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I Events 


^g^L M 


Jj itA 


^H Wit'* & H 




■ ^ 



The HarpttVt Hall school 

320± Hobbs, -Rx>ad 

Nashville, tn 37-215" 

615". 297^ 54 3 

tdt^ts,: 54-5 

a\A,d staff: 133 


During any ordinary day at 'The Hall" you never know what you are going to encoun- 
ter. With all the excitement of daily life, the beginning of school, new teachers, new stu- 
dents, new uniforms... there are just some things you just DON'T do. 

Throw your Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Seventeen away because the newest social and 
fashion survival guide is your very own Milestones yearbook. For you amateurs and mem- 
bers of the male posse, just keep in mind that the black boxes that strike through the eyes 
of the guilty indicate something you should not do! Have you ever made a mistake, ever 
goofed, ever got caught on camera at that awkard moment. For every there is 

a great story. For every there are a few laughs. For every girl in plaid, there is 

a FAUX PAWS. Faux pas is French for mistake. A is Milestones for fun. Sit 

back, relax, and read, for every Honeybear has a 

Thvm l> 

aff ^Dedications 


Z/o roll out of bed and throw your hair in a 
ponytail in the morning. 

Z/o feel free to chat with your buds on the 
internet in your free time. 


wear your HH coulote. 

Z/o befriend Mrs. Mulgrew, Malone, Compton, 
Maxwell, Horton and Mabry. 

Z/o dance with your dad at the father daughter 


enjoy Mr. Crocker and Wallace's stories. 

Z/o stop in and grab a mint from Mrs. Maxwell or 
Mabry's office. 

Z/o take advantage of the new athletic center. 
Z/o use your First Class E-mail. 


i/on't block the girl behind you in class with your 

i/on't forget to turn down the volume on the computer when 
you are back in class. 

i/on't let the flap fall into the toilet. 

(/on't exchange cell phone numbers with them. 


forget, he is you dad, not your boyfriend. 

believe everything they say. 


't stay too long, odds are they'll find a uniform infraction 

i/on't go only to hit on the new trainer. 

i/on't send all your AOL Forwards to the entire school. 


* =** 

£>o'«s and Don' "fs 7 

Allison and 
Dowdle, 8th 
grade, just 
one of 5 
sets of twins 
on campus. 
they both 


shown here 
in the b-ball 
they are not 
the same 
And, please 
don't refer 
to any of 
these gals 
as "Hey 

Meryl aod Korgso KCVlclcer, Eroroie, 12th, ^toDe, 10th, md 
7th. Coroefe 8th, QpfDioy. 

K^ry K^thertoe, 9th, Cfcrfr, 
6th, i»dJ Ellle, 7th, 

Have you ever felt like you were seeing double? Do you keep 
hearing the same name over and over at assemblies? With 5 sets of 
twins and 3 families with 3 children here at school , you probably have. 
In the middle school there are Allison and Maegan (left) and Morgan 
and Meryl McVicker (7th). In the Upper School you may see Angeline 
and Elta Falls-Mariani, or Amanda and Lauren Powell tapping away at 
dance concerts, or Adrienne and Hillary Thomas, who until last year 
were 2 or 3 Thomas girls at HH. In the Granbery family you have 
Emmie (12th), Anne (10th), and Cornelia (8th). plus, cousin Marion 
(12th). The Bartholomews added 2 to HH this year with Clair (6th), 
Ellie (7th), and in her 5th year Mary Katherine (9th). Last, but not least, 
are those Stengle gals, Mary (12th), Morgan (10th), and Sara (6th). 
Though they may share a last name, a bathroom, or a ride to school, 
each of these girls adds her own special talent and personality to the 
unique spirit that we call "The Hall." 

Sister Act 

geltoe Mis- £mmd$ sv>i LiweD Lowell, J-Mwy &dJ ^Jtodds fhoross, Ksry, 12th, %9t9, 6th, snd 
1 9th. 11th. 12th. NospQ, 10th, StaDgst 

ftmily 9 


91' ( 

*• i i 

i v^rj 

*-> Jk ^ 







<- ' -^ 





Food always plays a central 
role in these gatherings, when 
unknown bakers come out of 
the woodwork to provide the 
vital nourishment needed to 
make it through the rest of the 


Advisory Groups are an essential part our 
education. From the time you enter school as 
a 5th grader, until your last days of as a 
senior, you will always have at least one 
place to call home, your advisory group. 
Your advisor may be your favorite teacher, 
it may be an administrator, or even a 
"staffer". Fifth through 9th graders are 
assigned advisors, once you hit that 
sophomore year, you may choose that faculty 
member with whom you most identify. No 
matter the adult, you and sewen or eight 
classmates have a place to "chill", relax, vent, 
discuss world Issues or those closer to home. 

Advisory can be a time where girls can de-stress, catch up with their 
friends, and learn to work together. * Ann Wyatt Little shares her anxiety, 
like so many students do, while Emma Harwell laughs oft" the angst of the 
morning. * Anna Gernert takes a break to get filled in on all the gossip she 
missed by Caroline Rhett. * Maggie McCain, Claire Burks, and Maegan 
Dowdle work together in their advisory group, building their 
communication skills as well as reaquainting themseh es with each other 
after a long summer break. * Advisors sometimes dress out of the 
norm., you guessed it, Halloween, 5th and 6th grade ad\ isors are 
Goldielocks and the 3 bears. Mr. Benson is Papa Bear, Mrs. Roycc is Mania 
Bear, Ms. Schlanger is Baby Bear, and Mrs. Lee grew out her tresses to be 

Mvisovy it 

"None/ ofufrMiiXb ever forget thtydciy. Yet, we/ go forward/to 
defend/ freed&rwcwid/ciW 

world/." - President (jeorge/W. Bu^v 

The night of September 11, 2002 we gathered with our families around the 
television and radio to seek answers from the government. 'Terrorist attacks can shake the 
foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. 
These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve, " President 
Bush emphasized the importance of America's TRIUMPH. 

Although, the dust had settled, and the World Trade centers are razed, Our 
community gathered to commerate the victims of 9-11 on the one year anniversary of the 
tragedy. Souby Lawn was filled students, faculty, family and friends, accessorized with 
ribbons and flags. Caroline Johnson, Dr. Eckerd, Lillian Simon, and RaleighAnne Blank 
shared thoughts and feelings. It was our time to stare TERROR in the face and bond as 
one force against the TRAGEDY of terrorism. 


and caw/tr-ate oar ^t/n^ .<? ^ ^^^-^enre^n^ 

%%tn$&£m<mc&. le> 

The right place, at the right time, with camera in hand... some times 
we just get lucky and catch you in the act... 

*Have you ever been attacked by a classmate with green hairspray? Sara Stengel got 

caught and shows her spirit at Varsity Volleyball match, supporting senior sister Mary, 

or could she be supporting Sophomore sister Morgan? 

*Donit hold back! Senior setter Sara like! Isenhour after a set and a kill as the varsity 

Bears defend their state title. 

* Breaking and entering? This mysterios upper schooler is caught entering the hard 


*This Senior-ita, Virginia Pirkle, longs for spring break... it be a trip to the Caymans? 

*Take a closer look, do you recognize this student? Science faculty member drew a lot 

of double takes on Halloween. 

A fifth grade stampeded... Anna 
Spickard, Caroline Evers, and Jenny 
Cook spot Ms. Teaff from accross the 
field and race to welcome her to the 
cross country meet. 

A quiet place to study on campus is 
often hard to find. But, with Diet 
Coke in hand, junior Hadley Hines 
finds a shady spot in early fall. 



They are "fauxr re 

I -V 


1 1 




Eight grader 
Hallemann is 
not so sure 
about the 
bagel, "did 
you put Locks 
on that?" 




-^ ' 

The annual Leadership retreat 
is a time for club and class 
officers to plan for the 
upcoming year. Eleventh 
grader, Mary Catherine Stone 
emphatically asks "Why?" 

All work and no play make 
the day very long. So, junior 
Anna Trotter jumps up to 
show others just how to play. 



Wf i\ 

L JWr'^-l 


: ■ 


Katie Sara 

Tompkins Isenhour 


Pete im an 

Abby Sinks just 
found out that the 
cookie she picked 
off the floor of the 
senior house is past 
the expiration date, 

'' **V>I 

if Sarah Anne's 
career fails she can 
always fall back on 

Are you a Seniority, cuz I'm a Seniority, S-E-N- 

Eqti :ng .. .What Sen ioritas <\o best! 

Tippins Stone can't believe berdum dum bas moi-e caloirestban 

CarolineJobnson's Diet Coke. 

lndesciveSeniors...Mariel Bentz eg n't decide wbicb is her salad fork 

and Maggie Waltemetb can't decide wbicb waterbottle bgs water in it. 

Sara RodriguezorganizesbersbrinetoMicbael. 

Asbley Cole watches in admiration as bet- mom does the makeup 

for Brittney Spears. 

j^S9q 9L|^ 9-l£ S^UOIU9$ jpUfe fe^MOjU^ £ (JUJ ZDD 



' — 

f ^ «: 

■ft ■ • jjl 

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1 Ivl 

If ■ 1 

1* (p «b i; 

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Mv 1 JsM ! 

hv - 

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5vet3 Una Sorin 





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j "* .--^-S: 




L i £ e f s 

h^rbison Jessica tartness 3nnie huitt sara isenbour coe peterman katie 













E/gttYeofCfe& 29 

The nth Hour 

V^/itli prom on deck and college 

counseling in the hole, ^UDIOl o are 
.stepping up to the plate. While Keeley 
studvs hard to pass European with Dr. 
Eeherd, Grade and Carolyn enjoy the 
fall weather taking one for the team as 
they perform the all important task: 
coloring MBA football signs, a duty 
every Junior avoids at all costs. 

In the nth Hour... 

The fast and the furious will finish the 
11th draft of her term paper, do 11 hours 
of homework trying to pass the 11 elec- 
tives she is taking, lose 11 hundred hours 
of sleep worrying about getting into 
college, put in II hours setting up the day 
of prom, and rush home to find that she 
has 11 minutes to shower and dress 
before she picks up her date. 

A", vA.;£i~ 



A j: 72 

1 1/ 



J V few 

Nancy 5is.k does the RAP 
T.O R in the iuniot- lobby. 
The raptor is saiq to be a 
pose Nancy is very fa- 

Ashton Alexander 


Elizabeth A^inson 

Amy E>aron 

Kjara £>evilacjua 

Jean-Marie £>ibb 


Kelly Bonau 


Leaders of the pacK 

Jennifer Bum -Secretary, 
Dylan Taylor Smith- Spirit 
Leader, Macy Garett- 
Pariiamentarian, Ann Wyatt 
Little - Vice President, 
Lauren Powell - President; 
Liza Ttickett- Treasurer 

Tara Herbert flashes a 

lip tQ Amy Bar.on.and 

" ^artyichem 

paving aiitde trouble 
ng awake as Mrs.Hrggihs 
eOureson Boyfe sGas Lav\ 
and molecular com- 

e.Stew is 




Laura Lea E)ryant 


LJetsij £)utin 

Callie Cohen 

Stephanie (Lompton 

LJizabeth (_,onrad 


Em% Crowe 

Lauren Dagleij 

Qlen Davis 


chop. This is caption II. Caption II 
is sot in H point 1 1< l\< (i<a. There are 
tOI characters in 

Ils^ic.i kinnarJ. in her best Katie Tompkins 
impix^xin during prom 4,it. that awe- 
some singer, hum "PMS". 

Caroline Ramsey, sporting her fine 
Playmaker hoodie, is caught quite off 
guard during Ms.Linden's math class. 

Kate Davis 

Lm.L) Dean 

Lnn Debruyn 

rCathenjn Dennison 

Lillian Dushime 

AAA ftjl 

Laine V vans 

Mac|e Garrett 

Elllen Green 

Kendall Green 

Gourtneij G rosnon S 

Grockett Male 
J^rnrna Marwell 
Tara Herbert 
Mel.nda higgms 
Madlet, Mines 

dvniovs e5e) 

What do Juniors thinK about 
Nashvi||e's...Their FAVORITES 

Movie: Disturbing Behavior- 
Junior year pushes some people just 
a little too f ai*. 

Song: "I'm in a Hurry to Get Things 
Done " - Alabama &. "Seventeen " - 
Tim MeGraw- Everything seems to 
fly by so fast your junior year. 
Hangout: SATCO 
Hobby: European Distort -I on just 
cant get enough of time well spent 
with Dr. Echerd. 

Favorite Diva: Jessica Turk. Sshe 
iril/hv famous someda.v! 
Favorite Titans Player: Drew 

Favorite Animal: Bob , Dr. 
Sehott's snake. 

Favorite Actor: Ben Afleek 
Favorite Place to Shop: Office 
Depot . You never can get too mam 
school supplies for serious organiza- 


annah Menefee and Jean-Marie Bibb 

carefully scan the 2003 Roman Banquet 
Photo Album during lunch time in Mrs. 
Wards room. 

ICimberly Hogg 

Tanner j|olmes 

KatHryn f~jolt 

5ara Darby Morrell 

f\acnel ijowell 

Wesley Hugries 

^irisha |<Cavun 

£>erry Kennedy 

Jessica Kjnnard 




This year, Laura Wright has maintained 

the right to call hersef the worst, or at the very 
least, the most unlucky driver in the Class of 
2004. Not only has she managed to wreck four 
cars in a four month time span, but two of these 
cars have been laoners from the Lan d Rover of 
Nashville dealership. 
If you've seen Laura on her way 
to school or driving around town, 
it is more than likely that she is 
driving a loaner car rather than her own. Although 
she has also driven both black and white 
Freelanders, her most notable loaner, and her 
favorite to drive, is the infamous electric blue 
Freelander. These flashy cars sure have caught the 
attention of not only the entire MBA student body 
and Harpeth Hall construction workers, but also 
oncoming traffic, trees, and policemen. Believe it 
or not, while driving a loaner, Laura managed to 
both back into a tree and get a speeding ticket . 
Not only has she successfully raised your father's 
insurance substantially this year, but Laura, aver- 
aging at least one wreck per month, holds the 
record for most driving infractions in the shortest 
time span. 

}\atheryn Dennison, A.K.A. Wayne from Wayne's World, 
tunes up her Les Paul guitar before her big solo in this year's 
Prom Skit. 

Christine Taherian gives the camera her best impression of 
Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. 

Ann VWiatt Little 

Jocelun L os tetter 

Margaret Martin-Lacexj 

Sarah Matjrian 

[>u Nelson 

Olivia Peterson 

Mayley Phipps 

Amanda f owell 

L-,e Powell 

Lauren | owell 



Lillian Dushime just 

can't help but smile. 
Today she became a 
United States Citizen! 

Joined at the hip, 

Emily Crowe gives Kim 
Alfery a few pointers 
about Mendelian Prin- 
ciples, the topic of their 
upcoming AP Bio test. 

Hillary FYim 

aroline Ramsey 

Mary Ramsey 

Grace Rich 

Sally Sawyer 

Katie Seals 

Lauren S'mpson 

Nancy S'sk 

Anna Smith 

Rebecca Sp'gel 

Rob,n Steele 

Elizabeth Stewart 

Mary Katherine Stone 

(Christine T~anerian 


g>€ Class 


UJe are the Juniors, stand up 
and cheer while all the oth- 
ers taKe the rear, yes I'm 
proud to say I'm a Junior, 
we're the best class of the 
yean We've got school pride 
to lead the way, throughout 
the year and day by day. Oh 
yes rm proud to say I'm a 
Junior! 3-U-N-lOH-gi 

"Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Hadley Right Over! Juniors Lane Evans, 
Emmie Powell, Hadley Hines, Grace Rich, and Elizabeth Conrad use 
m thier free Friday E-block to let off a litle stress with a fun and spirited 
game of Red Rover. 

Laura Wright 

e)t)f]i'of§ §>7 

A^ppily strolling the 
long walk back from 
lunch, Margaret 
Dodson, Ellen Ham- 
mer, and Sarah Baker 
have just indulged in 
their favorite dessert, 
fudge pie. 

Ms. Higgins chemis- 
try class is renowned 
for the daily quizzes. 
Hoping to score their 
first 10 of the week, 
Jaqueline Martin- 
do a last minute re- 

The act of being a 
good student is what 
Kathleen Goetz was 
caught doing. Before 
heading off to endure 
a school of wilder- 
ness adventures, The 
Outdoor Academy, 
she gives a good ef- 
fort to leave first se- 
mester with a bang. 
We look forward to 
her return next year 

A Perfect 10 

JT rom ear pile-ups and classic breakups to internet fraud, Sopho- 
more .year is fidl of changes and new experiences. Cars suddenly 
become the issue at hand. What kind of car are you getting? Do I get 
a parking spot? Will iny birthday ever come? These questions 
commonly drift down the Sophomore hall. Since they are no longer 
freshmen, and not enjoying the luxuries of being upperclassmeii, 
Sophomores find other excitements. Sophomore class officers, Tori 
Patterson, Estee Simpkins, Mary Ross Bryant, Madeline Martin, 
and Elizabeth Anderson, reflect the best characteristics of their 
class. CL«ss President Melissa McCord zowLWtfv&s., 

"Our class's strongest attribute Is that we art very 

\M\h an exasperated 
sigh, Claire Berry 
awes at the new Latin 
assignment. Having 
just translated their 
last chapter, yet an- 
other has been as- 
signed. "What hap- 
pened to those mind- 
less conversations 
about psychology and 
birds we used to have 
with Ms. Ross?", she 

£><3 Class 

/bII is a time of rigor- 
ous training and tons 
of laughter for the 
soccer gals. 
However,Ana Nettles 
and Katie Gallagher 
take time to relieve 
their daily stresses, 
by pushing eachother 

As class president, 
Melissa McCord in- 
herited the job of 
heading the Sopho- 
more sale. Ap- 
proaching the sales 
finale, Melissa slaves 
over organizing the 
heavy boxes of Mam- 
moth pecans. 

CXten you will find 
sprawled across the 
hall due to stress. 
Jennie McCabe and 
Aly Armistead get a 
head start on the fa- 
tigue junior year will 
soon bring. 

Sophomores are the greatest] 
Sophomores are the best 

We Ve got the personality 

that's better than all the rest! 

Lindsay Adcox 

Elizabeth Anderson 

Aly Armistead 

Rachel Ashwood 

Mallory Atlcins 

5arah ^alcr 

Claire berry 

j>rooke Qloom 

Katy £)° wers 

Annie gyrooks 

Mary Ross f^ryant 

LHen byrd 

A^e Campbell 

Mary b'ndley Carswell 

I M ilestones Mimi. Though she is normally 
found slaving away over an ancient com- 
puter in the publications room, night and 
day, Mimi Rose was caught paying atten- 
tion to her other responsibilities. 

A II Smiles. When asked about her 
sister going away to college next 
year, Mary Tom Crazier was all smiles 
ear to ear. However, it is not unusual 
to find she, Ceci Creagh, and Claire 
Stadler laughing and giggling at any 

Augusta Cole 

Ceci C re agh 

Caroline C r °ucri 

Lmily Oowell 

Mart) Torn C r ° zler 

Mary Cooper Cummings 

[Cllen Davis 

Terr,, Del favero 

~ kelln Diehl 

Margaret Dodson 

Mall Teller 

Jeanne fitch 

Katie Gallagher 

Anna Cjernert 

Kagan G'bson 

S ophomores got the spirit. Spirit week at | 
HH was a sight to see. Each day the entire 
upperschool, faculty and students, dressed to 
impress by wearing eighties grunge to army 
combat gear. Rachel Ashwood and Caroline 
Hale sport their new tacky ensembles. 

Are you kidding me? When asked to com- 
plete a problem on the board, Mallory Atkins 
doesn't even have to speak to let us now how 
she feels. 

C hock full of Nuts. The pecan sale was a big 
success for the Sophomore class. Ceci Creagh 
proves she has a knack for sales when she 
dashes down the hall with a trash bag full of 

Kathleen Qoetz 

Anne Granbery 

Margaret A nne G ra y 

Kate Gregory 

Caroline hale 

Whitney Haley 
EJIen Hammer 

Connne Hartong 

Caitlin Heyman 

Ann Exggs Horn 

[_indy Johnson 

5 s rah j_ovett 

f^achel Lowe 

Madeline Martin 

eline Martin-Lacey 

What the Sophomore's 
have to say... 

What is the favorite class? 
Free Period, of course! 

How much is too much for a pair of 


Most girls say about $100; 

however, one budget conscious 

Sophomore said, "Anything 

over $20 because you can get 

amazing jeans at Target for 

$ir.99 w . 

Where is the first place you went 
when you got your license? 
Sateo, for a little celebratory 
cheese dip! 

Do you miss being a freshman? 
The answer was unani- 
mous.. .NO! 

South Africa meets HH Sophomore class. Still 
boasting there summer tans, South African exchange 
student, Lauren Shearing, gets to know her new American 
friends. Estee Simpkins and Hall Felker try their best to 
make her feel at home. 

WmA J^ 

Jennie McCabe 
Melissa McCord 

Molly McCullough 
Edie McDonald 

Lauren McKjnneq 

R M an McLaughlin 
~ AH.son Milam 
Annsleu M^er 




Lizzie |\]apier 

Ana Nettles 

L>nttani| Northcross 

Alison Oldham 

(Catherine Oman 

What was the favorite HH 


"Valentines Dance! 

Taildaters and Singled- 

Ont were both hilarious ! 

- Annie Brooks 


Christine fiana 

Anna | oss 

Helen Ramsey 

Helen Ranlcin 

H ml ly Reed 

Victoria 5 cnwa ^ 

Katie 5naub 

Elizabeth 5he 

ELstee 5 im pl< in 

Maru 5 u san 3 

ami scrooi 


Crunch Time. After a hard 
morning packed with Chemis- 
try for Betsy West and Geom- 
etry for Rachel Lowe and Liz 
Anderson, they sit down and 
relax over a scrumptious 
meal . Fudge pie was voted the 
Sophomore's favorite desert. 

Science in Spanish. After 
taking a short stroll to the 
library in hopes of escaping 
the monotonous drilling 
from outside Mrs. Allen's 
window. Ellen Wheeler and 
the rest of the Advanced 
Spanish III class enjoy the 
comfortable chairs in the li- 
brary. Though Ellen nor- 
mally is engrossed in the 
complexity of the Spanish 
language, she takes time to 
study the new bacteria 
growing on her four year old 

I aulor j\tz\er 

Claire Stadler 

>5tacey Stanton 

Morgan Stengel 

Cameron S w eetmg 

Stephanie QnW 

5etsy West 
nilen Wheeler 

Carson Whitehead 

/\llison W'iseman 

(Catherine Wood 

ELrica Yartz 

Who are 



New to the "Hall", joining just 

after Winterim, Shannon 
Niedermeyer show Carolyn Riley 
the ropes. 

L lie class officers : (from left) President - Christina 
Norwood; Parlimentariaii -Taylor Parrish; Y ice President 
- Laura Nichols; Student Council Rep. -Maggie Dcihl, Trea- 
surer - Olivia Patterson; Student Council Rep. - Molly 
Camphcll, Secretary - Jillian Peterson (not pictured); and 
Spirit Leader - Maddin McCord (not pictured). Their big- 
gest project this year has been the Spring Rrcak T-shirt. 

Leaders of the Pack 

(f)now Days 

On one of our many 
snow days this winterim, 
Lauren Marcus takes a 
break from class to play 
in our first snow of the 

_L,indsay Boyd, Jamie Gordon, 

M addin McCord Ellen Mor P his and Anne 

picks at her lunch Laurence Chenery stand un- 

while haning out in dertne cano PY on tn f s ^ ior 

the Bair Lair with Pato eager to leave school fast 

f r j enc j s before a senior sees them. 

Kathleen Ambrose 

(Caroline /\nderson 

5usan Marcus 

Mary Catherine 5artholome W 

All berry man 

rCelsay £)est 

Knssie 5inkley 

LJizabeth £)ohannon 



„, Doyd 

auren ]_)raden 

Ginny £>rown 

Julia (_ ammacK 

Molly Campbell 

Kate Carson 

Victoria C asarner 

Monisha Chalcravarthy 

A nne L aurence Chenery 

"True C' a y corn be 


"The worst part of my day is walking 
by the senior house at the end of the day 
with my golf clubs, backpack, laptop, 
and extra clothes bag all in one load with 

the seniors sitting there saying "I don't 
think you have enough stuff there." 

Emily Stewart Darw.n 
Meg Delozier 
Sarah Denson 
Maggie DieW 
Amy Dixon 

/AJana T ssig 
Angeline Tails Mariani 
ELIta Tails Mariani 
Katie T r edenc!<s 
Adair Treeman 

Julie Trench 
KLatie Geer 
Jamie (jordon 
Avery Graham 
TJizabeth Grote 

Fmshn&n 49 

'Tm most surprised by Raleigh 
Anne Blank because I never 
know what she'll do next, and I 
don't know how to act around 

- Argie Johnson 

Standing in front of the vending machine, 
Alex stares at her choices trying to decide 
what snack to get next time. 

For Halloween 2002, Amy, Katie, Christine, js 

Kristin, Emily, Melissa, Elizabeth, Jillian and | 
Angeline took color to the next level. A 

rainbow of Freshmen! - i 

Anne Walker Harrison 

L-L) Hassell 

Whitney Hayden 

Grace Herbert 

Alexandra Hoblitzelle 

Stefanie Holland 

Tara |slam 

Elizabeth Jackson 

Lindsay Jacques 

Anne Laurence Jobnson ki 

A r gie Johnson 
Callie Kestner 
Jackjn Kjreyczyk 

auren lerou 


Lauren Marcu 

Freshman Firsts 

Freshman year is a time of 
meeting; new people, experiencing 
new things, and creating lasting 
memories. Maggie Diehl and 
Denton Whit son, being experts on 
the subject, had a lot to say about 
their first day as high school 
students. On their first day, 
Maggie, being a "new girl*", and 
Denton being the "Harpeth Hall 
pro", had the same experiences of 
having to worrying about finding 
their way around, meeting all of 
then* teachers, and learning their 
schedule. Still, the girls were the 
most nervous about meeting all of 
then* new classmates. "In the 
beginning I spent a long time 
being nice to every single person, 

Shannon Niedermeyer flashes a smile at the 
camera while taking a break from Biology. 

not knowing who I would end up 
being friends with, I wanted to 
keep my options open. It was 
exhausting keeping the smile on 
my face,"" says Maggie. Denton has 
related thoughts. "I was very 
excited to see all the new faces. I 
was eager to make new friends, 
and I did. It was a great to get to 
know all of the new girls and how 
their personality would affect our 
grade. It was a change for the 
better and everyday is exciting 
because of all the new people that 
make everyday fun and filled with 
excitement." The first day of 
school as a freshman is hard for 
anyone, new or old. Luckily, the 
rest of the year will be one of the 
best experiences of their lives! 

