paul, Rev. J. Joset, S.J., A. Menetrey, S.J. .^ 

Ooeur d'Alene Mission, Sacred Heart, Rev. Greg. Gazzoli, and Rev. J.Jb 

Caruana, S.J. 
Pend'Oreille Mission, St Ignatius, Rev. Jos. Grassi, and Rev. J. Vamaaa 
Dolores and St. Louis Missions, attended from St Ignatius. 
Spokan Indians Mission, attended from S. Heart. 
Lewiston, Orofino, attended from Walla Walla. 
Snokondsh Reservation, St. Ann, Rev. C. Chirouse and — Jayol, 0.1LX 


Holy Angelt College^ Rev. P. A. Mans, Prefect ; Rev. Oh. Aug. Ricbirfp 

and Mr. J. Pagan, Assistants. 
Convent of Sisters of Charity, House of Providence, Vanoouver. Moth* 

Joseph, Superioress. 
Providence School for Young Ladies, Vancouver, kept by the SiBten « 

St. Vincent Male Orphan Asyhtnt, Vancouver, kept by the same. 
St, Genevieve Female Orphan Asylum, Vancouver, kept by the samft 
St, Joseph! s Hospital, Vancouver, kept by the same. 
/St John^B Zunatic Asylum, Vancouver, kept by the same. 
J^n^Zadies Academy, Steilacoom, \:ei^\. "^yj ^^%asQ%. 



ecalar Priests 6 litffarj Institutions for Oirls. . . 4 

.egular Priests 8 Literary Institutions for Boys . . 2 

burches and Chapels 11 Charitable Institutions 4 

isters of Charity 20 Catholic Population, before the 

ollege 1 discovery of the Mines, about 6000 

This Province comprises the Dioceses of New Orleans, Galveston, Little 
Lock, Mobile, Natchez, and Natchitoches, which include the States of 
louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas. 


Established in 1793. 

yomprises Louisiana between the twenty-ninth and thirty-first degrees of 
north latitude. 


lost Rev. John Mart Odin, D.D., CM., consecrated Bishop March 6, 
1842, transferred to Galveston in 1847, and to New Orleans in 1861. 

Former Bishops and Archbishops. 

tt. Rev. Luis Penalver i Cardenas, of Havana, consecrated in 1798, 

transferred to Guatemala in 1802. 
£t Rev. Francis Porro.] 
(i Rev. William V. Dubourg, third Bishop, consecrated September 24, 

1815, died Archbishop of BesanQon, December 12, 1833. 
tt Rev. Joseph Rosati, D.D., consecrated March 25, 1824, Bishop of 

Tenagre and Coadjutor, transferred to St. Louis, March 27, 1817. 
tt Rev. Leo db Neokerb, consecrated died Sept 4, 1833. 

lost Rev. Anthony Blanc, D.D , consecrated November 22, 1885, died 

June 20, 1860. ♦ 

(Owing to the extremely unsettled state of Louisiana, it has been found 
inpossible to obtain any official returns or any reliable statements from 
vther sources.) 



ViOABIATK Ap. in 1842, DiOOESB IN 184*7. 

Compriies the State of Texas. 

Bt. Rev. M. DuBUiB, D.D., conseorated in 1862. 

Most Rev. John M. Odin, D.D., consecrated March 6, 1842, transferr 

Galveston in 1847, to New Orleans in 1862. 

(It has been found impossible to get any report or reliable returns 
this State.) 


Established 1843. 
Comprises the State of Arkansas, 

Late Bishop. 
Rt. Rev. Andmcw Bybne, D.D., consecrated March 10, 1844, died in ] 

Little Rock, Cathedral of St. Andrew, Very Rev. P. Reilly, V.G, : 

Peter Clarke, Rev. D. Cogan. 
Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., St. Patrick's, Rev. Lawreifoe Smyth. 
Helena, Phillips Co., Rev. Philip Shanahan. 
Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., Rev. Thomas Donovan. 
New Gascony, Jefferson Co., Rev. P. McGowan. 


St. Anne's Convent and Academy of the Sisters of Mercy, near 
SL Catharines Convent and Academy of the Sisters of Mercy^ Hd 
St, Marjfs Academy^ Little Rock, under the Sisters of Mercy. 


Establishbd 1824. 

Rt Rev. John Quinlan, D.D., consecrated in 1860. 

Rt Rev. Michael Portibb, D.D., consecrated November 5, 1826, died 
J4, J 859. 
(No return froo) this Dioco&e oo\i\d\>Q o\A.^ida^^ 



Ebtablished 1837. 
Compri8e% the 8t<Ue of MMUHjppi, 

Rev. William Henby Elder, D.D., consecrated May 81, 1857. 

Preceding Bishops. 

Rev. JoHif J. Ohancbe, D.D., consecrated March 14, 1841, died July 
2, 1862. 

Rev. J. 0. Van de Velde, D.D., transferred from Chicago July 29, 
863, died November 13. 1866. 


-chez, St Mary's Cathedra^ Our Lady of Sorrows, Rt. Rev. William 
Heniy Elder, D.D., Very Rev. Mathuren F. Grignon, V.G., Rev. 
Charles L. Queckelberge. 
Devereux Hall Orphan Asylum, Rev. Fred. Miller. 

srdeen, Monroe Co., visited from Columbus. 

J of St. Louis, Our Lady of the Gulf, Rev. Henry Ledue. 

okhaven, Lawrence Co., St. Francis of Assisium, Rev. Henry Picherit. 

lala, Copiah Co., visited from Brookhaven. 

iton, Yazoo Co., visited from Yazoo City. 

>xi, Jackson Co., Nativity of the B.V.M, Rev. Henry Georget. 

sk Hawk, Carroll Co., visited from Yazoo City. 

odon, Rankin Co., visited from Jackson. 

ton, Madison Co., Church of the Sacred Hearty Rev. Philip Huber. 

tawa, Pike Co., visited from Brookhaven. 

eeville, Yallabusha Co., visited from Yazoo City. 

imbus, Lowndes Co., church building. Rev. John B. Mouton. 

Calb, Kemper Co., visited from Columbus. 

'er, attended monthly from Yazoo City. 

nezer, Holmes Co., once in two months from Yazoo City. 

erprise, Clark Co., from Paulding. 

■field Plantation, Warren Co., once in two months from Vicksburg. 

ette, Jefferson Co., visited from Natchez. 

} Adams, Wilkinson Co., visited from Natchez. 

iklin, Holmes Co., visited from Yazoo City. 

on, Itawamba Co., visited from Sulphur Springs. 

lesville, Hancock Co., visited from Covin^on, La. 

idsboro, Harrison Co., church building, visited from Pass Cliristian. 

ly Spring Marshall Co., St Joseph's, visited from Memphis, Tenn. 

ston, Chickasaw Co., visited from Sulphur Springs. 

»on. Hinds Co., church, presbytery, and schoolhouse burned May, 

168, Rev. Francis Orlandi. 

an River Settlement, Hancock Co., visited from Bay St Louis. 

9 Co., monthly from Sulphur Springs. 

Dgton, Holmes Co., monthly from Yazoo City. 

shbiirg, Jaokson Co., new cnurch, fr^m Bilozi 

DD, Noxubee Ca, visited from ColumboB. 

Ddia^ Mlb Co,, jhdted from Brookhaven. 


Madison Co., five plantations yisited monthly from Sulplmr Springs, and 

two from Jaokaon. 
Mississippi City, Harrison Co., Tisited from Pass Christian. 
Kapoleon, Hancock Co., visited from Bay St Louis. 
Old Fort, Jackson Co., visited from Pascagoula. 
O'Rourke's, Hancock Co., every six weeks from Bay Si Louis. 
Pascagonla, R, Jackson Co., new church. Rev. C. Vandemore. 
Pass Christian, Harrison Co., St. Paul's, Rev. Francis Pont 
Panlding, Jasper Co., St Michael's, Rev. John L. Finncane. 
Pearlin^ton, Hancock Co., visited from Covington, La. 
Port Gibson, Claiborne Co., St Joseph^s, visited firom Brookhaven. 
Philadelphia, Neshoba Co., Church of the Holy Cross, visited from Colaoi' 

Pontotoc, Pontotoc Co., visited from Sulphur Springs. 
Quitman and Raleigh, visited from Paulding. 
Rankin Co., four times a year from Jackson. 
Shieldsborough, Hancock Co., Our Lady of the Gul^ same as Bay St 

Satartia, Yazoo City, once in two months from Yazoo City. 
Sulphur Spriogs, Mladison Co., Immaculate Conoeptipn, Rev. Philip Hnber. 
Schula, Holmes Co., once in two months from Yazoo City. 
Summerville, Winston Co., visited from Sulphur Springs. 
Summit, Pike Co., visited from Brookhaven. 
Vicksburg, Warren Co.j St Paul's, Rev. Francis X Leray, Rey. Charles F. 

Heuz6, Rev. Patrick O'Connor. 
West Pascagoula, Jackson Co., from Pascagoula. 
Woodville, Wilkinson Co., visited from Natchez. 
Yazoo City, Yazoo, Assumption, Rev. P. Le Corre. 


St. Stanislaus^ Academy and Boarding School for Boys^ at Bay St 
Louis ; directed by Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Brother Athanasioi^ 

St. Mary's Orphan Asylum fw Oirls^ at Natchez, under Sisters of Chi» 
rity ; Sister Mary Thomas, Superior; girls, 85. 

D'Everevx Hall, (h-phan Asylum for Boys, founded by the late Wm. 
St John Elliott, at Natchez, under Rev. Fred. Miller; 14 boys. 

House of Industry and Hay-School for Girls, at Natchez under Sistenof 

Convent, Academy^ Hay School, and House of Industry, at Bay St.Loiii^ 
directed by Sisters of St Joseph (of Bourg.), Sister Esperance, Superior. 

Convent and Academy of the Sisters of Mercy, at Vicksburgh, saspended 
by the war. The Sisters attend military hospital at Lauderdale Springs 

Parish Schools at Natchez, Jackson, Bay St Louis, and Paulding. 
J Association of St. Vincent of Paul, at Bay St Louis ; 88 members, 
. JUJduccUion Society for schooling poor children, at Yazoo. 

St. MichaeVs, St. Aloysius* societies for young men at Natchez; also A 
Aloysius^ Society for Young Ladies. 


Secular priests 15 Churches !• | 

Secular priests absent 2 Built since last report %\ 

Frieata ordered or arrived from Deatto-iyfed. 1 

SemiDarr 5 Cl«ti<i«\ 6\mi^«b^& ****»*««V^ 

J^ie^tidiedsince last Almanac.. 4 .^ . 





Comprissi ZouUiana between 81^ and 89^ Nl 

Rt. Bey. Augustus Mabtdt, 1st Bishop, consecrated Kovember 80, 1853. 
[No reliable returns can be given.] 



" It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for tiie dead, that tJiey 
may be loosed from their sius." 2 Maccab xiL, 46. 


1862. Rt. Rev. Andrew Byrne, D.D., Bishop of Little Rock. 
1868. Most Rey. F. P. Keurick, D.D., Archbishop of Bidtimore. 


I860, February 25. Rev. Alexius Retzer, O.S.B., at St. Yinoent'i 

October 29. Rev. Joseph F. Deane, of the Diocese of Buffalo. 1 
November 12. Rev. Johu Smith, of the Diocese of Newark. 


January 26. Rev. Patrick Hene88V,'of the Diocese of New York. 

February 6. Rev. Joseph Lutz, of the Diocese of New York. 

February 28. Rev. Jeremiah O. Gallaghan, of the Diocese of Boston. 

March 4. Rev. J. B. Mallasagne, of the Dipcese of Natchitoches. 

March 11. Rev. Dennis Wheeler, of the Diocese of Dubuque. 

March 14. Rev. J. K Valois, of the Diocese of Galveston. 

March 18. Rev. Edward McGean, of the Diocese of New York. 

March 22. Rev. John Ryan, of the Diocese of New York. 

March 31. Rev. Richard Carroll, of the Diocese of San Francisco. 

April 1. Rev. Joseph Billon, O.S.B.. at Butler, Pa. 

April 7. Rev. James (XDonnell, O.S. A , at Boston. 

April 12. Rev. Lewis Cowicz. 

May 10. Rev. John Jaflfre, S.J., at New York. 

Mayj25. Rev. J. J. Vital, of the Diocese of St Louis. 

May 26. Rev. P. Kernan, of the Diocese of Alton. 

June 6. Rev. John Madden, of the Diocese of New York. 

June 21. Rev. Joseph Gray, of the Diocese of Boston. 

June 28. Rev. John B. Bouitz, S.J., at St. Louis. 

July 17. V. Rev. John Raffeiner, V.G., of the Diocese of Brooklyn. 

July — . Rev. Pancratius Wiget, of the Diocese of Milwaukee. 

July — . Rev. G. Gervy, of the Diocese of Buffalo. 

August 6. Rev. F. X Marshall, of the Diocese of Philadelphia. 

August 8. Rev. Felix J. Carr, of the Diocese of Charleaton. 

September 2. Rev. Michael Hackett, of the Diocese of Albany. 

September 9. Rev. Cornelius Kearney, of the Diocese of BrooMyn. 

September 26. Rev. P. McCloskey, of the Diocese of Albany. 

October 17. Rev. Stephens Cassidy, of the Diocese of Brooklyn. 

October 1 1. Rev. Ambrose Buchmeyer, of the Diocese of New York. 

October 11. Rev. Bede Bergmann, O.S.B., at Newark, N.J. 

October 12. Rev. Wm. Edwards, of the Diocese of Chicago. 

October 16. Rev. Leo Ran, O.S.B., at St. Vincent*s Abbey. 

November 2. Rev. P. Daly, of the Diocese of Hartford. 

Rev. Benedict Capdevila, of the Diocese of Monterey. 
December 17. Rev. John Mulligan, D.D., of the Diocese of Hartford. 
December 20. Rev. Flavian 1&. Boiidu^, ol >^^l^«y^«iy^ <)C Mllwaiikeei 



JAauary 27. R«y. J. L. Caveng, 8. J.» in the Diocese of Buffalo. 

February 1. Rev. D. J. T. Mcl3ermott, of the Diocese of Boston. 

February 3. Rev. — Pirminius, of the Diocese of Cincinnati. 

February 8. Rev. Philip Nicolas, of the Diocese of Philadelphia. 

February 13. Rev. J. M. Z. Leveque, of the Diocese of Fort Wayne. 

February 14. Rev. Kieholas Steinbacher, S,J., at Boston. 

February 17, Rev. J. O'Shaugnessey, of the Diocese of Philadelphia. 

March 4. Rev. John O'Reilley, of the Diocese of St. Louia 

Harch 16. Rev. P. J. Murphy, of the Diocese of New York. 

March — , Rev. P. Hurly, of the Diocese of little Rock. 

April 2. Rev. J. A. Sheurman, O.S.D., at Washington. 

April 23. Rev, John Heams, aged 26, at Natchez, Miss. 

June 2. Rev. John McCosker, of the Diocese of Philadelphia. 

June 1. Rev .M. Hegner, of the Diocese of Pittsburg, at Mercy Hospital 

June 24. Rev. Edward Caton, of the Diocese of Baltimore. 

June 27. Rev. Grhislaien J. Boheme, pastor of Paulding, Miss., aged 59, 

at Ashland, Va. 
July — , Rev. Wm. Coghlan, of the Diocese of Albany. 
July 18. Rev. Nicholas Haeres, at St Michael's Seminary, Pittsburg, 

aged 60. 
August 4. Rev. R. Roeloff, S.J., at Cineinnati. 

Rev. Fr. O'Loghlen, S.J , at Bardstown, Ky. 
August 9. Rev. F. J. Peters, of the Diocese of Vincennes. 
August 26, Rev. T. Hunencq, of the v. A of Florida. 
August 81. Rev. P. Bedaud. 

September 1. Rev. W. Stephens, of the Diocese of Buffalo. 
September 4. Thos. MeCann, student of the Diocese of Natchez at Mo* 

bile, aged 24. 
September 6. Edward 0*Neil, of the Diocese of New York. 
September 7. Rev. Thos. Cullen, of the Dioeese of Detroit^ at Ann Ar- 
bor, aged 68. 
Septeml^r 18. Rev. J. A. Schneller, of the Diocese of Brooklyn. 
September 18. Rev. E. A. Knight, of the Diocese of Baltimore. 
September 27. Rev. J. P. Cahili, of the Diocese of Albany. 
October 7. Rev. T. A. Cullen, of the Diocese of Detroit. 
October — , Rev. Dominic Blaive, of the Diocese of San Francisco. 
October — . Rev. M. McDonald, of the Dioeese of Albany. 
December 1. Rev. D. Geary, of the Diocese of Halifax, in the 68th year 

of his age. 
November 18. Rev. Abraham McMahon, at Notre Dame, Ind., in the 

73d year of his age. 
November 28. Rev. David Lillis, of the Diocese of Louisville. 
December 11th. Rev. B. Raho, Y.G., of the Diocese of Monterey. 
December 31. Rev. F. P. Mulgrew, of the Diocese of Philadelphia, in 

the S3d year of his age. 


January — . Rev. Father Honore, of the Oblates, formerly missionary in 

January 17. At Paris, Rev. Dr. O'Donovan, of the Diocese of N. Y. 
February — , Rev. William Carroll, of the Diocese of Philadelphia. 
February 7. Rev. D. J. Whelan, of the Diocese of Philadelphia, in the 

36th year of his age. 
February 10. Rev. Herman Allen, of the Dioce&e ol QoVve^^Wiv. 


202 , OBTTUABT. 

February 4. Rev. J. Stuck ey, of the Diocese of Milwaukee. 
February 7. Rev. Julian M. Guillou, Pastor of Sulphur Springs, Mis&, 

died at Natchez, aged 3d. 

— , Rev. B. Seling, of the Diocese of Cincinnati 
February 26. Rev. John Ryan, of the Diocese of Boston. 
March 9. Rev. Charles Brady, of the Diocese of Albany. 
March — . Rev. Patrick Raflferty, of the Diocese of Philadelphia. 
March 15. Rev. Thomas Lilly^ 3. J, at PhiUdelphia. 
March 16. Rev. Thomas Walsh, Pastor of Cairo, 111., aged 86. 
March — ^ Rev. C. Grandeler, of the Diocese of Cincinnati. 
April 2. Rev. Basil Elea, Pastor of Holly Springs^ Miss., at Memphis^ 

Tenn., aged 28. 
April 20, Rev. J. "W. Barry, of the Diocese of Cincinnati 
April tSO. Rev. D. Coit, of the Diocese of Hartford. 
May 23. Rev. Oarrett Sheehan, of the Diocese of Albany. 
June 6. Rev. Lewis Hey, S.J., in the 34th year of his age, at St Louis, 
June 11. Rev. John Hackett, of the Diocese of New York, in the 62nd 

year of his age. 
June 20. Rev. Thos. Ryan, Pastor of Mattoon, Diooese of Alton, c^ed 61. 
June 22. Rev. Stephen Ward, of the Diocese of New York, aged 63. 
June 27. Rev. J. Curry, of the Diocese of Baltimore. 
July 2. Rev. J. Branagan, of the Diocese of Philaddphia. 
July 18. Rev. Nicholas O'Donnell, of the Diocese of New York. 
August 8. Rev. E. OTlalierty, of the Diocese of Fort Wayne. 
August 21. Rev. — Dougherty, S.J., aged 72 years, at Conewaga. 
August 28. Rev. ^. M. J. Alsina, of the Diocese of San Francisco, in the 

29th year of his age. 
August 29. Rev. Jas. P. Perrache, at Eeane, N. H., aged 45. 
September 2. Rev. Henry Balfe, of the Diocese of Philadelphia. 
September 2. Rev. Edmond Putnam, at Whitefield, Maine, aged 46. 
September 7. Rev. John J. Conolly, of the Diocese of Boston, in the 

47th year of his age. 
September 10. Rev. Michael Olivetti, of the Diocese of Albany, in the 

60th year of his age. 
September 18. Rev. Charles Schuler, of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. 
September 21. Rev. James C. W. Guiness, of the Diocese of Philadel- 
phia, in the 40th year of his age. 
September 29. Rev. James Kearney, of the Diocese of Newark. 
October 31. Rev. James Rooney, of the Diocese of Albany, in the 70th 

year of his age. 
November 2. Rev. — . Kelly, at Carville, IlL, aged 88. 
December — . Very Rev. S .L Montgomery, O.S.D., at Nashville, Tenn., 

aged — , 
December — ^ Rev. Walter Quarter, of the Diooese of New York. 




Archbishops, Bishops, Secular and Regular Priests, 


Name. Besldence. 

Mt. Rev. Alemanj, Joseph S San FraDeisco, California. 

Rt. Rey. Amat, Thaddeus Los Angeles, California. 

Bacon, David W Portland, Maine: 

Baraga, Frederic .Sant Ste. Marie, Michigan. 

Bayley, James R Newark, New Jersey. 

Mt Rey. Blanchet, Francis N Portland, Oregon. 

Rt Rev. Blanchet, A A. M Fort Vancouver, Wash. Ter. 

Carrell, George A Covington, Kentucky. 

De Goesbiiand, Louis Burlington, Vermont 

De St Palais, Maurice... .Vinoennes, Indiana. 

Domenec, Michael Pittebarg, Peonsylvania. 

Dubuis, M Galveston, Texas. 

Duggan, James Chicago, Illinois. 

Elder, W. H Natchez, Mississippi. 

Fitzpatrick, John B Boston, Massachusetts. 

Grace, Thomas L St Paul, MiDnesota. 

Henni, John M Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Mt. Rev. Hughes, John New York City, 

Rt Rev. Juncker, H. D Alton, Dlinois. 

Mt Rev. Kenrick, Peter R St Louis, Missouri. 

Rt Rev. Lamy, John Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Lefevere, Peter P Detroit, Michigan. 

Loughlin, John BrooHyn, New York. 

Ltiers, J<^ H Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

liynch, P. Charleston, South Carolina. 

l&rtin Augustus Natchitoches, Louisiana. 

McCIoskey, John Albany, New York. 

McGill, John Richmond, Virginia. 

McFarland, Francis P. Providence, Rhode Island. ' 

Miege, John B Leavenworth City, Kan. Ter. 

Mt Rev. 0dm, J. M New Orleans, La» 

Rt Rev. Michael O'Connor, late Bish- 
op of Pittsburg, Baltimore, Md. 

Rt Rev. O'Gorman, James M Nebraska City, Nebr. Ter. 

Mt Rev. Purcell, John B Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Rt Rev. Quinlan, John Mobile, Alabama. 

Rappe, Amedeus Cleveland, Ohio. 

Rosecrans, Sylvester H. . . .Cincinnati, Ohio. 

&nyUi, Clement Dubuque, Iowa. 

Spalding, Martin J Louisville, Keiit\x<^V^. 

TuDOn, John Buffalo, "S^-w XotW. 


Name. Besidenoe. 

t Rer. Verol, A Savannah, Ga. 

Whelan, Richard V. Wheeling, Virginia. 

Whelan, James Nashville, Tennessee. 

Wood, James F Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Young, JoBue M Erie, Pennsylvania. 


t. Rev. Maria Benedict New Haven, Kentucky. 

Boniface Wimmer. ..._,... . Youngtown, Pennsylvania. 

Ephrem McDonnell New Melleray, Iowa. 

'ery Rev. Aubril, Edmund St. Augustine, Fla. 

,ev. Abarth, Dionysius Louisville, Ky. 

Abell, R. A Holy Mary, Ky. 

Able, H MonroevilJe, 0. 

Aocolti, M Santa Clara, Cal. 

Achard, Florentin Mobile, Ala. 

Acmal, Francis Cincinnati, 0. 

Acquarone, L Gloucester, Mass. * 

Adam, Aug New France, Ind. 

Aerden, A. H San Francisco, CaL 

Ahearn, M Cincinnati, O. 

Albers, J. A Brighton, Wis. 

Albinger, Fr Port Byron, N. Y. 

Albrecht, J. M Himmelgarten, O. 

Albrecht, Max Chicago, 111. 

Albrecht, Ph Macomb, 111. 

Al^i^yer, F Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Alizeri, F Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Alizeri, Joseph Carondelet^ Mo. 

Alig, Mathias Washington, D. C. 

Ambris, Doroteo San Antonio, Cal. 

Andrews, R. H Richmond, Va. 

Andolshek, A San Francisco, CaL 

Andres, Fr Coshocton, O. 

Andr^ Pembina, Minn. 

Angley, F Greensburgh^ O. 

Anselm, John Little Canada, Mo. 

AnthonYf Mark La Salle, 111. 

Anwander, Thad Cumberland, Md. 

Arant, Bernard Cumberland, Md. 

Ardia, Joseph Philadelphia, Pa. 

Arent, Alden, N. Y. 

Arnold, Anth Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Arnold, J. A Belgium, Wis. 

Arnold, Shelby Settlement, 0. 

: Aschwanden, Joseph Georgetown, D. C. 

Aubier, John 49 W. 16th st., N. Y. 

Aud, Athanasius A St Mary's, Lebanon, Ky. 

Audran, E Vincennes, la. 

Auger, Louis A Sonora, Cal. 

Austin, ■ Glendolf, O. 

AuBtennann, B St. John's, O. 

AjrJward, J. F ^msma^ft, ^\a. 


Name. Besidence. 

ry Rer. Benoit, Julian Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Brazil, John Fort Desmoines, la. 

Brown, H. V NasbTille, Teiin, 

Brouillet, John B Fort Vaiiconven W. T. 

Burlando, F Ecnmittaburg, Md» 

Butler, T. R Covin^D, Ky, ^ 

V. Bache, John B Ashlmiii, Pa* 

Bachman, E. . L{>maviDej Ky, 

Bague, Charles White Marsh, Md 

Baker, R. S Charleston, a C. 

Baker, Francis A 9th A v. and 59 th st., New Tork. 

Balfe, Joseph Kelly ville, Pa. 

Basso, John SadU Ices, CaL 

Balleis, N North Hoboken, N.J. 

Balluff, Ignatius .Freeport, 111. 

Bally, Augustine Caleb rookdale, Peon. 

Bally, Gtilena.ia 

Baltes, P. J Belleville, lU. 

Bannon, T. H Kandolph, Masa, 

Bapst, John Boston, Mftss 

Barbelin, Felix Philadelphia, Pa. 

Barber, Samuel. Port Tobacco, Md. 

Barber, C LoniByHle, O, 

Barbier, F BarreBi, Mov 

Baret, A. M Boston, Masa, ' 

Baroiix, J. Silver Lake, Mieb. 

Barrett, John A lIordeobuTg, Ky, 

Barrister, John A J exandria, Va. 

Baron, A Rocklanil, Maine^ 

Barry, J Rortsville, N. T 

Barry, M Carthage^ N.Y, 

Barry, T ]^Iiiford , Muss. 

Bartels, B jrill^tadt. 111 

Bartl, Theo Atchinson, Kansas. 

Baselmans, H Cincinnati, O. 

Batz, L Mil waukie, Wis. 

Baudinelli, John Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Baudinelli, Luke .Birming^batii, Pa. 

Bauer, G Covington, Ky, 

Baunach, Peter San Antonio, ^Fexaa 

Bayard, E Kmt Albany, N, Y 

Bayer, Pius .,Ilaalings, Minn. 

Beck, Bernard Annapolk, Md. 

Becker, A .Cincinnati, 0. 

Becker, J Apple Creek, Mo. ' 

Becker, Thomas A Elli^iott's Millie Md. 

Becks, Julius Decatur, Ind. 

Bede, P Rochester, N.Y. 

B^eeham, W Rome, N.Y, 

Behmer, — Piqua, O. 

Behn, J Tiffin, O. 

Beine, Accurtius Cincinnati, 0. 

Beiter, Michael JeflFerson, Wis. 

Belanger, F Fordham, N. Y. 

Benge, O Buffalo, ^ .X . 


Name. Besldenoe. 

Rev. Bennett, A Braoztoo Sett, Iowa. 

Beranek, Geo Baltimore, Md. 

Berbeiefer, John Fr^jiiahvillc. Pa, 

Btigier, Aupf , , .Di^miaDBVilie, 111, 

Bergotto, Anth , . .Sta Ana, Cat 

Bergrath, Is NaalvTrlle, Teiin, 

Bergmeier, Ferd .Quincy, 111. 

Berleman, Pacifious Doty villc, Wis. 

Bernezeider, C * . * ,St, Viuceiit'&, Pn„ 

Bernard, B , Bocorro, N.M, 

Bernard, W Centre ville, Wia. 

Berry, E. St. Louia, Mo. 

Bertoldi, J Lowell, Maia. 

Bessonies, Aug .Indianftpolia, lad* 

Beyhurat, John M LouiaTiile, Ky, 

Bjggiii, J uaopli , , , , . Borden tow 0^ N.J, 

Bigham, J ". . .jVIuirinville, Pn, 

Biretto, M F^-nUini, N.Y, 

Birch, Joaeph 3 Greenwood, Md. 

Bixio, Joaeph Alexandria, Pa. 

Blacker, Mieliael J Mauch Chunck, Pa. 

Blake, Thomas Xenia, O. 

El?i ] I ■ 1 h t , F X , , * Jacksonyille, Oregon. 

Blenkinsop, Peter Fhi3Li^l-l[.lLifT, Va, 

Blenkineop, William Ohicojit^t^, AhL^a, 

Blessmger, — Groea Pnint, HI, 

BluiJim, Gabriel ,Ci)vin|2:ton, Ky, 

Blydenbur^Ii, F Detiuif, Mieh. 

Boeckcrj li» Cincinnati, 0. 

Boers, — ^.Peoria, 111. 

Boetzkes, F. St Louis, Mo. 

Boff, F. M Toledo, Ohio. 

Bohan, Aodrew Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bokel, J. A, Washington, D. a 

Boaellij Liberatus Buchanan, Pa. 

Borgess, 0. H. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Bt*t, Joiiehini Sta. Barbara, CaL 

Bonohat, Michael Louiaville, Ky. 

Boudreaux, F. .St Loiiia, Mo, 

Boudreaux, Is. J Florissant, Mo, 

Boulger, T. J Middtetown, Obia 

Bourion, M Nt^gnunee, Mich. 

Bourk, T. O Chicago, 111 

Bourke, Wm Fancy Farm, Ky. 

Bower, Z .Fremont, Ohio, 

Bowles, Joseph D .Burlington, N. J. 

. Bowling, CD. Washiugtonj D. C. 

f Boyoe, James , New York* 

Boyce, John Worc<>ater, Mass, 

Boylan, C Rutland, Vt. 

Boyle, ^, Washington, D.O. 

Bradley, James Newry, Pa. 

Bradley, James Annapolis, Md. 

Bradley, P. Cascade, Wis. 

Bradley, Pa tric*k A^ oii , ^ . X . 


Name. ilejildence. 

Rev. Brady Charles ». . . ,Norwjcli, N. Y. 

Brady, Hugh LowsTill e, E j. 

Brady, John Dover, If. H. 

Brady, John Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brady, P Cazenovia, N. Y. 

Brady, Robert W Boston, Mass. 

Brandstatter, F.. . . 1 1 53 Third street, New York. 

Brandt, L. Mndidon, liid. 

Brandts, E. II. T*arifi, Ky. 

Branii, Henry .Savath Orange, N*. J. 

BreeiJ, M Manhnttanville, New York. 

Brehony, James A. Plul fnkJphiaj Po. 

Brennan, Dennis ^Dabniiiie, Iowa, 

Brennan, Edward Ctimberland, Md. 

Brennan, G. H , . . . .Boston, Mrtsa. 

Brennan, James ,2$f) Oli^^er Htrcet, New York. 

Brennan, John Koxbiiry, Mn&L 

Brennan, R Port Jervia, N» Y. 

Brent, Julius Mount Vernon, Ohio. 

Brickwedde, Aug. Mud Creek, III. 

Brinkhoflf, F St. houh. Mo. 

Brifiard, G , Jaekeouville, Ohiow 

Brockhagen, A. Slftrrimnc, Mo* 

Broering, R Ciueinnat f, OImo. 

Brogard, Joseph CJliapel Dil^Ohio. 

Brophy, George R Harlem » N. Y. 

Brown, J Eagle Harbor, Hioh. 

Brown, P. .Frostburg, Md. 

Brown, P .Hndeon, Ohio, 

Browne, R.. Plarton, Md. 

Brummer, J. W Ginqinnnti, Ohia. 

Brunemann, Joseph .Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Brunet, B .St. Meinrada, Ind. 

Bninneman, Joseph Confttablevillei N. Y. 

Bninner, G. V St. LouiSj Mo. 

Brunning, B CineiniiftO, Ohio. 

Bryan, P ChsrleatouT S, a 

Burke, Miehael Annapfdie, Md* 

Burke, T. .St hmik, Mo. 

Burke, William Pittsburg, Pa. 

Burnes, John Pittsburg, Pa. 

Buniea Job h St, Aaguatinei Pa. 

Burn eft, Kifhola* Jav«, N, Y, 

Buma, Pntriiik Jame»town, N, Y* 

Busch, William .Springfielii, Hi 

Burl^5el], R, L .4S Fourth aveo^ie, New York. 

Blithe, Ft Honesdatej Pa. 

Butler, Joseph Albany, N. Y* 

Buyse, T Switii Creek, Mich, 

Byrne, B .,....•. Cunj den, N. J. 

Byrne, J. B Philadelphia, Pa. 

Byrnes, James Volcano, CaL 

Byrne, Robert Boston, Mass. 

Byrne, Stephen St. Joseph's, 0, 


Nfline. Besidence. 

Very Rev. Caron, A CleVeland, O. 

Carter, C. J. H Philadelphia, Pa 

Chambige, F Bardstown, Ky. 

CoIHds, E. T Cincinnati, O. 

Conlan, James Cleveland, O. 

Coosemans, F St. Louis, Mo. 

Corbc, John St Mary's^ Ind. 

Coskery, H. B Baltimore, Md. 

Croke, James San Francisco, Cal, 

Rev. Cady, D St. Joseph's, O. 

CahSl, P Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 

Caillet, L. E St. Paul, Min. 

Caissy, Geo. N Burlington, Vt. 

Calandri, Anthony Buchanan, Pa. 

Callaert, D Stony Creek, Mich. 

Callan, James Lambertville, N. J. 

CaUan, John .Dover, N. J. 

Cam, J. L Swanton Falls, Vt. 

Camenzind, F Taycheedah, Wis. 

Campbell, James F "Waterbury, Conn. 

Campbell, Joseph N Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Campbell, F Bloommgton, III. 

Canavan, P Portsmouth, N. H. 

Canavin, J. A Newcastle, Pa. 

Cannavale, Telesp Buchanan, Pa. 

I Cannon, B Keokuk, la. 

Cannon, Com Salem, N. J. 

Cannon, F. B St. Vincent, Pa. 

Cannon, P. J ' Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Canny, D. J Boston, Mass. 

Cantwell, Nicholas Philadelphia, Pa. 

Capeder, Anthony St. John'?, O. 

Cappon, J Niles, Mich. 

Caraher, P Utica, N. Y. 

Carbon, P. M Philadelphia, Pa. 

Cardenal, Herv^ Burlington, Vt. 

Carel, Claudius Pittsfield, 111. 

Carew, Francis Carbondale, Pa. 

Carey, Wm Glendale, O. 

Carmody, Hugh Providence, R. I. 

Caro. F West Point, N. Y. 

Carr, Felix J Charleston, S. C. 

Carriere, J. A Notre Dame, Ind.. 

Carroll, Eugene Albany, N. Y. 

Carroll, Jos Defiance, O. 

Carroll, M. X Westfield, Mass. 

Carroll, M Temperanceville, Pa. 

Carroll, Philip South Bend, Ind. 

Carroll, Tiros Notre Dame, Ind. 

Carroll, Wm Keeseville, N. Y. 

Caruana, J. M Sacred Heart Mission, Wash. Tw. 

Cary, B. N Springfield, Ky. 

Caninchio, Victor West Hoboken, N. J. 

CaeaDOva, A ^anta Grvxx, Gat 

Caaella, John A BrooW^xi^l&.X . 


Name. Besidence. 

Rev. CafieT, Wm Palmyra, N. Y. 

Casaidy, Eugene .Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Czisaidy, 1*. ... * Lebanon, Ky. 

Caf^aiti. James, Snti Frflneidco, Cal. 

CflstJildi, J... Albion, N. Y 

Castet, Doraidio Boootonf N. J. 

Cattani, J, B Conewaj/a, Pa, 

Cauvin, A .IlcjlKjkenr N. J. 

Celso, F ADegaiiy, N. Y. 

Chambille, C. A Gn^enfiel^l Mich. 

Chapon, Biilticnore, AM 

Chapuis, H. M Ellicoit a M(1L% Ind. 

Charaux, Chas 49 W. iStli st, N. Y. 

Charlier, A Georgetown, D. C. 

Chasse, J. B Wefthin<rhin, Ind. 

Chaves, Rafael Cevoy*stii, N. M. 

Chazal, Martin Bardstown, Kj, 

Chebnl, John Eiivti^'ld, Midi. 

Chtjvflliei\ Edw PliitUbui r, N. Y. 

Cheynaol, Wm .Foyettevilla 0* 

Chirouse, C Snokooiish Ees., W. T. 

Chmelicek, F 111. 

Chopin, Philip 49 W. l&th fit., N. Y. 

Chmten, U . * Jaeptn Ind. 

Christoph, Giles A'arroltown. Pfl. 

Ciampi, A. F. Baltiniore, Md. 

Cian, Thomas Ban Franeiaco, Cal. 

Cicaterri, Charles .Georgetown, D. 0. 

Cicaterri, Felix Frederick, Md. 

Claessens, Louis Buffalo, K Y. 

Clark, Francis Owego, N. Y. 

Clark, James Worcester, Mass. 

Clarke, Michael Amboy, HI. 

Clarke, Michael E Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Clarke, Peter Little Rock, Ark. 

Clarke, William F Baltimore, Md. 

Clarkson, 8. A Memphis, Tenn. 

Clauss, Joseph M Baltimore, Md. 

Clayier, Francis St. Alban's, Vt. 

Cleary, F Bridgetown, Mo. 

Clifford, M Winchester, 111. 

Cliflford,T Albia, la. 

Cloarec, M Burlington, Vt. 

Clowry, Wm ' New York. 

Coady, John D Erie, Pa. 

Cobben, M Newcastle, Bel 

Cody, Joseph, Adanis^ Pa, 

Coenen, A Loni-ville, Ky. 

Cogan, D Springfietd, 0, 

Coghlan, J Si Louia, Mi>. 

Coghlan, Michael M St. Lawrence, Ky. 

Colgan. P Coming, N. Y. 

Coin R. C Washington, D. 0. 

Collin, J Allegany, N. Y. 

Collins, M. J .Waterford, N. Y. 



Name. Besidence. 

, Colson, J Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Comapla, John San Buenayentura, Cal 

Cornelias, John Monterey, Cal. 

Condert, James M Santa Fe, N. M< 

Congiato, N San Francisco, CaL 

Conlan, J. W Cleveland, O. 

Conlin, John - Chelsea, Mass. 

Conrad, J Milwaukee, Wis. 

Conron, J. L New Brighton, N. T. 

Conroy, J Janesville, "Wis. 

Constant, John Lyons, N. Y. 

Contin, John Vincennes, Ind. 

Cook, Wm. F Chester, Pa. 

Coomes, Charles J Garnetsyille, Ky. 

Coomes, Walter S Louisville, Ky. 

Cooney, Edw. J Providence, R. L 

Cooney, Patrick,. Notre Dame, Ind. 

Coope, H St Louis, Mo. 

Coopman, P Buffalo, N. Y. 

Coopmans, H White Sulphur, Ky. 

Coquerelle, C Plainsville, Lid. 

Corbett, M St Louis, Mo. 

Corby, Wm Notre Dame, Ind. 

Corcoran, J. A Charleston, S. C. 

Corcoran, E. P Cincinnati, O. 

Corcoran, Edw Brooklyn, N. Y, 

Corcoran, Peter Apple River, IlL 

Cornell, J. H. Boston, Mass. 

Corney, B Syracuse, N. Y. 

Corrigan, P Fort Lee, N. J. 

Cortencamp, A Dubuque, la. 

Cosgrove, H. Davenport, la. 

Cosgrove, P Dubuque, la. 

Costello, M Harper's Ferry, Va. 

Cot^ Jacob Kan kakee, liL 

Cotter, Jas. S San Francisco, CaL 

Couch, John Falls Village, Conn. 

Courtes, Fr Dayton, 0. 

Cox, John M St Joseph's ColL, Pa. 

Coyle, J Fishkill, N. Y. 

Coyle, Joseph Boston, Mass. 

Crane, M Philadelphia, Pa. 

Crane, Peter Villanova, Pa. 

Creedon, Michael Hornellsville, Ky. 

Creighton, P Colchester, Conn. 

Creighton, P East New York, N. Y. 

Croghan, C. J Newbern, N. C. 

Cronenburg, P Baltimore, Md. 

Croquet, A. P St Michael's, Yamhill Co., Oregon. 

Crowley, J. J Penataquit, N.Y. 

Cmdden, Peter Lowell, Mass. 

Cubero, Francis Cincinnati, O. 

Cuddihy, Patrick Milford, Mass. 

CuU, Daniel Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Cvilen, James ,. .Schuylkill Falls, Pa. 


Name. Eeddence. ^ 

ev, Cullimore, Mich .Columbus, Ga. 

Cullinan, J Cheraw, S. 0. 

Cullinan, W West Troy, N. T. 

Gumming, J St Louis, Mo. 

Cumminge, J. W 49 W. 16th St., N. Y. 

Ounningfaam, Jamefi Cascade, la. 

Cunningham, John. 49 W. 15th et, N. T. 

Cunningliam, Thos Batavia, N. Y. 

Curley, James Georgetown, D. C. 

Curran, Mich City Hall Place, K Y. 

Cashing, Thos San Francisco, CaL 

Cussack, Thos .Shelbyville, HI. 

Czovitkovica;, Alex New Orleanfi^ La. 

ery Rev. Daems, E .Bay Settlement, Wia. 

Da Magliano, Pamfilo. . . .Allegany, K Y. 

Damen, A Chicago, 111. 

De Dycker, J Baltimore, Md. 

Delorme, B French Prairie, Oregon. 

Donaghoe, F. J Dubuque, la. 

Dunn, Denis Chicago, 111. 

Duparcq, D. A Holy Mary's, Ky. 

ev. Da Conoilio, J Jersey City, N. J. 

Dade, Dan Yisalia, CaL 

Dael, Louis .Appletown, Wia. 

De Gagliano, Sisto Buffalo, N. Y. 

Da Gombitelli, Grac Allegany, K Y. 

Dally, J Newark, N. J. 

Daley, W. J Newburyport, Maaa. 

Dalton, P Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Daly, Cornelius Fayetteville, 0. 

Daly, EL A Lawrence, Mass. 

Daly, James Gloucester, N. J. 

Daly, James Newtown, Conn. 

Daly, James V Memphis, Tenn. 

Daly, John Sterling, Ind. 

Daly, Thos Uiica, N. Y. 

Dambach, B New Washington, 0. 

Da Montefegatesio, Joachim. . .Allegany, N. Y. 

Danielou, Stanislaus St Johnsbury, Vt 

Dantner, A 127 W. 30th at, New York. 

Da Prezza, Samuel Buffalo, N. Y. 

Darcy, L. F Sidney, O. 

Darcy, Wm Covington, Ky. 

Darrah, James A N. W. Creek, N. Y. 

Da Saraceno, Leone Allegany, N. Y. 

Da Trento, Bonav Allegany, N. Y. 

Daubresse, Isid 49 West 16th street^ N. Y. 

Dauenhauer, Hy Annapolis, Md. 

Dausch, Michael Buffalo, N. Y. 

David, A .Green Bay, Wis. 

Daxater Plattesmouth, Neb. T. 

D'Azzano, Emiliano Charlesto wn, Mass. 


Nftine. Besidence. 

Rey. Dealy, P. X Fordhftm, N. Y. 

De Beke, M Watertown, Wis. 

De Berge, Francis Beaver Dam, Wis. 

De Biere, J Pittsburgh, O. 

De Blieck, John Cincinnati, O. 

De Bronx, F Grosse Point, Mich. 

De Bruycker, Fl Willimantic, Conn. 

Decaille, S Keokuk, Iowa. 

De Ceuninck, C. L Flint, Mich. 

Decker, M. J East New York, K Y. 

DeCoen, F. X Leavenworth, Kansas. 

Defourv, James Topeka, Kansas. 

De Fram^ Pet^r Nazareth, Ky. 

Degauquier, A Mizabethtewn, Ky. 

De Ham, Alf. . * Annapolis, Md. 

Deisenrieder, M Hartford, Wis. 

Deiters, Wm Sprini^field, O. 

Delany, P. M East Troy, N. Y. 

Delany P Pawtucket, R. I. 

De la Koque, M. A Meadtownsbip, Pa. 

De Leeuw, T Bardstown, Ky. 

Dellanave, A Rock Lake, Pa. 

De Luca, Joseph Hogansburg, N. Y. 

De Luynes, H. 49 West 16th street^ N. Y. 

De Meuldor, F New Haven, Ky. 

Dempsey, D. F Redwood, Cal. 

De Netkere, F. X Conewago, Pa. 

Denin, W. J Roxbury, Mass. 

Denis, P. P Ellicott^s Mills, Md. 

De Pauw, E Chateauguay, N. Y. 

De Preiter, C. L. Wyandotte, Mich. 

De Reggie Rochester, N. Y. 

De Roche, L Whitehall, N. Y. 

De Rose, J. A Portland, Maine. 

Deselaers, M Cincinnati, O. 

Desgaul tiers, P. A Summers ville, Ala 

Deshon, George 9th av. and 59th street, New York. 

De Smet, P. J. Sf. Louis, Mo. 

Desroches, Joseph Whitehall, N. Y. 

De Stchoulepnikoff, Serg. Dansville, N. Y. 

De Vries, Joseph Bowling Green, Ky. 

De Wol^ John B Newtown, Md. 

Deyaert, P. L Napa, Cal. 

Dickman, Bern Carthagena, O. 

Dickneite, R Effingham, 111. 

Didier, Edmund Rock ville, Md. 

Dieleman, Gerard Annapolis, Md. 

Dieleman, Leop French Prairie, Oregon. 

Diels, John F. Potawottomie Mis. Kansas. 

Diepenbrock, F Lafayette, Ind. 

Dillon, J. Notre Dame, Ind. 

Dillon, Patrick Notre Dame, Ind. 

Di Maria, Fr. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Disney/ F. J Lebanon, Ky. 

JOiasez, Panlinus Baltimore, Md. 


Name. ' Besldence. 

JY. Boane, G. H Newark, N. J. 

Doherty, John J HoDesdale, Penn. 

Doherty, Samuel San Francisco, Cal. 

Dolan, James Baltimore, Md. 

Dolbener, Caspar St. Lonis, Mo. 

Dolcetti, Dom V Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bold, Louis Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dolweck, L Liverpool, O. 

Dompieri, S. P. Cone w ago, Pa. 

Donaghoe, P. Milwaukie, Wis. 

Donahoe, Mich "Waukegan, 111. 

Donahoe, John W E. Cambridge, Mass. 

Donelan, J. P Rockford, 111. 

Donelan, James B Burlington, Iowa. 

Donnelly, A. J 261 W. 31st street, New York. 

Donnelly, B Kansas, Mo. 

Donnelly, E. C Philadelphia, Pa, 

; Donnelly, P. R St Louie, Mo. 

Donnenhoffer, Peter Acron, O. 

Donogho, P. J Ironton, O. J 

Donovan, T. Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Doran, Thomas Albany, N. Y. 

Dorris, A J Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Doucet, E Fordham, N. Y. 

Dougherty, John Baltimore, Md. 

Dougherty, M. P Cambridge, Mass. 

Dougherty, W Cedarsburg, Wis. 

Doutreligne, P Cahokea, 111. 

Dowd, J Chicago, III. 

Dowling, Martin Port Chester, N. Y. 

Dovle, H .Madison, Ind. 

Doyle, Fred Utica, N. Y. 

Doyle, J Briggsville, "Wis. 

Doyle, J Portage City, Wis. 

Doyle, 0. M Coylesville, Pa. 

Drea, Thomas Cheshire, Conn. 

Drees, H Greenwood, O. 

Driscol, Charles Cincinnati, O. 

Driscol, Michael Fordham, N. Y. 

Drorger, J Nebraska. 

Druon, Zephyrinus Montpelier, Vt. 

Dubreul, Paul J Baltimore, Ind. 

Ducroux, P. Bourbonnais Grove, 111. 

Duddy, P Georgetown, D. C. 

Duffy, John Circleville, O. 

Duffy, John B New Orleans, La. 

Duffy, William E Harrisville, R. L 

Duggan, Gregory Augusta, Ga. 

Duggan, Michael Lacon, 111. 

Duglu^, Joseph Fairfield, Vt. 

Dumortier, Aug Potaw. Mission, Kansas. 

Dunn, F. J Zanesville, O. 

Dunn, John P , Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dunn, Wm Sacred Heart, Union Co., Ky. 

Dunphy, R Whitewater, Wis. 


Name. Besidenoe. 

Bey. Diipontayice, H Madison, lud. 

Duranquet, H New York. 

Buran, M San Juan Capktrano, CaL 

Burbin, Elisha A. Dycusburg, Ky. 

Durnin, James A Great Falls, N. H. 

Bui-st, A Detroit, Mich. 

Durthaler, Joseph Buflfalo, N. Y. 

Dutour, F Assumption, IlL 

Dutton, F. X St. Martin's, O. 

Duverney, Joseph Georgetown, D. C. 

Dwenger, Joseph Wapakonetta, O. 

Eagle, Sylvester York, Pa. 

Early, James Rochester, N. Y. 

Early, John Georgetown, D. 0. 

Eberhard, Pr Cumberland, Md. 

Echardt Gallus St. Vincent's, Pa. 

Edelen, J. V Memphis, Tenn. 

Edge, Lewis M Mechanicsville, N. Y. 

£gan, Augusta, Maine. 

Egan, Ch Washington, D. 0. 

Egan, Peter 196 W. 42d street^ New York. 

I^glemeers, A Lexington, Ky. 

Eguillon, P Santa Fe, N. M. 

Elder, Joseph Raywick, Ky. 

Elder, Alexius J .Baltimore, Md. 

Elex, Charles Kevanny, Wis. 

Elkmann, J. B Cincinnati, O. 

Elliot, James Fairfield, Ky. 

ElshoflF, Theo Freeburgh, III 

Emig, J. B Boston, Mass. 

Eo^anuel, M New Haven, Ky. 

Emmonds, Wm Iowa City, L 

Enders, Joseph Newtown, Md. 

Engelbrecht, C. Butler, Pa. 

English, Dennis Pen Yan, N. Y. 

Enright, Tira Annapolis, Md. 

Etschman, Francis Madison, Wis. 

Eustace, And ^gin^ 111. 

Euthymius, M New Haven, Ky. 

Everett, William 44, 2d av. New York. 

Evrard, Charles Toledo, O. 

Ewald, Louis Buffalo, N. Y. 

Very Rev. Ferneding, Joseph Cincinnati, O. 

Rev. Fagan, John Collinsville, Conn. 

Fagan, P. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Fagan, Peter N Lee, Mass. 

Fagan, Thomas San Francisco, CaL 

Falk, Stephen Cleveland, O. 

l^'alJer, Ed New Albany,Ind. 


Name. ' Besidence. 

. Fallon, T. R , St Joseph's, O. 

Falvy, Danidl Schenectady, N. Y. 

Farley, A Jamaica, N. Y. 

Farran, John C Tyrone, Pa. 

Farrell, C. A 243 E. 14th street, New York. 

Farrell, Thomas W. Wash. PL New York. 

Farrell, Thomas .Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Farrelly, F. H Rondoat, N. Y. 

Farrelly, P ,. . Joliet, IIL 

Farren, Michael .Norfolk, Va. 

Faunt, F. J Springfield, Ky. 

Favre, Sebastian Laurence, Kansas. 

Fayet, John B Anton Chico, N. M. 

Fedderman, S Dotyville, "Wis. 

Federi, Julian San Jos6 Miss. CaL 

Feehan, P St. Louis, Mo. 

Fehlings, Henry Delaware, O. 

Feldman, H Lancaster, N. Y. 

Fendrick, J Dubuque, Iowa. 

Fennelly, Wm Troy, N. Y. 

Fernedinff, Herman Cincinnati, 0. 

Ferrall, P 11 Ridge street, New York. 

Fert6, S Baltimore, Md. 

Feygan, A Montello, Wis. 

Fialon, B Santa Fe, N. M. 

Fierens, J. F Portland, O. 

Filan, Aloys Philadelphia, Pa. 

Filan, M Hawley, Pa. 

Pillion, L Charleston, S. 0. 

Finnegan, T St. Inigoes, Md. 

Fink, L. M Chicago, III. 

Finnegan, H. B Schuylerville, N. Y, 

Finnen, John Pittston, Pa. 

Finnotti, Joseph M. Brookline, Mass. 

Finncane, John L Paulding, Miss. 

Fischer, Peter Naperville, 111. 

Fiton, James K Bostcfn, Mass. 

Fitzgerald, E Columbus, O. 

Fitzgerald, Joseph Cincinnati, O. 

Fitzgerald, R Barrens, Mo. 

Fitzgerald, Wm K Bennington, Vt. 

Fitzgibbons, James Springfield, lit 

Fitzmaurice, Edm. W Dunmore, Pa. 

Fitzmaurice, John ISth st Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fitzpatrick, C Albany, N. Y. 

Fitzsimmons, Henry Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Fitzsimmons, T Hartland, 111 

Flammang, M .Dubuque, Iowa. 

Flammant, A. J Baltimore, Md. 

Flannerv, M St. Louis, Mo. 

Flasch, K Nojoshing, Wis. 

Flattely, John Canton, Mass. 

Flayin, M Dubuque, Iowa. 

Fleck, Theod 49 W. 15th street, New York. 

Flood, Bernard Watertown, Mass. 


Name. Besidenee. 

Rev. Flood, Patrick Waltham, Maes. 

Flynn, Martin St Lawrence, Daviess Co., Ky. 

Foeckler, A Cross Plains, Wis. 

Foertsch, Geo Buffalo, N. Y. 

Foffa, C Ferdinand, Ind. 

Foley, C Lawrence, Mass. 

Foley, J. S Baltimore, Md. 

Foley, Thomas Baltimore, Md. , 

Force, J. B Logansport, Ind. 

Ford, John Strongstown, Pa. 

Forhan, Patrick Loyola Coll. Baltimore, Md. 

Fortune, M. B Siusinawa, Wis. 

Fouch6, Simon 49 W. 15th street, K Y. 

Fox, James Old ^ines. Mo. 

Fox, Martin Minnesota Mine, Mich. 

Fox, Thomas Philadelphia, Pa. 

Franscioli, Joseph Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frauendorfer, A St Cloud, Min. 

Ffauenhofer, Th Black Partridge, 111. 

Preel, Fr. J Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Preitag, Augustin Annapolis, Md. 

Frere, J Detroit, Mich. 

Frey, B MarshfieH, Wis. 

Friedland, J Detroit, Mich. 

Frisch, J. B Easton, Pa. 

Frischbier, Peter Pittsburg, Pa. 

Fritch, Bernard Buffalo, N. Y. 

Fusseder, F Belgium, Wis. 

Frohboese, H Hanover, HI. 

Fulmer, Chs Frederick, Md. 

Fulton, Robert Boston, Mass. 

Very Rev. Galtier, Lucien Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Gleeson, Wm Lockport N. Y. 

Grignon, M. F Natchez, Miss. 

Gonzales, J. M. de J . . . . . Santa Barbaraldo. 

Rev. Gacon, Claude Fayetteville, O. 

Gaffney, J Worcester, Mass. 

Gahr, Eberhard St Paul, Minn. 

Gailland, M Pottawotomie, Mis., Kan. 

Gaitley, John F Bryantown, Md. 

Galberry, Thomas Linsingburg, N. Y. 

Gallagher, Andrew Jr Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gallagher, Michael Lawrence, Mass. 

Gallagher, John J Mercer, Pa. 

Gallagher, Joseph A Sacramento, CaL 

Gallagher, M. P Springfield, Mass. 

Gallagher, Hugh P San Francisco, Cal. 

Gambosville, Louis 90 W. 24th st, N. Y. 

Gkunhe, Leo , Dotyville, Wis. 

Gandolfo, Hippolytus. Emmitsburg,Md. 

Gangloff, R. A .Madisonvilie, O. 

Garesch^, Fred Cincinnati, O. 


Name. Bcsidence. 

Garin, A Buffalo, N. Y. 

Garland. E. F Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Garvey, Hugh Port Richmond, Pa. 

Garvey, P. M Johnstown, Pa. 

Gastbihl, C. M Chicajjo, 111. 

Gauthier St. Marie, IlL 

Gaynor, Patrick A New London, Conn. 

GazzoH, Gregory Coeur d'Al^ne, Miss., W. T. 

Geagan, Wm Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Gebbles, J Fort Jennings, 0. 

Gelss, B Cincinnati, O. 

Georget, Hy .♦. . .Biloxi, Miss. 

George F. X Doylestown, Pa. a 

Gerdemann, John Annapolis, Md. 

Gerber, F. A Buffalo, N. Y. 

Gerard, Gilb .Newport, Mich. 

Germaine Pembina, Minn. 

Gernbauer, M Nojoshing, Wis. 

Gerst, Casper A West Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gervais, J. M ^ Newark, N. J. 

Geigerstanger, C Belleforte, Pa. 

Gibbons, James Canton, Md. 

Gibbs, A. P Lawrenceville, Pa. 

Gibson, James P Crompton, R. I. 

Gibson, M. W .Nicetown, Pa. 

Giesl, W New Haven, Ind. 

Gilfoyle, P. Newport, Ky.- 

Giliberte, A. R Meadeville, Pa. 

Gillen, Henry Bangor, Maine. 

Giilen, P. K Notre Dame, Ind. 

Gillen, W. P Glen Biddle, Pa. 

Gillick, Philip Greenville, R. I. 

Gilligan, John C Lockhaven, Pa. 

Gilmour, R Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Gilly, J. B Prescott, Ind. 

Gintz, G Knobs, Ind. 

Girardey, Ferreol Annapolis, Md. 

Giraud, Joseph Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Giustiniani, Joseph Baltimore, Md. 

Gleeson, Bart Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Gleeson, J Buffalo, N. Y. 

Gleeson, Th Buffalo, N. Y. 

Gleeson, Lasalle, Ind. 

Gloyd, John C Taneytown, Md. 

Gluck, E .Himmelgarten, Ohio. 

Gmeiner, J. G Trenton, N. J. 

Godey, George Westphalia, Mich. 

Goetz, J. F Dayton, Ohio. 

Goetz, Ign. T Wiufield, N. Y. 

Goey, D Occonto, Wis. 

Goeffon, Joseph Little Canada, Minn. 

GoUer, J St. Louis, Mo. 

Gonant, Charles Litchfield, 111. 

Gosker, ^ohn Independence, lo^rra. 

Goixhehoede, L Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Name. Besldenee. 

Rev. Gouesse, P Indianapolis, IncL 

Grace, P Hartford, Ck)nn. 

Granger, Alex Notre Dame, Ind. 

Gray, EL Ripon, Wis. 

Gregg, F. . . ^ Lima, N. Y. 

Gresselin, C Fordham, N. T. 

Grevin, L Besnncon, Ind. 

Grey, Peter San Francisco, OaL 

Griffin, Hugh F Ellicott*8 Mills, Md. 

Griffin, James Roxbury, Mass. 

Grumm, Eugene IfiS Third street^ New York. 

Grinier, Blattsburg, N. Y. 

Grogan, John Cnicago, IlL 

Grome, Frs Jamestown, Ky. 

Gross, Wm Annapolis, Md. 

Gruber, B Perkinsville, K Y, 

Grundner, A. M Philadelphia, Pa. 

Grundner, Th Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Gubitosi, Frs. Worcester, Mass. 

Giiegnen, G. New Albany, Ind. 

Gueguen, L Knobs, Ind. 

Guerdet, Joseph Oswego, N. Y. • ' 

Guidry, F Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

Guilbaud, S EUiootfs Mills, Md. 

Guida, John '. Georgetown, D. C. 

Guillemont, C. B 90 West Twenty-fourth street 

Gunkel, Adam Annapolis, Md. 

Guth, Michael Albany, N. Y. 

Guy, J. M. . . , Mt. Eaton, Ohio. 

Very Rev. Hennaert, P. Detroit, Mich. 

Hattenberger, A Fort Madison. Iowa. 

Hilterman, M Teutopolis, IlL 

Herman, Alto San Jos^, Texas. 

Hey den, Thomas Bedford, Pa. 

Rev. Haas, G Dotyville, Wis. 

Hackbofer, L Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hacket, John Wetmore, Pa. 

Haerenger, M Buffalo, N. Y. 

Hagan, John Richmond, Pa. 

Hahn, Charles Annapolis, Md. 

Hahne, Charles Dayton, Ohio. 

Hahne, J. F Dayton, Ohio. 

Haider, M. Sheboygan, Wis. 

^ Halde, David J Vancouver, W. T. 

Halley, Wm Quincy, Mass. 

Halligan, Thomas Chicago, IlL 

Hally, Thomas Laporte, Ohio. 

Hally, Wm. J Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Hamell, R Lexington, Mo. 

Hamene, F. Maumee, Ohio. 

Hamilton, George A Charlestown, MassL 

Hamilton, Wm ^a<ioii, Qi«b, 


Name. Besidence. 

'. Hamm, Joseph York, Pa. 

Haney, J. Johnstown, Pa. 

Hannasch, Fred Old Mission, Iowa. 

Ilannigan, Timothy Philadelphia, Pa. 

HannoD, E Toledo, Ohio. 

Hannon, Matthias Wexford, Iowa. 

Harnet, Wm . .^ Chestnut Hills, Pa. 

Hart, Matthew New Haven, Conn. 

Hartig, £. Atchison, Kansas. 

Hartman, F. J Sharon, Pa. 

Hartney, Michael Saleno, Mass. 

Haskins, G. F. Roxbury, Mass. 

Haskspiil, J French Creek, Ohio. 

Hatenberger, A Elm Grove, Wis. 

Hauptman, John Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Havermnns, Peter East Troy, N. Y. 

Ilaviland, A. P. Chester, Pa. 

Hayes, James Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hayes, Vincent Allegany, N. Y. 

Hayraanu, Anthony Millville, N. J. 

Healy, A. S Boston, Mass. 

• Healy, Patrick Ware, Mass. 

Healy, James A .Boston, Mass. 

Heaney, J. M P. St. Joseph's, Ohio. 

Henrne, Daniel Taunton, Mass. 

Hechinger, A Williams ville, N. Y. 

Hecker, I. T Ninth av. and Fiftyninth st, N. Y. 

Ileenan, T , . .Waterloo, N. Y. 

Hegel, Benno Newark, N. J. 

Heidenkamp, James Wytheville, Va. 

Heiss, Michael Nojoshing, Wis, 

Heirae, B«llefontaine, Ohio. 

Heiman, Theodore Leavenworth City, Kansas. 

Heiraler, Alphonsus St Vincent's, Pa. 

Heiraerling, R Bardstown, 111. 

Heinzelmayer, Thad Johnstown, Pa. 

Hellas, Ferd Taos, Mo. 

Helmprecht, M New York City. 

Hemsteger, B Columbus, Ohio. 

Hendricken, Peter Waterbury, Conn. 

Hendrickx, P. L. St Genevieve, Mo. 

Hengehold, S. H Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Henneberry, Patrick Kenton, Ohio. 

Hennessey, E Lasalle, IlL ' 

Hennessey, J St Joseph's, Mo. 

Hennessy, P Jetsey City, N. J. 

Hennessey, J Detroit, Mich. 

Hennewig, M Teutopolis, IlL 

Hen, M .Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Herman, J. H Beloit, Wis. 

Henry, J St Louis, Mo. 

Herbst, John W "Sew Port, N. Y. 

Herbstrit, Andrew Wapakoneta, Ohio. 

Herderer, Bern. Burlington^ Iowa. 

Herfkernfl, Henry Waddington, ;N. Y. 


Name. Residenoe. 

Rev. Hermann, B Monrst ^itiut Joho, HI. 

Heskemann. Bernard Annapolis, Md, 

Ilespelein, John Baltimore, Md. 

Hewit, Augustin F Is i nth av jind Fi%*iimth st, '. 

Heuzd, C. K Vick^hiirgh, Misa. 

Heuzler, E Springfield, Wia, 

Hickey, John Pittsburgh, Pa, 

nickey, John E JJalLimor*, Md, 

Hickey, E. M Newark. K J. 

Hill, Romanus St. Mary'stoWD, Pa. 

Hill, Walter Frederick, Md, 

Hillaire, E. Fernandina, Fl». 

Hilner, B BooaevillG, Mo. 

Eine^ ThDTnifi .^^Jmug;brl>uk, N. Y. 

Hiiia»en L Monroe*, M 

limtenacK Atbftria«iu» St Marv'd, Pa. 

Eet^dberger, A. L Washington, D. C. 

Hoban, tlonry ,. *.'... .WaBliiiigton, 1). 0. 

Eobba, Martin Miipletown, Wlii, 

Hubi, Isidore .^. SL Mi^imfurs, Ind. 

Hoecken, Adrien ....'*. Osnge Indian Mission, Kansaa 

Hoeffel, J Defirtnee, Ohio, 

Ho%eBp John . , ,S?in Francisco, CaL 

Hoev, Lawrence Murrfetown, N, J. 

If I' f?|^r, G Li»uiBvilW, Ohio, 

Hoflfman, H Tetitoptdia. III. 

Hoffman, H. Biiltiraore, Md. 

Hoffzugott, James Birmiitghiim^ VtK 

Hoering M Buffalo, N. Y. 

Hogan, John Belleville^ N\ J. 

Hogan, John Chilicothe, Mo. 

Hogan, John B New Melleray, Iowa. 

Holland, J Pitiflburgli, Pa, 

Holtz, John ; Bncijflviata, Ind 

Hollman.C Buffalo, K, Y. 

Hotz, J. B Pbiladelphift, Pn, 

Holzer, Lawrence Rochester K, Y 

Holzer, F CincinntUi, Ohio. 

Holz, F. Wm Goshen, Ind. 

Hone, C. F Lognn, Ohio. 

Howard, Wm Ciinstableville, N. Y. 

Howell aaa<; P EliKab(*ili, N. J. 

Hourigan, Jaraes Bingharaptj^jn^ N. Y. 

Hoven, H .' Marshall, liL 

Huber, Joseph y»rattonpi>rt, N. Y. 

Huber, Otho .*. . . .Newark, N. J. 

Huber, Phil Canton, N. Y, 

Hug, Henry St Meinrad's, Ind. 

Hudon, H 49 West Fifteenth street, Ne^ 

Hughes, James lljirttbrd, Cuiio. 

Hughes Peter Powdtim, Pa. 

Hughes, Wm Bloomfield, N. Y. 

Hughes, James , Hrtrtford, Oonti. 

Hnndt, F Troyjnd. 

Hummel, J ,^tooV\^t\,1&.^, 


Name. Besidence. 

HuDBper, V Randolph, Ohio. 

Hurley, Michael Lockport, HI. 

Hurtb, Francis Hastings, Minn. 

Hutchins, John B St. Mary's Station P. O., Ky. 

HyneSjThos Buffalo, N. Y. 

Imasso, J. B Calais, Me. 

loama, A. D. Roxbury, Wis. 

Ireland, John! St. Paul's, Minn. 

Izquierdo, M. J San Andres, CiJ. 

Rev. Jair, Otho Cincinnati, 0. 

Jacob, Tompson, O. 

Jacker, Ed Hancock, Mich. 

Jacque, John A Easkaskia, lU. 

Jacquet, J. H Belair, O. 

Jacquet, J. M St. Mary's, O. 

Jackel, Nicholas Annapolis, Md. 

Jamison, Alexis Philadelphia, Pa. 

Janalik, Aloysius. Georgetown, D. C. 

Jansen, J Franklin, Wis, 

Jansen, J Alton, 111. 

Jarboe, J. F Somerset, 0. 

Jayoi, Snokomish Reservation, W. T. 

Jean, Frederick Lyons, la. 

Jeggle, Meinrad Erie, Pa. 

Jenkins, O. L Ellicott's Mills, Md. 

Jerome, Maria New Haven, Ky. 

Johanning, Herman Cincinnati, O. 

Joos, Ed Monroe, Mich. 

Joslin, Titus Hoboken, N. J. 

Joseph, M New Haven, Ky. 

Jouin, L Fordham, N. Y. 

Joyce, Thos Louisville, Ky. 

Joyce, Thos Calvary Cemetery, Brooklyn, L. I. 

JuDger, Aegidius Seattle, Wash. Ter. 

r Rev. Kindekins, P Adrian, Mich. 

