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Harpeth Hall School 

Jeannie Joe 
Christina Wong 
Lynn Newcomb 
Kim Bueno 
Tamar Charney 
Mrs. Betsy Turnbull 


Photography Editor 

Copy Editor 

Business Editor 

Photography Director 


Mrs. Elizabeth Evans 

The faculty at Harpeth Hall is unique in that each member is 
active in areas other than academics. Each year the MILES- 
TONES staff is faced with the difficult responsibility of choosing 
one person to whom it can dedicate the annual. However, this year 
one faculty member was special to MILESTONES as well as to 
the entire school. Since her arrival at Harpeth Hall, this teacher 
has taught French, and she continues today to instill in her students 
respect for France, its language, and its culture. Now, as head of 
the Language Department, she organizes the bi-annual Winterim 
trip to France, the Winterim French class, and Le Cercle Francais. 

Her expertise is not limited to French; she has been involved in 
activities which range from serving on the dress code committee to 
organizing graduation processions. In 1982 she obtained charters 

for two new honor societies at Harpeth Hall. The reason for her 
desire to establish a chapter of La Societe Honoraire de Fran?ais at 
Harpeth Hall is obvious: she is a French teacher. But she also 
sponsors Quill and Scroll, a national honor society for high school 
journalists. Her interest in this second honor society is somewhat 
less obvious. This faculty member had the dubious honor of guiding 
several MILESTONES staffs through Friday meetings, deadlines, 
and distribution days. Upon retiring from MILESTONES in 
1983, she became a willing and helpful consultant. 

Around Harpeth Hall this faculty member has a reputation for 
generosity and excellence. For her guidance, support, and friendly 
smile, the 1984 MILESTONES staff fondly dedicates MILES- 
TONES 1984 to Mrs. Elizabeth Evans. 





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Faculty and Staff 










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Faculty and Staff 

David E. Wood: Headmaster 

Striving to continue the academic excellence at Harpeth Hall 
is just one of Mr. David Wood's goals for the school. He also 
endeavors to develop new courses and opportunities for the 
benefit of the students. In addition, he seeks to increase the 
endowment of Harpeth Hall to aid in reducing the large tuition 
while increasing the salary of the faculty. 

Although Mr. Wood's main responsibilities involve the overall 
operation of the school and the hiring of new faculty, he also 
participates in various aspects of school life. For example, Mr. 
Wood cheers the Honeybears to victory at athletic events. He 
has taken part in the summer musicals, My Fair Lady and The 
Music Man , and he even judges the costume contest at the 
biology department's "Frog Day" in November. Mr. Wood 

participates whole-heartedly in all aspects of school life, and he 
takes a special interest in each girl at Harpeth Hall. He shows 
his interest through personalized notes to girls who make the 
Honor Roll or to those participating in plays and by being 
available throughout the day for students seeking advice or a 
friendly person to talk with. 

Following his graduation from Davidson College in North 
Carolina, Mr. Wood taught at Battle Ground Academy. After a 
long period as Director of Admissions at Vanderbilt, he became 
headmaster at U.M.S., a boys' preparatory shcool in Mobile, 
Alabama. Mr. Wood has since made a very successful transition 
from the all-male school, U.M.S., to Harpeth Hall. 

Joanna Rutter: Director of the Upper School 

As Director of the Upper School, Mrs. Joanna Rutter is a 
very important figure to the students at Harpeth Hall. She is an 
advisor, a disciplinarian, and a friend to many. She also serves 
as hostess at the annual wine and cheese parties, and she plays 
an important part in formulating school policy. Mrs. Rutter, 
however, is most often a disciplinarian, and she regrets that 
more students do not know her personally. She realizes the 
importance of her disciplinary role to the school, and she feels 
that self-discipline coupled with proper priorities and well-made 
decisions can help students achieve their goals here at Harpeth 
Hall and throughout their lives. Mrs. Rutter herself has had to 
make decisions and set priorities when, at the age of thirty-two, 
she returned to college after having seen her four children enter 

school. After receiving her bachelor's and master's degrees, she 
accepted a position at the Charlotte Latin School where she 
served for nine rewarding years. She then found herself faced 
with another opportunity and challenge last year when she 
accepted the position of Director of the Upper School at 
Harpeth Hall. She is pleased with the changes that have taken 
place during two years here. These changes include the recent 
curriculum changes and the new unstructured study hall that 
allows students with acceptable grades to use their free time as 
they wish. Mrs. Rutter has proven herself to be supportive of the 
faculty and has tried to encourage students to achieve their 
potential in a demanding but supportive atmosphere. 

Polly Fessey: Middle School Director 

For the past sixteen years Miss Polly Fessey has directed the 
Middle School with devotion, enthusiasm, and an instinctive sense 
of responsibility. Not only does Miss Fessey maintain her demand- 
ing job as Director of the Middle School, but she is also involved in 
extracurricular activities. In past years Miss Fessey has served as 
treasurer and secretary of the Mid-South Association of Indepen- 
dant Schools who awarded her an Honor Citation. She participates 
in the Cumberland Valley Girl Scouts program and various church 
committees. For years students and faculty have turned to her for 

Miss Fessey's career at Harpeth Hall has never lacked new 
learning experiences. In 1980 Miss Fessey served as Harpeth 

Hall's first Interim Headmistress for the Upper School. Miss Fes- 
sey commented that, "This gave me a greater understanding of 
how everything works at Harpeth Hall. There was more detailed 
information to understand in the Upper School." Along with her 
efficient manner and responsibility, Miss Fessey has always exud- 
ed warmth, understanding and an air of charm with whomever she 

In addition to these qualities and responsibilities. Miss Fessey's 
biggest job is to help the students be motivated and enjoy school. 
Miss Fessey feels that, "The girls are different than they were 
sixteen years ago. They're more knowledgeable about things be- 
cause they have greater exposure to television and news." 

Mrs. Lucile 
McLean Retires 

Mrs. Lucile McLean's vital 
contributions to Harpeth Hall have been 
many. Mrs. McLean has been working 
adeptly with Harpeth Hall's finances for 
many years. Often, she works throughout 
the summer, taking only a short two to 
three week vacation. With accurate 
records of each student's individual 
finances, Mrs. McLean deals with all the 
incoming and outgoing money at Harpeth 
Hall. She handles all types of bills, 
ranging from tuition checks to book 
money, and organizes the book sale in the 
Fall during registration. Mrs. McLean 
has always enjoyed her work very much, 
especially because of the wide variety of 
personalities of all the different students 
at Harpeth Hall. 

Harpeth Hall attributes years of 
financial security to Mrs. McLean's 
intelligent organization. The entire school 
will feel a deep loss with her retirement 
and will greatly miss her unique 
personality. Harpeth Hall wishes her 

uture success and continued happiness 

or years to come. 

Anita Schmid 
and Jane Berry 

The Counseling Department is directed 
by two Harpeth Hall alumnae. Mrs. 
Anita Schmid, class of 1968, serves as 
freshman-sophomore counselor, while 
Miss Jane Berry, class of 1972, guides 
juniors and seniors in selecting colleges. 

Mrs. Schmid advises freshmen and 
sophomores and directs Winterim. 
Operating the Winterim program involves 
organizing an on-campus curriculum and 
a travel or work/study option. A 
University of Tennessee graduate with a 
master's degree in human development 
counseling from Peabody College, Mrs. 
Schmid approaches her responsibilities 

As College Counselor and Dean of 
Students. Miss Berry is an asset to 
Harpeth Hall. Miss Berry directs a 
system efficient in insuring the 
punctuality of college applications. Her 
extracurricular involvement includes the 
college tour. Student Council, and junior 
class sponsor. With bachelor's and 
master's degrees from Vanderbilt and 
experience teaching history, Miss Berry is 
well-prepared for her duties. 

Peggy Herring 

Miss Herring, the business manager of 
Harpeth Hall, is responsible for creating 
the school budget each year and handling 
the insurance programs for the school. 
She plans ahead every year for major 
purchases and needs of the school, such as 
the addition of eight new Apple II 
computers for the Upper School and the 
new audio system which was made 
possible through various contributions by 
different school organizations. One major 
expense of the Harpeth Hall year is the 
upkeep of the campus, for which Miss 
Herring also is responsible. Aware of the 
wide range of rules and regulations that 
exist, she makes sure that the school 
complies with them. This year she has 
transferred all school records onto 
computer disks. Miss Herring is dedicated 
to her work at Harpeth Hall and admits 
that she enjoys seeing how the girls and 
the school change from year to year. 

Polly Nichols 

Mrs. Polly Nichols has contributed to 
Ward-Belmont as well as Harpeth Hall 
School in many different ways. She is a 
graduate of Ward-Belmont, and she later 
served as the Director of Alumnae Affairs 
here at Harpeth Hall. This year Mrs. 
Nichols took on a new role, that of head 
of the Development Campaign. This 
position is indeed vital to the existence of 
Harpeth Hall because the school cannot 
survive without financial aid from outside 
sources. Mrs. Nichols' job requires 
actively pursuing donations from public 
and private contributors who are 
interested in Harpeth Hall. In seeking 
these donations Mrs. Nichols often travels 
throughout the region promoting the 
benefits and basis of a Harpeth Hall 
education. Mrs. Nichols' work in 
establishing these successful contacts and 
raising needed funds shows her loyalty 
and devotion to Harpeth Hall and ensures 
the continuation of the fine college 
preparatory education which the school 
offers. Mrs. Nichols is definitely an asset 
to Harpeth Hall, and her hard work and 
support is greatly appreciated. 

Susie Brown 

Susie Brown does a variety of jobs for 
the Harpeth Hall community and is an 
important figure here. As director of the 
admissions process, she organizes group 
tours for girls from the feeder schools in 
the Nashville area, and she arranges 
interviews and tours for all prospective 
students and their parents. She also 
administers the entrance exam in January 
and helps select the new students, which 
keeps her in contact with all the students 
at one time or another. 

In her job as Alumnae Director, Mrs. 
Brown keeps Harpeth Hall alumnqe 
aware of the school's and each other's 
activities. She collects information and 
news about each class every year and 
publishes both a newspaper and a 
magazine. She also works with the 
development office on fund-raising 
projects involving the alumnae, such as 
the Phone-a-thon. 

Mrs. Brown, a graduate and a former 
English teacher here at Harpeth Hall, 
received her B.A. degree from Sweet 
Briar College and her M.A.T. and M.A. 
in English from Vanderbilt University. 


Dugan Coughlan Davis 
Middle School English. University of 
Chattanooga, B.A.; George Peabody 
College, M.S. 

Dona Spawn Gower 

English. University of Dallas, B.A.; 

Vanderbilt University, M.A., Ph.D. 

Martha Corvvin Gregory- 
Assistant Librarian. University of Alabama, 
A.B., B.A.; George Peabody College, M.A.; 
University of Chicago. 

Mary Russell Herod 

Vanderbilt University, B.A.; YMCA Law 

School, Doctor of Jurisprudence. 

Joyce Garnet Lee 

Middle School English. Middle Tennessee 
State University, B.A.; University of 
Tennessee, M.S. 

Mary Lee Mathews Manier 
Librarian. Vanderbilt University, B.A.; 
George Peabody College, M.L.S.; 
Peabody— Vanderbilt. Ph.D. 

Elizabeth Bingham Marney 
Chairman of English Department. 
University of North Carolina, B.A., M.A.; 
University of Texas, Ph.D. 

Betty Latham Nelson 

Middle School English. Vanderbilt 

University. B.A. 

Ann Poteet 

Typing. Greensboro Women's College, B.S. 

Sarah Ann Frost Stamps 
English. Vanderbilt University, B.A.; 
Columbia University, M.A.; George 
Peabody College. 

Gordon Alexander Turnbull 
English. Davidson College, A.B. 

Joan Metz Warterfield 

English. Vanderbilt University; University of 
North Carolina, B.A.; George Peabody 
College, M.S. 

Frances Eugenia Wynne 

Middle School Reading. Vanderbilt 

University, B.A.; M.A. in progress. 

Thomas Daniel Young 

English. Vanderbilt University, B.A., Miami 

University At Ohio, M.A.; Ph.D. in progress. 

Mrs. Warterfield, Dr. Marney, Mrs. Lee, Dr. Gower, Mr. Turnbull, Mrs. Stamps, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Poteet, 
Miss Wynne. Not pictured Mr. Young, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Gregory, Dr. Manier. 

Front row: Mrs. Couch, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Drews, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Dennis. 
Second row: Mr. Tuzeneu, Mr. Lauderdale. 


Marion Pickering Couch 
Spanish. University of Iowa, B.A., M.A.; 
Mexico City College,; El Instituto De 
Filologia Hispanica, Saltillo, Mexico; El 
Instituto Iberoamericano. Madrid, Spain. 

India Culpepper Dennis 
French. Agnes Scott College, B.A.; 
Middlebury College, M.A.; Centre 
International D'Etudes Francais 
(C.I.D.E.F.); Ecole Francais d'Ete (Bryn 
Mawr College), Avignon, France. 

Phoebe Babbage Drews 
Chairman of Latin Department. Ohio 
Wesleyan, B.A.; Vanderbilt University, 
M.A.; Greek-American Institute, Athens, 
Greece; American Academy in Rome. 

Elizabeth Pope Evans 
Chairman of Modern Language 
Department. French. Vanderbilt University, 
B.A.; Peabody at Vanderbilt University, 
M.S.; Vanderbilt-in-France at Aix-en- 

Paul-Leon Tuzeneu 

French, Spanish. Monmouth College, B.A., 

Philosophy/French; University of North 

Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.A., Comparative 

Literature; Universite McGill, Montreal; 

Ecole Francaise d*Ete; Universitait Trier, 


William Alexander Lauderdale 
Middle School French. Southwestern 
University, B.A.; Vanderbilt University, 
MAT.; Institute for American Studies, 

Joyce Crutcher Ward 
Middle School Latin. Randolph-Macon 
Women's College; George Peabody College, 
B.A.; University of Tennessee; Tennessee 
State Universitv. 


Jeannette Simpson Andrews 
Chairman of Mathematics Department. 
Geometry. North Carolina State University, 
B.S.; Tufts University; George Peabody 

Marie Fitzgerald Burr 
Middle School Mathematics. Vanderbilt 
University, B.A.; Tennessee State 
University, M.A. 

Emily Bivins Fuller 

Algebra. Agnes Scott College, B.A.; Middle 

Tennessee State University. 

Sally Uptegrove Lee 

Middle School Mathematics. Sweetbriar 

College, B.A.; Vanderbilt University, 


Carol Chambers Oxley 

Pre-Calculus, Calculus. Union University, 

B.S.: Vanderbilt University, M.A. 

Mary McCrory Plummer 

Algebra. Vanderbilt University, B.A. 

Elizabeth Thomas Turnbull 
Computer. Davidson College. A.B. 

Mark Webb 

Algebra. Tennessee Technological 

University, B.S. 

Louise Parker Wills 

Middle School Mathematics. Vanderbilt 

University, B.A.; University of Tennessee. 

Front row: Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Burr, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Turnbull. Second row: Mrs. Oxley, Mrs. Andrews. Mr. 
Webb. Mrs. Plummer, Mrs. Wills. 


Seated: Mr. Webb, Miss Moran, Miss Felkel, Mrs. Norris, Mrs. Martin. 
Standing: Miss Sullivan, Mrs. Nash, Miss Mountfort. 

Carolyn Margaret Felkel 
Chairman of Science Department. Biology. 
Coker College, B.A.; Vanderbilt University, 
M.A.; Gulf Coast Research Laboratory; 
University of New Mexico. 

Paula Johnson Martin 
I.C. P., Physics, Chemistry. Vanderbilt 
University; University of Tennessee, B.S.; 
George Peabody College, M.A.; National 
Science Foundation, Vanderbilt University. 

Georgianne Moran 

Middle School Science. Vanderbilt 

University, B.S. 

Penelope Mountfort 
Chemistry. University of Buffalo, B.S.; 
George Peabody College, M.A.; National 
Science Foundation Institutes: Yale 
University, Vanderbilt University. 

Karen Rom Nash 

Middle School Science. Duke University, 

B.S., M.A.T.; University of North Carolina. 

Jane Spotts Norris 
Biology. Carnegie-Mellon University, 
B.F.A.; George Peabody College, B.S.; 
Vanderbilt University, M.S. 

Mark Webb 

I.C. P. Tennessee Technological University, 

Social Sciences 

Michael Wickham Bouton 

History. Denison University, B.A.; Purdue 

University, M.A.; Illinois State University, 


Merrie Morrissey Clark 

Middle School History. Vanderbilt 

University, B.A.; George Peabody College, 


Nancy White Duvier 

Middle School History. Vanderbilt 

University, B.A. 

Michael King Goodwin 

History. University of Alabama, B.A.; 

Vanderbilt University, M.A. in progress. 

Ginger Osborn Justus 
Chairman of Social Science Department. 
Philosophy, Government. Florida Southern 
College; University of Tennessee, B.A., 
M.A.; Y.M.C.A. Law School, J.D. 

Elaine O'Brien Simpson 

Middle School History. College of St. 

Elizabeth, A.B.; New York University, M.A. 

Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Duvier, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Justus, Dr. Bouton. Not pictured Mr. Goodwin. 

Fine Arts 

Seated: Mrs. Berry 

Standing: Mr. Goodwin. Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Charney. Not pictured Ms. Matthews, Mrs. 

Ray Smith Berry 
Music, Music History, Glee Club. 
Randolph-Macon Woman's College, B.A.; 
University of North Carolina, M.A. 

Sharon Lehman Charney 
Chairman of Art Department, Art. 
Carnegie-Mellon University, B.F.A. 
University of Wisconsin — Madison, M.A. 

Sandra Wagoner Davis 
Communication Skills, Acting. Vanderbilt 
University, B.A. Wesleyan University, M.A. 
in progress. 

Peter Stroud Goodwin 

Art. University of Alabama, B.A., B.F.A., 


Leslie Matthews 

Dance. University of Tennessee; New 
Mexico State University, B.S. Studies with 
Tandy Beal and Eric Hawkins. 

Margaret Lauderdale Williams 

Art History. University of Florida, B.A.; 

Vanderbilt University. 



Stephanie Smithley Hamilton 
Dance. Memphis State University; St. 
Louis University. 

Georgianne Moran Day 
Physical Education. Vanderbilt 
University, B.S. 

Patsy Neblett Moran 
Chairman of the Physical Education 
Department. Physical Education, 
Hygiene. Ward-Belmont College; George 
Peabody College, B.A., M.A. 

Leslie Matthews 

Dance, Body Dynamics. University of 

Tennessee; New Mexico State University, 

B.S. Studies with Tandy Beal and Eric 


Nancy Esther Reed 

Athletic Director. Belmont College, A. A.; 

George Peabody College, B.S. 

Susan Kaufman Russ 

Physical Education, First Aid, Hygiene. 

Murray State University, B.S., M.A. 

Special Staff 

Mary Jane Pope Armfield 
Secretary. East Carolina University, 

Jean Ayers 

Secretary. Cumberland University. 

Elaine Green 

Secretary. Saginaw, Michigan Business 


Martha Corwin Gregory 
Librarian. University of Alabama, A.B., 
B.A.; George Peabody College, M.A.; 
University of Chicago. 

Sally Snell Mabry 

Secretary. University of Mississippi; 

University of Tennessee. 

Mary Lee Matthews Manier 
Librarian. Vanderbilt University, B.A.; 
George Peabody College, M.L.S. 

Nancy Esther Reed 

Study Hall Supervisor. Belmont College, 

A. A.; George Peabody College, B.S. 

Eleanor Flautt Roberts 
Secretary. Goucher College. 

Bonita Steele 

Secretary. Eckerd College; 

Nashville Technological School. 

Mrs. Moran, Ms. Matthews, Miss Reed, Mrs. Russ. Not pictured Mrs. Day. 

First row: Mrs. Herod, Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Green. Second row: Mrs. Manier, Miss Reed, Mrs. 
Mabry, Mrs. Armfield, Mrs. Ayers, Mrs. Steele. 



:;.,.: Class of 1984 

Tish Tully 

Risa Klein 

Yolanda Ferragina 

Kate Zeitler 

Susannah Caffry 

Clark Merritt 

Bunny Stein 

Elizabeth Arnold 
Athletic Director 

Mrs. Betty Marney 

Mrs. Pat Moran 


First Row: Elizabeth Arnold, Susannah Caffry. Second Row: Clark Merritt, Kate Zeitler, Tish Tully, Risa 
Klein, Yolanda Ferragina. Third row: Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Marney. Not pictured Bunny Stein. 