Al a McCathren 
Maddin K\cQorc\ 
Mays McW^irter 
5arah Mercy 
EJlen Morprns 

Mel.ssa Neal 
Alex Nelson 
Dede Nesbitt 
Laura Nichols 
Shannon [\|iedermeue 

5a rah Norton 
(_.hristina Norwood 
]J)are Qjscas 
"Taylor jarrisn 
Olivia fatterson 

FwsfitnGfi SI 

The Whole 9 Yards 1 
of Freshman Favorites 1 

Scary Movie: The Ring; 

Comedy: Tommy Boy & 

Just Married 

Chiek Fliek: Two Weeks 

Notice and Sweet Home 


Vacation Spot: Beach 

(Florida & Hawaii) 

Car: 4 Runner & BMW 


Restaurant: Green Hills 

Grille, P.F. Changs, and J. 


1* /^JSp^* 
- ^ 

rbpsicles in hand, Callie Kestner, 
Elizabeth Grote and Marv 
Katherine Bartholomew take 2 
break from a hot day of cross 
country running. 

Carina parson 

Jillian Peterson 

AHie rhipps 

Anne Qarke P.rUe 

Lindsay fratt 

Molly froffitt 

LUen Regan 

Caitie Red 

Mary-Lucy Re.d 


Lucie R,ch 
Christine Riley 

L,me Short 

5a rah Anne Spauldmg 

^ate Steele 

freshen §o> 

^ye^i^M &/^^4^ 

After surviving the 
first three years of 
middle school, the class 
of 2007 is finally ruling 
the school, middle 
school that is. When 
asked how it felt to be 
the oldest, Olivia Burd 
relplied, "It feels great! 
We are studs!" From 
the eighth grade retreat 
to Chicago, the eighth 
graders always have 
something going on. At 
the eighth grade re- 
treat, they reacquaint 
themselves by playing 
get-to-know-you games 
and doing various out- 
door activities such as 
shaving cream hair-dos. 
In Chicago they have 
their last hurrah before 
moving to the Upper 
School, by seeing the 
Chicago sites, shopping 

After a hard week of 
school at Harpeth Hall, 
most eighth graders hit 
the mall. While many 
girls choose the Green 
Hills Mall's selection, in- 
cluding Bebe or Ex- 
press, Cool Springs 
dominated with their se- 
lection of Abercrombie 
and Fitch, Hollister and 
American Eagle. Emi 
Mimms and Marissa 
Sessoms, however, pre- 

at the Water Tower mall, 
and eating great food. 

S4 Class 

fer shopping in their 
older brothers' closets 
and finding bargains at 
thrift shops around 
town. Once they've 
maxed out their parents' 
credit cards at the mall, 
the eighth graders will 
put on their favorite 
jeans, flip flops and the 
new cute top, and head 
out to the MBA game or 
the movies. 

When Lauren Poole 
said that all she does in 
her free time is study, 
she summed up the 
eighth grade work ethic. 
They are dedicated stu- 
dents who work hard, 
yet play hard. The 
eighth graders turn it up 
a notch with harder 
classes, especially IPS, 
but they are able to have 
some down time by re- 
leasing their stress in 
life skills. Even though 
they are enjoying the 
perks of being the old- 
est in the middle school, 
they are still looking for- 
ward to their transition 
into high school. They 
are ready to handle the 
freedom and harder 
classes. However, there 
is thing they aren't look- 
ing forward too: being 
the youngest once 

ary Tek, Emily Turner, 
Becca Hill, and Olivia Burd feel 
fired up at a Middle School 
pep rally for winter sports. 
With students and clubs 
earning pep points for 
attending events, MS spirit 
has really "pepped" up over 
the past year, and MS Varsity 
and Junior Varsity basketball 
teams started the season off 
with a bang. 

ighth grade members of 
the cross country team gather 
for quick snapshot before 
finishing off their undefeated 
season with the fourth 
straight HVAC Championship. 
Coaches Meltesen, 
Henderson, and Dale help 
guide, train, and councel the 
girls through the season. 

n memory of September 
11, the middle school 
ochestra, led here by eighth 
graders Maggie Babb and 
Cameron Neely, played a few 
songs to remember the victims 
of the World Trade Center, 
the Pentagon, and the 
Pennsylvania attacks. 

£/ejfitfi Groete S3 

"Mrs. Hagan is really awesome, she 
foeuses on Latin but always can lend 
an ear to other subjects." 

-Lindsey Rollins 

Nura Ismail gets in 
working mode, along with 
her eighth grade classmates, 
at the eighth grade retreat. 
If she only knew that the 
goggles and tongs wouldn't 
make IPS any easier. 

Do* Have ^ m anc ' k° n ^ 

with your friends on the 
eighth grade retreat. 

H/^n't* Stand up in the canoe like 
L/VJII I. Q a j r Burkes, Emily Johnson, 

Maggie 5abb 
Addie Boston 



fa &urd 

Annie Tipps and Catherine 
Higham are doing 

E)lair Carter 

Laura Davis 

AH.son Dowdle 

Maegan Dowdle 

Holly Dunn 

Taylor fettroll 

Gabnelle Gioia 

Lindsey Gould 

Gornelia G ra nbem 

Sarab Hale 

f$\ M 


Brown Pa|9£r Packages 
Tied U|9 With If ring, oo 

Some of the Eighth Graders' 
Favorite Things 

Sports to Play: 
Soccer 21% 
Basketball 15% 
Track 11% 
Other 42% 

To Watch: 
Basketball 40% 
Football 25% 
Other 30% 

"We 'skateboard' and we like to 
WATCH the actual football games that 
we rarely go too" 

-Emi Minims and Marissa Sessoms 

ffi\fV : " & 

Caroline Nallema, 
Graham Nartong 
|<CatKryn Harvey 
Anna Rose Me M m 
Catherine Mgham 

becca Mill 

Annbern Molliman 
Julianne Howell 
Mary | owler rioweil 
Noura Ismail 

Janie Jackson 
Christina Jezioro 
Umily Johnson 
Melissa |Cim 
Jessica Lavender 

E/gfrffi Groete §7 

Janie Jackson and Kaz 
Suzuki, along with the rest 
of the eighth grade class, 
changed their chatty ways 
for a day at a retreat that 
focused on teamwork and 
non-verbal communica- 

Anna ("Catherine Moloney 
Ashley Manson 
Maggie McCain 

Lmi Mimms 

Mary Olivia Mull.n 

Cameron Neely 

Casey N e 'son 

Mamie N.chols 

Nancy Keen Palmer 


Lmdsey | omeroy 

Lauren | oole 

Ashley Ramsden 

ICaitlin Ray 

Lauren Regie 

M'chele Robinson 

Lindsey Rollins 

5opnie ganders 

Katherine Harvey cringed when she reminised with Allison Dowdle 
about the the boys at their most recent mixer. Mixers are just 
another opportunity for girls to meet and mingle with the opposite 
sex in a social setting 

Holly Dunn, Addie Boston, Brooke Worthington, Lindsey Gould, 
Annie Brown and Christina Jeziro found some free time to catch up 
with friends. It's a wonder Lindsey made it in the picture since, 
accordering to Lindsey, "we don't have any free time". 


' .1^ 


* *■ AFPI 

M arissa c> essorns 

Lillian 5iman 
Demetria 5 F 'nrad 
Charlotte ^ubiett 

Caroline j annc 
English ~j~aulor 

Annie T'pp 
LmiUj Tumer 

|^)iane (Jwamahoro 
Zuri Wallcer-Dinicins 
Maggie Willcins 

£)roo!<e Worthington 
^a rah 2jni merman 

E/gfitft Greete §9 

Gcvofe IfJeh 

his year, the seventh grade got to reap all the benefits of being older and 
wiser. These lucky girls got to experience mixers with boys and being a part of 
the middle school play. They even got new laptops! After doubling the class size 
and moving into the Dough W. Smith building, this group of stupendous seventh 
grade girls went on a caving trip and an outstandng outdoor retreat to Camp Laney 
where they all bonded as a new class. 
Something to smile about., .anewyear, 
a new school, and new friends. Eliza- 
beth Ward, Caroline Sanders, and Lisa 
Carson are all fresh faces on campus this 
school year. The seventh 
grade nearly 
doubles in size 
eachyearas al- 
most 30 new 
students join the ' 
class of 2008. 





60 Class 

Restaraunt: Carrabas 
Movie: Sweet Home Alabama 
Actress: Reese Witherspoon 
Actor: Josh Hartnett 
TV Show: Friends 
Weekend: MBA Games, Movies 
SpringBreak Destination: Florida 
HH Event: Mixers, Sports 
New Freedom: Free Lunch 
New Technology: Laptops 
Uniform: Blue Polo, Plaid Skirt 

fiannah Koonce snags a quick 
bite while waiting in line. The 
seventh grade voted spicy 
fr/esas their favorite food. 

Music to our ears. to 
the music program this 
year, Mr. Lee has brought 
recorders. Maria, Katie, 
Glory, and AnnRalls ser- 
enade the middle school 
during a morning meeting. 

itrllie Malloy pays little 
attention to the volleyball 
game going on, while she 
plays away on her new 
labtop. Who could be on 
the other end of that IM? 

eJevenf h GSfGcte €1 

7 th grade is completely 
different than 5 th and 6 th 
grade. I like the freedom 

a whole lot. 

- Heather Derrick 

.Allie Carver 


Meador, Kathleen 
Cahterall, and 
Amanda Dean 
take a break to 
bask in the sun at 
their seventh grade 
swim party. 

Devon £)ndgwaters 
Shelby gndwell 

AHie Carver 

Kathleen Catherall 

EJlie Cau, 

Clair Cnnstofersen 

Rachel Cochran 


Ashley Norman, Rina 
Senbonmatsu, and Sarah 
Weeks enjoy fine dining and 
lots of food from the dining 
hall. One thing about being 
on the meal plan, you'll never 
go hungry! 

Amanda De 

heather Derrick 
EJizabeth fuller 

Lauren G\\ 
Laura (joetzman 

Alexandra Guillen 
Claire henry 
{jjracken hobson 
Lisa Howard 
OI' v i a N^ward 

Macy Hughart 
E.n,ma Hunt 
5ydne M Jenlcins 
Hannah |<^oonce 
| Ivali Lague 

eteventft 6vad& 6<b 

Freedom in the 7th grade... 

Anne McWhirter sums up seventh 
grade with this quote: "It is a really fun 
year." During these two long semesters, new 
students eonie in and retreats to Camp 
Lancy involving silly .skits unite all the new 
girls together. Erin Brooks says, "The best 
thing that I have experienced this year is 
getting to know the new girls and becoming 
closer with the ones that aren't new."But 
there is more to seventh grade than new 
students. Rachel Stvers boasts, "We get a 

lot of new privileges that we didn't have 

last year, and we have new surroundings." 
Another bonus is the freedom 

Lacy Magee 

EJIie Maloq 

5chaefer Maxwell 

to leave lunch early and not having to 
wait for the teachers in the cafeteria, 
Lauren Petway says, "In the seventh 

grade they give you a lot more freedom 
to do what you want to do." Tori 

Fittarelli looks forward to studying in 
the new "modular village" next year while 
the new middle school is built. The sev- 
enth graders this year are faced with the 
challenges of making new friends and 
the rewards of greater freedom. Next 
year holds great promise as these great 
girls advance to becoming 'top dogs' of 
the middle school. 

Rachael Me^e, 
Mem! Mocker 

Morgan McV'cker 

Anne McVVnirter 

Marybeth Meador 

^umner Morgan 

Maria Murabito 

Ann Ralls N'ewold 

Ashley f\|orman 

Rue Qseas 

Lauren fetwau 

Tory fittarelli 

Katie Loss 
Catherine Ra, 

All'son Rappunn 


)ecca Robinson 
me Rothenberg 


Campbell Baker 
asks a fellow 
student for help 
while studiously 
working on her 
history home- 

Glory Beveridge and 
Ann Ralls Niewold 
appear to be study- 
ing, but they seem to 
find homework a little 
too funny. 

Caroline 5anders 
f\ina ^enbonmats 
5ialce 5tadler 
Maggie ^tephensc 
Rachel 5tyers 

MacHe Teren 
Alisha Terrell 
Kuthie Trammel 

Megan Jurnaj 
Courtney \'tcl 

fjTzabeth Ward 
5arah Weelcs 
Samantha Williams 
Grace Wright 

Lauren Z'elsLe h 6vadv ۤ 

Six Degrees of 

Dazed and confused, Abby 
cannot understand why the 
numerator is always on top. 

Afedeline smiles big, sport- 
ing braces and her new Hello 
Kitty collectable. 

fl/llis and Bradley tug, tug, 
tug as the 6th .grade 
Aristons take on the Triads. 


5a bin is completely 
mesmorized, or perhaps just 
dazed and confused. 

flizabeth McLemore, Cydney Smith and Aline Dushimire were 
stopped by Mariel Bentz, a milestones photographer in the 
hallway for a candid. ..they posed instead. 

66 Class 


ousted. Anne Carney Raines gives us 
her best Deer-in-head-light Iook. 

Dressed in the holiday spirit, Madeline 
Hinchion, LaKesha Holmes, Phoebe 
Carver and Brenna Newport take a 
break fromwork to pose for a candid. 

Aalen looks too stressed to be in the 
sixth grade. Just wait till youn are a 

Lacey, Madeline, Ashley, Patricia, Callie, 
Elizabeth and Bradley dress to stay warm 
in the harsh Nashville winters. Maybe 
they are going to take advantage of one 
of our 2 snow days! 

keii M n Angel! 

(_Jare Bartholomew 

Gallie £>laclcburn 

Elizabeth £>rittain 

[_acu £)roemel 

Jane Mane brown 

Madeleine 5 H rd 

| noebe C^arver 

Clie Del favero 

5arah Doian 

Aline Dusnimire 

I atncia (jormleq 

Asnley [Jayden 

Madeline Mmcbion 

Lakesba Holmes 

Anne Jacobs 

Andee Johnson 

Kyilis Lyle 

EJizabeth McLemore 
ICalen McNamara 

£>adley Moody 

5abin Nettles 

Drenna Newport 

Ljndsey Qbnen 

P 1'^W 

Maddie Folk 
/\bDL) | opnam 

Anne Carney Raines 

(Rollins Reisz 

5arah ^cnutt 
Qdney 5n>ith 

5ara Stengel 
Rachel Wachs 

Rachel White 
Madeline Wiseman 


Favorite Diva: J. Lo 
Favorite Song: Jenny From the Block 
Favorite Movie: Maid in Manhattan 
Dream Car: BMW Convertible 
Favorite Titans Player: Steve McNair 
Favorite Place to Shop: Gap Kids 
Favorite Color: Pink 
Favorite Sport: Basketball 
Favorite Animal: Dog 
Favorite Actor: Josh Hartnett 

Annie Worthington 

New to the music 

prgram this year is 
beginning band. 
Jane Marie Brown 
took full advantage 
of the opportunity to 
become one of the 
first trombone 
players in school 

Caught on her way 

to dance, Anne 
Jacobs flashes a 
smile for this lurking 
Milestones photogra- 

<§ixtt 6fGete £9 

yj ustine and Caroline play "captured 

» y children" in the annual Native American 

Vep, I know the answer, shows Chelsea _ . . „ .. .. 

T Day celebration honoring Native Amen- 

Stessel with her hand up, as neighbor 

Bria Reed struggles to hear the question 

cans and the impact they have made on 
our nation. 


The Fabulous 

he fifth graders ma> 
he the youngest of 
the school, but other 
than their size you 
would never know it! 
Always willing to 
speak out during as- 
semblies, they offer 
thier opinions, and 
s 1 1 o w 1 1* e in e 11 d o u s 
school pride, these 
girls have already 
proved to be skilled 
leaders and confi- 
dent young women. 
With a class Mi la- 
dies strong these 
girls do no blend in, 
b u t s 1 1 o w " g o o d 
things come in small 
p a e k a g e s . " 

; : . . : : ;; 

> r_ ...r,^ Date. 


i •.'-""*% 

' (■}'': 

1 Horiework: 


! - 1 


it M 

J9l pUJh Bb*' ■ 


cience b 

gives a prestation on the recent weather 
conditions around the U.S. 


\\l obel Peace Prize winner, Desmund 
Tutu and his wife visited thier 
grandaughter, Mungi, for lunch last fall. 
Karlyn, Krissie, Alex, and Ana jump in on 
the fun too! 

mh Srcde 71 

(Caroline /\ston 

Bridget bailey 

Nina 5anf,eld 

Meagan fj)ecl<.ham 

Dana &rawer 

Justine frrittain 

f^ohini Chakravarthy 

Hannah (^.laubroolc 

Add,e Cole 

Jenny Cook 

Grayson l2_ckert 

Caroline E-rs 

Hilary Greenstein 

/\a.snoir C rewa l 

S uza nne Ijowell 

Karlqn hunt 

Madison Jones 

Jasmin kjocko 

Mane McCord 

Anna Millard 

Stephanie Miller 

Mungi Ngomane 

Ryan Norman 

Lja Pendleton 

IVrissie | etway 

5re,a Reed 

5ara Schott 

Alex Shaffer 

Anna Sp'ckard 

Alison Stark 

Chelsea Stessel 

nnah |Cate W'lkms 

Jaya Williams 

72 Class 

Fab Five's Favs 

Car - Volfcswagon Beetle 
Movie - Just Married 
Restauraunt - P.F. Changs 
Vacation Spot - Florida 

Fifth graders love 

Lunch Time 

in the Dining Hall 

I his years fifth 
graders are known 
throughout the stu- 
dent body as one of 
the most spirited 
elasses. We ean al- 
ways count on tliein 
to stand up in assem- 
bly and make us 
smile. Students like 
these are w hat make 
Ilarpeth Hall shine! 


^^^Juncli time!" are probably the 
fifth grader's two favorite words. Hi- 
lary Greenstein takes a wholesome 
bite of the Dining Hall's famous potato 
soup. They work so hard during the 
day, and huieli is a time where they can 
kick back and relax wiht their friends. 
Its hard to believe that at the be ginning 
of school they didn't know anyone, and 
now they are experts at finding their 
way around campus. ..and especially 
the lunch line! They have really 
learned to fit into this food-obsessed 


Allison Stark 

smushes her face 
with frosted cookies 
during Advisory with 
Mrs. Shlanger. 
Looks like she might 
need some help! 









&4L?ffoi&rin^ jin&*p£&>}>\, 

jr. F 


C^nsHhi/ ZvcUv 

I i 


&*** ^L 

k\<\c\ SdfWtftoev 








** ■ , Bi ' 


■ « 


* v! 


O^M/4^ < fywm $J&sy^ 



jadb^lL., kJ^^yp 



S&Y& hwh*s>r 


\ i 





ftbKj gall^heR. 

1 1 , i lv 1 

*\TFI1 Tn* 


Aw\<x t . "Dzwvjb€>v^ 





1/1 T' i I 

Mrs. Dale and Mrs. Keller chat about their 
future Honeybears. Both teachers end the 
school year expecting a new arrival in the fall. 
What is in the water... Mrs. Climer drank from 
the same fountain. 

English teacher Mr. Crocker plays 
Shakespeare well. Still, his D-block 
English IV class is convinced that he 
really just wants to wear tights. 

Mrs. Choppin, A.K.A. Peter, 
tells her collegues tales of her 
days in Never-Never Land. 

Dr. Schott gears up for I 
another exciting AP Biology 
lecture on the Chromosomal 
Basis of Inheritance. 


"The early discovery that stories were accessible 
to me any time a wanted fueled my imagination 

and gave rise to a passion for literature that 

endures to this day. Reading and writing are 

the great joys of my life, and being an English 

teacher was always offering that gift to others. " 
-Ms. Grimes 

Nancy Grimes 

Ganne Harmon 

Rita banian 

Trac, Keller 

K/isten Meltesen 



F 1* ^^M i 


Ms. Kaplan makes a move from the Upper School as an academic counselor to the Monday morning, 7:45, no free periods, grading essays. ..Ms. Roark is a happy camper 
Middle School as an English teacher. Here she sits in amazement as Elle DelFavero works Playing the role of the Head of the English Department, she is constantly busy helpin 
quietly! out others and teaching her classes of freshman and juniors. She enjoys discussing th 

novels read in class, and she passes this love along to her students every day. 

116 Academics , 

The English Department,: Mr. Croker,Ms. 
Girgus, Ms. O'Keefe, Ms. Swartz, Ms. Royse 
MsTKaplan, Ms. Schlanger, Ms. Meltesen. 
Dr. Myers, and Ms. Roark, in of all places.. .the 

Ms. Girgus, with her smile that 
brightens our day, says 

§oodbye to her freshman sfu- 
ents. We can always count on 
her to give us adivce and praise 
when we need it most. 

Knsten Meltesen 
Jackie O'Kleefe 
K^aren f^oarlc 
Qarbara K°M se 
Gwen Slcelle^ 
Karen Thompson 

s Ms. Meltesen playing on her laptop, staring at the screen, or is she working? Well 
if couse, she's working hard! . She loves what she does, and it shows through her work, 
■he made the transition from 8th grade English to the Upper School. 

The book club is comprised o\' M. (iranberv (president). E. Atkinson. L. Dushime. O. 

Peterson, and S. Girgus (sponsor). Not pictured were, C. Short, C. Thompson. A. 

Chandler, C Farr, M. Chison, E. Dean, A. Poss, J. Burn, N. Sisk. B. Kennedy, K. 
Dennison, H. Phipps, R. Steele, A. Jones, and E. Bradbury. 

English 117 

® Vale! 


^^^^ Let us lift up the mind and spirit 

Marees Oioppin 
Isabelle C'' mer 
Jennifer Cox 
Carole Hagen 

Tcggy Ross 

faul-|_eon "]~uzeneu 

Joyce Ward 

The Carter Conference. The Spanish 
language is renown for troubling many a 
highschool student, however, Senora 
Carter is here to save the day. Offering 
a sample of authentic Spanish from 
Spain, Mrs. Carter offers a great deal to 
her students. She and Crockett Hale hit 
the books in hope of an epiphany over 
the imperfect tense. 

IIS Academics 

Latin Pride. Though Latin pride 
has always been prevalent, this year it 
got a little out of hand. Shannon 
Neidemeyer was not the only one 
spotted in Roman duds on February 
18th, several other 
Latinets supported the new uniform 
in honor of the Roman Banquet. 
She was escorted down the hall 
by Meredith Woodard. 

Tuzin charge.M Tuzenue 
is quite possibly the most vi- 
faculty member in 
the Upper School. His classic 
vinegar and ice cream story 
along with his alien visuals, 
leave lasting guidance for his 
French and Spanish stu- 
dents. Don 't 

always under 

Mrs. Choppin, more com- 
monly known as Senora 
Choppin to her Middle School 
students, has been a beloved 
teacher many years. She is a 
well-respected classroom 
teacher always trying to spark 
her students interest with the 
Spanish language by using 
creative projects and interac- 
tive learning. Many high 
school students will claim that 
Senora Choppin introduced 
them to the Mexican dining 
hotspot, El Palenque, while 
they were on one of her class 
field trips. However, Mrs. 
Choppin's teaching goes be- 
yond the classroom. She offers 
her rising freshmen a trip to 
Cuernavaca, Mexico. During 
this 10 day trip, the girls take 
classes, travel to surrounding 
cities, climb pyramids, and get 
a taste of authenic Spanish 
lifestyle. Normally the group is 
split between two houses 
hosted by one very generous 
family. Mrs. Choppin does this 
trip out of her love for the 
Spanish culture, but especially 
for her students. She 
undertands that one must in- 
teract with the language in 
which they are learning for it to 
interest them. Students will say- 
that this trip was unforget- 
table, and that it motivated 
them to study abroad or take 
part in a homestay. Mrs. 
Choppin is a teacher who em- 
bodies all aspects of a perfect 
foreign language teacher. 

Pore/gfl &GflgUGg€ 119 

It is not uncommon for 
Mr. Wallace to invite 
his former students to 
sit down for a refresh- 

*lass of ice tea in 
order to discuss some 
"colloquial" or slang 

Dr. Jack, known for 
his speed and agility, 
tries to master his art 
in the form of grading. 

Here stands Harpeth 
Hall's finest, bravest, and 
most intellectual history 
team to date. The en- 
semble includes Merie 
Clark, Dr. Jack 
Henderson, Mr. Cooper, 
Tony Springman, Moses, 
and Tim Wallace. 


yc : _ ..jr. 

Dr. Cooper gives one of his famous "visuals". Here he 
is expressing just how much he is going to miss the 
class of 2003 next year. 

Mrs. Clark takes a step out of her George Washington 
Day Celebration director's chair to pose with Morgan, 
Allie, Erin, Anna and Liz. 

MO kcad-ztnics 





"History is the 

version of past 

events that 

people have 

decided to 

agree upon." 


From Na- 
p o 1 e o n 
to Fran- 
our His- 
tory De- 
stops at 
nothing to 
make sure 
each stu- 
dent learns to appreciate, or at least 
tolerate, history. The history de- 
partment shines through with its 
talented eight members. Merrie 
Clark, head of the department, 
teaches seventh grade American 
History. Ms. Clark is also in charge 
of the George Washington day cel- 
ebration each spring. Also in the 
middle school are Mr. Wallace 

and Mr. Benson. Mr.Wallace teaches 
eighth grade history and also doubles 
as the upper school soccer coach. 
Mr. Benson teaches fifth and sixth 
grade history. In the upper school, 
Dr. Echerd and Mrs. Moses double 
team the juniors with European 
History. Dr. Echerd also teaches a 
class on World Religions. Dr. Jack 
captivates his Topics in World 
History and AP American students 
with his flair for teaching. Mr. 
Springman, also known to many as 
"Baba", teaches American 
Government and Psychology to eager 
freshmen and sophomores. Baba is 
also the official fire marshall. 
Dr. Cooper teaches American history 
and is reserved solely for seniors. He 
keeps them guessing what his next 
American "visual" will be. Another 
page in history that will be taught to 
future students, has unfolded this 
year in Iraq, in front of our eyes. 

After a graveling debate 
in his 5th grade geogra- 
phy class, Mr. Benson 
steps outside to release 
some stress. 

ft/Storg MX 

.Numerators: Hays 
McWhirter. Maggie 
D i e h 1 . Elizabeth 
Conrad, Sara 
Isenhower. President 
Mary Chisolm, Valerie 
Casemer, Katy Bow- 
ers, Helen Rankin and 
Kendra Abkowitz. 

Sixth grade math club: 
Brenna Newport 
Phoebe Carver 
Madeline Wiseman 
Elizabeth Brittain 
Rohini Chakravarthy. 
Madeleine Byrd 
Maddie Polk, Andee 

McNamara, Rachel 
Wachs, Anne Jacobs, 
and Mrs. Lee. 