Knndig, Martin Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kunkler, A. Minster, O. 

Kaelin, J Allentown, Pa. 

Kaidor, M Newburg, N. Y. 

Kaier, X,A Dushore, Pa, 

Kalenberg, J. F Pomeroy, 0. 

Kallamer Lasalle, III. 

Kalvalage, F Chicago, HL 

Kerge, F Portstaouth, O. 

Karphage, J. H. .x Wheatland, Wis. 

Kearney, Jerome Latrobe, Pa. . . ^ 


Name. BeaAdenoe. 

Key. Kearney, J. F TJrbana, O. 

Keating, Basil Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Keegan, Wm Brookljn, N, Y, 

Keenan, Fr. Cbieago, IJL 

Keller, George Fapibsultj Mint 

Kelly, -C Worc^sUr^ Jlass, 

Kelly, James Summit Hill, Pa. 

Kelley, David J ] Jiiytoti, O, 

Kelly, Daniel .Korwieh, Oobii< 

Kelly, John 11th fit., PhiUdd pliia, Pa. 

Kelly, John South Amboy, N. J. 

Kelly, John Jersey City, N. J. 

Kelly, J Barrens, Mo. 

Kelly, Michael Oswego, N. Y. 

Kelly, Thos Chicago, IlL 

Kelly, Wm Columbus, Neb. 

Kendeler, Francis Sinsinawa, Wis. 

Kennedy, Thos Hitjomington, IlL 

Kennedy, Michael Xiacinnatl 

Kennedy, D IndepeiideDce, Mo, 

Kenny, D .San Jose, Cal. 

Kenny, Francis ,Cliarlcattjwn» Moss. 

Kennj, L. Eii«t Troy, Wifi, 

Kennck, D Ban'eus, Ma 

Keogh, James Pittiaburg, Pa. 

Keogh, P. V ,Memi^hU, Tenn, 

Keoring.H Cineiurmti, O. 

Kerrignn, W Janeaville, Wis. 

Kettner, Lftmbert Butler, Pa. 

Kevcntiy, Jflm^ft West Ti*oy, N. Y. 

Keveny, PIuHp Cohoes, N. Y. 

KeT'en Y, Thonina CiOiOc?*^ IS. Y. 

Kieran, Terence .Plainiield, N. J. 

Kieran, Thomas .Philiitielphia, P», 

Kieser, A Bolott Koad, Wk. 

Kilkenny, J Gfllenii, 111. 

Killens, Thos Red Bank. N. J. 

Kilroy, R B Lafiiyette, Ind» 

Kiln^y, L , Port Huron, Mich. 

Kiiidiikitia, J. . . * Gmnd Rapii^ Mich. 

Kinehan, Richard Conakoliotsken, Pa, 

Kiog, Chafl, Baltimore Md. 

King, Michael San Prantisco^ Cd. 

Kink, Martin West Creek, Ind, 

Kinsella, J. J .Shallsburg;, Wb. 

Kinsella, R J WestehesLer, K T. 

Kinsella, Michael Gai-ryowen, Iowa, 

Kircher, G AUogauy, Pa. 

Kirby, J. . » , Auguatn, Ga, 

Khihol^ F 153 Tliird sL, N. T. 

Klaphake, B . . - Roehesster, N. Y. 

Kleiber, Joa Fouritttin City, Wia, 

Klein, Ignatius Spades, Ind, 

Kaiifmunn, Joaeph. St. Wt^adel's, Ind. 

Kayauaugh, M ,^\m\T«L,l&,X. 


Name. Besidenee. 

. Eean, William Blockley, Pa. 

Kearney, Denis Elizabeth, Pa. 

Kleineidam, Bobt Baltimore, Md. 

Kloeker, Kne Creek, Pa. 

Klosterbaner, F Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Klostermann, M Quincy, 111. 

Klaber, D. J Enoch, O. 

Kluck, P Forestville, Mich. 

Koch, A Cincinnati, 0. 

Koch, J Clarion, Pa. 

Koch, J Milton, Pa. 

Koenig, H Miahawaka, Mich. 

Koenig, J Columbia, 111. 

Koerten, L. M Syracuse, N. Y. ^ 

Kohne, Henry Henry, 111. 

Kolb, F de P Hamilton, O. 

Koopman, Peter Marshall, Mich. 

Kopf; Otto St Vincenfs, Pa. 

Kotterer, Pius Rome, N. Y. 

Kraemer, J. C Mt. Airy, O. 

Kraemer, J Mt Carmel, 111. 

Kramer, Amandus San Antonio, Tex. 

Krautbauer, F. X Milwaukee, "Wis. 

Krebez, Felician 2nd st., New York. 

Kreckel, John Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Kreis, Adam Baltimore, Md. 

Kreusch, M Wheeling, Va, 

Kroeger, B Peru", Ind. 

Kroes, P. P Alexandria, Va. 

Kuehn, Jdo Annapolis, Md. 

Kuenzer, Charles Buffalo, N. Y. 

Kuenzer, Julius " Detroit, Mich. 

Kuhlman, Tho Chicago, 111. 

Kuhls, Anthony Leavenworth, Kans. 

Kuhr. Ferdinand. Covington, Ky. 

Kuhr, G. H Cincinnati, O. 

Kumin, C Joliet, HI. 

Kunzer, Rudolph Manayunk, Pa. 

Kuppens, Francis Frederick, Md. 

Kutassy, F Evansville, Ind. 

Kyle, T. A Pottstown, "Pa. 

' Rev. Luhr, J Cleaveland, O. 

Lynch, Thos West Rushland, Vt 

Labarbanchon, A Keeseville, N. Y. 

Lacoste, P. J St. Bernard, Adair Co., Ky. 

Lafont, Annet. 90 West 24tb st, N. Y. 

Lambe, Patrick .Providence, R. L 

Lambert^ Lewis .' . .Cairo, HI. 

Lambert^ William Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lancaster, James M Frankfort, K3^ 

Lane, Hugh Philadelphia, Pa. 

ijAttdry, J, T Cape Girardeau, Mo. 


Name. Besidence. 

Lang, Charles. Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Lang, Frederick Punkirk, N. Y. 

Lange, Henry Lancaster, O. 

Langenfelder, E St. Vincent*8, Pa. 

Lalumiere, S. P Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lapic, Louis Cape Vincent, N. Y. 

Largan,* James Placerville, CaL 

Larkin, J 93 K 29th street, New York. 

Larmer, J Shawneetown. 

La Salle, Champlain, N. Y. ^ 

Lasco, Francis Mendham, New Jersey. 

Laufhuber, G Fordham, N. Y. 

Laurent, A Jersey ville, Illinois. 

Laurent, P Muscatine, Iowa. 

Lavialle, Peter J Lebanon, Ky. 

Lavizier St Louis, Mo. 

Lawler, F Laport> Ind. 

Lawrence, R. J Omaha, Nebraska. 

Law ton, John Portageville, N. Y. 

Lawler, M. D Shelbyville, Kentucky. 

Lawlor, M Chicago, III 

Le Bas, L. A French Prairie, Or. 

Lebel, J. A Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Le Corre,.P Yazoo City, Miss* 

Leddy, J. H Buflfalo. N. Y. 

Ledue, Henry Bay of St. Louis, Mies. 

Ledwith, E Hannibal, Mo. 

Le^ouais, T Fordham, N. Y. 

Leimgruber, F. M New Orleans, La. 

Lemonier, A. Notre Dame, Ind. 

Lemoriier, L Lowell, Ind. 

Lemercier, G. B Ogdensburgh, N. Y. 

Lemke, Henry Elizabeth, New Jersey. 

Lenaghan, P Beantown, Md. 

Lenfert, John Bastros, Pa. 

Lenihan, F. J East Bridgeport, Conn. 

Lennon, Henry Newburyport, Mass. 

Lequerre, M Baltimore, Md. 

Leray, F. X Vicksburg, Miss. 

^Letourneau, L. J Notre Dame, Ind. 

Lesker, B. M Atchison, Kansas. 

Lightner, Louis Dixon, 111. 

Lewis, John Clifton, N. Y. 

Leyden, Dennis Germantown, Pa. 

Lieb, Edward Chillicothe, O. 

Liermann, Hermann McHenry, 111. 

Lilla, Vitalian W. Hoboken, N. J. 

Lilly, M. D St. Joseph's, O. 

Limpens, G Detroit, Mich. 

Limacher, Paul "Waterloo, IIL 

lindersmith, H Canton, O. i 

Lloyer, Vincent San Bonaventure, Cal. 

Lobmayer, Val Johnstown, Pa. 

Loewekamp, Wm. L Annapolis, Md. 

LonergAu, B .^V\tcL\iv^\ftii, llL 


Nune. Be8id«no6. 

jv. Lonergan, Thomas Warren, Pa, 

LoDg, Job. M Buflfalo, N. Y. 

Lootens, Louis. San Rafael, Cal. 

Lotis, Euseb W. Hoboken, N. J. 

Loughran, John Archibald, Pa. 

Loughran, John Hazleton, Pa. 

Loyzance, Joseph 49 W. 16th street, New York. 

Lncey, Michael Lewistown, Me. 

Ludden, John Florence, N. Y. 

Luette, Fridolin New Orleans, La. 

Lowry, Clement ,. . . .Decorah, Iowa. 

Laber, Timothy M Atchison, Kansas. 

Luhrmann, "Wm Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lujan, Juan San Domingo, N. M. 

Lute Claar, J Holland Town, Wis. 

Lutz, J Marathon, Wis. 

Lux, L Steven's Point, Wis. 

Lyman, D. E Qovanstown, Bait Co., Md. 

Lynch, J. H Zanesville, O. 

Lynch, Edward Yonkers, N. Y. 

Lynch, James Middletown, Conn. 

Lynch, Daniel Georgetown, D. C. 

Lynch, C N. Adams, Mass. 

Lynch, Thomas Boston, Mass. 

Lynch, Michael Glasnevin, Iowa. 

Lynch, John Hartford, Conn. 

Lynch, Michael Cranston, B.^L 

Lyndon, P. F Boston, Mass. 

Lyons, M Morris, IlL 

»ry Rev. Macheboenf, J. P Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Magliano, P. da Allegany, N. Y. 

Mark, Ign Eagletown, Mich. 

McCarron, Michael 11 Ridge street, N. Y. 

McCafferey, Bernard New Mellaray, Iowa. 

McMahon, E Pittsburg, Pa. 

Melcher, Joseph St. Louis, Mo. 

Moczygemba, L Syracuse, N. Y. 

Morflji, Patrick Newark, N. J. 

Moriarty, P. E Chesnut Hill, Pa. 

Miiller, Eugene Portland, Me. 

Mackey, J .Lexington, Ky. 

Mulvey, T Peterrt)urg, Va. 

Murphy, Wm. S New Orleans, La. 

»v. Mackay, Camillus St. Vincent's, Pa. 

Macken, John Peoria, HI. 

Mackey, J Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Mackey, J Lexington, Ky. 

Madden, Michael A Madison, P. J. 

Madden, P. L Verplanck's Point, N. Y. 

Madiean, John L 

Madden, P. J Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Madigan, B New Mellaray, Iowa. 

Maefl^ Ignatius Mi\wa\ikie,'N^\«. 

J&eyer, J, H. W Cat»\d\\, Isl.^. 



Name. Besldenoe. 

Rev. Mager, J. B Chicaffo, 111. 

Maginn, James Philadelphia, Pa. 

Msgtio, A Buchanan, Pa. 

Magorien* Dimsifl PorL Carbon, Pa. 

Mogonen, Hugh Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Maguire, H . , Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Magnire, Bernard A W'jiT.]iijjifkni, I>. O. 

Maguire, E 2Cfi Mulberry s' reet, New York. 

Magaire, P 15 Bivrclay Btrt-i t. New York. 

Maguire, B. J. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Maher, Pierce narriabui-g, Fa, 

Mahony, Wm Texas, Md, 

Mahoney, Patrick Haverstraw* N. Y. 

Mahony, H Clevelftiid, O, 

Maidor, M 2d street, Kt w York. 

M^jerias Detroit, Midi. 

Mai or, James. Baltimore^ M'^ 

Mallon, Hugh Providence, R. f. 

Malloy, L .Baltimore, Md. 

Malo, John F .French Prairie, Oregon. 

Malone, Michael .Mii)ereville» I'a. 

Malone, Sylvester Brooklyn, N. Y 

Malony, R PUttsbarir, K Y. 

Maly, P, Ildenfl, Minu. 

I MaQabaDr Ambrose Drtiibury^ Conn, 

Mangan, T. F, , , Matoon, III. 

Manne, Peter. Frederick, Md. 

Mttne, Paul A Vancouver, \V ash. Ter 

Manaer, Bernard Bellefonte, Fn. 

Marco, IL M, . , La Crosse, Wi-\ 

Marechal, F 49 West 16tb st., N. Y.] 

Mariani, Cajetan .PbiladelDbiJi, Is * 

Marogna, D fc^t* Cloud, Minn. 

Martm, James Enrdetrown, K j. ' 

Martin, Rich. F West Philjidt>lJ hia. Pa. 

Martin, P Sxinta Fe, N. y. 

Martini, M ... .Lincoln. 

Marty, M St. Meinrad, Ind. 

MasseUs, B Chicago, III 

MastrojftDtii, N West Hoboken, N. J. 

Mflthflw, Q.W Rat^iu*^, Wi?. 

Mauclere, M Mittmisbarg. O. 

Maugin, Charles .Cpawfordavill. , Ind. 

Maurice, J ► . . Gr£?eee, N. Y 

Maute, F. * ^t. Meinrad'a, Ind. 

May, Michatl Brooklyn, N. Y. 

, Mayer, Leonard Richrnondj Ya, 

Mayer, Jacob .Huntington, Ind, 

Mayer, Magnus , . St MichaeLV, Minn, 

May era, A. .Potawotomie, Mi*a. Kans. 

Ma££ucbelli. 9. Benton, Wis* 

MtiAleer, Micbaol ,216 West 25th at., N. Y. 

M<:Anany, John Philadelphia, Pa. 

Me Alee f Ffancia Woonsocket, R. I. 

UcCaftrejf John ."ErnxmUWr^, Md. 


Name. < Besidence. 

, McCahill, P B<wton, Mass. 

McCallioD, Michael Warren, B. 1. 

McCallion, Wm Oamillug, N. Y. 

McCarthy, Florence BloBsburg, Pa. 

McCarthy, John Wobum, Mass. 

McCarthy, D Barrens, Mo. 

McCarthy, Patriot 196 West 42nd st., N. Y. 

McCarthy, P. F Washington, D. C. . 

McCauley, Law Catonsville, Md. 

McClellan, W , Sing Sing, N. Y. 

McCloskey, George 44 2nd Ave., N. Y. 

McCloskey, John Emmitsburg, Md. 

McColgan, Edward Baltimore, Md. 

McCollum, Bernard Chambersburg, Pa. 

McConnel, Arthur Greenwood, N. Y. 

McConomy, Aug. J Philadelphia, Pa. 

McCool, Bernard Ithaca^ N. Y. 

McCosker, Ed. J Newton, N. J. 

McDermott, Jas Norwich, N. Y. 

McDermott, Patrick EvansTilie, Ind. 

McDermott, John Brazier's Falls, N. Y. \ 

McDermott, John St. Anthony's Falls, Minn. 

McDermott, Peter Port Tobacco, Md. 

McDonald, Wm Manchester, N. H. 

McDonald, J. R Brooklyn, N. Y. 

McDonnell, Tlios Highland, Wis. 

McDonnell, J. T Haverhill, Mass. 

McDonough, Thos Frederick, Md. 

McElhearne, P. T Rock Island, 111. 

McEnrce, Michael Allentown, Pa. 

McEvoy John New York. 

McEvoy, John Buffalo, N. Y. 

McElvoy, Mich Mahanoy, Pa. 

McFadden, Chas. A Philadelphia, Pa. 

McFall .Carondelet, Mo. 

McGann, Francis Mineral Point, Wis. 

McGarvey, Hugh Tomaqua, Pa. 

McGeough, A Albany, N. Y. 

McGerry, John F Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

McGill, James Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

McGill, John Frederick, Md. 

McGill, John Weston, Va. 

Maginn, James Philadelphia, Pa. 

McGinn, Felix Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

McGinnis, Arthur Gettysburg, Pa. 

McGerr, P Quincy, Dl. 

McGivern, Thos Chicago, 111. 

McGlew, James Auburn, N. Y. 

McGlynn, Patk Potsdam, N. Y. 

McGlynn, E New York. 

McGorrisk, B Brooklyn, N. Y. 

McGovern, Jno Frankford, Pa. 

McGovern, Thoe Philadelphia, Pa. 

McGowan, Ed Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

McGowan, Patrick New Ga&cony, At\l. 


Name. Besidenoe. 

Rev McGane, Peter P Philadelphia, Pa. 

McGrane, Matthew Hblmeaburg, Pa. 

McGrath, M. Stanton, Cal. . 

McGuerk, E Elba, V> la. 

McGujgan, Jfliiit^B. Georgetown, T). C. 

McGurgau, Andrew Dunkirk, N- Y. 

McIlvaittepJvbn Phil ad el pUi a, Pa, 

McKay, Jurnea. Orange, N. J'. 

MoKee, Edward Cftbi^Df^uft, Pa, 

McKenna, John Brookl vti, N- Y. 

McKenna, Joseph CanandaJgiLat N. Y. 

McKenna, L City Hall Plact% N. Y. 

McLaughlin, Bart. F Little Fallfl, N. Y. 

McLaughlin, F. T Brooklyn, N- Y. 

McLeod, D. X Ciiu^iunati, O. 

McLoughlin, Hugh Port Richmond, Va. 

McLaughlin, Tlioa New Rochelle, N. Y. 

McLoughlin, William Tremont.^ l\i. 

McMahon, Geo Saxon ville^ Maas^ 

McMahon, Hugh Chill on, Wia. 

McMahon, J Anderaon, lrid» 

McMahon, James Kew Y'ork. 

McMahon, P Maysville, Ky. 

McMahoD, L. J Bridge water, MadS, 

McManus, B. J •. . B&Himore, Md. 

McMahus, James Geneva, N. T. 

McMenomy, John Syracuse, N. Y. 

McMenomy, B. P E&ina, Mo. 

McMenomy, P Barrens, Mo. 

McMonigle, Charles Philadelphia, Pa. 

McMullen, Fr, Richmond, Va. 

MoMurdie, Henry Emmitsburg, Md. 

McNally, Jolin. Washington, D. 0. 

llc^ieal, Aug. . . * * Chester, 111. 

McNerhany, Ivdward J .FiTderiek, Md. 

McNiebolaft, Palrii-k Flint laliind, Kj. 

Mt^Nierny, Frf^ i6H Mulberry st , N. Y. 

McNulty," Thus N. Bridge waier, Muaa. 

McNulty, Thos Milton, Mq.^9. 

McNulty, Wm PateraoUj N, J, 

McPhilUps, Joseph Taunton, Map«. 

McQuaid, B. J S. Orange, N. J. 

McQuade, P Fordham, N Y. 

McShane, John Boaton, Mnf^n. 

McS weeny, P. F 26a Mulben-j si., N. Y. 

McSweeney, Phil , New Haven. Ky, 

McSwiggan, Patrick Archibald, Pn, 

Meagher, G. A .Philadelpbia, Pa» 

Meagher, J , Springfield, Ky; 

Meagher, Martin Dunkirk, N. J, 

Mehlman, J Fredonia, Wis, 

Meiss, Aloysius Lyons, Iowa. 

Meister, J Celestine, Ind. 

Meller, J Jefferson City, Mo. 

Menefc, J. B B. 

tterson Uity, ! 
Troy, N. Y. 


Name. Besidence. 

BY. Menetary, Peter Colville, Wash. Terry. 

Menge, B. J Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Menge, John J Cincinnati, O. 

Menu, J. B ElHcolt'a Milk, Md. 

Meredith, W. V New Orleans, La. 

Merl, J. B St. Joseph's, Vanderburg Co., Ind, 

Merte, A Vincennes, Ind. 

Mesplie, Toussaint Jacksonville, Oregon. 

Mesiea, C San Jos^ Cal. 

Metzler, Casper Melrose, N. Y. 

MeuflFels, M Centr^ne, Mich. 

Murer, Henry Annapcrlis, Md, 

Meurer, John B Boston, Mass. 

Menrer, Math. J Tacony, Pa. 

Meurs, John Seneca, Kaiysaa. 

Meyer, A Barrens, Mo. 

Meyer, MA Piqna, O. 

Michel, A Covington, Ky. 

Michael, J St. Joseph's, Clark Co., Ind. 

Mignault, A Keshena, Wis. 

Mignard, P 49 W. 16th street^ New York. 

Miettinger, Gustave Mt. Pleasant, O. 

Miller, Fred Natchez, Miss. 

Miller, Peter Loyola Coll., Baltimore, Md. 

Miller, J. A Philadelphia, Pa. 

Minderer, M New Coin, Wis. 

Missi North Vernon, IndL 

Mitchel, M. J Ebensbing, Pa. 

Moes, N Sandusky, O 

Mohan, P New Mefleray, Iowa. 

Mohr, J. F. Red Bud, Bl. 

Molinger, S. G Brookville, Pa. 

Molinari, Ant Boston, Mass. 

Molinier, John San Francisco, Cal. 

Molony, James Mansfield, O. 

Moloney, J Barrens, Mo. 

Moloney, D Dubuque, Iowa. 

Momshurst Bellevue, 0. 

Monahan, Hugh .~; St. Joseph's, Pa. 

Monahan, John St. Joseph's, Pa. 

Monahan, James Mount Hope, Md. 

Monganham Peru, O. 

Monroe, F Fordham, N. Y. 

Montano, V. Los Conejos, N. M. 

Montague, P Kildare, Wis. 

Mooney, Thomas J..* 119 Avenue B, New York. 

Moore, Daniel Mt. Morris, N. Y. 

Moore, James C Worcester, Mass. 

Moosmuller, Oswald Newark, N. J. 

Mora, Francis Los Angeles, CaL 

Moran, Malaohi Hagcrstown, Md. 

Moran, Mich Boston, Mass. 

Moran, William Sandwich, Mass. 

Moran, James Newark, N. J. 

Moret, James GermantowB, Pa. 


Niune. Besidence. 

Rev. Morgan, P BrownKviUe, Pa. 

Morris, J Preflt-on, Mitia. 

Morroyb, W P 24 S E l4tU street, New York. 

Mq^Iio.!!, Jaiiieji, A WilHiAuiaportj Pa, 

Mutter, Jamea S^ttn^kloti, CaL 

Mougm, J. ....,., LooGfuot^ep Iiid, 

Moutiinl, Cornelius. ...» jAeiioaj Mieit 

MoutoD, G. B Columbxis, Miaa* 

Moyce, V BostoD, Mdaa. 

Moylan, W 49 W. 5tli street, New York. 

Muckerheide, H, J Potoai, Wii. 

MugRii. Drtnifel . ^ Elk^oTilk, K Y. 

MuiiUiepen, H. , [?^t. Louis^ Ms>. 

Mulleily. Piarnnel , 84tli Rtrt'et^ New York. 

Mullen, A. A lAwrc-tiee, Mas*, 

Mullen, Edw Villanova, Pa. 

Mullen, T Alleghany, Pa. 

Mullen, D Providence, R. I. 

Muller, Ana Quincy, 111. 

MuUer, Michael Cumberland, Md. 

Muller, Joseph Pitisbui t^h, Pa. 

Muller, Gaspar Hicksville, N. T. 

Muncliwiller KiuUii St. MeiiiradX Ind. 

Munachina, Alph Lance viUfl, Ind, 

Murphy, E Fall River, Mass. 

Murphy, J Manchester, Mo. 

Murphy, J Glenn's Falls, N. Y. 

Murphy. Michael Pottsville, Pa. 

Murphy, Matthew Eastport, Me. 

Murphy, P. J St. Charles, 111. 

Murphy, S Lima, O. 

Murphy, Thomas Wilminjeton, N. C. 

Murphy, P Utica, Wis. 

Murphy, Jerom Peoria, HI, 

Murphy, D Houlton, Me. 

Murphy, J St. Patrick, Mo. 

Murray, Edward Danville, Pa. 

Murray, J De Kalb, III 

Murray, John Cohimbus, O. 

Murray, P. B Beaver Harbor, Mich. 

Murray, Thomas Stillwater, Minn. 

Musart, L Pliilftklelpliia, Pa. 

Mutsaer, Clement. E. Troy, N, T, 

Mut, Joseph Loft Angles, Cai^ 

Myers, Henry Baltunore, Md. 

Very Rev. Nuyts, II. J Bay Settlement^ Wis. 

Rev. Nagel, Jacob Chicago, 111. 

Nagle, Rich McGregor's, Iowa. 

Nagler, Vincent Buchanan, Pa. 

Nash, M Fordham, N. Y. 

Navarron, L Stone Lick, 0. 

NeesoD, C Braddock's Field, Pa. 


Namr« iResidenoe. 

Neligan, W. H 215 W. 25th st, N. T 

Neufeld, Francis I BuckviUe, Pa. ' 

Neubauer, Fr Syracuse, N. Y. 

Nicholas, P Mount Merino, Ky. 

Nicholas, M New Haven, Ky. 

Nicot, M N. Y. City. 

Niedercom, J Chicago, IlL 

Niederhauer, Rev. F NewBrunswick, N. J. 

Nierman, A Davenport, Iowa. 

Noon, D. H St. Joseph's, O. 

Nobriga, Jerome W. Wash. PI., N. Y. City. 

Noethen, T Albany, N. Y.] 

Nogues, P. A Cincinnati, O. 

Nolan, "William Sharpsburg, Pa. 

Nunan, Patrick C Rockport, Pa. 

Nota, Leonard Georgetown, D. C, 

Nugent, P. A Manayunk, Pa. 

Nycolin, J. B Oldtown, Me. 

Noovack Iowa City, Iowa. 

Norris, J. H Watertown, Wis. 

ry Rev. O'Brien, M Rochester, N. Y. 

O'Connor, James Pittsburgh, Pa. 

O'Farrell, Frs Buflfalo, N. Y. 

O'Hara, Wm Philadelphia, Pa. ^ 

O'Reilly, William Newport, R. I. 

O'Reilly, J. V St Jos. College, Pa. 

V. Oberhofer, Francis Joseph Erie, Pa. 

Obermyer, L Emmittsburg, Md. 

ObermuUer, Michael Madison, Wis. 

O'Begley, Joseph Greencastle, Ind^ 

Obermuller, X Norwalk, O. 

O'Beirne, Patrick Roxbury, Masp. 

O'Beime, James Flushing, N. Y. 

O'Beirne, Mich Elkader, Iowa. 

O' Brian, Patrick R Wilmington, Del 

O'Brien, Ed. J New Haven, Conn. 

O'Brien, John Lowell, Mass. 

O'Brien, Joseph New Haven, Conn. 

O'Brien, Patrick St. Louis, Mo. 

O'Brien. M. A Springfield, Ky. 

O'Brien, J St. Louis, Mo. 

O'Callaghan, Bet^. . ^ Goshen, N. Y. 

O'Callaghan, Joseph Frederick, Md. 

O'Callaghan, E Owensboro, Ky. 

O'Callaghan, C 23 Oliver st., N. Y. 

O'Connell, J. J Columbia, S. C. 

O'Connell, L. J Columbia, S. C. 

O'Connell, Jos P Columbia, S. C, 

O'Connell, Wm Fitchburg, Wis. 

O'Connor, Bede Terre Haute, Ind. 

O'Connor, A Menomonee, Wis. 


Name. £eeIdenoe. 

Riv. 0*Ck)nnor, B Oak Creek, Wis. 

O'Connor, Francis Reading, Pa. 

O'Connor, Martin Buffalo, N. Y. 

O'Connor, Daniel Weston, Va. 

O'Connor, William New Orleans, La. 

O'Connor, Oswald, M Albany, N. Y. 

O'Connor, Patrick VicksDurg, Mibs. 

O'Connor. D Dobb's Fernr, N. Y. 

O'Donnell, J. J Piinceton, N. J. 

O'Dunoghoe, James J Portsmouth, O. 

O'Donoghue, M Hillsborough, O. 

O'Donohoe, J. B Milford, O. 

O'Donohue, Joseph ScottsTille, IS. Y. 

O'Dwyer, P Meehan's Settlement, HI. 

O'Dwyer, P. J Providence, R. I. ' 

Oechtering, Aug. Delphi, Ind. 

Oesterling, L Enochsburg, Ind. 

O'Farrell, John Hartford, Conn. 

OTarrell, Timothy Brooklyn, N. Y. 

O'Farrell, P Franklm, Wis. 

O'Farrell, Philip A Phcenixville, Pa. 

O'Farrell, Thomas Mendota, HI. 

O'Gara, Thos Free Port, 111. 

O'Gorraan, R Valley FiOls, R. L 

O'Halloran, P. J Jacksonville, lU. 

O'Hagan, Joseph Frederick, Md. 

O'Hara, James Key West^ Fla. 

O'Hara, James A Syracuse, N". Y. ~ 

O'Haran, Dennis Norristown, Pa. 

O'Kane, Dennis Boston, Mass. 

O'Mullan, David Brooklyn, N. Y. 

O'Keefe, Matt Norfolk, Va. 

O'Neill, Ambrose Albany, N. Y. 

O'Neill, A Cincinnati, O. 

O'Neil, Patrick .Charleston, S. C. 

O'Neil, James H Stamford, Conn. 

O'Neil, Thomas Philadelphia, Pa. 

O'Neill, John F Frederick, Md. 

O'Neill, Sr., J. F. Savannah, Ga. 

O'Neill, J. F., Jr Savannah, Ga. 

O'Neill, J Ottawa, IlL 

O'Neill, Patrick Brooklyn, N. Y. 

O Neil, M Fremont, O. 

O'Neill, P Darlington, Wis. 

O'Neill, Thomas Ellicott^s Mills, Md. 

Oram, Wm. H Oil Creek, Pa. 

Ordano, A St. Vincent's, Pa. 

Orlandi, Francis Jackson, Miss. 

Orth, Jas New Wine, O. 

O'Regan, D Cincinnati, O. 

O'Regan, J Old Mines, Mo. 

f. . O'Reagan, M Suspension Bridge, N. Y 

r O'Regan, M Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

[ O'Regan, E Millwood, Mo. 

^ 0*Rei}ly, Michael Frostburg, Md. ^ 


Name. ^ Besidence. 

O'Reilly, H. J Rockville, Conn. 

O'Reilly, James Philadelphia, Pa. 

O'Reilly, Michael Newport, R. I. 

O'Reilly, Charles Brattleboro', Vt 

O'ReiUy, E. J Newburg, N. Y. 

O'Reilly, Michael .Valparaiso, Ind. 

O'Reilly, James Providence, R. L 

O'Reilly, Patrick T Boston, Mass. 

O'Reilly, — .Clinton, N. Y. 

O'Reillv, Patrick R Philadelphia, Pa. 

O'Reilly, T Atlanta, Ga. 

O'Reilly, Cornelius Philipsburg, N. J. 

Orengo, A. Clarksrille, Tenn. 

Orsenigo, J. . ; 93 E. 29th st. New York City. 

Ortiz, Jose E Taos, N. Mexico. 

O'SuUivan, Mich Aurora, HL 

O'Snllivan, Thomas N. Lee, Mass. 

Ostlyngenberg, M Jeffersonyille, Ind. 

Oschwald, Ambrose Eaton, "Wis. 

Oster, Anatole St Paul, Minn. 

Ostrop, F. A Alton, 111. 

Ottiscar St Peter'8,Franklin Co., Ind. 

O'Toole, Tunothy Rosendale, K Y. 

Ouellet, Th Fortress Monroe, Va. 

iry Rev. Paresce, Angelo M Baltimore, Md. 

Pelamourgues, A Davenport, Iowa. 

Purcell, Ed Cincinnati, O. 

Power, T. L Sinsinawa, Wis. 

V. Pabisch, F , Cincinnati, O. 

Pacetti, Timothy West Hoboken, K J. 

Pacciarini, Basil.. St Inigoe's, Md. 

Paradis, Petites Joles, HI. 

Parke, Henry F Parkersburg, Va. 

Parker, P Buffalo, N. Y. 

Parsons, Wm. D Cantonsville, Md. 

Parezyk, Stanislaus West Hoboken, N. J. 

Paulet, Eugenio Belen, N. M. 

Paulinus, Maria New Haven, Ky. 

Pax, G CoUins, N. Y. 

Payne, Wm Rochester, N. Y. 

Pecherit, F Fort Smith, Ark. 

Peppersack, F .Haubstaat, Ind. 

Peiffer, M French Creek, Wis. 

Permadinger, F .Sun Prairie, Wis. 

Perrodin, John C Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Peters, P Highland, HI. 

Peters, G Dungannon, O, 

Peters, F. J Detroit, Mich. 

Petit, Peter Annapolis, Md. 

Petit, F. J Waukesha, Wis. 

Petit, Jos French Village, 111. 

Petri, Adam AnnapoliB, ^d. 



Name. Besidence. 

Rev. Pttsch, Leopold 153 8d st., New York. » 

Peythieu, H Portland, Ky. 

Pfaller, F. X Green Bay, Wis. 

Pfeifer, And Alkgany, N. Y. 

' Phelan, D St. Louis, Mo. 

Phelan, R. « Freeport, Pa. 

Phelan, James Antoria, N. Y. 

- Philip, F Nebraska City, Neb. Ter. 

Picherit, H Brookhaven, Miss. 

Picard, F Middlebuiy, Vt 

Pickel, M Ashford, Wis. 

Pickel, J Teresa, Wis. 

Pieper, Wm Reading, Pa. 

Piers, B. , il ^nigoiatry, Ini 

Piette^ Lewis .PoitiBiid, Oregon. 

Pi^irz, F Oow Wing, Mion. 

^ggot, James Moeher & DiviBion sts., Baltimore 

Pilz, Placidus , [ iidiatia, Pa^ 

Pilz, Gerardng >^t Mary*s, Pa. 

Pinard, Francisco .Lm VegaSf N. M, 

Pineker^p A • Belk viQe, III 

Piot, B. S. miicott'a Mills, Mil. 

Plret, A Point St, Igauoa, Mich. 

Pise, CO Brooklya, H, Y, 

Pitz, Provideaoe, O. 

PluHtett^ Joseph H rortemonth, Ya, 

Poelkingf Joseph Siijainawo, Wie. 

PciUfli'd, W Birmingham, Pa. 

Pont, F ***..* * PaflH ChriBtian* Miss. 

Ponziglione, Paul. Osage MisHion, Kan. 

Pouhn, A. Z , Bannock, Oregon. 

Power, James Reading, Pa. 

Power, James Boston, Mass. 

Power, T. L Dunleath, UL 

power, Micbaei Paducah, Ky. 

Pracheiifikyj J Kuat Troy, N. Y. 

Prass, Ivo. . Dotyville, Wi&. 

Prcitli, Godfried Newark, N. J. 

Preaton, T. S 48 4th Av., N. Y. City. 

Prendergast, John Georgetown, D. C. 

Prendergast, John F Westchester, Pa. 

Prendergast, J. J .Saa FraD<«i&<jOj Cal. 

Prendergast, C JSAYamiah, Ga* 

Prendergast, Michael WJnoEio^ Mian. 

Prendergast, J. J Me Henry, TIL 

Puers, Eng /F^utopolis, III. 

Purcell, F. J Utica, N. Y. 

Purcell, Ed. H Pittsfield, Mass. 

Parcell, M Lyons, N. Y. 

Qualey, John Worcester, Mass. 

Quan, James Webster, Mass. 

Qaeekelberge, Cha9. L Natchez, Misis. 


Name. Besldenoe. 

)V. Quigley, E Rochester, N. Y. 

Quigley, T Raleigh, N. 0. 

Quigley, J. J St Louis, Ma 

QuiDn,*F McKeesport, Pa. 

Quinn, James Moosup, Conn. 

Quinn, John Piermont, K Y. 

Quinn, John Oakland, CaL 

Quinn, John Providenc^ R. I. 

Quinn, John Philadelphia, Pa, 

Quinn, Thos Branfora, Conn. 

Quinn, John Norwalk, O. 

Quinn, James Clinton, Mass. 

Quinn, Thos Parkesburg, Pa. 

Quinn, Wm 15 Barclay street, N. Y. City. 

Quinn, Thos Rahway, N. J. 

Quinn, Patrick Tamaqua, Pa. 

jry Rev. Ravoux, Aug St. Peter, Mnn. 

Reilly, Patrick, Little Rock, Ark. 

RouBselon, S New Orleans, La.. 

Ryan, a V Perryville, Mo. 

5V. Racca, Michael San Luis 0., Cal. 

Rachor, B St John's, Ind. 

Railliere, J.B Tome, N. M. 

Rainoni, C Salem, Mass. 

Ramsauer, M Manlius, N. Y. 

Randanne, J. B Ellicott's Mills, Mr, 

Raphael, C .News, IlL 

Ranch, J. J Zanesville, O. 

Raufeisen, John Rondout, N". Y. 

Raverdie,'J Satfta Fe, N. M. 

Reardon, Thomas Easton, Pa. 

Recouvreur, F O'Hara's Settlement^ 111, 

Reed, J. F Bardstown, Ky. 

Reek, A Meadeville, Pa. 

Rehrl, C Addison, Wis. 

Reid, James Beaver, Pa. 

Reiffe, G«orge West Point, la. 

Reilly, P Wilmington, Del. 

Reindl, J West Bend, Wis. 

Reinecke, Aug Shoal Creek, 111. 

Riess, Bruno Richmond, Minn. 

Reiser, Ignatius E. Liberty, Pa. 

Reiter, Ernest , Boston, Mass. 

Renther, P Greenwood, O. 

Ressell, G Taos, New Mexico. 

Retzer, M Platteville, Wis. 

Reynaut, M St Francis, Cal. . 

Reynolds, N. S Loretto, Pa. 

Ribaudi, M. A Charlestown, Mass. 

Richard, C. A Vancouver, W. T. 

Riers, V Vesalia> Cal. 


Name. ^ Besideaoe. 

Ridder, J. H Cincinnati, O. 

Ring, P , St. Louis, Mo. 

Rievere, Mr Gratton, Mich. 

Rince, L Ellicott's Mills, Md, 

Rinckes. B Mt. Sterling, 111 

Rind!, J Barton, Wis. 

Riordan, George Kenosha, Wis. 

Riordan, Mich Ponghkeepsie, N. Y, 

Riordan, M St. Louis, Mo. 

Robert, C. J Delavan, Wis. 

Roche, H Mendota, Minu. 

Roocofort, AloysiuB Washington, D. CL 

Roche, A. L Randol^ Mass. 

Roche, Maurice Coxsackie, N. T. 

Rodden, M. B Waterbury, Ct 

Roes, John St. Louis, Mo. 

Roesch, Joseph Obernburg, N. Y. 

Roesch, Geo Cbieago, 111. 

Roles, J. P Chicago, 111. 

Rogers, John New Brunswick, N. J. 

Roland, C New Hampton, Conn. 

Rolando, James Emmitsburg, Md. 

Romana, Ant Lowell, Muss. 

Ronayne, M Fordham, N. Y. 

Rosendahl, P Maskoutah, III 

Rosenbauer, M Lombard and Wolf streets, Bait. 

Rossi, A Buchanan, Pa. 

Rossi, Gaudentius West Hoboken, N. J. 

Rossadowski, A Syracuse, N. Y. 

Rochford, J. A St Joseph, 0. 

Rouchy, -— Toledo, O. 

Rouppe, Nicholas Massillon, O. 

Ronayne, M San Gabrid, Cal 

Rubio, Cyprian •*• -Wapakonetta, O. 

Rudolph, Francis J Oldenburgh, Ind. 

Rudolph, Fred. C 89 W. 81st street. New Yoik. 

Ruff, Engelbert St. Mary's Home, Ind. 

Ruland, George Baltimore, Md. 

Rustemeier, P Paderborn, III 

Russell, James Port Richmond, Pa. 

Russell, Appolinarius Pajaro Vale, St. Cruz Co., Cal. 

Rutter, Anton Covington, Ky. 

Ryan, J. D Marietta, O. 

Ryan, John Legros, Ind. 

Ryan, Dennis Burlington, Vt 

Ryan, T. J Springfield, Ky. 

Ryan, Abm. J Peoria, IlL 

Ryan, P. J St Louis, Ma 

Ryan, Thomas Champaign City, III. 

Ryan, Thomas Summitt, Pa. 

Ryckaert, C Hillsdale, Mich. 

Ryan,R. J St Patrick, Nebraska. 


Nftme. Besidence. 

sry Rev. Schaefermeier, H Quincy, III. 

x. Sester, F. N Buffalo, N. Y. 

. Sorin, E Notre Dame, Ind. 

Spaulding, B. J Louisville, Ky. 

Starrs, Wm New York City. 

Schlosser, K Teutopolis, IIL 

Sadler, Joseph Uocbester, N. Y. 

Sailer, R X Port WashingtoD, Wis. 

Salaun, F Cleveland, 0. 

Salazar, Ramon Albiquin, N. Mexico. 

Sallazo, F. M. C Radford, N. Y. 

Salzmann, Joseph Nojoshing, Wis. 

Sanchez, Ed Columbia, Cal. 

Sanders, M Wye Mills, Md. 

Sandrock, J. . ; St. Marie, IIL 

Sauldier, E St. Louis, Mo. 

Sautois, F St Louis, Mo. 

Scallon, Jas Dewitt, Iowa. 

Scanlan, M Aoron, Iowa. 

Scanlan, Michael L Hazelton, Pa. 

Scanlan, John HeckschersTille, Po. 

Scanlan, J. ^ Kittaning, Pa. 

Schacht, Ivo. Panther Creek, Ky. 

Schaeffer, Alb Chicago, 111. 

Schaffroth, Chas Columbia, Pa. 

Schoeffer, H Hesse Cassel, Ind. 

Schandel, J. J Paterson, N. J. 

Schauer, Fredk Annapolis, Md. 

Schemmel, G : Fordham, N. Y. 

Schedle, A. M Sac City, Wis. 

Schedle, Alphoiisus St. Clair, Pa. 

Scherer, George St. Cloud, Minn. 

Scherer, Martin Laporte, Ind. 

Schiff, John Dayton, 0. 

Schiedeler, A St. Leo. P. f\ Iii<t 

Schlecter, Fr Chicago, IIL 

Schelhamer, Ch Greenville, O. 

Scheve, C Newport, Ky. 

Schilling, C Nauvoo, III. 

Schlumpf, W .St. Meinrad's, Ind. 

Schmidt, Euscb .Cincinnati, O. 

Schmidt, Bart Vera Cruz, O. 

Schmidt, W .Cincinnati, O. y 

Schmitt, J Pittsburg, Pa. 

Schinda, E Carondelet, Mo. 

Schmitbauer, C Covington, Ky. 

Schneider, Louis 49 W. 15th street, N. Y. 

Schnerr, L Butler, Pa. 

Schnuettgen, Fr. X Annapolis, Md. 

Schoenmakers, John Osage Mission, Kan. 

Schrader, Chas. J Reading, Pa. 

Schreiber, J St. Peter's, 0. 

Schreiber, F Carlinsville, 111. 

Schreiner, L Town WrigYit, lA\<i\\. 

Schntjea, H, J, B , Bay City, MicK 


Name. EeildLticp* 

Rev, Schulte, Conrad Guttenburph, lowa^ 

Schweihoff, Stephen St Louia, Wo. 

Scu%, Tho8 , Mnl^kn, M&se. 

Scully, M llvde Park, K. Y. 

Sears, 0. A Lyn.-^IO>^ir-h, Va. 

Seelos, F. X Annapolis, Md. 

Serf]:ontc, FaU'tin West Hoboken, N. J. 

Seidiinbusch, R St. Vincent's, Pa. 

Self, BebftBtiau Maple Grove, Wis. 

Senez, D Jersey City, N. J. 

Seits, Casimei Erie, Pa. 

Schmittdiel Monroe, Mich. 

Seppo Kiclifnond, Jnd, 

SeiTaiio, GubiiDL Oakland, Cal 

Beitini, Benedicts Georgetown, D, C 

Shahanj Ili^tmAB Salem, Mass. 

Shanahan, J. F Glen Riddle, Pa. 

Shanahan, Philip Helena, Ark. 

Shanahan, John 15 BftreUy street, N^ Y. 

Sharkey, F. A 2d st, FLiladelpli ja, Pa. 

Sheehan, Denilis ChsTiniTtg^ville, K. Y. 

Sheehan, P. M Wn&hington, Pa* 

Sheehan, J .Bo^ton^ aioaa. 

Sheeh J, J. D S^iii&iiia wm, Wia 

Sh&ehan, Micliael Salina, K Y. 

Sheehan, W. F Oneida, N. Y. 

Sheehy, J. D. Sinsinawa, Wis. 

Shieran, James New Orleans, La* 

Shell, J Alltfgbeny. Po. 

Sherer, G Wakonia, ilinn. 

Sheridan, Philip Winated, Coon, 

Sheridan, P. F Phikdelphia, Pa. 

Sheridan, K J .BlacketOTie, ila*.«. 

Sheridan, J. A St. Joseph's, Ohio. 

Sheridan, John Bermingham, Conn. 

Sheridan, Michael Ashland, Pa. 

Sherry, P , Wt-^Lyily, Cunn. 

Sherry, J. J. Albanj/K Y, 

She ve, CI«meu t Newport, Ky. 

Shields, John .Cedar Falls, Iowa, 

Shiaeback, M. Pendleton^ N. Y 

Sborb, Baail . , Square Corner, Pa. 

Shraudenbach, Charles Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Siebold,M .Wilson/Wis. ^ ^ 

Sifferath, N. L Crass Village, Emmet Co., Mich, 

Sidley, R Sandusky, Ohio, 

Sieghardt, C. CarlyJe, 111 

Siegrist, S Indianftpolia, Tnd. 

Scherer, D Dotyville, Wia. 

Simon, Maria New Haven, Kj. 

Skopez, Andrew Freybiirg. Pa. 

Slattery, Michael .Baltimore, Md, 

Slattery, Daniel Marysville, Cal. 

SJattery, James Mount Pleasant, Iowa- 

Slevin, Charles CtotoKi Falls, N. Y. . 


Name. Besidence. 

ev. SHoger, J. H St. Joseph's, Ohio. 

Smith, Anthony Trentfjii, N. J, 

Smilh, James Fulton, N. Y. 

Smith, Terence Columbia, Cal. 

Smith, John New Haven, Conn, 

Smith, James Fulton, N. T. 

Smith, Laurence French Creek, Ohio. 

Smyth, L .Old Mines, Mo. 

Smyth, L. Fort Smith, Ark. 

Smyth, Peter Norwalk, Conn. 

Smyth, James Windsor Looks, Conn. 

Smyth, J .Fox Lake, Wk. 

Smyth, C St. Louis, Mo. 

Sniyth,E.M St Louia. Mo, 

Sniet, Geo » AniiapoIiB, Md, 

Smvely^ David .Randolph, Pa. 

Soeider, Geo Irieh Valley, Iowa. 

goffers, Bernard Detroit, Mruh. 

Sotnmer, J, . . * *!St» Vlncent^s^ Fa» j 

Sommereiiaen, V .Mankoto, Minn, t 

Sourin, R J Frederick, Md. 

Spierings, E Little Chute, Wis. 

Spierings, M ,ForestU)wn Creek, Wis. 

Starr, W GraftOQ, Wia, 

Stack, Bart Ln.wrence, Mass. 

Stftub, Clement, * , St. Paul, Minn. 

StaudingGr, N ^Dardenuea, Mo. 

St^anini, Tbomiifl , Dunkirk, K. Y. 

St^le, Engelbert Clneimmti, Ohio. 

Stehle, Kichdlaa Apple River, Wk, 

Steiner, Geo .Mic^higan City, Ind. 

Steger, M : Bttth, N, Y. 

Stehle, J. .• ,Geuevii, Wis. 

Steinhauser, George C^>^owingo, Md. 

Steinlage, George Cineionati, Ohio. 

Stenzel, Emile Lebanon, Pa, 

Stephens, Joseph Ltifayettef Ind. 

Stephens, J. T Ann Arbar, Mich. 

Stiebiel, J Alleghany, Pu. 

StiefVater, A Miupiter, Ohio. 

Stcmestreet, Charles Georgetown, D, C. 

Sturensberg, Matt ^ . *St Cloud, Minn. 

Stiessberger, Charles .Eochefiter, N, Y, 

Stein, T New Offenburi^, Mo. 

Stillinger, J Bloirsville, Pa* 

Stinger, Joseph Grafton, Va. 

Stoller, N Syracuse, N. Y. 

Stonestreet, Charles Georgetown, J). C. 

Story, R. J Brockport, N. Y. 

Strain, J. A Manhasset, N. Y. 

Strickner, G German town. Wis. 

Strehle, M, New York. 

Streber, Leander Louisville, Ky. 

Strobel, George Philadelphia, Pa. 

Strocker, Francis Milford, Wis. 


Name. li^sldoniM?, 

Eev. Stuckenberg, J. A Beading, Ohif^, 

Stuckenkemper, M Clinton, Minn, 

Stuoky, J Cftlumet^ Wia, 

Sullivan, James Holyoke, Mas*. 

Sullivan, F. H .Albany, Wis, 

Sullivan, John .Whepling, Va, 

Sullivan, F. R Moniot?, Wk 

Sullivan, Peter F. Philadelphia^ Pa. 

Sullivan, F lllyria, Uhio. 

Sullivan, P Old Marrfi Creek. Iowa. 

Sjnnott, Thomas , Bridgeport^ CaiiiL 

Sweeny, James Hatie^ek^ Mich, 

Swagers, Daniel Frederick, M<L 

Sweeny, James Deposit, N. Y. 

Very Rev. Tarlatini, John D Buchanan, Pa. 

Turner, John F Brooklyn, ». Y. 

Taaffe, J. D Lawrence, Mass. 

Tellier, R. Fordham, N. Y. 

Rev. Taafe, Tlioroas Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Taladtid, Dttmafio Isleta, :S. M. 

Tallon, Joseph. New Bedford, Mass. 

Tainchine, J . , . , Xawreneijville, Pa. 

Tanzer^ John F Hamilton, N. Y. 

Tarlatini, J. D Pittsburg, Pa. 

Telling, J ,,,.,., , Richmond, Va. 

Tehan, Jamefl Qoorgetownj D. C, 

Teixbiera, Domiuio ^281 Weat Tbirty-first st. New Yo 

Terhoat, George L'Anse, Mich. 

Teny, Patrick Ottawa, III. 

Teutenberg, B Utica, If. T. 

, Theboud, Aug Troy (Eafltji New York. 

ThicDpoint, E .Stt?ubeiiviile, Ohio. 

TheotinuBj Maris New Haven, Ky. 

Thie, S. ; MnsailloD, Ohio. 

Thiry, T. . . I .49 Weat Fifteenth street, New Yorl 

Thorp, <!'3eveland, Ohio, 

Thisse, J. N Plqua, Ohio. 

Thomas, Charles Vienna, Mich. 

Tiernan, Fr Monehea, Wia* 

Tiemey, C. J*owbnd, Ohio. 

Tierney, T Wilksville, Ohio. 

*Xighe^ D. Summitville, Ohio. 

Tillotaon, R B Muth av. aud Fifty-ninLb street^ N. 

"nntrop, C Dog Prftirie, Mo. 

Tisaot^ Felix Wabaehaw, Minn. 

Th&ebe, A- M Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Toale, Bernard .St, Idigoe*i, Md, 

Tobin, Fr. M Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Tobin, M St Louis, Mo. 

Toner, Patrick Towanda, Pa. 

Toner, Thomas B Scranton, Pa. 

ToDer, Otl&\Ta,l\\. 


Name. Besldence. 

. Tomatore, John 6 Cape Girardeaa Mo. 

Touhey, John Springport, N. Y. 

Touhey, James Ellicottsville, N. Y. 

Tracy, Thomas Clearfield, Pa.* 

Tracy, James. » Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Tracy, J Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Tracy, J. Holyoke, Mass. 

Treanor,T. 30 Mott street, New York. 

Trevis, A. Davenport, Iowa. 

Trojan, F St. Louis, Mo. 

Truchard, A Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Trueg, Ignatius St. Yincent^s, Pa. 

Trujillo, Juan de Santa Cruz, New Mexico. 

Truyens, Charles Bardstown, Ky. 

Tucker, L Frederickstown, Mo. 

Tucker, R St. Joseph's, Mo. 

Tchenhens, F. X Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Tuerk, F New Hamburg, Mo. 

Tuffer, Michael Frederick, Md. 

Tuigg, J Altona, Pa. 

Tully, Bernard Thompsonville, Conn. 

Turmel, J Hecker, 111. 

Turner, J. P Springfield, Ky. 

Turpin, Edward Fitchburg, Mass. 

UbAch, A San Juan Bautista, Cal. 

Uhland, A St. Louis, Mo. ^ «^ 

TJhling, G Cincinnati, O. 

Uhlmeyer, Francis Racine, Wis. 

TJUman, A Canton, 0. 

Ulrick,F. H Tonawanda.N. Y. 

Urban, Anthony 153 3d street, New York City. 

Ussel, G Arroyo Hondo, N. M, 

Vahey, J Alton, lU. 

Yanden Brook, Jno Carthagena, O. 

Yancampenhaudt, Ed Malone, N. Y. 

Van de Braak, Adrian Annapolis, Md. 

Van de Mergel, J. B Bear Creek, Ky. 

Vanden Heuvel, Anthony Loyola College, Baltimore, Md. 

Vandergreen, Odilo Covington, Ky. 

Van Deutekom, F. X Louisville, Ky. 

Vanderpoel, Theo Kickapoo, 111. 

Vandersander, J Kirkwood, Mo. 

Vanderheyden, R Saginaw, Mich. ^ 

Van Lauwe, E Clinton, Mich. 

Van Dendriesche, L Coru&na, Mich.! 

Vac Emstede, F Detroit, Mich. 

Van Goch, James Chicago, 111. 

Van Gennip^ T Dexter, MicK 


Name. Besidence. 

Key. Van Hulst, A St. Louisi Ma 

Vandenbrook, J. E Carthapjena, O. 

VanBteenwyck, E Two Rivera, Wis. 

Yandemore, C Pascagoula, Miss. 

Vanino, Erhard Erie, Pa. 

' Valencia, Nicholas J ernes, N. M. 

Van Paemel, Ed Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Van Renterghera, H Mt Clement, Mich. 

Vanzina, J Pend d'Oreille Mies., W. T. 

Varle, Post Clinton, 0. 

Varei, Aloysius Georgetown, D. C. 

Vary, C Steilacoom, "Wash. Ter. 

Venantius, Louisville, Ky. 

Venuta, A Hudson City, N. J. 

Verdaguer, P Turupe, CaL 

Venn, Theodore Henderson, Minn. 

Verhoeff, William C Potosi, Wis. 

VerhoBgan, Peter J St. Charles, Mo. 

Vermevisch, G. A Dalles City, Oregon. 

Verreydt, Felix L Florissant, Mo. 

Verdin, John S Bardstown, Ky.. 

Vespre, Frs. X Philadelphia, Pa. 

Vetter, F .Fordham, N. Y. 

Vetterhull, J Delphos, O. 

Vetromile, E Biddeford, Me. 

Viala, J. A Lebanon, Ky. 

Vicinanza, C Port Tobacco, Md. 

Viger, G. E Ellicott's MUls, Md. 

Vigilante, L. Boston, Mass. 

Vigil, M Los Conejos, N. M. 

Vignon, F Fordham, N. Y. 

Vila, James Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Villare, J. M Richmond, Ind. 

Villiger, Geo Warwick, Md. 

Vilarrassa, F. S San Francisco, CaL 

Vinyes, Vincent Benicia, Cal. 

Vogt, A Decatur, 111. 

Vogt, Oderic Utica, N. Y. 

Voissem, P. J Manitowoc, Wis. 

Volkert, G Plymouth, Ind. 

Voll, Jehn Newport, Ky. 

Volm, Wapakonetta, O. 

Very Rev. Whelan, Peter Savannah, Ga. 

Williams, John J Boston, Mass. 

Wilson, J. A. Springfield, Ky. 

Rev. Wachter, Francis J Pottsville, Pa. 

Wachter, N , Cincinnati, 0. 

Wadhams, Edgar P Albany, N. Y. 

Wagener, P .^. . .Cannelton, Ind. 

Wagner, .Sheldon, N. Y. 

Waldron, John Chicago, HI. 

W&ldroD, E.Q.S Pikeftville, Md. 


Name. Besldenee. 

Waldron, James D Villanova, Pa. 

Walker, D. B Cnmminsville, O. 

Walker, A. Hamilton, O. 

Wall, J Powelson, Pa. 

Wallace, G Northfield, Mich. 

Wallace, M. A Phoeiiixville, R. L 

Walsh, Fr Dubuque, la. 

Walsh, Maurice A Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walsh, F Brady's Bend, Pa. 

Walsh, Tomales, Gal. 

Walsh, W St Louis, Mo. 

Walsh, Thomas Meriden, Conn. 

Walsh, John HoUidaysburg, Pa. 

Walsh, P Mozzomanie, Wis. 

Walsh, Thos Olney, 111. 

Walsh, Nich. J Pottsville, Pa. 

Walsh, Maurice .Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walsh, John S Brand^wine, Del. 

Walsh, John Saxonville, Mass. 

Walter, Jacob A F and 10th St., Washington, D. C. 

Walter, Isadore CarroUtown, Pa. 

Walters, John H Sweet Springs, Va. 

Walterspiel, Leop Bowling Green, Ky. 

Walterspiel, M New Haven, Ky. 

Walworth, C. A ' 9th Av. and 69th at., N. Y. 

Wapelhorst, C St. Charles, Mo. 

Ward, James A Fwderick City, Md. 

Wayrich, W Rochester, N. Y. 

Weber, Joseph St. Louis, Mo. 

Webersinke, U Cincinnati, O. 

Welky, M Cheltenham, Mo. 

Weinhardt, F Sextonville, Wis. 

Weinzoepflen, R New Alsace, Ind. 

Weiss, F. X Riviere aux Vases, Mo. 

Weiss, Martin Menomonee, Wis. 

Weissenberger, James Marges, 0. 

Welch, E. K Boston, Mass. 

Welch, James Buchanan, Pa. 

Welter, F Kenosha, Wis. 

Wendel, Emilian New Beaufort, Tex. 

Wenhart, F. X Highland, Wis. 

Weninger, F. X Cincinnati, O. 

Wenkman, Paulinas Lewistown, Pa. 

Wensierski, Ch 163 8d st., N. Y. 

Wernhofl^ John Avila, Mich. 

Weutz, Joseph Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Wheeler, William St. Louis, Mo. 

White, Charles I Washington, D. C. 

Whitty, Moses Scran ton. Pa. y 

Whyte, Rich Boston, Mass. 

Wicaert, Lucian Pontiac, Mich. 

Winands, D. H Pijje Grove Furnace, O. 

Wiese, Casper New Richmond, O. 

Wiewer, A Teutopolis, III. 

Wiget, Bernardin Washington, D. C. 


Name. Besidenoe. 

Rev. Wilhelmi, P , Greenwood, Ohio. 

Wilkinn, W Manaaha, Wis. 

Willard, G. L Nojoahing, Wit. 

Willie, L. D Covington, Ky. 

Wilson, G. H St Joseph's, Ohio. 

Wimmer, Luke St. Vincent's, Pa. 

Wingerler, Wm Lombard and Wolflf sts., Baltimore. 

Wippern, F. X St Louis, Mo. 

Wirth, A Atchison City, Kansaa. 

Wirth, Joseph Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wiitz, Othmar St Cloud, Minn. 

Wirtzfeld, A Elizabeth port, N. J. 

Wisbauer, Mich .Burlinffton, Wis. 

Wiseman, Wm Louisville, Ky. 

Wissel, Joseph Lombard and Wolff sts., Baltimore. 

Witman, Corn Shakopee, Minn. 

Wittier, Joseph Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Wittmer, John Egypt, Ohio. 

Wolf, Ferdinand St Mary's, Pa. 

Wolf, Sebastian San Francisco, Cal. 

Wolf, Frederick Allegheny, Pa. 

Woods, J. P. Morrisania, N. Y. 

Wright, Henry Ivy Mills, Pa. 

Wust, Joseph Cumberland, Md. 

Wuyts, Francis Chicago, Ky. 

Xaupi, Honoratus Emmitsburg, Md. 

Young, N St Dominic's, Washington, D. C. 

Young, L Ashland, Ky. 

Young, A Ninth av. and 59th. street. New York. 

Zarvistoski, John Buffalo, N. Y. 

Zastera, F Milwaukee, Wis. 

Zabel, J. W Springfield, 111. 

Zealand, Joseph Cincicmati, Ohio. 

Zeigler, C St Louis, Mo. 

Zimmer, Peter Lombard and Wolff sts., Baltimore. 

Zoeller, Alph Utica, N. Y. 

Zorn, Seraphin Little Traverse, Mich. 

Zuber, Anthony Newburg, Wis. 

Zwickert, Dominic Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Zwinge, Cap Quincy, 111. 



IroMna of (|iubfr. 

The Province of Quebec includes the Dioceses of Quebec, Montreal, 
Three Rivera, and Su Hyacinth, in Canada East; Bytown, Kingston, 
Tui-onto, Hamilton, and Londoo, in Canada West; ana St. Boniface on 
Red River. 


Founded in 16'74. 

Comprises the Districts of Quebec, of Kamouraska, and of Gaspe, and also 
the coast of Labrador as far as JBlanc-Sablon, 

Most Rev. Peter Flavian Turgbon, D.D., Archbishop of Quebec 


Rt Rev. C. F. Baillargeon, D.D., Bishop of Tloa. 
Vicars General — Very Rev. A. Mailloux, Very Rev. A. Taschereau, Very 

Rev. C. F. Cazeau. 
Secretary —Rev. E. Langevin. 
Assistant Secretaries — Rev. H. Lecours, Rev. J. Martin. 


City of Quebec, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Square Notre 
Dame, Very Rev. C. F. Cazeau, Rev. J. B. A. Ferland, Rev. E. Lan- 
gevin. High Mass 9^ a.m. ; Vespers 2^ p.m. 

Notre Dame, Square Notre Dame, Rev. Joseph Auclair, Rector ; Rev. 
B. Paquet, Rev. N. Thievierge. High Mass 9^ a.m. ; Vespers 2^ p.m. 

St. Patrick*s, Rev. Bernard McGuaran, Chaplain ; Rev. P. Clarke, Rev. 
B. McGauran, Rev. H. Gleason, Rev. P. Kelly, Rev. J. Murphy. 
High Mass 10 a.m. ; Vespers 8 p.m. 

St. John's, Rev. Ant Racine. High Mass 9^ a.m. ; Vespers 2 p.m. 

Men's Sodality Chapel, Rev. F. Martin, S.J., Rev. J. Beaudry, S.J., 
Rev. A. Brauns, S.J., Rev. Point, S.J. 

St. Lawrence*8 (Cape Blanc), Rev. P. Clarke. 

Ursuline Convent, Rev. G. L. Lemoine, Chaplain. Chapel of St. Jo- 
seph, Rev. M. Chauvin, V.G. 

Hotel Dieu, Rev. M. Lemieux, Chaplain, Chapel of the Holy Blood. 

General Hospital, Rev. E. G. Plante, Chaplain. 

Military Hospital, Rev. J. B. A. Ferland. 

St. Roch, Rev. Zeph. Charest, Rev. J. B. Z. Bolduc, Rev. F. Plamon- 
don. Rev. J. Catellier, Rev. F. Pelletier. 

Marine Hospital, Rev. J. B. Z. Bolduc, Chaplain. 

Insane Asylum, the same. 

St Saviour^a, Rev. F. Durocher, O.M.L, B.ev. K, Ot^\A«t., 0:^X.> 


Rev. J. Royer, O.M.I., Rev. F. Coopman, O.M.I., Rev.- — Bo^l^ 

nigal, O.M.I., Rev. Cauvin,O.M.I., Rev. Dedebant, O ALL, 

Rev. Legiep, O.M.L 

District of Quebec, Isle of Orleans, Ste. Famille, Rev. Ot. H. Besserer, Rer. 

L. Blais. 
St. Francois, Rev. J. F. Destroisnaaisons. 
St. Jean, Rev. A. 6ofl«elin, Rev. W. Blais. 
St Laurent, Rev. F. Bonneau, Rev. J. Naud. 
St Pierre, Rev. J. Tardiff, Rev. C. Tardit 


Ancienne Lorette, the Annunciation of B.Y.M., Rev. J. Laberge. 

Ange Gardien, Rev. K E. Parent 

Baie St Paul, SS. Peter and Paul, Rev. C. Trudelle, Rev. P. Clement 

Rev. A. Cbouinard. 
Beauport, The Nativity of B. V. M., Rev. G. Tremblay. 
Cap Sante, Holy Family, Rev. N. Godbout 
Chateau Richer, The Visitaiion of B.V.M., Rev. EL Richard. 
Charlebourg, St Charles, Rev. Aug. Baudry. 
Chicoutimi, St. Francis X., Rev. Dom. Racine, Rev. H Beaudet. 
Deschambault, St. Joseph, Rev. N. Belanger. 
Eboulements, The Assumption of B.Y M., Rev. C. Gagnon, Rev. J. 

Colfer. T» li 

Ecurcuils, St. John the Baptist, Rev. J. Sasseville. Jit 

Escoumins, Rev. Roger Boily. |j[ 

Anse St Jean, Rev. L. Otis. 
Grondines, St Charles, Rev. L. GilL 
Herbertsville, Rev. J. B. Villenuve. 
Isle aux Coudres, St. Louis, Rev. G. Tremblay. 

Lac Beauport, St Dunstan. t. 

Laterriere, Rev. J. Hudon. t 

Laval, St. Bridget, Rev. H. Gagnon. vt 


Malbaie, St. Stephen. 

Petite Riviere, St Francis X., Rev. J. Rioux. it 

Pointe-aux-Trembles, St. Francis of Sales, Rer. I/. R Parent Sl 

Pointneuf, Rev. L. Provancher. Sl 

St Anne Saguenay, Rev. Charles Richard. k 

St. Agnes, Rev. J. Bureau. ^t* 

St Alban, Rev. P. Dionne, Port Neuf. ^ 

St. Ambroise, Rev. F. Boucher. St 

Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Rev. P. Gariepy. 
St. Augustin, Rev. A. Milette. 
St Basile, Rev. 0. Grenier. 
St. Casimir, Rev. N. Guertin.. 
St. Catherine, Rev. J. O'Grady. 
St Colomb. Rev. P. H. Harkm. 
St Ferreol, Rev. F. McDonnell 
St Fidele, Rev. G. Beaulieu. 
Ste. Foye, Rev. P. Huot 
St Alexis, Rev. A. Martel. 
St Iren6e, Rev. S. Mailly. 
St Joachim, Rev. Ch. Beaumont. 
St. Raymond, Rev. P. J. Bedard, Rev. A. Palisson. 
8t UrbaiD, Rev. F. Morriset. 
Valclartier, St Gabriel, Rev. T^.'M.cDotvxiftW,^^^,^.'^'^^. 




Beaumont, St SiepheD, Rev. A. CAmpeau. 

Cap St. Ignace, St. Ignatiup, Rev. F. Morin, Rev. J. B. Cote, Rev. Z. Sirois. 

Dorchester, St Bernard, Rev. Jos. Bourassa. 

Forsyth, St Evaristus, Rev. J. Berub^. 

Ealifax, St. Ferdinand, Rev. J. M. Bernier, Rev; L. N. Bernier. 

St Sophie, Rev. F. Branet 
[sles-anx-Graes, St Anthony, Rev. E. Demera. 
blet and St CyriUe, Rev. F. X Deldge, Rev. F. X. Deldge, Jr., Rev. C. 

Jolliet, Ste. Claire, Rev. L. T. Bernard. 
Lambton, St Vital, Rev. N. Godbout, Rev. F. Halle. 
Lotbini^re, St Louis, Rev. E. Faucher. 
Notre Dame de Levis, Rev. J. D. Deziel, Rev. Z. Gingras, Rev. J. Hudon, 

Rev. J. B. Pelletier, Rev. J. P. Lefrancois, Rev. J F. Routier, Rev. C. 

Turnet College, Rev. F. Duraoutier, Rev. D. Goiithier. 
Pointe Levis, St Joseph, Rev. G. Talbot^ Rev. N. C. Fortier. 
St Agatha, Rev. W. Richardson. 
St Anselme, Rev. C. E. Poir^. 
St Antoine, Rev. B. Robin. 
St Charles, Rev. D. Martineau. 

St Croix, Rev. S. Belleaii, Rev B. Desrochera^ Rev. A. Desauluiers. 
StCajetan d' Armagh, Rev. liap. Francceur. 
3t. Elzear, Rev. L. H. Grenier. 
it. Flavian, Rev. Geo. Casgrain. 
3t Francois de la Beauce, Rev. F. X Tessier, Rev. L. Roiileau. 

