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Passing a Milestone 

Milestones Editors 

Administrative Editor: 

Laura Snyder 

Assistant Administrative Editor: 

Lisa Shipp 

Copy Editors: 

Bahar Azhdari 

Reed Harrison 

Layout Editors: 

Erin Lehner 

Elizabeth Townsend 

Photography Editors: 

Jessica Lundin 

Sandy McCain 

Susan McGugin 

Lucy Kay Wall 

Senior/Business Editors: 

Rachel Bressman 

Sara Trace 

Martha Grace 

Where My Girls At? 

Table of Contents 


Seniors: 12-73 US Students: 74-91 







HH* ? I ^^^^^^^^^^^HI 


! jij AS 


■ 1 


d of the Ye 

ar Events: Ads: 28 



"I have come to ask for a 


The reproduction of, or unauthorized use of this 
yearbook in any part will be considered the most 
serious of offenses and will result in our 
prosecuting the guilty party to the highest extent 
that the law allows. That being said, the 1999- 
2000 Milestones staff, in the ongoing effort to 
avoid all matters serious, has chosen for its 
theme, "Spoofs." This broad and vague choice 
has enabled us to provide our readers with 
humorous copy and a plethora of random 
pictures which might not otherwise be included 
in an ordinary yearbook. As a staff, we hereby, claim 

Here's a story... 

The posse in action. 

You complete me 


no responsibility for any materials considered 
offensive and all complaints pertaining to material 
within this volume should be directed to one 
"Martha Grace" whose office is located to the right 
of the entrance of Morrison Gym. If the material 
within this volume is found to be interesting/ 
humorous/ creative/ brilliant, then the Milestones 
staff of '99-' 00 takes full credit for their work and 
applauds your excellent taste. And so, in closing, 
we invite you to sit back, relax, kick off your shoes, 
and enjoy what we believe to the best yearbook 
Harpeth Hall has ever seen. 

The Universe is in 
safe hands. 

I can't believe it's 
not Tim Wallace! 

Shake your bon-bon! If it hadn't been for you nosy kids., 

Check out those 

--o «>• 1 


William Wordsworth once said, "The best portions of a 
good man 's life [are] his little, nameless, unremembered 
acts of kindness and love." It is not ventured to 
undermine the wisdom of William Wordsworth, but one 
could argue that these seemingly small acts of kindness 
in the end are the most indelible upon our memories. It is 
a rare and precious occurrence indeed that in the course 
of our lives we meet an individual who both strengthens 
our mind and touches our heart. Yet daily, students here 
at Harpeth Hall see one who embodies both these 
characteristics. This unique and generous individual 
inspires us in many ways to put others first and to give 
of ourselves wherever we can. Any Client, nerd will tell 
you that Fridays are not complete without her final 
urgings of "Bright smiling faces on Monday!" In addition 
to the busy schedules of her four children, she always 
manages to squeeze a Harpeth Hall athletic event or 
play in on the weekend. She acts at one time or another 
as a mother to all of us. Whether it is a reassuring pat on 
the shoulder, treats at Halloween, fresh-baked bread 
before class, or simply a friendly smile and words of 
assurance, she is always giving of her time and energy. 
As a result, she is loved and admired by sophomore and 
senior alike, all of who are proud to be called one of 
"her girls." In her own special way, she changes her 
students for the better and that is what education is truly 
about. The upper school lovingly dedicates the 1999- 
2000 Milestones to the incomparable Ms. Melinda 

Mrs. Sally Lee 

She is the reason Harpeth Hall students are able to 
battle through AP Statistics and AP Calculus in the 
Upper School. Patient, intelligent, and caring, she has 
taught both full and part time math to 5"' and 6"' graders 
for a number of years, and she even taught science 
for a brief time. Sally Uptegrove Lee is married to Bob 
Lee and has a daughter, Rachel, who is a junior in 
college in Texas. Her dynamic style of teaching and 
her innovation with, "Snafooz," make students from all 
around love her. She is especially known for her ability 
to sew sock monkeys and has taught many students 
how to make them. You '11 never see her without a smile 
on her face. Sally Lee is known for her dedicated 
perseverance and contagious love for math. When 
asked about her, freshman Emelie Matthews said, "Mrs. 
Lee is the reason math is important to me now." 

nature a™*| 


p\eats vaot 

(lack of I 

to cowoea\ 

FiHeetW*, "»*!. 
totind teaene** 

The Student Body 








i .-.wp-- -"^fB 



vt^*» ~m 




f\ d > 

k. ■%•< !"^^ 

" r " i 


'"> w 

)^U fok Lm 1 

|V J 



Alyssa Abkowitz, Kerry Bartoe, Lindsay Beckner, Christie Caldwell, Megan Campbell, 
Sloan Curtis, Fabienne Diskin, Brooke Earthman, Nika Ferdowsi, Sarah Hargrove 

ft * 



!T^. * 


Molly Kaplan, Sandy McCain, Kimberly McKinney, Anne Rankin, Laura Snyder 
Laurel Staples, Catherine Walton, Rachel Wieck, Erika Wilkinson 


* ^ f^ 



— mmm 

_ _ 

_ _ 

_ ^ 


^ ^ 




Super Studly Senior-itas 

Senior Class Officers 

■Pit v 

k ■to 

B, sPMMil 

mum ■ 


Ahyteas Ka£e/Abkowi£fr Jcvnna/ £U%abetK Alfery 

Kelley A nne/ McClures 
Andrew y 


Bahar Azhdari/ 

Cjayles Amber Bcwidy 

.Ond&ay Blcur Bechner KaJ^yn/SaruleryBe&dey KaJfoerCne/Adcwviy Berry 

Megarvjane/ CarvtipheXh Megarw tlOfrahetK Catey Razheh LaAArerv Cherney 

KatherOnes Howard/ 

Satha/ M Cchele/ ChudcLcoff 1 Catherine/ Stuart C raftow 

Je^tco/ KotfaZeen/ CroweH Slcrcwv Marie/ Curtifr 


£li%abe£h NLcoU/ 

Brookes Scott tarthmcwv 

Nika/ ferdowbi/ 

Lesley A vwie foglia/ A llybon & ryarv foremarv Margaret Yvonne fox/ 

Cynthia/ Cjo4ther Gray Kathleen/ frarikfr Hale 

Sarah/ Elizabeth/ 

Whitney KeecU HarrUon/ K.a£herin& Marguerite TtrtitOnasCjuy Hoyes 


Mary MelCnda/ 

Katie; BuehariarvHoweU/ RuXh/VuttirvHugtyCnfr 

Catherine/ 'Raeheb 

MctWy Olivia/ Kaplan/ 

Katharine/ Elizabeth 

MarJ or ie/ Judith Levy 

Jetovco/ Koi<y Luyidin/ Sc^ndy K,viMaav HcCcUyv 

MdckewfrLes Lee/ 

JoatvBlcikem&re/McEnery SuAawAvMe/MoCjugin/ KCmlyerly Vecwv McKCviney 

Patricias Wyatt Patricia/ Haydcw Morel Jewries CaldwelL Morriy 


A mwnda/ Kathcruw Sprung Joy A rvuA& VamJU 


EmXly McCaU/ Priest Anne/Bat^OYvKa^hin/ Mary LouAAe/flCley 

TCeeby Avma/'Robeton/ 


Mary Eva/ Simpkivw 

Laura/ Elizabeth/ S nyder Laureb A vwv Staples Bethany A vm& SwCtter 

Leigh/ Marbchalh Terry 

JazquLelCne/ hJCchoUow 

tUqabeth/ Church/ 

Saras Elizabeth Trace/ 

Lucy Kathleen/ Wall/ 

LvncUey Brook/ Wallace/ Catherine/ Marie/ Walton/ 


En^ca/ Lynne/ XVulhCn&on/ 

Laura/ Cade/ 

Alyssa Abkowitz: Biggest dry cleaning bill 

Janna Alfery: Most likely to dress up like her boyfriei 

Sarah Allen: Most likely to set up camp in Croker's roc 

Kelley Anne Andrews: Most likely to become one with nature in a McClures dress. 

Molly Arvin: Most likely to be carded at the SAT. 

Sloan Ashley: Most likely to wear a sports bra. 

Bahar Azhdari: Most proud of her Lebanese heritage. 

Gayle Bandy: Most likely to start an international penny war. 

Kerry Bartoe: Most likely to continue killing a fish after it is already dead. 

Lindsay Beckner: Most likely to tell off a teacher at graduation... or at least to fantasize about it. 

Katie Beesley: Fiestiest 

Kate Berry: Most likely to write cards for Hallmark. 

Leslie Bourke: Most likely to show up at 7:00 and provide snacks. 

Rachel Bressman: Most likely to marry a millionaire. 

Allison Byrd: Most likely to move to Florida before retirement age. 

Laura Cade: Most likely to dance to a BSB song on the patio with Molly K. during lunch. 

Christie Caldwell: Most likely to start a fight on the Jerry Springer show. 

Becky Callaway: Most likely to produce a blanket at random times. 

Amy Campbell: Biggest Flirt. 

Megan Campbell: Most likely to strike... a.k.a. the MEGANATOR. 

Megan Casey: Most likely to be stabbed to death by a sea clown. 

Rachel Chemey: Most likely to be wearing her lunch. 

Katie Christenberry: Most likely to work two months ahead of time on her Halloween costume. 

Sasha Chudacoff: Most likely to skip school to go to The Elephant Sanctuary. 

Cathy Crafton: Most likely to have her car out and not be driving it. 

Jessica Crowell: Most likely to be stalked by Dana. 

Sloan Curtis: Most likely to depend on the kindness of strangers. ..a.k.a. Blanche Dubois. 

Fabienne Diskin: Most likely to be mistaken for Sasha/ Most likely to be called Fabiaaaa by a math teacher. 

Nicoll Doramus: Most likely to die for a dog. 

Brooke Earthman: Highest blood pressure. 

Nika Ferdowsi: Most likely to dance to techno while driving her car. 

Lesley Foglia: Most likely to be in a rock band. 

Allyson Foreman: Most cordial. 

Meg Fox: Least likely to be hassled about proper height when going on roller coasters. 

Cynthia Gray: Most likely to push a 14 kg switchblade at a constant speed. 

Kathleen Hale: Most likely to "share" at study hall/ The next Dr. Ruth. 

Sarah Hargrove: Most likely to become a citizen of Mexico. 

Reed Harrison: Most likely to spend her life at Greystone. 

Katie Hill: Most likey to wear a Debbie Gibson t-shirt. 

Kristina Hoge: Most likelv to bribe the editors for a good senior superlative (too bad it didn't work). 

Melinda Householder: Most likely to be a happy chicken floating down a river in a forest surrounded by trees. 

Katie Howell: Most likely to make a long distance call during A block. 

Ruth Huggins: Most likely to have a party and not know it. 

Catherine Johnson: Most relaxed (usually). 

Molly Kaplan: Most likely to dance to a Britney Spears song during lunch with Laura Cade./ Biggest Gangsta. 

Katie Koban: Most likely to drive the "vengabus". 

Erin Lehner: Most likely to be in "Come Loud". 

Katie Levitt: Most likely to stop, take a moment, and make a random comment. 

Marjorie Levy: Most likely to have a dilemma. 

Jessica Lundin: Most likely to grab her fat rolls and show them to you in public. 

Sandy McCain: Most likely to marry a Hungarian. 

Mackenzie McCracken: Most likely to know a random person and know where they live. 

Joanie McEnery: Most likely to "Q". 

Susan McGugin: Biggest smartass. 

Kimberly McKinney: Most likely to hide her voice until she is on stage. 

Tricia Mc Williams: Most likely to be a cage dancer. 

Hayden Morel: Most likely to demand authority over an authority figure. 

Jessie Morris: Most likely to be the poster-child for the new millenium. 

Sigrid Neilson: Most in love with her car. 

Amanda Norman: Most likely to go everywhere barefoot. 

Spring Pami: Most likely to practice dance steps in the hall instead of doing homework. 

Emily Priest: Most likely to stick her foot in her mouth while keeping her date out past his curfew. 

Anne Rankin: Most likely to bake "special" brownies. 

Louise Riley: Most likely to live to cry about it./ Nicest import. 

Keely Robeson: Most likely to tell a great story every Monday. 

Shannon Shillinglaw: Most timid and unlikely to share her opinions./ Most likely to be right, even when she is w 

Emme Simpkins: Most likely to be late. 

Laura Snyder: Most likely to kill an editor and dump the body. 

Laurel Staples: Most likely to snap a picture and say it's surreal. 

Bethany Swifter: Most likely to talk constantly about her friends from church. 

Leigh Terry: Biggest UT fan. 

Jacqueline Thompson: Most likely to prefer a broomstick as a mode of transportation. 

Elizabeth Townsend: Most likely to move to a hippie commune in her VW van. 

Sara Trace: Most likely to accidentally eat someone else's lunch. 

Lucy Kay Wall: Oldest, most unshaven, decrepit granny (to participate in a high-speed chase with a prostitute). 

Catherine Walton: Most likely to dance in the highlands while talking non-stop. 

Rachel Wieck: Most likely to dance @ KGC in her HH uni./ Most likely to get a pink slip @ assembly because h 

won't touch the ground. 

Erika Wilkinson: Most likely to receive a restraining order from Mrs. Mulgrew. 

Anna Lappalienen: Most likely to be valedictorian even though she doesn't go to school here anymore. 

Alyssa Abkowitz 

Kate and Alyssa's SS * Wonderwall * The Beast I 
* Cherubs '99 * Saltshaker * V8 Splash * Are | 

I you smiley? * Caramello * T&A we go deep * 
Ricky Lake * Disco Dance '99 * Caymens '00 * 

I CJ mix * Copious amounts * Auburn '98 * I 
Roddy's car * Kate's corset * Lake Cheston * I 
PG-13 * The bush * Seaside '97 * Sparta * $30 I 

I Krystal's * Exxon screaming * Dave Matthews I 

'97 * Backstreet Boys * The Haven * Halloween I 

7 * I got the food * Thank you everyone. I love I 

u all — family and friends forever. 





Wm ':> jPVv 

.... ^: ; 





m 7 





I "To be a star, you must shine 
I your own light, follow your 
I own path, and don't worry 
I about the darkness, for 
I that's where stars shine the | 
I brightest!" 


1 JHflM gflmM 

WL > i 1 

1 ^^| 

Hi 4&1 

Janna Alfery 

Sarah Allen 


1 4 A M®k J 

■ Mi W^ * 4B 

Reno time * ROLL ON!! * Beasts! * Skankyl 
man * Song of the South * The Eye of Doom! f 
Roxie B. Boone * Monty Python * AP Biol 
98-99 * It's a Darcy Party! * Bi-loney * The I 
Funnel * Rula FOR SURE! * Astro jumps! \ 
* Crag the Misshapen One * Pa (Paul) * NYC I 
98 * Bonaire' 99 * Dancing Cats * Mike Myers I 
Fridays * 1982 called * PURPUR! * Englishllll 
homework emails * Good lovin * Good Sto-f 

Tolkien * Root beer floats * RENT!! 
daily quotes * Thanks mom, dad, and friends I 

^g |-;v,v /:~ 

1 l: :r .»Q'.. ' ! 

Kelley Anne Andrews 

Sloan Ashley 


Bahar Azhdari 


Gayle Bandy 

Gabby * Gabs * Virginia * Gabby DNA * 
choc with choc whippy * 8 th grade lunches in the I 
snow * He wants you simultaneously * Bill and 
Ted * Gayle believes in God? * What did 
Ishmoosh just say?* We can never kiss... it would 
ruin ou friendship * I love you like a friend, Glenn '. 
* Is Gayle hanging out with the 8 th graders or i: 
she babysitting? * Elon, is that where you get your I 
hair done? * squishy cheeks * Thanks for I 
everything. I love you mom, dadda, George. Greg [ 
and Glenn. 


Kerry Bartoe 


1 WviS 

. i . ■ 1 , 


Wm.' Jm 




'■ & k 'r- 


%m /.'a3J 

Lindsay Beckner 

Katie Beesley 

"PL E - 5 




Hi 1 ■ 




1 House of the Waffle * Kate and Alyssa's SS * 
iBeware of the best * once, my friend's firebird * this 
1 orange t-shirt is signed by Steven Tyler * Gilberto * 
1 picnic tables * the cornball * Kate and Irish's Mars 
Ibars/billard hall nights * Fire crotch * V8 Splash * 
iRoddy's car * CJ mix * Sparta * the bush * $30 at 
iKrystals?! * RU smiley? * diced and covered * the 
1 sky is gray, people pee * are you wking off * I've go 
Ithe places * " How lucky am I to have something tha 
1 makes saying goodbye so hard " Friends and Fam- 1 
llove you!!! 

1 1 1 


^f*^ v^_ -M 

1 o J%> Wf 

1 HL* 

4 P 




Icecream !*little bunny foo-foo*make up y 
mind*right. . . *you just want me, don't you?* 
harding fern compact*GOOBER* You're a byrd. | 
fly away*Co-president of the stupid club* Waffle | 
House*"I think he's talking to you"*The HA | 
wagon*Linville*You look good in goth clothes 1 
vj*Can you fit this in your mouth?*fhe I 
park*nassau Royal *Save tonight* Kroger milk 1 
run*Don't cry sugar snap*the bahamian midget | 
stole stuff * I'm being followed by a moonshadow. 

Christie Caldwell 

■ Don't call me crispy, just call me flambe*Vous I 
Iparlez francais everyday* We neede the shoes to I 
lwalk the stairs*Just hanging out at Ruth's*Late I 
I night at my house: You used to be cute. . .hidden I 
IpassionsThat night with Reed and Kathleen: f 
lRyan Trash, 2:30, and a shady park*the pillow I 
I people Cathy, Nicoll and I made*7-30-99*the 4 th 
lof July, 1999 *redneck*Pink Pantie Pull 
|Down's*It*s just apple juice*Sea Island*Let's 
| Cheaf it at Dave's*To Mom, Dad, Leslie, Fletcher, 
I love you. Thanks for everything. 



it ** 1 

» ■ 1 1 

y 1 


Amy Campbell 

:'.Ja< I' 




Obsession * 2-Pac * Cheaf it at Dave's * Skynyrdl 

I'm Fine!! * Taxi to MBA * Halloween Dance I 

r * "Now I know why you do this!!" * Private I 

■Beach Parties * Tipsy Seagull * $200 fine * $500 1 

lfor 1 night * Herbie * Dead Body * Falling Out ofl 

■Windows * Hey Mr. Rich * Ruth's Apartment * W 

iFace Lift this Bitch * Walk of Fame * Mona * 

tunch Bunch * Beersheba * Perma-STRIKE * AF 

lEnglish Rejects * PreGame Parties * To all myl 

lfriends, the Meganator will miss you all!! 

iMom, Dad and Kristen, thanks for everything! 

low \< 

Megan Campbell 

Megan Casey 



id^ F% 

1 ^ ,M 

Katie Christenberry 

Speak and the world is full of singing*cheeky*l 
have a little boook*Chicken*Chicken Little*If I I 
had a hammer* You look like crap*Be kind to your I 
web-footed friends* 

Merrily*trashman*chicken?beef?aah*pretty blue I 
flowers*elaborate Halloween costumes*Is she | 
drawing with her foot? She just 
attention*dialy baked potatoes *I'm sorry, did I I 
hurt you?*Skittles*Luke, I am your father — I'm 
not Luke!* You are SO Frenchy*That's going in 
my senior bio*special*Thanks for all the 
memories fellas...! love you all. 

* JttgU 

Cathy Crafton 

■ The 'VO * "Who wants to go on a run? * Squintyl 
I eyes * Memphis "97 * Destin '98*Bahamas '99 *l 

\ "Yeah, baby, yeah" * the Tipsy Sea Gull * privatel 
I beach parties * the apartment * Fat D's * "Who| 
I wants to drive my car?" * Purple teeth * "Let's 
J goofy" * high speed chase * "I've never..." * pinkl 

■ panty pull downs * Wes * Graffiti 's * Washing- 
lton'99 * 3 strikes * pre-game club * late nights atl 
I Christie's * Starwood * sneaking out * shady nightsr 
I * Beersheba * Fam — thanks for everything — I love 
I you. I couldn't have asked for better friends 

I love \ 'all. 


1 '. «£"^> 



I Tomato, Imake3s-Jesse's girl * At least yo 
I got variety * Rocky Horror * happy chicken I 
: ROSIE! * Vote Scruggs-he got the Spice I 
I Girls * Joe * city of culture * Car, boot, [ 
I Catherine? * very cherry * You've got mail " 
I Cyn's UGA tourguide * snuggles cuddles H 

I He's not my cousin * 660-ZNS * Cobb-yeah, I 

I I bet you liked her for her personality * fish? I 
I fysh * infamous Andrew's * It's Grant fori 
| now... Giraffe, Ferret — all my love! Emily, I'll I 

5 you! But don't take my room. 


it¥ *lfc 

Jessica Crowell 


Sloan Curtis 



•f r 

i r 



1 i L Ji 

r\ <A Jk ml 

■i « ■ 

I B i si i 

1 J^ J) 

1 Smm 


Fabienne Diskin 1 

Nicoll Doramus 

Swiss Semester * The Pack * pre-game club meet- 
ings * Tom & his b****es* purple-toothed goofy 

* 6"' period study hall * theBig Q * Washington' 1 ) 1 ) 

* SSS * DMB '98 * the concert crew * STRIKE! ! 

* late night adventures * Let's go to Ruth's * 
Christie's house * family traumas * shady char- 
lotte * Look! There's a deer! * July 4 th '99 * Win- 
ner * Two thumbs up! * Swedish Stallion * the 
death of the mits * Graff itti's * Lonnies * To my 
wonderful mom, dad, sister and best friends in the 
world: I love you all! Thanks for everything. 

»■• *** 



* 1 


m JBBIIil I 


*%'% '■*?■■ i*J*i^. 


y%0i Mi 

I ¥ 1 

Ml Ur 1 
1 V ■ Ifl 1 


ff f f B " yj | 


Brooke Earthman 

Nika Ferdowsi 

Mika * Persian Princess * tops but no bot- 
toms, ins but no outs * taking the straight 
path * double down * Bear Lair venting * 
neeeerosis * canteloups & treating * you. 
win some, you lose some * Mr. Armstrong* 
Immaculate * Michael Reutenberg- I still have 
the golf ball * I AM speaking I.nglish * good 
times & Summer '99 * Thanks to all the fans, 
teachers, & friends. Sabz: "jock you" Maman 
va Baba: Merci and I love you. Everybody 
else peace audi 5000. I'm out like a scout 

Lesley Foglia 

Allyson Foreman 

Meg Fox 


Cynthia Gray 

flH Hw 

Kathleen Hale 


Target * no boyfriend no cry * leany beany * 
carbon * face hugs * Rachel, you don't have to 
put on a red light * the park * Waffle House * 
happy pappy * ehhhhh * Cait's porch*Anne's 
possy * c. Sarah * Jamaica mon * Knoxville * 
worthless boys * meegan mi chica * Mexico * 
the Brady Bunch * big red * englbrt * Charlie 
and Anne * the Brads * h. punch * mcCrack- 
rock * big yellow dot/cake * we like to party * 
Carbon, Spankin, Bean, Crass, Pimp Daddy, 
Overlord, Stella, Daddy. . .1 love you always! 

i* Stoner* Soccer* Lax* "So this is w hy y'all do this!"* 

1 Uncle P* Asphalt* MSB women' choc whippy* chem nerds* 

mVe lost your NSP* SURGERY* Prom from hell*Guided 

actice* Doot'n'do do* Loser... sucks* Busted at the Hallow- 

n Dance* violence in DC* Father Ryan Charm School* 

I Stanley and Vera* I need some help here PLL-PULL* St. Red* 

Uclcndinc' I t Wall "Must there be shaving 

's cold in here-l ■"* Oh look' It's the laundry monster* "For- 

i/e Celeste, she has turrets"* .Apparatus* Fire m the Hole* 

I "Cooper's got a \ideo camera!"* Greece and Italy- "how does 

| this key work'.'"* Squee/e. squeeze, squeeze* M & D, Mo, Fay. 

t's, Vs. Luce. Ilahden. .lezzy. Dank, "Dr. Ruthlwith a 'y'f, you lots Thanks lor the memories. "I remember. I can see 

ihcni See them muling, see then stuck, see llieui try. I wish them 

Reed Harrison 

Katie Hill 

I ccowusm * our loin -w innmu pla_\ : ' Moses l l JX] 
the Olsen Twins called * Donna needs them for cook-l 
ing * future MIT janitor * the Drunk and the Crier * £1 
Persian singing * Roxie B. Boone * the Eye for Doom 
* the Forea * I love fog * purple velour * the "s< 
ret" wine cellar * "you can't undone what you done" 
Schwantes "Oh Phil!" * Class of 2000: Thanks 
wonderful four years. Remember — there will 
ways be four "cakes" out on the lawn. * Mom, Dad. 
and John: you sacrificed a lot to send me here, and it 
ade me who I am. Thanks for having faith in me, 
even when I didn't. 