Math teachers Mrs. Dale, 
Mrs. Hill, Ms.Compton, 
Mr. Wert, Mrs. Lee, Ms. 
Beigl and Mrs. 
Karwedsky. (Not pic- 
tured: Ms. Stelling and 
Ms. Linden.) 

ai s. ixcuweusi^y lciii i 

help but get giddy after 
helping Emily Crowe 
figure out a problem. 
Ms. Karwedsky, just 
like every other teacher 
in the math department, 
is always willing to put 
in extra time so her stu- 
dents understand the 
concepts fully. 

IZZ Acedeft/CS 

\M S Hill helps Lindsay 
1 Towry with her precal 
| homework in early help. 
I No one ever warned the 
I juniors that polar graphs 
1 would be so nard. 



Math has a radical year 

Math often isn't a subject many students pick as their favorite, but the 
underdog is making a comeback. Math club membership is at a new high (33 
girls) and when surveyed, an overwhelming majority of the eighth graders said 
that math was their favorite subject. The lone man in the math department, Mr. 
Wert, is the department chair. The math club meets, when president Mary 
Chisolm is given the opportunity, on Mondays and Fridays during activity pe- 
riod. Perhaps the most notorious event for math clubbers is Pi Day, a day in the 
spring for the girls to get together and show their enthusiasm by baking and 
eating pies in celebration of the mysterious number. Though there is no set math 
club in the Middle School, the sixth, seventh and eighth graders each meet inde- 
pendently during lunch throughout the year to prepare to compete in various 
competitions around town. 

Dora B.egJ 
T'ffam, Dale 

]_inda K^arweasl<.u 

5all M Lee 

roll, Unden 

ELIizabetn 5tellma 

Tad Wert 

Hefft m 


P.E. and bance teachers keep 
students m shape! 

Starting in the fifth grade students take dance and PE. 
The fifth and sixth grades focus more on fitness and skills 
through games. Every other year they participate in the Jump 
Rope for Hearts. This year they raised over $6000 for the 
American Heart Association. In the seventh grade they have 
PE three days a week with the focus more on sports. As the 
girls move on to high school, curriculum includes a semester of 
dance and wellness freshman year, and an option of dance or 
physical education for the next three years. These students get 
their maximum workout potential under the command of fit- 
ness guru and department head Lori Graves. Jennifer 
Redman, Martha Grace, and Stephanie Hamilton keep the 
middle school in line, while Lori Graves, Susan Russ, and 
Leslie Matthews take care of the upper school. This year, 
classes have been able to take advantage of our new Dugan 
Davis Soccer and Track complex. Now that we are no longer 
limited to treadmills and few other machines, many teachers 
have held their classes in the new weight room with its brand 
new ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, free weights, and other new 

K4 ar tha (jrace 

[on Graves 

Leslie Matthews 

EJizabeth Nelson 

Jenn.fer Redman 

.Susan Russ 

124 kcodwics 

Aly McCathren and 
Susan Barcus gracefully 
practice their piruettes 
during their freshman 
dance class. 

Hannah Claybrooke, 
Krissie Petway and their 
fellow 5th graders play 
their favorite game, 

The Physical Educa- 
tion Department: Mrs. 
Matthews, Ms. Grace, 
Mrs. Graves, Mrs. 
Redman and Mrs. Russ. 

It's crunch time for 
sophomore Taylor Sitzler. 
She's working hard in 
Mrs. Graves fitness class, 
just thinking about how 
nice the new workout 
room will be. 

Physical Education. Donee and N-olln-ess 12£ 


all around! 



Cason buzzcll 

Melinda Higgens 

Matthew Huddleston 

Mr. My rick goes to extremes as the whole class eagerly awaits tor him to lose his halar 

IZ€ Academics 

Chemistry can be a little overwhelming to everyone but Mrs. Higgins! At least hfH 
students have the luxury of a qui/ every day lo help keep their grades down. Up! 1 meal 

All members of the science depart- 
ment come together for a quick 
shot. (Front row) Stephanie 
Schlanger. Melinda Higgins, Cason 
Buzzle, LeGare Vest", Mathew 
Huddleston. (Back row) Karen 
Nash, Gary Schott, and Scott 

Only Wesley! She really enjoys tak- 
ing a hands-on approach to her Biol- 
ogy work, or in this case, does not 
mind going a little bit further! 

Scott N/Uinck 

Karen Nash 

^tepnanie 5 cn ' an g er 

Gary 5chott 

Nancy Seftere 

vlrs. Nash and Caroline Tanner think long and hard about their science experiment. who is the bigger har 

vlaybe Mrs. Nash will do her famous molecule dance to help the class figure it out! 

Science. XTj. 



With a new building rising on campus, 

the Fine Arts Department and Art Club 

are preparing for an anticipated move 

while still managing to stun the school 

with the stellar portraits, paintings, 

photos, and productions. 

Mr. Goodwin gets a good 
laugh while explaining to 
a sophomore you have to 
roll your film correclty ini 
order to actually have 
pictures to print. 

Fox Klocko 

rtha Goodman 

Joseph Lee 

Yes, caught with his eyes 
closed, we have to 
include the two new 
additions to the MS fine 
arts department, Mr. 
Lee, music and chorus, 
and Mrs. Goodman, 
drama and forensics, 
chatting away in the 
musical dungeon. 

Ms. Blitz creating one of 
her masterpieces in clay. 
She leaves us this year to 
start new adventures in 
Montana. If you have 
passed through our 
middle school, you have 
been fortunate enough to 
be a part of class with 
Ms. V (formerly), cur- 
rently Ms. B, future.. .Ms. 

The Art club pauses for a photo while 
standing in front of that famous 
painting we see everyday on our way 
to a gruelling history class. Art Club 
members: Hillary Thomas, Laura 
Becca Alden, Megan Maclean, 
Catherine Thompson, Caroline 
JohnsonAdrienne Thomas, and 
Chauncey Short. 

IZ§> Academics 

Mrs. Pascal shows Virginia 
Pirkle the importance ofhav- 
ing a sense of humor when 
taking art. Virginia laughs 
along hoping to improve ner 


Mrs. Blackburn 
(above), heads up the fine 
arts department again 
this year. The art depart- 
ment, along with the rest 
of the school, spends most 
of the year with the antici- 
pations of moving into the 
Patton Visual Art building 
shortly after spring break. 
The building will relocate 
the photography room to 
an updated location, giv- 
ing more space for the 
thesbians to preform their 
magic in the old photo 
room. The new fine arts 
building will include 
newer and much larger art 
rooms, a new dark room 
for photo, bamboo floors, 
and a bigger publications 

This year, the Art Club 
is headed by Annie Huitt 
and Catherine Thompson 
as presidents and Hillary 
Thomas as vice-president. 
Members of the Ait Club 
made and painted colorful 
bowls. These bowls were 
auctioned off to raise 
money for charity. The 
members of the Art Club 
got to see professional art- 
work on their field trip to 
the Frist Art Center. They 
also traveled to 

Pirn Arts IZ9 

Colleen Grady, Tracy Kimberlin andjennifer Wedeles 
greet students and guests at the Patton Visual Arts 
opening in March. 

Barbara Nash, Margie Martin, and Ginger Horton, 3 of 
our secretaries extraordinaire, in Souby Hall. 

Mrs. Mabry , middle school queen, with Caroline 
Hallemann and Lillian Siman, fresh out of mints. 

Jennifer flmds 

Tracy (C-mberl.n 

Anne ^>ng 

Margie Martin 

Lynn McDonald 

Je)0 Academics 

Working 9-5 

[f you enter school in fifth through 

eighth grades you cannot go a day without 

talking to, passing, or seeing Mrs. Mabry. 

Many a middle schooler, and upper 



have fre- 



quented her 



desk for a 

t ' 

As students 


across the 

1- # 

lawn to the 



school they 



are greeted 
b y 





J ' Should you 
^^ ^ be absent, late. 

need to call 

your mom, you m 
office. Parked 

ust stop in her 

between Mrs. 

\ ■ ,,:;: ""; 

pS^j . » 

H Mabry and Mrs. 

Horton, at the 


"« front of Souby 

Hall are Mrs. 

Martin and Mrs 

Nash. Their 

warm voices greet every caller. 


Though they are not teachers, 

they still touch 

and teach us 


lessons daily. 

Fund raising, Hallways, reunions, 
accounting, annual giving, the 
bookstore. ..behind the scenes, but none the 
less important, the gals at Sunnybrook. We 
are touched by these people regularly, but 
have no idea the amount of hard work that 
they endure. Mrs. Norton, among other 
things, plans our reunions ( you know 20 
years from now when you actually get 
around to reading this copy) and works with 
alumni relations. Mrs. Morton, the lady with 
the lemon drops, keeps the students stocked 
with supplies and PE uniforms. Mrs. 
Squyers, not only helps out the Milestones 
staff with pictures, but also produces the 
magazine Hallways and other school publi- 
cations. Mrs. Kimberlin and Mrs. McDonald 
work with annual giving. The list goes on 
and on... 

Laura Squyers snaps away for the next issue 
of Hallways (inset, top). 

Colleen Grady, Sally Taylor, Beth Boord, 
Laura Squyres, Tracey Kimberlin, Sallie 
Norton, Jennifer Hines, Lynn McDonald, 
Sara Malone, and Ethan Telton (inset). 


Dot 5mitri 

Laura ^uyres 

Jennifer Wedeles 

Dianne Wild 

ttevefopmnt. Advcncre^ent. eyecrafer i«5. . . X&i 

Dana Long-Innes sits 
outside in tne beautiful 
spring weather consulting 
with Kendall Green about 
the choices she made last 

Mrs. Ford's optimistic 
guidence counselor look 
gives her a happy face for 
tne camera. Notice, on the 
wall in the background of 
this photo, " Failure is im- 
possible." Coincidence 
for a guidence counselor to 
have such a quote on the 
wall? I think not. 


Mrs. Payne advises 
Anna Smith about her 
college choices at a col- 
lege meeting in the 
spring. Wonder where 
Anna wll go? 

Mrs. Maddux works 
dilligently in her office 
organizing papers and 
files for her different 
students and the col- 
leges they have chosen, 
what a help she is to 
stressed Seniors in the 


Mrs. Payne, Mrs. 
Barringer and Mrs. 
Maddux, the three 
college counselors 
put their heads to- 
gether for a quick 
shot outside at an as- 
sembly infront of 
the Monroe Carrel 

we say 
former Lady 
of the Hall? 


Counselors consist of the College Counselors, Guidence Counselors 

and the all around counselor for the middle 
Counselors are Mrs 

Payne and Mrs. 
infamous college 
early start to the jun- 
the college meetings 
junior year. The 
lors are Dana and 
school, also known as 
and Erika Radke. 
also teach a Life 
freshmen as a way for 

"I love/ workiA^ with/high/ 
school/ tyivlfr CLv\d/ wa£chiv\ty 
them/ Icarw to- balances aW 
the/ things they do-both iw 
and/ out of bchooh. I fechbo- 
lucky to-be/ able/ to-help 
them/ learn/ more/ about 
themtelvefr because/ they 
aUo- teach wie< ho- wiuch/ 
about life/. " zayy Erika/ 

school. The College 
Maddux, Mrs. 
Barringer. These 
helpers give an 
iors by beginning 
at the start of the 
guidence counse- 
Erika in the upper 
Dana Long-Innes 
Dana and Erika 
Choices class to 
them to get to 

know the new girls. These counselors keep it cool and tell the students 
that come to them that their lives are, in fact, definately not ending when 
they are 10 feet deep in homework. The wonderful thing about the 
couselors is the fact that they are strictly here to help you, not get you in 
trouble or make you cry, but make you stop crying. Mrs Ford, the all 
around counselor for the middle school and life skills teacher is there for 
anything you need her to be there for. Mrs Ford and her charming smile 
are willing to talk to you about anything you please. She alone works 
with the nearly 200 students of the middle school, anyone want to trade 
places for a day? 

5ett M Jane barringer 

Dana Long-|nnes 

G'nny Maddux 

Op ne l |a faine 

Erilca Radtke 



Ms. Fasky helps this middle 
schooler with her blue slushi. The 
dripping machine causes the floor 
to be sticky, yet that is quickly 
fixed by the placement of a bin 
to catch the sugar drink. 


Surprisingly passing up the popuh 
slushies, Jenny Cook tops off her 
meal with a refreshing glass of 
Crystal Light. Lunch period serve 
as a relaxing and delicious break 
during the long school day. 



Ms. Jordan and Ms. Cross, two of the many friendly cafeteria 
members, serves the famously tasty tater tots. The kitchen st 
there to great each student with a friendly smile and a hello. 

ichroom customers with a big smile as she makes 


W'a Jx'cerj V/iriT 


Making our lives easier, are the many people behind the scenes. People 
we may or may not see every day, but who are non the less important. 
From the gals int he library to the the gals ( and 1 guy) in the dining hall 
and of course all the maintenance men around campus. Daily we are 
greeted by the ladies in the dining hall with a smile and souther "How 
are you doing baby?" 

Every have a tech problem. Then, your presence is requested in the Bear 
Cave, down the stairs and to the right in the library. Overdue library 
book. ..see Mrs. Greathouse. Lost in the library, then you are looking for 
Mrs. Douse or Rumsey. 

Ever forget a book and you have to make a trip back on campus and you 
find the building locked. Well, then you are hunting down Charles. Willie, 
Mark, Karl, Jeff, Trey and Charles keep our campus beautiful, the fields 
and building in working order and any other maintenance issue. Without 
a doubt, the campus would be a lot less calm without the support of these 

kcadetnics IW 

Feed me. Dora Savely, Curtis 
Jordan, Cynthia Johnson, Sandra 
Easley, Robbin Cross, Dwana 
Davis, and Judy Lowe, a crew who 
daily make our lives "fuller." New 
students and faculty have to 
watch their waistlines. 

lo)€ kccidonlcs 

y Yb ilbbil 'JUtll 

311 p pLLfl^ 

Making our lives easier, students and faculty alike seek the support of a wide variety of 
individuals. Perhaps it is a visit to the Bear Cave for a little computer support (or reimaging), 
maybe you need die help of one of the librarians. Still, the maintenance men are always 
around the corner with their golf carts. And, there is always the support of tire dining hall 
staff when those hungar pangs hit. The maintenance and dining crews are the people on 
campus who always have a smile and a warm welcome at hand. Without Curtis' warm smile, 
who would want to put their tray in the right place? Without Willie's, "Hello ma'am" who 
would want to keep the freshly painted classroom and well manacured lawns, well. ..fresh! 
Day in and day out, even on the weekends at times, the maintenance crew comes in, with 
Mr. Riddle at the helm, and helps keep our campus beautiful. Whether they're watering 
the flowers, painting the walls, or even the job none of us would dare to do, fixing the toilet 
stoppages, they never stop adding to our school community. The same goes for the dining 
hall crew. Here we're lucky to have such a great meal plan, and actually be able to say we've 
never had tuna surprise. From chicken fingers to the yougert bar, from tea cakes to chicken 
salad, the school community 7 is very well fed. And haning out in the second newest building 
on campus are the Librarians and Techies always ready to find the perfect book or fix the 
latest computer woe. 

Jt 1 P"P 

fatima 5ame. 
Ivaren Dous< 
Justin Dove 

EJizabeth GreatKous< 
Nancq Rumse, 

Lacju.ta S™tn 
Tracy Smith 

Amy Stallings 

Melissa Wert 

Lisa VVolfinger 

MG/flfeflGfloe end Di'n/ng Jg>7 

Mrs. Mulgrew stops to remember whose 
Mom's number she is looking up this time, 
while Mrs. Horton tries to get her 

Mrs. Maxwell, at her desk, busily 

Head of School, Ms. Ann Teaff, all smiles 
as she takes a quick break in her office in 
Souby Hall. Look closely and you can see 
the ghost of Souby Hall in the 

Mrs. Malone stands on the sidelines as 
she watches her little honeybears play 
basketball in the gym. 

te><3 &CadetniCS 

Mgroa Bears 

Ms. Teaff, Mrs. Mulgrew, Mrs. Maxwell, 
Mrs. Malone, and Ms. Compton 

If women ruled the world. ..well, they rule our world on this vast 
growing campus we call home 10 months out of the year. Though many 
of us depart on Memorial Day, and may not set foot back on campus until 
registration in August, these women work year round to make our 
education one of the best in the country. Ms. 

Teaff makes her home 
Mrs. Mulgrew and 
Upper School and Mrs. 
Compton spent their 
Daugh W. Smith 
Schedule, discipline, 
550 students and sets 
do it all. Basketball 

"I love Mrs. Mulgrew. 
She is my mom away 
from home. She found 
my laptop all 3 times I 
lostit! "-Senior Maggie 

in Souby Hall, while 
Maxwell reside in the 
Malone and Ms. 
last year in the white, 
Middle School, 
fund raising, dinners, 
of parents, these ladies 
games, musicals, 

mixers, dances, dinners, Parent's Night, Open House, yadda, yadda, 
yadda, they were all there with smiles, open arms and hugs to go around. 
Ms. Teaff may be remembered for her emotion, Mrs. Mulgrew for her 
quick wit and Mrs. Malone for her sweet southern drawl. No matter you 
memory, you can't make it a day without running into one of these 
"Women in Charge." 

Mrs. Mulgrew leans back in her chair 
while talking to some students. Isn't 
that what you always tell us not to 

i m 

Moving to the 

Head of 

The Katie Wray Award 
Second and Thirdt Honors 

Each year at awards day, three young 
women are awarded the top academic 
honors. The Katie Wray Award goes to the 
student who has had the highest grade 
point average in their time in the Upper 
School. Mary Chisolm, who is heading to 
Chapel Hill this fall, received the Katie 
Wray award for top academic achievement. 
Rachel Price, who will be changing from a 
honeybear to a tiger next year at Princeton, 
received second honors. Laura Lee, 
receiving third honors, will be heading to 
Williams College in Williams, Massachusetts 
in September. 

140 hmd-ewics 

the Class 

Do' sand Don'fs m 

Gum Laade 

Soo&&, Stains, and Seaaty 

Smarty skirts, smarty skirts.'s time for' 
your hard work and endless hours of study- 
ing to get recognized. In a special assembly I 
each spring, students in the top 10 percent 
of their junior class, and top 20 percent of 

Vk% jkcadesnics 

Granbery, Amy Grii 
Grote, Margaret 
Tippins Stone. 

their senior class are inducted to the Cum Laude 
Society. Also getting inducted are faculty who 
were Phi Beta Kapp in college. Led by presi- 
dent and 3rd in her class Laura Lee and vice 
president and 1st in her class Mary Chisolm. 

J unior inductees Liza Trickett. 
Anna Smith. Mary Ramsey. Sa- 
rah Mahan. Berry Kennedy. 
Elizabeth Conrad. Laura Lea 
Bryant, and Kelly Bonau. 

Cw>2 toefe 14§ 

Boot Camp: Military Camp. Xth grade style. Catherine Highar 
Ashley Ramsden. Christina Je/ioro. Maggie Wilkins, Kaz Suzuki, 
and Mary Fowler Howell dressed as Roman warriors. 

144 ikcadetnics 


A Leap in/ 

History, science, math, English, even PE, it all ties together as 
each grade in the middle school flashes back to another era. In 
eighth grade Latin and history combine to presentRoman History 
Day. Seventh graders spend weeks preparing Colonial Day, 
complete with a Colonial Store and the every popular pepermint 
sticks in an orange. Sixth graders dress up and present 
distinguished women from eras long ago to present day. Fifth 
graders become Native Americans and present the skit Clam Shell 
Boy. Students still remember the character they played years after 
their own performance. 


T"^ addlin' her canoe 
Arifn Hunt, Anna Spick; 
aid Addie Cole as the fiftl 

Native Amr/cton, Colonial t>i§iin§wi§h&d Hopr&n. &op:qti History t>ay I4e5 

'' /x^BB 


-■j=n- : •''•".fsaii||^S| ! 



rung from children students served. It was aboi 

dy, the mind, and the spirit. Most of all, Winterim 

iy what students are capable of and how much one c 

In our community, students worked in the world of service, the art: 
business. Students did everything from answering phones and fil 
writing press releases, news articles, and grants. A little farther a 
some students learned about the inner workings of Capitol Hill in 
Washington and of museums like the Smithsonian. Students lear 
what goes on in the world of fashion design, broadcast news, am 
arts in New York. 

id abroad to study the art and history of ancient Gre 
arary history of Great Britain. And, some ventured withii 
leir own research in Vanderbilt University's labs, or to d 
,o write, to photograph. 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Winterim 2003 was an adventure in 


- G'Anne Harmon 

Awards D 

Middle School 

It 's the last day of school before exams, lockers are clean, white 
shirts are pressed, the plaid is out in full force, and the saddle ox- 
fords... Today is an opportunity to honor and celebrate academic 
achievements, intellectual curiosity and hard work. 

Catherine Higham made the walk on stage a few times with top 
honors in math, history, and a few others. Latin students (pictured 
right) overtook the stage when Mrs. Hagan present the many Latin 

Teachers sat on the vary stage in which the 8th graders would be 
graduating the next week. Cameras clicked as parents and families 
watched and celebrated. 

Some may feel that just a few stand out, but if you count the 
people who received and award, over half the MS made the walk on 
stage. Our school is know for its academic leadership. This day was 
a showcase for our future leaders. 

Mrs. Dale presents Catherine with 
one of her academic awards for the 
highest average in Math. 

Mrs. Blitz, in her last hur-rah on stage, 

presents art awards to Christina Ms. Seiters presents the science 

Jezioro and Mary Fowler Howell. award to Amanda Dean, 7th grade. 

Diane Uwamahoro receives a science award from Mrs Nash. 

Always a handshake, never a hug, Mr. Wallace presents the history 
award to Maggie Wilkins. 

Mdme. Climber presents the 
French award to Shelby 
Bridwell and Maria Murabito, 

MS Awards t>ay BQ 

Awards Day T 

Uvver School 

Despite the sticky heat and 
threating mosquitos and bees, the Awards 
Day proved to be an entertaining conclu- 
sion to the year. The club songs were a 
hit, once again, the Lady of the Hall 
Announcements were exciting, and the 
last few hours in the plaid for the year 
was a little sad. Most importantly though, 
seeing classmates receive deserved 
awards never fails to make you smile. 
The winning seniors include M. Chisolm, 
R. Price, L. Lee, R.A. Blank, P. Lewis, 
L. Ezell, B. Beveridge, K. Ferdowsi, T. 
Nails, E. Granbery, K. Smith, A. Grimes, 
K. Atkins, A. Chandler, C. Harbison, K. 
Abkowitz, C. Judy, G. Barton, A. Cole, 
M. Riley, K. Tompkins, M. Stengel, S.A. 
Bargatze, C. Thompson, K. Sears, C. 
Johns, and A. Jones. In total, there were 
10 freshmen, 10 sophomores, and 19 
juniors who won awards! 

Berry Kennedy walks triumphantly back to her seat on the lawn 
after winning the Harvard/Radcliff Book Award. She also won the 
Chemistry Award and the Elizabeth Pope Evans Award along with 
juniors E. Conrad, M. Ramsey, A. Smith, and L. Trickett. 

Sarah Anne Bargatze is excited to have won the Marnie 
Sheridan Art Award. Others awarded in art were M. Stengel, A. 
Cole, C. Thompson, and T. Nails. 

Prima Ballerina, Katie Sears graciously accepts the Dance 
Award from Ms. Hamilton. 

There she is! Laura Lee recieves an English award from the 
adorable Saffie Croker. Amy Grimes received the Susan S. Souby 
Award from Saffie and daddy Croker as well. 

Raleigh Anne Blank, Leigh Gernert, Margaret McNeilly, and 
Cari Johns take cover in the shade from the hot sun and enjoy 
their last few moments in the plaid! 

Mary Chisom gives Ms. Higgins a hug as she accepts the 
Pickens Science Award. This was not all she took home, for she 
was honored with the Katie Wray Award, the Elizabeth Pope 
Evans Award, and the Math Award, too! 

Ann Teaff is excited about the final day of school for the class of 

Rad Tad Wert came prepared to chill 

out! AwGfete£>Gg tBl 

Sophomore Jennie McCabe waves to the 
camera as she walks to her Quiz Bowl 
practice in Dr. Jack's room. 

Senior Playmaker Katie Tompkins 
quickly buys a coke in the Bear Lair 
before she runs off to her afternoon 

Student Council President, Raleigh 
Anne Blank, and Vice President, 
Hadley Hines, make certain the 
morning drop off line runs 
smoothly as they direct new 
freshman parents where to go. 

(2 aroline Ramsey takes a break from her 
stressful junior year to write a note on 
BIONIC day. On this day, SADD encour- 
aged students to write letters to frien 
saying "believe it or not, I care." 

Outdoor Club girls are al- 
ways looking for an excuse tc 
be outside. Margaret Anne 
Gray, Perry Delfavero 
Allison Wiseman, Brittan> 
Northcross, Kate Gregory 
and Melissa McCord. 

(c^uiz Bowl members 
Rachel Price, Jennie 
McCabe, and Brooke 
Bloom take a break during 
practice to rest their brains. 

S ADD members unite 
against drunk driving by cre- 
ating signs, leading meetings 
etc... These girls show their 
humor by displaying signs 
that say "drink water!" 

m civb$ 


Beyond Hate 

Get Invclved! 

Quiz Bowl 

Outdoor Club 

Stephanie Compton headed up Students Against Drunk Driving 
a.k.a. SADD in its innagural year. This active club participated in 
many events this year including a red ribbon week where the 
school was covered in red ribbons standing for anyone who had 
ever lost someone due to a drunk driver. Also, the club held a 
concert in the auditorium with the band Shirock to raise drunk 
driver awareness. 

Beyond Hate, led by Ashley Cole and Emily Wall, had topics of 
the month for the school year including racism, sexism, 
classism, "ethnicitism" and ageism. They watched movies during 
lunch pertaining to the topic and spent time discussing. The girls 
occasionally went to different restaurants with students from 
around Nashville to discuss topics over dinner during OPEN. 
These peace-loving girls spent the year talking about difficult 
issues present in our world today. 

In Quiz Bowl there was a lot of buzzing going on. Laura Lee led 
the team as president, with help from Pauline Lewis and Rachel 
Price. These brainiacs met every week to catch up on their 
knowledge in Mr. Croker's classroom. The girls went to a tourna- 
ment at Vanderbilt and also held their own on the HH campus. 