Amanda Matthews Abies 

Elizabeth Harriet Arnold 

Nancy Elizabeth Bach 



Helen Elizabeth Buchanan 

Lillian Patton Bradford 

Anne Catherine Bond 

Kim Frances Bueno 

Cynthia Frances Burnes 

Susannah Jane Caffry 



Mary Catherine Callaway 

Mary Brugh Chaffin 

Sheryl Lynn Couch 

Diane Erika Corwin 

Holland Ashley Conner 



Susan Rogers Deckner 

Kelly Eileen Culp 

Elizabeth Carroll Crosslin 

Sandra Suzanne Delvaux 

Judith Gwynne Faber 

Yolanda Ann Ferragina 

Hollie Ann Fischley 


Catherine Lee Franklin 

Michele Elizabeth Granda 

Amy Bondurant Harvey 

Cynthia Jane Harness 

Erin Elizabeth Mary Kendall Handte 


Elizabeth Teller Hilton 

Tiffany Newell Hitt 

Julie Marlene Hayes 

Marian Louise Hollyday 

sS /%S 


1 1 I j 


*\^5^« Rl^ / *\£\ 

Robin Bigelow Ingram 

Mary Bailey Irwin 


Jeannie Eun-Jung Joe 

Callie Baldwin Johnson 

Risa Lynn Klein 

v ^"ffl^^H^^H 





1 '3 

B' /l 

^y v .. j 

li\ 'jfifit 

\M Mm m Mm Mm 

Mary Beatty McLaughlin 

Rebecca Lynne Mathes 

Grace Woodard Lazenby 


Rae Clark Mifflin 

Louise Clark Merritt 

Elizabeth Marie McPherson 

Sherry Lynn Newcomb 

Amanda Frances Oldham 



Argie Vernon Oman 

Emily Susan Page 

Florence Cavert Perry 

Kimberly Dawn Sanders 

Catherine Elizabeth Phister 

Miriam Donna Orien Phinizy 


Kathryn Chappell Schnelle 

Karen Letitia Schneider 

Florence Jacqueline Therese Savage 

Sandra Elizabeth Shockley 

Susan Willingham Simons 

Mary Elizabeth Smithwick 

4 2 

Ashley Elizabeth Spalding 


Debra Suzanne Starr 

Bernice Fritchman Stein 



W; » 

a» i 

** <m 

v ^Pg 


«£ : J 

Leslie Lipscomb Tarkington 

Susan Thomas Stover 

Ruth Elizabeth Stein 


Stella Harvill Taylor 

Melissa Frances West 

Hannah Lawrence Thompson 


,■ '/, l .. *• -aw 


•uk*^ . wiitoi 

Letitia Leigh Tully 

Susan Paige Wilds 

Christina Wong 



Tyler Annette Woosley 

Kate Ransom Zeitler 


Senior Superlatives 

Holly Conner: Wittiest 

Kim Frances Bueno: Most Likely to Succeed 


Beth McPherson: Most Talented 

Tish Tully: Best Ail-Around 

Michelle Granda: Most Athletic 

Diane Corwin: Most Beautiful 

Risa Klein: Most School Spirit 


Class of 1984 


Scottie Hill 

Mandy Haynes 

Sheila Morris 

Kim Jones 

Laura Molesworth 
Peggy Pendergrass 

Susan Stumb 

Sarah Sitton 
Athletic Association 

Miss Jane Berry 
Mrs. Ginger Justus 

Candie Bogie 
Margaret Jane Brandau 
Barbara Keith Brown 
Christie Cain 

Mrs. Justus, Scottie Hill, Sarah Sitton, Kim Jones, Sheila Morris, Laura Molesworth, Peggy Pendergrass, Susan 
Stumb, Mandy Haynes, and Miss Berry. 

Anna Kate Cannon 
Anna Carney 
Karen Cashion 
Sarah Chang 

Diana Cherry 
Ashley Clements 
Jennifer Cox 
Cindy Crist ' 



Elizabeth Cummins 
Ashley Dale 
Dee Davis 
Annette Elinger 

Lynne Evans 
Mary Belle Farrell 
Becca Fogg 
Ruthie Frederiksen 

Angie Gaw 
Miller Graves 
Wende Hall 
Mandy Haynes 

Elizabeth Hightower 
Scottie Hill 
Lela Hollabaugh 
Leigh Horton 

Gigi Hudson 
Kim Jones 
Dolly Kavass 
Shannon Kiss 


Tiffany Larkin 
Lezlie Lockett 
Beth McNeilly 
Amanda McPherson 

Kelley Miller 
Laura Molesworth 
Grayson Morgan 
Sheila Morris 

Tracy Orcutt 
Michele Panther 
Laurie Pate 
Peggy Pendergrass 

Jill Peters 
Carol Potter 
Katy Quillen 
Jessica Reynolds 

Meredith Roberts 
Lindy Rogers 
Dara Russell 
Kelley Sanders 


Sarah Sitton 
Dabney Sloan 
Susanna Smith 
Lindy Speight 

Susan Stevens 
Trisi Stevenson 
Susan Stumb 
Taylor Sullivan 

Paige Thomas 
Catherine Treadway 
Nancy Trondsen 
Heidi Vastbinder 

Caroline Yeary 


Nina Brown 

Devereux Cummins 

Cecilia Wong 

Jenny Amacher 

Caroline Van 

Andrea Carter 

Nancy Brown 
Athletic Association 

Mrs. Emily Fuller 
Mrs. Paula Martin 

Anne Altenbern 
Jenny Amacher 
Andrea Andrews 
Jennifer Baron 

Elizabeth Bass 
Virginia Betty- 
Jill Blevins 
Gloriane Bond 

Virginia Lee Bradshav 
Kristin Breuss 
Nina Brown 
Nancy Brown 

Front row: Mrs. Martin, Nina Brown, Cecilia Wong, Caroline Van, Mrs. Fuller. Second row: Nancy Brown, 
Devereux Cummins, Jenny Amacher. Andrea Carter 


Betsey Bryan 
Andrea Bryant 
Andrea Carlsen 
Sarah Carr 

Laurie Carson 
Andrea Carter 
Carol Cavin 
Tamar Charney 

Carey Clarke 
(Catherine Collins 
Candy Colton 
Cindy Cothren 

Elizabeth Cotton 
Ellie Cox 
Susie Cox 
Devereux Cummins 

Sarah Darragh 
Bonny Davis 
Donna Denton 
Lauren Doolittle 



Caroline Doyle 
Susie Elson 
Dawn Felts 
Carolyn Fischer 

Corinne Frist 
Debbie Good 
Dallas Hagewood 
Briana Handte 

Meredith Harris 
Tweedy Hildebrand 
Ashley Hitt 
Rene Houghland 

Kathie Jones 
Cathy Kanaday 
Betsy Kennedy 
Kristen Kirby 

Noel Kirkpatrick 
Brenda Lamb 
Rachel Landon 
Jennifer Loomis 


Shelly Martin 
Elizabeth Martinez 
Lee Mays 
Traci McDowell 

Vicki McMurray 
Trish McNamee 
Gina Mevis 
Beth Miller 

Anne Moore 
Jennifer Nichols 
Shan Overton 
Drewry Oxford 

Margaret Palmer 
Julie Perkins 
Page Polk 
Cindy Russell 

Amy Sailor 
Beth Sandidge 
Mary Sarratt 
Jaqueline Saturn 


Ellen Sergent 
Alison Simmons 
Dillie Sloan 
Arwen Staros 

Susie Stevens 
Marian Stoney 
Gretchen Strayhorn 
Susan Summar 

Margo Teas 
Noel Thomas 
Julia Tonelson 
Caroline Van 

Haylee Waddey 
Wendy Warren 
Scarlett Weakley 
Ashley Weigel 

Lexy Wilks 
Lori Kay Wilson 
Cecilia Wong 
Heidi Woolems 




Grace Russell 

Ellen Crawford 

Missy Williams 

Susan Wattleworth 

Ellen Nelson 

Kim Oliver 
Athletic Association 

Dr. Dona Gower 
Mrs. Anita Schmid 

Front row: Mrs. Schmid, Ellen Nelson, Ellen Crawford, Lori Holcomb, Kim Oliver, Dr. Gower. Second Row: 
Missy Williams, Grace Russell, Susan Wattleworth. 

Regina Allen 
Leah Altemeier 
Buffy Baker 
Mimi Baker 

Beth Barnett 
Beth Berry 
Jennifer Betts 
Andi Boklage 

Darcy Bookout 
Catrina Bourlakas 
Ann Braun 
Miriam Breinig 



Anne Brown 
Kelli Bruce 
Wendy Bryan 
Lydia Burr 

Ashley Caldwell 
Catherine Carney 
Laura Carroll 
Nicole Carroll 

Chandler Coker 
Ellen Crawford 
Suzanne Culp 
Lezley Dale 

Deborah Deckner 
Maria Dolan 
Christie Dowsett 
Mary Frances Evers 

Leigh Flores 
Margo Fort 
Laura Francis 
Rachel Frey 


Holley Fuller 
Ashley Gardner 
Erin Gaw 
Leeanne Gilligan 

Sandy Halachmi 
Monica Haley 
Sarah Hardison 
Reed Harwell 

Ellen Helm 
Lori Holcomb 
Heather Hollyday 
Vanessa Honicker 

Kathy Jackson 

Jessy Jones 

Marce Jones 

Mary Wendell Lampton 

Becky Larish 
Chloe Lenderman 
Karey Lenz 
Leanne Little 



Tay Martin 
Laura Matter 
Debbie Maynard 
Susan McLaughlin 

Kristen Mitchel 
Beth Mitchell 
Pi Molin 
Ellen Nelson 

Britt Nielson 
Kim Oliver 
Kristin Orcutt 
Kathryn Rau 

Sara Rembert 
Molly Reynolds 
Tasha Riggins 
Melanie Russell 

Grace Russell 
Beth Schweikert 
Ali Silva 
Corey Silverstein 



Anne Smith 
Christy Spengler 
Kristine Stone 
Susan Stuart 

Stacy Sullins 
Jennifer Tate 
Elizabeth Thomas 
Beth Triplett 

Christina Varallo 
Julie Walker 
Becky Watson 
Susan Wattleworth 

Amy Welhoelter 
Rachel Wilks 
Cindy Williams 
Missy Williams 

Eighth Grade 

Annis Marney 

Kelley Schmitt 


**>N Julia Trabue 

Beth Funderburk 

Ferris Newell 
Activities Coordinator 

Barry Caldwell 

Mrs. Joyce Ward and Mrs. Karen Nash 

r irst row: Annis Marney. Julia Trabue, Kelley Schmitt. Second row: Ferris Newell, Beth Funderburk, Barry 
Caldwell. Third row: Mrs. Nash, Mrs. Ward. 

Cynthia Averbuch 
Tiffy Baker 
Lethia Batey 
Elvse Berkon 

Beth Blaufuss 
Rebecca Bond 
Lynn Bouchard 
Jennifer Braden 

Anne Breinig 
Andrea Brooks 
Berry Bryan 
Barrv Caldwell 

Eighth Grade 

Robin Campbell 
Julie Cantrell 
Katie Carlton 
Maria Carroll 

Kim Casper 
Cathie Cato 
Margo Coleman 
Catherine Creagh 

Gigi Davis 
Kristin Dietrich 
Lori Dioguardi 
Tara Dismukes 

Karen Doochin 
Lisa Dukes 
Mary Fairbairn 
Arti Finn 

Beth Funderburk 
Carolyn Gifford 
Abigail Goldberg 
Robyn Growden 

Eighth Grade 

Ginger Hale 
Holly Hall 
Kathy Hamling 
Lynne Hampton 

Valerie Harben 
Katie Hardin 
Hayden Harris 
Mary Alice Hays 

Kristi Holbrook 
Christy Jackson 
Lisa Kirchner 
Dabney Ledyard 

Meg Maddux 
Annis Marney 
Jennifer Mathes 
Catherine Mayes 

Katie McDougall 
Julie McGuigan 
Mary Lee Mclnnis 
Sarah Mills 

Eighth Grade 

Erin Moroney 
Sarah Morris 
Sarah Nash 
Ferris Newell 

Betsy Nichols 
Ashley Norton 
Patricia Ptomey 
Mary Beth Ragland 

Jennifer Rechter 
Eve Robinson 
Lynn Robinson 
Marci Rosenblum 

Traci Safer 
Kelley Schmitt 
Christy Sharp 
Hollv Shear 

Adele Simons 
Paige Simpkins 
Ashley Sloan 
Ashley Smith 

Eighth Grade 

Ramie Smith 
Susie Stach 
Alex Stanton 
Karen Stephenson 

Sally Teloh 
Dana Thomas 
Julia Trabue 
Edith Trost 

Claire Vaughn 
LaTisha Watts 
Annie B. Williams 
Beth Williams 

Katie Wood 
Nancy Wood 
Ashley Woods 
Jeanie Wright 


Seventh Grade 

Paige Ferragina 

Eleanor Jones 
Vice President 

Margaret Wirth 

Katie David 

Lindsey King 
Activity Coordinator 

Sarah Ruccio 

Mrs. Joyce Lee 

Officers: First Row: Katie Davis. Paige Ferragina, Eleanor Jones, Lindsey King. 
Second Row: Mrs. Lee, Sarah Ruccio, Margaret Wirth. 

Tina Adams 
Alyson Amonette 
Suzanne Armfield 
Margie Ayers 

Libby Benning 
Bambi Bingham 
Katie Braden 
Caroline Carothers 

Kathy Clark 
Shawn Coker 
Maria Connelly 
Gigi Creson 

Seventh Grade 

Mary Margaret Crowell 
Suzannah Crowell 
Katie Davis 
Karen Dismukes 

Jennifer Don 
Bonita Doss 
Paige Ferragina 
Susan Fly 

Amy Fouse 
Julie Hartzog 
Catheribe Hawkins 
Alice Hendrickson 

Shawn Hodde 
Marion Holt 
Christine Johnston 
Eleanor Jones 

Carol Kennedy 
Lindsey King 
Amy Lee 
Jennifer Lindahl 

Seventh Grade 

Katie Lucas 
Betsy Maddin 
Mindy Madson 
Ellen Maguire 

Emily Carol Miller 
Carolyn Palmer 
Ware Petznick 
Anastasia Potanin 

Jennifer Rose 
Sarah Ruccio 
Stephanie Rush 
Cara Sanders 

Stephanie Sheffield 
Kara Ann Sitton 
Phyllis Sloan 
Allison Smith 

Amory Smith 
Sally Sprouse 
Beth Sullins 
Ashley Sullivan 

Seventh Grade 

Ann-Kristin Sundell 
Lisa Sutton 
Kristen Volkert 
Jenny Walker 

Rebekah Warren 
Laura Wilkins 
Margaret Wirth 

Sixth Grade 

Laura Allen 
Mollie Anderson 
Booth Andrews 
Courtenay Baron 

Alyson Beauchamp 
Anne Blaufuss 
Kathy Cladwell 
Susie Creagh 

Julie Doochin 
Leslie Shea Duling 
Abbay Eaden 
Elizabeth Edwards 

Mandy Emerson 
Laura Gaw 
Rebecca Greene 
Susan Hemmrich 

Ashley Hodde 
Laura Jack 
Frances Jackson 
Jennifer Lee 

Sixth Grade 

Christin Mathes 
Manda Mathews 
Charlotte Napier 
Amy Nichols 

Maguerite Nielsen 
Carrie Oliver 
Aylin Ozgener 
Murray Polk 

Beth Rather 
Brent Sharp 
Lihbin Shiao 
Frances Shears 

Connie Smith 
Diana Stanton 
Noel Anne Summar 
Ginny Thompson 

Kate Wilk 
Amy Williams 
Mary Donna Wimberly 
Carolyn Yates 






Student Council 

The Student council aims for greater 
school spirit and increased student 
participation in school activities. The 
1983-84 council, under the direction of 
Student Body President Holly Conner 
and the supervision of Miss Jane Berry, 
sponsored many events, including the Fall 
Dance, the Halloween Party, and the 
Valentine's Day Dance. Two other 
council events were the "Personality of 
the Month" and "Teacher of the Month" 
awards which were presented to the 
student and teacher who displayed the 
qualities of an enthusiastic participator at 
Harpeth Hall. During the summer the 
council welcomed all the new students by 
giving a small party designed to 
familiarize them with Harpeth Hall. 
Throughout the year, the Student Council 
entertained and informed the student 
body with assembly programs and skits. 
In January, the sophomore 
representatives became the leaders of the 
Winterim Student Council and organized 
activities for the students participating in 
classes on campus. The Student Council 
also sponsored and participated in Career 
Week held during the last week of 
Winterim. A driving force in the Upper 
School, the Student Council encourages 
students to enjoy and take advantage of 
school activities. 

Lil Bradford. Miss Berry, Holly Connor. Mary Irwin. 

First row: Lori Holcomb, Gracie Russell, Bonnie Davis. Second row: Susie Cox, Elizabeth Hightower, Susie Simons, Lindy Rogers, Florence Savage, Julie Hays. 


■ » 

Honor Council 

The purpose of the Honor Council is to 
uphold the Honor System by encouraging 
the spirit of honor as well as acting upon 
cases of Honor Code violations. The 
elected representatives from each class in 
the Upper School make recommendations 
to the Faculty Disciplinary Board. To 
insure that all cases are handled fairly, all 
matters and meetings of the Honor 
Council are kept confidential. 

President Lizzie Buchanan and the 
Council members with the support of 
their sponsor, Mrs. Rutter, upheld the 
integrity and the high respect for honor 
that Harpeth Hall embodies. 

Seated: Mrs. Rutter, Lil Bradford, Liz Buchanan. Mary Irwin. Standing: Regina Allen, Wende Hall, Sarah 
Chang. Ruthie Fredriksen. Donna Phinizy, Tracy Orcutt. Chandler Coker. Yolanda Ferragina. Rachel Landon, 
Beth Miller. 

st row: Beth Rather, Carey Oliver, Cathy Caldwell, Ramie Smith. Catherine Creagh, Anme B Williams 
»nd row: Latisha Watts, Kristin Volkert, Maria Connelly, Lisa Kirchner, Katy Carlton. Third row Ellen, Carolyn Palmer, Beth Blaufuss, Mollie Anderson. Fourth row: Mrs Mabry 

Middle School 

As head of the student body, the 
Middle School Student Council organized 
many activities throughout the year. 
These included the Talent Show and the 
Grandmothers" Tea. The Council also 
punished minor offenses and operated the 
Lost and Found. A new tradition adopted 
by the group involved surprising each 
student with a cake on her birthday. 
Sponsored by Mrs. Sally Mabry. the 
Council worked to unite the girls and 
provided them with a chance to 
participate in student government. 

Mu Alpha Theta 

Mu Alpha Theta is an organization 
which honors students gifted in 
mathematics. The role of the Harpeth 
Hall chapter is to recognize girls who 
have maintained a B average or better for 
three years of math, thus new members 
are initiated in the spring of their junior 
or senior year. The society encourages its 
members to compete in the State 
Mathematics Convention and to enter 
monthly math contests and other 
invitational contests across the city, state, 
and region. The members of Mu Alpha 
Theta are strengthening their knowledge 
of math and learning new skills through 
participation in challenging competitions. 

Betsy Hilton, Mary Brugh Chaffin, Christina Wong, 
Mrs. Andrews. 

Cum Laude 

The Cum Laude Society of Harpeth 
Hall honors academic excellence by 
recognizing the top ten percent of the 
junior class, the top twenty percent of the 
senior class, and faculty members who 
have been at Harpeth Hall for at least 
two years and belong to the collegiate 
honor society Phi Beta Kappa or another 
Cum Laude society. This year the Cum 
Laude society asked Miss Patty Chadwell 
to speak at its induction day assembly. 
Miss Chadwell commented on the growth 
and advances Harpeth Hall has made 
from its Ward-Belmont days to the 
present by describing many memorable 
moments and experiences during her 
years at Harpeth Hall in the physical 
education department. The Harpeth Hall 
Cum Laude Society not only stresses the 
importance of maintaining a standard of 
excellence, but also encourages the 
students' pursuits of knowledge. 

First row: Jeannie Joe, Elizabeth Stein, Kathryn 
Schnelle. Second row; Lindy Speight, Sarah Chang, 
Hannah Thompson. Third row: Betsy Hilton, Emily 
Page, Elizabeth Cummins. Fourth row: Holly Conner, 
Tracey Orcutt, Lizzie Buchanan. 


Quill and Scroll 

Quill and Scroll is a national honor 
society which recognizes high school 
juniors and seniors who have 
demonstrated excellence, enthusiasm, and 
outstanding potential in high school 
journalism. At Harpeth Hall, students 
must be either an editor or rising editor of 
a publication to be eligible for 
membership. In addition, members must 
rank academically in the upper third of 
their class. Students who have contributed 
significantly to a school publication but 
are not initiated into the honor society 
can receive a special award for their work 
on one of the school publications. The 
presentation of the awards and the 
initiation into the Harpeth Hall chapter 
takes place in the spring during All Club 
Picnic. The Quill and Scroll chapter at 
Harpeth Hall was established in 1982 
thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Libby Evans. 

First row: Callie Johnson. Jeannie Joe, Elizabeth 
Cummins, Lezlie Lockett, Tamar Charney. Second 
row: Nancy Bach, Kathryn Schnelle, Wende Hall, 
Mrs. Turnbull. Christina Wong. 

Societe Honoraire 

de Francais 


The Societe Honoraire de Francois 
recognizes those students who have 
excelled in French at Harpeth Hall. This 
organization is a national high school 
honor society sponsored by Mrs. Libby 
Evans. The Harpeth Hall chapter of the 
society was granted a charter by the 
American Association of Teachers of 
French in 1982. The society honors high 
school students who have maintained an 
A- average for at least two years of 
French. Each of the girls displays a 
strong interest and an academic 
excellence in the language. 

First row: Beth Miller. Lindy Speight. Jeannie Joe, 
Elizabeth Cummins, Lezlie Lockett, Marian Stoney. 
Second row: Elizabeth Martinez. Donna Denton. 
Vicki McMurray. Betsey Bryan, Anna Carney, 
Wende Hall, Christina Wong, Elizabeth Cotton. 
Third row: Mrs. Evans. Nancy Bach. Arwen Staros, 
Caroline Van, Kim Jones, Lindy Rogers. 



