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Full text of "Military minutes of the Council of appointment of the state of New York, 1783-1821"

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1783— 1821. 


HUGH HASTINGS, State Historian^ 



Volume II  

 i -.i, s*A 

Albany : 



3224 60 



Daniel D. Tompkins, fourth governor of New York, was born at 1807. 
the Fox Meadows, in the present town of Scarsdale, Westchester 
county, June 21, 1774; graduated from Columbia College 1795; 
admitted to the bar 1797; delegate to the Constitutional Convention 
of 1801 ; elected to the assembly of 1803; elected to congress in 1804, 
he never took his seat, for he was appointed July 2, 1804, to the 
Supreme Court bench to succeed James Kent, appointed chief jus- 
tice in place of Morgan Lewis, elected governor; governor of the 
state 1807-1817; in command of the third United States military 
district during the second war with Great Britain; vice-president 
of the United States 1817-1825; unsuccessful candidate for governor 
against DeWitt Clinton in 1820; delegate to and president of the 
Constitutional Convention of 1821; died at Tompkinsville, Staten 
Island, June 11, 1825, aged fifty-one years. 

The thirty-first session of the legislature began January 26, 1808. 
Dr. Alexander Sheldon of Montgomery, a supporter of DeWitt 
Clinton, was chosen speaker of the assembly. February 1st the 
new Council of Appointment, all followers of Mr. Clinton, took 
charge of the state's patronage: Benjamin Coe of Orange, Peter C. 
Adams of Green, John Veeder of Schenectady, and Nathan Smith 
of Ulster. The Council began proceedings by restoring Mr. Clin- 
ton to the mayoralty of New York and all his friends to the offices 
which they had lost the year before. March 18th the Council 
appointed to office three men who afterward became prominent in 


950 Annual "Report of the 

civil life in the state and nation: John W. Taylor, later speaker of 
the House of Representatives, and Samuel Young - , later speaker 
of the assemblv, state senator and unsuccessful candidate for eov- 
ernor against De Witt Clinton, in 1824 were appointed justices of 
the peace of Ballston, and Martin Van Buren was appointed surro- 
gate of Columbia county. The patronage of the state was thor- 
oughly revolutionized before the end of the year. 

The legislature that was elected in April met at the state capitol 
for a week's session November 1, 1808, for the purpose of choosing 
presidential electors. James W. Wilkin of Orange was selected as 
speaker of the assembly. A strong sentiment prevailed to instruct 
the electors from New York in favor of George Clinton for president 
of the United States, but in the end the electors were chosen without 
reference to their individual preferences. By the result of the 
general election James Madison of Virginia was chosen president 
and George Clinton of New York vice-president. 


John McLean, commissary of military stores, vice Gerard Steddi- 
ford, superseded. 


Resolved, that David Rogers be and he is hereby appointed bri- 
gade major and inspector in the brigade of infantry commanded by 
Brigadier General Samuel Clark. 


Resolved, that John Archer be and he is hereby appointed brigade 
major and inspector of the brigade of infantry commanded by Brig- 
adier General Thomas Carpenter. 


1808. It appearing: to the Council that David Phelps was, on the Qth 

February rr » 

June last, promoted to the office of brigadier general of the brigade 


State Historian. 951 


of infantry in the county of Delaware, and the Council having inves- 
tigated the relative rank of the said David Phelps and of Colonel 
Erastus Root, who claimed that promotion, and being of opinion 
that the said Erastus Root was by rank entitled to the said promo- 
tion; therefore, Resolved, that David Phelps be no longer a brigadier 
general, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. Resolved, that 
Erastus Root be and he is hereby appointed brigadier general of 
militia, in the county of Delaware, vice David Phelps, removed. 


Resolved, that Reuben Whallon be and he is hereby appointed March 

brigade major and inspector in the brigade of infantry, in the county 

of Washington, commanded by Brigadier General Simon De Ridder, 

vice Daniel Shepherd, resigned. 


Resolved, that Asa Emmons be no longer brigade major and March 

inspector of the brigade of militia commanded by Brigadier General 

Erastus Root, in the county of Delaware. 



First brigade: 

Fanning C. Tucker, brigade major and inspector, vice Malcolm, ^j 


First regiment, first brigade: 

Jacob Odle, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Lawrence, 
moved to New Jersey. 


John Terhune, quartermaster. 


Edmund Pendleton, paymaster; Hugh Maclean, surgeon; Joshua 
Secor, surgeon's mate. 


952 Annual Report of the 

First squadron — Cornelius Schuyler, first lieutenant, vice William- 
son, deceased; Samuel Winship, second do, vice Cornelius Schuyler, 
promoted; Lewis K. Storm, cornet, vice Samuel Winship, promoted. 


Second squadron: Richard S. Crary, first lieutenant; George 
Vreeland, second do, vice (John) La Tourette, declined; Simon S. 
Perine, cornet, vice Richard S. Crary, promoted. 


Herman Beekman, captain, to take rank from 3d April, 1806; 
Isaac Piersey, first lieutenant; Jesse Huestis, second do. 


Second squadron — William Oakley, major, vice (Jacob) Odle 
(Odell), promoted. 

Caleb Merritt, captain, vice William Oakley, promoted; Peter 
Underhill, first lieutenant, vice Caleb Merritt, do; Robert Orson, 
second do. vice Peter L r nderhill, do. 


First division, third squadron- — David Bedell, captain, vice Jack- 
son, resigned; Thomas Youngs, first lieutenant, vice David Bedell, 
promoted; Daniel Youngs, second do, vice T. Youngs, do; Joseph 
Hewlett, cornet, vice D. Youngs, promoted. 

New company — Bernard Bloom, captain; Cornelius Eldert, first 
lieutenant; Richard Cornwall, second do; Jacobus Schoonmaker, 


Second regiment — Moses Crawford, major, vice (John) Mills- 
paugh, deceased. 

Second squadron — Nathaniel Hill, captain, vice Moses Crawford, 
promoted; Levi Van Keuren, first lieutenant, vice Nathaniel Hill, 
do; Adam Dickinson, second do, vice Levi Van Keuren, do; Andries 
Bevier, cornet, vice Adam Dickinson, do. 

State Historian. 953 

columbia county. 

Third regiment, third squadron: 

Reuben Ranney, captain; Robert H. Van Rensselaer, first lieu- 
tenant; John P. Mesick, second lieutenant; Calvin Loring, cornet — 
a new company. 


Joseph Perine, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (Richard) 
Decker, resigned. 

John Garritson, first major, vice Joseph Perine, promoted; Rich- 
ard Connor, second do, vice John Garritson, promoted. 

Tunis Egbert, captain, vice Richard Connor, promoted; John 
Barnes, lieutenant, vice Tunis Egbert, do; Garret Martling, ensign, 
vice John Barnes, do. 

John Tyson, junior, captain; Abraham P. Houseman, lieutenant; 
Cornelius C. Corson, ensign, vice Tyson, promoted; Matthew Ridg- 
way, ensign; Jacob Tyson, lieutenant. 


Regiment whereof Jeremiah Johnson is lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant : 

Denise J. Denise, captain, to take rank from 6th April, 1807. 


Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Rose's regiment: 

David Hedges, captain, vice Peirson, resigned; Stephen Topping, 
lieutenant, vice David Hedges, promoted; Wilkes Hedges, ensign, 
vice Stephen Topping, do; William Pelltereau, ensign, vice Bishop, 
refusing to serve. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Conkling's regiment: 

Piatt Vail, adjutant, vice Epinetus Smith, resigned; Jesse Conk- 
ling, paymaster, vice Rich'd Lewis, deceased; Jacob Piatt, ensign 
light infantry. 


954 Annual Report of the 

Elias Bailey, captain, vice Wood, resigned; James Nostrand, lieu- 
tenant, vice Elias Bailey, promoted; Nathaniel Chichester, ensign, 
vice James Nostrand, promoted. 

Abel Conkling, captain, vice Abiel Conkling, moved; Isaac Conk- 
ling, ensign, vice Abel Conkling, promoted; Conkling Gould, ensign, 
vice I. Conkling, promoted; Benedict Gregory, lieutenant, vice 
Prince, moved; Oliver Carll, ensign, vice Benedict Gregory, pro- 


Lieutenant Colonel John D. Ditmis' (John A. Ditmars') regiment: 
Benjamin Smith, quartermaster; Nathan -Shelton, surgeon; John 
Cormvell, ensign: Daniel Smith, ensign. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Jacob S. Jackson's regiment: 
William Nichols, captain, vice Fowler, moved; Richard Carman, 
lieutenant, vice Bedell, do: Joseph Durling, ensign, vice Burtis, do. 
Samuel Hewlett, captain, vice Durling, do; James Hewlett, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Hewlett, promoted; Gilbert Durling, ensign, vice 
James Hewlett, do; Stephen Powell, lieutenant, vice Smith, moved; 
Samuel Demott, ensign, vice Stephen Powell, promoted; James 
Jackson, ensign, vice Mott, moved; Timothy Carman, lieutenant, 
vice Lewis, moved. 


Brigadier General Gerard Steddiford's brigade: 
Joseph Blackwell. brigade major and inspector, vice Paulding, 


Second brigade of artillery, whereof James W. Wilkin, esquire, is 
brigadier general : 

James S. Dunning, brigade major and inspector. 

State Historian. 955 

dutchess county. 
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Clinton's regiment of artillery : 
Nathan Myers, first major, vice (David R.) Bogert, resigned: 
Samuel Slee, second do, vice Nathan Myers, promoted. 

Gilbert Ketchum, captain, vice Samuel Slee, do; Chester Parsons, 
first lieutenant, vice Gilbert Ketchum, do; Teunis Van Kleeck, 
second do, vice Thomas J. Oakley, appointed adjutant; Thomas J. 
Oakley, adjutant, vice Dunning, promoted; John YV. Oakley, quar- 
termaster, vice (Charles) Baker, superseded; Israel Ketchum, pay- 
master; Jonathan Hedges, surgeon. 


James Davis, second lieutenant; Henry Buttenvorth, first lieu- 
tenant, vice Williams, deceased; Purdy Fowler, second lieutenant, 
vice Henry Buttenvorth, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Thorn's regiment, second brigade: 
Amos Potter, first major, vice (Robert) Jenkins, resigned. 


Levi Coolley, second major, vice Amos Potter, promoted. 

Ebenezer Rice, captain, vice Levi Coolley, promoted; Jethro 
Bonney, first lieutenant, vice Ebenezer Rice, promoted; James Pat- 
terson, second lieutenant, vice Jethro Bonney, promoted. 


David Sanford, captain; Edmund Badger, first lieutenant; Charles 
Rood, second do — a new company. 

Butler Beckwith, captain, vice (Cornelius) Whitney, resigned; 
Isaac Phelps, junior, first lieutenant, vice Butler Beckwith, pro- 
moted; Jehiel Dayton, second do, vice Isaac Phelps, junior, do. 



956 Annual Report of the 



Timothy Ware, second lieutenant. 


William Wigton, captain; David West, first lieutenant; Henry 
Burchsted, junior, second lieutenant — a new company. 


Francis Adancourt, adjutant. 


Phipps Hartwell, quartermaster; Deliverance Carpenter, pay- 


Abner Thurber, surgeon. 


John M. Stewart, surgeon's mate. 

George W. McCracken, captain, vice James Hawley, resigned; 
Robert Archibald, first lieutenant, vice George W. McCracken, pro- 
moted; Zacheus Atwood, second lieutenant, vice Robert Archibald, 


Lieutenant Colonel Henry R. Teller's regiment of artillery, third 
brigade : 

William Dixon (Dickson), captain, vice (James) Wands, resigned; 
Benjamin Van Zandt, first lieutenant, vice William Dixon, promoted; 
Robert Wands, second do, vice Benjamin Van Zandt, promoted. 


George J. Snell, first lieutenant, vice Eisenlord, promoted; Peter 
W. Fox, second do, vice George J. Snell. promoted; Peter De Graaf, 
second do. 

State Historian. 957 

albany county. 
Ezekiel Saxton, captain, vice Glen, resigned; William Dunlap, 
junior, first lieutenant, vice Ezekiel Saxton, promoted; James 
Walker, second lieutenant, vice William Dunlap, junior, promoted. 


Lemen Foot, captain, vice (Joseph) Hanchet (junior), resigned; 
Thomas Tallmadge, first lieutenant, vice Lemen Foot, promoted. 


John T. Timmerman, captain; Jacob Coapman, first lieutenant; 
William Dieffendorff, second lieutenant — new company, with rank 
from 6th April, 1807. 


Brigade of militia whereof Gerrit W. \ (an) Schaick, esquire, is 
brigadier general : 

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trotter's regiment: 

Leonard H. Gansevoort, captain, vice (Gideon) Fairman, promoted 
an aide-de-camp; Lucas Schuyler, lieutenant, vice Leonard H. 
Gansevoort, promoted; Robert Elliott, ensign, vice Lucas Schuyler, 
promoted; John B. Washburn, quartermaster, vice Sharp, declined. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Swits' regiment: 

John Veeder, first major, vice A. Veeder, resigned; Jacob Mabee, 
second do, vice John Veeder, promoted. 

Dorcey Joice, captain, vice Barhuydt, declined; Alexander Combs, 
do, vice Jacob Mabee, promoted; John B. Schermerhorn, lieutenant, 
vice Alexander Combs, promoted; Henry Veeder, do, vice Dorcey 
Joice, promoted; John Chamberlain, do, vice Schofield, moved; 
John F. Veeder, do, vice Brewer, do; Abraham Oothoudt, junior, 
ensign, vice De Graff, declined; James Baseley, do, vice Van Eps, 
resigned; Tobias Ten Eyck, do, vice Groesbeck, moved; Jacob San- 
ders, do, vice Chamberlain, promoted; Gerrit Wemple, do, vice 



958 Annual Report of the 

Henry Yeeder, promoted; Alexander John Van Eps, do. vice J. B. 
Schermerhorn, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel (Matthew) Trotter's regiment: 
Samuel M. Lockwood, captain; Allen Brown, lieutenant; John 
Mills, ensign — a new company of riflemen. 

In the battalion commanded by Major John V. A. Lansing: 
Robert Dunbar, adjutant, vice Alexander, moved; James Mont- 
gomery, lieutenant, vice Robert Dunbar, appointed adjutant; Henry 
Fonda, lieutenant, vice Charles Smyth, moved; Lucas Witbeck, 
ensign, vice James Montgomery, promoted; John G. Ruby, do, vice 
X. Baptist, declined; Lyman Swan, do, vice Henry Fonda, promoted; 
Henry Winne, do, vice T. Tymerse, declined; Jacob L. YVinne, do, 
vice A. F. Lansing, moved. 


Resolved, that Nathan Munger be no longer a captain in the regi- 
ment of militia in the county of Lewis, whereof Jonathan Collins is 
lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Resolved, that Jeremy Chapin be and he is hereby appointed a 
captain, vice Nathan Munger, superseded. 


Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk: 
John D. Spoor, captain; Matthew Miller, lieutenant; Caspar J. 
Hallenbake, ensign — new company of light infantry. 


Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Dodge: 

Yolkert S. Yeeder, ensign, vice D. YVemple, moved. 

Douw Wemple, captain, vice Albert Yeeder, resigned; Jacob H. 

Dockstedder, lieutenant, vice Smith, resigned; Abraham Sheley, 

ensign, vice J. H. Dockstedder, promoted. 

State Historian. 959 


Second brigade of cavalry: 

Lieutenant Colonel Electus Backus' regiment in the fourth 

Apollos Cook, adjutant; Stoddard Smith, quartermaster; Andrew 
Backus, paymaster; John Ely, surgeon. 


John Schuyler, junior, captain new troop. 


Daniel Visscher, captain, vice Conyn, moved — new troop. 


Lieutenant Colonel Henry McNeil's regiment, fifth division: 
Truman Hart, adjutant. 


Major (William) Whipple's squadron: 

James Young, first lieutenant, vice Scott, resigned; Matthew 
Cannon, second do, vice James Young, promoted; Daniel Gilchrist, 
cornet, vice Matthew Cannon, promoted — in Captain Win. Dick- 
son's troop. 


Asa White's troop — Alfred Gray, first lieutenant, vice Ransford, 
refused; Charles Knapp, second do, vice Alfred Gray, promoted; 
Reuben Davis, cornet, vice Charles Knapp, promoted. 


Jesse Herskel, captain, vice Palmer, resigned; Miner Brown, first 
lieutenant, vice Jesse Herskel, promoted; Zadock Beebe, second do, 
vice Miner Brown, promoted; Frederick Morgan, cornet. 



960 Annual Report of the 

William Hatch, first lieutenant; Robert Henry, cornet, in Cap- 
tain Thomas Greenly's troop. 

Eliphalet S. Jackson, captain, vice (William) Whipple, promoted, 
to take rank from 6th April, 1807. 


In the first squadron, composed of the counties of Oneida and 

Chauncey Gridley, major, vice (Henry) McNeil, promoted; 

Amos Wetmore, first lieutenant, vice (John) Butler, resigned ;. 
Amos Camp, second do, vice Amos Wetmore, promoted; Salmon 
Laird, cornet, vice Amos Camp, promoted — in Captain Richard 
Sanger's troop. 

John Wright, second lieutenant, vice Clark, resigned; Ai Spe: :er, 
cornet, vice John Wright, promoted — in Captain James Lynch's 


Isaac Williams, captain, vice (Chauncey) Gridley, promoted; Eli 
Hart, first lieutenant, vice Isaac Williams, promoted; Sanford Tracy, 
second lieutenant, vice Eli Hart, promoted; Chauncey Hotchkiss, 
cornet, vice Sanford Tracy, promoted. 


John Waterman, second lieutenant, vice (Rufus) Eaton, moved; 
Bela Ward, cornet, vice John Waterman, promoted — in Walter 
Fish's troop. 


In Major Vincent Matthew's squadron: 
Second squadron, fifth division: 

Edward Waters, first lieutenant, vice Bristol, deceased; Elkanah 
Whitney, second lieutenant, vice Edward Waters, promoted; Jehiel 

State Historian. 961 

Kelsey, cornet, vice Elkanah Whitney, promoted — in Captain Pier- 
son's troop. 

Robert Whitaker, first lieutenant, vice Richards, refused; James 
G. Johnson, second do, vice Robert Whitaker, promoted; Jonathan 
Marsh Beach, cornet, vice James G. Johnson, promoted — in Cap- 
tain Gates' troop. 


John Arnold, captain, vice Gardner, moved; Henry Montgomery, 
first lieutenant, vice John Arnold, promoted; Joshua Tuthill, second 
lieutenant, vice Henry Montgomery, promoted; Fletcher Matthews, 
cornet, vice Joshua Tuthill, promoted. 


Tn.mes Matthews, captain; Thomas M. Perry, first lieutenant; 
Jonathan Jenkins, second lieutenant; Robert Lawrence, cornet — 
new troop. 


Major Chauncey Gridley's squadron: 

Jotham Towers, captain; Peter Ryther, first lieutenant; Gad 
Chamberlain, second do; George D. Stewart, cornet — new troop. 

In the regiment of first brigade of cavalry, commanded by Lieu- 
tenant Colonel John I. Van Rensselaer: 

First squadron — John Lobdell, cornet in Captain (Theodorus) 
Ross' troop (Essex county). 

Clark Northrop, first lieutenant, vice (Amby) Higby, deceased; 
Amos Palmer, second do, vice Clark Northrop, promoted; Benjamin 
Rice, cornet, vice Amos Palmer, promoted — in Captain (Patrick) 
Welsh's troop (Washington county). 


Second squadron: 

Seth Green, captain, vice (Nathaniel) Niles (junior), resigned; 



962 Annual Report of the 

Braddick Hall, second lieutenant, vice (Clark) Greene, refused ; 
Alexander Coon, cornet, vice (Joseph) Wells, moved. 

Charles Doughty, cornet, vice (William) Pierce (Pearce), resigned 
— in (John) Breese's troop. 

Greenman Carpenter, first lieutenant, vice B. W. Greenman, 
moved; Henry Piatt, junior, second do, vice S. Green, promoted; 
John Rogers, cornet, vice G. Carpenter, promoted — in William 
Douglass, junior's, troop. 


First squadron: 

Stephen Gorham, cornet in Captain (William) Robard's troop, 
vice Ezekiel Gardner, resigned. 


Second squadron of cavalry in Lieutenant Colonel Electus Backus' 

George Young, captain, vice L. L. Van Kleeck, appointed sheriff; 
Jacob Van Patten, first lieutenant, vice J. Truax, junior, resigned; 
Peter J. Livingston, second lieutenant, vice G. Young, promoted; 
Jacob Trydendall, cornet, vice J. Van Patten, promoted. 


Thomas B. Cook, captain, vice (Thomas P.) Grosvener, moved; 
Stephen Bentley, first lieutenant, vice Thomas B. Cook, promoted; 
Shadrach Henman, second lieutenant, vice Stephen Bentley, do; 
Russel Hamilton, cornet, vice Shadrach Henman, do. 


Joseph Lamoreaux, cornet, vice Crocker, moved — Captain Apol- 
lus Moore's troop. 

State Historian. 963 

chenango county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Obadiah German's regiment: 

Michael Lamb, ensign, vice S. Allen, promoted; Rufus Rose, 
ensign, vice S. Fuller, moved; Nathan Taylor, lieutenant, vice O. 
Reynolds, refused; David Thornton, ensign; Henry Mitchel, sur- 
geon, vice Jonathan Johnson, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Schoolcraft's regiment: 
John Mann, ensign of riflemen, vice Henry Livingston, moved; 
John V. Veeder, ensign light infantry, vice D. Sloan, resigned; 
Abraham Vanderpool, lieutenant, vice Philip Ramsay, refused; 
Andrew J. Ward, ensign, vice Abraham Vanderpool, promoted; 
Jeremiah Simmons, ensign, vice N. Houck, refused; William Rus- 
sell, lieutenant, vice P. G. Van Wie, refused; Abraham Rosekrans, 
ensign, vice W. Sill, refused. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General George McClure: 

Nathaniel Porter, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Stephens, 

James McBurney, first major; Elias Stephens, second do; William 
Stephens, adjutant; John Metcalfe, quartermaster; Siba Benson, sur- 
geon; Jonathan Rowley, ensign; Thomas Bennet, lieutenant rifle- 
men; James Dike, ensign do. 

Uri Martin, captain; William Woolley, lieutenant; Samuel Cady, 

Joseph Purdy, captain; William Bennett, lieutenant; William 
Baker, ensign. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Samuel S. Haight's regiment: 

Benjamin Sacket, captain; Jacob Koon, lieutenant; Anthony 
Swartwout, ensign. 



964 Annual Report of the 

Guv J. Atkins, captain; John Hendricks, lieutenant; Norman 
Wells, ensign. 

Andrew McDowel, captain; Elisha Ward, lieutenant; Simeon 
Hurd, ensign. 

Abner Rice, captain, vice Bull, resigned; Asa Cooper, lieutenant; 
John Williams, ensign. 

John Phoenix, captain, vice Patterson, resigned; Samuel Cook, 
lieutenant; Archibald Campbell, ensign. 

Jonathan Barney, captain; Asa A. Gaylord, lieutenant; James 
Read, ensign. 

Jonas Cleeland, captain; Joel Colyer, lieutenant; James Wood- 
ward, ensign; Eden Booth, lieutenant in Captain Reuben Wrice's 
(Rice) company: Timothy Hurd, ensign. 

Timothy Goodrich, captain, vice Woolcot, resigned; John Wood- 
cot, lieutenant; John McCormick, ensign; Enos Gaylord, lieutenant; 
John Stairns, ensign. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Teeple: 

Samuel S. Haight, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Teeple, 
appointed sheriff. 

Joshua Smith, first major, vice Samuel S. Haight, promoted; 
Daniel Cruger, second major; George W. Taylor, adjutant, vice 
Cruger, promoted. 


Brigade whereof Amos Hall, esquire, is brigadier general: 

Lieutenant Colonel William Wadsworth's regiment: 

Joseph W. Lawrence, second major, vice P. Mills, resigned; 

Bradley Martin, quartermaster, vice G. Hosmer, promoted; George 

Hosmer, adjutant, vice S. Hosmer, resigned. 

William Hosmer, captain, vice Markam, appointed to light 


State Historian. 965 

Matthew Hanna, captain, vice Smith, resigned. 

Benjamin Robarts, captain, office vacant by removal; Ezekiel 
Wadsworth, lieutenant, vice W. Hosmer, promoted; David Bigelow, 
lieutenant, vice Chapel, resigned; James McNair, lieutenant, office 
vacant by removal; Whiting Merry, ensign, vice Wadsworth, pro- 
moted; Wait Martin, ensign; William Thomas, ensign; Cornelius 
Annible, ensign, vice Davis moved. 

John Markam, captain; Shubael C. Hovey, lieutenant — light 

Major Ezra Patterson's battalion: 

Moses D. Hunt, captain; Nathaniel Case, lieutenant. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Peregreen Gardner's regiment: 

Ashur Saxton, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Gardner, 

Azel Sprague, first major, vice Ashur Saxton, promoted; David 
Parsons, second do, vice Azel Sprague, do; Reuben Brace, quarter- 
master, vice Pike, do. 

William Spoor, captain, vice Fairchild, resigned. 

Elijah Cooley, captain, vice David Parsons, promoted. 

Offices vacant: Captains — Ralph Strong, Stephen Moon, Ebene- 
zer Beement. 

Horace Lyon, lieutenant, vice Stilwell, resigned; Thomas Peck, 
lieutenant, vice Elijah Cooley, promoted. 

Offices vacant: Lieutenants — Welcome Gaffield, Josiah Moor- 

Nathan Bryant, lieutenant, vice Strong, promoted; William Bron- 
sin Hamlin, ensign, vice Spoor, promoted; Payne Leach, ensign; 
Ira Smith, ensign; Asahel Moore, ensign, vice Beement, promoted; 
Thomas Brown, lieutenant, vice Hamlin, resigned; Joel Dunks, 
ensign, vice Thomas Brown, promoted — light infantry. 



966 Annual Report of the 

In the brigade whereof John Swift, esquire, is brigadier general: 
David Cook, brigade major and inspector, vice M. Holley, 


Brigade whereof Alexander Rea, esquire, is brigadier general: 

In Lieutenant Colonel William Rumsey's regiment: 

Trumbull Cary, adjutant, vice D. B. Brown, superseded; Amos 
Sproat, quartermaster, vice Oliver Wilcox, do. 

Hervey Wilder, lieutenant, vice D. Henry, resigned; Lorton 
Holdon, ensign, vice W. Curtis, moved. 

Daniel Ferguson, captain, vice Fargo, resigned; Joseph Palmer, 
lieutenant, vice Wright, absent; Josiah Hovey, junior, ensign, vice 
Wilson, junior, promoted. 

Ebenezer Wilson, junior, captain; Israel M. Dewey, lieutenant; 
Comfort Curtis, ensign — new company. 

Jesse Tainter, ensign, vice D. Smith, resigned. 

Ebenezer Turrell, lieutenant; William Chase, ensign — not filled 

Abner Ashley, captain; George Lathrop, lieutenant; Elisha Wal- 
lace, ensign — new company commissioned in 1807. 

Daniel Burbank, captain. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis' regiment: 

John Atchison, first major, vice J. Smith, resigned; James Gan- 
son, second do, vice John Atchison, promoted. 

Richard Waite, captain, vice James Ganson, do; Russell Davis, 
lieutenant, vice Richard Waite, do; Jacob Widener, lieutenant; 
Noble B. Douglass, ensign. 

Frederick Roe, captain, vice Jones, deceased; William Henshaw, 
lieutenant, vice Frederick Roe, promoted; Matthew Dimie, ensign, 
vice William Henshaw, promoted. 

State Historian. 967 


George Huntley, captain, office vacant; Jonathan Leonard, lieu- 
tenant, vice George Huntley, promoted; Daniel Spencer, ensign, 
vice Jonathan Leonard, promoted. 

Jedediah Crosbey, captain, vacant; Daniel Kelsey, lieutenant, vice 
Jedediah Crosbey, promoted; Roger Kelsey, ensign, vacant. 

Rufus M. Cady, captain; Dan Hale, lieutenant; Harris Rogers, 
ensign — new company. 

James Sayer, captain; John Farewell, lieutenant; Errata Hascall, 
ensign — new company. 

Benjamin Ganson, adjutant, vice A. Bates, appointed sheriff. 

Nathaniel Taylor, quartermaster; John Ganson, paymaster; Ella 
Smith, surgeon, vacant. 


Lieutenant Colonel Luke Goodspeed's regiment: 

Reuben Riggs, paymaster. 

Eli Griffith, junior, captain; James Sandford, do; Asahel New- 
comb, lieutenant; William Pinkerton, do; Oliver Stacey, ensign; 
James Rice, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Asa Ransom's regiment: 

Crugar, Stanley, adjutant; Cyrus Hopkins, quartermaster. 

William C. Dudley, captain*; Joseph Wells, lieutenant; Asahel 
Adkins, ensign — light infantry. 

Captains — Julius Keyes, Samuel Hill, Benjamin Whaley. 

Lieutenants — Ransom Harman, Lauson Eggleston, Otis Ingalls, 
Ezekiel Smith, Dedimus C. Kinney. 

Ensigns— Elisha Ensign, Peter Pratt, John Hill, Abel Buck, 
Samuel Eaton. 

* Niagara county was erected from Genesee county March 11, 1808. — State 

968 Annual Report of the 

Battalion in the county of Niagara : 

John McMahan, major commandant; Joel Lee, adjutant; Abner 
Holmes, quartermaster. 

Captains — William Prendergrast, John E. Howard, Abiram Orton. 
Lieutenants — Jehiel More, Isaac Barns, Alanson Weed. 
Ensigns — Nathan Cass, Philo Orton, James Montgomery. 


Battalion — Matthias Lemen, major commandant; John Fields, 

Second squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

David Scott, captain; Alanson Parmele, first lieutenant; William 
Peters, second do; Henry Buel, cornet — new troop. 


Battalion composed of the militia in Niagara county: 

Thomas Slayton, major commandant: 

Captain — Samuel Taylor, Silas Hopkins, Daniel Reese, John 

Lieutenants — Asa Baldwin, John Dunn, second; Stephen Hop- 
kins, William Holmes. 

Ensigns — Sparrow Sage, William Chambers, Stephen Bugbee. 


Third brigade of artillery, regiment whereof Joseph Kirkland is 
lieutenant colonel commandant (Sixth regiment): 


In Captain (Daniel) Mulholland's company: 

John Sherwood, second lieutenant, vice Bela Cowles, moved. 

State Historian. 969 

oneida county. 

In Captain Theodore Sill's company: 

Thomas Skinner, first lieutenant, vice Morris J. Miller, refusing 
to accept; Nathaniel Eells, second lieutenant, vice Thomas Skinner, 


Joseph Heath, captain, vice (Joseph) French, promoted major. 


Artemus Ellis, captain; Matthew Pratt, first lieutenant; Lewis 
Wilson, second do — new company. 

Brigade of militia whereof Nathaniel King is brigadier general, 
and in the regiment lately commanded by Nathaniel Collins, lieu- 
tenant colonel commandant: 

Erastus Cleveland, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Nathaniel 
Collins, resigned. 

Amos Maynard, first major, vice Erastus Cleveland, promoted; 
Isaac Sage, adjutant, vice G. Brown, resigned; Moses Maynard, 
quartermaster, vice Wm. Brown, do; George Love, paymaster, vice 
J. Wattles, do; Jonathan Pratt, surgeon, vice Thos. Greenly, pro- 
moted in the cavalry. 

Daniel Russel, captain, vice Maynard, promoted; Daniel Barber, 
lieutenant, vice Phelps, resigned ; Daniel Warren, ensign, vice Daniel 
Russell, promoted; John Benedict, lieutenant, vice Smith, resigned; 
Samuel Stower, ensign, vice John Benedict, promoted. 

John West, captain, vice Q. Coman, deceased; John Pratt, lieu- 
tenant, vice John West, promoted ; John Harrington, lieutenant, vice 
Whitcombe, resigned; Ganet Wickwire, ensign, vice John Harring- 
ton, promoted; Thomas Dibble, ensign, vice Beebee, promoted last 

Regiment whereof Zebulon Douglass is lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant : 



97° A xx ual Report of the 

Samuel Rawson, captain, vice Matthews, deceased; Thomas Clark, 
lieutenant, vice Samuel Rawson, promoted; William Pratt, ensign, 
vice Thomas Clark, promoted; Elisha Cary, captain, vice Brown, 
resigned; Gilbert Reed, lieutenant, vice Elisha Cary, promoted; 
Augustus Chapman, ensign, vice Gilbert Reed, promoted; Chauncey 
Beecher, lieutenant, vice Clark, resigned; John C. Moot, ensign, 
vice Chauncey Beecher, promoted; Samuel Gregory, lieutenant, vice 
Jones, moved; Benoah Moss, ensign, vice Samuel Gregory, 

Regiment whereof Jabez N. M. Hurd is lieutenant colonel com- 

Jonathan Farnham, captain, vice Crocker, moved; Peter A. Rem- 
sen, lieutenant, vice Jonathan Farnham, promoted; Orrin Chandler, 
ensign, vice Stedman, moved; Julius Bradley, ensign, vice May, 

Luther Scoville, captain, vice Blake, resigned; Daniel Dean, lieu- 
tenant, vice Luther Scoville, promoted; Stephen Coben, ensign, vice 
Daniel Dean, promoted. 

Willard Abbott, captain, vice Fisher, resigned; John Davison, 
lieutenant, vice Willard Abbott, promoted; Marvel Underwood, 
ensign, vice John Davison, promoted; Thomas Dibble, ensign, with 
rank as such from 29th March, 1806. 


Regiment of artillery whereof Henry R. Teller is lieutenant 
colonel commandant : 

William Kingsley, captain; Jonathan Kellogg, first lieutenant; 
David Waterman, second lieutenant — new company. 

Brigade of militia commanded by Brigadier General Samuel 

State Historian. 971 

Eliud Davis, lieutenant colonel commandant, with rank from 6th 
April, 1807. 

Chauncey Belding, first major, with rank from 6 April, 1807. 
Dudley Smith, second major, vice (David) Rogers, appointed 
brigade inspector; Edward Satterlee, adjutant, vice William Kings- 
ley, appointed captain artillery; William Taylor, quartermaster, vice 
Jonathan Kellogg, lieutenant do. 

Ezekiel Horton, captain, with rank from date of former appoint- 
ment, vice D. Rogers, promoted; James Wilkins, junior, lieutenant, 
vice Ezekiel Horton, promoted; Benjamin H. Burnet, ensign, vice 
James Wilkins, promoted. 

Silas Foster, captain, vice D. Smith, promoted major; David Fow- 
ler, lieutenant, vice Silas Foster, promoted; John Harman, ensign, 
vice David Fowler, promoted. 

Daniel Ostrom, captain, vice Beach, refused; Isaac Smith, junior, 
lieutenant, vice Daniel Ostrom, promoted; Richard Taylor, ensign, 
vice Isaac Smith, promoted. 

Nathaniel Jennings, captain light infantry, vice Benedict, resigned; 
Philo Hurd, lieutenant do, vice Nathaniel Jennings, promoted; 
James Smith, ensign do, vice Philo Hurd; Sylvester Harman, lieu- 
tenant do, vice Hubbel, absent; Amos Warmsley, ensign do, vice 
Sylvester Harman, promoted. 

In the regiment whereof Thomas Rogers is lieutenant colonel 
commandant : 

Jacob Dennis, captain, vice Van Vechten, removed; William Will- 
cocks (Smith),* lieutenant, vice Van Vechten, do; Richard Esmond, 
ensign, vice Velie, superseded. 

Thomas Lang, captain light infantry, vice Milligan, resigned; 
William Chub, lieutenant do, vice Dunham, resigned; William Ross, 
ensign do, vice McDowel, moved. 


See page 977. 


97 2 Annual Report of the 

Thomas Breed, captain, vice A. Welsh, resigned; Daniel French 
(Finch), * lieutenant, vice Thomas Breed, promoted; David Pattison, 
ensign, vice Daniel French. 

Jesse Billings, quartermaster, vice Thomas Lang, promoted cap- 
tain; Ziah Barnes, paymaster. 

William Burnham, captain; John Payne, lieutenant; Silvester 
Lewis, ensign— new company of light infantry. 

Regiment whereof Hez'h Ketchum is lieutenant colonel: 

Henry Fanning, quartermaster, vice Ten Broeck, refusing; Joshua 
Mandeville, paymaster, vice Henry Fanning, promoted; Tertullus 
Frost, ensign in Maes' company; Garret Van Vranken, ensign, vice 
Hubbs, moved; Francis Drake, lieutenant, vice Cramer, refusing; 
Cornelius Sanford. ensign, vice White, moved; John Hubbs, ensign, 
vice Lane, moved. 

Regiment whereof Isaac Gere is lieutenant colonel commandant: 

Charles Rhodes, captain, vice Edmond, removed from the beat; 
John Hamblen, lieutenant, vice Charles Rhodes, promoted; Amos 
Cook, ensign; Marcus Goodwin, ensign light infantry, vice Ranney, 

James Carpenter, lieutenant; Elisha Carpenter, ensign in Captain 
Othniel Allen's company. 

Aaron Wheeler, ensign, vice Anderson, refusing; Henry Skinner, 
lieutenant, vice Blair, junior, resigned; John Pettit, ensign, vice 
Henry Skinner, promoted. 

In the regiment whereof Deliverance Andrews is lieutenant 
colonel commandant: 

Coleman Gates, captain, vice Dunning, resigned; William Dun- 
ning, junior, lieutenant, vice Coleman Gates, promoted; Moses Lan- 
don, ensign, vice William Dunning, do; George Palmer, junior, 
adjutant, vice Hooper, moved. 

* See page 977. 

State Historian. 973 

Regiment whereof Gideon Goodrich is lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant : 

George Eighmee, lieutenant, vice Ladoo, moved; Jacob Richards, 
ensign, vice George Eighmee, promoted; Lotus Watson, ensign, 
vice Rogers, moved; Howel Gardner, adjutant, vice Filmore, moved; 
Abel Baldwin, surgeon's mate, vice Hicks, moved. 


Brigadier General W. Martin's brigade: 

In the regiment lately commanded by Abijah Putnam: 

Gershom Tuttle, lieutenant colonel, vice Abijah Putnam, 


William Rice, first major, vice Allen, do; Thomas Delano, second 

major, vice Gershom Tuttle, promoted; Hart Massey, adjutant. 


Regiment whereof Jonas Bronk is lieutenant colonel commandant: 
Jacob Jansen, ensign, vice Jno. D. Spoor, promoted. 


Regiment lately commanded by Henry Ostrom, esquire, lieutenant 
colonel commandant: 

Eli Angevine, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Henry 
Ostrom, resigned. 

James Tallmadge, junior, first major, vice Eli Angevine, pro- 
moted; John Ryan, second major, vice Dubois, refused; George 
Bloom, adjutant, vice James Tallmadge, promoted; John H. Ostrom, 
paymaster, vice Schenck, refused; Jonathan Ward, surgeon's mate. 

Peter B. Morgan, quartermaster of the brigade commanded by 
Brigadier General Edmund Perlee. 

Regiment whereof Martin Heermance is lieutenant colonel com- 


974 Annual Report of the 

Abraham Vanderhoof, captain, vice Kip, resigned; David Kip, 
lieutenant, vice Abraham Vanderhoof, promoted; Gerrit Van 
Keuren, ensign, vice David Kip, do. 

Thomas W. Allis, captain, vice Conkling, resigned; Christian 
Shell, lieutenant, vice Thomas W. Allis, promoted; Nathaniel Miller, 
ensign, vice Christian Shell, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph C. Field's regiment: 

Daniel Barnum, lieutenant, vice Crosby, moved; Abijah Seely, 
ensign, vice Daniel Barnum, promoted; Peter Waring, lieutenant, 
vice Howes, resigned; Isaac Reed, ensign, vice Peter Waring, 

Anson Crane, captain, vice J. Reed, moved; James Kniffen, lieu- 
tenant, vice Anson Crane, promoted. 

Benoni Stark, captain, vice B. Sherman, refused; John T. Hotch- 
kiss, lieutenant, vice Benoni Stark, promoted; Solomon Wooden, 
ensign, vice John T. Hotchkiss, promoted. 

Benjamin Burr, captain, vice Arnold, refused; Samuel Allen, lieu- 
tenant, vice E. Arnold, refused; William Mann, ensign, vice Merrick 
Green, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Herrick's regiment: 

Egbert Thompson, adjutant, vice Peck, promoted; Samuel S. 
Winegar, ensign, vice Boyd, resigned; Elnathan Lucas, ensign, vice 
Russel, promoted. 


Battalion set off from Lieutenant Colonel (Andrew) Gray's regi- 
ment : 

James Clapp, major commandant. 


Second brigade of artillery commanded by Brigadier General Jas. 
W. Wilkin: 

Selah Strong, quartermaster. 

State Historian. 975 

delaware county. 

Brigadier General Erastus Root's brigade: 

Putnam Farrington, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Erastus 
Root, promoted. 

Benjamin Sears, first major, vice Putnam Farrington, do. 

Resolved, that the secretary rectify errors which have been here- 
tofore made in military appointments, viz: 


Andrew Waters, captain of light infantry in Colonel (Henry) Ken- 
nedy's regiment, should be Andreas. 


Ezra Price, lieutenant in Colonel Wm. Burnet's do, Ezra Rice. 


Elias Mann, ensign grenadiers in Colonel (Gideon) Goodrich's 
do, Elias Manning; Perry Billings, lieutenant do do, Perez Billings, 
William Scovil, lieutenant do do, Wm. Scofield; John Hollister, 
junior, lieutenant, Colonel (Isaac) Coon's do, John Holmes, junior. 


In Lieutenant Colonel Obadiah German's regiment: 
Joseph Billings, captain; Stephen Cooper, lieutenant; Nathaniel 
Loomis, ensign — new company. 


In Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskell's regiment: 
David Waterman, captain; Jonathan Nye, lieutenant; Seth 
Holmes, ensign — grenadiers. 

W T alter Clark, captain; William Bottom, lieutenant; Adam Dickey, 
ensign; John Chambers, lieutenant; Samuel Dunkin, ensign; Job 
Potter, paymaster; Tracy Robertson, surgeon; John D. Henry, sur- 
geon's mate. 



976 Annual Report of the 

clinton county. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Marinus F. Durand's regiment: 

Thomas Miller, first major, vice W. Beaumont, deceased; Daniel 
Southwick, second major, vice Thomas Miller, promoted. 

Jonathan Bigelow, captain, vice A. Arthur, resigned. 

Seth Sherry, captain, vice J. Allen, resigned. 

Thomas Smith, captain, vice A Beman, moved. 

Andrew Blackman, captain, vice Daniel Southwick, promoted; 
David Cochran, lieutenant, vice Jonathan Bigelow, promoted; Jere- 
miah Hayes, ensign, vice David Cochran, promoted; Thomas 
McCready, lieutenant, vice S. Sherry, promoted; Benjamin P. Rob- 
erts, ensign, vice J. Banker, moved; Azur Hawks, lieutenant, vice 
T. Smith, promoted; Moses Egglestone, ensign; Amos Eldridge, 
ensign; Timothy Doty, lieutenant, , vice Andrew Blackman, pro- 
moted; David Anderson, ensign, vice Hollenbeck, moved. 

William Atwood, captain; Samuel Bailey, lieutenant; Heman 
Hecock, ensign — new company. 

Septa Filmore, lieutenant, vice William Atwood, promoted; Ros- 
wel Ransom, ensign, vice Septa Filmore, do. 


Resolved, that Barent Benthuysen be no longer lieutenant colonel 
commandant of a regiment of militia in the brigade commanded by 
Brigadier General Warren Ferris, and that a supersedeas issue 

In the regiment lately commanded by Barent Benthuysen: 

Enos Mead, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Barent Ben- 
thuysen, superseded. 

James Tuttle, first major, vice Enos Mead, promoted. 

State Historian. 977 





In Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Gray's regiment: 

Jacob Nellis, captain, vice W. W. Fox, resigned; William Wag- 
goner, lieutenant, vice J. Nellis, promoted; Jacob Fox, ensign, vice 
William Waggoner, promoted ; Henry J. Frey, paymaster, vice Salts- 
man, resigned. 

In the regiment of artillery whereof Henry R. Teller is lieutenant 
colonel commandant: 

Adoniram Eldridge, second lieutenant in Captain Giles Kellogg's 
company (in Schoharie county). 

Resolved, that the secretary be and he is hereby authorized to cor- i S08 
rect the following errors which have been heretofore made in mili- 
tary appointments, and that commissions issue accordingly, to rank 
from former appointments : 


In Colonel Jacob Swits' regiment: 

Tobias H. Ten Eyck, vice Tobias Ten Eyck; Peter F. Veeder, 
lieutenant, vice John F. Veeder; Jacob G. Sander, ensign, vice Jacob 
Sanders. * 

Major John V. A. Lansing's battalion: 

James Montgomery, captain; erroneously appointed lieutenant. 


Lieutenant Colonel Elihud Davis' regiment: 
James Wilkins, junior, lieutenant, vice James Wilkins. 
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rogers' regiment: 
William Smith,* lieutenant, vice William Wilcocks; Daniel 
Finch,f lieutenant, vice Daniel French. 

* See page 971. 
t See page 972. 






978 Annual Report of the 

new york county. 

Resolved, that Andrew Anderson, Jasper Ward and Beekman M> 
Van Beuren be and they are hereby respectively appointed lieuten- 
ant colonels commandant in the brigade of militia in the city and 
county of New York, whereof Gerard Steddiford, esquire, is briga- 
dier general, to take rank from April 1st, 1807. 

Joseph Blackwell, brigade inspector, vice William Paulding, 
appointed aid de camp to the Commander-in-chief. 

Regiment of light infantry whereof Edward W. Laight is lieu- 
tenant colonel commandant: 

Ichabod Prall, second major, vice Davis, promoted. 

William Jones, captain; Samuel Burtis, lieutenant; George W. 
Varian, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Dodge'j regiment: 

Lieutenants — William Hicks, Michael Bird, William Ruckle, John 

Ensigns— Moses B. Seixas, Job. Stanbery, John Garniss, John 
Anthony Rucker, Aaron B. Woodruff, Thomas Chatterton. 

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Van Zandt's regiment — Second: 

James Strong, captain, vice Dunham, deceased; William A. Davis,, 
lieutenant, vice Strong, deceased; Patrick G. Hildreth, lieutenant, 
vice Thompson, promoted; Benjamin Tucker, lieutenant, vice 
Tucker, quartermaster; Robert Russell, ensign, vice William A. 
Davis, promoted; Daniel Cooledge, ensign, vice Patrick G. Hildreth. 
promoted; Robert Hislop, do, vice Benjamin Tucker, promoted; 
John Walli, do, vice Dodge, refused; Samuel Skidmore Smith, do, 
vice Underhill, do; Daniel Cock, ensign, vice Mumford, do; Thomas 
Spencer, ensign, vice Pluymert, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bogardus' regiment — Third: 

Jacob Cholwell, second major, vice B. A. Egbert, deceased. 

State Historian. 979 

William Berrian, captain, to rank from April 6, 1806. 

Henry H. Scheifflin, captain; Abraham Stevens, do; John Post, 
lieutenant, vice Henry H. Scheifflin, promoted, with rank from April 
6, 1806; Benjamin Knapp, do, vice Abraham Stevens, promoted; 
Cornelius Myers, do, vice William Berrian; Stephen Cornwall, do; 
Samuel Shapter, do; James Mullanay, do. 

Ensigns- — Thomas Griffin, John Hatfield, Donald C. Buckloe, Sol- 
omon Seixas, Elias Hoffman, Thomas Hamilton. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ezekiel 
Dodge — Fourth : 

John Coffin, second major. 

Joseph Neale, captain, vice John Coffin, promoted; Elijah Mar- 
vin, do, vice Pratt, promoted; Jonathan Brook, do, vice Ely, 
deceased; Jacob Morrison, lieutenant, vice Joseph Neale, promoted; 
James Brackett, do, vice Jonathan Brooks, do; Sydney Andrews, 
ensign; Ezra Reed, do; Richard Hatfield, junior, do. 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Mapes — 
Fifth : 

Jacob Blackwell, captain, vice Drake, moved. 

Harris Sage, do, vice Melich, resigned. 

Lewis Angevine, do, vice Cholwell, promoted. 

Elijah Pinckney, do, vice Rogers, resigned; George W. Strong, 
lieutenant; William C. Mulligan, do, vice Irvine, deceased; Edward 
H. Nicoll, do, vice Harris Sage, promoted; James Turk, do, vice 
Jacob Blackwell, promoted; Daniel E. Tylee, do, vice Irvine, 
deceased; John Anthon, do, vice Carpenter, promoted; James 
Chrystee, ensign, vice James Turk, promoted; Cornelius Schermer- 
horn, junior, ensign, vice Edward H. Nicoll, promoted; John 
Chrystee, ensign, vice William C. Mulligan, promoted; William E. 
Dunscomb, do, vice Robinson; John Cooke, ensign,, vice Scott; 



980 Annual Report of the 

William M. Price, do, vice Coles; William S. Radcliffe, ensign, vice 
John Anthon, promoted ; William Hawley, do. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Jacob De la Montagnie's regiment — 
Seventh : 

Joel Davis, first major, vice (Andrew) Anderson, promoted; Fran- 
cis Cooper, paymaster, vice Ferris; Smith Cutler, surgeon's mate. 

Gilbert Seaman, captain, vice Warner, deceased; Oliver Hibbert, 
do, vice Smith. 

Lieutenants — Zopher Jarvis, vice Gilbert Seaman; William Par- 
ker, vice Oliver Hibbert, promoted; Mordecai Myers, Stephen 
Gould, Samuel Armstrong, Smith Purdy, Andrew McGown. 

Ensigns — John Brown. William Ward, Caleb T. Ward. 


Lieutenant Colonel David J. Pell's regiment: 

Samuel Requaw, ensign, vice Jacob Bowe, deceased. 

Richard L. Hunt, captain, vice Beenier, resigned; John B. Gellis- 
pie, lieutenant, vice R. L. Hunt, promoted; Nicholas Haight, adju- 
tant, vice J. Archer, promoted. 

Lawrence Davenport, captain, vice B. Drake, resigned'; Elijah 
Horton, lieutenant, vice N. Haight, promoted; Isaac Bonnet, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Van Cortland's regiment: 

Jacob Montross, first major; John Hyatt, second major. 

Byley Hyatt, captain, vice J. Hyatt, promoted: Daniel Knapp, 
lieutenant, vice B. Hyatt, promoted; Robert Lane, ensign, vice 
Daniel Knapp, do. 

Jacob D. Clark, captain, vice J. Taylor, moved; James Drake, 
lieutenant, vice Clark, promoted; William Tice, ensign, vice Dyck- 
man, promoted; Elijah Gregory, lieutenant, vice J. Loder, refused; 
Nathaniel Purdv, ensign, vice M. Purdv, refused. 

State Historiax. 981 

chenango county. 
Obadiah German, brigadier general of the brigade of militia lately 
commanded by Benjamin Jones, esquire, resigned. 


Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Elihud Davis: 
Edward R. Satterlee, adjutant, vice Edwd. Satterlee, erroneously 
named, with rank from April 4th last. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Howel, 

John Tuthill, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Paul Howel, 

Josiah Seely, junior, first major: Michael Smith, second major. 

Andrew Cronk, captain; Joseph McLaughlin, do. 

Lieutenants — Joseph Moffat, Robert Williams, James Duryea. 

Ensigns — Edward B. Tuthill, Richard A. Kronkhite, John B. 

James Lynch, captain; Samuel Van Duzer, lieutenant; Joshua 
Sutton, ensign — light infantry. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William 
Felter, deceased: 

Peter S. Van Orden, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Benjamin Gurnee, first major; Cornelius Blawvelt, second major. 

Captains — Theunis Cooper, Aaron D. Camp. 

Lieutenants — Walter T. Smith, Gilbert Cooper. 

Ensigns — John Van Orden, John L. Conkling, George Wiant; 
Jacob D. Onderdonk vice Derrick Clark, superseded; Thomas 



982 Annual Report of the 

orange county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Christian Schultz's regiment : 

Sanford Allen, ensign, vice James Wadsworth, promoted; James 
Wood, do, vice Sol. Carpenter, resigned; Nathaniel Elmer, surgeon, 
vice W. Elmer, resigned. ' 

Freegift Tuthill, captain, vice A. Hatfield, resigned; Edward Ely, 
lieutenant, vice Freegift Tuthill, promoted: Daniel Everett, junior, 
ensign, vice S. Jackson, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacobus Post's regiment: 

Samuel Johnson, captain. 

Lieutenants- — Thomas Sprowl, Levi Ellis, Xehemiah Finn. 

Ensigns — Lewis Randolph, Eleazer McCamley, Thomas Arm- 

Samuel Smith, paymaster. 

Gilbert McWhorter, captain light infantry, vice G. Post, pro- 
moted; Edward Acker, lieutenant do; James Helmes, ensign do. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Wilkins' regiment: 

Benjamin Webb, first major, vice Jackson, deceased; John White, 
second major, vice Wilkins, promoted. 

Thomas Evertson, captain, vice Benjamin Webb, promoted. 

Jesse Owen, captain, vice Robbins, refused. 

Henry Savage, captain, vice John White, promoted; Samuel 
Webb, lieutenant, vice Thomas Evertson, promoted; John Dunning, 
lieutenant, vice Jesse Owen, promoted; John Kerby, ensign, vice 
Samuel Webb, promoted; Daniel Reeve, do, vice John Dunning, do. 

Jacob Dunning, captain; Matthias Keen, lieutenant; Vinson Clark, 
ensign — light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Smith's regiment: 

Daniel T. Smith, captain, vice Drake, moved; Joseph Reeve, adju- 
tant, vice Smith, promoted; Selah Reeve, quartermaster, vice 

State Historian. 983 

Fowler, moved; Richard Smith, paymaster; George Telford, ensign, 
vice Ingersol, moved; Moses A. Smith, surgeon; Eleazur Gedney, 
surgeon's mate. 

Nathan H. Sayre, captain, vice Walsh, resigned; Jonathan B. 
Kniffen, lieutenant, vice Nathan H. Sayre, promoted; Alexander 
Denniston, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Hasbrouck's regiment: 

John N. Lefever, ensign, vice Jones Lefever, moved. 

Elias Ostrander, captain, vice Ross, moved; James Russel, lieu- 
tenant, vice Elias Ostrander, promoted; Silas Simpkins, ensign, vice 
James Russel, promoted. 

Zacharias Frear, captain, vice Ketchum, resigned; Simon M. 
Lefever, lieutenant, vice Zacharias Frear, promoted; Daniel H. 
Ostrom, ensign, vice Simon Lefever, do. 

Joseph Deyo, captain; Wells Lake, lieutenant; William Deyo, 
junior, ensign — light infantry. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Hardenbergh's regiment: 

Jacobus Smith, captain, vice A. Millspaugh, resigned; James Hun- 
ter, junior, lieutenant, vice J. Millspaugh, resigned; Robert D. Hun- 
ter, ensign, vice Jacobus Smith, promoted. 

Thomas N. Jansen, captain, vice J. Jansen, refused; Abraham 
Jansen, lieutenant, vice T. N. Jansen, promoted; Michael Johnston, 
junior, ensign, vice A. Jansen, promoted; George Martin, ensign, 
vice W. W. Crawford, refused. 


Brigadier General Moses Cantine's brigade: 


Regiment to be composed of the battalion commanded by Major 
William Cuddaback : 



984 Annual Report of the 

William A. Cuddaback, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Elnathan Sears, first major; Samuel Clark, second major; John 
Shaw, adjutant; John King, quartermaster; Jacob Roosa, paymas- 
ter; Samuel Dimmick, surgeon. 

Thomas King, captain; Eli Roberts, lieutenant; Benjamin Mon- 
tanye, junior, ensign. 

Salmon Wheat, captain; Samuel King, junior, lieutenant; Samuel 
M. Shaw, ensign. 

Abraham Roosa, captain; David Gorham, lieutenant. 

Robert W. Crawford, captain; Jacob Gumaer, lieutenant; Solomon 
Sherwood, ensign. 

Henry Newkirk, captain; George Smith, junior, lieutenant; 
Gabriel H. Horton, ensign. 

Peter E. Gumaer, captain; Benjamin Gumaer, lieutenant; Cor- 
nelius Van Inwagen, junior, ensign — riflemen. 


Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Westbrook's regiment: 

Jonathan Westbrook, junior, captain, vice Hasbrouck, resigned; 
John H. De Witt, lieutenant, vice Jonathan Westbrook, junior, pro- 
moted; John B. Dumond, ensign, vice John H. De Witt, do. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Moses 
Cantine : 

Tjerck De Witt, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Moses Can- 
tine, promoted. 

William Swart, first major, vice Tjerck De Witt, promoted; Cor- 
nelius Van Beuren, second do, vice William Swart, do; John J. 
Gillasby, lieutenant, vice Emigh, resigned; Peter J. Meyer, ensign; 
Abraham A. Post, junior, lieutenant of rangers, vice Hasbrouck, 
resigned; Luke Keirsted, junior, ensign rangers. 

State Historian. 985 

dutchess county. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Townsend's regiment: 

Jeremiah Mabee, captain, vice Sloot, resigned; John Crane, junior, 
lieutenant, vice Jeremiah Mabee, promoted; Elias Mabee, ensign, 
vice Crane, do; Morris Haddon, lieutenant, vice A. Conkling, 
refused; Silas Austin, ensign, vice Morris Haddon, promoted. 

David Knapp, captain; Justus Nelson, lieutenant, vice David 
Knapp, promoted; Elijah Davenport, ensign; Cornelius Nelson, 
lieutenant, vice D. Knapp, promoted; Justus Garrison, ensign, vice 
C. Nelson, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Hasbrouck's regiment: 

Thomas Lawrence, captain, vice G. Bogert, resigned; Obadiah 
Thorn, lieutenant, vice Thomas Lawrence, promoted; James Wiltsie, 
ensign, vice Obadiah Thorn, promoted; John Blatchley, lieutenant, 
vice Z. Flagler, resigned; Gilbert Budd, ensign, vice John Blatchley, 
promoted; Reuben Burroughs, ensign, vice Ladue, moved; Joseph 
J. Jackson, paymaster, vice J. Hasbrouck, refused. 

Lieutenant Colonel Zacharias Flagler's regiment: 

George W. Vandenbergh, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice 
Zacharias Flagler, resigned. 

Stephen Dusenbury, first major, vice Hurd, refused; John M. 
Ross, second major, vice Vail, do; John Cooper, adjutant, vice 
Vandenbergh, promoted; Abraham Humphrey, quartermaster, vice 
Covert, moved; Peter Brill, junior, paymaster. 

James Grant, captain; James Ketchum, lieutenant; John Mabbet, 
ensign; Nathan Miller, ensign. 

Nathan Miller, captain, vice Brill, resigned; Cornwell McLees, 
lieutenant, vice Miller, promoted and Brownell, resigned; Daniel 
Brill, ensign. 

Lewis Stebbins, captain, vice A. Crow, resigned; William William- 
son, lieutenant; Andrew Crows, ensign. 



986 Annual Report of the 

Peltier Ward, captain, vice J. M. Ross, promoted; James Mullen, 
lieutenant; Samuel Stevens, ensign. 

John E. Townsend, captain, vice Dusenbury, promoted; John C. 
Shear, lieutenant, vice John E. Townsend, promoted; Minard B. 

Yeley, ensign. 

Richard Cormvell, captain, vice Buck, moved; Peter McLees, 
lieutenant, vice Richard Cormvell, promoted; John Sweet, ensign. 

Howard Dennis, captain, vice B. Thompson, resigned; Henry 
Uhel, lieutenant; Xehemiah Sweet, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Bell's regiment: 

Joseph Wood, second major, vice Casper Hand, promoted. 

James Sweet, captain, vice E. E. Husted, resigned; William J. 
Thorn, lieutenant, vice Ray, moved; Tabor Belding, ensign. 

Jacob T. Griffin, captain, vice Germond, moved; Robert Coffin, 
lieutenant, vice Jacob T. Griffin, promoted; Henry Van Benschoten, 

William Smith, captain, vice J. Oakley, resigned; Hendrick Velie, 
lieutenant, vice Bishop, resigned. 

Robert White, captain, vice Hallock, do; Stephen Griffin, lieuten- 
ant, vice R. White, promoted; George Tripp, ensign, vice D. Elsbre, 

James Sweet, captain, vice Ebr. Husted, resigned; Samuel Jack- 
son, lieutenant; Peter Waltermire, ensign. 

Reuben Wyley, captain, vice J. Wood, promoted; Jonathan Smith, 
lieutenant, vice Reuben Wyley. do: Samuel M. Ely, adjutant, vice 
Smith, promoted; William Sharpstone, paymaster, vice Gager, 
resigned; James Downs, surgeon's mate, vice L. Barton, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Eli Angevine's regiment: 

William Lawrence, captain, vice J. Marshal, resigned; Robert 
Lawrence, lieutenant, vice W. Lawrence, promoted; George Lom- 
meree, ensign, vice R. Lawrence, promoted. 

State Historian. 987 

John Yandebelt, captain, vice Yandewater, resigned; John Piatt, 
lieutenant, vice Vanderbilt, promoted; George T. Brinckerhoff, 
ensign, vice J. Piatt, do. 

John L. Fonda, captain, vice J. Frair, junior, refused; Randal S. 
Street, ensign, vice J. L. Fonda, promoted. 


First battalion, third regiment of artillery: 

Harmanus Tallman, captain; John Myers, first lieutenant. 


First brigade of artillery, First regiment: 

Joseph Home, captain, vice D. Thompson, deceased; George 
Buckmaster, do, vice J. McLean, resigned; John Lemaire, 
first lieutenant, vice Joseph Home, promoted; John F. Gordon, 
do, vice George Buckmaster, do; William B. Crosby, do, vice 
J. A. Fort, moved; Garrit Storm, do, vice Crosby, attached to 
the staff; John Bloodgood, second lieutenant, vice John Lemaire, 
promoted; Robert Ogilby, do, vice John F. Gordon, promoted; 
William G. Miller, do, vice William B. Crosby, do; James S. Bailey, 
do, vice Garrit Storm, do; Nicholas Bogart, junior, do; John Morin 
Scott McKnight, surgeon's mate. 

Second regiment: 

Daniel D. Smith, captain, vice A. Bleecker, refused; Asa Whitney, 
first lieutenant, vice Daniel D. Smith, promoted; Samuel Swartwout, 
do; Richard Burchan, do; Thomas W Gilbert, second lieutenant, 
vice Samuel Swartwout, promoted ; Jacob Anthony, do, vice Richard 
Burchan, do; Fayette Cooper, surgeon's mate: 

Third regiment: 

Edward Tylee, second lieutenant; Abraham M. Valentine, do; 
George Hodgson, do. 



988 Annual Report of the 

columbia county. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Jacob R. Van Rensselaer's regiment: 

Joseph Horton, first major, vice W. W. Van Ness, appointed 
judge Supreme Court; John Whitbeck, second major, vice Joseph 
Horton, promoted. 

James Ostrander, captain, vice Jacob Moule, resigned; William G. 
Philip, lieutenant, vice James Ostrander, promoted; Philip Ostran- 
der, ensign, vice W. G. Philip, do. 

Amaziah Hoag, captain, vice J. Horton, do; Agrippa Martin, 
lieutenant, vice C. W. Miller, resigned; Peter Vander Boe, ensign, 
vice Amaziah Hoag, promoted; Jeremiah H. Van Rensselaer, lieu- 
tenant, vice Jacob Waggoner, resigned; Peter Kells, ensign, vice 
H. Enderson, superseded. 

Silas Tobey, captain, vice Jesse Matthews, superseded; Silvanus 
Seely, lieutenant, vice H. Vanderbergh, resigned; John Hinman, 
ensign, vice Silas Tobey, promoted. 

Charles Everts, captain, vice N. Ten Broeck, resigned; Jacob J. 
Decker, lieutenant, vice Charles Everts, promoted; Robert Elting, 
ensign, vice Jacob J. Decker, promoted. 

Abraham L. Fonda, captain, vice J. Whitbeck, do; Thomas J. 
Mesick, lieutenant, vice Rays; Jacobus Leggett, ensign, vice Thomas 
Bay, moved. 

Benjamin Miller, captain, vice L. Dunning, superseded; Obed W. 
Folger, lieutenant, vice B. Miller, promoted; George W. Topping, 
ensign, vice Jacob F. Hardick, superseded. 

In the regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph 
Cornwell : 

Daniel Warner, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Joseph Corn- 
well, resigned. 

Ezra Dorr, first major, vice Daniel Warner, promoted; Asahel 
King, second do, vice Ezra Dorr, promoted. 

State Historian. 989 

Eleazer Grant, captain, vice Asahel King, promoted; William 
Bentley, lieutenant, vice Eleazer Grant, do; Andrew Burchard, 
ensign, vice William Bentley, do. 

William Hunt, captain, vice Isaac Green, moved; Zalmon Skinner, 
lieutenant, vice William Hunt, promoted; William Spire, junior, 
ensign, vice Zalmon Skinner, do. 

Moses Bramhall, captain, vice Wm. Miller, moved; Samuel Dean, 
lieutenant, vice Moses Bramhall, promoted; William Niles, ensign, 
vice Samuel Dean, promoted. 

James Warner, captain light infantry, vice Jos. Davis, moved; 
John P. Peabody, lieutenant do, vice J. Warner, promoted; David 
Wilcox, ensign, vice John P. Peabody, do; Samuel B. Wheeler, 
lieutenant, vice Dickerson, moved; Ezra Patrick, ensign, vice 
Samuel B. Wheeler, promoted; Nathaniel Janes, ensign, vice Elias 
Williams, moved; John Hatch, ensign, vice Ansel Olmsted, moved. 

Augustin F. Hayden, captain of light infantry; Ebenezer Wads- 
worth, lieutenant do; Joseph Grant, ensign do — new company. 

In the regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Charles 

John Tibbits, captain, vice U. Mallory, resigned; Zadock Knapp, 
lieutenant, vice John Tibbits, promoted; Jacob Lawrence, ensign, 
vice Zadock Knapp, promoted; Joseph Wiltsey, lieutenant, vice Jos. 
Shaw, moved; John Knox, ensign, vice Joseph Wiltsey, promoted; 
William Hunt, lieutenant, vice David Collins, resigned; Isaac Fos- 
ter, ensign, vice William Hunt, promoted; William Jordan, junior, 
lieutenant, vice Sol Niles, dead; Christopher Miller, ensign, vice 
Jordan, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Robert T. Livingston's regiment: 

Elisha Holley, lieutenant light infantry, vice Andries Haver; 
David Nichols, ensign do, vice Jno. McKinstry, moved; Henry Els- 
north, ensign, vice Van Valkenbergh, resigned. 



99° Annual Report of the 

Philip Vande Bogart. captain, vice Jno. Murphey, resigned; Jacob 

P. Miller, lieutenant; Lewis Haynood, ensign. 
Lieutenant Colonel Peter J. Yosburgh's regiment: 
Isaac Yan Xess, captain, vice Simeon Richmond, resigned; 

Phinehas Knapp, lieutenant, vice I. Yan Ness, promoted; Phinehas 

Reed, ensign, vice Phinehas Knapp, promoted. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Benj. Mooers: 


Battalion to consist of the four companies of militia in the towns 
of Chateaugay, Harrison and Constable: 
Alric Mann, major commandant. 


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Wright's regiment: 

Hezekiah Barber, first major; William Kirby, second major. 

Ransom Xoble, captain, vice Belden Noble, resigned. 

John F. Bishop, captain, vice Branch, moved; Silas Sayer, lieu- 
tenant, vacant; Amasa Wilcox, lieutenant, vice John F. Bishop, 
promoted; James McLean, lieutenant; William Cuyler, lieutenant, 
vice Ransom Xoble, promoted; John Richardson, ensign, vice Earl, 
moved; John Allen, ensign, vice Silas Sayer, promoted; Benjamin 
Smith, ensign, vice Hopkins, moved; Whiting Russel, ensign, vice 
B. Walker, moved; John Lewis, ensign; Ira Bingham, ensign, vice 
William Cuyler, promoted. 


Second squadron second division of cavalry: 

John J. Hardenbergh, captain; Cornelius C. Xewkirk, first lieu- 

* Franklin county was erected from Clinton county March II, 1808. — State His- 

State Historian. 991 

tenant; Thomas H. Jansen, second lieutenant; Isaias Hasbrouk, cor- 
net — a new troop. 


In the second squadron, first division, of cavalry: 
Joseph Hunt, captain; Benjamin Roswell, first lieutenant; Joseph 
Auser, cornet — a new troop. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Gerard Steddiford: 
Cornelius Bogert, brigade quartermaster. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Hosea Moffitt: 

Nathaniel Adams, brigade quartermaster. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Jacob A. Fort's regiment: 

Sylvester Noble, second major, vice R. Covil, resigned. 

Samuel Faxon, captain, vice Sylvester Noble, promoted; Russel 
Chace, do, vice D. Rogers, resigned; Aaron Baldwin, lieutenant, 
vice G. Barnes, moved; Lemuel Sherwood, do, vice B. Salisbury, 
do; Royal Abbott, do light infantry, vice C. Shepherd, moved; John 
Manchester, junior, ensign, vice Russel Chace, promoted; Jonas 
Halstead, do; Garrett Hallenbeck, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Eddy's regiment: 

William Knickerbacker, first major, vice Douglas, resigned; Tis- 
dale Eddy, second major, vice William Knickerbacker, promoted. 

Courtland Elliott, captain, vice T. Eddy, promoted; John Down- 
ing, lieutenant, vice Courtland Elliott, promoted. 

Andrew Ryan, quartermaster, vice H. Warren, moved; Theodore 
May, surgeon; Matthew Groff, ensign, vice John Downing, pro- 
moted; William Groesbeck, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 

Thomas Davis, second major, vice L. Winnie, resigned. 



99 2 Annual Report of the 

William S. Parker, captain, vice T. Davis, promoted. 

Ebenezer W. Walbridge, captain, vice Penniman, resigned; Guil- 
ford D. Young, do, vice Kimberly, do; Benjamin Higbie, lieutenant, 
vice Guilford D. Young, promoted; Stephen Warren, lieutenant, 
vice William S. Parker, promoted; Stephen Clark, do, vice Ebene- 
zer W. Walbridge, promoted; Frederick Barenger, do, vice Coons, 
moved; Barent Schuyler, paymaster, vice Vanderheyden, moved; 
Jedediah Tracy, ensign, vice Stephen Warren, promoted; Norman 
Hickock, do, vice Stephen Clark, do; Cornelius Swartwout, junior, 
do, vice Winne, refused; Samuel P. Hawley, do, vice Benjamin 
Higbie, promoted. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Philip Staats' regiment: 

Abraham Herrington, captain, vice Hallenbeck, resigned; William 
N. Staats, do, vice Van Beuren, do; John L. Zobriskie, chaplain; 
Manassah Knowlton, lieutenant, vice Abraham Herrington, pro- 
moted; Anthony Breese, do; Aretus Lyman, do; Peter Ostrander, 
do, vice Wm. N. Staats, promoted; Nicholas B. Harris, surgeon, 
vice Row, deceased; Cornelius Hermance, surgeon's mate, vice 
Nicholas B. Harris, promoted; Nathaniel Paine, ensign, vice Manas- 
sah Knowlton, promoted; James Livingston, do, vice Anthony 
Breese, do; David E. Gregory, do, vice Hitchcock, resigned; Simon 
Welch, do, vice Peter Ostrander, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Elisha Stewart's regiment: 

John Younglove, chaplain; John Blaney, lieutenant, vice J. 
Philips, moved; Jacob P. Hermance, ensign, vice John Blaney, 

Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Scriven's regiment: 

Joseph Crandal, captain, vice J. Nicholas, resigned; Enos Larkin, 
do, vice Hull, moved; Daniel Arnold, do, vice J. Godfrey, do; Aaron 
Sedgwick, do; Edward Whitford, lieutenant, vice Joseph Crandal, 

State Historian. 993 

promoted; William C. Barber, do, vice Whipple, moved; Samuel 
Hutton, do; David Matteson, do, vice Daniel Arnold, promoted; 
Elisha Eglestone, do; Sanford Hewit, ensign, vice William C. Bar- 
ber, promoted; William Child, do: Hezekiah Hull, junior, do, vice 
D. Matteson, promoted; Pliny Miller, junior, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 

Amos Salisbury, captain light infantry, vice Adams, promoted; 
Elam Lyndes, lieutenant do, vice Amos Salisbury, do; Oliver Lyon, 
ensign do, vice Betts, resigned; David Butler, chaplain; Hugh W. 
Henry, surgeon's mate ; John Sampson, quartermaster, vice Vander 
Heyden, resigned. 


Battalion of riflemen in the city of New York : 

Francis McClure, major commandant. 

Daniel Fisher, captain, vice Fisher, promoted; John Morrison, 
captain; David Andrews, captain. 

Lieutenants — Robert Bleakley; Joseph Tate, James Farrell, David 

Ensigns — Hugh Walker, Robert Dillon, Patrick Lunny, Charles 


Brigadier General Simon De Ridder's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Hendrick Van Schaick's regiment: 

Jacob H. Van Schaick, captain, vice N. Kingsley, resigned; 

Gideon Cornell, lieutenant, vice Thurston, moved; John Van Beuren, 

ensign, vice Sherman, moved; Ellis May, lieutenant, vice Archibell, 

do; Mitchel Corlis, ensign, vice Ellis May, promoted; Nathan 

Tucker, lieutenant, vice Bailey, moved; James Hay, ensign, vice 

Philips, do. 

Worthey Waters, captain, vice Tilton, moved; Peter Wheldon, 

lieutenant, vice Luce, do; Benjamin Brownell, junior, ensign, vice 



994 Annual Report of the 

Butler, do; Samuel Crandal, lieutenant, vice Jere: Reynolds, super- 
seded; Moses Cowen, ensign, vice Samuel Crandal, promoted. 

Henry Potter, captain, vice Kenyon, resigned; John Davenport, 
lieutenant, vice Henry Potter, promoted; Samuel Simmons, ensign, 
vice John Davenport, promoted. 

Stephen Allen, captain, vice Wright, moved; Gideon Cornell, lieu- 
tenant, vice H. Russel, do; John Briggs, ensign, vice B. Briggs, do. 

Regiment whereof John Gordon was lately lieutenant colonel 

Hercules Rice, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice John Gordon, 

Oliver Sherman, first major, vice Woodward, resigned; James 
Hill, second do, vice Hercules Rice, promoted; Isaac Lacy, quarter- 
master, vice Younglove, moved; Solomon Dean, surgeon, vice Dorr, 
resigned; Jonathan Dorr, junior, surgeon's mate; John Powers, lieu- 
tenant light infantry, vice Tillinghast, moved; John I. Perine, ensign. 

Nathan Skinner, captain, vice Sherman, promoted; John May hew, 
lieutenant, vice Nathan Skinner, do: William Waite, junior, ensign, 
vice John Mayhew, do. 

Hiram Pratt, captain, vice Van Vechten, resigned; Jabez Rem- 
mington, lieutenant, vice Groesbeck, do; Daniel Thomas, ensign. 

Samuel Bowen, captain, vice Gifford, resigned; Duty Sayles, lieu- 
tenant, vice Samuel Bowen, promoted; Robert Wilcox, ensign, vice 
Duty Sayles, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Brown's regiment: 

Andrew Lytle, junior, captain light infantry; William McClallen, 
second, lieutenant do ; William Townsend, ensign do ; Robert Edgar, 
ensign do, vice Reuben Edgar, erroneously appointed, (April) 3, 
1806, with rank from that time. 

James McClallen, captain, vice Foster, resigned; William Fuller- 

State Historian. 995 

ton, lieutenant, vice James McClallen, promoted; Samuel Livingston, 
ensign, vice William Fullerton, do. 

William Root, captain, vice Long, resigned; James Guthery, lieu- 
tenant, vice William Root, promoted; Warham Root, ensign, vice 
James Guthery, promoted. 

Timothy Nichols, captain, vice McDonald, moved; Amos Scott, 
lieutenant, vice Case, resigned; Joel Smith, ensign, vice Timothy 
Nichols, promoted. 

David Matthews, junior, captain, vice McMurray, to be super- 
seded; Joseph Boyd, ensign, vice Bristol, moved; James Brown, 
ensign, vice David Matthews, promoted. 

Samuel McDougal, captain, vice Root, moved; Aaron M. Perine, 
lieutenant, vice Campbell, moved; Lemuel Dwelly, ensign. 

Brigadier General Warren Ferris' brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Enos Mead's regiment: 

Kitchel Bishop, second major. 

Benjamin Bellows, quartermaster; Zepheniah Tubbs, surgeon; 
John P. Little, surgeon's mate; Isaac Mead, paymaster. 

John McMillan, captain; Hezekiah Baldwin, do; Frederick Miller, 

Captains — Lemuel Humphrey, Noadiah Graves, Eleazur Good- 
man, John Kenyon, William Cook, Benajah Bennet, Joseph Norton. 

Lieutenants — John Weaver, Caleb Wells, Enos Mead third, Solo- 
mon Ferris, John L. Smith, James McDonald, Stephen Tuttle, John 
Woodward, Uriah Balkim. 

Ensigns — Levi Weaver, Samuel Day, Abel Baldwin, Lewis Cam- 
eron, Pliny Pierce, Daniel Geer, Samuel H. Patchin. 

Lieutenant Colonel Micajah Pettit's regiment: 

Jonathan Wood, second major, with rank from April 6, 1807. 

Roger Halloday, captain, do; Samuel Love, lieutenant, vice Roger 



996 Annual Report of the 


Halloday, promoted; Joseph Steward, third, ensign, vice Samuel 
Love, do; Russel Cole, ensign, vice (Nathaniel) Pitcher, adjutant; 
Franklin Haskins, ensign, vice F. Hastings. 

Collins Hitchcock, captain, vice Stewart, promoted, to take rank 
from 6 April, 1807; Benjamin Seely, lieutenant, vice Collins Hitch- 
cock, promoted; Layton Bently, ensign, vice Benjamin Seely, pro- 
moted; John Moss, junior, ensign light infantry, vice Badger, 
attached to artillery; Adolphus Freeman, surgeon, vice Gibbs, 
moved; Israel P. Baldwin, surgeon's mate, vice Adolphus Freeman, 
promoted; Reuben Morgan, quartermaster, vice Weston, resigned; 
Noble B. Hitchcock, paymaster, vice Reuben Morgan, promoted. 


]^ Brigade of militia whereof Erastus Root, esquire, is brigadier 

general : 

In the regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Silas 
Fitch : 

John St. John, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Silas Fitch, 

Abraham Howel, first major, vice Hathaway, resigned; Peter 
Pine, second do, vice McCall, refused. 

Uriah Clark, captain, vice A. Howel, promoted; Simeon Howel, 
lieutenant, vice Uriah Clark, do; Minor Treadwell, ensign, vice S. 
Howel, do. 

Shubael Johnson, captain, vice St. John, do; Hammond Sawyer, 
lieutenant, vice Johnson, do; Elnathan Goodrich, ensign; Timothy 
Eastman, ensign. 

William Dewey, captain, vice Beach, refused; John Avery, lieu- 
tenant, vice William Dewey, promoted; Samuel Smith, ensign, vice 
John Avery, do. 

State Historian. 997 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel David Phelps: 

John Moore, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Phelps, pro- 

John Van Waggoner, first major, vice Fay, resigned; Abel Downs, 
second major, vice Moore, promoted. 

William Wheeler, captain light infantry, vice Abel Downs, pro- 

John Barlow, captain, vice Van Waggoner, do: Asa Grant, 
lieutenant, vice John Barlow, do; Amasa Hall, ensign, vice Asa 
Grant, do; Henry Dibble, ensign, vice Sol. Miller, moved; Joseph 
Wheeler, lieutenant, vice Krouskop, do; Benjamin Marsh, ensign, 
vice Joseph Wheeler, promoted. 

Samuel Hull, captain; Reuben Nelson, lieutenant; Israel Chap- 
man, ensign — new company. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Harper's regiment: 

John Banner, captain, vice N. Rogers, resigned; Coenradt Burg- 
hart, lieutenant, vice John Banner, promoted; David Brewer, ensign, 
vice Coenradt Burghart, do; Jeremiah Bresee, lieutenant, vice J. 
Braser, erroneously appointed; Nathan Reynolds, ensign; Abraham 
Butts, ensign, vice J. Adams, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel Putnam Farrington's regiment: 

John Doll, second major, vice Benja. Sears, promoted. 

David Mitchel, captain light infantry, vice John Doll, promoted; 
Walter Chace, lieutenant do, vice David Mitchel, do; Isaac Darrow, 
ensign do, vice Walter Chace, do. 

Robert Leal, captain, vice Philip Farrington, resigned; Homer R. 
Phelps, lieutenant, vice Robert Leal, promoted; David Leal, ensign, 
vice Homer R. Phelps, promoted; Joel Davis, ensign, vice E. Web- 
ster, refused; Peter Webb, lieutenant, vice A. Thomas, do; James 
Woolsey, ensign, vice Peter Webb, promoted; Benjamin Barlow, 



998 Annual Report of the 

lieutenant light infantry, vice R. Philley, moved; Jonathan Stratton, 
ensign do, vice Benjamin Barlow, promoted; Jeriel Root, ensign, 
vice Jonas Moore, refused. 

Donald Grant, captain, vice Herrick, resigned; John McCraney, 
lieutenant; Alexander McPherson, ensign; Jabez Bostwick, adjutant, 
vice Leml. Lamb, junior, promoted; Joseph Davis Beers, quarter- 
master, vice Jabez Bostwick, promoted; Henry Leavenworth, pay- 
master, vice Joseph Davis Beers, promoted; Lemuel Lamb, junior, 
brigade major and inspector, vice Emmons, superseded. 


Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Isaac O. Carpenter, cornet. 

Second battalion, fifth regiment of artillery: 

David Waterman, first lieutenant, vice Kellogg, refused; Myron 
Beach, second lieutenant, vice David Waterman, promoted; Seth 
Walters, second lieutenant, vice Talmadge, promoted — in Lemen 
Foot's company. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hezekiah Ketchum's regiment: 

Cornelius C. Van Sanford, lieutenant, vice Drake, refused; Jacob 
Pudney, ensign, vice Sanford, appointed by a wrong name. 


In Major Commandant Matthias Lemen's battalion: 
Justin Dutton, captain; Josiah Risdon, lieutenant; Joseph White, 
ensign — new company. 

Hopestill Beebe, lieutenant, vice J. Dutton, promoted; Timothy 
Winters, ensign; Aaron Wheeler, adjutant; Stephen Dale, quarter- 
master; John Griffeth, paymaster. 


Brigadier General Daniel Brown, junior's brigade: 
Colonel Samuel Haight's regiment: 

State Historian. 999 

John M. Canfield, paymaster, vice Van Orden, resigned; Thomas 
Stitt, ensign light infantry, vice Clark, resigned. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Stephen 

George Stimson, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Stephen 
Simmons, resigned. 

Jehiel Tuttle, first major, vice George Stimson, promoted; William 
Parker, second major; John C. Carpenter, ensign; James Coe, lieu- 
tenant; Adonijah Ford, junior, ensign. 

James Munson, captain, vice Tuttle, promoted; Minor Cobb, 
lieutenant, vice James Munson, do; James Robertson, ensign, 
vice Minor Cobb, promoted; James Paddock, lieutenant; Wooster 
Parkins, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk's regiment: 

John I. Brandow, captain light infantry, vice Conyne, resigned; 
Joseph B. Silvester, lieutenant do, vice John I. Brandow, promoted; 
Martin C. Hallenbake, ensign do. 

Japhet Collins, captain, vice Enos Collins, resigned; Paul Crego, 
lieutenant, vice Japhet Collins, promoted; Ithamar Cobb, ensign, 
vice Crewel, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Reynolds' regiment: 

Salmon Cowles, second major, vice A. Dewey, resigned. 

Josiah Doan, captain of light infantry, vice J. Dana, erroneously 
appointed, with rank from April 6, 1807. 

Leverett Chittenden, captain, vice Salmon Cowles, promoted; 
Eliab Skeel, lieutenant, vice Leverett Chittenden, promoted; Josiah 
Gilbert, ensign. 

Abraham Post, captain, vice Calhoun, moved; Jacob Roggen, 
paymaster; Gideon Hickock, lieutenant, vice Abraham Post, pro- 
moted; Hervey H. Stone, ensign, vice Gideon Hickock. 



iooo Annual Report of the 

Stephen Lockwood, captain, vice Ranney, moved; William Mor- 
rison, lieutenant, vice Stephen Lockwood, promoted; Ebenezer Car- 
ter, junior, ensign. 

Moses Olmstcad, captain, vice J. Olmstead, moved; Judson Minor, 
lieutenant, vice Moses Olmstead, promoted; George Minor, ensign, 
vice J. Minor, do: Eli Wheeler, ensign, vice Wildman, moved. 

Amasa Thompson, captain, vice J. Xowlan, moved; Elijah Haw- 
ley, junior, lieutenant, vice Amasa Thompson, promoted; Reuben 
Atwater, ensign, vice Hawley. promoted; Amos Hamlin, surgeon. 

In Lieutenant Colonel George Stimson's regiment: 

Isaac Mallery, lieutenant, vice John H. Brout, resigned; John H. 
Prout. ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel John T. Van Dalfsen's regiment: 

Justice "Weed, captain, vice Gage, resigned; Benjamin Foster, 
junior, lieutenant, vice Justice Weed, promoted; David Springsteed, 
junior, ensign, vice Mosier, moved. 

John B. Clark, captain, vice Badgley, resigned; John P. Shear, 
lieutenant, vice John B. Clark: David I. D. Yerplanck, ensign, vice 
John P. Shear, promoted; Andrew Ten Eyck. lieutenant, vice Wells, 
resigned: Cornelius Van Antwerp, ensign, vice Andrew Ten Eyck, 
promoted; John Moll, ensign, vice Griffin, moved. 

Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Israel Shears, captain, vice Judson, resigned; Minor Hubbel, first 
lieutenant, vice Israel Shears, promoted; James Blodget, second do, 
vice Minor Hubbel. promoted: Truman Sanford, cornet, vice James 
Blodget, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trotter's regiment: 

John Lush, captain, vice Leonard H. Gansevoort, resigned; Elijah 
Thomas, quartermaster, vice W r ashburn, refused ; John Scoville, pay- 
master, vice Elijah Thomas, promoted. 

State Historian. iooi 

Major John V. A. Lansing's battalion: 

Lyman Stanford, captain, vice David Winne, moved; Nicholas 
Van Rensselaer, junior, lieutenant, vice Lyman Stanford, promoted; 
Jacob Dox, ensign, vice J. Winne, refused; Robert Dunbar, junior, 
adjutant, vice Robert Dunbar, erroneously appointed, to rank from 
30th April last. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk's regiment: 

Isaiah Griffin, ensign, vice Josiah Griffin, to rank from 6th April 

Brigadier General Gerrit W. Van Schaick's brigade: 

Leonard H. Gansevoort, brigade quartermaster. 

General Paul Todd's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel William Mackey's regiment. 

John Hutchison, captain, vice S. Sweet, resigned. 

Joseph Conner, captain, vice L. Day, do; Elisha Miller, lieutenant, 
vice J. Conner, promoted; David Vermilyea, do, vice J. Hutchison, 
do; Philip Myer, junior, do, vice W. Bardsley, resigned; Montgom- 
ery Mackey, ensign light infantry, vice Geo. Cooly, moved; Jedediah 
Pratt, do, vice A. Bennet, do; Alpheus Reynolds, do, vice David 
Vermilyea, promoted; Andrew Lawson, do, vice P. Myer, junior, do; 
Alexander Barthwic, do, vice E. Miller, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Johan Jost Deitz's regiment: 

Anthony Talman, captain, vice J. Sears, moved. 

Jacob J. Weidman, captain, vice Reinhardt, resigned; Michael J. 
Overacker, lieutenant, vice T. Denison, do; Lewis Sherman, do, vice 
A. Talman, do; Artemas Morris, ensign, vice Lewis Sherman, pro- 
moted; George Gallup, do; William A. Deitz, do; Gabriel Secor, do. 

Major Silas Marsh's battalion: 

Silas Marsh, major commandant, vice P. Doty, superseded April 
6, 1807, to rank from that period. 




Annual Report of the 

Joseph Briggs, captain, vice S. Marsh, promoted. 

Hugh McCollum, captain, vice J. Tullock, resigned; Gilbert Hunt, 
lieutenant, vice Hugh McCollum, promoted; James Frost, do, vice J. 
Briggs, do; George Hare, do light infantry, vice J. Rector, resigned; 
Joseph Gage, ensign, vice James Frost, promoted; Job Sherman, do, 
vice G. Hare, do; Amos Bennet, do, vice J. Widger, resigned; Joseph 
Harris, do, vice G. Hunt, promoted. 

John McClave, captain: James McClave, ensign, to rank from 
April 6, 1807. 


Lieutenant Colonel Philip Staats' regiment: 
Jacob G. Yandenbergh, quartermaster. 


It appearing by the return of Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Thorn 
that the company of artillery in his regiment, whereof Solomon Day 
is captain, does not contain the complement of men uniformed and 
equipped as is required by law: therefore, Resolved, that the said 
company is hereby dissolved and that the commissions of the officers 
thereof are hereby revoked. 


Brigadier General Abraham Yeeder's brigade: 
Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher's regiment : 
John W. Stanton, captain, vice A. Z. Beard, dead; Elijah Gove, 
lieutenant, vice John W. Stanton, promoted; Edward Flint, ensign. 


TTUIoV, n 

/~\-*t£* r»t*nrvir\ 

f &A 




State Historian. 1003 

Edward Carey, captain, vice N. Tracey; Avery Lamb, lieutenant, 
vice Edward Carey, promoted; Samuel R. Baker, ensign, vice Saml. 
R. Baker. 

John J. Leanderson, captain, vice Abm. Yates, resigned; Henry 
J. Divendorff, lieutenant, vice J. Gardenier, resigned; David Vor- 
hees, ensign, vice J. J. Leanderson. 

Job Rice, junior, captain, vice S. Clark, moved; John Hilts, lieu- 
tenant, vice W. Beach, do; Cornelius Wiser, ensign, vice D. Allen, 
do; Henry Malary, ensign, vice Jno. Snook, refused. 

First squadron, fourth division of cavalry : 

George Smith, captain; John McConkey, first lieutenant; Elisha 
Stanton, second do; Isaiah Shaw, cornet — new troop. 

William Foorman, first lieutenant, vice Visscher, promoted; John 
Yost, second do; John Merrill, cornet. 

Major James Clapp's battalion: 

Ichabod Bartlet, ensign; Silvanus Ayres, ensign, vice Boyer, pro- 
moted; Silas Thompson, lieutenant; John Ford, ensign. 

William Wood, captain, vice Clapp, promoted; Silas Philips, lieu- 
tenant, vice W. Wood, moved; Jesse Jennings, ensign, vice William 
Wood, promoted; Jeremiah Drake, adjutant; Elisha Wood, quarter- 
master; Jacob Munson, paymaster; Stephen Todd, junior, surgeon. 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Kennedy's regiment: 

James Ford, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Henry Ken- 
nedy, moved. 

John P. Allen, first major, vice James Ford, promoted; John 
Harman, second major, vice John P. Allen, do. 



1004 Annual Report of the 

lieutenant, vice J. Pride, promoted; Gerret Roseboom, ensign, vice 
John P. Davis, do. 

Daniel De Graef, captain, vice McNaughton, refused; Jeremiah 
Cole, lieutenant, vice Daniel De Graef, promoted; David Puffer, 
ensign, vice Jeremiah Cole, promoted. 

James Canary, captain, vice E. Warner, moved; Elijah Roberts, 
lieutenant, vice J. Canary, promoted; Nathaniel Fisk, ensign, vice E. 
Roberts, do. 

Andreas Waters, captain light infantry, vice Andrew Waters — 
erroneous— with rank from former appointment; John Esmond, 
surgeon, vice E. G. Rawson, resigned; John Thompson, surgeon's 

Benjamin Leggat, captain; Joseph Jennings, lieutenant, vice B. 
Leggat, promoted ; Alanson Kennedy, ensign, vice Joseph Jennings, 

Lieutenant Colonel John Ron's regiment: 

Jacob Abeel, captain; John Davis, lieutenant, vice Jacob Abeel, 
promoted; Robert Crouse, ensign, vice J. Davis, do. 

James Delong, captain light infantry, vice J. Winn, junior, moved; 
George Haun, lieutenant do, vice James Delong, promoted; Moses 
Wheeler, ensign do, vice George Haun, do. 

David J. Quackenbush, captain, vice A. Ehle, resigned; Cornelius 
Van Alstyne, fourth, lieutenant, vice David J. Quackenbush, pro- 
moted; John Bnndy. ensign, vice Wessel Cornew, resigned. 

Francis Dunkle, captain, vice A. Failing, resigned ; George Deifen- 
dorff, lieutenant, vice Francis Dunkle, promoted; Henry H. Hess, 
ensign, vice George Deifendorff, do; Peter Collin, lieutenant, vice 
Step. Brockway, moved; Aaron Clement, ensign, vice Peter Collin, 
promoted; John Wilson, ensign. 

Hermanus A. Vedder, brigade quartermaster. 

State Historian. 1005 



Brigadier General George Widrig's brigade: 
Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment: 
James Hale, first major, vice Joel W. Petrie, resigned; Daniel 
Wright, second do, vice James Hale, promoted. 

Nathaniel Norton, junior, captain light infantry, vice D. Wright, 
promoted; Jesse Paine, lieutenant do, vice Daniel Stow; Charles 
Dyer, ensign do, vice N. Norton, junior, promoted. 

Jonathan Card, captain do, vice Moses Mather, moved; Asa Chat- 
field, lieutenant do, vice Rich'd Smith, resigned; Daniel Ford, 
ensign, do, vice S. Smith, moved. 

Abraham Golden, captain, vice Henry Peirce, moved; Erastus 
Hall, lieutenant, vice Abraham Golden, promoted; Joseph Petrie, 
ensign, vice Erastus Hall, do. 

Stephen Carpenter, captain, vice Angel Potter, moved; Wright 
Sherman, lieutenant, vice Stephen Carpenter, promoted; Stephen 
Van Ama, ensign, vice Wright Sherman, do. 

Richard Graham, captain, vice R'd Petrie; Peter Klock, lieuten- 
ant, vice Jos. A. Petrie; Francis Bucklin, junior, ensign, vice Clark 
Shurtleff, dead. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Peter F. 

Jonah Knapp, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Peter F. Bel- 
linger, resigned; Thomas Bell, second major, vice Jonah Knapp, 

Jacob P. Weber, captain, vice T. Bell, promoted; Simon Wait, 
lieutenant, vice Jacob P. Weber, do; Frederick Bellinger, ensign, 
vice Simon Wait, do. 

Nathan Spalding, captain, vice Rd. Werden; Welcome Eddy, lieu- 
tenant, vice Nathan Spalding, promoted; Phinehas Hutchins, ensign, 


1006 Annual Report of the 

vice Welcome Eddy, do; Jonathan King, lieutenant, vice R. Spen- 
cer, junior; Herman Bush, ensign, vice Jonathan King, promoted; 
Amos Smith, lieutenant, vice J. Widrig, resigned; Mason Barker, 
ensign, vice Amos Smith, promoted. 

John H. Frank, captain, vice L. H. Frank, resigned; Michael 
Weber, lieutenant, vice P. J. Myers; Warner Folts, ensign, vice 
J. H. Frank, promoted; Edmund Sanford, lieutenant light infantry, 
vice Wisner, junior; Henry F. Helmer, ensign do, vice Edmund 
Sanford, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Petrie's regiment: 

Nathan Herwood, surgeon, vice Wright, moved; Asa Flint, junior, 
surgeon's mate, vice Nathan Herwood, promoted. 

John Whitman, captain, vice Steele; Robert Shoemaker, lieuten- 
ant, vice John Whitman, promoted; Joshua Whitman, ensign, vice 
Robert Shoemaker. 

Peter Hover, captain, vice Jed. Paine, resigned; Silas Dana, lieu- 
tenant, vice Peter Hoyer, promoted; Rufus Starkweather, ensign, 
vice S. Desner. 

Frederick Daniels, captain, vice Ethan Holmes, resigned; James 
Delong, junior, lieutenant, vice Frederick Daniels, promoted; John 
Tunnicliff, junior, ensign, vice Delong, promoted. 

Henry Orendorff, junior, captain, vice F. Ettich, resigned; Ezra 
Sanford, lieutenant, vice M. Jaquish; Samuel Bloomfield, ensign, 
vice H. Orendorff, promoted; Ezra Malery, lieutenant, vice Clark 
Noble, resigned; Nathan Bangs, ensign, vice Herman Barber, do; 
George Petrie, ensign grenadiers, vice Lotridge, resigned. 

Second battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Enoch Turner, captain; George Pouler, first lieutenant; Coenrad 
Cramer, second do — new company. 

In Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment: 

State Historian. io°7 


Jared Thayer, captain; Russel Hines, lieutenant; John Z. Ross, 
ensign — riflemen. 

Caleb Alexander, chaplain; Aaron Hackley, junior, brigade quar- 


First battalion of Fifth regiment of artillery: 

Ezekiel Saxton,* captain, vice Jacob 5. Glenn, resigned; William 
Dunlap,* junior, first lieutenant, vice Ezekiel Saxton, promoted; 
James Walker,* second lieutenant, vice William Dunlap, promoted. 


In Lieutenant Colonel Jabez X. M. Hurd's regiment: 
Ebenezer Wales, captain; Aaron Putney, lieutenant; David Fos- 
ketj ensign — new company light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment: 
Ashbel Hosmer, chaplain. 

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskell's regiment: 
Joy Handy, chaplain. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Obadiah 
German : 

William Munro, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice O. Ger- 
man, promoted. 

Thompson Mead, first major, vice William Munro, promoted; 
John Randall, junior, second major, vice Thompson Mead, pro- 

William Collins, ensign, vice French, moved. 


Brigadier General Georgfe Doolittle's brigade: isos. 


Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Collins' regiment: 
* Appointed April 4th. 



iooS Annual Report of the 

William Gear, captain, vice Bacon, resigned; Isaac Spafford, lieu- 
tenant, vice William Gear, promoted; Daniel Prior, ensign, vice 
Babbet, moved. 

Gurdon Burchard, captain, vice Bloodgood, refused; Benjamin 
Ballow, junior, lieutenant, vice Gurdon Burchard, promoted; Anson 
Thomas, ensign, vice Ballow, promoted; Samuel Ladd, lieutenant, 
vice Holt, resigned; Amos Seward, ensign, vice Samuel Ladd, pro- 
moted; Charles McNeil, lieutenant, vice Hall, moved; Samuel C. 
Baldwin, ensign, vice Charles McNeil, promoted; Obadiah Latham, 
ensign, vice Farnum, refused. 

Nathan Adams, captain; John Tuttle, lieutenant; Doddridge 
Loomis, ensign — new company. 

Regiment to be composed of the battalion commanded by Major 
Gaius Morgan: 

Gaius Morgan, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
Thomas Hicks, first major; Gershom Hinckley, second do; Ben- 
jamin Brayton, adjutant; Broughton White, quartermaster; Luther 
Storrs, paymaster; Earl Bill, surgeon. 

Captains — Ephraim Nash, Luther Conklin, Ebenezer Wheeler 
vice Jones, resigned; Walter Fowler, Jarus Dodd, Orris Fraser, 
Joseph Watkins, Joseph Howe. 

Lieutenants — John Mappa, Peter Slawson, Isaac Knight, Warner 
Mitchell, Martin Loomis, junior, Bildad Merrill, junior, vice A. B. 
Green, moved; Jacob Hovey, Aaron Reed. 

Ensigns — John Harris, Thomas Fenner, George Manchester, 
John W. Brooks, Ichabod Davis, Silas Pearce, Hendrick Miller, 
Daniel Stanton. 

Lieutenant Colonel Clark Putnam's regiment: 
Samuel Dill, second major, vice Jona. Rice, moved; Asa Baker, 
ensign, vice H. Hamlin, refused; Jehiel W. Horton, ensign, vice 
J. Marshal, moved. 

State Historian. 1009 


William Reynolds, captain, vice Samuel Dill, promoted; Ephraim 
F. Gilbert, lieutenant, vice William Reynolds, promoted; Jesse Fish, 
ensign, vice Ephraim F. Gilbert, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Cassety's regiment: 

Theodore H. Chapin, quartermaster, vice Curtis, moved; Matthew 
W. Casety, paymaster, vice Theodore H. Chapin, promoted. 

Joseph Batchelor, captain, vice F. B. Bowker, resigned; Ashbel 
Chapin, lieutenant, vice A. P. Benjamin, moved; John Trask, ensign. 

William Mahan, captain, vice W. Deland, moved; William 
Wright, lieutenant, vice J. Owen, resigned; Eli Frisbie, ensign. 

Isaac Jackson, captain, vice Bartholomew, resigned; Reuben Root, 
lieutenant; William Farrington, ensign. 


Brigadier General Alex'r Rhea's brigade: 

Regiment whereof Wm. Rumsey is lieutenant colonel com- 

Parmenio Adams, captain; Seth Gates, lieutenant; Dan Adams, 
ensign — new company grenadiers. 


Battalion to be composed of the militia in the towns of Mexico 
and Richland: 

Jonathan Parkhurst, major commandant; Robert Gillispie, adju- 
tant; Jonathan W r ing, quartermaster; Anson Tenant, surgeon. 

Elias Howe, captain; Nathan W. Noyes, lieutenant; Smith Dun- 
lap, ensign — new company. 


Brigadier General Robert Earll's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Hall's regiment: 

Chester Howard, lieutenant, vice R. Pixley, junior, moved; Gad 

Loveland, ensign, vice Chester Howard, promoted. 


ioio Annual Report of the 

Jeremiah Gould, junior, captain, vice Z. D. Hoar, moved; Spen- 
cer Fisher, lieutenant, vice Gould, promoted; Wandal Morton, 
ensign, vice Spencer Fisher, do; Amos Palmetier, ensign, vice 
Baker, moved; Ele Cook, lieutenant; Moses Savage, ensign, vice 
E. Cook, promoted; Thomas Barnum, lieutenant, vice M. Ball, 
moved; Lewis Guthery, ensign, vice Thomas Barnum, promoted; 
Oren Stone, ensign, vice Jno. Gilbert, moved; Nathan Baker, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Sutherland, dead ; William Russel Lewis, ensign, vice 
N. Baker, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Elijah St. John's regiment: 

Daniel Benson, first major, vice H. Stewart, resigned; Jacob 
Johnson, second do, vice Daniel Benson, promoted. 

Eli Farr, captain, vice Jacob Johnson, do; Uriel Smith, lieutenant, 
vice Eli Farr, do; Richard Anderson, ensign, vice Uriel Smith, do. 

Thaddeus Joy, captain, vice Ebenr. Belding, resigned; Amos 
Barret, lieutenant, vice Thaddeus Joy, promoted; Oliver Phelps, 
ensign, vice Amos Barret, do. 

George Pettit, captain, vice Jon. Stanley, junior, refused; Benja- 
min Chase, lieutenant, vice George Pettit, promoted; Simon Rob- 
bins, ensign, vice B. Chase, promoted. 

Elijah Wheeler, captain, vice O. Beebe, resigned; Stephen N. 
Peck, lieutenant, vice Elijah Wheeler, promoted; Josiah Smith, 
ensign, vice Stephen N. Peck, promoted; Josiah Wood, lieutenant; 
Thaddeus Negus, ensign, vice Josiah Wood, promoted. 

Jonah Thayer, captain, vice J. Holmes, junior, refused; Frederick 
Freeman, lieutenant, vice Jno. McKnight, moved; Robert Watson, 

Lieutenant Colonel Nehemiah Earll's regiment: 

Timothy Gilchrist, ensign ; Jasper Wood, lieutenant, vice J. Post, 
dead; Silvanus Tousley, ensign; Turner Fenner, lieutenant, vice 
Chapman, promoted; David Ellis, ensign. 

State Historian. ioii 

Prentice Kinney, captain; Hezekiah Ketchum, lieutenant; Isaac 
Stanton, ensign — new company. 

William H. Sabin, captain; Bradley Benedict, lieutenant; Oliver 
R. Strong, ensign, vice Pharis, moved. 

Amasa Chapman, captain; Caleb Amidon, lieutenant; John Clark, 
ensign — new company. 

Daniel Wheaton, captain, vice Annable, resigned; Jonah White, 
lieutenant, vice A. Boggs, resigned; James Slade, ensign, vice 
James, resigned. 

Levi Hiscock, captain, vice C. Pratt, resigned; John Adams, lieu- 
tenant, vice Levi Hiscock, promoted; Polaski King, ensign, vice 
Delamatter, moved. 

Elisha Alvord, captain; Joshua Forman, lieutenant; Elijah Philips, 
junior, ensign — new company of grenadiers. 

Salmon Thayer, adjutant; .Martin Butler, paymaster, vice W. H. 
Sabin, promoted. 


Brigadier General John Swift's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel William Burnett's regiment: 

John Collins, adjutant, vice Joseph Hall, promoted. 

James J. Burnet, captain, vice Jno. J. Burnet, erroneously 
appointed; Selah Wheedon, do, vice Seth Mapes, resigned; John 
Taylor, lieutenant, vice Selah Wheedon, promoted; Levi Benton, 
junior, ensign, vice J. Taylor, promoted; James Wooden, do; Seth 
Whitmore, do, vice Wm. Gay, resigned. 

Joseph Hall, captain; Salma Stanley, lieutenant; David Hudson, 
ensign — new company of riflemen. 

Lieutenant Colonel Philetus Swift's regiment: 

Amos Stout, first major. 

John Brown, captain, vice Osburn, moved; Jenks Pullen, lieu- 
tenant; Nathan How, do. 



1012 Annual Report of the 

Ensigns — Jacob Cost, Eleazur Penny, Jacob Westfall. 

James Carter, surgeon; James Beard, ensign; Andrew Dorsey, do. 


Brigade of militia whereof Jno. Tillotson is brigadier general: 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bloom's regiment: 

Thomas Ludlow, first major, vice Stephens, moved; Amos 
Adams, quartermaster, vice Woodruff, do. 

Luther Gere, lieutenant; Arnold Rogers, ensign — riflemen. 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Hewitt's regiment: 

Levi Hill, ensign, vice E. Horton, dead; Thomas Chadwick, 
ensign, vice Gere, moved; William T. Gardner, ensign, vice Buel, 
do; John Mills, lieutenant, vice C. Morgan, promoted; Seth Phelps, 
junior, ensign, vice John Mills, promoted; Jesse Brooks, lieutenant, 
vice Buddington, moved; Enos Babbit, ensign, vice Jesse Brooks, 

Lieutenant Colonel John Harris' regiment: 

Giles Norton, captain, vice Downing, moved; Daniel Eldridge, 
lieutenant, vice Giles Norton, promoted; John Hutchens, ensign, 
vice Daniel Eldridge, do. 

Thomas Gold, captain, vice Grover, moved; Stephen Grover, lieu- 
tenant, vice Thomas Gold, promoted; Reuben S. Morris, adjutant, 
vice Sawyer, resigned. 

Battalion whereof Joel Burgess was lately major commandant: 

Cornelius D. Dewit, major commandant, vice Joel Burgess, dead; 
Thomas Norris, ensign; William Foote, lieutenant; Caleb M. North- 
rop, ensign. 

George Brinkerhoof, captain, vice D. Dewitt, promoted; Isaac 
Selover, lieutenant, vice George Brinkerhoof, do; William Wad- 
dams, ensign. 

State Historian. 1313 

Abijah Rundle, captain; William C. Tracy, lieutenant; Nathan 
Tanner, junior, ensign; William Satterly, lieutenant. 

Martin Barber, captain; Joshua Bennett, lieutenant; Liberty 
Brown, ensign — new company. 

William Watson, captain; Ezekiel Roaks, lieutenant; William 
Draper, ensign — new company. 

Christopher Morgan, brigade inspector, to take rank as such 
from April 6, 1807. 


Regiment of militia whereof Jacob Swits is lieutenant colonel 

Charles Taylor, captain; Henry Hogan, lieutenant; John Brown, 
ensign — new company of light infantry. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Wilhelmus Mynderse: 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Sayre's regiment: 

James Sweet, first major, vice Bear, deceased; David Dey, second 
do, vice James Sweet, promoted; Nicholas Squire, ensign, vice Park- 
hurst; Joseph S. Barnard, ensign — riflemen. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Graham's regiment: 

Zachariah P. Smeede, lieutenant; James Smith, ensign. 

David Porter, captain; Samuel C. Terry, lieutenant; John Camp- 
bel, ensign — new company. 

Jonathan Owens, captain; Levy Egglestone, lieutenant; John 
Smith, ensign — new company. 

William Harlow, captain; John Mack, lieutenant; Joseph Good- 
win, ensign — new company. 

James Colegrove, adjutant; William Lamport, quartermaster; 
Alvin Chace, paymaster. 



1014 Annual Report of the 

tioga and broome counties. 
Brigade of militia in the counties of Tioga and Broome lately 
commanded by Brigadier General General William Whitney: 
Samuel Coe, brigadier general, vice William Whitney, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Carpenter's regiment: 
Elisha Griswold, captain, vice Abner Wells, resigned; Thomas 
Baldwin, lieutenant, vice Elisha Griswold, promoted; Vine Baldwin, 
ensign, vice T. Baldwin, do; Samuel Drake, lieutenant, vice Mat- 
thews, moved; Eleazer Owens, ensign, vice Bateman, resigned; 
William Wisner, paymaster, vice Tuthil, promoted; William S. 
Garrad, surgeon. 


Lieutenant Colonel Asa Camp's regiment: 

William Ransom, first major; Jacob Sweatwood, second do. 

David Rich, captain, vice William Ransom, promoted; James 
Ross, junior, lieutenant, vice David Rich, do; Daniel McQuigg, 
ensign, vice James Ross, junior, do. 

Joseph Barker, captain, vice Sweatland, promoted; John Kingsley, 
lieutenant, vice Joseph Barker, do; John Field, ensign, vice John 
Kingsley, do; John Richards, lieutenant, vice Wm. Lewis, moved; 
Gasper Richards, ensign; Charles Wright, ensign. 

Ephraim Wood, captain, vice A. Foster, resigned; Emanuel West- 
fall, lieutenant, vice O. Marsh, moved; Hosea Sheffield, ensign, vice 
Emanuel Westfall, promoted. 

John White, captain; James Westbrook, lieutenant; Thomas 
Bacon, ensign — new company. 

Richard Bush, captain; Isaac Dumond, lieutenant; Comfort But- 
ler, ensign — new company. 

Jesse Smith, ensign, vice Isaac Dumond, promoted; James Har- 

State Historian. 1015 

vey, adjutant, vice Epm. Wool: John Salmon, lieutenant, vacancy 
in Captain Robinson's company. 


First regiment, first brigade, of cavalry : 

Abraham Odle, son of Jonathan Odle, late of Yonkers, deceased, 
adjutant of the said regiment. 

In Lieutenant Colonel David J. Pell's regiment of militia: 
Enoch Tompkins, paymaster, vice Elijah Tompkins, declined. 


First squadron, fifth division, of cavalry: 

Samuel R. Nurse, second lieutenant, vice S. R. Nunge, errone- 
ously appointed, to take rank from April 6, 1807. 


Third squadron, fifth division, of cavalry : 

Jabez Crocker, first lieutenant, vice Simeon Marshal, resigned; 
Joseph Sims, second do, vice Jabez Crocker, promoted; Eli F. Hill, 
cornet, vice Joseph Sims, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Hascal's regiment of militia: 

Benjamin Davis, ensign. 


Second squadron, first division, of cavalry: 

John Lyon, captain, vice Micajah Wright, declined; Charles 
Dusenbury, first lieutenant, vice John Lyon, promoted; Launcelot 
McDonald, second lieutenant: Thomas Owens, cornet, to take rank 
from 1st June, 1808. 


Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bogardus' regiment — third: 
John McKinley, captain; Lawrence Powers, lieutenant — new com- 
pany light infantry. 



1016 Annual Report of the 

greene county. 
Brigadier General Daniel Brown, junior's, brigade: 
Richard McCarty, brigade quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel Richard Dodge's regiment: 
Alinus Matthews, ensign, vice Jno. Matthews, erroneously 
appointed; Abraham Van Home, chaplain. 
Lieutenant Colonel John RofFs regiment: 
John C. Toll, chaplain. 

In Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment: 
Coenradt Ten Eyck, chaplain. 


Brigadier General Freegift Patchin's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Zenas Pynneo's regiment: 

Duel Rowley, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Zenas Pynneo, 

Calvin Rich, first major, vice Rowley, resigned; John Bellinger, 
second do, vice Calvin Rich, do; William Kromar, paymaster. 

William Ottman, captain, vice John Bellinger, promoted; George 
Starn, lieutenant, vice Sweetman, resigned; Jacob Brown, ensign; 
Elisha Hodge, lieutenant; Robert Horning, ensign; Seth Wakeman, 
ensign light infantry, vice Dana, resigned. 


Brigadier General Walter Martin's brigade: 


New regiment to be composed of the militia in the towns of 
Lowville, Denmark, Harrisburgh and Pinkney: 
Luke Winchel, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
Solomon Buck, first major; Zeboam Carter, second do; William 

State Historian. 1017 

Card, adjutant; Andrew Mills, quartermaster; William Darrow. 

John Bush, captain, vice Sol. Buck, promoted; Silas King, lieu- 
tenant, vice E. King, moved; Joseph Fulsom, ensign, vice J. Bush, 

Nathan Cook, captain, vice Z. Carter, promoted; Reuben Gillet, 
lieutenant, vice D. Cobb, promoted; James B. Carter, ensign, vice 
J. Topping, promoted. 

David Cobb, captain; Jared Topping, lieutenant: Caleb L. Clark, 
ensign — new company. 

William Clark, captain, vice Jabez Wright, moved; Francis 
Saunders, lieutenant, vice William Clark, promoted; William Der- 
byshire, ensign, vice Francis Saunders, promoted. 

Robert Clafftan, captain; Rufus Stoddard, lieutenant; Benjamin 
Stillman, ensign — new company. 

Fortunatus Eager, lieutenant, vice Chapin, promoted; George D. 
Gates, ensign, vice Sherwin, moved. 

Jesse Wilcox, captain, vice E. Scott, moved; Galen Richmond, 
lieutenant, vice Jesse Wilcox, promoted; Solomon King, ensign, vice 
O. Bush, moved. 

Ezra King, captain; David K. Carter, lieutenant; Hart Humphrey, 
ensign — light infantry. 


Lieutenant Colonel Paul Stickney's regiment: 

John Barney, first major, vice Baker, resigned; Anthony Sprague, 
second major, vice John Barney, promoted. 

George W. Clark, captain; Daniel Spencer, lieutenant; Appleton 
Skinner, ensign. 

Benjamin McCumber, captain; Orimel Brewster, lieutenant; Jona- 



ioi8 Annual Report of the 

than Scott, ensign; Joseph Green, surgeon; Eli Easton, surgeon's 

Lieutenant Colonel Gershom Tuttle's regiment: 

Loring Breese, captain; Silas Gardner, lieutenant; Jeremiah Good- 
rich, ensign. 

Ezekiel Jewett, captain; Zachariah Butterfield, lieutenant; Stephen 
Gifford, ensign. 

Asa Harris, captain; Simeon Butler, ensign. 

Cyrus H. Stone, captain; Isaiah Post, lieutenant; Rums Willard, 

Timothy Greenly, captain; Elihu Booth, lieutenant; Green Kel- 
logg, ensign. 

Archibald Clark, quartermaster; Ephraim Luce, brigade major 
and inspector, vice Fitch, moved. 

First squadron, fifth division of cavalry; 

Silvanus Barney, captain; Silas Allen, first lieutenant; David 
Hale, second do; Eliakim Barney, cornet — new troop. 


Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Holt's regiment: 

Samuel S. Campbel, adjutant, vice Lester Holt, promoted; 
Moses H. Flint, quartermaster. 


First battalion, fourth regiment of artillery: 

Rapin Andrews, second lieutenant, vice Timo. Ware, moved. 


Albert Pawling, quartermaster general of the militia of this State. 


Nathaniel Coles, junior, of the county of Queens, major general 
of the first division of infantry in the State, vice Thomas Thomas 
(of Westchester county), resigned. 

State Historian. 




Jacob S. Jackson, brigadier general of the brigade of militia in 
the counties of Queens and Kings, vice Nathaniel Coles, junior, 


Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Benedict's regiment: 
Solomon Hains, captain, vice Smith, moved; Squire Wood, lieu- 
tenant, vice Solomon Hains, promoted; Stephen Newman, ensign, 
vice Wakeman, moved. 


Brigadier General Nathaniel King's brigade: 
Thomas Greenley, brigade major and inspector; Elisha Farnham, 
brigade quartermaster. 


Brigadier General Freegift Patchin's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 

Adam P. Becker, captain, vice Jno. Eckeson, resigned; Henry 

Vroman, lieutenant, vice Adam P. Becker, promoted; Abraham 

Fancher, ensign, vice Henry Vroman, do. 

Henry Houck, junior, captain; Philip Deitz, lieutenant; Peter 

Weaver, ensign. 

John Post, captain; Silvester Kibbee, lieutenant; Ira Dewey, 

ensign; Jeremiah Loucks, junior, ensign — riflemen. 
Jacob Gebhard, brigade quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Alunro's regiment: 
Samuel Kelsey, captain. 


Lieutenant Colonel James Green's regiment: 

John Lester, captain, vice (Reuben) Whallon, promoted; James 








1020 Annual Report of the 

Allen, lieutenant; James W. Willet, ensign, vice John Lester, 


Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Steddiford's brigade: 
Jonas Mapes. lieutenant colonel commandant, with rank as such 
from 30th March, 1806 — fifth regiment infantry. 


Brigade whereof Silvester Dering is brigadier general: 

In the regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Xichol 

James Davis, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Overton, 

John M. Howell, first major, vice Brewster, dead; Isaac Satterley, 
second major, vice James Davis, promoted. 

Timothy Miller, captain, vice Davis, promoted; Daniel Robbins, 
lieutenant, vice Miller, moved; John Woodhull, ensign. 

John Van Brunt, captain, vice Satterley, promoted; Jonas Haw- 
kins, lieutenant, vice John Van Brunt, do; John R. Satterley, ensign. 

Enoch Jagger, captain, vice Howell, promoted; Edward Stephens, 
lieutenant, vice Enoch Jagger. do. 

Timothy Rose, captain, vice Hedges, resigned; William Howell, 
lieutenant, vice Bell, resigned: William Arthur, junior, ensign. 

Daniel Saxton, captain, vice Saml. Davis, resigned; Richard Hud- 
son, lieutenant, vice Daniel Saxton, promoted; Daniel Tooker, 

George Brown, captain, vice Davis and Hudson, resigned; 
William Philips, lieutenant, vice George Brown, promoted; Stephen 
Sweazy, junior, ensign. 


Resolved, that commissions issue to the several officers in Lieu- 
tenant Colonel Asa Ransom's regiment in the county of Niagara, 

State Historian. 1021 


who were appointed April 4th last, and who had been previously 

appointed in the year 1807, with rank from the date of their former 



Lieutenant Colonel Henry McNeil's regiment of cavalry: 
Nathan Marvin, captain; Ephraim Towner, first lieutenant; Ben- 
jamin Butterfield, second lieutenant; Solomon Kingsley, cornet — 
new troop in the second squadron, fifth division. 


Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Veeder's regiment: 
John J. Wack, chaplain. 

Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher's regiment: 
Peter Van Buren, chaplain. 


Brigade of militia lately commanded by Brigadier General Robert im 


Earll: 10 - 

James Knapp, brigadier general, vice Robert Earll, appointed 


Regiment lately commanded by James Knapp : 

Daniel Miller, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice James Knapp, 

John Stone, first major, vice Hubbard, resigned; Martin Keep, 
second major, vice Hitchcock, resigned; Stephen B. Lounsbury, 
adjutant, vice Melville, moved; Moses Curtis, quartermaster; John 
Burnham, paymaster. 

Enos Stimson, captain, vice Ingalls, moved; Hezekiah Roberts, 
lieutenant, vice Enos Stimson, promoted; Eleazur May, ensign, vice 
Andrews, resigned — grenadiers. 

* Cortland county was erected from Onondaga county April 8, 1808. — State His- 


1022 Annual Report of the 

Joseph Chaplin, captain, vice Wygant, moved; William Lincoln, 
ensign, vice Joseph Chaplin, promoted. 

David Taylor, captain, vice Thorp, moved; Heman Phelps, lieu- 
tenant, vice Mason, moved; Levi Johnson, ensign, vice Van Hoven, 

Simeon Phelps, captain, vice Daniel Miller, promoted; Asa 
Cowles, lieutenant, vice Kinne: Asa Austin, ensign, vice Phelps, 

Benjamin Andrews, captain, vice Keep, promoted; Adin Webb, 
lieutenant, vice Benjamin Andrews, do; Eli Atwater, ensign. 

Obadiah Boyes, captain; Elijah Rice, lieutenant; Joseph P. Her- 
rick, ensign — new company. 

Second squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

Isaac Rindge, first lieutenant, vice (William) Mallery, sheriff; 
Joseph Hoar, second lieutenant, vice Rice, declined; William Miller, 


Third regiment of artillery: 

Joseph Miller, captain, vice (William) Xoble, moved; Alanson 
Austin, first lieutenant, vice Joseph Miller, promoted; Robert Noble, 
second lieutenant, vice Alanson Austin, promoted. 


Daniel Kelsey, first lieutenant, vice (Chester) Parsons, resigned; 
David Graham, second lieutenant, vice (Teunis) Van Kleeck, refused; 
Alonza Delavergne, second lieutenant, vice (Hendrick) Velie, refused. 


Second squadron, first division of cavalry: 

James Guy on, junior, captain, with rank as such from April 6, 

State Historian. 1023 

lewis, jefferson and st. lawrence counties. 
Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Walter Martin: 


Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Collins' regiment: 
Richard Cox, first major; Oliver Bush, second major. 
Captains — Amos Barnes, second; Truman Stephens, Thomas 

Lieutenants — John Moore, Aaron Talmadge, Ethe Wetmore. 
Ensigns — Job Snell, junior; Reuben Chace, Amos Miller. 
Jesse Talcott, adjutant. 


Lieutenant Colonel Paul Stickney's regiment: 

Anthony Sprague, first major; Clark Allen, second major. 

Captains — William Maynard, Martin Barney of riflemen. 

Lieutenants — Stephen Chace, James Perry, Elijah Wright, Baxter 
Adams of riflemen. 

Ensigns — Amasa Allen, Asher Robbins, Elisha Allen, Elisha Cur- 
tis, Samuel Robes of riflemen. 

George Andrews, paymaster; Eli Estman, surgeon. 


Lieutenant Colonel Luke Winchel's regiment: 

Elijah Munger, captain; Tyrannus A. Wright, lieutenant; Israel 
Kellogg, ensign; Manly Wilman, surgeon. 

First squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

Ebenezer Benson, captain; Fortunatus Eager, first lieutenant; 
Sandford SafTord, second lieutenant; John Norton, cornet. 


Resolved, that commissions issue to the several officers appointed 
in Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Graham's regiment of militia in the 


1024 Annual Report of the 


county of Seneca, who were appointed on the 6th April, 1807, as 
belonging to the county of Cayuga with rank to them respectively 
from the date of their appointments.* 


N<rnsmber Battalion to be set off from the regiment of militia lately com- 

manded by Lieutenant Colonel James Knapp, consisting of the 

militia in the town of Cincinnatus: 

John Kingman, major commandant; John Smith, adjutant; Ezra 
Cole, quartermaster. 

Josiah Dwight, captain, vice John Kingman, promoted; Reuben 
Fish, lieutenant. 

Phinehas Seargeant, captain; William Bartow, junior, lieutenant; 
Jonathan Rinkin, ensign. 

Samuel G. Hathaway, captain; Charles Richardson, lieutenant; 
Remembrance Curtis, ensign. 

Ezekiel C. Carley, captain; William Sawdy, lieutenant; John Dain, 


Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Perine's regiment: 
David Crocheron, adjutant. 


Lieutenant Colonel Peter T. Curtenius' regiment — First: 
Daniel Baehr, second lieutenant; Caleb Hopkins, quartermaster. 
Third regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Edward Rockwell, second lieutenant; Gilbert Haight, second lieu- 
tenant; Andrew Bremner, second lieutenant; George W. Brown, 
second lieutenant — with rank from June 8, 1808. 
Major Francis McClure's battalion of riflemen: 
Thomas McKittrick, captain, with rank from June 8, 1808. 

See page 892. 

State Historian. 1025 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob De la Montaigne's regiment — Seventh 

Richard L. Walker, surgeon. 

Ensigns — John D. Brown, James Boyd, junior, Stephen Jarvis, 
Benjamin L. Day, Daniel Smith, John P. Foote, Nathaniel Smith. 

His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having organized a com- 
pany of flying artillery in the city of New York; therefore, Resolved, 
that the following persons be and they are hereby appointed officers 
in the said company : 

Joseph O. Bogert, captain; John Lovell, first lieutenant; John 
Boscawan, second lieutenant; John Graff, cornet. 


First battalion, fifth regiment of artillery: 

Abel Watkins, captain; Abner Peck, first lieutenant; Marcus 
Noble, second do — new company. 


Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 

Guilford D. Young, captain; Benjamin Higbie, lieutenant; Samuel 
P. Hawley, ensign; William S. Parker, captain; Stephen Warren, 
lieutenant; Jedediah Tracey, ensign — light infantry, to take rank 
from June 8, 1808. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment: 
Peter Petrie, captain, vice Rd. Petrie, cashiered. 


Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 

Jacob Schoolcraft, second major, vice B. Swart. 

John Gorse, captain, vice House, resigned; Nathaniel Cook, lieu- 



1026 Annual Report of the 


tenant, vice John Gorse, promoted; Matthew Lamont, ensign, vice 
Nathaniel Cook, promoted. 

Joshua Bushnel, captain, vice Borthwick, resigned; Nathaniel 
Dickenson, lieutenant, vice Joshua Bushnel, promoted; Asa Bush- 
nel, ensign, vice Nathaniel Dickenson, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Philetus Swift's regiment: 
John Peacock, captain, with rank from April 6, 1807. 


1808 Elijah Holt, brigadier general, vice David Baits, resigned. , 


14- Matthew Clyde, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Elijah Holt, 


John Tennant, junior, first major, vice Matthew Clyde, promoted; 
John Walton, second major, vice Tennant, promoted. 


Stephen Barnum, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. C. Field, 
appointed sheriff. 

Peter Crosby, first major, vice Stephen Barnum, promoted; 
Joshua Barnum, junior, second major, vice Peter Crosby, promoted. 


Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Lawrence L. Van Kleeck, captain; Chauncey Humphrey, first 
lieutenant; Francis Van Valkenburgh, second lieutenant; Philip 
Streit, cornet — new troop. 


ms Resolved, that in the brigade of militia in the county of Wash- 


is- ington, whereof Warren Ferris is brigadier general, Nathaniel 

Pitcher be and he is hereby appointed brigade major and inspector. 

State Historian. 1027 



General Walter Martin's brigade: 1809. 


Colonel Paul Stickney's regiment: 

Nathan Gould, captain, vice Gillet, moved; John Sagears, lieu- 
tenant, vice Nathan Gould, promoted; Appleton Wills, ensign. 

Samuel McNutt, captain; Ashur Robbins, lieutenant; William 
Waring, ensign — new company. 

Daniel Ellis, ensign; Calvin Thomas, quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Collins' regiment: 
John Safford, surgeon's mate. 


Lieutenant Colonel John A. Ditmas' regiment: 

Isaac Bragaw, captain; John Morrel, lieutenant; William Sacket, 
ensign — new company. 

In the artillery of this State: 

Lieutenant Colonel (Stephen) Thome's regiment — Fourth regi- 


Edmund Badger, captain, vice (David) Sanford, resigned; Charles 
Rood, first lieutenant, vice Edmund Badger, promoted; Thomas 
Carpenter, second lieutenant, vice Charles Rood, promoted. 


Reuben King, captain, vice (George) Young, moved; Caleb 
Allen, first lieutenant, vice Reuben King, promoted; Silas Cook, 
second lieutenant, vice (George) Springer, resigned. 


1028 Annual Report of the 



Brigadier General Samuel Clark's brigade: 
Daniel L. Van Antwerp, brigade quartermaster. 


January Brigade of militia whereof Gerrit W. Van Schaick, esquire, is 


brigadier general: 

Darby Xoon, captain; James Maher, lieutenant; John Cassidy, 
ensign— riflemen. 


The regular session of the legislature opened at Albany January 
17, 1809. January 27 the new council was appointed, namely: 
Jonathan Ward of Westchester, James G. Graham of Orange, Isaac 
Kellogg of Essex, and Alexander Rea of Genesee. 


Brigadier General Sylvester Dering's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Youngs' regiment: 

Jeremiah Youngs, captain, vice N. King, resigned; Rufus Tut- 
hill, junior, lieutenant, vice Jeremiah Youngs, promoted; Frederick 
Tabor, ensign, vice Tuthill, promoted. 

Benjamin Case, Captain, vice Saml. Tuthill, resigned; Thomas 
Wines, lieutenant, vice D. Case, resigned; Benjamin Wells, ensign, 
vice B. Case, promoted. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Rose's regiment: 

Samuel Hunting, ensign, vice A. Patterson, moved; Austin 
Howel, ensign, vice Pelltreau, refused; Thomas S. Lester, brigade 

State Historian. 1029 



Lieutenant Colonel Charles McKinstrv's regiment: ^ l m - 

J ° February 


David P. Stever, captain, vice Jos. Morehouse, resigned; Ebene- 
zer Young, lieutenant, vice David P. Stever, promoted; Joseph Rod- 
man, junior, ensign, vice Ebenezer Young, do — light infantry. 

Joseph Wiltsey, captain, vice Peter Deyo, resigned; John Knox, 
lieutenant, vice Joseph Wiltsey, promoted; Luther Chace, ensign, 
vice John Knox, do. 

William Jordan, junior, captain, vice G. Bushnel, resigned; Chris- 
topher Miller, lieutenant, vice William Jordan, junior,, promoted; 
Benson Hunt, ensign, vice Christopher Miller, promoted. 

William Hunt, captain, vice G. Stebbins, resigned; Isaac Foster, 
lieutenant, vice William Hunt, promoted; Augustus Reed, ensign, 
vice Isaac Foster, do; Matthew Fitch, lieutenant, vice David Cross- 
man, junior, resigned; Tared Winslow, ensign, vice Matthew Fitch, 


Second squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

Nathaniel Allen, captain; Ephraim Cleveland, first lieutenant; Ira 
Wilder, cornet — new troop. 

William Willcox, captain ; Asa Lilly, first lieutenant ; James White, 
second do; Henry Jessup, cornet — new troop. 


Anthony Lamb having resigned his office of captain of artillery 
in Lieutenant Colonel Henry R. Teller's regiment — Resolved, that 
the same be and is hereby accepted. 


In Brigadier General Benjamin Mooers' brigade: 

1030 Annual Report of the 



John Warford, brigade quartermaster. 


Silvenus Towsley, captain; John James, first lieutenant; Simon D. 
Wattles, second do — company of horse artillery. 


February Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Lemuel Hotchkiss, captain, vice J. Cooley, resigned; Foster 
Morse, first lieutenant, vice Lemuel Hotchkiss, promoted; Charles 
Johnson, second lieutenant, vice Foster Morse, promoted; Abijah 
Stone, cornet, vice Charles Johnson, promoted. 


1809. Lieutenant Colonel Putnam Farrine; ton's regiment : 

February ° ° 

1 R 

Otis Preston, captain, vice Hicks, resigned; David More, lieuten- 
ant, vice Otis Preston, promoted; David Culver, ensign, vice David 


More, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Luke Goodspeed's regiment: 

William L. Hayden, second major. 

Ashel Franklin, captain; Thomas Cale, lieutenant; Ellis Pearce, 

Samuel Baylen, captain; Abraham Porter, lieutenant; Thomas 
Quick, ensign. 

Benjamin Van Campen, lieutenant; Wheeler Henman, ensign of 


Regiment to be composed of the battalion whereof James McBur- 
ney is major commandant: 

James McBurney, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
Elias Stephens, first major; Jared Erwin, second major. 

State Historian. 1031 


Jonathan Rowley, captain; Isaac Sterling lieutenant; George 
Knows, ensign. 

William Bennet, captain; Joseph Lachrey, lieutenant. 

Thomas Bennet, captain; James Dike, lieutenant; John Rathbon, 
ensign of riflemen. 

Reuben Smith, captain; William Hallet, lieutenant; Jacob Waters, 
ensign; Levi Johnston, ensign. 

A new battalion: 

Joshua Smith, major commandant; Reuben Royce, second major; 
Cyrus Bronson, ensign; Charles Battles, adjutant; John Warner, 

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel S. Haight's regiment: 

Daniel Cruger, first major; James Reed, lieutenant; Daniel Faulk- 
ner, ensign. 

David Whitaker, captain; Benjamin Roberts, lieutenant. 

Asa Cooper, captain; John Wilson, lieutenant; Calvin Bull, 

Asa Gaylord, captain; Abraham Brundege, lieutenant; Nathaniel 
Wallace, ensign of riflemen. 

Brigadier General George McClure's brigade: 

Thomas McBurney, quartermaster. 


Brigadier General Siah Robinson's brigade: 

Nicholas Hardenbergh, quartermaster. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas 
Hardenburgh, deceased: 

Cornelius Bruyn, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Robert Irwin, first major, vice Cornelius Bruyn, promoted; Der- 
ick Roosa, second major, vice Robert Irwin, promoted; Henry J. 


1032 Annual Report of the 

Hornbeck, surgeon, vice J. G. Graham, resigned; Thomas Van 
Gaasbeck, junior, surgeon's mate, vice W. Jansen, deceased. 

Stephen Rea, captain, vice Derick Roosa, promoted. 

Andrew Kidd, captain, vice Alex. Kidd, resigned; Derick Roosa, 
junior, lieutenant, vice S. Rea, promoted; Joseph Woodruff, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. Kidd, promoted; James R. Hunter, ensign, vice D. 
Roosa, junior, promoted; Thomas Hunter, ensign, vice Joseph 
Woodruff, do; Robert S. Crawford, ensign, vice Martin, refused. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Has- 

Abraham J. Hardenbergh, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice 
Josiah Hasbrouck, resigned. 

Isaac Lefever, first major, vice Abraham J. Hardenbergh, pro- 
moted; Jacob Deyo, second major, vice Isaac Lefever, promoted. 

Abraham Dubois, captain, vice J. Dubois, resigned. 

Daniel Gregory, do, vice Seymour, do. 

James Russel, do. vice Ostrander, refused. 

Enoch Pardy, do, vice Jacob Deyo, promoted; Samuel Has- 
brouck, lieutenant, vice Abraham Dubois, promoted; Abraham 
Wooley, do, vice Daniel Gregory, do; Silas Simpkins, do, vice 
James Russel, promoted; Peleg Ransom, do, vice Enoch Pardy, do; 
Henry Schoonmaker, ensign, vice Samuel Hasbrouck, do; John 
Warner, do, vice Abraham Wooley, do; Abel Ostrander, do, vice 
Silas Simpkins, do; Samuel Dunscomb, do, vice Peleg Ransom, do. 


The Commander-in-chief having thought proper to organize a 
new regiment in the county of Essex consisting of the militia in the 
towns of Moriah, Crown Point, Schroon and Ticonderoga; there- 
fore, Resolved, that the following officers be and they are hereby 
appointed for the said regiment: 

State Historian. 1033 


Elijah Barns, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Timothy Hunter, first major; Joseph Pangborn, second major. 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Wright's regiment: 

Aaron North, second major, vice (William) Kirby, appointed 



Brigadier General Abraham Veeder's brigade: iso9. 


Henry F. Yates, brigade major and inspector, vice John McCar- 
thy, appointed first judge. 


Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight's regiment: 

Jacob Haight, first major, vice (Matthias) Van Loon, resigned; 
Merchant Lawrence, second major, vice (John J.) Van Orden, 

Martin G. Van Bergen, captain, vice Merchant Lawrence, pro- 
moted; Amos Eaton, lieutenant, vice Martin G. Van Bergen, pro- 
moted; Richard Thomas, ensign, vice M. Eaton, moved. 