Kristina Hoge 

Melinda Housholder 

Life is like a Happy Chicken. . . * 1 will not be a 
\ egetable in the produce isle! * Jess, it's all about 
} than and Sam * Love the Christmas decorations 
and that basketball goal * Joe * Artistic Golf* 
You mean I am provoking? No wait provocative! 
* It would be really cool if 3 hot guys just hap- 
pened to be going our same way! * Greece & 
Italy * You are too tall, you look like a giraffe * 
M.U.N all the way! * A.P. Art * Fish? Fysh! * 
Chicken and Ferret, Power Puff Girls Forever! * 
To all of my friends and family, I LOVE YOU! 


- ^f i 

1 l^i 

' <* * Wl I 


[ < im 

s*\ 0. W% 

W ^ - ^^^^ 

% yP>\\f$ 


1 ^^H 

k 1 

R 4^Bfc 




12 *' 

^ i 

■^.. , 


Field of fog * Poot and Louie * where 's the blood * 
Klockettes * KT Howell that's my name * shaggin' 
wagon * just the two of us * 1/3 of 'A of an anorexia 
meal * "Rotunda" * big plates of lemons * Sarah 
Cannon hat * BSBG * jobby * the circus * small 
world * predator men * TPAC * PMS: Pinafore * 
the park * this is getting in the way * posse * do I 
look comfortable * Europe '99 * don't you go dying 
on me * the chicken * boot free is the way to be * 
Could I interest you in a drink upstairs?" Thanks for 
all the memories! I love you guys! Love — KT. 

Katie Howell 


Ruth Huggins 

he-game club * the park * "Look it's a deer." * 
$500 minimum * the marina * "We've been hit." * 
"I've been rolled." * Mr. Happy * the falling ham- 
mock * gymnastics * pink pantie pull-downs * 
-Go Generals! * "We're seniors." * rednecks * "I 
remember no pain." * Tom's 3 strike * the purple 
cam * dead body * the Tipsy * Dave excursions * 
Foggy Bottom * White Tiger * the fridge is stocked 
* "it's all fun and games. . ." * Mom, Dad Allen — 
I'll love you longer. To my friends — you kept me 


Asphalt circle * the Cringe * Oklahoma * Guys and 
Dolls * Grease * Reed - are you going to sleep with 
me tonight? * for sure * Destin and the Giant Squid * 
Call NASA * GPABOP * 101 Things that Made 
Us Happy * Hayden - what are you laughing at * 
there is SUCH a BIG cop behind us * Laura Mac's 
Great Bear Magazine * Phish and the hippy danc- 
ing * Everyone, I love you and will miss you. It's 
been incredible and you are all so special to me. 
Mom. Dad and Ross, I love you so much! Thank 

Catherine Johnson 


Katie Koban 

Just think about it... it makes sense * quality 
TV = Melrose Place and South Park * "Don't I 
be upset, we're doing all we can" * It's day 4 I 
* He'll be cryin' himself to sleep tonight on 
his huge pilla * We'll impress them with our 
animal noises * fear of condiments * Mason? 
At my house? * In 30 years, he'll come home 
from work, stick a "can" in his pants and have 
his wife cook him dinner * I stand in my kitchen 
sink every night and base all my decisions 
on cannibalism. 

Bill and Ted * He wants me simultaneously * Like B 
dude! * aftershocks * squid * the Cringe *l 
Dclchamps * Asphalt Circle * Take a moment, the 
wind's not blowing * the Fun * OWCC * Ally 
Gallyy Bum Bum * What makes Ishmoosh red? * I 
wrong hole * 1/4 Choc- whippy * under and on the 
boardwalk * Ya wanna feel my poison ivy through 
my shirt? * Hillsboro thugs * Connection game * 
I love you, you know-I know * Spring Break withfc 
Wieck's 8-11 * Sophomore streak * night at I 
Anderson's * Naked at mine '99 * Prom "99 * 


Marjorie Levy 

Talk Does Not 
Cook Rice 

Chinese Proverbs 

Jessica Lundin 


Sandy McCain 

PUTA! * da bomb digidy-yo * Erika, why are you 
wearing La Voe's clothes?! * Will "the crew"ever 
go away?! * stop singing Grease songs! * if I get 
one more Hungarian teacher * GO 
BEARACUDAS! * the posse * Beelzububs' about 
to blow * Bawhore * Mambo #5 * HBO andTF * 
where s Jannica? * hi Mrs. Horton, I mean, Bahar 
and Katie * party in Mrs. Lentz's room * the 
McCain curse * Fugazi * Balck Jack Davyyyyy 
* evil art I * "This is sticky!" * circle swinging * 
beware the mark of "The Paw". 

Mackenzie McCracken 


Anston ( 1-4) * pepclub (1-4) * key club (1-4) * 
FCA (1-4) * MBA Cheerleading (2-4) * Prom '97 
(in Exxon bathroom) * Dave Matthews ( Nicoll?) 

* Josh Fest * "Cathy, who drove home last night? 
" * The Big " Q " * Straws*6"' period juice * Jacks- 
hiking from Leigh's * volvo dilema at Cals * Preppy 

* Destin '98 ( Than Dorn) * "I'm not gonna lie " 

* Crying in Logans * Huntsybug * We've been hit 

* outings in summer * SSS'S * Shady Charlotte * 
mint chocolate chip Winterim * Petty * Prom at 
Weezie's * New Orleans Stories * Memphis '97*and 
of course memories at RUTH'S! * To my lamiK 
and the Bestest 12, I love you all! 


Strike, face lift this...* walk of fame * Ruth", ;ip;ii t 
merit * Steeplechase - I can drive stick * Tipsy 
Seagull * Seaside * Shan s magic hug * Prom '98 
* Dave Mathew s * Don't fall out of the window * 
the Big "Q" * mona * hhheeeyyy Mr. Rich! * : 
don't know * $500 for one night * $200 fine * 
Beersheba * loopy * Fred Lusk * purple teeth 
getting' goofy * party at Christie's * "It's a deer!" H 
graduating class of ...FIVE * taxi to MBA * 
Obsession, Diesel, March 28, I count twelve " 
Mom, Dad, Bill, Daniel, Carlton- I love y'all 
Thanks for making me a better person. 

■: O ,-* 


Susan McGugin 


Kimberly McKinney 

Trasha * Soccer 1 * Track, Basketball 1-4 * 
clubbin * "Fly Away" by Lenny * "Candy" * 
designated third wheel * Cayman's 
99 * V8 Splash * diced and covered * the Bush * 
"GO wu'ya's!" * Granny pannies * Golden 
Eye * drink your dinner * Steve and the 
Cincinnatti boys * the wedding * "the 
Mc William s Eye" * Kate's house * Sloan's song 
* "I like my world better, anyway!" * To Mom, 
Dad, Leesy and all my friends: thank you so 
much for being in my life — I love you all. 


Hayden Morel 

Asphalt cirlce-the big circle of asphalt * cruisirf 
the bend/the cult * Spring Break '99-those Destin 
nights * watch for giant squids * Chem Nerds 
fore\ er * empty ( iatoradc bottles * "someone stole 
the little dipper" * "There is the hugest cop be- 
hind us" * Arabian Knights and the HH van * 
Greece/Itlay stories * AP English rejects * the 
Cringe * 1/4 choc with choc whippy * "Stop and 
take a moment. . ." * 5 a.m.: no pants! * Laura Mac 
and Bear Magazine * "My blood runs orange in 
the fall" * Mom, Dad, Churls and Willis— I love 
you all! 

Jessie Spanno * 1 ' Jessie in Space * The Big- 
gest Badass in Nashville * Poster Child for 
the New Millennium * % Choc, w/ Choc. 
Whippy * " There is SUCH a HUGE cop be- 
hind us " * 3 dollar bill * Talkboy * 80s mov- 
ies * Haikus * Lacrosse * AP Chem Nerds * 
Jimmy! * "I feel so wasted. . .1 mean like it was 
such a waste. " * Asphalt Circle * Hockey 
Games * I'm a Human Blanket! * Old Lavy 
Nady * Well. . .Oh wait, what? * Habib & Akim 
* Megan, you will always make me puke 

Jessie Morris 


Sigrid Neilson 

Sig, sigs, siggie * "Your name's ciga- 
rette?" * yankee * jetta * system-x * 
chicks with sticks * Ash: "cig and ash" 
* y-names * J5 * da heep * Night in 
Venice * It fell off! * westwind II * 
scrubs * ya freak ho! * #5 * lonnies * 
"See-she and T-T" * ridin' the short 
bus * driving the trace 

1 !■ 




' ' . 


: ; " ■"'■:" ' A ' r 'vM Wl X^ ■■'■J 


■Mm i — ■ ' 

Is 1 BriKr V '>OBP 

Amanda Norman 


Spring Pami 

Anne Rankin 

Mockie 1-4 * MBA cheerleader 2-4 * Prom '97 1 
(the cooler) * the Big Q * strikes * wag fest *1 
we've been hit * Prom '98 (Susan?) * the Tipsy * I 
marina swimming * $200 fine * Christie's parties * 
Washington "99 * Grafittis * Alex * gymnastics * 
Dave Mathews-the locked Bravard * concert crew 
* the park * mockies forever * shaggin' wagon * II 
Fatty D.* face lift this * Ruth's apartment * petty * 
Beersheba * Brooke's 1 8 th b-day * the best 12 ever I 
To my friends — love me forver and I'll love you I 
longer. Mom, Dad. Margaret and Allen — thanks I 
rything! Ilovey'al 

Louise Riley 

Keely Robeson 

I Tricky treadmills * bootin' in the quarter 
I cup * shampoo affect * Rollin' with the 
Ihomies * Jamaica * Al's Bar * funky cold 
I* smoo * pin and cone * no pants 
I Mexico '98 & '99 * Is it the cops - No 
I it's worse -It's a mini-van * widespread 
: Dylan * perma smile * weirdness on 
I the bottom of my shoe * I'd get on me * 
I How you do in'? * My car is not a taxi! * 
I Girls, it's been fun. Good Luck! 

| Key Club 1-4 * JCL 1-4 * FCA 1-4, president 
* Varsity Soccer 1-4 * the bird * magic memo- 
I ries * Outwest * vent sessions * summer 
I Memphis trip * cheese balls * always at 
I Nicolls * Ruth's * Destin * in a Jacuzzi with 
I policemen * Have you seen me? * endan- 
I gered species * stage game * Dave Matthews 
I concert * Christmas at Opryland * Ballard 
I keep smiling * Margaret good luck with FCA 
I * Thanks and love to my family. Most of all 
| thank you for my faith in the Lord. 

Shannon Shillinglaw 

Emme Simpkins 

Greece and Italy 'w * I lappening#41-45 * Do 1 1 
look comfortable? * Hilton Head '97 * Enchanted I 
Evening '99 * France'98 * Twaylve * Bob Dog I 
Family * the Parsley Game * Sr. House Patio '99 - 
'00 * Shtuff * "Do we get spit with that?" * 
WWAD * Act your age not your shoe size * the I 
Chimney Sweep * To my friends, thank you for 7 1 
wonderful years. I will never forget you. To Mom. f 
Dad, and John, thank you all for putting up with 
me, and for everything you have done for me. 1 
love you all. 

Laura Snyder 

Bethany Switter 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for this op- 
portunity. Its been a long ride, but I could 
not have done it with out y'all. Grand: 
You mean more to me than you will ever 
know. Love you lots. Thank you for be- 
ing my life support. Brooke: You are and 
always will be my best friend. Love you. 
Clay: What can I say? Thanks for the 
best year of my life. You are my angel, 
and I will love you forever. 

Jacqueline Thompson 

Elizabeth Townsend 

Chicken* Bug*What time is it...8:46?*LC and ST 
I say NITS*Party Foul*Busted for nothing*New 
00'*Thepark*My neighbors are 
I scared*The"\pecial"date*WhereIs Starbucks?* Slip 
*Lonnies*NONBS*chipper*f*** earl*sleeping to- 
I getliei bin mil hke ihat*ileep and profound con- 
I versations* "She's learning the spaces she leaves 
own things to say. She's trying to sing 

I just enough so the air around her moves and make 
e mercy that gives what it is and has 

II nothing to prove." -Ani Difranco. Mom. Dad, 
ind Will thanks for everything! Friends-I LOVE 


Sara Trace 

Lucy Kay Wall 

' I meant what I said 
And I said what I meant. . 
An elephant's faithful 
One hundred per cent!" 

- Dr. Seuss 
Horton Hatches the 

From Habib to Akim: many foreign peppers and I 
colas to come * my baaaby * Yeash madgie! 
secret language * Frosh acting 1 * Jes, 2 nd and 3 rd I 
period study halls * anorexia all the way * Dana? * 
Will 'n Courtney forever * Pee wee and Herman * 
Laugh till you snot * tha' boat, forever fun * 4 th 
of July * "Since she passed out, can we have her I 
kooler of. . ." * Onward, to the Batmobile! * Chh. I 
redbird to sitting bull * X-C memories of Sloan 
and Alyssa forever * Mom and Dad you've been | 
the world to me — Matt, you're the best "bro". 
Love you all. 

Lindsey Wallace 

I Prom '99-"ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we 
must must." * Joe * Route' 96 * "Are you a 
Vampire?" * Bahamas '99-the Bahamian 
midget stole my purse! * My glow-in-the- 
darks * Fred * Nassau Royal * Boys. . .where? 
* Did you start yet... Jackson is my best 
I friend! * Rod * the Mock Dance * "If you 
I want me come get me, How the mock you 
I gon' take me, I got my true mockies with me 
I and we RIDERS!" * Waffle House * City of 
Cuture? * Car, Boot... Jess?? 

Ishmuosh * Spring Break Destin 97-99 * Cancoon 
I 2000*Asphalt circle*GPA Bop*Sarah's * Colum- 
I bia *The Farm*The sophomore year that wasn't * 
I Paul's friends* Niceville * Taylor's Bon Fire* Play * 
I circle of death * A** hole * Ross , William, and 
I Duke thanks for the talks * the cringe * projectile 
I vomiting * pool table *the connection game * Tom 
I thanks for the laughs * the Hot Tub * " Do 1 make 
I you uncomfortable" * Soccer * habitat * the bucket 
I O S***ma* Dike Music* Knoxvegas * search * 
I Delchamps*Thanks everyone and bye my friend. 
I Thanks mom, dad, paul and crissy. I love you all. 

Rachel Wieck 

Mockies* I'm set to jet * GAD * George and Phil I 

* Bostonians * Bahamas air * Bev and Ruttie * 
New York * Wallach 8C * Backstreet Boys * les- 1 
bian lovers * AP Chemistry * Busty Dusty and I 
Natasha Bergman * You're such a couch cous- \ 
cous * hey Sexy * nestle * BHP * sen sei said s 

* Mox and Claire * boys t-shirts * handcuffs and I 
whipped cream * Asian accent * Oh yeah, my c. 

* Tracey is home * Epika * LILAPWIGHYJHTFI I 

* Que sera sera * pedophiles * "B" for Beelzabub I 

* Mom and Tracey, I love you and will miss you. 

Reigning Junior Mints 

Junior Class Officers 

Class Officers: L to R: Chelsea Carter (Spirit Leader), MaryCres 

Szarwark (Parliamentarian), Cara Himmelfarb (President), Elizabeth 

Ramsey (Treasurer), Lauren Toth (Secretary), 

Jennifer Harrison (Vice-President) 

Is that eyebrow piercing part of the 

Grazing : ) ! ! 

4^H ^B 


Mp ■ 

\ «-* 

Not quite Charlie's Angels. "Oh! School just makes us so happy!" 



-■ fmm 

Katy Adams 
Ivana Babic 
Ann Stewart Banker 
Dacia Beard 
Stephanie Beatty 
Kate Blackmon 
Emily Burn 

Evins Cameron 
Catherine Carroll 
Chelsea Carter 
Julie Cato 
Rachel Chisolm 
Cory Chockley 
Grace Clayton 

Emily Dade 
Elizabeth Edwards 
Betty Elrod 
Ann Ezzell 
Sarah Fleming 
Carey Floyd 
Kara Fox 

Kim Goldstein 

Chrissy Harper 

Aw! Isn't she precious! 

Work it girl! 

Above Left: Chem Nerds unite! 

Above: Michelle and Jennifer are in touch with 

their serious sides. 


Frances Lewis 

Sutton Lipman 

Alexandra Littlefair-Molin 

Victoria Littlefair-Molin 

Helen Martin 

Margaret Martin 

Megumi Matsuda 

Mimi Mayo 
Cayce McCain 
Cassie McConnell 
Amy McDuffie 
Jamie McGee 
Michaela McKee 
Katie McKinley 

Lisa McWilliams 
Cristen Mills 
Elizabeth Mills 
Molly Moore 
Melissa Mosley 
Catherine Mountcastle 
Corinne Mynatt 

Catherine Nading 
Megan Newman-Miller 
Susan Oliver 
Alice Orman 
Ellie Porch 
Meg Porch 
Elizabeth Ramsey 

Below: Meg and Katie share a moment. 

Above: Cassie has a shady cup! 

"; I Left: Liz Edwards? Is this becoming a theme? 
Below: "Sound it out Anne, t— h--e. You can 


Sarah Schwaber 
Amy Scruggs 

Kathleen Serck 

Shannon Stone 


Above: Behold! The future of the HH yearbook! 

Below: Chillin' in the luxurious Bear Lair. 

Below, Far Left: The Lair is a dangerous place, thank goodness for the 
security camera! 

Below: Lisa, Megan, and Anne enjoy the beautiful, 
new lobby furniture. 

▼s» $> 11 


Above, Left: The Stud Council convenes. 

Above: Katie poses with a scenic 

Below: "We love Precal! ! !' 

(Way) Below: Every student's favorite 

IPM '.i 

Mary Cresap Szarwark 

Rebecca White 

Julie Wilson 
Ashley Wright 
Kazzie Zerface 

Left: Smile! You're 
on candid camera! 


Silly Sophomores 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Caroline shows off her Titans 

Left to Right: Cornelia Rowe (Secretary), Caylan Cheadle (Spirit 
Leader), Kate Lainhart (Parliamentarian), Becky Brown (Vice- 
President), Mary Diane Bartow (Treasurer), Hannah Reed 

Katie Adams Jennifer Allen Audrey Ball Elizabeth Ballard Mary Diane Bartoe Christine Bass Megan Beckni 

Heather Brim Sarah Britt Grace Brock Becky Brown Suzanne Brown Laura Callaway Lauren Campbell 

Caylan Cheadle Caroline Choate Emily Clark Lauren Coleman Christina Connally Haley Crumbo Ellen Cummings Thea Dickerson 

Vow! We didn't know class meetings were this fun 

"Dude, the colors... " 

Victoria Doramus Becca Durnin Natalie Durr Christine Ekrem 

Kathy Faulkner Alice Fort Ellen Fort Kendall Fort 

Above: Winterim life is the greatest! 
Below: Jessica loves her dance pants! ! ! 

Celeste Harrison Mary-Grace Harvey Lauren Hills Kara Hul 

Lana Ismail Keats Johnson Seema Kanwar Katie Kennedy 

Below Right: "We love our Titans!" 

(Directly) Below: Trojan Man!! Didn't 

we see you @ Starwood? 

" One time. band camp...' 7 

Bair Lair Brawls 

Above: Yo quiero Taco Bell. 
Below: Uh oh!!! 

Charlotte King Leslie King Danielle Kobylski Lena Kravtsov Kate Lainhai 


Caroline Landry Kathryn Larson Shirley Li Men Long E. A. Manier 

Abicail Markham Whitney May Ehsa McCabe Lauren McCathren Rachael McCord 

Jenny Patterson Melissa Pinsly Elizabeth Porter Ciana Pnllen 

Meg Ragiand Meredith Ramsey Abiga.i Ray Hannah Reed Above: " Okay Maria, now go to your special place." 

Below: What's that face for, Sarah? 


Cornelia Rowe Anne Sanders Ashley Shields Sarah Soltman Krista Stanberry Elizabeth Stout Courtney Thomas Stephanie Tidwell 

Ariel Tobin Jessica Turk Amy Warner Neel Webb Minje Whitson Tory Wilkinson Erin Williamson Bradley Wrighi 

Playing the ever-popular game of 

NO Becky, that shirt is not appropriate for 

Casual Day because it has short sleeves and no 


Ever seen "Cliffhanger?" 

Funky Frosh 

Above: "Look at all the pretty colors!" 

Below: " These are the 'sophomore 

steps,' you'll have to fly if you want to go 

down there!" 

Below: Fearful frosh spot 

Freshman actually do their homework. 

Below: Wilma and Britney 

Below: "Sometimes, when I get nervous, I 

stick my fingers under my armpits, and 

then.. ..I smell 'em." 


Left: "Stop following me, you're 



Above: The editors have chosen not 
to comment on this picture. 

Kendra Abkowitz Laura Becca Alden Maggie Anderson Katie Atkins Sarah Anne 

Graham Barton Catherine Beckner Megan Bell Muriel Bent/ Elizabeth Reed 

Hays Brandon S; 

Above: Soccer babies! 

Tammy Cheng Mary Chisolm Ashley Cole Katie Crafton Clair Crozier 

BelOW: Preparing for battle. Melissa Deck Anna Derryberry Lana Evans Lauren Ezell Christen Far 

Right: Smile for that camera and show off those 
beautiful teeth! 

Above: "I'm out of uniform and 
getting away with it!" 

Kimia Ferdowsi Catherine Fox Sarah Gabbert Abby Gallagher 
Leigh Gernert Laura Gibson Laura Gibson Emmie Granbery 

Marion Granbery Amy Grimes Cai 

lie Grote Clare Harbison 

Jessica Hartness Rachel Hearon Annie Huitt Sara Isenhour 

Above: Hoorah for Freshman! 

Below: The first of many injuries 

to come this year, Austin. 

Cari Johns Caroline Johnson Lyndsey Johnson Austin Jones 

Above: Keep walking, honey! 

Below: "We freshmen love our fruit!" 

Below: Caught red-handed, downloading Napster, AND 
using AOL Instant Messanger (gasp)! 

Colleen Judy Lauren Kantz Meredith Keltner Laura Lee Mary Li/a Lentz Becca Lewis Pauline Lewis Amanda Jane Lloyd 

1 mclie Matthews Anna Ma; 

Freshman poses for her mug shot - a must for every student in the 
upper school. 

Below: Two freshmen 

practice for their new 

class Seduction 101 

with their "come hither" 


Katie Norwood Natalya Obolensky 

Jennifer sacrifices herself for the team. 

Allison Oldacre Coe Peterman Virginia Pirkle Jennifer Price 

Below: "I can't believe 1 

have to turn off my 

Britney Spears' cdto 

take this picture." 

Now, Criminal #445982, turn to the 

Himllc> Ko.lcs S.h.i ko.hi.jue/ Lauren Salerno Anna Sehwahi 



Below: "Maybe if] R3fl -NL 

pretend to look serious, !>~ Jk //A . 1 M 

Coach will think that I am ■* $ ■ Jl P '^ k A ^^f ^ 

actually concentrating on W 1| ' ^ r ' J jM H. Jflj 

Christine Souder Mary Stengel Tippins Stone Case Szarwark ^M H* I ^B 

"Yes, Mrs. Maxwell...' 

Adrienne Thomas Hillary Thomas Katie Tompkins Ton Tucker 

Below: The little Riley 
poses with two of her 


Megan Turner Megan Turner Emily Wall Maggie Waltemath 

"Watch me dance everyone." 