Jeannie Joe 

Christina Wong 
Photography Editor 

Lynn Nevvcomb 
Copy Editor 

Kim Bueno 
Business Editor 

Tamar Charney 
Photography Director 

Mrs. Betsy Turnbull 

The MILESTONES staff, with the help 
of their new sponsor Mrs. Turnbull, strives 
not only to cover the major events such as 
plays and dances, but also to display a part 
of Harpeth Hall that many people outside 
cannot see: the general everyday spirit of the 
school. Each member of MILESTONES 
works under the supervision of the four 
editors in order to learn the specific 
responsibilities and expectations for the 
particular aspects of the yearbook, which 
range from writing copy to cropping 
pictures. Together, with enthusiasm and 
cooperation, the MILESTONES staff works 
diligently to provide the school with a candid 
view of what Harpeth Hall is all about. 


Front row: Noel Kirkpatrick, Meredith Harris, Amanda McPherson, Sarah Chang, Florence Perry. Second 
row: Cathy Kanaday, Shan Overton, Cecilia Wong, Betsy Bryan. Andrea Andrews, Lezlie Lockett, Erin 
Handte. Third row: Nina Brown. Devereux Cummins, Elizabeth Cotton. Wende Hall. Carol Cavin, Eliza- 
beth Cummins. 

Kim Bueno, Christina Wong, Lynn Newcomb, Mrs. Turnbull, Jeannie Joe, Tamar Charney. 



Penstaff is the Harpeth Hall literary 
society whose members enjoy expressing 
their creativity through original literary 
works. Under the leadership of chairmen 
Kim Bueno and Callie Johnson and 
sponsor Mrs. Sarah Stamps, Penstaff 
worked to fulfill their two main goals: 
first to maintain a literary influence 
within the school, and second to produce 
the annual literary magazine, 
HALLMARKS. In February, Penstaff 
asked Dr. Herschel Gower, a prominent 
literary figure in Nashville, to read 
selections from his novel FACES IN A 
NASHVILLE ARCADE to the student 
body and to discuss his personal 
dedication to literature. Penstaff held its 
annual banquet in honor of the new 
members in late March. 

Callie Johnson, Mrs. Stamps, Kim Bueno, Hollie Fischley. 

First row: Mrs. Stamps, Hollie Fischley, Katie Quillen, Scottie Hill, Florence Perry, Lynn Newcomb, Regina Allen, Kim Bueno. Second row: Annette Elinger, Callie 
Johnson, Yolanda Ferragina, Arwen Staros, Shelley Martin, Barbara Brown. Third row: Anne Braun, Cecilia Wong, Cathy Kanaday, Marian Hollyday. 


Cathy Callaway 
Elizabeth Martinez 
Dallas Hagewood 
Kathryn Schnelle 
Cecilia Wong 
Sarah Sitton 
Callie Johnson 
Carol Cavin 
Tamar Charney 
Nancy Bach 
Hannah Thompson 
Kim Oliver 
Annis Marney 
Holly Shear 
Annie B. Williams 
Julie Hartzog 
Dr. Dona Gower 
Dr. Betty Marney 
Miss Frances Wynne 

News Editor 
Features Editor 
Layout Editors 

Sports Editor 
Photography Editors 

Darkroom Director 
Copy Editor 
Business Editor 
Exchange Editor 
Middle School Editors 

Middle School Photography 



r irst row: Sarah Sitton, Kathryn Schnelle, Dallas Hagewood. Cathy Callaway, Tamar Char- 
ey, Hannah Thompson. Second row: Dr. Gower. Carol Cavin, Holly Shears. Callie Johnson, 
Cecilia Wong, Kim Oliver, Elizabeth Martinez, Nancy Bach, Dr. Marney. 

Under the direction of sponsors Dr. Betty Marney 
and Dr. Dona Gower and Editor-in-Chief Cathy 
Callaway. LOGOS II captured the events and the 
essence of Harpeth Hall. The writing and the 
photography staffs, those who must have contributed to 
at least three of the six issues, and the members who 
worked occasionally wrote articles concerning 
academics, athletics, school events and the arts and 
discussed more important issues to keep students 
abreast of the changing world. Along with covering 
these issues, Winterim, Student Council activities, and 
other events, LOGOS II provided interested students 
with an opportunity to gain journalistic experience. 

First row: Tricia Ptomey, Annie B. Williams, Julie Hartzog. Margaret Wirth, Stephanie Sheffield. Eleanor Jones. Kara Sitton. Second row: Lynne Hampton. Suzanne 
^rmfield. Beth Blaufuss, Gloriane Bond. Deborah Deckner, Regina Allen. Tasha Riggins. Carrie Lentz, Paige Ferragina. Mary Fairbairn. Third row: Jennifer Don. Sarah 
Ruccio. Jennifer Rose, Ellen Maguire. Carolyn Fischer, Shan Overton, Andrea Carlson, Briana Handte, Rachel Landon, Cathy Kanaday, Lauren Doolittle, Kathie Jones, 
fraci Mcdowell, Peggy Pendergrass, Suzanne Delvaux, Catherine Franklin, Leslie Tarkington. 


Key Club 

The Key Club is an organization which 
provides students with opportunities to 
help people in the Nashville community 
through service projects. Activities began 
with the traditional used book sale whose 
profit was divided between three charities 
and the Student Council. In the fall 
several members went to Donner- Belmont 
Day Care Center where they held a 
Halloween party for the children. At 
Christmas George Armistead, a Kiwanis 
member, dressed as Santa Claus and 
joined the Key Club members in bringing 
a spark of Christmas joy to the patients 
at General Hospital. Whether the Key 
Club is selling concessions at NO, NO, 
NANETTE, going to lunch with their 
parent club, Kiwanis, or delivering notes 
for the office, this organization and its 
members focus on helping other people. 

Meredith Roberts, Susan Deckner. Emily Page, Mrs. 
Wills, Lizzie Buchanan, Debbie Starr, Julie Hays, 
Elizabeth Martinez, Regina Allen. 

Debate Club 

Resulting from fresh interest, Harpeth 
Hall resumed its discontinued debate 
program. Coached by Mr. Gordon 
Turnbull, the Debate Club competed in 
area tournaments to present resolutions 
for the national debate topic, "Uniformity 
in the United States Criminal 
Procedure." The debaters argued both 
negative and affirmative cases, taking 
various approaches to deliberating for and 
against the STATUS QUO of criminal 
justice. After fulfilling the participation 
requirements of debate, the club also 
became a member of both the National 
Forensic League and the Tennessee High 
School Speech and Drama League. 

Front Row: Elizabeth Martinez, Cecilia Wong. Ra- 
chel Landon, Arwen Staros, Mr. Turnbull. Second 
Row: Gloriane Bond, Peggy Pendergrass, Andrea 
Carlsen, Susan Deckner. 






JkA " 



Harpeth Hall 

Playmakers is the drama club at 
Harpeth Hall which consists of girls who 
support and participate in various 
productions and theater-related activities. 
In September the Men's Club presented 
THE MUSIC MAN, a play composed of 
students, faculty, and parents. NO, NO, 
NANETTE was presented in Davis 
Auditorium November 18-20. Playmakers 
also presented a drama in the spring. 
Drama club members participated in 
projects throughout the school year. 
Many girls saw LITTLE FOXES at the 
Tennessee Performing Arts Center and 
Children's Theater. 

Mrs. Davis, Elizabeth Stein. Scott Leathers. Marian 
Hollvdav, Susan Deckner. 

Art Club 

The purpose of the Art Club is to 
provide an opportunity for those 
interested in art to explore further art- 
related activities and projects. Sponsored 
by Mrs. Sharon Charney and Mr. Peter 
Goodwin, the Art Club spent another 
fascinating year browsing in local art 
galleries, such as Cheekwood, and 
attending the art openings in Harpeth 
Hall's Marnie Sheridan Art Gallery. 
Innovative experiments pursued by the 
organization included redesigning the 
mural outside of the Upper School art 
room and planning "sketching trips" 
throughout the city to give its members a 
chance to draw live settings of scenic 

Mrs. Charney. Dolly Kavass, Cindy Crist, Mr. Good- 
win. Not pictured Bunny Stein. 

French Club 

The purpose of French Club at 
Harpeth Hall is to make learning French 
more enjoyable by promoting culturally- 
related events. In the 1983-1984 school 
year the French Club truly met this goal. 
Under the direction of Mrs. Libby Evans, 
the club sponsored a Duds Day. Florence 
Savage, this year's A.F.S. student who is 
from France, gave president Kathryn 
Schnelle much help in decorating a 
French cafe for A.F.S. Celebrations. In 
addition, the French Club, along with the 
Spanish Club and JCL, sponsored 
International Language Week in the 

Kathryn Schnelle, Erin Handte, Mrs. Evans, Sheila 
Morris, Florence Savage. 

Junior Classical 

Among many things, the Junior 
Classical League spent the year 
promoting the study of Latin and learning 
about the history, culture, and mythology 
of the ancient Romans and Greeks. 
Members participated in Vanderbilt Latin 
Day, attended the State Convention in 
Kingsport and went to the National 
Convention in New York. As in past 
years, the entire club took part in the 
National Latin Exam and scored well. 
The JCL boasted award-winning 
CERTAMEN or Latin quiz-bowl teams 
in both upper and middle divisions. Apart 
from its academic concerns, the 
organization also held two banquets to 
increase club spirit. 

First Row: Gretchen Strayhorn. Cecilia Wong, Kris- 
tin Breuss. Second Row: Shan Overton. Carol Cavin. 
Mrs. Drews. 


American Field 

The American Field Service organizes 
two fund raisers during the school year to 
help provide money to bring a foreign 
student to Nashville. The Celebrations 
festival, which takes place in the fall, is 
the larger of the two events. Classrooms 
are decorated with posters and filled with 
food from different countries. The Dessert 
Fest occurs in the spring and is much like 
Celebrations except the main focus is on 
desserts. With the combination of these 
two fund raisers, A.F.S. helps provide the 
opportunity of study in Nashville to a 
foreign student. 

First Row: Virginia Lee Bradshaw, Laura Lynn Mo- 
lesworth, Candie Bogie. Second Row: Susannah 
Caffry, Mr. Tuzeneu, Mary McLaughlin. Mrs. Den- 
nis, Anne Bond. 

Spanish Club 

The Spanish Club is a language club 
for those who are AFICIONADAS of 
Mexican culture, food and fun. Besides 
planning and funding a special summer 
trip to Venezuela, the club members 
enjoyed their annual pinata bust and 
Spanish dinner. They also sponsored the 
Venezuela room for A.F.S. Celebrations 
this year and became familiar with 
Venezuelan food and folklore. At 
Christmas the members learned Spanish 
Christmas carols and customs. 
Throughout the year they enjoyed 
studying the culture of the Spanish 
neighbors that are very much a part of 
our own heritage. 

Mrs. Couch. Tiffany Hitt, Leslie Tarkington, Argie 

Outing Club 

The Harpeth Hall Outing Club allows 
a student to participate in outdoor 
activities and just to enjoy the outdoors. 
This year the club sponsored a rafting 
trip down the Nantahala River and a ski 
trip to Paoli Peaks in Indiana. The club 
also plans to canoe down the Hiawassee 
River in the springtime. This year the 
Outing Club started a conservation 
project which began with members 
writing letters to various environmental 
agencies around the country in an effort 
to research ways in which the club and 
the student body could raise money to 
help protect wildlife. The Outing Club 
adds a special touch of excitement to both 
its members and to the Harpeth Hall 

Rachel Landon, Erin Handte, Mrs. Norris, kathie 

W'fti*; ;••;.; &WFJMS& 


The Athletic Association is comprised 
of girls who have received fifty athletic 
points by participating in various varsity 
or intramural events. The Association at 
Harpeth Hall strives to maintain and 
increase school spirit as well as to 
recognize and reward individual and team 
achievements. Each year the Association 
holds an assembly to acknowledge those 
girls who held starting positions or 
participated in a varsity sport by giving 
them a Harpeth Hall letter. During the 
year this group supported athletics and 
intramurals by selling items, including 
Harpeth Hall sleeveless sweatshirts, 
shorts, and concessions during home 

Rae Mifflin, Michele Granda, Mary Brugh Chaffin. 
Not pictured Mrs. Moran. 


Kim Bueno 
Risa Klein 
Challenge Co-Captains 

Laura Molesworth 
Sarah Sitton 
Intramural Co-Captains 

Miss Carolyn Felkel 
Mrs. Joan Warterfield 

Miss Felkel. Laura Molesworth, Risa Klein. Mrs. 
Warterfield. Kim Bueno, Sarah Sitton. 


Anne Bond 
Amanda Oldham 
Challenge Co-Captains 

Jennifer Cox 
Clark Merritt 
Intramural Co-Captains 

Mrs. Phoebe Drews 
Mrs. Sarah Stamps 

Clark Merritt, Mrs. Drews, Jennifer Cox, Anne Bond, 
Mrs. Stamps, Amanda Oldham. 

Middle School Ariston 

First row: Rebecca Warren, Jennifer Lindahl, Berry Bryan. Meg Maddux, Katie McDugal, Eve Robinson, Jennifer Braden, Cathy Clarke, Robin Growden. Second row: 
Tracy Safer, Andrea Brooks, Robin Campbell, Christy Holbrook, Kara Sitton, Maria Connelly. Third row: Katy Carlton, Lisa Kirchner, Katy Hardon, Arty Finn, Katie 
Braden, Christine Johnson. Fourth row: Libby Benning, Amy Lee, Alex Stanton, Lithia Batey, Anastasia Potanin. Fifth row: Erin Maroney, Annis Marney, Beth 
Funderburk, Julia Trabue, Jennifer Rector, Beth Blaufass, Miss Reed. 

Middle School Triad 

First row: Jennifer Rose, Katie Lucas, Edith Trost, Catherine Mayes, Lynn Bouchard. Lynn Robinson, Holly Shear, Margaret Worth. Second row: Mary Fairbairn, Jenny 
Don, Cynthia Averbush, Marci Rosenblum, Trisha Ptomey, Betsy Nichols, Emily Carol Miller. Third row: Amory Smith, Kristin Dietrich, Kate Davis, Carolyn Gifford, 
Paige Simpkins, Julie Cantrell, Julie Hartzog, Bonita Doss, Ashley Sullivan, Beth Williams. Fourth row: Susie Stach, Hayden Harris, Ginger Hale, Cathy Hamlin, Claire 
Vaughn, Paige Ferragina, Lisa Sutton, Alyson Ammonette, Ware Petznik. 

Middle School Angkor 

First row: Lenny Walker, Karen Dismukes, Lisa Dukes, Sarah Morris. Dabney Ledyard, Jeanie Wright, Maria Carroll, Karen Doochin, Gigi Davis, Lindsey King. Second 
row: Eleanor Jones, Sarah Ruccio, Kara Sanders, Laura Wilkins, Carol Kennedy, Phyllis Sloan, Tina Adams, Stephanie Sheffield, Shawn Hodde, Becky Bond. Third row: 
Katherine Hodkins, Marian Holt, Anna Kristen Sundell, Ellen McGuire, Ramie Smith, Caroline Caruthers, Kelly Schmitt, Mrs. Lee. Fourth row: Annie B. Williams, 
Tara Dismukes, Barry Caldwell, Mary Alice Hays, Dana Thomas, Kathryn Creagh, Elise Berkon, Christy Sharp, Mary Beth Raglin. 

Middle School Eccowasin 

'irst row: Holly Hall, Ashley Wood, Sally Teloh, Latisha Watts, Sarah Nash. Ferris Newell. Karen Stevenson, Lynn Hampton, Mary Margaret Crowell. Second row: 
vshley Sloan, Stephanie Rush, Mary Lee Mclnnis, Jennifer Mathes. Lori Diogardi, Margie Ayers, Suzanne Armfield. Sarah Mills, Adele Simons. Third row: Ashley 
Norton. Sally Sprouse, Beth Sullins. Kim Casper, Valerie Harloin, Christy Jackson, Gigi Creson. Fourth row: Betsy Maddin, Alison Smith, Carolyn Palmer, Katy Wood, 
ulie McGuigan, Alice Hendrickson, Susannah Crowell, Mrs. Simpson. 


Greenie Meanies 

First row: Boothe Andrews. Mandy Emerson, Francis Shears. Courtenay Baron. Amy Williams. Elizabeth Edwards. Carrie Yates, Amy Nichols. Second row: Francis 
Jackson, Laura Jack, Connie Smith, Kate Wilk. Abby Eden, Lihbin Shiao. Third row: Rebecca Greene, Alison Beauchamp, Miss Wynne, Ginny Thompson, Susie Creagh. 
Amanda Matthews, Christin Mathcs, Mrs. Duvier. 


First row: Alene Andrews, Jennifer Lee, Murray Polk, Beth Rather, Carrie Oliver, Mary Donna Wimberly. Second row: Anne Blaufas, Leslie Shea Duling, Noel Anne 
Summar, Diana Stanton, Charlotte Napier, Laura Gaw. Third row: Susan Hemrick, Marguerite Nielson, Brent Sharp, Mollie Anderson, Kathy Caldwell, Laura Allen, 

Mrs. Nelson, Julie Doochin. 


Middle School 
French Club 

Ashley Smith 

Tricia Ptomey 

Lindsay King 

Tara Dismukes 

Mr. Bill Lauderdale 

Front row: Lindsay King, Tricia Ptomey, Ashley 
Smith. Second row; Mr. Lauderdale, Tara 


Middle School 
Latin Club 

Karen Stevenson 

Arti Finn 

Katie Braden 

Lisa Dukes 

Robin Campbell 

Mrs. Joyce Ward 

Kneeling: Katie Braden, Arti Finn. Standing: Lisa 
Dukes, Karen Stevenson, Mrs. Ward, Robin 

Ballet Club 

Pi in 

Front Row: Tina Adams, Jennifer Betts, Stacy Sullins. Back Row: Britt Nielsen, Jennifer Lee, Beth McPherson, Tweedy Hildebrand, Beth Sandidge. 

Modern Club 



Mllll . 

'!> ft f | **»> "' 

Front Row: Patricia Ptomey, Heather Hollyday, Sarah Chang, Tiffany Hitt, Susan Stevens, Ms. Matthews, Ashley Dale, Kristen Kirby. Second Row: Argie Oman, Carey 
Clarke, Andrea Carlsen, Beth Miller, Margo Teas, Anne Altenbern. Third Row: Ashley Spalding, Florence Perry, Susie Simons, Kathryn Schnelle, Cindy Russell, Anna 
Kate Cannon, Ashley Hitt. 


Jazz Club 

Front Row: Virginia Betty, Devereux Cummins. Jennifer Betts, Ms. Matthews, Ali Silva, Andrea Carlsen. Becky Lansh, Beth Miller, Anne Altenbern, Dee Davis. Margo 
Teas, Briana Handte, Carey Clarke, Wendy Warren. Back Row: Susan Stevens, Ashley Dale, Sarah Chang. Tish Tully, Ashley Spalding. Tiffany Hitt, Kathryn Schnelle. 
Grace Lazenby, Wende Hall, Cindy Russell, Ashley Hitt, Andrea Bryant, Kristen Kirby. 

Tap Club 


Front Row: Virignia Betty, Ashley Gardner, Becky Larish, Patricia Ptomey, Catherine Franklin, Ashley Smith, Adele Simons, Jennifer Rose, Kathryn Schnelle, Jenny 
Walker. Back Row: Britt Nielsen, Stacy Sullins, Laura Matter, Debbie Maynard, Briana Handte, Mary Alice Hays, Ginger Hale, Katie Braden. 


Cheerleaders / 

The 1983-84 varsity cheerleaders 
enthused and entertained the 
Honeybear crowds at basketball 
games. The squad consisted of a senior, 
juniors, and sophomores who 
maintained the Harpeth Hall spirit. In 
addition, they acknowledged people 
and classes who demonstrated the most 
pride at school games and held two 
assemblies to raise the school's 
awareness of the fine athletes at 
Harpeth Hall. 

First row: Carol Cavin, Donna Denton, Sarah Dar- 
ragh, Brenda Lamb, Bonny Davis, Carol Potter. 
Second row: Risa Klein, Gigi Hudson, Jessica 
Reynolds, Debbie Good. 


This year's freshman cheerleaders 
provided encouragement and stirred up 
enthusiasm for the freshman basketball 
team. The eight girls worked hard at 
mastering routines which entertained 
the audience and kept team spirit high. 

First row: Mimi Baker, Kathy Jackson. Jennifer 
Tate, Ashley Gardner. Second row: Beth Triplett, 
Elizabeth Thomas, Lori Holcomb. 




The Middle School cheerleaders 
may be seen practicing in front of the 
Middle School many days during 
lunch. The squad members lead their 
classmates in rousing cheers at athletic 
events, promoting school spirit and 

First row: Sarah Ruccio, Lindsay King, Tiffy Ba- 
ker. Second row: Ashley Smith, Cathy Cato. Third 
row: Eleanor Jones. 



