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977.202 M. L. 






3 1833 02295 6772 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Michiga n City. 




Embracing a complete Alphabetical List of the residents 

of the cities of Michigan City and La Porte and of 

the villages of La Porte Connty ; also the names 

and addresses of property holders residing 

in the connt>', with figures showing 

the assessed vahie of realty. 



R. L. POLK X: CO. 




41a * ..vi4SinSt,,.Wnuviu^^>^ 

Fi.usa . *: .♦ 

li ^ «- <i, OOl 

CAPITAL :^'?50 000.C'. 

a1^^ ^~)'NA.LV•^^ B'AN.^ 

iijsici:p and Surgeon '^pd -C'Cii^^ 

-::oA \ :'T ^ 

M S -in 


?4 Novelty Mactiine 
Ij - Worfe, - 

W(i 502 to 506 Clay St., LA PORTK, IND 



, _^ ■ From 2 to 6 Horse Powen 

V/ood - Working Machinery, Small Dynamos for 
Incandescent and Arc Lighting. 

Also General Repair Shop. All Classes of Iron Work Solicited 

Dealers in New and Second-Hanit Machinery of all descriptions. 

■ ' Your choice 
of three of the 
leading Heat- 
ers of the 

Choose the 
best and give 
it a test, and 
y6u can sleep 
and rest in 




Manufacturer of tfie Latest Improved 


S steam Pumps, Tank Pumps, 

[^ Hand Pumps. 

J] Also Inspectors' Steam Gauges, 
ijj Oil Cups. Full line Engine Tnm- 
i mings in stock or furnished 

on short notice, 


■tJOLlJ'-XAiit.^J.^'or Wasliiitm k Cla? Sis. 


^HU. >^ ^^^'*'3J*«K,A.SlPEC(£|iIYj_ 




Brewer and Bottler 
CelEliratert "Excelsior" Lager. 


Cot. lylei and lake Stieets LA PORTE, IND. 

Maple Gity 'Bakery and Restaurant, 

1018 and 1020 Main St. 

La Porte, Ind. 

\ Bread. GaM6S,Roiis. E,t6. 

S Special Attention Given to Party and Picnic Orders 

r Oysters and FriTits in their Season. 

Dr. J.H. Wm. IVleyer, 

'iiYsiciAN 1111(1 mmi 

Specilvl attention given to the surgical treatment 

of the eyes. Spectacles properly fitted lor 

all forms of imperfect vision. 

Ol^KlOK IK >lM(ri : II l>> 1- A. ^^.. 't i<> ti T- ^i- 

706 Jefferson St. 

La Porte, Ind. 




No. 1006 Main Street, 



:CHlG'Aig- CITY. 



Ali'Xiiiidei- & Co see side lines 

I!:i tlioloinew & Co see side lines 

I'.ei-lvs JmIiii 188 

Hiav it Moecklinp; see side lines 

Cieiir L:ike lee Co see side lines 

C"nii)ton C V see toi) lines 

Dcbie John 188 

Dolnn T M see front cover 

Evenint; Dispatch U 1 

First National Banii see front cover 

Ileitschniidt AC see side lines 

JIielii}!;an (Jity liusiness College see top lines 

]\Iiehifj;an City Dispatch 134 

I'HXton Win see side lines 

Spiro F. ed '. .188 

Siiiro II .see front cover 

Tallman D F •. . 188 

WillitsC C & Co .see side lines 

AVilson II \V see front cover 

■ KAKNEV .^pu:;; n^:i::G svsTEM _ 

rviicHicr:AN CITY, irN:P: "" 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

MicMgan City Directory. 






City CSovfi'iinu'iit. 

City Hall ana Couiic-il Cliamber 
Vi:<i w 4tli street 


Hon Martin 'V Kiiiejrer 

Clerl<— Win 
Attornev— .lanu's I'HJallalier 
City Knkineer— .lolm Iteiikawitz 
Haibor Master— Henry Heisc 
Cliief of Poliee— Hall Donly 
Chief of Fire nepartnient— Wni 

City Council. 

Council meets on tlie 2il and 4th 
Monday evenings of each 

President— Hon Martin 'P Krue- 


First AVnril-F E JLiller, Rich- 
ard M Ilntchison 

Second Ward— Frederick Arndt, 
■William Kadow 

Third Ward— Joliii Felten.Tlieo- 
dore H Schmidt ^.^,.,,.,. 

Fourth Ward— Jndson Wheeler, 

.1 H Peters 
Fifthh Ward— John Becl<s, F \l 

Judiciary— J H Peters, Tlieodore 

11 Schinidt, Jolin Becks 
Finance— F E ]Miller, John 

Becks, J H Peters 
Streets and Alleys — Frederick 
Arndt, Pichard M Hutchison, 
•lohn Felten, Jndson Wheeler, 
F llZahrn 
Police and Salaries- -ohn Becks, 
Kicliard M Hutcliison, Wni 
T/i"lit and Water— Wm Kadow, 
I V H /ahrn, F E Miller 
I Fire Department— Judson Whee- 
ler, Wm Kadow, John Felten 
Ka'ilroads and Harbor— Kiiduxrd 
iM Hutchison, 'I'lieodore II 
Schmidt, Frederick Arndt 
Cemetery and Public Gronnds— 
F II Zahrn, F E Miller, Jndson 
Sidewalks and Sewers— Tlieodore 
H Schmidt, J H Peters, Fred- 
erick Arndt 
Public Improvements— John Fel- 
ten, Frederick Arndt, J II 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Police Dt'pnrliiiciit. 


rrcsidcnt— W B niitcliiiisoii 

U S V:ui Duseii 

Louis J Weiler 

W II Breeee, Seo 

Chief— W Hiill Doiily 

Seigeant— Win GaUiis 

Pati-ohnen—Nicliohf^ Gasper. Wi 
iMeyer, Baniev Lynoli, W'l 
Witte, Jcivniiah StoU 

Roard of Ilonltli. 

Wm Xoswoitliv, I'res 

Win llipp, Treas 

Di- \V it (iudfrcy, Seo 

Fire De|>:ii-tiiieul. 

Wm Philliiis, iliiif of department 
Liberty Hose t'o No 1, U'J w 4lli 
Younfj America Hose Co Xo 2, 

oor Boston and FranKlin 
Car Works IIosc Co Xo .i, at ear 

Phoenix Hose Co X''o 4, eor ?.d 

and Ontario (Canada) 
Car Worlis Hose Co Xo 5, at oar 




No 12. Union Hotel; key at oilice 
No 13. Rawsnn, Ruot & Co.'s 

planing mill; key in engine 

room and Karl's stable 
Xo 14. Spring and Micliigan sts; 

key at Mrs Lyneli's and AT 

No lo. Franklin and Market sts; 

k' y at Jlujor Hotel 
Nolo. Canada; key at Wentzel's 

saloon and l-'red Walter's 
No 21. Miebigan and Utb sts; 

key at Bnrkliart's saloon and 

.Tames K'ellogg's 
No 22. Zorn's Brewery; key at 

engine room 

No 23. Spring and 8th sts; key 
at Andrew Ivnigbt's and .Ma- 
rion Carver's 

No 24. Fi-aidilin and Boston sts: 
key at IMiller's meat market 
and Jolin Reid^awitz's. 

No 2."). Wabasli and Stbsts; ke\- 
at W F Latham's and Fred 
\'oltz's saloon 

No 31. Car factor J ; key at olliee 
and with watehnian 

No 32. Baltimore and Elston sts; 
key at .InliusTimm's and Fath- 
er Bleekmani.'s 

Xo 33. Alaska Refrigerator ; key 
at oHlce 

No 34. llitchcoek Chair Factory; 
key at olliee 

X''o 3r>. Prison; key at guard 

Xo4I. Cor 7th and Elston sts; 
key at .facob Sceger's 

.No 42 Winti'rbotham's cooper 
shop; key at Fred Barthole's 



Open the door of the box with 
the key when you want to turn 
in an alarm, J!y pidling down 
the liook onee and letting go gives 
the general alarm at the water 
works and hose houses in the 


For a general alarm one long 
whistle. To locate a fire from 
box Xo 15 the whistle will give 1 
short and then 5 short whistles 
in succession, indicating box No 
15. etc 

For alarm of lire from box No 
23 the whistle ^ill give 2 sliort 
and, after thirty seconds' inter- 
mission, will give 3 short whistles, 
indicating hi'x 23, etc 

City Water ^VoiKs. 

Olliee Citv Building, 123 w 4th. 



--v--,;v,7-'V^„-'' — 



iTlit-liii;:in City Posl 

(;!0:. Fianklin.) 

Postmaster Knuik II Duriui, a? 

postmaatLM- 11 U'b 

iii;iiliii-r dcrl; George lUiiizikt 

gen delivei-y eleik Win Kin; 

N0I. Frank lleni-y 
No 2. Frank K;;f;e't 
Noli. Fred 11 Westphal 
No 4. Coo l';<l^al 
Sub-uarries Frank Knirk 


7 a ni to 7.;!0 p ni. M 

St Stani^kins school (I'olisli, Ko- 
niim Catlioiie). eor Kipley anil 
Wabliington, liev Knianuel J 
AVroljle principal 

St .lobn's Fvan<i;elical scliool 
(Lutheran), cor 'Jtli and Frank- 
lin, Kev .lohii G lloch princi- 

St I'anl's Lutheran school, n e 
cor'.ltliand Franklin, Kcv John 




Olllce 1'2;! w Itli 
K K Joluison IVcs 
M T Krue^ccr Sec 
K L ValentiLie'l'reas 
J C lilacU Supt 


High school, cor Sth and Cedar 

lOdward Boyle principal 
First Ward, cor -Ith and Pine 

JIary A Pel kins prineioal 
Second Ward, cor D a 

Cecelia Moran priiic 
Fourth Ward, cor lOtli 

Anna Hopkins princ ^ 
East Port, cor Alichiganai 

dricks, Ada I p 
(Janada school, opp 110 Union 
5II8C1';LLANK()US sciiiioi.s. 
Michigan City Busiiiesa College, 

n w eor JIarket and Franklin, 

C F Conipton prop 
Barker Hall (Kpiscoiial), so eor 

Oth and FraiiMin, Kev X W 

Ileernians he id master 
St Mary's High school (Roman 

Calliolic), s e eor l!nlVah> ami 

]!o.-ton, Kev John 151ccKnia:ii 


Eveniii"- Disiiath, estrthlished 

Apiifiio, l.ssi. JohnlSFaulk- 

nor editor, ;;uil Franklin 


Evening X e u s , established 

't 7 a 111 

iss_'. Kobjj it Carpenter eds 


and proprs, 115 w Michigan 


Freic Lanze (Tlie), established 

isul. I'Hildebrandteditorand 


lin.-iness iimgr, -HHi Franklin 


Jlieliigan City l)i-patcli, estab- 

li-lied Sept Ttli, l:s7'J. John B 

F.iulki. diti.r, -iiW Franklin 

Miehi^.m < ilv .\ews,esi.iblished 

IS.;:,. l;ulib ^y Carpenter edi- 

l,n> and iMoprs, 11.^ w Mich- 

.1 Union, 

iul Oliio, 


ind Hen- 


TtaiikM and Baiikcrsii. 

Ciii/.cns Bank (The), incorpor- 
ated 1S8'J. Capital 50,(J00. 
Will B Hutchinson Pres. Mich- 
ael Kernel Vice Pres, Charles 
K Arnt Cashier, 311 Franklin 

First National Bank, incorpor- 
ated IbSI. Capital -.'50,000 C 
10 IJeWolfe Pres, Walter Vail 
Vice Pres, W II Schoeneniaiin 
Casliier, J F Kreidlev asst 
Cashier, ;!01 Franklin 

liioorporaU'd t'oin- 
! ]iaiiic!!«. 

Ford & Johnson Co. Incorpor- 
ated ISSM. Capital .$100,000. 
Jolm S Ford Pres, Henry ^V 
.l.diii'^oii Viee Pres, lU'iilieii A 
Hitclieock Se.', Henry V Hitch- 
cock Treas, olliee at prison 

'r:'jj^-<^r^ , . ■:'-<^'* 

L. POLK & CO.'S 

Haskell V HarkerCaiCo. Incor- 
l.orated 1S71. Jol-ii II Barker 
I'rcs.N <) Kdgei s Sec and Tieas, 
w s BulValo bet Market ami «lli 
llcrmitaj;e Club (Tlio). Iiicor- 
j.o lilted ]Sy:i. Caiiital $5,000. 
,M T Kniegei- Pies, It M Huteli- 
jsoii Vice Pies, Walter Vail 
'I'l-ciis, M A Scliiitt See. Chib 
House y^ milee FrHiiklin, Lake 
Ilitclicock Chair Co. Incorpor- 
atod ISSL Capital IflOO.OOO. 
Jolin S Ford Pres, Keubeu A 
lliteliLOck Vice Pres, Henry W 
Jobnson See, Hi'iiry ^■ Hitoli- 
cock Treas, olliee at prison 
Lcist Jlnfg Co. Incorporated 
LS!)-2. (Capital $10 000. H R 
■I'ntliill Pres, II A Sch\va;;er 
Vice Pres, Cliarle- Lei-t See 
and Treas, eeiid (i;irHeld 
Mielii'MH City Gas Co. Incor- 
porated 1881. Capital $-10,000. 
Wni Blinks Pres, Mielu.el 
Koniel Sec ami 'I'reiis, 120 W 
Micliif?a>i City Loan ami Bn 
intr Assoeiiition. Incorporated 
1885. Capital S300 000. E F 
Beliaii Pres, W alter Loekion 
Vice Pres, I J Spero Sec, F. ed- 
eriek Scbaeuflele Treas, -110 
Micliifiaii City Sash and DoorCo. 
Incorporated 1887. Cai)ital 
$'20,000. A K Colborn Pres, 
W K Corbin Sec and 'I'rcas, 
Frank M Jones Gen'l ilnf^r, 
L'12 to 232 2d 
Kawson & Hoot Lumber Co. In- 
corporated 1889. Capital $(J0,- 
000. H A Root Pres, A K Col- 
born Vice I'res, C W \Voods 
Sec and Treas, n end Wabash 
Summit Rt-fri>,'erator Mnfjl Co 
(The). Incorporated 18!)2. Cap- 
iial $10,000. Robert Brincu- 
niMii Pres, Cliarles A IJluhm 
Vice Pres, \Vm Brinckman 
Treas, Ilenrv H Blidim Sec, 
cor :Market and Canal 
Tecmn.sch FaeinR Mills. Incor- 
l.orled 1800. Caiiital $25,000. 
R W Street Pres and Treas, W 
G Kendrick Sec, ollicc at prison 

It a i I road w. 

Lake Erie and Western Passenger 
Station, s w cor Front and 
Franklin, R D Couch a^u 

Louisville, New All)any and Chi- 
ca"0 Passenger Station, s e cor 
Front and Franklin, Wm B 
Manny as!:t 

:Mieliiiran Central, s w • or Front 
and' Franklin, G ^l Waite agt 

Indiana .Male Prison, 

(Southwest part of city.) 
Directors— .M I) Yontz, Indian- 
apolis; II A Barnhart, Roclics- 
ter; .John lirodie, Valparaiso 
James W French, Warden 
Thonnis K Donnelly, Deputy 

Patrick W Driscall, Clerk 
R 11 t'alvert, Phyr-iciiin 
Hev W II Xandcrs, Chaplain 
L M F cmmiiit;, Steward 

Wocri'l and i?eiicvo!ent 

(Mmsou Hall .^>1'J,'., Franklin.) 

Acme Lodjie No 83, F & A M. 
Instituted 1800, mc ts first 
Tuesday eveningof eachniontb. 
A G Tiilotson W M, T M God- 
frey Sec 

Michigan City Chapter No 25, R 
A iM. Instituted 1854, meets 
second Tuesday eveniiij; <'f 
each monili. Joseph Oliver H 
P, S J 'J'aylor Sec 

Michigan City C. uncil No 50, R 
S JI. Instituted 18Sr,, meet, 
every fourih 'J'uesday evcuin;:' 

Michiffaii City Commandcry No 
30, K T. Instituted ISSI, meets 
third Tuesdav evening of each 
month. F 11 Doraii K C, V H 
Zahrii Recorder 

Lake Michiiran Chapter No 08, O 
l<: S, meet* first and third Mon- 
ilay evenings of eacli month. 
Grace Kavelle W M, Mis Hattie 
Weed Sec 

hks.VA Auiuialjlr.u bijibl 
_- •■ .. ■ ' -..^ 



I. O. O. F. 

A<liill;mi T.od^',. Xo 22!). Iiisti- 1801, nicels cvci-v 'I'llcs- 
(l,u- evening ,Mo/.;iir lliill blU. 
Kfiii-y Wiukeiitiiio X Q Niclio- 
last W'eiler S''C 

Anion Lodge Xo (iOC. Instituted 
1881, niei-ts evi'iy AVfdno^diiy 
evi'iiing cor Utii and Kiaiikliii. 
John .Sterzinf; N G, John IJar- 
tles Sec 

Jlk-liigan City Lod^e No 2G5, 
li stitiited ISlili, meets eveiy 
Tliiiisdav evening. liOl Fnink- 
li .. \Vm K Snell N G, E M 

Lalio MicliiKiin Encampment Xo 
121. Inslitnted IS?:!, n.eeis tii'st 
and third Fridays of cacli 
montli, Mozait Hall hik. J \> 
luill r, Fred .Spiro Sciihc. 

Winona I.o.lge Xo IIS, D of ]{, 
meets Mozarr Hall lilk. .M rs 
\Vm Ceitz, X G, Mrs Carl 
Schu'tz Src 


(Castle Hall n w cor FrauKlin 
and .Michigan.) 

Wasliington Lodge No 94. In- 
stitnted 1880, meetK every Mon- 
dav evening. C F Arnt C C, 
-M A Seliutt K of ft & S 

.Micliigan City l>ivi>ion Xo7,UK 
K v( r. Institnied 1S82, nn-eis 


cacli month. H I! Tutliill Cajit, 

.M A Schutt Recorder 
Section No 977 Endowment K.nk, 

K of I'. Institnted ISS!i, meets 

.lannary of each year, .lohn 

llolVman I'res, C E Meyer Sec 

G. A. K. 

George V Kawfon I'ost .Vo JG. 

Organized 1887, meets second 

and fourth Saturdav evenings 

>'f eaeii monlli, 'Mli Franklin. 

II .\ Roat Commander, K .M 

Hyrkclt Sec 
Major H \V .Johnson Camp Xo225, 

Sof\'. Organized Xovcn. her I, 
, 18110, M ects second ami I'onrth 

Tuesday eveinnirs of eich 

month, 301 Franklin. 

George V Rawson Relief Corps 
Xo 166, ;f01 Frai-klin Mrs .M 
V Cole Pres, M . .^ 1! II Fddy 

Lake Conncil No30;j. Institnteil 
.May -tti, 1881, meets first and 
third Tuesday evenings of each 
inontii, cor Franklin and -M icli- 
isja". Clarence Valentine Pres, 
Edward D Keys Sec 

Jly-tic T.inpIeNo2. Institnted 
1S82, nn'ets second and fourth 
Thursd.v evenings of each 
month at Mozart Hall blk. I I 
Spiro Oracle Richard Ilngget 

C. .M. L U. 

Cigar Makers' International Un- 
ion Xo ."Oil, meets lirst Monday 

eveliillL' .'f earli moi.lll, -129;.; 
Franklin. .lohn .lens Pie-s" 


Harhor City Assemldy No 9S10, 
meets every Thursday evening, 
20lJFrankhn. Win Cavanaugh 
M \V, .lohn M(n-ri.son Sec 

Harmony Assenddy No ,'!220, 
meets every Tue.s.lay evening, 
20S Franklin 

W. C. T. U. 

Rooms 9 and 11 n w cor Market 
and Franklin 

Halcyon Conncil Xo G72. Insti- 
tuted April, 1882, meets second 
and fourth Tuesday evenings 
of each moiitli. at Mozart Hall 
hlk. F II Zahrn Regent, E F 
Hailey Sec 


Court Lake (Jity Xo 520. Insti- 
tnied Oct, Jsill. meets fourth 
\VedMesday evening of each 
month, at ;!01 Franklin. S J 
Taylor C R, \V R liray Sec 







Eureka Council No 1207. Insti- 
tuted 1S92, meets first and third 
Tuesday evenings of each 
month, cor Gth and Franklin. 
Frank Cruikshank Com, K it 
I'erry Sec 


Eiclibaum Lodge No IG. Organ- 
ized 1890, meets liist and tliird 
Thursdays of eacli month, cor 
(irli and Franklin. Henry 
I'.rummer I'res, An.i;ust I5arteN 

Business Men's Association. Wal- 
ter Vail Pres, T M Gndfre> 
Sec. Club rooms n w cor l''rank- 
lin andMichig;:n 
Columbian Atlilctlc Club. James 
Malone Pres, E K I'crry .Sec. 
Gymnasium and club rooms 
Mozart hall building 
Hermitage Club (The). JI T 
Krueger Pres, M A Schutt Sec. 
Club house >n mile e Franklin 
on Lake Front 
Retail Dealers' Protective Asso- 
ciation. Organized 1890. :Meets 
lirst 'i'hursday of each month 
Mozart Hall building. L B 
Ashton Pres, Ira S Carpenter 

Federal Odicers. 

U S Custom ollicer, 115 w Mich- 
igan. Charles J liobb surveyor 
of customs 

U S Light House, n side Harbor 
\v Franklin. Harriet E Colfax 
light keeper 

U S Life Saving Station, n e side 
Harbor w Franklin. Henry 
Finch capt 

Postollice, 303 Franklin. Frank 
A Doran pustiuaster 

Calvary Cemetery (Roman Cath- 
olic), location same as lircen- 

C'liiireli I>irc<toi-y. 


First Baptist Church, s c cor Otli 
and Spring, Kev Charles Vree- 
land jiastor. Sunday services, 
jircaching 10 "U a m, 7 :;iO p m, 
Sunday scliool 12 m 


First Congregational Church, n w 
cor t;th and Washington. Sun- 
day services, preaching 10 :;iO 
a m, 7:;!() p m ; Sundav scliool 
11:4';-) am 

•::a.-cop,al Church, s e cor 
,d Franklin, Rev Nile W 
i:ins pastor. Sunday ser- 



Greenwood Cemetery, Freder 
C Krueger sexton. Bet Barker I 
and Greenwood av e Franklin | 

sermon !U::!0 a ni, 7:30 p m, 
Sunday school 2 p ni 

St Paul's Lutheran Church, n e 
cor 9th and I'ranklin, Jfev John 
Vdllnier pastor. Sunday ser- 
vices, preaching 10 a in, 7:30p 
m, Sunday school 2 p in 

St John's Evangelical Church, s 
w cor 9th and Franklin, Rev 
JohnG Hoch pastor. Sunday 
services, pleaching 10 a m, Sun- 
day school 1:30 p m 


First M E Church, cor 7th and 
Franklin. Sunday services, 
preaching 10:30 a in, 7:30 p m, 

German '.M E Church, n e cor 8th 
and BulValo, Rev Fred Wrede 
pastor. Sunday services, 10:30 
a m, 7 p m, Sunday school 9 a m 
Norwegian Church, w s Spring 
lirt 2d and Michigan 

First Presbyterian Clmrch, Rev 

bet Utl 

d 7tli 


St Mary's Clu'ioli, s e cor Biift'iilo 
luul Boston, Kev Joliii Hlf^-k- 
niiimi pnstor. Siiinl.iv services, 
iiiass7:-ir. a m, liii;li fiiass ]0:ir, 
a in, Sunday school •_' ]p mi. yes- 
pers and benedietion :i \t ni 

St Stanilaus Poli-^li (Imrcli, cor 
Kiplcy and \V;islnt)f;ton, Rev 
Emanuel. I Wiobel inMor. Siin- 



lass 10:15 a m, Sunday 
2:;i0 p in, vespers :i p in 

Pa I- lis. 

n I'aik, 11 end Frank- 

Ilariiet E Colfax lislit keeper, 

ITIiclii^^nii Citv .Slrocl Diroctorv. 

All streets crossinu; I' 
As this street is th( 
streets ininibor fro: 

A, north and south, fir 

cenietery.seeond south liarker av 
inl nortll liarker av 
north Koj^arty, Washington Park ad- 

Ann, from FnuiUin - 
Arinlt. east and west, 


Arthur, from Franklin east to Maple, second south Ureenwood av 
Arthur, from Ohio east, second south Kussell 

B, north and south, first east A (Canada) 
Baltimore, east and \vest, first south Boston 

Barker av, from Wabash east to limits, seventh south Warren 
Beaks, from Franklin east, second north Barker av 
Belden, from Lafayette east, first north Barker av 
Benton, from ^May av soutli, second west Wabash 
Blaine, east and west, Fisher's addition 
Boston, east and west, first south 9th 
Bullalo, nortll and south, third west Franklin 

Buii)j;arten, east and west, third north Fogarty, Washington Park 

C, north and south, second east A (Canada) 
Canal, from ad sontiieast to Uth, fifth east Franklin 
Case from Michisjan east, first south State lOad 

Cedar, from Market south to Main, third east Franklin ■ 
Center, north and snuih, second west B (Canada) 
Central, fr(uii M C Kv west, first south Ford 
Charles, from Franklin west, first north Barker av 
Cherry, from Hendricks east, first nortll Barker av 
Chica^ro, from intersection Sih and Jlanliattau, southwest 
Cleveland av, from -Michigan south lo Barker av, fourth east Maple 
Cloud, from Krueger's addition south to Barker av, first east Cleve- 
land av 
Columbia, nortll and south, first west M C Ry, Southwest addition 
Congress, from M C Ry west, first south Central 
Corymbo, north and soulli, Ashton's addition 
Custer av, from 4th southeast, Blair's addition 

D, north and south, third cast A (t:aiiad:i) 


2^ R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Decatur, from Fnmklin eist to cemetery, tliiril south Biirker av 

Uerby from Beiitou Foutli, first west Wabasli 

Detroit, from Franklin east, tirst south Biiltimore 

Division, from Miohi-an cast, livst north State r.iad 

Dole, from Uth simth, fust ue-^t W ilhuil av 

Douglas av, from Sherman av soutli.Mst, lirst west Luu-oln av 

Duncan, east and west, on north .-iUe ol Inner Harbor south A\ ash- 
ington I'ark 

Du I'ase, f>'0"i Lafayette east, fifth south Boston 

K. nortli and south, fourlli east A (Canada) 

Eic'lith, east and west, third south Maruet 

Kim, from Pearl south to (ireenwood av, ei;,'hth east Franklin 

Klston, from seventh soutli, lifth west Franklin 

Kiiiily, east and west, lii>t south Union (Canada) 

Erie nortli and south, second west Center (Canada) 

Felton, east and west, first north Fogarty. Washington Park ad- 

Fen-y, from Ohio east, first north Kussell ,^ ,. ^, , , 

Fogarty, oast and west, third north M C Ky, Washington Park ad- 

Pollet, east and west, Woodson and Philips's addition 

Ford, from M C Ky west, first south Green 

Fourth east and west, first south Micliigan 

Francis from Cleveland av east fust north Barker av 

Frankliii, north and soutli from lake front to s(mtlierii limits central 

' dividing line east and west 
Fremont, from Lafayette east, third south Boston 
Front east and west, first south Harbor 

Fulton from Franklin east to cemetery, first soutli Barker av 
Garfield, from Franklin east to Maple, firstsouth Greenwool av 
Garfield from Ohio east iirst south Itussidl 

Grant av, north and soutli, first west WiUard av, Blair Park ad- 
dition ^ 
Greeley av, north and south, third west Douglas av 
Greene, from Franklin west, first south Baltimore 
Greenwood av, from Franklin east to limits, fifth south Barker av 
Hancock av, from Sth south, second west Douglas av 
Harrison, from Franklin east to Maplo, third south Greenwood av 
Harrison^ from Ohio east, third south Russell 
Hayes av, from Sth south, first west Greeley av 
Hendricks, from Michigan south to Greenwood av, second east 

Cleveland av 
Hitchcock, north and south, Woodson and Phillips s addition 
Holl'man, northeast, Washington Park addition 
Holliday, from Vail north, Ur.t ea-t Michigan 
Homer, from FrankMn west, second north Barker av 
Hoyt, from Wall south, first east Kufialo 
Jackson, from Michigan south to Greenwood av, fourth east Cleve- 

Jewell, east and west, Woodson and Phillips's addition 

Kentucky, from eighth south, first west Tennessee 

Krueo-er av, continuation Center street, Washington Park addition 

Lafayette, from eighth south to Greenwood av, fourth east Franklin 

I>ake, from Wabash west, first south lake 

Lincoln av, northwest and southeast, Blair's addition 

Logan av, east and west, first north Sth, Blair's addition 

Lowell, from Franklin west, fourth south Barker av 

McClelland av, northwest and southeast, Blair's addition 

V :. <'■ ■ ■ ' ' .' . . •: :t':': 


Maai.sOM. IVnni T,afay.-tle e^i'^r, tbinl .|, l!:nk.n- av 


itli, fon,-th w.-st, iM-imklin 

Munnin- Hon, V^^^'^^^^"''.''^^''':^^;^^'J^^i;:Zm. east Franklin 

Maple, I'lOui liostoii soiilh t'< 
IMarkut, east and \ve>t, ^eeoi 
M.vav, fi- 

M sdiitli .Miclnj;aii 
tliiiil soutli IJaiKerav 

er av, Washington 

.,n.u..-,i.. c,..-. and west, Jirstsoiitli -Jti 
Millo "o'l^t and west, second south Union (Canada) 

Milh-r'av, north and sooth, second east ' 

Paik addition 
Mnlli-an, .■a-t and west, Fisher's addition 
Jy'intli east and west, fouitli south MarUet 
Norlli east and west, Asliton's addition ,, , ,• 

Oak, IVoni Otii south to (Jreenwood av sixth east I'ranklin 
gl;:iS:Ji'^;:"d''ou";n^-r^.::t''Kn;:k..- av, Washington Fai-k 

adiiilion ,, ^ ,r- . i.,\ 

Ont-u-io nortti and xuitli, lir^t «<■<! Center (Canada) 



reai-i, from Lulay ur <■ -i, l,rii-lh mhiiIi I,u>tuu 

I'eiiie, north and soiiih, Ashton s addiliou 

Phillips, noitli and south, W..odsou and I'hiilips addition 

Pine, Uin !al,e south to lieakes, first ea-t HanKlm 

i:!;;:;:;r:''-^::,^^^;l;,!:;i;a^so:;ti:'tr^ril;nwo:^^ «- west ceve. 

Po te'," '\-r!^n Miehigan south to Greenwood av, third east Cleve- 
land av , ,„ 
Kipley, east and west, second south \N arien 
Kussell. from Oliio east, fourth north liniiis 
Salein, from Oliio east, second north Russell 
San Francisco, from MichiKan south, ninth west \\ ab„sli 
Scott, east and west, third south l.nion (CanaUii) 
Second,' east and west, second s(uith l':;i''<"' 
Seventh, east and west, second south Market 
Seymour av, from .Sih sontli, livst wst Douglas av 
Sheridan av, north and south, second west (Ireeley av 
Short, from Porter east, second north Barker av 
Sixth, east and west, lir<t south Market -p.,,.,.,,^ .,v 
South, from Franklin east to cemetery, fourth south Baiker av 
Sprint, from lake south to Kipley, second east l-rankliii 
Siate, continuMtion Chiea-o, from Ford s.)uth 
State road from Michigan east, eontiiunition stli 
oi-aie loau iiuiu .1.1. ^ , \i.,,,i,. f,,inili -outh (Ireenwood av 
Superior, from Franklin east to .M.ipii , hhhiii 
'I'aylor, from M C liy souili to Ith, lir-t ea-l ' ;inal 

Thn mmUVmn lI'i' o'w^ !'"''''; >">';'' f^";^^'; "^ 

■I'dlutson, from Franklin w-t, -erond .south .aike .iN 
■I'rvnn troin .\liclil;;:in east, srcuid s..nlli htate road 
Unh.n, ea-t and west, lirstscMUh'Jd (Canada) 
Vail, from Michigan east, third -outh Male road 
Wabash, north and south, se<'cind \\.-t ranklin 
Wall, ti0.ii Ohio east, second -outh Kiphw 
Warren, oast and wc-r, second .-niith Baltimore 

24 R- I- POLK & CO.'S 

Washington, north ami south, first west Franklin 

\\'ilhir(l av, from 4tli south, first west .M C Ity 

William, east and west, first south Warrt-n 

■WoolI, from Pine east to Sprin<^, first south Detroit 

York, from 8th soutli to (ireonuooil av, tilth east Franklin 


Do goiJ want a goofl siWation? Prepare pilrself for it at tlie 
Micliioan Gitu Bilsiness Collene. Write for terms. •=■ 'presrenf."'- 



R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Michigan ^L^irectory^ 


ailv advertisement 

agt HKi-nt 

Am Ex Co. .American Kxpre>.s Co 

asst assistHiit 

assn association 

av avenue 

b boards 

Mksmith black^^niitli 

bet between 

bldg bnildinK 

blk block' 

bkkpr bookeeper 

Bros brothers 

carp carpenter 

cashr cashier 

elk clerk 

condr ; conductor 

cor corner 

dept department 

dom domestic 

e east 

e 8 east side 

h house 

ins insurance 

inst inbtrunient 

lab laljorer 

mach niacbinist 

mach hd machine band 

mkr maker 

mnf": manufacturiiiif 

mnfr manufacturer 

mngr manager 

n s 

.north side 


laib ... 







r m s... 

railway mail service 


s e 

s s 

south side 

s w . 



stenog . 





.telegraph or telephone 

treas trcasunr 

iiplilr upholsterer 

U S Ex Co,United States Express 


w'liol'esai ■ 


west side 

\V U Tel Co, Western Union Tele- 
graph Co 


Abberger'Anton, lab, h Cloud, East Port 
Abbott Ulysses G. fireman, b 127 w -Ith 
Aberle Catherine, wid August, h 307 ISealou 





01 [jx 

- c 

en >-i 


~ 'J) 


J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind 

26 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Aberle Cljrist, lab, h 307 Benton 
P Acker John, lab, h 910 w Gtli 

H^ Acker Louis, lab, b 910 w 6th 
[i||_l Acker Louisa, wid John, h 910 w 6th 

Ackerman Albert A, eng, h 320 w 4th 
-jK^ Ackerman Charles, carp, h 320 w 4th 
P^r, Ackerman Minnie, works Amazon H Co, h 320 w 4th 



^^ Adams Adele, h 316 e 6ih 

rr\T\ Adams Arthur, brakeman, b 122 Franklin 

U Adams Cvrus E, switchman, b 211 Franklin 

Qb; Adams Mathew T, lab. h 1115 Pine 

P rH Adrian John, works car factory, h 413 Miller 

3 <j Agnew Maude, student, h 413i Franklin 

Qrh Agnow Alljert, lab, h 809 Cleveland av. East Port 

r(<J Ahlgrim Charles, tmstr, h 204 Hendricks, East Port 

^[^ Ahlgrim Frederick J, mason, h 203 Porter, East Port 

Hp!| Aicher Bertha, dressrakr, 522 Franklin, h lOlG Franklin 

[Qr-j Aicher Ferdinand, works chair factory, h lOiG Franklin 

,Sj Aicher Mamie, dressmkr, h 1016 Franklin 

mn Aicher MoUie, h 1016 Franklin 

"^ Aicher Otto (Aicher & Son), h 1016 Franklin 

0) Aicher Simon (Aicher & Son), h 1016 Franklin 

Aicher iSc Son (Simon and Otto Aicher), furniture and uphols- 
^ terers, 208 Franklin 

^ Albee Harry W, mnfr, h 524 Pine 

TD Albrecht Frederick, h 320 Miller 

O Albrecht Gustav, h 320 Miller 

O Albrecht John F, cabinetmkr, h 1008 Franklin 

^ Albright Frederick, lab, h Canada 

•^ Alburn George N, brakeman, b 213 Franklin 

i-rj Aleiiander Edward, drayman, b Henderson House 

2 ALEXA:\'I>KIt JiJDSO.\ (Alexander & Co), b Hen- 
Ci derson House 

, Alexander Wm, lab, h 1505 Manhattan 

03 ALEXAi\DEIS &, €0, Judson Alexander Mngr, Proprs 
O City Transfer Line, 106 w Jlichigan Phone 61 See side 

C^ lines 

Allen Charles, driver, h 1005 Kentucky 
C Allen Joseph, chairmkr, b 1147 w Boston < 

O Allen Wm, U S L S S, h life saving station 
"y AUiger John, works Ford & Jolinson, r 832 Pine 
f3 Amazon Hosiery Co Packing Rooms, Albert J Krueger mngr, 
P^ 210 to 216 e Michigan 

American Express Co, Peter Doran agt, 203 Franklin 

a Ames Fred E, switchman, b 119 Franklin 
Anderson Albert, section hd, h Washington Park addition 
^ Anderson Alexander, moldor, h e end Barker av 
^ Anderson Antlrew, lab, h 373 Greely av 




f/lBissnBr's Pliaraiacn, 820 Main St., La Porte. 

A Competent Pharmacist always in charge. 


Anderson Charles E, lab, b 1501 Elnton 

Anderson Christ, reed worker, h 117 e Ripley 

Anderson Fred, lab, h 210 Fulton 

Anderson Gabriel, lab, b 217 e 2d 

Anderson John, b 123 e Slichigan 

Anderson John, lab, b 815 w 7th 

Anderson Martin, engine wiper JI C round house 

Anderson Jlaxwell, engine wiper, h 117 e Ripley 

Anderson Peter, lab, h 109 Fulton 

Andre J Max, lab, h 1305 5Ianh;ittan 

Andrew George, carp and builder, 225 Cedar, h same 

Andrew Lillie A, h 225 Ce lar 

Andrew Nellie, h 221 Cedar 

Andrews Charles, tmstr, h 407 Pine 

Andrews Charles C, lab, h 709 w 8th 

Andrews Rosetta, h 223 w 6th 

Angler George B. brakeman, h 210 e 2d 

Aris Ella, trimmer 406 Franklin, h East Port 

Armory Opera House (The), Wra C Miller 

asst, n a Michigan 2 w Washington 
Armour Elmer, coromlir. b 301 w Gtli 
Armour Flora, h 301 w 6th 

Arndt Albert C, switch tender, h 718 Manhattan 
Arndt Charles, lab, h 109 Seymour av 
Arndt Frederick, blksmith, h 907 e 2d 
Arney Emanuel, lab, h Washington Park addition 
Arnold August G, bartender, b 116 e Michigan 

Arnold August G, works car shops, b 117 w Baltimore J3j 

Arnold Laura, wid Nathan, h 307 w Baltimore ^ 

AK,\T CIIAKLE.S K, Cashr Citizens' Bank, h 902 ^ 1 

Washington - I 

Ashton Arthur L, elk, h 215 Spring 
A»illTO;\' LYJIAA' B, Grocer, 202 Frankli 

Ashton Walter F, elk. h 215 Spring 
Ashton Walter F, student, h 215 Spring 
Augustine Burr F, bkkpr, b 216 e Market 
Austin FMe M, boarding, rear 117 Franklin, h same 
Austin Frank D, R R fireman, b 218 w 4th 
Austin Lawrence B, raach, h 218 w 4th 
Auton Charles, plasterer, b 120 State 
Automatic Turning Co, e end Stale road 
Ayers Charles P, mach. h 413 Pine 
Ayers James B, watch repairer, h 413 Pine 
Ayers John M, lab, h 623 Thurman av. East Port 

r, E F Bailey }g 









Spaeth X MH 

Druggists and Chemists, 

812 Main St., La Porte. 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

<D ■ , ■:■ B 

O^ Bach Mary, domestic The Vreeland Hotel 

7 rj Bader Albert, bartender, h 520 e Michigan 

ZZ^ Badur Michael, h 813 Biiflalo 

-J^ Baeier Frank, lab, h 307 Hendricks, East Port 

i^ a Bacr Fred, lab, h 109 Cleveland av, East Port 

Q ^ Baf knicht Charles, lab, h 1211 Elstnn 

(jjp. Bahringer Heniy, carp j^I C R}', h Pine 

Bailey Edward F, elk locomotive d^pl M C Ry, h C31 Spri 
N Bailey Edmund M, mgr U S Exp Co. b Hotel Vreeland 
jj Bailey Edmund M, iiliarinacist, b Hotel Vieeland 

^w Bailey Jfarv A, wid Willard T. h 40G Sprii 

°^ Bailey Wra'D, cond, b 405 e 0th 

S. Baini Etta, dora 1212 Pine 

C- Baker Betsy M, wid Anlliony, h 413 e 6th 

Ikiker Clara L, h 413 e Gl,l) 
Baker Nellie B, h 413 e (Uh 

CC _ 

CQ Baker Thomas, foreman, h 221 w 4lh 

^ Baldwin Ethlyn, b 41G w 9th 

rt Baldwin Joseph P, molder, h 410 w 9ih 

, , Baldwin Maiia U, wid David J, h 001 Washington 

<' ' Baldwin Seth, steamboat captain, h rear 217 Franklin 
Ballinger Uriah M, prison guard, h 828 Bulfalo 
Ballon Albert, lab, h 211 State •, : - 

Q Bane Martin, lab, b 140 Francisco 

^ Banks Harry P, cond, h 401 e Cth 

Bard Christena, wid Pati'ick, h 824 w 7ih 

, — I Barfknecht Fred, works car factory, h 320 w 4th 

-^ Baifknecht Mary A, works Amazon 11 Co, h 1714 Ohio 

i2 Barfkneclit :Michael, lab, h 1714 Ohio 

• z: Barfknecht Wra, lab, b 1714 Ohio 

,^ Barker John H, pres Haskell & Barker Car Co, h 631 Wash- 
^■' ington 

y5 Barker Hall Episcopal School, Rev N W Heemans principal, 
."ti s e cor 6th ami Franklin 

Z: BAK:\E)*i Al.ltr.lST O, Pianos, Organs and Sewing 
(J^ Machines, 511 and 513 Fianklin, h n w cor Market and 


^ Barnes Harry M, stenog, h 223 w Boston 

^ O Baron Josepli, lab, h 307 Hendricks, East Port 

r^ Barron Able B, works car factory, h 109 e Boston 

t^ Barron James, h 109 e Boston 

f-, Barron Minnie E, teacher, h 109 e Boston 

r~; Barsha Baltzar, lab, h 1409 lilston 

^ Barsha John, lab, b 1409 Elston 

Experts teach Book-keeping, Penmanship, Shorthand and the Engiish 
for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Barsha Michael, reed cliairmkr, b 1409 Elston (i 

Bartels Adolpli, lab, h 423 e Boston h— < 

Battels Adolph jr, h 423 e lOlh 
Bartels Albert, carp, h 423 e Boston 

Baitels August, eaip, h 423 e Boston J> 

Bartels John, li 423 e lOlh K^i 

Bartels John, lab, h 627 Dupage, East Port <^ 

Bartels John, lab, h 1115 w'Green 

Bartels John, works car I'aetory. h 123 w Baltimore t~* 

Bartels John H, raokler, li 1200 Frankl 
Bartels Ricke, dom 017 Franklin 

Bartels Wnj, molder, b 117 w 8th /N 

Barteski Herman, lab, b e s MeClelland av 2 n of w 7th 
Barteski Wm, lab, b e s McClelland av 2 n of w 7ih 
Bartezky Herman, bench hd. h 1212 Oliio 
Bartezky Wm, bench hd, h 1212 Oliio 
Barlh Jacob C, mach hd, li 417 Huron 

Barth Julius, painter, h 901 w <)th PJ 

Bartholomew Frank L, elk, h 518 Pine 

Bartholomew Fred W, tinner, h ."ilS Pine (^ 

Bartholomew Louis C (H.-irtholomew A Co), h 518 Pine 
Bartholomew V^irijil W ( Bartholomew & Co), h nVS Pine 
«AI5TIIOLO>IE\V A: €0 (Vir-il ^Y Bartholomew - 
and Lewis C Bartholomew), Ilai-dware, Stoves. Paints, m 
Oils, Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters, 325 Franklin j 
See left side lines 

Bartlf John, mach hd. b 1115 Green ^ Z 

Bartzen Rosena, wid John, h cor Homer and Washington ^ ^ 

Bass Jennie, dressmkr, h 509 e 8ih ~ O 

Bassett John W, janitor, h 1522 w Boston S- t" 

Batanon Wm, mach hd, b 702 Manhattan ' ° \ 

Batchellor Carl, K R fireman, b Farmer's Hotel e. | 

Batkey Ernest, brakeman, h 908 e 2d ra | 

Batsell Samuel, section hii, h 118 c Warren = ^ 

Bauer Gottlieb, works car factory, h 410 e Boston 00 ' 

Baumann Charles, brakeman, h 330 e Michigan ~ 

Baumann Charles, shoenikr, h 405 e 9th ~ 

Baumann Fred L. R R fireman, h 405 e 9lh >? 

]5aiimann Wm J, blksmith. h 405 e 9lh - 

Baumeister Henrv, lab. h 1112 w 9lh ■=" 

Baumeister John'C, mach hd The L- ist JInfg Co, b 912 Man- .* 
haltan 2 

Baumgarten Charles C, blksmith, h 303 Chicago av ^ 

Baumgarten Cliarles W, finisher, b 818 Ohio <= 

Baumgarten Henrietta, mach hd, b &1S Ohio = 

Baumgarten John, lab, h 508 w 8th 2 

Baumgarten Louise, wid Henry, h 818 Ohio g 

Baumgarten Louise C, elk, h 818 Ohio ^ 






'FanGy Spring Pateot" Floiir. 


Northern Indiana. 
J Street Milling Co., lOI J St., La Porte, Ind. 

30 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Baut John, saloon, 1123 Michigan, h s.ame 
r,L_- KAIJT JOII.\ Jf, Dealer in Choice Wine, Beer, Li- 
fJZ quors and Cigars, 50') e (iih, h same 

RH Baut Martin J, lab, b 1123 Michigan 
rq ,> Baxfkoruht Gottfried, lab, h 1305'Elston 
f^bn Baxter Walter W, dentist, 115 e 7th, h same 
Hr. Bayles John W, brakeman, b 118 Franklin 
[H^J Beach Katharine B, wid Courtland S, h 716 Spring 
-''"' Beadarstadt Christ, teamster, h 1015 Pine 

Beadarstadt Ida, works stocking factory, h 1015 Pine 


Dhr UE\Ij ARCIIinALU, Business Mngr La Porte Print- 

fJH ing Co, h 705 Maple av 

iH<^ Beatty Sidney, bkkpr, h 619 Willard av 

Qrh Beaver Ignatious, tuistr, h 1707 Franklin 

(■W Becker Julius, lab, h 919 w 6ih 

yi[J Beckraann August, R R caller, h 217 w 7th 

Wpq ItECK^ JOII.\, Watches. Clocks and Jewelry, 205 

Cur's Franklin, h 201 e Boston See adv 

,S; Becktell Reuben, mach, b 413 Pine 

^\2 Becktell Roy, mach. b 413 Pine 

^ Beckwith Julia S, wid George, h 512 e Michigan 

G) Bedenkop Augusta, works Amazon H Co, b 427 e Michigan 

Beelby John R, brakeman, h 413 e 6ih 

^ Behan Elijah F, general foreman Locomotive Dept M C Ry, 

pres Jlichigau City L A: B Asfociation, h 501 w 8th 

''O Behan Maria M, boarding, 218 w 7th, h same 

O Behan Mary F, h 218 w 7th 

O Behan Walter N, bkkpr, h 501 w 8th 

^ Behrens Bertha C, h 437 e 8th 

>^ Behrens Charles F. blksmith. h 437 e 8th 

-^ Behrens Daniel F, saloon, 116 e Michigan, h same 
Beissert Frank, finisher. Ii 916 Manhattan 
Beissert Max, molder, b 1005 Washington 

^ Belknap James, guard, h 710 w Boston 

a Bell Cora, dom 501 Pine 

O Below Charles, R R fireman, b 122 Franklin 

L^ Beltz August, lab, h 121 Porter, East Port 

^ Belz August II. carp, h 302 Miller 

C Belz Catharine, wid Wm, h 302 Miller 

O Belz F Wm, works car factory, h 302 Miller 

t;i Belz Gnstav A, mach hd, h 302 Miller 

Oj Belz John H, mach hd, h 302 Miller 

p I Belz Mary A, dressmkr, 302 Miller, h same 

Benbow Jacob II, ship()ing elk, bds 1212 Pice 

r- Boncke August M. lab, h e of [irison 

^ Bendix Henry, car repairer M C Ry 

t^ Bendix Wm, works 212 w Green 

►""^ Benford George, car repairer, h 316 e 6th 


820 Main Street , La Porte. 



Benford James A, elk, h 423 e Michigan 

Benfoid John H, car inspector, h 423 e Micliigan 

Ben lord iMay, b 310 e 6lh 

Benford Wm E, car repairer, h 423 e Michisan 

Benham Rboda M, wid Henry F, h 217 w 9tli 

Benhart Fredericlt, painter, h 921 Green 

Benight Charles, lab, h 124 Washington 

Benight Isaac H, lab, li 124 Washington 

Benkson Ida, doni 332 Pine 

Bennett Harry R (Jensen & Bennett), h 127 e 2d 

Benson Lara, elk, h 217 e fith 

Bentley Alice, dom 218 e 7lh 

Bentley Alice, trimmer, 400 Franklin 

Berchaltz Tillie, works Amazon H Co, h 124 Barker nv 

Berg Fldward, teacher St John's E School, b 811 Buffalo 

lierg Maggie C, works stocking factory, h 112 e Warren 

Bergener Andrew, works brewery, h 440 e 8th 

Berger Andrew, lab, b 524 e 9th 

Berger John C, carp, b 313 e Oth 

Bergholtz Albert C (Bergholtz & Bruemraer), b 412 e Barker av 

Berghollz & Bruemmer (Albert C Bergholtz and Win Bruem- 
mer). saloon, 234 Franklin 

Berslen Andrew, cabinetmkr, h 612 BuHalo 

ItEKGLlJiA'DCIlAiSI.ES ii. Dealer in General House 
Furnishing Goods, Stoves, Tinwaie, Crockery, Queens- 
ware and Glassware, Tools, Carpets, Carriages, Trunks, 
Valises, etc, 319 Franklin, h 216 w 4th 

Bergmann George P, book agt, b 320 Franklin 

Bergquist Chailes, carp, h 821 w 7th 

Berkholtz Albert, saloon kpr, b 124 Barker av 

Berkholtz Matilda, knitter, b 124 Barker av 

Berkholtz Wilhelmina, wid Charles, h 124 Barker av 

Bernard Simon, hatter and furnisher, 401 Franklin, h 618 

Berndt Ernest W, lab, h 218 e 6oh 

Berndt Win, blksmith, h 909 w 7ih 

Bernhard Minnie, works Amazon 11 Co, h 1109 w Green 

Bernhardt John, lab, h 1109 w Green 

Bernoske John, h 413 Emiey 

Bernoske Valentine, h 413 Eraley 

Berts Henry F, carp, cor w Sth and Lincoln av 

Beth Joseph, works car factory, h 414 e Boston 

Beth Nicholas, lab, h 1909 Franklin 

Bethe Joseph, carp, h 501 e Oth 

Bethke Herman, lab, h 730 w 4th ■■ - 

Bettner Gustav, lab, h 120 Francisco 

Betz Frank, lab, h Washington Park addition 

Beyea Anna B, h 131 c Sth ■ ' ". 






.— -jr— /-;-irJ>.. 

SP^TH i _STUOLEY, „. uf.^llJ fTO« o^p^^ 

"Old Lino Drug Store." 812 Main Street, La Porte. 

32 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

I Rickford Simeon B, nuiseiymen, L 308 e 6th 

i Bideisledt Cliarles, works car factory. Ii 410 Park 

" Bifderstadl Ida E, works Amazon II Co. h 1015 e Baltimore 

f^ = Biederstadt John, lab, h 402 Miller 

r_ = Bieiska Walent^', lal), ii Washington Park addition 

Z i Bielski Andrew, h 113 Fogarty 

J t Bile John, lab, b Canada 

^ ", Billings James N, li 224 w 8th 

O BiUinirs Wm II jr, sp'cial agt M C, h 312 Cedar 

y Bi,.tz"Aui.ni3t, Ian, h 1031 w 8th 

00 I Biijinska Frank J, finisher, h cor 9th and Ohio :^ 

^ Birjinske Martin, tinishtr, b cor 9th and Ohio 

°® Birjinski Haltie. doin Henderson House 

>■ Birk Abraham, dry gooiis, 411 Franklin 

< Bishop Anna, dom 118 Franklin 

g= Bishop Eilith M, h CIS Wabash ' • 

™ Bishop Henry R, eng xM C Ry, h 618 Wabash 

_l_} Blach John, works car factoiy, h 501 Emley 

^ Black Bert, lab, b 120 State " 

^U Black Charles W, uiolder, h 146 Hendricks, East Port 

Black James C, supt Public Schools, cor 8th and Cedar, h 
802 Cedar 

(^ Black Ulvsses L, lab. h 630 Willard av . ■,: 

. — Blair Fra'nk, lab, h rear 425 Franklin 

H Blaisdell Irene, dressmkr, 732 Franklin, h same • - ' ' . 

H Blaisdell Lolita, h 732 Franklin ;„? 

r\ Blaisdell Mabel C, teacher, h 732 Franklin 

r Bleck August, lab, h 724 w 4th 

," Bleck August jr, lab, h 728 w 4th 

[T j Bleckmann (^aherine, b 412 w Boston 

"^ KLi:CKiTlA\.\ KEV J Oil A', Pastor St Mary's Ro- 
rr-( man Catholic Chuich, h 412 w Boston 

U Bleich Charles, works car factory, h 228 w Baltimore 

(-' Blessin Charles, finisher, b 706 Ohio 

^ Blessin Herman, lab, h 812 Manhattan 

Gj Blessin Ida, knitter, b 706 Ohio 

Biessin Julius, blksmith, h 70() Ohio 

(J) Blessin Leopold, tinner, h 700 Ohio • - 

Blessin Lizzie, b 706 Ohio • •>,• - • 

Blessin Olga, b 812 Manhattan ■ . ' 

^ Blessin Otto, lab, b 706 Ohio 

^ Blessin Richard, b 700 Ohio 

I 1 Blessing Dora, wid George, h 531 Franklin 

Blessing Wm, works car factory, b 324 w 4th 
Blinks Edward G (TiUotson & Blinks), h 328 Pine 

•f^ Blinks Walter M, student, h 514 Franklin 

n, I:LI,\K!*) Wn, President Michigan City Gas Co, h 514 
'^ Franklin 




Bliskev Anna, dom Tlie Vieeiand Hotul ^ 

Bliskey Josie, dom Tlie Vieehmd Hotel G 

IJliskey Mary, dom The Vret-laiKl Ilulel ►^ 

Block Jobn, lab, li 1408 Manliattim 1^ 

Block Paul, lab, h 1505 Buffalo S 

Blodgett Lillian, teacher, r 217 e 7th o 

Bloom John H, wood carver, b 127i Franklin o pj 

Bloom Josephine M, teacher, h 808'Franklia ig *jj 
Blue John, merchant tailor and furnisher, 303 Franklin, h > J^ 

216 Pine r^ 

Bluhra Caroline, wid Ciiriatian, b 1033 w 9th = {f} 

Bluhm Charles, lab, h 1216 Elston '^ 

Bluhm Charles, works car factor^', h 217 e 8th 3 ^ 
Bluhm Charles A, vice pres The S R MnfV Co, h 227 w 8th j N 

Bluhm Kmina. dressmkr, 217 e 8lh, h same ^ fr) 

Bluhra Henry H, sec The S R Mnfg Co, h 217 e 8th 5, k 

Blumenzwig Isaac, peddler, h 512 e Jlichigaa o J** 

Blyler Andrew J, h 511) e Michigan 5 Q 

Bobzien Fred, lab, h 1011 Franklin * 

Bock Charles, fireman, h 721 FremoMt, East Port rS>» 

Bock Charles jr. watchman, b 721 Fremont, East Port = x? 

Bock Henry, lab, h 122 Canal 0=0 

Bock John, works chain factory, h 124 w Green o 2 = 

Bock Wm, h 510 e 10th ^ = 2 

Bock Wm, lab, b 721 Fremont, East Port 2o6 
Boeckling F'rank M (John Boccklingifc Sun and Bray & Boeck- *^?o 

ling), h 702 Franklin ^£2. 

Boeckliug John (John Boeckling k Son), h 702 Franklin = S? 
Boeckling John Jt Son (John and Frank M Boeckling), gro- S^a 

cers, 708 Franklin g 5^ 

■ Boguslawski Frank, lab, h 2d w 209 Jackson -">£, 

Bohle Ernest, car repairer INI C Ry, h Franklin » ' \ 

Bohn-tad Charles, h 1101 Pine j % 

Bohnstadt Charles, carver, b 915 Green 5 5 

Bohnstadt Ida, trimmer, b 915 Green ? " 

Bohnstadt Jlinnie, trimmer, b 915 Green ^ 2 

Bohnstadt Wm, lab, h 915 Green J 

Bohnstadt Wm jr, lab, b 915 Green 4. ,^ 

Boklund Emil, tailor, 314 Franklin, b Barker av f 

Boleslaiis Kachur, finisher, h 1215 Wabash 4- r; 

Bolinger Charles H, elk 325 Franklin, h 621 Spring J 

Bongertz Michael, carp, h 626 Willard av ■♦• 1 

Booth Thomas, foreman, h 219 w 8th 3 

Boothe Edwin H, imstr, h 1036 e Michigan •♦■ a 

Boothroyd Edith R, h 312 w Boston § 

Boothroyd Joseph C, molder, h 3 L2 w Boston ■*■ ^ 

Boothroyd Mary C, wid Joseph, h 311 w Baltimore - 

Boresal John, lab, h 736 w 4:h ■*" ' 



MOORE & WEAVER, ^"-^"^^el^-rJl^te. Ooors, 
' Blinds, &.C., 

Cor. Jackson &. Main Sts., La Porte. 

34 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

(f) Borgwald Frank, works car factory, h 226 Porter 
Bonnann Henr^', car repairer, r 130 Franklin 
Bortz Charles, molder, b 923 w 7tL 
Bortz John, lab, h 923 w 7lh 

Bosse Frank X, inach hd, h 301 State i 

Bouchard Ella, h 311 e xMarkei 
Bouchard John, blksmith, h 311 e Market 
Bouchard Lillie, tel opr, h 201 Earl av ■ 

.^ Bouchard AVm, condr. h 115 Cedar 
^J Bovee Norman, eng M C Ry, h 230 Spring 
C Bovoliski Jacob, lab, h 107 Kruejjer ■'', 

(^ Bowen John D, molder. h 302 w Boston 

Bowersox John, guard, h 710 Elston ' ' ■ 

(0 Bowes Charles M, bkkpr. h 817 Franklin 
Cf) Bowes John H, h 817 Franklin 
rt Bowes Mary E, wid Wm R, h 716 Spring 
T^ Bowes Wm E, lab, h 90G Kentucky 
V^ Boyle Edward, prin high school, r 225 e Market 
Boza Martin, lab, h 402 Ripley 
(f) Boza Martin S, lab, b 609 w Ann 
— Boza Michael, lab, h 609 w Ann 

OBraman Ida M, h 210 w 8th 
Bramer Lena, works Amazon, r 232 e Michigan . 

„ Bramer Tillie, works Amazon, r 232 e Michigan 
(/) Brannon Thomas, guard, h 402 w 8th ■ .1 , 

"^ Brant Andrew, lab, h e of prison 
_^ Braun Ida, star caner, h 219 Park 
"frt Braun Nicholas, bleacher, b 116 William 
ft. Braun Thomas, foreman Michigan Citv R C Co, h 119 Warren 
■J- Bray Will A (Bray & Boeckling), h 708 Franklin 

^ BKAY A: Kl>ECKLi:\'(>; (Will A Bray and Frank M 

c Boeckling), Furniture, 217 Franklin Wee left side lines 

r"^ Breece L Belie, h 411 e 6th 
Oii BKEECE AV.TI II, Attorney at Law, Ins and Real Estate 
^" Agent, 311 Franklin, h 411 e 6th 

^ o Breen David F, meat market, 101 Chicago, b 815 Manhattan 

i? Brehl Helen J, student, h 116 w Market 
^■^ Brehl Joseph H, installment agt, h 116 w Market 
Hg Bremer Emma II, h 218 w Sth 

pi Bremer Eaa., works Amazon H Co, r 232 e Jlichigan 
© Bremer John, h 216 w Sth 

1-^ Bremer Tillie, works Amazon II Co, r 232 e Michigan, 
O Bremer Wm J, eng, r 218 w 8ih 
I— I Bremmer Ella, works Amazon IT Co, h 514 w 4th 
H Bremmer Frederick, engr, h 309 C 
K Bremmer John, h 413 e 4th 
^ Bremmer John, bartender, b 116 e Michigan 
^ Bremmer Lizzie, opr, h 413 e 4ih 

820 Main Street, La Porte. 



Bremmer Minnie, wid John, h 413 e 4th 

Breslin James, coachman, b 701 Franklin 

Brett Charles S, b 220 e 4th 

Breiimmer Alma, b 802 Ohio 

Breuinmer Henry, lab, h 1028 w 9th 

Breiimmer Herman, car repairer, h 1008 Spring 

Breummer Wra, h 1116 w 9th 

Briginski August, saloon, 90G Manhattan, h same 

Briginski Martha, b 90C Malihattan 

Brimmer Charles, teamster, r 130 e Michigan 

Brimmer Frank, drayman, b 132 e Michigan 

Brimmer Frederick, eng, h 309 C 

Brimmer Herman, condr, h 919 w 7th 

Brimmer Wm L, switchman, li 910 Washington 

Brinckmann Alezea, h 621^ Franklin 

Brinckraann Herman, merchant, h 622 Franklin 

Brinckmann Louise, h C22 Franklin 

Brinckmann Robert, pres The S R Mnfg Co, h 227 w 8th 

KKIi\CK.nAi\.'N^ U'iU E, Meat Market, 605 Franklin, 

h same 
Brinckraann Wm E, treas The S R Mnfg Co, h 605,^ Franklin 
Brinckmann Wra I, mnfr. h 622 Franklin 
Briakman Alexander A, elk, h 118 Franklin 
Brinkman Carrie, h 118 Franklin 
Brinkman Fred, boarding, 118 Franklin, h same 
Biinkman John H, condr, h 118 Franklin 
Brittingham Wm L, supt F & J, h 516 Fine 
Brodersen Harry, painter, h 829 e Michigan 
Bromberg Edith, h 231 w 7th 
Bromberg Hattie M, h 231 w 7th 

]irombarg Louis, car repairer, h cor 7lh and Wabash 
liromberg Louis, car repairer, h 231 w 7th 
Bronn Herman, lab, b 1112 w Boston 
]5rose August, lab, h 211 Union 
Brown Albert E, plumber, h 1723 Elston 
Brown Albert H (A H Brown i: Co), h 609 w 8th 
Brown Alfonso B, condr M C Ry, h 116 w 4th 
Brown August, brakcman, h 211^ Pine 
]?rown A H & Co (Albert H Brown), lumber dealers, cor B 

and Miller 
Brown Bertha L, teacher, h 115 w 8th 
Brown Charles W, h 115 w 8th 
Brown Darwin T, physician, 115 w 8th, h same 
Brown David V, lab, h 415 Cleveland av, East Port 
Brown Ed, lab A R Calborn & Co 

Brown Elena A, student, b 710 Cleveland av. East Port 
Brown Elma G, works Amazon H Co, b 418 Pine 
Brown Ethel M, works Amazon, h 208 Spring 








SPAETH &. STUDLEY, largest stock of 

"ropk.etor8 wall paper in the city, 

"Old Line Drug Store." 812 Main Street, La Porte. 

36 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Riown Frank, lab, b Tennessee 

Brown Geoi-ge O, elk, b 415 Cleveland av ' : 

Brown Ida B, star caner, h 219 Park 

Bi'own Jobnson, t'reiirlit bandler. b '208 Sprins 

Brown Laura J, works Amazon H Co, b 418 Pine 

Brown aiaggie. li 11(5 w 4tb 
3 N Brown Marv D, b 11.') w Stb 
ii " lirown Miciiael, lab, b 219 Park 
Cj3 Brown Minnie, dom 31.j Franklin 
Q lirown Nelson, plasterer, b 315 e Market 
CO Brown Peter W, guard, h 710 Cleveland av, East Port 
^ Brown Sarab A, wid F J, b 413 Pine 

Brown Tboiuas, works ebair fac-torv, b 119 e Warren 
>; Brown Wtu C, works car factory, b 315 e 2d 

Brown Wra D, condr, li 323 e Market 

CO 2 

t3 o 



m Briienimer Alvina, b 802 Obio 

Brueinmer Cbarles, lab, b 1129 w 9tli 
4^ Bruenimer Cbristian, b 201 Park 
rj Brueinmer Fred, lab, b 101 w 7tb 

Bruemmer Fred C, freigbt bandler, b 201 Park 
[T] Bruemmer Fred C, works ebair factory, b 524 e Boston 
Bruemmer Frederick H. macli hd, b 1021 w 7tb 
Bruemmer Henry B, b 802 Obio 
C" Bruemmer Henry C, lab, b 231 Willard av 
p Bruemmer Herman, car repairer, h 1008 e Boston 
-J Bruemmer Jobn. lamp tiimmer, b 210 Park 
LU Bruemmer Wm (Bergboltz & Bruemmer), b 201 Park 
U Brubn Cbarles, lal), b 1112 w Boston 
fy- Biubn Herman, lab, b 1112 w Boston 
rH Brubn Wm, lab, b 1112 w Boston 

. Brummitt George, R R fireman, b 523 Wabasb 
U Bucbbolz Frederick, works car factory, b 217 Holliday 
fH Buck Albert, macb bd, h 519 e Boston 
^ Buck Cbarles, fireman, b 721 Freemont 
^ Buck Freda M, works Amazon II Co, b 118 e Baltimore 

Buck Jobn, lab, b 118 e Baltimore 
(7) Buck Jobn J, works ebair factory, h 124 w Green 
Buck Wilbelmena, wid Wm, b 117 Columbia 
Buck Wm, eng M C Ry, b 015 Wabasb 
M Buckelon Amel, lab, b 121 Barker av 
1-5 Buckley Agnes, wjd Wm J, b 418 Wabash 
r: Buckle'y Wm E, condr. b 418 Wabash 
TT. Bufall Jobn, lab, b 524 e 9tb 
O Bubboltz Andrew, lab, b 118 Pine 
•H Bubboltz Andrew jr, teamster, b 118 Pine 
n , Bukowski August, lab, b 1109 Manbattan 
1^ Bukowskey Peter, lab, b 1313 Monroe 


Experts teach Book-keeping, Penmanship, Shorthand and the English 
Branches at the MICHIGAN CITY BUslNESS COLLEGE. Write 
for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Bull George A, baggage master iM C & L E & W, li 229 w O 

Billiard Stephen, varnislier, b 1310 Wabiisli 
Bullerd Joseph, works chair factory, h 1310 Wabash 
Bullerd Michael, works M C Rv. Ii" 1310 Wabash J> 






Bunnell Julia, wid Josepli, h 213 Franklin 

Bunting J M, lineman, b Henderson House f^" 

Burbank Jerome (Standard li F Co), h 4(il Pine 

Burbank J B, accountant, h 404 Pine t"* 

Burghaid Jacob, lab, b 524 e yth 

Burke Kate E, h 225 e Market 

Biirkhart Henry, saloon, GOt Franklin, h same ^\, 

Burkhart Jacob, carp, li 703 e Micliigan |-H 

Burkhart Sophia, wid Jacob, h OOl Franklin ''■'•' 

Burns Andrew, blksmith helper, li 7(12 .Manhattan 

Hums Emma, wid Andrew F. h 112 CJreeowood av 

Burns Isaac, blksmith, b 702 Manhattan 

Burns Patrick, h 327 Willard av [71 

Burns Samuel, works car factory, h 818 Cedar 

Burnside Ellen, h 312 e 31arket" (^ 

Burr Christena, wi.l Frederick, 1) 921 w Gth 

Burrier George, lab, h 318 Benton 

Bush Fred, h 1202 Elslon 

Bush Walter C, conil, h 324 e Oth 

Buskirk George W, lab, h cor Poplar and Baiker av, East 


Butler John W, lab, b 1 51 (i Lafayette - -n ?^ 

Ikitler Wm H, lab, h 1510 Lafavette ^ t^ 

Butts George, finisher, h 2l8i Spring ^ O 

Bvhehinski Andreas, lab, h e of i)iison S- T 

Byrkit Edwin A, inacli hd, b 220 Spring =' \ 

Byrkit JIdwin ]M, foreman, h 220 Spiing — | 

Byrkit Estella, h 220 Spring ,' • g" | 

Caborek Julia, finisher, b 1010 Franklin 

Cagwin Merritt F, switchman, li cor McClelland av and w4th 

Cakceke Anna, finishci', b 110 Franklin 

Calbaun John E, lab. b n s M C R R s of Front 

Calbaun Mary E, wid Henry, h n s M C R R s of Front 

Caldwell Charles, brakeman, r 219 Pine 

Calvert Earle C, photo artist, 115 e INlarket, h 230 Franklin 

Calvert Leon, b 230 Franklin 

Calvert Robert H, prison pliysician, b Henderson House 

Calvin Charles, lab, h 123 Canal 

Camotsky Frank, finisher, h 309 e Gth • ;,, 

'FanGy Spring Patent" Floilr. 

Northern Indiana. 
J Street Millina; Co., lOI J St., La Porte, Ind. 

38 R. L. POLK &. CO.'S 

Camnbell Alexander D, lake captain, li 701 Spring 

P, Campbell Alice M. h 615 w Sth 

^71 Campbell Dp.niel W, biakeman, b 222 w Market 

Wh Campbell Ellen, b 'J26 w Sth 

M ,, Campbell Inez L, teacher, h 426 e Sth 

Lp[>^ Campl)ell Jessie, b 615 w Sth 

Hr, Campbell John M, hike captain, h 615 w Sth 

[-|2 Campbell Margaret, b 926 w Sth 
■" Campbell Martha J, wid Daniel, h 426 e Sth 
Campliell ^[arv, wid Daniel, h '.>26 w Sth 
Campbell Thomas, hiD, h 1.30,3 Wabash 
Campfield Lorenzo, lab, h e of prison 



|Zi<j Canada Hall, 122 Union 

Ofh Carence Joseph, lab, h 926 w 6th 

r^Lj ^^''^"^ Charles A, lab, h Washington Park addition 

g^J Caro Wm, works chair factory, b 516 Buffalo 

Hjlj Caron Henry, works car factory, h 912 e 2d 

U}r\ Carow Louis, elk, b 701 Wabash 


Carpenter Adelbert, comp, b 213 Franklin , 

Carpenter Delevan J, job printer, b 21.3 Franklin 
Carpenter Edi h M, h 226 Spring 
O)' ' CAKI'EiXTEIt Ul\ S ( Robb & Carpenter), h 226 

^ Carr Mary, boarding, 31S e Michgan 

^ Carr Wm T, lab, h 318 e iMichigan 
TD Carroll John T, R R fireman, h 207 Franklin 

O Carrow George P, R R fireman, h 117 w 2d 
^ Carson Findley C, bkkpr, h 317 Cedar 

K— Carson Thorward, carver, b 1108 w 9th . • . 

•"^ Carsteraan Peter, lab, h 201 w Haltimore 
r-Q Carstens Albert M, bkkpr, h 602 Wabash 

r- Carstens Alexander E (Carstens Bros), h 710 Pine *" 

p. i;AK.VrC.\.'^ UltOXi (C F Henry and Alexander E 
, , Carstens), Dry Goods, Carpets and Fancy Goods, 323 and 

a 325 Franklin 

O Carstens C F Henry (Carstens Bros), h 602 Wabash 
[^ Carstens Wm, watchman Zarn Brewing Co 

^ Carstensen Peter, works chain factorv.' h 221 w Baltimore 

C Carter Albert Frank, lab. h rear 209 Wabash 

O Caiter Eliza A, wid Henry T, h 4U8 e Sth 

"y Carver Marion E, carp, h Sll S[)ring ' 

ci Carver M Walter, elk, b 524 Spring 
P_i Carver Oliver T, elk. h 811 Sirring ; ' 

Case Emma F, wid Decatur E, h ()31 Pine 

p Casey John F, prison guard, ii 317 w B ston 
^ Casey Jlary A, dressuikr, h 317 w Boston 
►<* Casey Timothy, lab, b 31S e Michigan 
•"^ Casey Wm H, inspector chair factory, h 319 w Boston 



For Fire, Life. Incident, Plate Glass, Steam Boiler, Line Stock or 
Tornado Insilrance call on J. Uene Dorland, La Porte. Ind. 


Caslibauwh Andrew, cnnd, h 410 e 6tli (^ 

Caslibaugh John, inach hd, h 'Ml e Boston 

Cashbaujih Joseph H, R R fireman, h 5u5 e 8th 

Caslibaugh Wm H, reed worker, h 1008 e Blichigaa (j 

Cass Lewis R, bkkpr, U 831 Pine 

Cassidy James, h 012 w 8th ^ 

Cassidy James J, lab, h 912 w State «>J 

Cassidy John S.engr, h 1231 w Boston - . h-i 

Cassidy Kate, seamstress, b 912 w 8ih t-^ 

Cassidy Mabel, 1) 912 w 8th ' 

Cassidv Mary, b 912 w 8tli 

Cassidy Mary, wid Patrick, h 1231 w Boston 

Cassidy Patrick J, eng M C Ry, h 313 w Market 

Cassidy Susan, b 912 w 8th CD 

Casten'Frederick, lab, h 205 B 

Casten Wm, watchman, h 204 B Oo 

Casy George, switcliman, h (il6 e 2d 

Cavanaugh Eliza, h 316 w 4th 

Cavanaugh May 0, ii 31(! w 4th 

Cayley Lawrence A, finisher, b 1447 w Boston Q 

Central Union Telephone Co, Milton D Howlett mngr, 203^ - 

Franklin n q) 

Chadwick George P. watchman, h 114 e Ripley :5 O 

Chalicki Charles, lab, h 132 Francisco ";t "" 

Chandler Mary A, wid Alonzo D. h 419 Washington ? ^ 

Chapman Byron, molder, h 152 Hendricks, East Port, 3 ^ 

Cliapman Elizabeth, wid Seth, h 21G Miller | 3 

Charleton Andrew, lab, h 602 Buttalo ^ 2 

Charleton Marv A, h 602 Bulfalo ^ ^ 

Charleton Sarah E, forelady. h 602 Butf.alo * 

Charndt Albert, winder, b 117 e Boston ^ $ 

Chatman Harriet, wid Rockwell, h 238 Hendricks 
Chelberg August, lab. h 2204 Franklin 
Chelberg Frederick, lab, h 2204 Franklin 
Chelberg Millie, b 2204 Franklin 
Cheney Anna, works Amazon, b 231 e Michigan 
Cheney John S, lab, h 107 Hendricks 
Chetey Mary, works Amazon, b 231 e Michigan 
Chipman Carrie G, teacher, h w Wanen 
Chipman Louise W, wid John D, h 112 w William 
Christensen Christ, lab, h 116 Allen 
Christensen Oscar W, guard, h 1116 w 8th 
Chrismer Martin E. eng M C Rv, h 312 e Market 
Chrawl Walter D, R R fireman, h 421 Pine 
Chubb Henry I, foreman, h 732 Franklin 
Chwanke Wm, chairmkr, b 1516 Elston 
Cielsilski Agnes, wid Paul, h Washington Park Addition 

^ ET 


9 TIpiiriH The Leading Jewelers of La Porte county. 
a HI IIUIU, Well equipped to do all kinds of repair 
i. Mich. Ave. worli in a prompt and satisfactory manner 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

1 CITIZEi>'« B.liA'K, Will B Hutcliinson Pres, Miciiael 

'^ Roiiiel Vice Pres, Cbarles E Arnt, Cashr, 311 Frankliu 

I City Building, 12:^ w 4th 

Z CitV Jail, 121 w 4th 

1 CITY TISA;\>*FFR M:\E, Alexander & Co Prpors, 

106 w Michigan, Ph. ne 01 

= City Water Works, Win Phillips supt, 150 State road 

S Clark Abram B, frainer, h (J18 Spring 

■^ Clark Bessie, works Amazon H (Jo. h H'M e Michigan 

~ Clark Catherine, wid Thomas, li 417 e Michigan 

" Clark Cecelia B, comp The News, h 417 e Michigan 

£ Clark Cynthia, h 213 e 4th ... 

a Clark Daniel B, ciirarnikr, r 211 e Michigan 

P Clark David, h 731 Wabash 

i J Clark Eliza A, wid James E, h 407 e 8th 

>, 1 Clark John F, eng ^l C Ry, h 4n7 e Slh 

= 1 Clark Matie, doiii 12) Cedar 

„ I Clark Robert G, roach hd, h 031 Pine 

;f I Clark Sarah, dressmkr, 417 e Michigan, h same 

j Clark Thomas E. job printer The Dispatch, h 417 8 Michigan 

^ ^ Clark Wm J, macli hd, h 531 Pine 

o 5, Clatworthv Thomas W, electrici.m, h 204 e Michigan 

"•"= €LJ::.\IC LAKE IC'E C:0, Alexander J: Co ProprB, 
rt £ 100 w Michigan, Phone 01 

£ = Clewin Ida, h 814 Biitfalo \ 

00^ Clingbein John, works car shops, b 119 Franklin 

3 a Closson John, works car factory, h 118 Jackson 

-■ ^ Clouchek Joseph F (J F Clouchek <fe Co), h 7:^5 e Michigan 

i Clouchek J F ik Co (Jo.sei)li F Clouchek and Thomas S Davies), 
-£ soap innfrs, 702 e Jlichigan 

(~^°- Cloud Stephen C. foreman, h 238 Hendricks, East Port 

b-: J Clough Frank C, del elk, h 721 e Michigan 

^ i Clough Mary E, dressmkr, 721 e Michigan, h same 

^,£ Clymer Henry, works car facto"y, h 317 w 0th 

oQc Cochran Charles W, works cai- factory, h 315 w 8th 

.; Cochran Clinton II, lab, b 315 w 8th 

^n Cochran Fowler I, mach hd, h 315 w Stli 

^^ Cochran Sarah SI, comp The News, h 315 w 8th 

vJc Cohn Samuel, saloon, 204 Franklin, h same 

lOl Colborn Abram R (A R Colborn & Co), pres Michigan City 
i__]2 S & D Co and vice pres Rawson A Rout Lumber Co, h 

,— ,? 702 Soring 

;>! COIiIt<>k.\ A R A: CO (Abram R Colborn), Dealers 
^1 in Lumber, Lath and Shingles, 1'32 e 2d 

_. Colborn H Marion, h 702 Spring 

kLIS Cole Carrie E, student, h 015 Pine 

^ Cole Cyrus AV, eng M C Ry, h 425A Franklin 

'"'^ Cole Ezra, physician, 118 e 6th, h same 

mn WTEiTisniG si'stei 


stop at Hotel Teegarden. Free 'Bus. First 

Class Accommodations. Good Sample 

oom. E. G. Short, Propr., La Porte. 


Cole James H, brakemaD, h 422 e Michigan 

Cole James V, stiKieni. li (J15 Pine 

COLE i\EI>><0.\ V, Watch.'S. Clocks. Jewelry and Mu- 
sical Instruments. 403 Franklin, h 015 Pine 

Cole Royal C, watch repairer, h GOl Wabash 

Cole Thomas J, R R fireman, h 5.32 Pine 

Coles Ann, wid Henry, h 231 w 4tli 

Coles Anna M, h 317 Washington 

Coles Lila E, h 231 w 4lh 

Coles Solomon, barber, h 317 Washington 

Coles Solomon A. tel opr L N A iV C, h 317 Washington 

Colfax Harriett E, light house keeper, h same 

Collins Cornelius R (0 R and J 15 Collins), b Henderson 

COLLIA'S C R A: J R (Cornelius R and Jeremiah B 
Collins), Attorneys at L;iw, n e cor Franklin and Mich 

Collins Hon .Jeremiah B (C R and J B Collin.s), representa- 
tive, b Vreeland Hotel 

Collins Mattie, h 432 e Michigan 

Collins Nannie, dom, h 804 w 4ih 

Collins Wallace W, elk, h 804 w 4th 

Coniens Charles, fisherman, h 213 Union 

Commens Frederick, lab, h 40S Union 

Common John C, steam litter, r 232 e Michiiran 

Coranatzke Otto, barber, 001 Franklin, h Vurk 

COMI»TO.\ PROF CHAR l.lvS F, Prop Michigan 
City Business College, h 732 Wash ngton 

Condon Stephen S. carp, h 208 Washington 

Condon Thomas E, saloon, 126 Franklin, h same 

Confer Granvil. brakeman, b 118 Franklin 

Conklin John L, switchman, h 708 w 7[h 

Connor Augusta, wid Herman, h yi2 Manhattan 

Connor Powell, lab, b 912 Manhattan 

Conrad John, carp, h 710 JIanhatten 

Conrad Theodore, lab, h 1202 Ohio 

Conradie August, lab, h 324 e Boston 

Conroy John G, lab, h 225 Cedar 

Cook Albert, music teaehei', 801 Spring, h same 

Cook Alexander, sailor, r 120 Franklin 

Cook Dora, wid Frederick, h 023 Pine 

Cook Ida, wid Frederick C, h 018 Pine 

Cook John jr, stoker gas works, h 323 w Gth 

Cook Julius, foreman, h 417 e 7th 

Cooney Ella, dora Henderson House . . -' : 

Cooney Patrick, b 810 w Baltimore 

Cooney Wm E, lab, h 201 C 

Cooper Samuel A, eng M C Ry, h 219 w Market 






MOORE & WEAVER, ^"-"^cl^mll.f.'^ Doors. 
' Blinds, dec. 

Corner Jackson &. Main Sts., La Porte. 

42 K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

ID Kintzele I'res, Joseph Reicher Vice Pies, and Stephen J 

^ Seimetz Sec antl Ties, Reed Chair Mnfrs, 117 e William 

^ Corbett James P, guard, h 1215 Willard av 

. ff) Corbeit Tiiomas, guard, h 1132 w Boston 

S "q Corbett Wm H, eng M C Rv, h 710 Washingtoa 

g" J Corbin Cora E, h 20G e 2d " 

ti M Corl)in Wm R, sec and treas Mich City S & D Co, h 200 e 2d 

^ C Corbly Alfred A, woodmkr, h 817 e Michigan 

g ^ Corbly Paul J, justice of the peace, 211 Franklin, h 817 e 

<^ Michigan 

S 2 COKDl]«< LOUl!!$ AV, Harness, Saddlory and Buggies, 

I ^ 324 Franklin, h 218 w Market 

^ '\ Corey Andrew M, paper hanger, h 515 e Michigan 

O \ Corey Warren R, electriciau, h 515 e Michigan 

^ I Corlsoa John A, eng M C Ry, h 404 e 6th 

jj a Costello Thomas D, cabinetmkr. r 308 Pine 

« ^ Cothran Edward, brakeman, h 806 e Ohio 

^ Couch Rufus D, ticket and freight agt L E & W. h 601 Pino 
Couden CLauncey B, works car factory, h 302 e Market 

o Couden Mary M, wid Charles, h 414 Spring 

a Coughlia George, lab, h 1411 w 8th 

"S Coughlin George R, contractor, h 1411 w Sth 

g, . Coughlin James H, roach, h cor w Michigan and Elstoa 

<1 c Courney Jeremiah, elk, b 219^^ Franklin 

« ~ Cowell Samuel F, peddler, h 1415 e Michigan 

o ^ Cowgill Oriea G, med s'udent, h 115 Michigan 

O Cowgill Nathan C, physician, 115 e Michigan, r same 

r^ Craney Christian, lali, h 1105 Kentucky 

O ap Creager Oscar B, lab. b 710 Cleveland "av, East Port 

Q| Creigton Arthur E, plumber, b 113 e Michigan 

- Cribbage Tena, dom 109 e Boston 

CO* Criger Frank C, stenog, r 702 Pine 

Crinkshank Frank A. tailor, b 113 e Michigan 

^ Crittenden David L. R R fireman, h 322 w 7th 

^jj Croplein Frederick, works car factory, h 1308 Franklin 

^ Crory Charles E, foreman, h 311 w 9th 

^ Crosby Clarence E, eng M C Ry. h 119 w 2d 

O Crosby Delbert W, brakeman, b 119 Franklin 

-J Crosby Harry E. foreman, h 616 Pine 

O Cross Corwin M, student, h 1210 Franklin 

"J^ Cross Franklin A, granite and marble works, 1212 Franklin, 

(—1 h 1210 same 

Q^ Cross Oscar M. marble cutler, h 1210 Franklin 

^ Cross Wm M, painter, h 401 e Market 

^ Crowe Patrick J, eng M C Ry, h 123 w Sth 

^ Crowley John H, section boss, h 217 Washington 

JHeissner's Pliarmacii. 820 Main 8t„ La Porte. , 

A Competent Pharmacist always in charge. 


€UIIIK8IIAi\K FKA.AK A, Merchant Tailor, 131 ^ 

Franklin, r 702 Pine . 
Crum Kate D, h 313 Franklin 

Culbert Fred, elk L p: & W frt office, h 310 w Market Q 

Culbert George E, contractor, h 732 Pine y 

Culver George W, brakeman, h 228 w 4th ^^i_. 

Culvert Uriah (Culvert & Lutz), h 732 Pine ^Jj^ 
Culvert & Lutz (Uriah Culvert ami Theodore C Lutz), marine |j|^, 

contractors, n w cor Front and Franklin . JT) 

Cumiuings Lizzie F, doiu cilG e 7th g^ 

Cummings Vinton, worUa car factory, h 808 Cedar h- > 

Cunningham Luke, dock woUoper, h 123 Canal S^*~j 

CunninKham ;\Iichael, h rear 318 e Michigan ' • ^ff\ 

Cups Martin, h 112 llendiicks wU/' 

Cups Michael, works car factory, h 112 Hendricks af^ 

Curlette Anna, h Henderson House ^^ 

Curran Kitt}-, comp The Dispatch, h cor 12th and Elston |fi*T^ 

Curren Robert, r 832 Pine ^^ 

Curry Cora E, h 217i w Michigan (Dg 
Curry James E, foreman The Dispatch, b 123 e ^Michigan f^ , 
Cashing Lot, student, r 425 Fine 
Czaikowski Andrew, lab, h lUlO Franklin 
Czaikowaki Anna, works chair factorv, h 1010 Franklin 


Dabbert Charles A, dry goods, 605 e Michigan, h 402 w 7th pd 

Dabbert Charles H, baggage master, h 120 e Boston [jj 

Dabbert Frank A, elk, b 402 w 7tli ^ 

Dabbert Frederick, lab, h 813 Ohio 2 
Dabbert John, lab, h 718 Pearl. East Port 

Dabbert John C, dry goods, 831 Franklin, h same "^ 

Dabbert John W. bo lermkr, h 608 w 7th tT' 

Dabbert Otto A, chairmkr. b 402 w 7th 

Dabbert Wm C. elk, h 402 w 7th C 

Daggv George T, condr, h 502 e 8th p] 
DAILY CiF><»K(>il-: T. Saloon, 117 Franklin, h same 
JDAH.Y IIFKALD (THE), La Porte Printing Co > 

Pubs and Proprs, 702 Main 2 

Dain Marion F, cooper, h Cloud. East Port m 
Dale Alfred G, expressman, h 132 e Jlichigan 

Dalhgren August, lali, b 322 w 4th rr] 

Dalson Charles H, drayman, h 501 Franklin [T] 

Dalson Hamilton, transfer line, 115 w Michigan, h same rj] 

Daly Jeremiah, works car factory, h 820 Hutl^ik) q 

Daly Michael, works chair factory, h 82(5 Butfalo • 
Daniels Frederick, mach hd, h 517 e 9th 

SpaBth X Stildley, 

Druggists and Chemists, 

812 Main St., La Porte. 

44 R. L. POLK & CO.' 

Daiikert Charles C, moKler, li 515 e 8ib 
D.inkeil Charles L. lab, b 515 e 8lh 
Dankert Lizzie, dressmkr, h 515 e ytli 

" ti Dankeit Sophia, wid J'lhn, b 1UIJ5 w Green ,^ „ 

O"^ Darin Jacob, lab, h 105 Grant av " ■ 

2 ti Darinan Frank, works car Caclory, h .S16 w 6th 
— Zi Daruian Fred, works car factory, h 21i» e Boston 
—J^ Darraan John, works car factory, h 31G w Gth 
^ » Daron Anna, doni, b 9.3(; w 8tli 
O u l^aron Frank, lab, h 214 Scott 
[jjf^ Darron Victor, lab, h 1110 Klston 
Q , Daun Anna, finisher, b 224 w Baltimore 
Q^^■ Uaiin August, works chair factory, h 224 w Baltimore 
« Daun Herman, works |)lauini; mill, h 224 w Baltimore 
gg Davenport Charles, switchman, h 32G e Michigan 

Davenport Charles, switchman, h ;:il5 Spjing 
^ Davinney Thomas J. brakeman, h 280 w iMarket 
<I^ Davies Clarence S, R R fireman, h 717 e Michigan 
Q- Davies Tdomas S (J F Chaichek & Co), h 717 e .Michiiran 
Davis Edward, bartender The Vreeland, h 4o5A Franklin 
Davis Frederick, condr, h 3I.'3 e 4th 
Davis Fred J, works car lactory. h 126 w 4th 
Davis AVni F, brakeman. r 4152 P'ranklin 
Davis Wm II (i):,vis .t Wh.-clcr). h V'r, w 4lii 
IIAVIS Si \VIII':i':i.l':ie (Wm ll Davis and Charles 
W Wheeler), Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, 415 Frauk- 



Q Dawn Herman, lab, b 224 w 11th 
•-^ ' Dawson Edward, h 519 Washington 

^ Dawson Elias, lab, h Cloud, Ea.«t Port 
•-^ Dawson Nellie S, teachei', h 51'J Washington 
-^ Dayhufl' Maggie, dom, -318 e Jlicliigan 
+^ Debre Frederick, tannerv, 1509 Franklin, h same 
■ 5 Debre Ida, cainer. b 107,S Franklin 

rT) I>1^III5K JOII.\'. Saloon, also Roots and Shoes, GOl to 
G09 e Michigan, h 003 e Michiiran See adv 
CO Debre Lizzie, b 1509 Franklin 
.1=! Debre Philip, bartender, b G03 e Michigan 

^ Deckfert Giistav, lab A R Collom & Co, h Manhattan 
CO Deepka August, tmstr, h 112 State 
Degnald John, h W E Jackson 
Dehring Frederick, lab. h 921 w Clli 
Dehring Louise H, works Amazon H Co, h 921 w 6th 
r^ Deignan John J, eng. h 121 w Michigan 
^ Deleskey Robert, tmstr, li 301 Du Page 

Demin Frank W, works chair faclory^h 119 w Baltimore 

Demin Freda W, h 119 w Baltimore 

Demin Frederick W, works car factory, h 119 w Baltimore 



Do goil want a good siWation? Prepare ijoilrself for it at the 
[Michigan Gity BiJsiness College. Write for terms. '^- ^P,e's°d"n[°'- 



Deming Edgai', freight bandlei-. r .^08 Pine 

Deraing Geitrude, teacher, h 631 Franklin ' ' •' 

Deraiug Grace W, slenog. li 1413 P'ranklin '' " 

Doming Harriet, wid, r 808 Frani<liu 

Deminsi Isabelle C, h G31 Franklin 

]>EilIl.\C>i i^EI.!!)0.\ F, Grocer, 1415 Franklin, h 1413 

Dealing Nelson F, trav ast, h 1413 Franklin 

Deming O Clarence, clk.'b 1413 Franklin 

Deming Samiu-l G (Deming &. Oliver), h 631 Franklin 

IIE.^II.AC; &. OI^IYKK (Samuel G Deming and George 
G Oliver), Grocers and Ship Chandlers, 215 Franklin 

Demoresl Philip F, lab, h 328 e Michigan 

Demori'ist Jacob, lab, h 517 York 

Dempsej' Michael, eng M C Rv, b 123 e Michigan 

Denison Frederick \V, moKler.'h 1)09 Buffalo 

Dennings Edward, mail carrier, b 123 e Michigan 

Dennis \Vm, lab, b 610 Chicago av 

Denov Wm, works car laclory, h 314 Pearl 

Deiitscher Ella, dom 719 Franklin 

Devine Lizzie J, pastry cook The Vreeland Hotel, b same 

De Witt Charles, b 216 e Market 

BE WOLFE CIIAieLI':*S E, Pres .First National 
Hank, h 501 Pine 

De Wolfe Clara W, h 613 Washington 

De Wolfe Edward C, student, h 613 Washington 

De Wolfe Geneva M, h 501 Pine 

De Wolfe James R. fanner, h s end Franklin 

De Wolfe Joseph E, hardware, 227 Franklin, h 613 Washing- 

Deyo Ernest T, laundryman, h 406^ Franklin 

Dil)ble Cephas T, justice of the peace, 224 Franklin, b Vree- 
land Hotel 

Dick August C, ice dealer, 315 Franklin, h same 

Diedrick Albert, lab, h 115 w Haltiniore 

Diem Arvin, carpet weaver b 1249 e Michigan 

Dilworth Agnes D, wid Benjamin, h 418 Pine 

Dihvorth Leslie J, works chair factory, h 418 Pine 

Dinglen Louis, lab, h 2008 Franklin 

Dingier Minnie, finisher. 1) 2008 s Franklin 

Dingman Frank, mach hd, b Ease Port 

Ditibrenner Anna JI, works Amazon H Co, h 1017 w Boston 

Dittbrenner August, lab, h 1108 w Boston 

Dittbrenner Wanila E, works Amazon H Co, h 1017 w Boston 

Dittmann Christ F, lab, h 114 Grant av 

Dittmer Frederick, cooper, h 409 w 9th 

Ditto Rol)ert C, brakemau, b 118 Franklin 

Dizard Mary, wid Samuel, h 426 e Michigan 









't, a 


CO ?? 



n 1 



J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind 

46 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

n Dizard Wm, eng citv water works, h 416 e Michigan 
rJ[J Doane O Leiia, music teacher, G30 Pine, h same 
n Zj Dohertv Catherine, wid Thomas, h 122e 6th 
[i]|_| Doherty Richard E, R R fireman, h 122 e Cth 
M ^ Doig Willis I, brakeman, b 119 Franklin 
Hkj Dolan John, R R fireman, b 122 Franklin 
iMr, DOf.AA' TIIO.nAS M, Sanituy Plumber, Gas and 
[^t^ Steam Fitter, 301 Franklin, h 217 e 4th See ad front 


Dolman Joseph, h 213 Pine 

nty Dombrowski Martha, opr, h 319 Miller 
PH Dc ~- 

, . . Dombrowski Wra, works car factory, h 319 Miller 

^ <^ Dombrowsky Joseph, lab, h 717 w 8th 

Q rK Domino Henry, lab, h 116 Francisco 

7-\^ Donahue Dennis, R R fireman, b 231 e Michigan 

P^M Donly Fannie J, boarding, 122 e 2d. h same 

R[rj Donly Wm H, constable, 211 Franklin, h 122 e 2d 

[Qq Donnell Robert, watchman, h 502 York 

,M Donnelly Angela, h 532 Franklin 
Hlj Donnelly Flllen, wid Jarae-i, li 531 w 4th 
"^ Donnelly Mamie A, h 712 Wabash 

0) Donnelly Patrick, h 218 e 8th " » 

Donnelly Peter, eng, h 712 Wabash ;;''f' 

■^ Donnelly Thomas, h 532 Franklin , • ;: '' 

^ Donnelly Thomas, elk 323 Franklin, h e 8th • - V ;.; 

1^ Donnelly Thomas E, deputy warden, b Prison ' 

O Donoghue Dennis, R R fireman, b 231 e Michigan 

O Doran F'rank H, pastmaster, h 731 Fine 
r> Doran Patrick, h 717 Pine 
►""'^ Doran Peter, ngt American Ex, h 717 Pine 
r^ Dorcey North T, R R (i reman, b Farmers' Hotel 

C Y JACKSOA II, Mgr W U Tel Co, h 218 

rt Cedar 

^ DOTY PROF CIIAKLE.S L. Teacher Short Hand 

a Michigan City Business College, b 218 e 7th 

O Draben Mollie, h 512 Pine 
U Drake Ezra W, bill elk M C Ry frt office, h 902 Pine 
^ Drake John, tel opr, b 122 e 2d 

C Draves Charles, lab, h 1815 w Boston 

O Dravid Stephen, lab, h 1109 Manhattan . t' 

"y, Dravs Wm, lab, h 1102 w 9tli 

rt Drebin Mollie, h 424 Franklin 
p_^ Dreblo Theodore, bus driver, b The Vreeland Hotel 
Dreblow Henry, painter, h 819 w 7th 

p Drevelzke Michael, lab, h 125 Fogarty 
^ Drews Frederick, bottler, h 822 e Michigan 
^ Drexler Emma, wid Edward, h 141 Francisco 
►"^ Drexler Herman, mach hd, b 141 Francisco 

li)sUre y\f\\)fi 

La Porte, Ind. 



Diexler John, inach lul. b 141 Fi-ancisco 

D.-iscoll Patrick W. elk. h n of Prison 

Dram Astnes, dom 515 Pine ■ 

Drumb Wm E. tjiiard, b Prison 

Diicey Patrick H, switch tender, h 408 e 4th 

Diimphy Joseph, roofer, h 402 w 8th ■ ' - ■ 

Dunham B Ellis, mach, h 410 Pine 

Diinker Christopher, grocer, 425 Franklin, h 718 Washington 

Dunker Henry, elk. h 718 Washington 

Dunlap John M, foreman, h 905 w Boston 

Dunn Edward J, cigarmkr. r 215 e Michigan 

Danne Robert, lab, bds 118 Franklin 

Dusky Charles, b 1015 Elston 

DL'.'«»ZVi\."*iKI Bie<>«> (Michael and Wm Duszynski), 

Grocers and Saloon, s e cor Franklin and William 
Duszvnski Michael (Duszynski Bros), h s e cor Franklin and 

Duszvnski Wm (Duszynski Bros), h s e cor Franklin and 

Button Linnia, milliner, 406 Franklin, h same 
Dwyer Wm, lab, h 117 w Michigan 
Dyer George, sailor, b 118 Pine 






Earl Alfred F, undertaker and liveryman, 131 w Michigan, h 

717 Pi-.e 
Earl H Mae, h 717 Pine 

East Omer J (Wright & East), h 816 Washington 
Eastman Edwin K, grocer, 300 Franklin, h same ' 
.Eastman Lewis J, brakeman, h Faimers' Hotel 
Eastport School, rear 1302 e Michigan 
Eastwood Cornelius, h 010 e Michigan 
Ehert Albert H, meat market, 214 Franklin, h same 
Ebert August W, broommkr, h 305 e 0th 
P:bert Frank H. elk. h 305 e 0th 
Ebert Frederick W, switchman, h 305 e 6th 
Ehert Henry, foreman, h 907 Butl'alo 
Ebert John C, elk 323 Franklin, h 305 e 6th 
Ebert Minnie, wid Charles, h 813 Tennessee 
j;bert Rudolph H, butcher, h 90Si Franklin 
Ebler Hugo, works The Mullen Hosjiital, h same 
Ebler Mary, wid Robert, h 611 e 10th 
Ebler Olga, h Oil e 10th \ . 

Eckert August, carp, h 907 Green 
Eckert Ludwig, lab, h 1412 Elston 
Eddy Burton H, giocer, 318 Franklin, h same 

*^ a 



C or. Main & Mich. Ave. See us before buyin g, it will pay you. 
48 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

p:ddy James B, stiulent, li RI8 Franklin 

E(Ulv Joseph, tavlor, h 2-201 Wasbingtoa 

Edgin Ma M. b "115 Canal 

p]dick George W, line repairer, h 304 e 7th . 

Kdinger Lizzie, domestic 601 e !Hh 

Ednall Coc, letter carrier, li 908 Pine ' ',■'. 

Edwards Eliza A, h 515 Pine 

Eggert Anna, b 702 Manhattan 

Eggert Emma, works Amazon H Co, h 301 Park 

Eggert Frank, letter carrier, h 509 e 10th 

Eggert Fred, works car factory, h 521 e 0th 

Eggert Fred C, fruit handler, h 716 w 8th 

Eggert Frederick, lab, h 716 Tennessee 

Eggert Herman (Meyer ik Eggert), h 312 e Boston 

Eu'gert Ida, dom 509 e 8tli 

Eggert Ida, opr, h 301 Park 

Eggert John, works car factory, h cor Park and Cedar 

Eggert Louise, seamstress, b 716 Tennessee 

Eggert aLary, boarding, 702 Manhattan, h same 

Eggert Ricka, wid John, h 301 Park 

Eggert \Vm, works chair factory, h 521 e 9th 

Eggert Wm, foreman, h 702 Manhattan 

Eggert Wm F, car repairer, h 406 e Boston 

Ehdy Bertha H. h 123 e 9tli 

Ehdy Charles F, student, h 123 e 9th 

Ehdy Charles II, works car factory, h 123 e 9th 

Ehlert Henry, carp, h 20(; Union 

Ehlart Wm. lab, h 1114 Kentucky 

Eichelberg Henry, lab, h 224 State 

Eichstaedi Uoman, gunsmith, 121 w Blarket, h 8ame 

Eickeborg Fredeiick, lab, h 624 Willard av 

Eisele Henry E. molder, h 312 w Baltimore 

Ekelin Charles, tailor, h 227 c Boston 
^, Ekert Albert, works car factory, h 111 Jackson 
CO Ekert John, mach hd, b 1412 Elston 

Ekert Wm, mach hd, b 1214 Elston 
^ Eley Charles, fisherman, h Washington Park Addition 
^ Elison Martha, dom i'H^y, Fianklin 
O Ellen Joseph, lab, b 1147 w Boston 
If) Elmor Charles, lali, h cor Dupa>re and Poplar, East Port 

1 Emrick Judson B, guard, h 1107 w Boston 
{"; P^ngelhardt Frederick H, painter, h 124 Holliday 
►^ Engle John, lab, b 618 Dupage, East Port 
J^ Engstrom Andrew, lab, h luUl Pine 

F:phlin Charles W, plasterer, h 115 Porter, East Port 
• Epstin Morris, clothier, 216 F'ranklin, h 209 Pine 
^ Erdmann Edward, works chair factory, h 317 Centre 
""^ Erdmann Minnie, h 317 Centre 


Hotel TecprJep. ^rpS^ir'I'G^'lhlrrpVl;. 


Erdmann Wm, works car factorv. h 317 Centre ^"^ 

Erickson Guslav, raolder, L 216 Barker av (^ 

Erickson Sadie, doiu. b 009 w 81I1 \-^ 

Ericson Andrew W, cabinettiikr, li 422 e 9th ' -^ 

Ericson Hannah, dressnikr, h G08 Butl'alo ^ 

Ericson John, molder, h 322 w 4th ^ 

Ericson Louis, cabinetuikr, h 422 e 9th \T\ 

Erk Frederick, hib. h 837 Manhattan h-j 

Ernst John, carp, h 122 Grand av ^^ 

Eskew Ida, b 127* Franklin C^ 

Eskew Wm, brakeman, h 219 Pine rr^ 
Eslinger Pliilip, mason. Ii 1410 Franklin 
Esp3' Jane, boarding, 117 w 8th, h same 

Espv Wm, works car works, h 117 w 8th ^ 

1']VE\Ii\C; DI.SPATCH (TIIE), Francis & Faulknor, ^ 

Pubs and Props, 200 Franklin Pl 
EVJE,\I\« iN'EW."* (THE;, Rubb & Carpenter, Eds [>> 

and Proprs, 115 w Michigan J_. 

Evert Charles, elk, h 500 e 8Lh O 
Evert Louis, grocer, 915 Franklin, h 1310 Franklin 

Everts Lydia A, wiJ Eudorus, r 716 Si)ring o. 

Faber Au^nsta, wid Nicholas, h 2002 Franklin ^ « 

Fairbanks Charles E. freight handler M C Ry, h rear 218 z ^ 

spring e3>< 

Fairbanks Nancy, wid Wra, h 215 Wabash S.J 

Falger Charles, lab, h 701 w 4th i= ■= 

Falker Fred, lab, h 1315 Elston g> = 

Fanter Henry, mason, h 324 w 7th re ^ 

Fargher Wm C, assl aupt Hitchcock Chair Co, h 815 Wash- -n S. 

ington 3 -a 

Farmers Hotel. Marion P] Shreve prop, 431 Pine n. | 

Farrell Patrick F, tallvnian. h 221 Washington S" I 

Faulhaber Albert, eng M C Ry, h 501 Wabash -"' S 

Faulhaber Gustav A, drug elk, b 408i Franklin ^ ^ 

Faulhaber Lizzie M, h 501 Wabash " = o 
FAULKi\OK JOIl.'X B (Francis & Faulknor), h 423 w S. 

Pine g 5 

Fausch Fred, h 601 Wabash . r'% 

Feallock Anna H, h 413 e 7th r- f 

Fealleck Fred, caller M C Ry, h 402 e 8th %? 

Feallock Wm, switchman, h 413 e 7th % 

Feallock Win J (Feallock & Peter:.), Ii 318 Cedar Fq 
Feallock & Peters (Wm J Feallock and John H Peters), boots H" - 

and shoes, 421 Franklin ?" ' 

MOORE & WEAVER, ^"'^''^6e&'-^p. ooors. 

' Binds. Slc. 

Lumber, Coal, Lime, 


Cor. Jackson &. Main Sts., La Porte. 


50 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Feilder Albert, lab, h 1112 Manhattan 
Fedder Charles, b 708 w 7th 
Fedder Frank, finisher, h 102 w Grant av 
Fedder Herman, works car factorv, b 211 Franklin 
Fedder Robert, lab, h 1108 Manhattan 
Fedder Samuel, lab, h HOG Manhattan 
^ Feeley John W, lab. h 425 Belden. East Fort ; ■ 

g Feglar Frank, lab, h 102 Grant av 

■g Feidel Wm, lab, h cor w 4th ami Douglass av ■ . • ••-• 

g F(nstel Gustav, lab. h 507 Chicago av ,....; 

.M Felio Mary, h rear 218 e 4th 
<2 Felten John (Wittman & Felten), b 1117 w 9th 
p^ Fendt Frederick, works car factory, h 310 Park 
•a Fendt Lottie, wid, h 306 Park 
S Fcndt Wm, works car factory, h 306 Park 
m Feolo Fred, lab, b 502 e Michigan 

> Fethke Charles L, cigar innfr, 125 e Michigan, h 131 same 
Fothke Herman W, cigarmkr, h 131 eMichigan 
Fetlike Louis, u 721J4 w 8lh 
g g Fetter Robert C, reed' works, b 1108 Manhattan 
■g o Fettig George B, foreman Amazon H Co, h 512 Spring 
.2 d Fick Henry, bartender, h 1123 Michigan 
S Fickel Wm, drayman, b 219 Franklin 

„ Finch Etta, h life saving station 
-^ Finch Henry, captain U S life saving station and sub marine 
C^ diver, h same 

f) Finch Loren, h light saving station 

Fink Charles, woi'ks car factory, h 1102 e 2d 
Fink Emma, h 824 e 2d I 

Fink Frederick, lab, h 742 w Oth •; 

Fink Henry W, elk, 829 Franklin, h 824 e 2d 
^ Fink Mary, wid Frederick, h 824 e 2d •• ' 

•^ Fink Wm, dock wolloper, h 824 e 2d 
UA Finkelstine Max, peddler, h 31(5 Pine 
*^ Finney Wm, bricklayer, h roar 218 Spring 
f^ Finske Henry, elk, h G02 e Michigan 
(^ Fiuske John, grocer, 002 e ^Michigan, h same 

■« Finske Josephine, wid Anton, h 51G w Baltimore 
•"^ Fipjien Ebenczcr, watchman, h 327 Willard av 
O FIBC.Vr i'%'/\TI«V\Ali K.\i\Ii, Charles E De Wolfe 
i_H Pres, Walter Vail Vice Pres, Wm H Schoenemann Cashr, 

i-H J Fred Kreidler Asst Cashier, s w cor Franklin and Mich- 

f— I igfin 

Fischer Bartel, lab, h 220 Scott .,>^ . 

Fischer Frederick, tailor, h 431 Pine • " - 

Fischer Julius, carpet weaver, h 118 Porter 

Fischer Leonard, h 2'20 Scott 

Fish Nellie, boarding, 230 Franklin, h same 



Meissner's PJiarniacij, 820 IVIain 8t, La Porte, 


Fisher Frank, lab, b rear 20'J Wabash *>> 

Fisher Lucy, elk, b 907 Ohio . 
Fisher Lucy, duin, b 327 WiJlard av 

Fisher Minnie B, h 117 w Michiiian ■ O 
Fisk Robert, lab, h 107 Hayes av " ,. 

Fitch Maria, wid Henry, h 228^ Franklin ,.^ 

Fitzgerald Florence F, finisher, h Tutlle addition hU 

Fitzgerald Frank, lal), b 318 Benton t~i 

Filzgibbons Julia A, wid Thomas J, h 21G Cedar IJ, 

Fitzgibbons Thomas E, cn^ JI C Ry. h 210 Cedar ^ 

Fitzpatrick Bridget, wid Jlichael, h '.)4G w 8lh ^ 

Filz|)atrick Kate T, works Amazon II Co, h 1)4G w 8th ^ 

Flagel Miranda L, elk, h (;32 w Cth f^ 

Finger Frederick, lab, h C:!2 w Gth ' ^ 

Flaherty John P, eng M C Ry, h 42i Wababh ' "-U 

Fleming Luke M, guard, b prison !^ 

Fleminir Marv A, h 123 e 8tb [HJ^ 

Flemming Hilmar (Flemmini;- ^t Ileick), h 21") w Ith |_, 
FleiuiningA Ileick ( Ililinar^Fleinuiing and Charles Ileick), U 

grocer, 315 Franklin i-J 
Flood James W, lal), h li07 Kentucky' 

Flotow Frederick, h HOG e 2d t^ 

Flotow John W, foreman, h 232 w 7th ^ 

FIdx Mo-es, elk, h 50'J e .Michigan ^ 

Flox Samuel, dry goods, 431 Fninklin, h 424 Franklin " 

Flueckiger John, saloon. 2(il w 4th. li same kh 

Fogarty James, engr, b 1132 w Boston C^ 

Fogarty John T, eng M C Ry, h 118 w 2d ^ 

Fogarty Minnie, h 312 e Market k Q 

Fogarty Timothy, lab, h 82',) w 7tii I [[) 

F'ogarty Valentine, R R fireman, b 312 e Market I 

Fogarty Victoria L, li 308 c Market | 

Fogelman Charles, bartender 414 Franklin, r 519 Wabash [ '^ 

Fogle Clara, finisher, b 117 w ^Michigan CO 

Fogle Flavius L. tmstr, h 117 w Michigan p, ^ 

Foldenauer Anton, works car factory, h 1310 Franklin „ ?J 

Follet Urial C, h 729 Franklin 7> > 

FoUowill Thomas J, h 315 e Market ? (J) 

Foltz Charles, lab, b 214 w Green :^ (i) 

Follz AVm, switchmau M C Rv, h GIO e 2d 2. 

Ford Eunice M, h (il7 Franklin ^- ^ 
Ford John .S (Ford, Johnson ct Co), pres F i: J Co and H C y ^ 

Co, h Chicago 3 " 
FOKI> A: .IOIIi'N'<iiO:\ CO, John S Ford Pres. Henry q^ D 

W Johnson Vice Pres, Reuben A Hitchcock Sec, Henry c^ !P 

V Hitchcock Treas, Mnfrs of Chairs, Ollice at Prison ^ 

Fordyce James L, inach ha, h 319 w Boston O 

Forney Stephen 11, h Beak, East Port "? 