Warren J. Hamlin, captain, vice (Eli) Brooks, moved; Richard 
Grimes, junior, lieutenant, vice Warren J. Hamlin, promoted; 
Henry J. Philips, ensign, vice Richard Grimes, promoted. 

Isaac Dubois, captain light infantry, vice Haight, promoted; 
John Buel, lieutenant do, vice Isaac Dubois, promoted; John Merri- 
field, ensign do, vice John Buel, promoted. 

William Overbaugh, junior, captain, vice (John) Peirson (Person), 
dead; John A. Overbaugh, lieutenant, vice W. Overbaugh, pro- 
moted; John Fiero, ensign, vice J. A. Overbaugh, promoted; Silas 
Person, lieutenant light infantry, vice (James) W T eed, moved; Calvin 
Bailes, ensign do, vice T. Stills, resigned. 


ic>34 Annual Report of the 


Lieutenant Colonel John Harris' regiment: 

James Wilson, second major, Yice J. Grover, appointed judge. 

Zenas Goodrich, captain, vice James Wilson, promoted; Benja- 
min Horton, lieutenant, vice Zenas Goodrich, do; Willis Lothrop, 
ensign, vice Benjamin Horton, promoted. 

Henry Austin, captain, vice (Benjamin) Bevere (Bevier), resigned; 
Richard Parsell (Pearsall), lieutenant, vice Henry Austin, promoted; 
Alexander Price, ensign, vice Richard Parsell, promoted; Caleb 
Hopping, lieutenant: Isaac Barnum, ensign; Eliphalet Whittlesey, 
ensign, vice Pettibone, lieutenant in United States service. 

Daniel Eldridge, captain, vice (Giles) Norton, moved; John 
Hutchins, lieutenant, vice Daniel Eldridge, promoted: Isaiah Gold- 
ing, ensign, vice John Hutchins, promoted. 

Prentice Palmer, captain, vice Huggins; Menassah Grover, lieu- 
tenant, vice Prentice Palmer, promoted; Henry Montgomery, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Hewitt's regiment: 

Alexander Weed, captain, vice Harris, moved; Levi Hill, lieu- 
tenant, vice Alexander Weed, promoted; Ebenezer Durkee, ensign, 
vice Levi Hill, do; David Avery, lieutenant, vice Capon, moved; 
Orange Culver, ensign, vice David Avery, promoted. 

John O'Harry, captain, vice Spencer, resigned; Joshua Haskins, 
lieutenant, vice John O'Harry, promoted; Daniel Bells, ensign, vice 
Joshua Haskins, promoted; Payne P. Fitch, ensign, vice Davis, 

Isaac Avery, captain, vice Richmond, appointed sheriff; William 
T. Gardner, lieutenant, vice Isaac Avery, promoted; Daniel Bright- 
man, ensign, vice William T. Gardner, do; Xoah T. Wheeler, ensign, 
vice Phelps, refused; Enos Babbit, lieutenant, vice Brook, dead; 
William Bennet, ensign, vice Enos Babbit, promoted; Matthew 
Talman, surgeon's mate. 

State Historian. 1035 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bloom's regiment: 

Jedediah Runnels, ensign, vice Johnson, moved. 

Regiment to consist of the battalion whereof Cornelius D. Dewitt 
is major commandant: 

Cornelius D. Dewitt, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Zadock Rhoads, first major; Peleg Slade, second major. 

Newman F. Cole, captain, vice Zadock Rhoads, promoted; Zadock 
Cady, lieutenant, vice Newman F. Cole, promoted; Phipps W. 
Hewitt, ensign, vice Zadock Cady, promoted. 

John Basset, captain, vice Peleg Slade, promoted; Thomas Norris, 
lieutenant, vice John Basset, promoted; Luther Fuller, ensign, vice 
Thomas Norris, promoted; Jacob Snider, lieutenant, vice Slover, 
refused; Thomas Johnson, third, ensign, vice Waddams, moved; 
Liberty Brown, ensign. 

William Satterly, captain, vice Pattee, moved; John Murray, lieu- 
tenant, vice William Satterly, promoted; Robert Little, ensign — light 

In the third squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

Sheldon Davis, first lieutenant; John King, second lieutenant; 
Peter J. Dumond, cornet. 


Brigade of militia: 

William Hemrod, brigadier general, vice Wilhelmus Mynderse, 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Sayre's regiment: 

Hugh W. Dobbins, second major, vice Dey, refused. 

Severus Swift, quartermaster, vice L. Birdsall, appointed sheriff; 
Charles Woodruff, paymaster, vice Potter, moved; Joseph T. Pitney, 

Simeon Bacon, captain, vice Hugh W. Dobbin, promoted; Martin 



1036 Annual Report of the 

Kendig, lieutenant, vice Simeon Bacon, promoted; Asa Bacon, 
junior, ensign, vice Piatt, moved; John Phelps, lieutenant; John 
Gamber, ensign. 

Samuel McMath, captain, vice Dey, formerly promoted; Josiah 
Jacobus, lieutenant, vice Samuel McMath, promoted; Benjamin 
Moses, ensign, vice Josiah Jacobus, promoted; Luther Redfield, 
lieutenant; Sumner Chapman, ensign, vice Luther Redfield, pro- 
moted. t 

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Graham's regiment: 

Herman Camp, adjutant; Josiah B. Chapman, quartermaster; 
Lewis Halsey, surgeon; Richard Ely, junior, lieutenant; Peter 
Hager, second, ensign. 

Levi Eggleston, captain, vice Herriman, moved; John Smith, lieu- 
tenant, vice Levi Eggleston, promoted; Xathaniel Avers, ensign, 
vice John Smith, promoted; John Martin, lieutenant; Amos Coy- 
kendol, ensign, vice Douglass, moved; William Christie, ensign. 

Regiment latelv commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William 

Oliver Halsey, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice William 
Hemrod, promoted. 

Rynier Covert, first major, vice Oliver Halsey, promoted; Zebedee 
Stout, second major, vice Rynier Covert, promoted. 

Charles Starrett, captain; Tunis Swick, lieutenant, vice Charles 
Starrett, promoted; Luke Knight, ensign, vice Tunis Swick, pro- 

James Brooks, captain, vice Gray, resigned; John Leonard, lieu- 
tenant, vice James Brooks, promoted; James Demott, ensign, vice 
John Leonard, promoted. 

John Bodin, captain, vice Cooper, refused; John Wilkin, lieuten- 
ant, vice John Bodin, promoted; Isaac Miller, ensign, vice John 
W 7 ilkin, promoted; John Reynolds, lieutenant. 

State Historian. 1037 

dutchess county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Eli Angevine's regiment: 

Henry A. Livingston, paymaster; Benjamin Delamatter, lieuten- 
ant, vice Stoutenburgh, resigned; John Silkridge, ensign, vice Ben- 
jamin Delamatter, promoted; Randal S. Street, lieutenant, vice M. 
Swartwout, junior, resigned; Richard T. Van Wyck, ensign, vice 
Randal S. Street, promoted. 

Daniel Ostrom, captain, vice G. Adriance; George Lomerex, lieu- 
tenant, vice Daniel Ostrom, promoted; Joshua Barnes, ensign, vice 
George Lomerex, promoted. 

John Armstrong, captain, vice Ryan, promoted; Richard Valen- 
tine, lieutenant, vice John Armstrong, promoted; Gilbert Schenck, 
ensign, vice Richard Valentine, promoted. 

James C. Bogardus, captain, vice Pinkney, resigned; John Bishop 
lieutenant, vice' James C. Bogardus, promoted; Samuel Luckey, 
junior, ensign, vice Miller, resigned. 

Peter B. Scriver, captain; Jacob Manning, junior, lieutenant; 
Philip Ring, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Lyon's regiment: 

Daniel Lyon, captain, vice R. Havens, moved; Silas Havens, lieu- 
tenant, vice D. Lyon, promoted; Alanson Harris, lieutenant; David 
Bortle, ensign. 

Samuel Carpenter, captain, vice S. Skeel, moved. 

Jonathan Phelps, captain, vice Hitchcock, do; Samuel Hayes, 
lieutenant; John Agard, lieutenant; David Bradley, ensign; Smith 
Bradley, ensign, vice S. Carpenter, promoted. 

In Lieutenant Colonel William Munroe's regiment: 

William Collins, lieutenant; Charles Randal, ensign, vice William 
Collins, promoted; John Gray, junior, lieutenant; Solomon Kelsey, 
lieutenant; Rodoiphus Simons, ensign. 



1038 Annual Report of the 

Perez Randal, adjutant, vice Isaac Foote, junior, resigned. 
Msfrcii Lieutenant Colonel Denison Randal's regiment: 


William Palmer, captain, vice Wm. Billings, resigned; Oliver 
Richmond, lieutenant, vice William Palmer, promoted; Josiah 
Turner, ensign; David Tift, lieutenant, vice W. Maine, resigned; 
Samuel Holmes, ensign, vice David Tift, promoted; Asa Beach, 
ensign, vice F. Plumb, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Wadsworth's regiment: 

Elias Keyes, captain, vice Lawrence, promoted. 

Captains — Gurdon W. Cock, Xathaniel Rowley, George A. 

Lieutenants— Aaron Skinner, vice Elias Keyes, promoted; Cor- 
nelius Annable, vice Bristol, moved; Arnold Markham; Reuben 

Ensigns — Josiah Carrier, vice Aaron Skinner, promoted; Abner 
Morgan; Xathan Jeffords. 

In the first battalion, Sixth regiment artillery: 

John Pierce, captain; Henry Skinner, first lieutenant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Ashur Saxton's regiment: 

Thomas Peck, captain, vice Cooley, moved. 

Xathaniel Eggleston, captain, vice Saxton, resigned; Payne K. 
Leech, lieutenant, vice Thomas Peck, promoted; Asa Howard, lieu- 
tenant, vice Xathaniel Eggleston, promoted: Waters Peck, ensign, 
vice Payne K. Leech, promoted; Asa Johnson, ensign, vice Asa 
Howard, promoted; John Lusk, ensign: Joseph Williams, ensign. 

John S. Peck, paymaster, vice Sprague, resigned. 

Joel Dunks, lieutenant, vice Brown, moved; Enoch Willcox, 
ensign, vice Joel Dunks, promoted — of light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Green's regiment: 

State Historian. 1039 

Peter Allen, lieutenant colonel commandant of said regiment, vice 
John Green, resigned. 

John F. Reed, first major, vice Simmons, resigned; Silvanus Jones, 
second major, vice Peter Allen, promoted. 

Captains — William Warner, vice John F. Reed, promoted ; Joseph 
Garlinghouse, vice Gilbert, moved; Simeon Crosby, vice Barber, 
resigned; Justus Allen, vice Jesse Allen, erroneously appointed. 

Samuel Drury, lieutenant. 

Ensigns — Ephraim Jones, Stephen Ralph, Roderick Steele, 
Lemuel Metcalfe, vice Watkins, resigned; Ephraim Brown. 

Sanford Crooks, lieutenant, vice Joseph Garlinghouse, promoted; 
Joshua Abby, quartermaster, vice Watkins, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Marinus F. Durand's regiment: 

John Roberts third, second major, vice Southwick, refused; Ben- 
jamin Roberts, lieutenant, vice McCready, refused; Jason Tarbill, 
ensign, vice B. Roberts, promoted. 

Ezra Turner, captain, vice John Roberts third, promoted; Ondley 
Mason, lieutenant, vice Ezra Turner, promoted; Darius Mason, 
ensign, vice O. Mason, promoted. 

Timothy Doty, captain, vice A. Blackman, deceased; David 
< Anderson, lieutenant, vice Timothy Doty, promoted; Jeremiah 
Churchill, ensign, vice David Anderson, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Peter B. Porter's regiment: 

Silvester Davis, first major, vice F. Miller, moved; Phinehas P. 
Bates, adjutant, vice Hickox, promoted. 

Captains — Royal Stearns, vice Henry Green, resigned; Elijah Til- 
lotson, vice D. Case, resigned; Hooker Sawyer; Noah Hickox, vice 
Jairus Rose, removed by court martial. 



1040 Annual Report of the 

William Bodman, captain; Joab Gillet, junior, lieutenant; Isaiah 
Olcott, ensign — new company. 

Timothy Mower, lieutenant, vice Royal Stearns, promoted; 
George Hickox, lieutenant, vice Elijah Tillotson, promoted; Elisha 
Newman, ensign, vice Mover, promoted; Arseno Beebe, ensign, vice 
Geo. Hickox, promoted: John Dwight, ensign; Lyman Miller, 

Abner Bunnel, captain, vice Barlow, moved; John Brockelbank, 

Lieutenant Colonel William Burnet's regiment: 

William Voorhees. captain, vice D. Cook;, promoted; Richard 
Larzelere, lieutenant, vice Voorhees, promoted; John Huie, lieuten- 
ant, vice Taylor, moved; Ercurius Patterson, ensign, vice Richard 
Larzelere, promoted; Joseph Southerland, ensign, vice Benton, 
moved; Stephen Willcox, ensign, vice Smith, resigned. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Philetus Swift's regiment: 

David Woodard, captain, vice Newel, moved; Joel Buckland, lieu- 
tenant, vice David Woodard, promoted; Enoch Morse, lieutenant, 
vice Granger, moved; Thomas Davis, ensign, vice Joel Buckland, 
promoted; Jeremiah Harrington, ensign. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Perley 

Gilbert Howell, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Perley 
Philips, resigned. 

James Galloway, first major, vice Hallet, declined; Calvin Brad- 
dish, second major, vice (Joseph) Colt, appointed brigade quarter- 

Captains — David White, light infantry, vice Howel, promoted; 
Joseph Todd, vice Caldwel, resigned; Gilbert Hinkley; John Hol- 
comb; Noah Turner, vice Calvin Braddish, promoted; Noah Fuller, 

State Historian. 1041 


vice William Howe Cuyler, who is hereby removed from that office ; 
George Culver, vice Galloway, promoted. 

David Hooker, lieutenant light infantry, vice C. Braddish, justice 
of the peace; Thomas Young, lieutenant, vice A. Pratt, resigned: 
Stephen Douglass, lieutenant; Daniel Poppino, lieutenant. 

Samuel Jennings, lieutenant, vice Harris; Stephen Chace, lieuten- 
ant riflemen, vice Spear, moved; Ephraim Green, lieutenant, vice 
Turner, promoted; Samuel Soverhill, lieutenant, vice Culver, pro- 

Ensigns — Thomas Rogers, second, vice Wilcox, resigned; Bartlet 
Robinson, light infantry, vice White, promoted; Zadock Huggins, 
junior, vice Blakeley, moved; Hezekiah Robbins, vice Hinckley, 
promoted; Jonathan M. Adams: William Harwood, vice Ephraim 
Green, promoted: Oliver Clark, vice Durfee, deceased; Eleazer 
Fairbanks, chaplain. 

In the brigade commanded by Brigadier General John Swift: 

Joseph Colt, brigade quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Van Cortlandt's regiment: 1809. 

Mar eh 

James Drake, captain, vice J. D. Clark, moved; John Vreden- 
burgh, lieutenant, vice James Drake, promoted; Absolom Lent, 
ensign, vice W. Tice, refused. 

Seaman Jacobs, captain, vice Mandeville, resigned; John Havi- 
land, lieutenant, vice Abijah Horton, who is hereby superseded; 
William A. C. Mandeville, ensign, vice Jacobs, promoted; Ebenezer 
White, junior, surgeon, vice Miller, deceased: Andrew Thompson, 

In Lieutenant Colonel David J. Pell's regiment: 

Elias Cooper, chaplain; Abraham Acker, ensign, vice S. Requa, 


1042 Annual Report of the 

refused; John Butter, ensign, vice J. B. Gillespie, promoted; Elijah 
Angevine, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Benedict's regiment: 

Abijah Harris, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Benedict, 

James Seeley, first major, vice Abijah Harris, promoted; John 
Finch, second major, vice James Seeley, promoted; Henry Norton, 
adjutant, vice J. Jones, resigned; Thomas Mead, quartermaster, vice 
M. Mead, resigned; Joseph Nash, paymaster, vice S. Ambler, 

Benjamin Reynolds, captain, vice John Finch, promoted; Elijah 
Smith, lieutenant, vice Benjamin Reynolds, promoted; Amaziah 
Mead, ensign, vice Elijah Smith, promoted. 

Isaac Waterbury, captain, vice Smith, promoted; Thomas Potts, 
lieutenant, vice Isaac Waterbury, promoted ; Stephen Weed, ensign. 

John Rusco, captain, vice Raymond, resigned; Amos Northrop, 
lieutenant; Matthew Benedict, ensign. 

Uriah Raymond, captain, vice Miller, resigned; Samuel Nash, 
lieutenant; Joseph Miller, junior, ensign; Isaac Pardee^ ensign, vice 
J. Lawrence, resigned; Abraham Purdy, junior, chaplain. 

In Lieutenant Colonel William Vail's regiment: 

David Hobby, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Wil- 
liam Vail, resigned. 

David Davids, first major, vice David Hobby, junior, promoted; 
John Foshay, second major, vice Brown, resigned; John Kniffen, 
quartermaster; Joseph Strang, paymaster; Jacob Johnson, lieuten- 
ant; Guy Hobby, ensign. 

Falman Orsor, captain; Samuel Ward, lieutenant; Cornelius 
Jones, ensign. 

Benjamin Thomas, captain; Daniel Haight, lieutenant; Elias 
Purdy, ensign. 

State Historian. 1043 


Nehemiah Baker, captain, vice Foshey, promoted; Abraham 
Foshey, lieutenant, vice Nehemiah Baker, promoted; John Newman, 
ensign, vice Abraham Foshey, promoted. 

Barnes Hatfield, ensign. 

Stephen Ferris, captain, vice Hyatt, resigned; Joseph R. Hyatt, 
lieutenant, vice Stephen Ferris, promoted*; Nathaniel Fish, ensign, 
vice J. Carpenter, refused; Thomas G. Smith, chaplain. 

Brigadier General Thomas Carpenter's brigade: 

Samuel Roff, junior, quartermaster of brigade. 


In Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Perine's regiment: 
Matthias Ridgeway, lieutenant, vice J. Tysen, refused; John Tysen, 
junior, ensign, vice M. Ridgeway, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Johnson's regiment: 
Lambert Schenck, captain; William Townsend, lieutenant; Joseph 
Dean, ensign; Daniel Lott, lieutenant, vice Schenck, promoted; John 
Johnson, ensign, vice Daniel Lott, promoted; John Bergen, junior, 
ensign, vice Townsend; Jacob Remsen, paymaster. 


Brigadier General Gerard Steddiford's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Dodge's First regiment: 

Isaac A. Van Hook, first major, vice Stuyvesant, resigned; 
Jeromus Johnston, second major, vice Isaac A. Van Hook, pro- 

James Glass, junior, captain, vice Massias, resigned; James Daily, 
lieutenant, vice James Glass, junior, promoted; Samuel W. Disbrow, 
lieutenant; John Anthony Rucker, lieutenant; Jonathan B. Gosman, 
ensign, vice Dailey, promoted; William Patterson, ensign, vice Dis- 
brow, do; William T. McCoun, ensign, vice Rucker, do. 


1044 Annual Report of the 

Second regiment — Peter Van Zandt, lieutenant colonel com- 

Joseph Strong, first major, vice Van Buren, promoted; William 
W. Todd, second major, vice Joseph Strong, do. 

Captains — John Fash, vice Johnston, promoted; Henry Cotheai, 
vice William W. Todd, do ; Abraham Cargill, vice Sayre, do. 

Lieutenants — Samuel S. Smith, vice John Fash, promoted; Robert 
Hyslop, vice Henry Cotheai, promoted; Thomas Spencer, vice Car- 
gil, do; Robert M. Russel, vice Camp, resigned; John Wallis, vice 
Bishop, resigned; Jacob C. Arthur, vice Hildreth, do. 

Ensigns — Philip Phoenix, vice Samuel S. Smith, promoted; 
Henry F. Penfield, vice Robert Hyslop, do; Jacob A. Blackwell, vice 
Thomas Spencer, do: Tyler Maynard. vice Robert M. Russel. do; 
William H. Maxwell, vice John Wallis, do; James Quackenbush, 
vice Wood; Isaac W. Coles, vice Cock: Joshua L. Pell, vice 

Third regiment — Robert Bogardus, lieutenant colonel com- 

Coe Gale, quartermaster; John W. Gibson, paymaster. 

Captains — Charles J. Graham, vice McDonald: Stephen Corn- 
wall, vice Moore; James Mullany. 

Lieutenants — Daniel D. Arden; George Willson, vice Charles J. 
Graham, promoted; Donald C. Burkloe, vice Stephen Cornwell, pro- 
moted; Solomon Seixas, vice Shapter; William W. Brooks, vice 

Ensigns — Henry Carpenter, Samuel B. Romayne, Elias Hoffman, 
Jacob Bartow, Lewis Lockwood, Robert Gosman. junior, Gabriel 
F. Lewis. 

Fourth regiment— Jasper Ward, lieutenant colonel commandant: 

John Bunn, first major, vice Jasper Ward, promoted. 

State Historian. 1045 

Captains — Enoch Ely, vice Crolius, resigned; Joseph W. Brackett, 
vice Secor; John Stevens, vice Funnan; John E. Hyde, vice Brooks, 
resigned; Isaac Cropsy, vice Marvin, do. 

Lieutenants — David Campbell, vice Enoch Ely, promoted; John 
McClure, vice Joseph W. Bracket; Harman Brinkerhoff, vice Ste- 
phens; Richard Morgan, vice Isaac Cropsy: Sidney W. Andrews, 
vice John E. Hyde; Richard Hatfield, junior, vice Brackett, resigned; 
Ezra Reed, vice Van Dyne; Theophylact W. Pearss. . 

Ensigns — Robert Dingee, vice David Campbell; George Ingle- 
heart, vice John McClure, promoted; Alexander McClure; William 
B. Adams, vice Richard Morgan, promoted; John Marriner, vice 
Sidney W. Andrews, do; Isaac Oakley, vice Richard Hatfield, do; 
John Desbrow, vice Ezra Reed, do; Thomas Darling, do. 

Fifth regiment — Jonas Mapes, lieutenant colonel commandant: 

Xathan Sayre, second major; George W. Strong, paymaster; 
William Radcliff, lieutenant, vice Carpenter, dead; John B. Scott, 
ensign, vice William Radcliff, promoted: Thomas G. Garniss, do, 
vice Price, moved; James A. Bayard, do, vice Chrystie, appointed 
United States army; John T. Sickels, do. 

Sixth regiment — Edward W. Laight, lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant : 

Henry Laight, quartermaster, vice (Benjamin) Ferriss, appointed 

Samuel Burtis, captain, vice (Cornelius) Bogert, appointed brigade 
quartermaster; Abraham M. Valentine, do, vice Bunn, resigned; 
Isaiah Leigh, lieutenant, vice Samuel Burtis, promoted; Henry 
Eagle, do, vice Abraham M. Valentine, do; John Grainger, Benjamin 
Kipp and John Hatfield, lieutenants; Henry Laight, lieutenant. 

Ensigns — John Wortman, vice Isaiah Leigh, promoted; William 
Nesbitt, vice Henry Eagle; Stephen Mealy, vice Granger. 


io. Annual Report of the 


Seventh regiment — Tacob Delamontaigne, lieutenant color 



rard Depeyster, first major, vice Anderson, promoted; Clarkson 
Cnilius, second major, vice Gerard Depeyster, do. 

Samuel Carter, captain; Caleb T. Ward, lieutenant; William 
Ward, lieutenant. 

William Roston, John Worthington, Robert Jaques, ensigns. 


First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Benajah Tubbs, captain; John Merrill, first lieutenant; Parley 
Whitmore, second lieutenant — new company. 
In Major John Kingman's battalion: 
Horace Dwight, ensign. 


First squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Ebenezer Penfield, second lieutenant, vice J. H. Cotton, moved; 
Martin Leet, cornet, vice R. Grant, refused. 


First battalion, fifth regiment of artillery: 

Jared Stocking, first lieutenant, vice Samuel Hamilton, promoted. 
Samuel Hamilton, captain; James Bogardus, junior, second lieu- 


Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 
Elisha B. Speary, captain; Xoah Yibbard, first lieutenant; Calvin 
Wheeler, second lieutenant; Charles Foster, cornet — a new troop. 


Marcii Regiment lately commanded bv Lieutenant Colonel Asa Ransom: 

Timothy S. Hopkins, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Asa 

Ransom, appointed sheriff. 

State Historian. 1047 

William Warren, first major; Asa Chapman, second major. 

Captains — William Chapin, Ranson Herman, Ezekiel Smith, 
Taber Earle. 

Lieutenants — William Hull, Calvin Filmore, Elisha Ensign, Eze- 
kiel Cook, Luther Hibbard. 

Ensigns — James Chapin, Ezekiel Sheldon, Benjamin Gardner, 
Francis Cook, Daniel Haskall. 


Brigade whereof Samuel Coe is brigadier general: 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Coe: 

William Rose, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Samuel Coe, 

Solomon Owen, first major, vice William Rose, do; Abraham 
Dewitt, second major, vice Seymour, resigned; Daniel Crane, 

Stephen Freeman, captain light infantry, vice Cross, exempted; 
John Lownsbery, lieutenant do, vice Stephen Freeman, promoted; 
Abel Aspinwall, ensign do, vice John Lownsbery, do. 

William Cook, captain, vice Solomon Owen, promoted; Luther 
Hartshorn,, lieutenant, vice Crane, promoted. 

Noah Shaw, captain, vice A. Dewitt, do; Charles Parsons, lieu- 
tenant, vice L. King, resigned; William Cure, ensign, vice N. Shaw, 

Jedediah Merchant, captain, vice Anselm Cole; Isaac Turrill, lieu- 
tenant, vice Jedediah Merchant, promoted; Walker Cole, ensign, 
vice Turrilk do. 

Timothy Clark, lieutenant; David Fuller, ensign. 

Moses Southwick, captain, vice Salmon Rose, resigned; David 
Seymour, lieutenant, vice Moses Southwick, promoted; Charles 
Abbott, ensign, vice David Seymour, do; Benjamin Alden, ensign, 
vice Harper, transferred to rifle company. 



1048 Annual REroRT of the 

Job Grunman, captain; James P. Allington, lieutenant, vice Job 
Grunman, promoted: Benjamin Cobon, ensign, vice James P. Alling- 
ton, do. 

Anselm Cole, captain: Oliver Harper, lieutenant; Samuel Badger, 
ensign — new company of riflemen. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Asa Camp : 

Jacob Swartwood, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Asa 
Camp, resigned. 

Daniel H. Bacon, first major; Oliver Huntington, second major; 
Enos Slawson, quartermaster, vice Huntington, promoted. 

David Williams, captain, vice A. Brown, resigned; Ransom Wil- 
liams, lieutenant, vice D. Williams, promoted; Jonas Muzzy, ensign, 
vice R. Williams, do. 

Thomas Richard, captain, vice L. Mersereau, resigned. 

Casper Richard, lieutenant, vice F. Richard, promoted; Doctor 
Seymour, ensign, vice C. Richard, do; Benjamin Jennings, lieuten- 
ant: James Catter, ensign. 

Ansel Goodrich, captain, vice S. Sedgwick, moved; Anson Camp, 
lieutenant; Jesse McQuigg, ensign, vice G. Ely, moved. 

Thomas Wright, captain, vice E. Canfield, resigned; Charles 
Wright, lieutenant, vice T. Wright, promoted; Ward Smith, ensign, 
vice C. Wright, do; James Bard, lieutenant; Samuel Stewart, ensign,. 
vice Jasper Tayler, resigned. 


First brigade of artillery : 

First regiment — Peter Curtenius, lieutenant colonel commandant: 

John Dodge, captain, vice Lovett, resigned; John A". B. Yarick, 

first lieutenant, vice John Dodge, promoted: Robert Townsend, first 

State Historian. 1049 

lieutenant, vice D. M. Hitchcock, moved; Samuel Stansbury, first 
lieutenant, vice Crosby, appointed to the staff. 

Richard Johnston, John Cox Morris, David Codwise, second 

William G. Miller, junior, second lieutenant, to rank from 8th 
June, 1808; Samuel Miller, chaplain. 

Second regiment — Lebbeus Loomis, lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant : 

Simon Fleet, first major, vice Salters (Francis Saltus), promoted; 
George Richards, second major, vice Simon Fleet, do. 

Richard Burchan, captain, vice George Richards, do. 

Peter Brinckerhoff, captain, vice A. Bleecker, resigned; Henry 
McFarlan, first lieutenant, vice T. Marston, do: Nathaniel Richards, 
first lieutenant, vice R. Burchan, promoted. 

James Grant Forbes, Thomas Chrystie, Lewis Ford, Robert 
De Grushe, second lieutenants. 

Third regiment of artillery: 

Francis Saltus, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Israel Pinckney, captain; Edward Tylee, captain. 

Aaron Forman, Andrew Bremner, George Hodgson, first lieu- 

Stephen D. Beekman, surgeon's mate. 

Second brigade of artillery: 

Third regiment: 


Nathan Myers, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (Charles) 
Clinton, moved. 

Samuel Slee, first major, vice Nathan Myers, promoted. 


John Kerr, second major, vice Samuel Slee, promoted. 



1050 Annual Report of the 

William Mulliner, captain, vice John Kerr, do ; James Davis, first 
lieutenant, vice William Mulliner, do. 

Daniel Carpenter, captain, vice W. Minthorne, resigned; William 
Smith, first lieutenant, vice Daniel Carpenter, promoted; Christopher 
Aspel, second lieutenant, vice W. Smith, do. 


Thunis J. Tallman, second lieutenant. 


Battalion whereof Jabez French is major commandant: 

Thomas Hathaway, second major, vice Townsend, resigned; Shu- 
man Lee, adjutant, vice Basset, resigned; Nathan R. Lewis, quarter- 

Robert Buckley, captain, vice Thomas Hathaway, promoted. 

Avery Smith, captain, vice S. Lawrence, resigned; Jonathan Moon, 
captain, vice Williams, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Richard Henderson, Asahel Stone, junior, Roger 
Sutherland, Thomas A. Sawyer, vice Williams, resigned. 

Ensigns — Levi Benton, Clement Earl, Peleg Bates, Isaac Adams. 


Lieutenant Colonel George Stimson's regiment: 

Ensigns — John Stone, Cornelius L. Decker, John Henson. 


First squadron, first division of cavalry: 

Cornelius Schuyler, captain, vice King, resigned; Lewis K. Storm, 
first lieutenant, vice Cornelius Schuyler, promoted; Francis White, 
second lieutenant, vice Winship, refused; John Perrin, cornet, vice 
Lewis K. Storm, promoted. 

State Historian. 105 i 

westchester county. 
William Bush, second lieutenant; Gilbert Underhill, cornet. 


First squadron, second division of cavalry: 

Robert G. Livingston, captain, vice Barns, resigned; Lodiwick 
Hoffman, first lieutenant, vice J. Luckey, resigned; Richard De Can- 
tillon, second lieutenant, vice Robert G. Livingston, promoted; 
William Cypher, cornet. 


Second squadron, second division: 

Andries Elmendorf, cornet, vice J. (John J.) Hardenbergh, pro- 
moted; Andries Lefever, second lieutenant, vice Hasbrouck, refused; 
Henry Schonmaker, cornet, vice T. K. Jansen, refused. 

Isaac Lounsberry, captain, vice Robinson, deceased; Peter T. 
Lienster, first lieutenant, vice R. T. Philips, resigned; Francis Berry, 
second lieutenant, vice Rainer, moved; John Diddle, cornet. 

Benjamin Haxtun, captain, vice S. Force, moved; John Wilkin- 
son, first lieutenant, vice Benja/nin Haxtun, promoted; Leonard 
Vincent, second lieutenant; Gilbert B. Noxon, cornet. 

Isaac Bryan, captain; Isaac Dibble, first lieutenant; Elijah Castle, 
second lieutenant; Isaac S. Bockee, cornet. 


Third squadron, second division: 

Charles Brown, first lieutenant, vice Brown, dead; William Ecker, 
second lieutenant, vice Charles Brown, promoted; Samuel Belknap, 

William Hudson, captain, vice Benjamin Strong, sheriff; Heze- 
kiah Watkins, first lieutenant, vice William Hudson, promoted; 
Fletcher Woodhull, second lieutenant, vice Hezekiah Watkins, do; 
Joshua Davis, cornet. 



1052 Annual Report of the 

ulster county. 
In the second regiment of cavalry. Lieutenant Colonel Geo. D. 
Wickham : 

Charles Bruyn. quartermaster. 


Fourth regiment of cavalry: 

George Tiffany, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (Electus) 
Backus, resigned. 

First squadron, fourth division : 

Peter Shafer, junior, captain, vice Henry Sidnigh, resigned; Philip 
Sternbergh, first lieutenant: Henry Brown. second lieutenant: George 
Hilts, junior, cornet. 


Third squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

Russel Williams, captain, vice Yandevere, moved; Jerome Clark, 
junior, first lieutenant, vice Russel Williams, promoted; Abel 
Caulkins, junior, second lieutenant, vice Clark, do; Isaac Cooper, 
cornet, vice Caulkins, do: Daniel Gilchrist, second lieutenant, vice 
M. Cannon, moved; Jonathan Thayer, cornet, vice Daniel Gilchrist, 
promoted; Darius Cory, second lieutenant, vice Lovejoy, moved; 
Samuel Latham, cornet, vice Xathl. Cole, moved. 


William Hatch, captain, vice Greenely, moved; John Hatch, first 
lieutenant, vice W. Hatch, promoted; Robert Henry, second lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Hatch, do; Joseph Enos, cornet, vice R. Henry, do. 

Eli Spear, captain; Elisha Litchfield, first lieutenant; Ephraim 
Cleveland, second lieutenant; William Burdick, cornet — new troop. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Hosea Moffit: 

State Historian. 1053 

William S. Parker, captain; Stephen Warren, lieutenant; Jedediah 
Tracy, ensign — new company of riflemen, with rank from June 8, 


Battalion of artillery whereof Martin Boerum is commandant: 
Thomas Storer, senior, captain; Thomas Storer, junior, first lieu- 
tenant; William Shea, second lieutenant — new company. 


George Duryea, captain; John Mott, first lieutenant; Micajah 
Townsend, second lieutenant — new company. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Johan Jost 

John Gallup, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Johan Jost 
Deitz, resigned. 

Asa Abbot, first major, vice John Gallup, promoted; Gideon 
Gallup, second major, vice Asa Abbot, do. 

Johannes Sant, captain, vice Gideon Gallup, do. 

Lewis Sherman, captain, vice A. Talman, moved. 

Lieutenants — Thomas Waugh, vice Johannes Sant, promoted; 
Artemas Morris, vice L. Sherman, do; Thomas Rogers, vice J. 
Crary, moved. 

Ensigns — Justice Boynton, vice T. Waugh, promoted; Jonathan 
Parrish, vice A. Morris, promoted ; Robert Reed, vice T. Rogers, do. 

George Gallup, lieutenant, vice J. Smith, resigned; Cornelius Van 
Deusen, ensign, vice G. Gallup, promoted. 

In the regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William 
Mackey : 

Silas Boardman, first major; James Sackett, second major. 

Joseph Burchard, junior, captain, vice J. Ferris, moved; Joel 



1054 Annual Report of the 

Albert, lieutenant, vice Burchard, promoted; Edmund Robbins, 
lieutenant, vice Martin, resigned; William Campbell, lieutenant; 
William Wheeler, ensign, vice E. Robins, promoted; Philip Couch- 
man, ensign, vice J. Albert, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Hasbrouck's regiment: 

John Storm, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Benjamin Has- 
brouck, resigned. 

Thomas J. Storm, first major, vice J. Storm, promoted; Koert 
Horton, second major, vice T. J. Storm, do. 

John Blatchley, captain, vice Koert Horton, promoted; Gilbert 
Budd, lieutenant, vice John Blatchley, promoted; Benjamin Bowne, 
ensign, vice Gilbert Budd, do. 

Obadiah Thorn, captain, vice T. Lawrence, refused; James Wiltse, 
lieutenant, vice Obadiah Thorn, promoted; Peter C. Dubois, ensign, 
vice James Wiltse, promoted. 

Isaac D. P. Teller, quartermaster, vice Swartwout, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel George W. Yandenburgh's regiment: 

James Ketcham, captain, vice J. Grant, refused; Derick Van Deu- 
zen, lieutenant, vice James Ketcham, promoted; Eliphalet Simmons, 
ensign, vice J. Mabet, refused. 

James Mullen, captain, vice P. Ward, refused; Samuel Stephens, 
lieutenant, vice James Mullen, promoted ; Bennet Leach, ensign, 
vice S. Stephens, promoted; Benjamin Van Curen, lieutenant, vice 
J. C. Shear, refused; Elisha C. Barlow, ensign, vice M. B. Vieley, 
refused; Daniel Brill, lieutenant, vice C. W. Lees, moved. 

Brigadier General John B. Van Wyck's brigade: 

Thorne Pudney, brigade quartermaster. 

State Historian. 1055 

montgomery county. 

Major James Clapp's battalion: 

Cornelius Drake, major commandant, vice James Clapp, moved. 

William Smith, captain, vice Cornelius Drake, promoted; Ichabod 
Bartlet, lieutenant, vice W. Smith, promoted; Abraham Marsh, 
ensign, vice Ichabod Bartlet, promoted. 

William Waterman, paymaster, vice J. Monson, refused. 


Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Barnum's regiment: 

Joshua Barnum, junior, first major, vice P. Crosby, refused. 

John Hoyt, second major, vice J. Barnum, junior, promoted. 

Lemuel Hickock, captain, vice John Hoyt, promoted; Rufus 
Fancher, lieutenant, vice Lemuel Hickock, promoted; James M. 
Smith, ensign, vice Rufus Fancher, promoted. 

Ebenezer G. Palmer, captain, vice B. Cowl, resigned; John Segar, 
lieutenant, vice Ebenezer G. Palmer, promoted; William Jones, 

Azor Barnum, captain, vice J. Barnum, junior, promoted; Abijah 
Seely, lieutenant, vice D. Barnum, promoted; Peter H. Foster, 
ensign, vice A. Seely, promoted; Henry Smith, lieutenant, vice J. K. 
Mood, moved; Henry Gift, ensign; Newel Dodge, junior, ensign, 
vice W. Mann, moved. 

Daniel Barnum, quartermaster, vice A. Barnum, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N. M. Hurd's regiment: 

Joshua Leonard, chaplain; Samuel Thomas, quartermaster, vice 

R. Benedict, moved; Ralph P. Day, paymaster, vice S. Thomas, 


Rufus Persons, captain light infantry, vice E. Farnham, promoted; 



1056 Annual Report of the 

Elisha Starr, lieutenant do, vice Rums Persons, promoted; Oliver 
Crocker, ensign do, vice Elisha Starr, promoted. 

Ebenezer Childs, captain, vice D. Wellington, resigned; Elijah 
Daniels, lieutenant, vice E. Richardson, do; Levi Brown, ensign, 
vice E. Childs, promoted; Oliver Pierson, lieutenant, vice J. Bumpus, 
resigned; David Dunham, ensign, vice Oliver Pierson, promoted; 
Orin Chandler, lieutenant, vice P. A. Remsen, moved; James W. 
Whitney, ensign, vice O. Chandler, promoted; John Needham, 
ensign, vice R. Glass, resigned. 

Ira Gage, captain, vice Jn. Gage, resigned; James Bly, lieutenant, 
vice Ira Gage, promoted; Nathan Havens, ensign, vice J. Bly,. 
Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment: 
Jaret Wickwire, lieutenant, vice Herrington, moved; Samuel 
Squires, ensign, vice Jaret Wickwire, promoted; Chauncey Gaston, 
ensign, vice Pratt, promoted; George Vaughn, ensign, vice D. War- 
ren, resigned. 

Isaac Sage, captain, vice J. Gardiner, resigned; Levi Gillet, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. Ellis, promoted; Rufus Skeel, ensign, vice I. Sage, 

Peter Chapel, captain, vice G. Crane, resigned; John Bradley, 
ensign, vice T. Wylie, refused. 

John Benedict, captain, vice Kenedy, resigned; Roswell Tyler, 
lieutenant, vice John Benedict, promoted; John Sprague, ensign, 
vice L. Stower, dead. 

Moses Maynard, adjutant; Jasper Clark, quartermaster, vice 
Moses Maynard, promoted; Zenas Nash, lieutenant, vice Roswel 
Crane, resigned; Ebenezer Blanding, ensign, vice P. Chapel, 
Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskel's regiment: 

State Historian. 1057 

John Chambers, captain, vice R. Moore, refused ; Samuel Dunken, 
lieutenant, vice John Chambers, promoted; Samuel Sweet, ensign, 
vice Samuel Dunkin, promoted; Hurlbut Maxson, ensign; Samuel 
Livermore, paymaster. 


Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Job Burdick, second lieutenant, with rank from April 6, 1807. 


Lieutenant Colonel Hendrick Van Schaick's regiment: 

Gideon Cornell, captain, vice S. Allen, resigned; John Briggs,. 
lieutenant, vice G. Cornell, promoted; Gardner Briggs, ensign, vice 
M. Cowan, refused; Peter Becker, ensign, vice M. Cowan; Calvin 
Everest, lieutenant, vice G. Cornell, promoted; Stephen Cornell, 
ensign, vice J. Van Buren, refused; Gideon Cornell, adjutant, vice 
E. Crandel, resigned; David Remington, junior, lieutenant light 
infantry, vice Nathan S. Tift, who is hereby removed; James Rogers, 
ensign do, vice D. Remington, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Enos Mead's regiment : 

Joseph Hopper, ensign light infantry; Lewis Newman, ensign. 

John Woodard, captain, vice J. McMillan, resigned; Daniel Gere, 
lieutenant, vice John Woodard, promoted; Samuel Stackhouse, 
ensign, vice D. Gere, promoted; Herman Hoffman, surgeon's mate, 
vice Little, refused. 


Lieutenant Colonel Christian Schultz's regiment: 
Abraham Vail, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Christian 
Schultz, resigned. 

* Schenectady county was erected from Albany county March 7, 1809. — State His- 




1058 Annual Report of the 

Edward Price, first major, vice Abraham Vail, promoted; Uriah 
Hulse, second major, vice Edward Price, do. 

David Robinson, captain, vice Uriah Hulse, do; Jonathan Car- 
penter, lieutenant, vice H. Stephens, resigned; Samuel Carpenter, 
ensign, vice D. Robinson, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacobus Post's regiment: 

Garret Post, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Post, 

Robert Farier, first major, vice G. Post, promoted; James Bar- 
tholf, second major, vice R. Farier, promoted. 

Gilliam Bartholf, captain, vice J. Bartholf. promoted; James 
Helmes, lieutenant, vice G. Bartholf, do; Gabriel Wisner, ensign, 
vice J. Helmes, do. 

Gideon Jennings, captain, vice S. Jessup, resigned; William 
Thompson, junior, lieutenant, vice G. Jennings, promoted; Thomas 
Jackson, ensign, vice W. Thompson, do. 

In Lieutenant Colonel John Tuthill's regiment: 

Michael Smith, first major, vice J. Seely, junior, refused. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Vails regiment: 

Benjamin Dunning, captain light infantry; Jesse Edsall, lieutenant 
do; Horace Elmer, ensign do — new company. 


First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Reuben Hart, captain; John A. Stevens, first lieutenant; Jonathan 
Woodbury, second lieutenant — new company of artillery. 


Battalion of militia commanded by Silas Marsh in Brigadier 
General Paul Todd's brigade: 

State Historian. 1059 

Martin Pulver, captain, vice Herrick, resigned; Amos Bennett, 
lieutenant, vice Eaton, resigned; Stephen Ward, lieutenant, vice 
McClave, promoted. 

Ezekiel Denniston, lieutenant, vice Martin Pulver, promoted; Gil- 
bert Hunt, lieutenant, vice White, moved; William Patterson, 
ensign, vice Amos Bennett, promoted; John Sherburn, do, vice 
Ezekiel Denniston, promoted. 

Amos Morey, quartermaster; Abraham Concklin, paymaster. 


His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper 
to organize a battalion consisting of the militia in the towns of 
Columbus and New Berlin — Resolved, that the following officers be 
and they are hereby appointed, viz: 

Gideon Wetmore, major commandant; Walter Clark, second 
major; Anthony Roberts, adjutant; Joseph Howard, quartermaster; 
David Thornton, paymaster; Tracy Robinson, surgeon; Ebenezer 
Ross, surgeon's mate. 

Stephen Midbury, captain; Levi Blakeslee, lieutenant; William 
Clark, ensign — light infantry. 

Captains — Peleg Fields, William Bottum, Sanford Lacy, James 

Lieutenants — Thomas Arnold, Adam Dickey, Samuel Calkin, 
Nathan Tayler. 

Ensigns — James Screen, Silas Loomis, John Calkin, Adam 


Resolved, that William Newell be no longer a lieutenant in the 
regiment of militia in the county of Madison, whereof Nathaniel 
Haskel is lieutenant colonel commandant. 



1060 Annual Report of the 

schoharie county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 

William C. Bouck, adjutant: James Van Gasbeck, surgeon's mate. 

Joshua Bushnel, captain, vice G. Bushnel, resigned; Nathaniel 
Dickenson, lieutenant, vice J. Bushnel. promoted; Timothy Kellogg, 

John Dominick, junior, captain, vice Schoolcraft, promoted; Eze- 
kiel Potter, lieutenant; William Becker, junior, ensign. 

William Snyder, captain, vice Swart, moved: Wilhelmus Bouck, 
lieutenant, vice William Snyder, promoted; Christian Hess, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Duel Rowley's regiment: 

Kasson Gibson, adjutant, vice Hinckley, resigned. 

Thomas Butler, captain light infantry, vice Lawyer, resigned; 
Seth B. Wakeman, lieutenant do, vice Thomas Butler, promoted; 
Alvin Dana, ensign do, vice Seth B. Wakeman, do. 

Lot Crowel, captain, vice Gates, moved; John J. Rice, lieutenant, 
vice Lot Crowel, promoted; Stephen Gates, ensign, vice L. Robin- 
son, moved. 

Jacob Crowns, captain, vice W. Etz, resigned; Luther Robinson, 
lieutenant, vice J. Crowns, promoted; John Beekman, ensign, vice 
Brown, resigned. 

Hezekiah Adams, captain, vice Pike, resigned; Derick Becker, 
lieutenant, vice Adams, promoted: Abraham Becker, junior, ensign. 

George Horning, captain, vice Loucks, resigned; Lemuel Cross, 
lieutenant, vice Boarden, do; Elijah Pairon, ensign — light infantry. 

Philip Van Steenbergh, ensign; Peter Frederick, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Judd's regiment: 

David Wiltsey, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Stephen 
Judd, moved. 

Valentine Efnor, first major, vice David Wiltsey, promoted; John 

State Historian. 1061 

Evans, second major, vice Valentine Efnor, promoted: Philla Efnor. 
quartermaster, vice Thomas, resigned; Lewis J. Patchin, paymaster, 
vice Efnor, peomoted. 

Russel Jones, captain, vice C. Jones; Solomon Peck, lieutenant, 
vice R. Jones, promoted; Horace Lawrence, ensign, vice Solomon 
Peck, do. 

Michael Merrit, captain, vice Evan?, do; Ephraim Warner, lieu- 
tenant, vice Michael Merrit, do. 

Joseph L. Burnet, captain, vice Wiltsey, do; Adam L. St. John, 
lieutenant, vice Joseph L. Burnet, do; Samuel Brockaway, ensign, 
vice Adam L. St. John, do; William Cowley, lieutenant, vice New- 
comb, resigned; Henry Simons, ensign, vice Grummon, do; John 
Fink, ensign. 

Isaac Brown, captain; Samuel Ives, lieutenant; Israel Crandal, 


Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Hall's regiment: 

Stoughton Morse, quartermaster, vice Olcott, promoted; Henry 
Seymour, paymaster, vice Beebee, deceased; Clodius Vinall, lieuten- 
ant, vice Fisher, moved; Abie! Whitman, ensign. 

Thomas Barnum, junior, captain, vice Williams, moved; Lewis 
Gutherie, lieutenant, vice Thomas Barnum, promoted; Stephen Ban- 
craft, ensign, vice Lewis Gutherie, promoted; Xoah Lee, ensign. 

Levi Farnham, captain, vice Judd, resigned; Abraham Northrop, 
lieutenant, vice Levi Farnham, promoted; Elijah Wells, ensign, vice 
Abraham Northrop, promoted. 

Abel Olcott, captain, vice J. Bowers, moved; Nathaniel Gillet, 
lieutenant, vice Mather, resigned. 

Ensign Hill, captain, vice Maker, refused; Elihu Barber, lieu- 
tenant, vice E. Cooke, moved; Plinny Draper, ensign, vice Si ^e, 



1062 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel Elijah St. John's regiment: 

Jacob Johnson, first major, vice D. Benson, refused; William 
Stewart, second major, vice Jacob Johnson, promoted; Noah Good- 
rich, quartermaster, vice Baker, resigned. 

Isaac Smith, captain, vice William Stewart, promoted; George 
Culver, lieutenant, vice Isaac Smith, promoted; Aaron Haight, 
ensign, vice George Culver, promoted; George Hayes, lieutenant, 
vice W. Risley, resigned; Elisha Fox, ensign, vice George Hayes, 

Nicholas Howell, captain, vice Eli Fara, deceased. 


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Miller's regiment: 

Gideon Curtis, quartermaster, vice M. Curtis, refused; Ephraim P. 
Sumner, paymaster, vice Burnham, refused. 

Adin Webb, captain, vice B. Andrews, moved; Eli Atwater, lieu- 
tenant, vice Adin W'ebb, promoted; Michael Walters, ensign, vice 
Eli Atwater, promoted. 


Regiment whereof James Rathbun is lieutenant colonel com- 

Levi Laurence, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice James Rath- 
bun, resigned. 

Richard May, first major, vice Levi Laurence, promoted; Warren 
Hecox, second major, vice R. May, promoted; Ephraim Talmadge, 
adjutant, vice Humphrey, deceased; William F. Bangs, quarter- 
master, vice Ephraim Tallmadge, promoted; Samuel Porter, sur- 
geon; Bildad Beach, surgeon's mate. 

Nathan Benson, captain, vice Warren Hecox, promoted; Samuel 
Robinson, lieutenant, vice Welsh, promoted; Abijah Benson, ensign, 
vice N. Benson, promoted. 

State Historian. 1063 

Moses Loss, captain, vice Roberts, resigned; Nathaniel Seymour, 
lieutenant, vice Edwards, resigned; Benjamin Frisbe, ensign, vice 
Moses Loss, promoted. 

Daniel J. Hurlbert, captain, vice N. Parsons, resigned. 

William Sprague, lieutenant, vice Hulbert, promoted; Jared 
Thayer, ensign, vice William Sprague, promoted. 

In a battalion set off from the regiment whereof Levi Laurence 
is lieutenant colonel commandant, consisting of the militia in the 
towns of Camillus, Lysander and Hannibal: 

Jacob Chandler, major commandant; Truman Adams, adjutant; 
Abram Rogers, quartermaster. 

Gabriel Tappen, captain; Seth Warner, lieutenant; Ira Barnes, 

James Wisner, captain; Michael Redman, lieutenant; Asahel 
North, ensign. 

Jehiel Hopping, captain; Daniel Buck, lieutenant; Conrad Hess, 

The Commander-in-chief having thought proper to divide the bri- 
gade of militia whereof James Knapp is brigadier general and to 
organize the county of Onondaga into one brigade and the county 
of Cortland into another brigade; therefore, Resolved, that in the 
brigade to be composed of the county of Onondaga the following 
appointments be made: 

Isaac Hall, brigadier general. 


Resolved, that Warren Ferris be no longer a brigadier general 
of militia in the county of Washington and that a supersedeas issue 


Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher's regiment: 
David Malery, junior, ensign, vice E. Fosgate. 



1064 Annual Report of the 



March Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis' regiment: 

Samuel Church, captain; Jesse Church, ensign; Benajah Hol- 
brook, lieutenant — a new company. 

Simon Pierson, quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Rumsey's regiment: 

Abraham Matson, captain; Josiah Lee. lieutenant; Nahum 
Thompson, ensign — new company. 

Shubael Dunham, captain; Elisha Kellogg, lieutenant; Aaron 
White, ensign — new company. 

Lemuel Castle, captain; Chauncey Loomis, lieutenant — new com- 


Major Thomas Slayton's battalion: 

Thomas Brown, captain; John McBride, lieutenant; Burgoyne 
Camp, ensign; Jonathan Fasset, adjutant; Asahel Sage, quarter- 


Lieutenant Colonel Elihud Davis' regiment: 

William Hawkins, junior, adjutant, vice Satterlee, moved; Jona- 
than Minor, lieutenant, vice M. Beach, resigned; William H. 
Bridges, ensign: Richard Freeman, ensign. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Deliverance Andrews' regiment: 

Elijah W Abbot, adjutant, vice Geo. Palmer, resigned; Wiiliam 
Fellows, quartermaster, vice Smith, moved. 

Major George Taylor's battalion: 

John Cornwall, adjutant. 

David Walker, captain; William Johnston, lieutenant; Ira Heath, 
lieutenant; John Taylor, lieutenant. 

Ensigns — Artemas Aldridge, David Hamstrot, Elijah Buttolph, 
John Schofield, Lawrence Barber. 

State Historian. 1065 

suffolk county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Rose's regiment: 

Mulford Hand, captain, vice Jona. Fithian, resigned; Henry Conk- 
lin, lieutenant, vice Mulford (Hand), promoted; Samuel Hunting, 
ensign, vice Amasa Peterson, moved; Austin Howel, ensign, vice 
W. Pelltreau, refused; James Foster, ensign, vice Ebenezer Howel, 
refused; Aaron Woolworth, chaplain. 


His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper 
to organize a battalion of artillery, consisting of the counties of 
Kings, Queens and Richmond and Captain Joseph O. Bogert's com- 
pany of flying artillery, in the city of New York — Resolved, that 
Martin Boerum be and he is hereby appointed major commandant, 
with rank from September 1, 1808. 

Major Martin Boerum's battalion: 

Aime J. Barbarie, captain, vice Martin Boerum, promoted; Law- 
rence Brower, lieutenant, vice Aime J. Barbarie, do; Daniel Rhodes, 
second lieutenant, vice Lawrence Brower, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Wright's regiment: 

Isaac Hinkley, captain, vice Phinney, moved; Benjamin Frisbie, 
lieutenant, vice Isaac Hinkley, promoted; George H. Andrews, 
ensign, vice Benjamin Frisbie, do; Ira Bingham, lieutenant; Samuel 
Woodman, ensign. 

William Ralph (Rolf), captain, vice (Aaron) North, promoted; 
Diodorus Holcomb, paymaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel Peter J. Vosburgh's regiment: 
Peter Van Alstyne, first major, vice V. Yalkenburgh, resigned; 
Lambert Claw, second major, vice Peter Van Alstyne, promoted. 



1066 Annual Report of the 

Moses Gillet, captain light infantry, vice J. Van Alstyne, resigned; 
Lucas J. Van Alen, lieutenant do, vice Moses Gillet, promoted; 
Abraham Van Ylecks, ensign do, vice Lucas J. Van Alen, do. 

Cornelius Van Schaack, captain light infantry, vice Beaumont, 
resigned; Truman Hnrd, lieutenant do, vice Cornelius Van Schaack, 
promoted; Evert J. Van Alen, ensign do, vice Truman Hurd, do. 

Andries Witbeck, captain, vice Lambert Claw, promoted; David 
Bidwell, lieutenant, vice Whitbeck, do; Thomas J. Eddy, ensign, 
vice David Bidwell, do. 

Jonathan Head, captain, vice Fowler, resigned; John H. Kittle, 
lieutenant, vice Jonathan Head, promoted; Phinehas Reed, lieuten- 
ant, vice Knapp, resigned: James J. Walker, ensign, vice Phinehas 
Reed, promoted. 

Eliakim Lapham, captain, vice D. T. Van Beuren, resigned; Jesse 
Van Ness, lieutenant, vice Eliakim Lapham, promoted; Reuben 
Salmon, ensign, vice Jesse Van Ness, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Charles McKinstry's regiment: 

Moses Wetmore, captain, vice J. Swift, resigned; Abier W. Mahew, 
lieutenant, vice Moses Wetmore, promoted; Israel A. Baldwin, 
ensign, vice Abier W. Mehew, do — of light infantry. 

David Chamberlain, ensign, vice (Allex'r) Whalen (Walling), 

Brigadier General Samuel Ten Broeck's brigade: 

Augustus Holly, brigade quartermaster. 


In first squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Jost Spreacker, captain, vice Young, resigned; Abraham Wemple, 
first lieutenant, vice Jost Spreacker, promoted; Jacob J. Eacker, 
second lieutenant, vice Abraham W T emple, do. 

State Historian. 1067 

orange county. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Wilkin's regiment: 

Matthias Keen, captain light infantry, vice Dunning, refused; 
Vincent Clark, lieutenant do, vice Matthias Keen, promoted; Stacy- 
Beaks, ensign do, vice Vincent Clark, do; John Faulkner, lieuten- 
ant; Stephen Harlow, ensign, vice James Faulkner, promoted. 

James Faulkner, captain; John M. Stitt, lieutenant; James Bing- 
ham, ensign — new company. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Smith's regiment: 

John D. Lawson, quartermaster, vice S. Reeves, refused; Charles 
Birdsall, lieutenant light infantry, vice Lawson, promoted; Robert 
Gardner, ensign do, vice Charles Birdsall, do. 


First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

John Cantine, captain; Don C. Buell, first lieutenant; William T. 
Gardner, second lieutenant — new company. 


First squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Roswell Sexton, second lieutenant, vice D. France, promoted; 
David France, first lieutenant, vice Cheeseborough, moved; Jere- 
miah Cowden, cornet. 


Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Halsev's regiment: 

Tompkins C. Delevan, surgeon, vice J. Sandford, resigned. 


First battalion, Fourth regiment of artillery: 
Elias Worden, second lieutenant, vice (Henry) Burchsted (junior), 
United States cadet. 




io68 Annual Report of the 


March Lieutenant Colonel George Stimson's regiment: 


Ichabod Andrews, captain, vice Parker, promoted; Isaac Buel, 
lieutenant, vice Ichabod Andrews, do. 

Jeremiah Barber, captain, vice David Van Dyke, who is hereby 
removed from that office: Peter Becker, lieutenant, vice Jeremiah 
Barber, promoted; Jairus Strong, lieutenant, vice Osborn; Enoch 
Blakeslee, ensign, vice Jairus Strong, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Reynolds' regiment: 

Jabez Bushnell, captain, vice Stannard, infirm; Eli Wheeler, lieu- 
tenant, vice Jabez Bushnell, promoted; Benjamin Wright, ensign, 
vice Eli Wheeler, promoted; Simeon Morse, ensign, vice Stone, 
moved; Nathaniel Stone, ensign, vice Shepherd. 


Major Alric Mann's battalion: 

Silas Cushman, captain, vice A. Mann, promoted; Asef Perry, 
lieutenant, vice Cushman, do; Thomas Wright, ensign; Apollos 
Lathrop, ensign. 

Daniel Eldridge, captain; Amos Eldridge, lieutenant; Aretus M. 
Hitchcock, ensign — new company. 

Azure Hawks, captain; Moses Eggleston, lieutenant; Solomon 
Cook, ensign; Ebenezer Taylor, lieutenant, vice Azure Hawks, pro- 
moted; Philip Bryant, ensign, vice Moses Eggleston, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Herrick's regiment: 
Eden B. Cornwell, captain; Amos Adams, lieutenant; Obadiah 
Titus, ensign — light infantry. 

State Historian. 1069 

jefferson county. 

Second battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Joseph Clark, captain; Benjamin Pool, first lieutenant; Rufus Wil- 
lard, second lieutenant — new company. 

In the first squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

Aaron Palmer, captain; John Reed, first lieutenant; Thomas M-. 
Converse, second lieutenant; Philo Booth, cornet — new troop. 


In the second squadron of the fourth division of cavalry:* 
Elisha B. Speary, captain; Noah Vibbard, first lieutenant; Calvin 
Wheeler, second do; Charles Foster, cornet — new troop. 


Lieutenant Colonel Samuel S. Haight's regiment: 

John McCormick, captain, vice Goodrich, moved; Joseph Gillet, 

lieutenant, vice Cook, do; Abraham McCormick, ensign, vice A. 

Campbel, do; Frederick Heckart, lieutenant; Simeon Ramuck, 



Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trotter's regiment: 

Peter Boyd, captain light infantry, vice G. Bogart, resigned; 
William McHarg, lieutenant do, vice Peter Boyd, promoted; David 
Vander Heyden, ensign do, vice William McHarg, promoted; Elijah 
Thomas, paymaster, vice Scoville, appointed ensign; Cornelius D. 
R. Lansing, quartermaster, vice Elijah Thomas, appointed pay- 

Stephen P. Schuyler, captain, vice Ten Eyck, moved. 

Cornelius W. Groesbeck, do, vice S. Brown, resigned. 

Gerrit Lagrange, do, vice T. Herring, do. 

"Appointed 18th March. 



1070 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenants — John Evertson vice S. P. Schuyler, promoted; 
David W. Groesbeck, vice C. W. Groesbeck, do ; William Boyd, vice 
Gerrit Lagrange, do; Philip Van Yechten, vice F. V. Vechten, do; 
Benjamin Van Benthuvsen, vice P. P. V. Rensselaer, resigned. 

Ensigns — George McPherson, vice Benjamin Van Benthuvsen, 
promoted; John T. B. Graham, vice William Boyd, promoted; 
George B. Spencer, vice P. Van Vechten, promoted; James Thorn, 
vice J. Evertson, do; Thomas Campbell, vice D. W. Groesbeck, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Herrick's regiment: 

Solomon Cook, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Benjamin 
Herrick, resigned. 

Martin E. Winchel, first major, vice Solomon Cook, promoted; 
Anthony Wheeler, second do, vice Martin E. Winchel, promoted. 

Alexander Neely, captain, vice A. Wheeler, promoted. 

Elijah Reed, captain, vice Benton, resigned. 

Israel Harris, captain, vice J. Shiver, do. 

Lieutenants — Jeremiah Concklin, vice Alexander Neely, pro- 
moted; Samuel S. Vinegar, vice Elijah Reed, do; John W. Righter, 
vice H. Honradt, resigned. 

Ensigns — Seth Wheeler, junior, vice Jeremiah Concklin, pro- 
moted; Henry Winchester, vice Samuel S. Vinegar, do; Thomas 
Stevenson, vice F. Stevens, moved. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Harper's regiment: 

David Heath, adjutant, vice Foot, moved; Peter Penfield, quarter- 
master, vice David Heath, promoted; William Douglass, paymaster, 
vice Peter Penfield, do. 

Noble Olmstead, captain, vice Delano, moved; Henry Brakeman, 

State Historian. 1071 

lieutenant, vice J. Bressee, dead; Darius Olmstead. ensign, vice N. 
Olmstead, promoted. 

Nehemiah Hanford, captain, vice C. Grenel, resigned; Isaac Nash, 
lieutenant, vice Nehemiah Hanford, promoted; Benjamin Parker, 
ensign, vice Isaac Nash, promoted; Hugh Orr, junior, ensign, vice 
Brewer, resigned; Abraham Butts, lieutenant light infantry, vice 
Dibble, resigned; Martin Keeler, ensign do, vice Abraham Butts, 

Lieutenant Colonel Putnam Farrington's regiment: 

John A. Hubbel, second major, vice J. Doll, resigned. 

James Woolsey, captain, vice John A. Hubbel, promoted; Jonas 
Newman, lieutenant, vice Webb, resigned; Eliab Hilton, ensign; 
Ezra Beardsley, lieutenant, vice Barlow, moved; Elisha Reynolds, 
ensign, vice Ezra Beardsley, promoted; Beman Robinson, ensign, 
vice D. Leal, resigned. 

Joel Davis, captain, vice A. Beardsley, resigned; Joel Brush, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Palmer, moved; John M. Landon, ensign, vice Joel 
Davis, promoted. 

Lewis Hardenbergh, captain, vice Denton, moved; Francis 
Moffat, lieutenant, vice Lewis Hardenbergh, promoted; William 
Gleason, ensign. 

Orrin Canfield, captain, vice White, resigned; Joseph Porter, lieu- 
tenant, vice Orrin, Canfield, promoted; John Chapman, ensign, vice 
Joseph Porter, do. 

Alexander McPherson, captain, vice Grant, resigned; Colley 
Minard, lieutenant; Burr Silliman, ensign. 

Henry Leavenworth, adjutant, vice Bostwick, promoted. 

Amnion Bostwick, quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel John T. St. John's regiment: 

Isaac Gillett, captain, vice P. Pine, promoted; Samuel Hulse, lieu- 
tenant, vice Isaac Gillet, promoted; Silas Crandall, ensign. 


io72 Annual Report of the 



Jacob Howel, captain, vice A. Howell, promoted; Miner Tread- 
well, lieutenant; Bela Hawkins, ensign. 

James A. Merwin, captain; James Wakeman, lieutenant; John 
Barlow, ensign. 

Erastus Waters, captain light infantry, vice Gager, resigned; Wil- 
liam Beach, lieutenant do, vice Erastus Waters, promoted; William 
Everitt, ensign do, vice William Beach, do. 

Brigadier General Erastus Root's brigade: 

Jabez Bostwick, brigade quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Harper's regiment: 

Rogers Olmstead, captain; Erastus Billings, lieutenant; Moses 
Warner, ensign — riflemen. 

In the first battalion, Fifth regiment of artillery: 

William Hine, second lieutenant. 

Salmon W. Beardsley, captain; Samuel Taylor, first lieutenant; 
Zenos Brown, second lieutenant — new company. 

His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper 
to organize a battalion consisting of the militia in the town of Mid- 
dleton; therefore, Resolved, that Daniel Smead be and he is hereby 
appointed major commandant thereof. 


i8oe. Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Gray's regiment: 

Henry J. Shoultis, captain, vice J. Grimbs, resigned; John J. 
Cook, lieutenant, vice Henry J. Shultes, promoted; Samuel Cook, 
ensign, vice J. Cook, promoted. 

William Salsman, captain, vice J. L. Nellis, resigned; Christopher 
C. Fox, lieutenant, vice William Salsman, promoted; John Graff, 
ensign, vice Christopher C. Fox, promoted. 

John Petrie, captain, vice J. Markel, resigned; Frederick Getman, 
lieutenant, vice John Petrie, promoted; Adam S. Grey, ensign, vice 
Frederick Getman, do; Daniel Ayres, surgeon's mate. 


State Historian. 1073 

Lieutenant Colonel John Roofs regiment: 

Moses Wheeler, lieutenant, vice C. Hawn, resigned; Peter Raught, 
ensign, vice Moses Wheeler, promoted. 

Jacob Crouse, captain, vice A. Roof, resigned; Henry Smith, lieu- 
tenant; Daniel Roof, ensign; William Husthen, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment: 

Charles Brockway, ensign light infantry, vice Mclntyre, resigned; 
David W. Cande, lieutenant, do, vice J. Clisby, moved. 

John P. Davis, captain, vice J. Pride, moved; Garret Roseboom, 
lieutenant; Caleb Allen, ensign. 

Alanson Kennedy, captain, vice A. Blair, resigned; Clark Wait, 
lieutenant; John A. Fonda, ensign; Egbert Van Wormer, do, vice 
D. Duffer, moved. 

John Perkins, captain, vice S. Lefferts, moved; Robert Kennedy, 
lieutenant; Oliver Snow, ensign. 

Michael Overacker, captain; Cornelius J. Francisco, lieutenant; 
Joseph Arnold, ensign. 

Joseph Davis, captain; George Wright, lieutenant; Daniel Hoage, 
ensign; Luther Stiles, ensign — light infantry. 


Lieutenant Colonel Gaius Morgan's regiment: 

Thomas Hicks, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Gaius Mor- 
gan, moved. 

Gershom Hinckley, first major, vice Thomas Hicks, promoted; 
Benjamin Brayton, second major, vice Gershom Hinckley, pro- 
moted; Broughton White, adjutant, vice Brayton, do; Luther Storrs, 
quartermaster, vice Broughton White, do; Jacob Betticher, pay- 
master, vice Luther Storrs, do; John W. Brooks, lieutenant, vice 
Mitchel, infirm; Samuel Johnson, ensign. 



1074 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel Silas Parker's regiment: 

Ephraim Hubbard, captain, vice Carpenter, moved; Zimri How- 
land, lieutenant, vice Ephraim Hubbard, promoted; Joseph Harwell, 
ensign, vice Howland, promoted; Sherman Bartholomew, surgeon, 
vice D. Avery, resigned. 

Joshua Babcock, captain, vice J. Mott; Samuel Jones, lieutenant, 
vice Joshua Babcock, promoted; Samuel Judson, ensign, vice Samuel 
Jones, promoted — light infantry. 

Gardner Avery, captain, vice E. Bligh, resigned; Asa Babcock, 
lieutenant, vice Gardner Avery, promoted; Rice Austin, ensign, vice 
Asa Babcock, do. 

James Risley, captain, vice Jeffers, moved; Enos Knight, lieuten- 
ant, vice James Risley, promoted; Adino Winshel. ensign, vice Enos 
Knight, do. 

Benjamin Knoulton, junior, captain, vice W. Lewis, moved; 
Daniel Owen, junior, lieutenant, vice Benjamin Knowlton, junior, 
promoted; James Goodwin, ensign, vice Daniel Owen, junior, pro- 
moted; Stephen Leonard, ensign, vice D. Knight. 

Lieutenant Colonel Amos Johnston's regiment: 

Ebenezer Chamberlin, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Amos 
Johnston, resigned. 

Sherman Barns, first major, vice Ebenezer Chamberlin, promoted; 
Israel Stoddard, second major, vice S. Potter, moved. 

Phinehas Castle, captain, vice I. Stoddard, promoted; Hezekiah 
Mix, captain, vice S. Barns; Joel Rathbone, surgeon; Abraham Per- 
kins, quartermaster. 

Captains — Nathan Elton, Ephraim Wright. 

Lieutenants — Artemas Jackson, Phinehas Tuttle, Elijah H. Web- 
ster, Andrew Palms. 

Ensigns — Jonathan Harman, Gordon G. Comstock, David Stone, 
junior, Lyman Matthew's, John Smith. 

State Historian. 1075 

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Collins' regiment: 

Captains — William Loomis, vice Smith, resigned; Charles Loud, 
vice Philips, do; Abram Camp, vice Young, do. 

Lieutenants — Gurdon Caswell, vice William Loomis, promoted; 
Daniel Ferguson, vice Abram Camp, do; Obadiah Latham, vice 
Charles Loud, do; Joseph Perkins, vice Tuttle, moved; Abel Wilcox, 
junior, vice Hart, resigned. 

Ensigns — Erastus Stanley, vice Wilcox, promoted; Fortune C. 
White, vice Daniel Ferguson, do; Alfred Wells, vice Thomas, 
refused; Josiah Hale, vice Loomis, moved; Alfred Savage, vice 
Obadiah Latham, promoted; Isaac G. Northway, vice Blackmer, 

Nathan Williams, captain; Marcus Hitchcock, lieutenant; Moses 
Bagg, ensign — new company of light infantry. 


Second squadron of cavalry, fourth division: 
Edmond Fitzgerald, major, vice Stone, moved. 


Resolved, that Solomon Van Rensselaer be no longer adjutant 
general of the militia of this State and that a supersedeas issue 


Resolved, that William Paulding, junior, be and he is hereby 
appointed adjutant general of the militia of this State, vice S. Van 
Rensselaer, superseded. 


Lieutenant Colonel Hercules Rice's regiment: 

John Dunlap, chaplain; Isaac Lacey, paymaster; James Post, 
surgeon's mate, vice J. Dow, junior, refused; Elias Vanderlip, lieu- 
tenant light infantry, vice J. Cowan, resigned. 



1076 Annual Report of the 

William Cole, captain, vice J. Hill, promoted; Peter Hill, lieuten- 
ant, vice William Cole, promoted; Israel Whipple, ensign, vice P. 
Hill, promoted; Ezekiel Sampson, lieutenant, vice Campbell, moved; 
Levi Downing, junior, ensign, vice Holdbrook, dead; Joshua 
Brownell, lieutenant, vice J. Mayhew, moved; Seneca Allen, ensign, 
vice W. Waite, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Brown's regiment: 

Lucius Gunn, captain, vice Rice, resigned; Joseph Boyd, lieuten- 
ant, vice Lucius Gunn, promoted; Joseph Bencraft, ensign, vice 
Joseph Boyd, do. 

Amos Scott, captain, vice Scott, do; Aaron Smith, ensign, vice Joel 
Smith, erroneously appointed; William Webb, lieutenant, vice S. 
Stone, resigned; Phineas Gleason, ensign, vice J. Brown, moved; 
Samuel Hardon, lieutenant, vice Harris, moved; John Straight, 
junior, ensign, vice Lathrop, resigned; Obed Warren, chaplain. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Hendrick Van Schaick's regiment: 

Edward Barber, chaplain. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Solomon Baker's regiment: 

Amasa Brown, chaplain. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Green's regiment: 

William Van Nortwyke, quartermaster, vice (David) McNeil, pro- 
moted; Isaac Boomer, paymaster. 

Joseph McCoy, captain light infantry, vice J. Smith, resigned; 
William Lyttle, lieutenant, do, vice Joseph McCoy, promoted; Wil- 
liam Leigh, ensign, do; James Robertson, lieutenant, vice J. Patrick; 
John Ransom, ensign, vice J. Robertson, promoted; George Mairs, 
chaplain; Robert Cook, surgeon. 


Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Nicholas Emigh, junior, captain, vice Fitzgerald, promoted; Peter 

State Historian. 1077 

Bantor, first lieutenant, vice Emigh, promoted; Jarvis Brewster, 
second lieutenant, vice Peter Bantor, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel John T. Visscher's regiment: 

John J. Clute, lieutenant, vice Jno. F. Strong, refused; Matthew 

Clark, lieutenant, vice Campbell, resigned; George Charters, ensign, 

vice M. Clark, promoted; Judah Burton, junior, ensign, vice E. 

Flint; William G. Serviss, quartermaster, vice Jos. Staring. 

Asa Cadey, captain, vice J. Green, resigned; Ezekiel Fosgate, 

lieutenant, vice A. Cady, promoted; Chester Elliot, ensign, vice 

E. Fosgate, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk's regiment: 

Casper Colyer, second major, vice N. J. Van Loon, resigned. 

Nathan Hubbel, captain, vice Casper Colyer, promoted; Asa 
Palmer, lieutenant, vice Nathan Hubbel, do. 

George Conolly, captain, vice P. Wolf, resigned; Aaron Veal, 
lieutenant, vice George Conolly, promoted; Philip Yeomans, ensign. 

James Stevens, captain, vice Rockwell, resigned; William Pitts, 
lieutenant, vice James Stevens, promoted; Nathaniel N. Fancher, 
ensign, vice William Pitts, do; Jacob Johnson, lieutenant, vice J. 
Out, resigned; Peter Groom, ensign, vice Jacob Johnson, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob R. Van Rensselaer's regiment: 

John Whitbeck, first major, vice J. Horton, refused; Jacob Van- 

der Boe, second major, vice John Whitbeck, promoted. 

George Enderson, captain, vice Philip Hainer, who is hereby 

removed from that office; Israel Holmes, ensign, vice George W. 

Topping, refused; John Jordan, adjutant, vice Vander Boe, pro- 



1078 Annual Report of the 

moted; John Dickie, paymaster, vice Jacob P. Mesick, resigned; 
Cornelius Miller, quartermaster, vice W. S. Miller, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel Robert T. Livingston's regiment: 

Light Infantry — Aaron Winchel, captain, vice (Augustus) 
Holly, appointed brigade inspector; John French, lieutenant, vice 
Reynolds, resigned. 

Daniel Baker, ensign do, vice Aaron Winchell, promoted. 

Ebenezer Birch, junior, captain, vice T. Birch, resigned; John 
Tripp, lieutenant; John Batts, ensign. 

Nicholas Robinson, captain; Lawrence T. C. Decker, lieutenant; 
John Barrenger, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Munro's regiment: 

Thompson Mead, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice William 
Munro, appointed sheriff. 

John Randal, junior, first major, vice Thompson Mead, promoted; 
Junia Curtis, second major. 

Judah Bement, captain, vice Junia Curtis, promoted; Hascal Rans- 
ford. quartermaster, vice (John) Guthrie, promoted; Pardon Morris, 
paymaster, vice P. Randal, do. 

In Brigadier General Obadiah German's brigade: 

John Guthrie, brigade quartermaster. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Dennison Randal's regiment: 

Elias Benjamin, junior, captain; Timothy Baker, lieutenant; Peleg 
Brown, ensign. 

David Thornton, captain; Adon Winsor, lieutenant; James 
Thompson, ensign — new company. 


Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Clyde's regiment: 
John Stewart, ensign, vice J. Comstock, moved. 

State Historian. 1079 

Elihu Carey, captain, vice J. Coats, resigned; John Barenger, lieu- 
tenant, vice D. Rathbun, resigned; Thomas Slayton, ensign, vice 
N. Kimbal, refused. 

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Cully's regiment: 

Nathan Morey, captain, vice D. French, resigned; Asa Eddy, 
lieutenant, vice J. Bevins, resigned; Samuel Bixby, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Luke Winchel's regiment: 
Jonathan Bliss, quartermaster; David Perry, surgeon. 


Lieutenant Colonel Gershom Tuttle's regiment: 

Levi Hale, ensign; Alden Burland, ensign; Roland Hall, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Collins' regiment: 
Winthrop Shepard, captain, vice Oliver Bush, promoted; Thomas 
Kilham, junior, lieutenant, vice W. Shephard, promoted; Roland 
Nimocks, ensign, vice E. Bush, moved: Charles Bush, quartermas- 
ter, vice Talcot, promoted; Roswell Miner, ensign, vice R. Chace, 
refused; Walter Dewey, surgeon. 


His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper 
to set off a new regiment to consist of the militia in the towns north 
of and Hounsfield south of the Black river; therefore, Resolved, 
that the following officers be and they are hereby appointed, viz: 

Jacob Brown, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Samuel Mack, first major; John W. Collins, second major; David 
Havens, quartermaster; Stephen Stanley, surgeon; William Baker, 
surgeon's mate; Zeruel Kimbol, paymaster. 


io8o Annual Report of the 


Isaac Pearcc, captain; Solomon Makepeace, lieutenant; Hezekiah 
Doolittle, ensign — light infantry. 

Calvin Button, captain; William Dilling, lieutenant; Josiah Farrar, 

Frederick Avery, captain; Azeriah Thomas, lieutenant. 

Abiel Shirtleff, captain; Ezra Ingerson, lieutenant; John Flower, 

Elijah Fields, junior, captain; John Allen, lieutenant; Hosker 
Dorchester, ensign. 

Daniel Tremper, captain; Robert Smith, ensign. 

John Simonds, captain; Isaac Cornwell, junior, lieutenant; Cobb 
J. Bates, ensign. 

William Harris, captain; Daniel Starting, lieutenant; Daniel Gill, 

Loring Buss, captain; Daniel Smith, ensign. 


Fourth division of the militia of this State: 

Abraham Veeder, major general, vice Peter Gansevoort, junior y 

Brigade of militia in the county of Montgomery: 

John T. Yisscher, brigadier general, vice Abraham Veeder, 


x } m : Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Smith's regiment: 

March ° 

Richard Harcourt, captain, vice N. L. Smith, resigned. 

David Wherry, captain, vice T. Fulton, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Valentine Lewis, vice R. Harcourt, promoted; 
Grant Bowers, vice David Wherry, promoted; Daniel Lester, vice 
B. Bond, moved. 

Ensigns — W T illiam Wolsey, vice Valentine Lewis, promoted; John 


State Historian. 1081 

W. Wygant, vice Daniel Lester, do; Ezra Keeler, vice Grant Bow- 
ers, do; Norman Andrus. vice A. Deniston, refused. 


Lieutenant Colonel Martin Heermance's regiment: 

Henry G. Martin, first major, vice A. Kip, resigned; Anthony 
Delamatter, second major, vice H. G. Martin, promoted. 

Peter Brown, captain, vice A. Delamatter, promoted; George 
Lambert, junior, lieutenant, vice P. Brown, promoted; John Van 
Waggoner, ensign, vice Lambert, do. 

Christian Schell, captain, vice T. W. Allis, resigned; Nathaniel 
Miller, lieutenant, vice C. Schell, promoted; John J. Smith, ensign, 
vice N. Miller, promoted. 

David Sipperly, captain, vice J. F. Schultz, moved; George J. 
Ring, lieutenant, vice D. Sipperly; promoted; Benjamin Van Wag- 
oner, junior, ensign, vice G. J. Ring, promoted. 

Peter Van Benthuysen, quartermaster, vice Wilson, resigned; Ger- 
rit Heermance, paymaster, vice A. PI. Heermance, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment: 

Asa Chatfield, captain light infantry, vice J. Card, resigned; David 
Ford, lieutenant do, vice Asa Chatfield, promoted; Seth Smith, 
ensign do, vice D. Ford, do. 

Nathan Burwell, captain, vice M. Prindle; John Carpenter, lieu- 
tenant, vice Nathan Burwell, promoted ; James Coinins, ensign, vice 
John Carpenter, promoted; Stephen Van Ama, lieutenant, vice W. 
Seaman, refused; Shibnah Nichols, ensign, vice J. H. Sherwood, 

Cornelius W. Groesbeck, adjutant, vice W. Smith, resigned; John 
Alexander, paymaster, vice Hooker, moved. 



1082 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Petrie's regiment: 

Selali Holcomb, captain, vice X. Brown, resigned; Solomon 
Leonard, lieutenant, vice Selah Holcomb, do; Junia Warner, ensign, 
vice Solomon Leonard, promoted. 

Ezra Mallery, captain, vice Ebenr. Coston, moved; Nathan Bangs, 
lieutenant, vice Ezra Mallery, promoted: John Morgan, junior, 
ensign, vice Xathan Bangs, do; Selden Morgan, ensign, vice Wight- 
man, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment: 

Welcome Eddy, captain, vice X. Spalding, resigned; Phinehas 
Hutchins, lieutenant, vice Welcome Eddy, promoted; Silas W. 
Hutchins, ensign, vice P. Hutchins, do. 

Archibald Conant, captain, vice S. Munroe, moved; Thaddeus 
Ketchum, lieutenant, vice Archibald Conant. promoted; Jacob Pad- 
dock, lieutenant, vice A. Passage, moved; Sheldon Calhoon, ensign, 
vice Jacob Paddock, promoted; Joseph Ball, lieutenant, vice J. 
Goodale, resigned; Russel X^orton, ensign, vice J. Gage, resigned; 
Frederick Bellinger, lieutenant, vice S. Wait, resigned; Christopher 
Colvin, ensign, vice Frederick Bellinger, promoted. 

First squadron, fifth division, of cavalry: 

Silas Fairbanks, second lieutenant, vice Waterman, deceased; 
Eleazer Wightman. cornet, vice Bela Ward, refused. 


Resolved, that David J. Pell be no longer a lieutenant colonel 
commandant of a regiment of militia in the county of Westchester,, 
and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 


Brigadier General Peter Van Slyck*s brigade of artillery: 
Asa B. Sizer, captain: Thomas H. Hubbard, first lieutenant; Levi 
Love, second lieutenant — a new company of horse artillery. 

State Historian. 1083 

lewis county. 
Second squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

Abner Clapp, first lieutenant; Adoniram Fort, second lieutenant; 
Johnson Talcott, cornet. 


Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Vail's regiment: 

Benjamin Dunning, captain; Jesse Edsall, lieutenant; Horace 
Elmer, ensign — new company of light infantry. 

In Lieutenant Colonel John Tuthill's regiment: 

James Edmonston, second major, vice M. Smith, resigned. 

Thomas House, captain, vice James Emonston, promoted; Joshua 
Clark, lieutenant, vice Howe, promoted; Obadiah Smith, junior, 
ensign, vice J. Clark, do. 

John Wilkes, captain, vice A. West, moved; Zephaniah Howell, 
lieutenant, vice John Wilkes, promoted; Samuel Webb, ensign, vice 
Zephaniah Howell, promoted. 

Samuel Strong, adjutant, vice S. Strong, promoted; Seth Marvin, 
junior, quartermaster, vice H. Howell, junior, resigned; William 
Strong, paymaster, vice S. Marvin, promoted; Samuel Warner, 




Brigadier General Simon De Ridder's brigade: 1809. 


David McNeil, brigade quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel Micajah Pettit's regiment: 

Oliver Barrett, junior, captain light infantry, vice W. High, 
resigned; John Moss, junior, lieutenant do, vice Oliver Barrett, pro- 
moted; Edward Moss, ensign do, vice J. Moss, junior, do. 

Brigade lately commanded by Brigadier General Warren Ferris: 

Christian Sackrider, brigade quartermaster. 



1084 Annual Report of the 

orange county. 

First battalion, Third regiment of artillery: 
John Houston, second lieutenant. 


First battalion, Fourth regiment of artillery: 
Rapine Anderson, second lieutenant. 


Second battalion, Fourth regiment: 
Henry Harris, second lieutenant. 

David Richardson, captain; Absalom Daley, first lieutenant; Abel 
Foster, second lieutenant — new company. 
Kiah Harnden, paymaster, fourth regiment. 


Major John McMahon's battalion: 

David Johnson, quartermaster. 

James McMahon and Isaac Barns, captains. 

David Eaton and Jonathan L. Bartna, lieutenants. 

William Crossgrove and Seth Cole, ensigns. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob S. Jackson's regiment: 

James Hendrickson, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Jacob S. 
Jackson promoted to brigadier general. 

Daniel Bedell, first major, vice James Hendrickson, promoted; 
William Nichols, second major, vice Daniel Bedell, do. 

Timothy Carman, captain, vice Walters, resigned; Charles Powell, 

Stephen Powell, captain, vice T. Carman, resigned; Samuel 
Demott, lieutenant, vice Stephen Powell, promoted; John Hewlett, 

State Historian. 1085 

lieutenant, vice D. Horton, resigned: Hope Rhoades, ensign, vice 
John Hewlett, promoted; Jonathan Baldwin, ensign, vice Samuel 
Demott, do. 

Richard Carman, captain, vice W. Nichols, do; Samuel Valentine, 
lieutenant, vice R. Carman, do; Stephen Bedell, ensign, vice J. Dor- 
kin, refused; Ebenezer Lockwood, surgeon. 


Regiment lately commanded by Alexander J. Turner: 

Joseph Edsall, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Alexander J. 
Turner, deceased. 

Alexander Richards, second major; Thomas B. Benedict, first 

Nicholas Reynolds, captain, vice J. Bartholomew, resigned; 
Clement Tuttle, lieutenant; Oliver Linsley, ensign. 

John Doran, captain; John G. Fancher, lieutenant; Gad Root, 

Benjamin Bailey, captain; Silas Smith, lieutenant. 


Second squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

David Ogden, captain, vice J. Brownell, resigned; Erastus Spald- 
ing, first lieutenant, vice Ogden, promoted; Gilbert Brownell, second 
lieutenant, vice Erastus Spalding, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Casety's regiment: 

Martin Hawley, second major, vice S. Gridley, promoted ; Samuel 
Allen, lieutenant, vice S. Riggs, resigned; Russell Mann, ensign, 
vice S. Allen, promoted. 

Eli Frisby, captain, vice W. Mahan, resigned; Ira Hills, lieutenant, 
vice W. Wright, do ; Amos Picket, ensign, vice Eli Frisby, promoted. 


1086 Annual Report of the 


John Bullen, junior, captain, vice Jairus Foot, resigned; Orrin 
Gridley, lieutenant, vice John Bullen, promoted; William C. Gridley, 
ensign, vice D. Johnson, promoted. 

Isaac Saxton, captain, vice E. Moore, resigned; Daniel Stanton, 
junior, lieutenant, vice I. Saxton, promoted; John Hine, ensign, vice 
D. Stanton, junior, promoted. 

Reuben Ellinwood, captain, vice M. Hawley, promoted; David 
Hartshorne, lieutenant, vice C. Bailey, resigned; Timothy Hopkins, 
ensign, vice J. Wade, moved. 

Matthew W. Casety, quartermaster, vice F. W. Chapin, moved; 
David Johnson, paymaster, vice M. W. Casety, promoted. 


Complaints having been exhibited to the Council against Captain 
Samuel M. Lockwood, charging him with expressions and conduct 
degrading to the character of an officer; therefore, Resolved, that 
the Council will be ready to hear the said Captain Samuel M. Lock- 
wood in exculpation of the charges so alleged at their next meeting 
on the 22d day of May next, and that the secretary cause a copy of 
this resolution with a copy of the said complaints to be served on 
the said Captain Lockwood. 


1809. # Fifth regiment of artillery: 


Peter C. Fox, first major, vice D. Rathbun, deceased; John 
Veeder, second do, vice P. C. Fox, promoted. 

John S. Veeder, captain, vice John Veeder, promoted; Abijah 
Lobdell, first lieutenant, vice John S. Veeder, promoted; Henry B. 
Henry, second do, vice Abijah Lobdell, promoted. 


Captain Giles Kellogg's company: 
John Ingham, second lieutenant. 

State Historian. 1087 

new york county. 

Third regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Barnet Anderiese, first lieutenant, with rank from 12 September, 


The Commander-in-chief having organized the artillery of the 
counties of Suffolk and Westchester into a separate battalion — 
Resolved, that the following officers be and they are hereby 
appointed therein: 

John Jermain, major commandant. 

Jesse Hodges, captain, vice John Jermain, promoted; Josiah Fer- 
ris, first lieutenant, vice Hedges, promoted; Lodowick Post, sec- 
ond do. 

Pursuant to the request of Major General (Nathaniel) Coles 
(junior) — Resolved, that Joseph Blackwell and Benjamin W. Coles 
be and they are hereby appointed aides-de-camp to the said major 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob S wits' regiment: 

Frederick A. Bradt, captain, vice Peek; Amasa Starks, lieutenant, 
vice Frederick A. Bradt, promoted; Daniel Starks, ensign, vice A. 
Starks, promoted; Jacob J. Schermerhorn, ensign, vice A. J. Van 
Eps, refusing; Abraham Vandebergh, ensign, vice G. Wemple, 
refusing; John B. Yates, ensign of light infantry; John Boyd, do, 
vice J. Sanders, removed. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Bell's regiment: 

John Barnes, captain; Abraham A. Wood, junior, lieutenant; 
Oliver Losee, ensign. 



io88 Annual Report of the 


Brigadier General James Knapp's brigade: 

Joshua Ballard, brigade major and inspector; Luther Rice, bri- 
gade quartermaster. 

First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Samuel L. Shelden, captain; Michael Waring, first lieutenant. 


Major Francis McClure's battalion of riflemen: 
Robert Bleakley, captain, vice D. Andreas, resigned; Hugh 
Walker, lieutenant, vice Robert Bleakley, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Brown's regiment: 

Richard M. Essylstine, ensign and adjutant; John B. Essylstine, 
lieutenant; Roswell Comstock, ensign. 


The Commander-in-chief having divided the brigade of the city 
and county of Xew York into two brigades — Resolved, that the 
following officers be and they are hereby appointed in the first 
brigade, commanded by Brigadier General (Gerard) Steddiford: 

First regiment — Lieutenant Colonel Jacob De la Montagnie: 

John P. Foote, lieutenant, vice Jarvis, transferred; James Boyd, 
lieutenant, vice Parker, transferred; Robert Jaques, do, vice Myers, 
do; John Worthington, do, vacant. 

Ensigns — Charles Keeler, Israel Foote, David M. Ross, Nathaniel 
Weed, Jeremiah J. Drake, John C. Johnson, Washington Varian, 
Andrew Wheeler, Edward Patten, Joseph Corbit. 

Second regiment — Lieutenant Colonel (Jasper) Ward: 

Timothy Gardner, second major, vice Coffin, transferred; Thomas 
Darling, lieutenant, vice Wood, do; Arthur Burtes, ensign. 

James Hall, paymaster, vice Legget, moved. 

State Historian. 1089 

Third regiment — Lieutenant Colonel (Beekman M.) Van Beuren: 

John Coffin, first major; James Cheetham, second major. 

Captains — William Pelham Wood, Davis Blackley, Jacob Mor- 
rison, Zopher R. Jarvis, William Parker, William C. Mulligan, 
William A. Davis, Mordecai Myers. 

Lieutenants — John D. Brown, Daniel Smith, Stephen Jarvis, 
Nathaniel Smith, Benjamin L. Day, Stephen Mealy, Moses B. 
Seixas, Thomas Chatterton. 

Charles Hughes, paymaster; James D. Bisset, quartermaster. 

Ensigns — Reuben Munson, George W. Fowler, Peter Van 
Beuren, Cornelius Chivis, Charles Clark, Samuel Sparks, William 
Stanbury, Philo Doane. 

Fourth regiment — Lieutenant Colonel (Edward W.) Laight: 

Isaiah Leigh, captain, vice Crolius, promoted. 

Lieutenants — William Nesbit, vice Leigh, promoted; Nathaniel 
F. Moore, Richard N. Harrison, Robert Watts, junior. 

Ensigns — John Jacobs, Johnston Ver Planck, George Clark, 
Abraham Seixas, Charles Clarke, William Coles, Charles G.Herford. 

Second brigade of the city and county of New York : 

Peter Van Zandt, brigadier general. 

Ebenezer Irving, brigade major and inspector. 

Second regiment: 

Captains — Patrick G. Hildreth, Benjamin Tucker, vice Vosburgh, 
resigned; Samuel S. Smith, vice Irving, promoted. 

Lieutenants — James Quackenbush, vice W. A. Davis, transferred; 
Henry F. Penfield, vice B. Tucker, promoted; Jacob A. Blackwell, 
vice S. S. Smith, promoted. 

James T. B. Romayne, ensign, vice J. Quackenbush, promoted; 
Ezekiel Robbins, do, vice H. F. Penfield, do. 



1090 Annual Report of the 

Third regiment — Lieutenant Colonel (Jonas) Mapes: 
Gershom Smith, captain, vice E. Pinckney. resigned; Cornelius 
Schermerhorn, junior, lieutenant, vice G. Smith, promoted; William 
Hawley, do, vice W. C. Mulligan, transferred; Thomas Andrews, 
ensign, vice C. Schermerhorn, promoted; Henry Strong, do. vice 
William Hawley, do. 

Fourth regiment — Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bogardus: 
David M. Ross, ensign, vice T. Bartow, declined; Effingham 
Schieffelin, io, vice J. W. Gibson, promoted. 


Micajah Pettit, brigadier general of the brigade of militia lately 
czmmandei by Warren Eerris. 

Regiment of militia lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Sol- 
omon Baker: 

Zephaniah Kingsley, ?.nt colonel commandant, vice Solo- 

mon Baker, resigned. 

Daniel Brown, first major, vice Zephaniah Kingsley, promoted; 
'.'"iiliam Huggens, second do, vice Daniel Brown, do; Samuel 
Gordon, adjutant, vice Thomas Cristy, moved: Asahel Clark, 
quarterm£-:er. vice . c imuel Gordon, promoted. 

Ebenezer Backus, captain, vice Xorthum, resigned; Amos Otis, 
lieutenant, vice Martin, resigned; Phineas Spencer, ensign, vice 
Ebenezer Backus, promoted. 

Eranci; Needham, captain, vice William Huggens, do: Duty 
Shumway, lieutenant, vice Town, resigned: Elisha Sill, ensign, vice 
Francis Needham, promoted. 

Eli Carrington, captain, vice Gilson, deceased: David Wallis, 
lieutenant, vice Sacket, moved; William Davis, ensign, vice Eli Car- 
rington, promoted. 

State Historian. 1091 

Nathaniel Frank, captain, vice Dayton, resigned: Ira Spalding, 
lieutenant, vice Nathaniel Frank, promoted; Guy Wheeler, ensign, 
vice Ira Spalding, do; Stephen Barber, lieutenant, vice Harlow, 
resigned; Isaac Harlow, junior, ensign; James Whiting, ensign, vice 
Martin, moved, to take rank from April 6, 1807; Isaac Nichols, do, 
vice Benjamin, appointed by mistake, do; Hosea Day, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Douglass' regiment: 
Nicholas Woolever, second major. 

John C. Moot, captain; John Rutor, lieutenant; George M. 
Kern, do. 

Sylvenus Seber and Thomas Hutchens, ensigns. 


Second squadron, third division of cavalry: 

Robert Lottridge, captain, vice (Samuel) Milliman. resigned; Isaac 
Milliman, first lieutenant, vice (Harper) Rogers, do; Amasa Kinyon, 
second do, vice Robert Lottridge, promoted; Samuel Barret, cornet, 
vice Isaac Milliman, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 

Frederick G. Berger, captain, vice A. Finch, resigned; Cornelius 
Swartwout, do, vice F. Collyson, do; John Numan, do, vice H. 
Searls, moved away; Philip D. Berger, lieutenant, vice F. Berger, 
promoted; Abraham Lansing, do, vice J. Searls, moved; Luther 
Eddy, ensign, vice Swartwout. promoted; Nathan Barber, lieu- 
tenant, vice Wyland, moved; Oliver Lyon, lieutenant light infan- 
try, vice Linds, do; Eliphalet King, ensign do, vice Oliver Lyon, do; 
Nathaniel Challis, do. vice Hawley, moved; Josiah G. Kinne, do, 



1092 Annual Report of the 

vice P. D. Berger, promoted; Cornelius Slyter, junior, do, vice 
N. Barber, do; Ely Burritt, surgeon, vice Loudon, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Eddy's regiment : 

Jonathan Rowland, captain, vice A. Herrick, resigned; Daniel 
Kiser, do, vice G. Bruce, do; Charles Lounsbury, lieutenant, vice 
J. Mallory, do; James Anderson, do, vice J. Rowland, promoted; 
Burrel Betts, do, vice D. Kiser, promoted; Jacob Williams, ensign, 
vice C. Lounsbury, promoted; John Fake, do, vice J. Anderson, do; 
Adam Clum, do, vice B. Betts, promoted; John W. Groesbeck, do; 
Thomas Weatherwax, do, vice Cole, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel (Elisha) Steward's regiment: 

Cyrus Spencer, captain, vice A. James, resigned; Willet Vary, do, 
vice B. Chace, do; James Jones, lieutenant, vice W. Vary, promoted; 
Josiah Humphrey, do, vice C. Spencer, promoted; Chancey Goold, 
ensign, vice W. Shelden, resigned; Simon Tifft, do, vice Coleman, 
do; Thomas P. Adams, do, vice J. Jones, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob A. Fort's regiment: 

Henry Warren, captain, vice Thurber, resigned; Samuel Faxon, 
do, vice (Sylvester) Xoble, promoted; John Haynes, do, vice Cross, 
moved; John Spicer, lieutenant, vice John Haynes, promoted; Con- 
rad Raymor, ensign, vice (Jonas) Halsted, resigned; Alien Spicer, 
do, vice J. Spicer, promoted. 

Royal Abbot, captain light infantry, vice Lake, moved; Abraham 
Keach, lieutenant do. vice Royal Abbot, promoted; John B. Ryan, 
ensign do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Philip Staats' regiment: 

Jonathan J. Witbeck, captain, vice J. G. Myers, resigned; Joel 
Bristol, lieutenant, vice Witbeck, promoted; Samuel Myers, ensign, 
vice Joel Bristol, do. 

James Livingston, captain, vice J. H. Van Rensselaer, moved; 
Hugh Gordon, lieutenant, vice Breese, resigned. 

State Historian. 1093 

orange county. 
Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Smith's regiment: 
Isaac Belknap, first major; Michael Wygant, second do. 
Daniel Lester, captain; John W. Wygant, lieutenant; George 
Birdsal, ensign. 


Major Benjamin Hardenbergh's battalion: 

Josiah Depuy, major commandant, vice Benjamin Hardenbergh, 

Lieutenant Colonel Tjerk De Witt's regiment: 

Cornelius Masten, adjutant, vice V Keuren, resigned. 

Henry Hamilton, captain, vice C. Van Buren, promoted; Jacob 
Heermance, lieutenant, vice H. Hamilton, promoted; Jacob H. 
De Witt, ensign, vice J. Heermance, promoted; Peter P. Wynkoop, 
lieutenant; Peter E Elmendorf, ensign; John Hogan, lieutenant; 
William Cusic, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Westbrook's regiment: 

Cornelius E. Wynkoop, adjutant, vice Hornbeck, moved. 

Abraham Sahler, captain, vice W. Broadhead; Abraham Broad- 
head, lieutenant; Joseph Smith, ensign. 

Major Samuel Barnum's battalion: 

William Sears, captain, vice Theal, moved; Daniel Andrews, lieu- 
tenant, vice William Sears, promoted; Seth Weed, ensign, vice 
Daniel Andrews, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Munro's* regiment: 

William Collins, captain, vice D. Skinner; Charles Randall, lieu- 
tenant, vice William Collins, promoted; Seth Garlick, ensign, vice 
Charles Randall, promoted. 

* Thompson Mead was appointed lieutenant colonel commandant of this regiment, 
vice William Munro, March 25, 1809. See page 1078— State Historian. 



1094 Annual Report of the 

rensselaer county. 

Second squadron, third division of cavalry: 

Henry Piatt, junior, first lieutenant; Joseph Rogers, second do; 
Jonathan Carpenter, cornet. 

First squadron, third division : 


Samuel Belden, cornet, vice Perry, resigned. 


Stephen Gorham, second lieutenant, vice (John S.) Peffer, 
resigned; Alfred Ferris, cornet, vice Gorham, promoted; Peter 
Crookshank, second lieutenant, vice Donaldson, dead; Charles War- 
ford, cornet, vice Peter Crookshank, promoted. 

Third regiment of cavalry: 

David Kittle, quartermaster; John McCoun, paymaster; John 
Downs, surgeon. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hicks' regiment: 

John Mappa, captain, vice E. Nash, deceased; John Harris, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Mappa, promoted; Ezra Birdseye, ensign, vice J. 
Harris, do. 


Brigadier General (Hosea) Moffat's brigade: 
Henry Koon, captain; David Bell, lieutenant; James Deforest, 
ensign — a new company of riflemen. 


First regiment, second brigade: 

Walter Patterson, captain, vice Furman, resigned; John P. Gar- 
niss, lieutenant, vice Walter Patterson, promoted; Aaron Woodruff, 


State Historian. 1095 

do, vice Bird, moved; Julius L. Dunning, ensign, vice John P. Gar- 
niss, promoted; Jonathan Seymour, ensign, vice Aaron Woodruff, 
do; Henry Strong, ensign; Jonathan J. Coddington, do. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon 

Samuel McChestney, lieutenant colonel, vice Zebulon Scrivens, 

Thomas Reynolds, first major, vice Samuel McChestney, pro- 
moted; Matthew Randall, second major, vice Irish, moved. 

Aaron Worth ington, captain light infantry, vice Thomas Reynolds, 
promoted; Benjamin Rogers, do, vice West, resigned; Asa Stillman, 
do, vice Allen, do; Asa Prossor, do, vice Matthew Randall, pro- 
moted; William C. Barber, do, vice R. Wait, resigned. 

Lieutenants — George Brimer, light infantry, vice Aaron Worth- 
ington; Joseph Burdick, vice Benjamin Rogers, promoted; Thomas 
S. Harvey, vice Asa Stillman; Sanford Hewit, vice William C. Bar- 
ber, do; Benjamin Babcock. 

Ensigns — Joshua M. Scrivens, light infantry, vice George Brimer, 
promoted; William Coon, vice Thomas S. Harvey, do; Elisha Bur- 
dick, vice Asa Prossor, do; Thomas Phillips, junior, vice Sanford 
Hewit, do; Robert Godfrey, vice Johnson, moved. 

Asa Maxson, quartermaster, vice B. Randal, resigned; Pliny 
Miller, junior, lieutenant, vice Eaglestone, moved. 


First squadron, fifth division of cavalry: 

Calvin McKnight, first lieutenant, vice Reed, refusing; Pierce 
Downing, second do, vice Converse, do; Miles Ralph, cornet, vice 
Booth, do. 



1096 Annual Report of the 

albany county. 

Captain Samuel M. Lockwood, of the city and county of Albany, 
having- been charged with an unofficerlike and improper declaration, 
and having been summoned to appear before the Council, appeared 
accordingly, and having expressed his sorrow for using the said 
declaration, and having given satisfactory assurances that the same 
was made without reflection or intention, and that he would not 
adhere to such rash declaration, etc.; therefore. Resolved, that the 
complaint against the said Samuel M. Lockwood be and the same 
is herebv dismissed. 

In the company of riflemen commanded by Captain Samuel M. 
Lockwood : 

Sanford Cobb, ensign. 


The Commander-in-chief, upon the recommendation of Brig- 
adier General Steddiford, having thought proper to authorize the 
organization of an additional regiment in the first brigade of militia 
in the city of New York, whenever, in the opinion of the said 
general it shall be necessary and proper, and he having returned 
William Paulding, junior, as entitled by rank to the command 
thereof; therefore, Resolved, that the said William Paulding, junior, 
be and he is hereby appointed a lieutenant colonel in the said 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Micajah 

John Stewart, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Micajah 
Pettit, promoted. 

Jonathan Wood, first major, vice John Stewart, promoted; Justus 
Smith, second do, vice Jonathan Wood, do. 

State Historian. 1097 

Alfred Pitcher, captain, vice Justus Smith, do; Henry Spencer, 
lieutenant, vice Alfred Pitcher, do; Eber Mallery, ensign, vice Henry 
Spencer, do. 

Benjamin Seely, captain, vice C. Hitchcock, resigned; Layton 
Bently, lieutenant, vice B. Seely, promoted; Joshua Harris, junior, 
ensign, vice L. Bently, do. 

John Clark, captain, vice L. Hastings, resigned; Abraham Ostran- 
der, lieutenant, vice J. Clark, promoted; Dyer Austin, ensign, vice 

A. Ostrander, promoted; Franklin Haskins, lieutenant, vice A. 
Goodhal, resigned; Periam Thompson, ensign, vice F. Haskins, pro- 

Samuel Love, captain, vice R. Halliday, declined; Joseph Stewart, 
third, lieutenant, vice S. Love, promoted; Joshua Pelton, ensign, 
vice J. Stewart, do. 

Reuben Morgan, adjutant, vice N. Pitcher, promoted; Noble B. 
Hitchcock, quartermaster, vice R. Morgan, do; Israel Hand, pay- 
master, vice Noble B. Hitchcock, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Swartwood's regiment : 
Rufus Pettybone, adjutant. 


First squadron, third division of cavalry : 

George Throop, first lieutenant, vice A. Abel, resigned; Henry 

B. Hay, second do, vice G. Throop, promoted. 


Brigadier General Isaac Hall's brigade: 
Robert Swartwout, brigade major and inspector. 
Henry Seymour, brigade quartermaster. 



1098 Annual Report of the 



1809. Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 


Zachariah Curtis, captain, vice Hatch, resigned; Stephen Clark, 
lieutenant; Cornelius Adriance, ensign. 

Gurdon Corning, adjutant, to be a lieutenant. 


Lieutenant Colonel Timothy S. Hopkins' regiment: 
James Cronk, lieutenant, vice Ingals, moved; Almon Ford, ensign, 
vice Hill, moved; Levi Brown, surgeon, vice Chapin, refusing. 


Fourth regiment of cavalry: 

Henry Duel, cornet, vice Brewster, promoted. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John T. 

Peter Voorhees, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice John T. 
Visscher, promoted. 

Silvanus Wilcox, first major, vice Peter Voorhees, do; Samuel 
Jackson, second major, vice Silvanus Wilcox, promoted. 

Nathan Stanton, junior, captain light infantry, vice Samuel Jack- 
son, do. 


Brigadier General George Doolittle's brigade: 
Ephraim Hart, brigade major and inspector. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel David J. Pell: 
Jonathan Varian, lieutenant colonel, vice David J. Pell, super- 

State Historian. 1099 

albany county. 

First battalion, Fifth regiment of artillery: 

John Mills, captain; Calvin Walker, first lieutenant; Isaac Lucas, 
second do — a new company. 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trotter: 

John Townsend, adjutant, vice Vischer, appointed aide to brig- 
adier general. 

John Lush, captain; Samuel S. Lush, lieutenant, vice J. Lush, 
promoted; Robert Elliot, do, vice Townsend, promoted; Ephraim 
Starr, ensign, vice S. S. Lush, do; Richard Marvin, do, vice Robert 
Elliot, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Philip Staats' regiment: 

William Van Schaick, ensign, vice Livingston, promoted. 


Brigadier General G. W. Van Schaick's brigade: 
John B. Yates, captain; Thomas McAuley, first lieutenant; 
Thomas C. Brownell, second do; Elisha Taylor, cornet — of a com- 
pany of horse artillery. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thompson Mead's regiment: 
Reuben Gray, lieutenant, vice J. Gray, refusing; Edward Gray, 
ensign, vice R. Gray, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Hezekiah Ketchum's regiment: 

Cornelius C. Van Sanford, captain, vice Ketchum, declining; 

Jacob Pudney, lieutenant, vice Cornelius C. Van Sanford, promoted; 

Nathan Bailey, ensign, vice Jacob Pudney, do. 



iioo Annual Report of the 

genesee county. 

New battalion, whereof Daniel Davis, esquire, is lieutenant colonel 

John Atchison, major commandant; William B. Brown, adjutant; 
William Leach, quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Rumsey's regiment: 

Nehemiah Park, captain; Richard Bristol, lieutenant; Elnathan 
George, ensign — a new company. 

Martin Blodget, ensign; Chauncey Hunger, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment: 
Sylvanus Beckworth, lieutenant; Zenas Nash, ensign. 


Regiment whereof Elijah St. John is lieutenant colonel com- 

Anson W. Jackson, second major, vice Stewart, belonging to the 
brigade in Cortland county. 

Oren Stone, adjutant, vice Samuel Dunham, promoted. 

Samuel Dunham, captain light infantry, vice Anson W. Jackson, 
promoted; Norris Case. do. vice Olcott, not accepting; Nathaniel 
Gillet, lieutenant, vice Norris Case, promoted; Jabish Castle, ensign, 
vice Nathaniel Gillet, promoted. 

Asa Wells, captain grenadiers, vice (Robert) Swartwout, pro- 
moted; Reuben Murray, junior, lieutenant, do, vice Asa Wells, pro- 
moted; Daniel Marsh, ensign, vice Oren Stone, promoted. 

Nicol Howell, captain, vice Nicholas Howel, appointed by mistake 
last winter. 

Brigadier General (Isaac) Hall having newly arranged the regi- 
ments in his brigade, and the Commander-in-chief having sanctioned 

State Historian. iioi 

the same; therefore, Resolved, that the following - appointments be 
and they are hereby made in the said brigade, pursuant to said 

John Ellis, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice N. Earl. 

Elisha Alvord, first major, vice John Ellis, promoted; David 
Laurence, second major, vice T. M. Wood, promoted; Salmon 
Thayer, adjutant; Martin Butler, quartermaster, vice Brown, pro- 
moted; Coit Spalding, paymaster; Gordon Needham, surgeon. 

Levi Hiscock, captain; Polaski King, lieutenant, vice Adams; 
John Gould, ensign, vice Polaski King — light infantry. 

George Corey, captain; John Pheatt, lieutenant; Rufus Danforth, 
ensign, vice Gilchrist, not accepting. 

Benajah Byington, captain; Fisher Curtis, lieutenant; Martin 
Wendell, ensign — new company. 

Daniel Wheadon, captain; Samuel Camp, lieutenant; John Green, 

Jonah White, captain; James Webb, lieutenant; Jared Hiscock, 
ensign — new company. 

Nathan Brown, captain, vice David Laurence, promoted; Turner 
Fenner, lieutenant; John Clark, ensign. 

Amasa Chapman, captain; Caleb Amedon, lieutenant; Daniel 
Chaffie, ensign. 

Daniel Hurlbert, captain; William Sprague, lieutenant; Jared 
Thayer, ensign. 

Joshua Forman, captain; John Adams, lieutenant; Oliver Strong, 
ensign — new company. 

Thaddeus M. Wood, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (Isaac) 
Hall, brigadier general. 

Jacob Depuy, first major, vice Catlin, resigned; William Olmsted, 
second major, vice Jacob Depuy; Stephen G. Williams, adjutant; 



1 102 Annual Report of the 

Nehemiah H. Earl, quartermaster; William Fillimore, paymaster; 
James Jackson, surgeon; John M. Stewart, surgeon's mate. 

Prentice Kinney, captain; Hezekiah Ketchum, lieutenant; Walter 
Worden, junior, ensign. 

Jared Luddington, captain; Joseph Williams, lieutenant; Elias 
Stilhvell, junior, ensign. 

Thomas Davis, captain; Jonas Hannah, junior, lieutenant; Ira 
Huntley, junior, ensign — a new company from Captain Kinney's. 

Amos Russel, captain; Ethel Kinney, lieutenant; Elijah Pinck- 
ney, ensign — a new company in Cicero. 

Jeremiah Gould, captain; Cologies Vinall, lieutenant; Abiel Whit- 
man, ensign; Thomas Barnum, captain; Lewis Guthrie, lieutenant; 
Stephen Bancraft, junior, ensign; Christopher Clark, captain; 
Nathan Baker, lieutenant; Noah Lee, ensign — three companies from 
the regiment in Pompey. 

Jasper Wood, captain, vice William Olmsted, promoted; Wendall 
Morton, lieutenant, vice Jasper Wood, do; Nehemiah Gates, ensign. 

William H. Sabin, captain; John G. Forbes, lieutenant; John 
Miller, ensign. 


First squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Timothy Downs, captain; John Thompson, junior, first lieutenant; 
George S. Meech, second do; Nathaniel Parker, cornet — a new 


Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Barnes: 
Jeduthan Case, adjutant; Wilson Cross, quartermaster; Barnabas 

Moss, paymaster; Abiel Jones, surgeon. 

Silas Sayre, captain, vice T. Hunter, promoted; John Cilley, do, 

vice E. Barnes, promoted; Whiting Russel, do, vice J. Pangburn, 

do; Moses Searls, do, vice W. Kirby, appointed sheriff; Amasa 

Wilcox, do. 

State Historian. 1103 

Lieutenants — John Allen, vice S. Sayre, promoted; Judd Jenk, 
do, vice J. Cilley, do; Otis Easten, do, vice W. Russel, do; Francis 
Auther, do, vice M. Searls, do; Nicholas Allen and Reuben Smith; 
Ruluf Andres (name formerly mispelled); Daniel Blish, vice Palmer, 

Ensigns — James Matthews, vice Nicholas Allen, promoted; Jus- 
tus Bailey; Augustus Cleaveland, vice J. Jenks, promoted; Jesse 
Brown, vice O. Eston, do; Jeduthari Case; Nathan Wilson, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Gideon Goodrich's regiment: 

Isaac Young, junior, quartermaster, with rank from 29th March, 

Charles Hoyt, ensign, vice George Eighmee, moved. 

Lewis Scott, captain, vice Baley, moved; Lotis Watson, lieutenant, 
vice Lewis Scott, promoted; Nicholas Carpenter, ensign, vice Lotis 
Watson, do; John King, lieutenant, vice Simmons, moved; Abner 
Medberry, ensign, vice John King, promoted. 

Asher Taylor, captain, vice Annibal, moved; Zachariah Curtis, 
lieutenant, vice Asher Taylor, promoted; Darius Wright, ensign, 
vice Zachariah ' Curtis, do; Isaac Van Oustrand, lieutenant, with 
rank from April 3, 1806; Abel Whalen, ensign, vice W. Clark, 

Giles Fitch, captain, vice Pettit, resigned; David Bockus, lieu- 
tenant, vice Giles Fitch, promoted; John Smith, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Gere's regiment: 

Jonathan Delino, lieutenant, vice H. Skinner, declined; Franklin 
Oliver, ensign; John Hamilton, lieutenant, vice J. Hamblen, with 
rank from April 4, 1808; James Perry, do; Thomas Perry, ensign, 
vice J. Perry, promoted; Samuel Hawley, lieutenant, vice D. Foster, 
moved; Joseph Brewster, junior, ensign, vice J. Munro, resigned. 



no4 Annual Report of the 


Lieutenant Colonel Zephaniah Kingsley's regiment: 
Levy Herrington, captain; Micajah E. Aldridge, lieutenant; Tru- 
man Clark, ensign — a new company. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob R. Van Rensselaer's regiment: 
Curtis M. Graham, ensign light infantry, vice L. Crittenden, pro- 
moted; Leverit Crittenden, lieutenant do, vice (Harry) Croswell, 


Second battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 
Haviland Chace, captain; Dorastus Cuthbut, lieutenant; William 
Hudson, second lieutenant — a new company. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Wadsworth's regiment: 
Rimmon Colton, captain; Timothy Orton, lieutenant — a new 
company of light infantry. 


Lieutenant Colonel Francis Henry's regiment: 

Cyrus Steer, captain, vice B. Whipple, resigned; Olney Wells, 
lieutenant; Hezekiah Bowen, ensign; John Waterman, second, lieu- 
tenant; Abraham Van Horn, ensign; Calvin Undenvood, ensign, 
vice B. Green, moved. 

Joseph Sprague, junior, captain, vice S. North, resigned; Joseph 
Cheny, lieutenant, vice J. Sprague, promoted; James Sprague, 

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Clyde's regiment: 

Cornelius Marks, lieutenant, vice P. Sutphen, moved; Russell Dar- 
row, ensign, vice J. Clarke, do; Rufus Black, lieutenant, vice A. 

State Historian. 1105 

Dunham, promoted; James Pitts, ensign, vice R. Black, promoted; 
Daniel Gilbert, lieutenant, vice B. Manning, moved; Jonathan 
Adams, ensign, vice J. Pitts, do. 

Joseph Clarke, captain; Henry N. Hansen, lieutenant; Jonathan 
Davis, ensign — new company. 

Abner Dunham, captain; John Rich, lieutenant; Evander Wil- 
liams, ensign — new company. 

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Fenton's regiment: 

Henry Chapman, chaplain. 

Lyman Waldo, captain, vice A. Allen, resigned; Joseph Merril, 
lieutenant, vice L. Waldo, promoted; Jeremiah Starkweather, 
ensign, vice J. Merril, do. 

Robert Barton, captain, vice D. Eldridge, resigned; Lemuel Pet- 
tingell, lieutenant, vice S. dimming, do; Samuel Stanton, ensign, 
vice R. Barton, promoted. 

Artemus Shelden, captain, vice S. Fitch, moved; William Smith, 
lieutenant, vice A. Sill, do; Peter Peck, ensign, vice A. Shelden, 

Joseph Kellogg, captain, vice J. B. Bowdish, resigned; Elisha 
Rockwell, lieutenant, vice J. Kellogg, promoted; Nehemiah Robi- 
son, ensign, vice F. Harris, moved. 

Elnathan Noble, captain, vice M. Noble, promoted; Truman Gris- 
wold, lieutenant, vice E. Noble, promoted; Joseph Thornton, ensign, 
vice A. Burnet, do. 

Matthew Rogers, captain, vice J. Blanchard, moved; Joseph 
Chapin, lieutenant, vice M. Rogers, promoted; Alfred Johnson, 
ensign, vice W. M. Fisk, moved. 

Regiment lately commanded by Daniel Loomis: 

Gershom Palmer, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Daniel 
Loomis, resigned. 



no6 Annual Report of the 

Nathaniel Crandell, first major, vice G. Palmer, promoted; Ben- 
jamin Tuckerman, second do, vice N. Crandell, do; Jesse Gardner, 
quartermaster, vice C. Robison, resigned; Joseph Miller, lieutenant, 
vice R. Colwell, resigned; Elias Higgins, ensign, vice J. Miller, 

Eliphalet Densmore, captain, vice W. Lawton, resigned; Isaac 
Smith, lieutenant, vice E. Densmore, promoted; Collins Loomis, 
ensign, vice Isaac Smith, promoted. 

Stephen Westcott, captain, vice P. Smith, resigned; Aaron Dow, 
lieutenant, vice S. Westcott, promoted; Wanton Hopkins, ensign, 
vice A. Dow, do. 

Regiment lately commanded by Matthew Cully: 

John Moore, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Matthew Cully, 

James McDonald, first major, vice J. Moore, promoted; Joseph 
Mumford, second do. 

Joseph Cardner, captain, vice Herrington, resigned; Nathan 
Edred, lieutenant, vice J. Cardner, promoted. 

George Shepard, captain, vice J. McDonald, do; John McDonald, 
lieutenant, vice G. Shepard, do; Daniel Davis, ensign, vice J. 
McDonald, do. 

Peter Colier, captain, vice J. Mumford, do; Joseph Westcott, lieu- 
tenant, vice P. Colier, do; James Cully, ensign, vice J. Westcott, do; 
Jacob Pratt, lieutenant; Daniel Dunbar, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Steward's regiment: 

Robert Crawford, paymaster, vice Chace, resigned. 

Bezaleel Howe, captain, vice B. Kaple, promoted; Nathan Kings- 
ley, lieutenant, vice B. Howe, do; Simeon Houghton, ensign, vice 
W. Rice, moved. 

Isaac Lane, captain, vice A. Pees, resigned; Stephen Clarke, lieu- 

State Historian. 1107 

tenant, vice I. Lane, promoted; David Gott, ensign, vice E. 
Ingalls, do. 

Stephen Seward, captain, vice A. Kinne, do; John Tuthill, lieu- 
tenant, vice E. Bigelow, moved; Seth Chace, ensign, vice S. Steward, 
promoted; Daniel Houghton, lieutenant, vice Spencer, moved; 
James Thompson, ensign, vice D. Houghton, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Solomon Martin's regiment: 

Elisha Bundy, second major, vice A. Bryant, resigned; Allen 
Harrington, adjutant; Fowler P. Bryant, quartermaster, vice J. 
Heyer, resigned; Jacob J. Cuyler, paymaster; Josiah Northrop, lieu- 
tenant, vice M. M. Mentor, promoted; Abijah Kott, ensign, vice J. 
Northrop, do. 

Willard Coy, captain, vice D. Smith, moved; John Thorp, lieu- 
tenant, vice W. Coy, promoted; James Baker, ensign, vice J. 
Thorp, do. 


Major John V. A. Lansing's battalion: 

Thomas Hewson, captain; Joshua Harman, lieutenant; James 
Brown, ensign — a new company of light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trotter's regiment: 

Lucas Schuyler, adjutant, vice Townsend, declined; Garret Gates, 
ensign, vice J. T. B. Graham, declined. 


Second regiment, First brigade of artillery: 

Andronicus Chesebrough, second lieutenant. 

Brigade commanded by Gerard Steddiford, esquire: 

Peter Stagg, brigade major and inspector (his Excellency the 
Governor, dissenting). 

His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having divided the cav- 
alry of this State into nine regiments — Resolved, that in the Ninth 



no8 Annual Report of the 

regiment the following- officers be and they are hereby appointed, to 


Vincent Matthews, lieutenant colonel commandant. 


Septimus Evans, major of the first squadron. 

Seymour Boughton, major of the second squadron. 

Uri Beach, captain, vice Seymour Boughton, promoted; Isaac W. 
Stone, first lieutenant, vice Uri Beach, do; Xathan Nye, second do, 

Foster Barnard, captain first squadron, vice S. Evans, promoted; 
Lewis Warner, first lieutenant, vice F. Barnard, do; William Tap- 
pan, second do, vice L. Warner, do; John Warner, cornet. 

Jesse Hawley, adjutant; Tyrannus Collins, quartermaster; William 
Tippets, paymaster; Charles Little, surgeon. 

Lieutenant Colonel Ashur Saxton's regiment: 

Asahel Warner, second major, vice Persons, moved. 

Manasseh Leach, captain, vice Warner, promoted; Ebenezer 
Leech, lieutenant, vice M. Leach, promoted; Reuben Moses, ensign, 
vice E. Leech, do. 


Major John Kingman's battalion: 

James G. Barton, adjutant, vice Smith; Jesse Locke, paymaster. 


Fifth regiment of cavalry: 

Rensselaer Westerlo, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
Apollos Moore, major of the first squadron. 
Gershom Van Vost, major of the second squadron. 
Sixth regiment of cavalry, whereof George Tiffany, esquire, is lieu- 
tenant colonel commandant: 

State Historian. 1109 

Jost Spreaker, major of the first squadron. 

Samuel Saxton, major of the second do. 

Eighth regiment of cavalry : 

William Whipple, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Fourth regiment of cavalry : 

Edmund Fitzgerald, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Harvey, 

John Reynolds, major of the first squadron. 

The Commander-in-chief having organized the cavalry in the 
counties of Essex, Clinton and Franklin into a third squadron of the 
Fourth regiment; 

Resolved, that Samuel Hicks be and he is hereby appointed major 
commandant thereof. 

Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

Ezra Lester, captain; Eli Hutchison, first lieutenant; Joseph 
Lamoreaux, second do; Elijah Griggs, cornet. 


National politics had entered largely into the situation in New 
York during the campaigns of 1 809-1 810, the Federal party taking 
on new life from the supposed errors of the national administration. 
For the first time in a decade the Federalists controlled a majority 
in the Assembly, where William North of Schenectady was chosen 
Speaker. The session of the legislature began January 30th. The 
Federalists lost no time in selecting a new Council of Appointment. 
They labored, however, under one disadvantage, for their party was 
not represented by a senator in the southern and middle districts. 
As constituted, the Council was composed of two Republicans, Isaac 
Carll of Suffolk and Robert Williams of Dutchess, and Daniel 
Paris of Montgomery and Amos Hall of Ontario, Federalists. Mr. 
Williams eventually cooperated with the Federalists in their 


i no Annual Report of the 

patronage onslaughts upon their opponents. At the first meeting 
a number of dictatorial changes were made: Abraham Van 
Vechten of Albany was appointed attorney-general; Daniel Hale 
of Albany, secretary of state; Jacob Radcliff, mayor; Josiah Ogden 
Hoffman, recorder; John W. Mulligan, surrogate, and Cadwalader 
D. Colden, district attorney of Xew York. Theodore V. W. Graham 
was made mayor of Albany. Thomas J. Oakley of Dutchess, the 
son-in-law of Mr. Williams, was rewarded with the position of sur- 
rogate of Dutchess in place of James Tallmadge, removed. Wher- 
ever the majority of the Council could substitute one of their 
adherents for a Republican, the change was promptly made. Repub- 
licans holding office as judges, sheriffs, surrogates, county clerks, 
district attorneys, and justices of the peace were made to realize the 
power of this colossal engine and were ruthlessly removed, merit, 
fidelitv, ability counting as naught. 

With increasing confidence in their ability to elect a governor of 
their party in April, the Federalists on January 5th formally nomi- 
nated Jonas Piatt of Oneida for governor, and later Nicholas Fish 
of Xew York, a distinguished soldier of the Revolutionary war, for 
lieutenant-governor. One month later, February 5th, the Republi- 
cans, at a legislative caucus, renominated Governor Tompkins and 
Lieutenant-Governor Broome. The Republicans were successful at 
the April election. The following August Lieutenant-Governor 
Broome died, John Taylor acting as lieutenant-governor. 

Resolved (his Excellency the Governor and Mr. Carlh dissent- 
ing), that William Paulding, junior, be no longer adjutant general 
of this State and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. Resolved 
(Mr. Carll, dissenting), that Solomon Van Rensselaer be and he is 
hereby appointed adjutant general of the militia of this State. 

State Historian. iiii 



Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Collins' regiment: Fein?' 


Amos Seward, captain, vice Nicholson, resigned; Arnold Mason, 
lieutenant, vice Ladd, removed; Jesse Neal, ensign, vice Amos Sew- 
ard, promoted. 

Charles McNeal, captain, vice Cary, resigned; Samuel C. Bald- 
win, lieutenant, vice Charles McNeil, promoted; David Kent, 
ensign, vice Samuel C. Baldwin, do. 

John G. Weaver, captain, vice Brayton, resigned; Joseph Barker, 
lieutenant, vice John G. Weaver, promoted; Jonathan Eddy, ensign, 
vice Joseph Barker, do. 

Daniel Ferguson, captain, vice Camp, promoted; Fortune C. 
White, lieutenant, vice Daniel Ferguson, do; Elijah Easton, ensign, 
vice Fortune C. White, do; William Williams, ensign light infan- 
try, vice M. Bagg, refusing; Herman Norton, surgeon's mate. 

Lieutenant Colonel Clark Putnam's regiment: 

Nathan Brown, captain, vice Greene, removed; Asa Baker, lieu- 
tenant, vice Nathan Brown, promoted; Joshua G. Green, ensign. 

Jesse Fish, captain, vice Reynolds, resigned; Ichabod Cole, lieu- 
tenant, vice E. Gilbert, do; Gates Peck, ensign. 

Otis White, captain; James Levally, lieutenant; Calvin Church, 

Earll Fillmore, captain, vice Fair, service transferred; Joshua 
Bushnell, lieutenant, vice Gilbert, do; Arunah Wright, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hicks' regiment: 

Benjamin Brayton, first major, vice Hinckley, resigned; Walter 
Fowler, second do, vice Benjamin Brayton, promoted; Luther 
Storrs, adjutant, vice White, resigned; John Howe, quartermaster; 
Silas Pierce, lieutenant, vice B. Merrill, removed; William Hubbard, 

1 1 12 Annual Report of the 


Aaron Read, captain, vice Howe, resigned; Wolcott Read, lieu- 
tenant; Philo Dewey, ensign; Samuel Johnson, lieutenant, vice 
Brook, promoted. 

John W. Brooks, captain, vice W. Fowler, do; Joseph H. Wicks, 
ensign, vice S. Johnson, do. 

In Major Commandant Jonathan Parkhurst's battalion: 

Silas Harman, paymaster; Sardius Brewster, surgeon. 

Asa Davis, captain; Paul Allen, lieutenant; Danl. Murdock, 

Xathan W. Noice, captain; Smith Dunlap, lieutenant; Nicholas 
Gurly, ensign. 

Hiel Stone, captain; Edmond Sweet, lieutenant; Walter Read, 

Asa Whitney, captain; Justus Bristol, lieutenant; Joseph Easton, 
ensign; Charles Jones, lieutenant; Nathan Bebee, ensign; Simon 
Meacham, ensign. 


Elliott Hopkins, brip-ade quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel John TuthilFs regiment: 

Elihu Hedges, surgeon's mate. 

Robert Lamoreaux, captain, vice R. Davenport, resigned; Robert 
Williams, do, vice A. Cronk, do; Samuel Vanderzer, do, vice J. 
Lynch, removed. 

Lieutenants — Nathan Rumsey, vice Robert Lamoreaux, pro- 
moted; Richard A. Kronkhyte, vice Robert Williams, do; Joshua 
Sutton, vice Samuel Vanderzer, do. 

Ensigns — Abraham Secor, vice N. Rumsey, do; Thomas North, 
junior, vice Richard A. Kronkhyte, do; David Clark, vice Joshua 
Sutton, do. 

State Historian. 1113 

Lieutenant Colonel Garret Post's regiment: 

Henry Wisner, junior, quartermaster, vice D. Mills, resigned. 

Gabriel Wisner, captain, vice G. Bartholf and J. Helmes, refusing; 
William Knapp, junior, lieutenant, vice J. Helmes, refusing; John 
Sly, ensign, vice G. Wisner, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Vail's regiment: 

Daniel Corwin, surgeon's mate. 

James D. Wadsworth, captain, vice J. Elston, resigned; Sandford 
Allen, lieutenant, vice J. Wadsworth, promoted; Jeremiah Elston, 
ensign, vice S. Allen, do. 

Israel Turner, captain; Dan Hathaway, lieutenant; Josiah 
Ketchell, ensign — of a company of grenadiers. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Peter S. Van Orden's regiment: 

Isaac Blawvelt, captain, vice J. Garretson, resigned; Dowah A. 
Blawvelt, lieutenant, vice I. Blawvelt, promoted; Dowah Blawvelt, 
ensign, vice D. A. Blawvelt, do; Abraham Hogencamp, lieutenant 
of light infantry, vice Wood, removed; John Van Houten, ensign 
-do, vice Abraham Hogencamp, promoted: Zebede Wood, surgeon. 


Peter Lecount, brigade quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Sayre's regiment: 

James Sweet, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Daniel Sayre, 

Hugh W. Dobbin, first major, vice James Sweet, promoted; Lam- 
bert Van Alstyn, second major, vice Hugh W. Dobbin, do. 

Jacob Chambelin, captain, vice Lambert Van Alstyne, do; Nich- 
olas Squiers, lieutenant, vice Jacob Chambelin, do; Henry Parker, 
ensign, vice Nicholas Squiers, do. 

Martin Kendig, captain; Asa Bacon, junior, lieutenant, vice Mar- 
tin Kendig, promoted; Lodewick Dobbin, ensign, vice A. Bacon, 



1 1 14 Annual Report of the 

do; Benjamin Moses, lieutenant, vice J. Jacobus, do; George Wal- 
dorff, ensign, vice Benjamin Moses, do. 

Josiah Jacobus, adjutant, vice R. Pratt, junior, deceased. 

Sumner Chapman, captain; Amasa Green, lieutenant; Nathl. 
Betts, ensign — of a company of light infantry. 

Company of artillery — first battalion, Sixth regiment: 

Samuel Jacks, captain; John Harris, junior, first lieutenant; Wil- 
liam Hoopper, second lieutenant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Halsey's regiment: 

Simon Yreeland, captain, vice Z. Stout, promoted; David Smith, 
lieutenant, vice Simon Yreeland, do; John Schoby, ensign; Selah 
Squires, ensign, vice L. Knight, refusing. 

Daniel Scott, captain, vice S. Wheeler, resigned; Noah Barnum, 
lieutenant; James Dermott, lieutenant, vice J. Leonard, do; Jehiel H. 
Halsey, ensign, vice J. Dermott, promoted. 

John Demott, paymaster, vice J. McMath, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Graham's regiment: 

Peter Hager, second, ensign; David Smith, adjutant. 

Company of cavalry — first squadron, Ninth regiment: 

Hermon Camp, captain: Jesse Owen, first lieutenant; Jonathan 
Thomas, second lieutenant; Augustus Ely, cornet. 


Brigade whereof Siah Robinson, esquire, is brigadier general: 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Wilkin, 

Benjamin Webb, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Wilkin, 

John White, first major, vice Benjamin Webb, promoted; Benja- 
min Woodward, second major, vice John White, do; John Gasharie, 
surgeon's mate, vice Arnold, removed. 

State Historian. 1115 

John Dunning, captain, vice J. Owens, removed; Daniel Reeves, 
lieutenant, vice John Dunning, promoted; Walter Moore, ensign, 
vice Daniel Reeves, do. 

David G. Finch, captain, vice Benjamin Woodward, do; Richard 
Penny, lieutenant, vice Coleman, resigned; William Mulock, junior, 
ensign, vice D. G. Finch, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham J. Hardenbergh's regiment: 

Mauritieus Wertz, surgeon's mate. 

Moses Lefever, captain, vice S. Rose, resigned; Abraham 
Woolley, do, vice D. Gregory, do; Griffon Ransom, captain, vice 
Russel, resigned; Abraham H. Deyo, lieutenant, vice M. Lefever, 
promoted; Reuben Lake, do, vice G. Ransom, do; John Seymore, 
do, vice A. Woolly, do; Abraham Harris, ensign, vice A. H. Deyo, 
do; John Bever, do, vice R. Lake, do; Cornelius Ostrander, do; 
Matthew Deyo, do. 


Regiment whereof Joseph Perine, esquire, is lieutenant colonel 

Mark Totten, captain, vice Vandyke, resigned; Nathl. Codding- 
ton, lieutenant, vice Winant, junior, resigned; James Johnson, 
ensign, vice M. Totten, promoted. 


In the second battalion of the Fifth regiment of artillery: 
Joseph Ketchum, captain; Francis Drake, first lieutenant; Jesse 
Tracey, second lieutenant — of a new company. 

Resolved, that David Thomas be no longer major general of the 
third division of the militia of this State, and that a supersedeas issue 
accordingly — Resolved, that Henry Livingston be and he is hereby 
appointed major general of the third division of the militia of this 



iii6 Annual Report of the 

dutchess county. 

Brigade whereof John B. Van Wyck, esquire, is brigadier general: 

Lieutenant Colonel John Storm's regiment: 

Samuel L. Van Voorhees, lieutenant, vice J. Monfort, resigned; 
Abraham C. Dubois, ensign, vice Samuel Van Voorhees, promoted; 
Peter C. Dubois, lieutenant, vice J. Wiltse, refuses; William Dollo- 
way, ensign, vice P. C. Dubois, promoted; Daniel Crane, chaplain; 
Stephen Rapalye, surgeon's mate. 

Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Barnum's regiment: 

Joshua Barnum, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Ste- 
phen Barnum, resigned. 