S&W, $vyotid Kate, Qute Sow/, Outdoor 1SS 

The Best €f 

Politics and everyday issues: YIG, NSAA, Real World 

Youth in Government and National 
Student Advocacy Alliance (NSAA) 
focus on issues in the political world 
while Real World deals with diversity and 
real life issues. During the year, these 
clubs participated actively in the commu- 
nity. President of YIG, Austin Jones, 
worked with club sponsor, Tony 
Springman, to bring many members into 
the club and attend the Model UN confer- 
ence. The Real World Committee, led 
by Kim Hogg and supported by Mrs. 
Girgus, held many "brown bag" lunches, 
where speakers on different topics were 
asked to talk about their lives during 
lunch. Such speakers talked about 
issues in their lives such as discrimina- 
tion, deafness, gypsies, apartheid in 
South Africa, and other serious matters. 
Even members of our own faculty, Ma- 
rina Carter and Fatima Barnes, spoke at 
these lunches. NSAA helped to make 
the Harpeth Hall community more aware 
of the candidates for elections this year 
as a mock election was held here at 
school. Focusing on exposing the stu- 
dents to political and everyday events, 
these clubs had most every student 
involved in their activities. 

Elizabeth Conrad, Mary Lindley Carswell, Gallic Cohen, Lindsey 
Towrey, Anna Trotter, Hannah Menefee, Sarah Morris, Katie 
Atkins, Emily Wall, Cari Johns, Kim Hogg 

156 Clubs 


Tut) Worlds 

When this Real World brown bag lunch 
speaker told her audience her story about 
living deaf in speaking world, the girls 
were immediately wrapped up in her 
words. This woman holds an amazing 
story where one average morning she 
tragically woke up incapable of hearing. 
With the help of modern technology and 
a strong will, she was able to overcome 
her greatest obstacle and lead a produc- 
ts c life. 

teal World officers and sponsor: Ashley Cole, Adrienne Thomas Hillary Thomas. j he Rea) Wo r jcl gathered during lunches through the semster Pictured here 
JRyan McLaughlin and Helen Rankin, with sponsor Mrs. Scottie Girgus. KimiaFerdowsi, with fellow classmates Haylej Phipps and Erin DeBruyn duing one 

WofM NIAA, YI6 i§7 

Students sharing Spirit of Service include : Marissa Sessoms 
and Charlotte Sublett above with Senior Citizens on the 8th 
grade service trip and Jennie Mccabe talking to Anne Saylor 
about a future community service project she wants to plan. 
Girls surrounded around Dr. Echerd sporting their Race for 
the Cure shirts and Harpeth Hall Apparel. 

Middle Schoolers smile for a picture as , 
they prepare to volunteer with their 
friends at Blemont Village Senior 
Citizens Home. 



SOS is an active part of the school community and 
throughout Nashville. Students travels far and wide to suc- 
ceed in their motto of being outstanding girls in the Nashville 
community. Austin Jones, President of SOS this year and Ann 
Saylor, has always has been there for anyone willing and 
wanting to take on a new volunteer opportunity and willingly 
throws out opportunities very often in the Spirit of Service 
folder with 100% student body participation. Harpeth Hall 
participated in changing 40 families lives with the angel tree 
and helped out at the Magdalene house. 

To the right, Volunteers go to St. 
Lukes Community House to help 
out. Notice, bottom left -Ann Saylor 
with her son Daniel. 

When asked what some of the big projects this year 
were, Austin Jones quotes, "The Dismas House was a 
new project we took on for the year. Kimia Ferdowsi, 
Margaret McNeilly, Abby Sinks and I went once or twice 
a month and cooked for the men and women just out 
of prison dinner. Emmie Granbery and Sara Morris 
headed up projects at St. Lukes. Camille Grote went to 
Julia Green and tutored all year long, Katie Smith and 
Anna Poss headed up Time to Rise tutoring." 

IS& Clvbs 


H U S ( 

iG3 1 


On Valentines Day, Grace Herbert and Maddin 
McCord pose in their couples day outfits. They 
do look very wacky, yet still very proud to be 
Ambassadors.What wonderful representatives 
they are, always thinking about their love for 
the clubs in which they are a part. 

Guides @ 
Work. . . 

a The Tour Guides 


The Directors 

Ambassadors this year, as always have been busy 
reinforcing and showing visitors from other schools our 
campus and other fine attributes. These students are inter- 
viewed by Mrs. Maxwell veering towards the end of the year 
and plan to be guides and directors for the following year. 
These students are known to have pride in their school. They 
are students that come on the weekends when we hold open 
house for visitors. They volunteer their time at graduation 
and Step Singing. These girls are the behind the scenes 
type who share with the school and its visitors why we are 
tops in the state. 

Three senior Ambassadors, 
Caroline Johnson (Presi- 
dent), Lauren Ezell and 
Virginia Pirkle pose for a 
picture while eating a snack 
in the cafeteria at an Ambas- 
sadors meeting. 

SOS and Ambassadors IBQ 

Minds in Motion. Taking a 
seat in the Junior lobby. Junior 
representatives Ellen Davis and 
Katheryn Dennison ponder the 
latest idea presented at a stu- 
dent council meeting. Student 
Council members must never 
have an idle mind because there 
are always controversial topics 
at hand. Without leaders like 
them, Where would our school 

Constant Organization. 

Hays Brandon, US student 
council Forum Leader,sets up 
office in the Senior House. Be- 
ing Student Forum leader, she 
has made great strides in mak- 
ing changes according to the 
needs of the students. A cell 
phone is a necessity during 
crunch time. 

Raleigh to the Rescue. 

Renounshing the Upper School 
during one of the first strenuous 
days back from Winterim, Ra- 
leigh Anne Blank, Upper School 
Student Council President, pro- 
vides cookies. There will never 
be another Raleigh! 

\ wwm;\\ \ 

US Student Council. With support from Marie Maxwell, the upper school leaders, 
Corinne Hartong, Helen Ramsey, Molly Campbell, Maggie Diehl, Elizabeth Conrad, 
Ellen Davis, Abbs l.ipslnc. Katherinc Dennison, lladley Dines, Amanda Powell, Lauren 
Salerno, Raleigh-Anne Blank, Days Brandon, Tori Tucker, and Colleen Judy, strive to 

•.pic, id spirit throughout the 2002-200.1 school year. 

MS Student Council. Sitting proudly. Darpcth Hall Middle School's shining I 
representatives conic together to form the Student Council. Combining their j: 
brilliant minds, S. Williams, Z. Walker-Dinkings, E. Johnson, G. Gioia, O. Burd, i | 
Neely, M. Nichols, M. Wiseman, N. Ishmail, M. Mullen, M. Terrcn, M. Meador, j 
Maloy, J. Brown, K. Angell work hard to make their school a better place. 

160 Clvbs 

Student Council 


Like Atlas, from Mythology, held the world while setting a precident for the following 

on his shoulders, Student Council acts as the September 1 1 th memorials, implementing 

foundation for the entire school year. Each Student Forum and starting the Powderpuff 

year new additions are made Rivalry between the juniors 

and leaders come and go, 
but no matter who is in con- 
trol they always share a com- 
mon goal. It is to make each 
new year better than the last. 
Without the organization, 
diligence, and creativity of 
Student Council, we would 
not be as successful as we 
aretoday. This school year, 
the student body is led by an 
amazingly dedicated group 
of girls. Each person adds 
new insight and uniqueness 
tothejobathand. Much like 
Raleigh Anne, Student 
Council President, will al- 
ways be remembered for her 
contagious positive attitude and her ear to fo n ow c i ose behind. The schoolwide theme 
ear smiles downthe hall. Raleigh says, "The f spirit has penetrated our heart and souls. 
council continued old traditions, while but without the motivation of the Middle 
implementing their own. We managed to School Student Council our spirit would not 
better old projects such as Concert on the b e near so great. Being part of Student Coun- 
Lawn, the Halloween Dance, Winter Formal cil is a time consuming endeavour, but it will 
never be considered a waste of time. 

Casern said 
it best on 
the top 
forty count- 
'Keep your 
feet on the 
ground and 
keep reach- 
ing for the 
stars' " 

and seniors. The grade rep- 
resentative, nine through 
twelve, and the reigning 
leaders all contribute to 
making the 2002-2003 HH 
upperschool year the best 

Middle School 

Middle School years fly by, 
but the Student Council 
stives to make the students 
hold on to those treasured 
moments The responsibili- 
ties are great including orga- 
nizing the ever so popular 
mixers and pep-rallies. 
Mammie Nichols is the head 
of the pack, but the others 

and the Valentine's Dance, 

Irs. Ford, middle school sponsor, longside two fellow teachers, Ms. Keller and Mrs. Champion of the Week Rachel Styers, accompanied by her enterage Lauren Zielske 

ale, watch the the girls in amazement. No, it is not a fuzzy picture in the background, and Amanda Dean. The Middle School Student council created the idea of Champion 

the first snowfall of the new year. Classes let out early and the fun begins... of the Week in order to recogni/c random acts of kindness and good will toward students. 

Student Council 161 

s. Schlanger, Middle School 
newspaper sponser, 
with her fifth through eighth 
graders on Tuesday after- 
) advise about the 
paper. She helps lead editor 
Caroline Hallemann, along 
with the other eighth grade 

, bring the paper 
together every quarter. 
1 he Middle School Newspape 
staff along \\ uh their sponser. 
Ms. Schlanger, pause for a 
quick photo before 
work on the Cub Civ 

Hallmarks' Layout Editors 
Ashley Cole and Laura Lee flank 
Art Editor Christine Souder and 

Cieneral Manager Sara Rodrigue/. 


typse away 
busily as they 
spend an 
working on 
the Middle 
School paper. 


EhIiq, Entro, Rood fill About II... 

With such an abundance of skilled English teachers, it is no wonder there are so many 
opportunities for students to get involved in writing publications. The Upper School has both 
Hallmarks, the literary magazine that comes out twice a year, and Logos, the school news 
paper that comes out quarterly. With all of the work that goes into the publications, the Upper 
School girl s get to have a little fun, too. Journalism students are given the opportunity to travel 
to the national JE A/NSPA conference each year to places like San Francisco, Boston and Dallas 
where they get the opportunity to learn from other students and experts. The Middle School also 
has their own literary magazine as well as the student newspaper, The Cub Chronicle. These 
publications are ways for students to submit their work for their peers and teachers to read, either 
out of enjoyment or to get a better view of what is going on in the community. 

lVliddle School Literary Magazine 
editors, English Taylor. Charlotte 
Sublett, Lillian Simon, Mary Tek. 
Annie Tipps, Becca Hill, 
Catherine Highman. Kaitlin Ray, 
Caroline Tanner and Diane 
Uwamahoro pose for a picture. 
sponsere Mrs. Keller. Lauren 
Ezell, managing editor of Logos. 
poses with her editors Camile 
Grote. Sara Morris, Jennifer Price. 
Raleigh Ann Blank. Anna Smith. 
Robin Steele, Stephanie Compton 
and Perry Del Favero. 


When in doubt, the edi- 
tors turn to "Caption 
Queen", Augusta Cole for 
help with witty quotes. 

Ashtun Alexander works to design 
layouts for the division 
pages. .."Whose idea was it to 
Faux Paws as a theme? I'm going to 
kill Maggie".- 

Kendall Green and 
Ansley Miller share the 
load to complete their class 
section pages before the 
looming deadline. 

The Milestones staff all 
stand behind their fearless 
leader and editor-in-chief, 
Maggie "The Bear" 


A Society of Stoners... 

Through the selfless giving of sanity, sleep, 
food, afternoons, free periods, mornings, 
breaks, famililies, friends, dates, blood, sweat 
and tears, the Milestones staff stops at nothing 
to bring you the best possible yearbook. Lead 
by sponsor Martha Grace and Editor-in-chief 
Maggie Waltemath, this relatively rookie staff 
comprised of 27 girls, works hard to live up to 
the creativity of the past yearbooks. Harpeth 
Hall is certainly one of few places in this world 
where it is with honor and pride thatyou can say 
"I'm a Stoner". Though it may look like a simple 
process, any Pagemaker user will tell you that 

it is in fact not. Each Stoner has had her own 
share of technical difficulties, sessions of 
screaming obscenities at computers and fran- 
tic scrambling to meet each deadline. Procras- 
tinators beware! This years staff has worked 
dilagently to have their pages in even before 
their due date. 

With only six returning members from 
last year, this years staff had to learn a lot, very 
quickly. The average yearbook will last 45 
years before being lost, stolen, sold or de- 
stroyed. All of the effort is well worth the years of 
enjoyment that will come out it. Each caption 

m civbs 

and word of copy is carefully thought out 
and edited. 

When asked about Milestones, spon- 
sor Martha Grace says, 

"This yearbook is backed by the hard 
work of 27 girls. You would never believe 
all that goes into making it. I love it because 
it is a creative outlet and at the same time 
the result of an incredible team". 

Sponsor Martha Grace sips on a 
Dr.P while quietly comtemplating 
her next threatening e-mail. 

Katherine Provost crops a 
photo while bowing at 
Martha Grace's feet. 

Milestones Senior 
members Katherine 
Provost, Katie Smith. Coe 
Peterman, Anna 
Derryberry. Maggie 
Waltemath. Margaret 
McNeilly and Mariel 
Bentz break from college 
planning to enjoy each 
others company and 
celebrate the shipment of 
a load of pages. 

Though they may claim they are not 
joined at the hip, Whitney Haley and 
Mimi Rose walk alike, talk alike and 
always show up at meetings at the exact 
same time. Here they are on the journal- 
ism trip at dinner, both flirting with the 

Hitegtoms ft® 

Sarah Mayhan, Anna Derryberry, 
Mary Susan Sinclair, Allison 
Chandler, and Annie Mulgrew 
take break and grab a snack 
during rehersal for the Fall 
play, She Stoops to Conquer. 

stuns the audience with her 
extraordinary cello performance in 
the Spring Choral Concert. 

Drama teacher and director of 
the fall play, She Stoops to 
Conquer, Mrs. Klocko really helps 
MBA senior Matt Conrad "grasp" 
the concept of this scene. 

Junior Melinda Higgins really has 
been working from "Nine to Five" 
on her " totally rad" rendition of 
Kevin Bacon in the 80's hit, 

Juniors and fifth graders Seniors Meredith Keltner, Sara Morris, Liz j 

alike rush about on open- Warner, Mariel Bentz, Caroline Johnson, and 

ing day to get a good look fifth grader Allison Stark are all smiles after their 

at the new building. first viewing of the new Visual Arts Center. 

Donor Robin Ingram Patton and 
family get ready for the long 
anticipated ribbon cutting along 
with Director of the Board of 
Trustees, Jean Ann Banker, and 
her two children. 

i€8 Fm-eArfe 



Through the creation of the Patton Visual Arts Center, Robin Ingram Patton (Classof 84) 
wished to honor the memory of her grandmother, Hortance Bigelow Ingram, who made an indeliable 
imprint on her life at Harpeth Hall. Mrs. Ingram was active in many parts of civil life, but she was 
particulary interested in education. When Ward-Belmont closed its doors in 1 95 1 , Mrs. Ingram 
became a founding trustee of Harpeth Hall. She went on to serve a total of twenty-one years on the 
board, helping Harpeth Hall to grow and thrive. Mrs. Ingram was a leader who gave generously of her 
time and talent to ensure that the education of young women in Nashville would be second to none. The 
new building houses three art studios, desgined to take advatage of the northern lights, a photography 
classroom and darkroom, an art history classroom with slide viewing area, a ceramics room with two 
kilns, a vedio editing suite, a 1 25-seat lecture hall, and a second-floor lobby and reading room. AP Art 
student Mariel Bentz praises the new building saying, " The new studios are such an improvement! 
The large windows allow so much natural light into the room, and the new Mac computers in 
the graphic design lab keep Harpeth Hall on the brink of the latest technology." 

Pcffofl Yisml Arts Qp®Q'm$ l€® 

Wanna go back to the 1950's pop era? Then you should have seen the fall musical this 
year. Colorful period costumes such as pedal pushers and poodle skirts, the Playmakers, and 
the MBA Players pulled off an amazing series of performances of bee-bopping, finger 
snapping songs. Bye Bye Birdie, by Charles Strouse, Lee Adams and Michael Stewart was 
presented to eager audiences in the MBA Paschall Theater September 19, 20, 21 and 22, 
2002. Every show (five of them) was sold out to parents, students and fans alike. The musical 
tells the comical story of a pop star, Conrad Birdie, and the last few days before he is shipped 
off to war. Almost every scene was filled with "screaming fans" and jealous boyfriends. 
Strouse, Adams and Stewart added more humor with the relationship between Conrad's 
Managers, Albert and Rosie, and their attempts to make some dough. They also add some 
spice by throwing in romance, jealousy and a mother-in-law. The full set was designed like 
a juke box from the rock n'roll era. Accented by blacklights and an amazing sixteen piece 
orchestra, it was a successful series of performances. Everyone on cast and crew helped 
for six weeks before the show to build the set for an amazing total of 350+ man hours. A 
series of platforms and simple steps comprised the main part of the set. 

f ^ 

'It was amazing the job that the tech 
crew did!" 

Katie Bowers 

"Being a part of the cast was a great 
experience. Everyone was so talented, 
and it was like being a part of a family." 

A 7 • -• Kate Davis 


birdie BYE 
told me... 



170 ftm Arts 

Betsy Beveridge hands 
out posters to the cast and 
crew for them to sign after 
strike. The cast and crew 
broke a record this year for 
the shortest strike ever for a 
musical, five hours. 

Katie Sears. Hillary 
Primm, Kate Davis, Melinda 
Higgins, Christine Taherian 
and Lauren Powell smile be- 
fore the curtain goes up. The 
musical is an oppurtiunty for 
members of the Harpeth Hall 
dance club to perform 
alongside the actresses. 

Sueguegirdre 171 

.Back to 19th Century Britain is where the Playmakers set the 
stage this year in the Fall Play. Complete with period costumes and 
wigs the girls, along with a few boys, pulled off an amazing series 
of performances of a quientescential time piece. She Stoops to 
Conquer, by Oliver Goldsmith was presented to audiences in the 
Francis Bond Davis Theater November 7,8, & 9 2002. Every 
audience was laughing hysterically at the banter that was going 
on stage. The play tells the comical story of a daughter and her 
devious ways of "conquering" the gentlemen her father has 
chosen for her as a husband. Goldsmith added more humor with 
the odd relationship between the mother and the son and her 
material driven obssesion with his courting of her niece. A full 
set designed like the grand room of an English country estate 
decked the Harpeth Hall stage. Accented by furniture loaned to 
the department by the Sinclair family, the eighteenth century 
look was successfully pulled off. Directed by Janette Fox Klocko, 
this play was a complete sensation. 







\7Z Pirn hrts 

Laura Lea Bryant, 
describes her plight to 
Matthew and Brian 
Christie. Mary Chisolm, 
12th, and Ally, 9th, beg her 
to leave, while Matt Conrad 
thinks of a devious plan in 
the back ground. 

The main characters smile 
as Jay Howell gives his 

blessings lo I he I\mm oupli- ,. 
\\ i'slc\ and Brian and Laura 
Lea and Matthew. After 
overcoming ilie shock thai 

the "barmaid" he had been 
flirting with earlier was his 
host's daughter. Brian 
readily accepted Wesley as 
his fiance. 

ry Susan bine 
10th, delivers the open- 
ing monologue with clear precisness. 
Immediatly after her monologue she 
had ten minutes to change out of this 
complete costume into one of a differ- 
ent sort, that of a landlord/bar tender. 

$hv Stoops To Conquzv 173 

Upper School Chorus 
members Margaret Riley, 
Katie Tompkins, Emily 
Stew ait. Angeline Falls 
Manani, Margaret 

Kristen Farr, Tanner Holmes 
and Katie Smith warm up their 
uolins before the most sombei 
and moving assembly of the 
year. The string orchestra 
played in the assembly for the 
anniversary of September 11, 
helping set the mood for 
remembering the victims and 
events of a year before. 

Good-bye Ms. 



* s 




|V| s. Rothrock, Upper and Middle School 


chorus director, pictured here helping her girl 


stretch out. is leasing llarpcth Hall to pursue 


her professional singing career. With a cd 

Hlwy *■•■ 

already out, she is well on her way to being 


well known in the rest of the country for her 

talent, but we will not foget her here, .lust like 


Laura Wright said, "There just isn't any 


other teacher like her at this school, and it 

will be impossible to replace her." 


Seniors Margaret Riley and Katie Tompkins pau 
picture after a glowing fall music concert. 

m Pirn Arts 

Middle School Music Makers 

U ndcr the direction of Mr. Joe Lee, the middle school music program 
grow. With practices during school lor the middle school chorus and orche 
give up study hall time that could get homework done (And leave plenty of time for 
AOL in the evening.) With a spring anil fall show, the girls ha\e a lot to work toward 
especially the awe inspiring preformance in front of the entire school. Violinis 
Maggie Babb and Cemeron Neely contribute with their violin playing, while Maddi 
McCord plays the \ylophone in a school production, and BradK Moody and Sabi 
Nettles plays the clarinet with her fellow woodwinds at the Fall Music Concert. 


It is impossible to imagine life without music. From the rap 
you blast to wake you up on the way to school, to the Nora 
Jones you play on your way home from a hard day, music plays 
an essential role in every person' s life. It' s even harder for these 
girls to imagine life without music. They make our assemblies 
more vibrant and enrich the community as a whole. Whether it 
is by playing in the orchestra or singing in chorus, these students 
add so much to the school experience. 

The upper school chorus makes a huge time commitment by 
having it take up an entire block in their schedule, which includes 
warming up and practicing with Ms. Rothrock. They have a 
preformance once a semester that is always a crowd drawer. 

Whether it is a sultry jazz or jovial holiday song, the girls are 
able to come up with a variety of new material for each 

The orchestra adds to assemblies as well as concerts, 
bringing in the instrumental aspect of the music. Directed, and 
often accompanied by Mr. Lee, the girls have added depth the 
the music we hear in assemblies. They are able to add a new 
twist to songs we hear everyday, introducing the average 
honeybear to a new type of music. The girls were able to bring 
new levels to music when they preformed at the September 1 1 
assembly where they provided solemn music to fit the mood of 
the rest of the country. 

Choral Concert 17§> 

It's a chorus line in the Middle School Play. Annie, Emily, 
Nancy, and Caroline show off their dancing 

Taking a break from her 
outside productions, 

Stephanie Rothenberg shares 
her beautiful singing voice 
with the school community. 
Joining her is Catherine 
Ramsey, you may have seen 
her big sis in a few upper 
school productions. 

Audiences were wowed by 
the vocal talents of these 
young ladies. 

No, it is not the Rocketts, but 
you never know who might 
have a future on Broadway. 

Becca Hill and her fellow cast members, 
Brooke Worthington and Mary Fowler 
Howell, tap the night away onstage. 

176 Special Events 

On February 7th and 8th, the Middle School presented 

Dear Edwina. Directed by Lynne Rothrock and 

choreographed by Ms. Hamilton. 

"It was a fun, convenient outlet for ouv energy and 

talent." -Becca Hill, 8th Grade 

"The play was an experience i will never forget. Sometimes 

you feel like you are dreaming. I was on a real stage, people 

were watching me, and they actually like what i was doing. 

Im sorry to say this but most of the parents and teachers 

acclaimed that this is the best middle school play that they 

had seen in a while. I am so proud to have been a part of 

Dear Edwina)." 

-Olivia Byrd, 8th Grade 

"It was so muck fu.i/\, working with all wm friends flt/td i/viflteiiA,g i/vew ov^ez. 

as, well. sua.qUa.cj, da^c'i^Q, acfciwq, avui eveiA, pai-atiag the set were great 

waws to meet t/vgw people avui ka\/e fu.i/\,! I am defu^ltaliA doling It agan/i 

iA,ext year'" -Emma Hunt, 7th Grade 

"I think that they play was alot of work, and even though we were 

all sick and had the flu from working so turned out to be a 

great two performances!" 

-Katie Poss, 8th Grade 

PmvBdwifiG 177 

The tap ensemble performed the acclaimed dance, 
Workin' Nine to Five. 

The jazz ensemble left the audience in awe of their 
remarkable moves. 

t)anc& Concerts 179 

ART art art 

Just (_jraham 

Senior Graham Barton has a passion for the art of jewelry 
making. It all began at a very young age when she received an 
add-a-pearl necklace. She adored going to the Ward-Potts each 
time she got a new pearl, and she enjoyed admiring all of the 
jewelry in the store. At the age of 12, she really fell in love with 
the creation of jewelry, and she began to make her own. She 
has since taken classes locally, gone to New York to study 
further, and hopes to continue. She was most recently featured 
at the AP Art Show here (pictured right), and her creations 
were a big hit! Right now, she gets most of her supplies at the 
Bead Bungalow, and she is constantly on the look out for other 
companies or supplies. Her creativity and love for fashion has 
contributed to her inspiration for new pieces. "Most of my 
ideas start with my bead collection. I buy beads that I like and 
by playing around with different combinations of bead and wire, 
I can usually come up with something unique. I am usually 
more creative when I don't have anything in particular in 
mind," says Graham. She makes it sound so simple, but her 
talent is on demand! She barely has time to make anything for 
herself, and is constantly creating for others. As for Graham, 
her favorite item of jewelry is her pearl earrings. "I think pearls 
are so classic, and I try to use them in my work as much as I 
can. I wish that my favorite piece was something that I had 
made, but I never own anything of mine for long enough... I am 
constantly selling it!" Graham is clearly on the road to success, 
so look for her as a famous professional jewelry designer in 
the very near future! 

The AP Art Show was a display of individual studies created by each 

student. These students include L.Sorin, K. Ferdowsi, M. Bentz, C. 

Peterman, A. Derryberry, H. Thomas, A. Thomas, A. Huitt, A. Cole, T 

Nails, M. Stengel, L. Lee, and G. Barton. 

Kemia Ferdowsi poses with her favorite painting titled "Girl with Guitar" 

Anna Derryberry's collection included pictures of oriental children 

painted on fabric. 

Mary Stengel's work was admired by many, and it didn't fail to 

mesmerize sophomore Lauren McKinney 

ISO Fim&rts 





1 ,«mHMM ■ 

. .ftsfel 

The Eighth Graders had 

a party painting scenes of 
friends having fun. 
Students were chosen in 
groups of six to liven up 
the Gallery at the end of 
the year. 

Adrienne Thomas 
created a myriad of 
different studies, including 
this cluster of paintings of 

Camille Grote's door of 
photography was a 
slam! After rolls and rolls 
Camille was able to 
transform this into art! 
Tori Patterson's 
construction, "The 
Rolling Thinder", took 
everyone for a ride with 
this scene made from 
trash turned to treasure. 

Arrows m 

Ms. Compton leads the middle school intramural 
clubs in the annual field day competition, which 
a again rained out. 

Emily Stewart and Lauren Braden take a break 
from Spanish class. 

Sophomores Estee Simpkins, Helen Rankin and Caroline 

Rhett perform a play m f.spanol for Mr. Tu/ and his 
Spanish II class. 