Educate for business by taking a course In Book-keep- 
ing and Shorthand at the iv.lCHICAN CITY BUSINESS 
COLLEGE. Write for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 

52 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

^ Fuss Cliai-les, lab, b 708 Beak. East Port 

? Fossow Anna, b 317 Union ' ' .'' 

I, Fouklnauei- Anna, dom Tbe Vreeland Hotel 

jfj? Fowler Win, guard, b prison 
OUl Francis Helen (Francis & Faulknor), b 423 Pine 
Zf3 FICA.XCI* \: FALLKAOi: (Helen Francis and John 
— -;:^ B Faulknor). Pubs and Proprs Tbe Micbigan Citv Dis- 

~^^ patch, 206 Franklin 

-t S Frank Charles, flagman, h 402 Union 
O ? Frank Frederick, hostler, b 402 Union 
lilt Frank George, lab, b 1709 Elston 
O Frank Ida, dom 328 Pine 
Q^\> Franklin Benjamin F, lab, hnsMCRRsof Front 

T! Franklin Charles II, finisher, h 818 Tennessee 
f^^^ Franklin John C, b G15 Willard av 

Franklin J.ihn VV, supt chair factory, h 1120 Pine 
>-• Fr:inklin Joseph, foreman, h 615 Willard av 
<^ Franklin Kate, b 61.5 Willard av 
Q^ Frazee John, elk 109 e Market, h 431^ Franklin 
(IQ Fredenberg Alexander, lab, h 2309 Manhattan 
Freen:an Charles, eng M C Ry, h 323 Pine 

■- Freeman Wm H, eng M C Ky, h 121 Washington 

Frehse Bros (Otto C and Herman C Frehse), barbershop, 114 
^ 'Ji w 4th 

Frehse Charles, tailor, h 416 Wabash 

0] h Frehse Herman C (Frehse Bros), h 416 Wabash 

-J^ Frehse Max, mach, h 302 w 4th 

5 2 Frehse Otto C (Frehse Bros), h 416 Wabash 

*j^ Fiei'llE L\!%Zh: (THE), Franz Hildebrandt Editor 
C g and Business Mngr, German Wt-ekly Newspaper, 206 

®0 Franklin 

fn Lreier Caroline, wid Frederick, h 131 e Michigan 

^ a Freier Emil R, cigarmkr, h 120 Cedar 

M *j Freitag Charles Rev, pastor Emanuel Congregational Church, 
<0 ^ h 309 Miller 

"in ^ French Alexander W, guard, b prison 

J French Eliza H, wid Baylies, h 1002 Franklin 

U FKE.\CII .lAillES W, Warden Indiana State Prison 
^ (North), h Prison 

,'-' Frenzel Andrew, glazier, b 211 Franklin 

1^ Freyer Fretl T, condr, h 210 Pine 

■p Freyer Rudolph, bartender 209 Franklin, h Buffalo 

h Freze Wm, lab, h 109 Grant av 

£ Fritz Albert, lab, h 509 Ripley 

V Fritz August, tmstr, h 302 w 4th 

<D Fritz Frank, tmstr, h 324 e Boston 

^ Fiiiz Henry, works car factory, h 221 w Baltimore 

Fritz Wilhelm, lab, h 121 Francisco 

The only prootlOBl Baslness and Shortbaixf So?ioo7 /n 

Aorfhern inc»ana-The Michjgan City Business College 

C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Fryer E Robert, foreman, h 120 Ceilar (^ 

Kiidolpli, bartemler, b 719 Buffalo 


P'ryer Kiidolpb, bartemler, b 719 Buffalo Hh 

Fuller Harriet, wid Jonaiban, b 214 Miller 

Fuller Perry O. brakeman. b 214 Miller 

Fulton Willis B, elk A R Colhorn ii Co, b 210 e Market |> 

Fuss Wm F, fireman, b 112 e Wa 

Gabert Amelia, opr, b 301 B ^ 

Gabert Emma, b GOl B /'\ 

Gabert Henry, saloon, 122 Union, b 301 B l-H 

Gabert Josepb, b 301 B '' 

Gabrieb Jacob, lah, h 1810 Elston k_i 

Gabriel Wm K, R R fireman, h Farmer's Il.itel (-\ 
Gaekemier Jobn, reed IVamer M C R C Co, b 821 e Miebigan LJ 

Gajewski Julius, carp, ii e of prison V^ 
Gallaber James F (Gallabor & Waiuwriglit), b Tbe Vreeland 

Hotel C) 
UAI.IiAllfR &. WAI.\WI5l«llT(James F Gal /~s 

luber and Ricbard Waiuwrighl) Attys at Law and Ins ^-' 

Agts, 224 Franklin 

Gallas Louis, works ear factory', b 20') w 9ib *^ 

Gallas i^Iinnie E, elk, b 205 w 9tb I 

Gallas Wm, car sealer, b 205 w 9lb -0 

Galowski Jobn, lab. b 2221 Elston 71 2! 

Ganscbow diaries, finisber, b 403 Cbicago av 3 ^ 

Gabscliow JoliD, lab, b 403 Cliicago z 0) 

Ganscbow Louis, finisber, b Tennessee S. r" 

Garnck Josepb, mach, b 1301 Frai klin % \ 

Garvott Mary A, wid Edwin, b 418 Wabasb ^ | 

Gasper Jobn P, tmstr, b 1015 w 8th g" | 

Gasper JIary, seamstress, b 1015 w 8ih %n 

Gasper Nicbolas, policeman, b 301 w Market 00 " 

Gasper Retina C, works Amazon II Co, b 1015 w 8tb = 

Gassom Fred, b Wasbington Park addition 5- 

Gates Wm M, liarnessmkr, 1) 406 Spring " 

Gatrel Thomas, elk M C fieigbt ofiice, b 230 Franklin 5 

Gatz Jobn, lab, b 1208 Tennessee *=" 

Gaul Alta M, tel opr, b C32 Pine ? 

tJaul James M, eng. h C32 Pine ?• 

Gavetski Lawrence, blksmitb, b 112 Hendricks S; 

Gealow Charles, h 406 e Boston ■ ' ' = 

Geertz August, cabinetmkr, b 301 w 7th ' = 

Gehring Albert, lab, h 1808 Franklin K 

George Charles, h 813 Buffalo . ' %. 

George Daniel, hostler, r 114 e 4tb ^ 


J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind. 
54 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

RGerber Anna, elk, li 432 e 8th 
r. Gerber Fred, lab, h 432 e 8tb 

n ]Zj Gei-ber Godfrey, works M C S & D Co, h 432 e 8tb 
v\\-\ Gerber J Kudolpli, cigarmkr, h 432 e 8th 
m ,. Gerber Marie, h 432 e 8th 

Lp^H Gerbrick Edward T, cook, h n s M C R R a of Front 
Hr, Gerbrick Emma, h 2031^ Tavlor 
^[J Gerda Herman, lab, h 1215 p:istoa 
" Gerrard John, guard, b 827 Buffalo 
Gerspach Clement, h 1608 e Michigan 

Gerspach Theodore, works car factory, h 1608 e Michigan 
Gerspach Wm, reed worker, h 1608 e Michigan 
Gertz Wm, cabinetmkr, h 1209 s Franklin 
Qrh Gervev Ferdinand L, tel opr, h 432 e 8th 
qU Gess Wm, lab 232 e 2d 
rn [J Gelcho Joseph, lab, h 214 w Baltimore 
FHlD Gibson Boston, lab, h 1302 Franklin 
CQq Gibson Charles C, h 1716 Franklin 

.Sj Gielow Bros (Wm and Henry Gielow), grocers, 603 e Michi- 
Hlj gan 

■^^ Gielow Frank, elk, h 422 e 7th 

CD Gielow Henry CGielow Bros), h 422 e 7th ' 

Gielow Henry jr, elk, h 422 e 7th • . " 

^ Gielow Louise A, wid Henry, h 422 e 7tii 

^ Gielow Minnie R, h 422 e 7th 
"X! Gielow Wm (Gielow Bros), h 524 e Michigan 
O Gielwsky Theodore, mach hd, h 1416 Elston - ■ ^ 

O Gifford Charles A, eng M C Rv. h 213 Pine 
^ Gilbert Isabelle, h n s M C R R a of Front 
►^ Gill Anna, b 1615 Ohio 

Gill John, lab. Ii 650 Ohio '■ ■ 

Gill John jr, blksmith, b 1615 Ohio 
rt Gill Stephen, lal), h 1706 Ohio "- ' 

_^ Oilman John T, filer, h 320 e 7lh 
a G.lmore Wm G, eng M C Ry, h 519 Washington 
O Gimpel Eliza, dressmkr, h 213 Pine 
C^ Ginter Fred, tmatr, b 119 w Baltimore 
^ Ginter John, lab, b'is 119 w Baltimore 
C Gitschow John, section hand, h 510 e Boston 
O Glufcke Charles L, niach. b 1026 w 8th ' ■ 

t/ Glafcke Henry, lab, b 1026 w Sth 
C3 Glafcke Louis, lab, h 1026 w 8th 
p ( Glafcke Louise K, b 1026 w 8th 

Glafcke Wm F, mach hd, b 1026 w 8th 

SG ass Factory, cor Michigan Central R R and w 4lh 
Glascott John J, coal, e end Market, h 309 \v 7th 
^ Glasaer Grace L, elk, h 802 M:\nhattan 
•"^ Glaaser Mary, h 802 Manhattan 




J. VENE DORLAND, successor to Geo. C. Dorland &, Son, Insurance 
and Real Estate Agent. Abstracts of Title, Deeds and Mortgages 


Glasman Louise H, works Amazon II Co, b 407 Franklin 

Glavin Anna, teacher, r 1002 Franklin 

Glavke Emma, chessmkr, 415 w 9th, b same 

Glavke John C, engr, b 415 w 9th 

Glavke Louise, milliner, b 415 w 9th 

Glavke Sophia, wid Charles, h 415 w 9th 

<>}I.EA."»iO.\ JA?HE)!» F, City Ed The News, h 412 e ^ 

JNIichigau ^ 

Gleason Jesse, painter, 619 Slain '\j 

Gleason Lizzie, h 612 Wabash . , 

Glime Edward, frt handler, h 117 w 8th fj 

Gline Nelson W, machine shop, e s Wabash 2 n of Michigan, P^ 

h rear same ^, 

Gloa Charles, lab. h n s Allen 1 e of Franklin [' 

Glutr Frank C, elk, h 721 e Michigan ^ 

Glugla Frank, lab, h 1515 p:iston 
Gluth Albert, lab, b 817 Tennessee 

Gluth Charles A J, varnisher, b 817 Tennessee ^ 

Gnibba Michael, saloon. Ill e 4th, h same IjJ 

Godfrey Theodore M (W R Godfrey & Son), h 313 Franklin 
Godfrey Walter R (W R Godfrey & Son), also physician, h fVj 

313 Franklin Ci 

Fodfrey W R & Son (Walter R and Theodore BI Godfrey), 

druggists, :il3 Franklin r^ 

Goerg Clara M, cashier, h 302 Franklin ^\^ 

Goerg Peter (Goerg A: Krai), h 302 Franklin f) 

Goerg & Krai (Peter Goerg and Fred Krai), meat market, 302 )^ 

Franklin ' ~* 

Goers Herman, lab, b 817 Ohio ^ 

Goers Minnie, works Amazon II Co, h 107 Main xn 

Goff Oren 11, painter, li 310 e Michigan |h 

Gohdcs Carl A, teacher St Paul's L School, b 123 e 9th -if 

Golata Andrew, lab, h 1710 Ohio « j'^ 

Golata Thomas, lab, b JU13 Ohio Jlp 

Golonbeck Thomas, lab, h 501 Buffalo S 3,t3 

Gondeck Mary, dom The Vreelank llc^lel of?"' 

Gondek Joseph, lab, h 1908 Washington t^^- 

Gondek Mary, wid Frank, b 410 Hoyt 3 f 3 

Gousorowski Leonhard, lab, h *J19 Ontario 
Good Nelson, lab, h Washington Park addition 
Goodhue Charles S, bkkpr, h 816 Pine 
Goodhue Sarah S, h 422 Pine 
Goodhue Wni II, undertaker, h 422 Pine 
Goodman Frederick, saloon, 223 Willard av, h same 
Goodwin Georgia, h 314 e Baltimore 
Gordon Glathia G, tmstr, h 525 Buffalo 
Gorden Win L, lab, b 525 Butlalo 
Gordon Ellen I, dom 701 Franklin 



UtlBrrBiBn a flrnOlO, gins, can on us. we have many beau. 
Cor. Main &. Mich., Ave. titui articles in sliver and fancy goods. 

56 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

2 "3 Gossom Henry, lab, h Washington Park addition 

rt 2 Gossow Frederick, lab, b nr coal sheds 

p « Gotham Albert, lab, li 716 Be'den, East Port 

Q Goltschalk Ernest, works car fac'.ory, h rear 713 e Michigan 

^ U Gould Everett A, painter, h 223 Spring 

■" p Gould Homer S, express messenger, h 223 Spring 

^ ^ Goundeck Frederick, lab, b Canada 

^ * Graessle Adam, saloon, 30i Franklin, h same 

•p S Graessle Edward W, works car factory, h 304 Franklin 

Q ^ Graessle George, works car factory, h 304 Franklin 

Q £ Graessle Gotthold, lab, h 720 Ohio 

*:> 5 Gralling Albert, lab, li 922 e 2d 

C ''2 Grant Emery E, cigarmkr. h 231 W 6th 

S,^ •^IJATTEiXTliALKK HKO.^ (John and Henry) 

f^ ^ Sample Room, s w cor Franklin and Fulton 

►^ r Grattenlhaler Henry (GrattenlhMler Bros), h cor Franklin 

_Q ^ and Allen 

£w Grattentlialer Henry jr, lab, b cor Franklin and Aller 

Grattenthaler John (Grattcnthaler Bros), h 1808 Franklin 

J " <;ICAY CIIAKLES J, City E litor The Dispatch, 

^ C) 221^ Franklin 

,2 B Gray Jesse B, broorarakr, r 130 e Michigan 

*-" 2 Gray Wm L, cond, h 215 Pine 

P -g Graybeal James, cooper, ii 2U3^ Taylor 

^ fQ Greathouse Wm, lab, h 2308 Manhattan 

^ ^ Greehn Charles, carp, h 317 Cedar 

r Green Alfred L. broom mnfr, 416 e Jlichigan, h same 
Q Green Carrie, dom 120 w 2d 

Green Ernest, lab, b e s McClelland av 2 u of w 7th 
Green John, lab, h 918 w 8lh 
Green John H, tailor, b 113 e Michigan 
)0 Green John T, guard, h rear 610 Chicago av 
*-0 Green Nancy A, wid, h 518 e Michisiaii / 

Greene Carrie, dressmkr, h 213 w Boston 
C" Greene Jeremiah W. works chair factory, h 305 Du Page 
^ Greene Wm W, h 305 Du Page 
U Greene Wm W, fireman, h 120 State 
(f) Greening Mary J, h n s M C R R s of Front 
,— ( Greenwood Cemetery, bet Barker av and Greenwood 
•H Gregovzewski Valentine, lab. h 405 Miller 
K. €;|{IE<;KK FEKDI[\Ai\D. Hatter, Clother and Fur 
^ isher. 226 Franklin, h 522 e xMichiuan 

y^ Grieger Helena M, dressmkr, h 522 e Michigan 

Grieger Otto, elk, h 522 e Michigan 
I * Grieger Samuel, tailor, h 407 e 8th 
r^ Grievish Fred, works chair t'actorv, h 205 Park 
^ Gritlin Jane C, wid Harvey, h 722 Franklin 
r Griffith Alfred P, supt Amazon H Co, h 724 Pine 

HOTEL TEEGARDEN, =• ?JoT.'',:o^°"^- 



Griffith Emma, wid John W, h 230 Fianklin 

Gritlith John H, eng M C Ry, li 230 Franklin 

Griffith Wm E, reed works, h 230 Franklin 

Griffiths Mary G, tL-aclier, h 425 Pine 

Griffiths Thomas, h 817 Wabash 

Griffiths Wm G, student, h 425 Pine 

Grifloth Edward J, painter, h 211G Franklin 

Grischow Anna, wid Adolph, h 1009 w Boston 

Grischow Ella, works Amazon H Co, r 1009 w Boston 

Grischow Fred C (F C Grischow &. Bro). h 215 w 8ih 

CiRI^CIlOW F C A: BKO (Fred C and Henry H Gris- 
cliow), Boots, Shoes and Rubtiers. 317 Franklin 

Grischow Henry H (F C Grischow & Bro), h 102G w 9th 

Groehler Hulda, h COl Wabash 

Groehler JloUie, dressmkr, h 601 Wabasli 

Grocpler Moritz, foreman, h G12 e lOlh 

Groniborm John, niacli hd, b 928 w 7tli 

Gronlund Ida, dom 701 Washington 

Gross Herman G, mach hd, li 2307 ^Manhattan 

Grosse Minnie, wid August, h 1924 Hoyt 

Grott Andrew, works car factory, Ij 1310 Franklin 

Grott Iguatz, mach, h 1310 Franklin 

Grott Minnie, dom 714 Wabash 

Gruuland Hulda, dom 001 Wa-hington 

Grunlon Edgar, lab, b 121 Barker av 

Gruulon John, lab. h 121 Barker av 

Gruse Peter, lab, h 1310 ^Manhattan 

Gunther Herman, cabinetmkr, h ;'06 w Baltimore 

Guetschow Carl H, works cir factory, h 221 e Baltimore 

Giistafson Alexander, h 308 Piue 

Gutchow Charles, trimmer, h 917 w 7th 

Gutgsell Andrew D. R R elk, h 1014 Washington 

Gulperlet Anna, finisher, b 110 Chicago 

Gutpharlap Henrietta, boarding, 610 Chicago av, h same 

Gutpharlaj) John, lab, h OlO Chicago av 

Gutschow Joseph, works K & R planing mill, h 214 e Balti- 

Gwalter Laura E, h 124 w Market 





- > 

o o 



Haack August, lab, h 1110 Tennessee 
Haack John, works car factory, h 410 e 9th 
Haack Wm, works car factory, h 220 Main 
Haas Louise M, wid Fiank, li 510 Pine 
Hack Chailes J, yard master, h 220 e 9th 
Hacker Caroline, wid John, b 1215 Manhattan 


Corner Jackson & r 

L. POLK & CO.'S 

■§ Hacker Charles, lab. h 1215 Manliattau 

o Hacker Fred W, lab, h 115 Union 

_ 7^ Haddock Emma J, wid Joseph, h 231 e Market 

^ 73 Hafcus Fred, lireman, h 209 e 10th 

•^ ft Hagley Warren, caller M C 

a § Hahn Charles, h 1307 Elston 

^ ^ Hahn Christopher, h 509 e 9th . _ 

bDxs Hahn Minnie, wid Fred, h 301 e Boston ' ■''■ 

.9 g Hahn Wilhelin, lab, h 1209 Manhattan 

•g ^ Hahn Wm, elk, h 301 e Boston [".; 

3^ Halbert Harry, carver, b 010 Chicago av 

■S o Hale Lydia, doiu 205^ Taylor 

"3 ^ Hall Charles, molder, b 916 Tennessee 

S a IIAI.,L EA.KL S, Special Agt Union Central Life lus 
g 2 Co, La Porte, lud, h Pine Lake av 

O a Hall Wm H, R R fireman, h 213 Pine 

. B Halladay Lester, lab, h 805 e 2d 

Si! Halladay Stephen, longshoreman, h 711 Belden, East Port 

fl a Hallar Edward C, butcher, h 1015 Franklin 

ti °^ Hallar Henry, carp, h 1015 Franklin 

i» ^ Hallar Jacob, h 1015 Franklin 

S g Haller Fred A, eng M C Rv. h 118 e Market 

O £ Haller John J, foreman, h 314 e 8th ! • 

•g 5j Halley Benjamin F, barber, h 231 Columbia . . 

a .S- Halhday Caroline A, wid John, h 631 Pine 

g f^ Halliwiil Cornelius O, sawyer, h cor 2d and Erie 

* . Hallman Martha, dom Farmers Hotel 

^ "2 Hallmann Guslay, works car factory, h 1005 e 2d 

^» Hallock Mary E, wid Nellis, h 112 e 2<1 

■ r, Haman Charles, works car factory, h 228 e Baltimore 

O^ Hamilton Robert T (Hamilton & Hughes), h 318 Pine 

O;:^ Hamilton & Hughes (Robert T Hamilton and J Walter 

-(J Hughes), blksmiths, 328 Franklin 

«<5 rt Hamlet Amos M, tinner, 325 Franklin, h 713 Buffalo 

f Hamlet Guv JI, mach, h 833 w 7th 

2? Hamlett Hubert B, tel opr M C Ry, h 1101 Kentucky 

jjj^ Hamlett Thomas M, mach hd, h UOl Kentucky 

■^.9 Hamlin Nelson, barber, 601 e Michigan, h 611 e 5Iichigan 

^'^ Hamlin Wm G, condr, b Henderson House 

vJ Haraman Henry, lab, h 206 State 

-^ Haraman Herman, lab, h 1016 w 8th 

O Hammerbuig Anton, lab, h s end of Wabash 1, ' 

T , Hammond James, drayman, h 412 e 7th 

}™ Hamrick Harriet, teacher, h 815 Spring 

fy| Hamrick Leioy D, elk, h 815 Spring . ' 

^ Hamiick Nellie, teacher, h 815 Spring 

^ Hanka Christ, lab A R Colburn & Co : :'' , • 

•^ Hauley Edward M, wood turner, h 907 Green 


M- ^' Pl-nrmirV our Motto: Purity in Medi- 

Clbbllcr b 1 IlclIIlUluy, cines and scrupulous care 
820 Main Street, La Porte. in Compounding. 



Hannig Slichael, works M C R.v, b 1308 Wahasii 
Hansen Catherine, wid Valentine, h 126 w 0th 
Hansen John P. lab, b 121 Franciico 
Hansen Julia B, teacher, h 120 w 0th 

Hansen Nicholas, halter, clothier and furnisher, 327 Frank- 
lin, h same 
Hansen Ottillia E, teacher, h 120 w 0th 
Hansen Valentine H, farmer, h 120 w (Jth 
Hanson Charles, cabinelmkr, h 1310 Fulton 
Hapke Henry H, mach, h 431 Pine 
Harbart Amelia, h 307 w Boston 
Harbart August, carp, h 307 w Boston , 

Harbart Charles, carp, h 307 w Boston 
Harbart Henry C, baker, h 7U2 Green 
Harbart John, carp, 1^ 307 w Boston 
Harbart Mai tin, grocer, h 1404 Elston 
Harbarth Charles, lab, h Sl'.l Green 
Haring Mary, wid August, h 317A Franklin 
Haring Oscjr, student, h 3I7A Franklin 
Harnish Frank, lab, h 1813 Elston 
Harpe Harry H, brakeman, b 118 Franklin 
Harper Henry C, painter, h 320 e Boston 
Harrington Albert, lab, h 1315 Franklin 
Harrington Alvah, h 205 Taylor 
Harrington P^dwiird, h 1315 Franklin 
H.Trrington Eugene, lab, h 110 Union 

Harrington Frank, car repairer, u cor Erie and JI C track 
Harrington Ira, lab, h 20.") Taylor 
Harrington John, lab. h 110 Union 
Harrington Joshua, section hand, h 205 Taylor 
Harrington Newton J, section foreman, ii 110 Union 
Harris Harvey R (Harris & Thennes), h The Vreeland Hotel 
Harris Jessie, dressuikr, b 420 e Michigan 
Harris Joseph H, bartender lit) e Michigan, h 426 Pine 
Harris Wm, lab, h 902 Green 
Harris & Thennes (Harvey R Harris and Charles J Thennes), 

proprs The Vreeland Hotel, 220-2 
Harrold John S, iiate tender, h cor Wi 

!-3 Fr 

lard ; 


uul w Boston 

Hart Wra. restaurant, 211 Franklin, h same 
Hartford Samuel, lal), b 230 Wabash 
Harlke August, lab, b 222 State 
Hartke Catherine, wid Gerhard, h 209 w 9tu 
Hartke Emma C. wid Henry H. ii 117 w 7lh 
Hartke Henry, lab, h 1117 w Green 
Hartke Herman G.. mach hd, h 811 Wabash 
Hartke Wm, lab, h 222 State 

IIAICTKE WiTI <;, Undertaker and Embalmer, 
9th, h same 





















Hartmann Fred, carp, b 109 e Warren 

llartwell Ann C, news dealer and stationer, 426 Franklin, h 

Light House 
Hartwell George, h 228i Franklin . / 

llartwig Cliarles. car inspr M C Ry, h 210 Main ' •" 

Hartwig Louis, lab, b 210 Main 
llartwig Minnie, works Amazon II Co, h CIO Main 
Harvis Joseph, foreman, h 1215 Franklin 
Hascall Lewis A, guard, ii 100'.) JIanhaltan 
Hascall Rose, b 1009 iManliattan 
Haskell Keppie, res &\h Wal)ash 

ber Pres, Nathanial V Rogers Sec and Treas, w s BuU'alo 

ket 8tli and Market 
Hatch John H. R R fireman, b Farmer's Hotel 
Haug Louise M, wid Frederick, li 512 e Stii 
Haugh Charles, eng M C Ry, h 811 Spring 
llauser Barbara, wid Charles, h :i23 w 7th 
Hauser Louis, eng M C Ry. h 32:i w 7lh 
Havekaust Frederick, fireman, h 209 e Boston 
Haven Albert, tii'emau, liTutlle's addition 
Havens Wm, watchman, li e of prison 
Hawk Paul, lab, h 12.') Fogarty 
Ilayman Bernhard, peddler, b (504 e IMichigan 
Ilazelhurst Henry, carp, h 121G Franklin 
Ileadley Frank, trav agt, h 117 Detroit 
Healion F Joseph, eng M C Ry, h 202 Washington 
Healion James H, eng M C Rv, h HOS e Market 
Heath O, condr L E & W, b The Vreeland Hotel 
Heberling Gottfried, lalj, h 123 Willard av 
Ilccht Frederick, car repairer, h 91(j (,^ 2d 
Heck John, lab, h 814 Madison, East Port 
lledrick Frank, works car factory, h 723 e 8th '\ 
Hedrick Wm, works car factory, h 210 Pai-k 
Heeg Alfr. d, lab, b Canada 

Heeg Clement A, works car factory, h 1102 e Michigan 
Heeg Margaret, h 119 Ontario 
Heeg Theodore, h 015 e 2d 
Heermans Nile W Rev, jjastor Trinity Episcopal church, h 

014 Franklin 
Heniebower Ad M, mnfr, b The Vreeland Hotel 
Hegelmayer Dorothea, h 1207 Wabash 
Hegelinaver Fred, finisher, b 1207 Wabash 
Hegg win. macli, h 1005 Elston 
Heick Charles (Flemming ik Heick), h 215 w 4tU 
Heinsen Henry, fisherman, h 907 Ohio 
Heinz Henry, condr, h 017 Ontario 
Heise August, watchman, h rear 100-1 w Boston 


Druggists, 0pp. Court House, 812 Main St., 
La Porte, Ind., Dealers in Drugs, Chemicals, 
J Patent Medicines, Wall Paper, &,c. 



lieise C Fred, marine eng, h rear 121 Washington 

lleise E^iward, li 122 w 2d 

Ileise Frani{, saloon. 117 e 2d, li same 

Heise Henry, city marsiial and harbor master, h 122 w 2d 

Heise Josephine, wid Fredericii, h rear 122 w 2d 

Heise Lillie, h 117 e 2d 

IIUIT.^^CIIiTllDT AU«II.««»T C, Flour, Feed, Grain 

and Hay, 3U e Michigan, h 312 e Michigan See adv 

right side lines 
Heller Anna, dining room girl, b 213 Franklin 
Heller Gustav, works car factorv, h 1101) e 2d 
Heller Wm. butcher, h llO'J e 2d 

Helmick Edward W, porter The Vreelaud Hotel, b same 
Helnaick Wm E, car repairer M C Ry. b Franklin 
Helms Mary, seamstress. 1) '.til w Boston 
Helsing August, lub, h 117 Willard av 
Helsing Bernard, lab, h 225 Willard av 
Helsing Charles, lab, h ,311 Willard av 
Helston Matthew, carp, h 116 Cedar 
Helston Jlorris. train dispatcher M C R}', h 116 Cedar 
Ilenckel Louis, section hd, h liOO e Boston 
Henderson Frederick J, h Henderson House 
IIEM>I':k.*<0,\ IIOIJ5!)!!:, Turley & Henderson Proprs, 

■IKS and 420 Franklin 
Henderson John (Turley & Henderson), h Henderson House 
Hendricks Gustav, carpet weaver, 913 Franklin, h rear 729 e 

Ilenke Augusta, works Amazon H Co, h 314 Emily 
Henke Augusta, dining room girl, b 213 Franklin 
Heuke Christian, Ub, h 314 Emily 
Henke Conrad, painter, h 314 Emily 
Henke Emil, works car factory, h 314 Emily 
Henke Wm, lab, h 715 w 4th 
Henke Wm jr, lab, b 715 w 4th 
IIEi\KY AI.BI':KT J, Pine and Hemlock Lumber. 

also Sheritl' La Porte Couniv. cor B and Jliller, h 410 

Henry Frank T. letter carrier, h'42S Pine 
Henry Joseph B, lab, b 1009 w Boston 
Henry Lucy, wid Thomas, h 124 w Market 
Heury Marion, wid Thomas, h 428 Pine 
Henry Wm H, eng JI C Ry. h 124 w Jlarket 
Henry Wm P, carp, h 428 Pine 
Hercig Frederick, cabinetmkr, h 432 e 8th 
Herlehy Edward, cond, h 316 w Market 
Herman Charles A, brakeman. r 308 Pine 
Herman Edward, fireman, b S27 Elston 
Herman George, lab, b 827 Elston 










Harvest quIeeN " floiJi?. 

J street [ Co , lOI J St., La Porte, Ind. 












Hermitage Club (The), MT Krueger i>res, R M Hiuchison 
vice prea. Waller Vail treas, M A Sohutt sec, club house 
i mile Fe ranklin, lalce front 

Herzig Godfrey, works chair factory, h 432 e 8th 

Hess James I. switchman, h 12"2 e 2(1 

Ilettel Cora II, works Amazon II Co, h lOG w 4lh 

Ilettel Philip W, lab, h lOG w 4th 

Ileuck Charles, imstr 314 e Jlichigan, h 413 e 9th 

Meuck Henry, works car factory, h 413 e 'Jth 

Heuck Louis, lab, h 1121 w Green 

Heyei- Frederick, brakemau, h 925 e 2d . [,.. 

Heyer Theodore, fisherman, h 927 e 2d ' , 

Hibner Charles A. molder, b 219 e Boston 

Hibner Frederick, elk, b 802 w 7th 

Hibner Herman L, lab, h 215 e Boston 

Hick Charles, grocer, h 215 w 4th 

Hickman Edgar J, lab, b 823 B tlalo / 

Hickman Edward J, works car f;ictoiy. b 318 w 9Lh 

Hickman Fred McC, barber shop. 911 Franklin, h 812 Buffalo 

Hiekmau Louis E, carp, h 318 w 9lh 

Hickman Mary E, wid Frederick M, h 823 Burtalo 

Hicks Isabella, h 321 w Maikel 

Ilighlield Clara, boarding, 123 e Jlicliigan, h same 
Hightield Edward, molder, h 123 e Michi"-an 
Highfield Gouvernor A, h 123 e Mieliigan" 

Highfield W Wallace, elk, h 123 e Michi-an 

Ilighgate Wm H, dyer, h 714 Wabasli ° ' -■ 

Hike Wm, works car factory^ h 905 e 2d 
Ilildebrand J Louis, car rei/airer, b 309 e 6th 
Hildelirandt Alberc, lab, li 909 Manhattan 

Elll.DI<:itEeA.M>T FB5A.\Z, Editor Freie Lanze "06 

Franklin,- b Vreeland Hotel 
Plildt'brandt & Krueger (Franz Hildelirandt and Martin T 
Kruegei'), editors and pubs The Freie Press, 206 Franklin 
Hilen Ethan A, h 41G e 7th 
Hill Agnes S. dressmkr, h 116 w 2d 
Hill Arthur S, brakeman, h 427 e Michigan 
Hill Jessie, dressmkr, 116 w 2d. h same 

Hill Mary, wid, James, h IIC w 2d ? ' • ' 

Hill Susan, Wfd Joseph R, h 412 e 8th 
Hill Wm, lab, h 205 C 
Hillman Ellen L, elk, h 516 e 9th 
Hillman Frederick, works car factory, h 516 e 9th 
Hillman Herman, tmstr, h 610 York 
Hilts John, lab, h Washington Park addition 
Ilines Margaret, wid, h Washington Park additiou 
Hintz Ella, works Amazon H Co, h 109. w Boston 
llintz Henry, brakemau, h 109 w Boston 

^/AriA T^r^rlnnrl General Insurance Agency. Rep- 

V ene J-^'UnariU, resent only the best Companies. 

La Porte, Ind. Fire, Life, Tornado and Accident. 


Hintz Ida, b 109 w Boston f> 

Ilintz JoliD, car repairer, h 109 w Boston - 

Hipp ]Mar3', dora 732 Pine ^„^ 

Hipp Win, town-hip trustee, 20,^ e Michigan, h same (> 
Hirschinann Ciiarles, lab, b 823 Biiflalo 

Hirschniann Elizabeth, knitter, b 1025 w 8th ,^ 

Hirschniann Frederick, li 1025 w 8th ^V 

Hirschinann Max. barteniler, h 1025 w 8th ^ 

Hirschmann Otto, lal), h SIC w 6th " 

Hise George F. lab, h 002 e .Michigan t"* 
HITCHCOCK CIIAIK CO. John S Foid Pres, Reu- <-^ 

ben A Hitchcock Vice Pres. Hcniv W Johnson See, ""^ 

Henrv V Hitchcock Tieas. Otlice at Prison (/> 
Hitchcock Clara D, h 901 Washiimton 

Hitchcock Clara M, h 901 ■Washington Qr\ 
Ililchcock Henrv V (Foril, Jolmsoii .V Co, treas F & J Co, ^ 

and H Chair /Jo), h 901 Washiu-tou -,. 

Hitchcock Mary, wid. h 024 Pine ■ O 
Hitchcock Reiiijon V (Ford, Johnson c^- Co, sec F & J Co, and O 

vice pres H C Co), h Chicago ,: 

Hittle Clarence, lab, h S16 Clev'land av. East Port , „ 

Hittle Men, lab, b Beldeii. E:ist Port 2. ° 

Ilitz Charles, lab. h 515 Wabash ' 2. -n 

Hoban Anna, h 7:iO Franklin >« 

lloban Ella A, dressuikr, h 7:iO Franklin | I 

Hoban Pent E, K R lireni;ui, h 7;;(i Fi:ail;lin S" =' 

Hoban Lizzie, dressnikr, 2:il e .^laiki't, h 7;!0 Franklin -'" X 

Hoban Patrick, road niasier .M C .I!v. h 7:;0 Franklin ? g 

Hobart Elizabeth, wid Frank, h :M':i w Market ^ --* 

Hobart Frank, woi'ks cai' factorv, h :i(l3 w .Market ° ? 

Hoch Clara, h 907 Fmnklin ' ^ 5 
Hoch John G Rev, pastor St John's Evangelical church, h "^ 3= 

907 Franklia = !^ 

Hoch Lvdia, h 907 Franklin 3 = 

Hock Charles, blksniith, h 122 w William S. ^ 

Hodu'nian Andrew J, enir h 5ISBiiiralo 2' C. 

Ho.ljiinan David, longshoresH'an, li 518 Buffalo ' § 5 

Hodginan Kitty, h 5r8 Bullalo -2, 

Hooppner Charles, shoemkr. li 1102 Spiing g: 5 

Hollaian Adam, shoenikr, h 1211 Washington ' " | 

Hollnian Florence M, teacher, h 123 Washington S 2. 

Hotl'nian Ida, dom 215 Spring '^ ^ 

Ilotlraan John, boots and shoes, 219 Franklin, h 419 e Cth 2: 

Hoffman Susan, dom 203 Spring 5 

HoL'an Adeline, wid .Mai'tin, h 1302 Franklin ' " '(/> 

Hoke George, lab. h 12(1 State o 

Holi.y Wui': U S L S S, h life aavinii station | 

Holcomb Mary F, wid W:u L, h 40S e Sth ' -'"■ 

rUlOPPoiph 2. Urnnlfl in buying a watch of us you will get the 
UUullDlbll anlUUlU, benefitof a long experience ana honesty 
Cor. Main ANIIch., Ave. of purpose, in selecting the very best. 

64 R. L. POLK. & CO.'S 

olden George R. li 216 e Market 

olden Jlary E, boaitiing, 216 e Market, h same 

olden Ninah M, h 216 e Market 

oldridge Cbarles, brakeman, r 231 WasLingtou 

oUender Ernest, h (ilO e Michigan 

oUoway Abraham L, physician, s w cor Franklin and Market, 

h same 
olloway Wm R, foreman, h 810 York 
olman Herbert A. student, h 130 w 4th 
olinan Herman, lab, h 105 Hancock av 
olman Sidney L, ins inspector, 413 Franklin, h 130 w 4th 
olstaen Charles, tailo-, h 713 e ^Michigan 
■Itgreen Charles C, eug M C Ry, h 223 w 7th 
oltz Christian, lab, h814 Elston 
oliz Henry, carver, b 801 Elston 
oltz Henry- H, lab, h 217 Willard av 
oltz Herman, lab, h 231 Willard av 

oltz John C, grocer, s e cor Chicago and Elston, h 812 Elston 
oltz Wra'E, brakeman. h 201 Willard av 
Oman Alda L, dressmkr, 422 e 8th, h same 
Oman Howard U, elk The Vreeland Hotel, L e 8th 
oogstra Willie, lab, h 539 w 4th 
opke Adolph, watch I'epairer, b 615 Pine 
opke Cliailes, elk, h 226 w 4th '■ 

Hopke Henry H, mach, b Farmer's Hotel 
opkins Anna L, teacher, h 118 w Market 
opkins Byron J, eng, h 216 Washington 
opkins Hazzard M, real estate, h 118 w Market 
opkins Lizzie A, teacher, h 118 w Market 
oppe Caroline, midwife, 508 Wabash, h same 
oppe Emil, student, h 508 Wabash 

oppe Reinhardt, painter, h 508 Wabash ; 

opper WiB H, h 813 Franklin 
orn Alliert, carp, b 1123 Michigan 
osmer Nicholas, lab, h lO'J Ili[)lev 
ostetler Albert B, bkkpr, h 116 w Warren 
ostetler Arthur, carp, h 1313 Franklin 
ostetler Daisy E, h 116 w Warren 
ostetler Zacharinh, carp, h 116 Warren 
ough Benjamin, prison guard, h 824 Butlalo 
ouseman Nicholas, lab. h 109 e Ripley 
ouser Reuben C, photographer, 115 e Market, h same 
oward Charles A, saloon, 229 Franklin, h u w cor 4th and 

oward Louise A. works Amazon, !i 406 e Michigan 
owe Carl, cashr M C freight otlice, b 414 Spring 
owe Frank, janitor, h 319 Franklin 
owe Martin A, house mover, 202 e Michigan, hjsame 


The only First Class Hotel in 
La Porte. E. G. Short, Propr. 


Howe Niitban 0. painter, h 113 Porter, East Port 

HowfU CLarles E, carriage painter, 118 e Michigan, h 309 r~^ 

Howell E Charles, painter, 314 e Market, h East Port 

Howlett Milton D, mngr C U Tel Co, b Vreeland Hotel ^ 

Hoyt John, lab, b 1415 e Michigan " 

Hubburd Calvin B, saloon, 127 Franklin, b 302 Pine (TJ 

Huber Andrew, cigarmkr, b Henderson House hh 

Hubertz Christ, niolder, h 1120 w 9th r^ 

Hudkins Alonzo H, foreman, h 2922 Franklin, ^ 



Hueck Louis, lab A R Colbum & Co 
Huelsman John, student, b 412 w Boston 
Huenerjaeger Fred, section hand, h 332 w 4th 

Huenerjaeger May. h 332 w 4ih ^' 

Huenerjaeger Paul, boilermki-, h 332 w 4th ^ 
Huenerjaeger Peter, works Monon round house, h 332 w 4th CH 

Huff Archer W, elk, b n e cor Michigan and Franklin V, 

Huggetl Richard, janitor, h 231 e 2d \_. 

Hughes J Walter (Hamilton & Hughes), h 828 Butfalo \J 
Huibert Ruana R. wid Wm, h 719 Franklin 

Hulce Simon W, hostler, h 402 w Michigan - „ 

Hullings Alfonzo, U S L S S, h life saving station g 3" 

Hult Christena, dom 631 Washington 33 = 

Hulten Charles, lab, h 817 w 7th m » 

Humbel Amelia, wid Baytt, h 827 Elsion > p 

Hummelsheim Barbara, works Amazon, h 424 e Boston r- ? 

Hummelsheim Frank, molder, h 424 e Boston z ^ 

Hummelsheim Matthew, coremkr. h 424 e Boston ^.J" 

Hunt J Ward, R R lireman. h 220 Spring = > 

Hunziker George H, mailing elk P 0, h 910 Washington z^ 

Hunziker Lizzie, dressnikr, 916 Washington, h same vi = 

Hunziker Samuel, elk, h 916 Washington 5. S" 

Hunziker Samuel, teacher, h 916 Wa>hington ^ = 

Hurrle John, switch tender, h 1147 w Boston 3 % 

Hutchison Ann H. wid Andrew, h 714 Waljash ^. 3 

Hutchison Richard M, eng, h 718 Pine f I 

Hutchinson Grace M. h 220 w Boston 7' 5 

Hutchinson Hiram W, brakeman, h 1112 e 2d r- p 
Hutchinson Wm B, pres The Citizens' Bank, h 220 w Boston = J" 

Hutson Wm, cond, h 214 Washington ^ §. 

Hyatt Martin M, brakeman, r 309 Pine S" 5 

Hyers Eva, cainer, b 822 w 7th S-" 

Hyzer Frank, painter, h 531 Pine ,- =: 

Ihrk John, carver, b 901 Manhattan 

MOORE & WEAVER, ^"'""^ie&^fe Doors. 
' Blinds, &.C., 

Cor. Jackson A. Main Sts., La Port e. 

66 R. h. POLK & CO.'S 

link Wm, lab, h 901 Manhattan 

Ihrk Wmjr, engraver, b 901 Manhattan 

Imbierowicz Michael, elk, b 1700 Ohio 

Imbrovtz Jacob, lab, h 170G Ohio 

li\DIAi\A .STATE PIJI«»0.\ (North), James W 

French Warden, west terminus of State 
Ingels Charles D, brakeman, b 122 Franklin 
Isby Edward, cond, r 120 Franklin 
Isenblatter Otto, lab, h 124 Francisco 
Isham James M, lab, h 702 Ohio 

"g cs Jackson James T, brakeman. b 118 Franklin 

►-I g Jackson Pearl, li n s ]\I C R R s of Front 

>> > Jackson Wra, plasterer, b 231 e Michigan 

g -fj James Horatio, lumber inspector, h 201 Earle av 

jj Janecke Herman, lab, h 112 Grant av 

gi n Jantz Charles, lab, h 702 w Green 

2 o Janlzen Henry, dairymen, h IGIS e Michigan 

.2 S Jarnar John, lab, h 227 Hendricks, East Port 

S O Jasch Charles, lab, h 'MO Miller . 

^ Jasch Hannah, works Amazon, h 310 Miller i'. 

^ Jaschaviak Felix, lab, h UOl Buflalo 
(^ Jasizski Stephen, lab, h 1713 Elslon 
(^ J astro Edward, carj), b 802 e 2d 

Jays Hannah, works Amazon H Co, h 310 Jliller 
Kj Jennee Isaac N, h 117 w ISarker av 
"-O Jennings Charles, caller M C Ry, h 1005 Manhattan 

Jens John, lab, h 934 w 7th 
y^ Jens John C jr, cigarmkr, h 934 w 7th 
•^ Jens Louise, b 9:i4 w 7th 
UJ Jens Sophia, wid John, h 934 w 7th 
•^ Jensen Hans P (Jensen & Bennett), h 517 Wabash 
f^ Jensen Jens A, cabinetrakr, h 716 w Boston 

(2) Jensen & Bennett (Hans P Jensen and Harrv R Bennett), 
1 blacksmiths, 117 e 4th 

•"-I Jergan Peter, lab, h 1115 Michigan 

(3) Jergens Aloys (Jergens & Wings), h 1018 w 8th 

HrH .lEItliJlv\S Al. Wl^iiS (Aloys Jergens and Joseph 

MH Wings), Repairers of Bicycles, Sewing Machines, Locks. 

^ and Door Bells, Pumps, etc. 310 Franklin 

_^ Jerome Welcome B, tel opr L N A & C. b 230 Franklin 

f— ' Jesleske AUiert, section hand, h 210 Ontario 

<^ Jesleske Henry, works car factory, h 210 Ontario 

Q^ Jesleske Theodore, lab, h 1110 Elston 

'""' Jesleske Wilhelmina, wid Coustantine, h 210 Ontario 

Meissner's PJiarniacii, 820 Main St., La Porte, 



\ Jesse August, lab, h 209 Union 

Jesse Cliarles, works car factory, h 1002 e 2(1 

Jesse John, lab, h 1002 e 2cl 

Jesse Vt'm, lab, res 419 Miller 

Jessup Frank, h 509 Green 

Jewell Mary M, wid Harrison, b 71<j Spring 

Jimmerson Benj B, switchman, h 532 Tine 

Jochnz Joseph, lab, h 405 Porter 

Jolin Edmund, lab, h 1110 Kentucky 

Johnson A B Mis, teacher, b Vreeland Hotel 

Johnson Aaron, carp, h 213 Decatur 

Johnson Albeit, works Am Ex Co, h 223 e 2d 

Johnson Amelia M, elk, h 223 e 2d 

Johnson Andrew, llnisher, b cor Decatur and Franklin 

Johnson Andrew, lab, b 217 e 2d 

Johnson Anna, dom 708 Franklin 

Johnson Anna, wid John, h 1501 Elston 

Johnson August, carp, r S21 w 7th 

Johnson Charles, section hd, h 513 Krueger 

Johnson Charles F, ship elk, b 320 e 7th 

Johnson Charles M. liuisher. b 008 Butlalo 

Johnson Edward, lali. h 313 Pearl 

.IOII.\!>>iOA K.1IIL, Mnfr and Dealer in Light and Heavy 
Harness, Horse Boots and Turf Goods, Trunks and Trav- 
eling Bags, 915 Main, h 1514 Main 

Johnson Emma, dom 031 Washinnton 

.IOIIi\.«iOA FKA.Mi II, Agt Standard Oil Co, cor 4th 
and Canal, b 313 Cedar 

Johnson Fred, R R fireman, h 223 e 2d 

Johnson George, works car factory, b Henderson House 

Johnson George B. mach hd, b 1108 Spring , 

Johnson George H, paper banger, 413^ Franklin, h same 

Johnson Hannah, dom 220 w Boston 

Johnson Harvey W, tel opr M C Ry, b Henderson House 

Johnson Henry, h 1108 Spring 

Johnson Henry J, carp and builder, 113 e Detroit, h same 

Johnson Henry W (Ford, Johnson & Co), vice pres F & J Co, 
and Sec 11 Chair Co, h 017 Franklin 

Johnson Jennie, dressmkr, h 138 e Barker av 

Johnson John, lab, b 817 w 7th 

Johnson J Albert, elk Am Ex Co. h 223 e 2cl 

Johnson Lucy, wid Thomas, h 804 w 6th 

Johnson Martin, lab. h 134 Barker av 

Johnson Mar}', wid John, h G08 Buflalo 

Johnson Peter, fisherman, h 201 Taylor 
ison Peter, lab, b 118 Franklin 







9. [P' 


Johnson Swan, lab, b 138 Barker av 

Johnson Wm, h 223 e 2d 



Educate for business by taking a course in Boolckeep- 
ing and Shortliand at the •wICHiCAN CITY BUSINESS 
COLLECE. Write for t erm s. C. F. COMPTON, President. 

68 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

tJ Johnson Win, lab, h rear US Duncan 

® Johnson George C. lab, b 620 Willard av 

f^ Johnston Joseph J, works car factory, h 412 e Michigan 
^f^ JOHi\!«»TO.\ KOKI^KT F, Druggist, 413 Franklin, b 
Otfi Hotel Vrceland 

Z fj Jones Alfred T, works car factory, b 413 e 6th 
— ";:j Jones Frank M, general mngr filichigan City S & D Co, r 818 
-J,iJ Pine 

i^ A Jones VVrn, hostler, r 114 e 4th 
O g Jones Wm E, lab, h 801 w Dth 
UJt Jordan Christenu, elk, h 143 Willard av 
Q Jordan Hans, lab. h 143 Willard av 
Mb Jordan John, lab, h 143 Willard av 

"^ Jordan Timothy, lab, b 143 Willard av 
^^ Jorgensen Jorden C, porter Th-i Vreeland Hotel, b same 

Jorsch Oscar, marine cng, b 213 Franklin 
^ Jiibell Andrew, lab, h rear 217 w '2d 
<^ Jiindck JNIartin, works car factory, h 107 Krueger 
Q- Jurgensen Alvena, dom 116 e 7th 
JY^ Jurgensen Peter, finisher, h 817 Manhattan 

Kachur Alexander J, eng M C Ry, h 129 w Market 
Kachur Boleslaus, works chair factory, h 1215 Wabash 
Kading Christena, wid Christian, h 128 Francisco 
Kading Christian, lab, h 14(t Francisco 
Kading Frederick, lab, h 128 Francisco 


Q Kading Otto, butcher, h 1001 Boston 

^ Kading Wm, lab, b 140 Francisco 

(fj Kadow Sophia, wid John, h 140 State road 

^ rt KAIIOW \\n, Mnfr Pop and Mineral Waters and Agt 
1- 4J for Pabst's Milwaukee Beer, 140 State road 

(E ,? K;iefer Mary, wid Ferdinand, h 723 Spiing 

":^ ^ Kaenetz Julius, kib. h 823 Buffalo 

k1 Kagels John C, saloon, 210 Franklin, h same 

U Kagels Mary, h 210 Franklin 

^ Kagels Wm F, barteinler, b 210 Franklin 

P Kahl Frederick, lab, h 1504 e Michigan ^ ;,, 

•''^ Kahl Henry, works car factory, h 116 Porter ' ■ 

■C Kahle Abraham, lab, b 1147 w Boston ' 

rt Kahn John, molder, h 1140 w Boston 

^ Kahn Max, elk, b 417 Franklin 

Y Kahne John, foreman, h 612 Willard av 

ffi Kai. Charles, works car factory, h 217 Park 

^ Kaiser AUiert, car repairer, b e end 2d nr city limits 

U Kaiser Charles, bricklayer, h 312 Emily 

The only practical Bus/npss and Shnrlhand Schonl in 

2v„rthern inciiana-Jhe MJchigaR CJty BusinBSS College 

C. F. COMPTON, President. 



Kalk August, works chair faetorv. b 305 Du Page 

Kalk Herman, lab, b 119 w Baltimore 

Kallmer Eflie L, works Amazon S factory, h 326 Wabash 

Kallmer Ella M, elk, h 32G Wabash 

Kallmer Joseph, shoemkr, li 326 Wabash 

Kambs Frederick, blksmith, h 1015 Ohio 

Kaminski Andrew, lab, h ]'23 Fogarly 

Kamiski John, lab, h 402 Hendricks, East Port 

Kane Frederick W, tmstr, h 223 .Market 

Kanney Edward, plumber, h 713^4 Imliana av 

Karas Julia, dom 701 Spring 

Karl Bertha M, h 1504 e Michigan 

Kaschube Geoige, lab. h 313 Willard av 

Kaser David T, switchman, h 52S Du Page, East Port 

Kaser Edward O, brakeman, h 202 e 2d 

Kaser James M, switchman, h S16 York 

Kaser Wm F, switchman, h 124 Pine 

Kassube Wm, works car factory, h 205 e Baltimore 

Kaster Frank, lab, h 117 Columbia 

Kaster Henry, works chair fiictoiy, h 428 e Michigan 

Kaster JIary, wid John, h 428 e Michigan 

Kastner Theodore, h 302 Franklin 

K.ay Christian, lab, h 713 e Boston 

Kazinske Mich.ael, lab, h Cloud. East Port 

Kearns Hannah A. elk, h 331 w Market 

Kearns Margaret F, comp, h 331 w Maiket 

Kearns Morris, h 331 w Market 

Kebinewske Ignatz J, lab, h 1714 Elston 

Keen Grant, works car factory, b 809 e Michigan 

Keihn Frederick, tmstr, h 326 e Market 

Keinitz August, carp, b Cleveland av. East Port 

Keller John, lab, h 1021 w 7th 

KI':LLIi:K,ll.\.\\ W.TI Ji% Dry Goods, Notions ; 

Jewelry, 1012 Main, h 1312 .Miclii<ran av 
Kellogg George, dock woUoper, b 219 Franklin 
Kellogg James, dock wolloper, h 301 Freemont 
Kellogg James C, h 520 e Michigan 
Kellogg Joseph, h 301 Freemont 
Kellogg Joseph, h 1401 e Michigan 
Kelly John, fireman The Vreeland, h same 
Kelly Thomas, guard, h 1311 Ohio 
Kelly AVni, wood carver, b 119 Franklin 
Kelsey Annis, wid Ira, li 1504 w Boston 
Kelsey Ion, b 1504 w Boston 
Kelsey Malcom, confectioner, 308 Franklin, 1 
Kemp Herman (Miller & Kemp), h 922 e 2d 
Kemp Joseph, carp, h 415 Wabash 
Kemp M.ay E, dressmkr, 415 Wabash, h same 

114 e Market 












J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind. 
70 R. L. POLK &. CO.'S 

Q Kemp Paul, lab, li 922 e 2d 
rT^ Kemper Elizabeth, wid Wm, h 1016 Elston 
Y-,% Kenaga Sylvester, wood carver, b 119 Franklia 
RH Kendrick'Wm G, sec Tecumseh Facing Mills, U 216 e 8th 
H r> Keneflck Ellen, wid Patrick, h 320 w 9th 

' ■ Keneflck Martha A, h 320 w 9th 


rj Kennedy Addie, h 129 e 2d 

^ Kennedy Herbert H, bkkpr, h .309 e 9th 


Kennedy Michael, lab, b 318 e Michigan 
Kennedy Thomas, chairmkr, h 207 Douglass av 
Pj^ Kennedy Timothy J, condr, ii 222 w Market 
u, 1^ Kennefic Mary, wid Wm. b 906 Elstou 
A <} Kennefic Wm, engr, h 906 Elston 
Ofh Kent Edward, lab, h 702 w 7th 
n^ Kepka Frank, finisher, b 808 Ohio 
mM Kt'pp John M, carp, h 109A e Warren 
rHflj Keppen Alfred G, h 100.") Washington 
OJq Keppen Herman J (Wing & Keppen), h 1005 Washington 

. I_i Kepper Herman, b 606 e Michigan 
[i|y Kepper Richard, mach hd refg factory, b 606 e Michigan 

^ Kepper Theodore, lab, h 606 e Michigan 
0) Kern Fred W, worka car works, h 123 w Market 
Kern James C, carp, h 328"^ e Michigan 
^ Kern Margaret, corap The Dispatch, h o3l w Market 

^ Kernodle George, lab, b 822 w 7th 
T3 Kernodle John, lab, b 822 w 7lh 

O Kerr Wm F, watchman, h 219 e Market 

O Kerth Gustave, blksmiih, h 417 Wabash 
^ Ketchum Fred G, physician, 118 e 6th, h same 
•^"^ Kewney John F, molder, h 314 Cedar 
-733 Keyes Edgar D, bill elk L E & W frt office, h 524 Pine 

^ Kidwell Edward, bartender, h e end State road 

rt Kidwell Wm, watchman, h e end State road 
^^ Kiell'er Jacob, h 629 e Michigan 

a Kiett'er Kate, dom ,'^12 Sjiring 

O Kietler Michael, h 929 e Michigan 
L) Kietier Michael J, elk, h 207 e Michigan 
^ Kiel Herman, tmsti', h 1035 w Green 

C Kiel Herman jr, chairmkr, b 1035 w Green 

O Killanowitz Theodore, lab, h 1315 Manhattan 

^ Killenbeck Hannah, finisher, b 2(>2 Greenwood av 

Ci Killenbeck John, fireman, h 206 Greenwood av 
Q_^ Killenbeck Lulu, b 202 Greenwood av 

Killenbeck Wm F, lab, h 202 Greenwood av -'f 

r^ Killmer Fldward, tinner. 409 Franklin, h 1045 s Michigan tf' 

C Kilmer George W, lab, h 1111 Ohio 
^ Kilmer Wm, lab, h cor \v 4th and Wi lard av 


Kilnowitz Albert G, molder, h 615 Thurman av. East Port 

J. VENE DORLAND, successor to Geo. C. Dorland &, Son, Insurance 
and Real Estate Agent. Abstracts of Title. Deeds and Mortgages 


Kilnawitz Anna, chairrakr, b 832 Tennessee 

Kilnawitz Wm, barber, Ii 882 Tennessee 

Kilnawitz Wiu, lab, h 832 Tennessee 

Kilnavitz Joseph, works car factorj', h 327 C 

Kimball Anna E, wid Christian F, h cor 7th and Michigan 

Kimball Charles, h 426 e Michigan 

Kimball Christopher G, pres Michigan City Fish Co, h 707 e 

Kimball Edward F, carp, h 707 e Michigan 
Kimball Ernest, tmstr, h 323 e Olh 
Kimball Frank C, cigais and tobacco, 225 Franklin, h 426 e 

Kimball George S, vice pres and gen mngr Michigan City 

Fish Co, h 707 e Michigan 
Kimsey Wm T, notions, cigars and tobacco, 223 Franklin, h 

315 Spring 
Kind James L, mach, b 620 Willard av 
Kind Wm L, foreman, h 020 Willard av 
King Emory T, freight condr, li GOT Franklin 
King Louise M, teacher, h 231 e 4lh 
King Otis, h 1701 Franklin 

Kinnel Adam J. wood framer, h 113 Cleveland av 
Kinnel Charles A, foreman, h 902 s Franklin 
Kinnel Frank T. mach hd, b 113 Cleveland av 
Kinnel Howard M, mach hd, b 113 Cleveland av 
Kintzele John jr, reed worker, h 1707 Franklin 
Kintzele Nicholas, pres Cooperative Reed Chair Co, h 1510 

Kintzele Wm. bartender, b 1707 Franklin 
Kipp Christian, h 714 Ohio 
Kirby George W, guard, b prison 
Kirschke Alexander, works car factory, h 610 Pine 
Kirsten Adolph. lab, b 407 Pine 
Kirsten Loui;', butcher, h 209 Union 
Kistler Harry M. brakeman, ii 413 Pine 
Kitwell Edwin, bartender. 310 Franklin, h e State 
Klasen Frederick, lab, h 1105 Ohio 
Klasen Wm, lab, b 1105 Ohio 
Klasner Peter B, condr, h 519 e Michigan 
Klest Frederick, b 102 Union 
Klinkenberg Hercules, b Farmer's Hotel 
Kloepfer Otto A, druggist, 408 Franklin, h same 
Klopsch Clara, h 117 c 6th 
Klopsch Emil G, student, h 117 e 6th 
Klopsch Otto P. teacher St John's E School, h 117 e Cth 
Klopsch Otto T (Staiger & Klopsch). h 117 e 6ih 
Klueg Frank, section haad, h s w cor Warren and Pine 






a ■2.1-' 
O 2.1 

o =.\ 

f <r \ 



Oderreicli !t Arnold. KeL:Vn"2s%rr;«.ryK 

Cor.MalnArvilch..Ave. tHul articles in silver and fancy goods" 

72 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

S © Klue^^Matilda, works cbair factory, h s w cor Warren and 

g * Klug Rudolph, tmstr, h 127 Columbia 

3 C Kluge Kicke, wid Win, h 417 Pine 

^ U Kluge Wm, deliverv elk P 0, h 417 Pine 

^ jH Klutt Emma, dom 216 e Market, 

T Kl'nn y^'' ^-o^^^^ A-Ti^zon II Co. h 815 w Baltimore 

^' I)lutt Martin, lab, h 815 w Baltimore 

r^ r ^Ti p"l'^ u'T -°'^'''' ^^^' "' '^"«^°D- •'1 same 
g Knaak Fred, lab, h 202 e Baltimore 

B I^D'i'ik <^f>|jn, lab. h 202 e Baltimore 

■^ *J Ivnaack Wm, finisher, h 202 Pine 

C&3 Sn;>^P^°V'' ^'''T'u^^^ Washington, h same 
? Jvnuk Charles, mach hd, h 1016 w 8th 

t <^ iZi p'"''"'' ^''/c"'; '"''" '^^'•'■'^^'■' f' «*^8 Manhattan 

^ 5 Knoll Anton, lab. h 1717 Elston 

g J Knoll Anton jr, lab, h 1701 Elston 

- rt b ,1 ^''■^"''' '"''' 1^ ^S02 Manhattan 

^ n iV" ^'"'\'' !^"^«'"it''- l" 208 w Green 

^ ra Knoll Fred, lab, h 1017 w 7th . •• 

5:5 |^°°PP Christopher, h 1115 w 9th ' ' 

^2 Knopp Wm F, lab, bllJ5 w9th :': ... 

;^r )noverin Joseph, lab, h 1502 Elston 
KjH |Yj Koch Jean P, b 417 e 7th 

^ Koczerowski John, lab. h 109 w Ripley ' 

. ^oehn August, lab, h 712 DuPaj^e. East Port 
(J Koepke Henry, blksmith, h 408 Greelv av 
, N Kotpp Julius, foreman, h 710 Ohio 

^ ^«erner Dora, wid Michael, h 1264 e MichV^an ' ' 

Koernerjohn, lab, h 1264 e Michigan 

^ Kohl'h ^T\!' """"r^' "''"''■ ''"^■'°'-^-' »' 4-5 e 7th 
sJ Koltenback Benedict, h 224 w Green 

Koltenback Benjamin jr, mach hd. b 224 w Green 

in Ko tenback Henry J, mach hd, h 224 w Green 

Q Koltenback Robert, elk, h 224 w Green 

^ Komnatzka Frank, works chair factory, h a09 w 9th 

U) Komnatzka Otto, barber, h 107 York 

r-H Komnatzka Paul, foreman, h 309 w 9th 

•H Komnatzka Robert, cigarmkr, h 309 w 9th 

Kj Kon ng Peter, sailor, r 601 e Michigan 

K^ Konky Lena, dom 122 Franklin ^ 

• J>°''° ^.®°°'^- h n s M C R R s of Front 

K Koss Frederick, lab, h 107 Seymour av 

K |>"^\"e°'X lab, h 1423 e .Michigan 

Kiabbe John, foreman, h 709 Fremont, East Port 


E. G. SHORT, Propr. 




First National 
721 Buflalo 

Krai Fred (Goerg & Krai), h 302 Franklin 

Krall Auoust, saloon, 602 w 9tb, h same 

Kraning Wm, lab, h 716 w 4th' " 

Krantz August, lab, hill Dole 

Krantz Fred T, works car factory, h 323 e Boston 

Kraniz Kate, finisher, b 202 w 6th 

Krantz Mackado, lab, b 633 Willard av 

Krantz Wm, mach hd, b 1033 w 9ih 

Kras Christian, lab, h 417 e 'Jth 

Krase Louise, elk, b 831 Franklin 7 

Krassow Herman M, works chair factory, h 324 w 7th 

Krause Charles, lab, h 'J15 Buffalo 

Krause John A, molder, h 916 Manliattan 

Krause Mary, varnislier, b 915 BuH'uIo 

Krause Wm, foreman, h 1002 Klst^n 

Kreasel August, painter, b 912 Manhattan 

Kreasel Gustav, lab, h 128 Homer 

Kreb Frank, lab, h 1108 Elston 

Kreidler Helen E, h 909A Franklin 

Kreidler Jacob, h 909",^ Franklin 

KKEIDLEK .1 I UED, Asst Cashi 

Bank, h 909^ Franklin 
Krentz Fred, merchant tailor, 314 Franklin, 
Krentz Fred C. elk, h 721 Buffalo 
Kreseminski Agnes, h 112 w Warren 

Kreseminski August, works car factory, h 112 w Waii'en 
Kreseminski Joseph, works car factory, h 112 w Warren 
Kreseminski Kasmer, li 112 w Warren 
Kriesel Emma, elk, h 128 w Homer 
Kring Anton, lali, h 1202 
Kroening Chris F, wood turner, h llOu Kentucky 
Krf)ening John, works car faclorj', h 228 w Green 
Kroening Otto, lab, h 1015 w 7lh 
Kroening Theodore, lab, b 209 Willard av 
Kromshinskv Emma, milliner, h 312 Franklin 
KIS01l*>illli\KIiV iTIICIIAEI., CI 

Furnisher, 402 Frankliu, h 312 Fianklin 
Kroning Henry, lab, h 123 Willard av 
Krowalski Joseph, lab, h Washington Park addition 
Kruegar Jacob, h 1010 Wabash 
Krueger Albert J. mngr packing rooms Amazon Hosiery Co, 

h 701 Wabash 
Krueger August, blksraith, h 121 e 4th 
Krueger Caroline, wid Godfrey, h 014 e 2d 
Krueger Charles, hill Park 
Krueger Charles, R R fireman, h 523 e 10th 
Krueger Charles, works car factory, h 1309 Wabash 
Krueger Charles F, eng hostler, h 429 e 7th 

Hatter and 




tfl 12; 
o d 



IWOORE & WEAVER, ^""^fcl^t's^^T.^ooors. 

Comer Jackson & Ma in Sts., La' PoAef"*^" 

74 K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Krueger Cliarles T, tiustr, h 218 State 
Kniegei- Chailes K, tmstr, h 30-t Union 

KiTioger Christena.'wid Edwani, h 617 tt^asbiu-^ton 
u- ^ Krueger Conrad, eng L E & W, h 201 e B 

1 r^"'"Bo''to?'°'^'"'' '°^ ''°'""' L E & W round house, h e 
OT £ Krueger C Reinhard, lab, h 802 o 2d 

g)^ Krueger Emma A, h 617 Washintrtoa ' ' ' 

3 ° Krueger Ernest, lab, b 122 FrankTin 

g >, Krueger Fred, lab. b 218 State 

3 « Krueger Fred J, elk 60;] Franklin, h 1309 Wabash 

A » Krueger Fred W, saloon. 202 Ontario, h same 

2 ^ ^rueger Frederick, wagonmkr, 328 Franklin, h 127 e Boston 
§1 '"Boston '"''^' ''^''^ ^'•'^'^•^ ^^"-^ Cemeteo'!h205e 
CJ fi Krueger Frederick G, elk, h 1006 w 8th 

^. g Krueger Gustave, works c.r factory, h 202 e Boston 

to^ Krueger Henrv, lab, b 1316 Ohio 

•^ g Krueger Henry C. blksmitb helper, b 410 w 9th 

E bo [V^'^yer Henry J, carp, h 202 Ontario 

n .5 f^fueger Herman, painter, h 401 Union 

03 s Krueger Hulda A, milliner, b 121 e 4th 
^£ Krueger John, h 137 Fulton 

a g Krueger John, tailor, b 230 Franklin 

fl S Krueger Joseph, works car factory, h 112 e Boston 

a ^ Krueger Julius, cabinetmkr, b 1124 - "■' 

ivrueger Louis, lab, b 524 e 9tb 
_ Tr.-i.„„„.. nf.,..i^i , . . _ _ 

Krueger Louis, lab, b 524 e 9tb 

Krueger Martha, dressmkr, 127 e Boston, h same 
Krueger Hon Martin T, mayor, olHce city building, 123 w 4th 
O iC ir *^ '^fsociate erhtor The Freie Lanze, h 12-n Micbi-an 

U^ Krueger Minnie, wid John, b 127 w '>d lUitUigaa 

U- Krueger Minnie, works Amazon H Co. h 1309 Wabash 
^^ Krueger Otto C. ship elk F J & Co, h 125G e Michi An 
«0a Krueger Otto H, R R fireman, b 127 w ^d ''"'='"='^'' 
> M i)''"'-^ger Reinhard, wagonmkr. 117 e 4ih. b 121 e 4tb 
>^ Krueger Reka, h 316 w 6tb ■ u i_i e iiu 

mf Krueger Ricka J, h 202 Ontario 
2^ K'-"egor Rudolph F, r m s, b 20!) e Baltimore 

^y "'-'^s^' """" 1\" '•• '• m 9. 1' 209 e Baltimore 

Q^ Kiueger Rudoli.b J (Opperman & Krueger), h 316 w 7th 

^ Krueger Wm, works car factory, h 523 e 10th 

Krueger Wm jr. works car factory, b 523 e lOtb 
)J Krug August, lab, b 109 Columbia 
i Kruger Joseph, lab, h 903 Kentucky- 
J— Kruger Wm, lab, h lOU Ohio 

CC Kr'""''''^'skiJ"bn. lab, b 411 Porter „: 

<j- Krumm Cbristena, wid John, b 1115 Wabash 

^ Krn^p'p "^r""'' "/ ''°'''" "^■' '■^'-•'«"'- '' 510 e Boston 
Kruse Caroline, wid John, b 912 w Boston 


M^iccnp^r'c PliTri-mr-\r Our Motto : Purity in Medi- 
eiSSner S rnarmaCy, clnes and scrupulous care 
820 Main Street, La Porte. in Compounding. 


Kruse Fred, fireman, li 1115 Wabash 

Kruse John, sectiim hd, h 408 Eiuley , ■ „ ' 

Kruse Maiy, opr, h 408 e Etuley . ^ .. 

Kruse Theodore, car repairer, h 918 e 2d 

Kruse Wm, wood carver, b 1115 s Wabash 

Kruyer Anna, h 201 Franklin 

KKIJYEK IIIvMSV C. Sample Room, Choice Cigars, 

Wines and Liquors, 201 Franklin, li same 
Kruyer Theresa, works Amazon H Co, h 201 Franklin 
Kruyer Wm, driver Am Ex, h 201 Franklin 
Kr^schaski Anastaca, dom 802 Franklin 
Kuch Fred, lal), h 1125 w9lh 

Kuchoerski Andrew, lal), h 700 Fremont, East Port 
Kuck Christian, lab, h 1112 Ohio 

Kuesch Henry, lab, h 1110 Ohio 

Kugle Kate, cainer, 1) 171 Warren av 
Kuhn Albert, molder, h 016 Ohio 
Kuhn Casper, h 1516 e Michigan ^ 

Kuhn George, turner, b 916 Ohio H 

Kuhn Gust, works car factor}', h 227 w William 1^, 

Kuhn Julius, carp, h 701 Wabiish U! 

Kuhn Mary, h 1516 e Michigan )-L 

Kuhs Charles, saloon, 427 Franklin, ,h 502 e Michigan ri- 

Kuhs Edward, bartender, h 502 e Michigan 

Kulharski Bolerlaw, blksmilh helper, h rear 425 Franklin '^ 

Kull Charles, bartender, h 407 Franklin V 

Kull Charles, lab, h 1409 Franklin 

Kull Christena, wid Mathias. h 809 e Michigan C 

Kull Daniel O, R R fireman, h 725 e Michigan CO ^ 

Kull Gabriel, saloon, 407 Franklin, h same V^ ' 

Kull Gertrude, dom 215 Pine *"' '^ 

Kull Henry, carp, h 809 e Michigan P Pl 

Kull J Daniel, eng. h 725 e Michigan 5, p] 

Kull J Frederick, mach, h 610 Wabash :r □ 

Kenkel Henry, driver, h 130 State road 

Kunkel Julius (Siegmann & Kunkel), h 515 Wabash 
Kunkel Wm, lab, h 1015 Franklin 
Kuntz Jacob, lab, b 121 e 4th 



(Q D 

y ft 


Kuskev Wm, finisher, h cor Fulton and Franklin .p D3 

Kuski Peter, lab, h 2310 Manhattan "' > 

-. . . ...,, 6^ 

,. , ■■■ ■, ■ ,1 - ,. , I CD PJ 

•- ro 

I.ABADIT: KD\VI.\ C, Park Boat Livery and Bath I 
House, Cigars, Toliacco. Soft Drinks, Ice Cream and ^ 

Confectionery, n end Franklin (in Paik), h same kJ 

Lacher Joseph, finisher, h 1001 w Boston - 






76 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

S Lachowski Henrietta, milliner, 312 Franklin, h sanae 

^ La Flair Fred, R R fireman, r 30U Franklin 

^i; Lagamann Fred, works cbair factory, h 214 e 9th 

Lagemann Henry, h 312 w 8tb 

1;^ Lagess Joseph. I'oreman, h 912 Elston 

— Lagess Levi, foreman, h 1012 Elston 

^ Lahey John F, finisher, b lOOI w 9th 

O Lahey Katie, dressinkr, h lUOl w 9th 

f^ Lahey Morr.s M, saloon, 1001 w 9th, h same 

c:; Lahey Wm V, eigan-akr, b 1001 w 9th 

j;;^ Lainson Wm E, sawyer, h 210 e South 

t: A Lake Cities' Electric Railway Co (The), Frank H Root supt, 
^ 1 230 Franklin 

^ 1 Lake Erie Ji Western Freight OHice, R D Couch agt, 115 
^ I Franklin 

^ \ Lake Erie & Western Passenger Station, Charles F Pitsch 

*3 ticket elk, s w cor Front and Fi'auklin , 

5^ g Lamb Charles E, foreman, h 410 Pino 

u Lambka Albert, mach hd, h S02 w 7th 

5 .-^ Lambka Ferdinand J, sealer, h 812 w 7tli 

•^ Lambka Frederick C, auditor La Porte county and grocer, 

f~, C 401 w 8th, h 930 w 8th 

^ ■;;; Lamtika Henry E, lab, h 810 w 7th 

b "5 Lamljka Henry F, condr, h 809 w 7th 

c a Lambka John F, elk. h 802 w 7ih 

^ Lambrick Catherine C, curpet weaver, 1249 e Michigan, h 
tt! '^ same 

'< M Lamka Wm, h 802 e 2d 

ji ^ Lamphier P^dson H, carp, h 206 Spring 
Lampliier Florence E, opr, h 200 Spring 

^^ Lamphier Ida M, h 200 Spring 

^- Lampsou Wilson, lab, h ',>\'i Michigan 

1 ] Lanipson , works chair factory, r 217 e 7th 

^ "] Lange August, lab, h 123 Columbia 

K^ Langman Robert, lab, h 1104 Frank!' 

Lansberg Wm, lab, h 121 Union 
Lapene Giorge, lab, b 318 e Michi 

\^ Ij\ POISTJ'] I»I5I.M'I.\<- <;0, Publishers and Pro- 
CJ prietor.-, The Daily and Weekly Herald, 702 Main 

PQ Larsen John, watchman, h h\'o York 

Larson Alice, dom 717 Pine 
og Latham Wilbur F (W F Latham k Co), h 731 Wabash 

I.ATIIA.TI W F A: <0 (W F Laiham), Druggists ami 
^>H Pharmacists, 423 Franklin 

<I^ Laughlin David, plasterer, h Cleveland av. East Port 
Q-- Laverence Wm, painter. 1) 122 Franklin 
^ Lay Christian, eng M C Rv, h 117 w Market 
*-'-' Lav Ella M, h 117 w Market 

Druggists, 0pp. Court House, 812 Main St., 
La Porte, Ind., Dealers In Drugs, Chemicals, 
5 Patent Medicines, Wall Paper, &,c. 



Lay James M, elk. h 114 e Michigan 

L.AY JOIIi\ n. Baker and Confectioner, 114 e Michigan, 

U same 
Lay Wallace R, elk, h 114 e Michigan 
Leavendoski Julius, hih, b 1000 Franklin 
Lee Alice B, h 211 w Boston 

Lee John C, asst div supt M C Ry, h 211 w Boston 
Leeds Alice M, h 705 Pine 
Leeds Arthur L, student, h 705 Pine 
Leeds Frank, student, h 705 Pine 
Leeds Julia A, h 705 Piue 
Leeds Minnie, wid Alfred W. h 705 Pine 
Leeds Offley W. h 417 Spring 

Leeds Walter 0, real est and loans, 417 Spring, h same 
Leeming Herbert, foreman, h 222 w 4tii 
Leggut Alexander, works car factory, b 812 ButTalo 
Leggett Benjamin F, elk, h (516 Washington 
Leggett Ellie M, h 616 Washington 
Leggett Joseph S, watchman, h 616 Washington 
Lehman George, h 60'J e Michigan 
Lehman Philip, works car factory, h 507 e 10 h 
Leinenkugel Wm M J, cigarmkr, b Union Hotel 
Leist Albert H, asst postmaster, h 118 w 8th 
Leist Charles, sec and treas The Leist Mfg Co, h 122 w 8th 
Leist Mary H. wid Henry, li 118 w 8th 
I.EI.^^'r nm VO (TIIE). Ilan-y B Tuthill Pres, Henry 

A Schwager Vice Pies, Charles Leist Sec and Treas, 

RIfrs Bank, Office, Store and Saloon Fixtures, w end 

licnkenman Kholraan, peddler, h 606 e Michigan 
Lepper Levi, bill poster, b 119 Franklin 
Lepper Levi E, eng wiper, b 1 19 F'ranklin 
Leser George, bartender, h 302 w Baltimore 
Lesginskey Wm, works car factory, h 923 e 2d 
Lettau Rudolph, works car factory, li 410 C 
Leusch August, mason, h 1401 Manhattan 
Leusch Augusta, wid Charles, h 815 JLachattan 
Leusch Kdward. elk, b 815 INIanhattan 
Leusch F"red, barber, h 1201 Wabash 
Levenberg Isaac, elk, b 411 Franklin 
Levtnduski Wm. saloon, 1009 Franklin, h same 
Levendii-ky Joseph, works car factory, h 507 Krueger 
Leverenz Charles, h 406 Park 
Leverenz Fred, works car factorv, h 406 Park 
Levine Morris, mngr The Boston Clothing House, 230 to 234 

Franklin, h 502 Franklin 
Lewis Catherine, h rear 318 e Jliehigan 
Leyburn John, lab, b 318 e Michigan 






i ^ 


"TI'O BEST 7.V T7/E .If AKKET /e 

"Harvest qiJeen " floUr. 

J street IVlillIng Co., lOl J St., La Porte. Inn. 

78 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

n Leyda O K, painter, works 019 Main 
^\2 Liberty Hose Co No 1, lli> w 4tli 
n|Zj Licht Frederick, lab, h lllC w Boston 
fiJH Liederman Christian, works car factory, b 224 Union 
M ,, Liederinan John, tmstr, h 224 Union 
n^H Lill George, lab, h 310 Pine 
Hr, LillJacob, lab, h 310 Pine 
U^ Lilvan Anion, h 127 Fulton 
m r^ Lilvan Andel, lab. b 191G Franklin 
^'^ Lilyan Anna, b 1910 Fr.inklin W 

nhj Lilyan Peter, lab, h 1910 Franklin 
I r| Liud Carrie, h cor Union and Centre 
f\<\ Lind Charles, U S L S service, h cor Union and Centre 
Q,k Lindall Wru, lab. h 217 e 2d 

Q^ LIAIICtlAAW IvMIL AV, Pharmacist, 413 Frank- 
y^Q lin, h 41S Washington 

R[I| Liudeman Frederick, blksmith, h 213 e Baltimore 
C/]q Linder Louis, coremkr, b 812 Buffalo 

,^ Linse Frank A, cabinetinkr, h 22S Green 
My Lipsitz Louis, elk 431 Franklin, h 424 Franklin 
•^1^1 Litkey John B, condr, h 317 e 4th 
CD Livings Charles C, roach hd, h 2U9 Wabash 
Livings Cora A, h 209 Wabash 
^ Livings George E, reed worker, h 429 e 8th 

^ Livings James H, tmstr, h 209 Wabash 
""O. Livings John, tmstr, h 209 Wabash 
O Local Board of Underwriters of Michigan City, Jared H Orr 
O pres, Sidney L Ilolman inspector, 41:i Franklin 

j^ Lochlman Nellie, cook The Vreeland Hotel, h same 
<^ Lockton Walter, vice pres Michigan City L .k B Assaciation 
r^ h 40S e 7th ' 

r^ Lockton Walter J, student, h 408 e 7th 
Ct LoelHer Sybilla, wid Gustave, h 124i w 4th 
,__ Loetz Caroline, wid Christian, b 1102 w 9th 
rt Loetz Charles, lab, h 114 State 
O Loetz Christian, lab, h 925 w 7th 
O Loetz Frederick, lab, h 1112 Tennessee 
^ Loetz Frederick, lab, h 93j w 7ih 
C Logan Delia, h 203.^ Taylor 
_0 Loggerman Henry, lab, b 1514 Franklin 
y< Loggerman Louise, wid Henry, h 1514 Franklin 
rt Logman Wm C, chairmkr, h 118 w Green 
P_, Lohsand Albert H, elk, h 1015 Elston 
Lohsand xMartha, b 1015 Elston 
P Lohsand Wm, lab, h 1915 Elston 
" London Charles F, carp, h 321 Washington 
^ Long August, condr, h 232 e Michigan 
•""^ Long Charles, lab, h 1105 w 9th 

T A/f^np "Dnrlnnrl General Insurance Agency. Rep- 

J , V ene J-yOnanU, resent only the best Companies. 

La Porte, Ind. Fire. Life, Tornado and Accident. 


Long James R, painter and paper hanger, 126 e Michigan, h ^y 

128 e Michigan 
Longe Fredericii, lab, h G42 Willard av , . 

Longe Minnie, b C42 Willard av " , C^ 

Looker Wm C, carp, h 2900 Franklin 

Lorenz Theodore, coremkr. h 115 e Baltimore ,^. 

Lottes Joseph F, saloon, 309 Franklin, h same ^^ 


p\«"«sKA<;i:u A\D fi(i:i<;kt depot, ~ 

Wm B Mai.jy Agt, s e cor Front and Franklin t;"' 

Low Henry, lab, h 717-J w 8tli •— "■ 

Low Susan M, wid Caleb, h 415 Spring ""^ 

Lowe Mary A, h 120 e 7th (/> 
Lowther J W, r m s, b The Vreeman Hotel 

Lubke Herman, molder, h 307 e Dili Qr^ 
Luhke Leonard, lab, b 910 w Baltimore 


Lulike Otto, molder, h 910 w 15;dtimore 
Lulls Adolph, mach hd, b 1124 w Boston 

Lubs"Alliert, cigarmkr, h 1124 w Boston Q 
Lubs Albert C, mach hd, h 1109 Wabash 

Lubs Christ, lab, h 1124 w Boston _, „ 

Lubs Herman, finishei-, 1) 1124 w Boston 2. ^ 

Lubs Louis C. lab, h 1109 Wabash 2. t, 

Lubs Wm F, carp refrig factory, h 402 8th > | 

Luck Wm, elk, h 808 Manhattan "^Z g: ^ 

LudUim Dav, contlr, h 430 e Michigan S" = 

Ludwig Cephas, molder, h 409 Watiash -"' ^ 

Ludwig Jacob C, finisher, h 1005 Manhattan = ^ 

Lueck John, carp, h 808 Manliattan " ~ 
Lueck Wm C, carp, b SOS Manhattan ' °f 

Luedemann August F, foreman, h 810 Cedar ■= re 

Lueth August, lab, h 1118 w 9tli p 5 

Luetz Charles, lab, h 1101 w Boston g. Zx 

Lukasske Michael, lab. h lUG Manhattan s |" 

Lukow Charles, h 1115 Wabash S. % 

Lukow Charles, finisher, h 1209 w 8th 2- C 

Lukow Frederick, tnistr, h 1209 w 8th S " 

Lupka August, works car factory, h 315 e Boston 5- 2, 

Luscomb George H, elk The Vrei'land Hotel, b same 5 5 

Lusher Carrie, cashier, h-519 Wabash " | 

Lute Otto, coremkr, b 14G Hendricks, East Port s: 2. 

Luth Pvobert, car repairer, h 905 e 2d ^ ^ 

Lulh Wm, lab, h 1101 w 9th T. 

Luther John, h 1009 e 2d « 

Luther Rudolph, works car factory, h 1013 e 2d v> 

Lutz John H. marine eng, h 131 e 8lh o 

Lulz Mary, wid Charles, h 517 e Sih <= 
Lutz Theodore C (Culvert & Lutz), h 332 Pine 


nhorpoirh 2. Ilrnnlfl in buying a watch of us you win get the 
UUdIIdIuU a nlUUlU, benefitof a long experience ana honesty 
Cor. Main 4, Mich., Ave. of purpose, in selecting the very best. 

80 R. L. POUK & CO.'S 

-T Lynch Bessie, h 231 e 

rj Lynch Bernard, police, li 702 Pearl, East Port 

<1 Lyncli Bridget, boardiug, 231 e Micliigan, h same 

r\ Lynch Mary A, a 231 e Michigan 

\( Lyons John, works car factory, b 231 e Michigan 

^ Lytle Robert, foreman, h 820 Buffalo 


<J McCarthy John, switchman, h 704 e 2d 

McCarty Alfred W, lab, h 630 Cleveland av, East Port 

fP McCarty Archibald, lab, b 1406 Elstoa 

,n McCarty Charles, lab, b 1406 Elston 

. H McCarty Minnie B, b 630 Cleveland av, East Port 

• P] McCarty Wm W, fireman, b 630 Cleveland av. East Port 

.j; W McCavitt Bridget, wid Peter, h 117 Washington 

^f{ McChesney Raleigh R, foreman, h 201 e Market 

K McChesney \Vm M, foreman, h 201 e Market 

^^; IMcConnell David R, guard, h cor Willard av and w Boston 

2h McConnell Mary J, finisher, b 609 Willard av 

oi McConnell Nellie, b cor Willard av and w Boston 

^ McCiarv Eulalie A, h 716 Wabash 

^ McCrary Evangeline E, h 716 Wabash 

. McCrary John, prison guard, h 716 Wabash 

^£ McCrary Nellie T, h 716 Wabash 

-; ,0 McCuUam Mark S, trav agt, b Vreeland Hotel i 

(_)■: McDowell Eleanor, wid, h 423 Pine 

0,5 McGuiie Frank, b 119 Franklin 

«" McHenrv Mary, dom 701 Franklin 

« McHugh Ellen, dom 306 e Michigan 

jS ; Mclntyre Homer, lab, h 1270 e Michigan 

^ I McJiniscy John F, lab, h 1000 Wabash 

• 5 McJimscy Win, carver, b 1009 Wabash 

Z 5 McKee G Emmitt, watch repairer, h 716 Elstoa 

O'^ McKee Joseph J A, lab, b 704 w 6th 

a McKee Joseph W, guard. 704 w 6th 

TC) e McKee Lorenzo, lab, b 704 w 6ih 

"* £ McKee Viola, b 704 w 6th 

\-\ f McKeever David T, finisher, h 1218 Pine 

H S McKeever p:dwin, lab, h 1218 Pine 

J-s 3 McKinnen John, sailor, h 301 w 6th 

K ? McKinney N B, M C Ry, b The Vreeland Hotel 

• ^ jNIcLaughlin James J, finisher, h 808 Ohio 
.0 McLaughlin Luke, guard, h 502 Willard av 

kws: McLaughlin Michael, lab, h 116 Miller 

K "t McLaughlin Wm, eng, h 405 e 6th 

r '< McLean Ilarrv, eng M C Ry, h 314 e 6th 

Hotel teegakpeiM. 


McMiller Ella, boarding, 302 Pine, h same ^ 

McNair Adelbert H. lab, h 125d e Michigan ' ,■ Q 

McNair E Ann, wid Win, h 125i e Michigan h^ 

McNair Wra C, lab, h 125J e Mi'chigan j^ 

McNeal James W, longshoreman, h 122 e Detroit [2 

McNulty George W (McNulty <fe Son), h 114 e Market o 2 

McNulty Maggie, wid Wm. b 1023 w 8th o tH 

McNiilty Patrick H (McNulty & Son), h 114 e Market « SJ 
ITICi\UI/rY & !*Oi\ (Patrick H and (ieo-ge McNulty), > J^ 

Livery, Feed and Sale Stables, 114 e 4th |. CJ 

McOsker Daniel, b 127A Franklin | (J) 

M Ik 


Maack Wm. works car factory, h 1007 Spring f, k 

JMaas Fred, works car factory, h 201 INIain o JT* 

JIaas Mathias, marble cutter, h 301 w 7th ? Q 

Maas Nettie L, h 301 w 7th ? 

Machska Emil, works car factory, h 221 Holliday rS^ 

Mack Anna, h 1014 Washington | ?? 

Mack Kate, coini) The Dispatch, h 1014 Washington „ u o 

Mack Michael, eng M C Ry, h 1014 Washington o Sg 

Madginske John, car repairei-, h 716 York ^:t 

Maear Henry, blksmith, h 1101 Pine ojo 

Maesler Frederick, lab. h 518 e 9th •^='o 

Magdenske Anna, elk, b 1408 Manhattan ^ j-3 

Magdenske Antonia, wid Taylor, h 1402 Manhattan aj!^ 

Magdenske Florence, b 1408 Manhattan 2gsj 

Jlagdzeneke Frank, car inspector, h 1102Manhattan 5 5,^ 

]\Iagdzenske Joseph, lab, h CIC w Warren •''5'E, 

Magdzenske Mary, wid Andrew, b 402 w Baltimore ^''i^ 

JIagdzenske Stephen, painter, h 402 w Baltimore -a 2 

Magovern Andrew, foreman, b prison S J 

MaGraw James, h 813 Franklin ? s 

Mahnke Charles, works car factory, h 1118 Spring 5 

Mahnke Lizzie, h 1118 Spring g^ 

Mahoney Frank, number taker, r 210 w Michigan . o 

Malaska John, lab, h 2 rear 118 Duncan i 

Blalchow Charles, h 1105 Ohio ^ 't^ 

JIalichow Sophia, dom 602 Wabash ^ 

Mallery Abner, lab, h Snarllown 4. ? 

Malone James, weighmaster, r 404 Spring » 

Malone Paul P. elk, b Vreeland Hotel 4- a. 

Maltbv Jonathan C (Malthy & Timm), h 518 Wabash W 
jlIALTBV «fc TITI.TI" (Jonathan C Mallby and Her- 4- \ 

man Tinim), Mntra. Reed and Rattan Chairs, 314-316 e 2. 

Market -♦■ ? 

MOORE & WEAVER, '■"'"''^6e|3.^^?j. ooors. 

Cor. Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

82 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

(f) Mamraeio Albert J (^Miimniero & Son), h 910 Franklin 

QJ Maramero Christ (Manimero it Sou), h 910 Franklin 

(- JIaramero Ella, h 910 Franklin 

(j^ Jlamiui-ro ct Son (Christ and Albert J Mainmero), marble and 

^ granite works, 912 Franklin 

j_ iSIann Tobias, lab, 439 Greely av 
«%-k Manning Carrie L, h 21G e 4tb 
'■^ Planning Chp.rles A, stiulcnt, h 210 e 4tb 

Manning Henry, coinp The Dispatch, h 906 Ohio 
^ Planning Ida, dom Henderson House 

C Manning Joseijli A, civil eug, h 210 e 4tl) 

05 ,1IA.\.\ Y W.n n, Agent L N A A; C Ry, b 217 e 6tb 
Manskey John, lab, h 1101 e 2d 

(J) Manson Peter, lab, h 209 Barker av 

C/) Marbe Henry, b 513 Washington 

f^ Marchinkowsky Stanslaiis, woiks cai- factory, h 401 Miller 

OJIarchwinski George, lab, h rear 425 Franklin 
Marchwinski Michael, lab, h rear 425 Franklin 
Mark Catherine, h 1506 e Michigan 
(^ Mark Joseph P, grocer, 150S e Michigan, b 1506 e Michigan 
;^ JIarks Jennie, wid Charles H, b 832 Pine 

OJIarojinski Henry, woi'ks car factory, h 407 Porter 
Maroney JMartin, car driver, h 129 Willard av 
„ Marquardt Herman, cigarmkr, b 406 Miller 
C/) lAIarquardt Julius, lab, b 400 Miller 

-^ itlAKK KOItL:iCT 4, Demist. 432 Franklin, r same 
~ Marschke Bernbard, dock wolloper, h 306 Union 
rK Marsh Jessie, wid George C, h 117 w 2d 
f^ Marsh Lvdia H, wid George, h 302 Spring 
•-^ Marski Frank, lab, h 910 w 7th 

^ .llAK«TO.\ IIKKTOA' II, City Editor The Dailvr 
c Herald, h 709 Harrison 

r^ Jlartin D Edgar, stone cutter, h 309 w 6th 
Or Martin Elben F. cond, h 433 e 7th 
'-^" Martin Herbert E, lab, h 514>< Franklin 
5^ % Martin John C. R R fireman, b Farmer's Hotel 
^ .5? Martin Kent W, trav agent, h 513^ Franklin 
^►■g Martin Rilla, trimmer, 406 Franklin 

iMartz Henry C, works car factory, h 624 Wabash 
iMarvin Charles H, cigarmkr, b 123 e Michigan 
O Marx Nicholas, brickmason, h 1122 P,ne 
1-^ ^ Maschke Anna, dom 731 Franklin 
O Maschke Augusta, wid Gustav, h 303 Union 
f-*. Mascke Elizabeth, wid Rudolph, b 1210 Elsion 
H Mascke Louis, lab, b 1210 Elstou /- 

M Mascke Wm, lab, b 1210 Elston 
^ Marson Charles C, macli hd, h 701 Freemont 
^ INIason Clem H, painter, h 113 e Michigan 




820 Main Str eet, La Porte. 


Mason James H. boarding. 113 e Michigan, li same [^ 

Masonic Hull, 5174 Franklin ; 

Massonne Nicholas, lab, h 2310 Franklin 

Matliias George J, bartender, h 410 Franklic O 

Mathias Hattie, h 41() Franklin • j.. 

Mathias ^lathias, saloon, 41C Franklin, h same }*: . 

Mathias Matliias jr, painter, h 410 Franklin ^T 

Mathias Peter C, elk, h31G w 6th J~2 

Matsou Charles, lab, h 215^ Pine , • Pfjj 

JIauerer Rudolph, lab, b 524 e 9lh g^ , 

Mausbach Clement, lab, h 1028 e 2d &^ 

Mausbach Henry, h 1028 e 2d OH-j 

Maxeilen James R, R R fireman, b Farmer's Hotel H* 

Maxwell Nellie, wid George, h 218 S|iriiig 

IMaj'er Louis J, works car factor^', li 122 w Baltimore 

Mayes Edwin W, lab, h 1207 Ohio 

Mayhew Edwin H, tlagmau, b 213 Franklin (flh^ 

Mayhew Ella, dom 30G Franklin wH-" 

iMaze George, foreman The Evening News, h 231 Market 

Maze James B, foreman, h 231 Market 

iMaze Mary, wid, h 231 e Market 

i\Ieachen Charles, R R fireman, li 524 Franklin 

xMeadors Orrin A, elk, bds 219^ Fiatiklin 

Meek Otto, engine hostler M C round liouse |^ 

Mecklenburg Charles, elk, r 130 Franklin „ > 

^lecklenburg Fred, fisherman, b 122 Franklin 

Medcalf Aurilla, b rear 117 Franklin q 

iMeese Dora S, trimmer, h 227 w Boston m 

i1IKE."!iK \\n. Grocer, 909 Franklin, h 227 w Boston ^ 

Megraw Hannah A, wid Wm. h rear 510 Pine U, l 

Megraw Thomas, lab, h roar 510 Pine 2 ^ 

Mellor Sarah G, wid Wm, h 303 Franklin ' = 

Mellor Walter H, elk, h 303 Franklin _ ryj ^ 

Menke August, lab, h 231 Columbia ■ , ' ^ > 

Menke Charles, carver, b 231 Columbia Q " 

Menke Emil P, mach hd, h 725 w 8th ^ g 

Jlenke Kmil P, mach hd, h 214 w Baltimore ^-\ » 

Menke Gottlieb, lab, h 900 Green '^ % 

Mentag Andrew, h 1200 Buffalo tj, P 

Mentag Andrew jr, h 1215 Washington 

Mentag Michael, R R fireman, h 1200 Buflalo 

Menthae Julius, works ear factory, h 1302 e Michigan 

iSIentz Albert, carp, h 819 e 2d m 

Mentz Christena, wid Fred, h Washington Paik addition 

Mentzer Samuel, brakeman, r 231 Washington 

Merkel Henry A, cigarmkr, h 1110 Elston 

Merkiflf Cornelius, engine hostler, bds 301 w 6th 

Merkitf Owen, R R fireman, h 301 w 6th 



Do goii want a good siWation? Prepare ijoiJrself for it at the 
Iilichigan Gity Bilsiness College. Write tor terms, 


84 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

*^ Mesick Otto C, K R fireman, h 222 w Market 

$ Meske Gustav, works car factory, h 1017 e 2d 

fr\ u Metcalf Frank C, painter, 42S Franklin, h 424 e Micliigau 

• jlj^ Jletcalf Jennie, b n s R R 3 of Front 

O''^ Melzger George G, lineman, h 223 o Michigan .' . 

Z f) Jlewes Fruil, lab, L 820 ftlauhattan '" 

— Zi Meyer Ada, h 5 Id Washington 

— J-i^ Meyer Charles, works car factory, h 1116 Spring 

iid ^ Meyer Charles E, hatter and furnisher, 207 Franklin, h 624 
Q ^ " Washington 

m^ Meyer Christopher, h 615 e 10th 

Q Meyer Dolly, music teacher, 516 Wasliington, h same 

(IQ^ Meyer Edward, sausaserakr, h 1001 Franklin 

d Meyer Frances (Meyer Sisters), h 516 Washington 

^^ Meyer Fred E, elk 314 e Michigan, h cor Cleveland and 

Barker avs 

S« Meyer Fredeiick, janitor, h 1816 Franklin 

t^ Meyer Frederick jr, lab, b 1816 Franklin 

Q- Meyer Frederick C, works car factory, h 314 e Boston 

^ir Meyer Herman (Meyer & P^ggert), h 302 e Boston 

^ Meyer Hulda (Meye'r Sisters), h 516 Washington 

-»-> Meyer Jacob, h 516 Washington 

^ INIeyer John B, cigarmkr, b Henderson House 

. — . Meyer John W, fo^reman, h 309 w Boston 
Meyer Joseph, foreman, b 516 Washington 
Meyer Mary, seamstress, b 1816 Franklin 
Meyer Sisters (Frances and Hulda Meyer), dressmkrs, 51G 
Q Wasliington 

"-*-< Meyer Wm C, patrolman, h 617 e 10th 

flj JMeyer & Eggert (Herman Meyer and Herman Eggert), 
-— < grocers, 419 Franklin 


Meyers John, lab, h 121 e 4th 

Michaelis Chri-t, works car factory, h 1210 Wabash 

'5 Michaelis Louis, dock wolloper, h Washington Park addition 
rjr. MICIIAJELY PKTKK, Saloon, cor Franklin and Bos- 
ton, h same 
in Michalofski Frank, lab, h 104 Fogarty 
."ti Michelson Ernest E, h 124 Fianklin 

Hj Michelson Herman, butcher. 302 Franklin, h Cleveland 
if) Michigan Central Freight Ottice, G M Waite agt, n e cor 
Franklin and Front 
Jr, Michigan Central Passenger Station, G M Waite agt, s w cor 

Front and Frankl 


5 Charles F Com[)ton Propr, 429A Franklin See right top 

^ lines 


^^ and Faulkuor Pubs and Proprs, 206 Franklin 



Experts teach Book-keeping, Penmanship, Shorthand and the English 
Branches at the MICHIGAN CITY BUslNESS COLLEGE. Vrrite 
for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


]Micljii;:in City Fish Co, Christopher G Kimball prea, Geortre (^ 

S Kimball vice pres, Frauk A Werner sec and treas, 707 h— < 

ITII€illGA.\ CITY GA.S CO, Wm Blinks Pres, W 

Michael Romel Sec and Treas, Benjamin A Ward Supt, ^ 

1-20 w 4lh Z-t 

Michigan Citv Gas Works, Benjamin A Ward supt, cor 4ili ^ 
and Buffalo 

Michiiian City Loan and Building Association, Elijah F f""* 
Behan pres. Waller Locklon vice pres, Isidore 1 Spi 
Sec. Frederick SchaeulJele Treas, 410 Franklin 

iniciii(>iA.\ CITY Lunni:ie a:m>co.\lco, '^ 

Grant R Young Mngr, cor '2d and Waphin^ton \-h 

ilIICIIIOA.^ CITY i\E\V*< (WKKIil.Y), Rol)b "■ ' 

ite Carpenter Eds and Props, 115 w Michigan ,__i 
Michigan City Reed Chair Co, Gerrilt S Van Deusen Pro]' 

409 Pine 

ITIICiri(;A.\ CITY .SANill A;M> WOOK CO. [t! 

Abrara R Colborn Pres, Wm R Corliin Sec and Treas, 

Frank M Jones Gen'l Mngr. 212 to 232 e 2d (^ 

Michigan Salt Co. A S Nichols ngt, s e cor Front and Frank- >-^ 

lin w 

Blick Frank C. chairmkr, b 115 w Boston •- 
>^Iick Henry W, foreman, b 117 w Boston m 

Mick Otto, eng hostler, h 117 w Boston j 

Mick Tillie S, elk, h 117 w Boston 

Mier Henry, blksmith helper, h 1101 Pine -n'H 

Milcarek Ignatz, lab, h 320 Henricks. East Port 3 ^ 

Miles Harry M, chairmkr, h 119 e 9lh ^ O 

Miles Mary A. wid George W. h 113 e 9th S. T 

Miles W Herbert, hrakeinan, h 221 Washington f \ 

Miller Adolph F, carp, h 410 Lafavette S. | 

iMiller Albert G, barber, h 420 e 9ih g" | 

Miller Albert II, molder, h 90S Kentucky S- i 

iMiller A Lincoln, R R fireman, h 215 w Market cd ^ 

Miller Charles II (Miller & Kemp), h 1025 w Green ~ 

Miller Dorthea E, wid Gottlieb, h 908 Kentucky ~ 

Miller Edward (Miller & Spaeth), b 202 Main =" 

Miller Ernestine, wid Wm, h 746 w Uth ~ 

Miller Flora E, works Amazon H Co, h 407 Pine <^ 

Miller Fred A, well driller, h 715 Soring < 

Miller Fred A jr, eng, h 436 e Sth " 3 

Miller Fred C, butcher, b 407 Pine " 

Miller Fred E, h 607 Franklin ' o 

Miller Frederick C, lab. b 746 w 6th = 

Miller Fritz C, saloon, 701 w Sth, h same 2 

Miller George, works car factory, h 113 e Baltimore ^ 

Miller George C, works car factory, b 715 Spring " 

"Faocy Spring Patent" Floilr. NoTrhlrnTdia^na. 

J Street Mlllins Co., lOI J St., La Porte, Ind. 

86 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Q :Miller Harriet L, teacher Buker Hall, h 815 Piae 
rT^] Miller H.^nderson, lali, b 310 w 4tb 
yj^ Miller Jacob H, lab, h 412 e ith 
PJ,H Miller John A, h 300 e Boston 
B f Miller John D, smcer, 302 Cliicaf(0, h 907 Ohio 
^[H Miller John F, finisher, h 30'J e Boston ■■-; 

Hr, Miller John G, lab, h 820 Elston 
[H ^ Miller John K, h 1500 Pine 
U)r\ Miller Joseph, brakeniao, b 113 e Michigan 
U Miller Laura B, wid Israel, h 815 Pine 

Miller Lou, dressmkr, h 128^ Fianklin 

Miller Louis, inach hd, h Willard av 

Miller Louis, saloon, 232 w 8Lh, h same 

Miller Louis F, elk, h 407 Pine 


Q^ Miller Louise, wid Wm, h 426 e 9th 
" Miller Louise, dressmkr, h 407 Pine 



Miller Mary, wid Charles, li 1025 w Green 


CQ [■') Miller Mary, housekeeper The Mullen Hospital, h same 

^ Miller Nicholas W. mach hd, h 128A Franklin 
Miller Ole, lab, h 133 Barker av 

'|2j Miller Samuel A, tm~tr 40!) e 2d. h 910 Manhattan 

O HUAjEK PICOF SA.mJKI. !•], Teacher Eng Train- 
ing and Mathematics, Mich City Business College, h 709 

<^ Spring 

^ Miller Talcot, h 215 w Market 

TD Miller Wm, lab, h 740 w 6th 

O Miller Wni, meat market, 1001 Franklin, h r.ame 

^ Miller & Kemp (Charles H Miller and Herman M Kemp), ci- 
K^ gar mnlVs, 121 e Michi>;an 

►^ Miller ife Spaeth (Edward Miller and \Vm F Spaeth), meat 
r-Q market, 607 e Micliiiran 

r^ Millner Louise A C, h 300 Pine 

Ci Mills Wm J, agt, r 308 Pine 

__ Misarek Cecelia, dom 127 w William 

Ci JMilspaugh Julia A. drv goods, 715 Pine, h same 

O Milspaugh Maria R, h"715 Pine 

^ Mininger Frank H, cigarmkr, h 1016 e Michigan 

^ Minnimen John, guanl, b prison 

C Miseuer Richard H, eng M C Rv, h 320 Pine 

O :\litchell George, guard, h 10(Jl w 8th 

'y Mitchell Perly E. b lOOl w 8tli 

ci .Mitchell RoUa .M, ree.l woiker. h 1505 Manhattan 

fL( Mitchell Wm, lab, b 005 BuHalo 

Moeller Albin, com|) The Fivie Lanze, li 201 w4th 

r^ Moldcnhour Julius, dock W()llo|)er, li 1417 e Michigan 

^ iTIOI.LOY l-:!)^.!^!). Editor The Daily and Weekly 
X' Herald, h 10! Walker 

""^ Monahan James L, works car factory, h 024 Pine 

For Fire, Life. Iccident, Plate Glass, Steam Boiler, Liue Stock or 
Tornailo Insurance call on J. Ifene Dorland, La Porte. Ind- 


IMonk CLii'ist, lab, b 905 Mnnbuttaii 

Monk Fi-eilerick, hib. b 90j Manbattan ' '■ ■''■■' ■'■ 

Iilonno John H, lab, b 120 Canal ' ■ ■ 

INIoodv Swan, works car factory, h 612 Buffalo 

Moon'Wni E, foreman, b 620 Willard av .' , 

Mooney Fidelia, wid Tbomas, h 302 Wabasb 

IMooney Tbomas, lab, b 302 Wabasb 

]SIoore Anna, teacber, r 217 e 7tb 

Moore David A, barber, 120 Franklin, b Du Page 

JSIoore Ida R, teacber, b 115 e Michigan 

INIoore Joseph L, barber, b 115 Michigan 

Moore Milroy, lab, b 614 Du Page, East Port 

Moot John G, vice pres and mngr J H Winterbotbam & Sons, 
b 701 Franklin 

Moran Anna E, music teacber, 308 e Market, h same 

Moran Cecelia F, lead cr, b 308 e Market 

Morgan Edward C, R R fireman, b 118 Franklin 

Moran Edward M, drug elk 231 Franklin, h 308 e Market 

IMorgan John H, R R fueman, b Farmers' Hotel 

Moritz Henry, clothier, batter and fiuuisher, -117 Franklin, b 

Moritz Moses, elk, h 417 Franklin 

Morris Edmund, works cbnir factory, b The Vreeland Hotel 

Morris Henry B, ranfr, b The Vreeland Hotel 

Morris Samuel K, asst The Mullen Hospital, b same 

Morris , brakeman M C Ry, r 126 Franklin 

Morrison Ann N, wid James, b 120 Pine 

IMorrison Hanorah, wid James R, h 308 w Boston 

Morrison Richard J, lab, b 120 Pine 

JNIorsc Flora E, star caner, b 332 e Michigan 

ISIorse Hari'iet, wid James, b 332 e JNIicbigan 

Morse Herbert E, boilermkr, h 224 e Michigan 

Morse Louis C, works car factory, b 332 e Michigan 

Morse Maggie, wid George F, b'llQ Canal 

Mosse Mary, wid, b 215 Spring 

Mott J Granville, contractor, h 701 Franklin 

I^Ioulton John F, brakeman, h U'3 Franklin 

Mozart Hall. 109 and 111 e Jlichigan 

Mross Emma, wid Cbai'les. b 205 Holliday ' ' • 

Mudge Mary, wid, h 219 Market 

Mueller August, carp, b 807 Ohio 

Mueller Ciiristian, lab, b 807 Ohio 

IT11JI.LE.\ ALi:XA.\DKI5 J J 15, 
IIOMpilal .^nr^^coii, L 1^ A: W 
.^ A ifc C Kj*, also A A :^iir^eoii V S illa- 
riiie Hospital Service, 409 Washington Tele- 
phone Hospital 2, Residence 8, h 518 Franklin 





« 0) 

A o 


The illulleii 
ill C, and I. 

OtierrBiGli X Ilrnold, '^^""'L^JSVaK.rprer ''"'•'** 

Cor. Main A Mich. Ave. See us before buying, it will pay you. 
88 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

MULLEN IIO.<!iPlTAL (THE). Dr Alexander 
J iTIiilleii Jr, Dr IV'oriiiaii II <*oo(leiio\v 

AssI, 409 WasbinKton Tl-I Hospital 2, Residence 8 
Mullet- Fred, lab, b 010 Manhallan 
INIullqueen James, eng M C Ry, btis Farmers' Hotel 
Mulraney Patrick, K R fireman, bds 231 e Michigan 
Mundt Julia, dom The Vreeland Hotel 
Munro Helen, wid Diiucaa, h 813 Franklin 
Munson Frank, engr, h 703 w 9th ; 

Munson Peter, lab A R Colborn ik Co, h Barker av 
Murkiff Patrick, eng L E & W, h 400 e Michigan 
Murphy James F. eng M C Ry, h 31G e 7th 
Murphy Margaret, wid Pairic'k. h 1023 w Sth 
Murray Alexander S. R R fireman, h 301 j,< Franklin 
Mutch Emma, dom 802 Pine 
Mutch Eva, b 1002 Franklin 
Mutch Herbert, chairmkr, b 1C02 Franklin 
Mutch Matthew J,' chairmkr, b 1002 Franklin 
Mutch Michael, chairmkr, b 1002 Franklin 
Mutch Nicholas, lab, h lt;02 Franklin 
]Mutch Peter P, reed worker, h 1(j02 Franklin 
Mutch Wm J, reed worker, h 50.j e 9tli 
Mutch Wm P, reed worker, h 505 e 9th 
Mutsch John, h 119 e Warren 

Myers George E, works car factory, h 800 e Michigr.n 
Mygrants Alton S, photographer, 115 w Market, h 1407 

Myles Walter, plumber, r n w cor Spring and Michigau 



O •• Nafe Cora M, music teacher, r 5, 43J Franklin, h 316 e 7th 

^ J4afe David S, eng, h 118 w Boston 
oO= ^^ag'e George, h 621 Washington 

g Nalleweg Charles, lab, h 1301 Elston 
►/'f Napier David (D Napier* Co), h 232 e Miehi'i-an 
^S rVAPIEK 1> A: CO (David Napier and Benjamin A Ward), 
Qj'° Sanitary Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting, 112 e Mich- 

CO" igan 

Jo Near Clyde E. painter, h 216 w Market 

I ,^ Near Grace A, h 216 w Market 

s-j,£ Near Warren, eng M C Rv, h 216 w Market :,: 

*^o Neat Edward, hostler, r 131 w Michigan 

*'^ * Neff John, brakeman, b 127 e 2d . 