John Hoyt, first major, vice J. Barnum, junior, promoted; Isaac 
Crosby, junior, second major, vice J. Hoyt, promoted. 

Selah Gage, captain, vice I. Crosby, do; Samuel B. Baxter, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Gage, do; Piatt V. Brush, ensign, vice S. B. Bax- 
ter, do. 

Peter Warring, captain, vice E. Rice, resigned; Isaac Reed, lieu- 
tenant, vice P. Waring, promoted; Joseph Howes, ensign, vice I. 
Reed, promoted; William Jones, lieutenant, vice J. Segar, refuses; 
Leveritt Stone, ensign, vice W. Jones, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Townsend's regiment: 

James Townsend, junior, quartermaster, vice S. Avery, do; Ste- 
phen Dodd, chaplain. 

John Hyatt, junior, captain of light infantry, vice E. Hubbel, 
resigned; Richard Dean, lieutenant of do, vice J. Hyatt, promoted; 
Nathl. Hyatt, ensign do, vice R. Dean, do; James Martin, ensign, 
vice Travis, moved; Dennis Sunderland, ensign, vice Hedden, do; 
Moses Meade, ensign, vice Lee, resigned. 


Richard Dodge, brigadier general, vice (Abraham) Veeder, 

State Historian. 1117 

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Dodge's regiment: 

Abraham Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice R. 
Dodge, promoted. 

Henry Fonda, first major, vice A. Vosburgh, do; Thomas Sam- 
mons, second do, vice H. Fonda, do. 

Adam Eaker, captain, vice T. Sammons, do; Peter Piper, lieuten- 
ant, vice A. Eaker, do; John B. Sammons, ensign, vice P. Piper, do. 

Daniel Meeker, junior, captain, vice D. Hosmer, removed; George 
Brownel, lieutenant, vice D. Meeker, promoted ; Titus Foster, ensign, 
vice G. Brownell, do. 

Cornelius C. Smith, captain, vice D. Wemple, resigned; John 
Lather, lieutenant, vice Doxtader, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment : 

Charles Drake, captain, vice L. Woodworth, resigned; Caleb Can- 
field, lieutenant, vice Charles Drake, promoted; Daniel Wilkins, 
ensign, vice Caleb Canfield, do. 

Godfrey Shew, captain, vice J. Shew, resigned; Benjamin Gifford, 
lieutenant, vice G. Shew, promoted; Jeremiah Scribner, ensign, vice 
Benjamin Gifford, do; Egbert Van Worrher, lieutenant, vice J. Cole, 
deceased; David Howel, ensign, vice Wormer, promoted; Amos 
Green, ensign, vice Hoag, removed. 

John P. Allen, first major, vice John Allen, erroneously 

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Voorhies' regiment: 

Peter Van Buren, chaplain; Judah Burton, junior, lieutenant, vice 
Grove, deceased; Timothy Hutton, junior, ensign, vice Burton, pro- 
moted; Chester Elliot, lieutenant, vice E. Fosgate, absconded. 

John Hilts, captain, vice Job Hilts, removed; Cornelius Wisner, 
lieutenant, vice John Hilts, promoted; Thomas Crane, ensign, vice 
Cornelius Wisner, do; Samuel R. Baker, lieutenant, vice A. Lamb, 
do; John Fusler, ensign, vice Samuel R. Baker, do. 



1 1 iS Annual Report of the 

Avery Lamb, captain; Solomon Hamilton, lieutenant; James Post, 
ensign — of a new company. 

New regiment to be made of the battalion commanded by Cor- 
nelius Drake 

Cornelius Drake, lieutenant colonel commandant; James Johnson, 
first major; Zalmon Gilbert, second major. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rogers' regiment: 

John M. Berry, first major; Malcom Crofoot, second do; Daniel 
Hicks, surgeon's mate, vice D. Littlefield, moved. 

Seth Perry, junior, captain, vice M. Crofoot, promoted; Dudley 
Emerson, lieutenant, vice S. Perry, do; Rozell, Perry, ensign, vice 
D. Emerson, do; Samuel Cripton, lieutenant, vice A. Cadwell, 
moved: William King, ensign, vice S. King, promoted. 

Major George Taylor's battalion: 

William Leavens, quartermaster; Ira "YVoodworth, paymaster. 

Joseph Rockwell, captain; Luke Johnson, lieutenant Laban 
Kegtch, ensign. 

Ira Heath, captain, vice Church, deceased; Lawrence Barber, 
lieutenant; Levy Heath, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Deliverance Andrus' regiment: 

John Dunning, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Deliverance 
Andrus, resigned. 

Robert Hunter, first major, vice J. Dunning, promoted; Reuben 
Woodworth, second major, vice R. Hunter, do. 

John W. Patrick, adjutant, vice Abbot, moved; Ephraim Child, 
surgeon, vice A. Carpenter, resigned; Danforth Shumway, surgeon's 
mate; Peter Andrews, paymaster. 

David G. Keeler, captain, vice Reuben Woodworth, do; William 
Strang, junior, lieutenant, vice D. G. Keeler, do; Reuben Wright, 

State Historian. 1119 


John Montgomery, captain, vice Hodgman, resigned; Noadiah 
Moody, lieutenant, vice John Montgomery, promoted; Graurdus 
Downing, ensign. 

Daniel Weeks, captain, vice Clark, moved; Stephen Volentine, 
lieutenant, vice Daniel Weeks, promoted; Lewis Smith, ensign; Zery 
Wilber, lieutenant, vice Curtis, resigned; Peter Fort, ensign, vice 
Z. Wilber, promoted; William Davis, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hezekiah Ketchum's regiment: 

Henry Bailey, second major, vice Clute, resigned; Felix Tracy, 
ensign of light infantry. 

Resolved, that David Rogers be no longer brigade inspector of 
the brigade of militia in the county of Saratoga, and that a super- 
sedeas issue accordingly. 

Resolved, that Daniel G. Garnsey be and he is hereby appointed 
brigade inspector of the brigade of militia in the county of Saratoga. 


Resolved, that Rimmon Colton be no longer captain and that 
Timothy Orton be no longer lieutenant of a company of light infan- 
try in Lieutenant Colonel William Wadsworth's regiment in the 
county of Ontario, and that supersedeases issue accordingly. 

Brigade whereof John Swift, esquire, is brigadier general : ma 


In Lieutenant Colonel Peter B. Porter's regiment: 12 - 

Asa Stanly, second major. 

Gahazah Granger, quartermaster; Jeremiah Atwater, surgeon's 
mate; Henry B. Chaning, chaplain. 

Robert Spencer, captain, vice A. Stanly, promoted; Timothy 
Mawer, lieutenant; David Smith, lieutenant; Harvey Steele, lieu- 
tenant, vice R. Spencer, promoted; Samuel Read, ensign; Aaron 
Ackley, ensign; David Aldrich, ensign. 


ii20 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel Philetus Swift's regiment: 

Peter Perine, captain, vice W. Patten, resigned; James Beard, 
lieutenant, vice P. Perine, promoted; Thomas Davis, lieutenant; 
John Shackles, junior, ensign; Michael Musselman, ensign. 

Lemuel Banister, paymaster; Howel R. Powel, chaplain. 

Jeremiah Harrington, captain; William M. Baker, lieutenant; 
George Brown, ensign — of a rifle company. 

John Albaugh, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Howel's regiment: 

Calvin Bradish, first major, vice J. Galloway, refusing; Edward 
Durfee, second major, vice C. Bradish, promoted. 

Samuel Jennings, captain, vice E. Durfee, do; Aaron Durfee, lieu- 
tenant; Thomas Rogers, second, lieutenant, vice Samuel Jennings, 
do; Pardon Durfee, second, ensign, vice Thomas Rogers, do; Tru- 
man Phelps, ensign; Gideon Shearman, ensign of riflemen; Ira 
Howard, ensign. 

William Porter, paymaster; William White, surgeon's mate. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Burnet's regiment: 

William Smith, second major, vice S. Waines, declines. 

Leonard Smith, captain, vice W. Smith, promoted; Stephen Will- 
cox, lieutenant, vice J. Jillet, resigned; Stephen Havens, lieutenant; 
William McPherson, lieutenant, vice L. Smith, promoted. 

Ensigns — Silas Chapin, vice W. McPherson, do; Abner Wood- 
worth, vice S. Willcox, do; Frederick Vandemark, vice D. Hud- 
son, do. 

Battalion lately commanded by Major French: 

Thomas Hathaway, first major, vice (Jabez) French, resigned; 
George Brown, second do, vice Thomas Hathaway, promoted. 

Brigade whereof Amos Hall, esquire, is brigadier general : 

Lieutenant Colonel A. Saxton's regiment: 
Abraham Parish, ensign; Gaius Lane, ensign. 

State Historian. 1121 

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Allen's regiment: 

Captains — Elijah Clark, vice J. Lubhart, resigned; Sylvester John- 
son, vice L. Clurch, do; Samuel Crooks, vice Garlinghouse, 
removed; John Kent; Justus Allen. 

Lieutenants — Lemuel Metcalf, vice L. Clark, promoted; Joshua 
Phillips, vice Hartford, removed; Roderick Steele, vice Samuel 
Crooks, promoted; Stephen Ralph, vice Drury, resigned; Ephraim 
Jones; John Crandel, vice John Kent, promoted; Nathaniel Crow. 

Ensigns — Joseph Clark, vice Lemuel Metcalf, promoted; Charles 
Roswell, vice Nathaniel Crow, do; Joel Risden, vice Joshua Philips, 
do; Phillip Short, junior, vice Roderick Steele, do; James Hender- 
son, junior, vice Stephen Ralph, do; Seragah Stratton; Stephen 
Jones, vice E. Jones, do; George Bowen, vice John Crandel, do. 

Company of light infantry — Elizur Hills, captain, vice Codding- 
ton, promoted; William T. Codding, lieutenant, vice L. Hills, do; 
Zephaniah W. Gooding, ensign, vice William T. Codding, do. 

New regiment composed of the militia of Major Patterson's 

Ezra Patterson, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Caleb Hopkins, first major; Nathan Norton, second major; Oliver 
Culver, quartermaster. 

Captains — William Jackson, Ebenezer Spears, Joseph Bencraft. 

Lieutenants — Ralph Cleveland, Olney Staples, William Harris, 
John Hodge. 

Ensigns — Leonard Stoneburner, Tiffany Nettleton, Josiah J. Kel- 
logg, Lemuel Wight, Elihu Doud, junior. 


Solomon Martin, brigadier general vice E. Holt, resigned. 
Lieutenant Colonel Francis Henry's regiment : 
William Sprague, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice F. Henry, 



1 122 Annual Report of the 

Farrand Stranahan, first major, vice William Sprague, promoted; 
Gurdon Henry, second major, vice Farrand Stranahan, do. 

John Hill, captain, vice G. Henry, do; Calvin Underwood, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Hill, do; Benjamin Ehvood, ensign, vice C. Under- 
wood, do. 

Elihu Phinney, junior, captain, vice R. Worthington, resigned; 
Enoch Sill, lieutenant, vice E. Phinney, junior, promoted; Jesse 
Starr, ensign, vice E. Sill, promoted. 

Daniel Carr, captain, vice E. Dewey, resigned; Joseph Boyington, 
lieutenant, vice J. Perry, do; James Parker, ensign, vice D. Carr, 
promoted; William Fairchild, lieutenant, vice J. Sprague, refuses. 

Isaac Williams, junior, captain; Eseck Steer, lieutenant; Ira Wil- 
liams, ensign — of light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Moore's regiment: 

Amasa Harrington, surgeon; Ephraim Mann, ensign; Justus 
Goodrich, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gershom Palmer's regiment: 

Naboth Buckingham, surgeon's mate. 

Joseph Miller, captain, vice B. Tuckerman, promoted; Robert 
Titus, lieutenant, vice J. Miller, do; Levi Bardsley, ensign. 

Samuel Colwell, captain, vice Whiting, deceased; Elijah Norton, 
lieutenant, vice Samuel Colwell, promoted; Elijah Goodale, ensign, 
vice E. Norton, do. 

John Norton, captain, vice J. Huntley, resigned; John Hodge, 
lieutenant; Simeon Marsh, ensign. 

Daniel Viber, captain, vice H. Way, removed; John Brooks, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. Yoemans, do; William Gemung, ensign, vice D. 
Viber, promoted; Edward Colburn, lieutenant, vice J. Hawkins, 
removed; Samuel McElwain, junior, ensign, vice J. Gardner, pro- 
moted; Elias Fitch, lieutenant, vice Harrington, removed; Harry 

State Historian. 1123 

Newel, ensign, vice E. Fitch, promoted; Spencer Marsh, lieutenant, 
vice-O. W. Lynds, deceased; Stephen A. Eaton, ensign, vice S. 
Marsh, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Nathl. Fenton's regiment: 
Reuben Root, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice N. Fenton, 

Martin Noble, first major, vice R. Root, promoted; Matthew 
Rogers, second major, vice M. Noble, do. 

Jeremiah Starkweather, captain, vice L. Waldo, resigned; William 
E. Peck, lieutenant, vice J. Merril, removed; Israel Taylor, ensign, 
vice J. Starkweather, promoted. 

Aiding Deming, captain, vice D. Chapin, resigned; Henry Ken- 
edy, lieutenant, vice A. Deming, promoted ; Abel Aylsworth, ensign, 
vice H. Kennedy, do. 

Truman Griswold, captain, vice M. Noble, do; Joseph Gennings, 
lieutenant, vice T. Griswold, do; Israel Thayer, ensign, vice A. Ben- 
net, removed. 

Samuel Barber, captain, vice W. Carpenter, do; John Keeser, 
lieutenant, vice A. Sheldon, do ; Person Tayler, ensign, vice B. Oat- 
ley, resigned. 

Jedediah Pope, captain; James Hale, lieutenant; William Goff, 
second, ensign — light infantry. 

Jesse Smith, captain; Sylvester Gilbert, lieutenant; Albegence 
Waldo Ainsworth, ensign — of a rifle company. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Steward's regiment: 

Uriah Bigelow, surgeon; Gardner Westcott, surgeon's mate. 

Nathan Kingsley, captain, vice B. Haver, removed; Simeon 
Houghton, lieutenant; Joseph S. Clark, ensign — of light infantry. 

Stephen Clark, captain, vice J. Lane, resigned; David Gott, lieu- 
tenant; Amos Belden, ensign. 


1 124 Annual Report of the 

James Thompson, captain; Samuel Russell, lieutenant; Lemuel 
Houghton, ensign — of a rifle company. 

Lieutenant Colonel Mathew Clyde's regiment: 

Joseph Clyde, second major, vice J. Walton, superseded. 

Cornelius Marks, captain, vice J. Clyde, promoted; Russel Dar- 
row, lieutenant, vice C. Marks, do; John Sloan, junior, ensign, vice 
R. Darrow, do; James Pitts, lieutenant, vice R. Black, removed; 
James Butler, ensign, vice J. Pitts, promoted; Ephraim Beach, 
ensign, vice J. Stewart, removed. 


Brigade whereof Jacob S. Jackson, esquire, is brigadier general: 
Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Johnson's regiment, Kings county: 
Adrian Van Brunt, quartermaster, vice Stilwell, resigned. 
Joseph Herbert, captain, vice Hunt, resigned; John Spader, lieu- 
tenant, vice Ammerman, deceased; James Moon, ensign, vice Sand, 
refusing; John Bergen, ensign, vice Townsend, promoted. 

William Denise, captain, vice Durye, resigned; Evert Baskaloo, 
lieutenant, vice Bane, promoted; John Jones, ensign, vice William 
Denise, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Rem. B. Simonson's regiment: 

Rem B. Simonson, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Benjamin Coles, first major; Samuel Williams, second major. 

Timothy Cheesman, captain, vice Samuel Williams, promoted; 
Joseph Townsend, lieutenant; James Losee, ensign. 

John Allen, captain, vice M. Schenck, deceased; Richard Smith, 
lieutenant; John J. Schenck, ensign. 

John R. Weeks, captain, vice R. B. Simonson, promoted; William 
Crooker, lieutenant, vice G. Duryea, do. 

John McQueen, captain, vice J. Wortman, declines; James 
McQueen, lieutenant. 

State Historian. 1125 

In Lieutenant Colonel James Hendrickson's regiment: 

Nathaniel Seaman, junior, adjutant. 

David Hendrickson, paymaster. 

John Hewlet, captain; Hope Rhodes, lieutenant; John Ludlum, 
junior, ensign. 

Jacob R. Smith, captain; Thomas Carman, junior, lieutenant; 
Daniel Raynor, ensign — of a new company. 

Samuel Mott, captain; Thomas Tredwell, lieutenant; Stephen 
Wood, ensign — of a light infantry company. 

David Ketchum, lieutenant; Daniel Ryder, ensign. 

In Lieutenant Colonel John Ditmas' regiment: 

John W. Messenger, lieutenant; Jacob Bergen, ensign; Van 
Wycke Wickes, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Garret Post's regiment: 

William Thompson, junior, captain; Thomas Allison, lieutenant; 
John W. Vanderhoof, ensign — of a company of fusileers. 
In Lieutenant Colonel John Wilkens' (Wilkin) regiment: 
Peter A. Milspaugh, surgeon. 


Lieutenant Colonel George D. Wickham's regiment of cavalry: 

Richard B. Williams, adjutant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry McNeil's regiment of cavalry — fifth 
squadron, Seventh regiment: 

Sandford Tracy, first lieutenant, vice E. Hart, removed; Choney 
Hotchkiss, second lieutenant, vice S. Tracy, promoted; Elihu Trow- 
bridge, cornet, vice C. Hotchkiss, do; Fortune C. White, quarter- 


Lieutenant Colonel Abraham J. Vosburgh's regiment: 

James Russel, captain, vice Mclntyre, resigned; Thaddeus Mar- 



1 126 Annual Report of the 

tin, lieutenant, vice James Russel, promoted; John W. Cady, ensign, 
vice Thaddeus Martin, do; John Sammons, ensign, error in former 
appointment; George H. Dockstader, ensign, vice Van Duzer, 

Lieutenant Colonel (Andrew) Gray's regiment: 

William White, ensign, vice Bates, removed. 

Frederick Getman, junior, captain, vice (John) Petrie, declined; 
Richard Van Alia, lieutenant, vice Frederick Getman, junior, pro- 
moted; Benjamin Elwood, ensign; Henry Young, junior, ensign, 
vice Reghter, removed; John J. Wack, chaplain. 


Samuel Roof, junior, brigade inspector, vice John Archer, declines. 

Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Van Cortlandt, junior's, regiment: 

Lewis Brown, captain, vice J. Lent, junior, resigned; John Tomp- 
kins, lieutenant, vice L. Brown, promoted; John Owens, ensign, 
vice J. Tompkins, do. 

Augustus C. Taylor, captain, vice H. Lent, resigned; Daniel Lent, 
ensign, vice A. C. Taylor, promoted; Wilhelmus Garrison, lieutenant, 
vice N. Merrit, resigned; John Fowler, ensign, vice W. Garrison, 
promoted; William Ward, lieutenant, vice J. Storms, resigned; 
James Mabey, ensign, vice W. Ward, promoted. 

John Vredenburgh, captain, vice J. Drake, removed; Absolum 
Lent, lieutenant, vice J. Vredenburgh, promoted; Nathaniel Ander- 
son, junior, ensign, vice A. Lent, promoted; Joseph Lyons, lieuten- 
ant, vice J. Lent, resigned. 

Volunteer company— Jacob D. Dyckman, captain; David E. 
Travis, lieutenant; Jeremiah Pugsley, ensign — light infantry. 


Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Bruyn's regiment: 

William Johnston, captain, vice J. Dubois, resigned; Robert 

State Historian. 1127 

Graham, lieutenant, vice W. Johnston, promoted; Alexr. Thompson, 
ensign, vice R. Graham, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight's regiment: 

Garret Person, junior, captain, vice Day, resigned; John Van 
Vechten, lieutenant, vice Garret Person, promoted; William Sturges, 
ensign, vice John Van Vechten, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Eli Angevine's regiment: 

Company of fusileers — John Brush, captain, vice Rudd, resigned; 
James Willson, lieutenant, vice John Brush, promoted; Edmond 
G. Perlee, ensign, vice Herrick, resigned. 


Eighth regiment of cavalry, first squadron : 

Asa White, major; Oran E. Baker, adjutant. 

Charles Knap, captain, vice Asa White, promoted; Reuben Davis, 
first lieutenant, vice A. Gray, moved; David Baker, second lieu- 
tenant, vice C. Knap, promoted; John S. Flagler, cornet, vice R. 
Davis, do. 

Second squadron: Joshua Whitney, major; Daniel Le Roy, 

John H. Avery, captain, vice J. Whitney, promoted; Lewis 
Squires, first lieutenant, vice J. H. Avery, do; Nathan Camp, second 
lieutenant, vice L. Squires, do; Christopher Eldridge, cornet, vice 
N. Camp, do. 

Darius Stanley, captain, vice J. Ketchum, resigned; Cyrus John- 
son, first lieutenant, vice D. Stanley, promoted; Stephen Ball, second 
lieutenant, vice D. Le Roy, do; Asa Whitney, cornet. 

Isaac Ringe, captain, vice J. Ballard, do; Joseph Hoar, first lieu- 
tenant, vice I. Ringe, do; William Miller, second lieutenant, vice 
J. Hoar, promoted; Stephen Knap, cornet, vice W. Miller, do. 


1 128 Annual Report of the 


Third squadron: Coleman J. Keeler, major; Cornelius Cuyler, 

John James, captain, vice C. J. Keeler, resigned; Francis Brown, 
first lieutenant; William Ward, second lieutenant; David Trow- 
bridge, junior, cornet. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hicks' regiment — second squadron, 
seventh division: 

Company of cavalry — Moulton Millar, captain; James Douglas, 
first heutenant; Abraham Cooper, second lieutenant; Abraham 
Brooks, cornet. 

Brigade of cavalry whereof Jonas Piatt, esquire, is brigadier 

James Lynch, brigade inspector. 


Company of artillery — John H. Cumpston, first lieutenant; Hacha- 
liah Burt, second lieutenant. 


Company of horse artillery — Nicholas Wells, cornet. 


New company of cavalry — Isaac Ogden, captain; Charles A. 
Foote, first lieutenant; Shadrack Hayward, second do; Martin Ray, 


Resolved, that John Walton be no longer major of the regiment 
of militia in the county of Otsego, whereof Matthew Clyde, esquire, 
is lieutenant colonel commandant, and that a supersedeas issue 

State Historian. 1129 

washington county. 

South brigade — Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Brown's regiment: 

David Sill, adjutant, vice J. Streeter, moved; Samuel T. Shephard, 

Aaron M. Perine, captain, vice McDougal, moved; Lemuel 
Dwelly, lieutenant, vice A. M. Perine, promoted; William Robert- 
son, junior, ensign, vice L. Dwelly, do. 

William Fullerton, captain, vice McClellan, moved; Samuel Liv- 
ingston, lieutenant, vice W. Fullerton, promoted; George Getty, 
ensign, vice S. Livingston, do; John Straight, junior, lieutenant, 
vacancy; David Outman, ensign, vice J. Straight, junior, do; James 
Bowker, ensign, vice Bancraft, refusing; Isaac Hewitt, lieutenant; 
Nathan Smith, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Herculus Rice's regiment: 

Edward Small, captain, vice H. Orcutt, resigned; William Coul- 
ter, lieutenant, vice E. Small, promoted; Ezra Warner, ensign, vice 
W. Coulter, do. 

Joshua Brownell, captain, vice N. Skinner, moved; Preserved 
Brownell, lieutenant, vice J. Brownell, promoted; Timothy Ruggles, 
junior, ensign. 

Duty Sayles, captain, vice S. Brown, refused; Abraham Smith, 
lieutenant, vice Duty Sayles, promoted; Ezra Waite, lieutenant, vice 
T. Beach, moved; Edmund H. Wells, ensign, vice E. Waite, pro- 
moted; Adin Sanger, lieutenant, vice J. Richardson, resigned; Wil- 
liam Hoyt, ensign; John J. Perine, lieutenant light infantry, vice 
J. Powers, moved; John J. Van Buskirk, ensign, do, vice J. J. 
Perine, promoted. 

Elias Vanderlip, captain of do, vice D. Pratt, resigned; George 
Miller, lieutenant, do, vice E. Vanderlip, promoted; Harmanus C. 
Wendell, ensign, do, vice J. Wells, junior, resigned. 



1130 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel James Green's regiment: 

Benjamin Carswell, second major, vice N. Durkee, resigned. 

Thomas Kendrick, surgeon's mate. 

Nathan Hubbard, captain, vice B. Carswell, promoted; Alexr. 
Coulter, lieutenant, vice N. Hubbard, do; Samuel Hubbard, ensign. 

Stephen Bell, captain, vice L. Durkee, resigned; John Ransom, 
lieutenant, vice M. Carey, resigned; Ebenezer Kimball, ensign, vice 
S. Ball, promoted; James Harsha, lieutenant, vice F. McNaughten, 
resigned; Daniel McNeil, ensign, vice J. Harsha, promoted; Isaac 
Crocker, ensign, vice J. Ransom, do. 

Light infantry — Alexr. Little, lieutenant, vice W. Lytle, refusing; 
John Durkee, ensign, vice W. Leigh, refused. 


Brigade whereof George Doolittle is brigadier general: 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Cassaty's regiment: 

Sylvester Gridley, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Thomas 
Cassaty, removed. 

Martin Hawley, first major, vice Sylvester Gridley, promoted; 
David Curtiss, second major, vice Martin Hawley, do; Ashbel 
Chapin. quartermaster, vice M. Cassaty, removed. 

Reuben Root, captain, vice Jackson, resigned. 

John C. Bartlet, captain, vice David Curtiss, promoted. 

Ira Hills, captain, vice E. Frisbie, removed. 

Lieutenants — Joel Brigham, vice S. Allen, resigned; William Far- 
rington, vice R. Root, promoted; Amos Picket, vice I. Hills, do; 
Joseph Stone, vice G. A. H. Hurd, resigned; John Trask, junior, 
vice A. Chapin, promoted. 

Ensigns — Isaac Allen, second, vice R. Munn, removed; Nathan 
Rose, vice W. Farrington, do; Amos Woodward, vice J. Stone, pro- 

State Historian. 1131 

moted; Janna Hawley, vice J. Hine, resigned; Oliver Rood, vice 
J. Frank, junior, promoted; Levi Skinner, vice A. Picket, do. 

Isaac Benedict, captain; Gould Benedict, lieutenant; Elisha Cook, 
ensign — of a rifle company. 

Lieutenant Colonel Silas Parkins' regiment: 

Jonathan Palmer, junior, paymaster; Laurens Hull, surgeon; 
Stephen Preston, surgeon's mate. 

Samuel Jones, junior, captain, vice J. Babcock, resigned; Samuel 
Judson, lieutenant, vice S. Jones, junior, promoted; William Stilwell, 
ensign, vice S. Judson, do. 

James Riley, captain, vice T. Jeffers, removed; Adino Winchel, 
lieutenant, vice J. Riley, promoted; Aaron Stafford, ensign; Joseph 
Farewell, ensign. 

Peleg Brown, captain, vice E. Brooks, removed; David Converse, 
junior, lieutenant, vice P. Brown, promoted; Gurdon Turner, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Ebenezer Chamberlain's regiment: 

Sherman Barns, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Ebenezer 
Chamberlain, removed. 

Israel Stoddard, first major, vice S. Barns, promoted; Amos Kent, 
second major, vice I. Stodard, do; Abram Perkins, adjutant, vice 
E. Wright, resigned; Richard Goodale, quartermaster, vice A. Kent, 
promoted; Ephraim Smith, paymaster; John Smith, lieutenant, vice 
A. Johnson, removed; Jehiel Higgins, ensign, vice J. Smith, pro- 

Emri Case, captain, vice E. Curtiss, removed; Norman Waugh, 
lieutenant, vice N. Sutlef, resigned; Truman Waugh, ensign. 


First brigade of artillery: 

First regiment: 

G. Storm, quartermaster. 



ii3 2 Annual Report of the 

Captains — Burnel Brown, vice P. C. Van Wyck, appointed re- 
corder; Thomas C. Butler, vice J. Dodge, resigned; John Le Maire, 
vice R. Swartout, appointed in staff. 

First lieutenants — Frazer Ayres, vice E. Brown, promoted; John 
Bloodgood, vice T. C. Butler, do; Robt. Oliver, vice J. Le Maire, do. 

Second lieutenants — John Salisbury, Samuel Stevens. 

Second regiment: 

John Bleecker, first major, vice A. Bleecker, promoted. 

Captains — John P. Bessonet, vice A. Bleecker, promoted; Alexr. 
Ming; Richd. Kingsland, vice Wm. H. Shipman, at Nova Scotia; 
Nathl. Richards, vice R. Burchan, resigned; Robert Degrushe, vice 
A. Campbell, do. 

First lieutenants — Wm. S. Chapman, vice J. P. Bessonett, pro- 
moted ; Thomas A. Cummings, vice R. Kingsland, do ; George R. A. 
Ricketts, to Captain Wallace's company; Jas. G. Forbes, vice N. 
Richards, promoted; Robert Degrushe, vice T. Scott, resigned; 
Thomas Crytie (Chrystie), vice A. Whitney, resigned; John Marston, 
vice T. Marston, resigned; Val. Luff, vice R. Degrushe, promoted; 
Thomas W. Gilbert, vice A. Ming, do; Aaron Levy. 

Second lieutenants — George Xixon, vice W. S. Chapman, pro- 
moted; Peter Van Winkle, vice T. A. Cumming, do; Daniel E. 
Dunscomb, vice T. W. Gilbert, do; George W. Murray, vice J. G. 
Forbes, do; Christian Brown, vice V. Luff, do; Joseph Lametti, in 
Captain Brinckerhoff's company. 

Third regiment: 

Captains — Thomas R. Mercein, by seniority; Josiah Ferris, vice 
V. Scudder, resigned; George Hodgson, vice Tylee, deceased; 
Andrew Bremner, vice Pinkney, resigned. 

First lieutenants — John M. Bradhurst, vice Thomas R. Mercein, 
promoted; Edward Rockwell, vice Andarise, resigned; George M. 
Brown, vice Andrew Bremner, promoted. 

State Historian. 1133 

Second lieutenants — Samuel Gedney, William H. Lippencott, 
Jacob Peterson; William Seaman, vice Gedney; Benjamin Wood, 
vice John M. Bradhurst, promoted; James Benedict, vice Haight, 
resigned; Joseph A. Weed, vice George M. Brown, promoted; 
George Talcott, junior, vice Sherman, transferred; Tho. R. Smith, 
vice Edward Rockwell, promoted; Stephen Storm, vice William H. 

Jacob Broadhurst, chaplain. 

Fourth regiment: 

William T. Hunter, adjutant; Joseph E. Boerum, quartermaster; 
Jeremiah Shotwell, paymaster. 

Lodowick Post, first lieutenant, vice V. Hedges, promoted; Alden 
Spooner, second lieutenant, vice Lodowick Post, do; John R. Van 
Ranst, second do, vice former lieutenant, deceased. 

For the brigade : 

Anthony Bleecker, brigade inspector. 


For the brigade: 

Vanbrunt Afagaw, brigade quartermaster. 


Brigade whereof John Swift, esquire, is brigadier general : 

In a battalion of riflemen now organized: 

William Howe Cuyler, first major; Elihu Granger, second major; 
Samuel A. Clesson, adjutant; Samuel Ledyard, quartermaster; Wil- 
liam White, surgeon. 


Second squadron, fourth division of cavalry: 

David France, first lieutenant, vice (Ben Arnold) Cheeseborough, 
removed; Roswell Sexton, second lieutenant; Jeremiah Couders 
(Cowden), cornet. 



1 134 Annual Report of the 

delaware county. 

Resolved, that Erastus Root be no longer brigadier general of the 
brigade of militia in the county of Delaware, and that a supersedeas 
issue accordingly. 

Resolved, that David Phelps be and he is hereby appointed briga- 
dier general of the said brigade, to take rank from the 15th day of 
February, 1808. 


For the brigade : 

Lieutenant Colonel J. N. M. Hurd's regiment: 

Samuel Dutton, first major, vice J. Doolittle, resigned; Selathial 
Jackson, second major, vice S. Dutton, promoted. 

Oliver Peirson, captain, vice S. Jackson, do; David Dunham, 
lieutenant, vice O. Peirson, do; Benjamin Bumpus, ensign, vice D. 
Dunham, do; James Munger, ensign of light infantry, vice D. Fas- 
ket, moved. 

Barzillai Northrup, captain, vice D. Tuttle, resigned; Andrews 
Loveland, lieutenant, vice B. Northrup, promoted; Edward Gaylord, 

Ezra Jenkins, captain, vice T. Gillet, moved; John R. Watson, 
lieutenant, vice W. Powers, moved; Abner Sweetland, ensign, vice 
J. Bradley, disabled. 

John Davison, captain, vice W. Abbot, resigned; Marvel Under- 
wood, lieutenant, vice J. Davison, promoted; David Barret, ensign, 
vice M. Underwood, do; John C. Payne, lieutenant, vice E. Hill, 
moved; Ezra Hurd, ensign, vice J. C. Payne, promoted; Martin 
Hackley, ensign, vice J. W. Whiting, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment: 

Ephraim Clough, second major. 

David Peebles, captain, vice E. Clough, promoted; Jonathan 
Sloan, lieutenant, vice D. Peebles, do; Gaius Hitchcock, ensign, vice 
T. Sloan, do. 

State Historian. 1135 

John Pratt, captain, vice J. West, resigned; Chauncey Gaston, 
lieutenant, vice J. Pratt, promoted; Eliel Barber, ensign, vice G. 
Gaston, do. 

Daniel Barber, captain, vice D. Russel, resigned; George Vaughn, 
lieutenant, vice D. Barber, promoted; Levi Dick, ensign, vice G. 
Vaughn, do; Martin Roberts, junior, ensign, vice R. Skeel, moved. 

John Bradley, captain, vice G. Stevens, resigned; Jacob Harts- 
horn, lieutenant, vice W. Bradley, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskell's regiment: 

Oliver Brown, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice N. Haskell, 

Reuben Leonard, first major, vice O. Brown, promoted; John 
Stanton, second major, vice R. Leonard, do. 

John Wilber, captain, vice J. Stanton, do; Asahel Thomas, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Wilber, do; Elijah B. Miller, ensign, vice A. 
Thomas, do. 

Charles Huntington, captain, vice N. Crandel, moved; John Rog- 
ers, lieutenant, vice C. Huntington, promoted; Robert Randal, 
junior, ensign, vice B. Davis, moved. 

Phinehas Babcock, captain of light infantry; Hezekiah Babcock, 
lieutenant of do ; William Whitford, ensign do. 

Jonathan Spencer, lieutenant; John Barber, ensign, vice J. Spen- 
cer, promoted; Luke Green, ensign. 

Ethan Clarke, second, quartermaster. 

Resolved, that Jehiel Felt be no longer captain of a company in 
the regiment of militia in the county of Madison whereof Erastus 
Cleveland, esquire, is lieutenant colonel commandant, and that a 
supersedeas issue accordingly. 

Truman Billings, captain, vice Jehiel Felt, superseded; Ephraim 
Gray, lieutenant; Francis Whetmore, ensign. 



1 136 Annual Report of the 

albany county. 

Brigade whereof Paul Todd, esquire, is brigadier general: 

Bazeleel Howe, brigade quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Mackey's regiment: 

Jacob Coplen, lieutenant, vice S. Stephens, moved; William Law- 
rance, do, vice E. Myres, do; Enoch Sayres, ensign, vice J. Coplen, 
promoted; John Y. Wright, ensign, vice A. Lauron, moved; Hugh 
Campbell, ensign, vice J. Pratt, do; David Vermilyea, junior, ensign. 

In Lieutenant Colonel John Gallup's regiment: 

Staff officers — Daniel Butterfield, adjutant, vice J. Tyle, promoted; 
Isaac Janes, quartermaster, vice D. Butterfield, do; Daniel Gallup, 
paymaster; Enoch Cheney, surgeon; David Devoe, chaplain. 

Thomas Rogers, captain, vice Conklin, moved. 

Lieutenants — Robt. Read, vice T. Rogers, promoted; John 
Wauley, vice M. Whipple, do; Egbert Schoonmaker, mistake in a 
former commission; Justice Boynton, vice T. W r augh, resigned; 
Gabriel Secor, vice M. J. Overocker, moved. 

Ensigns — Daniel Denison, vice J. Warely, promoted; Aaron Van 
Auken, vice J. Boynton, do; Ezra Gallup, junior, vice G. Secor, do; 
John Cornel, vice R. Read, do. 

Major Silas Marsh's battalion: 

William H. Devoe, surgeon. 

James Frost, captain, vice J. Briggs, moved; Joseph Gague, 
junior, lieutenant, vice J. Frost, promoted; Richard Briggs, ensign, 
vice J. Gague, junior, do; Isaac Van Brunt, do, vice J. Sherburne, 
resigned; Benjamin Humphrey, do, vice J. Harris, do. 
Company of artillery to be raised out of the said brigade: 
Jesse Tylar, captain; Malachi Whipple, first lieutenant; Nathan 
Gallup, junior, second lieutenant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Schoolcraft's regiment: 

State Historian. 1137 

Alexander McMillen, captain; Peter Baragar, lieutenant; Ebene- 
zer E. Wands, ensign — of a rifle company. 


Brigade lately commanded by Brigadier General Gerrit Van 

Stephen P. Schuyler, brigade quartermaster, vice L. Gansevoort, 


In Lieutenant Colonel Rensselaer Westerlo's regiment: 

John L. Sill, adjutant; Harman Fonda, second lieutenant; Stephen 
Van Rensselaer, junior, cornet. 

First squadron, Fifth regiment of cavalry: 

Elijah Griggs, second lieutenant, vice J. Lamoreaux, resigned; 
Thomas Conklin, cornet, vice Elijah Griggs, promoted. 

John Vanderheyden, captain; Cornelius A. Vandezee first lieu- 
tenant; Gerrit Oliver, second lieutenant; Frederick Merkle, cornet — 
of a new company. 


Resolved, that Samuel Carroll be no longer captain and Curtis 
Graham no longer ensign of a company of light infantry in the 
regiment of militia in the county of Columbia whereof Jacob Rutsen 
Van Rensselaer, esquire, is lieutenant colonel commandant, and 
that supersedeases issue accordingly. 

Resolved, that in the said regiment the following officers be and 
they are hereby appointed, to wit: 

Levirit Cruttenden, captain; Barnabus Waterman, lieutenant; 
Austin Stocking, ensign — of a company of light infantry. 


Resolved, that William Bull, junior, be and he is hereby appointed 

paymaster of Lieutenant Colonel John Wilkin's regiment in Orange 





1 138 Annual Report of the 

new york county. 

Second brigade of infantry, First regiment: 

Daniel Dodge, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Gilbert S. Mount, second major, vice Johnson, to be promoted; 
William J. Stewart, paymaster; Xathaniel D. Hunter, surgeon's 

Captains — Charles Dickenson, William S. Hick, William Ruckle. 

Lieutenants — Jonathan B. Gosman, vice Hicks, promoted; Wil- 
liam Patterson, vice Garniss. do; William T. McCoun, vice Wood- 
ruff, do; Jonathan J. Coddington, vice Rucker; Julius L. Dunning, 
vice Daly, transferred; Josiah P. Knapp, vice Disbrow, do. 

Ensigns — Isaac P. Smith, vice Jonathan J. Coddington, pro- 
moted; W r illiam H. Falls, vice Julius L. Dunning, do; Abijah 
Fisher, Jotham Smith, William W. Chester, John Groshon, John 

Second regiment: 

Eebnezer Irving, second major, vice (Gilbert S.) Mount, promoted. 

Captains — Robert Hyslop, vice Todd, promoted; Robert M. Rus- 
sell, vice Fash, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Phillips Phoenix, vice Robert Hyslop, promoted; 
Tyler Maynard, vice Robert M. Russell, do; Isaac U. Coles, vice 
Spencer, transferred: William H. Maxwell, vice Wallis, do; James 
T. B. Romayne, vice Quackenbush, deceased: White Youngs, vice 
Blackwell, declined; Joseph Gerard, vice Penfield; Ezra C. Wood- 
hull, vice Pell, not accepted. 

Ensigns— William Clarke, vice Robins; Stephen Storm, vice 
Phillips Phoenix, promoted ; Henry Richmond, vice Tyler Maynard, 
do; Samuel Woodhull, vice Isaac U. Coles, do; Israel Russell, vice 
William H. Maxwell, do; Cornelius R. Duffie, vice James T. B. 
Romayne, do; Robert Blackwell, Xathaniel Tylee. 

State Historian. 1139 

Third regiment: 

Nathan Sayre, first major, vice J. W. Mulligan, promoted; Wil- 
liam Thorn, second major, vice Nathan Sayre, do. 

Captains — William Peck, vice William Thorn, promoted ; Edward 
H. Nicholl, vice King, do; James Turk, vice J. Sayre, resigned. 

Lieutenants — William E. Dunscomb, vice William Peck, pro- 
moted; James Chrystie, vice Edward H. Nicoll, do; James A. Bay- 
ard, vice James Turk, do; John B. Scott, vice Tylee, transferred; 
John J. Sickles, vice Radcliff, do. 

Ensigns — Luther Bradish, vice William E. Dunscomb, promoted; 
Thomas Delancy, vice James Chrystie, do; Homer, Whittemore, vice 
James A. Bayard, do; Benjamin A. Ackerly, vice John B. Scott, do; 
Benjamin F. Boyd, vice John J. Sickles, do; Robert Sedgwick, vice 
Cooke, do. 

Fourth regiment: 

William W. Todd, first major, vice Blackwell, promoted; Teunis 
Riker, second major, vice Cholwell, removed. 

Captains — William Green, vice Lawrence, resigned; George Will- 
son, vice Johnson, resigned; Daniel D. Arden, vice Teunis Riker, 
promoted; Donald C. Buckloe, vice Cornwell, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Elias Hoffman, vice Myers, resigned; Henry Car- 
penter, vice Griffen, do; Robert Gosman, junior, vice Daniel D. 
Arden, promoted; John W. Gibson, vice Wilson, do; Samuel B. 
Romaine, vice Seixas, transferred; Lewis Lockwood, vice Brooks, 
do; Hugh Maxwell, vice Gibson, promoted; Gerard D. Smith, vice 
William Green, do; Coe Gale, vice Hoffman, do. 

Ensigns — Samuel Harris, vice Henry Carpenter, promoted; Peter 
Wilson, vice Robert Gosman, junior, do; Thomas A. Morris, vice 
John W. Gibson, do; John T. Smith, vice Samuel B. Romaine, do; 
Hendrick Boerum, vice Lewis Lockwood, do; William Barnwell, 



H40 Annual Report of the 

vice Hugh Maxwell, do; David Henderson, junior, vice Gales, 
appointed quartermaster. 

Riflemen — Xathaniel Fisk, captain; Stephen Wood, lieutenant; 
Isaac Ludlum, ensign. 

Fifth regiment: 

John W. Mulligan, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (William) 
Paulding (junior), to take rank from 25th March, 1809. 

Jeromus Johnson, first major, vice John W. Mulligan; Elisha W. 
King, second major; Charles Bostwick, quartermaster; Clairborne 
Chew, paymaster; Alexander H. Stevens, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — James Daly, Samuel W. Disbrow, Thomas Spencer, 
John Wallis, Daniel E. Tylee, William S. RadclifF, Solomon Seixas, 
William W. Brooks. 

Lieutenants — Ezekiel Robins, Thomas W. Garniss, Effingham 
Schieffelin; Claiborne Chew, Xeii McNeil, Garret H. Striker, John 
Cooke, Gabriel L. Lewis, Charles Bostwick, Charles King, Robert 

Ensigns — Peter Stevenson, Ravand Kearney, Ferdenand Suydam, 
William B. Hutchings, Andrew Bowne. 


Abraham P. Housman, captain, vice Corson, resigned; Matthew 
Ridgway, do, vice J. Tysen, do. 

Cornelius C. Corson, junior, lieutenant, vice Abraham P. House- 
man, promoted; John Tysen, junior, do, vice Matthew Ridgway, do; 
William Degroat, do, vice Corson, junior, do; Abraham Kinser do, 
vice John Tysen, junior, do. 


For the brigade: 

Jacob A. Fort, brigadier general, vice (Hosea) Moffit, resigned. 

Late Lieutenant Colonel Jacob A. Fort's regiment: 

State Historian. 1141 

Joseph Dorr, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. A. Fort, 

Sylvester Noble, first major, vice J. Dorr, do; John Haynes, sec- 
ond major, vice S. Noble, do; Charles H. Wetmore, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — James Olmsted, vice Gifford, resigned; John H. 
Haynes, vice N. Bishop, resigned; John Spicer, vice J. Haynes, pro- 
moted; Lemuel Sherwood, vice R. Chace, removed; Samuel Will- 
son ; Abraham Keach, of light infantry, vice R. Abbot, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Abraham Van Wort, vice James Olmsted, pro- 
moted; John Wallace, junior, vice John H. Haynes, do; Allen 
Spicer, vice J. Spicer, do; Garret Hallenbeck, vice Lemuel Sher- 
wood, do; Conradt Raymond, vice S. Willson, do; John B. Ryan, 
of light infantry, vice Abraham Keach, do. 

Ensigns — Reuben Williams, vice W. V. Wort, promoted; Moses 
Wright, vice John Wallace, junior, do; Earl Peirce, vice Allen 
Spicer, do; Rix Green, vice Garret Hallenbeck, do; Roswell Hal- 
stead, vice Conradt Raymond, do; Daniel Delavan, of light infantry, 
vice John B. Ryan. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Eddy's regiment: 

John J. Groesbeck, paymaster, vice J. Van Vechten, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel Elisha Stewart's regiment: 

Caleb Carr, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice E. Stewart, 
resigned; Eliphaz Spencer, first major, vice C.Carr, promoted; Rufus 
Sweet, second major, vice A. Swan, resigned; Eber Moffit, adju- 
tant, vice W. L. Gardner, resigned; William K. Scott, surgeon, vice 
J. Griggs, resigned. 

Captains — James Jones, vice W. Vary, refusing to accept; Abner 
Bull, junior, vice R. Sweet, promoted; Barnard Hix, vice Eliphaz 
Spencer, do; Samuel E. Gibbs, of light infantry. 

Lieutenants — Thomas L. Adams, vice J. Jones, promoted; Samuel 



1 142 Annual Report of the 

Post, vice Abner Bull, junior, do; Solomon W. Lawrence, vice S: 
Boughton, resigned; Chancey Porter, of light infantry. 

Ensigns — William Jones, vice Thomas P. Adams, promoted; 
Henry Reynolds, junior, vice Samuel Post; John Adzit, junior, vice 
P. Miller; Daniel St. John, vice J. Marks, resigned; Benjamin Sweet, 
of light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 

Barent Schuyler, adjutant, vice G. Corning, promoted; Martin 
Van Alstyne, paymaster, vice B. Schuyler, do. 

John Defriest, junior, captain, vice J. J. Fonda, deceased; Martin 
Defriest, lieutenant, vice J. Defriest, promoted; William Case, do, 
vice N. Barber, refusing; Cornelius Adriance, do; James Giles, do, 
vice S. Clark; William W. Sloyter, ensign, vice C. Sloyter, removed; 
Richard J. Deforest, ensign, vice Martin Van Alstyne, promoted; 
Artemus Osgood, ensign, vice C. Adriance, do; Luther Bliss, ensign, 
vice N. Hickok, removed. 

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel McChesney's regiment: 

William Clark, paymaster, vice D. Willcox, resigned. 

David Mattison, captain, vice D. Arnold, do; Joseph Burdick, 
junior, do, vice Rogers, removed; Hezekiah Hull, junior, lieutenant, 
vice D. Mattison, promoted; Solomon Smith, junior, do, vice Joseph 
Burdick, do; William Childs, do, vice Hutton, removed; Javis 
Green, ensign, vice Hezekiah Hull, promoted; Zebulon Scrivens, 
second, do; John Hutton, ensign, vice William Childs, do; Eber 
Moffit, adjutant. 

For a company of riflemen in Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Dorr's 

Munson Smith, captain; Peter Vandenburgh, lieutenant; Joseph 
Reed, ensign. 

State- Historian. 1143 

montgomery county. 
Lieutenant Colonel John Roof's regiment: 
George H. Nellis, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

James Smith, first major; David Mayer, second do. 


Robert Bouman, captain; Jaben Welsh, lieutenant; Hollani 
Champlain, ensign. 

Jacob W. Fox, captain; Felix Green, lieutenant; Oliver Williams, 

Marcus Kesseller, captain; John Failing, lieutenant; Cornelius 
Ostrander, ensign; John Willson, lieutenant; John Harder, ensign. 

Thomas Baker, captain; Jacob J. Young, lieutenant; Simon D. 
Toll, ensign. 

Robert Crouse, captain; Jacob Sanders, lieutenant; David Diefin- 
dorf, ensign; John G. Walrath, ensign of light infantry. 


Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Geer's regiment: 

Phineas Warren, captain, vice Jonathan Smith, resigned; James 
Perry, lieutenant, vice Phineas Warren, promoted; Thomas Perry, 
ensign, vice J. Perry, do; Aaron Wheeler, lieutenant, vice J. Salis- 
bury, moved; Daniel Smith, ensign, vice A. Wheeler, promoted. 

Jonathan Delano, junior, captain, vice D. D. Wolf, resigned; 
Aaron Grenold, lieutenant, vice J. Delano, promoted; Paul Edwards, 

Lieutenant Colonel John Prior's regiment: 

John Prior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice G. Goodrich, 
« resigned. 

Samuel Bailey, first major, vice J. Prior, promoted; John Bockes, 
second major, vice S. Bailey, do; George H. Benham, lieutenant, 
vice J. Ladow, moved; Edward Gillman, ensign, vice G. H. Ben- 
ham, promoted; John Smith, junior, lieutenant, vice D. Bockus, 



1 144 Annual Report of the 

moved; Burr Kendrick, ensign; Darius Wright, lieutenant; Caleb 
Strong, ensign, vice D. Wright, promoted; Abner Medbury, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. King, moved; Jestice Day, ensign, vice A. Medbury, 

Lieutenant Colonel Hezekiah Ketchum's regiment: 
Andrew Emigh, captain, vice H. Bailey, promoted; Anthony S. 
Badgley, lieutenant, vice A. Emigh, do; William Gates, ensign, vice 
Anthony S. Badgley, do; Silas Cogswell, ensign, vice J. Hubbs, 


Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment: 

James Haile, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice William Feeter, 

Daniel Wright, first major, vice Hale, promoted; Daniel Fenner, 
second do, vice Daniel Wright, do; Bela Ward, adjutant. 

John Green, captain, vice D. Fenner, promoted; Robt. Conant, 
lieutenant, vice J. Green, do; John Paul, ensign, vice R. Conant, do. 

Stephen Van Arna, captain, vice S. Carpenter, do; Ezra Hicks, 
lieutenant, vice S. V. Arna, do; Cephas Braynard, ensign, vice E. 
Flicks, do. 

Anson Leet, captain, vice C. M. Johnson; Joseph Stevens, lieu- 
tenant, vice N. Carpenter: Philip Ward, ensign, vice A. Leet; Elijah 
Carpenter, lieutenant, vice J. Carpenter; Samuel Dyer, ensign, vice 
J. Comins; Joseph Petrie, lieutenant, vice E. Hall; Peter Pickert, 
ensign, vice J. Petrie: Charles Dyer, lieutenant, vice J. Payne; Ste- 
phen Smith, second, ensign, vice C. Dyer. 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Petrie's regiment: 

Jesse Churchill, chaplain; Nicholas Shoemaker, ensign, vice G. 
Petrie; Rufus Starkweather, lieutenant, vice S. Dana; Otis Smith, 
ensign, vice R. Starkweather; Zachariah Townsend, lieutenant, vice 
N. Bangs; Ziba Corbet, ensign, vice J. Morgan, junior. 

State Historian. 1145 

In Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knap's regiment: 

Jacob Abrames, surgeon; Harvey W. Doolittle, surgeon's mate; 
Archibald Blair, adjutant, Michael J. H. Myers, quartermaster. 

Samuel Allen, captain, vice S. Brayton; Darius Hawkins, lieu- 
tenant; Reuben Barney, ensign, vice S. Allen. 

Sheldon Colhoon, captain, vice T. Davis; Ara Priest, junior, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Colhoon, promoted; Rufus Howard, ensign, vice A. 
Priest, junior, do. 

Jonathan King, captain, vice S. Miller, do; Herman Bush, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. King, do; Asahel Andrews, ensign, vice H. Bush, do; 
Cyrus Root, lieutenant; Edward Baker, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Henry Hewit's regiment: 

Daniel Thorp, adjutant, vice H. Avery, promoted. 

Ambrose Hickcox, captain, vice E. Rathbun, resigned; George 
Southmaid, ensign, vice O. Culver, refused. 

Henry Watkins, captain, vice A. Tracey, resigned; James P. Fitch, 
lieutenant, vice H. Watkins, promoted; Philo Sperry, ensign, vice 
J. P. Fitch, promoted; William Bennet, lieutenant, vice E. Babbet, 
refusing; Daniel Brimsmade, ensign, vice W. Bennet, promoted; 
Daniel Brightman, lieutenant, vice W. T. Gardner, removed; Seth 
Swift, ensign, vice D. Brightman, promoted. 

Ebenezer Durkee, captain, vice A. Weed, removed; John Daniels, 
lieutenant, vice L. Hill, refusing; Thomas Parker, ensign, vice E. 
Durkee, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bloom's regiment: 

James Johnson, lieutenant, vice E. Dean, promoted; Isaac Cre- 
dick, ensign, vice J. Johnson, do. 

Eliakim Dean, captain; David Quigg, lieutenant; Levi Moore, 



1 146 Annual Report of the 

John Ozman, captain, vice D. Watkins, removed; Jedediah Rey- 
nolds, lieutenant, vice J. Ozman, promoted; David Belknap, ensign; 
John Guthrie, lieutenant, vice J. Price, removed; David Morton, 
ensign, vice J. Guthrie, promoted. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius D. De Witt's regiment: 

Cornelius Van Orsdoll, ensign; Daniel Reynolds, lieutenant; 
Jonah Camp, ensign; Samuel Root, ensign, vice L. Fuller, removed; 
Royal X. Powers, surgeon; Levi Pierce, paymaster. 

In Lieutenant Colonel John Harris' regiment: 

Daniel Wisner, ensign, vice E. Spencer, removed; Eleazer B. 
Stockwell, lieutenant, vice W. Sharp, do; Joseph Culver, ensign, 
vice E. B. Stockwell, promoted. 

Martin Remmington, captain, vice D. Shelden, resigned; Elihu 
Atwell, lieutenant, vice M. Remmington, promoted; John Freeman, 
ensign, vice E. Atwell, do; Elijah Buck, ensign, vice S. Tyler, 
removed; Robert Parks, ensign; Alex. Price, lieutenant, vice R. 
Parsoll, removed; Timothy Strong, ensign, vice A. Price, promoted. 

Manasseh Grover, captain, vice P. Palmer, removed; Henry 
Montgomery, lieutenant, vice M. Grover, promoted; Abel Terry,, 
ensign, vice H. Montgomery, do. 

Henry R. Brinkerhoof, captain; John B. Van Middlesworth, lieu- 
tenant; George R. Brinkerhoof, ensign; Daniel M. Bristol, lieuten- 
ant; Thatcher J. Ferris, ensign; William L. Gilbert, lieutenant; 
James Hasken, ensign. 

Daniel Calkins, captain; John Calkins, lieutenant; Lyman Loomes, 
ensign — of a company of grenadiers. 


In Lieutenant Colonel Clark Putnam's regiment: 
Benjamin Wright, captain: Levi Greene, lieutenant; David Brown, 
ensign — of a company of light infantry. 

State Historian. 1147 

otsego county. 
In Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Clyde's regiment: 
Joseph Clyde, first major, vice J. Tenant, junior, removed; Moses 
Rich, second major, vice J. Clyde, promoted; William Story, pay- 
master, vice J. Dicksen, resigned; Delos White, surgeon's mate. 


In the Second regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel 
George D. Wickham: 

First squadron — Andrew Stukle (Stickle), second lieutenant; 
Henry Montfort, cornet; Isaac Beckwith, cornet. 

Peter Leyster, captain, vice Philips, resigned; Samuel Thorn, first 
lieutenant; John Diddle, second do; Lemuel Fuller, cornet; Ben- 
jamin Still, first lieutenant; Comfort Stark, second lieutenant; 
Andrew Hubbell, cornet. 

Second squadron — William Ecker, captain, vice A. Wyant, 
deceased; Samuel Belknap, junior, first lieutenant, vice William 
EckeK, promoted; Tunis Dolson, second lieutenant, vice Belknap, 
do; Joseph Ransom, cornet, vice Dolson, do. 

For the Third regiment — Ebenezer Wilson, junior, paymaster, 
vice McCoun, resigned. 

First squadron — John Van Duezen, captain, vice Livingston, pro- 
moted; Simon Rockefeller, first lieutenant, vice Best, resigned; 
Jonas F. Miller, second lieutenant, vice Dolloff, resigned; John 
Haver, cornet, vice Simon Rockefeller, promoted; Nathan Halsey, 
first lieutenant, vice Webster, resigned; Lodowyck S. Babcock, 
second lieutenant, vice Nathan Halsey, promoted; Ebenezer J. Cady, 
cornet, vice Lodowyck S. Babcock, do. 

Second squadron — Braddick Hall, first lieutenant, vice Arnold, 
resigned; Alanson Clark, second lieutenant, vice Braddick Hall, 
promoted; Joseph Ammindon, cornet, vice A. Coon, moved. 



Ix 48 Annual Report of the 

First squadron — Clark Northrup, captain, vice P.Welch, resigned. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Rensselaer Westerlo's regiment: 

Chariot Partridge, first lieutenant, vice C. Vought, promoted; 
Nathan Gallup, second do, vice J. Burdick, do; Benjamin Jacobs, 
cornet, vice C. Partridge, do. 

Christopher Vought, captain; Job Burdick, first lieutenant; Ben- 
jamin Frost, cornet; William Whipple, second lieutenant — of a new 


Resolved, that Joseph Edsall be no longer lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant of the regiment of militia in the county of St. Lawrence, 
and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 

Resolved, that David Ford be and he is hereby appointed lieu- 
tenant colonel commandant of the said regiment, to take rank from 
the 30th March, 1807. 


His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper 
to divide the fifth division of the militia of this State into three 

The first of said divisions to be called the fifth division; to be 
composed of the militia in the counties of Herkimer, Oneida, Onon- 
daga, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence. 

The second of said divisions to be called the sixth division; to be 
composed of the militia in the counties of Madison, Chenango, 
Broome, Tioga, Cortlandt and Otsego. 

The third of said divisions to be called the seventh division; to be 
composed of the militia in the counties of Cayuga, Seneca, Ontario, 
Steuben, Allegany, Genesee, Niagara, Chautauqua* and Cat- 

* Chautauqua county and Cattaraugus county were erected from Genesee county 
March n, 1808.— State Historian. 

State Historian. 1149 

Resolved, that Jacob Morris be and he is hereby appointed major 
general of the said sixth division, and that Amos Hall be and he is 
hereby appointed major general of the said seventh division. 


For the brigade lately commanded by Major General Amos Hall: 

William Wadsworth, brigadier general, vice A. Hall, promoted. 

In the regiment lately commanded by General (William) Wads- 
worth : 

William Markham, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Wads- 

Joseph W. Lawrence, first major, vice William Markham; John 
Markham, second major, vice Joseph W. Lawrence; Zebulon Roth- 
bun, ensign; Rowland Weeks, do; Nathan Jefferds, lieutenant; 
David Parker, ensign; David Rowley, lieutenant; Joseph M. Gil- 
bert, ensign. 

Timothy Hosmer, junior, lieutenant of light infantry. 

Shubael C. Hovey, captain do. 

Artillery — First battalion, Sixth regiment: George W. Jones, 
second lieutenant. 


Brigade whereof Micajah Pettit is brigadier general: 

Lieutenant Colonel John Stewart's regiment: 

Christian Sackrider, first major, vice J. Woods; Israel P. Bald- 
win, surgeon, vice A. Freeman, resigned; Horace Barnum, sur- 
geon's mate, vice I. P. Baldwin; Calvin Swain, chaplain. 

Russel Cole, captain, vice J. Thomas, resigned; Nicholas Camp- 
bell, lieutenant, vice J. Durand, removed; John Padden, ensign; 
Roger Barnum, lieutenant; William Elliot, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Zepheniah Kingsley's regiment: 

Pliny Adams, second major, vice W. Huggins, removed; Silas 



1 150 Annual Report of the , 

Duey Kellogg-, quartermaster, vice A. Clark, promoted; John Jake- 
ways, surgeon's mate. 

Thomas Bigelow, ensign, vice N. Kingsley, resigned; Obadiah 
Webster, captain, vice P. Adams, promoted; Thadeus Sheldon, lieu- 
tenant, vice O. Webster, do; Richard Doolittle, ensign; Daniel Man- 
ville, ensign; Samuel Downs, lieutenant; Epaphroditus C. Hold- 
ridge, ensign; Guy Wheeler, lieutenant, vice J. Spalding, removed; 
Abner P. Hitchcock, ensign, vice G. Wheeler, promoted. 

Orla Hall, captain; Micah Skinner, lieutenant; Horace Hitch- 
cock, ensign — of a company of light infantry. 


For the brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Thompson Mead's regiment: 

Pardon Morris, adjutant; Tilley Lynde, quartermaster; Asa Nor- 
ton, paymaster; Henry Mitchell, surgeon; John Camp, junior, sur- 
geon's mate. 

James Thompson, second, captain; Peleg Arnold, lieutenant; 
Benoni Mawn, ensign. 

Reuben Gray, captain; Edward Gray, lieutenant; Nathaniel E. 
Gray, ensign. 

Solomon Kelsey, captain; Rodolphus Simonds, lieutenant; Charles 
West, ensign. 

Stephen Ailing, captain; Michael Lamb, lieutenant; John Haight, 

Benjamin Prentis, lieutenant; Joshua Bishop, ensign. 

James K. Pike, captain; Richard Brown, lieutenant; Reuben 
Ferris, ensign. 

Seth Sexton, captain; Ethan Reynolds, lieutenant; Blin Harris, 

Lieutenant Colonel Denison Randall's regiment: 

P State Historian. 1151 

Sylvanus Moor, captain; Benjamin Ketcham, lieutenant; John 
Wilcox, ensign. 

Moses Eldred, captain; Elisha Gage, lieutenant; Eli D. Catlin, 
ensign; Simeon Cook, ensign. 

Oliver Richmond, junior, captain; Abijah Warren, lieutenant; 
Samuel Lewis, junior, ensign. 

Ebenezer Hill, captain; William M. Fish, lieutenant; William 
Smith, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thompson Mead's regiment: 

Gardiner Waters, lieutenant; Henry Waters, ensign. 

Rufus Rosa, captain; John G. Howard, lieutenant; Calvin Coe, 


For the brigade: 

Jeremiah Anderson, brigade quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Varian's regiment: 

John Van Wout, first major; David Ferris, second major; David 
Rogers, junior, surgeon. 

William Odle, captain, vice John Van Wout, promoted; Abraham 
Acker, lieutenant, vice William Odel, do; John Boyee, ensign, vice 
Abraham Acker, do. 

Gilbert Lewis, captain, vice D. Ferris, do; William Wendover, 
lieutenant, vice G. Lewis, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abijah Harris' regiment: 

Gabriel Smith, junior, first major, vice Seely, refusing; William 
Vail, second major, vice Finch; William Sacket, surgeon; James 
Fountain, junior, surgeon's mate. 

Gilbert Sarles, captain, vice Gabriel Smith,, junior, promoted; 
William Lyon, lieutenant, vice Gilbert Sarles, do; Abraham Sher- 
wood, ensign. 

Joel Hally, captain, vice William Vail, promoted; Ebenezer Knox, 



1 1 52 Annual Report of the 

lieutenant, vice Joel Halley, do; David Close, ensign; John Burr 
Whitlock, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Marinus F. Durand's regiment: 

Benjamin Reynolds, captain, vice J. Stephenson, resigned; John 
Baker, lieutenant, vice B. Reynolds, promoted; John Xicols, ensign, 
vice J. Baker, do. 

Simon Bateman, captain, vice D. Mayo, removed; John Dix, 
lieutenant, vice S. Bateman, promoted; (Witt) Lane, ensign, vice 
J. Dix, do. 

David Anderson, captain, vice T. Doty, removed; Jeremiah 
Churchill, lieutenant, vice D. Anderson, promoted; James Patterson, 
ensign, vice J. Churchill, do. 

Ezra Thurber, captain; Jonathan Slater, lieutenant: Daniel T. 
Taylor, ensign. 


Regiment whereof Joseph (Elijah) Barnes is lieutenant colonel 

Justus Bailey, captain; Beers Tomlinson, lieutenant; William 
Moore, ensign. 


Brigade lately commanded by General (Gerrit W.) Van Schaick: 
Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trotter's regiment: 
William Fryer, first major, vice S. Lansing, resigned; Sebastian 
Visscher, second major, vice W. Fryer, promoted. 

John Townsend, captain, vice S. Bleecker, resigned; William 
McHarg, do, vice S. P. Schuyler, promoted; John Scoville, lieuten- 
ant, vice J. Townsend, do ; Thomas Campbell, do, vice J. Evertson, 
disabled; George B. Spencer, do, vice J. T. B. Graham, deceased; 
David Vanderheyden, do, vice W. McHarg, promoted. 

State Historian. 1153 

Ensigns — James Stevenson, vice J. Scoville, do; John Van Vegh- 
ten, vice G. McPherson, promoted; John B. Washburn, vice T. 
Campbell, do; John Erwin, vice G. B. Spencer, do; Chester Bulk- 
ley, of light infantry, vice D. Vanderheyden, do. 

Robert Elliot, adjutant, vice L. Schuyler, deceased; Sandford 
Cobb, lieutenant of riflemen, vice Schuyler, deceased; George 
McPherson, ensign of do, vice Sandford Cobb, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Swits' regiment: 

Cornelius Bogardus, chaplain. 

James C. Duane, captain of light infantry, vice T. Smith, resigned. 

Zegar Van Santvoord, junior, captain, vice T. B. Clench; Abra- 
ham S. Groot, lieutenant, vice Zegar Van Santvoord, promoted; 
Thomas Wasson, junior, ensign, vice A. Starks, promoted; Peter J. 
Clute, ensign of light infantry, vice H. G. Van Ingen, moved; Daniel 
S. Degraaf, ensign, vice T. H. Ten Eyck, do; William McClymon, 
ensign, vice A. S. Groot, promoted; Abraham Oothout, junior, adju- 
tant, vice J. Knowles, deceased; Myndert J. Mynderse, lieutenant, 
vice P. Brown, moved. 


For the brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Conkling's regiment: 

Israel Carl, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Timothy Conk- 
ling, resigned; Charles H. Havens, surgeon's mate. 

Samuel Strong, captain, vice W. Wheeler, resigned; Henry Nicoll, 
lieutenant, vice S. Strong, promoted; Eliphalet Mobray, ensign, vice 
H. Nicoll, do. 

Samuel Muncy, captain, vice T. Ketchum, resigned; John 

Ketchum, lieutenant, vice S. Muncy, promoted; Theodorus Wickes, 

ensign, vice J. Ketchum, promoted; Richard Okeley, ensign, vice 

N. Chichester, refusing; Isaac Conkling, lieutenant; Oliver Carll, 




1 154 Annual Report of the 

lieutenant, vice E. Prime, moved; Ariel Lewis, ensign, vice O. Carll, 

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Rose's regiment: 

William Halsey, captain, vice A. Topping, resigned; William 
Howel, lieutenant, vice W. Halsey, promoted; Levi Howel, ensign, 
vice William Howel, do; David Haines, ensign, vice J. Woodruff, 
resigned; Asa Miller, ensign, vice H. Conklin, promoted. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Youngs' regiment: 

Jonathan Huntting, chaplain; Matthew Bewell, surgeon's mate. 

Benjamin King, ensign, vice J. Mapes, resigned; Leveret Reeve, 
ensign, vice T. Taber, refusing. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Davis' regiment: 

Zachariah Green, chaplain; Benjamin Franklin Thompson, sur- 
geon; Nathaniel Miller, surgeon's mate. 

David Robbins, captain, vice T. Miller, resigned; John Woodhull, 
lieutenant, vice D. Robbins, promoted; Daniel Davis, ensign, vice 
J. Woodhull, do; Daniel Tooker, lieutenant, vice R. Hudson, moved; 
Edmun Wheeler, ensign, vice D. Tooker, promoted; Jonathan Cook, 
ensign, Jagger's company, vacant. 

Ezra Tower, captain; Henry W. Nicoll, lieutenant; Merrit 
Learned, ensign — of a company of light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Rose's regiment: 

Stephen Post, captain, vice H. Harris, resigned; Austin Howel, 
lieutenant, vice S. Post, promoted; Appollos Harris, ensign, vice 
Austin Howel, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Miller's regiment: 

Andrew Dickson, quartermaster, vice G. Curtis, refusing; Lewis 
S. Owen, surgeon; Alen Barney, surgeon's mate. 
Thomas Williams, ensign, vice E. Atwater, removed. 

State Historian. 1155 


Asa Cowles, captain, vice S. Phelps, do; Asa Austin, lieutenant, 
vice A. Cowles, promoted; Jacob Badgley, ensign, vice A. Austin, 
do; Zadock Strong, ensign, vice J. B. Herrick, resigned. 

Paul Babcock, captain, vice A. Legg, transferred; Theodore 
Dowd, lieutenant, vice M. Legg, do. 

iMartin Phelps, captain, vice D. Hayler, removed; James Crofutt, 
lieutenant, vice H. Phelps, promoted; Ts?ac Smith, ensign, vice 
L. Johnson, resigned. 

Heman Phelps, captain; Elijah Church, lieutenant; Abm. Van 
Buskark, ensign — of a new company. 

New regiment now organized: 

John Kingman, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Josiah Dwight, first major, vice J. Kingman, promoted; Joseph 
Chaplin, second major. 

Reuben Fish, captain, vice J. Dwight, promoted; Horace Dwight, 
lieutenant, vice R. Fish, do; George W. Kingman, ensign; Patrick 
Mallery, lieutenant; Zacharius Squires, ensign. 

John Daines, captain, vice W. Sawdy, removed; Erastus Cole, 
lieutenant; Joseph Huntley, ensign. 

William Lincoln, captain, vice J. Chaplin, promoted; Daniel 
Sheldon, lieutenant, vice W. Lincoln, do; Thomas Luce, ensign. 

Enoch Allen, captain; Nathl. Knapp, lieutenant; Elisha Wood- 
ruff, ensign. 

New battalion, now organized : 

William Stewart, major commandant. 

Jesse Blanchard, captain; George Haynes, lieutenant; George 
Colver, ensign; Josiah Smith, lieutenant; Isaac Wheeler, ensign, vice 
J. Smith, promoted. 

Jonas Thayer, captain; Frederick Freeman, lieutenant; Robert 
Watson, ensign. 



1 1 56 Annual Report of the 

Isaac Smith, captain; Aaron Haight, lieutenant; George Forbs, 

Stephen N. Peck, adjutant; Lewis Hedges, quartermaster; Aaron 
Angles, paymaster. 

Elijah Wheeler, captain. 


Xorth brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Solomon Cook's regiment: 

Lemuel Morey, captain, vice J. Leet, resigned; Seneca Northrup, 
lieutenant, vice L. Morey, advanced; Stephen Cutler, junior, ensign, 
vice S. Xorthrup, do; William Young, ensign, vice (Henry) Win- 
chester, removed; Eben Wheeler, ensign, vice S. Wheeler, resigned; 
Samuel Boyd, ensign, vice A. Wheaton, removed. 

Lieutenant Colonel Eli Angevine's regiment: 

Jonathan Ward, surgeon, vice (Caleb) Childs, resigned; Hunting 
Sherril, surgeon's mate, vice J. Ward, promoted; Cornelius C. Cuy- 
ler, chaplain; Harry Cooke, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Lyon's regiment: 

Joseph Smith, adjutant, vice J. Redfield, promoted; John Twee- 
hill, paymaster, vice J. Xichols, resigned. 

Jerod Redfield, captain, vice A. Bexby, resigned; Luther Thurs- 
tin, ensign, vice A. Smith, moved; Enoch Gray, lieutenant, vice E. 
Karris, promoted; Silas Truman, ensign, vice D. Bartle, resigned. 

Elanson Harris, captain: Leonard Livermore, lieutenant; Warren 
Smith, ensign — of a new company. 

Sullivan Reynolds, lieutenant; Asa Gregory, ensign; Henry 
Breyse, ensign. 

John Xichols, captain; Philip M. De Zeng, lieutenant; Samuel 
Lyon, ensign — of a rifle company. 

State Historian. 1157 

Lieutenant Colonel Denison Randall's regiment: 
Prentes Child, lieutenant; Abraham R. Stephens, ensign. 
Artillery — Second battalion, Sixth regiment: 
Charles Phelps Denison, second lieutenant of artillery, vice J. 
Willis, moved. 


In Lieutenant Colonel William A. Cuddeback's regiment: 
Thomas Bull, junior, captain; Charles Baker, lieutenant; Charles 
Smith, ensign — of a company of light infantry. 


First brigade of infantry, city and county of New York: 

First regiment: 

Thomas Post, second major, vice C. Crolius, transferred; William 
Ward, adjutant; David Dunham, paymaster, vice F. Cooper; John 
D. Jaques, surgeon, vice R. L. Walker; Thomas P. Van Beuren, 
surgeon's mate. 

Captains — Smith Purdy, Andrew McGown, Stephen Gould, Caleb 
T. Ward, William Ward. 

Lieutenants — William Roston, David M. Ross, Nathaniel Weed, 
Jeremiah J. Drake. 

Ensigns — William H. Shute, James Swan, John Peter Dewint, 
Matthias G. Miller, John C. Marsh, Richard P. Lawrence. 

Second regiment: Henry Ustick Onderdonk, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — David Campbell, Theophilus Pierce. 

Lieutenants — Robert Dingee, George Englehart, Isaac Oakley, 
Alexander McClure, James M. Fonerden, John Marriner, William 
B. Adams, John Disbrow, Arthur Burtis. 

Ensigns — Halsted E. Haight, Henry N. Miller, John Urmy, 
Joshua Tier, William Swan, Daniel Stagg, Daniel Warren. 

"Sullivan county was erected from Ulster county March 27, 1809.— State His- 


1 1 58 Annual Report of the 


For a rifle company: John Sproull, lieutenant; Peter F. Cisko, 

Third regiment: 

William M. Pluymert, second major, vice J. Cheetham, resigned; 
Jacob V. Brower, surgeon; Samuel Scofield, surgeon's mate; Peter 
B. Van Beuren, lieutenant, vice S. Mealy, refused; George W. Fow- 
ler, lieutenant, vice B. Day, promoted. 

Ensigns — John W. Jarvis, vice (Philo) Doan, moved; John W. 
Brower, vice (William) Stansbury, do; Peter L. Tooker, vice Van 
Beuren, promoted; James Oakley, vice Fowler, do; James H. Black- 
well, vice (Reuben) Munson, do; David P. Adams. 

Rifle company: Reuben Munson, captain; John Morrow, lieu- 
tenant; John J. French, ensign. 

Fourth regiment: 

Ichabod Prall, first major, vice J. Davis, resigned; Charles 
Christian, second do, vice I. Prall, promoted; Abraham M. Valen- 
tine, adjutant; Henry Laight, quartermaster; Nathaniel F. Moore, 
paymaster; Samuel W. Moore, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — Henry Eagle, vice Christian, promoted; Benjamin 
Kip; Henry Laight; Nathaniel F. Moore; Richard N. Harrison, 
vice Valentine, in the staff; Robert Watts, junior, vice Laight, do; 
Charles Clark, vice Moore, do; Abraham Seixas; Johnston Ver- 
planck; John Hatfield, of light infantry, vice Burtis, resigned. 

Lieutenants — George Charles Herford, vice Kip, promoted; 
George Clark, vice Harrison, do: Augustus Fleming; Philip Kear- 
ney; Robert J. W r atts; James T. Watson; Alexander J. C. Hamil- 
ton; John Jacobs, of light infantry, vice Granger, superseded. 

John Wortman, lieutenant of do, vice Hatfield, promoted; David 
Harvey, ensign of do. 

State Historian. 1159 

Fifth regiment: 

Clarkson Crolius, first major; Sylvester L'Hommedieu, second 
major; Samuel Harris, adjutant; Robert Hunter, quartermaster; 
Philip G. Van Wyck, paymaster; Stephen D. Beekman, surgeon. 

Captains — John McClure, Richard Morgan, Richard Hatfield, 
Herman Brinkerhoff, Sidney W. Andrews, Ezra Reed, Moses B. 
Seixas, John W. Wyman, Thomas Chatterton. 

Lieutenants — Richard D. Arden, Robert Hunter, Philip G. Van 
Wyck, Joseph Delafield, Robert L. Reade, John L. Riker, Samuel 
Harris, Henry B. Hagerman, James D. P. Ogden, Jacob Van Den 

Ensigns — William Luyster, Stephen W. Kearney, William 

Battalion of riflemen: 

Joseph Tate and James Farrel, captains, vice (Thomas) McKet- 
trick and (John) Morris(on), resigned. 

Patrick Lunny and Charles Eagleson, lieutenants, vice Tate and 
Farrel, promoted. 

Ensigns — Thomas Haynes, James McCurdy, George Graham, 
Daniel Adams. 

Brigade of artillery, city of New York: 

Horatio Gates Stevens, brigade inspector. 

Regiment of artillery whereof Andrew Sitcher, esquire, is lieu- 
tenant colonel commandant: 

Jonathan Miller, captain, vice (Enoch) Raymond, resigned; Enoch 
Scribner, first lieutenant; Samuel Raymond, second lieutenant. 


Company of artillery — Second battalion, Sixth regiment: 
Elisha Camp, captain; Shubael Westcott, first lieutenant; Daniel 
Hall, junior, second lieutenant. 



1160 Annual Report of the 

cayuga county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius D. De Witt's regiment: 

John Hirsted, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bloom's regiment: 

Comfort Butler, ensign of riflemen, vice A. Rogers, removed; 
Edward Walker, ensign, vice (Benjamin) Star, removed; Josiah 
Willoughby, lieutenant; Parmenio Wolcott, junior, ensign. 

Don C. Buell, captain; William T. Gardner, first lieutenant; Pier- 
son Morehouse, second lieutenant — of a company of artillery, first 
battalion, Sixth regiment. 


Lieutenant Colonel Elijah St. John's regiment: 

Elijah Hall, second major, vice A. W. Jackson; Henry J. Baldwin, 
paymaster, vice L. St. John, resigned. 

Josiah Wood, captain, vice J. Lewis, do; Amos Palmater, do, vice 
E. Hall, promoted. 

Lieutenants — Jabez Castle, vice N. Gillet, not accepting; Oliver 
Phelps, vice A. Barrit, resigned; David Williams, vice L T . Smith, do; 
William Virgil, vice J. Wood, promoted; David Webb, vice A. 
Smith, do. 

Ensigns — Thomas Newell, vice J. Castle, do; Zachariah Van 
Norstrand, vice O. Phelps, do; Levi C. Barber, vice T. Negus, 
resigned; Archibald Garfield, vice A. Palmater, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Levi Laurence's regiment: 

Warren Hecox, first major, vice R. May, resigned; Lyman Cook, 
second major, vice W. Hecox, promoted. 

John Wilsey, captain, vice L. Barrows, resigned; Elijah Bowen, 
lieutenant, vice J. Wilsey, promoted; Manassah Eaton, ensign, vice 
C Wilsey, resigned. 

State Historian. ii6i 

Benjamin Frisbe, captain, vice M. Loss, resigned; Jabez Hall, 
lieutenant, vice N. Seymour, resigned; Seth Hall, ensign, vice B. 
Frisbe, promoted. 

Dorastus Lawrence, captain, vice L. Cook, do; Chauncey Hecox, 
lieutenant, vice N. Hillyer, resigned; Philo Godard, ensign, vice S. 
Cobb, resigned; Miles Allen, lieutenant, vice A. Warden, promoted; 
Owen Cotten, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Ellis' regiment: 

Nehemiah H. Earll, quartermaster, vice M. Butler, refusing. 

Daniel J. Hurlburt, captain; Oliver R. Strong, lieutenant, vice 
J. Adams, refusing; Otis Baker, ensign, vice J. Thayer, not accept- 
ing; John Brown, ensign. 

Michael Mead, captain; Rufus Danforth, lieutenant; John N. 
Harvey, ensign. 

Major Jacob Chandler's battalion: 

Leman H. Pitcher, quartermaster; Daniel Powell, paymaster; 
Jonathan Swett, surgeon; Isaac Magoon, surgeon's mate. 

John Masters, captain; Bradner Burt, lieutenant, vice J. Masters, 
promoted; Stephen Brace, ensign. 

Bradtey Benedict, captain; James Bennett, lieutenant; Benoni 
Chandler, ensign — of a company of light infantry. 


Brigade of militia in the counties of Steuben and Allegany: 


Lieutenant (Colonel) Samuel S. Haight's regiment: 

Jonathan Barney, second major; Ansel McCall, ensign, vice T. 

Goodrich; Robert T. Bonham, ensign, vice J. Phoenex. 

Archibald Campbell, captain; Simeon Ramick, lieutenant; Miner 

Campbell, ensign. 



1162 Annual Report of the 

James Read, captain; Daniel P. Faulkner, lieutenant; Otis Hunt, 
ensign; William White, ensign in a rifle company. 

Stephen Haight, captain; James Woodard, lieutenant; Elias L. 
Conklin, ensign. 

Gamaliel Loomis, captain; Elihu Wales, lieutenant; Joseph Ellis, 

William Pelton, captain; Isaac Purdy, lieutenant; Harmon 
Emmons, ensign. 

Samuel Gorton, surgeon's mate; John Niles, chaplain. 

Lieutenant Colonel James McBurney's regiment: 

Timothy Searles, captain; Abel White, junior, lieutenant. 

Nathan Stevens, captain; John R. Stevens, lieutenant; Olipher 
Harding, junior, ensign; Samuel Cady, lieutenant; Elisha Searles, 
paymaster; James Walker, surgeon. 

Regiment formed of the battalion commanded by Major Joshua 

Joshua Smith, lieutenant colonel. 

Reuben Royce, first major; Charles Bartles, second do; William 
Kearnon, quartermaster; Luman Smith, paymaster; John Warner, 

George Kress, captain of infantry; James Depew, lieutenant; John 
Cook, ensign. 

Timothy Hird, captain; Philemon French, lieutenant; Sandford 
Kealer, ensign. 

Jacob Koon, captain; Anthony Swartwout, lieutenant; Abraham 
Fleet, ensign; John Silsbie, lieutenant; James Wixen, ensign. 

John Hendrix, captain; Cyres Bronson, lieutenant; James Findley, 


Lieutenant Colonel Luke Goodspeed's regiment: 
William L. Heyden, first major; Nathaniel Reynolds, second do; 
Harvey Davis, lieutenant of riflemen. 


State Historian. 1163 

Benjamin Van Campen, captain of do; James Mc j, lieutenant 

do; Solomon Whitney, ensign do. 

Thomas Dole, ensign; Thomas Quick, lieutena.u; William Pratt, 

William Pinkerton, captain; James Rice, lieutenant; Ezra Sand- 
ford, ensign; Elias Pearse, lieutenant; William Geizer, ensign. 

Silas Knight, captain; John Ayres, lieutenant; Squire Manning, 

Elisha Mills, captain; Allenson Langdon, lieutenant; John Stew- 
art, ensign; John Bunnel, ensign of riflemen. 


Battalion to be raised in the county of Cattaraugus : 
Thomas Lusk, major commandant. 

Jacob Putman, captain; Mylleys Thrall, ensign; Ira Norton, lieu- 
tenant; Timothy Butler, ensign. 


Brigadier General Samuel Coe's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel William Rose's regiment: 

Erastus Malby, ensign. 

John P. Allington, captain, vice J. Gruman, resigned; Luther 
Hulee, lieutenant, vice J. P. Allington, promoted; Nathan L. Dean, 
ensign; Joshua Baker, lieutenant, vice T. Clark, promoted; Joseph 
Lounsbury, lieutenant; John R. Whitney, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Huntington's regiment — (Broome): 

David Williams, first major; Ansel Goodrich, second do. 

Runson Williams, captain, vice D. Williams, promoted; James 
Muzzy, lieutenant, vice R. Williams, do; Dan Cooper, ensign, vice 1 
J. Muzzy, do. 

Anson Camp, captain, vice A. Goodrich, do; Jesse McQuigg, lieu- 



1 1 64 Annual Report of the 

tenant, vice A. Camp, do; Joseph Bern,-, ensign, vice A. McQuigg, 
do; Roswell Camp, ensign; Lyman Ransom, lieutenant; Amos 
Hall, ensign. 

Company of riflemen: 

Enos Slosson, captain; Lyman Patterson, lieutenant; Elijah 
Searles, ensign; Henry Dunham, ensign; Philip Bigbe, ensign. 

Artillery company — first battalion, Sixth regiment: 

David Fleming, captain; Samuel W. Avery, first lieutenant; Xoah 
Lyman, second do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Swartwood's regiment — (Broome): 

Richard Bush, first major; William Scott, second do. 

Andrew Purdy, adjutant; Nathaniel Sackett, quartermaster; 
Caleb H. Sacket, paymaster; Mathew De Wit, surgeon. 

Benjamin Jennings, captain, vice B. Bush, promoted; James 
Cotter, lieutenant; Hudson Jennings, ensign. 

John Kingsley, captain, vice J. Barker, resigned; John Fields, lieu- 
tenant; Rodney Hobart, ensign. 

Laban Jenks, captain; James Baird, lieutenant; Thomas Baird, 

Lemuel Yates, captain; Levi Slater, lieutenant; John Mulks, 

Coleman Olmstead, captain: Isaac Hammel, lieutenant; John 
Stubbs, ensign; Thomas Baker, lieutenant; David Jaynes, ensign. 

Eli Bacon, captain; Jesse Smith, lieutenant; Chancey Woodford, 

Company of riflemen — Daniel McOuigg, captain; Russel Gridley, 
lieutenant; Emanuel Ennert, ensign. 

Artillery — First battalion, Sixth regiment: Ephraim Chambers, 
first lieutenant; George Allen, second do. 

State Historian. 1165 

schoharie county. 

Lieutenant Colonel David Wiltsie's regiment: 

William Cowley, captain, vice E. Beard, resigned; Henry Simons, 
lieutenant, vice W. Cowley, promoted; Tisdale Howard, ensign, vice 
H. Simons, do; Teunis Snook, lieutenant, vice E. Warner, refusing; 
Samuel Stillwell, ensign, vice do; Horace Lawrence, lieutenant, vice 
R. Jones, promoted; Abraham Simonson, ensign, vice S. Peck, 

Peter Minor, captain; Watson Orr, lieutenant; Henry Rifenbarck, 
ensign — of light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 

Wilhelmus Bouck, captain; Peter M. Snyder, lieutenant; Philip 
Driesbaugh, ensign; Abraham Stubraugh, ensign; Timothy Kilsey, 
ensign; Jonathan Nichols, ensign; Peter Mann, lieutenant; Jabez 
W. Throop, ensign. 

Philip Bartholemew, captain; Nicholas Feecke, lieutenant; Teunis 
Hager, ensign. 

Samuel Parkes, captain; Cornelius H. Gregory, lieutenant; James 
Ingels, ensign — of grenadiers. 

Lawrence Schoolcraft, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thompson Mead's regiment: 
Tilly Lynde, adjutant; Asa Norton, quartermaster; Isaac S. 
Bockee, paymaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel Denison Randall's regiment: 
Josiah Turner, lieutenant; David Chase, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel David Ford's regiment: 

Daniel W. Church, adjutant; Charles D. Ramond, quartermaster, 
vice Church, promoted. 

n66 Annual Report of the 


Lieutenant Colonel Putnam Ferrington's (Farrington) regiment: 
Ambrose Bryan, surgeon's mate; David Ruggles, quartermaster; 
Charles B. Perry, paymaster. 


Brigadier General Reuben Hopkins' brigade: 

John Coudrey, brigade inspector, vice J. Tustin, moved. 


In Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Westbrook's regiment: 
John Bogert, lieutenant of light infantry, vice C. Bogert, resigned; 
Charles Cushney, ensign do, vice J. Bogert, promoted; Lewis Bevier, 
lieutenant, vice J. Brodhead, junior, resigned; Peter J. Lefever, 
ensign, vice L. Bevier, promoted; John D. North, ensign, vice S. 
Roberts, removed. 


Lieutenant Colonel Samuel McChesney's regiment: 

Benjamin Babcock, captain, vice A. Prosser, resigned; Elisha 
Burdick, lieutenant; John Brimmer, ensign. 

Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Walter Grieve, of Geneva, major of the first battalion, vice S. 
Sherwood, resigned. 

John De Lamatter, of Manlius, first lieutenant, vice Williams, 
resigned; Robert Cummings, first lieutenant; Nathaniel Bosworth, 
of Virgil, second lieutenant; David Hasbrouck, of Utica, surgeon. 

Third regiment of cavalry, first squadron: 

Walter T. Livingston, major, vice (John) Whiting, resigned. 

George J. Best, captain, vice Livingston, promoted; Thomas Dol- 
loff, first lieutenant, vice Best, do; Simon Rockefeller, second lieu- 
tenant, vice Dolloff, do; Jonas J. Miller, cornet, vice Rockefeller, do. 

State Historian. 1167 

Second squadron — Herman Knickerbacker, major, vice (Rens- 
selaer) Schuyler, removed. 

Wooster Brookins, captain, vice Knickerbacker, promoted; 
Richard Yates, first lieutenant, vice Brookins, do; Martin Over- 
acker, second lieutenant, vice D. Kittle, quartermaster; William 
Dunn, cornet, vice Yates, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Henry McNeil's regiment of cavalry: 

Samuel Sidney Breese, quartermaster, vice Fortune C. White, 

Brigadier General George Doolittle's brigade: 

John Mappa, brigade quartermaster; Abram Camp, brigade 

Fifth regiment of cavalry: 

Adam Van Slyck Thorne, captain; Nicholas Vischer Wemple, 
first lieutenant; James Roosa, second lieutenant; Harmanus A. Van 
Slyck, cornet. 


Abraham Rose, brigadier general. 


Resolved, that Jost Spreaker be no longer major of the first 
squadron of the regiment of cavalry commanded by George Tiffany, 
esquire, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 

Daniel Visscher, major, vice Spreaker, superseded. 


Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Matthew Clyde's regiment: 
Resolved, that Elihu Carey be no longer captain. 
Christopher Dutcher, captain; Gabriel Dutcher, lieutenant; Abijah 
Brown, ensign. 



n68 Annual Report of the 

Second squadron, Ninth regiment of cavalry: 

Ira Wilder, second lieutenant; Nathan Allen, cornet, vice I. 
Wilder, promoted. 

Isaac W. Stone, captain, vice U. Beach, resigned; Nathan Nye, 
first lieutenant, vice I. W. Stone; Elisha Beach, second lieutenant, 
vice N. Nye; Heman Norton, cornet. 


Lieutenant Colonel David Hobby's regiment: 
Morris Rogers, surgeon's mate; Nathan Fish, ensign. 
Troop of cavalry — Second squadron, First regiment: 
Cornelius Brown, captain; Joseph Sunderland, first lieutenant; 
Zopher Jones, second lieutenant; Caleb Crawford, cornet. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus M. Wood's regiment: 
Charles Mosely, captain; Leonard Kellogg, lieutenant; Charles 
B. Bristol, ensign — of riflemen. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Lyon's regiment: 

Nathaniel Blaksly, captain; Samuel Scott, lieutenant; Timothy 
Candy, ensign. 

Levi Parker, captain; Oliver Parker, lieutenant; Henry Allen, 
ensign — of grenadiers. 


Major Commandant John V. A. Lansing's battalion: 
Nicholas Van Rensselaer, junior, lieutenant, to take rank from 
the 13th day of June last. 


Lieutenant Colonel Philip Staats' regiment: 

Corns. J. Schermerhorn, lieutenant colonel, vice Staats, resigned. 

State Historian. 1169 

Nicholas J. Kittle, first major, vice Schermerhorn, promoted; John 
J. Miller, second do, vice Kittle, do. 

Stephen J. Miller, captain, vice J. J. Miller, do; Bradmam Yale, 
lieutenant, vice S. J. Miller, do; Abraham P. Staats, ensign. 

Arastus (Aretus) Lyman, captain of light infantry, vice Wilmot; 
David E. Gregory, lieutenant do, vice Lyman, promoted; Abm. 
V. D. P. Gregory, ensign do, vice D. E. Gregory, do; Simeon 
(Simon) Welch, lieutenant, vice (Peter) Ostrander, resigned; Adam 
Smith, ensign, vice Welch, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Bell's regiment: 

John Clark, chaplain. 

Samuel Jackson, captain, vice J. Sutherland, promoted; Peter 
Wattemere, lieutenant, vice Jackson, do; David Case, ensign, vice 
Wattermire, do; Samuel Traver, lieutenant; George Smith, do; Levi 
Van Vliet, ensign; Jacob Van Anden, ensign; John Dutcher, ensign; 
Silas E. Haight, quartermaster. 


Major Commandant Matthias Lemen's (Lemmon) battalion: 
Paul Newcomb, surgeon; Joseph White, lieutenant, vice J. Pur- 
don, removed; Jellis Clute, quartermaster; Lewis Mills, paymaster; 
John Redford, junior, ensign, vice J. Fields, moved; Philip Smith, 
ensign, vice J. White, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Rumsey's regiment: 
Levi Street, lieutenant, vice Loomis, appointed aide; Solomon 
Sutherland, ensign, vice Street, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N. M. Hurd's regiment: 
James Bly, captain, vice (Ira) Gage, resigned; Nathan Haven, 
lieutenant; Jesse Carpenter, ensign. 



1 170 Annual Report of the 

schoharie county. 


Lieutenant Colonel Deuel Rowley's regiment: 

William Brown, second major, vice J. Bellinger, resigned. 

Lemuel Cross, captain, vice (George) Horning, resigned; Elijah 
Persons, lieutenant, vice L. Cross, promoted; Matthew Neely, 
ensign, vice E. Persons, do. 

Henry Jackson, captain, vice W. Brown, promoted; David Yong, 
lieutenant, vice Jackson, do; Frederick Hummil, ensign, vice 
Yong, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Myers' regiment of artillery: 

John Schenck, first lieutenant, vice D. Kelsey, removed; Jacob E. 
Tunison, second do, vice D. Graham, resigned. 

Peter Noxon, junior, captain; Henry Tibbits, first lieutenant; Wil- 
liam Chapman, second lieutenant. 


Peter Gansevoort, aide-de-camp to Major General Abraham 


Lieutenant Colonel Commandant William Harper's regiment: 
Henry Marshall, captain; William Chisholm, lieutenant; Hector 
McLean, ensign — of riflemen. 


Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Eliud Davis' regiment: 

David Rogers, lieutenant colonel, vice Davis, resigned; Dudley- 
Smith, first major, vice (Chancey) Belding, do; Jacob L. Sherwood, 
second do, vice Smith, promoted; Amos Smith, paymaster, vice C. 
Holmes, resigned. 

Sherwood Leavitt, captain, vice J. L. Sherwood, promoted. 

Philo Hurd, captain light infantry, vice N. Jennings, resigned. 

Sylvester (Silvanus) Harman, captain of do, vice (Alexander) Fer- 

State Historian. 1171 

gusom do; David Gordon, lieutenant, vice (Aaron) Angle, removed; 
James Smith, lieutenant of light infantry, vice P. Hurd, promoted. 
John Holms, captain, vice S. Belding, resigned; William Ely, 
lieutenant, vice J. Holms, promoted; Andrew Richey, lieutenant of 
light infantry, vice Harmon, do; Richard Freeman, lieutenant, vice 
(David) Fowler, removed; Joel Sherwood, ensign, vice (Joseph) 
McKnight, resigned; Seth Kirby, junior, ensign of light infantry, 
vice Smith, promoted; Mansfield Barlow, ensign, vice Ely, do; John 
Ferguson, ensign of light infantry, vice (Amos) Wormsley, removed; 
Alexander Dunlap, ensign, vice Freeman, promoted. 


John Mascraft, deputy commissary of military stores, vice John 
Vernor, superseded. 


On January 29, 181 1, the legislature assembled. Nathan San- 
ford of New York was elected Speaker of the Assembly by the Re- 
publican majority. January 30th the new Council of Appointment of 
Republicans took the place of their Federalist predecessors, who 
had carried such devastation among office holders the year before. 
The new Council were: Benjamin Coe of Rockland, James W. 
Wilkin of Orange, John McLean of Washington, and Philetus Swift 
of Ontario. The Council proceeded to emulate the example of their 
predecessors in the process of removals, and, if anything, surpassed 
them in the expedition, thoroughness and decisiveness with which 
they acted. 

Mr Sanford, the Speaker of the Assembly, resigned his position 
February 14th, owing to impaired health; William Ross of Orange 
county was elected as his successor. 

The legislature February nth having passed a special act pro- 
viding for the election of a lieutenant governor, the office having 
become vacant by the death of John Broome, a legislative caucus 





1 172 Annual Report of the 

of Republicans was held March 14, at which De Witt Clinton, 
then mayor of New York, was awarded the nomination. The elec- 
tion was held in April and resulted in a victory for Mr. Clinton over 
Colonel Marinus Willett, who had been nominated by the faction 
of Republicans in New York city known as " the Martling Men," 
and Colonel Nicholas Fish, the candidate of the Federalists. 

April 8, 181 1, the legislature passed an act appointing Gouverneur 
Morris, Stephen Van Rensselaer, De Witt Clinton, William North, 
Simeon De Witt, Thomas Eddy, Peter B. Porter, Robert R. Liv- 
ingston and Robert Fulton commissioners for taking into considera- 
tion all matters relating to inland navigation and authorizing them 
to apply to Congress or to any State or Territory to co-operate with 
New York in the project of developing and improving navigation 
between the tide-water of the Hudson river and the great western 
lakes. Congress refused to lend any co-operation in the matter. 

1811. Resolved, that Solomon Van Rensselaer be no longer adjutant 

February & J 

general of the militia of this State, and that a supersedeas issue 


Resolved, that William Paulding, junior, be and he is hereby 
appointed adjutant general of the militia of this State in the place 
of Solomon Van Rensselaer, superseded. 

Resolved, that Henry Livingston be no longer major general of 
the third division of the militia of this State, and that a supersedeas 
issue accordingly. 

Resolved, that David Thomas be and he is hereby appointed 
major general of the third division of the militia of this State in the 
place of Henry Livingston, superseded, to take rank from the 5th 
day of April, 1805. 

State Historian. 1173 



Lieutenant Colonel Samuel S. Haight's regiment : FebSkry 

Thomas Matthews, adjutant, vice G. W. Taylor, resigned. 

Jonas Cleeland, captain of light infantry; Rufus Brown, lieutenant 
do; Samuel D. Welles, ensign do. 

George W. Sharpe, lieutenant; Frederick Heckart, lieutenant; 
William Lindsley, ensign; James Goodrich, ensign; John Kennedy, 
ensign; Harmon Emmons, lieutenant light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Smith's regiment: 

Benjamin Sackett, second major, vice Charles Bartles, to be 

William Kearman, adjutant; Timothy Herd, quartermaster. 

Elisha Ward, captain; Simeon Hurd, lieutenant; Elisha Culver, 

John Silsbie, captain; Thomas Giftord, lieutenant. 

Cyrus Brunson, captain; George Teeple, lieutenant; Juba Hop- 
kins, ensign. 

John Teeple, captain; James Sanford, lieutenant; Asa Talbert, 
ensign — riflemen. 


Lieutenant Colonel Luke Goodspeed's regiment: 

Eli Griffith, first major, vice (William L.) Heydon, resigned; John 
Mullender, second major, vice (Nathaniel) Reynolds, resigned; Isaac 
Rawson, adjutant, vice J. Mullender, promoted; John Riggs, 

Clark Crandal, captain; Silas Ferry, lieutenant; John Burnet, 
ensign; Samuel Woolcot, ensign. 

John Stewart, captain; Albert Langdon, lieutenant; Samuel Rus- 
sel, ensign; Thomas Quick, lieutenant: Charles Carpenter, ensign; 
Ezra Sanford, lieutenant. 


1 174 Annual Repopt of the 

Jediah Nobles, captain; Henry Ulten, lieutenant; Henry Cham- 
berlain, ensign. 

William Geiger, captain; William Nelson, lieutenant; Camer 
Waterman, ensign; Ezekiel Ayers, ensign of Captain (William) Hig- 
gins' rifle company; William Brown, ensign of Captain (Benjamin) 
Van Camp(en's) rifle company. 


First brigade of infantry, city and county of New York, whereof 
Gerard Steddiford is brigadier general: 

Abraham M. Valentine, brigade major and inspector, vice Peter 
Stagg, resigned. 

First regiment: 

Elisha Morrill, second major, vice (Thomas) Post, resigned. 

Captains — Christian Hartell, John P. Foote, James Boyd, junior. 

Lieutenants — George W. Varian, James Swan, Matthias G. Miller. 

Ensigns — Charles G. Jones, Lemuel H. Osgood, George Galla- 
gher, Edward Suftern, Charles Keeler, David Dunham, Eleazer 
Philips, James Smith. 

Second regiment: 

Timothy Gardner, first major, vice (John) Bunn, resigned; Israel 
Purdy, second major, vice Gardner, promoted; John N. Lloyd, 

Captains — Thomas Darling, Robert Dingee, George Englehart. 

William Swan, lieutenant. 

Ensigns — William A. Russel, Shivers Parker, Gilbert Burling. 

Gilbert Seaman, captain; William Dutch, ensign — rifle company. 

Third regiment : 

Captains — John D. Brown, vice Jac Morrison, resigned; Daniel 
Smith, vice W. A. Davis, do; Nathaniel Smith, vice Davis Blackney, 
do; Benjamin L. Day; Peter B. Van Beuren, vice Wm. C. Mulligan, 

State Historian. 1175 

Lieutenants — Cornelius Chivvis, Samuel Sparks, John W. Jarvis, 
Peter L. Tucker, James Oakley, John S. French, David P. Adams. 

Ensigns — John J. Vanderpool; Haym M. Salomon, Thomas L. 
Rich, John De Bow, William I. Wigton, William Depeyster, John B. 
Stevenson, Charles G. Ferris; Donald Frazer, junior, ensign rifle 

Fourth regiment: 

Captains — George Charles Herford, vice (Isaiah) Leigh, resigned; 
George Clark, vice (Robert) Watts, junior, promoted; Robert J. 
Watts, vice (Abraham M.) Valentine, promoted; Augustus Fleming, 
vice (Benjamin) Kip, deceased. 

Lieutenants — Robert Dickey, vice Herford, promoted; Robert 
Seaman, vice Clark, do; Robert Montgomery Livingston, vice 
Watts, do; Aaron Schuyler, vice Fleming, do. 

Ensigns — William Strachan, John Curran Sampson, James Van 
Cortlandt; Henry Stroub, ensign, flank company number one. 

Fifth regiment: 

Henry B. Hageman, adjutant, vice (Samuel) Harris, declines 
accepting; Gerardus A. Cooper, surgeon's mate. 

Jacob Van den Heuvel, captain, vice (Ezra) Reed, moved. 

Lieutenants — William Luyster, vice V. D. Heuvel, promoted; 
William Hazard, vice Hageman, do; Stephen W. Kearney, vice 
(Philip G.) Van Wyck, paymaster. 

Ensigns — William N. Dyckman, junior; Samuel Berrian. 

Rifle corps, commanded by Major Francis McClure: 

David Logan, captain, vice (Robert) Bleakley, resigned; Thomas 
Haynes, lieutenant, vice Logan, promoted; Anthony Kerr, ensign, 
vice Haynes, promoted. 

John McKenzie, captain; Joseph Watson, lieutenant; John Whita- 
ker Smith, ensign — new company. 



iiy6 Annual Report of the 

Gerard De Peyster, lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment 
in the first brigade of infantry in the city and county of New York. 


Second brigade of infantry, city and county of New York and 
county of Richmond, whereof Peter Van Zandt is brigadier general: 


Charles Graham, brigade quartermaster. 

First regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Dodge: 

Tunis Riker, first major, vice (Isaac A.) Van Hook, promoted. 

For captains — John P. Garniss, vice (John D.) Bird, resigned; 
Aaron B. Woodruff, vice (Edward) Byrne, cashiered; Jonathan B. 
Gosman, vice (Charles) Dickenson (junior), do; William Patterson, 
vice (William) Ruckle, resigned. 

For lieutenants — William H. Falls, vice Garniss, promoted; John 
P. Groshon, vice Woodruff, do; Abijah Fisher, vice Gosman, do; 
Thomas Alsop, vice Patterson, do; Peter Jay, vice (Jonathan J.) 
Coddington, acting as quartermaster. 

For ensigns — Nathaniel F. Jennings, vice Falls, promoted; Mat- 
thias B. Edgar, vice Groshon, do; Henry H. McComb, vice Fisher, 
do; Henry A. Heiser, vice J. P. Smith, declined; John B. Spicer, 
vice J. Smith, do; Henry S. Dodge, vice (William W.) Chester, do; 
Benjamin B rower, vice (John) Turner; James Graham. 

Second regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Andrew 

Philips Phoenix, captain, vice (Timothy) Gardner, promoted; 
Robert Blackwell, lieutenant, vice Phoenix, promoted; James A. 
Stevens, ensign, vice Blackwell; James Skinner, ensign; Charles 
Lawton, ensign. 

Third regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Mapes: 

John Anthon, captain, vice (Jacob) Blackwell, moved; Cornelius 
Schermerhorn, junior, captain, vice (Gershom) Smith, resigned;. 

State Historian. 1177 


Homer Whittemore, lieutenant, vice Anthon, promoted; Benjamin 
F. Boyd, lieutenant, vice Schermerhorn, promoted. 

For ensigns — Samuel S. Dunscomb, vice Whittemore, promoted; 
Ichabod Burnet, vice Boyd, promoted; John Ogden Dey, vice 
(Robert) Sedgwick, declined; Abraham Van Nostrand, vice (Luther) 
Bradish, declined; David Randall, vice Cook, moved; Theodorus 
V. W. Varick, vice (George W.) Strong, paymaster, resigned ; Leon- 
ard C. Parsons; Sabin Lethbridge. 

Fourth regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Robert 

Hiram Gardner, second major, vice (Teunis) Riker, promoted. 

Fifth regiment — Isaac A. Van Hook, lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant, vice (John W.) Mulligan, resigned. 

For captains — John Cooke, vice (William S.) Radcliffe, resigned; 
Thomas W. Garniss, vice (William W.) Brooks, resigned; Gabriel 
L. Lewis, vice (Thomas) Spencer, declined. 

For lieutenants — William B. Hutchings, vice Cook, promoted; 
Andrew Bowne, vice Garniss, promoted; Ravand Kearney, vice 
Lewis, do; John S. Robinson, vice C. Chew, declined; Ephraim Mar- 
tin, vice R. Chew, do. 

For ensigns — Adam B. Mount, vice Hutchings, promoted; Ben- 
jamin Underhill Coles, vice Bowne. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph 
Perrine : 

John Garritson, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Perrine, 

Richard Conner, first major, vice Garritson, promoted; Nicholas 
Burger, second major, vice Conner, promoted. 



1 178 Annual Report of the 

Henry Perrine, captain, vice Burger, promoted; Stephen S. Mer- 
sereau, lieutenant, vice Perrine; John Miller, ensign, vice Mersereau; 
James Johnson, junior, ensign, vice Totten ; John Burbank, ensign, 
vice John Tysen, junior; Richard A. Housman, ensign, vice Conner. 

Samuel Barton, captain; Henry Crocheron, lieutenant — light 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General John 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Harris : 

Isaac Barnum, captain, vice (Shadrack) Crane, resigned; Medad 
Norton, lieutenant; Martin Davis, ensign. 

Peter Clarke, captain; Lewis Reed, lieutenant; Alexander Bidwell, 

Daniel Curtis, captain, vice (William) Tyler, removed; Jeduthan 
Higby, lieutenant, vice Curtis, promoted; Peter Miller, ensign^ 
Henry Polhemus, quartermaster; Jonathan Whitney, surgeon's 

New battalion set off from Lieutenant Colonel Harris' regiment 
north of the Seneca river: 

Eli Matson, major commandant; Abner Hollister, adjutant; Wil- 
liam Lyon, quartermaster; Stephen Paine, paymaster; Elisha Avery,, 
surgeon; Nathaniel Kellogg, surgeon's mate. 

Zacheus Barns, captain, vice Matson, promoted; Elishama Hol- 
comb, lieutenant; Lewis Hayden, ensign. 

William L. Gilbert, captain, vice Curtis, removed; William 
Belknap, lieutenant; Edward Twicket, ensign. 

Solomon Woodworth, captain ; Piatt Titus, lieutenant ; Abner Hol- 
ister, ensign. 

Samuel Woodford, raptain; John Watson, second, lieutenant;. 
Amos Woodford, ensign. 

State Historian. 1179 


Joseph Divine, captain; Curtis Stoddard, lieutenant; Archibald 
Alexander, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Hewit's regiment: 

Augustus Chidsey, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Hewit, 

Roswell Franklin, first major, vice Chidsey, promoted; Matthew 
N. Tillotson, second major, vice Franklin, promoted. 

Eben Guthrie, captain, vice Tillotson, promoted; Thomas Chad- 
wick, lieutenant, vice Guthrie, promoted; Josiah Todd, ensign, vice 
Chadwick, promoted ; James M. Armstrong, lieutenant, vice Thorp, 
promoted; Elias Rogers, ensign, vice (James H.) Johnson, removed; 
Hugh Heartsey, ensign, vice Brinsmade, removed; Richard Church, 
lieutenant, vice (David) Avery, returned quartermaster; Lewis Tone, 
ensign, vice Southmaid, moved. 

Daniel Brightman, captain, vice (Isaac) Avery, removed; Seth 
Swift, lieutenant, vice Brightman, promoted; Luther Tillotson, 
ensign, vice Swift, promoted. 

John Mills, captain light infantry, vice (Robert L.) Tracey, 
removed; Lucius Gaylord, lieutenant light infantry, vice Mills, pro- 
moted; Jacob Dunning, ensign do; David Avery, quartermaster. 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius D. De 

Zadock Rhoads, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice De Witt, 

Peleg Slade, first major, vice Rhoads, promoted; David Sage, 
second do, vice Slade, promoted; Liberty Brown, lieutenant, vice 
(Joshua) Bennet, removed; Stephen Goff, ensign, vice Brown, 

William Foote, captain, vice Sage, promoted; Caleb N. Northrop, 
lieutenant, vice Foote, promoted; Elias Curtis, ensign; William 


n8o Annual Report of the 

Draper, lieutenant, vice (Ezekiel) Rocks (Roaks), removed; John 
Williams, ensign, vice Draper, promoted; Stilman Sherry, lieutenant; 
John Stafford, ensign; David Anable, surgeon, vice (Royal N.) Pow- 
ers, removed. 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bloom : 

Henry Ludlow, first major, vice T. Ludlow, resigned; Peter Con- 
rad, second major, vice H. Ludlow, promoted. 

John Minier, captain, vice Conrad, promoted; Daniel Shaw, lieu- 
tenant, vice (Henry) Giles, removed; Daniel Brown, ensign, vice 
(Joshua) Jay, resigned; Peleg Ellis, captain, vice Robertson, 
resigned; Josiah Newell, lieutenant, vice P. Ellis, promoted; Tared 
Benjamin, ensign. 

William Snyder, captain; John Waldron, lieutenant; Calvin Bush, 

John Ellis, captain, vice Blue, resigned; Nathan Ingersoll, lieu- 
tenant, vice Hull, removed; Spencer Stout, ensign, vice Hollinshead, 
resigned; Isaac Osmun, lieutenant, vice Israel Ozmun, removed; 
Joshua North, ensign, vice Ozmun, promoted; Levi Moores, lieu- 
tenant, vice (David) Quig, declined; Robert Coddington, ensign, 
vice Moores, promoted; Luther Hanshot, surgeon, vice (Silas) 
Hutchison, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Smith's regiment: 

William Woolsey, lieutenant, vice Harcort, unable to perform 
duty; Ezra Keeler, lieutenant; George Telford, do; David Staples, 
junior, ensign; William Matthewson, do; Thomas King, do; Aaron 
M. Smith, surgeon. 

Lewis Smith, captain, vice (Robert) Harcort (Harcourt), unable 
to perform duty. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Tuthil's regiment: 

State Historian. ii8i 

Joshua Clark, captain, vice (Thomas) Howe, moved; Obadiah 
Smith, junior, lieutenant, vice Clark, promoted; William Sayre, 
ensign, vice Smith, promoted; Joseph Brewster, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Vail's regiment: 

Daniel C. Carpenter, captain, vice Yelverton, resigned; David 
Roe, lieutenant, vice Carpenter, promoted; Nathaniel Roe, third, 
ensign, vice Yelverton, resigned. 

Jonathan Carpenter, captain, vice Robison, resigned; William 
Robertson, lieutenant, vice Carpenter, promoted; John Bodle, junior, 
lieutenant,, vice J. Bodle, resigned; Benjamin Manning, ensign, vice 
Bodle, junior, promoted; Amzi L. Ball, ensign, vice Everet, moved; 
Garret Schuyler, ensign, vice Elstow, moved; William Elliot, sur- 
geon, vice Elmer, deceased. 


In Major Gideon Wetmore's battalion: 

Walter Clark, first major, vice Wetmore, resigned; Peleg Fields, 
second major, vice Clark, promoted; Augustus C. Welch, adjutant, 
vice (Anthony) Roberts, promoted; Arnold Downing, paymaster; 
Ebenezer Ross, surgeon, vice (Tracy) Robison (Robinson), moved; 
Isaac Finch, surgeon's mate, vice Ross, promoted. 

Levi Blakeslee, captain light infantry, vice (Stephen) Medbury 
(Midbury), resigned; Othniel Arnold, lieutenant do, vice (William) 
Clark, moved; Tisdale Wetheril, ensign do. 

Nathan Taylor, captain, vice (James) Simonds, moved; Thomas 
Arnold, do, vice Fields, promoted; Adam Dickey, do, vice (William) 
Bottom (Bottum), movea. 

Anthoney Roberts, captain; Ezra Loomis, lieutenant; Silas 
Loomis, do, vice Dickey, promoted; Jacob F. Brewer, do, vice 
Arnold, promoted; Rufus Shaw, do, vice Taylor, promoted; Ben- 
jamin Guile, do. 



1182 Annual Report of the 

Ensigns — Charles Medbury, vice T. Brewer, promoted; Joshua 
Babcock, vice Shaw, promoted; Price French; Nehemiah Leach. 


Lieutenant Colonel x\ndrew Gray's regiment: 

Jacob Snell, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Gray, resigned. 

David J. Zeily, first major, vice Snell, promoted; Andrew 
Zabriskie, second major, vice Ziely, promoted; John House, lieu- 
tenant, vice (John J.) Klock '(junior), resigned; Thomas Wilber, 
ensign, vice House, promoted. 

Henry Yanny, captain, vice (Peter N.) Smith, resigned; Andrew 
Estes, lieutenant, vice Young, promoted; Peter G. Getman, ensign, 
vice (Peter) Reighter (Righter), resigned. 

John J- Cook, captain, vice (Henry J.) Shultes, resigned; Samuel 
Cook, lieutenant, vice J. J. Cook, promoted; Harmanus M. Ehle, 
ensign, vice S. Cook, promoted. 

Joseph Klock, captain, vice (Jacob) Xellis, resigned; Jacob Fox, 
lieutenant, vice (William) Waggoner, resigned; John Shaver, ensign, 
vice Fox, promoted; John Grove, lieutenant, vice C. Fox, resigned; 
Rudolph Cook, ensign, vice Grover, promoted. 

Rudolph Dygert, captain, vice D. J. Zeiley, promoted; George G. 
Eaker, lieutenant, vice Dygert, promoted; Benjamin Delenbugh, 
ensign, vice Eaker, promoted. 

Lawrence Timmerman, captain, vice (Jacob J.) Snell, resigned; 
Benjamin Shultes, lieutenant, vice Timmerman, promoted; Christian 
Clark, ensign, vice Shultes, promoted. 

John J. Clark, junior, captain; Augustus Pardee, lieutenant; 
Samuel Schuyler, ensign — new company. 

Adam A. Gray, adjutant, vice (Andrew) Zabriskie (Zobriskie), pro- 
moted; Andrew Fink, junior, quartermaster, vice (Joseph G.) Klock; 
David Anderson, paymaster, vice (Henry J.) Frey, resigned. 

State Historian. 1183 

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment: 

Tiffany Brockway, second major, vice (John) Herman (Harman), 

William Newton, captain, vice Brockway, promoted; Charles 
Brockway, lieutenant, vice Newton, promoted ; Samuel Bont, ensign, 
vice Brockway, promoted; Nathan Brockway, lieutenant, vice 
(Amos) Mudge, promoted; Elisha Cotton, ensign, vice Brockway; 
William Dewey, surgeon; Josiah J. Betts, surgeon's mate. 

Lieutenant Colonel George H. Nellis' regiment: 

George N. Pickert, ensign light infantry; Robert Hall, ensign; 
Adam Ward, lieutenant; Timothy Barkle, ensign. 

John Failing',' captain, vice (Marcus) Casler (Kesseller), dis- 
charged; Robert Hall, lieutenant, vice Failing, promoted; Tost H. 
Fox, ensign, vice Hall, promoted; Lemuel Smith, chaplain; John 
Holmes, surgeon's mate. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham J. Vosburgh's regiment: 

Myndert Vosburgh, captain, vice (Abraham) Lake, resigned; 
Peter H. Bostwick, lieutenant, vice Vosburgh, promoted; Garret 
Vosburgh, ensign. 

William T. Mills, captain light infantry, vice B. Mills; Caleb John- 
son, lieutenant, vice W. T. Mills, promoted; Joseph Sheppard, 
ensign, vice Johnson, promoted; John W. Cady, lieutenant, vice 
(Thaddeus) Martin, removed; Samuel R. Dodge, ensign, vice Cady, 

Peter Pifer, captain, vice (Adam) Eaker, resigned; John Sam- 
mons, lieutenant, vice Pifer, \ romoted ; Alexander Stewart, ensign, 
vice Sammons, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Gere's regiment: 

Amos Cook, adjutant, vice (Willard) Trowbridge, resigned; Earl 
Stimson, paymaster, vice (Stephen) Sherman, removed. 



1184 Annual Report of the 

Samuel Hawley, captain light infantry, vice (Amos) Smith, 
removed; Joseph Brewster, junior, lieutenant light infantry, vice 
Hawley, promoted; Ezekiel O. Cogswell, ensign light infantry , vice 
Brewster, promoted. 

Eli Beecher, captain light infantry, vice (Aaron) Fowler, resigned. 

James Carpenter, captain, vice (Othniel) Allen, resigned; John 
Derrick, lieutenant, vice Carpenter, promoted; Sampson Woolsey, 
ensign, vice E. Carpenter, resigned; Noah Sweet, lieutenant, vice 
(Barnet) Stillwell, resigned; Edmund Hewitt, junior, ensign, vice 
(James) Northrop, resigned. 

James N. Smith, captain, vice (Peter) Boss, removed; William 
Tripp, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Edward Wood, ensign, 
vice Tripp, promoted; Paul Edwards, lieutenant, vice Grenold, not 
accepting; Reuben Buck, ensign, vice Edwards, promoted; William 
Richardson, junior, ensign, vice Hoisted, resigned; Benjamin 
Wright, ensign, vice Smith, removed; Andrew Comstock, lieuten- 
ant, vice (John) Hambleton (Hamilton, Hamblen), not accepting; 
John Brown, ensign, vice Cook, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Dunning' s regiment: 

Reuben Woodworth, first major, vice (Robert) Hunter, not 
accepting; Lawrence Hooper, second major, vice Woodworth, 

Patrick Parks, captain, vice Hooper, promoted; Reuben Bidwell, 
lieutenant, vice Parks, promoted; John Valentine, ensign, vice Bid- 
well, promoted; Stephen Valentine, captain, vice (Daniel) Wicks, 
resigned; Lewis Smith, lieutenant, vice Valentine, promoted; John 
Wicks, ensign, vice Smith, promoted. 

Peter Fort, captain, vice Wilber, moved; Robert Crawford, lieu- 
tenant, vice (Zery) Wilber, moved; James Bibbins, ensign, vice 
Crawford, promoted. 

State Historian. 1185 

Edward Colwell, captain, vice (Felix) Fitzsimmons, resigned; 
Jonas Olmsted, lieutenant, vice Colwell, promoted; David Sidmore, 
ensign, vice Olmsted, promoted. 

John Wilcox ( Wilcocks), junior, captain, vice (Selah) Hosford, 
deceased; William Cooper, junior, lieutenant, vice Wilcox, pro- 
moted ; Isaac Myers, ensign, vice Copper, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Prior's regiment: 

George H. Benham, captain, vice Coutil, resigned; Edward Gil- 
man, lieutenant, vice Benham, promoted; Alexander C. Kellogg, 
ensign, vice (Edward) Gilman, resigned. 

Jacob Kellogg, captain grenadiers, vice (Ezra) Starr, resigned; 
Alsop Weed, lieutenant do, vice Kellogg, promoted; Jonathan Kel- 
logg, ensign do, vice Weed, promoted. 

John Smith, junior, captain, vacant; Burr Henderick, lieutenant, 
vice Smith, promoted; Nathan Daniels, ensign, vice Hendeick, pro- 
moted; Justin Day, ensign, with rank from 12th March, 1810; Abel 
Whalen, junior, ensign, with rank from 31 May, 1809. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rogers' regiment: 

Billy J. Clark, surgeon, vice (Thomas) Littlefield, removed; Wil- 
liam Ross, lieutenant, vice Chubb, deceased; Daniel Lindsey, ensign, 
vice Ross, promoted; Samuel Crippin, lieutenant, vice (Abel) Cad- 
well, moved; William King, third, ensign, vice Crippin, promoted; 
William Willcocks, lieutenant, vice Smith, refusing. 

Brigadier General Samuel Clark's brigade: 

Dudley Smith, brigade major and inspector, vice D. G. Garnsey, 


Colonel Daniel Youngs' regiment: 

Noah Jerry (Terry), captain, vice (Jonathan) Horton, resigned; 

William Horton, lieutenant, vice (Benjamin) Hallock, resigned; Joel 

Overton, ensign, vice Jerry (Terry), promoted. 



1 1 86 Annual Report of the 

John Jerry (Terry), captain, vice (Abraham) Luce, resigned; Jabez 
Convin, lieutenant, vice Jerry (Terry), promoted; Thomas P. Conk- 
ling, ensign, vice Corwin, promoted; Chandler Palmer, quarter- 
master, vice (Matthias) Case, resigned; Ebenezer W. Case, adjutant, 
vice (Thomas Stoers) Lester, resigned; Seth N. Tuthill, surgeon, 
vice (John) Gardner, resigned; Thomas Osborn, surgeon's mate, 
vice (Matthew) Buel (Bewell), moved; Joshua P. Youngs, ensign, 
vice (Richard F.) Nicoll, do; Josiah Reeve, junior, paymaster, vice 
(Benjamin H.) Horton, deceased. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Rose's regiment: 

Isaac Wickham, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Rose, 

Josiah Foster, junior, first major, vice Wickham, promoted; Jere- 
miah Miller, second major, vice Foster, promoted. 

David (Van) Scoy, captain, vice Miller, promoted ; David Hedges, 
lieutenant, vice (Van) Scoy, promoted; Josiah Mulford, junior, 
ensign, vice Hedges, promoted; David Hains, lieutenant, vice 
(William) Halsey, moved; Charles F. Halsey, ensign, vice Hains, 

John P. Osborn, captain, vice (Charles) L'Hommedieu, moved; 
Samuel Hunting, lieutenant, vice Osborn, promoted. 

Justus Foster, captain; John N. Genin, lieutenant; Joseph Good- 
ale, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Davis' regiment: 

Benjamin Hallack (Hallock), captain; David Overton, lieutenant; 
James Norton, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel John Storm's regiment: 

John Lyster, lieutenant, vice Drake, moved; James Abrahams, 
ensign, vice Lyster, promoted; Henry Haight, ensign light infantry, 
vice (Abraham) Wetmore, moved. 

State Historian. 1187 

Jacob T. Adriance, captain, vice (Hezekiah) Peck, resigned; Abel 
Peck, lieutenant, vice Adriance, promoted; William Hoeman, 
ensign, vice (Davis) Peck, resigned; Richard C. Van Wyck, pay- 
master; Isaac R. Adriance, ensign, vice Van Wyck, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Eli Angevine's regiment: 

James Tallmadge, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice 
Angevine, resigned. 

John Ryan, first major, vice Tallmadge, promoted; John L. 
Fonda, second major, vice Ryan, promoted; John E. Pells, quar- 
termaster, vice (Abraham G.) Storm, resigned. 

Randall S. Street, captain, vice Fonda, promoted; Harry Cooke, 
lieutenant, vice Street, promoted; Benjamin Forbus, ensign, vice 
Cook, promoted. 

Benjamin De la Mater, captain, vice (John) Albertson, resigned; 
John Selkrig, lieutenant, vice Delamater, promoted; Peter J. 
Schriver, ensign, vice Selkrig, promoted. 

John Bishop, captain, vice (James C.) Bogardus, promoted; 
Samuel Luckey, junior, lieutenant, vice Bishop, prompted; Samuel 
Bregaw, ensign; Nicholas Van Waganer, ensign. 

Peter P. Lawson, captain light infantry; Joseph Parmelee, lieu- 
tenant do; Robert Luckey, ensign do. 

Brigadier General Edmund Perlee's brigade: 

John Brush, brigade major and inspector. 


Oliver Huntington, lieutenant colonel commandant, to take rank 
from 12 March, 1810. 

Ansel Goodrich, first major; Anson Camp, second major; John 
Lanning, adjutant; Stephen Williams, quartermaster; Samuel Bar- 
clay, surgeon; Charles Pumpelly, paymaster. 

Noah Lyman, captain; Elijah Sarles, lieutenant riflemen; Sylvester 
Camp, ensign. 



i iSS Annual Report of the 

Roswell Camp, captain; Levi Green, lieutenant light infantry; 
Hooker Bishop, ensign do; Elizur Talcott, junior, ensign riflemen. 
In Lieutenant Colonel [Matthew Carpenter's regiment: 
Eleazer Owen, lieutenant; Jonathan Rockwell, ensign. 
John Buck, lieutenant; Azariah Breece, ensign. 
Jesse Carpenter, junior, lieutenant; Jeremiah Cashaday, ensign. 

David Griswold, junior, lieutenant; Hillman, ensign. 

Abner Cashaday, captain. 


Lieutenant Colonel J. N. M. Hurd's regiment: 

Elijah Barber, ensign, vice Dunham, moved; Calvin Goodale, 
ensign, vice (David) Barret, moved; Samuel Thomas, adjutant, vice 
(Eiisha) Williams, resigned; Ralph P. Day, quartermaster, vice 
Thomas, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 

Jacob Silkman, ensign, vice (Amasa) Clark, resigned; Christian H. 
Shaffer, paymaster, vice (Johannes) Ingold (junior), resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel Duel Rowley's regiment: 

Thomas Barker, paymaster, vice (Walter) Kromer, resigned. 

Jeremiah Brown, captain, vice (Peter) Bouck, resigned; Philip 
\ an Steenbergh, lieutenant, vice Brown, promoted; Peter Bellinger, 
ensign, vice V. Steenbergh, promoted. 

Derick Becker, captain, vice (Hezkiah) Adams, resigned; Elijah 
Persons, lieutenant, vice Becker, promoted; John D. Becker, ensign, 
vice Persons, promoted. 

George Stamm, captain, vice (William) Ottman, resigned; Peter 
Frederick, lieutenant, vice Stamm. promoted; John George Kling, 
ensign, vice Frederick, promoted; Stephen Gates, lfeutenant, vice 
(John J.) Rice, deceased; John Stall, ensign, vice Gates, promoted. 

State Historian. 1189 

Lieutenant Colonel David Wiltsey's regiment: 

Lewis J. Patchin, quartermaster, vice (Philla) Efner, moved; 
Charles Mill, paymaster, vice (Lewis J.) Patchin, promoted; Samuel 
Stillwel, lieutenant, vice (Teunis) Snook, moved; William Lamant, 
ensign, vice Stillwel!, promoted; Zelotus Bruce, ensign, vice (Israel) 
Crandle, moved. 


Lieutenant Colonel Peter S. Van Orden's regiment: 
Michael Sayler (Salyour), captain, vice (Isaac G.) Blanch; Cor- 
nelius Sickles, lieutenant, vice Sayler, promoted; James Swartwout, 
ensign, vice (Solomon) Waring, promoted; Solomon W r hering 
(Waring), paymaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel Putnam Farrington's regiment: 

John A. Hubbel, first major; Hugh Mill, second do; John M. 
Landon, quartermaster; Edward More, paymaster; Ambrose Bryan, 
surgeon; Thomas De Witt, surgeon's mate; Robert Deforest, 

Benjamin Barlow, captain light infantry, vice (Hugh) Mills, pro- 
moted; Josiah Stratton, lieutenant do, vice Barlow, promoted; John 
P. Grant, ensign do, vice Stratton, promoted. 

Walter Chace, captain do, vice (David) Mitchel, resigned; Isaac 
Darrow, lieutenant do, vice Chace, promoted; Edward Flint, ensign 
do, vice Darrow, promoted; Elisha Reynolds, lieutenant; Samuel 
Benjamin, ensign; Gershom Sillerman, ensign. 

Joel Bush (Brush), captain, vice (Joel) Davis, moved; David Hol- 
ister, lieutenant, vice Busk (Bush, Brush), promoted; Aaron Greg- 
ory, ensign, vice Hollister, promoted. 

Joseph Porter, captain, vice (Orrin) Canfield, resigned; John 
Chapman, lieutenant, vice Porter, promoted; Rowland Robinson, 



1 190 Annual Report of the 

ensign, vice Chapman, promoted; William Gleason, lieutenant; Wil- 
liam S. Moffat, ensign; David S. Denio, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel John T. St. John's regiment: 

Richard W. Stockton, surgeon. 

Amasa Parker, captain light infantry; Enos Parker, lieutenant do; 
Alexander Walles, ensign do. 

Thomas Folkner, captain; Erastus Goodman, lieutenant; Dennis 
Smith, junior, ensign; Jonathan Burr, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel George H. Xellis' regiment: 

Adam Ward, lieutenant, vice (Jabin) Welch, promoted; Timothy 
Perkel, ensign, vice Ward, promoted. 

Jabin Welch, captain; John St. John, lieutenant; Rufus Morris, 

John Willson, captain, vice Defendorf, resigned; John Harter, 
lieutenant, vice Willson, promoted; William Kronkhite, ensign, vice 
Harter, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel James McBurney's regiment: 

William Stephens, first major, vice E(lias) Stevens (Stephens), 
resigned; Thomas Bennit. second do, vice (Jared) Envin, resigned. 

James Dike, captain riflemen; Nathan Hallet, lieutenant do. 

Samuel Cady, captain; Alanson Perry, lieutenant; Asher Johnson, 
ensign; Simeon Bacon, lieutenant; Abel Bullard, ensign; Abel 
W r hite, lieutenant; Isaac Tracey, ensign; Oliphen Harding, junior, 

Willard Humphreys, captain; Timothy Butler, lieutenant; Elijah 
Gibbs, ensign; Solomon Rawson, adjutant; Moses Brooks, quarter- 
master; Charles Foot, paymaster; John McClure, surgeon; John R. 
Stevens, adjutant. 

State Historian. 1191 

Brigadier General George McClure's brigade: 

Asa A. Gaylord, major commandant of a battalion of riflemen. 


Brigade commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Marinus F. Durand 
(Clinton, Essex and Franklin): 

Alric Mann, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Timothy Brownson, major, vice Man, promoted; Thomas Smith, 
second do; Solomon Cook, adjutant; Henry S. Waterhouse, surgeon. 

Silas Cushman, captain light infantry; David Sperry, lieutenant 
do; Barnabas Barnam, ensign do. 

Stephen D. Hickock, captain ; Luther Winslo, lieutenant. 

Ebenezer Taylor, captain, vice Smith, promoted; Philip Bryant, 
lieutenant, vice Taylor, promoted; Solomon Smith, ensign, vice 
Bryant, promoted. 

Amos Eldridge, captain, vice D. Eldridge, moved; Aretus M. 
Hitchcock, lieutenant, vice Eldridge, promoted; Benjamin Sanborn, 
ensign, vice Hitchcock, promoted. 

Rufus Tilden, captain, vice (John) Potter, moved; Chester Tullar, 
lieutenant; Israel Thayer, ensign, vice Cook, promoted; Robert Will- 
son, ensign. 

Asaph Perry, captain, vice Cushman, appointed to light infantry; 
Christopher Austin, lieutenant, vice Perry, promoted. 

Thomas Wright, captain , John Cadwell, ensign, vice Wright, pro- 
moted; David Danforth, lieutenant; David Livingston, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Marinus F. Durand's regiment: 
Septa Fillimore, captain, vice T. Sullivan, moved; Roswell Ran- 
som, lieutenant, vice Fillimore, promoted; Jonathan Douglass, 
ensign, vice Ransom, promoted. 



1 192 Annual Report of the 

In the third squadron, Fourth regiment of cavalry: 
Warren Powers, captain; Cone Andrus, first lieutenant; Charles 
Huntington, second do; John H. Russel, cornet — new company. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus M. Wood's regiment: 

Elisha Alvord, first major; David Lawrence, second do; Coit 
Spalding, paymaster. 

Captains — Joshua Forman; Benajah Byington; Michael Mead; 
Daniel Wheadon; Turner Fenner, vice (Nathan) Brown, moved; 
James Webb, vice (Jonah) White, moved. 

Lieutenants — Oliver R. Strong; Fisher Curtis; Rufus Danforth; 
John Clark, vice Fenner, promoted; Daniel Stanley, vice Webb, 
promoted; John Green, vice (Samuel) Camp, moved. 

Ensigns — John C. Brown; Martin Wendell; Handley Lamb, vice 
Harvey, moved; Levi Ellis, vice Clark, promoted; James Slade, vice 
(Jared) Hiscock, resigned; Richard C. Johnson, vice Green, 

Polaski King, captain light infantry, vice (Levi) Hiscock, resigned; 
Samuel P. Hawley, lieutenant do, vice King, promoted; Samuel G. 
Woodruff, ensign do, vice (John) Gould, out of the regiment. 

John G. Forbes, captain, vice (William H.) Sabin, not accepting; 
Ethel Kinne, do, vice (Amos) Russel, do; Joseph Williams, captain, 
vice (Jared) Luddington, resigned; Walter Worden, junior, lieuten- 
ant, vice (Jonas) Hannah, junior, not accepting; Ralph R. Phelps, 
do, vice (Wandal, Wendall) Morton, not accepting; John Miller, do, 
vice Forbes, promoted; John Chapin, do, vice Kinne, promoted; 
Elijah Phillips, junior, do, vice Williams, promoted; Elnathan Cobb, 
ensign, vice Worden, promoted; Charles Palmer, ensign, vice 
(Ira) Huntley, junior, moved; Alvan Marsh, do, vice (Nehemiah) 
Gates, not accepting; Joshua Kinne, do, vice (Elijah) Pinkney, not 
accepting; William Fillemore, do, vice (Elias) Stillwell, do. 

State Historian. 1193 

Lieutenant Colonel Elijah St. John's regiment: 

Jacob Johnson, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice St. 
John, resigned. 

George Petit, first major, vice Johnson, promoted; Nicol Howell, 
second do, vice Petit, promoted; Noah Goodrich, adjutant; Garret 
Van Husen, junior, quartermaster; Benoni Merriman, paymaster; 
James Pettit, surgeon; Luther French, surgeon's mate; James 
Wheeler, chaplain. 

Benjamin Chace, captain light infantry, vice Pettit, promoted; 
Simon Robbins, lieutenant do, vice Chace, promoted; Edward Mark- 
ham, ensign do, vice Robins, promoted. 

Captains — David Williams, vice Howel, promoted; William Vir- 
gil, vice (Josiah) Wood, resigned; Azel St. John, vice (Thaddeus) 
Joy, resigned; Moses Legg, vice A. Leg, do; William Sprague. 