Elizabeth Warner Ashley West Anna Williams Elizabeth Woodsor 


Eight is Great! 

Middle School Casual Day 

Don't they just look precious? Almost like tiny angels. 


Kim Alfery 
Elizabeth Atkinso 
Amy Baron 
Bridgette Beatty 

Callie Cohen 
Elizabeth Conrad 
Emily Crowe 
Lauren Dagley 

Kate Davis 
Emily Dean 
Erin Debruyn 

Above: "Oh... my... gosh.. .1 can't 
believe you just did that!" 

Below Left: "Food? What food?" 


"Maybe I'm too tall for this." 

Above Right: "So anyway, as I was saying..." 

Bottom: There's something different about you guys, we just 

can't think of it. Did you change your hair? 




J., :>*3» 


P Mm 




\ V* 




: - ♦ 

1 M 

Strike a pose. 

Grace Johnson 

Hannah Menefee 

Left: Cmon guys, we can fit one more. 

ight: Studying with Ms. Rothrock, a favorite 
Middle School pasttime. 

Rebecca Spigel 

Robin Steele 

Elizabeth Stewart 

Christine Taherian 

Valerie Trent 

Anna Trotter 

Below: "I can't believe it! The 
cafeteria finally caught on fire!" 


Lucky Sevens 

The Seventh Grade 

Above: The T Camera isn't that scary. 

Below: You went a little heavy on the 
make-up, didn't you? 

Above: "Hit us, baby, one more time!" 
Below: Is the girl in the middle a teacher or a student? 

Jennie Bracewel 

Left: " That's right, 297-8578, say that I am veeeery sick, and 

need to come home, DAYS' starts in 20 minutes, make it 


Above: Aw.. .aren't they precious! 

Below: Engaging in HH's most popular 

activity: Scrounging for food. 

Above: Chillin' on the ropes course. 
Below: RE.!! Everyone's favorite subject!!! 

*& ^Pjfy 

Below, Right: " Sometimes I see dead 

Ceci Creagh Caroline Crouch Emily Crowell Mary Cooper Perry Del Favero Kelly Diehl Margaret Dodson 

Emily Fisher Jeanne Fitch Katie Gallagher Anna Gernert Kathleen Goetz Anne Granbery Margaret Anne (ir; 


Allison Oldham Zita Papp Tori Patterson Anna Poss 

m£*. i 1 ^m 

1 m*>m&^ -_. 


Above: (Gasp!) Eating in the gallery!!! 

Above: Hurry girls! The peanut butter river is 
getting closer, and the crazy elves will get you! 


Helen Ramsey Helen Rankin Tricia Ritter Deena Roth 

Sarah Rowe Estee Simpkins Taylor Sitzler Stacey Stanton 

Above: Allison's not getting enough sleep these 

.. „vv ^H J& 

Caeky Tate Ellen Wheeler Carson Whitehead 

Above: Prom with a twist! 


The Sixth Sense 

Above: Smile, precious. 
Below: "Red rover, red rover, send one girl over." 

"Okay, right after I take out #45..." 



mm 5^ fig 1 *^ I 



Mambo # 5 ! ! 

Below: Gloria Vanderbilt's "Book of Etiquette", 
page 53... 

You're on 


Maggie Bahb 

Olivia Burd 

Blair Carter 

Candace C; 

Laura Davis 

Holly Dunn 

Cornelia Granbery 

Caroline Hallemann 

Anna Rose Heym: 
Becca Hi 

Annbern Holl 

Julianne Howell 

Noura Ismail 

Melissa Kim 

Cari McDonald 

Cameron Neely 

Smile girls, while you still feel happy. 

"Maybe if I smile hard enough, they 
won't know how awkward I feel." 

"There's nothing in my mouth, I swear." 

Wow! That scale must be very interesting 


Above: The Fifth Graders join together to take one deeent class 


Don't worry Julianne, having Katie for an older sister isn't that 


%, " 1^^ 




"I think I can. I think I can." 


"In the end, we will conserve only 
what we love, we will love... 

...only what we know, and we will 
know only what we are taught." 


"We love you, Miss Hannigan" 

Ms. Ann Teaff 

In I 

ond ■ 

; headmistress of the 

Harpeth Hall School, Ms. Ann Teaff has 
impressed faculty, parents and alumni alike with 
her vivacious personality, and her palpable 
creative energy. Her genuine effort to 
incorporate into her job description daily 
interaction with, and concern for every Harpeth 
Hall girl has made her a favorite among the 
student population. Ms.Teaffs enthusiasm is 
consistently a contagious force within the 
school community.Whether it be cheerleading 
at sporting events or applauding performances, 
she is a visible and integral part of the HH 
experience. Her preference of one- on-one 
conversations in her office- which is always 
open- over the growning trend of "e- 
communications" exemplifies her desire to make 
a difference in the daily lives of others. Her 
smiling face and kind heart endear her to all as 
she inspires us all to be admirable, honest, 
loving, and caring women. Ms. Teaff is an 
incredible leader, a friend and a supreme role 
model. We are so very pleased to have her as 
our head of school. 

^^m rw 

**-i^%^H ^Hf 

M : ^W 


* r 



Ms. Teaff tries the ole' plaid on 
for size. 


Mrs. LaVoe Mulgrew and Mrs. Marie Maxwell 

Apparent to every Harpeth Hall student in the 
1999-2000 school year was a monumental change 
in the atmosphere about the upper school. This 
shift, to a more personable, less strenuous 
working enviornment, spread from the heart of 
the school and provided for a generally happier, 
more well-adjusted student body. This change in 
mentality was accomplished largely through the 
work of two very industrious, forthright, and 
intelligent women. Mrs. La-Voe Mulgrew, Head 
of the Upper School, is a favorite among students. 
A former teacher of Sophomore and Junior 
English, her quick wit, her "Oh-please! Stop- 
whining-and-get-it-done" attitude, and 
willingness to listen make her both an accessible 
and receptive mentor to all. Mrs. Maxwell, as Dean 
of Students, has shouldered the emmense task of 
regulating and supervising student activity on 
all levels. She provides to those in need, a friendly 
ear and helping hand. With these two remarkable 
women at the helm, it should be smooth sailing 
for Harpeth Hall in the years to come. 

Mrs. Mulgrew poses with her 
favorite column. 


Maxwell reclines against a 
beautiful column. 



Mrs. Malone and Mrs. Simmons 

Irs. Malone casually poses at her desk. 

A windblown Mrs. Simmons flashes her 
pearly whites in front of the track. 

She began her eareer as a science teacher and has 
now settled in as Head of the Middle School. Mrs. 
Malone has been given the sought-after job of 
leading the hoards of noisy children that make up 
the Middle School. Thanks to her efforts, students 
entered the Middle School buildings in August to 
find more than just a monochromatic color 
scheme... there were green walls accented with 
purple lockers. From Monday morning assemblies 
to the new Saturday detentions, Mrs. Malone leads, 
guides, and endures. She is more than just an 
administrator, she is a friend to the young ones. 
Luckily, this amazing woman is not alone in her 
arduous task of leadership. Mrs. Simmons, the 
Middle School's Student Activities Directorjoined 
Mrs. Malone in this task. While continuing to teach 
math, Mrs. Simmons is in charge of the student- 
favored demerit system, the exciting field trips, and 
the beloved student council. Without these two 
dedicated women, the Middle School would 
probably fall apart. 

"Leaping lizards Batman! What's the problem?" 

Mrs. Mulgrew, do you need a name tag to remember your own name? 








Croker and Goodwin prepare for the strenuous walk back Ms Linden coaches Amy on how to 

to the upper school from the faculty parking lot. ayoid demerits for wearing a bathing suit 

Yvonne Ayers 

Ann Bailey 

Robert Baker 

ietty Jane Barringer 

Dora Bieg] 

Ken Billbrey 

Ann Blackburn 

Beth Boord 

Rob Boudreau 

Marie Burr 


^ f W^ 

„ # NIKE 

Promoting good eating habits, Mrs. Graves gives two seniors on the 
basketball team huge bear-shaped cookies. 

Above: Ms. Grace, Mrs. Mulgrew, and Mrs. Horton sport the new 
line of HH make-up (available in the Bear Necessities). 

Above Left: A confused Coach Wallace turns to talk to Coach 

Davis, although he is on the other side. 

Left: Ms. Garrison laughs at the thought of seniors voluntarily 

signing up to take AP Calculus. 

Sharon Byers 

Theresa Cameron 


Isabelle Climer 


1BV '-'^1 ' ^B 



"I don't know why students don't love math. 1 ' 

i'M< r 

■ V J> 


v ^f^ 8 

s ?"""" 


Wert demonstrates the use of integration in life. 

Jennifer Ford 

Above: ''What?! They opened a Starbueks 
on campus?" 

Above Middle: "To play 'Solitaire,' you 
must turn the computer on." 

Right: "There is absolutely no food in my 
mouth. I promise." 

Far Right: "It's true. Croker himself told 

me that Goodwin wears a unitard when 

he works out." 

Anne Doolittle 
Karen Douse 
Arthur Echerd 


Right: "I don't see 

Justin Timberlake 

over there." 

Bottom: "Maybe ifl 
close my eyes, no 

one will notice that I 
am the only guy." 

Bottom Left: Success story # 1 of Stress 
Bottom Middle: "I think I love English." 

Above: The faculty skip school to attend something ''fun"... wait, isn't that the 
Head of Upper School leading the pack? 
Bottom Right: Dr. Echerd teaches the etiquette for Louis XI V's court. 

Janette Fox Klocko 

Dana Long-Innes 
Judith Lowe 


Donna Montague 

Kathy Morton 

Derah Myers 

Karen Nash 

Polly Nichols 


"Oh Bobby, you shouldn't have. 1 

"Your prescription has already been filled twice this 

Left: "Come to my gingerbread house children." 

Bottom: "This thong is killing me." 

Right: Mrs. Barringer, you look almost youthful 

Jackie O'Keefe 

Rosemary Paschall 

Muffet Pickel 
Jennifer Pledger 


Stephanie Sheahan 

"We're playing sardines, and Tn 

"Pull my finger." 

Mrs. Martin shows that the administration does actually 
care about the students. 


Paul Tuzeneu 









Best of the Best (Part I) 

Honor Societies 

Societe Honoraire de Francais 
(French Honor Society) 

Katie Adams 

Whitney May 

Jamie McGee 
Jenny Patterson 
Melissa Pinsley 

Erin Russell 
Caroline Moses 

Sociedad Hispanica Honoraria 
(Spanish Honor Society) 

Cynthia Gray 

Tricia McWilliams 

Becca Durnin 

Sarah Fleming 

Anna Guengrich 

Lana Ismail 

Lindsay Owens 

Ashley Shields 

Ariel Tobin 

Ann Stewart Banker 

Casey Potash 

Katy Adams 

Mu Alpha Theta 

Rachel Chisolm 

Frances Lewis 

Alexandra Littlefair-Molin 

Tricia McWilliams 

Susan Oliver 

Casey Potash 

Elizabeth Ramsey 

Above Pictured: French Honor Society members are 

Right Pictured: Mu Alpha Theta inductees 
receive their certificates. 


Best of the Best (Part II) 

More Honor Societies 

Quill and Scroll 

Katie Hill 

Sarah Allen 

Alyssa Abkowitz 

Lesley Foglia 

Kate Berry 

Elizabeth Townsend 

Bahar Azhdari 

National JCL Honor Society 
(Latin Honor Society) 

Katie Hill 
Molly Arvin 
Shannon Shillinglaw 
Christen Harper 
Frances Lewis 
Margaret Martin 

Susan Oliver 
Suzanne Brown 

Julie Cato 

Ellen Cummings 

Seema Kanwar 

Lena Kravtsov 

Abigail Ray 

Amy Grimes 

Camille Grote 

Sara Isenhour 

Coe Peterman 

Virginia Pirkle 

Katie Smith 
Mary Chisolm 
Rachel Price 

Above Pictured: New Quill and Scroll inductees. 

Left Pictured: New JCL inductees receive their 


Revenge of the Nerds 

Cum Laude 

(LtoR): Katie Hill,Tricia McWilliams, SigridNeilson, Amanda Norman, Emily Priest, Shannon Shillinglaw, Laurel Staples, 

Ann Stewart Banker, Ann Ezzell, Emily Burn, Susan Oliver, Frances Lewis, Elizabeth Ramsey, Rachel Chisolm, Casey 

Potash. Not pictured: Janna Alfery and Rachel Bressman. 

This spring the pride in the air was palpable as Harpeth Hall 
inducted seventeen new girls into the Cum Laude Society. 
These girls became a part of the prestigous national honor 
society which allows schools to induct a certain minute 
percentage of their junior and senior classes annually. This 
honor depends upon the student's academic achievement, 
intellectual curiosity, high moral character (sometimes), and 
how much she bribed the sponsor to get in. Decked out in the 
"appropriate" white dresses, the girls lined up on stage to 
receive recognition for their amazing academic work. Students 
sat in awe as Sarah Allen, the group s president, gave a speech 
on the wonder that is the Cum Laude society. Then the featured 
speaker Mrs. Merrie Clark, last years Owen Chair recipient, 
gave a rousing speech on the history of women and how it 
relates to Harpeth Hall. The night of their induction, the old 
and new members gathered together to get their intellectual 
juices flowing. To stimulate their minds, the girls watched 
"Beverly Hills, 902 1 0" and read several books from the literary 
award-winning Baby-Sitters Club series. Without these girls, 
the world of intellectuals would not be the same. 




The productivity of Freshman Biology. 

She Blinded Me With 

Science Classes 

The Chemistry is at least good for 

°' Ahhh...the memories of Lewis acids and 


Mad Hatter (aka Mrs. Vest), two months 


Don't Know Much 
About History 

Dr. Cooper demonstrates how 
"radical 1 ' American History is. 

History Classes 



"What do you think? Which stage is the most pivotal, Oral, Anal, or 

Above: "This man is insane! We all know 
that Hamlet and Ophelia had more than 
just a 'pure' relati onship." 

St 1 

ft* ' \- 


English Classes 

Above: "Dear Justin, My favorite video is 
'Bye, Bye, Bye'..." 

Below: "Yes, this passage does use anastrophe; however, you 

should be wary of using it for it only impresses pedants. I heard 

that you should wait till you have Mr. Croker. 





.<<: v 

Below: Mrs. Ward, what are you 

teaching those impressionable young 


Ew-day Ew-ya Eak-spay 
Ig-pay Attin-lay? 

Language Classes 

Right: La clase de espanol de Senor Tuz 

Look closely, this is a one-time-only 

Above: And the crowd goes 

"I know my Calculus... it 
says you plus me equals us." Below: Four y ears of dumb 

math will do that to you. 

Math Classes 

- 1 

>^ 8 


Hard at 

"Say it 


ciiirrcclle. ,, 



"I've got rhythm, I've got 


5 5 

Fine Arts Classes 

"Look, I built a pile." 

We're not quite sure. 


We Can't Think of a Cute Title 

The US Student Council 

The Student Council has again this year taken a 
visible and active role in the organizing and funding of 
student events. Kicking off the year with a great Concert 
on the Lawn, the ' c )9-'00 student council set a high precedent 
for themselves. They have managed however, to follow up 
with several fun and exciting school functions, thus 
heightening our anticipation for what is to come in the k 00- 
'01 school year. Among these events are the ever-popular 
Winter Formal, Valentine's Dance, Halloween Dance, a 
much-needed teacher appreciation day, and the new and 
revolutionary "Suggestion Box." The Suggestion Box has 
developed into a precious commodity for the entire school. 
It has changed student life in every way possible. It is 
beautiful. But in all seriousness, the high activity level of 
the Student Council is indicative of an over-all awareness 
ot\ and desire for, student involvement in the school 
community. Led by President Amy Campbell and Vice- 
President Leah High, the council is a fore-runner in the 
improvement of our day-to-day lives. 


\ w ~ £m \Tl " Kl-aI 

Hb - ~^^H 



"You're putting THAT in the suggestion box?" 

Back Row (L to R): Sarah Allen, Meri Long, Meg Ragland, Lauren Campbell, Hannah Galbraith, Margaret Riley, Colleen Judy, 
Jamie McGee, Kate Berry. Front Row (L to R): JannaAlfery, Amy Campbell, Ann Ezzell, Austin Jones, Lindsey Wallace. 


\bove: "Third of all, I feel that I should be president... Hannah, are you getting this?" 
Right: Senior student council members get ready for prom. 

Left: Hannah displays the mature leadership that the 
Student Council attempts to exemplify. 


"You Can't Handle the Truth!" 

The Honor Council 

They sneak out when no one is looking and 
hold secret meetings . . . it's not a cult . . . 
it's the Harpeth Hall Honor Council. The 
thirteen members of this year's Honor 
Council were elected by their peers to uphold 
the tenets of the Honor Code. They are 
responsible for setting an example for their 
peers and for demystifying the Council and 
its purpose. The Honor Council also hears 
cases of suspected Honor Code violations 
and then makes a decision based on 
evidence, testimony, and witnesses. Lead 
by Katie "the Klepto" Hill and seniors Sarah 
"It Wasn't Me" Allen, Molly "What Brownie?" 
Arvin, Amy "Liar, Liar" Campbell, and Molly 
"I'll Look the Other Way" Kaplan, the rest of 
the council consists of juniors Dacia Beard, 
Rachel Chisolm, Margaret Martin, and Susan 
Oliver, sophomores Lauren Campbell and 
Abigail Ray, and freshmen KendraAbkowitz 
and Betsy Beveridge. 


Sarah "Sticky Fingers' 1 Allen. 
Notorious Brownie thief 

FBI's current #1: Katie Hill 
Escaped from Hopple's detention. Do 
NOT approach, insane and dangerous. 

"Gangsta B." Kaplan. Wanted in 

connection with the disapearance of one 

Laura Cade. 

Amy "The Riper" Campbell 
Suspected of wearing a raggedly 
hemmed skirt on one occasion. 

Susan Oliver 

Wantd for attempting to skip 


Molly Arvin 

Molly has been on the list for 3 years 

now. Her alleged crimes include napping. 

Fraud and Kidnapping 
Reward: $10, 000 

Arson and Armed Robbery 
Approach with Caution 

Found guily on 4 seperate 

accounts of pre-meditated 

uniform violation. 


Service is Key 

The Key Club started this year with a bang, 
building a Habitat House in a speedy four 
weekends, after months of planning and hard 
work. Led by seniors President Susan McGugin, 
Senior Representative Shannon Shillinglaw, and 
Treasurer Lucy Kay Wall labored hard 
throughout spring, summer and fall 1 999 heading 
up the second Harpeth Hall/MBA Habitat house. 
Each officer also used their helping hands and 
community service brains to both volunteer and 
encourage their classmates to support activities 
such as ZooLights, Salvation Army and the 
Diabetes Walk, to name a few. Vice-President 
Melissa Mosley and Secretary Megan Casey 
worked hard to secure new members into 
PULSE, a Nashville community service program. 
Overall, the Key Club had a successful year with 
the help of sponsor Ann Bailey and all the 

> J? -J 

Key Club Officers, left to right: Charlotte King, Melissa Mosley, Shannon 

Shillinglaw, Megan Casey, Lucy Kay Wall, Susan McGugin, Alice Orman, 

Mary Cres Szarwark. 

Above: Check out my tool belt, baby! 
Right: Yet another roof picture! We love these! 

'Boy, hammering sure is hard... maybe I 
;an get chalk boy or Rober to help me ! " 


"Um, Mommy, there's some scary lady 
in the window!" 

The Queen of Keys in action. 

Krystal, Rachel and Liz lend a hand. 


. ._,k ] 

*^^iiy if. 

We love being in the Key Club! ! 

"Ohmigosh, is that your cell phone or 


Gods and Monsters 

Student Faculty 

This year the Student Faculty has joined forces with the Student 
Council to solve some of the smaller, more student-related 
problems of day to day life in the Harpeth Hall community. The 
group discusses everything from water bottles to parking to 
tennis shoes, and any other issue that arises during the school 
years progression. Unlike the exclusive Student Council, 
Student Faculty has attemped to increase attendance beyond 
the immediate group of girls and faculty members by opening 
the meetings to all students who are interested in the topic of 
the day. The eleven permanent members yearn to hear opinions 
other than their own because, as everyone knows, more than 
just eleven girls complain about what is wrong with the school. 
Want to change the world, start small. . .want to change the 
school, go to Mr. Springman s room and make your voice heard. 



Above: Lap Dogs 

Below: "If you change one more line, MRs. Croker, we're 

gonna have a big problem." 


The Ambassador Society 

'We are here to promote our school." This is the 
notto of the Ambassador Society, a group of girls 
ledicated to making Harpeth Hall appealing to the 
)utside world. The ambassadors apply and are 
hen interviewed for the honored positions; they 
ire then chosen from the masses to be the ones to 
epresent the green and gray. Under the guidance 
)f MaryLou Primm and their class representatives, 
he Ambassadors meet twice a month to discuss 
he upcoming events at Harpeth Hall. At the 7:30 
v.M. meetings, sign-ups are passed around as the 
ipcoming jobs are discussed. The girls are 
esponsible for giving tours to prospective students, 
tiding the Admissions Office during Open House, 
ind helping guide the parents during Parents' Night, 
rhe ambassadors also help with receptions and 
he ever-illustrious Alumnae Weekend. These girls 
ire the goodwill "ambassadors" for Harpeth Hall, 
ind we are proud to have them represent our 

Above: Taylor ponders the 

meaning of life. 

Below: I love school. ..and 


Above: "" 

HH Ambassadores welcome prospective students with a smile 


High Art 

The Art Club 

Beauty is supposedly in the eye of the beholder. This year the 
Art Club made the move to share that beauty with the 
community. A public mural and a Time to Rise project are two 
such examples. Community art was also brought to Harpeth 
Hall, with the club helping to set up and take down art exhibits. 
Led by President Catherine Carroll and Vice-President 
Fabienne Diskin. these girls attempt to add to the splendor of 
the hallowed halls by making the student body more aware of 
art in such a scholastically driven environment. In addition, 
these talented, aspiring artists, create a piece to be auctioned 
off at the Main Event. They also practiced art by workin; 
diligently on the color by number coloring books. This group, 
run by the officers and sponsored by Ann Blackburn, sought 
out. participated in. and enjoved art for arts sake. 

Above: J. Crowell, M. Kaplan, F. Diskin, M. Mosely, C. Carroll, K. 

Way Left: Student art work aooMpfzazz to the plain walls of the 

Ruth's Girls 

The Pep Club 

ive me a B... 

"BEARS! BEARS! Are you ready?" Thr 
enthusiastic cheer can be heard roarim 
above the crowds at any Harpeth Ha 
function. Inspired by the "Saturday Nigl I 
Live" Spartan Cheerleaders and lead b ! 
President, Ruth Huggins and her sidekic 
Jacqueline Thompson, the Pep Club he 
raised spirit throughout the Harpeth Ha 
community. School spirit has been take 
to a whole new level with the incorporatic 
of this year s motto of "Pride." On big gan 
days, helpful seniors can be spotted on tr 
patio of the senior house spraying the ha, 
of faculty, administrators and studen 
green, which has become a highly popul; 
event (especially with the seniors). Tt 
1999-2000 school year has been 
wonderful year to be a student at HH, ; 
the Pep Club has assured that everyone w; | 
there to see i 

Above: There seems to be a little something green on your 


Weird Science 

The Science Club 

rhe Science Club, led by senior Nika Ferdowsi, was more active 
his year than ever. In the search for more knowledge, the club 
:ook a trip to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium, and to learn 
nore about our aquatic friends - the fish. The science club, in an 
earnest attempt to keep our school clean, also set up recycling 
?ins. They were removed soon after by the administration, due to 
heir unsightly appearance. The club continues to look for ways 1 
:o help preserve our earth, and improve its condition for the 
generations to come. Their ongoing mission is to raise awareness 
ibout the world around us, even if it means starting with our own 
school first. In order to gain inspiration for their global crusade, 
he clubbers watch old episodes of "Captain Planet." 

Above: Science clubber showing the proper technique for disposing of 
old clothing. 

Left: The fate of those that didn't join the Science Club. 