•o Neff Wm, baggage master, b 127 e 2d ' ,. / , • :■ 

i>" Neid Mary, wid Andrew, h 721 Spring ■ ;, 

r^ Neirmz Wm, lab, h 810 Kentucky , - 


stop at Hotel Teegarden. Free 'Bus. First 
Class Accommodations. Good Sample 
Room. E. G. Short, Propr., La Porte. 



Neiss Frank C, cabinetinkr, h 501 Willard av 

Neiss Isaac W, Ibveman, h 501 Willard av 

Neiss Ralph D, cabinetmkr. h 501 Willard av 

Nelson Anna, boarding, 122 Franklin, b same 

Nelson Auijusl, lab, h 212 Baltimore 

Nelson A Ole, reed worker, h 223 Dii Page 

Nelson Charles, lab, b S15 w 7lh 

Nelson Fldward, winder, b 109 Franklin 

Nelson Emily C, h 227 e Boston 

Nelson John, h 227 e Boston 

Nelson Swan, lab, b 817 w 7th 

Nelson Swan, lab, h 109 Barker av 

Nelson Wm II, guard, h 1112 w 8th 

NetCfl John, lab, h 638 Willard av 

Neulieb Giistav, lab, h 925 w Clh 

Neiilieb Rheinhard, lab, h 717 w 4lh 

Neuman Christina, wid Ilenr}', h 825 e Michigan 

Neuman Erust, lab, h 1811 w Boston 

Neuman George, lab, h 821 e JMichigan 

Neuman John, lab, h 1407 :Manhattau 

Newman Emma, elk, b s w cor P'ranklin and Front 

Newman Isabelle, elk, b s w cor Franklin and Front 

Newman John, lab, h 830 e 2d 

Niclials Albert (Rawson & Root Lumber Co), h COl Wash- 

Nichol Charles A, lab, h rear s end Hitchcock 

Nichols Alonzo S, agt Michigan Salt Co, n e cor Front and 
Franklin, h 817 Pine 

Nichols Elmer A, eng IMonon Ry, h 817 Fine 

Nichols Frank, works car factory, h 309 w Gih 

Nichols Henry, lab, h 206 C 

Nichols Hudson, brakeman, h 512 Butlalo 

Nitkles Rolandas C, lab. Ii 822 w 7lh 

Nickolas Amanda, dora 701 Washington 

Niemer Amelia H, wid Gustnve, h 713 Franklin 

Niemer Carl J, h 713 Franklin 

Niemer Henry G, trav agt, li 722 Franklin 

Niendorf John W, packer, b 702 w 7th 

Niver Hattie A, dressmkr, h 418 Pine 

Niver Mary, wid James R, h 110 e Boston 

Nivison Charles, works chair factory, h 814 Buffalo 

Noble Huston, painter, h 510 Wabash 

Noble Wm, carp, h 108 Duncan 

Nodine Art L, elk, b 303 Spring 

Nodorph John, lab, b 702 Manhattan 

Nolan Catharine, wid Dcnnip, h n s Harbor w of Franklin 

Nolan Philip, elk 227 Franklin 

Nolan Timothy, longshoreman, h 114 ]May av 




MOORE & WEAVER, ^''"'^^l:k^:ooors. 

_-inds. &.C. 
Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

90 K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

■• Noll Mary, wid George, h rear 318 e Jlichigan | 

% Norby Jacob, lab, li 815 w 7th j 

h Norris Stepbcn D, brakeinau, h 2I(i e Otb i 

D3 Norton Eliza ^I. works Amazon H Co, h 207 e Blichigan 1 

Norton George B, cigarrakr, b 211 e Micbigan 
ni ■ Norton James J, cigarmkr, b 215 e MieUigan 

to J Norton Margaret, wid George, b 207 e Michigan '^ 

§ r Norton Owen, cigarmkr, h 207 e Michigan s , 

tf Nosworlby Wra, painter, b 717 Manhattan \ 

Novak Frank, lab, n 1801 Jlanbattan \ 

Novak Ignatz, lab, b 1801 Manhattan ; \ 

ID S] Novak Julia, finisher, !i 1801 Manhattan j 

^ 3 Novaskzety Lena, dom 710 Piue ' ■ '] ' 

o ^ Novck Frank, lab, b 1709 Elslon a ■ 

^ \ Nowak Frank, works car factory, h OOiJ e 2d ^ 

\ Nowak Michael, lab, h 006 e 2d ' : . 

5 I Nowilsky John, lab, h 91(5 w 7tb '■ ) 

iJ I Nugent Joseph, eng M C Ry, h 225 e Market ^ ■! 

^ ^ Nugent Josepli jr, brakeman, b 225 e Market ' . . ' .;}■ 

a ^ 

-2 Obitz Maria, wid George, b 032 Pine 

o . O'Brian John, condr L K & W, b The Vreeland Hotel 

^ I O'Brien Ellen, wid Jeremiah, b 217 Pine 

gj - O'Brien Thomas, brakeman, b Farmers' Hotel 

o i- O'Connell IMary, dressmkr, r 701 Spring 

^ (5 O'Connor Timothy, condr. h 301 w Boston 

:c O'Dell John, dravman, h 701 York 

Q Si O'Donnell Patrick, eng, h 902 w 7th • ■, 

fji Oehlke August, section han<l, h 210 w Market 

if Ofcarcak Michael, lab. h 1818 Elston 

c^S Ogborn L, r m s, b The Vreeland Hotel 

Ohime Amelia C, dom 402 .Spring 

^ Ohime Etina, dom 217 4th 

r! Ohike Augusta Mrs, h 2401 Franklin 

~ Ohlke Charles, boatman, b 2401 Franklin 

S Ohmig Albert H, stone mason, h 110 w Boston ;• 

O Ohmig George, brick mason, h 120 e 7tli 

-J Ohmig Linda, h 120 .• 7th 

O Ohmig Lizzie, h 120 e 7tli 

•J2, Ohmig Otto, brick mason, h 120 e 7th 

I, Ohmig \Vm, contractor and builder, 120 e 7th. h same 

,^ Ohmig Wm jr, citv clerk, oHice city bldg, 123 w 4th, h 120 e 

^ Ohms Wm. drug elk. 501 Franklin, h York 

*J^ Olds Evelyn E, finisher, b 502 ^YiUard av 


fUeissner's Pliarmacii, 820 Wlaio St., La Porte. 

A Competent P harmacist always in charg e. 


Oliver George G (DeminK & Oliver), h 223 w (ith ^ 
Oliver Joseph, li 219 w Glh 

Olson Amelia, finisher, h Lafayette -^ 

Olson Andrew, lab, h 211(j Franklin ) ' 
Olson Andrew, U S L S S. h life saving station 

Olson Anton, lab. h 1415 Lafayette ^ 

Alson Bertha, h 515 York ,__. 

Olson Fred, U S L S S. h life saving station l^J 

Olson Herman, lab, h 211 Fulton *~*^ 

Olson John, carp, h 12G Fulton '"^ 

Olson John, carp, h 821 w 7th {f] 

Olson Louis, lab, h 201 Fullon /~\ 

Olson Peter, lal., h 11:5 Baiker av Lj 

Olvanov John B, condr, h (iI2 Wabash ^ 

Omey Win T, lab, h 1311 Franklin >^ 

Oppermann August, brick uiason, L 302 w 9ih & 

0[)permann Charles H, grocer, 829 Franklin, h same ""^ 

0|)peniiann Fretierick, merchant policeman, h 21G w StU Q 
Oppermann Fredericka, wid Frederick, h 901 ElstoH 
Oppermann George, mach, h 904 Elston 
Oppeimann Henry, stone mason, h 120 w 9th 
Opiiermann Henry A F (Oppermann & Krueger), h 131 w 2d 
0[ipermann Otto \V, cigarmkr, ii 904 Elston 
0[)permann & Krueger (Henry A F Oppermann and Rudolph 

J Kiueger), dry goods, 321 Franklin 
Ops Anna, cainer, b 1818 Elston 
Ordzensky Frank, lab, h 101 Grant av 
Oilowski Frank, lab, h 705 Fremont, East Port 
Orlskie Josephine, dom US w 2(1 
Orr Fannie, wid George C. h 713 Franklin 
Orr Ira S, barber, 221 Franklin, h same 
iHtIC Jr%ICCD 11^ Attorneyjat Law and Insurance Agent, 

100 Michigan, h 802 Pine ^ S 
ORR .IOII\ .S. Real Estate, 410 Franklin, h 719 Franklin g. S 

Orr Rnchael, dom 702 Sining t^' % 

Ortman Frederick, lab, h 1214 Manhattan g ■=■ 

Osborn David B, cabinetmkr, h 805 Buffalo „ >f 

Osborn Frank J, mach hd, h 805 Butlalo q- 3 

Osborn John R, barber, h 831 Wabasu g ^ 

Osborn Louis O, mach hd, h 805 Butlalo !^ ° 

Osceola H & L Co No 1, 1 19 w 4ih . » 

Osinski James, lab, h 1910 Washington J? 

Oskoscik John, lab, h 1411 Manhallau 5 

Osier Elijah J, engr, h 821 Buttalo Z> 

Osier Howard, lab, b 821 w Bullilo I- 

Osier Walter S, porter Hendeison House, b same " 

Osos Andrew, foreman, h 1507 Manhallau g 

Osos Anthony, lab, h 1018 w 8lh =• 

tt ' 

Spaetli X SMdley, 

CD £ 

Druggists and Chemists, 

812 Main St., La Porte. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'s 

Osos Antou, chairmkr, b 1.507 Maulialtan 

Osos Johu, lab, h 1.501 Manhattan 

Osos Peter, lab, b 1501 Manhattan 

Osteiman Godfrey, U S L S S, h life saving station 

Ostrauder Maria, wid James G, h 318 Franklin 

Ott Lena, h 118 w 4th 

Ott Lizzie, h 118 w 4ih 

Ott Nettie, h 118 w 4th 

Ott Nicholas, ferryman, b 317 Union 

Ott Philip, furniture and undertaker, 118 w 4tb, h same 

Otto Win jr. watchman, r 120 Franklin 

Otto WmH, fireman, h 218 e C.tli 

Otwell Byron, lab, li 708 w Green 

Ovloski Frank, finisher, h Butlalo 







Pacholke Andrew, lab. b 1110 Elston 

Paeper Freeda, dressiiikr. 2|{1 e Market, h same 

Paff Henry, elk, b 213 Franklin 

Paft' Jacob, lab, h 1214 Tennessee 

Pagel Christ, lab, h 108 e Warren 

Pagels Charles, lab, h 805 Manhattan 

PA<;KLS IIEiMCY II, Choice Wine, Beer, Liquors and 

Cigars, 507 Franklin, h same 
Pagels Herman W, cigarmkr, h 512 Wabash 
Pagels Mary, h 512 Wabash 
Pagels Mary, wid, h 512 Wabash 
P.asels Wm"F, b 512 AVabash 

Pagels Wm F, tinner. 40',) Franklin, h 516 Wabash 
Pagin Levina G, wid Lemuel, h 303 Spring 
Pagles Charles, h 910 e 2d 

Pagles Charles, carp, b Cleveland av. East Port 
Pagles Fred, broommkr, h 910 e 2d 
Pagles Henry A, mechanic, h 901 e 2d 
Pagles Ida, works Amazon, h 813 e 2d 
Pagles Wm, li 813 e 2d 

Pahl Emma M. opr, works T F Mills, h 121 Franklin 
Pahl Herman L, shoemkr, h 924 e 2d 
Pahl John C, cigars anil tobacco, 130 Franklin, h same 
Pahl John G, boots and shoes, 404 Franklin, h 121 Franklin 
Palen Anna, h 223 Main 

Palen Arthur, tnistr, h 223 Main ,, 

Palen Minnie, h 223 Main 
Palm Aniirew, caliintmkr, h 134 Fulton 
Palmer Kate J, h 812 Pine 
Palmer Louise C, artist, h 812 Pine 

<;PAPTH A STUDLEY largest stock of 


812 Main Street, La Porte. 


Palmer Win, lab. h 5011 Centre O 

Papineaii Louis ,J, wood carver, li 307 w Baltimoi-e i— ' 

Pardiilm Charles H, painter, 1» 132 e Miciiigau i— ] 

Park3 Oscar E. lake captain, h 215 e Ttli ^ 

Parry Frances Camp, h 721 Washington ^ 
Parry Rev Thomas, pastor First Presbyterian Church, h 721 

Washington ""i 

Parson John, cliairmkr, h 305 State ^ 

Paschack August (Paschack Bros), h 1011 Franklin >.^ 

Paschack Bertha, dom .502 e Sth )^ 
Paschach Bros (Edward and August Paschack), dry goods, "^ 

1013 Franklin fi^ 

Paschack Edward (Paschack Bros), h 1011 Franklin ^ 

Paskiet Michael, lab, h 338 Hendricks Tj 

Patkowski C, lab A R Colborn & Co ^j^ 

Patterson George, guard, b prison ,_^ 

Patterson Harry, watchman, b 910 Tennessee <~ 
Patterson James C, condr L E ife W, h 515 Pine 

Patterson Samuel, foreman, b 91C Tennessee f"^ 

Paul Eli, carp, h 316 w 9th h— ( 

Paul Gustav, saloon, 202 Chicago, h same ^ 

Pans Wm, lab, h 720 w 4th Zl 

Pawelski Julius, works car factory, h 1116 Buffalo ~ 
Pawlosky Frank H, elk, h 1101 e Michigan 

Paxton Elizabeth, h 032 Washington ? 

Pixton George, likkpr. h 032 Washington = 

Paxton Mary, h 632 Washington oj S 
Paxton Matie, comp The Dispatch, h n e cor 7th and Wash- ~ ^ 

con ~ ^ 

Paxton Robena, h <')32 Washington 55. y 
rAXTO.\ Wn, Coal and Wood, 409 e 2d, h 632 Wash- z 3 

ington See left sicie lines ~ ^ 

Payizdala George, lab. h 1415 Elston g ^ 
Payne Horace, eng M C Ry, h 215 Washington 
Pease Robert, lab, h Beak, East Port 

Peck Alice M, h 509 Wabash ^ 

Peck Sylvester, works car fnctory, h 509 Wabash i" ? 

Peck Titus L, lab, h 509- Waliash S m 

Pelovske Lawrence, works car factory, h 101 Krueger =' m 
Peno Louis E, vice pres and mngr Phelps, Dodge & Co, b The "_ C 

Vreeland Hotel ='2 
Penwell Orville U, brakeman, h 401 e 7lh 
Peo Ernest, finisher, h 401 e Boston 
Peo Henry C, fisherman, h 727 Cleveland av. East Port 
Peo Ida M, h 117 w 8th 
Pepple Eugene, carp, h 410 Pine 
Penkins John, lab, b rear 117 Franklin 
Penkins Mary A, principal 1st ward school, h 808 Franklin 




J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind 
94 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Perl Fritz, lab, h 422 Willaid av 

Perry Ed R, works M C Ky, b The Vreeland Hotel 

Perry Edwin R te! opr, h 210 w Michigan 


Perry Louis F, student, h 129 w Clli 
W' I, Perry Oliver, stock dealer, h 129 w Gth 
"[>^ Perry Roy, eng, b 810 Washington 
rj Perschke Augusta, h 5U2 e Boston 
L|'[] Perschke Ferdinand, works car factory, h 502 e Boston 
mH Peters Albert C. works car factory, h '.102 Waba-h 




Peters Anna E, works Amazon II Co, h 309 Willard ay 
Peters Charles, lab, h 701 w 4lh 

, . . Peters Cliarles F, works car factory, h 1111 Spring 

Y\<\ Peters Christian, li 907 Elston 

r)rh Peters Christian, lab. h 321 Willard av 

><U Peters Edith, h 902 Wabash 

^[j Peters Fred, packer, h 701 w -llh 

Wfl] Peters Fred E, coppersmith, h 809 Willard av 

CO r\ Peters Henry E. reed worker, h 902 Wabash 

^ Peters Ida, b 701 w 4th 

Peters John, blksmith, h 902 Wabash 
Peters John, lab. h 210 Scott 

0)' ' Peters John H (Feallock & Peters), h 202 w 8th 

Peters Joseph, tailor, b lis Franklin 

^ Peters Wm, works car factory, b 210 Park 

^ Peters Wni, lab, h 1115 Tennessee 

T; Peters Wm H, reed worker, h 902 Wabash 

O Peterson Anna, wid, h 109 w William 

O Peterson August, tailor, h 109 w William 

K^ Peterson Charles, lab, b 1501 Elstim 

•"^ Peterson Emil, cigarnikr, h 305 Hancock av 

i-rt Peterson Emil, lab, h 105 Hancock av 

r^ Peterson Hilman, wid Nelson, h'201 Lafayette 

^ Phalen Joseph, lab, b 1017 w 9lh 

_ Phalen Timothy J, yardmaster, h 1017 w 9th 

rt Phel Moses, peddler, h GOO e Michigan 

O Phelps Charles A, lab. h 633 Willard av 

U Phillips Addison G, eng, h 219 e Michigan 

^ Phillips Addison J, h 219 e Michigan 

C Phillips Ella, dom 417 Spring 

O Phillips Karl B, mach, h 219 e Jlicbigan \ 

t;; Phillips Wm, chief lire dept, h 219 e iMichigan, 

rt Phoenix Hose Co No 4. cor 2d and Ontario 

p. Pickett Wm P. euL', h 121 w Michigan 
Pidge Bertha L, h 317 w 6th 

rH Pidge Rhoda J, wid, h 317 w 0th 

G Piilge Schuyler D, trav agt, h 319 w Gth 

^ Pierce Alice I, artist, li 117 e 8lh 

•^ Pierce David P, foreman, h 313 w Boston 


re With La Po r te, Ind. 


Pierce Edna K, li 313 w Boston ^■ 

Fierce Henry S, foieman, h 117 e Sth 

Piers Charles, wood carver, b 119 Franklin 

Pierson Andrew, lab, h 119 Fulton ^ 

Piorson John, lab, h 305 State 

Pilie Herniaa W, works car factory, b 415 Wabash ^ 

Pike John, lab, h 809 Tennessee > 

Pike John J (Schroeder di Pike), b 809 Tennessee 

Pike Minnie, b 809 Tennessee F" 

Pilcher Charles R, h 1201 Wasliington P" 
Pilcher Robert D, h 1201 Washington 
Pilcher Wm H, dry goods and notions, 40.j Franklin, h 1201 

Washington CO 
Finn Edward (Finn & Sons), h 517 Franklin 

Finn Edward S (Finn <Sz Sons), h 317 Washington Qo 

Finn Wm T (Finn & S-ms), h 517 Franklin '^ 
Finn & Sons (Edward, Wm T and Eihvard S Finn), groce 

and bakei-s, 517 Franklin 

Finney Erastus, condr, h 215 Cedar Q 
Piotrowsky John, eng hostler, h AVashington Park addition 
Piper Emil, tailor, t 1101 Elston 

Fitsch Anna, elk, h 731 Franklin > § 

Fitsch Charles F, ticket elk M C and L E i W Rys, h 731 g ;^ 

Washington g -. 

Fitsch John C, dry, 519 Franklin, h 731 Washington g | 

Fitsch Lottie, elk, h 731 Wasliinutoii ■< S 

Fitsch Otto L, night ticket elk .^I C and L E ct W Rys, h731 g p 

Washington p. W 

Plesky Martin, lab, h 1613 Ohio ►A g 

Pogrenske Michael, lab, h 410 Hoyt o S- 

Potlock Hermine, h 713 e MichiiiAn 3 ' 

Poison John N, Imstr, h s e cor Wood and Pine H ^ 

Poluske John, lab, h 1716 Elston ^ ^ 

Poole Albert E, carp, li 1420 e Michigan P ^ 

Fopp Minnie, wid John, h 310 w Boston . •§ 

Fopi) Sophia, h 310 w Boston g" ^ 

Porsoska John J, niach hd, h 210 w Baltimore "< g, 

Porter Charles, car factory oHico, h n w cor Washington and ^ g- 

Boston 0- 

Fosaski Anton, lab, h 1415 iManhattan t | 

PO!*iT OFFICE, Frank II Doian Postmaster, 305 Frank- ^ ^ 

lin g- g 

Fostawka Lonis, carver, h 2002 Franklin o g 

Potter Kate C, h 1002 Franklin •" 2. 

Potter Li:cy C, wid Benjamin, h 1002 Franklin "$. 

Pottratz Henry, lab, li 304 Hendricks, East Port g 

Fottratz John, h 304 Hendricks, East Port m 



Cor. Main & Nlich. Ave. work in a prompt and satisfactory manner 
96 R. L. POLK cSc CO.'S 

■52 Powell David, dair}-, s 9 Greenwood av 1 e of Franklin, h 
o same 

Powell Edward J, mach, b 916 Tennessee 

< Powers p:dwin H, mach, h 1016 Wabash 

" oj Powers Robert, K R fireman, b Farmers' Hotel 

5 "S Preebe August, blksmith, h 312 Miller 

-^ Prestien Frederick, works car lactory, h 124 Union 

^ Jj Price Charles, barber shop, 120 Franklin, h rear 418 Wasb- 
ji „- ington 

<« "S Price Frank, lather, h 117 Canal 

ec i Priejrke Wm, lab, b 31S e Michigan 

£ "^ Priepke Wm, fireman, b 302 Pine 

_i I Pries Frances, h 019 Wabash 

2 '-5 Pries Herman, foreman, h 619 Wabash 

" E Pries Lena, wid Frederick, h 619 Wabash 

►- 13 Priesh Charles, lab, h 1103 w Green 

o « Priesh Herman, lab, b 1103 w Green 

J^ = Priilvitz Gustav, works car factory, h 208 Scott 

o ra Pritz Otto F, car repairer, h 314 e Hoston 

> -^ Prohucak Hattie, finisher, b Wabash 

IIj re Prola John, lab, h 115 Knieger 

-S * Puc Stani:.laH9, lab, h 702 Du Page, Eist Port 

S C Purdy Adah I, teacher, b 408 e 8th 

^ " Purdv Charles H, supt Hitchcock Chair Factory, h 320 e 8th 

< Putuske CalhcY'ine, wid Peter, b 1703 Elslon 
uj Putuske Herman, lal). h 1703 Elston 

5 Putz Ador, lab, h 1809 Elston 

= Putz Mary, polisher, b 1809 Elston 
Pyko Susan, wid Jacob, h 716 Pine 

Quarnstrom August, lab, b 815 w 7th 
Quatlain James, tmstr, h Washington Park add 
Queadliu Emiaa, h rear 014 e 2d 



O ^ 

CO Rabe Henrv. mach h<l, h Du Page, East Port 

J KAItK \V.11, Dealer in Wine, Beer, Liquors and Cigars, 

►_( 124 Franklin, h same 

^ Rabe Wra jr, dock woUoper, h 414 Emley 

1^ Rabin Julius, lab, h 806 Madison 

Rach Albert, dock woUoper, h 1124 e Michigan 

>Rach Wm, dock wolloper,h 1118 e Michigan 
^ Rademacher Joseph, cigar rafr, 901 Kentucky, h same 
•"^ Radke Gustav, lab, h 410 Union 

Hotel teeg;\i^peN. 

Free 'Buss to and from all Trains. ^ '^ 'LrpoRtriND. 


Ra.lkf Tlieoilorc hil). li (i24 Porter ^ 
ISADTIil^ .TIAX L (Radike & Sluire), b Henderson' Q 

House 5 

UAOTIiK A: .SliriSI': {-yinx L Radtke and Albert ^ 

Sluire). Barber Shop, 505 Franklin [Z! 

Raesa August, lab, h 113 Dole o 2 

Eartel Charles, lab, h 3U3 Union [^ 

Eafl'el Frederick, works car factory, li 311 Union ^ *h 

Kaisch Philip, cai.inetmkr, b Chicago House > 2j 

Raiulieck Gustave, works car factory, h 612 Buffalo J- CJ 

Ramp John, h 513 e lOlli | (J) 

Rank Joseph, lab, h 302 William q- 

Ransom Fiank M, tnisir, li cor Lafayette and South ? ^ 

Rathje John, carver, ii llOS w 9th j >S 

Rathje Wm, carver, b IIOS w 9th ^ ^ 


Raucheiiberger Andrew, carji, b 113 e W; 
Rausch Charles, carp, h 1122 w 8tli 

Raustla Gottlieb, works car factory, h .')19 Krueger | Q 

Rawlings Elmer E, trav agt, h 127J Fraid<lin ? 
Rawlings Wilbur D, coal, lime, etc. 203 Franklin, h 121 Cedar r!?> 

Rawson Jennie S, wid George V, h 716 Pine = ^^ 

Rawson Zeila M, h 716 Pine ^ = 5 
Rawson cfe Root Lumber Co, Henry A Root pres, Abram R o:;3 
Colborn vice Pres, Charles W Woods sec and treas, u end S- i t 

Wabash 2 i, § 
Rayben Charles, lab A R Colborn & Co, h Krueger Washing- ^?J 

ton B addition ^ H;2. 

Reyben Henry, lab A R Colborn & Co 5 s;? 

Rayben Julius, lab A R Colborn ifc Co S 5 S3 

Raymond Mary, h e end 2d nr city limits g c,^ 

Raxford Elizabeth, wid Nelson. h"208 w Michigan r~ = 

Ream Frank S, eondr L E J: W, b The Vreelaud Hotel [^ •" =! 

Rebbeck Frederick, eng hostler, h 402 e Boston -o 2 

Rebeck Martha, finisher, b 402 w Boston 5 5 

Rebelien Bertha, dressudir. 502 e 9th, h same ? . o 

Rebelien John, lab, h 502 e 9th T, 

Recil Frank, lab, h 1306 Ohio "*■ | 

Recil Wm, lab, b 1306 Ohio 

Redding Edward C, carji, h 406 w 6th '1, 

Redner Furman D. marine eng, h 318 e Market x j^ 

Reed Charles M, physician, h 21.') w 0th =■ 

Reed Elizabeth, L 2"l5 w 9th 4. '^ 

Reed James, mach hd, h 1601 w 8th » 

Reed James 0, lab, h 618 Du Page. East Port ♦ a. 

Reed John A, brakeman, h 217 w 4th SI 

Reetz Ernst, lab, h 1311 Elston -f a 

Reetz Gustav, carp, h 1109 P^lston 2, 

Reglein Henry C, elk, h 1106 Franklin -♦■ ? 




MOORE & WEAVER, ^"'^''^6e&^^p, ooors. 

' Bhnds, <5i.c., 

Cor. Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

98 R. L. POLK S: CO.'S 

(j) Rebfield Clar:i, h 318 e Warren 
(1) Rehiwnkle Joseph, lab, h 170'J Elston 

(— Reibert Harry A, switchtemler, r M C switch tower, w Boston 
(j^ Keich Julius, cigarmkr, r 211 e Miuhigun 

^ Reicher Joseph, vice pres Co-operative Keud Chair Co, h 1802 
^ Franklin 

lYJ Keid Clinton P, eng M C Rv, li 112 e Boston 
'-'-' Reiden Christian, baker, b 213 Franklin 
_^ Reiher Charles, car repairer, h 220 w Green 
^^ Reiher Fr^d, works car factory, h 202 Park 
C Reiher Fredericka, wid Christ, h 20(j Park 
n5 Reiher Wm, h 2U2 Park 

Reiher Wm, finiaher, h 506 Park 
C/) Reikert Joseph, tador, h s end Wabash 
C/) Reiuhart Fred W, finisher, h cor 4th and Franklin 
Co Reinke Elizabeth, wid John, h 508 w Baltimore 
Reinke John, foreman, ii 401 e 'Jth 
Reinke Joseph, carp, h 1100 Ohio 
Reinke Henry, lab, h 107 Columbia 
(£ Reinke :\Iartin, car repairer, h 1101 Manhattan 
— Reinke .Aliehael. swilehnian, h 1115 Butlalu 
Reisiiiir John, 1: R llren an, li 510 e Michigan 
liE.\KA\VI'»'if; .lOllA. City Civil Engineer, 123 w 
4th, h 128 e Rnstou 
(J) Renkawitz Joseph, hil), li 1108 liiirfalo 
•^ Renkawitz .Mar ha M, h 1 28 e Boston 
._ Penkawitz Mary, h 128 e Boston 
'^ Kenschler Emma, h 220 e Michigan 
pi Renspy Stephen, lab, b cor Cleveland av and Michigan 
'-^ Replogle Henderson, car}), h 1»02 Pine 
, ^ Retseck August (Retseck Bros), h 1116 "Wabash 

£ Retseck Bros (August and Rol)ert), grocers. 505 w Boston 
r^ Retseck Felix, street commissioner, h 005 Butlnlo 
p.- Reiseck Frank, h 1215 "Wabash 
^^'^ Retseck John, painter, h 1215 Wabasli 
i^ a Retseck Praxida, milliner, 008 Franklin, h same 

5? Retseck Robert (Retseck Bros), h 1307 Manhattan 
ii*- o Reum Frederick, switchman, h Washington Park addition 
Reyer, Caroline, wid Joiin, h 802 w 8th 
Reyer George, lab, b 802 w 8th 
O ueyer Minnie, packer, b 802 w Sth 
1-^ Reyer Rica, b 802 w Sth 

O Rhinehart Albert, painter, b 113 Porter, East Port 
m^ Rice Clara A, wid James, h 513 e Michigan 
H Rice Welcome, condr L E .t. W, b The Vreeland Hotel 
K Richardson Wm P, mach M C Ry. b Franklin 
^ Richert Salome, teaciier of languages, h 603 e Michigan 
^ Richter Albert, lab, h 7U Manhattan 


820 Main Street, La Porte. 



Rifliter Ei'ich G, finislier, b 903 e Michigan 

Kitlitei- Frances, woiks Amazon U Co, li 810 w Gth 

Kichter Fred J, fireman, b 1032 w !)iii 

Kichter Mar}', wid FiedericU, h 711! Manliattan 

RiclUer Theodore, lab, h SIO w Gtli 

Kichter Wm, lab, h 817 ManhaUan 

Kiebe Charles, lab, h w s AlcCiellaud av 1 n of w 7th 

Rieck Wm, lab. h 407 Willard av 

Rieser Charles J, carp, h i:i07 Pne 

Kietz xMary, wid Frederick, h 70!) Klston 

Riley Alice, comp The Dispatch, h 100 Detroit 

Kilev Daniel, hostler, r 114 e 4th 

Riley Isaac, lab, h l.jl2 e Michiy;au 

Kilev John J, siipt, li 12:; e 8lh 

Rilev Thomas, eug .M C Rv, h 100 e Detroit 

Rilley Patrick., freight handler, b 219 Franklin 

Rinehart Arthur A, brakcniau, h :!0'.) Pine 

Rinehart Edward, brakenian, h Glj Spring 

Ritenoiir Samuel W, liustr, h 130 e Michigan 

Ritter Christ, lab, h 12ol Elston 

Ritter Fred, works car factory, h 324 Union 

Ritter Fred jr. works car factory, h 324 Union 

Ritter Hattie F, elk, h 224 e Michiiian 

Ritter Josei)h C, mach hd, b 1201 Elston 

Ritter Wm, works car factory, h Oil e 2d 

ISOItlS CIIAI£l>lv"^ .1 (Robb & Carpenter), also Sur- 
veyor of Cust(i\ns, b 21.S e 7th 

KOB'n A: €Ai:!»l':M"EIS (Charles J Robb and Ira S 
Carpenter), Piiblisiicrs and Pmiirictors The Evening 
News, 115 w Michigan See adv 

Robber Charles, lab, h iblG Spring 

Roberts Allen L, marine eug, h 322 e 7th 

Roberts Samuel J, carp, h IIG e Boston 

Robinson Albert L, chairmkr, h 607 Franklin • 

Robinson Frank G, bkkpr, h GIG Washington 

Robinson Thomas J, condr, h 20G Pine 

Robowsky Frederick, cai'p, h 70G Manhattan 

Robwski Roman, lab, b 1801 Elston _ 

Robwski Vanclaus, cabinetmkr, h 1801 Elston 

Rock John, lab, h 724 w Gth 

Kodenback Christ, painter, h 219 e Baltimore 

Roenspries Christ, lab, h 30G State 

Roeper Charles, h 1016 Spring 

Roeper Charles, lab, h 121 Union 

Roeper David, lab, h 1315 Elston 

Roeper Ernest, finisher, h 714 e 9th 

Roeper Ernest, works refrigerator factory, h 417 e 9th 

Roeper Frederick, works chair factory, h 1012 Spring 






C > 

C I 

> I 


pi ^ 







Do go!] want a good sitilation? Prepare ijoiJrself for it at tlie 
Nichigan Gity Bilsiness Colle ge. Write fo r te rms, '■ ^,e's°d'"en[°' - 

lOO R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Roepei' Louise, 0[)r, h 121 Union 
Roeper Will, lab, h 417 e 9ili 
Koeske Amelia, wid Rlieinliold, ii 701 w 4th 
Roeske Chaiies, macli lid, l> 121(1 Ohio 
O'^^ Rooske Edmiuul, works car factory, h 302 w Baltimore 
2 ti Ki>tske Emma, h 302 w Baltimore 
— ■:: Roeske Louisa, wid George, h 701 w 4th 
— 15 Rotfel August, works car factory, h 112 Jackson 
^^ Rogers Charlotte !S, h 701 Wasiiington 
O I Rogers Ella Little, h 701 Washioglon 
[jLlpc, Roifcrs Elmira L. h 701 Washin'^ron 

UO(<EK!<< (>il':Oi:(;L: r, nkkpr First National Bauk, li 
PqN 701 Washington 

"^"^ Rogers Nathaniel P, sec and treas Haskell and Barker Car 
Co, h 701 Washington 
Rogoski Frank, h 122 Fogarty 
^ Rogowski Anton, lal). 413 e Boston 

Rogowski Charles, hostler, h 41:) e Boston 
RoTide Ferdinand, lab. h 130 State 
Rohde Samuel, lisherman, h .'id rear 118 Duncan 
Rohlort- Frank, h S2.3 Wabash 
^ Rohiotr Frank jr, molder, h 825 Wal)ash 
^ Rohrdanz Carolina, wid Christian, ii .S22 Elston 
, — I Rohrdanz John, fireman, b 822 Elstou 
^ Rohrdanz Louise, b 822 Elston 
•^ Rohrdanz Wm, lab, h .t15 w 'Jth 

Roll Jacob J, blksmith, h 113 e Boston 
O L CIIAltLU.S. Cond M c Ry, h 232 e 6th 
'-^ Romel George, cooiier, h 2.32 e tlth 
qj R mel George J, coud, li 224 e (5th 
•—I Rome! Louise E, teacher, h 321 Fine 

-2 KO.TIEL iTIKJllAJCL, Sec and Treas Michigan City 
Gas Co and Vice Pres The Citizen's Bank, h 321 Pine 
Romel Oscar W, student, h 321 Pine 
R mery Bertlia. dmu, b 412 w Boston 
Rook Rol)erl W, plasterer, h Cloud, East Port 
c/5 Root Francis II, supt Lake C E S Ry. h 21.5 e Jlarket 
.^ Root Henry A, pres Rawson & Root Lumber Co, h cor 8th 

D and Washington 

CO Ropkey Wm, clock wollopcr, h 424 Pine 
Ropper Fred, mach hd, li 1012 Spring 
^ Rose Levi W, foreman, h 223 e Gth 
j2} Ri'se Martha A, wid Orrin, h 518 Pine 
p Rosenbaum Gustav, grocer, 1147 Michigan, h same 
" Rosenberger Henry, flue cleaner, works M G round house 
J5 Rosenburg John, lab, h 248 Hendricks, East Park 
Rosenthal Morris, cal)inelmkr, h 312 Pine 
Rosentriter Herman, lalj, h 1010 e 2d 



Experts teach Book-keeping, Penmanship, Shorthand and the English 
for terms. 0. F. COMPTON, President. 


Roske Charles, lab, b 1 '2 10 Ohio O' 

Koske Christiai), lab, li 121U Ohio [— ( 

Kossoa Ferdinand, lab, h 1312 Ohio i, 

Koudoff' Louis, works car shops, b roar 117 Franklin CH 

Koyce Mary J, wid Lei-oy, h bla Spring [j> 

Royce Wm T, h 726 Washinjilon ' J_L 

Rozean John, condr, h 421^ Franlclin f^ 

Rudnick Albert, mach hd, Ii 822 Elston 

Kiidnick Edward, bridge tender, h 314 Miller f"" 

Kiidaick Edward jr, h 31(; .Aliller V, 

Rudnick Olto, tisherman, li 20'.) Union "^ 

Kiidolf John, cigariukr, h 432 e 8lh ^ 

Rudolph Elizabeth, wid Henrv, h 414 e Michisan >-\ 

Rudolph Frank, brakeiuan, h 414 e Michi.i;an ' ^^ ^ 

Ruedeniaun Aufjust, works ret'g taclory, h 810 Oedar 
Rueder Anna, linislier, b 1001 w IJosion ^^ 

Ruedrr Edward, lab, b lOOl w Boston ^ ^ 

Rueder Henry, lab, b 1001 w Boston (T) 

Rueder Lotta, wid John, li lO'il w Boston 

Rueder Minnie L, woiks Aniiizon II Co, b 10(»1 w Boston (^ 

Ruegg Jacob, h 818 Fi'anklin U: 

Ruetter Henry, varnisher, b 1001 w I'.oston QJ 

Ruelz Fred, elk, h 703 Elston - 
Kurt' James W, bartender, h 527 Pine m 

Rugenstein Fred, gardener, li 311 Cedar tT< 

Ruggles Charles C (Ford. Johnson h Co), h Chicago q 

Ruggles W Henry, yanl master, h 020 Ontario ti Izl 

Rugli Mary, trimmer, h 400 Franklin 2 P 

Runte Bertha, wid Edward, h 230 Hendricks, East Port ^ O 

Ruschkainp Herman, entr, h 2(i'.( e Michigan g. ^ 

Russell Edward, blksmith. h 1210 Franklin f \ 

Russell Emiua D, h 418 e Boston » | 

Russell Etta, comp The News, h 220 Pine g" J 

Russell Silas W, pamter, h 418 e Boston = i 

Russell Wm J, reed I'ramer. h 418 e 1! ston tn ' 

Rust Gustav. lab, h 412 Ripley 1: 

Ruth Joseph, lab, h 1408 Elsion f: 

Ryan Anna, wid Wm, h 417 e 4th "P 

Ryan Britlget, wid Michael, h 217 Wasliingon ~ 

Ryan Catherine, wid Michael, h 423 Huron '=' 

Ryan Edward W, butcher, h 417 e MichiL'un * 

Ryan James H, lab, h 1020 Franklin " 3 

Ryan John, engr, L 232 State 5. 

Ryan Matthew, lab, h 217 Washington -g 

Ryan Michael, lab, b 423 Huron = 

Rvbarkiewcz Petronla. wid Joseph, h 13.'i Fogertv — 
KYDELL JOII.\, Sewing Machines. Pianos and Or- % 

gans, 422 Franklin, h 210 w 8lh ~ 

"FanGy Spring Patent" FloiJr. 

Northern Indiana. 
J Street Millins Co., lOl J St., La Porte, Ind. 

R. L. POLK fc CO.'S 

Rydsy Johanna, wid Rom:iu, h 121 w M; 

[H R Sabel Christ J, works car factory, h 409 e 9tl 
[QrN Sabel Fred H, works chair factory, h 400 e 9i 


Sabban Frederick, 

Sabban Minnie, h 312 e 7th 

^ Saben Wm, switchman, b Farmers' Hotel 


Piv Sack Andrew, lab, h 1003 e 2 


Sack Andrew jr. Lab, h 1003 c 2d 

vick Stephen, lab, h 1003 e 2d 

^adenwader Frank, chairmkr, b ,^S3 Manhattan 

Sddenwater Ernst, switchman, h 50G e Boston 
Sadenwater Frederick, b 823 Manhattan 

Wq Sadenwater Henry E, lab, h 710 Pearl, East Port 

.|_l Sadenwater Henry J, works car factory, h 826 e Michigan 

[l]y Sadenwater Henry W, engr, h 823 Manhattan 

^ Sadenwater Wm,"lab, b 823 Manhattan 

0) Saeger Wm, macli, h 309 w 7tli 

St Clair Percy B, enp;, h 402 w Gth 

■^ ST JIAKY'.S IIIUII K( IIOOL, Rev John Bleck- 

mann Principal, .s e cor Boston and Butlalo 


O SCIKIOL, Rev Emanuel .J Wrobel l^istor, cor Ripley 

O and Washington 

K> Sallwasser Henry B, furniture, 10'.)-1U e Michigan, h 414 e 
•^ 9th 

<-^ Sallwasser Louise, bkkpr, h 414 e 9lh 

^ Salvation Army Barracks, l28 Franklin 

d Sammons Allen, bkkpr, h S2S Pine 

, , Sammons Benj F, bkkpr, h 702 Pine 

rt Sammons Lillian, student, h 828 Pine 

'^ Sanborn Anna, h 327 Franklin 

U Sanda John, lab, b 318 e Michigan 

^ Sandqvist Andrew, lab, h rear 210 Pine 

C Sandqvist Anna, h rear 210 Pine 

O Sarenberg Helena, dom 617 Sjjring 

y^ Sarver James P, car driver, h 307 Cleveland av. East Port 

d Sarvers George, tmstr 114 e 4th, h Cleveland av 

P^ Sass August, hostler, h ()19 Ontario 
Sass Caroline, wid Christ, h 917 e 2d 

r^ Sass Charles, dock wolloper, h 410 Emley 

^ Sass Ella L. works Amazon K Co, h 917 e 2d 

1^ Sass Frederick, works car factory, h 91.5 w Boston 

'^ Sass Henrietta, dom 219 w 6th 


For Fire, Life, Accident Plate Glass, Steam Boiler, Line Stock or 
Tornado Insilrance call on J. Uene Dorland, La Porte, Ind. 



Sass Herman, lab, b 1002 w Sth 

Sass JuLin, works car factory, Li 419 Eiuley 

Sass Louis, macli lid, b 517 e 2d 

Sass Theodore, baggage master M C & L E & W, h 1002 w 

Sassadeck Adolph, lab, h 1204 Tennessee 
Sassadeck Minnie, dora 227 w Boston 

Saulhalier Albert, engM (J Ry, h s w cor Market and Wabash 
Sawinske Andrew, carp, h 408 w Baltimore 
Schacht Ella, b 1005 Ohio 
Schacht Frederick, lab, h 1005 Ohio 
Schacht Frederick jr, fireman, h 1001 Ohio 
Schacht George, mach hd, b 1005 Ohio 
Schaefer Frank A. elk, h 201 w 4th 
Schaet'er Frederick, lab, b 524 e 9th 
Schaeuffele Edward, R R fireman h (521 Washington 
Schaeuft'ele Ernest C, biksmith, b Farmers' Hotel 
Schaeufl'ele Frederick, ireas Michigan City L ik B Association, 

and city treasurer, office city bidg, 123 w 4th, h 621 

Schaeuffele Frederick jr, works car factory, h G21 Washington 
Schacufi'ele Louise, h G21 Washington 
Scharbach Victor, lab, b 91G Tennessee 
Scharf August, lab, h 1109 w 9th 

Scharnberg John H, teacher St Paul's L School, h 817 Bufl'alo 
Scharnberg Nanning, mach, b 817 BuHalo 
Schattschnider Gustav, painter, h 1210 Ohio 
Schauer Robert, lab, b 407 Willard av 
Schauland Frederick, lab, li 130(5 Manhattan 
Schavawitch Frank, lab, h 609 Pearl, f^ast Fort 
Schebelofske Fred, lab, h 1019 e 2d 
Schendel Emil, carp, h 312 Union 

Schenk Christ, works A R Colborn & Co, h 518 e Boston 
Scherrow Charles, lab, h 1129 w 9th 

Schewiak John, shoerakr, 412^ Franklin, h 1315 Manhattan 
Schewiak Stephen, yachtman, h 1315 Manhattan 
Schillkey Jacob, h 327 C 
Schillkey Louise, h 140 State road 
Schindeihower Bertha, dressmkr, h 320 C 
Schink John, lab, h Washington Park add 
Schlaak Adolph, carp, h 320^ C 
Schlaak Amelia, wid John, h 323 C 
Schlaak Anna S, h 320 C 
Schlaak Augusta, h 320 C 
Schlaak Charles, carp, h 320 C 
Schlaak Frederick, works car factory, h 420 Emley 
Schlaak John, works car factory, h 323 C 
Schlack Augusta, cook, b 213 Frankliu 






" 01 


i 2. 

1— n; 


OberreiGli X flrooli '^"""arr.^'eT.rprer^'^"* 

Cor. Main & Mich. Ave. See us before buying, it will pay you. 
104 R. L. POLK cSi CO.'S 

I Schlcvy Mary M, wid Christian, h 1502 Elston 

^ Schlicker Fred, works lumber, h 90.j e M.cliijran 

1 Schlicker Frederick J (Schlicker & Timra),"h 1502 w Balti- 
1. more 

^ Schlicker Henry F, comp, h 123 w Market 

~ Schlicker John^T, carp, h 123 w Market 

.E Schlicker & Tiinra (Frederick J Schlicker and John Timm), 

« saloon, 002 w Baltimore 

Schlicchcr Rica, widow J.ihn, h 1104 w Boston 

^ Schhindt Fred C, car repairer, h 1309 Pine 

^ Schhindt Louis, saloon, 610 w 9th, h same 

£ Schmaloski Peter, laborer, h 10-t Francisco 

.5 Schmelter John, lab, h 501 Buffalo 

g Schmelter Wm, b 716 Tennt'ssee 

^ J Schmidt Anna, dom, 318 Cedar 

>, 1 Schmidt August, lab, h 410 Ripley 

g I Schmidt Carl, cabinetmkr, h 910 w Baltimore 

o I Schmidt Gottlieb, lab, h 220 Hendricks, East Port 

H I Schmidt Henry C, teacher St Paul's L school, h 709 Pearl 

j Scliinidt John," foreman, h 22.') Market 

^ "2 Schmidt John, tailor, b 119 e Warren 

g 5^ Schmidt John W, lab, h 1301 Ohio 

■a -^ Schmidt Theodore, guard, h 712 Manhattan 

a £ Schminske Agnes, opr, h 312 w Warren 

g .E Schinitt Giistav, carp, h SI4 Buffalo 

CO ^ Schmuhl Frederick L, chairmkr, h 317 e Glh 

i « Schmull Charles, lab, h 1029 w 8th 

-■ -^ Schmulzsr Fredericka, h 501 e 10th 

i Schmutzer John, h 501 e 10th 

-5 Schmutzer John jr, elk 909 Franklin, h 501 e lOtli 

Q^ Schmutzer Rudolph, works car factory, h 501 e 10th 

^j Schnaber Jacob, finisher, b 100 w 4th 

^ i Schncck August, painter, h 427 e 9lh 

^5 Schueck Frederick, h 421 e 9lli 

02 g Schncck Wm, laborer, b 318 e Michigan 
.5 Schneider AUiert E. h 402 e 7th 

^1 Schneider August, contractoi', h 407 e Boston 
p:| Schneider Delia E, dressinkr, h 407 e Boston 
Wc Schneider Herman, shoemkr, 905 Kentucky, h same 
C/)c Schneider Julius, longshoresman, li 217^ w Michigan 
»_12 Schneider Lyman H, h 402 e 7th 
»— c Schneider Robert, lab, h 402 e 7th 
'^^ Schnuck John, lab, h 136 Francisco 

1^ J Schoenemann Emma J, millinery, 525 Franklin, h 818 Wash- 
k/^ Sehoencraann Wm, prison guard, h 117 w 7tb 
►< )s;€ll<H'].\E.TI/\^'.\ Wn II, Cashier First National 
>^ Bank, h 818 Washington 


Slop at Hotel Teegarden. Free 'Bus. First 
Class Accommodations. Good Sample 
Room. E. G. Short, Propr., La Porte. 



Schort Charles, hib, b 727 Cleveland av, Pwt 
Schomocltei- Charles, h 802 w Baltimore 
Schomoelter Ella, b 8U2 w Baltimore 
Schomoi'lter Win, chainukr, b 802 w Baltimore 
.SC'IIUOL BOAKD, R F Johnson, Presl; M T Krnejrer, 
Secy; E L Valentine, Treas; J C Black, Supt, 123 w Jtli 
Sclirader Edward M, bartender, 117 Franklin, h 500 e Michl- 

Schrader Ernest, reed ehairniki-, b ."jOG e Jlichigan 
Schrader Ernest C, winder, h 50G e iM.chigaii 
Schrader John, lab, h 500 e Michii;an 
Schrader John M. chaumkr. b SOG^Michigan 
Schramm Fred W, saloon, 20'J Franklin, h same 
Schray Frederick, macli, h 111 w Warren 
Schray Lena h HI w Wairen 
Schrieber Henry, lab, h 220 Hendricks, East Port 
Schroder Fred,"h 313 e 6th 
Schroder Louisa, dom S17 Pine 
Schroeder Christian, lab, h 'J2S w 7th 
Schroeder Christian, blksmth, h 1001 Manhattan 
Schroener Conrad B, woi'ks car facior\, h 210 York 
Schroeder Emma L, works Amazon II Co, h 1101 Ohio 
Schroeder Fred, h 210 Park 

Schroeder Fred. lab,, h cor McClelland av and w 7th 
Schroeder Frederick C, cigar infr, 114 e Detroit, h same 
Schroeder Frederick T, lab h 826 w Glh 
Schroeder Minnie, h 114 e Detroit 
Schroeder Ricky, wid John, h 114 e Deti-oit 
Schroeder Wm, works chair factory, h 114 Porter 
Schroeder Wm, lab, b 1101 Ohio 

Schroeder Wm A (Schroeder & Pike), h S09 Tennessee 
Schroeder Wm II, carp, h 113 e Warren 

Sciiroeder & Pike (Wm A Schroeder and John J Pike), rock- 
er mfrs, u w cor w 9th and Kentucky 
Scbroycr Richard, lab, h 707 w 4ih 
Schrum August F, switchman, h 3(iG w 0th 
Schueler Christopher, b 1120 w bill 
Schueler Ferdinand, lab, h 1120 w 8th 
Schuland Frederick, tailor, h 1300 Manhattan 
Schultz Adolph, lab, h 809 Ohio 
Schultz Albert, cabinelmkr, h 027 Pearl 
Schultz Anna, dom 109 e Detroit 
Bchultz August, chairmkr, b 912 w Boston 
Schultz Bernhard, blksmitli, b o02 e Michigan 
Schultz Charles, works car factory, h 710 York 
Schultz (Charles I, car inspector, h 318 w 7lh 
Schultz Fred G, finisher, h 11.") e 4th 
Schultz Frederick, moldei', h 217 Park 

B I 
ffl (i> 





MOORE & WEAVER, '-""^&1|l'-^» Doors. 
' Blinds, &.C. 

Corner Jackson &, Main Sts., La Porte. 

I06 K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

*• Schiiltz Freilerick, works car factory. Ii 117 o Michigau 

aJ Schultz B'rederick, works car factory, li 318 w 7tli 

a Schultz Frederick W, lab, h 407 Chicago 

23 Schultz Gottlieb, lab, h 1310 Man!iatta"n 

Schultz Herman, longshoreman, b 50"J e Michigan 

m - Schultz Ida A, works Amazon H Co, h 7U2 York 

S ° Schultz John, h 1010 e -^d 

§ i Schultz John, lab, h 216 e 9th 

(^ Schultz John F, lab, h 912 w Boston 

-d > Schultz Mary, works Amazon H Co, h 213 Park 

,§ '' Schultz Matilda, wid Frederick, h 702 York 

^ Bl Schultz Matilda T, restaurant, 119 Franklin, h same 

^ :: Schultz Minnie, li 117 e Michigan 

2 ^ Schultz Wm, painter, h 109 Columbia 

^ \ Schultz \Vm C, saloon. 117 e Michigan, h same 

O \ Schultz Wm J, shoemkr, h 915 Ohio 

^ I Schultz ^V John, works car factory, h 213 Park 

^j f Schultze A Mary, wid Henry, h lia e 4th 

tf E Schultze C Ilenrv. blksmith, h 115 e 4th 

g ' Schultze G Fred,' finisher, h 115 e 4th 

Schumacher Wm, lab, h 1005 w Boston 

o Schupert Joseuh, weaver, h e 8th 

■;; J«»CIIUTT ITII.\A1SU A, Dentist, 402 Franklin, h same 

■g Schvanka Amelia, wid Julius, h 1510 Elston 

gi . Schwager Alexander C, saloon, 31(3 Franklin, h same 

<J c Schwager Henrv, dock wolloper. h 222 Porter 

o - !S>CIIWA(>iEie IIE.A'KV A, Ins and Real Estate, also 
o £• Notarv Public, 307 Franklin, also Vice Pres The Leist 

^ O Mfg Co, h 310 Franklin 

re Schwager John, lab, h 209 Jackson 

O ap Schwager Louise, wid Nicholas, h 316 Franklin 

(Jsz Schwager Wm, dock wolloper, h 214 Porter 

^ Schwal Henry, guard, h 1215 w Boston 

do Schwanke Charles, chairmkr, b 1500 Elston 

Schwanke Frank, h 116 e 2d 

^ Schwanke Peter, saloon, 327 Franklin, h 110 e 2d 

jjj Schwark Fred, h 202 w Baltimore 

^ Schwark Ida, h 202 w Baltimore 

^ Schwartz John C, bench hand, h 202 w Baltimore 

O Schwartz Louis A, glazier, h 202 w Baltimoi-e 

-J Schwartzkoph John, car inspr M C Ry, h 517 e 8th 

O Schwartzkoph Joseph, h 109 w Boston 

'X. Schwenn Christian, works car factory, h 210 e Baltimore 

^ Schwingendorf John W, biksmth, h 117 w Baltimore 

£^ Schwingendorf Wm, blksmlh, h 805 Manhattan 

^ Schwinkendorf Frederick J, works car factory, h 505 e 9th 

^ Sghwinkendorf Henry W, works car factory.'h 50G e 9th 

*^ Scott George, switchman, h 205 e 2d 







fUeissner's PliarmaGii. 820 Main 8t„ La Porte. 

A Competent Pharmacist always in charge. 


Scott Richard C, lab, h 210 Spring ^ 

Scott Wm M, lab. Li 21.'i Benton ■ 

Seastroiu John, lab, h 1'20'J Ohio 

Seedorf Christina, wid John, h 815 w Boston 

Seedorf George, lab, h 81.5 w Boston 

Seedorf Wra. machhd, h 815 w Boston 

Seeger Anna, knitter, b 714 Elston 

■Seeger Jacob, foreman, h 714 Elston 

Seegert Henr}' J, switchman, h 107 Park J"^ 

Seehaver August, molder, h 814 Tennessee ""^ 

Seeling Leopold A, painier, b 1106 Tennessee • (/) 

Seeling Wm, lab, h 1100 Tennessee 

Seese Charles, lab, h 813 Tennessee 

Seibert Wm, barber, b 219 Franklin iJh 

Seidlitz Clara L, h 315 Pine j^ 

Seidlitz Ernest, shoemkr, 312^ Franklin, h 315 Pine ^ 

.Seidlitz John, shoemkr, h 315 Piue ""^ 

Seifert Henry, finisher, h 1008 Elston ^ 

»Seimetz John J, works car shops, h 115 w William 

Seimetz Stephen J, sec and treas Co-Operative Reed Chair 

Co. h 118 e William 
Seilz Frank, works car factory, h 516 Buffalo 
Seivers Gertrude !M, works Amazon (I Co 
Selkreg Mark H, res 129 e 2d 
Seltzer Lizzie, h 116 e Warren 

Selzer Elizabeth, wid Jlatthew, h rear 713 e Michigan 
Selzer Joseph, lab, h rear 713 e Michigan 
Sengbusch Augusta, wid Christ, h 124 e Baltimore 
Sengbuscb Frederick, lab, h 1027 W. Green 
Sengbusch Wm, molder, h 1026 w Boston 
Sengnitz John, lab, h 1027 w Boston 
Server Wm, brakenian, h 517 Buifalo 
Settmann Christian, lab, h 1210 lilston 
Sevelin August, lab, h 604 Du Page, East Port 
Severien Charles, machhd, b 1110 Spring 
Severien Charles jr, works chair factory, h 1110 Spring 
Severien Wra, chairmkr, b UlOSpiing 
Sewell Frank T. guard, h 816 w Baltimore 
Sexton Joseph B. carp, h 215 c 4th 
Shaar Wilhelm, 1) 302 w 4th 
Shade Albert, R R fireman, h 513 e Michigan 
Shatfer Wm, tm.^tr, b 618 Du Page, E:isi Port 
Shaner Yunger, lab, h 704 Cleveland av, East Port 
Shaw James, carp, h n w cor Barker av and Franklin 
Shaw John C, carp h 313 e Maiket 
Shaw Robert J, plftsterer, h 123 Porter, East Port 
Shearer Wm, car repairer, b 702 Manhattan 
Sheler Henry, tmstr, b s e cor Wood and Pine 


Spoetli I StOdlEij, ""'itt^lt.f^r''' 


L. POLK & CO.'s 

I Slielton Muinie, teaclier, i- 117 w Tlli 
t Sberidan Mt-lissa, boiirding, 127 e 4tli, h same 
^ Sherwood Hurvey, lab, h 5J0 William 
(^ = Sherwood Harvey, works car facloi v, h 317 w 7th 
^ I Sherwood Harvey I, lab, h 220 Fine 
2 i Sherwood James, patternmkr, h 9U'.) w Boston ■ 
_j !i Shields Bridget, wid Patrick, li 110 Miller 
ii 1 Shilstrom Charles, lab. h 1115 Wasliiri^ion 
CJ Shiiirock John, h 110 Union 

O Shires Augustus E, yardmaster M C Ry, h 814 Franklin 
CO ( Shires Dean, elk 318 Franklin, li 220 e Michi^ran 
o Shires Frank O, number taker M C Rv, h 414 Franklin 
Sh aak Amelia, w-orks Amazon H Co, h 420 Emily, Canada 
>- Shluudt Charles F, lab, h 1102 Tennessee 
< Shluudt Louis, lab, b 11C2 Tennessee 
S Shiuuhl Charles, lab, h 5o9 w Boston 

Shmul Wm, i)ainter, h 1210 Tennessee 
4J Shoemaker Frederick, driller, h 920 w 7th 
rf Sholtz Anna, boarding. 910 Tennessee, h same 
'•U Sholtz John, lab, h 910 Tennessee 
,»^ Shon Anna, h 310 Pine 
^ Shon Anna, wid, h 310 Pine 

(\) Shon iAIoses. diT goods, 001 e Michb'an h same 
( — Short Wm H, brakemau, h 70.S w Sih 
jH Shottler Jacob, eng M C Kv, h 30:i w .^tarket 
H Shreve BarziUa IS, R R fireman, b Farmers' Hotel 
^ Shreve Enuiiit L, b Farmers' Hotel 
, Shreve Marion E, prop Farmers' Hotel, h same 
^ Shroyer Emma, lanndress, b 025 Willard av 
[ij Shroyer Joseph, lab, h 625 Willard av 

Shuliz Bertha, knitter, b 915 Ohio 
rr-! Shultz Henry, lab, h 1017 w Boston 
^ »IIIII/rZ J UlSAKVr. Restaurant, Bakery and Con- 
n lectiouery, 213 Franklin, h 517 Pine 

P Shultz Rosa, wid Martin, h 915 Ohio 
CO Shultz Rudolph C, elk 409 Franklin, h 220 e Michicran 

Shumaker Fred, works car factnrv. h 120 e Detroit ° 
{}} Shure Albert J (Radtke & Shure)", h M(i e -'d 
^ Shure Frederick, h 810 e 2tl 
, Shure Herman L, switchman, h 810 e 2d 
[7 Shure Wm F, swiichman, h SIO e 2d 
Jj Shutoff Michael, tailor, b 502 Fianklin 
4_i Sieb Clara M, cashier, h 517 Spring 
-\ Sieb Elizabeth, wid Jacob, h 517 Snrinf 
^ Sieb Frank A, elk. h 524 Sprin- ° 

n cI""!' ^"r}^ ^^' S''°^'^'"' -'-^ ""'' '"-^ Franklin, h 510 Sprino- , 
M, Sieben George, finisher, h 1519 w Boston " 

Sieber J Wm, barber, b 219 Franklin 



" Old Line Drug Store." 


812 Main Street, La Porte. 



Sieher Nellie, wid Micliael, h 22.'4 Taylor 

Siebert Henry, ii «](> MaiilKitlun 

Siebei-t lieniian, liiii.sbe], h SOO e Hostoii 

Hiebert Win, lab, b Cloud, East Port 

Siegele Ausriist, b 112 w 4Ui 

Siegmann F Henry (Siogmann ct Kunkel), b 210 \v 4tb 

Siegmann & Kunkel (F Henry Sicgiualm and.Iulius Kunkel), 
agricultural implements, s w coj' 4tli and Wasbiugton 

Sieaniund Frank, bricklayer, b 'Mi Park 

Siegniund George, varnisber, b 312 P.ark 

iSiegmund Mary, wid Win, b :U2 Park 

Siemnund Minnie, opr, b 312 Park 

Siogmund Roljert, works cbair factory, b 312 Park 

Sieverl Cliarles, works car factory, b Sdli e Hostou 

Sievert Emma, works Amazon, b 3(1(1 e Hoston 

Sievort George, works ear factory, b 30(5 e Boston 

Siminiiton Josepb, woiks car sbops, b rear 117 Franklin 

Simons Henry, lab, b 1910 Franklin 

Simons Josepb, lab. b 1()(>6 Franklin 

Simons Mary, wid Jobn, b l(i()(; Franklin 

Simpson Estbcr A, dom 51S Pine 

Simpson Jobn, foreman, b 121 Stale road 

Sister M Boniface, directoress. Sisters of tbe Holy Cross Con- 
vent, b same 

Sisters of tbe Holy Cross Convent. Sister M Boniface direc- 
toress, s e cor Boston and liiili'alo 

•Sjabery Axel G, cabintmkr, b TKi Bristor 

Skack Sopbia, b 70'.t Bull'alo 

Skuedr Freilerick, finisber cbair work.s, b w 7tli 

Slick Elmer E, teacber, b 417 e Stb 

Slick Susan, wid Jobn, b 417 e Stb 

Slater Cbarles O, b 414 e 7tb 

Slater Delass N, b 414 e 7tb 

Slater Jobn H. lab, b 150(1 Franklin 

Slatlery Win J, guard, li i)01 Green 

Slunte Frederick, lab, b 1309 Pine 

Sly David, lab, b 717 Bolden, East Port 

Small Wm P. lab, li 204 w Micbigan 

■ Smelter Cbrist C, condr, b 423 e 8tb 

Smelter Fred J. car accountant M C Ry, b 423 e Stb 
Smelter Henry J, section band, b 423 e Stb 
Smelter Minnie, b 423 e Stb 
Smitb Anna E, b n s IM C K R s of Front 
Smitb Artbur A, reed worker, b 712 Manbattan 
: Smitb Cbarles A, macb, b 829 Wabaab 
Smitb Christian, lab, b 207 Willard av 
Smitb Cirony, lab, b rear 318 e Micbigan 

■ Smith Emma, dom lln e titb 





05 *i» 




' c 


J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Intt 

L. POLK & CO.'S 

R Smith Frauees, finislier. li East Port 
■.Smith George, hib, b 308 Piue 
H^ Smith George, mach hd, b 123 e Michigan 
[i]h israith George F. foreman, h 210 w 8lh 
a ^ Smith Hattie A, li 401 e Cth 

K] Smith Henry R, worlds car factor}', b S09 e Michigan 
r Smith Henrietta, h 319 e Boston 
^t^ Smith John, lab, h 1301 e Michigan 

mW Smith John li, lah, h 711 w 4th 

^•'U Smith Kittie, b 302 State 

Qb. Smith Laura A, h 210 w Sth 

12 fi Smith Melvin H, bai ber, b 213 Franklin 

^<ri Smith Mills H, barber, b 213 Franklin 

f),K ^iiiith Pearl P, blksmith, h 322 e Market 

><U Smith Peter, b 410 e 7th 

^|~} Smith Sophia, di'essaikr, 201 e Baltimore, h same 

Rrn Smith Stephen, works car factorv, h 300 e 2d 

[/][•-) Smith Wm, condr L E it W. b The Vreeiand Hotel 

,S< Smith Wrn J, guard, h 302 State 

mLj Smithendorf John, lab, h 21s e Baltimore 

"^ Smithendort Wm, lab, h 21S e Baltimore 

0^ Smoke Herman, works car factorv, li 713 York 

Snuuzer Albert, lab, h 1012 Franklin 

^ Smutzer Catherine, wid Fred, h 227 \v 4th 

Smutzer F'ratik, eng Monon, h 121 c Boslnn 

•-Q Smutzer Wm G, eng M C Hy, h 227 w 4th 

O Smyth Mattie. works laundrv, h 137J, Franklin 

^ Snay George II, lali. h 504 w"4th 

'i>- Suell Jennie, printer, b Ol'J Thurman av,- East Port 

r^ Snell Wm I!, lab, li CI',) Tliunnau av, East Port 

^ S,\0<>K JO.>ATIIA.\, Ins and Heal Estate, Pensiou 

r^ Business a Specialty, 1 13 e 4th, h 42G e 7th 

Ct Snyder Ellen, wid Fred F, h 220 w Boston 

, I Snyder Jennie M, wid John L, h 61. j Wabash 

Ci Snyder Nellie, boarding, 219 Franklin, h same 

O Snyder Robert B, chairrakr, h CIS Barker av. East Port 

C^ Snyder Sidney W, lab, h 218 w Market 

Soheikowski John, lab, h Cloud, East Port 

C Sonnenleiter Wm, lab, h 112 Francisco 

O Sopher Samuel, lab, h 202 Miller 

'y^ Horge August (Sorge Bros), h 321 Franklin 

rt Sorge Bros (August and George Sorge), barbers, 311 Franklia 

P_i Sorge George (Sorge Bros), h 224 w 4th 
Souers Emma, h n s M C R R s of Front 

£ Spading Frank, carp, b 910 Tennessee 
Spading Ida, dom 801 Franklin 

^ Spaeth Wm F (Miller & Spaeth), h 202 Main 

'^ Spahr August, h 427 e 9th 


^*:Mi.Ji'- ,.-sJi>^^ 

re Wlin ^a Porte, Ind. 


Sparling John, works car factory, li 43:2 e ^lichigan ^. 

Spatb Henry, molder, h 122 Franklin 

Spears Henry, lah, li 429 o Slh 

Speckien Eilward, lab. Ii cor 4lh and (Jtli O 

Speckien Frederick, b 709 Biill'alo 

Speckien Frederick jr, corcuikr, h 709 Biitlalo ^ 

Speckien Herman, lab, b 709 Biitfalo < 

Speckien John, wheehnkr, h 1012 Tennessee '~~ 

S|)cckien Wm, lab, li 112S w Boslou V 

Speckien Wni jr, lab, b 1128 w Boston | 

Spehalski Stella, dom Light House ^ 

Spencer Bcnj, works prison, b o24 w 7tli ~i 

Spencer Charles, foreman, h cor 10th and Douglas av Q) 

Spencer Charles, lab, h 1401 w Boston 

Spilman Clinton J. K R tireman, b 231 e Michigan Oq 

.««PIKO rUED, Dealer iu Liquors, California Wines, '^ 

Cigars and Tobacco, Jug and Bottle Trade for Family —^ 

U^e a Spccialtv, 41.1 Franklin, h 312 w Gth See adv \.J 

."«il»IISO I.^.VIIOICI': I, In.s, Real Estate and General Q 

Steamship Agt and Foreign Kxchange, 410 Franklin, h . 

308^ Fraiiklin See adv Iront cover 

Spiro Julius, hides, pelts and furs, oOS^ Franklin, h same > g 

Springer Charles, lab, h .518 e .^Iichigau a -- 

Springer Cordia E, works Amazon H Co. h 51 S o .Michigan ^ '^ 

Spychalski Anton, lab, h i:;03 Wabasli S- g 

Spyholsky Joseph, works car factory, h 502 Buffalo |- ^ 

Staedelmnan Win, blksmith, li (J03 w Boston _ g" 

Stahmer Johannes, works chair facloiy, b 1005 Washington 3 ^ 

Stahnier John, chairnikr, b 1005 Washington '" q- 

Staiger Emma, h (118 Franklin t? » 

Staiger George J, ningr, 400 Franklin, h 215 e 2d § -"^ 

Staiger Herman J, tinner. 409 Franklin, h 215 c 8tb ti P 

Staiger John F, elk, h 018 Franklin ^ S 

Staiger Mary, wid George (Staiger i^,: Klopsch), h 018 Frank- ^ ;i) 

lin rt- 3 

STAIftElt & litAtVSrn (Mrs Mary Staiger and Otto > B 

Klopsch). Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Paints, Oils, etc, ^ 5 

409 Franklin p ^ 

Stamni Bettie, seamstress, b 521 Rutlalo . P o 

Stanim Christian, carp, b 521 Bultalo ir] 

Stanard Paris, h 1109 Pine % B 

STA.MJAltD HOTEL Benjamin W Myers Prop, n w h ^rJ 

cor Jefferson and Indiana av 5' 3 

STAM>ARI> Oil. €0, Frank II Johnson Agt, cor 4th g o 

and Canal • ^• 

Standard Rattan Furniture Co (Jerome Burbank and Frank C. 

Freeland). 305 e Michigan g 

Standiford F Wilbur, r m s, b 424 e Michigan » 

nhprPPlVh X. Ilrnrild The Leading jewelers of La Porte county. 
UUDllDlbll X HI IIUIU, Well equipped to do all kinds of repair 
Cor. Main <fc Mich. Ave. work in a prompt and satisfactory manner 

112 R. h. POLK & CO.'S 

■jf Stangal Riulolpli, briL-klayer, h 122 e Warren 
o Stanley Nancy B, wid Sylvester, h 422 e Slh 

Stanton P^il^ar A, restaurant, e end 2il nr eity limits, h same 

< STAI5 VrtAU i.AUAIUSY, Wright & East Proprs, 
" ai IKi w Mic!ii<,^aM 

z "g Stark .When, lali, h 324 w 4tli 

.°- Stark Gustav, ehairmkr, h l.')04 Franklin 

^ 2 Stark Mary, dom Tlie Vreeland Hotel 

j;^ „- Stark Paulena, wid Cliristo[ilier. h 324 w 4lh 

«« "S STAMJIItiA' J(»ll,\ II. Foreman Michigan City Sash 
q: i and Door Co, h 702 w 8th 

£ "' Stearns Rupert H. plasterer, h 821 w Market 

_, I Stebhe Emil, dock wolloper, h 2(12 Plolliday 

g '-a Steele Martha, dom 716 Pine 

" E Stettens Rose, wid August, h 312 Park 

»- -a Sleil) Julia, dom Ilemterson House 

o a Stein Jacob, peddler, h lilf) w Gtli 

^ = Steindrager August, eng, h 218 w Baltimore 

o a Stciner Tlierese, h 201 e Boston 

>• ~ Steinheiser Wm, lab, h 60',( Pearl, East Port 

J a Sicinke Christopher, h 124 Porter 

5 * Steinkc Clara A, h 124 Porter 

Lj ^ Steinke FIdward C, works car factory, h 124 Porter 

^ " Steinke Robert H. molder, h 124 Porter 

< Htephan Gustav, works chair factory, h e s Monon Ry, s Liest 
uj iMnfg Co 

5 Stephenson Amanda, wid Charles, h 231 e 4th 

= Ste|.ihensou Arthur J, plumber, h 427 e 7th , 

Stephenson James C, target tender, h 221 Cedar 
" Stephenson Josephine, teacher, h 231 e 4th 
Q Stephenson Mary J, wid Menitt J, h 427 e 7th 

U Stephenson M Free, eng iM C Ry, h 50'.) e Slh ' 
Stern Tillie. h 417 Franklin 
^, Sterns Frederick, cashr 42'J Franklin, r 321 Franklin 
C?5 Sterns Jloses, di'y goods. 429 Franklin, b Hotel Vreeland 

Sterzing Amanda F, h 20'J Park 
^ Sterzing John C, carp, h 201) Park 
'^ Stetson John L, brakeman, h 220 Pine 

O Stevens Elizabeth I, housekpr 817 Franklin "T' 

(J"] Stevens Verbena, wid Wra, h 716 Washington * 

A Stevenson Edward C, bkkpr, b The Vreeland Hotel .; 

|j Stevenson Lizzie E h 406 Spring 'I 

K^ Stewart J Edward, carp, h 404^ Franklin ;| 

•^ Stewart Mary E, h 601 Fine ' . x 

Stewart Thomas K, lab, h 216 Spring • A 

^- Stibb Albert, helper, b 713 w 8th • .-^H 

K^ Stibb Gottlieb, carp, h 713 w 8th 
•'^ Sti))b Herman, lal), h 72.J w 8th '^ 



Stibb Louis, mach lul, b 713 w 8th ^~^ 

Stihb Robert, lab, li rear 713 w Sih Cj 

Stibb Tillie, b 713 w 8tli yy 

Sticker Anna, wid, b 72'.) e Michigan "^ 

Stifel Beruhard, h 423 e Otii ^ 

Stifl'el Jacob, works car factory, h 210 w Market ^ 

Stinohcomb Bert, tluisiier, h cor Wabash and w 8th \T\ 

Stipp, Joseph M, guard, h 402 w 8th i— ] 

Stoddard George A, R R lireman, r 124 Franklin ^ 

Stokoe Ashley M, grocer. 003 Franklin, h same CZ^ 

StoU Anna, dom, b 810 Kentucky rr\ 
StoU Jeremiah, police, h 945 w 7th 
Stoll Lizzie, b '.)45 w 7th 

Stopper Frank, lab, h 301 Cleveland av, East Port ^ 

Storer Isadore J, wid Ivor J, 1) 623 Pine ^ 

Storm Harriet JI, music teacher. 718 Franklin, h same " 

Storm Wm II, prison guar.l, h 718 Franklin ^> 

Stralo August, watchman, h 215 Wal)ash !_, 

Stratton Alfred, lab, h Washington Park addition \J 
Stratlon Emma, wid, li 420 e 4th 

Stratton Wm, lab, h 420 e 4th c 

Stratton Win J, fisherman, b rear 21S Spring S =" 

Streeley Albert, lab, h 114 Fogarty " ' g = 
Street Richard W, pres and treas Tecumseh Facing Jlills, h "^ S 

831 Pine > i" 

Striebel John A, tinner, h 317 w Market r; ^ 

Striebel Mary, wid Daniel, h 317 w Market z ^ 

Striggow Charles, tmstr, h 1001 Tennessee S^ 

Striggow Emma L, knitter, b 1001 Tennessee ^ > 

Striggow Frederick, seatmkr, h 1015 Tennessee ?--° 

Striggow Martha, mender, b 1001 Tennessee c« —_ 

Striggow Wm, tmstr, b 1001 Tennessee a " 

Strong Mervin C. mach lid, h 812 Buftalo -o = 
EXCHAi\C^E iTIli:), 705i Main, Chicago Oltice 1.5 

Rookery Building ' g- I 

Strutz John, h 101 Park --■ % 

Stryker Alfred D, chairmkr, h 825 Wabash r- p 

Sudrow August, lab, h 1009 Tennessee | g* 

Sudrow Edith, b 131G Elston oo S. 

Sudrow Henry, molder, h 1006 Elston g o 

Sudrow Ludwig, lab, h 131G Elston 7="" 

Sullivan Bridget, wid Jeremiah, h 308 w Boston r- |: 
Summit Refrigerator Mnfg Co (The), Robert Brinckmann ^ P 
pres, Cliarles A Blulim vice pres, Wm Brinckmann treas, % 

Henry H Bluhni sec, cor Market and Canal p C3 

Sundeen Frank, finisher, h 217 Barker av 5- — 

Sundeen Gottfried, chairmkr, 217 Barker av ?■ ^ 


O g 

MOORE & WEAVER, ^"-''^£e»t,^s, ooors. 

' Blinds, &c., 

Cor. Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

114 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Sundeen Oscar, plumber's apprentice, h 217 Barker av 
Sutton Lon, finisber, 1) 1147 w Boston 
Sutton Martha D, wid Robert, r SOS Franklin 
Sveoson Sopliia E, dom 722 Franklin 
Swain Edward, switclirnan, h 218 Pine 
Swain Eva, wid Alfred, h 214 Miller 
Swan Benjamin A, lal), h rear 131 Washinn;ton 
Swan Felix, mason, h rear 131 Washington 
^ Swanson Anna, dom G15 Pine 

ju g Swanson Anton, mason, h 114 Fulton 

a M Swanson Emil G, merchant tailor, 401 Franklin, b Vrceland 

d =3 Hotel 

j2 Ph Swanson John, lab, h 118 Fulton 
.■a Swanson MoUic, weaver, h 220 Barker av 

"0 pj Swanson Thomas, cainer, h w 7th 

M a Swauger Charles, lab, h Cloud. East Port 

^ > Swearinger Anna, opr, h 210A Spring 

g 2 Swearingen Bert, b rear 210 Spring 

j3 ^ Swedish Church, s w cor Franklin and Green 

^a Switzer George L, longshoreman, h ulO C 

2 o Switzer John, lab, h 1(318 Ohio 

.2 § Switzer AVm F Rev, pastor First M E Church, h 117 e 7th 

S O Talbot David E, barber, 129 Franklin, h 22(134 Franklin 
^ Talil'aro St George, barber, 218 Franklin, h 21S w 7th 

^ TAI.,l>.1i,i\ MABt\VI.\ F, Harness and Saddlery, 405 

LJ Fianklin, h 40(; Siinng See adv 

(^ Talniage Arthur, painter (J19 :Maiu, b 304 State 
Tanner Dexter W, elk, Ij e end 2d near citj- limits 
Tanner Lucinda, wid Peter, h Cloud, East Port 
Tanner Samuel M, tmstr. h 41(; Cleveland av, East Port 
Tapley Rebecca L, wid Wm H, h 415 Siiring 

> Tappan George C, pharmacist, 423 Franklin, h 224 w 7th 

^ Tappen Sylvester, harnessmkr, r GOl e Michigan 

M_] Targowski John, lab. h 409 Miller 

k— ; Taylor Frank J, yardmaster. h 509 ButTalo 

<=H Taylor John jr, real est, h 401 e 7th 

Q Taylor John sr, real est, h 303 e 2d 

I Taylor Joseph L, lab, h 218 e 4th y 

^ T.aylor Kate E, h 303 e 2d 

Q Taylor Louisa, wid Joseph, h 21 S e 4th 

i-H Taylor Samuel J, bkkpr, r 717 Washington 

)-U T.aylor Thomas,. cigarmkr, h 303 e 2d 

^ Teale Oliver, boilermkr, h 523 Wabash 

^ Tecumseh Facing Mills, Richard W Street pres and treas, 

1— • Wm G Kendrick sec, ortice at Prison 

<^ Tekner August, lab, h 1308 Elston 

Telfair Eugene, mach, h 1309 Franklin 
Temm Fred, h 119 e Baltimore 



Educate for business by taking a course in Book-keep- 
ing and Shorthand at the nnlCHICAN CITY BUSINESS 
COLLEGE. Write for terms. C. F. COMPTON, Presiden t. 


Tynd.ill IMiriam M, wid Anthony F, li 4-2 e 8tb 


Ubler Olga, works Amazon H Co, h Gil e Boston 

Ulli-ach Christian, lab, h 1213 Green 

Ulrich Henry, lab, h 1130 Manhattan 

Ulrich John, molder, b 905 Biiflalo 

Umlauf Frederick, saloon, 501 w Boston, h same 

Underwood Wm D, carp, h 721 w iSlh 

lIMOi\ CE^TKAL LIFE l.\S CO, Earl S 

Special atjt. La Porte 
United States Express Co, Edmuml M Bailey mngr, 

United States Life Saving Station. Ilenrv Finch capt, n e 

Harbor and Franklin 
Unrue Wm N. lab, h 509 Wabash 
Upthegrove Laf:)yette, railroader, h 420- e 7th 
Uibanus Catherine, wid Nichols, h 108 e Warren 
Urbanus Nicholas, painter, b 1410 Franklin 





VAIL AV.ALTEK, Vice Pres First National Band, h 801 

Valentine Clarance A, contractor, h 122 w Boeto!i 
Van Deusen Gerritl S, prop Michigan City Reed Chair Co, h 

402 Spring 
Van Dusen Joel, janitar, h 912 Pine 
Van Deusen Mary E. h 217 e 7th 
Van Deusen Sarah M, h 217e 7th 
YAi\DIJ.*iE,\ II A, Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, 507 

w Boston, h same 
Van Riper Alvin H, eng M C Rv, h 232 e 4th 
Van Wert Wm B, eng,'^h 310 w "Boston 
Veal Ben] F (Veal Bros), h 1210 Pine 
VEAL ItieOS (John K, Luther C and Benjamin F Veal), 

JInl'rs Reed Chairs, n w cor Spring and Wood 
Veal John K (Veal Bros), h 1210 Pine 
Veal Luther C (Veal Bros), h 1210 Pine 
Veal Peter W, h 1210 Pine 
Vehlen Anna E, bkkpr, h 404 e 6th 
Vehlen Dora E. cashier, h 404 g Glh 
Vehlen John, painting and decoratina:, 428 Franklin, h 404 e 

Vehlen Wm H, harnessmkr, b 813 e Michigan 
Vetterly Alexander, brakeman, b 118 Franklin 

T/.e BEST !>' THE MARlfBT la 

Harvest quIeeiM " floUr. 

J Street Milling Co., lOI J St., La Porte, Ina. 

IlS R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Vetterly John, brakemau, r 130 Frankliu 
Viatroski Fabian, lab, h 1805 Klston 
Vincent Percy, bartender 220 Franklin, b 113 e Micbi 
Virile Charles, lab, h Beldeu, East Port 


H ,s Vogeley Gustav, h G29 e Jlichigan 

^ ■ Vogelman Anna, wid Charles, h 813 e Michigan 
Vogler benjamin, bartender, b 201 w 4lh 
Vogt Thomas, carp, h 502 Buffalo 
mfl Voigt Alma, h 010 Pine 
U Voigt Fred W, h 616 Pine 

Voight Josie, dressrakr, 302 w 9tb, h same 
Volga Louis, fireman, b 410 w 8th 
Volga MoUie, wid John, h 410 w 8tb 
Ofh Volksdorph Joseph, lab, h lOS Hancock av 
ny Vollmar John Rev, pastor St Paul's Lutheran Church, h 818 
^H Franklin 

H rn Volstorf Charles, car inspector M C Ry, h 616 York 
Wq VOLTZ FKEDl!:itlCK W, Saloon, 1251 e Michigan, 

,Nj h same 

[i|y Voltz George, mach hd, b 226 w 8th 

^ Voltz Louis F, fireman, h 302 Pine 
(D Voltz Richard, saloon, 232 w 8th. h 228 w 8th 
Voltz Robert, painter, h Cleveland av, East Port 
^ Volvert Frank, lab. h 1011 w 7th 

^ Voss Anna I, wid Frederick C, h 501 e Sth 
"XJ Voss Anna I, dressmkr, h 605 e 10th 
O Voss Charles, eng, h 605 e 10th 
O Voss Charles, lab, h 70S Blake 
I^ Voss Charles, tmstr, h 224 Park 

^ Voss Christian, engr, h 515 w Sth ' 

-rt Voss Ernest F, carp, h 501 e Sth 
r:; Voss Frank L, h 501 e Sth 
Cj Voss Fred J, mach agt, h 605 e 10th 

, , Voss George, elk, h 605 e 10th 

Ci Voss Henrj', foreman, h 510 e 9th 
O Voss Henrv, lab, h 114 Union 
L> Voss John,' h 605 e 10th 

^ Voss John C, mach, h 511 w Sth 
C Voss Lizzie L, elk, h 511 w Sth 
O Voss Louise L, h 501 e Sth 
"t^ Voss Jlary, wid Charles, b 401 e 7lh 
03 Voss Minnie, wid John, h 224 Park 
P_, Voss Rica M, h 605 e 10th 

Voss Rudolph, elk, h 605 e lOih 

aVreeland Albert jr, h SOfi e Michigan 
Vreeland Albert T, h 306 e Michigan 
^ Vreeland Charles F Rev, pastor First Baptist Church, r 307 
'^ e 9th 


J. VENE DORLAND, successor to Geo. C. Dorland &, Son, Insurance 
and Real Estate Agent. Abstracts of Title, Deeds and Mortgages 


Vreeland Frank (Standard R F Co), h 30(5 e Michigan 
Vreeland Hotel (The), Harris & Thennes proprs, 2',iO and 222 


Waber Magdalena, wid Joseph, h 1015 Wabasli r>^ 

Waesse Julius, lab, h e of prison '^ 

Wagner Agnes, knitter, b 1509 Elstou |__j 

Wagner Bernhardt, works car frctory, b 120(3 Bufialo |i 

Wagner Carrie D, teacher, r 618 Pine H^ 

Wagner Charles, R R fireman, h 314 e 8th i__| 

Wagner Charles, tailor, h 402 C [^ 

Wagner Hattie, h 402 C l».^ 
Wagner Henry, lab, h 114 Union 
Wagner John" lab, h 1509 Elston 

Wagner Lizzie R, h 915 Franklin ^^ 

Wagner Pauline, knitter, b 1509 Elston (Jj 
Wagner Wm, foreman, h 402 C 
Wagoner Ena, dom 320 e 8th 
Wahlert Christian, lab, h 1107 Tennessee 

Wahlert Minnie, finisher, b 1107 Tennessee _,^ 

Waikentin Anna L, h 125 Franklin (j 

Waikentin Cora A, h 125 Franklin ~ 

Waikentin Dora M, h 125 Franklin (~\ 

Waikentin Henry, bakery, 125 Franklin, h same . 

Wainwright Richard (Gallaher k, Waiuwright), b The Vree- ~* 

land Hotel gj 
Waite Gilbert M, ticket and freight agt M C Ry, h 415>'^ =q 

Franklin £h 
Waite Harry I, transfer elk xM C freight office, b 415} h| 

Franklin si^ 

Walk Wm, b 416 e 7th «|p 

Walker Freeman H, inspector, li 228 w Boston 2°t3 

Walker Lottie A, h 228 w Bostim o |g 

Walkierz Fred E, painter, h 122 Pine * » ^ 

Walkierz RoUauder M, painter, b 122 Pine 5 f^ 

Wallace Perry J, brakeuian, b 118 Fianklin 3?fn 

Walles Charles F, carp, h 424 Pine u, i?f 

Walles John, h 42(j Pine 'Ltk 

Wallinger Stephen, lab, h 117 Dole " l^ 

Wallnitz Frederick, lab, h 1304 Manhattan ^^<* 

Walter Andrew, chairmkr, h 210 w Baltimore \ ^\ 

Walter Carrie, b 605 w 8lh ? i | 

Walter Charles, bridge tender, h 605 w 8th || 

Walter Fred A, works car factory, h 316 York ?^ 

Walter Frederick, lab, h 144 Francisco » 

o TTnnnld When looking for Wedding or other 
a nlLUIll, gifts, call on us. We have many beau- 
Cor. Main & Mich., Ave. titui articles in silver and fancy goods. 

120 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

2 t Walter Lucinda, elk, L 1312 Michigan av 

rt 5 Walters Charles H, wood carver, h 119 Franklin 

p <l) Walters Edward, lab, h 906 Green ' .' 

^2 Walters Elizabeth L, works Amazon H Co, b 605 Elston 

^ U Walters Frederick, h 201 Union 

■^ p Walters F'rederick jr, works car factory, h 201 Union 

C ^ Walters Louis F, cond, h 517 e Michigan 

° cfi Walters Louise, opr, h 201 Union 

^^ 2 Walters Richard F (R F Walters & Co), h 110 e Michigan 

Q f; Walters R F (fe Co (Richard F Walteis), upholstering and 

Q C second hand furniture, 110 e IMicbigan 

*3 2 Ward Benj A (D Napier & Co), and supt Michigan City Gas 

C ;^ Works, h 302 e 4th 

Q ^ Ward Douglas A, mach, h 125 e 4th 

•^ • Ward Seymour J, watches, clocks and iewelrv, 312 Franklin, h 

5;^ 2 818 Pine 

^ § Warkentin Edward L, elk, li 901 w 8th 

C -th Warner Aadie E, comp, h 128 w Boston 

"^ Warner Charles S, asst yardmaster 31 C Ry, h 210 w Mich- 
J ^ igan 

^ tj) Warner Clarence, tmstr, h Cleveland av, East Port 
^ B Warner Henry E, cond, b Farmers' Hotel 
*^ "3 Warner Judson R, foreman, h 128 w Boston 
? 5 Warner Wm M, h 213 Spring 
^ jYI Warren Libbie, h 1408 Franklin 
^ ^ Warren Wm H, wood turner, h 232 w 4th 
r Warren Wm W, mach hd, h 728 Washington 

Q Wascher Frederick W, works car factory, li 721 e ^Micliigan 
^ -. Wascher \Vm F, works car factory, h 721 e Michigan 
[^ Washington Robert, lab, h 217 w"2d 

Wasmund Augusta, works Amazon, h 206 Main 

yj Wasmund Christian, works car factory, h 206 Main 
"-O Wasmund Herman, works car fact 'ry, h 206 Main 
Wastman Charles, switchman, h 61 G Spring 

C" Waterhouse Isaac, M C Ry, b The Vreeland Hotel 

^ AVaugh James R, eng, b 118 Franklin 

U Wear George, brakeman, h 405 e Otii 

(/} Weaver George, switchman, h 412 C 
i-H Weaver John R (J R Weaver (k Co), h 120 e Michigan 
•H Weaver J R & Co (John R Weavei ), livery stable, 118 e Mich- 

Weaver Wm D, tinner, h 216 e Market 
y^ Weber Bertha R, stenog, h 126 w 6th 
Weber Charles, coremkr. b 812 Buffalo 

1 * Weber Christina, wid John, h 126 w Gtb 
r^ Weber Henry, lab, h 731 w 4th 

^ Weber Mary K, h 126 w 6th 

• Weber Sophia, wid John, h 805 Manhattan 


stop at Hotel Teegarden. Free 'Bus. First 
Class Accommodations. Good Sample 
Room. E. G. Short, Propr., La Porte. 




iDklin, h 908 Wash- 


'17 Spring 

Webster W Merrill, R R fireman, h 414 e 8tli 

Wediiian Augvist G, lab, h 1143 w 9th 

Wedow Minnie, wid Wm, b 214 e Baltimore 

"Weed Hattie, wid Edson, h 4i'G e Sth 

Weed Hattie C, stenog, h 420 e 8lh 

Weed Lewis H, section hand, h roar G14 e 2d 

WEEKLY HERALD (THE), La Porte Printin^ 

Pubs and Proprs, 702 ^Liin 
Weigel George, saloon, (i:U e Michigan, h 001 e Boston 
Weiler Albert C, bkkpr The Citizens' Bank, h 531 Frankl 
Weiler Fred, butcher, 1001 Franklin, h e Boston 
Weiler Jacob, b 531 Franklin 
Weiler Jacob jr, elk. b 312 w 9th 
Weiler Julia C, h 531 Fi'anklin 
AVeiler J George, boots and shoes, 9 

Weiler Louis J, boots and shoes, 41 
Weiler Nicholas, lab, h 111 Ford 
Weiler Rudolph H, wood carver, h 531 Franklin 
Weirs Sylvester, lab, h n 8 M C RR s of Front 
Weisbecker Anton, painter, h 319 w Warren 
Weisbecker Frank J, painter, h 319 w Warren 
Weisbecker Felix, painter, h 319 w Warien 
Weisbecker George, pressman The Dispatch, h 319 Warren 
Weiss Adolph, cabinetnikr, h cor Baltimore and Ohio 
Weiss Charles, lab, h 1109 Tennessee 
AVeiss Wni. h 80(3 Buflalo 
Wcjmers Hilda, dom (531 Washington 
AVelke Denigott, lab, h 122 State 
Weiler Hiram O. trav agt, h G25 Washington 
AVELLi^'ITZ OTTO A, Vienna Bakery and Confec 

tionery, 320 Franklin, h same 
Wells Christian D, lumber dealer, h 220 e 4th 
Wells Elbert C, R R fireman, h C07 Wabash 
Wells George, coachman The Mullen Hospital, h same 
AVelsch Mary, h 128 e Boston 
Wendl Fred C, elk, h 817 Ohio 
Wendt Frederick, engr, h 817 Ohio 
Wendt Henry C, eng water works, h C14 Buffalo 
Wendl Mary, wid Fred, h 809 e 2d 
Wendt Sophia, wid Henry, h 014 Buflalo 
Wenritz Richard, lab, h 535 w 4lh 
Wentzeis Wm, h 122 Union 
Werdien Charles, lab, h 117 Grant av 
Werdin David, lab, h 707 w 4ih 
Werdin Frederick, carp, h 709 w 4th 
Werdin Gottfried, lab, h 922 w Gtb 







p > 

a !z; 

o O 

P O 


iber, Coal, Lime, 
Cement, Sash, Doors, 

inds. &c. 
Corner Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

122 K. L. POI.K & CO.'S 

Werner Frank A. sec and Ireus Michit^'au City Fish Co, h 
Grand Rapids, Mich 

Werner Henrv, ■u-orks car factory, h 1424 e Michigan 

West John D, h 117 Cedar 
■^ a Westeruian Max, peddler, h 316 Pine 

^ £ Dorsey Mngr, 203 Franklin 

fcOT3 Westfahl Frederick, hostler, h 1101 Ohio 
-S 9 Westfahl Frederick jr. tinner, h 708 w Baltimore 
•§ >, Westman John, lab, h 213 Willard av 
3 ^ Westphal Anna, dressmkr, h 312 Boston 
E (D Westphal Charles, mach hd, b 408 Willard av 
"S ^ Westphal Charles N, fisherman, h 118 Union 
o a Westphal Christ E, plasterer, h 804 e Michigan 
§ 2 Westphal Christian, fisherman, h 120 Union 
O S Westphal Emma, works Amazon 11 Co, h 408 Willard av 
. 5 Westphal Ernest, hostler, b 123 e Michigan 
S) Z, Westphal Fred L, works car factory, h 216 e 9th 
.S d Westphal Frederick H, letter carrier, h 1(306 Elston 
^ '^ Westphal Henry, blksmith, h 212 Union 
(^ a Westphal Henry, works chair factory, h 113 w Warren 
g 'g Westphal Henry H, works car factory, h 312 Pearl 
O '^ Westphal Hoary J, cabinetmkr, h 601 e Boston 
"O jj Westi)hal Jasper, hostler, b 123 e Michigan 
03 ft Westphal Joacquam D, elk. h 109 w Williams 
S ^ Westphil John, lab, h 408 Willard av 
* . Westphal John F, works car factory, h 623 e 10th 
.^ "^ Westphal Joseph, lab, h 1416 Franklin 

^^ Westphal Louise, dom 1008 Franklin 
^ r. Westphal Minnie, wid John, b 638 Willard av 
O^ Westphal Sophia, wid, h 216 Union 
O^ Westphal Wm, saloon, 123 Franklin, h same 
^U Wheatbrook Wm, lab, b s s Greenwood av 1 e of Franklin 
°0 a Wheeler Albert S, train dept M C Ry, h 411 e 8th 
.v^ o5 Wheeler Arthur S, chief train despatcher M C Ry, h 411 e 
^.5? 8th 

UJ^ Wheeler Charles W (Davis & Wheeler), h 213 w Boston 
2 Wheeler Effie A, h 1203 Franklin 

Wheeler Judson O, saloon, 124 w 4th, h 1203 Franklin 
^' ■ Wheeler Omer A, lab, h 1107 Manhattan 
-J Wheeler Ora L, h 1203 Franklin 

O Whii>ple Fred S, train despatcher M C Rv, h 309 w Market 
X Whipple Wm, h 413Ji Franklin 
f- Whitby James, eng M C Ry, b 216 e Market 
^ White Lucy, h 213 Wabash 
^ White Orinda E, dressmkr, h 304 e 7th 
-l« White Silas S, nurseryman, h 123 e Michigan 
*^ White Wm, lake captain, b Henderson House 


MeissoBf's Pliarniacy, 820 Main 81, La Porte, 



White Wm, nurse Tlic Jlullen Hospital, h same J> 
Whitesell John W, lab. h Beldeu, East Port 
^VIHTIAG SA.nUEL €, Physician and Surgeon, 807 

Jefferson, h same (j 
Whitney A Edward, R R fireman, b 219 w 8th 

Whitney George B, mach, h 308 e Gth hh 

Wichman Sophia, wid Henr}', b 515 w 8th h-U 

Wickmeier Frederick, lab. k 108 Francisco M 

Wiederman Rose, opr, works T F Mills, b Franklin ^__ 

Wieding Frederick, junk dealer, h 317 Union ^ 

Wiegman Herman, chairmkr, b 223 Park 7^ 

Wiegman Ida, works Amazon H Co, h 223 Park ^ 

Wiegman Louise, wid Henrv, h 223 Park (j 

Wiegman Wm H, lab, b 22.3 Park <-r< 

Wider Fred, butcher, h 419 e 10th *-^ 

Wielir Nicholas, car repairer, h 111 w 4th ^^ 

Wienke Louis, lab, h 1109 Kentucky ^ 

Wiggins Eli J, carp, h e of prison 1— < 

Wilcox Edward. euL' xM C Ry. h US w 8th W 

Wilcox George W, bkkpr, b 118 e Sth H-^ 
Wilcox Grace, h 118 w 8th 

Wiley George E, guard, h 705 w Sth >>^ 

Williams Wm, h 502 e Sth 

Williamson Oenry C, supt car wniks, h 911 Kentucky 

Williameon Wm H, foreman, h 911 w Boston 

WiUits A Joy, h 802 Franklin 

Willits Charles C (C C WiUits & Co), h 802 Franklin 

Wilke Albert, carver, b 222 e Baltimore 

Wilke August, baker, b 114 e Michigan tn 

AVilke Fredericka, wid Charles, h 117 w 7th ^ 

Wilke Henry, lab, h 115 Francisco m 

Wilke John, works car factory, h 222 e Baltimore m 

Wilke Ricka, h 222 e Baltimore Z 

Wilke Wm W, works car factory, h 222 e Baltimore W D 

Wilker Andreas, lab, h 151 Francisco i (J) 

Wilkinson Cecelia, teacher, r 1002 Franklin I 

Will Charles, dock woUoper, h 310 w 4ih [ 

Will Charles, works car factory, h 514 e Boston I ^ 

Will Ernest W J, elk, h 814 M'ichisan CO 

Will Frederick, lab, h 819 Manhattan Z- 2 

Will Herman, works car factory, h 814 e Michi'jan — ^^ 

Will Louis, works car factory, "h 820 c Michiirau ^ f* 

Will Wra, lab, h 1406 Elston " f tP 

Will Wm, lab, h 218 WiUard av r * 
Williams Charles C, works Amazon H Co, li 512A Franklit 
AVilliams Georsre, stoker tras works, h 205 Franklin 

Williams Jennie, cook Henderson House, b same p 

C pi 

Williams Otis F, painter, h 404 Washington P 



Druggists, 0pp. Court House, 812 Main St., 
I Porte, Ind.. Dealers In Drugs, Chemicals, 
Patent Medicines, Wall Paper, &c. 

124 R. L. POLK & CO.'s 

'§" AVII.M'r.** C € A: CO (Charles C Willits), Druggists, 

>, .'jOI Frauklin See side lines 

J^ Willits Fred H, student, h S02 Frunklin 

AVillits Henry J, works car factory, li 802 Frankiin 

I^ Willson Arvilla T, wid Lewis, h 717 Washington 

-K Willson Frank H, teller Tl.e Citizens' Bank, h 717 Washing- 
r. ton 

o WIL.SO;^ lllIltFliT AV. Physician and Surgeon, Dis- 
^ eases of the Eye a Specialty, 423 Franklin, h same See 

fc; adv front cover 

^ Wilson John C, K R fireman, b 119 Franklin 

t: 2 Wilson Louis A, eng M C Ry, h 824 Cedar 

^ I Wilson Robert, lalj, I) 318 e Michigan 

►^ 1 Wilson Tlionias B. tmstr, h 210 C ^ 

^ I Wilson Tlioinas H, lab, h 102 State 

^ I Wilt Louis, driver, h GOO e 10th 

+j Wincirard Oscar H, tireman, h :AA e Sth 

^ g AVinegard Richard, switchtonder. h 421 Huron 

O j^ Wing Albeit J. varnislier, b cor Boston and Willard av 

c^ :^ Wing Harry, lab, b 90(5 Kentucky 

ft- ^•^ Wing Henry (Wing it Keppen), h 31 5A Chic.igo 

H S, Wing it Keppen (Henry Wing and Herman Iveppen), grocers, 

315 Chi 

fc "2 Wings Joseph (JergensA Wings), h 1111 Buffalo 

"^ rt Wings Josephine, wid Peter, h 1111 Burt'alo 

"^ '» Winnie Wm H, chief elk L N A & C, li 517 Pine 

K] ^ Winship Charles H, foreman, h 802 Pine 

is M Winship M Emma, L 802 Pine 

;a ^ Winstanley Thomas M, mnch. h 211 w 9ih 

Winstanley Wm, foreman, h 124 w 8th 

(J3 Winterbotham John H. h 701 Fnnklin 

*~p^ Winterbotham J H d: Sons, John G Moot vice pres and 1 
fj coopers, n of prison 

, ^ Wintlint Frank, works car factory, h 713 W.abash 

k^ Wirt Thomas S, foreman, h 214 4th 

p^ Wiseman ^lary, dom 817 F]-anklin 

^r-c. Wittchen Anton, lab, h w end of Green 

W Witte Amel E, lab, h 1302 Elston 

C3 Witte Christian, foreman, h 810 Tennessee 

PQ Witte Emil, painter, h 112 Homer 

Witte Ernest J, h 214 w Baltimore 

00 W'itte Frederick W, lab, b 214 w Baltimore 

Witte L Wm, works car factory, li 510 Buttalo 

J>-t Witte Wm, works car factory, h 214 w Baltimore 

-ctj Witte Wm F, switchman, h 110 e William 

f-y^ Wittenburg Louis, mach. h 817 Tennessee 


Witlman Joseph, b 1301 Manhattan 

Wiltman Stephen J (Wittman & Felten), h 1301 Manhattan 


A/'^n^ "nnrlnnrl General Insurance Agency. Rep- 

V Cllt; i^UI IclIlU, resent only the best Companies. 

La Porte, Ind. Fire, Life, Tornado and Accident. 



Zeese John, watchman, h SOS Tennessee (^ 

Zeese Wm S, h 515 w 8th 

Zehlrn Eva, wicl John, res Monon Ry s of Leist Mnfg Co 

Zehner James, h G18 Barker av, p:ast Port 

Zeidler Autonia, dom, 902 Washington 

Zellmer Tilla, b 1032 w Stti 

ZibiU Wm, lab, h nil Ohio 

Zieslie Gustav. lab, h 123 Cleveland av. East Port ZZ^ 

Zigler James, braljeman, b 230 Fi'anklin ^__^ 

Zigmantowski Joseph, lab. h 700 Dupage, East Port C^ 

Zismer Julius, h 1110 e iSIicliigan ^"^ 

Zorn Charles, supt Zorn's brewery, h 001 c 0th *~~J 

ZOKA' PlIlLir, Prop Zorn's Brewery, 110 York, h 601 (/> 

e 9th 
Zorn Robert, sec and treas Zorn's brewery, h GOl e 9th ^^ 

Zwahlen Charles, lab, h 209 Willard av 
Zweigart Conrad, h 201 w 4th 
Zylman Christian, finisher, h 1507 Pine 
Zylnian Henry, finisher, b w Sth 
Zylman Nicholas, lalj, h 1507 Piuc 


nhprrPlpll Xi Urnnld '" buying a watch or us you win get the 
UUCllDlull flniUUlU, benefitof a iongexperienceanahonesty 
Cor. Main & Mich., Ave. of purpose, in selecting the very best. 

L. POLK & CO.'S 










R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Michigan City Directory, 


Siegiiiann & Kiinkel, s w cor Itli 
ami Washington 

Kelsey Malconi, 308 Franklin 
Lay Jolui M, 114 e Mit'liisan 
Finn A Sons, 517 Franklin 
Sluiltz J Eniei^t, 213 Friinklin 
\Vaikentin Henrv, lif, Franklin 
■Wellnitz Otto A,"M20 Franklin 

Couinatzke Otto, 001 Franklin 
Frelise Bros, 114 w 4th 
Hamlin Xelson, 601 e Jliuhisan 
Hickman Fred McC, 911 Frank- 
Jloore David A, 12(J Franklin 
On- Ira S, 221 Franklin 
I'ri.'f diaries. 120 Franklin 
]{.idtke it Share. .")0."i Franklin 
Suriie Bro.s, 311 Franklin 
Talbot Davi.l E. 12;i Franklin 
Talil'aroSG, 218 Franklin 
(See also Horseslioers, also Car- 
riage and Wagon Mantis.) 
Hamilton & Hughes, 32S Frank- 
Jensen & Bennett, 117 e 4th 
Austin Ellie M, rear 117 Frank- 

Behan Maria M, 218 w 7th 
Carr Murv, 318 e Michigan 
Donlv Fannie J, 122 e 2d 
Eggi-rt .Mary, 702 Manhattan 
E-py ,r;u,e, 117 w Sth 
Fi.h Nellie, 2.30 Franklin 
Gutidiarlap Henrietta, 010 Chica- 
go av 
lllghfi.dil Clara, 123 e Michigan 
HoldcnMarv E, 210 e Market 
Lviuh III idgel, 2.31 e Michigan 
.Mc.\lill.-n Eilii, ,302 Pine 
-Muson .lanies II, 113 e Michigan 
NcNon Anna, 122 Franklin 
Sheridan Melissa, 127 e 4th 
Slioltz Anna, 010 Tennessee 
Siiydcr Nellie, 210 Franklin 


Laljadie Edwin (', n end Frank- 
lin, in park 

Dehre John, 007K e Michigan 
Tf-alloek & Peters, 421 Franklin 
Grischow F C &, Bro, 317 Frank- 
Hollinan John, 210 Fnnklin 
Paid John G, 404 Franklin 
Weiler J George, 913 Franklin 
Weiler Louis J, 412 Franklin 


Schewiak John, 412i.< Franklin 
Schneider Herman, 00,") KentucKy 

Seidlitz Ernest, 312;.< Eranklin 


G. SHORT, Propr. 




Zorn Pliilip, 110 Y.nk 
Oieen AlfreJ L, 41t) e Michigan 

Haskell A B:uker Car Co, w s 

Butlalo bet 8tU and Market 

Andrew George, 225 Cedar 
Johnson Henry J. 113 e Detroit 
Ohmig Wmsr, 120 e 7th 

Hendricks Gustav F, 913 Frank- 

Cordes Louis W. 324 Franklin 
Krueger Frederick, 328 Franklin 
Krueger Reinliard, 117 e 4ch 


Ford & Johnson Co, office at 

Hitchcock Chair Co, office at 


Fethke Chailes L, 125 e M 

Miller & Kemp, 121 e Michigan 

Rademacher Joseph, 901 Ken- 

Shroeder Frederick C, 114 e De- 

Wittmann & Felten, 311 Frank- 


Kimball Frank C, 225 Franklin 
Kinisey Wm T, 223 Franklin 
Mever Charles E, 207 Franklin 
Paid John C, 130 Franklin 
Wuenn Edward F,3073.i Franklin 


Birk Abraham, 322 Franklin 
Epstin Morris, 2U! Franklin 
Gregier Ferdinand, 22(1 Franklin 

Hansen Ni 



Kromshinsky Miohael,402 Frank- ^J 

lin CJ 

Lfevine Morris, 230 to 234 Frank- ,_. 

lin z; 

Moritz Henry, 417 Franklin ,__( 


Gla^eott John J. e end Market Hi 

Michigm Ci'y Lumber and Coal SJ 

Co. 131 Wnslungton ^ 

PAXTON >VM, 40'ie2d ^ 

Rawlings Wilbur L, 203 Frank- C__ 

lin IP 


(S'C also Miscellaneous Direc- y^ 

tory.) ^ 

Michigan City Business College, i-pi 

429)2 Franklin ^-l 


(See Bakers and Confectioners.) hH 

(See Carpenter:^, Contractors and 

Builders.) S - 


Winterbotham J II & Son?, 11 of rn S 

prison > »> 


Powell David, s s Greenwood av g ;= 

le of Franklin m ^ 


Baxter Walter W. 115 e 7th ' 2. 

Marr Robert A, 432 Fr^inklin ^ =: 

Schutt Minard A, 402 Franklin « ^ 


Aicher Berlha, 522 Franklin ^ 3 

Belz Marv A, 302 Miller % 3 

Blaisdell Irene, 732 Franklin ° S- 

Bluhm Emma, 217 e Sth ' <^ 

Clark Sarah, 417 e Michigan 5" " 

Clough Mary E, 721 e Micliigan = g" 

Glavke Emma. 415 w 9th _ g. 