Lieutenants — Shelburne Bostwick, vice Williams, promoted; Levi 
C. Barber, vice Virgil, promoted; Silas Penoyer, vice (Oliver) 
Phelps, moved; John Knapp, vice Legg, promoted; Jesse Swan, 
vice Sprague, promoted. 

Ensigns — William Trowbridge, junior; Cyrus Clap; John Moore; 
Asahel Roundy; Stephen Pomeroy. 

Otis Baker, captain; Lemuel Thayer, lieutenant; Jeremiah Wick- 
ham, ensign. 

Jacob Chandler, lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment of 
militia in the county of Onondaga. 

Samuel Powers, first major; James Adams, second do; Jonathan 
Dickinson, quartermaster. 

Captains — Michael Redman, vice (James) Wisner, resigned; Ste- 
phen Tappen; Bradner Burt, vice (John) Masters, moved. 

Lieutenants — Asahel North, vice Redman, promoted; John 
Manro; Daniel Ayer; Stephen Brace, vice Burt, promoted; James 



1 194 Annual Report of the 

Ensigns — John Bailey; Perry Sowle, vice Manro, promoted; Jacob 
S. Carlow; Daniel Hugunin, junior, vice Brace, promoted: David 
Manro; Job Green. 

Lieutenant Colonel Levi Lawrence's regiment: 

Warren Hecox, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Lawrence, 

Lyman Cook, first major, vice Hecox, promoted; Abijah Earll, 
second do, vice Cook, promoted; Allen Worden, adjutant, vice 
(Ephraim) Tallmadge, resigned. 

Miles Allen, captain grenadiers, vice Earll, promoted; Owen 
Cotton, lieutenant do, vice Allen, promoted; Daniel Copp, ensign 
do, vice Cotton, promoted. 

Jabish Hall, captain, vice (Benjamin) Frisbie, moved; Abijah 
Benson, lieutenant, vice (Samuel) Robison (Robinson), resigned; 
Seth Hall, do, vice J. Hall, promoted; Chauncey Hickok, do, with 
rank from March 12, 1810; Jacob Van Houten, ensign, vice Benson, 
promoted; John Legg, do, vice Hall, promoted; Benjamin B. Bearss, 
do, vice (Joseph) Humphrey, moved. 

Amasa Chapman, captain; Daniel Chaffee, lieutenant; Erastus 
Terry, ensign. 

Jacobus De Puy, lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment 
of militia in the county of Onondaga. 

Elijah Hall, first major; Christopher Clark, second major; 
Ephraim Cleveland, adjutant, vice (Oren) Stone, moved; Stoughton 
Morse, quartermaster; Chauncey Jerome, paymaster; Daniel Tibbals, 
surgeon; Silas Park, surgeon's mate; Joshua Johnson, chaplain. 

Asa Wells, captain grenadiers; Daniel Marsh, lieutenant do, vice 
(Reuben) Murray, junior, not accepting; Solomon G. Willard, 
ensign do, vice Marsh, promoted. 

Samuel Dunham, captain light infantry; Chester Howard, lieu- 

State Historian. 1195 

tenant do, vice Loveland, moved; Ebenezer Carley, ensign do, vice 
Loveland, moved. 

Captains — Abraham Northrop, vice (Levi) Farnham, moved; 
Ensign Hill; Thomas Bartium, junior; Amos Palatier; Cologus 
(Clodius) Vinal, vice (Jeremiah) Gould, junior; James Scovil, vice 
Clarke; Norris Case. 

Lieutenants — Elijah Wells, vice Northrop, promoted; Plinny 
Draper, vice (Elihu) Barber, resigned; Abiel Whitman, vice Vinal, 
promoted; David Webb; Lewis Guthrie; Jabez Castle; Samuel T. 

Ensigns — Isaac Carpenter, vice Wells, promoted; Lewis Cooley; 
Gilbert Jackson, vice Draper, promoted; Richard Bailey, vice 
(Archibald) Garfield, not accepting; Ezekiel Hoyt, junior, vice 
Whitman, promoted; John Clapp; Thomas Newell. 

First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Thaddeus Patchin, captain; John Frashur, first lieutenant; Joel 
Phelps, second do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Hendrick Van Schaick's regiment: 

George Allen, lieutenant light infantry, vice (Seneca) Duel, 
resigned ; Jacob Whitbeck, ensign do, vice (John L.) Wendle (Wen- 
del), promoted. 

John Davenport, captain, vice (Henry) Potter, moved; Lemuel 
Simmons, lieutenant, vice Davenport, promoted; John Cornell, 
ensign, vice Simmons, promoted. 

Joshua Brownell, captain, vice (Worthey) Waters, resigned; 
Loamy W. Johnson, lieutenant, vice (Peter) Whelden, refusing; 
Neidham Wright, ensign, vice Brawnen (Benjamin Brownell, junior), 
moved; Brice M. Briggs, lieutenant, vice J(ohn) Briggs, moved; 
Benjamin Cook, junior, ensign, vice (Gardner) Briggs, refusing; 
Josiah Sheldon, adjutant, vice (Gideon) Cornel, resigned. 



1 196 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Brown's regiment: 

Israel Ely, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Brown, out of 
the beat. 

Andrew Lyttle, first major, vice Ely, promoted; John McCleary, 
second do, vice Lyttle, promoted; James McMurray, adjutant and 
ensign ; William M. McFarland, quartermaster and do ; Henry Mat- 
thews, paymaster and do. 

William Hay, junior, captain light infantry, vice (William) Rus- 
sel, resigned; Robert Edgar, lieutenant do, vice Hay, promoted; 
Ebenezer McAllister, ensign do. 

Joseph Boyd, captain, vice (Lucius) Gun(n), moved; James 
Bouker, lieutenant, vice Boyd, promoted; Bethuel Church, junior, 
ensign, vice Bouker, do; Aaron M. Perine, captain, vice (Samuel) 
McDougall, moved; William Robison (Robertson), junior, lieuten- 
ant, vice Perine, promoted; John Craig, ensign. 

James Harkness, captain, vice McCleary, promoted; Lemuel F. 
Foot, lieutenant, vice Harkness, promoted ; Alexander Steel, ensign, 
vice Foot, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hercules Rice's regiment: 

Reuben Stone, second major, vice (James) Hill, resigned. 

Ezekiel Sampson, captain, vice Stone, promoted; Levi Downing, 
lieutenant, vice Sampson, promoted; Henry Safrbrd, ensign, vice 
Downing, promoted. 

Abraham Smith, captain, vice (Duty) Sayles, resigned; Oliver 
Barber, lieutenant, vice Willcox, resigned; Thomas Barber, ensign; 
Daniel Thomas, lieutenant, vice (Jabez) Remmington, moved; Sam- 
uel Weir, ensign, vice Thomas, promoted. 

Edmond H. Wells, captain, vice (James) Hay, deceased; Alden 
Bennet, lieutenant, vice (Ezra) Waite, resigned; Thomas Seit, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Green's regiment: 

State Historian. H97 


Benjamin Carswell, first major, vice (John) Mills, disabled; Joseph 
Sayler (Taylor), second do, vice Carswell, promoted. 

John Streight, captain, vice Sayler (Taylor), promoted; David 
Utman, lieutenant, vice Streight, promoted; Ebenezer Kemble 
(Kimball), lieutenant, vice Ronsom (John Ransom), refusing. 

Ensigns— Elijah Streight; John Darby; Amasa Walker; John 
Durkie, of light infantry, vice Lyttle, refusing to accept; John Crit- 
chet, do; Warthy Waters, surgeon's mate. 


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Petrie's regiment: 

Christopher P. Bellinger, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice 
Petrie, resigned. 

Rudolph J. Shoemaker, first major, vice Bellinger, promoted; 
John Wightman, second do, vice (Nicholas) Castler, resigned; Jacob 
D. Petrie, paymaster, vice (Peter B.) Castler, promoted; Daniel C. 
Fox, adjutant, vice (Abraham) Woodruff, resigned. 

Amos Thomas, captain grenadiers, vice Shoemaker, promoted; 
Nicholas Shoemaker, lieutenant do, vice Thomas, promoted; Charles 
Randall, ensign do, vice Shoemaker, promoted. 

Eber Hyde, captain light infantry; Thomas Hawkes, lieutenant 
do; Abijah Beckwith, ensign do. 

Jeremiah Hayner, captain, vice (Samuel) Lord, resigned; Isaac 
Mills, lieutenant, vice (Jacob) Hayner, resigned; Philip Barringer, 
ensign, vice Jeremiah Hayner, promoted. 

Joseph Bell, captain, vice (Lawrence) Shoemaker, resigned; Peter 
B. Castler, lieutenant, vice J. Bell, promoted; Henry Staring, junior, 
ensign, vice G. Fox, resigned. 

Rufus Starkweather, captain, vice P. Heyer; Jacob Marshall, 
lieutenant, vice R. Starkweather, promoted; John Barker, ensign, 
vice O. Smith, resigned. 


1 198 Annual Report of the 

Robert Shoemaker, captain, vice J. Wightman, promoted; Selden 
Morgan, lieutenant, vice R. Shoemaker, promoted; Peter G. Helmer, 
ensign, vice S. Morgan, promoted. 

James Delong, captain, vice F. Daniels; Allen Wightman, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Delong, promoted; Richard Gardinier, ensign, vice 
Wightman. promoted; Samuel Bloomfield, lieutenant, vice A. San- 
ford, resigned; Joseph Rooker, ensign, vice S. Bloomfield, pro- 
moted; Rufus Crane, ensign; Daniel C. Fox, adjutant, vice (Rufus) 
Crane, appointed in cavalry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment: 

Darius Hawkins, captain light infantry; Reuben Barney, lieuten- 
ant do, vice D. Hawkins, promoted; Nicholas Brown, ensign do, vice 
Barney, promoted; Henry F. Helmer, lieutenant do, vice E. San- 
ford, resigned; Horace Morse, ensign do, vice H. F. Helmer, 

Amos Smith, captain, vice A. Staring, resigned; Mason Baker, 
lieutenant, vice A. Smith, promoted; Isaac Smith, ensign, vice M. 
Baker, promoted. 

Joseph Hall, captain, vice (Archibald) Conant, moved; Sterry 
Hawkins, lieutenant, vice T. Ketchum, resigned; John Martin, 

Heman Bush, captain; Asahel Andrews, lieutenant, vice H. Bush, 
promoted; Samuel Budlong, ensign, vice A. Andrews, promoted; 
Lawrence L. Harter, lieutenant, vice F. Bellinger, moved; Nicholas 
Smith, ensign, vice C. Colvin, moved; Ruloff Root, lieutenant, vice 
Cyrus Root; Charles Christian, ensign, vice (Edward) Baker, moved; 
Rufus Howard, lieutenant, vice A. Priest, junior; William Bacon, 
junior, ensign, vice R. Howard, promoted. 

State Historian. 1199 



Lieutenant Colonel David Ford's regiment: 

Thomas B. Benedict, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Ford, 

Richard Flack, first major, vice Benedict, promoted; Jehiel Dem- 
mock, second do, vice Flack, promoted. 

Kelsey Thurber, captain, vice (Timothy) Pope, resigned; Zadock 
Day, lieutenant, vice Thurber, promoted; Jeduthan Barker, ensign, 
vice (Thomas) Lee, moved. 

Samuel Armstrong, captain, vice (David) Crosset, moved; John 
A. Armstrong, lieutenant, vice Sanrl Armstrong, promoted; John 
Armstrong, ensign. 

Potter Goff, captain, vice (Thomas B.) Benedict, promoted; 
Elisha Griffin, lieutenant, vice Goff, promoted; Nathaniel Holt, 
ensign, vice E. Griffin, promoted. 

Medad Moody, captain, vice (William) Perry, resigned; Josiah 
Richardson, lieutenant, vice Moody, promoted; Amos Smith, ensign. 

James Parkel, captain; Thomas D. Olin, lieutenant; Jonathan 
Smith, ensign. 

Josiah Sweet, captain; Ebenezer Rounds, lieutenant; Mansfield 
Bristol, ensign. 

Pardon Babcock, captain; Ephraim Case, lieutenant; William 
Claghorn, ensign. 

Moses A. Bunnel, captain; Lotan Harsfield, lieutenant; Samuel 
Clark, junior, ensign. 

David Giffen, captain; Rosel Ryan, lieutenant; Samuel Prentice, 

Nathan Stone, lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment in 
the county of St. Lawrence. 

Elisha Demerest, first major; John Doran, second do. 


1200 Annual Report of the 

Lemuel Bartholomew, captain, vice (Nicholas) Reynolds, moved; 
Warrent Murray, lieutenant; Samuel Daniels, ensign; Gad Root, 

Ensigns — George Wells, Jonathan Gilmore, Jonathan Read, Wil- 
liam W. Hows, Jeremiah Meach, Frederick Currin, Jonathan Hart- 
well, Phineas Durfray, Reuben Kelsey. 

Captains — Martin Nash, Silas Smith, Benjamin W. Hopkins, 
John G. Fansher, James Trussell, Warren Webster. 

Lieutenants — David French, John Polly, second, Isaac Wright, 
Jesse Goss, Bater Pierce, Jonathan Pierce, Jasper Armstrong, Ralph 


Lieutenant Colonel Gershom Tuttle's regiment: 

Amariah Tucker, second major, vice Rice,* moved. 

Levi Hale, captain, vice Tucker, promoted; Jedadiah Stanley, lieu- 
tenant, vice (Elihu) Holland, moved; Robert Jeromes, ensign, vice 
Hale, promoted. 

Allen Kilbourn, captain, vice (Levi) Heath, resigned; Stoel War- 
ner, lieutenant, vice Kilbourn, promoted; Curtis G. Brooks, ensign, 
vice Moers (Silvester Morris), moved; Jacob Fuller, lieutenant, vice 
(Jenison) Clark, moved; Samuel Wessel, ensign, vice (Aldan) 

John Adams, captain, vice (Jabez) Foster, moved; Anson Hun- 
gerford, lieutenant, vice (Caleb) Westcot (Wescott), moved; Joseph 
Sheldon, ensign, vice Adams, promoted. 

Zachariah Butterfield, captain, vice (Ezekiel) Jewet, resigned; 
Stephen Gifford, lieutenant, vice Butterfield, promoted; Joseph 
Mayo, ensign, vice Gifford, promoted; Erastus Wate, ensign, vice 
Warner, promoted. 

'William Rice was appointed first major April 4, 1S08. See page 973. — State 

State Historian. 1201 

William Lamson, captain riflemen; William Brown, lieutenant do; 
Jonathan E. Miles, ensign do. 

Amira Trowbridge, captain, vice Clarke. 

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Stickney's regiment: 

Captains — Jonathan Scott, vice (Benjamin) McComber, moved; 
Gad Oakly, vice (Archibald) Blanchard, moved; Elisha Allen, vice 
(William) Maynard, moved; Daniel Ellis, vice (De Estean) Salis- 
bury, moved. 

Lieutenants — Brooks Herrington, vice (Orimal, Orimel) Brew- 
ster, deceased; Charles Hollister, vice (Stephen) Chace, moved; John 
Hungerford, vice N. Curtis, resigned. 

Ensigns — William Dostator, vice E. Curtis, moved; Abiather 
Doane, vice E. Allen, promoted; Elijah Wells, vice J. Scott, pro- 
moted; William Williams, vice D. Ellis, promoted; Timothy Corn- 
well, vice S. Stewart, moved; Stephen Jeromes, vice A. Skinner, 

James Henderson, junior, adjutant, vice L. Ellis, resigned. 

Joseph Graves, lieutenant rifle company; Samuel Rhoades, 
ensign do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Brown's regiment: 

Samuel Mack, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (Jacob) 
Brown, promoted brigadier general. 

Frederick Avery, first major, vice Mack, promoted; Calvin 
Britain, second do, vice Avery, promoted; Hoel Lawrence, adjutant 
and ensign; Horatio Orvis, surgeon. 

Azariah Thomas, captain; George Brown, lieutenant, vice Thomas, 
promoted; William Knox, ensign, vice Brown, promoted. 

Josiah Farrow, captain, vice Britain, promoted; James Hargen, 
lieutenant, vice Farrow, promoted. 



1202 Annual Report of the 

John B. Essylstine, captain, vice (Daniel) Trimper (Tremper), 

Silas Garner, captain, vice L. Buss, refusing; Dexter Cushion, 
lieutenant, vice Garner, promoted; Timothy Case, ensign, vice 
Cushion, promoted; Aral Powers, lieutenant, vice Allen; Amos 
Root, ensign, vice Powers. 

Ezra Ingerson, captain, vice (Abiel) Shurtleff, resigned; John 
Hoover (Flower), lieutenant, vice (Ezra) Ingerson, moved (pro- 
moted); Rums Barry, ensign, vice Hoover (Flower), promoted. 

John Parrish, captain, vice (John) Simonds," moved; Thomas 
Goodrich, lieutenant; James McGowan, ensign, vacant. 

Hubbard Goodrich, junior, captain, do; George D. Gates, lieuten- 
ant, do; Thomas Brayton, junior, ensign, do. 

Aaron Bacon, ensign light infantry. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Collins' regiment: 

Richard Coxe, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Collins, 
appointed judge. 

Oliver Bush, first major, vice Coxe, promoted; Gideon Shepherd, 
second do, vice Bush, promoted. 

Asahel Hough, captain light infantry, vice Coxe, promoted; 
Noble Churchill, lieutenant do, vice Hough, promoted; John Ives, 
junior, ensign do, vice Churchill, promoted. 

Elisha Cone, captain, vice Shepherd, promoted; Hezekiah Sco- 
vill, lieutenant, vice R. Scovill, resigned; Nathaniel Snow, do; Adam 
Conkey, ensign, vice J. Snell, moved. 


Jacob Brown, brigadier general of a brigade of infantry in the 
counties of Jefferson and St. Lawrence. 
David Waters, brigade quartermaster. 

State Historian. 1203 



Second battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 
Oliver Scott, captain; Lyman Munson, first lieutenant; William 
Williams, second lieutenant. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob R. Van Rensselaer's regiment: 

John H. Snyder, lieutenant; John Thompson, ensign; John T. 
Van Deusen, lieutenant, vacant; William Van Deusen, ensign, do; 
Israel Holmes, lieutenant; John A. Worth, ensign. 

Samuel Wiltsie, captain, vice (William P.) Smith, resigned; Isaac 
Southard, lieutenant, vice Wilsie, promoted; Henry A. Melius, 
ensign, vice Southard, promoted. 

Agrippa Martin, captain; Peter Van Deboe, lieutenant; Robert A. 
Van Deusen, ensign; Abraham Jordan, surgeon, vacant; Barnabas 
Waterman, captain light infantry, vice (Leverit) Crittenden (Crut- 
tenden), moved; Austin Stocking, lieutenant do, vice Waterman, 
promoted; Silas Stone, ensign do, vice A. Stocking, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Robert T. Livingston's regiment: 

Henry Elsworth, quartermaster. 

Henry Batts, captain, vice (Jacob) Elckenburgh (Elckenbregh); ^ 
John Beringer, junior, lieutenant, vice (Barnard) Gearman (Ger- 
mon), moved; Joseph Hoot, ensign, vice Beringer, promoted. 

Jacob P. Miller, captain, vice (Philip) V(an) De Bogert, resigned; 
Lewis Haywood, lieutenant, vice Miller, promoted; John Allen, 
ensign, vice Haywood, promoted; Jonas Lasher, ensign, vice Els- 
worth, quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel Charles McKinstry's regiment: 

Ebenezer Young, captain, vice D. P. Stever, resigned; Joseph 
Rodman, second (junior), lieutenant, vice Young, promoted; John 
Tyler, ensign, vice Rodman, promoted. 


1204 Annual Report of the 

Abiah W. Mayhew, captain light infantry, vice (Moses) Wetmore, 
resigned; Israel A. Baldwin, lieutenant do, vice Mayhew, promoted; 
Hazard Morey, ensign do, vice Baldwin, promoted. 

Matthew Fitch, captain, vice (Jonah) Butler, resigned; Jared Win- 
slow, lieutenant, vice Fitch, promoted; Amos King, junior, ensign, 
vice Winslow, promoted; Isaac Foster, captain, vice (William) 
Hunt, moved; Augustus Reed, lieutenant, vice Foster, promoted; 
Charles Treusdale, junior, ensign, vice Reed, promoted; Jonathan 
C. Olmstead, surgeon; Benjamin House, surgeon's mate; Benjamin 
Dakin, quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel John Stewart's regiment: 

Henry Beadleston, second major, vice J. Smith, resigned; Noble 
B. Hitchcock, adjutant, vice R. Morgan; Israel Hand, quartermas- 
ter, vice Hitchcock; Thomas Sherwood, paymaster, vice Hand, 

John Moss, junior, captain, vice (Oliver) Barret (junior), moved; 
Edward Moss, lieutenant, vice J. Moss, promoted; Aaron Priest, 
junior, ensign, vice E. Moss, promoted. 

Stephen Bedleston, captain, vice H. Bedleston, promoted; George 
Bates, lieutenant, vice S. Bedleston, promoted; Joshua Harris, junior, 
ensign, vice (Jonathan) Griffen (Griffin), moved. 

Joseph Stewart, third, captain, vice (Samuel) Love, moved; Joshua 
Pelton, lieutenant, vice J. Stewart, promoted; Nathan Holbrook, 
ensign, vice J. Pelton, promoted; Zenus Smith, ensign, vice E. Mal- 
lery, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Zephaniah Kingsley's regiment: 

Samuel Standish, paymaster, vice W. White, resigned. 

Jeremiah Kingsley, captain light infantry, vice T. Griffeth (Grif- 
fith), resigned; Thomas Begelaw (Bigelow), lieutenant do, vice 

State Historian. 1205 

Kingsley, promoted; Benjamin Dilemattre, ensign do, vice Begelow 
(Bigelow), promoted; Abner P. Hitchcock, lieutenant, vice G. 
Wheeler, promoted; John Frank, ensign, vice Hitchcock, promoted; 
Hosea Day, lieutenant, vice L. Day, deceased; Asa Thompson, 
ensign, vice Day, promoted. 

Duty Shumway, captain, vice (Francis) Needham, resigned; 
Elisha Sill, lieutenant, vice Shumway, promoted; Jonathan Brown, 
junior, ensign, vice Sill, promoted. 

Thaddeus Shelden, captain, vice (Obadiah) Webster, refusing; 
Nathan Maynard, lieutenant, vice T. Shelden, promoted; Mason 
Parce, ensign, vice (Richard) Doolittle, refusing; Amasa Whitford, 
ensign, vice W. Davis, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Enos Mead's regiment: 

James Tuttle, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Mead, moved. 

Lemuel Humphrey, first major, vice Tuttle, promoted; Ebenezer 
Goodman, second major, vice Humphrey, promoted; Solyman B. 
Fox, adjutant, vice (Frederick) Miller, resigned; Enos Wheeler, 
captain light infantry; John W. Cannon, lieutenant do; Newcomb 
Mead, ensign do. 

Captains — Enos Mead, second, vice H. Baldwin, moved; Joseph 
Wells, vice Humphrey, promoted; Stephen Tuttle, vice E. Good- 
man, promoted; Solomon Ferris, vice J. Norton, moved; Samuel 
Stackhouse, vice J. Woodward, do; Halsey R.ogers. 

Lieutenants — Joshua Eaton, vice E. Mead, promoted; Isaiah Wil- 
cox, vice Wells, promoted; Plin(y) Pierce, vice Tuttle, promoted; 
Lewis Newman, vice S. Ferris, promoted; Albro Tripp, vice Stack- 
house, promoted; Michael Harris. 

Ensigns — Holden Kinyeon ; Nathaniel Smith ; Rice Eaton, vice J. 
Eaton, promoted; Samuel Barber, vice Plin(y) Pierce, promoted; 
Israel Mead, vice L. Newman, promoted; Nathaniel Tripp, vice A. 
Tripp, promoted; Solomon Lyman, vice I. Wilcox, promoted. 



1206 Annual Report of the 

greene county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight's regiment : 

Merchant Lawrence, first major, vice (Jacob) Haight, appointed 
sheriff; Ezra Hawley, second do, vice Lawrence, promoted. 

Mark Spencer, paymaster, vice (John M.) Canfield, moved. 

Joel Austin, captain, vice Hawley, promoted; Reuben Sanderson, 
lieutenant, vice Austin, promoted; Nathaniel Cooke, ensign, vice 
Sanderson, promoted; John Merefield, lieutenant light infantry, vice 
(John) Buel, moved; David G. Abeel, ensign do, vice Merefield, 
promoted; Richard Thomas, lieutenant, vice (Amos) Eaton, indicted; 
Peter P. Sacks, ensign, vice Thomas, promoted. 

Agur A. Tredwell, captain, vice (John) Balis, resigned; Jonas 
Finch, lieutenant, vice Tredwell, promoted; William Post, ensign, 
vice Finch, promoted. 

William Dobson, captain, vice (Henry) Ritter, resigned; Henry 
White, lieutenant, vice Dobson, promoted; Benjamin H. Haviland, 
ensign, vice White, promoted. 

Thomas Howe, captain light infantry, vice (John T.) Lacy 
(Lacey), moved. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Stephen 
Barnum : 

Isaac Crosby, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Bar- 
num, refusing. 

Hart Weed, first major, vice J. Hoyt, refusing; Anson Crane, 
second do, vice Crosby, promoted; John T. Hotchkiss, adjutant, 
vice H. Weed, promoted; Abijah Selah, quartermaster, vice D. 
Barnum, moved. 

Rufus Fancher, captain, vice L. Hecock, moved; James M. Smith, 
lieutenant, vice R. Fancher, promoted; Benjamin Pugsley, ensign, 
vice J. M. Smith, promoted. 

State Historian. 1207 

Henry Smith, captain, vice Crane, promoted; Henry Gift, lieu- 
tenant, vice Smith, promoted; Epaphras B. Baldwin, ensign, vice H. 
Clift, promoted; Joseph Howes, lieutenant, vice (Isaac) Reed, 
moved; Anson Paddock, ensign, vice J. Howes, promoted; Solomon 
Wooden, lieutenant, vice J. J. Hotchkiss, promoted; Buel Gidrams, 
ensign, vice S. Wooden, promoted. 

William Jones, captain, vice Palmer, resigned; Orrin Cowl, lieu- 
tenant, vice Jones, promoted; Asa Church, ensign, vice A. Cowl, 
promoted; Peter H. Foster, lieutenant, vice A. Selah, promoted; 
Caleb Barnum, ensign, vice Foster, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel David Hobby, junior's regiment: 

Guy B. Hobby, adjutant, vice (Charles) Vail, moved; James 
Palmer, ensign, vice Hobby, promoted. 

Joseph (R.) Hyatt, captain, vice (Stephen) Ferris, resigned; Jesse 
Akerly, lieutenant, vice Hyatt, promoted; Abraham Hyatt, junior, 
ensign, vice Akerly, do. 

Abel Smith, junior, captain riflemen; Joseph Feeks, junior, lieu- 
tenant do; Daniel C. Hopkins, ensign do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abijah Harris' regiment: 

Solomon Mead, captain, vice (Roger) Brown (junior), declining; 
Isaac Pardy (Pardee), lieutenant, vice Mead, promoted; Thomas 
Smith, ensign, vice Pardy (Pardee), promoted. 

Amos Northrop, captain, vice (John) Rusco, absconded; Matthew 
Benedict, lieutenant, vice Northrop, promoted; William Lockwood, 
ensign; Stephen Weed, lieutenant, vice (Thomas) Potts, resigned; 
Thaddeus S. Fancher, ensign, vice Weed, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Van Cortland, junior's, regiment: 

Nathaniel Montross, second major, vice (John) Hyatt, resigned; 
Thaddeus Crane, quartermaster, vice W. Horton, resigned; John 



i2o8 Annual Report of the 

Owens, adjutant, vice S. Roof, junior, promoted; Wilhelmus Gar- 
rison, captain, vice N. Montross, promoted ; John Fowler, lieutenant, 
vice W. Garrison, promoted; Lot Marshall, ensign, vice Fowler, pro- 

Absalom Lent, captain, vice J. Vredenburgh, moved; Nathan 
Anderson, junior, lieutenant, vice A. Lent, promoted; James Haines, 
ensign, vice N. Anderson, junior, promoted. 

David E. Travis, captain light infantry, vice (Jacob D.) Dyckman, 
moved; Jeremiah Pugsley, lieutenant do, vice D. E. Traviss, pro- 
moted; Dan Guile, ensign do, vice Pugsley, promoted. 

Nathaniel Hyatt, captain do ; James White, lieutenant light infan- 
try; Abraham Purdy, ensign do. 

John H. Tompkins, ensign, vice Owens, promoted; Thomas A. 
Ward, ensign, vice (James) Maby (Mabey), refusing; Ezra Baxter, 
ensign, vice J. Wright, resigned. 

Richard Ward, lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment of 
infantry in the county of Westchester: 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Varian's regiment: 

Elijah Valentine, second major, vice D. Ferris, superseded. 

Lewis Rich, captain, vice Valentine, promoted; John Williams, 
lieutenant, vice L. Rich, promoted. 


Peter S. Van Orden, brigadier general of the brigade of militia 
in the county of Rockland. 

Michael Trout, brigade major and inspector. 

Benjamin Gurnee, lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment 
in said brigade, vice Van Orden, promoted. 

Cornelius A. Blauvelt, do. 

State Historian. 1209 

lewis county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Luke Winchel's regiment: 

Zeboam Carter, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Winchel, 

David Cobb, first major, vice (Solomon) Buck, resigned; William 
Clark, second do, vice Carter, promoted. 

Caleb L. Clark, captain, vice Cobb, promoted; Charles N. Sweet, 
lieutenant, vice (Jared) Topping, resigned; Cyrus Trowbridge, 
ensign, vice (Caleb) L. Clark, promoted. 

Francis Sanders (Saunders), captain, vice Clark, promoted; Wil- 
liam Root, lieutenant, vice Sanders (Saunders), promoted; William 
Bradway, ensign, vice (William) Darbyshire, promoted. 

Lyman Demming, captain, vice J. Bush, resigned; Jared Knapp, 
lieutenant, vice (Silas) King, moved; Joel Gleason, ensign, vice 
(Joseph) Fulsom, moved. 

Moses Waters, captain, vice (Jesse) Willcox (Wilcox), resigned; 
Jedediah Darrow, junior, lieutenant, vice (Galen) Rushmore, 
deceased; Isaiah Bailey, ensign, vice (Solomon) King, promoted. 

Israel Kellogg, captain, vice (Elijah) Hunger, resigned; John 
Clark, lieutenant, vice (Tyrannus A.) Wright, moved; Erastus 
Wright, ensign, vice I. Kellogg, promoted; Joel Murrey, ensign, 
vice J. B. Carter, moved. 

Rufus Stoddard, captain, vice (Robert) Claflin (Clafftan), moved; 
Benjamin Stillman, lieutenant, vice R. Stoddard, promoted; Ebene- 
zer Newton, ensign, vice B. Stillman, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Bruyn's regiment: 
John Jansen, second major, vice D. Roosa, resigned; Severyne T. 
Bruyn, quartermaster, vice J. L. Bruyn, moved. 



1210 Annual Report of the 

Joseph Gasherie, captain, vice J. Jansen, promoted; Derick Roosa, 
junior, do, vice S. Ray, resigned; Morris Bruyn, do, vice P. Asdorfe 
(Peter Alsdorfe), resigned; James R. Hunter, lieutenant, vice D. 
Roosa, junior, promoted; David Schoonmaker, do, vice Gasherie, 
promoted; John M. Jansen, ensign, vice S. T. Bruyn, promoted; 
Isaac Hoffman, do, vice J. R. Hunter, promoted; Zacharias Masten, 
do, vice M. Bruyn, promoted; Jacob Dickison, do, vice T. Hunter, 


Lieutenant Colonel William Paulding's regiment, being Fifth 
regiment of first brigade of the city and county of New York: 
Charles Baldwin, captain of riflemen. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Markham's regiment: 

Joseph W. Lawrence, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Mark- 
ham, resigned. 

George Smith, first major, vice Lawrence, promoted; William T. 
Hosmer, second do, vice Smith, promoted; Samuel Blakeslee, adju- 
tant; Jonathan D. Faulkner, quartermaster; Arnold Markham, pay- 
master; Elihu Hovey, ensign. 

David Rowley, captain, vice (Daniel) Richards, resigned; Joseph 
M. Gilbert, lieutenant, vice Rowley, promoted; Jacob N. Wimple, 
ensign, vice J. M. Gilbert, promoted. 

David Bigelow, captain, vice M. Hanna, resigned; Zebulon Rath- 
bone, lieutenant, vice Bigelow, promoted; Ozie Blakeslee, ensign, 
vice Rathbone, promoted. 

Ezekiel Wadsworth, captain, vice W. T. Hosmer, promoted; 
Thomas Tilden, junior, lieutenant, vice E. Wadsworth, promoted; 
Sylvester Hosmer, ensign; Cephas Beach, junior, ensign, vice J. 
Carrier, moved; David Parker, lieutenant; David Hilton, ensign, 
vice D. Parker, promoted. 

State Historian. 121 i 

Levi Dunn, captain, vice J. Vance, resigned; Samuel Bailey, lieu- 
tenant, vice M. Parker, moved; Thomas Bailey, ensign, vice L. 
Dunn, promoted. 

Nathan Jeffords, junior, captain, vice N. Rowley, moved; Clark 
Davis, lieutenant, vice N. Jeffords, promoted; Peter Price, ensign. 

Regiment composed of Major Ezra Patterson's battalion: 

Caleb Hopkins, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice E. Patter- 
son, not accepting. 

Nathan Norton, first major, vice Hopkins, promoted; Oringh 
Stone, second do, vice Norton, promoted. 

Enos Blossom, captain, vice O. Stone, promoted; Leonard Stone- 
burner, lieutenant; Levi Thomas, ensign; Levi Treadwell, ensign, 
vice L. Wright, not accepting; Ariel Newcomb, ensign. 

Joel Thayer, captain; Caleb Harrington, lieutenant; Luther Har- 
vey, ensign. 

William McKinstry, captain light infantry; Samuel Felt, lieuten- 
ant; Phineas King, paymaster. 


Brigadier General Freegift Patchin's brigade: 

Thomas Lawyer, brigade major and inspector, vice H. Becker, 

Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 

William Becker, junior, lieutenant, vice E. Potter, not accepting; 
Isaac Barber, ensign, vice W. Becker, junior, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Hezekiah Ketchum's regiment: 
Samuel Stewart, second major, vice H. Bailey, refusing; Nathan 
Bailey, adjutant, vice J. Haswell, resigned; George W. Ten Brook, 
quartermaster, vice H. Fanning, resigned; Samuel D. Lockwood, 
paymaster, vice J. Mandeville, promoted. 



1212 Annual Report of the 

Nathan Bailey, captain, vice (Cornelius C.) Van Sanford, resigned; 
Samuel Demarest, captain light infantry, vice S. Stewart, promoted; 
Felix Tracey, lieutenant do, vice S. Demerast, promoted; John 
Stewart, ensign do, vice F. Tracey, promoted. 

Joshua Mandeville, captain, vice N. Bailey, appointed adjutant; 
Asahel Philo, lieutenant; Samuel G. Huntington, ensign, vice N. 
Bailey, promoted; Tartalus Frost, lieutenant; Andrew Frasher, 
ensign, vice Frost, promoted; John Nestle, junior, lieutenant, vice 
D. Collins, resigned; Grandus Levisee, ensign, vice George W. Ten 
Brook, promoted. 

William Neff, junior, captain, vice J. Peck, resigned; David Ash, 
ensign, vice F. Clements, promoted. 

Jonathan Irish, captain, vice J. Welden, resigned; Garret J. Van 
Vranken, lieutenant, vice J. Irish, promoted; Silas Sweetland, ensign, 
vice G. J. Van Vranken, promoted; Elijah Porter, surgeon, vice J. 
Stearns, moved; John Haight, surgeon's mate, vice E. Porter, 

Ephraim Knowlton, captain, vice A. J. Van Vranken, resigned; 
Smiten Irish, lieutenant, vice Knowlton, promoted; Isaac B. Mix, 
ensign, vice S. Irish, promoted; Frederick Clements, lieutenant, vice 
W. Neff, junior, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thompson Mead's regiment: 

Jervis K. Pike, captain grenadiers, with rank from 29th March, 

1806; Richard Brown, lieutenant do, with do from 12 March, 1810. 

Samuel Camp, ensign. 

Seth Saxton, captain light infantry, with rank from 12 March, 

1810; Ethan Reynolds, lieutenant do, with do from do; Blin Harris, 

ensign do, with do from do. 

Amasa Foote, captain do, vice (Daniel) Gardner, moved; Joshua 

State Historian. 1213 

Pratt, junior, lieutenant do, vice (Stephen) Skinner, moved; The- 
ophilus Robison, ensign do. 

Benjamin Prentis, captain, vice (Judah) Bement; Joshua Bishop, 
lieutenant; Bennit Hart, ensign; Robert Bishop, paymaster, vice 
(Isaac S.) Bokee, moved. 


Brigadier General James Knapp's brigade: 

Enos Stimson, brigade major and inspector, vice J. Ballard, 
appointed sheriff. 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Miller's regiment: 

Andrew Dickson, adjutant; Asa M. White, quartermaster. 

Hezekiah Roberts, captain grenadiers; Eleazer May, lieutenant 
do; Samuel Stone, ensign do. 

Jacob Badgley, lieutenant; Samuel McGraw, ensign; Paul Bab- 
cock, junior, ensign; James Crowfoot, junior, lieutenant. 

Zephaniah Hicks, captain; Daniel Crandell, lieutenant; John Goff, 

Major John Kingman's battalion: 

John McWhorter, surgeon ; Mordecai Low, surgeon's mate. 

Joseph Huntley, lieutenant, vice E. Cole, moved; Joseph A. 
Lovell, ensign. 

A new battalion: 

Elijah Wheeler, major commandant; Lewis Hedges, adjutant. 

Captains — Stephen N. Peck, George Forbes, Gurdon Woodruff, 
junior, Frederick Truman. 

Lieutenants — Josiah Smith, William Blanchard, William Fairly. 

Ensigns — Isaac Wheeler, Samuel Buel, William Pierce, Jesse 

First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Isaac Smith, captain, vice S. L. Sheldon, moved; John Fish, first 



1214 Annual Report of the 

lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Arrna Eaton, second do, vice Fish, 


Lieutenant Colonel John Reynolds' regiment: 

Darius Phelps, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Reynolds, 

Ezra Post, first major, vice Phelps, promoted; Abraham Post, 
second do, vice E. Post, promoted. 

Phinehas Tyler, junior, captain, vice Post, promoted; Nathan 
Stone, lieutenant, vice Tyler, promoted. 

Daniel Cornwall, captain, vice (Selah) Strong, resigned; Daniel 
Kirtland, lieutenant, vice Cornwall, promoted; Walter Field, ensign; 
Frederick Leet. lieutenant, vice (Judson) Minor, resigned; Martin 
Burhans, ensign. 

Wilson Phelps, captain, vice Burhans, resigned; Johnson Feero, 
lieutenant, vice Ellis, resigned; Francis Winne, ensign. 

Elijah Hawley, junior, captain, vice (Amasa) Thompson, resigned; 
Samuel Xowlin, lieutenant; James Ressequie, ensign. 

John Adams, captain light infantry, vice (Jabez) Bushnel, 
resigned; Benjamin Wright, lieutenant do, vice (Eli) Wheeler, 
moved; Micah Pearce, ensign do, vice Wright, promoted. 

Elkanah Percival, captain do, vice Qosiah) Doan, resigned; John 
Gidius (Geddeus), lieutenant, vice Percival, promoted; Samuel Chap- 
man, ensign, vice Gidius, promoted. 

Gideon Hecock, captain, vice Post, promoted; Simeon Morse, 
lieutenant, vice Hecock, promoted; Seth Newell, ensign; Edward 
Henman, lieutenant, vice Skeels, promoted; Daniel Page, ensign; 
Asahel Peck, ensign, vice Stone, promoted; William Chapman, 

State Historian. 121 5 

suffolk county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Conklin's regiment: 

John Floyd, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (Israel) Carl, 
not accepting. 

Moses Blackley, first major, vice Floyd, promoted; Nathaniel 
Smith, second major, vice Blackley, promoted. 

Joel Carll, captain; William Woodhull, lieutenant, vice P. Vail, 
deceased; Johannes Bergen, ensign, vice J. Carl, promoted. 

Oliver Carll, captain, vice E. Conklin, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Eddy's regiment: 
Thomas Smith, surgeon's mate, vice Baker, moved. 
Munson Smith, captain light infantry; Peter Vandenburgh, lieu- 
tenant do; Joseph Reed, ensign do, 


Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Smith's regiment: 

Harry Smith, quartermaster. 

Timothy Hurd, captain light infantry; Caleb Cowing, lieutenant 
do; William Clark, ensign do. 

Sanford Keeler, captain; Henry Clark, lieutenant; John Lanning, 

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel S. Haight's regiment: 

Augustus Tyler, ensign. 


Artillery — Joseph Kirkland, brigadier general of the third bri- 
gade of artillery, vice (Peter) Van Slyck, resigned. 


Jacob Swits, brigadier general of the brigade of infantry in the 
counties of Albany and Schenectady, lately commanded by Garret 
W. Van Schaick, vice Van Schaick, resigned. 



12 1 6 Annual Report of the 

orange county. 
Resolved, that Peter A. Millspaugh be no longer surgeon of 
Colonel Benjamin Webb's regiment in the county of Orange, and 
that a supersedeas issue accordingly; and that Joseph Whalin be and 
he is hereby appointed surgeon to said regiment. 


The Commander-in-chief having divided the brigade of infantry 
in the counties of Genesee, Niagara, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua, 
commanded by Brigadier General Alexander Rhea (Rea), into two 

Resolved, that the following officers be and they are hereby 
appointed therein: 

Timothy S. Hopkins, brigadier general of the militia in the coun- 
ties of Niagara, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua. 

Julius Keyes, brigade major and inspector of said brigade. 


Asa Chapman, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Hopkins, 

Samuel Hill, junior, first major, vice Chapman, promoted; William 
W. Chapin, second do, vice Hill, promoted. 

Calvin Filmore, captain; James Porter, lieutenant; John Van Wye, 

Asa P. Harriss, captain; Israel Wilcox, lieutenant; Sylvenus Fel- 
ton, ensign. 

James Cronk, captain; Almon Ford, lieutenant; Nathaniel S. 
White, ensign; William Austin, ensign. 

William Hull, captain; James Chapin, lieutenant; George Keith, 

William Blackman, captain; Aruna Hibbard, lieutenant; Philip 
Peckham, ensign. 

State Historian. 121 7 

Benjamin Gardner, lieutenant; Abiel Gardner, ensign. 

Elisha Ensign, captain; Frank Ludlow, lieutenant; John Sample, 

Joseph Wells, captain light infantry; Asahel Adkins, lieutenant do. 

A new regiment: 

William Warren, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

William C. Dudley, first major; Benjamin Whaley, second do; 
Henry Godfrey, quartermaster; Harris Hibbard, paymaster; Sumner 
Warren, adjutant; Inis B. Palmer, ensign. 

Samuel Eaton, captain; Charles Johnson, lieutenant. 

Luther Hubbard, captain; John Russel, lieutenant; Frederick 
Richmond, ensign; Peter Lewis, lieutenant; Reuben Newton, 

Ezra Nott, captain; Abner Currier, lieutenant; Ira Scott, ensign. 

Ezekiel Cook, captain; Luther Calvin, lieutenant. 


Artillery — First regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Peter Irving, first major, vice B. M. Mumford, resigned; Robert 
Swartwout, second major, vice Irving, promoted. 

Captains — William B. Crosby, vice Swartwout, promoted; John 
V. B. Varick, vice T. Hopkins, resigned; James S. Bailey, vice 
Crosby, attached to staff; Nicholas Bogart, junior, vice H. G. 
Stevens, do; John Bloodgood, vice (John) Le Maire, resigned; 
Daniel Bahr, vice J. D. Miller, company dissolved. 

First lieutenants — Richard Johnson, vice S. Stansbury, not attend- 
ing; David Codwise; John Salisbury; Samuel Stevens; John Gray, 
vice R. Johnson, promoted; Hugh McLeod, vice J. Salisbury, do; 
Charles Town, vice S. Stevens, do; Timothy Mills. 

Second lieutenants — John L. Morton, and quartermaster, vice G. 
Storm, resigned; Daniel Remsen; John Cummings. 



i2i8 Annual Report of the 

Second regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Simon Fleet, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice L. Loomis, 

John Bleecker, first major, vice Fleet, promoted; John Minuse, 
second do, vice Bleecker, promoted. 

John Marston, captain, vice (Peter) Brinckerhoof, deceased; 
Thomas W. Gilbert, do, vice J. Minuse, promoted; Jacob Anthony, 
first lieutenant, vice Marston, promoted; Joseph Lametti, first do; 
Lewis Ford, first do; John Convey, second do; George B. Rapelyea, 
second lieutenant. 

Third regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Benjamin Aycrigg, first major, vice Charles Snoden (Snowden, 
Snodon), moved; Cornelius Harsen, second do, vice Aycrigg, 

Samuel Gedney, captain, vice Harsen, promoted; Barnet Anda- 
riese, do, vice (James) Hewett (Hewitt), resigned; Stephen D. 
Beeckman, surgeon, vice (William) Barrow, do; Jacob Brodhead, 
chaplain, vice J. Brodhurst, erroneous; Jeremiah Vanderbilt, second 
lieutenant; Jonas Humbert, junior, second do, vice (Joseph A.) 
Weed, resigned; Jameson Cox, second do, vice (Jacob) Peterson, 
do; Henry Peers, second do. 

Fourth regiment, first brigade of artillery: 


Ludowick Post, captain, vice (Jesse) Hedges (Hodges), not 
accepting; Aiden Spooner, first lieutenant, vice Post, promoted; 
Ezekiel Jones, second do, vice Spooner, promoted. 


Micajah Townsend, first do, vice (John) Mott, not accepting; Titus 
R. Boerum, second do, vice Townsend, promoted. 

State Historian. 1219 

westchester county. 
Jonathan Miller, captain, vice Raymond, resigned; Enoch Scrib- 
ner, first lieutenant, vice Miller, promoted; Job Hoyt, second do; 
Samuel Young, first do, vice (John) Hunter, moved ; Jacob Weldey, 
second do, vice Young, promoted; James Giesterman, paymaster, 
vice (Jeremiah) Shotwell, not accepting. 


Horse Artillery — First troop of horse artillery in the city and 
county of New York: 

John Graff, second lieutenant, vice (John) Boscawen, resigned; 
George G. Merserve, cornet, vice J. Graff, promoted. 

First brigade of artillery: 

Bernard Hart, brigade quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Sprague's regiment: 

Farrand Stranahan, lieutenant colonel commandant, vacant. 

Edward Bowe, junior, first major, vice Stranahan, promoted; 
Cyrus Steer, second do, vacant; John Smith, chaplain, do; Henry 
Phinney, adjutant, vice (Ebenezer) Ripley, resigned. 

Hezekiah Bowen, captain, vice Steer, promoted; Henry Baker, 
do, vice Bowe, promoted; John Waterman, second, do, vice T. Wil- 
liams, promoted; John Windsor, lieutenant, vice H. Bowen, pro- 
moted; Jarvis Smith, do, vice Baker, promoted; Abraham Van Horn, 
do, vice J. Waterman, promoted. 

Ensigns — Daniel Potter, junior, vice Windsor, promoted; Asa 
Pride, vice Smith, promoted; Henry Knowlton, vice A. Van Horn, 
promoted; William Fairchild, vacant; Jesse H. Starr, do. 

Esek Steere, captain light infantry, vice (Isaac) Williams (junior), 
appointed sheriff; Ira Williams, lieutenant do, vice Steere, promoted; 
William Nichols, ensign do, vice I. Williams, promoted. 



1220 Annual Report of th£ 

saratoga county. 
Brigadier General Samuel Clark's brigade: 

Leonard H. Gansevoort, brigade quartermaster, vice (Daniel L.) 
Van Antwerp, moved. 


Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius J. Schermerhorn's regiment: 
Joel Bristol, captain rifle company; William Carmichael, lieutenant 
do; Stephen Tripp, ensign — with rank from the first day of Decem- 
ber last. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Mackey's regiment: 

Eliakim Beach, lieutenant, vice (Jesse) Hollister, resigned; David 
Vermillya, junior, lieutenant; Elnathan Pratt, do, vice E. Lawrence, 
resigned; Asa Woodford, junior, ensign, vice E. Beach, promoted; 
George Penny, do, vice John Y. Wright, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Gallup's regiment: 

Stephen Willis, second major, vice (Gideon) Gallup, resigned. 

Thomas Holliday, chaplain. 

Captains — Johannis H. Ball, vice J. J. Kneeskern, resigned; 
Artemas Morris, vice L. Sherman, do; Joseph Crary, vice T. Rogers, 
do; John Werley, vice John Westel, do. 

Lieutenants — Stephen Merselis, vice J. H. Ball, promoted; Jona- 
than Parish, junior, vice A. Morris, promoted; Daniel Denison, vice 
J. Werly, do. 

Ensigns — Johannes J. Shoultis, vice J. Parish, do; Shubel Owen, 
vice S. Marselis, do; John Avery, vacant; John Armstrong, vice 
Denison, promoted; Cornelius Van Dusen. 

Abel Hinckley, captain light infantry, vice S. Willis, promoted; 
Peleg Gallup, lieutenant do, vice Hinckley, promoted; Henry Lewis, 
ensign do, vice Gallup, promoted. 

State Historian. 1221 

Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Schoolcraft's regiment: 

John H. Burhans, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice School- 

Albartus W. Becker, first major, vice Burhans, promoted; William 
Sager, second do, vice Becker, promoted. 

William Springsteen, adjutant, vice Haswell, promoted; George 
Brown, junior, lieutenant, vice P. Van Dusen, promoted; Garret 
Hogan, do, vice Springsteen, promoted; John McKown, ensign, 
vice G. Brown, deceased; Daniel W. Winne, do, vice G. Hogan, 
promoted; Isaac Van Derheyden, do, vice G. Simmons. 

John V. Veeder, captain light infantry; George Batterman, lieu- 
tenant do; Roswell Brown, ensign do. 

Major Silas Marsh's battalion: 

Amos Morey, adjutant, vice J. Bosland, resigned; Abraham 
Conklin, quartermaster, vice A. Morey, promoted; Charles Marsh, 
paymaster, vice A. Conklin, promoted. 

John Sherburne, captain, vice M. Pulver, resigned; Amos Bennet, 
do, vice W. Hiscock, resigned; Gilbert Hunt, do, vice H. McCollum, 
promoted; William Patterson, lieutenant, vice A. Bennet, promoted; 
Joel Haskins, do, vice E. Dennison; Phineas Rowley, ensign, vice 
W. Patterson, promoted. 

John Brown, captain light infantry; Abner Sears, lieutenant do; 
Elijah Smith, ensign do. 


Lieutenant Colonel James Haile's regiment: 

Hezekiah Wilbor, ensign riflemen, vice Ross, moved; Zephi 
Brockett, lieutenant, vacant; Henry Maus, ensign, vacant. 

Joseph Stephens, captain, vice (Anson) Leet, resigned; Philip 
Ward, lieutenant, vice Stephens, promoted; Joel Mann, ensign, vice 
Ward, promoted. 



1222 Annual Report of the 

Peter Klock, captain, vice P. Petrie, moved; Francis Bucklin, lieu- 
tenant, vice P. Klock, promoted; Timothy Baker, ensign, vice Buck- 
lin, promoted. 

Jared Smith, captain, vice H. Tillinghast, resigned; Scribner 
Nichols, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Daniel C. Henderson, 
ensign, vice Nichols, promoted. 

Charles Dyer, captain light infantry, vice (Nathaniel) Norton 
(junior), resigned; Stephen Smith, lieutenant do, vice Dyer, pro- 
moted; Lemuel Potter, ensign do, vice Smith, promoted; John Alex- 
ander, quartermaster, vice G. W. Cook, unfit; Samuel Keith, pay- 
master, vice Alexander, promoted. 

First squadron, Seventh regiment of cavalry: 

Rufus Crane, captain; John Mix, first lieutenant; Robert Ander- 
son, second do; Ralph Merry, cornet — new company. 


Fifth regiment of artillery: 

David Waterman, captain, vice (William) Kingsley, resigned; 
Chauncey Guernsey, first lieutenant, vice D. Waterman, promoted; 
William H. Satterlee, second do, vice C. Guernsey, promoted. 

Sixth regiment of artillery: 


William Ayres, first lieutenant, vice B. Schuldys, moved; Sanford 
Smith, second do, vice J. Caswell, do. 


James Rees, captain; Ralph T. Wood, first lieutenant; Joseph H. 
Rees, second do — new company. 

State Historian. 1223 

qtsego county. 
Isaac Smith, captain; John Woodbury, first lieutenant; James 
Hawks, second lieutenant — new company. 

Fourth regiment, first brigade of artillery: 


Jacob Wildey, first lieutenant; John Archer, second do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Lyon's regiment: 

Enos Cornwall, captain light infantry, with rank from 9th March, 
1803; Richard B. Church, lieutenant, do; Thomas Humphrey, 
ensign do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 
Abraham Fansher, captain riflemen; Abraham Keyser, junior, 
lieutenant do ; John Murphy, ensign do. 


Brigadier General Daniel Brown's brigade: 

John Marshall, captain of a rifle company; Storm A. Vanderzee, 
lieutenant do; Zaccheus Lenon, ensign do. 


Fourth regiment, second brigade of infantry, city and county of 
New York: 

Thomas A.Morris, adjutant, vice (Edward L.) Scheiffiin, resigned; 
Jonas Bush, surgeon's mate. 

Henry Carpenter, captain, vice (William) Green, resigned; Wil- 
liam BarnewelL lieutenant, vice Carpenter, promoted; Samuel 
Harris, do, vice (John W.) Gibson, promoted; Thomas A. Morris, 
do, vice (Coe) Gale, promoted; Peter Willson, junior, do, vice (Elias) 
Hoffman, declining; Hendrick Boerum, do, vice Morris, promoted. 



1224 Annual Report of the 

Judah Hammond, ensign, vice Barnewell, promoted; James 
Striker, do, vice Harris, promoted; Gouverneur Bibby, do, vice 
Morris, do; Stephen Dummer, junior, do, vice Wilson, do; Samuel 
Nichols, lieutenant riflemen, vice (Stephen) Wood, resigned; Peter 
Paulding, ensign do, vice (Isaac) Ludlum, resigned. 

Peter Wilson, junior, captain do; Moses Bloodgood, lieutenant 
do; Peter W. Gale, ensign do. 

Fifth regiment of second brigade of infantry in the city and county 
of New York: 

James H. Bibby, ensign; David Cotheal, do. 

Second regiment of said brigade: 

James Strong, adjutant. 


First squadron, Fifth regiment of cavalry: 

Chauncey Humphrey, captain, vice (Lawrence L.) Van Kleeck, 
resigned; Isaac Hempstead, first lieutenant, vice Humphrey, pro- 
moted; Philip Street, second do; John Epes, cornet. 


Second squadron, Ninth regiment of cavalry: 

Eli Hart, captain; Daniel McClarey, first lieutenant; Joseph Her- 
shey, second do; Aaron Brenk, cornet. 

Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Andrew A. Ellicot, captain; Henry Wilder, first lieutenant; Robert 
Flemming, second do. 



Third regiment of cavalry (second squadron) — John Chester, chap- 
lain; Moses Burt, surgeon's mate. 

State Historian. 1225 

seneca county. 

First squadron, Ninth regiment of cavalry: Daniel Starkweather, 
cornet, vice (Augustus) Ely, declined. 

First regiment of cavalry, third squadron: 


Selah Carll, captain, vice G. Piatt, resigned; Samuel J. Wetmore, 
first lieutenant, vice S. Carll, promoted; Gilbert Piatt, second do, 
vice J. Conklin, resigned; Simon W. Cooper, cornet, vice S. Carll, 


Willet Mott, do, vice (Joseph) Hewlet, declining; James Schoon- 
maker, second lieutenant, vice R. Converse, declining; Wright 
Frost, cornet, vice Schoonmaker, promoted. 


First squadron — Lewis K. Storm, captain, vice (Cornelius) Schuy- 
ler, resigned; Francis White, first lieutenant, vice Storm, promoted; 
John Perin, second do, vice White, promoted; William Klins, cor- 
net, vice Perin, promoted. 

Isaac Pearcy, captain; Jesse Hustis, first lieutenant; James Card- 
well, second do; Jacob S. Dean, cornet. 

Second squadron — Chauncey R. Mitchel, do, vice Crawford, 

Charles Thompson, captain; Henry Rundle, first lieutenant; Seth 
Palmer, second do; Owen, cornet. 

Henry Arcularius, adjutant, vice A. Odell; Abraham Odell, pay- 
master; Joshua Secor, surgeon, vice (Hugh) McLean; Henry White, 
surgeon's mate; Henry Graham, second lieutenant, vacant. 



1226 Annual Report of the 

orange county. 

In the Second regiment of cavalry, third squadron: 

Charles Thompson, captain, vice D. Gale, deceased; Nathaniel 

Blair, first lieutenant, vice C. Thompson, promoted; Michael A. 

Jones, second do, vice Blair, promoted; Braddock L'Hommedieu, 

cornet, vice Jones, promoted. 


Second squadron — Jacobus Hardenburgh, captain, vice J. Crissel 
(John Crispell, junior), resigned; Andrew (Andries) Elmendorf, first 
lieutenant, vice (Levi) Elmendorf, resigned; James Crockburn, sec- 
ond do, vice J. Hardenburgh, promoted; John Myer, cornet, vice 
Elmendorf, promoted; Robert Griffith, surgeon's mate. 

In the Fourth regiment of cavalry: 

Phillip Duryee, chaplain; Thomas Richmond, adjutant; James 
Tifrt, paymaster; Joel Tubbs, junior, quartermaster; John H. Steel, 
surgeon; Richard Sill, surgeon's mate. 

First squadron — Daniel Montgomery, captain, vice D. Andrews, 
resigned; Daniel Dickison, first lieutenant, vice Montgomery, pro- 
moted; Isaac Q. Carpenter, second do, vice D. Dickison, promoted; 
John Sayles, cornet. 


John Linnendoll, captain, vice J. Reynolds, promoted; Sidney 
Berry, junior, first lieutenant, vice J. Linnendoll, promoted; George 
Reynolds, junior, second do; Seth Pope, cornet. 

Daniel Starr, captain, vice D. Couch, junior, resigned; Curtis 
Burton, first lieutenant, vice D. Starr, promoted; Parker Manning, 
second do, vice C. Burton, promoted; Samuel Bacon, cornet; Henry 
Duel, second lieutenant, vice (Jarvis) Brewster, moved; James 
Meeker, cornet, vice Duel; Charles Foster, second lieutenant, vice 

State Historian. 1227 

(Calvin) Wheeler, declining; Stephen Swan, cornet, vice Foster, 


Second squadron: 

Christopher Allen, captain, vice A. Skinner, moved; Benjamin 
Smith, first lieutenant, vice C. Allen, promoted; Seth Rising, 
second do, vice B. Smith, promoted; Locklen Wright, cornet. 

Clark Northrup, captain, vice P. Walsh (Welch), resigned; Amos 
Palmer, first lieutenant, vice C. Northrup, promoted; Benjamin 
Rice, second do, vice A. Palmer, promoted; William Raymond, 
junior, cornet, Joseph Tifft, cornet. 

Third squadron: 


Theodorus Ross, major, vice S. Hicks (Samuel Hicks, of Clinton 
county), resigned. 

George Troup (Throop), captain, vice T. Ross, promoted; John 
Lobden (Lobdell), first lieutenant, vice Troop, promoted; Simeon 
Frisbie, second do, vice J. Lobden, promoted; Samuel Lee, cornet. 


Lemuel North, captain, vice S. Hicks, promoted; Samuel Belden, 
first lieutenant, vice L. North, promoted; Simon Vaughen, second 
lieutenant, vice R. Rude. 


Jonathan Hunter, captain; Robert Dunn, first lieutenant; Alex- 
ander McKenzie, second do; Abijah Smith, cornet; Robert R. Rude, 

Third regiment of cavalry, first squadron : 


Simon Rockefeller, captain, vice (John) Van Deusen (junior), 
declining; Jonas F. Miller, first lieutenant, vice Rockefeller, pro- 



1228 Annual Report of the 

moted; John Haver, second do, vice Miller, promoted; Albert Feltz, 
cornet, vice Haver, promoted. 

Nathan Halsey, captain, vice (Eleazer) Cady, resigned; Lodowick 
S. Babcock, first lieutenant, vice Halsey, promoted; Ebenezer J. 
Cady, second do, vice Babcock, promoted; John Warner, cornet, 
vice Cady, promoted. 

Eighth regiment of cavalry: 

Oran E. Baker, adjutant; Daniel Le Roy, quartermaster; Cor- 
nelius Cuyler, paymaster; John Peck, chaplain; Jeremiah B. Pierce, 

First squadron: 


Minor Brown, captain, vice J. Haskel (Jesse Herskel), moved; 
Zadock Beebe, junior, first lieutenant, vice Miner (Brown), pro- 
moted; Frederick Morgan, second do, vice Z. Beebe, promoted; 
William Brown, cornet, vice Morgan, promoted. 

John Platch, captain, vice W. Hatch, resigned; Robert Henry, 
first lieutenant, vice J. Hatch, promoted; Joseph Enos, second do, 
vice Henry, promoted; Calvin Ackley, cornet, vice Enos, promoted; 
Elisha Litchfield, captain, vice E. Spear, resigned; Ephraim Cleve- 
land, first lieutenant, vice E. Litchfield, promoted; William Burdick, 
second do, vice E. Cleveland, promoted; Jacob Ten Eyck, cornet, 
vice Burdick, promoted. 

Jabez Crocker, captain, vice E. S. Jackson, resigned; Joseph Sims, 
first lieutenant, vice J. Crocker, promoted; Eli F. Hill, second do, 
vice Simms, promoted; Bibbin Crocker, cornet, vice Hill, promoted. 

Charles Chace, captain; William Jennings, first lieutenant; Arga- 
lus Cada, second do; John Beebe, cornet — new company. 

Captain Asa B. Sizer's company of horse artillery: 

Joseph Richardson, cornet, vice (Nichols) Wells, moved. 

State Historian. 1229 

orange county. 

Second regiment of cavalry: 

John Wallace, paymaster. 

Third regiment, second brigade of artillery: 

William Smith, captain, vice (Daniel) Carpenter, resigned; Chris- 
topher Arspel, first lieutenant, vice W. Smith, promoted. 

Henry Butterworth, captain, vice W. Ross, resigned; Purdy Fow- 
ler, first lieutenant, vice H. Butterworth, promoted ; James Williams, 
second do, vice J. Fowler, promoted. 

Alanson Austin, captain, vice (Joseph) Miller, moved; Robert 
Noble, first lieutenant, vice A. Austin, promoted; Francis Arm- 
strong, second do, vice R. Noble, promoted; Zachariah S. Flager, 
do, vice J. E. Turner, moved; Lawrence Thompson, second lieu- 
tenant, vice (Amos) Bryan, resigned. 

John C. Broadhead, captain; Ezra Williams, first lieutenant; John 
Coller, captain. 


Brigadier General Jacob Swits' brigade : 

Jonas Holland, brigade major and inspector, vice Yates, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Peter J. Vosburgh's regiment: 
Henry L. Van Dyck, surgeon, vice J. Lester, pronounced unfit; 
Richard S. Peck, surgeon's mate, vice H. L. Van Dyke; Jacob 
Sickles chaplain; Lawrence Van Beuren, quartermaster; Andrew 
Kittle, ensign, vice J. H. Kittle, promoted; Isaac Van Dyke, do, vice 
(Reuben) Salmon, refused. 

Peter T. Van Slyck, captain, vice J. V. Vleck; Henry Van Vleck, 
lieutenant, vice P. T. Van Slyck, promoted; Arent Van Vleck, ensign, 
vice H. V. Vleck, do. 



1230 Annual Report of the 

dutchess county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Solomon Cook's regiment: 

Martin E. Winchel, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Cook, 

Anthony Wheeler, first major, vice M. E. Winchel, promoted; 
Asa A. Thompson, second do. vice A. Wheeler, promoted. 

John Osborn, captain, vice A. A. Thompson, promoted; Allen 
Thompson, lieutenant, vice G. W. Lewis, resigned; Daniel Carpen- 
ter, ensign, vice J. Osborn, promoted. 

George Brush, captain, vice (William Burk) Peck, moved; Samuel 
Boyd, lieutenant, vice G. Brush, promoted; Samuel Brown, ensign, 
vice S. Boyd, promoted. 

Elijah Clark, captain, vice J. Collins, resigned; Nathaniel Hollis- 
ter, lieutenant, vice E. Clark, promoted; Xoah Peck, ensign, vice 
(Caleb) Dakin (junior), resigned; Lewis Cook, lieutenant, vice T. 
Mygatt, resigned; Jacob Rundle, ensign, vice L. Cook, promoted; 
Silas Harris, ensign, vice T. Stevenson, moved. 


Lieutenant Colonel Reuben Root's regiment: 

Jesse Hyde, paymaster, vice (Jesse) Smith, promoted; Newel 
Smith, surgeon, vice E. Day, deceased; W'illis Edson, surgeon's 
mate, vice Royall Rose, resigned. 

Lemuel Pettingill, captain, vice R. Barton, resigned. 

Joseph Chapin, captain, vice M. Rogers, promoted; Thomas Bush- 
nel, do, vice J. Kellogg, cashiered; Avery Park, lieutenant, vice J. 
Chapin, promoted; Samuel W. Stanton, do, vice S. Pettingill, pro- 
moted; Israel Thayer, do, vice J. Jennings, promoted; John Keefe, 
do, vice A. Sheldon, moved; Nathaniel Gardner, ensign, vice S. 
Stanton, promoted; Alpha Perry, do, vice B. Oatley, moved; Moses 

State Historian. 1231 

Aldrich, do, vice J. Thayer, promoted; John Stewart, junior, 

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Clyde's regiment: 

Robert Dunlap, quartermaster, vice M. H. Flint, moved. 

James Pitts captain, vice M. Rich, promoted; James Butler, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Pitts, promoted; Job Eddy, do, vice J. Rich, moved; 
John Denton, ensign, vice J. Butler promoted; Erastus Ingalls, do, 
vice E. Williams, moved; Jehiel Dutcher, do, vice J. Sloan, not 

Lieutenant Colonel James Stewart's regiment: 

Daniel Houghton, captain, vice N. Rose, resigned; Elijah Smith, 
lieutenant, vice D. Houghton, promoted; Oliver Chappel ensign, 
vice E. Smith, promoted; Chilow Bennedict, lieutenant rifle com- 
pany, vice S. Russel, refusing; Tracy Ensworth, ensign do, vice L. 
Houghton, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gershom Palmer's regiment: 

Robert Titus, captain light infantry, vice (Joseph) Miller, moved; 
Levi Beardsley, lieutenant do, vice R. Titus, promoted; Samuel 
Foreman, ensign do. 

Harvey Newell, captain, vice E. Gates, resigned; Stephen A. 
Eaton, lieutenant, vice (Oliver W.) Lynds (Lynde), deceased; Thom- 
son Holdridge, lieutenant, vice E. Fitch, resigned; Perez Main, 
ensign, vice S. McElwain, moved. 

John McDonald, captain; Nathan Bennet, lieutenant; Jacob 
Young, ensign. 

Joseph Gardner, captain. 

Lieutenant Colonel Solomon Martin's regiment: 

Silas Scott, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice S. Martin, 

Elisha Bundy, first major, vice S. Scott, promoted; William Stran- 
ahan, second major, vice Bundy, promoted. 


1232 Annual Report of the 


Amos Palmer, captain, vice Stranahan, promoted; Richard D. 
Shepherd, lieutenant; Andrew Winton, ensign, vice Palmer, 

James French, captain light infantry, vice E. Bundy, promoted; 
Benjamin Shephard, lieutenant do, vice J. French, promoted; James 
Overhiser, ensign do, vice B. Shephard, promoted. 

Thomas Dickson, captain do, vice W. Cole, resigned; Calvin Sax- 
ton, lieutenant do, vice T. Dickson, promoted; Martin Barber, 
ensign do, vice C. Saxton, promoted; David McMaster, lieutenant, 
vice J. Skinner, moved; Ebenezer B. Hovey, ensign, vice D. McMas- 
ter, promoted. 

Ebenezer Knap, captain, vice S. Macumber, moved; Elisha S. 
Sanders, lieutenant, vice E. Knap, promoted; Elijah Fuller, ensign, 
vice E. S. Sanders, promoted; Jacob Goble, lieutenant riflemen, vice 
Gilbert, moved. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Johnston's regiment : 
Francis Dubois, surgeon, vice (Samuel) Osborn, moved. 


Lieutenant Colonel Rem B. Simonson's regiment: 

A.ugustine Bailey, captain, vice B. Coles, promoted; John J. 

Schenk, lieutenant, vice R. Smith, moved; Dobson Alben, ensign, 

vice Schenk, promoted; George Tappen, ensign, vice R. Weeks; 

Samuel Cheshire, junior, ensign; Jeremiah Allen, quartermaster, vice 

T. Cock, resigned. 

Stephen Thorn, captain light infantry; Thorn Coles, lieutenant do; 

Micajah Weeks, ensign do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N. M. Hurd's regiment: 

James Munger, lieutenant light infantry, vice A. Putney, resigned; 

State Historian. 1233 

John Hutchinson, ensign do, vice J. Munger, promoted; Levi 
Brown, lieutenant, vice E. Daniels, resigned; George Salisbury, 
ensign, vice L. Brown, promoted; Stephen Coburn, lieutenant, vice 
D. Dean, moved; Charles Parmely, ensign, vice S. Coburn, pro- 
moted; Abner Sweetland, lieutenant, vice J. R. Watson, declined; 
Daniel Cobb, ensign, vice Sweetland, promoted; Stephen Dodge, 
ensign, vice M. Hackley, declined. 

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment: 

Rufus Spurn, lieutenant, vice J. Sloan, resigned; Zenas Hatch, 
ensign, vice R(ufus) Spurn, declined. 

Joseph Hitchcock, captain light infantry, vice (Eleazer) Sweet- 
land, resigned; James Cady, lieutenant do, vice (James) Dorance, 
resigned; Ezra Gates, ensign do, vice J(ames) Cady, resigned (pro- 
moted); Charles Skiff, ensign, vice S. Squires, resigned; Levi Dick, 
lieutenant, vice G. Vaugh, moved and resigned; William J. Curtis, 
ensign, vice L. Dick, promoted. 

Levi Gillet, captain, vice (Isaac) Sage, resigned; Martin Roberts, 
lieutenant, vice L. Gillet, promoted; Aaron Mason, ensign, vice M. 
Roberts; Collister Gray, do. 

Silas Beebe, captain, vice (Jesse) Foot, resigned; Thomas Dibble, 
lieutenant, vice S(ilas) Beebe, resigned (promoted); Ariel Murdock, 
ensign, vice T. Dibble, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Brown's regiment: 

Reuben Leonard, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice O. Brown, 

John Stanton, first major, vice R. Leonard, promoted; Noyes 
Palmer, second major; John D. Henry, surgeon, vice T. Robison, 
resigned; Rufus Holton, surgeon's mate; Oliver Babcock, adjutant, 
vice P. Babcock, promoted. 

Jonathan Nye, captain (grenadiers), vice (David) Waterman, 




1234 Annual Report of the 

resigned; Seth Holmes, lieutenant (do), vice J. Nye, promoted; 
Josiah More, ensign (do), vice S. Holmes, promoted; John Brown, 
ensign light infantry, vice (William) Whitford, declining. 

Ethan Clark, captain, vice N. Palmer, promoted; Jonah Taylor, 
lieutenant, vice E. Clark, promoted; Joseph H. Dwight, ensign, vice 
Taylor, promoted. 

Samuel Duncan (Dunkin), captain, vice (John) Chambers, 
resigned; Roswell Chapin, lieutenant, vice Duncan (Dunkin), pro- 
moted; Ephraim Berry, ensign, vice R. Chapin; Elijah B. Miller, 
lieutenant, vice A. Thomas, resigned; Saunders Crandell, ensign, 
vice E. B. Miller, promoted; John Dalrymple, ensign, vice A. 
Hodges, resigned: Joseph Clarke, ensign, vice J. Barber, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Westbrook's regiment: 

John H. De Witt, captain, vice J. Wesbrooks (Jonathan West- 
brook, junior), moved; John B. Dumond, lieutenant, vice J. H. De 
Witt, promoted; Henry Middagh, ensign, vice J. B. Dumond, do. 

Richard Lounsberry, captain, vice J. Cantine, resigned; Leonard 
Hardenburgh, junior, lieutenant, vice R. Lounsberry, promoted; 
Ebenezer Lounsberry, ensign, vice L. Hardenburgh, do. 

Isaac J. Davis, captain, vice J. Hollister, resigned; David Abby, 
lieutenant, vice I. J. Davis, promoted; William J. Davis, ensign, vice 
D. Abby, promoted. 

Charles Cantine, captain rifle company; Lewis J. Hasbrouck, lieu- 
tenant do; Jacob Nottingham, ensign do. 


Lieutenant Colonel William A. Cuddeback's regiment: 
Samuel Clark, first major, vice E. Sears, declining; Salmon 
Wheat, second major, vice S. Clark, promoted. 

State Historian. 1235 


James Newkirk, captain; Jacob Credit, lieutenant; Benjamin 
France, ensign. 

Jacob Gumaer, captain, vice R. W. Crawford, moved; John 
Writer, lieutenant, vice Gumaer, promoted; William Stanton, ensign, 
vice Writer, promoted. 

Peter E. Gumaer, captain; Benjamin Gumaer, lieutenant; Cor- 
nelius Van Inwagen, junior, ensign. 

John Shaw, captain; Abraham Tayler, lieutenant; Eleazer Hard- 
ing, ensign. , 


Major Josiah De Puy's battalion : 

Isaac Carrier, captain; Frederick Benton, lieutenant; Samuel Mar- 
tin, ensign. 

George Schoonmaker, captain; Jeremiah Gale, lieutenant; Gideon 
Porter, ensign. 

Benjamin R. Krom, captain; Abel Hodge, lieutenant; Peter Le 
Roy, ensign. 

Isaac Worden, captain; Oliver Kimbal, lieutenant; David Crippen, 

Major Samuel Barnum's battalion: 

Henry Read, lieutenant; Frederick Maltby, ensign; John Weath- 
erlow, ensign. 

Nehemiah Smith, captain light infantry; William Morgan, lieu- 
tenant do; Seth Conant, ensign do. 

Henry D. Schoonmaker, captain; William Hurley, lieutenant; 
Jonathan Nichols, junior, ensign; Peter Miller, ensign, vice J. N. 
Horton, promoted; Gabriel PI. Horton, adjutant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Tjerk DeWitt's regiment: 

Cornelius Van Beuren, first major; James Ransom, second do; 
Benjamin R. Bevier, surgeon. 


1236 Annual Report of the 

Tobias Wynkoop, junior, John E. Van Aiken (John Van Akin), 
and John Gillespie, captains. 

Martin Elmendorf, captain of light infantry; Egbert J. Schoon- 
maker, lieutenant do; John J. Dumond, ensign do. 

Abraham A. Post, junior, captain rangers, vice J. Clark, moved; 
Luke Kiersted, junior, lieutenant do, vice A. A. Post, promoted; 
Peter P. Post, ensign do, vice L. Kiersted, promoted. 

Jesse Buel, captain light infantry; Charles H. Ruggles, lieutenant 
do; Benjamin Ostrander, ensign do. 

Lieutenants — Cornelius Wynkoop, George Terpenning, Peter J. 

Ensigns — Zachariah Barker, Henry Hammond, Solomon E. 
Eltinge, Andrew Brink. 

Major Ebenezer Taylor's battalion: 

Squire Marsh, adjutant. 

Nathaniel Tyler, junior, captain riflemen, vice A. Tyler, moved. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Swits' regiment: 

John Veeder, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Swits, 

Jacob Mabee, first major, vice J. Veeder, promoted; Simon A. 
Vedder, second do, vice J. Mabee, promoted. 

Myndert J. Mynderse, adjutant, vice A. Oothoudt, junior, moved; 
Alexander G. Fonda, surgeon, vice C. Vrooman, deceased; Daniel J. 
Toll, surgeon's mate, vice A. G. Fonda, promoted. 

Zeger (Zegar) Van Santvoord (junior), captain light infantry, vice 
J. C. Duane, refusing. 

Samuel Steers, captain, vice Van Santvoord, annexed \o light 
infantry; Peter J. Clute, lieutenant light infantry, vice P. J. Clute, 
promoted; David Hersey, ensign do, vice P. J. Clute, promoted; 
Isaac Ledyard, ensign. 

State Historian. 1237 

montgomery county. 
Lieutenant Colonel George H. Nellis' regiment: 
Samuel Cooper, ensign, vice S. T. Doll, declining. 


Third brigade of artillery: 

John Townsend, brigade quartermaster. 


Brigadier General Solomon Martin's brigade of infantry: 

John Walton, brigade quartermaster. 

Sixth regiment of artillery, third brigade: 

Samuel Headley, captain ; John Y. Gilbert, first lieutenant ; Abra- 
ham Aldrich, second lieutenant; William Hudson, first lieutenant, 
vice D. Cuthbert, deceased; Ezra Treadaway, second do, vice W. 
Hudson, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Clyde's regiment: 

Moses Graves, surgeon, vice D. Little, moved. 


First regiment, second brigade, of the city and county of New 

Jonathan S. Coddington, quartermaster; Charles Drake, surgeon's 


Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Van Cortlandt's regiment: 
William Tompkins, lieutenant, vice E. Gregory, resigned; Peter 
N. Ferris, ensign, vice W. Tompkins, promoted. 


First squadron, Sixth regiment of cavalry: 

Abraham Wemple, captain, vice P. Youngs (Peter Young), pro- 
moted;* Jacob J. Eacker, first lieutenant, vice A. Wemple, pro- 

* Should be vice Jost Spreaker, promoted major, May 31, 1809, and superseded March 
12, 1810. See pages 1066, 1109 and 1167. — State Historian. 



1238 Annual Report of the 

moted; Joseph Failing - , second do, vice J. J. Eacker, promoted; Myn- 
dert M. Wemple, cornet, vice J. Failing, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Garret Post's regiment: 

Thomas Jackson, lieutenant, vice W. Thompson, promoted; James 
Sayre, junior, ensign, vice T. Jackson promoted; Ezra Smith, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Edsall, moved; Daniel Nanny, ensign, vice Smith, 


Lieutenant Colonel Marinus F. Durand's regiment: 
John Dix, captain, vice S. Bateman, moved; Witt Lane, lieuten- 
ant, vice J. Dix, promoted; Henry Watress, ensign, vice W. Lane, 


Lieutenant Colonel John Dunning's regiment: 

David Benedick, captain light infantry; Machival Andrews, lieu- 
tenant do; John Nelson, junior, ensign do. 

Fifth regiment of artillery: 

Simeon Simmons, captain; Hiram Mosher, first lieutenant; Ely 
Foster, second do. 


Benjamin Mooers, major general of the third division of infantry, 
vice D. Thomas, declining. 


Peter B. Porter, quartermaster general, vice B\ Mooers,* pro- 


Henry McNeil (of Oneida county), brigadier general of the second 
brigade of cavalry, vice J. Piatt, resigned. 

* General Benjamin Mooers had been assigned as quartermaster general by Governor 
Tompkins, in General Orders, August 23, 1810. Tompkins Papers, Volume I, page 
270. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 1239 

ontario county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Allen's regiment: 

James Henderson, junior, quartermaster, vice J. Abby, resigned; 
Joshua Jones, ensign, vacant. 

Stephen Ralph, captain, vice W. Warner, moved; Wheeler Reed, 
lieutenant, vice S. Ralph, promoted; George Fox, ensign, vice W. 
Reed, promoted. 

Roderick Steele, captain; Philip Short, junior, lieutenant, vice R. 
Steele, promoted; Jacob Bently, ensign, vice Short, promoted; Wil- 
lard Johnson, ensign, vacant. 

Serajah Stratton, captain, vacant; Richard Baker, lieutenant, vice 
Stratton, promoted; James Covell, junior, ensign, vice R. Baker, 
promoted; Ebenezer Bissell, ensign, vacant; David Doolittle, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Ashur Saxton's regiment: 

Micah Brooks, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice A. Saxton, 

Isaac Marsh, first major, vice A. Sprague, deceased; Ralph Strong, 
second do, vice A. Warner, moved. 

Joel Dunks, captain light infantry, vice M. Brooks; Enoch Will- 
cox, lieutenant do, vice J. Dunks, promoted; Asahel Cowles, ensign 
do, vice E. Wilcox, promoted. 

Jirah Rowley, captain, vice I. Marsh, promoted; Thomas Richard- 
son, junior, lieutenant, vice J. Rowley, promoted; Asahel Boughton, 
ensign, vice J. Smith, moved. 

Nathan Bryan, captain, vice R. Strong, promoted; Gains Lane, 
lieutenant, vice N. Bryan, promoted. 

Asa Johnson, captain, vice N. Eggleston, resigned; Truman Kel- 
log, lieutenant, vice A. Johnson, promoted; Ward Park, ensign, vice 
Kellog, promoted. 

Josiah Morehouse, captain, vice E. Bement, resigned; John Lusk, 
lieutenant, vice J. Morehouse, promoted. 



1 240 Annual Report of the 

Welcome Garfield, captain, vice S. Moon, resigned; Abraham 
Parrish, lieutenant, vice W. Garfield, promoted; Francis Smith, 
ensign, vice W. Garfield, promoted; Waterous Peck, lieutenant, vice 
P. M. Leech, resigned; Otis Thompson, ensign, vice W. Peck, 

Horace Lyon, adjutant, vice R. Leech, promoted; William B. 
Hamlin, lieutenant, vice H. Lyon, promoted; Elijah Bostwick, 
ensign, vice W. B. Hamlin, promoted; William Parker, lieutenant, 
vice E. Leech, resigned; Zelotus Sheldon, ensign, vice R. Moses, 

Lieutenant Colonel William Burnet's regiment: 

Thomas Lee, junior, second major, vice W. Smith, declining. 

Asa Webster, captain, vice J. Whiting, resigned; Stephen Havens, 
do, vice S. Wilcox, do; George H. Norton, do, vice T. Lee, junior, 
promoted; Seth Whitmore, lieutenant, vice A. Webster, promoted; 
Abner Woodworth, do, vice S. Havens, do; Benjamin Shaw, do, 
vacant; Ercurius Paterson, do, vice R. Lazelere, deceased; Chaun- 
cey Crittenden, ensign, vice S. Whitmore, promoted; Asa Cole, do, 
vice A. Woodworth, promoted; Meredith Mallery, do, vice G. H. 
Norton, do; James Bogart, do, vice E. Paterson, do. 

Jacob Backenstoes, quartermaster, vice T. Powel, moved. 

Abraham Dox, captain light infantry: John Sweny, lieutenant do; 
Garret L. Dox, ensign do — new company. 

Andrew Wilson, chaplain. 

Battalion of riflemen commanded by William H. Cuyler: 

Joseph Hall, second major, vice E. Granger, declined. 

Salma Stanley, captain, vice Hall, promoted; Frederick Van 
Demark, first lieutenant, vice Stanley, promoted; William Gray> 
second do, vice Van Demark, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Philetus Swift's regiment: 

State Historian. 1241 

Wells Whitmore, second major, vice E. Hawks, resigned. 

Thomas Davis, captain, vice D. Woodward (David Woodard), 
resigned; John Sheckel (Shackles), junior, lieutenant, vice T. Davis, 
promoted; Samuel Hildreth, ensign, vice J. Sheckel, promoted; 
Lemuel Banister, junior, paymaster, vacant; Ebenezer M. Pease, 
ensign, vice J. Beard, promoted; John Tayler, junior, ensign; Jesse 
Warner, junior, do, vice L. Bannister, promoted. 

John Holcomb, captain; Dan R. Hovey, lieutenant; Joshua 
Palmer, ensign — new company. 

Seth Swan, captain, vice W. Whitmore, promoted; Jesse Warner, 
junior (lieutenant), vice S. Swan, promoted; Nathaniel Wilson, 
junior, surgeon, vice J. Carter, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Peter B. Porter's regiment: 

Asa Stanley, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Porter, pro- 

Thaddeus Remmington, first major, vice (Silvester) Davis. 

David Smith, captain; Robert Spencer, captain light infantry, vice 
A. Stanley, promoted; Harvey Steele, lieutenant do, vice R. Spencer, 
promoted; James D. Bemis, ensign do. vice Steele, promoted; 
Annanias Wells, lieutenant, vice D. Smith, promoted; Gehazi 
Granger, do, vacant; Nicholas Howiand, ensign, vice C. McCloath, 

Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Hovvel's regiment: 

Thomas Rogers, adjutant, vice W. Rogers. 

Joseph Mallery, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — Otis Turner, vice N. Turner, resigned; William Rog- 
ers, vice J. Slocum, moved; Ephraim Green, vacant. 

Lieutenants — Barzilia Harvey, do; William Harwood, vice E. 
Green, promoted. 

Ensigns — Joseph Ferrel, vacant; Artemas Ward, do; Joseph Luce, 
do; Jacob White, vice P. Durfee, promoted. 



1242 Annual Report of the 

rockland county. 
Brigadier General Peter S. Van Orden's brigade: 
Robert Hart, brigade quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trotter's regiment: 

Benjamin Van Benthuysen, captain, vice A. Van Schaick, moved; 
David W. Groesbeck, do, vice W. McHarg, resigned; James Thorn, 
lieutenant, vice V. Benthuysen, promoted; Ephraim Starr, do, vice 
D. W. Groesbeck, promoted. 

James Stevenson, paymaster, vice E. Thomas, deceased; Tobias 
Van Schaick, ensign, vice (George) McPherson, appointed to rifle- 
men; Absalom Townsend, do, vice J. Thorne, promoted; Joseph 
Ives, junior, do, vice E. Starr, promoted; Henry Carpenter, do, vice 
J. B. Washburn, promoted; Moses Allen, do, vice J. Stevenson, 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rogers' regiment: 

William Ross, captain light infantry, vice T. Laing, resigned; 
Daniel Lindsay, lieutenant do, vice Ross, promoted; Henry Stafford, 
ensign do, vice D. Lindsay. 


Battalion composed of the rifle companies in the county of Rens- 

William S. Parker, first major; Henry Koon, second do. 

Stephen Warren, captain, vice Parker, promoted; David Bell, do, 
vice Koon, promoted; Jedediah Tracey, lieutenant, vice S. Warren, 
promoted; James Deforest, do, vice D. Bell, promoted; Sidney Dole, 
ensign, vice J. Tracey, promoted; Abraham A. Lansing, junior, 
ensign, vice J. Deforest, promoted. 

State Historian. 1243 

tioga county. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Rose's regiment: 

Abraham De Witt, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Rose, 

William W. Cook, first major, vice S. Owen, do; Moses South- 
wick, second do, vice A. De Wit, promoted; Joshua Baker, pay- 
master, vice L. B. Rose, resigned; Charles Parsons, adjutant, vice 
D. Crane, do; William Cure, lieutenant, vice C. Parsons, promoted; 
Lumon Richards, ensign, vice W. Cure, promoted. 

Orlando Parsons, lieutenant light infantry; John P.' Paterson, 
ensign do. 

Luther Hartshorn, captain, vice W. W. Cook, promoted; Daniel 
Hubbard, lieutenant, vice L. Hartshorn, promoted; Eli Culver, 

David Seymour, captain, vice M. Southwick, promoted; Charles 
Abbot, lieutenant, vice D. Seymour, promoted; Nathaniel Bishop, 
ensign, vice C. Abbot, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Swartwood's regiment: 

John White, second major, vice W. Scott. 

Thomas Barker, captain, vice J. White, promoted; David Joiner, 
junior, lieutenant; Jesse White, ensign. 

Levi Slater, captain, vice E. L. Robison; John Mulk, lieutenant; 
Abraham Chambers, ensign; Hudson Jennings, lieutenant; Erastus 
Bearee, ensign; Benjamin Starr, do; Orange F. Booth, ensign rifle- 
men; John Stubbs, lieutenant; Benjamin Star, ensign; Thomas 
Beard, lieutenant; Josiah Perry, ensign. 


Matthew Carpenter, brigadier general of the brigade of infantry 
in the counties of Tioga and Broome, vice (Samuel) Coe, resigned. 



1244 Annual Report of the 

broome county. 
Sixth regiment of artillery, third brigade: 

Mason Whiting, captain; Horace Williston, first lieutenant; Archi- 
bald Summerville. second lieutenant. 


Lieutenant Colonel John H. Burhans' regiment: 
Thomas Waine, ensign riflemen, vice Ebenezer E. Wands, super- 


Lieutenant Colonel David Rogers' regiment: 

Jacob L. Sherwood, first major, vice D. Smith, promoted; Zerah 
Beach, junior, second do, vice J. Sherwood, promoted. 

Jonathan Minor, captain, vice Z. Beach, promoted; Stephen R. 
Warren, lieutenant, vice J. Minor, promoted; Benjamin Marvin, 
junior, ensign, vice W'arren, promoted. 

Richard Freeman, captain, vice (Silas) Foster, resigned; Alexan- 
der Dunlap, lieutenant, vice Freeman, promoted; Samuel Richards, 
ensign, vice A. Dunlap, promoted. 

James Wilkins, junior, captain, vice E. Horton, resigned; Benja- 
min H. Burnet, lieutenant, vice J. Wilkins, promoted; Isaac Curtis, 
ensign, vice Burnet, promoted. 

William H. Bridges, adjutant, vice (William) Hawkins (junior), 

John Holmes, junior, captain; Isaac Smith, junior, captain, vice 
D. Ostrom, resigned; John Bell, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; 
Thomas Kirby, ensign, vice Bell, promoted. 


Major Daniel Smead's battalion: 

William Older, adjutant; Amos Parker, junior, quartermaster. 

State Historian. 1245 

Ebenezer Steenrod, junior, captain; Noah Dimmock, lieutenant; 
William Deen, ensign. 

Asa Grant, captain; Peter Kittle, lieutenant; Ever.- Grant, ensign. 

Jonathan Smith, captain; Reuben Every, lieutenant; Abraham 
Pellem, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Barnes' regiment: 

Daniel Blish, captain; Isaac Finch, lieutenant; William Bailey, 
ensign — new company. 

Lewis Torrence, lieutenant; Joseph Slaughter, ensign. 

Jesse Brown, captain; Zadock Hurd, junior, lieutenant; Ziba 
Ware, ensign; Thomas Winslow, junior, ensign; John Bigelow, do. 

Judd Jenks, captain, vice J. Crilly (John Cilley, Lilly), moved; 
Augustus Cleveland, lieutenant; Daniel Baker, ensign; Andrew 
Crocker, quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel John Yeeder's regiment: 

Cornelius E. Tymeson, lieutenant; John W. Yedder, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Carpenter's regiment: 
Selah Matthew, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice M. Carpen- 
ter, promoted. 

Isaac Baldwin, first major, vice S. Matthews; Henry Wells, second 
do, vice I. Baldwin, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel David Hobby's regiment: 
George Haines, lieutenant; Josiah Purdy, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel John V. A. Lansing's battalion: 
John V. A. Lansing, lieutenant colonel commandant. 



1246 Annual Report of the 

Dow A. Fonda, first major, vice Lansing, promoted; John Wil- 
lard, second do, vice Fonda, promoted. 

Levinus L. Winne, captain, vice Willard, promoted; Volkert V. 
Oothoudt, do, vice Fonda, promoted; Henry Fonda, lieutenant light 
infantry; John G. Ruby, lieutenant, vice (James) Montgomery, pro- 
moted; John G. Van Zandt, surgeon; Josephus B. Stuart, surgeon's 
mate; Derick G. Clute, lieutenant, vice H. Fonda, appointed to cav- 
alry; Francis Lansing, junior, ensign, vice V. Oothout, promoted; 
John Geddes, ensign, vacant; Abraham Burd, ensign light infantry, 
vice Swan, resigned; Benjamin Conent, lieutenant, vice (Nicholas) 
Van Rensselaer (junior), about to move; Abraham Ten Broeck, 
lieutenant, vice Winne, promoted; James Brown, ensign, vice 
(Jacob) Dox, promoted; John G. Clute, do, vacant. 


Third division of infantry: 

Daniel Wright, brigadier general, vice (Benjamin) Mooers, 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Daniel 

Aaron North, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice D. Wright, 

William Donagah, first major, vice North, promoted; Ransom 
Nobles, second do, vice Donagah, promoted; David B. McNeal, 
lieutenant and adjutant; William D. Ross, quartermaster; Elisha 
Higgens, paymaster. 

John Richardson, captain; Abraham Akins, junior, lieutenant; 
Anson Titus, ensign. 

Joseph Skinner, captain riflemen; Henry A. Hawley, lieutenant 
do; John Lynde, ensign do. 

Heman Finney, captain, vice (William) Kellog, resigned; John 

State Historian. 1247 

Calkin, lieutenant, vice Finney, promoted; Stephen Ashley, ensign, 
vice Calkin, promoted; Umphrey Sherman, lieutenant; Walter Shel- 
din, ensign; Samuel Woodman, lieutenant; Charles McNeil, ensign; 
Luman Wadham, captain, vice Donagah, promoted; William Buckle 
(Boeckle), lieutenant, vice Wadham, promoted; Levi Brown, ensign. 
George Andrews, captain, vice I. Hinckley, dead; Nathaniel 
Hinckley, lieutenant; Harvey Cook, ensign; John Richardson, lieu- 
tenant; Abraham Akins, junior, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Rumsey's regiment: 

George Lathrop, captain; Richard Peck, lieutenant, vice G. 
Lathrop, promoted; Rufus Hunger, ensign, vice E. Wallis, moved; 
Lorton Holden, lieutenant, vice H. Wilder, removed by sentence 
of court-martial; Hinman Holden, ensign, vacant; Samuel Hull, do, 
do; Richard Godfrey, junior, ensign, vice J. Tinter, moved; Athimar 
Brainerd, ensign, vice B. Preston, do; John Latham, lieutenant, vice 
W. Adams, deceased: Stephen King, ensign, vice M. Blodget, 
moved; John S. Leonard, quartermaster, vice A. Sprout, out of the 

In a new regiment set off from Colonel William Rumsey's regi- 
ment, comprehending the militia in the town of Sheldon, in the 
county of Genesee: 

William Vary, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Daniel Burbank, first major; Amos Sprout, adjutant; Asa John- 
son, quartermaster; Hezekiah Eastman, surgeon. 

In a battalion set off from Colonel William Rumsey's regiment, 
comprehending the militia in the town of Warsaw, in the county 

Ebenezer Willson, major commandant; Daniel Knapp, adjutant; 
Jed Wilson, quartermaster; Chauncey L. Sheldon, surgeon. 



1248 Annual Report of the 

Lewis Wood, captain; Elisha Mix, lieutenant; Noah Wiseman, 
ensign, vice E. George, moved. 

Russel Nobles, captain light infantry; Absalom Green, lieu- 
tenant, do. 

Major Matthias Lemon's battalion: 

Timothy Winters, lieutenant, vice H. Beebe, moved; Ebenezer 
Daymon, ensign, vice J(ohn) Redford (junior), moved; Moses 
Decker, ensign, vice T. Winters, promoted; Leonard Stimson, do, 
vice F. Smith, refusing. 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis' regiment: 
Jedediah Crosby, first major; Richard Wait, second do. 
Captains — Isaac Marsh, Daniel Buel, William Pennock, Elias 
Streeter, Robert McKay, Daniel Kelsey. 

Lieutenants — Thomas Dun, Noble B. Douglass, John Russ, 
Graham Newell, Norton S. Davis, Rogers Kelsey. 

Ensigns — Chester Barrows, Ira Jones, Cornelius Falkner, Donald 
McDonald, Levi Lacy, Amasa Hascall, William Wright. 

In a regiment composed of the battalion commanded by Major 
John Atchison: 

John Atchison, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
George Huntley, first major; James Sayre, second do. 
Benjamin Freeman, quartermaster; Jacob Atchison, paymaster; 
Zaccheus Colby, surgeon. 

Witter Steward, captain riflemen; Joseph Hopkins, lieutenant do; 
Uriah L. James, ensign do. 

Hope Davis, captain light infantry; Norman Davis, lieutenant do; 
Eastman Colby, ensign do. 

Eleazer McCarty, captain; Newbury Chaffee, lieutenant; John 
Adams, ensign. 

Whitfield Rathbon, captain; William Davis, lieutenant; John 
Hunt, ensign. 

State Historian. 1249 

Jonathan Leonard, captain; Daniel Spencer, lieutenant; Daniel 
Fulton, ensign. 

John Farewell, junior, captain; Aretas Haskell, lieutenant; Henry 
McCall, ensign. 

Frederick Rowe, captain; William Hincher, junior, lieutenant; 
Matthew Dimmick, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel John T. Van Dalf sen's regiment; 

Robert Martin, first major; Harman A. Vander Zee, second 

Guy Spalding, surgeon, vice T. C. Jarvis, moved. 

Andrew Ten Eyck, captain, vice R. Martin, promoted; Cornelius 
Van Antwerp, lieutenant, vice A. Ten Eyck, promoted; Barent Moll, 
ensign, vice C. Van Antwerp, promoted. 

William Sherman, captain, vice A. Stevens, resigned; James You- 
mins, lieutenant, vice W. Sherman, promoted; Mosman Ayres, 
ensign, vice J. Youmins, promoted; John W. Proser, do. 

Solomon Huyck, captain, vice J. Gibbins, resigned; Henry Keefer, 
lieutenant, vice S. Huyck, promoted; William Ward, junior, ensign, 
vice J. Mosher, moved. 

David Springsteed, junior, captain, vice A. Vanderse, promoted; 
George Copeland, lieutenant, vice S. J. Clark, resigned. 

Fifth regiment of artillery: 

David I. D. Ver Planck, captain; Tunis Van Dalfsen, first lieu- 
tenant; Moses Stevens, second do. 

Lieutenant Colonel John H. Burhans' regiment (infantry): 

Staats Sager, captain, vice W. Sager, promoted; Isaac Vander- 
heyden, lieutenant, vice S. Sager, promoted; Anthony Delong, 
ensign, vice Vanderheyden, promoted. 

Edward Haswell, adjutant. 



1250 Annual Report of the 

ontario county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Asa Stanley's regiment: 

William Pomeroy, paymaster, vice T. Burt, deceased; Josiah 
Robinson, quartermaster, vice (Gahazah, Gehazi) Granger, promoted. 

Robert Spence (Spencer), captain light infantry; Harvey Steele, 
lieutenant do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Douglass' regiment: 

William Hallock, second major, vice N. Williver (Nicholas Wool- 
ever, Wooliver), resigned. 

Oliver Clark, captain light infantry, vice Hallock, promoted; Par- 
don Barnard, lieutenant do, vice Oliver (Clark), promoted; Enoch 
M. Granger, ensign do, vice E. (Pardon) Barnard, promoted. 

Gilbert Reed, captain, vice (Elisha) Cary, resigned; John P. 
Schuyler, lieutenant, vice L. (Gilbert) Reed, promoted; Elisha Swift, 
ensign, vice E. (Augustus) Chapman, moved. 

Asa Randall, captain, vice (Daniel) Olen (Olin), deceased; Martin 
Lamb, lieutenant, vice Randall, promoted; Rozel Randal, ensign, 
vice E. (Martin) Lamb, promoted; Ward Walton, do, vice E. 
Cromby (Wm. Abercromby), moved; Elial Joslin, lieutenant, vice 
office vacant; Ebenezer Smith Cadwell, ensign, do; Nathaniel Hall, 
junior, surgeon's mate, do. 


Oliver Collins, brigadier general, vice (George) Doolittle, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment: 
Samuel Budlong, quartermaster; Thomas Kinne, ensign, vice 
Budlong, promoted. 


Lieutenant (Colonel) Thomas Hicks' regiment: 

Benjamin Brayton, first major, vice G. Hinckley, refusing; Jarus 

State Historian. 1251 

Dodd, second do, vice B. Brayton, promoted; William Palmer, pay- 
master, vice Beticher (Jacob Betticher), resigned. 

William Hubbard, captain, vice Dodd, promoted; John Harris, 
do, vice (John) Mappa, appointed brigade quartermaster; Ezra Birds- 
eye, lieutenant, vice Harris, promoted; Bradford Seymour, do; Henry 
Shelden, do; Nathan Cole, ensign; Frederick Kellogg, do; Orrin 
Betts, do; Ebenezer Carlile, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Silas Parker's regiment: 

Saul Smith, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Parker, resigned. 

John Williams, first major, vice A. Rhodes, resigned; Gardner 
Avery, second do, vice B. White, moved; Sherman Bartholomew, 
adjutant; Josiah Bacon, quartermaster, vice E. Montgomery, 

William Page, captain, vice S.Smith, promoted; Stephen Leonard, 
lieutenant, vice Page, promoted; Jonas Brown, ensign, vice S. 
Leonard, promoted. 

Asa Babcock, captain, vice G. Avery, promoted; Rice Austin, 
lieutenant, vice A. Babcock, promoted; Rollan Blount, ensign, vice 
R. Austin, promoted. 

James Goodwin, captain, vice B. Knowlton, moved; Silas Spencer, 
lieutenant, vice L. Owen, moved; Bridge Wakefield, ensign. 


Joseph Blackwell, lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment 
of infantry in the second brigade of the city and county of New 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver 
Collins : 

William Stone, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Collins, 



1252 Annual Report of the 

John Bellinger, first major, vice Stone, promoted; Ebenezer Dick- 
enson, second do, vice Bellinger, promoted. 

Kellogg Hurlbert, captain, vice E. Dickenson, promoted; Timothy 
L. Bacon, adjutant, vice K. Hurlbert, promoted. 

Benjamin Ballou, junior, captain, vice G. Burshed (Gurdon Bur- 
chard), resigned; Alfred Wells, lieutenant, vice Ballou, promoted; 
James Hooker, ensign, vice A. Wells, promoted ; James Sage, ensign, 
vice D. Prior, resigned. 

Fortune C. White, captain, vice (Daniel) Ferguson, about to 
move; Elijah Easton, lieutenant, vice F. C. White, promoted; Wil- 
liam B. Savage, ensign, vice E. Easton, promoted. 

Gurdon Caswell, captain, vice C. Loomis, about to remove ; Isaac 
G. Northway, lieutenant, vice Caswell, promoted; Allen Smith, 
ensign, vice Northway, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Sherman Barnes' regiment: 

Samuel W. Johnson, quartermaster. 

Jonathan Harman, captain; Martin Wright, lieutenant; Eli Strong, 

Lieutenant Colonel Silvester Gridley's regiment: 

David Curtiss, first major, vice M. Hawley, resigned; Eliphalet 
Hotchkiss, second do, vice D. Curtiss, promoted; Timothy Hopkins, 
paymaster, vice D. Johnson, resigned; Seth Flastings, junior, sur- 
geon, vice S. Hopkins, resigned; Elnathan Judd, surgeon's mate, 
vice S. Hastings, promoted. 

Orrin Gridley, captain, vice J. Bullin (John Bullen, junior), moved; 
Joseph Stone, do, vice E. Hotchkiss, promoted; Goald (Gould) 
Benedict, lieutenant riflemen; Naaman Goodsill, ensign do. 

Henry Bingham, lieutenant, vice O. Gridley, promoted; Nathan 
Rose, do, vice W. Farrington, resigned; Levi Skinner, do vice A. 
Picket, do; Amos Woodard, do, vice J. Stone, promoted; Asa 

State Historian. 1253 

Eames, ensign, vice A. Woodard, promoted; Barnabas Cook, do, 
vice N. Rose, promoted; Samuel Cumstock, do, vice W. Gridley, 
moved; Leander Gridley, do, vice L. Sherman, promoted; Theophi- 
lus Steel, do, vice T. Hopkins, promoted; Abel Drewrey, do, vice 
O. Reed, declined. 

Lieutenant Colonel Clark Putnam's regiment: 

Caleb Clark, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice C. Putnam, 

Samuel Dill, first major, vice C. Clark, promoted; John Westcott, 
second do, vice S. Dill, promoted. 

Joshua Northrop, captain, vice Waldo, declines; Arnon Corn- 
stock, lieutenant, vice J. Northrop, promoted; Jonathan Waldo, 
third, ensign, vice S. Burbank, moved. 

Peleg Mattison, captain, vice J. Westcot, promoted; John P. 
Hartwell, lieutenant, vice F. Frinck, moved; Jonathan Tibbets, 
junior, ensign, vice J. Horton, moved. 

Andrew Grannis, captain, vice (Ebenezer) Moulton, moved; 
Stephen Chace, lieutenant, vice J. Eddy, moved; Elra Chace, ensign, 
vice W. Kent, do. 

Daniel Butts, captain, vice J. Brainerd, do; Edward Allen, lieu- 
tenant, vice D. Butts, promoted; Hazael Lathrop, ensign, vice L. 
Beecher, moved. 

Thomas R. Clark, captain, vice G. Seaton, moved ; Dan Bosworth, 
lieutenant, vice T. R. Clark, promoted; Eli Whelan, ensign, vice 
D. Bosworth, promoted. 

Benjamin Rudd, captain, vice A. Seymour, moved; Joseph A. 
Clark, lieutenant, vice B. Rudd, promoted; Amasa Hinkley, ensign, 
vice J. A. Clark, promoted. 

Asa Baker, captain, vice N. Brown, moved; Joshua G. Green, 
lieutenant, vice A. Baker, promoted; Aaron Smith, ensign, vice J. G. 



1254 Annual Report of the 

Green, promoted; Arunah Wright, lieutenant, vice J. Bushnel, pro- 
moted; William Parks, ensign; Calvin Church, lieutenant, vice J. 
Levally, moved; Joseph Hallock, ensign, vice C. Church, promoted; 
Joshua Bushnel, adjutant, vice N. Tracey, moved; Warren Kent, 
quartermaster, vice A. Burris, moved. 


Lieutenant Colonel John H. Burhans' regiment: 

Peter Simmons, captain, vice J. A. Slingerland, resigned; John 

Palmetier, junior, lieutenant, vice Simmons, promoted; John Allen, 

ensign, vice J. Palmetier, junior, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Martin Heermance's regiment: 
Anthony Delamater, first major, vice H. G. Martin, resigned; 
Henry W. Stewart, second do, vice A. Delamater, promoted. 

Jacob Shook, captain, vice J. R. Wilder, resigned; Jonas Wilde, 
lieutenant; Evert N. Van Waggoner, ensign, vice J. Shook, pro- 
moted; Jacob H. Best, lieutenant, vice B. Knickerbocker, moved; 
Zebra Fish, ensign, vice L. Knickerbocker, do; Abraham A. Eckert, 
lieutenant, vice D. Kip, moved; Abraham A. Adriance, ensign, vice 
G. Van Buren, do. 


Fourth regiment, second brigade of infantry, city and county of 
New York : 

Robert Emmett and Bernard Sprong, ensigns. 
Sixth regiment of cavalry: 


John Daniel Shaefer, chaplain; Oliver Lathrop, surgeon; Cor- 
nelius C. Van Dyke, surgeon's mate; Thomas Machin, junior, quar- 
termaster; David Lawyer, junior, paymaster; Henry W. Starin, 

State Historian. 1255 

Second squadron, Sixth regiment of cavalry: 

David France, captain, vice (Samuel) Saxton, promoted; Roswell 
Sexton, first lieutenant, vice France, promoted; Jeremiah Cowden, 
second do, vice R. Saxton, promoted ; Lawrence France, cornet. 

Thomas P. Danforth, captain; Joseph Bouck, first lieutenant; 
John Boyd, second do; Daniel Dow, cornet. 


First squadron of the said regiment: 

William Forman, captain, vice D. Visscher, promoted; John Yost, 
first lieutenant, vice Forman, promoted; John Merril, second do, 
vice Yost, promoted; Douw A. Fonda, cornet, vice Merril, promoted. 

Fifth regiment of cavalrv: 



Peter J. Livingston, first lieutenant, vice J. V. Patten, resigned; 
Jacob Frydendal (Trydendall), second do, vice P. J. Livingston, 
promoted; John E. Winne, cornet, vice J. Frydendall, promoted. 


Second squadron — Stephen Bently, captain, vice (Thomas B.) 
Cook, deceased; Russel Hamilton, first lieutenant, vice Bentley, pro- 
moted; Reuben Byington, second do, vice Hamilton, promoted; 
Rufus Byington, cornet. 

Foster Moss, captain; Abijah Stone, first lieutenant; Aaron Steele, 
second do; Bennet Osborne, cornet. 

Charles Johnson, first lieutenant, vice Moss, promoted; Edward 
Daley, second do, vice Johnson; Lenthel Eells, cornet, vice Stone, 


First squadron — Nathan Gallup, first lieutenant, vice (Chariot) 
Partridge, promoted; Benjamin Jacobs, second do, vice Gallup, pro- 



12^6 Annual Report of the 


; r 

moted; Daniel Ethridge, cornet, vice Jacobs, promoted; Benjamin 
Frost, second lieutenant, vice W. Whipple, moved; James Gibson, 
cornet, vice B. Frost, promoted. 


Ninth regiment of cavalry, second squadron: 

Jacob Coe, cornet. 

In the Seventh regiment of cavalry: 


Chancy Gridley, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (Henry) 
McNeil, promoted. 

James Lynch, major of the second squadron, vice Gridley, pro- 


William Dickson, major of the first do. 


Levi Collins, major of the third do; Jesse Doolittle, paymaster. 
First squadron: 


James Young, captain, vice W. Dickson, promoted; Daniel Gil- 
christ, first lieutenant, vice Young, promoted; Jonathan Thayer, 
second do, vice D. Gilchrist, promoted; Dyer Ransome, cornet, vice 
Thayer, promoted. 

John Badger, captain, vice Brown (Smith), moved: Amos Hol- 
lister, first lieutenant, vice ( Royal) Watson, do; Nathaniel Daniels, 
second do, vice J. Badger, promoted; Jeremiah Baker, cornet, vice 
Hollister, promoted; Isaac Cooper, second lieutenant, vice A. 
Calkins, moved; Strong Hayden, cornet, vice I. Cooper, promoted; 
Moses Hawks, cornet, moved. 

State Historian. 1257 

Second squadron: 


Sanford Tracey, captain, vice (Isaac) Williams, resigned; Elihu 
Trowbridge, first lieutenant, vice S. Tracey, promoted; Roswell 
Hart, second do, vice C. Hotchkiss, declined; John Williams, cornet, 
vice E. Trowbridge, promoted; Gad Chamberlain, first lieutenant, 
vice P. Ryther, resigned; Reuben Bacon, second do, vice G. Cham- 
berlain, promoted; Joel Parker, cornet, vice D. Steward (George D. 
Stewart), moved. 


John Flusky, captain, vice W. Fish, resigned; Silas Fairbank, first 
lieutenant, vice Flusky, promoted; Eleazer Whitman, second do, 
vice S. Fairbanks, promoted; Enoch Talcot, cornet, vice Whitman, 


Francis Brown, captain, vice (James) Lynch, promoted. 


Third squadron — Calvin McKnight, captain; Pierce Downer 
(Downing), first lieutenant; Miles Ralph, second do; Jason Fair- 
banks, cornet. 


Amos Whitmore, captain, vice R. Sanger, promoted; Amos 
Camp, first lieutenant, vice A. Whitmore, promoted; Salmon Laird, 
second do, vice A. Camp, promoted; Lemuel Camp, cornet, vice S. 
Laird, promoted. 


Third squadron — David Hale, first lieutenant, vice S. Allen, 
deceased; Eliakim Barney, second do, vice D. Hale, promoted; 
William Hart, cornet, vice E. Barney, promoted. 


Second squadron — Jonathan M. Beach, second lieutenant; Gideon 
Hunn, cornet; Henry Jessup, second lieutenant; Asa Swift, cornet. 


1258 Annual Report of the 

oneida county. 
Second brigade of cavalry: 
Richard Sanger, brigade major and inspector. 
Fourth regiment of artillery: 


Levi Cooley, first major, vice (Amos) Potter (of Rensselaer 
county), moved. 


Thomas Osborn, second do, vice Cooley, promoted. 

Rapine Andrews (Anderson), captain, vice Osborn, promoted; 
Mordecai Bull, first lieutenant, vice Andrews, promoted; Isaac 
Woodle, second do. 


Aaron Waters, first do, vice (John M.) Thompson, dead; Joseph 
W. Baker, second do, vice Waters, promoted. 


Robert Archibald, captain; Zaccheus Atwood, first lieutenant, vice 
Archibald, promoted; Aaron Cleveland, second, do, vice Atwood, 

Abel Foster, captain, vice (David) Richardson, moved; Jacob 
Foster, first lieutenant, vice (Absalom) Daley, refusing; Abraham 
Searls, second do, vice Foster, promoted. 

Jehiel Dayton, captain, vice (Butler) Beckwith, resigned; Elnathan 
Scranton, first lieutenant, vice Dayton, promoted; Caleb Edson, 
second do, vice Scranton, promoted. 


Lewis Finch (Finck), first do, vice (John) Kinnecut, moved; 
Gideon Read, second do, vice Finch, promoted. 

Daniel St. John, captain; Joseph Benedict, first lieutenant; Joshua 
Philips, second do. 

State Historian. 1259 



Russel Walker, captain; John Potter, first lieutenant; Samuel 
Norton, second do. 


John Vernor, deputy commissary of military stores, vice John 1811 . 


Mascraft, superseded. 21 - 


Major Thomas Davis, of Rensselaer county, attended pursuant isn. 


to notice to answer to charges contained in a memorial presented 18- 
to the Council by Stephen Clark, complaining of Major Davis and 
Captain E. W. Wallbridge for having combined to procure him 
to be superseded as lieutenant in Colonel (Adam) Yates' regiment 
by false representations injurious to his character, on the last annual 
return of vacancies and promotions for Colonel Yates' regiment, and 
with improper motives. Major Davis denied having any agency in 
making the return alluded to by which Mr. Clark was intended to be 
injured in his rank and character, and Captain Eben W. Wallbridge 
appearing before the Council as a witness in his behalf declared that 
he made the return for the company of which he is captain for the 
year 1810, complained of by Mr. Clark, without any interference, 
advice or concert whatever, of or with Major Davis, and that he, 
Captain Wallbridge, was alone responsible for that return, and that 
he should be able to justify himself and maintain the correctness and 
truth of the said return whenever an opportunity was given there- 
for; whereupon it was Resolved, that the said memorial of Stephen 
Clark be dismissed as unfounded, so far as the same implicates 
Major Davis. 

Captain Wallbridge being consulted as to what time it would be 
convenient to answer to the said memorial in relation to his own 
conduct observed that any day next week would be convenient for 
him; whereupon Resolved, that the Council will on Monday, the 

1260 Annual Report of the 


25th instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Council room 

in the Capitol at the city of Albany, proceed to hear the parties in 
relation to the charges contained in the said memorial, so far as 
the same implicated Captain Wallbridge, and the said Captain Wall- 
bridge being present in the Council assented thereto, and was there 
personally notified to attend accordingly. 


In a new regiment of artillery organized by the Commander-in- 
1811. chief,* to be called the Third regiment of the third brigade: 




Abel Watkins, lieutenant colonel commandant. 


Samuel Hamilton, first major. 


William Dickson (Dixon, Dickison), second major. 

John Mills, brigade major and inspector of the third brigade of 
artillery, vice Abraham Van Dyke, to be superseded. 

Calvin Walker, captain, vice Mills, promoted; Isaac Lucas, first 
lieutenant, vice Walker, do; John Stilhvell, second lieutenant, vice 
Lucas, do. 


Jared Stocking, captain, vice Hamilton, do; James Bogardus, first 
lieutenant, vice Stocking, do; Daniel Sands, second do, vice Bogar- 
dus, do. 

(Infantry) regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jonas 
Bronk, in the county of Greene: 

* Organized by General Orders, April 9, 181 1. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, 
pages 278 and 279. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 1261 

Asa Palmer, captain, vice (Nathan) Hubbel (Hubble), resigned; 
Aaron Roberts, lieutenant, vice Palmer, promoted; John Rosa, 
ensign; Elmer Chase, lieutenant; Bartholomew Gidney, ensign. 

Andrew A. Yanderzee (Andries A. Vanderzeay), lieutenant, vice 
(John K.) Brown, resigned; James Lumberree, ensign. 

Jacob Johnson (Jansen), captain, vice Spoor, resigned; Peter 
Groom, lieutenant, vice Johnson, promoted; John Spoor, ensign, 
vice Groom, promoted; Martin C. Hallenbeck, lieutenant light infan- 
try; John Brett, ensign of light infantry, vice Hallenbeck, promoted; 
Garret A. Hoghtaling, quartermaster, vice (Paul) Shearman (Sher- 
man), resigned; Henry Adams, surgeon's mate. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George 
Stimpson : 

Jehiel Tuttle, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice G. Stimson, 

William Parker, first major, vice Tuttle, promoted; Cornelius 
Fuller, second major, vice Parker, promoted; Reuben Hosford, 
adjutant, vice E. Stimpson, resigned; Ephraim Jurney, quartermas- 
ter, vice Hosford, promoted; Justus Coe, paymaster. 

George Mills, captain; Alvin Ford, lieutenant; Charles Peck, 

Nathaniel Miller, ensign of light infantry. 

Jairus Strong, captain of light infantry, vice H. Gasler (Henry 
Goslee), resigned; Enoch Blakesley, lieutenant of do; Wills Finch, 
ensign of do. 

Eli P. Robinson, captain, vice C. Fuller, promoted; Jeru Loomis, 
lieutenant, vice P. Robinson, promoted; Jeremiah Miller, ensign. 

James Robertson, captain, vice J. Munson, resigned; John Stone, 
lieutenant, vice J. Robertson, promoted; Jacob Hitchcock, ensign. 

Isaac Buel, captain, vice J. Andrews, resigned; Cornelius Duker, 
lieutenant, vice I. Buel, promoted; Thomas Becker, lieutenant. 



1262 Annual Report of the 

Aaron Bushnel, captain, vice Benjamin Chamberlin, resigned; 
Benjamin Chace, lieutenant, vice Bushnel, promoted; Tenent Peck, 

James Paddock, captain; Waslic Perkins (Wooster Parkins), lieu- 
tenant, vice Paddock, promoted; James McGregor, ensign. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Jacob A. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Eddy's regiment: 

Burwell Betts, captain, vice D. Hiser, moved; Adam Clumb, lieu- 
tenant, vice B. Betts, promoted; James Morison, ensign, vice 
Clumb, promoted. 

David Bryan, captain, vice Mindert Groesbeck, resigned; John 
W. M. Groesbeck, lieutenant, vice D. Bryan, promoted; Jacob Bach- 
man, ensign, vice Groesbeck, promoted. 

James Anderson, captain, vice Jona. Rowland, moved; John Fake, 
lieutenant, vice Anderson, promoted; Stephen Yates, ensign, vice 
Fake, promoted; Simon Newcomb, junior, surgeon, vice Theod. 
May, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 

Thomas Davis, first major, vice H. T. E. Schuyler, resigned; 
Amos Salisbury, second major, vice Davis, promoted. 

Oliver Lyon, captain light infantry, vice Salisbury, promoted; 
Roger King, lieutenant do, vice Lyon, promoted; William Bogar- 
dus, ensign, vice King, promoted. 

Philip D. Berringer (Berger), captain, vice F. G. Berringer (Ber- 
ger, Baerenger), resigned ; Josiah G. Kinney, lieutenant, vice P. B. 
Berringer, promoted; Richard I. Deforest, lieutenant, vice M. 
Deforist, refused; Cornelius M. Vandenbergh, ensign, vice Deforest, 
promoted; Edward A. Cook, ensign, vice Luther Bliss, refused; 
Cornelius Beckman, ensign light infantry, vice Nat. Chellis, refused. 

State Historian. 1263 

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius J. Schermerhorn's regiment: 

Hugh Gorden, captain, vice James Livingston, moved; Martin 
Witbeck, lieutenant, vice Wm. Van Schaick. 

Abraham Huyck, captain, vice (Jacob) Barhyte (Barrhite), 
resigned; John Carpenter, lieutenant, vice Huyck, promoted; John 
N. Kittle, ensign, vice Carpenter, promoted; James Elliott, ensign, 
vice N. Pain, appointed in the artillery; Samuel Myers, lieutenant, 
vice J. Bristol, appointed in rifle corps; Stephen Cale, ensign, vice S. 
Myers, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel McChesney's regiment: 

Thomas Reynolds, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice McChes- 
ney, resigned. 

Matthew Randal, first major, vice Reynolds, promoted; Gideon 
Palmer, second major, vice Randal, promoted; John Worthington, 
ensign, vice Joshua M. Scrivin, resigned. 

Elisha Coon, captain, vice G. Palmer, promoted; Robert Davis, 
lieutenant; William H. Murray, ensign. 

Hezekiah Hull, junior, captain, vice Jabesh Green, moved; Rod- 
man Thomas, lieutenant; Jonathan Berry, ensign. 

Oliver Wellman, captain, vice Enos Larkin, moved ; Reuben Bab- 
cock, junior, lieutenant; Joseph Ammidon, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Carr's regiment: 

Nathan Howard, paymaster, vice Mat Jones, resigned. 

Captains — Simon Tifft, vice Henry Tucker, resigned; Pliny Mil- 
ler, junior, vice Aaron Sedgwick, resigned; Josiah Humphrey, vice 
Cyrus Spencer, resigned; Nathan Gale, vice Barnard Hicks, refused. 

Lieutenants— John B. Adsit, vice P. Miller, promoted; Martin 
Field, vice Eb. Martin, resigned; Benjamin Rogers, vice J. Hum- 
phrey, promoted; Cornelius W. Schermerhorn, vice S. W. Law- 
rence, refused; Henry Reynolds, junior, vice Sam'l Post, resigned. 



1264 Annual Report of the 

Ensigns — Daniel M. Gregory, vice Jno. Adsitt, promoted; Silves- 
ter Howard, vice H. Reynolds, promoted; William Kittle, junior, 
vice Chancey Gold, moved; Henry G. Dusenberry, vice Dan'l St. 
John, refused. 

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius J. Schermerhorn's regiment: 

John J. Miller, first major, vice Nicholas J. Kittle, resigned; 
Joshua Griffith, second major, vice Miller, promoted. 

Jonas Miller, captain, vice Griffith, promoted, and H. Row, 
resigned; Henry Livingston, lieutenant; Abraham P. Smith, ensign. 

David E. Gregory, captain light infantry; Abraham V. D. P. 
Gregory, lieutenant do, vice D. E. Gregory, promoted; Thomas 
Philips, ensign do, vice A. V. D. P. Gregory, promoted. 

Samuel Myers, captain, vice J. J. Witbeck, resigned; Stephen Cale, 
lieutenant; John Ladeu, ensign; John S. Miller, surgeon's mate, 
vice (Cornelius) Hermance, moved. 

Lieutenant Stephen Clark having appeared on the 25th of March 

last and produced evidence against Captain Ebenezer W. Walbridge, 

upon his complaint against the said Ebenezer W. Walbridge, and 

the said Ebenezer W. Walbridge not. having appeared on the said 

25th of March, nor produced any evidence in justification of his 

conduct, the Council postponed the consideration of his case until 

this day. After due deliberation, upon the allegations and proofs 

produced by the said parties, the Council are of opinion that the 

conduct of Captain Walbridge in traducing Lieutenant Clark in the 

official return of vacancies and promotions in and for the company, 

and intending thereby to have him clandestinely superseded from his 

military rank by unfounded and injurious imputations upon his 

military character, and in afterwards prevaricating with Lieutenant 

Clark and others about the said return and denying his agency in 

making the same was improper and degrading to Captain Walbridge 

State Historian. 1265 

as an officer; therefore, Resolved, that the said Ebenezer W. Wal- 
bridge be no longer a captain in the militia of this State, and 
that a supersedeas be issued to him accordingly. 

sixth division. 
Resolved, that Jacob Morris (of Otsego county) be no longer 
major general of the sixth division of militia of this State, and that a 
supersedeas be issued accordingly; and that Nathaniel King, of the 
county of Madison, be and he is hereby appointed major general of 
the said sixth division of militia. 


Jabez N. M. Hurd, brigadier general of the brigade whereof 
Nathaniel King was lately brigadier general. 


Erastus Root, brigadier general of the brigade of militia whereof 
David Phelps was lately appointed brigadier general, to which office 
he has refused to qualify, to take rank from February 15, 1808. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Harper's regiment: 

Joseph Warden, lieutenant; Peter Osborn, ensign; Hugh Orr, 
junior, lieutenant; Michael Blin, ensign. 

Abraham Butts, captain light infantry, vice Luther Goodrich, 
resigned; Martin Keeler, lieutenant do, vice Butts, promoted; James 
Caven, ensign do, vice Keeler, promoted. 

Joseph Douglass, captain light infantry, vice Giles Homeston, 
resigned; John A. Swan, lieutenant do, vice Douglass, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus M. Wood's regiment: 
Nehemiah H. Earll, captain; Simeon West, lieutenant; William 
Goodwin, junior, ensign — new company of grenadiers. 



1266 Annual Report of the 

rensselaer county. 

Third regiment, second squadron of cavalry: 

Braddock Hall, first lieutenant, vice (Samuel) Arnold, resigned; 
Alanson Clark, second lieutenant, vice Hall, promoted; Paris Green, 
cornet, vice (Alexander) Coon, moved. 


In the battalion whereof Thomas Slayter (Slayton) was lately 
major commandant: 

John Morrison, major commandant, vice Thomas Slayter, 

John Dunn, second, captain; John Mabee, lieutenant; Joel Hen- 
derson, ensign. 

Stephen Bugbee, captain: Alexander Haskin, lieutenant; William 
Smith, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 

Stephen Clark, captain, vice (Ebenezer W.) Walbridge, super- 


Lieutenant Colonel William Bell's regiment: 

Josiah Sutherland, second major. 

Captains — William J. Thorn; Stephen Griffin; Oliver Lozee, vice 
(John) Barnes, moved. 

Lieutenant — Taber Belden, Anthony G. Badgley, George Tripp. 

Ensigns — Obadiah Titus, Ephraim Case, Lewis Vandenbergh, 
Joseph Smith. 


John Ellis, brigadier general, vice Isaac Hall, resigned. 


S Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Bruyn's regiment: 

John Jansen, second major, vice D. Roosa, resigned. 


State Historian. 1267 

James S. Bruyn, quartermaster. 

Joseph Gasheree, captain, vice Jansen, promoted; Derick Roosa, 
junior, do, vice S. Rea, resigned; Morris Bruyn, do, vice P. Alsdorf, 
do; Severyne T. Bruyn, lieutenant, vice J. Gasheree, promoted; 
James R. Hunter, do, vice D. Roosa, junior, promoted. 

Ensigns — Zacharias Masten, vice M. Bruyn, do; Isaac Hoffman, 
vice J. R. Hunter, do; David Schoonmaker, vice S. T. Bruyn, do; 
Jacob Dickison, vice T. Hunter, deceased. 


First brigade, Third regiment: 

Stephen A. Rich, ensign, vice W. W. Wigton, moved : 

First brigade — Fourth regiment of infantry: 

Charles Clark, captain light infantry, with rank from 12 March, 
1810; Thomas L. Chester, lieutenant do; David S. Skaats, ensign do; 
Charles C. Griswold, lieutenant, with rank from 11 February, 181 1. 

First regiment — first brigade of infantry: John Ten Broeck, 
ensign light infantry, with rank from 11 February, 181 1; George W. 
Varian, lieutenant do, with do; James G. Garrrison, ensign. 

Second regiment of said brigade: 

Gilbert Burling, ensign, with rank from 11 February, 181 1. 

Ensigns — John Barker, junior; Francis Doremus, Bela W. Strong. 

First regiment — first brigade of artillery: 

James Shaw, second lieutenant. 

Second regiment of said brigade: Charles Marsh, second lieu- 
tenant and quartermaster. 

Third regiment of said brigade: 

Gerrit Forbes, second lieutenant, vice B. Woods, resigned; Wil- 
lian L. Lippencott, first lieutenant, vice (George) Hodgson, pro- 
moted; William Seaman, first do, vice (Samuel) Gedney, promoted. 



1268 Annual Report of the 

Second brigade of infantry, First regiment: 

Joseph D. Fay, second major, vice (Gilbert S.) Mount, promoted. 

Third regiment: 

William Hawley, captain, vice (Lewis) Angevine, resigned; 
Thomas Delancy, lieutenant, vice Hawley, promoted; Oliver Wil- 
cox, ensign, vice Delancy, promoted. 

Fifth regiment : 

Gilbert S. Mount, first major, vice (Jeromus) Johnson, resigned; 
Henry U. Onderdonk, surgeon, vacant. 

Effingham Scheifrelin, captain, vice (John) Wallis, resigned; David 
Cotheal, lieutenant, vice Scheiftelin, promoted; Benjamin U. Coles, 
do, vice (Ravaud) Kearney, abroad; Adam D. Mount, junior, do, 
vice (Ephraim) Martin, moved. 

Ensigns — George W. Morton, vice Cotheal, promoted; Cornelius 
Sebring, vice Coles, do; Charles Squire, vice Mount, do; Pierre Tel- 
ler, vacant; James T. Baker, do; John D. Brower (Brown), do. 


Lieutenant Colonel John H. Burhans' regiment: 
John Man, lieutenant riflemen; John J. Devoe, ensign do, vice 
Man, promoted. 


Major William S. Parker's battalion of riflemen: 

John E. Wool, adjutant and ensign. 

In Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates' regiment: 

Cornelius Adriance, captain, vice Z. Curtis, resigned; Artemus 
Osgood, lieutenant, vice C. Adriance, promoted; Solomon Wilber, 
junior, ensign, vice A. Osgood, promoted. 

Hiram Reynolds, captain, vice J. Newman, moved; John North, 
lieutenant, vice W. Case, moved; Philip Coons, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Dorr's regiment: 

State Historian. 1269 

James Olmstead, first major, vice S. Noble, resigned; Samuel Will- 
son, second do, vice S. Haynes, resigned. 

Captains — George R. Davis, vice (Samuel) Faxon, resigned; 
Abraham Van Wart, vice J. Olmstead, promoted ; Roswell Granger, 
vice S. Willson, promoted; Allen Spicer, vice J. Spicer, moved. 

Lieutenants — Joseph J. Northrup, vice A. Baldwin, resigned ; Reu- 
ben Williams, vice A. Van Wart, promoted; Jesse Holmes; Earl 
Pierce, vice A. Spicer, promoted; Moses Wright. 

Ensigns — James Van Surdam, light infantry; David S. Wing, vice 
(John) Manchester (junior), moved; Stephen Hunt, vice R. Wil- 
liams; Rufus Sturges; Clark Mac Gowan, vice E. Pearce, promoted; 
Noah Baker, vice M. Wright, promoted; Daniel Rogers, junior. 

Abraham Hallenbeek, surgeon's mate, vice C. H. Wetmore, 
moved; James Glass, chaplain; Nathaniel Cole, junior, quartermas- 
ter, vice J. Lansing, resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Duel Rowley's regiment: 

Calvin Rich, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice D. Rowley, 

Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 

William Becker, junior, lieutenant; Isaac Barber, ensign. 

Abraham Fancher, captain light infantry; Abraham Keyser, 
junior, lieutenant do; John Murphey, ensign do. 

Cornelius H. Gregory, captain; James Ingells, lieutenant; William 
Adams, ensign; Henry Hagers, junior, ensign light infantry, vice 
T. Hager, moved. 

Second battalion, Fifth regiment of artillery: 

Jacob Snyder, first lieutenant, vice T. Lawyer, promoted; Peter 
Sternberg, second do, vice J. Snyder, promoted. 



1270 Annual Report of the 

saratoga county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Gere's regiment: 

Benjamin Wright, captain, vice E. B. Smith, moved; Philo 
Dauchy, lieutenant; Ira T. Freeman, ensign. 

Noah Sweet, captain light infantry, vice E. Smith, moved; Edmond 
Hewitt, junior, lieutenant do, vice N. Sweet, promoted; John 
Degolier, ensign, vice E. Hewitt, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel John Moore's regiment: 

Joseph Mumford, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Moore, 

Erastus Crafts, first major, vice Mumford, promoted; Peter Col- 
lier, second do; James J. Thorn, quartermaster. 

Jacob Pratt, captain, vice E. Crafrts, promoted; Justice Goodrich, 
lieutenant, vice J. Pratt, promoted; Daniel Griswold, ensign, vice 
J. Goodrich, promoted. 

Joseph Westcote (Westcott), captain, vice P. Collier, promoted; 
James Cully, lieutenant, vice J. Westcote, promoted; Peter Quacken- 
boss, ensign, vice J. Cully, promoted. 

Asa Eddy, captain, vice N. Morey; Samuel Bigsbee, lieutenant, 
vice Eddy, promoted; Aaron Lane, ensign, vice S. Bigsbee, 

Joseph Gardner, captain. 


Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Barnes' regiment: 
Waters Chilson, ensign, vice J. Mathers (James Mathews), moved; 
Daniel Bailey, ensign, vice W. Bailey, erroneous. 


Brigade of militia in the counties of Niagara, Cattaraugus 
and Chautauqua, commanded by Brigadier General Timothy S. 

State Historian. 1271 

niagara county. 
Alvah Sharp, brigade quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Blauvelt's regiment: 

Cornelius Sekils, adjutant. 

Jacob D. Onderdonk, captain; Samuel S. Verbrycke, do. 

George W. Sneden, lieutenant; Stephen Myers, do. 

Henry Gesner, ensign; William H. Gesner, do; John MacKay, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel John Veeder's regiment: 

Henry Hogan, captain light infantry, vice C. Taylor, resigned. 

James Basely (Baseley), lieutenant, vice S. T. Van Petten, 
resigned; John Brown, lieutenant light infantry, vice H. Hogan, 
promoted; Daniel S. Degraff, do, vice S. Steers, promoted; John L. 
Shelly, ensign, vice J. Basely, promoted; Henry Fonda, do, vice 
D. S. Degraff, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight's regiment: 

John Hazen, surgeon, vice (Jonathan) Keyes (Kyes), resigned. 


Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Graham's regiment: 

Aranthus Everts, second major, vice J. Lay, moved. 

Richard Ely, captain, vice A. Everts, promoted; John Randle, 
lieutenant, vice R. Ely, promoted; James Smith, do, vice Z. P. 
Smead, disabled; Isaiah Smith, ensign, vice J. Smith, promoted. 

Samuel Terry, captain, vice D. Porter; John Campbell, lieutenant, 
vice S. Terry, promoted; Hezekiah RusseL ensign, vice J. Campbell, 
promoted; James Miller, lieutenant; John Spence, ensign. 

William Humphrey, captain, vice (Samuel) Hanley; Luther Doo- 
little, lieutenant, vice B. Burroughs. 



1272 Annual Report of the 

John Smith, captain, vice L. Eggleston; Elias Smith, lieutenant, 
vice John Smith; Joshua C. Covert, ensign, vice (Nathaniel) Ayres; 
Nathan Cole, adjutant, vice D. Smith, moved. 

Ninth regiment of cavalry, first squadron : 

Daniel Starkwether, cornet, vice A. Ely, promoted. 

Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Elijah Townsend, captain, vice J. McCall, resigned; Michael C~ 
Snell, first lieutenant, vice E. Townsend, promoted; Samuel Inger- 
soll, second do, vice M. C. Snell (Jacob C. Snell), promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Sweet's regiment: 

Hugh W. Dobbin, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Sweet, 

Lambert Van Alstyne, first major, vice Dobbin, promoted. 

John Phelps, captain, vice C. Yost, resigned; Samuel Boardman, 
lieutenant, vice J. Phelps, promoted; Jesse B. Boardman, ensign, 
vice S. Boardman, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Halsey's regiment: 

Rhineah (Rynear, Rhynear, Reynier) Covert, lieutenant colonel 
commandant, vice O. Halsey, resigned. 

Zebedee Stout, first major, vice R. Covert, promoted. 

David Smith, captain, vice S. Vreeland, resigned; John Scoby, 
lieutenant, vice D. Smith, promoted; Peter Wykoff, ensign, vice J. 
Scoby, promoted; Thomas Osborn, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Van Cortlandt's regiment: 

Peter N. Ferris, captain, vice (Abijah) Crissy, resigned; Wright 
Reynolds, lieutenant, vice (William) Tompkins, moved; David 
Wright, ensign, vice Ferris, promoted. 