" Riv. du Sud, Rev. I^ L. Belisle. 

St Frederick, Rev. E. Moore. 
St George, Rev. F. Catellier. 

it. Gervais and Protais, Rev. P. Pouliot, Rev. G. Sauvageau. 
it Giles, Rev. W. Dunn, Rev. Jos Dion. 
3t Henedine, Rev. C. Tanguay. 

it Henri, Rev. J. B. Grenier, Rev. Fred. Caron, Rev. C. Pouliot 
it. Isidore, Rev. L. Poulin. 
it. Jean Chrysostome, Rev. P. Beaumont 
St Jean Deschaillons, Rev.*J. B. Perras. 
it Jean Port Joli, Rev. Louis Parent. 
it Joseph de la Beauce, Rev. J. Nelligan, Rev. M. Roy. 
Ste. Julie, Rev. Jos. Martel. 
Si. Lambert, Rev. F. Oliva. 
^t Lazare, Rev. E. Dufour. 
^te. Marguerite, Rev. E. Halld 

^te. Mane de la Beauce, Rev. L. Proulx, Rev. J. Chaperon. 
St Michel, Rev. George Drolet, Rev. M. Forgues. 
St Nicholas, Rev. E. BaiJlargeon. 
St Stephen, Rev. P. Desruisseaux. 
St Pierre, Riv. du Sud, Rev. F. Morin. 
St. Raphael, Rev. N. Beaubien. 
St Romuald, Rev. P. Sax. 
St Roch des Aulnets, Rev. D. H. Tetn. 
St Silvestre, Rev. M, Dowling, Rev. E. Fafard. 

it Thomas, Rev. F. Gagn^ Rev. J. R. L. Hamelin, Rev. Leveque. 

it. Valier, Rev. L. A. Proulx. 

iomerset, St Calixtus, Rev. Jos. Matte. 

triog, St Victor and St Ephrem, Rev. Job. Beland. 



Caacouna, St. George, Rev. J. C. Cloutier. 

Isle Yerte, St John the Baptist, Rev. L. Marceau. 

Kamouraskay St. Louis, Rev. A. Casgrain. 

Matane, St. Jerome, Rev. Pierre Audet. 

Metis, St. Octavias, Rev. C. Cloutier. 

Notre Dame du Portage, Rev. R Rousseau, Rev. U. Rousseau. 

Rimouski, St. Germain, Rev. M. Torques, Rev, P. Putvin. 

Allaire, Rev. P. L. Lahaye. 

Rividre Quelle, N. D. Liesse, Rev. 0. Begin. 

Riviere du Loup, Rev. Jos. Lagueux 

St. Alexandre, Rev. N. Roy. 

St Andr6, Rev. J. B. (Jagnon. 

Ste. Anne de la Pocati^re, Rev. L. A. Bourret, Rev. Michaud. 

St Ars^ne, Rev. 0. Hubert. 

St Aubert, Rev. CI. Roy, Rev. M. Fortin. 

Ste. C^cile, Rev. A. Blouin. 

St Denis, Rev. H. Potvin, Rev. E. Quertier. 

St Eloi, Rev. God. Gaudin. 

Ste. Flavie, Rev. M. Duguay. 

St Fabien, Rev. A. Ladri^re. 

Ste. Hel^ne, Rev. I. Doucet 

Ste. Lucie, Rev. G. Nadeau. 

St Modeste, Rev. R V. Dion. 

St Pacome, Rev. F. X. Begin. 

St Antonin, Temiscouta, Ac, Rev. G. Talbot 

St Paschal, Rev. P. Patry. 

St Simon, Rev. Sim. Marceau. 

Trois Pistoles, Our Lady of the Snows, Rev. L. Roy, Rev. M. Bilodeaa 

N. D. du Mount Carmel, Rev. J. Hoffman. 


Bonaventure, St Bonaventure, Rev. Andr4 Audet, Rev. Al. MaiUooZi 
Paspebiac, Our Lady, Rev. C. Fournier. 
Perce, St Michael, Rev. E. Guilmet 
Port Daniel, Rev. E. Beaulieu. 
Carleton, St Joseph, Rev. K Audet 
Doylestown, St Patrick. 
Maria, Rev. N. Gauvin. 

Grand Riviere, Our Lady, Rev. L. Desjardins. 
Ristigouche, St. Ann, Rev. P. Saucier. 

Rividreau Renard, St Martin, Rev. J. B. Blouin, Rev. Jos. Guay. 
Ste. Anne des Monts, Rev. O. Perron, Rev. S. Valine. 
Tadoussac, Rev. Augustus Bernier. 
St Anaclet, Rev. J. B. Blanchette. 
Douglastown, Rev. A. "Winter. 
Cap Rouge, St Felix, Rev. P. Drolet 
St. AppoIIinaire, Rev, J. A. de Gaspe. 
Leeds, Megantic, Rev. W. Dunn. 
Sandy Bay, L*Assomption, Rev. Jos. Dumas. ^ 
Nataskouan, Rev. M. Fournier 
Lac St Jean, Rev. P. Girard. 
Broughton, Rev. M. Hout 
8t Epiphame, Rev. N. Thivierge. 
FramptoD, St Edward, Rev. Od. Paxa^va. 
Lac Temiscouta, Rev. F. Paiadia. 


Bnckland, Key. M. Rionz. 
St. Malaehy, Rev, L. Boosseau. 


Seminary of Qnehee, dedicated to the Hol^ Family, Y. Rev. A. Tascbe- 
rean, Supr., Rev. L. Gingras, Rev. H. Laverdidre, Rev. J. Stremler, Rev. F. 
Buteau, Rev. E. M. Methot, Directors ; Rev. Ch. H. Ladiviere, Rev. O. 
Audet, Rev. F. X. Baillairg^ Rev. O. Bninet, Rev.T. R Hamel, Rev. A. 
LegarS, Rev. F. Lalibert^, Rev. P. Roossel, Rev. C. Legar^ Rev. B. Pa- 
quet, Rev. Y. Legar6, Rev. L. Beaudet, Rev. T. Chandonnet, Rev. L. EL 
Paqnet, Rev. A. Pelletier, Rev. D. Yezina. 

Univertity Laval, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, His Graee 
the Most Rev. P. F. Turgeon, Archbishop of Quebec, Yisitor; Very Rev. A. 
Taschereau, Rector ; Rev. G. H. Laverdiere, Librarian. 

St. Anne*$ College, in tiiie Parish of St Anne de la Pocatiero, Rev. F. Pi- 
lote, Sup. ; Rev. A. Blanchette, Rev. A. Peltier, Rev. N, Leclerc, Rev. F. 
Boss4, Rev. P. Dub6, Rev. B. Leclerc, Rev. L. G. Foumier, Rev. J. Yall^, 
Rev. Z. Yall^. \ 

Normal School, Male Department, Old Castle, St Louis, Rev. J. Lan- 
gevin, Principal of both Departments. Rev. A. Yezina. 

Ursuline Convent, Donacona street^ Mother St Gabriel, Supr. 10 Reli- 
gious, 200 pupils, 1M> extern pupils. They direct the Female Department 
cf Normal School. 46 pupils. Rev. M. G. L. Lemoine, Chaplain. 

Hotel Dieu, Palais and Collins streets, Mother St Antoine, Supr. 49 
religious, 86 patients. Rev. M. M. Lemieux, Chaplain, 

General Hoepital, directed by Mother St Catherine, Supr. 64 religious, 
143 inmates, including pupils and servants. Rev. M. E. Piante, Chaplain. 

Sisters of the C<mgregation of Our Lady, St Roeh's of Quebec. 18 reli- 
gious, 823 pupils; St Sauveurs, 260 pupils. 

The same Sisters direct the following Schools: 
Bale St Paul, 45 intern, 40 ex. Rimouski, 53 intern., 50 ex. 

StFamille 30 " 30 " Riviere Quelle, 18 " 88 '' 

8t Francois de Sud, 24 in. 43 " Pointe aux Trembles, 20 in., 84" 
8t Marie, 141 in all St Croix, *70 in all. 

Kamouraska, 98 pupils. ^<y(>>»^ 

Brothers of the Christian JhrtXrisBs^ direct the following Schools : 4 houses 
in Quebec, 1710 pupils. L'Islet, 82 pupils; St Marie, 125 pupils; ISt 
TThomas, 200 pupils; Pointe Levi, 58 intern., 138 extern. 

Good Shepherd of Quebec^ Sister St Yincent de Paul, Sup. ; religious, 
^9 ; Magdalens, 58 ; pupils, 300. 

Convent of Jesus Marie, at Pointe Levi, St Joseph, Mad. S. Cyprien, 
Supr. 16 religious, 160 pupils. 

Sisters of Charity, Sister Mallet, Supr., direct the following institutions: 
Quebec, religious, 37; infirm, 28; orphans, 86; pupils, 525. 

Nptre Dame de la Yictoire, religious 7 ; pupils, 125. 

Oacouna, religious, 4; pupils, 48. 




E8TABUiBn> 1886. 
Ccmprit$s the JHstriet of MatUreaL — 

Deceased Pbelate* 

Bt Bey. Jaxbi Laetigux, D.D , eons. Sltt Jan., 1821, died April 901, 1841 

Pkbsent Bishop. 

£t Ray. Ignatito Boxtrgvt, D.D., ooiwecrated July 25th, 183V, IKihop •( 

TelmeflBa and Coadjutor, suceeeded April 23d, 1840. 
YiOABA Gkhksal : Very Rey. F. Tmteau, Very Bey. A. Kftnseaii, Toy 

Rey. P. Billaudele, Very Bey. D. Qranet 
Bey. J. O. Par4, Secretarif. 


Montreal, Cathedral of St James, Bt Bey. Ignatius Bonmt, D.D., Yciy 
Bey. A. F. Trutean, Y Q., Bey. J. O. Par^ Bey. T. Hainondon, B«r. 
T. Y. Papineau, Bev. G. Lamarch^ Be?. P. L. La Pierre, Bey. E 
Moreau, Bey. E. C. Pabre, Bey. P. Leblane, Bey. G. Ohaboi, Bif. 
K Hicks^ Rey. J. Yalade, Rey. E. Moreau. 
Parish Church, Rey. H. Provost, and the Clergy of the SeIninar]^ 
St. Patrick's, Rey. P. Dowd, Rey. J. Tonpin, Rey. M. (yBri^ Ber. I 

Hogan, Bey. J. Brown, Rey. P. Bakewell. 
Notre Dame de Boa Secours, attended from the Seminary. 
Recollect Church, attended from the Seminary. 
St Anne's, Griffictown, attended from the Seminary. 
St James, Rey. A. Campion, Rey. H. Lenoir. 

St. Peter's, Rey. Father Aubert, O.M.L, Superior ; Bey. Fatlters Uo- 

nard, O.M.I., Y. Sorin, O.M.L, C. Mestre, O.M.I., Bmnet, OJLL, 

Bover, O.M.I., H. Cbarpeoa}-, A. Trudeau, Bey. — Medeyielle^ 0.1tl 

Chapel of the Hotel Dieu, Rey. A. Neroam, Bey. L. Sentenne, BeT. A 

Braise of the Seminary. v 

N. Dame de Toutes Graces, Ber. B. Granjon, Bey. P. Marsolafa. 
Coteau St. Louis, Bey. J. Tallet Bey. J. Arehambault | 
Immaculate Conception, attended from the Seminary. 
Berthier, Bey. J. F. Gagnon, Bey. M. Martin. 
Blairfindie, Bey. B. Bobert, Rev. A. Coutu. 
Bouehenrille, Rey. T. Pepin, Rey. E. Lussier. 
Chambly, Rey. P. M. Mignault, Rey. C. Martin. 
Chateauguay, Rev. L. C. Lussier, Rey. Yezina. 
Contrecodur, Rev. F. L'heureux. 
Coteau du Lac, Rev. C. Dufour, Rev. A. DumesniL 
Hemmingford, Rev. C. Boissonault 
Huntington, Rev. G. GUgnier. 

Isle Bizard, Rev. J. Perrault, Rev. P. Fortin,Rey. F. Perrault 
He du Pads, Rev. V. Plinguet 
He Perrot, Rev. L. Turcot, Rev. B. Ricsrd. 

Industrie, Yery Rev. A. Manseau, Y.G., Rev. C. Baudiy, Bey. O. Giroux 
Kildare, Rev. D. Laporte. 
LMebenaie, Bev. £. Normandm, B.ey. VL lAonn^l^^ . C>.\jii^^ 


Laehine, Isle ^e Montr^l, Rev. K. Pieh^ Rer. N. Kar^luJ, Chaplain. 

liQnoraie, Rev. G. Loranger. 

Xac des deux Montagnes, Rey. A. Meroier, Rev. A. Cuoq, Rer. — Prefon* 

Laprairie, Rer. L Grayel, Rev. J.B. Allard. 
L'AfisomptioD, Rey. F. DorvaL 
La^altrie, Rev. H. Marcotte, Rey. L. CaBanbon. 
L'EpiphaDie, Rey. F. Caisse, Rey. M. Foisy. 
Lea Cedree, Rey. M. Rouz. 

lioogne PoiDte, Isle de MontrM, Rey. J. B. DrapeaiL 
Longaeil, Rev. O. Thibanlty Rev. A. Peladeaq, Aeeistant) Rey. L. L^y^qtie, 

Director; Rey. E. Layyie, Director of the Sisters. 
Onnstown, Rev. Joseph Gagnier. 

Pointe-auz-Trerobles, Isle de Montr^l, Rey. P. Porlier, Rey. J. Pich4 
Pointe Claire, Isle de Montreal, Rey. F. Bourgeanlt. 
Rawdon, Rey. H. T. Clement 

Repentigoy, Rey. J. B. Labelle, Reys. F. Labe lie, T. Labelle. 
Rigand, Rev. P. Belanger. 

Riyiere des Prairies, Isie de Montr^l, Rey. A. Toupin. 
St Ad41e, Rey. J. Lauzon. 
Ste. Agatha, Rev. A. GiguSre. 
8t Alexis. Rey. P. Clement 
81 Alphonse, Rer. T. Provost, Rey. T. Tibodeaox. 
8t Andre, Rev. L. Boisvert 
8t Anicet, Rev. F. Roehette, Rev. Mr. Woods. 
St Anne, Isle de Montreal, Rev. Q. Ch^wefila. 

St Anne des Plaines, Rev. Champonx. 

St Antoine Abb^ Rev. F. Prudhomme. 
St Angastin, Rev. S. Th^berge. 
St Barthelemi, Rev. TJ. Archambanlt 
. St Benoit, Rev. C. Aubrey, Rev. M. Tass^. 

St Bernard de Leoolle, ReV. A. Labelle. 

St Bruno, Rev. M. Piette. 

Btir Calixte, Rev. J. B. Lemonde. . 

file. C^ile, Rev. A. Thibault 

St Clement, Rey. D. Gharland, Rev. J. L Mongeau, Rey. A Duquoy. 

St Clet, Rev. Lemire Marsolais. 

St Colnmban, Rev. J. Falvey. 

St Constant, Rev. H. Beaudry, Rev. T. Dagenau. 

St Cnthbert Rev. A. flsette. 

St. Cyprien, Rev. C F. Morrison. 

St Edward, Rev. T. £. Dagenais. 

St Elizabeth, Rev. A Dupuis^ Rev. J. Dupuis. 

St Esprit, Rev. M. Charron. 

St Eustache, Rev. L J. Guyon. 

St Felix, Rev. L J. Martel. 

St Francis de Sales, lAe Jesns, Rey. J. Watier. 

St Gabriel, Rev. F. M. Turootte, Rey. 0. Blanchard. 

St Genevieve, Isle de Montreal, Rev L. Lefebvre, Rey. E. Demers. 

St Henry, Rev. J. M. Chevigny, Rev. L Gagn6, anc cur6. 

St Hermas, Rev. J. Daqnoy. 

St. Hubert, Rey. J. B. Cousineau. 

St Isidore, Rev. N. Trudel, Rev. J. E. Dufiras. 

St Jacques de I'Achigan, Rev. D. Marshal, Rey. J. O- T'^millard. 

St Jacques le Mineur. 

jBt J»nrier, Ber. N. Pemiiilt 


St Jaan Ghrysottome, Rev. L. Pominyille. 

St. Jeaa Dorchester, Rev. C Larooqne, Rev. F. Perrfttilt ' 

St Jean de Matha, Rev. J. Belair. 

St Jacques RR. Boiasonnauit^ A. Duquoy. 

St Jerome, Rev. A. GpouIx. 

St Joseph, Rev. T. Chagnon. 

Ste. Julie, Rev. J. Th^oret 

Ste. Julienne, Rev. M. Lavallee. 

St Laurent, Isle de Montreal, Rev. Mr. St Germain, Rey. Fathers J. R^ 

Doussette, P. Gastineau, F. Veuiard, Bazogi 
St Llgouri, Rev. J. Barrette. 
St Lin, Rev. E. T. Hurteau. 
St Louis de Gonzague, Rev. J. Seguin. 
St Luc, Rev. H. Morin, Rev. M. Quintal. 
St Marthe, Rev. D. Berard. 

St Martin, Isle Jesus, Rev. P. 0. DuH Rev. A. Taaak 
Ste. Ilartine, Rev. K Blyth. 
Ste. Molanie, Rev. F. JeanLotte. 
St Michel, Rev. J. B. Champeau. 
St Norbe; t. Rev. J. Saint Aubin. 
St Paul, Rev. T. L. Brassard, Rev. P. Baudry. 
St Paul the Hermit Rev. L. J. Huot 
St Philip, Rev. A. Proulx. 
Ste. Philoraene, Rev. P. Poulin. 
St Placide, Rev. E. Desmeraia. 

St Polycarpe, Rev. B. F. Cholette, Rev. 0. L. Vinot • 
St Regis, Rev. F. X. Marcoux. 
St Remi, Rev. S. Tasse, Rev. W. Seers. 
St Roch de I'Achigan, Rev. M. Brassard, Rev. Pepin. 
Ste. Rose, Isle Jesus, Rev. P. Brunet, Rev. Bernab^. 
St Saveur, Rev. M. Caisse. 

Ste. Scholastique, Rev. J. Brisette, Rev. G. Leclerc, Rev. E Bonia. 
Ste. Sophie, Rev. 

St Stanislas Kostka, Rev. T. Berard. 
St Sulpice, Rev. E Sirs. 
St. Therese, Rev. L. Dagenais. 
St. Thomas, Rev. J. O. Chicoine. 
St Timothee, Rev. C. Clement 
St Urbain, Rev. A- J. Martinean. 
St Valentin. 

St Vincent de Paul, Isle Jesus, Rev. N. LayaUee, Rey. J. Sauvd. I 
St Zotique, Rev. J. Lasnier. 

Sault au Recollet, Isle Montreal, Rev. J. J. Vinet, Rev, M. Mireau^t 
Sault St. Louis, Rev. Fathers Antoine and Burton. 
Sherrington, Rev. J. Primeau. 
Terrebonne, Rev. J. Graton. 
Varennes, Rev. J. Desautels, Rev. P. B^dard, Assistant ; Rev. J. B. BolI^ 

bonnais, Rev. C. Dugas, chaplain, Ac. ; Rev. Mr. Gaudet, Director to th« 

Vandreuil, Rev. J Leclerc. 
Vercheres, Rev. R. 0. Bnineau, Rev. D. A. Gravel, Rev. F. L'Heureoi 


Seminary of St. Sulpice^ Montreal, Very Rev. D. Granet^ V. G., Sap«- 
rior; Rev. P. Billaudelc, Rev. 3. ComU,U<iN,5. kctva*^ 'l^tocur. ; Rev. L 



Regourd, Rot. L. YilleDeuye, Rev. E. Picard, Rey. M. Bonisaant, Eoondme ; 
Rev, A. Barbarin, Rev. J. AoustiD, Rev. L. Pelissier, Rey. L. BillioD, Rey. 
H. Pr6vo8t, Cure d'Office; Rev. V. Rousselot, Rev. F.Daiiia, Rev. J. Per- 
rault^ Rev. J. Palatin, Rev. J. Laean, Rev. C. Desmaures, Rev. A. Giband, 
Rev. J. Bardy, Rev. D. Tambareau, Rev. P. RouaBeau, Rev. L. Colin, 
Rev. OTarraU, Rev. 4^. Leolair, Rev. Gilbert 

GfreeU Seminary, under the direction of the Snlpitians, Rev. J. Bayle, 
Rev. L. L. Billon, Rey. B. Larue, Rev. H. Ronzel, Rev. A. Yacher, Direc- 
tors ; Rev. A. Tranchemontagne. 50 Beminariaua. 

CoUeae of Montrealt directed by the Sulpitiani^ Rev. C. Lenoir, Presi- 
dent; KR. J. De Lavigne, J. Singer, Moyen, Lefebvre, and Santennes, Pro- 
fessors ; Rev. T. Parent, Rev. P. Deguerre ; ^00 pupils. 

St, Mary*8 College, directed by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus, Rev. 
L. Sach6, S. J., President ; Rev. A. Larcher, S.J., Rev. F. Michel. S.J., Rev. 
A. Regnier, Rev. J. Sherlock, Rev. F. Lo Pinto, Rev. G. Schneider, Rev. J. 
Mainguy, Rev. P. Bertrand,;Rey. T. D. Matini, Rev, V. Beaudevin, Rev. 
H. Glackmeyer. 

College of 8t, Therese, Rev. & Tas86, President; Rev. J. Aubry, Rev. L. 
Bagenais, Rev. M. Tass4, Rev. Mr. Consineau, Rev. L. A. Charlebois; 150 

College of Assumption, Rev. D. Laporte, Director; Rev. N. Barret, Rev. 
Mr. Yezina, Rev. Mr. Richotte, Rev. G. Laporte; 160 pupils. 

College Masson, Rev. A. Theberge, President ; Rev. J. Desautels. 

St, Joseph^e Novitiate of the Society of Jems, Sault au RecoUet, Rev. J. 
Perron, Rev. D. Yitale, Rev. N. Point 

Brothers of the Christian Schools, Brother Facile, Provincial ; Brother 
Turibius, Director. 

Clerks of St. Viateur, Rev. P. Champagneur, Superior; They direct 
Jolliet CoUege and similar institutions at Ricaud, St Andre, St Roch, 
Yerehdres, ]£>ucheryille^ Longueuil, Beloeil, and the Deaf and Dumb Asy- 
lum at Coteau St. Louis, Mile End. 

Josephite Brothers of the Holy Gross, directed by the Salvatorist Fathers 
of the Holy Cross» Rev. J. P. R^z^, Superior ; Rev. Fathers Yeniard, Des- 
prez, Lagorce. 

Hotel Hieu (Hospital), Montreal, directed by the Hospital Nuns of St 
Joseph, Mother Pag6, Superior ; 44 nuns, 15 novices, 84 old men, 75 pa- 
tients, 68 orphan boys, 15 orphan girls. 

St Patrick^s Hospital^ Montreal, directed by the Hospital Nuns of St 
Joseph, Mother Davignon, Superior; 80 patients. 

Sisters of the Congregation of our Lady, Sister St Magdalen, Superior ; 
227 professed ; 69 novices and postulants, 84 missions, 1,645 pupils in the 
Mission Schools in the diocese, 9 schools, and 2,842 pupils in the city 

Sisters of Charity, commonly called Grey Nuns ; Sister M. J.'Hainault 
Deschampst Superioress ; 128 professed nuns in the Mother-House, 14 
novices, and 25 postulants. They direct, in the city of Montreal, the fol- 
lowing institutions : 

General Hospital, for old men, infirm women, orphans, boys and girls, 
foundlings, upwaids of 500 inmates ; over 8,000 visits are maae to the sick 
and poor in the city. 

8t Joseph's Asylum, Cemetery street, for orphan girls and infirm wo- 
men. Sister TJ. C. Charlebois, Superior. 220 inmates. 

St, Patricias Asylum, near St. Patrick's Church, for Irish orphans, boys 
and girls. Sister C. Forbes, Superior ; 280 inmates. 

8t JoiepKs Infant School^ St Bonaventure, Bonayeiitas^ %Vx^^\>\ ^^^ 


SUtera of Charity, oommoaly colled: SbUni of Proridenee, Sister 8t» 
Philotnene, Superior. 

Gowtefit and Academy of tlu LadUm of the Saored Mmrt, at Saaft ftu B^ 
collet, Madame Trineano, Superior. 

MonoMtertf of the Good Shepherd, Mother Mary of St GabHel, Snperior. 

Sisters of the Holy Natne of Jente and Mary, #t LoogiMiiil, BiM 
Teresa of Jesus, Superior. 

Za Matemke, SSster Jane de Ghaatal, Superior. 

Sietere of St. Anne, at 84. Jaoques de TAehigan, ^ster Mary. Soperlor. 

Sietera of the Seuen DoUre, Spottier Mary of the Se^ea JMon^ Siq^eiior. 


Priests 238 Asvlnms S 

Eeclesiastioal InstitutioDa. 2 Religious Ckjmmiini^ee of Womea 9 

Colleges. t Hospitalt S 



Comprieee the Diitriet of Three Rivere and part of Si. FraneiM. 


Rt Rev. Thomas Cookb, D.D., Ist Bishop, eoDsecrated Ootober 18th 

YioARs Gvneral: Very Rey. G. O. CiaoN, Very Rer. Thomas CAM»r, 
and Very Rev. Louis LAFLftoHE. ^ 

SjsoBSTAaT : ISier, T. Lottinville. 


City of Three Rivers, Cathedral of Three Rivers, Ri Rev. Thomas Coo\%, 
D.D., Very Rev. L. Lafl^che, Rev. T. Toupin, R. S. Bheaull^ Rer. t 

Ursuline Chape!, the Very Rev. C. O. Caron, Chaplain. 


Ste. Anne la Parade, Rev. A. Dupuis, E. Guertin, Viear. 

St Prosper, Rev. C. Dion. 

Batisean, Rev. W. Frichette. 

Ste. Genevieve, Rev. C. Chabot 

St. Stanislas, Rev. J. B. Olsoampa. 

St Tite, Rev. M. Proulx. 

Champlain, Rev. D. Marooux. 

St Luc, Rev. A. Bouchard. 

St Narcisse, Rev. L. O. Desilets. 

St Maurice and Notre Dame du Mont Carniel, Rev. G. Dahatdt^ Rev. 0. 

St Etienne des Grds, Rev. A. Noiseux. 

St Boniface and Sta. Flore» Rev. D. Comeau. 
Poiiite-du-Lae, Rev. J. H. LasaiaeTale. 
Bt, BamabS, Bay. T. K Birois. 



YamMhiche, Rer. J. H. ]>orion. M. Marohand, Yiear. 

St G^yerd, Rev. F. Turgeon. 

St Lbon, Rev. L. Aubry, Rev. T. H. Desaulniers, Vicar. 

St Panlin, Rev. L Larne. 

Riviere-da-Loup, Rev. J, Boucher. 

llasldnoDge, Rev. L. Ed. Bois. 

St. JuttiD, Rev. H. BeUemare. 

Ste. trrside. Rev. A. Mayrand. 

8U. Didace, Rev. P. Befiemare. 

Sta ^igitte, Rev. J. B. Leclerc 

Ste. Monfque, Rev. Z. Rousaeao. 

Nicolet, Rev. L. T. Fortier. 

St Pierre Gelestio, St Leonard, and St Wenceslafl^ Rev. R, C. Marquif, Rev. 

H. Richard, Vicar. 
St Gr^goire, Rev. J. Harper, H. Trahan, Vicar ; Rev. Vervaia, Rev. J. 

Guillemette, Chaplain of the Sisters of the Aasumptiou. 
B<ecancoart, Rev. L. G. Mdlo. 
St Louis de Blondford, Rev. A. GarufeL 
Ste. Gertrude, llev. P. de Villers. 
Gentilly, Rev. L. H. Dostie. 
St Pierre les Becquets, Rev. J. Bailey, Rev. 0. Lupine, Vicar. 


Baie-du-F^bvre, Rev. D. Paradis, Rev. J. B. Chretien, Vicar. 

St ZSphirin, Rev. A. Marcoux. 

St Thomas de Pierreville, Rev. J. Maurealut^ Rev. A. Snuth, Vicar. 

St Fran^ois-du-Lae, Rev. J. Paradis. 

Si Michel d'Yamaska, Rev. L, Tourigny, T. Martel, Vicar. 

St David, Rev. G. B. Chartr6; Rev; J. Tessier, Vicar. 


St Andre d* Acton and St Theodore, Rev. K Ricard, P. Quinn, Vicar. 


St Guillaume and St Bonaventure, Rev. N. Eeroack, Rev. Desaolnien^ 

St. Germain, Rev. F. Baillargeon. 
Drummondviile, Rev. J. Prince, Rev. L. D^lets, Vicar. 
St Felix de Kingsey, Rev. A. Charest 
St Pierre de Durham, Rev. T. Gouin. 
St Patrice de Tingwick, Rev. O. Beaubien. 
St M^dard de Warwick, Rev. T. Lacoursidre. 

St Christophe and Victoriaville, Rev. P. H. Suxor, Rev. A. Barolet^ Vicar. 
St Paul, and Sts. Anges, Rev. D. GarufeL 
St Norbert d'Athabaska, Rev. P. Roy. 
St Eus^be de Stanfold, Rev. N. Pelletier. 
St Valdre, Sta. Clotilde, and Sta. Eulalie, Rev. R Dauth. 


Richmond and Danville, Rev. L. Trahan. 

St Hyppolite de Wotton, St Gamille, and St Urbain, Rev. C. Hameliii» 

Rev. C. Bochet, Vicar. 
St Bomaia and St Gabriel de Stratford, Rev. F. H. Vaniuae* 
St Janvier and St Olivier, Rev. G. B^Uiveau. 



Seminary of Nicolet, Very Rev. T. Caron, Sup. ; Rey. BT. Bellemarei Di- 
rector ; ReY. Isaac Gelinas, Professor of Divini^ ; Rev. T. X Cot6, Pro- 
cureur ; Rev. F. X. Desaulniers, M. 6. Proulz, «f. Blaia, and Ir^n^e Boo- 
ville. Professors; and 15 Ecclesiastics, Professors and Tutors. N'uinberef 
Students, 200. 

OoUeffe of Three Rivera, Rev. E. Pannetou, Director; Rev. N. Hdroui; 
Professor of Divinity ; Rev. L. Pothier, Professor, and 7 Eeclesiasties^ Flro> 
fessors and Tutors. J^Tumber of Students, 180. 

Ursuline Convent and Academy, Mother Ste. Jeanne de Cfaantal, Sup.; 
Religious, 66 ; Pupils, Boarders, 50 ; Externs, 200. 

Convent of the Sisters of tJu Congregation, at Yamaehiehe, 4 Sisters; 80 
Pupils, Boarders ; 100 Extems. 

Convent of the Sisters of the Congregation at Sta. Anne La Pgrade^ 4 Sis* 
ters ; 80 Pupils, Boarders ; 80 Externa 

Convent of the Sisters of the Assmtpiion, at St. Or^goire, 6 Sisters; 70 
Pupils, Boarders ; 60 Externa 


Established 1862. 

Comprises the Counties of St. Hyacinth, Richelieu^ RowilU, JUUnsqmif 
Shefford, Stanstead, in the District of Montreal^ and Mght T<nonsh\p» of 
the CowrUy of Sherbrooke, in the District of SL Francis, 

Present Bishop. 
Rt. Rev. Joseph La Rooqus, consecrated Bishop of Gydonia and Coadjutor 
of Montreal, October 28, 1862 ; Bishop of St Hyacinth, June 2% 186a 

Rt. Rev. JoHir Chs. Prince, consecrated Bishop of Martyopolis aud Coad- 
jutor of Montreal, July 25, 1845, transferred to St. Hyacinth June 8^ 
1862, died May 6, 1860. 

Very Rev. E. Crevier, Very Rev. J. S. Raymond, Vicars OeiMral, 
"Rev, L Moreau, Secretary. 

St. Hyacinth, Cathedral, Rev. P. Lafrance, Rev. L Z. Moreau, Rev. F. 

Aubry, Rev. C. Pontin, Rev. J. P. Dupuy, Rev. L H. Lassalle. 
St Hyacinth, Rev. F. Aubry, Pastor ; Rev. T. V. Papineau, Bev. L. B. 

Our Lady of Rosary, Rev. E. Leeonrs, Pastor; Rev. 0. Guy, AasHtant; 

Rev. A. Langlois, O.S.D. 
St. Rosalie, Rev. G. Marchesseau. 
St. Dominique, Rev. F. Befour. 
St. Simon, Rev. H. L. Girouard. 
St Ephrem, Rev. F. R. Michon. 
St Liborius, attended from St. Ephrem. 
St Helfene, Rev. J. B. Dupuy, Jr. 

St Huguea, Rev. L M. Archambault, Pastor ; Rev. J. B. Dahamel, Aa^ 
Bl Jude, Bey, C. E. Fortin. 


ab4 Rev. A. Dcsnoyers: • 

tioD, Rer. J. Beauregard, Pastor ; Ber. L. G. Blanchard, Asoslant. 
sue, Rev. F. H. Brunet 

s, Rev. A. O'Donnell, Pastor; Rev. F. Pratte, Assistant. 
1es» Rev. J. M. Balthazard. 
re, Rev. I. Soly. 
ias, Rev, L Hardy, 
y of Richelieu, Rev. 8. C. Hotte. 

a, Very Rev. Crevier, Pastor ; Rev. G. S. Derome, Rev. J. S. Tau- 

lie, Attended from St Marie. 
Baptiste, Rev. P. H^vey. 

ire, Rev. J. A. Proven 9al, Pastor; Rev. I. Deanoyers, A8?istant. 
Rev. J. Crevier, Paet<)r ; Rev. J. Quinn, Assistant 
ford, St. Paul, Rev. C. St Georges, 
irdien. Rev. P. L. Par6. 

t Peter, Rev. H. Millier, Pastor ; Rev. C. A. Delacroix, Rev. M. 
D, Rev. J. O. Le Blanc, Assistants. 
, Immaculate Conception, Rev. J. B. Belanger. 
L, Rev. N. Hardy, 
are, Rev. J. B. Durother. 
jrt. Rev. F. Z. Dumontier. 
J, Rev. J. Le Blanc, 
icl, Rev. P. A. Sylvestre. 
ine, Rev. J. B. Dupuy, Sr. « 

; Rev. J. E. Leveque. 

H. Matthieu, Rev. A. Lemay, Pastor; Rev. 0. Pelletier, Assistant; 
S. Durocher. 

inase, Rev. J. Z. Restlier. 

•ge's, Rev. T. St Aubin, Pastor; Rev. L. S. Lambert, Assistant 
andre. Rev. 0. Desorry, Pastor ; Rev. P. Gatmeau, Assistant 
foire. Rev. O. Monet 
ide, Rev. J. R Germain. 
Lge, Our Lady of Angels, Rev. B. J. Leclaire. 
I, Holy Cross, Rev. G. J. Browne. 
St Andrew, Rev. G. J. Browne. 
1, St Romuald, Rev. £. Springer. 
f. Sacred Heart of Mary, Rev. M. McAnley. 
I, St Francis Xavier, Rev. C. Boucher, 
him, Rev. C. Boucher, 
e. Rev. L. E. Poulin. 
St Stephen, Rev. L. E. Poulin. 
BV, N. D. Bonsecours, Rev .N. Gauthier. 
Joseph, Rev. A. B. Dufresne. 

St John Baptist, Rev. J. D. Michon, Pastor; Rev. F. P. Coi^, Assist 
St Cecile, Rev. J. Gaboury. 
irien, Rev. J. B. Veronneau. 

oke, St Michel, Rev. A. E. Dufresne, Vat^tor ; Rev. P. XJ. Brim- . 

^t Camille, attended from Sherbrooke. 
on, attended from Sherbrooke. 
id, S. Heart of Jesus, Rev. A D. Limogeai 
St Patrick, Rev. F. Z. Mondor. 
St Catherine, Rev. F. Z. Mondor. 

D, 8t Thomas Aquinas, Rev. J. B. Chariier, Pa«toT\ Ban.^.^^^sl- 
, Assistant 



Hereford, St YiDoent, attended from Ck>mptoii. 

Contioook, attended from Compton. 


Clifton, " 

Island Pond, « " 


Semirntfy of 8i. Hyacinth, Very Rev. J. 8. Raymond, V.G., President; 
Rev. I. S. Desaulniera, Professor of Philosophy ; Kev. P. Dnfreine, Rer. P. 
Leveque, Director ; Rev. F. Teetreau, Rev. J. J. Prince, Rer. If. Gkidaid, 
Rev. P. S. Oendron, Rev. R. Lame, Rev. R Onellette, Pro£ of Theology; j 
Rev. F. Gigault) Rev. A. Dumesnil, and 12 Eoclesiastios Professors. About ; 
200 students. 

Academy Oirauard, St Hyacinth, Rev. R Ponlin, Prbcipal ; Rev. K 
Garboury, Rev. T. St Germain, Rev. M. Beaudry, and Mr. T. Picard, Fro- 
fessors; 160 students. 

College of Montioir, St Marie, Rev. G. S. Hertson, Director ; Rev. J. & 
Tanpier, Prefect of Studies, and 7 Eodesiastics Professors; 120 students. 

College of Sherbrookc^ Rev. A. £. Dufiresne, President, and two Uj 
teachers ; about 50 students. 

Academy of Sorely under the direction of the Brothers of Ghristisi 
Schools ; Brother Geffrey, Director, and 5 brothers ; 860 students. 

Academy of 8t AimS^ undec^ the direction of the Fathers of the Holj 
Cross ; Rev. C. Lefebvre, President ; Brother Louis de Gonzague, C|reetor, 
and 4 brothers ; about 100 students. ^ 

Academy of Belceil^ under the direction of the Clercs of- St Viateur; 
Brolher Donset, Director, and 8 brothers ; 60 studeuta 

Hospital of St. Hyacinth, or Convent of Gray Nuns, Rev. Mother Janroa, 
Superioress ; 40 professors, 8 novices, 6 postulants. These Sisters are de- 
voted ,to the care of the sick and infirm of both sexes ; they vinlt also tfat 
sick and dying at their places. 

Hospital of Richelieu, Sorel, under the charge of Gray Nuns of St Hja* 
einth ;' Sister Bedini, Sister Servant, and 6 sisters. 

V Monastery of the Precious Blood, St Hyacinth. This new Community wM 
erected two years ago by the Right Rev. Bishop of St Hyacinth, partieii- 
larly to honor the I^ecious Blood of our Saviour and the Immaculate Cos* 
oeption of Mary. Rev. Mother Catherine Aurelie, of the Precious Bloody 
Superioress ; 6 professors, 6 novices, 6 postulants. 

Academy of Holy Angels, St Hyacinth, under the direction of theOrty 
Kuns, for the education of the poor girls of the city ; Sister Marchesseu, 
Directress, and 4 sisters ; about 300 pupils. 

Convent of the Presentation of Mary, St. Hyacinth. This Community, 
whose mother-house is at Bourg St Aud^ol, Diocese of Vivlers, Franee, 
was established in the Diocese in 1863, for the education of young ladica 
About 200 pupils ; Rev. Mother Mary St C^lestinCi Superioress ; 44 pro* 
fessors, 11 novices, 1 postulants. 

Presentation Cotivent, St Marie, Sister Mary St Charles, Direetre«, tad 
6 sisters; 110 pupila 

Presentation dmvent, St Hugues, Sister Mary XaveiiiM^ Biraelrei^ lad 
4 sisters ; 90 pupils. 

Presentation Convent, St Cesaire, Sister Mary St Ignaoe^ TTirnrtriiit **^ 
4 sisters ; 140 pupils. 
J^reseniaium Citrnven^, St Aim^ Sister Mary St Eagtoe, IMr«etr«i^ tad 
-6gi$ten; iOO pupils. 


PretentatioH OotwetU, St George, Suter Mftry of thePreeioiis Blood, Di- 
rectress, and 5 sisters ; 170 papi& 

Convent of Congregation, if, D., Sorel, Sbter St. Doriih^ IHreotreflit 
and 8 sisters; 350 pupils. 

Convent of Congregation^ N, Z>., St Denis, Sister St Isidore, Directress^ 
and 4 sisters ; 100 pupils. 

Convent of Congregation^ N. D., Sherbrooke, Sister St OolombaD, D8^ 
rectress, and 8 sisters ; 100 pupils. 

Convent of Holy Namet of Jeeus and Mary, Beloeil, Sister Mary de Bon 
Seooiirik Directress, and 4 sisters ; 100 pu^ls. 

Convent of Holy Namee of J, M,, St Hilaire, Sister Marj^ Boscr, Direet- 
reas^ and 8 sisters; 80 pupils. 


Clergymen in the Parishes *l% Parishes and Missions 67: 

" otherwise employed . 15' Academies ; i 

<* retii^d from ministry 5 Convents , 14 

Colleges. 8 Schools in the Parishes and Mia- 

^eminary 1 sions •••860 

itudenta in Theology 40 Catholic Population. . • • • . •121,600 



First Bishop. 


ttb Bey. Joseph Eugene Bruno Guigues, DJ>., conseeratsed' Jnly 80, 1S48. 
"^lOARS Geneeal— Very Rev. D. Dandurand, O.M.L, Very Ber. J. H. Ta 

baret, O.M.I. 
flOKSTABT — Ber. John O'Connor. 


Kty of Ottawa, U. C, Cathedral of Mary Imniaeulate, Very Iter. DaqiaBe 
Dandurand, Vic. Gen., O.M.E., Michael Molioy, O.MX— JSneaii Daw- 
son, H. Manroit, O.M.L 
Lowertown, St. Joseph, Rev. J. Guillard, O.M.L 
Uppertown, St Andrew, Rev. Pat. McOrath, O.M.L 
Missionnaire des Chantiers, Rev. L. Reboul, O-M-X, Rev. 0. St 

Gen'jral Hospital— Chaplain, T. A. Grenier, O.M.L 


^bbitibi (Baie d' Hudson), St George, attended from T4Dnskara:]|g. 
Ubany (Baie d' Hudson), St Simon, from Temiskaming. 
Ulumettes, St Anne, Rev. J. Lynch, Ph. Maurel, vie ^ 
kylmer, St Paul, Rev. J. Michel. 
Sristol, St Edward, par Onslow. 

^ackingham, St Grdgoire de Naziance, Rev. L. Jouvent, T. Bjady, ano. 


Galnmet, St. Aime, Rer. L. Ouellet 

Chatham, St, Philippe, Rev. J. Mancip. 

Ohelaea, St Etienne, Rev. P. Mo. Goes. 

Eardly, St. Marguerite, from Aylmer.. 

Fort William, St. Simeon, from Allmnettea 

Franktown, St Elizabeth, from Calumet 

Grand Lac, St Clotilde, from Riviere du Desert 

Grenville, N. D. des 7 Douleurs, from Chatham. 

Hull (near Chelsea), St Elizabeth, 26 Juillet, from Chelsea. 

Hull (near Ottawa), K. D. de Bon Secoun, from tl\« Cathedral, OtUw 

Joachim, St Joachim, from Allumettea. 

La Blanche, St Bruno, from St Joseph of Gloucester. 

La Gatineau, St Francois de Sales, Rev. J. Ginguet * 

La Pdche, St. C6cile, Rev. L. Tremont 

Loc Haber, St Jean TEvanggliste, from Buckingham. 

Matawan (Baied' Hudson), St Eustaohe, from T^miskaming. 

Montachin, St Rose de lima, from Riviere du Desert 

Monte Bello, N. D. de Bon Secours, Rev. M. Bourassa. 

Onslow, St Brigitte, Rev. A. B. Casey. 

Papineau-ville, St AngMique, Rev. J. David. 

Portage du Fort, St M61anie, Rev. A. O'Malley. 

Ripon, St. Blandine, from St Andr^ Avellin. 

Riviere du D^ert, K D. du Dfisert, RR., P.P., Oblate, T3L I>el6age^ L. Bi 

W. Corbett 
Riviere du Lievre, St Alexis, from Buckingham. 
St Andr6 Avellin, St. Andre Avellin, Rev. C. Guillaume. 
St Gabriel, St Gabnel, from RiviSre du D^ert 
St Malachie, St Malachie, from Buckingham. 
St Marie du Lac, St Marie, from Wakefield- 
Sheen, St Paul 1* Ermite, from Allumettes. 
Temiskaming (Baie d' Hudson), St. Claude, R.R., P.P., Oblats, J. M. 1 

L. Lebret, C. Mourier. " 

Yiotoria Farm, Visitation, from RiviSre du Desert 
Wakefield, St Pierre, Rev. C. Gay. 


Alfred, St Anacletus, attended from Plantagenet 
AMonte, St Fabian, from Huntly. 
Arn Prior, St Chrysostom, from tortage du Fort 
Bord de PEau, St Januarius, from East Hawkesbury. 
Browmley, Annunciation, from Eganville. 
Brudenel (Opeongoraad), StHilarion, Rev. P. Codet 
Caledonia Spring, St. Hugh, from L' Original. 
Clarence, St Fehcitas, from Cumberland. 
Cumberland, St Anthony, Rev. O. Boucher. 
East Hawkesbury, St Eugene, Rev. M. J. Collins, 
i^ville, St Fidele, Rev. J. Byrne. 
Fitzroy, St. Matthew, from Paokingham. 
i Oloucettor, Visitation, Rev. J. O'Brien. 
€k>ulbum, St. Sylvester, from Richmond, 
Huntly, St Michael, Rev. E. Vaughan. 
La Passe, Mount Carmel, Rev. A De Saunhao. 
Lavent, St Pachomius, from Huntly. 

Long laLand, St Pd^er Chrysologus, from the Cathedral of Ottawa. 
L' Origoal, St John the Baptist, Rqt. A. Bixui^Xk 


kfareh, St Isidore, from the Catheclral of Ottawa. 

tfcNab, St Alexander, from Poi-tage du Fort. 

lietcalf, St Catharine^ from Gloucester. 

tfonnt St. Patrick, St Chrysostom, from Renfrew. 

S^epean, St Jude, from Richmond. 

>agood, St John Evangelist, Rev. T. O'Boyle. 

Osgood, on the Rideau, St Bridget, from Osgood. 

Packingham, St Celestian, Rev. B. McFeely. 

Pembroke, St Colnmban, Rev. J. Gillie. 

Plantagenet, St Lnke, Rev. C. Bertrand. 

Elenfrew, St. Francis Xavier, Rev. J. Bouvier. 

EUchmond, St Peter, Rev. P. O'ConnelL 

R.us8ell, St JameB*8, from Cumberland. 

§t Joseph of Gloucester, St. Joseph, Rev. A. Chaine. 

3t. Nicolas, St. Nicolas', from Gloucester. 

^bastopol, St Benedict, from BrudeneL 

Snake River, St Pius, from La Passe. 

South Plantagenet) St Bernard, from Plantagenet 

Springtown, St Raphael, from Renfrew. 

Vanklec Hill, St Gregory, from L'OrignaL 


Diocesan Seminarv, V. Rev. J. H. Tabaret, Via Gen., O.M.L, Superior; 
Rev. Adolphe Tortel, O.M.I., Professor of Moral Theology; Rev. J. Le- 
febvre, O.M.I., Prot of Dogm. Theology. Whole number of students, 20. 

8L JosepKs College, V. Rev. J. H. Tabaret, Vic Gen., O.M.I., President ; 
Rev. Roger Cook, O.M.I., Rev. J. B. Baudin, A. Derbuel, O.M.I., J. Barrett, 
O.M.I., J. McCarthy, O.M.L, J. B. Genin, O.M.L, Olivier Boucher, P. Ber- 
oier, A. Brennan, B. Byrne. Number of pupils, 130. * 

General Hospitaly Sisters of Charity, Sister Elizabeth Bruy^re, Superior. 
There are 65 professed Sisters in this monastery, and 28 novices. They 
have charge also of a boarding school which is frequented by 105 boarders, 
and of all the day schools of girls in tjie lower town, including 692 pupils. 
Number of pupils, 797 ; 30 of the above number of professed Ssters are on 


Churches ....*;..... 34 Clerical Students 20 

dhapels 46 College 1 

Clergymen Secular 81 Hospital 1 

** Regular 19 Academies 2 

Churches built during the year. . 8 Separate Schools in city 12 

" now buildiog 4 Average attendance 1,700 

Ecclesiastical Institutions 3 Catholic population 75,000 

282 DiocBsx or Korasroir. 


Ebtablirhbd 1826. 

Comprisen the Counties of Olengarry, Starmcnt, Jhmda9, Ltmark, OrtmwWk 
Leeds, Frontenae, Acldiugt<m, Len*u>x, Prince Mdward,' Mawtinfft, IF^rUh 
umberlandf Peterboro, Jhkrham, tmd Ftcforta. 

Deceased Prelates. 

Right Rev. Alxxander MaoDonell, died 1840. 

Right Rev. Remigius Gauun, *' 1867. 

Right Rev. Pateiok Puxlan " 186%. 

Present Bishop. 

Right Rev. Edward John Hoban, consecrated Itt Ifay^ IQ^S. 

ViearS'General^—Yerj Rev. John McDonald, Very Rev. J. H. MeDoaai^ 

Very Rev. Patrick Dollant 


City ci KiDgstoD, Cathedral of the Immaculate Ooneepiion, Johnsoft d. 

Residence, Johnson street Right Rev. K J. Horao, D.D, ; Very Rev. 

P. Dollard, V.G. ; Rev. J. B. Ooaillard, Rev. James Ixkuiergftii. H^ 

Mass, 10 A.M. ; Vespen^ 8 p.m. 
Chaplain of Provincial Penitentiary, Rev. J. B. Couillard. 
Alexandria, St Flnian, Rev. J. J. Chisholm, D.D. 
Asphodel, St Paul, Rev. J. Qairk. 
Belleville, St Michael, V. Rev. M. Brennan, R.D. ; Assistaiit, Rev. J. Bnft- 

Bleasington, St Charles, Rev. George Brophy. 
Bowmanville, St Joseph, from Port Hope. 
Bedford, St Francis of Assiaium, from Westport 
Brockville, St Francis Xavier, Rev. Hy. Byrnes. 
Brewer's Mills, St Barnaby, from Gananoque. 
Camden, St Anthony, Rev. J. Mclnt^re, D.D. 
Carden, Our B. Lady Help of Christians, from Lindsay. 
Coburg, St Polycarp, Rev. M. Timlin. 
Cornwall, St Columban, Rev. J. S. O'Connor. 
Dalhousie Mills, St Margaret, from St Raphael. 
Douro, St Joseph, Kev. J. Lynch. 
Emily, St Luke, Rev. B. Coyle. 
Ennismore, St Martin, from Emily. 
Frankford, St Francis, from Trenton. 
Ferguson's Falls, St Patrick, from Perth. 
Gananoque, St John the Evangelist, Rev. P Walsh ; former Ptetor, Rav 

J. R. Kossiter 
Hastings, Our B. Lady of Mount Carmel, Rev. J. Quirk; 
Howe Island, St Philomena, from Gananoque. 
Hungerford, St John the Baptist, Rev. Edm. B. Lawler. 
Isle of Tanty, St Bartholomew, from Loughboro. 
KemptviUe, Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Rev. Wm. Hartj. 
Keene, St John the Evangelist, from Peterboro. 
J-dtiag Sault^ Our Lady of Grace, {tom Covu^sW 


Loehiel, St Alexander, Rer. Alexis MeDoBeU. 

Kitley, St. Philip of Neii, . 

Lindflay, Parifioation B; V. M., Rer. James Farrelly. 

JLou^Doro, St. Patrick, Rev. Thomas McMahon. 

Ifimckville, St Anue, from Kemptville. 

Madoc, St Malachy, from Hangerford. 

Ufarmora, St Matilda, from Hungerford. 

If ariatowD, Presentation B. Y. ]£, Rev. J. R. Meade. 

Matilda, , from Mariatown. 

Hallorrtown, St James, from Brockyille. 

Siorrisburg, from Mariatown. 

Hoantain, 8t Daniel, from Kemptville. 

19'apanee, St Patrick, from Blessington. 

Perth, St John the Baptist, Very Rev. J. H. McDonagh, V.G. ; Assistant, 

Rev. Joseph Brown. 
Peterboro, St Peter in Chains, V. Rev. 01. Kelly, R.D. 
Percy, St Jerome, from Hastings. 
Philupeville, Holy Japanese Martyrs^ from Westport 
Picton, St Gregory, Rev. Murt Lalor. 
Port Hope, Our Lady of Mercy, Rev. J. Madden, D.D. 
Preston, St Mark, Rev. Edm. P. Roche. 
Roxbnry, Oar Lady of Angels, from St Andrews 
Seymour, Visitation of B. V.M, from Hastings. 
St Andrews, St Andrew, V. Rev. George A. Hay, R.IX 
8t Raphael, St Raphael, Very Rev. John McDonald, V.G. 
Sheffi^d, Assumption B. V. M., Rev. B. Higgins. 
Smith's Falls, St Francis of Sales, Rev. M. Clone. 
Tyendanaga, Holy Name of Mary, Rev. M. Mackey. 
l>enton, St Denis, Rev. Henry Brettargh. 
Tronpetown, Apparition of St Michael, from Preseott 
WeUington, St Francis, Rev. J. Quinlan. 
Weatport, St Edward, Rev. J. V. Foley. 
Williamstown, Nativitj B. V. M., Rev. Isaac McCartiiy. 
Winchester, Presentation B. V. M., from Morri^town. 
Wolf Island, Sacred Heart of Mary, Rev. J. Stafford. 


College of JUgiopolU^ Rev. Angus McDonell, D.D., President ; Rev. J. 
O'Brien, M.A., Director of Studies; Rev. J. Matte, MJL, Professor of liti- 
loaophy; M. McManus, Thomas Lee, Frs. Walker, M. Kane; M. Staunton, 
Professor of French, C. H. Guthrie; Music, Mr. Wm. Ounniagham; Num- 
ber of pupils, 52, ecclesiastical students^ 14. 

School, under the direction of the Christian Brothers; number of brothers 
6, Brother Arnold of Jeeus, Director ; 6 classes, 849 pupils. 

FemaXe Academy in Kingston, under the Ladies of the Oongregatioa of 
Our Lady, Sister St Frances, Superioress ; number of pupils in Select sohodl, 
87. Free School conducted by the same Sisters ; number of pupils, 812. 

Female Aeadetny, Belleville, under the Ladi^ of Loretto, Rev. Mother 
Kary Joseph, Superioress ; number of pupils in select school, 80 ; free 
school attached to the convent, pupils 85. 

8t. Margarefe Contientt Alexanaria, under the Sisters of our Blessed 
liady of IJolora^ Sister Mary of St Gr^ory, Superioress ; number of pu- - 
pile, 60, 

Jffotel Dieu, Hospital, Kingston, direeted by the Sistaea e£ €(k S^mk^n 
Bitter Bmdy; Sopenortfiii 


Orphan Atylum, under the direction of the aame oommunity ; ntiiiib« * 
of orphans, 49. 
JSi8ter8 of CItarity, Slater Mary of the B. Sacrament, Saperiorew; 8 j 

Sisters. j 


Churches 59 Academies for Young La^es % 

Clergymen 43 Hospital 1 

Priests ordained in 1868. i 4 Asylums t i 

College 1 Catholic population accord- j 

Convents 6 ing to last census (1861). . 88,000 


Established 1856. 

Bt Bev. John Farhill, 1st Bishop of Hamilton, consecrated 11th May, 

Viear General — ^Very Rev, E Gordon. 
Secretary. — ^Rev. £. i, Hjcbnan, 



Pro tem. Cathedral, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Park street 

Residence, Sheaffe street. Very Rev. K Gordon, Rev. P. Bardou. and 

Rev. K I. Heenan. 
St Patrick's Chapel, attended from the Cathedral. 
Arthur Village, and Townships of Arthur and Peel, Rev. M. O'Shea. 
Brantford, Rev. A. Corayoa 
Berlin, Rev. F.^ Breidkoptf, P.R. 
Caledonia, Indiana and Dunveille, Rev. John MoNulty. 
Dundas, Rev. John O'Reilly. 
Formosa and Vicinity, Rev. A. Gstir, O.F. 
Guelph, V. Rev. John Holger, S.J., Rev. F. Archambault, S.J., Rev. 7. 

Petitdemange, S.J., and Rev. S. Lorgue, S.J. 
Georgetown, Rockwood, Eramesa, Acton, Fergus, Elora, Hespeler, and 

Morristown, attended from Guelph. 
Garden River, Sault St. Marie, and Bruce Mines, Rev. R. Baxter, S.J. 
Fort William, Rev. F. Ferard, S.J., and Rev. F. Duranquet, S.J. 
Manitouline Island, St. Croix, Rev. F. Kohler, S. J., Sup. ; Rev. F. Hani- 

paux, S. J., Rev. F. Chon6, S.J., and Rev. F. Bletner, S J. 
Other Indian Missions of Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Georgian Bay, 

belonging to the diocese of Hamilton, attended from Manitouline 

Oakville, Rev. Jeremiah Ryan. 

Ifilton, Trafalgar, and Wellington Square, attended from Oakville. 
Owm's Sound and Go. of Grey, Rev. J. Cushin, and Rev. F. Grannattier. 
Hount Forest and Vicinity, Rev. P. T. Maheut. 
Puk and Oavdt, Rev. £. Laussier. 
JSUvwktale and Vicinity, Rev. 3olin ^\>. k<Q^>Vn. 


3t Agatha, Ber. EL Faneken, F.R. 

^ Boniface, Freebnrg, P.O., Rev. E. Glowalski, F.R. 

3t dement^B, ReT. a Metner, O.C. 


OonverU and Boarding School of the Sisters of St Joseph^ in Hamilton. 
Mother Philip, Sup. ; Sisters, 20; Pupils, 50. 

Orphan Am/lum, in Hamilton, conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph. 

Convent and Boarding and Day School, at Guelph, directed by the 
iAdles of Loretto. Mother Stanislaus, Sup. ; Religious, 10 ; Pupils, 160. 


Ihnrches and Chapels 60 Charitable Institutions 1 

lei^men SO Catholic Schools. 18 

emale Religious Institutions. . 2 Catholic Population 42»000 

isademies for Young Ladies.. 2 


Established 1842. 

PiBST Bishop. 
Right Rev. Bb. Poweb. * 

Second Bishop. 
Bt. Rey. Da, De ChabboneI) resigned. 

Present Bishop. 

Rt. Rev. Db. Lynch. 
IcixrS' General. — ^Very Revs. J. "Walsh and Soulebin, O.S.B. 
rchdeacon. — Venebablb Eugene O^eeffb. 

%ancellor. — ^Very Rev. J. R Jamot. Theologian. — ^Rev. J. Hobin. 
'eeretary, — Rev. M. J. White. Penitentiaries — ^Very Rev. J. Soulebin, V.G. 
>eans. — Very Rev. J. Jamot, of Toronto ; B. Gbatton, of St Catherine's ; 

and Very Rev. G. Nobthgbaves, Barrie. 

Bishop's Council. 

''ery Rev. J. Walsh, V«G., VenL E. 0*Keeffe, Archd., Rev. J. F. Jamot, 
B. Gratton, G. R. Northgraves, J. B. Proulx, J. Synnott,T. P. Roopey, A. 
Sauvdet^ G. M. -Laurent. 

Ecclesiastical Tribunal. 

Tenl. E. O'Keeffe, President; Very Rev. J. F. Jamot, Very Rev. B. Gratton, 
Revs. J. Hobin, Theologian, J. Synnott^ Notary, F. P. Rooney and C. 

>ean6ry of Toronto comprises the pariahea of tibe civtji\o^<e^(k«e ^>^^^ 

266 IH0GB8X OF TOmOHTO. ^ 

parishet of Adjala, Broek, Gore of Toronto^ StrMttvil^ Oriiawa^ Bi4 

mood Hill, DuiBn's Greek. 
Deinery of St. GatheriDe's ooroprisee the parUh of Thorold, St Crthftaidb 

Niagara Town, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Port Colbome, St JoMphiyi 

Black Greek. 
Peanery of Barrie comprbes the pariahes of Barrie, PenetaogddieiM^ ft 

Groiz, FloM, Medonte, GoUingwood, New Market^ MAf% wad Onkt 

Notawasaga and Belle Ewsrt 


St Miehael*B Cathedral, Toronto, Ghureh and Bond streeti, Baefair, Ymf 

Rev. Dean Jamot ; Venerable Arohdeaoon O'Keeffe ; Rev. G. M. Lifr 

pent, Rev. W. L White. 
St Marv'8, Bathurst, Very Rev. J. Walsh, y.G.P.P^ Rev. J. R Flrnd^ 

Ghaplain to her Majesty*8 Foroea. 
St Paul's, Power street, HeT. P. P. Rooney, P.P., Rev. J. Lee, 
St Patrick's, Dummer street, Rev. A Sauvdet, P.P. 
St BasiVs, Glover Hill, Rev. J. M. Soulerin, G. Vincent and, the 

Adjala, Rev. A. Synnott, P.P., Rev. A. Mallen, Assistant 
Brock, Rev. L. Braire, P.P., Rev. P. Eeeleher, Assistant 
Barrie, Very Rev. Dean Northgraves, P.P., Rev. P. Rey, Aflsbtaat 
Glifton and Niagara Falls, Rev. P. MuUigan, P.P. 
Baffin's Greek, Rev. A. P. Finan, P.P 
Fort Erie, Rev. P. Voisard, P.P 
Mara, Rev J. Michel, P.P. 
Newmarket, Rev. L. Ghristie, P.P. 
Niagara, Rev. J. Hobin, P.P. 
Oshawa, Rev. J. J. Shea, P.P. 
Penetanguishene, Rev. J. P. Kennedy, P.P. 
Streetsville, Rev. W. Hannery, P.P. 

St Gatherine's, Very Rev. Dean Gratton, P.P., Rev. a CoBwav, 
St Groix, Rev. L. Gibrat, P.P. 
Thorald, Rev. 0. Wardy, P.P. 
Thornhill, Rev. J. O'Donahoe, P.P. 
Toronto Gore, Rev. R. (XGonnor, P.P., and Rev. J. Kain, Aflnatuit 


Albion, attended from Toronto Gore 

BellEwart ** •* Barrie. 

Bradford, •* «* Newmarket 

Beaverton, ** ** Broek. 

Black Greek, ** ** Niagara Falls. 

Glairville, " <' Toronto Gore. 

Oollingwood, " ** Barrie. 

■ Cidedon, '* " Toronto Gore. 

Ghippewa, ** " Glifton. 

Ohnstian Island, " " St Groix 

Dmmmondsville, " ** Clifton. 

Fifth Line, '< *' StreetsvUle. 

Floss, ** «* Barrie. 

Green Btub, " *' Duffin's Greek. 

MOCHar or tobosto. 36? 

N attonded from St. G«tbariD«s. ^ 

jury, "W, " " Newmarket. 

I ereek. " " Puffin's Creek. 

Landing, ** " Newmarket 

irn, u u streetsville. 

R^ormatory, ** ** PeoetangoisheiMi^ 

** «« Toronto Gore. 

i, '• " Thornhill. 

'• Barrie. 

** " Adjala. 

niai ** " Thopold. 

Jli^ " " A'djala. 

*« •* Adjala. 

djala, " " Acljala. 

tga, « « Barrie. 

" " Mona. 

borne, " " Fort Erie, 

housie, *^ ** St Oatharinei. 

Jbert, " " Brock, 

d HilL " ** Thornhill. 

e, " •* St. Catharines 

« " Clifton. 

cVs, •' ** Newmarket 

h, H u Adjala. 

«« " Oshi 

St Basil's, Toronto. 


chaeTa College, Sup. Very Rev. J. M. Soulerin, V.G., Prof. Logic ; 

Hncent, Treasurer, and Prol of Theology ; Rev. Mr. Cherrier, 

^Connor, Revs. Messrs. Furgueson, Mulcahy, and F. Welsh, Regents. 


Ian Brothers^ 12 in number, direct 4 Schools. Brother Hngh, Di« 

pupils, 800. 

thaer*, Richmond street. 

ry«, Bathurst street 

to* «, Power street 

trick^8, Dummer street 

U and Academy of the Nuns of Zoretto, Rev. Mother Teresa Dease, 

ligious, 23 ; boarders, 30 ; schools, eo ; Free-echool papib^ 980; 

son OKeeffe, Chaplain. 

of St. Joseph, New Convent, blessed by his Lordship, Bidiop 
f Toronto, on the 16th of Angusti 1868. Mother Antouette^ So* 
; 66 religious. 

of the Novitiate, 18 novices : 8 boarders ; 60 dair pupils. A 9ra»- 
btached, in which are 60 children ; The Sisternood likewise eoa* 
lools in various parts of the city. Average numWr ol pupils, 
0. ' 

of Charity of St, Vincent de Paul, Sister Maiy Joseph, Sistsr- 

Mary'a Academy School for OirU, incorporated by an Act ol Le* 

Free School for girls, average attendance, 200. 
for Females, Bond street. Select School, conducted IrytlbArwaoHa^l 
avem^re attendance, 70. 

268 DI00E5B 09 8ANDWI0H. 

St. VineefU Select School, conducted by the Sirten of Charity; 
attendance, 85. j 

ffouse of Providence, Mother de Chan tal, Superioress ; 12 religioiM; UO ' 
orphans; 120 old and infirm. 

St. John' 9 Aariadtural College, 200 acres in Gore of Toronto ; 20 yooUn^ 
they attend school and work on the farm, and acquire habita of indiMtiy 
and a good education. Rev, P. 0*Connor, Rector. .. 

Convent of Our Lady of the Most Bleeped Saereaneni, iHafi^ara 'Mik, U \l 
religious. Mother Joachim, Sup. ; 20 boarders ; 80 in Free-achooL Asr. I 
P. Mulligan, Chaplain. 

Convent of St. Joseph^ Barrie, 6 ^religious ; visit the sick and poor uH 
conduct a Free-school, 222 children. Sister St John, Superioreei. 

Convent of SL Joseph^ Oshawa, 4 religious ; visit the sick and poor, aid 
conduct a Free-school, average attendance, 70. Sister Aloy^ia, Superiorea 

Convent of St, Catharine's, Staters of St. Joseph, 6 religions ; visit tk 
sick and poor, and keep a Free-school for girls, average number, 120. 8i» 
ter Bernard, Superioress. 

Deaf and Dumb Ifutitutionf Sisters of St Joseph, Pupils, 10. 


Churches. 58 Nuns S4 

Stations. 10 Convent of Sisters of St Joseph, 

Priests on the Mission 24 Sisters attached U 

Priests employed in College of Separate, or Catholic ScOiiOols IS 

St Basile 6 Orphan Asylum. « 1 

Agricultural Colleges, 1 Deaf and Dumb Institution .... 1 

Convent of Our Lady of Loretto, House of Providence for old and 

, with Academies attached. . . 2 infirm, blind and crippled. . . 1 


Rt Rev. P. A. PiNsoNEATJLT, D.D., consecrated May 18, 1866 ; tranafemd 
from London, February 2, 1869. 


Sandwich Cathedral, Very Rev. J. M. Bruyere, V.G-.; Rev. J. Bayard, Se* 
cretary ; Rev. J. Girard, Rector ; Rev. Mr. Yilleneuve, Master of Cert- 
Amherstburg, Rev. P. D. Laurent, Rev. Mr. Marseille, Assistant 
Ashfield, Rev. A. Wassereau (Kintail P. O.) 
Baby's Point, from Corunna. 
Belle Riviere, Rev. Mr. Jahan (Rochester P. O.) 

Biddulph, Rev. J. Murphy (Elginfield P. O.); Rev. J. Soanlan, Assistant 
Chatham, Very Rev. F. Conilleau, S.J., Rector ; Rev. F. Gookeln, SJ., Kef. 
/ F. Dumoi:tier, S.J. 
Corunna, Rev. B. Boubat 
Komoka, from London. 
Elkfrid, from Strathroy. 
Hreoish Settlement, from Goderieh. 
Qqderichf Rev. P. SchneideT. 


Hallett^ from Ooderich. 

IrifllitowD, Rev.. L. Biasey (Caronbrook P. O.); R«v* P. Andrieux, 

Ingersoll, Rev. L. Griflfa ; Rev. D. CyDonovan, Assistant. 

.Eilikora, Rev. Mr. Theves.' 

London, Very Rev. T. A. OTBrien, O.S.D. ; Rev. J. B. Hallissy, O.S D., 

Kev. A. MdGbvem, O.S.D., Rev. D. A. O'Brien, O.S.D. 
Haidstone, Rev. F. Virgilius, O.S.B. 
Maurice, from Ashfield. 
M etcalf, from Strath roy. 
Mitchell, from Einkora. 
Moant Brydges, from Str^throy. 
MoOilvrey, from Biddnlph. 
Korwich, from Ingersoll. 
Oil Springs, from Coranna. 
Otterville, from Windham. 
Oxford, from IngersoU. 