HillJossie, 11« w2d ^o 

Homan Alda L, 422 e 8th g. c5" 

Hunziker Lizzie, 916 Washington - S 

Kemp Jlay E, 415 Wabash ^ 5- 

Krueger Slartha, 127 e Boston ^ = 

Mever Sisters, 510 Washington o 

Paeper Fieeda, 231 e Market ff :;• 

Rebelieii Bertha, 502 e 9th '_*< 
Smith Soplna, 201 e Baltimore' = ^ 
Trowbridge Jennie M, 125 e 4tli • 


' Blind's, &.C.,' 

Cor. Jackson &. Main Sts., La Porte. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

>> > 

.2 § 






Voight Josie, 309 w 9th 
Zeese Bertha, 803 Tennessee 


Godfrey W R & Son, .313 Frank- 
. Johnston Robert F, 413 Franklin 

2 KioepierOttoA, 408 Franklin 

AVILLITS C C & CO, 501 Frank- 

03 lin 

o Wooilson Win F, 331 Franklin 





■d Birk Abraham, 411 Franklin 

3 Carstens Bros, 323 and 325 Frank- 

Z lin 

Dabbert Charles A. 60-5 e Michi- 
Dabbert John C, 831 Franklin 
Flox Samuel, 431 Franklin 
Knaak Albert GOl w Boston 
Opperman & Krueger,321 Frank- 
Milspaugh Julia A, 715 Pine 
Paschack Bros, 1011 Franklin 
Pilcher Wm H, 405 Franklin 
Pitsch John C, 519 Franklin 
Shon Moses, G04 e Michigan 
Sterns Moses, 429 Franklin 

Rawson & Root Lumber Co, n 
enj Wabash 


American Express Co, 203 Frank- 

United States Express Co, 231 

Ileitschmidt August C, 314 e 

Earl Alfred F, 131 w Michigan 
Ilartke Wm G, 209 w 9th 
Oct Philip, 113 w4th 

Aicher & Son, 208 Franklin 
Bray & Boeckling, 217 Franklin 
Ott Philip, 118 w4th 
Sallwasser Henry B, 109-111 e 


(See also Clothing.) 
Bernard Simon, 401 Franklin 
Blue Job", 303 Franklin 
Hansen Nichola-'. 327 Franklin 
Meyer Charles E, 2U7 Franklin 
Moritz Henry, 417 Franklin 



Ashton Lyman B, 202 Franklin 
Boeckling John* Son, 70S Frank- 
Deining Nelson F, 1415 Franklin 
Deniing & Oliver, 215 Franklin 
Danker Christopher, 425 Frank- 

Duszynski Bros, s e cor Franklin 

and William 
Eastman Ed^vin R. 306 Franklin 
Eddy Burton H. 318 Franklin 
Evert Louis, 015 Franklin 
Finske John, 002 e Michigan 
Flemming& Heick, 315 Franklin 
Gielow Eros, 003 e Michigan 
Harbart Martin, 1402 Elston 
Holtz John C, s e cor Chicago 

and Elston 
Lambka Fre Iprick C, 401 w 8th 
Mark Joseph P, 1508 e Michigan 
Meese Wm, 909 Franklin 
Meyer & Kggert, 419 Franklin 
Mdler John D, 302 Chicago 
Opperniann Charles H.S29 Frank- 
Pinn & Sons, 517 Franklin 
Retseck Bros, 505 w Boston 
Rosenbaum Gustav, 1147 Mich- 
Sicb Louis H, 521-.'i23 Franklin 
Stokoe Ashley M, 6U3 Franklin 
Wing &, Keppen,315 Chicago 
Zahrndt Wm A, 302 w 8.h 


Eichstaedt Roman, 121 w Market 



B'lrtholomew & Co, 325 Franklin 
Davis A Wheeler, 415 Fninklin 
De Wolfe Joseph E, 227 Franklin 
Siaiger & Klopsch, 409 Franklin 
Cordes Louis W, 324 t ranklin 
Tallman Darwin F, 405 Franklin 


J. VENE DORLAND. successor to Geo. C. Dorland & Son, Insurance 
and Real Estate Agent. Abstracts of Title, Deeds and Mortgages 



Tecumseh Facing Mills, otlice at 

Bernard Simon, 401 Fr.anklin 
Hausen Nicholas, 327 Franklin 
Meyer Charles E. 207 Franklin 
Moritz Henry, 417 Franklin 

Spire Julius, 308)2 Franklin 
(See also Blacksmiths.) 
Hamilton & Hughes, 32S Frank- 


(See also Miscellaneous Direc- 



Washington Tel 2 


Farmers' Hotel, 431 Pine 

Henderson House, 418 and 420 

Vreeland Hotel (The), 220 and 
222 Franklin 

Howe Martin A, 202 e Michigan 


Breeee Wm H, 311 Franklin 
Gallaher & Wainwright, 224 

Orr Jared H. lOG Michigan 
Schwager Henry A, 307 Franklin 
Snook Jonathan, 113 e 4th 
Spiro Isadore I, 410 Franklin 

Dibble Ceph.-.s T, 224 Franklin 

Star Steam Laundry, 116\v Mich- 

Breeee Wni H, 311 Kranklin 
Collins C R A J B, n e cor Frank- 
lin and Michigan 
Gallaher & Wainwright, 224 

Orr Ja^ed H, 100 Mi'higan 
Tuthiil Harry B, 307 Franklin 

Rawlings WiUuir L, 203 Franklin 


Ea--! Alfred F, 131 w Michigan 
McNulty& Son, 114 e 4th 


Brown A H & Co, cor Band Mil- 
Colborn A R & Co, 232 e 2d 
Henry Albert J, cor B and Miller 
Michigan Citv Lumber and Coal 

Co, 131 Washington 
Rawson & Root Lumber Co, n 
end Wabash 



Cross Franklin A. 1212 Franklin 

Mammero & Son, 912 Franklin 


[See also Grocers.; 
Breen David F, 101 (-'hicago 
Briiickmann Wm E.COo Franklin 
Ebert Albert H, 214 Franklin 
Goerg it Krai, 302 Franklin 
Miller Wm,1001 Fianklin 
Miller & Spaeth, 607 e Michigan 
Vaiidusen H A, 507 w Boston 
[See also Clothing, also Tailors.] 
Blue Jolin, 303 Franklin 
(Jruiksbank Fran-> A, 131 Frank- 
Krentz Fred. 314 Franklin 
Swaiison Emil G, 401 Fianklin 
[See also Nurses.] 
Hoppo Caroline, 5i'8 Wabash 

Dutton I.innia, 406 Franklin 
Lachowski Henrietta, 312 Frank- 
Retseck Praxida, 903 Franklin 
Schoenemann Emma J, 525 




o 3.1 

ODerreiCtXIlrDOlfl. when ■ooMn^ for Wedd.„« or 

Cor. Main & Mich., Ave. 

gifts, call on us. We have many beau- 
tiful articles in silver and fancy goods. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 




















Kadow Wm, 140 State road 
Cook Albert, 801 Spring 
Doan O Lelia, 630 Pine 
]Meyer Dolly, 516 Washington 
Moran Anna E, H08 e Market 
Nafe Cora M, r n-431i„' Franklin 
Storm Harriet M, 718 Franklin 

Cole Nelson V, 403 Franklin 

Hartwell Ann C, 426 Franklin 

Kimsev Wni T. 2i3 Franklin 
Orr .laVt-d H, 10(i Michigan 
Tuthill Harry B, 307 Franklin 

Berglund Charles G, 319 Frank- 
Kimsey Wm T, 223 Franklin 
Long James R, 126 e Michigan 
Vehlen John, 428 Franklin 

Bartbolnmew & Co, 325 Franklin 
Davis Wm H, 415 Franklin 
De Wolfe Joseph E, 227 Frank- 
Staiger & Klopsch, 409 Franklin 

Johnson George II, 413)^ Frank- 
Long James R, 126 e Michigan 

HouBer Reuben C, 115 e Market 
Mygrants Alton S, 115 w Market 


Brown Darwin T, 115 w 8th 
Cole l-.zra Z, 118 e 6th 
Cowgill Nathan C. 115 Michigan 
Godfrey Walter R, 313 Franklin 
Hollowav Abraham L, s w cor 

Franklin and Market 
Ketclium Fred G, 118 e 6th 


'I he Mullen Hospital Tel 2, 

Residence No 8 
TiUotson it Blinks, n e cor 4th 

and Pine 
Todd T>avina, 406e Michigan 
>VILSO.\' 11 L'BEKT W, 423 Frank- 

(See also Musical Merchandise.) 
Barnes Albert O, 511 Franklin 
Rydell John, 422 Franklin 



Bartholomew & Co, 325 Franklin 

DOLAN THO.HAS -M, 301 Frank- 

Najiier D & Co, 112 e Michigaa 

Breece Wui II, 311 Franklin 
Leeds Waltc' O. 417 Spring 
Orr John S, 410 Franklin 
Snook Jonathan, 113 e 4tlt 
Spiro Isadore I, 4i0 Franklirt 
Tuthill Harry B, 307 Franklin 


Co-Operative Reed Chair Co, 117 

e William 
Maltby & Timm, 314 and 316 e 

Michigan City Keed Chair Co-, 

409 Pine 
Standard Rattan Furniture Co, 

305 e Michigan 
Veal Bros, n w cor Spring ana 



it Refrigerator Mnfg Co 
e), cor Market and Canal 


Jergens A Wings, 310 Franklin 


Hart Wm, 211 Franklin 
Schultz Matilda T. 119 Franklin 
Shultz J Ernest, 213 Franklin 
Stanton Edgar A, e end 2d nr 
city liuiitii 

- \: 


stop at Hotel Teegarden. Free 'Bus, First 
Class Accommodations. Good Sample 
Room. E. G. Short, Propr., La Porte. 



Schroeiler & Pike, n w cor 9th 

and KentiK-ky 

Bartholomew & Co, .'Jiio Franklin 

Behrens Daniel F, IIG e Michig:an 
Beigholtz & Bruemnier, 234 

Bout John. 1123 Michigan 
Bout John jr, 505 e 6th 
Breginski August, 906 Manhattan 
Burkhart Henry, 601 Franklin 
Cohn Samuel, 204 Franklin 
Condon Thomas E, 126 Franklin 
Daily George T, 117 l'"ranklin 
Debre John, 601 e Micliigan 
Dnszynski Bros, se cor Franklin 

and Williams 
Fkieckiger John, 201 w 4th 
Gabbert Henry, 122 Union 
Gnibba Michael, 111 e 4th 
Goodniann Frederick, 223 AVil- 

lard av 
Graesslo Adam, 304 Franklin 
Gratten thaler Bros, s w cor 

Franklin and Fulton 
Harris & Thennes, 220 Franklin 
Heise Frank, 117 e 2d 
Howard Charles A, 229 Franklin 
Hubbard Calvin B, 127 Franklin 
Kagels John C, 210 Franklin 
Knallar Louis, 501 Washington 
Krall August, 602 w 9th 
Krueger Fred W, 202 Ontario 
Kruyer Henry C, 201 Franklin 
Kuhs Charles, 427 Frcnklin 
KuU Gabriel, 407 Franklin 
Lahey Monis M, 1001 w 0th 
Levenduski Wm, lOO'J Franklin 
Lottes Joseph P, 309 Franklin 
Mathias Mathias, 416 Franklin 
Michaely Peter, cor Franklin and 

Miller Fritz C, 701 w 8th 
Pagels Henry H, .'507 Franklin 
Paul Gustav, 202 Chicago 
Rahe Wm, 124 Franklin 
Schlicker&Timm, 002 w Balti- 
Schlundt Louis, C16 w 9th 
Schramm Fred W. 209 Franklin 
Schultz Wm C, 117 e Michigan 
Sch wager Alexander C, 316 


Schwanke Peter, 327 Franklin 
Spiro Fred. 414 Franklin 
Turley & Henderson, 418 and 420 

Umlauf Frederick, 501 w Boston 
Weigel George. 631 e Michigan 
Westphal Wm, 123 Franklin 
Wheeler Judson, 124 w 4th 
Voltz Frederick W, 1251 e Mic!> 


LeistMnfgCo (The), w e Gar- 



Michigan City Sash and Door Co, 
212 to 232 e 2d 

Barnes Albert O, 511 Franklin 
Kydell John, 422 Franklin 


Deniing & Oliver, 215 Franklin 


Clouchek J F & Co, 702 e Michi- 



Debre Frederick, 1509 Franklin 


Central Union Telephone Co, 
203;2 Franklin 

Alexander A Co, 100 w Michigan 

Aicher & Son, 208 Franklin 
Walters R F & Co, 110 e Michi- 

BECKS JOHN, 205 Franklin 
Cole Nekon V, 403 Franklin 
Ward Seymour J, 312 Franklin 







td ^2: 

o O 

P O 


.^■^~y^v-\ y-^{^^^.^' 

MOORE & WEAVER, '■"'"^C^^m^|,?^S^^Th^'Doors. 
Corner Jackson & Main Sts ., La'Por^e. *'' 

134 K- L. POLK & CO/S^ 

M 0^ 



206 Franklin Street, 


a ■§ Oldest and Best Daily in the County. 


■m \ (WEEKUV.) 



^ Price $2.00 per year. Francis & Faulknor, Proprietors 




O-^ Fine Job Printing of all Description at Reason- 
Q able Rates. 

•X, ' ' 


q: /b =^? 

^/AriA "Dr\rlanrl General Insurance Agency. Rep- 

. V cue J-ZUliailU, resent only the best Companies. 

La Porte, Ind. Fire, Life, Tornado and Accident. 





THE XjTL :poi?.te 








Subscription $5 

.00 ])er year. Single 

Copies 2 cents. 

Tlie most popular Daily and best Advertising s. 
,;■■, ;■ Medium in the City. . ^ > 


n. -n 

f i' 
Established 1877. henry goodman. Editor. |- 

Subscription S2.00 per year. ^2, 

«. o 

The Best German "Weekly published in Northern g | 
Indiana. " co 



The only praotloal Bnslneaa and Shorfhand School in 

jvorthern 7nd/«na-The Michigan City Business College 

C. F. COMPTON, President. 








Johnson F, blksmith 

E R Jolin^on. poitnuister 

Keii J T, morcliant 

UrinkS C. artist 

Ki-il Otto, butcher 

Dalrtrom Heni)-, carp 

Keltner Emil, contractor 


Evans I N, justice ot tlie peace 

Kern I P. tu str 

Fitzpatrick IIoiDer 
IliSsiiiS"' B, nieicliatit 

Kern S P, tnistr 
I.awler Albert, carp 


.lOH.VSON h K, Postmaster, also 

I.ewis J 0, station .-Kt 

Xctarv Public 

McMahon Michael, lab 


Keith D T, stock dealer 

Marks August 

Kiinb:il George, teaelier 

Mettz Andrew, lab 

I.andon Lerov, teacher 

Mill- Charles, lab 

McLellan A T, s'ock dealer 

Mills \Vu],carp 


McLelhiM W F. iiinfr 

MoMtliai August, 1 di 


retersoii Glaus, shoenikr 

Moore A, Id) 


Petersou Gustav, blksuiith 

Moore M \V, lab 


White Charles, sexton 

Murten Asa, hardware, c'tc 


Ording J C, blksmith 



Oiton B B, peddler 
Patrick E I-, elk 


Anderson H A, lab 

Rned August, lab 


Appleg^teG \Y, tel opr 

Richardson Thomas, tm«tr 


Barker Richard, lab 

Riiple Lincoln, butteruikr 


Iierrid»e James, lali 

Stliroeder H, gardener 


Blacknian H, lab 

Sears Geortre, tmstr 


Boyd Thomas, blksmith 

Selbv Jo-eph, lab 


Brazick .John, lab 

Sergeant John, lab 


Bryan E, carp 

Sergeant Jliclinel, lab 

Bunnell C D, tol opr 

Smith A M, phvsician 

IJUSNELL E a, Justice of the 

Snyder Peter, lab 

Chambers Charles, lab 

Sollun F, station agt 
Stark F, s,M-ti.>u boss 

<.:hambers Edward, lab 

Steele Jam.s, lab 

Oluiniberb James, lab 

Stuck .lacob, lab 


Denni-on G H, merchant 

Stuck CliHiles, lab 

S z 

l>ennison G S, merchant 

Walliurn W S, elk 


Fox Peter, harnessmkr 

Wrlliiian Ira, lal) 

=. T] 

Gibson Tlionias, elk 

Wells James, section boss 

B [T] 

Gibbons D, caip 

West E P, lab 


Gilliiinj; Edward, lab 

W,.-t Jeremiah, lab 

GolV Albian, com merchant 

W,.st Jesse, lab 

Grieger E, saloon 

Wen W II, farmer 

Griesier G H, merclumt 

Wills Charles, teacher 

Grieger ^\'m, merchant 

Wills David, m. reliant 


Grievauk L, car inspector 

Wilson Cornelius, potter 

Haley W J, station agt 

Yarger P, lab 


Iluuibke A F, car inspector 

Z.acker Ilenrv, wagonmkr 

Use " HARVEST QUEEN ' Flour. 

J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind. 

1 38 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 



Wills H 
Wilson S 

L A Foster, postmaster 

Arents H 
Kanghart H 


Barns A J 

Dr W AV Wilcox, postmaster 


1)|{ W W AVILCOX, Drn^gist, 

Beement Ilirnni 

an(I(;roct'r Carries a full Line 


ul' L)riit.'s, Stiiple ami Fancy 

Bell Win 

Groceiie, Kin>;sbury, Iiul 


Beinan J C 

Atkins Jerome, farmer 

Colma.i J 

Baker Wm, farmer 


Paris A C 

Bcrriilge Josepli, fanner 

FOSTER L A, Postmaster 

Block F, farme. 

Foster S 

Bluhm F, blk^mith 

Fiek Charles 

Boelton C, miller 

Fink Vine 

B.and C, thresher 

Francis S 
Godlrey W 
Hack J 

Carruth J K, carp 
(-•laytun C, miiler 
Clo---en Lincoln. f.irmer 

llatlieia J 
llattiehl Wm 

Clu-.~er Bro-, gen ftore 


lUckiiiaii A A 

'-'1 .lit ( lcc)i"c,' farmer 


llockman Benj F 
llccknian D L 

«ia!t ,lud-un, farmer 
KllMvuith lir, phv^iciaa 



K Isworth 11 P. 

llein A 

Garwood Edwa d, fanner 

Jlelniick D S 

<;cer Albert, furnier 

ll.'linick J 

Geer Mary, wid 


Hehnick () 

Gilsou Charles, shoemkr 


lle~s I> M 

Ginthcr F, lab 


lliley Wrislit 

Gintlier F, farmer 


Ilolconib J 11 

(liuvrr I) r, tliresher 

llornei- M 

|li.,i,i.| 1 i:iiiii'l, lab 


]Iornei- V 
iUullon J 

IlI.UMi'n j'w'''tim',er 

r— 1 

lUige F 

llizen Jos. ph, lab 



Ilizer Nicholas, barber 


Hunt J F 

JlizerT, lab 

.TriCnhs F 

Ingram C, blksmith 

»— ; 

Kecl'.-r 11 

.Farrctt Xewton, tmstr 



Keithline C, farmer 

:Mais Mary 

Keithline II, farmer 

Mais Sarah 

Keithline W, farmer 

,AIiU'tin Cliarles 

K'l'lloi''^ C, farmer 


:.Lartin J C 

Kline Wm, farmer 


:Martin J F 
Mathews Cieorge 

Lyl)iook Ah.nzo, eng 
I>vl>rook J;icob, carp 


Seward T I. 

McCormic Hiram, farmer 


Slieail George 

:\lclvenzie C, farmer 


Smith E V 

3Hller Charles, farmer 

Smith T E 

Morton Howell, farmer 


Spery Robert 

Xurdyke Benjamin, farmer 

Stoner T 

Xortham A M, farmer 

Tailor J 

Ormsby Morris, blksmith 


Parker Albert, lab 

Wells E R 

Phillips Charles, lab 



""'" .„.,J 

Meissner's Pliarniacii, 820 Main 8t,, La Porte, 




riorce P, lab 

Pippeiiger C, thresher 

PoMseiti Win, farmer 

Pratt George, farmer 

Quigley, lab 

Quigley Thomns, farmer 

Eandail R, farmer 

Redelbach E, painter 

■Scott Wm, painter ■ 

Sliaw Daniel, ju^^tice of the peace 

ShoUee F, fanner 

Steigely Wm, miller 

Stone Wni, carp 

Travis Adam, farmer 

Travis E, farmer 

Travis Frank, farmer 

Travis George, farmer 

Travis Noah, farmer 

Travis VV S, farmer 

Travis \V W, farmer 

Ulkim H, farmer 

Wade Curtiss, farmer 

Weiller George, lab 

White P D, stHtion agt 

White Robert, farmer 

IVILCOX W W l>K. Postmaster, 

Druggist and Grocer 
Wineholt II, farmer 
Winchell Jones, farmer 
Young John gunsmith 
Zony W C, lab 
Zarr Adam, Uh 


La Crosse is situated at the junc- 
tion of the L N A & C and P C 
C & Lt L Rys, Adams Ex ami 
W U Tfl. Wanatah the nearest 
bank, Sarah O'Coniiell Post- 
master Population 50 

Adams Hubert, farmer 

Adams John, farmer 

Adams Orville, fai mer 

Anderson Adolph, pumper 

Beesler Henry, si ction hd 

■Campbell Margaret 

Carroll Fred, tel opr 

Clausen Charles, farmer 

Coleman Austin B, station agt P 
C C & St L 

Craig Jiihn, section foremaa 

Davis Charles, biggasrenian 

Dewey Catharine, wid Luke 

Dewey Ella 

Dykenian Floyd, car inspector 

Colaski Wm, section hd 

Hunclieion Patrick, farmer 
Huncheion Richard, farmer 
Katael Wm, farmer 
Kilander Elmer, tel opr 
King James, farmer 
King Wm, farmer 
Klott Robert, farmer 
Klott Rudolph, farmer 
Knull Wm, car Inspector 
Littman Chri.-:tian, section hd 
Long James S, farmer 
Xet/el Giistav, section foreman 
master, Cigars, Tobacco and 
O'Reilly James, farmer 
Pankonie Charles, section hd 
Peterson Peter, section lid 
Redmond Wm, seetinn hd 
Reece Frank, bill elk 
Rosebaum Gu.-tav, .-eciion hd 
Rosenbauni Einil. f firmer 
Rosenbaum Gustav H, tarmer 
Ro.-^enbaum Hannah 
Rosenbaum llatiie 
Rosenbaum John, .section hd 
Rosenbaum Wm M, farmer 
Schimmel Michael, hotel 
Smith Joseph, section hd 
Sonimers Wm, section foreman 
Snnneburv Amelia 
Stowell Wm, farmer 
Trinoski Joseph, section hd 
Trinoski Max, section foreman 
Wiley Otis W, station agt C & W 


On the L E & W R R, 5 miles s e 
of La Porte, the county seat and 
nearest bank; L S Fitch Post- 

FITCH L S, Postmaster, also 
Importer and Breeder of Clydes- 
dales English Shires and Cleve- 
land Bay Horses 









Andreshock ,Inhn, lab 
Andre^hock Wm, lab 
Badur Fiank, saloon 
Baird C, tel opr 
Barnes J, merchant 
Betz F R, hlksmith 
I'avis J L, teacher 



Druggists, 0pp. Court House, 812 Main St., 
Porte, Ind., Dealers in Drugs, Ciiemicals, 
Patent Medicines, Wall Paper. &,c. 


R. L. POLK & CO.' 




















Davis S S, merchant 
Dear J, eng 

Faiish A, section foreman 
Knpp D, baKgaijeman 
Kriesll Wm, liotel 
Kruni C, lab 
Lockj'er D, physician 
Mever A, farriier 
Miflei-M. lab 
Ohinslvi Joseph, lab 
Kejjlien C, lab 
Eeglien Wm, inercliant 
Schlecte Rev F W 
Seberger F. lab 
Seberger 31. merchant 
.Shear Loui<, lab 
.Shil-ko-ki J, iab 
.Smith .los'ph, lab 
.Snick F, lab 

Snyiler Edward, niercliant 
.Snyder Win 
Storiner C, fanner 
.Stornier John, lab 
Wiegner George, agt 
Wiegner ^Vm, elk 

K(»i.Li.\(>; ruAiitiE. 

John A Noble, postmaster 

Ackley John, lab 

Ackley John Wni jr, l.ab 

Ackley Wm, lab 

Adain^ E R, merchant 

Anderson S W, lab 

Balsten Kate, dressmkr 

Beil Benjamin, farmer 

Beil Daniel, farmer 

Beil James, lab 

Bennett (; C, shoomkr 

Bohrer diaries, sec loreman 

Breese George, lab 

Brown O H Kev, pastor Christian 

Brown George, lab 
Buck Mihlon A, postal elk 
Conner C VV, farmer 
Crouch Norman, barber 
Davis James, lab 
Dewitt Vernoii, lab 
Edwards S B, trastr 
Eishelbauin P W, station agt 
Fernun Charles, farmer 
Fomler John, farmer 
Fomler Wm, lab 
Freese C H, harness, etc 
Freese John, harnessmkr 
Fuller Carl, teacher 
Fuller W W, county assessor 

George Francis, farmer 
George Monroe, farmer 
George Wm, lab 
Giltin Abner, agt 
Gotl'ey Wm, music teacher 
Goodman D S, mail me-s 
Gioiie Jacob, f.irmer 
liatman Edward, barber 
Hatrield Amy, dressmkr 
llntlield Barnett, news agt 
Jlatlield Joliii, lab 
llatlield Noah, lab 
llecker Wm II, farmer 
Hickman Joseph L, lab 
llutiuian David, farmer 
Hull Junes, lab 
llu. tMiiaii B F, fanner 










U i, 




■Se. 1 





-, til 




s i- 



. N 



1 J 





Lome Jacob. 1 .b 

Liidke August, lab 

.\Ic-Carty B F, blksmith 

McCarty C W, f niier 

-McCarty .\1 F. lilhsmith 

-Mc Carty S C. butcher 

McDaniel Wm, lab 

Markham B O, elk 

Martin K, painter 

Mell J J, lab 

.Mertin J S, physician 

Millei- Joseph, farmer 

NAI5LK JOHN A, Postm.aster 
and General .S;ore 

>'OBl E JO.NH A, Denier in Dry 
(i'lods, Groceries, Hafs, Caps, 
Boots, Shoes, Cigars, Tobacco 
and Gents FurnishiiiK Goods 
'J'lie highest market price paitl 
for country produce, Rolling 
I'rai' ie, Ind See adv 

Ott George, lab 

Ott Joseph, lab 

Partridge Frank, lab 

Poniell J, merchant 

Powell George, harnessmkr 

Prentice O L Rev, paster Presby- 
terian church 

Provalt J.lab 

Pronalt Wm, lab 

Reese Charles, carp 

Reese E E, hardware 

Reese Henry, carp 

Reese Wm, hardware 

Educate for business by taking a course in Book-keep- 
ing and Shorthand at the ivilCHICAN CITY BUSINESS 
COLLEGE. Write for terms. C. F. COMPT ON, President. 


Kienkie C, miller 

Kootes Benjiuiiin, lab 

Rootes George, fireman 

Koots J C, saloon 

Salisbury BenJHmin 

Saunders R H Rev, pastor M E 

Shuffer J R, tel opr 
Sharpies P D, dniggist 
Shultz I) C, ialooii 
Shultz F J. blksuiith 
Stevens Orrin, lab 
Stevens Wm, supnrvisor 
Stewart O F, painter 
Stinehcomb Stei)hen, lab 
SMnehcomh W, lab 
Strutz John, tiiilk-r 
Strutz Wm, miller 
'I' Abraham, lab 
Tisdel Charles, lab 
Tomner Chester, farmer 
Vaiisrieson C, tnjstr 
Vangieson C Mrs, dressmkr 
Walt M C, postal elk 
"Wanboyh J A, agr imps 
■Wells C W, mason 
Wilson John, lab 
"Wilson J D, section foreman 
Wilson J W, h.b 
Wilson Robert, lab 
Wilson W B, physician 
AV'oodward John, lab 
AVorden Charles, teacher 
Worden II B, cirp 
"Wordcn Wint, teacher 


Allison Frank, tel opr 
Baiiey Aaron, t'-acher 
Baitz Wm, section hand 
Bear Georire, farmer 
Bolter A II, miller 
Buntoii H^imiiton, saloon 
Burnefe Wm, lab 
Cain Wm, sec hand 
Chart Warren, lab 
Culp Henry, lab 
Draves August, car repairer 
D raves Wm, sec boss 
Gilrov Pi.ilip,lab 
Ilagen Wm. butcher 
Hawkins Charles, sec boss 
Heraan John, hotel 
Kelley James, saloon 
Kincaid Robert, lab 
Kissell James, lab 

Kneislcv George, lab 
Leain Frank, butch, r 
l.tisbv Jamns, fanner 
Mc(V.ol Walter, teacher 
McMann John, lab 
Mann J.icper. salo-n 
Monical Elisha, section hand 
Morriral t)-ca'-, section liand 
Fho Mirtin,lab 
(^liiiley Andrew, shoemkr 
(Jiiirin Tbomas, section boss 
lieilley 'J'ncmias, saloon 
Sent John, section band 
Taylor Frank, irrocer 


Ellis J A, lab 

(ioodall C K, genera! store 

Hay S S. farmer 

Lucas Irwin, firmer 

Lvborgnr Xeal, lab 

McDonald Wm L, elk 

MANN THOMAS E, farmer 

Mill.-.- JmIiu. lab 

S.-liMtlc; L, lab 

S<-liol)' P J, farmer 

Troy Wm, lab 

I.MOA ,11 ILLS. 

11 L I.oomis, postmaster 
Anderson Abraham, section fore- 
Bailey Jo'eph, boots and shoes 
Barney John, section foreman 
Beahm John, watches, clocks, etc 
Beahm Otis, live'yman 
Bennett R X, attorney at law 
Blodgett C B, saloon 
Booth U S, carp 
Carjienter E A. barber 
Clark E C, hardware 
Freeman F A. ex agt 
Freem-in R L F, restaurant 
Gray ,1 M, agt and tel opr 
Hense Ruilolpli, butcher 
Higlpy O G. carp 
Ho-fm-d <4 F Rev, pastor Metlio- 

di-t thurch 
Huttun 'i'liomas, blksmith 
Jobn»on Isaac, constable 
Kingsburg F O, principal public 







=;■ P 


Harvest qUeen »» floUr. 

J Street Milling Co , 101 J St., La Porte, Ina. 


Ijo^iiii A F, justice of ibe pence 
LOOMIS H L, Druggist iiml Fost- 

McLiiue Cr L & Co, grain dealers 
Mi'Ijaiie T M, tou-iiship trustee 
Miller J II, hotel 
Xieiikirk J \V. physician 
Katts C '!', butter niufr 
Schweitzer J G, furniture 
Short K B, pliysicinn 
Smith S E Rev, pastor Presby- 

teriHn Church 


n b. Swift T Vv'f'co, merchants 
r] H 'I'cenle & Looniis, Hour mill 

^<! - ■ 



J »;ii'y Carl, miller 
Wellcome G T Rev, pastor Ad- 
vent Church 
Zeigler J E jr, drayman 






Is situated at the Junction of the 
L N A A C and V Ft AV A C 
Rys American and Adam? 
Express, W U Tel Valnarai- 
son the nearest liink I'o|iu- 
iHtion 400 Wm P Varger Post- 
Abraham Theodore, carp 
Atwater Anna, editor Wanatah 

Atwater Louis F, editor Wanatah 

Bailey Oliver B, com merchant 
Balitz Gnsrav H, general store 
Belilltz Charles, s^-ctiun hd 
Jioohlke Julius E, furniture 
Bottcher Frederick 
Brauier Charles, saloon 
Breiiinier "'red, section hd 
Brettin Ferdinand, llagman 
Brodda Valentine, section hd 
Buslmell Frank, hlksmitli 
COMTZ JULIUS (Conitz & Dol- 
C-u 17. et Dfdman (Julius Conitz 
and Edward Dolnian), Hour 

Dereck Andrew, grocer 

Dereck Bertha L 

Doede Julius, section hd 

liolman Edward (t^onitz & Dol- 

Doyle Gabriel, brirber 

Eaton Jacob A (Eaton & Fuden- 

Eaton i& Fukenski (Jacob A Ea- 
ton and Peter Fukenski), gro- 

Eckort Charles, blksmitliand agr 

Eckert Herman (Eckert and 

Eckert it Hammersly (Herman 
Eckert and Jabez Hammersly), 

Etter Wm, station agt P F W 

& C 
Fisher Wyman H, physician 
Fredrich Gottlieb, section hd 
Fudenski Felix, elk 
Fudenski John P. elk 
Fudenski Peter (Eaton & Fude- 

Gabbe t August, section hd 
GMlert Alice 
Gallert Anieda, saloon 
Gallert Robert, lab 
Greiger Augu-t, grain buyer 
Greiger Emma 
Greiger Frederick, saloon 
Gross Frank 
Gross Paulina, hotel 
Groth Isabelle, dry goods 
Groth Margaret, cik 
Groth Otto G, elk 
Gruse Alexander, flagman 
Gruse Joseph, lab 
Giuse Romari, elk 
Gunder Wtn. watches and jewelry 
Gutrosky Wm, famier 
llartwig Frederick, car repairer 
Haininersly Jabez (Eckert & 

Hehbe Gottlieb, sec foreman 
Henuing Ernest J (Julius Hen- 

ning it Son; 
Henniiig Honea 
Hetming Julius (Julius Ileniiing 

tt Son) 
Henning Julius & Son (Julius 

and Ernest J Henning) meat 

Higgins James H. sia agt.L N A 

Lt C 

Hiiitz John, s c hd 

Hohlerman Sherman J ( P Schlas- 

ser & <Jo) 
Ho' lands w.-rth George, blksmitli 
KaleUki Adolph. -hoemkr 
Kalii'S U'm, wagonmkr 
Kintter Ausrust, sec li<l 
Leming Daniel H, carp 


M/^^iccnpr'c PViirmnr^' Our Motto: Purity in Medi- 
eibbner b l Ildl UUIL)^, cines and scrupulous care 

820 Main Street, La Porte. 

In Compounding. 


Lentz John 
JAittz Herman, sec lid 
Liming Fi-eil, lab 
:\IcCm-(ly J M, siock buyer 
:Maim Charles W, sec bd . 
n^nn Frederick, saloon 
Mann Henry J, bartender 
]\Iarks Albertina, milliner 
JIatthews Wm, bartender 
Mitzner Edward, hardware 
JMitzner Minide, boai-ding 
.Mitzner Paul II. siloon 
"Mitzner Rosa, boardini; 
Kehiner Micb.iel, sec lid 
ONborn Clarence K, livery and 

feed stable 
Ruserdiaum Julius, sec foreman 
Saabafar .Michael, blksmitb 
Schlo^ser Gustav (1* Sclilosser & 

t^chlosser P & Co (rhilip and 
Gn>tav Sclilosser and bberman 
J ll.dderman), jrcn store 
Schlosser rnilip (i* Sclilosser & 

iScliniidt Julius, lianiess and sad- 
Scbuliz August Kev, pastor 

Evangelical Chdrch 
bcluilz Kciiihard, tinner 
Se!;esnnind .Vugust, sec hd 
Sliolsser I'hilii). creamery 
Sliuiik Domiiiick Kev, pastor 

Catholic Churcli 

Terry John J (Terry & Wilson) 

Terry tt Wilson (Juhn J Terry 

and Thomas B \Vi son), meat 


Wanatah News, Louis and Anna 

Atwatcr editors and proprs 
Wegner Bernhardt, si-c hd 
Weisjahn John G (Wei-jahn & 

Weisjahn & Wojalin (J.>hn G 
Wei^iahn and Herman G Wo- 
jahn), druggists and grocers 
"\\ ilson Thomas B (Terry and 

■\Voetniann Michael, sec hd 
Wojahn Gottlieb 
Wojahn Herman G (Weisjahn & 

Yarger Wm P, postmaster 
Zabel Fred, farmer 


Adauison Thomas, sec hd 

BettsF, elk 

lirnwer Wm A (Brewer & White) 


Brewer and George A White), 
iJealers in Groceries, Dry 
Goods, Hardwaie, etc 
Freese August, section hd 
Frost Albert, .section hd 
Godlesi-y Louis, sectiori hd 
Good H, ngt B it O Ry 
Graw llenrv, car repai:er 
Graw Joseph, se. ti.m hd 
Hootz C, section foreman 
James X, targetniaii 
Jolly Wm,s;ii<ion 
Mayer John, hotel 
Miller G-'Org.-, lab 
Kanil)0 C. cur repairer 
Ramiio Kilpli, painter 
Ke.l.-mund I', .ue'loi, foreman 
JtoliiiiM.n AuihrnM-. section lid 
.Saiidrr, Win, ..ninp-r 


Willi-. I. , 
Yo.-t Wi, 


WestvUle is-ituati-il at tlie junc- 
tlnn of the L X A it C and Wa- 
l)a>h Kys, 11 miles s w of La 
I'orte, Che county se:it-, has one 
bank, W U and P U Tel. Am 
Ex. population 700 Mrs Helen 
I Miller pastmaster 

Ainsley Charles 

Ainsley Robert, county surveyor 

Alli-n ilarry, painter 

Aiisley Elmore, genl store 

Aiij-ley Homer, elk 

Armstrong May, artist 

Bank of Westville, Everel S 

Smith propr 
Barnard Lola, teacher 




SPAETH & STUDLEY, oon^J^.%J^Jpy°v,est 


812 Main Street, LaPorte. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

- C 






Banuua May 

Barnard Uriah, carp 

Benson Jnines E, barber 

Bloomhulf Belle 

Blooiiiliort' ?]tca, milliner 

Blooiiilnifl' Minnie 

BIyiiier Fred, liarnesstnkr 

Brt-uer Artuur M, saw mill 

Bundy Wm 

Burner J O^car ( Burner & Wyatt) 

Burner & U'vatt (J Oscar Burner 

and Ezra Wyatt), druggists 
Bnrt John, barber 
Buiflier- Samuel 
Campbell George, bartender 
Campbell Ola, boarding 
Cattron James V. teacher 
('attron Kose, teacher 
Chase Elsie 
Co'e Charles, foreman 
Cole Henry P, vec surgeon 
Cole John," painter 
Dasjgy B A, farmer 
Dolman Joseph, grist mill 
Diilman Lou 

Eckstein Charles R, artist 
Ellison J Uarvev, mason 
Farmer James M. lineman 
Fergison W N, station agt Wa- 

Field Levi, blksmitU 
Fletcher Lewis F, cont ■ 
Flynn Stephen B, farmer 
F avel Theopolis, phvsician 
Freeman <;liarles, agt 
Gardner Jared, farmer 
Gr'-en Joshua W, >al0(in 
Harris Allen biitclier 
Hans Wm, hlk-mith 
Hayes E T Kcv, pa^or Christian 

Her. old Charles E (llerrold .t 

Herrold Frank, undertaker 
Hcrrold Frank K, tel opr 
Herrold Frank P, hardware 
He rold Henry (Herrold & Son) 
Herrold Hiram B, real estate 
Herrold .lacob. farmer 
Herrold & Son( Henry and Charles 

E Herrold), meat market 
H.'SS C D, gardener 
Hilton J-hn, lab 
llixon Frank, dentist 
Hoard Thomas, .Iravman 
Hollcnbeck Benjam'in W, physi- 

Holmes Carleton, tel opr 
Hnbbaiil Kced, .^arp 
Inies Edmund H, barber 
Ii]ie> Etlie. tcMCher 
Jardine Ephraim. butcher 
Jerome Frank K. station agtL N 

A & C 
Jernme U'elcome. shoemkr 
Jordan Ephraim, butcher 
Kalies Charles, elk 
Kalies Clara 
Keaifer Jacob, gardener 
Klies Am-e, section foreman 
Klies Gustav, section loreniau 
Kountz Horatio W, harness and 

Kre-el Lizzie, dom 
Lawrence Abijah, lab 
Livingston Chart, carp 
McChire Arthur D, cU 
iMcCord Joseph, lab 
McCord W Orange, hotel 
McGinnlss Joseph, lab 
McGuigan Tlii;uias, carp 
JLiiuleviUe George, hostler 
Mandeville Marion S, bartender 
Mann Amenz", undenaker 
Mann Fre.l, can. 
Markle Ida 
Martin Chailes E, editor and 

propr ^Ve^tv■ille Indica or 
Martin Frank D, phvsician 
Matotte Jame^C, elk 
Milli-r Charles E, saloon 
MILLER ELLKX I, I'ostmaster 
.Miller George, livery and teed 


Morris Ca>ie E, mason 
Xickols Emerson E, agricultural 

I'alm Augusta, teacher 
I'ousky Wm A, boot-* and shoes 
l*o--ton Enuneison, mason 
Punskv George C, elk 
Reed W Lee, painter 
Rehra Andrew J, elk 
Reynolds Emerson, mnsr Postal 

I'liiou Tel oftice, also books and 

riiomas C, watches, 

Hotel teegarpen. 

Free 'Buss to and from all Trains. ^ "^ *L2"bR;riND. 



Kush Cora 

Rush Samuel. lab 

Sabinske Gu-tav G, saloon 

Sanders Wm 1', lab 

Scott Etta 

Scott Ezra T, druo;glst 

Shaferiri" Henry C, grain biij'er 

Smith Bert H, insagt 

Smith Everel, banker, also cloth- 
ier, etc 

Smith Xina 

Smith Oliver H, lab 

Standiford A G, physician 

Talertoii James, hostler 

'J'erwilliger Maude 

Terwilliger Wm, carp 

Thomas James, section band 

Thompson Frank, painter 

Thonipson George L jr, restau- 

Utter Elsa 

L'tter R H Rev, pastor M E 

Walton Mattie 

Webber Frank C, bartender 

Webber Lou 

■Webster Martha A, wid Wm B 

Weed Timothy 

AVelch Carrie, teacher 

Westville Indicator, Charles E 
Martin ed and propr 

Wickerson Otis, lab 

Williams Azariah, ins agt 

Williams Charles M, livery and 
feed stable 

Williams Emma, teacher 

Williams Wm W, barber shop 

Winters Flora 

Winters George, farmer 

Winters Inez 

Wyatt Ezra (Burner & Wiatt) 

Young Andrew, blksniith 

Young Irvin 

Young Peer C, lab 

Zner Benjamin M, wagonmkr 

Zner Wilbur J, wagoimikr 


Wilders Station is situated at the 
junction of tlie L N A & C and 
C & E Kys, Wells Fargo Ex. 
W V Tei; Xonh Jud^on the 
nearest bank Population 25 
Sadie Mafer postmaster 

Armatice Daniel, farmer 
Arraatice Samuel, farmer 
Bailey Frank, hay dealer 
Bailey Stephen, hav deader 
Daily 0«en, tel op'r 
Daniels Harry, lab 
DyKeman Palmer B, hotel 
Kcyes Frank, lab 
MAFEK SADIE, Postmaster 
Taylor Charles, station agt C & 
E and L X A & C 



3 II 

; ? m 

r* » 


MOORE & WEAVER, ^""^''^6e|3,^4T/^;. ooors. 

Cor. Jackson <&. Main Sts., La Porte. ' '' 

146 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 


m R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

^ La Porte BoMii Direclory. 





— State Senator! J. W. Criimpncker, La Porte 

O Representative J. C. Kichter, La Porte 
JuiigeThirty-secoiul Judicial District. Hon. Daniel Noyes, La I'oite 
ProsecutinfT Attorney O. M. Cuiiniiif,'liani, South Bend 


C Clerk Circuit Court Herman AV. Sallwasser 

■ ZZ ^"'^'tor Frederick C. Lambka 

03 Recorder Geo. F. Swan 

n Treasurer, S. S. Bosserman 

"-^ Shenft A. T. Henry 

• Coroner E. L. Cole, Michigan City 

c giTveyor r. E. Ansley, Westville 

^- Superintendent of Schools O. L. Galbreth 

• >; County Attorney W. c. Ransburg 

g~ County Asylum Superintendent Wm. T. Concannon 


>£ A. L. Hart... R. N. Bennet D. F. Birchim 


O nudson Theo. JI. Hicks New Carlisle 

i_j Oalena James E. Bowell RoUino- Prairie 

3 ^P.'\".Kfleld Peter K. Reinfurth La Porte 

Za Michigan .William Hipp Michigan City 

r-i Coolspnng Julius Snyd.-r Waterford 

H Center Wm. Kellcrman, sr La Porte 

Ph {^,,=iP,'^a'^<^e Philip D. Sharpies Rolling Prairie 

•< ;\'"'', ^■■^co'^ K. May Rolling Prairie 

M 1-incoln James F. Quinn Mill Creek 

■^ Pleasant Enoch D.Jones ' La Porte 



fUeissiier's' PJiarmacij. 820 Maio St., La Porte. 

A Competent Pharmacist always in charge. 


Scipio rharles H. Lnomi-; Door ViUajie *T> 

New Durham ..JUlhias rieeberger Otis : 

Clinton .Washington A. Westville 

Noble Timothy McLane Union Mills (^ 

Union William A. Steigely Kingsbury . 

Johnson Genrgp R. HTrniiron Walkfrton 

Hanna William H. West Ilanna 

Cass Julius Conitz. . . Wanatah 

Dewey Richard ]luncheon La Crosse ^Tj 



Martin Weber, Pres; Samuel Fox, Treas; Joseph Jackson, Sec'y, (^ 


Robt. r. Johnson, Pres; E. L. Valentine, Tr; M. T. Krueger, Sec. 


Jas. n. Allison, Pres; T. C. Reynolds, Treas; Helen C. Miller, Sec. 


Hudson Joseph Sutton New Carlilse \ 

Galena J. A. Barns Hatch's Mills = 

Springfield George Welker La Porte ! 

Michigan William A Bray Michigan City ' 

Coolspring Michael TInmi Michigan City j 

Center >Lariin Rachor La Porte ; 

Kankfikee Geo. VanGieson Roiling Prairie ! 

Wills Ferdinand Jones Rolling Prairie ( 

Lincoln Daniel E. Miller Mill Creek ! 

Pleasant Brook Travis La Porte J2 " 

.^cipio Morgan L. Brink La Poi te >^ ■ 

New Durham Levi J. Wolf, jr Westville a ' 

Clinton Millard F. Euon Westville " 1 

Noble Pope C. Weed Union Mills ^ : 

Union .lolin A. Ellis Tracy a 

Johnson Nelson S. Smith Walkerton Bi 

Hanna James Wells Hanna "^ 

Cass Thomas B. Wilson Wanatah g 

Dewey Michael J. Schimmel La Crosse „ i 



Carl D. Fuller Kankakee Rolling Prairie 

C. T. Dibble Michigan Michigan City 

Frank M. Emigh Now Durham Westville 

Daniel Shaw Union Kingsbury 

Simon Wile Centre La Porte 

Sylvester Mill Noble Wellsboro 

Wm. W. Lamphere Springfield La Porte 

Israel J. Lewis Galena Rolling Prairie 

John H. Wilk Springfield La Porte 



812 Main Street, La Porte. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 





AmosR. R'dgers Wills Rolling Pr-irie 

VVm. Goodewin Cii^s . ..WHtiiUali 

Elmer G. Bunnell Hanna liKiina 

Cornelius C. Ea-twood.. Michigan , Miclii;ra ■ City 

George vv. Droll nger.. .Lincoln .Stillweil 

Edward Kii.g Centre T>a Porte 

A. T,. I, Xohle ITnion Mills 

JoelC. Ko-tiT GK-na Rolling Prnirie 

Paul J . Corbly Michigin M it liigan City 





Ackerraan Christ, 80 a, 1930 
Ack rman Jacob, 85 a, 1885 
Ackermaii John J, 240 a, 5000 
Ackert Sarah, 42 a, S.50 
Ackley Philander, 120 a, 2025, 

Rolling Prairie 
Adams Joanna C. 67 a, 1780 
Adams Orville, 714 a, 7325 
Adams Orville, La Crosse 
Ahrc-ns John, 35 a, 220 
Aiuner Mi<diael, li'O a, 1675 
Ake Samnel 120 a, 13M0 
Aker Arthur J, 07 a, 1730 
Aker Abr m, 70 a. 855 
Aknr Charity H. 38 a, 4G5, Union 

Aker Charity H, 137 a, 6885. 

Union Mills 
Aker James B, 80 a, l<j:o 
Aker Martin. 1 a, 25 
Ai-er Rosa, 30 a, 630 
Aker Sidney, 170 a, 1180 
Vromao, 2 a, 50 
Ake \Vm, 70 a, 1G40 
Albi ight Abin A, 40 a, 370 
Albright John No 2, 1 a, 3'JO 
Albright John No I, 30 a, 2360 
A Ibrecbt Julius, 7 a 1760 
Alt'.int S.rah J, 26 a, 955 
Aliont Wm,79 a, 3280 
A bertson Elizabeth, 3 a, 115 
Algrine Charles, 40 a, 725 
Aliilers Julius G a 1760 
Ahrens Anna. 74 a, 770 
Allison Frank E, 40 a, 550 
Allison George, 90 a, 14 55 
Allison Mary E, 88 a l'.t(Kl 
Allison S W, 120 a, 505 
Allison R, 58 a, 750 
Allen James M. 118 a, 5870 
Allen James M, 73 a, 4105 
Allen \Vm P, U'J a, .5700 
Amabel [Jewight; -50 a, 560 
Ames Andrew L, 25 a, 570 

Ames Augus us, 190 a, 65so, La 

Ami-8 Leon, 70 a, 2710 
Amor Minerva L, 75 a, 1010 
Anderson Adolph. 20 a, 275 
Anderson Anna, 10 a, 180 
Anderson Anna L, SO a, 4830 
Anderson Anna L, 129 a, 4365 
Anderson Archer S, 60 a, 2845 
Anderson Angur^t, 60 a, G50 
Anderson Carol M, 40 a, 370 
.Vnderson Daniel, 1 a, 990 
Anderson Debbert C, 110 a, 2525 
Am erson James L, 385 a, 3350, 

L I Porte 
Anderson John, 90 a. 3685 
AndtMson John P, 61 a, 915, T^a 

Anderson Jonas, 53 a, 1585 
Anderson Jonas P, 30 a, 405 
.Anderson Lars, 9 a, 10 
Anderson May M, 80 a, 1110 
An<lerson Ola & Andrew C, 32 a, 

Anderson Samuel J, 67 a, 6120 
Andeison Swen H, 40 a, 550 
.\ndi'rson Thomas, 73 a, 2185 
Anderson Wm T, 78 a, 38G0 
Anderson WmT, 80 a. 695 
Andrew A P, 44 a, 1345 
Andrew A P jr, 155 a, 14155 
Andrew Catherine, 6 a, 345 
Andrew Catherine P, 6J a, 3230 
.Vndrew George L, 140 a, 7330 
Andrew George L, 37 a, 1750 
Andrew Helen M, 21 a, 18(t0 
Andrew John L, La Porte 
Andrews John L, 153 a, 7595 
Andrew L C, 119 a, G49G 
Andrew Mary M, 43 a, 1605 
Andrew Wm L, 5 a, 75 
Andrew Wm L. 359 a, 8520 
Andrew Win L, 210 a, 11025 
Andrew Wm L 160 a, 13105 
Andrysack John, 1 a, 310 
Angler Ilenrv A, a, 220 

Ik^^. ADYliRTlSh^G SrSTEa 

Experts teach Book-keeplno, Penmanship, Shorthand and the English 
for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 



Appleton David. 25 a, 420 
Appleton Elizabeth, -10 a, 14G0 
Armitage Daniel, 213 a. 2610 
Armstrong Clara J, 28 a, luy5 
Armstrong Mary S. l.W a, 13:i5 
Armsin>ne Robert V, 9 a, 75 
Arndt Celia A, 5 a, 95 
Armlt Rudolph. 150 a, 790 
Aruntage Arminla, 159 a, G8C0 
Ash Christ, 39 a. 040 
Ash Fredericl<, 40 a, 420 
Ashton .lolin, 116 a. 2180 
Ashton L B, 8 a, 4.-0, Michigan 

Ashton Lyman B, Jliohigan City 
Aticitis J B, Kingsbury 
AtKins Jerome B 203 a, 4G65 
Atwater Myron, 120 a, 2405, Wa- 

Augustine Dora, 33 a, 930 
Augustine Emma, 21 a, 605 
Augustine Henry, 24 a, 090 
Augustine Jacob. 22 a, 840 
Augustine Jacob, 158 a, 7285 
Augustine James, 102 a, 3090 
Augustine John, 21 a, 605 
Augustine Louisa, 40 a, 1040 
Augustine Martha, 24 a, 095 
Augustine Sophia, 147 a. 4205 
Austin Alex B, 54 a, 1610 
Austin Fietta, 60 a, 1665 
Austin Henry, 10 a 285 
Austin Henry, 14 a, 315 
Austin Jedediah, 84 a, 2080 
Austin Lorenzo W. 40 a, 210 
Austin Nicholas, 45 a 210 
Austin Nicholas, 99 a, 2035 
Automatic Turning Co, 5 a, 3000, 

Michigan City 
Bach Benedict, 9 a. 375 
Bach John, 208 », 17665, La Porte 
Bachmau Charles, 14 a. 510 
Backhaus Minnie, 13 a. 245 
Bader John,120a, 1670 
Baer Catiiern, 3 a, 470 
Bahiinger John, 80 a, 785 
Bailey George W, 40 a, 1325, La 

Bailey George W, 159 a, 4365, La 

Bailey James M, 311 a, 2195, Mill 

Bailpy Kate. 2 a, 980 
Bailey Mary C. 32 a, 445 
Bailey Mary C, 53 a, 1225 
Bailey Roeeltha, 40 a, 695 
Bailey Ziba jr, 200 a, 5000 

Balrd Philander, 121 x, 5080 
Baker Thomas J, 82 a, 2300, La 

Baldwin John A, 15 a, 3400 
Ball Erasmus, 2 a, 150 
Ball Leander. 40 a, 400 
Baltz Wm, 3 a. 40 
Bai.ka John.lGOa, 1865 
Banks Wm, 15 a, 340o, La P rte 
Banks VVm A, 413 a, 9465, La 

Barber Harriet N, SO a, 1175 
Baid Charles K, 239 a, 8665 
Bariierd Charles, 86 a, 835 
Barhiiiger ,!■ hn, 41 a, 735 
Barker John H, 40 a, 995 
Barker R N, 188 a, 1080 
Barlag Augusta, 1 a, 570 
Barlag Henry, 1 a, 390 
Barlitz Charles, 3 a, 160 
Barnes A F, 160 a, 3195 
Barnes Albert, 40 a. 960 
Barnes Charlt-s O, 44 a. 725 
Barnes Cvnthia, 40 «, 250 
Barnes CVnthia A, 80 a, 135 
Barnes Elijah, 1 a, 10 
Barnes Ezra H. 62 a, 1705 
Barnes Hosea, 191 a, 545 
Barnes James A, 195 a, 2910 
Barnes John, 20 a, 510 
Barnes Samuel, 66 a, 890 
Barnes Wm, 78 a, 1890 
Barnes Wm, Hatch's Mills 
Barnett John W, 2 a, 30 
Barney Charles, 4ii a, 920 
Barney Charles, 41 a, 1550 
Barney John, 143 a, 2026, Still- 
Barnum James M, .50 a, .3490 
Barquest Chtirles M, 100 a, 1045 
Barr Elizabeth, 1 a, 800 La Porte 
Barr Elizabeth, 148 a, 390 
Barr Elizabeth S, 160 a, 370 
Barr Hezekiah, 80 a, 1015 
Barr Susannah, 47 a, 1445 
Barrett Eleazer, 1 a, 95 
Barrett Florence M, 1 a, 243 
Barthol Charles, 123 a. 1130 
Ban hoi Maria T, 185 a, 455 
Bartley Edward, 150 a, 1515 
Bartley John, 10 a, 100 
Batley John, 27 a, 460 
Bartness Emanuel. 85 a, 3030 
Bartness Mary J, 30 a, 770 
Barton Edith, 34 a, 1140 
Bass Christopher, 40 a, 660 
Bass Frederick, 70 a, 1165 








3 IS 


J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S ■ 







Bates Martin, ICO a, 5075 
BarzlofV Augusta, 1 a, SOO. La 

B;uim James, 82 a, 2R70 
Baum Jesse, 41 a, 1205 
Baumgartea Fred, 10 a, 850 
Bauiiigai tener Frederlok,5 a,2400. 

La Porte 
B uimwart Christine, 40 a, 520 
Bealiiii Wm II, 109 a, 0;!0l) 
Beal Benjamin, SO a, 650 
Beal Benjamin, 180 a, G070 
Beal John F, 2 a, 85 
Beal Michael, 200 a, 1490 
Beal Wm, 159 a, 3820 
Beam James C, 83 a, 3975 
Beam Marr E. 10 a, 3:!5 
Bear Benjamin E, 120 a, 1035, 

Jlill Creek 
Bear George C, SO a. 525,Still\vell 
Bear John C, 55 a. 1780 
Bear Sarah C. 40 a, 1350 
Beard Thomas, 100 a, 5255 
Beaver Xichul s, 00 a, 1475 
Beaver Paul, 38 a, 730 
Becher Coniad, 1 a, 500, La Porte 
Beek Gottlieb, 2 a. t!5 
Beck Henry, 80 a,' 1240 
Becker Carol. 43 a, 370 
Berker Jolm C, 13s a. 3045 
Beekley Godley, 78 a, 570 
B.-ekwith E A, 20 a, 12.J0 
Beckwith Julia A, 1 a, 575, La 

Behens Claus, 40 a, 95 
Belinke Gustave, 30 a. 420 
B.'hrens Clans, 40 a. 500 
Belirndt Joachin, 2 a, 700, La 

Bell Daniel, 14 a, 1140 
Bekrendt John No 1, 103 a. 2015 
Bell C L O, 75' a, 1395, Rolling 

Bell C L O, 215 a, 0595, Rolling 

Bell Sarah G, 31 a. 1300. La Porte 
Bel! more Maud, 23 a 305 
Be Imore Wni,37 a, 390 
Beltz August, 44 a, 420 
Benient Ernest \V, 2-1 a, 1000, La 

Bt-ment Iliram; 240 a, 2235, 

Hatch's Mills 
Bender Frederick, 120 a, 315 
Benelict Clara. 20 a, 925 
Benedict Levi, 00 a. 2970 
Benedict Wm II, 22 a, .1010 

Benhaic Iliram F, 17 a, 900, 

Michigan City 
Benke Wm F, 40 a, 405 
Benner George S. 20 a, 340 
Benm-r Julia. 88 a, 900 
Bennett Elisha L, 709 a, 2S60 
Bennett H A S, 394 a, 11795, New 

Bennett Orrin, 129 a, 3175 
Beiinett Roswell X, 43 a, 500 
Bennett Sherman, 40 a, 1145 
Benson Alice, 03 a, 760 
Benson, Charles & Hirriett, 20 a, 

Benson Elijah, 4 a, 5.50, La Porte 
Bent Lina, 40 a. 435 
Bentlev A D, 48 a, 470 
Bentz ChailesM-, 38 a. 920 
Bentz E.iza C, 86 a, 590 
Bentz Jo,eph, 22 a, 380 
Bentz .lo-epli, 40 a, 930 
Bertt John jr. 40 a, 470 
Berg Jolui,80 a, 1240 
Berg Mary. 40 a, 570 
Berg Wm, 1 a, 510 
Beigholrz August, 108 a, 1310 
Bergvvold Wm, 122 a. 1330 
Berridge Chailotte, 120 a, 1055 
Berridge George. 40 a, 715, llauna 
Berriclge Harriett, 72 a, 1460 
Berridge John W, 22 a. 310 
Berridge John W. 85 a, 315 
Berridge Joseph P, 240 a, 280, 

Berridge Samuel, SO a, 2980 
Bei ringer Lliarlts, 100 a, 355, 

Mill Creek 
Berriuirer Charlotte. SO a, 575 
Beriinger George, 482 a. 5415, 

Mill Creek 
Beri-inger Henry, 160 ti. .585, Mill 

Be.s»ler Gustav, 40 ,a, 1035 
Bessler Lndwig, 80 a, 671) 
Be.ssler Lndwig, 123 a, 1875 
Be.ssler Michael, 120a, 1235, Wan- 

Bpvjnsrton Jeremiah W, 10 a, 400, 

Biekell Jacoh, 130 a, 1710 " 
Biddle Tighlman A H. 165 a, 695 
Bieieistadt John, 200 a, 3815, 

Biege Franklin M, 113 a! 1595 ■ 
Biege Henry J, 32 a, 1110 
Biege Henry J, 40 a, 145 ' ' ■.' 
Biege Marv, 20 a, 025 • ■ •''' 



'^^^^ La Porte, Ind. 



Kiege Rebecca, 47 a, G30 
BieU'fcldc Clmrles, O". a, 2180 
Bielefeldt, Charles. 82 a, 1920 
BicleMUt Christ, 78 a. 4525 
BielefelJt Christoiiher, 39 a, 1330 
Bielefelt Charles, Scillwell 
Biea Jacob sr, 10 a, 1155 
Bigelow James, 3 a, 150, Michi- 
gan City 
Bigelow J S, 37 a, 210 
Billings Win, 37 a, 780 
Birchiin David F, 429 a, 13312, 

Rolling I'rairie 
Bircluim Jacob P, 1 a, 475 
Birt Marv A, 1 a, ,S5 
Bishop Harrison, 20 a,lS5,Hatch's 

Bisliop Harrison, 123 a, 2030, 
. ilatcli's Mills 
Black Janu-s H, 270 a, 2635 
Blacl< John, SOa, lOSO 
liladzick Tliorna^, 2 a, 170 
Blain James. 80 a, 335 
Blair C B, 70 a, 2205 
Blair Chauncey B, 648 a, S2.'i0, 

Michigan City 
Blake Jesse, 193 a, 4235, La Porte 
Blank Charles, 116 a, 2995 
Blank Frederick, 34 a. 975 
Blank Wm, 128 a, 2140 
Bleich Cliarles, 50 a, 490 
Blessing George, 173 n, 2180 
Blessing Henry, 81 a, 1515 
Blessing Michael, 62 a. 1355 
Block Angust, 64 a. 15>,5 
Block Frank A, 2 a, 25 
Block Frank Oc M C, 50 a, 1275 
Block John, 8 a, 645 
Blodgett Cliarle* B. 2 a, 145 
Blodgett James E, 4ll a, 1290 
Blomberg Peter, 12 a, 240 
Blne.t Lida, Michigan City 
BUdiin Joseph. 110 a, 615, Tracy 
Bhunenhagen Cliarlns, 1 a. 495 
BUiuienhagen Lena, 1 a, 260 
Board man J F, 53 a, 805 
Bobsein Frederick, 111 a, 1235 
Bockley M, 40 a, 520 
Bodge John .S, 9 a, 480 
B Klley Sarah E, 120 a, .5495 
Boehlke John, 43 a, 1110 
Boelter Win, 95 a. 2700 
Boeske Angnst, 944 a, 10720 
BoharUt Frank, 140 a, 2350 
Bohland Adam, 11 ?, 625 
Bokoski Simon, 40 a, 905 
Buldt August, 245 a, 1895 

Bolka Michael, 60 a, 1055 
Bolster Amos, 53 a, 840 
Bol=ter George W, 21 a, 760 
Bolster Sarah E, 47 a, 1480 
Bond Sarah E, IS a, 1750 
Boniface Wm G, 240 a, 1260 
Boniface Wm J, SO a, 950, Wells- 
bo ro 
Bout lohn, 12 a. 1100, Michigan 

B'.one Robert M, 78 a, 1130 
Booth Alfred L, 42 a, 935 
Bootli Edwin X,50 a, 1085 
Bootli Enos L, 74 a, 420 
Booth Margaret. 97 a, 2615 
Booth Martha A and Martin, 40 

a, 410 
Boothrovd Anna and Edwin M, 

4 a. 310 
Boozv John, 163 a, 1735, Otis 
Borden Sarah F and Harriet M, 

79 a, 3115, Xew Carlisle 
Borgerd Fred, 77 a, 1915 
Boniwiak George, 2 a, 175 
Boss Jolin F. 40 a, 805 
Bosserinan George, 310 a, 5215 
Bossert John J, 18 a, 455 
Bothwell Charles A, 240 a, 2015 
Both well James F, 115 a, 905 
Bothwell Ransom D, 40 a. 420 
Bowell A C, 40 a, 660, Rolling 

Bowell A C, 85 a, 2795, Rolling 

Bowell B C, 27G a, 20060, Rolling 

Bowell Francis B, 100 a, 4060, 

Rolling Prairie 
Bowell Frank A, 105 a, 4535, 

Rolling Prairie 
Bowell James E, 130 a, 3300, I-a 

Bowen Alaxander, 9 a, 170 
Bo wen Mary, 3 a, 150, Michigan 

Bowen AVillard S, 80 a, 1645 
Bowen Willard S. 84 a, 810 
Bower Sophia, 43 a, 490 
Bowes Patrick, 1 a, 740 
Bowes Wm, 20 a, 230 
Bowes Win. SO a, 24,50 
Bowes Win E, 80 a, 1385 
Bowman Hemy, 20 a, 185 
Bowman Henrv. 89 a. 1040 
Bowman John'H, 110 a, 1080 
Bovd Marv Ellen, .><0 a. 590 
Boyd Thomas, 65 a, 480 






2 o 


OkrrBiGli & Rrnoll 

Cor. Main & Mich. Ave. 

The Leading Jewelers of La Porte county. 
Well equipped to do all kinds of repair 
work in a prompt and satisfactory manner 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 





Boyer Eli A, 50 a, 20U0, Michigan 

Bozar George, CO a, 090 
Braclcen Elislia. 39 a, r>95 
Braclsen George, 3 a, 30 
Bradley James, 25 a, 1985 
Bradley Myra B, 1 a, 140 
Bramhall M L. 18 a, 185 
Brand Jame«, 134 a, 4585 
Brand Lorenze D, 10 a, 125 
Brand Olive, 338 a, 5130 
Brandes Wm, 99 a, 1580 
Brant K A, 119 a, 2C10 
Brayton Gidson, 40 a. 5S0 
Brayton Wm, 83 a, 2900, La Porte 
Breece Wm II, Micliigan City 
Breen D F and Wm Otto, 21 a, 

Breguski Anton, 40 a, 420 
Breitenbaiigh August, SO a, 1310 
Bremmer Wm, 57 a, 750 
Breshe Julius, 211 a, 2020 
Brewer Benjamin A, 40 a, 1100 
Brewer Frederick, 120 a, 1400 
Brewer Herman, 80 a. 1060 
Brickraan John, 1 a, 340 
Brickman Wm, 84 a, 2470 
Briese Amelia, 2 a, 560, Michigan 

Briese Amelia, 81 a, 1420, Mich- 
igan City 
Brigham John, 7 a, 530 
Brigham Martha. 2 a, 150 
Brinckman Louis, 80 a, 2400, 

Michigan Citv 
Brink John J, f 36 a. 1850 
Brink Morgan L. 222 a, 5970 
Britenbach August, 40 a, 295 
Brockman Christian, 1C2 a, 7495, 

La Porte 
Brockman Christian, 110 a, 1025, 

La Porte 
Brockman Fred. 40 a, 1635 
Brockman John sr, 8 a, 1G45 
Brockman Louis C, 21 a, 710 
Brooks August, 18 a, 3260 
Brooks Augusta V, 45 a, 580 
Brooks Elizabeth, 45 a, 2060 
Brough Charles, 40 a, 655 
Brown A L, 30 a. 025 
Brown Andrew. 80 a, 1730 
Brown Charles J. 41 a, 1740 
Brown Daniel B, 190 a, 1390, 

Brown Emma, 9 a, 220 
Brown George W, 109 a, 4500 
Brown James, 1 a, 940 

Brown Joseph sr. 8 a. 260 
Brown Lewis, 140 a, 3470 
Brown Lydia J, 56 a, 2580 
B own Manlius Y, 342 a. 0720 
Brown Mary, 118 a, 1495 
Brown Marv E, 5 a, 185 
Brown Mary E, 9 a, 1S45 
Brown Michael, 40 a, 420 
Brown Nicholas, 40 a, 420 
Brown Peter, 40 a, 420 
Brown Robert, 30 a, 780 
Brown Robert, 160 a, 3635 
Brown Samuel, 159 a, 6495 
Brown Susanah C, 32 a. 485 
Brown Thomas and Anna M, 37 

a, 410 
Brown Walter S, 20 a, 145 
Brown Wm, 317 a, 3425 
Brown Wm A, 40 a, 705 
Browne Ertman, 3 a, 400, Michi- 
gan City 
Brownlee A R. Mill Creek 
Brownlee George W, 37 a, 565 
Brownlee Lucinda, 151 a, 1680 
Brownlee Samuel, 55 a, 735 
Brummitt Wm. 80 a, 315 
Bryant Albion P, 20 a. 625 
Bryant Benjamin F, 99 a, 1145 
Bryant Beniamin F, 156 a, 38C5 
Bryant Nancy O, 33 a. 965 
Bryson Mary A, 6 a, 375 
Buchanan Alexander, 40 a, 745 
Buck Alvin, 198 a. 8190 
Buck Andrew, 80 a, 470 
Buck Dexter A, 67 a 2265 
Buck Jiinies H. 1 a, 75 
Buck James II, 134 a, 149.5 
Buck James H, 193 a, 6915 
Buczkowski Jacob. 121 a, 1975 
Buczkowski Martin, 76 a, 1240 
Buell Beitha L, 1 a, 95 
Bueltzingsloewen Chrales, 93 a, 

Bueltzingsloewen Charles, 240 a, 

Bueltzingsloewen Julia, 80 a. 630 
Buko-ky Elizabetli, 40 a, 420 
Bull Cliristian. 120 a, 1.845 
BuUeni'oth L M. 18 a. 860 
Bundy Wm E, 39 a, 185 
Bunnell C J 20 a, 260 
Bunton Beniamin, 40 a, 105 
Buuton J S V, 80 a. 910 
Bunton James, 4 a, 40 ' 

Bunton John, 63 a, 120 
Burch Gilford D. 2 a, 23$ 
Burden Henry, 92 a, 3710 

Hotel Teofflfep. K°p;?{r'1'G^'|g;r«"°p'?:pi;! 


Burden llenrv, 107 a, 295 
Burden Kachel. 42 a. 1340 
Burford Aaron, 156 a, 2925 
Burger Jeremiah, 78 a, 4290 
Burger Pins, 15 a, 075 
Burgess Orrin, 50 a, 1465 
Burgliardt Wm, 47 a, 1015 
Burgland Charles G. 42 a, 805 
BurgwoM VVni, 58 a, 305 
Burgwold Wm, 03 a, 210 
Burhans Elizabeth, 49 a, 1020 
Burhans Moses, 20 a, 58u 
Burhans Moses, 40 a, 1555 
Burhans Rosilla, 80 a, 3340 
Burhans W W. 104 a, 3805 
Burlingame Oiis F, 48 a, 2005 
Burliugame W C, 107 a, 4050 
Burner Ann M, 26 a, 405 
Burner Florence, 40 a, 095 
Burner Hiram, 91 a, 2135, West- 

Burner Mary, 95 a, 2470 
Burner Mary C. 57 a, 81O 
Burner O E, 114 a. 2-^00 
Burner O V, 63 a, 1020 
Burns Caroline, 30 a, 550 
Burns James H, 4 a, 975 
Burns Levi, 152 a, 2235 
Burns Reuben, 28 a, 345, Michi- 
gan City 
Burson Ellzibeth, 190 a. 1365 
Bur?on Elizabeth, 320 a. 1345 
Burson .Samuel, 60 a, 3150 
Burson Samuel, 114 a, 9140 
Burson Samuel, 360 a, 1515 
Burson Thomas, 140 a. 0970 
Bush David, 112 a, 3920 
Bush Jacob M. 53 a, 3325, La 

Bush James T, 57 a, 2170, La 

Bush Sarah A, 180 a. 8225 
Bush AVm, 40 a, 1470, La Porte 
Bush Wm C, 40 a, 1770, La Porte 
Butcher Samuel, 100 a, 2995 
Butler George, 1 a, 500, Michigan 

Butler Wm C, 60 a, 820 
Butterwotth B, 118 a, 7180, La 

Butterworth SW, 331 a, 8255, La 

Butterworth S W, 91 a, 2935 La 

Butts Isaac, 40 a, 445 
Butts Thomas. 2 a, 20 
Butts Thomas, 20 a, 85 

Buzkowski John, 75 a, 1145 
Byers Frank P, 80 », 250 
Byrkitt Lududa SO a, 400 
Cable FredericK, 280 a, 840 
C;ildwell Catherine, 12 a, 190 
Caldwell E S, 100 a, 2745 
Caldwell Mary E, 21 a, 345 
Caldwell MrnnieE, 47 a, 1105 
Calli.han Dane O. 40 a, 380 
Callahan Daniel, 71 a, 795 
Callahan Gerald, 70 a, 995 
Callender Nelson J, 90 a, 1675, La 

C .llison Jennie, 20 a, 350 
Callifon Jennie, 50 a, 1100 
Callisou Joseph, 39 a, 1995 
Callison Joseph, 80 a, 1040 
Callison Wm, 00 a, 1190 
Callison Wm, 150 a, 3315 
OiUison Wm, 314 a, 2300 
Caiiitield 11 A A J P, 330 a, 3215, 

Camrteld lliram A, 40 a, 1145 
Canitield H N & W H, 00 a, 945 
Camtield W S. 146 a, 1810 
Camlield W S, 180 a, 1505 
Campbell AlexaiKler, 8 a, 170, 

Campbell Alexander, 70 a, 1145, 

Campbell Andy J, 57 a, 1005 
Camp Elizabeth, 80 a, 3045 
CampbHll T,ucy Ann, 20 a, 005 
Campbell Patrick, 199 a, 2320, 

Campbell Sarah J, 53 a, 770 
Campbell SusHnnah, 15 a. 375 
Campbell Wm C, 40 a, 840 
Cannon Henry S, 120 a, 1980, 

Cannon H S A J H, 87 a, 610, 

Cannon John H, 149 a, 2415, Wan- 
Carlson Anton O 160 R, 1640 
Carlson John, 40 a, 905 
Carlson John M, 1 a, 15 
Caiothers Koderick W, 17 a, 1716 

Carpenter , 140 a, 2040 

Carpenter Alpheus, 74 a, 1060, 

La Porte 
Carpenter Barbara J, 80 a, 1330 
Carpenter Cm. rles, 38 a, 805 
Carpenter Charlfs. 51 a, 1585 
Carpenter D S, 40 a 065 
Carpenter Emery W, 86 a, 1640 
Carpenter J M,30a, JlOO 





5" . 



jmber, Coal, Lime, 

Cement, Sash, Doors, 

Corner Jackson &. Main Sts„ La Porte. 





K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Carpenter Xaiiuy J, 5 a, 155 
Cii' r Will H, 200 a. 133.->0 
Carroll Elislia T, 6 a. ti:;u 
Carrou Joliii, 4U a, 400 
Carrutli James K, 40 a. 115 
Can nth Mary A, :> a, '20 
Carson Carrie B, SO a, 3235 
Carver Marv E, 40 a, 345 
Carver Susan E. 5 a, 130 
Cassaily Wni L, 15S a, 5540 
Cassiday Jolin S, 3 a. i'MQ, Mich- 
igan City 
Castello Ellen, 39 a, 795 
Castello James, 1 a, 10 
Cathcart Cliarles M, 123 a, 3320 
Catlioart Cliarles \V, 108 a, 1135 
Cathcart Henry JI, 100 a, 915 
Catlicart Henrv M, 120 a, «90 ^ 
Caihoart Henry M, 235 a, 11530 
Catlicart Henry M, 2i;5 a, 5'Jo5 
Catlicart Henry X. 240 a, 5350 
Catlicart J E, 40 a, 575 
Catlicart John K, s2 a, S35 
C ithcart John P, 27si a, 7170, La 

Catlicart Mary E, 120 a. 690 
Cathcart Mary E, 210 a, 5<325 
Chambers A L, SO a, 1570 
Chambers C C, 38 a, 790 
Cbapman George, GO a, 255 
Ciiamberlaiii Harriet, 2 a, 0S5 
Chambers ObeuiaU, 330 a, S220. 

Union Mills 
Chattield Wavne B, SO a. 250 
Clieney John S, 20 a, 500, Michi- 
gan City 
Chenwo'tli Alfred, 80 a, 420 
Chi(;ago Riilway Company. 2 a, 

50, Michigan City 
Chicago and Grand 


Chicago and Grand T 

rnnk Ry Co, 
■imk Ky Co, 

Ch'istman John, a, 14(35 
Chris'opherson Christ, 154 a, 4780 
Cites George, 234 ;■, 9(105 I 

Clark E H, 80 a, 590. Union Mills i 
CI irk Joliii,385 a, 8330, W'anatah I 
Clark Mary T, 14 a, 2280 
Clarkson James, 40 a, 115 
Claussen Jolin. 215 h. 2575 
Clendenin Oron P, 92 a, 3895 
Chicago and Indiana Cual Ry Co, 

3 a, 20 
Clgsser Daniel P, 250 a, 2750, 

Clusser Jerome 13, 40 a, 1050 ' 

Closser Orrin L, 1G9 a, (3105, La 

Closser S M, 511 a. 4435 
Cioucheck Augusta, 40 a, 335, 

Miehigan Ciiy 
Cloud Stephen C, 7 a, 850, Michi- 

gnn City 
Cloud Wni, IGO a, G70 
Clough Alouzo, 93 a, 2700 
Clough Alonzo. 40 a, 490 
Clough James B, 22 a, 570- 
Clongh Mnry A, 40 a, 630 
Clowen Isaac P, GO a, 1255 
Clvburn Ell n, 90 a, 41 GO 
Cobb Ella J. 29G a, 6155 
Coe Albert, 18U a, C1S5, Rolling 

Coe \Villis, SO a, 2550. 
Coebly Ella, 2 a, 255 
CoU'een Tliomas. 19 a, 530 
Cole A M, 1G3 a, SOSO, Door Vil- 
Cole Andrew P, 5 a, 195 
Cole Elizabeth, SO a, 1385, Mich- 
igan Citv 
Cole Frederick, 72 a, 100, Mich- 

it;an Citv 
Cole George W. 10 a, 290 
Cole \el>ou V. 14 a. 3:15 
Cole Sauuiel D, 47 a, 525 
Coleman James F, 100 a, 1050 
Coleman John, 3 a, 30 
Coles Solemon, 20 a, SO 
Collar Ira F, 2 a. 340 
Coliings B F, 309 a, 17S5 
Collings Daniel B, 102 a, 2035 
Collins John, 9 a, 120, Michigan 

Collins Mary. 4 a. 75 
Collins Will, 94 a, 1355 
Collins Wni, 12 a, 4J0 
Colloin Celia H. 105 a, 1425 
Collom Win II an I George W, 

lot a, 2G55, Mill Creek 
Collnmn Jesse Jt, ICO a, 870 
Cdlinan Xancy J, 2 a, 20 
<:ol\vt'll ('atlierine J,40a, 12 
Comal Kd and F E Osborn, SO a, 

Conboy John L, 160 a, 3570 
Concannon W S, 1 a, 25 
Condon David, 360 a, 57G5, Union 

Condon David W,.30a, 175, Union 

Condon David W, 150 a, 4265, 

Union Mills 

820 Main Street, La Porte. 



Condon Mary, 10 a, ^35 

Crane Alexander, 342 a, 15165 

Condon Kichard. 27 a, 455 

Crane H K, 7 a, 10 0. La Porte 

Condra Patriuk, Uii5 a, 4085 

Cr.ine B^.lsor L, 15 a, 080 

Coni'z Jnlius, \Van«tali 

Crane Henry P, 224 a, 11195, 

Conitz Leopold, liJ9 a, 2110 

Door ^'illa"^e 

Conlon Barney. 02 a, 2J1U 

Crane Lafayette, 27 a. 1325 

Conlon Margaret, 100 a, 2(i00 

Crane Mary A, 41 a, 2435 

Conlon Tliomas. 220 a, 3720 

Crawfoid George, 295 a. 11550 

Conner C W, 40 a, .'JfiO 

Crichton James 11, 40 a. 1510 

Conner Calvin ^V, 10 a, 470 

Crichton W, SO a, 1455 

Conner Mary, 40 a, 1100 

Crichton John, 38 a. 1470 

Cook Charles. 100 a, 1375 

Crichton W E, 391 a, 14350, 

Cnok Frederick, 103 a, 3455, Mich- 


icjan City 

Critten David S, 03 a, ISO, Mich- 

•Cook Frederick, 120 a, 3440.Mich- 

igan City 

iSan City 

Cn.>bv Henry C, 237 a. 1890 

C'>ok Fred and Fiank,100 a, 1970, 

Cri>ss"Ba nuni C, 48 a, 620 

Michigan Citv 

Cro-^ Ja-per. 6'.' a, 780 

Cook Wm F, 4ij a. ICl'O 

Cni>sJc-sieCand Nancy M, 53 

•Cooney Patrick, 48 a, 22f;0 

a 056 

■Coouey Patrick, 153 a, 2:)70 

Cross MiirvE, 40 a, 760 

Couper Gcrge B, SO a. 


Cro>s Ri liaru. 111 a, 1375 

Hatch's Mills 

Cronp D aper S. 50 a, 21'.i0 

Cooper Stephen, 50 a. 930 

Cioui) Henrv T, 28 a, 1220 

Coplin Asa .1, 31 a, 1215 

Crowl J .niciU, sOa, 1071) 

Coplin David E, 152 a, 3065, 


Crowl .I,,hn F. 100 a. 1780 


Crnnipacker D L. 149 a, 6295, 

Coidin Jos<'ph.48 a, 1725 


Coplin Mary. 75 a, 1G05 

Crunipacker S, 393 a, 11SS5, West- 

Cnpli.i Wni", 130 a. 1225 


Couant Charles, liO a, 900 

Crnnipa.kerS,402a. 13085, West- 

Couciinian Cornelius. 121 a,C- 


vil e 

I.a Porto 

CnlpMMiy E. 40 a, 225 

Conchinan George W, 50 a. 1 


Culver Miah I',. 80 a. 1016 

Couchnian John I,, 48 a, 19o0 

Culvcvl M- Klia-,:.8 ;,, lUOO 

Couclinian .lohn I., 01 a, 2270 

(;ulve\ li.Mi-r i;ii,i>, li;8 a, 3915 

Couden Albert R. 07 a, .405 

Cinnnnn-^ V li, 2 a, 85 

•Conlter Caleb, 132 a, 5330 

Cununiiig* Allen, 189 a, 4950, 

C'lilter Mnrquis, 139 a, 35S0, 

Union Mills 

Westville • 

Cnmniings George M, 22 a. 295 

•Coulter Marquis C, 48 a. 


Curtis Wllliiiin A, 20 a, 720 


Cashing Carrie V, SO a. 2180 

Coulter Silas B, 163 a, 2210 

Cutl.-r A stin, 109 a. 9130 

Coulter Win,290 a. 4550,\Vanatah 

Cu'ter Georeo W, 200 a. 8115 

■Cowden Kobert E, 000 a, 3-J 


Cutler Lewis, 55 a, 10850, La 



CoxEli.68 a. 715 

Cutler 1 ouis, 16 a, 1135. La Porte 

Cox Noah, 00 a. 095 

Czenvinski August, 82 a, 965 

C'.x WniS, 25 a. 445, Hanna 

Czcrwihi-ki M, 20 a, 220 

Craft Elizabeth. 39 a, 1715 

D.iggv Liii'v A, 154 a 4795 

Craft Henry, 197 a. 9545 

Dahiiren Charles G, 10 a, 210 

Craft Henrv, 3 a. 2170 

Dahl Henrv, 140 a. 1770 

Craft Mnr/.I, 38 a. 1295 

Dahl Leu-is, 199 a, 2770 

■Craft Robert D, 5 a, 1745 

Dahlke Chailes 82 a, 2115 

Craft Robert D, 7S a, 2s05 

Dahike Luduig, 10a, 580- 

Craft Robert D, 180 a, 0065 

Dahn J'.hn M, 1 a. 225 

Ciance Wni, 39 a, 400 

D.iiley T .onus, 2 a, 70 




^ I 

c » 


z t 

c I 

D . 


Spaeth S Studies, °'"^^llTu':!^:'*^' 


L. POLK & CO.' 

• Dailey Thomas, 31 a, 755 
£ Dale Charles F, 82 a 2CiiO 
« Dal- Walter, 19 a 150 
£ Dalke Andrew, 80 a, I'OO 
CO ^ Dalke LiuUvig. 100 a, IGCX) 
Cfl B Dallas Jonas, 2 a, 05 
2E 1^ Dallev Thomas, G3 a, 12S5 
J N Damein August. 1 a, 595 
j^ « Damelson Erank. 40 a, -170 
5j DanWert Charles, ICO a, 2020 
lij I Dare Benjamin F, -12 3 505 
O I Dare Jol.n. No 1. 39 a, 535 
Ca [ Dare John, 74 a, 10S5 
^ Darrou Mattie, 21] a. C805 
*0 Darrow Susan, 73 a, 3930 
^ Dating Albert. 15 a. 550 
2 Dnvey Catherine. 20 a, 55 
^ Davidson August. SO a. 14^0 
aj Davidson Edward. 20 a. 210 
Davidson Esther, 15 a. 570 
, 1 Davidson Niles, 25 h, 2C0 

Davidson James A, 114 :i, 2300 
David'ion John, 3UOa, 5GG0 Union 

ff) Davidson Lewis, ] a, 65 
y> Davis Elizabeth, 15 a, 345 

Davis Eugenius W, 219 a 4755 

Hatch's Mills 

CT Davis George, 27 a, 370 

n Davis Joseph, 1 30 a, 830 

'^ Davis Joseph, 596 a, 1795 

Davis Joseph and Geortre, 79 a, 
, 1530 ^ 

H Davis Mnry E, 20 a, 230 
fy Dnvis Minnie. 31 a, 500 
m l^avis Olive, 36 a, G25 

Davis Samuel S, 61 a, 705, Otis 
rr-f Davis Samuel S, 259 a, 1765, Otis 
\J Davis Wm S, 89 a, S40 
(H Dawd Charles. 80 h, 3435 
H Dawson Aaron, Go a, 2015, La 
/-? Porte 
\.\J Dawson Alice, 100 a, 2560 

Dawson Ella S. 20 a, 300 
(J) Diwson Eva, 05 a. 2820 
-. Dawson George. 79 a. 2G15 
KJ Dawson George. 91 a, 3815 
f, Dawson Irvin, 80 a, 3140 
[J Dawfon Obadiah, 195 a, 8885 
n Dawson Polly,:C6 a. 2470 
\\ Dawson Rachel, 36 a. 1285 
"7; Dawson Sarah E, 11 a, 2)0 
\J Dawson Sarah E, 80 a, 3^40 
.i_) Debrick August. 170 a, 2725 
-. Decamp John, SO a, 245 
{ I I Decker Fred, 2 a, 640 




Decker Homer, 254 a, 10S50, La 

Decker John F, 120 a, 3770 
Decker John F, 484 a, 20725 
Dt-eker Louis. 1 a. 495 
Decker Schyuler C, 45 a. 2840, La. 

Deets Joseph, 200 a, 4540, Unioa 

Deet? Lydia and Joseph, 163 a, 

6470, Union Mills 
De Long Charles M, 198 a. 1045 
Deiuend James, 70 a 1980 
De Meyer John B, 93 a, 1530 
De Meyer Kuhel S, 40 a, 11 55 
Deuiiiig John, 1 a, 390 
Demin-CO, 5 a, 150, Michigan 

Denham John W, 330 a, 1330. 

Denham Mary, 91 a, 230 
Dennison George S, 299 a, 2575, 

Denoski John, 1 a, 205 
Derrick Andrew, 17 a, 780 
Deshler Lewis, 9.i a, 1040 
Deshler Loui.-, 180 a, 2695 
Dewenger Joseph, 45 a. 930 
De Witt Benjamin B, 101 a, 3405,. 

Rolling Piairie 
De U itt Ella M, 33 a, 980 
De Wolfe Annie E, 22 a, 2500, 

Michigiin City 
De Wolfe Charles E, 40 a, 1000, 

Mic''igan Citv 
De Wolfe Clia.f^s E, 84 a, 1450, 

Michigan City 
De Wolf ChailesE, 150 a, 1155 

Michigan City 
De Wolfe Charles E, 183 a, 1975, 

Michigan City 
De Wolfe Chailes E, 295 a, 4470,. 

Michigan Ci.y 
De Wolfe Charles E and James 

R,253 a, 940 
De Wolfe Joseph, 2 a. 200, Michi- 
gan City 
Dick Clemens, 353 a, ]4a"i0 
Dietner Charle*. 80 a, 1080 
Dietrick John, 377 a, 1260 
Dietrich Henry, 80 a, 725 
Dildrick John, 50 a, 670 
Diltz Gertrude, 50 a. 830 

Dingmao Isaac, 19 a, 210 
Dinwiddle JoliJi, 40 a, 756. 

Do goii want a pod siWation? Prepare yoilrself for it at tk 



Din" ifHie John, 50 », 3470 
Doll Heiirv,8 ;i, li2U, Mk'higan 

Di.lf Tlieilore, 33 >,39p, Mi. liigan 

Domes Wm, 80 a. 710 
D.michfi-U diaries, ir>0 a, -2110 
Doinine Henry, I a, 7UU, Miclil- 

gaii City 
DomkeCarl. 52 3,305 
))oiKild.-oii .lol.n. lliO a. 1710 
Donaldson S G. 40 a, 4)0 
Don ith Aii;;iist, Jlo a, 1675 
Donell Robert and Nora E, 40 a, 

Ddnnell Peter and Thomas, 50 a, 

Do.inell Robert and Nora E, 13 a, 

Donnelly James, 1 a, 200, Jliclii- 

gan City 
Donnellv Peter, 9 a, 2700, Michi- 
gan City 
Do .n. lly Peter sr, 121 a, 2375, 

Michigan City 
Dons John, 100 a, lO'tO 
Dooliitle A J, 40 a, 680, Wanatah 
Doolittle Samuel. 159 a. 3905 
Doughty Nancy E. 00 a, 1620 
Dowd Charles M, 69 a, 1310 
Dowd Charles M, S3 a, 1050 
Downing Adeline, 65 a, 1230 
Downing Eliza, 108 a, 35G0 
Downing John F, 75 a, 32S0 
Downing Luther, 65 a, 1S90 
.l)raves John, 40 a, 655 
Drews August, 28 a, 515 
Dreger Gottlieb, IS a. 145 
Diews Wm,45a, 1040 
Drollinger G:.briel, SO a, 1365 
Drollinger George W, 80 11, 1120, 

Mill Creek 
Drollinger Jared, 259 a, 9740, Mill 

Drollifiger Jared F, 44 a, 1035 

Mill Creek 
Drollinger John. 40 a, 335 
liroUinger Josephine, 40 a, 335 
Diollinger Susan, 87 a, 946 
Druliner Aheline, 105 a, 4180 
Druliner Rebecca, 79 a, 4215 
Dnimmond James, 10 a, 140, Roll 

ing Prairie 
Dnunniond James, 96 a, 2340, 

Rolling Prairie 
Drumn.ond James, 160 a, 496; 
Jioiling Prairie 

Drummond James, 161 a, 8610, 

Rolling Prairie 
Diummond James, 262 a, 2460, 

Rolling Prairie 
Drummond M J, 40 a. 2100 
Diummond Orilda, 363 a, 70G5 
Dubert August, 80 a, 3285 
Dudeck John. 40 a, 560 
Dudley Albert, 2 a, 50 
Dudley Daniel, 15 a, 165 
D idley .lohn, 120 a, 946 
Dnetscher Ernest. 107 a, 960 
Duetscher Ernest & Julia, 60 a, 

Deutsuhcr Joachim, 146 », 1990 
Duetscher John, SO a. 1200 
r>uke Daniel, 79 a. 1605 
Dunham John, 196 a, 2160 
l»iinham Rachael, 40 a, 18.35 
Dnnifon \V II, 1 a, 120 
Diiim Win C, 233 a, 4045 
Durbron iVabhington, 80 a, 185 
Oner He' man, 12 a, 1785 
I)^er Eli-jha, SO a, 2.520 
Dver Thomas P, 40 a, 210 
Dv-iaid Alexander, 78 a. 1.500 
Kahart J.'hnT, 45a,715,Wanatah 
E.irl A F, 103 a. 3450, Michigan 

Earl Alf I ed F,56 a, 1400, Michigan 

Earnest Andrew L, 1 a, 30 
Earl Frederick ];, 213 a, 4200, 

Door Village 
Eason Setli, 2 a 285 
Eastwood Louisa. 40 a, 46{t 
Eaton Adiian A, 18 a, 415 
Eaton Clayton E, 18 a, 415 
Katon Edith E. 5, a 60 
Iviton Elizabeth, 32 a, 370 
Eaton James F, 35 a, 315 Wana- 





z 3 

Eaton Samuel, 230 a, 30.35, Union 




Eaton Thomas, 40 a, 670, Union 


=. hfl 

Eaton Thomas L, 40 a, 460 

rS " 

Eaton Thomas L, 479 a. 5950 

- C 

Eaton Thomas W, 44 a, 1220, 


Union Mills 


Eaton Wm A, 33 a, 345 


Eaton Williard F, SO a, 910 

Em ton Wm, 220 a. 3620, Union 
Mi Is 

=• (J) 

Eherly Catherine, 40 a, 335 

Ehert A N, a, 105 

Ebert John, 1.52 a, 26S5 


'FaDGy Sprins Patent 

J Street Milling Co., 


Northern Indiana. 
La Porte, Ind. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 












Eckert Charles, JO a, 290 

Eddy Arthur, St CI lir and 

Joseph C, 40 a, UoO, Michigan 

Eddy Charles M, 51 a, 4805, 

Michigan City 
Eddy Frank and Arthur, SO a, 

1175, Miehisran City 
Eddy Phoebe; 3 a, 950, Michigan 

Edwards Henry R, 157 a, 1210 
Edwards John, 100 a, 35') 
Egerst Johanna, 70 a. 995 
Egerst John, 50 a, 970 
Eggert Charles, IGO a, 2115 
Eggert Henry. 20 a. 190 
Eggert Lewis, 10 a, 325 
Ehrick Caroline. 81 a, 2885 
Eh rick Peter and Elizabeth, 54 a 

Eicnstadt Jacob, ICO a, 1575 
Ellis Carrie, 1 a, 110 
Ellis Johanna, IGO a, 1870 
Ellsworth Edwin S, 100 a, 2300 
Ellsworth H H,55a, 1150, Kings- 
Ellsworth Horace P, SO a, 2555, 

Ellsworth Polly, 113 a, 2185 
Emory Rebecca, 101 a, 57G0 
Englehart Johanna, 40 a, 250 
English Aseinith, SO a, 1585 
English Ephlin, 35 a, 485 
English George W, 290 a, 3G65 
English Lake Land Co, 7 a, 2970 
English Lake Land Co, SO a, ] 85 
English Lake Land Co, 1353 a, 

EntiliMi Mary, 50 a, 2020 
English Mary, 325 a. 5s40 
Engstrom Charles, 4G a, 1050 
Engstrom John, 10 a, 185 
Enos Josi-ph I, 75 a, 31 G5 
Erck Charles, 159 a, 2220 
Eriekson Charles, 25 a, 310 
Erickson Charles. 27 a, GSO 
Etherington Edmund,GS9 a,lGnO, 

Hatch's Mills 
Etheringion Mary E, 300 a, 9225 
Etherington Rieliard, 120 a, 3155 
Euald Peter, 73 a, 1095 
Evans Isaac N, 130 a, 7195 
Evans Jacob A, 239 a, 7955, La 

Evans Jacob A, 148 a, 5730, La 

Evenburg Henry, 5 a, 95 

Everet Chailes, 37 a, 300 
Everts Joseph, 28 a, 295 
J^verets Orpheus, 120 a, 775 
Everhart Win, 4 a. 65 
Everhart Wm. 397 a, 11035 
Everhart Wm J, 220 a, 690 
Ewing B, 80 a, 1070 
Faber Nicholas, 39 a, 505 
Fiick Charles F, 80 a, 1490 
Pager Peter, 5 a, 95 
Fahnestock A A .t C S 
Fail Adelia E, 20 a, G30 
Fail B S, La Porte 
Fail Benjah S. 246 a, 7280 
Fail James P, L . Porte 
Fail John N, La Porte 
Fail John W, 78 a. 5830 
Fail Philip D, 81 a, 3090 
Fail Wm A, 24 a, 630 
Faibes Jackson, 15 a, GO 
Fargher James, 153 a, 2755, 

Hatch's Mills 
Fargher Sophia J. 3 a. 1280 
Fargher Wm jr, 19 a, 2450 
Farnam Charles, SI a, 39U0 
Farney -M R. 68 a, 3075 
Farmack Stephen, 39 a, 915 
Farrester Charles, 155 a, 1S70 
Farrester Edwin S, 14 a, 295 
Farrester Edwin S, 40 a, 520 
Farrister Edwin S, 240 », 2435 
Farrester James jr, G a, SO 
Farrester Kate M, 154 a, 2G10 
Farrester Peter K, 21S a, 8430 
Farrester Thomas, 724 a, 15665 
Farrester Wm, 1 a, 70 
Fausch Frederick, 1 a, 650, Mich- 
igan Citv 
Fedder Julius, 1 a, 800, Michigan 

Felton Jacob, 220 a, 3270 
Felton Wm, 328 a, 3585 
Felton Wm E, 1 a. 110 
Feme Frederick, 100 a, 1610 
Feranick Stanslaus, 2 a, 30 
Fethke Cliarles L, SO a, G9U 
Fethke Louis, 37 a, 210 
Pick Henry, 1 a, 50, Michigan 

Fiek Henry, CO a, 1035, Michigan 

Figus George, 90 a, 2C30 
Fillield Benjamin, 40 a, 100 

I Fink (Jharles, 1 a, 35, Michigan 

' Citv 

I Fink Joachine, 40 a, 725 

For Fire, Life, Accident, Plate Glass, Steam Boiler, Lii/e Stock or 
Tornado InsiJrance call on J. llene Borland, La Porte. Ind. 



Finley Albert A A Jo-ephine. 40 

a, 875 
Finley Benjamin sr, 40 a, 1240 
Finley E B, 71 a. 1840 
Finley John H, 1 a, 65 
Fiuley W W & Abner L. 20a,975 
Firsten Willis P, 9 a. 300 
Fisgus Joiin. 99 a, 2085 
Fish Harry, 3 a, ti'Jo, Michigan 

Fish Harry J, 40 a, 600, Michigan 

FisheV Bartel, 40 a, 500 
Fisher Frank L, 40 a, 020 
Fisher Frederick, 79 a, 1205,Wan- 

Fisher Fremont, 40 a, 125 
Fisher Wm, i99 a, 7945, La Porte 
Fitch L S. SO a, 12U0, Oakwooc! 
Fitch L S, 194 a, 30G5, Oakwuoa 
Fitzjieraia Patrick, 40 a, 115 
Fitzpatrick Wm, 1 a, 1485 
Fitzpatrick Wm P, 171 a, 4130 
Flaherrv John, 50 a, 315 
FlaliertV Patrick, 20 a, 155 
Flaherty P& J, 10 a, 55 
Flax Solon, 1 a, CO 
Flegel John, 44 a, U45 
Fleneckiger John, Michigan 
Flood James jr, 30 a. 1500 
Flood B F, 89 a, 2085 
Flory Isa;ic, 50 a, 4000, La Porte 
Flotow John,3a, 250, Michigan 

Floyd Wm, 80 a. 2880 
Flynn Ella C, 35 a, 4(i5 
Flvnn EllaC, lGUa,43G0 
Fngle Levi, 115 a, 1S20, Michigan 

Fogle Sarah, 14 a, 330 
Fogus Lil'v, 1 a, 25 
Foldenaur Joseph, SOa, 13(iO 
Foldenaiir Nicholas, 40 a, 605 
FoUet U V, 80 a. 840 
Fongus Abram, 7 a, 1C5 
Forrester Edward S, 134 a, 14975, 

Lii Port" 
Foriotcr Peter K, 13 a, 275 
Forrebtei- Wm, 102 a, 1390 Michi- 
gan City 
Forrey Wm, ?0 a, 510 
Foster George O. 182 a. 3055 
Foster Scipha, 119 a, 2300, Hess- 

Foulk Benjamin F, 40 a, 450 
Fiix Henry, 46 a, 1760 
Fux Martin, 40 a, 170 

Fox Matthias, 80 a, 1340 
Fox Samuel, 2 a, 3609, La Porte 
Fox Sauinel, 9 a. 425, La Porte 
Fr mes Nina L, 100 a, 1570 
France A D, 65 a, 505 
France A D, 200 «, 8410 
France John, 80 a, 3005 
Francis Charles \V. 39 a, 655 
Francis George, 60 a, 2835, La 

Francis Joseph H, 241 a, 3150 
Francis Joseph H, 140 a, 5945 
Francis Liide, 125 a, 5300 
Francis S-.rah, 20 h, 440 
Fiancis Simeon, 156 a, 2520 
Fmser Joseph R, 157 a, 4020 
Fred Andrew sr, 134 a, 780 
Frederick Gottlieb, 20 a, 230 
Frederickson Charles, 15 a, 2920 
Frederickson Charles, 80 a, 355 
Frederickson Charles, 140 a, 440 
Frederickson E H, 600 a, 3930, 

La Porte 
Frederickson Wm, 597 a, 6005 
Frederickson Wm sr, 72, a. 1880 
Fieeland Christ, 3U a, 1040, La 

Frnese Christ, 5 a, 235 
Freese Christopher, 241 a. 5100 
Freese Frederick, 2 a, 500 La 

Freese John. 80 a. 305 
Freee John, 152 a, 3485 
Frelise Ernest, 50 a, 675 
Frenz John, 1 a, 395 
Fiever Jiobert, 40 a, 420 
Frier Ottillie, 40 a, 385 
Fiirz George, 50 a 930, La Porte 
Fritz Godfrey, 167 a, 4735, La 

Friizen Christ, 165 a. 2045 
Fritzen Louis, 119 a, 2640, La 

Froelch Angnst, 228 a, 2455 
Fry John L, 100 a, 525 
Filches Mary, 40 a, 1645 
Fiiltz Har'iett, 80 a, 1225 
Fuller Henry, 80 a, 1150 
Fuller Mary S S, CO a, 1215 
Fuller Wilber \V, 35 a, 935 
Gabbert August. 9 a, 1020 
Galbreth Elien, 50 a, 1775 
Galbreth John C, 60 a, 1635, Koll- 

ing Prairie 
Galbreth Wm, 54 a, 740, Polling 





o 8- 


Patrick, 200 a, 805 

Oberreicli X Rroold. 

Cor. Main &. Mich. Ave. 

Can sell you a Piano or Organ of almost 

any make at low prices. 
See us before buying, it will pay you. 

1 60 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

o « 







Gallajrher P D, 160 a, 405 
Gallajfher P D, 240 a, lOoO 
G indick Simon, 'il a, 735 
Gardener Charlotte, 2 a, 35 
Gardener Mirtha, 115 a, 0555 
Gardener M D, 15!) a, 3270 
Gardener Nancy .T, 267 a. 3155 
Gardener Jared, 80 a, 4295, West- 

Garnian Rosa B, 180 a, 4135 
Garrick Joseph, 5 a, 200, Michi- 
gan City 
Garske Peter, 68 a, 1005 
Garwin Anna. 40 a, 445 
Garwood Charles, 96 a, 5140. 

Door Village 
Gai wood Edward Z. 33 a. 1460 
Garwood Harriett, 80 a, 1060 
Garwood John, 16 a, 2'JO, La 

Garwoml John,20 a, 230, La Porte 
Garwood John.jr, 5.3 a, 2175, La 

Garwood John jr, 58 a, 1S40, La 

Garwood Jolin jr, 307 a, S675, La 

Garwood John jr, 594 a, 29510, 

La Pnrte 
Girwood John F, 29 a, 1665, La 

Garwood John M, 40 a, 3835, La 

Garwood Maggie E, 12 a, 495 
Garwood Mary E, 21 a, 875 
Garwood Mary and J F, 160 a. 

Garwood Thomas, 190 a, 0165, 

Gnrwood Thomas, 232 a, 10995, 

Garwood Thomas, 420 a, 13180, 

Garwood Wm J, 17 a, 565, La 

Garwood \Vni J, 74 a, 2380, La 

Garwood Wm J and John M, 207 

a, 7880, La Porte 
Gau Charles, 77 a, 2400 
Geer Mary, 39 a. 1845 
Geer Mary A, SO a, 2870 
Geer Mary A, 04 a, 1975 
G-ese John, 40 a, 700 
Geisen Peter, 599 a, 153S0 
(i.'iser Frederick, 121 a, 1250 
GiMslcr Catlieiiiie, 32 a, 755 

Geisler John jr, 38 a 655 
Geist Ezr.i, 144 a, 3845. Westville 
Geist John W . 12 a. 230 
Geist Walter B, SO a, 1225 
Geller Emanuel, 37 a, 1035 
G.-orge David, 133 a. 4455 
George Peter, 1 a, 500, Michigan 

George Peter. 10 a. 460 
Garner John, 3 a, 450, Michigan 

Gibson Lavina J and James M, 2 

a, 40 
Giekey Fred, 88 a, 2105 
Gierschke August, 4 a, 450, Mich- 
igan City 
Oierschke Gustave, 1 a, 300, 

.Michigan City 
Gilhert John II. 110 a, 3830 
(iilclui^t Nancv, 15 a, 950 
Gik-hri.-t Win 11,214 a. 7185 
Gilliam Joseph, 10 a, 120 
Gilhams Robert, 20 a, 2930 
Gillham E Mrs, Wanatali 
Gimple John, 16 a, 570 
Gintlier John, SO a, 1435 
Glade Emil, 38 a, 780 
Glancy Wm. 40 a, 210 
Glaiicy Wm, 90 a, 1180 
Glasgow Hugh. 245 a, 1685 
Glassman Gustav, 72 a, 2130 
Glassman Gustav, 120 a, 005 
GlHSsnian Mathias, 258 a, 3295 
Glav Henrv, 3 a, 295 
Glea.son G W, 40 a, 250 
Gleason Nicholas, 80 a, 1300 
Gline Alice, 30 a, 470 
Gline Jolin, 27 a, 410 
Gline Nelson, 10 a, 210 
Gloor Jacob, 153 a, 1535 
Gloft' August. 265 a, 4120 
GloffGottishjr, 74 a, 1125 
Gluck John, SO a, Is.SO 
Goetz Gottliei), 74 a. 2230 
Goft' Abbey, 119 a, 2885 
Goff Lodena, 20 a, 565 
Gott'SiiuireG. 67 a, 1900 
G.iit R H, 102 a, 3275 
GoUlii.g Thomas. 197 a, 2210 
Goklsiiiilh Annie R, 7 a, 145 
Goldsmith Dorothy J, 60 a, 1305 
Goldsmith John, 90 a, 1515 
Goldsmith Jo, 310 a, 4315 
Good James, 32 a, 315 
Good Lavina, 62 a, 285 
Goodall Charles E, 61 a, 1070 
Goodall (;,•(. rge E, 25 a, 605 





Gooilnouirli ./ohn, 80 a. 210 
Goodsell Henry. 20 ;i, 1C5 
Goodwin Clayton, IGO a, 

Goodwin Jane, 70 a. S30 
Goodvkoontz Jl P 340 a, 1335 
Gorden Glatliia, 10 a, 120 
Goss Aaioii, 120 a, 2010 
Gotham Frederick, 75 a, 150 
Goltenbeck Antone, 81 a, 4245 
Gott'j Clemens, 2 a, SI 5 
Gotto Matthias, 44 a, 900, Michi. 

gan t.;itv 
Gould David B, 125 a, 1G75 
Gnuld Henry R, 105 a, 2700, Mich 

igan City 
Guuld Henry R. 474 a, 0900 
Giage John, 40 a, oSo 
Graham Mitchell, 40 a 

Grauii Joseph, 40 a. 3S0 
Grams Joseph, 80 a. 830 
Grand 'I'rnnk & Chicago Ry Co, 

10 a, 1000 ■ 
Grandorf Chiirles, 100 a, 1425 
Grant Francis, 159 a, 2G55 
Grant John, 3 a, 970 
Granzou' John, 212 a, 5830 
Grattehaler Ilenrv & Caroline, 80 

a, 1040 
Graubman Heinrick, 2 a, 315 
Graushou \Vm, 1 a. 490 
Graves \Vm,44a, 1355 
Gray Nina, 20 a, 2.50. La Porte 
Greening Aujjust, 50 a, 535 
<;regory Henry E, 39 a, 555 
GiTKorv Mary E, 80 a, 1525 
Greigcr H Ludwig. 40 a, 905 
Grider Edward, 103 a, 4180 
Gridley Jabez, 40 it, 805 
Grieger Frederick, 215 a, 5520 
Grieger Ludwig, 48 a. 1295 
Grieger Liidwig. 120 a. 9S5 
Grieke Frederick. 59 a, 795 
Griewank Louii. 40 a, 95 
Griewank Mary. 53 a. 220 
Griewank Minnie, 25 a, 310 
Grirtin Aiistacns, 117 a, 2050, La 

Griffla Charles, 5 a, 155 
Griffin Martin. 30 a, 595 
Griffin Ralph, 10 a, 380 
Griffin Sylvester, 40 a, 815, Mich- 
igan City 
Griffin Svlvester, 50 a, 660, Mich- 
igan City 
Griffin Thomas, 40 a, 250 

Griffin Thomas, 40 a, 335 
Gritlin Thoma.-, 74 a, 1975 
Griffin W. sley, 40 a, 705, Mich- 
igan City 
Griffith Jane J, 100 a, 4730 
Giiku John. 00 a, 1080 
Grime Daniel A, 69 a, 1330 
Grimes .Sarah F, SO a, 2890 
GrinI Sarah T, 90 a, 1065 
Gr..elilei Frederick, 109 a, 36.55, 

Michigan Ci y 
Grotr A oph, 4U a, 435 
Gr.lVFrc.lcrick, 40 a, 825 
GroU' Rudolph, 00 a, 725 , 
Grus,- Cluster, 00 a, 1015 
Grns- Klinura, 80 a, 385 
(jioss K \V A. 135 a. 1210, Ilanna 
Gross John, 240 a, 1515. Hanua 
Gro-s John \V, 129 a, 490 
Grott Albert, 40 a, 000 
Grover Elizabet •. 10 a. S05 
Grove Josluia. 113 a, 3005 
Grover Martha E, 10 a. 095 
Grover Mary E, H2 a, 450 
Gruver .Sarah, 00 a, 720 
Gr.iver Tlicudore. 59 a. 1340 
Gruikil Ed.vanI, 00 a, 1390 
Gruikil Pauline. 34 a. 505 
Giicintlier Charles. 80 a. 2340 
Gueinthcr Wm, 155 a. 3730 
Gnieiiberg Gottlieb, a, 350 
Gunthrop Jenna, I a, 110 
Gu>e August, 170 a, 1230 
Gustavso.i Andy, 40 a, 780 
Gusther Charles, 123 a. 2085 
Guitine Wm B, 40 a, 1150, Mich- 
igan Citv 
Gutioskev Charles, 47 a, 775 
Gutsni-ky Ernestina, 20 a, 290 
Ilaac Henry, 230,1,4310 
Ila;,c Peter, 431 a, 6740 
lla:is Eli/a J, 41 a, lolio 
ll;ia. .Martha, 08 a, 2255 
II. .rk G.-orge sr, 40 a 895 
Hack i'eter, 117 a. 2.525 
H:ickett Ann J, 80 a, 925 
llackett Patrick. 10 a, 115 
Ha.-kctt Samuel. 294 a, 4330 
HalVr .Nicholas 20 a, 280 
llal.'r Nicholas, 117 a, 3525 
Halcrkamp W \V sr, 2 a, 485 
Hagelmever Dorotlia, 1 a, 150, 

Michigan City 
Hager Isaac, 39 a, 675 
Hairgerty John, 13 a, 545 
Hafrgerty John, 50 a, 1090 


■^ 0. 

Cor. Jackson &, Main Sts., La Porte. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 
















Hainps Jesse, 80 a, 3425, New 

Hale George, 120 a, 2460 
Hale Silas F, 95 a, 1645, New 

Hall Albert S, 78 a, 4250 
Hall Albert S, 368 a, 17995 
Hall Amos C, 78 a, 2325 
Hall Margaret, 30 a, 3915 
Hall Margaret, 340 a, 5010 
Hall n'tn A. 52 a, 3805 
Hall Wm A, 292 a. 15035 
Hailing Frederick, 76 a, 315 
Hailing Wm, 20 a, 190 
Halter Catherine, 10 a, 290 
Halter Catherine, 51 a, 2380 
Halter Jacob, 190 a, 5285, Rolling 

Halter Jacob A. 20 a, 900,Rolling 

Halter Joel F, 100 a, 3730 
Halter John S, 40 a, 1200 
Halter Lenora A, 37 a, 1050 
Halter Peter. 302 a, 22260, 

ling Prairie 
Hambeth Carrie, 80 a, 990 
Hammond Frederick, SO a, 
Haijimond Henry, 42 a, 645 
Hammond AVm B, 38 a, 2875 
Hanke Henry, 12 a, 725 
Hanke Wm, 1 a, 450, Michigan 

Hanna Wm "W, 40 a, 210 
Haunum David G, 80 a, 3310 
Hannum E B, 40 a. 230, La Porte 
Hannum E B and Minnie E, 158 

a, 8015, La Porte 
Hannum James jr, 129 a, 5200 
Hansler Lewis, 20 a, 715 
Hansen Catherine, 10 a, 200 
Hansen Peter, 320 a, 1345 
Hansford Jay L, 919 a, 5150, 

Hanson Thomas, 100 a, 280, La 

Hanson Thomas L, 160 a, 420, La 

Harding Abner C, 005 a, 2700 
Harding Elmer G, 5 a, 780 
Harding Lucius T, 00 a, 630, La 

Harding Lucius T, 104 a, 5940 

La Porte 
Hardou Frederick, 24 a, 255 
Harirjg August, 1 a, 100, Michi 

gan City 
HarlinM E, 11 a, 100 

Harman Frederick, 303 a, 2050 
Harmeson Elizabeth, 40 a, 1300 
Harmeson George R, 60 a, 1000 
Harmeson Isaac W, 20 a, 520 
Hairaeson \V'm H, 14 a, 160 
Harmon Andrew, 1 a, 550, La 

Harn Henry, 10 a, 130 
Harner Malinda. 65 a, 1400 
Harness Elcy M, 160 a, 270 
Harness James, 55 a, 325 
Harness Lorenz D, 25 a, 355 
Harness Peter, 38 a, 705 
Harness Peter, 40 a, 740 
Harness Peter S, 32 a, 440 
Harness Simeon, 30 a. 395 
Hariiing Frank, 5 a, 185 
Harper A-a sr, 275 a, 4005 
Harrington John, 55 a. 620 
Harrington Joshua, 50 a, 355 
Hariadou Sim, 40 a, 350 
Harradou Wm, 2 a, 50 
Harris Charlotte, 80 a, 1370 
Harris Henrietta, 150 a, 4910 
Harris James B, 87 a, 3340 
Harris John E, 160 a, 1440 
Harris Jnhn S, 80 a, 200 
Harris Wm H, 180 a, 0375, Roll- 
ing Prairie 
Harrold Frank P, 120 a, 4710 
Ilarsen Marion A, 70 a, 580 
Harseu Marion N and George \V, 

SO a, 925 
Hart Alphouse L, SO a, 2900 

Michigan City 
Hart George L, 80 a, 1740 
Hartnian Geoige W, 40 a, 975 
Hartnian Hans, 37 a, 390 
Harvestock Jacob, SO a. 288C 
Harvey (-aleb, 380 a, 10880, Roll- 
ing Prairie 
Harvey Henry, 20 a, 415 
Harvey Samuel D, 40 a. 210 
Haskell John, 160 a. 2840 
Hastings A S, SO a, 24 0, Rolling 

Hastings John H, 30 a, 1040 
Hastings John H, 80 a, 3320 
Hastings V/m S, 265 a, 10425 
Hastings W O, SO a, 2170, Rolling 

Hatfield Cathrine, 40 a, 800 
Hatfleld Vincent, 27 a, 420, Mill 

Hatfield Vincent, 120 a, lOSa.MlU 

IVIeissner's Pfiarmacii. 820 Main 8t„ La Porte. 