Fourth regiment of artillery — first brigade: Moses Younglove^ 
second lieutenant; Cornelius Holmes, surgeon's mate. 

Third regiment, third brigade of artillery : 

State Historian. 1273 

delaware county. 
Abner Peck, captain, vice (Abel) Watkins, promoted; Marcus 
Noble, first lieutenant, vice A. Peck, promoted; Abraham D. Smyth, 
second do, vice Noble, promoted. 


Archibald Campbell, paymaster; Jacob L. Van Deusen, surgeon. 


Resolved, that George Brown be no longer second major of the 
battalion of militia lately commanded by Thomas Hatheway, major 
commandant, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 


Resolved, that Truman Billings be no longer captain of a com- 
pany in the regiment of militia in the county of Madison, whereof 
Erastus Cleveland, esquire, is lieutenant colonel commandant, and 
that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 

Jehiel Felt, captain, with rank from 6 April, 1804, vice T. Billings, 


In a regiment comprehending the battalion lately commanded 
by Thomas Hatheway: 

Avery Smith, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
Robert Buckley, first major, vice Smith, promoted. 

Jonathan Moon, captain; Thomas A. Sawyer, lieutenant; Water- 

T * 

man James, ensign. 

Asahel Stone, captain, vice (George) Brown, promoted (and 
superseded); Stephen Bagby, lieutenant, vice Stone, promoted; 
Nehemiah Clark, ensign. 

Roger Sutherland, captain, vice A. Smith, promoted; Dennis 
Stuart, lieutenant, vice R. Sutherland, promoted; Isaac Hedges, 
ensign, vice D. Stuart, promoted. 



1274 Annual Report of the 

George Youngs, captain; Elijah Townsend, lieutenant; Ezriah 
Finch, ensign. 

Ezekiel Blue, captain; Timothy Jones, lieutenant; James Perry, 
ensign — new company. 

Asrael Arnold, captain; David Baits, lieutenant; Baxter Hobart, 

Justice P. Spencer, captain; John Rawalt, lieutenant; Richard 
Earll, ensign. 

Sharman Lee, adjutant; Timothy Stuart, quartermaster; Nathan 
R. Lewis, paymaster; Joshua Lee, surgeon; Joel Dorman, surgeon's 

Lieutenant Colonel Philetus Swift's regiment: 

Elias Hull, captain light infantry; David Perine, lieutenant do; 
Joseph Brown, ensign do. 

Jesse Warner, junior, lieutenant; Orin Crittenden, ensign. 


In a battalion of riflemen organized* by the Commander-in-chief 
in the brigade of militia whereof Matthew Trotter is brigadier 

Samuel M. Lockwood, first major commandant; Darby Noon, 
second major; John Van Vechten, adjutant; Samuel North, quarter- 
master; Stephen Lush, junior, paymaster. 

Sanford Cobb, captain, vice Lockwood, promoted; George 
McPherson,, lieutenant, vice Cobb, promoted; Calvin C. Sumner, 
ensign, vice G. McPherson, promoted. 

James Maher, captain, vice Noon, promoted; John Cassidy, lieu- 
tenant, vice Maher, promoted; Patrick Matthews, ensign, vice Cas- 
sidy, promoted. 

* Organized by General Orders April 17, 1811. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, 
pages 279-281. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 1275 



Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Drake's regiment: 
Amos Griswold, paymaster. 

Silas Thompson, captain; John Ford, lieutenant; Eliphalet Cham- 
berlain, ensign. 


In a new division organized* by the Commander-in-chief, com- 
prehending the militia in the counties of Delaware, Albany, Schen- 
ectady and Greene: 


Paul Todd, major general. 
Matthew Trotter, brigadier general. 

Robert Elliot, brigade major and inspector of Brigadier General 
Trotter's brigade. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Vary's regiment: 

Parmenio Adams, second major. 

Captains — Amasa Kilborn, Cheney Munger, John Jones, Ebene- 
zer Turrell. 

Lieutenants — John Hasset, Alfred Kilborn, George Loomis, Wil- 
liam Chace. 

Ensigns — Charles Chaffey, Samuel Nichols, Isaac Moore and 
Jonathan G. Palmer. 

Philo Welton, paymaster; Benjamin Potter, surgeon's mate. 

Eleazer Helabert, captain light infantry; Edial Sherwood, lieu- 
tenant do. 

Seth Gates, captain grenadiers, vice P. Adams, promoted; Dan 
Adams, lieutenant do, vice S. Gates, promoted; Elias Pierson, 
ensign do, vice D. Adams, promoted. 

*G. O. April 22, 181 1. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 281-283.— State 


1276 Annual Report of the 

schoharie county. 
Lieutenant Colonel David Wiltsey's (Wiltsie) regiment: 
John Fink, lieutenant, vice (Caspar) Martin, moved; David Hager, 
junior, ensign, vice Fink, promoted. 


Fourth regiment of artillery, second brigade: 

Stephen T. Miller, captain; Nathaniel Payne, first lieutenant; 
Adam Smyth, second do; Joshua Harnden, paymaster, vice K. 
Harnden, resigned. 


Major Thomas Lusk's battalion: 

Moses Brooks, quartermaster; Charles Foot, paymaster; John 
McCluer, surgeon: Wyllys Thrall, adjutant. 

David Bowers, captain light infantry. 

Harding Gay. lieutenant; Jonathan Baskham, ensign; Jedediah 
Strong, lieutenant; Charles Foot, ensign; Thomas Morris, lieuten- 
ant; Samuel Holister, ensign. 

Phineas L. Ely, captain; Jackson Swift, lieutenant; Simeon Wil- 
son, ensign. 

YVillard Humphreys, captain; Timothy Butler, lieutenant; Elijah 
Gibbs, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Gurnee's regiment: 
John S. Conklin, first major; William Gurnee, second do. 
Walter Smith, adjutant. 

Jacob Hauptman, junior, captain; Nathaniel Concklin, do; Cor- 
nelius Cooper, do. 

Lieutenants — William Gurnee, Stephen March, Joseph E. Jones. 
Ensigns — Jacob Mott, William Armstrong, John D. Coe, junior. 
Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Blauvelt's regiment: 
Nicholas Gesner, first major; Matthew Demerest, second do. 

State Historian. 1277 

Thomas Eckerson, Frederick Barbanow, and Jacob J. Blauvelt, 

John Van Orden, Daniel Ackerman, John J. Eckerson, and Eras- 
tus Colt, lieutenants. 

John J. Yeory, Stephen Heneone, and Samuel Sidman, ensigns. 


Second squadron, Third regiment of cavalry: 

Martin Overocker, first lieutenant, vice (Richard) Yates, moved; 
Alanson Brockins (Brookins), second do, vice (William) Dunn, 
moved; John Follet, cornet, vice Brockins (Brookins), promoted. 


Third regiment, second brigade of artillery : 

James Wood, second lieutenant, vice (Christopher) Arspall 
(Arspel, Aspel), promoted. 


Fifth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 

Samuel Drake, captain; John B. Miller, first lieutenant; William 
Fowler, second lieutenant. 


Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Vail's regiment: 
Jesse Wood, lieutenant of riflemen, vice Cay Kendoll (Elias Cuy- 
kendall, Coykendall), resigned. 
Thomas Thorn, adjutant. 


Second squadron, First regiment of cavalry : 
Frost Wright, cornet, vice W. Frost, erroneous. 


First squadron, Third regiment of cavalry: 
William Thomas, cornet. 



1278 Annual Report of the 

albany county. 
Third regiment, Third brigade of artillery: 
John McLean, junior, quartermaster. 


Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Vail's regiment: 

Increase B. Stoddard, captain, vice Jno. Ferguson, junior, 
resigned; Daniel Van Tuyle, lieutenant, vice Jno. Bodle, resigned; 
Hulet Clark, ensign, vice Jno. Bodle, junior, resigned. 


In the regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas 
Lyon : 

Samuel Balcom, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Lyon, 

Isaiah Lander, first major, vice Balcom, promoted; Burrage Miles, 
second major, vice Landers, do; William M. Prince, paymaster, vice 
J. T. Wighell (John Twichell), promoted; Isaac F. Thomas, sur- 
geon, vice Daniel Lyon, deceased; Levi Farr, surgeon's mate, vice 
Thomas, promoted; Reverend Eli Hyde, chaplain. 

Simeon Parker, captain light infantry, vice B. Miles, promoted; 
William M. Thomas, lieutenant do, vice Parker, promoted. 

Silas Tremain, captain, vice J. Tillotson, resigned; Jeduthan Gray, 
lieutenant; Jeremiah Tremain, ensign; Thomas Havens, ensign. 

Samuel Hayes, captain, vice (Samuel) Carpenter, resigned; Smith 
Bradley, lieutenant, vice Hayes, promoted; Julius Bragg, ensign, 
vice Bradley, do. 

Luther Thurston, captain, vice (Jared) Redfield, refused; Azor 
Smith, ensign, vice Thurston, promoted. 

John Twichell, captain, vice (Nathaniel) Blacksley (Blaksly), 
refused; John Venton, lieutenant, vice (Samuel) Scott, refused; 

State Historian. 1279 

Hiland H. Parker, ensign, vice (Timothy) Candy, moved; Warren 
Smith, lieutenant, vice L. Livermore, refused. 

John Agard, captain, vice Jona Phelps, resigned; David Bradley, 
lieutenant, vice Agard, promoted; Benjamin Ensign, ensign, vice 
Bradley, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel David Hobby's regiment: 

William Hammond, captain light infantry, vice (John) Roomer 
(Romer), resigned; Daniel Ackerman, lieutenant do; Abraham 
Hammond, ensign do, vice Kronck (Dennis Cronk), resigned; 
Nehemiah Brown, junior, lieutenant, vice (Nehemiah) Brown (son 
of Sam'l), resigned; Lot Merritt, ensign, vice Brown, junior, 


Lieutenant Colonel John Veeder's regiment : 

William J. Teller, ensign light infantry, vice (John) Brown, 


The Commander-in-chief having thought proper to organize* 
a third brigade of cavalry consisting of four regiments; therefore, 
Resolved, that the following appointments be made therein : 

John J. Van Rensselaer, brigadier general. 


Eli Hutchinson, brigade major and inspector. 


John Brees (Breese), brigade quartermaster. 


Fourth regiment of cavalry, third brigade : 

Appollos Moore, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

*G. O. June 10, 1811. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 284, 285. — State 



12S0 Annual Report of the 

Second squadron, Fourth regiment of cavalry: 

Elisha Griggs, captain, vice (Eli) Hutchinson; Thomas Conklin, 
first lieutenant; Josiah Conklin, second lieutenant; Abram Dayton, 


Second squadron, Second regiment: 

Evert Van Alen, captain, vice (John) Brees (Breese), promoted; 
Charles Doughty, first lieutenant, vice Van Alen, promoted; Gil- 
bert Riley, second lieutenant, vice (Evert O.) Lansing, resigned; 
George W. Staats, cornet, vice Doughty, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 

Silvester Kiby (Kibbee), captain, vice J. Post, moved; Ira Dewey, 
lieutenant, vice Kiby (Kibbee), promoted; Samuel J. Brown, ensign, 
vice Dewey; Francis Dodge, ensign; Henry Hager, junior, ensign, 
vice T. Hager, moved. 

Xathaniel Dickenson, captain, vice (Joshua) Bushnel, resigned; 
Timothy Kelsey, lieutenant, vice Dickenson, promoted; Asa C. 
Luce, ensign, vice Kelsey, promoted; Levy Vaughn, ensign, vice 
A. Clark, resigned; Lagrange Sherman, ensign; William Becker, 
junior, lieutenant, vice (John) Dominick (junior), promoted; Isaac 
Barber, ensign, vice Becker, promoted. 

Peter Mann, captain, vice P. P. Snyder, resigned; Jabez W. 
Throop, lieutenant, vice Mann, promoted; Ezra Narthaway, ensign, 
vice Throop, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel John V. A. Lansing's regiment: 
John P. Putnam, quartermaster; Cornelius V. V. Leonard, 

State Historian. 1281 

essex county. 
Brigadier General Daniel Wright's brigade: 

Joseph Skinner, brigade major and inspector, vice Henry L. 
Woolsey, moved. 


Resolved, that Adam Yates be no longer lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant of a regiment of militia in the county of Rensselaer, and 
that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 


In the regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Mat- 
thew Trotter: 

William Fryer, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Trotter, 

Sebastian Visscher, first major, vice Fryer, promoted; John S. 
Beekman, second major, vice Visscher. 

Samuel S. Lush, adjutant, vice (Robert) Elliot, promoted (brigade 

William Boyd, captain, vice Beekman, Jo; Thomas Campbell, 
captain, vice (John) Townsend; David Vander Heyden, captain 
light infantry, vice (Peter) Boyd, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Garrit Gates, vice W. Boyd, promoted; Chester 
Bulkeley, light infantry, vice V. D. Heyden, promoted; John Erwin, 
vice Campbell, promoted; Henry Carpenter, vice E. Starr, resigned; 
Joseph Ives, junior, vice Lush, adjutant; Moses Allen, vice J. Sco- 
ville, moved; Absalom Townsend, vice (George) McPherson, pro- 
moted (in rifle battalion). 

Ensigns — Jacob Best, John D. P. Ten Eyck, Joseph Dennison, 
William J. Wigton, Israel Wells, Ira Jenkins, Patrick Cassidy, Her- 
manus Lansing, light infantry; Hugh Robison. 






1282 Annual Report of the 

new york county. 
Second regiment, first brigade of artillery: 
Thomas W. Gilbert, captain, to take rank from 12th March, 1810. 


In the regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William 
Fryer : 

Sebastian Visscher, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Fryer, 

John S. Beekman, first major, vice Visscher, promoted; Lucas T. 
Hoghkirk, second major, vice Beekman, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Reynolds' regiment: 
Elijah Brown, chaplain; Jeffrey W. Thomas, surgeon's mate; 
Thomas Philips, paymaster, vice (William) Clark, deceased; Archi- 
bald Jones, ensign, vice Philips, promoted; John Brimmer, lieuten- 
ant, vice E. Burdick, moved; Daniel Palmer, ensign, vice Brimmer, 


June Lieutenant Colonel Martin Heermance's regiment: 


Captains — John C. Tillotson, vice Myers (Peter T. B. Myer), 
resigned; Garrit Heermance, vice (Jacob C.) Elmendorph; Nicholas 
Row, vice (John) Thorne, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Horatio Gates Armstrong, vice (Frederick) Cramer 
(junior), resigned; Christian Alindorph, vice (Andrew) Bartholo- 
mew, moved; John R. Martin, vice Row, promoted. 

Ensigns — Hugh B. Armstrong, vice (John) Pitcher, resigned; 
Joseph B. Hicks, vice Mahew, moved; George Heermance, vice 
N. N. Hoffman. 

Abraham Delamater, surgeon; William Row, surgeon's mate. 

State Historian. 1283 

ontario county. 

Resolved, that William Howe Cuyler be no longer major com- 
mandant of a battalion of riflemen in the county of Ontario, and that 
a supersedeas be issued accordingly. 

Elihu Granger, major commandant of a battalion of riflemen in 
Ontario county, vice W. H. Cuyler, superseded, to take rank from 
February 11, 181 1. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Burnet's regiment: 

Jacob Earkenstoes, paymaster, vice (Thomas) Powel, moved; John 
Hall, quartermaster, vice J. Barkinstoes (Joseph Backenstoes), 

The historical session of the legislature of 1812 began January 
28th. In the assembly Dr. Alexander Sheldon, the Republican can- 
didate, was elected Speaker. The Council of Appointment, who 
were chosen February 1st, were all friends of De Witt Clinton, 
namely, William W. Gilbert of New York, Johannis Bruyn of 
Ulster, Henry Yates, junior, of Schenectady, and Francis A. Blood- 
good of Oneida. 

March 27th Governor Tompkins prorogued the legislature until 
May 2 1 st, because of proof that had come to his knowledge that the 
applicants for the six million dollar bank of America in New York 
city had used or attempted to use corrupt means to secure a charter. 

At the height of the tumult in the Republican party, in conse- 
quence of this act, the April elections were held, and that party 
accordingly suffered. The moribund Federalist party managed to 
secure control of the assembly by a small majority. April 20th, the 
venerable Vice-President, George Clinton, died at Washington. 
Two months later the legislature adjourned, and on June 18th, the 
Congress declared war against Great Britain. 





1284 Annual Report of the 


A special session of the legislature was convened November 3d 
for the purpose of selecting presidential electors. Jacob Rutsen 
Van Rensselaer of Columbia, Federalist, was chosen Speaker over 
William Ross of Orange. A revolt occurred in the assembly over 
the proposition that the electors should vote for De Witt Clinton. 
Martin Van Buren, who had been elected to the senate from the 
middle district in April, now displayed for the first time the tal- 
ent he possessed to a great degree for political manipulation. It 
was largely through his industrious and persistent efforts that a 
Clinton ticket was adopted on joint ballot, in spite of the recession 
of General Erastus Root and other prominent Republicans. 

Under the act of June 10, 1812, made necessary by the United 
States census of 1810, a new congressional apportionment was 
arranged by the legislature, the New York delegation now number- 
ing twenty-one, against fifteen under the act of March 8, 1808. 
From 1789 to March 23, iygy, the congressional districts were not 
numbered; from the fifth to the eighth Congress the delegation num- 
bered ten. By the act of March 30, 1802, the increase in population 
justified the increase in the number of the delegation to seventeen, 
which was maintained by the act of March 20, 1804. 


J^ ary Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Abraham 

John P. Osborn, brigade major and inspector, vice G. Horton, 


In the regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Dan'l 

Youngs : 

Jeremiah Moore, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Youngs, 


Thomas Skillman, first major, vice (Gilbert) Horton, resigned; 
Benjamin Case, second major, vice (David) Brown, resigned. 


State Historian. 1285 

Captains — John N. Youngs, vice Moore, promoted; John Wells, 
vice Skillman, do; Isaiah Terry, vice (Daniel) Edwards, resigned; 
Parshall Davis, vice Horton (Jonathan Horton the fourth), do; 
Rufus Tuthill (junior), vice J. Youngs, do; Thomas Wines, vice 
Case, promoted. 

Lieutenants — Joshua P. Youngs, vice J. N. Youngs, do; Usher H. 
Moore, vice J. W r ells, do; Benjamin King, vice I. Terry, do; Benja- 
min Wells, vice T. Wines, do; James W. Reeve, recommended, vice 
William Wines, resigned. 

Ensigns — James Fanning, recommended, vice U. H. Moore, pro- 
moted; Calvin Cook, do, vice B. King, do; Orson Merrill, do, vice 
J. P. Youngs, promoted; Elisha Tuthill, do, vice P. Davis, do; 
Joshua Fleet, do, vice B. Wells, do. 

In the regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Isaac 
Wickham : 

Samuel Hunting, captain, vice J. P. Osborn, promoted; William 
Wolbey (Wolley), do, vice F. Sayre, resigned; Edward Stephens, do, 
vice E. Jagger, do. 

James Foster, lieutenant, vice W. Wolby (Wolley), promoted; 
William Tuthill, recommended for lieutenant, vice E. Stephens, pro- 
moted; Hezekiah Jennings, do, vice S. Hunting, do; Shepherd 
Halsey, recommended for ensign; William Rogers, do, vice D. 
Haines, promoted in 181 1. 

Appollos Harris, appointed lieutenant, vice A. Howell, removed 
out of State ; Edward White, recommended for ensign, vice A. Har- 
ris, promoted. 

In the regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel James 

Isaac Satterly, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Davis, 
removed by death; Timothy Rose, first major, vice J. M. Howell, 
resigned; George Brown, second major, vice I. Satterly, promoted. 



1286 Annual Report of the 

Captains — William Howell, vice T. Rose, promoted; William 
Phillips, vice G. Brown, do; Edmund Wheeler, vice D. Saxton, 
resigned; Jeremiah Havens, vice J. Robinson, do; Jonas Hawkins, 
vice J. Van Brunt, do. 

Lieutenants — William Arthur, vice W. Howell, promoted ; Robert 
Hawkins, junior, vice W. Phillips, do; Isaac Gould; Barnabas Wines, 
vice J. Havens, do; John R. Satterly, vice J. Hawkins, do. 

Ensigns — Nathaniel Hawkins, vice W. Arthur, do; Lewis Rich; 
George Hawkins; Hezekiah Sanford, vice B. Wines, promoted; John 
M. Williamson, vice J. R. Satterly, do. 

Light infantry company commanded by Captain Ezra Tower: 
Merrit Learned, lieutenant; John Havens, ensign. 

Samuel Robinson, quartermaster (of the regiment), vice J. Robin- 
son (John Robinson, junior), resigned. 

In the regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Floyd: 

Nathaniel Smith, first major, vice M. Blackley, resigned; Tred- 
well Scudder, second major, vice N. Smith, promoted. 

John Vail, captain, vice W. Blydenburg, resigned; Nathaniel 
Smith, third, lieutenant, vice J. Vail, promoted; Alexander Smith, 
lieutenant, vice O. Carll, promoted in 1811; Conkling Gould, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Conkling, removed away; Jesse W. Floyd, ensign, 
vice N. Smith, promoted; Jesse Jarvis, ensign, vice A. Lewis, 
removed away; Piatt Conklin, ensign, vice C. Gould, promoted in 


Brigade of infantry lately commanded by Brigadier General James 

Daniel Miller, brigadier general, vice Knapp, resigned. 
Nathaniel Chichester, quartermaster, vice J. Brush, resigned. 
Regiment lately commanded by Colonel Dan'l Miller: 
John Stone, lieutenant colonel, vice D. Miller, promoted. 

State Historian. 1287 

Martin Keep, first major, vice J. Stone, promoted; Obadiah Boies, 
second major, vice M. Keep, do. 

William Adams, quartermaster, vice A. M.White, removed; Aaron 
Benedict, paymaster, vice W. Adams, promoted. 

Elijah Rice, captain, vice O. Boies, do; Zadock Strong, lieutenant, 
vice E. Rice, do; Jacob Cady, ensign, vice Z. Strong, promoted; 
Jacob Badgeley, captain, vice A. Cowles, removed; Samuel McGraw, 
lieutenant, vice J. Badgeley, promoted; David Root, ensign, vice S. 
McGraw, do. 

Elijah Church, captain, vice H. Phelps, resigned; Abraham Van 
Buskirk, lieutenant, vice E. Church, promoted; Moses H. Green, 
ensign, vice A. V. Buskirk, do. 

Theodorus Doud, captain, vice P. Babcock, resigned; Paul Bab- 
cock, junior, lieutenant, vice T. Doud, promoted; Ansel Wil- 
cox, ensign, vice P. Babcock, junior, promoted; Michael W T alter, 

Regiment commanded by Colonel John Kingman : 

Solomon Smith, lieutenant, vice W. Barto, removed; Thomas 
Hutson, ensign, vice J. Rankin, do. 

Patrick Mallery, captain, vice E. C. Carley, resigned; Zachariah 
Squire, lieutenant, vice P. Mallery, promoted ; Nathan Wead, ensign, 
vice Z. Squire, do; Silas Root, do, vice G. W. Kingman, resigned; 
Samuel Gee, do, vice E. Woodruff, removed. 

Battalion commanded by Major Elijah Wheeler: 

William Farley, adjutant, vice L. Hegis (Hedges), promoted. 

Lewis Heges (Hedges), captain of light infantry company; John 
L. Boid'(Boyd), lieutenant do; Bethuel Harvey, ensign do. 

Samuel Buel, lieutenant; Joel Call, ensign, vice S. Buel, promoted. 

Robert Watson, captain, vice Jonah Thayer, removed; John Bout- 
well, lieutenant, vice R. Watson, promoted; John Coal (Cole), lieu- 
tenant; William Greenman, ensign. 


1288 Annual Report of the 

steuben county. 

Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General George 

Lieutenant Colonel James McBurney's regiment: 

Simeon Bacon, captain of infantry, vice R. Smith, resigned; Abel 
Bullard, lieutenant; William Avery Hide, do; Reuben Stiles, do. 

Ensigns — Daniel Baker, Richard Philips, William Atherton. 

In the regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant (Colonel) Com- 
mandant Joshua Smith: 

Reuben Boyce, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Smith, 

Charles Bartles, first major, vice R. Royce, promoted; Nathan 
Cook, lieutenant; Abraham Bennett, do; John Sebrins, ensign; 
Ebenezer Brundige, do. 

John Warner, surgeon. 

Battalion of riflemen commanded by Major Commandant Asa A. 
Gaylord : 

Abraham Brundige, captain, vice Asa A. Gaylord, promoted. 

James Sanford, captain in first rifle battalion; William White, lieu- 
tenant; Asa Talbort, do. 

Ensigns — Isaac Coble, Rufus Corey, Henry Switzer, junior, 
Stephen Gardner. 

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel S. Haight's regiment: 

William Lindsley, captain of infantry; John Mulhallan, lieutenant. 

Ensigns — Jeremiah Mulford, Obed Nute, Josiah Ellis, Christopher 


Second brigade of infantry, city and county of New York: 
First regiment: 

Charles Drake, surgeon, vice (William) Turk, removed; Benjamin 
P. Kissam, surgeon's mate, vice Drake, promoted. 

State Historian. 1289 

William T. McConn, captain, vice (Joseph D.) Fay, do; Julius L. 
Dunning, captain, vice (Charles) Graham, taken from line. 

Matthias B. Edgar, lieutenant, vice (Jonathan J.) Coddington, do; 
Henry S. Dodge, lieutenant, vice McCoun, promoted; Nathaniel F. 
Jennings, do, vice Dunning, do. 

Ensigns — Henry T. Wheeler, vice (William H.) Falls, resigned; 
Jacob Burdett, vice (James) Graham, removed; David C. Hick, vice 
Edgar, promoted; Sullivan Moulton,vice Dodge, promoted; Richard 
Elsworth, vice Brown (Benjamin Brower), resigned; Thomas K. 

Second regiment: 

Tyler Maynard, captain, vice (Samuel S.) Smith, resigned; Samuel 
Woodhull, lieutenant, vice (William H.) Maxwell, appointed aide to 
the brigadier general; Nathaniel Tylee, lieutenant, vice Maynard, 
promoted; Richard Jarvis, ensign, vice Woodhull, promoted; Elijah 
Whipple, ensign, vice Tylee, promoted; Robert Hay ward, ensign, 
vice (James) Skinner, declined; Nathaniel H. Lewis, ensign, vacant, 
not filled last return. 

Third regiment — Sabin Lethbridge, lieutenant, vice B. F. Boyd, 
removed; John Ogden Dey, lieutenant, vice J. A. Bayard, resigned; 
Waldron B. Post, ensign, vice Lethbridge, promoted; Isaac E. 
Conklin, ensign, vice Dey, promoted; Henry W. Nicoll, ensign, vice 
Oakley, gone to Europe; David Gardiner, ensign, vice Wilcox, 

Fifth regiment: 

Garret (H.) Striker, captain, vice G. L. Lewis, resigned; James 
H. Bibby, lieutenant, vice Striker, promoted; John D. Brower, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. D. Mount, deceased; James Baker, lieutenant, vice 
J. S. Robinson, appointed adjutant; George W. Morton, lieutenant, 
vice C. Bostwick, quartermaster; Pierre Teller, lieutenant, vice D. 



1290 Annual Report of the 

Cotheal, paymaster; George V. R. Codwise, ensign, vice Bibby, pro- 
moted; William Nicoll, ensign, vice Brown, promoted; Samuel L. 
Bartlet, ensign, vice Baker, promoted. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Garrit- 

Richard Conner, lieutenant colonel, vice Garritson, resigned. 

Nicholas Burger, first major, vice Conner, promoted; Cornelius 
Dissosway, second major, vice Burger, promoted. 

John Barnes, captain, vice (Tunis) Egbert, resigned; Jesse Oakley, 
captain, vice Dissoway, promoted; Garrit Martling, lieutenant, vice 
Barnes, promoted; Joseph G. Totten, lieutenant, vice Oakley, pro- 
moted; Richard Merrill, ensign, vice Corson, deceased; Nathaniel 
Butler, ensign, vice Totten, promoted; John Heliker, ensign, vice 
Martling, promoted; William Corson, ensign, vice (Richard A.) 
Houseman, declined; Matthias Burger, ensign, vice Crocheron, pro- 
moted; Edward Perine, ensign, vacancy in Totten's company. 

Abraham Merrill, captain; Silvanus Decker, lieutenant; John 
Crocheron, ensign. 


Fourth regiment of artillery, second battalion : 
Robert Moores, captain; Moses Cowan, first lieutenant; John 
Barnard, second- lieutenant — to take rank from November 27, 1810. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Obadiah 
German : 

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Balcom's regiment: 

Burrage Milles (Miles, Mills), first major, vice (Isaiah) Lander, 
not accepted; Elias Ives, second major, vice B. Milles, promoted. 

State Historian. 1291 

William Palmer, junior, captain, vice Ives, promoted; Ozias Bush, 
lieutenant, vice Palmer, promoted. 

Richard B. Church, captain, vice (Enos) Cornwell, superseded; 
Thomas Humphrey, junior, lieutenant, vice Church, promoted; 
Azor Smith, lieutenant, vice H. Evens (Henry Evans), deceased; 
Josiah Rice, ensign, vice Smith, promoted. 

Smith Bradley, captain, vice (Samuel) Hayes, removed; Julius 
Bragg, lieutenant, vice Bradley, promoted; Hearman Terwiliger, 
ensign, vice Bragg, promoted; Thaddeus Marther, lieutenant, vice 
(John) Venton, removed out of beat. 

Levi Benedict, captain, vice (Alanson) Harris, removed out of 
beat; James Sellick, lieutenant, vice (Leonard) Livermore, removed 
out of beat; Ira Baxter, ensign, vice (Warren) Smith, removed out 
of beat. 

Ensigns — John Grant, vacant; Lrin Sweet, do; Jabiz Robinson, 
vice (Silas) Truman, declined; John Havens, vice (Henry) Brazee 
(Breyse), removed. 

Resolved, that Enos Cornwell be no longer captain, and that a 
supersedeas be issued accordingly. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thompson Mead's regiment: 

John Camp, surgeon, vice (Henry) Mitchell, resigned; Richard 
Brown, surgeon's mate, vice Camp, promoted. 

Peleg Arnold, captain, vice (James) Thompson, resigned; Benoni 
Mann, lieutenant, vice Arnold, promoted; Jonathan Colegrove, 
junior, ensign, vice Mann, promoted; Elisha Nobles, ensign, vacant. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General William 

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Graham's regiment: 

Lewis Porter, quartermaster, vice (Josiah B.) Chapman, removed. 



1292 Annual Report of the 

Richard Ely, junior, captain, vice (Aranthus) Everts, promoted; 
Simon Boardman, lieutenant, vice Ely, promoted; Augustus Ely, 
ensign; Samuel Seton, do. 

John Mack, captain, vice Karlow (William Harlow), removed; 
Enos Smith, lieutenant, vice Mack, promoted; Daniel Riche, ensign; 
James Colegrove, do; Hezekiah Russel, lieutenant; Isaac Wood- 
worth, ensign. 

Seth Bailey, captain; Stephen Solomon, lieutenant; Robert Dur- 
land, ensign — of a rifle company. 

Lieutenant Colonel Reynier Covert's regiment: 
Ralph Swarthout, second major. 

William Sutton, captain, vice Swarthout, promoted; John J. 
Covert, lieutenant, vice Sutton, promoted; John Bodine, ensign, vice 
Covert, promoted; John Bainbridge, lieutenant, vice (George) Wil- 
kins, promoted; Selah Squire, lieutenant, vice (Tunis) Swick, pro- 
moted; Charles Kelley, ensign, vice Squire, promoted. 

John Wilkin, captain, vice (John) Bodine, removed; Isaac Miller, 
lieutenant, vice Wilkin, promoted; Aaron Miller, ensign, vice Miller, 

George Wilkin, adjutant; Peter J. Dey, paymaster, vice (John) 
De Mott. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh W. Dobbin's regiment: 
David Southwick, second major. 

Luther Redfield, captain, vice Southwick, promoted; Abraham 
Knapp, lieutenant, vice Redfield, promoted; Benjamin Nelson, 
ensign, vice (Sumner) Chapman, do ; Jacob Doremus, lieutenant, vice 
(Henry) Gardner, resigned; James Fleming, ensign, vice (Henry) 
Depue, resigned; William Bruce, lieutenant, vice (Nicholas) Squire 
(Squiers), resigned; Simon Chapman, ensign, vice (Henry) Parker, 

State Historian. 1293 

Riflemen — William Ireland, junior, ensign, vice (Joseph S.) Bar- 
nard, resigned. 

Light Infantry — William B. Dixon. 

Henry Parker, captain; Thomas W. Roosefelt, lieutenant; Elias 
Grow, ensign — of a new company. 

Rev. John Stuart, chaplain. 

Company of riflemen in Lieutenant Colonel Reynier Covert's 

Tunis Swick, captain; Joseph Covert, ensign; Tunis Covert, junior, 


Cavalry — Second squadron, Second regiment of cavalry: 
Oliver Calkin, captain; Elisha Hicock, first lieutenant; William 
Dunn, second do; Robert J. Hunter, cornet. 


Brigade commanded by Obadiah German: 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Denison 

Dudley Hewit, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Randall, 

Jonathan Chandler, first major, vice Hewit, promoted; Lewis 
Brown, second major, vice (Jabez) Brown, resigned; John Lorton, 
chaplain, vacancy; John Benton, surgeon's mate, vacancy; Ephraim 
Minor, junior, quartermaster, vice (Paul) Randall, removed. 

Joseph Sterling, captain, vice Chandler, promoted; Asa Beach, 
lieutenant, vice Stirling, promoted; Jonathan Chandler, junior, 
ensign, vice Beach, promoted. 

David Tift, captain, vice (Lewis) Brown, promoted; Samuel 
Holmes, lieutenant, vice Tift, promoted; Henry Coggshall, ensign, 
vice Holmes, promoted. 



1294 Annual Report of the 

William M. Fish, captain, vice (Ebenezer) Hill, resigned; William 
Smith, lieutenant, vice Fish, promoted; David Stoddard, ensign, vice 
Smith, promoted. 

Eli D. Catlin, captain, vice (Abel) Prior, removed; Samuel Pul- 
ford, lieutenant, vice (Moses) Eldred; Elihu B. Pulford, ensign, vice 
Catlin, promoted. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General John Til- 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bloom: 

Peter Conrad, first major, vice (Henry) Ludlow, not accepted; 
Lemi Bradley, second major. 

Josiah Willoughby, captain, vice Bradley, promoted; Parmenio 
Wolcott (junior), lieutenant, vice Willoughby, promoted; Edward 
Walker, lieutenant, vice (John) Garrison, moved away; William 
Cobb, ensign, vice (Parmenio) Wolcott (junior), do (promoted); 
Derick Deits, ensign; Caleb Tichner, lieutenant, vice (Daniel) Shaw, 
declined; Frederick Gibbs, ensign, vice (Daniel) Brown, declined. 

Joshua Xorth, captain, vice (John) Knittles (Knettles), removed; 
Samuel Clark, lieutenant, vice (Isaac) Ozman (Osborne); William 
Ozman, ensign, vice Xorth, promoted. 

Jedediah Reynolds, captain, vice (John) Ozman (Osborne), 
deceased; David Belknap, lieutenant, vice Reynolds, promoted; 
William Morrison, ensign, vice Belknap, promoted. 

Xew company of grenadiers: 

Joseph Cone, captain; Richard Francis, lieutenant; Barzela Little, 

Xew company of riflemen: 

Isaac Ailing, captain; James H. Johnson, lieutenant; Zephaniah 
L. Silcocks, ensign. 

State Historian. 1295 

New company of light infantry: 

Calvin Bush, captain ; John Horner, lieutenant ; Ithamer Whipple, 

James M. C. Hancy, ensign, vice Ingersoll; Caleb B. Drake, 
quartermaster, vice (Amos) Adams, resigned. 

Company of artillery attached to the regiment — first battalion, 
Sixth regiment of artillery : 

William T. Gardner, captain, vice (Don C.) Buel; William R. Col- 
lins, first lieutenant, vice Gardner, promoted; John Ludlow, second 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Harris: 

Henry Polhemus, quartermaster, vice (Samuel) Bevier, moved 
away; David Higgins, chaplain, vacant; Jonathan Whitney, sur- 
geon's mate, vacant; Eliphalet Whittlesey, lieutenant, vice Hallack 
(Jeremiah Hallock), resigned; Asahel Taylor, ensign, vice Whittle- 
sey, promoted. 

James Dixon, junior, captain, vice (John) Hamilton, resigned; 
Eli Wilson, lieutenant, vice (Benjamin) Whitmore, resigned; Edward 
Horton, ensign, vice Dixon, promoted; Robert Parks, lieutenant, 
vice (Stephen) Grover, deceased; Calvin Barnes, ensign, vice Parks, 
promoted; Henry Ammerman, ensign, vice (John) Walker, moved. 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Zadock Rhoads: 

Charles Chamberlain, quartermaster, vice (Thomas) Johnson. 

John Histed (Hirsted), lieutenant, vice (John) Murray, removed; 
Seth Holt, ensign, vice Histed, promoted. 

Thomas Johnson, junior, captain, vice (George) Brinckerhoff, 
resigned; Avery Gates, ensign; Phipps W. Hewitt, lieutenant, vice 
(Zadock) Cady, resigned; Eli Atwater, ensign, vice Hewit, promoted; 
Joseph Lee, do, vice (Samuel) Root, removed. 



1296 Annual Report of the 

John Kennedy, captain; Roulin Day, first lieutenant; Daniel R. 
Rhoads, second do — a new company of artillery, first battalion, 
Sixth regiment. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel A. Chidsey: 

Matthew N. Tillotson, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Chid- 
sey, not accepted. 

Christopher Morgan, first major, vice (Roswell) Franklin, do; 
William Miner, second major, vice Tillotson, promoted; Matthew 
Talman, surgeon, vice (Frederick) Delano, resigned; Hezekiah N. 
Woodruff, chaplain. 

James M. Armstrong, captain, vice Miner; John Leavensworth, 
lieutenant; Samuel Leavensworth, ensign; Hugh Heartsough, do. 

Josiah Phelps, captain; Joel Kemp, lieutenant; Stephen Allen, 
junior, ensign; William Tompkins, do. 

Lucius Gaylord, captain, vice (Robert) Tracy, removed; Jacob 
Dunning, lieutenant; Austin Delano, ensign. 

First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

John Clark, captain; Elijah Drake, first lieutenant; Zadock Weeks, 
second do. 

Battalion whereof Eli Matson is major commandant: 

Abner Hollister, lieutenant, vice (Piatt) Titus, declined to accept; 
Samuel A. Allen, ensign, vice Hollister, promoted; Eleazer Squyer, 
ensign, vice (Amos) Woodford, not accepted; Theophilus Emerson, 
ensign, vice Turchel (Edward Twickel), declined; Adam Conrad, 
ensign, vice (Lewis) Hayden. 

David Avery, brigade quartermaster. 


Artillery — First brigade of artillery, First regiment: 
John Woodward, second lieutenant, vice Johnson, promoted. 
Horatio Gates Stevens, major, vice (Peter) Irving, absent. 

State Historian. 1297 

Second regiment: 

George B. Rapeley, quartermaster, vice (Bernard) Hart, promoted; 
Gardiner Spring, chaplain; Fayette Cooper, surgeon; James D. Wal- 
lace, major by brevet; Aaron Levy, captain and paymaster. 

James G. Forbes, captain; Daniel E. Dunscomb, captain. 

First lieutenants — George W. Murray, John Connery, Stephen 
Conover, Charles McKenna. 

Second lieutenants — Alexander M. Muir, James B. Murray, Josiah 
C. Hook, Abraham Smith, John J. Cromwell, William M. Halstead. 

Third regiment: 

Cornelius Harsen, first major, vice (Benjamin) Aycrigg, resigned; 
John W. Forbes, second do, vice Harsen, promoted. 

John M. Bradhurst, captain, vice Forbes, promoted; John Timp- 
son, second lieutenant; Garrit Forbes, first lieutenant; George Black, 
second lieutenant. 

Fourth regiment: 


Stephen Lyon, second major. 


Joseph O. Bogart, second major, vice (John) Jermain (of Suffolk 
county), resigned. 

First troop of horse artillery: 

John Graff, captain, vice (Joseph O.) Bogart, promoted; John G. 
Merserve, first lieutenant, vice Graff; George Thompson, second 
lieutenant, vice Meserve; Peter Valentine, cornet, vice Thompson. 

Second troop — James McKeon, captain; Charles A. W. McPher- 
son, cornet; Thomas Shaw, first lieutenant; George Nixon, second 

Company of foot artillery: 



1298 Annual Report of the 

William T. Hunter, captain; Edwin Mathews, first lieutenant; 
Aaron T. Crane, second lieutenant 

John Cook, captain; John S. Robinson, first lieutenant; John R. 
Satterlee, second do. 


Artillery — John S. Mount, captain; Henry H. Howell, first lieu- 
tenant; Samuel Davis, second lieutenant. 


Artillery — Matthew Wendell, surgeon. 


Brigade of infantry whereof Solomon Martin is brigadier general: 
New company of riflemen : 

Abel Case, captain; Daniel C. Hayes, lieutenant; Roswell Wright, 


First brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General 
(Gerard) Steddiford: 

Theophilus Pierce, brigade major, vice A. M. Valentine; Cornelius 
Bogert, second major. 

First regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel (Jacob) Dela- 

Charles Christian, first major, vice (Gerard) Depeyster, promoted; 
Samuel Shaw, surgeon, vice (John D.) Jaques, removed. 

Robert Jaques, captain, vice (Samuel T.) Wright, removed from 
city; Charles G. Jones, lieutenant, vice Jaques; Edward Sufferen, 
lieutenant, vice (Matthias G.) Miller, removed from city; William 
Honay, ensign; Linus St. John, do. 

Second regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel (Jasper) 

John Marrener, captain, vice (John Ellsworth) Hyde, resigned; 

State Historian. 1299 

William B. Adams, captain, vice (Theophilus) Pierce, returned for 
promotion; Joshua Q. Tier, lieutenant, vice Marrener, promoted; 
Daniel Warren, lieutenant, vice Adams, promoted; James C. Gar- 
rison, ensign. 

John Sproull, captain ; John L. Fink, lieutenant — of grenadiers. 

William Dutch, lieutenant; Joseph Marsell, ensign — of riflemen. 

Third regiment: 

William Jones, second major, vice (William M.) Pluymert, 
deceased; Lemuel Jenkins, paymaster, vice (Charles) Hughes, 

Captains — George W. Fowler, vice (William) Parker, resigned; 
Cornelius Chivis, vice (Zopher R.) Jarvis, resigned; Samuel Sparks, 
vice (John D.) Brown, removed from city; Peter L. Tooker, vice 
(Benjamin L.) Day, removed from city. 

Lieutenants — Thomas L. Rich, vice Fowler, promoted; William 
Depeyster, vice Chivis, promoted; Hym Salomon (Haym M. Sallo- 
mon), vice Sparks, promoted; John De Bow, vice Tooker, promoted; 
John J. Vanderpool, vice (John W.) Jarvis, removed from city; 
Charles G. Ferris, vice (John S.) French, removed from city; John 
B. Stevenson, vice (David P.) Adams, removed from city. 

Ensigns — John Brower, David M. Hoffman, Nehemiah Brush, 
Charles Hughes, Aaron Seargent, Martin Englehart, Samuel G. 

Fourth regiment : 

Robert Swanton, second major, vice (Charles) Christian; George 
Clark, quartermaster, vice Moore, resigned; James Watson, pay- 

Captains — Philip Kearney, vice Swanton, promoted; James Wat- 
son, vice (Henry) Laight, removed; Robert Seaman, vice (Richard 
N.) Harrison, resi' .led; Aaron Schuyler, vice (Nathaniel F.) Moore, 



1300 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenants — John Curran Sampson, vice Kearney, promoted; 
William Strachan, vice Watson, promoted; Robert L. Bruce, vice 
Seaman, promoted; Albert C. Greene, vice Schuyler, promoted; 
John T. Jones, vice (Alexander J. C.) Hamilton, removed; James T. 
Stoughton, vice (Robert) Dickey, refused commission. 

Ensigns — Anthony D. Schuyler, vice (James Van) Courtland, 
refused commission; Erastus Glover; John James Lambert; Jesse 

John Jacobs, captain, vice (William) Jones, promoted; Henry 
Stroub, lieutenant, vice Jacobs, promoted — flank company. 

Fifth regiment: 

Captains — Joseph Delafield, vice (Moses B.) Seixas, resigned; 
Robert L. Reade, vice (Jacob) Van Den Heuvel; Philip G. Van 
Wyck; Henry B. Hagerman; Robert Hunter. 

Lieutenants — William N. Dyckman, junior, vice (Richard D.) 
Arden, resigned; Stephen Lockwood, vice (William) Hazard, pro- 
moted; Frederick Muzzy, vice Delafield, promoted; Samuel R. 
Clarke, vice Reade, promoted. 

Ensigns — Peter Van Brugh Livingston, James Campbell, Robert 
Manning, Benjamin T. Underhill. 

Battalion of riflemen whereof Francis McClure is major com- 
mandant : 

Thomas Haynes, adjutant; James McCurdy, lieutenant, vice 
(Patrick) Lunny, deceased ; George Graham, lieutenant, vice Haynes, 
promoted; Hugh McBride, ensign; William Tough, do. 


Battalion of infantry commanded by Major Commandant Walter 

Jacob T. Brewer, captain, vice Arnold, removed; Charles Med- 
berry, lieutenant, vice Brower, promoted; Arunah Welch, ensign, 

State Historian. 1301 

vice Medberry, promoted; Wilson Gage, ensign, vice Loomis, pro- 
moted; Price French, lieutenant, vice Calkin, removed; Anthony 
Oney, ensign, vice French, promoted. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Daniel 
Wright (fortieth brigade): 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Durand 
(Thirty-sixth regiment) : 

Thomas Miller, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice (Marinus 
Francis) Durand, resigned; John Roberts, third, first major; Isaac 
C. Piatt, second do; Levi Piatt, adjutant; Benjamin H. Moors 
(Mooers), quartermaster, vice Haynes, resigned; John Palmer, pay- 
master; Silas Goodrich, surgeon, vice (John) Miller, resigned; 
Benjamin J. Moores (Mooers), surgeon's mate. 

Nathaniel Chittenden, captain, vice Marsh, resigned; Ebenezer 
Mix, lieutenant; Philip B. Jackson, ensign; Charles Button, ensign, 
vice Shaw, removed. 

Lyman Manley, captain; Elijah Reed, lieutenant; John Allen, 


Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Aaron North 
(Thirty-seventh regiment) : 

Samuel Whitney, captain, vice Flender (John Flande, Hendy), 
resigned; Marquis Delafayette Moore, lieutenant, vice Adgate, pro- 
moted; Orson Wright, ensign; Jonathan Merriam, junior, ensign, 
vice Odle, removed. 

Samuel Woodman, captain, vice (Ransom) Noble, promoted 
(second major); Charles McNeil, lieutenant, vice Woodman, pro- 
moted; Ezra Parkill, ensign, vice Merrill (McNeil), promoted; 
Samuel W. Felt, ensign, vice (Harvey) Cook, removed; David B. 



1302 Annual Report of the 

Shelton, surgeon, vice (David) Hascall; Simeon Dryden, surgeon's 

Rifle company — Henry A. Hawley, captain, vice (Joseph) Skinner, 
promoted; Lebbeus Hascall, lieutenant, vice (John) Lynde, removed; 
John McCrea, ensign, vice Hascall, promoted. 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Barnes 
(Ninth regiment): 

Benjamin Smith, lieutenant. 

Augustus Cleaveland, captain, vice (Judd) Jenks, resigned; Daniel 
Baker, lieutenant; Richard Miller, ensign. 


Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Abraham (J.) Vos- 
burg(h) : 

Alvin Harris, ensign. 


George Widrig, major general, vice M. Myers, resigned. 
Robert Shoemaker, brigade major and inspector of the brigade 
of infantry in the county of Herkimer, vice Simeon Ford, resigned. 


Resolved, that Erastus Williams be no longer brigade major 
and inspector of the brigade of infantry lately commanded by Paul 
Todd, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 


Pierre Van Cortlandt, junior, brigadier general, vice Thomas 
Carpenter, resigned. 

Jackson Odell, brigade major and inspector, vice Roff, deceased. 

State Historian. 1303 



Brigadier General John Ellis' brigade: Feb? 5 ' 


Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus M. Wood's regiment: 

Luther Badger, quartermaster, vice Earll, promoted. 

Asa Rice, captain; Amos P. Granger, lieutenant; Charles Gard- 
ner, ensign — of light infantry. 

Captains — Martin Wandell, vice Byington, declining; Richard C. 
Johnson, vice Wheason, moved away; Daniel Stanley, vice Webb, 
not accepting; John Clark, vice Fenner, not accepting. 

Lieutenants — Judson Webb, vice Miller, moved away; Thaddeus 
Wheeler, vice Curtis, not accepting; Ebby Polly, vice Green, moved 
away; Abel Crane, vice Stanley, promoted; Levi Ellis, vice Clark, 

Ensigns — Jeremiah Keeler, vice Gridley, not accepting; Asa Foot, 
vice Wandell, promoted; Samuel S. Dodge, vice Woodruff, not 
accepting; Charles Whedon, vice Johnson, promoted; Stephen 
Walter, vice Slade, not accepting; John J. Sabin, vice Ellis, 

Sixteenth regiment — Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Chandler's regi- 
ment : 

Ezra Brackett, captain; John Stevens, lieutenant; John Ward, 
ensign — light infantry. 

Captains — John Manro, vice Powers, promoted; Job Green, vice 
Adams, promoted ; Stephen Brace, vice Burt, moved away. 

Lieutenants — Perry Sowle, vice Manro, promoted; John Butler, 
vice Dolson, moved away; Daniel Hugunin, junior, vice Brace, 

Ensigns — Aaron Wright, vice Sowle, promoted; David Williams, 
vice Green, promoted; Joseph Rice, vice Hugunin, promoted. 

Henry B.Turner, captain; David Parish, lieutenant; Josiah Parish, 


1304 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Johnson's regiment: 

Shepherd Patrick, paymaster, vice Merriman, not accepting. 

Asahel Roundy, captain, vice Legg, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Jesse Swan, vice Sprague, resigned; Phineas Hutch- 
ins, vice Knapp, resigned; Stephen Pomeroy, vice Swan, promoted. 

Ensigns — John Linckham, vice Roundy, promoted; Timothy 
Pomeroy, vice Pomeroy, promoted; Frederick Aekles, vice Trow- 
bridge, declined. 


Erigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Samuel 

Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Gere's regiment: 

Charles Roads, second major, vice Proctor, removed; Thaddeus 
Jewitt, paymaster, vice Stimson, promoted. 

Andrew Comstock, captain, vice Roads, promoted; John Brown, 
lieutenant, vice Comstock, promoted; Calvin Palmer, ensign, vice 
Brown, promoted. 

Michael Dunning, captain, vice Wells, removed; William Richard- 
son, junior, lieutenant, vice Dunning, promoted; Joshua Finch, 
ensign, vice Richardson, promoted. 

Earl Stimson, captain, vice Wright, commission returned; Henry 
Warren, lieutenant, vice Dauchy, commission returned; Andrew 
Thatcher, ensign, vice Truman, commission returned; John Her- 
rington, ensign, vice Burk, removed. 

James N. Smith, captain; Urial Cornell, ensign, vice Wood, 


Brigadier General Samuel Ten Broeck's brigade: 
Lieutenant Colonel Charles McKinstry's regiment: 
Jared Winslow, captain, vice Fitch, removed; Amos King, junior, 
lieutenant, vice Winslow, promoted; Thomas Bartholomew, ensign, 

State Historian. 1305 

vice King, do; Henry P. Mesick, lieutenant, vice Rodman, pro- 
moted; James Williams, ensign, vice Tyler, declined; Joseph Rod- 
man, adjutant, vice Case, removed; Charles Bull, surgeon's mate, 
vice House, declined; Abel Brown, chaplain. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer's regiment: 

William Van Deusen, lieutenant, vice J. Van Deusen; Henry- H. 
Blass, ensign, vice W. Van Deusen, promoted. 

Israel Holmes, captain, vice Miller, resigned; Lewis Whitlock, 
lieutenant, vice Holmes, promoted; Matthew Coventry, ensign, vice 
Worth, declined; Henry Whiteman, ensign, vice Van Deusen, 

Lieutenant Colonel Robert T. Livingston's regiment: 

Light Infantry — Cyrus Capron, second major, vice Livingston, 
appointed sheriff; Elisha Holly, captain, vice Capron, promoted; 
Jacob Park, lieutenant, vice Holly, promoted; Joseph Fletcher, 
ensign, vice Nichols, promoted; John Finch, captain, vice Winchel, 
removed; Daniel Baker, junior, lieutenant, vice Finch, promoted; 
Joshua Persons, ensign, vice Baker, promoted. 

John Sharpstone, captain, vice Silvernail, removed; Henry Potts, 
captain, vice Arkenburg, removed; John Ham, lieutenant, vice 
Conoro, removed; John H. Huysroot (Hoysrad), lieutenant, vice 
Smith, resigned; John Barringer, junior, lieutenant, vice Germond, 
removed; Tunis Race, ensign, vice Robinson, removed; John A. 
Huysroot, ensign, vice Sharpstone, promoted; Joseph Hoot, ensign, 
vice Row, removed; Jonathan Lapham, adjutant, vice Van Deusen, 

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Warner's regiment: 

Oliver Cady, junior, captain, vice Abbot, resigned; Edward 
Palmer, lieutenant, vice Cady, promoted; Ebenezer Lovejoy, ensign, 
vice Palmer, promoted. 



i3°6 Annual Report of the 

Ezra Patrick, captain, vice Wheeler, removed; Carlton Brigs, 
lieutenant, vice Patrick, promoted; George Briggs, ensign, vice C. 
Brigs, promoted; William Pratt, ensign, vice Jones, promoted; 
Nathaniel Janes, lieutenant. 


Brigadier General Peter S. Van Orden's brigade: 

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius A. Blauvelt's regiment: 

Michael Salyer, second major. 

Erastus Colt, captain: Cornelius Sickles, do; Samuel Sidmon, lieu- 
tenant; James Hudson, do; Alphias Collon, ensign; Matthias A. 
Concklin, do. 

William Herbert Gesner, adjutant; Daniel A. Blauvelt, paymaster; 
John Wood, quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Gurnee's regiment: 

Edward Lascels, lieutenant; Abel Scott, ensign; Samuel Brewster, 
junior, ensign. 


Brigadier General Siah Robinson's brigade: 
Lieutenant Colonel Abraham J. Hardenberg's regiment: 
Peleg Ransom, captain, vice Parder, resigned; Samuel Dunscome, 
lieutenant, vice Ransom, promoted; Daniel S. Elsworth, ensign, 
vice Dunscome; Solomon Demson, ensign, vice Ostrom; Cornelius 
Ostrander, lieutenant, vice Semore; John Suert, ensign, vice Ostran- 
der, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Bruyn's regiment: 
Zacherias Masten, lieutenant, vice Roose, resigned; Jacob Van 
Steenbergh, ensign, vice Masten, promoted; Robert S. Crawford, 
lieutenant, vice Hunter, resigned; Moses Jordon, ensign, vice Craw- 
ford, promoted. 

State Historian. i3°7 

Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Webb's regiment: 

James Bingham, adjutant. 

Vincent Clark, captain of light infantry, vice Keen, removed; Stacy 
Beacks, lieutenant, vice Clark, promoted ; William Carpender, junior, 
ensign, vice Beack, promoted. 

Richard Penny, captain, vice Finch, declined; William Mullock, 
junior, lieutenant, vice Penny, promoted; Jacob Satterly, ensign, vice 
Mullock, promoted. 

Edward Blake, captain, vice Van Orsdol, resigned; William Jack- 
son, lieutenant, vice Blake, promoted; John Yeakley, ensign, vice 
Jackson, promoted. 

John Faulknar, captain, vice Savage, resigned; Stephen Harlow, 
lieutenant, vice Faulknar, promoted; Abraham Wilkin, ensign, vice 
Harlow, promoted; Daniel Denton, ensign, vice Bingham, promoted. 


Third brigade of artillery, Sixth regiment: 

Michael C. Snell, captain, vice McCall, resigned; Samuel Inger- 
soll, first lieutenant, vice Snell, promoted. 

Second lieutenants — John B. Larrawa, vice Ingersoll, do; John 
Suylands, vice Hooper, removed; Joshua McKenzie. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Walter 
Martin : 

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Stickney's regiment: 

Amos Bosworth, lieutenant, vice Robbins, removed; Stephen 
Jerome, lieutenant, vice Spencer, resigned; Henry Knapp, ensign, 
vice Waring, removed; Nathaniel W. Hibbard, ensign, vice Wells, 
removed; Solomon McCumber, ensign, vice Jerome, promoted; 
Elnathan Doane, ensign; Hezekiah B. Chaffee, do, vice Allen, 
resigned; Jesse Fifield, surgeon's mate. 



1308 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel Gershom Turtle's regiment: 

William Coffin, adjutant, vice (Hart) Massey, resigned; Archibald 
Clark, paymaster, vice Coffin, promoted; Warin Spalding, quarter- 
master, vice Clark, promoted. 

Captains — Isaiah Post, vice Stone, resigned; Elihu Booth, vice 
Greenly, resigned; Stephen Gifford, vice Butterfield, deceased. 

Lieutenants — Joseph Mayo, vice Gifford, promoted; Benoni 
Edmonds, vice Post, promoted; Aaron Loomis, vice Booth, 
advanced; John \Y. McNett, vice Brooks, resigned. 

Ensigns — Gideon Barnes, vice Willard, refused ; John Nirus, vice 
Kellogg, removed; Joel P. Rice, vice Wait, refused; Abraham 
Graves, vice Mayo, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Coxe's regiment: 

Ethe Witmore, captain, vice Wolcott, resigned; Adam Conkey, 
captain, vice Barnes, removed; Amos Miller, lieutenant, vice Wit- 
more, promoted; Elizer Stephens, lieutenant, vice Moore, dead; 
Gurdon Lord, ensign, vice Miller, promoted; Roswell Miner, ensign, 
vice Conkey, promoted; Russell Way. 


Lieutenant Colonel Zeboam Carter's regiment: 

David R. Cartter, paymaster. 

Ezra King, second major, vice Clark, declined accepting; William 
Parker, ensign; Shadrick Case, do, vice Wright removed. 

David Waters, brigade quartermaster. 

Oliver Scott, captain; Lyman Munson, lieutenant; William Wil- 
liams, second lieutenant — of artillery. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rogers' regiment: 
Jeremiah Terhune, ensign. 

State Historian. 1309 

schenectady county. 
Brigade lately commanded by Jacob Swits : 

Eri Lusher, brigade quartermaster, to rank from September 16, 
181 1, vice Swits. 


Lieutenant Colonel Asa Stanley's regiment: 

Aaron Ackley, ensign of light infantry, to rank from March 12, 
1810, vice Bemis, superseded. 

Resolved, that James D. Bemis be no longer an ensign and that 
a supersedeas be issued accordingly. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Solomon 

Lieutenant Colonel Reuben Root's regiment: 

Nathaniel Daniels, captain, vice Noble, promoted. 

James Hale, captain, vice Pope, resigned; William E. Peck, cap- 
tain, vice Starkweather, resigned; Moses Aldrich, lieutenant, vice 
Jennings, removed; William Goff, second lieutenant, vice Hale, pro- 
moted; Israel Tayler, lieutenant, vice Peck, promoted; Alvin Wil- 
liams, ensign, vice Aldrich, promoted; George R. Jackson, ensign, 
vice Goff, promoted; Jacob Talbot, junior, ensign, vice Taylor, pro- 
moted; Pardon Davis, ensign, vice Johnson, removed; Josiah 
Rogers, ensign; John Keefer, lieutenant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gershom Palmer's regiment: 

Aaron Dow, captain, vice Westcoat, resigned. 

Lieutenants — John Bliss, Wanton Hopkins, Charles Spooner. 

Ensigns — Eddy Cole, Joab Willis, Voce Palmer, Austin Wood, 
Thomas P. McChesney. 

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Mumford's regiment: 

Ephraim Man, adjutant: Daniel S. Stanton, paymaster. 



13 io Annual Report of the 

John McDonald, captain; Nathan Bennett, lieutenant; John T. 
Quackenbuss, ensign; Isaac Powel, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Farrand Stranahan's regiment: 

Cyrus Steer, first major, vice Bovve, refused commission; Joseph 
Sprague, second major, vice Steer, promoted. 

Captains — Joseph Cheney, vice Sprague, promoted; James Parker, 
vice Carr, resigned; Benedict Price, vice Bliss, disqualified; Calvin 
Underwood, vice Hill, removed. 

Lieutenants — William Fairchild, vice Cheney, promoted; Samuel 
Malery, vice Parker, promoted; William Russel, vice Price, pro- 
moted; Benjamin R. Elwood, vice Underwood, promoted. 

Ensigns — Horatio G. Johnson, vice Fairchild, promoted; Silas 
Wood, vice Russel, promoted; Isaac Burch; James Green, vice 
Elwood, promoted; James Morell. 

Jared Tuttle, lieutenant; Sylvenus Noble, ensign — rifle company. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Silas Scott: 

Elisha Bundy, lieutenant colonel, vice Scott, refused commission. 

William Stranahan, first major, vice Bundy, promoted; David 
Francis, second major, vice Stranahan, promoted; Fowler P. Bryan, 
adjutant, vice Harrington, deceased; Jacob J. Cuyler, quartermaster, 
vice Bryan, promoted; William Merithew, paymaster, vice Cuyler, 
promoted; Abel Moss, surgeon's mate. 

David McMaster, captain, vice Francis, promoted; Elisha S. San- 
ders, captain. 

Asa Bennet, lieutenant, vice McMaster, promoted; Hezekiah 
Griffith, lieutenant; Elijah Fuller, lieutenant, vice Sanders, promoted. 

Ensigns — Simeon Church; Stephen J. Scott, vice Fuller, pro- 
moted; Cyrus Jackson; Daniel Cone. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Steward's regiment : 

George Colton, chaplain; John Kane, paymaster; John Jackson, 

State Historian. 131 1 


surgeon's mate; Jess Seaward, lieutenant, vice Miller, removed; 

Peter Roseboom, lieutenant; Amos Belding, do; Oliver Copley, 

ensign; John J. Snider, ensign; Jess Oaks, do. 

Third battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Seth Chase, captain; Samuel Russel, first lieutenant; Rufus Bent- 
ley, second lieutenant. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General John Swift: 

Lieutenant Colonel William Burnet's regiment: 

John Hall, quartermaster, vice Burnet, resigned; Jacob Backen- 
stose, paymaster, vice Powell, removed. 

Seth Whitmore, captain, vice Westfall, declined; James Bogert, 
captain, vice Voorhes, removed; James Galloway, lieutenant, vice 
Whitmore, promoted; Joseph Williams, lieutenant, vice Patterson, 

Ensigns — Robert Dickson, vice Chapin, removed; Daniel Cald- 
well, vice Crittenden, declined; Israel R. Hall, vice Bogert, pro- 

Elias Cost, captain, vice Burnet, resigned; James Wooden, junior, 
lieutenant, vice Cost, promoted; Abraham Simmons, ensign, vice 
Wooden, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Philetus Swift's regiment: 

Theodore Banister, second major, vice Whitmore, removed. 
Michael Musselman, captain, vice Banister, promoted; Stephen 
Dunwell, lieutenant; Samuel Howe, ensign, vice Musselman, pro- 

Light Infantry — David W. Parine, lieutenant; William C. 
Guest, ensign, vice Brown, refused. 

Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Howell's regiment: 
Edward Durfee, first major, vice Braddish, resigned; Joseph Todd, 
second major, vice Durfee, promoted. 


13 12 Annual Report of the 

Aaron Dnrfee, captain, vice Todd, promoted; Barzilla Harvey, do, 
vice Turner, removed; Stephen Spear, lieutenant, vice Harvey, pro- 
moted; Pardon Durfee, second lieutenant, vice Rogers, promoted; 
Truman Phelps, lieutenant, vice Durfee, promoted; Enos Palmer, 
lieutenant, vice Douglass, resigned. 

Ensigns — Reuben Adams, junior, vice Phelps, promoted; Joseph 
Richardson, vice Tyrrell, refused; James S. Stodard, vice Ward, 

Lieutenant Colonel Avery Smith's regiment: 

Thaddeus Remming(ton), first major; Bascomb Whitney, second 
major, vice Reming(ton), promoted. 

Sherman Lee, second major; Timothy Stewart, adjutant, vice Lee, 
promoted; Horatio Crane, quartermaster. 

Captains — Joel S. Hart, vice Whitney, promoted; Joel B. Clark; 
George Hichcox, vice Tillotson, removed; Timothy Mower, vice 
Stearns, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Samuel Reed, second, vice Mower, promoted; 
Arsinoe Beebe, vice Hichcox, promoted; Nicholas Howland, vice 
Granger, refused; Welcom Smith, vice Smith, promoted; Jesse 
Ackley, vice Clark, promoted; William Babcock, vice Hart, pro- 

Ensigns — Zebediah Morse, vice Reed, promoted; Jonathan Beebe, 
junior, vice Beebe, do; Jeremiah Brown, vice Wells, refused. 

Job Pierce, captain; Timothy Jones, do. 

Lieutenants — Thomas Brown, William H. Torrence, Peter Sup- 
ple, Richard Earl. 

Ensigns — Isaac Townsend, Stewart Calhoon, Peter Colron, junior, 
James Hoard. 

The Commander-in-chief having thought proper to organize a 
new battalion of infantry, to be composed of a part of the militia 

State Historian. 13 13 

now comprised in Lieutenant Colonel Philetus Swift's and Lieu- 
tenant Colonel Gilbert Howel's regiments, in the county of Ontario; 
thereupon, Resolved, that the following persons be and they are 
hereby appointed for the said battalion, viz: 

William Rogers, junior, major commandant. 

Russel Whipple, adjutant; Daniel Hart, quartermaster; Samuel 
Throop, paymaster; Joseph Mallery, surgeon. 

Daniel Popino, captain, vice Rogers, promoted; Ebenezer Ingles- 
bey, do; Joel Calhoun, lieutenant, vice Popino, do; Peter Thatcher, 
do; Joseph Shaft, ensign; Jonathan Post, do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Smith's regiment: 
Seth Belknap, captain; Henry Skinner, lieutenant; William H. 
Falls, do; James Black and David W. Bates, ensigns. 


Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Clark's regiment: 

Edward Granus, captain; Allary Chase, ensign — to rank from 
February 11, 181 1. 

Second squadron Ninth regiment of cavalry: 

Ira Wilder, second lieutenant; Joseph W. Marsh, cornet. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Daniel 
Brown : 

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Haight's regiment: 

Peter P. Sax, lieutenant, vice Thomas, removed; Jacob Barringer, 
ensign, vice Sax, promoted; John S. Olcott, paymaster, vice Spencer, 

Light Infantry — Silas Pierson, captain, vice Howe, resigned; 
Calvin Balis, lieutenant, vice Pierson, promoted; John Williams, 




13 14 Annual Report of the 

ensign, vice Balis, do; Reuben Saunderson, captain, vice Austin, 

Nathaniel Cooke, lieutenant, vice Saunderson, promoted; Cor- 
nelius Dubois, ensign, vice Cook, promoted. 

Henry White, captain, vice Dobson, resigned; George Clinton 
Hamilton, lieutenant, vice White, promoted; William Y. Green, 
ensign, vice Haviland, deceased. 

Lieutenant Colonel Darius Phelps' regiment: 

Leveret Chittenden, second major, vice (Abraham) Post, removed. 

Edward W. Hinman (Henman), captain, vice Chittenden, pro- 
moted; Seth Newel, lieutenant, vice Hinman, promoted; Frederick 
Plank, ensign; Gideon Richtmire, ensign; Asher Morse, do; Martin 
Burhans, do; Cyrenus Linnen, lieutenant; Abraham Linsley, ensign. 

Nathaniel Stone, captain, vice Tyler, resigned ; Asahel Peck, lieu- 
tenant, vice Stone, promoted; William Lewis, ensign; Seth Willis- 
ton, chaplain. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jehiel Tuttle's regiment: 

Cornelius Fuller, first major, vice Parker, declined; Levi Babcock, 
second major; Enoch Blakesly, adjutant, vice Hosford, declined; 
Abel Babcock, quartermaster, vice Turney, declined; Russel Glad- 
ding, paymaster, vice Coe, declined. 

Thomas Becker, captain, vice Barber, removed; Jacob Soles, lieu- 
tenant, vice Becker, promoted; Gideon Wolcott, ensign. 

Alvin Ford, captain, vice Baldwin, removed; Rufus Beach, lieu- 
tenant, vice Ford, promoted; Henry Avery, ensign. 

Isaac Buel, captain, vice Miles, declined; Abel Flolcomb, lieu- 
tenant; Wyllys Hosford, ensign; Arnold Newcomb, do of light 

John H. Prout, captain, vice Babcock, promoted; Joseph Hamil- 
ton, lieutenant; Benjamin Kingsley, ensign. 

State Historian. 1315 

Woster Perkins, captain, vice Paddock, removed; James 
McGregor, lieutenant; Sumner Parmenter, ensign. 


Cavalry — Second squadron, First regiment, first brigade of 
cavalry : 

Ebenezer Penfield, first lieutenant, vice L. Penfield, resigned; 
Martin Leet, second lieutenant, vice E. Penfield, promoted; John 
Foot, cornet, vice Leet, promoted. 


Regiment lately commanded by Pierre Van Cortland, junior: 

Ezra Baxter, lieutenant of light infantry, vice Brown, resigned; 
Noah Newman, ensign do, vice Baxter, promoted. | 

John Haviland, captain, vice Jacobs, resigned; William A. C. 
Mandiville, lieutenant, vice Haviland, promoted; George McChane, 
ensign, vice Mandiville. 

Robert Lane, captain, vice Hyatt, resigned; Gilbert Bishop, lieu- 
tenant, vice Knapp, resigned; John Strong, ensign, vice Lane, 

Justus Hyatt, captain; William Nelson, first lieutenant; Medad 
Raymond, second lieutenant — Fourth regiment, first brigade of 

Lieutenant Colonel David Hobby, junior's regiment: 

Jesse Ackley, captain, vice Hyatt, removed ; Abraham Hyatt, lieu- 
tenant, vice Ackerly, promoted; Abraham Cornwell, ensign, vice 
Hyatt, promoted. 

George Hains, captain, vice Guion, resigned; Josiah Purdy, lieu- 
tenant, vice Haines, promoted; Charles Feaks, ensign, vice Purdy; 
Benjamin Smith (hatter), lieutenant, vice Townsend, removed; Ben- 
jamin Smith (cordwainer), ensign; Jeremiah Fisher, surgeon. 



13 16 Annual Report of the 

Elijah Guion, captain of light infantry; Willet Moseman, lieuten- 
ant do; Caleb Gidney, junior, ensign do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abijah Harris' regiment: 

James Banks, captain; John B. Whitlock, lieutenant; Isaac Tyler, 
ensign — of light infantry. 

Isaac Pardy, lieutenant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Varians regiment: 

Henry Merritt, first major, vice Van Wart, deceased; Samuel 
Lyon, second major, vice Valentine, declined. 

Joseph Odell, adjutant, vice Haight, resigned. 

Bishop Underhill, captain, vice Tredwell, resigned; Jeronamus 
Alstyne, lieutenant, vice Underhill, promoted; Abijah Morgan, 
ensign; James Percivels, do. 

Absalom Cudney, captain, vice Merritt, promoted; David Bennet, 
lieutenant; George Baxter, ensign. 

John B. Gillespie, captain, vice Hunt; John Butler, lieutenant; 
Peter Valentine, ensign; Samuel Briggs, do; Jonathan Odell, do. 

Sands Ferris, captain; William Valentine, lieutenant; Stephen 
Husted, ensign. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius 

James Johnson, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Drake, to 
be superseded. 

Zalmon Gilbert, first major, vice Johnson, promoted. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Denison Ran- 
dall (Dudley Hewit, lieutenant colonel): 

Prentis Child, captain, vice Scott, resigned; John Riddell, lieuten- 
ant, vice Child, promoted; John Hall, ensign, vice Webb, moved 

State Historian. 1317 

away; David Chace, lieutenant, vice Turner, do; James Packer, 
ensign, vice Chace, promoted. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Simon De Ridder: 

Lieutenant Colonel Hendrick Van Schaick's regiment: 

Harmanus C. Wendell, adjutant. 

Solomon Place, second major, vice Jackways, resigned; John H. 
Griffin, ensign, vice Becker, resigned. 

Eliakim Marchant, captain, vice Knittle, moved away; Thomas 
Rogers, lieutenant, vice Marchant, promoted; Jeremiah F. Cross, 
ensign, vice Rogers, promoted; Ira Gifrord, ensign, vice Cornell, 
promoted; Aaron C. Dennis, lieutenant, vice Briggs, refused; John 
Sisson, ensign, vice Cooke, refused; Needham Knight, ensign, with 
rank from February 11, 181 1. 

Light Infantry — Jacob Witbeck, lieutenant, vice Allen, refused; 
John Lint, ensign, vice Witbeck, promoted. 

John Cornell, captain. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hercules Rice's regiment: 

William Hoit, lieutenant, vice Sangar, moved away; Andrew 
Thompson, ensign, vice Hoit, promoted; Warren Norton, ensign, 
vice Barber, refused; Roderick Beebe, lieutenant, vice Downing, 
refused; Henry Prine, ensign. 

Light Infantry — James P. Robertson, lieutenant, vice Miller, 

I Lieutenant Colonel Israel Ely's regiment: 
Bethuel Church, junior, captain, vice Boyd, out of beat; Jonathan 
Hubbard, lieutenant, vice Boucker, moved; David Gray, junior, 
ensign, vice Church, promoted; Warham Root, lieutenant, vice 
Guthrie; Hugh McCall, ensign, vice Root, promoted; John Provan, 



1318 Annual Report of the 

oneida county. 

Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Oliver Collins: 

Lieutenant Colonel William Stone's regiment: 

Ebenezer Dickinson, junior, first major, vice Bellinger, refused; 
William Geer, second major, vice Dickinson, promoted. 

Timothy L. Bacon, captain, vice Geer, promoted; James Sage, 
lieutenant, vice Spafford, resigned; Chester Andrews, ensign, vice 
Sage, promoted; William Williams, adjutant, vice Bacon, promoted; 
Augustus Hickcox, ensign, vice Williams, promoted; Samuel Shep- 
herd, junior, ensign, vice Savage, removed; Nicholas Smith, lieu- 
tenant, vice Wells, removed; Ara Broadwell, ensign, vice Hooker, 
refused; Albion Smith, lieutenant, vice Northaway, resigned; 
Stephen Gridley, ensign, vice Smith, promoted; William B. Savage, 
lieutenant, vice Easton, resigned; William Eels, ensign, vice Savage, 

Abel Wilcox, junior, captain, vice Hulbert, declined; Erastus Stan- 
ley, lieutenant, vice Wilcox, promoted; Abel Mosier, ensign, vice 
Stanley, promoted; Jonathan Eddy, paymaster, vice Smith, pro- 
moted; Amasa Rowe, ensign, vice Eddy, promoted; Calvin Pierce, 
ensign, vice Niel, removed. 

Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Clark's regiment: 

Ichabod Cole, captain, vice Fish, removed; Gates Peck, lieutenant, 
vice Cole, promoted; David Young, ensign, vice Peck, promoted. 

Edmund Fuller, captain, vice Northrop, resigned; Ezekiel Clark, 
lieutenant, vacancy; Simeon Fuller, ensign. 

Edward Grannis, captain; Ellery Chase, ensign. 

Dan Bosworth, captain, vice Clark; Seth Langdon, lieutenant, vice 
Bozworth, promoted; Barber Hall, ensign, vice Wheeler, removed. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hicks' regiment: 

John L. Powel, quartermaster. 

State Historian. 1319 

Jacob Hovey, captain, vice Watkins, resigned; George Manches- 
ter, lieutenant, vice Knight, resigned; Elias Curry, lieutenant, vice 
Millar, resigned. 

Ichabod Davis, captain, vice Frazer, deceasedj Rufus Shelden, 
ensign; Enoch Hovey, do; Ephraim Bull, lieutenant, vice Davis, 
promoted; Lewis Reed, ensign; James Bacon, do, vice Bull, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Sylvester Gridley's regiment: 

John Frost, captain, vice Batchelder, removed; Abel Drury, lieu- 
tenant, vice Frost, promoted; Asahel W. Gridley, ensign, vice Drury, 

Amos Woodward, captain, vice Stone, resigned; Asa Eames, lieu- 
tenant, vice Woodard, promoted; Abraham Young, ensign, vice 
Eames, promoted; Samuel Comstock, lieutenant, vice Bingham, 
resigned; Job Herrick, ensign, vice Comstock, promoted; Zera 
Brown, ensign, vice Steel, declining. 

Lieutenant Colonel Saul Smith's regiment: 

Josiah Bacon, adjutant, vice Bartholomew, resigned; Silas Jud- 
son, quartermaster, vice Bacon, promoted. 

Zimri Howland, captain, vice Hubbard, resigned; Abram Catlin, 
lieutenant, vice Howland, promoted; Absalom L. Grove, ensign; 
Jared Vining, do. 

William Page, captain; Bridge Wakefield, lieutenant, vice Spencer, 
refused; James Philips, ensign; Rice Austin, lieutenant; Rowland 
Blunt, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Flendrick Van Schaick's regiment: 
Nathan Tucker, captain, vice Place, promoted; Reuben Wells, 
lieutenant, vice Tucker, do; Robert Coon, ensign. 


First battalion, Fifth regiment of artillery: ' 

George J. Snell, captain, vice (John) Eisenlord, sheriff; Peter W. 



1320 Annual Report of the 

Fox, first lieutenant, vice Snell, promoted; Peter Lampman, second 

lieutenant, vice Fox, promoted. 

Brigade commanded by Brigadier General (Richard) Dodge: 
Lieutenant Colonel George H. Nellis' regiment: 
George F. Dunckel, quartermaster, vice Ehle, resigned. 
George Diefendorft, captain, vice Dunekell, resigned; Henry H. 

Hess, lieutenant, vice Diefendorff, promoted; John Dunckel, ensign, 

vice Hess, promoted. 

Jacob J. Young, captain, vice Boker, removed; Samuel Cooper, 

lieutenant, vice Young, promoted; Simon D. Toll, ensign, vice 

Cooper, promoted. 

Oliver Williams, captain, vice Fox, resigned; Jacob Smith, lieu- 
tenant, vice Williams, promoted; Selvenus Nye, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Satterly's regiment: 

John R. Satterly, captain, vice Hawkins, moved away; John M. 
Williamson, lieutenant, vice Satterly, promoted; W r illiam H. Haw- 
kins, ensign, vice Williamson, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Calvin Rich's regiment: 

Seth B. Wakeman, captain, vice Butler, resigned; Alvan Dana, 
lieutenant, vice Wakeman, promoted; John J. Shafer, ensign, vice 
Dana, promoted. 


Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General J. N. M. 

Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Douglass' regiment: 

Ambrose Andrews, second major, vice Dollock, declining. 

Stephen Lee, captain, vice Andrews, promoted; Thomas Y. Knus, 
lieutenant, vice Lee, do; Joseph M. Lee, ensign, vice Walton, do; 

State Historian. 1321 

Ward Walton, adjutant, vice Cook, resigned; Calvin Smith, quar- 
termaster, vice Cady, promoted; Sylvester Beecher, paymaster, vice 
Minzea, resigned; Ira M. Oles, chaplain. 

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleaveland's regiment: 

Jaret Wickwire, captain, vice Thompson, deceased; Charles Skiff, 
lieutenant, vice Wickwise, promoted; Benjamin Clark, ensign, vice 
Skiff, do; Jasper Cack, lieutenant; Gaius Stebbins, ensign; William 
P. Cleaveland, surgeon, vice Pratt, incompetent. 

Levi Dick, captain, vice Barber, moved; William T. Curtis, lieu- 
tenant, vice Dick, promoted; Alpheus Darling, ensign, vice Curtiss, 

Lieutenant Colonel Reuben Leonard's regiment: 

Roswell Chapin, captain, vice Duncan, removed; Ephraim Berry, 
lieutenant, vice Chapin, promoted; Israel Loomis, ensign, vice Berry, 

John Rogers, captain, vice Huntington, moved; Robert Randall, 
junior, lieutenant, vice Rogers, promoted; Elisha Moores, ensign, 
vice Randall, promoted; Simeon Brown, chaplain. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel J. N. M. 

Samuel Dutton, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Hurd, pro- 
moted; Selathiel Jackson, first major, vice Dutton, promoted; Arnold 
Ballou, second major, vice Jackson, promoted; Zadock Sweetland, 
paymaster, vice Day, promoted. 

James Munger, captain light infantry; John Hutchinson, lieu- 
tenant, vice Munger, promoted; Truman Young, ensign, vice 
Hutchinson, promoted. 

Elijah Marther, captain, vice Ballow, promoted; John Needham, 
lieutenant, vice Marther, promoted; Paul Rice, ensign, vice Need- 
ham, promoted. 



1322 Annual Report of the 


Levi Brown, captain, vice Childs, resigned; Truman Annis, lieu- 
tenant, vice Brown, promoted; John Murdock, ensign, vice Salsbury. 

John C. Payne, captain, vice Payne, resigned; Ezra Hurd, lieu- 
tenant, vice Payne, promoted; Alexander McElwain, ensign, vice 
Hurd, promoted; Benjamin Bumpus, lieutenant, vice Dunham. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Jacob Swits: 
Eri Lusher, quartermaster of brigade. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Mackey's* regiment: 

William Campbell, captain, vice Boardman, resigned. 

Elhannan Pratt, captain, vice Doty, promoted. 

Lieutenants — Hugh Campbell, vice Campbell, promoted; Asa 
Woodford, junior, vice Beach, resigned; George Penney, vice Pratt, 
promoted; David Yermilya, junior; Andrew Snider, vice Albert, 

Ensigns — Bethuel Reves,vice Campbell, promoted; Appollas San- 
ford, vice Woodford, promoted; Athan Doty, vice Penney, pro- 
moted; Henry Mott, vice Couchman, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Gallup's regiment: 

Robert Rhead, captain, vice Crary, declined; Jonathan Parish, do, 
vice Morris, moved. 

Lieutenants — Shubel Owen, vice Parish, promoted; William A. 
Dietz, vice Shoemaker, moved; Aaron Van Auken, vice Boynton; 
John Avery, vice Rhead, promoted. 

Ensigns — Seth Francher, vice Owen, promoted; Paul Wiedman, 
vice Deitz, promoted; Peleg Chesebro, vice Van Auken, do; 
Brownell Tripp, vice Avery, do. 

"This regiment is entered elsewhere as of Schenectady county. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 1323 

schenectady county. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Veeder's regiment: 

Captains — Henry Veeder, vice S. Veeder, promoted; Isaac Led- 

Lieutenants — William McClymon, vice Veeder, do; Solomon 
Kelly, vice Kelley, resigned; John Swart. 

Ensigns — Henry Van Antwerp, vice Ledyard, promoted; Richard 
Bond, vice V. Deberg, moved; James Slater. 

Battalion commanded by Major Silas Marsh: 

Stephen Foster, lieutenant, vice Humphrey, resigned; Lemuel 
Ladd, ensign, vice Patterson, promoted; Martin Willse, do, vice Van 
Brunt, removed; Job Geer, ensign, vice Foster, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Mackey's regiment: 

Montgomery Mackey, captain; James Ressequie, lieutenant; 
Elisha Driggs, ensign — of light infantry. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Alexander Rea: 

Battalion commanded by Major Ebenezer Wilson, junior: 

Augustin Belknapp, paymaster. 

Ira Wilson, captain; Daniel Olds, lieutenant; Phineas Stanton, 

Nehemiah Parke, captain; Richard Bristol, lieutenant; Elisha 
Mix, ensign. 

Russel Noble, captain; Absalom Green, lieutenant; Lewis Wood, 
ensign — light infantry. 

Second squadron, Ninth regiment of cavalry: 

Isaac Wilson, captain; Gideon T. Jenkins, first lieutenant; William 
Bristol, second lieutenant; Amzi Wright, cornet. 



i3 2 4 Annual Report of the 


First brigade of artillery: 

Thomas Christie, brigade major and inspector, vice (Horatio 
Gates) Stephens (Stevens), promoted. 


Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Selah Mathews: 

Captains — Eleazer Owen, vice Wells, promoted; John McConnell, 
vice Veal, moved away; Samuel Tuthill; Jesse Carpenter, vice 

Lieutenants — Charles F. Fry; Samuel Hillman, vice Carpenter, 
promoted; Azariah Brees, vice McConnell, promoted; Jonathan 
Rockwell, junior, vice Owens. 

Samuel Winton, adjutant, vice Tuthill, promoted; Henry L. Fry, 
paymaster; Joseph McConnell, ensign, vice Rockwell, promoted; 
Asahel Burnham, junior, ensign, vice Hillman; John L. Smith, 
ensign, vice Griswold. 


Second regiment of cavalry: 

Philip Pitcher, lieutenant colonel commandant: 

Benjamin Haxtun, major of second squadron; Robert G. Living- 
ston, major of first do; Abraham Bockee, adjutant; George Toffey, 
paymaster; John Luyster, quartermaster; David Tomlinson, sur- 
geon; John Reed, chaplain. 

First squadron: 

John W. Pitcher, captain; Lodewick Hoffman, captain; Isaac 
Dibble, captain; Peter T. B. Myers, first lieutenant; Robert Thomp- 
son, second do; Abraham Van Benthuysen, cornet; Richard De Can- 
tillion, first lieutenant; William Sypher, second do; Tobias S. De 
Cantillion, cornet; Elijah Castle, first lieutenant; David Smith, 
second do; Philo Reed, cornet. 

State Historian. 1325 

Second squadron: 

John Wilkinson, captain; Benjamin Sills, do; John Diddle, second 
lieutenant; Cornelius P. Luyster, cornet; Leonard Vincent, first lieu- 
tenant; Gilbert B. Noxon, second lieutenant; Isaac B. Gapp, cornet; 
Abraham Bockee, a second lieutenant in the regiment; James 
Towner, first lieutenant; William Crawford, junior, second do; Ezra 
Starks, cornet. 


Lieutenant Colonel Peter J. Vosburg's regiment: 
Ebenezer Basset, second major, vice Claw, deceased. 
James Sotherland, captain, vice Basset, promoted; John J. Van 
Valkenburgh, lieutenant, vice Sotherland, promoted; Mathew Dorr, 
junior, ensign, vice Sotherland, removed. 

Lieutenant Colonel Robert T. Livingston's regiment: 
Lewis Haywood, captain, vice Miller, moved; John Allen, lieu- 
tenant, vice Haywood, promoted; Henry Van Heusen, ensign, vice 
Allen, promoted; Jacob W. Best, lieutenant, vice Ham; Anson Gale, 
ensign, vice Moore, removed. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rogers' regiment: 

James Burnham, second major, vice Crofoot, moved. 

Selah Bishop, captain, vice Burnham, promoted; Elijah Dunham, 
lieutenant, vice Bishop, promoted; Thomas Dunham, ensign, vice 
Potter, resigned; William King, third, lieutenant, vice Crippen; 
William Clark, junior, ensign, vice King, promoted. 

Daniel Finch, captain, vice Breed, resigned; David Patterson, lieu- 
tenant, vice Finch, promoted; John Patterson, ensign, vice Patterson, 
promoted; Benjamin Merrill, ensign of light infantry; Daniel Lind- 
sey, captain of do; John McDowal, lieutenant do. 

James Matt, captain, vice Dennis, resigned; Abraham Bennett, 



1326 Annual Report of the 

lieutenant, vice Wilcox; Henry Chapman, ensign, vice Esmond; 
Thomas B. Thompson, ensign, vice Turhune; Josiah Perry, junior, 
lieutenant, vice Emerson; Curtis Wheeler, ensign, vice Perry, 
resigned; Henry Reynolds, surgeon's mate, vice Hicks. 

Lieutenant Colonel David Rogers' regiment: 

Zerah Beach, junior, first major, vice Sherwood, moved away; 
John Holmes, junior, second major, vice Beach, promoted. 

William Ely, captain, vice Holmes, promoted; Mansfield Barlow, 
lieutenant, vice Ely, promoted; Daniel Holmes, ensign, vice Bar- 
low, do. 

Alexander Dunlap, captain, vice Freeman; Samuel Richards, 
lieutenant, vice Dunlap, do; Rodney Smith, ensign, vice Richards, do. 

Andrew Riche, captain; John Faugerson, lieutenant; Philip 
Brotherson, ensign — light infantry. 

David Gordon, captain, vice Leavett, resigned; Joel Sherwood, 
lieutenant, vice Gordon, promoted; Alven S. French, ensign, vice 
Sherwood, do; Samuel Pitkin, surgeon, vice Banister. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Daniel Brown: 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Bronk's regiment: 

John Lusk, captain, vice Steenberg, resigned; Agur Xoble, lieu- 
tenant, vice Lush, promoted; Peter R. Van Den Berg, ensign. 

Paul Crego, captain, vice Collins, resigned; Ithamar Cobb, lieu- 
tenant, vice Crego, promoted; Bartholomew Gidney, lieutenant; 
Edward D. Lake, ensign, vice Cobb, promoted; Samuel Dodge, 
ensign; John Rosa, lieutenant; John Jenkins, ensign; John Betts, do. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Richard Dodge: 
Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment: 

State Historian. 1327 

Caleb Allen, lieutenant; Thomas Pickerton, ensign, vice Allen, 
promoted; John L. Francisco, ensign; Daniel Wilkins, lieutenant, 
vice Canfield, removed; John Gifford, ensign, vice Wilkins, pro- 
moted; David Perpegue, do. 

Oliver Snow, captain, vice Perkins, removed; John Willson, lieu- 
tenant, vice Snow, promoted; Thomas Hill, ensign. 

Nathan Brockaway, junior, captain, vice Mudge, removed; Joseph 
Walker, lieutenant, vice Herman, removed; George Thomson, 
ensign, vice Walker. 

David W. Cande, captain, vice Waters, deceased; Luther Stiles, 
lieutenant, vice Cande, promoted; John W. Alister, ensign, vice 
Stiles, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Snell's regiment: 

Andrew Zobrisky, first major, vice Zeilly, resigned; Frederick 
Gettman, junior, second major, vice Fealing, resigned. 

John House, captain; Thomas Wilber, lieutenant; Ebner White, 
ensign; Christian Klock, lieutenant; John J. Snell, ensign — light 

Joseph G. Klock, captain, vice John Clock, error; John J. Klock, 
captain, vice Clark, error — to rank from date of former commissions. 

Leonard Bander, ensign, vice Schuyler, declined; Harmanus N. 
Van Slyck, ensign, vice Dellenbaugh, declined; William Waggoner, 
lieutenant, vice Cook, removed; Henry J. Cook, ensign, vice M. 
Ehle, declined. 

Benjamin Elwood, junior, captain, vice Gettman, promoted; 
Andrew A. Fink, lieutenant, vice Allen, resigned; Daniel Gettman, 
ensign, vice Elwood, promoted; George G. Laucks, quartermaster, 
vice Fink, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Drake's regiment: 

Thomas Blackmore, ensign. 



1328 Annual Report of the 

Ichabod Bartlett, captain, vice Smith, resigned; Enoss Allen, lieu- I 
tenant, vice Bartlett, promoted; Chester Brunson, ensign, vice i 
Allen, do. 

Adolphus Lew, captain, vice Johnson, do; Ezra Cheedle, lieuten- 
ant, vice Lew, do; Hosea Moffat, ensign, vice Cheedle, promoted. 

Silas Thomson, captain, vice Gates, do; John Ford, lieutenant, 
vice Thompson, do; Eliphalet Chamberlain, ensign, vice Ford, 

Joseph Boyer, captain, vice Boyer, resigned; Henry Bollman, lieu- 
tenant, vice Boyer, promoted; Philip O'Conner, ensign, vice Boll- 
man, promoted. 

Adam Ayrs, captain; John Farll, junior, lieutenant; Elijah Ayrs, 

Stephen Todd, captain; Abraham Marsh, lieutenant; William 
Wight, ensign — light infantry. 

Jacobus Williams, chaplain; John D. Waterman, paymaster; Eli- 
jah Hanchet, surgeon, vice Todd, resigned. 

Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Peter Voorhies : 

David Hamilton, quartermaster, vice Service, removed; Reuben 
Stewart, ensign, vice Crawford, do. 

Elias Loyd, captain, vice Lansing, resigned; Jacob Miller, lieu- 
tenant, vice Loyd, promoted; Benjamin Bard, ensign, vice Mil- 
ler, do. 

Waterman Sweet, captain, vice Service, resigned; Daniel Service, 
lieutenant, vice Sweet, promoted; Daniel Bartholomew, ensign, vice 
Service, promoted; Cornelius Wiser, ensign, vice Fuller, deceased; 
Thomas Cane, lieutenant, vice Wiser, promoted; Hosea Palmer, 
ensign, vice Cane, do ; Philip Van Home, ensign, vice Post, declined. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Ford's regiment: 

Coenrad Tenyck, chaplain; John Delamater, junior, surgeon's 

State Historian. 



Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Vosburgh's regiment: 

Jesse Smith, lieutenant; Silas Hulet, ensign. 

Samuel R. Dodg, lieutenant; Levi S. Burr, ensign; Giles Fonda, 
do; James Carmichal, do and paymaster; Christopher Y. Fonda, sur- 
geon's mate; Alven Harris, adjutant. 


Second brigade of infantry: 

Lawrence Powers, captain; John Guynor, lieutenant; Matthew 
Byrnes, ensign of riflemen. 


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Warner's regiment: 

Asel King, first major, vice Dorr, moved away, to rank from 1810. 

John Hand, second major, vice King, promoted, to rank from 

Spencer Carr, ensign, vice Spire, moved, to rank from 181 1. 

William N. Bentley, captain, vice Grant, to rank from 1810. 

Gad Hitchcock, lieutenant, vice Bentley, to rank from 181 1. 

Allen Spencer, ensign, to rank from 181 1. 

Robert Wilber, captain, vice Gifford, to rank from 181 1. 

Henry Newman, lieutenant, vice Wilber, promoted, to rank from 

Joseph Grant, lieutenant, vice Wodsworth, to rank from 181 1. 

Royal Torrey, ensign, to rank from 181 1. 

Chester Beal, captain; John Morris, lieutenant; James Gardner, 

Ichabud Bostwick, quartermaster; Charles Swift, paymaster; Esak 
King, surgeon; Azeriah Clark, chaplain; George Crego, ensign; 
James Sims, ensign. 

1330 Annual Report of the 

washington county. 

Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General Micajah 
Pettit : 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Zephaniah 

Pliny Adams, lieutenant colonel, vice Kingsley, resigned. 

Cyrel Carpenter, first major, vice Brown; Nathaniel Frank, second 
do, vice Carpenter, promoted ; Samuel Everts, paymaster, vice Stan- 
dish, refused; Ira Day, surgeon, vice Cone, removed; Amasa Allen, 
surgeon's mate, vice Jackway. 

Samuel Downs, captain, vice Callender, resigned; Epaphroditus 
Holdridge, lieutenant, vice Downs, promoted; William Noble, 
junior, ensign, vice Holdridge, promoted. 

William Covell, captain, vice Corrington, resigned; William 
Davis, second, lieutenant, vice Wallace, removed; James Covell, 
ensign, vice Whitford, refuses. 

Light Infantry — Benjamin Dillemater, captain, vice Kingsley; 
Adonijah Blanchard, lieutenant, vice Bigelow; Isaac Worden, 

Hosea Day, captain, vice Carpenter, promoted; Asa Thompson, 
lieutenant, vice Day, do; Pearley Whitney, ensign, vice Thomp- 
son, do. 

Abner P. Hitchcock, captain, vice Frank, do; John Frank, lieu- 
tenant, vice Hitchcock, do; Silas Walker, ensign, vice Frank, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Stewart's regiment: 

Seth C. Goodwin, paymaster, vice Hand, promoted. 

Joshua Pelton, captain, vice Stewart, resigned; Nahum Holbrook, 
lieutenant, vice Pelton, promoted; Alpheus Lnderhill, ensign, vice 
Holbrook, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Tuttle's regiment: 

State Historian. 1331 

Samuel Ellis, quartermaster; Salmon Tarr, junior, ensign, vice 
Eaton, removed. 

Asahel Clark, brigade quartermaster, vice Sackrider. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jacob R. Van Rensselaer's regiment: 
Alpheus Adams, surgeon's mate. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Jacob Swits : 
William Mackey, brigadier general, vice Swits, resigned. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Erastus Root: 

Lieutenant Colonel Noah Ellis' regiment : 

Joseph Avery, captain; Avery Bouton, lieutenant; William 
Dumond, ensign — light infantry. 

Henry Leavenworth, brigade quartermaster, vice Bostwick, 
appointed sheriff. 

Lieutenant Colonel Putnam Farrington's regiment: 

William Gleason, captain, vice Hardenburg, resigned; Nathan 
Moffat, lieutenant, vice Gleason, promoted; John Hardenburgh, 



Gilbert Foster, captain, vice Mead, resigned; Emanuel Skant, lieu- 
tenant, vice Foster, promoted; David Disbrow, junior, ensign; 
Homer R. Phelps, adjutant, vice Leavenworth, promoted. 

Regiment lately commanded by John T. St. John: 

Abraham Howell, lieutenant colonel, vice St John, moved away. 

Calvin Chamberlain, first major, vice Howell, promoted; Shubael 
Johnson, second major, vice Pine, resigned; Daniel Robinson, chap- 
lain; Erastus Edgerton, adjutant; Johnson Calhoun, quartermaster; 
Allen Mead, paymaster; William Fitch, surgeon's mate. 


1332 Annual Report of the 

Samuel Butler, captain, vice Gillett, resigned; Nathaniel Webb, 
lieutenant, vice Hulce, resigned. 

Erastus Goodman, captain; Darius Smith, lieutenant; Jonathan 
Beers, ensign. 

Benjamin Cannon, captain, vice Chamberlain, promoted; Andrew 
Crawford, lieutenant, vice Cannon, promoted. 

Harman Sawyer, captain, vice Johnson, promoted; Elnathan 
Goodrich, lieutenant, vice Sawyer, do; Allen Mead, ensign, vice 
Goodrich, do. 

Manus Goodrich, captain; John Primmer, junior, lieutenant; Syl- 
vester Goodrich, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Harper's regiment: 

Selah Francis, first major, vice Butts, resigned; Asher Merwin, 
second do, vice Francis, promoted. 

Solomon M. Sackrider, captain, vice Merwin, promoted. 

In a separate battalion consisting of the militia of Colchester and 

Ebenezer Wheeler, major commandant. 

Joseph Gee, captain, vice Hitt, resigned; Lawrence Rose, lieu- 
tenant, vice Gee, promoted; Abraham Jessup, ensign, vice Rose, 

Benjamin Marsh, captain, vice Wheeler, do; Ezra May, lieutenant; 
Frederick Puff, ensign; John H. Gregory, lieutenant, vice Horton, 
resigned; John Fuller, ensign. 

Battalion lately commanded by Major Daniel Smead: 

Samuel Hull, major commandant, vice Smead, resigned; Amos 
Parker, adjutant, vice Older, resigned. 

Israel Chapman, captain, vice Hull, promoted; Miles Mix, lieu- 
tenant, vice Chapman, promoted. 

State Historian. 1333 

Joseph Every, captain light infantry; Avery Bouton, lieutenant 
do, vice Every, promoted; William Dumond, ensign; Avery Grant, 
lieutenant; Edward Steenrod, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel Storm A. Becker's regiment: 
Matthew Lamont, captain, vice Gorse, resigned; Patrick Dibble, 
lieutenant, vice Lamont, promoted ; Asa Rodman, ensign, vice Dib- 
ble, promoted. 

Peter M. Snyder, captain, vice Bouck, resigned; Philip Trisbagh, 
lieutenant, vice Snyder, promoted; Pardon Wilber, ensign, vice 
Triesbagh, promoted; Harmanus Vrooman, lieutenant, vice Mattice, 
resigned; John Frimyre, ensign, vice Becker, resigned. 


Brigade of infantry whereof Jacob A. Fort is brigadier general : 

Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Eddy's regiment: 

Thomas Smith, surgeon, vice S. Newcomb, not accepting. 

John Fake, captain, vice James Anderson, resigned; Stephen 
Yates, lieutenant, vice J. Fake, promoted; Stephen L. Veile ensign, 
vice S. Yates, promoted. 

John Downing, captain, vice C. Elliot, resigned; Matthew De 
Groff, lieutenant, vice J. Downing, promoted; John Lamport, 
ensign, vice M. De Groff, promoted; Jacob Williams, lieutenant, 
vice C. Lounsbury, deceased; Richard Bryan, ensign, vice J. Wil- 
liams, promoted; Peter J. Yates, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius J. Schermerhorn's regiment 

Braddum Yale, captain, vice S. J. Miller, commissioned in artil- 
lery; Abraham P. Staats, lieutenant, vice B. Yale, promoted; Henry 
Van Den Burgh, ensign, vice A. P. Staats, promoted; Adam Smith, 
ensign; Almon R. Bostwick, lieutenant; Andrew Gibson, ensign. 



1334 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Dorr's regiment: 

Samuel Wilson, first major, vice J. Olmstead, resigned; John H. 
Haynes, second major, vice S. Wilson, promoted. 

Moses Wright, captain, vice J. H. Haynes, promoted; Jesse 
Holmes, captain, vice R. Granger, removed; Daniel Halstead, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Holmes, promoted; Samuel Van Surdam, lieutenant 
of light infantry, vice J. B. Ryan, resigned; Noah Baker, lieutenant, 
vice Moses Wright, promoted; Israel T. Holmes, ensign; Levi 
Cronkhite, ensign, vice N. Baker, promoted; George R. Keach, 
ensign of light infantry. 

Russel Dorr, surgeon, vice A. Armstrong, resigned; Archibald 
Bull, quartermaster, vice N. Cale, removed. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Reynolds' regiment: 

Reuben Babcock, captain, vice O. Whitman, not accepting; 
Joseph Amadown, lieutenant, vice R. Babcock, promoted; Otis 
Gould, ensign, vice J. Amadown, promoted. 

William H. Murray, adjutant, vice A. Thomas, neglecting duty; 
Asa Burdick, junior, ensign, vice W. H. Murray, promoted. 

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates: 

Thomas Davis, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice A. Yates. 

Amos Sallisbury, first major, vice T. Davis, promoted; James A. 
Zander, ensign of light infantry, vice C. Beekman, removed; Joseph 
Ballard, lieutenant, vice G. Giles, deceased; Samuel B. Hedges, 
ensign, vice A. Cook, not accepting; Jacob P. Barringer, ensign; 
Nicholas Coon, lieutenant, vice J. North, not accepting; Samuel 
Lockwood, ensign, vice N. Coon, promoted. 

Resolved, that Abram Lansingh be no longer a lieutenant in the 
regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Adam Yates, and 
that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 

Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius J. Schermerhorn's regiment: 

State Historian. 1335 

Manasseh Knowlton, captain, vice A. Herrington, resigned; James 
Elliot, lieutenant, vice M. Knowlton, promoted; Jacob H. Herring- 
ton, ensign; Matthew Conklin, ensign, vice A. P. Smith, resigned. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Davis' regiment: 

Luther Eddy, lieutenant, vice Lansing, superseded; James Swart- 
wout, ensign. 


Regiment of infantry in the county of Chenango, whereof Dudley 
Hewit is lieutenant colonel commandant: 

William Mason, surgeon, vice Kelsey, moved away. 


Second regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Alexander M. Muir, first lieutenant; Richard P. Lawrence, second 
lieutenant; Francis P. Woolsey, second lieutenant. 


Regiment of infantry in the county of Albany, whereof John T. 
Van Dalfsen is lieutenant colonel commandant: 
William Ward, junior, ensign. 


Regiment of infantry in the county of Orange lately commanded 
by Leonard Smith: 

Isaac Belknap, junior, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Smith, 

Chauncey Belknap, first major, vice I. Belknap, promoted; 
Edmund Griswold, second do, vice C. Belknap, promoted. 

Joseph Sanderson, captain, vice Smith, resigned; James Butter- 
worth, lieutenant; William Smith, ensign. 

William H. Falls, captain, vice Belknap, promoted; James Black, 
lieutenant; Robert Lawson, ensign. 



1336 Annual Report of the 

Seth Belknap, captain; Henry Skinner, lieutenant; Daniel S. Gris- 
wold, ensign — new company. 

Charles Birdsall, captain, vice E. Griswold, promoted; Robert 
Gardner, lieutenant; Silvester Roe, ensign. 

Ezra Keeler, captain, vice D. Wharry ; William Matthewson, lieu- 
tenant; Daniel Belknap, junior, ensign. 


First squadron, Ninth regiment of cavalry : 

William Helm, captain; William B. Rochester, first lieutenant; 
Arthur Erwin, second lieutenant; James Tygart, cornet. 


William Burnet, brigadier general, vice John Swift, resigned. 
Thaddeus Remington, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Asa 
Stanley, resigned. 


Battalion of riflemen in the county of Rensselaer, whereof William 
S. Parker is major commandant: 

Aaron Reed, ensign, vice Ab. A. Lansing, moved away. 


Battalion of riflemen in the county of Albany, whereof Samuel M. 
Lockwood is major commandant: 

Benjamin Birdsall, captain; John Winters, lieutenant; Lewis G. 
Witbeck, ensign — new company. 


Fourth regiment of artillery: 

Joshua Harnden, paymaster, vice (Kiah) Harnden, resigned. 


Regiment of infantry in the county of Chenango, whereof Thomp- 
son Mead is lieutenant colonel: 

State Historian. 1337 

Nathaniel Loomis, captain, vice Billings, resigned; Marsena Allen, 
lieutenant, vice Cooper, resigned; Jabez Felt, ensign; Samuel H. 
Williams, ensign, vice Gray, deceased. 

Peleg Arnold, captain, vice Thompson, resigned; Benoni Mann, 
lieutenant, vice Arnold, promoted; Jonathan Colgrove, ensign, vice 
Mann, promoted. 


Brigade of militia in the county of Orange lately commanded by 
Siah Robinson 

Leonard Smith, brigadier general, vice Robinson, resigned. 


Brigade commanded by General Jacob A. Fort: 
Nathaniel Adams, a lieutenant colonel commandant. 
Gurdon Corning, a major. 


Brigade in the county of Ontario, whereof William Wadsworth is 
brigadier general : 

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Allen's regiment: 

George Hollaway, surgeon, vice C. Chipman, resigned. 

James Covil, junior, lieutenant, vice R. Baker, moved; Ebenezer 
Davis ensign, vice Covil, promoted; George Fox, lieutenant, vice W. 
Reed, not accepting; James Johnson, ensign, vice G. Fox, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Lawrence's regiment: 

Silas Roberts, ensign; Peter Price, lieutenant; John Shaver, junior, 
•ensign, vice P. Price, promoted. 

Stephen Fowler, captain, vice G. Smith, do; Robert Adams, lieu- 
tenant; William Adams, ensign. 

Goald Tyler, captain; Leman Gibbs, lieutenant — new company. 

Aaron Skinner, captain, vice E. Keyes; Cephas Beach, junior, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. Skinner, promoted; Stephen Colton, ensign, vice C. 



1338 Annual Report of the 

Beach, promoted; James Cowles, ensign; John Vanforson, quarter- 

Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Hopkins' regiment: 

Caleb Harrington, captain, vice Thayer, not accepting; Thomas 
Stratton, lieutenant; James Shewcraft, ensign. 

"Warren Hawley, captain; Samuel Dimmock, lieutenant; Fred- 
erick A. Sample, ensign — new company. 

Tiffany Xettleton, lieutenant; Charles P. Moore, ensign, vice T. 
Nettleton, promoted; Arial Xewcomb, lieutenant; Richard Tillot- 
son, ensign, vice A. Xewcomb, promoted; Jacob Brown Bryan,, 
ensign of light infantry. 

Lieutenant Colonel Micah Brooks' regiment: 

Otis Thompson, captain, vice T. Peck, moved; Ezekiel Hall, lieu- 
tenant, vice W. Peck, resigned; John Phillips, ensign, vice O. 
Thompson, promoted; John Park, lieutenant, vice J. Lane, moved; 
Timothy Barnard, junior, ensign. 

Abraham Parish, captain, vice W. Garfield, moved; Francis Smith, 
lieutenant, vice A. Parish, promoted; John Sines, ensign, vice F. 
Smith, promoted. 

William B. Hamlin, captain, vice W. Spoor, moved; Elijah Bost- 
wick, lieutenant, vice W. B. Hamlin, promoted; William H. Adams,, 
ensign, vice E. Bostwick, promoted; Peter Perry, ensign. 


Brigade of infantry in the county of Schoharie: 

Lieutenant Colonel Calvin Rich's regiment: 

William Brown, first major, vice C. Rich, promoted; William-. 
Taylor, second major, vice W. Brown, promoted; Oliver Brown, 
paymaster, vice Barker, moved; Jacob Shafer, quartermaster, vice 
S. Jackson, do; Matthew Neeley, lieutenant, vice E. Pearson, not 

State Historian. 1339 

accepting; Cornelius Loucks, junior, ensign, vice M. Neeley, pro- 
moted; Josiah Putnam, ensign, vice F. Hommel, moved. 

Robert Horning, captain, vice W. Taylor, promoted ; Francis Fox, 
lieutenant, vice Horning, promoted; Elisha Daniels, ensign, vice 
Fox, promoted; Philip Moyer, ensign, vice Becker, not accepting. 


Brigade of infantry in the county of Herkimer : 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment: 

Rulofr Root, captain, vice W. Eddy, resigned; Charles Christian, 
lieutenant, vice R. Root, promoted; Lovewell Hutchins, ensign, vice 
C. Christian, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher P. Bellinger's regiment: 

Selden Morgan, captain, vice R. Shoemaker, promoted; Peter G. 
Helmer, lieutenant, vice S. Morgan, promoted; Thomas B. Gillas- 
pie, ensign, vice P. G. Helmer, promoted; Elisha Gates, quarter- 
master, vice J. W. Clapsattle, resigned. 


General (Samuel) Clark's brigade in the county of Saratoga: 

Lieutenant Colonel John Prior's regiment: 

Walter Hewit, second major, vice Bockus, resigned. 

Aaron Hale, junior, captain of light infantry, vice W. Hewit, pro- 
moted; Potter Johnson, lieutenant do, vice A. Hale, promoted; 
Bunzon B. Wiggins, ensign do, vice L. Hale, resigned. 

William Sco-field, captain; Nathaniel Ingerson, lieutenant, vice 
Scofield, promoted; Henry Bump, ensign, vice N. Ingraham, 

Joseph Morehouse, junior, captain, vice Fink, resigned; William 
W. Deake, lieutenant, vice Morehouse, promoted; Asahel Fancher, 
ensign, vice G. Morehouse, resigned. 



1340 Annual Report of the 

Alsop Weed, captain of grenadiers, vice Kellogg, moved away; 
Jonathan Kellogg, lieutenant do, vice A. Weed, promoted; John 
Ambler, ensign do, vice Kellogg, promoted. 

Stephen Medberry, ensign, vice J. Day, refusing to accept; Nich- 
olas Carpenter, lieutenant; Jeremiah Eddy, ensign, vice N. Carpen- 
ter, promoted; Nathaniel Sevren, ensign, vice C. Strong, moved; 
Darius Johnson, surgeon's mate, vice Baldwin, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hezekiah Ketchum's regiment: 

Samuel G. Huntington, quartermaster, vice G. W. Tenbrock, 
refusing; William McDonald, paymaster, vice S. D. Lockwood, 
moved; John Stewart, lieutenant of light infantry, vice F. Tracy, 
moved; Charles H. Wetmore, ensign do, vice J. Stewart, promoted; 
Benjamin Chamberlin, ensign, vice S. G. Huntington, promoted; 
Robert Powers, ensign, vice G. Lervisse, refusing; Silas Sweatland, 
lieutenant, vice J. Vranken, moved; Michael Weldon, ensign, vice 
S. Sweatland, promoted; David Ash, lieutenant, vice F. Clements, 
resigned; Henry Clow, ensign, vice D. Ash, promoted. 

Anthony S. Badgley, captain, vice A. Emigh, resigned; William 
Gates, lieutenant, vice A. S. Badgley, promoted; Luther Brown, 
ensign, vice W. Gates, promoted. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Dunning's regiment: 

Lawrence Hooper, first major, vice Woodworth, refused; Coleman 
Gates, second major, vice Hooper, promoted. 

William Dunning, junior, captain, vice Gates, promoted; Moses 
Landon, lieutenant, vice Dunning, promoted; Thomas Collamer, 
ensign, vice Landon, promoted; David Skidmore, lieutenant, vice 
Olmsted, refused; Earl Whitford, ensign, vice Skidmore, promoted; 
Josiah Johnson, ensign, vice Wright, deceased. 

John Wicks, captain, vice Volentine, refused; Ira Betts, lieutenant, 
vice Smith, refused; Silas Smith, ensign, vice Wicks, promoted: 

State Historian. 1341 

Battalion lately commanded by Major George Taylor: 
Levy Scovil, major commandant, vice Taylor, resigned. 
Peter Butler, captain, vice Scovil, promoted; Artemus Aldrich, 
lieutenant; David Hemstrot, do; Isaiah Palmeter, ensign; Jonathan 
Flanders, do; Avory Benedict, surgeon; Willard Levens, quarter- 
master; Isaac Woodworth, paymaster. 


Third regiment, third brigade of cavalry: 

Henry Edson, adjutant, vice Richmond, removed; Daniel Dickin- 
son, quartermaster, vice Tubbs, removed. 

First squadron: Henry Deuel, lieutenant, vice Banter, resigned; 
James Meeker, second lieutenant, vice Deuel, promoted; Samuel 
Swetland, junior, cornet, vice Meeker, promoted; Isaac Q. Car- 
penter, first lieutenant, vice Dickinson, promoted; John Sayles, 
second lieutenant, vice Carpenter, promoted; Hezekiah Reynolds, 
cornet, vice Sales, promoted. 

Sidney Bern', junior, captain, vice Linnendall, resigned; George 
Reynolds, junior, first lieutenant, vice Berry, promoted; Seth Pope, 
second lieutenant, vice Reynolds, promoted; Lyon Emerson, cornet, 
vice Pope, promoted. 

Curtis Burton, captain, vice Starr, resigned; Parker Manning, 
first lieutenant, vice Burton, promoted; Samuel Bacon, second lieu- 
tenant, vice Manning, promoted; James Hawkins, junior, cornet, 
vice Bacon, promoted. 

Noah Vibbert, captain, vice Sperry, resigned; Stephen Swan, first 
lieutenant, vice Vibbert, promoted; Elijah E. Smith, second lieu- 
tenant, vice Swan, promoted; Charles Tripp, cornet. 

William Robards, major, vice Harvey, resigned. 

Nathan Rogers, captain, vice Perrigo, to be superseded. 



134 2 Annual Report of the 

Resolved, that Robert Perrigo, junior, be no longer captain, and 
that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 

Joseph Tifft, first lieutenant, vice Rogers, promoted; Joseph Saf- 
ford, second do, vice Tifft, do; James B. Eldridge, cornet. 

Benjamin Smith, captain, vice Allen, resigned. 

Second squadron: Reuben H. Maston, second lieutenant, vice 
Rice, not accepting; Justin Kellogg, cornet. 

Samuel T. Shepherd, captain; David Sill, first lieutenant; Ralph 
Clark, second lieutenant; Archibald Patrick, cornet. 

Third squadron: 


John Lobden (Lobdell), captain, vice Troop (George Throop, 
Troup), not accepting; Samuel Lee, first lieutenant, vice Lobden 
(Lobdell), promoted; Samson Smith, second lieutenant, vice Lee, 
promoted; Selah Wescott, cornet. 

Alexander McKenzie, captain, vice Hunter, deceased; Abijah 
Smith, first lieutenant, vice McKenzie, promoted; Robert R. Rude, 
second lieutenant, vice Vaughn, not accepting; Chandler Graves, 


Cavalry — Second regiment of the third brigade : 
Paris Green, second lieutenant, vice Clark, removed; Israel Piatt, 
cornet, vice Green, promoted. 

Joseph Rogers, captain, vice Douglass, resigned; Jonathan Car- 
penter, first lieutenant, vice Piatt, removed; James Rogers, second 
lieutenant, vice Rogers, promoted; Simon Cranston, cornet, vice 
Carpenter, promoted; John Coons, second lieutenant, vice Riley, 
resigned; David Kettle, quartermaster; Theodoric Romeyn Beck, 
surgeon; John M. Bradford, chaplain; Henry Jones, paymaster. 

State Historian. 1343 

columbia county. 

Cavalry — Fourth regiment, third brigade: 

First squadron: Seth Mix, cornet. 

Second squadron: 

Thomas Conklin, first lieutenant; Jacob Mier, second do, vice 
Conklin, resigned. 

Nathan Gallup, captain, vice Brown, resigned; Nathan Owen, first 
lieutenant, vice Gallup, promoted; Joseph Maccumber, second lieu- 
tenant, vice Jacobs, removed; Henry Weighman, cornet, vice Eth- 
ridge, removed. 

First squadron: 

Killian Miller, captain; Samuel Snyder, first lieutenant; Bastian C. 
Lasher, second do; Peter B. Rosman, cornet. 


Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Stickney : 
Anthony Sprage, lieutenant colonel, vice Stickney, resigned; 

Arnold Earl, second major, vice Sprage, promoted. 

Hiram Taylor, captain, vice Earl, promoted; Timothy Cornwell, 

lieutenant, vice Taylor, promoted; James Ormsby, ensign. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Jacob S. Jackson: 
Lieutenant Colonel James Hendrickson's regiment: 
William Nichols, first major, vice Bedell, promoted; Roeluf Dur- 
yee, second major, vice Nichols; Elias Burtis, junior, lieutenant, vice 
Valentine, removed; William Hendrickson, quartermaster, vice Hen- 

John Ludlam, captain, vice Hewlet, resigned; Abiather Skidmore, 
lieutenant, vice Rodes, deceased; Foster Burtiss, ensign, vice Lud- 
lam, promoted. 



1344 Annual Report of the 

Albert Van De Water, captain, vice Hewlet, resigned; David Mott r 
lieutenant, vice Newlet, absconded; John Wright, ensign, vice Dor- 
Ion, removed. 

Elijah Mott, captain, vice Duryee, promoted; Benjamin Birdsall, 
lieutenant, vice Nichols, promoted; Alanson Seaman, ensign, vice 
Jackson, removed; Ehvard Althouse, ensign, vice Ketcham, pro- 

Lieutenant Colonel Rem B. Simonson's regiment: 

George Tappen, lieutenant, vice Cruger, removed; Abraham Van 
Wicklan, junior, ensign, vice Tappen, promoted: Benona Sweety 
lieutenant; John Stevens, ensign, vice Bayiey, promoted. 

Daniel Bedell, brigade major, vice Hallett, deceased. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Johnson's regiment: 

Peter Cowenhoven, captain; John T. Bergen, lieutenant, vice 
Cowenhoven, promoted; Adriance Van Brunt, ensign, vice Bergen,, 

Jeremiah Lott, captain, vice Yandervoor, resigned; Simon Rap- 
pelyea, lieutenant, vice Lott, promoted; John Lefferts, ensign, vice 
Rappelyea, promoted; James Moon, ensign, vice Moon, refused; 
Charles Doughty, lieutenant, vice Townsond, refused; William A. 
Mercien, ensign, vice Dean, promoted. 

Joseph Dean, captain; Robert Nicholas, junior, liutenant; Cor- 
nelius Van Cleaf, ensign — of a new company. 


First brigade of infantry — First regiment: 

Ensigns — Isaac Ward, Peter Pinkney, George Lockwood, Cyrus 

State Historian. 1345 

Fifth regiment: 

James D. P. Ogden, captain; Peter Van Brugh Livingston, lieu- 
tenant; James Campbell, do. 

Ensigns — Leffert Lefferts, junior, Ebon Slosson, Isaac A. John- 
son, David Gardiner, John Brouwer. 


Lieutenant Colonel William Bell's regiment: 

James Downs, surgeon, vice Lathrop, resigned; Alfred Tread- 
way, surgeon's mate. 

Anthony G. Badgely, captain, vice Losee, moved; Samuel Traver, 
captain, vice Thorn, resigned; George Tripp, captain, vice Griff en, 
refused; Joseph Smith, lieutenant, vice Tripp, promoted; Lewis Van- 
derburgh, lieutenant, vice Badgely, promoted; Levi Van Vleet, lieu- 
tenant, vice Traver, promoted; John Webb, ensign; Bastian Crap- 
ser, do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Martin Heermance's regiment: 

Jacob G. Heermance, paymaster, vice Heermance, promoted; Wil- 
liam McMurray, chaplain. 

Nathaniel Miller, captain rangers, vice Schell, resigned; Garret G. 
Heermance, captain rangers, vice Bartholomew, resigned; Nicholas 
Allendorph, lieutenant, vice C. Allendorph; John J. Smith, lieuten- 
ant rangers, vice Miller, promoted; Jacob Ryder, ensign do. 

Lieutenant Colonel Martin E. Winchel's regiment: 

Isaac Allerton, chaplain. 

Samuel Russell, captain, vice Dakin, resigned; Samuel Boyd, cap- 
tain, vice Brush, removed; Jeremiah Payn, lieutenant, vice Russell, 
promoted; Hersey Dakin, ensign, vice Lucas, resigned; William 
Pugsley, junior, ensign, vice Brown, promoted; Samuel Brown, lieu- 
tenant, vice Boyd, promoted. 




1346 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenant Colonel James Tallmadge, junior's, regiment: 
Robert Luckey, lieutenant, vice Parmele, not accepting; Silvester 

Earles, ensign, vice Luckey, promoted. 

James Wilson, captain of light infantry vice Brush, promoted; 

Joseph H. Cunningham, lieutenant do, vice Wilson, promoted; 

Edward Brush, ensign do. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Timothy S. Hopkins: 

Lieutenant Colonel Asa Chapman's regiment: 

Abiel Gardner, lieutenant of light infantry, vice Gardner, removed; 
John Hersey, ensign light infantry; Samuel Edsell, ensign light 
infantry; Ezekiel Shelden, lieutenant; Oziel Smith, paymaster; 
Ebenezer Johnson, surgeon's mate. 

Lieutenant Colonel William Warren's regiment: 

Adaniram Eldrige, captain; Benjamin J. Guff, lieutenant; Timo- 
thy Fuller, do, vice Currier, declined ; Elihu Rice, ensign, vice Scott, 

John Russel, captain, vice Hubbard, removed; Gideon Person, 
junior, lieutenant; Samuel Cachran, ensign. 

Benjamin Gardnerd, captain; Frederick Richmond, lieutenant; 
Benjamin Douglass, ensign. 

Daniel Haskell, captain, vice Earls, resigned; Isaac Phelps, 

John Coon, captain; Varnum Kinnion, lieutenant; Lyman Black- 
more, ensign. 

Charles Johnson, captain, vice Eaton, removed; Innis B. Palmer 
lieutenant; Oliver Bleger, ensign; Stephen Kinney, paymaster; Wil 
liam Warrener, surgeon. 

State Historian. 1347 

herkimer county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment: 

Ruloff Root, captain, vice Eddy, resigned; Charles Christian, lieu- 
tenant, vice Root, promoted; Lovewell Hutchins, ensign, vice 
Christian, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel David Wiltsie's regiment: 

Charles Miel, paymaster. 

Tisdale Howard, captain, vice Cowley, not accepting; John Beach, 
junior, lieutenant; Thomas Wilder, ensign; Isaac Buckingham, lieu- 
tenant, vice Judd, promoted; Stephen W. Betts, ensign. 

William Lamont, captain, vice Merritt, resigned; Jeremiah Evens, 
lieutenant; Henry Cleaveland, ensign. 

Marvin Judd, captain of light infantry; Henry Rifenberck, lieuten- 
ant do; Andrew Baker, ensign do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis' regiment: 

Roger Kelsey, captain; Clark Hall, lieutenant; Hambleton Wil- 
cox, ensign — light infantry. 

Cyrus Gifford, captain. 

John Bennet, Chester Barrows, Samuel Gleason, Ephraim Judd — 

Thomas Abbot, junior, Lewis Dickerson, Oliver Stanford, Oliver 
Piatt, Chauncey Bills — ensigns. 


Fifth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 

William H. Satterlee, lieutenant, vice Guernsey, removed; Jessup 
Raymond, second lieutenant, vice Satterlee, promoted. 



1348 Annual Report of the 

niagara county. 

Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Timothy S. Hopkins: 

John McMahan, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

William Prindergast, first major; Isaac Barns, second do; Jona- 
than L. Bartoo, adjutant; David Johnson, quartermaster; Samuel 
Perry, paymaster; John E. Marshall, surgeon. 

Captains — Elijah Risley, junior, Martin B. Tubbs, Solomon Jones, 
John Silsby, Jehiel Moore, Joseph Arnold, Henry Able, Moses 

Lieutenants — James Hale, Joseph Lull, James Adkins, William 
Forbs, Xathan Cass, Abraham Windsor, Charles Bemus. 

Ensigns — Charles Burret, Guy Webster, Stephen Prindergast, 
AYilliam Martin, William Ingersol, Benjamin Pern-, Moses Cleland, 
Clark Parker, Camble Alexander. 

Casper Rouse, captain; Mosly Able, lieutenant; Anselin Potter, 
ensign — light infantry. 

Second squadron Ninth regiment of cavalry: 

Joel Lee, captain; William Berry, first lieutenant; William Durin, 
second lieutenant; Rodolphus Loomus, cornet. 


The Commander-in-chief having thought proper to organize a 
new battalion of infantry, to be composed of a part of the brigade 
commanded by Brigadier General (Alexander) Rea, in the county 
of Genesee; thereupon, Resolved, that the following persons be and 
they are hereby appointed for the said battalion, viz: 

Whitfield Rathbun, major commandant. 

John Hunt, captain; Charles Dunham, lieutenant; Samuel Clark, 

William Davis, captain; John' Jinks, lieutenant; Isaac Shelding, 

State Historian. 1349 

James Walworth, captain; Robert N. Hannas, lieutenant; William 
Burlinggame, adjutant; Reuben Rowley, quartermaster. 

Lieutenant Colonel John Atchinson's regiment: 

Moody R. Freeman, lieutenant; Isaac Leach, ensign. 

Aretus Haskel, captain; Henry M. Call, lieutenant; Lewis Swift, 

Johnson Beadle, captain; Peleg Burrows, lieutenant; Salmon 
Clark, ensign; Uriah L. James, lieutenant rifle company, vice Hop- 
kins, removed; William B. Worden, ensign do, vice James, pro- 
moted; Daniel Fulton, lieutenant; Crosby Maxwell, ensign. 

Daniel Spencer, captain; Reuben Lucas, lieutenant, vice Spencer, 
promoted; Lyman Evans, ensign, vice Lucas, do; Daniel Budd, lieu- 
tenant; Erastus W. Hickox, ensign; Amasa Dutton, quartermaster. 


Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Jacob Brown: 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas B. Benedict's regiment: 

Ebenezer Wright, chaplain; John Seely, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — Thomas Baldwin, Joshua Sweet, Jacob Arnold, junior. 

Lieutenants — Wiliam Richardson, Samuel Fairchilds, William 
Claghorn, John Lyttle, Lotan Hosford. 

Ensigns — Christopher Wilson, James Knox, Rockwell Barnes, 
George Ranney, John Armstrong, Samuel G. Prentice, David 

Sixth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 

Duncan Turner, captain; Charles Hill, first lieutenant; Joseph 
York, second do. 


Third regiment, third brigade of artillery : 

John Stillwell, adjutant; John L. Clark, second lieutenant, vice 
J. Stillwell. 



1350 Annual Report of the 

st. lawrence county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Stone's regiment: 

John Fancher, first major, vice Denison, removed; Martling Nash, 
second major, vice Doren, removed; Orin Ives, quartermaster; 
Stephen Smith, paymaster; William Goss, surgeon; Robert McChes- 
ney, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — Luman Bartholomew, Gad Root, John Polley, second, 
Benjamin Willard, Isaac Wright, Bester Pierce, Ezekiel Colburn. 

Lieutenants — William W. Haws, George R. Wells, Jonathan 
Reed, Archibald Willard, Samuel Daniels, junior, Noah Miles, Ira 

Ensigns — Jonathan Castle, Ezekiel Abernethy, Reuben Stebbings, 
Ahira Hall, Ezekiel Bissel, Samuel Robinson, Samuel Wilson, Caleb 

Sixth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 

Alexander Richards, captain; Amos Wells, first lieutenant; Joseph 
Freeman, second do. 


Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Mack's regiment: 

Calvin Britain, first major; John B. Essylstine, second do; David 
Havens, adjutant; Samuel Watson, quartermaster. 

Captains — Daniel Gill, Asel Powers, Andrew Newell, Hoel Law- 
rence, Thomas Goodrich, Luther Britain, Abijah Fairwell. 

Lieutenants — James Chase, Amos Root, Samuel Harger, James 
McGowen, Ezra B. Dodd, George Brown, junior. 

Ensigns — Mathew Brooks, John Johnston, Phineas Powers, 
Henry Gotham. 

Second squadon, Seventh regiment of cavalry: 

Ephraim Bennet, captain; Thomas Loomis, first lieutenant; Norris 
M. W'oodruff, second do; Isaac Mofrett, junior, cornet. 

State Historian. 1351 



Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rogers' regiment: ^- 

Jeremiah Terhune, adjutant. 


Second brigade of infantry in the city and county of New York: 

Fourth regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Robert 

Captains — Robert Gosman, vice Graham, moved; Samuel B. 
Romaine, vice Mullany, resigned; John W. Gibson; Lewis Lock- 
wood, vice Burckloe, moved. 

Lieutenants — Robert Emmet, vice Gosman, promoted; Judah 
Hammond, vice Romaine, promoted; Stephen Dummer, junior, vice 
G. D. Smith, resigned; James Stryker, vice S. Harris, resigned. 

Ensigns — James Renwick, vice Emmet, promoted; John 
McGregor, vice Hammond, promoted; John L. Bogardus, vice 
Dummer, promoted; Henry Fisher, vice Stryker, promoted; Alex- 
ander Fleming, vice E. Hoffman, resigned; Albert Chrystie; Albert 
C. Green. 

Fifth regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Isaac A. Van 

Charles King, captain, vice J. Cocke, resigned. 

Ensigns — Major G. Pell, vice G. W. Morton, promoted; Joshua 
Hyatt, vice P. Teller; Jacob Scheifflen, junior, vice C. Squire, 
declined; Zebedee Ring, vice C. Sebring, resigned. 


Third regiment, third brigade of artillery : 

John L. Clark, second lieutenant, vice Stillwell, appointed adju- 
tant; John Stilwell, adjutant. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus M. Woods' regiment: 


1352 Annual Report of the 

Derick C. Lansing, chaplain; Nehemiah H. Earll, adjutant, vice 
S. G. Williams, moved; Luther Badger, quartermaster, vice N. H. 
Earll, promoted. 

Asa Rice, captain; Amos P. Granger, lieutenant; Charles Gard- 
ner, ensign — light infantry. 

Captains — Martin Wandall, vice Byington, declined; Richard C. 
Johnson, vice Wheeler, moved; Daniel Stanley, vice J. Webb, 
refused; John Clark, vice F. Fenner, refused. 

Lieutenants — Judson Webb, vice Miller, moved ; Thomas Wheeler, 
vice T. Curtis, refused; Ebby Polly, vice Jno. Green, moved; Abel 
Crane, vice D.Stanley, promoted; Levi Ellis, vice J. Clark, promoted. 

Ensigns — Jeremiah Keeler, vice J. Gridley, refused; Asa Foot, 
vice M. Wandell, promoted; Samuel S. Dodge, vice S. Woodruff, 
refused; Charles Wheedon, vice R. C. Johnson, promoted; Stephen 
Walter, vice J. Slade, refused; Gilbert Pinckney, vice L. Ellis, pro- 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Chandler's regiment: 

Ezra Brackett, captain; John Stevens, lieutenant; John Ward, 
ensign — light infantry. 

Captains — John Manro, vice S. Powers, promoted; Job Green, 
vice J. Adams, do; Stephen Brace, vice B. Bart, moved. 

Lieutenants — Perry Sowle, vice J. Manro, promoted ; John Butler, 
vice P. Dolson, moved; Daniel Huganin, junior, vice S. Brace, 

Ensigns — Aaron Wright, vice Perry Sowle, do; David Williams, 
vice J. Greene, do; Joseph Rice, vice Huganin, junior, do. 

Henry B. Turner, captain; David Parish, lieutenant; Josiah Par- 
ish, ensign — a new company. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Johnson's regiment: 

Stephen Patrick, paymaster, vice Merryman, refused. 

State Historian. 1353 

Asahel Roundy, captain, vice M. Legg, resigned; Jesse Swan, 
captain, vice W. Sprague, resigned; Cyrus Wheaton, lieutenant, vice 
J. Knapp, do; Stephen Pomroy, lieutenant, vice J. Swann, promoted. 

Ensigns — John Luckham,vice A. Roundy; Timothy Pomroy, vice 
S. Pomroy ; Frederick Ackles, vice W. Trowbridge, refused. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacobus Depuy's regiment: 

Christopher Clark, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Depuy, 

Ensign Hill, first major, vice E. Hall, refused; Morris Case, second 
major, vice C. Clark, promoted. 

Captains — Pliny Draper, vice E. Hill, promoted; Jabez Castle, 
vice M. Case, promoted; David Webb, vice A. Palmatier, refused; 
John Sprague, vice T. Barnum, junior, do; Samuel T. Marsh, vice 
J. Scovil, do. 

Lieutenants — Gilbert Jackson, vice P. Draper, promoted; Nathan 
Wright, vice P. T. Marsh, promoted; Richard Bailey, vice D. Webb, 
promoted; Henry Tiffany, vice L. Guthrie, moved. 

Ensigns — Samuel Bailey, vice R. Bailey, promoted; John Fellows, 
vice J. Clapp, refused; Henry Potter, vice L. Cooley, refused; Asa 
Cook, vice G. Jackson, promoted. 

James Carr, lieutenant of grenadiers, vice R. Murray, junior, 
refused; Marovia Marsh, ensign do, vice D. Marsh, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Warren Heacox's regiment: 

Levi Mason, second major, vice A. Earll, refused. 

Daniel Chafre, captain, vice A. Chapman; John Peterson, captain, 
vice L. Mason, promoted; Samuel Rhodes, junior, lieutenant, vice 
R. Earll, moved; Seth Hall, ensign; John Robinson, ensign, vice 
Peterson, promoted; Sylvester Ellis, ensign, vice J. Legg, refused; 
Samuel Chapman, ensign, vice J. B. Buss, do. 



1354 Annual Report of the 

rensselaer county. 
Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Eddy's regiment: 
Richard Bryan, lieutenant, vice Jacob Williams, resigned; Isaac 
Talmadge, ensign. 


Lieutenant Colonel John Storm's regiment: 

Abraham Van Wyck, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Jno. 
Storm, resigned; William Roe Van Voorhees, first major, vice A. 
B. Rapelye, resigned; Abraham R. Adriance, second major. 

Peter Hogland, captain, vice Van Wyck, promoted; John Van 
Voorhees, lieutenant, vice Hogland, promoted; Jonathan Griffin, 

James Abrams, captain, vice P. Vanderbilt, resigned; Christopher 
Hughson, lieutenant, vice J. Lyster, resigned; Henry A. Monfort, 
ensign, vice J. Abrams, promoted. 

Joseph Vail, captain light infantry, vice A. B. Rapelye, resigned; 
Henry Haight, lieutenant do, vice J. Vail, promoted; Abraham B. 
Rapelye, junior, ensign do, vice Haight, promoted. 

Samuel L. Van Voorhees, captain, vice Brinckerhoff, appointed 
sheriff; Abram C. Dubois, lieutenant, vice Van Vorhees, promoted; 
Joseph Haight, ensign, vice Dubois, promoted. 

Greenleaf Street, captain, vice W. R. Van Voorhees, promoted; 
John Rapelye, lieutenant, vice G. Street, promoted; Theodorus 
Annin, ensign, vice J. Rapelye, promoted; Samuel W. Birdsall, 
ensign, vice Dolloway, moved; Miel Peck, lieutenant. 