The Knit Wits 

The Knitting Club 

Above: The fruits of their labor. 

Right: That needle doesn't go in your 

Mrs. Girgus and almost twenty girls have joined forces for one 
purpose. knit. President Lena Kravtsov and this group of girls 
have formed the Knitting Club. They usually meet once a week 
if their schedules allow it and knit for an hour or so. They don't 
just knit to knit either - last year they knitted over fifty scarves 
and hats that Barbara Jordan (of Barb and Jude) was able to 
distribute to homeless people around Nashville. When asked what 
why these girls have chosen to spend their free time knitting, 
Mrs. Girgus said, ''Knitting is a truly meaningful pastime for the 
girls. Not only is it a work in progress which can be extended 
over a long period of time, but we have made a contribution to 
the community as well." 

— , n| 


Law and Order 

Mock Trial/Law Club 

What is the coolest yet one of the most secretive groups on campus? 
No, not the Honor Council (we said coolest). It's Mock Trial! This 
year s Mock team proved to be one of the best, if not the best, that 
Harpeth Hall has ever seen. With four seniors leading the pack, the 
Mockies went on to beat the curse - and MBA - at city for the 
second year in a row. Every year, these Mockies work hard for 
three months preparing a case that has been written specifically for 
Mock. The case is filled with affidavits ad rule of evidence which 
the girls must learn in order to be the best. Mockies eat, sleep, 
breathe Mock Trial. They are extremely dedicated and work harder 
than anybody would expect, but they still manage to make time 
for their annual sleepover. Said Erika of her last year of Mock, "I 
am going to miss these people so much, especially Bahar. This 
has been the best year for mock. I feel that I have gotten so close 
to everyone on this team. I know that I will always remember this 
experience." All the Mockies agree with her sentiments because 
they will leave with good friends, good experiences, and the law 
under their belts 

1 1 




* n il 




The City Champs: Back Row (LtoR): (not pictured Katie McKinley) 
Caroline Landry, Katie Adams, Cari Johns, Frances Lewis, Jennifer 
Price, Margaret Riley, Caroline Moses. Front Row (LtoR): Catherine 
Walton, Bahar Azhdari, Louise Riley, Erika Wilkinson 

Left: After winning the team s MVP award, Louise shows off 
the smile she learned as a cheerleader. 


Above: "Leave me alone. I have to be at Madams X's in fifteen 

More of the Mockies. 

1999-2000 Mockies 


Bahar Azhdari 

Louise Riley 

Catherine Walton 

Erika Wilkinson 


Frances Lewis 

Katie McKinley 


Katie Adams 

Caroline Landry 

Caroline Moses 


Cari Johns 

Jennifer Price 

Margaret Riley 

Above: Caroline rejoices after the 
teams victory. 

Louise oozes school pride as she prepares 
for the competition. 

Above: The freshmen show us their 

"sexy" faces as they prepare for the 

Mockie dance. 

Above: The seniors practice the faces they will use when they see those lovely Home 
School Boys at the Mockie dance. 

Right: Get down with your bad, funky self! 



The Outdoor Club 

The Outdoor Program this year has been a great success. Led by 
students Kerry Bartoe and Kate Lainhart, sponsored by Dr. Hopple, 
and directed by wilderness man David Crais, this program has taken 
Harpeth Hall students on many an exciting and adventurous trip into 
the wild outdoors. They have taken trips like backpacking through 
the Appalachian Trail, caving in the Cumberland Plateau, canoeing, 
hiking through the dangerous Green Hills Mall, and more. The program 
also offeres a great Spring Break trip to Colorado and New Mexico 
for cross-country skiing. Participants in these trips have loved the 
experiences they have had. They have learned many vital skills for 
surviving in the wilderness, explored many new aspects of the 
outdoors, and bonded with teachers and students of all ages. The 
wilderness has taught them how to survive, how to cook in the wild, 
how to set up camp and enjoy the beauty of sleeping under the stars, 
and most of all - how to have an incredible time in the Great Outdoors! 

Lost in the woods, but still having fun. 

The Outdoor Club enjoys its annual fashion show. 

"And I would walk 500 miles..." 

Above: Melinda and Sarah volunteered to clean out the 
science hall bathroom. 

Below: Outdoor girls rest after climbing Mt. Everest. 


Book Worms 

The Book Club 

lach Wednesday almost a dozen 
edicated readers from the sophomore 
lass gather to discuss the books they 
ave been reading. The books they have 
^ad this year include Several Noels, by 
le Russian novelist Dostoyevsky, Snow 
7 ailing on Cedars; God of Small 
^hings; and all of Jane Austen's works, 
he group also followed up their reading 
/ith a trip to see the cinematic version of 
now Falling on Cedars. Led by Mrs. 
Hrgus and Ms. Cameron, the girls are 
ncouraged to be enthusiastic about 
terature and most importantly to "READ, 1 

"Your crushing my brain! I need it to read. 1 ' 

Victoria is held back to sophomore English 

Too much leg showing. 

Ms.Cameron finds the lecture especially riveting. 


Veni, Vidi, Vici 

The Latin Club 

The Latin club had a very productive year, which was 
very evident to the student body as a whole during 
awards assembly, where the Latin students CLEANED 
UP! President Katie Hill said of the event, " You know, 
for a year of lying around in togas and eating grapes all 
through our meetings, the Latin club members sure did 
well on the national examr Sponsored by Mrs. Ward, 
and forerunners of the annual food test, the Latin club 
enjoyed group dinners, and eagerly anticipated the 
release of "Gladiator" starring the dashing Russell 
Crow, who is rumored to have been quite the Latin 
student himself. Spiritumque, Tollamus, Mentem! ! ! ! 

What an eclectic crew! 

No Pare, Sigue, Sigue! ! ! 

The Spanish Club 

The Spanish club is a group of Spanish speaking 
students that love salsa music — and salsa. Led 
by Sarah Hargrove and Keely Robeson, and in 
cooperation with the other language clubs, they 
started off their year with the Food Fest- an 
international event if you will. Club activities 
include eating dinner at El Palenque, Satco and 
many others wonderful Mexican establishments, 
as well as gathering at each other's "casas" for 
movie nights. The club also conducted an 
assembly regarding travels to Spanish-speaking 
countries. Membership in the Spanish Club 
proved to be a fun and exciting way for Harpeth 
Hall students to get involved in Spanish culture 
while having un buen tiempo. 

Sarah prepares to beat a pinata senseless. 


Vive La France! 

The French Club 

The French Club, led by Megan Campbell and Rachel 
Chisolm, had a wonderful year with eating, watching 
movies, and perfecting their mastery of the French 
language. The Food Fest was delicious and the 
various foreign film viewing throughout the year 
allowed the members to enjoy the talent and 
captivating plots for which the French cinema is 
renown. The productive meetings were always 
packed, thanks in part to ever-present tasty 
chocolate croissants. Among exciting speakers this 
year was the owner of Nashville's own Provence 
bakery. The 1999-2000 French club has had, "une 
bonne annee." 

Above: Cathy's favorite French Club event is definitely "food test"! 
Below: Freshmen are thankful for this cultural awakening. 


Bat the Birdie 

Badminton Club 

The brainchild of Mrs. Croker, the badminton 
club is in its freshman year. Meeting after 
school every Tuesday the members discuss 
current trends in the badminton leagues 
abroad. Then the members divide into teams 
and practice, practice, practice. They have 
perfected such techniques as the "Overhead 
Volley," the "Underhand Volley," the "Behind 
the Back and Nothing but Net," and the 
infamous "Bat the Birdie." 

Above: The dangers of the intense 
game known as Badminton. 

Badminton Members (LtoR): Melinda 
Housholder, Laurel Staples, Cynthia Gray. 

Can't We All Just Get 


Beyond Hate Club 

Want to change the way people think IB S TSl 
without using dangerous chemicals? Then . V - 
the Beyond Hate Club is the best place to 
start. Led by some great seniors and the ever- 
exciting Mr. Tuz, these girls are out to change 
the way people think. Senior Rachel 
Cherney, the club's Vice President says the 
following about her views: "Hating is very 
bad. I don't hate haters, I just dislike them ~ 

Beyond Hate Officers (LtoR): Amanda Norman, 
Kate Berry, Rachel Cherney, Nika Ferdowsi. 

Senior Kate Berry cheers for all the 
progress the club has made. 

Smile Rachel, you're making the 


We Don't Need Calculators 

Math Club 

he Math Club, which is in its third year, has proven itself to be 
rand power. These girls work diligently to bring the language 
f mathematics to the forefront of every Harpeth Hall girls 
loughts. Under the guidance of Dora Biegl, the club s sponsor, 
le girls work hard preparing to take math competitions by 
:orm. To practice, the Math Clubbers use addition and 
lultiplication flashcards. They also go to Mrs. Mulgrew - closet 
alculus genius - if they questions that none of them can solve. 
.11 in all, the Math Club is making the world safe for math. 

Two of Math Clubs most enthusiastic members. 

Mrs. Biegls long lost sister? 

Eight Queens and a 

Chess Club 

fearlessly led by Joseph "Hulga" 
broker, the Chess Club meets every 
7 riday in his room to work on their 
already well-polished skills. The Chess 
navens do not just practice one day a 
veek, they play almost every day. For 
hem, it is not about how they do in 
:ournaments; it's about having fun. This 
/ear was also highlighted by a trip to 
Bongo Java and the playground. 
According to Mr. Croker, "These girls 
ive and breathe chess, and that s what 
nakes them great." 

Back Row (LtoR): Elisa McCabe, Erin Williamson, Thea 
Nails, Sponsor Joe Croker, Lena Kravtsov. Front Row (LtoR): 
Ariel Tobin, Ivana Babic, Jenny Parris-Cossu, Rachel McCord. 


Twinkle Toes 

Ballet Club 

Christie Caldwell 

Cathy Crafton 

Elizabeth Townsend 

Charlotte King 

Katie Kennedy 

Rachael McCord 
Abigail Ray 

Elizabeth Warner 
Lauren Powell 

Caroline Ramsey 

Jazz Club 

Kelley Anne Andrews 

Christie Caldwell 

Sasha Chudacoff 

Cathy Crafton 

Nika Ferdowsi 

Amanda Norman 

Spring Pami 
Cory Chockley 
Helen Martin 
Cristen Mills 
Jennifer Allen 
Lana Ismail 
Rachael McCord 

Abigail Ray 
Cornelia Rowe 
Anna Derryberry 

Katie Sears 

Caroline Ramsey 

Lauren Powell 




Tap Club 

Kelley Anne Andrews 
Rachel Bressman 
Christie Caldwell 
Amanda Norman 

Spring Pami 

Cory Chokcley 

Jennifer Harrison 

Leah High 

Cristen Mills 

Anna Guengerich 

Seema Kanwar 

Ciana Pullen 
Rachael McCord 
Anna Derryberry 
Lindsay Mahan 
Elizabeth Warner 

Lauren Powell 

Caroline Ramsey 

Jamie Gordon 

Contempo Casual 

Modern Club 

Rachel Bressman 

Sasha Chudacoff 

Nika Ferdowsi 

Amanda Norman 

Spring Pami 
Cory Chockley 
Helen Martin 
Cristen Mills 
Jennifer Allen 
Katie Kennedy 
Charlotte King 
Rachael McCord 

Abigail Ray 
Anna Derryberry 


Dead Poet's Society 


Hallmarks Editors (LtoR): Kate Berry, Sarah Allen, and Alyssa 

Though Hallmarks only comes out twice a year, the four editors 
put much time and energy into the literary magazine. The editors 
— Alyssa Abkowitz (Layout Editor), Sarah Allen (General Editor), 
Kate Berry (Layout Editor), and Molly Kaplan (Submissions 
Editor) -begin their job by asking students to submit both poetry 
and prose works for consideration. Then they harrass their friends 
to submit works, too. Sometimes teachers even submit their entire 
class's extremely personal essays without the knowledge of their 
students. But by the end of the semester, the editors along with 
the Hallmarks staff members, gather at someone's house to eat 
pizza and try to pick between twenty and twenty-five works from 
the one hundred or so pieces that are submitted to them. After the 
poetry and short fiction pieces are chosen, then the editors hunker 
down to work in Mr. Croker's room. The process is relatively 
short, compared to the layout and editing process of Logos and 
Milestones, but it is hard nonetheless. The end result, though, is 
always highly successful and popular with students. 

Below: Hallmarks Editor, Sarah Allen reads a piece that she 
worked extremely hard on, "Roses are red..." 


Katherine Graham Wanna-bes 

Logos II 

They stay late into the night, but they're not the maintenance 
men. They've sacrificed their social lives for the good of the 
school, but they're not the chess club. They work their tails 
off, but only the other dedicated publications editors (hey, 
we had to plug for Milestones) know who they are. We're 
talking about Logos II Editor-in-Chief Katie Hill and Logos 
Sponsor Denise Croker, of course. Hill and a group of eight 
other editors under the tutelage of Mrs. Croker and Mrs. 
O'Keefe wrote, edited, shot pictures for, and layed out five 
issues this year, including the ever-popular April Fools issue. 
Other editors included: Cornelia Rowe, Cynthia Gray, 
Fabienne Diskin. Alyssa Abkowitz, Molly Kaplan, Sarah 
Allen, Jessica Lundin, and Lesley Foglia. Despite sometimes- 
high tension, stress, and deadlines. Logos still ran smoothly 
throughout the year. "When Mrs. Croker and I were laying 
the issue out at eight o'clock the night before my physics 
exam and I made Bahar stay with me, the show still went on. 
When other editors were harrassing various members of the 
student body for articles, the show still went on. Even when 
we were raiding the Milestones office for bad pictures because 
we needed to fill space, the show still went on. If we had to 
choose a theme for Logos this year- keeping with Mr. Croker 's 
Tropes and Schemes worksheet - it would definitely be, 'The 
Show Must Go On,'" Hill remarked. 

.ogos Staffers, Editors and Sponsors: Top (LtoR): Sponsor Jackie CT Keefe, 
vlolly Kaplan, Cornelia Rowe, Sponsor Denise Croker. Middle (LtoR): Alyssa 
Vbkowitz, Cynthia Gray, Lesley Foglia. Front (LtoR): Sarah Allen, Katie 
iill, Fabienne Diskin. 

Reject Hill demonstrates why she is 
Logos Editor-in-Chief. 


No comment. 


Rolling Stones 

1999-2000 Milestones 

"Hey good-lookin' ! Wanna go for a ride?" J 

Milestones is the tortuous, painful, and underappreciated extracurricular activity 
that manifests itself in the form of the yearbook. This year 13 editors led the 
charge against Martha Grace, invisible staffers, incompetent photo developers, 
Micheal's Photography, and deadlines. Bruised and battered, these 1 3 brave souls, 
knowing that their crowning achievement would arrive after their departure for 
college, selflessly donated blood, sweat, tears, sanity, sleep, comfort, security,) 
free time, weekends, weekdays, nights, mornings, breaks. . .gave up their social 
lives, families, friends, food, beds, homes, favorite television shows, dates, I 
boyfriends, showers, all in the name of serving others. In all seriousness, theff 
editors worked hard to produce the funniest copy, the best pictures, and the most 
creative layouts that this school has ever seen. The editors have lived in Mr.| 
Croker's room (considering the fact that he has all the decent computers, printers,! 
scanners, etc.), beat the iMac, yelled expletives at anything technological, cut! 
and pasted heads, searched for businesses to buy ads, and threatened to quit. But I 
all in all, the Stoners have become a close groups of friends. So come on out andl 
join Milestones next year! We promise you won't regret it. 


The dangers of working too long on 
Milestones with Sandy. 

All the editors pose together happily... they 

hadn't worked overtime to reach a 

deadline yet. 

1 60 

Left: Don't those girls just look 
cute.. .especially Reed, she's so photogenic. 

Below: Sandy and Jessica are happy 
because the meeting was cancelled. 

"The website is" 

'Maybe if I look down at my paper long 

enough, Martha won't make me do 


The yearbook has zapped Lucy Kay of 

all possible thought.. .she can only stare 

emptily into space. 


"Cheerleaders are athletes, too 

The Upper School Cheerleading "Squad" 

Below: Lucy prepares for a killer hurky. 

Below: Cherney embodies the grace for 
which all cheerleaders strive daily. 


Above: The squad takes a quick time out for a 
photo op. and to sign autographs for the little 

t ■-». ... - 3, 

Above: At the state game, the HH 

cheerleaders were the most talked about 

of all the squads. 

\ i! ' !f - ' JK9 



The Harpeth Hall cheerleading team 
gained a great deal of unexpected attention 
this past basketball season in light of their 
unique blend of school spirit and "rough" 
cheerleading . Admittedly incapable of 
performing most stunts, and viewing the 
role of the cheerleader as somewhat 
humorous, their irreverent style and 
improvisational dress made them favorites 
not only within the HH community but 
with the Tennessee sports world at large. 
They won the Spirit award at the state 
basketball tournament for their leading of 
a large portion of the student body in 
chants, cheers, and jeers as HH took on 
Chattanooga's GPS. All in all, it was a big 
year for HH cheerleading. Hopefully the 
junior cheerleaders will be back next year 
with all new material. 


YIG: Not Just Another Weird Acronym 

Youth in Government 

What other group of people would miss school and give 
up a precious weekend to argue about foreign policy 
and to pass mock Senate bills? Youth in Government, 
led by fearless senior Jessica Crowell (who we hear is 
planning a presidential bid in the 2024 election), attends 
two conferences every year: Model United Nations in 
the fall and Youth Legislature in the spring. In the fall, 
students choose any world country and research it, then 
write a bill that pertains to their country's culture or 
government. For example, if a group picks Djibouti, 
then they might pass a bill that would legally allow them M 
to change the official pronunciation of their country's ■ 
name, or if a group picked to represent the country of m 
Milestones, then they might pen a bill to overthrow m 
Martha Grace as their ruthless dictator. You get the idea. 
In the spring, the students converge on the State Capitol 
Building to debate bills. Some students get the 
opportunity to serve on mock Congressional 
Committees or even to be members of the press. YIG I 
gives students the opportunity to see what both domestic I 
and foreign politics is like from an insider's view. Don't 
be surprised to see the likes of Jessica Crowell on C- 
Span in twenty years when the rest of us are teaching 
Latin and sponsoring Milestones at Harpeth Hall. 

YIG Officers (LtoR): Rachel Chisolm, Jessica Crowell, Melinda Housholder. 

Above: "Ha, can you actually believe that they made me president?" 
Left: "YIG, SHMIG!" 


Above: Umm...Fabienne,are you showing skin? 
Below: Fabienne... dazed as always. 

Officers (LtoR): Cornelia Rowe, Katie Howell, Sponsor Janette Fox 
Klocko, Kristina Hoge, Allyson Forman, Liz Edwards. 

Thespians... with a TH 

The Playmakers 

Above: Do we really want him in your yearbook? 
Below: Apparently, only Liz sees the camera. 

For each of the wonderful plays performed at Harpeth Hall, a lot work 
goes on behind the scenes. The group responsible for these feats is the 
Playmakers. The Playmakers construct sets, sell tickets, put up posters, 
and make everything run smoothly for the plays. Each Playmaker is 
responsible for getting a certain number of hours for each performance. 
At the end of the year, the Playmakers celebrate their hard work and 
numerous achievements with a banquet, which is complete with a theme 
costumes, and everyone's favorite: sock puppets, the true thespian acting 
aid. Playmakers who go above and beyond the call of duty are given the 
opportunity of joining the International Thespian Society. Without their 
hard work, students would not been able to enjoy such works as Grease, 
Much Ado about Nothing, and The Last Night of Ballyhoo. 

Below: "Like, oh my God! Great pink 

■ 1 


Back Row (LtoR): Meg Wright, 
Amanda Powell, Lauren Powell, Anna 
Smith, Nancy Sisk, Grace Wachtler, 
Emily Crowe, Emily Willard, 
Roseanne Siman. Middle Row 
(LtoR): Lindsey Rollins, Mamie 
Nichols, Sophie Sanders, Emily 
Killian, Pamela McCord, Margaret 
Walker, Ryan McLaughlin, Annie 
Mulgrew. Front Row (LtoR): Emily 
Fisher, Abby Lipshie, Cacky Tate, 
Katherine Wood, Elizabeth Edwards, 
Rachel Howell. 


MS Student Council 

The Student Council sponsors a sign painting campaign to help raise Annie and Ryan pose together after the successful! 
money to buy more poster board and paint. sign painting campaign. 


\bove: Middle School Boot Camp sponsored by the Middle School Student 


Right: Taylor is worried that her marker will run out before her 

poster is finished. 

Rachel is shocked after she finds out that she will have to use 
a lap top next year. 

Above: The members train for frisbee warfare. 
Left: The girls pose happily with each other. 


Little Logos 

MS Newspaper 

Back Row (LtoR): Cameron Neely, Meg 
Wright, Robin Steele, Cari McDonald, Anna 
Smith. Middle Row (LtoR): Demetria Spinrad, 
Caroline Hallemann, Emily Turner, Noura 
Ismail, Melissa Kim, Sarah Mayhen. Front ■ 
Row (LtoR): Perry Del Favaro, Emily Fisher, 
Blair Carter, Kaz Suzuki, Jing Zhang. 

Singing Kids 

MS Chorus 

Back Row (LtoR): Perry Del Favaro, Caitlin 
Heyman, Tori Patterson, Kelly Diehl, Kathleen 
Goetz, Margaret Anne Gray. Middle Row 
(LtoR): Sarah Lovett, Sarah Mayhen, Anna 
Smith, Maddie Martin, Ellen Wheeler, Mary 
Clare Carpenter, Erica Yartz. Front Row 
(LtoR): Berry Kennedy, Caroline Ramsey, 
Caroline Crouch. 


Future Thespians 


i dfe '"- A'' ' ?% * ' ^ - 

* mfrnM 
W 1 

MS Drama Club 

Back Row (LtoR): Margaret Tipton, Georgia 
McKay, Jing Zhang, Ashleigh Robinson, Jane 
Coleman Harbison, Jaclyn Kireyczyk, Alana 
Essig. Middle Row (LtoR): Ms. Mia Adams, 
Monisha Chakravarthy, Emily Killian, Elta 
Mariani, Emily Turner, Melissa Kim, Demetria 
Spinrad, Cameron Neely, Mamie Nichols. 
Front Row (LtoR): Sophie Sanders, Lindsey 
Rollins, Becca Hill, Noura Ismail, Caroline 

Knitting Fiends 

MS Knitting Club 

(LtoR): Margaret Walker, Emily Killian, Jaclyn 
Kireyczyk, Elta Mariani, Blair Carter, Jane 
-*' a Coleman Harbison, Demetria Spinrad. 


Service with a Smile 

Community Service for Eighth 

(LtoR): Sarah Mayhan, Elizabeth Stewart, 
Meg Wright, Hillary Primm, Emily Dean, 
Felicia Zhuang. 

"I Did It All for the Bookie" 

MS Book Club 

(LtoR): Sarah Mayhan, Wesley Hughes, Anna , 
Smith, Robin Steele, Elizabeth Conrad, Meg i 
Wright, Abby Lipshie, Rosanne Siman. 


Calculator Wars 

Sixth Grade Math Contest 

Back Row (LtoR): Laura Nichols, Mrs. Sally 
Lee. Front Row (LtoR): Jaclyn Kireyczyk, 
Monisha Chakravarthy, Emily Killian, Sarah 

Equation Invasion 

Seventh Grade Math Contest 

Back Row (LtoR): Margaret Dodson, Taylor Sitzler, 
Morgan Stengel, Margaret Anne Gray, Kate Gregory, 
Ms. Marie Burr. Front Row (LtoR): Claire Berry, 
Madeline Martin, Alison Milan, Candace Clippard. 




Grab the barf bag! Sloan's gonna blow! 

Have a Holly Jolly Volley, We Went to State This 


Varsity Volleyball 

The 1999 Harpcth Hall volleyball team had a very 
successful year. Led by Coach Karen Schwartz, a 
Middle School English teacher, the junior varsity 
won first place in the Page Invitational, which 
resulted in their receiving a beautiful trophy. The 
varsity team, led by these six seniors: Sloan Curtis, 
Meg Fox, Sarah Allen, Amy Campbell, Emily Priest, 
and Brooke Earthman helped lead the team to 
overcome a variety of obstacles throughout the 
season. Not only did they attain team goals, but 
experienced personal successes as well. On the 
road to state for the first time in several years, the 
team defeated rival school, Brentwood Academy 
in the regional tournament. The game displayed 
the Bears' strong presence on the court. Although 
they did not win the state title, they set new 
standards for HH volleyball, while enjoying an 
exceptional season of play. Way to go Bears! 