A Competent Pharmacist always In charge. 



Hatliway Sarah E, 2 a, 600. La 

Hatten Virginia, 191 a, 8SI5 
llaumersly Jabez, 79 a, 915 
Hansen Peter, 15 a, 145 
Hauser Barbara. 6 a, 365 
Hausheer Frederick A, 160 a, 335 
Hansher Herman, 119 a, 1910 
Uaussaner Philip', 1 a, 20 
Haven Maria, 15 a, 260 
Hawkins Eciwaril, 40 ft, 210 
Hawkins Enos, 1 a, 160 
Hay Daniel N, 40 a, 460 
Hay Daniel N, 377 a, 5660 
Hayes Samuel S. 137 a, 1215 
Hays Caroline W, 168 a, 1805, La 

Hays Mary A, 40 a, 670 
Heahn John, 1)*5 a, IGIO 
Hearnington Martha, 160 a, 370 
Hebhe Goctlieb, 20 a, 200 
Hecker Alzora S, 311 a, 7165 
Hecker Caroline, 28 a, 640 
Hecker Franklin J, 85 a, 5130 
Hecker Joseph W, 61 a, 1815 
Hecker Sally Ann, 98 a, 4390 
Hecker \Vm, 42 a, 1920 
Hecker Wm N, 80 a, 1385 
Heckraan Asa A, 107 a, 2385 
Heckman B F, 51 a, 1310 
Heckman Charles, 40 «, 580 , 
Heckman David L, 149 a. 3320 
Heckman Jacob M, 60 a, 1345 
Heckman Jacob S. 160 a, 2585, 

Hatch's Mills 
Heckman Theodore, 76 a, 14G0 
Hedrick Frank. 77 a, 405 
Hedrick Wm, 168 a, 2410 
Hein Adam, 50 a, 985 
Hein Augusta, 2 a, 170, Michigan 

Helmer Fred, 65 a, 710 
Helmick Christian, 5 a, 260 
Helmick Obadiah. 13 a, 170 
Heninick Henry, 61 a, 1010 
Henning August, 52 a, 595 
Henning Barbara, 151 a, 1G80 
Henning Julius, 10 a, 140 
Henning Julius, 10 a, 160 
Henoch M, 40 a, 295 
Henry George, 143 a, 3955 
Henry Helen H, 29 a, 335 
Henry Thomas, 56 a, 295 
Henry Thomas, 130 a, 975 
Henschel Frank, 93 a, 1180 
Ilenton Evan, 26 a, 1215 

Henlon p;van A Benjamin, 200 a, 

Herbert Christian, 63 a, 995 
Herbst Chi isiiaii, 100 a, 890 
Herman Elizabeth, 55 a, 765 
Herman John, 10 a, 125 
Herruld Benj min. 120 a, 3995 
Herrold Cliristopher, 210 a, 9885 
HerroUl Frank, 1 a, 525, LaPorfe 
Herrold Henry, 451 a, 15990,WesL- 

Herrold Hiram, 100 a, 4170, West- 

Herrold Jacob, 81 a, 3620 . 
HerroUl Jacob. 100 a, 3765 
Herrold John, 67 a, 810 
Heriold Mary E, 12 a, 405 
Herrold Michael S. 40 a, 420 
Herron G \V, 40 a, 210 
HessPeier M. 126 a, 1980 
Hetlield E I>, 92 a, 3560 
Hetfield Wm, 50 a, 2365 
HethersoM Alice, 119 a, 655 
Hewett Sarah J, 1 a. GO 
Hews Edward S, 160 a, 1780 
Hews Mary A, 127 a 5520 
Hewson Charles, 77 a, 3!<85 
Hewion Charles, 561 a, 12690 
Hibbard Daniel W,40a. 1355 
Hibner Augustus H, 72 a, l-.;90 
Hick Schuyler C, 41 a, 1830 
Hickman Caroline, 3 a, 225 
Hickman Charles A, 114 a, 2735 
Hickman KdgarW, 61 a, 1125 
Hickman Harrint A, 15 a, 380 
Hickman Jacob V, 101 a, 2345, 

La Porte 
Hickman Sarah J, 182 a, 2285 
Hicks Alvah,G4 a, 1825 
Hicks Alvrth J and Viola A, 41 a, 

Hicks George W, 72 a, 1760 
Hicks Jonas L, 98 a, 2250 
Hicks Richard A, 72 a, 2015 
Hicks Theodore M, 40 a, 1445 
HigiiiDS James, 20 a, 345 
Higgins J B, 2 a, 335 
Higley Cynthia E. 3 a, 225 
Hiidebrand • 'ora M, 25 a, 570 
Hileman Carrie B, 29 a. 520 
Hileman Levi, 32 a, 525 
Hileman Louis, 60 a, 1135 
Hill Harriett, 53 a, 010 
Hill Henry, 160 a, 505 
Jllllman John, SO a, 835 
Hillnian Wm, 110 a, 1130 
Hilt John, 11 a, 690, La Porte 







";Old Line Drug Store." 


812 Main Street, La Porte. 


L. POLK & CO.'S 





r,Oi «, -m}?,, I.?. Port 
.1x1 l.ukel. eC.', 173i 

18000. L-i 

[il .I..ilM t' 

I.a I'ortf 

A- VTM;illott, 3 a, 195, 

Hiltz (j.Mtnnle and, 43 a, 

Hiiies .John, \) a, 5J5, Micliigan 

IIi|n)"l!Hi-nov, 77 H, -2305, Micliisan 

Ilipp'l.oiiu, -10 a, (wo 
Ili-je Fiai.k, 102 a, I'JGO 
IlitclifOcU Cliair Co, 7 a, 1500, 

Micliisaii Cilv 
Ilixoii Eauard,"U4 a, 4005, We?t- 

o^ Hixon Elizabeth, 70 a, 3725, West- 






llix.iii Elizabeth, 78 a, lSoO,West- 

Ilixoii Emeliiie, 40 a, 115.5, West- 

Hix.iu Ii-a. 40 a, 1850 
llixon Kaliih, .50 a. 1015 
llixoii Su-^.ui, 38 a, 1005 
llixoii Thomas ,r, 83 a, 2180 T J .•^, 75 a. 28.50, Westville 
llizer^aiicv.l, 13 a, 485 
Hizer Piiscilla, 07 a, 2435 
IloHilley Fariiiv, 3 a. 110 
lloaillev Jaiiics G, 71 a, 1420 
Hobst PetiT P, 28 a, 510 
Jlo. kiiev Cliai-les, 88 a, 255 
IloekneV Oharles, 291 a, 4615 
Hockney Ilairiet. 180 a. 3240 
Iloeknev John, 60 a, 770 
Hockney Win, 160 a, 2470 
Hockney ^Vln sr, 130 a, 680 
Hodman Edward, HI a, 1615 
H.dlman John, Michigan Citv 
Ho^Cg Nathan B, 1175 a, 671.V 
Holland John, 38 a, 665 
Hoke Jolm J, 240 a. 2150 
Holcomb Hannah, 220 a, 5880 
llolromh James H, 80 a, 1530, 

H..leman S L, 30 a, 260 
Ho land R H, 112 a, 2620, LaPotve 
Hollfin,! K H, 169 a, 6870, I 

Ilollenbeck norace, 50 a, 1280 
Holienberg Aaron, 1 a, 490 
Hollingsworth Phoebe, 20 a, oSO 
HoUowav Fanny K. 5 a, 310 
Hnlioway John S, 40 a, 400 
Holloway Jolm S, 103 a, 560 

Hollou-ay .Mary L. 10 a, 240 
Holm La .s, 13 a, 630 
llolman A J, 198 a, 3.595 Charles F, 277 a. 985 
ll( Elizabeth, ,32 a, 820 
Holmes M\ra J, 40 a. 95 
lloliiies U-i-ur, 40 a, 720 
Hood ( liarllla M, 60 .,,^80 
Hood Maiv K. 120 a, 5010 
Hood Wm'ir, 40 a, 1215 
Hood Wm M jr, 42 a, 1635 
Hook Epliraim D, 29 a. 1.5,50 
Hootoii Geort;e K, 40 a, 315 
llooton W'w, 200 a, 6895 
Hoover Eli K, 30 a. 2075, La Porte 
Hoover Elmer F, 52 a, 3770, La 

Hoover John, 138 a, 6.500 
Hoover John sr, SO a, 1015 
Hoover John D, 47 a, 340 
Hoover John D, 371 a, 17335 
Hoover John H, 89 a, 30.50 
Hoover John sr and others, 160a, 

Hope Christ, 07 a, 1200 
Hopper Wm, 27 a, 580, Michigan 

Hoppner Charles. 80 a, 305 
Hornbeck Peter L. 45 a, 1650 
Honde Hellen M, 119 a, 1900 
Hornier W A, 210 a, 565 
lki>nu-r W A, 280 a, 640 
Hosmer Xancv, 4 a. 200. La Porte 
II..Mn.-i N:,n,'"v,46 :,, 2685 
11,,M.M|,-, (MMMire H,4()M, 725 
llo-t,;l,.i II, -111 V, 200 a, 6;i2() 
IloMotI,.!- .loM-ph, 048 a, 31470, 

Xeu- Carlisle 
Hongh Es;her A, 5 a, .50 
Howe IraG, 100 a, 605 
Howe Willard W, 90 a, 6000 
llouell ( alhcrine E, 111 a, IGOO 
llourll (;;nn.< L, 21 a, 810 
llo-A,-ii s I", sii :i, 1910, Wanatah 
Howell S X, 154 a, 3^35 
Hubbard Jiawson, 85 a, 3225 
Hnekins George. 79 a, .3670, La 

HucUins N P, 123 a, 6470 
Hudlemeyer Henry, 22 a, 405 
Hndlemeyer Xancy, 70 a, 790 
Hudson David, 114 a,2220,Hatch's 

Ilndson Harvey .7, 54 a. 1035 
Hudson Joseph. 60 a, 1215 
Hntl' Benjamin F. 6 a, 435 
Hullman David, 6 a, 365 

Experts teach Book-keeping, Penmanship, Shorthand and the English 
for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 



Hiiiman DaviJ E, 200 a. 5340 
lluimaii Wni, 78 a, 770 
niillJolin,40a. 5G0 
Iliiltgreen Cliarles, 5 a, 105 
Humei John, 4 a, U75 
Ilunciieoii Patiiok. 3222 a. 13320 
Hunclieon P and R, 43 a, 130 
llnnotieoii Richard and Patrick, 

443 1 a. 3.'S80 
Hundt Herman, 76 a, 990, Wana- 

Hiiiisley Caroline, 40 n, 400 
lliinsley Cliarles, 70 a, tiO.5, llanna 
llnnsley Charles R, lOU a, 1020, 

lliinslev Thomas, 11 a. 7."), Ha'uia 
Ilunsley Thomas, 495 a, 4930, 

Hunt Alhort, 29 a. 1250, La Porte 
Hunt Albert P, 50 a, 2525, J. a 

Hunt Andrew B, GO a, 850 
Hunt Anzi L, 32 a, 8«5 
Hunt Anzie L and Mary E, 37 a, 

Hunt A I!, I a, 110 
Hunt Duncan X, 27 a, SIO 
Hunt Eli/.alieth, 2'.t a, lOnU 
Hunt Frcdfick, 115 a. 1355 
Hunt Henry H, 40 a, 3'J5 
Hunt Jos'-ph, 20 a, 290 
Hunt Louis, 77 a. 1340 
Hunt Ludwig, 205 a, 1245 
Hunt Ludwig and 11 Kuehn, 83 

a, 250 
Hunt L. 115 a, ICOO 
Hunt Mary C, 27 a, 810 
Hunt Mai-v C, 37 a. Mm 
Hunt Mary D, 32 a. 1145 
Hunt May and A B, 3'J a, 495 
Hunt Wm W, 157 a, C05U, Rolling 

Huntley Mary E, 16 a, 1100 
Hnntlev Sarah E, 14 a, 100 
Hnntou Evan. 7 a 1305. La Porte 
llnnt^nan B F, 100 a, 29'jO 
Hupp Thocdorc, 120a,:i2ii5 
Hutchinson Alexander, 40 a, 705 
Hutton James M, 71 a. 1015 
Hutton James X, 75 a, 1775 
Hutton John, 61 a, 1585 
Hyatt Angelina. 40 a, 200 
Hyatc Cai-rissa, 108 a, 1180 
Hyatt F W, 40 a. 080, Willvale 
Hvnes Ellen M, 207 a, 11590 
Imcs Martha, 20 a, 73i) 
ImkeFran/, 100 a, 1020 

IngersoU Wm, 100 a, 2000 
Ingram Florence, 72 a, 4040 
Ingram Florence M. 10 a, 193'> 
Ingram Sarah, 8 a. 420 
Ingram Sarah, 39 a, i050 
Ingram Sarah, 824 a, 17030 
Inman Ellen, 06 a, 1845 
Ireland Dncia M, 43 a. 1075 
Ii eland Josena, 27 a, 410 
Ireland Joseph, 102 a, 1080 
Ireland Mary, 21 a, 303 
Ireland .Monroe and Annie. SO a, 

Ireland W P, US a, 3230 
Irvin Sarah B, 28 a 1210 
Irwin Jnsepn L, 120 a. 280 
Irwin Sarah B, 52 a, 820 .^^ 

vide ^ 

Iseminger Peter T R, 208 a, s;i75 
Isliam Jane. 40 a. 575 
Istatt .lolm, 100 a. 3.40 
I>tait Wm, 79 a, 1975 
■ la.'ksun Allen, 20 a, 385 
J(.lin,on Asa, 10 a, 235 
.larU~on David L, 28 1, 4C0 
.lacksmi Smi'mIi a, 40 a, 590 
.lack.-un Willie, ..7 a, 750 
Jacnh Hcnrv, 2 a, 190 
Jaculi-ori.le'ns, 3 a, 205 
Jaczui-ki John, 14 a, 140 
.lacgcr Joseph, 9 a 3400 
James .lane A, 23 a, 1000, Michi- 
gan City 
.lanke Victoria, 30 a, .370 
Jirned Jolin, 40 a 1170, La Porte 
Ja.-wak Gcdigc, So a, 1940 
.Iaric.~ke Adam, 4 a, 210 

k^ Xe: 










Jernegan Thoma-, 4 a.SOO, Mich- 
igan Citv 
Je<ko .Michael. 80 a. 9)0 
Jesse August sr, 40 a 9.J0 
Jfssup a"M, 173 a, 0795, La Porte 
JesMip Abiezer M, 157 a, 0975, La 

Je-up Annie R, 7 a, 290 
.le-sup Annie R, 23 a. S90 
•lessup C.therine B, 7 a, 270 
Jes-nj) Citherine K, 23 a, 805 
JesMip CIdoe, 20 a. 370 
.leisnp Gaylord, 130 a, 5405, 

Je<-up John T, 43 a, 1825, La 


J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 










Jessup Mary, GS a, -iGT:. 
■lessutj Miiry L, 81 a, 'iSJO 
JessapMary T, -18 a. ltjl.5 
Joers Henry, 75 a, 202.5, Michigan 

. .lohannd Catherine, 3 a, 35 
John Adam, 216 a, 680 
J..hnkoski Joseph, 10 «, 210 
Johnkoski Micliael, SO a. 855 
Johns Emilia, 213 a, 1.340 
Johnson Adam, 80 n, 670 
Johnson Adolph, 39 a, 765 
Johnson Andrew, 20 a, 460 
Johnson Andrew, S2 a, 1615 
Johnson Andy C, 116 a, 4395, 

Johnson Andy M,19 a. 590 
John.son Anna, 6 a, 135 
John^on Anna, 7 a, 495 
Johnson Anna, 23 a, 390 
Johnson Anna E, 10 a. 3930 
Johnson A F, 10 a, 605 
Johnson A J, 20 a. 515 
Johnson Charles No 1, 7 a, 120 
Johnson Daniel, .30 a, 7.'50 
Jolmson Frank G. 28 a, 500 
Johnson Ilenrv J, 79 a, SSO, 

Michigan City 
Johnson James M, .52 a, 4.S0 
Jolinson James R. 144 a. 2290 
Johnson Jane B, 120 a, 690 
Johnson Jane U 112 a, 1100 
Jolinson Jane B, 2.59 a. 10085 
Johnson Jolin,2Ua, 470 
Johnson John, 21 a, 430 
Johnson .lohn, 30 a, 520 
Johnson John, 1 a, lOO, Michig.ui 

Johnson John M. 47 a, SS5 
Johnson J<.n:is, 10 a, 1.55 
Johnson T.ars, 30 a. 7.:>5 
Johnson Magnus. 5 a. 90 
Jolinson IVter. .56 a, 725 
Jolinson .Sanuiel, 57 a, -160 
Jo'i7is(in Solomon, 8 a, 145 
Jolm-on Swan J No 1 and C E 

Jdlinson Swanson, .30 a, 1000 
Johnson Sweyer. 54 a, 1445 
Johnson S V, 10 a, 105 
Johnson Wm, 121 a, 080 
Jonas Fred, 20 a, 16.30 
Jonas Minnie. 9S a, 22!<0 
Jones Enoi h D, 140 a, 3 1 95. Still- 


Jones Ferdinand, 40 a, 1210 
Joiie.s John, 7 a, 930 . • 

Jones John. 120 a, 3625 

Jones Ransom. 21 a, 550 

Joilin .loseph, 24 a, 315 

Haber Henry, 35 a, 670 

Kadou Frederick, 80 a. 470 

Kadoii John, 60 a. 835 

Kahn Wm, 1 a, 450, Michigan 

Kalwitz Charles, 220 a, 2495 
Kaniieneck Henry, Gl a, ',i90 
Kamuski Wm, .50 a, 7S0 
Kankakee Shooting and Fishing 

Club. 901 a, 4615 
Kapelski Adolph, 16 a. 160 
Kapliski F, 6 a, 115 
Ka-cluibe August, 74 a, 1355 
Kaschnlie Michael, 100 a, 2050 
Raster John, 90 a, 1585 
K..ufman L. 81 a. 260 
Keen George F, 40 a, 570 
Keit'er Henry. 96 a, 14.30 
Keiler Hnnrv A jr. 40 a, 675 
Keller Henrv F, 45 a, 730 
Keifer John, 40 a. 725 
Keiller Belimia, 13 a, 345 
Kfiger A S, 20 a, 210 
Keil Albertine E, 40 a, 295 
Keil Julia T, 20 a, .55, Hanna 
Keith C itheriiie. 17 a. 75" 
Keith Dennis S, .53 a, 1270, Door 

Keitli Dennis S, 145 a, 10370, Door 

Kei h Marv A. 40 a. 460 
Keith W es'lev E, 83 a 3615 
Keith W K. 117 a, G0J5, La Po'rte 
Ki-ith W R. 10 a, 105, La Porte 
Ke^thliiie Charles II, 3!)S a, li035 
Keithrne Ch.-ules S, 240 a, 555 
Keithline Ezra, 44 a. 1620 
K.Mthline Ida M, 40 a, 1635 
Keller .Martin N.4 a, 175 
Keller Sarah M. 1 a, 3)5 


3 a. 

Ke log E.l\ 
Ki-llv Cath 
KfllV Patii 
KellV K(.v 

ard C, 51 a, 5105 
■ ine, 12 a. 805 
jk, 40 a. 295 

K.dlv Sh,.un D. 40 a, 605 
Kemp August, 63 a, 600 
Kemp .I.-SM', 40 a. 2.50 
Kri„|) ,losei h. 15 a, 80 
Ki-ni|ier Alfied. 71 a. I.=^n5 
Ki'pper Kli/a. 39 a, 9,55 
Kern Arnion W.2l a. 330 
Kt-rn Maiia. lOO a, 218(j 
Kern Pnuell, 20 a, 520, Hanna 

iw^^\^^^ ,,f.iV, J. VENEDORLAND 
insure Wltil^La Porte, Ind. 



Kerns Cornelias A W and George 

A, 48 a, 1595 
Kerr Robert, 33S a, 6975, La 

Kerwin Elizabeth. 2 a, 340 
Kessler Frederick, IM a, 9110 
Kessler S I, 12 a, 1200 
Kester Charles, 5 a, 255 
Kewley Jeremiah J, 104 a, 1185, 

Kidder Aaron, 189 a, 3745 
Iviemiel Joseph, 80 a, 1350 
Kienitz Gustave, 112 a, 1445 
Kill George, 72 a, 1280 
Kilmer Alma, 80 a, 6S0 
Kilmer Henry, 144 a, 940 
Kimball Alice and Ernest, 47 a, 

380, Micliignn City 
Kimball Daniel, 145 a. 7530 
Kimball John. OS a, 1905 
Kimball Tooley, 08 a, 20G0 
Kiminell Jr, 61 a, 345 
Kine Zachariah, 115 a, 2310 
Kinefeldt Charles No 1, 1 a, 420 
King Alexander, 2 a, 405 
King Effie Jane, 73 a, 1815 
King Otis, 6 a, 575, .MichiganCity 
Kinsr Otis jr, 39 a, 4GU, Michigan 

King Polaski. 1 a, 195 
KingPolaski, G8 a, 1375 
Kingsley Harrison J, 111 a, 1355 
Knitzele Andrew, 30 a, 430 
Kintzele Charles jr, 100 a, 1455 
Ivintzele Charles sr, 100 a, 1485 
Kintzele Nicholas, 4 a, S50, Mich- 
igan City 
Kintzele Wm, 4 a, 110, Michigan 

Kipp Henry. 1 a, 245 
Kissel! Elizabeth, 40 a, 430 
Kissell HerbeaS, 45 a. oMj 
Kitcheninister Job' , 116 a, 1795 
Klabi^eli Franz, SO a 1175 
Klawieter Kudoljib. 59 a. 595 
Kline Wm, 40 a, 485 
Kloiiniski Walter, 40 a, 545 
Klunge Wm. 10 a. 400 
Kneisley Elizabeih,44 a, 170 
Kneisley George W. 40 a, 670 
Kneislev Jacob F, 377 a, 420 
Kneth Wm, 80 a. 315 
Knight Frank, 72 a, 1400 
Knight H B, 120 a. 2550 
Knight Joseph J, 21 a, 265. Union 


Knight Joseph J. 114 a, 965. 

Union Mills 
Knop John, 55 a. 905 Hanna 
Knott Charles, 157 a. 5705 
Knox Wesley L, 593 a, 1275 
Knuth Frederick, 125 a, 1890, La 
■ Porte 

KobLibski Chri«t, 1 a, 230 
Koch Henry, 19 a, 535 
Koepplin Charles, 80 a, 285 
Koerner John, 9 a. 425. Michigan 

Kohler Fred, 3 a, 475, New Car- 
Kohler Tilghman E, 142 a, 4310 
Kohlmorgen Charles, 200 a, 945 
Kotjkey George, 80 a, 1860 
Konkey Michael, S9 a, 935 
Koonler EtbeilbertM, 3 a, 165 
Kountz Catherine, 41 a, 410 
Knontz John sr, 10 x, 530 
Koontz Margaret, 23 a. 320 
Koontz Soijeiski,240 a, 3030. Union 

K"(.pal John, 60 a. 730 
Ko]./niski Andrew, 10 a, 105 
K pi.liki Franz, I a, 191) 
Kopziii-ki John. 22 a, 465 
K.-anke.lolin M. 154a, 1645 
Krackowi.-iz Maria. .sO a, 1210 
Ivianier .losepli M. 70 a, 735 
Kramei- Matthias, 40 a, 1245 
Kramer Xichulas, 7 a, 115 
Kramer Nicholas 80 a, 1235 
Kramer Peti'r, 10 a, 255 
Krantz Christian, 34 a, 685 
Kranse Avignsr, 1 a, 440 
Kraiise Charles, 88 a, 1220 
Krege John, 30 a, 190 
Krege John, 50 a. 655 
Kregle .\vigust, 160 a 3865 
K'l-nibs Alexander. SO a, 335 
Kriegrr l/arl, 40 a, 335 
Krifg.-r Christ 
Krii'i-el.hilins, 91 a, 2225 
Krinsel Charles, 79 », 1210 
K roll John. 78 a. 1145 
Kromens Charles, 14 a. 320 
Krouse Herman, 268 a, 3025,'Wan- 

Krouse Martin, SO a, 1930 
Kriieger Charles. 40 a, 250 
Krneger C & F C Gotham, 40 a, 

Krneger Emil. 90 a, 1015 
Krneger Frank, 80 a, 1075 
Krneger Frederick VV, 1G7 a, 3410 






S 3 


Oljerreicli X jirnold, -••''''"' ■'"''"'°-'-'°'*'''"""'^^ 

Well equipped to do all kinds of repair 
work in a prompt and satisfactory manner 

L. POLK & CO.'S 



Krueger Joliii, SI a, 250o, Miclii- 

ga.i City 
KiueKer Otto C, 3 a, bOO, Michi- 
gan Citv 
Krupger Rosa, 40 a, 630 
Knieger Win sr, 10 a, 200 
Ki-ueger AVm, 33 a, S15 
Kiiieger Wm ji- No 1.40 a, 630 
Knieger AVni, -10 a, lOr.O 
Krueger Wni ji- Xo 2, 40 a, 505 
Kriise J C. 1 a, 490 
Kiifl]arski M, 40 a, 520 
Kiigel Jose])h. 77 a, SIL") 
Kiigiiwski Jolni, 1 a, lo") 
Kuharski .Steplien, S3 a, 1355 
Kiiliii Anna M, 13 a, 170 
Kuhn Cas])er, 33 a, 60U 
Kuhn Gottlieb, 120 a, 11145 
Kuhn Henry, 120 a, S20, Waler- 

Kuhn Herman, 80 a, 250 
Kuhn Herman, 104 a, 'J'M 
Kunno August, 21 a, 780 
Kuratli Joseph, 3 a, 515 
Ku<s August, SO a, 1700 
Kus< AVni and Minnie, 80 a, 1535 
Kvahn August, 120 a. 950 
Kvahn Jolm, 40 a, 620 
LabesCh rles, 83 a, 3125 
Labourn Frederick, 45 n, 5G0 
Labourn Fritz, 15 a, 210 
I-aboiirn George, 97 a, 1110 
Labourn Wm A, 68 a, 1165 
Lake Erie & Western R R Co, 2 

a. 00 
Lake Shore R R Co, 5 a, 515 
Lake Shore & Michigan, 1 a, 35 
Lake Shore & .Michigan Soutliern 

Ry Co. 11a. 505 
Lamb Olive, 352 a, 3780 
Lambka Frederick, 2 a, 500, Mich- 
igan City 
Lanibright Felix, 19 a, 2G0 
Lambright John, 40 a, 620 
Lamphere Wm M, 40 a, 505 
Lancaster Joshua, 40 a. 115 
Lane Judith, 160 a, 1345 
Lane Thomas, 20 a, 175 
Larson John, 35 a, C75 
Larson Peter, 20 a, 345 
Laskoski JIary and Martin, 40 a, 

Larham Wra, 19 a, 75, Michigan 

Latimer J C, 600 a, 3210 
Latimer J C. 1360 a. 6060 
Laugliriian Dennis, 3 a, 45 

Langhman Martin, 3 a, 55 
Laughman Sophia, 160 a, 2130 
J,ivore Mary, 40 a, 210 
Lawrence A'gnes, 65 a, 1015 
Liiwr-nz Carl, 18 a, 315 
Lawsin Win, 66 a, 825 
Lay Cliarles, 4 a, 800 
I-ay Christian, 24 a, 2105 
Laybourn Newlove, 102 a, 690 
Laybourn Susan, 5 a, 75 
Layman Benjamin F, 71 a, ISIO 
Layman John, 64 a, 1700 
Li VI on Francis M and others, 

131 a, 2355 
Lt-arn Eli/.ab. th, 95 a, 1955, Union 

Li'arn Elizabeth, 2SS a, 6655, 

Lnion .Mills 
T,earn F W, 107 a, 3285 
Li-arn Harriet, 224 a, 1925 
Learn Levi. 80 a, 1285 
Learning Charles F, 239 a, 8890 
Leaning Ella G, 5 a, 140 
Le.ip Mary A, 36 a, 635 
Le lilauc Margaret, 13 a, 275 
Le 151nnc Maigaret, 346 a, 13325 
Lodvanl Catherine, 6 a, 215 
Lfeds Walter A. 23S a, 4005, 

:Michigan City 
Leeker Henry, 143 a, 1960, Union 

Leeker Henry W, 123 a, 1125, 

Union Center 
r-efman Chai les, 77 a, 250 
Leham Gottlieb, 31 a, 725 
Lehman Mici.ael, 10 a, 170 
Lehman .Michael and J, 35 a, 610 
Leiter ..\nton, 166 a, 6610 La 

Lei'er Eliza and Antoiie, 204 a, 

-1310. La Porte 
Leiter George M. 74 a, 1785 
Lell Gnstavous F, 89 a. 1650 
Lempher Henry, 1 a, 540 
Lescke .loiin, U a, 370 
Lester Hattie C. 2 a, 185 
Leuhurt John, 8U a, 1710 
l.euseh Jiilit B, 1 a, 350, Michi- Citv 
Leiiseh l/ouis, 1 a, 395 
Leusehow Frank, »0 a, 1100 
Levemlnski Frank, 77 a, lsi5 
Lcvendiiski Frank, 140 a, 2715 
Levendiiski Michael. 93 11, 1485 
Levenduski Valentine, 98 a, 1570 
Lewereijze John, 74 a, 1365 

Hotel Teeffarden, 

The only First Class Hotel in 
La Porte. E. G. Short, Propr. 



Lewie Israel G, 40 a, 500, Three 

Oaks. Michigan 
Lewis Uriah. 122 a. 2340 
Lewis Win C, 20 a. 40:i-> 
L'Hote Cynthia, '.»3 a, Ufi.") 
I>uUlle Oliver B, 3:tl a, 1725 
Lilley A P, G8 a, 1905 
Lilley A F, 300 a, 10710 
Lilley .Saiah, 3G a, 005 
'Lilley Sarah, 38 a, 1205 
Linanl Dani"! J, 50 a, 1G95 
Linard Elizabeth, 19 a. GI5 
Linard Mnry B. 04 a, 2725 
Linard T H, 145 a, 2055, Union 

Lind Christian I, 70 a, 290, Mich- 
igan City 
Lindahl Andrew, 40 a, 7S0 
Lindahl Andrew, SO a, 3515 
I-iine John, 10 a, 3250 
Liiigard John, 44 a, 740, Mill 

Linsard John, 320 a, 3340, Mill 

T>lngard Wm II, 80 a. 1725 
TJrcl Christ J, 20 a, 105 
Little Miio L, 2 a. 140 
Little Nancv J, GO a, 1450 
Little Nancy J, SO a. 2920 
Livingston janies, 200 a, 43S0 
Livingsion X>incy, 15 a, 175 
Livingston Xancv, SO a, 1930 
Livingston Wni 11, 2S a, 235 
Livingston Wm H, SO a. 1100 
Lloyd Is;iac F. 20O a, 1390 
Llovd John L, 130 a. 3100 
Lloyd J F M, 7 a, 240 
Lloyd Leonard, 38 h, 580 
Lloyd Leonard P, SO a. 505 
TJovd Leonard and Jane, 59 a, 

Lloyd Rebecca, 80 a, 1050 
Lloyd Kebecea" 100 a, 3120 
Lloyd Wilber T, 17 a, 405 
Logan John and Luev, 50 a, 1305 
Logan Levi L. 44 a, 1035 
Logan Mary 1^.30 a, 1080 
Logman John, 52 a, 1090 
Loniax John A and George, 278 

a. 1S25 
Lomax John A and George, 1275 

a, 10500 
Long Albert, 103 a, 1725 
liOng Alexander, 38 a, ISO 
Long Alexander, 80 a. 50'> 
Long Alexander, 300 a, 1U40 

Long Alexander and James S, 

318 a, 1515 
Long^Jiinu-s S, 1S97 a, 20490, La 

C osse 
Long John, SO a 895 
Long Wash A, 108 a, 1780, Union 

Look Wm C, GO a, 520 
Looker Etta, 32 :., 445 
Looker John, 143 a, 4690 
Looker ;M;irtha, 38 a, 1355 
Looker Memnhis, 27 a, 545 
Looniis Catherine. 77 a 2540 
L<on]is Charlie II, 09 a, 4035, 

Door Village 
Looniis Kpit K, 39 a, 1470 
L.joniis Justice, 20 a. 700 
Looniis Mary, 10 a. 335 
l.ooiiiis Marv A, 105 a, 37C5 
Looniis Minerva. 1 a, 015 
Looniis Ka'nh, SO a, 3170, West- 

Looniis Ralph, 270 a, 8555, West- 

Looniis Seth C, 238 a, 0400. AYest- 

Loring Alfred, 40 a, 080 
Loring Frank A, 1 a, 00 
Loskuski John, SO a, 1075 
Loskiis i John and Anna M, 73 

a, 1470 
Love Marion Wm, 07 a. 1905 
Low Charles O, 80 a, 1810, Mich- 
igan City 
Low Charles O, S3 a, 1135, Mich- 
igan Ci'v 
Lower .lames, 2 a, 105 
Lower James, 20 a, 135 
Lown Wm, S n, 205 
LulVke Wm, 80 a, 295 
r.iino Cornelia B, 21 a, 900 
Lucas Granville V, 19 a, 800 
Lucas Irwin. 70 a, 1070 
Lucas Mary, £0 a, 1S40 
Lucas Wm. 1.55 a, 2890 
Luclit Wm, 20 a. 290 
Luclitman John, 117 a, 1725 
l.nchtman John C, SD a. 940 
Liichtm:in John 11,40 a, 4-'0 
Lmllow John vv jr, 238 a, 9020 
Ludlow .lohn W jr and O P jr, 

Sil ;i, 230 
Ludlow O P, 80 a, 6820 
Ludlow O Pjr, 2uS a, 11465 
Ludlow O P sr, 2-0 a, 2055 
Ludlow O P sr, 299 a, 134S0 


B I 



MOORE & WEAVER, ""'^&1|?;;^q.^'Doors, 

Corner Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 


K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

03 X 


m ■■ 

< I 

o iT 



Liidwig Charles, 20S a, 4S20, 

Door VillHge 
Luelsberger Harriet, 74 a, 2700 
Luelsberger J F, 1 a, 33 
Lukeir Wm, 34 a, 235 
Lukoski Frank, 37 a. 3S0 
Lushbaugh 'I'honiiis H, 50 a, 21355 
Lu-so John,38 a, 343 
Lumbard B J, 99 a, 13ii0 
Luinbard Wm, 40 a, 563 
Lutz Chprles, 1 a, 205 
Lybarger Andrew, 50 a. 630 
Lybarger Andrew, SO a, 1560 
Lybarger Dorcas, 3(j a, 450 
Lybarger Mary, 1 a, S3 
McCabe Alice, 110 a, 3275 
McCabe Barney, tiO a, 190 
McCarthy B F, 80 a, 2150, Mill 

McCarthy B F,, 100 a, 1200, Mill 

McCarthy Charles A, 70 a, 940 
McCanhv Charles F, 120 a, 2200 
McCarthy Charles \V,497 a, 10S7.3 
McCaithy J F, 193 a, 3050. I,a 

McCaithy Julia A, 15 a, 925, 

Mi, City 
McCarthy M, 40 a, 315 
McCarthy W A. 24-- a, 7793 
McCellan Elijah, 139 a, 2353 
McCellan George W, SI a, 3S45, 

Uoor Village 
McClellan Henrv 11, 60 a, 6S0 
McC^lellan Johii! 226 a, 3355 
McCluiiK Charles F, o'i a. 1475 

ick Ihi 

ick S - 


1, 39( 


■iiiick & GiitlV, 4 n,(_;3 
.key J G. 70 a, 1000 
McCid-krev David. 11 a, 1955 
McCmdv John X, 2 a, 80 
MrCiirdy Jolin N, 11 a, 185 
M.-l>(HiHld Catherine, 40 a, 3S0 
McDonald James S, 28 a, 720 
McDonald John, 80 a, 1480 
McDonald 'I'luHnas, 26 a, 213 
M.'DoMHld Wilford, 433 a, 4710 
^McDonald W'ui. 2.' a. 300 
Mcl>oiiald Will L, 40 a. 325 
MrDiillen Otis, la a, 1903 
McF;iddcii Catherine, 14 a. 195 
McGaiiuy Laviiiia, ID a, 170 
McGary Elizabeth, 32 a, 615 

McGill Elizabeth. 122 a, 3000 
Mclntyre Charlotte, 30 a, 1030 
Mcliuyre James, 125 a. 1300 
Mclntyre John, 10 a, 210, Michi- 
gan City 
Mclntyre Sophia, 1 a, 300, Michi- 
gan City 
McKellips David, 334 a. 5135 
McKinzie D K, 220 a, 4240 
McKoski Andrew, 70 a, 980 
McLane Bird, 555 a, 14545, Union 

McLane George and others, 80 a, 

3533. r.a Porte 
McLine George L, 62 a, 2145, La 

McLane John, 167 a, 3S20 
McLane Tiniuthv, 280 a, 10905, 

L'liion Mills 
McLaughlin John, 1923 a, 9803 
McLelland Andrew, 251 a, 12215, 

Door Village 
McLinev Patrick, 83 a, 3575 
McMahon Mary, 59 a, 725 
McMaiin John, 42 a, 305 
McMilleii John, 160 a, 370 
McMullen Samuel, 106 a, 1910 
McXultv Patrick, 3 a, 300, Mich- 
igan City 
Machler August, 197 a, 820 
Madder Aujiusr, 566 a, 4265 
Mack Joseph, 100 a, 1370 
Mack Patrick, 166 a, 1875, Wan- 

Madden J, 5 a, 55 
Mie'Z Edward sr, 80 a, 1035 
Macrz Loui.. 6U a, 600 
Ma^carv Elizaheth, 40 a, 840 
.\lagiii<ki Andrew, 4 a. 150 Mich- 

ii;aii <'itv 
MMiiiiiski ."losoph, 4 a, 150, Mich- 


. a, 270 

M ,;;ijn><oii Charles, 10 a, 330 
Magnus,oii John. 20 a, 230 
Majinussoii .lonas, 138 a. 5920 
Maf^nussoii Peter, 1 a, 160 
Mahen Elizabeth, 78 a, 1465 
Mahlke Julius, 1 a, 230 
Mahou Patrick, 92 a, 760 
Maksowba Club of Chicago, 390 

a, 1140 
MaksonhaChib of Chicago, 600 

a, 2355 
Malay Brid^'et.47 a, 1320 
Malciiow Ilenrv, 82 a, 2150 

820 Main Stre et, La Porte. 


M;ilott Amanda, 2 a, 315 

Malott V T, 48 a, 6475, Michigan 

Manchester Ann, 200 a, 1105 
Manderville John W, 20 a, 365 
Mangson Isaac, 8 a, 135 
Mann Amen/.o, 103 a, 4330 
Mann Frank, 100 a, 3465 
Mann Frederick, 59 a. 1110 
Mann James, 45 h, 1540 
Mann Thomas E, 40 a, 450 
Mann Win, 78 a, 970 
Manstield Fred, 84 a, 940, Xew 

Manstield Nelson M, GO a, 900 
Jtanthie Henry, 125 a, 1595 
JIarbie Henry, 10 », 210 
Mark Amel, 175 a, 23S0 
JIark Joseph, 80 a, 1070 
JIark Joseph jr, 20 a, 525 
Marke Barbara, 40 a, 610 
Marks Gottlieb, 160 a, 1655 
Marks Goitlieb, 464 a, 2435 
JIarks Peter, 50 a, 600, Wanatah 
JIarks Wni, 78 a, lO'.tO 
Marquardt John, 40 a, 705 
Marqiiard Wni, 2S0 a. 2070 
Marsh Lydia 1', 33 a, 300U, Mich- 
igan City 
Maish I.ydia and others, 303 a, 

Maifh Sarah S C, 158 a, 8560 
Martin Hiram H,114 a, 3735 
JIa.tin Hiram, 159 a, 24S(J 
Martin John, 165 a. 3125, Kollins,' 

Martin Mary J, 2 a. 400. 1.a Porte 
Man in U'm A, 26 a, 115 
Martin Win A, 160 a, S40 
Martin Wm A, 195 a, 505 
Mrtinson H-nry. 2lS a, 1005 
Martinson Jolin. 149 a, 1470 
Martz Henry C, 60 a, 1660 
Marx David, 80 a, 2i00. I.a Poi tc 
Jlnrx Pete' , 147 a, 1.3S5. La P..rte 
Jtarx Peter, 160 », 2575. I.a Porte 
JIaschell Franz. 63 a, 8.55 
JIason James H, 77 a, 1615 
JIass Hans, 53 a, 9*0 
Jlassone Nicholas. 40 a, 475 
Jlathews John, 42 a, 39(> 
Mawl)y Daniel S, 1 a, 495 
M>iy Jacob It. 148 a, 4 45, Mill 

May James M, 80 a. 1-150 
Mays James, 83 a, 14C5, Hatch's 

Mavs Ma v, 85 a, 1555 
Mays W.slev M. 148 a. 2690 
Mays Wm A, 121 a, 3305, Three 

0"aks, Michigan 
Mead Beulah, 79 a, 1595 
Meacham Georfre, 20 a. 525 
JI. achem Henrv, 15 a, 9(0, Michi- 

Mnchem Kdwiird 40 a. 505 
Mecklenibnro; Wm. 125 a. 2905 
Medaris.lohn M. 96 a, 1365 
Meilaris Marv, 103 a, 2675 
>ieinber>; Lndwig-. SO a. IIUO 
MeinberL' Pliilip. 63 a. 1440 
Menna J-hn, 20 a. 2810 
.Menna Jnhn, 42 a, 380 
Meniag Andrew, 5 a, 700, Jtichi- 

gan City 
M-ntao: Andrew jr, SO a, 1150, 

Michigan Citv 
Mental Andre'w sr, 20 a, 40, 

Michicran Citv 
Mentz Frederick, 35 a, 1100, 

.MicliiL' in Citv 
Menzic Nettie, 40 a, 365 
Mercliant Ira, 65 a, ISoO 
Mcrcliai. Rachel. 2(1 a. 385 
Merchant Wm. 120 a, 2sn5 
M.MiU I, men L, 6 a, ,90 
Me.-sell Julm, 1 a, 25. Micliigan 


So, 126 a. 1760 

Mosent.-r K L, 264 a, S995 

Mc^^cniicrTliomas. 1 a, 990 


M.-.M'iii; r Tliomas, 80 a, 4650 


■M.ngs Michael, 14 a, 285 

.Mevcr Andrew, ,32 a, 735 

2 k 

-Mever Ann, -10 a, 225 

MeVer Frederick, 1 a, 000, Michi- 
gan City 
Mc\cr 11 nrv, .'■0 a, 650 

"7] 5 

^ ^ 

.Move- J.|,n"40a.2SO 

c , 

Mcvcs Lawrence,! 5a. 1350 

.McVcr .M:.rk, 139 a, 2140,La Pnrte 

S s 

Meyer W ilhclm, 1 a. 47n 

Jleyers 1 enlah A. 5 a, 165 


Me\ lortli (ieorge, 24 a 3S0 

> I 

Micliaol Christ. 16 a, 745 

Michai-l Kllis, 25 a, 1935 

Michael MarrE.16a, 345 

Michiirai, Cil'v and Indianapolis 


K 11 (■(., Hli. 945 

T1 1 

Micliii.'ah Central Life Insurance 

Company, l.-.s a. 17-15 
Michigan (rentral Hy Co, 3 a, 55, 



Spaetli X SWdley, 

Druggists and Chemists, 

812 Main St., La Porte. 



t5 n 





Mioliigan Central Railway Com- 
pany, 1 a, i:W, .>licl)ig-in"Cky 
Jliokow Charles sr and Herman, 

20 a. 500 
Mikow John, 80 a, 2700, Mulli- 
gan City 
Miles Henry A, 34 a, 190, Michi- 
gan City 
Mill George, SO a, 20S0 
Mill Henry, SOa, 20IO 
Mill Joseph, 20 a, 4:i0 
MillPc-ter, ISOa, u2'J0 
Mill S and M W, 77 a, 3270 
Miller Adam, 42 a, llHo 
Miller Benjamin E, 42 a, 1150 
Miller Charles, 40 a, 010 
Miller Charles, 317 a, SI 2.5 
Miller Charles A, 250 a, 1055 
Mil'er Charles F, 299 a, 10895 
Miller C'liitrles J, 93 a, 2t^i)0 
Miller Ch.rlesS, 15 a, 305 
:Miller Charles W, 40 a. 3t35 
Miller C'lurad, 15 a, 230 
Miller Elizabeth. 2S a, ST.", 
Miller Enoch C, 82 a, 227.-, 
Miller Fannie O, 40 a, l.lCo 
Miller F C, 9 a, 700, Michigan 

Miller Frederick, 40 a, Sn.'., Mich- 
igan Citv 
jnUcr Fred E, 40 a, 92.5, Michi- 
gan City 
Miller Frederick E, 203 a, 5075, 

Michigan City 
Miller Fiederick E, 10 a, 7.50, 

Michigan City 
Miller nHrman,"440 a, 103 
Miller Hiram, 80 a. 210 
Miller Isabel 8. 40 n, 1305 
Miller Jacob, 107 a. 315 
Miller Jacob, 249 a, 7745 
Miller Jacob A, 1 a, 150, Michi- 
gan City 
Miller John C, 19 a, 415. Michi- 
gan Citv 
Miller John D, 1 a, 250, Michigan 

Miller Joseph, 100 a, l.-^OO 
Jliller Jo-epli,120a,450.-. 
:Millcr Joseph A, 40 a, 780 
Milltr Julius. SOh, 41G0 
Miller Lewis C, 100 a, 1'.'33 
Miller Luther, 100 a. 3900 
Miller Marg.tret, 138 a, .S240 
Miller Martin, 1 a, 280 
Miller >[ary A, 20 a, 305 
Milk-r Mary A, 70 a, 3115 

Miller Miciael. 17 a, 340 
Miller Mcses, 250 a. 6750 
Miller Noah, 23 a, 300 
Miller Sanuiel, 110 a, 40C5 
Jliller Samuel, 120 a, 400O 
Miller Tiilcotc, 1 a, 300, Michigan 

M Her Thurston, 20 a. S70 
.Miller Wm. 20 a, 1100, La Porte 
Miller Wm No 4, 20 a, 300, Mich- 
igan Citv 
Miller Wm, 196 a, 3640, La Porte 
Milk Cissius M, 10 a. 285 
Jlills John B, 40 a, 1400 
Mills Louisa, 58 a, 1005 
Mills Sidnev P,75 a, 355,Willvalfr 
.Milzoarck Joseph. GO a, 925 
Miner Ilenrv N, 01 a, 915 
.^liuich Andrew, 119 a. 2700 
.Mitchell Alice, 40 a, 1015 
Mitchell James, 110 a, 12C0, 


II Tlionias, 281 a, 3305, 

Moilit Caroline, 36 a, 890 
Moller Frederick II, S9 a, 755 
.Mollov Martin, 420 a, 44-.'5 
Monroe Aiigeline, 29 a, 520 
Monske Jolm, 1 a, 225, Jliciigaii 

:Mooii Justus J, 30 a, 305 
Moure Ella. 25 a, 745 
Moore .Samuel, 20 a, 305 
.Morman Cliarle-. 12 a. 175 
Moniian Flora, 10 a, 400 
-Morman Harriet, 24 a, 10.50 
Morman John sr, 32 a, 7i.0 
Morman John C, 41 a, 11.55 
Moro-ki 'I'liomas, 25 a, 440 
Moriis Harvey, 33 a, 095 
:Morris Win P, 2 a, 195. La Porte 
Monisoii C B, 13 a, 445 
Morrison C B, 324 a. 15S55 
Jloii'ison Henrv D, 1 a, 015 
Morri.<on Ileiirv D, 124 a. 11200 
Morrison .Mary A, 72 a, 4441) 
Morrison .Mai'v K, 73 a, 21i0 
-Morrison Mar> N, 152 a, 0053 
:Morri>oii :\Iary N, 157 a, 9530 
.Min-rison Nettie S and children, 

187 a, 9120 
Morrison K S, 10 a, 1180 
Morrison Susan C, 135 a, 0835 
Jloriison Thomas E. 50 a, 1420 
:Morrow Monroe, 180 a, 3250 
Morrow Thomas. 100 a, 1805 
Morton Nelson, 80 a, 1230 

Co goil want a good siWation? Prepare ijoilrself for it al tlie 
iliGhigan GUy BiJsiness College, Write fo r terms. •=• '^ '"""''"• 


Niemer Am H-, SlUa. olM5 

Morton Nelson, 100 a, 1025 


Kiespogoiiev J Im. :jb ;i. 810 

Mutt John G, 3 a, 550, Michigan 

IS'iles Jii.liet.i A, 78 a, .-f;!.') 



Miles Jl;irv I', 10 ii,70u0,l.a Porte 

Jlover Jaeob, 04 a, 900 

Niles ^^ m', nH a, 4I(;5, I.-i I'orte 

Mii'yer jMines W , 40 a. 945 


Niles Win, ■>■•'.) a, lioiiO, L:i Pcrte 

Mover John, 46 a 705, Tracy 

Niles Win, :i(il a, IMi'.io, La I'orte 

Mover .)<iliii, 5.S4 a. 3235, Tiiicy 

No-iksTlK.iiias, -Jiii; a, iSUo 

M..verMienMel, 335 a, 9045 

Norman .(..lui H, -lU a, 1 to 

.Mniinski Frank, 29 a, 570 D, SM ;<, 40-10, La 

Mi.zinis i Geor-e, 20 a, 675 


.\l(i/.in^i.i George, 30 a, 1010 


Norrl- .S M-ali. 2.i3 a, 74S0 

Muzniski Jacob, 20 a, 005 

Ncrtliam D K. ti.T a, 25.=0 

MuzinsKi Jacob. 30 a, 1310 


Northaui Jacob H. 2S0 a, 830 

Mozini-ki John, 40^,865 

Northam Olive, 40 a, 5.55 

Mozirii-ki Joseph, .59 a, 740 


Northern Lake T^a Co. 5 a, 28.5 

.M'.dge Mary E, 40 a, 5.55 


Norton Howell E, 487 a, 8795, 

Mnrphv llngh A, ICO a. .505 


.Mifphv J F c\: E ZCole, 4 a. 400, 


Norton Howell E, 38a,10.5,Kin;,'<- 

M,chi:;an Citv 


Mini.hv Patrick, 4 a, 500, Mich- 


Xorton John, 103 a, 775 

it; in City 

Norton .Stephen, 88 a, 3375 

Muriihv Patrick, 40 a, 400, Mich- 


Norton Stephen J, 103 a, 3195 

i^Mn City 

Noswortliy Wm, 145 a 000 

Jlut.M-h .lohn. 18 a, 210 

NowaU Ueorge, 1 a, 40 

Jlntz Jacob, 08 a, 885 


Nowak John, 40 i', 4.50 

Niiris.lo-eph I), 80 a. 1200 

NowakThoma.s, 40a,570 

Xash James H, 30 a, 780 


Novcs Daniel. 1 a, 140 

N.-it'nn Kobert, 120 a. 4790 

Nvc Mortimer, 2 a, 405, La Porte 

XatL.ns \V \V,28 a, 11.30 


Nye Mortimer, 5 a, 50, La Porte 

Neir Clillord, .'0 a, 590 

Nye Mortimer, 85 a, 14SU, La 

N,-hl.Io>. pli G, 104 a, 1805 



Xclimer Michael, 16 a, 210 


Nve Mortimer, IDO a, S-IO, La 

Neiske Aut;u.~t. 48 a, 340 


^•..■l^on Adolpli, 10 a, 495 


Oakes Elizabeth. 62 a, 2775 

Nclsiin Andrew, -0 a, .525 


Dikes John P, 218 a, 3020 

X.-lM.ii Andrew, 27 a, 330 


Obermi>cer Georce, 1 a, 100 

Xi-lson Beiiiamin, 30 a. 540 

z 3 

O'Brien James, 588 a, 13745 

Xelsoii Beii'iamin J, 23 a, 765 


O'Brien .Tames, ItiO a, 504O 

Xclson Louisa F, 2 a. 50 


O'Brien S;irah atul James. 416 a, 

Xcl-^oii I'eter, 10 a, 100 

3 '-; 


Xelson Peter M, 21 a, G15 


Oeker Henry, 40 a, L545 

Neshitt Miner. 140 a, 4425, Roll- 

O'Dermatt James, 100 a, 12i6 

ins Prairie 


Oglesbv Jesse, 600 a, 3375 

Nesbitt Minor, 280 a. 10145, Roll- 


OslesbV Jesse, 168 a, 0205 

ing Pr.iirie 


O'Hara BenJHmin C, 3S a, 1050 

Xcwmiin f-udwiu-, 390 a. 4245 


O'llaratieo'rgeO, 58 a, 1140 

Xcwnian Marv A, 10 m, 17O 

O'Hara Lueretia. 13 a, 220 

Xcwcll .l(.hii,n3 a. 1750 

Z. '^ 

O'Hara Martha N, 78 a. 2905 

Xicliolas Kmily E, 200 a, 4020, 


O'Hara Wm W, 77 a, 18sn 


O) i-$ 

Ohime John, 127 a, 1106 

Nichols Harriett, 2 a, 685 


O'Kni.^ki Thomas, 42 a, 035 

Nichols Sheperd, 31 a, .540 


Oleson Tugred, 00 a, 13.50 

Nicholas Swan, a, 585 

Olof-on John, 20 a, 250 

Nichols Wm 11, 4 a, 205 

~ (]> 

Ol-on Anilrew, 39 a. 015 

Xickcll Andrew, 317 a, 11085 

Olson Olof, 15 a, 480 

Nickolan-en Li-a J, 6 a, S5 


Orentt Frank, ,S4 a, 2100 

Xicma.i Christ, 10 a, 080 


"FanGH Spring Patent" Floilr. NoTt'!fern"'di'a'!,a. 

J Street Milling Co., lOI J St., La Porte, Ind. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 













Ording John C, 20 a, 33'. 
O'Reilly Jiiuies, 42 a, l:iO 
O'Reilly Jiimes, 100 n, 1'>5 
Organ Catherine. 70 a, 1485 
Orj;an Charles U, 2U a, 125 
Organ Charles 0,40 h, 170 
Organ E S, 250 a, 2S10 
Organ John, U20 a, 4700 
Organ John H, 86 a, 785 
Organ John H, 295 a, 925 
Ortian JohnH, 357 a, 845 
Organ John H, 702 a, 1385 
Orloski Fre'lerick, 79 a, 1470 
Orr Algernon S. 183 a, 2945, West- 

Orr Algernon S, 187 a, 1020,\Vest- 

Orr Archie and Ann E Garwood, 

349 a, 5825. La Porte 
Orr George W, lOG a, 4180 
Orr Harriett E, 3 :i, oriO 
Orr Harriett E, 32 a, 1775 
Orr Kittie, 01 a. 1890 
Orr Lea J, 30 a, 20S5 
Orr Metier L, so a, 2970 
Orr Motier L. 332 a, 17280 
Orr Patrick, CO a, 1065, La Porte 
Orr Wm A, 34 a, 935 
Orr Wm O. 48 a, 3020. La Porte 
Orr Wm O, 23G a, 2435, La Porte 
Orr Wm O, 309 a, 19190, La Porte 
Ortman Fred, 108 a, 5055 
Orton B B, 3 a, 60 
Oshorn Andrew L and Abby J, 

187 a. 0150 
Osborn Charles G, 44 a, 900 
Osborn Clarence E, 40 a, 830, 

Osborn Clarence E, 50 a, 790, 

Osborn Elisha, 114 a, 1710 
Osborn Frank E, 2 a, 60. La Porte 
OsbornFrank E. G a, 155,LaPoi te 
Osborn Frank E, 128 a, 420, La 

Osborn Hannah E, 47 a, 810 
Osborn James A, 38 a. 900 
Osborn Jane, 74 a, 1580 
Osborn Jason, 119 a, 1075 
Osborn J C F, 73 a, 1155 
Osborn .lonathan, 38 a, 845 
Osborn Jonathan jr, 351 a, 7930 
Osborn John, 289 a. 3930 
Osborn John, a, 145 
Osborn John N, 38 a, 845 
Osborn Wm N, 78 a, 1570 
Oicn Erick, 15 a, 290 

Osniski Staneslan, 1 a, 375 
Osteinieyer Frank. 115 a. 4355 
Ott Caroline J, 105 a, 0415, La 

Ott Magdalina, 3 a, 315 
Otteski John, GO a, 1145 
Otto Wm, 20 a, 300, La Porte 
Oveimeyer Lucas, 1 a, SO 
Paddock A II, 00 a, 12G0, Three 

Oaks, Michigan 
Paddock A N. GO a. 2030 
Paddock H S, 30 a, 755, Three 

Oaks, Micliigan 
Paddock Harvpv S 90 a, 2205, 

Three Oaks, Michigan 
Paddock Irving, 25 a, 490 
Paddock Morrison. 100 a, 290O, 

Three Oaks, .Michigan 
Paddock Stephen, 24 a, 470 
Paepcke Louisa, 40 a, 400, Mich- 
igan City 
Page AVm P. 50 a, 965, Still well 
Pagels Charles Xo 2. 10 a, 100 
Pagels Henry. 40 a, 605 
Pagels Henrv, 120 a. 1310 
Pagels, 38 a, 700 
Pagels John jr, 40 a, 525 
Page John F, 159 a, 5850 
Pagels Samuel, 90 a, 1475 
Pahl Christian. 40 a, 890 
Pahl Daniel, 83 a. 1740 
Pahl Daniel and August, 13 a, 

Pahs Jolin, 40a,635 
Pahs Josejih, 100 a, 2000, Michi- 
gan City 
Pahs Wm A. 70 a. 9ti5 
Pake John C. 102 a, 1870 
Palm Jonas, 20 a. 890 
Palmer Edward E, 54 a, 640 
Palmer Ziba W,302a, 3835 
Papsdorf Otto, 9 a, 945 
Park John W, 97 a, 4475 
Parkell Oscar J, 120 a, 2040 
Paa-erBulah,20a. 800 
Parker James H, 20 a, 210 
Parker John C, 120 a, 4570, Roll- 
ing Prairie 
Parker Julia A, .54 a, 2195 
Parkhouse Jiistina. 74 a, 340 

ry W, 120 a. 375 
Pash Martin, 10 a, 175, Wanatah 
Pa^holske Gust, 60 a, 735 
Pattee Elmore, S3 a, 2500 
Pattee James. 48 a, 1170 
:er John E, 70 a, 1015 
Patrick Thomas L, 33 a, 520 

For Fire, Life. Iccident, Plate Glass, Sleani Boiler, Live Stock or 
Tornado Insurance call on J. Ifene Borland, La Porte. Ind. 



Patiie Ann, 203 a, 3750 
Pauzier U'm 163 a, 5175 
P.ivelak Michael, 40 a, 480 
Pavey Sarah C, 22 a, 925 
Paxton Elizaljeth, 80 a, 1400, 

Michigan City 
Payne J mes W, 90 a, 3230 
Peach Charles, 99 a, ill5 
Peasarack John, 258 a, 4690 
Peasarack Lorenz, 180 a, 27C0 
Pease AlbeiT, 140 a, 29S0, La 

l^ease David X, 58 a, 2640 
Pons- John, 10 a, 115 
Peglow Wm, 105 a. 1730 
Peo Wm, SO fl, 625 
Pepple Oren, 68 a, 885, Water- 
Perry Esther L, 96 a, 1080 
Perrv Orman L, 100 a, 1460, Wa- 

Peteossy Christian.l a,000.Michi- 

gan City 
Prters Aiieust, 234 a. 2900 
Peters Ernest, 59 a, 1315.La Porte 
Peters Fred, 10 a, 660 
Peters John, 201 a, 1305 
Peters Gottlieb, 222 a, 2630 
Peterson Andrew, 40 a. 765 
Peterson Charles. 35 a, 575 
Peterson Chailes, 40 a, 370 
Peterson Claus, 1 a, 245 
Peterson Duncan A, 20 a, 110 
Peterson Gustof, 1 a, 655, Door 

Peterson John, 5 a, 195 
Peterson John, 72 a, 3055 
Peterson P, 40 a, 765 
Peterson Swan, 158 a, 9275 
Pettis Sarah A, 30 a, 500 
Petitt James R, 15 a, 580 
Phillips A J, 45 a, 1115 
Phillips Calista, 50 a. 2495 
Phillips II J, 142 a, 7070 
Phillips Henry A, 45 a, 2100 
Phillijis Irving C, 137 a, 2745 
I'hiliips .Mir^m B, 45 n, 25(10 
I'liillips N'icholas, 65 a, 5sO,Mich- 

igan Citv 
Phillips Xicholas B, 10 a, 260, 

Michigan City 
Phillips Kobert, 1 a, 425, T,a Porte 
Phillips Wm, 100 a, 4465, La 

Phillips Wm S, 100 a. 1000, La 


Phillips Wm sr. 115 a. 2385, La 

Piiilstrom John IT, 79 a, 780 
Piechkling Frank A. 74 a, 930 
Pierce Nathaniel, 240 a, 6830 
Pietz Carl, 236 a. 2870 
Pilai>ki Lorenz, 133 a, 2975 
Piiikerton Robert, 160 a, 1365 
Pinney Ell, 125 a, 2755 
Pinney Finette, 74 a, 735 
Pinney Finnette. 141 a. 4340 
Pinnev Finnette M and Win E, 

HO a,' 1900 
Pinney Wm, 160 a. 2920 
Pinnev Wm, 187 a, 975 
Pinney Wm E, 49 a, 90 
Pinney Wm E, 204 a, 1595 
Pini.ey Wm E 320 a, 845 
Pitt Henrv S, 612 a, 2210 
Place Benjamin F, 217 a. 3205 
Place Dixon W, 343 a, 1060 
Place Elizabeth, 270 a, 9370 
Place James M, 2211 a, 16805 
Place James U, 122 a 476 
Place Jane C, 377 n, 4045 
Place W A, 3 a, 500, La Porte 
I'lace W A, IOC a, 630, La Porte 
Pleas Se'h M, 34 a, 2860 
Pointon John K, 36 a, 605 
Pollock Charles, 50 a. 1635 
Pollock Charles W, 2 a, 305 
Poison Elizabeth, 1 a, 570 Miry M, 3a, 290 
Popke August, 80 a, 720 
Porter Gorge W, 22 a, 850 
Porter Hugh, 40 n, 720, La Porte 
Porter Hugli and others, 40 a,670, 

La Porte 
Porter Oliver A, 106 a,3705.WelIs- 

Potter Wm F, 51 a,1040,La Porte 
Porter Wm X, 51 a, 1470,LaPort9 
Post Louis C, 20 a. 300 
Poston David H,40a, 920 
Pottiiiger Sarah A, 170 a, 14180 
Powed David, 80 a, 2000, Michi- 
gan City 
Puvvell Frederick E, 40 a, 400 
Powell Jane b, 4 .., 160 
Powell Jesse, 6 a, 50, Michigan 

Powell Wm, 20 a, 550, Michigan 

Powell Wm, 34 a, 1300, Michigan 

PrMtt George A. 50 a, 700 
Prutt John, 4U a, 520 





o '-^ 

p, m 

o S- 

Ofterreicli X Kroold. 

Cor. Main A. Mich. Ave. 

Can sell you a Piano or Organ of almost 

any make at low prices. 
See us before buying, it will pay you. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 




Presbylniki George, 30 a. o-JO 

Presti'U Calila. 2U0 a, S'.iiJO, La 

Preston Knoch L, 200 a, 4210, La 

Preston Enoch L, 203 a, 7945, La 

Price Ueorg.', 34 a, 430 

Price Gf-orge sr, 40 a, '.i20 

Price Gcorjie, 80 a, TiiO 

Price Joseph, 114 a. 1205 

Price Joseph 11. S a. SOS 

I'lOiul James, 40 a, 670 

Proud .John, 1C2 a, 371IS 

Prosi-er Susan, 30 a, 3s0 

Proud »V and Mary E lirown, 76 
a, 2';S0, Rolling Prairie 

Proud Wm W, 151 a, 3910, Roll- 
ing Prairie 

Provost Jotin, 4 a, 410 

Purvis Dennis, 80 a, 1415, Michi- 
gan City 

Purvis Henry, 80 a, 9G0 

Purvis James E, 80 a, 840 

Quinn Charles, 156 a, 740 

QuinnEd\vard.'24G a, 765 

Quinn James, 83 a,870, Mill Creek 

Quinn James F, 50 u, 730, Mill, 
Creek ! 

Quinn John, 208 a, 2020, Mill 

Quinn Thomas W, 39 a, 490 

Rabe John, 20 a, 105 

Rabe Joseph, 6Cf a, S55 

Radke Gustav A, 200 a, 1090 

Raiiibo Isaac N, SO a, 3270 

Ramer Wm, 80 a, 1275 

Ruidall Rufus, 120 a, 2710 

Riiikin James, 100 a, 235 

Rmwortn Ilannali, 80 a, 250 

Kassner Sophia, S9 a, 735 

Rauschenback John, 53 a, 2385 

Rauschenbach John, 63 a, 2145 

Rauschenbach John, 210 a, 4S00 

Ravel! Jes--ie, 36 a, 1650, Michigan 

RHWson Wm, 1174 a, 7940 

Ray James M, 242 a, 8125, West- 1 
ville i 

Ray Wm C, 134 a, 395, Westville 

Rav Wm and Loretti, 60 a, 1110, 
Westville 1 

Raymond E, 80 a, 400 

Rebbick John. 79 a, 1140 

Reberg Alexander, 28 a, 440 

Rebholz Albert X, 9 a, 95 

Rechenberg Ernest, 10 a, 850 

Redding B F, 23 a, 290 
Redding Caroline, 15 a, 540 
Redding Louis, 140 a, 1015 
Rediiigbaugh J B, 186 a, 13?5, 

Uan a 
Re.lka Charles, 7 a, 1015 
Redman Gustave E, 110 a, 1000 
R.dman Wm. 10 a, 125 
Itedsack Albert, 8 a, 90 
Ri-ed B F, irOa, 3920 
yeed David, 40 a. 335 
Reed Eleanor, 68 a 2690 
Reed Geo No 2. 72 a, 3070 
Reed Geo W, Xo I, 80 a 3995 
Reed James O. 12 a, 460 
Reed John, 40 a, 1335 
Reed Joseph, 160 a, 6420 
Reed Peter, 22 a, 625 
Rc-fv P D & FS, 623 a, 6985 
Reese Ferdinand, 10 a 145 
Reese Henry, 78 a, 230 
Reeves Arthur M, 117S a, 12275 
Reeves James R, 20 a, 250, Union 

R-eves Mark E, SO a, 335 
Reeves Mark H, 634 a, 6940 
Reglin Cliarles,' 10 ^1. 670 
Reglin Cliarles J, 1 a, 310 
Reglin Wm, 72 a, 2135, Otis 
Reglin Wm L. 1 a, 105, Otis 
Rehlander Jolin, 28 a, 735 
R blander John, 157 a, 2310 
Rebm John, 94 ;., 2595 
Rehin John, 120 a, 3410 
Richer Joseph, 1 a, 500. Michigan 

Reighard Marv E, 236 a, 595 
Reinfurth P J, 117 a, 15G0, La 

Reinke August, 182 a, 1740 Michael, 1 a, 450, Michi- 
gan City 
Renfurtli P W, 172 a, 2600 
Renner Andreiv, 2 a, 30 
Replogle Jolin, 1 a, 80 
Replogle Mary, 79 a. 3020 
Replogle O E, 80 a, 2510 
Replogle Steplien, 198 a, 7735 
Replogle Wm C, 459 a, 4925 
lieplogle Wm 11, 34 a, 1890 
Replogle Wm H, 370 a, 14760 
Reynolds D W, 68 a, 2870, New 

Revnolds David W, 34 a, 1050. 

New Carlisle 
Revnolds Elislia, 119 a, 4390, West- 

Hotel teega^hpen. 

Free 'Buss to and from all Trains. ^ "■ T^^pohj^'-iu 


177 Fleiiiiiifr, 13 a, 535 
K(;viiolils Fleiiiii]';. !^2 a, 3040 
Kevnolds UIh M , 25 fi, -290 
Keyiiolds klii M, iOO a, 7690 
Kej'iiolds James, 103 a, 5590 
Revnolds James, 174 a, 7970 
ItL'yiiokls Martha, US a, 4525 
Kevnolds Wm. V2C, a. 2370 
lihbda Jo)in, 140 a, 1820 
Khoda I ewis, 120 a, 2ijo0 
JRliodes Cliarle?, 55 a, 1175 
Khodes Jasper, 171 a. 14:10 
Khodes Jos ph, 79 a, 1010, Lii 

Itl.oel Kate O, 74 a. 390 
Kice Eddv, Su a. 1240 
Eioe Win; 40 8,420 
Kicli Wlieeler, 40;.. 175 
Kicliards Francis T, 5(j a, 1335 
Kichel Frank. 20 a, 35(i 
Kieliel Jo.-eiili,40a. 750 
Kicliinaii Christ L, 199 a 54C0 
Ricliman fhrist L, 422 a. 8570 
Kichmaii Wm K,547 a, SG15,\Van- 

Eichter John, 42 a, G95 
Kicks Richard, 52 a, 790 
Jtidgway Jeremiah, 59 a, 2725 
Riilj^way Jeremiah, lliO a, WiOO 
Ridguay Joliii W, 2 a, 1300, La 

Ridgway John W, 20 a, 800, La 

Ridgwav John W, 21 a, 420, La 

Kidgway John W, 33 a. 1010, La 

PJdgway Jolin \V, 150 a, 945, La 

Ridgway John \V, 305 a, 15470, 

La Porte 
Ridgwav Jolin W, 392 a, 1S920, 

La PoVte 
Ridgwav John \V, 523 a, 1095, La 

Kidgway Jolin W, GOO a, 5700, La 

Kid:»wav Lnretta, 196 a, SG15 
Kidgway M J, 15 a, 470 
Kidgway 31 J, 84 a, 4060 
Kidgway Malinda, 52 a, 2210 
Kidgway Ma'ion J, 297 a, 21995 
Riggs W C, 40 a, 95 
Riggs W a, 220 a. 630 
Riley Isaac, 10 a, 160 
Riley Jh me*. 20 a. 630 
Riley W B, 1 a, 450 


Riordon Johanna. 62 a, 611O 
Ritenou' Daviil 0, 20 », 465 
R.>berts De^itte C, 40 a, 175 
Roberts Maria, 40 a, 1025 
Ui.bcrts Mary A. ^0 a. 420 
Kobcits Mary J, 966 a, 4035 
Kclicrtsi.ri .Marcus, 1!) a, 805 
Kcbbiiis Kmilv. 1-0 a 10^5 
Rolnnsi.n Amanda, 36 a, 715 
Robinson F X, ^0 a, 290 
Robinson Ko' ert,2G a, 2.50, Walk- 

Roliii s in Robert, 116 a. 2590, 

Robinson W I, 124 a. 2615 
Robinson W'ui, 10 a, 1535 
Robinson Wm II L, 6 a. 230 
Roe Harriet E, SO a, 210 
Kocskc Aiigii.sra, t)(j a, 3600 
Roeske Christ, 40 a, 420, Michigan 

C ty 
Ro ske Christ, Theodore nnd Au- 
gust, 270 a, 14U45, Michigan 

Rocske Emi'ie, 40 a, 640 
Rocskc Jnlms. 40 a, 630 
Rogers lienjman C, 101 a, 1280 
Rogers Enuly, 144 a, 1525, La 

Rogers E A, 91 a 3900, La Porte 
Ro-ers G'orge W, 209 a, 6890, 

La Poite 
Rogers James II. SO a. 2880 
Rogers Louisa A, 308 a, 13425, 

La Porte 
Rogers Mary. 4 a. 185 
Rogers Samuel^ 80 a, 2610 I 
Rogers Wm, 53 a, 1655 
Rolirdans Christ, SO a, 1205 
Roloir Frank, 4 a, 120, Michigan 

Ronnm Charles, 40 a, 445 
Rose I,> F, 3 a. 200, La I'orte 
Rose Edw.aid H, 03 a. S55 
Rose Elizabeth, 30 a 2S0 
Rose Martha, 134 a. '.260 
Roseiibaum Charles F, 547 a,5120. 

Roscidianm C II. 31 a, 260,Hanna 
Rosenbaum Earnest, 80 a, 1135 
Roseiibaum Earnest, 720 a, 3725 
Rosenbaum Kniil, 3s a, 420 
Rosenbaum Frank, 275 a, 3275, 

Rosenbaum (Jott, 60 a, 2335, 

Rosenbaum II, 120 a, 1460,rLiniui 






M I-. 


iber, Coal, Lime, 

Cement, Sash, Doors, 
Blinds, &.C., 
Cor. Jackson Sc Main Sts., La Porte. 









Eosenbaum H C, 25<J a, 2'JoO, 


eble Michael, 92 a. 1710 



.■r August. 15S a. 4430 

Rose nbau 111 John A. 79 a. ]2r)5 


er Louis 1 a. 100 

Roseiibauin .Joliu \V, 270 a, 3270 

Ike J.ihn, 5S a. S05 

Kosenbaiiin Julia A. SO a, 925 


uiinell George P, 70 a, 790,La 

Ko^enba^^m Julius E, 103 a, IUSO, 





inmcll George P j-,120 a,1135, 

Rosenbaum Wm, 119 a, 1425, 


I Cro-ce 



inniell Mary, 20 a, 910 

Roseiiti eter August, TJ a, 85 


inniell Phi'lip, 40 a, 3S0, La 

Rosetreter Au^u^t, 40 a, 455 



Ross Jolin S, (i2 a, 1420 


intz.lohn. 45 a. 2505 

RossMarj;iri-t J,71 a, 18G0 


licker Albert. 115 a, 1870 

Ross Martha, Ilia, 7905 


lick-r Fred, 40 a, 815 

Rotzein <;harles F, IS a. 2S5 


1 i eke 1- John, 119 a, 2335 

Rotzein Michael, ?5 a, SSO 


liiikei- P.ulina, 20 a. 385 

Rouine Euiil, 7 a, 295 


lu. t Fredeaek, 100 a, 3995 

RMtziue John sr, 171 a, 5725 


niidt (/hrist, 00 h, S3U 

Rowley Austin, 11 a. 3!^0 


midt Edward, 40 a, 505 

Rowley Men-y, 21 a. 270 


nuild Fred, 59 a, 1100 

Rowley Noah .S.202 a.3U45,Hanna 


nutz George, 1 a, 235 

Roy^den Charle<, 40 a, 1050 


midt (iustave, 20 a, 305 

midt Martin, 40 a. 7S0 

R.'v-l.'Il 'X,,lh:.u':'u';'l. O'JO 


midt Paul, lUa,235 

J;..\,m|.-ii >Iim1,;„.1,, 70 a, 5S5 


ncider Clara, 20 a, 275 

Riiciiko-ki Miiliafi, 59 a, 1100 


neider Julius, lOS a, 22S0,Oti3 

RuOoliih Chai k'S, 270 a, 34nO 


nick Frank. 1 a. 285 

Rudwick Minnie, 1 a, 15, Mich- 


ucuuiciier, Wm C, 00 a. 1285 

igan City 


Oft er Ch irles, 40 a, 5S0 

RumbauRh James, 100 a, 1300 


oil' John, 270 a, 1705 

Rmnely M C, 00 a, 12S0, La Rorte 


oir.lo~eph,457 a, 2S20 

Rus-ell Ferdinand, IS a, 083 


olke WmF. 100a,1325 

Ku,t Wm W, SO a, 1435, La Porte 


ool Peter jr, 122 a, 2085, La 

Rvan John, 2 a, 205 



Ifyden Charles. SO a, 1440 


ool Peter sr. 44 a. 1030, La 

Rvnearson D \S\ S2 a, 3US0 



]{vno A E, 2 a, 520 


ooiio..vcr Charles, 41 n, 740 

Siibcl Frank. 10 a, 470 


racder Frederick. 20 a, 250 

Sachtolbcn Ueriduu-t, 84 a, 930 


rocdcr Ernest, 1 a. 300 

Sachtelbcn Erii,r, K)4 a, S40 


rucdcr.lolm Xo 1, 1 a, 540 

Sudal Daniel, 10 a, ISo 


roeder John Xo 2, 103 a, 5000 

Saddenwater John, 10 a. 100 


rocdcr .lohii F, 2 a, 150 

Saddcnwoith Fred J, 100 a, 2150 


ul'z Albert, 30 a. 450 

Sa>;c (.harles, 4Sa, 050 


ultz Anna. 40 a. 470 

Salant Andrew. 45 a. 720 

ultz August, 120a,22S5,Still- 

.Sanianke Georj^e, 20 a, 440 



Sanielson Bank, 10 a, 210 


ultz Charles No 2, SO a. 105 

Sanborn Annie E, S5 a, 7700. 


ultz Charles F, 15 a, 105 

Michigan City 


ultzr!,;„lesF,214a, 3005 

Sanborn J C, SO a, 1040 


nil/ ( liarlcsi;. SO a, 1800 

Sanderson Zeniab. 5 a, 195 

ult/ ( liri^t K, 15 a, 200O 

Sass Carl, 80 a, 1040 


ult/ i:liii-tian, 107 a, 14G5 

Satkowski Andrew, 200 a, 3175 


uliz Ferdinand, 100 a, 710 

Sauters George, 113 a, 955 


ultz FredXol, 00 a, 11S5- 

.Sawdon Wm, 40 a, 95 


ultz Fred Xo 2, 27 a, 330 

.Scarborough Pjr, SO a, 1775 


ultz Hans, 3 a. S-J5 

Schalcin Wm, 90 a, 1575 


ultz Herman, 4u a, 780 

ii)slire With 

La Porte, Ind. 



Schultz Herman, 114 a, 2510 
Sehiiltz Jacob M, 1 a, 40 
Schultz John C, 3S a, 503 
Schultz John C, 60 a, llPo 
Schultz John P, 54 a, 670 
Schultz Joseph, 5 a, 1C80, La 

Schultz Joseph, 43 a, 575, La 

Schultz Joseph No 2, 1 a, 1425, 

La Pone 
Schul.z Martin, 10 a, 103 
Sfhumacker Charles, 4U a. 525 
Schwartz John W, 242 a, 7815 
Schwartzkopp Fred, 50 a. 2.Jo5 
Schweiler Joiin, SO a. 1500 
Schweder John, 141 a, 4515 
Schweder John F, 06 a. 'JI5 
Sohwenck Henry C, L-<3 a, 2580 
Schwenck Hemv L, 40 a, 515 
Schwingendorf Frederick,! a.SOO, 

La Porte 
Scott Mary S, 110 a, 10230 
Sears 3Iary A, 40 a, 6S0 
Seaver An'nie, 40 a. 210 
Seberp;er Matthiai, lUO a, 2195, 

Seehaver M, 40 a, 990 
Setlins George, 124 a, S030 
Seibert Charles, 15 a, 603 
Seifert Charles, 145 a, 5550 
Seifker Henry, 23 a. 260 
Seigle John, 1 a, 200, Michigan 

Selhy Frederick, 117 a, 1205 
Selby Kensington, GO a, 860 
Selbv Kensington. 104 a, 430 
Selkirk Charles, 50 a, ]I2(., Otis 
Selki -k Geortre R. 20 a, 210 
Selkirk John C. 20 a, 315 
t^lkirk Vasli G, 43 a. 775, Otis 
Sell John, 233 a. 2933 
.Sellers Maria, 67 a, 815, Door 

Sellers Nicholas, 10 a, 210, l:)oor 

Sellers Nicholas sr, 03 a, 1270, 

Door Village 
Sensuin John, 1 a, 440 
S-rgeant Sallie M, 1 a 15 
Service J H, 27 a, 335 
Seymour George S, 6 a, 5G5, La 

Sevniour George S, 420 a, 3015, 

La Porte 
Seymour Merritt E. 122 a, 1240 
Shiiak .Sophia, 70 a, 1880 

Shackelton James M,4G8 a, 4590 
Shandle L. 80 a, 010 
.Shannon Fr..nk, 104 a, 3090 
Shannon Henry C, 320 a, 580 
Shannon James, 292 a, 9790 
Sharp Charles T, SO a, 2930, Door 

Sharp Wm, 5 a, 190 
Shaw Elizabeth, 20 a, 210 
Shaw James A, Gu a, S30 
Shaw Jolm V, 38 a. 2505, Rolling 

Shaw Robert J. 40 a, 620 
Shedd Asa A, 40 a, 640 
Shedd Gilbert, o9 a, 1115, Rolling 

Shedd Mi'ton D, 38 a, 805, Roll- 
ing Prairie 
Sheelev Clara A, 41 a, 1265 
Shei Marv, 120 a. 1065 
Sherman Lvdia J, SO a, 3910 
Shever Jaoi.b jr. 5 a. 1065 
Shii.iiC Abigail C, SO a, 1745 
Shippi- Adam N, 74 a, 1680 
shipi..' Herman, 9s a, 1065. New 

IJultah. Mills 
Sl,o,i,,-kv chiiilfs. 1 a, 665 






I— ( 



« 0) 


Shoemaker D P, 160 a, 2375, Un- 
ion Mills 
Shooniaker Frederick, 20 a, 145 
Shoemaker Matilda, 37 a, 335 
Shoemaker \Vm, ISO a, 477U 
Shoeimker Wm J, 40 a. 525 
Sheening John C, 55 a. 683 
Short George, K'.o a, 940 
Shrader Augu-t, 1 .1, .".4U 
Shreeve Till. mil-, mi a. MO 
•Shreeve Tlionia- Ilia, loo 
Shreeves Kli/a W. 1 a, 75 
Shreeve- Jolm H, 4 a, 65 
Shreeves Pidiard J. .59 a. 830 
Shult/ Augun D, SO a, 840 
Shunk ti V. 31 a, 810 
Sliunk Frank, 81 a. 2355 
Shupp Silas B. 32 a, 505 
Moirte Andrew J, 120a, 2970 
Shurte L M, 159 a. 3165, Wana- 

Shu-rer Olive A. 3 a 150 
Shti>ter P.ter, 10 a, 105 
Shuttler Frederick. 1 a, 750 
Schuttler John, 90 a, 1245, La 

jShurtler John, 123 a, 5330, La 


9. TIpnriH The Leading Jewelers of La Porte county. 

ai nlliUlli, Well equipped to do all kinds of repair 

Cor. Main & Mich. Ave. work in a prompt and satisfactory manner 

1 80 


Shiittler Josepl), 1 a. .'-ilO 
Sibrell Beniuinin F, 175 a, 3035 
Sibrell Mar<,'aret. 35 a, SI 
bidOles Carson, lUO a, i'lVA) 
Siddles Catlierine, -270 a, 2500 
Sicklies James P, lOU a, HuO, Mil 

Sieb Jacob, 2 s, IfiO 
Siej;.'! Martin J. 7 a. OGO 
Siegt'le Joli", 10 a, 2S0 
Siej;i>iiiiiiul August, 22 a. 315 
.Sli'Kles .Minnie. W a, 07(1 
SieVL'it Frt'ileriek, 1 :i. 310 

.Simmons Ca 


■, ll!)a, 4 

Sinritz Jolin 

1 a 

4 00, Mic 


Sitz August, 


,31 CO 

.Sitz AuiTri-t, 

177 . 



SlatiM Ilosra r., 40 a, 370 
.Slater Jioianiia. 2(1 a. 2'J() 
Slater K..,ina, 40 a. \m 
Slo.-nni Eclvvaid ami .Maria, SO a 

Sloriim Lucy A, IGO a. 1325 
Small OrangeL, 315 a, 7205,\Vest- 

Small I'liineas. 120 a, 14r,o 
Small I'liinea-iO, 303 a. 0230 
Sniall Kiley P, 157 a, 5220, West- 

Smitli Albert T, 10 a, 230 
Smitli Alonzo. 120 a, 2155 
Smitli Alorizu H, Ida. I(l5 
Smith A lifeline, 1 „, :!(i(| 

Sniitli Harriet E, 118 a, IGIO 
Smi h Henry E, 235 a, 4705, 

Hatch's .Mdls 
Smith Is.aac H, 00 a, 2990 
Smith Isaac H, 120 a, 2S5 
Smith John. 16 a, 325 
Smith Jolin I), 5 a, 35 
Smith John W , 43 a, 040, Three 

Uaks .Michigan 
.Smi li .hilins. S(i a, 1535 
Smirh Lerov L, 59 a. 575 
^mitl] l.odn;ki,U2 a, 1280 
Smith Lucetta, 190 a, 25UO 
Smith Lucinda, SO a, .'i20 
Smith .Margaret. 40 a, 115 
Smitli Martha E. 80 a, 890 
Smith .M,,rv C, tiO a, 2410 
Smith .Mary K, 38 a, 12U0 
Smiih .Miltor, S, 105 a, 2735, >rich- 

ith CI 

ries. 1 !i, lli(J 
rles M. 10(1 a. ISIO 
istian, 80 a, S95 
lis, 80 a, :'9(J 
;tHr A, 95 a. 1095 
1,40 a, 5.55 

Smith II, 

Smith E( 

Smith PMward, 

Smith Eli jr, GO a. 005 

Smith Eli sr, GO a, 10S5 

Smith Elisha W, 10 a^ 235 

Smith Everell, 100 a, 2200, Wcst- 

Smith Everell S, 1 a, 2(J0, West- 

Smith E K. lOt! n, 1545 




1 S, 30 ! 
40 a, 52 



lith Wii 

tyers M: 

lavelv I,avin:i, 05 a. 

lavelv Willis H. 142 

avely AVillis K, 235 

M) a, SJ5 
15 a, 490 

s. 200 a, noo 

I, 030 a, 3190 

ell. .!( 
\, 4(1 

iivder \Vm, 
ijlnuay V\< 
illonay M 

1, 470. L'l 


330 .-I, 

IS.S a, 7970 
rinda C, 40 a, 
), SO a, 22511 
St, 40 a, 7IU 
ricli, 148 a, li) 





. Fred. 
r Wm F, 82 a. 7G0 
r Wm V. 90 a. 990 
Ira V, 1(J0;., 840, Jlannu 

Hotel 'kmk. KVS?ir"l'G^'IL\rp'rl;. 


Spiilir Naricv J,280a,l4-20, Haniia 

-tiekley .M 

irgaret E, OS a, 1295 

SpakliriK Theodore. 20 a, 110 

S ieklev U 

in. 00. 255 

Hpaiifrler Miller M, 40 a, SCO, 

St^etow Fi 

edeiici.,2-^0 a. 3055 

Michigan City 

StilKon II 

rlow, 106 a. 3700 

Spears Kiohanl, 5 a, Ado 

Stite- llez 

kiah, 37 a. 40 

Kpeai-s Kosaltha, 2 a, ti,") 

Stitcs .Iiihi 

, 17 a. 830 

Speigel, 40 a, UIO 

Si.ite- .loin 

X, 07 a, 2C50 

Speiice Adam, 85 a, 420 Stilhvell 

Stollers lit 

iiry 318 a, 7825 

.Sperioe Adam, 118 a, 725, Hrillwell 

Stoll Rudo 

pn. a, 210 

Stahiis Wilhelmiiia, SOa, IJIO 

Stoll Soph 

a. 00 a, 1285 

Stahl A J, 1 a, 190 

Stoll z Cha 

les. 2U0 a, 4205, Jlan- 

Stahl A J. 40 a, ;^10 


Stamei-Chaiies, 7S a, 2095 

Stoltz Cha 

les, 222a,1305, Ilanna 

Staiiiford Abram G, 78 a, 2505, 

Stoliz Win 

8U a, 890 


Srone Fie. 

ei iek, 13 a, 175 

Statidiford M U, SO a, 1S25, We^t- 

.Stoner \n 

Irew. 35 a, (isO 


Stoner Dav 

id, 430 a, 15730, Roll- 

Stamiard Catherine E, 27 a, 355 


Stanton .lujepli, 40 a, 4i'.0, I.a 

Stoner I): 

vid sr, 525 a, 19500, 




.Stanton Jos ,,'1, S(l a, ]:il5, I.a 

S:o..T D: 
Hod lit: 

vid S1-, 058 a, 25590, 

.stimton Joscj)li. 175 a, :JSl'0, }.' 

Stoiiei- I la 

v'iil M-, 1099 a, 39715, 

St.aiiton Jo-epli J., 120 a, 17;i5, I.a 

Stouei- Jae 

lb, .^0 a. 3410, K..lling 

S'.ai'.'lU''' Isaac. 8(1 a, 1125 


ill, 312 a. ]2:;o. Kolling 

St Ilk ri,M-t,'u'5V, 24's.o 


Starke W,,,, 1 a, su 


,1), 1 a,i:i5 

Stan- George W (It; a, 755 

Stoner ,1 1) 

Steams Asa, UO a, 75.i 

'..,,. II ' ] ., 7;, 

Stearns Jolin 11, SO a. 1955 

.Molt Win 

•^1 a,':!.-.o' 

Steel Wni, 107 2, 251ii. Union 

>ti-al)le .Ma 

-y. Ill 11, 120 


Stock E.ol 

la ;io a, 4ni) 

Steihie Loui'i, 40 a, 8:iO 

Stnc> Enn 

la, -10 a, .-ilO 

Steicrely FiedeMck.2;!9 a, 15130 

Stvner Jo- 

•pn Xo 1,2 a, 435 

Steigely U'm A,50 a, 1385. Kin-s- 


chad, 2-10 a, 2510 


Sii erniei-t 

■V .Mei.ibhh, 103 a, 3095 

Steijiely & Miller, 30 a, ]2i;o 


■1, 105 a, 3205 

Steigely & Miller, 51 a, 2!rj5 


O-.-ar. MJ.i, ]t!5 

Stel n burs Lu.l wig, 3.s a, 115 

w-car, Grace and 

Steinke John. 80 a, 1210 

licit, "i.-.i; 

Steinke .Inlin-, 32 a, 1)25 


M', 1^0 a, 4740, Roll- 

Steinke Julius, 75 a, In:. 11 

in- I'rali 


Stejihens Ethan, 5 a,GI5 

Sntton Em 

na, 40 a, 1100 

Stevens Gu^tave, 11 a, 190, .Mich- 

S tt ill -Mai 


igan City 

Suari-011 A 

ndrew, 40 : , U05 

Stevens Snsan,4 a, 90 

S«an»on .\ 

nlv (.;. 200 a, !i40 

Stevenson John, JU 470 

Swan-on C 

lai-fe-, 40 a. 705 

Stevenson .M .ry, 50 a. 575 

Suanx.ri C 

lailcs A, 70 a, 2885 

Steveson Charles K, 53 a, 1155 

Su-an-..n H 

iiiiel. 20 a, 435 

Steveson Eh/a J. -lu a, 4(iO 

■eta, 33 a, 415 

Steveson Elizabeth J. .so a, 1015 

S^sal•-on J 

ibn, 33 a 210, La Porte 

Steve.on W,„, 40 a, 1270 

Su aii-on .li 

hn, 38 i',705, I, a I'oite 

Steveson Win, 80 a, l>-30 

Su an-iMi .U 

lias. :.'7 a. 520 

Steuig I'aiHieiia jr. 1 a. 3.50 

Su-'aiiMHi X 

chohs,73 a, 1235 

Stickley Ann E, 42 a. 3(J5 

Swart/. ■! c 

llen.v A, 74 a, 1255 

(fl (!) 



iber, Coal, Lime, 
Cement, Sash, Doors, 
Blinds, Slc. 
Corner Jackson &, Main Sts., La Porte. 

L. POLK & CO.'S 

.05 * 

ioJ Q 


o e 

m -, 

O \ 

< I 
'►J i 

< y 





Sweet Andrew J, I'lS a, 2025, 

Swift Giistavus F, 41 a, 1115 
Swift it Co, 136 a, i:jaOO, Union 

Switzer John, 50 a, 1820 
Switzer Rebecca A, 23 a, 070 
Szwdroiiicz Joseph, s6 a, 1140 
T;idiski Jacob, 77 a, 965 
Taey Dennis, 40 a, 670 
Talbott G''orge A, 107 a, 1045 
Tnlmigft Arthur, 5 a, 2lO 
Talmage Martha B, 3'J a, 1800, La 

Talmase Mattie B, 183 a, 9435, 

La Porte 
Tanka Edward, 1 a, 890 
'I'appan Julius C, 60 a, 1135 
T ppiii Philura and others, 40 a, 

Tappan Thomas J, 23 a, 1060 
Tarnow John, 40 a, 510 
Tatman Lucy L, 35 a. 060 
Tatman Thomas. 20 a, 525 
Tavlor Charlotte. 122 a. 5785 
Taylor Chesley, 40 a, 1290 
Tavlor Harriet, 58 a, 1650, Michi- 
gan City 
Taylor Jeremiah. SO a, 3235 
Taylor James II, 80 a, 3020, Still- 
Tavlor John, 50 a, 315, StilUvell 
T.,ylor John jr, 20 a, 105, Still- 
Taylor John H, LSI a, 1835, Still- 

Tavlor Joseph, 00 a, 1135, La 

Tavlor Marion, 120 a, 2090, New 

Buffalo, Mich 
Tavlor Wm H, 40 a, 1040 
T,,\ior Zachacy, 40 a, 1175, La 

Tavlor Zachary, 45 a, 605, La 

Teague Xelson M, 160 a, 670 
Temple A C A II I. Looi.ils, 25 a, 

Teeter Charlotte. 14 a, 410 

Teeter Edwin J, 40 a, 1155, RoII- 
ing Prairie 

Teeter Edwin J, 45 a, 1435, Roll- 
ing Prairie 

Teeter Edwin J, 109 a, 3005, Roll- 
ing Prairie 

Teeter Edwin J,298 a, 8975, Roll- 
ing Prairie 

Teeter George E, 81 a, 1225 
Teeter George A, 100 a, 3045 
Teeter Georiie H, 145 a, 4105, Roll- 
ing Prairie 
Teeter George M, 145 a, 3520 
Teeter Julia, 122 a, 5105 
Teeter Roxanna, 40 a, 635 
Teeter Zachariah, 80 a, 1535, Door 

Tennis Ellen, 118 a, 2915 
Tenni> Gabriel P, 53 a, 810 
Terry John T, 225 a, 4110, Union 

Teuscher Adam sr, 40 a, 220, La 

Teuscher Philip, 1.52 a, 4865 
Tews Charles, 1 a, 390 
Thack-ary llenrv, 40 a, 460 
Thierecke John, SO a, 825 
Thomas Caroline, 751 a, 9135 
Thomas Elizabeth, 5 a, 140 
Thomas Emanuel, 43 a, 2010 
Thomas I,ncntia .\, 174 a, 3755 
Thomas Mary, 234 a, 7765 
Thomp-on Hiram and Xancy J, 

60 a, 1510 
Tnompjon Nancy J, 20 a, 210 
Thompson Slilton, 197 a, 5020 
Thornton James A, 19 a.70, Mich- 
igan Citv 
Thornton Rebecca J, 40 a, 670 
Thornton Samuel, 3S a, 450, Mich- 
igan City 
Thorp Amos, 40 a, 1155, La Porte 
Thorp Amos, 51 a, 640, La Porte 
Tlinrber Xancv J, 29 a, 400 
Thurher Pollv", 12 a 210 
Tic^fcrChris't. 45 a. 635 
Ti deman Fred. 70 a, 1525 
Tildeii Walters, 172 a, 2800, Wa- 




and Sarah J, 45 

a, 420, 




drew, 1.30 a, 1970 




igu^t jr, 15'J a. 






n Citv 

irlcs, SO a, U.-O 

.rle=, 104 a, 1735 



i us. 40 a, 705 




rtin, 49 a. 525 




jhael J.Ooa, 715,Water- 






tS. 159.a. 12^0 
d. 57 a, 880 



phen, 20 a, 560 




n. 40 a, 1030 


11, 263 a, 2780 

For Fire,- Life. Occident, Plale Glass, Steam Boiler, Lii/e Stock or 
Tornado Insurance call on J. Uene Dorland, La Porte, Ind. 


Titus Charlotte E, 18 a, oUO 

Truesdell Harvey, 120 a, 1000 


Tinis Xelsoii J. IS a. 560 

True^dell Harvey, 124 a, 1075 

Tobin Will, IC? a, 0005, Stillwell 

Truesdell Harvey, 130 a, 890 

Tolaiid Lvilia A, 'i-JO a, 3:i5 

TruesiMl Ha.vev, 213 a, 780. 


■I'olan.l I.vdia A it. B, -^-JO a, li;i5 

Truesdell Harvey and C H, 190 a, 

Tnlii]-, (.'arolitie W, 33 a, 325 


'l'oin|i;OMi Amos, 2 a, 40U 

Trump Joseph, 231 a, 5875, Union 


■|'oii;sacli Andrew. ?0 a, S35 


'i'oiiii An^u~t. 20 a, 200 
Toiin Frc'd \V, 53 a. 1210 

Trvou Charles Q nnd Harvey 11, 
■ill a, 2)0. M ehi^an City 

T.iiiiiaKlf JoSL'pli, 41 a, 435 

Trvon Urville, 58 a 1550, Union 

Towers Katie. ID a, 720 



Towner Alviii, 2 a. 115 

Trvon Orville, 314 a, oil'. Union 

Tovne Thomas, 101 a, 1085 




Tri'irto Gottlieb, 80 a, GSO 

Tueliloski John, 03 a, 1450 

Travis Angeliiie. 100 a, 2',iCo 

Tueker Alden, 105 a, 4775 

Travis Brook, 240 a, 4075, Still- 

Tueker Alden, lOS a, 2900 


'i'ueker Jolm, 15 a, 300, Michifran 


Travis Charles, 40 a, 840, Still- 

( iiv 


Tiicki-r S iluKui, ]2S a. 2S10 

Travis Curtis, 407 a, OSOO, Li 
['01 tc 

Tub.,-<.n Willis, 20 a, .345 
Tulev lOmeliue, 230 a, 7S75 

Travis K.lwin, 30 a, 580 


Travi- Kiii\iUis, 2!)S a, 4405 

Tulcy Wni ■!■, 2 1:', a. 33o0, Wana- 

Travis Frank, 125 a, 2005 


'I'ravis Ueort;e W, 'JO a, 1500 

Tu'i-c/in.-ki J<din,40a. 975 


Travis Ilattie G, 5;i a, 120 

I'liicziiiski .Max, 40 a, 315 

Travis Hatiie G, 7S a, 1)70 

Tunvin-k:i Them -s, 80 a, 1300 

- ? 

Travis Jay W, 240 a, 5785, La 

Tuthiil Aliee .^1, 39 a, 700, Miehi- 


jjan (;itv 

^ s 

Travis Jerome E. 97 n, 3375 

Tyler Abigail U, 22 a. 115 

t E 

Travis John A, so a. 135 

Tvie'' Alva ( ', 40 :<, 4 l". 

Travis J A, 100 a, 3005 

Tvbu- David M. 211 a, 315 

s ^ 

Travi- Minerva, 125 a, 2320 

Tiler l.u.-v and (lliv.\ 20 a, 210 

B, ffi 

Tra\is Xoab, loO a, 17s5, Kinj;- 

riuirb Henry, 1 ., 350, .Miehi-an 

Travis Xoali, 100 a. 24s5. Kin;;s- 

Travi^ Noah. 200 a, 4I)20, Kinjr- 

U. 1 Fi.Mlrri.-k, -10 a, 1005 


3 - 

I 1UM'\' Ivi/;iln til. I't a, "i*_ir» 



nierv J..I111 11, :,()a. 570 

•< "> 

Tinvis Wesley, 780 a, 211I0, La 

ribim II 1;, M a, 1J70 



I'hieh Cbarles, 1 a, 045 

Travis \Vm W, 323a,84;i0, Kin;,'s- 


D -i 


I'nderw.H.d Cliarle-, 13 a, 210 

Tr.Mj John No 1, 71 a, 015 

Underwood Ilattie K, .'lO a, 345 

p -. 

Tiianiii;;ham Georjce. ISO a. 2<J35 

l'rd;nown Owen, 12 a, 30 

■I'li.'dnian Knberf W, 20 a. 200 

UrO.dn Alice, 15,", „, 1515 


Trost K.-iede'iek, 110 a, 22'J5 

Ure Anna J, 120 a, 1590 



Trowlirid>;e Wni, 120 a, 3225 

Vail .Aaron ,S, 119 a, 2520, Miehi- 


Trtie</..-ll Charles, 1 a, o:m), I,a 

t:an City 

•-' '-' 


Vail Abel. C3 a, 290 



Truesd.dl Charles II, 120 a. 3-0, 

Vail Haniet, 324 a, 2490 

B S 


l.a P..rte 

Vail I>aac N 20 a, 275 


Truesdell Charles W, 40 a, 340 

Vail Olive, 3Ss"a, 3745 

? 2. 


Truesdell Ilarvev, SO a, 1005 

ValentineEU, 107 a, 3210, Mieli- 


Truesdell HarveV, 101 a, 3150 

i-an City 

Truesdell Harvey, U17 a, 315 

Van AmbeifT Bridget, 1 a, 105 

Oberreicli X Arnold, ^""'Vn^Vll'^zz^:''"'^^''"'''^ 

Cor. Ma 

. Mich. Ave. 

any make at low prices 
See us before buying, it 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

ill pay you. 

Vail Aiiilierg Fniiik, i;i a 
Va,i Amher-r Fi-aiik, 3S ;.' 
VuiRlerbilt \V If, l.-,4 ,■,,;;; 
VaiHlermau .May ,1. 3.") a, .' 
Vandermu-k Kred, 1 a i,j 
Vaiiil.'i-mark Mo^c 7!) a 1 

^ Van Du, 
= _« Van Du, 



tt. 11 


Van G 
Van 1' 
Van V 


< i 





\\'a. 7:1 a, U50 
-■^on Jane C, 1 a, 330 
It Alexander, ,53 n, 3700 
t Alexaniler, l.'G a, 70ii 
Van l\.|c I) ,s, 53 a, is:iu 
Van Pelt D 8 and others, in 

Van Wil Calista, 14 a, ICO,", 
Vard man Klizalietli, I a. l'O 

Var.lonian .ranie^'i -/'lu 
^'ardHInall .lolin, 1 a 20 Mary. 1 a, 20 
V ardeinan Wni, 1 a, 20 
Velton riiilip sr, 2(11 a, 8320, L 

Veltnn Philip ,T and Carl 101 a 

3125 ' 

Vergin August. 160 a, 2ii45 
^ er^jin Frank E, 98 a, lOSli 
V er>iiM Frank sr, 137 a, 175.T 
yernileyea Charles, 3S a 395 
\ letzens Albert, 81 a, 1290 
Vilaske Albert. 1 a 1,5 
Vogely Gust, 40 a, 340 
Vogely Otto, 63 a. II so 
Voons Charles J, 140 a, 3405 
Voons Deborah, 1 a, 140, 1.a Porte 
Voons Deborah, 1 a, 1150 L-i 
Porte ' ■ 

Voorhees Benjamin, 40 », S60 
Vu.,biirjr Catherine, 30 a, 390, 

Michigan City 
\ (iss Ludwijr, 120 a. 745 
Vrecland Albert F, 79 a, 1050, 

.Miehigan Citv 
\VaakF,ed,33 a, 1190 
\\abasli College, 211 a, 7710 
"abash College, 228 a, 5125 
" a,le Eh, 156 a, 1730 
Wade Eil, 261 a. 5130 
"agner Alpheus, SO a, 840 
>V agner Christian, 155 a, 2370, La 

^Vaguer Frederick, 173 a, 2790 

335 U'agner Hunting, 1 a, 125,Wana- 

W'agner IF Clay, 109 a. 2340, La 

Wagner Lewis. 100 a, 1350 
\Vagner Johii,S0a, 2355 
Wagoner (os ph, 138 a, 2115 
Wakeinan Hert, 157 a, 2230 
Wakenian Minor B, 20S a 3165 
Walbre,.|,tFre.l,2a,20 ' 
\Vales Louis 11. G a, 855 
Walker Cornelia, 40 a, 3Go 
Walker Henry, 90 a, 2300, Mich- 
Walker Obadiah, 237 a, 4865 
WallJohn, 121 a, 5595, La Porte 
\\allace .Minnie .S, >0 a, 335 
Walter Emil, 80 a. 840 
Waller Win. 40 a. 825 
Walter Win, 119 a, 1010 
y alters .Jacob, 3 a, 1200,La Porte 
"^'lioii James, 160 a. 3590 
^Valton .Sarah, 97 a, 2-185 
Walton Wm M, 20 a, 2590 
"'anatah Creamery Co, 3 a, 600 
\\ andel Loui.-a, 1 a, 295 
Waidener Horace, 42 a, OO.'k., La 

Warner Aiidell E, 1 a, 90 
Warm r A A, 100 a. 1110 


W arner Emeline C, 2 a, ISO 
Warner Williard, 1 a, 155 
Warnke Fred. 120 a, 3850, Michi- 
gan City 
Warnke Frederick, 200 a, 7990 
>'arneke W'-m. 63 a.lSlO.La Porte 
'arnake Wni, 85 a, 2890, La 
Warnick Henry, liO a, 2015 
" ashingtou Ice Co, 136 a, 8130 
"assoii Amos, 48 a, 1085 
Watkins Mary E, 58 a, 1340 
"atkins Stephen, 130 a. 2295 
Uatkins Wm. 120 a, 380 
\\atsoii .loslma, 715 a •>7940 

Door Village 
Wattman Michael, 40 a, 520 
Waxham James. 30 a, 210, La 

Way Charles B, 97 a, 2310 
Way Ellas, 158 a, 5495 
Way Isaac, 120 a. 205. Wellahoro 
W^iy Isaac, 1333 a, 21470, \Vell.s- 

Do pil want a oood siWation? Prepare ijoilrself for it at the 
l^iGhigan Gitij Business Colleoe. Write for terms, *=• 'pre'sS.^'- 



Way James A, 5 a, lliHo, Door 

Wells Liieinda,40a, 1195 


Wells Lueinda,80a, 2700 

Way Otlne, 100 a, -15 

Wells Theodore, S4 a,3S90, Well3- 

Weatbrook FianU, :i a, 30 


Weatbniok Wilbur, 20 a, 2110 

Welniitz Joseph, 139 a. 2505 

Weatbrook Wilbiii-jr, 2i> a, -JGO 

>Ventiaml Jolm, 41 a, 575 

Weatbrook Wm, 40 m, acO 

Wer.leu D, 1 a, 500, Michigan 

Weaver Clavtuii, 1-17 a, 400, Ijtill- 



We.den F. 1 a, 750, Michigan 

Weaver Clayton, r.30 a, GlOO.Still- 



Werner Hen rv H, 91 a. 13Go 

AVeaver Hart L, 9 a, 1015, La 

^\•el■n(■rJohn, 2i;3 a, 3S:50 


Werner 'J'heodoie, 99 a, 10G5 

Weaver Hart L, 75 a, 1100, La 

Werner Win. (:5 a, 800 


Werner Wm C. 200 a, 3550 

Weaver Hart I-, 550 a, 7i;75, Lm 

Werner ^Vnl F, 200 a. 2G40 


We-tXiinnwl, IsS a, 2010, Hanna 

Weaver Hart L, GI'J a, 5025, La 

WestOroc.k Jobn,>0 a 1 .S50 


Weslervelt A J, 177 a, 10400 

Weaver H 1. & ."M K. 7 a, 4 1.50, La 

We-tdii Plea-ant, 3G a, OH) 


^Ve-rllllall John. f-Oa, 1100 

Weliber [, D. 25 a, 375. La Porte 

W) l,.r Bridges, 40 a, 125 

Welilier L D, 121 a,2(JU5, L-. Pone 

\\'lici'l.-r Charles, 12 a S50 

W<'bber L n, 2:i2 a, 4005, Li 

Wherlrr C.iail.- S, 240 a, 1520 


Whe.-h-r M .r\ . S a. 1340 

AVebbrr L 1), 275 a, G7(;5, T,a 

Whet/.el I.ean.ler jr, 40 a, 1050 


Whelzel .Mary A, IGO a, 4G50 

Webber Will 15. 40 a, 2!)() 

AVhite Asher. 5 a, 140 

Weber Martin J, 1 a 2;i5 

White Daniel A, 24 a, 445 

AVeb.-iter John F, G2 a, 1:170 

\Vliile D iiiid A, 40 a, 825 

Webster Mary M, 14 a 240 

While Garl.iiid C, 7S a, 030, Wa- 

Webster Samuel li, bio a. 7040 


Webster W B, 120 a, UDO, AVest- 

White George, 84 a, 3S90 


AVhite Henry, 158 a, G295 

Webster W B, 170 a, ;il70, Wesr- 

White Jacob il, 1 a, 305 

Weilel Frederick, 7 a, 

AVhite Julius .M, 75 a, 1125, Wa- 

Weed Enos, lu9 a. 2145 llesston 


Weier Jolin F, ,59 a. 020 

AVhite Ma'slijill F. 77 a, 1930 

WeilerLonis, 50 a, 5,50 

■White Martha 11, 20 .-i, 500 

WeinUauf Charles, 100 a, 13G5 

White .Mary M, I'.i a, 200 

Weinkaof Kadel, 144 a, 1505 

Whiteltobert, 3G2 a, 12:.50, Door 

Weirllenry 15, Ga,2350 


Weir Morgan II, 40 a, 210 

White Simon, 13S a, IIGOO. Door 

WeirWm(:.12a, 1040 


Weisjohn Gottlieb, ,s:j a. 1290 

White 'Tlieod<n.', 120 a, 1200, 

Wekrenlierg Caroline, i:!H a, 1390 


We'cli Wm I), ]00a,2G0 

Whitehead John, 80 a, 3140, La 

Welke Will. SO a, 780 


Welker George, 73 a, 940 

Whiteman B B, 100 a, 315 

Weller Wm 11, 12 a, 4390 

^Vhillner John, 79 a, 3ini0 

AVells Aniericus,90a,4725 

Whitnidce lleiirv, 21 a, 000 

Wells Cbarles F, 130 a, 41,55 

\Vliitney Setli P', 77 a, 2180 

Wells Columbus, 110 a, 2445 

Whilnev S.I, 80 a, 320 

Wells Daniel S, 114 a, 2435 

Wicker;iiam H H, 179 a. 1.379 

Wells DiMiiel S. 120 a, 2305 

AVickeishani James, SO a, 840 

Wells Jaine.-,. 1 a, 455 

AVickeisham .lames, lG9a, 20.30 

Wells Jane S, 4 a, 445 

Wirker.-lian; .lames, 540 a, l;is05 






"Fancii SpHi^j Patent" Floilr. 