Daniel Jackson, captain, Vice Adriance, promoted; Isaac R. 
Adriance, lieutenant, vice Jackson, promoted; William Wilde, junior, 
ensign, vice I. R. Adriance; Stephen Hasbrouck, surgeon's mate, 
vice Rapelye, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Crosby, junior's regiment: 

Peter H. Foster, captain, vice Barnum, deceased; Caleb Barnum, 

State Historian. 1355 


lieutenant, vice Foster, promoted; Reuben D. Barnum, ensign, vice 
C. Barnum, promoted. 

Solomon Wooden, captain, vice Starte, resigned; Henry Ward, 
lieutenant, vice Wooden, promoted; Thomas Lake, ensign, vice 
Ward, promoted; Gideon Wakeman, ensign, vice Church, moved; 
Daniel Townsend, ensign, vice A. Paddock, moved. 

Lieutenant Colonel James Townsend's regiment: 

Abraham Everitt, captain, vice N. Fuller, resigned; Isaachar Mer- 
rick, lieutenant, vice Everitt, promoted; Noah Robinson, ensign, vice 
Merrick, promoted. 

Silas Austin, captain, vice Job Austin, resigned; Dennis Sunder- 
land, lieutenant; John J. Conkling, ensign; Justis Garretson, lieu- 
tenant, vice Neilson, moved; William H. Johnson, paymaster, vice 
S. Waring, resigned; Elisha Cole, junior, ensign, vice W. H. 

Abel Peck, captain, vice Eben Boyd, resigned; John Hazen, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. Peck, promoted; Bennet Boyd, ensign; Noah Crane, 
surgeon's mate, vice Patrick, resigned. 


One Hundred and Fifty-fifth regiment of infantry, whereof 1812 
Thomas Davis is lieutenant colonel commandant: 20. 

Guilford D. Young, second major, with rank from the 28th day 
of February last; Abraham W. Defreest, ensign, vice Vandenburgh, 


One Hundred and Fortieth regiment of infantry — Saul Smith, 
lieutenant colonel. 

Rollin Blount, lieutenant; Reuben Dagget, ensign. 

One Hundred and Thirty-fourth regiment of infantry (Wm. 
Stone, lieutenant colonel): 


1356 Annual Report of the 

Giester Andrews, lieutenant; Joel Griffin, ensign; Lewis Sherrill, 
ensign: Xicholas Smith, quartermaster, vice White, moved. 


Seventy-ninth regiment of infantry: 

Jesse Carpenter, captain, vice Baldwin, moved away; Asahel Burn- 
ham, lieutenant, vice Carpenter, promoted; Oliver Besly, ensign, 
vice Burnham, promoted. 

John McConnell, captain, vice Teall, moved away; Azariah Bruce, 
lieutenant, vice McConnell, promoted; John Jackson, ensign, vice 
Bruce, promoted. 

Eleazer Owens, captain, vice Wells, do; Jonathan Rockwell, lieu- 
tenant, vice Owens, do; Joseph McConnell, ensign, vice Rock- 
well, do. 

Samuel Tuthill, captain; Samuel Winton, adjutant, vice Tuthill; 
Charles F. Fry, lieutenant. 

Ninety-fifth regiment of infantry (Jacob Swartwood, lieutenant 

Isaac Hammel, captain; James H. Allen, lieutenant; Joseph Hor- 
ton, ensign — a new company. 

Jesse Smith, captain, vice Bacon, resigned; Chauncy Woodford, 
lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Seneca Howland, ensign, vice 
Woodford, do. 

John Field, captain, vice Kingsley, moved away; Rodney Hob- 
bert, lieutenant, vice Field, promoted; Nicholas Berzee, ensign, vice 
Hobbert, do; Myron W. Holmes, surgeon; Lewis Beers, chaplain. 


Third regiment: 

William W. Cook, lieutenant colonel, vice De Witt, resigned: 

Anslem Cole, first major; Luther Sawtell, second do. 

State Historian. 1357 

Oliver Harper, captain, vice Cole, promoted; Samuel Badger, 
lieutenant; Simon Mason, ensign. 

Allen Andrews, captain, vice Hotchkiss, resigned; Benjamin 
Alden, lieutenant; Levi Andruss, ensign. 

John R. Wildman, captain, vice Sawtell, promoted; George Park, 
lieutenant; Oliver Ely, ensign. 

Walker Cole, captain, vice Merchant, resigned; Zebediah Chafee, 
lieutenant; Jarvis Blakesley, ensign. 

James P. Aplington, captain; Abraham Lumoureaux, lieutenant; 
Elijah Fuller, ensign; Benjamin Gibbs, do light infantry. 

Fifty-third regiment — Oliver Huntington, lieutenant colonel: 

Jesse McQuigg, captain; Alfred Gates, lieutenant; Tilson Wood, 

Elnathan Norton, captain; Ira Badger, lieutenant; Lewis Richards, 

Casper Richards, captain; Hooker Bishop, lieutenant; George 
Beachtle, ensign; Philip Beegler, lieutenant; Joseph Perry, quarter- 


First squadron, Seventh regiment of cavalry: 

Isaac Q. Carpenter, adjutant. 

John Sayls, captain, vice Montgomery, resigned; Hezekiah Rey- 
nold, first lieutenant, vice Sayls, promoted; Jeremiah Rundle, second 
do, vice Reynolds, do ; Lodawick Viely, cornet. 


Second squadron — Jonathan Don, junior, first lieutenant, vice 
Smith, promoted; Aaron Vail, second do; Elezer Crocker, cornet. 

John A. Ferriss, captain, vice Robards, promoted; James Nichols, 
first lieutenant, vice A. Ferriss, resigned; Daniel W. Wing, second 
do, vice Nichols, promoted; Daniel Fairchild, cornet, vice Wing, 


1358 Annual Report of the 


do; John N. Basset, second lieutenant, vice Tifft, promoted; Joseph 
Safford, cornet. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Varian's (Twelfth) regiment: 

Lawrence Davenport, second major. 

Benjamin Fowler, captain; Caleb Smith, lieutenant; Peter Lynt, 

Thomas Sherwood, captain; Ebenezer Baldwin, lieutenant; Jona- 
than Lawrence, ensign — of a new company of riflemen. 


Fourth regiment of artillery: 

James Vanderpoel, captain; Freeman Fellows, first lieutenant; 
Ira Stone, second do — new company. 


Company of horse artillery: 

Levi Love, first lieutenant, vice Hubbard, resigned; Joseph 
Richardson, second do, vice Love, promoted; Isaac Lewis, cornet, 
vice Richardson, do. 


One Hundred and Twenty-first regiment of infantry — John Stew- 
art, lieutenant colonel: 

Benjamin Copeland, second major, vice Beadlestone, removed. 

Franklin Hoskins, captain, vice Copeland, promoted; Perum 
Thompson, lieutenant, vice Hoskins, promoted; Benjamin Padden, 
ensign light infantry, vice Priest, removed. 

Twenty-third regiment — James Tuttle, lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant : 

Andrew Crocker, paymaster. 

Lewis Numan, captain, vice Ferris, resigned; Orreson Mead, 
lieutenant, vice Numan, promoted; Charles Higley, ensign, vice 
Mead, do. 

State Historian. 1359 


Richardson Cameron, Alden Le Barron, Allen Anderson — 


Seventy-first regiment — Philetus Swift, lieutenant colonel com- 

Lemuel Bannister, junior, adjutant, vice Deane, resigned; Jesse 
Mason, paymaster, vice Bannister, promoted; Asahel Bannister, 
quartermaster, vice Holiday, moved away. 


Thirteenth regiment — Asa Chapman, lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant : 

John Sample, captain, vice Ensign; Caleb Rogers, lieutenant, vice 
Ludlow, removed; Joseph Hulburt, ensign, vice Sample, promoted. 


Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus Remington's regiment (Eleventh) — 
late Asa Stanley's : 

Hooker Sawyer, second major. 

Nicholas Howland, captain; Levi Fuller, lieutenant; Peter Mitchel, 
ensign; David C. Hicok, do. 


Second squadron, Sixth regiment of cavalry: 
Nathan P. Tyler, captain; Simon Hager, first lieutenant; John 
Chichester, second do; Elijah Van Horn, cornet — new company. 


One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment — George H. Nellis, 
lieutenant colonel commandant: 

David Moyer, first major, vice Smith, removed; Henry Lyker, 
second do, vice Moyer, promoted. 

Peter Collier, captain, vice Lyker, do; Aaron Clement, lieutenant, 


1360 Annual Report of the 

vice Collier, do: Cornelius Runckel, ensign; Silvanus Nye, lieuten- 
ant, vice Smith, not accepted; William Hawell, ensign, vice Nye, 


Twenty-third brigade — (late) Moses Cantine, brigadier general : 

Elnathan H. Sears, brigade quartermaster. 

One Hundred and Thirty-first regiment — (late) Tjerick De Witt, 
lieutenant colonel: 

Cornelius Van Beuren, lieutenant colonel, vice De Witt, resigned. 

Jacob H. De Witt, adjutant. 

Luke Kiersted, junior, captain; Peter P. Post, lieutenant; Peter 
Schoonmaker, ensign — company of rangers. 

John Sudani, captain; John Stewart, ensign; Conrad Van Gas- 
beck, lieutenant — new company. 

John J. Houghtaling, captain; Jacobus J. Cole, lieutenant; The- 
ophilus Elsworth, ensign — light infantry. 

Philip B. Bonistale, captain; Henry Bonistale, lieutenant; Henry 
Elting, junior, ensign — fusiieers. 

Anthony Dumond, paymaster, vice Sudam, promoted. 

One Hundred and Xineteenth regiment — William A. Cuddeback, 
lieutenant colonel: 

Gabriel H. Horton, adjutant, vice Shaw, promoted; Peter Miller, 
ensign, vice Horton, promoted. 

Jacob Credit, captain; Benjamin France, lieutenant. 

Major Josiah Depuy's battalion: 

Abraham Krom, captain; John S. Pomeroy, lieutenant; Samuel 
Martin, lieutenant; Reuben Hall, ensign; Joseph Corlile, do. 

One Hundred and Thirtieth regiment — Frederick Westbrook, 
lieutenant colonel commandant: 

Benjamin Bevier, first major, vice Hardenburg, resigned; Moses 
J. Dupuy, second major, vice Bevier, promoted. 

State Historian. 1361 

Joachim Schoonmaker, captain, vice Depuy, promoted; Abraham 
W. De Witt, lieutenant, vice Schoonmaker, promoted; Elijah 
Alligen, ensign, vice De Witt, promoted. 

Louis Bevier, captain, vice Brink, resigned; Jacob Lounsberry, 
lieutenant, vice Roosa, do; Jacob J. Roosa, ensign, vice Bevier, pro- 
moted; John Chambers, do, vice Smith, not accepted; Jacob West- 
brook, do, vice Middagh, do. 

David Abby, captain, vice Davis, resigned; William J. Davis, lieu- 
tenant, vice Abby, promoted; Isaac Hollister, junior, ensign, vice 
Davis, do. 


Twenty-fifth regiment — (late) William Mackey, lieutenant 
•colonel : 

Silas Boardman, lieutenant colonel, vice Mackey. 

James Sackett, first major, vice Boardman, promoted; Alexander 
Mackey, second do, vice Sackett, do. 

Jacob Coplen, captain, vice Mackey, do; Enoch Sayre, lieutenant, 
vice Coplen, do; Eli Mackey, ensign, vice Sayre, do. 


One Hundred and Fifty-fifth regiment— Thomas Davis, lieutenant 
colonel commandant : 

Benjamin Higbie, captain, vice Young, promoted; James A. 
Zander, lieutenant, vice Higbie, do; William L. Marcy, ensign, vice 
Higbie, do. 


Eighty-seventh regiment — William Harper, lieutenant colonel : 
Virgil Bunnell, lieutenant, vice Sackrider, promoted; John Lyon, 

Sixty-ninth regiment— Abraham Howell, lieutenant colonel: 

Shubael Johnson, first major, vice Chamberlin, declined; William 

Dewey, second major, vice Johnson, not accepted. 



1362 Annual Report of the 

Major Ebenezer Wheeler's battalion: 

Ezra May, adjutant. 

Joshua Gee, captain, to rank from 29th of February last, vice 
Joseph Gee, to be superseded. 

Major Sam'l Hull's battalion: 

Richard M. Goodrich, surgeon ; James Adams, ensign. 

Resolved, that Joseph Gee be no longer captain and that a super- 
sedeas issue accordingly. 


Second squadron, Second regiment of cavalry: 

Peter Underhill, captain, vice Merritt, resigned; William Bush, 
first lieutenant, vice Underhill, promoted; Gilbert Underhill, second 
lieutenant, vice Bush, promoted ; Peter Cornwell, cornet, vice Under- 
hill, promoted. 


Fifty-sixth regiment — Peter J. Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel: 
Charles Whiting, adjutant, vice Deyo, resigned. 


Sixth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 
Amasa Trowbridge, captain. 


First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

John Clark, captain, vice Adams, resigned; Elijah Drake, first 
lieutenant, vice Clark, promoted; Zadock Wicks, second do, vice 
Drake, do. 

One Hundred and Fifty-eighth regiment (infantry): 

John Harris, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Benjamin Horton, junior, captain, vice Goodrich, appointed 
sheriff; Willis Lathrop, lieutenant, vice Horton, promoted; Aaron 
Treat, ensign, vice Lathrop, do. 

State Historian. 1363 

broome county. 

Fifty-third regiment — Oliver Huntington, lieutenant colonel: 

Daniel Loring, chaplain; Pardon Yates, ensign; Ebenezer 
Hunt, do. 

First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Charles Tayler, second lieutenant, with rank from last year, 
appointed second lieutenant. 


Fourth regiment, first brigade of artillery : 

Thomas Shaw, captain horse artillery, vice McKeon, appointed 
in United States service; Charles A. W. McPherson, first lieutenant, 
vice Shaw, promoted; Alexander Sibbold, second do, vice McPher- 
son, promoted; William Bryce, cornet, vice Sibbold, promoted. 

Tohn Wilson, captain; Obadiah Seaman, first lieutenant; New- 
berry Hewlet, second do; John C. Van Dyne, cornet. 

John R. Satterlee, captain foot artillery; George Nixon, do; 
Thomas L. Rich, do; William T. Lawrence, do. 

First lieutenants — James Ronalds, junior; Stephen A. Rich; 
Thomas A. Ronalds; Jacob Rapelye; Aaron T. Crane, vice Mathews, 
removed from State. 

Second lieutenants — Abraham Riker; John Smith; Thomas Ste- 
venson, junior; Paul Rapelye; William Swaine, vice Satterlee, pro- 
moted; Stephen Phelps, vice Crane, promoted; Charles Lawton; 
George Little, vice Van Ranst, resigned. 

Micajah Townsend, captain, vice Duryee, resigned; Titus R. 
Boerum, first lieutenant; Ezekiel Jones, first do, vice Spooner, 
removed from county; Pardon T. Tabor, second lieutenant, vice 
Jones, promoted; Charles Lawton, quartermaster; John H. Clark, 
chaplain; Andrew Hunt, surgeon's mate. 



1364 Annual Report of the 



1812. Eleventh regiment of infantry — Thaddeus Remington, lieutenant 


John Dwight, lieutenant. 

Seventy-first infantry — Philetus Swift, lieutenant colonel com- 

Gardner Wells, surgeon's mate. 


One Hundred and Sixtieth regiment — Cornelius Blauvelt, lieuten- 
ant colonel: 

Daniel Taulman, quartermaster; Ralphi Bush, surgeon. 


Fourteenth brigade — William Mackey , brigadier general : 
Eri Lusher, brigade inspector, vice James (Jonas) Holland, 
appointed in the United States army. 

Daniel McDougall, brigade quartermaster, vice Lusher, promoted. 


Eighth division of infantry: 

James McKown, junior; Elam Lynds — aides-de camp to Major 
General Paul Todd, with rank of majors. 


One Hundred and Twentieth regiment — Samuel Haight, lieuten- 
ant colonel: 

James Finch, captain, vice Treadwell, removed from county; 
James Earl, lieutenant, vice Finch, promoted; Benjamin Sayre, 
ensign, vice Post, declined; Mark Spencer, quartermaster, vice Root, 

State Historian. 1365 

herkimer county. 
Fortieth regiment — (late) Jonah Knapp, lieutenant colonel: 
David M. Hale, surgeon's mate. 


Second regiment — Farrand Stranahan, lieutenant colonel: 
George Morell, adjutant; Anson Higby, quartermaster. 
One Hundred and Thirty-fifth regiment — Gersom Palmer, lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

Austin Wood, ensign. 


Twenty-fifth regiment — Silas Boardman, lieutenant colonel : 
Adam Spaun, ensign. 

First battalion, Fifth regiment of artillery: 

Simeon Bellamy, captain; Jacob Waley, first lieutenant; George 
Wands, second do. 


First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Asa Stanard, captain; John Seeley, first lieutenant; Pliny H. Field, 
second do — new company. 


One Hundred and Thirty-third regiment — Samuel Balcom, lieu- 
tenant colonel commandant: 

Thornton Wasson, second major, vice Ives, moved out of beat. 

Asa Gregory, captain, vice Wasson, promoted; Roswell Drake, 
lieutenant, vice Ruynolds, declined; Rufus Weatherly, ensign, vice 
Gregory, promoted. 

James Clapp, captain, vice Lyon, moved; Gates Willcox, lieu- 
tenant, vice Havans, do; Abijah Lobdell, ensign, vice Havens, 



1366 Annual Report of the 

Thomas Humphrey, junior, captain, vice Church, not accepting; 
David Pollard, junior, lieutenant, vice Humphrey, promoted; Arad 
StowelL ensign, vice Pollard, promoted; Benjamin Bragg, lieu- 

One Hundred and Fifth regiment — Thompson Mead, lieutenant 

Samuel Camp, captain of grenadiers, vice Pek, promoted; John 
F. Fairchild, lieutenant do, vice Brown, promoted; Wellard Welton, 
ensign do, vice Camp, promoted; Samuel H. Williams, ensign of 
infantry, vice Gray, declined. 


Forty-first regiment — John Dunning, lieutenant colonel: 
Noadiah Moody, captain, vice Montgomery, moved away; Gradus 

Downey, lieutenant, vice Moodey, promoted; Garner Conklin, 

ensign, vice Downey, promoted. 

Thirty-second regiment — David Rogers, lieutenant colonel: 
Isaac Curtiss, lieutenant, vice Burnett, resigned; Henry Miller, 

ensign, vice Curtiss, promoted. 


First brigade — George McClure, brigadier general: 
Dugald Cameron, brigade quartermaster, vice McBurney, ap- 
pointed sheriff. 

Ninety-sixth regiment — Samuel S. Haight, lieutenant colonel: 
Elias Hopkins, junior, paymaster, vice Gorton, resigned. 


Seventy-ninth regiment — Selah Matthews, lieutenant colonel com- 

Elias Satterly, surgeon, vice Ganad, moved away; Green Bentley, 
junior, ensign, vice Connell, refused; Abraham Coryell, lieutenant. 

State Historian. 1367 


vice Winton, promoted; Mallet Booth, ensign, vice Coryell, pro- 
moted; John Jackson, ensign, vice Bruce, promoted. 


One Hundred and Forty-fourth regiment — Hezekiah Ketchum, 
lieutenant colonel commandant: 

Andrew Frasher, captain, vice Moe, resigned; Lawrence Travers, 
lieutenant, vice Frost, moved; Ira Moe, ensign, vice Travers, pro- 
moted; Benjamin Chamberlin, lieutenant, vice Philo, moved; David 
Spencer, ensign, vice Chamberlin, promoted. 


Fifty-seventh regiment — John Veeder, lieutenant colonel com- 

Amasa Starks, captain, vice Crawford, resigned; Abraham Dome, 
lieutenant, vice Starks, promoted; William Gregg, ensign, vice 
Wasson, disabled. 


One Hundred and Forty-eighth regiment — Abraham Vail, lieu- 
tenant colonel commandant: 

Dan Hathway, captain grenadiers, vice Turner, appointed in 
Army; Josiah Kitchell, lieutenant do, vice Hathway, promoted; 
Michael Jackson, ensign do, vice Kitchell, promoted. 

Jacob Van Elten, captain, vice Wood, moved away; Philip Swart- 
wout, lieutenant, vice Elten, promoted; Solomon Van Fleet, junior, 
ensign; Hulet Clark, lieutenant, vice Tuyle, moved away; Joel Whit- 
lock, ensign, vice Clark, promoted; Cyrus Skinner, do, vice Roberts, 

John Wood, captain riflemen; James Eaton, lieutenant; Jacob 
Miers, ensign — new company. 

1368 Annual Report of the 

montgomery county. 
Second battalion, Fifth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 
Thomas Machin, junior, captain; John Yatman, first lieutenant; 
John Eddy, second do — new company. 


First regiment of infantry — Caleb Carr, lieutenant colonel: 
George Forsyth, quartermaster, vice Van Yleck, resigned; David 

Tift, ensign. 

Pliny Miller, junior, captain: John Curtis, lieutenant; David 

Eranard, junior, ensign — new company of light infantry. 


Eighty-seventh regiment — William Harper, lieutenant colonel: 
(Names in original manuscript excised.) 


One Hundred and Thirty-sixth regiment — John V. A. Lansing, 
lieutenant colonel: 

Francis Costigan, captain, vice Winne, resigned; Henry W. Sny- 
der, lieutenant, vice Ten Broeck, deceased; Philip Lindebacker, 
ensign, vice Giddes, not accepted; John J. Roft, ensign; Abraham 
Bird, lieutenant light infantry, vice Fonda, resigned; John Yearsley> 
ensign do, vice Swan, do. 


One Hundred and Forty-fifth regiment — Hugh Graham, lieuten- 
ant colonel: 

Stephen Salmon, lieutenant riflemen, with rank from February 4, 


Thirty-third regiment — David Hobby, junior, lieutenant colonel: 
Stephen D. Powell, captain: Frederick Graham, lieutenant; John 
Lee, ensign — new company of riflemen. 

State Historian. 1369 

genesee county. 
Seventy-seventh regiment — Daniel Davis, lieutenant colonel: 
Chester Porter, captain; Justus Chapman, lieutenant. 
Ensigns — Jason Libby, James Beeman, Thomas Olcott, junior, 
Simon Armstrong, Abraham Low. 
Chauncey P. Smith, surgeon's mate. 


The Commander-in-chief having set off the artillery companies* in 
Orange, Ulster and Rockland from the Third regiment of artillery, 
and having organized the said companies in the counties of Orange, 
Ulster and Rockland into a separate regiment to be called the 
Seventh regiment of artillery — Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Myers 
and Major Samuel Slee are the only field officers left in the Third 
regiment, which will hereafter consist of the artillery companies in 
Dutchess county; therefore, Resolved, that the following appoint- 
ments be made in the said Third regiment of artillery. 


Third regiment of artillery, second battalion: 

Gilbert Ketcham, second major; John S. Myers, paymaster; James 
Livingston Van Kleeck, surgeon; Peter Schofield, surgeon's mate; 
James Covil, chaplain; Joseph Nelson, first lieutenant; Zacheriah 
S. Flagler, second do; Leonard Thompson, second do; vice Bryan, 

Henry Tibetts, captain, vice Noxon, removed; William Chapman, 
first lieutenant, vice Tibbetts, promoted; Daniel Owen, second lieu- 
tenant, vice Chapman, promoted; Alonzo Delavergne, first lieuten- 
ant, vice Reed, resigned ; Cornelius A. Swartwout, second lieutenant, 
vice Delavergne, promoted. 


* G. O. June 3, 1812. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 327, 8. — State His- 


1370 Annual Report of the 

albany county. 

One Hundred and Tenth regiment of infantry — John T. Van Dalf- 
sen, lieutenant colonel: 

Aaron Abbe, lieutenant, vice Ward, not accepting; Gilbert Tomp- 
kins, ensign, vice Keefer, do; George Mosher, ensign. 


Twenty-sixth regiment — Peter Voorhies, lieutenant colonel: 
John Delamater, junior, surgeon's mate. 


Second squadron, Fifth regiment cavalry: 

Bennet Osborne, second lieutenant; Aaron Steele, cornet — with 
rank from n Februarv, 1811. 


Eighty-fourth regiment — James Tallmadge, junior, lieutenant 

John Piatt, captain, vice Vanderbilt, resigned; George J. Brincker- 
hoff, lieutenant, vice Piatt, promoted; James Ver Valen, ensign, vice 
Brinckerhoff, promoted. 

Richard Valentine, captain, vice Armstrong, resigned; Gilbert 
Schenck, lieutenant, vice Valentine, promoted; Caleb Angevine, 
ensign, vice Schenck, do; Nicholas Power, do, vice Brush, moved 


Sixth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 

Enos Gilbert, captain; Charles Wylie, first lieutenant; Levi Green, 
second do; Moses Gillet, chaplain; Zenas Hutchinson, surgeon's 

Seventy-second regiment — Thomas Hicks, lieutenant colonel 

State Historian. 1371 

James Douglas, captain light infantry; Thomas H. Hamilton, lieu- 
tenant do ; William Brooks, ensign do — new company. 


Twenty-first brigade : 

James Haile, brigadier general, vice Widrig. 

Fortieth regiment — (late) Jonah Knapp, lieutenant colonel: 

Matthew Myers, lieutenant colonel, vice Knapp, moved away. 

Jacob P. Weaver, first major, vice Bell, to be superseded; Amos 
Smith, second major, vice Cowles, do. 

Mason Barker, captain, vice Smith, promoted; Isaac Smith, lieu- 
tenant, vice Barker, promoted; Ira Kingsbury, ensign, vice 
Smith, do. 

Frederick Bellinger, captain, vice Smith, do; Asahel Andrews, 
captain; Thomas Kinne, lieutenant; Artemus Ross, ensign. 

Henry F. Helmer, captain light infantry, vice Myers, promoted; 
Horace Morse, lieutenant do, vice Helmer, promoted; Jabez Fox, 
ensign do, vice Morse, promoted; Abel Fowler, ensign do, vice Mar- 
tin, not accepted. 

Resolved, that Thomas Bell be no longer second major and that 
Eben'r Cowles be no longer captain in the regiment commanded 
by Matthew Myers, and that supersedeases be issued accordingly. 

Ninetieth regiment — (late) James Hale (Haile), lieutenant colonel: 

Daniel Wright, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Hale, pro- 

Daniel Fenner, first major, vice Wright, do. 

Jost Petrie, captain, vice Golden, resigned; Peter Picket, lieuten- 
ant, vice Petrie, promoted; Jost P. Waggoner, ensign, vice 
Picket, do. 

William Sherwood, captain, vice McMitchel, resigned; Eber Ste- 
vens, lieutenant, vice Sherwood, promoted; Charles Willard, ensign, 
vice Stevens, do. 



1372 Annual Report of the 

Twenty-seventh regiment — Christopher P. Bellinger, lieutenant 

Zachariah Townsend, captain, vice Mallery, resigned; Ziba Cor- 
bet, lieutenant, vice Townsend, promoted; Ethel Judd, ensign, vice 
Corbet, promoted; Abel Hannes, surgeon's mate. 


One Hundred and Thirty-first regiment of infantry — Corn's Van 
Beuren, lieutenant colonel: 

James Ransom, first major, vice Van Beuren, promoted; Dirck 
Dubois, second do; Peter Van Gaasbeck, junior, ensign. 


First battalion, Fifth regiment of artillery: 

Walter Fannin, second lieutenant, vice Empy, not accepted. 


One Hundred and Forty-seventh regiment — Thaddeus M. Wood, 
lieutenant colonel: 

Nehemiah H. Earl, adjutant. 


Third squadron, Eighth regiment of cavalry: 

James Simpson, captain; Trowbridge Allen, first lieutenant. 


Eighteenth regiment — Storm A. Becker, lieutenant colonel: 
Abraham Kyser, junior, captain light infantry, vice Fencher, 
removed; John Murphy, lieutenant do, vice Kyser, promoted; Henry 

C. Tygart, ensign do. 

William W. Enders, quartermaster, vice Lawyer, resigned; Wil- 
liam Adams, lieutenant; John S. Conkling, ensign. 

Ira Duey, captain, vice Kibby, removed; Samuel J. Brown, lieu- 

State Historian. 1373 


tenant; John Hempstead, ensign; Henry Hagar, junior, lieutenant 
of light infantry; Nicholas A. Mattice, ensign do. 


Fourth regiment of artillery, first battalion: 

Gideon Reed, first lieutenant; Caleb Ward, second lieutenant, vice 
Reed, promoted. 


Second battalion : Joseph Thomas, second lieutenant, vice Edson, 


Second battalion: Salmon Graves, second lieutenant, vice Baker, 


First battalion: Daniel Gardner, first lieutenant, vice Bull, 
resigned; Samuel T. Vary, second lieutenant; William Smith, sec- 
ond do. 


First battalion: 

John R. Mott, captain; Martin J. Vanderwerker, first lieutenant; 
Hezekiah Dunham, second do — new company. 


One Hundred and Fourteenth regiment of infantry — Hercules 
Rice, lieutenant colonel: 

Samuel Weir, lieutenant, vice Thomas, resigned; Abraham F. 
Vandenburgh, ensign, vice Weir, promoted. 


One Hundred and Thirty-fifth regiment — Gershom Palmer, lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

Samuel Firman, captain light infantry, vice Titus, mail carrier; 
John W. Comb, lieutenant do, vice Beardsley, removed; John B. 
Walker, ensign do, vice Firman, promoted. 


1374 Annual Report of the 

John Bliss, captain infantry, vice Norton, removed; Elias 
Higgins, lieutenant do, vice Bliss, promoted; Simeon Marsh, ensign 
do, vice Cole, removed. 

Eleventh regiment, first brigade of cavalry: 

Roswell Starr, lieutenant colonel. 

Volkert P. Van Rensselaer, first major; Russel Williams, second 
do; Frederick Danielson, adjutant; Moses Hawks, quartermaster; 
Naboth Buckingham, surgeon — new regiment.* 

Darius Cary, captain; Jesse Clark, second lieutenant; Suel Spold- 
ing, cornet. 


Fifty-eighth regiment — (late) John Stone, lieutenant colonel: 

Martin Keep, lieutenant colonel, vice Stone, removed. 

Obadiah Boies, first major, vice Keep, promoted; Adin Webb, 
second do, vice Boies, do. 

Michael Walter, captain, vice Webb, promoted ; Thomas Williams, 
lieutenant, vice Walter, do; Noah R. Smith, ensign, vice Williams, 
do; Judah Cole, do, vice Root, removed; Jacob Cady, lieutenant, 
vice Strong, promoted. 

Zadock Strong, captain, vice Rice, removed; Ebenezer Andrews, 
junior, ensign, vice Cady, promoted ; David Youngs, do, vice Smith, 

Twelfth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 

Nathaniel Bosworth, captain; Isaac Smith, first lieutenant; 
Araunah Eaton, second do. 


Second squadron, Tenth regiment of cavalry: 

Ira Wilder, second lieutenant; Joseph W. Marsh, cornet. 

* Organized by G. O. June 3, 1812. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 327, 8. — 
State Historian. 

State Historian. 1375 

genesee county. 

Sixth brigade — Alexander Rea, brigadier general: 

One Hundred and Sixty- first regiment: 

Matthias Lemen, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

William A. Mills, first major; Justin Dutton, second do; Jellis 
Clute, adjutant; Arnold Gikes, quartermaster; Lewis Mills, paymas- 
ter; Paul Newcomb, surgeon. 

Captains — David Murch, Joseph White, Timothy Winters, John 
Greig, Jairus Chittenden. 

Lieutenants — Ebenezer Denning, Leonard Stimpson, Joseph 
Burt, Marshall Davis, Reuben Ferries. 

Ensigns — William Wilson, Joseph Smith, Nathan Quivey, 
Nathaniel Howard, Obediah Beardsley. 

Major Ebenezer Wilson's battalion: 

Augustin Belknap, paymaster. 

Ira Wilson and Daniel White, captains. 

Elijah Hall, lieutenant. 

Allen Welton and Alexander Teaples, ensigns. 

Ninety-ninth regiment — William Vary, lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant : 

Gurdon Hulbert, captain. 

Isaac Moore, James Case, lieutenants. 


John Grover, Horace G. Turner, ensigns. 

Truman Lewis, ensign of rangers. 

One Hundred and Sixty-fourth regiment — (late) William Rumsey, 
lieutenant colonel: 

Worthy L. Churchill, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Rum- 
sey, resigned. 

Isaac Sutherland, first major, vice Churchill, promoted; Rufus 
Hart, second do, vice Sutherland, promoted; David E. Evans, 



1376 Annual Report of the 

Lorton Holden, captain, vice Hart, promoted; Hinman Holden, 
lieutenant, vice Holden, do; John De Wolf, ensign, vice Holdon, do; 
William Hooker, do. 

Richard Godfrey, junior, captain, vice McCracken, removed; 
Xewcomb Godfrey, lieutenant, vice Godfrey, promoted; Amherst 
Crane, ensign. 

Orris Boughton, captain; Elliot Harroun, lieutenant; Otis Cran- 
son, ensign. 

Philo Farnham, captain; William Thayre, lieutenant; Daniel 
Bailey, ensign — new company. 

Jeiel Mitchell, captain; Jacob Thompson, lieutenant; Otis Braman, 
ensign — new company. 

Jotham Bisbee, ensign, vice Rufus Munger, removed. 

Elisha Kellogg, captain; Samuel Hall, lieutenant; James Mills, 
ensign — new company. 

Aaron White, lieutenant, vice Kellogg, removed; Mark Turner, 
ensign, vice Hall, do. 


Sixty-first regiment — James Townsend, lieutenant colonel: 
Barnabas Carver, first major, vice Crane, resigned; Jeremiah Hop- 
kins, second do; Dennis Sunderlin, adjutant, vice Hopkins, pro- 
moted; Daniel Traves, ensign, vice Merrick, deceased; Samuel War- 
ren, ensign, vice Garritson, removed; John J. Conklin, lieutenant, 
vice Sunderlin, promoted; Benjamin Horton, ensign, vice Conklin, 

Cornelius Nelson, captain, vice Warren, resigned; John Crane, 
junior, captain, vice Mabie, resigned; Elias Mabie, lieutenant, vice 
Crane, promoted; William Wright, ensign. 


One Hundred and Thirty-fifth regiment— Gershom Palmer, lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

State Historian. 1377 

Ivory Holland, junior, second major, vice Tuckerman, appointed 
in the Army. 

Elijah Norton, captain; Thomas P. McChesney, lieutenant, vice 
Norton, promoted; Stephen Thomas, ensign, vice McChesney, pro- 


Fifth regiment of cavalry, second brigade: 

Henry Brown, major; Anthony Van Bergen, adjutant; Stoddard 
Smith, quartermaster; Joseph B. Moore, paymaster; John Ely, sur- 
geon; Zina W. Lay, surgeon's mate. 


Second battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery : 
Ezra Adams, captain; Lorenzo Bates, first lieutenant; Orin 
Adams, second do — new company. 


One Hundred and Eighteenth regiment — James Green, lieutenant 

Alexander Coulter, captain, vice Hubbard, moved; Samuel Hub- 
bard, lieutenant, vice Coulter, promoted; John Darby, do, vice Rob- 
ertson, resigned; John Durkee, do light infantry; John Larmouth, 
ensign do, vice Hubbard, promoted; Samuel Galusha, do do, vice 
Darby, do. 

James C. Walworth, captain; William Smith, lieutenant; John 
King, ensign — rifle company. 

One Hundred and Fifty-sixth regiment — Henry (Hendrick) Van 
Schaick, lieutenant colonel: 

Mitchel Corless, captain, vice Miller, resigned; David Lockwood, 
lieutenant, vice May, resigned; Walter De Ridder, ensign, vice Cor- 
less, promoted; Gerrit W. Van Schaick, paymaster, vice Van Beuren, 

resigned; Cornelius W. Abeel, quartermaster, vice Briggs, resigned. 



1378 Annual Report of the 

seneca county. 

First battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Samuel Ingersoll, junior, captain; John B. Larawa, first lieutenant; 
John Ingersoll, second do. 

One Hundred and Twenty-eighth regiment — Reynier Covert, lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

Jehiel H. Halsey, adjutant, vice Wilkin, not accepted; William D. 
Rogers, ensign, vice Halsey, promoted. 


One Hundred and Eleventh regiment — Martin Heermance, lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

George W. Bancker, surgeon's mate, vice Row, moved away. 

George Lambert, junior, captain, vice Brown, resigned; George J. 
Ring, do, vice Sipperly, resigned ; John G. Van Waggoner, lieuten- 
ant, vice Lambert, promoted; Benjamin Van Waggonor, lieutenant, 
vice Ring, promoted; Jacob Heermance, ensign, vice Waggoner, 
promoted; William Delamater, ensign, vice Van Waggoner, pro- 

Twenty-ninth regiment — Martin E. Winchel, lieutenant colonel: 

Eben Wheeler, lieutenant, vice Conklin, resigned; Barnabas 
Payne, ensign, vice Wheeler, promoted. 

One Hundred and Forty-first regiment — (late William Bell), lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

Josiah Southerland, lieutenant colonel, vice Bell and Ham, 
removed and resigned. 

William Smith, first major, vice Ham and Southerl'd, resigned 
and promoted; Jacob T. Griffen, second do, vice Southerland, pro- 
moted; Levi Van Vleet, adjutant, vice Ely, promoted. 

Captains — John Dutcher, vice Griff en, do; Abel S. Peters, vice 
Wiley, resigned; Obadiah Titus, vice Thorn, do; Samuel M. Ely, 
vice Smith, promoted. 

State Historian. 1379 

Lieutenants — Jacob Van Anden, vice Verlee, resigned; Ephraim 
Case, vice Peters, promoted; Nicholas Thorn, vice Titus, do. 
Ensigns — William Arnold, James Griffen. 


One Hundred and Fifty-eighth regiment — John Harris, lieutenant 
colonel : 

John Richardson, captain; Silas Chatfield, first lieutenant; Seth 
Burges, junior, second do — new company of riflemen. 


Sixteenth regiment — Jacob Chandler, lieutenant colonel: 
Silas Crandall, captain; Samuel Bacon, lieutenant; Arvin Rice, 


First squadron, Seventh regiment of cavalry: 
Eleazer Wightman, first lieutenant; Alexander McKnight, second 
do; Russel Brown, cornet. 


One Hundred and Thirty-ninth regiment — (late) Pierre Van Cort- 
land, junior, lieutenant colonel: 

Nathaniel Montross, lieutenant colonel, vice V(an) Cortland, pro- 

John F. Sherwood, first major, vice Montross, deceased; Aaron 
Brown, second major, vice Montross, promoted. 

William Ward, captain, vice Sherwood, promoted; Thomas A. 
Ward, lieutenant, vice Ward, promoted; Caleb Smith, ensign, vice 
T. A. Ward, do. 

Ezra Baxter, captain light infantry, vice Brown, do; Noah New- 
man, lieutenant do, vice Baxter, do; Samuel Hinerd, ensign do, vice 
Newman, do. 



1380 Annual Report of the 

saratoga county. 
Thirty-second regiment — David Rogers, lieutenant colonel: 
Stephen R. Warren, captain, vice Minor, resigned; John J. 

Luther, lieutenant; Reuben Westcott, ensign. 

James Smith, captain light infantry, vice Herd, resigned; Seth 

Kirby, junior, lieutenant do, vice Smith, promoted; Nathaniel J. 

Seely, ensign do, vice Kirby, promoted. 


Seventh regiment — James Steward, lieutenant colonel: 
John Ran, quartermaster, vice Houghton; George Tubbs, pay- 

Second battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery, third brigade: 
Seth Chase, captain: Samuel Russel, first lieutenant; Rufus Bent- 
ley, second do. 


Sixty-seventh regiment — Dudley Hewit, lieutenant colonel: 
David Stodard, lieutenant light infantry, vice Smith, moved; Wil- 
liam Cross, ensign, vice Stodard, promoted; Paul B. Main, ensign, 
vice Coggeshall, refused. 


Battalion of riflemen — (late) Wm. S. Parker, major commandant: 

Henry Koon, major commandant, vice Parker, resigned; Stephen 
Warren, second major, vice Koon, promoted. 

Jedediah Tracy, captain, vice Warren, promoted; Sidney Dole, 
lieutenant, vice Tracy, promoted; Cyrus Tanners, ensign, vice 
Dole, do. 

James Deforest, captain, vice Bell, resigned; Henry Fellows, lieu- 
tenant, vice Deforest, promoted; Cornelius Koon, ensign, vice Reed, 

William Carmichael, captain, vice Bristol, resigned; Stephen 
Trip, lieutenant, vice Carmichael, promoted. 

State Historian. 1381 

One Hundred and Fifty-fifth regiment— Thomas Davis, lieutenant 
colonel commandant: 

Joseph Ballard, captain, vice Clark, removed; Samuel B. Hedges, 
lieutenant, vice Ballard, promoted; Nathan Morey, ensign, vice 
Hedges, do. 


Ninety-fourth regiment — Joseph W. Lawrence, lieutenant 
colonel : 

George A. Wheeler, second major, vice Hosmer, declined. 

Reuben Weeks, captain, vice Wheeler, promoted; Roland Weeks, 
lieutenant, vice Weeks, promoted; James Kneeland, ensign, vice R. 
Weeks, do. 

James McNear, captain, vice Roberts, resigned; Silas Roberts, 
lieutenant, vice McNear, promoted; Robert W. Prine, ensign, vice 
Roberts, promoted; Jona' Stanley, paymaster, vice Markham, 


Eighty-third regiment — Benjamin Gurnee, lieutenant colonel: 
Joseph E. Jones, quartermaster. 

John D. Coe, junior, lieutenant, vice Jones, promoted; Samuel 
Deronde, ensign, vice Coe, promoted. 


Tenth regiment, third brigade: 

Selah Strong, junior, quartermaster, vice Havens, resigned; Cor- 
nelius R. DufTee, lieutenant, vice Youngs, appointed in army; Philip 
S. Allen, ensign, vice Duffee, promoted; Selah Strong, junior, do, to 
take rank in the line. 

Fifty-first regiment: 

George V. R. Codwise, lieutenant, vice Baker, resigned; Jacob 
Schieffelin, junior, do, vice Coles, promoted. 

Ensigns — John M. Ross, vice Nicoll, removed from city; James 



1382 Annual Report of the 

Rogers, vice Bartlet, declined; William McLaughlin, Abraham M. 
Griffen, John M. Ryers, David Morris. 

One Hundred and Forty-second regiment: 

Jacob Drake, quartermaster, vice Delaney. 

William E. Dunscomb, captain; Ichabod Burnet, lieutenant, vice 
Dunscomb, promoted; David Randall, do, vice Scott, resigned; The- 
odorus V. W. Varick, do, vice Chrystie, resigned; Samuel W. Jones, 
ensign, vice Randall, promoted; Charles Watts, do, vice Varick, pro- 
moted; Jacob Livingston, do, vice Conklin, deceased. 

One Hundred and Twenty-fifth regiment: 

Andrew Anderson, surgeon's mate, vice Kissam, entered army; 
Henry S. Dodge, adjutant. 

Josiah P. Knapp, captain, vice Anderson, resigned; Henry H. 
Macomb, lieutenant, vice Knapp, promoted; Henry A. Heiser, do, 
vice Dodge, appointed adjutant; David Banks, junior, ensign, vice 
Macomb, promoted. 


One Hundred and Forty-sixth regiment — late John Garritson, 
lieutenant colonel: 

Richard Merrill, lieutenant, with rank from 4th February, 1812. 


Forty-second regiment — (late) Wm. Burnet, lieutenant colonel 

Samuel Colt, lieutenant colonel, vice Burnet, promoted. 

Thomas Lee, junior, first major, vice Colt, promoted; Selah 
Wheedon, second do, vice Lee, promoted; James Carter, surgeon's 
mate, vice Henry, deceased; Daniel Goodwin, surgeon. 

John Huie, captain, vice Wheedon, promoted; Asa Cole, lieuten- 
ant, vice Woodworth, do; Benjamin Havens, ensign, vice Cole, do; 
Abner Woodworth, captain; Joseph Southerland, do. 

State Historian. 1383 

Battalion of riflemen commanded by Elihu Granger: 

Jacob Westfall, captain; Enoch Morse, captain, vice Harrington, 


Lieutenants — Harman Granger, vice Miller, removed; Thomas 

Burnet, vice Baker, removed; Peter Westfall; Noble Granger. 


Tenth brigade, Seventy-fifth regiment — Jasper Ward, lieutenant 
colonel commandant: 

John Disbrow, captain, vice Marrener, refused to accept; Alex- 
ander McClure, captain, vice Campbell, removed. 

Lieutenants — Halstead E. Haight, vice Disbrow, promoted; Gil- 
bert Burling, vice McClure, promoted; Shivers Parker, vice Oakley, 

Ensigns — Thomas Cooper, James Staats, Moses Cunningham, 
David Fraser. 

John O. Blenus, ensign rifle company. 

Eighty-fifth regiment : 

Stephen Cave, ensign. 

Ninety-seventh regiment : 

Ensigns— Thomas S. Aspinwall, Alexander Pyke, David B. 


One Hundred and Fifteenth regiment, tenth brigade — Beekman 

M. Van Beuren, lieutenant colonel: 

James Oakley, captain, vice Myers, appointed in United States 
army; Haymon Solomon, captain, vice Tooker, removed from city. 

Lieutenants — Charles Hughes, vice Oakley, promoted; Aaron 
Sergeant, vice Solomon, promoted; David M. Hoffman, vice Rich, 
commissioned in artillery; Martin Englehart, vice De Peyster, in 
United States Army. 

Ensigns — Charles Weed, William L. Cozens, Jasper Van Beuren, 



1384 Annual Report of the 

Egbert Van Beuren, Daniel Convin, James Doughty, James N. 


Eighteenth brigade of infantry (Matthew Carpenter, brigadier 
general) : 

Anson Camp, brigade major and inspector, vice Chauncey Hyde, 


Forty-seventh regiment — Jacob R. Van Rensselaer, lieutenant 
colonel commandant: 

Ichabod Rogers, ensign of light infantry, vice Stone, resigned. 

John Martin, junior, captain, vice A. Martin, resigned; Jacob 
Rossman, lieutenant, vice Van De Boe, removed; John Whiteman, 
ensign, vice Van Deusen, declined. 


One Hundred and Thirteenth regiment — Calvin Rich, lieutenant 

John Stall, lieutenant, vice Gates, moved away; David Brown, 
ensign, vice Stall, promoted; John George Kling, lieutenant, vice 
Frederick, resigned; Frederick Cromme, ensign, vice Kling, pro- 
moted; Elisha Daniels, lieutenant, vice Fox, deceased; Elias Maleck, 
ensign, vice Daniels, promoted. 

Elijah Parsons, captain, vice Becker, deceased; Philip Moyer, 
lieutenant, vice Parsons, promoted; Reuben Carter, ensign, vice 
Moyer, promoted; John Lee, lieutenant, vice Elmer, resigned. 


Fourth regiment of cavalry, first squadron: 

John Diddle, quartermaster, vice John Luyster, to be superseded; 
Cornelius P. Luyster, second lieutenant; Richard Boerum, cornet. 

Resolved, that John Luyster be no longer quartermaster of the 
Fourth regiment of cavalry and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 

State Historian. 1385 

kings county. 
Second regiment of cavalry, third squadron, third brigade: 
Abraham Van Sickler, captain, vice Suydam, resigned; Adrian 
Martense, first lieutenant, vice Van Seckler, promoted; Simon Cor- 
nell, second do, vice Van Der Voort, deceased; James Cropsey, cor- 
net, vice Martense, promoted. 


Fourth regiment of cavalry: 
Egbert Carey, surgeon's mate. 


Second regiment: 

James Stoughton, second lieutenant. 


Battalion of riflemen commanded by Samuel M. Lockwood: 
John Van Vechten, lieutenant; Samuel North, do; Stephen Lush, 
junior, do — with rank from June 4, 181 1. 

Oran D. Barrows, ensign, vice Witbeck, not accepting. 


Sixth regiment — (late) Jonas Bronk, lieutenant colonel: 
Richard R. Van Derbergh, lieutenant colonel, vice Bronk, 


Casper Calyer, first major, vice V. D. Burgh, promoted; Martin 

G. Van Bergen, second major, vice Calyer, promoted; Boman Cartil, 



Third division of infantry : 

Melancton Smith, aide-de-camp to the major general. 


One Hundred and Fourth regiment — David Wiltsey, lieutenant 

Christopher Hoghland, second major, vice Evens, resigned; Abra- 
ham Simonson, lieutenant, vice David Tyler, ensign. 



1386 Annual Report of the 

washington county. 

Lieutenant Colonel Hercules Rice's regiment — One Hundred 
and Fourteenth: 

William Hoit, captain, vice Rice, promoted; Andrew Thompson, 
lieutenant, vice Hoit, promoted; John Gayner, ensign, vice Thomp- 
son, promoted. 

John J. Perine, captain, vice Trull, appointed; Ebenezer Wright, 
lieutenant, vice Perine, promoted ; Daniel Brigs, ensign, vice Wright, 
promoted; Joseph Archer, junior, do. 

Clark Rice, second major, with rank from the second day pre- 
ceding Stone's* appointment, February 9, 181 1. 

Twenty-third regiment — James Tuttle, lieutenant colonel : 

Halsey Rogers, esquire, captain; Michael Harres, esquire, lieuten- 
ant; Reuben C. Gibson, ensign — company of riflemen. 


One Hundred and Fifty-eighth regiment — John Harris, lieutenant 


John Kirk, lieutenant: John McFadden, ensign. 


Twenty-seventh brigade of infantry: 

Charles Moseley, major commandant.f 

Captains — Leonard Kellogg, Charles B. Bristol, Luther Marsh. 

Lieutenants — William Gardner, junior, Samuel M. Smith. 

Hezekiah Ketchum — ensign — of a battalion of riflemen. 


Seventh regiment, third brigade of artillery: 

* Major Reuben Stone, G. O. May 27, and June 19, 1812. See Tompkins Papers, 
Volume I, pages 325-327 and 342, 3. — State Historian*. 

t G. O. June 12, 1812. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 330, 31. — State 

t Reorganized and renumbered by G. O. June 13, 1812. Tompkins Papers, Volume 
I, pages 331, 2. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 1387 

Ontario — Walter Grieve, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
Seneca — Samuel Adams, first major. 
Cayuga — Thomas Mumford, second do. 
Cayuga — -Daniel Hudson, surgeon. 


Joseph H. Rees, adjutant; William Lilly, quartermaster; William 
Powell, paymaster; Jedediah Chapman, chaplain. 


John H. Compston, captain, vice Mumford, promoted; Hackaliah 
Burt, first lieutenant, vice Compston, do; John S. Burt, second do, 
vice H. Burt, do; George Goundry, second do, vice Rees, promoted, 


John Clark, captain, vice Adams, promoted; Elijah Drake, first 
lieutenant, vice Clark, do; Zadock Weeks, second do, vice Drake, do. 

Eighth regiment : 

Herkimer — Joseph French, lieutenant colonel commandant: 

Oneida — Theodore Sill, first major. 

Herkimer — Joseph Lincklaen, second do; Jabez Fox, adjutant. 

Oneida — Waitstill Wolcott, quartermaster. 

Herkimer — Richard Petrie, paymaster. 

Oneida — Thomas Skinner, captain, vice Sill, promoted. 

Herkimer — Michael M. Myers, captain, vice Turner, removed; 
William Ayers, do, vice Lincklaen, promoted. 

Oneida — Nathaniel Eels, first lieutenant, vice Skinner, do. 

Herkimer — Conrad Cramer, do, vice Pooler, moved; Sawford 
Smith, do, vice Ayers, promoted. 

Oneida — Ezekiel Williams, junior, second lieutenant, vice Eels, 
promoted; John Wilson, do, vice Cramer, promoted. 

Herkimer — Joseph Sanford, do, vice Smith, do. 



1388 Annual Report of the 

Twelfth regiment : 

Otsego — Elijah H. Metcalf, lieutenant colonel commandant: 

Onondaga — Daniel Mulholland, first major. 

Chenango — Thomas Brooks, second do; David Fleming, adju- 

Otsego — Henry Phinney, paymaster; Cyrus Clark, captain, vice 
Metcalf, promoted. 

Tioga — Samuel W. Avery, do, vice Flemming, do. 

Onondaga — John Delamatter, do, vice Mulholland, do. 

Otsego — Nathaniel Potter, first lieutenant; Charles Taylor, do; 
Robert Cummings, do; Zebulon Gibbs, second do; Nathaniel Catlin, 
do; John Chapman, do, vice Lyon, wishing to resign; Philo Cleve- 
land, do; Calvin Putnam, do. 

Chenango — James German, captain, vice Brooks, resigned; Ben- 
jamin Kinney, first lieutenant, vice German, promoted; Joseph 
Brown, second do, vice Birdsall, refused. 


Fifty-fifth regiment — Anthony Sprague, lieutenant colonel: 
Timothy Cornwell, captain, vice Earl, promoted; James Ormsby, 
lieutenant, vice Cornwell, promoted; Lyman Giddings, ensign, vice 
Ormsby, promoted; Elnathan Doane, lieutenant, vice Perry, 
resigned; George Lamson, ensign, vice Doane, promoted. 
Seventy-sixth regiment — Gershom Tuttle, lieutenant colonel : 
Allen Kilburn, captain light infantry, vice Heath; Stowel Warner, 
lieutenant do; Curtis G. Brooks, ensign do. 


Forty-sixth regiment — Richard Coxe, lieutenant colonel com- 

John Barnes, adjutant, vice Talcott, resigned; Rowland Nim- 
mocks, lieutenant. 

State Historian. 1389 

One Hundred and First regiment — Zeboam Carter, lieutenant 

Cyrus Trowbridge, lieutenant; William Hilman, ensign. 

Hart Humphry, captain light infantry, vice King, promoted; 
George Vaughn, lieutenant; Benjamin Davenport, ensign. 


One Hundred and Sixty-third regiment — Silas Hopkins, lieuten- 
ant colonel commandant. 

Asahel Sage, first major; Calvin Bannister, second do. 

Erastus Parks, adjutant; Willard Smith, surgeon; Timothy S. 
Smith, quartermaster. 

Captains — Alpheus A. Baldwin, Parkeus Whitney, Rufus Spald- 
ing, William Scott, Robert Edmonds. 

Lieutenants — John Sims, Sparrow Sage, Aaron Childs, Scott 
Jenks, David Porter. 

Ensigns — George Burger, James Murray, Solomon Hersey, 
Ambrose Doty, James Weisner. 


Twenty-seventh brigade — John Ellis, brigadier general. 

Benjamin Sanford, brigade major, vice Swartwout, removed. 

One Hundred and Fifty-ninth regiment — Warren Hecox, lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

Seth Hall, lieutenant, with rank from February 11, 181 1; Erastus 
Terry, do, vice Chaffee, promoted; Orin Hall, ensign, vice Terry, do; 
Sylvester Eels, ensign, vice Ellis, error. 

One Hundred and Forty-seventh regiment — Thaddeus M. Wood, 
lieutenant colonel: 

Dirck C. Lansing, chaplain; Thomas Wheeler, lieutenant, vice 
T. Wheeler, error; Gilbert Pinckney, ensign, vice Sabin, moved 



139° Annual Report of the 

Ninety-eighth regiment — Christopher Clark, lieutenant colonel: 
Norris Case, second major, vice Morris^ Case, commissioned by 

error; Thomas Newell, lieutenant, vice Castle, promoted; Zora E. 

Hayden, ensign, vice Newell, promoted. 

Sixteenth regiment — Jacob Chandler, lieutenant colonel: 
Josiah Parish, junior, ensign, vice J. Parish, error. 
Sixty-second regiment — Jacob Johnson, lieutenant colonel: 
John Tinkham, ensign, vice Linkham, error. 


Second brigade — Solomon Martin, brigadier general. 
Nathaniel R. Packard, brigade quartermaster. 


Thirty-first regiment — John Atchenson, lieutenant colonel: 
Lewis Swift, lieutenant, vice Henry McCall, refused to serve. 
Fiftieth regiment — Israel Ely, lieutenant colonel: 
David Mathews, junior, captain; William McFarland, lieutenant; 

William Robertson, junior, ensign — to take rank from June 8, 1808 — 

light infantry. 

John McNaughton, captain, vice Mathews, appointed infantry; 

Russel Basset, lieutenant, vice Webb, removed. 


Ninety-fourth regiment — Joseph W. Lawrence, lieutenant colonel 

William Bacon, captain; Joel Fordham, lieutenant; James Cowles, 
ensign — a new company of riflemen. 


Twenty-fourth regiment — (late) Isaac Gere, lieutenant colonel: 
John Rhodes, lieutenant colonel, vice Gere, resigned. 

State Historian. 1391 

Eli Smith, first major, vice Rhodes, promoted; Jonathan Delino, 
junior, second do, vice Rhodes, not accepting. 

Paul Edwards, captain, vice Delino, promoted; John Herrington, 
lieutenant, vice Edwards, do; Seth Benson, ensign, vice Herrington, 
do; Joshua Finch, lieutenant, vice Richardson, removed; Seth C. 
Burch, ensign, vice Finch, promoted; James A. Smith, do light 
infantry, vice Cogswell, removed. 

Thirty-second regiment — David Rogers, lieutenant colonel: 

Isaac Curtis, captain, vice Wilkins, resigned; Henry Miller, lieu- 
tenant, vice Burnet, resigned; Robert W. Oliphant, ensign, vice 
Curtis, promoted. 


First squadron, Seventh regiment cavalry: 

Jeremiah Baker, first lieutenant; David Watson, second do; Jason 
Allen, cornet. 


Forty-ninth regiment — Darius Phelps, lieutenant colonel: 
Micah Pease, lieutenant, vice Wright, resigned; Piatt Adams, 




Eighty-sixth regiment — Thomas Reynolds, lieutenant colonel: 
Thomas S. Hervey, captain, vice Stillman, resigned; William 
Coon, lieutenant, vice Hervey, promoted; David Maxson, third, 
ensign, vice Coon, do; Nathan Davisson, lieutenant, vice Smith, 
resigned; Josiah Stewart, ensign, vice Scriven, do; Job Matterson, 
do; Ichabod Randall, junior, do; Jeffrey W. Thomas, surgeon, vice 
Tripp, resigned; Ebenezer Robinson, surgeon's mate, vice Thomas, 


Twenty-sixth regiment — Peter Voorhies, lieutenant colonel: 
Robert G. Dunbar, captain; John U. Smith, lieutenant; Cornelius 
V. Putnam, ensign — a new company of light infantry. 



139 2 Annual Report of the 

cayuga county. 

One Hundred and Ninth regiment — Zadock Rhoads, lieutenant 

John Histid, captain light infantry, vice Satterlee, resigned; Seth 
Holt, lieutenant, do, vice Histid, promoted; William Greenfield, 
junior, ensign, vice Holt, do. 


Eleventh regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Cornelius Harsin, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Saltus, 
resigned; John W. Forbes, first major, vice Harsin, promoted; 
Henry Morgan, second do, vice Forbes, do. 

Aaron Forman, captain, vice Morgan, do; Theophilus W. Smith, 
do; George Talcott, first lieutenant, vice Smith, do; James Benedict, 
first do, vice Forman, do; William Barrow, surgeon, vice Beekman, 
appointed in army. 


Twenty-third brigade of infantry: 

Frederick Westbrook, brigadier general, vice Cantine, deceased. 


Forty-first brigade: 
Oliver Huntington, brigadier general. 

Fifty-third regiment — (late) Oliver Huntington, lieutenant colonel: 
Ansel Goodrich, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Huntington, 


Thirty-seventh brigade : 

Samuel Haight, brigadier general, vice Brown, appointed in army. 
One Hundred and Twentieth regiment — (late) Sam'l Haight : 
Merchant Lawrence, lieutenant colonel, vice Haight, promoted. 
Ezra Hawley, first major, vice Lawrence, promoted. 

State Historian. 1393 

montgomery county. 

Thirty-fourth regiment — Abraham J. Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel: 
John Sammons, captain, vice Pefer, appointed in United States 

army; Alexander Stewert, lieutenant, vice Sammons, promoted; 

John Gross, ensign. 


Tenth regiment, second brigade of artillery : 
Selah Strong, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
.John Kerr, first major. 
Rockland — Harmanus Tallman, second do. 
Orange — John Wilkin, junior, quartermaster; Alexander T. 
Bodle, paymaster. 


Fiftieth regiment — Israel Ely, lieutenant colonel: 
James Hay, lieutenant; William Blake, ensign. 


Fifth regiment of artillery, third brigade : 

William Dickson (of Albany county), lieutenant colonel, vice 
(Abel) Watkins (of Delaware county), resigned; Samuel Hamilton 
(of Greene county), first major. 


Twelfth* regiment cavalry, first brigade: 


Seymour Boughton, lieutenant colonel commandant: 
Benjamin Pearsons, first major; David Scott (of Genesee), second 

do; Tyrannus Collins, adjutant; Peter Bowen, quartermaster; 

Edmund A. Trowbridge, paymaster; Thomas Beach, surgeon. 

* Organized by G. O. June 17, 1812. Tompkins Papers, Volume I, page 336. — State 




1394 Annual Report of the 

Edward Watrous, captain, vice Pearsons, promoted; Elkanah 
Whitney, first lieutenant, vice Watrous, promoted; Jehiel Kelsey, 
second do, vice Whitney, promoted; Perez Brown, cornet, vice 
Kelsey, promoted. 


Alanson Parmale, captain, vice Scott, promoted; William Peters, 
first lieutenant, vice Parmale, do; Henry Buel, second lieutenant, 
vice Peters, do; Solomon Kingsley, second do, vice Butterfield, 
removed; Simeon Cummings, cornet, vice Kingsley, promoted. 


Tenth regiment, first squadron: 

James Mathews, second major. 

Jonathan Jenkins, captain, vice Mathews, promoted; Robert Law- 
rence, first lieutenant, vice Jenkins, promoted; Jonas Sayre, second 
do, vice Lawrence, promoted; William Hoffman, cornet. 

Thomas Maxwell, quartermaster. 


Solomon Kingsly, captain; Joseph Wilder, first lieutenant; Joseph 
Farnham, second do; Erastus Crosby, cornet — new company. 


Chester W. Lord, captain; Uri Clark, first lieutenant; John Kings- 
bury, second do; Adolphus Allen, cornet. 


Ninth regiment infantry — Elijah Barnes, lieutenant colonel: 
William Bailey, adjutant; Nymphus Basset, ensign; Allen Peck, 
lieutenant; Rums M. Way, ensign; Asa Andrus, do. 

State Historian. 1395 

albany county. 

One Hundred and Fiftieth regiment — John H. Burhans, lieuten- 
ant colonel: 

George Brown, junior, captain, vice Schoolcraft, resigned; John 
McKown, lieutenant, vice Brown, promoted; Lodowick Street, 
ensign, vice McKown, do; Garret Oliver, do; Adam Sagar, do. 


First brigade of artillery, first regiment : 

Egbert Benson, junior, quartermaster, vice J. L. Morton, 
appointed aide to major general; Jacob Harris, second lieutenant; 
John Ferris, second do; Andrew Maverick, second do. 

Albany — Fifth regiment, third brigade artillery: 

Archibald Campbell, John McLean, junior, lieutenants, to take 
rank from June 5, 181 1. 


One Hundred and Twelfth regiment — (late) Matthew Clyde: 

Joseph Clyde, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice M. Clyde, 

Moses Rich, first major, vice Clyde, promoted; Starling Way, 
second major, vice Rich, promoted. 

Ephraim Beach, captain, vice Way, do; James Whiple, lieutenant, 
vice Beach, do; Henry Brown, junior, ensign, vice Whiple, do. 

Daniel Gilbert, captain, vice Shiplay, resigned; John Vantile, 
second lieutenant, vice Gilbert, promoted; Revilo Ford, ensign, vice 
Adams, removed. 

James Ferguson, captain, vice Whitiker, resigned; John C. Hall, 
lieutenant, vice Ferguson, promoted; James Whitaker, ensign, vice 
Hall, do. 



1396 Annual Report of the 

montgomery county. 

Nineteenth regiment — Jacob Snell, lieutenant colonel command- 

Henry Fink, lieutenant, vice A. A. Fink, refused commission; 
Daniel Christy, ensign, vice Gettman, do. 


Fourth regiment, second brigade of artillery: 

Elias Werden, first lieutenant; Samuel Gifford, second do. 

Fifteenth regiment infantry — Rob't T. Livingston, lieutenant 

John Tripp, junior, captain, vice Burch, resigned; Israel Sabins, 
lieutenant, vice Tripp, promoted; Alvin Covy, ensign, vice 
Sabins, do. 


Second squadron, Sixth regiment cavalry, first brigade: 

James Lynch, lieutenant colonel, vice Gridley, deceased. 

Jotham Towers, major, vice Lynch, promoted; Roswell C. Hayes, 

Gad Chamberlin, captain, vice Towers, do; Reuben Bacon, first 
lieutenant, vice Chamberlin, promoted. 

John Wright, captain, vice Brown, removed; Ai Spencer, first 
lieutenant, vice Wright, promoted; Paul Taft, second do, vice Spen- 
cer, do; Andrew Fitch, cornet, vice Taft, do. 

Tenth regiment of cavalry: 

Jonathan M. Beach, second lieutenant; James G. Hunn, cornet, 
vice Beach, promoted; John Warren, .second lieutenant; Aaron 
Ramer, cornet, vice Warren, promoted; Fletcher Mathews, second 
lieutenant; Henry Gulick, cornet, vice Mathews, promoted; Henry 
Jessup, second lieutenant; Asa Swift, cornet, vice Jessup, promoted. 

State Historian. 1397 


Sixth (Eleventh) regiment of cavalry: 

Jeremiah Baker, first lieutenant, vice Holister, declined; David 
Watson, second do, vice Daniels, do; Jason Allen, cornet, vice 
Eaker, promoted. 

Ezra Dean, captain, vice Harrison, resigned; Daniel Gilchrist, do, 
vice Young, not accepted. 


One Hundred and Eighth regiment — Sam'l Mack, lieutenant 

John Knapp, captain; Luther Parmer, lieutenant; William Cole, 

Timothy Case, captain; Elihu Ferrell, lieutenant; Levi Case, 

Samuel Harger, captain; Andrew Newel, lieutenant. 


One Hundred and Twenty-third regiment — Thomas B. Benedict, 
lieutenant colonel: 

Elisha Griff en, captain; Nathaniel Hall, lieutenant; John Ross, 


One Hundred and Thirty-fourth regiment — William Stone, lieu- 
tenant colonel; Robert McBride, lieutenant; John Grove, ensign. 


One Hundred and Thirtieth regiment — (late) Frederick West- 

Benjamin Bevier, lieutenant colonel, vice Westbrook, promoted; 
John Lounsberry, second major, vice Hardenburgh, resigned; 
Moses J. Depuy, first do, vice Bevier, promoted. 



1398 Annual Report of the 

columbia county. 
Fifty-sixth regiment — Peter J. Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel: 
John M. Claw, quartermaster, vice Goes, resigned. 
Fourth regiment of artillery, second brigade: 
John Blakesly, captain; Thomas Stevenson, first lieutenant; John 
C. Concklin, second do — new company. 


1812. George Fleming, assistant commissary of military stores* for the 

June ° £»' 

Western district. 


1812. Joseph Skinner, assistant commissary of military stores.* for the 

June " 

Eastern district. 

Seventh regiment of cavalry, third squadron : 

James Barnet, junior, second lieutenant; Stephen W. Starks, 


Thirty-fourth regiment — Abm. J. Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel 

John H. Lansing, captain; Dennis Searles, lieutenant — light 

Twenty-sixth regiment — (late) Peter Voorhies, lieutenant colonel: 

Sylvanus Wilcox, lieutenant colonel, vice Voorhies, resigned. 

Samuel Jackson, first major, vice Wilcox, promoted; Isaiah 
Depuy, second major, vice Jackson, promoted. 


One Hundred and Thirty-sixth regiment: 

Josephus B. Stuart, surgeon, vice Van Zandt, refused. 

* A new office, created by chapter 139, Laws of 1812. passed June 12. — State His- 

State Historian. 1399 

new york county. 

Second (Ninth) regiment of artillery (Fleet's) — first brigade: 

Jacob Anthony, captain, vice Wallace, promoted; Abraham Smith, 
first lieutenant, vice Anthony, promoted; Philip S. Hone, second 
lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted. 

*First regiment of riflemen: 

Francis McClure, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Daniel Fisher and Reuben Munson, majors. 


*Second regiment of riflemen: 

Samuel M. Lockwood, lieutenant colonel commandant. 
Henry Heath, captain; Christopher Van Valkenburgh, lieutenant; 
John D. Ogsbury, ensign — new company. 


Battalion of riflemen organized in the fifteenth brigade of infantry : 
Abel Smith, major commandant. 


One Hundred and Fifty-fourth regiment — Pliny Adams, lieuten- 
ant colonel commandant: 

Joseph Harris, captain; Benjamin Hyde, lieutenant; Thomas Kins- 
man, ensign — new company of grenadiers. 


Second (Ninth) regiment, first brigade of artillery: 
William Smith Richards, first lieutenant; William Bayard, junior, 
second lieutenant. 

* These two regiments were organized by General Orders, June 20, 1812. See 
Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 343-4. — State Historian. 




Annual Report of the 

Officers of the Militia, July 4, 1812. 
A record of the number of each division of infantry of this State, 
the names of the respective commanders thereof, and their places of 


Places of Their Residence. 

Names of the Commanding Officers 
of the Divisions. 



Cities or Towns. 



Nathaniel Coles, 




John Hathorn, 




Benjamin Mooers, 




Abraham Veeder, 




George Widrig, 




Nathaniel King, 




Amos Hall, 




Paul Todd, 



A record of the number of each brigade of infantry of this State, 
the names of the respective commanders thereof, and their places of 


Places of Their Residence. 

Names of Commanding Officers of 



Cities or Towns. 



George McClure, 




Solomon Martin, 




Peter Van Zandt, 

New York, 

New York. 


Jacob Brown, 




Timothv S. Hopkins, 

Buffalo, t . 



Alexander Rea, 




John Tillotson, 




Jacob A. Fort, 




Samuel Clark, 

Ballston Springs, 



Gerard Stedditord, 

New York, 

New York. 


Richard Dodge, 




Samuel Ten Broeck, 



J 3 

Oliver Collins, 




William Mackey, 




Pierre Van Cortlandt, junior, 




Simon De Ridder, 

Union Village, 



Micajah Pettit, 




Matthew Carpenter, 




Reuben Hopkins, 




Edmund Perlee, 




James Haile, 




Jacob S. Jackson, 

South Hempstead, 



Frederick Westbrook, 




William Burnet, 




Erastus Root, 




Walter Martin, 




John Ellis, 




Freegift Patchin, 




Peter S. Van Orden, 



* From manuscript volume I, State Library, Albanv, N. Y. 

t Buffalo, originally organized February 8, 1810, belonged to Niagara county until the erection of 
Erie county April 2, 1821. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 




Names of Commanding Officers of 

Places of Their Residence. 



Cities or Towns. 


3 2 


John B. Van Wyck, 
Matthew Trotter, 
Obadiah German, 
Abraham Rose, 
Leonard Smith, 
Jabez N. M. Hurd, 
Daniel Miller, 
Samuel Haight, 
William Himrod, 
William Wadsworth, 
Daniel Wright, 
Oliver Huntington, 

























A record of the number of each regiment of infantry in this State, 
the names of the respective commandants thereof, and their places of 


Places of Their Residence. 

Names of Commanding Officers of 



Cities or Towns. 



Caleb Carr, 




Farrand Stranahan, 




William W. Cook, 



Micah Brooks, 




Benjamin Webb, 



Richard R. Van Denbergh, 




James Stewart, 




James Johnson, 



Elijah Barnes, 




Andrew Anderson, 

New York, 

New York. 


Thaddeus Remington, 




Jonathan Varian, 




Asa Chapman, 



Isaac Belknap, junior, 




R. T. Livingston, 




Jacob Chandler, 



James McBurney, 

Painted Post, 



Storm A. Becker, 




Jacob Snell, 




Silvester Gridley, 



Matthew N. Tillotson, 



Peter Allen, 




James Tuttle, 



John Rhodes, 



Silas Boardman, 




Peter Voorhies, 




Christopher P. Bellinger, 

Little Falls, 



Cornelius Bruyn, 




Martin E. Winchell, 



Garrit Post, 



John Acheson, 



David Rogers, 




David Hobby, junior, 




Abraham J. Vosburgh, 




Isaac Crosby, junior, 




Thomas Miller, 




Aaron North, 



Abijah Harris, 




Gilbert Howell, 



Matthew Myers, 


* Owego belongs to Tioga county. — State Historian. 

tThe town of Southeast was formed March 17, 1795, and belongs in Putnam, 
county. — State Historian. 

not Dutchess 



Annual Report of the 


Names of Commanding Officers of 




4 1 

John Dunning, 

4 2 

Samuel Colt, 


Cornelius J. Schermerhorn, 


Charles McKinstry, 


Gilbert Eddy, 


Richard Coxe, 


T. R. Van Rensselaer, 


William Warren, 


Darius Phelps, 


Israel El) - . 


Isaac A. Van Hook, 


Caleb Hopkins, 
















Ansel Goodrich, 

Reuben Root, 

Anthony J. Sprague, 

Peter J. Vosburgh, 

John Veeder, 

Martin Keep, 

John Prior, 

Joseph Mum ford, 

James Towhsend, 

Jacob Johnson, 

Thomas Rogers, 

Jeremiah Johnson, 

Erastus Cleaveland, 

Alric Mann, 

Dudley Hewit, 

Sherman Barnes, 

Abraham Howell, 

Putnam Farrington, 

Philetus Swift, 

Thomas Hicks, 

Daniel Warner, 

Zebulon Douglass, 

Jasper Ward, 

Gershom Tuttle, 

Daniel Davis, 

Joseph Dorr, 

Selah Mathews, 

Isaac Wickham, 

Reuben Boyce, 

Robert Bogardus, 

Benjamin J. Gurnee, 
James Tallmadge, junior, 
Edward W. Lalght, 
Thomas Reynolds, 
William Harper, 

Henry Bloom, 

Sebastian Visscher, 
late James Haile, 
John Tuthill. 

Abraham J. Hardenbergh, 
John A. Ditmars, 
Joseph W. Lawrence, 
Jacob Swartwood, 
Samuel S. Haight, 
William Paulding, junior, 
Christopher Clark, 
William Vary, 
James Hendrickson, 
Zeboam Carter, 
Hugh W. Dobbin, 
Avery Smith, 
David Wiltsey, 
Thompson Mead, 
Jacob DeLamontagnie, 
Jeremiah Moore, 
Samuel Mack, 
Zadock Rhoads, 
John T. Van Dalfsen, 
Martin Heermance, 
Joseph Clyde, 
Calvin Rich, 
Hercules Rice, 
Beekman M. VanBeuren, 
Jehiel Tuttle, 

Places of Their Residence. 

Cities or Towns. 


















New York, 

New York. 




Otsego. 1 



















t ranklin. 













New York, 

New York. 









New York, 

New York. 





New York, 

New York. 



















New York, 

New York. 












New York, 

New York. 













New York, 

New York. 


State Historian. 




Names of Commanding Officers of 





Rem B. Simonson, 


James Green, 


William A. Cuddeback, 


Merchant Lawrence, 


John Stewart, 


James Ford, 


Thomas B. Benedict, 


John Kingmorr (Kingman), 


Daniel Dodge, 


Luke Goodspeed, 


George W. Van Den Burgh, 


Reymer Covert, 


Samuel Dutton, 


late Fred'k Westbrook. 


Cornelius Van Beuren, 


Isaac Satterly, 

J 33 

Samuel Balcom, 


William Stone, 

J 35 

Gershom Palmer, 


John V. A. Lansing, 


John Floyd. 


George H. Nellis, 


Nathaniel Montross, 


Saul Smith, 


Josiah Southerland, 


Jonas Mapes, 


Reuben Leonard, 


Hezekiah Ketchum, 


Hugh Graham, 


Richard Conner, 


T. M. Wood, 


Abraham Vail, 


Abraham Van Wyck, 


John H. Burhans, 

I 5 I 

Elisha Bundy, 


John Gallup, 


Nathan Stone, 


Pliny Adams, 


Thomas Davis, 


Hendrick Van Schaick, 


Caleb Clark, 


John Harris, 


Warren Hecox, 


Cornelius Blauvelt, 


Matthias Lemen, 


John McMahon. 


Silas Hopkins, 


Worthy L. Churchill, 

Places of Their Residence. 

Cities or Towns. 











St. Lawrence. 


New York, 

New York. 





















New York, 

New York. 

















St. Lawrence. 















A record of the number of the division and of each brigade of 
cavalry of this State, the names of the respective commanders 
thereof, and their places of residence. 


of Each 

Name of the Officer Command- 
ing the Division and Each 

PLAces of Their Residence. 



Cities or towns. 




Stephen Van Rensselaer, 
Henry McNeil, 
John J. Van Rensselaer, 
Aquila Giles, 

New York, 

New York. 



Annual Report of the 

A record of the number of each regiment of cavalry in this State, 
the names of the respective commandants thereof, and their places 
of residence. 


of Each 

Places of Their Residence. 

Names of Commanding Officers of 
the Regiments. 


Cities or Towns. 



George D. Wickham, 




Jacob Odell, 




Rensselaer Westerlo, 




Philip Pitcher, 




Apollos Moore, 




James Lynch, 




Edmund Fitzgerald, 




William Whipple, 



George Tiffany, 




Vincent Mathews, 




Roswell Starr, 



Seymour Boughton, 



A record of the number of the division and of each brigade of 
artillery in this State, the names of the respective commanders 
thereof, and their places of residence. 


of Each 

Name of the Officer Command- 
ing the Division and Each 

Places of Their Residence. 


Cities or Towns. 






Ebenezer Stevens, 
Jacob Morton, 
James W. Wilkin, 
Joseph Kirkland, 

New York, 

New Hartford, 

New York. 


A record of the number of each regiment of artillery in this State, 
the names of the respective commandants thereof, and their places 
of residence. 


of Each 


Names of Commanding Officers of 
the Regiments. 

Places of Their Residence. 

Cities or Towns. 










Henry R. Teller, 
Peter Curtenius, 
Andrew Sitcher, 
Nathan Myers, 
Abel Watkins, 
Stephen Thorn, 
Walter Grieve, 
Joseph French, 
Simon Fleet, 
Selah Strong, 
Cornelius Harsin, 
Elijah H. Metcalf, 

New York, 



New York, 
Blooming Grove,' 
New York, 

New York. 

New York. 
New York. 

State Historian. 



Table the first, containing the number of each division of infantry 
and brigade composing the same, the name of the commanding offi- 
cer of every such division and brigade and his place of residence. 



Places of T 

heir Residence. 

W • 

M . 
M ft] 

n. a 

Names of the Officers Commanding 



C 3 

OS > 


Divisions and Brigades. 

U K 



Cities or Towns. 




Nathaniel Coles, 




Peter Van Zandt, 

New York, 

New York. 


Gerard Steddiford, 




Pierre Van Cortlandt, junior, 




Jacob S. Jackson, 




Abraham Rose, 




John Hathorn, 




Reuben Hopkins, 




Edmund Perlee, 




Frederick Westbrook, 




Peter S. Van Orden, 




John B. Van Wyck, 




Leonard Smith, 




Benjamin Mooers, 




Jacob A. Fort, 




Samuel Ten Broeck, 




Simon De Ridder, 

Union Village, 



Micajah Pettit, 




Daniel Wright, 




Abraham Veeder, 




Samuel Clark, 

Ballston Springs, 



Richard Dodge, 




Freegift Patchin, 




George Widrig, 




Jacob Brown, 




Oliver Collins, 




James Haile, 




Walter Martin, 




John Ellis, 




Nathaniel King, 




Solomon Martin, 




Matthew Carpenter, 




Obadiah German, 




Jabez N. M. Hurd, 




Daniel Miller, 




Oliver Huntington, 


Broome [Tioga] 


Amos Hall, 




George McClure, 




Timothy S. Hopkins, 




Alexander Rea, 




John Tillotson, 




William Burnet, 




William Himrod, 




William Wadsworth, 




Paul Todd, 




William Mackey, 




Erastus Root, 




Matthew Trotter, 




Samuel Haight, 



Table the second, containing the name of the commander and the 
number of each division of infantry, the name of the commandant, 
and the number of each brigade composing the respective divisions, 
and names of officers commanding regiments and unregimented 



Annual Report of the 

battalions, and the number of the respective regiments of which 
even' such brigade is composed. 








< . 

a 2 


:- - 

t. o 

fc Q 

■- a 

2 < 


O < 

o s 


Names of Commanding Officers of Divisions, Brig. 


- > 

- s 

- 5 

s < 

Regiments and Unregimented Battalions. 

s - 

s ^ 

s - 




- -• 





















Major general Nathaniel Coles. 
Brigadier general Peter Van Zandt. 
Lieutenant colonel Andrew Anderson. 

do do Isaac A. Van Hook. 

do do Robert Bogardus. 

do do Daniel Dodee. 

do do Jonas Mapes. 

do do Richard Conner. 







Brigadier general Gerard Steddiford. 
Lieutenant colonel Jasper Ward. 

do do Edward W. Laight. 

do do William Paulding, junior. 

do do Jacob DeLamontagnie. 

do do Beekman M. Van Beuren. 
Major Francis McClure. 







Brigadier general Pierre Van Cortlandt. 
Lieutenant colonel Jonathan Varian. 

do do David Hobby, junior. 

do do Abijah Harris. 

do do Nathaniel Montross. 






Brigadier general Jacob S. Jackson. 
Lieutenant colonel Jeremiah Johnson. 

do do John A. Ditmars. 

do do James Hendrickson. 

do do Rem B. Simonson. 




Brigadier general Abraham Rose. 
Lieutenant colonel Isaac Wickham. 

do do Jeremiah Moore. 

do do Isaac Satterly. 

do do John Floyd. 






Major general John Hathorn. 
Brigadier general Reuben Hopkins. 
Lieutenant colonel Garrit Post. 

do do John Tuthill. 

do do Abraham Vail. 







I3 1 

Brigadier general Edmund Perlee. 
Lieutenant colonel Martin E. Winchell. 

do do James Talimadge, junior. 

do do Martin Heermance. 

do • do Josiah Southerland. 
Brigadier general Frederick Westbrook. 
Lieutenant colonel William A. Cuddeback. 

do do late F. Westbrook. 

do do Cornelius Van Beuren. 


Major E(benezer* Taylor. 
do (Samuel) Barnum. 
do (Josiah) Depuy. 




Brigadier general Peter S. Van Orden. 
Lieutenant colonel Benjamin J. Gurnee. 
do do Cornelius Blauvelt. 







Brigadier general John B. Van Wyck. 
Lieutenant colonel Isaac Crosby, junior. 

do do James Townsend. 

do do George W. Van Den Burgh. 

do do Abraham Van Wyck. 




Brigadier general Leonard Smith. 
Lieutenant "colonel Benjamin Webb. 

do do Isaac Belknap, junior. 

do do Cornelius Bruyn. 

do do Abraham J. H'ardenbergh. 




Major general Benjamin Mooers. 
Brigadier general Jacob A. Fort. 
Lieutenant colonel Caleb Carr. 

do do Cornelius J. Schermerhorn. 

do do Gilbert Eddy. 

State Historian. 






- ! 




_ z 





^ z 


b z 

a - 
z , 2 



O < 




5 < 































3 2 



































Names of Commanding Officers of Divisions, Brigades, 
Regiments and Unregimented Battalions. 

Lieutenant colonel Joseph Dorr. 

do do Thomas Reynolds, 

do do Thomas Davis. 

Brigadier general Samuel Ten Broeck. 
Lieutenant colonel R. T. Livingston, 
do do Charles McKinstry. 

J. R. Van Rensselaer. 
Peter J. Vosburgh 
Daniel Warner. 
Simon De Ridder. 

















do do 

do do 

do do 

Brigadier general 
Lieutenant colonel Israel Ely. 

do do Hercules Rice. 

do do James Green. 

do do Hendrick Van Schaick. 

Brigadier general Micajah Peltit. 
Lieutenant colonel James Tuttle. 

do do John Stewart. 

do do Pliny Adams. 

Brigadier general Daniel Wright. 
Lieutenant colonel Elijah Barnes. 

do do Thomas Miller. 

do do Aaron North. 

do do Alric Mann. 

Major general Abraham Veeder. 
Brigadier general Samuel Clark. 
Lieutenant colonel John Rhodes. 

do do David Rogers. 

John Dunning. 
John Prior. 
Thomas Rogers. 
Hezckiah Ketchum. 
Major George Tavlor. 
Brigadier general Richard Dodge. 
Lieutenant colonel James Johnson. 

do do Jacob Snell. 

Peter Voorhies. 
Abraham J. Vosburgh. 
James Ford. 
George H. Nehis. 
Brigadier general Freegift Patchin. 
Lieutenant colonel Storm A. Becker. 

do do David Wiltsey. 

do do Calvin Rich. 

Major general George Widrig. 
Brigadier general Jaeob Brown. 
Lieutenant colonel Samuel Mack. 

do do Thomas B. Benedict. 

do do Nathan Stone. 

Brigadier general Oliver Collins. 
Lieutenant colonel Silvester Gridley. 

do do Sherman Barnes. 

Thomas Hicks. 
William Stone. 
Saul Smith. 
Caleb Clark. 
Major Jonathan Parkhurst. 
Brigadier general James Haile. 
Lieutenant colonel Christopher P. Bellinger. 

do do Matthew Myers. 

do do late James Haile. 

Brigadier general Walter Martin. 
Lieutenant colonel Richard Coxe. 

do do Anthony J. Sprague. 

do do Gershom Tuttle. 

do do Zeboam Carter. 

Brigadier general John Ellis. 
Lieutenant colonel Jacob Chandler. 

do do Jacob Johnson. 

do do Christopher Clark. 

do do T. M. Wood. 

do do Warren Hecox. 

Major general Nathaniel King. 











Annual Report of the 































l6 3 
















Names of Commanding Officers of Divisions, Brigades, 
Regiments and Unregimented Battalions. 

25 I 











Brigadier general Solomon Martin. 
Lieutenant colonel Farrand Stranahan. 

do do James Stewart. 

Reuben Root. 
Joseph Mumford. 
Joseph Clyde. 
Gershom Palmer. 
Elisha Bundy. 
Brigadier general Matthew Carpenter. 
Lieutenant colonel Selah Mathews. 

do do Jacob Swartwood. 

Brigadier general Obadiah German. 
Lieutenant colonel Dudley Hewit. 

do do Thompson Mead. 

do do Samuel Balcom. 

Major Walter Clark. 
Brigadier general Jabez N. M. Hurd. 
Lieutenant colonel Erastus Cleaveland. 

do do Zebulon Douglass. 

do do Samuel Dutton. 

do do Reuben Leonard. 

Brigadier general Daniel Miller. 
Lieutenant colonel Martin Keep. 

do do John Kingmorr (Kingman;. 

Major Elijah Whelor (Wheeler). 
Brigadier general Oliver Huntington. 
Lieutenant colonel William W. Cook. 

do do Ansel Goodrich. 

Major general Amos Hall. 
Brigadier general George McClure. 
Lieutenant colonel James McBurney. 

do do Reuben Boyce. 

do do Samuel S. Haight. 

do do Luke Goodspeed. 

Major Thomas Lusk. 

do Asa A. Gaylord. 
Brigadier general Timothy S. Hopkins. 
Lieutenant colonel Asa Chapman. 

do do William Warren. 

do do John McMahon. 

do do Silas Hopkins. 

Brigadier general Alexander Rea. 
Lieutenant colonel John Acheson. 

do do Daniel Davis. 

do do William Vary. 

do do Matthias Lemen. 

do do Worthy L. Churchill. 

Brigadier general John Tillotson. 
Lieutenant colonel Matthew N. Tillotson. 

do do Henry Bloom. 

do do Zadock Rhoads. 

do do John Harris. 

Major Eli Matson. 
Brigadier general William Burnett. 
Lieutenant colonel Thaddeus Remington. 

do do Gilbert Howell. 

do do Samuel Colt. 

do do Philetus Swift. 

do do Avery Smith. 

Major William Howe Cuyler. 
Brigadier general William Himrod. 
Lieutenant colonel Hugh W. Dobbin. 

do do Reynier Covert. 

do do Hugh Graham. 

Brigadier general William Wadsworth. 
Lieutenant colonel Micah Brooks. 

do do Peter Allen. 

do do Caleb Hopkins. 

do do Joseph W. Lawrence. 

Major general Paul Todd. 
Brigadier general William Mackey. 
Lieutenant colonel Silas Boardman. 

State Historian. 















w w 


CD ~ 

h. O 




z 2 

Names of Commanding Officers of Divisions, Brigades, 

K > 



Regiments and Unregimented Battalions. 

w 5 

U K 




01 ,3 















Lieutenant colonel John Veeder. 


do do John Gallup. 





Brigadier general Erastus Root. 
Lieutenant colonel Abraham Howell. 

do do Putnam Farrington. 

do do William Harper. 
Major Daniel Smead. 


3 1 



Brigadier general Matthew Trotter. 
Lieutenant colonel Sebastian Visscher. 

do do John V. A. Lansing. 

do do John H. Burhans. 
Major Samuel M. Lockwood. 



Brigadier general Samuel Haight. 
Lieutenant colonel Richard R. Van Denbergh. 



do do Darius Phelps. 


do do John T. Van Dalfsen. 


do do Jehiel Tuttle. 


do do Merchant Lawrence. 

City of New York: 

William Paulding, junior, 

Adjutant General. 
De Witt Clinton, major general of the militia of this State. 


Seventh regiment of artillery: 

John Townsend, junior, captain; Ira Clark, first lieutenant; Solo- 
mon Porter, second do — new company. 

One Hundred and Second regiment: 

Milton Filler, captain; Caleb Melvin, do; Aseph Spencer and 
Asahel Gillet, lieutenants; Jared Darrer and Noah Starr, ensigns — 
new companies. 


Eighty-ninth regiment: 

Peter Wendell, surgeon, vice Mancius, declining; Robert McMil- 
lan, surgeon's mate, vice Wendell, promoted. 

Thomas Carson, lieutenant light infantry, vice Lansing, appointed 





1410 Annual Report of the 

aide to General V(an) R(ensselaer) ; John Gott, ensign light infantry, 
vice Carson, promoted. 


Seventy-fifth regiment: 

Simon P. Schermerhorn and Henry B. Steddiford, ensigns. 

One Hundred and Sixth regiment: 

Robert Thorburn and John Van Kleek, ensigns (brevets). 

Jesse Birdsall, lieutenant, vice Stoughton, transferred to cavalry. 

Robert McCartee, George S. Allison and Henry Wilkes, ensigns. 

One Hundred and Fifteenth regiment : 

John Brower, lieutenant, vice Vanderpoel, removed from the city. 

George S. Doughty and Francis Passman, ensigns. 


Sixth regiment: 

Matthew Miller, adjutant, vice Cartil, appointed by mistake. 


First squadron, Second regiment cavalry : 

William Foster, captain; John Monell, first lieutenant; Jacob C. 
Cox, second do; Stephen Hustes, cornet. 

Cornelius Cairns, captain; Abraham Carman, first lieutenant; 
William Allen, second do; Jacob Van Cott, cornet. 


Third regiment — second brigade cavalry, first squadron: 

John Trotter, surgeon's mate. 

John Epps, second lieutenant, vice Bellamy, promoted; Friend 
Humphrey, cornet, vice Epps, do. 

Vinal Luce, adjutant, vice John L. Still, in Europe. 

Absalom Townsend, captain; Dirk L. Vanderheyden, first lieu- 
tenant; John Ten Eyck, second do — new company. 

State Historian. 141 i 

columbia county. 
Fifty-sixth regiment : 

Lucas Goes, ensign. 


Thirty-third regiment: 

Jacob G. Dyckman, captain; Jonathan D. Odell, lieutenant; 
Robert P. Ross, ensign — new company of light infantry. 



One Hundred and Fifth regiment: 
Elisha Ransem, chaplain. 


Twenty-seventh brigade of infantry: 
George H. Grosvenor, ensign riflemen. 


Major Elihu Granger's battalion of riflemen: 
Nathan Parke, captain; Jared Wilson, lieutenant; George H. 
Boughton, ensign — new company. 


Thirty-sixth regiment of infantry : 

Melancton Lloyd Woolsey, captain; Kinner Newcomb, first lieu- 
tenant; John Stevenson, second do; Marinus F. Durand, ensign — 
new company under the name of "The Veteran Exempts."* 


Fourth brigade, infantry: 

Giles Parmele, captain; Ammi Currier, lieutenant; Hosea Bacon, 

ensign — new company under the name of "The Potsdam Veterans."* 

Nathan Burlingome, captain; Alexander Brush, lieutenant; Isaac 

G. O. July 20, 1812. Tompkins Papers, Volume I, page 374. — State Historian. 


1412 Annual Report of the 

Buck, ensign — new company under the name of " The Madrid 


Third regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Stephen Storm, captain; Abraham Lott, first lieutenant; Samuel 
Thompson, second do. 

Eleventh regiment: 

Richard P. Bush, first lieutenant; Francis Allyn, second do. 

First regiment riflemen — (Francis McClure), lieutenant colonel. 

Thomas Haynes, adjutant; Mangle M. Quackenbos, quarter- 
master; Joseph Greenleaf, paymaster. 

Gregory Dillon,f captain; John Higgins, junior, lieutenant; 
Anthony Callahan, ensign; Joseph Greenleaf, do; Mangle M. Quack- 
enbos, ensign. 


Eighty-ninth regiment of infantry: 

George B. Spencer, paymaster, vice Stephenson, appointed aide- 
de-camp; John Envin, quartermaster, vice Lansing, removed. 

James Thorne, captain, vice Hooghkirk, promoted; Chester Bulk- 
ley, do, vice Vanderheyden, appointed in United States army; Jacob 
Best, lieutenant, vice Thorne, promoted; Patrick Cassidy, do, vice 
Spencer, appointed paymaster; Ira Jenkins, do, vice Erwin, appointed 
quartermaster; Harmanus Lansing, do light infantry, vice Bulkeley, 

Ensigns — Edward Willett, vice Ten Eyck, declined; Richard 
Waring, vice Best, promoted; Lynott Bloodgood, vice Cassidy, do; 
William H. Whiting, vice Jenkins, do; John S. Van Rensselaer, vice 
Robinson, ensign United States army; Thomas Carson, light infan- 
try, vice Lansing, promoted. 

• G. O. July 20, 1812. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 374, 375.— State 
tG. O.July 31, 1S12. Tompkins Papers, Volume I, page 375. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 1413 

Joseph S. Ives, lieutenant, vice Joseph Ives, junior, with rank from 
June 5, 181 1. 


Fourth regiment, second brigade of artillery: 
Philo Doan, second lieutenant, vice Giffbrd. 


Fifth regiment, third brigade of artillery: 

John G. Murray, first lieutenant, vice Yatman, declined. 


Fourth regiment, second brigade of artillery: 

Ruggles Hubbard, captain; Richard M. Livingston, first lieuten- 
ant; William McManus, second do; Jacob Springer, cornet — new- 
company flying artillery. 


Eleventh regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Jeremiah Vanderbilt, first lieutenant, commission to date 22d 
June last; Richard P. Bush, first do; George Stanton and Joseph 
Coles, second lieutenants. 


Fourth brigade infantry : 

Samuel C. Kennady, captain; Rufus Willard, lieutenant; Eddy 
Cole, ensign — riflemen. 

Fifth division of infantry: 

Michael J. H. Myers and Michael M. Myers, aides-de-camp to the 
major general. 


Eighty-fourth regiment : 

Peter B.Morgan, first major, vice Ryan, deceased; George Bloom, 
second do, vice Fonda, resigned. 



1414 Annual Report of the 

George Lemeree, captain, vice Ostrom, do; Isaac Allen, ensign, 
vice V. Wagener, promoted; Nicholas Van Wagener, lieutenant, 
vice Lemeree, do; Caleb Angerome, lieutenant, vice Schenck, 
deceased; James T. Hooker, ensign, vice Angerome, promoted. 


Twelfth detached regiment* — John T. Van Dalfsen, lieutenant 

Lewis Clark, adjutant; Abraham Ver Plank, paymaster; Jacob 
Lansing, quartermaster; Henry Adams, surgeon; Lemuel Hudson, 
surgeon's mate. 


One Hundred and Thirty-first regiment: 
Stephen Rapelje, surgeon's mate. 


Eighty-ninth regiment : 

Israel Wells, lieutenant, vice Townsend, appointed in cavalry; 
Hugh Orr, ensign, vice Wells, promoted. 


Second regiment of artillery, first brigade: 

William Bakewell, second lieutenant. 

Detached regiment of light infantry* (Lieutenant Colonel Jere- 
miah Johnson), eighth brigade* (Brigadier General George 
McClure) : 

John H. Legget, paymaster. 

Detached regiment of riflemen* (Lieutenant Colonel Francis 
McClure), eighth brigade: 

* These detached regiments and brigades were organized for the service of the 
United States by General Orders of April 21, and June 18, 1812. See Tompkins 
Papers, Volume I, pages 318-321, and 336-342. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 141 5 

William Livingston, surgeon; Christopher Y. Fonda, surgeon's 
mate; Thomas G. Smith, chaplain. 


Second regiment riflemen: 
Piatt Williams, surgeon. 


John Miller, surgeon's mate; Isaac Labagh, chaplain. 


It having been represented by his Excellency the Governor that 
from information received by him from Major General (John) 
Hathorn, that John B. Van Wyck, esquire, had tendered to him 
his resignation of the office of brigadier general of the thirtieth 
brigade of infantry of this State, which resignation Major General 
Hathorn had declined accepting. And whereas it appears from a 
variety of information received from persons residing in the county 
of Dutchess that the said John B. Van Wyck had for some time past 
omitted to perform the duty of a brigadier under an allegation of 
his having resigned the said office, and it appearing also from a letter 
which the Commander-in-chief has received from Captain Fyler 
Dibblee, that General Van Wyck had declared to him that he would 
not pay attention to a general order* appointing him president of a 
board of officers to settle rank between the said Fyler Dibblee and 
(Major) Gilbert Ketchum, and that he had not attended to such 
orders for some time past; therefore Resolved, that the said John 
B. Van Wyck be no longer brigadier general of the thirtieth brigade 
of infantry of this state and that a supersedeas be issued accordingly. 

* G. O. July 20, 1812. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 372, 373, 383, 384, 
and 407. — State Historian. 



1416 Annual Report of the 

Third (Fourth*) regiment of artillery — second brigade: 
Joseph Nelson, captain; Zachariah S. Flagler, first lieutenant; 
Garret P. Lansing, second lieutenant. 


Fifth regiment of artillery — third brigade: 

Nathaniel Stewart, first lieutenant, vice Tallmadge, resigned; Silas 
Wood, second lieutenant, vice Stewart, promoted. 


Edmund Perlee, major general of the second division of infantry, 
vice John Hathorn (of Orange county), resigned. 


Sixteenth brigade of infantry: 

David Sill, brigade quartermaster, vice D. McNeil, resigned. 


Whereas it was intended by the Council at their last session to 
appoint Daniel Goodwin to be surgeon of the Forty-second regi- 
ment of infantry and James Carter surgeon's mate thereof, but thai 
in the minutes James Carter is appointed surgeon and Daniel Good- 
win surgeon's mate; therefore Resolved, that the said James Carter 
be no longer surgeon of said regiment, and that a supersedeas issue 
accordingly; and that the said James Carter be and he hereby is 
appointed surgeon's mate of said regiment and that Daniel Goodwin 
be and he is hereby appointed surgeon of said regiment. 


James Watson, assistant commissary for the western district in 
the place of George Fleming, who has declined accepting. 

* The artillery regiments were renumbered by G. O. June 13, 1812. See Tompkins 
Papers, Volume I, pages 331, 332. — State Historian. 

State Historian. 1417 



Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry: 181 K 

J ° J November 


Bennet Bicknell, captain; Abner Camp, lieutenant; Daniel Hatch, 
ensign — new rifle company to be attached to the Sixty-fifth regiment 
until otherwise directed by general orders. 


First regiment of riflemen: 
George Conlin (ensign). 


One Hundred and Second regiment of infantry: 
Milton Fuller, Caleb Melvin, captains. 
Asaph Spencer, Timothy Axtell, lieutenants. 
Noah Starr, William Avery, ensigns. 


Fourth (Sixth) regiment of artillery — second brigade: 
Myron Beach, captain; Nathaniel Smith, first lieutenant; James 
J. Cameron, second do — new company. 


Seventy-seventh regiment of infantry: 

William Sheldon, captain; Morton O. Coe, lieutenant; Daniel 
Austin, ensign — light infantry. 


Thirtieth brigade of infantry: 

James Townsend (of Putnam county), brigadier general, vice 
(John B. Van Wyck, of Dutchess county, superseded). 

* Putnam county was erected from Dutchess county June 12, 1812. — State His- 


1418 Annual Report of the 

Sixty-first regiment: 

Barnabas Carver, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Townsend, 
promoted; Jeremiah Hopkins, first major, vice Carver, do; George 
Frost, second do, vice Hopkins, do. 

Beverly Smith, captain, vice Frost, do; Elisha Cowles, junior, 
lieutenant, vice Smith, do; Asahel Cowles, ensign. 


Sixth regiment of cavalry — second squadron: 

David Hale, captain, vice Silvanus Barney, resigned; Eliakim 
Barney, first lieutenant; William Hart, second do; Lodowick Salis- 
bury, cornet; Solomon White, first lieutenant; John M. Henderson, 
second do; Stephen Johnson, cornet. 


Abner Clapp, captain; Adoniram Foot, first lieutenant; Johnson 
Talcott, second do; Leonard House, cornet. 


Company of horse artillery in the city of Schenectady: 

Elisha Taylor, first lieutenant, vice Macauly, resigned; Phineas 

Prouty, second do, vice Brownell, do; George McQueen, cornet, 

vice Taylor, promoted. 


Seventeenth brigade of infantry: 

Melancton Wheeler, captain; Peter J. H. Myers, lieutenant; Amos 
Wisell, ensign — new company of riflemen. 


Brigade of infantry in the county of Delaware: 

Eighty-seventh regiment: 

Selah Francis, lieutenant colonel vice Harper, resigned; Asher 

State Historian. 1419 

Merwin, first major, vice Francis, promoted; Isaac Pierce, second 
major, vice Merwin, promoted; James Caven, adjutant. 

John O. Swan, captain; Ransom Packard, lieutenant; Ellis Wool, 
ensign — light infantry. 

David Penfield, captain, vice Pierce, promoted. 

Hugh Orr, junior, captain; Storm A. L. Becker, lieutenant, vice 
Orr, promoted; Peter Brewer, ensign; James Caven, lieutenant, 
vice Keeler, resigned; Elijah Andrews, ensign, vice Caven, promoted. 


Seventeenth brigade of infantry: 

Martin Lee, captain; Henry Bulkley, lieutenant; Robert Sack- 
rider, ensign — new company of riflemen. 


The regular session of the legislature began January 12, 1813. 
The same day the Council of Appointment was chosen, namely: 
Peter W. Radcliff of New York, James W. Wilkin of Orange, John 
Stearns of Jefferson, and Jonas Piatt of Oneida — all Federalists 
except General Wilkin, whose district, the middle, happened to be 
represented exclusively by Republicans. Although the new Council 
was extremely partisan in spirit, it displayed conservatism in its 
actions. It succeeded in lodging Federalists in every position that 
had been held by a Republican, but in the general displacements 
the friends of DeWitt Clinton were not overlooked. He himself 
was reappointed mayor of New York in spite of the protest of the 
member from that city, Mr. Radcliff. Thomas Addis Emmett was 
removed from the office of attorney general and was succeeded by 
Abraham Van Vechten of Albany. 

February 4th the Republican legislators in caucus renominated 
Governor Tompkins without a dissenting voice, but substituted John 
Tayler, of Albany, instead of DeWitt Clinton, for lieutenant gov- 


1420 Annual Report of the 

ernor. A week later the Federalists nominated General Stephen Van 
Rensselaer, of Albany, for governor and George Huntington, of 
Oneida, for lieutenant governor. 

The result of the April election was a severe shock to the Federal- 
ists, whose gubernatorial candidate was defeated by 3,406 votes, in 
spite of the assistance they had received from Republicans who were 
disgruntled with the national and jealous of the state administrations. 
They managed, however, to hold control over the Assembly by a 
narrow majority. 





January William Jennings, captain; Argailus Cady, first lieutenant; Joseph 
Bruce, second lieutenant; David Beecher, cornet — in a company of 
horse artillerv in the countv of Madison. 


Thirty-third regiment of infantry — (David Hobby, junior, lieuten- 
ant colonel): 

John Lee, captain; Israel Townsend, junior, lieutenant; Abel B. 
Smith, ensign — of a new company of light infantry. 


Eighteenth regiment of infantry — (Storm A. Becker, lieutenant 

John Murphy, adjutant in the place of William C. Bouck, 
appointed sheriff. 


One Hundred and Thirty-fourth regiment of infantry — (William 
Stone, lieutenant colonel): 

John E. Hinman, lieutenant, vice McBride, refused accepting; 
Jared Stocking, ensign, vice Grove, do. 

State Historian. 1421 




Ninth detached regiment* of infantry — (Peter John Vosburgh, Ta ^ 
lieutenant colonel): 

Lucas Goes, lieutenant, with rank from the 8th of September, 
1812, being the date of his brevet commission. 


Jarvis K. Pike, Silas Beebee, aides-de-camp to the major general 
of the sixth division of infantry. 


The commandant of the twelfth brigade of infantry having, with 
the assent of a majority of the commandants of the regiments in 
said brigade, set off a new regiment, being number One Hundred 
and Sixty-five of infantry; thereupon Resolved, that the following 
officers be and they are hereby appointed in said regiment, viz., One 
Hundred and Sixty-fifth regiment: 

Augustus N. Holly, lieutenant colonel commandant. 

Nicholas Robinson, first major; John Finch, second major; Isaac 
B. Williams, adjutant; Philologus Holly, quartermaster; Elisha 
Wilcox, paymaster; Charles Surdam, surgeon. 

Captains — John A. Decker, George I. Rosmon, Daniel Baker, 
junior, John B. Van Doser, Tunis Race. 

Lieutenants — Daniel Loughrin, John F. Brusie, Christian C. 
Shults, Arent C. Williams, David Langdon, John Z. Drum, Abraham 

Alvin Covey, ensign; Robert Kline, ensign of light infantry. 

Captains— Gideon P. Wolcot, John Stall, Coonrad J. Wilsey, 
Henry M. Hoffman. 

* Organized by G. O. June 18, 1812. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, page 338.— 

State Historian. 


1422 Annual Report of the 

Cornelius Urishman, ensign; Ebenezer Finch, do; Richard Town- 
sin, do; John Kingman, do; James Conklin, do; Peter Silvernail, do. 


Nineteenth brigade of infantry: 

Samuel Strong, brigade major and inspector, vice Cowdrey. 

Ninety-first regiment of infantry: 

Michael Smith, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Tuthill, resigned; James 
Edmeston, first major, vice Smith, promoted; Barnabas Manny, 
second do, vice J. Edmeston, do. 

Captains — James Duryea, vice Manny, promoted; Hezekiah Mof- 
fat, vice E. Seely, resigned; Richard A. Kronkhyte, vice Robert 
Williams, resigned; William Edmeston, junior, vice J. Clark, refus- 
ing to accept. 

Lieutenants — James Youngs, vice H. Moffat, promoted; John B. 
Horton, vice J. Duryea, promoted; Nathaniel Barton, vice J. Sutton, 
moved away; Andrew J. Caldwell, vice O. Smith, junior, do; Thomas 
North, junior, vice R. A. Kronkhite, promoted. 

Ensigns — Jesse Scofield, vice J. Youngs, promoted; Henry Dur- 
yea, vice J. B. Horton, promoted; Henry F. Smith, vice D. Clark, 
resigned; Nathaniel Denniston, vice W. Sayre, refusing to accept; 
Benjamin Westervelt, vice T. North, junior, promoted. 

One Hundred and Forty-eighth regiment of infantry — (A. Vail, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Uriah Hulse, first major, vice Edward Price, resigned; Daniel 
Carpenter, second do, vice U. Hulse, promoted; Hannibal M. Hop- 
kins, quartermaster, vice G. Denton, appointed in Hawkins' regi- 
ment; Daniel Corwin, surgeon, vice W. Elliot, refusing to accept; 
Thomas G. Evens, surgeon's mate, vice D. Corwin, promoted. 

David Christie, captain, vice J. Wisner, deceased; Joseph Wood, 
junior, captain, vice D. Carpenter, promoted; John Rosekrans, lieu- 

State Historian. 1423 

tenant, vice D. Christie, promoted; James Wood, do, vice J. J. 
Wood, junior, promoted; Nathaniel Roe, third, do, vice D. Roe, 

Ensigns — Jasper Terry, vice J. Rosekrans, promoted; Anthony- 
Jackson, vice N. Roe, third, promoted; David Conkling, vice J. 
Wood, promoted. 


Seventh brigade of infantry: 
Major Eli Aaatson's battalion: 

John Kirk, lieutenant; John McFadden, ensign — to take rank 
from the 23d May, 1812. 


Tenth brigade of infantry — One Hundred and Sixth regiment: 

Charles Keeler, lieutenant, vice D. M. Ross, resigned; James 
Smith, lieutenant, vice Boston, moved away; John Young, ensign, 
vice Keeler, promoted. 

Seventy-fifth regiment of infantry: 

Isaac Oakley, captain, to rank from June 26, 1812; Peter S. Van 
Wyck, ensign, vice Garrison, moved away. 

Eighty-fifth regiment — Edward W. Laight, lieutenant colonel: 

Captains — Robert Montgomery Livingston, vice Hereford, moved 
away; William Strachan, vice Schuyler, do; Robert L. Bruce, vice 
Fleming, in Europe. 

Lieutenants — Erastus Glover, vice Griswold, moved away; John 
James Lambert, vice Sampson, do; Anthony D. Schuyler, vice Liv- 
ingston, promoted; Robert McCartee, vice Strachan, do; George S. 
Allison, vice Bruce, do. 

Ensigns — William Moores, vice Glover, promoted; William P. 
Turnbull, vice Lambert, do; Daniel Sacket, vice McCartee, do; 
Henry McVickar, vice Allison, do. 



1424 Annual Report of the 

Ninety-seventh regiment: 

Caspar W. Eddy, surgeon : 

John L. Riker, captain, to rank from August 11, 1812; Benjamin 
T. Underhill, lieutenant, vice Riker, promoted. 

Ensigns — James F. de Peyster, Colden Cooper, John S. Mitchell, 
Ogden Hoffman. 


Seventeenth brigade of infantry, Twenty-third regiment: 

Lemuel Humphrey, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice J. Tuttle, 
resigned; Eleazer Goodman, first major, vice Humphrey, promoted; 
William Cook, second do, vice Goodman, promoted. 

Uriah Balcom, captain, vice Cook, do; Samuel H. Patchin, lieu- 
tenant, vice Balcom do; Elijah Baley, junior, ensign, vice Patchin, do. 

James AIcDonald, captain, vice Kinion, moved; Richard Cameron, 
lieutenant, vice McDonald, promoted; Ebenezer Wicks, ensign, vice 
Cameron, do. 

One Hundred and Twenty-first regiment — John Stewart, lieuten- 
ant colonel: 

Benajah Odell, captain, vice S. Beedleston, resigned; Ebenezer 
Bates, lieutenant, vice Odell, promoted; Doctor Ripley, ensign, vice 
Bates, do; David Holmes, ensign; Philip Pitts, ensign, vice Austin, 


Fourth brigade of infantry: 

One Hundred and Fifty-third regiment: 

John G. Fancher, lieutenant colonel, vice Stone, resigned; Martin 
Nash, first major, vice Fancher, promoted; Warren Webster, second 
do, vice Nash, do; Stephen Smith, quartermaster; William Meach, 
paymaster; Oren Ives, adjutant. 

Captains — George R. Wells, vice Root, resigned; Daniel Hoard, 
new company; Jesse Goss; David French, vice B. Bailey, resigned. 

State Historian. 1425 

Lieutenants — Samuel Robinson, vice Wells, promoted; Ezekiel 
Abernethy, vice Goss, do; Jonathan Gilmore, vice French, do; Ste- 
phen Paddock, new company; Ralph P. Stearns, with rank from 
July 4, 1 81 2. 

Ensigns — Lemuel Buck, vice Robinson, promoted; Richard 
Blood, vice Abernethy, do; George A. Flower, new company; Syl- 
vester Bacon, vice Gilmore, promoted; Andrew Martin; Theron 

One Hundred and Twenty-third regiment: 

John Lyttle, captain; David Hannah, lieutenant; Samuel Lyttle, 


Hoel Lawrence, brigade major and inspector of the fourth bri- 
gade of infantry. 


Thirty-sixth brigade of infantry, Fifty-eighth regiment — (Martin 
Keep, lieutenant colonel) : 

Judah Cowles, ensign, vice S. McGraw, promoted; John J. Adams, 
do, vice Young, not accepting. 

One Hundred and Twenty-fourth regiment : 

Joseph D wight, junior, quartermaster, vice Cole, moved away. 

Joseph Meret, ensign, vice Hodgson, not accepting. 

Thirty-sixth brigade — Major Elijah Wheeler's battalion: 

John Miller, surgeon. 

John Cole, captain, vice Peck, resigned; William Greenman, lieu- 
tenant, vice Cole, promoted; Aruna Wait, ensign, vice Greenman, 


Tenth regiment of artillery, second brigade: 

Garret Hennion, captain, vice Talman, promoted; Christopher 

Cosgrove, first lieutenant, vice Myers, resigned; Jabez Lyon, second 

do, vice Tallman, do. 



1426 Annual Report of the 

columbia county. 

Fifth regiment of cavalry, second squadron: 

Walter T. Livingston, lieutenant colonel, vice Apollos More, 
resigned; Henry Brown, first major, vice Livingston, promoted; 
Reuben Ranny, second major, vice Brown, do. 

Robert H. Van Rensselaer, captain, vice Ranney, do; John Mesick, 
first lieutenant, vice Van Rensselaer, do; Seth Micks, second lieu- 
tenant, vice Mesick, do. 


Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry, Sixty-fifth regiment — (Erastus 
Cleveland, lieutenant colonel): 

Sewel Snow, quartermaster, vice Jasper Clark, promoted. 

Charles Skiff, captain, vice Wickwire, resigned; Benjamin Clarke,, 
lieutenant, vice Skiff, promoted; Samuel Collister, ensign, vice 
Clarke, do. 

Chauncy Gaston, captain, vice Pratt, resigned; Eliel Barber, lieu- 
tenant, vice Gaston, promoted; Nathan Mixer, ensign, vice Bar- 
ber, do. 

William J. Curtis, captain, vice Levi Dick, moved away; Alpheus 
Darling, lieutenant, vice Curtiss, promoted; Henry Coolidge, ensign, 
vice Darling, promoted. 

Seventy-fourth regiment — (Zebulon Douglass, lieutenant colonel): 

Thomas Y. Knies, adjutant, vice W. Walton, moved away: 

Ebenezer S. Cadwell, captain, vice Roswell Hutchins, resigned; 
John Maynard, lieutenant, vice E. Joslin, moved away; Leveret H. 
Barns, ensign, vice E. S. Cadwell, promoted. 

Martin Lamb, captain, vice A. Randall, resigned; Roswell Ran- 
dall, lieutenant, vice M. Lamb, promoted; Rindal Farlie, ensign, vice 
R. Randall, do. 

John P. Schuyler, captain, vice G. Reed, resigned; William Beebe, 

State Historian. 1427 

lieutenant, vice J. P. Schuyler, promoted; Reuben Munson, ensign, 
vice E. Swift, resigned; Ichabod J. Spencer, lieutenant, vice T. Y. 
Knies, promoted; Daniel Moyer, ensign, vice W. Pratt, resigned. 

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment — (Samuel Dutton, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Andrew Loveland, captain, vice B. Northrup, resigned; Edward 
Gaylord, lieutenant, vice A. Loveland, promoted; Charles Day, 
ensign, vice E. Gaylord, do. 

Stephen Coburn, captain, vice L. Scovell, moved away; Charles 
Parmelee, junior, lieutenant, vice Coburn, promoted; Peter Loux, 
ensign, vice Parmelee, do. 

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment — (Reuben Leonard, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

John Dalrymple, lieutenant, vice S. West, moved away; Stephen 
R. Hall, junior, ensign, vice Dalrymple, promoted; Josiah Morris, 
lieutenant, vice S. Holmes, resigned; William Dye, ensign, vice 
Morris, promoted; Chester Scott, ensign, vice J. H. Dwight, com- 
missioned in United States Army. 


One Hundred and Fifth regiment — (Thompson Mead, lieutenant 

Henry Greene, surgeon's mate, vice Brown, deceased. 


Fifth regiment of artillery, third brigade : 

Robert L. Tillotson, quartermaster, vice McLean. 

Isaac Lucas, captain; John L. Clark, captain, vice Walker, 

resigned; Lewis Clark, first lieutenant, vice Lucas, promoted; Daniel 

Morrel, second lieutenant, vice Clark, promoted. 


i4 2 § Annual Report of the 



Fifth brigade of infantry: 

John G. Helmer, brigade quartermaster, vice A. Hackley, junior, 


Twenty-third brigade of infantry: 

Benjamin Hardenbergh, brigade inspector with the rank of major, 
vice Hawkins, appointed in the United States service. 


Eightieth regiment of infantry — (Isaac Wickham, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

William Howel, captain, vice W. Halsey, resigned. 
David Hains, captain, vice B. Rogers, resigned; Wilkes Hedges, 
lieutenant, vice S. Topping, resigned; Levi Howel, lieutenant, vice 
W. Howel, promoted; William Rogers, lieutenant, vice D. Harris, 
promoted; John Cook, ensign, vice L. Howel, promoted; William 
Rogers, lieutenant, vice D. Harris, promoted. 

Ensigns — John Cook, vice L. Howel, promoted; Anthony Lud- 
low, vice W. Rogers, resigned; Jerrill Pierson, vice W. Hedges, 
promoted; John Bassett, vice H. Jennings, promoted. 

One Hundred and Seventh regiment — (Jeremiah Moore, lieuten- 
ant colonel): 

Joel Overton, adjutant, vice E. W. Case, resigned; Thomas Conk- 
lin, paymaster, vice J. Reeve, deceased. 

Lieutenants — Calvin Cook, vice B. King, resigned; Leveret Reeve, 

vice R. Tuthill, promoted; Daniel Howel, vice J. W. Reeve, refused. 

Ensigns — Benjamin Hallack, vice P. Davis, promoted; Jonathan 

F. Latham, vice L. Reeve, promoted; Jeremiah Davis, vice C. Cook, 


State Historian. I4 2 9 

One Hundred and Thirty-seventh regiment — (John Floyd, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Samuel Skidmore, captain, vice Scudder, resigned; Matthew 
Gardner, captain, vice Skidmore, promoted; Jeremiah H. Kelsey, 
ensign, vice Gardner, promoted. 


Third brigade of artillery: 

John Townsend, brigade major and inspector, vice (John) Mills 
(United States service); Charles E. Dudley, brigade quartermaster, 
vice Townsend, promoted. 


Sixth detached brigade* of infantry — (Brigadier General Daniel 
Miller) : 

Isaac Riggs, brigade major and inspector. 


Fifth regiment of artillery- 
Isaac Lucas, major second battalion, vice Dixon, promoted. 


One Hundred and Thirtieth regiment infantry — (Benj'n Bevier, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Alexander Hardenbergh, surgeon's mate. 

Cornelius Kortright, captain, vice Hornbeck, resigned; James J. 
Bruyn, lieutenant, vice Kortright, promoted; Daniel Hornbeck. 
ensign, vice Bruyn, promoted. 

Abraham H. Broadhead, captain, vice Sahler, moved away; 
Joseph Smith, lieutenant, vice Broadhead, promoted. 

* Organized by G. O. June 18, 1812. Tompkins Papers, Volume I, pages 337 and 
341. — State Historian. 



1430 Annual Report of the 

Light Infantry — John Bogart, captain, vice Lounsberry, pro- 
moted; Charles Cushney, lieutenant, vice Bogart, promoted; Eph- 
raim E. Depuy. ensign. 

Isaac De la Montagnie, ensign, vice Hollister, refused; Jacob 
Westbrook, lieutenant, vice Dumond, resigned; Wessel B. West- 
brook, ensign, vice J. Westbrook, promoted; Stephen De Witt, 
ensign, vice P. J. Lefever, refused. 

One Hundred and Thirty-first regiment — (Corn's Van Buren, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Derrick Dubois, first major, vice Van Buren, promoted ; John T. 
Schoonmaker, second major, vice Dubois, promoted; Gerardus Van- 
derlyn, quartermaster; John Roggen, surgeon; John Beekman, sur- 
geon's mate; Henry Ostrander, chaplain. 

Captains — Jonathan Jones, Peter P. Wynkoop. 

Lieutenants — Elford Gold, William Cusic, Solomon E. Elting. 

Ensigns — Herman Landen, Andrew German, Noah Wells, Cor- 
nelius Lefever, James Elmendorf. 


Major Samuel Barnum's battalion: 

Piatt Pelton, adjutant. 

Paul Pierson, captain; James S. Jackson, lieutenant; Eber Hedge, 
lieutenant, vice J. P. Jones, resigned; Isaac Waring, ensign, vice 
Maltby, moved away; Jeremiah Pierson, ensign. 

William Morgan, captain, vice D. Clark, moved. 

Light Infantry — Seth Conant, lieutenant, vice Morgan, pro- 
moted; Cholby Royce, ensign, vice Conant. 


Forty-third regiment of infantry — (Corn's J. Schermerhorn, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

State Historian. 1431 


James Elliott, quartermaster, vice Jacob G. Van den Bergh, sutler 
in the army. 


Martin Heermance, brigadier general, vice Edmond Perlee, 


Resolved, that William Paulding, junior, be no longer adjutant „ isi3. 

' ° J ° J February 

' 23. 

general of this State, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly (Mr. 
Wilkin, dissenting). 

Resolved, that Solomon Van Rensselaer be and he hereby is 
appointed adjutant general of this State, vice William Paulding, 
junior, superseded. 

Resolved, that John McLean be no longer commissary of military isis. 

Richard Piatt, commissary of military stores. 

Resolved, that Joseph Skinner be no longer assistant commissary isis. 
■of military stores for the Eastern district, and that a supersedeas 

Resolved, that William Gilliland be and he is hereby appointed 
assistant commissary of military stores for the Eastern district. 


Third squadron, Seventh regiment of cavalry: 
Gilead Sperry, captain; Hiram Safford, first lieutenant; Roswell 
Wait, second do; Arguyle Campbell, cornet. 


Resolved, that James Watson be no longer assistant commissary ™^ c 
of military stores for the Western district, and that a supersedeas 

William Carpender, assistant commissary of military stores for the 
Western district. 






1432 Annual Report of the 


1813. Resolved (Mr. Wilkin dissenting), that Erastus Root be no longer 


brigadier general of the twenty-fifth brigade of infantry in this State,, 
and that a supersedeas issue accordingly. 

Putnam Farrington, brigadier general, vice Erastus Root, super- 

Seventieth regiment of infantry: 

John A. Hubbell, lieutenant colonel, vice Farrington, promoted; 
Hugh Mills, first major, vice Hubbell, do; Frederick P. Foote, 
second major, vice Mills, do. 


Third brigade of infantry : 

Robert Bogardus, brigadier general, vice (Peter) Van Zandt, 

Tenth regiment: 

Isaac U. Coles, captain, vice Phoenix, resigned; Israel Russell, 
lieutenant, vice Romaine, do; James A. Stevens, do, vice White 
Young, do; George Washington Brown, ensign, vice Lawton, do; 
Nicholas O. Nestell, ensign, vice Coles, promoted; John Low, junior, 
do, vice Russell, do. 

Fifty-first regiment: 

Major G. Pell, lieutenant, vice Brown, removed; Zebedee Ring, 
junior, lieutenant, vice Bibby, resigned; Joshua Hyatt, do, vice Cod- 
wise, deceased. 

Ensigns — John Coe, vice Pell, promoted; John G. Morgan, vice 
Ring, promoted; Benjamin Cooper, vice Hyatt, do; Jacob Baker; 
James Home. 

Eighty-second regiment : 

Joseph Strong, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Bogardus, 
promoted; Alexander Fleming, paymaster, vice Gibson, deceaseds 

State Historian. 1433 

Captains — Hugh Maxwell, vice Carpenter, resigned; Coe Gale; 
Thomas A. Morris; William Barnewall, ,r ice Gosman, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Governeur S. Bibbey, vice Maxwell, promoted; 
Bernard Sprong, vice Barnwell, do; James Renwick, vice Wilson, 
transferred; John McGregor. 

Ensigns — William Hogan, vice Bibby, promoted; Thomas M. 
Prowitt, vice Sprong, do; Philip Benjamin, vice Renwick, do; George 
Rodgers, vice McGregor, do; Clement C. Clark. 

One Hundred and Twenty-fifth regiment — Daniel Dodge, lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

John Groshon, captain, vice Dunning, resigned; John B. Spicer, 
lieutenant, vice Coddington, do; Jacob Burdett, do, vice Groshon, 

Ensigns — Jacob Rabineau, vice Dubois, removed; Henry 
Cheavens, vice Huson, promoted; William J. Stewart, vice Moulton, 
resigned; Henry Phelps; Walter Robinson, vice Spicer, promoted; 
John Scudder, junior, vice Burdett, do; Ferris Pell, vice Stewart, 

One Hundred and Forty-second regiment — Jonas Mapes, lieuten- 
ant colonel: 

William Thorn, first major; Stephen Price, second do; Benjamin 
Robson, surgeon, vice Anderson, resigned; Henry Fish, surgeon's 

John J. Sickles, captain; Leonard C. Parsons, lieutenant, vice 
Sickles, promoted. 

Ensigns — Robert Barnewall, vice Parsons; John Seaman; Henry 


One Hundred and Forty-sixth regiment — Rich'd Conner, lieu- 
tenant colonel: 

William Micheau, adjutant. 



1434 Annual Report of the 

Peter Johnson, ensign. 

(The foregoing appointments in New York and Richmond coun- 
ties under this date take rank from January 25, 181 3.) 


Second regiment, first brigade of artillery: 

Daniel Remsen, first lieutenant, vice Town, appointed adjutant; 
James Shaw, do, vice McLeod, resigned; John Woodward, do. 

Abraham Brinckerhooff, captain; Egbert Benson, junior, second 
lieutenant; Lemuel L. Skidmore, do. 

Third regiment (artillery): 

Martin Boerum, lieutenant colonel; Joseph O. Bogart, first major; 
Aime J. Barbarin, second do. 

Medad Raymond, first lieutenant; James Wiley, second do — new r 

Captains — Lawrence Brower, James Ronalds, junior, Stephen A. 

First lieutenants — George Little, Abraham Riker, Paul Rapelye, 
Stephen Phelps. 

Samuel Coddington, second do; David Miller, cornet horse artil- 
lery; Albert Goldsmith, second lieutenant. 

David Landon, captain; Valentine Merritt, first lieutenant; Ste- 
phen Thorne, second do. 

Ninth regiment of artillery: 

Captains — Valentine Luff, vice R. De Grushe, resigned; Thomas 
Chrystie; Wm. M. Halsted, vice Bessonet, resigned; Joseph Lamette, 
vice Marston, do; William Bayard, junior, vice Forbes, do; Benja- 
min Cooper, vice Gilbert, do; Laurence Vn Dyke, vice Richards, do. 

First lieutenants — G. A. Roorback, vice Chapman, do; Benjamin 
S. Many, vice Luff, promoted; James P. Allen, vice Lamette, do; 

State Historian. 1435 

Abel Aikin, vice Richards, resigned; William Steward, vice 
Murray, do. 

Second lieutenants — Charles Davis, vice Halsted, promoted; John 
N. Luff, vice Brown, resigned; Nathaniel Hutton, vice Bayard, pro- 
moted; Sam'l G. Gautiere, vice Woolsey, resigned. 

Alexander M. Muir, captain, vice Christie. 

Eleventh regiment of artillery: 

Henry Morgan, first major, vice Forbes, resigned; John Fleming 
second do, vice Morgan, promoted; Peter C. Tappan, surgeon's 

Captains — George Talcot, junior; Edward Rockwell, Peter H. 
Schenck, William Laight, Barnet Andraise. 

Francis Allyn, first lieutenant. 

Second lieutenants — Joseph Houston, Charles Guion, James Wil- 
kie, William Kemble, Christopher Wolfe. 


First regiment of cavalry — (Major Westcott's squadron) : 
Charles Lindsey, captain; Joseph H. Jackson, first lieutenant; 

Daniel McNeal, second lieutenant; Stephen P. Rockefeller, cornet — 

new troop. 


Second regiment of cavalry, third squadron: 

Morris Jayne, captain; Jesse W. Floyd, first lieutenant; Samuel 
Carman, second lieutenant ; Samuel Hopkins, cornet — new troop. 


Fortieth regiment of infantry — (Matthew Myer, lieutenant 

Loviel Hutchens, captain; Isaac Thallhimer, lieutenant; John 
Burch, ensign — of light infantry. 



1436 Annual Report of the 

otsego county. 

One Hundred and Twelfth regiment — Joseph Clyde, lieutenant 
colonel : 

Sumner Ely, captain; James Van Volkenburg, lieutenant; Levi 
Pitts, ensign — of riflemen. 


Seventh regiment of cavalry, second squadron: 

John Williams, major, vice Robards, judge. 

Alexander Simpson, captain, vice Williams, promoted; Peter 
Crookshenk, first lieutenant; Charles Warford, second do; Justis 
Kellogg, second do; Moses Cook, cornet. 

James W. Wood, cornet — third squadron. 


Eleventh regiment, first brigade of artillery: 
Thomas R. Mercein, brigade major, vice Chrystie, United States 


Fourth regiment, second brigade of artillery: 

Fyler Dibblee, second major, vice Ketchum, United States Army. 

Zacheriah S. Flagler, captain, vice Nelson, deceased; Garret P. 
Lansing, first lieutenant, vice Flagler, promoted; James Monnell, 
second lieutenant, vice Lansing, promoted. 

James Reynolds, captain, vice Dibblee, do; Leonard Thompson, 
first lieutenant, vice Reynolds, do; William Wooden, second lieu- 
tenant, vice Thompson, do. 

Philip P. Schuyler, captain; Smith Dunning, first lieutenant; Stiles 
R. Fox, second do. 


Tenth regiment of artillery: 
Edward Brewster, adjutant. 

State Historian. 1437 



Fourth (Sixth)* regiment of artillery: 

Samuel How, captain; Daniel B. Vaughan, first lieutenant; Her- 
man Rowlson, second do. 


One Hundred and Eleventh regiment of infantry: i8i3. 

Anthony D. Lamater, lieutenant colonel, vice M. Heermance, pro- 
moted; Henry W. Stewart, first major, vice A. Delamater, promoted; 
Henry Bently, second do, vice H. W. Stewart, promoted. 

Jacob H. Best, captain, vice H. Bently, promoted; Sebra Fish, 
lieutenant, vice J. H. Best, promoted; John P. Knickerbacker, 
ensign, vice S. Fish, promoted; John Miller, lieutenant, vice Ab'm A. 
Eckert, resigned; Daniel Vale, ensign, vice A. Adriance, moved 

The thirty-seventh session of the Legislature opened at Albany 
January 25, 1814. James Emott of Dutchess, Federalist, was 
elected Speaker over William Ross of Orange, the Republican can- 
didate. The new Council of Appointment was chosen the same day: 
Morgan Lewis of Dutchess, Samuel Stewart of Saratoga, Elbert H. 
Jones of Queens, and Henry A. Townsend of Steuben. Messrs. 
Lewis and Townsend were the Republican representatives, Messrs. 
Jones and Stewart the Federal; the Federalists having been forced 
to select Mr. Townsend because there was not a Federal senator 
in either the middle or western districts. The most important 
appointment considered by the Council this year was that of Chief 
Justice of the Supreme Court. Chancellor Lansing had become 

* The artillery regiments were renumbered by G. O. June 13, 1812. See Tompkins 
Papers, Volume I, page 331, 332. — State Historian. 


1438 Annual Report of the 

ineligible by the age limit and Chief Justice James Kent had suc- 
ceeded to the position. From this situation grew a tangle of politics 
that led to all sorts of complications and personal disagreements. 
Many of the Federalists favored the appointment of General Jonas 
Piatt of Oneida. But former Governor Lewis, to the surprise of 
many of his old friends, joined with Governor Tompkins in a move- 
ment to defeat General Piatt's ambition. They relied for reinforce- 
ment upon Senator Townsend, who though elected to the Council 
by the Federalists, had been originally returned to the Senate in 
1 810 as a Republican and who was regarded as Mr. Clinton's per- 
sonal representative in the Council. In order to complicate still 
further the situation and to show, if possible, to what extent DeWitt 
Clinton was intriguing in this judicial contest, Mr. Lewis, who had 
not forgiven Mr. Clinton for his antagonism to him while he was 
Governor, and for the part he had played in defeating him for 
renomination, moved in the Council the appointment for judge of 
the Supreme Court Richard Riker, who had been DeWitt Clinton's 
second in the Swartwout duel, and who had been a faithful and sub- 
servient friend from that time. Whatever the motive or the politics, 
the result was the defeat of Mr. Riker and the appointment of Gen- 
eral Piatt. 

At this session of the Legislature a bill was passed granting to 
Union College the sum of $200,000, in addition to former grants. 
Generous appropriations were also made to Columbia and Hamilton 
colleges, to the New York Historical Society and to other educa- 
tional and scientific institutions. 

An extraordinary session of the Legislature was called for Sep- 
tember 26th at Albany by proclamation of the Governor, in conse- 
quence of the burning of Washington by the enemy and the exposed 
condition of our State and the danger of invasion. Colonel Samuel 

State Historian. 1439 

Young of Saratoga was elected Speaker. National subjects 
engrossed the deliberations at this session. 

Under date of October 14, 1814, President Monroe committed 
the command of the third military district to Governor Tompkins, 
with headquarters at New York. 





Fourth division of infantry: J^- 

Samuel Clark, major general, vice Ab'm Veeder (of Montgomery 
county), deceased. 


Eighth brigade of infantry: 

Gilbert Eddy, brigadier general, vice Fort, resigned. 

Cornelius Swartwout, junior, brigade quartermaster. 


First regiment of horse or flying artillery to be composed of the 
battalion lately commanded by Major James Warner: 


James Warner, lieutenant colonel commandant. 


James Guyon, junior, first major. 


Lewis K. Storm, second do; Henry Arcularius, adjutant; James 
McLean, paymaster; Joshua Secor, surgeon. 

Francis White, captain, vice Storm, promoted; John Perrin, first 
lieutenant, vice White, do; William Kline, second lieutenant, vice 
Perrine, do; Robert Tice, cornet, vice Kline, do. 


1440 Annual Report of the 

richmond county. 
Richard S. Cary, captain, vice Guyon, do; Simon S. Perine, first 
lieutenant, vice Cary, do; George Barns, second lieutenant, vice Per- 
rine, do; Abraham Cocheron, cornet, vice Barns, do. 


Ninth regiment of infantry (first battalion set off as a regiment): 

Martin Joiner, lieutenant colonel, vice E. Barnes, resigned; John 
F. Bishop, first major, vice J. Pangburn, resigned; Amasa Wilcox, 
second do, vice E. Hunter, moved away; Alexander Spencer, quar- 

Thomas Winslow, captain, vice M. Joiner, promoted; Elijah Stan- 
ton, lieutenant, vice T. Winslow, do; Gardner J. Barker, ensign, vice 
E. Stanton, do. 

Daniel Bailey, captain, vice J. F. Bishop, do; Aaron Nichols, lieu- 
tenant, vice D. Bailey, do; Peter Cleaveland, ensign, vice A. 
Nichols, do. 

John Bigelow, captain, vice A. Wilcox, do; Salmon Cross, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Bigelow, do; James H. Barnet, ensign, vice S. 
Cross, do. 

Second battalion, set off from the Ninth regiment (as an inde- 
pendent battalion): 

Reuben Sanford, major commandant; Solomon Spicer, surgeon; 
David Graves, paymaster; Calvin Hurd, quartermaster. 