Freshmen Meg DeLozier and Aly McCathren are all smiles Senior Austin Jones seems to be impressed by the r 
as they leave Biology class. Patton Visual Arts Center. 


Freshman Susan Barcus and Caitie Reid spend a free 
period in the Bear Lair. 


Sophomore Ann Briggs Horn streches 
during P. E. 

Juniors Valerie Trent, Melinda Higgins. 
Mary Katherine Stone, and Rebecca 
Spigel eat lunch in Ms. Linden's class- 

Allie "Go-Go Gadget" Bohannon rea 
gives it her all as she goes in for a 

Before a big meet, Dr. Jack gives an 

inspiring pep talk to the nervous Middle 

School Track team as they go for their 

4th straight title.. 

Being the only 
Eighth grader 
on the team, 
Ashley Mason 
leads the Middle 
School Golf 
Team to victory. 


Senior Abby Sinks always 
remebers to hydrate during 
games and practice, and this 
Fall Classic game is no 
exception. . 





Senior Catherine Beckner cheers 
on the Harpeth Hall soccer team 
as they battle agaist the 
Honey bear's arch rival. 

Brrrr... teeth chattering 

Though he opted for the name Wallace Field, 
Soccer Varisty coach Tim Wallace proudly 
played his team under the lights, donated by the 
soccer parents. 


MA rosty Temperatures 

Faculty, students, and parents anticipated the 
opening of the Dugan Davis Track and Soccer Com- 
plex. With a new weight room, locker rooms, training 
room, concession stand, and expanded bleachers, 
this state of the art facility is proudly shown off during 
our many athletic events. Home to games and runners 
under the light, it is a new era in school athletics. 

Middle Stengel 

Morgan Stengel, 10th, member of the Cross 
Country and Track teams, along side trainer 
Elizabeth Nelson, a.k.a. Liz, at the grand 

Frozen to the bone... 

Soph< inn iivKalhcriiK'W undines I icrlx'siloslaN u; 



JDugan Davis 


|3 a ver Y c °ld February morning, students, teachers, 

friends, former students and family of Dugan Davis 


building. In full dress uniform, leggings, 


thing else that might warmabody, students 


Davis share memories and stories of her 

years coaching and teaching. Mrs. Davis 

was the iirstmiddle school soccercoach. Mr. 

Joe Davis made adonation to the school in 


girls in sports and to help our athletes reach 


Upon theopening of the building, several 
physical educationclassesbeganusingtlienew,improved, 

Trying to keep Warm 

Juniors RebeccaSpigel. Mary Katheryn Stone. Valeric! 'rent and JenniferBumhuddle 

andmuchlai-gerweightroom.Withnewelliptical machines, 
treadmills, and several bikes cardiovascular workouts 
reached new levels. The free weight area 
wasexpanded and new strength machines 
were added. It is hard to imagine the little 
room atopof Morrison Gym use to house 

Never before has the soccer team had a 
lockerroomtogotoathalftime. Nor,has 
any team been able to play past agame or 
run a meet past dusk. The soccer parents 
proudly donated 1 ights for/teams play into 
theevening. Thecomplex washometothe 
first annual senior-junior POWDER 
PUFFfootballgame. Thegame wentdown 
to the wire, with the seniors victorious. 

Picture inset: Mrs. Davis. 

Ribbon Cutting 

Student body president Raleigh Anne Blank. 
Faculty Senate representitives Barbara Royse a 
Lori Graves, Heads Betsy Malone and LaVoe 
Mulgrew. and Parent's Association president 
Laura McLaughlin snip the ribbon to officially 
open the complex. 

THIS IS Mr. Davis 

Joe Davis, sonof Mrs. Dugan Da\ is. shares stories with us 
about hismother'sdaysasasoccercoach. 

dvGjQti Davis Tracfc <md Soccer Comptex Open/fig 1<39 

Golf Team 

Liza Darwin, Dru Nelson, Emily Stewart, Erica Yartz, Mary 

Katherine Stone, Lucille Rich, Mary Lindley Carswell, Anne 

Lawrence Johnson, DeDe Nesbitt, Lauren McKinney, Carson 

Maxwell and Katie Geer. 

Not Pictured: Denton Whitson and Cameron Sweeting 

DeDe Nesbitt concentrates 

hard on her next putt. 

Momentary Pause 

"Golf was so great 

this year, even 
though It was really 
hard and we got off 
to a rocky start, but, 
we found out later in 

the season, those 
kinds of things 
usually turn out 

- Dru Nelson 


Top to bottom: 

Dru smiles after a 

perfect drive; 

What is Mary 

Katherine trying to 


Emily strikes a pose after a swing; 

A golfer concentrates hard on making 

the final putt. 

190 J Sports 

Mary Lindley Carswell, 

Denton Whitson, Erica Yartz 

and Lauren McKinney have 

smoothie while waiting for 

someone old enough to drive 

the golf cart. 

Emily Stewart, Mary 
Katherine Stone, Dm 
Nelson and Coach Kylie 
Crouch pause for a breif 
photo session while 
walking towards the next 

Coach Kylie Crouch, 
Lucille Rich, Mary 
Katherine Stone, Lauren 
McKinney and Anne 
Lawrence Johnson take a 
break after an invigorating 
game of golf. 

Momentary Pause 

"Golf was fun 
because we got 
our frienl 

With the leadership of Coach Kylie 

Crouch and juniors Dru Nelson and 

Mary Katherine Stone, the golf team 

had a winning season with 14 matches 

including State, where a few of the team 

members had a run in with a wild bird. 

The team had a wild party at Chuck E. 

Cheese's at the end of the year to wrap 

up another season. 

- Anne Lawrence 



Team Captain, Eighth grader 
Ashley Manson, top, looks 
long as she drives one down 
the fareway. 

Meryl McVicker, new to the team 
this years, putts one in for 
Par at McCabe Golf Course. 

"Even thought we 
didn't win many 
matches, we still had 
a winning team that 
fought to the last 
whole. We never 
give up and kept our 
eye on that ball." 
-Ashley Manson 



This year's middle school cheer squad consisted 
:>f ten spirited 7th and 8th graders. The t^am 
reached new heights by making difficult sturits 
such as the twin elevators and liberty, thp^W 
*ven some high school squads can't put mp. 

[n addtion to these stunts the team also ^w' X X v./ \-S X X V^ 
3egan the tradition of a half-time cheer. 
The upper school squad continued its 

tradition of cheering based purely on spirit. With the only requirement 
Deing your green skirt and your "spirit" shirt, the team reached new hights 
Df a squad of over 20 girls at some games. S-P-I-R-I-T. Let's hear it! 


Coach: Mrs. Dale 
Meryl McVicker 

Liz Barcus 

Anna Armistead 


Kali LaGue 

Annie Brown 

Laura Davis 

Mamie Nichols 

Lindsey Rollins 

Jessica Lavendar 

"The middle school 
cheerleaders defiantly 
outshine the Upper 
School squad, but I am 
always impressed 
when they get that cute 
honey bear mascot 
out there on the floor" 

- Maggie Waltemath 

The Upper School cheer-tators get a surprise 
visit from a very special honey bear 




"Being a part of this team has been 
one of my greatest experiences at 
Harpeth Hale Between the 
parents. teammates, and coaches i 
couldn 't have asked for a more 
supportive group. being a senior 
on this team was a great honor, 
and i am so fortuna te tha t i had 
the opportunity to lead this group 


-Tori Tucker (senior) 

With a pre-game handshake, the 

bears line up for an ethustiastic 
greeting to the opposing team. 
Tori Tucker shows her best side, 
well maybe, with fellow senior 
Sara(h)s as the front line of attack. 
Taylor Parrish talks it up on back 
row serve recieve as Mary Stengel, 
passing specialist, sets it up for 

With a pregame ritual of High-5's, 
these starters get psyched for a 
home victory. 


Momentary Pause 

Sara Isenhower practices HhV^L 
her serve after school. She ' i^^'^^roBB 
is a leader for this team, Ififllflv j«i^5l 
and is a "motherly" Wmk ^fl 
teammate, as described by ^9^j| 
sophomore, Katie Shaub. tP^ErOP^^^B 

^H^^^HH_ ■ "The Adventures of Mary and 

Vvfl Nancy" seemed to be 
|y?' v ^mL t I7 fl everyone's funniest and most 

t'k J^Kv- &SI memorable experience. 
P fikiw^xmd P Senior Mar V sten 9 le witn ner 
^ mI^b^i^^^^I father Marc Stengle on Senio 

* ^BT- y Ni 9 ht - 


"Being a freshman on a high 
school team may seem like a 
drag, but not on the volleyball 
teamlThe seniors were such 
great leaders and always got 
us excited. Volleyball was an 
incredible experience!" 

- Paige Watson 





Regional Runner Up 
State Quater Finals 


Sarah Anna Bargatze - #3 
Sara lsenhour-#23 
Mary Stengle -#11 
Tori Tucker - #1 

Team Roster: 

Sarah Anne Bargetze, Ellen Byrd, Anne Lawerence 
Chenery, Carolyn Corbett, Margaret Dodson, Sara 
Isenhour, Elizabeth Jackson, Maddie Martin, Sarah Norton, 
Taylor Parrish, Katie Shaub, Nancy Sisk, Mary Stengle, Tori 
Tucker, and Paige Watson. 

"The most memorable moment was winning 
the Ryan Invitational. It was amazing! We 
beat Ryan in the semi-finals on their own 
court, and then we played really well in 
the finals and won!" 

- Maddie Martin (sophomore) 

VolteybGll m 

Momentary Pause 


1 As a symbol of putting the 
pieces of the team together, 
the MS volleyball team made 

: a puzzel. Each person 
customized two pieces, one 

' with their name and one 
representing a component of 
their team. When the girls 
came together uniting the 
pieces, they were inspired to 
become a real team. 


Pool Volleyball. Before 
mastering floor skills in 
Morrison gym, the volleyball 
team soaked up the last rays of 
the summer sun in Maggie 
McCain's pool. 

Hitting the floor. The will to win 
cannot be beat you gotta wanna 
wing, chant the bears before 
every match. English Taylor, 
Maggie McCain, Annie Brown, 
Sarah Zimmerman, Ellie 
Bartholomew, and Janie 
Jackson circle up for pre-game 

Bump, Set, Spike. Sarah 
Zimmerman jumps for a point 
winning slam with her 
teammates , Mamie Nichols, 
Maggie McCain, and Allison 
Dowdle, in ready position to 
support her every move. 

English Taylor 
Annie Brown 
Maggie McCain 
Sarah Zimmerman 
Janie Jackson 
Maegan Dowdle 
Emily Johnson 
Allison Dowdle 
Mamie Nichols 
Sumner Morgan 
Ellie Bartholomew 
Caroline Sanders 

Emily Johnson bumps the ball. Emily 
confidently uses correct form in sending 
the ball over the net. Nothing is more 
intimidating then the look from a 
completely confident face. 

A Diving Save. English Taylor skids the 
floor in an accomplished attempt to 
keep the ball in play. She said, "I think 
our greatest attribute was our 
willingness to try our best". She was 
always willing to try her best even if she 
has to take on the hard wood floor. 



Courtney Vick 

Elizabeth Fuller 

Schaefer Maxwell 

Clair Christofersen 

Lauren Gill 

Sydney Jenkins 

Tory Pitteralli 

Ruthie Trammell 

Macy Hughart 

Blake Stadler 

Lisa Howard 

Maggie Stevenson 


Heather Knapp 

Time Out. A brief pause for a pep talk by Coach 
Knapp as the team fights for a victory over Harding 

Leaning tower of Volleyball. Seventh grader 
Courtney Vick leans a little to the left to pass that ball 
just so. 

Don't take you eyes off the ball. Ruthie Trammell 
bumps sets. That net must be a little tall, Ruthie 
normally cannot walk under the net without hitting her 


With tryouts in the spring of 
theprevous year, the season starts 
very early, before school has 
started. With most of the team new 
to the sport the focus is mainly 
fundamentals. If you ask any B- 
teamer they would say that serving 
is thehardest part. This year's 
group consisted of 12 seventh grad- 
ers. Coach Heather Knapp is al- 
ways on her toes. The team fin- 
ished it's season 1 game over the 
500 mark, with many players look- 
ing to be a force on the A team next 

Momentary Pause 

B Elizabeth Ful 
says. ..."The BiGGd 

The pressure m<J 
me to do my best. when you i 
serve in the feeling is awesc 

Though the start to the season 
was a bit rocky, roll over was never in 

this team's vocabulary. The girls 
kicked their way back up the charts to 

claim a spot in the State Finals. 
Harpeth Hall didn't walk away with a 

win, but instead established new 

record with in the school as the first 

soccer team to reach the State 

Championship. The Harpeth Hall 

Varsity Soccer met the reigning 

champion Red Raiders of Baylor in 

Division II State Championship match. 

After the dramatic quadruple overtime 

victory over GPS late the night before, 

the Honeybears fell a little short 

against a well rested Baylor team. 

The Bears made a valiant effort, but 

fell 3-0 as Baylor repeated as State 

Champions. Stephanie Holland, Anna 

Mayo, and Huntley Rodes were 

honored by being selected to the 

Divison II All-State Tournament Team. 

Senior Seniority. Although 
these girls are all smiles, they 
had a long and tough season, 
in which they displayed great 
leadership that helped lead the 
team to a first ever trip to the 
state finals. 

Maggie Diehl, up against the 
opposing team, shows that 
those long and grueling 
practices really do pay off. 

Coach: Tim Wallace 

Assistant Coach: Betsy Machen 

Manager: Abby Gallagher 

In order from left to right: 

Ana Nettles, Mellisa McCord, Christine Piana, Caroline Hale, Katie Gallagher, 

Avery Graham, Ellen Hammer, Ellen Morphis, Kathleen Morphis, Hays McWhirter, 

Crockett Hale, Maggie Diehl, Emily Hassell, Ellen Davis, Elizabeth Conrad, Betsy 

Buntin, Grace Wachtler, Leslie Toth, Anne Walker Harrison, Leigh Gernert, Raleigh 

Anne Blank, Allison Oldacre, Anna Mayo, Abby Sinks, Austin Jones, Huntley 


Not Pictured: Abby Gallagher, Agusts Cole, Mary Katherine Bartholomew, and 
Stefanie Holland 


1 ' >■"* 

'"' ^^ Sv '*^V : ^ 

*?^ ty$ vi * " o^i 


"This season was 
magical. 1 hope in 

'^Mm/ik'- j 




« J 


- Austin Jones 

"^-"" ? '~-'-|f- 


"This team proved what 
can be achieved when a 
group of players comes 
together as a team and 
play with passion. This 
team matched the best 
finish in Harpeth Hall 

The great wall of Honeybears. Raleigh Anne, Abby Sinks, 
and Hays McWhirter are determined to defend their goal. 

A quick huddle by the team. The team gathers for one last pep 
talk during the HH/SCA Fall Classic. 

"Connie's" got the ball You might as well say, "move over 
hunny, Conrad's burning rubber". 

counted them out of the 
race. It was a brilliant 

■ Coach Wallace 

Momentary Pause 

Soccer was so great this year! We had 
I a new coach (Coach Wheliss) and he taught 
us so much. Heisprobablythereasonwe 


-English Taylor, 8th grade 

Laura Goetzman (7th) 

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Allison, 
Lacy, Glory, Taylor, Sophie, and Mary Olivia 
look on as their teammates fight it out on the 
field against a tough BGA team. 

Fake out. Cari McDonald fakes out her defender 
as fellow eighth grader Mary Olivia Mullin sets a 

The ankle survived and she is still walking. 

Maggie McCain beats out a BGA defender to set 
up a pass to Sarah Weeks. And though it looks 
like she may break that ankle, Maggie made a 
perfect pass for the Honeybear attack. 

The chase is on, and Lauren Riegle is victorious 
as she beats her defender to the ball for the 
game winning goal. 

Front Row: Laura 
Goetzman, Schafer 
Maxwell, Glory Beveridge, 
Rachael McKenzie, Blake 
Stadler, Sarah Weeks, Lauren 
Riegle, Sophie Sanders, and 
Allison Rapphun. Back 
Row: Lacy Magee, Mary 
Olivia Mullen, Sarah 
Zimmerman, Michelle 
Robinson, Olivia Burd, 
English Taylor, Kaz Suzuki, 
Taylor Fertrol, Maggie 
McCain, Cari McDonald, 
and Coach Weiless. 

He) h -ieotn Soccer ZOa> 

Improving last year's record of 
3-3, the Middle School B-team 
soccer finshed the season a strong 4- 
2. Rivals Ensworth, USN, BGA and 
Harding could not survive and fell to 
the Honeybear attack. Upper School 
teacher, Dr. Schott, led the girls for a 
second season. With Bradley Moody 
(6th) in the goal, almost no team 
could surpass the bears, proving with 
her smaller stature that size is no 
object. Forwards Clair Bartholemew 
(6th) and Brogan Bronner (7th) were the leading scorers 
of this young team. "Teamwork and enthusiasm helped 
to earn the soccer team a winning record for the season" 
says one eighth grader. 

Anna Armistead 

Kelyn Angell 

Ellie Bartholemew 

Clair Bartholemew 

Brogan Bonner 

Elizabeth Brittain 

Lisa Carson 

Elle Del Favero 

Allison Dowdle 

Olivia Howard 

Macy Hughart 

Anna Ktherinemalony 

Anne McWhirter 

Bradley Moody 

Sabin Nettles 

Alishia Terrell 

Ruthie Trammel 

Diane Uwamahoro 

Maggie Wilkins 

Rachel Wachs 

Laruen Zeilski 

Soccer was so fun. 
this year! as an 8th 
grader, it was fun 
to get to know 
other girls who are 
younger than me!" 
- Allison Dowdle,8th 

Racing to beat out her defender, Allison Dowdle 
gets there first. Good thing we live in the 21st Century 
or else this unlady like tackle would have been a 
major "faux pas" when Ward Seminary for Young 
Lady's was first founded in 1865. 

Practice makes perfect. Seventh graders Anne McWhirter and Anna 
Armistead pass, perfecting their skills so they make no "faux pas" during 
cruicial games. 


suave soccer 

and her agile 
ability allowed the 
Honeybears to out 
run the Ensworth 

Me) h -Hem Soccev ZOS 



"This is 
best cr< 
I've hac 
1981" - 

School is out and you think-summer time. But, for these thirty-five members of the cross country team, it's 
running-time! From two-a-days in August, to tubing and training in Rock Island, TN, at Camp Jimmy G, the season 
took off with a fast start. "Rock Island was so much fun," says junior member, Dylan Taylor-Smith. Though it may 

seem hard to dedicate the last 

you still get a chance to have some 

season, this team won Harpeth 

and the number one position in the 

third place in the State 

ever and crossing the finish line first 

the state are awarded to the All State 

positions. These people are: 

(8th), Katheryn Dennison (9th), 

Jennifer Burn (12th), Morgan 

(15th). Marion Granbery also was awarded to the First Team All Mid-State. On the First Team All Metro are Marion 

Granbery, Allie Bohannon, Katheryn Dennison, Mary Katherine Bartholomew, Jennifer Burn, Morgan 

Stengel. This season was full of victories and records, but that wasn't the best part. According to freshman, Grace 

Herbert, "the best part was being a part of the team. " 

Final Standings 

District Champions 

Metro Champions 

Region Champions 

TSSAA State Champions 

month of your summer to cross country, 
fun in the sun! Capping off an amazing 
Hall it's ninth TSSAA State Championship 
state! Marion Granbery, senior, finished 
Championship, achieving her best time 
for Harpeth Hall. The top fifteen runners in 
team, giving Harpeth Hall seven 
Marion Granbery (3rd), Allie Bohannon 
Mary Katherine Bartholomew (11th), 
Stengel (13th), and Molly McCullough 


Hurdles; Anew 
aspect of cross 
country: As if 

running three miles 
isn't enough, 
Tippins Stone thinks 
jumping hurdles 
should become a 
part of the 

She's fast and 

furious: Marion 

ifyi Wk ' mmMm 

Granbery takes her 


last strides to the 

finish line, ending 

her final season 

with a bang. 

fSL^E I 

Running just as fast as they can. ..Tippins Stone, Molly McCullough, Morgan 
Stengel, Mary Katherine Bartholomew, Jennifer Burn, and Krissie Binkley, run 
together in a tight pack, forming an unstoppable barrier for other competitors. 
Summer Training: From the Bridges of Madison County to Rock Island, these girls 
are on fire... and burning down bridges everywhere. 

Move it or Lose it: 

"Out of my way": 
Sarah Darby 
looks prepared to 
do some serious 
elbow shoving to 
her USN 

Coaches: Susan Russ, Cason Buzzell. Runners: Rachel Ashwood, Mary Katherine Bartholomew, Graham Barton, 
Kelsay Best, Krissie Binkley, Allie Bohannon, Elizabeth Bradbury, Hays Brandon, Jennifer Burn, Alice Campbell, True 
Claycombe, Ceci Creagh, Mary Tom Crozier, Meg DeLozier, Katheryn Dennison, Adair Freeman, Marion Granbery, 

Elizabeth Grote, Corinne Hartong, Grace Herbert, Sara Darby Horrell, Callie Kestner, Maddin McCord, Molly 

McCullough, Hannah Menefee, Tori Patterson, Lindsay Pratt, Mary Lucy Reid, Sarah Rowe, Estee Simpkins, Claire 

Stadler, Morgan Stengel, Tippins Stone, Dylan Taylor-Smith, Ansley Wallace, Diana Wallace. Managers: Mary Chisolm, 

Liza Trickett, Caroline Johnson. 

Cross Country Z07 




Momentary Pause 

If you ask Ashley Ramsen her best 
sport she would probably answer 
Swimming. For the first time this 
8th grader gave the 1 1/2 mile 
cross country course a try and 
WON the Championship! Ever 

the humble athlete, she puts the success of the 

team ahead of her own. 


A balancing act. Bradley Moody and | 
Phoebe Carver, 6th grade, limber up 
and get a few last running strategies 
from coach Dr. Jack. 

Their faces say it all. Eighth grader 
leaders of the long green line show it 
all as they lead the pack of runners. In 
the lead is Catherine Higham, followed 
closely by Kathryn Harvey and Gabby 

Move 'em over. Kaitlin Ray, 8th, and 
Glory Beveridge, 7th, set the pace for 
the race in the HVAC Championship 
meet. It was a 4th straight 
Championship for the team. 

HVAC 4-Peat Champions 

Back Row: Coach Meltesen, Coach Henderson, O. Burd, A. 
Rapphun, M. Tek, G. Gioia, A. Tipps, G. Beveridge, A. Carver, R. 
McKenzie, A. Neiwold, N. Palmer, L. Riegle, K. Suzuki, L. 
Pomeroy, J. Howell, L. Gould, Coach Dale. Middle Row: C. 
McDonald, C. Higham, B. Hill, B. Bonner, C. Jeziro, R. 
Senbonmatsu, A. Dean, H. Derrick, L. Zielski, C. Henry, S. 
Williams. Kneeling: C. Harvey, A. Terrell, S. Weeks, C Ramsey, 
C. Ray, S. Sanders, M. Meador, E. Maloy, M. Hinchion, M. Mullen, 
C. Tanner, A. Ramsden. Front: C. Neely, M. Terren, A. Armistead, 
C. Bartholomew, B. Newport, P. Carver, B. Moody, C. Reisz, M. 
Wiseman, A Raines, and E. DelFavero. 

US Cross Coefitfg Z09 

Ho... had an outstanding 

season, begining with an start at 
team camp in the summer, and 
ending with a state title the 
following spring. Karen Thompson 
became the head coach pulling the 
team together as one. With a 23-4 
record, the Bears' season made 
history. The Bears came home 
from Murphy Stadium in March 
obtaining a state championship for 
the first time in school history. 
Another major accomplishment 
was beating the Father Ryan Irish 
on their home court. As the only 
senior, Jennifer Price, served as a 
great role model for the younger 
girls throughout the season. If you 
ask any one of the "nike shock" 
team members how their season 
went, they are sure to reply, "We 
lost ourselves in the music, 
the moment, we owned it, and 
we will never let it go." 

Oh yes... "the Price IS right!" 

40 Jennifer Price 
4 Nancy Sisk 

21 Allie Bohannan 
42 Crocket Hale 
23 Sarah Baker 
1 2 Stephanie Lrell 
31 Margaret Dodson 
10 Morgan Stengel 
44 Taylor Parish 
14 Julie French 

22 Stefanie Holland 
35 Ellen Regan 
26 Krissie Binkley 
30 Elizabeth Jackson 

ZIO Sports 




Momentary Pause 

Jullie French, 9th, with the 

Stephanie Urell, 
10th, with her arms 
swinging around, 
watches as she 
sinks a perfect 

Emotions run| 

time out, you 
emotion bottoil 
Coach Thomp 
faces, as they 

Go go Gadge] 
layup. With hf 
shot, Allie Bo 
the hole. 

Out muscles, I 

With pure deti 
Baker crashes 

Just a step qui] 
drives the bas' 
BGA wildcats 

Deep in the middle of a Honeybear 
huddle. Starters Holly Dunn, Gabby 
Gioia, Maegan Dowdle, Lauren Riegle ; 
and Clair Christofersen at the first 
round game of the HVAC tournament. 
They beat WMS easily, with a halftime 
score of 21-2. 

Momentary Pause 

"Aggressive, never 
quitting, always giving 
100%. That is what I will 
remember about this 
group of b-ballers, " 

says assistant coach and senior 

Austin Jones. 


Addie Boston 

Maegan Dowdle 

Holly Dunn 

Gabby Gioia 

Lauren Riegle 

Glory Beveridge 

Clair Christofersen 

Laura Goetzman 

Lacy Magee 
Ruthie Trammell 


Strawberries on the knees. Maegan Dowdle 
fights for a looe ball. 

Leading the team in steals, Gabby Gioia takes 

Famous for her defensive stance, Clair hustles 
down the floor. 

Taking it to the basket, Lauren Riegle drives the 

Cram it all in during the 1 minute time out. 

Perhaps a little pep talk on making free throws??? 

Offense wins games, defense wins 
championships, it is often said. Rachael 
McKenzie, in a stellar defensive play, steals the 
ball from the BMS point guard. 

Point guard Caroline Tanner takes the ball 
all the way down the floor, not stopping just 
past half court. 

Coach Simmons, in his 4th season as B 

team head coach, in a quick, intense huddle. 