J Street Wlilling Co., lOI J St. 

Northern Indiana. 
La Porte, Ind. 


^k. L. POLK & CO. S 




Wickeisliam S A, 40 a>95 
Wilcox Claris K, SO a, 382.-) 
AVilc-ox llaiatio, ]-Jl a, -JsSO 
Wildfoii"- Doitloir. SI ;.. .-,15 






Wile,ro.sep]i M, lijd a, 1680 
■Wile Simon, 10 a, 37U, La Torte 
Wile .Simon, S5 a, 835, La Porte 
Wilioiig Samuel, Is a, 105 
Willi,.!iri Frank A, 81 a, IISO 
Wilhelm Fred A, 12:! a, 2100 
Willielm Joseph T. G3 a, 280, La 

Wilk John, GS a, lJor>, La Porte 
Wilkelm Jolin A, 274 a, 3340 
Wilkelm Luilwig, 209 a, 3225 
Wilkinson Eihvaul, 158 a, 62G5 
AVilkinson Edward R, 27 a, 1955 
Wilkinson R IT, ]40a,2S75 
Wilkson Ella C, 31 a. 110 
Winding John. 90 a, 1050 
'^Villiams Benjamin F, 92 a, 1C35 
^Villiams Cliarles, 90 a, 1710, 

Williams Edward J, 12 a, 330 
Williams Henry M, 32 a, S65 
Williams Henry M, 40 a, 525 
Williams John C, 92 a, 850 
Williams John W, 1 a, 245 
Williams John N, 123 a, 2890 
Williams Lucy A, 87 a, 1135 
Williams Mary, SO a, 250 
Williams P E, 2 a, 170 
Wills David, 30 a, 755 
Wilson Emma, 30 a, 380 
■\V'ilson Ezera, KJO a, 1315 
Wilson James, 124 a, 2075, Wa- 
ll atah 
Wilson Lavina H, CG a, 1750 
Wilson :\Iaria, 40a, 335 
Wilsdu Marrietta, 20 a, 280 
Wilson Priscilla. 2.S a, 1790 
Wilson Samuel, 15 a, 210, New 

Bnllalo, .Alichigan 
Wilson Samnel, 203 a, 4215 New 

HulValo, Jlichijjan 
Wilson Sarah, 41 a, 890 
■^Vilson Schuyler, 105 a, 2585 
^Vilson Thomas B, SO a. 1580 Wa- 



I'homas L, 58 a, 485, ty-AW- 

Vilson Thon 

Wilson ^Vasliington, 1 a, 235, La 

Wilson Wm L, 200 a, G930 
AVilson Willis B, IGO a, 4720,Roll- 

ing Prairie 
Wilson Willis B, 1G9 a, 5440,];oll- 

ing Prairie 
Wilson & AVair, 1 a, 205 
Winchell Daniel E, GG a, IGSO 
Winchell Daniel E, 237 a, 1750 
Winchell F M, 204 a, 3220 
Winchell Louisa F, 543, 4150 
U'inchidl Harris J, 4GS a, 8975, 

Windmill John, 40 a, 1345 


L'holt O 1), 43 

90 : 


341 a, 102] 


>\ ing Caroline, 50 a, 580 
Wing Caroline, 238 a, 3035 
Wing Charles W, 4!I7 a 

La Porte 
Wing David, 99 a, 3210 
Wing H.ttie, 38 a, 780 
Wing James II, 238 a, 2885 
Win;; Joseph, 40 a, G25 
Winn 1- G, 5G2 a, 23150 
Winterliotliam John, 5 a, 450 

Michigan Citv 
Winteiliotham J K, 3 a, 2200 

Michigan Ci.y 
^Virl.lollll, 80 a, 1040 
Wirt Manila, 2 a, 155 
Wilt John, 1 a, 440 
Witt Wm, 20 a, 190 
Witt Wm, 40 a, 500 
Witte Juliana, 50 a, 1085 
Wojdhn (lottlieh, 35 a, 735, Wa- 

\VoJcichuiski Ignacy, 80 a, 2795 
Wojeiedroski Enoch, 42 .a, 1300 
Wojfic-lroski Joseph, 123 a, 3915 
Wolcntt L J, SO a, 1235 
Wolfe Allen B, 80 a, 1210 
AVolfe Henry A, 85 a 
Wolfe John and Caroline. 79 a 

Wolfe Lcvisr, 1G5 a, 5480 
Wulfr I.i.\i ,1 j,, 10 a. 1G40 
Wolh-hh. ■,-,,• ll.'nrv, 80 a, 525 
0210, Mich- 



-, 210 a, G2 


1 .loll 

1, I a, 10 


1 Jol, 

1, GO a, 905 


1 Mai 

V, 21 a. 530 


1 .Mai 

V A, GO a, 1 

^\'oo,l I 

) \' K 

53 a, 1210 


820 Main Street, La P orte. 


Wood Jfiiry, 9 a, 20, :Michigiin 

WooUburn George W. ^'^^ a, 2295 
Wooden Charles .^I, liiO a. -145 
Wooden Margaret, .■i5 a, 015 
Wooden Peter, 20 a. .'ilO 
Wooderick Fred, 210 a, .•1290 
Woodin James, 1 a, 2o0, .Mich- 
igan City 
Woodmansee Annie E, Go9 a. 35 
Woodniansee L D, L'OO a, 3545, 

Hatch's :Mil!s 
Woudniaiisee J L, 80 a, 21i;5 
Woodmansee J L aii.l .M M, 121 

a, 2495 
AVoodmansee Martlia M, 81 a, 

Woodrutt' John and Wife, 3 a, 

Woodrutl'Lonisa, l:ia, 175 
Woodson Philiji, 12 a, i^lO, Mioli- 

igan (Jity 
Wocdey Kaohel. 53 a, 2395, West- 

Wooley Wm D, 50 a, 2270 
Woolley David, 40 a. 1(J45 
Woolnian J, 40 a, 505 
AVo/iiiack John, 130 a, 15010 
Wuziiiack John, 1G7 a, 3450 
^Vozl]iak M, 30 a, 5-.'5 
Wtms^i- Kndolph. SO a, 035 
WriL'ht Edson, 10 a. SO 
Wright Edson, 90 a, 3055 
Wriug(>r Mary A, 2 a, 50 
Wright Moses S, SO a. 810 
Wright Moses S, 85 a, 1925 
AVright Susan G, 1 a, 990 
Wright Watson W, 84 a, 1570 
Wroblaski Catherine, 30 a, 4S0 
Wroblaski John, US a, 1900 

Wroblaski Joseph, 20 a, 250 
Wunsch John, 1 a, 25 
Wynkoop David, 110 a, 030 
Yahiiiski Martin, 32 a. 415 
Yanka August, SO a, 1310 
Yarger Philip jr. 120 a, 29; 

Yansniski Martin, 50 a, 5S0 
Yonng llenrv C, 1 a, 190, J 

Yonngstroni Charles, 50 a, 585 
Zal.el Frederick, 81 a, 1155 
Zaeh Er.'deriek, SO a, 1S5 
Zaeh Frederick. 121 a, 1210 
Zach John sr, 208 a, 400 
Zachert Ernest, 37 a, 490 
Zahrn John, 100 a, 2275, Mid 

igan City 
Zahrt August, 7S a, 1450 
Zalirt Sophia, 5 a, 235 
Zahrt Wm. i;3 a, 3s.!5 
Zri"iii,M Chilli. •<, si; a, 1085 

Zriuhiii-ki MiiiiiM, II a, 545 
'/-ll i:iiii ii..;. in:; a, 2710 

Zn.iU.- i'l.MJ.-iick, 120 a, 2900 


Znin ,lcllnr-nn, OS a, 1095 


Zcppli- ( iKirl,.-, SO a, 895 

Zi.-dlci' ,loM-|,h, 5o a, 935 


Ziciuan Julni, 4 a, 115 


Zininiernian David, 00 a, 595 

Zinunernia.i John K, SO a, 1040 

Zinn George, ISO a, 2410 

Zipple Charles, 50 a, 070 


Z'lrn Pliilip, US a 2,545, Michigan 

Zorn Philip U,4 a, 600, Michigan 

Zvtztwing Christian, 4 a, 150, 

".Michigan City 

I— I 


C > 


D 5 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

La Porte Directory, 



City GoveriiiiiPiil. 

■City Hall ami C'omioil ChanibLT, 
S e cor Main and JIatlison 

Hon Emmet H Scott 

Clerk— Wm J Vogt 
Treasurer — George W Arnold 
City Attorney— Charles B An- 
City Engineer — Wm N Rumely 
Deputy City Engineer — Ilirani 

Street Commissioner— C H Lam- 
City Marshal— James R Parcell 
Chief of Fire Department — Tlios 
A Whorwell 

City Coiiiioii. 

Meets second and fourth 5Ion- 

day evenings of each month 
I'resident- Hon Emmet H Scott 
Clerk— Wm J Vogt 
First Ward— Clinton D Cochrane, 

.James O'Brit'U 
Second Ward— Amos O Sarber, 

George Frederick 
Tliird Ward — Fames II Buck, 

Boler B Banks 

— ChasFPlumbcck, 


■Conrad Becher.Wm 

V nrtli W;,n 

Wm I'lam 
Fifii WM-d- 

H Replogle 

Street*— C FPlumbeck, O'Brien, 

Finance— Becher, Sarber. O'Brien 
Claims — Sarber, Wm Phimbaeck, 

Fire— Buck, Cochran, Frederick 
Street Lighting— O'Brien, C P 

I'lundHck, Frederick 
oewers— Itiplogle, Cochran, C 

F I'Uunbeck 
Piihlic Improvements — Jlaj'or, 

Buck, Sarber 
By-laws and Ordinances — Fred- 

Vrick, O'B ien, Wm Plambaeck 
Otticers'Salaries-Cochran, Banks, 

Printing— Banks, Becher, Ren- 

Parks — Wm Plambaeck, Rep- 
logle, Banks 

Police De|>nrtiiient. 

Chiff— James R Purcell, office 

City Hall 
Patrolmeu— Charles A Lindgren, 

Tliomas Donly 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Board of Health. 

Dr E A Rodgers, Dr A A Fahne 
stock, and Dr E L Annis Se* 
and Health officer 

Fire Department. 

Thomas A Whorwell Chief of 
Department, Charles Fritzen 
1st asst, Carl Wise 2d as-t 

La Porte !!■ ok and Ladder Co 
No I, City building, John 
Jerndt jr. foreman 

Eescue Hose Co Xo 1, w s Jack- 
son bet Main and State, H L 
Phillips f'lreman 

Gamewell Hose Co No 2, City 
building, James Stack.foreman 

Peerless Hose Co No 3, w s Jack- 
son bet Noide and Walker, 
Charles Kipphut, foreman 

Holly Ho«e Co No 4, w s Scott 
bet Spurlock and Place, Joseph 
Hueckstedt, foreman 

Dreadnaught Hose Co No5, e sE 
bet 1st and 2d, Stephen Flori- 
anawitz, foeeman 


12 Main and Jackson street, 
Pusch's grocery Keys left at 
LeliterA Ackerman's barn, John 
Gaul, M W Page's cigar store, 
Moore & AVeaver's lumber office, 
F D Bnwen's house 

V.i Washington and Adams 
St, Demien's saloon Keys left 
at Demien's sa'oon. Gas house. 
King & Filde's Woolen Mill 
office, L E & W depot 

14 Jeft'erson and Tipton street, 
at H Peters Keys left at H 
Peters, W W Smith, Albert Pos- 
dick, Chas Haskinson 

21 State st and Michigan av, 
Marr's barn Keys l<-ft at Zahrt 
Bros' Saloon, Haverly & Plum- 
beck's saloon, John Marr's barn, 
Anderson House, L S & M S tel- 
egraph office 

23 Main and Madison street. 
City Hall Keys left at S Zelt- 
ner's bakery, Fred Steigely, JI 
Rumely's office, James R Purcell 
Marshall, Orr & Cram's livery 

24 State and Tyler st. Sash 
and Blind facrory Keys leit at 
Sash and Blind factory. Wra 
Backhaus, Gus Biuieh, Wm H 
Rhoda's grocery store 

31 Jackson st, 3d ward ho-e 
house Keys left at W E Hard- 
ing, Geo W Huntoon, Ignatz 
Peters, Henry Wilhelui, Albert 

32 Michigan av, near Presby- 
terian church Keys left at Bular 
Banks, Geo W Arnold, Wm No- 
ble, Joseph Pool, Chas Hall 

34 Indiana av and AVarwick 
st, C H Truesdell Keys left at 
Wm M Scott, S F.'X's Mill office, 
Henry Pierce, C H Truesdell 

41 Spurlock and Scott st, near 
4th ward Jiose house Key bft 
at Fred Baiungardner, Fred Wag- 
ner, Chas Werner, John Scharf, 
Louis Staver 

42 Ohio and Woodward- st, 
Whitney's Keys left at E G 
Thomas, H A Whitney, Jay 
I'arkinson, Nelson Barnum 

43 Ridge and Clement st, Mrs 
N S Paul Keys lefc at Chas 
Gehike, IraLeland, \V C SuUi- 

m, D P Benncthum 

.51 P'irst and B st. Levy Bry- 
ant Keys left at John T Klock- 
iem. Levy Bryant, J B Closser, 
Steve Lower 

02 First and E st, Robert Bot- 
tom Keys lefc at Ous Anderson, 
Robert Bottom, C J Boklund, 
Carl Wise 

53 Second and I st. John Wil- 
helm Keys left at J C Wilhelm, 
John Brockman, Hoppe's Mill, 
Charles Kelling 

City Water Works. 

Pumping Station n end Tyler 
Board of Trustees-Louis Schumm 
Pres, John B Sillman Sec, 
George W Arnold Treas, John 
H Ball Collector, George H 
Storey Supt, office City build- 



Board of liiiprove- 

La Porte Improvement Associn- 
tion, Dr Geore L Andrew I'res, 
Miss Rose Hathway Sec and 


(Office City Building.) 

Martin Weber pres. Joseph Jack- 
son sec, Samuel Fox treas, \Vm 
W Hallman siipt 


Central Building, s e cor Harrison 
and Clay, John F Knight prin- 

Park Buildina-, w s 1st bet F and 
G. Miss M E Sweet principal 

Porter Building.cor.lett'erson and 
Det'oit. Ella Sullivan principal 

First Ward Building, cor State 
and Tipton, Laura .Moore pi m- 

Second Ward Building, n w cor 
State and Chicago, Flora Ayers 

Third W ard Building, cor Walker 
and Jackson, Bella Davidson 

.■ s Scott, 
Laura Ridel! principal 

German Lutheran School, 30'^ A 
Kindergarten School, cor Indiana 

av imd Osborn 
Private School, cor Harrison and 

St Joseph's (German Catholic) 

School, n e cor 2d and C 
St Rose's School, conducted bv 
. the sisters of the Holy Cros>, 

511 Ridge 


Southwest cor Michigan av and 

J' tlerson 
Postmastei— John ShallVr 
As>ist'iit Postmaster — Wm W 

General Delivery Clerk — Homer 

Stamp and Mailing Clerk— Dallas 


Nol. J mes Morse 
Xo 2. A 'el'ert D Barnes 
Xo 3. John L Swanson 
No 4. George Koenig 
Xo 5. Hiram X Harrison 
Sub-carrier. Joseph B Chiioman 

7amto::45pm. Money order 

and register department, Sam 

toGpni. Sundays 11 to 12 a m. 

Carrieis' window same 



Dailv Herald (The), established 
I'SS. La Porte Printing Co 
props. Edward Moliov editor, 
Archibald Beal bus mngr, 702 

Evening Star ^rhe), established 
March. 1S93. The Star Pub- 
lishing Co prop's. Henry 
Goodman ediioi-, Harry B Dar- 
ling city editor, n w cor State 
and Micliigan av 


Wecklv HerHld (The), estab- 
lii^hed IS38. La P,.rte Print- 
ingCo proprs, Edward Molloy 
editor, Archibald Beal business 

La Port' Argus (Thp), established 
1809 Wadsworth & Kessler 
proprs. Henry E Wadsworth 
e.iitor, Samuel' 1 Kessler bus- 
iness gr 

La Poite.Iouriial (The, German), 
esiabli-hed 1S77. Henry Good- 
man (d.tor and p'opi, n e cor 
State i'Ud Slichigan av 

nan I 

and nankers. 

ram P 

Aiidr w A P jr & Son (Al 

A. di-' w). s" (» Main 
Bank of ihe State of Indiana, 

Hall, \Veaver & Co proprs, 824 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Citizens B;iiili, Jacob Wile & 
Son proprs, 709 Wichisan av 

First National Bank. I eorpnr- 
ateclLses. Capital lOO.OUO. Sur- 
plus 25.000. Wm Nile-i 
il D Morrison Vice Pi es, R E 
Morrison Cashier, 701 Main 

La Porte Savings Bank. Jam^s 
H Buck Pres, Eagenins W 
Davis Vice Pres,Johii WCrum- 
packer Cashier. 711 Indiana av 

Incorporated Coin- 

Bryaut J \V Co. Incornorateil 
1S91. Capital 30,000. Jolm W 
Bryant Pres, L D Barrett Vice 
Pres, W A Bryant Sec, n \v cur 
Front and Tyler 

Cochrane & Peters Co (The). 
Incorp .rated 1889. Capital 
5,000. Cliarles E C ■chrane 
Pres, Arthur H Peters Sec and 
Treas, 802 Monroe 

Gray Sanitarium (The). Incor- 
porated 1S93. Capital 100,000. 
J Lucius Gray Pres. James 
Sallee Sec and Treas, Pine Lake 

Henoch Co (The M). !■ oorpor- 
ated 1886. Capital 25,0 0. .Mar- 
cus Henoch Pres, l)a\id Lev- 
insori Vice Pres, Morris Henoch 
Sec and Treas, 00!) .Main 

Hilt Lake Ice Co (The John. 
Incorporated 18S.S. Capital 
100,000. VTMalottPres,John 
T Hilt Vice Pres nnd Gen ningr, 
AVm T Cannon Sec and Treas, 
507 Main 

Hutchinson's Prjvctical School 
for Watchmakers. Incorpor- 
ated 1892. Capital 10,001. 
George M Dakin Pres, Robert 
E Morrison S"c, Edward F 
Mioliael Treas, John L Hutch- 
inson Sui.t, n e cor Jett'erson 
and Michigan av 

"J" Street Milling Co. Incor- 
porated 1S89. Capital 10,000. 
August B.ickhaus Pres. Wni H 
Hoppe Sec and 'Ireas, 101 J 

La Porte Library and .Natural 
History .Association. Mrs Myr- 
tle Park Wolfe Li'.rarian, Mi- 
ple av, bet Michigan .lud In- 
diana av 

La Porte Amphitheater Associa- 
tion. Incorporated 1889. Capi- 
tal 1050. Ellis Michael Pres, 
Wm Fredrickson Sec, Motier L 
Orr Treas, 804 Main 

La Porte Business College. In- 
corporated 189:^. Capital 25,- 
000. James O'Brien Pres, Jno 
W Bryant Vice Pres, M..rtier 
L Orr Treas, Levi J Bryant Sec 
s e cor Wasuing on and Mich- 
igan av 

La Po^ te Carriage Co. Incorpor- 
ated 1891. Capital lOO.OUO. J 
J Parkluirs! Pres, D P Wilkin- 
son Vice Pres, Lloyd F Weaver 
Sec airtJ Treas, 60u Indiana av 

La Porte Electric C'l. Incoipor- 
Hted 1890. Capital 25.000. A 
J Stahl Pres, J M Hannnni 
Vice Pres, F H Morrison Sec 
and Treas, John H Ilardijig 
Supi, ottice 701 Main 

La Pnne Gas and Coke ''o. In- 
corporrtte.l 1874. Capi'al 50,- 
000. W A Martin Pres, R E 
Morrison Sec, Ed V Mi.'hael 
Treas and Mgr, P \V Free e 
Supc, office 711 Main 

La Porte Printing Co. Incorpor- 
ated 1880. Capital 10,000. S 
E 'J'aylor Pres. Willis E Beal 
Vice Pres, Archibald Beal Sec 
and Treas, 702 .Main 

Michael Co E F. In -orporHtPd 
1S87. Cup tal 24,000. Ellis 
Michael Pr. s, Ed F Micliael 
Sec and Treas. 1107 Washing- 

Ni'es & Scott Co. Incorporated 
1881. Capital 40,000. Wm 
Niles Pres, E H Scoit Vice 
Pres, F A Turnbull Sec, n s 
Lake nr Tyler 

Runiely CM. Incorporated 18*7. 
Capital 250,000. M Rnmel I'res 
and General Jlgr. W W Runiel 
Vice Pres ana Supt, J J Rnme- 
ly Sec and Treas, ii w cor Main 
and Madison 

Webber Hardware Co. Incorpor- 
ated 1893. Established 1851. 
Le Roy D Webber Pres, S S 
Webber Vice Charles 
Bo-sermaii Sec and Treas, 71G 





Chicago and West Michigan Pas- 
senger Station, jiincfion Wasli- 
ington and State, G D Wand- 
less agent 

Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Pas- 
senger Station, junction Wash- 
ington and State, G D Wand- 
less agent 

Lake Erie and Western Passenger 
Station, 11 e cor Tipton and 
Washington, G E McReynolds 

Lake Shore and Michigan Soutl)- 
ern Pitsfenger Station, cor 
Front and Micliigan av, C B 
Murphy agejjt 

8ecrel niid Iteiicvoleiit 


Masonic Temple, 802 Main 

Excelsior Lo ige No 41, F and A 

M, instituted Dece er 1838, 

meets first Wednesday evening 
of each month, E J Church M 
•V, J Vene Dorlaiid Sec 

La Porte Chapter Mo lo, RAM, 

instituted , meets second 

Tiie-dayeveningof each month, 
L Bueltzingsloewen II P, J 
Vene Dorlaud Sec 

La Porte Council No 32, R and S 
M, iiK-tituted ISUS, meets second 
Tuesday evening of each month, 
J W Pottinger 111 M, J Vene 
Borland Recorder 

La Porte Commanilery No 12, K 
T, instituied 1SG7, meets fir^t 
Friday evening of each month, 
C S Fahnestock E C, J Vene 
Doil^nd Recorder 

Orient Chapter No 55, O E S, in- 
stituted , meets second and 

fourtti Wednesday evenings of 
each month. Emily Parker 
WM, Wm H Pa.ker Sec 
I. O. O. F. 

Odd Fellows' Hall, n e cor Jeffer- 
son and Michigan av 

La P'rte Lodge No 30, instituted 
1846, meets every Fiiday even- 
ing, F W Clarke N G, G E Mc- 
ReynoKls Sue 

Union Encampment No 23 Insfci- 
tured IN(JU, innets second and 
fouith Thursday evenings of 
each month, B A Franklin C P, 
John Telleen W S 

La Poite Catiton NoiO P M, in- 
stituted lSS6,meets third Tnurs- 
day evt-ning of each montli, D 
C Comandt, C W 
Francis Clerk 

Teuton ia Lodge No 210, institut- 
ed ISoG, meets every Wednes- 
day Hvenii g, Gusiav Zeka, N 
G, Theo lore Kojschel Sec 

Ros^^ Rehekah I »egree Lodge No 
408, organized 1893, meets first 
and tidrd Tue-day evenings uf 
each month, Mis Herman Uher- 
lei.h N G 

Odd Fellows' Library Associa- 
tion, organized 1S73, AV A Bry- 
ant Sec 

Castle Hall, cor Michittan av and 

La Porte Lodge No 112, instituted 
1883. meets every Tuesday 
eveninsf, Wm Zach C C, Carl 
Wise K of Rand S 

Division .\o 74. U R K P, insti- 
tuted )S(I2, meets first and third 
Thursdav evenings of each 
montl;. G H Storey Comdt, C 
W Merrill He order 
G. A. K. 
(Hall 712 Main.) 

Patton Po-t No 147. Organized 

. Mnets everv M- ndav 

night. E R Hart Comdt, Ed"- 
ward L Ephliu Adj 

Major Ca kins Cimp No 170. 
Organized 1889. Meets every 
Tuesday evening. J C Arm- 
strong Capt, Harry Weir First 

Patton R. lief Corps No 16. Or- 
ganizeil . Meets every Mon- 
day evening. :Mr3 Dexter Buck 
Pres, .Mrs Nettie Angell Sec 
K. O. T. M. 

G H Terpmy Tent No 25. Organ- 
ized 1889, meets first and third 
Wednesday evenings of each 
month, 720 Mchigan av. F C 
Sonneborn Com, W J Lower, 
F K 



l. L. POLK & CO.'S 

La Porte Hive No 1, L O T M, 
Organized 1893, meets first and 
third Wednesday afternoon of 
ench month, 720 Micliiwan av. 
Jtrs W D Paxton Com.Mra S W 
Lower. K K 

W. C. T. U. 

Sirs Mary A Baumgardner Pre?, 

Mrs James Harrison Sec, Mrs 

Sarah Peters Treas, 703}4 Main 

L. G. T. U. 

La Porte Gospel Temperance 
Union. Organized 18S9, meets 
every Sunday afternoon and 
Tuesday evenings at S14 Main, 
Lawson Bell Pres 

ST. J. B. & A. S. 

St Joseph's Benefit and Aid So- 
ciety. Organized 18iiG, nif-ets 
first Monday evening of each 
mouth at St Josepli's School 
building. Ooustantine Koch 
Pres, B J Kohne Sec 
L. B. jr. P. U. 

La Porte Business Men's Pr' tec- 
tive Union. Organized March 
1S92, meets first Tu^-sday even- 
ing of each montli at 9-Ji Main. 
\VHsliington Wilson Pres, ^V 
C Miller Sec 

K. OF L. 

Excelsior Lodge Xo 5852 Knights 
of Labor. Organized 1SS3. Jleets 
everv Tncsdav evening »t 900 
Main. B.-njiinin Dell M W, 
Win Frai.kii'.biu-irSec 

Korthern 1 ndianii Oi'phans Home. 
Kxecutive boaul — Kniniet 11 
Sc-ttPrs,Dr George M D:.kin 
Vice I'l-es, Marv Ktherington 
2d Vice Pre?, Jlrs H I) Moi rir^on 
Trea.s. Julia K Work Supt, e d 
of e Main Ruth C (The). Mrs Carrie 
Sbanley matron, IGO:! Michigan 

Alpha Nu I'leasure C 

Meets first Mon- 
d.iv eveniiitr of eacli month, 8_'i' 
Miin. F R Maas Pies, Louis 
.Schiudlcr Sec 

Maple City Club. Organized — . 
Business meetings third Wed- 
nesday i.f each month. 824 Main. 
Daniel Noyes Pres, J W Broeffle 


II. S. Board of Peii- 

Meets every Wednesday at 10 a m, 

718 Michigan av 
Dr E L Annis, h La Porfe 
Dr D T Brown, h Michigan City 
Dr J S Martin, h Rolling Prairie 

Church Directory. 

First Baptist church, cor Jeffer- 
son and Indiana av, Rev Ad- 
dison Paiker pastor. Sunday 
services 10:30 a m, Sunday 
school 12 m 

First Christian Church, cor Mon- 
me and Maple av, Rev E B 
Widger pa-tor, services 
10:30a m, 7:30 p m, Sunday 
school 12 in 

St Paul's Church. Rev Walter 
Scott rector. Services 10:30 a 
ni, 7:30 p ni, Snndav scliuol 12 
m, cor Michigan av'aiid Harri- 

St Jolin's German Evaiigeli' 

Chu'.h, cor A and 3d, Rev 
George IJnk pasior. Sunday 10 a ui. 7.15 p in, Sun- 
day SctliQiil 2 p 111 

St P.-.ul's Evangelical Church, 
cor Main and Perry. Rev Liii- 
demeii- pa-tor. Sumlay .ser- 
vices 10.15, Sunday scliool 2 p ui 

Sweedisli Evang'Oicrd Lutheran, 
cor 1st and G, Rev O J Slljest- 
ron pa'itor. Sunday sei vices 
10 a 111, 7 :30 p 111, Sunday school 





First M E Church, cor Maple av 
and Monroe, Rev J II Cissel 
pastor. Sunday services 10.30 
!i m, 7.30 p 111, Sunday school 
9.30 a 111 

German M E Church, cor Har- 
rison and Clay, Rev Jacob 
Berger pastor. Sunday ser- 
vices 10.30 a m, 7.30 p m, Sun- 
day school 9am 


First Society New Church of 
La Porte, Rev Thomas F Houts 
pastor, cor Maple av and Mon- 
roe. Sunday services 10:30 a 
ni, 7:30 pin, Sunday school 
12 m 


Presbyterian Church, cor Noble 
and Michigan av. Rev E B 
Newcoinb pastor. Sunday ser- 
vices 10 :30 a m, 7 :30 p m. Sun- 
day school 12 m 

St Peters Catholic church, cor 
Monroe and Osborn, Rev J B 
Crawley pastor. Sunday ser- 
vices, first mass 8 a ui, high 
mass 10 am, Sunday school 2 
p m, Vespers 3pm 

St Joseph's Catholic Church 
(German), Rev Joseph Nuss- 
bium pastor, cor 2d and C. 
First mass 8 am, high mass 10a 
m, Sundny school 2 p m. Ves- 
pers 2 :30 p m, mass week days 


First Unitarian Church, e s 
Michigan av bet Harrison and 
Mnpleav,Rev A N Sommers 
pastor, Sunday services 10:30 
a m, 7 :30 p m, Sunday school 
9 :30 a m 


Pine Lal<e Cemetery, e Pine 

Lake 2 miles n city on Mich- 

it;an City road 
Pattons Cemetery, entrance e end 

McColluin St 
St Jolin's Lutheran Cemetery, s 

end C 
St J.'S'-ph's Catholic Cemetery, 3 

end C 
St Peter's Catholic Cemetery, e 

Pine Lake 2 miles n city on 

Micliigan City road 


City Park, n end Park st 
Fair Grnuuds, send of H 
Water Works Park, n end Tyler 

La Porle Street Directory. 

A, from 1st south, first west of Indiana av 
Adams, north and south, sixth east of Michigan av 
Alexander, from Indiana av to Monroe, lirst south of Osborn 
Allen, from Holcomb easr, to limits, second north of Spurlock 

B, from 1st south, second west of Indiana av 

C, from 1st south, third west of Indiana av 
California, from Main to Stiite, tliird west of Tyler 
Chicago, north and south, fourth west of Michigan av 
Clay, north and south, second east of Michigan av 
Clayton, from Monroe to Rose, third south of Harrison 
Clement, from Rose to Ruuiely, tirst north of McCullum 
Chestnut, from Woodward to Scott, flr-t north of Monroe 

D, from 1st south, fourth west of Indiana av 
Detroit, north and south, fourth east of Michigan av 
Division, from Rose east to Rumely, first south of Ohio 

22 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

E, from 1st south, fifrli west of Indiana av 

East M;iiii, from Tipton east to limits, continuation of Main 

F, from 1st S"Utli, sixth west of Iiidiai a av 
Fifth, east anil west, second =outh of 3d 
Fades, from Main to State, tirst west of Tyler 
First, ea-t and west, fourth soutli of Main 
P'ourth, east and west, third south nf 1st 
Front, east and west, first south of Lake 

Furnace, fiom Mechanic we-t, first north of L S & M S Ky 

G, from first south, seventh west of Indiana av 
Grove, from Tipton east, cuntinuatiou of State 
H, from 1st south, eight west of Indiana av 
llagenbuck, north and south, first east of T ptoii 
Harrison, east and west, third soutii of Main 

Holcomb, from e Main souih to Spurlock, first west of Scott 
I, from 1st south, ninth we-t of Indiana av 
Indiana av, north and soutli, first west of Michigan av 
,r, from 1st soutli, tentli west of Indiana av 
J.iclvson, nortli and south, tliird east of Jlicliigan av 
•lelterson, east and west, first south of Main 

Jolm, from Ohio soutli, third west of Kumely ' ' " /' 

K, from 1st south, first west of J 
L, from l?t south, second west of J 
Lalce, from Madison west, first north of L S & M S Ry 
Ludlow, from Monroe to Hose, fourth soutli of Harrison 
JUCollum, from Rose to Rumelv, second north of Monroe 
Madis-n, noith and south, fir.-t « est of Indiana av 
Main, enst and west, first south of Lake 

Maple av, east and west, Srcond south of Main , ' V ." '.''■ 

Meciianic, from Railroad north to limits ^ 

Michael, from State north, second west of Tyler 
Michiffan av, north and south, first east of Indi;ina av 
Monroe, north and south, tirst east of Michijian av 
Niles, from Scott east to limits, second south of Spurlock 
Koljle, from Michigan av to Short, first south Harrison 
North, from east >lain. soutli to limits 
Norton, fr-m Niles to Ohio, first east of Runiely 
Ohio, from Rose east to limits, first south of Virginia 
Oregan, from M lin to State, fourth west of Tyler 
O-born, from Michigan av to Monroe, second south of Harrison 
F..rk, from L S & M S Ry north to limits, continuation of Tipton 
I'iitton, fiom 1st to Jett'erson, first west Tyler 
Pe ry, north and south, second west Iiuliana av 
I'lace, from Scott to Rumely, first south of Spurlock 
Plain, from Rose east to R..mcly, second south of Ohio 
P umiiier, from Michigan av west first south of Alexander 
Railroail, from Tipton east, continuation of Washington 
Ri :ge, from Spurlock south, first east of Rose 
lio-e, from junction of Jett'ersen and Tipton south 
Runiely, north and south, first west of city limits 
Scott, north and south, fi st west of Rumely 
Second, east and west, first south of 1st 
Short, north and south, first west of Adams 
Sixth, east and west, fifth south of 1st 
S nth av, .Monroe to Fox, first north of city limits 
Spurlock, from intersection of Tipton and Jetl'erson south-east t( 


State, east and west, first north of MMin 

Sutherland, from Niles to Ohio, second cast of Rumely 

Tally, from Scott to Rumely, third north of Spurlouk 

Tecumseh, from Rose tn Rumely, third south of Ohio 

Teegarden, from First to State, st-cond west of Tyler 

Third, east and west, second south 1st 

Tipton, north and south, hrst east of Adams. All east and west 

streets number from here 
Tyler, north and soutli, fourth west of Indiana av 
Virginia, from Rose east to limiti, first south of Spurlock 
Walker, from Monroe to Detroit, second south of Harrison 
Warwick, from Michigan av west, first south of Plummei' 
Washington, east and west, secrnd nortli of Slain 
Webber, from Indiana av east, first soutli of \Vai wick 
West, from Mechanic west, second i>oith of L S & M S Ry 
Woodson, from Ilolconib east to Rumeiy, first noith of Sp\ulock 
Woodward, from Ohio south, third west of Runu-lv 


E. G. SHORT, Propr. 




R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

La Porte Directory. 



Am ExCo. .American Expre^^s Co 

















dept. . 




li house 






niki- . 


iiinfr . 


machine hand 






.noith east 
.nortli side 
. . .opposite 

. .oiK-rator 
, .pi esident 






).ub puljlisher 

j r rooms 

' rd road 

Kev Reverend 

r m s railway mail service 

s ' s..uth 

s e southeast 

s s south side 

s w soutliwest 

see secretary 

stenog stenographer 

supt superintenilent 

tel telegraph or telephone 

tmstr teamster 

t'av truveling 

treas treasiiri-r 

nphir upholsterer 

U S Ex Co,United States Express 

w west 

whol wholesale 

wid widow 

w s west side 

W U Tel Co, AVestern Union Tele- 
graph Co 



Abbott Christ, tmstr 423 Main 
Abbott Gilbert W, b 316 e Main 
Aberger Mary, wid Anion, h 70'J Ohio 


■^iTW^Ji^'^'^^i:' \rv 

MOORE & WEAVER, '■"•^''^6e|>%4Ts«^^. Ooors. 
' Blinds, &c., 

Cor. Jackson &, Main Sts., La Porte. 

26 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

S Adams George H, lab, h 509 2d 

o Adams Henry, lab, b 405 L 

ra Adams Isaac, lab, h 407 G 

^ Adams Lizzie, wid John, h 405 L ■ ji. . ; :, ,v 

•g Adams Louis, blksmith, b 405 L . ■. •. 

o Adkins xMary S, h 1205 Maple av . •■■\ 

U tn Aebert Charles, lab, h 401 John , '■ 

■a o Ahelart August, lab, h 201 Norton ■ . 'i- 

§ "g Ahlgrin Chris, spinner, h 511 John 

bo o Ahlgrin Frederick C, shoerakr, h 713 Woodward 

.9 .5? Ahlgrin Lena, weaver, b 713 Woodward 

■^ "2 Ahrendt Christian, lab, h cor Scott and Allen 

^ a Ahrendt Gustav, lab, h 301 Scott 

:■ -O Ahrens Fannie, b 210 Scott 

"^ § Ahrens Fred, bodyrakr La PortC Carriage Co, b 210 
'"1 g Scott 

^> Ahrens George C, bodyrakr La Poric Carriage Co, h 
5 3 210 Scott 

Q ^ Ahrndt Frederick, watchman, h 147 Spurlock 

^a Ahrndt John, lab, h 121G Clement 

2 3 Aicher Mary, b 412 I 

.2 d Ake John, sewer builder, h 718;^ Blichigan av 

S Akeley Lawrence W, b 616 Ridge 

^ Albers Frederick J L, carp, h 322 Virginia 

^ Albert Charles, mach hd. b 301 Holcomb 

CJ Albert Jacob, mach, h 301 Holcorab 

r) Albrecht George W, cigarmkr, h Camp Colfax 
Albrecht John, lab, h Camp Colfax 

Kj Albright Elnora. b 1002 Blaple av 

^ Albright Frank W, elk, b 1023 Madison 

Albright John, lab, h 813 Woodward 

>• Albright S:irah A, wid John, h 1002 Maple av 

<^ Albright Wm H, carp, h 1023 Madison 

(jj Alexander Durand C, li 1226 Michigan av 

>-H Alexander Elizabeth W, b 1226 Michigan av 

1^ Alexander Virginia, teacher, b 1226 Michigan av 

^^ Alfasser Catherine, wid Joseph, nurse 110 C, h same 

, Alfasser Jacob, mach hd, b 110 C 

•~-l Alfasser Minnie, dressrakr 110 C, b same 

Q) Algrem Christian, mach hd, h 209 K 

,_, Algrem Christopher, lab, h 415 I 

U-{ Algrem Frederick C, gardener, h 1325 Washington 

L_( Allen Albert, blksmith, wks La Portc Carriage Co, b 

^ Mej-er House 

K Allen Elizabeth C, h 512 Maple av 

<^ Allen Fannie, b 205 Clayton 


Allen Fannie M, h 512 Maple av 
Allen Frances, bds 205 Clayton 

IVIeissoer's Pliarmacn, 820 Main St., La Porte. 

A Competent Pharmacist always in charge. 


Allen George W Mrs, h 1207 Michigan av |>^ 

Allen James M, h 1001 ^licUigan av r^ 
Allen Jerome, wks Rumely's. h 908^ Main 

Allen John H, barber shop, 721 JIain, 107 Tecumseh ^^ 

Allen Sarah V, b 512 Maule av (} 
Allen Willard P, elk, h 1112 Michigan av 
Allen Willard P, farmer, h 1112 Michigan av 

Alyea Harriet, wkl John R, b 211 e Main h]H 

American Express Co, James W Bakei' agt, 613 Monroe • PH 

A3IEKI€Ai'^ .STEA.1I I.AU.\I>I5Y (Verweire & /r, 

Schafer Proprs, 1123 Main ^^ 

American Telephone and Telegraph Co (Long Distance) L^ 

Frank A Boyd mgr, 023 ^laiu rri 

Ames Elizabeth B, wid George, h 1512 Indiana av ^■^ 

Amor Xellie C, wid Wm, h ii02 Indiana av Q 

Amstntz John, porter, h 516 Main H-i 

Anderson Albert, elk, h 109 H — ' 

Anderson Amel T, carp, h 108 E M 

Anderson Andrew J, molder, h 108 Mechanic H 

Anderson Bertha, wid, b 101 E r^. 

Anderson Charles G, contractor, 112 1st, h 101 E r«, 

Anderson Charles J, weaver, 1201 Wasliington, h same )J-i 

Anderson Daniel, carp, h w s E, 2 s ol 6th (— t" 
Anderson Emma, dom, b 422 Main 

Anderson Henry, carp, b 1512 Main *^ 

AiXDERSO.^ IIOU.SE, Wm Galbreath Propr, 602 V 


Anderson John, trav agt, h 107 State C 

Anderson Otto E, carp, h 615 1st ^ |3 

Anderson Tillie, dom, b 210 E V^ - 

Andreson Martin, elk, h 907 Harrison °" '^ 

AADKEW AHRA.TI P (A P Andrew Jr & Son), h P3 p5 

1002 Indiana av ^^ ^ 

AiVDKEW A P JR & SO.\, Abram P Andrew, r= Q 

Bankers, 810 Main 

Andrew Caroline L, wid Louis C, b 1201 INIaple av tL PJ 

Andrew Charles B, attorney at law, r 3 G '& W blk, 703^ ^ S 

Michigan av, h 1201 Maple av P 

Andrew Frank C (Moore & Andrew), r 524 Slain ,- tfl 

Andrew Frederick G, real estate and ins, r 3 and 4 Scott jv ^ 

blk 802 Main, h 1304 Indiana av Jl ^ 

Andrew Kent M, elk La Porte Carriag^e Co, h 814 ^ p] 

Tyler cr ^ 

Andrew Wm, h 814 Tyler ^ 

Andrews Dr George L, h 1209 Jlichigan av ^ 

Andrews Hattie, dom Gray's Sanitarium • ^^ 

Andrews James, h 1001 Madison ' • . ^ 

Andrews Wm L, b 1001 Madison • ~* 

SPAETftk STUDLEY, Do^^^,^OT^°west 

lD:£tXj'<3-<3rX3TS, 812 Main Street', LaPorte. 

28 ' R. t,. POLK & CO.'S 

Angell Charles T. carp, li 1009 Detroit 

Angell Delia JI, teacher, b 10<»1> Detroit 

Auners Win C, instructor, h 311 Ridge 

Anners Wm C, watchmkr, h 307 Ridge 

Annis Eber L, |)ainter, h 415 Rose 

AWIiS EltElt li, Physician and Surgeon, also Sec 
Board of Health, 718 Michigan av, h 415 Rose 

Annis Martha V, b 415 Rose 

Auslev Robert, county survej'or, office Court House, h West- 
viUe, Ind 

Archer Fred, painter, wks I.a Poi'te Carriage Co, h 
703 Tipton 

Argus (The), Wadsworth & Kessler pubs and proprs, 718-720 

Armst(fad Beverly, moldor, li 411 Washington 

Armstrong Fidwin R, well diiver, h 1111 Harrison 
^ *i Armstrong James B, h 411 State 
^ ^ Armstrong John W, tubular and drive wells, 713 Main, h 105 
O U Paton 

^ |5^ AR^I.««iTRO\C; TIIO^I.tN B, Tubular and Drive 
•^ Wells aud Pump Supplies, Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile and 

6-, S. Fire Clay Urns, 824 Main, h 1111 Harrison 

^ "^ Armstrong Wui A. well driller, h 105 Paton 
^ "2 Arndt Bertha, dom, b 311 Jeft'erson 
C ci Arndt Edward C, wool dyer, b 215 L 
"^ y Arndt Ella, carrier, b 147 Spurlock 
fc; ^ Arndt Frederick, lab, h 315 L 
^ tx Arndt Fredrick J, cigarmkr, h 109 2d 
js ^ Arndt John, lab, h 463 4th 

Arndt Lena, spinner, b 463 4th / 

(^ Arndt Wm, lab, h 216 L 
< p^ Arnell Augusta, dom, b 1508 Indiana av 

^ Arnold George W, city treas office citv ball bldg (Broeffle & 
t ^ Arnold and Oberreich & Arnold),'h 1104 Michigan av 

K^ Arnold Louis E, sausagemkr. h 707 State 
^ Arthur Wm J, hostler, b 409 Slate 
^ Ash Schuyler C, trav agt.b 311 Maple av 
^^ Ashley Levi, crater La Porle Carriage Co, b 1011 
<-_-' State 

PQ Aurand Balera J, foreman trimming dept La Porte Car- 
riage Co, h 305 State 
C^ Aurand Carrie B, b 305 State 

Austin Abraham, lab, b 405 Tipton 
J>-( Austin Coley, lab, h 311 Washington 
<3^ Austin David, lab, b 405 Tipton 
Q^ Austin KUsworth E, elk 714 Indiana av, h 2d 
Jr::^ Austin Harriett E, wid Andrew J, h 405 Tipton 
*-^ Austin Henry L, elk, h 208 D 


The only practlcnl Business and Shorf Jinnri' So7iooJ in 

jvorthern 2nd/ana-The MJchlgan City Business College 

C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Austin Noble, elk, b 209 Main 

Austin P0II3', wid Wm, h 209 e Main ■ ! , ' .-■•■:'.'.'•■;; 

Austin Wni A, lab, b 605 Washington . ' ,. 

Ayers Flora E, teaclier. b 101 D ' ' • ■ - • 

Ayers Lemuel, eng, h 008 Washington , .• ;• 




Baas Jobn C. lab, li 502 Madison 

Babcock Clark M, elk, h 61G Main ■ 

Bach Elizabeth, wid John, I1 332 Park ' .■...- 

Bach Henry, stoker gas works, li 017 Virginia 

Bach Susan, wid Nicholas, h 332 Park 

Bachmann John, loom fixer, h 101 Carter 

Backer Conrad, h 911 Washington 

Backhaus Anna, b 1401 State 

IJ/VCKHAl'S AlKil'J^T, Pres J Street Milling Co (A 

Backhaus tt Co), li 131:! Slate 
Backliaus A A Co (August Backhaus and Louis Schumui), 

planing raill, 1304 Sta>e 
Backliaus Charles F, elk, h 313 C 
Backhaus Charles J, bench hd, h 1401 Stale 
Backhaus Louis, glazier, h 1813 State 
Backhaus Wm, carp, h 1305 Stale 
Backus Charles, elk, h 313 C 

Backus Harry W (McGill & Backus), h 1313 State 
Backus Louis T, wood turner, h 1307 Slate 
Backus Miunie, wid Charles, h 213 A 
Badger Charles (George I Badger ife Bro), h 1108 Clay 
Badoer George I (Georsjc I Badger & Bro). h 302 McCollum 
BAIir;i^U (a<:OK<;K I &. n>tO (George I and 

ChaiKs Badger), Pianos, Organs and Sewing Machines, 

718 Michigan av 
Baehr Jacob, h 322 e Main 

Bagley Samuel A, bkkpr, Bank of the State of Ind, h 513 Rose 
Bailey Katherine C, teacher, b Camp Colfax 
Bailey Nelson N, foreman setting up department La Porte 

Carriage Co, h 304 Harrison 
Bain Perry, lab, h 1105 Clay 
Baker Cla"ra, dora, b 1208 Maple av 
Baker Eliza, wid Smith, h 001 Short 
Baker Frederick, lab, ii 215 Plain 
Baker Ida, weaver, b 215 Plain 
Baker James W, agt Am Es. Co, h 407 Jefferson 
Baker John, packer, h 202 J 
Baker Louis F, bartender lOOG Main, b 312 H 
Baker Magsfie, dom, b s e cor Harrison and Chicago 









J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J S treet, La Porte, Ind 
30 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Baker Morton L, driver Atn F^x Co, h Jefferson 
r^ Baker Rlioda, dom 502 Main 
y Y\ Ball Abram W, lab, b 202 G 
Wh Ball Caroline, dress mkr, 310 a, h same 

Ball Cornelia R, wid Thomas L, h 405 State ■ . ' ' 

\\ Ball Emma, seamstress, b 70(3 John 

n Ball John, lab, h 700 John 
[H tj Ball John jr, mach, b 7o0 John 
\S\r\ BALL JOIL\ II, Undertaker, also Trustee and Collector 

^ City Water Board, 6i2 Monroe, h same 

WL Ball Lafayette C, undertaker, wks 612 Monroe, h 405 State 
b;\. Ball Mary E, h ()12 Monroe 
yt^ Ba 1 Samuel R. painter, h 40:^ State 

Urh liall Sophia, wid Samuel, h 310 A ,.«. 

Oh Ball Wm, boiler mkr, b 700 John 

Balschmiter Charles G, fri, handler L S & M S, h 204 Wash- 



m r-i ingtou 

^^ Balschmiter Frederick, b 400 J 

p'H Balschmiter Ilatlie, warper, b 204 Washington 

Weaver & Co Props, 824 IMain 
Q Banks Benjamin F, barber, b 1207 Jefferson 
^ Binks Boler B (Banks Bros), h 1012 Michigan av 

Banks Bros (Edward D and Boler B Ba.iks), barber, 707 
1-^ Michigan av 

O Banks Edward D (Banks Bros), h 119 Fox 
O Banks Elizabeth C, wid Wra, h 1207 Jefferson 
^ Bunks Wm A, treas La Porte Co D A, also Banks & Hilt, h 
r^ 322 Main 

_ Banks k. Hilt (Wm A Banks and John Hilt), horse breeders, 
"^ u e cor Main and Clyde av 

J^ Barany Frank, mach, h Madison 

Barber Eugene, painter I^a Forle Carriage Co, h 701 
c^ Woodward 

O Barber Harriet M, wid Chariest W, h 107 Ludlow 
^ Barber Ira, wagonrakr, h 520 Ridge 
Barber Wra L, carp, bds 107 Ludlow 
^ Barcum Joseph, carp, h 312 McCollum 
O Bardwell Emery D. instructor, h 908 Aliehi'jau av 
li Barlag Frederick, tailor, 724 Jtain, h Camp Colfax 
^ Barlag Henry, h Camp Colfax 
n"' Barnes Adelliei't D. letter carrier, h 70S Perry 
Barnes Henry L. foreman, h 012 Madison 
^ Barnes Hiram P, scenic artist, h 1207 Main 
G B.arnes Ira L, h 1101 Jefferson 
>- B trnes Julius (Julius Baiiics * Co), h 1222 Michigan av 
r^ Barnes Julius A, elk, h 122:; Michi-an av 

T A/^f^nA T^nrlnnrl General Insurance Agency. Rep- 

J. V eiie J-^'UUcUlU, resent only the best Companies. 

La Porte, Ind. Fire, Life, Tornado and Accident. 


BAKiXES JIIL1II.«< & €0 (.Juhus Barnes), Dry (^ 

Goods, Carpets and Millinery, 711 and 713 Michigan av ^ '' 
Barnes Susan A, ■veid Solomon D, li 1)12 Sladison 
Barnes Thomas J, carp, h 605 Maple av /^ 

Barney Charles (Barney & Bowen), h 1118 Monroe ^ ' 

Barney ct Bowen (Charles Barney and Fitch D Bowen), livery, 

feed and sale stable, n e cor ilonroe and Jeflerson ^^ 

Barnum P^clwin A (Thrush & Bainiim), r Maple av ^ 

Barnum Edwin S, student, h 213 Ridge '^ 

Barnum John, carp, h 5U2 Main {_^ 

Barnum Mary, wid Nelson, h 213 Ridge 
Ban- Annie A, teacher Northern Indiana Orphans' Home, b 

Barr Bessie, b 1801 Monroe 
Barr Drayton L. gardener, h 1804 Monroe 
Barr Samuel S, farmer, h 804 Monroe 
Barrett Charles, hostler, b 809 Stale 
Barrett Edward M, tel opr, b 30li State 
Barrett John, mail messenger, li 705 Jetferson 
Barrett Lorenzo D, vice pres J W Barrett Co, h s end E 
Barrett Mary A, dressmkr, 705 Jetlerson av, h same 
Barrows Edgar D, sec and treas King & Fildes Co, h 503 

Maple av ^^ 

Bassett Wm K, elk. h 1^ miles s of city - ( ] 

Batcher Herman, lab, b 303 Virginia ^ 

Bates Valentine, h 302 B M 

Batslatr Augusta, v?id Albert, h 111 Madison . 

Batzlaff Fred T, foreman blacksmith dept La Porte Car- "* 

ria;feCo, h 408 E 01 

Batzlaff John, bds 408 E ^Q 

Bauch Gustav A, carp, h 1206 State |h 

Bauch Heury A, carp, h 208 E h£ 

Bauer Agnes, wid Robert, h 210 C » qi^ 

Bauer John T. tmstr, h 505 State S"^?) 

Baum Lydia B, seamstress, b 209 Lake 'ZP 

Baum Philip T, lab I.a Porte Carriaarc Co, h 209 L:ike j|£ 

Baumann Christ, tmstr, li 1103 Scott o o>i 

Baumann John, lab, h 315 Virginia g = 

Baumgardner Mary A, wid Frederick, h 148 Spurlock b'^O] 

Baza Polly, dom Anderson Houfc « ^ ;* 

Beach Ahneda, wid llilaud, h Oil A<lMms g |(J 

Beahm Emorv O (Zeuer & Bcahm), h 117 Patton j-SO) 

Beahm Wm II, h 117 Patton h |f 

Beal Archibald, sec. treas and business mn^r La Porte Print- ° ^\ 

ing Co, h 705 Maple av ' ? || 

Beal Martha E, music teacher, 705 ■Maple av, b same |f 

Beal Willis E, vice pres La Porte Printing Co, h 405 Ilarri- "m 


nhpVpPlVh 55i npnnlfl in buying a watch of us you win get th^ 
UUDlltjIbll /jC niUUlU, benefitof a long experience ana honesty 
Cor. Wain A Mich., Ave. of purpose, in sel ecting the very best. 

32 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

J BECIIEK COA'RAD, Insurance and Foreign Passao-e 

n Agent, Notary Public, 904 Main, h 406 B 

^ Becher Henry A, marble and granite worics, 1109 Main h 

406 B 

Q Becker Anthony W, editor Indiana Watchman, li 710 Indiana 


Q Becker John, carp, b 501 Indiana av 

jj Beckett BMrtlett G, trav agt, h 1211 Indiana av 

^ Beekner Minnie, dona, b 912 Madison 

A Beckwith Elijah A, painter, h 301 e Main 

^ Beegler Henry, mason, works La Porle CavriaffC Co, h 

107 E 

P^ Beemon Frank E, carp, h 219 Park 

• rj Beemon Philander B, carp, h 219 Park 

•U Beemon Samuel E, carp, b 219 Park 

"hH Beemon Wm, yardmasler, h 311 Sliort 

fjy Behre Henry, dyer, li 215 B 

■^H Behre Otto."lab, bds 215 B 

01 h Behrndt Edward E, boilermkr, h 126 Madison 

qS Behrndt Frank E, boilern-ikr, b 106 Madi.,ou 

■-3H Belirndt George, h 106 Madison : 

^ Behrndt Richard, boilermkr, b 106 Madison 

n Bell George A, lab, b Camp Colfax 

Bell Lawson, harnessmkr, h Camp Colfax 

. Bell Wra H, lab, h Camp Colfax > 

„t Bell Wm H, plumber, h 307 Short ■„ ,i " ■ -. ;•• 

0',° Beraent Samuel, h 811 Rose ' 

5 Bemis Carrie, b 103 West 

0>J B.'nnecke August, lab, h 601 F 

2 Bennecke John, lab, h 516 E 

^ Bennecke Wm F, compositor, h 516 E 

oQ § Benner George S, farmer, h 911 Jackson 

Z Bennethum David C (Bennelhum & Hildebrand), h 801 Rose 

\y S Bennethum Earl M, student, b 801 Rose 

H "5 Bewnethum Frederick E, student, b 801 Rose 

0= BT;\i\ETHUTI A: IIILDERISA:\I> (David C Ben- 
nethum and Henry Hildebrand), Wall Paper, Books and 
Stationery, Paints, Oils and Varnish, 619 Main 

^ ? Bentland Augustus, mach, b Standard Hotel 

1-1 S Bently Mary B. weaver, b 117 Park 

k 3 Benton Alonzo E, hlksrailh, li 716 1st 

K ^ Benton Jerry, blksruith, b 716 1st 

r ^■ Berger Jacob, pastor German Methodist Church, h 506 
_Q Harrison 

k" ^. Biddle Bessie, b 911 Indiana av 

K;^ BIDDIiE TV B, Attornev at Law, Rooms 5 to 8 Scott 

r < Blk, 802 xMain, h 911 Indiana av 


lorv. h ^ mile n city 
Bielefeklt Charles, truckman, b 416 G 

Hotel TeegardcD. av;?!r'1'G^'lg^rrp'rl;r" 


Biege Henry J, ragr La Poi'le Carriage Co Keposi- O 

Billings George, trav agt,, h 609 ^ 

Birdseye John C, b 1012 iMonroe [-r] 

Bishop Harvey L, elk, h 302 McColhim 

Bishop James H. chair mkr, h 405 JetTeison ?>" 

Bishop Lyman D, roofer, 211 Clement, h same 

Bishop Wm S, hostler, r 517 Michigan av t~-* 

Bistorff Frederick, h 213 C ^ 

Blair Frank P, bkkpr, h 1008 Indiana av -^ 

Blakely L Elizabeth, trimmer La Porte Carriage Co, ^ 

h 1412 Slate ^ 

Blakeman Carrie, weaver, b 200 State tli-) 

Blakeman Fannie, weaver, b 200 State ^ 

Blakeman Johanna, wid Thomas, h 1106 Scott 

Blakeman John, painter, h 206 State \ ^P 

Blakeman Wm H, drayman, h 503 Short 
Blankschein Frederick, maeh hd. La P. planing mill, 601 
Blankschein George, lalj, b 312 Fox 
Blankschein Win, spinner, h 312 Fnx 

Bliesmer August F (Bliesmer Bros), h 110 D ^ 

BLIE.S.nEi: RKO.S (August F and Marcus H Blies- % M 

mer), Fine Boots, Shoes and Rubber Goods, 810 Main ^ 

Bliesmer Fred, bartender, 916 .Main g pj 

r.liesmer Marcus II (Bliesmer Bros), h 215 G C 

Block Otto, lab, h 209 Suthcrlan.l ^ O 

Blodgett John, lab, b 1414 JeHerson 
Blohm Henry, del elk, 616 Main, h 310 A 

Blohm Wm, lab, h 207 L 6 "^ 

J51omquist Victor J, carp, h lOOS Lake g j^ 

Blue George W, switchman, h 602 Ridge Uj ^ 

Blue AVm A, fireman, h 007 State o O 

Blumhagen Lena, doin, b 116 D ^ 

Blyler Jacob, painter La Porlc Carriage Co, h 509 '^ ^j^ 

State - ;> 

Blyler Wm, lab, r 600^ Main ^ ^ g 

Boardman Albert F, carp, h 306 State 
Boardman Delbert, tmstr, h 312 H 
Boardman Ora, lab, b 312 II 
Boardman Wm, student, b 312 H 
Bocks August, student, bds 511 Jefferson 
Bodge Margaret B, b 211 e Main 
Bodley George E, agt, h 201 Maple av 
Bodley Wm T, engineer, h 711 Adams 
Boecker Herbert, elk, b cor 2d and J 
Boecker John, packer, h cor 2d ami J 
Boettcher Edward, saloon, 723 Main, h 212 Perry 





jment, Sash, Doors, 
Blinds, &c. 
Corner Jackson &. Main Sts., La Porte. 

34 K. L. POLK & co.'s 

i Boettcher Frederick, elk, b 408 Jfaple av 
° Boettcher Wm, tailor, 704 Main, h 40_8 Maple av 
^ Bohlander John, plasterer, 317 e maiu, h same 
g :p Bohlander Joseph, plasterer, b 317 e Maia ' •■, 

^ I Bohlander Lizzie C, h 1012 Washington 
A o Bohlander Win F, mason, h GOj Detroit 

^ p; Boklund Albert, tailor, b 908 Tyler 

be -0 Boklund Carl A, tailor, h 'J08 Tvler ■ • 

•S « Boklund Charles, tailor, h 908 Tyler 

■fl >, Boklund Oscar, tailor, h 908 Tyler 
3 ^ Boldt Charles J, tmstr, h 110 js^orton 

S o Bolle Adolf, buggy hangers La Forte Carriage Co, b 

"3 ^ Anderson House 

S ^ Bond Eliza, h 302 Rumelv - • .. 

§ 2 Bond Sarah, h 302 Ruraelv 

OS Bongerg John, lab. h 225 Park 
.5 Booth Wni H, blksniith, h 811 Michigan av '. " 

g,^ Borchert Wni, lab, h 311 J 

.S a Borg Christian, carp, h 215 J 

iS °^ I5r>'-g Frank O, molder, b 215 J 

[^ H Bormann Alman, carrier, b 209 J 

§ ';g Bormann Ernest, lab, h 209 J 

£ Bormann Fritz, plumber, h 409 J * 

•g <D Bormann Hulda, b 209 J . . ■ / • 

a 5 Bortz Charles, lab, b 702 Virginia ;■ , • .■ ,; . .. '•■ 

g (^ Bortz Emma, spinner, b 702 Virginia ' ' T ■ . ': 

g . Bortz Herman jr, painter, h 502 H 

g "0 Bortz Minnie, wid Herman, h 702 Virginia 

;:; ItOICrZ W.TI F, Dealer in Wine, Beer, Liquors and 

^ ^ Cigars, 614 Main, h 204 Ridge 

O >> Boss Henry, mach hd, h IGOS State 

O,*^ Bosserman Charles, sec and treas Webber Hardware Co, h 912 

^0 Harrison 

^ A Bosserman Le Rov W, elk, h 912 Harrison 

K^ <i Bosserman Lillie M. b 702 Maple av 

>.S' Bosserman Oliver E (0 E Bosserman & Co), h 302 Harrison 

UJ^ I{«f^.'^I':i5.1IAA O hi X. C;0 (Oliver E Bosserman and 

^ 2 "^^'"1 A Wilkinson), Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets, Etc, 

^g 710 Main 

^ Bosserman Simoon S, county troas, office Court House, h 702 

•-^ INIaple av 

O Bosserman Wm II. elk, h 218 Ridge 

"X, Bottum Hattie N, b 102 E 

[— Bi.ttum Robert, mach hd, h 102 E ' ' 

A- Bounds Isaac M, mach hd, h 1704 State 

^ Bourn Henrv, barber, h 114 Fox 

!i; Boutelle Emma J, elk, b 140i ]■ fferson 

"-^ Bowen Elizabeth, elk, b 114 e Maiu 

Meissner's Pliarmacii, 820 IVIain 81, La Porte, 



Bowen Filch D (Barney & Boweii), li 422 Maiu P> 
Bowers R:icliael, wid Adam, b 912 Jackson 

Bowes Anna, weaver, b Main e of city limits -^ 
Bowes Jennie, dom, h 302 Ilari'ison , , Cj 
]lowea John K, bllismitii, b 711 Adams ■ ' 
Bowes Patrick, lab, b Maiu e of city limits h—i 
Bowes Soi)iiia, wid Wm, b 205 F 1— ( 
Bowman Catherine, dressmkr, 401 Woodward, h same \~r\ 
Bowman Charles, delivery elk 902 Main h-( 
Boyd Allen L, bkkpr, h 811 xMichigan av ^ 
Bovd Arthur, agt Standard Oil Co, n e cor Adams and Front, . J 
' h 111 Plain ^ 
Boyd Arthur, lab, h 101 Harrison Ci 
Boyd Cinciunalus, photographer, b 1201 Clay ^ 
Bovd Frank A, druggist. 023 Main, h Monr,>e J^ 
Boyd Frank A, mngr C U Tel Co and A T & T Co (long dis- ^ 
tance), h Monroe )__i 
Boyd Grace E, elk, b 1202 Cl.ay |— J 
Boyd James L, boots and shoes, 708 Michigan av, h 1202 Clay ^ 
Boyd Lynn, elk R M S, h 1406 Michigan av ^ 
Boyd Thomas H (Peters & Bovd). h 1 mile s of city 
Boyd Wm H, h 1406 Michigan av ^ 
Boyer Charles G, compositor, b Lay's Hotel m 
Bradley James, b Lay's Hotel jh 
Bradley John H, attorney at law, 715 Michigan av, h cor Har- 
rison and Monroe w 
Bradley M^ry E, elk. h 703 Tipton J 
Brady A J, ticket agt L S & M .S A 
Bram'hall Edith C. b 1505 Jclforson W D 
Bramhall Martin L, carp, h 1505 JelTerson • I (i) 
Brand Olive, b 002 Maple av | 
Branz Christena. wid Jacob, b 108 Patton [ 
Brickman Beitlia, weaver, b 314 Ritlge f ^ 
Brickuian Frederick, lab, a 1205 1st ^ 
Brickman Frederick ji-, lali, b 1205 1st i.> 
Bridget Pollen, cook Northei-n Indiana Orphans' Home, b same 
BrilfJoseph W. jeweler, h 1300 Monroe 

Brinkmann Albert, lieuch bd, h 208 F • ^ $ 
B)-inkmeyer John, lab, h Camp Colfax 
]5iocknian Henrv, cai-p. h 107 Fox 
Brockmann Fred, elk, 711 Madison, h e s E 2d s of 2d 
Brockinann John, carp, h 201 1 
Brockmann John jr. carp h 201 I 



Bro ffle James WOSroiffl- ,k Arnold), h 710 Tyler rn ^ 

l{|S4IUm.l': A: AE:,\0M> (James W Bro.ffle and c'i^' 

Ge(jrgo W Arnold), Attorn ys at Law and Insurance g 

AiTcnts, Room 3 State Hank liuildiny-, 824 Main See adv CD 

Brooks Walter V, mach, h 20G Clayton ^ ^ 


iggists, 0pp. Court House, 812 Main St., 
Porte, Ind . Dealers in Drugs, Ctiemicais, 
Patent Medicines, Wall Paper, &,c. 

36 R. L. POLK & CO.' 


Brower Harris, junk. 215 K, h same 
Brown Agues L, imiS'C teacher, 706 Maple av, b same 
U Brown Chas .S, wks La Porto CaiM'ia;fo Co. b Lay's Hotel 
Brown Fannie, house kpr Northern Indiana Orphan's House, 
b same 

2 f! Brown Joseph, agt, h 1212 Jefferson 
~^;:; Brown Liddie, b 1519 1st 
"^-^ Brown Louis, baker Lay's Hotel, b same 
-^ B Brown Minnie, dora, b ill2 Indiana av 
O I Brown Nellie Clarke, teacher, h 1212 Jefferson 
LUp^ Brown Richard, lab, b 501 Virginia 
O Brown Walter, lab, b 501 Virginia 
QQ^- Bruckman Annie, b 314 Ridge 

Q, Brucknian Bertha, weaver, b 314 Ridge 
dg^^ Bruckman Charles, h 314 Ridge 

Bruckman Maria, wid Loui-^, h 204 Scott 
^ Bruder George, b 402 JIaple av 
<C Brniubley Wm, lab, h 212 Division 
CC Brust Charles, butcher, wk^ COS Main, h 1105 Scott 
QQ Brust Frederick, lab, h 1105 Scott 

Brust George, butcher, wks 60S Main, h 1105 Scott 
"3 Brust 515 D 

ff. Bryant Dell 0, photograi)her, 1) 114 2d . • 

_j 01 Bryant Harry L, student, b 1.4 2d 

Q 2 Bryant John W, photographer, pres and treas J W Bi'vant 
[Q jj Co and vice pres La Porte Business CoUeye, 708 r*lain, 

h 114 2d 
•^ Bryant J W Co, John W Bryant pres and treas, Lorenzo D 
liarrelt vice pres, Wrn A Bi-yant sei-, n w cor From and 

^ Bryant Levi J, photographer and sec La Porte Business Col- 
(^0 lege, h 116 1st 

,jj rt Brvant Oliver, elk, h 114 2d 

t-i 4J Bryant Win A, sec J W Bryant Co, scenic artist, r 1014 
j2 Madison 



Buck Alvira, wid Alvin, b 1002 Harrison 

J Buck Dexter A. b 1002 Ha 

U Buck Edith, 1002 Harrison 

^ Buck James H, pres La Porte Savings Bank, h 911 Harrisoa 

P Buck Jesse A, b 911 Harrison 

>^ Buck Joseph W, b 1002 Harrison 

'p Buck Lena M, b 911 Harrison 

•a Buck Manon, b 1002 Harrison 

^ Buck Mary S, wid Melzor, h 907 Harrison 

\ Buck Matilda W, searas^tress, b 1512 Stale 

<S Buck Robert, furniture mlgr, cor McCollum and Front, h 

^ 1512 State 

Buck Robert H, wood carver, h 1512 State 





Educate for business by taking a course in Book-lteep- 
Ing and Shortliand at the iv.lCHICAN CITY BUSINESS 
COLLEGE. Write for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Buck Win, cabinet i-akr, h 105 Files 

Bucli Win R, ship cli<, h 151-2 State 

Buclcs Sophia, dora, b 1300 Monroe 

Biiel Dora, spiuner, h 129 Mechanic [T] 

Buel Lydia E, weaver, b 129 IMechanic 

Biiel John, lab, h 129 Meclianic 

Buel Nora .1, spinner, b 129 Mechanic P> 

Bueitzingsloewen Albert C. painter. Ii 1013 Main t-^ 

Biieltzingsloewen Charles T, h 1505 Main -^ 

Bueitzingsloewen Clara M, elk. ii 1013 Main ^ 

Bueitzingsloewen Frederick W, stenog and notary public, 814 

Main, h Main 

Bueitzingsloewen Heinricka Schwegler, h 713A Main ^ 
Bueitzingsloewen Julia K, h 713i Main 

Bueitzingsloewen Leopold, baker" 1013 Main, li same pO 
Bueitzingsloewen Leopold jr, compositor, h 1013 Main 

Bueitzingsloewen Wm G, broommkr, li 1013 Main (j 

Buhle Henry, lab, h 230 Park (^ 

Buhle John C, molder, h 317 Rose >^ 
Burdick Cora B, dressmkr, 814;^ Jlain, h same 

Burg John C, harness and saddlery. 621 JIaiu, h 70S Detroit ^ 

Burger Edmund C, trimmer, I) 310 H "^ 

Burger James A, elk, h 1102 Maple av i^ 
Burger John B, carp, h 310 B i:^ 

Burger Lizzie, b 1102 Maple av ' o' 

Burger Louise, b 310 B A- 

Burgett Sarah, dora, h 1312 Washington O 

lUirhans Albert C, saloon, (107 Main, h 308 Jefferson ^ 

Burkard Michael, lab, h 1325 Wa.shington 

Burkhardt Henry, plasterer, li 718^ Michigan av | 

Burlett Joseph A, oils, h 211 Lake S ^ 

Burlingham Jerome, lab, bill Plain 2 _ 

Burlingham Wm, lab, h 111 Plain ;; H 
Burner Adelbert H, helper hix Forte Carriage Co, h E "^ 

1208 Jefterson S^ 

Burns James, lab, h Woodburn av o pri 

Burroughs Oscar A, mngr H J Heinz Co. h 203 Main 5L ■^ 

Burson Elizabeth E, wid Samuel, h 803 State f 2j 

Bush Nancy A, wid Abram, h 1010 3Iaple av ^ 'ji 

Busalski Anton, lab, h 123 Park | tI 

Busalski Michael, mach, b 123 Park I R 

Buszkowsky John, merchant tailor, 615 Jlichigan av t. 7^ 

Butler Lyman J, lab, b 112 Railroad « [— i 

lUitler Oliver L, carp, h s s Niles 1 w of Scott ^ <-* 

Butterworth Benjamin T, h 1201 Indiana av o Z 

Butterworth Laura, b 205 Rose J-.W 
Butterworth Lizzie J, music teacher, 1201 Indiana av, b same = 

Butterworth Mary E, wid Turner, h 205 Rose ^ 

Use " HARVEST QUEEN " Flour. 

J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind. 

L. POLK & CO. S 

p Butterworth Robert T, b 205 Rose 

rr'[2 Byberg Benjarain, cooper, bds 202 Madison 

fl 3 Bywater Matilda, wid Francis, h 605 Washincrton 


r^^ Cadwallader Byron, blksmith, li 705 Rose 

Hf_( Cadwallader John, h lU E. Main 

[Qq Cadwallader Loduska A, dressmkr, 705 Rose, h same 

Cadwallader xMark A, painter La Poric Carriage Co 
(-iTj li 705 Rose 

bV} Cain Dell, dom Teegarden Hotel, r 512 Main 
rH<j Cain Lucy, dom Teegarden Hotel, r 512 Main 
Or) Caledonian Fire Ins'Co of Scotland, J Vene Borland a^t r 5 
QjrJ and 6 Scott bik 

ML| Caliger Wm, lab. h 104 Grove 
[t^H Calkins Horace L, scenic artist, h 917J Main 
UJQ Calkins Katie E, h 917i Jlain 
■ H Callison Joseph M, h 709 Rose 
[ijH Calnon Joseph A, plumber, b Standard Hotel 

H Canan Charles E, lab, h 712 Ridge 
^ Ganders Ricn, wid John, h 1516 Scott 

U Cannon Wm T, sec and treas The John Hilt Lake Ice Co, h 
"^ Indianapolis, Ind 

-. Card Elmer N, boatman, h 1310 State 
■^ Carlson Emma, dom, b 322 Main 
g Carlson F Wm, elk, b cor 4th and D 

Carlson Josephine, dom, b 1001 Madison 
Carlson Tillie, dom, b 1411 lAIichigan av 
Carnes Charles, student, boll Jefferson 
13 Carney Ann, wid Michael, h 105 Mechanic 
C Carney James C, watchman, b 105 Mechanic 
rt Carpenter Maude, b 811 Indiana av 
-— - Carr Wm H, candy and nuts, h 1007 Detroit 

g Carrington Susan, wid Sidney, h 907 Clay 
J. V Carroll Henrietta L, elk, b 513 H 

^ CAKROLI> ICOICEKT S, Attornev and Counselor at 
^ Law, r 11 Odd Fellows' Bldg, 717 Michigan av See adv 

C Carson Frank R (Stedman & Carson), sec La Porte Co D A 
^ h 1005 Harrison 

X Carter Frank E, student, b 205 Harrison 
rt CAKTKR <;.I':Oi:(,iE II, Paints, Oils and Wall Paper, 
Mh Window Shades, House and Sign Painter, Paper Han"er 

and Decorator, 717 Indiana av, h 205 Harrison See adv 
£ opp 

►^ Carter Justie H, scenic artist, h 205 Harrison 
J^ Carter Kate H, teacher, b 1010 xMouroe 

Carter Nora A, elk, h 205 Harrison '' -■' ' ' 



J. VENE DORLAND, successor to Geo. C. Oorland & Son, Insurance 
and Real Estate Agent. Abstracts of Title, Deeds and Mortgages 



DEALER IN •<^*' 


Window Shadrs^ ^ 


Pictures and Picture Framing, ;„ 


House and Sign Painter, , „ 

Paper Hanger and Decorator. « 

'■ ' ■>' 717 Indiana Avenue, 

OOerreiGli X Rrnold, 

When looking for Wedding or other 
gifts, call on us. We have many beau- 
Cor. Main &. Mich., Ave. titui articles in silver and fancy goods. 

40 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

^ "i Carven James, lab, b 708 Washington 

f; 2 Clai-ence M, painter, b Lay's Hotel 

;: "5 Case Camilla V, wid Aurora, h 1007 Jetferson ■•'• ' 

-p Casey Clara C, elk, h 1026 Indiana av 

•^ U Cash Daniel, lab, h 114 Scott ., ■,_... 

- 2 Cattron James L, elk, h 617 Main 

C ''U Cattron May, h 617^ iMain 

_2 '/) Cattron Samuel, gardener, h 617i Main 

^ 5 Ceitz Christ, works La Porif Carriase Co, h 1007 Lake 

,Q rt Central Union Telephone Co, Frank A Bovd mgr, G23 Main 

Q S Chaffee Comfort T Rev, h 402 Main 

^ S Chart'ee Cornelia, seamstress, b 402 Main 

C '/i Chatlee Frank, physician 805 Michigan av, h same 

« Chatl'ee Grace, teacher, b 402 Main 

1^ . Cliamplain Alexander, horseshoer 509 Michigan av, h 309 
U ° Rose 

5^ C Chauey Allen, grocer, 719 Indiana av, h 1410 Indiana av 

' r .2 Chaney James .McK, elk, h 1708 Monroe 

S "^ Chapman Elmer P, tel o[)r Lake Erie it Western depot, h 101 
•^ rt State 

•"! O Chappell Arthur J, elk L S & M S freight office 

?: C Charpf Joseph, lab, h 416 C 

^ 2 Charpf Mary, weaver, b 416 C 

P q Chase Alice N, wid Hiram, h 101 Hagenbuck 

^ 5 Chase Henry A, poultry shipper, h 1000 JeU'ersou 

^ "' Chicago & West Michigan antl Indiana, Illinois & Iowa Ry 
r depot, west end Washiniilon 

f) Childs Anna, elk, h 818i Main 

0^ Childs Anna, wid Robert,, h 818>4 Main 
Chipman Clarence D, elk r m s, b 407 Harrison 
Chipman Joseph B, sub letter carrier, h 407 Harrison 

O Chirmann Charles, lab, h 308 F 

O^ Chirmann John, lab, h 310 F 

Christie IMilo E, cashr freight office, h 707 Chicago 

r~ Chulip Ralph W (Parkinson & Cliulip), h 306 State 

T Chulip Wm, barber 503 Main, h 306 State 

^ CIIIIR€II KOWAKD J, W D .<!*, Dentist, 704 Main, 
[/] h 1508 Indiana av 

t— I Cissel John H. Rev pastor M E Church, h 815 Monroe 

•H Citizens' Bank, Jacob Wile & Son proprs, 709 Michigan av 

K^ City Hall Building, s e cor Main and Jladison 

y^ City Water Works Office. John B SiUiman elk, city bldg, s e 
Y^ cor Main and Madison 

Clark Andrew, photo printer, works 814 Main, r 717^ Main 

L * Clark Bertha J, h 902J Main 

y^ Clark Elsie, b 1518 Michiuan av 

^ Clark Julia T, h 902A Main 

' ^ Clark Lida A, stenog', h 205 Main 


E. G. SHORT, Propr. 




Clark Mary T, wid, h 1518 Michigan av ' — ' 

Clarlc Ro ert H Rev, h 507 Rose Cj 
Clarke Elizabeth, wid Woodtborpe St A, h 310 Woodward 
Clarke Ema Mona, student, b 319 Woodward 

Clarke Fred W, elk, h 319 Woodward ["J 

Clement Henry K, trav agt, h 403 Maple av ^ 

Clinkman Rose, dotn Standard Hotel ^ 

Cloke Henrv, lab, b lOG C hh 

Closser Ethel R. teacher Paik school, h lOU Madison *^ 

Closser Jerome B, h 1014 Madison d^ 

Closser Lotta A, b 1001 Indiana ir^ 
Closser Masgie, b 1034 Indiana av 
Closser Sylvanus M, h lOOl Indiana av 

Coale Mary P, wid Samuel, h 511 JeH'erson ^^ 

Coates David C. comp, b 1142 Jefferson \ ^^ 

Cobernus Frederick, lab, h 1113 Scott \M 

Cochran Arthur W, b 801 Indiana av ^> 

Cochran Julia A, b 801 Indiana av ]__. 

Cochran Warren, h 801 Indiana av O 
Cochrane Alice, b 1407 Michigan av 
Cochrane Charles E, pres The Cochrane & Peters Co, h 512 o, 

Jcflerson S = 

Cochrane Clinton D, barber 503 INIain. h G02 Adams g = 

Cochrane EtFie M, seamstress, b 512 Jefferson f" " 

Cochrane Ella L, elk. h 1407 Michigan av > » 

Cochrane George, h 1407 Michigan av ^ J 

Cochrane George, carp, h 710 Jefferson z ^ 

Cochrane Jennie, boarding, 511 Jefferson, h same o^ 

Cochrane Lucy B, wid Charles 11, h 907 Tyler S > 
Cochrane & Peters Co (The), Charles E Cochrane pres, Ar- ^\ 

thur II Peters sec and treas. 802-804 Monroe c/5 = 

Coffin Griffin A, trav ast, h 302 Maple av % " 

Cole Walter C, elk, h 202 I -o | 

Coleman Florence, dressmkr, h 517 Main 3 -^ 

Coleman Nellie, dressmkr, h 517} Main. :;. 5 

Collar I Frank, Hagraan L S & M S, h 215 Mechanic §" = 

Collar W N, chain man L S k M S, h Mechanic ^ S 

CoUett George R, elk, b Luwn blk r- » 

Collins Benjamin F, farmer, h 907 Clay = £" 

Collins Henry F, molder, b 105 Carter ra S. 
Collins Joseph, eng, b 502 Main ■ = 2 

Collins Mary, wid John, h 105 Carter ?=-| 

Collins iSIary, wid Patrick, h 703 Washington 1- 2: 

Collins Merrill W, carp, h 201 Spurlock ^ P 
Columbian Fire Ins Co of Louisville, J Vene Dorland agt, r % 

5-G Scott blk S"? 

Compton Andrew W, news agt, h 502 Jackson S" — 

Conant Eugene, elk, b 1208 Jefferson ?■ ^ 

MOORE & WEAVER, ^"'"''^ie&^ip, ooors, 

' Blinds, &,c., 

Cor. Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

42 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

, I Concert Hall, 718^ Main 
o Conlin Ella, teacher Central bldg, b 312 Washington 
ra Conlin James, h 312 Washington 

^ Conlin Jlinnie R, teacher Park school, h 312 Washington 
ig Conrad Casper H, painter La Porle tai'riaa:*' Co, b 701 
o Woodward 

O nj Conrad Elmer C, tel opr, b Lake Shore depot hotel 
-O o Conrad Frederick, lab, h 107 Woodson 
§ "§ Cook Conslautine, h 200 Fox 

60 © Cook Frederick C, cigavmkr, h 415 G . 

.S .» Cooley Frank D, eng, b 511 JetTerson ' 

"S "s Cooper Charles, snoRe driver, h 409 H 
^ ti Coplin Asa J, b 120 Fox 

"fl C-'oplin Asa JI, salesman Badger Bros, h 701 Rose 
"g c8 Coplin Harriet S, wid Joseph"^ li 120 Fox 
'"^ 2 Coplin :\Iarcus, lab, b 002 Harrison 

^ > Coplin Roxie, b 120 Fox . ' ■ ,' . 

■5 ^ Copp Elii)halet, carp, h 210 Division 
a <D Coppock David, butcher, 905 Main, li Chicago 
^.S Coppock David M, Imtcher, h 1111 Maple av 
2 o COXDlLIi AI, Practical Horseshoer, 810 Monroe, li 317 
.a § Park See adv 

^ Cork Allien, student, b 110 1st 

^ Cork Minnie, b 110 1st 
^ Cotton Curtis G, mach hd, h 304 Perry 

w County Jail, Albert W Frehse deputy sheriff and jailer, S05- 
{J 807 State 

COIJKT HOUSE, Bet Main and State, Michigan av and 
(V^ Indianapolis av 

Courtney Carrie D, h COS State 
K^ Cowden Louise ^M, wid Wm L, elk, h G17 Rose 
J^ Cowner Jlinnie, dom Depot Hotel 

WCox MoUie, dom, b 1515 Michigan av 
Crafc Ann, wid Joseph, h 60(i State 
^ Cram Quincy (Orr & Ciani), h 1st 

Cram Wm, wood worker La Porte Carriage Co, h 32S 


J Crandall Maria L, wid Dr R 0, h 410,Main •, ,. .-, 

O Crane Benjamin F, h 1412 Clay ' . ' 

Crane Brook T, mach, h 21C Division 

^Y* Crane Catherine A, b 1101 Michigan av 

r^ Crane Clara F, b 1402 Main 

H Crane Edwin C, ticket agt L S & M S, h 1201 Clay 

p^ Crane Lafayette (Crane iV Rathbun), h 1101 Michigan av 

^ Crane Lewis T, lab, b 216 Division 

*<, Crane Jtary E, wid Edwin J, h 104 Noble 

PQ Ciane AVm H, tmstr, h 216 Division 


)VlBiS5ner'8 PliarmaGij, 820 Main St., La Porte. 

A Competent Pharmacist always in charge. 


Ci-ane & Rathbun (Lafayette Crane and Edwin D Rathbun), 

hardware, 804 Main 
Crawford Albert G, musician. 1> 1104 Jlonroe 
Crawford Hannali A, wid George, h 1010 Michigan av 
Crawford Wm, china, glass & queensware, 906 Main, h Indiana Cj 

av ^ 

Crawlej' John B Rev, rector St Peter's Church, h 1110 Monroe 
Crawley Kate W, teacher Park school, h 1110 Monroe U-| 

Creviston Martin, lab, b 101 e JIain i|j 

Crocker Alice, b 707 Harrison UT 

Crocker George, civil eng, r 3 Scott blk, 802 Main, h 707 Har- (v 

rison •"'• 

Croft John F (.Crnft & Lundquist), h 1108 Clay • '^ 

Croft & Lundquist (John F Croft and Charles J Lundquist), W 

carriage and wagon nikrs, 712 Madison C) 

Cross Albert C, shoemkr, h 500 State (_^ 

Cross Sarah M, boarding, 506 State, h same _J 

Croup Bros (Miles C and Ruggles B C'l'oup). grocers, G12 Main H 
Croup Miles C (Croup Bros), h 1011 Monroe hJ 

Croup Ruggles B (Croup Bros), h 1011 Monroe 
Crowl Bertha, b .301 Rose 
Crowl James O, h 301 Rose 
Crowl John F (Crowl & Wilson), h 405 Rose 
Crowl Martha J, wid Benjamin F, b 405 Rose 
Crowl W.alter E, elk, b 405 Rose nj 

Crowl & Wilson (John F Crowl, Hardy Wilson), meats, 401 ^ 

Cruliner Charles J, lab, h 316 John 
Crumpacker Hon Jonathan W, attorney at law, also state 

senator, 822 Main, h 202 G 
Crumpacker John W, cashr La Porte Savings Bank, h 502 '^'' ^^ 

Jefferson [r] m 


sert Propr, cor Tyler and Lake See adv 
Culver A C, eng, b Anderson House 

Culveyhouse James W,bodymkr I^a Poric Carriage Co, ^ y 

b 502 Main 6 3 

Cummings Francis, student, h Depot Hotel '^ ^ 

<:Ui1Iinil\GS JOJFPII I., Pronr Depot Hotel, h same ^ m 
Curran Emma, h 237 e Main '"" ^ 

Curran Hughetta. b 237 e Main 



■ D 

c "f* 

Curtis Alonthus M, harnessmkr 621 Main, b Washington ^ L 


Curtis Ervin M, brakeraan, b 105 Spurlock 

Curtis James W, painter, b lO.^i Spurlock 

Curtis Rebecca, h 105 Spurlock m 

Curtis AVinfield, painter, h 717 Indiana av ►hi 

Curtiss John, harnessmkr, b 708 Washington ^ 

Curliss John, switchhman, h 704 Washington ^ 

SPAETH & STUDLEY, oon^^^.fcJ^jy.V'y^^st 

3D:R,TJG-G-ISTS. si 2 Main Street', LaPorte. 

44 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Cusic Kate, h 703 Washington 

Cutler Austin B (A Culler & Son), h 1109 Indiana av 

CVTLTAl A JL SOi\ (Austin and Frank L Cutler), 

Grocers, 818 Main 
Cutler Frank L (A Cutler & Son) h 1109 Indiana av 
Cutler George W, farmer, h 910^ Main 
Cutler Mary, teacher, r 414 Jefierson 
Cutler Sarah, wid Alonzo, h 414 Jefferson ■ ' '> 

c^ 1 Dacker Frederick, lab, h Camp Colfax 

j~ I Dacker Louis, hardware dealer, h Camp Colfax 

'^ I Dacker IMinnie, trimmer, b Camp Colfax 

>, ] Daedlow Charles, lab, h 102 Carter 

■^ ^ Daedlow .John, tmstr, h 30G Fox 

^g Daedlow Minnie, dom, b 102 Carter ' ' 

O u Dahl Amanda, dom, b 912 Harrison 

5 -^ Dahne Annie S. weaver, b 401 B ■ 

*^ '^^ Dahne Fredeiick, spinner, h 401 B 

s, B Dahne George C, weaver, b 302 Fox 

^; ■:^ Dahne Wra, supt LaPorte woolen mills, h 302 Fox 

^ 7; Dahne Wm F, tinner, b 302 Fox i 

o rt Daily Herald (The), LaPorte Printing Co, pub and prop, 702 

^ ^'-< Main 

t; -^ Daker John, tinner, b Camp Colfax 

^ tx Dakin George M, pres Hutchinson's P S for W, vice pros 

ji J^ Northern Ind Orphan's Home, physician, S07 JMichigau 

av. h 1540 same 
^^ Dakin Norman G, mngr, h 1540 Slichigan av 
>^p^ Dakle Louise, measurer, b 205 Park 
]* f Dalrymjile Oliver, mach, b Lay's Hotel 
, ^ Dalton Catherine, wid Wm, h '112 B 

Dallon Ella, dressmkr, h 301 B 

Dalton Mary, wid Richard, h 301 B 

Daly M Nellie, dressmkr, h 1110 Lake 

Damer John, section hand, h Camp Colfax 
O Dandier David, tailor, h 116 C 
PQ Daniel Charles, bodymkr La Porle Carriaj^c Co, h 

501 F 
O^ Daniel Charles, mason, h 208 Carter 

Daniel Herman F, mason, h 302 B 
>-t Daniel Johann, lab, h 501 F 
<i:J Daniel John, mach hd, h 501 F 

Daniel Lena, dom, b 501 F 

Daniel Thomas, supt La Porte Carriag-e Co, h 304 
Maple av 

Tbe only praot/onl Bus/ness anci Slinrtband School In 

Northern indiona-ThG MJchigan City Business College 

___^ C. F. COMPTON, President. 



Daniel Thomas jr, molder, b 304 Maple av (^ 

Daniel Wm, works l^a Porit' Carriage Co. h .501 F I— 1 

Daniel Wm J, carriage blksmitb, b 304 iM;iple av \_. 

Danielson Jobn, mason, h 502 E " 

Dankert Frederick, lab, h 106 Norton ^ 

Dankert John, lab, h 512 Virginia l1 

Dankert Martha, spooler, b 512 Virginia ?3 
Dann Cass M, trav salesman, b Teegarden Hotel 

Daoust Zoel, car inspr L S A: M S, b 222 Madison M 
»AKLIA'G IIAKK V B, City Ed Star, b 209 Virginia L 
Darling Nelson S, physician, s e cor Main and Perry, b lOOS ^ 

Harrison p^ 

Daus Charles F, foreman, h 301 H '• '" L-. 

Davidson August, b 1212 Monroe ' tD 
Davidson Bella, b 1303 Michigan av 

Davidson Belbi, prin P S No 3, 1) 1025 Madison ^Zl! 

Davidson Gustav (Davidson Sz Porter), h 1.311 Michigan av ^ •' 

Davidson Hartwig (Davidson <fc Porter), h 1311 Michigan av JT] 
Davidson Lilla M, teacher Park acUopl, h 1025 Madison 
Davidson Ralph, b 1303 Jlichifran av 
DAVIIJ.^OA A: P0!5'IT:« (Hartwig and Gustav ^. 

Davidson and Henry W Porter), Drv Goods, Carpels, U 

Clotliing and Jlerchant Tailoring, 712-714 Main 

Davis Alice M. dressnikr 305 L. b same m 

Davis Elmer E. helper, b 305 L ? 

Davis Eugenius \V, vice pres La Porte Savings Bank h n 

Hatch's Mills, Ind ^ 

Davis Frank J, comp, b 902^ Main ? 01 

Davis Hattie E, b 902^ Main ' " q. 

Davis Minerva J, wid'Win M, h 120G Indiana av p T- 

Davis Rosamond, seamstress, b 305 L o \ 

Davis Thomas, eng, h 305 L p_ | 

Davis , asst civil eng L S & M S, b cor 3d and D 00 I 

Day David M, trav agt, h 1211 Main = | 

Deadary Joseph, lab, b 919 Scott ^ V 

Deako Jobn L. bartender, b 1005 Scott E. 

Deako Lena, weaver, b 1005 Scott 5: 

Deako Rica, wid Charles, b 1005 Scott e 
Decker Bros (Louis and John H Decker). bardware,1004 Main - 

Decker De Witt C, elk. h 111 e JIain S 

Decker John H (Decker Bros), b Camp Colfax « 

Decker Louis (Decker Bros), b Camp Colfa.x - 3 

Decker Minnie K, elk, b Camp Colfax n 

Dedlow Charles J, lali, h 112 Ridge £• 

Dcdlow John, teamster, b 306 Fox S 

Delenbacb David D, niach, h 205 Rumely «£ 

De Fries John, med student, b Pine Lake'av S" 

Dcgnan Mary A, h 302 Madison ?■ 


J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind 
46 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

n Dehne Frederick, spinner, b 401 B 

pL. Detnien August, lab, h Camp Colfax 

r-|H Deinien Fertlinand A, saloon, 412 Adams, b same 

HH Demien Jobn, lab, b Camp Colfax 
|x] -> Domien Lena, wid Cbarles, b 302 H 

rO\H Demzien Cbarles, macb, b 1002 HarrisoQ 

H fj Demzien Frederick, b 309 H 

H l_j Demzien Henry, tmslr, b 1002 Harrison 

Ulr') Demzien Henry, boilerrakr, b 31,5 I 

^ Demzien Jobn F, carp, b 1002 Hanison 

Pb: Demzien Louis F, tmstr J Sireet Milling Co, h 508 F 

bi"^ Demzien Mary, wid Frederick, b 31 J I 

H<] Denlar David, lab, b 106 C 

Orh Dennler David, merchant tailor, 910 ilain, b 116 C 

Oh DEFOT hotel, Josepb L Cummiugs Propr, cor Micb- 
RM igan av and Lake 8bore track 

CDq Dessow Bertha, helper, b 110 E 

. ^ Dessow Charles, lal), h 402 ,J 

[i]y Dessow Charles, solicitor Sinircr Co, h 110 E 

^ Deltling Winterlin, lab, h 21G II 

0) Dettmann John, lab, h 1004 State 

Dettmann Joseph, lab, h 310 G , 

^ Dibberu Charles W, elk, b 005, Rose 

^ Dibbern Fred, painter, works (UU Main, h CO.") Rose 

Ti; Dick Clement, li 1002 Jelferson 

O Diedricb August, baker, lids 1022 Main 

^ Diedricb Edward F, lali. b 201 L 

K- Diedricb Jobn. lab, b 201 L 

'"^ Diedricb Josepb, h 014 Indiana av 

-^ Dietsche Wui B. general stores, lOG J, b 102 same 

C Dill Beiijamiu W, eng l^a Foric Carriag-e Co, h 1410 

a State 

, , Dinwiddle Klla, b 1206 Indiana av 

rt Dinwiddle Rhodie, wid John, h 1206 Indiana av 

'^ Dittmann Henry, lab, b 408 II 

L-/ Dixon Overen, supt woolen mills, b 912 Michigan av 

^ Dixon Rose M, b 912 Michigan av 

C Doerner Annie, wid Wm, b 217 R-iilroad 

O Doerner Theodore, butcher, h 217 Riilioad 

■^ Dohne Paul, painter, b D 

S^ UOE/Vi^' IMUE J, Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter, 610 

Chicago, b 60S Chicago See adv front cover 
r^ Domke Louis J, macbbd, b .')0'.i E 
^~ Donly Thomas, iiolueman, h 711^i Indiana av 
K--* Dorland Geoige C. sec Northern Indiana Orphan's Home, b 
^ 1027 Michigan av 

T 'Mf^rtP^ "Dnrlnnrl General Insu'rance Agency. Rep- 

J . V cue JLVUI IcUlU, resent only the best Companies. 

La Porte, Ind. Fire, Life, Tornado and Accident. 


DOlSfiAM) J VIvXE. Abstracts of Title, Insurance (^ 

:iud Real Estate, Rooms 5 and G Scott bile, 802 Main, li ^ > 
1627 Michigan av See right top lines 

Borland Rosetta Z, wid George C, h 1027 Michigan av ^ 

Dorn John, laborer, h 401 Riiniely ^> ' 
Doyle John AV, cond, b Standard Hotel 

Do3'le Thomas, broker, "Ooh Main, b cor Jackson and JetTi.'r • ^ 

son ^ 

Draf Jennie, b IIG B '^-^ 

Draf Joseph, molder, b 116 B ' ' l__j 

Draf Sefron, foreman, h 110 B - > • . 
Draver Cora, elk, b 113 Park 
Draver Otto, teacher, h 113 Fox 
Draves Louis D. foreman, h 403 Virginia 
Drew Win H, h 504 Tipton 

Drewer Wintred, lah, b 113 Fox > 

Drewes Henry C, blksratli, li 22'.t ;\rain t~H 

Drewes Laura, weaver, b 22'.) e Main ^^ 

Drewes Otto, mach, b 229 e Main (jj 
Drews Helmuth, saloon, 013 Mii'lii^an av, h same 

Droberg Jacob, bartender, b 1311 Scott Q 
Droberg Minnie, wid Eberlinir, h 1311 Scott 
Droberg Wm F, blksmlh, h 710 Ridge 

Droege Henry F, carp, h 1409 Stale (j 

Drollinger Josephine A, h 1402 Main ~ 

Drubert Charles, lab, h 601 Washington Q 

Druliner Benjamin C, blksmtii helper, b r)02 Main . 

Druliner John, auctioneer, h 502 Main "* 

Drulliner John C, blksmth, li 310 John y] 

Dnbbert Wui, laborer, h 510 Rumelv JQ 

Dudley Georgia, dressmkr. 115 Fox, b same ^h 

Dunifor Daniel, caip, h 1601 Monroe ,>-•;■" ^|m 

Dunit'or Heurv, plasterer, h 408 John ' . ' a ^^ 

Dunn Anna, photo iirinter, h 70S Main ■. '- , g" ^p 

Dunn p:mma, b 920 Scott 2^3 

Dunn James, lab, h 314 D a ^^ 

Dunn Joseph, lab. h 920 Scott „"^ 

Dunn Lizzie, b 314 D Zs'^ 

Dunn Mary, dom, b 1502 Indiana av ' -3^(11 

Dunn Thomas, mach, 1) 314 D m Jc* 

Dunn Wm C, h 811 Indiaua av . ||^ 

Dunsniore Jennie L, milliner, 1011 Maple av, h same -.j(j 

Dunsmoro Joseph P. stockman, h lull Ma|ile h=\" 

Dusing Anna, weaver, b 13ii5 Scott | ^\ 

Dust Charles, mail mess P 0, h 1010 Rumelv ^ =1 

Dust John, lab, h 307 I ' ?| 

Dust Wm, lab, h 301 I ,?| 

Dwyer Dennis, blksmth, h 409 Tipton ^ 




nhpTPPlVh 2i Urnnlfl in buying a watch of us you win get the 
UUuIlDlbll a nlUUlU, benefitof a long experience ana honesty 
Cor. Main & Mich., Ave. of purpose, in selecting the very best. 

48 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Dwyer Mary, dom, Gray's Sanitarium 
Dye Wm li, lab, b 'J20 'Scott 


Early Hiliarv, real estate, bds Lay's Hotel 

fl Eason Seth (Hall, Weaver & Co), h 1104 Indiana av 

bj Ebeck Frederick, machhd, h 212 Woodson 

^ Ebert Charles, gearmkr La Porte Carriage Co, h 

<1 208 1 

Ebert Win, laborer, b 20S I 

n> Eckstein Frank X, machlul, b Lay's Hotel ,'. '. ' 

• .H Edwards Ro-^e, nurse Grav's Sanitarium, b same 

. ,H Eggenbrecht Cbarles. b ;V02 K 

.fn Eggert Ausust D, janitor, h G05 John 

hH Ehlert August, shoemkr, 1010 Main, h 201 Norton 

•H ^ Ehmke Christian, laborer, ii 308 H 

U, K Ehmke Henry, lab, h 502 G 

U H Ehmke JLary F, seamstress, b 410 H 

ffi J Ehmke Sophia, wid John, h 410 H 

Id Ehrlich Emma, h 1112 Maple av 

<D Ehrlich Herman K, druggist, 724 Main, h 1112 Maple av 

n Eifel Joseph F, mason, h 305 C 
P^ifert John, tailoi', h 503 Monroe 

£ Eisemau Samuel M, barber, 71G Michigan av, b Teegarden 
r^ Hotel 

Q 2. Ekbeig Charles A, tailor, h 1512 Main 

f^ ^ Eldred John II, foreman The Argus, h 912 Chicago 

U ^: Ellerson Ellen, b 302 E 

J Ellerson Katie, wid John, b 302 E 

W c Elling Bessie, dom Gray's Sanitarium 

•^ S Filing Edward, h Pine Lake av 

^ Elliott George W, miller, h ,301 Short 

2 ^ Elliott Gordan K, lab, b 301 Short 

^r~ Elliott Susan, b 301 Short 

{J = Elliott Warren, painter, wks La Porfc Carriage Co. h 
JO c 301 Short 

^^ S Ellison James P, bkkpr La Porte Carriaife Co, h 1104 
J ^' Monroe 

H S Elmer Wm W, lab, h IOC Riilroad 

C l Elson Wm H, lab, h 308 Railrond 

K ^ Elson Wm II, supt public schools, h 102 Alexander 

r c Ely Delia K, wid Levi, h C02 Chicago 

^ Ely Grace R, teacher primary sclidol, 1st ward, b 002 Chicago 

K^ Ely- Mary L, folder, b 602 Chicago 

K ^_ Ely Rose H, b C02 Chicago 

r ii Eugle Charles A, engraver, h 410 F 

Hotel TeegardcD. ISVffiT'l'G^'sl^rrp'^i;. 


Ephlin Edward L, plasterer, h n e cor Woodward and Vir- Cj 

ginia W 

Ephlin Edward L jr, elk 719 Indiana av, h n e cor Woodward ^ 

and Virginia ^ 

Ephlin Harry C. foreman gear dept La Porte Carriase \-ri 

Co, h 203 Hageubuck 

Ephlin John, brooramkr, li 311 John ?>• 
Ephlin Lavora, b n e cor Woodward and Virginia 

Ephlin Lvdia, dora, b 401 B t^-t 

Ephlin Wilbur O, elk r m s, b n e cor Woodward and Vir- ^ 

ginia ^ 

Erickson Elizabeth E. h 713 Indiana av ^ 

Erickson Frank H, watches, clokcs and jewelrj', 713 Indiana >-r) 

av, h 1412 Main p-] 

Erickson Peter, ironworker, r 715^ Main ^ 
Erket George, carp, h 1207 Maple av 

Essling Nicholas, tailor, h 501 A. lams ^ 

Etheringtou Mary, h 110 Osborn ^_^^ 

Etherington Mary, lid vice «pres Northern Indiana Orphans' ^-^ 

Home, h Ul'o Indiana av j-^ 
Eubbert Joseph, watchman, li 811 Runiely 

Pluler Charles, house mover, h 910 Suite ^ 

Evansville Ins Co, of Evansville, J Vcne Borland agt, r 5 and f t?d 

6 Scott blk 

Evert August, section hand, h 1002 Rumolv ^ 2 

Everhart -Elizabeth D, h 1011 iMou'oe " " ^ 

Everhart Landon R, student, b 1104 Monroe' Q 

Everhart Wm, h 803 State I 2 
Everhart Wm J, h 1104 Monroe ^ 

Everly Jacob, bartender 912 !Main o to 

Evert Christopher, lab, h 015 John g 

Evert Lena, weaver, b 015 John 1^ ^ 

Evert Sophia, warper, b 015 John 5- q' 

Evory Charles A, asst yardmaster, h 409 Rose g. 

Evory Fannie M, cashier, h 711 Siiort -„ 2 

Evory Gilbert T, chain man, h cor Jefferson nnd Adams — ^^ 

Evory Gurden, engineer, h 711 Short ^ p? 

Evory Laura B, b 711 Short f S 

Evory Obediah, contractor, h 711 Short 5' ^ 

Ewert August, lab, h 1002 Rumely m p 

Ewert Clara, weaver, b 1002 Rumely -^ H 

Ewert Emma, finisher, b 1002 Rumely | 9^ 

Ewert Lena, spinner, b 1002 Rumely ' -"^ 

Fagler Plerman J, elk, h 209 C 


Corner Jackson & Main Sts. 

50 K. L. POLK cSc CO.'S 

§ Fagler Louis 11 (Joseph & Fiigler). h 20'J C 

o Fabnestock Alfred, h 808 Indiana av 

^ Fahnestock Aufrustus A (Falinestoek Bros), h 1301 Monroe 

i^ I'MIIi-VKSTOCK BKO» (Caraillus S and Augustus 
'■^ g- A), Physicians and .Surgeons, SOS Inciiana av Tel 67 

a g Fahnestock Caniillus S (Fahu. stock Bros), h 808 Indiana av 

^ £ Fahren Henry, painter, works 717 Indiana av 

to -^ Fahronheini Henrv, painter, h 203 Virginia 

.5 g Fahrenheiin Maria, b 2U3 Virginia 

•2 ^ Faller Charles O, watches, clocks and jewelry, 707 Main, li 
§ ;3 202 Main 

E o Faller Marv, wid John, h 202 Main 

•3 ^ Fargher James H, elk. b 60.j Maple av 

S3 g' Fargher Thomas, trav agt, b Standard Hotel 

3 Fargher Winnie, stenog, res Fa'ghers Island 

O S Farmers and Breeders Live Stock Ins Co, of Indianapolis, J 

B Vone Borland, agt, rms 5 and li Scott bik 

S '^ Farrand Mulford D. trav agt, h 1103 Indiana av 

.2 fl Fatler Herman, elk, b 209 C 

S =5 Fatler Johanna, wid August, h 209 C 

S ^ Faulkner Edward F, painter, works La Poi'le CaiTJag'e 
§ +^ Co, bds Meyer House 

O g Fedder Albert, elk, res 205 Ridge 

•g J, Fedder Bertha, weaver, b 209 Ridge 

d .a Fedder Emma, weaver, b 205 Ridge 

g 'A^ Fedder Julia, wid Julian, h 205 Ridge ' „ ,;. ' 

g . Fellheimer Solomon, b 001 Ridge 

^ "d Felton John, student, b <i05 Woodward 

r] Felton Sophia, wid Jacob, h W)5 Woodward ■ " ' 

' . Fenker Fiederick, lab, h 401 K 

O^ Fenker Frederick J L. elk, h 401 K 

O^ Fenker Henry, lab. h 310 J 

^0 Fenker Herman, del elk cor Washington and Jlouroe, h Clay 

<^ fj Feriiason Chiirles, painter, h 509 Second 

K^ 05 Ferger John C, foreman, b 301 D 

^.rt Fesseaden Charles H, trav agt, li 805 Jladison 

Jjjd P'etkenhauer Gottfried, lab, h 707 Rumely 

^ 9 ^"^^^^ George F, finisher, works H^a l*oi'io Carriag'e Co, 
^^ b 1403 State 

O"^ Fickel Albert W, elk, h 505 Adams 

-J Fickel Frederick, h 311 Scott 

O Fickel Frederick jr, asst supt, h 311 Scott 

X Fickel George J, usst supt King & Fildes Co, h IIG Park 

L« Fickweiler Ei'uest, teacher German Lutheran School, h 307 A 

/y* Fidelity & Casualty Co, of New York, J Vene Dorlant' ' 

< ^ "■■ 


5 and G Scott blk 
Fildes Emma, wid, li 104 Clayton 
Fildes John, propr woolen mills, h 209 State 

Meissoer's PiiarraaGy, 820 IVIain St, La Porte, 


1- 5 

and 6 





Fildes John jr. pres Kin<r & Fildes Co, b 209 Slate ^> 

Fildes Wm, loon fixor, hill Park ■ 

Filkins Wm F, ong, b Standard Hotel 

Fimstick Richard painter, h 104 C (j 

Fink Lena, doui 1007 Jetl'erson .: .' ■■■•:■. 

Fink Mary, dom, UOG Indiana Co ,^ 

Finley Albert A, carp, b s s Plaoe 1 w Soott 3h 

Finley Charles A, dentist, 902'^ Main, li 205 Virginia t-H 

Finley Earl, barber, b 119 Fox LU 

Finley Homer A. elk P O, b s s Place 1 w Scott 

Fire Assn of Philadelphia, J Vene Dorlaud agi 

Scott block 
riK"««iT AATIO;>AL O A.\K, Win Niles 

D Jlorrison Vice Pres. Kolieri E Murriboii 

Fischer Carrie, teacher, b 1213 1st 
Fischer Charles, lab, h 113 Siitheiland 
Fischer Herman W, bench hd, r 21^ Sutherland 
Fischer John, lab, h 1213 1st 
Fisclier Louise, seamstress, 1) 213 Siilherhiiid l-J 

Fisher Will S. dentist, 812 M liii, h 1 mile w city 
Fitzsimmons Edward P, lab, b 207 Railroad ^^ 

Fitzsimmons John, lab, b 207 Railroad |^ 

Fitzsim.-noiis Katie, weaver, b 207 Railroad E 

Fitzsimmons Michael, h 207 Railroad " 

Fitzsimmons Ttiomas, boiler mkr, b 207 Railroad ' m 

Fleck Sophia, wid Frederick, h 117 Sutherland C^ 

Flentye Christopher, engi-, h 202 D 2 

Flentye Emma JI. b 202 D L IJ 

Flentye George \V, steam filter, b 202 D I r/j 

Flood J Oscar, iiharraacist, 628 iMaiii, h 304 State » 

Flbod Rachael E, wid James, h 301 State | 

Flori.anovitz Stephen, carp, h 31(1 B f ^ 

Fogolman Annie, wid John, h 101 Ridge CO 

Fogle Benjamin V, jjop corn dealer. Ii 10.") Clayton ^ 2 

Fogle, McCarlv & Co (Wesley Fogle, Win E McCartv and 7J 

Gill)ert R Tyrivll), agricultural implemeuts, 'i2.'j Main P > 
Fogie Warren, driver, b Teegardeu Hotel f fj) 

Fogle Wesley (Fogle, McC:iriy & Co), h 205 Clayton - (fi 

Fogle Wm, lab. b 1502 Indiana av 2. 

Foiant Frank C, contractor, h 205 Noble ~ ^ 

Folaut Jacob, justice of Ihe peace, S04 Main, h 115 D ^ ^ 

Forbes Alonzo. painter, h 50S Jeller-on 2 2 

Forgen Mollie A. weaver, 1) 320 Park m " 

Forgen Paul, h 320 Park ?^ P 

Forgen Paul jr, boilermkr, b 320 Park ^ 

Fornej' Catherine II, b 50G Maiile av CD 

Forney Matthias R, brick mnfr, h 506 Maple av ^ 


Druggists, 0pp. Court House, 8 12 Main St., 
La Porte, Ind.. Dealers in Drugs, Chemicals, 
) Patent Medicines, Wall Paper, &.c. 