Sarah prepares to do a back handspring. 

Back: Coach Gaston, A.Campbell, K.Zerface, E.Priest, B.Brown, M.Fox, L.Owens, Coach Swartz. j" 
Middle: C.Moses, S.Curtis, A.Orman, S.Schwaber, R.Chisolm, S.Allen, E.Porter. Front: S.Jackson, | 
M. Martin, M.Molteni, B. Earthman. ! 


Presenting offerings to the Volleyball gods. 

Volleyball team goes line-dancing. 



Margaret is high.. .on life. 

Em gives a painful serve. 

Do these shorts make me look 
fat or fruity? 

Happy Huddle! 

The future of Harpeth Hall! ! 


What Does Not Kill Us, 
Makes Us Stronger 

US Varsity Soccer 

15/ TpfAJ 1 ^ ,'| ; 

****t~yA t*£i ; i^tJi*i 



;*4'f«" ! r!-: 






Back: A.Jones, R. Simpkins, R.Hearon, L.Gernert, A. 
Mayo, S.Loeppkc, 15. Lew is. Coach Wallace. Middle: 
E.Ballard, A.OIdacre, K.Serck, A.Markham, L.Toth, 
S.Soltman, S.Oliver, S.Tidwell, C. McCain, C.Landry, 
M.Szarwark, K.Carter, E.Williamson, M. Riley. Front 
S.McGugin, M.Campbell, L.Wall, K.Hale, R.Harrison. 
S. Shillinglaw. 

Above: Toth defies gravity. 
Right: "My doctor said Mylanta." 


Need a pacy Suzy? 

We love Peaches. 

A Cinderella Story 

Kiss me you fool. 

Lucy and Spunky Monkey 

The Harpeth Hall soccer team enjoyed yet another fabulous season 
filled with fun and excitement. Long hailed as the Cinderella team from 
middle Tennessee, critics argued for several years that this "Cinderella" 
did not truly fit in at the "Ball". Led by seniors, Rachel Cherney, 
Shannon Shillinglaw, Susan McGugin, Reed Harrison, Lucy Kay Wall, 
Kathleen Hale, and Megan Campbell, the team finished their season out 
with an amazing record of 19-2-2. This year, Tim Wallace stepped from 
assistant to head coach and lead the bears to the best soccer season in 
Harpeth Hall history. For the first time ever, Harpeth Hall made it to the 
state championship finals, placing a close second (2-1 ) to nationally 
ranked (8 lh ) Baylor School of Chattanooga. The season started as 
teammates left the poolside and gave up sleep-late mornings to train, 
mid July, in the Georgia heat. They went strong for three months, 
ending their season on a chilly October night in Chattanooga. Harpeth 
Hall soccer has become a formidable force in TSSAA athletics - few 
will argue that Cinderella isn't queen! 

Megan's moves confuse the Ryan goalie. 


The Green Mile 

The Upper School Cross Country Team had 
an awesome season this year! Coached by 
Mrs. Susan Russ, these girls developed 
strength and iron wills, while learning to keep 
on running - no matter what. Mrs. Russ could 
often be heard saying, "Pain is not an option". 
This became the creed by which the runners 
lived by for the first 3 months of the school 
year. Both the varsity and junior varsity 
teams had some incredible runners, including 
several who are new to cross country at 
Harpeth Hall. The girls demonstrated 
amazing endurance, as they were able to pull 
through every race no matter how tired or 
sick they were. They experienced some 
incredible accomplishments such as winning 
the Tennessee State Classic. Led by seniors, 
Alyssa Abkowitz, Sloan Ashley, Lindsey 
Wallace, and Jacqueline Thompson, this 
group of dedicated girls showed great team 
spirit and effort as well as endurance and 
hard work. Go Bears! 

US Cross Country 

A. Abkowitz, K. Abkowitz, S.Ashley, M.Bartoe, G.Barton, S.Britt, M.Chisolm, E.Clarkfl 
G.Clayton, E.Dade, L.Ezell, A.Ezell, C.Floyd, H.Galbraith, M.Granberry, C.Harper, 
C.Johns, M.Mayo, J.McGee, M.Miller, S.Neilson, C. Potash, H.Rodes, K.Stanberry, 
T.Stone, J.Thompson, L.Wallace, Manager E.Russell 

Above: "Why can't I catch my breath?" 
Above Right: Run, Carey, run! 

Above: "What would happen if I tripped 1 
Left: "Whew... only ten more miles." 
Below: Sloan runs heads above the rest. 


Upper School Basketball 

It was a great year.. .Bear basketball was on the rise. The 1999-2000 Varsity basketball 
team finished the season with a record of 16-14 and a first ever trip to the TSSAA State 
Final Four Tournament in Murfreesoboro. Highlights of the season included big home wins 
over BGA, Brentwood Academy, and mid-state power Waverly This years squad played 
one of the schools most difficult schedules and at tournament time it definitely paid off.. 
Going into the region tourney as the #3 seed, the bears blew past MTCS and won in a 
thrilling overtime game over BGA 46-41 before falling to Ryan in the finals 36-33 before a 
packed house at MBA... after a substate victory in memphis over ECS, the Bears lost in the 
State semifinals 38-28 to the eventual champions GPA. Although we will miss the seniors 
Megan Campbell, Meg Fox, Tricia McWilliams, and Emily Priest, an experienced squad 
returns next year along with a talented youth movement that will make things just as excitin; 
as ever. The 1999-2000 Freshmen team combined from six different teams from the previous 
year to finish third in the regular season. Though their record may have fallen short of their 
skill, guts and determination guided this team. Way to go Freshmen! 

FreshmanBasketball Team: 
Left to Right, Top: Coach 
Martha Grace, Kendra 
Abkowitz, Tippins Stone, 
Tori Tucker, Hays Brandon, 
Raleigh Anne Simpkins. 
Middle: Catherine Fox, 
Virginia Pirkle, Jennifer 
Price, Emmie Granbery, 
Rachel Price. Front: Sarah 
Isenhour, Anna Schwaber, 
Megan Bell. 


Varsity Basketball Team: 

ack (L to R): Coach Chip 
Fridrich, L. McWilliams, A. 
Ezell, L. Owens, M. Moore, 
Coach Karen Schwartz. Middle: 
T. McWilliams, M. Fox, M. 
Campbell, E. Priest. Front: E. 
Porter, B. Brown, M. Martin, A. 


Bowled Over 

US Bowling 

Colleen and Graham bond at the bowling alley! 

This year Ms. Roark and Mrs. Girgus have formed a bowling team, oik 
open team to compete against everyone (including those strapping younj. 
lads from MBA) and one girls team. They have about 20 girls, including 
Dacia Beard and Frances Lewis, the team captains. Although they didn'i 
win EVERY match, they were very popular among the fans and they hac 
an awesome time. Their skills also earned the nickname of "the Bowlinj 

Right: Dacia with her custom-made bowling ball, 

Bottom: SSSteeeeeeeeeeeerrrriiiiiikkkkee! 

Bottom: Since bowling takes such intense concentration, 
this bowler must show her serious side. 


Real Ladies Shoot Guns 

US Riflery 

"Breathe. Become one with the gun.' 



Melinda practices her aim just in case her grades are lower than 
she expected. 

"Now Kate, after you shoot the first shot, drop the gun and get into your karate stance." 


"Bearacudas all the way!" The team spirit on the Harpeth 
Hall swim team is palpable. With every swimmer crowding 
the poolside and cheering continuously tor one another, it 
is not surprising that the Bearacudas were Division III Dual 
Meet Champions. Led by seniors Janna Alfery, Sandy 
McCain, Lindsay Beckner, Amy Campbell, and Emme 
Simpkins, these swimming fiends went to the Regional Meet 
full of confidence and ready to win. The combination of five 
months of intense practices and the incredible coaching 
skills of Polly Linden and Jack Hazen led the team to become 
Region Champs for the third consecutive year. Coach Polly 
Linden says of her team, "This is one of the most united 
teams that I have had the privilege of coaching. The senior 
leadership this year was exemplary. I am proud that more 
girls made it to State this year than any other." Twenty-four 
out of the twenty-nine swimmers made their state cut this 
year. The strength of the swimmers and the addition of three 
new divers on the team inspired Coaches Linden and Hazen 
to reach for even bigger goals at state. Despite the freezing 
cold water and the suffocatingly tight swimsuits, the 
Bearacudas managed to grab fourth place at the State Meet. 
The leadership and dedication shown by the swimmers this 
year can only hope to be matched by that shown by next 
year s Bearacudas. 

Senior swimmers pose with the roses they bought themselves. 

Swimmers Do It Freestyle 

The 1999-2000 Swim Team 

Back Row (L to R): A. Banker, J. Cato, L. Hallemann, M. Turner, E. Cameron, L. Johnson, S. Bargatze. Third Row (L to 
R): Coach Polly Linden, G. Wachtler, G. Richardson, L. Campbell, M. Ragland, S. Morris, M. Beckner, L. Trent. Second 
Row (L to R): L. Smith, M. Keltner, M. Larence, A. McDuffy, C. Crozier, A. Scruggs, C. Beckner. Front Row (L to R): E. 
Ramsey, S. McCain, A. Campbell, L. Beckner, J. Alfery, E. Simpkins. 


"What do you mean tennis isn't a contact sport? 

YouYe not gettin' any points tonight, Lady! 

Kickin' Asphalt 

Varsity Tennis 

The 2000 varsity tennis team 
ended the season with a strong 
showing at the state tournament 
in Chattanooga. Beginning in 
April, seven girls played 
tirlessly across the state and 
were undefeated in the region, 
8-0. Senior Hayden Morel 
completed her fifth season on 
the team, and her fifth trip to 
state this year. " We represent 
all that is good about the 
school," Hayden joked, "We 
have grown as a team. We have 
great karma!" 

Back Row (LtoR): Coach Laura Hays, K. Fort, S. Rhett, L. Toth, C. Szarwark, 
E.Hagan, R. Chisolm. Front Row (LtoR): J. Hartness, L. Trent, H. Morel, L. Hills. 
Not pictured: S. Lipman. 

bth perfects the art of walking and chewing gum at 
the same time. 

Wanna Be a Bailer 

US Softball 

Back Row (LtoR): Coach, Sara Isenhour, Sarah Gabbert, Sara Rodriguez, Hays Brandon, Mary Stingle, Chauncey Short, Tor! 
Tucker, Coach Polly Linden. Middle Row (LtoR): Danielle Kobylski, Cassie McConnell, Victoria Doramus, Elizabeth Porter 
Molly Moore, Lindsey Owens. Front Row (LtoR): Senior Lindsey Wallace. 

Left: Lindsey (aka Lolita) shows off the flowers she received 
on Lindsey Day. 

Above: Swing, batter, batter, batter. Swing! 

The Harpeth Hall lacrosse team made quite a name for itself in 
its second season as a club team. Under the direction of 7-9 
months pregnant coach, Legare Vest, the girls trained for several 
months prior to the end of the school year. Their accomplishments 
include the defeat of archnemesis Father Ryan twice, Brentwood 
High once, and everyone else. The girls travelled to Atlanta for 
a playday to test out their skills against those of other teams in 
bigger cities, and found that they measured up quite nicley, coming 
out 1 and 1 . The first game, they insist, was lost to the Krystal 
they ate on the way down and not to the other team. The team, 
which was snubbed from the athletic banquet due to its club 
status, wrapped up the year with a pool party—proving that the 
lax team always goes out in style. 

Chicks with Stix 

US Lacrosse 

Above: Susan Oliver, once again, misses the team 
cheer because she is unable to master the ever- 
difficult helmet. 

Emmie's on the move 


Above: Lisa Shipp prepares to whack an oncoming 


Harpeth Hall lacrosse team makes a name for itself. 
Tory's stick is an extension of herslf. 

Above: Sneaky Reed tricks the dumb 
Ryan defense. 

Above: And a rare appearance for 
Sally Jackson on the lax field!!! 


Fatal A-TRACK-tion 

US Track 

The track team's prowess was both 
intimidating and reknown this season, as 
the runners crushed competitor after 
competitor on their road to the state title. 
Practices were endured, strength was 
built, races were completed, and records 
were broken. The 2K track team, through 
hard work and determination, won the 
TSSAA State Championship, and brought 
the state title back to Harpeth Hall in the 
final sport competed in by the school this 
year. The entire school shared in the joy 
of the athletes at this great 
acomplishment. It should also be noted 
that this is the first year in HH history in 
which every sport's team has competed 
in state competition. 

Camille leaps over the pit! 

Coach Russ, Coach Terry, and Coach/Dr. Jack pose with the very large-and hence, 
impossible to write out everyone's name-- sorry, track team. 


Things That Go Bump in the Night 

Middle School Volleyball 

Left to Right: Top: H.Hines, E.Crowe, M.Dodson, Coach M.Grace, K.Seals, G.Wachtler, 
A.Lipshie. Middle: E.Lewis, A. Barron, N.Sisk, M.McCord, M.Martin, L.Miller. Front: 
A. Milam, H.Rankin, A. Mulgrew, C.Tate, M.Bryant 

The middle school volleyball team had - once again - a successful 
season. Led by nine 8 th graders, this year's team was closeknit and 
had a good time while working hard. As one team member said, "A 
fun point was throwing balls at Hadley!". Although the team had 
memorable victories, they will never forget their best game — though 
it was a loss. Reminiscing about this game, one volleyball player said, 
"One highlight of our season was when we played Freedom Middle 
and played awesomely but lost. It was our best game ever (played 
on Tuesday) and after that we would say before each game, 'Let's 
have a Tuesday'". The seventh graders were the base of the team, 
inspiring the eighth graders to play their hardest. In short, school 
spirit radiated from the entire middle school volleyball team, no 
matter what role each individual played in its success. 

Below: Sending in the secret weapons. 

Above: The Bears are on fire! 
Below: Abby on the power play! 

t£i£tfi; * 

inn- if 

If • !!! l 

The Long Green Line 

Middle School Cross Country 

Above: RLH Bears! 
Below: "I thought this was a cricket match." 

The Harpeth Hall Middle School cross-country team completed a 
perfect season, winning every meet and rolling over six opponents in 
the Harpeth Valley Athletic Conference championships at Percy Warner 
Park. In achieving this, they received the lowest score ever recorded 
in this meet, compiling a 20 ( 1 5 is the lowest possible score). Ensworth 
came in second with a 66. Ellen Davis, Morgan Stengel, Jennifer Bum, 
Mary Katherine Bartholomew, Laura Nichols, and Margaret Tipton 
filled in the top places, while nearly every girl on the Harpeth Hall team 
ran their best race of the year. When asked to comment on the girls' 
winning streak, their coach Dr. Jack Henderson said, "Their season 
was perfect, and although there were so many strong winners in the 
spotlight, the team as a whole did amazingly." 

Above: Middle Schoolers give it their all. 
Below: "We love to run!" 

What a stellar group of girls! 


Just for Kicks 

Middle School Soccer 

The Middle School Soccer Team had a very 
successful season this year. For the first time ever, 
there were enough sixth, seventh, and eighth graders 
interested in playing that two teams were formed. The 
A Team was led by coaches Coach Jeffords and 
Coach Primm. They finished the season with a record 
of 6-1-2 and a third place finish in the HVAC 
tournament. The coaches remarked, 'The girls played 
hard all season with a lot of heart, determination, and 
intensity" Coach Baker and Coach Pledger led the 
B Team. They finished the season with a 2-2 record. 
The team had a combination of new and old players 
and did a wonderful job of teamwork to continually 
improve their skills. 

Team A: Back Row (L to R): Coach Primm, N.Sisk, H.Menefee, E.Lewis,. 
A.Lipshie, E.Davis, E.Conrad, G.Wachtler, Coach Jeffords. Middle Row 
(L to R): C.Dunn, A.Cole, C.Clippard, M.McCord, D.Cherney, M.Stingle, 
A.Powell. Front Row (L toR): E.Grote, M.Bartholomew, E.Killian, 
K. Bowers, S.Stanton, K.Gallagher, A. Gernert. 



M. Martin. M.Higgins,C.Cohen,E.Wheeler,S.Rowe.Front(LtoR):T.Patterson, 


Above: "Is this my good side?" 

Below: Coach Primm lets 'em 

have it. 

Teed Off 

Middle School Golf 

Golf, the newest athletic team in the Middle 
School, had a surprisingly successful first 
season. The team consisted of these three 
dedicated members: Emmie Powell, Dru Nelson, 
and Candace Clippard. The team's small size did 
not, however, hinder their achievement on the 
green. Coached by Spanish teacher Marees 
Choppin, the golf team practiced once a week 
and participated in six turbulent matches 
throughout September. They emerged victorious 
in an astounding 5 out of those 6 matches. This 
year is likely the first of many triumphant 
seasons to come for the Middle School HVAC 

Left (L to R): Coach Chopin, C. Clippard, D.Nelson, 


Middle School Cheerleaders 

Coached by 8th grade math 
teacher Molly Simmons, the 
middle school cheerleaders are 
a group of seven spirited girls 
that ceaselessly encourage their 
classmates on the court. The 7 th 
and 8 th grade basketball team 
can always count on the 
cheerleaders to give their 
enthusiastic support during the 
middle of a tough game. Since 
they are the pep club of the 
Middle School, these girls also 
raise school spirit throughout 
the entire school by getting other 
classmates to come and cheer for 
their sports teams. 


The Air Down There 

Middle School Basketball 

The A-team: Left to Right, Top: Coach Davis, W.Hughes, E.Davis, M.Dodson, E.Stewart, A.Lipshie, 
N.Sisk, Coach Wallace. Front: M.Stengel, M.McCord, A.Granbery, L.McKinney,A.Cole 

The B-team: Left to Right, Top: Coach Simmons, E.Yartz, L.Bryant, 
L.Miller, E.Conrad, Coach Trotter. Middle: E.Crowell, M.Martin, 
A. Trotter, A.Powell, H.Rankin. Front: A.Gernert, M.Bryant, 


5/6th grade team warms up. 

Emma is psyched for the half-time speech! 

Nancy is a little bewildered by the advice of 
Coach Wallace and Coach Davis. 


Wanna be an Upper School 

MS Softball 

With a huge win over rival Ensworth that 
came down to the last inning, the Middle 
School softball team completed their goal 
of winning at least one game. This year's 
team was coached by two brand- 
spankin' new coaches. First, head coach 
Jennifer Pledger brought innovative ideas 
to the softball field. Harpeth Hall's very 
own Lynn Crabtree returned to show 
young players what she had learned 
playing under the stellar Polly Linden, 
Upper School softball coach. Even 
though their record was less than perfect, 
the girls learned a valuable lesson: it's not 
how many games you win (in this case 
one) but how you played the games. 

"I'd be able to catch the ball if the stupid 
sun weren't shining directly onto my face." 

Players huddle to discuss their strate^ 
"taking out" the other team. 


Above: "I can't believe Nancy is going to finish all of the 

Back Row ( L to R): Coach Lynn Crabtree, A. Trotter, A. Lipshie, K| 
Seals, L. Miller, W. Hughes, Coach Jennifer Pledger. Middle Row (Lt j 
R): E. Lewis, N. Sisk, L. Simpson, E. Conrad, M. Martin. Front Ro^ 
(Lto R): M. Bryant, A. Gernert, K. Gallagher, M. McCord, A.Mulgrev' 



MS Tennis 

Doubles at its finest. 
Players rest while watching their teammates sweat in the sun. 

Jack Row (Lto R): L. Darwin, M. Bartholomew, Substitute Coach 
L.Schwartz. Middle Row(Lto R): K. Bowers, A.Cole, M. Stengel, 
| Clippard. Front Row (L to R): A. Milam, H.Menefee, E. Powell, 
v. Powell, T. Herbert, L. Edwards. 

3elow: "I bet if I sneak out right now, 
no one will notice me. 

On 10 May 2000, Coach Hila Graham 
gave birth to baby Wills. Due to this happy 
event, Coach Graham unfortunately had 
to leave the team mid-season. Despite 
losing this valuable coach, the Middle 
School Tennis team recovered with full 
force winning the H VAC title. Led by new 
coach Karen Schwartz, they continued to 
dominate the league. The girls had a player 
in every finals match of the HVAC 
Tournament. Even though they will lose 
four players to the Upper School next 
year, the remaining eight players will 
definitely go on to repeat their victory. 


"What was I thinking? I hate running." 

Wrong Side of the Track 

MS Track 

Top, Left to Right: Coach Hart, Jay Lostetter, R. 
Esterday, G. Wachtler, L. Evans, V. Kelley, E. 
Simpkins, A. Brooks, T Sitzler, Coach Jeffords. 
Middle: A. Granbery, T Patterson, L. Johnson, M. 
Carpenter, C. Cohen, J. Burn, A. Barron, K. 
Bevilqua, M. Higgins, M. Wallace. Front: M. 
Bartholomew, E. Grote, S. Rowe, S. Sawyer, E. 
Willard, J. Bracewell, R. McLaughlin, C. Dunn, 
D. Nelson, M. Stengel, E. Davis, C. Tate, H. 
Ramsey. The team finished third in the HVAC and 
set a new HVAC record in the 4 X 8. 

Above: Monkeying Around 
You can do it. 

Above: Girls pose with their beloved Coach Graves. 

Below. There's something similar about the three of 

you. ..maybe it's the shoes. 

Above: "Running is so... palpable." 
Below: The "Eye of the Tiger." 



"... ' * ' ";' 

iliss/l. ■ ■■■..:■■'■.: 




US Riots 

Upper School Events Division 


A Few Good Women 

Leadership Conference 

Above: Three down, four to go. 

Left: Louise, who's leadership retrea 
are you on? 

From August 15-16, thirty-six of Harpctli Hall's 
finest went to Camp Hillmont in White Bluff, TN for 
the annual Leadership Retreat. The girls who went 
included club and class presidents, vice presidents, 
and members of the student council. Led by Ms. 
Teaff and the new upper school director, Mrs. 
Mulgrew, the girls made posters for the teacher's 
doors, set goals for the upcoming year, and planned 
fun, new activities for the student body. The two 
days were spent discussing aspirations for the new 
year, one of which was choosing a theme for the 
school year. Suggested by Ms. Teaff, the theme of 
"School Pride" was accepted for the '99-'00 school 
year! Hannah Reed said, "The retreat was so much 
fun and gave me lots of confidence about how 
incredible the upcoming school year would be." 

"I think I'm out of holes." 

Franks and Beans 

"Hey Janna, how do you spell 'Mi 816^?" 


Gotta Get Out of Bed, Grab a Hammer 
and a Nail. 

Habitat for Humanity 

*£.^» z^ 


Liz and Katie, hard at work! 

T i*t4i iv &:$ 

Pass me the Skoal. 

Above: Lumber is sexy. 
Below: Laura loves to caulk. 

Lifting up the mind and spirit... and the roof. 

This year, over forty students from I larpetli Hall and MBA invested countless 
hours in helping the Jackson family build their new home on Delk Ave. for 
this year's Habitat for Humanity. With smiling faces and an incredible 
eagerness to participate, faculty and students gathered together to create 
this house over a span of six weekends. The project started from a mere 
cement foundation. Equipped with nail guns, paint brushes, and hammers 
the house was soon completed. The future owner, Krystal Jackson was on 
site each day, helping in the completion of her new home. Key Club president, 
Susan McGugin, and the planning committee succeeded in raising over 
40,000 dollars for the project. The building of the habitat house gave students 
an opportunity to come together and accomplish the task at hand. Those 
who did not actively participate in the building of the house, helped get 
donations from the surrounding community, or they donated money for the 
penny wars which the Senior class won! All that were involved were left w ith 
an irreplaceable experience and remarkable friendships. 

Below: Construction sites are a great place to pick up men. 



Be happy, you 

Wow! That concrete looks really comfortable! 