Allen Peck, captain, vice R. Sanford, promoted; Rufus M. Way, 
lieutenant, vice A. Peck, do; Abner Hickok, ensign, vice R. M. Way, 
do; Abel Bingham, lieutenant; Sylvester Hays, ensign, vice A. Bing- 
ham, do; Asa A. Andrews, ensign. 

Lewis Torrance, captain, vice J. Toby, moved; Joseph Slarter, 
lieutenant, vice L. Torrance, promoted; Simeon Trumbul, ensign, 
vice J. Slarter, promoted. 

State Historian. 1441 

clinton county. 

Thirty-sixth regiment — (Thomas Miller, lieutenant colonel): 

Ezra Turner, second major, vice I. C. Piatt, resigned; Piatt New- 
comb, adjutant; Richard S. Mooers, quartermaster. 

Captains — Charles Button, vice E. Turner, promoted; John Baker, 
vice B. Reynolds, resigned; Witt Lane, vice J. Dix, removed; Ebben 
Mix, vice N. Chittenden, dead; David Cockrin, vice J. Bigelow, 

Lieutenants — James Ostrander, Darius Corbin, Nathaniel Coch- 
ran, Heman Hecock, John Larkins, Jeremiah Hays. 

Ensigns — John Kent, Elisha Button, Samuel Bailey, William 
Dominy, Thomas Stafford, Charles D. Bachus. 


Thirty-seventh regiment of infantry: 

Ransom Noble, lieutenant colonel, vice A. North, resigned; John 
Richardson, first major, vice W. Donaghy, deceased; Luman Wad- 
hams, second major, vice R. Noble, promoted; Henry H. Ross, adju- 
tant; Alexander Steele, paymaster, vice E. Higgins, resigned; 
Simeon Dryden, surgeon, vice D. B. Shelton, moved; Diodorus Hol- 
comb, surgeon's mate, vice S. Dryden, promoted. 

Jonathan Merriam, junior, captain; Asa Leet, lieutenant, vice J. 
Merriam, promoted; Cyrus Warren, ensign, vice A. Leet, promoted. 

Nathaniel Hinckley, captain; Samuel W. Felt, lieutenant, vice 
Hinckley, promoted; Elijah Storrs, ensign, vice Felt, promoted; 
William Willard, lieutenant. 

Abraham Akin, junior, captain; Anson Titus, lieutenant; Andrew 
Morehouse, ensign. 

Ezra Parkill, captain, vice Woodman, moved; Abijah Russell, 

lieutenant, vice Parkill, promoted; Samuel McCrea, ensign, vice 

Russell, promoted. 



144 2 Annual Report of the 

John Calkins, captain; Eli Ferris, lieutenant, vice Calkins, pro- 
moted; Ezra C. Gross, ensign, vice Ferris, do; Jonas Morgan, junior, 
ensign (rifle), vice J. McCrea, moved; Henry H. Ross, lieutenant. 


Sixty-sixth regiment — (Alric Mann, lieutenant colonel): 

Rums Tilden, second major, vice F. Brownson, enlisted; Arteus 
M. Hitchcock, adjutant. 

Chester Tuller, captain, vice Tilden, promoted; Robert Willson, 
lieutenant, vice C. Tuller, promoted; Levi Moody, ensign, vice R. 
Willson, promoted. 

Moses Eggleston, captain, vice Livingston, moved; Israel Thare, 
lieutenant, vice Eggleston, promoted; James Hatch, ensign, vice 
Thare, do; John Thompson, ensign; Sylvester Langdon, ensign; 
Benjamin Sanborn, lieutenant; James Campbell, ensign; Noah 
Smith, ensign. 

Adin Wood, captain; John Potter, first lieutenant; Daniel Sher- 
win, second lieutenant; Samuel Peck, ensign — artillery. 


Seventy-ninth regiment of infantry: 

Isaac Baldwin, lieutenant colonel, vice S. Matthews, resigned; 
Elijah Booth, first major, vice I. Baldwin, promoted; John Gragg, 
second do, vice H. W r ells, promoted; Elijah Carpenter, adjutant, vice 
Winton, promoted. 

Samuel Hendy, captain, vice J. Gragg, do; Charles Orwan, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Hendy, do; Samuel Burlingam, ensign, vice C. 
Orwan, do. 

Samuel Winton, captain, vice E. Booth, do; Mallet Booth, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. Coryell, resigned; Samuel Agard, ensign, vice M. 
Booth, promoted. 

State Historian. 1443 

John Buck, captain, vice E. Griswold, deceased; Jeremiah Casha- 
day, lieutenant, vice J. Buck, promoted; John Kress, ensign, vice J. 
Cashaday, do. 

Samuel Tuthill, captain; Charles F. Fry, lieutenant; Stephen 
Brown, ensign — of riflemen. 


Seventy-fifth regiment — (Jasper Ward, lieutenant colonel) : 

Israel Purdy, first major, vice Gardiner, deceased; John Stephens, 
second do, vice Purdy, promoted; Francis Doremus, adjutant. 

Captains— Arthur Burtis, vice Neal, promoted; James M. Fonor- 
den, vice Disbrow, resigned; William Swan, vice Oakley, moved; 
Daniel Warren, vice Stephens, promoted. 

Lieutenants — William A. Russell, vice Burtis, do; David W. 
Fraser, vice Fonorden, do; Thomas Cooper, vice Swan, do; Moses 
Cunningham, vice Tier, deceased; Francis Doremus; James Skaats, 
vice Warren, promoted. 

Ensigns — Harvey Weed, vice Russel, do; William Geib, vice 
Fraser, do; Richard E. Mount, vice Cooper, do; John J. Boyd, vice 
Cunningham, promoted; Joseph \V. Duryee, vice Doremus, pro- 

Eighty-fifth regiment — Edward W. Laight, lieutenant colonel: 

Robert J. Watts, quartermaster, vice Clark, moved; John T. Jones, 
adjutant, vice Watts, resigned. 

John Curran Sampson, captain, vice Clark, moved. 

Lieutenants — Henry W r ilkes, vice Sampson, promoted; William 
Moores, vice McCartee, resigned; William P. Turnbull, vice Allison, 
United States service; Robert Clermont Livingston, vice E. Glover, 
deceased; Thomas L. Chester. 

Ensigns — Jacob Ricketts, junior; William Hey ward, John N. Gil- 
ford, James J. Jones, Alexander T. Hanlon, Henry E. Ingraham. 



1444 Annual Report of the 

John Wortman, captain (flank company), vice Hatfield, United 
States service. 

Ninety-seventh regiment — (Joseph Blackwell, lieutenant colonel): 

Joseph Neal, second major, vice S. L'Hommedieu, resigned; 
Edward N. Bibby, surgeon's mate. 

William Luyster, captain; William N. Dyckman, do; Isaac A. 
Johnson, lieutenant; Esbon Slosson, do — with rank from May 28, 

Leffert Lefferts, junior, lieutenant, vice Clark, resigned; David B. 
Macomb, do, vice Campbell, United States service. 

Ensigns — George Y. Allaire, vice Aspinwall, deceased; Samuel S. 
Kuypers, vice Mitchell, resigned; John Alburtus, vice Cooper, 
United States service; John Rodgers, vice Lefterts, promoted; John 
R. Rhinelander, vice Macomb, do. 

One Hundred and Sixth regiment — (Jacob Delamontagnie, lieu- 
tenant colonel) : 

Captains— William Rosten, vice Gould, resigned; Nathaniel Weed, 
vice Foote, do ; Jeremiah J. Drake, vice Boyd, do. 

Lieutenants — Eleazer Philips, vice Rosten, promoted; George 
Lockwood, vice Weed, do; Peter Pinckney, vice Drake, do; William 
Honay, vice Worthington, do ; Linus St John, vice Lufferen, moved ; 
Robert Thorburn, vice Jones, United States service. 

Ensigns — William Day, vice Philips, promoted; John Van Orden, 
vice Lockwood, do; William W. Tompkins, vice Pinckney, do; 
David Smith, vice Honay, do; John Voorhis, vice St John, do; 
James S. Clark, vice Thorburn, do; Nicholas Crocheron. 

Flank company — George W. Varian, captain, vice Hartell, United 
States service; Matthew Tier, ensign. 

One Hundred and Fifteenth regiment — (Beekman M. Van 
Beuren, colonel): 

State Historian. 1445 

Nehemiah Brush, junior, surgeon's mate, vice Scofield, resigned. 

John De Bow, captain, vice Fowler, resigned; Charles G. Ferris, 
do, vice Van Beuren, United States service; John B. Stevenson, do, 
vice Chivis, resigned. 

Jasper Van Beuren, lieutenant, vice De Bow, promoted; George 
S. Doughty, do, vice Ferris, do; Egbert Van Beuren, do, vice Ste- 
venson, do; William Z. Cozens, do, vice Hughes, United States 
service; Francis Pasman, do, vice Doughty, appointed paymaster. 

Ensigns — Charles Oakley, vice Van Beuren, promoted; Carrol 
M. Gahagan, vice Doughty, do; Isaac B. Strong, vice Van Beuren, 
do; Joseph John Trappan, vice Corwin, moved; Isaac S. Jaques, vice 
Cozens, promoted; James E. Winans, vice Pasman, do; Henry C. 
Rossiter, vice Weed, resigned; John E. Bedell, vice Hyde, do. 


Sixty-fourth regiment — (Jeremiah Johnson, lieutenant colonel): 
Leffert Lefferts, captain, vice Denise, resigned; George Van 
Nuyse, lieutenant, vice Cowenhoven, resigned; Evert Suydam, 
ensign, vice Lefferts, promoted. 

John Ditmars, captain, vice Lott, deceased; John J. Lott, lieuten- 
ant, vice Ditmars, promoted; John Lott, ensign, vice Rappelyea, 
moved; John Bergen, lieutenant, vice Berry, resigned; Tunis John- 
son, ensign, vice J. Johnson, resigned; Jacobus B. Ryder, ensign, 
vice Emmins, deceased. 


Ninety-third regiment — (John A. Ditmars, lieutenant colonel): 

Van Wyck Wickes, captain, vice Cornell, moved; Isaac Sned- 

icker, lieutenant, vice A. Snedicker, moved; Nicholas Wyckoff, 

ensign, vice Wickes, promoted; John Areson, lieutenant, vice Havi- 

land, moved; Jason Beebee, ensign, vice Areson, promoted; Thomas 



1446 Annual Report of the 

Moore, lieutenant, vice Riker, prisoner at Halifax; Peter Luyster, 
ensign, vice Moore, promoted. 

Daniel Smith, captain, vice Nostrand, resigned; Auris Remson, 
lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Charles Hendrickson, ensign. 

Nicholas Ryder, captain, vice Lott, deceased; John Van Wycklen, 
lieutenant, vice Ryder, promoted; John S. Lott, ensign, vice Wyck- 
len, promoted. 

One Hundred and Seventeenth regiment — (Rem B. Simonson, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Morris M. Rogers, surgeon's mate; Abraham Van Wicklen, quar- 
termaster, vice Cock, infirm. 

John J. Schenck, captain, vice Allen, infirm ; Dobson Allen, lieu- 
tenant, vice Schenck, promoted; John Hayden, ensign, vice Allen, 

Benoni Sweet, captain, vice Bailey, infirm; John Stivers, lieuten- 
ant, vice Sweet, promoted; David Weeks, ensign, vice Stivers, do. 

George Tappen, captain, vice Weeks, moved; Daniel Cock, lieu- 
tenant, vice Tappen, promoted. 

James Lossee, lieutenant, vice Townsend, moved; John Peters, 
ensign, vice Lossee, promoted; John V. Hewlett, ensign, vice Whit- 
ney, moved; Cooper Stores, ensign, vice Queen, promoted. 

One Hundredth regiment — (James Hendrickson, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

John Davison, surgeon, vice Lockwood, deceased. 

Jonathan Baldwin, captain, vice Stephen Powell, declined; Lewis 
Hicks, lieutenant, vice S. Demott, declined; Horatio Mott, ensign, 
vice J. Baldwin, promoted. 


One Hundred and Fifty-second regiment — (John Gallup, lieuten- 
ant colonel) : 

State Historian. 1447 

Peleg Gallup, captain light infantry, vice A. Hinckley, moved; 
Henry Lewis, lieutenant do, vice P. Gallup, promoted; John 
Wheeler, ensign do, vice H. Lewis, do. 


Eightieth regiment — (Isaac Wickham, lieutenant colonel): 

Stafford Hedges, lieutenant, vice H. Conklin, moved; Solon Par- 
sons, ensign, vice A. Miller, moved. 

One Hundred and Thirty-seventh regiment — (John Floyd, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Nathaniel Smith, adjutant. 

William Woodhull, captain, vice J. Carll, deceased; Johannes 
Bergen, lieutenant, vice Woodhull, promoted; Jeremiah H. Kelsey, 
lieutenant, vice M. Gardner; William Rushmore, ensign, vice T. 
Van Wyck, moved; Jonathan Gilderslieves, ensign, vice Kelsey, 
promoted; Joshua Robbins, ensign, vice Bergen, do; Samuel P. 
Smith, ensign, vice J. W. Floyd. 

John A. Crum, captain; Richard Dingee, lieutenant; Peleg Cooper, 
ensign — of light infantry. 

One Hundred and Seventh regiment — (Jeremiah Moore, lieuten- 
ant colonel): 

James R. Horton, ensign, vice J. Overton, promoted. 

Henry Conklin, captain; Benjamin Glover, lieutenant; Joseph C. 
Havens, ensign — new company. 


Fifth regiment: 

Benjamin Woodward, lieutenant colonel, vice Benjamin Webb, 
resigned; Lawrence Crist, first major, vice Woodward, promoted; 
James Faulkner, second do; Benjamin B. Newkerk, surgeon's mate, 
vice Gasherie, deceased. 



1448 Annual Report of the 

Captains — Jacob More, vice L. Crist, promoted; Samuel Webb, 
vice T. Evertson, deceased; Abel B. Watkins, vice D. Tuthill, 
resigned; Alexander C. Burnet, vice J. Finley, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Daniel Smith, vice More, promoted; John Kirby, 
vice Webb, promoted; Nathaniel J. Drake, vice J. Bodle, moved; 
William Sly, junior. 

Ensigns — Frederick J. Bookstaver; Jonathan Cox, vice Kirby, 
promoted; John Barker; Charles H. Sly. 

Fourteenth regiment — (Isaac Belknap, junior, lieutenant colonel): 

Jacob Ostrom, surgeon; Edward Alger, surgeon's mate. 

James Buttenvorth, captain; William Smith, lieutenant; Eleazer 
Gidney, junior, ensign; Robert Lawson, lieutenant; James Belknap, 
ensign; David Staples, lieutenant; Samuel A. Hunt, ensign. 

James Hamilton, captain; John H. Walsh, lieutenant; George 
Gordon, ensign. 


Second regiment — (Farrand Stranahan, lieutenant colonel): 

Elihu Phinney, second major, vice J. Sprague, resigned. 

Silas Wood, lieutenant, vice W. Russell, do; Jacob Cronkite, 
ensign, vice S. Wood, promoted; Daniel Potter, lieutenant, vice J. 
Windsor, resigned. 

Ensigns — Jeremiah Wheeler, vice D. Potter, promoted; Miles 
Benjamin, vice J. H. Starr, resigned; Jesse Stetson, vice J. Green, 

Seventh regiment — (James Steward, lieutenant colonel): 

William Horton, captain; John Chase, lieutenant; Josiah Hubbard, 
ensign; Peter Roseboom, lieutenant; John J. Snider, do; Freeman 
Gilbert, ensign. 

Amos Belding, captain; Lionel Sheldon, lieutenant; William Bar- 
rett, ensign. 

State Historian. 1449 

oneida county. 

Seventy-second regiment — (Thomas Hicks, lieutenant colonel) : 

Henry K. Sheldon, captain, vice Conklin, resigned; Caleb 
Stevens, lieutenant, vice Sheldon, promoted; Oliver Smith, ensign; 
Samuel Fanning, ensign, vice N. Cole; Frederick Kellogg, lieu- 
tenant; Hezekiah Hulbert, ensign; Enoch Hovey, lieutenant, vice 
Curry, resigned; Isaac Curry, ensign, vice Hovey, promoted. 

Samuel Johnson, captain; Josep H. Weeks, lieutenant, vice John- 
son, promoted; Levi Mitchell, ensign; Abram Brooks, lieutenant; 
Amos Treat, ensign. 

Twentieth regiment — (Sylvester Gridley, lieutenant colonel): 

Samuel Comstock, adjutant, vice Hotchkiss, resigned; Job Her- 
rick, quartermaster, vice Chapin, moved. 

John Trask, captain, vice Bachelor, moved; Asa Earns, captain, 
vice Woodward, do. 

Naman Goodsell, lieutenant of riflemen, vice G. Benedick, moved; 
Orange Foote, ensign do, vice Goodsell, promoted; Orris Hart, 
lieutenant, vice Comstock, promoted; Abraham Young, lieutenant, 
vice Earns, do; George Pierce, do, vice Staunton, moved; Zera 
Brown, lieutenant, vice Hartshorne; Vail Pierce, ensign, vice Holly, 
moved; James Groves, do, vice Brown, promoted; William Marvin, 
do, vice Herrick, promoted. 

One Hundred and Thirty-fourth regiment — (William Stone, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Lewis Sherrill, adjutant, vice Williams, promoted. 

Abner Mitchell, lieutenant, vice Perkins, resigned. 

Obadiah Latham, captain, vice Lowd, moved; Samuel Shepard, 
lieutenant, vice Latham, promoted; Adolphus Chapin, ensign, vice 
Shepard, do; William Eells, lieutenant, vice Savage, removed. 

Josiah Hale, captain, vice Adams, resigned; Freedom Tibbetts, 



145° Annual Report of the 

ensign, vice Eells, promoted; Joel Griffin, lieutenant, vice Andrews, 
moved; Cyrus Chatfield, ensign, vice Griffin, promoted; Thomas E. 
Clark, ensign, vice Stocking, moved. 

Samuel C. Baldin (Baldwin), captain, vice NcNiel (Charles 
McNeil), resigned; David Kent, lieutenant, vice Baldin, promoted; 
Amasa Thomas, ensign, vice Kent, promoted. 

William Williams, captain. 

One Hundred and Fifty-seventh regiment — (Caleb Clark, lieuten- 
ant colonel) : 

Elihu Butts, quartermaster, vice Kent, moved; Zenas Hutchinson, 
surgeon, vice White, do; Jeremiah Chaplin, surgeon's mate. 

Calvin Church, captain, vice Otis White, deceased; Joseph Hal- 
lock, lieutenant, vice Church, promoted; William Ross, ensign, vice 
Hallock, promoted. 

Hazel Lathrop, captain, vice E. Allen, deceased; Cyrus Briggs, 
lieutenant, vice Lathrop, promoted; Marcus Brumton, ensign, vice 
Briggs, do. 

Joshua G. Green, captain, vice Baker, moved; William C. White, 
lieutenant, vice Green, promoted; William Talcott, ensign, vice 
White, promoted. 

Seth Langdon, captain, vice Bosworth, moved; Benjamin B. Hall, 
lieutenant, vice Langdon, promoted; Daniel B. Cagwin, ensign, vice 
Hall, promoted; Bele B. Hyde, ensign, vice Young, declining. 

Sixty-eighth regiment — (Sherman Barnes, lieutenant colonel): 

Ephraim Smith, junior, adjutant, vice Perkins, moved. 

Captains — Phineas Tuttle, vice Mix, resigned; Gastin G. Corn- 
stock, vice J. Comstock, moved; Martin Wright, vice Harman, 
moved; Norman Waugh, vice J. Case, moved; John Smith, vice 
Castle, do. 

One Hundred and Fortieth regiment — (Saul Smith, lieutenant 

State Historian. 1451 

Sherman Bartholomew, surgeon's mate, vice Preston, deceased; 
Adino Winchel, captain, vice J. Riley; William Osborn, ensign, vice 
Stafford, wounded; Benjamin Rhodes, ensign, vice Stillwell, moved; 
Rollin Blount, captain, vice Austin, do; Asahel Dexter, lieutenant; 
John Fosket, ensign. 

Stephen Leonard, captain, vice Page, resigned; James Philips, 
lieutenant, vice Leonard, promoted; Abner Livermore, ensign, vice 
Philips, do. 

Abram Catlin, captain, vice Howland; Absalom L. Groves, lieu- 
tenant, vice Catlin, promoted; Daniel Range, ensign. 

Gurdon Turner, captain; Russel Morgan, lieutenant; Amos Rob- 
erts, ensign. 


Sixty-fifth regiment — (Erastus Cleveland, lieutenant colonel): 

Nathaniel Stacy, chaplain, vice Osmer, deceased. 

Jasper Clarke, captain, vice J. Felt, moved; Gaius Stebbins, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Clarke, promoted; Joseph Walters, ensign, vice Steb- 
bins, promoted. 

Ariel Murdock, captain, vice S. Bebee, aide-de-camp to major 
general; Roswell Porter, lieutenant, vice T. Dibble, resigned; Ben- 
jamin Bonney, ensign, vice A. Murdock, promoted. 

Zenas Nash, captain, vice P. Chapell, deceased; Ebenezer Bland- 
ing, lieutenant, vice Z. Nash, promoted; Oliver Ackley, ensign, vice 
Blanding, promoted. 

Roswell Tyler, captain, vice Benedict, resigned; Robert Powell, 
lieutenant, vice Tyler, promoted; Heman Bonney, ensign, vice 
Powell, promoted. 

Jacob Hartshorne, captain, vice Bradley, resigned; Collister Gray, 
lieutenant, vice Hartshorne, promoted; Curtiss Hopping, ensign, 
vice Gray, promoted; Joseph Morse, junior, lieutenant, vice Roberts, 
resigned; Thomas Whiting, junior, ensign. 



145 2 Annual Report of the 

Seventy-fourth regiment: 

Thomas W. Phelps, lieutenant colonel, vice Z. Douglass, resigned; 
Ambrose Andrews, first major, vice Phelps, promoted; Stephen Lee, 
second do, vice Andrews, promoted; Ichabod S. Spencer, adjutant, 
vice W. Walton, moved; Andrew Van Alstyne, paymaster, vice S. 
Beecher, promoted. 

Ichabod S. Spencer, captain, vice Lee, promoted; Joseph M. Lee, 
lieutenant, vice Spencer, promoted; Tristrum Cathcart, ensign, vice 
J. M. Lee, do. 

Thomas Clarke, captain, vice Rawson, resigned; Daniel Moyer, 
lieutenant, vice Clarke, promoted; John Brown, ensign, vice Moyer, 

Sylvester Beecher, captain, vice Moot, resigned; Luman Bull, 
lieutenant, vice Kern, resigned; Caleb Cranston, ensign, vice Fairlie, 
deceased; Stephen Chapman, ensign, vice Seeber, resigned. 

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment — (Reuben Leonard, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Jonah Taylor, captain; Chester Scott, lieutenant; Samuel B. 
Clarke, ensign. 

Jonathan Spencer, captain; Joseph Clarke, lieutenant; David 
Clarke, ensign; Israel Loomis, lieutenant; D'Estaing Eaton, ensign; 
John Dalrymple, lieutenant; Stephen R. Hall, ensign; William Dye, 
ensign of light infantry. 

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment: 

Elisha Farnham, lieutenant colonel, vice Dutton, resigned; John 
Needham, captain, vice E. Mather, deceased; Paul Rice, lieutenant, 
vice Needham, promoted; Festus Parsons, ensign. 

Nathan Havens, captain, vice Bly, resigned; Dyer Sexton, lieu- 
tenant, vice Havens, promoted; Zenas Rider, ensign, vice Carpenter, 

State Historian. 1453 

Daniel Cobb, captain, vice E. Jenkins, resigned; Joseph Ayers, 
lieutenant, vice Sweatland, do; William Bently, junior, ensign, vice 
Cobb, promoted. 

Ezra Hurd, captain, vice Payne, moved; Alexander McElwain, 
lieutenant, vice Hurd, promoted. 

Elisha Starr, captain of light infantry, vice Parsons, resigned; 
Oliver Crocker, lieutenant of do, vice Starr, promoted; James 
McElwain, ensign, vice A. McElwain, promoted. 


One Hundred and Fifty-ninth regiment — (Warren Hecox, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Levi Parsons, chaplain; William F. Bangs, adjutant, vice A. Wor- 
den, moved; Philo Goddard, quartermaster, vice Bangs, promoted. 

John Bowing, captain, vice J. Wiltsey, resigned; Samuel Chap- 
man, lieutenant, vice J. Baldwin, promoted; Lewis Smith, ensign, 
vice Chapman, promoted; Thomas Tanner, junior, do, vice Eaton, 
resigned; William Curtiss, ensign, vice Goddard, promoted. 

Ninety-eighth regiment — (Christopher Clark, lieutenant colonel): 

Luther Marsh, adjutant, vice Cleaveland, deceased; Charles Bald- 
win, paymaster, viee Jerome, resigned; Henry Clark, quartermaster, 
vice Morse, moved; Nathan Baker, chaplain. 

Elijah Wells, captain, vice Northrup, resigned; Isaac Carpenter, 
lieutenant, vice Wells, promoted; Chauncey Mason, ensign, vice 
Carpenter, promoted; Elijah Werton, ensign, vice Fellows, resigned; 
Henry Potter, lieutenant, vice Wright, moved; Gershom Wheelock, 
ensign, vice Potter, promoted. 

Sixteenth regiment — (Jacob Chandler, lieutenant colonel): 

Samuel Adams, first major, vice S. Powers, resigned; Jehiel Hop- 
pin, second major. 



1454 Annual Report of the 

Captains — Samuel Bacon, Joseph Rice, David Parish, David 
Munroe, John Butler. 

Lieutenants — Samuel Luanane, Valentine Bowen, Josiah Parish, 
Arvin Rice, Edward Brunson, John J. Walradt, Stephen Shedd. 

Ensigns — James L. Voorhies, John Cody, Peter Emerick, Robert 
Veeder, John H. Gillis, Samuel Farnum, William Moor, Alexander 

Sixty-second regiment — (Jacob Johnson, lieutenant colonel): 

Cyrus Wheaton, paymaster, vice S. Patrick, moved. 

Cyrus Clapp, lieutenant, vice Barwin, do; John P. Wallace, ensign, 
vice Clapp, promoted; Frederick Ackles, lieutenant, vice Bostwick, 
resigned; Easton Talman, ensign, vice Ackles, promoted. 

Seventh regiment of artillery (Walter Grieve, lieutenant colonel) : 

Stephen Pomeroy, captain; Hosea Pomeroy, first lieutenant; 
Stephen Baley, second lieutenant — new company. 

One Hundred and Forty-seventh regiment — (Thaddeus M. Wood, 
lieutenant colonel): 

David Lawrence, first major, vice E. Alvord, moved; Prentice 
Kenny, second do, vice D. Lawrence, promoted; Joseph Fish, 
surgeon's mate, vice J. M. Stewart, moved. 

Elnathan Cobb, captain, vice Kenny, promoted; Francis Cooper, 
lieutenant, vice Cobb, do; James Olcott, ensign, vice Cooper, do. 

Thomas Wheeler, captain, vice Wendell, declining; Asa Foot, 
lieutenant, vice Wheeler, promoted; Davenport Morey, ensign, vice 
Foot, do. 

Abel Crane, captain, vice Stanley; Stephen Walter, lieutenant, vice 
Crane, promoted; John Griff en, junior, ensign, vice Walter, pro- 
moted; Handley Lamb, lieutenant, vice R. Danforth, deceased; Tru- 
man Adams, ensign, vice Lamb, promoted. 

Ralph R. Phelps, captain, vice Williams, resigned; Oliver Teal, 

State Historian. 1455 

lieutenant, vice E. Phillips, junior, moved; Samuel M. Foster, 
ensign, vice W. Fillmore, moved; Alvin Marsh, lieutenant, vice 
Phelps, promoted; Lot Alderman, junior, ensign, vice Marsh, pro- 
moted; Henry Hughes, lieutenant, vice E. Polly, moved; John Sam- 
mons, ensign, vice C. Whedon, declining. 

John Chapin, captain, vice E. Kenne, moved; Joshua Kenne, lieu- 
tenant, vice Chapin, promoted; James Thayer, ensign, vice J. Kenne, 


Twenty-first regiment — (Matthew N.Tillotson, lieutenant colonel): 

John O'Hara, first major, vice C. Morgan, neglecting to qualify; 
Eben Guthrie, second do, vice W. Miner, do; Richard Church, quar- 
termaster, vice D. Avery, promoted; Robert Tompkins, paymaster, 
vice C. Avery, moved. 

William Bennett, captain, vice A. Burch, resigned; Hugh Hertsift, 
lieutenant, vice W. Bennett, promoted. 

Joshua Hoskins, captain, vice J. O'Hara, promoted; Lewis Tone, 
captain, vice A. Hecox, moved; John Daniels, captain, vice E. Dur- 
kee, resigned; Sisson Taylor, lieutenant, vice S. Swift, moved. 

John Bosworth, captain, vice R. L. Tracy, deceased; William 
Tompkins, lieutenant, vice J. Hoskins, promoted; Rix Robinson, 
lieutenant, vice R. Church, do; Thomas Parker, lieutenant, vice J. 
Daniels, do; John Spalding, ensign, vice L. Tillotson, moved; Daniel 
Davis, lieutenant. 

Ensigns — Daniel Lester, junior, vice H. Hertsift, promoted; Azel 
Fitch, vice W. Tompkins, promoted; David Patchin, vice L. Tone, 
promoted; Merlin Hoare, vice T. Parker, promoted. 

Ephraim C. Marsh, captain, vice D. Brightman, resigned; Charles 
Dennison, ensign, vice D. Thorp, promoted; Alfred Avery, ensign. 

Thomas Chadwick, captain, vice E. Guthrie, promoted; Stephen 



1456 Annual Report of the 

Allen, junior, captain, vice J. Phelps, resigned; Josiah Todd, lieu- 
tenant, vice T. Chadwick, promoted; Isaac Richardson, lieutenant; 
Silas Slote, ensign, vice S. Allen, promoted; Joseph Southworth, 
ensign, vice J. Todd, promoted. 

One Hundred and Ninth regiment — (Zadock Rhoads, lieutenant 

Joseph Lee, lieutenant, vice T. Norris, moved; Adonijah Gleason, 
ensign, vice J. Lee, promoted; Elias Curtis, lieutenant, vice C. M. 
Northrop, resigned; Jeremiah Burroughs, ensign, vice E. Curtis, 

Jacob Snyder, captain, vice G. Brinckerhoff, resigned; Henry J. 
Brinckerhoff, lieutenant, vice J. Snyder, promoted; Abraham Van 
Asdall, ensign, vice C. Van Asdall, deceased; William Greenfield, 
lieutenant, vice C. Holt, deceased; Benjamin Jayne, ensign, vice W. 
Greenfield, promoted. 

One Hundred and Fifty-eighth regiment — (John Harris, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

William Sharp, second, ensign, vice W. Culver, moved; Marvel 
Eldridge, lieutenant, vice J. Golding, do; Ira Dunning, ensign. 

Jeduthan Higby, captain, vice D.Curtis, deceased; Samuel Hunter, 
lieutenant, vice J. Higby, promoted; John B. Tibbits, ensign, vice 
S. Hunter, do. 

Henry Ammerman, captain, vice E. Stevenson, moved; Jacob 
Doremus, lieutenant, vice S. Hawley, resigned; Stephen Van Anden, 
ensign, vice H. Ammerman, promoted. 

Eliphalet Whittlesey, captain, vice A. Parkman, moved; Asahel 
Taylor, lieutenant, vice E. Whittlesey, promoted; Samuel Ellis, 
ensign, vice A. Taylor, promoted. 

Robert Parks, captain, vice T. Gould, deceased; Calvin Barnes, 
lieutenant, vice R. Parks, promoted; Oliver Harrington, ensign, vice 
C. Barnes, promoted. 

State Historian. 1457 

Alexander Price, captain, vice H. Austin, resigned; Timothy 
Strong, lieutenant, vice A. Price, promoted; Anthony Van Etten, 
ensign, vice T. Strong, do. 

Elihu Atwell, captain, vice M. Remmington, resigned; Ethan 
Sheldon, lieutenant, vice E. Atwell, promoted; John Morley, junior, 
ensign, vice J. Freeman, resigned. 

Eighty-eighth regiment — (Henry Bloom, lieutenant colonel): 

Lemi Bradley, first major, vice P. Conrad, resigned; John Smith, 
second do, vice L. Bradley, promoted; Levi Moores, adjutant, vice 
A. Green, moved. 

Isaac Credit, captain, vice Smith, promoted; Richard Manning, 
lieutenant, vice Credit, do; William Caywood, ensign; Spencer Stout, 
lieutenant, vice Ingersol, moved; James McElheny, ensign, vice 
Stout, promoted. 

Riflemen — Comfort Butler, captain, vice A. Bloom, resigned; 
William Pew, lieutenant, vice Gere, declining; Silas Cook, ensign, 
vice C. Butler, promoted; Nathaniel Luther, ensign. 


Second brigade of infantry: 

James Steward, brigadier general, vice S. Martin, resigned. 


Forty-fourth regiment of infantry — (Charles McKinstry, lieuten- 
ant colonel) : 

John Tibbits, second major, vice W. Jourdin, resigned; John 
Lockwood, quartermaster, vice B. Dakin, deceased. 

Henry P. Mesick, captain of light infantry, vice E. Youngs, 

resigned ; Flavel Tiffany, lieutenant of do ; Daniel Morehouse, ensign 

of do. 




1458 Annual Report of the 

Zadock Knapp, captain, vice J. Tibbits, promoted; Jakah Law- 
rence, lieutenant, vice Z. Knapp, promoted; William Stuart, ensign. 

Isaac Ford, captain, vice J. Dewey, moved; David Chamberlain, 
lieutenant, vice I. Ford, promoted; Samuel Wise, ensign, vice D. 
Chamberlain, promoted; Ralph Tanner, lieutenant, vice A. King, 
junior, deceased; David Parsons, junior, ensign, vice T. Bartholo- 
mew, moved. 

John Knox, captain, vice J. Wiltsie, moved; Luther Chace, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Knox, promoted; Peter Downing, ensign, vice L. 
Chace, do; Amos M. Knapp, ensign, vice C. Truesdale, moved. 

Fifty-sixth regiment — (Peter J. Vosburgh, lieutenant colonel): 

John P. Vosburgh, quartermaster, vice L. Van Beuren, promoted. 

Phineas Reed, captain, vice J. Van Ness, resigned; Henry 
Weatherwax, lieutenant, vice P. Reed, promoted; Philip Sowees, 
ensign, vice J. Waker, unfit for duty. 

Henry Van Vleck, captain, vice T. Van Slyck, resigned; Arent 
Van Vleck, lieutenant, vice H. Van Vleck, promoted ; Cornelius Van 
Deusen, ensign, vice A. Van Vleck, promoted. 

John Henry Kittle, captain, vice J. Head, resigned; Andrew Kit- 
tle, lieutenant, vice J. H. Kittle, promoted; Tunis G. Snyder, ensign, 
vice A. Kittle, promoted. 

Evert J. Van Alen, captain of light infantry, vice C. V. Seaight, 
deceased; Peter C. Schermerhorn, lieutenant of do, vice T. Hurd; 
Peter L. Sharp, ensign of do, vice E. J. Van Alen, promoted. 

Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Ira Stone, first lieutenant, vice Fellows, resigned; Peter Chapman, 
second lieutenant, vice I. Stone, promoted. 

Forty-seventh regiment of infantry — (Jacob Rutsen Van Rensse- 
laer, lieutenant colonel): 

Moses Burt, surgeon's mate. 

State Historian. 1459 

William G. Philip, captain, vice J. Ostrander, resigned; Philip 
Ostrander, lieutenant, vice W. G. Philip, promoted; George 
Ostrander, ensign, vice P. Ostrander, promoted; Jacob Murphy, 
ensign, vice J. Thompson, United States Army. 

Frederick Folger, captain, vice C. Toby, resigned; Oliver H. 
Allen, lieutenant, vice S. Selee, moved; Henry Harder, ensign, vice 
J. Hinman, moved. 

Seventy-third regiment — (Daniel Warner, lieutenant colonel): 

Andrew Kingsley, second major, vice J. Hand, resigned; Isaac 
Everest, surgeon's mate. 

William B. Hurd, captain, vice A. Kingsbery, promoted; John 
Hatch, lieutenant, vice Hurd, promoted; Jirah Dean, ensign, vice 
J. Hatch, promoted. 

Nathaniel Janes, captain, vice A. Bostwick, junior, moved; Wil- 
liam Pratt, lieutenant, vice N. James, promoted; Almarin Fuller, 
ensign, vice W. Pratt, promoted; James Hamilton, lieutenant; Hor- 
ace Stow, ensign. 

Zalmon Skinner, captain, vice W. Hunt, resigned; Spencer Carr, 
lieutenant, vice Z. Skinner, promoted; Moses Cowles, junior, ensign, 
vice S. Carr, promoted. 

Ebenezer Lovejoy, captain, vice O. Cady, resigned; John F. Hul- 
bert, lieutenant, vice E. Palmer, moved; Roswell B. Frisby, ensign. 

One Hundred and Sixty-fifth regiment — (Augustus N. Holly, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Tunis Race, second major, vice J. Finch, resigned; John B. Van 
Deusen, adjutant; Ebenezer Finch, paymaster; John Kingman, 

Isaac B. Williams, captain, vice T. Race, promoted; Titus Simons, 
lieutenant; William Turner, ensign; Elisha Wilcox, lieutenant; 
James Tripp, ensign, vice E. Finch; Peter Silvernail, lieutenant, vice 



1460 Annual Report of the 

J. B. Van Doser, promoted; Adam B. Miller, ensign, vice P. Silver- 
nail, do; John Ter Bush, ensign, vice R Townsend, declining; Den- 
ton Keeler, ensign, vice J. Kingman, promoted. 

Jacob Hiesraut, captain; Nicholas Miller, junior, lieutenant; Albert 
Fetts, ensign — of grenadiers. 

Sixth regiment of artillery: 

John C. Conklin, captain; Adam J. Streven, first lieutenant; Adam 
A. Hiesraut, second do. 

Fifteenth regiment — (John Shaver, lieutenant colonel): 

John Shaver, lieutenant colonel, vice R. T. Livingston, resigned; 
Cyrus Capron, first major, vice J. Shaver, promoted; Ira Gale, sec- 
ond do, vice C. Capron, do; John T. Brodhead, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — Robert Elting, vice I. Gale, promoted; Elias Finger, 
vice F. Rockefeller,!resigne*d; Joseph Hoot; John J. Rossman; Hugh 
Knickerbacker, junior. 

Lieutenants — Anson Gale, vice J. Ham, moved; John Kline, vice 
H. Rockefeller, resigned; Charles Robison; Frederick F. Stickle; 
John McKinstry, junior, vice J. Barringer, junior, resigned; Jonas 
Lasher, vice J. I. Patts, resigned; Cornelius Washburn. 

Ensigns — Elisha Miner, vice A. Gale, promoted; George Els- 
worth, vice J. Lasher, promoted; Philip W. Rockefeller, vice E. 
Finger, promoted; Benjamin J. Miller; Jacob P. Rockefeller, vice 
J. Hoot, promoted; Jeremiah Best; Henry H. Teal; Henry Van 


Forty-sixth regiment — (Richard Cox, lieutenant colonel): 

Chauncy Halladay, paymaster. 

Hezekiah Scovil, captain, vice E. Cone, resigned; Solomon Wells, 
lieutenant, vice H. Scovil, promoted; Roswell Miner, lieutenant, vice 
E. Stephens, deceased; Frederick Mills, ensign, vice R. Miner, 

State Historian. 1461 

Nathaniel Snow, captain, vice J. Barns; John Felshaw, lieutenant, 
vice N. Snow, promoted; Benjamin Doud, junior, lieutenant, vice 
R. Nimocks, resigned; Elijah Salmon, ensign. 

Aaron Talmage, captain, vice T. Stephens, moved. 

John Safford, captain; Ashbel Stephens, lieutenant, vice A. Tal- 
mage, promoted; John Hough, ensign: Nathan Burr, ensign, vice 
G. Lord, resigned. 

One Hundred and First regiment — (Zeboim (Zeboam) Carter, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Nathan Cook, second major, vice E. King, deceased; David K. 
Carter, paymaster. 

Joel Murrey, captain, vice N. Cook, promoted; Grove Elsworth, 
lieutenant, vice W. Parker, moved; Chester Buck, ensign. 

Cyrus Trowbridge, captain, vice L. Clark, resigned; William 
Hillman, lieutenant, vice C. Trowbridge, promoted; Lemtfel Wood, 
ensign, vice W. Hillman, do. 

Ebenezer Newton, captain, vice Stoddard, resigned; Green Wait, 
lieutenant, vice Stillman, resigned; Abel D. Forward, ensign, vice 
E. Newton, promoted; Isaiah Bailey, lieutenant, vice Darrow, 
moved; Charles Sexton, ensign, vice I. Bailey, promoted. 

Jared Knapp, captain, vice Deming, moved; Joel Gleson, lieu- 
tenant, vice Knapp, promoted; Jonathan Austin, ensign, vice 
Gleson, do. 


Seventy-sixth regiment: 

Amariah Tucker, lieutenant colonel, vice G. Tuttle, resigned; 
George White, first major, vice A. Tucker, 'promoted; Noadiah Hub- 
bard, second major, vice Delano, moved; Crafts P. Kimball, sur- 
geon's mate. 

Jacob Fuller, captain, vice G. White, promoted; Samuel Wiswell, 
lieutenant, vice J. Fuller, do; James Pierce, ensign, vice Wiswell. 



1462 Annual Report of the 

John W. McNitt, captain, vice Hubbard, promoted; Joel P. Rice, 
lieutenant, vice McNitt, do; David Young, ensign, vice Rice, do. 

Anson Hungerford, captain, vice J. Adams; Joseph Shelden, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Hungerford; Josiah Richardson, ensign, vice Sheldon. 

Jedediah Stanley, captain, vice L. Hale, resigned; Robert Jerome, 
lieutenant, vice Stanley, promoted; Eber Inglesbee, ensign, vice R. 
Jerome, promoted. 

Fifty-fifth regiment: 

Clark Allen, lieutenant colonel, vice A. Sprague, resigned; Arnold 
Earl, first major, vice C. Allen, promoted; John C. Sill, second do; 
Emery Osgood, chaplain; Noah Tubbs, surgeon's mate; Benjamin 
Wright, adjutant. 

Elijah Wright, captain, vice J. C. Sill, promoted; William Dock- 
steader, lieutenant, vice E. Wright, promoted; Bryan Fox, ensign, 
vice Docksteader, promoted. 

Brooks Herrington, captain, vice J. Scott, resigned; Nathaniel W. 
Hibbard, lieutenant, vice Herrington, promoted; Jesse Hubbard, 
ensign, vice W. Hibbard, do. 

Sterling Wilcox, captain, vice N. Gold, resigned; Charles Caswell, 
lieutenant; Jesse Prior, ensign; Joseph Beals, ensign. 

Solomon McCumber, captain, vice G. W. Clark, deceased; Caleb 
Harris, lieutenant; Simeon Pitcher, ensign; John Otis, ensign, vice 
H. B. Chaffer, moved; Matthew Fenton, ensign of riflemen. 


Third brigade of infantry: 

Jonas Mapes, brigadier general, with rank from September 2, 
1813, vice R. Bogardus, resigned. 

Tenth regiment of infantry — (Andrew Anderson, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Ebenezer Irving, first major, vice J. Strong, promoted; Thomas 

State Historian. 1463 

Richards, second do, vice N. Sayre, do; James Strong - , second do; 
Lewis G. Irving, ensign and paymaster. 

William H. Maxwell, captain, vice T. Richards, promoted; Ezra 
C. Woodhull, captain, vice J. Strong, do; Nathaniel H. Lewis (lieu- 
tenant), vice W. H. Maxwell, promoted; Elijah Whipple, lieutenant, 
vice E. C. Woodhull, do; Joseph Gerard, captain, vice T. Manyard, 
resigned; Richard Jarvis, lieutenant, vice J. Gerard, promoted; 
Philip S. Allen, lieutenant, vice R. Blackwell, resigned. 

Ensigns — William C. Holly, vice N. H. Lewis, promoted; Ben- 
jamin Atterbury, vice E. Whipple, do; Philip Verplanck Hoffman, 
vice R. Jarvis, do; Thomas H. Mills, vice P. S. Allen; Joseph Cod- 
dington, vice R. Hay ward, deceased; William Robert Smith, vice 
Nestell, declining'. 

Fifty-first regiment — (Isaac A. Van Hook, lieutenant colonel) : 

Edward Hitchcock, second major, vice E. W. King, promoted. 

Captains — William B. Hutchings, vice J. Daley, resigned; Ben- 
jamin U. Coles, vice S. W. Disbrow, resigned; George W. Morton, 
vice E. Scheiffelin, do; Pierre Teller, vice B. U. Coles, aide to major 
general; Jacob Schieffelin, junior, vice W. Morton, quartermaster; 
Zebedee Ring, junior. 

Lieutenants — Abraham M. Griffin, vice Z. Ring, promoted; Wil- 
liam McLaughlin, vice A. Bowne, United States Army; John M. 
Ryer, vice C. Bostwick, resigned; John M. Ross, vice D. Cotheal, 
resigned; David Morris, vice M. G. Pell, superseded; John G. Mor- 
gan, vice P. Teller, promoted; Jacob Baker, vice J. Schieffelin, 

Ensigns — Henry William Bool, junior, vice A. M. Griffen, do; 
William Wheaton, vice W. McLaughlin, promoted; Gideon P. 
Hewitt, vice J. M. Ryer, promoted; John Folmar, vice J. M. Ross, 
do; Jacob C. Schermerhorn, vice D. Morris, do; Henry W. Warner, 



1464 Annual Report of the 

vice J. G. Morgan, do; Thomas Longworth, vice J. Baker, do; James 
Ainslie, vice J. Horn ; Caleb S. Brower, vice J. Coe, resigned ; John 
J. Durry, vice B. Cooper. 

Eighty-second regiment: 

William W. Todd, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Strong, resigned; 
Hiram Gardner, first major, vice W. W. Todd, promoted; Charles 
Graham, second do, vice H. Gardner, promoted; Albert Chrystie, 
adjutant, vice T. A. Morris, resigned; Alexander Fleming, pay- 

Hendrick Booraem, captain, vice S. B. Romaine, resigned; Robert 
Emmet, do, vice L. Lockwood, do; Judah Hammond, do, vice T. A. 
Morris, do. 

Lieutenants — John L. Bogardus, vice H. Booraem, promoted; 
Henry Fisher, vice R. Emmet, do; Alexander Fleming, vice J. Ham- 
mond, do; Albert Chrystie, vice J. S. Bibby, declining. 

Ensigns — George L. Brown, vice J. L. Bogardus, promoted; Ge- 
rard J. Beekman, vice H. Fisher, promoted; George W. Heyer, vice 
A. Fleming, do; Herman B. Stryker, vice A. Chrystie, do. 

Edward L. Schieffelin, second major. 

One Hundred and Twenty-fifth regiment — (Daniel Dodge, lieu- 
tenant colonel) : 

Elisha W. King, first major, vice T. Riker, United States Army; 
John K. Rogers, surgeon's mate, vice Anderson, resigned. 

Abijah Fisher, captain, vice J. Gosman, resigned; Thomas Alsop, 
do, vice J. Groshon, do; Henry T. Wheeler, lieutenant, vice A. 
Fisher, promoted; David C. Hick, do, vice T. Alsop, do; Henry 
McVickar, ensign, vice H. T. Wheeler, do; Daniel Townsend,. 
ensign, vice D. C. Hick, promoted. 

One Hundred and Forty-second regiment: 

Nathan Sayre, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Mapes, promoted. 

State Historian. 1465 

Homer Whittemore, captain, vice E. Hitchcock, do; Thomas J. 
Dalancy, do, vice C. Schermerhorn, junior, resigned; John Ogden 
Dey, do, vice W. Hawley, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Samuel S. Dunscomb, vice H. Whittemore, pro- 
moted; Henry W. Nicoll, vice S. Lethtridge, resigned; Waldron B. 
Post, vice T. J. Delancy, promoted; Samuel W. Jones, vice J. O. 
Dey, promoted. 

Ensigns — Peter W. Gale, vice S. S. Dunscomb, promoted; John 
Varick, vice H. W. Nicoll, promoted; William A. Prince, vice W. B. 
Post, promoted; Richard Freeke, vice S. W. Jones, promoted; 
Thomas Y. Spicer. 


One Hundred and Forty-sixth regiment — (Richard Conner, lieu- 
tenant colonel) : 

John Tysen, junior, captain, vice M. Ridgeway, resigned; John 
Burbank, lieutenant, vice J. Tysen, junior, promoted; Daniel Haugh- 
wout, ensign, vice J. Burbank, promoted. 


Second regiment — (Farrand Stranahan, lieutenant colonel): 

Elihu Phinney, second major, vice J. Sprague, resigned; Theodore 
Pomeroy, surgeon's mate. 

Enoch Sill, captain, vice H. Brown, resigned; Daniel Potter, 
junior, captain, vice B. Price moved; Silas Wood, captain. 

Lieutenants — Miles Benjamin, vice J. Windsor, resigned; Daniel 
Windsor, vice W. Russel, do; Reuben Palmer. 

Ensigns — Augustus Rogers, vice J. Starr, resigned; Edmund 
Skiff; Gilbert Palmer; Jesse Stetson. 

One Hundred and Twelfth regiment — (Joseph Clyde, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Robert Dunlap, quartermaster, vice M. H. Flint, moved. 



1466 Annual Report of the 

Russell Darrow, captain, vice C. Marks, resigned; Jehiel Dutcher, 
lieutenant; Benoni Marks, ensign; Elisha B. Shelden, ensign; Henry- 
Brown, lieutenant; William B. Gilbert, ensign. 

John C. Hall, captain, vice J. Ferguson, resigned ; James T. Whita- 
ker, lieutenant; Thomas Prentice, ensign. 

Henry N. Hanson, captain, vice J. Clark, moved; Robert Davis, 
lieutenant; Martin Sullivan, ensign. 

James Butler, captain; John Denton, lieutenant; Daniel Wilber, 

John Vantuyl, captain; Rivilo Ford, lieutenant; John Woodruff, 

David Woodburn, lieutenant; William Allen, junior, ensign — of 
light infantry. 

One Hundred and Thirty-fifth regiment: 

Nathaniel Crandal, lieutenant colonel, vice Gershom Palmer, 
resigned; Billings Brown, first major, vice Holland; William W. 
Walker, second major; Jesse Gardner, adjutant; Joab Willys, quar- 
termaster; Aaron Richards, paymaster. 

Henry Day, captain; Caleb Brown, lieutenant; Elisha Babcock, 

Dan Treadway, captain; Hamlin Sabins, lieutenant; Cyrus Brown, 

Elias Higgins, captain; Simeon Marsh, lieutenant; Alvin Brooks, 

Thomas P. McChesney, captain; Stephen Thomas, lieutenant. 

Ensigns — Robert Hughs, John Ensign, Benjamin Hopkins. 

One Hundred and Fifty-first regiment: 

William Stranahan, lieutenant colonel, vice E. Bundy, resigned; 
Willard Coy, first major; Matthew M. Monter, second major; John 
Packard, paymaster; William Merethew, captain. 

State Historian. 1467 

James Overhison, captain of light infantry, vice B. Shepherd; 
Thurston Brown, lieutenant of do; David S. Bundy, ensign of do. 

Josiah Northrop, captain; Abijah Knott, lieutenant; Stoughton 
Alger, junior, ensign. 

Cyrus Jackson, captain; John E. Wheller, lieutenant; Alpheus 
Fairchild, ensign. 

John Thorp, captain; James Baker, lieutenant; Samuel Adams, 

Daniel Cone, captain; Orronge B. Spencer, ensign. 

Hezekiah Griffith, captain; Simeon Church, lieutenant; Benjamin 
Sanders, ensign. 

Elijah Fuller, captain; Silas Gates, lieutenant; John Smith, 
ensign — new company. 


The Commander-in-chief having represented to the Council that 
he had divided the fortieth brigade of infantry into two brigades, the 
one to consist of the infantry in Essex county, to be called the 
fortieth brigade, and to be commanded by Brigadier General 
(Daniel) Wright; and the other to be called the forty-second brigade, 
to consist of the infantry in Clinton and Franklin counties, and that 
the brigade inspector and brigade quartermaster of the late fortieth 
brigade are both within the bounds of the forty-second brigade — 
therefore, Resolved, that Lieutenant Colonel Alric Mann (of Frank- 
lin county) be and he is hereby appointed brigadier general of the 
forty-second brigade of infantry. 

Resolved, that Adjutant David B. McNeil (of Essex county) be 
and he is hereby appointed brigade major and inspector of the for- 
tieth brigade of infantry. 



1468 Annual Report of the 

saratoga county. 

Fifty-ninth regiment of infantry — (John Prior, lieutenant colonel) : 

Jacob Weed, quartermaster, vice J. Youngs, junior, resigned: 

John Ambler, lieutenant of grenadiers, vice J. Kellogg, moved; 
Peter Killmore, ensign of do, vice J. Ambler, promoted; Alpheus 
Goodrich, lieutenant, vice E. Gillman, promoted; Jonathan P. Couch, 
ensign, vice A. Goodrich, promoted. 

Nathaniel Ingerson, captain, vice W. Scofield, resigned; William 
S. Scofield, lieutenant, vice N. Ingerson, promoted; Aaron Rose, 
ensign, vice W. S. Scofield, promoted; A.aron Blake, ensign. 

Stephen Medbury, captain, vice A. Duell, resigned; Ira Ormsbee, 
lieutenant, vice A. Medbury, resigned; Daniel Mitchell, ensign, vice 
S. Medbury, promoted; Abel Whalen, lieutenant; Jonathan John- 
son, ensign. 

Isaac Van Alstine, captain; Edward Frink, lieutenant; Gilbert 
Swan, ensign — of riflemen, new company. 

Twenty-fourth regiment — (John Rhodes, lieutenant colonel): 

Jonathan Delano, junior, first major, vice E. Smith, resigned; 
Phineas Warren, second do, vice J. Delano, promoted. 

James Perry, captain, vice P. Warren, promoted; Thomas Perry, 
lieutenant, vice J. Perry, do; Wily Ellithrop, ensign, vice T. 
Perry, do. 

John Derick, captain, vice J. Carpenter, resigned; Sampson Wool- 
sey, lieutenant, vice J. Derick, promoted; Jacob Conklin, ensign,; 
vice T. Woolsey. 

William Tripp, captain, vice J. N. Smith, resigned; Uriel Cornell, 
lieutenant, vice W. Tripp, promoted; Matthew Allen, ensign, vice U. 
Cornell, promoted. 

Forty-first regiment — (John Dunning, lieutenant colonel): 

Moses Landon, captain, vice W. Dunning, junior, deceased; 

State Historian. 1469 

Thomas Collamer, lieutenant, vice M. Landon, promoted; Gould 
Morehouse, ensign, vice T. Collamer, promoted. 

William Strang, captain, vice D. Gould, moved; Cyrus Johnson, 
lieutenant, vice W. Strang, promoted; Stephen S. Sayles, ensign, 
vice J. Johnson, do; Benjamin Evens, junior, ensign, vice S. Smith, 
declining; John Volentine, lieutenant, vice R. Bidwell, moved; Rich- 
ard Denton, ensign, vice J. Volentine, promoted; William Patrick, 
third, surgeon's mate, vice D. Shumway, resigned. 
One Hundred and Forty-fourth regiment: 

Guert Van Schoonhoven, lieutenant colonel, vice H. Ketchum 
(sheriff); Samuel Stewart, first major, vice G. Van Schoonhoven, 
promoted; William Comstock, second do, vice S. Stewart, pro- 
moted; Charles H. Wetmore, surgeon, vice E. Porter, resigned; 
Samuel L. McLary, surgeon's mate. 

John Nessel, captain, vice W. Comstock. promoted; Robert Pow- 
ers, lieutenant, vice J. Nessel, do; Abraham Travis, junior, ensign, 
vice R. Powers, promoted. 

David Garnsey, captain, vice N. Garnsey, junior, resigned; Silas 
Cogswell, lieutenant, vice D. Garnsey, promoted; Isaac Van Hining, 
ensign, vice S. Cogswell, promoted; Isaac B. Mix, lieutenant, vice 
S. Irish, resigned; Nicholas E. Vischer, ensign, vice J. B. Mix, pro- 
moted; David Spencer, lieutenant, vice B. Chamberlin, moved; 
Garet N. Groesbeck, ensign, vice D. Spencer, promoted. 

George Edson, ensign of light infantry, vice C. H. Wetmore, 

Thirty-second regiment — (David Rogers, lieutenant colonel): 
Nicholas D. Condey, lieutenant; John Callaghan, ensign; Robert 
W. Oliphant, lieutenant; Zalmon Wakeman, ensign; Amos Sher- 
wood, ensign. 

Samuel Richards, captain, vice A. Dunlap, moved; Peter McKins- 
ley, lieutenant; Justis Miller, ensign. 



i47° Annual Report of the 

Ninth brigade of infantry: 

Earl Stimson, brigade major and inspector, vice D. Smith, 
resigned; Stephen Volentine, brigade quartermaster, vice L. H. 
Gansevoort, promoted. 

Major Levi Scovil's battalion of infantry:* 

John Cornell, captain, vice L. Scovil, promoted; Isaiah Parmenter,- 
lieutenant, vice D. Hemstraught, moved; Alvin Sloan, ensign, vice 
I. Parmenter, promoted. 

Gideon Orton, captain; Lyman Pitcher, lieutenant; William B. 
Coltson, ensign. 

John Scofield, captain; Rufus Ware, lieutenant; Joel Phelps, 
junior, ensign; Jonathan Flanders, lieutenant; David Stewart, 

Isaiah Parmenter, captain; Thomas Shearer, lieutenant; Edward 
Scovil, ensign; Levi Heath, lieutenant; John W. Creal, ensign; 
Joseph Wood, ensign. 

Fourth division of infantry: 

Daniel G. Garnsey, Jeremiah Terhune, aides-de-camp to the major 
general, with the rank of majors. 


Ninety-first regiment — (Michael Smith, lieutenant colonel): 

Joseph Brewster, adjutant, vice S. Strong, promoted. 

Andrew J. Caldwell, captain, vice W.Edmonston, junior, resigned; 

Nathaniel Denniston, lieutenant, vice A. J. Caldwell, promoted; 

Andrew Lamoreaux, lieutenant, vice T. North, junior, moved; 

Edward Coffey, ensign, vice N. Denniston, promoted; James Sum- 

merbell, ensign, vice B. Westervelt, moved. 

* This Battalion was formed into a Regiment, the One Hundred and Sixty-sixth, at 
the same session of the Council. See page 1528.— State Historian. 

State Historian. I47 1 

George Wilkes, captain; Joseph Belcher, lieutenant; James Ball, 

ensign — new company. 

One Hundred and Forty-eighth regiment — (Abraham Vail, lieu- 
tenant colonel) : 

Jonathan Bailey, junior, second major, vice D. Carpenter, 

John Hallock, junior, captain, vice J. Bailey, junior, promoted. 

Garret Schuyler, captain, vice Wadsworth, United States Army. 

Hulet Clark, captain,! vice J. B. Stoddard, refusing; Samuel Knapp, 
lieutenant, vice J. Hallock, junior, promoted; Joel Whitlock, lieu- 
tenant, vice H. Clark, promoted; Jonathan Mather, lieutenant, vice 
S. Allen, United States Army; Arthur V. T. Bodle, ensign, vice J. 
Whitlock, promoted; George W. Goble, ensign, vice G. Schuyler, 
promoted; Martin Mapes, ensign. 

Josiah Kitchell, captain of grenadiers, vice J. Turner, United 
States Army; Michael Jackson, lieutenant do, vice J. Kitchell, pro- 
moted; James Holbert, ensign do, vice M. Jackson, do. 


Eighty-third regiment — (Benjamin Gurnee, lieutenant colonel) : 

Jesse Coe, surgeon. 

Cornelius Youmans, ensign. 

One Hundred and Sixtieth regiment — (Cornelius Blauvelt, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Samuel Sidman, captain; William Bush, lieutenant; Garrit De 
Graw, ensign; John Briggs, ensign; Henry Gisner, lieutenant. 


Fifty-fourth regiment — (Reuben Root, lieutenant colonel): 
Martin Hopkins, adjutant, vice J. Chapin, deceased; Jesse Hyde, 
quartermaster, vice M. Hopkins, promoted; Lothrop Elderkin, pay- 



147 2 Annual Report of the 

master, vice J. Hyde; Caleb Richardson, surgeon's mate, vice W. 
Edson, resigned. 

Aver}- Park, captain, vice J. Chapin, resigned; Israel Taylor, cap- 
tain, vice W. E. Peck, resigned; William Tilar, captain, vice S. Bar- 
ber, moved. 

Lieutenants — Abel Aylsworth, vice H. Kennedy, resigned; Par- 
don Davis, vice A. Park, promoted; Peter Peck, vice W. Smith, 
moved; Jacob Talbot, junior, vice I. Taylor, promoted; Abel Calkin; 
William Hall, vice John Keefer, moved. 

Ensigns — Nicholas Parker, vice P. Davis, promoted; Peter Ten 
Broeck, vice A. Aylsworth, promoted; Abel Pierce, vice P. Peck, 
promoted; David Wylie; Whipple Olney, vice A. Perry, moved: 
Seth Alvord, vice J. Talbot, promoted. 


Sixty-ninth regiment — (Abraham Howell, lieutenant colonel): 

Silas Crandall, adjutant; Allen Mead, quartermaster; Gabriel 
North, junior, paymaster. 

William Beach, lieutenant, vice Waters, resigned; Edmund Bram- 
hall, ensign, vice Beach, promoted; Peter Huyck, lieutenant; John 
Teed, ensign; Allen Mead, lieutenant, vice Goodrich,sabsent; Gabriel 
North, junior, ensign, vice Mead, promoted; Joseph Blowers, ensign 
of light infantry. 

Seventieth regiment — (John A. Hubbell, lieutenant colonel): 

Frederick P. Foote, first major, vice Mill, deceased; Otis Preston, 
second major, vice Foote, promoted; John M. Landon, adjutant; 
Edward Moore, quartermaster; John E. Denio, paymaster. 

Elisha Reynolds, captain ; Joseph Newbury, lieutenant, vice Rey- 
nolds, promoted; Christopher Warmsley, junior, ensign. 

David S. Denio, captain; Samuel Robinson, junior, lieutenant; 
William Frisbee, ensign; David Mitchell, second, ensign. 

State Historian. 1473 

David Hollister, junior, captain; Levi Mabee, lieutenant; William 
Stewart, ensign. 

Jonas Newman, captain; Eliab Hilton, lieutenant; Alexander 

Johnson, ensign. 

David More, captain; Gersham Sillman, lieutenant; Edward W. 
Burhans, ensign; David Disbrow, lieutenant; Solomon Vermilyer, 

Nathan Moffat, captain; John Hardenbergh, lieutenant; John L. 
More, ensign; Burr Sillaman, lieutenant; William Grant, junior, 

Eighty-seventh regiment — (Selah Francis, lieutenant colonel): 

Jesse Booth, quartermaster; Joseph Clark, paymaster. 

Elijah Andrews, captain of light infantry, vice Butts, resigned; 
Joseph Jaquish, lieutenant do; John Bilby, ensign do; Joseph Cop- 
ley, lieutenant; Joseph Worden, lieutenant; Raymond Starr, ensign; 
Matthew McClaughry, ensign. 

Battalion in the twenty-fifth brigade of infantry : 

Asa Grant, major commandant, vice Hull, resigned; Noah 
Demick, adjutant, vice A. Parker, moved. 

Avery Bouton, captain light infantry, vice J. Avery, resigned; 
William Dumond, lieutenant do, vice A. Bouton, promoted; William 
Sluyter, ensign do, vice W. Dumond, promoted. 

Avary Grant, captain, vice Asa Grant, promoted; Edward Steen- 
rod, lieutenant, vice Avary Grant, promoted; Peter Shaver, ensign, 
vice E. Steenrod, promoted; Asbel Bassett, lieutenant; Stephen 
Hull, ensign. 

New battalion, twenty-fifth brigade: 

James Wright, major commandant; George W. Paige, surgeon. 

Merlin Hunter, ensign of light infantry. 



1474 Annual Report of the 


John H. Gregory, captain, vice Wright, promoted; Noah Fuller, 
lieutenant, vice Gregory, promoted; John Gritman, ensign. 

John Knight, captain; Lewis Mallery, lieutenant; John Graham, 


Eighty-first regiment of infantry: 

Charles Bartles, lieutenant colonel commandant; George Kress, 
first major; Timothy Hurd, second do; Franklin Welles, paymaster; 
Andrew Kingsbore, surgeon's mate. 

John O. Cook, captain; John Laning, lieutenant; Nicholas Yost, 

John Sebring, captain; Abraham Bennit, ensign. 

Henry Switzer, captain; Asa Tolbit, lieutenant; Sardis R. Chase, 
ensign; George Hunter, ensign. 

William Clark, captain of light infantry; Sherman Durd, ensign 
of do. 

Ninety-sixth regiment — (Samuel S. Haight, lieutenant colonel) : 

Henry Crouch, captain; Isaac Parmenter, lieutenant; Benjamin 
Rogers, ensign; Darius Read, ensign; William Baker, ensign. 

John Kennady, captain of light infantry; William C. Lawshe, lieu- 
tenant do; William Neally, ensign do. 

Seventeenth regiment — (James McBurney, lieutenant colonel): 

James Faulkner, surgeon. 

Oliver Harding, captain. 

One Hundred and Twenty-sixth regiment: 

Jedediah Nobles, lieutenant colonel, vice Goodspeed, moved; 
Isaac Rawson, first major; Nathaniel Porter, second major; John 
Riggs, adjutant; Henry Chamberlin, quartermaster; John Ayers, 

Ezra Sanford, captain; James Orcut, lieutenant; George P. 
Kitchum, ensign. 

, State Historian. 1475 

Samuel Woolcot, captain; Solomon Simons, lieutenant; Eli Stew- 
art, ensign; John Bunnel, ensign; Comer Watermore, lieutenant; 
Timothy H. Porter, ensign. 

Albert Langdon, captain; Samuel Russel, lieutenant. 

Levi Atlis, captain; Jesse Bullock, lieutenant; Reuben Atlis, 

Jacob Clendenne, captain; Christopher Doty, lieutenant; John 
Lemon, ensign. 


Ninetieth regiment — (Daniel Wright, lieutenant colonel): 

Jared Thayer, second major, vice D. Fenner, promoted; Daniel C. 
Henderson, adjutant, vice B. Ward, resigned; Westel Willoughby, 
junior, surgeon, vice A. Haile, deceased; Ebenezer Vining, chaplain, 
vice C. Alexander, moved; William Frame, surgeon's mate. 

Russel Hine, captain of riflemen, vice J. Thayer, promoted; Heze- 
kiah Wilber, lieutenant do, vice Hine, promoted; Henry Wilcox, 
ensign do, vice Wilber, promoted. 

Lemuel Potter, captain of light infantry, vice C. Dyer, resigned; 
Aaron Root, lieutenant do, vice S. Smith, moved; George Swezey, 
ensign do, vice S. Potter, promoted. 

Elijah Carpenter, captain, vice N. Burwell, resigned; Asahel Car- 
penter, lieutenant, vice E. Carpenter, promoted; Jason Beebe, ensign, 
vice S. Dyer, moved. 

Henry V. S. Morse, captain, vice S. Varriance, resigned; Eli 
Brocket, lieutenant, vice Z. Brocket, moved; Joshua Benjamin, 
ensign, vice H. V. S. Morse, promoted. 

Shibnah Nichols, captain, vice J. Smith, resigned; William Rey- 
nolds, lieutenant, vice S. Nichols, promoted; Noble Ross, ensign, 
vice D. C. Henderson, promoted; Richardson Eaton, ensign, vice 
J. Paul, resigned. 



1476 Annual Report of the 

Fortieth regiment — (Matthew Myers, lieutenant colonel): 

Harvey W. Doolittle, surgeon, vice J. Abramse, junior, moved; 
Thomas Phelon, surgeon's mate, vice D. M. Hale, moved. 

Ichabod Brown, ensign of light infantry, vice H. Morse, promoted. 

Russel Norton, captain, vice E. Cowles, superseded; Stephen 
Crosby, lieutenant, vice J. Ball, resigned; Oliver Breed, junior, 
ensign, vice R. Norton, promoted. 

Michael Weber, captain, vice J. Frank, resigned; Warner Folts, 
lieutenant, vice M. Weber, promoted; Jacob Folts, ensign, vice W. 
Folts, promoted. 

Sterry Hawkins, captain, vice J. Hall, deceased; Abel Fowler, 
lieutenant, vice S. Hawkins, promoted; Aaron Griswold, ensign, 
vice A. Fowler, promoted. 

Rufus Howard, captain, vice S. Cahoon; William Bacon, junior, 
lieutenant, vice R. Howard, promoted; Major Hickox, ensign; John 
Martin, ensign. 


Fourth regiment — (Micah Brooks, lieutenant colonel): 

Manasseh Leach, first major, vice J. Marsh, resigned; Zireh Row- 
ley, second do, vice R. Strong, resigned; William H. Adams, adju- 
tant, vice H. Lyon, moved; John A. Graham, quartermaster; Jona- 
than Child, paymaster, vice J. S. Peck, deceased; David Fuller, 

William Parker, captain; Benjamin K. Peck, lieutenant, vice Par- 
ker, promoted; Michael Raxford, ensign. 

Asahel Boughton, captain, vice Rowley, promoted; Marvin 
Schudder, lieutenant; Jonathan S. Miller, ensign, vice Boughton, 
promoted; Linus Gunn, ensign, vice H. Adams, promoted; Ariel 
Hendee, ensign, vice J. Phillips, deceased. 

Enoch Wilcox, captain of light infantry, vice J. Dunks, resigned; 

State Historian. 1477 

Asahel Cowles, lieutenant do, vice Wilcox, promoted; John B. 
French, ensign do, vice Cowles, do. 

Twenty-second regiment — (Peter Allen, lieutenant colonel): 

Charles Gooding, quartermaster, vice J. Henderson, junior, 
deceased; William Watkins, paymaster. 

John Crandle, captain, vice T. Kent, resigned; George Bowen, 
lieutenant, vice J. Crandle, promoted; William Bennett, ensign, vice 
J. Bowen, promoted. 

Philip Short, captain, vice R. Streeter, resigned; Jacob Bently, 
lieutenant, vice P. Short, promoted; Edmund Tayler, ensign; Joshua 
Jones, lieutenant, vice N. Crow, junior, deceased; James Gooding, 
junior, ensign; Ebenezer Davis, lieutenant, vice J. Covil, junior, 
deceased; George Hatch, ensign; Randall, chapman, ensign; Archi- 
bald Orcutt, ensign. 

William T. Codding, captain light infantry, vice E. Hill, resigned ; 
Daniel Doolittle, lieutenant do, vice Codding, promoted; Constant 
Shaw, ensign, vice Doolittle, do. 

Fifty-second regiment — (Caleb Hopkins, lieutenant colonel): 

Caleb Nye, second major, vice O. Stone, resigned; Oliver Culver, 
adjutant; James Gallagher, quartermaster. 

Ariel Newcomb, captain, vice C. Nye, promoted; Richard Tillot- 
son, lieutenant; Silas Newcomb, ensign. 

Seth Roberts, captain, vice W. Hawley, moved; Isaac F. Nichols, 
lieutenant; Ebenezer Goodwin, ensign. 

Leonard Stoneburner, captain, vice E. Blossom, resigned; Francis 
Charter, lieutenant; William Billinghurst, ensign, vice L. Thomas, 
deceased; Thomas Newman, ensign, vice E. Doud, do. 

Nathaniel Case, captain, vice M. D. Hunt, resigned; Elisha Case, 
lieutenant; Thomas Shaw, ensign; James Shucraft, lieutenant; 
Ebenezer Cook, ensign. 



1478 Annual Report of the 

Tiffany Neddleton, captain, vice E. Cook, resigned; Charles P. 
Moore, lieutenant; Ichabod Burdock, ensign. 

Ninety-fourth regiment — (Joseph W. Lawrence, lieutenant 

Wakeman Lyon, captain, vice D. Rowley, resigned. 

Ozi Blakeslee, captain, vice D. Bigelow, resigned; Truman H. 
Gilbert, lieutenant, vice J. M. Gilbert, deceased; Josiah, Ackley, 
lieutenant, vice Z. Rathbun, resigned; John B. Case, ensign; Caleb 
J. Whaley, ensign; Eli Stedman, ensign, vice O. Blakeslee, pro- 
moted; Horatio Tilden, ensign. 

Samuel Xiblack, captain; John Niblack, lieutenant; George 
Agnew, ensign — new company of riflemen. 

Henry F. White, ensign; Daniel Kelly, lieutenant. 

Leman Gibbs, captain, vice G. Tyler, deceased; William Parks, 
lieutenant, vice Gibbs, promoted; Frederick Davis, ensign. 

Seventh regiment of artillery — (Walter Grieve, lieutenant colonel) : 

William Lilly, adjutant, vice J. H. Rees, United States Army; 
Anthony Dey, quartermaster, vice William Lilly; Thomas White, 
chaplain, vice J. Chapman, deceased. 

George Goundry, captain, vice J. Rees, United States Army; Wil- 
liam Giffing, junior, first lieutenant, vice R. T. Wood, resigned; 
David S. Hall, second lieutenant, vice G. Goundry, promoted. 


John R. Harris, captain, vice Samuel Jacks, resigned; William 
Hooper, first lieutenant, vice J. R. Harris, promoted; James Sylandt. 
second lieutenant, vice W. Hooper, promoted. 


Daniel Churchill, first lieutenant, vice Day, declining; Josept 
Bennett, second lieutenant, vice Rhodes, moved. 

State Historian. 1479 

albany county. 

Second regiment of riflemen — Samuel M. Lockwood, lieutenant 
colonel commandant: 

Harman Hoffman Ten Eyck, surgeon's mate, vice Miller, 

John Van Vechten, captain. 


John Case, paymaster, vice S. Lush. 

Sidney Dole, captain, vice J. Tracy, resigned; Cyrus Tanner, lieu- 
tenant, vice Dole, promoted; Luke H. Thrall, ensign, vice Tanner, 


One Hundred and Twenty-second regiment: 

Tiffany Brockway, lieutenant colonel, vice James Ford, resigned; 
James Canary, first major, vice Allen, resigned; John P. Davis, sec- 
ond do, vice Brockway, promoted; Robert Proudfit, chaplain; 
Charles Brockway, adjutant, vice Bacon, resigned; Nicholas A. 
Vedder, quartermaster, vice Vedder, do; Josiah T. Betts, surgeon, 
vice Esmond, deceased; Abraham Pulling, surgeon's mate, vice 
Betts, promoted. 

Nathaniel Fisk, captain, vice Canary, promoted; Francis Van de 
Bogert, lieutenant, vice Roberts, resigned; George W. Walch, 
ensign, vice Van de Bogert, promoted. 

Caleb Allen, second, captain, vice Davis, promoted; Thomas 
Pinkerton, lieutenant, vice Allen, promoted; Elias Newman, ensign, 
vice Pinkerton, promoted. 

David Howell, captain, vice Degroff, resigned; John French, lieu- 
tenant, vice Howell, promoted; Joshua French, ensign, vice Jno. 
French, promoted. 

Benjamin Gifford, captain, vice G. Shew, resigned; Godfrey J. 



1480 Annual Report of the 

Shew, lieutenant, vice Gifford, promoted; Samuel Bass, ensign, vice 
Shew, promoted. 

Clark Wait, captain, vice Kennedy, resigned; John A. Fonda, lieu- 
tenant, vice Wait, promoted; Eldridge Spink, ensign, vice Fonda, 

Joseph Walker, captain, vice Brockway, deceased; George Thomp- 
son, lieutenant, vice Walker, promoted; David P. Demarest, ensign, 
vice Thompson, promoted. 

Nineteenth regiment: 

Andrew Zabriskie, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Snell, appointed 
sheriff; Frederick Getman, first major, vice Zabriskie, promoted; 
Rudolph Dygert, second major, vice Getman, promoted; Daniel 
Christie, adjutant. 

George G. Eacker, captain, vice Duygert, promoted; Matthew 
McCape, lieutenant, vice Eacker, do; Daniel Van Wee, ensign. 

Thomas Wilbur, captain, vice House, resigned; Abner White, 
lieutenant, vice Wilbur, promoted; John P. Clouse, ensign, vice 
White, do. 

John Shafer, captain, vice Clock, resigned; John Gillerland, lieu- 
tenant, vice Shafer, promoted; Henry Whitlock, junior, ensign. 

Rudolph Cook, captain, vice Saltsman, resigned; George G. Get- 
man, lieutenant, vice Cook, promoted; Martinus J. Delanbaugh, 
ensign, vice Getman, promoted; Henry J. Cook, lieutenant; Nicholas 
Gray, ensign, vice Cook, promoted; David Rightmyer, ensign, vice 
D. Christy, promoted; Jacob H. Failing, lieutenant, vice Candy, 

Thirty-fourth regiment — (Abraham J. Vosburgh, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

William J. Dodge, captain, vice Russell, resigned; Charles Coan, 
lieutenant, vice S. R. Dodge, moved; Charles Stewart, ensign. 

State Historian. 1481 

Isaac Thrawl, captain, vice Burr, moved; Alinus Matthews, lieu- 
tenant, vice Thrawl, promoted; John Ward, ensign, vice Matthews, 
promoted; John H. Lansing, lieutenant, vice Kline, resigned; 
Wynont Van Housen, ensign, vice Lansing, promoted. 

Giles Fonda, captain, vice Hoofman, resigned; Jesse Visscher, 
lieutenant, vice Conyne, moved; Abraham A. Van Home, ensign, 
vice Fonda, promoted. 

John Sammons, captain, vice Pifer, moved; Alexander Stewart, 
lieutenant, vice Sammons, promoted; John Gross, ensign, vice 
Stewart, do; James McCauley, lieutenant; Philip Arogatzinger, 
ensign; Levanus Hildreth, ensign, vice Hulet, moved. 

Twenty-sixth regiment — (Sylvanus Wilcox, lieutenant colonel) : 

John C. Servoss, adjutant; Richard Davis, junior, surgeon's mate, 
vice Delamater, moved. 

Reuben Stewart, lieutenant, vice Servoss, promoted; Reuben 
How, ensign, vice Stewart, do; James G. McMaster, ensign, vice 
G. Chartres, moved. 

John P. Clute, captain, vice Printup, resigned; Cornelius G. Van 
Alstyne, lieutenant, vice Clute, promoted; Jacob N. Gardinier, 
ensign, vice Van Alstine, promoted; Alexander McAuley, ensign, 
vice Wiser, moved; Peter P. Mabee, lieutenant, vice Lafferty, moved; 

Willliam Dye, ensign, vice Mabee, promoted; Myndert Staring, 

Chester Elliot, captain, vice Cady, resigned; David Mallery, lieu- 
tenant, vice Elliot, promoted; Thomas Haslet, ensign, vice Mallery, 

Daniel Servoss, captain, vice Sweet, moved; James Greenman, 
lieutenant, vice Servoss, promoted; Peter Martin, ensign, vice Bar- 
tholomew, moved. 



1482 Annual Report of the 

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment — (George H. Nellis, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Henry Lyker, first major, vice Smith, resigned; Peter Sternbergh, 
second major, vice Lyker, promoted; Isaac Ehvood, adjutant, vice 
Sternbergh, promoted; Adam J. Roof, paymaster, vice Gross, moved. 

George N.Pickerd, captain of light infantry, vice Crouse, resigned; 
Cornelius Lycker, lieutenant of do, vice Pickerd, promoted; Isaac 
Elwood, ensign of do, vice Lycker, promoted. 

John St. John, captain, vice Walch, resigned; Rufus Morris, lieu- 
tenant, vice St. John, promoted; Jeremiah Webb, ensign, vice Mor- 
ris, promoted. 

William Jenkins, captain; Harman J. Ehle, lieutenant; John G. 
Garlock, ensign — of riflemen (new company). 

Ninth regiment of cavalry: 

James Cushney, captain; Xicholas Yost, first lieutenant; Herman 
Vischer, second lieutenant; Douw Fonda, cornet — new company. 

Eighth regiment of infantry — (James Johnson, lieutenant colonel) : 

William Williams, chaplain. 

John Ford, captain, vice Thompson, resigned; Stephen Hallet, 
lieutenant, vice Ford, promoted; Amos Griswold, ensign, vice Hal- 
let, promoted. 

Ezra Cheedle, captain, vice Lew, resigned; Hosea Moffit, lieu- 
tenant, vice Cheedle, promoted; Ira Hids, ensign, vice Moffit, 

Silas Philips, captain, vice Wood, resigned; Thomas Blekman, 
lieutenant, vice Philips, promoted. 


Thirty-fifth regiment: 

Hart Weed, lieutenant colonel, vice I. Crosby, junior, resigned. 

State Historian. 1483 

Anson Crane, first major, vice H. Weed, promoted; Benjamin 
Burr, second do, vice A. Crane, promoted; Samuel Allen, paymaster, 
vice J. Crane, resigned. 

Newel Dodge, captain, vice B. Burr, promoted; Joseph C. Seely, 
lieutenant, vice S. Allen, promoted; Archibald Campbell, junior, 
ensign, vice N. Dodge, promoted. 

Thomas Lake, captain, vice S. Wooden, resigned; James Haines, 
lieutenant, vice T. Lake, promoted; Isaac Lake, ensign; Gideon 
Wakeman, lieutenant, vice O. Coul, moved; John Turner, ensign, 
vice G. Wakeman, promoted. 

James M. Smith, captain, vice R. Fancher, resigned; Benjamin 
Pugsley, lieutenant, vice J. M. Smith, promoted; Gernsey Beach, 
ensign, vice B. Pugsley, promoted; Daniel W. Townsend, ensign; 
Epaphras B. Baldwin, lieutenant, vice H. Cleft, moved; Levi Bailey, 
junior, ensign, vice E. B. Baldwin, promoted; Piatt V. Brush, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. B. Baxter, resigned; Alfred Crosby, ensign, vice 
Brush, promoted. 

One Hundred and Forty-ninth regiment — (Ab'm Van Wyck, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Henry Dubois, adjutant, vice W. Griffin, resigned. 

Benjamin Bown, lieutenant; Solomon Gilderslieve, ensign, vice 
Bown, promoted. 

Isaac R. Adriance, captain; William N. Wilde, lieutenant, vice 
Adriance, promoted; Peter Adriance, ensign, vice Wilde, promoted; 
Theodorus Annin, lieutenant, vice Rapalye, United States Army; 
Elias W. Van Voris, ensign, vice Annin, promoted; Gilbert B. 
Hutchins, ensign, vice E. W. Van Voris, promoted. 

Henry Haight, captain, vice A. Rapalye, resigned; Abraham 
Rapalye, junior, lieutenant, vice H. Haight, promoted; Thomas 
Way, ensign, vice A. Rapalye, junior, promoted. 



1484 Annual Report of the 

Sixty-first regiment — (Barnabas Carver, lieutenant colonel): 

Edward Bugbee, first major, vice J. Hopkins, resigned; Reuben 
Cole, second major, vice G. Frost, resigned. 

Jonathan Ferris, captain, vice E. Bugbee, promoted; James Mar- 
tin, lieutenant, vice J. Ferris, promoted; Robert J. Post, ensign, vice 
J. Martin, promoted. 

David Travis, captain; Daniel Travis, lieutenant, vice D. Travis, 
promoted; Benjamin Ballard, ensign, vice D. Travis, promoted. 

Bennet Boyd, captain, vice A. Peck, moved; Ray Smith, lieuten- 
ant, vice Boyd, promoted; Giles Cushman, ensign, vice R. Smith, 


One Hundred and Fifty-second regiment — (John Gallup, lieuten- 
ant colonel): 

Ira Abbot, paymaster, vice D. Gallup, appointed quartermaster. 

John Armstrong, junior, lieutenant, vice D. Denison, moved; 
Peleg Chesebro, lieutenant, vice A. Van Auken, resigned; Peter 
Schoonmaker, lieutenant, vice S. Marselis, moved; Brownell Tripp, 
lieutenant, vice J. Avery, deceased ; George Williamson, ensign, vice 
J. Armstrong, junior, promoted; Philip Duel, ensign, vice P. Chese- 
bro, promoted; Frederick Bossier, junior, ensign, vice J. Shultus, 
resigned; William H. Balb, ensign, vice P. Weedman, declined; 
Clark Champlin, ensign, vice B. Tripp, promoted; Daniel Gallup, 
quartermaster, vice J. Jones, deceased. 

Twenty-fifth regiment : 

James Sacket, lieutenant colonel, vice S. Boardman, resigned. 

Alexander Mackey, first major, vice Sacket, promoted; Joseph 
Conner, second major, vice Mackey, promoted; Joseph A. Beacher, 
quartermaster, vice T. Watson, deceased. 

Apollos Sanford, captain, vice B. Minoe, moved; Elijah Tupper, 
lieutenant; Ephraim B. Russ, ensign, vice A. Sanford, promoted. 

State Historian. 1485 

William Wheeler, captain, vice N. Elliot, resigned; Lemuel Lamb, 
lieutenant, vice E. Robins, resigned; John Teats, ensign, vice W. 
Wheeler, promoted; Alexander Buthwick, lieutenant, vice E. Miller, 

Elisha Miller, captain, vice J. Conner, promoted; Peter Hess, 
ensign, vice A. Buthwick, promoted. 

David Vermilyea, junior, captain, vice J. Hutchenson, resigned; 
Adam Spawn, lieutenant, vice D. Vermilyea, promoted; Alva Fox, 
ensign, vice A. Spawn, promoted; Elisha Driggs, lieutenant of light 
infantry, vice J. Rossigne, moved; William Holmes, ensign of do, 
vice Driggs, promoted. 


Fifty-seventh regiment — (John Veeder, lieutenant colonel) : 

Captains — John B. Schermerhorn, vice Frederick A. Bradt, 
resigned; John Boyd, vice D. Prium, resigned; John Brown, of light 
infantry, vice H. Hugan, resigned; Cornelius E. Tymesen, vice H. 
Veeder, moved. 

Lieutenants — Jacob J. Schermerhorn, vice J. B. Schermerhorn, 
promoted; Peter Sanders, vice J. Chamberlin, declined; John W. 
Veeder, vice C. E. Tymesen, promoted; William J. Teller, of light 
infantry, vice J. Brown, promoted. 

Ensigns — James Ch. Peck, vice J. J. Schermerhorn, promoted; 
Samuel Millard, vice J. Boyd, promoted; Joseph Persons, of light 
infantry, vice W. J. Teller, promoted; William H. Alexander, vice 
J. W. Veeder, promoted; Henry Beekman, vice H. Vanantwerp, 
United States Army. 

Fourteenth brigade of infantry — battalion commanded by Major 
Silas Marsh: 

Amos Morey, adjutant, vice J. Borland, resigned; John Wood, 



i486 Annual Report of the 

Richard Briggs, captain, vice J. Frost, moved; Oliver Briggs, 
junior, lieutenant, vice J. Gaige, moved; Samuel Burlingham, ensign, 
vice R. Briggs, promoted; Joel Haskins, lieutenant; Stephen Foster, 
captain, vice G. Hunt, resigned; Silas Pettit, lieutenant, vice S. 
Foster, promoted; George G. Passage, ensign; Benjamin Knight, 
ensign, vice J. McClave, moved. 


Eleventh regiment of infantry: 

Hooker Sawyer, lieutenant colonel, vice T. Remmington, resigned; 
Abner Bunnel, first major, vice B. Whitney, moved; Robert Spencer, 
second major, vice H. Sawyer, promoted. 

Captains — John Brockelbank, vice Bunnel, do; Joab Gillet, vice 
Bodman, resigned; Jeremiah Brown, vice D. Smith, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Isaiah Olcott, vice J. Gillet, promoted; Peter 
Mitchell, vice N. Howland, promoted; Dudley Marvin, vice J. 
Brockelbank, promoted; Waterman Smith, vice J. Smith, declining. 

Ensigns — James Sibley, vice J. Dwight, moved; Hugh Mills, vice 
J. Brown, promoted; Joshua Case, vice J. Olcott, promoted; Oliver 
Rose, vice D. C. Hickok, moved. 

Thirty-ninth regiment — (Gilbert Howell, lieutenant colonel): 

Calvin Perin, adjutant, vice T. Rogers, junior, promoted; Solomon 
Tice, quartermaster, vice J. Russell, resigned; Seymour Scovell, sur- 
geon's mate; Jeremiah Irons, chaplain. 

Samuel Soverhill, captain; Joseph Luce, lieutenant, vice Soverhill, 
promoted; Silas Person, ensign, vice Luce, promoted; Stephen 
Shearman, lieutenant; Archer Galloway, ensign; Amaziah Rawson, 
ensign; William Reed, ensign, vice J. Richardson, moved. 

James Stoddard, captain, vice Green, resigned; Isaac Durfee, lieu- 
tenant; Marcus Swift, ensign, vice Stoddard, promoted. 

State Historian. 1487 

Thomas Rogers, junior, captain, vice S. Jennings, cashiered; Cal- 
vin Perin, ensign; John H. Crandel, lieutenant of light infantry, vice 
D. Hooker, moved; Ammon Fuller, ensign of do, vice B. Robinson, 

One Hundred and Third regiment — (Avery Smith, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

David Hall, paymaster, vice N. R. Lewis, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Peter Coldron, junior, vice R. Ears, moved; Azeriah 
Finch, vice E. Townsend, do; Isaac Townsend, vice Clark, deceased; 
Peter Supplee, with rank from February 29, 1812; Thomas Brown. 

Ensigns — David Dennis, vice I. Townsend, promoted; William F. 
Randolph, vice A. Finch, promoted; William Hedges, vice J. 
Hedges, resigned. 

Forty-second regiment — (Samuel Colt, lieutenant colonel) : 

Abraham Dox, second major, vice S. Wheadon, resigned; Erastus 
B. Woodworth, surgeon's mate. 

Benjamin Shaw, captain, vice G. H. Norton, resigned; Meredith 
Mallory, lieutenant, vice B. Shaw, promoted; Edward Howard, 

William McPherson, captain, vice L. Smith, resigned; Robert 
Dixon, lieutenant, vice McPherson, promoted; Stephen Chace, 
ensign; Calvin Wheadon, lieutenant; Isaac Schram, ensign; Daniel 
Colwell, lieutenant, vice Galloway, moved; Selah Hart, ensign, vice 
Colwell, promoted. 

Peter Schuyler, captain; John Barnes, lieutenant; William Powers, 

John Sweeny, captain of light infantry, vice A. Dox, promoted; 
Gerrit L. Dox, lieutenant of do, vice Sweeny, promoted; Richard 
Hogarth, ensign of do, vice G. L. Dox, promoted. 



1488 Annual Report of the 

Twenty-fourth brigade of infantry: 

Jacob Dox, brigade quartermaster, vice Joseph Colt, moved. 

Seventy-first regiment — (Philetus Swift, lieutenant colonel): 

Theodore Bannister, first major, vice A. Stout, moved; John 
Brown, second major, vice Bannister, promoted. 

Jenks Pullen, captain, vice Brown, promoted; John Taylor, junior, 
lieutenant, vice Pullen, promoted; John Hawley, ensign, vice Taylor, 

Nathan Howe, captain, vice Yandusen, moved; Jacob Cost, lieu- 
tenant, vice Howe, promoted; Peter Cook, ensign, vice Cost, pro- 

John Van Aken, captain, vice Peacock, moved; John Albaugh, 
lieutenant, vice Van Aken, promoted; Andrew Dorsey, ensign, vice 
Albaugh, promoted. 


One Hundred and Thirty-ninth regiment — (Nathaniel Montross, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Theodoras C. Van Wyck, paymaster, vice Lacock, refusing to do 

Isaiah Flewelling, ensign, vice E. Foster, declining; Daniel Lent, 
lieutenant, vice J. Lyons; James H. Hawes, ensign, vice D. Lent, 

John Strang, captain, vice G. Bishop, not qualifying; Jeremiah 
Putney, lieutenant, vice R. Lane, do; Henry Strang, ensign, vice 
J. Strang, promoted; John H. Tompkins, lieutenant, vice Jno. 
Tompkins, resigned; Gerard Crane, ensign, vice J. H. Tompkins, 

Cornelius Mandeville, captain, vice J. Haviland, resigned; Samuel 
Fowler, lieutenant, vice Mandeville, promoted; Benjamin Knapp, 
ensign, vice Fowler, promoted. 

State Historian. 1489 

Wright Reynolds, captain, vice Ferris, moved; David Wright, 
lieutenant, vice Reynolds, promoted. 

Thirty-third regiment — David Hobby, lieutenant colonel: 

Rivers Morrell, second major, vice J. Foshay, deceased; Francis 
Fowler, surgeon, vice J. Fisher, deceased. 

Elias Purdy, captain, vice B. Thomas, deceased; Samuel Vail, 
lieutenant, vice E. Purdy, promoted; Nehemiah Purdy, ensign, vice 
S. Vail, promoted. 

Gilbert Purdy, captain, vice J. Gale, moved; Merrit Sands, lieu- 
tenant; Caleb Haight, ensign. 

Jacob Johnston, captain, vice J. Banks, resigned; James Guion, 
lieutenant, vice J. Johnston, promoted; Isaac Tripp, ensign. 

Hyatt Lyon, captain, vice Purdy, resigned; Joseph Purdy, lieu- 
tenant, vice Lyon, promoted; John Miller, ensign; Daniel Dean, 
ensign, vice R. P. Ross, moved. 

George Worden, junior, captain; Daniel Stogsdell, lieutenant; 
Henry Davids, ensign — of light infantry (new company). 

Twelfth regiment — (Jonathan Varian, lieutenant colonel): 

Elias Cooper, chaplain; William Odell, junior, quartermaster; 
William Hoofman, surgeon's mate. 

Elijah Horton, captain, vice Davenport, promoted; Newberry 
Davenport, lieutenant, vice E. Horton, promoted; Peter Shute, 

John Butler, captain, vice Gillespie, resigned; Peter Valentine, 
lieutenant, vice Butler, promoted; Samuel Briggs, lieutenant, vice 
Williams, resigned; Elijah Horton, lieutenant; Uzza Lewis, ensign; 
Abijah Morgan, lieutenant; Thomas Oakley, junior, ensign; Thomas 
Oakley, ensign, vice Briggs, promoted. 

Thirty-eighth regiment — (Abijah Harris, lieutenant colonel): 

Squire Wood, captain, vice S. Haines, resigned; Stephen New- 



149 Annual Report of the 

man, lieutenant, vice S. Wood, promoted; Caleb Haight, ensign; 
Joseph Miller, lieutenant; Solomon Lyons, ensign; Reuben Fan- 
cher, lieutenant; James B. Isaacs, ensign; John Brady, ensign. 

Rifle battalion attached to the fifteenth brigade of infantry: 

Joseph Feeks, major commandant, vice A. Smith, resigned. 

Daniel C. Hopkins, captain, vice Feeks, promoted; John Town- 
send, lieutenant, vice Hopkins, promoted; David R. Hobby, ensign. 

Ebenezer Baldwin, captain, vice Sherwood, moved; Jonathan 
Lawrence, lieutenant, vice Baldwin, promoted; James S. Rockwell, 


Forty-first regiment of infantry — (John Dunning, lieutenant 

Gardner Conklin, captain, vice N. Moody, resigned; William Sey- 
mour, junior, lieutenant, vice G. Downing, resigned; Abraham Law- 
rence, ensign. 

Thomas Collamer, captain, vice W. Dunning, junior, deceased; 
Gould Morehouse, lieutenant, vice M. Landon, resigned; Samuel L. 
Chase, ensign. 


Battalion of horse artillery organized in the county of Madison: 
William Jennings, first major, commandant; Levi Love, second 
major; Joshua Austin Spencer, adjutant; Retherford Barker, quar- 

Argalus Cady, captain, vice W. Jennings, promoted; Joseph Rich- 
ardson, captain, vice A. B. Sizer, United States Army; Joseph Bruce, 
first lieutenant, vice A. Cady, promoted; Isaac Lewis, first lieuten- 
ant, vice L. Love, promoted; David Beecher, second lieutenant, vice 
J. Bruce, promoted; Benjamin Pierce, second lieutenant, vice Rich- 
ardson, promoted; Caleb Allen, junior, cornet, vice Beecher, pro- 
moted; Oliver Spencer, cornet, vice Lewis, promoted. 

State Historian. 1491 

rockland county. 
Tenth regiment of artillery: 

Tunis J. Tallman, captain; Garrit Henion, first lieutenant; Chris- 
topher Cosgrove, second lieutenant. 


Brigadier General Aquila Giles having held the office and rank of 
brigadier general and commanded the third brigade of cavalry for 
fourteen years — 

Resolved, that the said Aquila Giles be and he is hereby 
appointed a major general in the cavalry of this State. 


The Commander-in-chief having represented to the Council that 
he had transferred and organized the cavalry of the southern district 
into two regiments and one brigade of horse artillery;* therefore 
Resolved, that the following officers be and they are hereby 
appointed, viz.: 

First brigade of horse artillery: 

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Odell, of Westchester county, brigadier 

Second regiment of horse artillery: 

Wilh'am Jones, of Queens county, lieutenant colonel commandant: 

William Oakley, of Westchester county, first major. 


George D. Wickham, of Goshen in the county of Orange, briga- 
dier general of the third brigade of cavalry (now consisting of the 
cavalry of Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Putnam and Dutchess coun- 
ties), in the room of Aquila Giles, promoted. 


* G. O. February 28, 1814. See Tompkins Papers, Volume I, page 480.— State His- 


149 2 Annual Report of the 

columbia county. 
Fifth regiment of cavalry, second squadron: 

John P. Alesick, captain: Jeremiah Hoffman, first lieutenant; 
Adam Sagendorph, second lieutenant: Amasa K. Center, cornet. 


Fourth regiment of cavalry, first squadron: 

William Cypher, first lieutenant, vice R. De Cantillion, moved; 
Tobias S. De Cantillion, second lieutenant, vice Cypher, promoted; 
Samuel Thurston, cornet, vice T. S. De Cantillion, promoted; 
Robert Thompson, first lieutenant, vice P. T. B. Ryer, refusing; 
Nathan Beckwith, second lieutenant, vice R. Thompson, promoted; 
Conrad YVinegar, cornet, vice P. Reed, resigned. 

Second squadron: 

Peter T. Luyster, captain, vice J. Lounsbery, resigned; Gilbert B. 
Noxon, captain, vice J. Wilkinson, resigned. 

Isaac B. Clapp, first lieutenant, vice L. Smith, moved; William R. 
Potter, second lieutenant, vice G. B. Noxon, promoted; Benoni Hall, 
cornet, vice I. B. Clapp, do; Cornelius P. Luyster. first lieutenant, 
vice P. T. Luyster, promoted; Richard Boerum, second lieutenant, 
vice C. P. Luyster, promoted: Stephen Brinckerhoff, cornet, vice 
X. Boerum, promoted. 


Fiftieth regiment of infantry : 

John AlcCleary, lieutenant colonel, vice I. Ely, resigned; William 
Root, first major, vice A. Lyttle, resigned; David Matthews, junior, 
second major, vice J. AlcCleary, promoted. 

Hugh AlcCall, captain, vice W. Root, promoted; Daniel Kinney, 
lieutenant, vice Warham Root, resigned: Winthrop Wheaton, 
ensign, vice H. AlcCall, promoted. 

State Historian. 1493 

William McFarland, captain of light infantry, vice D. Matthews, 
junior, promoted; William Robertson, lieutenant of do, vice McFar- 
land, promoted; Abraham Rowan, ensign of do, vice Robertson, 
promoted; John Craig, lieutenant, vice Hewitt, moved; Daniel Hop- 
kins, junior, ensign; James Stewart, ensign; George Whorter, ensign, 
vice P. Gleason, resigned. 

One Hundred and Eighteenth regiment — (James Green, lieuten- 
ant colonel): 

Jonathan Leigh,* first major, vice B. Carswell, moved; Archibald 
McNiel, second major, vice J. Taylor, resigned. 

Thomas N. Clark, second major (a supernumerary). 

John McCoy, captain, vice J. Leigh, promoted; Duncan Taylor, 
lieutenant, vice J. McCoy, promoted; Joseph Leigh, ensign, vice E. 
Patton, resigned. 

James Harsha, captain, vice A. McNiel, promoted; Daniel White, 
lieutenant, vice J. Harsha, promoted; John Harsha, junior, ensign, 
vice D. White, promoted; James R. Nelson, ensign of light infantry, 
vice Critchard, moved. 

One Hundred and Fifty-sixth regiment — (Hendrick Van Schaick, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Solomon Place, first major, vice E. Duel, resigned; John Van 
Buskirk, second do, vice S. Place, promoted. 

Jacob Witbeck, captain of light infantry, vice Van Buskirk, pro- 
moted; John Lent, lieutenant of do, vice Witbeck, promoted; James 
B. Mosher, ensign of do, vice Lent, promoted. 

Reuben Wells, captain, vice N. Tucker, moved; Robert Coon, 
lieutenant, vice R. Wells, promoted; Caleb Babcock, ensign, vice 
R. Coon, promoted; John Kelsey, ensign, vice J. Sisson, moved. 

* Entered, in margin of original, as "dead." — State Historian. 



1494 Annual Report of the 

Samuel Crandal, captain, vice H. Bliss, deceased; John H. Griffin, 
lieutenant, vice Crandal, promoted; David Crandal, ensign, vice 
Griffin, promoted; Israel Whipple, ensign, vice N. Knight, moved. 

Walter De Ridder, captain, vice D. Lockwood, moved; Curtis 
Cole, lieutenant, vice W. De Ridder, promoted; James Corless, 
ensign, vice C. Cole, promoted. 

One Hundred and Fourteenth regiment — (Hercules Rice, lieuten- 
ant colonel) : 

Henry Perine, captain, vice E. Sampson, resigned; Thomas J. 
Wier, lieutenant, vice R. Beebe, declining; Thomas King McLean, 
ensign, vice H. Perine, promoted. 

Thomas Scott, captain, vice E. H. Wells, deceased; Joel Rich, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. Bennett, resigned; Henry Rice, ensign, vice T. 
Scott, promoted; Warren Norton, lieutenant, vice O. Barber, 
deceased; Obadiah Pierce, ensign, vice W. Norton, promoted; Wil- 
liam Green, ensign, vice E. Warner, indisposed. 

Sixteenth brigade of infantry: 

Josiah Sheldon, junior, brigade major and inspector, vice Reuben 
Whallon, moved. 


Second regiment of horse artillery — (Wm. Jones, of Queens 
county, lieutenant colonel): 

Simon W. Cooper, second lieutenant, vice G. Piatt, declining; 
Daniel Abbot, cornet, vice Cooper, promoted. 


Peter Curtenius, a brigadier general of artillery. 

Second regiment of artillery: 

Horatio G. Stevens, first major, vice Swartwout, United States 
Army; Joseph Home, second major; John M. S. McKnight, sur- 
geon, vice J. Nielson, resigned; James M. Matthews, chaplain, vice S. 

State Historian. 1495 

Miller, moved; James L. Brinckerhoff, second lieutenant and pay- 
master; Hugh O'Hare, second lieutenant. 

Eleventh regiment of artillery : 

Thomas R. Mercein, first major, vice Morgan, deceased; George 
Hodgson, second major, vice Fleming, resigned. 

Captains — George W. Brown; George H. Stanton, vice Talcott, 
United States service; George Black, vice Gedney, resigned; James 
Wilkie, vice Hodgson, promoted. 

First lieutenants — Jonas Humbert, vice G. W. Brown, promoted; 
William Kumbel, vice G. H.. Stanton, promoted; James R. Stuart, 
vice J. Wilkie, promoted. 

Second lieutenants — Andrew Goodrich, vice Kumbel, promoted; 
John Hillyer, vice J. R. Stuart, promoted. 

Thirteenth regiment of artillery : 

Cornelius W. Stanton, paymaster; Alden Spooner, quartermaster. 

John C. Van Dyne, captain of flying artillery; David Landon, 

First lieutenants — David Miller, junior, of flying artillery; Valen- 
tine Merrill; Medad Raymond. 

Second lieutenants — Wynant Bennet, junior, of flying artillery; 
Albert Goldsmith ; James Wiley ; Andrew H. Stewart. 

Third regiment of artillery: 

Joseph O. Bogart, lieutenant colonel, vice M. Boerum, trans- 
ferred ; William T. Hunter, first major, vice J. O. Bogart, promoted ; 
Thomas L. Rich, second major, vice A. J. Barbarin, transferred; 
Casper W. Eddy, surgeon, vice M. Wendell, transferred; James C. 
Townsend, first lieutenant and quartermaster. 

George G. Messeroe (John G. Merserve), captain of flying' artillery, 
vice Groff (John Graff), resigned; George Thompson, first lieuten- 
ant do, vice Messeroe, promoted; Peter Valentine, second lieutenant 



1496 Annual Report of the 

do, vice G. Thompson, promoted; John Trigler, cornet do, vice P. 
Valentine, promoted; Charles Wardell, first lieutenant do, vice A. 
Sibbald, transferred; Abraham H. Van Vleck, second lieutenant do; 
Joseph Del Vecchio, cornet do. 

Thomas A. Ronalds, captain, vice T. L. Rich, promoted; Stephen 
Phelps, captain, vice W. T. Hunter, promoted. 

First lieutenants — Thomas Stevenson, junior, vice T. A. Ronalds, 
promoted; William E. Matthews, vice S. Phelps, promoted; Samuel 
Thompson, vice S. A. Rich, promoted; Daniel McFall Smith. 

Second lieutenants — Charles Rapelye, Charles N. Baldwin. 

William Swain, captain, vice J. Cook, resigned. 

Eattalion in the first brigade of artillery (formerly the Ninth regi- 

Daniel D. Smith, first major, commandant; Richard Kingsland, 
second major, vice D. D. Smith; Gerardus A. Cooper, surgeon, vice 
F. Cooper, United States Army. 

Thomas A. Cummin, captain, vice R. Kingsland, promoted; 
George B. Rapelye, first lieutenant; Peter Van Winkle, first lieu- 
tenant, vice T. A. Cummin, promoted; William Gerrard, second 
lieutenant, vice Van Winkle, promoted; Richard P. Lawrence, first 
lieutenant; Joseph Buyeau, second lieutenant; Martin Luff, second 
lieutenant, vice J. N. Luff, declining; George G. Roorback, first 
lieutenant; Samuel S. Gautier, second lieutenant. 

George B. Rapelye, captain. 


One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry — (Elisha 
Farnham, lieutenant colonel): 

Eri Richardson, captain; Lemuel Couel, lieutenant; Isaac Fletcher, 
ensign — new company of riflemen. 

State Historian. 1497 

albany county. 
Fifth regiment of artillery — William Dickson, lieutenant colonel: 
Daniel Morrell, first lieutenant, vice L. Clark, United States ser- 
vice; Harmen Jenkins, second lieutenant, vice Morrell, promoted. 


Thirty-second regiment of infantry — (David Rogers, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Stephen Palmer, surgeon's mate. 

Reuben Westcot, lieutenant, vice J. Luther, deceased; Walter M. 
Sturges, ensign, vice Westcot, promoted. 

Mansfield Barlow, captain, vice William Ely, resigned. 


Sixth brigade of infantry : 

Daniel Davis, brigadier general, vice A. Rea, deceased. 

James Ganson, brigade major and inspector, vice Jones, first 

Battalion whereof Ebenezer Wilson, junior, is major commandant: 

Richard Bristol, quartermaster; Anson Root, surgeon's mate. 

Joseph Palmer, captain; Elisha Mix, captain. 

Lieutenants — Josiah Hovey, junior; Chester Warriner, Phineas 
Stanton, Noah Wiseman. 

Ensigns — Enoch Smith, William Braughton, Shubel Goodspeed, 
Curtis Edgerton. 

Seventy-seventh regiment of infantry: 

Jedediah Crosby, lieutenant colonel, vice Davis, promoted to 
brigadier general; Benjamin Ganson, first major; Rufus M. Cady, 
second major; John Haskell, adjutant. 

Captains — Chester Barrows, Ephraim Judd, Justus Chapman, 
Benajah Holbrook, Chauncey Bills. 



1498 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenants — James Burnam, Jesse Church, Lewis Dickerson, 
James Pindal, Thomas Olcott. 

Ensigns — Daniel S. Morely, Rufus l Glass, James Coleman, 
Horatio Orton, Joel Wright, Elisha Tayler, Charles Butler, John 


Thirty-fourth brigade of infantry : 

Daniel T. Smith, brigade major and inspector, vice Dill, pro- 
moted; John D. Lawson, brigade quartermaster, vice Hardenberg, 


Fourteenth regiment — (Isaac Belknap, junior, lieutenant colonel): 

Jacob Ostrum, surgeon; Edward Aulger, surgeon's mate. 

Philip Boyd, captain; Daniel Tooker, lieutenant; Nathaniel 
Tooker, ensign; Samuel M. Logan, lieutenant; Cornelius V. W. 
Duzenberry, ensign. 

Thirtieth regiment of infantry: 

Jacobus Bartholf, lieutenant colonel, vice G. Post, resigned;. 
Jeffery Wisner, first major, vice Rob't Farrier, resigned; James 
Benedict, second major, vice Bartholf, promoted. 

Captains — Thomas Sproull, vice Benedict, promoted; Thomas 
Jackson, vice Jennings, deceased; Ezra Smith, vice Barns, resigned; 
Levi Ellis, vice McCamly, do. 

Lieutenants — Lewis F. Randolph, vice Sproul, promoted; James 
Sayre, junior, vice Jackson, promoted; Daniel Nanny, vice Smith,, 
promoted; Eleazer McCamly, vice Ellis, promoted. 

Ensigns — James Ackerson, vice Randolph, promoted; Samuel W. 
Smith, vice Sayre, junior, promoted; George H. Jackson, vice 
Nanny, promoted; Thomas McCain, vice E. McCamly, promoted. 

State Historian. 1499 

ulster county. 

Twenty-eighth regiment of infantry: 

John Dill, lieutenant colonel, vice C. Bruyn, resigned; John Jan- 
sen, first major, vice R. Erwin, resigned; James Dill, second major, 
vice J. Jansen, promoted; Abraham Jansen, adjutant, vice J. Dill, 

Robert S. Crawford, captain, vice J. I. Crist, resigned; Moses Jar- 
den, lieutenant, vice R. S. Crawford, promoted; George Betts, 
ensign, vice M. Jarden, promoted. 

James Hunter, junior, captain, vice J. Smith, resigned; Robert D. 
Hunter, lieutenant, vice J. Hunter, junior, promoted; Stephen Gil- 
lespy, ensign, vice R. D. Hunter, promoted; Robert Goodjion, 
ensign, vice J. M. Jansen, unfit; Michael Johnston, lieutenant, vice 
A. Jansen, adjutant; Jacobus H. Van Keuren, ensign, vice M. John- 
ston, promoted. 


Twenty-second regiment — (Peter Allen, lieutenant colonel): 
Jeremiah B. Parish, captain; Pardon T. Brownell, lieutenant; Wil- 
liam C. Willey, ensign — new company of riflemen. 


Eighth division of infantry: 

Carlton Todd, aide-de-camp to the major general. 


One Hundred and Thirty-third regiment — (Burrage Miles, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Azor Smith, captain, vice Thustin, resigned; Stephen Stilwell, 
lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Henry Redfield, ensign, vice Stil- 
well, promoted. 



1500 Annual Report of the 

dutchess county. 

Fourth regiment of artillery — (Xathan Myers, lieutenant colonel) : 

Derick B. Stockholm, adjutant. 

Jonathan Reynolds, captain, with rank from April 2, 1813; Stiles 
R. Fox, first lieutenant; Jesse Pawling, second lieutenant; Ezra L. 
Earret, second lieutenant. 


Twenty-eighth brigade of infantry: 

Storm A. Becker, brigadier general, vice F. Patchin, resigned. 

One Hundred and Thirteenth regiment — (Calvin Rich, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

John J. Shaver, captain, vice Wakeman, resigned; John Kniskern, 
lieutenant, vice Shaver, promoted. 


Twenty-second brigade of infantry: 

Jeremiah Johnson, brigadier general, vice J. S. Jackson, resigned. 


Forty-ninth regiment of infantry: 

Ezra Post, lieutenant colonel, vice Phelps, resigned; Leveret Chit- 
tenden, first major, vice Post, promoted; Luther W. Hart, surgeon, 
vice Hamlin, resigned. 

Daniel Kirtland, junior, captain, vice Cornwall, do; Walter Fields, 
lieutenant, vice Kirtland, promoted; Daniel Stocking, ensign, vice 
Fields, promoted; Judah Leming, junior, ensign, vice Russeque 
(James Ressequie), moved. 

Judson Cheritree, captain, vice Hickok, resigned; Noah Norton, 
lieutenant, vice Morse, moved; John Lester, ensign; David Rich- 
mond, ensign, vice Rightmyer (Gideon Richtmire), moved. 

State Historian. 1501 

albany county. 

One Hundred and Tenth regiment — (John T. Van Dalfsen, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Andrew Widbeck, ensign, vice Verplank, moved. 

Aaron Abbey, captain, vice Huyck, resigned; Gilbert Tompkins, 
lieutenant, vice Abby, promoted; Benjamin R. Bennet, ensign, vice 
Tompkins, promoted. 


One Hundred and Twentieth regiment — (Merchant Lawrence, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Isaac Dubois, first major, vice'.Hawley, resigned; Joseph Klein, 
second major, vice Dubois, promoted; Mark Spencer, adjutant, vice 
Klein, promoted; William Haight, quartermaster, vice Spencer, 
appointed adjutant. 

John Merrifield, captain of light infantry, vice Dubois, promoted; 
David G. Abeel, lieutenant do, vice Merrifield, promoted; John Van 
Valkenburgh, ensign do, vice Abeel, promoted. 

Cornelius Dubois, captain, vice Sanderson, resigned; Charles 
Baker, lieutenant, vice Cook, moved; Benjamin Maltby, ensign, vice 
Dubois, promoted; John Williams, lieutenant of light infantry, vice 
Bales, resigned. 

Sixth regiment — (Richard R. Vandenbergh, lieutenant colonel) : 

Casper J. Hallenbeck, captain; John Van Wie, lieutenant; Zebulon 
Hallock, ensign. 

Agur Noble, captain; Peter R. Vandenberg, lieutenant; Henry M. 
Vandenberg, ensign. 

Ithamar Cobb, captain; Edward D. Lake, lieutenant; Andrew 
Hawley, ensign. 

Bartholomew Gedney, captain; Samuel Dodge, lieutenant; Isaac 
Winn, ensign. 



1502 Annual Report of the 

oneida county. 

Sixth regiment of cavalry — (James Lynch, lieutenant colonel): 

First squadron: 

Thomas Blair, cornet, vice A. Fitch, resigned; Robert Patrick, 
second lieutenant, vice R. Bacon, promoted; Smith Parmele, cornet, 
vice J. Parker, moved; Hezekiah Eames, do, vice Williams, resigned. 

Second squadron: 

Santford Safford, captain, vice E. Benson, moved; Joseph A. 
Northrup, first lieutenant, vice S. Safford, promoted; Isaac Hoar, 
second lieutenant, vice J. Xorthrup, promoted; Sylvester Butterick, 
cornet, vice J. Hoar, promoted; Miles Ralph, first lieutenant, vice 
P. Downer, moved; John Fairbanks, second lieutenant, vice M. 
Ralph, promoted; Dexter Hungerford, cornet, vice J. Fairbanks, 

Thomas Loomis, captain; Peleg Burchard, first lieutenant; Norris 
M. Woodruff, second lieutenant; Isaac Moffit, cornet — new 


Third squadron: 

John Fluskey, major (new squadron). 

Russel Brown, captain, vice J. Fluskey, promoted; Benjamin 
Bowen, junior, first lieutenant, vice E. Whitman; Hale Barton, 
second lieutenant, vice A. McKnight, United States Army; Benja- 
min Taber, cornet. 

Eleazer Whitman, captain; Laban Ballou, first lieutenant; Stephen 
Dow, second lieutenant; Corning Morgan, cornet— new company. 

Henry R. Storrs, quartermaster of the Sixth regiment of cavalry. 


Eighth regiment of cavalry— (Wm. Whipple, colonel): 

First squadron: 

Elisha Litchfield, major, vice A. White, resigned. 

State Historian. 1503 

Alston Upham, captain, vice C. Knapp, resigned; Eli Lee, first 
lieutenant, vice R. Davis, resigned; Otis Eddy, second lieutenant, 
vice D. Baker, resigned; Timothy Hunt, cornet, vice J. S. Flagler, 


Robert Henry, captain, vice J. Hatch, moved; Joseph Eanos, first 
lieutenant, vice R. Henry, promoted; Calvin Ackley, second lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Eanos, promoted; Moses Campbell, junior, cornet, 
vice C. Ackley, promoted. 

Joseph Sims, captain, vice J. Crocker, resigned; Eli F. Hill, first 
lieutenant, vice J. Sims, promoted; Vibber Crocker, second lieu- 
tenant, vice E. F. Hill, promoted; John Jackson, cornet, vice Vibber 
Crocker, promoted. 

Jacob Ten Eyck, captain, vice E. Litchfield, promoted; John 
Goodel, first lieutenant, vice E. Cleveland, deceased; Jonathan Shed, 
second lieutenant, vice W. Burdick, resigned; Royal Tefft, junior, 
cornet, vice J. Goodsell, promoted. 


Second squadron: 

Cyrus Johnson, captain, vice D. Stanley, moved; Stephen Ball, 
first lieutenant, vice C. Johnson, promoted; Asa Whitney, second 
lieutenant, vice S. Ball, promoted; Benjamin Lawrence, cornet, vice 
A. Whitney, promoted. 

Joseph Hoar, captain, vice J. Ringe, resigned; Stephen Knapp, 
first lieutenant, vice J. Hoar, promoted; David Coye, second lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Knapp, promoted; John Gillet, cornet, vice D. Coye, 


Second squadron: William Culver, first lieutenant, vice D. Ogden, 
promoted; Nathan Cash, second lieutenant, vice E. Spalding, moved; 
Jonathan Scoby, cornet, vice G. Brownell, resigned. 



1504 Annual Report of the 

otsego county. 
Eleventh regiment of cavalry : 

Voikert Peter Van Rensselaer, lieutenant colonel, vice R. Starr, 
resigned; Russel Williams, first major, vice V. P. Van Rensselaer,, 
promoted; John Badger, second major, vice R. Williams, promoted. 
Jerom Clark, captain, vice R. Williams, promoted in 1812; Isaac 
Cooper, first lieutenant, vice J. Clark, promoted; Strong Hayden, 
second lieutenant, vice I. Cooper, promoted; Silas Williams, cornet, 
vice Strong Hayden, promoted; Dyer Ransom, first lieutenant, vice 
D. Gilchrist, promoted; Isaac Rowland, second lieutenant, vice D. 
Ransom, promoted; Selah Havens, cornet, vice I. Rowland, pro- 
moted; Alford Crafts, first lieutenant, vice E. Dean, promoted; 
Abraham Gardner, second lieutenant, vice A. Crafts, promoted; 
Samuel Cooley, cornet, vice R. Johnson, disabled. 

Joseph T. Gilbert, captain, vice V. P. Van Rensselaer, promoted 
in 1812; Edward Thorp, first lieutenant, vice N. Danielson, resigned; 
Samuel Cotton, second lieutenant, vice E. Thorp, promoted; Rich- 
ard Morris, cornet; Jason Allen, first lieutenant, vice J. Badger, 
promoted in 1812; John Garratt, second lieutenant, vice R. W'atson, 
moved; Abraham Babcock, cornet, vice J. Allen, promoted. 

Ezra Dean and Daniel Gilchrist, captains, with rank from May 23, 


Twelfth regiment of cavalry: 

Benjamin Pearson, lieutenant colonel, vice S. Boughton, resigned; 
Xathan Marvin, first major, vice B. Pearson, promoted; Nathaniel 
Allen, second major, vice X. Man-in, promoted; Graham Xewal, 
adjutant; Seth Stanley, junior, quartermaster; Chauncey Keyes, 

Ira Wilder, captain, vice X. Allen, promoted; Joseph W. Marsh, 

State Historian. 1505 

first lieutenant, vice E. Qeveland, junior, resigned; John Taylor, 
second lieutenant, vice I. Wilder, promoted; Jeremiah B. Parish, 
cornet, vice J. W. Marsh, promoted. 

Ephraim Towner, captain, vice N. Marvin; Simeon Cummins, 
first lieutenant, vice E. Towner, promoted; William H. Bush, second 
lieutenant, vice Kingsley, promoted; Micah Harrington, cornet, vice 
S. Cummins, promoted. 

Solomon Kingsley, captain; Joseph Wilder, first lieutenant; Eras- 
tus Crosby, second lieutenant — new company. 

William Peters, junior, captain, vice A. Parmele, resigned; Jacob 
Coe, first lieutenant, vice W. Peters, promoted; Philo, Pearson, sec- 
ond lieutenant, vice H. Buel, deceased; Leonard Parmele, cornet, 
vice J. Coe, promoted ; Jehiel Kelsey, first lieutenant, vice E. Whit- 
ney, resigned; Parish Brown, second lieutenant, vice J. Kelsey, pro- 
moted; Ansel Abbey, cornet, vice P. Brown, promoted; Claudius V. 
Boughton, second lieutenant, vice E. Beach, resigned; Isaac Stone, 
cornet, vice H. Norton, promoted. 

Heman Norton, captain of a new company. 


Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry — (Thomas W. Phelps, 
colonel) : 

William Beebe, captain, vice J. P. Schuyler, moved; Reuben Mun- 
son, lieutenant, vice W. Beebe, promoted; Chester Warren, ensign, 
vice R. Munson, promoted. 


Eighty-ninth regiment — (Sebastian Visscher, lieutenant colonel): 
John Lush, second major, vice L. J. Hooghkirk, resigned; Moses 
Allen, adjutant, vice S. S. Lush, resigned. 

Henry Carpenter, captain, vice J. Lush, promoted. 



1506 Annual Report of the 

Joseph S. Ives, captain, vice T. Campbell, resigned; Jacob Best, 
captain, vice J. Thorne, United States service. 

Lieutenants — Joseph Dennison, vice H. Carpenter, promoted; 
Edward Willett, vice J. S. Ives, promoted; Richard Waring, vice J. 
Best, promoted; Lynot Bloodgood, vice M. Allen, appointed adju- 
tant; Hallenbake Stafford, vice J. Wells, moved; Lemuel Jenkins, 
vice G. Gates, resigned. 

Ensigns — Numa Hempstead, vice J. Dennison, promoted; Jacob 
Lansing, vice E. Willett, promoted; Matthew Burton, vice R. War- 
ing, promoted; Coenradt A. Ten Eyck, vice L. Bloodgood, pro- 
moted; Benedict Lewis, junior, vice W. H. Whiting, deceased; 
Leonard P. Crary, vice H. Orr, United States Army; John J. Evert- 
son, vice J. S. Van Rensselaer, in rifles; James Gilbert, vice W. J. 
Wigton, deceased. 

One Hundred and Thirty-sixth regiment — (John V. A. Lansing, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Captains — Henry W. Snyder, vice F. Costigan, resigned; Benja- 
min Conant, vice L. Stanford, resigned. 

John J. Roff, lieutenant, vice H. W. Snyder, promoted; John G. 
Clute, lieutenant, vice B. Conant, promoted. 

Ensigns — John I. Shaw, vice J. I. Rofif, promoted; Abraham V. P. 
Lansing, vice J. J. Clute, promoted; Casparus F. Pruyn, vice P. 
Lundebacker, resigned. 

One Hundred and Fiftieth regiment — (John H. Burhans, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

William Sager, first major, vice A. W. Becker, resigned; Myndert 
Mynderson, second major, vice W. Sager, promoted; William Wain, 
adjutant, vice W. Springsteen, declined; Peter P. Van Wie, pay- 
master, vice P. P. Van Patten. 

Captains — Noah S. Wood, vice M. Mynderson, promoted; Wil-[ 

State Historian. 1507 

Ham Haswell, vice J. Bullock, resigned; Joseph Moak, vice W. 
Coughtry, resigned; John McKown, vice G. Brown, disabled. 

Lieutenants — Volkert Jacobson, vice N. S. Wood, promoted; 
Adam Sager, vice J. Vanderheyden, moved; Garrit Oliver, vice W. 
Haswell, promoted; William Moak, vice W. Wain, adjutant; Lodo- 
wick Street, vice J. McKown, promoted. 

Ensigns — Henry Jacobson, vice V. Jacobson, promoted; James 
Callenon, vice G. Hogan, promoted ; Abraham Sixbe, vice A. Sager, 
promoted* Francis Russo, vice G. Oliver, promoted; James War- 
ren, vice J. Moak, promoted; Christian Ableman, vice L. Street, 

Second regiment of riflemen — (Sam'l M. Lockwood, lieutenant 

Timothy Clowes, chaplain, vice Le Bagh, declined. 

George McPherson, captain, vice S. Cobb, resigned; Thomas 
Waine, lieutenant, vice P. Barrager, resigned; Calvin C. Sumner, 
lieutenant, vice G. McPherson, promoted; Albert V. D. Z. Slinger- 
landt, ensign, vice C. Waine, promoted; Daniel Clapp, ensign; David 
Olmsted, junior, ensign. 

Robert Copeland, captain; Conrad Baumes, lieutenant; John Aus- 
tin, ensign — new company. 


Reuben Babcock, captain; Ellis Foster, lieutenant; Henry Tracey, 


Thirty-seventh regiment of infantry — (Ransom Noble, lieutenant 

Jonathan Wallace, junior, ensign of riflemen, vice J. Morgan, 
junior, moved. 



1508 Annual Report of the 

new york county. 

Eleventh regiment of artillery : 

Alexander Sibbalds, captain; Zepheniah Bailey, first lieutenant; 
Charles Wallen, second lieutenant; John McComb, cornet — of flying 



Twenty-seventh regiment of infantry — (Christopher P. Bellinger, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Solomon Leonard, captain, vice S. Holcom, resigned; Asahel 
Brace, lieutenant, vice S. Leonard, promoted; Silas Hamilton, 
ensign, vice J. Warner, resigned; Thomas B. Gillaspie, lieutenant, 
vice P. G. Helmer, promoted; James L. Campbell, ensign, vice T. B. 
Gillaspie, promoted 

Richard Gardner, captain, vice J. Delong moved; John H. Fitch, 
lieutenant, vice A. Wightman, resigned; Xoah P. Ward, ensign, vice 
R. Gardner, promoted. 

Isaac Mills, captain, vice J. Hayner, resigned; Philip Berringer, 
lieutenant, vice I. Mills, promoted; Abijah Beckwith, ensign, vice 
F. Berringer, promoted. 

Jacob Marshall, captain, vice R. Starkweather, resigned; John 
Barker lieutenant, vice J. Marshall, promoted; George Kernrike, 
ensign, vice J. Barker, promoted. 

Nicholas Shoemaker, captain of grenadiers, vice A. Thomas, 
resigned; Charles Randall, lieutenant do, vice X. Shoemaker, pro- 
moted; James Fox, ensign do, vice C. Randall, promoted. 

Fortieth regiment — (Matthew Myers, lieutenant colonel): 

Jordan Gray, captain, vice R. Howard, resigned; Joseph Bacon, 

Thomas Kinne, captain, vice A. Andrus, resigned; Artemas Ross, 
lieutenant, vice T. Kinne, promoted; James Schooley, ensign, vice 
A. Ross, promoted; Benjamin Wood, ensign. 

State Historian. 1509 



Fifty-eighth regiment — (Martin Keep, lieutenant colonel): 

Thomas Williams, captain, vice M. Walter, deceased; Noah R. 
Smith, lieutenant, vice T. Williams, promoted; Limon Holt, ensign, 
vice N. R. Smith, promoted. 

Paul Babcock, junior, captain, vice T. Doud, moved; Ansel Wil- 
cocks, lieutenant, vice P. Babcock, junior, promoted; Aaron Fuller, 
junior, ensign, vice A. Wilcox, promoted; Sela Burlingame, lieu- 
tenant, vice N. Knapp, moved; Asa Wait, ensign, vice Gee, moved; 
Moses H. Green, lieutenant, vice J. Crofoot, resigned. 

One Hundred and Twenty-fourth regiment: 

Elijah Wheeler, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Kingman, resigned; 
Samuel G. Hatheway, first major, vice E. Wheeler, promoted; 
George Forbes, second major; Joseph Dwight, junior, adjutant; 
Curtiss Richardson, quartermaster; Harvey Carpenter, paymaster; 
John Miller, surgeon; David M. Horter, surgeon's mate. 

Charles Richardson, captain, vice G. Hatheway, promoted; 
Remembrance Curtiss, lieutenant, vice C. Richardson, promoted; 
Nicholas Aker, ensign, vice R. Curtiss, promoted. 

Samuel Buell, captain, vice G. Forbes, promoted; Joel Call, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Buell, promoted; Enos Cornwell, ensign, vice J. Call, . 

Solomon Smith, captain, vice P. Sergents, resigned; Benjamin T. 
Green, lieutenant, vice S. Smith, promoted; Joshua Gazley, ensign, 
vice B. T. Green, promoted. 


Thirty-eighth regiment — (Abijah Harris, lieutenant colonel): 
Alfred Mead, paymaster, vice J. Nash, resigned. 


1510 Annual Report of the 

albany county. 
Eighty-ninth regiment — (Sebastian Visscher, lieutenant colonel): 
Thomas Carson, captain of light infantry, vice Buckley, resigned; 

Calvin Boynton, lieutenant of do, vice Carson, promoted. 
John R. Williams, captain; Ichabod L. Judson, lieutenant; Samuel 

F. Cutler, ensign — new company of light infantry. 

Fifth regiment of artillery — (William Dickson, lieutenant colonel) : 
James Holiday, captain; George Wands, first lieutenant; Peter 

McEwen, second lieutenant — new company. 


Forty-eighth regiment — (William Warren, lieutenant colonel): 

Ezekiel Cook, first major, vice W. C. Dudley, deceased; Ezra Nott, 
second major, vice B. Whaley, resigned. 

Leman Blackman, captain, vice J. Coon, moved; Thomas Holmes, 
lieutenant; John Holmes, ensign. 

Luther Calvin, captain, vice E. Cook, promoted; William Austin, 
lieutenant, vice L. Calvin, promoted; Lathrop Francis, ensign. 

Frederick Richmond, captain, vice Gardner, declined; Dennis 
Riley, lieutenant, vice F. Richmond, promoted; Otis Wheelock, 
ensign, vice B. Douglass, declined. 

Peter Lewis, captain, vice E. Smith, deceased; Moses Baker, lieu- 
tenant, vice P. Lewis, promoted; Obed Warren, ensign, vice R. 
Newton, moved. 

Benjamin J. Clough, captain, vice A. Eldridge, moved; Aaron 
Salsbury, lieutenant, vice B. J. Clough, promoted; George Hamil- 
ton, ensign; Oliver Alger, lieutenant, vice J. B. Palmer, moved; 
Calvin Doolittle, ensign. 

Timothy Fuller, captain, vice E. Nott, promoted; Elihu Rice, 
lieutenant, vice T. Fuller, promoted; Giles Briggs, ensign, vice E. 
Rice, promoted. 

State Historian. 151 i 

James M. Stevens, captain, vice D. Haskell, moved; Michel 
Crook, lieutenant, vice J. Phelps, declined; Asa Warren, ensign. 


Forty-third regiment — (Cornelius J. Schermerhorn, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

John J. Kittle, first major, vice J. I. Miller, resigned; Braddum 
Yale, second major, vice J. Griffith, resigned; Cornelius Beeckman, 
adjutant, vice J. Kittle, promoted; James Elliot, quartermaster, vice 
J. Herrington, moved. 

Smion Welch, captain; Jacob Haws, lieutenant; John G. Roor- 
bagh, ensign. 

Henry Van Derbergh, captain, vice B. Yale, promoted; Obadiah 
O. Lansing, lieutenant; Jesse Brockway, ensign. 

Matthew Conklin, captain, vice J. I. Miller, resigned; John Gar- 
rison, lieutenant; German G. Filkins, ensign. 

Martin Rysdorph, captain, vice Knowlton, resigned; Henry Smith, 
lieutenant, vice Rysdorph, promoted; John Burton, lieutenant; Eber 
M. Myers, ensign. 


Fifth regiment — (Benjamin Woodward, lieutenant colonel): 
Stacy Beeks, captain of light infantry, vice Clark, resigned; Wil- 
liam Carpenter, junior, lieutenant do, vice S. Beeks, promoted; 
Nathaniel Penny, ensign do, vice Carpenter. 


One Hundred and Thirtieth regiment — (Benjamin Bevier, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Captains — Leonard Hardenburgh, junior, vice R. Lounsbery, 
resigned; Jacob Westbrook, vice J. H. De Witt, moved; James I. 



1512 Annual Report of the 

Lieutenants — Ebenezer Lounsbery, vice L. Hardenburgh, junior, 
promoted; Wessel B. Westbrook, vice J. Westbrook, promoted; 
John Chambers, vice J. Smith, declined; Daniel Hoornbeek, vice 
J. I. Bruyn, promoted; Stephen De Witt. 

Ensigns — Arth Brodhead, vice J. Chambers, promoted; Edward 
Fairchild, vice S. De Witt, promoted; James C. De Witt; Jochem J. 
Schoonmaker, vice D. Hoornbeek, promoted; Jacob E. Hoornbeek, 
vice W. B. Westbrook, promoted; Henry C. Hasbrouck, vice E. 
Lounsbery, promoted. 

One Hundred and Thirty-first regiment : 

Derick Dubois, lieutenant colonel, vice C. Van Beuren, resigned; 

Martin Elmendorf, first major, vice D. Dubois, promoted; Tobias 

Wynkoop, junior, second major, vice T. J. Schoonmaker, declined. 

Philip P. Bonnesteel, captain; Henry Bonnesteel, lieutenant; 

Henry Elting, junior, ensign — of light infantry. 

Peter P. Post, captain of rangers, vice L. Kiersted, junior, moved. 
Egbert J. Schoonmaker, captain light infantry, vice M. Elmen- 
dorf, promoted; George Teerpenning, captain, vice J. E. Vanakin, 
moved; Peter Schoonmaker, junior, lieutenant of rangers, vice P. P. 
Post, promoted; John I. Dumond, lieutenant of light infantry, vice 
E. Schoonmaker, promoted; Henry Hammond lieutenant, vice G. 
Teerpenning, promoted; Solomon C. Eltinge, lieutenant, vice P. P. 
Wynkoop, promoted; Herman Landon, lieutenant. 

Ensigns — Myndert Post, of rangers, vice P. Schoonmaker, junior, 
promoted; John M. Elmendorf, of light infantry, vice J. I. Dumond, 
promoted; Jonathan Sluyter, vice H. Hammond, promoted; John D. 
North; Frederick S. M. Snyder, vice S. E. Elting, promoted. 
Twenty-third brigade of infantry: 

John Lounsberry, brigade major and inspector, vice S. Hawkins, 

State Historian. 15 13 

orange county. 

First regiment of cavalry: 

Hezekiah Watkins, captain, vice Hudson, resigned; Fletcher 
Woodhull, first lieutenant, vice Watkins, promoted; Joshua Davis, 
second lieutenant, vice Woodhull, promoted; Richard Jennings, 
junior, cornet, vice Davis, promoted. 

Tenth regiment of artillery — (Selah Strong, colonel) : 

Jason W. Rogers, second lieutenant; Francis Armstrong, first 
lieutenant; Edward L. Welling, second lieutenant. 


Twelfth regiment of artillery — (Elijah H. Metcalf, lieutenant 

James Hawkes, adjutant; Theseus Brooks, surgeon; Jacob Brad- 
bury, surgeon's mate; Joseph S. Fenton, quartermaster. 

Benjamin Wilber, first lieutenant, vice J. Lyon, resigned; John 
Chapman, second lieutenant, vice B. Wilber, promoted. 

Daniel Shumway, captain, vice S. Farnham, resigned; Amos A. 
Franklin, first lieutenant, vice E. Perkins, resigned; Simon Gager 
Throop, second lieutenant, vice C. P. Dennison, deceased; Calvin 
Putnam, first lieutenant, vice J. Merrils; Loring Blodget, second 

Joel Phelps, captain, vice T. Patchin, resigned; Elisha Marsh, 
first lieutenant, vice J. Fraishur, United States service; Ezekiel 
Fuller, second lieutenant, vice J. P. Phelps, promoted. 