Momentary Pause 

Seventh grader Caroline 
Sanders, post player 
extraordinaire, fends off a 
Brentwood Middle defender 
in the teams victory. 
Caroline is just one of the 

twin towers, alongside Courtney 



Allison Dowdle 

Lindsey Gould 

Cameron Neely 

Caroline Tanner 

Caroline Sanders 

Allison Rapphun 

Ellie Bartholomew 

Rachael McKenzie 

Brogan Bonner 

Hannah Koonce 

Heather Derrick 

Courtney Vick 

Eighth graders leadership 
Cameron Neely (left), Allison Dowdle 
(center) and Lindsey Gould (right). 

m sports 


A Wall of Defense: Jenny Cook 
sticks her arms straight out, with 
both knees bent, exemplifying the 
perfect defense positioning. So 
good that as the CPA girl tries to 
come marching through, Jenny 
proves to be stoppable. 
Smooth Move: A smooth pass 
by Madeline Wiseman to Elle 
Bartholomew... so smooth 
Madeline can pass the ball 
looking in the opposite direction! 

Team Roster: 

Coach Lael 


Claire Bartholemew 

Callie Blackburn 

Elizabeth Brittain 

Justine Brittain 

Jenny Cook 

Elle DelFavero 

Sarah Dolan 

Caroline Evers 

Suzanne Howell 

Madeline Hinchion 

Anne Carney Raines 

Madeline Wiseman 

Momentary Pause 

Caroline Evers 
looks ready to 
grab the other 
teammate by her 
jersey, if that's 
what it takes to 
get the rebound. 


During time out, Sarah 
Dolan listens intently as 
Coach O'Shaughnessy 
gives the team last 
minute tips to scoring in 
double digits for their 
final game as they 
scored a season high of 
13 points. 

Madeline Hinchion 

ponders while on 

the court. "Maybe 

if I put my hand 
out like this... the 



other team will 

A M 

think I've got the E 




1 -2-3-Team! The team gathers round for a 
huddle to get pumped up for the game, 
but by the looks on these girls faces, the 
other team is far more interesting. 

Zl€ Sports 

Watchoutfrom Behind: Before you can 
say "wolf, Justine Brittain comes flying 
up the court, with both eyes on the ball, 
ready to steal the ball away from CPA. 


"The most important thing to do is to have fun". 

never quite live up to, was well lived up to by tl 

basketball team. Led by Coach Lael O'shaugfi 

not consist of any wins, 

towards achieving many 

beginning of the season, 

greater achievements on 

offense. By the end of the 

stepped it up a notch and 

digits, with the highest 

their last game. As far as 

handling and game 

season as this team became more involved wit! 

member of the team, comments that being shor 

teams may have presented a challenge, but, as 

had a really good team!" 

"We were 
the shorties 
because all 
the other 
teams were so 

ote many people say but 
t's 5th and 6th grade 
, this team's season did 
ther gradual steps 
lual team goals. In the 
)int total was small, with 
defense rather than 
)n, these little honeybears 
i their way into double 
average of the season at 
1ual play, shooting, ball 
improved throughout the 
game. Jenny Cook, 
nd younger than the other 
e Blackburn says, "We 

w e r e n 

Take a break. Margaret Martin- 
Lacey clings onto the wall after a 
tough race. She looks like she needs 
a nap. 

Twist and Shout. Helen Ramsey 
does an upside-down twist into the 
pool below. At least, that's what it 
looks like shes doing. 

Z18 Sports 


Superstar swimmer 

Made Garrett looks in 
jtter amazement at the 
ime from her previous 

Mlie Phipps gasps for 

)reath while swimming 
he butterfly and trying to 
Deat her competition in 
he pool. 

Seniors Megan Turner, Lyndsey 
Johnson, Merdeith Keltner, and 
Claire Crozier led their team to 
victory at the state meet for the thrid 
year in a row. The team only lost one 
meet and took trips to Kentucky and 
Chattanooga. Anna Rose Heyman, Margaret Martin 
Lacey, Katlin Ray, and Catlin Heyman set a region 
record for the 200 freestyle relay. Macie Garrett brokd 
the region records for both the 200 and 500 freestyle. 
Helen Ramsey won the regional diving meet. After 
an eventful year filled with fun, the swimming and 
diving teams have big shoes to fill for next year. 




Rachel Price 

Leslie Torn 

Mary Katherine Stone 

Alice Campbell 

Sarah Baker 

Allison Milam 


Edie McDonald 
Katy Bowers 

Kathleen Morphis 

Margaret Tipton 


Allison Milam 
grits her teeth 
to intimidate 
her opponent 
while waitin; 
to return the 

Patience is a 
virtue. Mary 
Katherine Stone 
patiently waits 
while her opponet 
serves the ball. 
Her look of 
determination is 
sure to scare away 
any competition. 

Over the years, the tennis team has gained the respect and 
admiration of its opponents. Consistently, the team is a 
regional and state threat for the title. The 2003 Tennis team 
was led by one outstanding senior, Rachel Price, was no 
different. The team only lost three matches and all of them to 
out-of-town opponets. Matt Burlow coached the team for his 
first time this year and led his team to superb victories against 
the fighting Irish of Father Ryan and at sectionals against St. 
Mary's. For the first time in 10 years, the tennis team advanced 
to state and remained undefeated in the regional play. 

Momentary pause 

"We got a new 
coach this year, 
and he has really 
helped us 
improve. We've 
really stepped it 

up this year, 
advancing to state 
for the first time in 
a decade. It's been 
a fun year to be on 

the tennis team, 
and next year will 
be even better." 

-Leslie Toth 


Abby Rudd, 
Leslie Toth, 

McDonald, and 
Mary Katherine 
Stone smile in 
the sunlight 
during a tennis 
invitational on 
their home turf. 


2003 Schedule 

Mar. 26 



Apr. 3 



Apr. 4/5 

Chan. Rotary 


Apr. 7 



Apr. 8 



Apr. 10 



Apr. 11/12 



Apr. 17 



Apr. 23 



Apr. 24 

Webb School 


Apr. 25 

St. Agnes 


May 5 



May 12 



May 21-23 


Tenn/s Zl\ 








Sarah Zimmerman 
English Taylor 



Annie Tipps 
Glory Beveridge 

Five Wins; One Loss 

Kathleen Catherall 
Brooke Worthington 

HVAC runner up 

Brogan Bonner 

Sarah Zimmerman - HVAC 

Elizabeth Fuller 

Champion #1 Singles 

Mamie Nichols 
Marybeth Meador 
Meryl McVicker 

Glory Beveridge and Kathleen 
Catherall HVAC#1 Doubles 

Sara Stengel 

Sarach Schutt 

Clair Bartholomew 

English Taylor gets ready to send that ball on an 
unforgetable trip through the air. 

Brooke Worthington seems mesmerized by the ball as it 
flies towards her. 

A. Tipps, B. Worthington, S. Zimmerman, E. Taylor, and G. 
Beverige know that all girls just wanna have fun as they take 
a break and chat. 

The team strategizes a game plan as the opposing 
team, Harding Academy, arrives. 

Sarah Schutt puts her game face on and waits for 
her opponent, who she went on to beat! 

Momentary Pause 

Mamie Nichols 
wins her match 
and marches to 
the net for a 
final handshake. 

Elizabeth Fuller 

tries to intimidate 

her oppenent, and 

it worked because 

she won! 

In her second year as head coach, Stephanie 
Schlanger leads the team with the help of assistant 
coach Miss Patty. Together they set out to defend their 
title. With tryouts of over 30 girls, that talent pool was 
endless. This talent brought them all the way to the 
HVAC Championship where they placed second in a 
tight match defending their title of the previous year. 
Though they fell short, there is a strong base for the 

nsr^tmis 11% 



A Bunting Senior, Sara 
Isenhower bunts the ball to 
trick the opposing team. 

In the Outfield, Ann Wyatt 
Little and Betsy Buntin plan to 
make sure no ball gets past 

Rounding second, 
this Honeybear 
keeps the SCA 
Scarab at a "safe" 

Determined to 
beat the ball, 
Ellen Green 
runs through 
first base, and 
is safe. 

A Powerhitter and a 
Pitcher, senior Sara 
Rodriguez swings, hoping for 
a home run. 


Sara Rodriguez 
Sara Isenhour 
Tori Tucker 
Ann Wyatt Little 
Ellen Green 
Lauren Simpson 
Anna Trotter 
Betsy Buntin 
Crockett Hale 
Maddie Martin 
Mary Ross Bryant 
Caroline Hale 
Sarah Norton 
Lucile Rich 
Ali Berryman 
Diana Wallace 
Katie Geer 
Carsen Maxwell 
Julie French 


Soft. : 


Batter Up: 

Caudill step 

ZZ$ Spor 

S-I S-I-N S-I-N-G-L- 
E... The Softball team 
stands in the dugout 
cheering on their team- 
mates . 

Awaiting the strike: Clair 
Christofersen,7th, waits 
for the pitch. 

Maggie Babb 

Annie Brown 

Maegan Dowdle 

Emily Johnson 

Georgia Beasley 

Shelby Bridwell 

Ellie Caudill 

Clair Christofersen 

Heather Derrick 

Alexandra Guillen 

Katie Poss 

Alisha Terrell 

Sarah Dolan 

Cydney Smith 

Lisa Wolfinger 
Hillary Maxwell 

Momentary Pause 

Beasley ducks 
for the pitcher 
to throw an 
out at third 

Annie Brown 
talks to her 
friend... bet you 
wish you hadn't 
been hiding your 
face now. 

Widdte School Softball 





Off to the Races. Senior Tippins Stone races to 
the long jump line, all the while watching out the 
cute boy checking out her graceful stride. 

Girl Talk. Freshmen Meg Delozier, Ansley Wallace B 
and True Claycombe chat about the events they 
just completed, as well as their plans for the night 
at Funscape. 

Get a Grip. Sophomore Lizzie Napier 
holds the blocks for Freshman Bracie 
Stewart who anxiously awaits the gun 
for her relay. 

Up, Up and Away. Spohomore pole 
vaulter Claire Stadler prepares to show 
her stuff for the crowd, as admiring 
MBA boys look on. 

This year, the school raced to its fourth straight Division II title, scor- 
ing 141 points at the State Championship meet. The honey bears used their 
strength in the field events, highlighted by Lizzie Shell winning her specialty, 
the pole vault in 1 0-6 and by using a 2-3 finish in the triple jump by Gabby 

Gioia and Lizzie Shell. 

won her signature race, 

5:11.46, barely ahead 

with Morgan Stengel 

pace was a little slow at 

Bohannon who had the 

state championship 

and track teams this 

can't be disappointed 

the event." Katheryn 

800 with a personal best time of 2: 1 7. 1 9. "We had a great start with the field 

events, and the exciting thing is that we all won this as a team, and that the 

seniors won their fourth straight," said Coach Susan Russ, "I think the 

younger girls really wanted to win a state championship for these seniors". 

Allie Bohannon again 
the 1600 with a time of 
of Katheryn Dennison, 
finishing fourth. "The 
the 800 mark," said Allie 
privilege of being on 
cross country, basketball 
school year. "But you 
when we finish 1 -2-4 in 
Dennison then took the 


L. LeRoy 


M.K. Bartholomew 

M. McCord 

Susan Russ 

G. Barton 

L. Napier 

Cason Buzzell 

K. Binkley 

D. Nesbit 

Susan Thornto 

A. Bohannon 

L. Nichols 


S. Sawyer 

E Bohannon 
H. Brandon 

S. Neidermeyer 
T. Parrish 

J. Burn 

T. Patterson 

T. Claycombe 

L. Pratt 

S. Compton 

M.L. Reid 

C. Creagh 

H. Rhodes 

M.T. Crazier 

S. Rowe 

E. Davis 

L. Salerno 

M. Delozier 

E. Shell 

K. Dennison 

E. Simpkins 

M. Granbery 

C Stadler 

C. Grote 

M. Stengel 

E. Grote 

B. Stewart 

E. Hammer 

T. Stone 

C. Hartong 

D. Taylor-Smith 

G. Herbert 

K. Tompkins 

S.D. Horrell 

S. Urell 

A. Johnson 

A. Wallace 

C. Kestner 

E. Yartz 

Vpp&r School Tr QCfe ZZ2 

During the cool down: Macy 
Hughart, Rachael McKenzie, Ruthie 
Trammell, and Hannah Koonce chat 
and laugh, taking a break from the 
pressure of the meet. 

More than just luck... Eighth grader 
Launren Riegle closes her eyes, and 
hopes for the best, as she places in 
the top 5 in the long jump. 

Record breaking. After 
setting her record in the 
long jump, Gabby then 
whips over to the long jump 
where she is able to clear 
five feet. 

You can see it in her 
eyes. Lauren Petway 
pulls out her sports 
psychology and 
envisions herself 


E. Bartholomew 

L. Magee 

C. Ramsey 

G. Beveridge 

A. K. Maloney 

K. Ray 

0. Burd 

E. Maloy 

L. Riegle 

C. Burks 

S. Maxwell 

B. Robinson 

A. Carver 

M. McCain 

B. Stadler 

R. Cochran 

R. McKenzie 

M. Stephenson 

G. Gioia 

M. McVicker 

K. Suzuki 

C. Hallemann 

A. McWhirter 

C Tanner 

K. Harvey 

M.O. Mullin 


C. Henry 

C. Neely 

M. Teren 

C. Higham 

A.R. Niewold 

R. Trammell 

L. Howard 

N.K. Palmer 


M. Hughart 

L. Petway 


J. Jackson 

T. Pittarelli 

S. Jenkins 

L. Poole 

Marti Jeffords 

H. Koonce 

A. Ramsden 

Tiffany Dale 

This year, the Middle School Track team, 
along with their two very pregnant coaches, 
strove to obtain their third straight HVAC 
championship. Those infamous Tiger Girls 
held nothing to the power of the honeybears. 
Eigth grader Gabby Gioia put the bears over 
the mark with her record breaking 
performance on the long jump of 17 feet and 
graceful measures on the high jump. The 
younger honeybears also managed to pull off 
a victory at the Innman Relays, hosted at 
Harpth Hall. Premier pole vaulters Rachel 
McKenzie, Morgan McVicker, Lauren Riegle 
and Nancy Keen Palmer rised the bar for the 
rest of the team with their vaulting efforts. 
Maybe the coaches new little girls will one day 
be track stars at Harpeth Hall as well. 

Form, strength, and concentration. 

Lacy Magee, 7th, shows her power in 
her mighty shot throw... watch out 

Hiddh School Trocfe 2&i 



Always light on her 
feet, Anne Carney 
Raines sprints her way 
to the finish line! 

Famed coaching duo.. .Mrs 

Graves and Mrs. Royce. 

Balancing Act. Rachel 
White and Elizabeth 
McLemore attempt to 
master the new cool-down 
technique, while taking a 
break between races. 

Checking out the 
competition. Madeline 
Wiseman, Madeline 
Hinchion, and Jenny Cook 
strategize the best way to 
win their upcoming race. 
%%1 Sports 


You can't miss them on the track, but you have to look 
down. The smallest group of runners, but none the less 
important. These 5th and 6th graders practice twice 
weekly and run in meets on Saturday, starting at 8:00. 
Coached by Mrs. Graves and Mrs. Royce, these girls 
don't miss a beat. With a goal of fundamentals, 
commitment, a great team experience, and fun it is always 
an interesting season. 

Roster: Justine Brittain, Lia Pendleton, Rachel Wachs, Rachel White, 
Anna Spickard, Caroline Aston, Brenna Newport, Allison Stark, Bridget 
Baily, Alex Shaffer, Jaya Williams, Marie McCord, Phoebe Carver, 
Madeline Hinchion, Anne Carney Raines, Elle Del Favero, Madeline 
Wiseman, Elizabeth Brittain. 

It's just a mile. Anna Spickard 
and Brenna Newport concentrate 
long and hard, while waiting on 
the staring line. 

3/6 Track 2£>§> 




Lacrosse, more comrr 
Sticks, has only been 
two years. Nonetheles 
impressive record coi 
teams from Nashville, 
team composed of eic 
holding the number or 
tournament for the sec 
the team lost in the eh 
archrival, Father Ryan 
a fight. These girls kn( 

gnu. AMuiuuyn me ydi 

result with concussior 
muscles, and twisted 
players keep coming 
Chemistry teacher anc 
player as their coache 
brainiest and most ski 
only know how to dod4 
how the law of physiq 


Dnly known as Chicks with 
considered a Vasity sport for 
;, the team has a very 
ipeting with a wide range of 
\tlanta, and North Carolina. A 
ht seniors thumped in 
a seed in the state 
Dnd year in a row. Although 
ampionship game to 
they did not go down without 
w how to play to the bitter 
es have been known to 
>, bloody bruises, pulled 
>ones, the determined 
ack for more. With a 
an All- American Notre Dame 
;, the team is bound to be the 
ful team in the state. They not 
e, but they also understand 
relates to each pass. 

Lax pals. Lacrosse forms lasting friendships, 
especially for freshmen, Avery Graham and Allie 

The Line-up. Waiting on the sidelines, H. 
McWhirter, Triggs, A. Cole, and K. Shaub, squint in 
to the sun of the warm spring afternoons. 

Goalie. None other than Chauncey Short manned 
the varsity team's goal. Ferocious, spunky, 
spontaneous and skilled all desribe this senior. 



1 *» ' ' IhI 




T. Ritter, A.Gallagher, E. 
Reagan, J. Kinnard, E. Triggs, 
M. Diehl, A. Granbery, A. 
Schwaber, P. Lewis, L. Bryant, 
A. Cole, E. Short, A.C. Pirkle, 
L. Mckinney, A. Lipshie, H. 
Phipps, K. Shaub, M. McCord, 
A. Jones, V. Pirkle, A. 
McCathryn, J. Gordon, A. 
Phipps, A. Graham, K. Best, 
A.W. Harrison, H. McWhirter, 
K. Gallagher, K. Provost, C. 
Johns, E. Granbery, C. Short, 
M. Chisolm. 


ary Pause 

Assistant Coac 

^mm*&*£ ^ J. 




IIk 'mm 

remarks "The jv 

and varsity 


lacrosse teams 


dominated the 

state again!". 

j J -- 

7 : T\ 

the quickest 

/ / 

way to rid 
herself of the 
Austin Jones 


stands strong 

The Drawl. Sticks in a head lock and minds on 
the game, Pauline and Emmie anticipate the first 
play. Pauline played the role as the varsity center 
while Emmie ran the field both offensively and 
defensively as a defensive wing. 

The Charger. Brought up playing basketball, 
Abby Lipshie mastered the skill of taking a 
charge. Holding the team's record, she awaits 
the on-coming offense. 

Excuse me? In the midst of sprinting down field, 
Virginia Pirkle respectfully pauses to hear one of 
Coach Vest's commands. When Virginia is on 
the lacrosse field, you would never know she was 
prom queen. 

hGC¥0$SV Ze)§ 


Powder Puff 

Started by the student council, 
the first annual Junior-Senior 
Powder Puff Football Game was a 
great success. Initially, the game 
was intended to be a competition 
between seniors from both Harpeth 
Hall and our neighboring all girls 
school Saint Cecilia Academy 
(SCA). The SCA student council, 
however, declined our invitation. As 
a result, the game became a 
competition between HH Seniors 
and Juniors, and a fierce 
competition it was. Practice for both 
the Junior and Senior teams, which 
were lead by recruited MBA football 
coaches, began over a week before 
the big game. Once on the field, 
each team proved to be both well 
practiced and ready to take the 
victory. The seniors initially took the 
lead with two quick touchdowns, but 
the Juniors soon closed the Senior's 
large lead with a touchdown of their 
own. In the end, seniors came out on 
top with a 1 4-1 2 win over the 

The coaches, Hunter 
Hillenmeyer, Hi Lewis 
and Bill Mcgugin are 
surrounded by their 
Senior players after 
the football game that 
beautiful April night. 

"Powder Puff was a qreat 
success avid allowed tV\e 
<seviiorltas ovie last thti/ug 
to brag about." - Maggie 

Cheerleaders: The Junior Blue Team Cheerleaders pose for a 
picture above. Very spirited this blue team certainly was! 

Below: The Bowling Team: Aly Armistead, Brittney 
Northcross, Jennie McCabe (not pictured), Jeanne Fitch, 
Stephanie Braden, Victoria Schwab, and Sarah Lovett 

What Time Is It? GAME 
TIME: The pink team brings 
it in one last time after the 
game to express their 
excitement and sucess 
about the win over the 
Juniors. They players sure 
do seem excited as they 
bark like dogs. 

Muscles: The Junior Blue 
Team flexes for the camera 
before the game to show 
their strength. Evidently their 
strong muscles did not get 
them as far as they were 


zMap J 

Anna Spickard 
receives a 5th 
and 6th grade 
track award from 
Mrs. Royce. 

Cydney, Sarah, 
Anne Carney 
and Sabin 
receive their 
athletic participa- 
tion certificates, 
all 6th grade. 


7th, receives her 
certificate of 
Darticpation from 
vlrs. Malone. 

Outstanding Athletes - Glory Beveridge - 
7th, Sarah Dolan - 6th, Lauren Riegle and 
Gabby Gioia - 8th. 

Eighth grade speaker - Maggie McCain 
Seventh grade speaker - Ellie Bartholomew 
Patty Chadwell Award - English Taylor 

2S8 H/ddtelcAooIAtfitetic Awards 

A major insdie threat... Courtney Vick 

receives the team award from Coach 


Swimmg with the big girls. Eighth 

grade swimmers Kaitlin Ray, Reed 

Panky, Janie Jackson, and Ashley 


WiddfeScfiooIAtfitet/c Awards 2§>9 

Kylie Couch prasies golf pro Emily Stewart for her 
imporvement and sucess on the golf 

Track coaches Ms. Buzzel and Mrs. Russ present 
the track and field awards at the banquet. 


You know going in it is going to be a long evening. But, you get dinne j 
loads of laughs, many speeches, and a great memory. 

Nancy Siskrecieves a basketball award from volleyball andbaske 
ball Coach Karen Schwartz. 

Freshman Stefanie Holland happily accepts both an award and hu 
from her her coach. 

New coach Matt Burlow rewards sophomore Allison Milam for h< 
hard work and dedication to the Tennis team. 

Soccer coach Tim Wallace 
praises Austin Jones, this years' 
outstanding athlete, for her 
excellence in soccer and 
lacrosse. Austin, also a former 
basketball player, will be going 
to the Naval Academy next 
year to play s 

Upper School MhMic Awards TAX 

242 Sports 

Taylor Parrish, 9th, Basketball 
Brogan Bonner, 7th, Tennis 

Emily Stewart, 9th, Golf 

Emily Johnson, 8th, Softball 

Laura Lea Bryant, 11th, Lacrosse 

Elizabeth Conrad, 11th, Soccer, 

MS Soccer Team 

Kathleen Morphis, 10th, Tennis 

Maggie McCain, 8th, Volleyball 

Cari McDonald and Lindsey 

Pomeroy, 8th CC 
Lacy Magee, 7th, Basketball 
Janie Jackson, 8th Swimming 

Yeer in feevfew 24g> 

Two ladies, Georgia Beasley and 
Devon Bridgwaters, prepare to 
sing "Yankee Doodle" in the 
annual George Washington Day 

Physical Education teacher and 
middle school basketball coach 
Ms. Grace recognizes the 
outstanding athletes and seventh 
and eighth grade speakers at the 
middle school awards ceremony. 

Special Ev 


Ariston leader 
Tori Tucker 
searches for 
her partners 
in crime, 
Johnson and 
Sara Morris, 
before the 
club song 

Marissa Sessomsgraduates from 
the middle school during the 
Honor Day ceremony. 

Kelsay Best enjoys the warm 
weather at Upper School Awards 
Day, the last and final day of 
school for the school year! 



andheadtotheauditorium.EveryThursdayisassemblyday.In the 
school year 2002-2003 we had many visitors like the 
Dodecs of Vandy, the visiting writer Mark Jarman, Amy Grant 
talkingaboutherlife,andthosegoodoldstudentcouncil assemblies in 
During assemblies we learn from the life stories of others or we are 
entertained by seeing magic 
tricks and guys serenading us. 
We also find ourselves laugh- 
ing at Raleigh Anne Blank' s 
random antics on stage. And 
who came to talk to us about 
choosing what' s right for us, 







i j 

! . 



Robin Ingram-Patton 

gives a speech about her 
grandmother at the opening 
of the new visual arts build- 

The girls in plaid head 
down to one of the many 
assemblies in less than 
dress uniform. 

Mr. Lee c 
first year band 

&&eft£>fred 247 

Welcome/ to- 

Stone walls. Ivy covered columns. A fountain surrounded by flowers. 
This year the junior class transformed the Gallery into an English 
Garden, resembling the garden from Frances Hodgson Burnett's book 
The Secret Garden. Taking great care to keep costs at a minimum, the 
entire gallery cost less than $2000 to put together. The juniors took 
their theme and revamped the gym and gallery with plenty of time left 
to get ready for the big night. Small crises were diverted when the 
falling pond was put back in its place, and cinder blocks kept the entry 
tents from blowing away. By the time eight rolled around, the seniors 
had already eaten Senior Dinner at the Vanderbilt Marriot, girls were 
lining up for presentation and the gym was filling up with parents, 
friends, and students. Mac Pirkle announced the seniors, junior class 
officers, and prom court at presentation, including his daughter, Vir- 
ginia. Girls and their dates danced the night away, and over half of the 
juniors and seniors, along with their dates, were there at eleven when 
the dance was over. The junior class officers promised to give the same 
percent of profits to St. Luke's Community House as the percent of 
people still at prom. Lauren Powell, junior class president, was able to 
give a check for $5000 to St. Luke's a few weeks later. The night wound 
down at eleven as girls and their dates streamed into waiting limos that 
would take them into the next phase of the night. 

Wilson Robinson dc 

esn't quit 

e know what to do when 


Dylan Taylor-Smith and Stephanie 

surrounded by some 

many be 

autiful girls like juniors Ell 


an smile for Mrs. Maxwell. 

Davis, Abby Lipshit 

, and Na 

icy Sisk. 

Amanda Jane Lloyd 

Laura Becca Alden 



¥ 1 

■ j 

Michaelanne McConnell 

Catherine Thompson 

Virginia Pirkle 


JXead of School Ann Teaff continues J uniors Megan Wallace, 

her thorough search for prohibited Emily Crowe, Jocelyn 

sucstances brought illegally into the Lostetter, and Emily 

building. Luckily, Mrs. Teaff can proudly Willard have fun on th< 

say that she found no such substances, or way, dancing the n 

students influenced by such substances, at away with their dates. 

l3 enior representatives Abby Sinks 
and Mary Stengel, accompanied by 
J.B. Spaulding and Daniel Landi 
and Prom Queen Virginia Pirkle, ac- 
companied by Brian Christie, pose for 
a picture in front of the large fountain, 
the centerpiece of prom decorati 

l3 wimmers Clare Harbison and Mar- 
garet Martin-Lacey take a break from 
the pool and Ms. Linden's tough work- 
outs to enjoy a might in The Secret 

2£0 Special Brents 


The Secret Garden theme 
begins to grow on Macie 

ident Raleigh Ann 
with style, grace, 



Bibb, Erin DeBruyn, Eliza- 
beth Atkinson, and Emily 
Dean sure do clean up well! 
They look fabulous de- 
spite the grueling hours 
they have spent at prom 
build earlier that day. 