52 R. L. POLK & CO.'s 

Forrester Peter K, farmer, h 311 Fox 
Fosdick Albert K, carrinpe trimmer, li 202 Noble 
Fosdick Charles R, cliief car inspector L S tt M S, h 20S 
_, Fosdick John S, gearmkr La PoiMc CaiTiag:e Co, h 202 
^ S Woodward 

ji^ Fosdick Lilla B, milliner, h 603 Jefferson 
v^-^ Fosdick Lucinda, wid Samuel J, h 003 Jefferson 
f: § Fosdick Rose B, stenog. h 003 Jefferson 
^ '» FO.SDICK W,n, Dentist, 023 Main, b same 
^^ Foster Anna R (Thomas J Foster), h 1127 Michigan av 
I^^ Foster Ella B, seamstress, b 1409 Main 
^H Foster James M (Hinkle <k Foster), h 1409 Main 
^0] Foster Thomas J (Anna E Foster), grocer and baker, 702 
^ Main 

s, Foster Wm W, boilermkr. h 501 Rose 


Fowler Wm, guard, h 303 Main 

A- Fox Allie, works l>a Porto Carriatfc Co, h 110 Ohio 

Fox Henry, lab, h 1110 Thinl 

Fox Henry, lab. h ICOS Slate 

Fox Herbert W, law student, h 1.502 Indiana av 

Fox Herman (Fox & Wolfe), h 110 Ohio 

Fox Jacob, trav agt, h 404 Mechanic 
g p Fox .Matthias, fur agt, li 110 Ohio 
Q] 2 Fox Morris, elk. b 1502 Indiana av 
- Fox Orrin G, h 901 Indiana av 

Fox Sanuiel, propr La Porte Woolen ]Mills, h 1502 Indiana av 

Fox Sarali, wid, h 901 Indiana av 

Fox it Wolfe (Heiman Fux and Wm Wolfe), barbers, 810 Muio 

Fraerachs John, wool sorter, h Park 

Francis C Wm (McCollum Si, Francis) h 605 Maple av 

Frankinburger Wm E, motder, h 1111 Lake 

Franklin Benjamin A. granite and marble works, 605 Jlichi- 
Q <2 gan av, h 1111 Jeflerson 

'^ Franz Peter, works brewery, h 110,'i State 
j Frary Lueins N, mason, h 2.33 e Main 
^ Fraser Cornelia, b 1112 Jefferson 

Zj Fraser Joseph R, grocer, 719 Michigan av, hlll2 Jefiersoo 
P Frederick George, lineman, h 1112 State 
r^ Fiedrickson Charles, trav agt. h 1501 Jefferson 
'C Fredi-ickson Emma M, cashr, h 1108 Imiiana av 
^ Fredrickson George, hostler, b 502 .Main 

,C Fredrickson Harry C (Fredrickson & McLane), h 1301 In- 
h diana av 

O Fredrickson Isaac, elk 713 IMicliigan av, h 1108 Indiana av 
C Fredrickson Patience, wid Wm sr, h 11 OS Indiana av 
Fredrickson Wm. h llOS Indiana av 


Educate for business by taking a course in Book-keep- 
ing and Sfiorthand at the (vilCHICAN CITY BUSINESS 
COLLEGE. Write for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


FKI'^niCIC'K^O.X Ai lIcLAA'E (Harry C Freririck- ^> 

sun and George L McL:mu), Dry Goods, Cloaks and ZZ, 

Carpets, S"22 Main L^ 

Freeland Charles, lab, h 502 F rr] 

Freeland Frederick, brick mnfr, h 112 Ridge k^ 

Freelnnd Herman, helper, works l^a l*ortc Carriage ''^'^ 

Co, h 502 F "^ ^ 

Freeland Mary, dom 807 Jefferson h-^ 

Freese Albert C, elk, h 1212 Jackson ^ 

Freose Anna E, seamstress, b 801 Michigan av ^ 

Freese Christopher C (F W Freose tk Bro), h 111 Rumely lIL 

Freese Edith, drcssmkr, h 101 Norton " l^ 

Freese Fred W (F W Freese & Bro), and supt La Torte Gas 53 

and Coke Co, h 303 Virginia 
FISI^KJXK F W Ai BK<>(FredW and Christopher C pO 

Freese), Agricultural Implements, 714-71G Indiana av 
P'reese Simeon C (Martin & Freese), h 000 Indiana av C^ 

Frehse ADjort W, deputy sherit!' and jailor, h S05 .State 
Frenier Edward C, engr^ b 1208 Jetlerson 
Frens Fredrick H, tinner, works 804 Main, h 1st 
Frcus Herman, mach hd, b Camp Colfax 
Frens John, lab, h Camp Colfax 

Frens Louise, dom 805 Slate J^ 

Fricke John S, trav agt, h 208 Main 
F'riedrichs Bertha, corder, h 122 Park 
Friedrichs John, lab, h 122 Park 





Friskey Frederick, lab, h 411 Virginia O 
Fritz Wm, molder, b 210 Norton 
Fritzeu Charles, coremkr, h 210 Nortoa 

Fritzen Charles J, lab, b 210 Norton " f 

Frilzen Edith, carder, b 210 Norton S _ 

Fritzen George, elk 518 Main, b Fox • ' 2 Li 

Fritzen Henrv, molder, li 210 Norton -n —1 

Fritzen Wm,"carp, li 202 Fox ^ < 

Froh Annie, dom 1210 Indiana av ? ^ 

Fry Harriet E, wid John L, h 1202 JefTerson | 3 
FK Y TIIO,7IA« J, Propr The Count Saloon, 723 Main, ^ i> 

r 804i .^lain , ~ -^ 
Fuenfsteuck Richard G, painter La Portc Cai'I'iajfe Co, 

h cor 1st and C e. ^ 

Fuller John, lab, h 402 Ridge s ^ 

Funk Charles, lab, h lOG Michael ■ ■ ', t P^ 

Funk Henry, lab, h 415 B S j_ 

Gaa Anton, h 906 State S 

Gaa Catharine, h 90G State ~ 


Use ' HARVEST QUEEN ' Flour. 

J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind. 

54 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Gaa Ray, dom Standard Hotel, h 90G State 
Gabert Annip, weaver, b 302 Grove 
E^'2 Gabert Charles, lab, h 302 Grove 

HLj Gabert Richard 0, lab, 1) 302 Grove ■; " 

fn Gabert Theodore A, lab. b 302 Grove 
HlT Gabv George 0, tuistr. h 1003 Plain 
[Rfr Gabv Mary A, dressmkr, 820^ JIain, b same 
r] H G.iby T Oliver, carp, h 820>< Main 

tJH Gaekle Andrew, painter, works l^a Portc Carriajfc Co, 
UJQ h407 Madison 

Gaekle Augeline, saloon, 409 Madison, h 407 Sladison 
Gaekle John M, bodymkr La Forle Carriage to, b 407 

Gaekle Joseph, cigarmkr, h 407 ^ladison 
,. v^ Gakle Lillie, sorter, b 205 Park 
Uh Gakle Sebastian, grocer, 205 Park, h same 
\i\h\ <i;;VLItieUATII Will, Propr Anderson House, h same 
n)y\ Galbreth Oliver L, county supt, h 714 Michigan av 
y Galbreth Wm. fireman, h 112 Jefferson 
^ Galligan Mary, wid John, h 304 Railroad 
2 Ganchow Bei'tha, weaver, b 410 K 
0^^ Gangwer Irviu D, mach hd, h 115 11 
Q Ganschow Louis, blksmith l.a I'oi'tc Carriage Co, b 
^ e s e 2d s of 6th 

Ganshei Herbert, carp, h Camp Colfax 
<-T-^ Garloff Frederick, lab, h 105 Woodson -' :! 

O Garnhart Carrie, b 805 Adams ' 

O Garrison Bert, porter Hotel Teegarden, b same 
[> Garrison Cynthia, dom Hotel 'lY^egarden 
P* Garrison M:ick S, painter La Porte Carriage Co, h 

, , 700 Washington 

~, Gates Harrison, works Rumley's, b 506 State 
p Gates Joseph, mach hd, b 1311 State 
^ Gau Wm F, molder, h 305 B 
^ Gaul Arthur E, student, h 513 JIain 

O Gaul John D, dyer and scourer, 513 !Main, h same 
() Gegley Louise, h 504 Madison 

Gehrke Charles F, blksmith La Porte Carriage Co, 
j£ h 701 Ridge 

Q Gehrke John, lab, h Camp Colfax 
■^^ Geist Albert, spinner, b 609 John 

p Geltenborg Henry, mach Ud La Porle Carriage Co, h 
405 C 
Geltenborg Jacob, butcher, h 405 C 
■ Geltenbort Frederick, h 211 B 
S Geltenbort Frederick Bjr, pharmacist, h 211 B 
> George Michael, bricklayer, h 703 Washington 
■^ George .Sophia, h 703 Washington 





J. VENE DORLAND, successor to Geo. C. Dorland & Son, Insurance 

and Real Estate Agent. Abstmcts of Title, Deeds and Mortgages 

i,.v portf; directory. 55 

Gerbiiek Andrew K, finisher, h 415 E ^ 

Gerbrick Elizabeth, dom Standard Hotel 

Gerdes Frederick, niacli hd, h 509 II 

Gerdos Henry, lab, h 412 I O 

Gerdes Wiu J, cigarmkr, li 214 Ridge 

German Lutheran School, 30S A 

Giast Albert, spinner, 1) G09 John 

Giast Charles, cigarmkr, b G09 John ^ 

Giast Minnie, b (309 John C"^ 

Giast Sophia, wid August, h 609 John t"* 

Giast Wm, b 609 John 1— |. 

Gibbons John C, broker, b 108 Main •— ^ 

Giek Joseph, bricklayer, r 501.J Main ^yy 

Gierkey Emma, seamstress Hai'riet M Nichols, 512 Jefferson 

Gierke John, lab, h Camp Colfax Qr\ 

Giese Frederick, h 102 Norton ^ 

Gilchrist Nellie D, elk, b 708 Harrison 

Gildcrsleeve Edward, jeweler, h IfiO;'. Monroe C> 

Gillen Anna, dressmkr, r 9-710i Michiuan av, h 309 c Main O 

Gillcn .Mary, wid Michael, h 309 e IMain 

Gillen Mary, elk, h 309 e Main _^ ^ 

Gillen i^eter J, harnessmki-, h 309 JIain 2. o 

Gillett Oliver, boilermkr, h 1404 State % ^ 

Gilroy James, lal), b 304 Railroad > S 

Gilsmer Michael, lab, h 1 10 Carter = ^ 

Ginther James, wks li.-i l»orle Carriasfe Co, b Ander- s" = 

son House -'" «£ 

Ginther Til lie A. h 1005 Lake ? 3 

Ginther Wm L, target man, h 1005 Lake " r- 

Ginther Wm L jr, elk, h 1005 Lake ° = 

Glasman Frederick, lab. Ii 1202 Rumely « S 

Glasman Mary, dom, b 1202 Run ely ^ g: 

Gleason Emory G, h 108 Main = [^ 
Gleason Jesse H, painter l^a Porlc Cari'iag:e Co. b 901 2 = 

State £.5 

Gneichtel Theodore, h 1109 JIaple av E r- 

Goers Christian, .teamster, h 508 E | =' 

Goethe Frederick, molder. h 1307 Main ~ = 

Gotr Alonzo T, tmstr, 1014 1st ^ o 

Gotr Malissa, wid Jerome F, h 510 G ^ » 

Goldberg Annie, b 512 Ohio Sl 

f;oldberg Bennett, lab, h 512 Ohio "? ""' 

Good David, boarding, 502 Adams, h same ^ 

Good John W, lab, r 708 Washington S 

Good Mary, boarding, 708 Wasliington, h same "^ 

Good Z'lchary, student, b 502 Adams o 

Goodall Louis W, salesman liadgcr l!ros, b Lays Hotel | 

Goodman Flora R, teacher Park School, b 1202 Maijle av ? 

OUerreiGh X MM. '^XoT^X^T.TeV^yCZ 

* Cor. Main &. Mich., Ave. titui articles in silver and fancy goods. 

56 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

2? C;OOD.1IA.\ IlKMtY, Publishei- and Proprietor La 
^ ^ Porte P^veuini: Star and La Porte Journal, h 120;i Maple av 

5 ^ Goodman Jennie E, teacher, b 1202 JIaple av 
2,^ Goodman Marcus D, mor, 705 Main, h Indiana av 
C h; Gordon Millie, h 1303 Clay 
"2 (7 Gotham Frederick, lali. h 111 John 
§ ^ Gould Lyman, h 812 Michitrp.n av 
.Z, ^ Graf Ella M, dressmkr, h lift B 
rt ^ Grage Henry, tailor, h IIG C 

Q 2 Granzow Bertha, seamstress, b 1006 Washington 
O .5 Granzow Joachim, h 216 K 

•^ ^ Gray J Lucius, prcs The Gray Sanitarium, h same 
2 fj\ Gray Sanitarium (The), J Lucius Gray pres, James Sallce sec- 
M treas. Pine Lake av 

'f Qj Grel)ner Lawrence (L Gi-ebner & Son), h 605 Jlain 
2 C Grebner L & Son (Lawrence and S Peter Grebner), meat 
j3 Q market, 605 Main 

g r Grebner Mollie, h 605 Main 

^ "^ Grebner S Peter (L Grebner & Son), h 301 Map'e av 
.3 Green Clara, dom, b 1211 Main 
(n ^ Greening Leo, lab, h 1^05 Spurlnclc 
.j:i ~i Greer Kanuie E, dressmkr, li 507 Monroe 
■^ 2 Greer Jaines L, baggaizoman L S & M S depot, h 507 Jlonroe 
2 3 Greer Mary II, h 507 iNIonroe 
■^ □ Gregg Wm T, eugr, h 707 Adams 

Greining Leopold, lab, li 305 Spurlock • ; ' 

" Gress John, carp, h 1211 Clay 
Q Grice Jacob, lab, h rear 105 Mechanic 

OGriesshaber John, boilermkr, h -101) 15 
«.;KIEWA;>Ii; C II a it l. ■::<!>, Harness and Saddlery, 
^j 603 Jlain, h 806 Rose 

C/Q Grifiin David, broom rakr, h 211 e Main 
Grillin James, h 600 2tlichigan av 
r— ' Grimes Wm, painter, works 717 Indiana av 
" Grischow Alvena, spinner, b 202 Clayton 
Q Grischow Carrie, wid Frederick, h 202 Clayton 
ff) Grischow PZraraa, spinner, b 202 Clayton 
^ Grischow Oma W, bill elk, h 202 Clayton 
.^ Grisell IMartha J, wid Milo P, llorist, 707 Tipton, h same 

feGrover Clyde 0. order elk La I*orle €j»rriaj?e €0, h 
203 Hagenbuck 
^ Grover Sophia, wid Josiah, b 203 Hagenbuck 
' Grover Sylvanus E, h 203 Hagenbuck 

Gruenberg Gottfried, lab, h Camp Colfax 
ATIOA', Wm C Miller Agt, Opera House BIk, 711 




Ouardian Fire Ins Co, of Londou, J Vene Borland agt, r 5 C^ 

and 6 Scoct blk (^ 

Oueniher James B, stockkpr La Porte Carriase Co, h y^ 

701 Main 1^ 

Gunther Wm, del elk. 914 Main, h Lake JzJ 

Guilcow Wm, tmstr, h ;il2 Pai k o ^0 

Gust Julius, lab, h n s Niles w of Scott " o p5 

Gutbat Wm F, carp, b 602 State ig ^ 

Guthrie Belle, dom, b 102 Main , t, ^ 

Guthrie Katie, weaver, b 207 Railroad ■ r~ 




Haag Latban, lab, h lOS J SM 

Habenich Ludwig, h 402 H Ik 

Hack Mary C, wid David, h 1311 Monroe | ►»» 

Hacker Charles F, carp, h 115 2d | ^ 

Hacker Christian, porter, 716 Main, h n s 4th 1 w A S 

Hacker Christopher, l\ 201 D rS!^ 

Hacker Ella, spooler, b 211 Allen § j-;? 

Hacker Emma D, elk, h 20) D " " 
Hacker Freda, spooler, b 315 B ^ ., 
Hacker Frederick, horsr trainer, h 112 I 

Hacker Herman, lab, h 612 John g^J 

Hacker Joachim, h 316 I ' ' ' xg-j 

Hacker Wm, cigarmkr, h 406 J 3 a;3 

Hadzt Clara, dom, b 1002 Indiana av j-^? 
Haen Frederick, helper, works La I'oi'te Cai'l'iag^C Co, "> '^ jj 

b 506 Ridge S?o 

Haferkamp Wm H H (Wise & Haferkamp), h C r.~ = 

Hagedorn Frederick, lab. h 210 Madison r-"a 

Hagenbuck Charles, coudr, h 204 Noble , g 

Hager John, taHor, b 316 B ° r^ 

Ilagerty Jane, wid John, h 208 JIain ? o 

Hagerty John F, b 208 Main g 

Hagerty J E, teacher Central bldg, b 208 Main "*" S 

Haggard Wm H, elk, h 1208 Maple av § 

Hahn Lena, wid John, b 617 Virginia '^ 

Habn Louis, tmstr, h 211 Plain ^ p 
Haight Wm, farmer Northern Indiana Orphans' Home, b same h 

Haiiman Bessie, b 1118 Michigan av ^ !5 

Hailman Wm N, supt public school, h 1118 Michigan av » 

Haines Jacob R, plumber, h 905 Michigan av ^ a 

Haines Mabel C, b 1207 State tS 

Haines Sarah, wid Samuel, h 1207 Siate ■♦• g 

Hale Emma A, trimmer, b 214 Maple av 2, 

Hall Amos C, h 506 Short -f f 


MOORE & WEAVER, '■''"'''%'e%%^^\^^s\ ooors. 

Cor. Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. ^''"''^' *''=■• 
58 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

(/) Hall Blanche A, b 811 Harris, n ~ " 

Q^ Hall Charles, carp, h 1021 Indiana av 

r- Hall Charles E, elk, b 1301 Indiana av 

^ Hall Charles J (E C Hall & Bro), h 202 Walker 

-3 HALE EAKI< S, Special Agent U C Life Ins Co, Odd 

j^ Fellows' Block 

-YJ Hall Edward C (E C Hall & Bro), h 1021 Indiana av 
»^ HAM. E C Ac BRO (P^dward C and Charles J Hall), 
.^ Grocers, 602 Main 

^ Hall Mamie, b 1025 Indiana av 

C Hall Mary S, h 1205 Maple av . v. 

rC Hall Mattie J, wid Albert S. h 1010 Madison 

HALE, AVEAVEU A: CO (Hart L Weaver, LeRoy D 

Cn Webber. Seth Eason and Wm A Hall), Proprs Bank of 

(f) the State of Indiana, 824 Main 

TO Hall Whitfield Rev. h SOS Ohio 

Hall Wm A (Hall, Weaver & Co), h SI I Harrison 
HALL'5< OPJCKA HOL'SE, Wm C Miller xMn<^r, 711 
and 713 Madison 

^ Halter Joel, carp, r 71734 Main 
— - Hamilton Luther, h 612 Monroe 

DHanna Clara J, dressmkr, 209 D, h same 
Hanna John, mach, h 200 D 
_ Hannuni James M, vice pres La Porte Electric Co, h 1312 
(f) Indiana av 

+^ Hans AVm W, mngr Postal T C Co, h 70S Main 
C Haradon Albert, lab, b 509 2d 
w Hardenbrook Harry H, barber, h 1026 Indiana av 
Harding Bessie, milliner, b 600 Ridge 
Plarding Eva, dressmkr, 606 Ridge,°h same 
^ HAKUIA'n JOHiX H, Supt La Porte Electric Co, h 
£ 1107 Maple av 

^^■^ Harding Lucius M, mason, h 307 E 
0.t; Harding Oscar A, bricklayer, h 604 State 
^O Harding Thomas D, mach, h 606 Ridge 
^ = Harding Thomas D jr, apprentice, b 006 Ridcre 

ep HAKDIAC.^ WM E. Propr Novelty M^achine Works, 
^£ 502 to 506 Clay, h 912 J.ackson See adv 

;sq= Harlan Charles M, civil engineer, b 511 Jelforson 
^'= Harris RozelLa, wid Philip, h 212 Detroit 
O Harrison Charles W, woodwkr La Porle Carriage Co, 
^ h 601 Rose 

O Harrison Glenn F, helper works La Porte Carriaffe Co. 
S b 705 Tipton * » 

H Harrison Hiram N, mail carrier, h 1306 Clay 
Ph Harrison James, elk, h 705 Tipton 
•^ Harrison Lucinda, wid Nathaniel Z, h 115 Fox 
M Harrison Olive J, hair dresser, 1306 Clay, h same 


Meissner's Pharmacy, 

820 Main Street, La Porte. 

Our Motto: Purity in Medi- 
cines and scrupulous care 
in Compounding. 



403 Rose, h 208 A 
706A Main 

Hart Eli R, trav agt, h 101 D 

Hart Emerson, lab, h 701 John 

Hart George F, elk, h 203 Main 

Hartford Clinton C, carp, h 112 Place 

Hartford Nora E, dom Standard Hotel 

Hartford Tlieopiiles, carp, E, h 415 Woodward 

Hartford T Maude, dom Standard Hotel 

Hartley James W, lab, h 101 e Main 

Ilaskinson Charles H, job printer, h 708 Tipton 

Hasselfeld Frederica, li S05 Woodward 

Hasselfeld Lena, b 805 Woodward 

Hasselfeld Mary, dom, b 805 Woodward 

Hastings George H, b 208 A 

Hastings Leila, h 413 Jefferson 

HastiDtrsi Lenna, bkkpr, b 2(i8 A 

IIASi'I.^Ci.S VI':it^<>A' €, Grocer 

Hastings Wrn S, h 208 A 

Ilatcliell Eveline, pastry cook Hotel Teegarden 

llatchel Genevieve F, student, b 70(H Main 

llatliaway Rose, b 1411 Michigan av 

Hathaway Sarah E, wid Gilbert, h 1411 Michigan av 

Hatton Charles, agt, h 413 Jefferson 

Haun John, mason, h 309 Park 

Hausheer Barbara, b 301 D 

Hauslieer Fred A, deputy county treasurer, h 211 Fox 

Hausheer Frederick, wid Herman, h 301 D 

Hausman Matilda, wid John, h 310 K 

Hausser Frederick A, elk, h 211 Fox 

Haven Eugene, tmstr, h 1308 State ■ ' ' 

Havens Lucy J, h 609 Washington 

Havens Samuel S, lab, h GOO Washington 

Haverly James (Haverly & Plumbeck), li GOl Michigan av 

Haverly Louie A, elk La Poric Carriage €o, h 601 
Michigan av 

Haverly & Plumbeck (James Haverly and Charles F Plum- 
beck), saloon and restaurant, GOl Michigan av 

Havill Ida M, wid Philip, boarding, 703 Tipton, h same 

Hawkins Enos, carp, b 605 iNIaple av 

Hay John D, mach, h 210 Jefferson 

Hay Mattie I, elk, h 210 Jefferson 

Hecker Charles, lab, b 211 Scott 

Hecker Louis, lab, h 211 Scott 

Hecker Louis ir, lab, b 211 Scott 

Hecker Wm, lab. b 211 Scott 

Heckman Harry E, mason, h G05 Detroit 

Heckstaedt Minnie, dom, b 1502 Indiana av 

Heckstedt Charles, card cleaner, b 208 Woodson 

Heckstedt John, lab, h 208 Woodson 






SpaBtti X ZmH 

Druggists and Chemists, 

812 Main St., La Porte. 

60 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 


Heckstedt Minnie, spooler, b 208 Woodson 

Heckstedt Rica, spooler, b 208 Woodson 

CO U Heinz H J (H J Heinz Co), h Pittsburgh. Pa 

p_m Heinz H J Co, O T Burroughs mngr, pickle mnfrs, bet L E 
^ & W and L S & M S Ry's 

2 fj Heiser John H, mach. h 30'j F 

— ;:^ Held Emma, b IIG A 

^^ Held Frederick G, elk r m s, b 116 A •- 

•^ 2 Held George, painter, b 116 A 

O u Held Henry G, drug elk, h 116 A 

LUfc Held Jacob C, carriage painter, 605 Clay, h 305 Virginia 

Q Held John, warp picker, h 1415 Scott 

02^ Hjld iMartin, j .nitor Park school, h 116 A 

m Held Rosina, wid George, h 1410 Jefferson 

dg Hclt Albert, lab, h 516 Scott 

Helt Alvin. lab, h 1316 Scott 

^ Helt Charles, engineer J Street IMilling Co, h 515 John 

<^ Helt Ferdinand, lab, h 515 John 

Q^ Helt John, lab, h 1415 Scott 

«Y> Hen Lee, iaundryman, h 512 Main 

^ Henning Frederi'ck. Lab, h 410 J 

•*-i Henning Tillie M, seamstress, h 410 J 

"^ Henoch Co (The M), Marcus Henoch pres, David Levinson 
; — ; vice pres, Morris Henoch sec and treas, wholesale liquor 

< dealers, 609 Main 

Heno(;Ji Marcus, pres The M Henoch Co, h 1305 Main 

j_^ Henoch Milton, mngr La Porte Background Co, h 1405 Indi- 

Q ana av 

""^ Henoch Morris, sec and treas The M Henoch Co, h 1405 

(j_) Indiana uv 

-^ Henoch Solomon M, mngr saloon, 611 Michigan av, h 1101 
-^ Indiana av 

-1-^ Henry Albert J, county sherift, office Court House, h Michi- 
* ~ gan Citv 

rr^ Henrv Arthur T, hostler, h 808 Ist 

Henry Daniel M (D iM Henry & Co), h 808 Ist 

rf) Henry Daniel M jr (D M Henrv & Co), h 808 1st 

.ti Henrv D M & C-. (Daniel M and Daniel M Henry jr), livery, 

:=3 feed and sale stable, 1115 Main 

Ul Henry Harry W, tree agt, h 416 D 
Hensel Adam, lab, h 309 Grove 

^ Hensel Carrie, dom. b 1401 Monroe 

j2! Hensel Mary, elk 706 Jetlerson, h 1104 Michigan av 

g Hensel Ruth, bkkpr, h 308 Jefferson 

^ Hertzberg Lewis, carp, b 111 Ridge 

_j— Herzig Philip, civil engineer, b 502 Main 

rj Hess Emma B, elk, h 301 Perry 

^^ Hess John, driver, h 301 Perry 

Experts teach Book-keeping, Penmanship, Shorthand and the English 
for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Hetfield Wm C, h 112 Noble O 

Heun Louis, saloon. 911 Washington, h same »— • 

lleiisi Clara, b 207 Spurlock >—i 

Heusi Frank B, bkkpr, h 207 Spurlock 
lleusi Louise, wid George, h 207 Spurlock 
Hewitt Flora B. music teacher, 308 State, h same 
Hewitt George R, hostler, r 524 Main 

Hewitt James W.triinmer La Porte Carriage Co, h 3C8 p:^ 



Hews Anna R, stenog. b 101 Main 

Hews Jane, wi<l Richnrd B, li 101 Main ^ 

Hews Kittie A, stenog La Porte Carriae© Co, h 101 '^ 


He.vden Frederick, lab, h 201 J Tj 

Heyden Rose M, seamstress, b 201 J ►^ 

Hickland Robert, blksmith La Porte Carriage Co, h \__ 

303 e Main ,^ 
Hickman A E Mrs, h 910 Michigan av 

Hickman Frank L (Hickman & Replogle), r n w cor Main atd f~^ 

Monroe av i— -( 

Hickman Josephine V, wid, b 802 Cliicngo ^ 

Hickman Nellie, elk, h 1202 Indiana av fl 

Hickman & Replogle (Frank L Hickman and Stephen W pj 

Reploglo), liver}' ff-ed and sale stable, 013 Main 

Hicks Miles W, shipping elk, h 201 Noble | 

Hider John, painter, ii 511 Virginia = 

Hider Ri<key. wid John, h SUVirginia ' Z, ^ 

Higgins Fannie B, stenog, h 211 Harrison ~ ^ 

Higgins Wm E, attorney at law, 714 .Michigan av, h 211 ^2 

Harrison ^ p 

High Abram C, h 306 Clayton z 3 

High John E, b 306 Clayton |. g- 

High Mary R, dressmkr, 306 Clayton, b same | i-j 

Highley Daisy S, b 801 Madison - r^ 

Highley Wm'L, h 801 Madison » '' 

Hildebrand Henry (Benn-thum ami Hildebrand), h 103 State ^ 

Hilgcndorf John,"lab. h 1506 Scoil " 
Hilgendorf Louis (Wild & Hilgendorf), h 307 Fox 
Hill Alben, driver, r 606^ Main 

Hill Freeman, h 501 Monroe -_ O 

Hill Maggie, doni Standard Hotel o'O 

HiUman Edna S, dora, b 114 2d "' 
Hilt John, vice pres and general mn<rr The John Hilt Lake 

Ice Co (Banks & Hilt), li 201 Main 5 

Illl/r l.\KE ICB: €0 (rili: JOI!\), Volney T ^.2 

Malott President, John Hill Vice President and General p ' 

Manager, Wm T Cannon Secretary and Treasurer, 507 ^ 

Main ' •"► 



•• Harvest QiiEera »* floiJr. 

J street Milling Co-, l OI J St., La Porte, Ind. 

62 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 


Hilts John R, cabinetmkr, h 1313 Washington 
y^^ Hiltzline John G, painter, h 208 Allen • : ■; 

r-|H Himra Bertha, dom, b 209 Main 

HH Hinkle DeWitt C (Hinkle & Foster), h lOOG Maple av 
p\ - Hinkle & Foster (De Witt C Hinkle and Jamss Foster), livery, 
fO(H feed and sale stable, 911 Jetlerson 

rH^ Hipp Matthias, foreman, h 510 1st 
H |_| Hirsch Samuel L, trav salesman, b Teegarden Hotel 
COq Hitchcock Helen E, elk, h I0O8 Indiana av 

^ Hoebel Hattie H, seamstress, b 409 D ' , 

1-1 J2 Hoebel John, shoemkr, h 409 D .. 

b-^ Hoese Christina, dom, b 1209 Michiijan av 
^"^ Hoeiocker Caroline, dressmkr, 1508 State, h same 
0[h Hoeiocker Conrad, enfi furniture factor}-, h 306 e Main 
Q|^ Hoeiocker George J (Hoeiocker & Co), h 201 Jefferson 
r£|L| Hoeiocker & Co (George J Hoeiocker and Wm Martin), furni- 
Kh ture, 715 Indiana av 

U-' Q Hoff Mairgie, wid Jacob, h 201 Park 

■H Hoff Peter, mach, b 201 Park 
RkH Hoffman Joseph iM, h 203 G 

A Holfman Philip, lab, h 1311 State „ - 

^ Iloffmeier Henry, lab, h Camp Colfax ' '" • 

U Hogeland Luella M. b 907 Maple av '• ; ' ... 

V Homeland Monroe B, trav agt. h 907 Maple av '■-- '"' 

- Hoil Charles J, grocer, h 202 Waker V 

■^ Holland John B, h 204 H ~, '/' 

^ Holland Mary E, h 600 Maple av 
^^ Hollenberg Aaron F, foreman, h Camp Colfax 
1^ Hollenberg Anna dom, b 301 Jefferson ; . 

Hollenlierg Edward, mach lid, b Camp Colfax ' 

•"J Hollenberg Wm, painter, li Camp Colfax 

C Hollowav Henry,, 709A Main, h 1014 Michigan av 

rt Holloway John, lab, h 811 Woodward 
—1 Holloway John S, La Porte S Bank, h 601 State 

^ Holm Charles, carp, 1> 406 D 
.^. Holm Swan, carp, h 406 D 

'sJ Holman Hannah P, wid Wm T, h 412 Majile av 
„ Holmes Susan B, wid Isaac N. h 714:^ Indiana av 

C Holstom Ella, dom Standard Hotel 

_2 Homann Wm, works La Porte Carriage Co, h 1330 

^ Washington 

rt Hong Kee, laundrv, 512 Main, h same 
CL, Ilnod Hugh T, h 503 Maple av 

Hoover Andrew J, trav agt, h 211 Grove 

p llo.iver Carrie J. 1) 1110 Clav 
^■^ Hoover George L. h 1110 Clay 

*^ Hoover Harvey C, woodwkr !>:» rortc Carria^'C Co, h 
•^ 211 Grove 



^« «f5i.V» J.VENEDORLAI 
re With La Porte, Ind 


Hoover Henry, butcher, h 1301 WiishingtoQ (j 

Hoover James A, elk, li 'Jll Grove 

Hoover Margaret, h 1306 Washington 

Hoover Robert E, lab works La Porte Carriage Co, h 

211 Grove 

Hoover Samuel S, mach, h 1211 State ^ 

Hopp Henry, carp, h 206 D <:^ 

Hoppe Henrv C, asst miller J St Jlilling Co, h 110 I 1— ( 

Hoppe Ida K. bkkpr J St Milling Co, h 110 I f— ' 

HOPPE Wn II, SecaudTreas J Street Milling Co, ' 

110 1 
Hornburg Charles, tmstr, h 514 Ridge 
Hornburg Charles F, tmstr, h 405 John 
Hosmer Nancy, wid Austin, h L'lO Harrison CO 

Hosmer Nettie, teacher P S No 3, b 210 Harrison 
IIOTEIi TLECmAICDEA, Edmoud G Short Propr, s e Qo 

cor Jlain and Monroe 
Houseman Martin, peddler, b 1212 Clay ^ 

Houts Thomas F Rev, pastor Swedenborgiau Church, h 212 ^ 

Maple av ^j 

Houx Louis, lab, h Sri Main j 

HOW ItKOS (Edward C and David L How), Watches, 

Clocks and Jeweli'y, Books and Stationerv, SU6 Jlain 
How David L (How liros), h 1113 Michigan av 
How Edward C (How Bros), h 1113 Michigan av 
How Frances G, wid Dorinau B, h 1113 Michigan av 
Huliener Wilhelm, lab, h Camp Colfar 
Hubertz Felix, lab, b 109 Mechanic 
Hidjertz iSIichael, slioemkr, 109 Mechanic, h same r^ ir 

Hubner Augusta, milliner, h 313 C I P 

Hubner Christian, lab, h 313 C = q) 

Huliner Mary, dressmkr, h 313 C ?; ri" 

Huilson George, works Rumlev's, h 504 State •< ^4, 

Hudson Isaac G, tinner, h 504 State 
Huff Park, works La Porte Carriage Co, h 008 State 

Hughes Sarah A. dom, b 904 Indiana av 

Hughston Ellen, b S02 Michigan av 

Hughston James A. freight agt, h 410 Main 

Hughston Kathleen, b 802 Micliigan av 

Hull Anna Y, teacher Park School, b 1404 Clay 

Hull Gifford H, carp, h 1404 Clay 

Ilult John, drayman, b 921 Main 

Hult Swan, porter, b 921 .Alain 

Ihillgren Augusta, dom 921 Main 

Hunter Daniel J, works La Porte Carriage Co, h 120' 

Huntoon Charles H, trav agt, h 104 Noble 
Iluntoou Emma L, student, b lOS NuIjIc 





DOBrrBiGIl X ArnOlQ, wen eTuitZd^ro^TaH kindsof'?epai'r 
Cor.MalnA Mich. Ave. work in a prompt and satisfactory manner 

64 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Huntoon George W, oils, h 108 Noble 
Hunziker Albert J, elk, b 10-22 Main 
Hurst Wm, veterinary surseon, bds 1021 Main 
Hutcbinson John L, supt Hutchinson's P S for W, h lOG B 
Hutchinson's Practical School for Watchmakers, George M 
Dakin pres, Robert E Morrison sec, Edward F Micliael 
troas, John L Hutchinson supt, n e cor Michigan av and 
Huth Charles, mach hd, h 213 H 
Huth Frederick, lab, h 310 G 

Huth John, lab, b Virginia ,. ;-, 

Huth Matilda, dora, b 1414 Jefferson ■■ ' 

Huth Wm, loreinan, h 21G G . ■ ■ 

« J <Iffland Ella M, weaver, b 311 John 

H \ Iffland Emma, h 603 Michi<ran av 

.m Iflland John H, bookmkr, h 311 John 

;< 1 Illiin Minnie, wid, b 110 D 

° ^ India Teckla, b 1410 Indiana av 

■a u Inraan Emma, dom, b u09 2d 

« £ Ireland Josina Vj, wid Wm, h 1202 Indiana av 

£ .E Ittich John, h 709 State 

CO J2 Ittich John jr, elk, h 709 State , ' 

1 rt Ivey Charles H, lab, h 310 e iNIain 

-■ " Ivey Ella M, dressmkr, h 02U Main 

e Ivey Samuel E, eng L S & M S, h 021^ Main 

-.0 Ivey Sarah E, wid Samuel, h »J2H Main 


01 J 

o^c "J" STREET ;TIILLI,\C; CO, August Backhaus 

I Pre", Wm II Hopps Sec and Treas, 101 J See adv 

^o Jackson Andrew p] (L B Jackson & Co), h 403 Maple av 

O* Jackson Eugene, boot and shoe dealer, b 403 Maple av 

c Jackson Henrv B, comp, h 1508 Monroe 

CO" Jackson John'L, lab, h 402 G 

^_J2 Jackson Joseph, deputv county auditor, h 1508 Monroe 

I — ic Jackson Lillie B (L B Jackson & Co), h 403 Maple av 

^1 Jackson L B & Co (Lillie B and Andrew E Jackson), boots 
^g and shoes, 617 Main 

J Jackson Rose E, weaver, b 405 Tipton 

k"! Jacob August, works La Porte Carriage Co, b 509 F 

H^ Jacob Henry, b 502 C 

*^ Jacob John F, helper, h 502 C 


stop at Hotel Teegarden. Free 'Bus. First 
Class Accommodations. Good Sample 
Room. E. G. Short, Propr., La Porte. 


Jaeger Dean C, trimmer La Porte Carriage Co, li f2 

Waller av * O 

^ O 

00 cn 

Jabnka Charles, lab, h 1407 Scott g ^ 

Janes Wra S, elk, h 707 Short = " 
Jassnar Lewis, saloon, 302 e Main, h same 
Jay Wm E, section foreman L S it; M S, h 708 Washington ?>" 

Jehrke Charles F, blksraith, h 70L Ridge 2 

Jerndt Bertha, warper, b 310 Ridge ^ — 

Jerndt Charles F. eng, h 308 Washington ' |.^ 

Jerndt John, drayman, h 310 Ridge ' Z,^ 

Jerndt John jr, drayman, b 310 Ridge ; - ^ TO 

Jerome L Jane, wid Rufiis, li 504 Jackson •" ^ 

Jessup Jennie B, elk, h 719 Indiana av » 

Jessup Kittie B, b 1113 Indiana av |«°- 

Jessup Mary, wid John S, h 1113 Indiana av ? (Ti 

Jessup Wm S, grain, h l.'J02 Jefierson O 
Jeul John, wagonmkr, h 129 MachTnic 

Joerendt John C. wood worker La Porte Carriae;e Co, *il 

h 202 K (D 

Joerendt Sophia, wid Christopher, b 202 K 2, 

John Henry^ h 1406 State C ^ 

Johnson Albert, lab, b ."jOfj Michigan av g p 

Johnson Anna M, wid John M, h 1108 Lake (D f** 

Johnson August, tailor, h cor 2d and I 

Johnson Augusta, works laundry, h 013 4th , 

Johnson Charles, blksmith La Porte Carriage Co, b ?; 
1009 Washington 


Johnson Edward T. l)arbcr, h 609 State J"'^ 
JOJI.\$ii<K\' E,T1II., Harness and Saddlery, 915 Main, h c^^J^ 

1514 Main (j];^ 

Johnson Fredericka, h 402 Chicago OJ^ 

Johnson Gustavus, tailor, b 115 I P Sw 

Johnson John, lab, b 1308 State "0 i; 

Johnson John, shoemkr, 1102 4th, b same "'^O 

Johnson John, tnisti', h 315 D ^z"" 

Johnson John A, carp, h 309 C ^ ^*d 

Johnson John A, lab, h 410 3d ^i*^ 
Johnson John M, crater I>a Poric Cai'l'iasc Co, h t^ = S 

1214 Slate 0;c) 

Johnson Justice, carp, b 1009 Washington ^""2- 

Jolinson JIarcus, sawyer, h 301 E J. '0 
Johnson Mary A, wid Peter J, h 1110 Lake Jl 

Johnson Nelse, wheelmkr, h 1306 Washington r 

Johnson Nicholas T, lab, h 1306 Washington ^ ^ 

Johnson Swan JI, lab, h 301 E q ? 

Johnson Wm, lab, b 502 Adams "^ 

Johnson Wm, lab. b ll.'j Park ® 
Johnston Harry F, stonecutter, h 007 Washington 

MOORE & WEAVER, '-"'"^ct^m1£^^%oors. 

Corner Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

66 K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

'• Johnston James M, conip, b 003 State 

[^ Johnston James P, whol jeweler, 705 Main, b Teegarden 

la Hotel 

P] Jonas August, works Rumely's, h 916^ Main 

Jonas Charles, porter 718 Main, b 507 State . j"; ■ 

(D .* Jonas Charles jr, ship elk 718 Main, h 507 State - .,'.,/ 

g) Jonas Edward J, lab, b 916 Main 
g 5 Jonas Kmma. h 916i Main . , < 

P5 g Jonas John, lab, h 211 Ridge 
73 > Jonas John, luach, h 507 State 

§ "^ Jonas Wm, asst supt La Porte Gas and Coke Co, h 606 
m BJ ■ Adams 

^ 3 Jones David R, stockman, h 403 Main 
o ^ Jones Jacob C, eugr, h 402 Maple av 
m •, Joseph Robert H (Joseph & Fugler), h 911 Main 
Q \ Joseph & Fagler (Robert II Joseph and Louis H Fagler), 
^ I saloon, 911 ]Main 

;2 I Josting Henry, lab, h SOI C 
tf ra Judson Anna M, elk, h 212 e Main 
< ^ Judsnn Catherine J, wid Wm E, h 212 e Main 
° Juday Wm H, lab, b 1301 Washington 

^ 1 Kahelin Frederick (Schiiltz & Kabolin), h 116 Allen 

,1, - Kabelin Frederick, lab, h 116 Allen 

o i^ Kabelin John G. b 116 Allien 

^ y Kaber Charles W (Kul)er & Schmidt), h 212 Fox 

re Kaber Ella C (W C Kaber & Co), b 212 Fox 

O S) Kaber Wm C (W C Kaber & Co), h 212 Fox 

OS K A RICK \V <J A: C» (Wm C and xMiss Ella C Kaber), 

.2 Florists, 210 Fox 

dg^ Kaber & Schmidt (Charles W Kaber and Louis Schmidt), 

merchant tailors, 710 Indiana av 

^ Kadow Charles A, lab, h cor J and 5th 

r^ Kadow Ernest, lab, h 413 Ridge 

Kadow Kruestena, wid Joachim, h 601 Scott 

S Kadow John, lab, b 104 J 

O Kadow Lenhart G, foreman Moore & Weaver, h 601 Scott 

-J Kahn Louis, tnistr 423 Main 

Kaiser August, niach, 1) 109 Slate 
^ Kaiser Catherine, dom Lay's Hotel 

1 Kaiser Wm A. mach, b 109 State 

^ Karap. Daniel L. bartendei', 516 Main 

|~ Kane Bessie, weavei', 1) 311 Grove 
Kane J.ihn F. lab. h .'ill Grove 

CO Kane Mary E, b :ill Gi 


820 Main Street, La Porte. 


Kanner Ed, plumber, r 701^ Jlain pt> 
Kanney Edward, plumber, b Anderson House f :".+ • 

Karbowsky Herman, painter, h 112 E Main ^ /^ 

Karbowsky Max, lab, b 800 Park i ■' 
Karn Samuel H, wireraan Electric Co, h 406 Ridge 

Karn Wm A, student, b Standard Hotel ^ 
Kausbaum Charles, carp, h 201 K 

Kausbaura Gcorf^e, car]), b 201 K ^ 

Keating Hannah, wid Michael, b 301 State ^ 

Keebler John C, target tender, b 515 Runiely ' "j 

Keehn Rebekah F, teacher, b 1202 Jefferson (/) 

Keeler Fred F, blksinilh, h Madison, out of city limits ^ 

Keelcr Samuel, stonecutter, b 306 State i__i 

Keenan Edward J, painter, h 510 State i-U 

Keene L S, physician, h 301 State ^ 

Keil Frederick C, tinware and notions, 611 Main, h 212 Allen H^ 

Keil John C, poultry dealer, 615 Main, h 212 Allen *~^ 

Kolder Cornelia, wid George, b 811 Rose O 

Keller Michael, h 402 Washington , ,_J 

KELLEKMA.\x\ W H V JK, Dry Goods, 1012 Main, - 

h same o 

Kellermann Wm F sr, township trustee, 1012 MaiH, h Weller ^ 

av = 

Kelley James M (Paragon Safety Oil Co), h 320 Park co 

Kelling Amanda, trimmer La Porte Carriage Co, b ^ 

207 H i 

Kelling Charles, boots and sho^s, 614 Main, h 207 II ^ 

Kelling Charles F, carp, li 315 H „ F 

Kelling Wm C, elk, h 207 H [^ > 

Kellogg Edward C, trav agt, li 1401 Indiana av ^ J 

Kellv Anna, h reai- 60!) Washinglou ■ o 

Keir\ Kate, h 306 Madison S 2 

Kellv Patrick, h 30(5 Madison g.' S 

Kendall Julia B, wid John F, h 1012 Monroe p; « 

Kennedy Wm A, tel opr. b cor Jackson and Jeiterson g °- 

Kenney Cora A, artist, 1003 Jack-on, h -aiiie .^ 

Keopke Wni, elk, h cor Harrison and Jackson q- " 

Kepphut diaries, lab, h 20S Sutlierland » " 

Kerr Jennie, dressmkr. r (>01 Jilf.'rson r o 

Kerr Kan W, elk, h 312 Ma|)le av 1. 

Kerwiu Lizzie, dom, b 8(li) Indi.'ina o 

Kesslerllallettll.iravsalesnian La Porte Carrlaae Co, 1 

h 1406 Indiana av "> 

Kes-ler John, lab, h 401 I |^ 

Kessler Samuel I (Wadsworth 1- Kesslor), h im> Indiana av S 

Kieth A Ellsworth, h 1201 Indiana av ? 

Kitr Alfred S, lab, h 1301 Washiniilon g. 


"Old Line Drug Store." 


812 Main Street, La Porte. 


L. POLK & CO.': 





Kiff Claret ce S, painter La Porte Carriage Co, b 302 

Kitr Gertie C, trimmer La Porte Carriage Co, h 302 

Kiff Herbert G, painter works La Porte Carriage Co^ 

h 302 Short 
K'fl John, painter, h 302 Short 
Kil Charles, poultry, h 212 Allen 
Kil Charles jr, stoves, b 212 Allen 
Kill Daniel, h 1213 Washington 

Kilroy James F, carp, h 304 Railroad 

Kilroy John, crater, h 501 Washington 

Kimberly Augustus D, blksraith, h 710 Indiana av 

Kimmerly Philip, lab. b .502 Adams 

King Edward, wood, 513 H, h same 

King Elizabeth, wid Wilbur W, h 700 JIaple av 

King Frank, trastr, b 513 II 

King F C Mrs, h e s Indiana av 2 s of Warwick 

King Grace, b 513 II 

King Jane, wid Isaac S, b 1102 Clay 

King Polaski, h 1202 Michigan av 

King Wm, tmstr. b 513 H 

King & Fildes Co, John Fildes jr pres, Edgar D Barrows sec 

and treas, George J FicUel asst supt, woolen mfrs, cor 

Park and Front 
Kipfer Christ, painter, work« G19 Main, h 209 Ohio 
Kipp Henry, mach hd, h C/'amp Colfnx 
Kipphut Charles, Inb, li 208 Sutherland 
Kipphut Emma, weaver, b 208 Sutherland 
Kipphut Emma, spinner, b 208 Sutherland 
Kipjjhut Wra. foreman, h 407 Ridge 
Kistier Anton, butcher, h 320 e .Main 

Kistler Frances, b 313 e Main " ;•■ 

Kistier Frances, wid Xavier. b 313 e Main 
Kistler Frank S. painter,works La Porte Carriage Co, 

h 313 e Main 
Kistler George (Kistler & Tusing), h 503,\ Main 
Kistler John, lab, h 401 I 
Kistler Wm, painter, b 313 e JIain 
Kistler & Tusing (George Kistler and Benjamin F Tusing), 

barber, 714 Main 
Klassen John, mach hd, h 501 G 
Klassen Mary, wid John, h 706 Washington 
Klassen Nicholas, saUxjn, 505 Michigan av, h same 
Klasses John, wood worker La Porte Carriage Co, h 

105 J 
Kleinfckit Charles, lab, h 509 J 
Kleinfcldt Herman A, elk, h 105 K 


Do goiJ want a good siWation? Prepare pilrself for it at the 
l^icnigan Gity Business College, Wrile for terms. '^- ^,eM.l'l°'*- 


Klofklin Dnra. wid Christian, h 408 Jt-fl't'ison 

Klockseiiu Johu C, h 507 Seott 

Kiocksien John T, cijrarmkr, b 102 B h-j 

Klocksiem Laura M, c!k, b 102 B Pj 

Kline PJdilh, dora, b 1202 Main V> 

Kuebel Cbristian, lab, h 416 I ^ 

Kniglit Jaraes F, principal liigb school, h 1007 Monroe /^ 

Knii,'iit John F, principal cenlrnl bldg, b Monroe 

Knoll August, tailor, works 714 Main, b Niles ^ 

Knoll Charles, lab, b n s Niles 1 s Sutbei'laud v^ 

Knoll Frederick, mason, h n s Niles 1 s Sutherland r^ 

KM'TII CIIRINiTOPIIRK, Harness, Saddlerv.Cigars, 7\ 
Pipes and Tubabco, '.112 Main, h 1530 Michigan av [T\ 

Knuth Martha, dom, b 1311 Michigan av 

Koch Henry F, lab, b Camp Colfax ^ 

Kocnig Frederick W, elk, h 408 Maple av Ci 

Koenig John G, mnil carrier, h 40S Maple av M 

Koeuig Reinhold, lab. b Camp Colfax 

Koepke Charles, wagonmkr, li 1001 Jackson <^ 

Koepke Charles jr, carriagemkr, h 108 Pulton ^ 

Koepke John D, painter La Porte Carrias^e Co, h Q 

1410 Jefferson j 
Koepke Wm, driver, b 1001 Jackson 

Koeppen Wm, shocniki-, 308 L, h same IP 

Kobne Bernhard J. teacher, h 101 C ^ 

Kolling Ceristian, lab, h 1104 Scott . ^^ 

Koontz Albert F, com p. b Lay's Hotel ^ 

Koplin David, b 205 Harrison ^ q 

Koppen Wm C, iiorter, r 723 Main ? '-' 

Korrof Mamie, weaver, b 302 Park s' \ 

Korrus Clement, elk, b 302 Park p \ 

Korrus Callus P, elk. b 302 Park cd I 

Korrus John, elk, b 302 Park = H 

Korrus Joseph, cigarmkr, b 302 Park 'I V 

Korrus Mary, helper, b .302 Park =; 

Korrus Mary, wid John, h 302 Park S 

Korscbel Theodore, cigarmkr, h 1401 Main m 

Kraft Louis A, photographer, 712 Michigan av — 

Kramer Anna, dom, h 1)04 Michigan av S 

Kramer Belle, b 511 Maple av ^ 

Kramer Benjamin (Kramer it Son), h 511 JIaple av 3. 

Kramer Bernhard, trav salesman, 718 Marion, h Warwick o 

Kramer DoUie C, b 511 Maple av ^• 

Kramer Isaac (Kramer (i: Son), b 511 Maple nv g 

Kramer Jennie F. asst bkkpr, h 511 Maple av on 

Ivramer Joseph M, mgr Kr:imer ik Son, h 511 Maple av „ 

Kramer Thomas, lab, b 120 Park 2. 

"FanGy Sprino Patent" Floilr. 

Northern Indiana. 
J Street Mllline Co., 101 J St., La Porte, Ind. 

70 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

nKRAiTIER «fc SOi\' (Isaac and Benjamin Kramer), 
Wholesale Grocers, 718 Main 
H^ Krams Lena, dom. 1) C.irap Colfax 

[i]^_| Kraras ]Mary, wid Clement, h Camp Colfax ''. 

[V] ,, Kratzer Stephen, lab, h 112 Railroad 
^k^ Kraiight George, h 209 Plain 
P^ r, Kraiis Edward, painter, works 717 Indiana av 

t^ Kreidler Albert, meats, 407 2d, h A 


Kreidler Andrew J, saloon, 210 C, h same 
Kreidler Charles, cigar mnfr, 133 Madison, h same 

r)\y Kreidler Constantine, wid Benedict, h 210 C 

fJH Kreidler Fred W, gardenei, h 123 Madison 

^<s\ Kreidler John J, elk, h 223 Madison 

OQrk Kreidler Katie S, h 123 JNIadison 
^ Kreidler Louis C, drug elk, li 123 Madison 
^ H Kreidler Matthias, h 123 Madison 

Rfd KKKIDI.EIC .TIA'rTIIIA.S .TR, Hatter, Clothier and 
[Dr> Furnisher. 1)10 Main, b 1002 Jellerson 

,j^ Kreidler Wm, car inspector L S & M S, h 131 Madison 
My Kremann Charles, lab Niles, Scott & Co 
^ Kremann Frederick, lab, h 211 L 
0) Krems Henry, coremkr, b Camp Colfax 
Krohn Ludwig, lab, h 1001 Scott 
^ Kriieger Albert, saloon, 509 Main, h 409 Ridge 

^ Krueger August, car», h 218 Jladison 
-O KRUE4JKR CII ARIilv««i, ProprLa PorteFeed Mill and 
O Cider Press, 111 J, h 11.5 J See adv 

O Krueger Clara, spooler, b 218 Madison 
^ Krueger Mollie. b 115 J 
r^ Krueger Paul W, tinner, h 115 J 


Krueger Wm, bartender, h 511 Main 

j^ Kruger Charles, lab, h 1210 Rumely 

rt Krumm Charles F, mason, h 210 D 

, , Krumm Christopher, b 809 Rose 

d Kruse ^Mary, wid John, b Camp Colfax 

O Kuberner Jacob, lab, h 214 Norton 

{^ Kuehne Anna, dom Depot Hotel 

^ Kuehne August, carp, h 1318 Washington 

C Kuehne Carrie, wid Henry, h 409 Maple 

O Kuehne Ferdinand, carp, h 211 E 

"y Kuehne Frederick, carp, h 211 E 

Ci Kuehne Helen, seamstress, b 1318 Washington 

p I Kuelson Wm, elk, b 315 D 

Kuelzow Charles, gearmkr La Porte Carriage Co, b 

r^ 305 F. 

C Kuester John F, elk. h 907 Woodward 

^ Kuglor Lee M, elk, h 409 C 

«^ Kugler Martin, engraver, h 409 C 

For Fire, Life. iGcident, Plate Glass, Sleam Boiler, Liue Slock or 
Tornado insiJrance call on J. Vene Dorland, La Porte. Ind. 


Kugler Matthias, baker, b 111 Ridge ^ 

Kugler Rose, dressiniir, h 409 C 

Kuraer Mai-y A, seamstress, b 201 E ^^ 

Kumer Meinred, carp, h 201 E C/ 

Kuiner Wm, carp, b 201 E 

Kiinze Charles L, bu'cher. h 308 4th , . . . ^ 

Kurth August, lab, b 209 Sutherland ^ 

Kuith Heiman, lab, b 208 .Sutherland 

Kuith Wm, lab. h 702 John f" 

Kurtz John J, elk 713 Michigan av. h 407 Rose f" 

Kuss Chiistopher, merchant tailor, 724 Main, b IIG H ^^ 

Kutz Mary, b 504 M.adison ■"! 

Kulz Wm, saloon, ,')04 Madison, h same CO 

Lahes Charles, h 1501 Main O' 

Lalmart Jlary, doin Lay's Hotel ^^ 

Laib .Solomon, h 1107 Indiana av ^"^ 

Laird Margaret E, teaulier public school 4th ward, b 503 

Maple av > g 

Lake Ev\ti and Western Depot, Washington bet Tipton and o •- 

Adams B, |^ 

Lake Shore and Micliigan Southern freight office, Wm S- g 

C Stevens agt, 408 Michigan av 2. ^ 
Lake Shore and Micliigan Southern Pass Station, Edward C 5' 

Crane ti ket agt, cor Jlichiiran av and Front c 

Laman Albert A. carp, b 410 Ridge ^ ^ 

Laman Bert, trimmer I^a I'oric Carriage Co, h 410 ^ g 

Ridge ■ ° - 

Laman Lee L, trimmer La Porle Carriag'e Co, b 410 § p 

Ridge ^ ^ 3 

Laman Sarah, dressrakr, 410 Ridge, b same >t} 

L'lmb Minnie A, b 805 Adams 5- 3 

Lamb Olive M, h 805 Adams ■ > 'g 

Lamb Sallie, wid Orrin, b 112 Tally ° 3 

Lambert Christian II, street commissioner, h 308 Clement _ ^ 

Lambert Daniel N, tmstr, h 407 Clement t3 q 

Lambi-rt Edwin M, pa;nter, b 407 Clement .^ Ji) 

Lambert Elroy T, mach, b 310 Clement £; B 

Lambert Samuel A, carp, h 415 John ^^ t^. 
Lamhka Frederick C, county auditor, olfice Court House, h 5' 3 

Michigan City o ^ 

Lanaghan Wm, lab, b Washington -" 2. 

Lanehan Wm, works wheel factory, b 501 Indiana av ^. 

Lang Fred, stone cutler, b 008 State g 

Lange August, sboemkr, h 110 A . b- 

OberrBicli X Rrnold, 

Can sell you a Piano or Organ of almost 

any make at low prices. 
See us before buying, it will pay you. 

72 R, L. POLK & CO.'S 

•{f Lnnge Charles, car inspector L S & M S, b lOuG Riimelv 

o Lan^e Charles J, clerk, h 1000 Ruuiely 
Lauge Gussie, weaver, b 1006 Ruuiely 

< Lange Lena, wid Charles, b 209 C 
" _2J Lange Nellie, b 110 A 

z 'g Lape Asber A, gearinkr La Porfc Carriage Co, b 304 

^'^ Harrison 

% 2 Lape Asber W, lab, b 304 Harrison 

]^ „- Lapham Catherine O. wid P'ranklin B. h 102 e Main 

</5 o La Porte Amphitheater Association, P]llis Michael pres, Wm 

cc i Fredrickson sec, Motier L Orr treas, 804 Main 

£ '^ La Porte Background Co. Milton Henoch mngr, 901 to 907 

_i I ^^lain 

g -.5 La Porte Board of Fire Underwriters, George S Seymour 

" s \n-cs, Itbamar D Phelps sec and treas. 804 Main 

t- -3 La Porte Book and Stationery Co, Norman G Dakin mngr, 

o « 716 Michigan ?.v 

*" = La Porte Business College. James O'Brien pres, John W Bry- 

o ra ant vice pres, Motier L Orr treas, Levi J Bryant sec, 

> ~ s e cor Michigan and Washington 

5 I Jj\ POKTK CAKKI/\<;E CO, Josiah J Parkburst 

— _ President, Dudley P Wilkinson Vice President, Lloyd F 

^ ^ Weaver Secretary and Treasurer, 506 Indiana av 

'^ La Porte Carriage Co (Repository), Henry J Biege mngr, 907 

< Main 

^ La Porte Citv Water Works, Geoige H Storey supt, cor Lake 

< and Tyler 

La Porte County Driving Association, Stephen W Lower pres, 
James ^I Ilannum vice pres, Frank R Carser sec, Wm A 

O Banks treas, 902^ Main 


U ling mngr, 713 Indiana av See adv 


C/3 Gootlman Pulilislier and Proprietor, 801 State 

LA POItTE ELIXTHIC CO, Albert J Stahl Presi- 

*y^ dent, James M Hannum Vice President, Frank II Mor- 

^ rison Secretary and Treasurer, John II Harding Superin- 

O tendent, OlHce 701 Main 


j Charles Krueger Proprietor, 111 J See adv 

^ La Porte Gas and Coke Co, Wm A Martin pres, Robert E 

K^ Morrison sec, Edward F Michael treas and mngr, Fred 

[^ W Freeze supt, 711 Main, works cor Front and Adams 

LA POKTE HERALD, Daily and Weekly, La Porte 

^- Printing Co Publishers, 702 Main 

k" La Porte Humane Society, Lloyd F Weaver treas, 506 Indi- 

•"^ ana av 

Hotel teegarpen. 


1.A POItTE JOdltlX'Ali (Till-;). Henry Goodman ^ 

Publisher and Pi ..priotor. 801 State G 

L,A rOKTE rKI.M'Ii\<; CO. Silas E Taylor Presi- kJ 

dent, Willis E lieal Vice President, Archibald Beal Sec- J^ 

i-etarv, Treasurer and Business Manager, Publishers Ny 

Daily and Weekly Herald, 702 Main o 

I..a Poi'to Kollt-r .Tlills, Lorig, Weber & Co Proprie- o CH 

tors, 503 Clay '^ ^ 

I^a I'orle .^aviiijfs Itniik, James H Buck President, > .^ 

Eugenius W Davis Vice Piesident, John W Crunipacker r^ 

Cashier, 711 Indiana av = (J) 

La Porte Woolen Jlills, Samuel Fox propr, cor Fox and '^ 

Webber ^ ? \^ 

Larson Charles O, carp, h ISOfJ Main j ^ 

Laughlin Dennis, works La Porte Carriage Co, h 1001 ^^ 

Lake 5, k 

Laughlin Margaret, wid Dennis, h 1001 Lake o '^ 

Launer Joseph, books and stationery, 71:; Main, h 1311 Clay 5 

Lausch Churles, lab, h 10'2 Rumely r 

Lawrence John, carp, h Jefferson rS> 

Lawrence iMinnie. dora, b 213 Rose = ?? 

Lawson Anna, dom, b 814 Tvler n = § 

Lawson Nelson, carp, h 1322 Washington o ^3 

Lay Arthur C (Lay's Hotel and Restaurant) h 605 Jefferson i = ^ 

Lay Christina, wid Frederick, h 1403 State 2oo 

L.ay Nora, dom Lay's Hotel, h 1403 State ^?? 

Lay Sebastian, prupr Lay's Restaurant and European Hotel, fii 

h 605 Jefferson = S:-^ 

Lay's Opera House, n w cor IMain and Clay X 2 S3 

liayN Itesiaiiraiit and Eiii'oiK-aii Hotel. Sebas %2^ 

"tian Lay, Proprietor, 010 Main -"JE. 

Learning Elia G, teacher, h 1312 Jeflerson ^''^ 

Learmann John, lab, h 602 John ■' tj 2 

Learn James S, lab, h 1702 State 2 j 

Learn Julia E. works Am S laundry, h State ? * 

Learn Sarah J, wid Wni, h 401 Washington . 3 

Leatz Wm, lab, h 113 Norton §• 

Leavitt Ferdinand R, b 802 Perry ^ o 

LeBlanc David, butcher, h 120S Main * i 

LeBlanc David F, riveter, b 1208 Main ^ pi 

Lefmann Charles !>', jeweler, h 403 JIain -i" 

Lehuert George, cabinetmkr, h 211 Blaine -f ^ 

Leick Nicholas J, helper, works lia I'orte Carriage Co, 2 

h 501 G '^ ♦ 5. 

Leland Ira S, carp, h 616 Ridge 5 
l.EI>ITEK ItlSO.S (George JI and Melvin Leliter), Liv- "♦■ a, 

ery. Feed and Sale Stable, 517 and 51'J Main 2, 

Leliter George M (Leliter Bros), h 1011 Jackson "♦■ * 

MOORE & WEAVER, ^'"-''%'e^n?i;\^!-^i,, ooors 

Cor. Jackson & Main Sts- La PortP,. ^''"^s, &c., 

L. POLK & CO.'S 


(/) Leliter Melvin E (Leliter Bros-), b 502 Main 
<D Lemen John A, mach, h 1207 State 
JZ Lem^n John B. mach, b 1207 State 
(/) LenuDg Phoebe, b 1312 Jefferson 
3 Lemon Lucy A. teacher, b 1012 Jefferson 
j_ Lemon Mary R, wid John M, h 1012 Jefferson 
rf) ^en.lgren John, blksmith, h 210 G .'■ 

Lenstriim Charles lab, h 1011 State ■' ' 

__ Leonard Fred A, mach hd, h 1402 Jefferson 

Leonard Sybil C, ivid James V, h 911 Michicran av 
*- l^eotz Charles, saloonkpr, h 210 G ° 

llrZ r^ W miller, '-J " Street Milling Co, b 1610 Main 
Lei aft George, trimmer, bTeogarden Hotel 
'JJ Leusch ^rederica, wid Ludwig, 1, 1310 Scott 
^ Leusch Frederick, carp, b 102 Rumelv 
^ Leusch Henry, bodymkr l.a Forle €arrin;re Co, h 

Leusch John, lab, b 1310 Scott 
^ Leusch Laura, weaver, b 215 I 
(f) Leusch Louis C, blksmith, h 208 Rid^e 
._ Levenhagen Augusta, feeder, b 301 k" 
Q Levenhagen Wm. lab, h 301 K 
^-^ Lcveretts Roy, tel opr, b (JOS State 

Levinson David, vice Pres The M Henoch Co. h 601 Rid-e 
U) Lewis Ira H. confectioner, S14 Main, h M8i Main ° 

Leyda O Iv. painter, works 619 Main 
.i: Lietz Wm, lab, h 113 Norton 
(^ Ldley Albert P, h 1013 Indiana av 
Q__ Lilley Daisy, b 1013 Indiana av 

^ ta^JSIr^^""""'""'-- "^"-^^ ''' ^^'^^'=- -. ^ ^07 

J Linard George F, painter, h s s Place 2 w Scott 

o|'^"^o7wSgior''^'" '^" "•"'••^ ^"•'••«»*^ c«. ^ 

^ = J^!°^'-<1 Mi'-.f-i''et, wid Joseph, h 407 Washington 
■^ S, Lindahl Andrew, blksmith, b 302 Perry 
^ J) Lindahl Karl F, tailor, works 714 Main b D 
i-- o Lindenmeyer Carl E, elk, h COS Perry 
N^g Lindenmeyer Charles, elk, h 608 Perry 
r^ Lindenmeyer Ernestine, trimmer, b 608 Perry 

2 Lindenmeyer Sophia, dressmkr, h 608 Perry 

-J Lindgren Arthur, comp, h 1610 Main 

g Lindgren Axel, blksmith, b 210 J 

2 ^I'^'lgren Charles A, police, h 1610 Main 

£ Lindgren Charles W, tailor, h 1610 Main 

Lindgren George A (George A Lindgren & Co), h 410 D 

Meissner's Pharmacy, K"a!!d"=sSorc^a^'e- 

820 Main Street, La Porte. 

in Compounding. 




Insure a Healthy Appetite. 

Promote a Good Digestion. 

Best aud Cheapest Mediciue on earth. 

Quart Bottle 25c. 


A True Nerve Tonic. 

Hcgul.itts the Kiilrn-ys.LivciuncI Bowels, 
anM all Organic Diseases. Juniperu 
IS the most valualile preparation to 
take with your nieaUor luncheon, on 
account of its difcutivc i|uahties. 

Sold and Prepared by 

GEO. A. LINDGREN, Pharmacist, 

317 Main St. LA PORTE, IND 

i-n), Uruiigists, CI 

A: VO (George A Lind- 
1 Mnirs Cclehrated Jiini- 



perns JMead, Lonii Blk, 'J17 Main See ad and riglit side 

Lindgien Hilma O, dressmkr, h IGIO Main 
Lindgren Hiram A, printer, h 1610 Main 
Lindgren Swan, bllvsmith, b 210 J 
Lindqiiist Ernest, trav agt, h 109 H 

Line Edna E. stenog and notary public, 810 Main, b Obio 
Line Ellison B, carp, r 717^ Main 
Line Neva, elk 705 Main, b Obio 
Link George Rev, pastor St John's German Lutheran church, 

h 308 C 
Linn Frank, tmstr, h 302 Perry 
Llovd John C, r 607i Michigan av 
I.OE'I'Z CIIAKLE.**, Headquarters for Schiltz's Beer, 

Liquors, Wines and Cigars, GIO Indiana av, h same 
Logan John, carp, b 1513 Jefl'erson 
Longe Augusta, weaver, b lUOO Rumely 
Longe Charles, lab, h lOOG Rumely 

Lonn Bros (Julius E and J Wm Lonn), bicycles, 913 Main 
Lonn Charles (Peterson & Lonn), b 1122 Main 
Lonn Charles A (John Lonn & Sons), h 921 Main 

Spaelli & SWdley, 

Druggists and Chemists, 

812 Main St., La Porte. 

76 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

♦J Lonn Emma V. h 921 Main 
5 Lnnn John (John Lonn & Sons), b 921 Main 
jrt ;, Loon John & Sons (John, Julius E, J O Wm and Charles A 

- li Lonn), harness and saddlery, 921 Main 

O*^' Lonn .hilius E (John Loan &. Sons, and I^)nn Bros), h 921 
Zfl Main 

— ;:^ Lonn J O Wm (John Lonn & Sons, and Lonn Bros), h 915 
-1.!^ Main 

^ ^ Looniis Auzellette, b 1315 Michigan av 
(J ^ Loomis Chauncc'_v, nurse, r 902^ Main 
[jjf^ Loomis Helen, b 1315 Michigan'av 
Q Loomis Homer vV, elk, b Depot Hotel 
lYi ^' Loomis John, brakeman, b 301 e Main 
|lj Loomis Justin E, h 1315 Michigan av 

-j"! Lord Charles, elk, h 304 Ohio 
^ Lord Elizabeth, wid Ivorv. h 304 Ohio 
^ Lord John H, elk. b 304 Ohio 
<^ Lord Thomas F, barber, h 816^ Main 
-^ Lorig 3Iartin, trav salesman, h 1206 Michigan av 
Jr Lorig Theodoie (Lorig, Weber & Co), h 1116 Indiana av 
^ I.OICK;, IVIoltlCIC X. C<> (Theodore Lorig and Mar- 
-t-> tin Weber), Pmprs La Porte Roller Jlills, 503 Clay 

rt Loskosky Stella, dom, b 810 Michigan av 


Low Jessie C, b 102 Mi 
Low Louis, clothing dealer, h 102 Main 
Low Milton H. elk, h 102 Main 
Low Nathan H, clothier, hatier and furnisher, 70S Main, h 
^ 102 Main 

•■♦-I Lower James (James Lower & Sons), h 1012 Indiana av 
Lower James H (.James Lower it Sons), b 1025 Madison 
^ LOWEK .LAllIv""* X. SO.\ (James, Stephen Wand 
J~ James II Lower). Hardware, Stoves, Tin, Coi)per 

^ and Sheetiron Ware). 618 Main 

•~ Lower Stei)hen W (James Lower & Sons), and pres La Porte 

■^ Co D A, h 1029 Madison 

^'' Lower Wm J. elk, h 309 Main 

y, Lown Charles E. eng. h 90 i State 
,"ti Lown James, painter, works 717 Indiana av, b 1310 Wasb- 

p ington 

[/) Lown Judie A, boarding, 901 State, h same 
Loyer Anna, dom, b 1006 Maple av 
i-j Lucke Robert F, frt handler, b 1205 Washington 
O Ludwig Frederick J, elk, h 109 State 
'^ Ludwig John, h 107 D 
C Ludwig Mary, b 109 State 

5 Ludwiu Reca, wid Frederick, b 217 Sutherland 
r^, Ludlow John W, h 1002 Monroe 
w Luebker Amelia, dom, 701 State 

Experts teach Book-keeping, Penmanship, Shorthand and the English 
for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Luebker Anna, dom, b 21tJ e Main (j 

Luebker August, mach hd, b Camp Colfax •— < 

Luebker Edward, hib, h Camp Col fax h-^ 

Luebker Eberhart, mach hd, li Camp Colfax ■ ■ ^ 

Luecbt Charles, carp, b 1114 Scott ^ . ' ■ ^ 

Luecht Reca, wid John, b GOl Woodward . 

Luedtke Ewald, mach hd, h 116 E . . H 

Luetke Wm, blksmith, h C05 F . pd 

Luesch Harry A, elk, b 1211 Monroe k^ 

Luesch Louise, wid Frederick, b 1211 Monroe h*^ 

Liindquist Albert G, elk, b 102 I ^ 

Lundquist Charles .J (Croft & Lundq'iist), h cor 1st and I f^ 

Lusher John, agt, h 1011 Lake ^ 
Lusher Julia E, h 1011 Lake ■ T) 

Lutz Oscar, stone setter, b 401 Jefferson h-H 

Lutz Peter, stone setter, h 401 Jill'erson ,__■ 

Lyman Fi-ederick, tmstr, h 019 Rose r^ 
Lyman Maude, dressmkr, 515)^ Main, h G19 Rose 

Lyons M Alice, works laundry, h 40G Maple av ^"^ 

Mc 2 

McAllister Norraan H, trav agt, h 130G Indiana av 

ISIcCarty Hattie, seamstress, h 706 HaiTison 5 

McCarty Wm E (Fogle, McCarty <fe Co), h 313 M.'un | 

McClung Cbarles F,\li)t clU Circuit Court, h 210 E ^ jj,, 

McClung Charles S, h 1G12 State - C 

ilcClure Arlera S (McClure & Son), h 1001 Maple av Zl 2 

McClure Frank T (McClure A Son), b 1001 Maple av « y 
McClure & Son ( Arlem S and Frank T McClure), contractors, z 3 

808 Madisou, h 1001 Maple av 
McColhim Achsa, wid Wm, h 302 McColhira 
McCollum DeWitt C (McColhim A Francis), h 715 Ridge 

McCoUum George S, sludent, b 715 Ridge 5" " 

^McCollum Samuel S, elk, b 715 Ridge % 
iTlc€OI> 1,11,11 A: FKA^CI.'* (D C McCollum and C W « ? 

Francis), Hatters, Clothiers and Furnishers, 704 Main = ^ 

McCormack Michael J, eng wat' r works, h 302 Madison 5" ^ 

McCormick Harry F. elk, h 607 Harrison "^ O 
McCormick iS'athan D, stock keeper I,,a PorlC Carriage o"^ 

Co, h 607 Harrison ^ 2. 

McCray Grant G, bartender, b 001 State ^ % 

INIcFariane Alexander, tinner, h aO'i Stale ? 6 

McFarlane Ellen J, b 302 State i 5 

McGarritv Edward, hostler, b 502 Main ? - 
McGarrity John, hostler, b 502 Main 

McGill David 11 (McGiil ct Backus), b Indian av ^ 




" Harvest qUeeN »» flolTr. 

J Street Willing Co, l OI J St., La Porte, Ina. 

7S R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

^n McGill Heni-y, carp, h 1033 Indiana av 
^1^ McGill & Backus (David H McGill and Henry W Backus), 
riH batters and furnishers, 714 Michigan av 

rHH McGratb James, lab, b l:U4 Washinijtou 
pq -< McGratL James P, blksniith. li 1012 "Washington 
rO^ McGrath Katie, doin Depot Hotel 
pc^ McGratL Mary, dom Depot Hotel 
Hi_| McGrath Rose, h 1012 Washington 
[Qq McGrath Rose, wid Patrick, h 1012 Washingti 

^ McGrath Thomas, boilernikr, b 1314 Washing 
l-IJZ McGrath W.-q, lab, h 1314 Washington 
bj , McGraw John, boilermkr, b 57 Washington 
rH<H McHolme Josei)h. lab, b Pine Lake av 
Orh McKeon Anna, wid John, nurse, 406 A. h same 
Q|_l McKeon Jennie, stenog and notary public, r 3 703i Michigan 
M H av, h 40(J A 

^H McKenzie Julia, wid Eli, b 1708 Monroe 
"■'Q McKliney John, elk, h 305 Maple av 

H McLane George L (Fredrickson & McLane), h 1108 Jefferson 

y McLean Archibald, hostler, h rear 317 e Main 

A McLean Charles H. jeweler, h 20S Harrison 
1^ McLean Ellle, spooler, b rear 317 e Main 
^ McLean Flora, spooler, b rear 317 e Main 
n' McLean George H, hostler, h 110 Alien 

* • McLean Laura, spooler, b e Main e of city limits 
■^ McLean Maggie, spinner, b rear 317 e Main 
g McLiney John P, elk 602 aiain, h Prairie av 

>McMurrav David J, grocer, 601 Main, h 222 e Main 
^ McMurray Edward D, elk, h 226 e Main 

McNett Henry T, ujiholsterer, h 104 Clayton 
"O iNlcNinch James S, trav act, h 102 A 
C JIcNinch Maude, elk, b 102 A' 
^ McNown Wallace, student, b 511 Jefferson 
-— ; McQuillen Otis, painter, works La Porte Carriage Co, 

5 h 202 Madison 

rH McQuillen Samuel, farmer, li 202 Madison 
^ McReynolds George E, agt LEA W, b Teegarden Hotel 


rt Maas Frank R. elk, h 1116 3d 
^ Mack Charles, drayman, ii 211 Ridge 

Jlack Hiram, comp, b 60S State 
p Mackey Annie, wi 1 James, h 114 Scott 
.j;^ JLnckey James II, city bill poster-, HI MadisDn, h same 
^ Jiackev Sarah, cook .Standard Hotel 
Maestar Anton, lab, h 409 B 

li)sUre WilK 

La Porte, Ind. 


Mageson Christena, dorn, b 1029 Indiana av O 
LlaiTunson Johanna M, cariiet weaver, lOOS Lake, h same 

Mahlitz August, lab, h 501 H ^ 

ISIalm Benjamin, broommkr, h 1107 Lake ) * 
Maloon Frederick,' painter, La Porle Cari'iase Co, h 

91G Scott *^ 

Maloon George, hosUer, r f)!? Michigan av <q 

Maloon Grace, dom, b 010 Scott i— • 

Malott Volney T, pres The John Hill Lake Ice Co, h Indian- (— ' 

apolis, Ind |— I 

Mandeville Abram C, newspaper agt. h 407 Woodward |_, 

Mandeville Ira C, mason, h 212 Ridge > 

Mandeville Nettie, weaver, b 4U7 Woodward ^ 

Maneus Joseph, works brewery, h 306 Perry CO 
Manke Caroline, wid Wm, h 113 Norton 

Mankey August, h 701 Runiely pO 
Manlove Joseph, turnkey couutv jail, b 805 State 

Manlove Peter E, lab, h'SOG Ridge -«-^ 

Mann Hattie S, elk, h 312 Maple av '^^ 


KA.\T, Stephen Zeltuer. Propr, 1018 and. 1020 Main .: 

Marger Sophia, di-essmkr, h 703 Washington ^ 

Marks Wm W, lab, b 617 Rose % q 

Marlitz August, lab, h 501 H ^ ^ 

ITIAieit JOII.\ II. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, 517 ? r^ 

Michigan av, h 709 State [^ ^^ 

Marr Wm W (Marr k Norton), h G17 Michigan av = ^ 

Marr & Norton (Wm W Marr and John B Norton), restaurant, ^ _. 

017 Michigan av r^/;^ 

Marsh Callie, wid Joseph, h 410 II S ^ 

Marsh Frank R, mngr tel exchange, b Depot Hotel \ o (/] 

Marsh Sophia, wid Henry, h 207 I ?: cj 

Marston Maude, b 709 Harrison >< ir, 

Marston Merton II, city editor Herald, h 709 Harrison * CO 

Martin Abram F (Martin Bros), h 1111 Mourne ^f 

ITIAKTI.\ BKO!«i (Wm A and Abram F Martin), Fur- p> I 

n'ituve and U|)holsterers, 709 and 711 Main ol 

Martin Ebenezer S, h 1403 Monroe | t 

Martin P'annic L, b 1111 Monroe 2 | 

Martin John E (Martin & Frees), h 1410 Clay S' " 

JIartin Theodore. Inb, h 1512 Scott <r> 

Martin Wm (Hoelocker cfe Co), h .Madison % 

Martin Wm A (Martin Bros), pres La Porte G & C Co, h 1401 Z 

Monroe 5' 

MAISTl.\ A: FKEESE (John E Martin and Simeon C 5 

Freese), Dry Goods and Carpets. U24 Main ^ 

Martinson Emma, h 507 Washingt-in :i- 

Mason Addis E, trav agt, h 1201 Main "^ 

Mnmu Mm, a'iS^^7o^'^a".;^^^ss♦^a^ 

Cor.MaIn A Mic h. Ave, 

80 R. L. POLK & CO. 

2 Mason Clarence, boileruikr, b 710 Michio-an av 

I Mason Frederick, b(i!ermkr, b 1201 Main 

o Mason James E, mail carrier, h 612 State 

.t Masonic Hall, s w cor Main and Michigan av 

£ Massey James F. driver, h 113 John 

„ Matthews Wm S, foreman paint dept La Porle Civ. 

~ riasre €0, b Mever House ^^' 

« Matz Ludwig, lab, h 807 Rumely 

>, Maurer Franz, furniture, (;08 In.liana av, h same 

" tf""' .V'!'^'""''^'' (Ridgway & Maurer), h 707 Jackson 

„ Maurer H Agnes, elk, b 707 Jackson 

- Maurer Walburga, wid Francis, b 309 F 

E '^^'''lidJcUvlfift ^''' '^'1'^'^^°'' L E ct W Ry, h e Main out- 

c J Maxson Jesse D B, lab, b 237 e Main 

>< 1 Maxson Joseph O, lab, b 237 e Main 

g I Maxson Luselta J, dom, b 237 e Main 

» I Maxson Wra L, lab, b 237 e Main 

t- I Maxwell Carrie, trimmer, h 108 R 

» Maxwell Robert H, trav agt, h 108 B - .• r 

< J5 Mayes Ralph, lab, b Hatch's Mills 
g ^ Mead Annie M, dressmkr, 303 Fox h same 
- Is '^"^Juy^"''"'' "'''^" *'"'* ■*"****' Carriage Co, h 511 
£ -H Mead Charles A, lab, b 1200 State 
M ^ Mearz Amelia, wid August, h 216 I 

= 2 Mecura Jared J, macb bd, h 606 State >* 

■" Mecum Robert H, constable, h 606 State ' • ■ 

i Medaris Frank E. tmstr, h 501 Woodward 
-.0 J^Ieddeldorf Charles H, harnessmkr, b 311 B " .' 

Q^ j^Ieddeldorf Charles jr, printer, b 311 B 
r Y -Medlung Wm C, boilermkr, b 211 Ferry 
^i Mebl Emma C, h 408 Monroe 
^£ Mehl Henry J, elk, h 408 Monroe 
00% Mehl John J, saloon, 408 Monroe, h same 

.; Meinberg Frank, packer, h 314 J 
^n Meinberg l^hilip, lab, h 408 F V 

^^ Meining Christopher, spinner, h 708 Adams 
Wc Meink John, drayman, h 302 D 
U] Meinke Henry, lab, h 333 Virginia 
v—JS Meinke John F, dyer, h 515 G 

Mcissner August C, painter, ,vorks La Porle Carriage 

1.0, h 409 Maple av " 

Mcissner Frederick W. bkkpr, h 409 .Afaple av 

. '^I'""' V^^ ^^^^P''^ '''' ^'-"' '■'g'it top lines 
lAIeister Anthony, miller, h 40(; C 
Melchor Abeline, wid Frauds, h 1305 Washincrton 


stop at Hotel Teegarden. Free 'Bus. First 
Class Accommodations. Good Sample 
Room. E. G. Short, Propr., La Porte. 


Mellentliin Albert, lab, h 105 Sutherland ^ 

Mendenhall Noah M, pharmacist, h 205 Fox ■■■ *..*.'.;: O 

!!Merrell Jerome, carriage trimmer, h 210 Main ' .. ' g ^ 

Merrill Charles W, horseshoer. Ii 114 Ohio -• •■ ' =^ 

Merrill Frank M, foreman, h 815 Rose ^ o 

Merrill James D, h 910 Main .-.** 

Merrill Maiea, wid N H, h 1002 Indiana av 2__ 

Merritt Andrew L, patent medicine mnfr, 917 Main, r 902A ^ :— > 

Main ' l^ 

Merritt Edward R, painter La Porte Carriage Co, h ^^ 

300 e Jefferson | ?0 

Jlerritt Jessie, teacher, h 306 Jefferson -~ ^ 

Merritt John, b GOl Short « ^ 

Messinger Ransford T (J B Rupel & Co), h 1012 Clay JSP 

Meuer Wm, physician, ii 708 Jefferson F c-i 
Meyer Alexander, boilermkr, b 70S Washington O 

Mever Ernest F, painter La Porte Carriage Co, b 901 

' State *t] 

Meyer Henry, lab, h Camp Colfax 

illEYEIt J II Wn, Pliysician, Surgeon. Oculist and S, 

Lecturer on Optics Hutchinson's Watch School, 706 Jef- C S 

ferson, h 708 Jefferson See adv g p 

Meyer Minnie, dom, b 1005 Michigan av ^ 

Meyer Wm, stonecutter, h Camp Colfax W ^ 

Meyers Bertha, thickener, b 203 State - p 

Michael Anna J, b 1017 Indiana av q > 

Blichael Charles H, with E F M chael Co, h 708 Harrison h = U> 

lllICIIAEL CO E F, Ellis Michael Pres, Ed F Michael J/^ 

Sec and Treas. Mnfr Fanning Mills, 1107 Washington '*~_q 

Michael Edward F, sec and treas E F Michael Co, treas U]l<^- 

Hutchinson's P S for W and treas and mngr La Porte Qc^ 

G & C Co, h 1034 Indiana av ? iC 

Mich.ael Ellis, pres E F Michael Co, h 1017 Indiana av "0 :^ 

Middledorf Charles, foreman, h 311 B "?0 

Middeldorf Charles Cjr, comp, h 311 B gp 

Mideldorff Mary, dom, b 1212 Mouioe ^^*i 

Middeldorf Wm C, carp, h 316 B ^^^ 

Milleman Jacob, saloon, 516 Main, h same f^^Hi 

Miller Albert F, elk, h 107 Main 0^0 

Miller Alvina, weaver, b 1013 Scott . '^'''X 

Miller Bertha, dom, b 1409 Slate ® t3 

Miller Carrie, spinner, b 409 I . Jt 

Miller Charles, lab, h 115 K ' ^ 

Miller Ch.arles, mach hd, b 1015 2d <i ^ 

Miller Charles, molder, b 400 I q i" 

sillier Charles, painter, h 208 J fr' 

Jliller Charles D, targetnian. li 1300 Washington ^ 
JNIiller Charles E, lab, b 102 Tipton 

MOORE & WEAVER, ^"'"'cl«'»,'Doors, 

' Blinds, &c. 

Corner Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

82 A. L. POLK & CO.'S 

-• Miller Charles F, li 108 H 

5 Miller Cbarlos J (C F Miller & Son), h 505 Jeffersoa 

b1 Miller Charles J F, butcher, b 211 H 

Q Miller Christena, wid Charles, h 505 Jefferson 

Miller Christena, weaver, b 1013 Scott, ' \-.. 

m -" Miller Christian, lab, h 515 F 

§ ^ Miller Christopher C, elk, h 1211 Monroe 

g V Miller Currie, miller J St milling Co, b Lay's Hotel 

tf illlL-rEK C F A: SO.^ (Charles J Miller) Grocers, Lamps, 
•o > Glass and Queensware, 518 Main 

g Miller Daniel W, teacher, h 1009 Harrison 

m a Miller David, h 1001 Monroe ■ • 

^« Miller Elmer, lab, b 102 Tipton 

S b Miller Fredericlv, drayman, h 401 C - ' , 

W I Miller Frederica, vpid Milton, h 111 E 

■Q \ Miller Giistav F, agt. h cor E and Cth 

^ I Miller Herman, mach hd, b 401 C 

^j H Miller Herman, painter, b 1015 2d 

ti a Miller Herman F, carp, h 510 F 

< ^ Miller Herman L, tailor, h 1313 State 

° Miller Herman R, h 210 E ■ ' ' 

o Miller Jacob, engr, h 508 A 

"^ Miller Joseph, lab, b 113 Mechanic 

"g Miller Levi A, wagonrakr, h 015 Woodward 

g . Miller Lillian M, b 108 H 

<) c Miller Louise, dom, b 1132 Indiana av 

o ~ Miller Louise, weaver, b 1313 Scott 

o i- Miller Marcus, b 1111 Maple 

"^ b Miller Mary, weaver, b 401 C 

:c Jliller Mary D, wid David, h 102 Tipton 

O 3) Miller Mary D, wid Ludwig, h 1013 Scott 

^£ Miller Mary, trimmer, b (Jly State 

I Miller Minnie, helper, b 20S J 

^= Miller Samuel W Rev. h 1001 Monroe 

Miller Snphronia, wid Thomas, h 60S State 

^ Miller Wm, lab, h 400 I 

Qj Miller Wm, mach hd. b 615 State 

^ iTIll.LKie Wn C, Mngr Hall's Opera House and Agt 
^ Guaranty Building and Loan Assu, 711 Madison, h 1101 

O Monroe 

-J Miller Wm II, siioemkr. 213 Grove, h same 

O Miller Wm L (Paxton Vet Med Co), L 1008 Main 

X i^Iiller Wm L (Simon & Miller), h 1409 Jetlerson 

I— Milliker Lura L, wid F. b 1014 Michigan av 

Q- Millis Charles A, lab, h 1310 State 

^ Mills Lewis C, trav agt, h 212 Jsoble 


Mills Norman, lab, b 1227 Mi 
:Milteiiberger Win, lab, b 80S W( 


820 Main St re et, La Porte. 


JSIinich John, h 215 D Ii> 
Minich John S (Minich & Mohr), b 215 D 

Jlinicb Matilda, seamstress, b 21.5 D r^ 

MliA'ICII & ITIOIIK (John S Minich and John G Mohr), ^ '' 

Groceries, Boots and Shoes, 914 Main 

Minnich Charles, lab, h 303 B E 
Mix Samuel G, molder, h 615 State 
Mix Sarah C, wid Samuel R, h CIS State 

Mohr George, b 216 C 'i 

Mohr John G (Minich & Mohr), h 216 C • M 

JSIoU Henry, lab, h 305 E . .. IP 

MoUoy Edward, editor Herald, h 101 Walker /^ 

Molloy George, h 101 Walker Lh 

;Moo Evan, molder, h 212 L hU 

Moon Maurice A, student, b Meyer House ^ 

Jloore Aaron, carp, h 310 Mechanic . ►"^ 

Moore Alonzo, lab, b 310 Mccbanic • ^^ 

jNIoore Catherine, b 216 e Main Q 

Moore Charles L, barber, b Meyer House l_J 

Moore Edward C (Moore & Andrews), h 705 State J^ 

Jvloore Edwin (Moore & Weaver), h 20'J Main 3J 

INIoore Elijah, carp, h -408 Ludlow g_ 

Lloore Eugene R, grocer, 902 Main, h 912 Maple av „ 

Jloore Harvey K, elk, h 216 e Jlain n. 

Moore Laura A, principal primary school 1st ward, h 216 e g" 

Main ^ 

Moore Levi Rev. h 912 Maple av — 

Moore Robert M, plumber, 802 Monroe, h Wellers av '£_ 

Moore Thomas, lab, b 310 Mechanic co -"* 

JNIoore Wm R jr, mason, h 335 Park I^ > 

IflOOUIi) &, A.AUieE'^W (Edward C Moore and Frank t?d " 

C Andrew), Livcrv, Feed and Sale Stable, 524 Main ' S? 

ITIOOKJ: A: AVI'LiVEIt (Edwin Moore and Chester N gS 

Weaver), Lumlier, Coal, Lime and Cement, 423 Main See §- ™ 

right bottom lines oq' = 

Morey Ira S, shoemkr, h 611 Main g ^ 

IMorgan Hiram H. foreman, h 1302 Indiana av Km 

Morgan Nathan S, foreman, h 228 Park Et j; 

Jlorman Dora, weaver, b 115 Paik % ^ 

INIorman Louis, drayman, h 115 Park ^ ^ 

Morrill Curtis H. cfk, h 503 Monroe ^ 

JMorrison Frank H, bkkpr, ii 1204 Monroe g 

JMorrison Frank H, sec and Ireas La Porte Electric Co, h 1204 = 

Jlonroe co 

Morrison Henry D. vice pres First National Bank and troas '^• 

Northern Indiana Oiphan's Home. Ii 1213 Michigan av " 

Morrison Mary A, wid Charles B, h 004 Tvler g 

IMorrison Nettie S, wid Hubert S, h 1314 Monroe °- 



812 Main Street, La Porte. 












R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

MOICiei.oiOA' ROBCICT E, Cashier First National 
Bank, h 1407 Monroe 

Morse Edwin W, elk, h 401 Maple av 

Morse James M, letter carrier, li 401 Maple av 

Moses Clarence A, mason, b 1111 Hariison • 

Mossholder George, engr, b 315 Railioad 

Mossbolder Richard, saw filer, h 315 Railroad 

Moulton Robert, stonecutter, b 3U() State 

Moyer Frank, painter works 619 .Main, h 317 G 

Mueller Bertha, b 310 I 

Mueller Christian, saloon. 405 B, b same 

IMucller Frederick T, cigarmkr, b 201 li 

Mueller Fredericka, witl Louis, b 309 L 

Mueller John, cigar ranfr, b 310 I 

Muellei' John, cigar mnfr, 201 H, h same 

Murphy Charles B, agt L S & M S, h e s Adams 2 w Main 

Murray Franklin, lab. h 1207 Washington 

Murray Henry, b 109 Madison 

Jlutz Jacob jr, bartender, r 911 Main 

Myers House, see Standard Hotel 

Myers B W, propr Standard Hotel, cor Indiana av and Jef- 

Myers Charles A, driver, h 806 Ridge 

Myers Fred R, tel opr, h 609 Rose 


Nagel Andrew, h 306 B 
Natburst Ilattie C. b 1016 Indiana av 
Natburst Jennie K, b lUlG Indiana av 
Nathurst John T, h 1016 Indiana av 
Notion May, b 1212 Michigan av ^- 4 

Nation Robert, b 1212 Michigan av ' ' 

Naue Ferdinand F, carp, h 402 A 
Naue Hannah E, dressiukr, 402 A, b same 
Naul Herman C, mach hd. h 509 E 
Nebelung Charles, mach hd. b 211 Perry 
Nebelung Frederick, lab, h 302 J 
Nebelung John, mach, b 708 Washington 
Nebelung Wm, llagman, b 211 Perry 

Nebelung Win jr. works Rumely's, b 211 Perry - 

Neber John, mach, b 207 Virjrjnia 
Neber Joseph, butcher, b 207 Virginia 
Neil Joseph, works wheel fictory, b 506 State 
Nelson Andrew, tailor, h 41(5 E 

Nelson Axel, bodymkr La Porte Carriage Co, h 61i 



Co goiJ want a good siWation? Prepare yoiirself for it at the 


Kelson Axel, lah, h 1 U G O 

Kelson Ellen, dora, b Havrison bet Monroe and Clay >— ( 

Kelson Hannah, dom Hotel Teegarden ^_. 

Kelson Ida. doin Hotel Teeffarden U^ 

Kelson John, blksmilh, h 1405 JNIain ^ 

Kelson Lenea, works laundry, h 411') E .. . . r^ 

Kelson Matilda, wid John, h 1405 Jlain 
Keuendorf John, lab, h 40(i I 

Kew Henry, car inspector, h 150L State ^ 
Kewcomb Ezra B Rev, pastor Presbyterian church, h 1009 

Michigan av 
Kewkirk Caroline, h 102 Jetferson 
Kewkirk Sarah, h 102 Jefferson 
Kicholas Tilda, doin, h 905 M.iple av 
Kichols Harriet M, dressnikr. 512 Jefferson, h same 
Kichols \Vm W, h 512 Jefferson 

Kickerson Elihu, variety store, 715 Main, h 601 Adams 

Kickerson Wm, baggageman L 8 & IM S depot, h G09 Short \T] 
Kieboer John, car inspector, h 1414 Jetl'erson 

I>'ILE^ KD\VI.> R, Attorney at Law, Notary Public /— \ 

and U S Pension Agent, 700 M'ain, h 210 Mechanic \^ 

Kiles Wm, »res Niles & Scott Co and pres First National (^ 

Bank, h 213 Rose ^ 
Kiles <fe Scott Co, Wm Niles pres, Emmett Scott vice pres and ^ 
trcas, Fred A Turnl)iill sec, n s Lake nr Tyler ^ 

Noble Frank, lab. h 1310 State q 

i>OI{LE WITI ITI, Manager Western Union Telegraph ^^ 

Co, h 1105 Michigan av 2 ^ 

Koe Fanny, teacher, h 1534 Michigan av ~ 0) 

Koe Henry C, principal La Porte Business College, h 1534 w ^ 

Michigan av 5' \ 

]\OIiL tHKIST, Agent and Bottler Joseph Scbiltz I | 

Brewing Co's Milwaukee Beer, cor Clay and Washington, co I 

h 016 Indiana av See adv = n 

Noll Edward, tinner, h 610 Indiana av p, V 

Noll Frank, driver, h 616 Indiana av E. 

Noll Henry, cigarnikr, h 616 Indiana av |: 

Noll Lizzie, h 616 Indiana av ' 'P 

Noll JNIichael, saloon, 616 Indiana av, h same • — 

Noll JNIichael jr, conip, h 616 Indiana av o 

Norris Alfred, blksmith, h 509 Woodward ^ 

Norris George C, lab, h 509 Woodward 3 

Norris Sarah A, wid Harvey, h 509 Woodward g! 

Northern Indiana Orphans' Home, Julia E Work supt, end e o' 

JIain = 

Northway John C, instructor Watch Makers' School, h 719+ '£. 

Indiana av ™ 

Norton John B (Marr & Norton), h 617 Michigan av "^ 

"FaDGy Spring Patent " PloUr. nc 


Jorthern Indiana. 
J Street Nlillin^ Co., 101 J St., La Porte, Ind. 

86 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

R' Norton Minerva E, wid David II, b 1033 Indiana av 
IVOVELTY .lIACIII.^i: ^VOKK«, WmE Harding 
^^ Proprietor, IManufacturers Engines, Boilers and Slat 

n 2 Woven Farm Fencing, 502 to 506 Clay See adv inside 

n front cover 

Hu IVOYIvS IH>:>' DA:\'IEI., Judge Thirty-second Circuit 
mfT of Indiana. 720 Michigan av, h 904 Indiana av 

rJH I\USf*BALM UEV JO.^EPII, Pastor St Joseph's 
LJH (German Catholic) Church, h 109 C 

UJQ Nye Daniel M (O'Brien & Nye), h 901 Michigan av 
p|L_ Nve Laura M, h 901 Michigan av 

Hlq x\YE IIO.\ .^':!:. Attorney at Law, also 
Z <fj Lieutenant Governor Slate of Indiana, Rooms 1 and 2 

^ Scott Building, t>0-l Main, h 901 Michigan av 





Oaker David, painter, b 901 State 

[2 [J Ooerreich Herman (Oberreich & Arnold), h 225 e Main 

^^ OBEKICFICII Ai A IE.\OI.I>(IIermau Oberreich and 
(J) George AV Arnold), Jewelers, Pianos, Organs and Bicycles, 

Q cor JNIain and Michigan av See left top lines 

^ O'Brien James (O'Brien & Nye), and pres La Porte Business 

College, h 311 State 

^ O'Brien Martin, lineman, r 70U Main 

O O'Brien & Nye (James O'Brien and Daniel M Nye) ins agts, 

C r 1 and 2 Scott Bldg, 804 Main 

[>• Ocker David, painter, b 214 Division 

r-^ Ocker David K, painter La Porte Carriage Co, b 901 
^ Stale 

f-, Odd Fellows' Hall, n e cor Michigan av and Jefferson 

^ Odell Ida, h 302, cor 2d and C 

^^ Odell Wm H, carp, h 302, cor 2d and C 

rt Oestermeyer Augusta, dom, b 1001 Indiana av 

O Oestermeyer Louise, dom, b 1002 Indiana av 

U Oglesby Lot V, mngr, h 410 Jefferson 

O'Groen John, works Rumely's, b 708 Washington 

^ Ohlis Wm, carp, h near of city limits 

O Olds Edmund J, painter, h 401 Woodward 

■t^ Olin Elmina, teacher, b 301 F 

^ Olin John, wagonmkr, h 301 F ' ■ 

n . Oliver Wm, hostler, b 809 State 

'"^ Ollis Charles, lab, h Camp Colfax ; ■ " 

_H Olsen Thomas, h 1402 State 

C Ordung John, shoemkr, h 109 D 

J> Ordung Katie, finisher, b 109 D 

?*" Ordung Walter, molder, h 109 D 

For Fire, Life. Kcciflent, Plate Glass, Steam Boiler, Liue Stock or 
Tornado Insilrance call on J. Ifene Borland, La Porte. Ind. 



O'Reilly Eliza, b 128 Mechanic ^ 
O'Reilly Gemge J, condr, b 128 Mechanic 
O'Reilly Thomas, lab, h 128 Mechanic 

Organ Mary C, wid John H, h 1030 Indiana av O 
Ormrod David, finisher, h 1101 Lake 

Ormrod Elizabeth, h 1103 State ^ 

Ormsby Julia, wid Dyer, b 1G08 Jlichigan av ^> 

O'Rouike John, R R fiierain, b 505 Michigan av — 

OiT Alice E, wid Edgar, h 803 State F" 

Orr Allen P (Qrr & Cram), h 912 Madison f^ 

Orr Bert A, musician, b 911 Maple av "^ 

Orr Lee J, carp, b 1. '51 9 1 St — H 

Orr Maria B, wid Henry, h 1519 1st (f) 
Orr Motier L, La Porte Business College, h 911 Maple av 
Orr it Cram (Allen P Orr and Quiucy Cram), livery, 908 

Osborn Andrew L. life ins agt. 824 Main, h 1114 ^Michigan av ^_ 

O.shorn Frank E (Osborn & Richter), h ^02 Tyler O 
Osborn George F, blksmilh, h 303 Park 

<».<<«ltOKi> A: KlCllT[':it (Frank E Osborn aud John 

C Richter), Attorneys at Law, SIO Main 

Ostermeyer Clara R, doin, h 108 e Main ^ > g 

Ostrowske Benjamin, hili. b Park ' o ^ 

Oil Jacob W, lab. h 508 Detroit • , ^ "fl 

Paddock Schuyler, lielper, b 6U State ' ' q- 

Page Carrie M', h 505 Main !? g 

Page John F. h 1025 Indiana nv g -"■ 

Page Milton W, cigar ninlV. 505 Main, h same -a P 
Pagel Frank W, mach hd La Porte Carriage Co, h 40G ^ 3 

Washington fD 
PagelWm J, foreman machroom La Porte Carriage Co, "^3 

h40G Washiugtnu > 'g 

P.ahmann Charles, lab, h 315 Clay ^ 3 

Pallien Clemencie, wid Malhias, h 324 Park p ^ 

Pallien Maria, dressmkr, 324 Park, n same o 

Pallien Matthias, tinner, h 324 Park . .^ hr] 

Palmbla Peter, h 101 Fox £; B 

Palmer Emma J, dom, h 114 Railroad h^ hb 

Palmer Frank, florist". 1209 Jeflerson, h same 5' S 

Palmer Frank E. elk, h 1209 Jefferson o g 
Palmer Harry H, painter, wks La Porte Carriage Co, " S" 

h 1209 Jefl'erson c. 

Paragon Safety Oil Co (James M Kelly), C03 Main g 

Pardees, Mary, dom, b 1012 Monroe ' » 

Oberreicli X Arnold. ''"'''LTma&o^^p^ires''''''""* 

Cor. Main A Wich. Ave. See us befo re buying, it will pay you. 
^^ R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Park James, h 116 J 

Parker Addison Rev, Pastor First Baptist Church, h 806 

Indiana av 
Parker Alvin M. lab. h 511 Wasbin^-ton 
Parker Arzy E, lab, h 213 Division ° 
Parker Harry N. driver U S Ex Co, h Jefferson 
Parker Maude W. h fiUJ Moi,, 

er xMaude W, h 614} Main 
er Oscar D, 

Parker Oscar D. painter' La Porte Carriage Co, h 511 

</> 2 Parker R Clarence, flagman, b 511 -Washington 

tt i 1 arker Susan, dom Hotel Teegarden, h Washington 

^ g PAItKCK \\M II, Clerk Hotel Teegarden, h 118 Spur- 

< .2 lock 

o I Parketon Samuel D, lab, b 415 Woodard 

^ = Park house James F, elk, h loOS Stale 

o 1 l;"|';o"se John, janitor High School, h 805 Jackson 

a> _. Parkhouse Nellie, b 805 Jackson 

^ 2 Parkhouse Wm, del elk, 702 Main, h Harrison 

^.E rAieiillllKVI JOSIAII J, President La Poilc 

_, S Cari-iaart- Co, h Evanston, 111 

G * Parkinson Jay D, canvasser, b 313 Woodward 

^<S "^ wa'd" *^°'"' L, painter E F Michael Co, h 313 Wood- 

< Parkinson Mary C, wid John, h 313 Woodward 

^ larkinson Napoleon B, blksmith, works La Porte r-ii- 

< rias?c Co, h 506 Detroit ^"' 
= Parkinson Peter (Parkinson & Chulip), h 107 Park 

- ' 'saloTn.^oS' Maii^'"'"' ^''"'^'''^°'^ '^"^ ^^h^^ ^^ Chulip), 
O Parmenter Wm H, watch repairer, h 1010 Monroe 
^ Passehl Mary, notions, 514 Jlain. h same 

Patton's Cemetery, s end of Rumely 
r> l''^"l Catherine A, baker, 112 Clement, h same 
CO Pauhs Henry J, Lab, h 207 Lake 

Paxton Fannie C, h 1021 Main 
12; Piston Veterinary Medicine Co (Wm D Paxton, Charles A 
^ Simon and Wm L Miller), 609 Perry ^^Janes a 

IsJ Paxton Wm D (Paxton Vet Med Co), h 1021 Main 
m I'^iyne Charles W, elk 818 Main, h 611 1st 
J Payne Harvey C, mach, h 1407 State 
.__ Payne Milton O, mach hd, b 1407 State 
•^ Pease Amos C, harnessmkr, h 002 Monroe 
p. Pease Frank D, maeh, b Main 

Pease Henry C, painter, h 1007 Jackson 
. • 1 eer Louis, belter, h 333 Park 

I^ ^''"'eosl^iapfe aV''' '''"''"' ^"°'' °^ '^' ^'"'^ °^ ^°^^'''^°'^> ^ 

Hotel TeemfcD. KVS?II''1'G"IS!rr??i;". 


Peglow Henry C, bkkpr Bank of the Stdte of Indiana, h 608 ^— • 

Maple av C^ 

Peglow Josie F, wid George F, b 114 Oliio i-^ 

Pehl John, tanner, h 1117 Ist ^ 

Peirce Virginia M. teacher, b 1012 Monroe ^^ 

Pellow Richard W, teacher Central bldg, h 405 Maple av "u 

Pennel Frmk, ttl opr, b 502 Main ^T\ 

Peo Charles, h 1109 Michigan av HH 

Peo Charles jr, saloon, 520 Main, h same ^ 

Peo Lucy, b 1109 av C^ 

Peplow Henrj", lab, h 615 Rumely ip. 
Pepple Frank H. carp, h 705 Harrison 
Pepple George W, supt construction, h 705 Harrison 

Peterfelt John, lab, h 612 Virginia ^ 

Petering Frederick A, tinner, h 1326 Washington ^~\ 

Petering Frederick sr, bliudmkr, h 1326 Washington \M 

Petering Louise, dom, b 1326 Washington ^ 

Peters Alvina, dressnikr, 705 Jefferson, h 214 Madison [_j 
Peters Arthur II, sec and treas The Cochrane ifc Peters Co, h O 

407 Harrison 

Peters Charles W, lab Orr & Cram, b Maple av tn 
Peters David C, physician, (Peters & Boyd), 904 Main, h S = 

1211 Maple av g| 

Peters Ernest, lab. h 214 Madison ^ " 

Peters Henry, raach, h 711 Tipton ?* ^ 

Peters Ignalz, lab, h 308 Walker '' '■" -' "-'■"■ 'S [I g 

Peters John, h 110 H §^ 

Peters Lillie F, elk, h 407 Harrison ^"^ 

Peters Mary A, b 308 Walker ■-• •• ^> 

Peters Slay, elk, b 711 Tipton - 2. 
PETEICS A: ItOYD (David C Peters and Thomas S | I" 

Boyd), Druggists, 904 Main " = 

Peterson Andrew, lab, h 1115 4th o -o 
Peterson August (Peterson & Swanson), h 1.321 Washington 1. 3 

Peterson Axel L, molder, b 1115 4th g- I 

Peterson Charles G, elk, b cor K and 4th ^ ., ^ % 

Peterson Emily, wid Samuel J, h 402 D ' r- » 

Peterson Gust, coremkr. b 1511 4th = o 

Peterson Gust H, elk, 810 Main, h 1009 Madison oo §. 

Peterson Gustav, lab, b 1308 State o 2 
Peterson Isaac, lab, h 1321 Washington ■ p » 

Peterson John F H'eterson & Lonn), h 1305 Indiana av i- =: 

Peterson Julia E,'b 402 D !J, = 

Peterson Victor, b 1305 Indiana av o 

Peterson Virginia E, b 402 D S" ^ 
Peterson k. Lonn (John F Peterson and Charles Loan) mer- ■^ — 

chant tailors and clothiers, 808 Main ?• '^ 

-• a 

>> > 

^ o 

MOORE & WEAVER, '""'"'^ce^S^T^. ooors. 

Cor. Jackson &. Main Sts., La Porte. 