Freshman Retreat 

The freshman retreat this year was a huge success in which the new freshmen 
bonded together and became closer. This year the retreat was held at a new 
location called Camp Discovery. Besides the bus ride filled with gossip and 
games, the highlight of the trip was the hilarious skits performed that night. Activities 
included trust walks, swimming, bonding games, and lots of time in advisor groups. 
It was a good experience that allowed the new freshmen to meet their classmates 
before school started. No matter what part of the trip the class of 2003 
remembers, the Froshies will always remember their great bonding time during 
their luxurious getaway. The image of Dr. Hopple hula-hooping is one that they 
will treasure always. 

Deep thoughts by the "Great Dane" and "Eureka". 

The mating rituals of fungi. I 

Cheesin' for the camera! 


The Senior class this year was all but ecstatic over the annual pilgrimage to 
White Bluff, Tennessee for the Senior Retreat. The retreat has become a 
favorite end-ofthe-summer/ back-to-school tradition signifying the first major 
rite of passage for the upcoming 12" 1 graders. This year the girls dined like 
kings, and enjoyed a great night's sleep on the luxurious fluffy beds provided 
by the hospitable staff at Hillmont. The highlight of the trip came close to 
midnight when a giant game of "Capture the Flag" broke out. All and all, it 
was a productive weekend where friends had a chance to catch up on 
summer memories, and summer reading. Ms.Garrison, Mrs.Maxwell, and 
Mrs. Mul-GREW had plenty to say. Hot topics included the following: 
college, the conversion from Dud's Days to "Casual" Days, college, the 
new schedule, college, the degree of provocativity allowable on "Casual" 
Days, and um. . .college! Way to go, Bob! 

The long lost Greek bronzes. What?! Is that a bra strap? Anyone up for Capture the Flag 

Senior Retreat 




What are those stieks for girls? 

Call us Ishmael. 

Above: There must be free doughnuts 


Below: Will you marry me? 

Above: Caution! Head is bigger than it 
actually appears! 
Below: The ladies man! ! 

"There Are Worse Things 
I Could Do..." '/ 

c 99 Fall Musical: Grease 

"Go Grease Lightirf, you're bumin' up the quarter 
mile. Go Grease Lightning! Go Grease Lightning!" 
Grease was an amazing sold out production 
performed jointly by llarpeth Hall and 
Montgomery Bell Academy. Over 1 00 cast, crew, 
and musicians took part in the second annual 
joint production. Directed by Janette Klocko, 
produced by Dr. Cal Fuller, choreographed by 
Stephanie Hamilton, and musically directed by 
Lynn Rothrock, Grease was a show to remember. 
The "Pink Ladies" and "The Burger Palace Boys''' 
stole the show along with our own Dr. Jack, Ms. 
Teaff, and Mr. Hayward. The audience was 
impressed and captivated throughout the 
performance and left doing the hand-jive all the 
\va\ home! 

Above: Alert! Cheerleaaderdown! 
Left: Kel ley... Were you born in Oak Ridge? 


Above: HH handbook, page 14, 'There will be no gum 
chewing on the HH campus at any time." 

Above: Locker Dancing: Better than 
Cage Dancing! 

I mLuiL, 





Above: The new Loving Care says, "Wash away gray!," 

Above: Born to Hand-Jive! ! ! 

Lei off! I'm a SENIOR! ! ! 

Senior Recognition Day 

Senior Recognition Day began with an early 
breakfast of bagels, water, oj and M&Ms. The 
thought of wearing Mrs. Barringer's sweater was 
enough of a threat that "98%" of the seniors were 
dressed appropriately- no skin- in their white 
dresses. At the assembly the students recognized 
the senior class as they took the leadership pledge. 
Lucy Kay Wall, Rachel Cherney, and Amy Campbell 
all gave inspiring speeches. The day did not end 
there; the seniors were presented with their 
Hawaiian class hats and wore Hawaiian clothes to 
show their senior pride. The leis weren't exactly 
what we would call impressive, but they sufficed 
to provide a taste of paradise to the ceremony. 
This last class of the millennium is a unique group 
of girls that will not soon be forgotten. 

And the crowd goes wild! 

Above: "Are you a senior?..." 
Below: All dressed up and no place to go. 

What an interesting assortment 


Smile, you're on Candid Camera! 

There's No Business Like Show Business 

Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" 

This year's winter play was William 
Shakespeare's Much Ado About 
Nothing. Cornelia Rowe gave an 
outstanding performance as the tragic 
and misunderstood Hero. The witty 
and defiant Beatrice was played by 
senior, Allyson Foreman. Aaron 
Manier played Benedick, Beatr 
love interest. The noble Claudio was 
portrayed by Richard Howell in his 
first staring role. Emily Wall gave a 
hilarious performance as the 
confused Dogberry. The villainous 
Don Juan was portrayed by Claire 
Harbison. Her brother. Jay 
Harbison, played Don Pedro and 
Melissa Pinsley gave a wonderful 
performance as the compassionate 
friar. Other cast members included; 
Katie Smith. Meg McNeil, Allison 
Chandler, Lauren Salerno, Alica and 
Ellen Fort, Kym Goldstein, Wilson 
Garret, Mickey McKee, Adam 
Brooks, Christine Ekrem, and Joseph 
Marianelli. The performance was 

Above: The actresses experience a "kodak" 

Above: Who let these 
boys in? 

Left: Allyson give a knock-out performance, 
set against a somewhat starry starry sky. 

The Last Night of Ballyhoo 

US Spring Play 

The Spring Play, "The Last Night of Ballyhoo ", 
was a great success. With an all star cast 
including Kim McKinney, Kristina Hoge, 
Elizabeth Edwards, Audrey Ball, John 
Humbrach, John Voight, and the red- headed 
guy whom the Milestones staffers cannot 
identify it was sure to be a hit from the 
beginning. Director Jannette Fox Klocko, better 
known as "JFK," said of the play that she felt it 
was one of her greatest achievements as a 
director- a show performed exactly as was it 
was intended to be performed. Congrats go out 
to all the cast and crew on a job well done. 

The happy couple poses 
for a pic. 

Gotta love family 

Above: Nice suit, Buddy! 
Below: What's that face for, Kristina? 


Above: Kimberly, Liz, Kristina, and Audrey 

pose with male counterparts in "the living 



Fifteen Minutes of Fame 

Student Directed One Acts 

The 2000 year was highlighted by not one 
but two student art shows. The first was the 
Student Art Show, which showed work 
from student in photography as well as art. 
Students from all grades had the opportunity 
to display the pieces that they had worked 
on during the year. There were paintings, 
sculptures, and photographs, all 
demonstrating the amazing amount of talent 
of the Upper School students. The second 
art show displayed work from the AP Art 
class. Each girl had her own wall where 
she showed off what she had done 
thoughout the year. The AP exhibit was one 
of the best ever, and the girls work will be 
sorely missed next year. 

Left: Some of the AP students pose 
together at their opening. 

Artistic Endeavors 

The Art Show 

Above: Paige made a new friend at this year s art show. 

Below: Laurel, Jessica, Melinda, and Erin pose near 
their respective portraits. 

Jnbeknownst to the smiling Rachel, the picture of Sara looks like 
it is about to attack. 

Sing Your Hearts Out 

Choral Concerts 

Many talented singers and 
musicians united from the Upper 
School, Middle School and 
MBA to wow audiences. Led by 
our own Gina Calloway, Lynne 
Rothrock, and MBA's Jan Barton 
these young ladies and 
gentlemen got all dolled up left 
the audience waiting for more. 

Above: 5th and 6th graders on display. 

Left: Leslie prepares for her solo. 

Below: Members of the 7th and 8th grade chorus share a tune. 


Above: Is there a track coach hiding in the 
upper school chorus? 

Above: Shirley and Ciana, string music. 
Below: Our faithful Mrs. Ross, it wouldn't be 
a concert without her. 

Ms. Calloway takes a breath between songs. 


Dancing Queens 

Dance Concert 2000 

The last dance concert of the century proved to be one of I 
the most captivating ever. Although it was the last concert [ 
of the century, it was full of firsts. It was the first time the I 
Middle School performed, the first time live music | 
accompanied the dances, the first time guest choreographers I 
performed, and the first time a real live guy actually | 
performed in the dance instead of making fun of the concert I 
from the audience. The dance numbers were breathtaking, I 
including a awe-inspiring number entitled "I Bought Me a I 
Cat." The show's finale was the incredibly upbeat "Hand I 
Jive," in which all the clubs performed. Seniors Kelley I 
Anne Andrews, Rachel Bressman, Christie Caldwell, 
Sasha Chudacoff, Cathy Crafton, Nika Ferdowsi, Amanda * 
Norman, Spring Pami, and Elizabeth Townsend, all led 
their respective dance clubs to a grand finale. They will 
definitely be sorely missed next year. 

Cathy strikes a pose for 
the Gap fashion show. 

And leap like a gazelle. 

One of these things is not like the others. 
Jazz hands, girls. Jazz hands 

Must... concentrate... on... dance... 

Sasha, Amanda, and Cory perform the famous interpretative 
dance "Conversations with My Mother." 

"Kiss me you fool." 








The Harpeth Hall Nun Club performs for the high priestess, 
LaVoe Mulgrew. 

v 14 |^ 

- ' 

• • 

Left: Liz gets down with her bad self. 

Below: 'Tm from Vega. ..take 
me to your leader" 

Freaky Friday 

The Halloween Dance 

Left: What exactly are 
y'all supposed to be? 

Above: See, the idea is, Katie, Halloween 

is a time when we dress up as something 


"Ain't no mountain higlj 

^bove: Carbo- loading at Dalfs for the big 

Heart Throb 

Above: Up close and personal 
with the Juniors. 

Valentine's Dance and Singled Out 

~ ■ I 

Above: Eric scopes out the 

Above: Way to go, Milestones 

Below: "Hey Baby! Is that shirt 





The First-Ever 

Harpeth Hall Talent 

and Variety Show 

"We just want a little respect, okay? 

Above: Joanie the Tiger 
Below: Katie and Kristina sing about D.J. 

Right: Not exactly Vannas, huh? 
Below: Kickin 1 off the show in style. 

Above: "Mrs. Mulgrew 


"Check out the buns on 
that dancer!" 

The annual Renaissance Banuet is an eagerly 
anticipated event year to year within the 
Senior class. Organized by Dr. Myers and 
realized with the help of all the senior girls, 
| the combination of enchanting candlelight 
and fascinating dancers in period costume 
creates an atmosphere true to that of 15th 
century Italy. It is undoubtably an 
unforgettable evening. 



"Do I have something in my teeth?" 

"I just saw one of the teachers gettin 1 down to the 
Backstreet Boys!" 

Dance with Me 

1999 Winter Formal 

Above Right: Ruthie and Louise pose together at their last Winter Formal. 
Left: Whew! Feel the burn! And one and two and one and two... 

Above: Where did you learn to dance like that? 

Winter Formal, held the day after the final winter exam, was a 
both highly-anticipated and memorable event. Despite the 
incessant discussions of dresses and dates for weeks 
beforehand. Winter Formal proved to live up to its high 
expectations this year. About 450 people showed up to the 
dance, which had been organized and lovingly decorated by 
the Student Council along with the help of the Parents' 
Association. The girls were dressed in their black dresses 
(although a few ventured into the realm of color), and the guys 
looked almost presentable in their khakis and ties. The band, 
Traffic Jam, provided great music for those who stayed to 
"get down." Others enjoyed talking to their friends during the 
hour long wait to get their pictures taken. All in all, Winter 
Formal 1 999 was the perfect beginning to the much-needed 
winter break. 

The Motown girls break it down. 

In an effort to follow the precedent set by the 
Class of 2000, the juniors did a game show 
parody to announce the 2000 prom theme. 
Playing off of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," 
the girls had Dr. Echerd be the contestant to guess 
what it was. The four choices were "It's a Barbie 
World," "Battle of the Boy bands," "Motown," 
and "Millennium." Luckily for the seniors, the 
theme was neither of those. Although, the seniors 
wouldn't have minded "Battle of the Boy Bands." 
The surprise theme was "There s No Place like 
Prom," a.k.a. the Wizard of Oz. Excited, the 
seniors followed the yello brick road back to the 
senior house to find tables full of food. The theme 
and skit were a hit. 

"Who Wants to Know the 
Prom Theme?" 

The Prom Skit 

Above: Echerd attempts to follow the script. 
Right: Seniors chow down. 

? A 

How nice. MBA boy came 
over to help with the work. 

They Work Hard for the Seniors 

Prom Set-Up 

As part of Harpeth Hal Is numerous 
traditions, the juniors spent the three 
weeks before prom setting up for the 
magical night. The girls worked hard 
to transform the Gallery and Gym 
into parts from the movie. Putting in 
hours of hard work is what makes the 
experience even better. Since 
everyone in the junior class had to 
work together to get the job done, 
the prom set-up was one amazing 
bonding adventure. Despite some 
mishaps - Leah - the Gallery became 
Kansas and the Gym became Oz. It 
was magnificent. 

Above: The flowers on the wall confound the 
hard-working juniors. 

Right: "Where's D.J.? I can't wait to see 

Left: Look how the juniors 
suffer for prom. 

v 1 «>=• 

Shady Chicken Night 

Father/Daughter Dance 

Above: Who are you?!!? And WHAT have you done with my 

Above: Like father like daughter. 

Below: Tricia is shocked to find 

that the so-called improv father 

dance has actually been quite 

Above: Whose mom showed up? 




Below: Better than a BSB concert, huh girls? 

Below: You would think she hadn't ever 
been dancing before. 

%Sl <TB\ 


'Tm too sexy for my floral tie, too sexy for my shirt. 
No way I'm disco dancing." 

Winterim 2000 

Above: Where's Patrick Swayze? 

Above Right: Example of Harpeth 

Hall s sweatshop, or Wi nterim sewing. 

Harpeth Hall is full of it (meaning tradition), and one tradition that many alumnae remember; 
fondly is Winterim. For the past 27 years, students have spent the first three weeks of the j 
second semester learning outside the traditional classroom and gaining valuable "insight 1 " on 
careers. Freshmen and sophomores remain on campus and take courses such as Stained Glass, 
Song Writing with Dr. Henderson and Joe "Hamlet" Croker, the History of Math, and Shelby 
Woo and You, just to name a few. Those lucky enough to be juniors and seniors have the t 
"privilege" of leaving campus for those three glorious weeks. These girls are pretty much allowed 
to choose any area they want to intern in, with, of course, the permission of their faculty sponsors. 
Some girls intern in Washington, D.C., some intern at hospitals, while others do independent 
studies. There are also academic travel trips to Greece, Egypt, and France. Sincerely remembering 
her final off campus Winterim, one senior remarked "Working with Mr. Croker was an absolutely 
invaluable experience. Only Winterim could have given me the chance to spend three weeks 
working with a teacher I greatly admire." 

2 35 

Above: "Does this line look straight to you?" 
Below: "Alright girls, party at my house tonight." 

Above: How to Color in the Lines 101, 

taught by coloring teacher extraordinaire 

Dr. Art Echerd. 

Above: "Just my size!" 

Below: "I hope that in real life, they 
. don't use paper clips." 


Above: Danielle finds this class overly stimulating. 
Right: "Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?" 

Above: Winterim teaches the fine art glass cutting. 
Below: Wow, Sandy! That looks just like the picture. 

Above: "I just remembered, I can't read." 
Below: "What exactly does this machine do again?" 


"Maybe I should have the cut the edges." Wait, isn't she on the other page? 
Emily and Megan show off their new boyfriend. 

Reed and Grace look so happy at their 
Washington, D.C. "internship." 


Plentiful Feast 

Almost Alumnae/Mother-Daughter Luncheon 

This year, to conserve money and time, the Almost Alumnae 
Luncheon merged with the Mother-Daughter Luncheon to form 
one grand get-together. At this years festivites, Olympic Gold 
Medalist, Tracey Caulkins, was the distiguished alumna who had 
the privilege of speaking to the superb Class of 2000. While I 
everyone dined on the plentiful feast that was provided, mothers 
and daughters engaged in deep discussions about the school, 
college, and graduation. The seniors enjoyed sharing the afternoon 
with their mothers, and it was a time that will not soon be forgotten. 
When the Luncheon rolled to a close, seniors received their 
Winterim portfolios, which spanned the past four years. Although 
the school has already given the seniors so much, it gave them 
even more; each senior received a copy of the history of Harpeth 
Hall, autographed by Mrs. Teaff, a silver picture frame with the 
date of graduation engraved on it, and the most valuable of all, a 
picture holder held together with a paper clip. The seniors will use 
these priceless gifts in their search for truth next year in college. 

Featured speaker Tracey Caulkins gives the seniors words of 
wisdomfor their future swimming careers. 

Left: "Why do I have to eat with these people? I barely want to talk to 


Daisy Day 

Awards Assembly 

'Thanks, Mrs. Mulgrew. But what is that face you're making?" 

low: "Just take the certificate. I know it doesn't 
belong to you." 

In order to save time on Awards Day, the 1 ,007 
Latin awards were given out at the Awards 
Assembly. In addition to just the Latin awards, 
kudos were given to those who excelled in 
Spanish, French, and Theater. Girls were also 
inducted into Mu Alpha Theta and Quill and 
Scroll, the latter being the best of the two. 
Students applauded as the beloved Katie Hill 
handed out the wrong certificates to the Latin 
award recipients. Highlighting the event was 
the performance by Mrs. LaVoe Mulgrew, who 
has found a new calling - handing out daisies. 
Only a small percentage of the awards were 
given out at this assembly, the rest will be given 
at Awards Day. 

Above: "Now, Grace, you know I'll 
take those flowers back if you don't 
tuck in that shirt." 

She who laughs slowest, laughs last. 



Ground Breaking Ceremony 






1 v •* 


-: .- "' 

m If 


■San " 


yi»r : ^ 

■ .„,) 

\. v ,. 

Above: "Does he look like me?" 

In a gesture of unprecedented generosity, the Carell 
family donated a whopping five million dollars 
towards the construction of a new and state-of-the-art 
library to be the central learning element on the 
Harpeth Hall campus. A ground breaking ceremony, 
taking place in early May, was hosted by the school 
both to commemorate this monumental occasion and 
to thank and honor the Carell family for their 
commitment to the amelioration of the school.Plastic 
construction hats were distributed at the ceremony and 
the entire school had a great time sporting them, 
snacking on munchies, and getting to know the 
Carells even better. 

Below, Left: Ann Teaff, and Student Councils Presidents, Amy} 
Campbell and Nancy Sisk join the Carells in breaking the grow! 






B Sv 


» . Ink i 


Just Eat It 

Athletic Banquet 

Above: Sports are our bag, baby! 

The Athletic Banquet this year was reborn 
in format with the hopes of making it 
"flow" more smoothly than it had in past 
years. Traditionally, coaches infamous for 
long-windedness, and senior speeches 
punctuated by sobs created a somewhat 
tedious ceramony. This year however, the 
audience was treated to a lovely dinner and 
kept practically on the edges of their seats 
as slide shows, awards and short speeches 
helped create the best awards banquet ever. 
Each athlete was presented with a special 
gift determined by the number of years of 
their participation in their respective sport. 
This night will remain in the memory of 
every athlete for years to come. 

Below: "Aw! Dr. Jack! You shouldn't 


The Green and Gray Oscars 

US Awards Day 

On a brisk Friday morning the annual Awards Day or as we like to 
call it: Harpeth Halls version of the Oscars was held. The nominees 
strolled in at 1 0: 1 5 to gather with blankets, water bottles, and cameras 
in hand on the front lawn of Souby. Everyone was dressed in the 
most current plaid fashions provided generously by Parker Uniforms. 
Mrs. Mulgrew and Ms. Teaff were the emcees for the day and gave 
colorful commentary as each award was presented. As the event s 
entertainment, each intramural club performed a song or medley 
with, of course, dance moves; this year s winner was Ariston who 
performed a song about Saffron to get on the good side of judge Joe 
Croker. During the intermission - yes, we need one since there are 
sooo many awards - the student council members gave out popsicles 
on the senior patio. The day ended with a rousing rendition of the 
Alma Mater, as seniors grew sad that it was the last day they would 
ever wear the green and gray. 




Sasha pulls a Gywneth Paltrow by crying as she accepted her j 
Fine Arts award. 

Above: Katie and Jackie accept the award pitcher for the 
club song; we wonder what they'll put in it. 

Ms. Higgins and family after she received the coveted 
Milestones dedication. 


Left: Syndie reads the yearbook 's dedication and ever-popula 
theme, which might we add is the best theme ever. 

Left: Louise and Brooke show the moves 
they learned in cheerleading. 245 

MS Events 

Thank goodness the yearbook sponsor is a middle school 
teacher or else there would be no middle school section. 


Teacher Trap 

Sixth Grade Retreat 

Above: Great shawls. 

Right: The girls are happy despite the fact 

that they are in the middle of nowhere. 

CVT on 

Right: "We are the champions, my friend.' 

Left: Kate shows off the new trends in 



Above: The infamous fire truck from when the cafeteria finally caught on fire. 

Middle Schoolers in Dance Concert 

72 Women and One Guy 


Eighth Grade Trip 

For the annual eighth grade trip, the Class of 
2005 went on a fun-filled trip to Chicago. 
Since the "vacation" lasted only three days, 
the eighth graders had to cram all the sights 
that Chicago has to offer in a limited amount 
of time. The girls all got to fly (not drive on a 
tight, cramped bus) to the Windy City. While 
they were there, they went to the Shedd 
Aquarium's Dolphin Show, the Chicago Zoo, 
and stayed at the Knickerbocker. They also 
saw Ancient Egyptian and Greek Artifacts, 
dined at Ed Debevichs and Chicago Pizza 
Kitchen, and shopped on Madison Avenue. 
Sixty-four girls, eight teachers, and two buses 
took over the city of Chicago. The girls will 
remember such a wonderful trip for a long time. 
As chaperone Martha Grace said "1 can't 
believe they made me go to Chicago with a 
bunch of annoying eighth graders. Hey, it was 


H - 1 ! 1 



J ' 

*The male chaperone on the end shows his 
true feelings about the trip: fear. 

Colgate Extra Whitening toothpaste, it 
works wonders. 

"Yes, we're 1 8. Well, except for Tara; she's 


"I wonder what that dead body is 
doing down there." 


aasaffla 1964 

Does blue make me look fat?" 

Elizabeth grabs a quick bite before a 
night out on the town. 

Some of the girls pose with Mrs. Chopin - although, she seems to be looking at a 
different camera. 

#1« c"-'- -si 

One of these girls is not like the other 

Wait a minute, does the giraffe on the far left in the middle school? She looks sort of 

There's something different about the two of 
you.. .Did you both get hair cuts? 

Not everyone could stay awake 

long enough to enjoy all of the 



Scary clothes, little people, painted 
faces. ..yes, it is the Middle School, 
but no. it's not a regular day. It is 
the annual Middle School 
Halloween Carnival. The fifth and 
sixth graders hold this event for 
the Harpeth Hall community, 
which includes the children of 
faculty and alumnae. The girls 
paint faces, decorate cookies, and 
crawl through boxes - the ultimate 

Above: Britney Spears and the Devil... now we know why 
she's famous. 

Things that Go Bump in the Middle 


Halloween Carnival 


a i ■ 




'Why am I smiling? I'm the one in jail." 

Crime and Punishment 

Shouldn't she be in the 

Native American Day 

Colonial Day 

Colonial Day is an annual favorite among the Middle School. The 
Seventh Graders get to dress up in colonial clothes and learn about 
colonial things. The girls make booths and sell colonial goods, such 
as peppermint sticks in oranges, homemade candles, and homemade 
bread. The students also get to show aspect of daily life during 
Colonial times. They show family life, work, games, entertainment, 
crime, and punishment. Said one girl of the event, "It's really neat 
to be able to learn about colonial life. Life during the colonial times 
was neat. I would not like to live during the colonial times because 
they didn't have cd players, and I can't live without my Mandy 
Moore cd." All the girls echoed her sentiments. 

Annie M. doesn't seem to be as fascianted by the sun dial 
as Annie B. 

"Hula hoop, now that's a funny 

Native American Day is 
anxiously awaited by all 
the Middle School girls. 
The girls get to dress up 
as Native Americans and 
reinact Native American 
things in order to get a 
better understanding of 
the importance of Native 
American culture in our 

Indian Givers 

Native American Day 

\# j| 


• iw 

V 1 


Mr m 


** . ■ 


Ifck.i Vl;,LM 

Don't we look festive! 