Paincourt, Immacnlate Conception, Rev. J. Raynel (Dover South P. O.) 
Pointe-aux-roches, from Belle Riviere. 
Port Dover, from Windham. 
Port Ryerse, from Windham. 
Port Burwell, from Windham. 
Port Samia, Rev. R B. Kilroy. 
Port Stanley from St. Thomas. 
8t. Anne, Rev. P. Fauteux (Windsor P. 0.) 
St. Antoine, from Paincourt 
St. Francois, Rev. F. Ruiz (Trudel P. O.) 
St. Patrick of Raleigh, Rev. P. M. Mazuret (Boxton P. 0.) 
St. Thomas, Rev. G. Zucker. 

Simcoe, from Windam. 

Stratford, Rev. Dean Crinnon ; Rev G. Hannett, Assistant. 

Strathroy, Rev. M. J. Lynch. 

St MaryV from Stratford. 
ThamesviUe, from Chatham. 

"Victoria, from Chatham. 

Vienna, from Windham. 

Wardsville, from Chatham. ' 

Warwick, from Strathroy. 

Wawanash, from Ashfield. 

Williams, from Strathroy. 

Windham, Rev. J. H. Wagner. 

Windsor, from Sandwich. 

Woodstock, from Ingersoll. 

Wyoming, from Port Samia. 


There are three religious orders of men in the diocese of Sandwich. 
They are the Rev. Jesuit Fathers in Chatham, the Rev. Dominican Fathers 
in London, and the Rev. Benedictine Fathers in Maidstone. All these reli- 
gious men have qj^Bv^e of missions attached to their respeetiv^ residences. 

There is a flourishing academy for young ladies in tne city of London, 
conducted by the Ladies of the Sacred Heart 

The average Aumber of boarders is between forty and fiftj. The same 
Ladies have also charge of a select and common school for ^v\.», 
,. The town of Chatham ia likewise blessed wi^lv aii <ixvyi>\^\i\,\>v>*x^\^% 


aehool for young ladies, uoder the charge of the UrndbM HTiiihl A iikik 
and eommon sonool for girls is attached to this institatiAii. 


Churches and Chapels 60 Monasteries I 

Clergymen • 86 Catholic populaiion.*** 40^ 

Convents 2 

Jrobinre of falifai'. 

Compri$e$ the'^Dioceaea of Halifax, St John, y, B., Arickai, Oharlattetam, 
I Newfoundiandi and Harbor Chraoe. 


Established 1845.' 
Comprinng nearly aU Nova Scotia proper. 


The Most RcT. Thomas L. CoNNOLLTf O S.F., consecrated Bidiop of St. 
John, N. B., 1862 ; translated to Halifax, Jane, 1869, in suooeasion to tl • 
Most Rev. William Walshi, DJ)., first Archbishop. 

Halifax, Very Rev. Dr. Hannan, V.G. ; Rev. Patrick Power, Rev. Join 

B. Woods, Rev. Thomas J. Daley ; Chaplain to the Forcesi Rev. Edward 

Dartmouth, Eastern Passage, Rev. Alexander MoTftaac^j 
Chezetcooke, Rev. Robert Raftis. 

Ship Harbor, Tangier, Ac, Rev. John A. Mark. I 

Herring Cove, Ketch Harbor, <iEC., Rev. John Carmody. 
Prospect, Rev. James Butler. 
Liverpool, Lunenberg, <&c.. Rev. Peter Danaher 
Pubnico, Rev. Willianl McLeod. 
Yarmouth, Eel Brook, Rev. John Quinan. 
Tusket, Rev. J. M. Gay. 

Metegban, Salmon River, Rev. Ferdinand Blanchet 
Frenchtown, Rev. James Daly. 
St Croix, Annapolis, Ac, Kev. William Smith. 
Kentville, Aylesford, <&c.. Rev. Philip M. Holden. 
Windsor, Horton, Chester, &c.. Rev. James Kennedy. 
Minudie, Rev. Patrick Dunphy. 
Parsboro, Amherst^ dec. Rev. Thomas Allan 
Shobenacadie, Rev. Edmond Kennedy. 
Bermuda-o-Chaplain to the Forces, Very Rev. Monsignere YirhMi 

8t. Jiar^fa College, Rev. John B. Woods, President ; Rev. Tliomis I 
JMjr, Daniel Woods, WaAsb, PTotesaota. 100 stadenta. 

mooaa of st. johv'a. 271 

K O o m /e n i tmd Ohureh of the Sacred Heart, Boarding and Day School, 
Madam Brennan, Saperioreei. 

Convent and Mftner Houee of Sintere of Charity, with NoYioiate, Day 
Sehools, and Orphan Asyluin, Mother Rose, Superioress. 

Convent and Schools of do. at St Patrick's, Sister Mary Alexius, Supe- 
^ lioreia. 

* Besides tome in course of erection, there "are 60 churches and 2 Indian 


•Priests 28 College 1 

ConYents. • . . . • • 3 Catholic population 40,000 


Right BeY. JoBir Thokas Mullock, 0.8.E 

pi Very Rev. Patrick Clbabt. 

■I ^ 

Si John's Cathedral, Rt. Rev. Dr. Mullock, Rev. Jer. O'Don^ell, Rev. J. 
Vereker, Rev. Thos. Byrn, Rev. R. Howley, J),D, 
n\ St. Patrick's, Rev. W. Waldi, Rev. J. Conway. 

It' St. BooaveDiore't College, Rev. Ml. Walsh, Superior ; Rev. Richard 

. Portugal Cove, Rev. Thos. O'Connor. 
\ Torhay, Rev. E. Troy. 

f Witless Bay, Veiy Rev. Dean Cleary, Rev. Denis O'Bri^i. 
. Ferryland, Rev. James Murphv. 
; Fermeuse, Rev. Wm. Forrestai. 
I St Mary's, Rev. John Ryan. ^ 

. Trepassy, Rev. I. Hannabler. 
Plaeentia, Rev. Ed. Condon. 
Little Placentia, Rev. Pel. Nowlan. 
St Kyran's, Rev. James WaUh. 
Burin, Rev. J. CuUen, Rev. E. Bemey. 
St Laurence, Rev. R. Dun^)y. 
Harbor Breton, Rev. Rob. JBrennan. 
St George's Bay, Very Rev. Aleicander Belauger, V^G. 
Harbor Main, Very Rev. K. Walsh, V.G., Rev. P. O'Donndl 
Brigns, Rev. R CKeefe, Rev. J. Scott 
French Shore, served by priests from France annually. 

Convents in the Diocese of St John's: St John^, 4; Witless Bay, 1 ; 
Ferryland, 1 ; Fermeuse, 1 ; Placentia, 1 ; Burin, 1 ; St Mary's^ 1 ; Harbor 
Main, 1 ; Brij^ns, 1. College oi St. Bod a venture in St JohD^a Churches 
and Chapels in St John's Dioeese, «0. Catholics about 60,000 in St John's 
Diocesa alone. 

SfS DiocBSB OF oHABLomro'vinr. 


Ebtablished 1882. 
Comprises Prince Edward Island and the Magdalen Islands, 

Deceased Fbelates. 

Rt. Rey. B. M. MoEachern, D.D., consecrated Bishop ot Rosen, inpantyVi 
1821, made Bishop of Charlottetown in 1882; died in 1886. 

Rt. Rev. B. D. McDonald, D.D., consecrated October 15, 1887 ; died Bm 
80, 1859. 

Pbesbnt Bishop. 
Rt Rey. FEnpi McInttre, D.D., third Bishop, consecrated Atigmt \\ 

(. 1860. 

Charlottetown, St. Dnnstan's Cathedral, Rt Rev. Peter Mclntyre, PP., 

Very Rey. Daniel McDonald, D.D., V.G. 
Brae, St Mary's, attended from Cascumpec 
Belle Alliance, St John Baptist, Rey. Joseph Qaeyillon. 
Cardigan Road, St Cuthbeipf s, attended from Vernon Biyer. 
Cascumpec, St Anthony's, Rey. Andrew Koy. 
Coye Head, St Eugene's, attended from IVacadie. 
De Sable, St Joseph's, Rey. Malachy Reynolds. 
Etang du Nord, Magdalen Islands, attended from Amherst 
Fifteen Point, Notre Dame de Mont Carmel, attended from Bella 

Fort Augustus, St Patrick's, attended from Traeadie. 
Georgetown, St. James', Rey. T. J. McDonald. 
Grand Riyer, Lot 14, St Patrick's, attended from Indian RiyeK 
Hayre aux Maisons, Magdalen Islands, Rey. C. Miyille. 
Hayre Auberc (Amherst), Magdalen Islands, Rey. C. Boudreanlt . 
Indian Riyer, St Mary's, Very Rev. James McDonald, V.G. 
Lennox Island, St Ann's, attended from Cascumpec 
Lot SeycD, St Mark's, attended from Cascumpec 
Lot Sixty-five, St. Mary's, attended from De Sable 
Mill Vale, St Ann's, attended from South West 
Mink River, St Mary's, attended from Georgetown. 
Montague, St Michael's, attended from Vernon River. 
Rollo Bay, St Felix, attended from Sonris. 
Rustico, St Augustine's, Rey. George A. Belconrt 
St Andrew's, Rey. Pius McPhee. 
St Paul's, Little Pond, attended from Souris, 
St Peter's Bay, St Peter's, attended from St Andrew's. 
St. Columba, East Point, Rey. Dugald McDonald. 
St Margaret's, attended from East Point 
,St James', Egmont Bay, Rev. S. E. Perry. 
Souris, St Mary's, Rev. Donald Francis McDonald.^. 
Seven Mile Bay, attended from South West 
Summerside, attended from Indian River. 
South West, St Malachy's, Rev. F. X. de Langic 
8fc George's, Lot Fifty-six, attended firom George Town. 
Tiquish, SS. Simon and 3\ide, Uey . T>\x^^^ ^OilBab^a. 


Tracadia, St. Bonaventure, Rev. Thomas Phelan. 
Vernon River, St Joachim's, Rev. James Phelan. 


St. Ihtnstan*8 College, Charlottetown Royalty, Rev. A. McDonald, Presi- 
dent; Rev. Messieurs Azade Tnidel, R. B. McDonald, and P. Doyle, Pro- 

Convent and Academy of Notre Dame^ Charlottetown, conducted by the 
Ladies of the Congregation of Notre Dame, Sister St Eulalie, Superior. 


Kumber of Priests 20 Academy for young ladies 1 

" " on Mission.... 18 Pupils in Academy, including 

Otherwise engaged 2 day scholars 160 

Number of Churches 40 Catholic population of the Dio- 

Clerical Students 8 cese, including /Magdalen 

College 1 Islands 40,000 

Stadeuts in College 43 


Established 1842. 
Chmpriees Ike Southern Half of the Province of New Brumwick. 


Right Rev. John Sweeny, D.D., consecrated April 16th, 1860. 

Rev. James A. McGourty, Sitbdeacon and Secretary. 


3t. John, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Rt Rev. Dr. Sweeny, 
Rev. James Peterson, Rev. Patrick Farrell, Rev. TVilliam Faley, Rev. 
Francis Swift, Rev. James A. McGourty, Sabdeacon. 

CJarleton, St John's, Very Rev. James Qumn, V.G., Rev. Ed. Quimt 

Fredericton, Rev. J. C. McDevitt, Rev. Patrick Holahan. 

Kingston, Kent, Rev. W. McManus. 

Nerepis, Rev. L O'Regan. 

Moncton, Rev. J. C. Murray. 

Memramcook, Rev. F. X. Lafrance. 

Quaco, Rev. W. Aylward. 

3t. Andrew's, Rev. R. Vereker. 

St Stephen's, Rev. E. J. Dunphy. 

St George's, Rev. John Quinn. 

3t Lucy'Sy Madawaska, Rev. M. Smeron. 

3t Bruno, " Rev. L'Hiver. 

Sussex Vale, Rev. James Vereker, 

Chipman, Queen's Co., Rev. John J. Nugent 

Woodstock, Rev. Thomas Connolly. 

Buctouche, Rev. H. Berthe, Rev. M. J. Donnelly. 

Grrand Digue, Shediac, Rev. A. Gosselin. 

Barachois, Shediac, Rev. F. Babinean. 




Convent and Academy of the Sacred Hearty St. John, Madame Phelu^ 
Sup. • 

Sisters of Charity, St. John, Sister Mary Francis, Sup. 

The Sisters of (vliarity have schools at St. John, Portland, Fredericton, 
Madawaska, and other places. 


Churches and Stations 60 Malft Free Schools 4 

Churches building 6 Female ** 4 

Priests 26 Convents 4 

Female Academies 4 Catholic peculation 55,000 


Founded 21 «< September, 1844, by Pope Gregory XVI., KM. Comprises tU 
three eastern counties of Nova Scotia proper, and the adjacent great IsUtd 
of Cape Breton, 


♦ Rt. Rev. CoLiv Francis McKinmon, D.D., consecrated 27th February, 
1852 ; now residing at Autigonish, in Nova Scotia proper. 


Antigonish, St Ninian's * Rev. Hugh Gillis, P.P. 
Arisaig, St Margaret's * Rev. K. J. McDonald, P.P. 
Baile:p8 Brook, St. Peter's. " 

Cape George, St George's,* Rev. Andrew McGillivray, P.P. 
M. Brook, tst Mar/s. " 

Morristown, St. Columba. " 

Picton, St Patrick's,* Rev. Ronald McDonald, P.P. 
Albion Mines, St Bridget's. " 

Merigomish, St. Paul's. " 

Indian Island, St Ann's. " 

West River, Ohio, St Bean,* Rev. Ronald McGiUivray. Jr., P.P. 
Lochaber Lake, St. Patrick's. 
Keppoch, Immaculate Conception. ** 

Wine Harbor, St Patrick's. ** 

St Andrew's, St. Andrew's,* Rev. Ronald McGillivray, Sr., \\V 
Giant's Lake, St. Paul's. « 

Pomquette, Holy Cross,* Rev. Joseph Chisholm, P.P. 
Forks, St Mary^ ; Indian Mission, St Ann's. 
Tracadie, St Peter's,* Rev. C. P. Martell, P. P. 
Irish Village, St Patrick's. " 

Havre au Bouche, St Paul's, vacant, served from Tracadie. 
J*ort Mulgrave, Strait of Canso, St Lawrence's, Rev. Thomas Sears, P Y. 
Snad Point, St Patrick's. « 

Qnjsborough, St Ann's, vacant, served from Port Mulgrave. 
fioman YalJey, St Ropaanus'.SaWoiiUWw^^V Thomas*. 


3 HaveD, St. Mary*8» Rev. James DmminoDd, P.P. 
ly, St Joseph's. ** 

''s River, St. Lawrence's. " 

Canso, Stella Maris. " 


at, St Mary's,* Rev. Dr. John Cameron, P.P. 

Arichat, St Hubert's,* Rev. Hubert Gerroir, P.P. 
ouse, St Hyacinth's, Rev. W. B. McLeod, P.P. 
ville, St Louis's. ** 

n, St Mary's, Very Rev. Alexander McDonald, V.G., P.P. 
Bood, St Peter's, vacant, served from Maboe. 
ue, St Andrew's, Rev. Allan McLean, P.P. 

Denis, St Rose's. ** 

nish, St. Margaret's,* Rev. Archibald McKenzie, P.P. 
' Inhabitants, St Columba's. " 

Barbor, St. Patrick's. " 

I Cove, St. Margaret's,* Rev. John Grants P P. 

Ainslie, St John's. " 

West, St Mary's. " ' .. 

camp, SS. Peter and Paul,* Rev. William Chisholm, P.P. 
iree, St Margaret's, vacant, served from Chetieamp. 
i East Margaree, St. Veronica's. " 
I Sidney, St. Paul's, Very Rev. John Longhlin, P.P. 
y Mines, St Peter's. " 

Bras d'Or, St John's. " 

Sidney, St Patrick's,* Rev. James Quinnan, P.P. 
hville, St Denis'. " 

:eport, St Boniface's. ** 

n, St Mary's. " 

Point, St Alphonsns'. ti ' ■ 

a-Dieu, St Mary's,* Rev. John Quinnan, P.P. 
burg, St. Louis . " 

Bay, Bras d'Or Lake, St Andrew's,* Rev. Neil McLeod, P.P. 
'ond, St Michael's. " 

a Mira. St Margaret's. " 

soni, Indian Mission, St Anne's. " 
slands, St. Margaret's,* Rev. John McDougall, P. P. 
)n River, St Peter's. " 

Loise, Holy Guardian Angels', Rev. Julian Courteau, P.P. 
' Bourgeois, St John Baptist's. " 

si Island, Indian Mission, St Ann's. " 

a Narrows, Bras d'Or Lake, St Barra's,* Rev. Donald Mclsaac, P.P. 
wich, Immaculate Conception. " 

eck, St Michael's. " 

ale, St James', Rev. Alexander McSween, P.P. 


Jt Lawrence, St Lawrence,* Rev. John Shaw, P.P. 
lish, St. Francis'. " 


JP^ancis Xamev^s College^ Antigonish. Board of Trustees — Rt. "B.«^ 
F. McEinnon, DD., ex-officio President of Ihe ^oat^ %sA ^«iucc>\v < 


the College ; Rev. Hugh Gillis, Director of Studies. Female department 
in connection with the college, conducted by Madame Cunningham. Tbeo* 
logical students pursue their studies at the Propaganda and at Quebec 
The Provincial Government allows, annually, $1000 for the support of the 
College of St Francis Xavier. 

Trappist Monaster}/, or Petit Clair^aux, established at Tracadie, in the 
county of Antigonish ; Very Rev. Father James, Prior ; Rev. Father Aree- 
cius, Sub-Prior; Fathers Paul and John Baptist, priests of the same holy 

Convent of Cistercian HTunSj at Tracadie ; Mother Ann Cot^, Superioress; 
Father Girardus, Chaplain. Ten sisters and several novices in this esta- 

Arichat Aeademyy at Arichat, Rev. Hubert Gerroir, President and Di* 
rector of Studies. Conducted by the Christian Brothers. 

Convent of the Sisters of Notre Dame^ at Arichat; Superioress, Sister St 

A second House or Convent has been opened this last summer in the 
recently established parish of Little Arichat 


Rt Rev. John Dalton, D.D., Bishop of Harbor Grace. 


Harbor Grace, Right Rev. John Dalton, D.D., Very Rev. Charles Dalton, 

V.G., Rev. J. Walsh. 
Bonavista, Rev. J. Brown. 
Carbonear, Rev. John O'Connor. 
Fortune Bay, Rev. R. Ay land. 
Northern Bay, Rev. Bernard Duffy, 
Placentia, Rev. K Cordon. 
Silton Harbor, Rev. Patrick Ward. 


Convents of the Presentation and also Academies are established at Hir 
bor Grace, and also at Harbor Main. 





Rev. J. Le Hellooo, Pret Apost, assisted by two French Priests. 

Convent of the Sacred Heart, and School, conducted by the Christian Bro- '] 

then, j 

Outbolio population » S,OO0 I 




Arehbishops, Bishops, Secular and Regular Priests, 


Xame. Besidence. 
Most Rev. Turgeon, P. F Quebec. C. R 

Connolly, T.L Halifax, N. & 

Right Rev. Baillargeon, C. F Quebec, 0. E. 

Bourget, Ignatius Montreal, C. K 

Cooke, Thos Three Rivers, C E. 

Dalton, John .Harbor Grace, N. F. 

Farrell, John Hamilton, 0. W. 

Grandin, E St. Boniface. 

Horan, Edw Kingston, C. W. 

La Rocqne, Joseph St. Hyacinth, C. E. 

Lynch, John Toronto, C. W. 

Mclntyre, Peter Charlottetown, P. E. 

McKinnan, C. F Arichat, N. S. 

Mullock, J. T St. John'8,K F. 

Pinsonneault, P. A Sandwich,'C. W. 

Sweeny, John St John, N. B. 

Tache, Alexander. < St Boniface. 

Kev. Allaire, , Rimouski, C. E. 

Allan, Thomas, Parsboro, N. S. 
AUard, J. B., Laprairie, C. E. 
Andrieux, P., Caronbrook, 0. "W. 
Ant oi fie, Sault St. Louis. 
Aoustin, J , Sem. Montreal, C. E. 
Archambault, F., Guelph, C. W. 
Arcbambault, J., Coteau St Louis, 

C E. 
Archambault, L. M.,StHugue8,C.E 
Archambault, U., St Barthelemy, 

Archambault, J. B., Guelph, C. W. 
Archambault, J., St. Timothy. 
Arrnud, J., Sem., Montreal, C. E. 
Aubert, , St Peter's, Montreal, 

Aubry, E, St BenoJt^ C. E. 
Aubry, F., St. Hyacinth, C. R 
Aubry, J. Coll. St Therdse, C. E. 
Aubrjr, L., St Leon, C. E. 
Auolair, Joseph, Quebec, C. E. 
Audet, Andre, Bona Fen tare, C. E. 

Rev. Audet, Nicolas, Carleton, Gaspe. 
Audet, Octave, Sem. Quebec. 
Audet, Pierre, St Jerome, Matane, 

C. E. 
Aylward, W., Quaco, N. B. 

Babel, L., Riv. du Desert, C. E. 
Babineau, F., Barachois, Shediac, 

N. B. 
Bailey, J., St Pierre les Becquets, 

Baillairg^, J. F., Sem. Quebec. 
Baillargeon, Et, St Nicolas, C. K 
Bakewell, F., Montreal, C. K 
Baltbazard, J. M , St. Charles, C.E. 
Barbarin, A, Sem. Montreal, C. E. 
Bardon, P., Hamilton, C W. 
Barolet, A. Victoriaville, C. E. 
Barret, N., Assumption, C. E. 
Bardey, J., Sem. Montreal, C. C. 
Barrette, J., St L\^uo\\,CI..E*. 
Baudin, ^. li., Ov\>tt;^«^, C, ^ • 



Rev. Bftndry, P., St Paul, C. E. 
Baudr}^ C., Industrie, C, E. 
Baxter, R., Garden River, C. W. 
Bayard, J., Sandwich, C. W. 
Bayle, J., Sem. Montreal, C. E. 

Bazog, , St. Laurent, C. R 

Beaubien, Naro., S. Raphael Belle- 

Beaubien, O., Tingwick, C. R 
Beaudevin, Y., St. Mary's ColL, 

Montreal, C. R 
Beaudett, L., Sem., Quebec, G. R 
Beaudet, H., Chicoutemi, C. R 
Beaudoiu, P., Industrie, CL R 
Baudry, J., Quebec. 
Beaudry, Aug., Chariebourg. 
Beaudry, H., St. Constant, C. R 
Beaudry, M., St. Hyacinth, C. R 
Beaulieu, Geo., S. Fidele, Charle- 
Beau]ieu, Ensebe, Port Daniel, C.R 
Beaumont, Chs., S. Joaohim, Beau- 

pre, C. E. 
Beaumont Pre, S. Jean Chrysos- 

tome, Levis. 
Beauregard, J., Presentation, C. E. 
Bedard, P. J , St. Raymond. 
B6dard, P., Varennes, C. R 
Begin, Chs., Riviere Quelle. 
.Begin, F. X., S. Pacome. 
Belade, J., St. John de Matha. 
Beland, Jos., S. Victor, Vring. 
Very Rev.Belanger,Alex.,St George's 

Bay, N. F. 
Rev. Belanger, P., Rigaud. 
Belanger, J B., St Ours, C. R 
Belanger, Narcisse, Deschambault 
Belcourt, G. A., Rustico, P. R 
Belcourt, 0., St Maurice, C. R 
Belisle, L. L., S. Francois, Riviere 

du Sud. 
Beliveau, G., St Janvier, 0. R 
Belleau, Simeon, St. <>oix, Lot- 

Bellemare, H., St Justin, C. R 
Bellemare, N., Nicolet, C. R 
Bellemare, P., St Didace, C. R 
Berard, D., St Martha. 
Berard, T., St. Stanislaus de Koska. 

Berneb6, , St Rose, C. R 

Bernard, L. T., St Claire, Jolliet 
Berney, E., Burin. 
Bemier, Jul. M,, St Ferdinand. 
Berriier, L. N., " 

hernier, Aug., Tadoussac. 
BeHhe, H., Buctouche, N. B. 

Rev. Bertrand, F. X, Bt Mary*! 

Coll., Montreal, 0. R 
Bertrand, C, Plantagenent C. W. 
Berub4, Jos., S. Evanste, Forsyth. 
Be^serer, G. H., Ste. Familla, lie 

Very Rev. Billand^le, P., Montreal, 


Bilodeau, M., , Trois Pistoles. 

Rev. Billion, L., Sem , Montreal, G.E. 
Birs, R, St Sulpice, C. R 
Biseey, L., Caron brook, 0. "W. 
Blais, Ludger, Ste. Famille, lie d' 

Blais, Wal., S. Jean, lie d'Orleana 
Blais, J., Nicolet, C. R 
Blanchard, L, C, Presentation, 

C. R 
Blanchard, O., St Gabriel, C. R 
Blanchet, Ferdinand, Meteghan, 

Blanchette, Andr^ St Anne's 

Blanchette, J. Bte., St Anaclet. 
Bletner, J., Manitouline Island, 

C. W. 
Blouin, A., St. Cecile, Bio. 
Blouin, J. B., Riviere au Renard. 
Blythe, E., St Martin. 
Bochet, C, Wotton, C. R 
Boiley, Roger, Escoumins. 
Boissonnault T., Hemmingford. 
Boifi, L. £., Maskinunge, C. R 
Boisvert, L., St. Andrew, 0. R 
B0886, Fr?., Ste. Anne's College. 
Bolduc, J. B. Z., a Roch, Quebec 
Bonenfant, Jos., Berthier Belle- 

Bonin, R, Ste. Scholastique, C. E 
Bonneau, Ed., S. lAurent^ lie d' 

Bonnessant, M., Sem., Montrealt 

Boubat, B., Corunna, 0. W. 
Bouchard, A., St Luc, Dia. 3 B., 

Boucher, Frs., S. Ambroise. 
Boucher, C, Sheflford, C. R 
Boucher, J., Riviere du Loup, C. E. 
Boucher, O., Cumberland, C. W. 
Boucher, P., St Alphonse Sague- 

Boudreault, C, Amherst, P. R 
Bourassa, M. Mont^bello, C R 
Bourassa, Jos., St Bernard, Do^ 



TieY, Bonrbonnais, J^ B., Yareim^S) 

Bourgeault, F., T*ointe Claire, 0. E. 
Bouroigal, O. M. I., St Sauvenr, 

BouiTttt, A., Ste. Aune de la Poca- 

Boiwier, J., Renfrew, C. W. 
Brady, J., Bnekmgham, C. £. 
Braire, L., Brock, C. W. 
Braise, A., Montreal, C. E. 
Brassard, T. L, St Paul, 0. F. 
Braun, A., Quebec. 
Brassard, M.,StRoch de la Achigan. 
Breidkoptf, F. R , Berlin, 0. W. 
Brassard, T,, Vaudreuil. 
Very Rev. Brennan, M., Belleville, 

C. W. 
Rev. BreDDau, J , Belleville, 0. W, 
Brennan, Rob., Harbor Breton. 
Bretlargb, Henry, Trenton, C. W. 
Brien, L. B:, St Hyacinth, C. E. 
Brisette, J., St Sc'nolastique, 0. E. 
Brophy, Geo., Blessington, 0. W. 
Brosnan, D., Montreal, C. E. 
Brown, G. J., Dunham, C. E. 
Browne, Jos., Perth, C. W. 
Brown, J., Montreal, C. E. 
Brunelle, P, U., Sherbrooke, 0. R 
Bmnet, F. X., St Damase, C. K 
Brunet, P , St Rose, C. E. 
Brunet, A., L'Orignal, C. W. 
Brunet, , St Peter's, Montreal 

C. R _ ' 

Brunet, Felix,Ste.Sophie, Megantic 
Brunet, Ovide, Laval University, 

Very Rev. Bruyere, J. M., Sandwich, 
Rev. Bureau, J., Ste. Agnes^ Charle- 


Burtin, , Sault St. Louis, 0. R 

Buteau, Felix, Sern., Quebec 
Butler, Edw., Halifax, N. a 
Butler, James, Prospect, N. S, 
Byrn, Thos., St John's, N. F. 
Byrnes, Henry, Brockville, 0. W. 
Byrne, J., Eganville, C. W. 

Very Rev. Cazeau, C. F., Yic. Gen. 

Very Rev. Caron, C. 0., Three Ri- 
vers, C. E. 

Very Rev. Orevier, E, St Marie, C.E. 

Rev. Caisse, "F., L'Epiphanie 0. E. 
Caisse, M., St Sauveur, 0. £. 

Rev. Cameron, John, Arichat, Cape P. 
Campeau, Ant, Beaumont. 
Campion. A. Montreal, C. E. 
Carayon, A., Brantford, C. "W. 
Carmody, Jno., Herring Cove, N.S, 
Caron, Frederick, S. Henri, Lau- 

zon, C. E. 
Caron, Thos., Nicolet, C. E. 
Carufel, A., Blandford, C. E. 
Carufel, D., St Paul and St An- 

ges, C. E. 
Casaubon, L., Lavaltrie, C. E. 
Casey, A. B., Onslow, C. R 
Casgrain, Raymond, Quebec, C. E, 
Casgrain, George, S. Flavien, C.R 
Casgrain, Alphonse, Ste. Louise, 
, Kamouraska, C. R 
Catellier, Ferdinand, St George, 

Beauce, C R 
Catellier, Joseph, S. Roche, Que- 
bec, C. R 
Cauvin, -^ — 8. Sauveur, Quebpc . 
Chabot, R, St Genevieve, (List 

,3 Riv.) C. R 
Chabot, G., Montreal, C. R 
Chacon, T., St Joseph, C. R 
Chaine, A., Gloucester, C. W. 
Champagneur, E , Industrie, C. R 
Champeau, J. B.,-St Michael, C.R 
Champouz, St. Anne de PI. C. R 
Chandonnet, T., Laval University, 

ChapiroD, J*., St Marie, Beauce. 
Charest^ A., St. Felix de Kingsey, 

Charest, Z., St Roch, Quebec 
Charland, D., St Clement, C. R 
CharJeboia, A., College St llier^se, 

Charpenay, H., St Peter's, Mon- 
treal, C. R 
Charron, M., S. Esprit, C. E, 
Chartin, J. B., Compton, C B. 
Chartre, J. B., St David, C. E. 
Cherrier, Toronto, C. W. 
Chevigny, J. M., St Henry, C. R 
Chicoine, J. O., St Thomas, C. K. 
Chisholm, J. J., Alexandria, C. W. 
Chisholm, Jos., Pomquette, N. S. 
Chisholm, Wm., Cheticamp, C. B. 
Cholet B. F., St Polycarpe, C. R 
Chon^, P., Manitouline, C. W. 
Chouinard, A., Bale S. Paul C. R 
Chouinard, M. F., Rigaud, C. £. 
Chretien, J. B., Bale da Febwe^ 



Rev. Christie, L., Newmarket, C. W. 

Clarke, P. G., S. Patrick, Qaebeo. 

Very Rev. Cleary, Deao, Witless 

Bay, Newfoundland. 
Rev. Clement^ C, St. Timothy, C. E. 
Clement, H. T., Rawdon, C. B. 
Clement, Pierre, Baie a Paul, C. R 
Clement, V.. St. Alexis* C. B. 
Cloutier, Charles, S. Octave^ Ma- 

tis, C E 
Clouteer, J. Cleo., Cacouna, C. E. 
Clune, M., Smith's Falls, a W. 
Codet, P., Brudenel, C. W. 
Colfer, John, Eboulements, C. K 
Colin, Sem. Montreal, C. K 
Collins, M. J.. R Hawksbunr, C.W. 
Comeau, D., St Boniface, C. E. 
Comte, J., Seminary, Montreal, 

C. E. 
Condon, K Placentia.' 
Couilleau, C, Chatham, C, W. 
Connolly, Thomas, Woodstock, 

N. B. 
Conway, J., St John's, Newfound- 
Conway, P., St Catharine, C. W. 
Cooke, Roger, Ottawa, C. W. 
Cote, R P., Roxton, C. R 
C6te, Jacob, Quebec, C. R 
Cdte, Jean Bt, Cap. S. Ignace, 

Cote, F. X., Nicolet, 0. R 
Couillard, J. B., Kingston, C. W. 
Courteau, Julian, L'Ardoise, C. B 
Cousineau, J. B , St Hubert, C. E. 
Coutu, A., Blairiimlie, C. B. 
Coyle, B., Emilv, C. W. 
Crevin, J., St. Pie, C. R 
Crinnon, Stratford, C. W. 
Cullen, J., Burin, X. F. 
Cuoq, A., Luu des Deux Montagues, 

C. R 
Cushin, J., Owen's Sound, C. W. 

Very Rev. Dandaraud, D., Ottawa, 

C. W. 
Very Rev. Bollard, P., Kingston, 

C. W. 
Rev. Dagenais, T. B., St Edouard, 
C. R 
Dagenais, T., St Constant, C. R 
Dagenais, L, St Ther^se, C. R 
Dagenahi, L., College St Thermae, 

Rev. Danaher, Peter, liverpooL { 


Daniel, F., Seminary, Montretl, 

Daly, Thomas J, Halifax, N. a 

Daly, James, Frenchtown, N. S. 

Dauth, B , St Valere, C. R 

David, J., Papinean, C. R 

Dawson, iEneas, Ottawa, C. W. 

De 6asp6, J. A., St AppoUinairc^ 
C. R 

Deguerre, P., College^ Montreal, 
C. B. 

Delage, F. X. Sr., llslet, C. R 

Delage, F. X Jr., Flslet, C. R 

Deleage, R., Riv. du Desert, C. EL 

De Langie, F. X, Southwest^ P. EL 

Delacroix, C. A., Sorel, C. R 

Delavigne, J., College, Montreal, 

D^linelle, T., CoUege Ste. Therese, 
C. R 

Demers, R, Se aux Grues, C. K 

Demers, R, St Genevieve, C. E. 

Dequoy, A., St Clement, C. E. 

Dequoy, J., St Hermas, C. B. 

Derome, 6. S., St Marie, C. B. 

De Saunhac, A., La Passe, C. W. 

Desaolniers, A., St Guillaume^ 
C. R 

Desaulniers, A., Lotbiniere, C. E. 

Desaulniers, F. X., St Leon, C. K 

Desaulniers, R X, Nicolet, C. K. 

Desaulniers, L. S., St Hyacinth, | 
C. R 

Desantels, J., Varennes, C. B. ^! 

Desilets, L , Drummondville, C. B. 

D^silets, L. O., St Narcisse, C. E. 

De^ardins, L., Grand Riviere, 

Desmarais, E., St Placide, C. E. 

Desinazures, C, Seminary, Mon- 
treal, C. R 

Desnovers, A. St Bamab^ (Dist 
St Hyac.) C. B. 

Desorcy, O., Sr^ Alexander, C. R 

Desrochers, Benj., St Croix, Lot- 
biniere, C. E. 

Desruisseaux, E., St Etienne, Le- 
vis, C. E. 

Destroisniaison, F., S. Francis, Isle 

De Villers, P., St. Gertrude, C. R 

Deziel, J. D , Levis, C. E. 



, E. Y.,S. Modiste, C. E. 
, P., S. Alban, Portneuf, 

y, M. J., Buctonche, N. B. 

J. H., Yamachiche, C. E. 

F., L' Assumption, C. E. 
L. H., Gentilly, C. E. 

Js., Ste. Helene, Kamour, 

Narc., Malboie, C. E. 
te, St Laureut, C. K. 
e, Iren6e, Nicolet, C. E. 
P., Montreal, C. E. 
g, M., St. Sylvestre, C. E. 
P., Charlottetown, P. E. 

Geo., S. Michel, Belle- 
«, C. E. 
P., S. Felix, Cap Rouge, 

lond, James, White Haven, 

^, Ste. Anne College, C. E. 
?. C, St. Martin, Isle Jesus, 

, C, Coteau du Lac, C. E. 

, Ed., S. Lazare, C. E. 

le, A. B., Ely. 

le, A. E., Sherbrooke, C. K 

le, P., St. Hyacinth, C. E. 

G., Varennea, C. E. 

jr, M., St. Flavie, C. E. 

el, J. B , St. Huffues, C. E. 

i, G., St. Maurice, C. E. 

, Jus., L' Assumption, Sandy 

ill, A , St. Hyacinth, C. K 
lil, A., Coteau du Lac, 0. E. 
bier, F., Chatham, C. W. 
tier, F., College Levis, C. W. 
tier, F. Z., St. Robert, C. E 
W., Leeds, Megantic, C. E. 
y, E. F., St. Stephen's, N. B. 
y, Patrick, Minudie, K S. 
y, Rich., St. Lawrence, 
, J. E., St. Isidore, C. R 
, A., St. Anne la Perade, 

I, A., St Elizabeth, C. E. 
., J. M. H., St Elizabeth, C. E. 
, J. P., St Hyacinth, C. E. 
, J. B. Jr., St Helene, C. E 
, J. B. Sr., St Antoine, C. E. 
luet,D., Fort William, C.W. 
)eaivA.. Montreal, C. E. 
er, K, Beloeil C. K 
?r, J, B,, St Victoire, C. E. 

Rev. Durocher, St Sauveur, Que- 
bec, a E. 

Fabre, E. C, Evech6, Montreal,C.K 

Fafard, Ed., ^. Sylvestre, C. E. 

Falvey, J., St Columban, C. E. 

Farreil, Pak., St John, K B. 

Farrelly, Jas., Lindsay, C. W. 

Faucher, Ed., Lotbiniere, C. E. 

Fauteux, P., Windsor, C. W. 

Ferard, F., Fort William, C. W. 

Ferguson, Toronto, C. W. 

Ferfand, J. B. A., Quebec, C. E. 

Finan, A. P., Duffiu's Creek, C. W. 

Flannery, W., Streetsville, C. W. 

Foisy, M., L'Epiphanie, C. K 

Foley, J. v., Westport C. W. 

Foley, Wdl, St John, N B. 

Forgues, M., St Michel, Belle- 

Forrestal, Wm., Fermeuse, New£ 

Fortier, N. C, S. Joseph, Levis, 

Fortier, I*. T., Nicollet, C. K 

Fortin, M., S. Aubert, C. E. 

Fortin, P., lie. Bizard, C. E. 

Foriin, 0. E., St Jude, C. E. 

Fournier, C, Paspebiac, C. E. 

Fournler, L. G., St Anne's College, 

Fournier, M., Nataskouan, C. E. 

Francoeur, Nap., S. Cajetan, Ar- 

Frichette, W., Batescan, C E. 

Funcken, R, St Agatha, C. W. 

Very Rev. Gordon, E.,. Hamilton, 

Very Rev. Grattan, B., St Catharine, 

Rev.Gaboury, 0., St Hyacinth, Q K 
Gaboury, J., M Iton, C. E. 
Gagnon, J. F., Berthier, 0. E. 
Gagni, Frs., St Thomas, Montgo- 
mery, C. E. 
Gagn6, L., St Henry, a E. 
Gagnon, H., Laval Seaupr^ C. K 
Gagnon, J. B., St Andre', Kamou- 

Gagnon, CL, Eboulementa, C. E. 
Gaenier, G., Huntingdon, C. E. 
Galerneau, K, V UU\,^Ci.lgk.^ 
, Gampv,Y., ^W k\ai<i, l!»^^k^'tft^ 
1 C.1L. 




Rev. Gwtinelb, P., St Laurent, C. R 
Gatineau, P., St. Alexandre; C. E. 
Gaudet, Varennes, C. E. 
Gaudin, God., S. Eloi, C. E. 
Gnuthier, N., Stuckeley, C. E. 
Guuvin, N., Maria-Gasp^, C. E. 
(Jay, C, Wakefield, C. E. 
Gay, J. M., Tusket, N. 8. 
GelinaB, Isaac, Nicolet, C. E. 
Gendreau, P. R, Corapton, C. R 
Gendron, P. S., St. Hyacinth, C. E. 
Gerard, J., Sandwich, C. W. 
German, J. R, St Brigide (St 

Hyac), C. R 
Gerroir, Hubert^ Little Arichat, 

Gibaud, A., Sem., Montreal, C. R 
Gigaull, R, St Hyacinth, C. R 
Gigudre, A., St Aiathe, C. R 
Gibpat, L., St Croix, C. W. 
Gilbert, Sem., Montreal, C. R 
Gill, Leandre, Grondhies, C. R 
Gillis, Hagh, Antigonisb, N. S. 
Gillie, J., Pembroke, C. W. 
Gingras, Z^ Levis, C. R 
Gingras N6ree, St Edouard Lotbi- 

niere, C. R 
Gingras, Louis, Seminary, Quebec. 
Ginguet, J., La Gatineau, 0. E. 
Girard, P., Lao S. Jean, C. t. 
Girouard, H. L., St Simon, C. R 
Giroux, O., Industrie, C. E. 
Glackmeyer, H., St Mary's Coll., 

Montreal, C. R 
Glowalski, R, Freeburg, C. W. 
Gockeln, W., Chatham, C. W. 
Godard, M., St Hyacinth, C. R 
Godbout, Narc, Cape Sante, C. E. 
Gosselin, A., Grand Digue Shediao, 

K. B. 
Gosselin, Ant, St Jean, Isle d'Or- 

leans, C. R 
Gouin, T., Durham, C. R 
Gonthier, D, College, Levis, C. R 
Very Rev. Granet, D, Montreal, 

Rev. Granjon, B., Montreal, C. R 
Grannatier, F., Owen's Sound, 

C. W. 
Grant, John, Broad Cove, C. B. 
Graton, J., Terrebonne, C. E. 
Gravel, D. A., Vercheres, C. E. 
Gravel, T., Laprairie, C. R 
Grenier, T. A., Ottawa, C. W. 
Greoter, L. H., St Elzear, Beauce, 

Rev. Orenier, Ovide, St Basitaj 

Porteuf, C. R 
Grenier, J. B., St Henri, LanioB, 

C R 
Griffa, L, Ingersoll, C. W. 
Groulx, A., St Jerome, C. R 
Gstir, A., Formosa, C. W. 
Guay, Joseph, Rividre au Re&ard, 

Guertin, Noel, St. Caslmir, C. E. 
Guertin, R, St Anne la Parade, 

Guillard, J., Ottawa, C. W. 
Guillemette, J., St Grogoire, C. R 
Guilmet, EdL, Perce, C. E. 
Guy, O., St Hyacinth, C. R 
Guyon, L. J., St Eustache, C. E. 

Very Rev. Holzer, Jno., Quelph, 

C. W. 
Very Rev. Hav, Geo. A., St An- 
drew's, C. W. 
Very Rev. Hannan, Halifax, N. 8. 
Very Rev. Hellico, P. L., St Pierre. 
Rev. Hall^, Ls., St Vital, Lambtun, 

Halle, Et, St- Marguerite, Jolliet, 

Hillessy, J. B., London, C. W. 

Ham el, Otis, Laval University, 
Quebec, C. R 

Hamelin, C, Watton, C. R 

Hamelin, J. R. L., St Thomws 
Montmagny, C. R 

Hanipaux, J., Manitouline, C. W. 

Hannabeery, J., Trepassy. 

Hannett G., Stratford, 0. W. 

Hardy, I., St Mathias, C. W. 

Hardy, N., St Roch (dist St Hya- 
cinth), C. R 

Harkin, P. H., St Colomb, Sillery, 
C. R 

Harper, J., St Grogoire, C. R 

Harty, Wm., Kemptville, C. W. 

Hebert, N., Karaouraska, C. R 

Hebert, Oct, St, Areene, C. R 

Heenan, R J., Ha . ilton, C. W. 

Heroux, N., Three Rivers, C. R 

Hevey, P., St Jean BapUste, C. E. 

Hicks, R H., Evech^, Montreal, 
C. R 

Higeins, B., Sheffield. C. W. 

Ho\i\t^ 3.,^\o^ara,C. W. 



ilahan, P., Fredeiricton, N. B. 
JD, Philip, M., Keatville,N. a 
^ S. C, Kichelieu, 0. E. 
ey, R., St John's, N, F. 
n, J., LateriSrre, Saguenay. 
n, J., Levis, C. E. 

L. J., St. Paul rErmite, C, E. 

M., BrooghtoD, C. E. 

P., St. Foye, C. E. 
au, E.T., Stlin, C. £. 

.ev. Jamot, J. F., Toronto, 

3que8, A., Industrie, C. R 

, , Rochester, C. W 

r, College St. Therese, 0. E. 
otte, F., St. Melanie, C. W. 
mt, L., Buddngham, C. E. 

J., Toronto Grove, C. W. 

her, P., Brock, C. W. 

, P., Valeartier, C. E. 

edy, Edmond, Shubenacadie, 


edy, James, Windsor, N. S. 

edy, J. P., Penetanguishene, 


ick, N , St. Guillaume, C. E. 

on, G. S., Monnoir College, 

Marie, C. E. 

y, R B., Port Saraia, C. W.v 

)r, A., Manitouline, C. W. 

lev. Lafleche, Louis, Three 
rers, C. R 

tilin, John, N. Sidney, C. B. 
.belle. A., St. Bernard, C. R 
le, R, Repentigny, C. R 
le, F., Repenti^y, C. R 
le, J. B., Repentigny, C. R 
•ge, Jos., L'Ancieune Lorette. 
1, J., Sem., Montreal, C. E. 
irsiere, T. Warwick, C. R 
ere, Aug , S. Fabien, C. R 
nee, P., St Hyacmth, C. R 
nee, F. X., Memranicook, N. 

5^, P., Quebec. 

r, > 8. 6auveor, Qxi€^))C 

e, P. L,, Rimouski, 

Rev. Laliberte, F., Quebee. 
Lalor, Murt, Picton, 0. W. 
Lamarche, G., Evech^, Montreal, 

C. R 
Lambert, L. S., St George, C. R 
Langeyin, Ed., Quebec. 
Langevin, J., ^'ormal School, Que- 
Langlais, G., Industrie, C. R 
Langlois, A., St Hyacinth, C. R 
Lapierre, P. L., Evech4, Montreal, 

Laporte, D., Kildare, C. R 
Laporte, D., Assumption, C. R 
Laporte, G., Assumption, C. R 
Laqueux, Jos , Riviere du Loup en 

has, C. R 
Larcher, A., St Mary's College, 

Montreal, C R 
Larocque, St Jean; Dorchester, C. 

Larue, J. B.,Sem, Montreal, 0. R 
Larue, N., St Pauliu, C. R 
Larue, R^ St Hyacinth, C. R 
Lasnier, J. T., St Zotique, C. R 
Lassalle, L. M., St Hyacinth, a 

Lassiseraie^.A. H., Pointe du Lac, 

Laurent G. M, Toronto, C. W. 
Laurent, P. D., Ambers tburg, C W. 
Laussier, R, Paris, C. W. 
Lauzon, J., St Adele, C. R 
Laval] ee, M., St Julienne, C. R 
Lavallee, N., St Vincent Isle Je- 
sus, C. R 
Laverdiere, H., Laval University, 

Lavoie, R, Longueuil, C. R 
Lawler, R B., Hungerford, C. W. 
Lebel, C., Lacheuaie, C. R - 
Le Blanc, J., St Aim^, C. E. 
Leblanc, J. O., Sorel, C. R 
Leblaifc, P., Eveche, Montreal, 

C. R 
Leclaire, B. J., Stanbridge, 0. R 
Leclair, G.,Sem., Montreal C. R 
Leclaire, Coll., Masson, C. R 
Leclerc, J. B., St. Brigette, C. R 
Leclerc, N., St Anne's College* 
Leclerc, B., " ** 

Leclerc, J., Vaudreuil, C. £♦ 
Leclerc, G., St Scholastique, C. R 
Lecours, R, St HYOAintb.^ G» R* 

I Lee, 3., lloionXft, C^ . 



Lefebvre, J..OtUwa. C. W. 
Lefebvre, IX, Coll., Montreal, C. E. 
Lefrancois, J. P., Levis. 
L6gar6, A. D., Seminary, Quebec 
L6gar6, Cyr., 

Legare, Victor, " " 

Lemay, A., Beloeil, C. K 
Lemieux, M., Quebec. 
Lemir-MarBoIais, St. Glet, C. E. 
Lemoine, G., Quebec 
Lemonde, J. B , St. Callixte, C. E. 
Lenoir, C , Coll., Montreal, C. E. 
Lenoir, H., " 

Leonard, ^ St Peter's, Mon- 
treal, C. E. 
Lepine, O., St. Pierre les Becqnets, 

Lesage, G., St. Valentine, C. E 
LevSque, , St Thomas, Mont- 

Lev^que, J. K, St. Marc, C. E. 
Lev^que, L., Longuenil, C. E 
Levdque, L., " " 

Levdque, P., St Hyacinth, C. E. 
L'Heureux, R, Contrecoour, C. E 

L'Hiver, ^ Madawaska, N. B. 

Limoges, A. D., Stanstead, C. E, 
Lonnergan, James, Kingston, C. W. 
Lopinto, F., St Mary's College, 

Montreal, C. E. 
Loranger, C., Lanoraie, C. E. 
Lottinville, T., Three Rivers, C. E 
Lussier, E., Boucherville, C. E. 
Lussier, L. C, Chateauguay, C. E. 
Lynch, J., Douro, C. W. 
Lynch, J., AUumettes, C. E. 
Lynch, M. J., Strathroy, C. W. 

Very Rev. McDonagh, J. H., Perth, 
C. W. 
MacDonald, John, St Raphael, 

C. W. 
McDonald, J., Indian River, P. E. 
Manseau, A., Montreal, C. E. 
Rev. Mackey, M., Tyendnnaga, C. W. 
McAuley, M., Granby, C. K 
McCarthy, Isaac C, Williamstown, 

C. W. 
McDevitt, H., Fredericton, N. B. 
Very Rev. McDonald Alexander, 

Mabon, C. B. 
^ev. McDonald, Dugald, East Point, 
P. K 
MoDoaald, D. F., Sotiris, P. K 
McDonald, F. J., GeorgetowD, ?.E. 

Rev. McDonald, K J.. Arisaig, N. a 
McDonald, A., Charlotte, P. E 
McDonald, R. B., Charlotte, P. E 
McDonald, Ron., Pictou, N. S. 
McDonnell, Alex., Lochiel, C. W. 
McDonell, Angus, Kingston, C. W. 
McDonnell, F., St F^rreol, C. E 
McDougaU, John, Red Island, 

McFeely, B., Packingham, C. W. 
McGauran, B., S. Patrick, Quebeo. 
McGillivray, And., Cape George, 

K S. 
McGillivray, Jr., Ron,, West River, 

Ohio, N. a 
McGillivray, Sr., Ron., St An- 
drew's, N. S. 
McGoez, P., Chelsea, C. E. 
McGrOvern, A., London, C. W. 
McGrath, P.. Ottawa, C. W. 
Mclntyre, J., Camden, C. W. 
Mclsaac, Alex., Dartmouth, N. S. 
Mclsaao, Donald, Grand Narrows, 

C. B. 
Mclsaac, Dugald, Tiguiah, P. E 
McKenzie, Archibald, Creignisb, 

C. B. 
McLean, Allan, Judique, C. B. 
McLeod, W. B., D'Escousse, C. B. 
McLeod, Neil, East Bay, C. B. 
Moi.eod, William, Pubnico, N. S. 
McMahon, Thos., Lougbboro, C.W. 
McManus, W., Kingston, N. b. 
McNulty, J., Caledonia, G W. 
McPhee, Pius, St Andrew's, P. E 
McSween, Aiexr., Boisda^'e, C. B. 
Madden, J., Port Hope, C. W. 

Maher, , Quebec. 

Maheut, P. S., Mt Forest, C. W. 
Mailly, J., S. Iren6e, Charlevoix. 
Mailloux, AL, Bonaventnre, C. E 
Mainguy, J., St Mary's College^ 

Montreal, C. E. 
Malo, L. S., Becancour, C. E. 
Mancip, J., Chatham, C. B. 
Manseau, A, Indubtrie, C. E. 
Marchand, M., Yamachiche, C. E 
Marceau, L., He Verte. 
Marceau, Sim., S. Simon. 
Marchesseau, G., St^ Rosaire, C. E 
Marcotte, H., Lavaltrie, C. E. 
Marcoux, A., St Zeph^^rin, C EL 
Marcoux, D., Champlain, C. E 
Marcoux, F. X , St Regis, C. E 
\ Mar^chal^ D., St Jaoques de VAo, 



arechal, N., Lachine, C. R 
I, John A., Ship Harbor, N. S. 
luis, R. C, St Pierre CelestiD, 

eille, Amherstburg, C. W. 

olais, P., Montreal, C, K 

el, Ant., St. Alexis, Saguenay. 

el, L. J., St Felix, 0. E. 

el, Joseph, St Julie, Somerset 

ell, C. P., Tracadie, N. a ' 

in, C, Chambly, C. E. 

in, Joseph, Quebec, C. E, 

in, M., Berthier, C. E. 

ineau, A. J., St Urbain, C. K 

ineau, D., S. Charles, Belle- 


e, Jos., S. Calixte, Somerset 

e, J., Kingston, C. W. 

•eault, J., Pierreville, C. E. 

•el. Ph., AUumettes, C. E. 

•oit, EL, Ottawa, C. W. 

•and, A., Ste. Ursule, C. E. 

iret, P. M., Boxton, C. W. 

ie, J. R., Mariatown, C. W. 

jher, M., Quebec. 

jvielle, St Peter's, Montreal, 


ier. A., Lac des Deux Mod* 

jnes, C. E. 

er, C, St Clement's, C. W. 

re, C, St Peter's, Montreal, 


ot, E. M., Layal University, 


and, Ste. Anne de la PocatiSre. 

aud, Industrie, C. E. 

el, F., St Mary's C, Montreal, 


bI, J., Aylmer, C. E. 

el, J., Mara, C. W. 

on, F. X., St Ephrem, C. R 

on, J. D., Boxton, C. E. 

ault, P. M., Chambly, C. E. 

te, Aug., St Augustine, C. E. 

2r, H., Sorel, C. E. 

lult, M., Sault au RecoUet, 


le, C, Magdalen Islands, P. R 

)y, Michael, Ottawa, C. W. 

lor, F. Z., Magog, C. R 

t O., St Gregoire, C. R 

;eau, J. L., St Clement, C. R 

e, R, St Frederic, C. E. 

au, R, Evech6, Montreal, C. R 

au, L. Z., St Hyacinth, C. E. 

tku, B., Eveebe, Montreal, OJ!. 

Rev. Morin, Prs., St Pferre, Riviere 

du Sud. 
Morin, H., St Luc, C. R 
Morin, J, St. Jacques le Mineur, 

Morin, M., Lachenaie, C. R 
Morisset, F., S. Urbain, Charlevoix. 
Morrison, C. P., St Cyprien, C. B. 
Moyen, J., Coll. Montreal, C. R 
Mulcahy, Toronto, C. W. 
Mullen, A., Adjala, C. W. 
Mulligan. P., Clifton, C. W. 
Murphy, J., E^infield, C. W^ 
Murphy, J., Quebec. ^ 

Mui-pliy, James, Ferryland, Kew£ 
Murray, H., Monckton, N. B. 

Very Rev. Northgraves G. Barrie, 

C. W. 
Rev. Nadeau, G., Ste. Luce, Rimouski. 
Nantell, Coll., Ste. Therese, C. E. 
Naud, J., S. Laurent, He d'Or- 

Nelligan, J., St Joseph, Beauce. 
Nercam, A , Montreal, C. R 
Noiseaux, A., St Elienne des Gres, 

C. R 
Normandin, R, Lachenaie, C. R 
Normandin, J. O., Qnebec. 
Nowlan, Pel., Little Placentia, N.F. 
Nugent, John J., Chipmau, N. B. 

CBoyle, T., Osgood, C. W. 
O'Brien, Denis, Witless Bay, New£ 
O'Brien, D. A. London, C. W. 
O'Brien, J., Kingston. 
O'Brien, J., Gloucester, C. W. 
O'Brien, M., Montreal, C. R 
O'Brien. T. A., London, C. W. 
O'Connell, P., Richmond, C W. 
O'Connor, D., Toronto, C. W. 
O'Connor, J. S., Cornwall, C. W. 
O'Connor, R., Toronto Grove, C.\V. 
O'Connor, Thomas, Portugal Cove, 

O'Donnell, A., St Denis (dist St 

Hyac), C. R 
O'Donnell, Jeremiah, St' John's, 

O'Donnell, P., Harbor Main, Newf. 
O'Donnell Rich., St John's, Newf. 
O'Donohoe, J.^TViwijiivW, C^,^ . 
O'Donovau, D., Vii^«i»o>^^ C»,^ . 



Rev. O'Grady, J., St Catharine, Fos- 

O'Keefe, £., Brigua, Newfound- 

O'Keeflfe, Eugene, Toronto, C. W. 

Oliva, F., 8. Lambert, Levia 

Olscamps, J. B., St Stani8lauB,C.R 

O'MaUey, A., Portage du Fort, 
C. E. 

0*Regan, L., Nerepis, N. B. 

O'Reilly, John, Dundas, C. W. 

O'Shea, M., Arthur, C. W. 

Otis, (Lucien, Anse St. Jean, Sague- 

Ouellet, L., Calumet, C. E. 

Ouellette, R., Ste. Hyacinth, a E. 

Palatin, J., Seminary, Montreal, 

C. E. 
Panneton, E., Three Rivers. C. E 
Papineau, T. V., St Hyacinth,C.E. 
Papineau, T. Y., Eveche, Montreal, 

Paquet, B., Seminary, Quebec, 

Paquet, IL H., Seminary, Quebec, 

Paradis, D., Baie du Pebvre, C. E. 
Paradis, Od., St Edward, Framp- 

Paradis, J., St. Fr. du Lac, C. E. 
Paradis, F., Lac Temiscoiiata. 
Par^, J. O., Eveche. Montreal, C. E. 
Par6, P. L, Ange Gardien, C. E. 
Parent, T., Coll., Montreal, C. E. 
Parent, L. E, Point aux Trembles. 
Parent, L. S., S. Jean Port JoJl 
Parant, E. E., Ange Gardien, C. E. 
Patry, P., St Paschal, C. E. 
Payette, A., Ste. Sophie, C. E. 
Peladeau, A., Longueuil, C. E. 
Pelisson, A., S. Raymond. 
Pelletier, AX, Laval University, 

Pelletier, Andre, Ste. Anne College. 
Pelletier, J. B., S. Joseph, Levis. 

Pelletier, J. B., Isle aux Coudres, 

Pelletier, Frs., S. Roch, Quebec. 
Pelletier, 0., Beloeil, C. E. 
Pelletier, N., Stanfold, C. R 
Pellissier, L, Leon, Montreal, C. E. 

Pemn, , St Roch de V Aobigan,' 


Rev. Pepm, T., Boucherville, C. E. 
PeiTas, J. B., ^ Jean Port JolL 
Perrault, F., lleBizard, 0. E. 
Perrault, F., St Jean, Dorchester, 

Perrault, J., He Bizard, 0. R 
Perrault J., Seminary, Montreal, 

Perrault, N., St Janvier, C. E. 
Perrault, P. 0., St Valentine, C E. 
Perrault, T., St Jean, DorchesU^, 

Perron, J., Sault au Recollet, C. R 
Perron, Oct, Ste. Anne des Moots. 
Perry, S. E, E^mont Bay, P. E 
Peterson, James, St John's, N. B. 
Petitdemange, C, Guelph, C. W. 
Phelan, James, Vernon River, P. E 
Phelan, Thomas, Tracadie, P. E 
Picard, E., Seminary, Montreal, 

C E. 
Pich6, J., Pointe aux Trembles, 

Piche, K, Lachine, C. E. 
Piette, M., St Bruno, 0. K 
Pigeon, M., Sorel, C. E. 
Pilote, F., Ste. Anne College. 
Plamondon, F., S. Roch, Quebec 
Plamondon, L. T., Evech6, Mon- 
treal, C 
Plante, E. G., Quebec 
Plinquet, V., Isle du Pads, C. E. 
Point, N., Sault au Recollet, C.E 
Point, P., Quebec, C. R 
Poire, C. E., St Anselm, C. R 
Pominville, L, St John Chrysos- 

torn, a E. 
Porlier, P., Pointe aux Trembles, 

Pothier, L., Three Rivers^ C. R 
Potvin, H., S. Denis, EHmounuka. 
Potvin, G., Runouski, C. "R 
Poulin, R, St Hyacinth, a R 
Poulin, L. R, Bolten, C. R 
Poulin, L, S. Isidore, Dorchester, 

Poulin, P., St Philom^ne, C. R 
Pouliot, Chs., S. Henri, Lauzun. 
Pouliot, P., S. Gervais. 
Power, Patrick, Halifax, N. S, 
Pratte, F., St Denis, O. R 
Prefontaine, Lac des 2 Montaime^ 

Prevost, H., Seminary, Montrea], 



Rev. Primean, J. B., Coll. Ste. The- 

rese, C. E. 
Prince, J., Drummondville, 0. R 
Prince, J. J., Si. Hyacinth, C. E. 
Proulx, A., St. Philippe, dist Mon- 

. treal, C. E. 
Proulx, J. B., Toronto, C. W. 
Proulx, li., Ste. Marie^ Beance. 
Proulx, L. A., S. Valier. 
Proulx, M., St Tite, C. E. 
Proulx, M., Nicoles, C. E. 
Provancher, L., Portneuf. 
Provengal, J. A., St. C^saire, C. E. 
Provost, T., B. Alphonse, C. E. 
Prudhomme, F., St Antoine Abb., 

C. E. 

* Quertier, Edward, S. Denis, Ka- 

Quevillon, Joseph, Belle Alliance, 

Quin, K, Carleton, N. B. 
Quinan, John, Yarnaouth, N. S. 
QuJnlan, J., Wellington, C. W. 
Very Rev. Quinn, Jame-", Carleton, 

N. B. 
Rev. Quinn, J., St Pie, C. E. 
Quinn, John, St George, N. B. 
Quinn, P., Acton, C. E, 
Quinnan, James, S. Sydney, C. B. 
Quinnan, John, Main i Dieu, C. B. 
Quintal, M., St Luce, C. E. 
Quirk, J., Asphodel, C. W. 
Quiik, J., Hastings, 0. W. 

Very Rev. Raymond, J. S., St Hya- 
cinth, C. E. 
^ev. Racine, Ant, St. Jean, Quebec. 

Racine, Dom., Chicoutimi. 

Raftis, Robert, Chezetcooke, N. S. 

Raynel, J., Dover, South, C. W. 

Reboul, L., Ottawa. C. W. 

Refour, F., St Dominique, C. E. 

Regnier, A., St Mary's College, 
Montreal, C. E. 

Regourd, L., Sem., Montreal, C. R 

Remillard, J. O., St Jacques de 
TAchig., a R 

Renaud, 0., ColL, Masson, C. R 

Kenaud, O., Jr., Coll., •* 

Bestber, J, Z, St Athanaae, C. R 
Bej, P., Barrie, O. W. 

Rev. R^z^, J., St JLaurent, C. E. 
Rheault, R., Three Rivers, C. E. 
Ricard, N., Acton, C. R 
Richard, Ed., Chateau Richer. 
Richard, Chs., St Aftne, Saguenay. 
Richard, H., St Pierre Celestin, 

Richardson, W., St Agatha, C. R 
Rioux, Jul., Petite Riviere, C. E. 
Rioux, M., Buckland, C. R 
Rivet, S., Industrie, C. R 
Robert, B., Blairfindie, C. R 
Robin, B., St. Antoine, C. R 
Roche, E. P., Prescott, C. W. 
Rochette, R, St Anicet, C. R 
Rooney, F. P., Toronto, 0. W. 
Rossiter, J.- R,, Gannanoque, C. W 
Rousseau, P., Sem., Montreal, C. R 
Rousseau, A., Sem , Montreal, C. R 
Ruueseau, Z., St Monique, C. R 
Rouleau, Z., St Fraii9ois Beauce. 
Rousseau, L., St Malachie. 
Rousseau, Ul, N. D. du Portage. 
Rousseau, Esd., " " 

Roussel, P., Seminary. 
Rousselot, v., Sem., Montreal, 

Routier, J. H., St Joseph, Levis. 
Roux, M , Les Cedres, C. R 
Rouxel, H., Sem., Montreal, C. E. 
Roy, And., Cascurapec, P. R 
Roy, M., St Joseph, Beauce, C E. 
Roy, Leon, Trois Pistoles, C. E. 
Roy, N., St Alexandre, C. R 
Roy, P., St Norbert, Athabaska, 

Royer, M., St Peter's, Montreal, 

Ruiz, F., Trudel, C. W. 
Ryan, John, St Mary's. 

Very Rev. Soulevin, J. M., Toronto, 
C. W. 

Rev. Sach^, L., St Mary's College, 
Montreal, C. R 
Sasserville, J., Ecureuils, C. E. 
Saucier, P., Ristigouche, C. R 
Sauvdet, A., Toronto, C. W. 
SauvageaO, G., St. Gervais, C. R 
Sauv6, J, St Vincent, C. E. 
Sax, P., St Romuald, Levis, C. R 



Rev. Schneider, P., Goderioh, C. W. 

Scott, J., Brigus, N. F. 

Sears, Thos., Port Mulgrave, N. S. 

Seers. W.. St Remi, C. E. 

Seguin, J., St Louis de G., G. £. 

Sentenne, L., Montreal, G. £. 

Shaw, John, Bay St Lawrence, 

Shea, J. J., Oshawa, G. W. 

Sherlock, J., St Mary's Gollege, 
Montreal, G. K 

Singer, J., Goll, Montreal, C. K 

Sirois, Z., Gape St Ignace. 

Sirois, J., St Jean, Quebec. 

Sirois, T. K, St BarnnW, G. K 

Smeron, M., Madawaska, N. B. 

Smith, A., Pierreville, C. E. 

Smith, William, Annapolis, N. S. 

Soly, L, St flilaire, G. E. 

Sorge, K, Guelph, G. W. 

Sorin, v., Montreal, G. K 

Springer, K, Farnham, G. E. 

St Aubin, John, Riversdale, G. W. 

St Aubin, J., St Norbert, G. E. 

St. Aubin, T., St George's, C. E. 

St George, G., Abbotsford, G E. 
* St Germain, T., St Hyacinth, G E. 

Stafford, J., Wolfe Island, G. W. 

Stremler, J., Seminary, Quebec. 

Suzor, P. H., Victoriaville, G. E 

Swift, Francis, St John's, N. B. 
' Sylvestre, P. A., St Marcel, G. EL 

Synnott, A., Adjala, G. W. v 

Very Rev. Tabarefc» J. H., Ottawa, 
G. W. " 

Truteau, A. F., Evech^, Montreal, 
G. F^ 

Truteau, F., Montreal, G. E 
Rev. Talbot, G., St Antonin, G. E. 

Tallet, J., Coteau, St Louis, G. E. 

TambareaUjD., Sem., Montreal,G.E 

Tanquay, G., St Henedioe, G. B. 

Tardif, Jos., St Pierre,Ile d'Orleans. 

Tardif,Ch., St Pien-e, He d'Orleans. 

Taschereau, , Seminary, Que- 
bec, C. K 

Tass^ M., St Benoit, G. E, 

Tass^, S., St Remi, G. E. 

Taupier, S., Monnoir Gollege, St 
Marie, C. E. 

Ternet Gl., Levis, G. R 

Tessier, J., St David, G. E. 

Teggier, F. X, St. Francois, Beauce, 

Rev. Tetreau, F., St Hyacinth, C. E 
T^tu, D. H., St Roch des Aulnets. 
Theberge, a, St Augustin, 0. E 
Th^oret, J., St. Julie, O. K 
Therrien, , Goll., St. Therese, 

G. E. 

Theves, , Kinkora, G. W. 

Tbibault, A., St G6cile, G E. 
Thibault, G., Longueuil, G R 
Thivierge, N., St Epiphane, Viger, 

Tibadeau, T., Ghertsey, G. R 
Timlin, M, Goburg, G. W. 
Tortel, Adolphe, Ottawa, G. W. 
Toupin, J., Montreal, G. R 
Toupin, T., Three Rivers, G. R 
Tourigny, L., Yamaska, G. R 
Tourneu, L., lie St Pierre, C. E 
Tranchemontagne, , Seminary, 

Montreal, G. R 
Trahan, H., St. Gr^goire, G. R 
Trahan, L., Richmond, G R 
Tremblay, Greg., Beauport. 
Tremblay, God., He aux Coudres. 
Tr^mont L., Le P^che, G. R 
Troy, R, Torbay, N. F. 
Trudeau, A., St. Peter's, Montreal, 

Trudel, N., St Isidore, G. R 
Trudelle, Gh., Baie St Paul, G R 
Turcotte, F. M., St Gabriel, C. R 
Turgeon, F., St Severe, G. R 
Turpin, J. a, St Marie, G. R 

Vacher, A., Sem., Montreal, G. R 

Valade, R, Eveche, Montreal 

Vallee, S., St Anne des Monta. 