Dagley , 


Even placid Mrs. Grimes 
can be affected by the 
stress of prom as she helps 
begin to build the presenta- 
tion stage. 

Tired, stressed, and over- 
worked, Presenation Com- 
mittee head Ashton 
Alexander and class VP 
Annie Little put on smiles to 
get the job done well before 
the big night. 

Even Decorations Committee 
head Sara Darby has to force 
a smile the morning before 

Betsy Buntin and Ellen Green 
try to disguise themselves and 
sneak away from prom build. 

Wotn 2§l 

Anne Mc\\ luriei 

The one thing everyone knows about Harpeth Hall is that 
it is an all girls private school. Twenty-four hours of the day 
you are surrounded by those of the female sex, with only a 
quick break due to male teachers that are a rare occurrence. 

From fifth to sixth grade the girls are out of luck. However, 
as soon as they hit the higher status of the elders of the 
middle school (in seventh and eigth grade), they have a 
chance to mix with the male species of Montgomery Bell 

Elizabeth Ruller 

Georgia Beady 

Every now and then on the weekends, Harpeth Hall and MBA 
sponsor a middle school mixer. Itis a time to dance, eat, and 
have fun. And for the girls of HH, itis a time to meet the guys 
their age that they donit go to school with. 

A time generally looked forward to by the young girls of 
Harpeth Hall, girls get to intermingle with boys, and have 
the chance to make friends with those other than females. 


School Mixers 

and Mary 
take a 
break from 
the dance 
floor and 
have a 


Maagie Stevenson & 
Elizabeth Fuller 


Ready i 
the town, t 
get ready to show these 
guys what they got. 

These two girls show 
they are more than just girly 
girls and flex their muscles 
while doing numerous 
pushups, really, they are do- 
ing the worm. 


Just baton' around. In anticipation of 
I he flood oi c hildren about to enter the carni 
val, Kellyn Angcll, Nina Banfield, B) 

Newport h.itw oinan, and Jasmin klocko 
take time to pose for a last 
before the little goblins arrive. 

Glenda the good witch. Though the 
pointed hat and wild hair may be 
misleadeing, this sixth grader embraces 
her guests and the Hallow 

Candy Conferencing. Deciding how to ar Our very own protester. Harpeth Hall sup 

range the candy in the bowl appears to be a ports our first on campus war protester, 

daunting task for these girls. However, in Suzanne Howell. She takes a rest during the 

the midst of the chaos, Sarah Dolan, mouse Halloween Carnival to give her legs a break, 
girl, Ellie Del Favero, and Madison Joi 
magage |usl line 

ZBH- special Events 

qooLXSH qXRLs 

Ranging from gouls to 
goblins to gowned 
princesses, the fifth and 
sixth graders mask them- 
selves tor an afternoon of 
fun. The lower middle 
school tackles the task of 
morphiung the dining hall 
into a carnival each year. 
This year, ho we ver , they 
did it with flying colors, 
blackandorangeof course. 
The girls have many regu- 

make the Hal Jo ween carnival an 
annual celebration as part of 
their autumn festivities, and 
the middles schoolers love pro- 
viding it for them. The lives of 
fifth and sixth graders are very 
busy, but they take time to 
work together and throw a 
spectacular event. They provide 
many games and prizes for their 
young attendees, and they never 
forget to dress up. Its all about 
thecostume. That is exactly it, never! 
girls do not hold back any reserves. 
But, what is Halloween without the 
candy? The young ladies of the Hall 

tons of candy. An assortment of 
chocolatey, gooey, crunchy, and 
fruity candy fill bowls and 
bowls on end. If one of their 
costumers leaves Harpeth Hall 
without fulfilling their sweet 
tooth, their job has not been 
done. The Halloween Carnival 
isanother wonderful tradition and 
the girls stive to make it a 




ffGftow&en CarniYGl Z§B 

^^^Qjrandmothers ' 

Perhaps the most long-standing tradition at Harpeth 
Hall is Grandmothers Tea. For more than thirty years, 
near the time of Thanksgiving, the girls have invited their 
Grandmothers to show off their school, friends and 
teachers. It is one of the much loved middle school events 
where grandmothers and special friends travel from as 
far as California to see their granddaughters all dressed 
up in their starched white oxfords and their pressed plaid. 
Once everyone has arrived, they all cram into the audito- 
rium to enjoy a fun- filled afternoon of performances and 
awards. These awards typically go to the grandmother 
who traveled the greatest distance to be there or who has 
the greatest number of grandchildren at Harpeth Hall. 
The performances consist of choral, orchestra, and 
dance. Following the entertainment, they all move to the 
gallery and take a load off, sipping on tea and munching 
on the finger foods. Socializing is a much enjoyed part of 
the day, while students eagerly introduce thier grannys to 
their favorite teachers and best friends. Smiles are cheek- 
to-cheek on all who attend this great event, thats for sure! 
(Pictured top left, beginning at bottom) Grace Wright, 
Samantha Williams, and Cameron Neely. 

§pQCial Events Z56 

Performing their dance, Teddy 
Bear from the Fall Dance 
Concert, Lacy Broemel, Jane 
Marie Brown and Sarah Schutt 
show their stuff center stage. 

I liAibelh Full with her mother, Cydney Smith and her 
Mary Harris, our Herff Jones grandmonther seem to be 
representative, take a break sporting the same hairdos! 
and entertain her guests, her 
Aunt Betsy and her two 
grandmothers over some tea! 

dmndnoih-e-v'st-eQ ZS7 


On February 20, the entire 
school crowded into the gymnasium to 
watch the fiftieth consecutive perfor- 
mance of George Washington Day. 
This year George Washington Day not 
only continued its time honored tradi- 
tion of celebrating George's birthday, 
but it also honored the astronauts of the 
Colombia Shuttle. As the tradition goes, 
each member of the seventh grade class 
plays a roll in the celebration. There 
were sailors sweeping the deck, soldiers 
marching, and ladies and gentlemen 
gracefully dancing to the minuet. En- 
glish Taylor portrayed George Wash- 
ington, accompanied by Annie Brown 
as Martha Washington. Eager to make 
this day different from the previous 
year, new marches were put on by the 
soldiers and even more splendid cos- 
tumes were worn. And who could for- 
get the array of songs? From "Yankee 
Doodle" to "The World Turned Upside 
Down," the seventh graders sang these 
famous tunes. Even the audience was 
lip singing along, as older Harpeth Hall 
students remembered their own cel- 
ebration of George Washington day in 
the past. With the recent tragedy of the 
shuttle, the dedication to the "heroes of 
the Space Shuttle Columbia" added a 
patriotic touch to the very American 
day. From the famous lines of the 
French Ambassador, Lauren Zielski, to 
the loud orders of Lacy Magee, the Cap- 
tain of the Guard, this class added an- 
other celebration of Washington's 
birthday to school history. 




i / 1 



2S8 Special Events 

f n 

1 1 

1 1 

Twin towers, Caroline Sanders and 
Samantha Williams, stand tall and proud as 
they prepare to dance the minuet. 

Game of Parry Cake: As Elizabeth Fuller 
and Rachel Cochran prepare for their game 
of patty cake, Maddie Teren tries to focus 
on the sailors performance of swabbing the 

pe Washington £og 239 

Fifth Graders traveled to the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky 
fortbeirclasstrip. These tbirtytbree new additionstoHarpeth Hall 
met each other an4 became friends while camping out. They ha4 
bonfires an4 did activites to unite this class of young honeybears. 

Sixth gra4ers took a trip to Pbila4elphia this year. They went to 
tourist atractions like the Liberty Bell an4 Liberty Hall. They also 
went to Lancaster County an4 saw the Amish community. They 
visited the battle of Gettysburg an4 the aquarium in Baltimore. 
After touring the city of Pbila4elpbia, the girls ate at the famous 
Hard Rock Cafe. 

i a 

Seventh gra4ers took their class trip to Camp Laney . They grew 
closer bon4s by 4oing the low ropes courses an4 trust activities. 
These outdoor gals also went canoeing an4 rock climbing. To 
finish the retreat , they ba4 a big bonfire after completing the high 
ropes course an4 bad a lot of fun. 

The eight grade took their traditional trip to Chicago during the 
spring. They went to the Chicago Art Museum and saw post 
impressionism artwork. The girls ate at the California Pizza 
Kitchen and Ed Debevic's. Asa whole, the favorite activity was the 
Blue Man C^roup Show where the girls were entertained by three 
men painted blue. 

Retreats and the like to Chicago, Camp Laney, 
Philadelphia, and the Land Between the Lakes 

Class Trips 

Middle School 


T hese fifth 
graders work 
together to 
solve a 
puzzle during 
their retreat. 
The girls 
were all new 
to Harpeth 
Hall and 
made friends 

Z60 $pQC\c& Ereflf 3 

This group of hungry 8th 
graders eat their meal at Ed 
Debevic's and celebrated Emi 
Mimms's 14th birthday. Mary 
Olivia Mullin said "Ed Debevic's 
was so much fun because we got 
to pig out with all our friends." 



tSk w 


k- * 

i - di ■ 

Q. ameron Neely, Lauren 
Poole, Caroline Tanner, Kaitlin 
Ray and Catherine Higham take 
a Kodak moment in front of the 
Chicago Zoo. Lauren and 
Caroline are just monkeying 

Anna Rose Heyman quietly 
reads while waiting at the air- 
port to depart for Chicago. She 
is distracted from her reading by 
her anticipation for the eight 
grade trip. 

Wddte School Class Trips Z€l 


Mock Trial 

You won't see the mockies clad in plaid, but instead they sport anything from 
tailored suits to blue leapard print hot pants. This years witnesses consist of a 
distraught southern belle girlfriend (Maggie Waltemath), white trash hairstylist 
(Catherine Beekner), "Avril Lavigne-esq" defendant (Jessica kinnarri ). ROTC 
soccer player ( Katie Atkins ), gang member ( Brittnay Northcross ), passionate artist 
(Lauren Dagley), disty UGA fan (Anna Gernert), Jenny's worst nightmare from 
Brooklyn ( Pauline Lewis),4Hmember( Anna Poss). aerobics instructor ( Kim Alt'ery), 
daddy's little girl ( Kate Davis), and a race car driver fanatic (Jean Marie Bibb ). The 
senior lawyres are Margaret Riley, Caroline Johnson, Lauren Ezell, Cari Johns from 
the Green team and Mary Chisolm from the Si 1 ver team. The Junior lawyers are Ashton 
Alexander. Laura Lea Bryant from the Green Team and Anne Wyatt Little, Emma 
Harwell. Hannah Menefee, Ana Nettles, and Katherine Dennison on the Silver Team. 
The tow devoted alternates are Augusta Cole, and Anne Lawrence Chenery. 

The firmofBowen, Riley, Warnock, and Jacobson supplied the Harpeth Hall 
Mock Trial team with two brillant lawyer coaches Amy Everhart, Josh Perry, the third 
coach is Louise Fontecio. Gratitude must also be given to Tim Warnock, Steve Riley, 
and Corey Johnson for being guess judges. All of these busy and successful lawyers 
give the mockies their free time away from work with countless hours as they coach 
and advise the girls. 

•Practice Faux Pas 

Katie Atkin's first priority is her hot 
pink nails instead of memorizing her 

Caroline Johnson bites her nails and 
Margaret Riley gnaws her lip as Ashton 
Alexander sits back and relaxes 
despite the rising tension in the room. 

Jean Marie Bibb is engrossed by the 
drama that is unfolding between Mr. 
Darcy andElizabeth in Pride and 

Lauren Ezell is brought to tears as she receives 
The Best Avocate Award in the city competiton. 

1§Z Events 

"This is the eighth time in 
the last ten years that a 
Harpeth Hall team has won 
the city competition and the 
second year in a row that 
we swept the competition 
with first and second place 
in the city 
^'ShS? « competition" 

Waltemath, swears on _ A mv Fx/Prhart 
the Holy Bible that she Mm y tvernan 

will tell the whole truth 
about her weekend on 
the SSL) campus. 

Mr. Steven Riley acts as a guest judge for many of 
the practices and dress rehersals. At this practice he 
seems to be upset with the fact that Margaret Riley 
and Catherine Beckner are passing notes. 

The Verdict 


1st Place: 

Harpeth Hall Silver Team 

2nd Place: 

Harpeth Hall Green Team 

3rd Place: 

Hume Fogg 

4th Place: 

Montgomery Bell Academy 


1st Place: 

Friendship Christain Academy 

2nd Place: 

Houston High School 

3rd Place: 

The McCallie School 

4th Place: 

Harpeth Hall Green Team 

Z6& Mock Tf 'ml 

Ariston member Austin Jones 
served as the rapper in the club 
song. Herenterage includes Laura 
Wright, Lauren Powell and others 
who were serving as presidents of 
the other clubs. 



Below, Triad members get down and 
dirty dancing to Grease. 


.The Bold andjtge.gWe^ 


This year the Intramural Clubs got fiercely competive. As always, each club had the will to win that would 
not be beat, but as always, "you gotta wanna win." The Presidents and Vice Presidents of each club were dedicated 
to their jobs and to winning the final "song" competition at the end of the year. Each club worked hard day in and 
day out during exam review week to get their club song perfected. Triads, led by Megan Turner - President and 
Alison Oldacre - Vice President, came out on top this year. The Triads not only won the song competition but also 
won best club of the year. Other presidents and vice presidents of each club included Lyndsey Johnson - President 
and Sara Morris- Vice President for the Aristons, Graham Barton -President and Sara Isenhour- Vice President 
fortheEccowasins, and Katie Tompkins- Presidentand Catherine Beckner- Vice President fortheAngkors. The 
club song each year is known to be the biggest competitive event and each club practices for hours on end. Each 
and every spirited club worked hard and did a lot for our school this year. 



Mrs. Marees Choppin shows off her 

hula hooping skills during Field Day. 

Ariston memberPatricia Gormley is 
*- jump roping for her team. Eccowasin 
1 1 memberReed Pankey poses a "that's 

rediculous" look to the fact that the all 
famous Triad team won the competition. Angkor member 
Graham Hartong sports her beautiful smile and joyful feeling 
of achievement during the marble toe pickup. To the right, the 
winning Triad team member, Marie McCord wonders what 
the heck is going on at the tug of war. 

MS Club CorrF 

im Eveflf^ 

Intramural clubs were brought back to the middle school this year with a bang 
In the best field day competition to date, the clubs competed . The leaders for the 
winning Triad club were Sarah Zimmerman and English Taylor, Ariston club leaders 
this year were Caroline Tanner and Jessica Lavender, for Eccowasin Mary Tek am 
Annie Tipps took the lead and Kaitlin Ray and Caroline Hallemann oversaw Angkor. 
Each student participated in the competition and gave their all. Congratulations to th<; 
Triads once again! Triad Leader, English Taylor Quotes, "All of the competitions wer' 
great, especially field day!! The triads won for the entire year in the middle school." \ 
Lisa Howard quotes, "It was a lot of fun, and gave a good insentive to go to the 
games!" Eccowasing leader, Mary Tek quotes, "i guess i can't really give my input or 
how the clubs went for everyone who really experianced it, but i loved putting it to- 
gether, i think its great that the middle school has finally taken them back!" 

Four Triad Members, 
Clair Christoferson, 
Ashley Norman, Lillian 

and English 
Taylor attempt to play 
Simon Says, rubbing 
their belly and tapping 
their head. 

Clvb Competitions Z€7 

Lady o£ the Hall 
Senior Representative 
Junior Representative 
Sophomore Representative 
Freshman Representative 
Eight Grade Herald 
Seventh Grade Herald 
Sixth Grade Crownbearer 
Fifth Grade Crownbearer 
Flower Girls 

Raleigh Anne Blank 
Pauline Lewis 
Crockett Hale 
Claire Stadler 
Molly Campbell 
Sarah Zimmerman 
Rachael McKenzie 
Rachel White 
Alex Shaffer 
Ann Scott Johnson 
Caroline Stephenson 

Z6& Special Events 

Elizabeth Atkinson, Eliza- 
beth Stewart, Emily 
Crowe, Tara Herbert and 
Leslie Toth were all 
dressed in white and sing- 
ing their hearts out at Step 

'I'll keep a part o£ 
you with me, and 

| everywhere 
I go, there 
you'll be..." 

Lady of the Hall, Raleigh 
Anne Blank, gave the audi- 
ence a few good laughs 
during her speech. She 
jokea about how her 
mother told her, "this is the 
most important speech of 
your life!" 


'In My Life,l Loved You More. 


nior pledge, since she had 
to read right of the card. 
Juniors were led by Class 
President Mary Ramsey in 
stating he senior leader- 
ship pledge. 

Due to the threat of rain and bad 
weather, the Francis Bond Davis 
Theatre was bombarded with up- 
per classmen dressed in white 
sun dresses. The seniors proudly 
walked onto the stage, while the 
juniors sat front row in the audi- 
torium. The seniors sang "In My 
Life" while the juniors chose 
Faith Hill's song, "There You'll 
Be." Lady of the Hall, Raleigh 
Anne Blank, gave a comical 
speech and was followed by Mrs. 
Naomi Tutu, daughter of the fa- 
mous Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 
Desmond Tutu. Mrs. Tutu spoke 
about her fifth grade daughter at 
Harpeth Hall, and the future 
each of the seniors have to look 
forward to. The juniors, following 
a Step Singing tradition, said the 
senior pledge, promising to 
"leave the campus more beautiful 
than it was given to us." The cer- 
emony commenced with a beauti- 
ful procession of the Lady of the 
Hall, the reperesntatives, and 
the flower girls. 

Step Siflgtog Z69 



' tometfaty gAmM fie utid < 

wnitma atutfuft wmu& u& away „ 
cauae we id da cneatcoe aad U cvad 
waify *iamcf touckwy ta ail of u&. 

Eighth Grade Speaker 
Voted by her classmates, 
Christina Jeziro was se- 
lected as the class speaker. 
She spoke on growth, 
change, and loving a 
place she once did not. 

After processing the 
aisles of the auditorium, 
Lauren Poole, Lindsey 
Pomeroy, and Reed Panky 
await their classmates to 
join them in the grande 
ceremony and tradition. 

;aww?^lSPr = * 

Awards won 

Heads - Lillian Siman and Kaitlin Ray 

Lindy Sayers - English Taylor 

Polly Fessey - Cameron Neely 

Elizabeth Hausman - Cari McDonald 

Carol Elam History Award - Gabby Gioia 

Sabin Nettles, Caroline Aston, and Hannah Claybrook, members of the String 
Orchestra, play "Bits and Pieces" for the family and friends of graduates Memorial 


owr _J_ 

'T&dett 1 (MM $Cl4t toid cd<Mt *i¥<MVl T*Oty Ct <WZ4#lt a 

(ky deal fo me 6& 1 neatly cUMt iot^e% fo iwite that 
many fteofde . *W&ea fcw *D<zu did come *) $dt U6e 
# ftniwcete at a cattle wt& mu leiiow fenwcetee&. 1 
^4 {ett fawned. " 

-*Di&Me %vamaAona 

Annie Tipps, almost all 
smiles. Featured in squares 
at top: Blair Carter, Annbern 
Holliman, and Nanc y Keen 

Emi Mimms, maybe it's stage Ashley Manson, Anna 

fright, maybe it is the memory Katherine Malony, Jessica 

of being sung Happy Birthday Lavendar, all smiles and 

at Ed Debovics on the Chicago proud to be graduating, 

Honor Dog %7\ 

Mrs. Teaff spoke on the class' behai 
as she praised them for their kind heai i I 
and high aspirations for the year. Fro I 
the beginning, they stri ved to be esp 
ciallynice to younger girls and an ^H 
cially accepting senior classes. Wif 
their leadership, the school receivtj 
many high accolades and recognitio 
for achei vements in sports, theater, a 
the school community, and througo I 
the greater Nashville community. 

One of their honors include earnii 
over $2,000,000 of scholarship I 


Monday May 26 
Memorial Day 

jso, Austin Jones gained an honorable mention as 
jing the first graduate to attend the United States 
aval Academy. The top three academic awards 
vsntto Laura Lee, Rachel Price, and Mary Chisolm. 
f jupeth Hall's most prized title ofLady of the Hall was 
Warded to Raleigh Anne Blank. 
•It was evident by the laughter and the tears that 
Rre shed upon Souby Lawn on Memorial Day that 
■ group of seniors will be well remembered and 
atremely missed as they travel on to college and into 
Mr chosen paths. 


Pioneer Log 
Systems, Inc. 

The Best of Yesterday 
and Today 


P.O. Box 226 

Kingston Springs, TN 37082 

(615) 952-5647 

Wherever ljou £o, 

We art s>o -proud of you! 

Love, Mom., T>ad, Brlflm,. Alex +Cwlla^ 

50 with all i] our heart! 

2.76 ficrffress 

Dear Kimi, 

You amaze us! God gave you many gifts and you have used and 
developed them in a worthwhile way. Your great energy and love for 
learning has brought us boundless joy. We have full confidence that you 
will continue to make us proud to be your family! 

Loving you eternally, Mom, Dad, and Donesh 

"Be an ornament to the countenance of truth, a crown to the 
brow of fidelity... an ark on the ocean of knowledge, a sun 
in the heaven of bounty, a gem on the diadem of wisdom... 
a shining light in the firmament of thy generation, a fruit 
upon the tree of humility" , f ™ 

Z78 rtayo 

~&D\A X/DURQt 
0\A \AD\AX lA/gXt 


a\A,d Robert 

Boi« 279 

Study hard! 

es: ; y 

Tat Cots of chocolate! Keep smiCing! 

-^" 'H ■'"■' I .^ Remember oCd friends! 
Take care ofyourseCf! %( , ey) in touch! 

Stay sweet! 

Xnow who Coves you! 

'IVhat Cies Behind us and what Cies before us 
are tiny matters compared to what Cies 
within us..." HaCpfi lYaCdo Tmerson 

£ove- Mom, Dad, andTyCer 

Z&O h.dotmson 

e)on^ 2>£>l 

"Dearest Lauren, 

youve become a tfiougfitfuC young woman 
who we admire and respect. 1/Ve Cove you. 

Mother and Daddy 

1§1 tzdt 

j '- '' MQJk- ~ X 





Ik L jk 






[yearest ^ara, 

We love uou 
and are so 
proud or uou 

"may you grow up to be righteous, 
may you grow up to be true, 
may you always know the truth 
and see the lights surrounding you. 
may you always be courageous, 
stand upright and be strong, 
may you stay forever young, 
may your hands always be busy, 
may your feet always be swift, 
may you have a strong foundation 
when the winds of chages shift, 
may your heart always be joyful, 
may your song always be sung, 
may you stay forever young." 

Love, Mom, Dad. 
Jessie, M 1 !' eran d ^)cout. 

Two> Alliums out on the 
town. Sara Sodekum 
Stengel, Ward-Belmont 1926 
and Mairy Elizabeth Stengel, 

Harpeth Hall 2003. 

zm $fen$*l 

"If one 
in the 

direction of 
his dreams, 


:o live the life which he has imagined, he will 
neet life with a success unexpected" 

-Henry David Thoreau 

GoHgrathCatioHS CoCCcch! 
PoCCow your dreams 
We Cove you. 

Mom, Dad and NoGCe 

e>odt) Z8S 

Ktv^drn, go forward avuk evyoij the i/uext stages o-f 
your Life, fli/trt always rew,em,ber to be true to 

Mom,, Dad, Alyssa, fli/u?lj0soiA/ 

236 Afefeowfe 

"It is possible that blondes also prefer gentlemen." 
- Mamie Van Doren, American Actress 

We're proud of you mouse! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Davis, and Eleanor 

I he manu faces of jVjam... 
/\t every age, we love uou, 
and were veru proud of uou. 

Mom, C^ad, ^arah, & p\acne! 

i&r- ~y*' 

c \ know the plans ] have for uou" 

-Psalm 1 8: 


J Christine, "Love doesn't make the world go round. 
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. I love you 
very, much and will always he there for you! Love, Dl 

Christine- you 've heen a joy in our ij 
since the day you were horn! TUe 've \ 
watched you avow wiser from your \ 
experiences, and understand more ahk 
people and fife, your accompfishmen\ 
have soared as you 've demonstrated H 
incredihfe creativity andahility to wc\{ 
hard! There are a lot of really wondfi 
thinas that you are doina now thatyt 
should continue. Christine, as you 
prepare to meet new challenges oftht 
future, know that we will he with yoi 
always~in our minds and hearts, wk 
Hove, Jvfom, TCate, + John Tyfer 

"~To be glad of life, because it gives you 
the chance to love, to work, and to plau, an 
to \oo\c up at the stars." M enr y V an Oyk< 

"I he future belongs to those who believe in the beauty 
or their dreams" 

LJeanor Roosevelt 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tint) 
latters compared to what lies within us." 

Ralph W a 'do i merson 

"Tad Bliss 12" 

'Ve are the music makers and 
r e are the dreamers of dreams." 

Arthur O'Shaughnesy 

a wife o« uour jfaee and a so«a in ciour* heart, "Shoot for the moon. 

to &* mhl Ma™* Even if y° u miss ' y° u ' n land 

* among the stars." 

Mom, Dad, louiee,, and A^n Beverly siiis 

She has achieved success who has lived well, 

laughed often and loved much; who has 

enjoyed the trust of pure women, the respect 

of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has filled her niche and accomplisec 

her task; who has left the world better then she found it; who has never lacked appreciatic 

of earth's beauty or failed to express it; who has always looked for the best in others and 

given them the best she had; whose life was an inspiration; whose memory a benedictior 

We love you! 

1904, Bessie Anderson Stanley 

Mom, Dad, Hunter, Annie, and Oliver 

292 Oldacrz 

To laugh often and much; to win 

the respect of intelligent people 

and the affection of children; 

To earn te appreciation of 

honest critics and to endure 

the betrayal of false friends; 

to appreciate beauty; 

to find the best in others; 

To leave the world a bit better 

whether by a healthy child, 

a garden patch, or a redeemed 

social condition; 

To know even 

one life has breathed easier 

because you have lived, 

Raleigh Anne.. .Remembered ■ " « ■fc^^lS^PJ by your classmates for pats on 

the back or that contagious I Hfaj *~ - MBWHfe Vtiffl smile; remembered by your 

teachers and coaches for m . ■■ v ' ^^|| I your perseverance; remembered 

by Harpeth Hall for ■^•^'^^^^'^^^^■'■■^■-^^^^ transmitting "this school not less, 
but greater, better, and more beautiful than it was tranmitted" to you. And,remembered by your Mom for 
your unparalleled integrity and with so much pride for all that you have accomplished. Thanks for letting me 
be a part of this journey — keep your zest for life and know that you are loved. 