Cross Country 

Diligence, fortitude, and talent enabled 
the Harpeth Hall Cross Country teams to 
complete successful seasons this year. 
Running four to seven miles a day to and 
from Percy Warner Park regardless of 
weather conditions soon became routine 
to these dedicated athletes. The girls' 
rigorous training proved to be a primary 
factor in the accomplishments of the 
season. The exemplary leadership of 
Tracy Orcutt, Jennifer Cox, and Amanda 
McPherson pulled the team together for 
the wins at the dual meets as well as the 
disappointing losses. The superior 
coaching abilities of Mrs. Susan Russ, an 
essential constituent of the team's 
victories, has succeeded in rebuilding this 
year's young team. The Middle School 
Cross Country team had a successful 
season this year. They fared well in their 

First row: Jenny Don. Booth Andrews, Mandy Emerson, Carey Oliver, Elyse Berkon, Cathy Cato, Ramie Smith. 
Second row: Katie McDougall, Ashley Sullivan, Julie Hartzog, Amy Lee, Anne-Kristen Sundae, Mrs. Burr, 
Christie Holbrook, Annis Marney. Catherine Creagh, Sarah Mills. 

First row: Sarah Hardison, Kristen Mitchell. Second row: Scarlett Weakley, Heidi Woolems. Kim Oliver, Julie Cox, Kristen Orcutt. Third row: Mrs. Russ, Michele 
Granda, Ellie Cox, Tracey Orcutt, Deborah Deckner, Beth Berry, Amanda McPherson, Anna Carney, Susan Deckner. 




As the most successful team since 
1977. this year's varsity volleyball team 
accumulated an impressive 24-7 record 
and captured four very prestigious titles. 

In the annual AAA Tournament, 
hosted this year by GPS in Chattanooga, 
the Honeybears tied for first place. As 
defending champions in the Father Ryan 
Classic, the Honeybears captured their 
second championship title as they 
defeated Ryan, Greenbriar, FRA, and 
Hillwood in a very hard-fought 
tournament. Kim Bueno and Lil Bradford 
were named to the All-Tournament 

In District competition, Harpeth Hall 
rallied to finish as District Runner-up. 
Betsy Hilton, Kristin Breuss, and Kim 
Bueno received All-District honors. 

The Honeybears then advanced to the 
Regionals and rallied once more to reach 
the finals against Glencliff and ended a 
very illustrious season as Regional 
Runner-up. Kim Bueno received All- 
Regional honors. 

Seniors Lil Bradford and Kim Bueno 
were honored as members of the All- 
Nashville first team pick and Betsy 
Hilton received second team honors. 

The freshman team also had a very 
successful season, finishing as the number 
one team in their district. 

The Middle School team finished 
fourth in the H.V.A.C. 


UU» .Ij***'"*? 

Front row: Arwen Staros, Nancy Brown, Laura Molesworth, Anne Moore, Page Polk. Second row: Kristen 
Breuss, Susie Stevens, Angie Gaw, Paige Thomas. Jenny Amacher, Grayson Morgan. Third row: Kim Bueno, Lil 
Bradford. Betsy Hilton, Miss Moran. 

Front row: Erin Moroney, Maria Carrol, Julia Trabue, Beth Williams. Claire 
Vaughn, Sarah Nash. Second row: Sally Teloh, Gigi Davis. Carolyn Gifford, Eve 
Robinson, Catherine Mayes, Lisa Kirchner, Kelley Schmitt, Anne Breinig, Miss 

Front row: Melanie Russell, Ashley Caldwell. Second row: Ellen Nelson, Gracie 
Russell, Amy Welhoelter, Beth Schweikert, Lezley Dale. Third row: Beth Triplett, 
Laura Francis, Reed Harwell, Becky Watson, Susan Wattleworth, Mary Frances 
Evers, Mrs. Moran. 


Soccer El 

The Upper School varsity soccer team 
finished an exciting season. Daily 
practices and scrimmages, held under the 
direction of head coach Mrs. Dugan 
Davis, developed and sharpened the girls' 
soccer skills. Mrs. Mary Armstrong 
helped the team with constructive 
criticism that led to an exciting 4-0 win 
over Girl's Preparatory School of 
Chattanooga and a fourth place finish in 
the girl's high school league tournament. 

The Middle School soccer team also 
enjoyed a successful season. With 
assistance from Mrs. Joyce Lee, Mrs. 
Davis coached the girls through a winning 
season. The team finished third in the 
HVAC tournament with a 1-0 win over 
archrival Ensworth. Mrs. Davis looks 
forward to the participation of the eighth 
graders on future varsity soccer teams. 


First Row: Ali Silva. Ellen Crawford, Wendy Bryan, Gretchen Strayhorn, Miller Graves, Peggy Pendergrass, 
Nina Brown. Elizabeth Hightower. Debbie Good, Susan Stumb, Andi Boklage. Second Row: Barbara Brown, 
Mary Irwin, Mary Brugh Chaffin, Carrie Doyle, Sarah Sitton, Ashley Clements. Third Row: Mrs. Davis, Marce 
Jones, Kim Jones. Elizabeth Bass, Andrea Andrews. 

First Row: Kristin Mathes, Lori Dioguardi, Edith Trost, Lynn Bouchard, Ferris Newell, Kara Sitton, Ramie 
Smith, Julie Hartzog. Second Row: Jennifer Rose, Katie McDougall, Mrs. Lee, Sally Sprouse, Claire Vaughn, 
Christine Johnston, Gigi Creson, Maria Connelly, Katy Hamburg, Allison Smith, Annis Marney, Mrs. Davis. 
Julie McGuigan. 





After starting the season with a record 
of two wins and nine losses, the Varsity 
Basketball team fought to win the next 
twelve out of twenty-one games, finishing 
the season with fifteen wins and eighteen 
losses. Under the leadership of coach Tom 
Young and seniors Anne Bond and Rae 
Mifflin, the Harpeth Hall team 
highlighted their season by going to the 
regional tournaments for the first time in 
the school's history. In addition, Sarah 
Sitton was named to the All-District 

The freshman team had a successful 
year with a record of seven and ten. 
Although several players suffered injuries, 
the girls, led by coach Mike Goodwin, 
proved to have great potential for future 
varsity teams, and Lezley Dale made All- 

Miss Nan Reed coached the Harpeth 
Hall Middle School team to a winning 
year as they tied for third in the season 
and placed fourth in the HVAC 
tournament. Mrs. Nancy Duvier and Mr. 
Lee Smith coached the sixth grade 
basketball team to another successful 
year which culminated in a third place 
trophy in the Oak Hill Invitational. 

First row: Mary Margaret Crowell, Jenny Walker. Second row: Mrs. Cherry. Jennifer Rechter, Catherine 
Mayes, Ramie Smith, Annis Marney, Katie McDougall, Kelly Schmitt, Sally Sprouse. Third row: Sarah Morris, 
Maria Carroll, Claire Vaughn, Emily Carol Miller, Anastasia Potanin, Amy Foust. 

First row: Mandy Emerson, Beth Rather, Rebecca 
Green, Charlotte Napier, Connie Smith, Amy 
Nichols. Second row: Ann Blaufass, Laura Jack, 
Noel Ann Summer, Susan Hemrick, Molly 
Anderson, Francis Jackson, Laura Gaw, Brent 

First row: Lezley Dale, Susan Wattleworth, Kristin Mitchell. Laura Francis. Second row: Mr. Goodwin, Chloe Lenderman, Anne Smith, Sarah Hardison, Beth Berry. 
Becky Watson. 

■■■ ■ ' ■ ' 


* 1 

* ^ 




First row: Sarah Sitton, Nancy Brown, Anne Bond. Rae Mifflin. Suzanna Smith. Trish McNamee. Second row: Haylee Waddey, Kim Jones. Carrie Doyle, Grace Russell, 
Amy Welhoelter, Mr. Young. 



The 1984 tennis team, coached by Mrs. 
Pat Moran, had a competitive season. The 
team took a first place in Harpeth Hall's 
Patty Chadwell Invitational and second 
place in the prestigious Rotary 
Tournament in Chattanooga. In addition, 
the team captured first place in the 
District tournament, a win which 
qualified Harpeth Hall for the Regionals. 
In an exciting season's end Elizabeth 
Arnold took an impressive second place in 
the State Tournament, and she and Diana 
Cherry combined efforts to achieve an 
outstanding first place finish in the 
doubles. Overall, Harpeth Hall placed 
second in the State Tournament. 

The Middle School tennis team had an 
extremely prosperous season. Miss Kerry 
Sullivan coached the team which was 
managed by Ware Petznick. They 
suffered few defeats and upheld Harpeth 
Hall's fine tennis tradition. 

First row: Ellen Sergent. Wendy Bryan. Kristin Breuss, Ashley Caldwell. Second row: Beth Schweikert, Angie Gaw, Susie Stevens. Diana Cherry. Third row: Elizabeth 
Arnold, Jenny Amacher. Ellen Nelson, Buffy Baker. 

I 10 

First row: Christin Matties, Amanda Matthews, Ashley Sullivan, Amory Smith, Kate Davis, Phyllis Sloan. Second row: 
Miss Sullivan, Ware Petznick, Cynthia Averbuch, Ramey Smith, Ferris Newell, Lori Diogardi. 


Coached by Susan Russ and Mark 
Webb, Harpeth Hall's 1983-1984 Upper 
School Track team had a successful 
season. The team of twenty-three girls 
was a young one, with a majority of 
freshmen and no seniors. The track team 
placed high in its meets taking second at 
the McCallie Invitational in Chattanooga, 
second in the Clarksville Rotary Relays, 
and fifth in the Optimist Relays in which 
Harpeth Hall had the highest finish for 
Double and Single A Classifications. In 
addition, the team placed second in 
Region II AA-A and first in the 
Brentwood Triangle Relays. For the first 
time Harpeth Hall sent four relay teams 
to the state meet. Freshman Beth Berry 
qualified in four events, and junior Tracy 
Orcutt qualified in the mile. The team 
completed its season with a seventh place 
finish in the state. 

The Middle School Track team, led by 
Dugan Davis, consisted of twenty girls. 
Even though the year was a rebuilding 
one, the girls, with Annis Marney at the 
helm, were competitive in the H.V.A.C. 

First row: Jacqueline Saturn. Jenny Loomis, Andi Boklage, Jessy Jones, Sarah Hardison. Second row: Mr. Webb. Anna Carney, Anne Moore, Kristin Mitchell. Jessica 
Reynolds, Nina Brown, Amanda McPherson, Mrs. Russ. Third row: Laura Francis, Mimi Baker, Melanie Russell, Anne Smith, Beth Berry. Fourth row: Scarlett Weakley, 
Kim Oliver, Tracy Orcutt, Amy Welhoelter, Peggy Pendergrass, Lori Holcomb. 

1 12 

First row: Mary Margaret Crowell, Rebekah Warren. Second row: Anne Breinig, Ramey Smith, Katie Hardin, Sarah Morris, Maria Conneley, Kristin Volkert. Third row: 
Allison Smith, Paige Simpkins, Kara Sitton, Kathy Clark, Cathie Cato, Amy Lee, Libby Benning. Fourth row: Kathy Hamling, Claire Vaughn, Holly Shear, Dabney Le- 
dyard, Kristi Holbrook, Annis Marney. Fifth row: Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Davis. 


11 ! 


The Middle School softball teams 
played competitively this year. The team 
opened their exciting season with two 
easy victories over Harpeth Academy (28- 
3) and Oak Hill (10-2). The skillful 
coaching of Mrs. Nelson certainly helped 
the team progress. The sixth grade team 
consists of: Mollie Anderson, Booth 
Andrews, Alyson Beauchamp, Susie 
Creagh, Leslie Shea Duling, Abbay 
Eaden, Mandy Emerson, Laura Gaw, 
Rebecca Greene, Laura Jack, Francis 
Jackson, Connie Smith, Diana Starrton, 
Ginny Thompson, and Kate Wilk. The 
seventh and eighth grade team also 
displayed a great deal of talent during the 
1984 softball season. The combination of 
team cooperation and Mrs. Burr led the 
team to a 15-3 victory over B.G.A. for the 
season's opener. Team members included: 
Maria Connelly, Kelley Schmitt, Erin 
Moroney, Christy Jackson, Julie Hartog, 
Sharon Coker, Marice Carol, Jennifer 
Rose, Becky Bond, Katie McDougall, and 
Bambi Bingam. Both the sixth and 
seventh grade teams displayed the athletic 
talent of the Honevcubs. 

First row: Mary Donna Wimberly, Mandy Emerson, Connie Smith, Booth Andrews, Allyson Beauchamp. 
Second row: Amy Nichols. Laura Gaw, Kate, Wilk, Ginny Thompson. Third row: Diana Stanton, Susie Creagh, 
Laura Jack, Rebecca Greene, Abby Eadon. Fourth row: Laura Allen, Leslie Shea Duling, Frances Jackson, 
Brent Sharp. Fifth row: Julie Doochin, Mrs. Gaw, Molly Anderson, Mrs. Nelson. 

First row: Bambi Bingham, Anastasia Potanin, Julie Hartzog. Second row: Maria Connelley, Shawn Coker, 
Kelly Schmitt, Becky Bond, Julie McGuigan. Third row: Christy Jackson, Jennifer Rose, Ashley Norton. Fourth 
row: Mrs. Duvier, Mrs. Burr, Maria Carroll, Erin Moroney, Katie McDougall. 


1 16 



During the weekend of August 26, 27, 
and 28 students and faculty gathered for 
the fourth Annual Leadership Conference 
at Brandon Springs Camp, Land Between 
the Lakes, Kentucky. Directed by Mrs. 
Anita Schmid, Mrs. Ginger Justus, Mrs. 
Joan Warterfield, Mrs. Sanda Davis, and 
Mrs. Emily Fuller, the 1983-84 school 
leaders learned to be more efficient and 
took time to plan for the coming year. 

The Conference focused on projects 
that would encourage group cooperation 
and on various activities to allow students 
to meet and get to know other people. 
There were helpful discussions on 
practical ways to deal with problems that 
could come up during the year. In 
addition, general conversations were held 
on how to become more able leaders and 
how students who hold more than one 
office can operate effectively. 

For new officers there was a quick 
lesson in the basic Parliamentary 
Procedures for conducting meetings. To 
prevent repetition for those who had 
attended previous conferences, the old 
officers had "refresher courses" on the 
attitudes of the leader, the group, and 
group members and on how officers can 
improve the weaknesses in their clubs and 

Leadership Conference 


Harpeth Hall 





For the second year Harpeth Hall 
presented a play starring parents, faculty, 
and students. The school performed 
Meredith Wilson's The Music Man on 
September eighth through eleventh to 
raise money for the activities of the Men's 
Club. The cast included Dick Good as 
Professor Harold Hill, Sarah Nichols as 
Marian Paroo, Sherman Newcomb as 
Marcellus, Don Fisher as Mayor Shinn, 
and Anne Tonelson as Eulalie Shinn. The 
students involved included Lynn 
Newcomb as Zaneeta Shinn. Michael 
Starr as Tommy Djilas, Tiffy Baker as 
Amaryllis, and Matt Warren as Winthrop 
Paroo. The show was directed by Joe 
Giles, with choreography by Lee Ann 

The Music Man story revolves around 
Professor Harold Hill, a travelling 
salesman who, claiming to form a boys' 
band, tries to swindle money out of the 
River City townspeople. Meanwhile, 
Marian, the town's librarian, gathers 
evidence against Harold and his alma 
mater. The two gradually fall in love with 
a little help from Mrs. Paroo, Marian's 
mother, played by Libby Hagewood. 

The Music Man was a spectacular 
amateur performance. The School Board 
Barbershop Quartet, David Wood, 
Gordon Turnbull, Jim Warren, and Bill 
Lauderdale, harmonized on old familiar 
tunes, and the scenes in which the chorus 
danced highlighted the production. 




AAA Conference 

Every year Harpeth Hall participates in the 
AAA (Academics, Athletics, and Activities) 
Conference with three other girls' schools from the 
South: Julius T. Wright from Mobile, Alabama, 
Hutchison School from Memphis, Tennessee, and 
Girls' Prepatory School in Chattanooga, 
Tennessee. This year the conference was held in 
Chattanooga, Tennessee. Girls belonging to the 
Honor Council, Student Council, publications, and 
volleyball team attended and stayed with G.P.S. 
girls in their homes. The girls attended morning 
classes and chapel at G.P.S. During lunch they 
were treated to entrees such as stuffed crab and 
chef salad, something the girls missed at Harpeth 
Hall, and met with the other schools to share 
ideas in special interest areas. 

In volleyball the Honeybears beat Hutchison 
and Wright but lost a close game to G.P.S. which 
was played in front of G.P.S.'s entire student 
body. Amid the mass, however, a small group of 
Harpeth Hall girls cheered the Honeybears on. 
The volleyball team tied for first with G.P.S. and 
Wright, while Hutchison placed second. On the 
way home the girls went on a tour of the 
University of the South at Sewanee. 

Upon their return to Nashville, the girls were 
glad to be back and felt both grateful and lucky to 
attend Harpeth Hall. 



Fall Combo 

The Harpeth Hall 1983 Fall Dance 
proved to be a huge success. Sponsored by 
the Student Council, the dance took place 
in Bullard Gym from 8:00 to 12:00 p.m. 
on Saturday, November 5. Decorations of 
purple and silver balloons and an entrance 
tunnel added to the excitement of the 
night. The walls of the Cubby Hole were 
covered with posters and album covers of 
various rock groups to provide a colorful 
backdrop, enhancing the theme "Girls 
Rock Your Boys," which was chosen 
unanimously by all four classes. 
"Nobody's Business" played and everyone 
rocked to popular songs that were 
familiar to all. The Student Council 
provided cold soft drinks and delicious 
food for all students, parents, and faculty 
members who were brave enough to 
tolerate the loud music. When the band 
stopped playing and the lights came on, 
most of the girls had rocked their boys 
into a fun, exciting, Saturday night. 



The 1983-1984 school year was the 
third year that Harpeth Hall featured two 
combined clubs from the original four. 
Each girl still becomes a member of one 
of the four clubs her freshman year, but 
the clubs compete in pairs. In addition to 
inciting enthusiasm, the joining of the 
clubs is popular and brings the students 
close together. 

The main purpose of the challenges is 
to increase spirit and involvement in the 
school, to promote sportsmanship, and to 
increase participation in both athletic and 
non-athletic events. The first challenge 
this year was the Big Wheel Relay. Due 
to unforseen circumstances that challenge 
was a tie. Later in the year the An-Eccos 
challenged the Ar-Tris to a game of 
battleball, and the An-Eccos were 
triumphant by a close margin. Despite 
Dr. Betty Marney's awesome intelligence 
in the Club Bowl, the Ar-Tris won. The 
Clubs and the challenges are a popular 
tradition that will be continued in the 
future years. 

Wild West Day 

On April 26, the Student Council 
pleasantly surprised both students and 
faculty as they presented "Wild West 
Day." After a picnic lunch the four 
classes and the faculty participated in 
many fun-filled activities, including a 
wheelbarrow race, a team food-eating 
race, and a "Pin the Cast on J.R." 
contest. Students and faculty cheered on 
their respective teams. The teachers 
ended up as the final victors and won a 
free Duds Day. Later in the afternoon, 
the Student Council put on a skit, "Who 
creamed J.R." It turned out that Miss 
Jane Berry committed the "creamer 

"Wild West Day" proved to be a great 
success and adventure outside of class. It 
was undoubtedly better than the political 
assembly that was previously scheduled 
for the time. 

Senior Recognition 


Senior Recognition Day marked the beginning 
of the long road to graduation for the class of 
1984. On this day the class formally accepted the 
responsibilities of leadership for the school. 

In a special assembly senior class president Tish 
Tully announced the senior class motto, "Reach 
for the spirit within you", and the class colors, 
peach and blue. Mr. Wood accepted both on 
behalf of Harpeth Hall. Each senior received her 
own beanie and took her position as a full member 
of the class of 1984. The assembly concluded with 
the singing of the alma mater, and throughout 
that week the seniors displayed their class spirit 
by wearing their colors. Senior Recognition Week 
was special for the class of 1984 in that they 
enthusiastically accepted new responsibilities of 


Junior-Senior Day 

Junior-Senior Day was the last chance that the 
juniors had to annoy the seniors before 
graduation. As a disguise for their pranks, the 
juniors dressed up as little boys and the seniors 
dressed up as little girls. The annual event took 
place on May 18 and featured games for the two 
classes planned by Lil Bradford. The games were 
held during lunch and included an egg toss and 
"Red Rover." The senior class bought submarine 
sandwiches for lunch for both classes. While the 
seniors were peacefully enjoying their lunches, 
they were surprised by the juniors with an attack 
of water balloons. The seniors retaliated in what 
turned out to be a water balloon war. Junior- 
Senior Day prepared both classes for the 
upcoming graduation ceremony. 


Fall Assemblies 

From the Senior Capping ceremony 
honoring the class of 1984 to the Smurf 
Big Wheel race between the Ar-Tri and 
the An-Ecco clubs, the assemblies act as 
an important part of each day. The joint 
Choral Assembly presented by both 
Middle and Upper School students as 
well as Mr. Irvin Limor's discussion about 
his metallic sculptures added a cultural 
dimension to the fall assemblies. Dr. 
Green and Dr. McNab informed students 
of the hazardous results of anorexia 
nervosa and smoking. Also this fall, 
Cindy Smith, a sports writer for the 
NASHVILLE BANNER, told of the 
experiences and challenges of her career. 
Other assembly programs included Mr. 
Igor Kavass' talk about his recent trip to 
Russia and the Key Club's District 
Governor, Patrick Garrett, who spoke 
about reaching to achieve our goals. 
Finally, some assemblies were for 
entertainment, such as the Student 
Council play and the teaser for the fall 
musical, NO, NO, NANETTE. Thus, the 
fall assemblies, whether educational or 
purely entertaining, serve as an 
enlightening part of each school day. 