VaI16e, J., St Anne's College. 

Vallee, L., " 

Valois, A. 

Vanasse, F. X., Stratford, C. R 

Vaughan, R, Huntly, G. W. 

Veniard, F., St Laurent G. E. 

Vereker, James, Sussex Vale, N. B. 

Vereker, J,, St John's, N. F. 

Vereker, R, St Andiew's, N. B. 

Veronneau, J. B., St Valerian, 
C. E. . 

Verreau, H., Normal School, Mon- 

Vervais, , St Gr^oire, G R 

Vezvna, F., Assomptlon, G. R 



^ev. Vezina, D., Seminary, Quebec 
Villenenve,M., Sandwich, C. W. 
Yilleneuve, J. B., HerbertviUe.. 
Villeneuve, L., Sem., Montreal, 

Vincent, G., Toronto, C. W. 
Vinet, A., Onnstown, C. E. 
Vinet, C. L., St. Polycarpe, C. R 

VirgiliuB, , Maiclstone, C. W. 

Yitale, D., Sault au RecoUet, 

Voisard, P., Fort Erie, C. W. 

Terv Rev. Walsh, K., Harbor Main, 
"N. F. 
Walsh, J., Toronto, C. W. 

Rev. Wagner, J. H., Wmdham, C. W. 
Walsh, James, St. Kyran's. 
Walsh, Ml., St. John's, N. F. 
Walsh, P., Gananoque, C. W. 
Walsh, F., Toronto, C. W. 
Walsh. W., St John's, N. F. 
Wardy, C, Thorold, C. W. 
Wassereau, A.. Kin tail, C. W. 
Watier, J., St. Frangois de Sales, 

White, W. J., Toronto. C. W. 
Winter, A., Douglasstown. 

Woods, , St. Anicet, C. E. 

Woods, John B., Halifax, N. S. 

Zucker, C, St Thomas, C. W. 








"Worn «. 




















































' 68 

. 54 











. 1'?! 






South wark 


j Beverley 




Newport and Menevia. 







Eastern District 

Western District 

Iforthern District 

Bishops and Priests unattached. . 




Names. Diocese. Besidenee. 

His Eminence the Most Rev. 
Nicholas Wiseman, Cardi- 

na), Metropolitan, and A.B. .Westminster 8 York-pi. Portman 

square, London. 

Right Rev. Rt. Cornthwaite,. .Beverly 48, Micklegate, 


Alex. Goss. D.D. . .Liverpool St Edward's Coll, 

" Jas. Brown, D.D.. .Shrewsbury Salter's Hall,* New- 

port, Salop. 
" Th. Josph. Brown,. Newport and Me-. .BuUinghani, HeM" 

D.D., O.S.B. nevia ford. 

Hon. <fe RU Rev. Wm. Clifford, 

D.D Clifton Clifton, Bristol. 

Right Rev. William Yaughan . .Plymouth Cecil-street, Ply- 
'* ITios. Grant, D.D. . . Southwark St. George's Cathe- 
dral, 51 George^s 
fields, London. , 

*' Richard Roskell,. .Nottingham St Barnabas, Not* 

D.D. tingham. 

" W. Hogarth, D.D. . . Hexham Darlington. 

William Turner, 

D.D., Salford Bishop's House,Sal- 

ford, Manchester. 

" W. B. Ullathome. .Birmingham Bishop's Houwi 

D.D.,O.S.B. Birmingham. 

" Fr. Kerrel Amherst . Northampton Bishop's House, 

D.D. Northampton. 


James Gillis,D.D., 
V. A. Eastern District Greenhill, Edin- 
J. Murdoch, D.D., 

V.A Western District 34 Great Clyde-at, 

" John Gray, D.D., 

V.A.,Coad. " 34 Great aydeii 

" James Kyle, D.D., 

V.A Northern District, .... Preshome, Enzie, 

by Fochabers. 


Right Rev. Wm Morris, D.D., Bishop of Troy, Roehampton, London, S. W. 
♦* ** J. W. Hendren, D.D., Bishop of Martyropolis^ Convent of Our* 

Lady of Dolours, Taunton. 
" " Wm Wareing, D.D., Bishop of Retimo, St. Mary's Abbey, E 

Bergholt, Colchester. 
" " G. M. B. Burder, Mt. St. Bernard, Chapel House, Market-place, 

Bradford, W. 





rcbd. Armagli, A.B 1 

[cath ,..,.. 1 

lerry % 

logher *<.,,,*.,,♦. ^ .» ... * 1 

Aphoe. ,.,.,,», , 1 

'own a&d Connor. 2 

ilmore. , *».,,,. 1 

i'dagh (& Clou mac noifli. , , , . 1 

Tomore *....*,*..*»* 1 

Total in trlster, ..„ U 

^qblin, A,E. 6^ 3 olhere 4 

"ildflr*) and Leigldin I 

saapy . , , 1 

ems ,.,,..*.... 1 

Total in Leinater. ...... 7 



























j?elid, Caaliel & EuiJy, A.B. . ij 46 ] 60 

orfc........ 1 

jDaloe......... I 

erry 1 

iinerick,.. 2 

Tftlerford <b Li amore .,,,,... t 

loyae. ,..,.,♦...*,,. 1 

oea 1 

Total in Mungter ....... 9 

31 65 

55 €7, 

47' 49 

46; 62 
























11 &d 

21 15 








rehd. l^iam* A.B.-. . 
lotifert .,.,,,,,„,,, 
chonry , , * , , 

Iphin .............. 

ilmooh. ik Kilfenora. 



Totnl in Connntight. . . 

Drflud Totnl, 4 A,B., B. 30. 



1S3 206 

391 16 


:i32lt 86 
















His Grace Most Rev. Jobbph 

Dixon, Abp. 
Most Kov. John Cantwi'll . . . 



Nov. 21, 1858. 



Sept 21, 1880. 
July 16, 1887; succeeded 
Dr. M'Laughlin, 1840. 
Oct 21, 1849. 

Right Rev. J. McLaughlin . . . 



" Francis Kelly, coad. . 



Most Rev. Charles M'Nally . . 



Nov. 6, 1848; snc. Dr. 
Keman, Feb. 20, 1841 

Right Rev. Daniel M'Gettigan . 

Cornelius Dcnvlr . . 



May 18, 1866. 

Down and 


Nov. 22, 1S86. 

" Ptk. Dorrian, coad. . 



August 19, 1860. 

" Jumcs Browne . . . 



June 10, lh2r. 

JohnKilduflf . . . 



June 29, 1868. 

J. Plus Leahy . . . 



Oct 1,1854. 



Bis Grace Most Rev. Paul Citl- 

Lsx, Apostolic Delegate and 

A.B. ......... . 


06, Eccles-street 

Dr Murray, enthruned 
Aug. 1^ 1868. 
March 81, 1856. 

Bight Rev. Jas. Walsbe . . . . 

Eildare and 



" Edward Walsh . . . 


July 26, 1846. 

^ Thomas Furlong . . 


March 22, 1867. 


His Grace Mosc Rev. Patbiok 

Oashel and 

Lkahy, Abp 



June 29, 1867. 

Right Rev. WllHam Delany . . 



Aug. 16, 1847. 

Ml. Flannery . . . 



Sept 6, 1868. 

" David Moriarty . . 



1854, sue. Dr. 
£gan,22d July, 1891 



•* George Butler, coad. 
" D. OlJrien . . . . 



, 1861. 

Waterfd and 



Sept 80, 1855. 

" » WiUrnm Keane . . . 


Feb. 2d, 1861. 

" M. O'Hea 



Feb. -th, 1853. 


His Grace Most Rev. John Mao- 


Hale, Abp 



June 18, 1825, of Killab, 
succeeded Dr. Kelly, 
Aug. 8, 1884. 

Right Rev. John Deny . . . . 



Sept 21, 1847. 

« Patrick Durcan . . . 


Nov. 80, 1862. 

'• Laur. Gillooly . . , 


86pt 7, 1866; sue. Dr. 
Browne, Dec 1, 1858. 

*» Patrick Fallon . . . 

duagh and 


May 1, 1853. 

JohnM'Evilly . . . 



March 22. 1867. 




Oct 18. 1889. . 

Bight Rev. Dl. O'Connor, O.8.A., John street, Dublin. 
'* Dr. Whelan, C\aTeiidow %\.Tefet. * 

" Dr. Hynea,0.8.D,,>loTiVLSlovjuC»., ^^'^ 
" Dr. Brady, Cavan. ,^, ^^ 

♦* Dr FiUpatrick, A^\>oX,^Vovxut^«\\waS^^i«W«*««^ 




Bishops, Parisli Priests, Regulars, and Curates 


[F. F. Vicap Foreign; V, R. Very Reverend; adm. administrator; ahp. 
archbishop; Bn. Dean; V.G. Vicar-General; O.S.F. order of Francis- 
cans; O.S.A. order of August! nians ; C,C, Oalced Carmelites; D.CC. 
Discalced Carmelites; 0.8. D. Dominicans, or OP, order of Preachers; 
8.V. Soc St Vincent De Paul; O.M.L Oblates of Mary Immaculate; 
O.P. order of Passionists ; 0,R, order of Kedemptorists.] 

Brady, Dr., Cavan 
Brown, James, Eilmore, Cavan 
Butler, George, cocd^ Limerick 
Cantwell, John, Meath, MuUingnr 
Gullen, Paul, ahp. 0.(1, Dublin, 65, 

Delaoy, William, Cork, St Mary's, 

Denvir, Cornelius, Down & Connor, 

Derry, John, Clonfert, Loughrea 
Doman, Ptk., coad, d.e., Belfast 
Dixon, Joseph, abp., Armagh, Armagh 
Dure an, Patrick, Achonry, Ballagha- 

Fallon, Ptk., Kilmac. <& Kilfenora, 

Furlong, Thomas, Ferns, Wexford 
Feeny, Thomas, Eillala, Ballina 
Fltzpatrick, Dr., abb,, Mt Melieray, 

Flannery, Michael, Killaloe, Nenagh 
Gillooly, Laurence, Elphin, Sligo 
Hynes, John, o.p., Dr., Monkstown, 


Keane, William, Cloyne. Fermoy 
Kelly, Francis, eoad., Derry, Derry 
Eilduff, John, Ardagh, Longford 
Leahy, Patrick, abp., Cashel, Thurles 
Leahy, J. P., Dromore, Newry 
M*Evilly, John, Galway, Galway 
M'Gettigan, Daniel, Kaphoe, Letter- 

MacHale, John, dbp.y Tuam, Tuam 
M'Longhlin, John, Derry, Derry 
M*Nally, Charles, Clogher,Monnghan 
Moriarty, David, Kerry, Killar- 

O'Brien, D., Waterford <fe Lismore, 

0*Hea, M., Ross, Skibbereen 
O'Connor, Daniel, o.s.a. John's-st, 

Ryan, John, Limerick, Limerick 
Walshe, James, Kildare and Leighl, 

Carlo w 
Walsh, Edmund, Ossory, Kilkenny 
Whelan, Dr., Clarendon-street, Dub- 


Aylward, Edward, Ossory, Castleco- 
John, Ossory, Mooncoin, Waterford 
Baldwin, J., Waterford <Se Liataot^, 

Ahem, Thomas^ Cloyne, Macroom 
Ambrose, James, Cloyne, Mallow 
Arthur, Francis, Kilmacduagh, Kin- 

Auterson, Samuel, v.r., Deny, Eilrea 



Bard en, Ven. A., areh.^ Ferns, New 

Barret, Matw. Elphin, Frenchpark 
Bnrrins, John, Eillala, Balliua 
Barry, John, Cork, Skull 

John, admin., Kilfenora, Lahinch 
John, Ross, Timoleague 
Richard, Ferns, Clonevan, Gorey 
Peter, Ferns, New Roes 
Beechinor, Jeremiah, Cloyne, New- 
Begley, Patrick, Cork, Cork 
Benson, Patrick, Limerick, Ballin- 

Berniingham, T,, Meath, Tagfamon, 
Peter, D.D., Clogber, Castleblaney 
E., Limerick, Charleville 
Birch, M., Ossory, Castleoomer 

John, Borris in Ossory 
Bluke, Patrick, adtn.^ Meath, Navan 
Thomas, Kiilaloe, Roscrea 
Thomas. Limerick, Bruff 
Bohan, John, Ard. <& Clon.. Fenagh 
Boland, P., adm,j KiJ. Carlow 
Bourke, John, Limerick, Cratloe 

William, limerick, Bruree 
Bowles, James, v./., Kiilaloe, Tulla 
Boyde, John, Elphin, Roscommon 
Boyle, Edward, Dernr, Stranorlar 

Michael, Raphoe, Falcarragh 
Bradley, Paul, Derry, Carudonagh 
Brady, Patrick, Kilmore, Bailiebo- 
Michael, Kilmore, Stradone 
Terence, Kilmore, Bally nagh 
Thomas, Kilmore, Ballyhaise 
Thomas, Dromore, Rathfriland 
Breagy, Joseph, Meath, Nobber 
Brahan, John, v.g., Limerick, New- 
Breen, Timothy, Kiilaloe, Kilkee 
Brennan, D., Ossory, Waterford. 
H. Elphin, Ballinasloe * 

John, Achonry, Tubbercurry 
John, Dromore, Warrenpoint 
Loftus, Feme, Taghmon 
Malachy, Elphin, Cliffoney, Sligo 
Patrick, V. Rev., Kild. & Leighlin, 

Philip, Clogher, CootehiU 
Roger, Achonry, Curteen, Bally- 
William, Elphin, Kilglass, Roosky 
Brie, Wra., fcerry, Ballylongfor^, 

Broder, Ml., Ardagh and ClonniMi, \ i 

Keadue { 

Browne, James, Tnam, Ballyglass 
Very Rev. Martin, »./., Tuam, Cu- 

William, Derry, Strabane 
Buckley, Corns., Cioyne, Buttevant . 

Darby, Limerick, feilfinaiM 
Buck, William, Kerry, Tarbert 
Bnggy, Rd., Kildare 'ik Leighlio, do* 

Bugler, Michael, Kiilaloe, Miltovfr 

Bunton, J., Limerick, Glin 
Burke, V. R., v.ff., Watrfrd., Lismowj 
Chr., Dublin, Ratbcoole 
John, Cashel, Thurles 
John, Ejllaloe, BroAdford 
Michael, Kiilaloe, Ennis 
Patrick, Clonfert, Ahaseragfa 
Ml., Kilmacduagb, Kilcreest, Long- 

Ml., Waterford & Xismore, Dan* 

Re'clmond, Emly, Newport, Tippt* 

Thomas, Emly, GalbAlly 
Thomas, Clonfert, Portumna 
Burton, Philip, Cloyue, Castletown- 

Busher, Thoa., Fernsi Oilgate, Eoni- 

Butler, John, Emly, Thurles 
Byrne, Daniel, Dublin, C«'lbrid^ 
Edwd., Kild. & Leigh., Carbuiy, 

John, Dromore, Lawrencetown, 

P., Waterford and Lismore, Tallov 
P., Ossory, Jenkinstown, Kilkenny 
Pat, Meatli, Clonagh, B»llini^ron 
Byrnes, Patrick, Kilfenora, Burriu 
Cahill, John, Cloyne, Ardnane 
William, Emly, Cappawhite 
Cainen, John, Dublin, Maynooth 
Callan, Thomas, Armaffh. Castlebel* 

Callary, Philip, Meath, Slane 
Campbell, J. C.C. admin,, Armagh, 
Patrick, Armagh, Meagherfelt 
Canavan, Jas. C.C. adm,, Down ^ 

Connor, Seaford, Cloogh ' 

Cantwell, NL, Waterl 4e lismore, | 



Cantwell Wm. Limerick, Ardfinftne 
Cant well, Walter, achd. v.g.^ Emi- 
ly, Fethard, Tip 
Walter, Waterford and Liemore, 
Carey, Edward, Meath, Maynooth 
Patrick, Eildare, & Leighlin, Borris 
Co. Carlow 
Carrigan, P., Ossory, Innistiogue 
Carlos, Luke, Elphin, Mount Tal- 
Carmody, Thomas, Kerry, Miltown 
Carney, A., Clogher, Ballybay 
Carolan, Patrick, Clogher, Carrick- 

Casey, R., Waterl & Lismore, Kilro- 
senty, Oarrick-on-Suir 
Thos., W., xiis., Stradbally, C.-on- 

Michael, Limerick, Limerick 
Cassidy, Hugh, Eilmore, Ballincon- 
James, Cloeher, Newbliss 
Thomas, Clogher, Enniskillen 
Cavanagh, John, Tuam, Tuam 
Cavanagh, H. J., Armagh, Collon 
Clancy, John, Cork, Lr. Glanmire 

Michl., Eilmore, Drumahaire 
Clarke, E., Dublin, Karraghmore, 
Jas. Clogher, Newtownbutler 
John, Armagh, Louth, Ireland 
Michael, Clonfert, Woodfort 
Peter, Eilmore, Stradone 
Cleary, Francis, EUlaloe, Roscrea 
Martin, Killaloe, Nenagh 
Daniel, Killaloe, Dunkerrin 
Close, William, Down and Connor, 

Clune, Michael, Eillaloe, Sizmile- 

Codd, Wm., Ferns, Fethard, New 

Coen, Thomas, Clonfert, Kiltormer 
Thomas, Clonfert^ Eyrecourt 
Thomas, Clonfert, liaurenoetowii 
Ooghlan, John, Achonry, BaUagha* 
Michael, Meath, Collinstown 
Michael, dcf.. Limerick, Limerick 
Francis, Clonfert, Killimore 
Coleman, Ts., Dublin, N.-T.-M.- Ken- 
nedy, Glendalough 
Col^an, Michael, Meath, Tullamore 
Colfins, John, Cork, Macroom 
James, Derry, Draperstown 

Collier. Thos. Eroly, Killaloe 
Comerford, W., KiL & Leighlin, Bally- 

fio, Mount rath 
Commins, George, Galway, Galway 

James, Galway, Clare Galway 
Conallin, Patrick, Clonfert, Wood- 
Conaty, John, Kilmore, Virginia 

N., Kilmore, Virginia 
Conegland, James, Derry, Gortin ' 
Oonnefry, W., Ard. & Clonmacn., 

Connelan, Andw., adtnin., Killaloe, 

Connor, Edward, Down and Connor, 

H., Down & Connor, CastlewellaQ 
Conolly, Michael, Kilmacduagh, Or- 

Conroy, E., Kildare & Leighlin, Clane, 

Ml., Kildare and Leighlin, Mjshall 
Conry, Thomas, Ossory, Waterford 

Patrick, Tuam, H0II3 mount 
Conway, Hugh, Kill^ iSkreen, Co. 

Michael, admin.^ Killala, Killala 
Peter, Tuam, Headford 
Cooke, Richard, Limerick, Pallas- 

Coony, Jn., Emly, Loughmore, Tip- 

Oooney, William, Emly, Clerihan, 

Corbet, Daniel, Killaloe, Quinn 
Corcoran, Jas., Meath, Clara 
Corish, P., chan., Ferns, Ballynitty, 

CorkriMi, C, Cork, Ballyfeard, Kin- 
Corkery, T., Limerick, Newcastle 
Corrigan, Tliomas, Armagh, C.-Bell- 

Cosgraye, Constaniine, Achonry, Bal- 

Costello, V.R., Bartb, Killala, Cross- 

Costigan, V. Rey. A, canon., Dublin, 

Luftk, Balbriggan 
Cotter, Edmond, Cloyne, Charleyille 
Counihan, Jno., Kerry, Killamey 
Coyle, Daniel, v/., Raphoe, Stranor- 

Coyne, Eugene, Tuam, Mt. Bellew- 

Ea{^eii«, Txx&Txv^ lS^\>^<SiX^ 



Coyne, Michael, Armagh, Moy 
CreedoD, J. D., Cork, Drimoleague 
Crickard, Jas., Down A Connor, Kir- 
Nichls., Down A Connor, Down- 
Croke, Thomas, V.G., Cloyne, Charle- 

CroUy, E., Armagh, Portadown 
Cronm, J., Cork, Caheragh 

J., Cloyne, Middleton 
Crowe, John, Cork, Carrigaline 
Cullen, Patrick, Galway, Qalway 
Cullinan, John, Cloyne, Macroom 
Cunningham, J., Down <k Connor, 

Carley, Michael, Tuam, Louisburgh 
Curoe, Patrick, Down and Connor, 

Carran, Peter, Eilmore, Ballinamore 

Thomas, Tuam, Clnremorris 
Cussen, Edmund, limerick, Aekeaton 
R., V. Rev., V.G., dean., Limerick, 
Daly, H., V.F., Dublin, Kilbride, 
James B., Cork, Crookstown 
Patrick, Killaloe, Kilkea 
Peter, Galway, Galway 
Dardis, John, Ardagh & Clonmac, 

Balnahowen, via Athlone 
Davis, Charles, Cloyne, Blarney 
Dawson, P., V. Rev. V.G., Ardagh 

and Clonmac., Drumsna 
Deery, James, Clogher, Newbliss 
Deignan, Simon, Meath, Eells 
De Lacy, Hugh, Eilmore, Blacklion 
Delany, James, Eild. A Leighlin, 

Ballinakill, Queen's Co. 
Dempsey, M., Ossory, Durrow 
Derry, William, Clonfert, Eyrecourt 
Devine, James, Kerry, Dingle 
James, Achonry, Ballaghaderreen 
Neal, Derry, Cumberclaudy 
Devlin, F., Armagh, Donaghmore, 
Philip, cLd., Derry, Newtownlima- 
Dillon, Ts., Elphin, Ballintubher, 

Dil worth, Daniel, Cloyne, Glan worth 
Dinan, Michael, Killaloe, Bally na- 

Donnel, 'William, Limerick, Croom 
Direr, Thos., Raphoe, Creeslough 
Doberty, John, Raphoe, Carrigart 

DoUard, Miehael, Killaloe^ Ballydi- 

Donnelly, Edw., V. Rev. Derry, If 
James, d,d., Clogher, Rottlea; Clonci 
Dooley, T., Watwt ^ Liem., GaiH>a. 

Doran, Miles, Fema, EUanne, EdoI* 

Dore, David, Cork, Caheragh 

James, Eillaloe, Feakle 
Dowling, Jas., V. Rev., Meath, Ckfr 
W., Ossory, Rathdowny 
Downes, T., Limerick, Eumallock 
Doyle, Edward, Ferns, Enniscorthy 
Patk, Eildare and Leighlin, Philipi- 

Patrick, Ossory, Ballyracrget 
Peter, Ferns, Inch, Gorey 
Thomas, Ferns, Arthuratown, Kef 
Drummond, W., Raphoe, Eillybe^ 
Duff, Nicholas, Meatn, DunshaugUii 
Dufihr, Ed., Ardagh A Clonmaenoifl, 
Farrell, Ard. A Clon., Shannon 

Michael, Meath, Multifamham 
Patrick, v./., Tuam, Dunmore 
Peter, Cloeher, Monaghan 
Philip, Ardagh <k Clonmac, Ratho- 

James, Cl<^her, Caatleblaney 
Duggan, P., Cloyne, Doneraile 

Patrick, Tuam, Tuam 
Dungan, Michael, Dublin, Blancbarda> 

town, Co. Dublin 
Dunne, Jas., Eildare dt Leighlin, 
J., Down <k Connor, Annoy, Bally- 

John, Ferns, Priesthaggard, New 

Lawrence, Yen. Arch. Canon, Dub- 
lin, Castledermot 
Durcan, Bernard, Achonry, Swinefbrd 
Dwyer, Austin, Tuam, Spiddal, Gal- 
Michael, Kildare and LeigUio, 
Egan, John, Killaloe, CastleoonneU 
Wm., Kerry, Tralee 
Jos., Elphin, Elphin 
Kyran, Ardagh it Clonmae^ Ck>g- . 



E^an, William, Eillaloe, Ballybrigue 
P^Hger, John, Cork, Caatlemartyr 
£n right, James, Limerick, iBallin- 
Michael, v./., Kerry, Castletown 

Timothy, Keriy, Causeway, Tralee 
Evepard, Richard, Armagh, Clogher- 

Evers, John, V. Rev., v./., Ardagh <fe 

Clonmacnois, Mohi'll 
Fagan, Andrew, Dublin, Rush, Bal- 
M., Dublin, Newtownmountken- 
Fagan, William, Meath, Mountnugent 
Fairon, J., Armagh, Ballygawley 
Falvey, John, Cork, Upper Glanmire 
Fanning, James, F«roB, Clohamon, 

Farrell, W., Ossory, Einnitty 

J. Very Rev. Canon, St. Cathe- 
rine's, Meath-street, 1^6, Thomas- 
Farrelly, P., Ard. A Clonmac., Edge- 

Farrington, M., V. Rev. Canon, Dub- 
lin, 90, Amiens-st 
Feeny, Eugene, v./., Elphin, Rivers- 
town, Ballymote 
Fenlon, Edw., Kild. A Leigh., Bally- 

adams, Athy 
Feehan, Patrick, Emly, Templemore 
Farrelly, V. Rev. Thomas, dean, Ard. 

and Clonmacnois, Ardagh 
Feely, V. Rev. John, dean^ Raphoe, 

Mount Charles 
Finn, John, Achonry, Foxford 

M., Achn., Kiltinagh, Swinford 
Finnegan, Arthur, Dromore, Castle- 

Fitzgerald, Js., Ard., <fe Clonm., La- 
James, v.r., Limerick, Rathkeale 
John, Elphin, AthloiM 
John, Tuam, Dooleague, P.O.C.-on- 

Philip, Emly, Ballingarry, Callan 
Rd., Wat. <fe Lismore, Carrick-on- 

T. Ard. and Clon., Lanesboro' 
Fitzpatrick, John, Cloyne, Midleton 

P., v./., Kerry, Mill-street 
Fitzsimons, J., Down & Connor, Gu- 

Flanagan, Charl«%^I>errj, Coleraine 

Flanagan D., Kild. <fe Leighl., Gai*ai- 
gue, co.Kilk. 
John, Raphoe, Ramelton 
Flanelly, William, Tuam, Claremorris 
Flannel ly, John, Tuam, Westport 

Patrick, Gal way, Dromors West 
Flynn, Chs., Ardagh and Clonmac, 
ML, V. Rev. D.D., V.F., Waterf. 
and Lism. (Trinity without), 
Patrick, Cork, Bandon 
Fogarty, L., Kildare & Leigh., Hack- 
P., Waterford and Lismore, Lismore 
P., Ossory, Kells 
Simon, Ossory, Kilkenny 
Forde, Monsig. Laurence, D.I > , Very 
Rev. Canon, Dub., JMr.ckrock, 
near Dublin 
Foley, John, Cork, Innishar non 
Patrick, Kerry, Cahircivecii 
Daniel, Kerry, Tarbert 
Ffrench, Arthur, Elphin, Bally moe 
Freeman, Christopher, Cork, Bandon 
Fullara, Matthew, Meath, Balliua- 

Fulham, John, ad?n.j Meatli, Ash- 
Furlong, N., Ferns, Adamstown, En- 

Furniss, Joseph, Killaloe, Knock 
Gallagher, Michael, Tuam, Achill, 
Patrick, Raphoe, Glenties 
Galvin, Richard, v./., Dublin, Rath- 
Colman, adm., Clonfert, Loughrea 
Garland, John, Down & Connor, Cu- 

Gartlan, T., Clogher, Clones 
Gavan, Patrick, Killaloe, Portree 
Gerahy, Daniel, Kilmacduagh, Ardrar 

Gearty, Geo., Ardagh <fc Clonmac, 

Geoghegan, Michael, Meath, Navan 

T., Kildare & Leighlin, Kilcock 
Geraghty, JameS^ Gal way. Gal way 

John, Galway, Spiddai 
Gerrard, Christopher, Meath, Sum- 

Geraghty, Peter, Tuam, Bally haun is 
Gibney, Patrick, Meath, Nobber 
Gilroy, Ptk., Kilmore, Belturbent ^ 




Gilvnry, Jno., ad?nin., Eillala, Ban- 
gor, Err is 
Glceson, James, Kilfenora, Corofin 
John, Eillaloe, Bodyke 
Timothy, Kill aloe. Borrisokane 
Gordon, P., Clogher, Dromore, co. 

Down • 

Gorman, J., v.r., v.g., dearie Ossory, 

Gormley, Peter, Elphin, Lanesboro' 
Gossan, Anthony, Armagh, Carllng- 

Gough, Patrick, Meath, Ashbourne 
Grant, J., Ven. and Very Rev. archd., 

Dublin, Wicklow 
Grealy, Thomas^ Eilmacduagh, 

Green, Jno., Dublin, Garristown, Co. 
Malachy, Clonfert, Ballinasloe 
Pierce, Cloyne, Mallow 
Thos., Dublin, Skerries 
Grennan, William, Meath, Clonee 
Grey, James, Ard. and Clon., Scrabby 
Griffin, Andrew, Clonfert, Longhrea 
Guinan, Thomas, Meath, Ballymore 
Guinty, Patrick, Meath, Moynalty, 

Haddican, Thomas, Tuam, Ballyglo- 

Halley, J., V. Rev., V.G., Waterford 

and Lismore, Dungarvan 
Halligan, Patrick, Meath, Athboy 

Jas., Achonry, Foxford 
Halpin, John, Limerick, KilBnane 
Hamilton, James, Dublin, Blessington 
Hanlon, Matthew, Meath, Dnleek 
Hanna, H., Down and Connor, Bry- 

Hannon, Luke, Achonry, CoUoney 
Hanrahan, L., Limerick, JSTewcastle 
Hanratty, P., Armagh, Moy 
Hardinian, T., Tuam, Ballinrobe 
Harnett, Laurence, Limerick, Croom 
Hart, William, Ossory, Freshford 
Hartney, Mort., Killaloe, Killaloe 
Hasson, Patrick, admin., Derry, Ma- 

Hayden, W., Ossory, Kilkenny 
James, Kildare and Leighlin, Kill, 
■ Naas 
Haynes, James, M., Ross Gerah, Clo- 

Head, Thomas, Clonfert, New Inn 
Beaiy, V. Rev. Jn., v./, Kerry, Ca- 

Healy, Patrick, Elphin, Ballygar « 
Andrew, Kild. ^ LeighL, Mount* 

V. Rev. Dr., v.^., Kildare and 
Leighlin, Monasterevan 
Hegarty, William., C.C., Derry, adm,, 

Heney, Paul, Emily, Pallasj^een 
Henebery, Rob., Watl & Lum., Car.- 

Hennessy, Patrick, Killaloe, CasUe- 

Henry, James, Achonry, Ballymote 
Heslin, M., Ard. and ClonoL, Drum- 

Hester, Bar., Elphin, Oootehall, Boyle 
Hewet, Thomas, Enaly, Tipperary 
Hickey, Patrick, Eroly, Palaagreen 
James, Limerick, Limerick 
Thomas, Emly, Callan 
Higgins, James, Achonry, Bellaghy 
Higgins, Michael, Cloyne, Kilworth 
Hogan, William, Emly, Mitchelstown 
James, Limerick, Caatletown, Con- 

Wm., Cloyne, Cecilstown 
Honan, Timothy, Killaloe, Feacle 
Hope, MichL, D.D., Meath, Bally- 
Horan, Patrick, Tuam, Ballyhauuis 
Hore, Thos., Ferns, Clonroche, Eimis- 

Horgan, D., Cork, BallincoUig 

John, Coik, Kinsale 
Howley, James, Emly, Tipperary 

John, Achonry, Tubbercurry 
Hughes, Bernard, Dromore, Ratlifri- 
James, Kildare and Leighlin, Naas 
Hurley, John, Cork, D unman way 
Hurst, James, Achonry, Ballina 
Hyland, John, WaterC <& Lismore, 

Hynes, Jas. M., Clonfert, Tynagh 

James, Clonfert, Tynagh 
Irwin, John, Armagh, Tanderagee 
John, Dromore, Dromara 
Jas., Kerry, Castletown Bere 
Jennings, P., adm,, Tuam, Miltown, 

Jones, Michael, Meath, Dunsany, 
William, Achonry, Ballina 
Joy, John, Watf. <k Lismore, Water- 
\3\xd^e,T\iQiu, Axcbonry, Swinfoid 



Kane, Denis, adm., Kild. & Leigh., 

Eavanagb, Jas., Ferns, Killineck, 
Jas., Eildare and Leighlin, Crett- 

John, Ferns, Tagoat, Wexford 
Michael, Galway, Ou^hterard 
Tim., Kildare «k Leighlin, New- 
Kealy, E., Ossory, Johnstown 
N., Ossory, Tnomastown 
P., Meath, Castlejordan, Edenderry 
Keaney, Bryan, Kilmore, Drumkee- 

Keane, T., P., Elphin, Castlerea 
Kearney, John, Armagh, Knock- 
bridge, Castlebellingham 
Ptk. Dublin, Avoca Co. Wicklow 
Pat, C.C, ocfon., Ard. & Clonmac., 

Patrick, Galway, Galway 
Thomas, Down and Connor, Bally- 
Keating, James, Down A Connor, 
James, Ferns, Kinnagh, New Ross 
Keefe, Robt., Ossory, Rathdowney 

Peter, Ossoiy, Castlecomer 
Kegher, Bar., Ephin, Athleague 
Kehoe, Jer., Kildare A Leighlin, 

Kelleher, John, Cork, Kinsale 
Keleghan, Francis, Clogher, Bundo- 

Kelly, Daniel, Raphoe, Ballintra 
Edw., Down and Connor, Lisburn 
Henry, Tuam, Glan 
James, Armagh, Cookstown, Ty- 
James, Clogher, Glasslough 
John, Meath, Skryne, Tara 
M. B., Dublin, Naul, Balbriggan 
P., adm^ Armagh, Keady 
Patrick, Meath, Crossakiel 
Patrick, Hlphin, Sligo 
Timothy, Killaloe, Kilrnsh 
Kelsh, Matthew, Meath, Navan 
Kemmy, J. Kilmacdh., Lahinch 
Kennedy, Daniel, Limerick, Longhill 
Edward, Very Rev., canon, Dub- 
lin, 61 Jaroes's-street 
Hen., Ard. & Clonmac, Cashcarri- 

Philip, Killaloe, Clonlara 
Kennific, M., Cioyne^ Rathcormaek 

Kenny, Denis, Ferns, New Ross 
Francis, Galway, MojcuUen 
John, Killaloe, Ennis. 
Kent, Pat., Waterford <fe Lismore, 

Kenyon, John, Killaloe, Templederry 
Keogh, Edward, Elphin, Drumsna 
Francis, Tuam, Ball^'varagh^ 
Mat, V. Rev., can., Dublin, 
Kepple, John, Cloyne, Charleville 
Kieran, ML, V. Rev. v.g., Armagh, 
Michael, Clogher, Tempo 
Thomas, v./., Dublin, Malahide 
Killen, J., Very Rev., Down & Con- 
nor, Ballymacarret, Belfast 
James, Down <fc Connor, Porta- 

Richard, Down A Connor, Kil- 
Kilroe, Kieman, Ard. <fe Clonmac, 

Kilbridge, J., Kild. <fe Leigh., Clonm., 

King, Edward, Tuam, Mount Bellew 

Kinsella, Ber. Kild., <fe Leigh., Pauls- 
town, Whitehall by Bagnals- 
William, Kild. <fc Leigh., Ballow, 
Kirwin, J., Clonfert, Ballinasloe 
'Lawrence, Ferns, Murrintown, 

William, Emly, Cashel 
Lacey, James, Ferns, Gorey 
Laffan, M., Emly, Killen aule 

Patrick, ven. arcftd., Emly, Cashel 
Lalor, Daniel, Kildare & Leigh., 

Lane, Michael, Cloyne, Donongh- 

more, Cork 
Lanigan, John, Meath, Garristown 
Langan, Daniel K, Emly, Cappa- 

Larkin, K, C. C, adm., Ossory, Kil- 
Edmund, Water£ and Lismore, 

J. Woodford, Loughrea 
Lavelle, Edward, Killala, Inishcroane 

Patrick, adm., Tuam, Ballinrobe 
Lawless, Thomas, Clonfert, Augh- 

Leader, HenT-j 'Ro«ft,'^«\\Asivviit^ 



Lee, Pat., Ardh. & Olonmacn., Bally- 
Jas., V. r. canon, d.d,, Dublin, Bray 
Peter, adm,, Ard. <fe Olon., Bally- 
LennoD, John, Kilfenora, Kinvarra 
Michael, Armagh, Crosamaglen 
Michael, Elphin, Tulsk 
Leonard. George, Meath, Oldcastle 

Patrick, Meath, Slane 
Levins, John, Armagh, Ardee 
Levy, John, Meath, CastlepoUard 
Leyden, Peter, Killaloe, Roscrea 
Loy, Thomas, Armagh, Armagh 
Logue, Win., Derry, Muff, Donegal 
Lonergan, S, Waterfd. & Lism., 
Long, Grid. R, Watfd. & Liam., 
Lynch, John, Meath, Ardee 

John, Down dc Connor, Ballymena 
John, Kilmore, Bailieborough 
Thomas, Meath, Slane 
Thomas, Kerry, Waterford 
Walter, Meath, Frankford, King's 
Lyiig, J., Ossory, Callan 
Lyons, Patrick, Tuam, Galway 
Liston, Richd., Limerick, Ardagh 
M'Aienon, Jas., Down <& Con., Castle- 

McAllister, Patrick, Down <& Con., 

M*Alroy, Andrew, Meath, Kinnegad 
M'Alroy, Ml., V. Rev., v.g.y Meath, 

M'Ardle, Peter, Armagh, Dundalk 
M'Auley, Ber., V. Rev., V. G., Down 
<fe Con., Downpatrick 
W. J., Down <b Connor, Brough- 

W., Kilmore, Redhill 
M'Bride, Edward, Derry, Claudy 
Michael, Raphoe, Kilmacrennon 
M'Cabe, E., V. Rev., can.^ Dublin, 

Francis st 
M'Cafferty, Eugene, archd, Raphoe, 

M'Cann, Hugh, Down & Connor, 
f M'Cartan, Wm., Down <fe Connor, 
Rasharken, Balieymoney 
Michael, Down & Connor, Bally- 
WiJliaui, Droraore, Dromore 

McCarthy, Callaghan, Kerry, Ken. 
Charles, Cloyne, Killinardrick, co. 

Charles, Cork, Kinsale 
Charles, Cork, Cork 
Daniel, Kildare A Leigh., Bal- 

lickmoyler. Carlo w 
John, Dublin, Swords 
Philip, Ross, Aughadown 
Jas., Cloyne, Blarney 
M'Cluskey, C, Clogher, east Augh- 
muUen, Shantonagh, via Castle- 
M'Connick, Michl., Limk., Miinster 
M*Court, John, Down & Connor, 

M'CrystaX James, Armagh, Castle- 
caulfield, Dungannon 
Hugh, Armagh, Cookstown, Ty- 
M'CuUagh, John, Derry, Castlederg 
John, Tuam, Headford 
Thomas, Meath, Athboy 
M'Dermott, MichL, v./., Elphin, 
Michael, Killala, Dromore West 
M'Devitt, James, V. Rev. Derry, Cul- 
daflF, Gleneely, Derry 
W., Ossory, Piltown 
M'Donnell, Jame^t, Clogher, Fintoua 
Michael, J., V. Rev., v./., Kerry, 

Wm., Dublin, Bohernabreena, Tal- 

John, Dromore, Loughbrickland 
M'Donagh, Ptk., Elphin, Ballinagar 
M'Donald, Walter, Ossory, Pilltowo 
M'Erlane, John, Down & Con., Bally- 
M'Eldowney, Bernard, cubn,, Derry, 
Pat., Derry, Feeney 
M'Fadden, Hugh, Raphoe, Falcar- 

ragh ' 

M'Feeley, Patrick, Derry, Dungiven 
M'Garvey, John, Raphoe, Ardara 
M'Gaver, R, V. Rev., v./., Ard. and 

Clonmac., Granard 
M'Geough, J., Armagh, Ballinderry, 

Coagb, Money more 
M'Gettigan, Daniel, D.D., Raphoe, 

M'Gee, Thomas, Raphoe, Donegal 
De^is, Raphoe, Kilmacrenuaa 
I>«ji\«il, BLa^hoe, Bunbeg 



M'Oill, Bernard, Derry, Buncrana 
M'Ginley, James, Rapnoe, Convoy 
M'Ginn, Thomas, Kerry, Cahirciveen 
M'Glenuon, Jas., Down and Con., 

Toome Bridge 
M'Glinchy, Michael, Derry, Gortin 
M'Gough, John, Tuam« Tuslough- 

M^Gourthy, James, Kihnore, Manor- 

M'Grane, Christopher, Meath, Ardee 
M'Grath, Columb, Galway, Spiddal 
John, Emly, Tipperary 
Johq, Waterford and Lismore, 

Joseph, Killaloe, Silvermines 
Maurice, Waterfd. & Lism., Cap- 

Pat., Waterfd. A Lism., Cahir 
M'Guire, Peter, Clogher, Maguire's 

M'Guinnes, adm., Tuam, Clifden 
M'Hale, M., adnuy Tuani, Kilmaine 
M'Hugh, V. R. Francis, Derry, 
John, Tuam, Kilmaine 
M'Inery, Thos., Limerick, Kilfinan 
M'Keague, John, Derry, Muff Derry 
M'Kenna, Bernard, Derry, Strabane 
Francis, Down & Connor, Larne 
James, Derry, Maghera 
k Jameii, Armagh, Pomeroy, Dun- 
John, O.C., (idm., Clogher, Clonti- 
bret, Monagban 
M'Kenna, Peter, Clogher, Derry- 

M'Keon, Bernard, Armagh. Drogheda 

Pat., Ard. & Clonmac, Drumlish 
Nichls. Ard. <fc Clonmac, Garri- 

M'Keown, Michael, Armagh, Dun- 

M'Kevitt, Miehl., Armagh,Camlough, 

M*Key, Patrick, Dromore, Moira 
Peter, »;./., Dromore, Loughbrick- 
M'Lauglan, H., Down & Con., Pharis, 
H., Raphoe, Burton Port 
John, Derry, Cionmany, Derry 
Fs., o.«./., Eunis 
P., adm., Tuam, Ballinlough 
M'Leer, James, Derry, Derry 
M' Leigh) J., v./., Dromore, HUtown 

M'Mahon, X, Kildare <& Leighlin, 
Jas., V. Rev., can., Dublin, Halston 

Francis, Killaloe, Kinnity 
John, Armagh, Mountnorris, Ar- 
Jas. J , V. Rev., d.d., Clogher, Car- 

rigma cross 
Mart., Kerry, Tralee 
Mat., Kildare <& Leigh., Sancroft, 

Michael, Limericlc, Rathkeale 
Peter, Clogher, Scotstown, Mo- 

P., Killaloe, Mountshannon, White- 
Terence, Clogher, Belleck 
Fs., o.s.f., Kew Ross 
Jas., <idm., Killaloe, Corofin 
Mathias, Kerry, Boherbuee 
M'Manus, Patrick, V. F., Tuam, 

M'Meel, James, archd,, Clogher, En- 

M'Menamin, John, Raphoe, Convoy 
M*Mullan, Alx., Down <& Connor, 

M'Nally, James, Elphin, Tarmon- 

barry, Longford 
M'Namee, James, Derry, Portglenone 
M'Neely, Chas., Raphoe, Killybegs 
M'Pharlan, J., Armagh, Cull^hana, 

M'Partlan, J., Kilmore, Manor- 

M*Swiney, D., Cloyne, Castlelyons 
M'Tucker, Joseph, Elphin, Boyle 
M*Veagh, Francis, Clogher, Rock- 
Macawly, Wm., Killala, Ballina 
MacGirr, James, West port 
MacHale, Patrick, Killala, Ballina 

Patrick, adm,^ Killala, Ballina 
Maclin, John, Clonfert, Loughrea 
MacMullen, W., Down <fe Connor, 

MacNamara, Ptk., adm., Tuam, Glan 
Madden, Dmk., Killala, Ballycastle 

Morgan, v ff.^ Ross, Clonakilty 
Magauran, Hugh, Kilmore, Swan- 
Rev. Patrick, Elphin, Ballinasloe 
Magauran, Hugh, Kilmore, Bun- 
Peter, KiVmox^, ^«JKva.^Q\s5v^ 



Magee, Oor., Down and Connor, 
John. d.d., Eild. & Leighlin, Strad- 
Magill, R., Down <fe Connor, Saint- 
Maginn, Ptk., Down & Con., Strang- 
Thomas, Kerry, Bosbeigh 
Maguire, Andrew, Meatb, Dysart, 
Francis, Ard. <& Clonmac, Lanes- 

George, Down & Connor, Kilkeel 
John, Kilmore, Bundoran 
Maher, J., Ossory, Bally ragget 
James, Kild. <s Leighlin, Carlow 
M , Ossoi y, Rathdowney 
Michael, Ossoi-y, Gowran 
Thomas, Emly, Caherconlish 
Mahouy, Denis, Cloyne, Coach ford 

Thomas, Killaloe, Crusheen 
Malley, Edward, Tuam, Roundstone 
Malone, Eugene, Killaloe, Puckane 

James, Armagh, Forkhill 
Malone, Patrick, Killala, Belmullet 
Mangan, Patrick, Kerry, Dingle 
Manning, Wra., Clonfert, Aughrim 
Marmion, Jobo, Armagh, Dundalk 
Mason, Francis, Kilmore, Douro 
Masterson, John, Meatb, Eofield 
Mathews, Thomas, V. Rev., Meatb, 
"Wm., Meatb, Castletowndelyin 
John, Kilmore, St radon e 
Ma we, John, v.g.^ Kerry, Tralee 
Meagher, James, Emly, Ballycabill 
"VV., Ossory, Tullaroan, Kilkenny 
"Wm., v.r., Mgr. can. d.d., v.g.j Dub- 
lin, Rathmines 
Meehan, John, Limerick, Croagb 
Michael, Killaloe, Carrigaholt 
Meyler, Bernard, jyreb., Ferns, Ferns 
Philip, Ferns, Kilmore, Wexford 
Walter, V. Rev., Dean, Dublin, 
Westland row 
Mockler, Edmund, Emly, Cashel 
Moloney, Thomas, Killaloe, Ruan 
Molon^, Edmund, Limerick, Charle- 
Denis, <idm.f Killaloe, Newmarket 
on F 
Montague, Chas., Armagh, Stewaii}s- 

Mooney, Bernard, Dromore, Ross- 

Mooney, * J., Kildare is Leighlin, 
Rosenallis, near Moiintm<^ick 
John, Dromore, Kate's bridge 
Patrick, Dublin, 21 Higb street 
Moore, James, Limerick, Limerick 
John, Dublin, Clondalkin 
Joseph, Ossory, Moantrath 
Nicholas, Meatb, Summeriiill 
Philip, Osaory, Johnstown 
Morabao, Andw., Elpbin, Hill street, 

Moran, M., Ferns, Blaokwater, En- 
Pk., Killaloe, Newtownmalley 
Wm., Ferns, Foulksmill, New 

John, Tuam, Ballyglass 
Morgan, Laurence, Dromore, Lur- 
Mornn, V. Rev. Ptk., v./., Kild. A 

Leigh., Bagnalstown 
Morris, Wm., BMy, Borrisoleigb 
Morrissy, P., Water. & lismore. Car.- 

Mulcaby, Edmond, Ross, Timoleague 
Muldowney, D., Kild. & Leigmiii, 

Caragh, Naas 
Mullally, Wm., Emly, Tipperary 
MuUany, Thos., Emly, Drom., Tern- 

Mullan, John, Clogber, Emyvale, 

Mullan, Michael, Meatb, Ballacargy 

John, Armagh, Garlingford 
Mulligan, Hugh, Armagh Forkhill , 

James, Clogher, Monagban 
Mull ins, John, Waterf. and Lismore, 

Mulrenan, William, Elpbin, Creggs 
Murphy, Bernard, Armagh, Cook st, 
Dominiek, V. Rev., dean^ «. ff^ Cork, 

Denis, Cork, Kinsale 
Edward J., Cloyne, Kanturk 
Michael, Clogher, Ballymalkney, 

Wm., Ferns, Kyle, Enniscorthy 
Hugh, Armagh, Beragb, Omagh 
James, Dublin, Kelsalagban Co., 

James, Ferns, Carnew 
J. J., can., adtn., Cork, SS. Peter 

and Paul's 
Michael, Armagb, Newry 
YaUv^sk, Clogber, CarriokmaorosB 



Mnrphy, V. Rev. P., dean, v. g.^ Ferna, 
Timoth}', Cloyne, Toughal 
Murray, James, Meath, Five Alley 
Joseph, Kildare and Leighlin, Car- 
Michael, Meath, Glasson 
Terence, Kilmore, Carrigallen 
Thomas, Cloyne, Mallow 
Timothy, Roes, Rosscarbery 
Miirtagh, John, Dublin, Kilcullen 

Walter, Meath, Castlepollard 
Nagle, Michael, Kilmacduagh, Gort 
Na ugh ten, John, Kerry, Listowel 
Michael, Kerry, Boherbruee 
Richard, Kerry, Abbeyfeale 
Neville, P., Ferus, New Ross 
Newman, Christopher, Meath, Trim 
Neylan, Jno., adm., Killaloe, Doon- 

NicoUs, John, Meath, Keils 
Nolan, Dan., Kildare and Leighlin, 
John, Kildare and Leighlin, Kil- 

Pat., Kildare and Leighlin, Rath- 

Peter, Killaloe, Borrisokane 
Thos., Kildare and Leighlin, Ab- 
Noonan, John, Emly, Tipperary 
Noune, Dk., Elphin, Ballyfn., Car-on- 
John J.y Tuam, Menlagh, Ballina- 
Nowlan, Patrick, Meath, Balbrig- 

Nugent, Hugh, Deny, Waterside, 

0*Beirne, J., Kildare and Leighlin, 
Raheen, Mountrath 
Tim., £lphin. Castle Plunket, Cas- 
O^Brien, Charles, Armagh, Aughna- 
cloy ^ 

Cornelius, Killaloe, Lorrha 
Denis, Limerick, Balliugarry 
> Jeremiah, Cork, Bandon 
John, Dromore, Banbridge 
Michael, Emly, Caherconiish 
Morgan, v.r.y v.g., arch., Cloyne, 

Mortimer, Killaloe, Gort 
Patrick, Killaloe, Kilkee 
Patrick, Killaloe, Killard 
P„ Ossory, Kilkenny 

O'Brien, Richd., d.d., v.f.. Limerick, 
Richard, Emly, Knocklong 
William, V. Rev., v.g., Dromore, 
CCallachan, Charles, Kerry, Tralee 
O'Carroll, T., Emly, Cashel 
(yCleary, Marcus, Limerick, Kilmal- 

COonnell, A., d,d , V. R., can., Dub., 
Hey tesburv Terrace, Wellington 
Charles, Dublin, Sandyford 
O'Connell, John, V. Rev., v./., Meath, 
John, Kerry, Tralee \ 
Patrick, Kerry, Cahirciveen 
Peter, Ardagh and Clonmacn., 

T., V. Rev., v.f., Kildare <fe Leigh., 
O'Connor, Bat., Kerry, Miltown 
Matthew, Limerick, Limerick 
Michael, Killaloe, Clare Castle 
Patrick, Kerry, Farrenfore, Kil- 

T., d.d.y Elphin, Xoughglynn, Cas- 

Thomas, Elphin, SUgo 
"Wm,, Cork, Passage West 
O'Dogherty, Anth., Derry, Newtown- 
Daniel, Derry, Cappagh, Omagh 
Edwd., Derry, Newtownlimavady 
John, Derry, Bellaghy 
O'Donnell, Daniel, Raphoe, Burton 
EduL, Waterford and Lismore, 

Hugh, Raphoe, Killybegs 
James, Achonry, Foxford 
John, Raphoe, Dungloe 
Michael, Cloyne, Maoroom 
Michael, Waterford <fc Lismore, 

MichL, Tuam, Westport 
Wm., Limerick, Croom 
Wm., Ard. and Clonmac, Bally- 
O'Donoghue, Denis, Cork, Ballineen } 
O'Donovan, John, Limerick, New- 
CDriscoll, James, Cork, Macroom 
O'bwyer, Thos., Dublin, Euniskerry 
O'Ferrall. Ptk. J., Meath, Dro- 



O'Farrell, Mark, V. Rev., «./., Ardagh 
& Clonmacnoise, Ferbane 
Richard, Ard. & Clonmacn., Clon- 

dra, Killaahee 
Timothy, Ferns, Oulart 
O'Fay, MichL, Eilmaoduagh, Craugh- 

OTlaherty, John, Derry, Castle- 

O'Flanagan, Nick, Ard. & donm., 

O'Gara, Ptk., Elphin, Rose's Pomt, 

O'Gornian, J., Waterf. and Lismore, 

O'Grady, John, Toam, Athenry 

T. S., Limerick, Adare 
(XHalloran, James, Kerry, Beaufort, 

O'Hara, James, Down and Connor, 

Dunmurry, Lisbnm 
O'Kane, Francis, Elphin, Castlerea 

^anus, Derry, Omagh 
O'Keane, Jno., Kerry, Castlegregory, 
Edmond, Emly, Bniff 
CKeeflfe, P., Ossory, Gastlecomer 
O'Leary, Ter., v./., ven. archd., Kerry, 
Ed., Killala, Brosoa 
0*Loughlin, H., Down and Connor, 
John, Meath, Moate 
O'Mally, Patrick, Killaloe, Shinrone 
O'Malley, Patrick, Tnam, Galway 
O'Meara, J., Waterf. and Lismore, 
T., jun., "Waterf. and Lismore, 
O'Neill, Peter, Armagh, Dungannon 
O'Reardon, Robert, Cloyne, Charle- 

O'Regan, P. D., Cloyne, Kantnrk 
O'Reilly, Bernard, Ard. and Clon. 
Charles, Kilmore, Carrigallen 
Charles, Kilmore, Stradone 
Eugene, Kil. and Leighlin, Kil- 

meague, Naas 
Francis, Kilmore, Bailieborongh 
James, Ard. <& Clonmacn., Ratb- 

James, Kilmore, Crossdoney 
John, v/., Kilmore, Killeshandra 
John, iilmore, Virginia 
John, Kerry, Castletown Bere 
John, Elphin^ Frenchpark 

O'Reillv, Martin, v./, areU., Elphiq, 
Michael, Ard. and Glomnaen., 

Mich., Kerry, Castletown Bere 
Patrick, Kilmore, Belturbet 
Peter, Meath, Kingsconit 
P., Killala, Bellmullet 
P., Ard. & Olonmac, Granard 
Robert, Ard. <fe Clonmae., Granard 
Ter., Kilmore, Cootehill 
Ter., Meath, Robinstown, Nayan 
Thomas, Kilmore, Swanlinbar 
Ter., Kilmore, Virginia 

O'Rorke, Eugene, Meath, Killucan 
James, Limerick, Patrick's-well 
Terence, Achonry, Collooney 
James, Tnam, Clonbur, Cong 

O'Shaughnessy, E., Emly, Callan 
Edward, Killaloe, Crnskeen 

O'Shea, James, Limerick, Newcastle 
M.B., V. Rev., Cork, Cork 
Robert, Ossory, Ballyhale, Knock- 

CSullivan, Daniel, «./., Kerry, Dingle 
Denis, Kerry, Ken mare 
Garrett, Limerick, Parteen, Limk. 
George, Kerry, Killorglin 
James, Cork, Cork 
John, archcLf v.r,,v,g.^ Kerry, Ken- 
Wm., Cloyne, Kildorrery 

O'Toole, Gerald, Ferna^ Duucormick, 
Daniel, Armagh, Tandaragee 

Pelley, T., orfwi., Clonfert> Kiltulla, 

Pentony, Michael, Armagh, Dnn- 

Phelan, John, Ossory, Thomastown 

Phew, Michael, Galway, Galway 

Phillips, Thomas, »./., Elphin, Ros- 

Pierce, Matthew, Meath, Kilb^gan 

Pope, T., ca«., adm.^ Dublin, Marl- 
boro' street 

Porter, Philip, Derry, Malin, Derry 

Power, Edmond, Ki'lfenora, Doolin 
John, Waterford and Lismore, 

Jas., Wat. cSs Lismore, Dungarvaa 
Maurice, Cloyne, Killeagh 
Nicholas, Killaloe, Killaloe 
Richard, Limerick, Abbeyfeale 
Richard^ Tuam, Newportpmtt 



Power, Roger, Waterf. and Lismore, 

Prendergast, F., Ferns, Enniscorthy 
Pye, George, Down <b Con., Glenavy 
Quaid, Ptk., Killaloe, O^Callaghan's 

Qaaid, Patrick, Limerick, Brum- 

Quealy, Thos., Waterf. and Lismore, 

Quinlan, John, ad?/!.^ Limk., Limk. 
Quialivao, Michael, Killaloe, Coore- 
Quinn, A., d.d., v./!, V. Rev. can., 

Dublin, Athy 
— , Dublin, Clontarf 
Quin, Wm., Armagh, Middleton, 
Andrew, Eilfenora, Eilfenora 
Ptk., Armagh, Monevmore 
Andw., C.C., adm.. Elphin, Boyle, 
Raftery, John, Clonfert, Loughrea 
Rafter, Richd., Cashel, Knocklong 
Raleigh, James, canoUf Limerick, 

Ramsay, William, Raphoe, Stranolar 
Redmond, Jas., V. Rev., can,, Dublin, 

Reid, Michael, Meath, Navan 
Reilly, John, Clogher, Ederney 
Reynolds, Charles, Meath, Athboy 

Peter, v./., Tuam, Claremorris 
Rhatigan, Pat., Ard. and Clonmacn., 
Aughnadiff, via Edgeworlhs- 
Rice, J., D.D., C.C, adm., Cloyne, 

Ricard, James, Dublin, Ballymore- 
. Eustace 

John, Ferns, New Ross 
Robins, Gerald, Meath, Rochfort- 

Roche, Barthw. J., v.r., v.^., Galway, 
Garrett, Kerry, Lisnaw, Tralee 
James, Ferns, Wexford 
Is'icholas, V. Rev., canon, Dublin, 

Lower Exchange street 
Wna., Feras, I'empleshambo, En- 
Roddy, Pat, <m?w., Achonry, Tubber- 

Rogan, John, V. Rev., v.ff., Kilmore, 

Rogers, Andrew, Armagh, Dunleer 

Ronayne, Thomas, Tuam, Clifden 
Rooney, Cor., V. R., can., Dublin, 
John, Cloffher, Inniskeen, Dundalk 
Roughan, Michael, Kill aloe, Kidysart 
Rush, Martin, Elfin, Fuerty, Roscom- 
Russell, John, dean, v.g., Cloyne, 

Ryan, James F., Ossorj, Kilkenny 
James, Emly, P.-illaegreeii 
James, Emly, Thuiles 
James, Killaloe, Isenagh 
John, Emly, G<ilden 
John, Emly, Bruff 
John, Limerick, Athea 
Neil, Clogher, Pettigoe 
P., Dpwn and Connor, Greencastle, 

Patrick, Emly, Pallaspreen 
Patrick, Limerick, Bruff 
Thomas, Elghin, Ballaghaderreen 
Ryder, P., fer., v.g.y Kilfenora, Bally- 

Scallan, John, Ferns, Bree, Ennis- 
Scanlan, James, Kerry, Castleisland 
John, Killaloe, Tooraevara 
Michael, Killaloe, Cloughjordan 
Scott, Richard, Limerick, Newcastle 

Bernard, Ossory, Johnstown 
Scully, William, Tuam, Carna P. 