90 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

i PETEKSO.\ & SAVAi\SOi\ (August Peterson and 

^ Swan A Swanson), Grocers, Flour and Feed, 919 Main 

M Peting August, works pickle factory, h 501 Indiana av 

I* Peting F M, bo.irding and saloon, 501 Indiana av, h same 

2 Peting George, elk, h 501 Indiana av 

o Peting Minnie, h 501 Indiana av 

O m Pfeifer Joseph X. patternmkr, h 906 Chicago 

-a o Phelps Charles W, livery, feed and sale stable, 811 State, h 

§ % 809 Slate 

u o Phelps Ithamar D, sec and treas La Porte B of F U, h 1201 

.5 ^ Main 

ta ^ Phelps Rolla E, student, h 809 State 

[^ Ph Phenix Insurance Co, of Brooklyn, J Vene Borland agt, r 5 
"^ and 6 Scott blk 

Phillips Charles C, carp, h 329 Park 
Phillips Harry L, carp, h 201 State 
Phillips Mary A, wid Arthur, h 311 Maple av 

O ffj Phillips Jlay L, b 1001 Madison 

C o Phillips Minnie F. b 327 Park 

S.S Phillips Robert, brickinkr, h 327 Park 

5 Phillips Virginia, wid L D, nurse, b 1001 Madison 

g ^ Phillips Wm, asst postmaster, h 327 Park 

^ ^ Piatt Albert R, painter La Porte Carriage Co, h 407 
:- State 

O Piatt Edward R, bodymkr La Porte Carriage Co, h 
407 State 
C^ Piatt Frederick, works La Porte Carriage Co, h 407 

f^ Piatt Hannah M, b 407 State 

^ Piatt Josiah J, bodymkr La Porta Carriage Co, b 407 
i~^ State 

J^ Piatt Leora, dressmkr, 407 State, b same 
fjj Pieplow Elizabeth, spinner, b 615 Ruraely 
•^ Pieplow Henry C, lab, h 615 Rumely 
^ Pierce Henry "G, h 1502 Michigan av 

O Pierce Lizzie, teacher, b 1502 Michigan 
Pierce Natiianiel, b 1502 Michigan av 
J Piest Elbert, helper La Porte Carriage Co, h 416 A 

OPiest John, lab, h 416 A 
Pitner Belinda R, wid Wm C, h 606 Jctlerson 
^ Pitner Frank J, teller First Natl Bank (Wm C Pitner & Son), 
h 606 Jetferson 
Pitner Fred M (Wm C Pitner & Son), h G06 JefTerson 
Pitner Wm C & Son (Fred ^I and Frank J Pitner), carriage 
^ mnfrs, 801 l^Ionroe 

Place Elizabeth, wid Nelson T, h 1008 Jefferson 
Place Emma C, wid Edward II, h 305 Kidse 



Melssner's Pharmacy, °:;r°al*d" sc^Surc^a''; 

820 Main Street. La Porte. in Compounding. 


Place Harry N, trimmer La Porte Carriage Co., h ^ 

305 Ridge r 
Plank Willis I, student, r 508 Jefferson 

Plant Albert E, elk, h 1028 Indiana av f*) 
Platzmaster Sebastian, h 908 State 

Platbow David, paper hanger, wnrks 619 Main, h 801 Rose ^_^ 

Plumbaeck Charles F (Haverly & Plumbaeok), h 303 Rose 'Ph 
Plumbaeck Otto, saloon, 608 Monroe, h same 
Plumbaeck Wm, shoemkr, h 809 Rose 
Polish John, lab, b Indiana av 
Pool Clvde W, elk, h 209 A 

Pool Emery E, photographer, 712 Michigan av, h 209 A LO 

Pool John M, teacher, b 705 Tipton (^ 
Poole Joseph H, 3'ardmaster Lake Shore, h 1100 Michigan av i-pi 

Poorman Charles, lab, h 315 K i-U 

Porter Carrie A, b 1102 Indiana av !^ 

Porter Electa, wid Abel D, h 1103 Indiana av »-^ 

Porter Henry W (Davidson & PorlerJ, h 905 Maple av ^ 

rOKTKIt AV.U F, Loans, 810 Main, h 1112 Maple av U 

Postoflice, John Sharier postmaster, 720 Jlichigan av ^ 
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, Wm W Hans mngr, 708 Main 

Pottrasz Charles, watchman, h 515 Riimely ^^ 

Powers Mary L, wid Maicus, b 907 Mni)le av ^ 

Prentiss Leroy, lab, b 708 Washington ^ 

Preston Paul, bkkpr First National Bank, h 605 Maple av ^ 

Puffpaff Albert, saloon, 603 Jlichigan av, h same ^ 

Puflpaff Dora, wid John, h 1305 Scott - j;;; 
PutlpaH Theodore, rip sawyer La Porte Carriage Co, h 21 

1305 Scott W g 
Purcell James R, city marshal, office City Hall bldg, h same I y) 

Purcell Joseph, boilermkr, b 1113 Scott t 

Purcell Riley, lab, h 131 Scott - | Q 

Pusch Amelia, h 210 Madison | ri) 

Pusch Anna, balm carrier, b 405 Norton 03 

Pusch Anna, Milliner, b 202 Jefferson ' s| 

Pusch Charles, lab. h 205 Norton '^ {fl 

T*usch Minnie, wid Ernest, h 210 Madison tfl ^ 

Pusch Otto, del elk, h 202 Jeflerson « (X) 

Pusch Wm, grocer, 501 Main, h 202 Jefferson ^ (J) 

Pusch AVm jr, elk, h 202 Jefferson 2- 

Putzey Annie, dom, b 1201 Jeilerson tL CD 

Putzey Bertha, dom, b 1505 Jlonroe ^ P 

Putzey Robert C, lab, h 313 Grove p P^ 

Quier Fredericke, wid Frederick, b 309 L 
Quier Mary, b 309 L 


SPAETH & STUDLEY, Dom'e's''tfc'WK^/y°We,t 
DIBTJOg-ISTS. 812 Main 'st'^elt'. LaPorte. 

92 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Quigley Patrick J, eng, h 304 Perry 

yuinn KUa A, wid Bernard, li 302 Madison 

Quinn John J, foreman, h 501 Tipton 

il linn Margaret, wid Dennis, h HOG Scott 

Quinn Win, harnessmltr, bds 3 w cor Adams and Wasliino-ton 

cd Rachor Frank S, mnch, b 210 B . . ',:■ ' 

^ Riichor Maria, seamstress, b 210 B . ;...',:■ " X. 

t; J Rachor Martin, mason, h 210 B .' ' '. ''■'. 

t^ I Rachor Martin jr. mach, b 210 B ' :-' 

f-i I Rachor May. seamstress, b 206 B ' ^^ 

^ I Rachor Nellie, dressmkr, 206 B, h same 

^ I Rachor Wm M, foreman, h 207 C 

^ Raddatz Caroline, wid Herman, h 1315 Scott 

g g Raddatz Herman (Herman Raddatz i; Son), h 1315 Scott 

^ h ''^^^.V-t'*'^ IIEIC,TIA.\ A, .SOrV (Herman and Otto 
^ ^ K Raddatz), Grocers, 016 Main 

«^ Raddatz E (Herman Raddatz & Son), h 1315 Scott 

t-, C Raftery James, lab, b 1011 State 

^ ■:; Ragen Frank, h 702 Washington ;■ , 

^ g Rague Martha V, wid Jay L. h 102 2d 

o _rt Rimpagel Wm, lab, h 410 E 

,'*-' Ramsay James G, confectioner, 720 Main, h same 

C^ A Randall Gilbert B, b 104 Jetterson 

^ >| Randall Laura B, wid Wm E, h 104 Jefferson 

^ .] Randolph Wm H R, barber. 802 Main, h 701 Washincrton 

Rank Charles W, lab, h oO'J Washing-ton 

^ ?,''r-^. J^i-^.L'^'"*'.*^"' L S & M SJ. 1206 Jefferson 

;^ KA.y<»BlJiec; AVAKI5EA €, Attorney at Law, 814 
^ Main, h 1605 same 

, 1 Riipp Tony, tmstr, b 305 Washington 

Sd J^'t'^bun Edwin D (Crane & Rathbun), h 1307 Michi-an av 

p^ Ready Ihomas, lab, b Mechanic 

^r-i. Rfbholz Louis, mach, b 612 State 

^E^ Rector Catherine B, wid George H, h 406 Tyler 

m "'^^n^\?'''**^'^' ''^^^^'^ ». Me^t Market, 905 Main, h 
i-^ 1603 Main 

Redington Lotta V, teacher, b 1603 Main 
og Redington Susan R, b 1603 JIain 

Reece Lucy, h 1105 Indiana av 
>-( Reed Arthur B, b 607 Adams 
^ Reed George W, h 605 Adams 
^ Reed Hester A, wid Elisha, h 718i Michigan av 
^ Keeves Wm, musician, h 110 G ' 
*-^ Regentine John, watchman, h 312 Scott 

Educate for business by taking a course in Book-keep- 
ing and Shorthand at the rv<ICHICAN CITY BUSINESS 
COLLEGE. Write for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Rehlander Charles, lab, b 307 H (^ 

Rehlnnder Henry, lab, h 307 H >— 1 

Reicheit Martin, lab, h 206 K \_^ 

Reighard Jobn. lab. h 613 Rose . ' ■ iTj 

Reilley Ellen, wid Bernard, h 416 F • ' k^ 

Reilley John P, lab, h 711 Adams ' , , [L, 

Reilly Wm, lab, li n end Mechanic ' ' <^ 

Reinhardt Mary, wid Joim, b 303 Virginia 

Reinhart Wm, stoker, h 616 Rumely "' M 

Reinhollz Bertha, elk, b 408 K h^ 

Reinholz Cliarles, lab, b 408 K ' " " K** 

Reinholz Herman, lab, h 408 K 5\^ 

Reiter John A, barber, 918 Main, h 502 Madison i_i 

Rerapagle Henry, lab, h 510 K ^^' 

Replogle Charles, carp, h 808 Woodward ^. 

Replogle Etta B, b 102 H \Z^ 

Replogle Stephen W (Hickman & Replogle), h 1 mi n city ^ ^ 

Replogle Wm H, h 102 H \r\ 
Reynolds Asher, carp, h 74 Maple av 

Reynolds Electis M, cabinelrakr, h 107 e Jefferson (^ 
Reynolds Frank E, h 1302 Monroe -^ 

Reynolds George W, elk, h 1302 Monroe Qj 

Reynolds Libbie D, dressinkr, 708 Michigan av, h same - 
Rheutan Robert W, boilermkr, b 707 Jackson m 

Rlieutan Rosina B, wid Daniel A, h 707 Jackson >^ 

Rhoads Samuel, carp, h 402 Ridge g 

Rhoda Fredericka, wid Joseph, h 41G H ^y, 

Rhoda Louis sr, h 1212ii Main 2 P 

Khoda Wm H, grocer, 1212 Main, h 1210 same " q 

Ribbe Albert, carpet weaver, 308 Tecumseh, h 402 John w r- 

Ril)be Charles, mach, b 402 John o \ 

Ribbe Ellen, weaver, h 402 John 2. | 

Rich Andrew J, lab. h 818i^ Main w | 

Rich Catherine, wid Matthias, h 818^ Main = H 

Richter Anna, spinner, b 316 K p, V 

Kichter Elizabeth, wid Herman, h 401 F S- 

Richter Emma, spinner, b 401 F — 

Richter Frederick, grocer, 112 Main, h 110 same <? 

Richter Frederick H jr, jiainter, b 401 F — 

Richter Harry W (John Richtcr's Sons), h 219 e Main o' 

Richter Henry, mach, li 316 K i^ 

Richter Henry jr, lab, b 316 K 2 

Richter John, li 219 Main 5. 
Richter Hon John C (Osl)orn & Richter). also representative <o 

La Porte county, h 219 e Main = 
Richter John's Suns (Otto and Huitv W Ricbtei), clothiers ^ 

and furnishers, 722 Main and 705 Michigan av ^ 

Richter Lizzie, finisher, b 316 K ~ 

Use " HARVEST QUEEN" Flour. 

J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Stree t, La Porte, Ind. 

94 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

n Kichter Lizzie, seamstress, b 110 Main 

rTP Richter Otio (John Ricliter's Sons), h 219 e Main 

pj|Z| Kichter Win, lal), b 401 F 

RH Kickard Sarah E, wid Martin, h 916 Scott 
jji] ,^ Ivicivert Elme E, seamstress, b 1119 Michigan av 

^^ Rickert Frederick J, elk, h 1119 Michigan av 

Hr, Rickert John F, boots and shoes, 622 Main, h 1119 Michio'an 

(J}r^ Riddell Flora A, principal P S 4th ward, b 1205 Monroe 

^ Ridgley Hillary J, flagman, h 615 Slate 
Pbj Ridgway John W, china, glass and queensware, 703 Main, h 
u, ij 1112 Indiana av 

H <\ Ridgway John W (Ridgwav & Maurer), h 1112 Indiana av 
Ofh Rii^lgway Martha, wid Asa J, h 701 Maple av 
Q^ Ridgway & Maurer (John Ridgway and Frederick Maurer), 
rn^ bakers, n e cor Wasliington and Monroe 

Hp] Rieger Ambrose, cabinetrakr, b 501 Indiana av 
UIr< Riley Jennie, b 1201 Jackson ^ 

. j::^ Riley Nellie M, b 208 Noble 
[jijy Riley Nelson, h 1201 Jackson 

i^i Riley Wm J, ins agt, h 208 Noble ' • 

<J) Rirapler Amelia, wid Wm, h 108 D 
Rimpler Emil 0, molder, b 108 D 
i^ Rimpler Wm, del elk. b 1022 Main 

^ Rimpler Wm, lab, b 108 D 
TJ Ringle Charles A, physician, r 2 Odd Fellows' blk, 717 Mich- 

O igan av, h 1403 Monroe 

^ Ristow Frederick, lab, h 108 Sutherland 
^ Ritter Daniel, lab, h 109 Norton 
'"'^ Roberts Lucy, nurse Gray's Sanitarium, b same 
r--^ Robson Thomas, foreman, b 502 Adams 
r;^ Roda Wm, lab, h 405 L 
rt Rode John, porter, h 407 McCollum 
,i_ Koempagel Albert, mach hd, h 502 A 
rt Roempagel Charles, lab, h 502 A 

O Roempagel Charles, lab, h 510 C ■: . - '. - ■ 

LJ R"emphel Henry, lab, h 510 C 

^ Rogers Anna S, b 1207 Michigan av 
C Rogers Ephraim A Dr, h 1104'^Main 
O Rogers Robert, h 1207 Michigan av 
^ Rolf Gustav, tailor, h 1516 Monroe 
ci Rollins EInora, dressmkr, II'J John, b same 
P_, Rollins George F, painter, h 119 John 

_ Rompagel Wm, helper, works La Porte Carriage Co 
P h 502 A o > 

^ Rose Gustavus A, broker, r 3 Scott blk, 802 Main, h Michi- 
hT* gan av 

>^ Rose N H Mrs, h 1218 Michigan av 

J. VENE DORLAND, successor to Geo. C. Dorland & Son, Insurance 
and Real Estate Agent. Abstracts of Title. Deeds and Mortgages 


Rosenbaum Ma, dom, h 912 Indiana av 
Roseki-anz Aiiuust, lab, h 411 State 
Rosenthal Fannie, b 1003 Harrison 
Rosenthal Hascall, trav agt, h 1003 Harrison 
Rosenthal Isaac, bkkpr La Porte Woolen Mills, h 1003 Har- 
Rosentiial ilaria, b 1003 Harrison ^ 

Ross Fannie M, b 1102 Maple av ^ 

Ross Justin ?, woodworker La Porte Carriage Co, h '^ 

22,5 e Main y^ 

Ross Mary, wid Charles, h s e cor State and Monroe 1. 

Ross Nancy L, wid George C, h 1102 Maijle av ~ 

Ilostrwski Stephen, boilerrakr, b 123 Park 
Roumpagel Henrv, painter La Porte Carrias;e Co, h 1 ' 

110 C 
Royal Fire Ins Co of Liverpool, J Vene Dorland agt, r 5 and 

6 Scott blk 
Rudd Margaret, milliner, 713 Michigan av, U cor Main and 

Rudd "Win, r 824^ Main 
Rumely Aloysius J, student, h 1111 State O3 

Rumely Christina, h 1111 State Ci 

KIJ.TIEI.Y C« ill. Meinard Rumely Pres and Genl Mngr, 

Wm M Rumely Vice Pres and Supt, Joseph J Rumely Cj 

Sec and Treaa, Mnfr Farm Engines and Threshing 

Machines, n w cor Main and Madison See adv inside 

back cover 
Rumely John R, h 110.5 Maple av 
KII.TIBI.Y JOiSKPH J, Sec and Treas M Rumely Co, n 

h 108 C Jf) 

KUilIELY ITIEIIX'RAD. Pres and Gen Mngr M Rame- |h 

ly Co. h nil State ^| 

Rumely Meinrad jr, mach, h 1111 State ^ ^^ 

Rumely JIarie P, trimmer, h 1111 State gi^p 

Rumely Theresa, h 1111 State 2°3 

KU.nELY Will i\. Vice Pres and Supt M Rumely Co, o|2 

h s e cor Harrison and Chicago 0°'^ 

Rupei J Brenton (J B Rupel & Co), h 1100 Monroe 5 1*^ 

Rupel J B & Co (J Brenton Rupel and Ransford T Messinger), g^iQ 

grain and seed, rear 701 Main le'S'^ 

Russell Frank, b 301 D l^^ 

Russell Frederick, blksmith. h 213 Norton "J^ 

IlllJoSKKT JOIIi\ W, Prop Crystal Spring Brewery, ^^ 

cor Tyler and Lake, h 1212 Washington See adv ° ^\ 

Rust Sarah A, wid Wm W, b 911 Jackson ? 18 

Rust Wm W. hostler, r 613 Main || 

Ruthenberg Louise, wid John, h 200 Washington °^ 

Ryan Sophia, dressmkr, 824^ Main, h same » 




Xi Urnnld *''*" 'ooklng for Weddino or other 
H MlLUm, gifts, call on U8. We have many beau- 
Cor. Main A WIch., Ave. t Hul articles In silver an d fancy goods. 

96 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

U ^ Ryan Wm, watchman, b 505 Micbigan av • 
rt _;- Ryckman David F, rivet boy, h 70(Ji Main 
g « Ryckman Elizabeth, wid David, h 706^ Main 


r-. ^ Saber Minnie, dom, b 1201 Mapel av 

rt ^ Subin Ruth C (The), Mrs Carrie Shanlev matron, 1C03 Micb- 

U r igan av ' 

B Sager Andrew, carp, b 102 C 

tj ■J^ Sager Joseph, carp, h 102 C 

^ ^' St Paul's German Evangelical Church, Rev Jacob Linden- 

^ myer, pastor, n w cor Main and Perry 

^ j St Rose's School, conducted by the Sister's of the Holy Crosa, 

^ C oil lviug6 ' 

.Q Sale Julia, wid Thomas "W, h 1201 Main 

£ X Sallee James, sec and treas The Gray Sanitarium, h Chica<^o 

:; jg Illinois ° ' 

^ Sallwasser Gustavus C, comp, b Teegarden Hotel 

(T g Sallwasser Henry, carp, h 1013 JIadison 

5 5 Sallwasser Herman W, elk circuit court, office court house, h 

ijj ^ 1013 Madison ' 

U 3 Sallwasser John R, carp, h 216 F 

rt^ a Sallwasser TiUie J, b 1013 Madison 

^ Saloff Christena, weaver, b 206 Washington '■' - ■ 

• SalofI Sophia, dressmkr, h 20G Washimnon 
(J Salong John, b 409 F ° ' ,;| 

OSalong Theodore, lab. h 409 F 
Saluski Frederick, carp, h 415 Woodward 
Salzgr Edward, mach, h 308 Perry 
V Salzwedel Albert, lab, h 502 Virainia 
^ Salzwedel Elmer, eng, h 502 »Vir|inia 

Sampson Robert, lurkish bath room, 720 Michigan av h 306 
M Maple av " 

Q Sarber Amos G, deputy county clerk, h 1105 Jefferson 
^ Sargent Adelaide, wid, h 414 Jefferson 
(JJ Sarver John L, carp, h G02 Slate 
r-i Sass Bertha, dom, b 901 Michio-an av 
•H Sass John, bottler, h 309 Tyler" 
^ Sass Mary, wid John, h 309 I 
K^ Sass Robert, molder, b 309 I 
K^ Sass Wm, engr, h 111 Carter 

. Sauers Minnie, dom, b 20S Noble 
K^ Sautter David G, engr, h 207 D 
1^ Sautter Louise, weaver, b 207 D 
^ Sayre Charles, painter, b An.lerson House 
Scahlo Frederick, h 206 Walker 


E. G. SHORT, Propr. 




Scahlo Minnie, searastiess, b 20G Walker 

Sceaice John C, milliner, 700 Main, h 108 e Main 

Scearce Jobn V, carp, b 108 e Main 

Scbadosky Charles, lab. b Camp Colfax 

Schadosky Dora, wid Christian, L Camp Colfax 

Schadosky Edward F, elk, works 714 Slain, h Camp Colfax 

ScLadowsky Louis, lab, h 506 G 

Scbaed'er Joseph, boilermkr, h 201 F 

Schaeffer Martin, h 201 F 

Schafer Edward N (Verweire & Schafer), h State 

iScharf Emma, weaver, b 307 Scott 
• Scharf Henry, lab, h 209 Norton 

Scharf John, scourer, L 307 Scott 

Scharf Louise, weaver, b 307 Scott 

Schanmann, Anton, blksniilb helper, h 415 D 

Schaumnnn Emma, weaver, b 415 D 

Schaumann Rose, weaver, b 415 D 

Schellhammer Anton, carpet weaver, 205 F, h same 
^Schellhammer Frederick T, b 205 F 

Schellhammer Peter, mach helper, b 205 F 

Schellhammer Tilla, b 2o5 F 

Scherf Mary, weaver, b 416 C 

Schermeyer Edith, dom, b 802 Michigan av 

!«iCIIII>LIi\<>; \V,1I !•:, mngr La Porte Cycle Exchange, 
h 701 Maple av 

!$CIIII/rZ J05<I:PII, Bi:CWl.\r.i CO, Christ Noll 
agt, cor Clay and Washington 

Schirmeyer Frederick, painter, h 1400 Jefferson 

Schlorff John, lab, h 502 Tecumseh 

Schmid Autone, tailor, r OOOit Main 

Schmidt Adolph, student, b 1302 Wa?hiDgton 

Schmidt Andrew, lab, h 402 I 

Schmidt August, twister, b 402 Scott 

Schmidt Caroline, wid John, h 402 I 

Schmidt Clements, lab, b 815 Ruiiiely 

Schmidt Emma C J. dressmkr, 1302 Washington, b same 

Schmidt Emma M, b 312 Niles- 

Schmidt Ferdinand A B, lab, b 1302 Washington 

Schmidt Ferdinand J, tmstr, h 1302 Washington 

Schmidt Harry P, cooper, 005 Ohio, h 815 Rumely 

Schmidt Henry, cooper, b 815 Rumely 

Schmidt John H. lab, b 402 I 

Schmidt Louis (Kaber k Schmidt), h 312 Niles 

Schmidt Mary, seamstress, b 815 Rumely 

Schmidt Sophia, teacher, b 815 Rumely 

Schmidt Wm, cooper, b 815 Rumely 

Schmitt Catherine, wid Mattlieiis. b 102 AllcH 

Schneider Henry T, carp, h 510 F 




a 2! 


P Q 

MOORE & WEAVER, cement, sash. Doors. 

Blinds. &c. 
Corner Jackson A Main St s.. La Porte. 

98 K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Schneider Julia, wid Wni, b 516 F 
Sclineider Peter, mach hd, h 515 E 

Schnewind Josepli, cigar mnfr, 607 Michigan av, h 1210 Indi- 
ana av 

^ Schnewind Samuel, cigarmkr, h 1210 Indiana av 

a o Schoetler Lama, sponler, b Camp Colfax 
^ p^ Schoctler IMinnie, weaver, b Camp Colfax 

tii-a Scliotf Fredericit, harnessmkr, ii 1605 Jlonroe 

.S § Schoff Henrv. blksmith, works La Porte Carriage Co, 

-g >, h 506 Ridge 

3 ^ Schoff John, harness and saddlery, 1016 Main, h 510 Ridge 
S 0) Schoff Wm, harnessmkr, h 1607 Monroe 
•3 ^ Schrader Charles F, cigarmkr, h 616 4th 

S g" Schrader Charles L, lab, h 616 4th 

§ 3 Schrader John, tobacco stripper, h 616 4th 
O a Schroeder Bertha, dom 708 Jefferson 

. j2 Schroeder Caroline, wid John, h e 3 E 1st s of 2d 

gj ^ Schroeder E.iitli, weaver, b 407 E 

.2 a Schroeder Emma E, decorative art rooms, 620 Main, h Wash- 

^ '^ ingtoD 

fo §> Schroeder Emma L, dressmkr, 505 Monroe, h same 

S •;g Schroeder Ernest, blksmith, h 104 C ' 

O g; Schroeder Ernest, lab. h Camp Colfax 

•g J) Schroeder Frederick, lab. h Camp Colfax 

5 a Schroeder Henry, h 313 H 

g ^ Schroeder Henry, b Camp Colfax 

g Schroeder Henry A, painter La Porte Carriage CO, h 
.^ "^ 505 xMonroe ^ ' 

_^^ Schroeder Herman W, blksmith, works 609 Monroe, h e s E 
^ ^ 1 s of 6th 

O^ Schroeder Jacob F, lab, h 107 Ridge 
O.-^ Schroeder John, lab, h 407 E 
^0 Schroeder John jr, butcher, b 407 E 
<<5 a Schroeder John C, trastr, 423 Main, h 207 Sutherland 
<i Schroeder Louis, tmstr, h 300 H 
^ Schroeder Louise, dom, b 316 F 
ll}ti Schroeder Martin, mach, h 104 B 
^5 Schroeder Mary N, spinner, h 309 H 
~;^ Schroeder Myra. wid Wra C, h 505 Monroe 
^J Schroeder Sophia, wid Henry, h 316 F 
—J Schroeder Wm, lab, h 515 Scott 
O Schroeder Wm, lab. b e s E 1st s of 2d 
^ Schroeder Wm, lab, h e s E Ist s 6th 

^ Schroeder Wra C, stamping patterns, 620 Main, h Washington 
0- Schultz August, mach hd, b Camp Colfax 
^ Schultz Caroline, dressmkr. 201 Ridge, b same 
^ Schultz Charles F. bkkpr 716 Main, h 102 Teegarden 
"-■ Schultz Christ, tmstr, h Camp Colfax 


jVIeissner's Pliarmacij. 820 Main St.. La Porte. 

A Competent Ph armacist always In charge. 


Schultz Edward, baker 702 Main, h Camp Coifax 
Schullz Elizabeth, wid Jolin C, b 217 Railroad 
XfllUliTZ FieA.Ml I., Grocer, 405 2d, h 211 E. 

Scbiiltz f^-ederick (Schultz & Kabelin), h 101 Scott 

Schultz Frederick R, trastr, h Camp Colfax 

Schultz Henry, lab, h 310 E 

Schultz Henrv. mason, h 218 L 

Schultz Heniian, lab, h 201 Ridae -. ' ■ ' '' :' 

Schultz Herman E, elk, b E near city limits 

Schultz John R, pedler, h 111 Scott . • Q 

Schultz Joseph, lab, h 401 Niles !_,, 

Schultz Louis, mason, li 222 L ■ ' f—f- 

Schullz Wra, carp, b 310 E • rn 

Schultz Wm. lab, h 315 Rose ^ 

Schultz Wm J, elk, h 111 Scott O 

SCHULTZ A: KABII>E:\ (Frederick Schultz and hH 

Frederick Kabileu) Painters and Decorators, 515 Main —^ 

Schulz Anna, wid, h 101 Norton H 

Schulz Anna C, seamstress, b 415 F \J 

Schuiz Herman F W, lab, h llM Park ,_j. 

Schulz John M, srxton Patton's Cemetery, h 707 John p, 

Schulz Joseph, lal), h 415 F t-^ 

Schulz Nettie, spinner, b 415 F rt" 
Schulze Catherine D, wid Frederick, h 101 Scott 

Schulze Frederick, painter, b 101 Scott ^ 

Schumacher Charles, papier mache mkr. h 1214 Rumely W 

Schumncher Emma L, seamstress, b 1518 Scott 

Schumacher Joseph, lab, h 1518 Scott C 

Schumm Christian, elk, ii 302 C CO W 

Schumm Jacob, grocer. 1014 Main, h 302 C ^" 

Schumm Louis (A Backhaus & Co), h 216 B ''] 

Schumm Louis jr, bench hd, h 309 A [^ Pl 

Schumm Rose, b 216 B ^[f] 

Schumm Sophia, dom Depot Hotel ^ Q 

Schuster Gottlieb J, teacher, b 215 G 
Schutler Anna, dom, b 1202 Maple av 
Schutler Christian, lab, h 604 John 

Schuttler Frederick, lab, h Camp Colfax 5 

Schuttler Lena, wid Joseph, h Camp Colfax ,^ D3 

Schuttler Minnie, weaver, b Camp Colfax r* ^ 

Schwadler August, iiubmkr, h Camp (.'olfax ^ [h 

Schwadler Charles, mach, b Camp Coll'ax (f, pj 
Schwadler Wm, helner La Porte Carriage Co, hCamp ^ n 

Colfax " ^ 

Schweder August, lab. h Camp Colfax X 

Schweder Hanna M, b 212 F [jx 

Schweder John M, lab, li 212 F ^ 

Schweder Louis, lab, h Camp Colfax - 

(l Ol0 6V.'-^^;'"'^L"''.'°."'«''*'''"'-"fl8' Chemicals 
Lii yju kjiuvuujj Patent Medicines, Wall Paoer. &c 

R. h. POLK & CO.'s 

■g Sohwedei- Martin, lab, b Camp Colfax 

U Schweder Nora, spinner, b Camp Colfnx 

u Schweder Sophia C, dressmkr, 2i2 F, b same 

r^m ''Schweitzer Frederick, mason, h 208 Division 

2s ^'^ToSDivilion^' ^''''""" ""^ '*°'*® Carriage Co, h 

~:;:; Schwieger Wm, lab, h 416 11 

V fi Schwiem Wm, wood worker La Porte Carriage Co, b 

"~ 2 tilaine "=* ' 

Og Schwiem Wm, lab, h 1005 Plain 

UJfc SchwiemAVmjr, woodworker La Porte Carriage Co. 

O h Blaine ^ ' 

03 S Schwingendorf Frederick, boilerrakr, b 132 Madison 
jjj Scotnev Charles J, tinner, h 1208 Jefferson 

dg Scott Emmet, student, b 311 Jeflerson 

Scott Hon Emmet H. mayor. City Hall bldg, pres Northern 

-^ Indiana Orphans' Home and vice pres and treas Niles <fe 

< Scott Co, h 311 Jefferson 

CC Scott Evelyn, b 1006 Michigiin av 

03 Scott Gertrude, b 1006 Michi^^an av 

■« ^ro'r'r'iir^ '!ii Sc Paul•s^'hurch, h 1006 Michigan av 
5SCOI I WiTI jll, Photographer, 814 xMain, h 1-112 Michi- 
,j, gan av 

,Q ai Seaggi-L-en Frederick, lab. h 308 I 

O ? Searl George C, contractor, 409 Harrison, h same 

m *J Sebert Charles, h 101 Clayton 

jH a Sebert Lawrence, molder, b 710 Jefferson 

,^ 2 Seese Charles, lab. b 506 A 

*j Seese Christian, lab, h .506 A 

g ^eose Otto, lab, b 506 A 

o Sertens George, h 002 Maple av ^ -:. 

^0 Seger Joseph, mach hd, h 102 C 

^ rt Seibert August, lab, h 101 Sutherland 

M *3 Seibert Edward II, tinner, h lUl Jackson 
Q ^ Seidler Christian, lab, b 609 Scott 

q ^ Seidler Josei)h, car inspector, h 609 Scott 

i-i Seiferth George, cook Standard Hotel, b same 

U Self Charles, lab, h 113 Mechanic 

g Selig Moses, lab, h 309 J 

, Selky Charles, butcher, r 1002 Main 

'^ Sell F August, painter, h 1151 

'P Sell Hannah, wid Peter, h 115 I 

^ Selmer Frank, lab, 1) .M.dicine, out of city limits 

r^ Semler Jacob, baker 902 Main, h 207 I 

V Sensow Anna, dom, b 1417 Indiana :.v 

5 Sensow Ludwig, tmstr, h cor P^ox and Woodward av , 

r Sensum John wood wooker La Porte Carriage Co, b 

TJio only praotlotti Baftineum and Shortbanrf SohooJ in 

jNortbern jnd/ana-The Michioan Citv BusiHCSS College 

C. F. COMPTON, President. 


Seppey John M. notary public, 706 Main, h 1502 Main ^ 
Sei-vis Louis A, camlynilir, b 720 Main [_, 
Severs Jospph, hod carrier, b La Porte [ 
Severs Peter, lab, h La Porte [Tj 
Severs Peter jr. lab, b La Porte ' k^ 
Sevet Frederick, lab, h Camp Colfax '^ 
Sevet Lena, weaver, b Camp Colfax ^> 
Seyburt Charles, 502 Michigan av, h 101 Clayton ►— ^ 
Seymour Eliza, wid Charles, b 1414 Jefferson -^ 
Seymour George F (George S Seymour & Sons), h Indian- Q 
apolis, Ind i—j 
Seymour George S (George S Sevmoiir & Sons), pres La Porte l^' 
B of F U, 804 Main, h 202 Harrison pO 
SEYMOIJU (;iLOK4;K « Jt SO^S (George S, Wal- 
ler W, George F and Paul H Seymour), Insurance and pO 
Ileal Estate, 715 Indiana av 
Seymour Grant, molder, h 1200 Washington (J 
Seymour Mame, milliner, 715 Michingan av, h 501 Maple av /^ 
Seymour Paul II (George S Seymour & Sons), h Ann Arbor, y^ 

Seymour Sarah J, wid Ira, h 1111 Maple av *~^ 

Seymour Sarah J, wid Otto, h 501 Jefferson '~^ 

Seymour Walter W (George S Seymour & Sons), h Chicago, ^ 

Illinois ^ 
Shatlar Charles J, real estate, b 103 McCoUum ■^ ' 

Shaffer John, pastmaster, h 409 Jefferson <-^ 

Shallow John, broommkr, h iill Spurloclc ^ 

Shallow John, lab, h 207 Ilolcomb CAi 

Shallow Lewis, broommkr, b 311 Spurlock 

Shane Frank H, student, b Standard Hotel f 

Shanley Carrie Mrs, matron The Ruth C Sabin Home, b same S — ^ 

Shanley Patrick, lab, b 1003 AHchigan av 2 L! 

Shannon Asa C, bkkpr, h 1001 Harrison 3! H 

Shannon Henry C, bkkpr, h 1001 Harrison Z. "^ 

Shaw Susan, wid Wm H, h 114 Patton f ^ 

Shcff'er Erving, painter, b 316 e Main | pg 

Sberter Wm B, painter, h 310 e ALain 5L >j^ 

Sheffer Wm R, carp, h 216 e Main ? ^^ 

Sheldon Edward, h 605 State | CO 

Sheldon Eliza, wid Correll C, b 715 Rose s. -rj 

Sheldon Hannah A, wid Charles, h 1302 Clay f W 

Sherrt' John, painter, works La Porte Carriage Co, h " I^ 

cor 5th and C § h-. 

Sherick Harrison, lineman, h 205 Washington | ►-< 

Sherman Ciirrie, trimmer, h 713 Jefferson s- 2 

Sherman JIaria M A, wid Lycurgus, h 1010 Monroe . J^ W 

Sheron Jackary, stone cutter, b 306 State = 

Shindler Charles, lab, b 1411 Main " 

Meissoer's Pliamacii, 820 Main St., La Porte, 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Q Shindler Louis A, elk. b 1411 Main 

-H Shindler Wm, h 1411 Main 
n ^ Shoemaker Frederick, well digger, h 207 J 
\x\^ Shoemaker Frederick jr, cigarmkr, h 207 J 
rq ^ Shoemaker Henry, lali, b 207 J ; '' ' 

^K^ Shoemaker Minnie, weaver, b 207 J 
\l\r_. Shoeman Charles H, barber, b 107 Tecumseh 
^t^ JKIIOKT ED.TIl^^D ii, Propr HolelTeegarden, h same 
rp.W See right top lines 

"'' U Shreve W Clark, h 008 State • 

pb- Shultz Anna, wid Anthony, h 906}^ Main 
, rj Shultz Augusta, wid Christian, h 1207 Indiana av 
|Z|<j Shultz Emma, elk, b 1207 Indiana av 
Qrh Shultz Emma E, elk, h 1207 Indiana av 
T-N^ Shultz Frank B, news agt, h COS State 
^rj Shultz Frederick, lab. b 411 E 
RM] Shultz Herman C, elk, h 1009 Washin'-ton 
[Qq Shultz Maggie, h G05 State 

.M Shnltz Wm F, wood worker La Porte Carriage Co. h 

[M 217 Railroad ^ ' 

^ Shulz Herman, shoemkr, 1511 Main, h same 
0) Shupp John L, h 215 e Main 
Shutterow Emma, dom, b 511 Maple av 
^ Siebert Christian, lab. b 302 I ' 

^ Siegel Cynthia, wid Martin, b 302 Mechanic 
■"O Siegel Martin J, gardener, h 302 Mechanic 
O Sicgert Emma, dom, b 1207 Michigan av 
O Siegert Julia, asst Dr E J Church, h 308' Stb 
J5* Sievert John, eng, h 209 G 
►^ Siezruen Louise, weaver, b 308 I 
I-;-; Silbersdorf Frederick, lab, h 105 Norton 
rH Siljestron Olof J Rev, pastor Swedish Lutheran Church h 
rt 108 G 

, — , Silliman John B. pump dealer, also elk City Water Board 
rt 109 J, h 810 Tyler 

O Simon Charles, h lOOS State 
U «'mou Charles A (Paxton Vet Med Co and Simon & Miller), 
h 107 II ^' 

C .SIiTIOiX Sc ITIILLER (Charles A Simon and Wm L 
O Miller), Boots. Shoes and Groceries, 1008 Main 

P^ Simons Frederick II, teacher, h 1403 Monroe 
Ci Simons Wm, lab, r 715J Main 
p_^ Simpson Washington W, wks La Porte Carriage Co. 
h 1208 Jellerson ^ 

r^ SI.\GEIt .n^'FC; CO (TIIE), G Herman Zahrt mDcr, 
C 707 Main 

^ .Slaght Craig W, cigarmkr, h 1509 Michigan av 
><^ Slaght Frances C, wid Nathaniel, h 1509 Michigan av 





T \Tf^-ne^ "Dr^rlnnrl General Insurance Agency. Rep- 

J . V enc X-yUI lanu, resent only the best Companies. 

La Porte, Ind. Fire, Life, Tornado and Accident. 


Slates Nellie, dora, b 313 Main , . ^ 

Smith Alonzo, Imslr, u 313 Park ' ' *' 

Smith Andrew, pedler, h 101 e Main ' _,^ 

Smith Charles, lab, li 101 I O 

Smith Charles H, painter La Porte Carriage Co, h 
1301 Washington 

Smith Clarence W, transfer man U S Ex Co, h 206 Jefferson 

Smith Emma, b 101 e JIain 

Smith p:tta, dom Lay's rir>tel, h 402 Scott 

Smith Eugene E, tel opr, b Lake Shore Depot Hotel 

Smith George, jiainter, b 411 State 

Smith George W, lab, h 301 4lh 

Smith Grant, carriage painter, h 115 I >/> 

Smith Harriet A, b 502 Jetlerson 

Smith Henry, lab, h 102 Chestnut (\0 

Smith Henry H, cook, h rear 107 Railroad 

Smith James H, grain, h 1205 INIonroe ^^ 

Smith John, shoeinkr, h 505 Jackson 

Smiih John C. cooper, h 915 Scott 

Smith Julius J, harnessrakr, b 20G Jefferson 

Smith Lizzie, nurse Gray's Sanitarium, b same 

Smith Mary E. book binder, h 201'. Jefferson 

Smith Nancy, wid Nathanial, h 411 State 

Smith Natlian. blksmith, b 506 State 

Smith Philip E, trav salesman, 902A Main, h Ist 

Smith Robert W, lab, h 214 Mechanic 

Smith Samuel M, boots aut shoes, 717 Main, h 307 Wash- 

Smith Will R, elk, b 200 Jefferson 

Smith Wm C, lab, b 5o5 Jackson 

Smith Wm G, tmstr, h 310 Park 

Smith Wm T, mach hd, li 806 Tyler 

Smith Wm W, patternmkr, h 206 Jefferson 

Smith Wilson, blksmith, h 302 Perry 

Snider Nicholas, lab, h s e cor D and 4tli 

Snyder Aaron H, mach, b 602 Chicago 

Soljble Wm, lab, b 115 J 

Soliday James E, tmstr, h 502 State 

Solner Joseph, inason, li 1100 Majile av 

Sowers Amos N, pastor Unitarian Church, h 1706 Monroe 

Sommerfield Abraham (Snmmcifield Bros), h 106 North 

Sommeifield Bros (Charles N and Abraham), junk, 106 North 

Sommerfield Charles N (Sommerlicld Bros), h 106 North 

Sommerfield Clara, b 106 North 

Sommerfield Rosalie, wid John, h lOG North 

Sonneborn Charles F, sporting goods, 710 Main, h 112 Tipton 

Sonneboru Frank C, foreman The Herald, h 202 Maple av 

Oijerreicli Hrnold, l"en^7ro?aVoStSrTeJ:c"e"arhK? 

Cor. Main &. Mich.. Ave. of purpose, in selecting the very best 
104 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

J Sorgen Paul, helper, works La Porte Carriage Co, li 

^ 320 Park 

<\ Souers Rose, dom, b 302 McCoUum 
Q Southwick Percy, student, b 106 B 
T\ Sowers John, carp, b Anderson House 
^ Spaeth Carl A, drug elk, h 305 F 
Spaeth Emma, b 305 F 

Spaeth f:ncjene (Spaeth <fe Studlev), h 305 F 
SPAETH & STIJDLEY (Eugene Spaeth and Wm H 
Studley), Druggists, Dealers in Wall Paper and Decora- 
tions, Paints, Oils and Druggists' Sundries, 812 Main 
See left top lines 
Spahn Jacob (Spahn & Wagner), r n w cor Washington and 

SPAH\\ & AVA«.\ER (Jacob Spahn and Gustav H 
Wagner), Mufrs Mineral and Soda Water, n w cor Wash- 
inulon aud Clay 
SPOKE WAKKEiX D, Agt U S Ex Co, h 205 Main 
Spreng Isaac E, watchnikr, h 114 Patton 
Squier Willis A, coinp, b L'ly's Hotel 
2h Slack James, switchman, h 1112 Lake 
Oj Stack Thomas, h 1112 Lake 
® StttlTenhagen Rudolph, elk, h 402 Virginia 
" Stahl Albert J, ins agt, S14 Main, pres La Porte Electric Co, 
h 1029 Indiana av 
^3 Stahlberg Christian, lab, h 213 Sutherland 
_• Stahlberg Frederick, b 213 Sutherland 
Q *< Stahlberg John, lab, h 612 McCollum 

0,^ Stahlberg John F, lab, h 327 Virginia 
I Staley Lillie M, music teacher, 210 Tecumseh, b same 
M Staley Lorenzo L, stenog, h 210 Tecumseh 
JS 3 Staley Martin V B, h 210 Tecumseh 
^ I StaleV Olin A, lab, b 210 Tecumseh 

lamer James, boilermkr, b out of city limits 

landard Hotel, Benjamin W Myers propr, 718 and 720 Indi- 



O-; ana av 

S Stanley Leonard, b 1022 Main 

[Ha Stanley Leonard, lab, h 213 Grove 

^^~ Stanton Cynthia, wid Bcnajah, h 1302 Clay 

H 5 Stanton Jane F, wid, h 1312 Jefferson 

H 3 Stanton Walter W, dairy, 715 Rose, h same 

1^ 3 Staples Anna, trimmer, 715 Michigan av, b Jefferson 

JS SJ Starr Meta L, teacher, h 130G Indiana av 

r C Starry Augustus, molder, b 608 State 

.a State Investment Insurance Company of California, J Vene 
K u Dorland agt. r 5 and 6 Scott blk 

K ", Staudinger Albert J, butcher, b 201 Allen 

r 'A Staudinger Charles K, painter, b 201 Allen 

The only First Class Hotel in 
La Porte. E. G. Short, Propr. 


Staudinger Jacob, butcher, h 201 Allen '"^ 

titaudinger John F. printer, b 201 Allen ■. ' • ". CT^ 

Staudiniier Mary B. b 201 Allen ' ' ," *-^ 

Staver Pklith, b 401 Scott . ; '. " ". '^ 

Staver Emma, dom, b 1002 Jeffersoii ' ' *~\ 

Staver Frank, carp, b 401 Scott 1 ^ 

Staver Louis, lab, b 401 Scott fTJ 

Staver Louis jr, engr, h 401 Scott hh 

ytedman John J (Stedraan & Carson), h 110 1st V^ 

Sledraan & Carson (John J Stedman and Frank R Carson), C^ 

dentists, 902i Main rn 
Steel Benjamin, h 80S E 
Steffenhagen Rudolph, elk 902 Main, h cor Virginia and 

Rumelv <^ 

Steigely Emily, b 1201 Jefferson ^ 

Steigely Frederick W, meat market, 1002 Main, h 1201 Jef- m 

ferson ^> 

Stein Carl, elk Lav's Hotel, b same l__i 

Stein Freda, dom Lay's Hotel O 
Steinfcldt Dena, h 014 Indiana av 

Steinfeldt Frederick, Hour and feed, 614 Indiana av, h same n 

Steinfcldt Frederick jr, elk, h 614 Indiana av S 3 

SteinfeldfJohn, h 916^ Main '' ^ = 

Stelter Edward, engr, b 105 K f" S 

Stem Nellie, b 1515 1st > " 

Stem Wm E, night despatcber, h 1515 Jefferson r^ re 

Stemer Theodore, boilermkr, 1) 410 C z ^ 

Stemmvel Frederick, lab, h S02 Ridge m .< 

Stemwell John, lab, h 515 F S *• 

iStenstrum Ernest, carp, h 211 Woodson ^"^ 

Stephenson Wra. farmer, b 206 e Main ' g> 5; 

Stern David W, bkkpr, li 1306 Indiana av S" ^ 

Sternberg Isaac, jnnk, 1401 Clay, h same -o ^ 
Sternberg Louis D, trav salesman, 703^ Michigan av, h. Clay J -^ 

Stevens Don F, painter, h 1203 Washington '2. o 
Stevens Harry S, painter, works I>a Poric Carriage S" 2. 

Co, h 1203 Washington -■" S 

Stevens Svlvanus, lab, h 1329 Washington ^ » 

Stevens Wm C, freight agt L S & M S, h Oil Adams i o 
Stevenson August L, woodwkr La Porte Carriage Co, co =■ 

h 1302 Scott = 2 

Stevesand Annie, dom, b 1312 Indiana av i^ ™ 

Sievesand Isaac L, mach. h 601 Monroe r- 2: 

Stevesand John, lab, h 507 F !J, ? 

Stevsand Christian, lab, h 330 Virginia ? 

Stevsand Frederick, lab. b 303 Virginia f ^ 

Stevsand John, lab, h 1402 Scott 5- - 

Stevsand Ludwig, fireman, h 314 E ^ ^ 

Cor. Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

I06 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

i Stewart Helen F, b 1202 Main 

% Stewart John D, elk, h 1202 Main 

g Stewart John D jr, hardware, 712 Indiana av, b 1202 Main 

tm Stewart Phoebe, wid Samuel, b 715 Ridge 

•S Stewig Daniel D, carp, h Camp Colfax 

o Stewig Isaac W, cigariukr, h 91G 3d 

^ jj Stielow Frederick, farmer, h 409 G 

^ g Stocker DeWitt C, millwright, h 109 Hariison 

-g Stocker Jennie, b 109 Harrison 

tji g Stockgen Reinhold, harnessrakr, h 415 C 

.S !S Stoefsand Christ, lab, h 330 Virginia 

fi "5 Stotfer Lizzie, dom, b 1312 Michigan av 

j^ A Stone Burt A, fireman, h 004* Main 

. -d .Stone Edward A, carp, h 101 Maple av 
■o (g Storey George H, supt water works, h 321 Main 
i-H g Stowell Mary E, h 802 Perry 
^ > Straley Elizabeth, wid Henry, h 503 State 
5 2 Stralev Mary, h 503 State 
a " Streng Alexis, lab, h I'Ol F 

ga Strobel Michael, lab, h 111 K ..,, • 

2 o Stroner Robert, mason, h 910 Michigan av 
.JJ § Strong James C. foreman, h 72n_i,^ Michigan av 
S O Strong James C, foreman shipping dept La Porle Car- 
riage Co, h 1209 State 
^ EXCIIAAGE (THE), Frank R Marsh Mugr, 7054 

(J Main o . 3 

Struss Charles, carp, h 502 C 
K^ Struss Christian C, elk, h 41'0 G 
^ Struss Frederick A, carp, h Camp Colfax 

Struss Henry, blksmith, h 410 G 
\> Struss Win F, beuder, h 716 4th 

y Stuck James, lamp trimmer Electric Co, h cor Clay and State 
pLj Stuck James J, carp, h C02 State 

^ Stuckie Edward J, foreman car inspectors L S & M S, h 707 
'^ Rose 



Studer Anton, lab, h 102 Allen 

Studley Wm A (Spaeth & Studley), h 1033 Madison 

Sulke Charles, butcher, b 504 Madison 

Sullenden John R, ice agt, h 207 Walker 
>_i Sullender Robert 1, bricklayer, h 109 :\radison 
hIh Sullivan John L, scenic artist, h 110 D 
^ Sullivan Wm C. plasterer, h 609 Woodward 
^ Sun Fire Ins Co, of London, J Vene Borland a.r't, r 5 an 
t— I Scott blk 

<I^ Sutherland Orlando L, physician, 722 Main, h 1400 Clay 
-Q Swader Henry, lab, h 103 Park 
f^ Swan Charles A, deputy county recorder, h Warwick 

Mf^iccn^r'c PVinrrmri;- Our Motto: Purity in Medl- 
eiSSner S I narmacy, cines and scrupulous care 
820 Main Street, La Porte. in Compounding. 


Swan Frederick, elk, b 1309 Monroe ^> 

Swan George F, couuty recorder, office Court House, h War- . 

Swanberg Frank, b 1009 Washington . (^ 

Swanson August, bartender, b 1308 State 
Swanson Cliristena, wid Peter, h 114 1 
Swanson Ida, doin, b 100 II 
Swanson Ida, b 416 D 

Swanson J Leonard, letter carrier, b Meyer House 
Swanson Levina E, elk. li 114 I 
Swanson Minnie, dom, b 1108 Jefferson 

Swanson Molhe, teacber, b 41G D CO 

Swanson Peter, carp, bds 504 Madison (~^ 

Swanson Sadie, teacher, b 114 I 
Swanson Sophia, dora, b 1540 Michigan av 
Swanson Swan, b 302 G 

Swanson Swan A (Peterson & Swanson), h 1009 Madison 
Swartz John N, li llTj Palton l__i 

Swarlz Nicholas, fireman, b 113 Patton O 

Swedish Lutheran Church, cnr 1st and G 
Sweet Dora, dressmkr, 710 Main, h same 
Sweet Jasper, editor, h 74 Maple av 

Sweet Mary E, principal Paik .School, b 700 Harrison ^ 

Sweet Mary M, wid Hiram, b 709 Harrison ^ 

Sweolman Carrie M, compositor, b 10,5 Maple av " 

Swingendorf Frederick, teamster, h 132 Madison ^ 

Swingendorf Minnie K, h 132 Madison '^ 

T \ 


Taber Allen, h 707 Tipton [ 

Taber P:iiza A, llorist, b 707 Tipton f ^ 

Taber iMary E, florist, li 707 Tipton CO 

Taege August, lab, b GOI John |J]^ ^ 

Taege Joseph, lab, h COl John _, PJ 

Taft George L, trimmer La Porte Carriage Co, r 309 \' t> 

Main f to 

Tag August, lab, b GOI John ^ 0) 

Talbert George A, teacber Central bldg, b Michigan av 2. 

Talbot Ellie, dom, b 1301 Monroe ^ [^ 
Talmage Arthur C, painter La Porte Carriage Co, h 901 p ^ 

State D g 

Talmage M.artha B, wid, h 303 Main ^ O 

Tanke Anna, dom, b 1008 Harrison r» P 

Tanke Edward, carp, b Camp Colfax 2 

Tanke Herman, mach hd, b Camp Colfax CD 

Tanke Otto, drug elk 724 Main, h Camp Colfax ^ 








SPAETH & STUDLEY, - -,„,,,. 

X3ieXJa-G-ISTS, Sia Wlaln Street, LaPorte. 

loS R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

§" Tanke Robert K H, clerk, li 1609 Main 

>. Tanner Daniel, carp, h 920 Rtimely 

k Tanner Lewis A, mnfr carriage trimmings, 804} Monroe, h 

^ 112J 

;^ Tarnow Henry, lab, h 601 Woodward 

Tarnow Wm, lab, h 410 K 

^ Tash Albert E, trav agt, h 1408 Clay 

Tavlor Carrie, b 1305 Monroe 

g Tas lor Cassie M, teacher, b 102 A 

S Tavlor Henry, painter 717 Indiana av, h 308 Division 

£;; i Taylor Loi;an, r e agt, h 1305 Munroe 

>, I Tavlor Nettie J, elk, h 1305 Monroe 

£ 1 Taylor Saloma J, wid Horace G, li 103 McCollum 

(i^ I Taylor Silas E, pres La Porte Printing Co, h 1102 Clay 

>. j Taylor Wm H. meat market, 604 Main, h 301 Jetlersoa 

O J Teeple John P, h 716i Indiana av 

CO (D Teeter Zacbariali. b 507 Rose 

Tegee Sophia, wid John, h 408 G 

relieen John A, wagonmkr, h 507 D 

^ 'S) Ten Ling, laundrym^an, h 512 Main 

j^ Terry James F, lab, h 145 Spurlock 

u. m; Terry Mary, seamstress, b 145 Spurlock 

£ "Z Terry Wm H, painter, works La Porte Carriage Co, h 
o rt ^'^^ Spurlock 

■^^ '-' Terwilliger Minervrrph 117 Park 

til ^ Terwilliger Schuylei Jtbartender. h 117 Park 

^ IM Thayer Clarence, hostler, bds 512 Main 

^ q5 'J'heed Edward A, road master L S & M S, b Depot Hotel 

Tliiermann Minnie, wid Ernest, h 308 G 

r^ Thode Charles, lab. h 505 G 

^ Thode Henry, b 505 G 

p^ Thode Sophia C, dom. b 708 Harrison 

, ] Thode Wm, trastr, L 513 Fox 

K> Tliomas Franklin L. tmstr, b 402 Ohio 

br^ Thomas George, comp, b 608 State 

Jr-ri Thomas George II, works wheel works, b Standard Hotel 

W Thomas Joiin M. tmstr. b 402 Ohio 

O Thomas Martha C, h 402 Ohio 

P^ Thomas Martha C. wid Elias C, b 402 Ohio 

Thomas Mitchell D, tmstr, b 402 Ohio 

03 Thomas Silas V, tmstr, b 402 Ohio 

Thompson Eli, lab, h 404 G 

J>-( Thompson Ezekiel. lab. h 501 Virginia 

<jj Tiiompson James, lab, h 412 INIonroe 

CY^ Thompson Joseph H, carp, h 015 Ridge 

^;^ 'IMirush David (Thrush & Barnum), h 1020 Indiana av 


Tlirush May, b 1020 Indiana 

Educate for business by taking a course in Book-keep- 
ing and Shorthand at the (vICHICAN CITY BUSINESS 
COLLEGE. Write for terms. C. F. COMPTON, President. 


TIIKL^II Jk, n.\l5.\l).TI (David Thnish and Edwiii-d (^ 


A Barmira), Mt-at Market, OOS M 

Tice Jennie E, ilressndir, h G02 Indian 

Tiedmann Bertlia, inilliner, li lOUO Washington P") 

Tiedemann Mary, wid Fredericli, h lOUli Washington V, 

Tiemann Franl<, mach hd, b Camp Colfux J_^ 

Tiemann Fredericit, lab. h Cami) Colfax pv 
Tiemann Minnie, spinnei', b Camp Colfax ," ' - 

Tiemann Sophia, qdller, 1) C:imp Colfax ^~' 

Tillstrora Mary, wid, b 410 D ^^ 

Tilt Charles, trimmer, h 305 Siiort k^ 

Tilt Jennie E, dressmkr. 515^ .Main, h 305 Short ^ 

Tilton Charles E, hostler, b 512 .Main l_^ 

Timm Henry J, tinner, b C02 Indiana av ><-^> 
Timm Julius, carp, h CO".' Indiana av 

Tirnow Wra, jab, h 310 K *^ 

Tonagal Joseph, b 401 I C J 

Tonn Frederielc, lab, h 101 Norton [T\ 
Torger Charles G. carp, h G02 4ih 

Torn John F A, lab, h 401 Runnly • r^ 

Towers Edward G, trav agt l>wi Mriin, h Indiana av -^ 

Tr.acy George C, bllvsmith, h 209 Virginia Cj 

Tracy Lizzie, weaver, b 211 John .; 
Tracy Maggie, dressmkr, h 201 Jolin ^ 

Tracy Jlary, weaver, 1) 211 Jolin ? 

Trac3' Michael, drayman, h 211 John g 

Traders Ins Co of Chicago, J Vene Borland agt, r 5 and 6 ^ ^ 

Scott blk T P 

Trasler John W, painter, h 410 I ^ ^ 

Travis Mnry A, wid Curtis, h 207 E ? -^ 

Travis Sar.ali V, wid John W, b lOiJ.'i .Madison 5' \ 
TKUKfSllKI.Ii C'IIAi:i.I'> II, Attorney at Law, r I | | 

and 2 State Bank l.ldg, N2-1 .\J:iin, h 1402 Indiana av n: I 
Truesdell Harvev. capitali-t. f>24 Main, h 122S Michigan av = II 

Truesdell Mary K, h 122S .Michigan av ^ V 

Trumball Ella A, b 101 Hagenbuck 5. 

Turnbull Fred A, sec Niles A Sc tt Co, h 501 Jefferson Er. 

Tusing Benjamin F (Kisllini: & Tusing), h 112 Kumely <p 

Tuszvnske Kate, tloni 001 .^lichigan av — 

Tuttfe Charles A. elk, b .Main " ° 

Tyrrell Charles R. house mover, h Woodward av € 
.Tyrrell Gilbert R (Fogle. .McCarly A: Co), h 1518 Indiana av 2 

u . . f . 


Uecker Frederick, harnessnikr, h 10fi7 Monroe | 

Ulmer Delia E, itacher, h <tl4;^ Main ^ 


J STREET MILLING CO., 101 J Street, La Porte, Ind. 

1 10 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

n Ulraer Everline M, vvid Geoi-ije, h 9U^ Main 

p'^ Ulrich Charles, blk-mith, GIO Indiana av, h Camp Colf'ix 

tjJZj Ulricli Frederick, cigarnikr 710 Michigan av, h Camp Colfax 

RH Ulrich George, works La Porte Carriage Co, h Camp 
[H] . Colfax 

■ Ulrich Louis, lab, h Camp Colfax 

ir, Ulrich Wm, butcher, 90S Main, h State 

pn Unfurls George, lab, h 40S Jctr>.'rson 

u.Morv cEM'KVi. Liri: i;\siikAi\ce co, 

Earl S Hall Special Agt. Od.l Fellows' BIk 
U.MTED VrATE!««i i:.YI»KE"SS CO, Warren D 
L, 1 ' Spore Agt, 707 Indiana av 

H<j ITnruh WilUner J, elk 719 Michigan av, h 313 Ridge 

Urquliart (Tcorge, works La Porte Carriaee Co, b 114 



.L^ Vader Freeman 11, la'i 423 Main, b 708 Washington 

[i]u| Vail Edith M, b 205 Maple 

(^ Vail Eliza A, dressmkr, 305 Harrison, h same 

(J) Vail Ella D, trimmer, h 206 Maple av 

Vail P^iuily, wid Edward, h 808 Michigan av 

^i^ Vail Emily A, b SOS Michigan av 

^ Vail Joseph E, woodwkr La Porte Carriage Co, b 20G 
T3 Maple av 

O Vail Julianna, wid Augustus W, h 305 Harrison 

^ Vail Kate, b 808 Michigan av 

Vallin Charles .1, cutter, h 1512 Monroe 
Vallin Susan, b 1512 Monroe 

i-^ Vandermark Anna, cook G17 Michigan av, h State 

r^ Vandersypt Charles F. mach, b 514 JNIadisnn 

Ci Vandewalker Martin L, auctioneer, h 813 Kidge 

__ Vangieson Mvron G, woodworker l^a l*«l'le Carriag'C 

rt <;o, h 401 State 

O Van Hunbeck Einil, mach, b 506 State 

i^ Van Kirk James 0, mason, h HIS Monroe 

^ Van Kirk John P, mason, h 1006 Muuioe 

C Van Nest Charles, h 511 Jtlicrson 

O Vanpelt Catherine II, will Alexander, h 102 A 

'y^ Van Pelt Rachel C, wid Sulttm, h 1007 Jelleraon 

rt Vanpelt Sultou, student, b 102 A 

P_( Vauske Frederick, lab, h Camp Colfax 

Ver Noov Oscar, bkki)r, h 1012 Maple av 

r^ Verweire John L (Vcrweire & Schafer), h 1123^ Main 

^ \' !•: 15 \V i: I IC 10 Ai .>C H A I E II (John L Verwei re jind 
r-* Edward N Schafei), Proprs American Steam Lauudrs'. 

'^ 1123Jlaiu 



J. VENE DORLAND, successor to Geo. C. Dorland &, Son, Insurance 
and Real Estate Agent. Abstracts of Title, Deeds and Mortgages 


Vli\CEi\T DOlSie, Physician aud Surgeon, 707 Main, /^ 

h same V> 
Vismund Anna, wid Jacob, b 115 K 

VoelUert John, lab, h 410 J r\ 

Vogt Frank J, elk, h 601 Jefierson V > 
Vogt Henr}', saloon, 1010 Jlain, li same 

Vogt Joseph, saloon, GOG Main, h COl Jeflerson ^ 

Vogt Marv, wid Story, b 309 E ^ 

VOCJT Will J, Bkkpr, also City Clk, h (101 Jefferson 1^ 

Volheiin Caroline, wid Joseph, h s e cor State and Monroe ^, 
Vollieira Hulbert, carp, h 50'J Jackson 

Volheiin Otto, painter, h 403 State [" 

Volkert Charles, lab, h 401 L J_, 

Voorhees Benjamin, h 221 Division [■ 
Voorhees Charles F, plasterer, b 221 Division 
Voorhees Hatlie, b 920 Scott 
Voorus Chai'ks I, stockman, h 402 Fox 

Voss Louis, molder. b 32G F , 

Voss Louise, doni, b 904 Tyler (J) 

w ?r 

Wachs Ella K, clk. h 202 D C] 

Wade Mary, wid Michael, h 507 Michigan av ^/ 

Wade Peter, cigar lunfr, 507 Michigan av, h same Cj 

Wadsworth Dudley L, clk La Porte Carriage Co, h )^ 

1210 Michigan av 

Wadsworth Henry E (Wadsworth & Kessler\ h 1210 Michi- ^ 

gan av =q 

Wadsworth Laura, b 1210 Michigan av |h 

Wadsworth Lulu, b 1210 Michigan av hI 

Wadsworth & Kessler (Henry E Wadsworth and Samuel I » ||^ 

Kessler), pubs and proprs Tlie Argus, 718 and 720 Main ^1i^ 

Wagener Michael, mason, h 402 H 2 ^P 

Wagner Alice C, seamstress, b 1725 State a^^ 

Wagner Angeline C, wid David F, h 212 Harrison o^w 

Wagner Augustus, mineral water, b 1414 Jetlerson S f*^ 

Wagner David F, eng L S & M S. h G04j^ ."Main j'Syj 

Wagner Edie, waitress, b 1725 State u Jc+ 

Wagner Eleanor, wid A J. h 902 Harrison a i^ 

Wagner George, lab, h 1725 State !.|(j 

AVagner George jr, niach lid, b 1725 State ^5<* 

Wagner Gustav H (Spahn & Wagner), r n w cor Washington | ^\ 

and CI. ay ? i I 

Wagner Louise, waitress, b 1725 State || 

Wagner Sarah, teacher Central bldg, b 212 Harrison ^M 

Wagoner Mary E, wid George W, h 312 State ' 

ODerreicli X MM, '^^%[T:nV\T.t':LV^':ii: 

Cor. Main & Mich., Ave. tilul articles in silver and fancy goods. 
112 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

2'^ Waibel Henry, lab. works La Porte Carriage Co, h 

rtS 1208 Jeir.'rson 

P 'Ji Wair James R. mason, b 1208 Clay 

2,^ Wair John E, elk, b 1208 Clay 

j;; ^ Wair Judis S, wid Andrew J, h 1208 Clay ' , 

•^ P Wair Winefred, b 1208 Clay .. j 

^ '^ Waldvogel Jacob, foreman, h Camp Colfax ■*' : •' 

° '^ Wulkei David II. tmstr. h 305 W\isbinoton 

-^^ 2 Walker Elizabeth E, elk, h 301 Washinjilon 

Q ^ Walker Frank O, brakeman, h 50-1 Jackson ■ '-. 

Q S Walker Frederick W, plasterer, h 408 Washington ■ . ■; 

*^ 3 Walker George W, student, b 3IU Washington 

C ,J Walker Harry, ball player, b 301 Washington ' ■ 

j:i *• Walker James, boilermkr, b 501 Indiana av 

Walker James T, llang turner, 1) German Hotel 

Walker John F. constable, 804 Main, h 301 Washington 

Walker Julia, dressmkr, 515>4 Main 
p ^ Walker Lizzie E, elk, b 301 Washington 
n "* Walker Ward E. student, b 305 Washiniiton 
^ ^ Wallace John L, co.ik Hotel Teegarden, ii oUl Monroe 
Q C5 Wallace Moses, b 407 Washington 
r: .:: Walter Ella, b 404 E 
•^2 Walter, elk, b 1012 Main 
? -q Waller xMaiy, b 404 E 
^ ^ Walter Mary, doni, b 1104 Main 
' Walter Rieke, wid Joseph, h 404 E 

Walters Amos W. painter, works 019 Main, li 213 Plain 

Wallers Charles E, trimmer li.-i I'oi'lt' C"arrij'';;e Co, r 
. - 309 Main 

{J Wallers Hiram, lab, b 213 Plain 

Walters John, sewer builder, h 1001 Monroe 
y Walton Wm M, cigar mnfr, 710 Michigan uv, h e end Fox 
<K; Walsh Julia A, i)hoto retoucher, works 814 Main, b 512 Mala 

Walsh Pose, wid, h rear 308 Perrv 
P" Wambaugh E S xMrs, wid, li 210 Main 

OWandel Louisa, wid Nicholas, h Camp Colfax 
Wandless George D, agt C & W M, b Suuulard Hotel 
(f) Waner Bertha, dom, b 1012 Michigan av 
,— I Wanner Anton, painter, h 307 Virginia 
•H AVauner Casper, painter, h 009 Rumelv 
K, Wanner Emily JI, seamstress, i. C09 Pumely 
(<^ Wanner George I, porter, h 307 Virginia 
Wanner Jlinnie, b 307 Virginia 

Ward Sarah, laundress Northern Indiana Orphan's Home, b 
I * same 

r^ Wardner Horace, physician. Pine Lake av, h same 
'^ Warner Andrew, packer, h 407 Rumcly 

Washburn Arthur L, watchmkr, b 20S Harrison 




HOTEL TEEGARDEN, ^- «.JoTJ',:„"''^- 


WATERS ABIC All F, Plumber, Steam and Gas Fit- O 

ler, 713 Indiana av, li 515 2d W 

Waters Ester M, b 515 2d 2 

Watson Lillie, h 1411 Michigan av ^ 

Watson Wm, fireman Electric Co, li Indiana av [-rj 

Watson Wm F, lab, U 1G08 Miciiignn av 

Watters Harvey, broomrakr, b 415 Woodward ►!>• 

Way Charles B, agriciil imp, 711 Madison, h 102 D 
Weaver Arthur L. carp, h 213 Ridge t~~^ 

Weaver Barry G, mess Bank of the State of Indiana, h 1515 J^ 
Michigan av ~\ 

Weaver Chester N (Moore k Weaver), h 1525 I^Iichigan av S 
Weaver HartL (Hall, Weaver ct Co), h 1515 Michitran av ^ 

WEAVER Ei.OYI) r, Sec and Treas La Porte Car- g 

riage Co, h 1402 iMichitran av ^ 

Weaver Louis R, cashr Bunk of the State of Ind, h Jefl'erson 
Weaver Lulu ^L b 707 Kidue ^ 

AVeaver Newton T, cMrii. li 707 Rid':;e 
WEUItEK l)Ai:i>WAICE CO. Lo Pvoy D Webb: 

Presl, Slebbins S Webber Vice Pres, CIkuIcs BoS:<erm; 

Sec and Treas, 710 Main 
Wel)ber Le Rov D, pres Webber Hardware Co and Hall, g 

Weaver & Co, h 1420 Indiana av rf M 

Weliber Slebbins S, vice pres Weljber Hardware Co, h 912 

Harrison - g 

Weber Carl, works brewery, h 207 Perry ^ d 

Weber Martin (Lonij, Weber h Co), h ',i04 Michigan av Q 

Weber Nicholas A, elk. b Lay's Hotel I g 

Wedow Bertha, b 407 H W 

Wedow Charles, lab, h 407 H 
Wedow Charles jr. boilermkr. h OP' John 
Wedow IP-rman, boilermkr, h 407 H 



6 M 

r02 Main 

Wesner Ernst, lab, h 309 L •' "^ 

Wegner Frederick, lab, h 511 Scott 5 ^ 

Wegner Goltfrb d, lab, h .315 Virginia "^ W 

Wegner Maria, wid John, h 229 Park | % 

Werner Wm, lab. b 511 Scott r ^ 

WE(.ii\ElC Wll C, Blksmith, llorseshoer and Wagon- ^^ 

mkr, 009 JIuuroe, h 312 Spurlock £T y^ 

Wehrli Mary, dom, b 104 Michael | ^ 

Wehrli Mary Jliss, pres Young Ladies' Society, h 104 Han- -'^ 

ser's Lane ^ 

Wehrli Mary, wid John, h 104 Michael ^ 

Weidenbeck George, works Hour mill, h 511 Clay o 

Weidenbeck Geoi'ge jr, works wheel factory, h 511 Clay j 
Weidne Frank, painter, h GIG 3d 

(u ^ 

MOORE & WEAVER, ^"-^c°/ml|?.;;^f /ooors. 

Corner Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 

114 K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

2 Weidner Bertha, wid Joseph, h 415 C 

o Weidner Con, saloon, 910 Main, h iO'l E 

^ Weidner Maggie, wid Sebastian, b 410 F 
^ ^ Weiner Morris, wholesale cigars, r and 7, 703^ Michigan 
■^ g- av, h 201 Harrison 

a g Weir Henry B, h 912 Madison 

^ £ Weir Laura G, teacher, h n w cor Jefferson and Madison 
6j 1^ Weir Morgan H (Weir & Weir), h 71GA Indiana av 
.S g Weir Ruth A, student, h n w cor Jefferson and Jladison 
•g >, Weir Win C, undertaker, n w cor Jefferson and Jladison, h 
3 S same 

S S Weir Wm H, stenog, b n w cor Jefferson and Madison 
■3 '^ WKIR A: WICIIC (Morgan H and Ellsworth E M'eir) 
ffl a Attorneys at Law, 712 Michigan av 

I 2 Welde Charles, lab, h 407 I 

^ § Wells Louise, wid Sylvester B. h 1103 Indiana av 
^ 5] Wendt Robert, molder, b 212 Norton 
g" -e Weudt Wm, car inspector L S & M S, h 21G Norton 
•;3 § Werner Charles, tmstr, h 301 Spurlock 
Werner Louis, lab, h 109 Sutherland 
Werner Ludwig, lab, h 109 Sutherland 
^ ^ Werner Win, lab, b 109 Sutherland 
^ S W^'st David, lab, b Fine Lake av 

c o Westentelder Amelia, trimmer La Porte Carriage Co, 
=3 g h 1313 Main 

S Westenfelder Carrie, trimmer La Portc Carriage Co, 
I _; h 1313 Main 

m fj Westenfelder Caroline, wid John, h 1313 Main 

-H Westenfelder Edward, compositor, li 1318 Washington 
^ ^ Westenfelder John, carp, b 1313 Main 
~^«j Wester Andrew, h 21.) Ferry 
^Q Wester Peter, carp, h 215 Perry 
dgjj WEVrElO L.\IO.\ TI:LE«RAPII co, Wm m 

S Noble Manager, n w cor Micliigan av and Front 

>^ Westervelt Andrew J, h 1132 Indiana av 
\i]^ Weyer Fiedeiick, drayman, h 201 D 
^2 Wheatbrook Frederick, lab, h 1011 Wasliingtnn 
^^ Wheeler Charles S, gardener, h Camp Colfax 
O*^ Wheeler Elizabeth, boarding, 1414 Jefferson, h same 
-J Wheeler George L, mach hd'La Foflt" Carriage Co, h 
O 1711 Washington 

X Wheeler Philander, wood worker I^a Porle Carriage Co, 
l^ h 1414 Jefferson 

k- Whetzcll Joseph, h 1108 Maple av 
^ Whitaker Albert E, b 1005 M-chigan 
^ Whitaker Frederick, elk, h SlO Tvler 
"-' Whitaker John R, h 1005 Micliigau av 


Wmm'% ?hmm. 820 Main St., La Porte, 

A Competent Pharmacist always in charge. 


Whitcomb Albro A, agt Cliicago & West Micbisrati and Indi- K^ 

ana, Illinois & Iowa Ry's depot, b 1515 Jell'erson K^ 
TVhitcomb Josepb, molder, b 901 State 
White Emma W Mrs, h 1:^02 Indiana av 
W^bite Lizzie, h 811 Woodward 
Whitehead Isaac N, a^t, b GU3 Monroe 
WIIITIIN'W SA.nilKL C, Physician, 807 Jefferson, h 

W^hiting Sarah, h 807 Jefferson 

Wbitraack Mary, warper, b 107 State r\ 

Whitmer Osborn A, teacher IIit,'b School, b 1007 Monroe y^^ 

W^hitmore Mary J, wid. h 140G Indiana av ^^ 

"Whitmore Samuel, lab, h UIO Kumely rr^ 

Whitmore Samuel, lal), h n s Monioe 2d e Scott ^ 

Whitmore Wm II, printer, b 140G Indiana av Q 

Whitney Frank J, carp, h 307 Ohio h-i 

Wniitney Grant C. cigarmkr, h 301 3d —j 

Whitney Horace A, carp, li 215 Ohio n 

WMiittaker Florence, elk 714 Main, h Tyler H 

Whorwell Frank H, lather, b 1502 Scott [_,. 

Whorwell George A. lab, b 1502 Scott >». 

Whorwell George W, mason, h 1502 Scott JJj 

"Whorwell Thomas A, chief firn dept, b 1505 Monroe f-l" 
Wickson Joseph, molder, b 001 ^tute 

Widell John, broom mnfr, 1102 4lh, h same ^ 

Widell Louis, wid Swan J, h 311 D f 

Widger Eli B, pastor Christian Church, b 1227 Michigan av Q 

Wiechmann Charles, lab, h 402 Ridge C 

Wiedman Wm, painter, works 71 'J Indiana av, h G15 Scott ^ JJ 

AViener Morris, whol cigars, h 201 Harrison 7^" 

Wietz Ernst, lab, b 209 State ". '') 

Wietz Ernest, lab, h 512 Rumciv PJ P 

"Wilbraham Jane, wid Joseph. h'917>.< Main ^ pi 

"%VILC;«X V T, Physician and Surgeon, llOG Main, h :r Q 

901 Indiana av" 

Wilcox Theresa, wid Isaac, h 21G C :l ^ 

Wild Anna H, seamstress, b 21 () D ^ S 

Wild Charles (Wild & Hilgendorf ). h 21G D 3 

Wild Samuel, stone cutler, b 3()G State ffl 

Wild Tillie J. milliner, b 2IG I) ^: •;;. 

AVilD A: III IJ^il'^MXHtF (Charles Wild and Louis p m 

Hil-endnrf). Carriage, Wagonmkrs and lilacksiuiths, g ^ 

GOl and G05 Clay T n 

IVile Edwin W (Jacob Wile & Son), h 1417 Washington av ^ 

Wile Elsie S, b 1411 Indiana av 'X, 

Wile Eugene I. elk, li 1411 IncJiana av ►p, 

Wile Jacob (Jacob Wile & Son), h 1411 Michigan av ^ 

Wile Jacob, physician, 810 Michigan av, h same J 


Druggists, 0pp. Court House, 8 12 Main St., 

La Porte, Ind., Dealers in Drugs, Chemicals, 

Patent Medicines, Wall Paper, &c. 

Il6 R. L. POLK 



Wile Jacob ck Son (Jacob and Edwin W Wile), propr Citizen's 
Q Bank, 709 Micbifjan av 

U Wile Minnie, b 912 Indiana av 

Wile Kose, b 912 Indiana av 

Wile Samuel B, tiav salesman, h cor Indiana av and Ilarrison 
Z ^ Wile Saiab, b 912 Indiana av 

,;^ Wile Simon, justice of ilie peace, 1001 Main, h912 Indiana ay 
~^ Wilholm Albeit C. scenic artist, b lOOG Clay 
^ « Wilhelm Edward L, painter, works L:i Forte Carriage 
U I Co. b lOOG Clay 

Ui^ Wilhelm Fred, saloon, 1000 Main, b 1.304 Main 
O Wilhelm Henry C, elk, b 1000 Clav 
CQC;- WiUu'lm John C, agt Cream Citv Brewing Co, 209 I, h same 

ni Wilhelm Louis T, .saloon, 918 Main, h same 
dg^^ Wilhelm Paulina, dom, b 1211 Maple av 

Wiiken Charles, lab, h 409 J 
>" Wiiken Louis, lab, b 409 J 
< Wilkinson Clarence II. elk, li ."^00 Ilnrrisnn 
CC AVII.IiI.\««i(>.\ Ui;i>M':V l». Vice President La 
CQ Forte <;arriax«' Co. h Cliii-itro, III 

Wilkinson \Vm A (O E H.)ssfrman Si Co), h a06 Harrison 
^ Willard Mary S. wid, b 205 Nol,le 
,i_ Williams Fred G, elk Standard Hotel, b sauie 
^ 'J) Williams Georu'o W. euizr, h 120.5 Jefferson 
C ? Williams John W. carp, h (iOI Jetlerson 

CQ J^ Wll.l.l.\.1|.«i «A,1I|;EL i:. Attomev at Law, Notary 
Public, Insurance At;ent and U S Commissioner, 701 
.^lain, h l;i02 Michii^Mn av 
*-; Williams Thomas W, painter, works L:i Forte Carriaa:c 
? ^ Co, b a07 2d 

o Williams Walter, elk Depot Hotel, b same 

(j)0 Williams Wm W, tel opr W U Tel, b Harrison -■"■\ 

^ d Willie Benjamin, carp, h 309 E ■ '-'" 

M *3 Willie Edward M, macb, b 309 E 
C ^ WillouKhby Rutb, teacher Centi'al bldg. b Harrison 
r. "-^ Wilson Aliie C. elk, h 1.^05 Monroe 
J Wilson Hardy (Growl ct Wilson), h l.")Or. Monroe 
U AVilson Hiram J, blksmith, woiks I.,a Foi'te Carriage 
g Co, b 013 Stale 

. Wilson James E, painter, b 1208 Jetl'erson 

''^ Wilson John M, helper, works !.,;» Forte CJarriaa^c Co, 
■^ b on State 

M Wilson Marietta, wid James, h 1208 Jtfferson 
^ Wilson Mary P, wid Wm A, b 1201 Monroe - - - 

V Wilson Nora, <lom, b 1101 Michigan av • ■ ' 

03 Wilson Sarab M, wid Matthew, b SOS Indiana av ' 

" Wilson Thomas J, b 1208 Jedei'sou 
U Wilson Walter B, elk, h 1212 Jerterson 


The only praqtioal Bnslncfift and Shnrtband Schonl In 

A'orthern indiana-Thc MJcHigan City Business College 

C. F. COMPTON , President. 


\l'IL««iO.\ WA?SIII.\«TO.\ (W Wilson & Co), li 802 h> 

Micliigan :iv L_^ 

Wilson Washington W, lab, b 1208 Jefferson " 

Wilson Win, airiicultural implements, 517 Main, h 301 Harri- [T\ 

son Kyi 

^Vll.SO:\ W & CO (Wi.shington Wilson), Lumber and ^ 

Coal, 1001 Washington See left side lines 3> 

Wiltfong Daniel A, lab.' b 101 e Main ^ 

Wing Chailes E foreman, h SU Mechanic -^ 

Winn Peter G, farmer, h 1602 Michigan av Q 

Wirt Frank H, carp, h 130 Madison >__l 

Wise Carl F (G & C Wise), h 108 E ^^> 

Wise Charles L, mason, h 115 E ^ 
Wise Gustave A (G & C Wise), h 108 E 

Wise Giistav L (Wise & Haferkamp). h 215 E p<^ 

Wise G & G (Gustave A and Carl F Wise), boots and shoes, _^ 

1003 Main Ci 

Wise Henry, spoke driver, b 214 Madison (^ 

Wise Oscar 0, helper, b 115 E >^ 

Wise & Haferkamp (Gustav L Wise and Wm II II Hafer- " 

kamp), broom nifi's, 1111 Main ^~0 

Witt Adeiia, wid Wm, h 40G G "Z^ 

Witt Frederick, lab, h 302 K h2 

Witt John, lab, h Camp Colfax 1=^ 

Wilt Lizzie, spinner, b 302 K '^ ' 

Witt Louis, watchman, h 300 K r-^ 

Witty August, baker, r n e cor Washington and Monroe ^ 

Wojciehowski Jennie, dora 601 Michigan av m 
Wolf August, music teacher, li Lay's Hotel 

Wolf Isidore, painter, works La Porle Cari'iaa^c Co, I 

h 407 D ■ " 

Wolf John, buggy hanger La Porte Carriaj^c Co, h 

407 D 
Wolf John (V Wolf & Sons), b 316 Main 

AVOI.F JOSEPH. Cigar Mnfr, Fine Cigars a Specialty, ? J 

1000 Main, h 407 U See adv f rr; 

Wolf Joseph, lal), h 407 D ^ > 

Wolf Louise M, cigar mkr, h 407 D f ;^ 

Wolf Margaret, b 316 Main ^m 
Wolf Martin L fP Wolf & Sons), b 316 Main 
Wolf Peter (P Wolf & Sons), h 310 Main 
Wolf Peter jr (P Wolf & Sons), b 304 Main 

Wolf P & Sons, grocers, 310 Blain °' p « 

Wolfe C Edward, usst bkkpr, b Anderson House | — ' 

Wolfe Myrtle, dressnikr,' 209 Washington, h same o ^ 

Wolfe Myrtle Park Mrs, librarian La Porte Library and Nat- ^P^ 

ural Histor}' Association, h 209 Washington = 

Wolfe Wm (Fox & Wolfe), h 112 Jetlerson ^ 


NIeissner's PliarmaGy, 820 f/Iain St, La Porte, 


IlS R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

pi' Wolff Frederick T, shoemkr, li 1312 Clay 

'H Wolff Svlvina L, milliner, b 1312 Clay 

BIZ Woltt Wtn, hoi-seshoer, h 1312 Clay 

HLJ Wolter Clu-istian, lab, h 315 John „„^„„^„ . ^-^r. 

n \\ o n E ,\ ' )«i c iiki«*tia:v te^pekaace 

r^C UiMOi\,703iMain 

[Lf Wonder Frank M, lab, h 115 I 

r]n Wood Joseph, painter, works 710 Indiana av 

^H ^vood Sarah J, wid Moses G, h 501 Jackson 

^^ Woodward Amelia V, wid D J, b 10:!0 Indiana 

nb Woodworth Madi^e E S, dre^smdr, 801 Michigan av, h same 

"H Worden Hiram N, nisrht watchman, h 1408 Slate 

Z<! Worden O Orpheus, elk, b 1026 Madison 

n^ Worden I'ollyC, wid M Foster, hl02G Madison 

V<0 Work Julia E, supt Northern Indiana Orphans Home, h 

^ '' same 

H M Wrase August, section foreman, h 200 Madison 

{J}r\ Wright Charles E, plasterer, h 001 Rose 

y Wri"ht Charleton, supt. b Anderson House 
r^U Wri^lit George, blksmith, h cor Front and Jackson 
^2 Wrioht George xM, saloon, 411 Front, h same 
0) Wuellner Louis C A L. teacher, h 1317 Washington 
Wunsch Erhard, hardware. 510 Main, h same 
-^^ Wurster Wm, foreman, h 1201 Washington 

Yahnka Minnie, b lOS Sutherland 
"^ Yahnka Minnie, wid Frederick, h 108 Sutherland 
Yeager Bertha, weaver, b 407 K 
Yeager Joseph, lab, h 407 K 
Yeager Joseph jr, butcher, b 407 K 
Yeager John, lali, b 407 K 
Yeager Sophia, weaver, b 407 K 
Yearndt Charles, lab, h 1022 Indiana av 
- Yearndt Louis, carp, h 231 Park 
S Yergin Wm L, eng, works 503 Clay, h 007 Short 
2 Youu"- Anna, h 001 Maple av 
X Youn<' Charles H, foreman, h 211 Washington 
^ Young Charles W, b GOl Maple av 
P-i Young Eliza, wid Conrad, h 1108 Rumely 
. Young Henry H, h 601 Maple av 
P Young Ida, weaver, b 311 John 



►-> Young John, lab, h out city limits_ 

[> YouDgstrom Anna, dom, b 409 Jefferson 

■\7ot-.o "n,^rlnnrl General Insurance Agency. Rep- 

V cne i_/UriailU, resent only the best Companies. 

La Porte, Ind. Fire, Life, Tornado and Accident. 


Zabel Frederick, tmstr, h ,'.10 E 

Zabel Wm, tmstr, b olO E ,...:. 

Zuch Wra H, luolder, h 115 H 

Ziihrt Alfred H, Ijartender C07 Main, h CO.^ State 

Ziilut August D, foremrn The Star, h 810 Main 

ZAIIICr BISO* (Henry A and Wm 15 Zabrl), Wines, 
Li(iuors, Cij^ars find BiUiaitl Hall, 009 Micliigan av 

Zahrt Christopher, works I>a Poi'le Carriaj;;e Co, h 003 

Zahrt Emma, b 1112 Main 

ZAIIKT G III':K.T1A.\, Agt Singer Mnfg Co, 707 
Main, h 710 Main 

Zahrt Henry A (Zahrt Bros), h GIU Michigan av 

Zahrt Henry sr, h 1112 Main 

Zuhi-t Otto, lab, h 003 Washington 

Zahit Wra B (Zahrt Bros), h 009 Michigan av 

Zallmar August, lab, h 'Ml K 

Zearzo Herman, lab, h ;!04 I 

Zeck .John, lab, h 409 E 

Zoese Charles, drivei', works brewery 

Zeese Louis, lab, b fiOO A 

Zein Henry, lab, h 216 K 

Zeiiz Christ, tmstr I. a Porte ('arriast' Co, h 1007 Lake 

Z.'llJolin F, h 701 Stale 

Zell Marv V, wid Albert C, h 701 State 

Zcllmcr Frank, works wheel factory, h 111 Madison 

ZEI.TiM':K STF.PaiEA. Maple City Bakery, Confec- 
tionary and Kestaurant, 1018 and 1020 Main, h 1022 
Main See adv 

Zcltner Walter S, liaker, h 1022 Main 

Zener Dallas E. mailing elk P O h 312 JefT.-rson 

Zener George E, elk, h s s South av 1 w of Monroe 

Zener George E (Zener & Beahm), h 312 Jefl'erson 

Zener Lois, b 312 Jefferson 

Zener Susan A, inilliner, b 312 Jefferson 

Zener it Beahm (George E Zeiier and Emory O Beahm), meat 
market, 908 Main 

Zievers Larry, molder, b 17 Jefferson 

Zike Guslaph. painter, h 1205 Washington 

Zimmerman Frank, foreman W Wilson ik Co, h 1405 Jefferson 

Zimmerman Fiedei-ick, watchman, h411 K 

Zimmerman George J, supt Niles it Scott Co, h 305 Perry 

Zimmerman Ludwina, wid Frank, li 1405 Jefferson 



IJIierreiGli X Rrnoll 

Cor. Main AMich., Ave. 

In buying a watch of us you will get the 
benefit of a long experience ana honesty 
of purpose, in selecting the very best. 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 







R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

La Porte Directory, 



Dorlaiul J Vene, r 5 and G Scott 
bik, .'^O-i M;;iin See adv ri^lit 
top margin lines 
Fogle, McCartv & Co, 525 Main' F \V ct'Bio, 714 and 710 

Indiana av 
■\Vav Cliarlcs B, 711 Madison 
Wilson \Vni,B17 Main 
Kennev Cora A, lOu:! Jiickson 
La I'oi-te Backgi-ouiid Co, 'JOl to 
907 Main 


(See also Confectioners.) 

Bucltzingsloewiii Leopold, 1013 

Fostei- Thomas J, 702 Main 
F.ul CatlieriiK' A, 112 Ridge 
Ridgway & Maiuor, n e cor 

Washington and Monroe 
Zeltiier Steplien, lUlS Jlain See 

Allen John H, 721 Main 
Banks Bro.-, 707 Micliigan av 
Cochrane Clinton I), 5u;5 Main 
Eisenian Samuel M, 710 iliclii' 


Fox & Wolfe, 816 >Liin 
Kistl.-r I't 'I'lising. 714 Main 
Randolpli Wm H R. S02 Jlain 
Reiter John A, 1)18 Main 

La Porte Cycle Excliange, 
Indiana av See adv 
Maekcy James II, 111 Madison 

(See also Ca'riage and Wagon 

Makers, also Ilorseshoers.) 
Ulrich Ch.-rles, GIO Indiana av 
Wegner Wm C, 609 Monroe 
AVild & Hilgendorf, 601 and 605 

Cochrane Jennie, nil Jefferson 
Cross Sarah M. 506 State 
Good David, 002 Adams 
(iood .Mary. 70S WHshiiigton 
Havill Ida M. 703 Tipton 
Lown Jndie A, 001 Si ate 
Peting F ^Vm, 501 Indiana av 
Wlieeler Elizabeth, 1414 Jefterson 


(See Livery, Sale and Boarding 



(See also Founders and Machin- 

Hotel teegai^pen. 



How Bros, SOO Main 

La Porte Book and Stationery 

Co, 716 Michigan av 
Lauiier Josepli, 713 Main 



Bliesmer Bros, 816 Main 
Boyd James L, 708 Mirliitjan av 
JaclfSonL B & Co, (il7 M:iin 
Kelling Charles, 614 Main 
MinichA Molir, 914 Muin 
Kickert John F. 0-22 Main 
Simon & Miller, Mm Main 
Smith Samuel M,307 Washington 
■Wise G & C, 1003 Main 

Ehlert August, 1010 Main 
Hubertz Jliehael, 100 Jlechanic 
Johnson John, 1102 4th 
Koeppen Wm, 30S L 
Miller Wm H, 213 Grove 
.Shulz Herman, 1511 Main 



NoU Christ, cor Clay and Wash- 
ington Seeadv 

Busseit John W, cor Tyler and 
Lake See adv 



Noll Christ, cor Clay and Wash- 





Doyle Thomas, 705^0 Main 


Widell John, 1102 4th 

Wise & Haferkamp, 1111 Main 


<See Carpenters, Contractors and 



(See Meat Markets) 

Anderson Charles G, 112 1st 
McClure ct Son, 80-i Madison 
Searl George C, 400 Harrison 
Anderson Charles J, 1201 AVash- 


Ribbe Albert. SOS Tecumseh 
Schellhammer Anton, '205 F 



(See also Blacksmith*) 

Croft & Lundquist, 712 Sladison 

La Porte Carriage Co, 606 In- 

diann av 
Pitner 'Wm C & Son, SOI Monroe 
Wegner Wm C, 609 Monroe 
Wild A Hilgendorf, 601-605 Clay 

Tanner Lewis A, S01>.< Monroe 
Crawford Wm, 906 Main 
Miller C F & Son, 51S Main 
Ridgway John W, 703 Main 
Kieidler Charles, 133 Madison 
Mueller John, LOI H 
Page Milton ^V, 505 Main 
Schnewind Joseph, 607 Jlichigan 

Wade Peter, 507 Michigan av 
Walton Wm M, 710 Michigan av 
Wolf Joseph, 1006 Main See adv 


Weiner Morris, 703)2 Michigan av 


Knuth Christopher, 912 Main 


D.avidson & Porter, 712-714 Main 
Kreidler Mattliias jr, 910 Msiin 
Low Nathan H, 708 Main 
McCollum & Francis, 704 Main 
Peterson & Lonn, SOS Main 
Riciiicr John's Sons, 722 Main 
and 705 Michigan av 




iber, Coal, Lime. 

Cement, Sash, Doors, 
Bhnds, &.C., 
Cor. Jackson & Main Sts., La Porte. 













Mnore <fc Weaver, Vn Main 
Wilson W & Co, 1001 \Va5liington 



Lewis Ira 11, 814 Main 
R.amsay James (1. 720 Main 

Scliraiclt ILiny R, COS Ohio 

Stanton Walter W, 715 Ruse 

Church Edward J, 704 Main 
Fisher Will S, 812 Main 
Fosdiclv Will, Cl':i Main 
llolluwav Ilfniy, TU'.t'.; :Main 
St<'ilinan\t Car^(lll, 'JdJ'.j Main 
Moore & Weaver. 423 Main 
Alfasser Jlinnie, IIU C 
Ball Caroline, :ilO A 
Bowman Catherine J, 401 Wood- 
Bnrdiel< Cora B. S14;< JIain 
Cadwallader Lodnska A, TOO Rose 
Davis Alice M, ^UJ L 
Fox Georgia, Hu Fox 
Gaby Mary A, 820)., Main 
Gillen Anna, r 9-71032 Michigan 
; Ilanna Clara J, 200 D 
■ HanlinaiEva. (Xm; Ridge 
Higli Marv R, :i()i; Clavton 
HoelocUer Caroline, loOS State 
Laman Sarah, 410 Ridge 
^ = Mead Annie M, :i03 Fox 
^ S Naue, Ilaiinali E, 402 A 

Xi.-hols, Harriet M, 512 Jefferson 
Palliev Maria, :)24 Park 
Piatt Leora, 407 State 
Rachor Nellie, 20G B 
Reynolds Libhie D, 703 Michi- 
gan av 
Rollins Elnora, 119 John 
Ryan Sophia. 824 1„' Main 
Schmidt Emma C J, 1302 AVash- 

Schroeder Emma L, 505 Monroe 
Schnltz Caroline, 201 Ridge 
Schweder Sopliia C, 212 F 

Sweet Dora, 710 Main 
Tilt Jennie E. 615'-< Main 
Vail Eliza A, 305 Harrison 
Wolfe Mvrile. 200 Washington 
Woodwoitl) Madge E S, 801 Mich- 
igan av 



Boyd Frank A, 023 Main 
F:iiilich Herman K, 724 Main 
Lindgren Genrge A & Co. 917 

Main See adv margin lines 
Meissner Fred.-riek W jr, 820 

Main See adv margin lines 
Peters ct Bovil, 004 Main 
Spaeth .t Studlev, 812 Main See 

adv line top margin 


00 DS. 

Barnes Jnlins .t Co, 711 and 713 

Michigan av 
Bo>-eriiian O E A Co, 710 Main 
Davidson .t Porter, 712 and 714 

Fredi ickson & McLane, 822 Main 
Kellerniann WmPjr, 1012 Main 
Martin it Freese, 024 Main 

Gaul Jolm D, 513 Main 

La Porte Electric Co, 701 Maio 

Rnraelv Co M, n w cor Main and 

United States Express Co, 707 

Express Co, G13 Mon- 


Michael Co E V, 1107 Washing- 

Krueger Charles, 111 J See adv 


Harding Wm E, 502 to 50G Clay 

For Fire, Life. Kccident, Plate Glass, Steam Boiler, Lii/e Stock or 
Tornado Insilrance call on J. Uene Dorland, La Porte. Ind. 




Grisell Martha J, 707 Tipton 
Kaber W C & Co, SIO l-'ox 
I'almer Frank, T20'J Jdll-json 

J Street Milling Co, 101 J See 

adv left top lines 
Lorig, Weber & Co, ."503 Clay 
.SteinfeUlt FredericK, (ill Indiana 



Knniely Co M, n w cor Main and 

Ball John H, G12 Monroe 
Weir Wm C, n w cor Jefferson 
and Madison 

Buck Robert, cor McColhun and 

lloclocker & Co. 715 Indiana av 
Martin Bro:*, 709-711 Main 
Maurer Franz, 60S Indiana av 

Dietsche Win B, UXi J 

(See also Clotliinc.) 
Kreidltr Matthias jr. 910 Main 
IjOw Nathan H, 70S Main 
McColhini tt Fiancis, 7Ul Main 
McGill & Backus, 714 Michigan 

Eichter John's Sons, 722 Main 
and 705 Michigan av 


Kramer & Son, 718 Main 


Chaney Allen. 710 Indiana av 
Croup Bros. 012 Main 
Cutler A A Son, 8ls Main 
Foster Thonms J, 70ii Main 
Frase-- Joseph R, 710 Michigan av 
Gakle Sebastian, 205 I'ark 

Hall E C & Bro, C02 Main 
lla>tings Vernon C, 403 Rose 
ilcMurniv David J, 001 Main 
Miller C V .v- Son. 518 Main 
Minicli c<: Mdlir. 914 Main 
Moon, Eiujciic R, 902 Main 
I'eter^on ,t Swanson.'JlO Main 
Piiscli Wni, 501 Main 
Kaddatz Heiiuan A Son, CIO Main 
Khola Wni H, 1212 Main 
Rchtcr Fiedeiick. U2 Main 
Sc-luiltz Frank L, 405 2.1 
Scliunun Jacob 1011 Main 
Simon I'c Miller, lOUS Main 
Wolf 1' A Sons, 310 Main 

Harrison Olive J, 1300 Clay 


Crane & Rattibiin, S04 Main 
Decker Bros, 1004 Main 
Lower James & Sons. OlS Main 
Stewart John D jr, 712 Indiana 

Weber Hardware Co, 71G Main 
Wunsch Erhard, 510 Main 

Burg John C, 021 Main 
Griewai k Chaili's, i;03 Main 
John--..,, KiiPl, '.i\r, Main 
Ivnutli < liiiM..|,li,r, '.(12 Main 
Lonn .lohiL .V ^u,,-, :'21 Main 
School John, lolti Main 



Kreidler Matthias jr, 910 Main 
McGill & Uackus, 714 Michigan 

Banks & Hilt, n e cor e Main and 
Clyde av 

(See also Blacksmiths.) 
Champlain Alexander, 509 Mich- 
igan av 
Cordill Ai, 810 Monroe 

Anderson House, C02 Monroe 
See adv 








= 3 

flhoppoiph £i Hpfinld The Leading Jewelers of La Porte county. 
UUcllClbll S HIIJUllJ, Well equipped to do all kinds of repair 
Cor. Main & IVIIch. Ave. worlcln a prompt and satisfactory manner 


L. POLK & CO.'S 




Depot Hotel, cor Micliigon uv 

and I-uke Shore track 
Hotel TecKarileii, s e cor Main 

and Monroe See right top 

Lay's European Hotel, 610 Main 
Standard Hotel, 7IS and7^0Indi- 

Hilt Lake Ice Co (The John), 
50: Main ; 


Andrew Frederick G, r 3 and 4 

Scot', blk, SOii -Main I 

Becher Cnniad, 904 Miiin | 

BroetHe & Arnold, r Stnte Bank 

bldf;, Sli-I Main See adv 
Dorhmd J Vene, r ."> and 6 Scott 
blk, f02 Mi'in See adv and | 
right top lines 1 

Osborne Andrew L, S24 Main I 
O'Brien A Xve, r 1 and 2 Scott 
bldg, 804 Main j 

Seymour George & Sons, 715 In- 
diana av I 
Stahl Albert J, 814 Main 
Williams Samui-l E, 701 Main 

Brewer Harris, 215 K 

Somnicrfield Uros. 10(i Xorth 
Sternberg Isaac, 1401 Clay 
Fulant Jacob, 608),; Main 
Wile Simon, 1001 Main 

American Steam Laundry, 1123 

Ilong Kee, 512 Main 

Andrew Cha' les B, r 3 G and AV 

blk, 7033;; Michigan av 
Biddle Wu"; B, r 5 to 8 Scott blk, 

802 Main 
Bradley John H, 715 Michigan 

Broeffle James W, r 3 State Bank 

bldg, 824 Miiin See adv 
Carroll Roberts, r 11 Odd Fel- 
lows' -bldg, 717 Michigan av 

See adv 
Crumpacker Jonathan W, S22 

.Main I 

HigginB Wm E. 714 Michigan av 

Xilfs Edwin K, 70(! Main 

>«ye Mortimer, r 1 and 2 Scott 

bldg, 804 Main 
O'Brien James, r 1 and 2 Scott 

bldg, 804 Main 
Osborn &, Richter, 810 Main 
Raiisbiirg Warren C. 814 Main 
True-dell Cliarles II, r 1 and 2 

State Bank bldg, 824 Main 
"Weir & Weir, 712 .Michigan av 
Williams Samuel E, 701 Main 


Moore & Weaver, 423 Main See 

adv right top lines 



Barney A Boweii, n e cor 5Ion- 

roe and Jellerson 
Henry D M & Co, 1115 Main 
Hickman \- Replogle, 613 Maia 
Ilinkh'\- Fo>ter, Oil Jeflerson 
I.eliter IJru,, 617 and 51'J Main 
.Marr.Iohn II, 517 xMichigan av 
Moore & Amliew, 524 Main 
Orr & Cram, 908 Jellerson 
I'helps Charles W, 811 State 

Porter Wm F, 810 .Main 

Moore & Weaver, 423 Main See 

adv ris;lit top margin Hues 
Wilson W & Co, 1001 Washingtoa 
See adv left side margin lines 
(See also Founders and Machin- 
Harding Wm E, 502 to 506 Clay 

Se adv inside front cover 
Runielv Co M, n w cor Main and 

Becher Henry A, 1109 Main 
Franklin Benjamin A, 605 Mich- 
igan av 

(See also Grocers.) 
Crowl & ■Wilson. 401 Rose 
Grebner L & Sun, 605 yi-AU\ 
Kreidlei- Albert, 407 2d 


stop at Hotel Teegarden. Free 'Bus. First 
Class Accommodations. Good Sample 
Room. E. G. Short, Propr., La Porte. 



Redington James S, 905 Main 
Hteieely Frederick W, ]0U2 Main 
Taylor Wm II, G04 Main 
Thrush & Barnum, COS Main 
Zener & Beahm, 908 Main 

Jlerritt Andrew L, 917 Main 
I'axton Veterinary >Iediciiie Co, 

009 Perry 
(See also Clothing, also Tailors.) 
Bnszkowsky John, 015 Michigan 

Davidson & Porter, 712 and 714 

Dennler David, 910 Main 
Kaber & Schmidt, 710 Indiana av 
Ku«s Ciiristopher, 724 .Main 
Peterson & Lonn, SOS Main 

Barnes Julius & Co, 711-713 
Michigan av 

Dunsmore Jennie L, 1011 Maple 

Scarce John C, 700 Main 

,'^eyinour Manie, 715 Michigan av 

Spahn & Wagner, n w cor Wash- 
ington and Clay 

MUSIC TEACHERS. Martha E, 705 Maide .av 

Brown Agnes L, 700 ]\!aplc av 

Butterworth Lizzie J, 1201 In- 
diana av 

Hewitt Flora B, 30S State 

Staley Lillie M, 210 Tecuniseh 

(See also Books and Stationers) 
How Bros, 800 Main 

Alfa!=ser Catherine, 110 C 
McKeoii Anna, 400 A 
(See also Paints and Oils) 
Boyd Arthur, agt, n e cor Adams 
and Front 

PAINTERS. sion. 

Carter George II, 717 Indiana av 

See adv 
Schultz & Kabelin, 515 Main 


Bennetluira & Hildebrand, 019 

Carter George II, 717 Indiana av 

See adv 
Sixieth & Studley, 812 Main See 

lelt top lines 

Bryant John W, 70S Main 
Kraft Louis A, 712 Michigan av 
Pool Enierv E, 712 Michigan av 
Scott Wm M, 814 Main 

Bryant J W Co, n w cor Front 

and Tyler 

Annis Eher L, 71S Michigan av 
Chalice Frank, S05 Michigan av 
Dakin George M, S07Michigan av 
Darling Nelson S, s e cor JIain 

and Perry 
Fahnestock Bros, SOS Indiana av 
Meyer J II Wm, 700 Jetlerson 

See adv 
Peters David C, 904 Main 
Ringle ciKul.'s A, r 2 Odd Fel- 
low, hik, 717 Michigan av 
Sutlicrland Orlando L, 722 Main 
Vincent Dorr, 707 Main 
■Wiirdncr Horace, Pine Lake av 
Whiting Samuel C, S07 Jeflerson 
Wilcox F T, 1100 Main 
Wile Jacob, SIO Michigan av 

Badger George I & Bro, 718 

Michigan av 
Oberrcich & Arnold, cor iMain 

and Michigan av See left top 

Heinz H J Co. bet L E & W and 

L S it M S Rys 

(See also Lumber Manufacturers 

and Dealers) 
Backhaus A & Co, 1304 State 

ffl if* 



MOORE & WEAVER, „,„„.,., 

Corner Jackson <fc Main Sts., La Porte. 

Lumber, Coal, Lime, 

Cemejnt, Sash, Doors, 

L. POLK & CO.'S 



. 'f) 

I J 

■a > 


o ^ 
CO ■„ 



Bohlander John, 317 e Muin 

Dolan Paul J, 710 Chicago See 

Moore Robert M, 802 :\Ionroe 

Waters Abrani F, 713 liuliana av 

Coclirane & Peters Co (Tlie), SU2 

aiid S04 -Alonroe 
Goodman Henry, 801 State 
La Poi te Printing Co, 702 Main 
Wadswortli & Keller, 71S and 

720 Main 

Silliraan Jolm B, 109 J 

Andrew Frederick G, r 3 and 4 
■ Scott Ijllv. 81)2 Main 
Dorland J Vcre, r .'i and Scott 

Ijllv, 802 Main 
Seymour George S & Son, 715 
Indiana av 

Ilaverly & Plu.nbocli, 001 Michl- 

L^v's Restaurant, GIO Main 
Marr & Norton, G17 Micliigan av 
Zcltner Steplien, lOlS and 102U 


Bishop Lyman D, 211 (Element 

Boettcher Edward, 723 Main 
Bortz Wm F, GI4 Main 
Burlians Alliert C, tJU7 Main 
Demean Ferdinand A, 412 Adams 
Drews Helm tli, (JI.S Micliigan av 
FrvTliomas J. 723 Main 
Gaekle Angeline. 4011 .Madison 
Ilaverly A PUiQibedv, 001 Michi- 
Henoch Solomon M, mgr, Oil 

Micliigan av 
Heun Louis, Oil W.asliington 
Jaasnar Lewis, 302 e .Main 
Joseph & Fagler, 911 Main 
Klassen Nicholas, 505 Michigan 

Kr eidler Andrew J, 210 C 

Krueger Albert. .509 Main 
Kutz Wni, 504 JIadisun 
I.oetz i;harles, 010 Indiana av 
Melil John J, 4US Monroe 
Millenian Jacob, 510 Main 
Mueller Christian, 405 B 
ilyers Bunjamin W, 718 Indiana 





1 .t Clinlip, OUl Mail 



Win. .'.Ill Indiana av 
k iltl.i, lin-- .\loin-oc 




Mbrii, Oii.i .Michigan 



harlcs. .502 .Michigan 



11 CI 

rv, 1010 .Main 



■ph.OOC Main 




on, 910 Main 




iM-cd, 1000 .Main 




f.ouisT, 918 .Main 




iMirge .M,411 Front 


irt Bri 

s, 0u9 Michigan av 


Gray Sanitarium (The), Pine Lake. 



Badger George 1 & Bro, 718 



Zahrt G Herman, 707 Main 


Sonneborn Charles F, 719 Main 


(See also i'hysicians.) 

Fahnestock Bros, SOS Indiana av 

Wilcox FT, 1100 Main 


Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, 70S 

Western Union Telegrajih Co, n 

w cor Michigan av and Front 
American Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co (long d 

ice), 023 
relephone Co, G23 

Central Uni' 

Strowger Au'omatic Telephone 

Co (The), 705}.^ Main 



Rumely Co M, n w cor Main and 

Madison See adv 


sure Wlin La Porte, Ind. 


Sampson Robert, 720 Michigan 

Tanner Lewis A, S04>^ Monroe 
P.ixton Win D,'6O0 Perry 
Bennethum &, IliUlelirantl, C19 

Carter George H, 717 Indiana av 
Spaeth & Studley, 812 Main 



Johnson James P, 70,"i Main 

L-k-on Frank H, 713 Indiana 


Fuller CliarlesO, 707 Main 
How IWo.-,, SIM] Main 
< tliiMTi-icli A Arnold, cor Main ami 
Michigan av See adv top lines 
Niles <fc Scott Co, n s Lake near 

King Edward, 513 H 



King & Fildes Ci>, cor Park and 

Front _^ 

La Porte Woolen :MiIls, cor Fox )<0 

d \Vebbcr 





o O 

<<i 6 

B S 






MARBLE & ti?^AN«TE. *• 

BENJ. A. FRANKLIN, Marble and Granite Works, LaPorte. 




We make up Store and 
House Curtains. 

We carry Mattings, Lino- 
leums and Oil Cloths 
for Offices. 

Our Carpet Room 


323 Franklin Street, Michigan Oity, Ind. 

Quick Relief Juniper 
Cough Drops ! 


The ininiL-nsel\- incrca^in'j, deiiuiiul [i>i- 
these Cou.uh Drops, and their wondertul 
pupiihintN', are entireU' due in their intrinsic 
merits, not onl\- as producers of a fine clear 
\()ice, l^ut as an etlectual renied\- tor all 
Chest Affections. Sore Throat, arisuv^ from 
cold seems to di^api^'ar as if h\- ma:j:ic. 
Ticklm:^ in the Throat or Hoarseness is re- 
mox-ed bv allowaiv^ a lew dr^ips to -radualh' 
dissoh-e in the mouth. Indeed, debilit\- and 
weakness of the Vocal Oruans are unknown 
t(i those whn reuularh- use these x'aluahle 

M.XM'P.ACTrRfll) ONl.V I5Y 

Geo. A. Lindgren & Co., 


usatrwH. .Sccuspcrhox. LaPOPte, I H Cl . 

Merchant Tailor. 

706 Main St., 2d Floor, - LA PORTE, INDIANA. 



Harness ani Jadilery. 

J JWV Office and Salesroom 913 Main Street, Factory Corner State 

[^ ^^M^ Street and Michigan Avenue, LaPorte, Indiana. 

}M^m:i s. JOHNEON. Pies. C. F. PETERSON. Sec. and Tieus. 

Dtiicaoo Steam Due Housb! 

Ladies' and Gents' .garments d\-ed and re- 
'^^ paired equal to new. 

/^Y\\^) Silks, satins and curtains d\-ed by tlie cel- 
('^W ebrated Pans p^..ce^^. ' 

^ All work ;j:uaranteed. Gi\e me a call and 
let me show \'ou what I can do. 

Ttu'^m-'iyri'rT'- A. ROSENBERG . 

M. D. SriALLEY, 


Light Machinery of all kinds Built and Repaired. 

Bicycle Repairing a Specialty. 



No 205 Franklin Street 

DEALER IN . . . 

Watclies, Jewelnj, Clocks, 
Diamonds. Elc. 




Makes a Specialty of lUG attd BOTTLE TRADEfor faniHy^se. 




, .,-,ke a ^pecalt^ of nn t^2M(' double 

hunessfi'Umckel or innUtio-. 

nibb(.r trimiutd, for JKHi') y 

I J Call antl see me before purchasing Iw'H / 

405 Fr;.n]?i^Str;eet, _ JUCHIGAN CITY, IT' 

Boots, Shoes and Rub'' 

609 E. Michigan Street_ ^ J"]^"^ 

601 Michigan St., Cor S' 

Choice LiatroRS, Fresh Beb; 






Collections ISIaflc. Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Ktc, carofullr lirawn, 
siiriiiice written in Souml Coinpanles at lowest rates. Real K^tate' 
bo\iglit and sold. Houses for Rent. 
Room 3, Stale Bank Building. 






No. Ill J Street, LA POBTE, IND. 



mm mm. 


> & 810 Monroe St. 

Shoeingof Trotters, Runners and 
-■) Pacers a Specialty. 

> , Interfering, Overreaching and 
\ \ all Diseases of tbe Hoof 
-^ Treated Scientifically. 




■// 713 Indiana Ave. 
La Pobte, - IND.