Mr. Irvin Limor explains the motivation for his artwork. 


Fall Assemblies 


On Monday, November 21, is the 
Marnie Sheridan Art Gallery, the Middle 
School Council, headed by President 
Ramie Smith and Vice-President Annie 
B. Williams, sponsored the annual 
Grandmothers' Tea. Girls in the sixth, 
seventh, and eighth grades were asked to 
invite their grandmothers or a close friend 
for an afternoon of tea and desserts. The 
tables were brightly decorated with 
candles and flowers. During the course of 
the afternoon, the seventh grade sang for 
the gathering, making this year's tea a 
truly special occasion. Approximately 
four hundred people attended the yearly 
event, and both the grandmothers and the 
girls felt that the tea made for an 
enjoyable afternoon. 



That's Entertainment was an 
alternative to the annual talent show 
which usually takes place during 
Composition Red and Green. The 
sophomore class sponsored the event 
which was a combination of short acts. 
These acts consisted of singing, dancing, 
and comedy routines. The entertainers 
performed while the audience enjoyed a 
variety of desserts served by waiters and 
waitresses from the sophomore classes of 
Harpeth Hall and M.B.A. Julie Perkins 
and Rob Ikard, masters of ceremonies, 
introduced each act with the help of a 
chorus of Harpeth Hall students and 
provided humor between acts. That's 
Entertainment proved to be a welcome 
addition to the joint school activities. 




The many hours of hard work that 
American Field Service president Mary 
McLaughlin and other A.F.S. members 
put in during the 1983-1984 year resulted 
in their annual Celebrations of Many 
Lands, held on Thursday, October 27. 
This exotic event was not only directed 
towards eating and having a great time, it 
also concentrated on learning about 
different cultures through displays, 
costumes, food, and decorations typical of 
different nations. The countries 
represented included France, Germany, 
Italy, Mexico, Tunisia, England, Soviet 
Georgia, the Fiji Islands, and many more. 

The purpose of A.F.S. is to allow 
students to experience various foreign 
cultures through Celebrations and the 
sponsoring of foreign exchange students. 
Harpeth Hall is very fortunate to have 
the A.F.S. program and the opportunity 
to sponsor Florence Savage from France 
for the 1983-1984 school year. 


NO, NO, 


On November 18, 19, and 20 Davis 
Auditorium was filled with flappers as the 
Harpeth Hall Playmakers produced NO, 
NO, NANETTE under the leadership of 
Mrs. Sandra Davis, Mrs. Ray Berry, and 
Mr. Scott Leathers. The musical begins 
with three floozies, Cathy Phister, 
Rebecca Fogg, and Dillie Sloan, visiting 
their "Uncle" Jimmy Smith, played by 
Timothy Don. Afraid his wife Sue, played 
by Julie Hays, will get the wrong idea, 
Jimmy has his lawyer Billy Early, played 
by David Wood, pay off the floozies. The 
plot complicates when Lynn Newcomb as 
Lucille Early, Dara Russell as Nanette, 
Rob Summer as Nanette's boyfriends 
Tom, and Sue arrive at Chickadee 
cottage to find Jimmy, Billy, and the 
three floozies. The conflicts are resolved 
and NO, NO, NANETTE concludes with 
a colorful finale bringing the gaiety and 
merriment of the roaring twenties to 
Harpeth Hall. 

" ^ r f^ 1 

:< * % 


i I r^^ n 

r^> i i^ 


During January Winterim provided 
students with unique learning 
opportunities. Travel options and work- 
study programs were available to juniors 
and seniors while freshmen and 
sophomores participated in an on-campus 
curriculum. This year trips to Great 
Britain, France, the Bahamas, and New 
York were enormous successes. 
Upperclassmen found working in 
hospitals, the Governor's office, and area 
schools challenging and rewarding. On- 
campus courses ranged from "Bridge" to 
classes devoted to sharpening academic 

Interim provided the Middle School 
with a week of new learning situations. 
Popular courses such as "Junior Curators 
at the Cumberland Museum" and 
"Careers" presented the girls with 
exciting and meaningful experiences. 
Both Winterim and Interim developed 
new interests and broadened the students' 


'We survived Versailles!" 

Kim Jones works with a patient at Veterans Admin- 
istration Hospital. 



i * m n 

t ' * ' mmmm* ^* 

/ / 



: .'.*•- . 


- y ■ ;^ - 



?5 > **■ *** v'"' 


H ; 

bti&f, '. 


feft& ti 

■ ^ -.^ ' * 

: ' \ \ ■ 


'+,*'■;■ 'y-iS--' 

•• *^ * 



i - "* 

*£&-' x 


- «^ \ *•■'■ r 

.*. i 


'.' *'.J- 

<j:?{£U& . 

f ' •'.':'''. 


* ' ' > 'S** 



' 5* 




Middle School 



The Middle School presented 
CINDERELLA Friday, March 2 and 
Saturday, March 3 in Davis Auditorium. 
The main characters were Cinderella, 
played by Paige Ferragina, the fairy 
godmother, played by Robyn Growden, 
and the prince, played by Edith Trost. 
Among the other characters were Julie 
McGuigan as the stepmother, Patricia 
Ptomey and Katie Hardin as the 
stepsisters, Beth Blaufuss as the king, and 
Abigail Goldberg as the queen. One of 
the largest groups ever in a middle school 
play completed the cast. The production 
was directed by Mrs. Sandra Davis and 
Mrs. Ray Berry. 

The play followed the traditional fairy 
tale story of Cinderella, while 
incorporating the music and lyrics of 
Rogers and Hammerstein. The impressive 
sets and backdrop were constructed by 
Middle School students and together with 
creative costumes, they added to the 
authenticity of the production. 

The perfect couple is united in matrimony. 




On February 21, Harpeth Hall carried 
on the tradition of celebrating George 
Washington's birthday. The seventh 
grade, under the direction of Mrs. Merrie 
Clark, performed marching drills, 
nautical dances, and the minuet in honor 
of our first president. The students 
perfected their performance in practices 
held during Interim and February. The 
sailors' energetic horn pipe dance was 
supervised by Ms. Leslie Matthews, while 
the soliders learned their complicated 
drills from Mrs. Susan Russ. Mrs. Ray 
Berry led the group in several songs about 
Washington's military victories. President 
and Lady Washington, two eighth graders 
elected by the seventh grade, were 
portrayed by Annis Marney and Annie B. 
Williams. As in previous years, the 
program was enjoyed by parents, faculty, 
and students. 


Annie B. Williams 

Martha Washington 

Annis Marney 

George Washington 


Student Council 




The second Annual Hawaiian Holiday 
Dance on March 31 triggered many 
Spring Break memories. The Student 
Council transformed the entrance to 
Bullard Gym into a native hut complete 
with grass fans and straw mats and 
distributed free leis to complement the 
mood. Hawaiian-clad girls, guys, and 
faculty danced to the tunes of "The 
Keys" for nearly four hours. The 
backdrop enhanced the Hawaiian motif 
with its scenes of a tropical sunset over a 
rolling wave, a treasure chest, and palm 
trees loaded with coconuts. The night was 
festive, colorful, loud, and Hawaiian. In 
two years this early spring dance has 
become a Harpeth Hall tradition. 

Spring Assemblies 

The variety of topics covered in the Spring Assem- 
blies provided Harpeth Hall with a break from the 
daily academic rigors. The Student Council sponsored 
the annual Career Week with a host of speakers who 
discussed their careers and gave advice on possible ca- 
reer choices. The subjects of the assemblies ranged 
from a program concerning refugees to one encourag- 
ing the use of seat belts. Miss Patty Chadwell ad- 
dressed the audience as guest speaker for the Cum 
Laude program, while on another occasion a group of 
concerned students presented a skit promoting school 
spirit and pride. A unique treat for the entire student 
body was the performance by the Fisk Jubilee Singers 
of an inspiring collection of songs during a special as- 
sembly. In late March and early April elections for 
Student Council president required the candidates to 
deliver campaign speeches to the student body prior to 
the voting. The cast of YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH 
YOU presented a teaser assembly, and Mrs. Ginger 
Justus, dressed as an Indian, served as auctioneer for 
the Annual Senior Lunch Auction. During National 
Foreign Language Week A.F.S. student Florence Sav- 
age shared her American experiences with the student 


On April 13, 14, and 15, the Harpeth Hall 
Playmakers performed Hart and Kaufman's YOU 
CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU. The plot of the 
comedy revolves around the story of Alice, played by 
Dillie Sloan, and Tony, MBA's Scott O'Neal, who fall 
in love and consequently become engaged. Alice realizes 
that her bizarre family will not be tolerated by Tony's 
rich, traditional parents. Alice's family may be lacking 
in talent, but they excel in determination whether it be 
in writing war stories, in making fireworks, or in simply 
trying to avoid the Internal Revenue Service. More 
importantly, they enjoy life. The elderly Mr. 
Vanderhoff, played by David Wood, Jr., explains the 
importance of having an occupation you enjoy and 
benefitting from life as much as possible. 

Directed by Mrs. Sandra Davis, the cast of nineteen 
included seniors Julie Hays and Elliott Sloan as Mr. 
and Mrs. Sycamore, Rob Summer and Susan Deckner 
as the aristocratic Mr. and Mrs. Kirby, Risa Klein as 
Rheba, the maid, Jimmy Moore as Mr. Depinna, and 
Lynn Newcomb as the Grand Duchess Olga Katrina. 
The production was amusing, but more important, it 
reinforced the necessity of living one's life to its fullest. 

Tony calms his bewildered parents. 


A.F.S. Dessert Fest 

On April 16 Harpeth Hall kicked off its 
annual Foreign Language Week with a Dessert 
Fest which featured caloric specialties from 
many lands. The countries displaying their 
traditional foods included France, the United 
States, Hungary, Germany, and Greece, filling 
the Marnie Sheridan Art Gallery with 
delectable treats. Following this fun and 
fattening experience, the French film. THE 
BRIDE WORE BLACK, was shown and was 
fortunately equipped with subtitles for those 
who were a bit rusty on their French. Both 
events were enjoyed by students, faculty, 
parents, and friends. The Dessert Fest and 
Celebrations of Many Lands are the two major 
fund-raisers for the American Field Service at 
Harpeth Hall. 

- • ■ . . 

• ■ .: 

'-.*<.. y 


Eighth Grade 

On Saturday, March 24, the Eighth 
Grade transformed the cafeteria into a 
starry night as they held the annual 
Eighth Grade Combo. From 7:30 to 1 1:30 
the girls danced with their dates to the 
music of "Nobody's Business." Blinking 
white lights became stars on the ceiling, 
and balloons and streamers adorned the 
walls to convey the theme, "All Night 
Long." The couples had their picture 
taken in front of a backdrop decorated 
with a large silver moon. Students were 
not the only ones enjoying themselves — 
Dr. Betty Marney and her husband were 
spotted dancing among the throng. 



On May 19 Harpeth Hall's McMurray 
Center was filled with the music of "Black 
Widow" and the beauty of balloons, long 
dresses, and tuxedoes as the Junior Class 
presented the Junior-Senior Prom in honor of 
the graduating Seniors. The theme, Mardi 
Gras, enabled the Juniors to make fun and 
festive decorations for the big spring dance. 
Presentation, when the Prom Queen and her 
Court, the seniors, and the junior officers were 
presented with their dates in front of an 
anticipating crowd, was the highlight of the 
evening. This year, the Prom Queen was 
Amanda Oldham, and her court included senior 
Kate Zeitler, junior Jennifer Cox, sophomore 
Ashley Hitt, and freshman Ellen Helm. After 
the dance, the juniors invited the seniors to an 
early morning breakfast to conclude the 
festivities. The juniors' hard work gave the 
seniors a memorable prom. 


The theme of the 1984 Prom added to the pleasure of the evening. 

Dance Concert 

On May 11, 12, and 13, the Harpeth Hall 
Dance Clubs presented their annual Dance 
Concert. This year's show was dedicated to Miss 
Polly Fessey in appreciation of her many 
contributions to Harpeth Hall. Mrs. Stephanie 
Hamilton and guest dancer, Larry A. Lee, got the 
show off on a lively foot in their tap number, 
"Feets Too Big." Next was the jazz club's spirited 
"Hooked on Swing." "Leyenda" was the 
dramatic ballet performance in which Beth 
McPherson portrayed an innocent girl's betrothal, 
seduction, dream, wedding, and suicide. The 
Modern Dance Club presented an entertaining 
and creative leap in "Auld Lang Syne." The 
Club's second piece, "Light: Reflection, 
Refraction, and Human Reaction," was powerful. 
The dancers in "Reflection" resembled moving 
sculpture, and the dancers in "Refraction" 
appeared as bursts of colored energy. "Steppin' to 
the Bad Side" by the Jazz Club was a snazzy, 
exciting piece. "Broadway — on Tap — " provided 
an excellent finale. Under the direction and hard 
work of Ms. Leslie Matthews and Mrs. Hamilton, 
this year's Dance Concert once again 
demonstrated a tremendous display of dedication, 
innovative ability, and creative talent. 

















Father Daughter 

The fourth annual Father Daughter 
Banquet was held on May 17 at 6:00 in 
the Opryland Hotel's Jackson Room. 
Students in grades six through twelve and 
girls who will be at Harpeth Hall next 
fall attended with their fathers, friends, 
and relatives. 

After all the participants had eaten an 
enjoyable dinner, the chorus, under the 
direction of Mrs. Ray Berry and 
accompanied by Mrs. Marion Ross, sang 
"Once in a Lifetime" and a medley of 
songs from the musical A CHORUS 
LINE. The speaker for the evening was 
Ms. Victoria Jackson, president of Diesel 
Sales and Service and community leader, 
who talked about the qualities needed for 

The evening was organized by the 
Harpeth Hall Men's Club, an 
organization which gives financial aid to 
special school projects. The Men's Club 
did an outstanding job of providing a 
night of food, fun, and entertainment for 
who attended. 





National Merit 

The National Merit Corporation was 
founded in 1955 to honor outstanding 
high school students in all fifty states and 
to focus a public spotlight on the 
academically bright student. There are 
generally fifteen thousand semi-finalists 
who represent the top half of one percent 
of the nation's graduating seniors 
according to PSAT scores. National 
Merit Commendees must have scored in 
the top five percent. This year Harpeth 
Hall had four National Merit 
Commendees; Susan Deckner was named 
a Semi-Finalist; and the Finalists 
included Lizzie Buchanan, Elizabeth 
Stein, and Hannah Thompson. 

Christina Wong. Betsy Hilton. Julie Hays, Mary McLaughlin. 

Hannah Thompson, Susan Deckner. Lizzie Buchanan. Elizabeth Stein. 


* s*# 

All Club Picnic 

All Club Picnic, held on May 24, was a 
fun afternoon of awards and songs, and a 
sad afternoon since the seniors would be 
graduating soon. The ceremonies began 
with several art awards given by Mrs. 
Sharon Charney and Mr. Peter Goodwin, 
followed by Ms. Leslie Matthews' 
presentation of the Honor Dancer Award 
to Kathryn Schnelle. Risa Klein, Scottie 
Hill, Shan Overton, and Monica Haley 
received the class spirit awards. Risa 
Klein was also honored with the Ar-Tri 
Club Spirit Award, and Amanda Oldham 
received the An-Ecco Spirit Award. The 
two clubs presented their songs, and the 
Ar-Tris won the competition. Callie 
Johnson read the HALLMARKS 
dedication to Mrs. Martha Greorgy, and 
Jeannie Joe read the MILESTONES 
dedication to Mrs. Libby Evans. Next 
A.F.S. student Florence Savage said her 
final farewell to the student body and was 
followed by the swearing in of the new 
Student Council officers. After Mr. Wood 
recognized the Lady of the Hall, Lil 
Bradford, and her Court, the festivities 
concluded with the singing of the Alma 
Mater and tearful good-byes to the 
graduating seniors. 



Middle School 
Honor Day 

Harpeth Hall recognized the Eighth 
Grade Class of 1984 for their outstanding 
achievements on June first during Middle 
School Honor Day. Miss Abbay Eaden 
gave the invocation, and the seventh 
grade chorus followed with songs directed 
by Mrs. Douglas Berry. Dr. K.C. Ptomey, 
Jr., Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian 
Church, delivered an inspiring address to 
the class of 1984. Miss Polly Fessey, 
director of the Middle School, awarded 
the girls who showed excellence in 
specific fields. Annis Marney received the 
Daugh W. Smith Award and the Eighth 
Grade Class Spirit Award, while Sarah 
Morris was given the Polly Fessey Award. 
Susie Creagh and Jenny Walker received 
the Sixth and Seventh Grade Class Spirit 
Awards, and Ariston won the Athletic 
Cup, Club Challenge Bowl, and Club 
Citizenship Award. Mrs. David Ward 
assisted in the presentation of the 
certificates. This lovely ceremony was 
concluded with the Alma Mater and a 
choral benediction. 

IB % \ 1 


Dr. Ptomey encourages the Eighth Grade to dream. 

Senior Banquet 

Decorated with peach and blue 
streamers and balloons, the tented patio 
of Julie Hays' home looked elegant for 
the Senior Banquet. The graduating 
seniors and the faculty enjoyed a gourmet 
meal and interesting entertainment. 
Senior Class president Tish Tully 
presented gifts to the class sponsors, Mrs. 
Pat Moran and Dr. Betty Marney, and to 
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Hays for their 
generosity. Three "Wise Men," Kim 
Bueno, Holly Conner, and Risa Klein, 
shed light on the futures of the graduates 
in a humorous way. The "wise men" also 
read some of the seniors" Last Wills and 
Testaments. Afterwards, Tish Tully and 
Lil Bradford presented a poem about bad 
days at college. Finally, Tish Tully closed 
the evening with a poem about friendship 
and a few reflections on her year as the 
Senior Class President. The evening was 
filled with good food, memories, laughter, 
pictures, and promises for future 

i (.(i 

Eat, drink, and be merry, for Monday we graduate! 

Step Singing 

Following the presentation of the Lady 
of the Hall and her Court on Sunday, 
June 3, the Junior-Senior Step Singing 
ceremony began on the front lawn of 
Souby Hall. Parents, friends, and 
relatives gathered for this traditional 
event honoring the Class of 1984. After 
the processional of the classes, the Junior 
Class officers came forward and laid 
forth the Daisy Chain which is a tribute 
to the Senior Class. The Class of 1984 
then sang "Along the Road," written by 
Dan Fogelberg. Tish Tully, Senior Class 
president, presented Mr. Wood with the 
class gift, a donation to the Campaign 
Fund for the building of a new math- 
science wing. Tish transfered the Senior 
Diary to Lindy Rogers, president for the 
Class of 1985. The Junior Class recited 
the Senior Pledge and sang Michael W. 
Smith's "Friends," and the afternoon 
program concluded with the Harpeth Hall 
Alma Mater. 



Lady of the Hall 

This year's Lady of the Hall, Lil Bradford, embodied 
the ideals of Harpeth Hall throughout her high school 
years. Due to her qualities of leadership, enthusiasm, 
support, and involvement, Lil was chosen by her fellow 
schoolmates as this year's Lady of the Hall. For these 
same qualities, Lil was recognized with various awards 
throughout her high school career. These included the 
Sewanee Award, the Optimist Youth Appreciation 
Award, the Exchange Club Youth of the Month Award, 
and the D.A.R. Award. She has been active in several 
sports, namely golf, soccer, and volleyball. She also was 
a member of various clubs and organizations, ranging 
from Chorus to A.F.S. Lil served as class president her 
junior year and student council vice-president her senior 
year. In addition, she served on the Honor Council and 
was secretary-treasurer as a senior. Lil was definitely an 
excellent choice for Lady of the Hall for she not only 
fulfilled its requirements, she surpassed them. 



eiwtwww'um*— iiwhhi* 

Katie Wray 

Lizzie Buchanan 

Each year at graduation the Katie 
Wray Award is presented to the senior 
who has achieved the highest four year 
grade point average. This year's recipient, 
Lizzie Buchanan, is truly deserving of this 
honor. In recognition of her academic 
excellence she has been inducted into Mu 
Alpha Theta, the honorary mathematics 
society, and Cum Laude, a society 
recognizing outstanding scholarship in 
secondary schools. She also received the 
Sophie Dobson academic award, 
presented at All-Club Picnic. Earlier this 
year Lizzie was named a National Merit 
Finalist, one of the highest awards a high 
school student can receive. She was later 
awarded a National Merit Scholarship. 

Academics is by no means the only 
area in which Lizzie excels. She is active 
in her church and has worked part time 
throughout her high school years. In 
addition to these activities, she has 
participated in the Key Club and has 
represented her class on the Honor 
Council for three years. Last spring she 
was elected to serve as president of the 
Honor Council for 1983-1984. 

Lizzie's high school career has been an 
active and fruitful one, and her future at 
the University of Virginia appears equally 
as bright. 