Seery, Edward, Meath, Moyvore 
Seymore, Richard, Cloyne, Midleton 
"Shannahan, John, Kerry, Glenflisk, 
Thomas, Limerick, Pallaskenry 
Shannon, T., v.r., vg.^ Kilmacduagh, 

Sharkey, Daniel, v.f., Dromore, Bal- 
linahinch , 
John, Dromore, Dromore 
Sheehan, Michael, Kerry, Kenmare 
George, Cork, Ban try 
J., v.r. ad, v.g f Kilfeuora, Ennisty- 
Sheehy, Corn., Kerry, Newtown, 
Patrick, Ross, Ardfield, Clonakilty 
Sheridan, John, Meath, Kells 

J. adm., Ard. and Clon., Drumsna 
Shine, Patrick, Kerry, Fussa, Kil- 

Sinnott, Walter, Ferns, Tinahely 
James^ Ferua, KUmws.tvd%^, Q;^^«^ 




Slane, F., V. R , v.^^., Armagh, Dun 
Patrick, adm.^ Armagh, Stewarts- 
tow u 
Slattery, Thomas, Emiy, Hospital 
Slevio, R., Ard. and Gioomac, Mo- 
Smiddy, Richard, Cloyne, Whitegate 
Smith, John, Armagh, Drogheda 
Patrick, V. Rev., Kilmore, Ballin- 
Smith, Patrick, Kilmore, Tullyvin 
Smith wick, Paul, Dublin, Baldoyle 
Smyth, James, Clogber, Clones 
Lawrence, Meath, Enfield 
P., Clogher, Brookborough 
John, Armagh, Drogheda 
Somers, Robert, Limerick, Rathkeale 
Spelman, Patrick, Achonry, Tober^ 

Spratt,' Michael, Waterf. and Lism., 

Stack, John, Killaloe, Swriff 
Stafford, Thos., Ferns, Castlebridge, 

Starkey, Patrick, Down and Connor, 
Patrick, Down and Connor, Glen- 

Staunton, James, Ossory, Mountrath 
Stephens, James, Raphoe, St. John- 
Sweeny, Terence, Elphin, Boyle 
Synan, James, Lim'rick, Sbanagolden 
Tally, John, Armagh, Coal Island 
Taylor, Js., Very Rev. Dr., v./, Kild. 
and Leighl, Maryborough 
Robert, Cork, Ban don 
Tierney, James, Armagh, Louth 
Tighe, Denis, Achonry, Ballymote 
Timblin, Thomas, Killala, Balhna 
Tobin, James, Ossory, MuUinavat, 

Toland, David, Derry, Garvagh 
Trainor, Thomas, Armagh, Drogheda 

Thomas, Clogher, Triilick 
Traynor, Patrick, Clogher, Ballina- 

Treacy, Wm., Kildare and Leighl in, 
Felix, Kild. and Leighlin, Ballina, 
Treanor, P., Kilmore, Manorhamilton^ 

Troy, R., Ross Oastlehaven, Castle" 

Tuomy, Joho, Kerry, Mill^treet 
Usher, George, Galway, Gal way 
Varilly, Michael, Kilfenora, Enuisty- 

Vaughan, Jeremiah, Killaloe, Quin 
Vincent, P., Armagh, Carrickmore, 

Wafer, Francis, Ferns, Enqiscorthy 
Waldron, Edward, Tuam, Ballinrobe 
Michael, Tuam, Cong 
Peter, Tuam, Druragriffln 
Walker, Thomas. Elphin, Elphin 
Wall, John, Cork, Rathcormack 
Patrick, Waterford and Lismore, 
Wallace, Edward, Elphin, L€carro\v, 

Walsh, Edmond, Kerry, Rathmore, 
James, Ferns, Broadway, Wexford 
Walsh, James, Kerry, Ballybunion, 
> Listowel 

John, Ossory, Knocktopher 

J., Kild. and Leigh., Clonbullogue, 

Kild V 
J., Ossory, Donaghmore, Bally* 

John, V. r., v. /., Ossory, Waterford 
J., adm.i Clonfert, Tau'ghmaconnel, 

L., Cloyne, Macroom 
Matthew, Clonfert, Banagher 
Maurice, Cork, Ballincollig 
Michael, Ossory, New Ross 
Michael, Kerry, Sneem, Kenmare 
Thomas, Cork, Skibbereen 
Thomas, Cloyne, Castlemartyr 
Thomas, Galway, Oughterard 
Richard, Killaloe, Corofin 
Walters, Thos., Tuam, Balla 
Ward, Peter, Tuam, Castlebar 

Peter, Tuam, Driimmore 
Whelan, John, Kildare and Leighlin, i 
P., Kilm., Florencecourt, Ennis- 
White, Jas., Killala, Dromore, West 
Whittle, James, Dublin, Dunlavia 
Yore, W., v. r., v. g., mgr.^ Canon, 
Dublin, 69 Queen street 




P., Cloyne, Macroom 

, Ard. and Clon., Balnahown 


I'd, Cloyne, Ooachford 

Be A., Cloyne, Ban tyre 

Down and Connor, Toome- 


homas, Meath, Kinnegad 

Laurence, Tuam, Clonbur, 

itephen, Cloyne, Queeustown 

, Jamea, Ossory, Waterford 

k, P., Ballybarnou, Car.-on 


kj ElphiD, Frenchpark 

Charles, Kild. and Leigh., 
baugan, Eildare 
Q, P., Clogher, Bundoran, 

Martin, Dublin, Francis-st. 
as, Dublin, Castleknock 
*eter, Kerry 

Achonry, Ballymote 
Puam, Claremorris 
erald, Emly, Thurlea 

Cloyne, Youghal 

Cloyne, Conna, Tullow 
Cork, Cork 

Ferns, Wexford 
31oyne, Castlemartyr 
j1, Dublin, Westland-row 
d, Kild. and Leighlin, Bor 

•k, S. Presby., Cork 
8 D., Dublin, Booterstown 
8, Cloyne, Youghal 
lenry, Meath, Tullamore 
IVieatn, Mullingar 
od, Henry, Dublin, 14 Hal- 

J, Richard, Ross, Clonakilty 
r, Wm , Cloyne, Middleton 
dichael, Cork, Kiusale 
c, Cork, Cork 
[ugh, Meath, Enfield 
r., Dublin Union 
derick, Dnblin, 14 Halston 


, Dublin, Burtley 

lam, Peter, Clogher, Mon- 


Jd. and Leigh., Maryboro* 

^d., Leigh., Mountrath 

Black, P., Dublin, Bally more Eustace 
Blaney, Wm., Down ' and Connor, 

Blake, Richard, Meath, Trim 
Bleheen, Wm., Clonfert, Eillimore 
Bodkin, Joseph, Clonfert., Kilrukill 
Boland, J., Kild and Leighlin, Bal- 
lickmoyler, Carlo w 
Patrick, adm.^ Kild. and Leigh., 

Wm., Anchory, Ballaghadereen 
Bourke, Geoffrey J., Tuam, Dunmore 
John, Kerry, Farrenfore, Killarney 
Bowen, James, Cork, Ballineen 
Boyan, Michael, Meath, Enfield 
Boylan, John, Kilmore, KilUnalick 
Boyle, John, Tuam, Tuam 
John, Raphoe, Tamney ■.''^■ 
Patrick, berry, Castlederg 
Patrick, Derry, Meagherfelt 
T., Elpliin, Sli«o 
Bradley, Peter, Derry, Dungiyen 

Wm., Dromore, Newry 
Brady, Wm., Dromore, Bellyjamea- 
J., Dublin, Arran-quay 
John, Kilmore, Belturoet 
John, Ardagh and Clonmacnois, 

Michael, J., Dublin, Clontarf, 
Patrick, Kilmore, Ballyhair 
Thomas, Dromore, Rathfriland 
Terence, Kilmore, Ballinaconnell 
Wm., Ard. and Clon., Fenagh 
Thomas, Kilmore, Virginia 
Wm., Raphoe, Killimacrennan 
Bray. Jamesy Kildare and Leighlin, 

Breen, Wm., Dublin, Burtley 
Brenan, George, Cork, Cork 
P., Ossory, Piltown 
W., Ossory, Waterford 
Brennan, F., Kimore, Ballinamore 
Geoflfrey, Down and Connor, Bel- 
John, Ossory, Donaghmore and 

J., Kilmore, Swanlinbar 
H., Elphin, Ballyforan, Ahascragh 
Hugh, Ard. and Clon,, Ballynalee 
Mat., Ferns, Adamstown, Ennis- 

Michael, Tuam, Ballinrob« 



Brennan, Mortimer, Eilfenora, Kil- 
W., Oesory, Freshforc! 
Breslan, James, Armagh, Forkhill 
Biien, F., Ossory, Kilkenny 
Bridgeman, Rd., Limerick, Dromcol- 

Brisdy, J., Arc. and Clon., Longford 
Brock, William, Rathmines, Dublin 
Brod}', Nicholas, Kilmacduagh, Gort 
Brosnan, T., Kerry, Mill street 

Thomas, Kerry, Causeway, Tralee 
Brown, John, Cork, Cork 

L., KilTaloe, Kilrush 
Browne, David, Kerry, Milltown 
, Thomas, Limerick, Limerick 
Buckley, Edward, Dublin, Boherna- 
breen, Tallaght 
Tim., Cloyne, Castlelyons, Fermoy 
John B., Dublin, Church street 
Michael, Cork, Cork 
Burke, John, Emlj^, Thurles 

M., Waterford and Lismore, Ard- 

Michael, Killaloe, Killaloe 
M., Kild. and Leigh., Ballyfin, 

P., Waterford and Lismore, New- 
Patrick, Clonfert, Ahascragh 
Thomas, Waterford and Lismore, 

Thomas, Waterford and Lismore, 

Wm., Waterford and Lismore, Lis- 
Burton, P., Cork, Cork 
Busher, Thomas, Ferns, Wexford 
Butler, Thomas, Dublin, 83 Marlboro* 

Byrne, Daniel, Kildare and Leighlin, 
James, Armagh, Keady 
James, Dromore, Moira 
Laurence, Armagh, Moneymore 
Cafifrey, Michael, Meath, Drogheda 
Cahill^ Henry, Tuam, Ballyhaunis 
Richard, Emly, Thurles 
Thomas, Ardagh and Clonmac, 

Thomas, Ferns, Kilmuckridge 
Cahir, James, Killaloe, Ennis 
Callanan, Michael, Emly, Call an 

J., Emly, Thurles 
Oallary, Michael, Meath, Ballinacargy 
Terence^ Meath, Ardee 

Callan, James, Clogher, Clones 
Campbell, Andrew, Dublin, Casde* 
Jdhn, Armagh, Portadown, 
Patrick, Derry, Feeney 
Patrick, Derry, Waterside, Derry 
Cantwell, John, Me^ith, CoUinstown 
Canty, Patrick, Emly, Thurles 
Carberry, Philip, Dublin, Artane 
Carey, James, Clogher, Rookcurry 
Jeremiah, Cork, Macroom 
M., Waterford and Lismore, Kil- 

Patrick, Kildare and Leighlin, 
Carmody, Thomas, Kerry, Cahirci- 
Thomas, Kerry. Dingle 
Carney, M., Clogher, Dromore, 

Carpenter, James^ Kildare, Marybo- 
Carrick, Limerick, Limerick 
Carrol, Christopher, Kilmacduagh, 

C, Kilpen, Kilmerra 
Daniel, Ossory, Castleoomer 
J., Down and Conr., Cusheudal 
John, Ossory, Kilkenny | 

Carry, M., Ossory, C astlecomer I 

Carthy, Lawrence, Dublin, Blanch- I 

Caser, D., Coyne, Cimna \ 
, Waterford and Lismore, Lis- 
F. L., Cork, Cork 
J., Elphin, Siigo 

Michael, Waterford and Lismore, 
Car. on-Suir 
Cashman, William, Cloyne, White- 
Cass, R., Ossory, Kilkenny 
Cassidy, Jer., Tuam, Kilkelly 

Thomas, Meath, I^avan 
Cavanagh, Bartholomew, Tuam, 
Thomas, Kerry, Castleisland 
James, adm., Dublin, Kingstown 
J., Elphin, Freuchpark 
Caver, G., Cloyne, Kilwortli 
Cawly, Michael, Achonry, Tubbe^ 

Claflfy, Peter, Meath, Edenderry. 
Clancy, John, Kildare and Lei^blia. 
John, Emly, Caherconlish 



Clancy, Thomas, Ferns, New Ross 
Clarke, Ber., Down and Connor, 
James, Kilmore, Swanlinbar 
Jeremiah, Dublin, Kathgar 
Patrick, Down and Connor, Belfast 
Patrick, Dublin, Greenane, Rath- 

S., Meath, OastlepoUard 
Cleary, Denis, Eillaioe, Kill aloe 
John, Ferns^ Templeshambo, Ennis- 

James, Kilmore, Bailieborough 
Philip, Limerick, Shanagolden 
Patrick, d. d, Water£ and Lism., 
Clifford, John, Limerick, Newcastle, 
Co. Limerick 
Patrick, adm.y Clogher, Monaghan 
Cloney, Michael, Kilmore, Dromahair 

Thos., Ferns, Wexford 
Clune, John, Eillaioe, Ballynacally 
Coen, Patrick, Clonfert, Kibrickill 
Codd, William, Ferns, New Ross 

John, Ferns, Broadway, Wexford 
Cogan, Anthony, Meath, Navan 
Coghlan, J., Cork, Cork 
Coleman, David, Cloyne, Newmarket 

Wm., Cloyne, Whitegate 
Colman, Edward, Eilmacduagh, Kil- 
chreest, Longhrea 
Colman, Wm., Anchory, Swinford 
Colfer, John, Ferns, Duncormick, 

Colgan, Patrick, Meath, Killucan 
Collier, Matthew, Dublin, Rathmines 
Collins, Dl., Ross, Cape Clear, Skib- 
James, Derry, Draperstown 
Comerford, M., Kildare & Leighlin, 
Rd., Water£ & Lismore, Car.-on- 
Conaty, Bernard, Kilmore, Ballincon- 

Concannon, John, Tuam, Newport- 

Conlan, S., Kildare & Leighlin, Bag- 

Connefry, J., Ard. & Clon., Car-on- 

Connellan, Andrew, Killaloe, Killaloe 
Connell, Thos., Ferns, Enniscorthy 
Connery, Michael, Limerick, Munster 
Connick, Thomas, Ferns, Enniscorthy 
Couuo}}y,A., aUm., Clogher, Clogher 

Connolly, James, Derry, Claudy, 
James, Elphin, Strokestown 
James, Kilmore, Manorhamilton 
F., Armagh, Aughnacloy 
Tim., Dublin, 61 James street 
William, Clogher, Castleblaney 
Conran, Joseph, Meath, Skyne, Tara 
Convil, M., Dromore, Lurgan 
Conway, Frederick P^ Derry, Bun- 
John, Limerick, Croom ^^ 
George, Down and Coniil^Belfast 
James, Derry, Draperstown 
John, Limerick, Limerick 
Michael, Derry, Maghera * 

Patrick, Killala, Skreen, Co. Sligo 
^ Peter, Tuam, Headfort 
Cook, Mark, ^chonry, Ballymote 
Cooney, Francis, Dublin, Castleknock 
Cooper, Peter, Dublin, 66 Eccles st 
Corbett, James, Limerick, Limerick 

George, Killaloe, Nenagh 
Corcoran, Cornelius, Cork, Ballyfeard 

Patrick, Tuam, Claremorris 
Corkeran, Terence, Kilmore, Bally- 

Corkery, J., Limerick, Newci^stle 
Corr, James, Ossory, Callan 
Connick, Thomas, Ferns, Enniscorthy 
Cosgrave, Ml., Ferns, Adamstown, 
William, Cloyne, Charleville 
Costello, Edmund, Limerick, Bruff 
Costigan, William. Killaloe, Nenagh 
Cotter, J., Cork, BallincoUig 
Coveney, Daniel, d.d„, Cork, Kin- 
Coyne, F., Ossory, Castlecomer 

E., Ossory, Durrow 
Cregan, Michael, Limerick, Newcas- 
tle west 
Croke, T., Emly, Tipperary 
Cronan, Daniel, Cork, Cork 

Thomas, Cloyne, Buttevant 
Cronin, S., Cork, Caheragh 
Crotty, David, Wate-^ford <fe Lism., 

Crow, Patrick, Killaloe, Roscrea 
Crowley, John, Cork, Ballinnassig 
Cullen, Hugh, Raphoe, Stranorlar 
Thomas, Kild. & Leighl., Sancroft, 
Cummins, J., Cork, South Presbytery, 



Curoe, William, Down and Connor, 

l^urtie, Patrick, Armagh, Castlebel- 

Curran, Thomas, Dublin, Baldoyle 
Daly, John, Meath, Clonee 
Thomas, Raphoe, Ardara 
William, Cloyne, Blarney 
Patk., Eillaloe, Eildysart 
Patk., Raphoe, Eillybegs 
Daniel, James, Dublin, lo5 Thos. st 
Dardisyjat, .Ardagh and Clonmao., 

Davis, Thomas, Kerry, Sneem, Ken- 
^Charles, adm.j Ross, Skibbereen 
Martin, Elphin, Ballaghadereen 
Davies, Francis, Eildare and Leigh, 
Patk., Achonry, Ballaghdereen 
Davoren, James, Giilway, Oranmore 

Michael, Galway, Moycullen 
Davy, Patrick, Achonry, Ballaghade- 
Daweon, J., Ard. <& Clonmac, Lanes- 

De Bourke, Pat , Waterf. & Lism., 

Dee, J., Waterf. & Lism., Kilmac 

Deighun, Jos., Dublin, Arklow 
Deely, John, Clonfert, Woodiawn 
Delahunty, J., Down & Connor, Bal- 
Edward, Ossory, Mullinavat, Wa- 

John Ossory, New Ross 
Thomas, Ossory, Kilkenny 
Delauy, J., Ossory, Ballyragget 
Delay, Michael, Cork, Bantry 
Dempsey, Andrew, Eildare & Leigh- 
tin, Ballinakil 
Laur., Eildare <fe Leighlin, Hack- 

Luke, Chaplain to the Mountjoy 

Michael, Dublin, 69 Queen st. 
Thomas, Derry, Dungiven 
Dennan, Bernard, Dublin, Rath mines 
Dennehy, H. E., Cloyne, Queeiistown 
Devine, Joseph, Armagh, (Joalisland 
Devlin, James, Derry, Clonmany, 

Diffesy, Richard, Elphin, Ballinasloe 
Digney, Fran., Down & Con., Castle- 

Dillon, Luke, Kildare and LeigK, 

William, Dublin, Glasnevin 
Dtfherty. James, Derry, Waterside, 

John, Derry, Camdonagh 

Joseph, Derry, Omagh 

John, Derry, Gortin 

William, Derry, Moville 

William, D^rry, Strabane 
Dolan, James, Ardagh and Clon^la^ 
nois, Arvagh 

John, Elphin, Fuerty, Rosoommoo 

Terence, Dublin, Templeogue 
Donegan, Philip, Clogher, Clogher 

John, Ross, Leap 

J., Clogher, Maguire*8-bridge 
Donnelly, P., Armagh, Armagh 

James, Derry, Maghera 

P., Clogher, Castleblayney 

W., Dublin, Francis street 
Donnellan, J., Clonfert, Portumna 
Donohoe, Peter, Achonry, Kiltimagh 

P., Kildare and Leigfadin, Abbcjf* 
Donohoe, Jos., Kild. and Leighlio, 

Donovan, Matt., Ross, Clonakilty 

, Dublin, Avoca, Co. Wicklow 

Fred., Dublin, Arklow 

Jeremiah, Ross, Timoleague 

John H., Dublin, 61 James street 

Matthew, Ross, Aughadown 
Dooley, Edward, Armagh, Drogheda 

Peter, Galway, Galway 

John, Waterf. & Lism., Kilmtc* 
Doran, Ai-thur, Dublin, 61 James st 

Frs., Dublin, N. William st. 

John, Ferns, N. T. Barry 
Dowling, Marcus, Kil. and Leigk, 

Downey, Nicholas, Down & Connor, 

Ballynacarrett Belfast 
Doyle, James, Dublin, A thy 

Laurence, Ferns, Castle l^i8,Bally- 
macarrett^ Bfilfast 

Denis, Ferns, New R<mss 

James, Killaloe, Feacle 

John, Ferns, Ferns 

John, Ferns, Murrinstown, Wexford 

James, Ferns, Foulksmill, ^ev 

Ed., Ferns, Ennisuorthy 

Thos., Ferns, Taghmon 

J., Kildare <Sc Leighlin, Garlow 



Doyle, John, Kildare and Leighlin, 

Patrick, Cloyne, Doneraile 
Michael, Dublin, Leixlip 
Michael, Dublin, Leahj's-terrace, 

Michael, Dublin, Skerries 
Patrick, Ferns, Arthurstown, New 

Peter, Ferns, Gorey. 
Thomas, Dublin, Athy 
Drea, Michael, Ossory, Castlecomer 
Druhan, L., Ferns, Tahgmon 
Duff, Patk. J. P., Dublin, Rush, Bal- 

Duffesy, Richard, Elpbin, Athlone 
Duffy, B., Clogher, Castleblaney 
Michael, Clogher, Monaghan 
J., Ardagh & Clonmacnois, Golehill 
Peter, Dublin, Blessington 
Duggan, Henry, Armagh, Dundalk 
J., Cloyne, Charleville ' 
Michael, Ard. & Clonmac, Tashi- 
Duncan, John, Meath, Mullingar 
[)unlea, Denis, Cork, Dun man way 
Dunne, E., Dublin, Lucan 
James, Kilmore, Virginia 
J., Kilmore, Bailieborough 
Henry, Kildare <fe Leighlm, Strad- 

Patrick, Meath, Slane 
Jno., Ferns, Eillanue, Enniscorthy 
Pat., Kildare and Leighlin, Rath- 

Martin, Ferns, Priesthaggard, K 
Danphy, J., Dublin, Avoca, Co. Wick- 
EdnL, Wat and Lismore, Clogheen 
J., Ossory, Kilkenny 
John, Ossory, Rathdowney 
Kichd., Waterf. <fe Lism., Waterf. 
Wm., Dublin, Aughrim, Rathdrum 
Dukay, Edw. F., Dublin, 105 Thomas 

Durphy, John, Down and Connor, 

Eiager, John, Cloyne, Castlemartyr 
Bdmund, Thos., Tuam, Annadowo 
BIgan, Bart., Kildare and Leighlin, 
Cornelius. Killaloe, Castleconnell ' 
John, Killaloe, Newmarket-on-Fer- 

John, Killaloe, Tulla 

Egan, M.; Elphin, Mt. Talbot 

Michael, Elphin, Athleague, Ros- 
Ekens, William, Armagh, Louth 
England, H., Cloyne, Charleville 
English, Thomas, Waterf. & Lism., 

Enright, C, Kerry, Listowel 
Everard, Peter, Meath, Mullingar 
Fagan, Edward, Meath, Summerhill 
John, Maath, Summerhill 
Peter, Meath, Kells 
Patrick J., Meath, Crossakiel 
Thos., Dublin, Blackrock 
Terence, Dromoie, Ballinahinch 
Ihomas, Meath, Oldcastie 
Fahy, John, Killaloe, Miitownmalbay 
Farrell, E., Ossory, Urlingford 
James, Clonfert, Woodford, Lough - 

John, Kildare and Leigh., Mount- 

Patrick, Meath, Crossakiel 
T, Cloyne, Cioyne 
Thomas, Meath, Dysart, Mullingar 
Farrelly, E., Ossory, Rathdowny 
H., Meath, TuUamore 
Luke, Meath, Clonagh, Ballinagore 
Owen, Meath, Five-alley 
Feehy, Patrick, Emly, Cashel 
Feeny, Edward, Elphin, Frenchpark 

, Dublin, Denmark st. 

Fen nelly, John, Emly, Templemore 

Patrick, Emly, Killenaule" 
Fenlon, J as., Kild. & Leighlin, Kil- 
Thos., Kildare A Leighlin, Carbury 
Ferguson, M. T., Kilmore, Arvah, Ca- 

Ferris, Jos., Kild. & Leigh., Monas- 

Fetherston, James, Elphin, Boyle 
Fielding. Charles, Cloyne, Fermoy 
Finn, D., Cork, Passage W. 

Thomas, Waterf. & Lismore, Caher 

Fitzgerald, , Dublin, Narragh- 

J., Kerry, Ballylongford, Tarbert 

, Limerick, Newcastle, West 

Patrick, Ard. & Clonmac, Gran ard 
Patrick, Tuam, Ballyglonin 
R., Killaloe, Tulla 
Thomas, Limerick, Kilmallock 
Michael, Emly, Pallasgreen 
M., adm., Limerick, Limerick 
Mort., Limerick, KU&cxASi.^ 



Fitzgerald, Daniel, limerick, Lime- 
D., Ross, Sherkin, Skibbereen 
Fizmaurice, John, Kerry, Watenrille 
Fitzpatrick, M., Down and Con., St 
Paul's Convent, Belfast 
J., Cloyne, Castletownrocbe 
J., Ossor}^, Piltown 
James, Ossory, Johnstown 
John, Cloyne, Macroom 
M., Eilmore, Cootehill. 
P., Kilmore, Carri^allen 
Fitzsimons, Peter, Kilmore, Tullyvin 
Michael, Meath, Kells 
Kichd., Down <& Con., Newtown- 
Flanagan, Charles, Elphin, Athlone 
Joseph, Dublin, Ca(>inteely 
Richard, Armagh, Drogheda 
Flanelly, James, Tnam, Ballyglunin 
Flannery, P., Killaloe, Newmarket- 
Wm., Killaloe. Toomayara 
Flatley, Patrick, Tuam, Clifden 
Flavin, C, Water! <& Lismore, Dun- 

Fleming, Jaa, Kild. <Se Leigh., Hack- 

Flood, Bernard, Meath, Duleek 
John, Meath, Trim 
Joseph, Meath, TuUamore 
Fogarty, J., Killaloe, Scariff 

J., Dublin, Castledermot 
Foley, Patk., Cloyne, Middleton 
Daniel, Cork, Cork 
Denis, Ferns, Killurin, "Wexford 
£., Kildare and Leighlin, Pauls- 
town, Whitehall by Bagnals- 
William, Cloyne, Cecilstown 
Foran, Jlobt., Waterf. & Lismore, 
Edm., Wat. & Lismore, Dungaryan 
Forde, John, Kilfenora, Lisdoon- 
James, Clogher, Scotstown, Mon- 

Francis, Kilfenora, Ballyvaughan 
Forrest, Denis, Cork, Skull 
Fortune, Mart Ferns, Aughrim, Rath- 
Fourny, William, Limerick, New- 
Fox, Michael, Meaih, Ashbourne 
Frftwley, Ptk., Killaloe; Ballydi- 

Fricker, Bdward, Dublin, 105 Tk- 

Furlong, John, Ferns, Monamolin 
William, Ferns, Wexford 
Jas. Kilkenny, Tnilen 
J., Clonfert, Eyrecourt 
Fury, D., Kildare A Leighlin, Caragfa, 

Gaffney, James, Dublin, Malahide 
John, Kilmore, Stradone 
Richard, Ferns, Kilmore, Wexford 
Gallagher, Anthony, Raphoe, Mount- 
John, Achonry, Tubercurry 
Peter, Raphoe, Crossroads 
Galligan, Patrick, Kilmore, Ballina- 

Gavan, M., Meath, Kingseourt 

John, Cork. Passage West 
Geoghegan, Thos., Kilfenora, Ennis- 

Geraghty, Eugene, Clogher, Nev- 
J., Dlphin, Tarmonbarry, Long- 
James, Tuam, Westport 
Peter, Tuam, Ballinrobe 
Roderick, Tuam, Menlough 
Germaine, James, Dublin, Castle- 
Gribbon, John, Dromore, Lurgan 
Gibbons, Edward, Tutun, BallyglasB 
Gibney, Michael, Dublin, Amui- 

Gillon, Eugene, Clogher, Monaghan 
Gilleran,- T., Elphin, Lanesboro', 

Gilligan, P. J., Dublin, 61 Jameifs- 
D., Kild. and Leighlin, Baltinglass 
Gillooly, Thomas, Emly, Bruff 
Gilvarry, John, Killala, Crossmolios 
Glacken, E., Raphoe, Donegal 
Gleeson, Hugh, Killaloe, Temple- 
Cornelius, Killaloe, Portroe 
Luke, Limerick, Rjitbkeale 
M., Killaloe, ^^enagh 
John, Killaloe, Borrisokane 
Gogerty, Michael, Meath, Athboy 

John, Meath, Nobber 
Goode, John, Galway, Galway 

John, Galway, Galway 
Goodwin, Edward, Clogher, Bally- 
^ T., Clogher, Carriokmaeross 



Gowan, , Dablin, Skerries 

Going, Geo. J., EUd. & Leigh., 

Gralton, Patk., Ardagh & Clonmac, 

Grant, Hugh, Ardagh & Gloomac- 

noise, Keadue 
Grey, Michl., Meath, Maynooth 
Grey ,fJameB^ Ard. & Clonmac, Scrab- 

Griffin, A., Kerry, Killamey 
Edw., Tuam, Claremorris 
Edward, adm.., Tuam, Roundstone 
Grogau, Dominick, Armagh, Carrick- 

more, Dungannon 
Gxiilfoyle, Michael, Meath, Moate 
Gunn, Jn.; Elphin, Athlone 
Gribbin, John, Dromore, Lurgan 
Hacket, Daniel, Emly, Cahercoclish 
John, Emly, Newport, Tipperary 
Hagan, R., Ossory, Knocktopher 
Haly, William, Cloyne, Blarney 

James, Dublin, Rathgar 
Hal pin, Jeremiah, Limerick, New- 
castle, CO Limerick 
Timothy, Limerick, Limerick 
HamiU, F. C, Armagh, Furkhill 
Hampson, Wm., Dublin, Balbriggan 
Hanly, P., Dublin, Bohernabreena, 
James, Elphin, Roscommon 
John, Emly, Gashel 
Hannan, Lawrence, Killaloe, Kilrush 
Hauuigan, J., Waterfd. <& Lismore, 

Banrahan, Aw., Kilfenora, Bally- 
James P., Dublin, Aungier-street 
13 an ratty, Patrick, Armagh. Dro- 

Hargan, James, Raphoe, Rutland 
Hardman, T., Armagh, Castlebelling- 

Hardy, Thomas, Armagh, Dundalk 
Harold, George, Dublin, Little Bray 

John, Dublin, Ballybrack 
Harper, Walt., Ferns, Tagoat 
Harty, Michael, Emly, Tipperary 
Hayden, Laurence, Kildare & Leigh- 

lin, Ballyna, Enfield 
Hayes, Johi), Killaloe, Killaloe 
John, Limerick, Shanagolden 
Healy, James, Dublin, Bray 
Daniel, Kerry, Mill-street 
Hel y, Thomas, Killaloe, Corofin 
Thomas, Killaloe, Feacle 

Heaney, John, Tuara, Castlebar 
Hearne, Thos., Waterford <& Lisra., 

Heffernan, D., Dublin, Marlboro*-8t. 

Pierse, Waterfd., <fe Lismore, Cap- 

Edw., Endy, Newport, Tipperary 
Hegarty, J., Cork, Bandon 
Hennessy, John, Kildare and Leigh- 
lin, Philipstown 

Timothy, Ossory, Jenkinstown 
Henry, James, Tuam, Achill Sound 

Henry, Derry, Coleraine 
Herbert, Wm., Glogher, Clones 
Hewson, Henry, Killala, Belmullet 
Hickey, James, Dublin, Francis-street 

James, Waterfd. A Lismore, Tallow 

Joseph, Dublin, Maynooth 

Thomas, Emly, Tipperary 

Wm., Waterford & Lismore, Clo- 
Higgms, Andrew, Kerry, Dingle 

Michael, Meath, Moynalty, Kells 
Hill, Thomas, Killaloe, Ennis 
Hipwell, Andw., Kild. <fc Leigh,, Ra- 

Hoey, John, adm., Clogher. Newbliss 
Hogan, James, Emly, Fethard, Tip- 

Jeremian, Ferns, Wexford 

John, Emly, Thurles 

Wm., Cloyne, Kanturk 
Holland, Jeremiah, Cork, Macroom 
Holland, Jeremiah, Cork, Crookstown 

T., Cork, Bandon 
Hooney, Wm., Kild. & Leigh., Port- 

Hope, Luke, Meath, Dunsany, Navan 

William, Meath, Kilbeggan 
Horan, Patrick, Killaloe, Toomevara 

Edward, Meath, Multifarnham 
Hore, John, Ferns, Enniscorthy 

Nich., Ferns, Oulart, Enniscorthy 
Horgan, Joseph, Dublin, 90 Amiens- 
street ^ 

Michael, Cork, Cork 

Jas., Cloyne, Castletownroche 

William, adm., Kerry, Killarney 

Patrick, Cloyne, Charleville 
Hostey, Richard, Tuam, Ballyglass 
Hoyne, Patk., Ossory, Mountrath 
Harris, Fr., Dublin, 90 Amiens-st. 
Hughes, Euward, Armagh, Dungan- 

J., Kil. and Leigh., Ballinakill, 



Hughes, Pt., Clogher, Emyvale, Mo- 
James, Armagh, Camloiigh, Newry 
James, Clogher, Carrickmaoroes 
Michael, Armagh, Berragh, Omagh 
Michael, Derry, Muff, Derry 
Nicholas, Armagh, Newry 
Hume, Arthur, Kild. <fe Leigh., Ab- 
James, Kildare & Leighliu, Bally- 

adams, Athy 
Michael, Kildare <fe Leighlin, Clo- 
Hunt, James, Dublin, Luean 
Hurley, Patrick, Kill aloe, Toomevara 
Hyland, Edward, Dublin, Clarendon- 
Hynes, James, Clonfert, Kiriekill 
Irwin, Patrick, Eillala, Ballina 
William, Dublin, 83 Marlborough- 
Ivers, Michael, Achonry, Ballagha- 
DHuiel, Raphoe, Ballintra 
Jeeoy, William, Tuam, Gal way 
Jordan, John, Killala, Killala 
Joyce, Michael, Tuara, Tuam 
Judge, Joseph, Tuam, Ballyhaunis 

Thomas, Achonry, Swineford 
Kair, Danl., Raphoe, Kilmacrennan 
Kane. Danl., Leahy's Terrace, Sandy- 
mount, Dublin 
Kavanagh, Edward, Oasory, Kil- 
M., Ossory, Kilkenny 
James, Ferns, Courtown Harbour 
John, D. & Connor, Dunmurry, 
Keane, P., Killala, Dromore, West 
Keany, John, Kilmore, Drumkeeran 
Kearney, John, Derry, Carndonagh 
John, Dublin, Meath-street 
Matthew, Armagh, Ardee 
Patrick, Dublin, Castlekuock 
Patrick, jun., Gal way. Gal way 
Thomas, Meath, Clonmellon 
James, Kerry, Tralee 
Feary, John, Ferns, Gorey 
Keating, James, Ferns, New Ross 
John, Ferns, Bridgetown, Wexford 
Jno., Ferns, Murrinstown, Wexford 
Keefe, M., Ossory, Kells 
Kenno, Nicholas, Meath, Ballymore 
Keenan, John, Derry, Omagh 
Kehoe, Andrew, Ferns, Blackwater, 

Kehoe, John, Kild. A Leigh., Balki 
Thomas, Kildare A Leighlin, Ut 
Keleher, M., Cloyne, Killeagh 
Keily, John, Ross, ^ughadown 
Keilty, F., Elphiu, Ballygar 
Kellaghan, Francis, Clogher, Ball; 
Peter, Meath, Clonagh, Ballinago 
Edw., Meath, Frankford, King^sC 
Keller, Hugh, Cloyne, Killinararit 

Kelly, y Dublin, Castleknook 

Peter, Meath, Drogheda 
R., Meath, Ballyniuhon 
Edward, Down and Connor, L 

J., Ossory, Kilkenny 
John, Dromore, Rathfrailand 
John, Armagh, Magharafelt 
Malaohy, Down and Connor, B€ 

John, Limerick, Newcastle 
P. H., Elphip, Creggs 
M, Ossory, Kilkenny 
Michael, Meatb, Castletowndelvi 
Michael, Raphoe, Mountcharles 
Richard, Ferns, Fethard, New R« 
Patrick, Elphin, Creggs 
Patrick, Killala, Ballina 
Thomas, Dublin, Castleknook 
John, Clogher, Castleblaney 
Bernard, Raphoe, Letterkenny 
Thomas, Ossorv, Waterford 
Kelsh, Patrick, Dublin, Castleknoel 

Richard, J., Meath, Navan 
.Kemmy, John, Kilmacduagh, 6ort 
Kennedy, Patrick, Emly, Cashel 
Rody, Killaloe, Sixmile-bridge 
Kenny, Charles, Di-omore, Droman 
C. P., Limerick, Ballingarry 
John, Kilmacduagh, Gort 
Matthias, Kilkloe, Ennis 
Mich, Kildare & Leighlin, Killeig 
Patrick, Ferns, Ballyoogley, We: 
Kent^ David, Ferns, Screen, Wexfor 
Keogh, Edward, Clogher, Clones 

Francis, Thom. Castlebar 
Keohane, John Ross, Leap ' 
Keon, William, Dublin, Arran-qiu 
Kerr, F., Clogher, Clontibret^ Mo; 

Kieffe, P., Cloyne, Kauturk 
\^\6ta.\i, Patrick, Arma^ Drogfae<i 



[ieran, Patrick, Down & Connor, 

Cieroan, Francis, Ard. Clonmac,, 
Dramlish ^ 

Patrick, Ardagh, Clonmac, Dram- 
Cilbride, Jaa, Kildare <& Leigh]., 

Cillen, William, Down and Con- 

CiUoran, Patrick, Achonry, Tubber- 

Cilroe, Thomas, Elphin, AthloUe 
Hngston, Jno., Killaloe, Roscrea 
Paul, Ross Union Hall, Castle- 
to wnsend 
Cinsella, Alex., Ferns, New Ross 
Aug., Kild. & Leighlin, Graigne, 

John, Kildare <t Leighlin, Mary- 
. borough 

Wm., Kild. & LeigL, Portarling- 
Lirby, Jas, Waterf. <fe lism,, Kil- 

:irwan, Philip, D.D, Dublin, 1 

Lower Exchange-street 
Jno., Ferns, New Ross 
Inaseborough, John, Ossory, Tho- 

•ambert^ Walter, Ferns, Wexford 
Andy, J., Armagh, Dundalk 
J., Down & Connor, Castlewellan 
Ane, Going, Cloyne, Mallow 
W., Cork, Cork 

lAikgan, Thomas, Mftath, Garristown 
M. P., Dublin, Celbrid^e 
anigan, James, Emly, Tipperary 
,arkin, Thomas, Armagh, Keady 
awlor, John, Kerry, Tralee 
Awn, Ed., Raphoe, Dungloe 
leader, Timothy, Cloyne, Youfirhall 
icahy, James, Dublin, Kingstown 
Maurice,*Limerick, Limerick 
Patrick, Dublin, Francis-street 
Thomas, Leahy's Terrace, Sandy- 
ee, Jas., Ard. & Clonmac, Mohill 
James, Dublin, Blackrock 
James, Limerick, Kilfinane 
Patrick, Limerick, Bruff 
«nnoD, J., Down & Connor, Rashar- 

kan. Bally money 
,eonard, John, Dublin, Oastleknock 
Matthew, Achonry, Gurteen, Bal- 

Leonard, Luke R, Clogher, Mo- 

Levins, John, Armagh, Ardee / 
Loftus, James, Tuam, Cnstlebar 

Patk , Tuam, Ballinakill 
Lohan, Patrick, Achonry, CoUooney 
Long, Jer., Waterf. <fc Lism., Clash- 
Loughran, P., Armagh, Mountnorris, 
John, Armagh, Meagherfelt 
P., Clogher, Enniskillen 
Louth, William, Meath, Kells 
Lowry, James, Dromore, Newry 

Patk., Achonry, Swinford 
Lucy, Jeremiah, Ross, Gerah, Olona- 

Lyden, Daniel, Tuam, Ballinrobe 
I^yng» Jas., Ferns, Taghmon 
Lynch, Daniel, Kerry, Boherbuee 
Eugene, Meath, Slane 
Gregory, canon^ Dublin, Westland- 

James, Dublin, Castleknock 
L., Meath, Dunshaughlin 
Matthew, Dublin, 21 High-street 
William, Ossory, Inistiogne 
Richd., Meath, Frankford, King's 
Lyne, D., Dublin, Finglass 
Lyons, T., Cork, Queenstown 

J., Cork, Skibbereen 
M'Aleenan, B., Dromore, Warren- 
M'Alister, Pk., Down «fc Connor, Bal- 

M'Ardie, John, Clogher, Clogher 
Patt., Kildare and Leigh., Crett- 

T. J., Clogher, Fintona 
M'Artan, Patrick, Down & Connor, 

Pharis, Ballymoney 
M'Auley, Bernard, Down <& Connor, 
John, Down and Connor, Glenavey 
M'Breen, Dominick, Kilmore, Carri- 

M'Cabe, Felix, Kilmore, Stradone 
Patrick, Dublin, Kingstown 
Frs., Dublin, 105 Thomas-street 
M'Cann, C. J., Dublin, 14 Halston-st. 

James, Armagh, Stewarrstown 
M'Cartan, P., Down <& Connor, Cross- 
M'Carthy, T., Kerry, Castlegregory, 



M'Carthy, Corneliua^ limerick, 
D., Ck)ik, Kinaale 
Denis, Limerick, limerick 
Daniel, Kerry, Ralhmore, Killar- 

John, Cloyne, Mallow 
William, Cloyne, Charleville 
William, Cloyne, Mitchelstown 
John, Cloyne, Kanturk 

, Dublin, Enniskerry 

M'Cawley, Charlee, Derry, Omagh 
M^Crawley, James, Killala, Crossmo- 

M'Closkey, J., Deny, Coleraine 
M'Closky, Pn trick, Derry, Castlederg 
M'Conaty, H., Eildare <fe Leighlin, 

M'Connell, J., Down A Con., Randals- 

M'Convey, Pk., Down & Con., Down- 

M'Convel, John, Dromore, Lurgan 
M'Cooey, H., Armagh, Poineroy, 

M'Cormack, Daniel, Meatb, Mountnu- 
John, Kill aloe, Lorrha 
Patrick, Dublin, HaroldVcross 
M'Corry, John, Down <fc Connor, 

M'Cosker, Paul, Clogher, Monahan 
M'Coy, Jas., Limerick, Ratbkeale 
M'Craith, J., Emly, Tipperary 
M'Crosean, Neal, Derry, Cumber- 

M'Crystal, Thomas, Armagh, Donagh- 

more, Dungannon 
M'Cullogh, John, Derry, Bellaghy 
John, Derry, Claudy, Strabane 
M'Cullock, Patk., Clogher, Carrick- 

M'Cullough, P., Armagh, Castlebell- 

M'Dermot, B. A., Elphin, Boyle 
M'Dermott, John, Elphin, Ballyforan, 
Patrick, Elphin, Ballintubber, Bal- 
ly moe 
William, Killala, Crossmolina 
M'Devitt, Peter, Raphoe, Convoy 
M'Donald, Andrew, Kildare and 
Leighlin, Philipstown 
Edward, Cloyne, Doneraile 
Patrick, Kildare and Leighlin, Bal- 
£ tiDglaaa 

M'Donald, William, Armagh, Nen] 
M'Donnell, Edward, Ossory, Kilka 
John, Armagh, Tanderagee 

, Dublin, Kingstown 

Michael, Emly, Drom, Templemoi 
Jas., Kildare ds Leighlin, Edei 

Chas , Limerick, Limerick 
A., Kild. & Leigh., Mountmdlid 
M'Donogh, M., Elphin, Frenchpark 
George, Derry, Moville 
Redmond, Gal way. Gal way 
M'Elhone, Michl, Armagh, Cask! 

caufield, Dungannon 
M'Elroy, Tobias B., Clogher, Mod 

M'Enroe, John, Kilmore, Cavan 

Thos., Kilmore. Shercock 
M*Evoy, Arthur, Dublin, Ratbgar 
M'Fadden, Hngb, Raphoe, Glenties 

James, Raphoe, Falcarragh 
M'Feely, Denis, Derry, Dungiven 
M'Garry, Ambrose, Dublin, Clonti 
M'Gee, J. E., Dublin, Lutik, BalM 

M'Geoghegan, Anthony, Derry, Str 
James, Derry, Waterside, Deny 
M'Geown, P., Derry, Buncrana 
M'Giveran, Thomas, d. d. Dromon 

M'Givney, P., Ardagh <& Clonmac 
Augbnacliff via Edgworthstow 
John, Ard., & Clon., Mohill 
M'Glew, John, Meath, Kingscourt 
M'Gowau, Wm., Dublin, Clondalkii 

M'Grath, Michael, Killaloe, Cloghjor 
John, Dromore, Katesbridge 
John, Emly, Tipperary 
Patrick, Killaloe, Silvermines 
M'Grath, Thos., Wat. <& Lis., Wtt« 

M'Grehan, John, Down <& Coiumi 

M'Groarty, J., Derry, Stranorlar 

John, Raphoe, Letterkenny 
M'Gucken, Mark, Armagh, Drogfaed 
M'Gurk, Arthur, Armagh, Cookst 
B., Derry, Derry. 
M'Keatin^, Felix, Down & Oonnoi 

Phans, Ballymoney 
\M7Kea^neY^ John, Armaghi Aimagi 




PKee, Henry, Armagli, Drogheda 
TKeigue, P., Clonfert, Kew Inn 
i'Kenna, Edward, Derry, Newtown- 
R., Armagh, Longhgall 
Jas., Clogher, Pettigoe 
Jas., Clogher, Enniskillen 
Edward, Clogher, Derrygonnelly 
James, Dromore, Rosstrevor 
TKeon, William, Armagh, Bun- 
IXanghlin, R B., Dublin, Mer- 
James, Derry, Culdaff, Gleneely, 

James, Derry, Strabane 
Edward, Clogher, Enniskillen 
Felix, Dromore, Dromore 
John, Derry, Draperstown 
John, Clogher, Ballinamallon 
P., Clogher, Enniskillen 
William, Derry, Londonderry 
I'Leer, Daniel, Derry, Kilrea 
fMahon, Matt.., Kerry, Tralee 
f Mabon, Malachy, Kild. <Sc Leighl., 
P. J., Clogher, Shantony, Castle- 

Thomas, Clogher, Belleek 
Thomas, Kill aloe, Carrigaholt 
l*Manu8, Bernard, Kilmore, Black- 
8., Kilmore, Manorhamilton 
John, Clogher, Clontibret, Mona- 

Hugh, d. d,, Dublin, Athy 
M., Dublin, Francis-Btreet 
['Menamin, Peter, Kaphoe, Killy- 

['Monagle, B., Raphoe, Ballyshan- 

L'Multan, Eugene, Dromore, Hill- 
['Nally, Thos., Clogher, Clones 
TNamee, H., Derry, Omagh 
L'Partlan, Jas., adm,^ Kilmore, M. 

L'Quaid, Jas., Clogher, Inniskeen, 

['Quade, W., Clogher, Brookborough 
I'Quillan, Pat, Clogher, Scotstn., 


['Redmond, Thos., Killaloe, Nenagh 

rSbane, C, Armagh, Crossraaglen 

John, Armagh Rock, Dungannon 

I'bherry, Cerate, Kilmore, Cayan 

M'Sorley, P., Armagh, Donaghmore, 

M'Swiney, Denis, Cork, Cork 
MTernan, Stphn, Kilmore, Manor- 
MacCormac, F., Tuam, Dooleague, 

P. 0., Castlebar 
MacDonagh, Thomas, Tuam, Holly- 
MacEvilly, Jeremiah, Tuam, Kilkelly 
MacGee, James, Tuam, Tuam 
MacGough, John, Tuam, Westport 
MacHale, Martin, Tuam, Louisburgh 

Patk., adm,, Killala, Ballina 
Mackin, James, ckfrn., Armagh, Dro- 
Mackey, John, Emly, Dranagan, Cal- 


MacNamara, D., Killala, Crossmolina 
MacWalters, Thomas, Tuam, Clif- 

Madden, James, Clonfert, Kiltulla 
Jhn., Elphin, Lecarrow, Roscom- 
J., Emly, Cashel 
Madden, John, Kilmacduagh, Craugh- 
John, Kilmacduagh, Oranmore 
John, Raphoe, Ramelton 
Owen, Elphin, Balla^hadereen 
Madigan, Denis, Limerick, Crutloe 
Magauran, Terence, Kilmore, Ballin- 

Magee, Daniel, Derry, Derry, 
Henry, Dublin, Aungier-street 
James, Down and Connor, Belfast 
J., Armagh, Dundalk 
Patrick, Derry, SCrabane 
Maginn, James, Armagh, Dundalk 

Thomas, Kerry, Mill-street 
Maguire, Hugh, Clogher, Ederney 
A., Cork, Cork 
P., Clogher, Clones 
Maher, John, Killaloe, Ennis 
Edmund, Emly, Cappaghwhite 
James, Killaloe, Roscrea 
John, Emly, Newport 
Danl., Kildare <& Leighlin, Philips- 
John, Killaloe, Ballynaeally 
John, Killaloe, Lorrha 
Martin, F., Kild. & Leighlin, Rose- 

nallis near Mountmellick 
Michael, Limerick, Pallaskenry 
Michael, Killaloe, Dunkeriin 



Maher, Patrick, Kildare A Leighlin, 
Tho8., KilA <fe Leighl., Carlow 
Thomaa F., Emly, Callan 
William, Emly, Templemore 
William, Killaloe, Birr 
Mahon, H., Kild. <fe Leighlin, Portar- 
James, Eildare <fe Leighlin, Kill 
Michael, Dublin, • Clarendon-street 
Mahoney, Thomas, Eillaloe, Nenagh 
Mahony, P. V., Emly, Thurlep 

Thomas, Emly, Tipperary 
Malone, Anth., Armagh, Cookstown, 

' Hugh, Killala, LaHardane, Ballina 
Michael, Limerick, Limerick 
James, Eillaloe, Eillaloe 
John, Killala, Ballycastle, Ballina 
Silvester, Killaloe, Kilkee 
Manly, James, Killala, Ballina 
Markey, J. K., Armagh, Togher, 

Marshall, Fras., Ferns, Bree, Ennis- 

Martin, M., Raphoe, St Johnson 
M., JBdeath, Moate 
Thos., Meath, Slane 
William, Down <fe Connor, Belfast 
William, Ossory, Inistiogue 
Maxey, M,, Waterford <fe Lismore, 

Meade. Peter, Killaloe, Miltown Mal- 
Joseph, Killaloe, Clare Castle 
Meany, Denis, Limerick, Bruree 
Pat., Waterford and Lismore, Car.- 
Meenhan, C. P., Dublin, Lr. Ex- 
Patrick, D.D., limerick, Killinane 
Melvin, John, Killala, BelmuUet 
Meyler, Robert, Dublin, Westland- 

Millen, A., Elphin, Strokestown 
Minnock, David, Meath, Castlepollard 

Godfrey, Gal way, Oranmore 
Molloy, Peter, Meatii, Mallingar 
Molouey, Michael, Ross, Clonakilty 
T., Kildare A Leighlin, Curragh 

Wm., Kildare <fe Leigh., Monaste- 
Molony, Michael, Killaloe, Doonbeg 
Eugene, Killaloe, Bodyke 
Willianf, Limerick, Limerick 

Molony, Jeremiah, Ross, Courtoi' 
Michael, Ross, Rosecarbery 
Michael, Dublm, Kilbride, Wid^ 
Molmmby, John, Emly, Fethard, Tip- 
Molynenx, John, Kerry, Tralee 
Monaghan, Daniel, Meath, Tullamore' 
Mai achy, Tuam, Glan 
M., Elphin, Riverstown, Ballymote 
MichL, Ard. <fe Clon., Carrigallen 
Thos., Ardagh <fe Clomnac, Scrab- 

Thos., Ard. <Se Clonmac, Lanesboro' 
Monahan, John, Ardagh <fe ClonmM* 

noise, Athlone 
Mooney, Daniel, Deny, Maghera 
James, Clogher, Emyvale, Mooa- 

Jas., Down and Con., lisbnrn 
Ed., Waterf <fe Lismore, Clonmel 
Hugh, Dromore, Mayo Bridge^ 

M., Waterford <Se Lismore, Passage 

Co., Waterford 
Patrick, Armagh, Carlingford 

, Dublin, Kinsealy 

Moore, F., Kerry, Killorglin 
Patrick, Tuam, Westport 
James, Meath, Clara 
Moran, James, Limerick, Castletown- 

. James, Elphin, Strokestown 
Morgan, C, Meatl), Navan 
Moriarty, Michael, Kerry, Cahirei- 
Patk., Kerry, Lisnam, Listowel 
Morrio, Thos., Kild. <Se Leighl., Car- 
Morris, Charles, Derry, Gortin 
John, Elphin, Athlone 
P., Emly, Borrisoleigh 
Morrissy, Stephen, l3ablin. Rath- 
more, Naas 
John, Ard. <& Clon., Cloghen, Baa- 

, Wat <fe Lismore, Water- 
Moylan, Thomas, Ossory, Callan 
Moynahan, Jer., Kerry, Millstreet 
Moyse, John, Derry, Malin, Derry 
Mulcahy, D. P., Dublin, 69 Up. 
Baggot St. 




Patrick, Eild. <fe Leigh., 

I, Dublin, Westland-row 
Dan'l, Raphoe, Church-hill 
Thomas, Clonfert^ Balli- 


fohn, Gloyne, Macroom 
l^chael, Dublin, LeahyV 
ie, Sandy mount 
Thomas, Emly, Borriso- 

fatthew, Armagh, Bally- 

Meath, Ballinacargy 
leath, Taghmon, Mullingar 
, John Denis, Tuam, Tuam 
I., Clonfert, Loughrea 
Pat, Ard. & Clon., ^rdagh 
, John, Limerick, Limerick 
Richard, dd, Raphoe, 

T., adm., Kilmore, Bally- 

Mich., (idm.f KiUala, Bel- 

illala, Balli n a 
Killala, Crossmolina 

, Dublin, Rathcoole 

, Dublin, Clondalkin 
1^ Armagh, Coalisland 
•y, Listowel 
18, Cork, Cork 
:y, Kenmare 
ublin, Granby row 
)romore, Warrenpoint 
Armagh, Dundalk 
a*een, Wexford 
ork, Bandon 
erry, Tralee 
, Cork, Cork 
Cillaloe, Templederry 
Lrd. <fe Clon., Ardagh 
Armagh, Carlingford 
:, Cork 

, Dublin, Rathdrum 
, Eild. & Leighlin, Killeagh 
, Clogher, Rosslea, Clones 
jrmagh, Cookstown, Tyrone 
Dublin, 83 Marlborough st 
I, Meath, Ar4ee 
, Ferns, Weirford 
dward, Meath, Ashbourne 
Elphin, Elphin' 
Ard. & Clon mac., Ardagh 
, Meath, Enfield 
, ClouDtade, Einsale 

Murtagh, Peter, Meath, Castlepollard 
Mylotte, David, Tuam, Mount Bel- 
lew Bridge 
Naghten, Matthias, Elphin, Bally moe 
Nagle, Patrick, Eillaloe, Birr 
Naugle, John, Elphin, Athlone 
Naughtin, John, Limerick, Limerick 
Neary, Patrick, Eillala, Lacken 

P., Ossory, Thomastown. 
Neville, Patrick, Ferns, New Rosa 
Newell, Thomas^ Eilfenora, Enuis- 

Newman, J., Eilmore,Manorhamiltou 
Newport, Andrew, Eillaloe, Enuis 
Neylon, John, Eillaloe, Clare Abbey 
Noian, Christopher, Dublin, 21 High 

Martin, Eildare and Leigh., New- 
bridge, Eildare 

Pat., Waterf. <& Lismore, Waterf. 

Patk., Kild. <fe Leigh., Eilmeague, 

Thomas, Limerick, Limerick 

Thomas, Eerry, Millstreet 
Nowlan, E., Ossory, Freshford 

Thomas, Dublin, Donnybrook 
Nyhan, Thomas, Cork, Einsale 
O'Beirne, Fr., Ard. and Clonmac, 

Francis, Ard. <fe Clon., Arvagh 

«John, Ard. <& Clon., Longford 

• . Jas., Eih^ <fe Leighlin, Leighlin 

Michael, Elphin, Boyle 

P., Elphin, Ballygar 
O'Boyle, J., Raphoe, Donegal 

John, Raphoe, Tamney 

Patrick, Tuam, Eilmaine 

Patrick, Ossory, Rathdowney 
O'Brien, Daniel, Cloyne, Glanworth 

C, Eildare & Leighlin, Clonegal 

James, Limerick, Limerick 

James, Meath, Trim 

John, Dublin, Balbriggan 

John, Eiphin, Sligo 

John, Emly, Pallasgreen 

John, Ferns, Gorey 

John, Ross, Skibbereen 

M., Armagh, Caledon 

Patrick, Ball acolla, Abbeyleix 

Thomas, Waterford, and Lismore, 

William, Cloyne, Mallow 

Wm., Eillaloe, Callaghan's Mills 
O'Callaghan, Francis, Armagh, Stew- 



O'Carroll, James, Emly, Caehel 
Michael, Limeriok, Limerick 
Ptk., Clogher, GarrickmaorpSB 
Patrick, Emly, Kilmallock 
Thomas, D.D., Dublin, Westland 

W. D., Dublin, Granby row 

O'Connell, C„ Cork, Ballineen 
Charles, Cork, Upper Glanmire 
Cornelius, Cloyne, Cloyne 
Daniel, Cork, Innishannon 
Edwd., Dublin, 14 Halston street 
Jeremiah, Cork, Cork 
Maurice, Kerry, Cahirciveen 
P., Cloyne, Mallow 
Tim., Water! and Lismore, Car.- 

James, Emly, Tipperary 

O'Connor, MichL, Dublin, Blackrock 
Christopher, Elphin, Roscommon 
Daniel, Li mericK, Limerick 
George, Limerick, Patrickswell 
John, Emly,15olden 
Jeremiah, Kerry, Cahirciveen 
John, Kilmore, Stradone 
John, D D , Kerry, Killamey 
Mort., Kerry, Dingle 
Thomas, Emly, Templemore 
Thomas, Elphin, Riverstown, Bal- 

Wm., Emly, Tipperary, Killaloe 
William, Cloyne, Mallow 

O'Doherty, Patrick, Dublin, Ajhford 
R. P., Derry, Malin, Derry 
Edward, Derry, Maghera 

O'Donnell, Charles, Raphoe, Letter- 
Patrick, Tuam, Westport, Clare 

MichL, Wat. <fe Lismore, Lismore 
John, Raphoe, Burton Port 
Pat., Waterf. and Lismore, Car.- 

Pierce, Dublin, Dalkey 
T., Dublin, 2 Sackville place 
Thomas, Emly, Knocklong 
William, Derry, Feeney 
Wm., Ardagh <Jk Clonmac, Bally- 

Wm., Derry, Clonmany, Derry 

O'Doiioghoe, Denis, Kerry, Tralee 
Edm., Limerick, Askeaton 
Patrick, Tuam, Miltown, Tuam 

0*Donoghue, Pr., Achonry, Ballagh- 

Michael, Killaloe, Borriftolcuie 

O'Donovan, Charlea, Cloyne, Rath- C»1 

0*Dwyer, John, Emly, Oashel 
OTarrell, Henry, Limerick, 11 
A., Ferns, Newtownbarry 
K., Dublin, Marlborough street 
J., Ardagh <Se Clonmac., Moate 
Michael, Elphin, Cootehall, Boyle 
James, Ard. <Se Clonmae., Granard 
Patrick, Ardagh and Clonmacnoia, 

M., Elphin, Lanesboro' 
O'Flanagan, James, Limerick, DmiD' 

OTlaheHy, John, Cloyne,- Fermoy 

George, Raphoe, Creeslongh 
0*Flynn, John, Adirony, Tubhw- 

0*Friel, Michael, Raphoe, Killybegi 
O'Gorman, James, Oesory, Cistle' 
R.,jun., Waterford and Lismore, 

John, Dromore, Newry 
0*Grady, Dominick, Achonry, Bally- 
(VHagan, Bernard, Dromore, Newry 

(yHanlon, , Dublin, Arran-quay 

John, Oesory, Kilkenny 
John, Dublin, 7 Lr. Exchange-street 
(yHara, John, Kilmore, Drumkeeraa 
James, Dromore, LoughbricklaDd 
Roger, Achonry, Tubbercurry 
O'Hare, Charles, Dromore, Rathfri- 

O'Hea, Eugene, Ross, Ardfield, Clon- 

O'Kane, «fameB, Killaloe, Puckane 
Ptk., Down and Connor, Down- 
CVKeane, William, Emly, Tipperary 

Tim., Emly, Pallasgreen 
O'Keeffe, James, Cork, Dunmao- 
John, Kerry, Ballybunion, Lis- 

Cornelius, Cork, Bandon 
Daniel, Dublin, Arran-quay 
Patrick, Cloyne, Castlemartyr 
D., Cloyne, Bantyre 
William, Cloyne, Kanturk 

R., Ossory, Balh^ragget 
Wm., Cloyne, Kanturk 
0*\j«i.NftYV5, Svoi^^ Down ^ 





O'Learv, Arthur, Ross, Castletowns- 
T.. Cloyne, Mallow 
"Wm., Kerry, Castleisland 
John, Kerry, Castletownbore 
P., Kerry, Kenmare 
O'Loughlin, James, Derry, Garvagh 

P,, Dublin, Clarendon-street 
O'Mahony, Michael, .Cloyne, Glan- 
John, Cloyne, Kanturk 
T., Cork, Cork 
O'Malley, James, Tuam, Claremorris 
Patrick, Tuam, Castlebar 
Thomas, adm,^ Tuam, Miltown, 

T. Dublin, GeorgeVhill 
O^Meara, Daniel, Killaloe, Borriso- 
Patk., Killaloe, Broadford 
T., Emly, Thurles 
Thos., Wat. <fe Lismore, Dungarvan 
CMoore, Michael, Cloyne, Fermoy 
0*Mullane, Daniel, Cloyne, White- 
CNeUl, B., KUd. and Leigh., Clane, 
Francis, Derry, Drumquin 
Henry, Kild. <& Leigh., Ballick- 

moyler, Carlo w 
James, Cloyne, Butteyant 
John, Emly, Killaloe 
J., Armagh, Carrickmore, Dun- 

HichL, Emly, Newport, Tipperary 
Fr. Dublin, St. Audeon's, High st 
P., Dublin, 83 Marlborough street 
Patrick, €idm.y Dromore,\Newry 
L. J., Clogher, Cootehill 
Timothy, Kildare & Leighlin, Tul- 

Wm. F. Ferns, Bannow, New Ross 
O'Regan, Laurence, Kerry, Tarbert 

P., adm,, Cork, Skull 
O'Reilly, B., Ardagh A Clonmac, 
Bernard, Elphin, Caltra, Ballina- 

Chas., Kilmore, Manorhamilton 
Chris., Ardagh & Clonmac, Roos- 

Daniel, Kilmore, Stradone 
Eugene, Ardagh AClonm., Granard 
Peter, Ardagh & Clonm., Tashiney 
JaQies^ Elphio, Castloplunket, Cas- 

O'Reilly, Jas., Ard. A Clon., Clon- 
dra, Killashee 
John, Dublin, Swords 
John, Kilmore, Virginia 
J., Kilmore, Carrigallen 

, Dublin, Arran-<juay 

John, Dublin, Dunlavm 
James, Ard. and Clon., Granard 
Philip, Kilmore, Virginia 
Thomas, Meath, Rochfortbridge 
Hugh, Kilmore, Batlineonnell 
John, Kilmore, Bailieborough 
J., Elphin, Ballnaear, Frenchpark 
0*Rourke, John, Dublin, Kingstown 

, Dublin, Blackditches, Blea- 

O'Sliee, Thomas, Ossory, Durrow 
O'SuUivan, Daniel, Kerry, Tralee 
E., Kerry, Tralee 
Cornelius, Kerry, Cahirciyeen 
John, Limerick, Limerick 
Maurice, Dublin, Wicklow 
Michael, Kerry, Castleisland 
Denis, Kerry, Kenmare 
Patrick, Dublin, Pinglas 
Patrick, Meath, Balbriggan 
T., Cork, Ballyifeard 
W., Cork, Cork 
OToole, Arthur, Armagh, Moy 

Arthur, Down and Connor 
Parle, James, Ferns, Newtownbarry 
Parker, John, Cork, Cork 
Patrick, Ferns, Coolattin, Co. Wick- 
Palmer, T, Cork, Watergrass Hill 
Paul, Henry, Achonry, Swinford 
Parks, S., Elphin, Elphin 
Patterson, Michael, Westland-row, 

Pentony, Thomas, Armagh, Louth 
Phelan, Andrew, Kild. <Se Leighfin, 
EdoL, Waterford <fc Lismore, Tal- 
Pintan, Kildare A Leighlin, Kil- 

Jn. Kildare dc Leighlin, Clonbul- 

John, Waterford <fe Lismore, Clon- 

mel • 
Nicholas, Ossory, Kilkenny 
Nicholas, Waterf. <fe Lismore, Tra- 

Fin ton, Oisory, Kilkenny 
Thomas, Killaloe, Shinrone 
Phew, Audtft\?, Qt^V^e.l>'9Kri:^'^ 




Phew, Martin, Galway, Otighterard 
Pine, Michael, Killaloe, Kilrueh 
Polin, Patrick, Dromore, Banbridge 
Pope, Patk., Cloyne, Middleton 
Powderley, James, Armagh, Dro- 

Power, David, Water! <fe Lism., Don- 
Wm., Emly, MitJtheUtown 
Patk., Down and Con., Lurgan 
Patrick, Down and Connor, Belfast 
Jas., Kerry, Beaufort, Killarney 
Thomas, Ossory, Freshford, Thurles 
Henry, Cloyne, Killeagh 
J. W., Ossory, New Ross 
James, Ferns, Inch, Gorey 
John, Emly, Borrisoleigh 
Maurice, Emly, Cappawhite 
Pat., Waterf. & Lismore, Car.-on 

W., Ossory, Freshford 
Wm., Waterford <fe Lismore, Caj>- 

— Rector, Academy of Holy Cross, 
Prendergast,E., Feme, Priesthaggard, 
N. R. 
Pat., Ferns, Carnew 
James, Waterford & Lismore, 
Purcell, J., OsBory, Knocktopher .. 
W., Dublin, 88 Marlborough -street 
William, adm., Ferns, Camolin 
Pyne, Patrick, Mphin, Cftstlerea 
Quaid, David, Limerick, Eillmal- 
John, Limerick, Adare 
Quany, John, Ossory, Thomaetown 
Quillinan, John, Limerick, BalUn- 

, garry 
Quin, A, Elphin, Sligo 
David, Limerick, Glin 
Jeremiah, Derry, Malin, Derry 

, Dublin, Clontarf 

Charles S., adm.j Down and Con- 
nor, AhoghiJl 
Quinn, A, Elphin, Bally dooley 
Chas., Armagh, Dungannon 
Patk., Armagh, Dungannon 
John, Armagh, Marketbill 
John, Armagh, Middleton, Armagh 
Roderick, Galway. Oughterard 
r Thomas, Killaloe, Ennis 
Quirke, John, Emly, Galbally 

William, JEinly, Tlpperary 
HaeJuurd, Qeo,, F^tub, EnniscortYiy 

Rafferty, John, Armagh,' Annagh 

Rafter, Richard, Kmly, Kilmallock 

Raftery, John, Clonfert, Loughrea s 
Richard, Clonfert, Loughrea 

Rattigan, M., Elphin, Cootehall, 

Redmond, Thos., Killaloe, Toomavara 

Reeves, John, limerick, Ardagh 

Reid, Thomas, Killaloe, Kildysart 

Reilly, Patrick, Killala, Bangor, 

Reynolds, Jaa., Ard. and Clonmac., 
M., Ardagh and Clotamao., Caeh- 

Rice, J., Cloyne, adm„ Qaeenatown 
Wm., Cloyne, Macroom 

Rickard, George, Ferns, Priest Hag- 
gard, New Ross 
Jas., Ferns, Clonroche, Enniscorthy 
James, Dublin, Newtownmount- 

Ransbott, W., Kildare and LeigbUn, 

Riordan, Pierce, Cloyne, Kanturk 
P., Kildare and Leighlin, TuUow 
Michl., Cloyne, Rathcormick 

Roche, J, Dublin, 14 Halston street 
James, Limerick, Rathkeale 
Thomas, Tuam, Galway 
Thomas, Ferns, Enniscorthy 

Rogers, Michaeli Deny, Claudy, 
M.. D^rry, Gortin 

Ronayne, "niomas, Tnam, Clifden 
James, Tuam, Westpoit 
William, Cloyne, Mitchelstown 

Rooney, John, Clogher, Enniskillen 
, Dublin, Dundmm 

Rose, Michael, Cloyne, Castletown- 

Rowen, R, Ossory, Callan 

Ryan, John, Emly, Cashel 
Ferns, Castlebridge, Wexford 
James, Oseory, Galmoy, Johnstown 
John, Cloyne, Middleton 
M., Rt Rev., prov. OUtereiam, 

Martin, adm,f Limerick, Athea 
Matthew, Emly, Tipperary 
Michael, Emly, Knocklong 
Michael, Limerick, Ballingary 
Patrick, Emly, Kilmallock 
Patrick, Tuam, Oughterard 
Patrick, dd., Wateid^ and Liamore, 



Ryan, Peter, Meath, Tullamore 

Thomas, Clonfert, Balliuasloe 

Thomas, Emly, Ballyeahill 

William, Down and Connor, Glen- 

, SS. Michael and John's, 


— — , dd, Dublin, Lower Exchange 
Scallan, John, Ferns, Enniscorthy 
Scanlan, Bartl, Killaloe, Birr 

John, Ferns, Bree, Enniscorthy 

Philip, Emly, Killeaaule 

Robert, Kerry, Ballybunion, Lis- 
Scannell, T., Cork, Blackrock 
Scully, C, Kerry, Cahirciveen 

M., Kerry, Tralee 
Segrave, P, Dublin, Delgany 

, Armagh, Clogherhead 

Sellars, John, Clonfert, Killimore 
Sexton, Patrick, Cork, Lower Glan- 

Shanahan, J., Waterf. and Lism., 

Wm., Waterf. and Lism., Dungar 

Timothy, adm., Limerick, Limerick 
Shannon, John, Limerick, Limerick 

Patrick, Killaloe, Ennis 
Shea, R, Oseory, Ballyragget 
^eahan, D., Cloyne, Lisearrol 

Corns., Kerry, Milltown 
Shearman, Fr., Dublin, Dunlavin 
Sheehy, J., Waterf. and Lismore, 

Thomas, Kerry, Abbeyfenle 
Shell, James, Derry, Muff, Dorlegal 

James, Clogher, Trillick 
Sheridan, BarthL, Dublin, Kings- 

J., Kilmore, Bandoran 

James, Dublin, Naul, BalbriggaU 

James, Meath, Dunshaughlin 

Patrick, Tuam, Athenry 

Patiick, Ardagh and' Clonmac, 

Patrick, adm.^ Ardagli atid Clon- 
mac, Moat 

Thomas, Ferns, Enniscorthy 
Shinkwin, Michael, Cork, Bantry 

J., Cork, Blackrock 
Short, Robert, Emly, Tipperary 
Sinnott, John, Ferns, Broadway, 

Robert^ Ferns, Gorey 

Sinnott, William, Feme, Ballymitty 
New Rosa 
iWalter, Ferns, Camolin 
William, Ferns, New Ros^ 
James, Kildare and Leighl., Rath- 

Martin, Limerick, Limerick 
Skelly, John, Ardagh and Clonmac, 

Slattery, John, Emly, Thurles 
P., Waterford and Lismore, Lis- 
Patrick, Killaloe, Dunkerrin 
Martin, Limerick, Limerick 
Sleaden, Richd., Waterfl and Lism., 

Smith, Bartholomew, Elphin, Tulsk 
D., Killaloe, Quin 
John, Kilmore, Ballynagh 
Patrick, Dublin, Haddington road 
Thomas, Kilmore, Killeshandra 
Thomas, Kilmore, Cootehill 
Smollen, T, Clogher, Enniskillen 

C, Clogher, Glasslough 
Smyth, John, Dublin, Avoca, Wick- 
John, Kilmore, Crossdoney 
John, Ardagh and Clonmac. Fer- 

Patrick, Dublin, Francis street 
John, Clogher, Derrygonnelly 
Thos., Ardagh and Clonmac, Ath- 

Jas., Ardagh and Clonmac, Clo- 
ghen, Banagher 
Sodan, Martin, Achonry, Tubbercu rry 
Spain, Michael, Killaloe, Dunkt^rriu 
Spence, Daniel, Raphoe, Bal yshan- 

Staples, Thos., Ferns, Kiltealy, Ennis- 

Staunton, James, Kilfenora, Doolin 
Stuart, Alex., Down and Connor, 

Supple, M. A., Dublin, Swords 
Sullivan, Thomas, Dublin, Fiancis-at 
Taafe, G., Armagh, Knockbridge, 

Taggart, Thomas, Derry, Gortin 
Tally, M., Armagh, Crosmaglen 
Terry, James, Waterf. & Lismore, 

Thomas, Edmund. Tuam', Clonlnra 
Tierney, Denis, Killaloe, Louisburgh 
Timlin, John, Killala, Balliua 
Timmon, Terence, Meath., K^n^'ol 



T(u>hey, John, Killaloe, Kinnettj 
Tracey, J., Waterf. <Se LiBm., Car.-on- 
James, Cork, Dunmanway 
ThoB., Waterf. & Lism., Kilmac- 
Tracy, John, Waterf. and Lism. Cap- 
James, Gal way, Galway 
Michael, Derry, Derry 
Pat., Water! <fe Lism., EUmac- 
Traynor, M., Clogher, Edemey 
TuUy, Charles, TMam, Ballinlough 
Trevor, James, Dublin, Bray 
Troy, Ber., Dromorc, Laureostown, 

Tuohig, J., Cloyne, Ardreniian 
Tuomey, William, Cloyne, Fermoy 
Wilbam, Limerick, Lough-hill 
Cornelius, Cork, Queenstown 
Turner, Pat., £ildare & Leighlin, 
Whitehall, by Bagnalstown 
Tyrrell, John, Dublin, Kilcullen 
Vaughan, James, Killaloe, Clough- 
1 or dan 
Waadick, James, Ferns, Gorey 
Waldron, James, Tuam, Tunm 
Wall, John, Killaloe, Roscrea 
Michael, Kildare & Leighlin, Bally- 
fin, Mountrath 
William, adm., Emly, Thnrles 
Walsh, Andrew, Ossory, Castlecomer 
Jas , Killaloe, Quin 

, Dublin, 61 James's-street 

Andrew, Waterf. & Lismore, Clon- 

David, Cloyne, Fermoy 
E., Ossory, Kilkenny 
E., Ossory, New Ross 
James, Ferns, Clonroche, Enniscor- 

James, Cloyne, Tallow 
Jas., Dublin, Kilbride, near BleS' 

John, Cork, jBJarrigaline 
John, Limerick, Rathkeale 
John, Ferns, Tinahely 
Edmond P., Waterf. & Lism., Wa- 

Michael, J imerick, Charleville 
Isicholas, Dublin, 7 Lr. Exchange- 

Walah, Patrick, Waterf. A Lismori^ 
Ardmore, Waterford 
Richard, Waterl and liam., Cap- 

poquin* ^ 

R., Ossory, Waterford ^ 

John, Ossory, Callan 
John, Waterf. and LiaiiL, Dllnga^ 

William, Water£ and LisoL, Gon- 

T., Watf. and Lism., Cappoquin 
Thomas, Tuam, Castlebar 
Thomas, Clonfert, Loughrea 
Thomas, Ossory, Mooncoin, Wat€^ 

Thomas, Ferrs, EnYiiscorthy 
Walshe, J, K., Dublin, Golden Ball 
Walton, Juhn, Ossory, Urlingford 
Ward, Hugh, adm., Clogher, Nev- 
Andrew, Tuam, Westport 
John, Raphoe, Ramelton 
Warren, Thomas, Ferns, Ennisoorthj 

Michael, Ferns, Enniscorthy 
Waters, Michael, Meatb, Mulu^gar 
Weeny, C, Armi^h, CaUyhama, 

Kewtown Hamilton 
Wier, George, Armagh, Dunleer 
Wheeler, Thom«is, Dublin, Celbridge 
James, adtn.^ Meath, Balbriggaa 
Thomas, Meath, Ballymore 
Whelan, Joseph, Dublin, Francis-st 

J., Kilmore, Bundoran I 

White, Ferdinand, Clonfert^ Portum- 
P., Killaloe, Carrigaholt 
Patk., Elphin, Frenchpark 
John, Dublin, Glendalough, New- 

Eugene, Clphin, Dmmcliff, Sligo 
John, Elphin, Athlone 
P., Elphin, Ballygar 
Willen, Arthur, Elphin, dooney 
Woods, Edward, Kilmore, Ballinoon- 

Wyer, J. D., Kild. <fe Leighlin, Bag- 
Wynnes* Patrick, Dublin, Dnndnun 
Yorke, Gregory, adm,, Ardagh and 