Every spring, the Middle 
School girls get excited to 
showcase their "talents" in 
the annual Middle School 
Talent Show. Each act must 
audition in order to gain the 
coveted position of a 
performer. Of the thousands 
that auditioned, only twleve 
were talented enough to 
perform for their families 
and friends. 

Kids Do the Darndest Things 

MS Talent Show 

"Are my reflectors too shiny?" 

Above: "Does my fake bake look natural?" 
Below: The future Britney Spears. 


How to Eat Like a Child 

MS Play 

Allison Wiseman keeps the audience 

Middle school actresses once again 
charmed us with their acting and 
singing abilities in How To Eat Like 
a Child. With direction by Lynne 
Rothrock and choreography by 
Stephanie Hamiliton, these 7th and 
8th graders wooed audiences with 
a plethora of tricks for acting like 
a child. Audiences learned how to 
make prank phone calls, stay home 
from school, go (or NOT) to bed, 
and Eat Like a Child. 

Mrs. Rothrock gives helpful pointers and advice. 



_ ^p 


^ ^fl 


^r m&r*r ' :F^B 

^JOf 1^^^ '^'b 

jm/f'A wM 

f ^ m 


Below: Hadley's busted! 

To Grandmother's Tea We Go 

Grandmother's Tea 

In November, the Middle School hosted one of its 
long-standing traditions, Grandmother's Tea. For 
such a special occasion, students had to dig up 
spotless white shirts, perfectly pleated plaid skirts, 
and clean saddle oxfords. The girls waited in the 
Gallery as their beloved Grandmothers or Special 
Friends arrived. The ladies were escorted down 
the stairs and into the auditorium for an afternoon 
of performances. Once everyone was seated, they 
were entertained by the fifth and sixth grade chorus 
and the seventh and eighth grade chorus. They all 
then returned to the Gallery for the one thing that 
everybody wanted: refreshments. The room was 
filled with punch, cookies, finger foods, and 
conversation. All were reluctant to leave the Gallery 
(well, until the food ran out) so they could keep the 
loving atmosphere a part of them for a long time. 
Said one Middle Schooler of the event, "It was so 
great to be able to spend time with my grandmother 
while being able to eat lots of good food. I'm really 
glad she came." 

Lovely Ladies 

Are y'all sisters? 

Dancing Queens! 


Right: "Party over here !" 
Bottom: "If you step on my foot one more time, you're walking home." 

The Middle School Father-Daughter Dance 
gives girls the opportunity to spend some 
much needed time with their fathers. The girls 
get dressed up in party dresses and 
accompany their fathers (dressed in suits and 
ties) down to the cafeteria to enjoy a night of 
magic. This year, the cafeteria was decorated 
with such breathtaking deocrations that the 
participants could hardly contain themselves. 
It was quite a shin-dig and a great time was 
had by all! 

My Father, the Hero 

MS Father-Daughter Dance 

Grab your partner! Docey-doe 



The G-Day 

George Washington Day 

"Left, left. Left, right, left." Every February, 
these words can be heard resounding through 
the walls of Morrison Gym. No, it has not 
been temporarily transformed into the HH 
Boot Camp, but rather, it has been taken back 
in time to the days of General George 
Washington. A Ward-Belmont tradition, 
George Washington Day has become an 
integral part of the 7 th grade experience. Each 
year, under the guidance of Merrie Clark, 
Leslie Matthews, Susan Russ, and the rest of 
the 7 th grade teachers, these girls perfect the 
graceful moves of minuets, the precision of 
soldiers, and the timed stepping of sailors. The 
seventh grade class selected Nancy Sisk and 
Abigail Lipshie as George and Martha 
Washington. Ms. Marie Burr received the 
honored dedication. 

Right: "Wait guys! Come back! Where 
are you going?" 

Above: Mini-Mulgie demonstrates the 

hip new dance steps her mother taught 


Right: "George Washington" speaks to 

the crowd. "Martha Washington" 

obviously listens intently. 


i Left: "Man it was awesome! G. Wash (that's Below: "I wonder if anyone will notice 
I what I call him), so G. Wash took his troops that my pants are on backwards." 
all the way to..." 

Above: One of the soldiers begins partying 

for spring break early by breaking it down 

to "The Thong Song." 

Left: New club dancing is taught to the 
seniors during the festivities. 


Punch, Cookies, and Little People 

MS Athletic Banquet 

Coaches Grace, Dr. Jack, Jones, 
Jeffords, Wallace, Davis, 
Linden, Pledger, Graham, 
among others gathered 
together with Middle School 
students to celebrate another 
wonderful year of HH Middle 
School athletics. Awards were 
presented, girls were honored, 
speeches were made, cookies 
and punch were eaten. 
Elizabeth Conrad, and Melissa 
McCord were elected by the 
coaches to speak on behalf of 
the students, and they did a 
wonderful job. It was a great 
year for sports and all the girls 
enjoyed spending an evening 
together reliving memories and 
creating new ones. 

Above: What's that scent you're wearing, it sooo 


Above, Left: A dangerous pair. 

I* 1 

Far Right: "It's the greatest 

honor a gal could hope for , 

Ms. Malone!" 

Bottom, Left: "Dude, the colors..." 

Bottom, Right: Mary Katherine and Schwartz agree to 

meet after the ceremony to exchange hair tips. 

Middle School Emmys 

MS Awards Day 


'»txi*iSWt v ' T m 

\bove: Martha Grace and the 

Kbove: Amateur Karaoke Above: "Hooked on 

night @ HH. phonics worked for me!' 

Above: "They spelled my name wrong, gosh 

Middle School Awards Day is a time when the Middle 
School students at Harpeth Hall receive various 
honors for their dedication and hard work over the 
years preceeding high school. Taking place in the 
auditorium, academic awards for placement in 
national language exams, as well as a host of other 
prestigious honors are awarded to the girls at this time. 
It is an eagerly anticipated day as there is a symbolic 
merging with the upper school awards day ceremony 
for the presentation of the Milestones dedication (the 
yearbook once again uniting people everywhere). 
Awards day in the Middle School provides a special 
time for students to be recognized and to prepare for 
their transition into the Upper School. 

Below: Caroline spots a cute boy. 


End of the Year Events 

"Life is made of moments, not milestones." 

Eleanor Roosevelt 

At 9:00 Am on Memorial Day, 2000, 
Ms. Ross began playing a processional 
on the piano and the packed 
auditorium stood in respect as the 
graduating class walked slowly 
(quickly) to the stage. Proud parents, 
grandparents, families, friends, and 
faculty beamed as the girls took their 
places on stage. After songs by the 5th 
and 6th grade chorus, an invocation by 
president elect Emily Fisher, Anna 
Smith, elected 8th grade speaker, 
silenced the audience with her words. 
As the ceremony ended, and the girls 
exited the auditorium, "We are the 
freshmen, mighty mighty freshmen..." 
echoed through the Gallery. 

Right: Anna Smith, voted to speak by 
her classmates, delivers quite a speech. 

Middle School Honor Day 

Emily Killian receives the 6th grade spirit award 

Sarah Mahan receives the 1 
Award, as voted by the faculty. 


- *0 • ^ d 


Blessed by last names beginning with B, Bryant, Bracewell, Bevilaqua, Beatty, and Baron got to sit 

front and center. 

Below Left: Emily Fisher, president elect, delivers the invocation. 
Below Right: Purple cast, featured in the latest issue of YM. 
Far Right: Yes! I'm SURE! 


Fifth Grade Crownbearer: Cameron Elizabeth Neely 

Sixth Grade Crownbearer: Mary Catherine Bartholomew 

Seventh Grade Herald: Anna Grace Poss 

Eighth Grade Herald: Mary Susan Berry Kennedy 

Freshman Representative: Pauline Lucy Lewis 
Sophomore Representative: Lauren Sims Campbell 
Junior Representative: Susan Margaret Olivet- 
Senior Representative: Ruth Dustin Huggins 

Flower Girls: Sloan Minton Baxter 

Emily Warner Tidwell 


Lady of the Hill 

Lady of the Hall and Court 

Girls in white dresses. 


More fun than step aerobics... 

Step Singing 

Above: Be careful Rachel, Sarah might try to kiss your neck or something 

Below: The juniors pose happily before their first-ever Step Singing; the 
smiles soon faded after they started singing. 

Step Singing is a long held Harpeth Hall tradtion in 
which juniors and seniors gather on Souby lawn in 
the day preceeding graduation to sing songs. The 
tradition was started at Ward-Belmont and is a 
favorite even today. All the upperclassmen wear 
beautiful white dresses, and the seniors invite a 
special speaker. This year, Cezanne Gray, a HH 
alum and very successful business woman, delivered 
the speech. It was a lovely and memorable last 
evening together for all the seniors. 


Katie Wray Award 

Molly Katharine Arvin 

The Katie Wray Award, Harpeth Halls highest academic honor, is presented each year to the graduating senior who has achieved th 
highest cumulative grade point average. This year s recipient, Molly Katharine Arvin, has not only established herself as a scholar but a 
a beautiful dancer, a prolific writer, and a quiet yet palpable force within the class. Her dedication and hardwork have served to establis 
her as a qualified recipient for the Katie Wray Award. 

Second Honors: Kerry Elizabeth Bartoe 

Third Honors: Erin Louise Lehner 



Lady of the Hall 


Senior Representative 


Head's Award 


Director's Awards 


Susan McKeand Baughman Award 


Patsy White Bradshaw Citizenship Award 


Idanelle McMurry Award 


D.A.R. Award 


Elizabeth Pope Evans Awards 




English Award 


Susan S. Sou by English Award 


Lucie Fountain French Award 


Espiritu Espanol Award 


Spanish Award 


Eta Sigma Phi Latin Award 


Ottarson Latin Award 


Pickens Science Award 


Math Award 


Middle Tennessee Math Teachers Award 


Social Sciences Award 


Martha Gregory Reading Award 


Cum Laude Award 


Poet Laureate Award 


Outstanding Instrumentalist Award 


Cindy Crist Art Purchase Award 


Kirkman House Art Awards 


Marnie Sheridan Art Award 


Rhode Island School of Design Award 


Honor Dancer Award 


Spirit of Dance Award 


Thespian Drama Award 


Community Service Award 


Fine Arts Awards 


Senior Spirit Award 


Mock Trial Advocate Award 


Best Witness Award 


Law Club Award 


Hallmarks Awards 


Outstanding Senior Athlete 


Corinne Oliver Tennis Award 



Attack of the White Dresses 


Girls in white dresses with red long-stemmed 
roses... May 29 turned out to be a memorable 
way for the Class of 2000 to say adios to their 
beloved school. Before the event, the seniors 
gathered in the Leigh Horton Garden for a class 
picture. They then lined up and anxiously 
waited for "Pomp and Circumstance" to begin 
playing so they could process in. It dared not 
to rain that evening - like it had the previous 
year - for fear that the members of the Class of 
2000 would have words with the rain clouds. 
The front lawn was filled with family, friends, 
and faculty members, all hoping for the chance 
to see those 78 brave souls who had survived 
their years at the Hall get their diplomas. Going 
against tradition, the senior gift, a time capsule, 
was given to Ms. Teaff at graduation instead 
of step singing by class president Rachel 
Cherney. Katie Hill, Lady of the Hall and 
senior speaker, gave such a beautiful speech 
to sum up the past four years. Overall, it was a 
wonderful ending to high school. 

Left: Mrs. Patty Chadwell receives her 

award for her timeless contributions to 

the Harpeth Hall community. 

Above: "The excitement was palpable., 
four 'cakes' on the lawn.'' 

Above Left: Rachel gives Ms. Teaff the 

key to the time capsule, the ingenious 

senior gift. 

"I can't believe they actually let me 

Above: The Lady of the Hill looks a tired of smiling. ..can we 
blame her? 

The girls smile happily knowing that their hard work paid off. 

We wonder what Emme is thinking. 


More White Dresses... 

Seniors pose for their last group shot together, despite the fact that a few seniors 
were missing (tears). 

■9 K§*S!B 

^Wi "^^S-riL 

Lolita (a.k.a. Lindsey Wallace) receive' 
her well-deserved diploma. 

Bottom Left: "What a surprise?! I can't believe I'm third in the class!" 

Bottom Right: Maybe Melinda didn't realize that her eyes needed to be open for 
the picture. 

Bottom: Chorus members intently watch Ms. Calloway for their singing cues. 






Alyssa Abkowitz 

Emory University 

Melinda Housholder 

U Colorado- Boulder 

Janna Alfery 

Emory University 

Katie Howell 

Elon College 

Sarah Allen 

Stanford University 

Ruth Huggins 

Auburn University 

Kelley Anne Andrews 

U. Colorado- Boulder 

Catherine Johnson 

Tulane University 

Molly Arvin 

Washington University 

Molly Kaplan 

Washington University 

Sloan Ashley 

University of Georgia 

Katie Koban 

U Colorado- Boulder 


Emory University 

Erin Lehner 

Tulane University 

Gayle Bandy 

Elon College 

Katie Levitt 

George Washington U 

Kerry Bartoe 

Yale University 

Marjorie Levy 

University of Arizona 

Lindsay Beckner 

Vanderbilt University 

Jessica Lundin 

George Washington U 

Katie Beesley 

Vanderbilt University 

Sandy McCain 

U Colorado- Boulder 

Kate Berry 

University of Virginia 

Mackenzie McCracken 

UT- Knoxville 

Leslie Bourke 

James Madison University 

Joanie McEnery 

Southern Methodist University 

Rachel Bressman 

Centre College 

Susan McGugin 

Vanderbilt University 

Allison Byrd 

Rollins College 

Kimberely McKinney 

Maryville College 

Christie Caldwell 

University of the South 

TriciaMc Williams 

UNC- Chapel Hill 

Becky Callaway 

University of the South 

Hay den Morel 

Miami University at Oxford 

Amy Campbell 

UNC- Chapel Hill 

Jessie Morris 

Wesleyan University 

Megan Campbell 

UNC- Chapel Hill 

Sigrid Neilson 

Georgia Tech 

Megan Casey 

UT- Knoxville 

Amanda Norman 

Brown University 

Rachel Cherney 

Miami University at Oxford 

Spring Pami 

Point Park College 

Katie Christenberry 

University of Evansville 

Emily Priest 

University ofTexas- Austin 

Sasha Chudacoff 

UCalifornia- Santa Cruz 

Anne Rankin 

UT- Knoxville 

Cathy Crafton 

University of Mississippi 

Louise Riley 

University ofVirginia 

Jessica Crowell 

George Washington University Keely Robeson 

University of Miami (FL) 

Sloan Curtis 

University of Georgia 

Shannon Shillinglaw 

UNC- Chapel Hill 

Fabienne Diskin 

UC- Los Angeles 

Emme Simpkins 

Rollins College 

Nicoll Doramus 

U Colorado- Boulder 

Laura Snyder 

University of Dayton 

Brooke Earthman 

UNC-Chapel Hill 

Laurel Staples 

Vanderbilt University 

Nika Ferdowsi 

Emory University 

Bethany Swifter 

Middle Tennessee State U. 

Lesley Foglia 

University of Memphis 

Leigh Terry 

UT- Knoxville 

Allyson Foreman 

Southern Methodist U 

Jacqueline Thompson 

University of Georgia 

Meg Fox 

East Carolina State U 

Elizabeth Townsend 

Rhodes College 

Cynthia Gray 

University of the South 

Sara Trace 

Bates College 

Kathleen Hale 

UT- Knoxville 

Lucy Kay Wall 

Boston University 

Sarah Hargrove 

University of Redlands 

Lindsey Wallace 

Auburn University 

Reed Harrison 

University of Georgia 

Catherine Walton 

Miami University of Oxford 

Katie Hill 

University of Virginia 

Rachel Wieck 

Loyola U- New Orleans 

Kristina Hoge 

Boston Conservatory 

Erika Wilkinson 

New York University 

The Final Verdict 

on a\ear of Turmoil 


You Should Be Thanking Us! ! 

Editor's Thank Yous 

Laura Snyder- Editor-in-Chief 

I would like to say thank you to all my dedicated editors, especially the one who stayed late, 
woke up early, and was just there for me all year without complaints. You know who you are 
Bahar and I thank you. I want to just say you guys amaze me, each of you. This yearbook 
will be the funniest and best that this school has ever seen. It is all bee 
that each of you put into this thing. Through quitting, yelling, fighting, snmmy, lauyniny, emu 
bad moods, we spent each day together sometimes happily, sometimes hatefully, but all for 
fun. I could go through and thank each of you, but I don't feel like I could be creative with each 
one. All of you, though are special to me. Thank you all. To Martha, good luck that is all I 
have to say. We were your first group, and though we fought back, you kept us on track. I 
want to thank you for your patience, and I hope that you learned a lot. Good luck next year. 
To all of you, I love you and will miss you all. Thanks for a great ride!!! 

Lisa Shipp-Assistant Editor 
Thank you to all the editors who let me innocently pes 
supposed to do . Thank you Laura for guiding r 
Grace for preparing me and setting up for a ne\ 

Bahar AzhdarhCopy Editor 

I'm not really sure why I wanted to be a Milestones editor. Laura kept hassling me, so I gave in. 
Boy, was that a mistake. This stupid yearbook took over my life. I barely had time to maint; 
my awe-inspiring GPA, much less my demanding social life. Reed, my co-conspirator in cri 
was palpable. I was impressed by your total concentration on the task at hand. You never got 
distracted by making buttons of the faculty members, adding pictures to our Croker wall of 
shame, or making mysterious phone calls. We did have fun yelling at the computers, fighting 
Martha, and harassing Croker. Just ren 

you Ordered me around like you were rny uuss ui suiiieuiiiiy. i m nui auiuany suie wiicii yuu uiu, 

but I'm sure that we could have managed without you. Your "leadership" was impeccable. Sandy, 
you were truly an inspiration. You never once made me feel sad or depres 
Mnd word for everyone. Liz, I never could have done my job without your b; cau . ia m. . M .a^^o. 
rin, you were never sarcastic, especially towards me. I was so grateful for that because you 
kept our spirits up during those long days. Stinky Kay, even though you rarely showered, you 
some great pictures. Also, the copy you wrote was amazing; I never had to edit any of it. Rachel, you're amazing. Need I 
, you were fun but you really need to stop stalking me. You are not Persian; there's no shame in being white. Martha, 
■ Hitler-like approach to the yearbook really made us work harder. Your constant dedication and forcefulness never caused 
e. Katie Hill, you were my rock. Your copy was so creative that Reed and I could not have come up with better. You are 
3 who knows the evil that is the iMac and the student publication. I knew I could count on you to be at school as late as I 

3roker wall of shame. They bring us all so much joy. 
) and pasting heads. Thank you all for a great year. I 

rolling in to the plant, and kept missing lunch meetings. Martha- it would not have been nearly as much fun 
much for all your time and energy, and please keep me posted next year on the progress of your newly-re-va,,,^ „ ,. , ,, 
system. Last but certainly not least, a big, fat thank you to Mr.Crokerfor leaving his room open to us, even though it makes him very 
neeeeeervous (with all that equipment), and for sticking around in the afternoon to teach us the art of edit and pasting heads. I have said 
too much, and I have more, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. It's been a long, strange trip. I will miss the open lab, the food, the music and the 
great company. Good luck next year, girls! 


£| fit* 

• • 



i s 


Senior Baby and Business Ads 

You've come a long way BABY' 


282 Norman 

Congratulations Jessica! 

We love you and are 

so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Emily 

Crowell 283 

Our dearest Catherine, 

You have brought so much 
joy and happiness to our 
lives. We are so proud of 
you, and we love you dearly. 

Mom, Dad, and Ross 

284 Johnson 

Marjorie, ( Marjo, Marge, 
Margie, Margo, Marwent, 

It has been our special 
privilege to watch you grow 
from a precious infant to a lovely 
young woman. Always 
remember, as you continue your 
journey in life, you are special 
and you are wonderful. We love 

Mom and Dad 

Levy 285 

Our little Christie, 

Always prepared. Prepared 
for travel. Prepared for life. 
We love you and are so proud. 

Mom, Dad, Leslie, and Fletcher 

Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now 
Cartwheels turn to car wheels through the town 
We tell her take your time because it won't be long now 
'till you drag your feet just to slow the circles down 
And the seasons go round and round 
And the painted ponies go up and down 
We're captive on the carousel of time 
We can't return we can only look 
Behind from where we came 
And go "round and 'round in the circle again 
-Joni Mitchell 

We Love You Kelly Anne 

286 Caldwell / Andrews 

I Always remember: 

To laugh often and to love much; to win the I 
I respect of intelligent people and the affection 
■ of children; to earn the approbation of honest | 
P critics and to endure the betrayal of false 
friends; to leave the world a bit better, whether | 
by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a 
J" redeemed social condition; to have played 
and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with 
exultation; to know that even one life has 
breathed easier because you have lived — this I 
I is to have succeeded. Ralph Waldo Emerson 
| (1803-1882) 

May good fortune precede you . 

May love walk with you. 
May good friends follow you. 
An Irish Blessing 

Congraftilations and love always. 
Mom, Dad, and John 

Keep smiling, 
Keep shining 
Joanie, We love you. 
Parke and Mom 

288 McEnery 


Congratulations Leslie! 

fou are beautiful and good, and everything you do is all right. 
We love you so much! 
Mom, Dad, Allyson, & Kelley 

Bourke 289 


Climb every mountain! We love you so much 
and are very proud of you. 

Mom, Daddy, and Tara 

290 Switter 

Robeson 291 


You have brought great joy into our lives every day 
since you were born. We are very proud of who you are and 
who you are becoming. Remember— "live the life you have 
imagined"! All our love, Mom and Dad 



Dear Meg, 

For the joy, hope, compassion and commitment you share with us daily—thank 
ou. A message for you at this crossroad, with apologies to Yevtushenko: 

" Don't worry if you have no answer ready to the lasting question. 
Hold out, meditate, listen... 

Count happiness more necessary to the mind than truth is, 
Yet know that happiness does not exist without truth. 
Walk with a cold pride—utterly ahead 
Wild attentive eyes, head flicked by the rain... 
Eyelashes that shine, with tears and with thunders. 
Love people. Love entertains its own discrimination. 
Have (us) in mind; (we) shall be watching 
You can return to (us). Now go. " 

With Much Love, Dad, Brian, Erin, Mom and Mac 



Life is a journey. You are well on your way! 

Dad, Mom, and Seth 

294 Kaplan 






Dear Katie, 
Believe in yourself: 
jyou are turning your dreams 
into your life. 
Be happy! 

We love you. 

Dad, Mom, Betsey, 

and Michael 



Koban 295 

" Runs with scissors " 

With Love and Admiration, 
Mom, Dad, Celeste & Anne Walker 

296 Harrison 

Doramus 297 

Words are not necessary, 
Ally has enough for all of us. 
Your whole family loves you! 

298 Byrd 

" The first thing to do in life is to do with purpose what one 
proposes to do." _ ^ ^^ 


Go forward and be the special person we see every day. We will miss you, but will 

take joy in watching you grow and thrive. 


Mom, Dad, Kendra and Jason 

Abkowitz 299 

Kerry, we love you and 
are so proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, and Mary D. 

300 Bartoe 

"'; , ' 

Let us be grateful to 
people who make us 
happy. They are the 
charming gardeners 
who make our souls 

- Marcel Proust 

We love you Katie B ! 

Mom, Dad, Rich and 




We love you, 

Mom, Dad, 
Sarah, and 

You light up 
our lives! 

302 Walton 

Keep your eyes on the stars 

and your feet On the ground. Thedore Roosevelt 

May the world be your stage 
We are so proud of you! 
All of our love forever, 
Mom, Dad, Hunter, and Bear 

Foreman 303 

1 "^fc^- ' ' 

\**~ ^ 

- The joy of life is the journey, not the destination- 
We wish you lots of love as your journey continues! 

Mom, Dad, Laura, and Carter 

304 Callaway 

We are very proud of you 
Love Mom, Dad, 
Stephen, & Ian 



You don't need directions, you know which way to go. 

I don't want to hold you back, I just want to watch you grow. 
You're the one who taught me, you don't have to look behind. 