Graduation Awards 

^ady of the Hall 

iatie Wray Award — Valedictorian 

danelle McMurray Award — for outstanding qualities of loyalty, leadership, and dedication 

D.A.R. Award — for outstanding qualities of dependability, leadership, and patriotism 

fanet Evans Award — for outstanding qualities of loving caring, and sharing 

3um Laude Award — to the non-member who has best exemplified the ideals of the society 

English Award — to the Senior with the highest four-year average in English 

Uusan S. Souby Award — most improved Senior English 

^ucie Fountain French Award 

ispiritu Espanol Award — for the most improvement, involvement, and dedication to the study of Spanish 

Spanish Award — for excellence in Senior Spanish 

iumma Cum Laude Latin Award 

American History Award 

'ickens Science Award Award 

vlu Alpha Theta Award — for excellence in mathematics 

vlarnie Sheridan Art Award 

^orinne Oliver Tennis Award 

J atty Chadwell Award — for greatest participation in intramurals 

iewanee Club Award — to the Junior who is outstanding in scholarship, character, and citizenship potential 

Randolph Macon Award — to the Sophomore who best exemplifies the ideals of the college 

second Honors Award 

fhird Honors Award 

Lil Bradford 

Lizzie Buchanan 

Susan Simons 

Lil Bradford 

Julie Hays 

Yolanda Ferragina 

Lizzie Buchanan 

Yolanda Ferragina 

Jeannie Joe 

Leslie Tarkington 

Holly Conner 

Hannah Thompson 

Michele Granda 

Jeannie Joe 

Betsy Hilton 

Kathryn Schnelle 

Elizabeth Arnold 

Kim Bueno 

Mandy Haynes 

Kristin Breuss 

Michele Granda 

Betsy Hilton 



The Senior Class of 1984 graduated in 
the presence of family and friends on the 
beautiful evening of June 4. Following the 
processional and Mr. David Wood's 
invocation, the Harpeth Hall Chorus 
performed two appropriate songs. Senior 
Kim Bueno presented an interesting 
speech expressing the graduates' pride in 
their class and their school. After Kim's 
speech Dr. James Daughdrill, president of 
Southwestern at Memphis, gave an 
inspiring speech urging the graduates to 
look back at the past, to look at 
themselves, and to look ahead to the 
future. Dr. Daughdrill's speech was 
followed by the conferring of diplomas by 
Mr. Wood and Mrs. Rutter, and the 
presentation of awards to several of the 
graduates. The seniors sang their class 
song, "Along the Road" by Dan 
Fogelberg, and the audience joined in for 
the Alma Mater. 



■II ! 
II Kilt 

'» mm 

I 3 






t r 










A | 



^ • 

* ^ifc ■ 




^— » 


For the year 1983-1984 the editors, staff, photographers, 
and sponsor of MILESTONES 1984 have worked toward 
the best representation of the book's theme: school pride 
and spirit. We hope that through the pictures, copy, 
layouts, and dedication, the main elements of every 
MILESTONES, we have accomplished this goal. Even our 
choice of the color for the cover of the book is very 
important. This year we have chosen grey, an official 
school color and one of the colors of the 1983 Junior Prom, 
an event that unified the class of 1984. All of these 
ingredients are necessary for the publication of 
MILESTONES, and we hope that this yearbook is as 
special to the Harpeth Hall community as it is to everyone 
involved in its production. 

Jeannie Joe 

Christina Wong 
Photography Editor 

Lynn Newcomb 
Copy Editor 

Kim Bueno 
Business Editor 

The editors and sponsor of MILESTONES 1984 would like to thank Mr. Togue Uchida for enormous help with pictures, Mrs. T.G. Pennington for color 
photos, Mr. Hap Minhinnet for school dance pictures, Mrs. Libby Evans for being the silent guide, Mr. Gordon Turnbull for helping out in several jams, and 
Mr. Bill Benson of Herff-Jones. MILESTONES 1984 is a publication of Harpeth Hall School, Nashville, Tennessee, printed by Herff-Jones Yearbooks. 



















Year at a Glance 

Leadership Conference at Brandon Springs with the buffalo, as usual. 

School starts. Seniors embrace Big Boy and caravan to school in full 

MUSIC MAN: "With a capital "T that rhymes with 'P' that stands for 
'pool' . . ." 

A. A. A. Conference: H.H. Honeybears meet G.P.S. Bruisers in scenic 

Senior Recognition Day: Seniors beaned. 

MILESTONES Picture Day: Mrs. Turnbull displays hidden cheerleading 

A.F.S.: Remember the Fiji room? Bananas and what? 

Fall Combo: Girls rocked their boys. 

NO, NO, NANETTE: They were happy to make you happy, too. 

9- Exams and Winterim provide both an unpleasant and a pleasant break 

27 from classes. When school resumes, Seniors fall into the biggest Senior 

Slide in history. 

14 Valentine's Day: Zorro leaves his mark. 

19 Hawaiian Holiday: What a punch! 

12 Science Fair: Yes, we have no letters. 

22 YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU: (but trying is surely fun!) 

1 1 Dance Concert: Color and movement on the stage. 

19 Prom: Are you still missing kissing? 

4 Graduation: The Final Hour 

■WmP aJ — .• „... Wj— | gsa^fcj. 

jOB^MMKftMtt ^H|UMM| •UMMMMIf*' 


The Friday Staff 

Top to bottom: Christina Wong, Jeannie Joe, Kim Bueno, Lynn Newcomb, Wende Hall, Elizabeth Cummins, Devereux Cummins, 
Susan Simons, Florence Perry, Betsey Bryan, Erin Handte, Cecilia Wong, Elizabeth Cotton, Caroline Van. 



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This is a great annual! 





"The great 
thing in this 

world is 

not so much 

where we stand, 

as in what 

direction we 

are moving. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes 

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Thank you, Harpeth Hall, 
for everything you 

have done for 

Holly and all our 


Congratulations, Liz. 

We applaud 

seventeen years 

of progress. 

Mother and Dad 






Friends are Friends Forever 






Mom and Dad 

Tara, Colleen, 

Briana, and Christopher 

You've come a 
long way, baby! 


Mom, Dad, 

Jimbo, and Sukey. 

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■0 s 


Adele and Dede, 
Thanks for your 

support! Good luck 

next year! 

Holly Conner, 

Love ya, 

You are a 




Bill M. 


Congratulations Jeannie and the Class of '84 

"So they went off together. But 
wherever they go, and whatever 
happens to them on the way, in that 
enchanted place on top of the forest, 
a child and a bear will always be 
by A. A. Milne 


All My Love, 


of a 


and a 


. ,s.±j^-***tej&$!$!&$< 




to my 

best girl, 


your Dad 





Thank You, Lord, 

John and Annabelle 

for giving us 


her parents 


See you in 
Buck Hill Falls. 


Way to 

Diddle Dirl 


Terns of Endearment' 

i * \5" " I «!*& • %« ****** II 

•'ill I 

a 1 * 

Spring Break '84 

We Made It! 


"Be Cheerful. Strive to be 

— Desiderata 

We're proud of you, 

and we love you. 

Mom and Dad, 

Justin and John 


Way to go Honeybears! 

Spring Break '84 

Jt- ••■' . • ',', !',".. . "V . 

Spring Break '84 



'JS* -'■''.,' 

Art Club 

Jim w m 


H.H. Playmakers 


Debate Club 




If 1 


Key Club 

^?>' n 






American Field Service 

Outing Club 

Athletic Association 


mJ liM Is 

Junior Classical League 


Le Cercle Francais 

Mu Alpha Theta 

El Club d'Espagnol 









* ; v 





Reach for 

the Spirit 

Within You. 


Eccowasin. Student Faculty 1; Class Treasurer 2, 3; 
Chorus 1; Junior Classical League 1; Spanish Club 3, 
4; Cheerleader 1. "Lookin' good, feelin' good, too." 
"Ashley and Tiffany — Annual Party after last exam" 
"Spring Break '84 — Ft. Lauderdale" "Alabama 
Slamma Jamma" Mandy. 


Eccowasin. Student Council 1; Class Athletic Man- 
ager 4; Spanish Club 1. 2; Christian Fellowship 3, 4; 
Athletic Association 4; Basketball 1 ; Tennis 1,2,3,4. 
"I loveya man — now get out of here." "Chain reaction 
and Earl the Pearl" "I'm going to Chattanooga this 
weekend." "Amy, you need a reuben." Elizabeth. 


Eccowasin. Transfer student 2; LOGOS II Staff 3, 
Copy Editor 4; Chorus 2, 3; French Club 2, 3, 4; 
Outing Club 3, 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; 
Quill and Scroll Society 4. "You really crack me up." 
"Jane Fonda on College Trip "83" "Can you give me a 
ride home?" "Days of Our Lives Crew" Nancy. 

Eccowasin. Challenge Co-Captain 4; Junior Classical 
League 1 ; French Club 2: American Field Service 2, 3, 
Vice President 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4. "I can't, we 
have a game." "Stay — Spring Break '82" "I'll tell you 
sixth period." "Did I really act like that when I was a 
sophomore?" Anne. 


Eccowasin. Student Council Vice President 4; Honor 
Council 2, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Class President 3; 
Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; American Field Service 1, 2; Chris- 
tian Fellowship 2, 3; Golf 1, 2, 3; Soccer 1; Volleyball 
3, 4; Optimist Youth Appreciation Award 4; All-City 
Volleyball Team 4; Sophie Dobson Athletic Award 1; 
Sewanee Club Award 3. "Lilly Pad" "Let's get seri- 
ous." "Life goes on." "I never want to see another 
pumpkin or notepad again." Lil. 

Angkor. Honor Council 3, President 4; Art Club 2; 
Junior Classical League 1; Spanish Club 2; American 
Field Service 1. 2. 4; Outling Club 2, 3; Key Club 2. 
Class Representative 3, Treasurer 4; Cum Laude 3, 
Chaplain 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Sophie Dobson 
Academic Award 1. 2, 3; National Merit Scholar 4. 
"Shoo-doo, Emily" "I am a pencil head." "Well, it's 
kind of like Plato's 'Allegory of a Cave'." "Athletics is 
my life." Lizzie. 

Ariston. Club Spirit Award 1; Challenge Co-Captain 
4; MILESTONES Staff 2, 3, Business Editor 4; LO- 
GOS II Staff 1,2,3,4; Penstaff 3, Membership Chair- 
man 4; Art Club 1, 2; French Club 1; Spanish Club 2, 
3, 4; American Field Service 1. 2; Key Club 2; Quill 
and Scroll Society 3, 4; Soccer 1; Softball 2; Volleyball 
1, 2, 3, Captain 4; All-District Volleyball Team 3, 4; 
All-Regional Volleyball Team 4; All-Nashville Vol- 
leyball Second Team 3, First Team 4. "Rise to the 
Occasion." "Madman" "The man, the myth, the leg- 
end" "One tough chick" Kim. 


Triad. French Club 1; American Field Service 1. 2; 
Basketball 1, 2, 3; Softball 2, 3. "Basketwhat?" "Sor- 
ry, Sheryl. I had another flat tire." "Guess who's com- 
ing in concert!" "Present" Cindy. 

Senior Index 

Triad. Transfer student 3; Class Sergeant-at-arms 4; 
American Field Service 3, Secretary 4; Outing Club 3; 
Basketball 3; Soccer 3. "Spring Break '84" "Get a 
clue." "Bartholemew" "Bucknell — it's in Pennsylva- 
nia." Susannah. 

Ariston. LOGOS 1 1 Staff 1 , Darkroom Editor 2, Busi- 
ness Manager 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3; 
Junior Classical League 1, 4, Publicity Chairman 2, 
Certamen Sponsor 3; Key Club 2, 3; Basketball Man- 
ager 1; Quill and Scroll Award 3, 4; Tennessee Junior 
Classical League Delegate 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Classical 
League TENNESSEE TORCH Editor 4. "Calvin 
Gallahad— Slamdancer by night" "Vi Terms of En- 
dearment" "Destin '84" "Good Deal" Cathy. 

Triad. Class Sergeant-at-Arms 2; Chorus 1; Spanish 
Club 2, 3. 4; American Field Servicd 2, 3; Basketball 
1; Cross Country 1; Softball 3; Track 1. "Flea Ann" 
"Ft. Lauderdale "84" "Are we having fun or what?" 
"Guess who called me last night." Lee Ann. 

Triad. Class Athletic Association Representative 3; 
Playmakers 4; Art Club 1 . 2; Junior Classical League 
1; French Club 2, 3; American Field Service 2, 3, 4; 
Christian Fellowship 1. 2; Athletic Association 2, 3, 
Vice President 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. President 4; 
Basketball 3; Cross Country 2, 3; Soccer 3, 4; Track 1 , 
2. "I call your bluff." "Lookin good, feelin good, too." 
"1/10 Clearwater Entourage" "Hard to believe" 
Mary Brugh. 


Angkor. Student Council President 4; Honor Council 
3; Class Chaplain 1, Vice President 3; LOGOS II 
Staff 3: Junior Classical League 1. 2; Chorus 1, 3. 4; 
Spanish Club 3, 4; Key Club 1, 2: Mu Alpha Theta 3, 
4; Cheerleader 1 ; Volleyball 1 . 2; Sandy Dicker Award 
1; Who's Who Among American High School Stu- 
dents 4. "Coke commercial material." "I call your 
bluff." "1/10 Clearwater Entourage" "Jeff Turner? 
Who's Jeff Turner'" Holly. 


Triad. Chorus 1. 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Ameri- 
can Field Service 1, 2; Outing Club 2; Swimming 1; 
Tennis 1 ; Volleyball 1 . "Leslie, was that a stop sign?" 
"The Seven Survivors" "Lookin good, feelin good, 
too." "Argie, I'm not Jim." Diane. 

Triad. Junior Classical League 1; Athletic Association 

1, 2, 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; 
Softball 2; Volleyball 1. "Basketwhat?" "It's just a 
Christmas present." "Hey Anne, tell me about it sixth 
period." "Sta> — Spring Break '82" Sheryl. 

Eccowasin. Chorus 3; Playmakers 1, 2; American 
Field Service 1. 2, 3. 4; Key Club 2, 3; Cross Country 

2. "Lookin good, lookin real good." "1/10 Clearwater 
Entourage" "Lisa Face" "Italy '83" Lisa. 

Ariston. Transfer student 4; Spanish Club 4; Ameri- 
can Field Service 4; Key Club 4. "Snow pea" "Muffy" 
"No, I'm just really tired." "My all time favorite" 


Ariston. Chorus 4; Playmakers 2, 3. Secretary-Trea- 
surer 4; International Thespian Society 3, 4; Junior 
Classical League 1; French Club 2, 3. 4; American 
Field Service 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing Club 1, 2, 4, Vice 
President 3; Key Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3, Class Repre- 
sentative 4; Track Manager 3, 4; National Merit Se- 
mifinalist 4. "I'm gonna be a nun." "Kathryn, would 
you read my paper?" "I have a small complaint." 
"One day, I'm just gonna jump off a chair." Susan. 

Eccowasin. LOGOS II Staff 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; 
American Field Service 2, 3; Christian Fellowship 1, 
2, 3, President 4; Volleyball 1; Cross Country Man- 
ager 2. "Suz" "I love Michael Anthony Luster." "1/ 
10 Clearwater Entourage" "April 2, 1982" Suzanne. 


Angkor. Spanish Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Cross Country 1. 2; 
Track 1. "Lookin" good, feelin' good, too." "Mighty 
risky" "Sanibel '82" "Ft. Lauderdale '84" Gwynne. 

Triad. Honor Council Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Class Sec- 
retary 3, 4; Penstaff 3, 4; Chorus 1 , 2, 3; Junior Classi- 
cal League 2, 4, Secretary 3; American Field Service 
2, 3, 4; Christian Fellowship 3; National Latin Exam 
Cum Laude 2, 3; State Latin Convention. English 
Oratory Award First Place 3. "The Symphony '83" 
"Mary, give me some advice." "Lisa, don't you dare 
call your mother now." "Mithraism lives forever!" Yo- 

Eccowasin. Penstaff 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Art 
Club 2. 3, 4; French Club 2, 4; Outing Club 1, 3; Key 
Club 1. 3. "Do you want to go sailing tonight?" "I'm 
not a typical Harpie." "We got ripped off again!" "Yo 
mama wears combat boots." Hollie. 

Angkor. MILESTONES Photography staff 2. 3; LO- 
GOS II Staff 4; French Club 1, 2. 3; American Field 
Service 1 , 2; Tap Club 1,2.3,4. "Piccolo pause" "Tell 
Leonardo I'm in the shower." "Basta!" "You don't 
have a run in your hose. Amy." Catherine. 


Ariston. Club Spirit Award 1; Class Sergeant-at- 
Arms 1, Athletic Association Representative 2; MI- 
LESTONES Photography Staff 2, 3; Junior Classical 
League 2; Spanish Club 2; Outing Club 1, 2; Athletic 
Association 1, 2. Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4; 
Cum Laude 3, President 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; 
Basketball 1, 3; Cross Country 1. 2. 3; Track 1, 2; 
Cross Country Manager 4; Track Manager 3; Person- 
ality of the Month 1 ; Sophie Dobson Academic Award 

2, 3, Athletic Award 1, 2, 3; National Latin Exam 
Magna Cum Laude. "Peanut" "Elrod goes to Eng- 
land." "Spring Break '84" "No, my real name isn't 
'Peanut'." Michele. 

Ariston. MILESTONES Friday Staff 4; Chorus 1, 2; 
Junior Classical League 1; French Club 2, 3, Vice 
President 4; Outing Club 1 , 2, President 3, 4; Key Club 

3, 4. "What's new with you guys?" "I could go for a 
glass of iced tea now." "Hang loose Cabin G!" "Yes, 
Kathryn and I are sisters, and we are also twins." Erin. 


Senior Index 


Triad. French Club 1 , 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; American 
Field Service 1, 2. "Lee Ann. what's for Spanish?" 
"Jim lives!" "No, ya'll, seriously." "My car's such a 
tank." Cynthia. 


Eccowasin. Student Council 3; Class Vice President 1 ; 
American Field Service 1; Jazz Club 2; Modern Club 

2. "Hey big mama" "Chill out." "The great Possum 
Killer" "I love ya man — now. get outta here." Amy. 


Anglor. Student Council 4; Honor Council 1; Chorus 

1, 3; Playmakers 3, 4; International Thespian Society 
3, 4; Junior Classical League 1,2; Key Club 1 , 2, Class 
Representative 3, President 4, District Lt. Governor 3: 
Volleyball 1; National Merit Commendee 4. "Sue" 
"Penny" "I wish I were a Sophomore." "Play practice 
is my life." Julie. 


Triad. Chorus 1; American Field Service 1, 2, 3. 4; 
Outing Club 1 , 2; Cum Laude 3, 4: Mu Alpha Theta 3, 
Vice President 4; Basketball 1 . 2: Soccer 1 ; Tennis 1 , 2, 

3, 4; Volleyball 1. 2. 3. 4; Sophie Dobson Academic 
Award 2, 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; National Merit Com- 
mendee 4. "Spring Break '82 — Stay" "Unicorns are 
not extinct." "I've got setters complex." "I think I'm 
allergic to something." Betsy. 

Triad. Chorus 1 ; Junior Classical League 1,2; Spanish 
Club 3, Vice President 4; American Field Service 1; 
Christian Fellowship 3; Jazz Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Modern 
Club 2, 4. "Mandy and Ashley, annual party after 
exams" "Gwynne, nobody loves me either." "Mandy, 
go straight and hang a left." "China girl" Tiffany. 


Angkor. Student Council 1; President's Council 1; 
Class President 1; Penstaff 1, 2. 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; 
Playmakers 3, President 4; International Thespian So- 
ciety 3, 4; Basketball 1 ; Volleyball 1 ; Volleyball Man- 
ager 2; National Merit Commendee 4. "Spring Break 
'82 — Stay" "Dancin' in the Street" "Friends are 
Friends Forever." "Giggles and grins" Marian. 


Angkor. Chorus 1 . "Does anybody have any food they 
don't want?" "I love this commercial." "Mrs. Plum- 
mer's favorite four" "I'm not obnoxious." Robin. 

Triad. Student Council Secretary-Treasurer 4; Honor 
Council 3. Vice President 4; Student Faculty Commit- 
tee 2; Junior Classical League 1 ; Spanish Club 2, 3,4; 
American Field Service 1, 2; Christian Fellowship 1, 

2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1 ; Soccer 4; Track 1 ; Representa- 
tive to Lady of the Hall 3. "Are you bluffin'?" "l'O 
Clearwater Entourage" "Suzanne, you're such a 
three-wheelin' mama." "Halen-head — Jump, leap, 
skip." Mary. 

Triad. MILESTONES Friday Staff 2, 3, Editor-in- 
Chief 4; LOGOS II Staff 1, 2; Playmakers 2; Junior 
Classical League 3; French Club 1, 2, 4; American 
Field Service 1 , 2; Outing Club 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 

3, 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; Quill and 
Scroll Society 3, 4; Sophie Dobson Academic Award 

2, 3; Honors Group for Westinghouse Science Talent 
Search 4; National Latin I Exam Summa Cum Laude; 
National French IV Exam, Seventh in State 4; Re- 
gional Math Comprehensive Exam, Seventh Place 4. 
"Oh, 1 was not embarassed, not at all." "I'm Jeannie, 
not Christina." "Yeah, I know, I can't count." "Throw 
it at me." Jeannie. 