Clonmacnois, Longford 
Young, Patrick 0*R., Ard. A Cloo- 
mac, Shannonbridffe 
Henry, Chap., Clondklkin, Dab- 




Ahem, Michl., Waterford, Lismore, 

R, College, Thomas street, Dublin 
Allen, H., V. Rev., o.i{.a., Cashel, 

Enily, Fethard 
Anderdon, W. H., C. U. Stephen's- 

Ashe, D. T., Capuehins, Dublin, 

Ansboro, Bi. J., Sec. Deaf and Dumb, 

7, Wellington-quay, Dublin 
Barlow, Fr. o.v. Cork 
Barry, M., V. P., All-Hallows, Drum- 

Thos., O.S./.J Carrickbeg., Watrf., 

G., St Patrick's, Thurles 
Bartly, Rev. John, Aungier-street, 

Begin, John, ».w., Phibsboro', Dublin 
Bellew, M., »j., Dublin, Grt Den- 
mark st. 
Bennett, Thos., V. Rev, Provincial 

of CcUced Carmelites f Aunt^ier- 

street, Dublin, and Rector of All 

Hallows College 
W., o.mA., Inchicorn, Dublin 
Bergin, John, o.s.f. 
Berminghara, P. V, Rev., St. Macar- 

tan's, Clogher 
Blake, Anthony, o.p., Clonfert, Ath- 

Boisraine, F., o.m.i., Delgany 
Bonello, A., o.p., Cork, ' >ominick st. 
Boutin, Fr., o.m.i., Itichicore, Dublin 
Bracken, P., 8.j., Kildare, Clougowes' 

Wood, Claiie 
Bradshaw, J. W., o.r.^ St Alpn., 

Brady, James, o.p., Dublin, Dominick 

Brennau, J., T., o.«./., Gal way 
Brophy, Wm. C, Dublin, Church 

Brown, R, s.j., TuUabeg College 

Ed., Waterford, Lismore 
Burke, Ml, o.«/, Carrickbg., Watrt, 

N. Thos., o.8.d., Dublin, Tallaght 
W., «/, TuUabeg College 
John, 0.8./., Dublin, Merchants' 

Jn., V.'Rev., 0.8./., Galway 

Burke, Thomas, o.s.f.. Gal way 
Ulick, Tuam, St.. Jarlath's College 
John B., S.V., Phibsboro', Dublin 
Byrne, G., o.s.a., I imerick 
Cahalan, M., V. Rev., o.d.c.j Clonft, 

Cahill, Thomas, s.j., Galway 
Callan, J., 8upr.^ s.j., Dublin, Gardiner 
Nicholas, cLd., Mayiiooth College 
Campbell, P., St Columb's, London- 
Carberry, Robt., «./, Kildare, Clon- 

gowes' Wood College, Clane 
Carr, John, Prior, c.c, Dublin, Aun- 
Carton, Thomas, Dublin, Aungier-st 
Cavanagh, M. A., o. «./., Armagh, 
ML, sj.. Up. Gardiner-st 
Chaddick, James, «. v., Phibsboro', 

Codd, Bernard, Dublin, Merchants'- 

Cody, ML, 8.V,, Phibsboro', Dublin 
Coen, Andrew, Dublin, Merchants'- 

Clampeit, Joseph, Dublin, Merchants'- 

Cleary, James, Waterford, Lismore 

James, 8j., Waterford, Lismore 
Coflfey, Rich., St Patrick's College, 
Carlo w 
ML, V. Rev., v.g., Elphin, Athlone 
Coghlan, J,, V. Rev., o.s.d.^ Clonfert, 

Coghlan^ Thos. Lloyd, St. Colman's, 

Cooke, R., V. Rev., prov. o. m. i., la- 
chicore, Dublin 

Cooney, , Cork 

Colbert, P., Ossory, Callan 
Commins, G., Waterford, Lismore 
Conolly, W. D, o.p., Ossory 

Pk, College, Clogher 
Conroy, John, All Hallows, Drum- 

Conway, John, o.p., Cashel, Emly 
P. F., o.p., Cork, Dominick-st. 
L., o.p., Limerick 

G., a.d.. All- Hallows, Drumcondra 
Cosgrave, L., V. Rev., prov, o,8.f., 




Co}le, J. P., 62 South Gt Biunawiok- 

et. Dublin 
Crane, Martin, o.».flr., Dublin, John-st 
P.^ V. Rev., 2)riort o. 8. a., Ferns, 

New R088 
J., o.s.a., Ferns, New Ross 
Cremin. J.,, Granbj'-row, Dub. 
CroUy, Geo., d.d.^ Maynooth College 
Croke, T. W., dd, St. Coliuaii's, Fer- 

Crott\% Cors,, Dublin, White- 
Jn., Waterford, Lismore 
Crouzet, John, Marist, Dundalk 
CuUen, Kucrene,, Dublin, White- 

Cullinan, P. J.,Gt. GeorgeVst, Dub- 
lin, chp. 
Cunningham, Pk., College, Clogher 
Curly, J., Elphin, Athloiie 
Curtw. John, /»./, Dublin, Up. Gardi- 
Dalton, J., «.;*., reel., TuUabeg, Tnlla- 

Dardis, N. A., prior, o.».f., Armagh, 

Del any, I'at., bJ., Waterford, lismore 

John, Poor House, Naas 
D'Polue, Anatole, Marist, Dundalk 
Dinno, Ray, 0./)., Harold's Cross, 

Dillon, F., o.ft.f., Cork 
Dixon, James, «.v., Dublin, Phibsboro. 
Doneghy, Edw., Clogher, Monaghan 
Doran, John, St. Peter's, Wexford 
Dore, Rbt, V. Rev., o.s.a.^ Limerick 
Dowley, Ph., V. Rev., St Vincent de 
I'aul, Dublin, Castleknock 

Doyle, y o.s.a.^ Armagh, Drogheda 

Jas. Jno., D.D., Dublin, 26 Ushers*- 

Wm. v., Rev., o.«./., Ferns, Wex- 
Francis, o.s.a.. Ferns, New Ross 
Richard, o.8.a., Ferns, Grantstown 
J. P., St. Colman's, Fermoy 
Duffy, John, sj., Galway 

P., s.j., Dublin, Gardiner-st. 
Duff, Peter, St. Vincent's, Castle- 
Dundon, J., V. Rev., o.s.a., Limerick 
Dunne, Pk., prior, o.p., Armagh, Dun 

, Meath, TuHamore 

Robert, Di.blin, Harcourtstree 
f.f oc-.c, Cork, Kinsttle 

Dunne, J., V. Rev., d.d,St. Patrick*! 
College, Callow 
P., cc, Moate 

Fr., St. Bridget's, Tullamore 
Egan, James, o.p.j Inchicore, Doblin 
iSnis, John, v. Rev., o,o.c, Ferns, 

Fagan, Peter, Diocesan Seminary, 

Farrelly, Thos,, Maynooth CoUege 
Faulkeuer, Mr., North Dublin Unioo 
Fennelly, M., St Patrick's, Thurles 
Fentan, J., ap., Armagh, Dundalk 
Fitch, T. H., Marist Dundalk 
Fitzgerald, , o./)., Armagh, Dro- 
Fitzgibbon, Fr., o.p., Granby-row, 
Jas., o.a.f.y Eillaloe, Ennis 
FitzpatrioK, M., Seminary, Belfast 
Fitssimon, P., St Patrick's Coll^ 

Flood, J., cc. Prior, Moate 
Foote, p., V. Rev., o.9.a., Cork, Brunfl- 

Forde, Laurence, d.<i, C. U. Ste- 

Fortescue, W , «./, Dublin, Up Gar- 
Fortune, Wra., All-Hallows College 
Fox, C. V./sttp.y O.M.I., Inchicoi^ 

Frayne, N., o.p., Kildare, New- 
French, J., «./, Upper Gardiner-st 
Furlong, N. A., dd, o.».a., Oasory, 
John, o.».p^ New Roes 
Gaffoey, John J., Dublin, Upper Gar- 
Gannon, M., V. Rev.,, Clonft, 

Gargan, Denis, Maynooth College 
Gartlan, V. Rev. Dr., dd, C. U. wee- 

recLy Stephen's Green 
Gaughran, Philip, Diocesan Semi- 
nary, Navan 
Gibbons, Peter, ct.f., Oarriekbeg, 

Waterford, Lismore 
Gilhooly, Tim., pre». College, Sum- 
mer-Hill, Athlooe 
Gilligan, Michael,, Dublin, Aun- 
Ml., car., Whitefriar-st, Dublin 
Golden, Timothy, St Colman's Fer- 



Goodman, J., V. Rev., prov. o.p., El- 

phin, Sligo 
Gormly, J., Sligo 
J., Graoby-row 
Grene, John, sj., Tullabeg College . 
Grehan, J., «./, Donnytown 
Griffin, John, DioceBah Seminary, 

Grotti, Vincent, o.p., Harold's Cross, 

Hackett, Richard, Maynooth College 
Halphin, Thomas, «./, Dublin Gr. 
Denmark st 
J., cLdj All Hallows, Drumeondra 
Haly, Robert, V. Rev., ».j., Galway 
Hammond, Thomas, Maynooth Col- 
Hanlon, John, Very Rev., d.d., JWEay- 

nooth Coll. 
Hanrahan, M., o.s a., Limerick 

o.s.f.f Merchants*quay, Dublin 
Harbisson, BL, o.r., St. Alphon., 

Harrington, D. C, All Hallows, Drum- 
Healy, Dl., oje?., Cork, Dominick st 
Anthony, Killala 
T., o.s.d.t Limerick 
Anthony, Diocesan Seminary, Bal- 
Heaney, Patrick, St. JarlatVs, Tuam 
Henessy, Thos., Ossory, Kilkenny 
Hickie, Wm., St. Colman's-Fermoy 
Hill, Aug., 0.8 f., Dublin Merchants'- 

Hore, Philip, ©.ji./",, Wischara 
Hoffbanner, Fr., College, Blackrock 
HogaD, Edmund, Prov. of Francis- 
cans, Cork 

Holly, , o.h.ff., Blanchardstown 

Holland, Fr., rf.c., Clarendon street, 

Hopkins, Jn. A.,, Elphin, Toher- 

gar, Ballinamore Bridge 
Houbao, Chs., o.p., Harolds Cross, 

Howley, R, All Hallows College, 

Hughes, J., o.jt)., Confert, Boula 
Jennings, E., V.,Rey., o.8.a., Elphin, 

Jerome, Fr.,X)ollege, Blackrock 
Jones, Daniel, «.^'., Dublin, Ranelagh, 

Miltown Park 
Kavana^, M., «./, Dublin, Up. 
Gardiner at. 

Kavanagh, J., St. Patrick's College, 
F., o.m.i., Delgany 

Keating, Tlios., a.j., Kildare, Clen- 
gowes Wood College, Clane 

Kelly, P., prioi\ o.8.a.j Armagh, Dro- 
Martin, V. Rev., o.dc, pri(n% Dub- 
lin, Clarendon street 
W., tj., Tullabeg College 
Edward, St. Malachy's, Belfast 

Kehoe, Simon, vicar, Dublin, Mer- 

Kendrick, M., o.«.a., Ossory, Callan 

Keon, David, Waterford, Lismore, 
chap, to Poor house 

Kernan, R, s j., Kildare, Clongowes' 
"Wood College, Clane 

Killeen, V. Rev. Dr., o,s!a.^ prior, 

Lavt-rty, Jamep, St Malachy's, Bel- 

Lee, Walter, V. Rev, d.d., Booters- 
town, Park House, Sec. to May- 
nooth Col. 

Lentaigne, V. Rev. Joseph, aj. prov., 
Dublin, Gardiner street, upper 

Le Noir, o.m.i., ColL Con., Thomas st , 

Lennan, V. Kev. sup.. College, Black- 
Fr., o.7n.i.. Reformatory, Glencree 

Lettercere, V, Rev., J., sup., Marist, 

Loughran, Peter, College, Clogher 

Lynch, John, sj., Dublin, Up. Gar- 
diner St. 
M. Pius, o.p., Dublin, Tallaght 
Henry, s.L Kildare, Clongowes' 

Wood, Clane 
Ml. o.p.f Cork, Dominick st. 
Philip, (ex-Prov. of Augustinians), 

Lonergan, Jas., o.s.a., Cashel, Emly, 
V.D., oc.Cf Waterf., Lism., Cur- 

Lyons, P., o.».«., Cork, Brunswick st. 

Lumen, o.c.c, Meath, Moate 

M'Alister, J., o.8.d, Armagh, Droghe- 

M'Ardle, PI., o.»./., Dublin, Mer- 
chant's quay 

M'Auley, Charles, Maynooth College 

M*Bride, John, o.t>., St. Vincent's, 

M*CattY\y,Dain!v*\,'^«i.yaftQ'Cv\ ^^^%'!i 



M'Cabe, » Cork 

M'Cormic, Wm,, College, Navan 

M'Deviit, Ft., All-Hallows, Drum- 
John, V. R., d.d. Corpus Christi 

M*Donald, E., dd^ Ossory, Kilkenny 

M'Donnell, T., V. Rev., o.p., Limerick 

M'Dermott, John, All-Hallows Col- 
lege, Drumcondra 

M'Evoy, Laur., o.»/., Dublin, Mer- 
chant's auay 

M'Grath, Midhael, o. »./., Dublin, 
Merchant's quay 
John, R, o.«./, Galway 

M'Eenna, Edward, St Maoartan's, 

M'Leod, Dtiuis, V. Rev., o.c./., Cork 

M'Loughlin, Francis, o.«./., Pillaloe, 

M'Mahon, John, dean, St. Patrick's 
College, Armagh 

M'Namara, T., o. v. sup., Dublin, 
James, o.«/., Cashel, Emly, Thurles 

M'Veigh, M., pres., St Patrick's Col- 
lege, Armagh 

MacDonnell, J., xj., rect, Co. Kildare, 
Clongowes* Wood College, Clare 

MacLaughlin, B., V. Rev., o.s.f, 

Madden, William, V. Rev., o. c. c, 
Clonfert, Athenry 

Magee, John, dd, St Patrick's Col- 
lege, Carlo w 

Magner, John, o.s./., Waterford, Lis- 

Maginnis, Dr., Kilmore, Cavan 

Maguire, Osmond, o. p.j Harold's 
Cross, Dublin 

Mahon, MI, V. R., o^.c., Clonfert, 

Mangin, Fr., CM. I., Inchicore, Dublin 

Marner, R., Seminary, Belfast 

Mazzini, Br., cap., Church street^ 

Meadth, , o.p,, Armagh, Dro- 


Medard, Fr., cap.j Church street, 

Mollowney, , o.p., Waterford, 


MoUoy, Gerald, Maynooth College 
Dan, o.s.f., Meath, Multifarnham 

Monag:han, , o.9.a., Cork, Bruns- 

wick street 

Moran, P., o.8,a., Cork, Brniuwid[ 

Muldoon, M. A., Church /si., Dablin 
M. A.,, Ossory 

Mullaly, Thos., AJl-HallowB, Drum- 

Mullins, P. -Thos., op., Dnblui, Tal- 

Mulvihill, John, o.ce^ Dublin, White- 
friar street 

Murray, P. A., dd, Maynooth Col- 

M*Nally, Ch., v. »., Phibshorougl), 

Martin, , All-HallowB, Drumcon- 
Mullen, Ml, «.v., Castleknock 
Murphy, Francis^ 8.j., Dublin, Gardi- 
ner street 
Timothy, o.a.a., Ossory, Callan 
John, o.«/., Fernp, Wexford 
W., o.«./., Cork, Broad lane 

, Cork 

Eustace, V. Rev. prior, o,p.. Dob' 
lin, Dominick street 
Naughton, John, All-Hallows, Drum- 
Neville, Henry, Maynooth College 
Nolan, James, St Patrick's College, 
P., o.m.i., Delgany 
Nulty, Thomas, Meath, Mullingar 
O'Brien, James^ All-Hallows, Drum- 
Edward, Maynooth College 
O'Brien, J., 0.8^., Cork, Broad 
P. J., V. Rev., St Jarlath'Sj Taam 
Fr., dc, Clarendon st, Dublin 
O'Callaghan, Malachy, o. »., St Vin- 
cent's, Castleknock 
O'Carroll, W. D., V. Rev., o,p,. Lim- 
T., St Patrick's, Thurles 
O'Connell, E., All-Hallows, Drum- 
P., Kilmore, Cavan 
O'Farrell, Michael, t/, ree., Dublin, 
Great Denmark street 
Patrick, car.^ Whitefriar street 
O'Dwyer, Edward, Dublin, Church 

O'Hanlon, R. J., V. R., Dublin, Clar- 
endon street 
John, V. Rev. Dr., Maynooth Col- 



O'Kane, James, V. Rev., Maynootb 

O'LoughUn, A., V. R., dn, 0. U„ 

Stephen's green 
P., d, Looghrea 
O'Grady, Anth. J., «.«., Phibsboro*, 

O'Neill, J., »./, Dublin, Great Den- 
mark street 
O'Regan, J., o.dc, Ossory 

A., 0.8./., Waterford, Liamore 
O'Reilly, D. R., Dublin, Church st 
E., <Ld, 8. j., Dublin, Milltown 

, d.d., 8.J., C. U., Stephen's 

0*Sullivan, D., Cork 
Pjige, Michael, o.a.c., Galway 
Palter, T. J., All-Hallows, Drumcon- 

Peutony, Patrick, o.s.a., Dublin, John 

Pari, Mr., o.c.c, Cork, Kinsale 
Parr, Fr., o.ce.rKWdAre 

Patrick, , o.r.f,, Ferns, Gorey 

Penny, W. G., 0. U., Stephen's 

Petcherine, V., Chap, to Mater Mise- 

ricordise Hospital, Eccles street 
Peyton, J. W , Summer hill, Athlone 
Pestre, J., /.n, Marist, Dundalk 
Potter, Thomas, All-Hallows, Drum- 
con dra 
Power, Nich.,^re«., Meath, Seminary, 

Nay an 
T. J., a.6., pre9,j Holy Cross, Clon- 

Pierse, 8j., "Waterford, Lismore 
Joseph, o «./, Clonmel, Waterford, 

Plunket, Wm., o,r., St Alphonsus, 

Prendergast, T. o. »./., Waterford, 

Quinn, M., d. d, C. IT., Stephen's 

Rich'rd, 8ub-dn., Maynooth College 
Reville, C, V, Rev., o.«./., Ferns, 

Ring, W. M., o m.«., Inchicore, Dublin 
Roche, John, o.»/., Ferns, Wexford 
Rooney, John, All-Hallows, Drum- 

Ron an, Wm., 8 J., GalVay 
Riis-ell a W., V. R., d,d, 



Russell, B. T., Dublin, Granby 

Saurin, Mw., tj., Dublin, Great Den- 
mark street 
Seaver, Mat., «.J., Rector^ College, 

Great Denmark street 
Scally, M. J prior, o.c.e,, Ossory, Knock- 

Schneider, J. N., cr., St. Alphonsus, 

Schoffmaker, Fr,, College, Blackrock, 

Sheridan, P., St Peter's, Wexford 
Sherlock, P., College, Navan 
Skelly, Peter, o.«.d, Armagh, Dundalk 
Smith, V. Kev. Dr., ©.«.«?., Esker, 

Smyth, P., V. Rev., dd, o.8.d., Clon- 

fert, Atheniy 
Spratt, John, Prov. Calced CanneU 

ites of England and France, 

Dublin, Whitefriar street 
James, o.f.o., Dublin, John street 
Steen, Laur., o.«/., prior, Ardagh 

and Cloumacnoise, Athlone 
St Ledger, , »/, Gardiner st, 

Stephens, Michael, o.8a,^ Galway 
Theunis, J. F., o.r., St Alphonsus, 

Timlin, Peter, St Vincent's, Castle- 
Tommins, E,, o.*./.&, Dublin, Church 

Toumy, Thomas, ©.«.«., Waterford, 

Tormey, , Diocesan Seminary, 

Tryer, Leud, o.p,, Harold's Cross, 

Tully, James, Maynooth College 
Tynan, T., St -Patrick's College, 

Carlo w 
Yanderaa^ J., cc, St Alphonsus, 

Verdon, Bard., o c.c, Clonfert, Lough- 

Victor, V. Rev., o. «./. c, Dublin, 

Church street 
Vincent, Fr., o.x,, Ferns, Gorey 
Von Ryckevorsel, John, St Aiphon., 

Walker, Win., o.d/., Kildare, New- 
Ward, Peier, ear., Whitefriar street, 




Walsh, John, exprav., o.8.a., Dublin, 

John street 
Wm., prioTt o.«.a., Dublin, John st 
WelUrd, John, o.8.d , Cork, Dominick 

Whitehead, Rt. F., d.d., Maynooth 

White, R. A., ex prov., Dublin, Gran- 

by row 
Willebore , o.r./., Ferns, Go- 


Withers, Wul, o.e,e., Ossory, Knock- 

Wood, John, St. Patrick's^ Thurles 
Woodlock, B., V. R., Mom., Rectoi 

of the C.U., Stephen's green, 

Younjr, C, 8J., Eildare, Clongoweaf 

Henry, Chaplain, St Joseph's, 




Rev. MoClobkt, Sup. 



President, Very Rev. J. De Neve, Vie. Gen. of the Diocese of Detroit. 

Vice-President and Professor of an elementary course of dogmatic the- 
ology, Rev. Ed. Dumont. 

Rev. Mark IS. Vankerckhove, professor of a course of scripture given in 
tlie College. 

lu addition to the above courses, the students of the American College 
follow regularly the Courses of the University of Lou vain. 

Several of the Bishops of America have recently, after visiting the Col- 
lege, added their names to the list of its original patrons. 

There are now in the college from 46 to 60 students in philosophy and 
theology ; twelve of them having been sent there from America by their 
respective Bishops, the others belonging to various nationalities of Europe. 


Colleges and Academies. 




Rev. R. J. Tkllieb, S. J., Vice Superior of the Mission ; Rev. E. Boucet, 
S. J., President and Prefect of Studies; Rev. M. Nash, S. J., Vice Presi- 
dent and Prefect of Discipline ; Rev. P. Tissot, S. J., Treasurer ; Rev. T. 
Legouais, S. J., Librarian ; Rev. J. McQuaid, Pastor and Professor of Moral 
Theology ; Rev. M. Driscol, S. J., Missionary ; Rev. G. Laufhuber, S. J., 
Missionary ; Rev. C. Gresselin, S. J., Professor of Holy Scripture and of 
Moral Theology ; Rev. S. Jouin, S. J., Professor of Dogmatic Theology, 
morning course, and of Philosophy, second year ; S. Schemmel, S. J., Pro- 
fessor of Dogmatic Theology, evening course, and of Hebrew ; Rev. F. 
Vignon, S. J., Minister in the Scholasticate; Rev. I. Vetter, S. J., Professor of 
Philosophy, first year; Rev. F. Belanger, S. J., Professor of History ; Rev. 
F. Monroe, S. J., Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy ; Rev. 
M. Ronayne, S. J., Professor of Rhetoric; Rev. P. Dealy, S. J., Professor 
of Belles Lettres ; Rev. F. Achard, Minister of the College. There are, 
besides, in the college, nine scholastics and several laymen employed as 
teachers and Prefects. Number of students, 240. 

This Institution is incorporated with the privileges of a university, and is 
conducted by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus. It is situated at Ford- 
ham, in a most picturesque and healthy part of the county of Westchester, 
eleven miles distant from the city of New York, and three from Harlem — 
very easy of approach at all seasons, either by private conveyance or by 
the railway, which lies along the foot of the beautiful lawn in front of the 

The fathers, desirous of bestowing the most conscientious care upon the 
domestic comfort of the pupils, have deputed to this important and highly 
responsible department persons of tried skill, whose training and experi- 
ence fit them lov the peculiar wants of an institution which purports to be 
one lar^e family. The students are in three distinct divisions — the senior, 
the middle, and the junior — each having its separate halls and separate 
play grounds, and each presided over by distinct officers and professors. 

The regular classical course of instruction embraces the Hebrew, Greek, 
Latin, English and French Languages; Religion, Elocution^ Poett^, ^sA 

2 College and Academies. 

Rhetoric ; Geo^aphy, Mytholo^, and History ; Arithmetic, Book-keeping 
and Mathematics ; Natural, Intellectual and Moral Philosophy. 

When it is the wish of parents or guardians to have sons or wards fitted 
for commercial pursuits, means are taken to direct and adapt their studies 

There are two preparatory classes, in which beginners are taught spell- 
ing, reading, writing, the first elements of English Grammar, of Geography, 
and Arithmetic. 

The German and Spanish langpuages are taught, if required, but, togettier 
with music, drawing, and other simuar accompushments, form extra charged 
Twice a week there is a gratuitous lesson of vocal music for the be^nnors 
of the preparatory classes. 


Board, Tuition, and Use of lidding, per annum, payable 

half-yearly in advance, i $200 

"Washing, 16 

Physician's Fees, 8 

N. B. — There is an additional charge of $80 for students remaining du^ 
ing the sunmier vacation. 





This Literary Institntion, incorporated with the prlyileges of a University, Is oon- 
dncted by the Fathers of the Society of Jesns. 

It affords the twofold advantage of a complete Classical and Oatholic education. 

The Course of Studies is divided into two distinct departnaents— the Classical and 

The Classical Course embraces the Greek, Latin, English and French Languages: 
Rhetoric, Poetry, Elocution, History, Geography, Mythology; a complete course oi 
Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural, Intellectual, and Moral Philosophy. 

The Commercial Course, which is completed in three years, comprises the English and 
French Languages; English Literature, Elocution, History, Geography, Mythology, the 
use of Globes, Book-keeping, Arithmetic, Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. 

The German language is taught free of chaise to those who wish to learn it. 

Besides the Classical and Commercial Courses, there are three preparatory elasses for 
younger students, in which they are carefully taught Spelling, Reading, Writing. English 
Grammar, Geography, History and Arithmetic, so as to fit them for the higher Dranches 
of study. 

When a student presents himself for admission, he is examined and placed in the class 
for which his previous acquirements have prepared him. 

Punctual attendance is earnestly recommended: hence, in case of absence, a note from 
the parents or guardians is required, who shall be informed of the non-attendance of 
their children or wards. 

Monthly reports of behavior, application, and progress are sent to parents and guar- 
dians. To ensure success, private study at home should be insisted on. 

There are two exBminations — one in winter, the other for promotion at the close of 
the collegiate year. 

During the course of the year, any student of any class, if he be found fit for a higher 
<dM8, may be promoted thereto, and this promotion is equivalent to the honors of the 
«la88 from which he passed. 

Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts must stand an examination in Katoial, 
Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, and in mathematics. 

Within the precincts of the College, two court-yards, entirely cut off fit>xnthe street, 
am reserved for recreation, so that the students are entirely secluded, and ccmtiBaaUy 
ojider the eyes ot their Prefects and Professors, fh>m the time of their Mri^U, at nine 

Colleges and Academies. 

o^clock in the ZDorning, nntil that of their departure, at a quarter past three in the 

The collegiate year opens at the beginning of September, and ends about the middle of 
July. It is diyiaed into quarters of eleven weeks each. 


For students nine years of age , '. . . , $12 60 

For students under that age . . . . . . 7 50 

Yocal Music and Drawing form extra charges. 


This Society is composed of graduates of St Francis Xavier's College, and other similaa 
Institutions. It holds its regular meetings at the above mentioned College, under the 
direction of one of the Professors. It has for its object the continuance of the mental 
Israining commenced during a Collegiate Course. Essays, Lectures, Debates, etc., form 
the subject-matter of the ordinary exercises, which take place from time to time before 
the public 

The St. Francis Xavier's Debating Society. 

This Society is composed of the higher classes. Its object is to acquire facility in 
writing and fluency in debate. Its meetings are held every second week, from 9i to 11^ 
•'clock, A. M. All officers, except the President, are elected by the members twice a year 


This Association has been established with the view of promoting the reading of 
Religious, Scientific, Literary and Historical works. 




Under the direction of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. 

This Institntion, incorporated and empowered to confer Degrees, by the 
Regents of the University of the State of New York, offers many advanta- 
ges to further the physical, moral and intellectual development of Stu- 
dents. It occupies an elevated site on the east bank of the Hudson, about 
eight miles from the city of New York. The position is not less remarkable 
for its salubrity than for the delightful scenery by which it is surrounded. 

Although the regular Preparatory School of the College is the De La 
Salle Institute, 46 Second Street New York, another has been established 
at the College for the benefit of those who wish to send their children to 
the Institution at an early age. 

COMMERCIAL. — Penmanship, Grammar, Epistolary Correspondence 
Composition, Arithmetic — practical and higher, — Book-Keeping, Mensur- 
ation, History. 

Students of this department may attend lessons in the Scientific Course. 

SCIENTIFIC. — English Literature, Rhetoric, Logic, History, Elocution, 
Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry. Geology, Algebi^ — higher. 
Geometry — solid and spherical, Trigonometry, Surveying, Navigation, 
Analytical Geometry, Calculus, Astronomy, Geometrical Draughting, De- 
scriptive Geometry, Mechanics, Engineering, Natural Philosophy, Physi- 
oXosjf Botany, National and Constitutional Law, German, French. 

Students who pass satiafactory Examination in the whole Course, will receive 
tht Degree of Bachelor of Science. 

COLLEGIATE. — English Literature, Rhetoric, Logic, History, Elocu- 
tion, Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, 
Geology, Algebra — higher, Geometry — solid and spherical, Trigonom- 
etry, Surveying, Navigation, Analytical Geometry, Calculus, AstronottLY^ 

Colleges and Academies. 

Physiology, Botany, Latin, Greek, Roman and Grecian Antiquities, Nation- 
al and Constitutional Law. 
ELECTIVE STUDIES. — French, German, Spanish, Drawing, Music. 
Music, Drawing. Spanish, German, and use of apparatus in the study of 
Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, form extra charges. .^ 

Payments to be made Half-yearly in Advance. 
Board, "Washing, and Tuition, per Session of 10^ months . . . $200 00 

Entrance Fee • . . 10 00 

Graduation Fee . . • 10 00 

Vacation at College 20 00 

School-books furnished at wholesale prices. 

No deduction for absence, except in cases of protracted illness or dismissal 

The pocket money of the students is deposited with the Treasurer. 

Each student should be provided with four suits ; a sufficient number 

of shirts, socks, handkerchiefs, towels and napkins ; knife, fork, spoon, 

goblet, combs, brushes, etc. All these can be had at the Collie, provided 

a sum, sufficient to meet the expenses, be placed in the hands of the Treasurer. 

The Session commences on the first Monday in September, and ends 

about the fifteenth of July. 

A public Examination of the Students is held at the end of the Session 
and Gentlemen are invited to examine the Students then, and also during 
the class hours of tei^m-time. 

Beo. PATRICK, President, 



nnoTMEUs OP tme cmrmsti^jv scaooLS. 

This Literary Institution, which lias been incorporated in connection 
with Manhattan College, presents the important advantages of Classical, 
Scientific, Commercial and Moral Education. The Students are divided into 
several Classes, each under the care of one or more Professors. 

Bulletins are sent every second month to the Parents or Guardians of the 

The Session commences on the first Monday in September, and ends 
about the fifteenth of July. 

The Annual Commencement is preceded by a public Examination of all 
the Students in their respective h Indies. Gentlemen are requested to ex- 
amine then, and also at their convenience during class hours. 


First Class* — English Literature, Logic, Rhetoric, Roman and 
Grecian Antiquities, Natural Philosophy, Spherical and Analytical Geo- 
metry, Surveying, Navigation, Spherical Trigonometry, Calculus, Mechan- 
ics, Astronomy, French, German. 

Latin. — Composition, Virgil, Horace, Livy, Cicero, Tacitus. 

Greek. — Prosody, Lucian, Xenophon's Ajiabasis, Homer, Euripides, De- 
mosthenes. Terms, per Quarter, $10 00 

Second or Commercial Class, (Principally for Adults.)— The 

Colleges and Academies. 5 

studies in this class are limited to "Writing, Arithmetic, Book-Keeping 
Business Forms, Correspondence, etc.; French and German. Strict at- 
tention is paid to the application of the principles of Orthography and 
Grammar. Terms, per Quarter, $9 00 

Tllird Class. — English Grammar, Synonymes, Composition, Elocu- 
tion, History, Ancient Geography, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, (Double 
Entry ;) Algebra, Geometry, French, German, Religious Instruction. 

Latin. — Grammar, Exercises, C»sar, Sallust. 

Greek. — Grammar, Exercises, Syntax. Terms, per Quarter, $8 00 

Fourth Class. — English Grammar, Composition, Declamation, 
History, Geography, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, (Single Entry ;) Algebra, 
Mensuration, Geometry, French, German, Vocal Music, Religious Instruc- 

Latin. — Grammar, Exercises, Historia Sacra. Terms, per Quarter, IT 00 

Fifth Class. — Reading, English Grammar, Penmanship, Geography* 
History, (Europe;) Progressive Exercises in Composition, Arithmetic* 
Algebra, French Reading, Vocal Music, Religious Instruction. 

Terms, per Quarter, 6 00 

Sixth Class. — Reading, English Grammar, Penmanship, Geography, 
History, (United States ;) Arithmetic, French Reading, Vocal Music, Re- 
ligious Instruction. Terms, per Quarter, 6 00 

(Seventh Class. — Orthography, Reading, Penmanship, Geography 
(America ;) Arithmetic, Singing, Religious Instruction. 

Terms, per Quarter, - - - - - $4 00 

Figfhth Class. — Spelling, Reading, "Writing, Cyphering, Singing, 
Religious Instruction. Terms, per Quarter, $3 00 

Latin and Greek, optional to those whom the Principal judges sufficiently 
advanced in English Studies. 

Q^f^Instrumental Music forms an extra charge. 

Piano, per Quarter, $6. Violin, per Quarter, - - - $3 00 

Books furnished at wholesale prices. Payments quarterly in advance . 

BRO. ZACHARY, Principal 



This College is conducted by Secular Priests, aided by Lay Professors, 
under the immediate supervision of the Right Rev. J. Roosevelt Bayley, 

. The Domestic Department and the Infirmary are under the care of the 
Sisters of Charity. 

The building, grounds, and neighborhood are all that could be desired. 
It is situated three and a half miles from Newark and twelve from New 
York City. 

Seton Hall College has been founded to provide Catholic parents with an 
Institution, combining a superior education with the strictest attention to 
the manners, morals, and personal habits of the students, and some regard 
to the selection of the companions of their children. Consequently, only^a 
limited number of students is received. 

For further information, references, ete., address 


Seton Hall, South. Qt«me&, "S.. '^ 

Colleges and Academies. 

Co% of % golj Cross, WLmvAxc, Pass. 

This CollejD^e was founded, solely for the educatioD of Catholics, by the 
Bight Rev. Benedict Joseph Fenwick, Bishop of Boston, in the year 1843, 
and by him given to the Fathers of the Society of Jesus. The location is 
remarkably healthy. One hundred and twenty-five acres of land are 
attached to the# College. It stands on Bogachoag, or Hill of Pleasant 
Springs, within two miles of the city of Worcester, and commands an 
extensive view of the beautiful country around. The water is abundant 
and of the first quality, the play-grounds are spacious, and afford facilitiea 
for healthful amusements at all seasons. 

After the usual course of Arithmetic and Book-Keeping, the students, 
according to their proficiency and capacity, are placed in <&fferent classes 
of Mathematics. 

There are three classes of French in which the students are distributed 
according to their abilities. 

There are two semi-annual examinations. If, at the first examination, 
any one be found to have sufficiently improved, he is promoted to a higher 
class. Such promotion will be equivalent to the honors of the class Im. 

Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts are required to undergo an 
examination in Intellectual, Moral, and Natural Philosophy, before the 
Faculty of the College. They i^iusif besides, have pursued the regtdar classieal 

Careful attention is bestowe4 on the religious and moral tr^ning of ike 
students, who, even in hours of recreation, are under the special superinr 
tendence of Prefects or Disciplinarians. 

Books, Papers, Periodicals, <fcc., are not allowed circulation among the 
students, without having been previously revised by one of the Faculty. 

Whilst the moral and intellectual culture of the youths conunitted to our 
care is attended to with all assiduity, their physical development is by no 
means neglected. A Ball Alley and Gymnasmm occupy a portion of the 
ordinary play-grounds ; the numerous hills and lakes in the vicinity afford, 
during the winter months, every opportunity for skating and coasting. The 
Blackstone River, which runs within a few hundred yards of the College, 
offers safe and delightful bathing-places. The farm attached presents 
ample range for the indulgence of Foot Ball and Cricket games, at their 
proper seasons. These innocent amusements, added to the healthfiilness of 
the climate and location, work wonders in our students, many of whom 
enter with pale cheeks and sickly frames, but invariably depart in 
buoyant spirits and flushed with health. 

Each student must be supplied with, at least, two suits of daily wear and 
one for Sundays, six shirts, six pairs of stockings, six pocket-handkerchiefs, 
six towels, two or three cravats, Ac, two or three pairs of boots or shoes, an 
overcoat or cloak. Each student must be provided with a silver table- 
spoon, marked with his name. 

Reports will be sent to parents or guardians, to inform them of the 
* application, conduct and progress of their sons or wards. Also, regular 
accounts, i;i advance, for Board and Tuition. It is earnestly requested that 
' ixmnediate remittances be made, to t e full amount. 

The Collegiate year commences on the first Monday of September, but 
tttudentB are received at any period of the year. Applicants from other 

Colleges and Academies. 

institations will not be received without testimonials as *to character and 
condact, from the Principal of the institution which they last attended. 

The object of the Insotulion is to prepare youthsior a Profeisional or for 
a Commercial state of life. 

For board, tuition, washing and mending linen and stock- 
ings, per annum, (of ten months,) payable half-yearly 
in advance - . , . . - . f 186 00 
For Physician's fee, per annum - ' - - - - 8 00 

Fuel for the winter 6 00 

Modem language and music at the Professors' charges. 
For further particulars, address 

JAMES CLARK, S. J., President 



This Academy, conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph, is situated about 
^Ye miles from New York and Brooklyn, and occupies one of the most 
beautiful spots in the healthy and lovely town of Flushing. The buildings, 
which are large and commodious, were originally erected for a Female Col- 
lege, known as St. Thomas' Hall, and will afford ample accommodations for 
oyer one hundred Pupils, whilst the extensive play grounds and ehady 
walks make it a most delightful site for such an Institution. The location 
of the Academy offers to Parents and Guardians every facility of access and 
communication, as the Flushing Railroad makes hourly trips from Hunter's 
Point, and the Flushing Steamboats seven trips daily, from near Fulton 
Ferry, New York. 

The course of education embraces every useful and ornamental branch 
suitable for young Ladies, and the strictest attention will be paid to their 
moral and polite deportment. All the Pupils will be required to assist at 
the public religious exercises of the Academy; yet no restraint in matters 
of conscience will be exercised. 


Board and Tuition, per annum (payable half-yearly in advance) $160 06 

Music on Piano, and use of Instrument 40 00 

Painting, Drawing, and the Languages, at Professors' Charges. 

Books, Stationery and Postage will be charged to the Parents or 

No deduction wiU be made to any Pupil leaving the Academy before the 
expiration of the term, except in case of sickness. 

Uniform supplied at the Academy, and to be paid for in advance. 

The Scholastic Year commences on the first Monday in September, end- 
ing about the middle of July. 

All correspondence of the -young Ladies wiU be subject to the inspection 
of the Lady Superior. 

For particulars, address the Lady Superior, at the Academy. Reference 
can also be made to the Right Rev. J. Loughlin, Brooklyn; Rev. S. 
Halone, and Rev. A. Bohan, Williamsburgh ; or to Rev. J. O'Beibnb, Flush- 
ing, L. I. 

Colleges and Academies. 




This Institution, situated near the banks of the Delaware, abont ten miles 
from the city of Philadelphia, possesses every advantage that parents can 
desire for the mental and physical improvement of their children. 

The situation is salubrious and agreeable; the pleasure grounds extensiTe 
and highly cultivated. Evory facility is offered for the enjoyment of in- 
vigorating exercises within doors and in the open air. 

The " Ladies of the Sacred Heart," devoted to tjie instruction of youth, 
spare no pains to win the heart to virtue and impart to the mind a solid and 
refined' scholarship. With a vigilant and immediate superintendence, they 
provide for the wants and comforts of their pupils. 

Young Ladies who do not profess the Catholic faith are admitted into the 
Institution ; but whilst they are at liberty to adhere to their own belief, 
good order requires that they should assist at the public exercises of religion. 


Including every branch of Polite Literature, per annum, payable 

half yearly, in advance, $180 00 

Entrance Fee, 600 

Use of Library, ----.---- 2 00 

Music, Drawing, and the Languages, at the rates of the Professors. 

For the French Language, which is universally spoken in the Academy, 
no extra charge is made. 

Postage, Stationery and "Washing are charged to the parents. 


The young ladies receive visits only on Thursdays, but these visits must 
be authorized by parents and guardians. 

Pupils are received at any time during the year, but not for a shorter 
period than six months. No deduction is made if they are withdravm be- 
fore the expiration of six months, except in case of sickness or dismissal 

A semi-annual report of the conduct, progress and health of the pupils is 
sent to their parents and- guardians. 

The annual vacation commences in July, and scholastic duties are resumed 
in September. 

The uniform worn on Sundays and Thursdays differs, according to the 

Every pupil must be provided with six regular changes of linen, Ac., 8 
white and black bobbinet veil, two silver spoons, a goblet, knife and fork, 
work box, toilet box, combs, brushes, <fec. 

^^^ For further particulars, if required, refer to the Bight Rev. Bishop 
of Philadelphia, Logan Square ; to M'me Tu ker. Lady Superior, Sacred 
Heart, Eden Hall, near Torresdale, Philadelphia county ; to Robert Ewing, 
iXsq., 134 Chestnut street, or to Peter F. Cunningham, Esq., 216 South 
Third street, Philadelphia. 

N. B. — ^Visitors can reach the Convent at different hours of the day, by 
the river steamers, touching at Torresdale landing ; or by the cars, stopping 
at Torresdale station ; or by private conveyance from Philadelphia, on the 
Holmesburg Turnpike. 

Colleges and Academies. 

This Institiition, formerly known under the name of the " Washington 
Seminary,** was re-opened for the youth of Washington City and its vicinity 
on the 2d day of October, 1848. It is conducted by the Fathers of the 
Society of Jesus. The course of studies is that pursued in other Jesuit 
colleges ; and embraces History, Geography, Book-keeping ; the English, 
French, German, Latin and Greek Languages ; and Literature, Rhetoric, 
Mathematics, <fec. The College is intended for day scholars only, irres- 
pective of creed or religious profession. 

Catholic students are carefully and frequently instructed in their holy 
religion, and are required to practice it. Those who are not Catholics are 
exempted from attendance at public worship or religious instruction. The 
most solicitous attention is paid to the morals of all ; and whilst within the 
College enclosure, they are constantly under the watchful eye of one of 
their teachers. Quarterly reports are sent to parents and guardians, stating 
everything that may interest them concerning their children or wards. 

Tuition, per annum, in the College course, payable quarterly, in 

advance, $60 00 

Mercantile Department, 40 00 

Spanish, Itfidian, German and Drawing form extra charges. 

The College contains a Literary, Dramatic and Musical Society, and two 
Sodalities for the senior and junior students respectively. 

The number of students, whose names have been entered up to Novem- 
ber 1, amounts to 280. 

Rev. Bernardin F. "Wiget, S. J., President ; Rev. Henry Hoban, S. J., 
Vice President and Treasurer ; Rev. Daniel Lynch, S. J., Professor of 
Rhetoric and Director of Studies ; Rev. Bernard A. Maguire, S. J., Con- 
suiter of the Faculty ; Rev. Alexander Hitselberger, S. J., Chaplain ; Mr. 
Bernard C. McMahon, S. J., Professor of Latin, Greek, French and Mathe- 
matics ; Mr. Matthew Smith, S. J., Professor of Latin, Greek, French and 
Mathematics ; Mr. Edward J. Devit, S. J., Professor of Latin, Greek, French 
and Mathematics; Mr. William F. Hamilton, S. J., Professor of Latin, 
Greek, French and Mathematics; Charles W. Hoffman, A. M., Profes- 
sor of English, German and Mathematics; Thomas Rover, Esq., Profes- 
sor of English ; Eugene Brown, Esq., Professor of English. 




Keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of Catholic Works; also 
Rosaries, Scapulars, Medals, Statuary, etc., etc. Clergymen and Religious 
Institutions supplied on Liberal Terms. 

Agent for the Old Established Shipping House of Tapscott Bros. & Co., 
Drafts payable in all the principal towns in Great Britain and Ireland, also 
Passage Ceitificates furnished at the lowest prices, 

10 Colleges and Academies. 


St. Vincent's P. O., "Westmoreland Co., Pa, 

This Institution, situated in the western part of Pennsylvania, eight 
nules from Greensburgh, and forty-one from Pittsburgh, is under the con. 
trol of the Fathers of the Order of St Benedict. 

Its location is elevated and healthy, commanding an eztenslye view of 
the surrounding country. The acess is rendered easy by the Pennsylvania 
Central Railroad passing through its lands. 

The course of instruction embraces : . * 

1. The usual elementary branches of an English and German .«duoaUon. 

2. The Humanities, in a course of six classes, comprising the study of 
the Latin and Greek languages, Reading of the Classics, Poetry, and Rhe- 
toric, together with Algebra and Geometry, Natural Philosophy, Chemis- 
try, Astronomy, History, English and German Languages, etc. 

8. The Philosophical and Theological Studies. 

The French and Hebrew Languages, Drawing and Painting, Instrumental 
and Vocal Music, will be taught at the option of the student. 

The Academic year commences on the first Monday of September and 
ends about the first of July. 

When a student presents himself for admission, he is examined and placed 
in the class for which his previous attainments may have fitted him. Those 
coming from another Institution will be required to produce a satisfactory 
testimonial from the Principal of such Institution. No one will be admitted 
for a period shorter than one session. 

TERMS— Payable Half-Tearly in Advance. 

Board, Tuition, Medical Attendance, Stationery, Use of Library, 

Washing, and Mending of Linen, . . . f 120 00 

Bedding, unless furnished by Parents, . , . 6 00 

Tuition in Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, . . 5 00 

Tuition in Drawing, . . • . . . 10 00 

Tuition in Music, . . . . . • 16 00 

Use of the Piano, . . . . . . 10 00 

Students remaining at the College during the Yacation will be 

charged . . . . . . . 20 00 « 


Colleges and Academies. 11 


The St. Loms University was founded in 1829, by members of the 
Society of Jesus. In 1832, it was incorporated by an act of the State 
Legislatare, and empowered to confer the usual Academic Honors. 

The Collegiate Department comprises two distinct courses of study — ^the 
Classical and the Commercial The Classical course is designed to impart 
a thorough knowledge of the English, Latin and Greek languages ; of 
Mental and Moral Philosophy ; of pure and mixed Mathematics, and of the 
Physical sciences. It is completed in six years. The students in this 
course are divided, according to their proficiency, into six classes which 
correspond with the six years of the course. The Commercial course, 
which extends through four years, embraces all the branches of a good 
English education. When a student is admitted, he is examined by the 
Prefect of Studies, and placed in the class which his previous attainments 
have qualified him to enter. 

The Academic year consists of one session, beginning on the first Monday 
of September and ending about the 4:tli of July. Students are admitted at 
any time during the session. 

The University possesses a valuable Museum and a complete Philosophi- 
cal and Chemical apparatus. The College Library numbers about 15,000 
Yolumes, exclusive of 7,000 volumes in the select libraries which are open- 
to the students. 



Matriculation, or entrance fee . . . . $10 00 
Board, tuition, washing, bedding, stationery, and Physi- 
cian's fee, per session of ten months . : . 218 00 


Rev. Thomas CNeil, S. J., President; Rev. F. Stuntebeck, S. J., Vice 
President, Prefect of Studies and Professor of Mathematics; Rev. John 
Roes, S. J., Treasurer ; Rev. F. P. Nussbaum, S. J., Professor of Mental and 
Moral Philosophy ; Rev. J. H. Lunemann, S. J., Professor of Physics and 
Astronomy ; Rev. F. Boudreaux, S. J., Professor of Chemistry ; Rev. Jos. 
E. Keller, S. J., Professor of Rhetoric ; Rev. J. Halpin, S. J., Professor of 
Poetry; Mr. H. Schaapman, S. J., Rev. J. A. McMenemy, S. J., Rev. 
Thos. Chambers, S. J., Professors of Humanities ; Revs. J. F. K. Tehan, S. 
J., G. H. Kernion, S. J., P. Colleton, S. J., Messrs. D. McMullen, S. J., P. 
Roose, S. J., R. Verschaffel, S. J., Professors in the Commercial Course an4 
Teachers of Modem Languages in both coorses, V^ 


Colleges and Academies. 

Prospectus of the Academy of Saint Joseph, Carondelet, Mo. 

The Sisters of St. Joseph, having erected a lar^ addition to the former 
Academy, they have at present ample accommodations for one hundred and 
fifty boarders. 

The site of the Institution is, in the highest degree, healthy, being situa- 
ted on a beautiful table-land which rises boldly from the west bank of the 
Mississippi river, and is surrounded by a most beautiful woodland coimtry, 
where the pupils generally take a walk every Wednesday evening. 

It has every advantage of quiet and seclusion for the education of youth. 

The scholastic year, consisting of ten months, commences on the 1st of 
September and ends on the 28th of June. It is divided into two sessionB 
of five months each. 

There is a private Examination of all the classes, held at the end of eadi 
session, and bulletins of proficiency sent to parents or guardians. 

The last Examination is followed by a public Exhibition and Distribu- 
tion of Premiums. 

All means are employed to excite laudable emulation in the minds of the 
pupils. Strict attention is paid to the religious instruction of Catholic 
children. Pupils of all denominations are admissible, and their religious 
opinions are not interfered with. 

The course of instruction comprises the English, French, and German 
Languages ; Yocal and Instrumental Music ; Plain and Ornamental Needle- 
work; making of Artificial Flowers; Drawing and Painting in "Water 
colors and in Oil; Orthography, Writing, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, 
Algebra, Grammar, Geography, Astronomy with the use of the Globes, 
Sacred and Profane History, Mythology, Khetoric, Botany, Natural Philo- 
sophy and Chemistry. 

No pupil will be received for a shorter space than a session, and no 
deduction will be made for absence, unless occasioned by protracted sickness. 

On Thursdays, which we set apart as days of recreation, the pupils are 
permitted to receive the visits of their parents and relations. 

In sickness, due notice is given to parents. Should they prefer allowing 
their children to remain at the Academy, they will receive excellent medi- 
cal attendance and the best nursing. 

When parents wish to have their children sent home, they are required 
to give timely notice, liquidate all accounts and defray traveling expenses. 

All letters, either written or received, must pass under the inspection of 
the Directress. 

Entrance Fee - . . . 

Board and Tuition, per annum 
Day Scholars, 1st class, per annum . 
" 2d class, " 

8d class, 
4th class, 


For each of the foreign languages, per annum . . 
Tuition on Piano and use of instrument, per annum 

" Guitar " 

" Aceordeon " " " 

Tuition in Drawing and Painting " 

Tuition in making of Fruit and Flowers ** 
Washing, if done, at the Institution " 

Bedding, unless furnished by parents 

$6 00 

. 100 00 

24 00 

. 20 00 

16 00 

. 12 00 


$16 00 


. 48 00 

. , 

40 00 


. 24 00 

, , 

16 00* 

. . 16 00 

16 00 


8 00 

UOTttES. ST. JOHN, Superioress. 

Colleges and Academies. 13 



St. Mast's Academy, under the charge of the SiBters of Holy Cross, ia 
ntuated on the St. Joseph's liver, eighty miles east of Chicago, and two 
miles from South Bend, a flourishing town on the Michigan Southern Rail- 

The grounds are very extensive, beautifully adorned, and situated in 
that charming seclusion which is so favorable to the healthful development 
of moral, physical, and intellectual power. 

The buildings are spacious and commodious, suited to the educational 
requirements of the day, and furnished with all modern improvements. 
Every portion of the building is heated by steam, and hot ana cold baths 
are attached to the sleeping apartments. 

The routine of instruction combines the solidity of scientific and literary 
pursuits with those lighter and more graceful accomplishments, which 
throw a charm over domestic life, and contribute so essentially to elevate 
the tone of society at large. 

Particular attention is paid to the religious instruction of Ca- 
tholic pupils. Pupils of all denominations received, and for the sake of 
order they are merely required to attend the public religious exercises 
with the members of the Institution. 

The Scientific Departments receive the most careful attention. Scientific 
literary lectures are given through the year by skillful professors from the 
University of Notre Dame. 

The Institution possesses a fine Laboratory and Philosophical Apparatus, 
together with choice and extensive Herbariums of foreign and native plants. 

Tlie French and German languages are spoken in the Institution. 

Of Music, which forms so prominent a feature in an accomplished educa 
tion, from its continued requisition in the service of religion, it is scarcely 
necessary to speak. Already its excellence is appreciated by the public, 
as is testified by the continually increaBing number of musical pupils. 
Great attention is paid to the Vocal and Instrumental departments, which 
are under the control of most experienced and accomplished teachers. 
Independently of the private weekly lessons received by the pupils, in- 
structions, vocal and instrumental, are given in regularly graded classes. 

For further information address 

— — Buperior, 


This unfortunate and interesting portion of our community have,until now, 
enjoyed none of the privileges of the faith in this country. Parents and guard- 
ians have been compelled either to neglect their education altogether, or to 
send them to Institutions where Catholic faith and teachings are entirely 
ignored. Now, that in the designs of Providence, the blessings of religion 
are opened to them at St. Mary's, we would urge those interested to extend 
the opportunities now offered, as far as their influence will permit. Non- 
Catholic pupils received, and required only to attend the usual public 
exercises. For full particulars address, 

8t, Mary of ImmaculaU ConcepHon, Notre Dame P, 0., Jnd, 

14 Colleges and Academies. 


Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Iffary, 

HOCHELAGA, 3 maes from 

The pleasant and 'healthy location of this newly>erected Aeademy, the 
spaciousness of the building, and the accommodations which it enjoys, 
enable the Sisters to bestow every attention on the moral and intellectual 
culture of their pupils, as well as upon their domestic comfort. The relig- 
ious principles of the young ladies entrusted to their care, are guarded 
with unremitting solicitude. 

The system of discipline is mild, but firm and uniform ; while eveir en- 
eouragement and every laudable incentive is employed, to forward the 
pupils in knowledge and virtue. 

Pupils of every religious denomination are admitted, and no interferenee 
is made with their religious convictions : they are, however, required to 
conform to the general rules of the Institution. 

The Scholastic year, comprising ten months and a half, opens on the 
first of September, and ends about the middle of July. 

Parents and guardians are allowed to visit the pupils on Thursdays. 

There is an additional charere of $12 for those who spend the vacation at 
the Academy. 


Reading, "Writing, French and English Grammar, Arithmetic, Book-Keep- 
ing, Geometry, Ancient and Modern Geography, Use of the Globes, Sacred, 
Profane, and Natural History, Mythology, Chronology, Logic, Rhetoric, 
Elements of Astronomy, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Vocal and Instru- 
mental Music, Drawing, Painting in both Oil and Water Colors, Transfer- 
ing on wood and glass, Wax^Work, Housewifery, all kinds of plain and 
ornamental Needlework. 


Board and Tuition (per annum, half yearly in advance . $80 00 
Music . . . . . . . 24 00 

Drawing and Painting . . . . , 10 00 

Washing . . . . . . 12 00 

Bed and Bedding, if furnished by the Institution . 6 00 

Books and Stationery . . . . 4 00 

Doctor's fees ...... 

The Uniform consists of — A pink muslin de laine dress, one white dress, 
a black silk apron, a straw hat, with white trimming ; deep crimson meri- 
no is worn in the winter season. Each pupil should also be provided with 
•iz changes of linen, a dozen of towels, a blacky veil, a yard wide; a 
white veil, two yards in length ; a dressing and ivory comb, a hair brush, 
tooth brush. 

Uniform is worn only on Sundays and Thursdays. Parents will please 
take information at the Academy, of the form and mode of making the 
dresses, <feo. 

The same ladles have also a convent at Longueil, opposite Montreal. 

Colleges and Aoademies. 16 


This Institution, already long and favorably known to the public as a 
nursery of piety and learning, located about eighty miles below St. Louis, 
and twelve firom the Mississippi river, still prosecutes peacefully and pros- 
perously, and even with increased &cilities, its praiseworthy and holy work 
of educating young aspirants to the ecclesiastical state. 

The course of studies is classical, commercial, and scientific, thorough 
and extensive, adapted to qualify the student to enter advantageously on 
the higher branches of ecclesiastical learning, whilst fitting him for secular 
pursuits, should such afterwards be deemed his calling. 

A select number of Catholic children, too young to make choice of a state 
- of life, will be received and trained as the ecclesiastical students ; particular 
attention, however, being paid to the wants of their tender age and the 
wishes of parents and guardians. The discipline is strict, though mild and 
parental ; the students, in reality, form but one family with their Professors 
and Directors ; living under the same roof, eating at the same board, their 
mutual relations are kind, affectionate, and respectfaL No boy of light, 
unruly manners is admitted or retained in the Institution. 

Every student, unless personally known to the Superior or Directors, is 
required to bring a letter of reoommendation from the Most Reverend Arch- 
bishop, or his own Bishop or Pastor. 

TERMS : — For board, tuition, washing and mending of articles 
washed, bed, bedding, and medical attendance, per 
scholastic year, . . . . . $150 00 

Instrumental Music is optional, and forms an extra 

charge, per annum, of . . . . , 35 00 

Use of books, $5 per annunou Such as desire to retain their books, can 
purchase them at current prices at the Institution. Clothing and station- 
ery, if furnished by the Institution, form extra charges. Each student 
should come provided with a cassock and two surplices. 

Half-yearly payments in advance are invariably required. 

The scholastic year begins the 1st of September and concludes in the be- 
^nning of July. Semi-annual Bulletins are sent, apprising parents and 
^ardians of the health,pro^ess, standing, and conduct of children and wards 
No student is received for less than half a year, and no deduction made for 
removal within that time, imless in case of dismissal or protracted illness. 

The course of studies pursued at the Seminary is as follows : 

First Year. — English Grammar, Geography, Arithmetic, as far as 
fractions. Dictionary, Elementary History, Latin Grammar, Epitome, Viri 
Bomoe, Penmanship. 

Second Tear. — English Syntax, Arithmetic, Ancient History, Ceesar 
and Sallust, Greek Grammar and Exercises, German, French, Penmanship. 

Third Tear. — English Rhetoric, Modern History, Algebra, Book- 
keeping, Latin Prosody, Virgil and Cicero, Jacob's Greek Reader, German, 
and French. 

Fotirtll Tear. — English Rhetoric and Composition, Livy, and Epis- 
tles of Horace, Xenophon's Cyropedia, Geometry, Use of Globes, German, 
and French. > 

Fifth Year. — English Composition, German and French Composition, 
Horace, Tacitus, Latin Composition, Homer, Trigonometry, Conic Sections, 
Surveying, Natural Philosophy and Astronomy. 

Classes of Elocution, Christian Doctrine, Church Music, and Ceremonies, 
are given once a week to all the students. 

At St. Mary's, or Rozier's Landing, a conveyance to the Seminary may 
be proeured. REV. P. MoMENAMY,C1.^.,^n»^«^^^« 


Colleges and Academies. 

^t Start's l^tataj for |onitjg f aWes, 


This Institution, conducted by Mrs. Daniel Major and Daughters, is nta- 
ated in one of the most beautiful and healthy portions of Maryland. About 
sixty acres of land is attached, and on the lawn is a mineral spring, strongly 
impregnated with sulphur and iron. 

The Misses Major, being ^l^ves of the Sacred Heart, the studies and dis- 
dpline will be essentially the same as in the Academies of that Order. 

Comrse of Studies. — Orthography, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, 
Granomar, Ancient and Modern fiec^aphy. Composition, Sacred and Pro- 
fane History, Mythology, Rhetoric, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Book- 
Keeping, Astronomy, Botany, Algebra, French, Music on Piano, Vocal 
Music, Drawing, Plun and Ornamental Needle Work, and Dancing. 

TERMS PER ANNUM— Payable Half-Tearly in Advance. 

Board and Tuition, in all the branches of a thorough English 

Education, . . . . 

. $140 00 

Washing, ..... 

10 00 

Bed and Bedding, 

6 00 

Music on Piano, .... 

40 00 

Use of Instrument, 

5 00 

Vocal Music in Classes, 

12 60 

" " Private Lessons, 

80 00 

Drawing, ..... 

20 00 

Plain and Ornamental Needle Work, 

10 00 

Dancing at Master's Charges, 

Stationery, .... 

. * . * . 5 00 

Doctor's Fees, .... 

6 00 

Pew Rent, .... 

1 00 

French, ..... 

20 00 

The Academic Tear consists of ten months, commencing on the first Mon- 
day in September, and ending the first week in July. No deduction will 
be made if the pupil is withdrawn during the session, except in case of 

Pupils will be received at any time, the fees to commence from the date 
of entrance. 

The uniform for Sundays, in Winter, will be purple merino, small white 
collar, cuffs, and black silk apron. In Sunmier, white jaconet waist, and 
pink de laine skirt. 

Each pupil wilh bring two knives and forks, one laige and one small sil- 
ver spoon, a sUver goblet, six napkins, six towels, a calico morning gown, 
a sun bonnet or fiat, a white dress and white veil, two pair of strong thick- 
"oled shoes, one pair of India-rubbers, and a parasol or umbrella. 

A list of all articles brought by the pupil must be handed to the Direc- 
ress on entrance into the Academy. 

All articles should be marked with the name and number — ^the number 
jan be ascertained by addressing the Directress. 

The young ladies are not permitted to go beyond the limits of the Aca- 
demy grounds, except in company with one of their Teachers. 

AJoiple opportunity is afforded by the secluded and rural situation of the 

Colleges and Academies. 17 

Academy, for the young ladies to enjoy every variety of innocent and 
healthful recreation. 

In sickness, they will be nursed and watched over with maternal solici- 
tude, and all the care that parents can desire will be given to the wardrobe, 
dormitories, and all those departments on which health, comfort, and econ- 
omy depend. 

Special care will be taken that the diet shall always be good, wholesome, 
and abundant. 

All visits, except those of parents, paid to the young ladies will be in 
presence of the Directress. 

No visits will be allowed unless authorized by parents, and then only on 
Sundays and first Thursday of the month. 

All letters are subject to the inspection of the Directress, and all books 
must be submitted to her supervision, without whose permission none will 
be allowed circulation in the Academy. 

St.. Mary's Academy can be reached from Washington by the stage 
which leaves Kinmiell's House, C street, between 4^- and 6th streets, every 
day at H o'clock, A. M. From Baltimore by the steamboat Benedict, on 
the Patuxent, ten miles from Bryantown. 

All commimications to be addressed to Mrs. Daniel Major, St. Mary's 
Academy, Bryantown, Maryland. 

REV. J. T. GATTLY, Pastor of St. Mary's, Chaplain. 


337 SoTitli Broad Sta?eet, Fh.iladelph.ia. , 

EDWABD BOTH, A.M., Principal. 

Boys prepared for College or Business. A thorough ground-work in 
every important branch of education aimed at. Ancient and Modem Lan- 
guages taught. A Preparatory Department for smaller boys. Vocal 
Music, Drawing, Drilling, Gymnastics, Swimming, etc., taught without extra 

Terms; — $100 per annum for the Academic, or $60 per annum for the 
Preparatory Department. 

Circulars, giving fall details, may be had at the Academy. 

18 Colleges and Academies. 



His Iiordship the Bishop of Ottawa. 

ToK College of St Joseph is situated in one of the most healthy and 
picturesque parts of Canada. It was originally founded by the present 
venerable Bishop of the Diocese, the Right Rev. Dr. Gulgues, in the view 
of affording the youth of Central Canada the facility of an education in 
the various Arts and Sciences usually taught in colleges. 

The city of Ottawa having now, however, been raised to the high posi- 
tion of Capital of Canada, a degree of importance is given to this place 
which encourages his Lordship to give the institution a more extended 
sphere of usefulness. With a view to this, extensive improvements have 
been made during the past scholastic year, for the accommodation of an 
increased number of pupils after vacation — no pains or expense have be^n 
■pared to render the institution equal, in every respect, to any other 
college in the Province. 

The Government of the College is vested in the Soeiety of Mary 
Immaculate. They are assisted in their professional duties by several 
other clergymen and laymen. 

The buildings are spacious and airy and possess every quality desirable 
in an Educational establishment; attached are Play-grounds of several 
acres in extent, and a commodious Hall wherein the pupils can enjoy their 
recreation during rainy or inclement weather. 

The system of Education embraces all the various Literary and Seientifio 
branches, the Latin, Greek, English and French languages, Mathematics, 
Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Rhetoric, Elocution, Political Economy, 
Moral and Intellectual Philosophy. Music, vocal and instrumental, is also 
taught. , 

An extensive and costly apparatus greatly facilitates, and gives addi- 
tional interest to the study of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy. 

The department, however, which merits special attention, is that of the 
English and French languages. In no institution on the continent are the 
facilities here offered for the acquisition of these languages surpassed. 
Several instances have occurred where English children, after twelve 
months, mastered the French language sufficiently to converse in it \7ith 
great fluency. 

A eommercial class, entrusted to the charge of experienced and efficient 
Professors, has been established for the accommodation of such children as 
do not desire to enter on a course of classic studies. In this class are 
taught those branches immediately preparative to each student's intended 

In order to excite a spirit of emulation among the students, examinations 
are held monthly, and a report of each one's progress is forwarded to his 

The discipline of the College adds much to its other advantages. In 
every department the strictest order prevails, and, above all, due regard 
to decency, propriety, and morality is enforced — principally by instruction 
and persuasion. 

Proper attention is also given to the formation of those traits of character 
whleh are so necessary to enable the pupils in after life to move respected 

Colleges and Academies. 19 

in sooiety.- Every care is taken of the health of the pupils; and their 
religious training is made an object of the greatest solicitude. 

Protestant children are not required to attend any of the religious 


Boarders (washing and mending included) - - $100 

Half boarders ..--:--- 50 

Externs, or Day Scholars 16 

Doctor's fees extra. 

Payment must be made half yearly and strictly in advance. 

Every student on entering the College is required to provide himself 
with suitable outside and inside clothing, bed and bedding, a looking- 
glass, etc. 

Should parents prefer, by depositing a sufficient sum with the Superior 
the above mentioned articles, will be provided by the establishment. 

An uniform is required. ' 

The exercises of the College are resumed on the 1st day o^ September. 
Parents and guardians are requested to pay particular attention to this 

Ottawa, November 25, 1868. 



This Institution is situated in the northern suburbs of the City of Wil- 
mington. From its elevated and retired location, it enjoys the advantages 
of the country air. The play-grounds are large and the buildings are 

Students are admitted at any time. Immediately after examination they 
are placed in the classes for which their prior attainments have qualified 
them. The a^e of admission is from eight to fourteen years. The course 
of studies embraces all the usual branches of a good English conamercial 
and classical education. 

The scholastic year begins on the last Monday in August,'and ends on the 
last Thursday of June. 

The annual pension for board, tuition, washing and 

mending, linen and stockings, and the use of bedding $150 00 
For students not learning Greek or Latin . . . 186 00 

Spanish students learning English 150 00 

Those who remain at College during the summer vacation 

are charged extra 20 00 

French, Spanish, German, and Drawing, each per annum 20 00 

Music, per annum • 40 00 

Use of Piano, per annum .,.-.. 8 00 

Pay men'! half yearly in advance. 

Books, Stationery, Clothes, if ordered, and, in case of sickness. Medicines 
and Doctor's Fees, form extra charges. 

No uniform is required. Each student should bring three suits of 
clothes, six shirts, six pairs of stockings, four towels , all marked with his 
name, and three pairs of boots or shoes, together with combs, brushes, etc. 

Rev. P. REILLY, President. , 

20 Colleges and Academies. 

St. Frances' School for Colored Girls, Richmond Stf BaMmrl 


The Sisters op Providence are a religious community approved of bj 
the Church, and established in Baltimore, in 1829. They renounce the 
world to consecrate themselves to God and the Christian education oS. girls 
of color. 

Boarding and Tuition, per quarter, payable in advance . $22 60 

Day Scholars, tuition quarterly in advance 2 00 

Music, French, Embroidery, Ornamental work. Books and Stationery are 
extra charges. 

Under the charge of the same Sisters. 
Day Scholars payable quarterly in advance . . . $2 00 

Borromeo College, Baltimore Co., Md. 


This Institution is situated in a most pleasant, retired, and healthy part 
of the country. Its design is to ^ve young gentlemen, who are admitted ' 
at anv age after ten years old, a thorough English, Mathematical, and dasal- 
cal education, and to prepare them, by a practical application of the branches 
taught, to pursue the various occupations of life. 