William Hudson, captain, vice H. Chase, resigned; John H. Pren- 
tis, first lieutenant, vice N. Potter, moved; Joseph Wilkinson, second 
lieutenant, vice Z. Gibbs, resigned. 

Philo Cleveland, captain, vice D. Mulholland, promoted; Thomas 
Lewis, first lieutenant, vice P. Cleveland, promoted; Isaac Dela- 



1514 Annual Report of the 

mater, junior, second lieutenant; Alfred Churchill, second lieutenant, 
vice J. Hawks, promoted. 

Elias Guman, junior, captain; Thomas Rose, first lieutenant; 
Ebenezer Campbell, second lieutenant; Ezra Tredway, first lieuten- 
ant, vice W. Hudson, promoted; Avery Thompson, second lieu- 
tenant, vice E. Tredway, promoted. 

John Y. Gilbert, captain, vice S. Headly, moved; Abraham Ald- 
ridge, first lieutenant; Andrew Winton, second lieutenant. 


Thirty-eighth brigade of infantry: 

Hugh Graham, brigadier general, vice Himrod, deceased. 

One Hundred and Second regiment — (Hugh W. Dobbin, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Benjamin Nelson, lieutenant, vice D. C. Knapp, moved; Silas 
Mills, ensign, vice B. Nelson, promoted. 

Adonijah Church, captain; John Hyde, lieutenant; Norman Shel- 
don, ensign — (new company) of light infantry. 

One Hundred and Twenty-eighth regiment — (Rynear Covert, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Reuben S. Brown, surgeon's mate. 

Peter Wickoff, lieutenant; Jacob Huff, ensign, vice P. Wickoff, 
promoted; Joseph Sutton, ensign; Charles Dickerson, junior, ensign. 

One Hundred and Forty-fifth regiment: 

Henry McLellan, lieutenant colonel, vice Graham, promoted; 
Aranthus Everts, first major, vice McLellan, promoted; Alexander 
M. G. Comstock, surgeon's mate. 

Augustus Ely, lieutenant, vice S. Boardman, declined; Chaney W. 
Smith, ensign, vice A. Ely, promoted. 

John Martin, captain, vice W. Martin, moved; Amos Coykendall, 

State Historian. 151 5 

lieutenant, vice J. Martin, promoted; Gilbert J. Ogden, ensign, vice 
A. Coykendall, promoted; Amos Smith, ensign. 

James Miller, captain, vice I. Gibson, deceased; Samuel Seton, 
lieutenant, vice J. Miller, promoted; James Brundage, vice S. Seton, 
promoted; David F. Sears, ensign. 

James Colegrove, captain; William Bailey, junior, lieutenant; 
John Sayler, ensign; Elihu Barker, ensign, vice J. Colgrove, pro- 


Fifty-third regiment. — (Ansel Goodrich, lieutenant colonel): 

Captains — Ransom Williams; Elizur Talcott, junior; James 
Stackhouse; Charles Wright. 

Lieutenants — Jonas Muzzy; Elijah Shoemaker; Gamaliel H. 
Barstow; Samuel Broadhead. 

Ensigns — Erastus Carpenter; Elijah Decker; Dan Collins; Wil- 
liam Steward; John R. Towser; Henry Russell. 

Third regiment. — (William W. Cook, lieutenant colonel): 

Luman Richards, paymaster. 

Captains — Nathaniel Bishop; David Richards; Lebediah Chafy; 
Oliver Ely. 

Lieutenants — Oliver Stiles; Eli Culver; James Blakslee; Zenas 
Pratt; Squire Sampson. 

Ensigns — John Beach; Ralph E. Beaver; Nathaniel Sheppard; 
Solomon Williams; Josiah Berru; William McClure, junior; Ben- 
jamin S. Persons. 

Forty-first brigade of infantry: 

Anson Camp, brigade major and inspector with rank from May 
23, 1812. 


Eighteenth brigade of infantry : 

Henry Wells, brigade major and inspector. 



1516 Annual Report of the 

Ninety-fifth regiment. — (Jacob Swartwood, lieutenant colonel): 

Andrew F. Oliver, surgeon, vice M. W. Holmes. 

George Fisher, captain, vice J. Field; Abraham Garey, lieutenant, 
vice R. Hobart; Alfred Scofield, ensign, vice N. Bresie. 

John Stubbs, captain, vice C. Olmsted; Abraham Elston, ensign, 
vice J. Starr; John Starr, lieutenant, vice J. Stubbs. 

Russcl Gridley, captain, vice D. McOuigg; Orange F. Booth, 
lieutenant, vice R. Gridley; Joseph Judson, ensign, vice O. F. 

Thomas Baker, captain, with rank from February 11, 181 1. 


One Hundred and Forty-first regiment — (Josiah Sutherland, lieu- 
tenant colonel) : 

John M. Bloom, quartermaster. 

John V. Marshall, captain, vice S. M. Ely, resigned; Thomas 
Welling, junior, lieutenant, vice I. Van Ander, moved; Stephen 
Dubois, ensign. 

Peter Waltemire, captain, vice S. Jackson, resigned; Ephraim 
Bullock, lieutenant, vice D. Case, resigned; John Warren, ensign. 

Welcom Arnold, captain, vice E. Case, resigned; Zeno C. Barnes, 
lieutenant, vice Arnold, promoted; Robert Carseadin, ensign, vice 
Barnes, promoted; Silas E. Haight, lieutenant; Bartholomew Grif- 
fin, ensign; Asiel Canfield, ensign, vice J. Smith, promoted; John 
Van Vleet, ensign, vice Crapser, promoted; Edmond Titus, 

One Hundred and Eleventh regiment — (Anthony De Lamater, 
lieutenant colonel): 

George Burrows, surgeon's mate, vice G. W. Banker, resigned. 

Evert Van Wagenen, lieutenant, vice J. Wildy, resigned; Peter 
Ostrum, ensign, vice E. Van Wagenen, promoted. 

State Historian. 1517 

John J. Martin, captain, vice J. Martin, resigned; David Wal- 
dorph, lieutenant, vice J. W. Waldorph, resigned; Jacob N. Bone- 
stale, ensign, vice J. Hendricks, resigned; David Lent, ensign, vice 
J. Heermance, moved. 

Nicholas Alendorph, captain, vice G. Heermance, resigned; 
George Heermance, lieutenant, vice N. Alendorph, promoted; Peter 
S. Heermance, ensign, vice G. Heermance, promoted. 

John E. Martin, captain, vice N. Row, resigned; Joseph B. Hicks, 
lieutenant, vice J. E. Martin, promoted; Morris C. Story, ensign, 
vice J. B. Hicks, promoted. 

Z^ebry Fish, captain, vice J. Best, resigned; John P. Cookingham, 
lieutenant, vice Z. Fish, promoted; Reuben Wilber, ensign, vice 
J. P. Cookingham, promoted. 

Benjamin Van Wagenen, junior, captain, vice G. E. Ring, 
resigned; William De Lamater, lieutenant, vice B. Van Wagenen, 
promoted; Philip Ring, ensign, vice W. De Lamater, promoted. 


Ninety-second regiment — (Ab'm G. (J.) Hardenbergh, lieutenant 

Abel Ostrander, lieutenant, vice S. Simpkins, moved; Henry 
Ostrander, ensign, vice A. Ostrander, promoted; Isaac Louw, 
ensign, vice Danielson, declined; Solomon J. Hasbrouck, ensign, 
vice M. Deyo, deceased; Abraham Harris, lieutenant, vice A. H. 
Deyo, moved; Peter L. Bevier, ensign, vice A. Harris, promoted. 

Daniel S. Elsworth, captain, vice P. Ransom, deceased; Job G. 
Elmore, lieutenant, vice S. Duncumb, resigned; John W. Deyo, 
ensign, vice D. S. Elsworth, promoted. 

Reuben Lake, captain, vice G. Ransom, resigned; John Bever, 
lieutenant, vice R. Lake, promoted; Peleg Ransom, ensign, vice 
J. Bever, promoted. 



1518 Annual Report of the 

delaware county. 
Eighty-seventh regiment — (Selah Francis, lieutenant colonel): 
Henry Brakeman, captain, vice N. Olmsted, moved; Darius Olm- 

stead, lieutenant; Ebenezer G. Fauster, ensign. 

Storm A. L. Becker, captain, vice H. Orr, junior, moved; William 

Banner, lieutenant; Guernsey Hecock, ensign. 


Thirty-first regiment — (John Atchison, lieutenant colonel): 
John Harmon, captain, vice F. Rowe, resigned; Augustus B. 
Shaw, lieutenant; Lemuel Castle, ensign; Norman Davidson, lieu- 
tenant of light infantry; Robert Fulton, ensign; Calvin Freeman, 

Reuben Lucas, captain, vice D. Spencer, moved; Lyman Evens, 
lieutenant, vice R. Lucas, promoted; James Chambers, ensign, vice 
L. Evens, promoted. 


Seventh brigade of infantry: 

Reuben S. Morris, brigade major and inspector, vice C. Morgan, 


Forty-fifth regiment: 

William Knickerbacker, lieutenant colonel, vice G. Eddy, pro- 
moted; Tisdale Eddy, first major, vice W. Knickerbacker, promoted; 
Bethel Mather, second major, vice T. Eddy, promoted; Jacob P. 
Defriest, adjutant, vice J. D. Brown; Jacob Kingsly, surgeon, vice 
Smith, moved. 

Richard Briant, captain, vice B. Mather, promoted; Isaac Tal- 
mage, lieutenant, vice R. Briant, promoted; John F. Groesbeck, 
ensign, vice I. Talmage, promoted; Joseph A. Ketchum, ensign, 
vice J. Lamport, moved; Stephen L. Yiele, lieutenant, vice S. Yates, 
moved; John Van Deusen, ensign, vice S. L. Viele, promoted. 

State Historian. 15 19 

Adam Gum, captain, vice B. Betts, moved; James Morrison, lieu- 
tenant, vice A. Gum, promoted; Adam Files, ensign, vice J. Mor- 
rison, promoted. 

One Hundred and Fifty-fifth regiment (Thomas Davis, lieutenant 

John Deforest, junior, second major, vice G. D. Young, United 
States Army; Ira M. Wells, surgeon's mate, vice W. Henry, moved. 

Luther Eddy, captain, vice C. Swartwout, junior, promoted; James 
Swartwout, lieutenant, vice L. Eddy, promoted; Jarvis Duzenbury, 
ensign, vice J. Swartwout, promoted; Robert Christie, ensign of 
light infantry, vice W. Bogardus, moved; Jacob P. Barringer, lieu- 
tenant, vice Kinney, moved; Barnard Whyland, ensign, vice Lock- 
ard, moved. 

Eighty-sixth regiment (Thomas Reynolds, lieutenant colonel): 

Gideon Palmer, first major, vice Randall, resigned; Aaron Worth- 
ington, second major; Job Matteson, paymaster, vice T. Phillips, 

Edward Whitford, captain, vice J. Crandall, resigned; Robert 
Godfrey, lieutenant; Jares Maxson, ensign; Jonathan Berry, lieuten- 
ant; James Dennison, ensign. 

William Coon, captain, vice T. S. Harvy, resigned; David Max- 
son, third, lieutenant; Joshua Randall, junior, ensign. 

Josiah Stewart, captain, vice J. Burdick, resigned; Elijah Smith, 
lieutenant; John Brimmingslouht, ensign. 

Joseph Ammedown, captain, vice R. Babcock, moved; Otis Gould, 
lieutenant; George Horton, ensign. 

George Brimmer, captain of light infantry, vice A. Worthington, 
promoted; John Worthington, lieutenant of do; Abner Brooks, 
ensign of do. 



1520 Annual Report of the 

washington county. 

Sixteenth brigade of infantry: 

John L. Wendell, a major. 

One Hundred and Twenty-first regiment (John Stewart, lieutenant 

Lemuel C. Paine, surgeon, vice J. P. Baldwin, resigned. 

William Elliot, captain, vice B. Seely, resigned; William Brayton, 
lieutenant, vice R. Barnum, resigned; Bateman D. Barnum, ensign, 
vice W. Elliot, promoted. 

Nicholas Campbell, captain, vice R. Cole, deceased; John Paddin, 
lieutenant, vice X. Campbell, promoted; James Pitcher, ensign, vice 
J. Paddin, promoted; Royal Leavens, lieutenant, vice H. Spencer, 
sheriff of Warren county; Elisha Danford, ensign, vice Z. Smith, 
moved; Doctor Ripley, lieutenant. 

Abraham Ostrander, captain, vice Clark, moved; Amos Green, 
ensign, vice D. Ripley, promoted; Bruster Colleman, lieutenant, vice 
A. Ostrander, promoted; Benjamin Eastman, ensign, vice P. Pitts, 


Twenty-third regiment: 

William Cook, lieutenant colonel, vice M. Goodman, resigned; 
Enos Mead, first major, vice W. Cook, promoted; Samuel Stack- 
house, second major; Allen Anderson, adjutant, vice A. Fox, 

Salmon Farr, junior, captain, vice E. Mead, promoted; Harvey 
Powers, lieutenant, vice J. Eaton, moved; David Dewey, ensign. 

Caleb Wells, captain, vice B. Bennet, resigned; Wightman Cole, 
lieutenant; Jehiel Lamb, ensign. 

Warren county was erected from Washington county March 12, 1813. — State 


State Historian. 1521 

Orson Mead, captain, vice L. Newman, moved; Charles Higley, 
lieutenant, vice O. Mead, promoted; Hiram Mead, ensign. 

Albro Tripp, captain, vice Stackhouse, promoted; Nathaniel Tripp, 
lieutenant, vice A. Tripp, promoted; Pelatiah Richards, ensign; 
Aaron Gates, lieutenant; Amos Baker, junior, ensign; Isaiah Will- 
cocks, lieutenant. 


Fourth regiment of cavalry (Philip Pitcher, colonel): 

First squadron — Abraham Van Benthuysen, first lieutenant, vice 
Thompson, moved; Nathan Beckwith, second lieutenant, vice Van 
Benthuysen, promoted; William Stoutenburgh, cornet, vice Beck- 
with, promoted. 

Tobias De Cantillion, captain, vice Hoffman, resigned; Samuel 
M. Thurston, first lieutenant, vice Cantillion, promoted; Henry 
Delavergne, second lieutenant, vice Thurston, promoted; Fountain 
N. Hughes, cornet. 

Second squadron — Archibald Deforest, cornet. 

Gilbert B. Noxon, captain, vice Wilkerson, resigned; Isaac B. 
Clapp, first lieutenant, vice Noxon, promoted; William R. Potter, 
second lieutenant, vice Clapp, promoted; William Vincent, cornet, 
vice Potter, promoted. 


Second regiment of horse artillery (Wm. Jones, of Queens county, 
lieutenant colonel): 

H. Rundell, captain; Seth Palmer, first lieutenant; Walter S. 
Lyon, second lieutenant; Samuel Brown, cornet. 


First regiment of artillery: 

Peter C. Fox, lieutenant colonel, vice H. R. Teller, moved; John 

Veeder, first major, vice Fox, promoted; Frederick Degraaf, second 

major, vice Veeder, promoted; John Dodge, surgeon. 



1522 Annual Report of the 

Robert Kinne, junior, lieutenant, vice Crane, resigned; Benjamin 
Manne, second lieutenant, vice P. Degraaf, promoted. 

Peter Degraaf, captain, vice F. Degraaf, promoted. 

William Dunlap, junior, captain, vice Saxton, resigned; James 
Walker, first lieutenant, vice Dunlap, promoted; Jacob G. Van 
Antwerp, second lieutenant, vice Walker, promoted. 


Thirty-ninth regiment of infantry (Micah Brooks, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Francis Smith, captain, vice A. Parrish, resigned; John Sines, 
lieutenant, vice F. Smith, promoted; Jacob V. Sanford, ensign, vice 
Sines, promoted; Ariel Hendee, lieutenant, vice E. Hall, moved; 
Russel Handy, ensign. 


Eighteenth regiment of infantry (late Storm A. Becker, lieutenant 

Timothy Kilsey, captain; Asa Luce, lieutenant; Jesse Lord, 


One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment (Jehiel Tuttle, lieutenant 

Wells Finch, captain of grenadiers, vice J. Strong, resigned. 


One Hundred and Thirty-third regiment: 

Burrage Miles, lieutenant colonel, vice S. Balcom, resigned; 
Thornton Wasson, first major, vice B. Miles, promoted; Simeon 
Parker, second major, vice T. Wasson, promoted; Hiland H. Parker, 
quartermaster, vice Cooper, resigned. 

William M. Thomas, captain of light infantry, vice Parker, pro- 
moted; Lorin Sweet, lieutenant do, vice Thomas, promoted; Curtis 

State Historian. 1523 

Stoddard, ensign do, vice Sweet, promoted; William Clark, ensign, 
vice O. Bush, promoted; Daniel Hyde, ensign, vice J. Rice, not 

James Sellick, captain, vice L. Bennedick, resigned; Whiting 
Edgerton, lieutenant, vice J. Sellick, promoted; Larnard Livermore, 
ensign, vice W. Edgerton, promoted. 

Benjamin Bragg, captain, vice J. Agard, resigned; John Grant, 
lieutenant, vice B. Bragg, promoted; Bela Rogers, ensign, vice J. 
Grant, promoted. 

David Pollard, junior, captain, vice T.Humphrey, junior, resigned; 
Arad Stowell, lieutenant, vice D. Pollard, junior, promoted; Ira 
Church, ensign, vice A. Stowell, promoted. 

Julius Bragg, captain, vice S. Bradley, resigned; Harmond Ter- 
willeger, lieutenant, vice J. Bragg, promoted; Warrum Gray, ensign, 
vice H. Terwilleger, promoted. 

One Hundred and Fifth regiment (Thompson Mead, lieutenant 

Samuel Guthrie, surgeon's mate, vice H. Gun, moved. 

Joshua Pratt, junior, captain, vice A. Foot, resigned; Theophilus 
Robinson, lieutenant, vice J. Pratt, junior, promoted; John Nash, 
ensign, vice T. Robinson, promoted; Washington Windsor, ensign 
of light infantry, vice P. Harris, resigned. 

Michael Lamb, captain, vice S. Allen, resigned; John Haight, 
lieutenant, vice M. Lamb, promoted; William Tiffany, ensign, vice 
J. Haight, promoted; Elnathan Ellis, lieutenant; Chancery Guthrie, 

Charles Randall, captain, vice W. Collins, moved; Seth Garlick, 
lieutenant, vice C. Randall, promoted; Joel Crumb, ensign, vice S. 
Garlick, promoted. 

Sixty-seventh regiment (Dudley Hewit, lieutenant colonel): 

Joseph Noyes, adjutant, vice John Noyes, resigned. 



1524 Annual Report of the 

Timothy Baker, captain light infantry, vice E. Benjamin, junior, 
United States Army; Enos Thompson, lieutenant do, vice T. Baker, 
promoted; Charles Winter, ensign do, vice E. Thompson, pro- 

John Riddle, captain, vice P. Childs, moved; John Hall, lieuten- 
ant, vice J. Biddle, promoted; Joseph Noyes, ensign, vice J. Hall, 

Henry Coggshall, captain, vice D. Tift, resigned; George Bos- 
worth, lieutenant; Nicholas Coggshall, ensign; James Packer, lieu- 
tenant; Nathan Foster, ensign. 

Thirty-second brigade of infantry: 

James Clapp, brigade quartermaster, vice Guthrie, declining. 

Battalion in the thirty-second brigade lately commanded by Walter 

Sandford Lacy, first major, vice W. Clark, resigned; Nathan 
Taylor, second major, vice P. Field, resigned; Charles Midbury, 
quartermaster, vice J. Howard, resigned. 

Price French, captain, vice S. Lacy, promoted; Antony Oleny, 
lieutenant, vice P. French, promoted; Joseph Tubbs, ensign, vice 
A. Oleny, promoted. 

Joseph Babcock, captain, vice N. Taylor, promoted; John Ambler, 
lieutenant, vice J. Babcock, promoted; Richard S. Goff, ensign, vice 
J. Ambler, promoted; Arruny Welch, lieutenant, vice C. Midbury, 
promoted; Augustus A. Anderson, ensign, vice A. Welch, promoted; 
Wilson Gaige, lieutenant, vice S. Loomis, superseded; Charles Car- 
ton, ensign, vice W. Gage, promoted. 


Eleventh regiment of cavalry: 

Isaac T. Angell, second lieutenant, vice J. Clark, deceased; Ben- 
jamin Rathbun, cornet, vice J. T. Angell, promoted. 

State Historian. 1525 

new york county. 
Eighty-second regiment of infantry (Wm. W. Todd, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Peter W. Benjamin, ensign, with rank from January 25, 1813. 


Sixth regiment of artillery: 

James J. Cameron, first lieutenant, James L. Thurman, second 
lieutenant, vice Cameron, promoted. 



Eighteenth regiment of infantry: 

Henry Hager, junior, captain of light infantry, vice P. Bartholo- 
mew, resigned; Nicholas Mattice, lieutenant of do, vice H. Hager, 
promoted; Jonathan Russell, ensign of do, vice N. Mattice, pro- 


Ninth regiment of cavalry (George Tiffany, lieutenant colonel) : 
Nathaniel Parker, second lieutenant; Benedict Arnold, cornet. 


Twenty-third regiment of infantry (Wm.Cook, lieutenant colonel): 
Reuben C. Gibson, lieutenant of riflemen, vice M. Harris, 

declined; William Hay, junior, ensign of do, vice R. C. Gibson, 



Sixth regiment (Richard R. Van Denbergh, lieutenant colonel) : 
William Besac, paymaster, vice D. Kirtland, resigned. 
Peter Groom, captain, vice Johnson, resigned; John Spoor, lieu- 
tenant, vice Groom, promoted; William Van Housen, ensign, vice 
Spoor, promoted. 


Fifth regiment of cavalry (Walter T. Livingston, lieutenant 
colonel) : 



1526 Annual Report of the 

Ebenezer J. Cady, captain, vice Halsey, resigned; Daniel B. 
Stranahan, first lieutenant, vice Babcock, United States service; 
William J. Johnson, second lieutenant, vice Cady, promoted; Aaron 
Beardsley, cornet. 


Seventh regiment of cavalry (Edmond Fitzgerald, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

First squadron: 

Parker Manning, captain, vice Burton, resigned; James Hawkins, 
junior, first lieutenant, vice P. Manning, promoted; Nathan Med- 
bury, junior, second lieutenant, vice J. Hawkins, promoted; Amos 
Wilson, cornet; Henry Abeel, cornet, vice S. Swetland, declining; 
Jeremiah Rundel, first lieutenant, vice H. Reynolds, declined; 
Lodowickus Veelie, second lieutenant, vice J. Rundle, promoted; 
Isaac Newton, cornet, vice L. Velie, promoted; Machiavel Andrews, 
cornet and adjutant in the Seventh regiment, vice Carpenter, 


Second squadron, Seventh regiment of cavalry: 

John N. Basset, captain, vice N. Rogers, resigned; Joseph Safrbrd, 
first lieutenant, vice J. N. Basset, promoted; Henry Basset, second 
lieutenant; Seth Sprague, cornet. 

Ralph Clark, captain, vice S. T. Shepherd, resigned; Archa 
Patrick, first lieutenant, vice R. Clark, promoted; Simeon Tayler, 
second lieutenant, vice A. Patrick, promoted; Nathan Lane, cornet. 

Amos Palmer, junior, captain, vice C. Northrup, resigned; Justus 
Kellogg, first lieutenant, vice A. Palmer, promoted; Moses Cook, 
second lieutenant, vice J. Kellogg, promoted; James Martin, cornet, 
vice M. Cook, promoted; Henry D. Beman, second lieutenant, vice 
C. Warford, resigned. 

State Historian. 1527 

clinton county. 
Third squadron: 

Matthew M. Standish, cornet, vice A. Campbell, moved; Chandler 

Graves, second lieutenant, vice R. R. Rude, moved; Hubbel N. 

Ransom, cornet, vice C. Graves, promoted. 


The Commander-in-chief having set off a battalion from the 
Twenty-sixth regiment of infantry, consisting of -all that part of the 
said regiment east of Schoharie creek to be commanded by Major 
Samuel Jackson; thereupon Resolved, that the following officers 
be and they are hereby appointed, viz. : 

Twenty-sixth regiment (Sylvanus Wilcox, lieutenant colonel): 

Isaiah Depuy, first major, vice Jackson, assigned to a battalion; 
Edward Cary, second major, vice Depuy, promoted. 

Samuel R. Baker, captain, vice E. Cary, promoted; Alexander 
McAuly, lieutenant, vice S. R. Baker, promoted; Abraham Mudge, 

Thomas Cain, captain, vice Hilts, resigned; Hosea Palmer, lieu- 
tenant, vice Cain, promoted; Seth Clark, ensign, vice Palmer, pro- 

Benjamin Baird, captain, vice Lloyd, resigned; John Shibley, 
lieutenant, vice Miller, resigned: John Wires, ensign, vice Baird, 

William Baird, junior, captain, vice Lamb, resigned; Daniel Bur- 
ton, lieutenant, vice Hamilton; Elijah Wilcox, ensign. 

Eighth regiment (James Johnson, lieutenant colonel): 

Zalmon Gilbert, first major; Jeremiah Drake, second major, vice 
Gilbert, promoted. 


One Hundred and Thirteenth regiment (Calvin Rich, lieutenant 
colonel) : 


Annual Report of the 

rilliam Tayler, first major, vice W. Brown; George H. Mann, 
second major, vice W. Taylor, promoted. 

Luther Robison, captain, vice Crowres, resigned. 

(John) George Kling, captain, vice G. Slam, resigned; John Beek- 
man, lieutenant, vice L. Robison, promoted; Elias Malech, lieu- 
tenant, vice Fox, deceased; Joseph Putman, lieutenant, vice Young, 
resigned; Frederick Crumney (Cromme), lieutenant, vice Kling, 

Ensigns — Isaac H. Esmy, vice Beekman, promoted; Cornelius 
Van Alstine, vice Malech; Christian Otman, vice Crumney, pro- 
moted; Michael Moore, vice Putman, promoted. 

Elisha Daniels, captain, vice Horning, moved; Ezra Ackley, 


Resolved, that the battalion of militia in the county of Saratoga 
commanded by Major Levi Scovil* be organized into a regiment to 
be called the One Hundred and Sixty-sixth regiment of infantry, and 
that the following officers be and they are hereby appointed, viz.: 

Levi Scovil, lieutenant colonel commandant; John Lindsey, first 
major; David Walker, second major; Elijah Buttolph, adjutant; 
John S. St. John, surgeon. 

Artemas Aldrich, captain; Elisha Wilson, lieutenant; John S. Tin- 
ney, ensign — of light infantry. 


Twenty-fifth brigade of infantry: 

Homer R. Phelps, brigade major and inspector; Aaron Clark, 
brigade quartermaster. 
Third brigade of cavalry: 
Charles A. Foote, brigade quartermaster. 
* See page 1470. 

State Historian. 1529 

essex county. 
Fortieth brigade of infantry : 
William D. Ross, quartermaster of brigade. 


Thirty-first brigade of infantry: 

William Boyd, brigade quartermaster, vice S. P. Schuyler, 


Battalion of infantry in the seventh brigade, whereof Eli Matson 
is major commandant: 

Enoch Conger, ensign, vice Allen, moved; John McFadden, lieu- 
tenant; Isaac Turner, ensign. 

Elishama Holcomb, captain, vice Barns, deceased; Matthias Van- 
derheyden, lieutenant, vice Holcomb, promoted; Charles Locke, 
ensign, vice Conrod, absent. 

Adonijah Church, captain; John Hyde, lieutenant; Norman Shel- 
don, ensign — new company. 

First brigade of cavalry: 

Vincent Matthews (of Tioga county), brigadier general, vice H. 
McNiel (Henry McNeil, of Oneida county), resigned. 

Tenth regiment of cavalry: 

Septimus Evans (of Oneida county), lieutenant colonel, vice V. 
Matthews, promoted. 


Major Charles Moseley's battalion of riflemen: 

Charles B. Bristol, second major; Gordon Needham, adjutant. 

William Gardner, junior, captain, vice L. Kellogg, resigned; 
Hezekiah Ketchum, lieutenant, vice Gardner, promoted; Joel Hunt- 
ington, ensign, vice Ketchum, promoted. 

George H. Grosvenor, captain, vice C. B. Bristol, promoted; John 



1530 Annual Report of the 

Van Pelt, lieutenant, vice S. M. Smith, moved; Hezekiah Strong,, 
ensign, vice Grosvenor, promoted. 


Forty-first regiment of infantry (John Dunning, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Earl Whitford, captain, vice Colwell, resigned; John Davis, lieu- 
tenant; Edward W. Burges, lieutenant. 


*Twelfth brigade of infantry: 

David Nichols, brigade quartermaster, vice A. N. Holly, pro- 

Fifteenth regiment (John Shaver, lieutenant colonel) : 

Jacob H. Teal, ensign, vice H. Van Beuren, moved. 

Forty-seventh regiment (Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

James Fleming, quartermaster, vice C. Miller, resigned. 


Tenth regiment of artillery (Selah Strong, lieutenant colonel) : 
Francis Armstrong, first lieutenant, vice R. Noble, deceased; 
Edward L. Welling, second lieutenant. 


Second regiment of infantry : 

Cyrus Steere, lieutenant colonel, vice F. Stranahan, resigned; 
Elihu Phinney, first major, vice Steere, promoted; Henry Baker, 
second major, vice Phinney, promoted. 

Jarvis Smith, captain, vice Baker, promoted; Asa Pride, lieuten- 
ant, vice Smith, promoted; Harry Knowlton, lieutenant, vice Van 
Home, resigned: Hezekiah Smith, ensign, vice Pride, promoted;. 
Constant Shearman, ensign, vice Knowlton, promoted. 

State Historian. 1531 

saratoga county. 

Resolved, that Thomas Rogers of Moreau in the county of Sara- 
toga be and he is hereby appointed a brigadier general in the militia 
of this State. 

Ninth brigade of infantry : 

John Dunning, brigadier general, vice S. Clark, promoted. 

Sixty-third regiment: 

John M. Berry, lieutenant colonel, vice T. Rogers, promoted; 
Herman Gansevoort, first major, vice Berry, promoted; Seth Perry, 
junior, second do, vice Gansevoort, promoted. 

William Harris, junior, captain, vice H. Gansevoort, promoted; 
Thomas B. Thompson, lieutenant, vice Harris, promoted; Philander 
Doty, ensign, vice Thompson, promoted; Anson Thompson, lieu- 
tenant, vice E. Dunham, moved; Thomas S. Mott, ensign, vice T. 
Dunham, United States army; Jason Adams, ensign, vice Patterson, 

Josiah Perry, junior, captain, vice S. Perry, promoted; Curtis 
Wheeler, lieutenant, vice J. Perry, promoted; Ziba Arnold, ensign, 
vice Wheeler, promoted; Philander Doty, adjutant, vice Terhune, 
promoted; Pardon Elms, ensign, vice Doty, promoted. 

John McDowel, captain of light infantry, vice D. Linsey, resigned; 
Henry Stafford, lieutenant of do, vice McDowel, promoted; Paisley 
Lang, ensign of do. 


Seventh regiment of infantry (James Stewart, lieutenant colonel) : 
Nathaniel Todd, second major; Amos Belding, adjutant: 
Lionel Sheldon, captain; William Barret, lieutenant; Alden Mar- 
vin, ensign. 

John Chase, captain; Josiah Hubbard, lieutenant; Harvey W. 
Babcock, ensign. 



i53 2 Annual Report of the 

Peter Roseboom, captain; John J. Snyder, lieutenant; Truman 
Gilbert, ensign. 


Eighth regiment of artillery (Joseph French, lieutenant colonel): 
Nathaniel Eells, captain, vice T. Skinner, resigned; John B. Pease, 
first lieutenant; John Bernard, second lieutenant. 


Fortieth regiment of infantry (Matthew Myers, lieutenant colonel) : 
Warner Folts, captain light infantry, vice M. Weber, moved; 

Jacob Folts, lieutenant, vice W. Folts, promoted; William W. 

Tygart, ensign do, vice J. Folts, promoted. 


Forty-first regiment: 

Lawrence Hooper, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Dunning, promoted; 
Coleman Gates, first major, vice Flooper, promoted. 


One Hundred and Twenty-second regiment (Tiffany Brockway, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Samuel Bant, captain of light infantry, vice W. Newton, resigned; 
Joseph Whitney, lieutenant of do, vice Bant, promoted; John Warn, 
ensign of do, vice Whitney, promoted. 


Seventh regiment of artillery (Walter Grieve, lieutenant colonel) : 
John A. Stevens, captain, vice R. Hart, resigned; Asahel Morse, 

first lieutenant, vice Stevens, promoted; Levi B. Woodward, second 



Fifth regiment of artillery (Wm. Dickson, of Albany county, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

State Historian. 1533 

Joel Gillet, captain; William Hine, first lieutenant; Hezekiah How- 
ard, second lieutenant. 


One Hundred and Fifty-fourth regiment of infantry (Pliny Adams, 
lieutenant colonel) : 

Samuel Everts, adjutant; Joshua Harnden, quartermaster, vice 
S. D. Kellogg; John P. Adams, paymaster, vice S. Everts; Amasa 
Allen, surgeon; Ira Boscom, surgeon's mate. 

Silas Walker, lieutenant, vice Frank, resigned; Samuel Wood- 
ward, ensign; Mason Pierce, lieutenant; John Fuller, ensign; James 
Covill, lieutenant; Calvin Townson, ensign; Samuel Black, lieu- 
tenant; Micah G. Bigelow, ensign. 

Stephen Barber, captain, vice Coggswell, resigned; Amos Mar- 
ville, lieutenant; Isaiah Inman, junior, ensign. 

Amos Otis, captain, vice E. Backus, resigned; Phinehas Spencer, 
lieutenant; Beriah Sprage, junior, ensign. 

Isaac Worden, captain of light infantry, vice Delamatter, resigned; 
Daniel Hatch, lieutenant do; Amos Griffith, ensign do. 

Peter J. PL Myers, captain; Amos Wiswell, lieutenant; Alexander 
Lyttle, ensign; Robert Sackrider, lieutenant; Israel Town, ensign — 
of riflemen. 

Sixth regiment of artillery: 

Jacob Foster, captain, vice Foster, dead; Abraham Searles, first 
lieutenant; Alexander Wood, second lieutenant. 


One Hundred and Twenty-third regiment: 

Richard Flack, lieutenant colonel, vice T. B. Benedict, resigned; 
Jacob Arnold, junior, first major, vice Flack, promoted; Elisha 
Griffin, second do; Charles D. Raymond, adjutant; Silvius Hoard, 

1534 Annual Report of the 


Nathaniel Holt, captain, vice Griffin, promoted; John Ross, lieu- 
tenant; Samuel W. Phelps, ensign. 

Horatio G. Berthrong, captain of a new company; Benjamin Pike, 
lieutenant; Alfred Davis, ensign. 

Ebenezer Round, captain; Mansfield Bristol, lieutenant; Silas 
Kellogg, ensign. 

William Richardson, captain: Christopher Willson, lieutenant; 
Alvin White, ensign. 

Thomas D. Olin, captain; Jonathan Smith, lieutenant; Joseph 
Olin, ensign. 

John Lytle, captain; David Hannah, lieutenant; Samuel Lytle, 

Joseph York, captain; William Guest, lieutenant; Roswell Chapin, 
ensign; Junius Welton, lieutenant; Stephen Foot, ensign. 


Fiftieth regiment of infantry (John McCleary, lieutenant colonel) : 
William M. McFarland, captain; Philo Curtis, lieutenant; Roger 
Crary, ensign — riflemen. 


Resolved, that Elisha Holly be no longer a captain of light infan- 
try in the Fifteenth regiment of infantry in our said State com- 
manded by Lieutenant Colonel John Shaver, and that a supersedeas 
issue accordingly. 


Fourth brigade of infantry : 

Thomas B. Benedict, brigadier general, vice Jacob Brown, United 
States army. 


Fifth regiment of cavalry (Walter T. Livingston, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

State Historian. 1535 

Abijah Stone, captain; Bennet Osborn, first lieutenant; Aaron 
Steel, second lieutenant; John Beach, cornet. 

Russel Hamilton, captain, vice Bently, absent; Rufus Boynton, 
first lieutenant; Abel Blackman, second lieutenant; Underhill Budd, 


Sixty-third regiment (John M. Berry, lieutenant colonel): 
Samuel Crippin, captain, vice D. Tillotson, resigned; James Spratt, 
ensign, vice W. Clark, deceased. 


The Republicans controlled both branches of the Legislature of 
1815, mainly because of the patriotic spirit they had displayed in 
the conduct of the war. The news arrived February 12th that the 
treaty of peace between Great Britain and the United States nad 
been signed at Ghent December 24, 1814. 

The regular session began January 31, 1815, and the following 
day the new Council of Appointment was announced: Jonathan 
Dayton of Suffolk, Lucas Elmenuorf of Ulster, Ruggles Hubbard 
of Rensselaer, and Farrand Stranahan of Otsego. No time was 
lost in removing every Federalist from office. Martin Van Buren 
was appointed attorney general as soon as Abraham Van Vechten 
was removed, an appointment that produced considerable discord 
in the Republican ranks. The schism in the Republican party was 
not abridged by the removal of DeWitt Clinton from the office of 
mayor of New York, and the appointment of John Ferguson, the 
grand sachem of the Tammany Society, as his successor, the change 
having been inspired by personal jealousy and resentment rather 
than from political motives. In July Mr. Ferguson resigned in 
order to accept the position of surveyor of the port of New York, 
and he in turn was succeeded as mayor by Judge Jacob Radcliff, 


1536 Annual Report of the 

who, as a Federalist, was displaced by DeWitt Clinton in 1810. 
Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer ceased to be Secretary of State bv 
order of the Council, who appointed General Peter B. Porter of 
Black Rock, one of the heroes of the second war with Great Britain. 
Charles Z. Piatt was removed as State Treasurer and was succeeded 
by Gerrit L. Dox of Albany. 

Febnfary -^ s E xce ^ enc y the Commander-in-chief having reported to the 
Council that during: the recess he had conferred on Peter B. Porter 


the brevet rank of major general of the militia of this State in appro- 
bation of his gallantry and services rendered as a brigadier general 
in the battles of Chippewa and Bridgewater,and having also reported 
the distinguished conduct of the said Peter B. Porter in the sev- 
eral rencounters which took place with the enemy at Erie, it is, there- 
fore, unanimously 

Resolved, that the said brevet be confirmed and that the said 
Peter B. Porter be and he is hereby appointed a major general in 
the militia of the State of Xew York. 

The Commander-in-chief reported that Jonathan Williams, 
esquire, late colonel of the corps of engineers of the United States, 
having rendered distinguished services to the State of Xew York 
in planning and erecting the fortifications thereof, and in the several 
defences of the city of Xew York without any remuneration or 
acknowledgment therefor, he had in consideration of such services 
and of his high estimation of the talents and virtues of the said 
Jonathan Williams, conferred upon him the brevet rank of brigadier 
general in the militia of the State, thereupon, 

Resolved, unanimously, that the said brevet be confirmed, and 
that the said Jonathan Williams be and he is hereby appointed a 
brigadier general in the militia of the State of Xew York. 

State Historian. 1537 


Resolved, that the brevet assignments by the Commander-in-chief 
of Gulian C. Verplanck as captain in the militia, and of Hugh Max- 
well and Samuel R. Betts, as majors, be confirmed, and that they 
respectively be appointed to the said respective offices in the militia 
of this State with rank respectively from the first day of August last. 


Fortieth brigade of infantry — a new company of riflemen: 
Joseph Wyman, captain; Leander J. Lockwood, lieutenant; Paul 
Kendrick, ensign. 


Thirteenth regiment of artillery, first brigade — new companies: 
Joseph Seguin, captain; Asbury Crocheron, first lieutenant; John 
Crocheron, second lieutenant. 

Reuben Crocheron, captain; Peter Tyren, first lieutenant; Cor- 
nelius Kruser, second lieutenant. 


First division of infantry: 1815. 


Richard War 1 (of Westchester county), inspector. 


Division of artillery: 

Jacob Morton, major general, vice E. Stevens, resigned. 

In the militia of this State: 

Gerard Steddiford, a major general. 

Tenth brigade of infantry : 

Jasper W T ard, brigadier general, vice G. Steddiford, promoted. 

The Commander-in-chief having laid before the Council an official 
communication from Brigadier General Oliver Collins, commanding 
at Sackett's Harbor, the 23d of October last, containing the fol- 
lowing report, viz: 



1538 Annual Report of the 

' I am extremely mortified that T am obliged to report to your 
Excellency Captain Obadiah Latham and Lieutenant Albion Smith 
of the One Hundred and Thirty-fourth regiment, commanded by 
Lieutenant Colonel William Stone, in the thirteenth brigade, as 
having disgraced their commissions by deserting their companies 
at this post. They practiced a shameful deception on me, by feign- 
ing ill-health and requesting a pass to get by the picket to enjoy 
the fresh air which I granted, with an express order to return the 
same day. Instead of obeying the order they packed up and left 
the camp altogether and took with them two soldiers. I received 
letters from them dated at Watertown, stating that they there waited 
my further orders and making an apology for their disobedience, 
upon which I sent an officer to arrest them. On his arrival at 
Watertown he enquired at the house where they said they were, 
but found they had not been there at all; they must consequently 
have false dated their letters, anticipating a pursuit. Captain Latham 
also wrote to his lieutenant (Shepard), to get the company dis- 
charged — if he could not do that, to come off with the men. 

" They have eluded my pursuit and prevented a trial — all I can 
do now is to leave them to the disposal of your Excellency." 


Resolved, that Obadiah Latham be no longer a captain in the 
One Hundred and Thirty-fourth regiment of infantry of the militia 
of this State, and that Albion Smith be no longer a lieutenant in 
said regiment, and that a supersedeas issue to them respectively. 


One Hundred and Fifty-fifth regiment of infantry: Peleg R. 
Allen, surgeon's mate, vice Wells, who declines. 

State Historian. 1539 



Fifth regiment of artillery: Daniel Monel, captain, with rank 
from the 13th day of August last. 


Tenth brigade of infantry: Richard Hatfield, brigade quarter- ms 




Seventy-fifth regiment of infantry : 

John Coffin, lieutenant colonel, vice Ward, promoted; Elisha 
Brewster, surgeon, vice I. Onderdonk, declining; Harvey Weed, 

Captains — Halsted E. Haight, vice Cropsey, resigned; Gilbert 
Burling, vice Warren, United States army; Shivers Parker, Francis 

Lieutenants — Simon P. Schermerhorn, vice Haight, promoted; 
John J. Boyd, vice Burling, do; Richard E. Mount, vice Parker, do; 
William Geib, vice Russel, United States service; Joseph W. Dur- 
yee, vice Frazer, do; Harvey Weed; Marmaduke Waud. 

Ensigns — Oliver York, junior, vice Schermerhorn, promoted; 
Nicholas Everett, vice Boyd, do; Alfred Weed, vice Mount, do; 
George D. Davenport, vice Geib, do ; William Goelet Bucknor, vice 
Duryee, do; Richard R. Woodward, vice Weed, do; James H. 
Guion, vice Waud, do. 

Eighty-fifth regiment of infantry (Lieutenant Colonel Edward W. 

James T. Jones, paymaster, vice Watson, permanently ill; Samuel 
W. Moore, surgeon, vice Gamage, removed; Daniel W. Kissam, 
surgeon's mate, vice Moore, promoted. 

Captains — John T. Jones, vice Seaman, resigned; Jesse Birdsall, 
vice Livingston, resigned. 


154° Annual Report of the 

Lieutenants — Jacob Ricketts, junior, vice Jones, promoted; James 
T. Jones, vice Birdsall, promoted. 

Ensigns — Charles Osborn; Joseph Wallis; John Austin Stevens; 
Thomas C. Mitchell, vice Hayward, resigned; Cornelius Low, vice 
Jones, for paymaster. 

Ninety-seventh regiment of infantry (Lieutenant Colonel William 
Paulding, junior): 

Elisha Morrill, first major, vice Crolius, resigned; Edward N. 
Bibby, surgeon, vice Eddy, resigned; Samuel S. Kuypers, surgeon's 
mate, vice Bibby, promoted. 

Captains — Stephen Lockwood, vice Luyster, resigned; Frederick 
Muzzy, vice Ogden, in Europe; John Van Brugh Livingston, vice 
Reed, moved. 

Lieutenants — Alexander Pyke, vice McComb, resigned; Ogden 
Hoffman, vice Lockwood, promoted; John Rodgers (with rank 
from September I, 1814), vice Muzzy, promoted; John Al Burtus, 
vice Livingston, promoted. 

Ensigns — William L.Morris, vice DePeyster, United States Army; 
Robert Yates Fairlie, vice Pyke, promoted; John Bard Pendleton, 
vice Hoffman, promoted; Richard R. Morris, vice Rodgers, pro- 
moted; Frederick Wm. Rhinelander, vice Al Burtus, promoted; 
Peter T. Curtenius. 

One Hundred and Sixth regiment of infantry: 

Captains — James Swan, vice Roston, resigned; Charles Keeler. 

Lieutenants — John L. Van Kleeck, junior, vice Swan, promoted; 
William W. Tompkins, vice St. John, deceased. 

Ensigns — Epenetus Piatt, vice Van Kleeck, promoted; James 
McCall, vice Tompkins, promoted. 

One Hundred and Fifteenth regiment of infantry (Lieutenant 
Colonel Beekman M. Van Beuren): 

State Historian. I54 1 


Aaron Sergeant, captain, vice Wood, moved. 

Lieutenants — Carroll M. Gahagan, vice Brower, deceased ; Joseph 
J. Trappan, vice Sergeant, promoted; James E. Winans, vice Van 
Buren, moved. 

Ensigns — Robert G. L. DePeyster, vice Gahagan, promoted; 
Samuel Van Beuren, vice Trappan, do; Henry Young, vice Winans, 
do; David Smith; Peter Force. 

Tenth regiment of infantry : 

Gilbert S. Mount, lieutenant colonel, vice Anderson, resigned. 

Captains— Samuel Woodhull, vice Cargill, resigned; Nathaniel 
Tylee, vice Hyslop, moved; Cornelius R. Dufne. 

Lieutenants — Selah B. Strong; George Washington Browne, vice 
Woodhull, promoted; John Low, junior, vice Tylee, promoted; 
Lewis G. Irving; Philip Verplanck Hoffman, vice Dufne, promoted. 

Ensigns — William Dunlap, vice Strong, promoted; John Rankin, 
vice Browne, do; Charles Squire, vice Low, do; William Russell, 
vice Irving, do. 

Light Infantry — Samuel K. Staples, captain; Amos P.Ketcham, 
lieutenant; William Hagadorn, ensign. 

Fifty-first regiment of infantry (Isaac A. Van Hook, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Stephen Price, first major, vice G. S. Mount, promoted; Henry 
M. Groshon, surgeon's mate. 

Joshua Hyatt, captain, vice C. King, appointed aide to general; 
James Horn, lieutenant, vice Hyatt, promoted ; John S. Durry, lieu- 
tenant, vice Griffin, resigned. 

Eighty-second regiment of infantry (Wm. W. Todd, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Henry H. Schieffelin, second major, vice E. L. Schieffelin, 


1 542 Annual Report of the 

Captains — James Stryker, vice E. L. Schieffelin, promoted; Ber- 
nard Sprong, vice H. H. Schieffelin, promoted; James Renwick, 
vice A. Stevens, promoted. 

Lieutenants — Peter W. Benjamin, vice Stryker, promoted; George 
Rogers, vice Sprong, promoted; George W. Hyer, vice Renwick, 
do; George L. Brown, vice Chrystie, adjutant; Herman B. Stryker, 
vice Fleming, quartermaster. 

Ensigns — LeRoy McEvers, vice R. I. Renwick, paymaster; John 
R. Rhinelander, vice Prowitt, deceased; Smith Ovitt, vice Brown, 

Captains — John McGregor, vice Maxwell, resigned; Henry 
Fisher, vice Emmet, resigned; Alexander Fleming, vice Hammond, 
resigned; Albert Chrystie. 

Lieutenants — John L. Schieffelin, vice McGregor, promoted; 
Emelius Tardy, vice Fisher, do; Michael C. Nestell, vice Fleming, 
do; Robert I. Renwick, vice Bogardus, superseded. 

One Hundred and Twenty-fifth regiment of infantry (D. Dodge, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Joseph D. Fay, first major, vice E. W. King, declined. 

Captains — Matthias B. Edgar, vice Alsop, resigned; Henry S. 
Dodge, vice Fisher, resigned. 

Lieutenants — David Banks, junior, vice Edgar, promoted; Ferris 
Pell, vice Dodge, promoted; Jacob Rabineau, vice Jay, resigned. 

Ensigns — David Raymond, vice Banks, promoted ; Joseph Knapp, 
vice Pell, promoted; John Hildreth, vice Rabineau, promoted; 
Gabriel Winter, vice Stewart, moved. 

One Hundred and Forty-second regiment of infantry (N. Sayre, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Abraham Stevens, second major, vice Richards, resigned. 

Ichabod Burnet, captain, vice J. O. Dey, moved. 

State Historian. 1543 

Lieutenants— Charles Watts; Henry Walworth, vice Burnet, pro- 

Ensigns — William Warner, junior, vice Watts, promoted; John 
A. Sidell, vice Walworth, promoted; George E. Smith, vice Living- 
ston, resigned; William Sidney Smith, vice Barnwell, unfit for duty; 
Samuel B. Nicoll, junior, vice Varick, deceased; Charles Mapes, vice 
Spicer, declined. 


Thirty-third brigade of infantry : 

John Floyd, brigadier general, vice Rose, resigned. 

One Hundred and Thirty-seventh regiment of infantry: 

Tredwell Scudder, lieutenant colonel, vice Floyd, promoted; 
Samuel Strong, first major, vice Smith, moved; Charles H. Havens, 
surgeon, vice D. Kissam, resigned. 

Henry S. Nicoll, captain, vice Strong, promoted; Eliphalet Mou- 
bary, lieutenant, vice H. S. Nicoll, promoted; Wickham Concklin, 
ensign, vice E. Moubary, promoted. 

Isaac Conklin, captain, vice A. Conklin, resigned; Piatt Conklin, 
lieutenant, vice I. Conklin, promoted. 

James Nostrand, captain, vice E. Baylies, resigned; Richard Oak- 
ley, lieutenant, vice J. Nostrand, promoted; John Oakley, junior, 
ensign, vice R. Oakley, promoted; Joshua Robbins, lieutenant, vice 
J. Bergen, moved; John Carll, ensign, vice Robbins, promoted. 

Eightieth regiment of infantry (I. Wickham, lieutenant colonel): 

David Hedges, adjutant, vice J. Mulford, resigned; Micajah Her- 
rick, quartermaster, vice M. Dayton, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Josiah Mulford, vice D. Hedges, promoted; Solon 
Parsons, vice S. Hedges, declined. 

One Hundred and Seventh regiment of infantry (J. Moore, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 



1544 Annual Report of the 

Joshua Fleet, captain, vice T. Wines, resigned; Joseph Glover, 
junior, lieutenant, vice B. Wells, resigned; Horace Overton, ensign, 
vice J. Fleet, promoted; Noah Young, ensign, vice Fanning, moved. 

One Hundred and Thirty-second regiment of infantry (I. Satterly, 
lieutenant colonel): 

George Brown, first major, vice T. Rose, resigned; Benjamin Hal- 
lock, second major, vice G. Brown, promoted; Timothy Davis, quar- 
termaster, vice S. Robinson, moved. 

David Overton, captain, vice B. Hallock, promoted; James Nor- 
ton, lieutenant, vice D. Overton, promoted. 

John Woodhull, captain, vice D. Robbins, resigned; Daniel Davis, 
lieutenant, vice J. Woodhull, promoted; Merodach Havens, ensign, 
vice D. Davis, promoted. 

Hezekiah Sanford, captain, vice J. Havens, moved; Nathaniel 
Robinson, lieutenant, vice B. Wines, resigned; John Leek, ensign, 
vice H. Sanford, promoted; Sylvester Foster, ensign, vice N. Haw- 
kins, resigned. 

Merrit Learned, captain, vice E. Tower, moved; John Havens, 
lieutenant, vice M. Learned, promoted; Ebenezer Ackerly, ensign, 
vice J. Havens, promoted. 


One Hundred and Forty-sixth regiment of infantry (R. Conner, 
lieutenant colonel) : 

Stephen Mersereau, captain, vice Perine, resigned; Richard Mer- 
rill, captain, vice Houseman, resigned. 

Edward O. Perine, lieutenant, vice Mesereau, promoted; William 
Corsen, lieutenant, vice Merrill, promoted; Henry Miller, junior, 
ensign, vice Haughwout, declined. 

State Historian. 1545 

new york county. 

Battalion of Governor's Guard : 

Daniel E. Dunscomb, first major commandant, with rank from 
May 4th, 1 814; James B. Murray, second major, do from December 
23; Gerardus A. Cooper, surgeon, do do May 4, do; John W. B. 
Murray, surgeon's mate, do do May 4, do; Thomas Y. How, chap- 
lain, do December 23, do; John J. Mumford, adjutant and first lieu- 
tenant, May 4, do; Charles McKenna, captain, May 4, do; James B. 
Murray, do, May 4, do; Theodore F. Brett, do, December 23, do; 
Daniel Rogers, do, December 23, do; William H. Priest, first lieu- 
tenant, December 23, do; Thomas W. C. Moore, do, December 23, 
do; John Muir, second lieutenant, December 23, do; Daniel W. 
Crocker, captain of horse artillery, May 4, do; Samuel Purdy, first 
lieutenant do, May 4, do. 

In the militia of this State: 

John Fine, lieutenant, with rank from October 1, 1814. 


One Hundred and Seventeenth regiment of infantry (Lieutenant 
Colonel Rem B. Simonson): 

Jam.s McQueen, captain, vice John McQueen, moved; Cooper 
Stores, lieutenant, vice Jas. McQueen, promoted. 

Dobson Allen, captain, vice J. I. Schenk, promoted; John K. Hay- 
den, lieutenant, vice D. Allen, promoted; John K. Allen, ensign, vice 
Hayden, promoted. 

John K. Cashow, captain, vice G. Tappen, moved; Samuel Cock, 
lieutenant, vice D. Cock, moved. 

John Stivers, captain, vice B. Sweet, moved; David Weeks, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Stivers, promoted; Daniel Golden, ensign, vice D. 
Weeks, promoted. 



1546 Annual Report of the 

westchester county. 

Twelfth regiment of infantry (Jonathan Varian, lieutenant colonel): 

Maurice S. Griffin, captain, vice E. Horton, declining. 

Lieutenants — Absalom Bonnett; Elijah Huestis, vice Wendover, 
declined; Henry Kip. 

Cornelius Berrian, ensign. 

Thirty-eighth regiment of infantry (A. Harris, lieutenant colonel) : 

Joseph M. Scribner, surgeon's mate. 

John Holmes, junior, captain, vice I. Waterbury, moved; Ran- 
dell Palmer, lieutenant, vice S. Ward, do; Samuel Smith, junior, 
ensign, vice T. S. Fancher, do. 

William Lyon, captain, vice G. Sarles, do; James G. Pine, lieu- 
tenant, vice W. Lyon, promoted; Stephen Holmes, junior, ensign, 
vice A. Sherwood, moved; Jacob Dickinson, lieutenant, vice S. New- 
man, deceased; Amaziah Mead, lieutenant, vice E. Smith, resigned; 
David Reynolds, ensign, vice A. Mead, promoted. 

Ebenezer Knox, captain, vice J. Hawley, resigned; Richard H. 
Lockwood, lieutenant, vice E. Knox, promoted; Lewis June, 
ensign; Jacob Hull, lieutenant, vice I. Pardee, do; Josiah Gilbert, 
second, ensign, vice J. Brady, resigned. 

One Hundred and Thirty-ninth regiment of infantry (N. Mont- 
ross, lieutenant colonel): 

Thomas A. Ward, captain, vice W. Ward, declined; Caleb Smith, 
lieutenant, vice T. A. Ward, promoted; Garrit Layster, ensign, vice 
C. Smith, promoted. 

Thirty-third regiment of infantry (Lieutenant Colonel David 
Hobby) : 

Nehemiah Brown, junior, captain; Lott Merritt, lieutenant; Reu- 
ben Coe, ensign. 

To take rank from March 2. 1814: 

State Historian. 1547 

Rivers Morrell, second major, vice Foshay, deceased; Gilbert 
Forbes, surgeon, vice Fisher, deceased. 

Elias Purdy, captain, vice B. Thomas, deceased; Samuel Nail, 
lieutenant, vice E. Purdy, promoted. 

Nehemiah Purdy, captain, vice S. Nail, promoted. 

Gilbert Purdy, captain, vice J. Gale, moved; Merritt Sands, lieu- 
tenant; Caleb Haight, ensign. 

Jacob Johnston, captain, vice Banks, resigned; James Guion, lieu- 
tenant, vice Johnston, promoted; Isaac Tripp, ensign. 

Hyatt Lyon, captain, vice Purdy, resigned; Joseph Purdy, lieu- 
tenant, vice Lyon, promoted; John Miller, ensign; Daniel Dean, 
ensign, vice R. P. Ross, moved. 

Light Infantry — George Worden, junior, captain; Daniel 
Stogsdell, lieutenant; Henry Davids, ensign. 


Fourteenth regiment of infantry (Isaac Belknap, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

William Woolsey, captain, vice L. Smith, resigned; Zadock Lewis, 
ensign, vice Hunt, moved. 

Daniel Tooker, captain, vice P. Boyd, moved; Cornelius Rum- 
sey, lieutenant, vice D. Tooker, promoted; Samuel M. Logan, 

David Staples, captain. 

Fifth regiment of infantry (Benjamin Woodward, lieutenant 

James Faulkner, first major, vice L. Christ, refusing; John Dun- 
ning, second major, vice J. Faulkner, promoted; Jacob Satterly, 
adjutant, vice J. Bingham, promoted; David Strachan, quarter- 
master, vice Miller, promoted. 



1548 Annual Report of the 

Captains — Daniel Reeve, vice J. Dunning-, do; James Bingham, 
vice J. M. Steele, disabled; Abraham Wilkin, vice Harlow, resigned; 
Walter Moore, vice Dunning, promoted. 

Daniel Denton, lieutenant, vice J. M. Steele, disabled; Jason Cor- 
win, lieutenant, vice Harlow, resigned. 

William Jackson captain, vice Blake, resigned; William Otis, 

Ensigns — John White, junior, vice A. Wilkin, promoted; George 
F. Seybolt, vice J. Satterly, promoted; Jonathan B. Webb, vice J. 
Cox, promoted. 

Jonathan Cox, lieutenant, vice J. Kirby, resigned. 

Charles Borland, captain; John Yeckley, lieutenant; Abraham 
Hunter, lieutenant; John C. Reeve, ensign; Joshua Conger, ensign. 


Twenty-eighth regiment of infantry: 

John Jansen, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Dill, refusing; Alexander 
Ross, first major, vice Jansen, promoted. 

Jacobus H. Van Keuren, lieutenant, vice A. Jansen. 

Ninety-second regiment of infantry (A. J. Hardenbergh, lieuten- 
ant colonel) : 

Jacob Deyo, first major, vice J. Lefeyer, moved; Selah Tuthill, 
second major, vice J. Deyo, promoted. 

Captains — Methusalem Dubois, junior, vice S. Tuthill, promoted; 
Simon M. Lefever, vice Z. Freer, resigned; Henry M. Ostrander, 
vice J. Russell, resigned. 

Lieutenants — John H. Lefever, vice M. Dubois, promoted; Isaac 
Low, vice S. M. Lefever, promoted; Benjamin Russell, vice A. 
Ostrander, moved. 

Ensigns — Daniel Sloot, vice J. A. Lefever, promoted; Jonathan 

State Historian. 1549 

Angavin Latten, vice I. Louw, promoted; Ezra Williamson, vice 
H. Ostrander, promoted; Abraham J. Eltinge, vice P. Bevier, 


Twelfth brigade of infantry: 

Charles McKinstry, brigadier general, vice S. Ten Broeck, 

Forty-seventh regiment of infantry (J. R. Van Rensselaer, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

James Fleming, adjutant, vice J. Jurdon, resigned; William B. 
Ludlow, quartermaster, vice J. Fleming, promoted. 

William Van Deusen, captain, vice C. Everts, resigned; Henry H. 
Blass, lieutenant, vice Van Deusen, promoted; W'illiam M. Hallen- 
beeck, ensign, vice H. H. Blass, promoted; George Ostrander, lieu- 
tenant, vice W. G. Philip, declined; Wilhelmus Ostrander, lieuten- 
ant, vice P. Ostrander, resigned; Henry G. Philip, ensign, vice G. 
Ostrander, promoted. 

Isaac Southard, captain, vice S. Wiltsie, moved; Henry Melius, 
lieutenant, vice I. Southard, promoted; Cornelius Suefelt, ensign, 
vice H. Melius, do. 

Charles Darling, captain, vice F. Folger, declined; Thomas P. 
Newberry, lieutenant, vice O. A. Allen, declined; Dirck W. Ten 
Broeck, ensign, vice H. Herder, do. 

Forty-fourth regiment of infantry: 

William Tanner, lieutenant colonel, vice C. McKinstry, promoted. 

William Jordon, first major, vice Tanner, promoted. 

Augustus Reed, captain, vice I. Foster, resigned; Amos M. 
Knapp, lieutenant, vice A. Reed, promoted; John Utter, ensign, 
vice W. Stuart, moved; David P. White, ensign, vice S. Wise, do. 

Luther Chace, captain, vice J. Knox, do; Peter Downing, lieu- 



155° Annual Report of the 

tenant, vice L. Chace, promoted; Isaac Downing-, ensign, vice P. 
Downing, promoted. 

Seventy-third regiment of infantry: 

Asel King, lieutenant colonel, vice D. Warner, resigned; Andrew 
Kingsley, first major, vice A. King, promoted; James Warner, sec- 
ond major, vice Kingsley, do. 

John Morris, captain, vice C. Beale, moved; Samuel Beale, lieu- 
tenant, vice J. Morris, promoted; Elijah Burrows, ensign, vice J. 
Gardner, resigned. 

Spencer Carr, captain, vice Zalmon Skinner, resigned; Moses 
Cowles, junior, lieutenant, vice S. Carr, promoted; Andrew Stephen- 
son, ensign, vice M. Cowles, junior, promoted; George Crego, lieu- 
tenant, vice C. Briggs, moved; Warren Brainard, ensign, vice G. 
Crego, promoted. 

One Hundred and Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry (A. X. Holly, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Albert Felts, captain, vice J. Hysradt, resigned; Philip A. Coons, 
lieutenant, vice X. Miller, do; John Hoysradt, ensign, vice Felts, 

William Turner, lieutenant, vice T. Simonds, moved; Christopher 
Corl, ensign, vice W. Turner, promoted. 

James Conklin, lieutenant, vice A. Bain, moved; Hugh Breessie, 
ensign, vice J. Conklin, promoted. 

Fifteenth regiment of infantry (John Shaver, lieutenant colonel): 

Caleb Washburn, ensign, vice E. Minor, promoted; Benjamin T. 
Miller, lieutenant, vice Cornelius Washburn, moved; Teunis Van 
Benschooten, ensign, vice B. T. Miller, promoted. 

John Allen, captain, vice L. Haywood, moved; Henry Van 
Hoesen, lieutenant, vice J. Allen, promoted; Isaac Sheldon, ensign, 
vice Van Hoesen, promoted. 

State Historian. 155 1 


Fifty-sixth regiment of infantry (P. J. Vosburgh, lieutenant 

David Bidwell, captain, vice A. Witbeck, resigned; Lucas Goes, 
lieutenant, vice D. Bidwell, promoted; Isaac Philips, ensign, vice 
T. Eddy, resigned. 

Isaac Van Dyke, captain, vice J. Van Ness, resigned; James A. 
Vanderpoel, ensign, vice J. Van Dyke, promoted. 

Lucas Van Alen, captain, vice E. Lapham, moved; James B. Van 
Valkenburgh, captain, vice J. Sutherland, resigned; John M. Blunt, 
lieutenant, vice Van Valkenburgh, promoted; Winthrop Philips, 
ensign, vice J. M. Blunt, promoted. 

Arent Gardinier, captain, vice W. Peterson, resigned; Luther 
Crocker, lieutenant, vice A. Gardinier, promoted; Morris Sheldon, 
ensign, vice L. Crocker, promoted. 

Elbert Goes, captain, vice M. Van Alstyn, resigned; George Chit- 
tenden, lieutenant, vice J. Van Hagen, resigned; Peter Witbeck, 
ensign; David Van Schaack, ensign, vice C. Van Deusen, declined. 


One Hundred and Tenth regiment of infantry (J. T. Van Dalfsen, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Benjamin Foster, captain, vice Weed, resigned; John W. Pros- 
ser, lieutenant, vice B. Foster, promoted; Abraham Haguman, 
ensign, vice J. W. Prosser, do. 

Forty-ninth regiment of infantry (Ezra Post, lieutenant colonel): 

Elijah Hawley, first major, vice Chittenden, resigned; Wilson 
Phelps, second major, vice E. Hawley, promoted; William Chap- 
man, adjutant, vice Austin, resigned; Jacob Roggin, quartermaster, 
vice Chapman, promoted; John Wileda, paymaster, vice Roggin. 

James M. Sanford, lieutenant, vice Stannard, resigned; Silas 
Pierce, ensign. 


155 2 Annual Report of the 

Simeon Reynolds, captain, vice Hawley, promoted; William Rey- 
nolds, lieutenant, vice Nawler. moved. 

William Morris, captain, vice Lockwood, resigned; Ebenezer 
Carter, lieutenant, vice W. Morris, promoted; Matthew W. Salis- 
bury, ensign, vice E. Carter, promoted; William Lewis, lieutenant, 

vice R. N. , moved; Theodosius Van Tassel, junior, ensign, 

vice W r . Lewis, promoted. 

Dennis Stocking, captain, vice Kirtland, resigned; Lyman Strong, 
lieutenant, vice Fields, do; Deliverance Hervey, ensign, vice Stock- 
ing, promoted. 

One Hundred and Twentieth regiment of infantry (M. Lawrence, 
lieutenant colonel): 

Garret Person, junior, second major, vice Klein, resigned. 

John A. Overbagh, captain, vice Overbagh, resigned; John Fiero, 
lieutenant, vice J. A. Overbagh, promoted; James C. D. S. Voorhis, 
ensign, vice J. Fiero, promoted. 

Ebenezer Hall, captain, vice Hamlin, resigned; Joel Curtis, lieu- 
tenant, vice Grimes, do; Isaac Curtis, ensign, vice Phillips, do. 

William Y. Green, captain, vice White, dismissed; Willard Wells, 
lieutenant, vice W. Y. Green, promoted; William FI. Northrop, 
ensign, vice W. Wells, do. 

John Van Vechten, captain, vice G. Person, junior, promoted; 
David Smith, lieutenant, vice J. Van Vechten, do; James Bostwick, 
ensign, vice Sturges, moved. 

Abraham Laman, captain, vice Van Bergen, resigned; Neely 
Lawrence, lieutenant, vice Sax, resigned; Tobias Brett, ensign, vice 
Barringer, do; William Tolley, lieutenant, vice Williams, moved; 
Benjamin H. Haviland, junior, ensign. 

One Hundred and Sixteenth regiment of infantry (Jehiel Tuttle, 
lieutenant colonel): 

State Historian. 1553 

Isaac Buel, second major, vice Fuller, resigned. 

Henry R. Avery, lieutenant, vice Beach, moved; Caleb Carr, 
ensign, vice H. R. Avery, promoted. 

Abel Holcomb, junior, captain, vice I. Buel, promoted: Wyllis 
Hosford, lieutenant, vice Holcomb, junior, promoted; Harry Hos- 
ford, ensign, vice W. Hosford do. 

Isaac Van Valkenburgh, captain, vice Bushnell; Aaron Bushnell, 
lieutenant, vice Van Valkenburgh, promoted; Daniel Rowley, 
ensign, vice A. Bushnell, promoted. 

Joseph Hamilton, captain, vice Prout, resigned; Benjamin Kins- 
ley, lieutenant, vice J. Hamilton, promoted; Samuel Ives, junior, 
ensign, vice B. Kinsley, do. 


One Hundred and Nineteenth regiment of infantry (Wm. A. Cud- 
deback, lieutenant colonel) : 

Samuel Clark, lieutenant colonel, vice Cuddeback, resigned; Sal- 
mon Wheat, first major, vice S. Clark, promoted; Henry Newkirk, 
second major, vice S. Wheat, do. 

George Smith, junior, captain, vice H. Newkirk, promoted; 
Joseph S. Gillespy, lieutenant, vice G. Smith, junior, do; Timothy 
Wheat, ensign, vice G. H. Horton, adjutant; Abraham Cuddeback, 
lieutenant, vice B. Gumear, moved; Abraham Van Inwigen, ensign, 
vice C. Van Inwigen, junior, refusing; William Stanton, lieutenant, 
vice J. Writer, moved; Jacob Kuykendall, ensign, vice W. Stanton, 
promoted; William Dickerson, lieutenant, vice B. France, unfit for 
duty; Isaac Sears, ensign. 

Battalion of infantry whereof Josiah Depuy is major commandant: 

Israel Dodge, adjutant. 

Jeremiah Gale, captain; Gideon Porter, lieutenant. 



1554 Annual Report of the 

William Woodward, captain; Robert Coachran, junior, ensign; 
James Morton, lieutenant. 

Reuben Hall, captain; Moses Stoddard, ensign. 


Eighty-fourth regiment of infantry (J. Tallmadge, junior, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

John Brush, first major, vice J. Bryan, deceased; Randall S. 
Street, second major, vice G. Bloom, resigned; Henry A. Livingston, 
adjutant, vice G. Bloom; Joseph H. Cunningham, paymaster, vice 
H. A. Livingston; Jeremiah M. Conklin, quartermaster, vice J. E. 
Pells, resigned; John Cooper, surgeon, vice I(saac) Ward, deceased; 
John Boernes, surgeon's mate, vice H(unting) Sherrie, resigned. 

Harry Cooke, captain, vice R. S. Street, promoted: Benjamin 
Forbus, lieutenant, vice H. Cooke, promoted; Jeremiah Martin, 
ensign, vice B. Forbus, promoted. 

Caleb Angevine, captain, vice R. Valentine, resigned; Samuel 
Nelson, lieutenant, vice Angevine, promoted; Leonard Maison, 
ensign, vice Hooker, removed. 

Jacob Manning, captain, vice Schryner, resigned; Philip D. Ring, 
lieutenant, vice Manning, promoted; Abraham Van Wagener. 
ensign, vice Ring, do. 

Samuel Lucking, junior, captain, vice Bishop, resigned; Samuel 
Bragaw, lieutenant, vice Lucking, promoted; James Dodge, ensign, 
vice Bragaw, promoted. 

Peter J. Schyrver, captain, vice Delamater, resigned; Elijah Baker, 
lieutenant, vice Silkrig, resigned; Baron Steuben Hutchins, ensign, 
vice Schryver, promoted. 

Nicholas Van Wagener, captain, vice Lomereux, resigned; Ben- 
jamin Lattin, lieutenant, vice Van Wagener, promoted; James Mott, 
ensign, vice Allen, resigned. 

State Historian. 1555 


Fusileers — Nicholas Powers, captain, vice Wilson, resigned; Isaac 
Valentine, lieutenant, vice Cunningham, paymaster; Leonard V. 
Van Kleek, ensign, vice Powers, promoted. 

Rangers — Sylvester Earle, captain, vice Lawson, resigned; Adam 
Dates, lieutenant, vice Lucking, removed; Robert Matthews, ensign, 
vice Earle, promoted. 

Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry (late Martin E. Winchel): 

Anthony Wheeler, lieutenant colonel, to take rank from March 2, 
1813, vice Winchel, resigned; Asa A. Thompson, first major, to take 
rank as above; William Barker, junior, second major, do do; Henry 
Dakin, adjutant, do do; William Balas, quartermaster, vice Herrick, 
resigned; Joel Osborn, chaplain. 

Officers to take rank from March 2, 1813: 

Captains — Samuel S. Winegar; William Pugsly, junior, vice 
Boyd, resigned; Lewis Cook, vice Barker, promoted; Eben Wheeler, 
vice A. Neely; Allan Thompson, vice Osborn, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Barnabas Paine, junior, vice Wheeler, promoted; 
William Young, vice Winegar, promoted; Silas Harris, vice J. W. 

W. ; Jacob Rundle, vice Cook, promoted; Henry Parlee, vice 

Bockee, deceased; Isaac Sacket,vice Carpenter, moved; Isaac Boyce, 
vice Cutler, resigned. 

Ensigns — John H. Conklin, vice Smith, removed; William More- 
house, vice Barlow, United States service; James Briggs, vice Har- 
ris, promoted; Hezekiah Simons, vice Dakin, promoted; Asa Allen, 
vice Sacket, do; Robert Mitchell, vice Parlee, do; Benjamin Fitch, 
vice Northrop, promoted; William Sherwood, vice Balis, promoted; 
Edward S. Freeman, of grenadiers. 

One Hundred and Eleventh regiment of infantry (Anthony De 
Lamater, lieutenant colonel): 

Garrit Van Kewren, adjutant, vice Hoffman, resigned. 

155^ Annual Report of the 


Fusiliers — Francis A. Livingston, captain; Peter A. Ring, lieu- 
tenant; James Van Kewren, ensign. 

Thirtieth brigade (Brigadier General James Townsend) : 
William Griffin, brigade inspector. 


Twenty-ninth brigade (General Peter S. Van Orden): 
Eighty-third regiment (Benjamin J. Gurnee, lieutenant colonel): 
John Snediker, first major, vice Conklin, resigned; Cornelius 
Yeomans, lieutenant; Jacob Archer, ensign, vice Yeomans, pro- 


One Hundred and Thirty-first regiment of infantry (Derick 
Dubois, lieutenant colonel): 

Peter P. Wynkoop, first major; Jacob H. DeWitt, second major; 
Nash Couch, adjutant; Evan J. Elmendorf, quartermaster; Abraham 
B. Hasbrouck, paymaster; Charles D. W. Hasbronck, surgeon's 

Captains — Conrad Van Gaasbeck, John J. Dumond, Peter Van 
Gaasbeck, junior, Noah Welles, Zachariah Backer, Heman Landon, 
William Ousterhout, junior, Solomon C. Elting. 

Lieutenants — Peter E. Ousterhoudt, John M. Elmendorf, John 
Hosford, Isaac McCagg, Jonas Volk, John D. North, John P. L. 
Ousterhoudt, Frederick S. M. Snyder. 

Ensigns — Egbert Jansen, Joshua DeGraff, Thomas V. G. Van 
Steenbergh, John Yolk, junior, Newcomb Knapp, Sylvanus H. Can- 
field, Egbert Roosa, junior, John P. Roosa. 


Nineteenth brigade (late Reuben Hopkins, brigadier general): 
Abraham Vail, brigadier general, vice R. Hopkins, resigned; 

State Historian. 1557 

Robert H. Seely, brigade quartermaster, vice E. Hopkins, 

One Hundred and Forty-eighth regiment (Abraham Vail, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Uriah Hulse, lieutenant colonel, vice Vail, promoted; Jonathan 
Bailey, junior, first major, vice Hulse, promoted; Freegift Tuthill, 
second major, vice Bailey, promoted. 

Jonathan H. Jackson, captain, vice Bull, moved; George Jackson, 
lieutenant, vice J. H. Jackson, promoted. 

Ensigns — Charles B. Durland, vice Roe, deceased; James Strong, 
vice Jackson, promoted; Columbia Bailey, do Knapp, do; John 
Blisard; William Roe, vice A. Jackson, moved. 

Edward Ely, captain, vice Tuthill, promoted; Amzi L. Ball, lieu- 
tenant; Horace W. Elliot, ensign. 

Thirtieth regiment (Jacobus Bertholf, lieutenant colonel): 

Benjamin Horton, second major, vice Benedict, refusing. 

Nehemiah Finn, adjutant, vice Wisner, promoted; Benjamin S. 
Hoyt, surgeon, vice Houston, resigned; Marcus Ostrander, sur- 
geon's mate. 

Captains — William Mapes, vice Horton, promoted; Thomas 
Armstrong, vice Johnson, resigned. 

Lieutenants — James Miller, junior, vice Mapes, promoted; John 
Sutton, junior, vice Finn, adjutant. 

Ensigns — Josiah Howell, vice Miller, promoted; John McGee, 
vice Ackerman, moved; John Houston, vice Armstrong, promoted. 

Ninety-first regiment (Michael Smith, lieutenant colonel): 

Barnabas Manny, first major, vice Edmeston, resigned; Joseph 
McLaughlin, second major, vice Manny, promoted. 

Captains — Jonathan Owin, vice McLaughlin, promoted; Samuel 



1558 Annual Report of the 

Webb, vice Wilkes, moved; James Summerbell, vice Kronkhyte, 

Lieutenants — Cortland Strong; Abraham Secor, vice Rumsey, 
resigned; John Archer, vice Howell, do; Isaac Farote, vice 

Ensigns — John Tuthill, junior; James Wygant, vice Secor, pro- 
moted; John McGarrah, vice Webb, do; Samuel Savage, vice Sum- 
merbell, promoted. 


Sixty-first regiment (Barnabas Carver, lieutenant colonel): 

Nathaniel Hyat, adjutant; William H. Johnson, paymaster. 

Issacher Merrick, captain, vice Everett; Noah Robinson, lieuten- 
ant, vice Merrick, promoted; Stephen Swift, ensign, vice Robin- 
son, do. 

Robert Post, captain, vice Ferris, moved; John Buckbee, lieuten- 
ant, vice Post, promoted; Jonas Tompkins, ensign, vice Buckbee, 

John Garrison, lieutenant; John Likely, ensign. 


One Hundred and Forty-ninth regiment (Abraham Van Wyck, 
lieutenant colonel) : 

Gilbert B. Hutchins, captain, vice Houghland, resigned; Joseph 
Wood, lieutenant, vice Van Voris, do; James Brett, ensign, vice 
Ketchum, promoted; John Peter De Wint, ensign; Solomon Win- 
ter, ensign. 


Thirty-fifth regiment (Hart Weed, lieutenant colonel): 
Peter Waring, second major, vice Burr, resigned. 
Stephen C. Barnum, surgeon, vice Reed, resigned; Richard S. 
Bryant, surgeon's mate. 

State Historian. 1559 

Joseph Harris, captain, vice Waring, promoted ; Daniel W. Town- 
send, lieutenant, vice Harris, promoted; Charles Minor, ensign, vice 
Townsend, do. 

Epaphras B. Baldwin, captain, vice Smith, resigned; Levi Bailey, 
lieutenant, vice Baldwin, promoted; Samuel Rider, ensign, vice 
Bailey, do. 

Joseph C. Seely, captain, vice Dodge; Archibald Campbell, junior, 
lieutenant, vice J. C. Seely, promoted ; Nathan Pierce, ensign, vice 
Campbell, promoted. 


Thirtieth brigade of infantry: 

William Griffen, brigade major and inspector. 


Second division of infantry: 

John D. Lawson, quartermaster. 

Thirty-fourth brigade infantry: 

John Miller, brigade quartermaster, vice Lawson, promoted. 


One Hundred and Fifty-sixth regiment: 

Solomon Place, lieutenant colonel, vice Van Schaick, resigned. 

John Van Buskirk, first major, vice Place, promoted; Jacob H. 
Van Schaick, second major, vice Van Buskirk; Calvin Everett, 
adjutant, vice Shelden, promoted. 

Luke Chapin, captain, vice Van Schaick, promoted; Samuel 
Badger, lieutenant, vice Everett, promoted; James Abeel, ensign, 
vice Cornell, resigned; John Kelsie, lieutenant, vice Dennis, resigned; 
Cornelius Hunt, ensign, vice Kelsie, promoted. 

Light Infantry — John Lent, captain, vice Witbeck, resigned; 



1560 Annual Report of the 

George F. Header, lieutenant, vice Lent, promoted; John More, 
ensign, vice Mosher, refusing. 

Fiftieth regiment: 

William Root, lieutenant colonel, vice McClary, resigned; David 
Matthews, junior, first major, vice Root, promoted; Andrew Lytle, 
second major, vice Matthews, promoted; Henry Matthews, adjutant; 
Samuel Cheves, paymaster; Thomas Steel, quartermaster. 

Samuel Livingston, captain, vice Fullerton, resigned; George 
Gitty, lieutenant; David Thomas, ensign. 

James Hay, captain, vice Perine, removed; James Steward, lieu- 
tenant, vice Hay, promoted; Alexander Robinson, ensign, vice 
Steward, promoted; Daniel Hopkins, lieutenant; George Liddle, 

Light Infantry — William McClellen, captain, vice Lytle, pro- 
moted; William Townsend, lieutenant, vice McClellen, promoted; 
Isaac Getty, ensign, vice Townsend, promoted; George Stewart,, 
ensign, another company. 

One Hundred and Fourteenth regiment: 

Oliver Shearman, lieutenant colonel, vice H. Rice, resigned; 
Clark Rice, first major, vice Shearman, promoted. 

Samuel Weir, captain, vice Pratt, deceased ; Gerrit Pruyn, lieuten- 
ant, vice Weir, promoted; Peter Edie, ensign, vice Vandenberg, 
moved; John Garnor, lieutenant, vice Thompson, declined; Elisha 
Billings, ensign, vice Garnor, promoted; Thomas K. McLean, lieu- 
tenant, with rank from March 2, 1814, vice Wier, declining. 

One Hundred and Eighteenth regiment: 

Benjamin H. Payn, first major, vice Caswell, moved. 

Zebulon Rovel, surgeon's mate; Alexander McDougall, adjutant. 

State Historian. 1561 

Captains — James Bain, vice McEacheren, resigned; Ebenezer 
Kemball, vice Bell, do; Duncan Taylor, vice McCoy, declined. 

Lieutenants — Hezekiah Leigh, vice Bain, promoted; Amasa 
Walker, vice Kimball, promoted. 

Ensigns — James L. Durkee, Philip McEacheron, Alexander 

John Darby, captain, vice Payn, promoted; Isaac Powell, lieu- 
tenant; Alexander Sutherland, ensign. 

Seventeenth brigade (Micajah Petit, brigadier general): 

John Moss, brigade inspector, vice Pitcher, promoted. 

Resolved, that Royal Leavens be no longer a lieutenant in the 
One Hundred and Twenty-first regiment of infantry and that a 
supersedeas issue accordingly. 


One Hundred and Twenty-first regiment: 

Nathaniel Pitcher, lieutenant colonel, vice Stewart, resigned; 
Benjamin Copeland, first major, vice Sackrider, moved; Alfred 
Pitcher, second major, vice Copeland, promoted; Seth C. Goodwin, 
quartermaster, vice Hand, resigned; Thomas A. Sherwood, pay- 
master, vice Goodwin, promoted. 

Henry Spencer, second, captain, vice Pitcher, promoted; Joel 
Winchip, junior, lieutenant, vice Leavens, superseded; Henry G. 

Brees, ensign. 

New company — Elisha Danford, captain; Benjamin Ogden, lieu- 
tenant; Alva B. Pitcher, ensign. 

Elijah Dunham, captain, vice Odell, removed; Amos Green, lieu- 
tenant, vice Ripley, removed; John Johnson, ensign, vice Green, 

Periam Thompson, captain, vice Haskins, resigned; David 



1562 Annual Report of the 

Holmes, lieutenant, vice Thompson, promoted; John Degolyer,. 
junior, ensign, vice Holmes, promoted. 

Nahum Holbrook, captain, vice Pelton, removed; Alpheus Under- 
hill, lieutenant, vice Holbrook, promoted; Solomon S. Cowan, 
ensign, vice Underhill, promoted. 

Light Infantry — Elijah Town, junior, lieutenant, vice Moss, 
promoted; Edward Moss, captain, vice J. Moss, do; Felix Alden, 
ensign, vice Priest, moved away. 

New rifle companies — John Hillebert, junior, captain; Warren 
Ferris Hitchcock, lieutenant; William Baker, ensign. 

James Burnet, captain; James Cramond, lieutenant; Obed Corn- 
stock, ensign. 

Infantry — Solomon Beldin, captain; Freeman Clark, lieutenant; 
Elnathan Benjamin, ensign. 


New battalion attached to seventeenth brigade: 

John Straight, junior, first major commandant; William Covell, 
second major; Zachariah Sill, adjutant; Daniel Mason, quartermas- 
ter; Jonathan Wood, junior, paymaster; Amasa Brown, chaplain; 
Richard Sill, surgeon. 

Nahum Holbrook, David Outman, James Covell, captains. 

Elijah Straight, Calvin Townsend, Alpheus Underhill, lieutenants. 

Obadiah Slade, Dier Parce, Solomon Cowan, ensigns. 

One Hundred and Fifty-fourth regiment (Pliny Adams, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Nathaniel Frank, first major, vice Carpenter, deceased; Duty 
Shumway, second major, vice Frank, promoted; Samuel Rowley, 
chaplain, vice Brown, transferred to a battalion; Otis Spurr, surgeon, 
vice Allen, superseded. 

State Historian. 1563 

Riflemen — Alexander Lyttle, captain, vice Myers, moved away; 
Robert Millard, lieutenant; Alexander P. Fonda, ensign. 

Samuel Black, captain, vice Downs, resigned; Micah G. Bigelow, 
lieutenant, vice Black, promoted; Charles H. Wheeler, ensign, vice 

Silas Walker, captain; Samuel Woodward, lieutenant, vice 
Walker, promoted; Derick J. Wright, ensign. 

Josiah Innman, junior, captain, vice Benton, resigned; Isaac Hurl- 
bert, lieutenant; Joseph Bartholomew, ensign. 

Phineas Spencer, captain, vice Otis, deceased; Beriah Sprague, 
lieutenant; Chester Dewey, ensign. 

Elisha Sill, captain, vice Shumway, promoted; Jonathan Brown, 
junior, lieutenant, vice Sill, promoted; Roswell Abel, ensign, vice 
Brown, promoted. 

Mason Pierce, captain, vice Sheldon, resigned; John Fuller, lieu- 
tenant, vice Pierce, promoted; Bela Thompson, ensign. 

Lieutenant Colonel Adams having reported that captain Isaac 
Worden has not a company of light infantry of the number required 
by law, Resolved, that the said company be disbanded, that the 
commissions of the officers be revoked, and that a supersedeas issue 
to each of them accordingly. 


Thirty-sixth regiment (Thomas Miller, lieutenant colonel): 

Nathaniel Cochran, captain. 

Lieutenants — Elisha Button, vice Cochran, promoted; John Allen, 
vice Reed, deceased; Thomas Stafford. 

Ensigns — Luther Everett, vice Button, promoted; Isaiah Ferris, 
vice Allen, promoted; Marshall Newton; Lucius Elderkin, vice 



1564 Annual Report of the 

Riflemen — Azariah C. Flagg, captain; James Trowbridge, lieu- 
tenant; Ira A. Wood, ensign. 


Sixty-sixth regiment: 

Thomas Smith, lieutenant colonel; Rums Tilden, major; Adin 
Wood, adjutant; David Danforth, quartermaster; John Thompson, 

Philip Bryant, captain; Salmon Smith, lieutenant; John Beeman, 
ensign; Oliver Conger, do; Richard Sherman, do; John Varnal, 


Resolved, that Roswell Wait be no longer second lieutenant of a 
troop of cavalry commanded by Captain (Gilead) Sperry (Seventh 
regiment), and that a supersedeas issue. 


Twenty-fourth regiment (John Rhoades, lieutenant colonel): 

Sampson Woolsey, adjutant, vice A. Cook, promoted; John De- 
Golyer, quartermaster, vice P. Doty, resigned; Peter Sprague, sur- 
geon's mate, vice M. W. Child, moved. 

Captains — Joshua Finch, vice Dunning, resigned; Thomas Perry, 
vice J- Perry, resigned; John Brown, vice A. Comstock, moved; 
John Herrington, vice P. Edwards, resigned; Uriel Cornell, vice W. 
Tripp, moved; Henry Warren, vice E. Stimson, promoted; Asa 
Cook (light infantry), vice E. Beecher, resigned. • 

Lieutenants — Seth C. Burch, vice J. Finch, promoted; Wiley Elli- 
thorpe, vice T. Perry, promoted; Calvin Palmer, vice J. Brown, do; 
Seth Benson, vice J. Herrington, promoted; Matthew Allen, vice 
U. Cornell, do; Andrew Thatcher, vice H. Warren, do; Stephen 
Potter, junior, vice S. Woolsey, promoted; John Simmons (light 
infantry), vice W. Randall, deceased. 

State Historian. 1565 

Ensigns — Harmanus N. Smith, vice S. C. Burch, promoted; Aza- 
riah Ellithorpe, junior, vice W. Ellithorpe, promoted; Benedict 
Hamilton, vice C. Palmer, do; Job Cornell, vice M. Allen, do; 
James A. Smith (light infantry), vice J. Brewster, do; Silas Wash- 
burn, do do, vice J. Simmons, do; Caleb G. Sweet, vice J. DeGolyer, 
do; Elisha Potter, vice J. Conklin, moved; Elisha Pettit, vice S. 
Benson, promoted. 

Forty-first regiment (L. Hooper, lieutenant colonel): 
Peter Fort, second major, vice C. Gates, promoted. 
Captains — James Bevins, vice P. Fort, do; Gould Morehouse, vice 
T. Collamer, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Jotham Crawford, vice J. Bevins, promoted; Samuel 
L. Chase, vice G. Morehouse, do; John Ward, junior, vice J. Davis, 

Ensigns — Reuben Saxton, vice J. Crawford, promoted; Ziba Dite- 
man, vice S. L. Chase, do; Thomas Fellows, vice Lawrence, moved; 
William Davis, vice E. W. Burgess, refusing. 

Sixty-third regiment (J. M. Berry, lieutenant colonel): 
Libbeus Armstrong, chaplain. 

One Hundred and Forty-fourth regiment (G. Van Schoonhoven, 
lieutenant colonel) : 

John Stewart, adjutant, vice N. Bailey, moved; William M. Mil- 
lard, surgeon's mate, vice W. McClary, moved. 

Silas Cogswell, captain, vice D. Garnsey, refusing; Nicholas E. 
Visscher, lieutenant, vice J. B. Mix, moved; Isaac Van Hyning, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Cogswell, promoted. 

Ensigns — Michael Hageman, vice N. E. Visscher, do; Robert 
Kennedy, second, vice J. Van Hyning, do; James Herrald, vice H. 
Clow, resigned. 


1566 Annual Report of the 

David Spencer, captain, vice Mandeville, resigned; Gerrit N 
Groesbeck, lieutenant; John Waldron, ensign. 

One Hundred and Sixty-sixth regiment (L. Scovill, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

John Lindsey, lieutenant colonel, vice L. Scovill, resigned. 

David Walker, first major, vice J. Lindsey, promoted; Ira Keath, 
second major, vice D. Walker, do. 

Captains — John W. Creal, vice I. Heath, promoted; Rufus Wires, 
vice J. Scofield, resigned. 

Lieutenants— Ira Haskin,vice J.W. Creal, promoted; Joel Phelps, 
junior, vice R. Wires, promoted. 

Ensigns — Thomas Ide, junior, vice I. Haskins, do; Levi Scofield, 
vice J. Phelps, junior, do. 

Fifty-ninth regiment (J. Prior, lieutenant colonel): 

Captains — Darius Wright, vice A. Taylor, moved; John Ambler, 
(of grenadiers), vice A. Weed, moved. 

Lieutenants — Myron Calkins (of grenadiers), vice J. Ambler, 
promoted; Moses Thomas, vice A. Goodrich, promoted: Aaron 
Blake, vice D. Wright, do. 

Ensigns — James Wright, vice A. Blake, do; Miles H. Andrews, 
vice J. P. Couch, moved. 


Eighth brigade of infantry: 

John Sampson, brigade quartermaster. 

Eighty-sixth regiment of infantry (T. Reynolds, lieutenant 

Alonzo G. Hammond, quartermaster, vice A. Maxson, junior, 

Sanford Hewit, captain, vice W. C. Barber, resigned; Archibald 
Jones, lieutenant, vice S. Hewitt, promoted; Abraham Smith, 

State Historian. 1567 

•ensign, vice A. Jones, do; Daniel Palmer, lieutenant, vice J. Brimer, 
resigned; George Armsbury, ensign, vice D. Palmer, promoted. 

Asa Burdick, junior, captain, vice E. Coon, moved; Rufus Austin, 
lieutenant, vice R. Davis, resigned; Stanton Wilcox, ensign; Winter 
Greene, ensign. 

First regiment (Caleb Carr, lieutenant colonel): 

Orry Bush, quartermaster. 

John Blaney, captain, vice F. Palmer, resigned; Darius Morris, 
lieutenant; William Blaney, ensign; Hosea Bennett, adjutant, vice 
Moffatt, promoted; William Jones, lieutenant, vice T. P. Adams, 
resigned; Benoni Hall, ensign; William Dixon, ensign, vice S. 
Howard, resigned. 

Light Infantry — Benjamin Sweet, captain, vice S. E. Gibbs, 
resigned; Peter Brown, junior, lieutenant, vice C. Porter, do; Wil- 
liam P. Herman, ensign. 

Robert Tift, lieutenant, vice W. Kittle, resigned; Daniel Brainard, 
ensign; David Tift, lieutenant, vice M. Fields, resigned; Rund 
Adams, ensign. 

Cornelius W. Schermerhorn, captain, vice N. Gale, deceased; 
Henry G. Dusenberry, lieutenant; Elijah Wiles, ensign; Joseph 
Shelden, ensign. 

Light infantry, new company — Eber Moffatt, captain; Calvin P. 
Sackett, lieutenant; John Winslow, ensign. 

Forty-fifth regiment (W. Knickerbacker, lieutenant colonel): 

Abraham Knickerbacker, adjutant, vice J. P. Defrest, promoted. 

Captains — Stephen L. Viele, vice J. Fake, resigned; John Wm. 
Groesbeck, vice D. Bryan, do; Jacob P. Defrest. 

Lieutenants — Adam File, vice J. Morrison, resigned; Joseph A. 
Ketchum, vice M. Goff, do; John Van Deusen, vice S. L. Viele, 
promoted; Christopher J. Yates, vice J. W. Groesbeck, promoted. 


1568 Annual Report of the 


Ensigns — John M. File, vice A. File, promoted; John Lane, vice 
J. A. Ketchum, do; James Van Antwerp, vice C. J. Yates, promoted; 
Francis Ingraham, vice J. Van Dusen, do. 

Seventy-eighth regiment (Joseph Dorr, lieutenant colonel): 

John H. Haynes, first major, vice S. Wilson, resigned; John Car- 
penter, junior, second major, vice J. H. Haynes, promoted; Daniel 
Rogers, junior, adjutant, vice J. Carpenter, junior, promoted; Uriah 
Dubois, paymaster, vice J. Schuyler, sheriff; Rodolph Andrews, 
quartermaster, vice A. Bull, moved; Thomas Perrington, chaplain, 
vice J. Glass, deceased; David Gleason, surgeon, vice R. Dorr, 
refusing; Benjamin Joslin, junior, surgeon's mate, vice A. Hallen- 

Captains — Earl Pearce, vice A. Spicer, resigned; Reuben Williams, 
vice A. Van Wart, resigned; Daniel Halstead, vice J. Holmes, 

Newton Ransom, ensign, vice D. Rogers, junior, promoted: 
Clark McGowan, lieutenant, vice E. Pearce, promoted; George 
Tucker, ensign, vice C. McGowan, promoted; John H. Akin, lieu- 
tenant, vice E. Pearce, do; Derick C. Van Veghten, ensign, vice S. 
Hunt, moving; John Blass, junior, lieutenant, vice J. I. Northrop, 
moved; Samuel Comstock, ensign, vice D. S. Wing, moved; Israel 
T. Holmes, lieutenant, vice D. Halsted, promoted; Nathaniel Bos- 
worth, junior, ensign, vice I. T. Holmes, do. 

Light Infantry — John Shepard, captain, vice A. Keach, re- 
signed; Thomas Kemp, lieutenant, vice J. M. Ryan, do; Reuben 
Clark, ensign, vice Sudam, refusing. 

Forty-third regiment (C. J. Schermerhorn, lieutenant colonel): 

Abraham V. D. Gregory, captain, vice D. E. Gregory, resigned; 
Joseph Gregory, lieutenant, vice A. A". D. Gregory, promoted; Mar- 
cus Peck, ensign, vice J. Gregory, do; Andrew Gibson, lieutenant, 

State Historian. 1569 

vice R. Bostwick, moved; John G. Yates, ensign, vice A. Gibson, 

John Burton, captain, vice S. Mayers, resigned; Eber M. Myers, 
lieutenant, vice J. Burton, promoted; Abraham Dubois, ensign, vice 
E. M. Myers, do. 

Henry Smith, captain, vice M. Rysdorph, refusing; John T. Her- 
rington, lieutenant, vice H. Smith, promoted; John Hext, ensign, 
vice Herrington, promoted. 

One Hundred and Fifty-fifth regiment (T. Davis, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Benjamin Higbie, a supernumerary major. 

Samuel Mouris, adjutant, vice Schuyler, United States Army; 
John Proudfit, quartermaster, vice Sampson, promoted. 

Richard J. Deforest, captain, vice J. Deforest, promoted; Abra- 
ham W. Defreest, lieutenant, vice R. J. Deforest, do; Peter Van 
Alstyne, ensign, vice Kinne, moved; Thomas Millie, ensign, vice 
Wilburn, do. 

Light Infantry — James A. Zander, captain; William L. Marcy, 
lieutenant; Robert Christie, lieutenant; Dutcher Slason, ensign. 


Eleventh brigade of infantry — battalion whereof Samuel Jackson 
is major commandant: 

Peter Young, junior, second major, vice Jackson, major com- 

Reuben Stewart, captain, vice P. Young, promoted; Reuben 
Howe, lieutenant, vice J. C. Servoss, adjutant; Samuel Peck, ensign, 
vice R. Howe, promoted. 

James Grinman, captain, vice D. Servoss, moved; Peter Martin, 
lieutenant, vice J. Grinman, promoted. 


1570 Annual Report of the 

Thirty-fourth regiment: 

Jesse Visscher, adjutant; Sampson Sammons, paymaster. 

Abraham A. Van Home, lieutenant; Douw Van Vechten, 
lieutenant; Duncan McNaughtan, ensign of light infantry, vice 
Anderson, moved. 


One Hundred and Fifty-second regiment (John Gallup, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Captains — Shubel Owen, vice J. Parash, junior, moved; John 
Armstrong, vice J. Wearly, moved. 

Lieutenants — Seth Fancher, vice S. Owen, promoted; Clark 
Champlin, vice B. Tripp, moved; George Williamson, vice J. Arm- 
strong, promoted. 

Ensigns — John F. Shaver, vice Van Deusen, declined; Lewis 
Fancher, vice S. Fancher, promoted; John Esterbrooks, vice C. 
Champlin, do; Merritt Starkweather, vice G. Williamson, promoted. 


Fourteenth brigade of infantry- 
Battalion lately commanded by Major Silas Marsh: 
John McClave, major commandant, vice S. Marsh, resigned; Ira 
Avery, adjutant, vice Alorey, resigned. 

Captains — Stephen Ward, vice McClave, promoted; Silas Pettit, 
vice S. Foster, moved; Joel Haskins, vice J. Sherburne, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Benjamin S. Knight, vice S. Ward, promoted; 
George Passage, vice S. Pettit, do; Martin Wiltse, vice Haskins, do. 
Ensigns — Andrew Young, vice Knight, do; Eli Milk, vice Pas- 
sage, do; David Cooley, vice Wiltse, do. 

Fifty-seventh regiment (John Veeder, lieutenant colonel): 
New rifle company— Daniel L. Van Antwerp, captain; Litle 
Wiley, lieutenant; Isaac S. Miller, ensign. 

State Historian. 1571 

saratoga county. 

Thirty-second regiment (D. Rogers, lieutenant colonel): 

John Holmes, first major, vice Z. Beach, resigned; David Gordon, 
second major, vice J. Holmes, promoted. 

Joel Sherwood, captain, vice D. Gordon, do; Amos Sherwood, 
lieutenant, vice J. Sherwood, do; Walter K. Maxwell, ensign. 

Eliakim Corey, captain, vice Reuben Warren, moved; William A. 
Longworthy, lieutenant, vice R. Westcott, superseded; Freeman 
Thomas, ensign, vice Walter M. Sturges, superseded. 

Thomas Kirby, captain, vice J. Smith, resigned; Robert Pollock, 
lieutenant, vice T. Kirby, promoted; Arthur Cook, ensign; Isaac H. 
Consellus, ensign, vice T. Miller, deceased. 

Light Infantry — John Ferguson, captain, vice A. Riche, 
resigned; Phillip Brotherson, lieutenant, vice Ferguson, promoted; 
John Watkins, ensign. 


Eighth regiment of infantry : 

Zalmon Gilbert, lieutenant colonel, vice Johnson, resigned; Jere- 
miah Drake, first major, vice Z. Gilbert, promoted; Ichabod Bart- 
lett, second major, vice Drake, do; Elijah Ayres, adjutant; William 
Williams, chaplain. 

Chester Brunson, captain, vice Bartlett, promoted; Charles Lam- 
bertson, lieutenant, vice Brunson, do; Orrin Ives, ensign, vice Lam- 
bertson, do. 

Sylvanus Ayres, captain; John Farrill, junior, lieutenant; Jona- 
than Rawson, ensign; Henry Brooliman, lieutenant; Peter J. Keyser, 
ensign; Levi Bliss, ensign. 

Nineteenth regiment : 

Frederick Getman, lieutenant colonel, vice Zabriskie, moved; 
Rudolph Dygert, first major, vice Getman, promoted; John J. Klock, 



157 2 Annual Report of the 

second major, vice Dygert, do; William Snell, paymaster, vice 
Anderson, deceased. 

Jacob H. Failing, captain, vice Klock, promoted; Leonard Pauter, 
lieutenant, vice Failing, do; Christian GrofI, junior, ensign, vice 
Pauter, promoted; Henry Zielly, ensign; Henry Markell, lieuten- 
ant, vice Finch, resigned; Daniel Getman, ensign, vice Rightmyer, 

Twenty-sixth regiment (S. Wilcox, lieutenant colonel) : 

Henry J. Deivendorf, adjutant; Richard Davis, junior, surgeon; 
Daniel Cuck, surgeon's mate. 

Alexander McAuly, captain, vice Baker, moved; Abraham kludge, 
lieutenant, vice McAuly, promoted; Henry Armstrong, ensign, vice 
Mudge, do; Myndert Storring, lieutenant, vice Deivendorf, pro- 
moted; Stephen Houghtaling, ensign, vice Storring, do; Henry Val- 
entine, ensign, vice Dye, moved. 

One Hundred and Thirty-eighth regiment (G. H. Nellis, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Rufus Morris, captain, vice St. John, deceased; Jeremiah Webb, 
lieutenant, vice Morris, promoted; Silvanus St. John, ensign, vice 
Webb, promoted; George J. Crouse, ensign (light infantry), vice P. 
Raught, moved; Peter Dunkill, lieutenant, vice H. H. Hess, 
resigned; Warner Failing, ensign, vice Dunkill, promoted. 


Ninth regiment (M. Joiner, lieutenant colonel): 

Levi Wilcox, surgeon; Lockwood Lyon, surgeon's mate. 

Beers Tomlinson, captain; Thomas Leland, junior, lieutenant; 

Ebenezer Roberts, ensign; Bela Tyrrell, ensign. 

Thirty-seventh regiment (R. Xoble, lieutenant colonel): 

Luman Wadhams, first major, vice Richardson, resigned; John 

Caulkin, second major, vice Wadhams, promoted. 

State Historian. 1573 

Levi Brown, captain; Noah Lee, lieutenant, vice Buckle, moved; 
Lyndes Willard, lieutenant, vice Willard, moved. 

Ensigns — Oliver Holcomb, vice Brown, promoted; Samuel Pine; 
Sawyer Carter, vice McRea, moved. 

Riflemen — Jonathan Wallace, junior, lieutenant; Jacob Lobdell, 

Ezra C. Gross, captain, vice Caulkin, promoted. 

Fortieth brigade — battalion lately commanded by Major Reuben 
Sanford : 

Daniel Blish, major commandant, vice Sanford, resigned; Sil- 
vester Hays, adjutant, vice Bailey, promoted; John Finch, quarter- 
master, vice Hind, moved. 

William Bailey, captain, vice Blish, promoted. 

Asa A. Andrews, captain, vice Brown, moved; Thomas Dart, 
junior, lieutenant, vice Z. Hurd, moved; Thaddeus Pangburn, 
ensign, vice Andrews, promoted; Charles Malbone, junior, lieu- 
tenant, vice Way, moved; Apollos Thayer, ensign; vice Hecock, 
United States service. 


Second regiment of riflemen (S. M. Lockwood, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Alexander McMillan, major, vice D. Noon, United States Army; 
Lewis T. Tillman, paymaster, vice J. Case, promoted; John S. Van 
Rensselaer, quartermaster, with rank from July 17, 1813; John Case, 
adjutant and lieutenant, vice Van Vechten, moved. 

Captains — Thomas Waine, vice McMillan, promoted; Daniel Olm- 
sted, junior, vice G. McPherson, resigned; John Mann, vice D. 
Bogardus, resigned. 

Lieutenants — Albert V. D. Z. Slingerlandt, vice T. Waine, pro- 


1574 Annual Report of the 


moted; John J. Devoe, vice J. Mann, promoted; Henry A. Williams, 
vice Sumner, moved. 

Ensigns — Nathaniel Judson, junior, vice Olmsted, promoted; 
Henry Combs, vice Devoe, promoted. 


Twelfth regiment of infantry: 

Riflemen — Matthias G. Valentine, captain: Seaman Secord, lieu- 
tenant: John Lawrence, ensign. 


Cavalry division: 

James B. Murray, inspector. 


Stephen Van Rensselaer, junior, quartermaster. 

Artillery division: 

John Townsend, inspector. 


Egbert Benson, junior, quartermaster. 


Eighth division of infantry: 

Charles E. Dudley, inspector; Robert Tillotson, quartermaster. 
Third brigade of artillery: 

Archibald Campbell, brigade major and inspector. 
Fifth regiment of artillery: 

Abraham T. Lansing, quartermaster and second lieutenant; Ger- 
rit Denniston, paymaster. 


Twenty-eighth brigade of infantry: 

William C. Bouck, brigade quartermaster, vice Gebhard. pro- 

State Historian. 1575 

Eighteenth regiment: 

Bartholomew Swart, lieutenant colonel, vice S. A. Becker, pro- 
moted; Jacob Schoolcraft, first major, vice B. Swart, promoted; 
Jacob Gebhard, second major, vice J. Schoolcraft, promoted; James 
Van Geesbaak, surgeon, vice Brigham, resigned; Joseph Meed, sur- 
geon's mate, vice Van Geesbaak, promoted. 

William Mann, junior, ensign. 

Henry Vroman, captain, vice A. P. Becker, sheriff; Francis 
Dodge, lieutenant, vice H. Vroman, promoted; Joseph M. Borst, 
ensign; Thomas Bouck, ensign, vice J. Loucks, junior, resigned: 
John Sidney, lieutenant, vice Rightmyer, do. 

Samuel J. Brown, captain, vice Dewy, resigned; John Hemp 
stead, lieutenant, vice Brown, promoted; George Campbell, ensign, 
vice Hempstead, promoted. 

John Frymire, junior, captain, vice Feek, resigned; William 
Rockfeller, lieutenant, vice Vrooman, do; John Feek, ensign, vice 
Frymire, do. 

One Hundred and Thirteenth regiment: 

William Taylor, lieutenant colonel, vice C. Rich, resigned; Lot 
Crowell, first major, vice Taylor, promoted, and G. H. Mann, 
resigned; Jeremiah Brown, second major; David D. Lawyer, quar- 
termaster, vice J. Shafer, resigned. 

Daniel Borden, ensign, vice C. Gibson, moved. 

John Stall, captain, vice L. Crowell, promoted; David Brown, 
lieutenant, vice J. Stall, do; Peter Stall, ensign, vice D. Brown, do. 

Josiah Putman, captain, vice H. Jackson, moved; John L. Snyder, 
lieutenant, vice J. Putman, promoted; Talmage Leek, ensign, vice 
J. L. Snyder, do. 

Peter G. Mann, captain; John Warner, lieutenant, vice P. G. 
Mann, promoted; Ebenezer Daniels, ensign; Thomas Right, lieu- 



1576 Annual Report of the 

tenant, vice J. Beekman, moved; Jacob Rosenburgh, ensign, vice 
T. Right, promoted; Sufferenus Brown, ensign, vice Ottman, moved. 

Philip Van Steenbergh, captain, vice J. Brown, promoted; Peter 
Bellinger, lieutenant, vice Van Steenbergh, do; Peter C. Ham, 
ensign, vice Bellinger, promoted. 

One Hundred and Fourth regiment: 

Valentine Efner, lieutenant colonel, vice D. Wiltsie, resigned; 
Russel Jones, first major, vice Efner, promoted; Peter Dice, second 
major, vice C. Hogland, refusing. 

Abraham Simonson, captain, vice Jones, promoted; Asa Tyler, 
lieutenant, vice Simonson, promoted. 

Archibald Croswell, captain, vice Hogland; Palmer Bigelow, lieu- 
tenant, vice Dice, promoted. 

John Fink, captain, vice A. Safrord, resigned; Daniel Hager, 
junior, lieutenant, vice Fink, promoted. 

John Beach, captain, vice Howard, moved; Thomas Wilder, lieu- 
tenant, vice Beach, promoted; John G. Dayton, ensign, vice 
Wilder, do. 

Dexter Brown, captain, vice J. Brown, moved; Eli Bruce, lieu- 
tenant, vice S. Ives, do; William Choat, ensign, vice Tyler, promoted. 

Nathan Beals, junior, captain, vice Burnet, resigned; Josephus 
Butts, lieutenant; Bella B. Brown, ensign, vice Brockway, moved. 

Isaac Buckingham, captain, vice Hickok, resigned; Stephen W. 
Betts, lieutenant, vice Buckingham, promoted; Benjamin Hickok, 
ensign, vice Betts, promoted. 


One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment (E. Farnham, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Zadock Sweetland, quartermaster, vice Day, resigned; Jonathan 
Smith, paymaster, vice Sweetland, promoted. 

State Historian. 1577 

Marvil Underwood, captain, vice J. Davison, deceased; Calvin 
Goodale, lieutenant, vice Underwood, promoted; Ebenezer Coates, 
ensign, vice Goodale, do; Freeman Young, lieutenant, vice J. 
Munger, do; John Maynard, ensign, vice Young, do. 

Luther Smith, captain, vice O. Pierson, moved; Ebenezer Whit- 
ney, lieutenant, vice Bumpus, do. 

Oran Chandler, captain, vice Farnham, resigned; Roswell Beck- 
with, lieutenant, vice Chandler, promoted; Samuel Holmes, ensign, 
vice S. Dodge, do; Wheeler Dryer, ensign, vice Parmele, promoted; 
Asa Richardson, ensign, vice Murdock, resigned. 

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment (R. Leonard, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Samuel Livermore, adjutant, vice O. Babcock, resigned; Paul B. 
Main, paymaster, vice S. Livermore, promoted; Eli S. Bailey, sur- 
geon's mate, vice R. Hotten, resigned. 

Henry Clarke, captain; Chester Scott, captain, vice J. Taylor, 
resigned; Samuel B.Clarke, lieutenant, vice Scott, promoted; Billings 
Popple, ensign, vice Clarke, do; Elisha Moore, lieutenant, vice Ran- 
dall, moved; Asa Dennison, ensign, vice Moore, promoted; William 
Dye, lieutenant, vice Babcock, resigned; William Whitford, ensign, 
vice Dye, promoted; Warren Smith, lieutenant, vice J. Loomis, 
resigned; Zenas Phinney, ensign, vice Eaton, resigned. 

Battalion of riflemen, thirty-fifth brigade: 

Bennet Bicknell, first major commandant; Eri Richardson, second 
major; Asa Raymond, paymaster; John G. Curtis, quartermaster. 

Darius Morris, captain. 

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry (E. Cleveland, lieutenant colonel) : 

Zenas Hatch, captain, vice Preble, resigned; Isaiah P. Snow, lieu- 
tenant, vice Sherwood, resigned; Samuel Ward, ensign. 

New company of riflemen — Peter S. Smith, captain; Frederick 



1578 Annual Report of the 

Myers, first lieutenant; John F. Hicks, second lieutenant; Nathan 
Mattison, ensign. 


Seventh regiment: 

Bela Kaple, lieutenant colonel, vice J. Steward, promoted; 
Nathaniel Todd, first major, vice Kaple, do; Stephen Seaward, 
second major, vice Todd, do; John Jackson, surgeon, vice Bigelow, 
moved; Enos J. Spencer, surgeon's mate, vice Jackson, promoted. 

Calvin Day, captain, vice Seaward, promoted: Elijah Spaflord, 
lieutenant, vice J. Seaward, moved; Aldin Markham, ensign. 

Second regiment of infantry (C. Steers, lieutenant colonel): 

William Fairchild, captain, vice J. Cheney, resigned; David Bab- 
bit, lieutenant; William Gardner, ensign, vice H. G. Johnston, 

Asa Pride, captain, vice J. Smith, resigned; Hezekiah Smith, lieu- 
tenant; Seth Reed, ensign. 

Light Infantry — James Cooper, captain; Ambrose L. Jordan, 
lieutenant; James Steeve, ensign. 

Sixtieth regiment (J. Mumford, lieutenant colonel): 

Daniel Griffith, ensign. 

John T. Quackenboss, captain; James Culley, captain. 

Jacob McDonald, Peter Quackenboss, lieutenants. 

Jacob Deitz, John Low, ensigns. 

One Hundred and Fifty-first regiment (W. Stranahan, lieutenant 

William Marthew, quartermaster, vice J. Cuyler, deceased; David 
Shaw, paymaster, vice Huntington, moved; Nijah Cone, surgeon; 
Emanuel Northrop, chaplain. 

Thurstin Brown, captain (light infantry), vice Overhaiser, moved; 
Alpheus Fairchild, lieutenant; Orin B. Spencer, lieutenant; Gaylard 

State Historian. 1579 

G. Benjamin, ensign; Aaron N. Jackson, ensign; Daniel Bird, lieu- 
tenant (light infantry). 

Seth Rawley, captain; John Adams, lieutenant; John Wakelin, 

One Hundred and Twelfth regiment (Moses Rich, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

Light Infantry — William Allen, junior, captain, vice P. Maher, 
promoted; Jonathan Hall, lieutenant; Henry Smith, ensign, vice 
Wooburn, moved. 

Robert Davis, captain, vice H. Hansen, moved; Martin Sullivan, 
lieutenant; William J. Ferris, ensign. 

Riflemen — Levi Pitts, second lieutenant; David Peck, ensign. 

Fifty-fourth regiment (R. Root, lieutenant colonel): 

Matthew Rogers, first major, vice M. Noble, resigned; Artemas 
Sheldon, second major, vice Rogers, promoted; William Hall, sur- 
geon's mate. 

Peter Peck, captain, vice Sheldon, promoted; Seth Alvord, cap- 
tain, vice J. Taylor, resigned. 

Henry Walbridge, lieutenant, vice Talbot, do; Benjamin Fitch, 
lieutenant; Timothy Rockwell, ensign, vice Gardner, resigned; Ira 
Day, ensign, vice Alvord, promoted; Abel Pearce, lieutenant, vice 
Peck, promoted ; Samuel Pearce, ensign, vice A. Pearce, do. 


Fifty-third regiment (A. Goodrich, lieutenant colonel): 

David Williams, first major; Enos Slosson, second major — with 
rank from March 2, 1814. 

Tilson Wood, lieutenant, vice J. Badger, resigned; Harvey 
Wright, ensign; Elisha Higby, ensign. 

Third regiment: 



1580 Annual Report of the 

Dan Clark, lieutenant colonel, vice W. W. Cook, resigned; Noah 
Shaw, first major, vice A. Cole, resigned; Allen Andrews, second 
major, vice L. Sawtle, deceased; George Park, adjutant, vice Per- 
sons, promoted; Benjamin Morse, quartermaster, vice Johnson, 

Oliver Stiles, captain, vice Bishop, resigned; John Beach, lieu- 
tenant, vice Stiles, promoted; James Stoddard, third, ensign, vice 
Beach, do. 

Orlando Parsons, captain, vice Freeman, resigned; Benjamin S. 
Parsons, lieutenant, vice O. Parsons, promoted; Allen Cowdrey, 
ensign, vice B. S. Parsons, do. 

Woodruff Barnes, captain, vice D. Clark, do; Alfred Bingham, 
lieutenant, vice T. Clark, resigned; Nathaniel Sanford, ensign, vice 
D. Fuller, do; Bartholomew Williams, ensign, vice Blakesley, pro- 
mote. 1 ; Jarvis Blakesley, lieutenant, vice Z. Chaffie, do. 

Abraham Lamoreaux, captain, vice Aplington, resigned; Eli Cul- 
ver, captain, vice Hartshorne, do; Nathaniel Shepherd, lieutenant, 
vice Culver, promoted; Joseph Mattison, ensign, vice Shepherd, do; 
Jonathan Thomas, lieutenant; Daniel Leach, ensign, vice O. Ely, 

Charles Parsons, captain, vice Shaw, do; Benjamin Alden, cap- 
tain, vice Andrews, do; Levi Andrews, lieutenant, vice Alden, do; 
Benjamin Nichols, ensign, vice L. Andrews, do. 

Riflemen — Samuel Badger, captain; Lemon Mason, lieutenant; 
Enoch Smith, ensign. 


Sixty-ninth regiment (A. Howell, lieutenant colonel): 
Manus Goodrich, ensign. 

Samuel Smith, captain; Henry Bradley, lieutenant; Roger Dewey, 
ensign; John McCrea, ensign. 

State Historian. 1581 

Peter Huyck, captain; John Teed, lieutenant; Gilbert Dickerson, 

Gabriel North, junior, captain, vice Sawyer, resigned; Benjamin 
B. Ells, lieutenant; John M. Handford, ensign. 

Eighty-seventh regiment (S. Francis, lieutenant colonel) : 

Solomon M. Sackrider, major, vice Pierce, resigned; Stephen 
Fenn, chaplain; William Brown, surgeon; Silas Keeler, surgeon's 
mate; Hazard Beardsley, paymaster. 

Joseph Worden, captain, vice Hanford, resigned; Matthew 
McClaughry, lieutenant, vice Worden, promoted; Daniel Hawford, 

Virgil Bunnell, captain, vice Sackrider, promoted; John Lyon, 
lieutenant, vice Bunnell, do; Jonathan Knapp, ensign. 

Twenty-fifth brigade: 

Battalion commanded by Major Asa Grant: 

Noah Dimick, captain, vice Steenrod, moved; William Dean, lieu- 
tenant, vice Dimick, promoted; James Dumond, ensign, vice Dean, 
do; Peter Shaver, lieutenant, vice E. Steenrod, moved; John Jaquish, 
junior, ensign, vice Shaver, promoted. 

Light Infantry — William Dumond, captain, vice Bouton, 
moved; William Sluyter, lieutenant, vice Dumond, promoted; 
George H. Sands, ensign, vice Sluyter, do. 

Battalion lately commanded by Major James Wright: 

Joshua Gee, major commandant, vice Wright, promoted. 

Light Infantry — Micajah Horton, captain; Merlin Hunter, lieu- 
tenant; Zopher Smith, ensign. 

Lawrence Rose, captain; John Graham, lieutenant; Abraham 
Jessup, lieutenant; Henry Shaver, ensign; Charles Leonard, ensign; 
Hezekiah Elwood, ensign. 



1582 Annual Report of the 

ontario county. 

Fourth regiment (M. Brooks, lieutenant colonel): 

Nathan Bryan, second major; Truman Kellogg, adjutant. 

John Park, captain, vice Bryan, promoted; Timothy Barnard, 
lieutenant, vice Park, promoted; Samuel Miller, ensign, vice Bar- 
nard, do; Elisha Eggleston, lieutenant, vice Kellogg, do; Timothy 
Buel, junior, ensign. 

Twenty-second regiment (P. Allen, lieutenant colonel): 

James Richmond, second major, vice S. Jones, resigned. 
• Lemuel Metcalfe, captain, vice Clark, deceased; Joseph Clark, 
lieutenant, vice Metcalf, promoted; Lorenzo Clark, ensign, vice J. 
Clark, do; Edmund Taylor, lieutenant, vice Bently, moved; Enoch 
C. Colby, ensign, vice Taylor, promoted. 

Joshua Phillips, captain, vice Johnson, moved; Archibald Orcutt, 
lieutenant, vice Phillips, promoted; Benjamin Boyd, ensign. 

Henry Pitts, captain; Aaron Hicks, lieutenant; Constant Cornell, 
ensign ; David Doolittle, lieutenant of light infantry. 

Fifty-second regiment (C. Hopkins, lieutenant colonel): 

William McKinstry, second major. 

Samuel Felt, captain, vice McKinstry, promoted; Jacob B. Bryan, 
lieutenant, vice Felt, do; Benjamin Davis, ensign. 

Onley Staples, captain, vice Jackson, moved; Levi Treadwell, 
lieutenant, vice Staples, promoted; Roswell Everts, ensign, vice 
Treadwell, do; Nathan Kingsley, ensign, vice Newcomb, refusing. 

Ninety-fourth regiment (J. W. Lawrence, lieutenant colonel): 

James Kneeland, adjutant, vice S. Blakeslie, moved. 

Caleb J. Whaley, captain, vice O. Blakeslie, do; George Gorton, 
lieutenant, vice Ackley, do. 

Cephas Beach, junior, captain, vice Skinner, do; Edmund Bridges, 
ensign, vice Colton, do. 

State Historian. 1583 


Riflemen — James Cole, lieutenant, vice Fordham, do; Chauncey 
Goodrich, ensign, vice Cole, promoted. 

Seventh division of infantry: 

Phineas Stanton, quartermaster. 

Seventy-first regiment of infantry: 

Theodore Bannister, lieutenant colonel, vice P. Swift, resigned; 
John Brown, first major, vice Bannister, promoted; Seth Swann, 
second major, vice Brown, do; Caleb Bannister, surgeon's mate. 

John Shekells, junior, captain, vice Davis, moved. 

Lieutenants — Everett Baggerly, vice Shekells, promoted; William 
Moore, vice Warner, resigned; Abraham Simmons, vice Wooden, 

Ensigns — John Hildreth, junior, vice J. Hildreth, moved; 
Ambrose Salisbury, vice Crittenden, do; George Bradford; Jacob 
M. Shekell, vice Simmons, promoted. 

One Hundred and Third regiment of infantry (A. Smith, lieu- 
tenant colonel): 

Peter Coldron, junior, adjutant, vice T. Stuart, moved; William 
Cornwell, quartermaster. 

Isaac Townsend, lieutenant; William Randolph, lieutenant, vice 
Finch, moved; John Chase, ensign, vice Townsend, promoted; Jona- 
than Lamb, ensign, vice Randolph, do. 

Thirty-ninth regiment (G. Flowell, lieutenant colonel): 
David White, second major; James White, surgeon, vice Robin- 
son, resigned; Jeremiah Irons, chaplain. 

Joseph Luce, captain, vice Culver, resigned; Silas Parsons, lieu- 
tenant, vice Luce, promoted. 

John H. Crandell, captain (light infantry), vice White, promoted; 
Enos Palmer, captain, vice Hinckley, resigned; Amariah Rawson, 
lieutenant, vice Palmer, promoted; James Hinckley, ensign, vice 
Rawson, do; Timothy Rawson, ensign, vice M. Swift, promoted; 


15^4 Annual Report of the 

Jacob White, lieutenant, vice Durfee, deceased; Silas Wilcox, ensign, 
vice White, promoted. 

Forty-second regiment (S. Colt, lieutenant colonel): 

Abraham B. Hall, paymaster. 

Robert Dixon, captain, vice McPherson, resigned; Stephen Chase, 
lieutenant, vice Dixon, promoted; Richard Alverson, ensign, vice 
Chase, do. 

Eleventh regiment (H. Sawyer, lieutenant colonel): 

Light Infantry — Henry Steel, captain, vice R. Spencer, pro- 
moted; Aaron Ackley, lieutenant, vice Steel, promoted; Harris Sey- 
mour, ensign, vice Ackley, do. 

Rifle battalion lately commanded by Elihu Granger: 

Joseph Hall, major commandant, vice Granger, resigned; Jared 
Willson, adjutant, vice Classon, moved; Richard Taylor, surgeon, 
vice White, do; Henry A. Finney, surgeon's mate. 

Peter Westfall, captain, vice J. Westfall, deceased; Leyman 
Hotchkiss, first lieutenant, vice H. Granger, deceased; Nicholas 
Spoor, second lieutenant, vice P. Westfall, promoted. 


Sixth brigade of infantry: 

Worthy L. Churchill, brigadier general, vice Davis,* killed at Erie. 

Thirty-first regiment: 

James Sayre, lieutenant colonel, vice Atkinson, resigned; John 
Farwell, second, first major, vice Huntley, do; Aretas Haskell, 
second major, vice Sayre, promoted; James Scott, surgeon's mate. 

Captains — Lyman Evens, vice R. Lucas, moved; Lewis Swift, 
vice Haskell, promoted; Peleg Burrows, vice Bedel, moved; Daniel 
Fulton, vice Leonard, resigned; Moody R. Freeman, vice Farwell, 

* Brigadier General Daniel Davis was killed in the sortie from Fort Erie September 
17, 1814.— State Historian. 

State Historian. 1585 

promoted; Lemuel Castle, vice Hammon, moved; Stephen Martin, 

Lieutenants — Eastman Colby, vice Davison, moved; Robert Ful- 
ton, vice D. Fulton, promoted; James Chambers, vice Evens, do; 
Isaac Leach, vice Freeman, do; Calvin Freeman, vice Swift, do; 
Daniel Mack, vice Shaw, moved; David Glidon, Stephen Saunders. 

Ensigns — Chauncey Gold; Joseph Hutcheson, vice S. Clark, 
moved; Ira West, vice Castle, promoted; Harry Patterson, vice 
Chambers, promoted; John Arnold, vice Colby, do; Jonathan Wad- 
ams, vice Fulton, do; Samuel A. Perry, vice Freeman, do; Willard 
Leach, vice I. Leach, do. 

Battalion in the sixth brigade of infantry: 

James Walworth, major commandant, vice W. Rathbun, moved. 

Micah Harrington, captain, vice Walworth, promoted; Abel P. 
Shelden, lieutenant, vice Harmars, moved; Amos Wood, ensign, 
vice Shelden, promoted. 

Newberry Chaffee, captain, vice Davis, moved; John Hood, lieu- 
tenant, vice Chaffee, promoted; Farley F. Coon, ensign, vice 
Hood, do. 

Moses Baron, captain, vice McCarty, declined; James Mabhers, 
lieutenant; William Bradner, ensign. 

Charles Dunham, captain, vice Hunt, moved; Thomas Fuller, 
lieutenant, vice Dunham, promoted; Henry Lovell, ensign, vice 
Fuller, do. 

Ninety-ninth regiment (William Vary, lieutenant colonel): 

Daniel Burbank, lieutenant colonel, vice Vary, resigned; Par- 
menio Adams, first major, vice Burbank, promoted; Lemuel Castle, 
second major, vice Adams, promoted; Philo Welton, adjutant; 
Nathan Stone, paymaster. 


1586 Annual Report of the 

John Grover, Samuel Nichols, Joseph Persons — captains. 

Acleal Sherwood, Robert Persons, Jacob Jackson — lieutenants. 

William Richardson, Silas Parker, Simeon Dunham, junior — 

One Hundred and Sixty-fourth regiment: 

Seymour Kellogg, lieutenant colonel, vice Churchill, promoted; 
Abraham Mattison, first major, vice Kellogg, do; Shuball Dunham, 
second major, vice R. Hart, refusing. 

Captains — Stephen King, vice Lewis, resigned; Moses Mclntyre, 
vice E. Kellogg, resigned; William Hooker, vice Eggelston, do; 
Newcomb Godfrey, vice R. Godfrey, do. 

Lieutenants — Richard Peck, vice King, promoted; Lodowick 
Champlain, vice Hooker, promoted; Amherst Crane, vice Godfrey, 
do; Jotham Bisbee, vice Peck, do. 

Ensigns — Ezra Olds, vice Crane, do; Asa Badcock, vice Hall, do; 
Charles Bisbee, vice J. Bisbee, do; James Nelson, vice Peck, do; 
Asa Palmer, vice Champlain, do. 


Fifth brigade of infantry : 

William Warren, brigadier general, vice Hopkins, resigned; 
Almon H. Millard, inspector, vice Kyes, moved; Cyrus Hopkins, 
quartermaster, vice Sharp, do. 

Thirteenth regiment: 

William W. Chapin, lieutenant colonel, vice Chapman, resigned, 
and Hill, moved; James Cronk, first major, vice Hill, moved; 
Joseph Wells, second major, vice Chapin, promoted; Oziel Smith, 
adjutant, vice Stanley, moved; Benjamin Bevens, quartermaster, 
vice Hopkins, promoted; James Baldwin, paymaster, vice O. 
Smith, do. 

State Historian. 1587 


James Chapin, captain, vice Hull, moved; George Keith, lieu- 
tenant, vice Chapin, promoted; James Campbell, ensign, vice Keith, 
do; Blake Curtis, ensign; Sherlock Fillmore, lieutenant; vice Shel- 
den, resigned; John Stranahan, ensign; William R. Allen, lieuten- 
ant, vice J. Wilcox, deceased; Joseph Thomas, ensign, vice Fel- 
ton, do. 

Aruna Hibbard, captain, vice Blackiman, moved; Philip Peck- 
ham, lieutenant, vice Hibbard, promoted; Jonathan Thomas, ensign, 
vice Peckham, do. 

Caleb Rogers, captain, vice Sample, moved; Harry Henshaw, 
lieutenant, vice Rogers, promoted; William Frenck, ensign, vice 
Hurlbert, moved. 

Light Infantry — Samuel Edsall, captain, vice Wells, promoted; 
Marmaduke Wells, lieutenant, vice Edsall, do. 


One Hundred and Sixty-second regiment (J. McMahon, lieuten- 
ant colonel): 

James McMahon, major; David Edson, quartermaster; David 
Eaton, paymaster. 

Captains — Benjamin Perry, Elijah Risley, William Bell, Darius 
Dexter, William Martin, Abraham Windsor. 

Lieutenants — William Rice, Stephen Prendergast, Leverett Bar- 
ker, Nathaniel Fay, John Walker, Amos Bird. 

Ensigns — Robert C. Dickson, David Blie, Isaac Baldwin, William 
McNervey, Samuel S. Smith, Isaac Martin. 


Forty-eighth regiment: 

Ezekiel Cook, lieutenant colonel, vice W. Warren, promoted; 
Ezra Nott, first major, vice Cook, promoted; Sumner Warren, 


1588 Annual Report of the 

second major, vice Nott, do; Henry Godfrey, adjutant, vice S. War- 
ren, do; Asa Warren, quartermaster, vice H. Godfrey, promoted; 
Edward Paine, paymaster, vice S. Kinney, moved. 

James M. Stevens, ensign, vice A. Warren, promoted; Lathrop 
Frances, lieutenant, vice Austin, declined; Jared Canfield, ensign, 
vice Francis, promoted: Calvin Doolittle, lieutenant, vice Olger, 
declined; Silas Whiting, ensign, vice Doolittle, promoted. 

Elihu Rece, captain, vice Fuller, declined; John Willeas, lieuten- 
ant, vice Rece, promoted; Elias Band, ensign, vice Briggs, moved. 

Abner Currier, captain; Jonathan Cabby, lieutenant; Enos Chellis, 
junior, ensign. 

Riflemen — John McKean, captain: John C. Pratt, lieutenant; 
James S. Henshaw, ensign. 


First brigade of infantry: 

James McBurney, brigadier general, vice McClure, sheriff. 

Seventeenth regiment: 

William Stephens, lieutenant colonel, vice McBurney, promoted; 
Thomas Bennit, first major, vice Stephens, promoted; James Jones, 
quartermaster; William B. Jones, paymaster. 

Abel White, Nathan Hallett — captains. 

William Atherton. David Porter, John Tousley,. Daniel Ather- 
ton — lieutenants. 

Amos Thatcher, Lent Reynolds, Edward Rowen, junior, Corne- 
lius Van Scoter — ensigns. 

Eighty-first regiment (C. Bartles, lieutenant colonel) : 

Andrew Kingsbury, surgeon. 

Light Infantry — Robert Logan, lieutenant; Ransom Hurd, 

Xinety-sixth regiment (S. S. Haight, lieutenant colonel) : 

State Historian. 1589 

Captains — Theodore Brown, Christopher Tomer, Joseph Gillet, 
Grattan H. Wheeler. 

Lieutenants — David Judson, John Nickerson, James Goodrich, 
George Raymond. 

Ensigns — Aaron Waldo, Daniel Horton, Samuel Lampher, 
Joseph Read. 

Benjamin Rathbun, captain; Cornelius Rathbun, lieutenant. 


One Hundred and Twenty-sixth regiment (J. Noble, lieutenant 
colonel) : 

William Geiger, second major; John Ayres, quartermaster; John 
Gait, paymaster; Samuel Southworth, surgeon. 

Captains — Timothy H. Porter, Henry Utter, Samuel Russell, 
Jesse Bullock. 

Lieutenants — Harry Davis, John Utter, Russel H. Benton, 
Charles Carpenter, Benjamin B. Earl, Reuben Ellis. 

Ensigns — Joseph Knight, junior; Isaac Sanford, Eli Stuart, Tom 
Lemon, Elihu Griffith, Ebenezer Hotchkiss. 


Thirty-eighth brigade of infantry: 

John Demott, quartermaster. 

One Hundred and Forty-fifth regiment: 

Aranthus Everts, lieutenant colonel, vice McClellan, not accept- 
ing; Levi Trowbridge, first major, vice Everts, promoted; Samuel 
Terry, second major; Alexander M. G. Comstock, sugeon, vice L. 
Halsey, resigned; James Thomas, surgeon's mate, vice Comstock, 
promoted; John Sayler, adjutant, vice N. Cole, promoted. 

James Smith, captain, vice S. Terry, do; Isaiah Smith, lieutenant, 
vice J. Smith, do; John Smead, ensign, vice I. Smith, do. 



1590 Annual Report of the 

David F. Sears, captain, vice Jno. Smith, resigned; John L. Still- 
well, lieutenant, vice C. Smith, promoted; Dennis Letts, ensign, 
vice D F. Sears, promoted. 

Levi Wheeler, captain, vice Terry, do; Jonathan P. Woodworth, 
ensign; Daniel Richie, lieutenant, vice E. Smith, deceased. 

Ensigns — John Dickinson, vice D. Richie, promoted; James A. 
Rover, Seth Bayley, vice Sayler, promoted. 

Light Infantry — Edmond Hopkins, captain; Chester Coborn, 
lieutenant; Samuel Gregory, ensign. 

Riflemen — Edward B. Ely, captain; Amos Clark, lieutenant; 
John Wightman, ensign. 

One Hundred and Twenty-eighth regiment: 

Zebedee Stout, lieutenant colonel, vice R. Covert, resigned; Ralph 
Swartwout, first major, vice Stout, promoted; John Whitney, second 
major, vice Swartwout, do; Thomas Orsborn, quartermaster, vice 
Wilson, resigned; Charles Kelley, paymaster, vice Dey, moved. 

John Reynolds, captain, vice Whitney, promoted; Charles Dick- 
inson, lieutenant, vice Reynolds, promoted. 

Isaac Miller, captain, vice Wilkins, moved. 

Ensigns — Henry Halsey, vice Miller, promoted; William May- 
bee, vice Orsborn, do; Samuel Almy, vice Kelly, do. 

Aaron Miller, leutenant, vice J. Miller, promoted. 

Light Infantry — William Thompson, captain; Peter Himrod, 
lieutenant; Josiah Dunlap, ensign. 

One Hundred and Second regiment (H. W. Dobbin, lieutenant 

Charles Woodruff, quartermaster, vice S. Swift, resigned; Simon 
Chapman, paymaster, vice Woodruff; George Elliot, surgeon, vice 
Pilney, moved; Roderick Roice, surgeon's mate. 

Joseph Morris, lieutenant, vice Kishler, moved; Stephen Alman, 

State Historian.