Triad. MILESTONES Photography Staff 3; LOGOS 
II Staff 1, 2, 3, Photography Editor 4; Penstaff 2, 
Secretary-Treasurer 3, HALLMARKS Chairman 4; 
Chorus 2, 3; Playmakers 3, 4; Junior Classical League 
1; Spanish Club 2, 3; American Field Service 1, 2; 
Christian Fellowship 3. 4; Basketball Manager 1 , 2, 3. 
"Kathryn, the most ironic thing happened yesterday." 
"I'm not mad. I'm just concentrating." "I can't, I have 
to get my bangs trimmed." Callie. 

Ariston. Challenge Co-Captain 4; Class Vice Presi- 
dent 4; Class Spirit Award 3; Penstaff 4; Playmakers 

1, 2. 3, 4; International Thespian Society (Two star 
Thespian) 3, 4; French Club 1. 2, 3. 4; American Field 
Service 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 2. 3, Captain 4; Sophie 
Dobson Academic Award 1. "Seniors, don't eat other 
people's food." "Belle Meade Framers" "Kel and Cat, 
been hot-tubbing lately?" "Pauline, the maid" Risa. 


Ariston. Christian Fellowship 3, 4; Jazz Club 4; Soc- 
cer 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2. "Hey baby" "I'm outta here." 
" 1 '0 Clearwater Entourage" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry; it's 
not my fault." Grace. 


Ariston. Junior Classical League 1; French Club 2. 3, 
4; American Field Service 1, 2, 3. 4; Key Club 3, 4. 
"Marian, where's Debbie?" "Green Man" "Hey Beth, 
love those stripes!" "Moby Dick — the Wonder 
Whale" Becky. 


Ariston. Chorus 1 , 2, 3; American Field Service 1,2,3, 
President 4; Key Club 2, 3. 4. "Prince Charming" 
"Who is it now, Mary?" "Symphony '83" "Howling" 

Ariston. LOGOS II Staff 1 ; Chorus 2; French Club 1 , 

2, 3, 4; Modern Club 2; Ballet Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mu 
Alpha Theta 3, 4. "No, I'm not foreign, and yes, I do 
speak English." "Dallas, be careful; Dallas be good," 
"Thank you. come back." "Baggies, ripped plastic 
pants, cut shirts, cut leotards, always more pointe 
shoes" Beth. 


Angkor. Intramural Co-Captain 4; Class Sergeant-at- 
Arms 3, 4; Spanish Club 1. 2, 3; American Field Ser- 
vice 1; Outing Club 1, 2; Athletic Association 4; Key 
Club 1 ; Soccer 1 ; Softball 3; Tennis 1 ; Volleyball 1,2. 
"I-I-I- don't stutter anymore." "Cluck" "Catalogna, 
Ethel's coming" "Ya'll, I can make it on my own." 

Ariston. Class Vice President 2, Sergeant-at-arms 3; 
American Field Service 1,2; Outing Club 1,2; Athle- 
tic Association Secretary-Treasurer 4; Basketball 1 . 2, 

3, Captain 4; Soccer 2; Personality of the month 2. 

"Mooflin" "Raymond" "Spring Break '84" "No, I 
can't go: I've got a game." Rae. 

Eccowasin. MILESTONES Friday Staff 2, 3, Copy 
Editor 4; LOGOS II Exchange Editor 1, Copy Editor 
2; Penstaff 2. 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Playmakers 3, 4; 
International Thespian Society 3, 4; Volleyball Man- 
ager 3; Basketball Manager 3; Quill and Scroll Award 
3. "Seniors, please turn in your Index forms!" "Your 
such a twit." "That's the best thing I've heard all day." 
"Debbie, here comes the sun." Lynn. 


Ariston. Chorus 1 , 2. 3. 4; French Club 1 . 2, 3; Ameri- 
can Field Service 2, 3; Christian Fellowship 3; Key 
Club 3. "Yes, Lisa. Brett's coming home this week- 
end." "He is so gorgeous." "Callie, your hair looks 
fine." "England '84" Rebecca. 


Eccowasin. Club Challenge Co-Captain 4; Class Stu- 
dent Council Representative 2; Class Spirit Award 2; 
American Field Service 1. 2; Christian Fellowship 1, 

2, 3, 4; Cheerleading 2; Representative to Lady of the 
Hall 2; MB. A. Cheerleader 3, 4. "I love Davidson!" 
"Coke commercial material" "The Three Muska- 
teers" "1/10 Clearwater Entourage" Amanda. 


Angkor. Chorus 1. 2; French Club 1. 2; Spanish Club 

3. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Modern Club 4. "Ft. Lau- 
derdale '84" "Jiminy Cricket" "How bout that butter 
bowl, Leslie?" "Sometime Friday" Argie. 

Eccowasin. LOGOS II Staff 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2; Play- 
makers 4; American Field Service 1,2.4, Secretary 3; 
Key Club 2. President 3, Vice President 4; Personality 
of the Month 4; Sophie Dobson Academic Award 1; 
Cum Laude 4. "Oh tay Fred" "'A Terms of Endear- 
ment" "Destin '84" "Popeye rides the PEQUOD." 

Eccowasin. MILESTONES Friday Staff 4; Chorus 1, 

2, 3; Junior Classical League 1; French Club 2, 3; 
American Field Service 4; Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 

3, 4; Modern Club 3, 4. "You twit!" "Lynn, your the 
smartest person I know." "We're having fun now!" 
"Friends are friends forever." Florence. 


Ariston. Honor Council 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Cho- 
rus 2; Playmakers 3; French Club 1, 2, 3; American 
Field Service 2, 3, 4; Christian Fellowship 2, 3. 4; Key 
Club 2. 3. 4. "Doo" "Almighty Isis" "I wanna marry 
you!" "1/10 Clearwater Entourage" Donna. 


Eccowasin. Class Treasurer 1, President 2; Chorus 1, 
2. 3, 4; Junior Classical League 1; Spanish Club 3, 4; 
American Field Service 1.2; Outing Club 3; Key Club 
3; Track 1 . "Fizz Face" "Job Center" "Have ya'll ever 
noticed?" "I'm sorry ya'll; I just completely forgot." 


Angkor. Art Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; 
Outing Club 1, 2, 3; Key Club 1, 2, 3; Softball 3; 
Tennis 1. "Karen, watch out for that bridge." "Let's 


go to the park." "Hey, what are ya'll doin tonight?" 
"Bahamas '84" Kim 


Angkor. American Field Service Exchange Student; 
Chorus 4; Playmakers 4; Art Club 4; French Club 4; 
American Field Service 4; Key Club 4. "Hey Flo!" 
"That's nothing but awesome!" "It doesn't make any 
sense." "Nonesense, you can't fool me with that." 


Angkor. Spanish Club 4; Outing Club 1.2.3; Soccer 1 , 
2, 3; Softball 3; Tennis 1, 2. 

Eccowasin. LOGOS II Layout— Art Editor 3, 4; Art 
Club 1. 2, 3, 4: French Club 1, 2, 3, President 4; Tap 
Club 1 . 2, 3, 4; Modern Club 2,3,4; Jazz Club 4; Cum 
Laude 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Quill and Scroll Soci- 
ety 4; Randolph Macon Award 2; Art Award for En- 
thusiasm 3; National Art Honor Society 3, 4. "Hey 
Flab Blab Ducker; Are you going to join the convent?" 
"Twenty-five is a great age." "Twin Erin, let's have a 
double wedding." "When have I ever been wrong?" 


Triad. Chorus 1 ; Spanish Club 1 , 2. 3; American Field 
Service 1, 2; Christian Fellowship 4; Key Club 3. 
"Sands" "I'm trying to find a ride to U.T. this week- 
end." "Laura Lynn, I mean it; I'm really going on a 
diet." "Yes, Angie, you can borrow my clothes." San- 

Eccowasin. Student Council Representative 2. 4; MI- 
LESTONES Friday Staff 4; Art Club 1. 2, 3, 4; 
French Club 2; American Field Service 2; Modern 
Club 2, 4; M.B.A. Cheerleader 3. 4. "Hey cutie! 
What's happening?" "Kim, you domino" "Leslie, I 
am not a mom." "I swear I don't own any rose colored 
glasses." Susan. 


Eccowasin. Art Club 3; American Field Service 3; Key 
Club 3. "Is it 2:25 yet? Well, close enough" "Yeah, I'll 
tell Mama Smithwick you said 'Hi'." "Sorry, I can't. I 
have to go out to the barn today." "Hey Beth, love 
those stripes." Mary Beth. 

Angkor. Chorus 1, 2; Junior Classical League 1; 
French Club 2; American Field Service 1 ; Jazz Club 3. 
4; Modern Club 4; Volleyball 1, 2. "Yes, I do live in 
Columbia." "Mandy and Tiffany — annual party after 
last exam" "Lookin" good, feelin' good, too." "Ft. Lau- 
derdale '84" Ashley. 

Triad. Junior Classical League 1; American Field Ser- 
vice 2, 3; Key Club 2, Secretary 3, 4; Basketball Man- 
ager 1, 2, 3, Athletic Trainer 4. "Your Eddie or my 
Eddie?" "Diet Pepsi" "Buck Hill Falls" "Here Comes 
the Sun" Debbie. 

Eccowasin. Club Cheerleader 2; Class Chaplain 2, 4; 
Chorus 1; Art Club 2. 3, Vice President 4; Christian 
Fellowship 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1 ; Jazz Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; 
Cheerleading 1; M.B.A. Cheerleader 3, 4. "Hard to 

Senior Index 

Say I'm Sorry." "You jus don't understan." "You're 
no Bunny til some Bunny loves you." "I Corinthians 
13." Bunny. 


Angkor. Chorus 2, 4; Playmakers 3, Vice President 4; 
International Thespian Society 3, 4; French Club 1 , 2, 
3. 4; Ballet Club 1, 2; Modern Club 2; Jazz Club 3; 
Tap Club 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Sophie Dobson 
Academic Award 1 ; National Merit Finalist 4. "I wish 
I were a sophomore." "NO, NO, NANETTE" "MU- 

Triad. Spanish Club 4; Track 1. "Spring Break Ft. 
Lauderdale "84" "Robert Plant" "China girl" "Sanni- 
bel '81. '82" Susan. 

Triad. LOGOS II Staff 4; Art Club 3; Spanish Club 3. 
President 4; American Field Service 3, 4; Christian 
Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3. Ft. Lauderdale '84" 
"Diane was that a stop sign you just flew through?" 
"Lee Ann. I've got to go." "Lester" Leslie. 

Triad. Transfer student 4. LOGOS II Staff 4; Chris- 
tian Fellowship 4. "Spring Break "84" "Lookin good, 
feelin good, too!" "Guess what! My raybans don't 
make marks on my nose." "Hard to believe" Stella. 

Ariston. LOGOS II Business Editor 4; Junior Classi- 
cal League 1, 3, Vice President 3, President 4; Cum 
Laude 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Sophie Dobson 
Academic Award 1 . 2. 3; Silver National Latin Exam 
2, 3; Best Technician Award 3, Morehead Scholar at 
U.N.C. 4; National Merit Finalist 4. "Hannah Ba- 
nana" "We just don't know." "My all time favorite" 
"You goof Hannah. 


Eccowasin. Club Spirit Award 1, 2; Student Council 
Representative 3; Class President 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3; 
French Club 1. 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; American Field 
Service 1, 2; Christian Fellowship 1; Ballet Club 1, 2; 
Jazz Club 2.3; Volleyball 1 ; Representative to Lady of 
the Hall 2; M.B.A. Cheerleader 3. 4. "Lillian and 
Letitia" "Diane, please sing with me." "But he has 
blue eyes." "Stomp that puddle." Tish. 


Angkor. Chorus 1; Art Club 3; Junior Classical 
League 1 ; French Club 2. 3. 4; American Field Service 
1, 2, 3; Key Club 2. 3. "1/10 Clearwater Entourage" 
"Milsa" "Baby Billy Jody Budd" "I am not a flower 
child." Melissa. 

Triad. Playmakers 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1. 2, 4; French 
Club 2. 3, 4; American Field Service 1. 2. 3; Outing 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3. "Ya'll, the White 
Animals are playing this weekend." "Reggae — Spring 
Break '84" "Hollie, I have to get money." "Let's go 
sailing." Paige. 

Eccowasin. MILESTONES Friday Staff 2, 3, Photog- 
raphy Editor 4; LOGOS II Staff 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1; 
French Club 1, 2, 4, Vice President 3; American Field 
Service 1 , 2, 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3, Secretary-Treasur- 

er 4; Societe Honoraire de Francais 3, 4; Quill and 
Scroll Society 3, 4, National Merit Commendee. "I'm 
Christina, not Jeannie." "Erin, you're deaf." "Oh no! 
Kathryn, not another Ron story." "Cecilia" Christina. 


Triad. Class Secretary 1 , Treasurer 4; Junior Classical 
League 1 ; French Club 2, 3; American Field Service 1 , 
2, 3; Basketball 1 ; Volleyball 1 . "Willis Cullen Nowell, 
Jr." "The Three Muskateers" "Days of Our Lives" 
"Miller, it's misting again." Kate. 

The Class of 1984 


The Class of 1984 


Mandy Abies 

Gwynne Faber 

Yolanda Ferragina 

Argie Oman 

Stella Taylor 

Tish Tully 

Becky Mathes 

Amanda Oldham 

Paige Wilds 

Susannah Caffry 

at Berkeley- 
Christina Wong 

Holly Conner 

Robin Ingram 

Diane Corwin 

Tyler Woosley 

Risa Klein 

Cathy Callaway 

Erin Handte 

Hannah Thompson 

Kim Bueno 


Betsy Hilton 

Jeannie Joe 

Anne Bond 

Mary Irwin 

Michele Granda 

Amy Harvey 

Grace Lazenby 

Catherine Franklin 

Florence Perry 

Cathy Phister 

Kate Zeitler 

Elizabeth Arnold 

Lee Ann Calton 

Cynthia Harness 

Tiffany Hitt 

Lynn Newcomb 

Kim Sanders 

Karen Schneider 

Sandie Shockley 

Marian Hollyday 

Julie Hays 

Elizabeth Stein 

Beth McPherson 

Lil Bradford 

Cindy Burnes 

Mary Brugh Chaffin 

Lisa Crosslin 

Susan Deckner 

Suzanne Delvaux 

Callie Johnson 

Mary McLaughlin 

Rebecca Norman 

Donna Phinizy 

Kathryn Schnelle 

Mary Beth Smithwick 

Debbie Starr 

Bunny Stein 

Leslie Tarkington 

Melissa West 

Nancy Bach 

Lizzie Buchanan 

Kelly Culp 

Rae Mifflin 

Emily Page 

Hollie Fischley 

Florence Savage 

Sheryl Couch 

Clark Merrit 

Ashley Spalding 

Susan Simons 

Susan Stover 




Berry, Miss Jane 11, 80, 144, 50, 194 

Brown, Mrs. Susie 194 

Fessey, Mrs. Polly 20, 194 

Herring, Miss Peggy 194 

McLean, Mrs. Lucile 194 

Nichols, Mrs. Polly 194 

Rutter, Mrs. Joanna 81, 194 

Schmid, Mrs. Anita 60, 194 

Wood, Mr. David 77, 132, 194 


Ambassador Travel 183 

American Field Service 208 

Art Club 206 

Athletic Association 209 

Bargain Boutique 183 

Baskin-Robbins 183 

Richard Bennett Tailors 186 

The Boynton Cat 186 

Bradshaw Drugs 186 

The Briarpatch 184 

Broadway Bakery 183 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Buchanan 195 

Dr. and Mrs. Rueben Bueno 200 

Mr. and Mrs. John Caffry 201 

Carmen's 185 

Judge and Mrs. Lew Conner 195 

Michael Corzine & Co 182 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Dell Crosslin 207 

Debate Club 207 

Dukes, Dukes, And Ledford 181 

Ethan Allen 184 

Everett Holzapfel 185 

The Fabric House 183 

Fletcher Harvey 183 

Friday Staff 176 

Gadsby's 180 

Dr. and Mrs. Handte 193 

Harpeth Hall Board of Trustees 178 

Harpeth Hall Chorus 207 

Harpeth Hall Faculty and Staff 194 

Harpeth Hall Mother's Auxiliary 179 

Harpeth Hall Playmakers 206 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harvey 200 

Helen's 183 

The Initial Touch 184 

Jamie, Inc 192 

Jeanne Dudley Smith 191 

Jeannie, Lynn, Christina, and Kim 187 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Joe 198 

Junior Classical League 210 

Key Club 208 

The Knit Center 185 

Le Cercle Francais 210 

Logos Book Store 182 

Marianne Dale Interiors 184 

Moore and Moore 184 

Mu Alpha Theta 211 

Murray's 184 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Norman 198 

Oman Construction 187 

Outing Club 209 

Pappagallo 186 

Phillips and Quarles 183 

Professional Patrons 189 

Rebecka Vaughan 185 

Rich-Schwartz 185 

S&T Stores 185 

Spanish Club 211 

Spell's 186 

Sperry's 182 

Mr. and Mrs. James Stein 201 

SudzCity 187 

Sunflower 185 

Tarkington Showroom 193 

Togue Uchida 190 



Abies, Mandy 8, 33, 48, 49, 172, 205. 211 


Arnold, Elizabeth 33, 48, 209 

Bach, Nancy 33, 48, 49, 87, 209, 210 

Bond, Anne 48, 91, 93, 109, 203, 208 

Bradford, Lil 48, 80, 81, 117, 122, 126, 129 

Buchanan, Lizzie 8, 47, 48, 81, 88, 122, 132, 

148, 195, 208, 211 
Bueno, Kim. 46, 48, 84, 85, 86, 93, 176, 201, 211 

Burnes, Cindy 48, 203 

Caffry, Susannah 48, 91, 123, 126, 132, 148, 

201, 208 
Callaway, Cathy 48, 122, 123, 133, 172, 173, 

203, 208, 210 

Calton, Lee Ann 48, 211 

Chaffin, Mary Brugh 8, 48. 92, 106, 172, 203, 

205, 209, 211 

Conner, Holly 46, 48, 80, 122, 129, 205, 207 

Corwin, Diane 8, 47, 48, 126, 172 

Couch, Sheryl 48, 172, 221 

Crosslin. Lisa 36, 48, 205, 208 

Culp. Kelly.... 36, 48. 49, 123. 132. 203, 208, 211 
Deckner, Susan .. 36, 48, 49, 206, 207. 208, 209, 210 

Delvaux, Suzanne 36, 48, 86, 87, 205 

Faber, Gwynne 8, 36, 48, 211 

Ferrigina, Yolanda 36, 48, 86, 126, 208, 210 

Fischley. Hollie 11, 37, 48, 122. 172. 206, 208 

Franklin. Catherine 37, 47, 86, 99, 203 

Granda, Michele 37. 46, 48. 92. 123, 203, 209 

Handte, Erin... 37, 48, 84, 90, 92. 1 39. 1 93. 203. 208 

Harness, Cynthia 37, 48 

Harvey. Amy 37, 48, 49, 200 

Hays,Julie.32,46,48,49,80,88. 122. 129. 146.206 

Hilton, Betsy 48, 49, 208, 211 

Hitt, Tiffany 48, 91, 98, 132, 192, 211 

Hollyday, Marian 48. 86. 89. 119. 120, 203 

Ingram. Robin 48, 203 

Irwin, Mary 48, 80. 81. 108. 122, 205 

Joe, Jeannie 10. 48. 84, 85. 176, 210 

Johnson. Callie 48, 86, 172, 206 

Klein, Risa...5, 11, 46, 47, 48, 93, 100, 123. 128. 