It is a private Institution with all the comforts and restrictions of a well- 
regulated family. Great care is taken to maintain a strictly moral and po- 
lite deportment on the part of each pupil, and to develop the health and 
strength of his body, as well as the faculties of his mind and heart. 

The number of pupils is so limited, that each one receives all the atten- 
tion he would receive under the eye of a careful and educated parent, aided 
by learned and experienced teachers, \ 

The terms are $800 per year ; but this sum not only includes instruction ' 
in Modern and Ancient Languages, Phonography, Music, and Drawing, bnt 
also all the books and stationery necessary throughout the year, wilJi all , 
other expenses usually charged as extra in other Institutions. 

P. O. address, REV. E. Q. S. WALDRON, Principal, B.C., 

Pikesville, Baltimore Co., Md. 

Young Ladies' Academy of Visitation, B. V. M., 


Terms: — Entrance, . . . • . . . $6 00 

Board and Tuition for scholastic year of 44 weeks, in- 
cluding bed and bedding, washing, and mending, 
stationery, and doctor's fee, . . . 200 00 

Half boarding per scholastic year, . . . 60 00 

Tuition in the higher classes, per scholastic year, for 

half boarders and day scholars, . . 60 00 

Number of Pupils, 250 ; number of Religious, 80 ; Professed Sisters, ^S ; 
Out-Sisters, 8 ; Novices, 1. Benevolent School near the Academy; number 
of pupil8, 120. MOTHER MARY ANGELA HARRISON, Superior. 

Colleges and Academies. 21 

Educational Establishment for Young Ladies, 


Sisters of the Congregation de Notre Dame. 


2\do miles from the OUy of Monireal, 

In point of situation, salubrity and picturesque scenery, this Institution 
Beema unriyalled ; the g^rounds are extensive aud comprise a delightful 
grove and lovely little lake. The house for the pupils being the former 
residence of Lord Elgiu, is large and commodious, and is fitted up in a 
style of comfort, and in some degree of elegance, not surpassed by any 
educational establishment of the kind. F*rench being the language of the 
house, the course in that tongue is thorough and entire, affording in fa- 
miliar conversation, ample facilities for the perfect acquisition of the lan- 
guage. Pupils desirous of following the Course in the English language 
can do so without any extra charge. Parents wishing their children to be 
famished with clothes, materials requisite for Drawing and Fancy Work, 
should deposit funds in the hands of the Directress for that purpose. No 
Pupil can be admitted without a recommendation. Parents residing at a 
distance should appoint some individual in the City of Montreal to receive 
the young ladies, should circumstances render their removal from the 
Institution necessary. 

TERMS — Payable half yearly on entrance, and during the first week of 
second session. 

Board and Tuition, per annum . 

Washing ..... 

Bed and Bedding . . 

Music, Piano, use of Instrument 

" " by a Professor, use of instrument 

" Harp, " 

Drawing and Painting, Embroidery 

Entrance fee, Library 

Italian and Spanish, Mxtra Charge. ' • 

N. B. — ^Two Sessions of 5 months each constitute the scholastic year. 

Each boarder should have a sufficiency of Linen and Clothing, a Dress- 
ing Case, and a Chair and Desk for Class Room. 

Summer Uniform. — Light Blue, one White and one Grey Dress, — taken 
in May. Winter Uniform. — Dark Blue, — taken in September. 

N. B. — Scholastic year, 10 months. 

Young Ladies^ Academy of the Visitation, 

ir ASHINOTON, B. €. 

Terms per quarter, payable in advance, from $6 to $15, according to the 
advancement of the pupils. 








8 10 


12 10 


12 10 


3 16 



The Foreign Languages, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Drawing and 

tinting, will form extra charges. 

For further information, application should be made to the Directress of 

the Academy. 

Number of Pupils, 140 ; number of Religious, 26 ; Professed Sisters, 22 ; 
NoYiceB, 3. 


22 Colleges cmd Academies. 

^aim^ 0{ til* Wx^Xtx^ tit ^t^ixt §imt, 


The Academy is sitaated about three miles from Boston, and occnpies 
one of the most beautiful spots on Shawmut Avenue. The house stands on 
an eminence, embosomed in ti;ees, hills covered with beautifully vari^ted 
verdure surround it, making this a most healthy and delightful site for a 
TouNO Lapies' Boarding School. In case of sickness, the pupils will re- 
ceive the most devoted attention from the Sisters, who will leave nothing 
undone to supply the place of the most tender parent. The young la^es 
are always under the mild surveillance of the teachers ; they accompany 
them during the hours of recreation, as well as when they rise and retire 
to rest. 

The course of education embraces every useful and ornamental branch 
suitable for young ladies. Difference of religion is no obstacle to admission, 
provided the pupil conforms to the general regulations of the house. 

Day boarders are not received after the age of twelve. 

TERMS : f- 

Board and Tuition per session of 46 weeks, payable half in advance . $1 60 00 

Day Boarders, dining at the Academy 76 00 

Music, Piano, and use of instrument, per quarter 12 00 

Harp, " " " 20 00 

Guitar, " " " 12 00 

Drawing and Painting, " S 00 

The German Language, " 8 00 

Washing, per session 18 00 

No extra charge for French. | 

For further particulars apply at the Academy, or by letter to the Su- j 

perior. , » 


Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 


This Institute is situated near the Allegany River, within half a mile of 
the Allegany Station, and three miles of Olean, on the New York and Erie 

The scholastic year is from the beginning of September to the end of 

The course of studies embraces all the ordinary branches of an English 
Education, as weU as Classics, Modem Languages, Philosophy, and Theo- 
lo^, all of which are optional. 

TERMS. — ^Tuition, Board, Washing and Mending Linen, per annum (to 
be paid half yearly in advance), $180. Modern languages form an extra 
charge of $10. Instrumental music at Professor's charge. Books, Station- 
ery, etc., at the usual rates. Bed and bedding form no extra charge. Each 
•tadent should be provided with a sufficient number of suits, shirts, stock- 
ings, towels, boots or shoes, brushes, blacking, soap, etc. 

Rev. PAMFILO da MAGLIANO, O. S. F., Prerident. 

CdUegea and Academies. 23 



rOR BO"5rS- 

This Institntioii is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Roxbury, 
(near Boston,) Mass., and next door to the house of the Angel Guardian. 

The object of the Institution is to impart a good and soUd education, in 
the fullest sense of the word. The boarders will be under the immediate 
and constant superrision of the Principal, B. W. Whitcher, Esq., A. M., 
and will constitute a family, and to preserre this family character, only a 
limited number will be received. 

The course of instruction will include a complete Classical and Commer- 
cial education, with special attention to the correct use of the English 

Particular care will be given to the religious instruction of the pupils. 
The children of Protestants will be admitted, but they will be required to 
conform to the rules of the House as a strictly Catholic Institution. 
TERMS. — ^Board, tuition, etc., per annum, (to be paid half-yearly in 
advance,) ...... $150 00 

Music ...... 10 00 

French, or any of the modem languages . , 6 00 

For further particulars apply to 

Rev. GEORGE F. HASKINS, Rector, Boston, Mass. 

Or to B. W. Whitcher, Esq., Principal, Roxbury, Mass. 

P. S. — ^Pupils admitted at any time during the term. 

Crniknt of Sisters of Pertj, Pant|ester, |t. fi. 

The Religious of this Institution devote themselves chiefly to the educa- 
tion of youth, the instruction of the ignorant, and the visitation of the sick. 

Two Parochial Schools, a Night School, and two Academies for young 
ladies are under their direction. The number of pupils is about six hundred. 

The Boarding-School, in connection with this Establishment, offers su- 
perior attractions to parents desirous of procuring for their children a solid 
and refined education. Every facility is afforded the pupils for the acquisi' 
tion of useful and ornamental knowledge ; their moral and religious train- 
ing holds the primary place, while unceasing care and attention are be- 
stowed on their health and comfort. 

The educational course comprises all the branches of a complete English 
education, Languages, Music, Drawing, etc. 



Reading, Pa. 


Course of instruction embraces every useful and ornamental branch 
requisite for young ladies. TERMS : 

Board and tuition, $140 per annum, including bedding and washing, pay- 
able half-yearly in advance. Music, vocal and instrumental, form extra 
charges, also the languages and^ physician's fees. No deduction made to 
any pupil leaving the Academy before the expiration of a term ; cases of 
sickness excepted. Pupils are admitted any time during the year. 

For further particulars, apply to MOTHER M. MAGDALEN, 

24 Colleges and Academies. 


The University of Notre Dame, situated in the lovely valley of the St. 
Joseph, two miles from South Bend, on the Michigan Southern R. R., is 
easy of access from every part of the Union. The plan of studies embraces 
a tnorough collegiate course; besides advantages for the acquisition of 
modern languages and music not usually offered m American colleges. A 
separate course is opened for students destined for commercial pursuits. 

The disciplinary government is mild, yet sufficiently energetic to pre- 
serve the most perfect order and regularity. The morals and general de- 
portment are strictly guarded, and the comfort and personal haoits of the 
pupils receive the same attention as in the most refined family circle. 
Oiiy conciliatory means of correction are used ; but if the student proves 
insensible to these, he is promptly dismissed. 

Preparatory Department. — Experience having proved the necessity 
of separating the younger students from the seniors, arrangements have 
been extensively and thoroughly made for this, giving to them study-rooms, 
play-grounds, dormitory, etc., for their exclusive use. To make this depart 
ment complete, all juveniles under ten years of age, are placed under the 
care of the Sifters of the Holy Cross, being in every respect separate from 
the others. 

Catholic parents may rest assured that the utmost care wlU be taken 
that their children comply regularly with their religious studies, and no 
efforts will be spared in instructing them fully in the principles and obliga- 
tions of their holy Religion. 

There are in the College various societies of students, formed for different 
objects — ^The St Aloysius, a literary society ; the St. Cecelia, a musical as- 
sociation; the Confraternity of the Nocturnal Adoration, and the Arch- 


Entrance foe $5 00 

Board and Tuition 160 00 

Spanish, Italian, French and German, each 12 00 

Instrumental Music , 20 00 

Doctor's fees and medicines 5 00 

Number of boarders, 250. 


In this Institution, conducted by the Brothers of the Congregation of the 
Holy Cross, boys are taught useful trades, and receive at the same time, a 
good English Education. They are constantly under the vigilant care of 
the Brothers. Their moral and religious training are the special objects of 
an association of Religious, who devote their lives and energies to the noble 
task of preparing the children of the poor to become good Christians and 
useful members of society. The conditions for admission are: 1st. Every 
applicant must have attained the age of twelve, and remato until he is 
twenty-one. 2d. He must pay an entrance fee of 100 dollars, which sum is 
refunded in clothing at the expiration of his term. 8d. He must be pro- 
vided with suitable clothing for the first year. 

Number of apprentices at present in the Institution, 40, 

Very Rbv. E. SORIN, C. a £. C. 

Colleges and Academies. 25 




The constantly increasing patronage has induced the Board of Trustees 
to undertake the erection of a new University Building, capable of 
accommodating three* times the number of students now attending the 

This extension of the buildings affords an opportunity of adding the 
departments of Divinity, Law and Mrdicine to the course of studies. The 
Professors of Rush Medical College will superintend the medical studies, 
and their lectures .will be delivered in their College buildings, some few 
squares from the University. The Lecture Hall of the Law Department is 
situated near the Court House, and at a distance not inconvenient for stu- 
dents residing at the University, 

Touching the Theological department: A class of twenty will enter on 
their study of Divinity at the bei?inning of the ensuing term. Considering 
the very favoi-able conditions offered by the Bishop of Chicago to candi- 
dates for the Priesth(»od, there can be no doubt but that the Academic 
Department will supply from its graduates a sufficient number of student's 
to meet, the requirements of the. Diocese. 

But it is not presumed that this Diocese alone will be represented in the 
Tbeoli>gical classes. The attention of the Right Rev. Bli^hops of the 
neighboring dioceses is called to the many advantages here afforded their 
students of prosecuting a thorough coarse of ecclesiastical studies aud 


Academic Department. — Rev. J. McMuUen, President, Professor of Meta- 
physics and Moral Philosophy; Rev. J. MeGovern, D. D., Vice President, 
Professor of Latin; E. B. Downing, LL. D., Professor of Mathematics and 
Astronomy ; George Quackenboss, A. M., Professor of Greek, Rhetoric and 
Chemistry; Max. Girac, LL. D., Professor of French -and Music; W. G. 
Dyrt9, Esq., Professor of History ; J. Gueren, Esq., Professor of Natural 
Philosophy; Rev. Max. Albritrht, Professor of German. 

Medical Department. — Daniel Brainard, M. D., President, Professor of 
Surgery and Clinical Surgery; James V. Z. Blaney, M. D., Professor of 
Chemistry and Pharmacy; J. Adams Allen, M. D., Professor of Principles 
and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine; J. W. Freer, M. D., Profes- 
sor of Physiology and Surgical Pathology ; DeLaskie Miller, M. D., Professor 
of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children ; Ephraim Ingals, M. 
D., Professor of Materia Medica and Medical Jurisprudence; R. L. Rea, M. 
D., Secretary, Professor of Anatomy ; Edwin Powell, M. "D., Demonstrator 
of Anatomy ; Prospector to Professor of Anatomy, F. R Millard. 

Law Department. — Hon. Henry Booth, Professor of Contracts, Personal 
Property, RSJtk^tate and Common Law; Hon. John M. Wilson, Professor 
of Equity and Jimsprudence; Hon. Grant Goodrich, Professor of Criminal 
Law, Personal Rights and Domestic Relations ; Harvey B. Hurd, Esq., 
Professor of Common Law Pleadings, Evidences and Practice. 

Theological Department. — Rev. J. McGovern, D, D., Rector, Professor 
of ^Hebrew and Sacred Sciipture; Rev. J. McMullen, D. D., Professor of 
Ethics and Moral Theology ; Rev. T. J. Buthr, D. D., Professor of Dog- 
matic Theology and History. 

26 Colleges and Academies, 



To be Opened on the 6th of July. 

Tbib Institution is situated about one mile and a half beyond the Mis- 
eion, on the county road to San Jose, and directly opposite the First 81^ J 
tion of the San Jose Railway. The College grounds consist of sixty m 
and the site possesses all the advantages oi a salubrious sitoatioii, i 
manding an extensive view of the Bay and surrounding scenery. ,. 
interior arrangements for the health and comfort of the pupils are iXLX 
the most fastidious could desire. 

The object of the Institution is to impart a sound, thorough, end { 
tical education, at the lowest possible cost, so as to place its edvi 
within reach of all. 

Besides the usual branches of English education, the coarse of i 
tion will comprise Book keeping, Mathematics, Ancient and Modem ^, 
guages, so that boys, whether destined for mercantile, profesaonal^l^ 
mechanical pursuits, can select such course of studies as will best fit tti 
for their future avocations. 

The ages for admission are from seven to fifteen years. For those 
than fifteen years of age, application must be previously made by letter, 
accompanied oy testimonials of character, when, if found satisfactory, the 
applicant will be duly notified thereof. 

The cost of tuition, board, washing, mending of Unen, etc., for the scho- 
lastic year, of eleven months, will be only one hundred and fifty dollars. 

No extra charges of any H-nd, 

llie Pension to be paid at least half yearly in advance ; also, such sum 
to be deposited as will be sufficient to pay the travelling expenses of each 
student to his place of residence. 

I'he terms are so reduced (less than one-half the usual charges in this 
State) that the Institution can be conducted only on a rigid cash principle, 
hence, any failure in remitting the Pension will oblige the authorities of 
the College to forward the student immediately to his parents or guardians. 

It is confidently expected that when the whole edifice will be completed 
so as to accommodate a greater numoer of students, the Pension maybe 
still further reduced. 

Though it be a Catholic Institution, yet pupils of aU denominations will 
be admitted, and their religious convictions respected ; but for sake of uni- 
formity, all will be required to be present at the public religious exercises. 

A cap and uniform of dark blue cloth will be worn on Sundays and week 
days. They can be procured at the College, as also Books and Stationery, 
at the lowest wholesale prices. 

Bedding, Sheets, Pillow-Cases, Towels, etc., will be furbished by the 
Institution, to defray the cost of which ten dollars will be paid, once only, 
by each pupil as an entrance fee. 

K B. — The present portion of the building will accommodate about three 
hundred students, but as there is every reason to believe that a still greater 
number are desirous of admission, the books of the College will not be 
(men for the enrollment of students before the sixth of Jmy next, hence 
those residing in the more remote portions of the State need not be i^pre- 
benaiye that in the interim all the places may be engaged by those IMng 
in the immediate yicinity . I • ¥ • 1LAXtBXS^^*1^0K^ PresideBt. 

CoUeges and Academies. 


Condneted by tbe Sisters of Cbaiity, New York* 

This Institution is delightfiilly situated at Font Hill, Westchester County, 
m the east bank of the Hudson, about thirteen miles from New York, and 
i mile and a half south of Yonkers ; the beauty and sublimity of the sur- 
rounding scenery can not be surpassed. 

Parents may rest satisfied that every attention, consistent with the spirit 
)f a firm but mild government, will be paid to the comfort of the Young 
Ladies placed at this Institution, whilst the utmost care will be taken to 
nourish in their minds those principles of virtue and religion which alone 
•an render education profitable. N"o undue influence will be exercised over 
hQ religious opinions of pupils; however, for the maintenance of good 
jrder, afl will be required to conform to the external discipline of the house. 

The Course of Studies embraces the various branches of a solid and use- 
fa] education, viz. : — Orthography, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Rhetoric, 
Composition, History, Natural Philosophy, Geography (with Maps and use 
of Globes), Astionomy, Botany, Chemi-try, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, 
Principles of Algebra and Geometry, French, Latin, Spanish and German 
languages; Music, on the Piano, Organ, Harp and Guitar; Vocal Music; 
Drawing, Painting in Water-Colors and Oil ; Plain and Ornamental Needle- 
leork, etc. There is no extra charge for French. 


The charge for Board and Tuition, per annum, payable 

half-yearly, in advance - - - $180 00 

Washing - . . . - 10 00 

"Use of Bed and Bedding - - . - 6 QQ 

Stationery and Doctor's Fees - - - \^ ^<^ 

28 Colleges and Academies. 

Books, Postage, Materials used for Drawing, Painting, etc., are chaiges 
which depend on circumstances and the direction of parents. 


Spanish and German, each - - - . |20 00 

Drawing and Painting - - - - 20 00 

Oil Painting - - - - - 40 00 

Piano and use of Instrument - - - 60 00 

Harp " " - - - - 100 00 

Guitar " " - - - - 60 00 

Vocal Music - - - - - 60 00 

Board during vacation - - - - 25 00 

The Academic Year commences on the first Monday of September, and 
ends about the middle of July. 

Besides the uniform dress, which differs according to the season, each 
young lady should be provided with four dresses, six changes of lmde^ 
clothing, towels, etc., etc., six table napkins, a knife, silver spoon, fork and 
goblet, dressing box furnished, etc., all marked in fulL 

No deduction will be made for partial absence or withdrawal from the 
Academy, unless in case of protracted illness. Parents residing at a dis- 
tance will furnish sufficient funds to purchase such articles as may be neces- 
sary during the Term. Pupils are received at any time during the year. 

Monthly reports of behavior and application are read in the presence of 
the Sisters and the Pupils, and distinctions conferred on those whose con- 
duct and progress have merited reward. 

Bulletins will be transmitted every six months, informing Parents and 
Guardians of the health, proficiency, application, and conduct of their 
children and wards. 

Letters of inquiry addressed to the Mother Superioress, the Most Rev. 
Archbishop, or the Very Rev. Wm. Starrs, New York. 





Under the care of the Sisters of Charity. 

This Institution was opened by the Sisters, August lOtb, 1858. It is 
pleasantly situated in a healthy and airy part of the City of Decatur, on 
Ninth and Marion Streets. For particulars, apply to the Sistbb Supbbiob, 
or to Doctor B. J. Allen, Mteuding Physician. 

Catholic Music, 52y 

Catholic Music with Iiatin Words. 


A.. C. 1>ETERS Sd BRO., 



By referring to the Catalogue below, our friends will see that we have made 
a large reduction in the prices of our Catholic Music. In most cases the 
prices were formerly 25 to 33 1-3 per cent, higher. In future the only dis- 
cotTnt from the marked price will be as follows : When four or more copies 
of any one piece are ordered, an extra discount of 20 per cent, will be given, 
except in cases where a star appears, thus *. In these cases the particular 
discount will be mentioned. Teachers, Choirs, Clergymen, etc., desirous of 
securing the extra discount, should be careful to order four copies of each 
piece or book. Those wishing Bound Music should send ten per cent, to 
pay postage. 

Adoremus, (G) 2 Sop., Ten., and Bass, for Ben. or off. LambiUotte. 60 
Ahna Redemptoris, (G) 2 Sop., Ten., and Bass. Vesper Anthem, 

Advent to the Purification. . , . LambiUotte. 20 

Alma Redemptoris, (B fl) Solo, Sop. or Ten., with Duo and Cho., 

from Advent to the Purification. , . . Pleyel. 12 
Alma Redemptoris, (G) Duo, Sop. and Ten., Duo and Cho., from Ad- 
vent to the Purification Zimmers. 16 

Ahna Virgo, (F) and Eng., " Thou Art Our Father," Solo, Sop., and 

Cho. ForOfl^ . . . . Himmell. 60 

Amma Christi, (D) Solo, Mez. Sop. or Bass, and Cho. For Offer- 
tory. ...... Peters. 20 

Asperges, No. 8, (B fl.) Sop., Alt., Ten., and Bass. Sung before Mass. 

HimmelL 25 
Asperges, No. 7, (G) 2 Sop., Ten. and Bass. . . Peters. 12 

Asperges, No. 8, (E) Sop., Alt., Ten., and Bass. Sung before 

Mass. ..... Bissell. 15 

Ave Maria, (F) and Ave Reg., Sop. Solo. For Off. or Ben. Cherubini. 20 
Ave Maria, Duet, Sop and Alt. For Off. . . Diabelli. 25 

Ave Maria (A fl.) Solo, Sop. or Ten. See Ave Reg., (A fl). For 

Off. ■ . . . . . Mercedante. 15 

Ave Maria, (D) Trio, Sop., Alt. and Bass. For Off. . Winter. 16 
Ave Maria, and " O Queen of Glory," (F) Solo, Sop. or Ten. For 

Off. . . . • . 12 

Ave Maria, (G) 2 Sop., Ten. and Bass. For Off. . Zingarelli. 40 
Ave Maria (B fl) Solo, Sop. or Ten." For Off. . Schwing 20 

Ave Maria, (E fl) Sop. Alt., Ten., and Bass. For Off. . Onslow. 15 
Ave Maria, Solo, English and German words . . Kucken. 20 
Ave Maria, (F) Sop. and Ten.-, Solo, with Cho. For Off. Haydn. 35 
Ave Maris Stella, (C) Trio, Sop., Ten., and Bass. For Off. or 

Ben. . . . , . Donizetti 15 

Ave Maris Stella, (G) 2 Sop., Ten., and Bass. For Off. or 

Ben. ..... Schubert. 12 

Ave Maris Stella, (A) 2 Sop., Ten., and Bass. For Off. or 

Ben. .... Schmid. 12 

Ave Maris Stella, (C) Sop., Alt., Ten., and Bass. For Off. or 

Ben. .... \ATcJcSCia\XA. ISa 

30 Catholic Music. 

Ave Re^na and Gande Virgo, (E) Dao, 2 equal voices. Purification 

until Easter. .... NoyeSlo. 16 

Ave Begina, (C) 2 Sop., Ten., and Bass. From Pnrification until 

Easter .... Van Bree. 12 

Ave Regina and Ave Maria, (A fl) Solo, Sop. and Ten. Purification 

until Easter . . Mercedante. 15 

Ave Regina, (G) Sop., Alt, Ten., and Bass. From Purification until 

Easter. . . . Von Weber. 12 

Ave Verune, (C) Solo, Sop. or Ten. For Off. or Ben. . HinmielL 12 
Ave Verune, (A fl) 2 Sup., Ten., and Bass. For Oflfertory or 

Ben. . . ' . . Rossini. 18 

Ave Verune, f A) Solo, Sop. or Ten. For Off. or Ben. . Novello. 1^ 
Ave Verune, (D) 8 equal voices. For Off. or Ben. . Mendelsohn. 12 
Ave Verune, (A fl) Solo, Sop., Alt., Ten., and Bass, and Cbo. For 

Off. or Ben. . . Newkomm 20 

Ave Verune, (G) Solo, Sop. or Ten. For Off. or Ben. King <fe Cook. 16 
Ave Verune, (F) " " " " " 16 

Ave Verune, (F) and Ecce Panis, (G) 2 Sop., Ten., and Bass. For 

Off. or Ben. . . . German. 12 

Ave Verune, (D) Sop., Alt., Ten., and Bass. For Offertory or 

Ben. .... Mozart. 12 

Beatus Vir, (D) Sop., Alt., Ten., and Bass. Vesper Ant. Haydn. 26 
Bona Paster, Panis Vere, (G) Solo. Bass: Duo, Ten. and Bass. 

Cho. ad lib. For Off. or Ben. , . . Peters. 16 

Blessed be Thou, O God of Israel See O Benigna. . Novello 18 
Carr's Chant Mass, (D) Sop., Alt., Ten., and Bass. . Carr. 16 

Carr*s Easy Mass, (C minor) Sop., Ten., and Bass. . . Carr. 40 
Catholic Harmonist, bound, a collection of Masses, Hynms, Vespers, 

etc., for the principal feasts of the year. . . Peters. 1 26 
* Catholic Harp (Peters') bound ; a new school book, containing 

instructions in singing, Hynms, etc. Prepared expressly for 

Catholic schools, $8 40 per doz. . . . Peters. 90 

Christmas Hymn, (G) Pastores, 2 Sop., Ten., and Bass, with Solos, 

Sop. and Ten. . . . Lambillotte. 40 

Christmas Hymn, (C) "There were Shepherds," Solo, Sop., and 

Cho ...... Carr. 18 

Domine Exaudi, (A) Solo, Sop. or Ten. For Off. Scheidermayer. 18 
Easter Hymn, Terra, etc., (A minor) Sop., Alt., Ten., and Bass. 

For Off. ..... Schwing. 12 

Ecce Panis, No. 1, (B fl) Solo, Sop. or Ten. For Offertory or 

Ben. .... Himmell. 16 

Ecce Panis, No. 2., (C) Solo, Sop. or Ten. For Off. or Ben. Herold. 12 
Ecce Panis, Terzetto, Sop. or Ten. Off. ... BonoldL 20 

Ecce Panis, No. 3, (G) Duo, first and second soprano or two tenors. 

For Offertory or Bendiction. . . Himmell. 16 

Ecce Panis, No. 5, (G) Duo, 2 bar. For Off. or Ben. Hollander. 20 

" No. 6, (G) Duo, soprano and tenor. For Offertory or 

Benediction. . . . . Donizetti. 20 

" No. 7, (D) solos, bass, soprano, and tenor, and trio. For 
I Offertory and Benediction. . . . Verhayden. 20 

' " No. 8, (G) trio. See Ave Verune, (F). Tor Offertory or 

Benediction. .... German. 12 

Evening Service, (Peters') bound ; a collection of Motetts, Hymns, 

Chants, and pieces for Benediction. . . . Peters. 8 00 
Gaude Virgo, (C) Duo, soprano and bass, with chorus. For Offer- 
tory or Benediction. . . . Haydn. 20 
Qaudeamua, (B fl) solos, baas and aoprwio, wi^ ^\3kR>i OSL BiabeUi. 85 

Catholic Music. 31 

Grosser Gott, (G). See Spirit, Creator. Soprano, alto, tenor and 

bass. Before service. . . 12 

Hail to the Lord's Anointed, (G) soprano solo, with choms ad lib. 

Hymn for the Epiphany. .... Peters. 15 
Inclina Domine, (C) dao, soprano and bass, with tenor and alto ad 

lib. For Offertoiy. .... Scheidermayer. 18 
Inyiolata, and Eng., "Who Can with Thee Compare," (G) solo, 

soprano. Hymn to Blessed Virgin. For Off. . Colliere. 18 

Iste Confessor, (A) trio, soprano, tenor and bass. Ves. Hymn. " 15 

Jesu Dolcis Memoria, (A) bass solo. Evening ser. Baumgartner. 20 

Jabilate Deo, 4 voices. ..... Diabelli. * 45 

Jesu Mater Ave, (0) solos, soprano and tenor, with choms. Offer- 
tory or Benediction. . . . Mozart. 16 

Jesu Fill Dei, (D) bass solo, with trio. Benediction or Offer- 
tory. . . . Winter <fe Novello. 16 

Landa Sion, (D) grand chorus, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. For 

Offertory. .... Lambillotte. 86 

Laudate Dominum, (C) solo, soprano. Vesper service or Offer- 
tory. .... Haydn. 26 

Laudate Dominum, (D) sop., alto, tenor, and bass. Vesper service 

or Offertory. . . . ' Himmel. 18 

Laudate Pueri Dominum, (C) solo, soprano, and chorus. For 

Offertory. .... Zingarelli. 60 

Litany of Blessed Virgin, 4 voices. . . . Mooney. — 

'* " (A) soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. For 

Benediction. .... Peters. 18 

Litany of Blessed Virgin, (G) and Miserere, soprana, alto, tenor, and 

bass. . . ... Italian. 15 

Magnificat, (C) grand, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. For Vesper 

service. . . . Lambillotte. 60 

Magnificat, (C) grand, from 12th ;Mass, 2 soprano, tenor and bass. 

Vesper service. .... Mozart. 80 

Magnificat, (C) grand. No. 3, 2 soprano, tepor, and bass, with bass 

solo ; or mez. soprano or alto solo. Vespers. . Emerig. 40 

Mass in C, bound, 2 soprano, tenor and bass. . . Drobisch. 1 15 

Mass for the Dead, (F) soprano, alto, tenor and bass. . Ohnewald. 1 00 

Mass, (G) 4 voices. .... Von Weber. 1 00 

Complete orchestra parts of the above. . . . . 5 00 

Mass, (E flat) 4 voices .... Spoth. 1 40 

Complete orchestra parts of the above. . . . . 3 50 

"Mass for the Dead, (F) 1. v., chorus in unison, ad lib. . Peters. 60 

Mass in C, bound, 2 soprano, tenor, and bass. . Scheidermayer. 1 16 

Mass in E flat, bound, 2 soprano, tenor, and bass. , Buhler. 1 15 

Mass in 0, soprano, alto, and bass. . . . Stark. 75 

Mass Pastorale, in G, bound, 2 soprano, tenor, and bass, Knitze. 115 

Mass in B flat, bound, soprano, tenor and bass. . Deitsch. 116 
Mass in G, selected, bound, soprano and bass. Can also be sung by 

tenor and bass, or 2 soprano. . . . Peters. 1 00 

Mass in F, Choral Mass, bound, 2 soprano, tenor, and bass. Greith. 70 

Mass in C, bound, 2 soprano, and bass ad lib. . Le Monte. 60 

Mass in plain chant, bound, (0) 1 v., cho. in unison ad lib. Peters. 60 
Mass of the Holy Trinity, (D) bound, 2 soprano, tenor, and 

bass. . . . • Peters. 1 15 

Mass of the Holy Guardian Angels, (G) bound, 2 soprano, with alto 

or bass ad lib. . . . Peters. 70 

Mass of the Annunciation, (D minor) bound, 2 soprano, with alto or 

bass ad lib. . . . ^«6\ftx^, '^ 

Catholic Mime. 

Mass in C, soprano, alto, tenor, and ];>a88. By Lanman. See Peters' 

Cathoic Harmonist . . . . Peters. 1 26 

Memorare, (F) solo, soprano, with cho. For OfL . Lambillotte. 86 

Missa de Angelas, Mass in plain chant, (C) bound, 1 v., with chorus 

in unison, ad. lib. .... Peters. 60 

Morning Service, (Peters) containing Aspergeses, Mass of the Holy 

Trinity in D, Offertory, etc., etc. . . . Peters. 2 00 

NeWland's Collection ; consisting of Alma Redemptoris, 9oprano solo 
and chorus ; Ave Regina, 8 v. ; Ave Regina, soprano solo 
and chorns, by Carr ; Regina Coeli, solo and chorus, by Pur- 
cell, and Salve Regina, 4 voices. . . . Newland. 26 

Benigna, Blessed be Thou, etc., (6) solo, soprano, duo, trio, cho. 

For Offertory or Benediction Novello. 18 

O Esca Viatorum, Prayer from Moses, 4 voices. For Offertory or 

Benediction. .... Rossini. 20 

O cor Amoris Victima, (D) 2 soprano, with chorus. For Offer- 
tory. . . • . Lambillotte. 66 

O 'Gloriosa Bomina, (D) 2 soprano, tenor," and bass. For Offer- 
tory. . . . Lambillotte 86 

O Gloriosa Virginum, (A) soprano, tenor, and bass. Off. Haydn. 26 

O Jesu File Maria, (F). Vesper Hymn. . ^ Winter <fe Novello. 12 

O Maria and Ave Maria, (A) 2 soprano or 2 tenor. For Off. 12 

O Quam Delecta, (E flat) bass and tenor solo and choiu^. F'or 

Offertory. . . . Lambillotte* 80 

O Queen of Glory, (F) solo, soprano or tenor. For Off. . 12 

Salutaris, duet, 2 soprano. Benediction. . . Spoth. 16 

** 1^0. 1, in G, alto, solo and duet. Ben. , Hollander. 18 

" (B flat) bass and tenor, solo and trio . Beethoven. 16 

'* trio, soprano, tenor, and bass. Benediction. . VerdL 20 

'* (£ flat) solo, soprano or tenor. . Stradella, 16 

** (D) soprano, alto, tenor and bass. . Lambillotte. 26 

" (E flat) 2 soprano or 2 tenor . . *' 12 

" " solo, soprano or tenor, and Ave Verum, (F) 2 

soprano, tenor, and bass. Bendiciion. Himmell <& Novello. 12 
" (D) solo, soprano or tenor . . Proch. 20 

" (G) solo, base, duo, trio, and cho. Ben. . Rossini. 20 

" '* 2 soprano, tenor, and bass. . German. 12 

O Sanctissima. (F) and Tantum Ergo, (G) 2 soprano, tenor, and 

bass. Benediction . . . iSchmid. 12 

Panis Angelicus, (G) Hymn of St. Thomas Aquinas, soprano, alto, 

bass. Offertory or Ben. . . . Peters. 12 

Parce Domine, (F) soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, and Miserere, 

Gregorian. For Penitential occasions. . Schwarz 12 

Quid Retribuam, (E flat) solo, soprano, and chorus. For Offer- 
tory. . . . Lambillotte. 26 

Regina i oeli, (A) solo, soprano; duo, soprano and bass, and chorus. 

Easter to Trinity Eve. . . Beethoven. 20 

R^ina Coeli, ( F) 2 soprano, tenor, and bass. . Wenniger. 18 

Regina Coeli, (E flat) duo, soprano and alto, and cho. From Easter 

to Trinity Eve . . * . Lambillotte. 66 

Salve Regina, 4 v. From Trinity Sunday to Adv. . Spoth. 20 

Salve Regina, (G) 2 soprano, tenor and bass. Vesper service. 

Trinity Eve to Adv. . . . Weninger. 18 

Salve Regina, (E flat) 2 soprano, tenor and bass. . Spoth. 20 

(Cmin) " " " . LambiUotte. U, 

. " (D) soprano and "baaa, m>L\i «\\ft wvd t^nor ad lib. 

Trinity Eve to Adv. • . . . ' ^wMsv-^^ewMst, \E 

Caiholic Music. 33 

Salve Regina, (C) solo, soprano or te^or. . . Himmell. 18 

Sancta Maria, (G) canto obligato and cho. Off. . Buhler 40 

Super Flumina Babylonis, (A minor) soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. 

Offertory, for Feast of the Ascension. . Lambillotte. 85 

Tantum Ergo, (G). See O Sanctissima, (F). Ben. . Scbmid. 12 

" " soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. , . Lambillotte. 80 

" (F) grand, 2 sop., tenor, and bass. Ben. ** 26 

" (G) 2 sop, Ist and 2dt and b. Ben. - Lambillotte. 16 

" 4 V. Before sermon. By Bach, and Veni Sanctus 

Spiritus, 4 voices. . . Kreutzer. 18 

" (E fl) sop. or tenor, solo, with cho. Ben. Lambillotte. 16 

" (F) soprano and bass, with cho. ad lib. . Rossi 26 

" (F) " alto, tenor, and bass. . Serziana. 20 

" (E flat) solo, soprano, and cho. . . Webbe. . 12 

** (F) 2 soprano, tenor and bass. . . " 12 

" (G) soprano, tenor and bass. . . Meineke. 12 

(D) 2 " " " . . Noereu, 12 

(GJ2 " " ** , , " 12 

Te Matrem Praedicamusi Der Mutter und Dem Sohnes — ^We Call to 

Thee Mary. . . . Macleod. 18 

Te Deum, (C) Eng. words, s., t., and b. Festivls. of rejoicing. Carr, 40 

" grand, (D) soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. . Romberg. 76 
** " first and second soprano, 'tenor and bass, and sop. 

• solo. ..... Lambillotte. 60 

" (C) Eng. words. We Praise Tlffee, 4 v. . Newland. 76 
There Were Shepherds, (C) solo, soprano, and chorus. See Christ- 
mas Hymn, (C). .... Carr. 16 

Tu Rex Gloria (C) bass solo. Offertory. . . . Novello. 16 

Veni Creator, (F) Russian Hymn, soprano solo, with quar. and cho. 

Before service. . . . . 16 

Veni Creator, (E flat) two soprano, tenor, and bass. . Sofge. 16 

" (A) tenor and bass, and second tenor ad lib. 20 

" (F) solo, b, du, ten and b, with cho. Bef ser. HummeU. 16 

" (C) 2 soprano, tenor and bass. . Lambillotte. 12 

•* (D) quar. and cho., two sop., ten., and bass. " 86 

Veni Sancte Spiritus, (E flat) first and second soprano, tenor and 

bass. Before service. . . . Deitsch. 46 

Vesper Hynm to the Virgin, (D) Evening Closes. Solo, soprano ; 

duo, soprano and tenor ; trio and cho. . Peters. 16 

Vespers (F) for the various feasts of the Blessed Virgin, 4 v. " 26 

Vespers, ten sets for the different feasts of the year, . Newland. 80 
Vespers, (G) Gregorian, and Magnificat, first and second soprano, 

tenor, and bass. . . . . Peters. 20 

Virgo Prudentissima, (G) solo, soprano, quar. and cho. ad Ub. For 

Offertory or Ben. • . . Witzka. 86 

Who Can with Thee Compare, (G) solo, soprano. See Inviolata, 

Hymn to the Blessed Virgin. . . - CoUiere. 18 

* Young , Catholic's Vocal Class Book, bound ; containing a course 
of Instructions, and a series of Hymns. Arranged especially 

for female voices. $3 per doz. . . . Peters. 80 

Complete catalogues of our publications, both of secular and Caiholic 
Musical publications, will be forwarded on application. Sheet music sent 
by mail to any part of the United States, post paid. Those wishing bound 
music should enclose ten per cent to pay postage. Teachers, heads 

of seminaries, amateurs, etc., will find it to their advantage to send their 
orders to as ; for, in this department of our b\iaaiv»&A, ^*e^^\«2L «^Xa\^^^>i^| 
given, 2* 

34 PvhliMryg Houses. 






ISTo. 150 ^W^illiam St. 

CmCI]\]\ATI, o., 

OatlLolio Institaite Baiilciiiig. 


Kespectfully solicit the attention of the Catholic commnnity to the fol- 
lowing list of their publications and to their general stock of 

FOREION BOOKS.— ifisxa^s, Breviaries and Liturgical Books gen- 
erally ; also, theological and ascetic works in Latin and Oerman, are regu- 
larly imported from France, Belgium, and Germany, and a large assortment 
of them is constantly kept on hand. 

Church Vessels, Chalices, Ciboriums, Ostensoriums, etc., and all the mate- 
rials for making up Vestments, from the best manufacturers in Europe. 
Vestments, Copes, Lalmatics, etc., etc., made up to order, if 'those on lumd 
don't suit. A large stock of the celebrated Munich Statues, executed by 
the very best artists, and highly recommendablis for their solidity. Fine 
OU Paintings — altar pieces and Stations of the Cross, etc. — always on hand. 
N. B. — We import to order any oil painting desired, at comparatiyely the 
same prices as those on hand, and executed in like manner. 

RELIGIOUS ARTIChBS. — Bead% Prints, Lace-Pictures and 
Engravings of their own manufacture, in every variety ; Medals, Crosses, 
Holy water Fonts, etc., etc., imported directly from Europe, and a large 
stock of them always on hand. 

N. B. — Our house in Cincinnati keeps also: Blank-books, Writing 
Paper, Steel and Gold Pens, and Stationery in general ; also, picture 
£ramea ofaXL kinds and Bizea. 

Pvblithing B.(mse». 35 



Catholic Institute Building, 


No. 160 William Street, New York. 

There is a separate catalo^e for ihe publications of our house in Ein- 
siedebi, Switzerland. 


I^X)'WERS OF PIETy. — Selected from approved sources, and 
adapted for general use ; 82 mo,266 pp ; cloth, plain SOc ; roan, ^t edges, 
45 c ; roa n , gilt edges and sides, 70c ; moroc co. $ 1 20 ; rich velvet, |2 25. 

Catholics, with evening office of the Church, uij Latin and English ; 24- 
mo, 820 pp ; roan, plain, S8c ; roan, gilt edges, 60c ; roan, gilt edges and 
si des, 76 c ; morocco, %\ 35 ; rich velvet, |2 60. 

THE DATTiY BXBRCISR— Consisting of the Holy Mass, Vespers, 
et c., etc. ; 48mo , 192 pp; cloth, plain, 16c; roan, gilt edges, 38c. 

THE CHUJ) OF MARY,— Prayers and Instructions for First Com- 
municants, compiled by the Sisters of Notre Dame; 24mo, 352 pp ; roan, 
plain, 45c ; roan, gUt edges, 67c ; roan, gilt edges and sides, 90c ; mor- 
occo, %\ 50. 

A SPELLING k,BOOK of the English Language, for the acquisition 
of correct orth ography and pronunciation; 144 pp, 12mo; half bound, 16c. 

THE FIRST BOOK; or. Spelling and Beading Lessons; 112 pp, 
12mo; half bound, 15c. 

THE SECIO ND READER.— 192 pp, 12mo; half bound, 25c. 

THE THIRD READER— 324 pp, 12mo; half bound, 40c. 

A SHORT CATECHISM, for the use of Catholic Schools ; 64 pp, 
82mo; paper covers, 5c. 

P. H. BURNETT : The Path which led a Protestant Lawyer to the 
Catholic Church. Dedicated to the Most Rev. John P. Purcell, Archbishop 
of Cincinnati, whose arguments laid the foundation of the author's conver- 
sion to the Old Church. 8vo. Cloth, $2 50. 


Libri quatuor ; very fine edition, with 4 plates; 12mo, 602 pp, 

patrum concinnatus, per Rev. D. D. Bartholon^i^ a Martyribus. 12 
mo. 298 pp. , 

N. B.— B. Bros, also supply the pubUoatJ[on8 of all other Catholic pub- 
lishers of this country, at lowest pT:ip9S. 


PvhUshwg Houses. 

I i*imwP9 




« I iss iss isss isssTss iTrn 

S4 PI 1-- t I I 

«J ^ I I cc ?D -^ oj ea f t^ 

^^ « « I I * « M OS I Si tft I I *« S ^ « I j I -cs j 

** *0 I lO I I t- « ^ - 

C4 i to 

»« t^ I tC I j I c5 I j o j I I I I 


;^ C OC' O ^ ^ C*1 tD '?^ -*t" '^t O O 'J ?C W *?P C^i l-^ *^ i*i rt Efl 

Publishing Houses, 


•^ lO o »o O »ft 

rH 1-1 0« W C^ C^ 






lO »0 O lO 00 iC O lO 
CO 0« rH T-< tH W 00 1^ 

g . 

00 iO 



• :^ : 

: • 00 

1 iirf> « 

• 00 00 o6 

'ss: s* « 5* c8> 

j; *R-Vii/ M &J _ M j-r JTt- «-f S ♦-• 

rf><u CO 


O <N Q »C 00 00 wra 
CO i-t »ft <N rH 

S VS .S •- «> -J5 «p C S3 ^ -" 


•s. .§ 

•f :^ 

^. !i 

• ** . c 
,«^ . 0^ 

« CO 

' a* O jr 
SO ^ S 

ES w.S <«»•?: «« «^5).5i"^ 


«V ^tf %^ %« «J 4^ 


w 00 »0 CO 00 -^ 00 © CO •«*< (M ©^ CD © 
"^ O©0000 ^1-H "^Oi00«©t*000 

ri^ ^00 00 00 © 00 00 00 «S 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 

^J ** CO ^OOeQOQcnanan0A<vsr<\A^aAaAaneOfinoo 



S a" 

SCO c4Q0eo e«coo4 
5 CO CO '^'^ 00 1100 






00 00 ! 00 00 ^ 00 \ * 
. * * • 'tpt '*o • • 

>* Si * n JO ^ i* • 

H 3 ss g «j j> a-j- 
« ca scJ 'St ^tl +^^ .^ 



! <^ 





5 >-oo*c- 

''h S H « 


^i-H&lOO'^tACO t^OOOd 

g I I I I I 


CathoUo Chods. 








The liberal patronage conBiantly received from the Catholic Clergy, 
iDBiitatioxiB, and all Booksellers of the United States and English Proyinces, 
compels me once more to enlarge my place of business. I have therefore 
taken the house 


where I will keep constantly on hand, a full assortment of the following 
goods, viz : 

EiroRAViiros and lithographs; 


ALTAR CARDS, in the sheet, mounted or framed. 

SACRED PRINTS, several on the sheet, for rewards or illustrating 
prayer books. 

LACE PICTURES, a large assortment of Engravings with a lace 
edge, used for book marks, plain, colored and spangled. 

COMMUNION and Confirmation Tickets. 

SCAPULAR PRINTS on calico or silk. 

SCAPULARS ready made. 

A most splendid assortment of various Religious Engravings and 
Lithographs, plain, colored and dark ground of different sizes, for framing; 
Drawing Studies for Academies, Schools, etc, etc.; Drawing paper, 
white and tioted. 

Caihdie Goods. 39 


All kinds of Frames made to order, from the plainest up to the richest, 
either sqnare or oval, (no extra charge for framing,) none but French glass 

Cord and Picture Tassels of every size and color. 



Brass, Brass bound. Ivory, Pearl, Silver bound, pure Silver, Gold, etc., etc. 


Brass, Bronze, Ivory, Gutta Percha, etc., etc., on a fine black polished 
Cross, with square or round stand. 


Wood, Cocoa, Vegetable Ivory, Pearl, Coral, Amber, Garnet, etc., etc., 
of all colors, and mounted on brass, steel, silver or gold wire. 


A great variety in styles and sizes of Boxwood, Ebony, Cocoa, Shells, 
Pearl, Velvet, etc., etc 


Of the Immaculate Conception, Crucifixion, Sacred Hearts, Missions, of all 
the Saints, etc., etc., of brass, bronze, silver or gold, (all sizes.) 


A large assortment of small Silver Medallions for reliquaries. Also, 
Plastique Medallions richly framed, cheap Medallions on cards, imitation of 
gold and silver. 


Earthenware, Biscuit, Bronze, China gilt. Brass, Ivory, Gutta Percha, 
etc, etc Also, Holy-water Fonts of wood, composition or metal for 

40 Catholic Ooods. 


Porcelain, Biscuit, Bronze, etc., etc., of the Virgin, Savionr, Saints, 
Angela, and gronps, such as Flight into Egypt, Baptism of our Lord, the 
Nativity, etc., etc. Brackets to suit. 


The Saviour, Virgin, Saints, etc, etc., of papier xnach^, carved wood, 
marble, iron, bronze, from two feet high up to life size. Any statues of 
the above description not on hand would be promptly imported if i 


Breviaries, Missals, Rituals, etc., etc., Paris, Tours, and Mechlin editions. 

The largest assortment on this continent of French Prayer Books, such 
as Paroissien Romain, Journ6e de Chretien, etc., etc., bound in ivory, vel 
vet, morocco, cloth, etc. 

little book, containing sixteen fine Steel Engravings. 



Delmatiques, Copes, Stoles, Benediction Veils, Trimmings, Laces, Fringes, 
Bouillons, Tassels, etc 


Chalices, Ciboriums, Sanctuary Lamps, Procession Crosses Oil Stocks, 
Candlesticks, Crucifixes, etc., etc. 


Stations in Oil Paintings, Altar Pieces, etc., constantly on band and 
painted to order, by the most celebrated European Artists. 


All orders for Importation from Paris of Books, Statues, Vestments, 
or any other thing promptly aUeikded to, and charged at the lowest rate. 

Publishing Houses. 41 

Oldest Catholic Publishing House iru America, 



N'o. 699 BrosLci^w^ayj r^Te^w^ York? 

Need scarcely remind the Catholic Bishops, Clergymen, Institutions, or the 
Catholic Public in general, of the advantages enjoyed by his house for sup- 
plying their orders for Catholic and other works. 

The list of his own publications embraces works in every department of 
Catholic Literature, all published with the express approbation of Arch- 
bishop Hughes. 

BIBLES — Haydock's Catholic Family Bible, in numbers, or bound in 
plain or elegant styles ; the Douay Bible, with Challoner's notes, New 
Testament, etc., 


His Prayer Books are unsurpassed in number, and are of ^11 sizes and 
styles of printing and binding. Prayer Books adapted to the young, 
the aged, for religions, etc.. embracing among others the admirable 8t. 
John's Manual, the Ursuline Manual, Paulist Mission Book, the Seraphic 
Manual for the Tliird Order of St. Francis, etc. Prayer Books in French, 
Spanish and German. 



including St. Liguori's Glojies of Mary and other works, Rodrigue's Chris- 
tian Perfection, Baker's Sancta Sophia, and all the best Catechisms of larger 
and smaller size. 

Gentilucci's Lives of the Blessed Virgin, History of the Catholic Church in 
the [Jnited States, and of tlie Catholic Missions, Life of St.Ignatius, De Smet's 
"Wefst^rn Missiiins. 


CATHOLIC SCHOOL BOOKS-— The earliest house to issue works 
especially adapted to Catholic Schools, it is still unsurpassed. The Re;. ti- 
ers of the Christian Brothers, Cannon's and other Spellers, Shea's History 
of the Uiiitfd States, Grace's Outlines, etc., etc. 

CATHOLIC TALES— His collection of Catholic Tales is large, and 
from the best authors, .Canon Schmid, Conscience, Donald McLeod, C. J. 
Cannon, Rev. Dr. Pise; Miss Caddell, Miss Bruwnson, Mrs. Dorsey, etc. 
He also 8uppli«'S other works suited for preniiums, carefully Sflecting such as 
may be properly given in Catholic Institutions or safely placed in Libraries. 


Late Edward Diinigan <fe Bro, 
Na 599 BRO AJO^ fi^^ 

42 Publishing Souses. 




PlNMMbmlloii for Death ; or. Considerations on the Eternal Maxims. By St. liguorL 
UseAj I for all as a BooJt of Meditations, etc., etc 7$ 

Iiiitruct1on« on the Commandmenti and Saeramenta. Translated from the Itali aa 
of St. Liifuori 41 

ReOections on Sptrltoal Sutdeeta, and on the Passion of Christ. One of Ligaori's 
bestworks .77 sn 

RiTon* Manaal ; or. Pastoral Instructions upon the Creed, Commandments, Sacra- 
ments, Loril's Supper, etc 75 

MMoaiaea AildreMed to Mixed CongrogatlonB. Bj the Tery Rev. Dr. Newman.. . 75 

Oatechlini of the Christian Relision, in which are explained the Historr. Dcw- 
mas. Morality. Sacraments, Prayers, Ceremonies, and Usages of the Catholic Church. 
By the Rev. Stephen Keenan 1 W 

Infltnietion of Yoath in Chrlstiaii Piety. Taken from the SacrM Scriptures and 
Holy Fathers. By Rar. Cliarles Qobinet, D- D. 12mo IM 

Familiar Inatroctiont in the Faith and Morality of the Catholic Church 25 

Thm Ronry and Seaimlar BookL S7 

The Month of Mary, From the Italian of Muzzarelli IS 

BMstlea and Goq)ela for the Sundays and Festivals throughout the Year 25 

The Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, a Dogma of the Cath- 
olic Church. By J. D.Bryant. M. D 50 

DcTont Meditatiom in Honor of the Mother of Gkxl. More particularly designed for the 

Month of May. From the Italian of Rev. Augustin Ferran 50 

CATHOLIC and PROTBST.V^T Versions of the Bible. Lecture deUvered in New 
York, January 30, 1859. By the Rt. Rev. M. O'Connor, D. D., Bishop of Pittsburg. 
12mo, flexible cloth ' 25 



By a Secular Priest. One large octavo volume, - - - - - - - - -150 

THE TBIAL3 OF A MIND in its Progress to Catholicism. In Letters 
to his Old Frieuds. By L. Siliiman Ives, LL. D., late PrutestAUt Bishop in North Caro- 
lina, - - . 75 

IiOSS AND GAIN ; or, the Story of a Conyert. By the Very Rev. John 

Henry Newman, D. D., --------------75 



Keiigioa .-.--------------75 


THE CATHOLIC SERVANT'S APOLOGY for refusing to attend at 

any Piacd ol" Wursiiip but liis own. Paper, par huudred. net, - - - - - -204 

WORKS OF THE REV. D. W. CAHILL, D. D. Containing a Sketch 
of his i^ife. and his must important Addresses, Speeches, Controversial Sermons, Lec- 
tures, etc., etc., -..---..------.75 

evinced iii a Coiiforeiice between a Catiiolic, a Protestant (Epuicupdlian), and a Presby- 
terian. By the Rt. Rev. Dr. Shiel. To which is added an Appendix, proving that tne 
Reformed Churches are dostitute of any lawful ministry, -------75 


ISxM. Kv T. L Nichols, M. D. Viz : Lecture l5f— History ot the Holy Catholic Cinirch ; 
Lecture 2<i— History of Protestantism ; Lecture 3d— Popular Objections to Catholicity ; 
Lecture 4<A— The Doctrines and Evidences of tlie Holv Catholic Church : Lexture 5tA— 
The Cathoiic Church the Church of the Bible. The nve bound in one vol. 12mo, cloth 75 

PvJtlishing Houses. 48 


THJfi XTVTIi ETE : or, The Black Spectre. By WillUm Carleton, Author of 
'* Traits aud Stories of the Irish Peasaatry/* " Willy Reilly/' etc., etc . 12mo, cloth. - 1 00 


William Carleton, 100 

THB BXi ACK B ABONBT ; or, the Chronicles of Ballytrain. Another of 

Carleton's best Historical Novels, - - - - - - - - - - -,-100 

BEBTH A ; or, The Pope and the Emperor. The great Historic Tale of the Elev- 
enth Century. By WiUiam Bernard Maccabe, ---------100 

JOHN O'BBIBN ; or, The Orphan of Boston. ]^ the hite Bev. J. T. Boddan. 76 

WUiIiT BUBKB : or. The Irish Orphan in America. An interesting story. 

Bv Mrs. Sadlier, ----- 87 

THE CBOSS AND THE SHAMBOGK : or. How to defend the Faith. 
An interesting Story of the Temptations, Sulterings, Trials, and Triumphs of the Chil- 
dren of St. Patrick in America ----------^--75 

AIiIOE BIOBD AN, the Blind Man's Danghter. A Tale for the Yonng. By 

Mr8.J.SadUer - - 50 

BED HAND OF UIiBTEB ; or, the Fortunes of Hngh O'Niel. By Mrs. 
Sadlier --- 50 

BHANDY M'G'DTBE ; or. Tricks npon Travellers. A Tale of the North of 

Ireland. By Paul Peppergrass, Esq. -----------75 

TBCE FESTIVAIi OF THE BOSABY, and other Stories on the Com- 
mandments. By A. &f . Stewart .-----.-----37 

MAEY; or, the Village Churchyard. The Narrative of an aged Priest - - 10 

SHAMBOGK LEAVES. Gleaned in the Fertile Field of Irish Literature, 

being Tales and Stories of Ireland -.-.--------75 

of Shipwrecks and Indian Captivities. Qleaned from early Mission ary life. By Johh 
G. Shea --75 

Future of Ireland. A Narrative founded on the ancieat " Prophecies of Columbkille,' ' 
and on other Predictions and Popular Traditions among the Irish. By the Author of 
" The Cross and Shamrock," -------------75 

THE BBIDIiE OF VANITY. By the Eev. K Putnam, author of " An 

Exposition of the At>ocalypse of St. John the Apostle --.-.--75 


AGES. By Rev. Ambrose Mauahan. D.H., 150 


^, narrative. Dedicated to the Catholic Soldiers in the U. S. Army ----- 50 


THE CHAPEIi CHOIB BOOK, (the cheapest Music Book in the world,) 
ctftitainln^ three Masses, Webb's Mass iii O, Mass m F, by Natividad, and the Messa 
Rega; Vespers, Hymns for the various Festivals, Elementary Principles, etc., etc., 150 
pages, printed on good paper and strongly bound --..-----75 

Bouk. Cuntamm? all the Elements of Music Lessons, Exercises, etc., etc., etc. By 
A. Werner, Organist of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross -------37 

CATHOLIC MELODIES. For Church, School, and Home. Containing the 
greatest number of Hymns, Psalms, Antiphoas, Masses, etc., etc., ever published. 
Compiled with the assistance of several distinguished Clergymen. By Ph. Bohr - - ST 

ANTHEM FOB CHBISTMAS. Exulting Angels. While Angels to the 

Wond Proclaim --.--.-----..--25 

HAIIi, aiiOBIOnS APOSTLE. A Hymn for St. Patrick's Day 25 

MOOBE'S IBISH MELODIES. With Symphonies and Accompaniments. 

Bf Sir John Stephenson. 4to, cloth, beautifully bound - - - - - - -3 00 

44 Publishing Houses. 


MSIMOBIAIiS OF THE BIiSSSiBD. A series of short lives of the 

Saints. By Charles B. Fairbanks, Aixilyte ut the Holy Roman Catholic Church - - 1 00 


the Cougregatiuu of Passdonists ---------- --_7J 

IiIFE OF BOBEBT EMMET. By * * * * *. Translated from the 

French. By John P. Leonard. 18mo ---------,.-30 

THE Ij A.ST FOUB POPES. By Cardinal Wiseman. His last and best 
work, foniun^ a lar^e, handsome voiurae, on good paper, and handsomely boand - •> 1 SS 

IiIFE OF NAPOLEON III., Emperor of the French. Being an Aathentio 
Account of Louis Napoleon fronnhis Birth to his Election to the prominent Position he 
now occupies. With Extracts fW>m his Works, Letters, Proclamations, etc., etc. - - 1 00 

IiIFE of BOBEBT EMMET, with his Trial and Conversations, to whifsh 

is added his celebrated Speech ..--...--. ..37 


IiIFE of M ABY STUABT, Qaeen of Scots. By M. De Maries - - - 1 00 

IiIVES OF SEVBBAIi SAINTS. 18mo, cloth 8T 

IiIFE of OUB SAVTOIJB- 18mo. Suitable for Premituns. Per hundred $ 00 

IiIFE of the blessed VTBGIN. 18mo. Suitable for Premiums. 

Per hundred ..-...-300 


THE HISTORY OF IRELAND. From the First Settlement to the Present 

. -.u^^"^"* ^^^^ ^ Particular Account of its Literature, Music, Architecture, anil Natural 

"^^Jlesonrces ; with upwards of Two Hundred Biographical Sketches of Eminent and 

■"•'aHIllustnous Irishmen. Also elghiy-seveu of the most popular Irish Melodies, arranged 

with Instrumental Accompaniments : the whole forming two large octavo volumes, coo- 

' >-f«M»l.<i^2 padres. 

2 vmnies. library style, half imitation. 5 00 

2 " half calf, or half morocco. 6 00 

2 " bound in one, cloth. 8 00 

2 *' " slieep. 3 25 

A Cheaper Edition, on thin paper, small margin, etc. 

1 volume, cloth. 2 75 

1 " sheep, substantially bound. 3 00 

2 " cloth, with four enRravinsfs. » 8 50 
2 '* sheep, stnm^, with four engravings. 4 00 

THE SERMONS. LECTURES, AND SPEECHES delivered by His Eminence 

Cardinal Wiseman. ArchbishoD ot Westminster, duriuar his Tour in Ireland, in August 
and September, 1858, with his Lecture delivered in London on the '' Impressions " of 
his Tour. Revised by His Eminence. With a Connecting Narrative. 12mo, cloth. 1 00 

CATHOLIC HISTORY OF AMERICA. Five Discourses, to which are added 

Two Discourses on the Relations of Ireland and America. 12mo. cloth. 75 


Earliest Period 10 the Census of 1850 75 


Reformation in Ireland, and the Resistance of the Irish People thereto. 1^ 

GREAT IRISH NATIONAL WORK, in two thick volames, magnificently bound, 
wiih illusii-ations, lars:e Svo, wilh elaborate alphnbetiCHl index- The Life, Times, and 
Correspondence of the Rt, Rev. Dr. Doyle, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin. By Wil- 
liam .Tolin Filzpjitrick, .1. P. 3 50 

Bv W. J. O'Neill Daunt, Esq 37 

HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, from its Establishment to the 

Present Century. By the Rev. ,Toser»h Reeve. 1 25 

flections from the Holy Fathers. By the Rev. Joseph Reeve. 75 
THE SAINTS OF ERIN. A Legendary History of Ireland. ByL.Tachet de 
Barney al. 75 


THE BALLADS OF IRELAND. Collected and Edited by Edward Hayes; being 

Selections iroin all the Irisli Poots. 725 pages. 1 25 

MOORE'S IRISH MELOiilES. 82mo, cloth 87 cts., cloth, gilt 60 

IRISH SINGER'S OWN BOOK. ^e\iig ^It^^tliona from all the Irish Poets,— 

Publishing Hottses, 45 

Sentimental, Comic, etr... etc.. the whole com prising the most interesting Book of Songs 
ever published,— in all about 700 pages. 75 

IRISH COMIC SONQS. 82uio, cloth. 87 

SONGS OF OUR LAND. 82ino, cloth. 87 



dentina restitutum Si Pii V. Pontificis Maziiiii, Jussu EJitum. dementis VIII. et Ur- 
ban! VIII., auctoritate recognitnra. Accuratissiroa editio Novis Missis ex ind-ilto 
apostullco Concessis Aucta. Duffy's edition of the Missale Romanum. Small quarto, 
super extra. 10 00 

Imitation, (postage 60 cents,) 9 00 

This is the latest edition of the Missale published, and is approved by the Most Rev. 
Dr. Culien. 

Societate Jesn. Sanctse Scripturae olm Lovauni ; Postea Romse Professoris accinte 
recognovit ac Notis illustravit Aujustinus Crampon, Diocesis Ambian Presbyter. Com- 
plete in 21 vols. Paris edition, well bound. 100 00 

THE MERCHANT PRINCE AND HIS H E I R ; or, The Triumphs of Duty. A 

Talefor the World. By the Author of " (Jeraldine," etc. . 75 

THE ZOUAVE. The Life and Death of Helion De Villeneare. Translated. 

Dedicated to Major-General Rosecrans. 38 


his friend, Bernard Bauer. 50 



THE CONDITION OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN amonjr the Celtic, Gothic, . 
and other Nations. By John McElheran, M. R. C. S. E., with Illustralinns, desiernea, * 
and drawn on wood, by the Author. The mi»st interesting work ever published onKh&* 
various races — showmg the superiority of the Celtic type over those of other nations.*- 75 

THE REV. GEORGE F. RASKIN'S TOUR through France, Italy, and ftklt^. 75 


13mo, cloth. 50 

PRINCIPLES OF GOVERNMENT; or, Meditations in Exile. By William 

Smith O'Brien. 1 00 


THE GREEN BOOK; or, Gleanings from the Writing Desk of a Literary Aglta- 

tator. Bv J. C. 0'Calli?an. 75 

Fathers, Holy Councils, and most Renowned Theologians of the Church. Advice to 
Young Persons regarding them. From the French of Abbe Hnlot. 38 

IRISH ELOQUENCE. The Speeches of the celebrated Irish Orators— Phillips, 

Curran, Grattan. and Emmet. 1 50 

SAINT COLUtdBKILLE'S PROPHECIES. With a Life of the Saint. 87 

BATTLE OF AUQHRIM ; or, the Fall of Monsier St. Ruth. 10 


DR. MAGINN'S LETTERS TO LORD STANLEY, on the Confessional, and 

O'Conneirs Letters to the Methodists. 19 


PRAYER BOOK AND CATECHISM. Onr children after getting their cate- 
chism lessons, are generally without a prayer book. This answers for a Catechism and 
Prayer Book. The pnce of the books in paper covers, is $4 50 per hundred ; well bound 
in stiff covers, 18 per hundred. 

When desired, the prayer book can be bound with the Boston, National, (adopted by 
the Baltimore Council) or Butler's Catechisms, at the prices mentioned above. 

THE ONLY AUTHHORIZED EDITION of the Catechism of the Diocese of 

Boston. 32mo, paper, per hundred. 2 25 

THE LARGER CATECHISM. By Rev. Dr. James Butler. Paper, per hundred, 2 25 

the National Council, for the Use of the Catholics in the United States. Per hundred. 2 25 

By Robert, Caidinal Bellarmine, formerly of the Society of Jesus. 18mo^ a piece., a& 

46 PuUtshing Souses. 


TfiE UNRIVALLED CHEAP EDITION of the Donar Bible, containing 881 
pares, octavo, printed on f^ood paper, aad stromrly boand ia leatfayer, it sold for $1 £5, 
nmversally acknowledged to be the cheapest Bible in print. 

No. 1. strongly bound m leather, with Family Record. 1 25 

No. 2, roan, with Family Record. 1 75 

No. 3, roan gilt, with Family Record. 2 25 

No. 4, roan, full gilt, 2 plates. Family Record. 3 00 

No. 5, Turkey morocco. 2 plates, Family Record. 5 00 


No. 1, cloth, plain. 50 

No. 2, morocco. 3 00 

JESUS AND MARY; or, Catholic Hymns for Singing and Beading. By Fred- 
erick W. Faber, Priest of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri. 18mo, cloth, gilt, 50cts., 
(postage 5 cts.) 75 

Thi same bound in paper covers, 37 cts., (p. 4 cts.) 50 

THE POCKET MISSAL, for the Use of the Laity. Gontoining the Masa, with 
the Introit, Collect, Epistle, Gospel, etc., for all Saudays and Festivals throughout the 

Year. 32mo. 

Roan, plain. 50 

'• filt edge. 75 

" full gift. 1 00 

Postage. 8 


ST. JOSEPHS MANUAL. Printed with large type, on fina paper, containing 
696 paf es, 18mo. The merits of this book, amon? the many which have been pabUshecT 
as well in Europe as America, are its peculiar adaptation to the wants of fiunilies or ai 
individuals for public as well as private devotion ; for those who live remote from 
churches, and cannot be present at the Holv Sacrifice of the Mass on Sundays and 
Holidays, as for those who enjoy greater privileges. It may be styled a volume uf 
prayer and religious instruction, since it not only contains devotions, public and pri- 
vate, adapted to the wants of the many, and tor all seasons and occasions of the eccle- 
siastical year, but it is also explanatory and instructive upon many points where infor- 
mation is frequenflly sought after. The care and attention which nave been given to 
the distribution of its varied contents, will be equally appreciated by those who have 
felt the importance of system and arrangement in this particular. 
Price, from 75 cts. to 110, according to the binding. 

KEY OF HEAVEN. Prioes from 42 cts. to |6, aooording to the binding. 

GUIDE TO HEAVEN. With the Epistles and Gospels for every Sunday and 

Holiday in the Year. New edition. 24mo. Price, fh>m 50 cts. to 13. 

MINIATURE KEY OF HEAVEN. A Prayer Book for Soldiers. 64mo. From 
19 cts. to 38 cts. 

YOUNG OATHOLIO'S MANUAL. Price, from 25 cts to |1 25. 

COMPANION OP THE SANCTUARY. 48mo. Price, ftrom 25 cts. to |5. 

CATHOLIC PIETY. By Kev. W. Gahan, O. 8. A. Price from 42 eta. to $6. 

DAILY EZERCISE. Price, from 19 cts. to 75 cts. 

TREASURY OF PRAYER. 82mo. Price, from 76 cts.