All my love, Mama tofe % o& 

'Evwmie/ J 
We/love/ yow y Mom/, Vad/, Anne/otA^C&rn^lioi/ 

And I thank God for all the joy \r\ my life. 

'She was sent from heaven, 
and she's daddy's little girl." 

"Stickin little white flowers 
all up in her hair." 

;ing like her momma 
a little more every day." 

"One part woman, 
the other part girl." 

"She'll make a promise, 
and I'll give her away.' 

Til always remember every hug m the morning, and butterfly kisses at night" 

we Love Y° u ' 

Z96 tecmte 

Wow this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But 
it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Sir Winston Churchill 

Much love and blessings; to our dear Hays..rwhose 
very presence warms my soul." 

Mom, Dad, Alex and Bailey...oh, and Leo too! 

Qmndon 297 

298 Barton 


you ar£ th£ joy in our hearts, the light of our liv^g 
W£ ar£ so V£ry proud of you. 


Moid and ©ad 

Pfica 299 

Keep reaching 
high Laura Becca! 

We love you, 

Mom, Scott, Katherme, & Niel 

S00 AMen 

C0DgP9tubtl0DS %SV9ll We 9VQ §0 pfOlld 0? sll y©tl WJ 
AA?0?fe i>dJ 2CC©TOpfehTO<gDtS. 

Lo^e, Koto, D^J, fee ^dJ Ki&bles 

I^nftoor e>OI 

%0Z YicHvilly 


The next few years will fly by. Have a ball, 
but don't forget to Keep your eyes on the road( 
We love you so much- 

Mom, Dad, Emily, and Anne Laurence 

e)ohn§on QOe) 

We bope goa never fear rfloantains Id the distance 

Nor settle for the path of least resistance 
We bope goa give tbe beavens more tban a glance 
And wben goa get tbe cboice to sit it oat or dance 

We love goa 
Moid, Dad, Hallie and Penng 


(WGfifrefy, H. §>Oe$ 

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TXe iMwfe !D^e44 /^X^-M)' 
Congratulates the Class of 

Melissa Burrus Johnson 

Graduate of Harpeth Hall 

Class of 1967 

Dresses for: 

Graduation, Prom, & Weddings 

Bal d'Hiver & Eve of Janus 

1st Communion 

Helen Burrus 

Graduate of Harpeth Hall 

Class of 1970 




7, 8, 12 & 15 Passenger Vans 
conversion and cargo vans 


, V T ll! II •{'. <){ 


'IE.HARP£IH_H:ALL school 


2425 Lebanon Road 

Nashville, Tn 37X14 


Q(b^^h^M^)Uj:A^^A G)Ua& <sj 2003! 


Buck Cole & 

Jim Beckner 

congratulate the 


(and one rising junior 
and one rising freshman) 


1 Breakthrough Law 

m Doll & McDonald PLLC 615(760-7100 

Nashville, Cincinnati, Covington, Louisville. Lexington, Frankfort, Washington O.C. 

Baja Burrflb 

w California Mission-style burritos and more! ^W 


Ham - 8pm Monday through Thursday 
Ham - 9pm Friday & Saturday 
Closed Sunday 

722 Thompson Lane Nashville,TN 37215 
(across from 100 Oaks Mall) 

383-2252 phone or 383-5021 fax 




Harpeth Hall 
Class of 2003 

Offering a full line of payroll and HR services 
to companies with 1-5,000 employees 


318 Seaboard Lane, Bldg. 100, Suite 1 10 
Franklin, TN 37067 


h&s. §>?9 







J -with I<w<§ mi joy 

^yoDd ©? 

you ^eroeocfously! 




\ou have 

earned it... 

ffl V 

Love Mom 
and [yad 

Good Luck Katie... 
I get your room! 

/ •fl 

Love Callie 


"The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of 
everything, they just make the most of everything that comes 
their way." -Anonymous 

§>22 Croa/er 

We love you and are so proud of you! 
Dad, Mom, Mary Tom & Blake 

fc ^^ 

(Congratulations ps4 ere dith! 
so proud or uou 
i so much. 
M om an d Dad 

We are so proud of t|ou and 
love uou so mi 

te-elimv e)Ze> 

~]~o (Catherine: 

(Congratulations to 

n "]"ne Leader of our 

Tack 51 ! 

' c love uou - 
j^iana^ jjelen £y Jad! 



%2€ F<3*¥ 

You h^ve brought gre^t [oy to our lives. 
Continue to follow your (\rezms - We will 
^Iw^ys be there for you. 

Love, Mom 3nct Brittany 

m£Ll£in Ab... 

o*m waiting for you. 
ent of it. 

Dad, Mom r <MrEi mk. es 

"<#et -well your p^i. 
there dl hoDor lies." 

1?<g£ee fee yotif joarDgy...AA?e lo^e you! 
Koto, V§d, Kmcy, !&©£>, UureD, Scott, 
02, ItecteD, Qlory i>dcJ J-fe»?y 

Ban bo 

^ \l 


. * 

S28 Bvrwid 

ftilipptos 9:13 

V>$ddy, How, 
Elizabeth, & tol 



- -.-Vvf.- 

g*£. , vS^^„ 


^K vIM ftilk.4^^fc~ 

Grofe 1)29 


W f^- 

ttenybevty q)q)\ 

a)a)2 YuahGtl 

OjoAi o/te Im iicynX QA. qaaa. 
\aa>aa. LUe U3^e iu>a curve <vte &o 

JlLcmi, Dad,, cwi3 

CG^Qf^ef £>!>§> 

You mvst 6gv£ bv&n a fcmtitifQl bofcy. 

Mom, I rank, Beth, Ward, Ashley, Maddy, MH, Amanda, and Lellyett 

§>g)4 Qftmekh 

q)q)6 Q)otn§ 


Efe 4 

v>ear Katie, 
\ All of these pictures rewind 

R me of your Love for Life, i^our 
|l laugh, ciiA,d your awesome smile. 
I you «re lucfey to have great 
_J friends and so nAai^u Interests. 
*•> . L ife is wt^tr dull when you ave 
around awd \ tenowthls next big 
step In iaou-y Life will be wonderful. 
Always ren^enA-ber 'you are In ^y 
heart, you are In my mtnd a\Ad 

V\A.\A OiYW^S> lAYt lOC\Ztd C\YD\A\A(i \AD\A." 

we love ijou Kiatle! 
Mom, Eddie, Tee and i^lch 

Live tjour life 
so that ijour 
children ca\A, 
tell their 
children that 

UJOU not only 
stood for 
vyoi^derful - 
iaou acted d\a 

" Character is 11 lee 
chiseling a statue; 
owe has to tet/vocfc off 
huge huntes of 
selfishness, which 
rtc\uires sefl- 
dlsclpllne. Only 
then does character 
begm to emerge." 

Totnp&ins §>e>7 

O.P.E.N. to adventure... 

A senior seniorita Bound jor 
New York... 

The "Costume Queen" 

Ashley, you make the world a better place- 
Mom, Dad, Addie, & Jackson 

A Coving sister... 

Cote §>§>9 

Go out into the world 

And find your way, 

But always remember 

The way home, 

Where those who 

love you will be, 

Dad, Mom and Adam 

MZ Sinks 


We l/ov e you i>dJ #r<§ §( 
sroucf of yoa 

» foil 

<§fone g>4g> 


As you embark on this next 
journey, we are with you always. 
Have a wonderful trip. 

All our love, 

Dad, Mom, and Charles I 

§44 Varaer 

/\nd some parting advice. ..uou arrived in the world from parents 
who adored uou, Iceep this love in uour heart.. .uou have been 
fortunate to have | oppu. and O'g E^ede to lean on, stau in 
touch. ..uou raced for p\pbin so that others mau live, keep 
running.. .VV'th ^Iceeter remember that (_.otton is Kjngj laugh 
often. ,.j_ee, Lawrence, and John (and theirfamilies) are 
wonderful siblings, bless be the tie that binds. ..and [J)arbara, 
E>ll, Kjmberlu, Daniel, Dede, A^du, and Mark have 
surrounded uou in so manu waus, count on them alwaus...and 
stop and smell the 


■. With love from uour entire familu! 


U3l mm&P- 

■MM- m 

r wikM 



Phillippians 1:3 

"I thank my 

Goc\ for every 

time I 



Tucfe-er §47 

gtniih M9 


"Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb of His reward.') 

Psalm 127: 3 

3SO Price 

3t y 6 the chcle of life 
CLnd it movea ud all 
Sfvteuqh despair and hope 
Sfvuuiah faith and love 
Jill we find awe place 
On the path unwinding 
She cvtele of life 

Congratulations, Katie! 
Love, Momma, Daddy 
and Nathan 

§&GV§ %&\ 

%%Z BQfgGfZ« 

e 5%- E>e Monest. £>e Kjnd. -Ralph Waldo ^merson 

<§Z.Qtn^Qffe e>G$e> 


Since/ yow were/ born/yowve/ gf-iven/ u& ^uchjoy with/ 
your hind/, loving/ and/ adxyrahle/vuayy. We/ are/ x> proud/ of 
your a&cxympliww^ and/ love/ yow very much. 


Mowv and/ Vcul/ 

LCCU/ and/ LincUey 

!>S4 Satevno 

Life can present some 
hair raising moments, 

Feel the sun shine, 

And there are some 
scary times, 

Set your own style, 

But wear a smile, 

And when you feel on 
top of the world, 

Know the wind 

And we wait for your 
return home. 

Best wishes and love from 

Mom, Dad, and Andrew 

Pf OYO<§f Q)a)a> 







The joy in life is the 
journey, not the 
Dear Sara- 

As you continue your 
journey, know that our 
hearts and love are always 
with you. We are so proud 
of you! 

With love, 
Mom, Dad, 
Jonas, Jamaica 
and Truman 

Huntley- You are so many wonderful things. 

sometimes bashful 

daddy's girl 

l"i :■' 

a/?c/ mommy's 

' eDtertetotog ? 




/'"' ' Ma 


01k I 




Most of all, you have always known exactly 

who you are. We are blessed to have 
watched you grow into that special person. 
We love you! ~ 

Pad ^ ^% 


m **q 

If ever one could wish for 
A person who was much more 
Than one could ever wish for, 
It could be only you. 

Now, here you are at this door, 
The one you so long wished for, 
Which will soon show so much more 
Than what you thought you knew. 

What supper will you sing for, 
What ventures are you in for, 
What wonders now lie in store, 
For the graduate, you? 

It matters not what far shore 
Lies just beyond this new door, 
For we are always there for 
The one we love - that's you. 

Mom, Dad, Anne Clarke, and Rebecca 

S£0 P/rfefe 

Woodson e>€l 






Bahamian oil tanker "Prestige," carrying 20 
million gallons of oil, sinks off the coast of Spain. 
Nearly 2.6 million gallons of oil polluted the coast. 


Because of improper accounting and a debt load 
of $41 billion, WorldCom files for Chapter 11 
bankruptcy protection, the largest in U.S. history. 

Upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, NASA's space shuttle Columbia loses contact 
with Mission Control in Houston and breaks apart in the skies over Texas. A crew of 
seven astronauts, including the first Israeli in space, perished. 



Police Chief Charles Moose arrests two snipers 
that terrorized the Washington, D.C. area. 

Rep. Nancy Pelosi becomes the FBI agent Robert Hanssen Minnesota's Democratic 
>t woman party leader in receives life without parole Sen. Paul Wellstone is 
e House or Senate, for selling secrets to Russia, killed in a plane crash. 

An earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude rocks 
Colima, Mexico. Iran and Italy experienced major 
quakes measuring 6.3 and 5.9. 

A $4 billion annual loss Hewlett-Packard and Compaq 
causes US Airways to file merge to create an $87 billion 
for Chapter 1 1 bankruptcy, global technology company. 

Nine miners are rescued from a flooded Pennsylvania coal mine after being trapped for 
more than three days. The entrapment occurred after the miners accidentally broke 
through to an adjacent, abandoned mine containing more than 50 million gallons of water. 

UCLA doctors separate Guatemalan conjoined twins m 
in a landmark surgery that lasts more than 24 hours.^1 
The twins returned home after a five-month recovery. 




«l "I "II 

Chechen rebels hold 800 people hostage in a Moscow 
theater. More than 100 died after inhaling gas used 
to end the siege. 


\ The new architectural design for the World Trade Center site features a memorial to Longtime Forest Service employee Terry Barton is 
the Sept. 1 1 victims and a 1,776 foot tower, making it the world's tallest building, charged with setting the largest fire in Colorado's history. 


Athina Onassis Roussel Actor Robert Blake is 
inherits $1 billion on arrested for the murder 
Jier 18th birthday, of his wife. 

Elizabeth Smart is 
nabbed at gunpoint from 
her Salt Lake City home. 

Bill Gates testifies for the 
first time in Microsoft's 
four-year antitrust trial. 

The remains of intern 
Chandra Levy are found in 
a Washington, D.C. park. 

Germany's unemployment 
rate rises to a five-year 
high of 4.623 million. 

England celebrates Queen Elizabeth's 50-year reign with an 
unprecedented Golden Jubilee. The month-long festivities included 
parades, parties, concerts, exhibits and more. 

More than 120 people The credibility of the Catholic Church is severely threatened by 
perish in a South Korean allegations that church officials covered up molestations by 
subway fire. current and former priests. 



• FBI Lawyer Coleen Rowley 
disclosed to Congress that the 
FBI disregarded information that 
could have prevented the Sept. 11 
attacks on the United States. 

• A Chicago nightclub stampede 
left 21 people dead. 

• A piece of the World Trade 
Center was buried at the U.S. 
Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 
honor of the Sept. 11 anniversary. 

• Fifty-six beached pilot whales 
died at Chapin Beach, MA. 

• Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel 
was convicted of the 1975 
murder of Martha Moxley. 

• A band's pyrotechnics ignited a 
Rhode Island nightclub fire that 
killed more than 90 people. 

• R.J. Reynolds was fined $20 
million for targeting cigarette 
ads at teens. 

• U.S. wildfires burned more 
than 1.5 million acres in 2002. 

• Former Klansman Bobby Frank 
Cherry was convicted of the 
1963 Alabama church bombing 
that killed four girls. 

• Florida's Pembroke Pines 
Charter Middle School was 

the only middle school in the 

world to have an experiment 

aboard Shuttle Columbia. 

m riii H 


Hundreds of suspected and known terrorists are arrested 
worldwide. The Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Station in 
Cuba held more than 500 al-Qaeda and Taliban prisoners. 

President Bush names Tom Ridge the Department of Homeland Security Adviser. The Transportation Security Administration coordinates 
The new department is intended to analyze threats and guard U.S. borders, airports, airport security measures including checked baggage 
and infrastructure. It will also coordinate responses to national emergencies. screening, strict security checkpoints and random searches. 

TH€ WAR ON ^b^ 


Over the course of the year, the world's attention focused on a 
chain of tumultuous terrorist events. In Afghanistan, the Taliban 
regime fell from power as U.S. troops crippled the al-Qaeda network 
and cleared caves in search of Osama bin Laden. World-wide, 
civilians and military personnel fell victim to terrorist bombs and 
acts of hatred. On the home front, "bioterrorism" became a 
common term after it was revealed that Iraqi leader Saddam 
Hussein was producing biological weapons. Hussein's defiance of 
United Nation's imposed sanctions prompted the United States to 

seek world support of military action against 
Iraq. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty 
Organization wrestled over conflicting opinions 
on the issue, while North Korean leader Kim 
Jong II threatened to deploy nuclear weapons if 
Iraq was attacked. As tensions rose among 
political leaders, the world watched and waited 
to see what the next chapter in "The War on 
Terrorism" would bring. 

One million emergency and World-wide, terrorist In Afghanistan, troops overtake the Taliban regime and World economies cringe 

military personnel receive linked bank accounts are dismantle the al-Qaeda network. More than 156,000 U.S. as oil prices rise because 
Smallpox vaccinations. frozen indefinitely. troops are deployed to Kuwait in case of a war with Iraq. of threats of war. 

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Iraq's Saddam Hussein is In response to a barrage of suicide bombings, Israeli troops North Korea's Kim Jong II 
bin Laden evades U.S. uncooperative with U.N. invade Palestinian Yasser Arafat's Ramallah compound. threatens deployment of 

troops in Afghanistan. weapons inspectors. Arafat is thought to have supported terrorist groups. Korea's nuclear weapons. 

Anti-war marches across America and around the 
world are attended by thousands hoping for peace. 

U.S. President George W Bush urges the United Nations to impose military action on Iraq 
in response to Saddam Hussein's defiance of U.N. imposed disarmament resolutions. 

• Top al-Qaeda operative Qaed Saiim • Richard Reid pled guilty to charges that accused him of trying to 
Sinan al-Harethi was killed during a smuggle explosives concealed in his shoes aboard an airplane. 
U.S. missile strike in Yemen. 

• "Dirty Bomber" Abdullah al Muhajir was detained after evidence 

• Al-Qaeda military leader and alleged indicated he was plotting to detonate a radiological weapon. 
Sept 11 mastermind, Khalili Shaikh 

Mohammed, was arrested in Pakistan. • Malaysia, Kenya and the Philippines were hit by terrorist bombs. 

"Friends" wins its first Emmy for Best Comedy Series. 
Star Jennifer Aniston collects Golden Globe, Emmy and 
People's Choice awards for her role as Rachel. 

Reality shows such as "The Bachelorette," " The 
Bachelor," "Joe Millionaire," "Survivor" and 
"Fear Factor" sweep the nation. 

Denzel Washington and Halle Berry win Oscars for Best Actor and Best Actress in 
2002. Washington made his directorial debut with "Antwon Fisher" while Berry 
followed up as a "Die Another Day" Bond Girl. 


Kelly Clarkson beats out Justin Guarini to win her own 
record deal and become the first "American Idol." 


"Harry Potter and the Leonardo DiCaprio shines Actor Tom Hanks receives the George Lucas's "Star Wars: Episode Two - Attack 

Chamber of Secrets" earns in "Gangs of New York" Lifetime Achievement Award at of the Clones" earns $310 million, making it 
more than $240 million. and "Catch Me if You Can." the Golden Globe Awards. 2002s No. 2 box office hit. 

Creator of "Mister TV's "The Simpsons" airs 

Rogers' Neighborhood," its 300th episode during 
Fred Rogers, dies at 74. its fourteenth season. 

'The Bernie Mac Show" is "The Osbournes" are Hollywood's hottest couple, Jennifer 

one of Fox's new critically America's favorite heavy Lopez and "Daredevil" star Ben 
acclaimed comedies. metal family. Affleck announce their engagement. 

"Spider-man" celebrates his 40th birthday in 2002. Actor Tobey McGuire personified 
"Spidey" in the year's No. 1 box office hit that earned a record $39.4 million on opening day. 

NGWS in 

• History was made in 
2002 when box office 
totals exceeded $9 billion 
and more tickets were 
sold than in any year since 
the 1950s. 

• Oprah Winfrey received 
the first-ever Bob Hope 
Humanitarian Award. 

• Musical hit "Chicago" 
was nominated for 13 
Academy Awards. 

• Other hot TV shows: 
"Everybody Loves Raymond," 
"The George Lopez Show," 
"CSI " & "CSI: Miami," 
"My Wife and Kids," 
"Everwood," "Smallville," 
"Scrubs," "The Practice," 
"Six Feet Under," "24," 
"The Sopranos" and 
"Boston Public." 

• Other hot movies: 
"Signs," "Lord of the 
Rings: the Fellowship of 
the Ring," "Unfaithful," 
"8 Mile," "Barbershop," 
"Sweet Home Alabama," 
"The Hours" and "XXX." 

• Entertainers Milton Berle, 
James Coburn, Richard 
Harris, Dudley Moore 
and Richard Crenna died 
this year. 

Academy Award nominated "My Big Fat Greek 
Wedding" becomes the largest grossing romantic 
comedy of all time. 

"Alias" star Jennifer Garner appears 
on the big screen in "Daredevil" 
and "Catch Me if You Can." 

No Doubt wins the MTV Best Pop Video Award for "Hey Baby" and a 
Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. 
They also performed at the Superbowl XXXVII halftime show. 


Michelle Branch records "The Spirit Room" featuring "Everywhere." 
She also won a Grammy for "The Game of Love" with Carlos Santana. 

'>__ sk i"iy )& nvHchMft)$__ yy W.^hv 

"Where Were You (When The World 
Stopped Turning)" by Alan Jackson pays 
tribute to September 11, 2001. 

Run DMC's "Jam Master 
Jay" dies after being 
gunned down in October. 

Creed wins Favorite Band, Pop/Rock and Favorite Artist, 
Alternative at the American Music Awards. Their album 
"Weathered" went platinum six times and featured "My Sacrifice." 


Trey Anastasio reunites Favorite New Artist is Nelly releases "Nellyville" 

with Phish after an awarded to Ashanti at the featuring songs "Dilemma" 

extended hiatus. American Music Awards, and "Hot In Herre." 

Avril Lavigne debuts "Let 
Go" featuring "Sk8er 
Boi" and "Complicated." 

Eminem stars in "8 Mile" 
and releases a new album 
"The Eminem Show." 

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, 
member of R&B trio TLC, 
dies in a car accident. 

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band tour the United 
States and Europe following the release of their album 
"The Rising" which wins Best Rock Album at the Grammys. 

Norah Jones is Best New Artist and wins two Grammys for her album "Come Away 
With Me." She also took home two Grammys for the song "Don't Know Why." 

John Mayer wins the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance 
Grammy for "Your Body Is A Wonderland." 

Jr • Sheryl Crow released her new record 

• "Spider-man" won 

• Britney Spears won Best Pop Vocal 

W "C'mon C'mon" and won a Grammy for 

Favorite Soundtrack 

Album at the American Music Awards 

¥ "Steve McQueen." She also teamed up 

at the American 

for her self-titled album. 

f with Kid Rock for the single "Picture." 

Music Awards. 

• Other names in music this year include 

• Justin Timberlake launched his solo 

• Rosemary Clooney 

Tim McGraw, Usher, Pink, Vanessa 

career with the album "Justified." 

died at 74 of cancer. 

Carlton, Eve, Shania Twain and J.Lo. 

Digital camcorders, 
DVDs and digital media 
receivers are hot buys. 

The technology industry 
introduces the handheld 

Honda designs a four-foot robot, Asimo, that knows how to walk, climb stairs, recognize voices and 
understand human gestures and movement. The robot operated within the human living environment, 
connected to the internet and provided news and weather updates. 

Cell phones connect to 
the internet, send e-mails 
and take pictures. 



a is a popular exercise Honda and Toyota introduce hybrid cars. Gas engines Pepsi Twist, Vanilla Coke, European-style sneakers 

for the mind, body and electric motors powered these environmentally Jakada Coffee Latte and and shoes are a popular 

and soul, advanced and fuel-efficient vehicles. Red Bull are trendy drinks, look this year. 

Nokia introduces "N-Gage," a video game console combined GPS (Global Positioning 
with a mobile phone. N-Gage played MP3 files, had System) is a satellite- 

multiplayer capabilities and could send e-mail and text messages. aided tracking system. 

Actors from the film "LA. D.J." model fashion fads. Low-rise jeans, tank tops, wide belts, 
cargo pants, rugby shirts, 70s style clothing and terry cloth sweat suits were also popular. 

• TiVo, a digital video recorder, 
allowed viewers to record their 
favorite shows without tapes or 
timers. It also had the ability to 
pause, rewind or replay live TV. 

• The price of a 42-inch 
plasma television dropped 
to $6,000. The gas-based 
displays were as thin as 
four inches. 

• Nintendo released the 
limited edition Platinum 
Game Boy Advance priced 
at $79.95. They also 
unveiled a new video game 
console, GameCube, 
which sold for $199.95. 

• Scientists turned to desktop 
printers in an effort to produce 
three-dimensional tubes of 
living tissue. Many laboratories 
were printing arrays of DMA, 
proteins and cells. 

• Segway introduced the first 
"Human Transporter." The 
upright, personal transportation 
device was designed to operate 
in any pedestrian environment 
and retailed at $4,950. 

• The Packbot was recruited 
by the U.S. Army to help fight 
the war against terrorism. 
The robot transmitted 
images from inside caves, 

l letting troops know if it 

L was safe to proceed. 

Kelly Rowland is stylin' 
with extreme color 
highlights in her hair. 

Advancements in laser technology give surgeons the ability 
to reshape the eye to reduce or eliminate the need for 
contact lenses and glasses. 

The Anaheim Angels celebrate their first World Series championship. They beat the 
San Francisco Giants in a seven-game series. 

The University of Maryland claims the 2002 
NCAA College Basketball Championship. 

Andre Agassi wins his 
fourth Australian Open. 

Michael Waltrip takes the flag at a rain-shortened 
Daytona 500. This was his second Daytona victory. 

Brazil defeats Germany 2-0 in the first FIFA 
World Cup to be held in Asia. 

Ohio State stunned Miami in double overtime to win 
football's national championship. 


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers claim their first Super Bowl Championship The Detroit Red Wings capture the Stanley 
j/vith a 48-21 victory over the Oakland Raiders. Cup by defeating the Carolina Hurricanes. 

I War Emblem races Tasha Schwikert wins the 2002 

f to victory at the International Women's Ail-Around 

f Kentucky Derby. Gymnastics Championship. 

Winter X Gamers Shaun White and 
Gretchen Bleiler claim the gold in the 
Men's and Women's Superpipe. 

Gary Kasparov beats a 
super computer after a 
four-hour chess match. 


Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and the LA. Lakers defeat the New Jersey Nets in a Patrick Tillman leaves his 
4-0 sweep of the 2002 NBA Championship series. The win was the Lakers' third $3.6 million NFL contract 

consecutive title. to enlist in the Army. 

e University of Texas men and Auburn University 
women won the 2002 NCAA Swimming and 
Diving Championships. 

• Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin Garnett 
was named the NBA Ail Star MVP. Garnett led the 
West to victory in double overtime. 

• St. Louis Cardinals' Pitcher Darryl Kile died of a 
heart attack at 33. Roone Arledge, creator of 
"Wide World of Sports" and "Monday Night 
Football," died at 71. 

• The University of Texas defeated the University 
of South Carolina to win the College World Series. 

iy^V ^ v^ 

Ni r 

W iff" 

>>— -- 

IBM'* 1" if? 


t-^W v* "jM-y-Ss ^ii' a ■ 


Mi \ 

Bi -tifffrd HmHDi 


i 4 uLiiL. k'^^iii'^M^Ci^ 

• v ~ ^flfilfiiHt^^iK ! 

kfe* 9 * ^M m V^W^vm ^ 

mSSmmmmsmM n