192. 203 

Lazenby, Grace 48, 99, 205 

Mathes, Becky 48, 208, 210 

McLaughlin. Mry 48, 91, 132, 208 

McPherson, Beth 40, 46, 48, 98, 210 

Merntt. Clark 8. 11, 48, 126, 211 

Mifflin, Rae 40, 48. 92. 123, 126, 203 

Newcomb, Lynn ..48, 49, 118. 132, 148, 206, 207 

Norman, Rebecca 40, 48, 72, 207 

Oldham, Amanda 11. 47. 48, 93, 119, 205 

Oman. Argie 4, 41, 48. 91. 98. 192, 205, 211 

Page, Emily 41. 47. 48. 49. 88. 1 32. 148. 172. 208 

Perry, Florence 41. 48. 86. 98, 176. 208 

Phinizy. Donna 41, 48, 81, 135, 205. 207 

Phister, Cathy 41, 48, 49, 123 

Sanders, Kim 41, 48 

Schneider, Karen 42, 48, 211 

Schnelle. Catherine 42. 48. 87. 90. 98, 99, 211 

Shockley, Sandie 42. 48 

Simons. Susan 42. 48, 86, 98. 129. 206 

Smithwick. Mary Beth 42, 48 

Spalding, Ashley 43, 48. 49. 98, 99, 172. 205 

Starr, Debbie 43, 48, 49, 203, 208 

Stein, Bunny 13, 43, 48, 89, 120, 131, 207 

Stein. Elizabeth 43, 48, 126, 131, 211 

Stover, Susan 43, 48, 172, 205 

Tarkington, Leslie 4, 43, 48, 87, 91, 205 

Taylor, Stella 44. 48. 123, 203 

Thompson. Hannah 6. 44, 48, 87 

Tully, Tish 44, 46. 48. 99. 126, 174 

West, Melissa 44, 48, 138, 205 

Wilds, Paige 44, 48, 206, 210 

Wong, Christina 10, 44, 48, 85, 176, 210 

Woosley, Tyler 44, 48 

Zeitler, Kate 44, 48, 49, 126, 172, 205 


Bogie, Candie 91, 118. 148, 206, 208 

Brandeau, Margaret Jane 32, 211 

Brown, Barbara Keith. 49, 86, 106, 117, 178, 207 
Cain, Christie 32, 206 

Cannon, Anna Kate 98, 207, 

Carney, Anna 32, 

Cashion, Karen 

Chang, Sarah 81, 81, 98, 99, 

Cherry, Diana 178, 

Clements, Ashley 106, 206, 

Cox, Jennifer 118, 206, 208, 209, 

Crist, Cindy 89, 

Cummins, Elizabeth 82, 120, 176, 178, 

Dale, Ashley 76, 98, 99, 

Davis, Dee 

Elinger, Annette 86. 206, 

Evans, Lynne 133. 206, 209, 

Farrell, Mary Belle 

Fogg, Becca 49, 116, 120, 

Fredericksen, Ruthie 81, 

Gaw, Angie 32, 207, 208, 

Graves, Miller 4, 

Hall, Wende 81, 84, 85, 99, 

Haynes, Mandy 50, 117, 206, 

Hightower, Elizabeth ... 1 1 . 32, 53, 80, 106, 1 1 8, 

Hill, Scottie 11, 50, 86, 119, 

Hollabaugh, Lela 206, 

Horton, Leigh 53, 

Hudson, Gigi 11, 32, 206, 209, 

Jones, Kim 32, 50, 118, 

Kavass, Dolly 34, 144, 206, 

Kiss, Shannon 208, 

Larkin, Tiffany 11, 52, 206, 209, 

Lockett, Lezlie 52, 84. 85, 176. 208, 

Mcneilly, Beth 52, 207, 208, 

Mcpherson, Amanda 11, 52 

Miller, Kelly 11, 52, 148. 208, 

Molesworth, Laura.... 32, 50, 52, 91, 93, 117, 

Morgan, Grayson 

Morris, Sheila 8, 61, 52. 90. 148, 

Orcutt, Tracy 52, 81, 

Panther, Michele 52, 

Pate. Laurie 32 

Pendergrass. Peggy 86, 87, 88. 106, 117, 

Peters, Jill 52, 208, 

Potter, Carol 52, 100, 

Quillen, Kathy 25, 52, 49, 86, 208, 

Reynolds, Jessica 11, 52, 

Roberts, Meredith 52, 88, 

Rogers, Lindy 52, 80, 

Russell, Dara 52, 134, 135, 147, 

Sanders, Kelly 8, 52, 133, 206, 

Sitton, Sarah 32, 50, 53, 87, 93, 106, 117, 

Sloan. Dabney 53, 206, 

Smith, Susanna 53, 109, 

Speight, Lindy 32. 53. 133, 206. 

Stevens, Susan 32, 53, 98, 99, 133, 

Stevenson, Trisi 53, 206, 

Stumb, Susan 50. 53. 106. 129, 178, 

Sullivan, Taylor 

Thomas, Paige 53, 205, 208, 

Treadway, Catherine 53, 207. 208, 

Trondsen, Nancy 53. 206, 208, 

Vastbinder, Heidi 

Yeary. Caroline 53, 148, 206, 


Altenbern, Anne 98, 99, 

Amacher, Jenny 54, 59, 118, 

Andrews. Andrea 84, 

Baron, Jennifer 6, 10, 

Bass, Elizabeth 32, 106, 

Betty, Virginia 99, 208. 

Blevins, Jill 144, 

Bond, Glorianne 86, 87. 88, 

Bradshaw, Virginia Lee 91, 118, 119, 

Breuss, Kristin 

Brown, Nina 54, 84, 118, 

Brown, Nancy 54, 118, 132, 178, 

Bryan, Betsey 84. 176. 207, 

Bryant, Andrea 84, 139, 

Carlsen, Andrea 4, 7, 86, 87, 88, 98, 99, 

Carr, Sarah 

Carson, Laurie 206, 207, 

, 52 








Carter, Andrea 13, 54, 59, 118, 206 

Cavin. Carol 11, 84. 87. 128, 133, 199, 206 

Charney, Tamar 11, 85. 87, 210 

Clarke, Carey 98, 99, 210 

Collins, Katherine 87, 13. 207, 210 

Colton, Candy 1 3 

Cothren, Cindy 211 

Cotton, Elizabeth 83, 139, 176 

Cox, Ellie 207, 209 

Cox, Susie 80, 118, 199,210 

Cummins, Devereux 54, 84, 85, 99, 

176, 210, 178 

Darragh, Sarah 11. 100, 208 

Davis, Bonny 59. 86, 100, 139, 206 

Denton, Donna 11, 100, 207 

Doolittle, Lauren 87, 100, 139, 206 

Doyle, Caroline 56. 86, 210 

Elson, Susie 56, 139, 210 

Felts, Dawn 56, 139 

Ficsher, Carolyn 56. 86, 87, 131, 206 

Frist. Corinne 56, 178, 210 

Good, Debbie 56, 100, 106. 206 

Hagewood, Dallas 56. 87, 131, 133, 

199, 206. 210 

Handte, Briana 56, 87, 89, 193, 208, 210 

Harris, Meredith 59, 84, 206, 210 

Hildebrand, Tweedy 56, 98, 210 

Hitt, Ashley 26, 56, 98, 204, 211 

Houghland, Rene 56, 209, 210 

Jones, Kathie 56,87, 118, 131. 199 

Kanaday, Cathy 56, 86, 87, 206, 207 

Kennedy, Betsy 56, 210 

Kirby, Kristin 56. 98, 99, 139 

Kirkpatrick, Noel 57, 84, 13, 178. 206 

Lamb, Brenda 11, 59, 100, 128, 199, 206 

Landon, Rachel 56, 87, 88. 132, 208 

Martin, Shelly 9, 57, 86, 1 17, 208 

Martinez, Elizabeth 57, 86, 206, 208 

Mays, Lee 57, 210 

McDowell, Traci 57, 87, 206, 210 

McMurray, Vicki 57, 120, 131, 206, 208 

McNamee, Trish 57, 108, 109 

Miller. Beth 57, 59, 98, 118 

Moore, Anne 57, 208, 209, 210 

Nichols, Jennifer 57, 206, 207, 208, 210 

Overton, Shan 32, 57, 87, 90, 131, 136, 207 

Oxford, Drewry 57, 21 1 

Palmer, Margaret , 57, 178, 209 

Perkins, Julie 57, 116, 120, 139 

Polk, Page 57, 134, 199, 211 

Russell, Cindy 57, 98, 99, 117, 211 

Sailor, Amy 57, 209 

Sandidge, Beth 57, 98, 117. 206 

Sarratt, Mary 57, 178. 206 

Saturn, Jacqueline 57, 210 

Sergent, Ellen 58, 210 

Simmons, Allison 58, 139, 207 

Sloan, Dillie 58, 135, 147, 210 

Staros, Arwen 7, 58, 86, 88, 206 

Stevens, Susie 58, 178, 210 

Stoney, Marion 58, 139, 178 

Strayhorn, Gretchen 58, 90. 166 

Summar, Susan 58, 132, 209, 210 

Teas, Margo 58, 98, 99, 210 

Thomas, Noel 58, 132, 208 

Tonelson, Julia 58, 206, 207 

Van, Caroline 58, 132, 176. 208 

Waddey, Haylee 58, 109, 132, 208, 210 

Warren, Wendy 58, 139, 210 

Weakley, Scarlett 58, 139, 208, 210 

Weigel, Ashley 58, 139, 208, 210 

Wilks, Lexy 59, 139, 147. 206, 209 

Wilson, Lori Kay 58, 209, 210 

Wong, Cecilia 58, 76, 86, 87. 176, 207 

Woolems, Heidi 58, 139, 207 


Allen, Regina 81, 86, 87, 199, 206 

Altemeier, Leah 207, 211 

Baker, Buffy 199, 210 

Baker, Mimi 32, 211 

Barnett, Beth 88 

Berry, Beth 109, 210 

Betts, Jennifer 98, 99, 210 

Boklage, Andi 106, 211 

Bookout, Darcy 78, 206 

Bourlakas. Catrina 88 

Braun, Ann 86, 206. 210 

Bruce, Kelli 211 

Bryan. Wendy 107, 178 

Burr. Lydia 199, 210 

Caldwell, Ashley 199, 210 

Carney, Catherine 78 

Carroll, Laura 12, 132. 207, 208 

Carroll, Nicole 88 

Coker. Chandler 81, 210 

Crawford, Ellen 60, 178, 210 

Culp, Suzanne 199 

Dale, Lezley 109, 133. 144, 178 

Deckner, Deborah 86. 87, 206, 208 

Dolan, Maria 207 

Dowsett. Christie 208, 209, 211 

Evers, Mary Frances 117, 208, 211 

Flores, Leigh 21 1 

Fort, Margo 206, 208. 209 

Francis, Laura 109 

Frey, Rachel 81 

Fuller, Holly 62, 208 

Gardner, Ashley 62, 99. 117 

Gaw, Erin 62, 199, 208 

Gilligan, Leeanne 62, 207, 210 

Halamachi, Sandy 62, 199, 210 

Haley, Monica 62, 117. 209 

Hardison, Sarah 62. 109. 210 

Harwell, Reed 62, 144, 210 

Helm, Ellen 62 

Holcomb, Lori 60, 62, 80, 119 

Hollyday, Heather 27, 62, 98 

Honicker, Vanessa 62, 206, 210 

Jackson, Kathy 62, 206 

Jones, Jessy 32, 62, 117 

Jones, Marce 62. 106. 208 

Lampton, Mary Wendell 62, 178, 209 

Larish, Becky 62, 99. 199 

Lenderman, Chloe 62. 109, 178 

Lenz, Carey 62. 86, 87 

Little, Leanne 62 

Martin, Tay 63, 208, 209 

Matter, Laura 63, 99, 210 

Maynard, Debbie 63, 99 

McLaughlin, Susan 63, 208 

Mitchell, Kristin 63, 109. 210 

Nelson, Ellen 60, 63, 178, 210 

Nielson, Britt 63. 98, 117 

Oliver. Kim 60, 63, 87 

Orcutt, Kristin 63, 210 

Reynolds, Molly 32, 63, 206, 210 

Russell, Melanie 63, 206, 209 

Russell, Gracie 60, 62, 209 

Schweikert, Beth 63, 206, 210 

Silva, Ali 63, 99, 106 

Silverstein, Corey 53, 210 

Smith, Anne 29. 117. 199 

Spengler, Christie 209, 210 

Stuart, Susan 208, 210 

Sullins, Stacy 98, 99, 210 

Tate, Jennifer 63 

Thomas, Elizabeth 178. 210 

Triplett, Beth 199, 209 

Varallo, Christina 148 

Walker, Julie 64 

Watson, Becky 64, 109, 209, 211 

Wattleworth, Susan 64, 109, 199 

Welhoelter, Amy 64, 109, 199, 206 

Wilks, Rachel 64, 117, 209 

Williams, Cindy 64, 208, 209 

Williams. Missv 64 

Averbuch, Cynthia 26, 27, 65 

Baker, Tiffy 65, 128, 129 

Batey, Lethia 65, 94, 122 

Berkon, Elyse 65. 95 

Blaufuss, Beth 65. 94 

Bond. Rebecca 65, 95 

Bouchard, Lynn 65, 94 

Braden, Jennifer 65, 94 

Breinig, Anne 65. 1 13 

Brooks. Andrea 65, 94 

Bryan, Berry 65, 94 

Caldwell, Barry 65, 95 

Caldwell, Robin 94, 97 

Cantrell, Julie 94 

Carlton, Katie 81, 94 

Carroll, Maria 95, 1 16 

Casper, Kim 95 

Cato, Kathie 113 

Coleman, Margo 95 

Creagh, Catherine 81, 95 

Davis, Gigi 95 

Dietrich. Kristin 94 

Dioguardi, Lori 95, 106 

Dismukes, Tara 95, 97 

Doochin. Karen 95 

Dukes, Lisa 95. 97, 116 

Fairbairn, Mary 87, 94 

Finn. Arti 94. 97, 116 

Funderburk, Beth 65, 94, 116 

Gifford, Carolyn 94 

Goldberg, Abigail 94 

Growdon, Robin 94 

Hale, Ginger 94, 99 

Hall, Holly 95 

Hamling, Kathy 94, 113 

Hampton. Lynne 95. 99 

Harben, Valerie 95 

Harden, Katie 94, 113 

Harris, Hayden 94 

Hays, Mary Alice 95, 99 

Holbrook, Kristi 94, 113 

Jackson, Christy 95 

Kirchner, Lisa 94, 81 

Ledyard. Dabney 95, 113 

Maddux, Meg 94 

Marney, Annis 65, 94, 113 

Mathes, Jennifer 95, 106 

Mayes, Catherine 94, 116 

McDougall, Katie 94, 106. 108 

McGuigan, Julie 95, 106 

Mclnnis, Mary Lee 95 

Mills, Sarah 95 

Moroney. Erin 95, 106 

Morris, Sarah 95 

Nash. Sarah 95 

Newell, Ferris 65, 95 

Nichols. Betsy 94 

Norton, Ashley 95 

Ptomey, Patricia 94, 97, 90 

Ragland, Mary Beth 95 

Rechter, Jennifer 94 

Robison, Eve 94 

Robinson. Lynn 94 

Rosenblum, Marci 94 

Sager. Traci 94 

Schmitt, Kelly 65, 95 

Sharp, Christie 95 

Shears, Holly 95, 113 

Simons, Adele 95, 99, 178 

Simpkins, Paige 94, 1 13 

Sloan, Ashley 99 

Smith, Ashley 99 

Smith, Ramie 81, 95, 133 

Stach, Stacy 94 

Stanton, Alex 94 

Stephenson, Karen 95, 97 

Teloh, Sally 95 

Thomas. Dana 95 

Trabue, Julia 65. 94 

Trost, Edith 94, 106, 116 



Vaughan, Claire 94, 113 

Watts, Latisha 81, 95 

Williams, Annie B 81, 95 

Williams, Beth 94 

Wood, Katie 95 

Woods, Ashley 95 

Wright, Jeanie 95 


Adams. Tina 95, 98, 128 

Amonette, Allison 94 

Armfield, Suzanne 95 

Ayers, Margie 95 

Benning, Libby 94, 113 

Bingham, Bambi 94 

Braden, Katie 94, 97 

Carothers, Caroline 95 

Clark, Kathy 94, 113 

Coker, Shawn 94 

Connelly, Maria 81, 94 

Creson, Gigi 95 

Croweel, Mary Margaret 95, 113 

Crowell, Susanna 95 

Davis, Katie 94 

Dismukes, Karen 94 

Don. Jennifer 94, 130 

Doss, Bonita 94 

Ferragina, Paige 94, 130 

Fly, Susan 94 

Foust, Amy 94 

Hartzog, Julie 94 

Hawkins, Catherine 95 

Hendrickson, Alice 95 

Hodde, Shawn 95 

Holt, Marion 95 

Johnston, Christine 94 

Jones, Eleanor 95, 99 

Kennedy, Carol 95 

King, Lindsay 95, 97 

Lee, Amy 94, 113 

Lindhal, Jennifer 94 

Lucas, Katie 94 

Lunan, Vicki 94 

Maddin, Betsy 95 

Madson, Mindy 95 

Maguire, Ellen 95 

Miller, Emily Carol 94 

Palmer, Carolyn 81, 95 

Petznick. Ware 94 

Potanin, Anastasia 94, 108 

Rose, Jennifer 94, 99 

Ruccio, Sarah 95 

Rush. Stephanie 95 

Sanders. Cara 95 

Sheffield. Stephanie 95 

Sitton, Kara 94, 113 

Sloan, Phyllis 95 

Smith, Allison 95, 1 13 

Sprouse, Ally 95 

Sullivan, Ashley 94 

Sundell, Ann Kristin 95 

Sutton, Lisa 94 

Volket, Kristin 95 

Walker, Jenny 95, 108 

Warren, Rebeckah 94. 113 

Wilkins, Laura 95 

Wirth, Margaret 94 


Allen, Laura 98 

Anderson, Mollie 81, 98 

Andrews. Booth 10, 98 

Baron. Courtney 98 

Beauchamp, Alyson 98 

Blaufuss, Anne 98 

Caldwell, Kathy 81, 98 

Creagh, Susie 98 

Doochin, Julie 98 

Duling, Lisa Shea 98 

Eaden, Abby 98 

Edwards. Elizabeth 98 


Emerson, Mandy 

Gaw, Laura 

Greene, Rebecca 

Himrich, Susan 

Hodde, Ashley 

Jack, Laura 

Jackson, Frances 

Lee, Jennifer 

Mathes, Christin 

Matthews, Manda 

Napier, Charlotte 

Nichols, Amy 

Nielson, Margeruite 

Oliver, Carrie 

Ozgener, Aylin 

Polk, Murray 

Rather, Beth 

Sharp. Brent 

Shiao, Lihbin 

Shears, Frances 

Smith, Connie 

Stanton, Diana 

Summar, Noel Anne 

Thompson, Ginny 

Wilk, Kate 

Williams, Amy 

Wimberly, Mary Donna 

Yates, Carolyn 


AFS Celebrations 


Composition Red and Green 

Eighth Grade Combo 

Fall Assemblies 

Fall Dance 

George Washington's Birthday 

Hawaiian Holiday 

Leadership Conference 

Middle School Grandmother's Tea 



Spring Assemblies 





Andrews, Mrs. Jeannette 26, 

Berry, Mrs. Ray 29, 128. 194, 

Bouton, Dr. Michael 28, 

Charney, Mrs. Sharon 28. 89, 

Couch, Mrs. Marion 25,91, 132, 194, 

Davis, Mrs. Sandra 28, 89. 

Dennis, Mrs. India 25. 91. 

Drews. Mrs. Phoebe 25,90.93, 117, 194, 

Evans. Mrs. Libby 2, 3, 25, 90, 

Felkel, Miss Carolyn 37, 93, 

Fuller. Mrs. Emily 26, 54, 119, 

Goodwin, Mr. Michael 109, 

Goodwin, Mr. Peter 28. 109. 

Gower. Dr. Dona 5, 76, 87, 123, 24, 60. 

Gregory, Mrs. Martha 10. 

Hamilton. Mrs. Stephanie 

Herod, Mrs. Mary Russell 

Justus, Mrs. Ginger 18, 50, 123, 

Manier, Mrs. Mary Lee 

Marney, Dr. Betty 4, 24, 87. 123, 

Martin, Mrs. Paula 27. 54. 76. 

Matthews, Ms. Leslie 29, 119, 

Moran, Mrs. Pat 4, 

Mountfort, Miss Penelope 27, 

Norris, Mrs. Jane 27, 92, 

Oxley, Mrs. Carol 25, 

Poteet, Mrs. Ann 24, 129, 

Plummer, Mrs. Mary 26, 

Russ, Mrs. Susan 139, 

Stamps, Mrs. Sarah 24, 86, 93, 

Turnbull. Mrs. Betsy 11, 26, 85, 129, 

Turnbull, Mr. Gordon 24, 88, 129, 

98, 178 

98, 103 



Warterfield. Mrs. Joan 24, 93, 139, 19 

Webb, Mr. Mark 26, 27, 19 

Williams, Mrs. Peg 19 

Young, Mr. Tom 109, 19 


Burr, Mrs. Marie 26, 19 

Clark, Mrs. Verrie 28, 19 

Davis, Mrs. Dugan 24, 106, 19 

Duvier, Mrs. Nancy 28, 19 

Lauderdale, Mr. William 25, 19 

Lee, Mrs. Joyce 26, 19 

Moran, Miss Georgianne 19 

Nash, Mrs. Karen 26, 19 

Nelson, Mrs. Betty 19 

Reed, Miss Nancy 19 

Simpson, Miss Elaine 28, 19 

Sullivan, Miss Kerry 27, 129, 19 

Ward. Mrs. Joyce 25, 19 

Wills, Mrs. Louise 26, 88, 19 

Wynne, Miss Frances 24, 19 


American Field Service 9' 

Anecco 9 

Art Club i 

Artri 9! 

Athletic Association 9i 

Cheerleaders 101 

Cum Laude 81 

Dance Clubs 9l 

Ballet Club 9 

Jazz Club 9] 

Modern Club 9| 

Tap club 9J 

French Club 9J 

Greenie-Meanies 91 

Greyhounds 91 

Honor Council 8j 

Junior Classical League 91 

Key Club 81 

Logos II 8' 

Middle School Angkor 9! 

Middle School Ariston 9.' 

Middle School Eccowasin 9.' 

Middle School French Club 9' 

Middle School Latin Club 9j 

Middle School Student Council 81 

Middle School Triad 9! 

Mu Alpha Theta i\ 

Outing Club % 

Penstaff 8( 

Play makers 8! 

Quill and Scroll I 

Societe Honoraire de Francais 8; 

Spanish Club 91 

Student Council 8( 


Basketball 108 

Cross Country 102 

Soccer 10( 

Softball 9 

Volleyball 104 


Armfield, Mrs. Mary Jane 194 

Ayers, Mrs. Jean 194 

Green, Mrs. Elaine 194 

Mabry. Mrs. Sally 194 

Schmitt, Mrs. Joan 194 

Steele, Mrs. Bonita 194