Oh, yes, sweet darling, so glad you are a child of mine! 
Carole King 

Our love always, 

Mom, Dad, and Ned 

306 Ashley 

JlWiS&m *' 


! f 


;y. .>;■..§• ■ |-;|| •-- - y," 

1 s 




Congratulations Anne! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Jay, John, Alan, Susan, Robert, Helen 

Rankin 307 

Nika Joon, we are so proud of you and the 
woman you have become! We love you! 

Mamman & BaBa 



Far off thou art but never neigh; 

I have thee still, and I rejoice 
I prosper, circled with thy voice; 
I shall not lose thee though I die. 

Congratulations Kimberly Tennyson 

Mom, Dad, Grandmother, and Aunt Shirley 

McKinney 309 

> \ 


You have been a joy in our lives... 
Always remember that "I can do 
everything through Christ who gives me 
strenghth" Philippians 4:13 
We Love You! 

Mom, Dad, and Matthew 

310 Wallace 

Wilkinson 311 

312 Housholder 




^ What a blessing and a 
pfc joy you are to us. 
Mom, Dad, and Will 

314 Earthman 

Congratulations Buggie. 
fou're not as cute anymore, 
but you're beautiful!! 

You'll always be my 
wonderful 'Lidda Girr'! 
I am so proud of you! 




" There is a breath of God in every man, a force lying deeper than 
the stratum of will, which may be stirred to become an aspiration 
strong enough to give direction and even to run counter to all 
winds. " 

Abraham Joshua Heschel 

316 Levitt 

Love, Dad, Mom, Gideon & Manny 

Some words of wisdom from the 
three people who love you the most, 
Mom, Dad, and Allen 

" Don't spend so much time looking for the light at the end of the 
tunnel that you forget to enjoy the fun of going through the tunnel " 

Enjoy your journey, Ruth! 

Huggins 317 

See golden days, fruitful 
of golden deeds, 
With Joy and Love 



A blessing from God, you have enriched our lives immeasurably. 

We love you more than words can express. 

Love always, dearest, 

~ Dad, Mumsie, and Margaret Anne 

You 're the spirit of Christmas, the star on our tree. 

You 're the Easter bunny for Mommy and me. 
You 're sugar. You 're spice. You 're everything nice. 

And, you 're Daddy and Mommy s little girl. 

Congratulations Sunshine! 
Love, Mom and Dad 



Megan - 


Mom, Dad, and Kristen 

320 Campbell 

Cathleen, You are very special and we are so proud of you. You bring so much joy 
o our lives. Thanks for being the fun, loving, spirited, and determined daughter 
ind sister you are. We love you! Mom, Dad, Ann Crockett, and Caroline. 

Hale 321 

We 're so proud of you Leigh Terry! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Kate and Sam 

322 Terry 

• Boo", 
| You make us proud 
everyday! Our love is 
with you always. 
Papa, Mom, 
and Whitney 

McCracken 323 

Dearest Cathy, 

It has been such a joy to 
watch you "blossom" from a 
sweet, independent, and 
inquisitive little girl into a self- 
sufficient, intelligent, and 
beautiful young lady. We are 
so proud of you and will be 

Much Love Princess, 
Mom, Dad, and Chip 
Grandmama and Poopie 
Grandmother and Granddaddy 

324 Crafton 

* ft ■ f 

Congratulations Shannon! 

We love you and are so 
proud of you! Way to go 

Mom, Dad, 
Chambliss and Dent 

Shillinglaw 325 

"Hats" off to BEAR 

all dressed up 

from bonnet to toe 
....all grown up 
with so many places to go 
Our love goes with you- 
Mom, Dad, De, 
Mary Britton and John 

326 Thompson 

If I could reach up and grab 
a star for every time you made 
us smile, an entire evening of 
sky would be in the palms of 
Dur hands. 


I wanted a perfect ending- 
Now I've learned the hard way, 
that some poems don't rhyme, and 

some stories don't have a clear 
beginning, middle, and end. Life is 
about not knowing, having to 
change, taking the moment and 
making the best of it without 
knowing what's going to happen 
next. " Delicious Ambiguity" 
Gilda Radner 

Keep Smiling and savouring 
up the " Delicious Ambiguity." 

We love you!!! 

Mom, Matthew, 
Will and Stephanie 




You have been the light of 
our lives. Go shine it on the 


Mom, Dad, 

Bill and Daniel 

328 McGugin 

This bridge will only take you halfway there 
To those mysterious lands you long to see: 
Through gypsy camps and swirling Arab fairs 
And moonlight woods where the unicorns run free. 
So come and walk awhile with me and share 
The twisting trails and wondrous worlds I've known. 
But this bridge will only take you halfway there - 
The last few steps you'll have to take alone. 

We love you, and we're so proud! 

Mom and John, Grace and Rosie the Lamebrained, Dad 




-on^ratuUtiooN, Elizabeth! 
From the bepnnin* you danced v„ ur w ;„,, 
live* and our h<.„n<. v .. * *° our 

,, « fcl a P •■* hoiwe. As too follow ,»., j 

hanks for showing me in high school 

ixactly what to do. 

lanks for sharing all your clothes with me, 

*md being with me too. 

hanks for letting me crawl in your bed 

tVhen you wanted me to go 

hanks for teaching me most everything 

I already know. 

look foreward to years and years with you j 

rhere will never be an end. 

.nd how I know that it is true- 

^ sister is a best friend. 

I love you- Sara 

t MM rs 


■. ■..■:■■ 


: :' *._ j» 'y' 1 - 


I The time has come to soar 
J and grow- be proud of what 
I you have accomplished and 
I relish the anticipation of what 
] is ahead. Be happy, healthy, 
I and stay true to yourself 
1 always. We love you and are 
so proud of you, Jezbo. 
With love- 
Mom, Dad, Sara, 
Miller and 

Get Plenty of 

Eat well 

Drive carefully 

Remember your 

Don't underdress or party all night 

Stay calm Don't pout Most important- 

Call home! 
And always remember- we love you 
332 McWiiHams Mom, Dad, and Lisa 

daughter, daughter 

Burn strong our candle of joy 

Make each day an adventure 

Sprinkle wonderment across this planet 

Dance through life as you dance in our hearts 

Be true to yourself and happiness will follow 

We'll miss the giggles pouring from your room, 

The tell-tell typing on Instant Messenger 

Well past bedtime 

And the non-stop parade of friends. 

One last Til ley ride for the Princess. 

P.S. Locamus tuam cellam nunc. 

You entered our lives making our dreams come true. 
Now live your dreams 


Bandy 333 

3 ,r 

I've enjoyed 
watching you i 
grow from a 
curious baby to 
a sweet little 
girl to a 
sensitive and 
witty young 
woman. I hope 
that some day w» 
you'll have a 
daughter who k 
will bring you 
as much 
happiness as 
you've given 

One or two sentences huh. One 
sentence is not enough to say it 
all, but I guess just know that I 
love you and wish the best for 
you in the rest of your life and 
whatever you're doing. 

j I wish you a happy and prosperous life. 
J I also wish you'd clean your room. 
Love, Dad 



334 Neilson 

We are so proud 

of you! 

Daddy, Mother, 
Catherine and PJ 

FOX 335 

To our Precious Angel just 

When you come home 
No matter how far 
Run through the door 
and into our arms 
It's where you are loved 
It's where you belong 
and we will be here 
when you come home. 

Love Mom, Dad, Crissy & 




I am so proud of all that you have achieved 
after the death of your Dad. You have shown a very 
courageous disposition during this most painful and 
difficult time. "Little Daddy" would have been 

We have been blessed with you as our daughter. 
You have brought us so much happiness. 
Always keep God first in everything you do, and 
as you continue life s journey:Believe in yourself 
Believe in your dreams 
And shoot for them! 
Je faime beaucoup Fabinouche, 

and Dad in Spirit 
There are no secrets to success. It is the result of 
preparation, hard work, learning from failure. 1 ' 
- Gen. Colin L. Powell 

Diskin 337 


Balancing artistry and achievement on the 
tiny pointe of a shoe, yours has been an 
eloquent example of discipline and 
determination. May your quiet commitment 
continue the counterpoiseias science is the 
beneficiary of your creativity, may art be the 
fulfillment of your eclectic energy. Our 
willing helper; funny, freckled elf: may you 
find always the support of a sister, the peace 
of a purr, the serenity of a lakehouse swing. 
We will watch from the wings as, befitting 
your namesake,each new life step becomes a 
pas de Moo. 

With our love and best wishes, 
Mom, Dad, and Carey 

Congratulations, Sarah! 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Chris 

338 Arvin/Hargrove 

"Therefore I tell you, do not be 
anxious about your life.. .but 
seek first his kingdom and his 
righteousness, and all these 
things shall be yours as well... 
Therefore do not be anxious 
about tomorrow, for tomorrow 
will be anxious for itself. Let the 
day's own trouble be sufficient 
for the day." 

-Matthew 6 


Never doubt that a small group of 
thoughtful, commited citizens can 
change the world. Indeed, it is the only 
thing that ever has. 

-Margaret Mead 

Faith in action is love; 
love in action is service; 
and proof of service is 

—Mother Teresa 





We love you for your thoughtfulness and 
commitment, but more than that, for your 
loving heart that knows no bounds. You are a 
blessed gift to us and to this world. 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Lauren and Molly 

"How can we thank God 
enough for you in return for 
all the joy we have in the 
presence of our God because 
of you?" 

I Thessalonians 3:9 

Dad, Mom, Alii and Kim 

340 Alfery 

...Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee. Get thou from it thy radiance and seek 
none other than Me. For I have created thee rich and have bountifully shed My favor 
upon thee. 

— Baha'u'llah 

Bahar you are a special human being, a shining lamp and a precious gift who has 
brought love and happiness into our life. We are proud of you. With all our love, 

—Mom, Dad, Yassi 



"The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of 
their dreams." 

Eleanor Roosevelt 

We Love You Sandy - 
Mom, Dad, Cayce 
Andrew, Maggie, 
and Kyle. 

Mom, Dad, Meg, Brittan, and Erik 

Morel 343 

Congratulations, Jessica! 

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiam." 

—Ralph Waldo Emerson 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Ed, Kathy 

344 Lundin 

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride! 
We love you, Louise, 
Mom, Dad, Margaret, Allen 



May the good Lord be with you 

Down every road you roam 

And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far from home 

And may you grow to be proud 

Dignified ar\d true 

And do unto others 

As you'd have done to you 

Be courageous and be brave 

And in our hearts you'll always stay 

Forever Young. 

May good fortune be with you 

May your guiding fight be strong 

Build a stairway to heaven with a prirtce or a vagabond 

And may you never love in vain and in our hearts you will remain 

Forever Young. 

And when you finally fly away 

We'll be hoping that we served you well 

For all the wisdom of a lifetime 

No one can ever tell 

But whatever road you choose 

We're right behind you, win or lose 

Forever Young. 

Mi^ar m^&. ^\t 

346 Christenberry 

Trace 347 

* ■ ■* **••*" of 5H 



Leaving Home 
May God look after you 
wherever you go 
May the everlasting Father 
take you in his generous clasp 
May Christ lead you to your 
true destination 
May the Spirit bathe you in 
heavenly light 
May the saints and angels s 
Stretch out their arms for you 
When you are tempted 
When you go through rough places 
When you return home. 



Dave Matthews: What is your name? 
Lucy Kay: Lucy Kay Wall. 
Dave Matthews: (while writing) You 
southerners really know how to name your kids. 
Backstage Starwood 

October 18, 1996 

No matter where you go or what you are called, you wil] 
always be our Lucy Kay. 


Mom, Mary Scott, Lorelei, Zach 

1 s H 


Lucy Kay— 

You will excel in everything you try. We'll 

be with you in spirit to revel in your 


Dad and Barbara and all the critters 



; i 


JSmJr **^H 

On your mark, get set, you go, girl! 

Katie B., we're behind you as you hurdle into the 

next millenium! 

Love, Mom, Tommy, Jake, Tee, Katie T, and Rich 

350 Beesley 


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2838 • INf : C>-'>CFOl HROf.1 COM 



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Owner / Operator 

Park Place 

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The Food is Everything. 

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by Dr. Jeffrey Carter or Dr. Richard Martin 

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• 7, 8, 12 & 15 PASSENGER VANS 





1 TO 48 



Class of 2000! 



Salon & Day Spa 

-jfzz onLij htacE to 1/2,0/2. 



As we reflect on this year, we are glad it 
is over and we are done. 

to the 
I Class of 2000 

from the Milestones Editors 1999-2000 



oral V 

1 1 

^/fasterpiece gallery 

' ' / a collection of fine portraiture/ 







en n i 

The test of the ages 

Few generations have the opportunity 

to witness the passing of one millennium and 

the beginning of another. Before racing forward 

into the 21st century, take a moment to 

reflect back on the people, places, and 

events of the past 1 ,000 years. 



;» ; ■■'■ ' i # 

i 1903 

Airplane, powered by gasoline 


Senator loseph McCarthy 

io 1969 

Woodstock Music & Art Fair 

engine, flown by brothers 

(Wisconsin) began a series of 

attracted 500,000 rock music 

Wilbur and Orville Wright. 

congressional hearings to 
expose suspected Communists 

fans to upstate New York. 


Model "T" Ford introduced an 
affordable automobile for the 

in American government. 

it 1969 

Apollo 1 1 landed astronauts 
on the moon. 

mass market. 


Disneyland theme park opened 

in California. 


Kent State University (Ohio) 


Federal income tax mandated 

protests against the U.S. role 

with passage of the 16th 


Montgomery, AL Bus Boycott 

in the war in Southeast Asia 

Amendment to the 

ignited modern Civil Rights 

left four demonstrators dead 


Movement for black Americans. 

when the National Guard fired 


U.S. entered World War 1 on 

e 1955 

McDonalds restaurant opened 

upon the crowd. 

side of Britain and France vs. 

in Des Plaines, IL. 


Women's Equal Rights 

Germany and the Central 

Amendment was passed by 


* 1956 

Elvis Presley melded country 
& western with rhythm & blues 

Congress but not ratified by 
the required number of states 


Prohibition on the manufacture 

in his first rock hits "Hound 

within the mandated seven- 

and sale of intoxicating 

Dog" and "Heartbreak Hotel." 

year limit. 

beverages legislated by the 

18th Amendment to the 


Interstate Highway System 


President Richard M. Nixon 

Constitution (repealed in 1933 

construction began to link 

resigned from office rather than 

by 21st Amendment). 

America with superhighways. 

face impeachment on charges 

2 1920 

Station KDKA in Pittsburgh 
broadcast the first commercial 


Hula Hoop invented by Richard 
P. Knerr and Arthur K. Melvin. 

stemming from the "Watergate" 
scandals which began two 
years earlier. 

radio program. 


Motown Records, "The Sound 
of Young America," was 
founded in Detroit. 


"Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar 
Hill Gang brought hip-hop 
music to mainstream pop 
musical charts. 




3 1920 

Women's right to vote 


Vietnam War engaged 

» 1981 

Personal computer introduced 

guaranteed by the 19th 

American military troops. 

by IBM. 

Amendment in time to elect 

Warren G. Harding as 


Wal-Mart discount store 

» 1981 

Music Television (MTV) 


opened in Rogers, AR. 

debuted as a music video 


Stock market crash ushered in 

s 1963 

President John F. Kennedy 

Great Depression. 

assassinated in Dallas, TX. 

14 1984 

Coca-Cola changes soft drink 
formula, prompting protests 


Empire State Building erected 

9 1963 

Martin Luther King, |r. 

which led to the reintroduction 

in New York. 

delivered his "1 Have a Dream" 
speech to the crowds at the 

of "Classic Coke." 


Social Security Act passed as 

Washington, DC. Freedom 


NASA space shuttle 

part of President Franklin D. 

March for black civil rights. 

Challenger explodes 73 

Roosevelt's "New Deal" to 

seconds after launching, killing 

provide federal unemployment 


The Beatles appeared on the 

all aboard including the "first 

compensation and old-age 

"Ed Sullivan Show" on 

teacher to fly in space," Christa 


television, launching the 
British Invasion in pop music. 


4 1941 

U.S. entered World War 11 when 

» 1991 

Operation Desert Storm 

naval bases in Hawaii were 


National Organization for 

launched by U.S. and United 

attacked by lapan. 

Women (NOW) founded to 
agitate for women's equal 

Nations allies to oust invading 
Iraqis from Kuwait in the oil- 

s 1948 

Solid-body electric guitar 
designed by Leo Fender mass 


rich Persian Gulf region. 



Martin Luther King, |r. was 
assassinated in Memphis, TN. 

is 1999 

President William ). Clinton 
impeached and charged with 


Korean War engaged American 

Robert Kennedy was 

perjury and obstruction of 

military troops. 

assassinated in Los Angeles, 
CA moments after winning the 
California Presidential Primary. 

justice. He was later acquitted 
on both counts. 


rom 1900 to 20 





Trim en x 

unpowdei perfected by 

1290 Spectacles invented 

poor eyesight 
1313 Cunpowder introduc 

"Black Death to Eurc 
up to one third of th 



» 1431 

w 1510 



:oda Cama. Portuguesi 

:a" (for explorer Amerigo 
ci) published 

1567 Lead pencil invented by Konrad 

1 588 Spanish armada defeated by 
the island nation of Queen 
a 1589 Flush toilet invented by 

m 1592 William Shakespeare emerged 

as a British dramatist 

1598 Tekugawa Shogunate founded 


■forth Ai 

1643 Louis XIV assumed th 
France to become the 
of the Absolute Mona 

1644 Qing Dynasty establis 
China by invading nor 

1648 Thirty Years' War. 'the 
the religious wars" the 

I 1718 Machine gun introduced b> 
S) 1728 "Enlightenment" intellects 

rationalism, boosted by 
European popularity of 

itaple in England after 

M^ M 



Hot-air balloon flown by 

Montgolfier brothers 


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 



Power loom to weave cloth 

introduced by Edmund 



United States ratified the 


French Revolution began with 

symbol of royal authority. 


Cotton gin to mechanically 

invented by Eli Whitney 


"Romantic Movement." an 

boosted with the popularity o 

the 2nd edition of William 

Wordsworth's and Samuel 

Taylor Coleridge's lyrical Ballad 


Louisana Purchase of land fron 

land area of the United States 


Steam locomotive successful 

tested by Richard Trevithick. 


Long-distance steamboat saile 


Canning to preserve food 

invented by Brad Doukin 


Emperor Napoleon Bonapart 


Lawn mower introduced by 
Edward Beard Budding 


patented by Cyrus McCormick 


Differential calculating machin 
invented by Charles Babbage 


Telegraph patented 
simultaneously by Samuel F.B 
Morse and Sir William Fothergil 




fl 1848 



a 1876 


1886 Coca-Cola b< 

called for workers of the world 


Zipper closure invented by 

Ma P ni1es°a inTheCOmmUniSt 


\V< •men given the right to vote 

Refrigerator pioneered by lames 

Harrison and Alex C. Twining. 


Sigmund Freud developed 

Passenger elevator invented by 

methods of psychoanalysis. 

ElishaG Otis 


Wireless radio invented by 

Evolutionary theory postulated 

Guglielmo Marconi 

in The Origin of Species by Charles 

« 1896 

Olympic Games revived in 
Athens. Greece. 

Civil War erupted In the United 


relatedtoth^^^n' 55 " 6 ^ 

patented by Herman L. Wagne 


Air conditioning introduced int 

expansion of black slavery. 

the workplace by William 

States with the end of the Civil 


Airplane powered L, ga 


engine flown by Wright brother 

Nitroglycerine explosive 


Brassiere as woman's 

developed by Alfred Nobel. 

undergarment marketed by 

» 1905 

became virtually independent 

Special Theory of Relativity 


Plastic ("Bakelite"! commercial 

Prussia defeated France in a war 


that resulted in a unified 


Chinese republic formed whe 


Paul Cezanne introduced 

300-year-old Qing (Manchu) 

"Impressionism" in painting 


Telephone patented by 


Assembly-line production of 

Alexander Graham Bell 

automobiles pioneered by 

Phonograph to play back 


PaTamaamal built through 

Thomas Edison """ 

MlanTic^pSficOceCs 6 

Electric light using carbon 


World War 1 began with the 

by Thomas Edison 

AuTtr^Mm^enafthron^ ^ 

"Skyscraper" building designed 


Communist revolution in Russi 
overthrew Tsar in favor of 

enTnelvdoSSb 16 

Bolsheviks led by VI Lenin 


League of Nations formed afte 




• 1928 
» 1929 

38 1935 

• 1936 

• 1938 
» 1939 

9 1945 
« 1945 

Penicillin antibiotic to treat 
infections discovered by 
Alexander Fleming. 
Television receiver first 
demonstrated in Schenectady, 

New York. 

• 1950 

U.S. stock market crash ushered 
in worldwide economic Great 

• 1953 

Television unveiled at New York 
World's Fair. 


Television broadcast to public 
on two stations in London. 

« 1957 

Ballpoint pen invented by 
Ladislao |. & Georg Biro. 
World War II began as Germany, 
led by Adolf Hitler, invaded 

"Tupperware" plastic containers 
invented by Earl Tupper. 
Atomic bomb developed by 
Enrico Fermi, J.R. Oppenheimer, 
and the "Manhattan Project" 
team It was later dropped on 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the 
U.S. which compelled the 
Japanese to surrender. 
United Nations established to 
save future generations from 
war, protect human rights, 
maintain treaties, and promote 
social progress. 
ENIAC, first electronic digital 
computer, started up at the 
University of Pennsylvania to 
assist in mathematical 

"Cold War" began between post- 
WW II superpowers U.S. and the 
Soviet Union over economic 
and ideological goals. 
1948 Israel established as a national 
lewish state in the Middle East. 




1 1949 Mao Tse-tung, Chinese 

communist leader, won ongoing 
battle with Nationalist Chinese 
to establish the People's 
Republic of China. 
Xerox office copying machine 
developed by Haloid Company. 
DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) 
molecule mapped by Francis 
Crick and lames Watson. 
Polio vaccine developed from 
the killed virus by lonas Salk. 
The "Space Race" began 
between the U.S. and the Soviet 
Union as the Russians launched 
Sputnik I, the first artificial 
1958 Laser invented by Charles A. 

** 1959 Cuba became communist after 
successful revolution led by 
Fidel Castro. 

C 1961 Manned space flights launched 
by the USSR, and United States. 

8 1967 Christiaan Barnard, a South 

African surgeon, performed the 
first whole heart transplant from 
one person to another 

■ 1967 Six-Day War won Israel 

additional territory from Egypt, 
Jordan, and Syria. 
1969 U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong 
became the first man to walk 
on the moon. 
1969 Video-cassette recorder 
manufactured by Sony 

G 1970 Computer floppy disk invented 
by IBM. 

*» 1971 "E-mail" invented with program 
to send interpersonal messages 
across a distributed network of 

*« 1975 Vietnam War ended with 

communist takeover of South 
Vietnam's capital of Siagon. 
1976 Mars planetary space probe 

launched by U.S. 
1978 "Test-tube baby," conceived 
outside the body of a woman, 
born to Lesley Brown in 
: 1979 Shah of Iran forced into exile by 
fundamentalist Muslim 
revolution; American embassy 
personnel taken hostage. 

*s 1984 Compact disk player marketed 
by Sony & Fujitsu Companies 
and by Philips Company. 
1985 Hole in ozone atmospheric 

protective layer detected over 

■ 1989 "World Wide Web" technology 
developed to link computer 
networks on the international 
"Internet " 

« 1989 Berlin Wall, in East Germany, 
torn down after serving since 
1 96 1 to keep East Germans from 
escaping to the West. 

f 1990 Hubble Space Telescope 
launched by U.S. to give 
scientists a closer look at the 
heavens from outside the 
earth's atmosphere. 

Q 1991 Union of Soviet Socialist 
Republics dissolved into 
separate nations as communist 
governments fell apart. 
1997 Two scientists from Roslin, 
Scotland, cloned a sheep 
named Dolly by extracting DNA 
from another sheep. 

AH research was conducted by Norwood Kerr, Ph.D., 
adjunct professor at Auburn University. Montgomery, AL 

Printed in USA 

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tv & movies 





trends & technolog,